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File 149409870873.png - (174.46KB , 2039x1377 , prophet priest heretic.png )
800001 No. 800001 ID: 8a947d

In a world of Demons, Deities, and Darkness, what are you ?

A) A Prophet
B) A Priest
C) A Pagan
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No. 800002 ID: 9876c4

Priest doesn't even get the beaked miter? Pass.

Pagan for sweet neckerchief. Let's get a red one.
No. 800006 ID: c37dad

Obviously pagan
No. 800007 ID: 48237d

I there are many deities, shouldn't most of the priests and prophets be pagans? The non-pagans would be just the nut-jobs who deny the existence of multiple gods.

We are a Pagan. Let's find out what this mean in this context.
No. 800010 ID: 0b99d7

C, let's do some heresy
No. 800011 ID: 8c3bc9

a quick google fu later, yeah C.
No. 800013 ID: 70983e

A. We're all about those prophet margins.
No. 800014 ID: 8a947d
File 149410027665.png - (92.49KB , 1212x826 , We Are Pagan.png )

As a Pagan your power comes not from gods nor deities, while demons tend to be mindless beasts with enough practice one can learn to harness the untamed power they hold

The Pagan is WITTY, able to think up new and unique ways to get out of situations. though this comes at the price of STRENGTH if you're smart enough you may not need to fight at all.

Is this who you are ?
No. 800015 ID: 0b99d7

Red neckerchief obtained, we're unstoppable
No. 800016 ID: c37dad

I mean I guess, but what about pagan deities? Surely there is a god of strength or war as well being witty and wise and- oh yeah, Odin.

Yeah this fine.
No. 800017 ID: 70983e

We sure think it is!
No. 800018 ID: 9876c4

I know, right?

Immensely satisfied.
No. 800023 ID: 3abd97

>smart aleck harnessing that which they do not understand
That is sure us all right.
No. 800025 ID: 47160d

I'm sorry what is the difference between a god and a deity here?
No. 800028 ID: 8a947d
File 149410211522.png - (68.96KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan1.png )

right now you're nothing more than some smart-ass in a cell. You were caught carrying some less than legal material near the walled city of Itsdin and now await your one-sided trail and inevitable execution.

Unless you can find someway to escape ad get your stuff back...

They're the same thing i just didnt think that sentence through...
No. 800029 ID: c37dad

Look around, is there any windows or easily manipulated guards around here?
No. 800030 ID: 9876c4

Those bars look plenty climbable, what's on the ceiling?

Alternately, do we know the basis of summoning circles, and could we draw one here?
No. 800032 ID: 15a025

Whats that little dot up in the top left there? Is it a security camera watching your every movement?
No. 800033 ID: 47160d

remove your head and slip past the bars.

Also its fine I was just confused
No. 800037 ID: 8a947d
File 149410337073.png - (48.59KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan2.png )

You look around the interior of the cell. yup there's a whole lotta nothing in here, jeez they didn't even give you a bed or cot. There's a small barred window and a crack in the cell.

You can see the ceiling from where you stand, theres nothing interesting, and you only know a summoning circle to conjure a Demon Flagellum but you lack the necessary materials to create it.
No. 800038 ID: 70983e

Stick your leg in the crack.
No. 800039 ID: 3abd97

What materials would you need to draw up that summoning circle?
No. 800040 ID: c37dad

Look through the window and then through the crack.

And what type of demon is a demo flagellum anyway?
No. 800041 ID: 9876c4

This, but with the other appendage. The one with fine manipulation.

Hands, I think.
No. 800046 ID: 8a947d
File 149410492966.png - (141.23KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan3 (RAT GET).png )

Against any common sense you stick your leg in the crack...
... and realize your hand would've been better, your foot hits something cold and fuzzy

You found a Dead Rat ! Gross... NO, actually this is good !

The recipe for the Demon Flagellum involves a little animal viscera, something reflective the right shapes, and lots of concentration.

you've got the rat for the guts but now you need the reflective material...
No. 800048 ID: 3abd97

>now you need the reflective material
I don't suppose the prison bars would work if you gave them a nice spit polish?
No. 800050 ID: c37dad

Anything new the windowsill that you cans see? maybe some broken glass or something?
No. 800051 ID: 70983e

But we haven't equipped arms yet!
No. 800052 ID: 8d4593

A puddle of fresh blood can be reflective
No. 800055 ID: 8a947d
File 149410740022.png - (115.43KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan 5 Peeky Peeky.png )

There's no glass on the windowsill, you look further out the window to see if there's anything else.
No. 800056 ID: c37dad

Or pee
No. 800057 ID: 8a947d
File 149410743506.png - (139.94KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan 5 Peeky Peeky (2).png )

Nice view, it'd be better if you weren't gonna die in a soon...
No. 800058 ID: c37dad

When was the last time you went to the bathroom? Could
You use urine to make it work?
No. 800059 ID: 8a947d
File 149410798430.png - (145.53KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan4).png )

It needs to be something solid, you need to be able to hold, liquid wont work unless it were in a glass and if you had the glass you probably wouldn't need the liquid.

The bars won't do, way too dull... but there is a whole hallway outside of your cell you can try to work with
No. 800060 ID: 70983e

Use your contact lenses.
No. 800063 ID: 3abd97

Go up to the bars, inspect hallway.
No. 800065 ID: c37dad

Any stupid guards we can fool nearby?
No. 800067 ID: e12db1

We already know there's some shiny metals scraps on the floor just outside our cage. But we don't need that.

Instead, you should undo your clothes and show us your beautiful naked body. Perhaps some part of it is reflective.
No. 800069 ID: 8a947d
File 149410944580.png - (161.91KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan 6 Woah here she comes.png )

You plan to cover the reflective object in some blood too and you don't want to ruin you contact lense.

Just your luck, looks like a guard is starting his patrol route now, maybe you can use this to your advantage...

If worse comes to worse you might have to strip tease this guard to convince him, you do have the legs for it
No. 800071 ID: c37dad

Assuming we are a woman that is...

"Hey Mr. Guard, can I ask you a question before you continue on your rounds?"
No. 800072 ID: 9876c4

It's a ladyguard. Let's ask to see her battlescars.

Get them close, then take their hand. Gauntlet should pull off, and they'll probably try to retrieve it tomorrow.
No. 800073 ID: 3abd97

Can I get a handmirror or something so I can look my best before they kill me?
No. 800074 ID: e12db1

More like, so you can "reflect" on your evil deeds and convert before you die.
No. 800075 ID: 79d359

Reveal MUSCULAR leg.
No. 800089 ID: 8a947d
File 149411511106.png - (204.80KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan 7 a moment of your time.png )

You put on your best begging slash repentant voice you can muster and use your WITS to try and trick the guard

Pagan: Guard! Guard! please a moment of your time.

Guard: What do you want inmate ? Its not too long 'til your execution don't be gettin' cold feet now heheheh.

Pagan: Please listen ! I know that I'm a wicked sort, a corrupted soul who only holds damnation in his death.

Pagan: There is no way to escape this cell or my fate, but I wish to repent for my heretical ways so that my death may hold some mercy for me!

Pagan: Please madam, might you hold a mirror of some sort so that I may reflect on my wrong doings and abandon any disgusting Pagan beliefs that I hold?

Guard: Do ya really need a mirror to repent ? Is this some sortta strange Pagan thing ?
No. 800091 ID: c37dad

No it is merely a way of which I seek to look upon myself as I once was a means of leaving it all behind. I know that I can never truly atone for what I have done throughout my life, but I would cast aside my wickedness and make myself right with (insert dominant religion, be it monotheism or polytheism here).
No. 800092 ID: 75b412

No. 800095 ID: 3abd97

It's a symbolic thing.

Also I'd like to be able to tidy up a bit before I meet my maker.

Please, would you honor my last request?
No. 800104 ID: 8a947d
File 149411829393.png - (64.58KB , 742x662 , Mirror Get !.png )


Pagan: In symbolic way yes, I wish to use a mirror to look upon myself as I am now, so that I may see what I must leave behind.

Pagan: I know there is no way to truly atone for my sins, but I wish to cast aside the evilness of my deeds, I shall denounce my paganistic belief in Athmoor and leave this life with holiness in my heart.

Pagan: Please madam guard, won't you honor my last request ?

The guard pauses for a bit, it seems your words have gotten to her. She lets out a breath and tosses a Cracked Mirror into your cell.

Guard: Whatever peace it offers ya heretic.
No. 800105 ID: 3abd97

Thank you kindly.

Wait till she's gone before you start trying to summon anything.
No. 800106 ID: c37dad

I shall not forget your kindness...

Wait until she's gone and start the summoning
No. 800108 ID: 0d1514

Show her your sweet gams to reward her
No. 800112 ID: d9d492

So what can a Demonic Flagellum actually do?
No. 800115 ID: 8a947d
File 149412284846.png - (188.74KB , 1212x826 , Ding!(1).png )

You it feels great having tricked a well trained guard into aiding your escape.

You feel as though if you were at a certain level before that you're now at a higher one. a Level Up per say.


You're WITS definitely and you certainly had to use your CHARM but maybe you rose in some other regard as well...

(Where do you want to allocate your free Attribute point ?)
No. 800116 ID: 3abd97

No. 800117 ID: 0d6264

Agility. We're busting out of prison and might need to run.
No. 800118 ID: 094652

You spent it on strength, as you may need to lift a few objects while escaping the prison

As much as you may want to specialize, a healthy body means your brain will last longer to preserve your mind.
No. 800119 ID: d9d492

Agility. I see sneaking in your future.
No. 800120 ID: 3ce125

No. 800123 ID: 9876c4

I...agree. We have our strengths, and our weaknesses need doctoring.

No. 800124 ID: 8a947d
File 149412434231.png - (190.33KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan 8 Getting Ready.png )


You slot the remaining point in to agility... whatever that means

You prepare your materials to summon the Demon Flagellum. Guts on the ground, blood on the mirror, make the symbol. You're all set, now to focus.

You fool, one cannot simply show off such glorious gams to anyone especially not some god fearing nut like that guard.

A Demon Flagellum is the tentacle of an enormous demon in the Aether, since you can't afford the whole demon you'll just summon a part of it. Though it may not be the whole thing it'll still be powerful enough to bend steel, as long as you feed it.
No. 800135 ID: 8a947d
File 149412550457.png - (118.63KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan 8 Getting Ready (2).png )

Now there's nothing to do but to focus and be patient, a little fine tuning and soon you'll
No. 800136 ID: 8a947d
File 149412551996.png - (122.51KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan 8 Getting Ready (3).png )

No. 800139 ID: 9876c4

Wow, you're really good at this!
No. 800144 ID: 8a947d
File 149412686326.png - (94.32KB , 1212x826 , Jailed Pagan 9.png )

Okay step one:Summon Demon Flagellum Complete !
step two: Fuck shit up and get your stuff back is in progress.
No. 800145 ID: c90231

now if the guard asks, just tell her that the sin was too much for the mirror to handle
No. 800146 ID: 3abd97

Woah there! Good boy. Nice tentacle.

You see those prison bars? Fetch.
No. 800147 ID: d9d492

Break the bars on the window and jail break!
No. 800148 ID: 91ee5f

>one cannot simply show off such glorious gams to anyone
What's wrong with showing off your legs?

>Summon Demon Flagellum
Out of all the parts of that demon, why did you summon its dick? You could've just summon an arm or something, but noooooo, you had to make it weird and summon its dick!
No. 800152 ID: 3ce125

Unless it can climb down the wall of the prison while carrying you, like some kind of wiggly grappling hook, you need to go out doorways, not windowways.

Do you know any other prisoners that could help sneak out? Or you could just start letting them all out and start a prison riot.
No. 800155 ID: 70983e

Pry open your cell door and any other occupied cells to start a jailbreak! We're pretty high up right now so the window's a no-go. How long will this last?
No. 800160 ID: 8a947d
File 149412860101.png - (110.22KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (1).png )

The Flagellum lashes out and grabs the bars of the cell, you can hear the metal strain as tentacle wraps tighter and tighter.

Nobody wants to go around waving giant demon dongs but its incredibly hard to find a strong demon with arms or legs, the biggest ones tend to just be blobs of madness, so you get demon dick for a weapon and you don't complain.
No. 800162 ID: 8a947d
File 149412861735.png - (229.90KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (2).png )

No. 800164 ID: 3abd97

Good tentacle! Good boy.

Let's get running in the opposite direction the guard went.

>so you get demon dick for a weapon and you don't complain
Unless you have to let the demon dick wreck you to keep it loyal.
No. 800168 ID: 9876c4

This seems to be advisable. Being elsewhere come execution time would tend to expand our lifespan.
No. 800178 ID: 8a947d
File 149413117774.png - (189.40KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (3) Prison riot.png )

You bust open some more jail cells to get some of the heat off of you, the rat you fed this thing was pretty small so you've got about... 9 or 10 more minutes until it goes away. You better make it last until then.

You can't leave yet, you were imprisoned for the possession of illegal material, it was confiscated. That material is vital to your plan. Its still in holding somewhere near you, you have to find it before you escape.
No. 800179 ID: 086081

We should feed this thing the guard from earlier.
Kindness cannot go unanswered.
No. 800180 ID: 3ce125

Go chase after the guard and interrogate them, find out where your stuff is.
No. 800181 ID: 3abd97

>so you've got about... 9 or 10 more minutes until it goes away
Can we make it last longer if we feed it a prisoner or a guard or something?

>need confiscated material
Time to look for the evidence slash hazardous magical equipment lockup.
No. 800188 ID: c90231

you play good cop, tentacle monster plays bad cop
No. 800191 ID: c37dad

No. 800204 ID: 70983e

His Grace demands blood! Find him something to feed on.
No. 800214 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, that's actually a demon dick?! I was just joking!

Well, whatever you do, don't get the demon's dick cut off! That'll really piss off the demon and ruin its sex life!
No. 800237 ID: e12db1

Remind the prisoners that they're next in line for some demon loving if they can't help you find your possessions.
No. 800264 ID: 8a947d
File 149417899519.png - (88.25KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (3) Prison riot (2).png )

You head in the direction the guard went, hopefully you can handle yourself with the 9 minutes you have left of this thing.

The Flagellum can be prolonged a little by eating people, but not a lot. One person adds like 30 seconds of time still threatening guards with that is a pretty good idea.
No. 800267 ID: 8a947d
File 149417993436.png - (107.54KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (4) This door looks important !.png )

Oooh! This door looks important...
No. 800268 ID: 8a947d
File 149417996020.png - (179.38KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (5) This door looks broken as fuck.png )

...And now its gone!
No. 800272 ID: 8a947d
File 149418186735.png - (167.63KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (6) Guards.png )

Looks like some guards are upset about their door.

Guard 1: What the hell is that !?

Guard 2: How'd you summon a demonic limb ? No matter, call a Priest ! we need this dealt with fast.

The guard that gave you the mirror isn't here, but you don't really need her to escape.
No. 800273 ID: 8d4593

Priest? Nonono that just won't do.
No. 800274 ID: 70983e

They can both take a closer look at your demonic summoning ritual - from the inside! Even if it only grants thirty seconds, thirty seconds is more than enough time to find His Grace's next meal.
No. 800275 ID: 3abd97

>One person adds like 30 seconds of time
Which is even less of a boost since it has to invest time in the eating.

Can you just summon a new one with dead guard guts, or will it break the mirror when it expires?

No no no, none of that.

Eat the priest calling one, then threaten to eat the other one if they don't tell you where the evidence lockup is.
No. 800276 ID: 3ce125

No. 800279 ID: e12db1

Eat one guard, then ask the other guard where they keep prisoner posessions.
No. 800281 ID: 9876c4

No need to be sadistic. If they give you somewhere else to look, you'll go.

If not, you'll stay, and [nature] will take it's course.
No. 800282 ID: 8a947d
File 149418510515.png - (183.36KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (7) Graboids.png )

You grab the guard who gave the order
No. 800283 ID: 8a947d
File 149418525774.png - (197.81KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (8).png )

...And beat him over the second guard, not enough to kill but just enough to incapacitate

After the summon is over the mirror will be destroyed, you'll need another reflective object if you want to summon again.
No. 800285 ID: 70983e

Double KO? Well, at least they won't struggle while you eat them.
No. 800286 ID: e12db1

Are they ready to talk yet?
No. 800287 ID: 8a947d
File 149418624043.png - (162.31KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak (9) Hold Up.png )


You begin your interrogation, you need to be quick though it sounds like other guards are starting to round up the free'd inmates.

Pagan: Listen, I need to know where my things are before I can leave. D'you mind pointing me in the right direction.

Pagan: Or I can just give my buddy here a little snack to make up for my lost possessions, what do you say ?

Demon Flagellum: *terrible gargling noises*

Guard: I... Ugh, They're a floor below us. The d-doors marked with a *hurk!* key symbol. (I think i'm gonna be sick...)
No. 800289 ID: 4dfa49

Great! your coming along thought because I don't trust a word you say.
No. 800291 ID: 9876c4

Collect helmet? Helmets are shiny (sometimes).

Let's keep moving!
No. 800299 ID: 3abd97

If one guard had a mirror, maybe they all do? Could be a standard part of their kit.

>a floor down
No time to find the stars.

Tentacle! One hole in the floor, please!
No. 800303 ID: 70983e

You know what's a great cure to indigestion? Iron supplements.

No. 800310 ID: 996491

Can the tentacle bust through the floor? Go ahead and do it if it can.
No. 800311 ID: 8a947d
File 149419191744.png - (113.55KB , 956x767 , Gld and Mirror.png )

You root the the two guards' pockets: The first one has One Mirror and 15 Gold, the second has 30 Gold and you take his Shiny Gauntlets

The guard told you what you wanted to know, there's no need to eat either of them
No. 800313 ID: 70983e

30 seconds is enough of a reason for me.
No. 800314 ID: 8a947d
File 149419296096.png - (247.02KB , 1212x826 , [S] Descend.png )

There'll be more knights to feed to giant tentacles soon for now you have to focus on getting your stuff back.

Elevator: going down
No. 800315 ID: c81293

Hello Everyone! Don't mind my giant tentacle demon, he is just my friend Jefferey Cuddle-Trousers, just help me find my shit and no one (well maybe some of you) will be hurt!
No. 800318 ID: 8a947d
File 149419494184.png - (130.82KB , 1212x826 , New SkyLight.png )


Surprisingly few guards around, guess they're busy stopping the riot you caused. But it looks like you're in the right place at the right time, time to grab your things
No. 800319 ID: 4dfa49

Might as well keep the destruction streak going, Jefferey will you break down that door?
No. 800320 ID: 70983e

That door is marked with two keys! That means it is the key storage room, and can be safely ignored because Demon Flagellum lv. 1 bypasses all Key skill checks. Move onwards.
No. 800322 ID: ce4d05

Perform a manual override on that door!
No. 800323 ID: 595d54

No, that would be one key. Two keys is clearly 2k. That means it's the 2000s. It stores outdated memes and tacky fashions. An even better reason to avoid it!

Let's see what else is here.
No. 800325 ID: 3ce125

Even if that IS key storage, we should bust in there, because the demon limb won't last forever. We're gonna need keys!
No. 800326 ID: 3abd97

Door, please.

It takes but a moment to smash it down and see if this is the right one.
No. 800328 ID: e12db1

Guys, we're not some violent pagan who summons demons in their spare time.

Let's act cultured and simply open the door normally, with our hand, applying comfortable amount of force.
No. 800332 ID: 8a947d
File 149419875447.png - (204.45KB , 1212x826 , Fuckdoors !.png )

That's a reasonable and fair suggestion but you're not gonna go with it

You preform a manual override on the wooden door using the code sequence F4CK2H1TUP.
No. 800333 ID: 8a947d
File 149419882307.png - (117.79KB , 1212x826 , No, Its not the damn keystorage.png )

Looks like this is the right place, and there it is ! your bag full of all of your worldly goods and demonic research material !
No. 800334 ID: 9876c4

Information wants to be free, you know.

Should we check the lockers for any informative stuff we might emancipate?
No. 800335 ID: 3abd97

Do the zelda item get sequence.
No. 800339 ID: e12db1

I suppose that does count as opening the door with "our hand" by applying "comfortable" amount of force.

Let's take our items and celebrate by rubbing them between our legs and over our crotch. After all, they are very dear to us.
No. 800343 ID: fe7355

Do a quick inventory of your bag's contents so you're reasonably sure everything is still in it. It's possible that the officer in charge of the evidence lockup has "sticky fingers," or that exceptionally dangerous or heretical contraband was put in the custody of the priests for special storage or destruction.

Shame you don't have the time to either find the inventory ledger or toss the place for money or easily sold high value goods, but them's the breaks. Nab your bag and hoof it. How much time do you estimate you have left on this tentacle? And which way is the prison exit?
No. 800346 ID: 4dfa49

Alright! Let's make sure we also have all of our stuff. This is just a wee bit too convenient. Also do we have any ID that might tell us our name?
No. 800348 ID: 8a947d
File 149420255821.png - (58.07KB , 1212x826 , not really loot.png )

Musta been a slow confiscation day, nothing but papers and cheap trinkets. There is a note that doesn't seem to be by anyone who works in this dump. Its ripped in a lot of places though

-ttempts have prove futile. Though the locations our target could be is now limited to three distinct areas what he is able to do with (illegible)-an match it. No matter how many times we corner him he slips through our fingers without a thought and his method of doing so is unknown. we may not have a choice , we must build a new shr-(illegible). only then can we put an end to K(illegible)'s plans.

The rest is unreadable and even if it was you wouldn't care enough to go through it.

you whistle a little tune as you pick up your pack.
No. 800350 ID: 3abd97

What's in your pack? Anything relevant to escape?

Although we should really be trying to get out, ASAP, before the riot calms down.

How long left on the tentacle?
No. 800351 ID: 8a947d
File 149420383265.png - (139.29KB , 1212x826 , Equipment Get !.png )

Finally! you are once again reunited with your beloved items: Your Six Shot Pistol, Wicked Knife, and Sygil Book. Along with some ingredients for summoning... What the hell? your pack was full of Riphound Eyes and Selkie Fins when you last had it, where'd all of your ingredients go ? all that's left is a Rotten Apple and some Amethyst Shards (x3)...

Whatever,luckily it seems whoever took your ingredients left the most important thing...
No. 800352 ID: 4dfa49

That being?
No. 800354 ID: 8a947d
File 149420467606.png - (93.26KB , 773x689 , Equipment Get !(2).png )

The AZERITE CHUNK !, rare material that you jumped through insane hurdles to get ! Its properties are demonic in nature so its sought out by pagans and priests alike. with the right know how this thing could move mountains!

Without it you'd be set back months, its crucial that you get this thing outta here without it getting so much as a scratch!
No. 800355 ID: ce4d05

What happens if you try to summon a demon with fruit viscera instead of animal?
No. 800357 ID: 3abd97

Okay, so time to book it before our tentacle expires. No more wasting time staring at loot.
No. 800362 ID: 70983e

Chuck the rest of this unimportant evidence lockup out of a hole in the wall. The fall will erase the evidence, or at least flatten it to a pancake.
No. 800374 ID: 996491

Vegan Demons.
No. 800382 ID: 8a947d
File 149421456638.png - (232.50KB , 1212x826 , Jailbreak Free at Last.png )

Well depending on the sygil used, the base material and the other ingredients used you can get anything from tiny demon gnats to sand worms, but you don't plan on sticking around to see whatever you can make.

You fling yourself outta the window, along with some of the evidence lockers because fuck these guys.
No. 800391 ID: 4dfa49

Umm... you do have a plan of falling right? I mean can we spider-man this with the tentacle as our web?
No. 800398 ID: 3abd97

That demon dick better work as a grapple hook or a pogo stick if we don't want to be a pancake.
No. 800552 ID: 094652

Steal whatever seems important from the evidence lockers, destroy or hide the rest.
No. 800579 ID: 8a947d
File 149429041066.png - (266.33KB , 1212x826 , Soft LAnding.png )

You're always prepared
No. 800580 ID: 8a947d
File 149429044318.png - (171.85KB , 1212x826 , Boing.png )

No. 800581 ID: 3abd97

No. 800586 ID: 1f31df


We should reunite with our fellow pagans and plan on an awesome raid!
No. 800597 ID: 507278

Strike a cool pose. Gotta bother the god-botherers as they watch your daring escape.
No. 800623 ID: 8a947d
File 149430191742.png - (106.88KB , 1212x826 , Daring Escape.png )

You land safely on the roof of a far off building, and just in time too, your Demon Flagellum (Jefferey Cuddle-Trousers) has begun to dissipate and is returning back to the Aether where it belongs. You don't think anyone's knows where you landed and now that you've single-handedly escaped prison, you feel like now might be a time to catch your breath and think...
No. 800624 ID: 3abd97

Good boy. Rest for now.

You need to go to ground. When the chaos in the prison calms down, there will be search parties for escaped convicts, and you need to be blending in with a safe place to crash before then, and not be at the end of a trail of dark energy a priest or holy type can follow.
No. 800625 ID: 3ce125

Time to hide out in a hideout of some sort.
No. 800626 ID: fc33ea

Check & make sure your macguffin is undamaged, then work on altering your appearance.
No. 800634 ID: 8a947d
File 149430616787.png - (61.92KB , 1212x826 , Let your mind wander___.png )

This is true. You summoned a level one demon limb so there won't be much of a trail but still enough for them to find you if you stay in one place for too long. You have most of your stuff back but you're still screwed if a Priest manages to find you.

There should be a pagan colony somewhere in this area, hidden of course but with your training you should be able to sense one when you're close enough. Sadly you lack a map after an unfortunate bear incident left you wandering near this damned city of Itsdin.

Cities like this controlled by The Regent Church are awful: Magical drinks and beverages are illegal, You need a license to practice any sort of magic, and if you even bump shoulders with someone who looks like a heretic you're off to interrogations. It's insane what people'll put with, but anyone scared to death of big scary demons will do anything for safety.
No. 800637 ID: 1f31df

Why did we even come to itsdin to begin with?
No. 800639 ID: 91ee5f

City of "Its den"? Who does the den belong to and why does it look like a city instead of a den?
No. 800649 ID: 70983e

Don't lower your guard yet, I'm sure this building gets inmates landing on the roof all the time. Whistle an inconspicuous tune as you jimmy the lock on the rooftop exit.
No. 800657 ID: cfe4f0

Yeah, if we got this far with only a first level summon and no outside help, they probably have standard procedures to hunt escapees who get this far in an escape. Otherwise what would be the point in trying to lock up pagans at all? We need to take a bunch of wrong turns and figure out how they're tracking us.
What's more likely, that a guard just happens to give you something a pagan needs out of generosity and stupidity, or they're trying to follow you to more pagans?
No. 800665 ID: c31aac

Since we're taking a break we should find a safe place to knock about the ol' beef curtains. Nothing more important after a stressful jailbreak and demon summoning than lurid acts. It's only thematic!
No. 800775 ID: 8a947d
File 149437930127.png - (73.79KB , 1212x826 , Shimmy Shimmy.png )

Not "Its den" Itsdin like, Alburn Itsdin the man who founded the city, it was actually a pretty decent place before The Reagent Church took control.

There's no roof hatch on this building, but there is a pipe to shimmy down. You climb down into the alley behind the building, there are one or two people around but they don't pay you any mind.

The odds of that guard releasing you on purpose are slim, seeing as you also caused a riot, could've killed two guards, regained possession of illegal Azerite, and destroyed a bunch of sensitive evidence. If that was their plan it was poorly executed, but you wouldn't put such poor planing past god-fearing idiots like them.

The best thing to do now is to get out of the city, they may give chase anyway but its better than staying around.
No. 800777 ID: 3abd97

Only reason to stick around is how much scrutiny we expect at the boarder. If the exits of the city will be staffed with guards riled up by the riot, checking every traveler to see if they're an escaped prisoner, we might be better off sticking around and using the people as camouflage.
No. 800778 ID: db8467

Maybe you need a disguise!
No. 800789 ID: 70983e

I bet they've never seen you with your wrappings off! Disguise yourself through exposure!
No. 800812 ID: 8a947d
File 149438985482.png - (196.70KB , 1212x826 , Convinent.png )

The wrappings stay on, but a disguise would be nice, though it wouldn't stop priests sensing demonic energies it can help if they put up wanted posters or guards notice you up close.

Grabbing a change of clothes is a great idea
No. 800813 ID: 8a947d
File 149438990711.png - (90.20KB , 1212x826 , Look at this tiny mummy.png )

There are plenty of outfits to choose from, do you have any in mind

Draw in what you want
No. 800818 ID: 91ee5f

Why don't you switch the wrappings so that your left eye is covered and your right eye is uncovered? Because everyone is going to be looking for someone with their left eye uncovered and their right eye covered, so switching it will throw them off if they see you from a distance!

Also, are you a boy or a girl? This is important for helping us decide on what to get for you!
No. 800822 ID: 8a947d
File 149439126756.png - (89.91KB , 1212x826 , 100% Man Power.png )

of course you're male, isn't it obvious from your dashing masculine physique ?
No. 800823 ID: 3abd97
File 149439153842.png - (71.78KB , 1212x826 , You can be pretty.png )

Gender in no way affects how fabulous we look in a cute dress.
No. 800824 ID: 981e77

Is there something wrong with your right eye, or can it be uncovered?
No. 800826 ID: 094652
File 149439186845.png - (76.00KB , 1212x826 , The Prophespoiler.png )

The obvious choice
No. 800831 ID: 0d1514
File 149439295961.png - (114.38KB , 1212x826 , steved.png )

No. 800832 ID: 91ee5f

No, because your hips scream "feminine curves". I'm guessing you inherited them from your mother, right?
No. 800841 ID: 8d4593

You also have feminine shoulders.
No. 800891 ID: fe3b61
File 149443907928.png - (74.63KB , 1212x826 , ok.png )

No. 800897 ID: 3d2d5f

And beautiful eyes.
No. 800945 ID: 9876c4

Someone do a Kaban-chan pagan.
No art program on this compy, or I would.
No. 800981 ID: db0da2

Something like this, but more covering, with sleeves and a longer skirt and a veil. If the veil would look weird you can get the whole thing in black and pretend to be in mourning, which is also a good excuse to not be very talkative. Dressing as a girl will throw them off your trail, they'll be looking for a MALE heretic after all.
No. 800993 ID: 8a947d
File 149446243121.png - (56.71KB , 628x458 , manliness in question.png )

This is absurd, an outrage even. You are in no way shape or form pretty, beautiful, feminine or any for of those words. You are with out a doubt one hundred percent manly man and that's that !
No. 800994 ID: 8a947d
File 149446245781.png - (198.26KB , 1212x826 , Manly as fuck.png )

Manly as all hell
No. 800995 ID: 9876c4


I still want Kabanpagan
No. 800997 ID: 34576f
File 149446312612.png - (67.82KB , 1212x826 , threeofhearts.png )

Spurs are too hard to draw.
No. 800998 ID: 3abd97

Perfect. You'll be able to woo any guardslady or demon dick you choose.
No. 800999 ID: 34576f

RIP Hard Work
No. 801014 ID: 91ee5f

With your womanly curves, you could definitely pull off that look! XD

But for a more serious and more manly look, how about this one: >>800997 ?
No. 801025 ID: 8a947d
File 149447445922.png - (111.57KB , 1212x826 , Why were you so slow i would've picked this f.png )

While shopping you spot another outfit that catches your eye, well crafted and designed. Though you feel the dress will be better disguise for the city, you do think about throwing this on once you you exit the city.

There is no one manning the counter, just a sign that says "Crazy Carmine don't need any dang money now git". Odd business practice but you're not complaining
No. 801026 ID: 8a947d
File 149447456943.png - (97.51KB , 1212x826 , Makin My Way Downtown.png )

You put your dress back on and leave, now you've got a disguise but its best you keep moving and search for a good route to escape the city, preferably one with no guards.

There's an Inn in front of you and the weird cloths shop behind you.
No. 801032 ID: 388cdd

Is the inn also a bar? If so think we can get some info of the quickest way out of here? Preferably the less church/guard interaction the better?
No. 801034 ID: 3ce125

Go in the inn.
No. 801043 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, good you've got a normal outfit that you'll wear once you get out of town. I was starting to get a little worried about you.


But seriously, try not to go anywhere where someone will try to hit on you. Because you really do look like a hot lady someone will try to hit on!
No. 801059 ID: cfe4f0

What do you know about the exits and what kind of checks they make on people leaving? If we can sign up as a passenger traveling to another city will that get us through hiding as legit traffic, or do we actually need to avoid the normal routes out?
If it's the latter, well, smuggling has got to be a booming business for a city with invasive and restrictive border controls.
No. 801191 ID: 8a947d
File 149455022013.png - (94.71KB , 1212x826 , Innside.png )

Inn's tend to also be bars, its just one of those weird laws nobody goes against or thinks about. Beds and beer do go well together when you think about it. There's gotta be someone inside with some info on different escape routes.

Going through a legit means of exiting the city puts you at risk of bumping heads with guards. Your disguise might fool a guard but if they have any Church-trained specialists then you will have trouble, you still emit demonic energies especially since you're carrying Azerite. Finding a smuggling business could work too though that could get you caught up in some shady dealings if you're in the wrong company.

first off: no part of you is "hot", second you'd love to go anywhere else where being hit on wasn't an immediate threat but Inns tend to have people who know things, another weird law of the world: "If you're lost, go to an Inn and ask questions until you're not anymore".

You step into the Inn, the first thing that catches your eye is the white and blue Reagent Church banner on the wall, not a good sign. Immediately in front of you There's someone manning the counter and someone knocked out at the far end

Don't get too used to the color i'm getting sick of doing it
No. 801194 ID: 388cdd

Alright so we've got a bartender and someone already passed out drunk. Our best bet is to ask the bartender. But but since that's a religious symbol our best bet is to greet him with whatever opening line the church uses like "hello there! Deus Vult!" Or "greetings! praise the umbasa!" And then gauge his reaction. If he responds favorably then let's order a beer, pay for it, and be on our way because we are clearly in the wrong place
No. 801196 ID: 3abd97

Might be able to rob the passed out one if the bartender is looking elsewhere.

Although apply social skills, good looks, and a pretty dress on the bartender might work too.

>first off: no part of you is "hot"
Strenuous disagreement.
No. 801201 ID: 8a947d
File 149455811258.png - (109.17KB , 1212x826 , Innside (Chattin it up).png )

You approach the bartender and do the best to seem like a church going scripture thumper.

You: Hello there ! Uhmm... Praise the D-Deus Obama...

Bartender:Hmm? oh yeah praise the church, bless you ma'am or whatever I guess.

He doesn't seem too excited about the church or notice your shitty excuse for a church-goer impression.

You: You seem a little down sir, that was quite a halfhearted praise, is there a problem ?

Bartender: Well... I can tell you're no member of the church from your praise so i guess it couldn't hurt to tell.

Bartender: Ever since the church passed that law banning magical beverages a while back my business has been going down the drain, beers just don't sell as well as Mana Malts and rented rooms don't bring in as much as Kaiju Brews.

Bartender: That and with the taxes going up, I fear this place will be shutting down soon...

The bartender seems destitute, maybe helping him could prove useful in our exodus from the city.
No. 801203 ID: 91ee5f

He called you "ma'am"! See? What did I tell ya? You look like a woman!

Which is perfectly fine, since that's the point of a disguise.
No. 801211 ID: 3ce125

Buy a beer! You have money now, right
No. 801216 ID: 388cdd

Might as well contribute to this mans welfare. Order a drink if you have the coin. Assuming he isn't lying however....

But yeah let's use our wit to see if we can gauge whether or not he is lying. By the way, if you want to get more manly and less feminine we need to increase our strength. Be a big strong pagan warrior! HELL YEAH!
No. 801217 ID: 70983e

I understand. When The Law puts a stopper in your income flow, sometimes you gotta start a little 'side business' up, know what I mean? I'd be happy to help you in any such profitable ventures.

Or maybe you could just start selling stronger booze? That might be an option.
No. 801224 ID: 8a947d
File 149456518530.png - (109.23KB , 1212x826 , Innside (Order Up).png )


You order a Mug of Ale for 10 gold (leaving you at 35 gold)
You attempt to make a WITTY observation (6/5 Success!) while he prepares your drink.

The shelves behind him are empty, looks like where multiple bottles were before they were taken down. While he fills your mug you check behind the counter, hes only got two large casks of ale. assuming they have different types of beer hes only really got two drink items on his menu, not a lot of variety and a place with such a limited stock couldn't possibly open in such a large well built establishment, then again you haven't seen the upstairs. You get the feeling this guy's not lying to you

You: Hey so if business is so bad because of your limited stick then why not sell stronger booze ?

Bartender: The first thing I did was get a second cask of strong stuff but people dont really care about that, they came here for the, magical drinks with the special properties.

Bartender: Each sip had a little bit of fun in it. Fairy Fizz made you breath clouds of incandescent sprites, Vocal Vodka swapped your voice with someone who shared it with you, and Prismatic Pop made your eyes swirl a rainbow of color without making you sick. This place was packed with fun loving patrons every week, but now all I get is the occasional drunk.

Bartender: The magics literally been sucked from this place ever since the damned Reagent Church made that law, even made me raise that banner so people know I can't serve the stuff.

You: Wow, that's tough sir...

This guys for real, maybe getting him to deal in some more shaddy business for the good of his establishment could help him and you at the same time...
No. 801228 ID: 34576f

There isn't a need to break the law if there's no law against it. Instead of escaping the town because of the church, why not drive the church out? Go around town and see if there's anyone else being opressed by these religious jerkwads.
No. 801275 ID: cfe4f0

I dunno, it sounds like the obvious solution is for this guy to bribe the guards or open a bar hidden from the guards. Probably doesn't have the money to bribe the guards and pay inflated smuggling markups at the moment, so that leaves finding some smugglers and setting up a hidden bar.

"It sounds like the guards limiting your stock would be the real problem. The simple options to fix that is convince the guards to let you sell the good stuff, or go somewhere the guards don't stop you. If you do either of those in this town it'll probably mean buying a supply from smugglers, though."
No. 801401 ID: 8a947d
File 149463198547.png - (107.64KB , 1212x826 , Great plan, expect for the part where its terrible.png )

Whoa, that's a great plan! Except for the part where its awful. The Reagent Church isn't just some religious sect of the cities government you can remove. It IS THE GOVERNMENT, they make the laws, run the guard, regulate tax, everything is pushed by them. Even if by some miracle you got them out of the city they'll just get Church members from other cities to come and crush the meager rebellion you've made. Besides after you achieve your plans you have to worry about them anymore.


You continue your conversation with the bartender as you drink.

You: So...If the Reagent Church is causing such trouble why not open a little "side business"?

Bartender: You mean like selling food items, I've thought about it but I'm not a very good chef and I could never find someone to-

You: No stupid ! sell magic beverages illegally.

Bartender: W-What ? that could get me in a lotta trouble Miss!... but its not like I haven't thought of that before. I wouldn't even need to worry about buying the drinks I brewed everything here myself before the law passed.

Bartender: The real problem would be hiding it from the authorities and even if I can make the drinks I still need the ingredients. There's a lot I need to worry about if I did it, I'm just not sure.

You: But wouldn't it be worth it ? Showing those religious assholes they can't keep you down and taking back the business you loved so much ! Those fuckers can't keep you under their thumb forever !

The bartender stares at you, enthralled by your words. You've hooked him.

Bartender: You're right ! Yeah you're right ! I don't have to take this anymore, I'm sick of this ! I'm going to open my own under ground pub!

You: I think they're called Speakeasies

Bartender: Then I'll open a speakeasy and show those Church-heads who controls what !
No. 801404 ID: 094652

Uh, don't show them ^&*(. You need to build a powerbase before you can really stick it to the church.

Also, does the church do purges, or can we win the town over by getting the majority riot?
No. 801405 ID: 3abd97

Hear hear!

Well, except I'd advise staying hidden rather than showing them anything. But great enthusiasm!
No. 801430 ID: 8a947d
File 149463755888.png - (107.96KB , 1212x826 , Glad to help.png )

You: Whoa buddy the whole point of a speakeasy's so they don't see ya, but I'm loving the enthusiasm.

You: Well now that you've got your plans together I've gotta-

Bartender: Wait ! before I can make this work I need a little bit more help. I know you can do it for me, I can tell you're the sort of headstrong, fierce woman who can do this.

You grind your teeth a little.

Bartender: I've got a friend downtown who runs a weapons shop, he deals in smuggling illegal goods on the side. I can't get ingredients for drinks without his help.

Bartender: Do you think you can get him this note ? I'm sure that he'll help me with this. I'd do it myself but I gotta run my Inn. His name's Ulrik, do you think you can help?
No. 801431 ID: 3ce125

Sure, buddy.
No. 801438 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, you are a headstrong woman, ain't ya? XD

But you really should take the note to his friend. Especially, since you said you needed a smuggler to get you out of town. After you pass along the message, this Ulrik guy if he can smuggle you out of town!
No. 801439 ID: 3abd97

Introduction to the local underworld, check!

Who do I tell your friend sent me, or is there a passphrase or something of the like, so he knows I'm on the level?

>I can tell you're the sort of headstrong, fierce woman who can do this.
Well, not until the magic bar reopens and you chug one of those tingly potions of gender bending, but close enough.
No. 801442 ID: 388cdd

Heck yeah we can do that!
No. 801447 ID: db0da2

For a price.
No. 801449 ID: 8a947d
File 149464305441.png - (105.39KB , 1212x826 , Leavin the Inn.png )


You agree to help.

Bartender: Thank you Miss! I won't forget this once my speakeasy gets going. My name is Luucc, my partner will know I sent you once he sees the note.

Luucc: Oh and be careful, things can get dangerous downtown.

You finish your drink and exit the Inn. You should start heading downtown.
No. 801450 ID: 388cdd

Keep your head down and avoid the gazes of any church soldiers that pass you by.
No. 801453 ID: 8a947d
File 149464430518.png - (97.02KB , 1212x826 , Off to see the weapons shop.png )


The occasional guard passes you, but with enough caution you manage to avoid them.

Even with the Reagent Church in the city the people still seem to keep high spirits: kids kick ball in the streets, a man plays violin on his roof, a young boy plays with a dog up and down the walk.

As you move on the buildings get older and the streets dirtier, you're getting closer to the outer district
No. 801454 ID: 3abd97

Careful of ambushes from alleyways.
No. 801455 ID: 388cdd

Would it be right in assuming this is a more lawless part of the city? If so it's best to keep one hand on that knife the other on your wallet and your wits about you
No. 801457 ID: 8a947d
File 149464499886.png - (66.49KB , 1212x826 , Weapon Shop Arrival.png )


You pass shady looking groups,drunken bums, and twitching bystanders. Luckily enough you manage to make by them all. Obviously your threatening and manly physique turns them all away.

It was a long, uneventful and uncomfortable walk( why did you have to buy the heels with the dress?) but you made it. looks like the shops open.
No. 801460 ID: 388cdd

You know you could probably take the shoes off and just go with whatever you have before all this right? The dress covers your feet so you're probably good there and really... how often do you noticed another persons feet?

Anyway pop in and say hello
No. 801461 ID: 3abd97

>why did you have to buy the heels with the dress?
Because to do otherwise would be a disservice to your legs.
No. 801462 ID: 8a947d
File 149464678111.png - (281.42KB , 1212x826 , Chattin it up in the weapons shop.png )

You enter the shop. The walls are lined with firearms and blades, the desk is manned by a gruff looking fellow ou assume this is Ulrik.

You: Excuse me sir, you wouldn't happen to be Ulrik would you ?

Ulrik: Yup das me, Whaddya need lil' lady ? new pocket pistal or hand knife ? or maybe ya be wantin' sometin heavia ?

You: I'm hear with a message from Lucc.

You hand him the note, he scans it over and chuckles after he's done.

Ulrik: So da fool's finally gone an' decided ta do sometin about da Reagen' Church's law besides mompin' and groanin'.

Ulrik: I gotta way a' gettin' dis stuff, ya sit tight an' al be right back.

Ulrik walks off into the back, it sounds like hes walking into the basement.
No. 801464 ID: 388cdd

Take a look around while we wait?
No. 801465 ID: 3abd97

Examine the goods while he's done there. Anything catch your eye? Or particularly compatible with your flavor of demonic heresy?
No. 801466 ID: d66c84

Buy a revolver to go with your Three of Hearts outfit.
No. 801475 ID: 8a947d
File 149464910135.png - (260.75KB , 1212x826 , Just Browisin.png )


There are some nice knives and pistols know that you look closely, a lot of them are standard issue but the more expensive ones are a little more exotic. Speaking of expensive a lot of these are way out of your price range, guess you'll have to come back another-
No. 801476 ID: 8a947d
File 149464913250.png - (262.17KB , 1212x826 , Enter stage Left.png )

-Oh? someone else has entered the shop
No. 801477 ID: 8a947d
File 149464924501.png - (130.58KB , 1212x826 , The 3 stooges.png )

Three men in white face-paint stand in the door way, one of them speaks in a low smooth voice

Strange Man: Where is that motherfucker...
No. 801478 ID: 3ce125

Ask why they're looking for the owner.
No. 801481 ID: 388cdd

Oh shit... Mafia and/or local gangs.

"Uh... He's out to lunch?"

Use your wit to make them think he is elsewhere? Failing that we got any demonic magic on hand that can fuck up these guys day? Maybe slip off to the "ladies room" and summon up our pal jefferey cuddle-trousers?
No. 801489 ID: 8d4593

Oh.... I was wondering why the Clerk ran out back so quickly.

Use the precious seconds this buys you to warn Ulrik and prepare a spell.
No. 801494 ID: 91ee5f

We can't! We have a mirror, but we don't have any animal viscera to use! Unless we get really lucky and find a rat in the bathroom.

>Where is that motherfucker...
"He's probably run off to go fuck a mother."
No. 801502 ID: 388cdd

I thought we saved some of that dead rat and that mirror the guard gave us!
No. 801524 ID: 91ee5f

We used both of those last time we summoned. We got a new mirror, but we don't have any animal viscera.
No. 801543 ID: fc33ea

What guy?
No. 801565 ID: 8a947d
File 149470209683.png - (118.19KB , 1212x826 , Tension RIsing.png )


You: E-Excuse me gentlemen, would you happen to be looking for the owner of this shop ?

Strange Man: You work here girly ?

You: Uh, no but I know he's off doing something and won't be back for a while.

Strange Man: Really ? He's off somewhere else and he left the shop unattended with someone who doesn't work here still inside with all the lights on?

You: I uh... just wandered in, he must of left his door unlocked because I just pushed it open. W-Why do you need to talk to him ?

Strange Man: That's not any of your business miss, now you should get out of here. I wouldn't want a lady such as yourself to see or hear anything you don't have to.

What now ? They'll definitely search the whole place including the basement to find Ulrik, and if you stay you could look suspicious.
No. 801570 ID: 218941

Walk out, prepare spell, walk in, chaos.
No. 801571 ID: 388cdd

If you do this be quick! Starting a fight in a weapons shop is like starting a fire in a fireworks factory
No. 801582 ID: 3ce125

You could pull your gun on him.
No. 801585 ID: 3abd97

Pretend to be cowed, go outside, then murder a rat in the alley and paint a mirror reflection of the summoning runes on the outside of that window there, summoning a tentacle on the inside of the shop to eat them. Or at least to knock them silly.

You're not letting a bunch of thugs ruin the underworld contact you just met before you even get a chance to use him!
No. 801586 ID: cfe4f0

We are probably talking to Ulrik's smuggling contacts right here. Engage them socially.

"Just one thing, would you gentlemen happen to be, or be able to direct me to, dealers in... more difficult to acquire goods?"
No. 801606 ID: 8a947d
File 149470997314.png - (168.37KB , 1212x826 , Time to Summon.png )

They seem a little too hostile to be in any sort of business with him.

You: Before I leave, this may be an odd question but might you fine gentlemen be in the smuggling business ?

The shorter one speaks up...

Short Man: The only thing we's gonna smuggle is this old fools body out in a casket, hehehe.

Strange Man: SHORTY! SHUT IT.

You exit immediately, well now you know these guys are bad news.


No rats or other small animals, but there is a Dead Fly and a Tooth out here. You open your Sygil Book and look at your recipes. You've got 6 Sygils in the book and only 3 you can summon from. You have a Tooth, a Dead Fly, a Rotten Apple, and ,3 Amethyst Shards to use for ingredients.

A) Roaming Gluttony
(Tooth, 2 Amethyst Shards, Rotten Apple, Something Metal)

B) Voyeuristic Globule
(Amethyst Shard, Rotten Apple, Something Reflective)

C) Cerebral Gnat
(Dead Fly,3 Amethyst Shards, Rotten Apple, Something Shiny)

You don't have much time to think.
No. 801607 ID: 8eaa38

Looks like it's gonna have to be the globule, come forth Amanda Kissenhug!
No. 801608 ID: 3ce125

The Globule sounds like something we'd use for recon. Let's go with Gluttony.
No. 801609 ID: 8d4593

No. 801612 ID: 3abd97

I'm hoping the globule gets "immobilize you with a stare" kinds of powers. Lets go with that.
No. 801616 ID: fe7355

You forgot to mention you also have those shiny gauntlets you took off the guard as well. Those would work for the metal or shiny components, and possibly for reflective if they're really polished.
No. 801617 ID: 91ee5f

>You don't have much time to think.
But do you have enough time to be more specific on what each of these 3 summons can do?
No. 801621 ID: 8a947d
File 149471922295.png - (60.98KB , 507x726 , Name the Demons.png )


Gluttony eats and stabs stuff. (Sustain Time: 30 Minutes/ +5 Minutes per eat)

Voyeuristic Globule lets you look through its eye and points out key weaknesses. (Sustain Time: 1 Hour)

And the Cerebral Gnat controls people. (Sustain Time: 1 Minute/ 1 Hour after infecting host)
No. 801628 ID: 3abd97

B won't fix our problems, then.

A will probably kill them, but it might cause collateral damage to the shop. (Although there are lots of stabbing implements for it to use).

C would cut down on collateral damage if we use it to get them to kill each other. Might be less of a sure thing if our possessed host gets killed, though.
No. 801644 ID: 8a947d
File 149472556817.png - (100.88KB , 1066x826 , Preparing Gluttony.png )

Looks like you'll be using the Roaming Gluttony demon to take out these bastards.

You prepare the material like last time and concentrate...
No. 801645 ID: 8a947d
File 149472558230.png - (89.96KB , 935x756 , Gluttony Rising.png )

No. 801646 ID: 8a947d
File 149472560388.png - (134.36KB , 1212x826 , Roaming Gluttony.png )

Its here, and its hungry.
No. 801650 ID: 388cdd

C'mon Mr. Foody Chompers, your snacks are this way!
No. 801663 ID: 3abd97

3 tasty snacks in the room full of convenient cutlery. Go now, your mistress commands you!
No. 801665 ID: fa8c1a

Just chomp on the guys in the white face paint, Mr Chompers! No-one else.
No. 801669 ID: 8a947d
File 149472984982.png - (100.20KB , 1212x826 , nobody suspects a thing.png )


Tall Man: Ey Boss, d'ya want me ta check da basement now !

Boss: Sure thing Slim, go nuts.
No. 801671 ID: 8a947d
File 149472988981.png - (240.71KB , 1212x826 , Crocnch.png )


Boss: Jeez It's not that exciting Slim.
No. 801672 ID: 388cdd

No. 801674 ID: 3abd97

Careful little wrecking ball! Mind the walls. Just the squishies.
No. 801675 ID: 094652

Hit the leader next, he's incompetent and distracted!
No. 801678 ID: 8d4593

Theres no kill like overkill!
No one escapes.
No. 801679 ID: 3ce125

When they get fully distracted by the rampaging demon you can take them by surprise with your gun.
No. 801680 ID: 8a947d
File 149473233512.png - (188.89KB , 1212x826 , Chomp Chomp Chomp.png )

Shorty: B-Boss, What is that thing!

Slim: MMHHMMM!!!!!!!

Boss: Ahh I see, old Ulrik got a pagan's protection somehow. No matter, I've seen better summons than this. Stand back Shorty, Its only a Level 1 but it's still dangerous.

Shorty: Yeah I can tell ! What are ya gonna do Boss ?

Boss: I handle it, like always.
No. 801681 ID: 8a947d
File 149473237892.png - (104.40KB , 1212x826 , MENACING.png )

Boss: A little voodoo will send this demon back to the Aether in no time...
No. 801683 ID: f36501

No. 801684 ID: 3abd97

Interrupt that spellcasting. Painfully.
No. 801685 ID: 388cdd

No. 801687 ID: 3ce125

Shoot him in the face.
No. 801691 ID: 8a947d
File 149473594550.png - (162.46KB , 1212x826 , Taking a Shot in the dark.png )


You take off your hat and peek through the window, you aim and fire right at his head
No. 801692 ID: 8a947d
File 149473597488.png - (132.30KB , 1212x826 , That doesn't look good___.png )


Well that solves that...
No. 801693 ID: 8a947d
File 149473601848.png - (135.89KB , 1095x826 , Who did dis.png )


No. 801695 ID: 388cdd

Once in each eye, and one through the heart
No. 801696 ID: d66c84

Okay, he's alive still. Switch cover, and see if there's any sort of indirect weaponry available, like grenades.
No. 801698 ID: 3ce125

What the shit? Is that normal?
No. 801700 ID: 29f3da


He must haveal a fetish nearby, probably on his person. Shoot at his pockets!
No. 801701 ID: 91ee5f

He turned his back on your summon! Now it can sneak up on him! .....hopefully.
No. 801703 ID: 3abd97

So. Um. I guess he's a demon then? Or the headshot got forced on someone else via a voodoo scapegoat he'd set up earlier?

I guess distracting him so he doesn't banish the demon before it eats him works, too.
No. 801706 ID: 8a947d
File 149473791994.png - (109.16KB , 1212x826 , Fuck that noise.png )

Nope, if one shot through the brain didn't do it more won't either, besides you don't want him seeing you. You duck back down away from the mirror.

you doubt grenades and live munitions are just laying around in the outer wall area.

No. 801708 ID: 8a947d
File 149473888757.png - (141.53KB , 1212x826 , Still Hungry.png )


Oh yeah, Mr Chompers is still in there with him.

Since you did damage to him while he was channeling a spell or hex or whatever voodoo has he shouldn't be able to cast for a while.

(That's a good rule to remember it applies to you too)

Then again you haven't seen a voodoo user before you've only read about them, but nothing you have read could have prepared you for seeing one to just get shot in the goddamn head and NOT DYING.
No. 801712 ID: 3abd97

There's probably a voodoo doll somewhere where a blown off head right now. Or an unlucky minion. Damage shunt. Like when they stab a doll with needles to hurt someone, except backwards.

Watch to make sure Mr. Chompers gets him, then we need to get control of your chain-chomp before it wrecks the shop, or finds the shopkeep.
No. 801713 ID: 3ce125

Well I've never heard of anything surviving being eaten. So just make sure his other minion can't save his boss.
No. 801715 ID: 0d1514

Shoot him in the back like an honorable pagan!
No. 801716 ID: 8a947d
File 149474246965.png - (157.31KB , 1212x826 , Voodoos fucking weird man.png )

You'd think so but voodoo users are tricky, you've heard that they can be buried 10 feet underground and appear back on above ground in less than an hour.

Voodoos nothing like Demonic Magic or Miracles. Demonic Magic involves drawing energy from the Aether and demons and using it to cast spells, the same with Miracles but a shrine and catalyst are required to cast and the magic is provided by gods.

but Voodoo doesn't draw energy from any outside source, voodoo just takes the laws of the world and bends them depending on how the user sees fit. Of course its more complicated than that but its still weird as hell.

You know of a similar technique using demonic magic so you understand how this may work, but that would mean this guys unkillable, no there's gotta be some limit to his power. You've just gotta find what is is.
No. 801720 ID: 17c2ee

He's trying to stop the summon from eating him. Either that'll actually harm him or he has to pay something to keep his voodoo going. Either way looks like you can keep going until he dies.
No. 801724 ID: 3abd97

>there's gotta be some limit to his power
He can probably only stop himself being killed so much before he actually gets killed.

This sounds like a good idea.
No. 801725 ID: 3ce125

Kidnap his minion and force it out of him! "It" being the price of using Voodoo powers.
No. 801727 ID: 8d4593

Shoot out his knees so the Chomper can eat him.
Sure he won't die, but he'll be stuck in there long enough for you to take out his other minion.
No. 801731 ID: 91ee5f

Your summon has distracted him from you! Take a shot at his leg or something! Try not to hit your own summon!
No. 801735 ID: fe7355

Hold up a moment before you make a major tactical mistake. You've lost track of this voodoo boss' surviving goon, which means Fate'll make sure he'll pop up again at the worst time and somehow screw everything up for you. He could run out the front door and attack you, or has fled down into the basement and is fighting Ulrik. Or he could simply spot you trying to aim at his boss and call you out. So find that mook and put a bullet through his head or heart first to take him out of the equation. And since his boss is tied up resisting getting chomped and his voodoo is on cooldown, you won't have to worry about him until his magic recovers. Now, about how long would you guess that is?

Pull out your mirror and carefully use it to peek over the window frame, survey the scene and try and locate the mook, then reposition for a better shot on him if you have to.

Did you notice if there was a back way into the shop? Or if not, if there was a back room? While if there's a entrance back there it's probably locked, it'll be good info to know for later if you have to flee out that way for some reason.

Also, what're the odds that this fight'll bring the Regent Church authorities down on Ulrik's place? This mess hasn't been subtle in the slightest and you did summon a demon right on the sidewalk. If there was a God-fearin' follower watchin' they'll be running to the nearest guard station to tattle. And even if you're victorious here and save Ulrik, he'll be massively pissed off if the Church descends and seizes and searches his shop, and probably soon after arrest him.

Why are you suggesting to aim at his legs? I'd think it'd be better to aim for his elbow or shoulder so he can't hold the gluttony demon back from chomping down on him.
No. 801736 ID: 8a947d
File 149474968858.png - (149.28KB , 1212x826 , Writing on the walls.png )


Holy shit you completely forgot about the short one, you peek over the windowsill with your mirror, He's drawing some sort of sygil on the wall. Knowing voodoo it's not a summon sygil, its most likely a catalyst for a powerful hex or curse.

It'd be best to not let that continue. You don't have a lot time to focus on the short guy though, the boss' power should be drained for about 5 more minutes after the interruption.

Good news is they're both pretty preoccupied and and seem to be looking your way.
No. 801737 ID: 8a947d
File 149475035747.png - (211.37KB , 1212x826 , Knock that shit off.png )


Well you can deal with this nice and quick. You line up another shot.
No. 801738 ID: c06e0b

No. 801739 ID: 3ce125

Duck again!
No. 801751 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure that guy is dead, so that he doesn't dramatically crawl forward and finish that thing with his last dying breath!
No. 801756 ID: 3abd97

Yeah. Either double tap, or do something to mess up the summoning drawing before its finished.
No. 801760 ID: 388cdd

How accurate do those voodoo signs need to be? Could you shoot out part of the voodonsigil and that would ruin the ritual?
No. 801774 ID: 8a947d
File 149478613519.png - (205.58KB , 1212x826 , Get em out of here.png )


It doesn't look like you're gonna have time to get a second shot in besides that blood splatter should have screwed up the sygil anyw-
No. 801775 ID: 8a947d
File 149478615331.png - (183.78KB , 1212x826 , Heads up.png )

No. 801776 ID: fc33ea

Fetch some guards, that cultist has just thrown a demon out the window?
No. 801778 ID: 3abd97

That's a point, are the fuzz incoming? It might become necessary to run away and let the lawmen deal with these terrible, terrible, demon summoning voodoo heretics.

If they're not, try and distract him again while your demon goes around to the front door to surprise them again.
No. 801783 ID: 8d4593

... Fucking.
Any more magic tricks up your sleeve or are you relying on bullets for now?
No. 801785 ID: 0d1514

Tactical retreat while screaming like a li- manly man. Even if you beat the voodudes the smuggler is probably fucked because he attracted too much attention. You did your best
No. 801787 ID: 8a947d
File 149479674877.png - (129.65KB , 1212x826 , Goodbye mr chompers, we hardly knew ye.png )


Shit, you did use a summon and fire off a bunch of bullets. The demon energy plus the voodoo is probably giving off a lot of unholy energies right now.

It looks like Mr Chompers didn't survive that throw, Level 1 demons aren't very durable despite the damage they can do.

Looks like you might have to... Shit you hear guards!
No. 801789 ID: 91ee5f

You know what really sucks? The smuggling weapon sho owner is going to get caught also and that'll take away your chance to ask him to smuggle you out of the city!

Also, the guards might recognize you, so it'll probably help if the guards don't find you, since you just busted out of prison earlier.
No. 801790 ID: 3583d1

Don disguise and girly voice! GUARDS HELP!! DEMONS
No. 801791 ID: 3583d1

There is always a chance that these guards are super religious and identify all magic thats not there's as heresy. So Voodoo=Paganism=HERESY! So if thats the case we can maybe help tell the guards that Ulrik is innocent and since we were just in the store the demonic activity only started after these heretic gangsters appeared
No. 801792 ID: 3abd97

Don disguise, run past the guards with high pitched cries of alarm. Point them in the direction of the vile heretics and voodoo doers!
No. 801795 ID: 8a947d
File 149479851925.png - (184.59KB , 1212x826 , Its the popo.png )

You need Ulrik if you're gonna get outta this damn city, you can't just leave him at the city guard's mercy.

The guards round the corner and approach the shop.

Guard 1: It's coming from over here! hurry up.

You: Guard ! Guard! I need your help, Its urgent!

You: There are demon summoning heretics in that shop trying to attack the poor upstanding shop keeper, please you have to apprehend them !

Guard 2: Don't worry ma'am, we're on it.

The guards continue down to the shop and you follow behind, The Roaming Gluttony (Mr Chompers) has fully dissolved and it seems the Voodoo boss is gone along with the little guys corpse. Ulrik is standing behind his counter running his fingers through his hair.

Ulrik: Damn Shadowmen, d'ey actually managed ta get me shop dis time, can't turn ya back fo a secon' in dis damn city.

Guard 1: Don't worry sir we've got this under control, we'll clean up the blood and the voodoo sign but we cant cover the damages to the window or any other property in the building.

Ulrik: Ye'... O'course ye' can't, anyway ey got business else where so al be gettin' on me way.

Ulrik walks over to you holding a note and a package.

Ulrik: Thanks fer 'holdin' off dem voodoo usin' bastards miss.
No. 801799 ID: 3abd97

So is Mr Chompers dead, or did he just get unsummoned by losing physical form?

>Thanks fer 'holdin' off dem voodoo usin' bastards miss.
Thumbs up, or some other non-verbal sign of approval.

We'll have to leave quietly for now while the guards are cleaning things, we'll double back when things have calmed down and they're not looking over everything.
No. 801808 ID: 3ce125

Ask Ulrik how voodoo works(in private). You shot that guy in the head but he didn't die!
No. 801810 ID: 91ee5f

>Ulrik walks over to you holding a note and a package.
"So, are those the things your friend asked for in his note?"

>Thanks fer 'holdin' off dem voodoo usin' bastards miss.
Sounds like he was watching what was going on.

When you get a chance, ask if he could help smuggle you out of the city.
No. 801820 ID: 8a947d
File 149481174394.png - (165.36KB , 1212x826 , glad thats over.png )


Demons can't die, they just lose their physical form and return to the Aether even if they crossed over to the physical world themselves instead of being summoned. Priest have methods of real killing demons though.

You make your way back with Ulrik.

You: How'd you know I beat those guys ?

Ulrik: I got's viewin' sygil's written on me shop walls an hooked up to a moniter in da basement. You's got quite da shot wit a pistol ya know.

You: Thanks, is that the stuff for Luucc ?

Ulrik: Nah, but ah need dis stuff ta get Luucc's stuff. dere's a whole orda to dese dings.

You: Also umm, is you're smuggling business okay ? Those guards aren't gonna find important stuff down in you basement if they serach right.

Ulrik: Nuh-uh, Ah keep me smugglin' stuff at anotha place. Dey ain't gonna find nothin' but orda forms and ingots.

You: Is there anyway you could smuggle a person ? like outta the city ?

Ulrik: Sure ding, but we oughta talk about it when we reach Lucc's Inn.
No. 801821 ID: 3abd97

Right, bide your time, you guess.
No. 801822 ID: 388cdd

Excellent! Lets boogie!
No. 801880 ID: cfe4f0

I see no problems with this, except for how it all goes wrong later.

Carry on!
No. 801978 ID: 8a947d
File 149489355486.png - (105.39KB , 1212x826 , back to the bar_.png )


You and Ulrik arrive back at Luucc's Inn

Luucc: You're back! and you brought Ulrik! This is perfect!

Ulrik: Sup Luucc? me shop got wrecked and Shadowmen may be tryin' ta kill me, Ahm stayin' here until dis dies down.

Ulrik: Oh an' Ah'll make da deal wit me contacts about ya ingredients tomorra', Ah'm goin' ta sleep.

Ulrik goes upstairs and takes his stuff with him leaving you with Luucc.

Luucc: Thank you so much for this miss! I don't know how I could ever-


Luucc: O-Oh, Yes of course !

Luucc hands you a sack of 200 Gold.

Luucc: Also, I was thinking about that thing you said before about selling food and decided that I should get some of the old cookbooks from the back and try to make some meals!

You: Never said anything about food, but now that you mention it I haven't eaten anything all day.
No. 801987 ID: 8a947d
File 149489574572.png - (208.52KB , 1212x826 , Food.png )

Luucc: I've got four things on my menu so far, what would you like ?

A) Roc Dumplings: Made from the legendary bird of prey, these dumpling are a delicious light meal that won't make you feel too full after you eat. In fact you may feel lighter and more AGILE than before.

B) Desert Onion Burger: A hearty burger full of different breeds of desert onion, legend has it that the mixture of onions has a strange effect on the eater causing them to sweat out any dirt in their pores making them more CHARMING.

C) Warboar Stew: Warboars are one of the strongest beasts found in the wild, soldiers believe that by eating their flesh they too can gain their power and become STRONGER.

D) Tingling Gel Cubes: A mixture of sweet fruits and nutritious vegetables coagulated into cubes. The way the fruits and vegetables are prepared stimulate key parts of the brain and are said to help improve THINKING
No. 801993 ID: 70983e

A) You get the feeling that it's your best stat and can only soar to even greater heights.
No. 801994 ID: cfe4f0

Do we actually have something like functional biology, or are we just bluffing about the need to eat food here?

Better question: Do we have any kitchen talent? 'Cuz kitchen help usually gets fed for free in addition to their wages, and that might be worth it if we can bag something extra to travel with in the process.

-We probably could use more magic user stuff, including another mirror.
-We might get away with looting Ulrik's shop a little, although I'm wary of stealing from someone we need help from that might wait for the last moment to punish us. Perhaps salvage his merchandise, deliver it, and ask for something to take on the way?
-Overnight is a long time to stay in a hot city where we are an identified fugitive. Do we want to try to leave sooner than that?
No. 801995 ID: 3abd97

B. We will charm the whole underworld like a dainty lady. Manly man. Whatever.
No. 801996 ID: cfe4f0

Also, our strength is pitiful, what if we get some cool loot to carry or need to prove our manliness in a test of strength?

B, desert onions, FTW. Hard work is for the suckers we trick into doing it for us, and charm helps us get away with that.
No. 801997 ID: 9876c4

C- gotta get that stew, and Hulk out like a accountant.

With a strength of 2, they'll be no stopping us. Might arm wrestle a small child, like it ain't no thing.
No. 802015 ID: 388cdd

We should have the stew, we need to start boosting our strength up. It's our weakest stat and if we get into a brawl where we can use magic I want us to be able to hold our own
No. 802022 ID: c655d4

No. 802028 ID: d66c84

Now that there isn't an immediate need for a specific stat, we should build up our lowest one. Get some C.
No. 802036 ID: 8a947d
File 149490326405.png - (231.08KB , 1212x826 , Delicious Stew.png )


You order the Warboar Stew, The hot thick broth and chunky bits of beef go together perfectly. There's a bit of spiciness to it too that adds another layer of warmth. Filling and very well made.

You don't really need to help out in the Inn, you've made a nice chunk of change for the day. Besides you're also very tired and the stew you ate is only making you groggier.

As for your magic supplies mirrors aren't the only things you can use for summoning, a lot of the time ingredients don't specifically call for a mirror usually its "Something Reflective" or "Something Rusty" maybe, It depends on what you want to summon. Still, more ingredients and materials would be nice to have. Ulrik's going to find his supplier to get Luucc's stuff tomorrow, maybe that'll a good place to shop.

Scavenging around a shop thats probably swarming with city guards after a heretical gang fight might not be a great idea either, plus you don't want to steal from a guy helping you.

As for leaving the city early, you need Ulrik to get out of here and he's sleeping upstairs. There's no way you're gonna just walk out of this place being wanted and all, plus the so called Shadowmen seem like trouble. Your best bet is to go to sleep and wait for morning.

You pay Luucc 20 gold for a room and head up the stairs.
No. 802042 ID: 094652

So are those scars from maiming, or are they rune magic?
No. 802051 ID: 388cdd

We're already getting some SICK GAINS!

So yeah what's up with the markings under the bandages?
No. 802107 ID: 8a947d
File 149491334496.png - (160.42KB , 1212x826 , Too much color for no reason.png )

When you were younger all of the adults said you were born with them, but now you think thats unlikely. Probably some sygil tattoos for some hidden pagan agenda but you're too tired to think about it.
No. 802110 ID: 388cdd

We'll do a quick scan around the place to make sure that we are alone and hit the hay.
No. 802150 ID: cfe4f0

Can we lay any wards or guardians to watch over us here in church territory that aren't going to be more trouble than they're worth? Sleeping is when we're at our most vulnerable from that voodoo dude that has already tried to kill Ulrik once.
No. 802154 ID: 3ce125

Hey check out that dresser.
No. 802320 ID: 3abd97

Check for traps, put your hat on the dresser, then hit the hay.
No. 802325 ID: 91ee5f

Don't lie to us! Admit it, you cut yourself while you were shaving, didn't you?
No. 802345 ID: 4ea872

Is that a window? What can you see from there?

Check if it is open or if you can open it, it could be useful to have an emergency exit just in case.

Also, Your knife is for rituals only, or you can use it to defend yourself? If the latter then I recommend putting it under the pillow, just in case.
No. 802365 ID: 8a947d
File 149498209831.png - (145.34KB , 1212x826 , get ready for beady.png )


There aren't many places to hide in here so you doubt someone would be in waiting to strike, nothing under the bed and the dresser doesn't have enough room to hide in or behind. The dresser does have 5 Gold left in it though.
You don't know any rituals that would protect you and summoning would give off a lot of demonic energy that could be tracked, it's best you just rely on your own extremely built physique in case.

The window can be opened and closed, you've got a nice view of Itsdin rooftops. you place your knife under your pillow just in case anyone comes creeping into your room
No. 802391 ID: 96acb6

Nap time then (time for a nap).
No. 802392 ID: fc33ea

Stick the Window shut and move the dresser in front of the door.
No. 802395 ID: 388cdd

Still, I'd sleep with a weapon close to hand.
No. 802396 ID: 91ee5f

You're joking, right? You expect him to move that dresser with a Strength of 2?
No. 802397 ID: fc33ea

He just has to push it across the jamb, it doesn't need to cover the whole surface of the door.
No. 802410 ID: 8a947d
File 149499232426.png - (154.61KB , 1212x826 , Sleepy.png )

Moving that dresser sounds fun but it's also like a lot of work.
That's the plan. You've gone through a lot more than you'd expect in one day. Tomorrow sure to be better though, now that you've gotten the Azerite back it's smooth sailing from here on out...
No. 802433 ID: 3abd97

>now that you've gotten the Azerite back it's smooth sailing from here on out...
Don't you know better than to invoke Murphy right before bed?!
No. 802434 ID: 388cdd

So we can hope anyway...
No. 802455 ID: 91ee5f

>now that you've gotten the Azerite back it's smooth sailing from here on out...
You fool! Why would you say that?! It's like your asking for something bad to happen! DX
No. 802468 ID: 3583d1

Never mention the magic macguffin before bed time, or murphy's law will get you
No. 802540 ID: 8e2910

Hide gun under pillow, or within easy reach.
No. 802578 ID: 8a947d
File 149505106372.png - (2.94KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 0.png )

No. 802579 ID: 094652

What's up, ad hoc?
No. 802581 ID: 8a947d
File 149505160061.png - (111.60KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 1.png )

Slim: Is dere a problem boss ?

Boss: Slim, you were eaten by a demon of gluttony, you of all people should know that there is a problem

Shorty:But... we went back to the weaponshop later and took care of those guards, we even got what we went there for in the first place.

Shorty: Whats the matter ?

Boss:... That person,

Boss:The pagan that summoned the demon on us, I don't know who they are... but when they were attacking I sensed something...

No. 802584 ID: 8a947d
File 149505199039.png - (111.46KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 2.png )

Slim: Seriously? Dat stuff's impossible to get.

Boss: That's why I've got a problem.We should have it, not some two bit demon leasher

Boss: I've been looking around for information and heard that a heretic has escaped Gridholm Tower Prison, that may be the guy we're looking for...
No. 802587 ID: 8a947d
File 149505236686.png - (326.19KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 3.png )

Boss: Shorty! Go set runes around Gridholm prison and it's surrounding area, take Slim with ya

Shorty: Gotcha Boss!

Boss: Things have taken an unexpected turn, maybe now's a good time to consult the cards
No. 802588 ID: 8a947d
File 149505255232.png - (528.97KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 4.png )

Boss: Fate will decide how things shall go from here on out

Boss: Now then, which card will guide me towards the true path


Boss: Hmmm...Yes! The Yellow Card will guide me.
No. 802590 ID: 8a947d
File 149505280210.png - (649.08KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 5 (Justice).png )


Boss: It seems that fate will fall on the side the universe deems just...

Boss: No matter, my goal is the most just there is. Nothing will get in my way.

Boss: Once I get my hands on that AZERITE everything will fall into place...
No. 802593 ID: 8a947d
File 149505336810.png - (151.01KB , 1212x826 , A Premonition 6 (End).png )


End Chapter 1
No. 802596 ID: 388cdd

No. 802600 ID: 3abd97

So you're saying we can torture you over and over again without worrying about the fun stopping? Cool, thanks for the accommodation.
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