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File 147185191183.png - (44.01KB , 183x347 , tarot stuff.png )
102994 No. 102994 ID: 4cc071

So, some of us were talking about this on IRC, and decided that this warrants a thread.
If Tgchan has its own deck of tarot cards, who would be on each major arcana?

So far we've got James Baxter from Ouroboros for the Fool, Chuck from Coxwette for The Devil, Poly from Enemy Quest for High Priestess, Nate from Conspiracy of Wasps for The Hermit, and Bruco and Strela from Bruco and Strela Gets Married for The Lovers.

Maybe limit it to a character from a quest, so as to not crowd the deck. I myself have drawn Baxter as the Fool, McDowd as Justice, and Millie as Strength, but I only submit Baxter in this deck.

Discuss who will become what card in this thread!

Also a handy guide of all the Major Arcanas for your perusal:
>0 - The Fool: James Baxter (Ouroboros)
>1 - The Magician:
>2 - The High Priestess: Poly (Enemy Quest)
>3 - The Empress:
>4 - The Emperor:
>5 - The Hierophant:
>6 - The Lovers: Bruco & Strela (Bruco & Strela Gets Married)
>7 - The Chariot:
>8 (or 11) - Justice:
>9 - The Hermit: Nate (Conspiracy of Wasps)
>10 - Wheel of Fortune:
>11 (or 8) - Strength:
>12 - Hanged Man:
>13 - Death:
>14 - Temperance:
>15 - The Devil: Chuck (A Little Town Called Coxwette)
>16 - The Tower:
>17 - The Star:
>18 - The Moon:
>19 - The Sun:
>20 - Judgement:
>21 - The World:
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No. 102995 ID: 3663d3

i think player collective should be something.
wheel of fortune? everything changes when they grab hold of the protagonist.
No. 102996 ID: 4cc071

Oh yeah, BTW for meanings just use this site
scroll a bit and mouse over.
No. 102998 ID: db0da2

The Tower is obviously Tory.
The Emperor could be Muschio, or any of the other would-be dictators on this site.
No. 102999 ID: 9876c4

Logan from Toptier would be a strong candidate for the Magician.

Cheri from Titsquest doing the Star would be pretty entertaining.

Cleveland and Voltolini doing Strength would be amazing.

Just saiyan.
No. 103000 ID: 4cc071

Maybe Dad TCP from Tiny Cat People as Hierophant?
Kinda fitting as she's the moral compass of the TCPs.
No. 103001 ID: 398fe1

I really don't like that site. I think this one is better:
No. 103002 ID: 90f3c0

73-6 as Judgement.
And going very literal, Scrups from UnSe Unce as The Chariot.
No. 103003 ID: 4cc071

Huh, agreed, this one is better.
Some other ideas thrown about the IRC was Sev-Three from Static on the Wire as Death, and Alison from Unnatural Selection as Strength - although these might be a point of debate.
No. 103007 ID: a18e8a

I'd suggest Hugo from Frogquest for the Chariot, as he litterally fits 90% of the meaning of the card.

Zack from Enemy quest as the strenght, since he has to deal a lot with acceptance, tolerance, persuasion, having strenght and stamina, etc? I can see him fit there well.
No. 103008 ID: a18e8a

Aaaaaaaand i forgot to type in Goblin Queen from Monster Humper as the Empress.
No. 103009 ID: c441c1

No. 103010 ID: 398fe1

I think Alison makes a good Temperance.
No. 103011 ID: 9876c4

Does Zack have a cat sidekick?

Because thats what goes on the card.
No. 103012 ID: db0da2

I could also see her as The Magician, but she definitely fits Strength to a T. "unshakable resolve", "accepting others", "being compassionate", "soft control", these things are at the very core of her being! It fits far too well.
No. 103013 ID: a18e8a

Throw in a bika. Close enough. Or a golborian beast.
No. 103014 ID: ea2bfa

In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I could imagine Douglas from Devil Quest as an example of The Star. Dude's focused entirely on Love and Freedom, and is generally a pretty cheerful sort, along with how much of his time and energy he devotes to protecting and assisting Devils. Just my two cents, though...
No. 103017 ID: 1d4e27

>Strong woman, cat sidekick
Mahou Shojo Stargazer and Questing Beast, of course.
No. 103018 ID: 9876c4

Still think Cleve and Varlet would be da bomb.
No. 103025 ID: fc1ca8

Could Tim the Omnimancer be the Magician?
And Eadoo for The Sun?

Death has to be Prince Kronos
No. 103026 ID: 3009b4

Actually I used the mystical Tarot for the meaning behind Nem's collar in Nem's Quest; she is XIII - Death, signifying change.
No. 103027 ID: d11a67

Lowry from Acid Soup strikes me as the perfect candidate for The World, especially when the card's reversed. The reversed World represents a struggle for closure, and given that her driving motivation is to fix her boyfriend so she can break up with him, that strikes me as Lowry to a T.
No. 103029 ID: 3abd97

I would nominate Jasper, the protagonist of http://www.tgchan.org/wiki/Not_Moms_Fault , as the sun, since she literally is the sun, and the major arcana themselves feature in the quest too.

Also, http://www.tgchan.org/wiki/Tory's_Tower is perfect for The Tower.
>The Tower signifies darkness and destruction on a physical scale, as opposed to a spiritual scale. The Tower itself represents ambitions built on false premises. The lightning bolt breaks down existing forms in order to make room for new ones. It represents a sudden, momentary glimpse of truth, a flash of inspiration that breaks down structures of ignorance and false reasoning.

(Of tangential note: we actually have three different Arcana Quests listed in the wiki, although to my knowledge, only one of them actually touches on tarot).
No. 103030 ID: 13459b

ohh I love this idea. Also Voting Sev for death, I think it works symbolically as well as literally.
Maybe Santiago from Nanquest as the Moon or Muschio as the emperor?
I always thought of Radula in terms of some kind of hierophant, although one that eats Gods...
No. 103031 ID: 398fe1

Or Reisarf and Stargazer.
No. 103037 ID: 8013df

/shameless self plug
Maybe Bradford for Judgement, and Remulus as Death?
/shameless self plug over
No. 103038 ID: 9876c4

Really like this idea, because of the two hunched figures in the foreground, who'd be easy to render as the TCP bros.
No. 103039 ID: 13459b
File 147191472277.png - (210.50KB , 388x800 , the hermet.png )

Sev definitely needs to be either death or the hanged man.
Frillsby and gallsby as the lovers?
Alex from Red Giant as the magician?
or Buddy from TCP as the Moon?
No. 103040 ID: ee1ff4

Lowry as Death - ending, going through a transition, melancholy, changing status, eliminating excess, etc etc
Zack from Enemy Quest as the magician!
like, taking action, realizing your potential, new beginnings and great expectations, and reversed means hesitation (like waffling over the kariket thing)
No. 103041 ID: 9876c4

No idea how to summon Weaver, but Ace with tom and ruby doing the Devil would be pretty great.
No. 103044 ID: 3663d3

i suggest Cecil Von Central III for The World.
has mastered all magic schools and has achieved their life goals.
No. 103045 ID: a339be

These could all pretty much be Weaver characters.
No. 103046 ID: b1960b

That's true for anyone with as many characters as he has. It's also besides the point. One per quest, remember?
No. 103052 ID: c22069

Rulekeep for The World, along with UnSe themed imagery seems pretty fitting.
Corruptor as the Wreath/Oroboros
Glitcher as the Man
Chief or Savior as the Eagle
Arbiter as the Bull
Radmin as the Lion
No. 103053 ID: db9b66

Special weaver edition deck.
No. 103054 ID: 398fe1

Ven (from Deep) is The Moon. Perfect fit.
No. 103056 ID: 398fe1

Welp looks like interpretations for tarot cards can differ drastically. Here's more:

The Empress: Astara fits quite well.
Emperor: a tough one. Savior from Unnatural Selection? I might think of a better fit later.
Heirophant: How about Bika? Conformity and knowledge.
The Chariot: I'll agree with Hugo.
Justice: How about Oren?
Wheel of Fortune: Pavane?
Strength: On IRC, Buddy from TCP was said to work. Or Alison from Unnatural Selection. I personally think Alice from Bloom works well here. Strength is about sharpness of mind and power of body combining to create a greater strength, along with passions related to both. Plus, she represents both the Maiden and the Beast.
Hanged Man: how about The Creator?

I'll do more later, it's getting late.
No. 103062 ID: ca0c9d

Wheel of fortune . Tom the God of chaos from chee and story seeker?
No. 103063 ID: 32d627
File 147199726088.png - (18.50KB , 388x800 , buddy tarot.png )

pretty pleased with this as a flat image, so here we go

outfit design courtesy of my dear friend sunny!
No. 103065 ID: 398fe1

Death: Sev-3 works here, yeah.
Temperance: I don't like Alison for this as much anymore. Temperance is more about balance and moderation than hope and negotiation. Mixing opposites... wait, of course. VENJI! Venji and Roz might work ok for Strength too, but I can't think of anyone else for Temperance.
The Tower: Well Tory works pretty well.
The Star: Alison fits this very very well. The Star is about hope, inspiration, kindness, peace... all these fit.
The Moon: Ven, as stated. However, Katherine (from Katherine Quest) could work here too.
The Sun: Haha, "nameless peon" from Huge Quest could qualify here. There might be a better fit somewhere...
Judgement: Hmm, this card is about rebirth and forgiving the mistakes of the past so that heaven can be reached. How about Typhon from Reformation? He was reborn and is haunted by his past and the past of the very world itself, which he (and the world) must come to terms with to move forwards into a brighter future.
The World: Chee! She is the most accomplished character that there is (I think), and through her actions an entire world was born.
No. 103071 ID: 163b99

I actually tried to do something like this a long time ago! And there's actually one I was working on before this thread appeared. So, if there's some sort of one-per thing going, I'd like to reserve the Empress, though I may take some time with it.
No. 103072 ID: fb246e

Well, maybe for the initial deck, but we could always have multiple decks later on. Just draw what you feel like!
No. 103074 ID: b1960b
File 147201151749.png - (651.92KB , 600x1000 , tarot.png )

The Lovers
No. 103075 ID: b1960b

Also I always saw Sev Three as more Hanged Man than Death personally
No. 103076 ID: 34dbe0

pokes my head in here to say i would be .... super happy about lowry as death.... i still gotta get my damn tablet set up on this new comp so idk how soon i would have the card drawn if we decided on that but,
No. 103077 ID: a339be
File 147201334445.png - (229.52KB , 350x600 , old scratch.png )

No. 103078 ID: 398fe1

That's the stuff.

Err... how? The Hanged Man is about self-sacrifice and giving up control in order to see the world from a new perspective and gain wisdom from that. I guess you could argue that Sev fits the "suspension"(he's not really alive or dead) and "traitor" symbolism as well as reversal(attempting to retire as a hitman). However Hanged Man is very solidly a card about inaction and letting go, things which Sev don't really mesh with. Unless those parts would be fulfilled when he retires and cuts ties?
No. 103084 ID: d11a67
File 147201810113.png - (199.45KB , 525x900 , image.png )

little t is the entire suit of swords
No. 103088 ID: 908ead

No, I'd say Strength isn't a good fit for Alice since she's based around having a fundamental instability. It's not so much a question of if she will fail as it is how. I'd argue The Hanged Man or perhaps The Moon or Death are better fits.
No. 103090 ID: 49f18e

this is a cool thread I approve of all this
No. 103091 ID: ba00e7
File 147204435811.png - (274.12KB , 350x600 , TAROT MONSTER HUMPER.png )

Here is my contribution to the tarots
No. 103094 ID: cec425
File 147204799674.png - (102.54KB , 350x600 , chariot_tq.png )

among my stuff this is the only thing that came to mind... =_='
No. 103096 ID: a788b7
File 147204956926.jpg - (276.99KB , 454x800 , deepmoon.jpg )

No. 103102 ID: 265534
File 147206496012.png - (476.84KB , 717x1117 , Empress.png )

You know what we need? More characters that haven't shown up for several years.
No. 103105 ID: 398fe1

Oh hey that fits pretty well. There's even a literal chariot.
No. 103107 ID: 141621

and who's fault is that?
No. 103110 ID: 265534

No. 103111 ID: 13459b
File 147208049898.png - (97.54KB , 317x600 , XVII the star.png )

I still like the idea of Lowry as Temperance even though it is clearly the reverse, but that's just me.
No. 103112 ID: 398fe1

Well there are reversed tarot card meanings.
No. 103113 ID: 3663d3

just draw it upside down
No. 103114 ID: 3abd97

If a character represents the inverse meaning of the card, shouldn't the character be right side up when the card is reversed?
No. 103115 ID: 595d54
File 147208532456.jpg - (63.88KB , 383x382 , biddy-reversed1.jpg )

Generally both the card and figure are upside-down for inverted tarots. Pic for reference. Then again, generally the tarots have the same figures on the cards, since the inverted tarots are just the same cards flipped around IRL.
No. 103121 ID: a4ec41

I know Death is taken but Khlar would make a pretty good candidate. Princess Photon could be strength.
No. 103123 ID: ee1ff4

Strength is taken too.
No. 103124 ID: b1960b

Yknow you can draw whatever card you want. Like it's not like anyone has a vise grip on one or the other. We already have 2 Empresses.
No. 103129 ID: f15a9d


Yeah and i'm planning to draw another Chariot too, so i don't think there are problems for duplicates.
No. 103143 ID: b408a5

Horny Futa is the Fool for sure.
No. 103144 ID: 3583d1

Muschio would be The Emperor
No. 103148 ID: 03c8e7
File 147214956606.png - (1.89MB , 900x1319 , death.png )

DEATH: transformation, necessary change, letting go of the past, refusing to put on pants
No. 103165 ID: 13459b
File 147218341179.png - (100.87KB , 407x700 , XII the hanged man.png )

I totally don't want to see people shying away from a card just because someone else did it.
Oh, and when I said Lowry, I actually I meant Sweat as temperance.
No. 103166 ID: 398fe1

Lol, that's a perfect way to portray him as the card.
No. 103167 ID: 13459b
File 147218435926.png - (183.04KB , 339x700 , XI the hermit.png )

I can't believe I just noticed the spelling
No. 103180 ID: 265534
File 147226110794.png - (225.11KB , 339x700 , funnayjoke.png )

There was still a minor error on this card, but I fixed it for you.
No. 103185 ID: 3f8abc
File 147229980990.png - (367.89KB , 1206x1807 , foolcard.png )

This is a super cool thread! Seeing these cards of characters is so cool.

I have Toy from Rebirth for the Fool. Beginning an adventure, and full of innocence, naivete, and wonder. Also foolish. Even has that hole in the chest, reminds me of a zero like the fool zero.
No. 103213 ID: 3009b4
File 147251456695.jpg - (244.82KB , 640x720 , TGTarot_NemDeath.jpg )

Nem was designed to be XIII:DEATH from the very start so it's only appropriate she be on my Tarot.

It's especially poetic considering Nem's Quest arose as a way to focus my energy after my wife Max passed away, which is why her quest dealt with so many themes of change and death.
No. 103214 ID: 265534

This card is the wrong way up to properly represent what you're doing.
No. 103216 ID: d1f5f1
File 147251810456.png - (25.04KB , 500x800 , zawarudo.png )

I made a faint effort to resist.
No. 103220 ID: 91ee5f

I hate myself for having to look up "ZA WARUDO!" in order to get the joke. -_-;;

But that didn't stop me from laughing! XD
No. 103224 ID: 05707f


Since >>102995 mentioned the player collective as being pretty close to Wheel of Fortune, how about Void from TCP for it? They pretty much represent the collective as a whole, and they're pretty accurate, creating an entire world (i.e. life cycles).
No. 103228 ID: 595d54

not overmuscled enough i r8 7 out of 10 Jojos
No. 103231 ID: 726a91

HAH, you expected Dio! But it's me, the Glitcher.
No. 103235 ID: a606da

I'm working on Ophidian from Memoriam as The Wheel of Fortune - Reversed.
No. 103239 ID: 3009b4


No, Nem is Change. If it was refusing to accept change she'd be inverted.
No. 106612 ID: 3343bd
File 148197319230.png - (29.02KB , 420x1000 , bloom_tarot_XII.png )

I'm late.
No. 106644 ID: ac64a8

So that's what the covered side of her face looks like?
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