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File 149586418968.png - (128.29KB , 540x480 , D3Quest.png )
111978 No. 111978 ID: 8a947d

I made a quest, guess I should make one of these too!

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No. 124941 ID: 066bfd

Could be some kind of demonic magic rather than tech.
No. 124944 ID: 51d5a1

Hey, now that I noticed, we can contract demons as body guards and helpers in our usual scavanging, sounds like a good ideia.
No. 124967 ID: d3602f

Maybe, but it depends on how much they'll cost, and how useful we think they might be to us. We need to spend our money wisely.

Another thing I just realized. If Naos just paid Eto for the tournament, that means he isn't the source of Naos' wind magic. Did he not want to bring his demon ally with him (perhaps for fear of it being to recognizable/bloodthirsty/not interested in tournaments)? Or is he perhaps a saint? Or just something else entirely?
No. 124996 ID: eeb7d9

Well, if he knows Troy's former boss, it might be that he is a prophet, that wind didn't look like a pagan power.
No. 125075 ID: e7831d

So, since Troy can teleport through siblings, that actually has a lot of benefit for plants.
Mainly because tons of plants reproduce through various types of cloning, and there can be massive clonal colonies.
And if the Quest world is like ours in terms of crops, where lots of them are grown from cuttings like many apple varieties, seedless plants, etc, he can pretty much freely teleport within a farm or orchard.
Even if they’re not, most farmers are going to grow seeds from pervious crops, so a lot of the plants are going to be close relatives anyway.
No. 125077 ID: 51d5a1

We could use bananas to teleport around considering this type of logic. Let's weaponize bananas now.
No. 125082 ID: 91ee5f

Incorrect. The object has to be big enough for Troy to actually go through. A banana is too small for Troy to go through, however he can still send smaller objects, like bullets, through them.
No. 125083 ID: 51d5a1

Giant bananas then.
No. 125087 ID: eeb7d9

I got it. Fucking cucumbers.
No. 125089 ID: 51d5a1

Damn right, Troy would give home grown cucumbers to people and throw them at animals.
No. 125092 ID: d3602f
File 153535354797.png - (186.52KB , 557x391 , Newsflash! Local Saint is Fucking Invincible!.png )

I'm a poor artist, but I felt someone had to draw this.
No. 125095 ID: eeb7d9

I fucking love this community.

This one is even better!
No. 125767 ID: 733bd9

I'm not the type of person to say this but Hazel and Ada's love options must end. There's only one waifu and it is Athmor's.

Time to go to Aether and date the first demon, babe!
No. 125771 ID: fd0bee

Originally Ada become the natural love interest because she was a adorably quirk shop owner whom we visited more often than anyone else. She sold and bought an ample variety of magical items, and although her stock was limited it would be difficult to encounter what she was offering elsewhere or find someone also to sell the many magical trinkets we came across, making her the most important vendor. It was inevitable that her role in the story would be expanded.
Because of the abrupt interruption of the story we naturally want the characters dynamics to get back to what they were before, specially in the case of Ada who's arc was left unfinished.

I hate to say it, but with the focus on research the book seller make a lot more sense in central role as a love interest than the electronic merchant, specially now that her shop is established as the kind of knowledge hub that occasionally come across demon lore.
A pity, this version of Ada is quirkier than ever and her design is improved (centaurs disturb me). Ada have the natural advantage because we assume she is still more or less the same character we knew. So far Hazel seem calm and quiet, admittedly she didn't got time for any development, but that doesn't sound like a good match for a risk taker like Gallows.

You are cruel Heretic. I just wanted to see the continuation of the romance previously established. Even though the current characters haven't gone through the original events I can't avoid feeling like this is a betray.
No. 125772 ID: 8a947d

I mean there's nothing stopping you from being involved with Hazel platonically to get to all that good knowledge she's got in her library. You don't have to be romantically involved with her, and to be honest I wasn't trying to make a second option for romance on purpose. I just liked "big monster running little library" and sort of forgot tg is drawn to the monster women. Plenty of time to hang out with Ada, this Quest is far from over...until I reboot it 3 more times
No. 125774 ID: 733bd9
File 153852490338.png - (275.09KB , 800x450 , Athmor.png )

In unrelated notes with the sun notice, Aether Men steals someone else sun, see how the Lunar Church reacts!
No. 125775 ID: eeb7d9

>until I reboot it 3 more times
Please don't.

Are you trying to kill me? I almost lose a lung.
No. 125777 ID: fd0bee

My fear is that the love interest could end up been a side character we will only meet to fulfill a sense of obligation instead of a recurring natural encounter in the story.
This isn't a romance so the priorities shouldn't be relationships, however there isn't much point in having a love interest if she isn't relevant to the narrative. It would be a waste if one side character gained relevance for continuous interactions while the love interest meetings become interruptions from the plot.

If you are not planing to include porn I don't care what the love interest is, just their role in the narrative. For example: Vol would be an effective love interest, although it would be a unnecessary connection since the friendship and familiarity fulfill a similar dynamic. Assuming Troy will develop an interaction with Gallows similar to their original counterparts he would be an excellent candidate.

...If you are planing to include porn I would like to ask for more options.
No. 125783 ID: 733bd9

Meanwhile of the porn talk, I feel I or someone should make a google doc talking about all the demons we did meet. It would be a nice and fast way to remember and check their powers plus weakness with fast acess. Anyone against the ideia?
No. 125785 ID: 8a947d

I was thinking of doing the same thing, either just putting expanded journal entries in the discord or in some other website that would be appropriate for it. Does anyone now a good place to pile expanded journal entries so everyone can see them.
No. 125787 ID: 8a947d

I meant disthread, I don't have a discord for this.

I mean, if you become interested in a character enough to keep going back to them I'll make them plot relevant. Original Ada wasn't plot relevant in the slightest until you guys kept going back to her
and then she helped you gain the alignment of an entire civilization of spider people. Any character will be worked in for as much as you guys care, if you guys kept going to Mordecai I'd do my best to make him relevant to reward the interest in him. Basically, I feel like you oughta just hang with who you want because every character has potential to be important later.
No. 125799 ID: 91ee5f

I just realized that we haven’t introduced Troy to Peaches yet! Sure, Troy knows we captured a Displacer Beast, but he doesn’t know what we did with it.

I can’t wait to see the look on Troy’s face when we turn invisible and then pop up right next to him! XD
No. 125815 ID: eeb7d9

Well, since we are playing as Gallows in some extent (and any other character we are using at the time), we can influence how he perceives the world arond him. If we show intrest in a certan character, so will Gallows, again, to an certan extent, like it happened in the first quest with Ada. This is how i see it at least.
No. 125820 ID: eeb7d9

GUYS, i got this crazy idea. Ok, what if, listen, WHAT if, we make Vol date Hazel and we stay with Ada?
No. 125822 ID: 733bd9

I mean, it's a cool ideia but i'm not sure about throwing ol' brother Vol in the matchmaking cyclone. Would find simpler of just befriending Hazel like a normal person as a effective way.
No. 125824 ID: 91ee5f

That’s not going to work because Vol already broke the 4th wall and directly told us right here: >>/questarch/890446 , “Ehhh. I had a thing wit a gal five times my size before. I won't get inta details, but I think it's safe to say I like my gals a bit more ME sized. Them horns are pretty cute though not gonna lie.”
No. 125825 ID: eeb7d9

Ah... I forgot.
Yeah, this would work too.
No. 125844 ID: d3602f

Actually, it might be a good idea to see him again if we get more demon cadavers. He might have methods of figuring out what organs do what. Kind of like how some demons have fake eyes. Maybe he'd be able to see if they have a purpose, or get an idea on just how they find their way without seeing.
No. 125857 ID: 8e1ef2

I've noticed that Caesura has refractive properties. Could it be used as a lens to focus light into a laser?
No. 125861 ID: eeb7d9

Like a crystal? We should try that later, yes.
No. 125864 ID: b1b4f3

No. Lasers don't work like that. Lasers are highly amplified single-direction light, not focused omnidirectional light. The method of amplification varies depending on the size of the laser and what it's used for.
It could be used to focus light into a point, though, like a magnifying glass. Not gonna serve much point aside from starting small fires though.
No. 125865 ID: 8e1ef2

Not a crystal, a lens. Refraction depends on several factors, but focusing light from a single source requires a convex lens. I'll make a simple diagram in a bit.
No. 125866 ID: 8e1ef2

Actually, maybe two lenses, or a really gross cone.
No. 125868 ID: 743ab8
File 153886131091.png - (37.57KB , 915x536 , basically this.png )

No. 125869 ID: 743ab8

This could be done with a single lens, but it would need to be a meniscus lens thick enough for the focal point to be inside it. That would be more of a prism than a lens, though.
No. 125870 ID: eeb7d9
File 153886761579.png - (203.34KB , 437x419 , The more you know_.png )

If we could pull this off somehow, it would be great, at least just something little.
No. 125872 ID: d3602f

This would definitely require a certain level of shape control, and I'm not sure if Caesura has the proper refractive abilities. But if we are able to control our shield in such a way, we'll need to create a special gun for housing the smaller lens and to make a tunnel for the light.

Usually to create a laser of any serious strength, we would need a huge lens, and this runs into issues of practicality of carrying such a huge thing, and the expense of creating it in the first place. The enemy could also easily break it. But in the case of Caesura, we can make it wherever we want for free.
No. 125873 ID: 8e1ef2

That's why it should be outside focusing the sunlight. Space and foundations aren't factors when making a floating disc.

Designing a gun for the smaller lens would be impossible, though. The amount of energy converging in it would make any material melt after a few seconds of exposure. The lens would also need to have its shape adjusted depending on the angle.

The weather and time of day also restrict when it could be used. Too little sunlight would make the death ray more of a laser pointer.

The ideal shape would look sort of like an inkwell, with a convex bottom facing the sun, and a concave mouth pointed at the target.
No. 125874 ID: b1b4f3

No. For a full explanation, check this out: https://what-if.xkcd.com/145/
No. 125882 ID: 8e1ef2

Oh, neat. So the target will need to be in the focal point of a single lens, or under a giant dome.
No. 126156 ID: a451fc
File 154034375933.png - (232.84KB , 541x696 , Hangman Roland.png )

Rolands got the halloween spirit
No. 126159 ID: a451fc
File 154035006382.png - (820.66KB , 1039x709 , Flesh Wall Journal Page.png )

The Flesh Wall's journal page.

Should I post the other demon pages with more info in this disthread? Or should I make a new one all together? This ones getting pretty full isn't it? And I still feel like it's attached to the original D3 more than this one.
No. 126160 ID: d3602f

Mummy skeleton cyborg assassin? Didn't peg him for the type who can't decide on a single costume.
Yeah, that might be a good idea.
No. 126161 ID: a451fc
File 154035649845.png - (875.73KB , 577x577 , HangedMan.png )

He's Hangedman from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Should've put the name of what he was here too otherwise it kinda doesn't make sense.
No. 126162 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, it might be time to make a new disthread.
No. 126166 ID: 1872dc

No. 126173 ID: eeb7d9

Yeap, make a new thread for that, it will get kinda messy if you don't.
No. 126174 ID: eeb7d9

That is a nasty Stand!
No. 133770 ID: 864e49

Anybody know how Heretic's doing?
No. 133779 ID: e7c7d3

They've been posting imps on their twitter, and they did briefly pop in the discord to briefly talk about quests
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