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File 146879070992.png - (12.82KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
736484 No. 736484 ID: 32d627

TCP is not NSFW, but has suggestive content!
Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/98325.html
Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/~ringor

It appears that your TCPs have been busy getting Dad down from the pillar, and are now having a rousing game of three-way pattycake. Dad notices your prescence first, and mentions that you seem a lot more "there" now- something the others agree with wholeheartedly. Buddy says it's easier to know if you're watching them, and Primus says he knew the Void would only get stronger with time.

They ask you how your conversation with Wretch went, and that if they're going to be safe.

WRETCH: gonna go set up my base ok
WRETCH: lines open so lemme know if you need anythin
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No. 736490 ID: cd44ca

Good news, TCPs: You're safe from the Wretch! In fact, even though she can be a bit vulgar and you should probably avoid doing anything that could upset her, she's actually pretty nice underneath that and we've gotten friendly with her. If you don't mess with her stuff she'll be harmless and may even be helpful to you! Don't mind if she acts or speaks in a crude kinda way, that's just how she is.

Neutral news: Wretch and us, the Void, are only two of a bunch of deities, the rest of whom are going to show up later.

Bad news: Most of them will not really care about us, but according to Wretch, one of them will almost certainly want to try to wreck everything we've created, including you, and eat us. We don't want any of that to happen. We've partnered up with Wretch for help, and we're going to do all we can to make you guys safe, but you're going to have to do your part to protect yourselves. Right now, you need to finish your adventure and get the treasure, since the treasures are very useful. We might try to make more adventures for you to get more treasure. We're also going to try make you a lot of things to help you, and to teach you as much as we can that we think will help.

Is that ok?
No. 736493 ID: 398fe1

The conversation went great! We're BESTIES now. Unfortunately we have some bad news, there's gonna be a deity assaulting our territory at some point in the near future. So we gotta prepare for trouble.

Part of that will be finishing off this ruin since there's only one room left. Whatever reward in there should be helpful, if the other rewards were any indication. Also, we found out why Wretch is all over this room. Constructs we make will take on attributes from nearby gods. This room took on some of her qualities, like the pictures of her and also the chaotic nature of the platform. Or maybe every room has unpredictable platform raising/lowering? This is the first one we did. Also it seems the reward was for us! Dad's reward should be in the last room. I believe the knife was meant specifically for Buddy, and "watch your back" was advice to take on more of a protector role. Apparently Weapon TCPs are good at fighting.

So let's go!

Wretch: Sure thing, goopybuns.
No. 736495 ID: 0a25ae

She's an exceedingly emotional creature ripe for exploitation. She won't see the knife coming until it's already in her back.

You've taken care of yourselves well enough alone, good job; with that kind of self-reliance there's no need to be afraid! There's big things going on in this world and we're only just starting.
No. 736496 ID: 8c39f0

One way or another do not mention how wretch pretty much said "LETS PLOT A COURSE INTERCOURSE " and we partially agreed with that.

Dad might understand it, but i don't think the other two are ready to understand, if they know what the dickens sex is at all.
No. 736561 ID: 6257df

how would our cats feel if we spawned some more? if we can. WRETCH said it'd be useful to have food and weapon type tcps, i bet there are some other types that could come in handy too. or is there something else we should do first?
No. 736565 ID: cd44ca


We promised wretch we'd let her get her fair share of TCPs, no TCP creation for a while.
No. 736627 ID: f65280

Wretch and us are pretty much an item now, TCPs. We're BFFs unless we get stabbed in the back, then we'll hate her forever!
But yeah play nice with her TCPs if you run into any of them, ok?
No. 736631 ID: db0da2

She turned out to be pretty chill! Well, maybe chill isn't quite the right word, but she's still great! We have a stylin physical form now, and it's... somewhere, so that's probably what you're feeling, it's too bad you can't see it, we look great. Y'all should head on into the next room, gotta get that treasure ASAP. According to Wretch we're a god or something, as is she, and there are more gods out there. Some gods are less friendly than others, so we're going to have to build some defenses, but don't worry, they shouldn't be showing up for quite some time.

Agreed, no need for them to learn of our personal endeavors, they're far too pure for that sort of thing. Heck buddy doesn't even have a gender, and I'm yet to see evidence that they're capable of sexual reproduction.
No. 736667 ID: c441c1

we should probebly communicate with Wretch about what good TCPs are things like Engineer, Smart, Farmer, Gatherer, Traper, or Builder.
No. 736668 ID: c441c1

We did also promise she could have the next few TCPs we need to remember that.
No. 736691 ID: d035ee

Hey guys! Sorry to keep you waiting, looks like you got Dad down okay. So! Wretch is friendly, albeit a bit rough around the edges, and we're totally cooperating now. In other, worse news, there are other god-like entities out there apart from us and wretch, and while we don't know much about most of them, we do know that one is pretty much infamous for destroying pretty much anything that gets in their way.

BUT! There are a lot of ways to keep you guys safe, so if we work together, it may be a bit rough at times, but we should make it through okay. Let's finish this adventure first, collect the last treasure and the marimos, and then we'll try to make you guys some stuff that could help, and teach you as much as we can.

How is Buddy playing pattycake with one arm?
No. 736728 ID: f562b1

Wretch is a pro. We're the newbie here.

Anyways, yeah, Wretch is actually friendly, she was just worried before because she didn't know us, and was being careful. Perfectly understandable, really.
No. 736778 ID: 32d627
File 146888670919.png - (7.48KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

You go to ask Buddy about the pattycake, but Dad makes a displeased rumble, muttering that it is trying and mentioning anything will just upset it. Buddy, completely oblivious, just makes a noise of confusion and misses its turn to pat Primus' hand.

You explain that Wretch is safe, and your friend now. She may be vulgar and obscene, but she means well. As long as nobody touches her things without permission, everything should be easier from here.

Dad seems a bit hesitant, but crosses her arms and says that that will do for now. She voices her concern bluntly: Wretch freaks her out, and she's going to keep an eye out for her all the same. Working together and trusting the slimy thing were two very different things. Buddy mutters that that's a bit harsh, but Primus says he's going to wait and see what Wretch is like himself before making judgments either way. It's only fair, after all.

There's others like her, but...they mostly sound like they'll be neutral, aside from one. There's one that wants to hurt both you and us, the Void...we have to protect ourselves against her. Wretch will help.

Buddy gets a bit shaky at the idea of having something actively hunting them, but Dad clears her worries away with a pat on the back. She says that they'll fight back with all their strength, something that Primus seconds eagerly. He cheers that they're a team now- Buddy interrupts to quietly correct him. They're not just a team, but a family now. Buddy, Dad, Primus, and the Void- one big family.

We should go get the next treasure now. You've done a great job of taking care of yourselves, but there's a lot more to come, and we'll all have to work together. We're going to try and spawn TCPs with Wretch, and if you all could play kindly with eachother, that'd be a very big help.

Primus asks what are they waiting for then, they should be on their way to the next treasure as soon as possible! More TCPs are always welcome in their bunch, so long as they behave. Buddy says that new friends sound great, Dad making a comment that a bit more muscle would be great if there really is a big bad god out for them.

oh god im sorry for the artists errors in the starting panel its been too long
No. 736779 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, let's go!
No. 736780 ID: 4b991a

No. 736782 ID: 15a025

Bring on the next challenge!
Slide puzzling intensifies
No. 736927 ID: d035ee

Next puzzle ahoy! The two previous ones appear to be based on Primus and Buddy, so expect a very Dadly room to come.
No. 736971 ID: 70799a

: O >>736927
No. 736985 ID: 544183

Would we have a... Dastardly Deadly Dadly Room?!?
No. 737049 ID: 6c7ac8

We need a Nappa TCP to teach him pattycake.

He is the pattycake champion.
No. 737065 ID: db0da2

>Buddy interrupts to quietly correct him. They're not just a team, but a family now. Buddy, Dad, Primus, and the Void- one big family.
Buddy is my adorable child and I will protect it no matter what.

Onwards to the diabolical dad dungeon!
No. 737069 ID: 9f3729

if the puzzle is that you have to smoke a bowl as a compromise against your dadly instincts, remember that your hands can only get you if they escape your wrists
No. 737095 ID: 91ee5f

>Buddy interrupts to quietly correct him. They're not just a team, but a family now. Buddy, Dad, Primus, and the Void- one big family.
I'm crying tears of joy right now! :'-D
No. 738493 ID: 78a868

>Buddy interrupts to quietly correct him. They're not just a team, but a family now.

That's right, Buddy. And we all love you!
No. 738868 ID: 315280

No. 744769 ID: 32d627
File 147234669182.png - (10.57KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

Onwards, to Dad's puzzle room.

The chamber is styled like a living room, complete with family portraits and cozy wallpaper. There are four slide puzzles, and a tower 5 bricks tall.

The TCPs are ready to move forward, however you command.
No. 744770 ID: be6e97

If we can find a way to reach them, it might be worth checking if anything's hidden behind those portraits. Dungeons ALWAYS have secret hidden treasure.
No. 744773 ID: 398fe1

Five bricks tall? We can do the same thing we did at the end of the last room. Dad, your choice since you're the one getting tossed. Solve a puzzle to see if the platform goes down, or redo the toss to bypass everything?
No. 744782 ID: 9876c4

By directing our TCPs to solve puzzles we are teaching them critical thinking skills, by directing them to sidestep them, we teach sneakiness and subversion.

Both have their merits, I think, but the time may come when they default to one or the other based on past events.
No. 744792 ID: ce5231

Check the bricks, see if they could be moved. Who knows, maybe it's Jenga?
No. 744796 ID: d035ee

I feel like we should at least solve all four puzzles. When we solved all four of Buddy's puzzles, we got some info on Wretch. Maybe there's something useful to be learned from Dad's puzzles?
No. 744859 ID: 580415

No. 744963 ID: 32d627
File 147242787012.png - (10.43KB , 500x500 , 4.png )

Dad gets a boost from Primus, but they still cant reach the lowest painting. Dad hits the wall in frustration, hard enough for the chamber to gently shake...
No. 744965 ID: 32d627
File 147242788451.png - (10.61KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

Oh look, a sticker sheet! It's a tiny treasure, but a treasure all the same. Dad's rage must have knocked it loose.
No. 744968 ID: 32d627
File 147242799634.png - (71.61KB , 459x458 , 6.png )

Buddy waits by the pillar, tapping at the blocks. It reports that some of the blocks seem more solid than others, as if some parts of the pillar were hollowed out. Primus calls it back over, getting to work on the first slide puzzle.
No. 744972 ID: 398fe1
File 147242840030.png - (56.09KB , 589x529 , Puzl.png )

No. 744973 ID: 32d627
File 147242861035.png - (8.88KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

The finished puzzle resembles some sort of rainbow colored smoke surrounded by crystals..Buddy is transfixed by it. The pillar moves down one brick.
No. 744981 ID: 398fe1

If the pillar's hollow let's try messing with its bricks. Pushing some, pulling some, etc.
No. 746806 ID: 32d627
File 147326830120.png - (10.58KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

Buddy continues to push and pull at the pillar's bricks, Dad hopping off of Primus' head to join it. Primus walks in a circle around the pillar, peeking at all sides- no visible cues on what was inside...yet. He comments that maybe the puzzles have to be solved first, and heads to the bottom right one to start it himself.
No. 746808 ID: 32d627
File 147326834710.png - (77.37KB , 435x437 , 9.png )

No. 746935 ID: 15a025
File 147329657290.png - (57.80KB , 639x525 , Beat this score!.png )

Curse those two tiles that are exactly the same!
No. 746950 ID: 398fe1
File 147329897846.jpg - (26.05KB , 546x456 , Puzzle3-2.jpg )

How about some FUCKING POINTS (sheesh I had to try 3 times for the identical pieces to not screw me over)
No. 747724 ID: 32d627
File 147370176870.png - (11.91KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

The puzzle is solved, revealing more of this new deity. The pillar raises 4 bricks....
No. 747725 ID: 32d627
File 147370181222.png - (10.23KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

...pushing the treasure out of reach and revealing a sealed up secret room inside the pillar!
No. 747727 ID: 15a025

Go into secret room.
No. 747728 ID: b9aa79

Drat! Well that's okay, there will be plenty of time for treasure later. A secret room though sounds awful exciting though- exactly the kind of thing there should be on an adventure! I couldn't imagine anyone having an objection to Primus making the first move right? This is your territory, go for it!
No. 747731 ID: 524a8e

Followed by Dad, cause wgatever we find should go to him, as it is his room
No. 747831 ID: e984de

Ooh! Un/re-some that puzzle so it raises enough you can get the door open, and explore that secret room!
No. 750206 ID: 32d627
File 147508915813.png - (6.07KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

Dad pats at the door relentlessly, but nothing seems to budge it. She calls out that the puzzles need to be solved before they can get in.
No. 750207 ID: 32d627
File 147508918774.png - (67.54KB , 431x432 , 13.png )

Buddy begins on the top right puzzle...
No. 750208 ID: 32d627
File 147508924306.png - (82.59KB , 430x432 , 14.png )

And Primus starts on the top left. They're all determined to get this prize and move forward!
No. 750210 ID: b412df
File 147509027128.png - (62.35KB , 842x576 , Slide Puzzle.png )

I am not good at solving these effeciently
No. 750212 ID: 32d627
File 147509155121.png - (60.00KB , 579x522 , 427e39bf2a0d9f60da8d55e239ff4aa6.png )

Here's one
No. 750213 ID: 32d627
File 147509157769.png - (60.21KB , 573x514 , 231e4dc66a694ed57cfe9aca49120db5.png )

Aaand here's the other
No. 750214 ID: 32d627
File 147509157954.png - (60.21KB , 573x514 , 231e4dc66a694ed57cfe9aca49120db5.png )

Aaand here's the other
No. 750216 ID: 32d627
File 147509263945.png - (10.12KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

The pillar raises 2 blocks when Buddy is finished, and lowers 3 when Primus is done- hiding the secret chamber by one block.
No. 750217 ID: 32d627
File 147509270736.png - (72.35KB , 1500x1500 , 15.png )

The voice heard in Buddy's puzzle rooms speaks as soon as every puzzle is completed, and a loud THUNK noise can be heard. Dad exclaims that it MUST be the secret room, but quiets down as the narration begins.

EASTWOOD is a deity of DEPRESSION and IMPULSE, known for his affinity for drugs, money, and luxury goods. He operates under WRETCH as a lesser god, and is APATHETIC and MOODY. He is prone to fits of self-loathing and is private about his true intentions.

WRETCH: yo you done in there yet
WRETCH: base is all set im dyin over here
No. 750219 ID: 15a025

Let's tell Wretch we think we're about to find their buddy Eastwood.
No. 750221 ID: 398fe1

We can redo Buddy's puzzle to get in the secret room.
No. 750362 ID: 32d627
File 147520856525.png - (4.38KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

VOIDSY: It looks like a deity named Eastwood is in this session. The puzzles told us you know him.
WRETCH: ok so maybe not the best. hes kinda grumpy and up his own ass but
WRETCH: idk maybe we can talk him into an alliance or some shit!!!
WRETCH: if hes ingame hes probably waitin on your ass so the limit can go up
WRETCH: like me rn
WRETCH: yr taking forever

The TCPs take the opportunity to solve the puzzles and get the secret room back up to where they can reach it- the door is open, and Dad rushes in with the other two in tow.
No. 750363 ID: 32d627
File 147520859138.png - (15.31KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

The chest inside is smaller, and Buddy comments that the room has a sort of oppressive feeling to it- it doesn't want to be in here for very long. Dad seconds the notion, getting a boost from Primus to take the chest. It'll be safer to open it outside, just in case.
No. 750364 ID: 32d627
File 147520860949.png - (9.22KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

Everybody seems much more relaxed sitting outside of the pillar chamber. Buddy and Dad sit to poke at the outside of the chest eagerly, while Primus sets off to lower the pillar back down. He calls out to you that he can handle it, and has a good grasp on how the pillar system works now. Your TCPs are far more autonomous after this adventure, and seem to know enough about these puzzles to not require guidance!

WRETCH: get your shit and come on back ok voidsy
WRETCH: we got shit to do today
WRETCH: kitties to make
WRETCH: asses to kick
WRETCH: hopefully not much of the last one but hey im fuckin ready to if we gotta
No. 750365 ID: 398fe1

Wretch: okay just a little longer. Gotta get one thing from this puzzle dungeon and then we'll head back. Hey why would there be more loot in here than we intended? We found some secret shit.
No. 750372 ID: 398fe1

Oh hey guys if there's any way you can get back to base faster after getting the last chest, we should. Wretch is getting tired of waiting.
No. 750376 ID: 15a025

Hurry up and open the chest.
No. 750395 ID: 16bb01

Wait, weren't we going to go back to the first room to solve the puzzles for deity info and look for secrets?

I mean, it's okay if we want to skip that I guess, but.
No. 750397 ID: b412df

Say we got all the main treasure, but missed a puzzle. Ask if we should go back at solve them to see which other deity is in this session, shouldn't take too long since our TCPs figured out how to solve the puzzles on their own now.
No. 750428 ID: 350a50

"Can we just step outside and come back in? That way the limit goes up for you two, and I can finish looking around for secrets."
No. 750432 ID: 398fe1

We have to go all the way back to base for the TCP limit to increase, but we can come back, sure. I feel like as soon as we get back to base something is going to happen though.

Also when we get back to base we need to work on setting up defenses.
No. 750458 ID: 472620

Maybe it's just paranoia talking but Maybe spit will snap up the next TCPs and come after us when we get to our home base.
No. 750461 ID: e202ea

Let's ask Wretch when exactly the limit will go up, that way we can tell her to be ready on the precise moment so she can get the jump.

Also let's tell Wretch you think there's one more piece of shit to get here, if she wants you to leave it and come back for it later then she can say the word but you're thinking it's a good idea to not leave stuff behind!

Or hey compromise we could send Primus straight back and let the other two finish things here before following. Primus is outdoorsy and has been alone for a while before. There shouldn't be any threats yet either.
No. 750471 ID: 350a50

We should let Wretch know there's one more God-puzzle for sure, we might want to know who else is in the session right now in case it's someone who's trouble.
No. 750475 ID: a9f9dd

also we should ask wretch if we can nickname eastwood clint next time we talk to her
No. 750480 ID: 253748

Let's just take the whole box home then open it. No sense making the other two wait.
No. 750553 ID: 5c5afe

I really really hope we find a void-puzzle soon if nobody else has solved it aaaa
No. 750993 ID: 32d627
File 147553893507.png - (9.24KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

VOID: When does the TCP limit go up?
WRETCH: idk usually when everybodys back at base
WRETCH: most games ive been in go real fuckin fast and dont have newbies so its hard to say but uhhh
WRETCH: usually then
VOID: We found secrets! What are they?
WRETCH: oh sick you prolly found yr modules
WRETCH: yr newbie gear has extra shit you can add
WRETCH: like outgoin calls on the communicator
WRETCH: get yr kitties to grab it fast and then haul ass back

You pass the information on to your TCPs, and they leap into action, Primus already having snagged the big chest from this room.
No. 750994 ID: 32d627
File 147553895440.png - (11.33KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

Dad and Buddy rush off to get the secret treasure from Buddy's room....
No. 750995 ID: 32d627
File 147553897552.png - (62.73KB , 1500x1500 , 22.png )

And Primus solves the puzzles in his. He pauses to listen to the deity info...

MILLER is a deity of BEACHES and NOSTALGIA, and known for her love of gardening and seaglass collecting. She operates under REIN as a lesser god, and is ESPECIALLY GENTLE TOWARDS CHILDREN. She does not interact with many other gods, but is powerful enough to hold her own in a fight.
No. 750996 ID: 32d627
File 147553899454.png - (11.82KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

Before snagging the last chest.
No. 750997 ID: 32d627
File 147553901507.png - (12.88KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

They don't wait for your command to head out into the clearing, treasure in tow. Primus says they can open it when they all get home, and Buddy comments that it'll be like a victory party. Dad lets out some rumbles of victory, and the trio break into a run- capybara trailing behind.

VOIDSY: On the way back now.
WRETCH: ok so lets talk some strategy for a bit
WRETCH: im gonna go for a jelly type
WRETCH: if were buddying up here a food type would fill in some gaps yall got
WRETCH: plus theyre real good to keep around
WRETCH: yall can pick whatever for yr next type but like
WRETCH: my advice is to go n pick something unlike what you got now
WRETCH: whatcha thinkin so far
No. 750999 ID: 9f3729

Shakshuka tcp.
It's a very tasty egg, potato, and bell pepper dish!
No. 751000 ID: 350a50

Tinker Type?
No. 751005 ID: 398fe1

Dad, don't forget your walker!

Wretch: Hey, do you know Miller? Looks like she's in the game too.
We've got Shape, Body, Abstract, Nature types to choose from if we want something very different.

How about Mountain type? I liked how that one looked.
No. 751006 ID: b412df

Let's inform Wretch that Miller's in this session as well. As for TCPs, what about a medic type?
No. 751007 ID: 9876c4

Lobster type.
Suitable for the tanky tasks.
Armor, hardness, and if we're lucky some aquatic abilities.

But if we're going food, a coconut TCP would be interesting.
No. 751015 ID: 398fe1

Guys no. Wretch is going food, we're going for something else.
No. 751016 ID: a886eb


How about Shield TCP? Looks dependable.
No. 751018 ID: 383927

computer TCP, so we can get that sweet internet knowledge
No. 751020 ID: 15a025

A defensive or healing tcp sounds like a good idea.
No. 751021 ID: 398fe1

Shield is a Weapon TCP.
No. 751027 ID: 24e38f

...Broccoli TCP
No. 751028 ID: 86cf98

Can't have too many weapons. I would personally pick Iguana TCP or Camouflage TCP maybe. We could use a stealthy guy.
No. 751031 ID: c12773

Man Wretch we've already got three TCPs and you don't even have one! You can take all the TCP slots until we're equal.

And maybe we should leave a slot or two for this other pair, so we start of with some good will? Miller likes kids apparently so she must be itching for a fresh little runabout of her own.
No. 751032 ID: 91ee5f

How about an animal of some kind? If Wretch is going food, then we don't need to also do food.

Um.....how about an armadillo? That sounds like a good defensive TCP.

Wait, what am I saying? If we're going to be introducing a new family member then I think we should ask Primus, Buddy, and Dad for their input on what they think we should use to create their new family member!

So, what do you 3 think? Do you like any of our ideas or do you have any ideas of your own? And be honest! We won't be mad if you don't think we have a good idea.

Also, Dad, don't forget your walker!
No. 751034 ID: 9f3729

Hey, we are being recommended pretty directly to make a food tcp. With that in mind it may be a good idea to stick with that for now!
No. 751047 ID: d7d126

I think a Dumbbell TCP would be interesting.
No. 751052 ID: 72330a

I gotta say...we need a skeleton TCP, ya know, for the season
No. 751054 ID: 86cf98

Wretch is making a Food TCP, shes telling us to make something else that we don't have access to.
We should probably make a type that has a lot of utilities, maybe a vehicle or someone who is willing to stay at base forever and guard while others adventure.
No. 751056 ID: c441c1

white mage TCP. for healing
No. 751063 ID: b7883c

What about a Teleporter TCP?
No. 751079 ID: 398fe1

I'd support that, though "teleportation TCP" is more likely to give us an Abstract than a Container TCP.
No. 751089 ID: 3e182c

How about "Force"
Powerful amorphous offensive, defensive, and utilitarian capabilities.
Such a powerful TCP might normally be difficult to control, but that's what Dad is for.
No. 751094 ID: 350a50

I like the idea of a Lobster TCP.

Needs to be a single noun. A Medkit Type or Doc Type TCP would work for that.
No. 751095 ID: 86cf98

Im alright with lobster TCP as long as they stay near our base and protect our kittehs. Hopefully they wont be super fucked up like a weapon TCP.
No. 751097 ID: 9876c4

I definitely hope it's more defensive in type, as well.
No. 751098 ID: c441c1

what about Wizards.
No. 751101 ID: c441c1

or if you want a good physical TCP superman.
No. 751102 ID: 71d443

Veal TCP. Rhymes with meal.
No. 751106 ID: f562b1

>WRETCH: my advice is to go n pick something unlike what you got now
-Okay, what we know of is Container, Weapon, and Creature. Food, now, too. I think there's also Abstract? Are there armors or something, or do those count as Weapons?
-Oh, we originally skipped the first puzzles but they say there's Miller, lesser god under Rein. Does that mean Rein's here, too?

>A defensive or healing tcp sounds like a good idea
...I guess healing would be good, but defensive? If something comes up, I think either our guys or Wretch can handle it.

This just sounds like a fun, randomly-active creature type, so I'll give a + for it.
No. 751112 ID: 32d627
File 147556181298.png - (6.87KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

VOIDSY: We have some time to talk.
WRETCH: sweeeeet
VOIDSY: Do you know a Miller? She seems to be in our session.
WRETCH: uhhh nope
WRETCH: doesnt ring a bell but if she sounds cool we can recruit her too

VOIDSY: As for the TCP...we want something bulky, and powerful. We need to be able to defend ourselves from possible attacks.
WRETCH: sounds killer to me
WRETCH: just a hunch but i think jelly types gonna be real squishy
WRETCH: yall can share em with me!! buddy team
VOIDSY: We were thinking maybe...a lobster type.
WRETCH: what
WRETCH: what the fuck
WRETCH: what the fuck is a lobster
No. 751113 ID: 350a50

Legendary deep sea warriors, who fearlessly challenge foes against all odds.
No. 751114 ID: 398fe1

It is a hard shelled sea creature with a pointy face, antennae, and big pincers. Also lots of tiny legs and a big fat tail.

...come to think of it that might work out for a fighty TCP. I was hoping to get a completely different base type but I won't complain about it I guess.

Wizard TCP would be quite powerful and we have Dad to persuade them to do things, so that could work well too. It would also be a Creature type I suspect.
We could also be more direct and pick Magic TCP probably, which would be Abstract. We don't have an Abstract TCP yet.
No. 751115 ID: 094652

Lobsters are basically PINCH INCARNATE

And amazingly tasty, especially in sushi. I'd recommend the cheap knock-off though, since kamaboko processing technology has advanced to the point that there isn't much difference in taste between shredded lobster, shredded crab, or shredded kamaboko. Bonus points: you won't need to capture and cook a lobster.

Especially since to prepare a lobster, you have to boil it alive.

So I was thinking: how about a Steam Lobster TCP? Carapace holds pressurized steam, spider-silk threads, enough water to drown an elephant, and a complex system of beakers and machines that generate alchemy ingredients and heat, pressurizing the steam over time.

Poison-shooting grabby guard.
No. 751116 ID: 350a50

Again, pretty sure it needs to be one word.
No. 751117 ID: 398fe1

Sadly, TCP creation is limited to a single-word noun. Maybe it'll have steam powers anyway???
No. 751120 ID: 9876c4

Excellent summary.

Armored from toe to tail, with gnarled club aft and pliers fore.
No. 751121 ID: f562b1

>WRETCH: what the fuck is a lobster
-They're little creatures with a thick shell and a nasty pinch. Also a good food when cooked.
-...Wonder if the game would limit it down to a single group and only give one advantage?
No. 751122 ID: 91ee5f

I still think we should ask Primus, Buddy, and Dad if they have any opinions on what we should use to create their new family member. Who knows? They might have a good idea that we would've never thought of.

So, how about it? Do the 3 of you have any ideas? Do you like anything that we said or do you not like anything you've heard so far? And be honest! We won't get mad at you 3 if you don't like our ideas!
No. 751124 ID: 5a2ea2

t a s t y b o y s ~
No. 751128 ID: 3e182c

No. 751129 ID: 9f3729

Angry sea bugs
No. 751133 ID: 398fe1

They're not normally red. Usually they're brown.
No. 751139 ID: 3725ee

Nevermind that, the important thing is that it has armour for skin and pincers for hands
No. 751170 ID: c441c1

A luck tcp could be incredible useful.
No. 751174 ID: 6ac1df

We need a mantis shrimp not some muckledarmed lobster.
No. 751175 ID: 2a7417

You. You is a lobster.
No. 751197 ID: e4b430

Lobsters are lobsters silly
No. 751198 ID: f67f99

Lobsters are lobsters silly
No. 751201 ID: 32d627
File 147561551305.png - (7.57KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

VOIDSY: Lobsters are legendary sea warriors, known for being PINCH INCARNATE. No challenge is too difficult for their pincher claws, and they're covered in armor as well. They have a lot of little legs too, but the tail is fat and strong. Some people eat them- they're very tasty, but you have to boil them alive to combat their sheer power. They're also BLOOD RED. Very powerful creatures. And angry.
WRETCH: whoa
WRETCH: i mean sure yeah that sounds like itd get the job fucking done
WRETCH: im fuckin down for the lobster plan
VOIDSY: Let us check in with our TCPs about it.
WRETCH: go for it im gonna think of a name for my jelly guy

You talk to your TCPs about your idea, and ask if they have any sort of ideas themselves, assuring them that you won't get upset or mad if they think differently.
Dad says that a lobster TCP sounds great- but they should definitely get real about specializing and picking up skills that they can use together, as a team. The type itself doesn't matter as much, Dad mutters, as long as they're a good person and willing to learn.
Primus seconds this notion, and makes the point that no TCP seems to be spawned bad, but he could see a fellow TCP doing bad things if they were told to do so. He doesn't like the idea of violence personally, but understands that he may need to resort to it if their family is threatened.
Buddy says a lobster type would work well, from the sound of it. It speaks very quietly, whispering that it would feel much safer with a potentially armored friend to help. It repeats that the best thing to do is to make sure that the newcomer feels welcome, no matter what. Trust is important, and the stakes are high.

VOIDSY: They seem to be for the lobster idea.
WRETCH: ok cool we're in business then
WRETCH: i got a name also
WRETCH: yall gonna think of a name early or hold off til you see it
No. 751203 ID: 383927

Won't decide for certain until we see it, but I'm thinking Alphonse Elric
No. 751204 ID: 9876c4

No name until we see it.
No. 751208 ID: 91ee5f

See? I knew it was a good idea to ask for the TCPs' input!

>WRETCH: yall gonna think of a name early or hold off til you see it
Gonna wait till we see it.

I see what you're trying to do, but no, that name's too long. It just doesn't roll off the tongue like the other TCPs' names.
No. 751213 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, TCPs prefer two-syllable names anyway.

Shellby could work. Heh. Or Crabby.
No. 751226 ID: c6482e

PorrPorr, lobster gentleman. (Roll the "r's")
Name includes a Spanish accent and mighty mustach.
No. 751233 ID: 32d627
File 147562137170.png - (6.55KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

VOIDSY: We're going to wait.
WRETCH: s'cool
WRETCH: can we have a real talk for a sec voidsy while we got the time cause like
WRETCH: when shit gets goin we wont get much time for chattin
WRETCH: and it might get fuckin nasty out there
No. 751234 ID: 398fe1

Hey hey now, don't look so sad. We're gonna kick ass.
No. 751235 ID: 47160d

Yes please let's talk what do you want to say?
No. 751237 ID: 3725ee

You'd know better than us, what can we expect?
No. 751241 ID: f924d5

...I really want to give you a hug right now.But I can't. Which is horrible.
No. 751243 ID: 383927

talk to me booboo what's troubling you
No. 751244 ID: 32d627
File 147562398455.png - (6.54KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

VOIDSY: It's okay, please talk to us. We want to know what's ahead, and we don't want you to be sad either.
WRETCH: ok well
WRETCH: i talk big n all n act like im hotshit but yr gonna be in an alliance w/ me so i gotta have some honesty
WRETCH: i never won one of these games
WRETCH: i tried to do alliances before but like
WRETCH: spit plays a mean fucking game. most of the games i lost shes been in
WRETCH: the other ones there were dudes of equal bitch levels you know
WRETCH: either way its like a miracle to get a peaceful game. just
WRETCH: shit goes down. i was hopin maybe id get a better chance of not havin my shit splattered all over the walls but idk. its gotten real awful before n im hopin you dont eat shit like some of the other newbies
WRETCH: cause i like you. yr my first real friend. i know we just met but i dont get treated nice usually n i know thats cause im some sorta sleazy crude fuckbitch but i still get lonely yknow

WRETCH: i guess i look pretty pathetic now huh. fuckk
No. 751247 ID: 9876c4

Watch our backs, we'll watch yours.

We can't and won't guarantee things will stay peaceful, but we're not gonna become Spit just to take her down. Even if we lose, we'll go down neither easy or quietly.
No. 751249 ID: 398fe1

So what's the prize for winning, anyway?
No. 751253 ID: db0da2

>i never won one of these games
That's alright, we're great at winning things! We're already ahead really, we've got a bunch of TCPs and an ally. Just look out for us, we can be naive and sentimental at the worst times.

I think we've asked before, but how does TCP combat actually work? Is the strategy just to fling offensive cats at the enemy with support cats as backup? Or is there more to it than that? I've been think about getting a bunch of tough, tanky TCPs and giving them all miniguns and rocket launchers and junk, would that work? And what's to stop us from spawning an assload of nuclear ICBMs and just annihilating all our enemies?

I get the impression we're going to need to stop coddling our boys soon, they can still have nice things, but we should probably start phasing out 'playtime' in favor of 'rigorous military training' if we want them to live through this whole game.
No. 751255 ID: af6e04

You shouldn't worry. We prefer to play nice, but nobody knows how to fuck shit up better than we do!
No. 751257 ID: b9aa79

You look like our friends is what you look like you big dork. Don't worry. Spit is mean shit but so are you. It sounds like we've got friends here and we're fresh meat so that just means we've got a lot of life in us and we're ready to kick some hot shit on a fresh day, metaphorically. Basically, you're baddass and we're gonna make Spit wish they had been more careful about fucking with our friend <3
No. 751259 ID: 7ad5f7

>From what we've heard losing to Spit isn't anything to beat yourself up about. That's like saying you got your ass kicked by a flood and blaming yourself for being soaked. Same goes for losing to anyone with "equal bitch levels".
>We'll do our best, and if we get our shit kicked in then we'll get our shit kicked in together.
>We like you too, and... okay we have the excuse of being new for only having one friend, but you deserve better. I'm assuming you've had fake friends before, so I'll fight any and all of those.
No. 751260 ID: 432e8b

Well gee Wretch, from what I've seen most of the gods have something messed up about them! Like ok you're kind of a sleazy fuckbitch granted, but Eastwood's depressed, Spit seems like she's messed up somehow for sure to be so mean and most of the other gods you described don't seem to be doing so hot either! And as for us we have trouble deciding what to do and a lot of the time we do and say stuff without thinking properly about it, because we kinda can't think properly about it, because we're all broken into pieces like this. I mean we're probably going to fuck up at least a bit at some point and sorry in advance for that if so but we'll try our best to make it not a big fuckup and I hope even if we do lose we can at least make things a bit more fun or nice for a while for you.

Maybe you've never won but you sure as heck have survived and so far that seems like kind of an accomplishment in itself! We for sure wouldn't turn that down as a second prize.
No. 751263 ID: 432e8b

By the way, uh sorry to dip back into tactical stuff again, but, since you're making jelly, and that's kind of like suited to you since you're kinda gooey and jelly yourself, is that just your taste or does that sort of thing help somehow? Maybe our TCPs are stronger if they're related to what we are, like if we ourselves made a Mask TCP would it be different from another god making one somehow? I mean we're all gods of certain things, it seems, but is that just titles or do we get like, powers? If we made like a Priest or Shaman TCP maybe?

Maybe if we had the TCPs get all religion and stuff we could, like, make avatars of ourselves in their world. And then we could hang out and hug and other things in person!
No. 751264 ID: 91ee5f

Stop making us cry! That's such a sad and unfair story! :'-(

Where the fuck is the hug function on this communicator?!
You have no idea how badly we want to hug you right now!
No. 751267 ID: 91ee5f

That's right! If someone fucks with our friends and/or our stuff, then they better hope someone else gets them first! Because when we get pissed off, we change from the nicest guys around to something that'll make their worst nightmares look like rainbows and butterflies!
No. 751269 ID: c441c1

Don't worry we play to win. If things go to far south we can blow up this whole shit show with one spawn. We can't tell you what though because it is that dangerous.
No. 751276 ID: db0da2

antimatter TCP? That might work, but it might also not. It's a last resort anyway though, so I guess that's fine. I wonder if we could just summon antimatter? It'd probably end up like the bee, but it's worth a shot.
No. 751280 ID: 350a50

Don't worry, Wretch. You've hooked up with some of the craziest new motherfuckers on the block.

We're all up in the hugs and friendship, but when shit gets serious we're no holds barred loco.
No. 751285 ID: 86cf98

Shes making a jelly TCP cause its a food type. Think of it as a healer.
No. 751287 ID: c441c1

I posted a list of somethings that could potentially break the game such as "best" in questdis. but anti matter might be dangerous too.
No. 751288 ID: 398fe1

"Wizard" would apparently be pretty powerful, and we have Dad to persuade any disobedient TCPs to cooperate.

Some Abstract TCPs would be able to override Dad's effect though. "best" and "god" would likely not be easily dealt with.
No. 751317 ID: f562b1

>n i know thats cause im some sorta sleazy crude fuckbitch
-You already told us the "Bitch" part was because you worried we might have been hostile. Which kind of connects into what else you're telling us.
-As for the "Fuck" part, you are based on lustful shit, and while that doesn't really have to mean much it's kind of an expected side.
-...Think "Miller" might be a new buddy to somebody too? Maybe we're officially recognized as like, a "lesser god" under you too.
No. 751330 ID: 32d627
File 147564476105.png - (7.17KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

VOIDSY: You just look like our friend to us. Wretch, we have your back. We're already ahead, and between all of us, we're going to do well here. We're excellent at winning things, and even if we don't win- we plan on putting up a hell of a fight. We're all going to fuck up eventually, but we can look out for eachother now. You're a survivor. A lot of us want to give you a hug, if it were possible.
Wretch says nothing for a while, trying and failing to hide the fact that she was crying. She recomposes herself, takes a deep, burbly breath.
WRETCH: yr too good for me voidsy
WRETCH: you should go be friends with some other god that doesnt suck
WRETCH: but yr here now n im gonna do my best to pull my weight
WRETCH: so lets fuckin do this shit
VOIDSY: That's more like it.
WRETCH: lets talk game then. lets get this shit fucking done

VOIDSY: First off, what's the prize for winning the game?
WRETCH: idk myself
WRETCH: high gods got people who win to keep their traps shut but
WRETCH: people who win do their best to keep fuckin winning so im guessin its good

VOIDSY: And how does combat tend to go?
WRETCH: this shit i know
WRETCH: so when two kitties throw down its bout what youd expect
WRETCH: they get busted up n start bleeding fluid all over everything
WRETCH: catch is they wont die unless somebody issues the KILL command
WRETCH: even when the kill commands out on a kittys head, they dont just die instantly
WRETCH: just means that if they get hurt enough theyll die
WRETCH: think of it kinda liiiiike
WRETCH: if a kittys got a certain amount of health n all that shit gets drained from some fucker beatin on em
WRETCH: if theres a KILL command out on their head n the fucker issued it is doin the beatdown
WRETCH: they die
WRETCH: any other time they dont die
WRETCH: no matter what shit happens
WRETCH: ive seen some fucked shit where people push a kitty so far that even touchin it with a kill command on its head kills it
WRETCH: some people just prefer to mercy kill those ones cause fuck man

VOIDSY: We're guessing that it's time to start training the TCPs, and stop coddling them as much.
WRETCH: i mean
WRETCH: you dont gotta
WRETCH: training yea we gotta do a lot of that but also you gotta keep your kitties happy
WRETCH: or scared i guess but i like happy kitties way fuckin better

VOIDSY: Any benefit to picking a TCP that lines up with things we enjoy, like your jelly type?
WRETCH: i just like pickin stuff i dig yknow
WRETCH: infinite options n all that shit
WRETCH: might as well pick shit that makes me happy

VOIDSY: Do us deities have powers?
WRETCH: yea but it depends
WRETCH: none in the game
WRETCH: lesser god like you wouldnt have too much where were usually at
WRETCH: i mean yr still a god and shit but you cant go makin people species or animals or shit like that
WRETCH: mostly you just get to live as long as you dont get ate n control yr motifs
WRETCH: for me thatd be sludge but by the look of you yr dealin with masks
WRETCH: so you can probably summon masks n modify em and whatever
WRETCH: pretty cool tbh

VOIDSY: Thank you for telling us all this.
You go to tune your attention back to your TCPs, but she interrupts you.
WRETCH: voidsy
WRETCH: thank you
WRETCH: yr really chill yknow
WRETCH: i hope when all this is said n done we can figure out some fuckin way to hang out better
WRETCH: we got this
VOIDSY: We got this.
No. 751331 ID: 32d627
File 147564478998.png - (13.34KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

You tune your attention to your TCPs, having made it back to the base in one piece and looking like a proper bunch of adventurers.

The TCP LIMIT is now 7.
No. 751332 ID: 9f3729

spawn LOBSTER tcp, name it Rock
No. 751334 ID: 398fe1

Spawn LOBSTER. Or WIZARD. I'd be ok with either.
No. 751338 ID: 9876c4

One thought, then I'll shut up. Based on what the first 3 are saying, it's all about integrating new TCPs into our family unit.

If we do that too fast, they won't feel integrated. It might be better to spawn them in gradually, get them situated, before bringing in more siblings who will necessarily require attention.

So yeah, I want my fucking Lobster, but I want my fucking Lobster to get to know it's family, too.
No. 751339 ID: 71d443

Quickly, this party needs a bard! Spawn kazoo cat.

No one-syllable names. Why not... Zoidberg?
No. 751340 ID: 37f049

Spawn Lobster, wait ten seconds, try Wizard!
No. 751341 ID: 9731da

>spawn tcp, wait to name
>ask Wretch: so what can a jelly tcp do again
>create a really cute bus that travels back and forth between wretch spawn, our spawn, and our tree base
No. 751342 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, no! I just realized something! Dad, I think you forgot your walker! Unless, you went and got it while we were talking to WRETCH and I'm just not seeing it?
No. 751343 ID: c441c1

spawn lobster and wizard, and ask wretch to summon jelly quickly.
No. 751346 ID: 91ee5f

Oops, almost forgot. Now that everyone's back home, let's open up your treasures and see what everyone got!

>Multiple suggestions for things that are not lobster.
Woah! Hey, wait! Guys! GUYS!!! One spawn at a time! You're going to overwhelm our TCPs if you spawn that many! We're going to spawn lobster and only lobster right now. Those other things can wait until after the TCPs all adjust to having a new family member.
No. 751347 ID: 398fe1

Also Create training dummies, and a training room with other stuff in it.
Create a Battle Crawler (for Dad)
Create a Target Shooting Range for Dad to practice in, or anyone we give ranged weapons to.
Create a variety of decorative masks or mask patterns (engravings/paint) here and there on existing structures, and any structures we create from here on if that's possible.
Create a guardtower with spyglass so a TCP can keep watch over our territory.
Create some fortifications around the base. Solid metal walls, why not. Make em nice and clean-looking.

Hey Dad, did you open your big chest?
Let's open the little chests too. They're for us, but we can't exactly open them ourselves.

Create an Acid Flower Vinefield around the inside of the border of our territory. The vines are very thorny and tough and react to trauma by spraying acid out of wounds.
Create swarms of Bombbirds to patrol the skies above the vines. The bombbirds feed on vineflower nectar and will occasionally dive down to drink, spotting any intruders that are sneaking through the vines.
Create horrible pits of lava and tar and superheated water hidden by the vines.
Create a Wall of Masks at the edge of our territory(just past the Vinefield), which are inactive and merely act as a wall at first unless intruders get past it. Then they start activating and coming to life, chasing down the intruder and attempting to dice them up with the now-bladed edges of the masks. The masks may wind up cutting the vines, but are not massive enough to cut all the way through. Allies can use the masks as transport to get past the vines and birds, as they will form a flying enclosure that hides occupants, and the bombbirds ignore the masks.

Is it possible to dig under structures we create since we're apparently going with a flat terrain pattern?
No. 751348 ID: 9876c4

Let's chill the fuck out, fam.
No. 751350 ID: 0543a8

spawn cat type tcp
No. 751352 ID: 398fe1

No. 751360 ID: 32d627
File 147564898868.png - (4.38KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

No. 751361 ID: 32d627
File 147564900409.png - (8.54KB , 500x500 , 32.png )


The TCP limit is now full.

WRETCH: yall get yr kitty???
No. 751362 ID: 71d443

Welcome to the crust, crustacean, will you take our orders?
No. 751364 ID: c441c1

ask Wretch how many TCPs she got if she only got jelly we should ask her to vist our house and meet the others. Let the lobster(Clamps is my vote) hang out with the other TCPs for now.
No. 751365 ID: 9876c4

Pincers, club tail, and armor. Built like a brick too.
Greetings, warrior. Welcome to your ancestral home.

[To Wretch] It's here all right. Still getting to know each other, but... optimistic so far.
No. 751366 ID: 094652


I'm calling it the Id Idur Girlfriend.
No. 751368 ID: f0e552

>are you feeling it now mr. krabs?
No. 751369 ID: 9f3729

"Sup hey it's god, welcome to the world. How'd you like a name?"
No. 751370 ID: 398fe1

Wretch: Aw yea, we sure did. Can we show you what it looks like? I guess once our TCPs meet up you'll see anyway.

Let's name them Marmet.
No. 751371 ID: 9876c4

Still want to get a sense of it's personality... but i'm thinking Strato.
Both because it's grandiose, and because it's a reference to the
B-52s, who had that one song...
No. 751373 ID: f562b1

Remember, guys, we can name our TCP whatever we want, including one or three syllable names, but they prefer two syllables.
What about Douglas? We don't have to have puns, as fun as they usually are. Or if we do have to, Crabby (Krabby?), Shelly, or Cancer. Can we get a check on it to see its stats?
No. 751375 ID: 534314

NAME Lobster TCP as "Larry"
No. 751376 ID: 4b991a

create a really cute bus that travels back and forth between wretch spawn, our spawn, and our tree base

TO WRETCH: Oh hey yeah we got it, nice and pink like a lobster really is
No. 751379 ID: d035ee

NAME the Lobster type Pinchy.

TEACH Pinchy speech, reading, and self-defense.

Give Pinchy somewhat matching uniform.
No. 751400 ID: 3725ee

"Well hey there, forgive the bombardment of input, we're excited to meet you."
No. 751401 ID: db0da2

Douglas if boy, Shellby if girl, either if neither.

Also, >>751375 seems useful.
No. 751410 ID: 383927

I like Marmet.
if dad knows how to teach other TCP then we can teach dad something and dad can teach everyone else right?
No. 751411 ID: 383927

I like Marmet.
if dad knows how to teach other TCP then we can teach dad something and dad can teach everyone else right?
No. 751412 ID: b412df

Lets introduce the new TCP to the group, and maybe not teach so many skills at once? Start with the basics, and maybe let Primus teach?

We did teach primus teaching, letting him do that might help integrate the new tcp?
No. 751414 ID: 15a025

I'm all for naming them Rock.
No. 751417 ID: 99a35e

If boy then Marmet.
If girl then Shellby

Lets just TEACH them speech and have Primus take the time to teach them and welcome them to the family.
No. 751419 ID: 350a50

Second Marmet.

And This.
No. 751426 ID: 3e182c

Marmet is cool.

CREATE lesser magic item: Mask of Courage.
No. 751432 ID: bb48f3

TEACH ALL: Swimming
TEACH ALL: Wood Working
SPAWN: Knife Sharpener. If Buddy ends up having to fight, they might as well be battle ready.
Spawn: Punching bag
No. 751438 ID: 9876c4

Gotta oppose Marmet, as naming a hybrid of 2 creatures after a 3rd still seems needless and cruel.

Rocque and Shellby are okay.

My favorite is still Strato, after the B-52 Stratofortress, and subsequent band.
No. 751457 ID: 91ee5f

>TCP spawned.
Huh, for some reason, I feel like our new TCP is a girl. I don't know why, but to me it looks like a girl.

Anyways, on to introductions! Hello there! We, the voices in your head, are called The Void. Please, wait right there while we call over the rest of the family.

Primus, Buddy, Dad! Come outside and meet your new family member!

Now then, while all of you take a moment to get to know each other, we'll be busy rearranging the house so that we can add another room for our new family member.
No. 751470 ID: 398fe1

"Marmet" is not a name of a creature. Google just insists on showing images of marmots when you search for marmet.
No. 751478 ID: 9876c4

Okay, sure. As a homophone, it's still gonna be on everyone's mind. Or maybe just mine.

Marmet appears to be most significant as a physicist studying free radicals, and a WV township.

If that name happens, I accept it. But I like some of the other ones thrown out better.
No. 751479 ID: 3e182c

Whats a Marmet?
I Legitimately don't know.
No. 751482 ID: 9876c4

A Marmot is a giant furry mountain squirrel.
A Marmet is a Canadian Physicist.
No. 751488 ID: 398fe1

How about Marnet instead then. It's a bit further away from marmot.
No. 751530 ID: 350a50

I'm fine with Marnet.
No. 751660 ID: c441c1

create barrier for house and program it to let all of your and wretches TCPs in.
No. 751787 ID: 15a025

Create: Bike Horn.
No. 751841 ID: 9876c4

If it keeps things moving, I prefer Marmet to Marnet.

The votes for Strato apparently aren't there, so fine cool whatever.
No. 751848 ID: 213ff6

Idea for our next cat, Either wrench, or scientist or something! Like, we could have them build things that could help or something right? I mean, yeah, we can just poof stuff into existence, but...I dunno, it seems like the kinda thing that could come in handy,
No. 751857 ID: 16bb01

I'd support Strato if they're an it. Otherwise Douglas or Shelby seems good.
No. 751901 ID: f562b1

I say all the new TCP needs right now is reading and speech. >>751412
Or we can see how well Primus can teach reading and only teach them Speech ourselves.
No. 752515 ID: 15a025

Create: Pumpkins
Let's get things a little festive in here.
No. 753156 ID: c3d637

why not "vessel"? something we can take a more direct control of or something....
No. 753177 ID: 9f3729

No. 753180 ID: 9876c4

My idea was a reference to the band.

Just saiyan.
No. 753196 ID: 594c18

but tcps like two syllable names
at least make it "Rocky"
No. 753209 ID: 1474a8

I think we should wait for the artist to catch up instead of creating suggestion on top of suggestion.
No. 758129 ID: 85cc2c
File 147901743736.png - (9.31KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

Marnet is elated! What an excellent, excellent name! She spends some time stretching and shaking herself off before approaching the wizard tower, glancing around at the playground before knocking on the door with a claw.
No. 758130 ID: 85cc2c
File 147901745766.png - (10.43KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

Marnet bursts into excited babbling. This is so wonderful, and there are so many new friends!!! She seems to be quite the excitable one.
No. 758131 ID: 85cc2c
File 147901748443.png - (7.52KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

She looks wonderful!

Dad now knows how to teach other TCPs, and knows enough about magic to detect its presence.
No. 758132 ID: 85cc2c
File 147901754295.png - (4.31KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

This mask, when worn by any TCP, can allow you to encourage and embolden them directly from their own mind. You will share their thoughts and can speak directly and privately as long as the mask remains on their face.
No. 758136 ID: 9876c4

Not sure how directly we can speak, but she should know that these skills are to prevent harm to her new family. Whatever it takes.

She can protect them, we believe in her!

Not gonna apply the combat upgrades until she wants them, so for now:
No. 758141 ID: 285fca

Sweet, we should try and make more masks! Even if just to see how real we can make magic. I suppose it would be more straightforward to try and create a magic wand or something, but I feel like we'd have a higher power limit on masks, or something like that.

Well, let's try it anyway. CREATE: MAGIC WAND.

As for masks... let's see, what kind of stuff is mask magic used for. Talking to spirits (kinda covered by that mask we just made), protection from magic, good luck, healing rituals...


I also think we want our TCPs to have a way to talk to Wretch, if they need to. While we're checking up with her on her TCP, we should ask her if she wants to be able to be bothered by our TCPs. Then if she doesn't mind we could create a WRETCH MASK that will work similarly to the mask of courage, but connecting to wretch instead of us.

If we want to start teaching our TCPs how to defend themselves, we should do some things about that, too. Perhaps we should create a dojo? Some training dummies and other equipment? A martial arts philosophy of learning combat skills for personal health and well-being, as well as defense and justice, would be good for becoming strong while also preserving good attitudes for happiness, kindness and righteousness. Dad's stature suits her to the tiny but powerful martial arts mentor.


No. 758155 ID: a107fd


Ideally, field looks like a soap bubble, stops projectiles but can be passed through at walking speed, and is big enough to cover the house and yard. Just in case, y'know, things somehow escalate beyond fisticuffs.
No. 758195 ID: 91ee5f

I'm just wondering, will it work like the masks in TLoZ: Majora's Mask by causing whoever wears it to transform? If it does, will whoever wears it turn into a minature version of us, the Void?
No. 758214 ID: 350a50

I think we should suggest Wretch do something similar for her TCPs, but keep ours' with just the Mask of Courage.

No. 758217 ID: 398fe1

GIVE Primus: Stake-shooter and stake ammo

Tent-themed weapon!
No. 758277 ID: 9876c4

Primus is basically an empty airshell. As a scout or athlete he's excellent, in combat he'd quite literally be torn to pieces.

I think we have to be careful with our alliance. We shouldn't force our TCPs to like Wretch, but provide the opportunity to interact with her and her creatures and judge for themselves.
No. 758279 ID: 398fe1

I really don't think TCP bodies work in such a logical manner.
No. 758308 ID: 9876c4

I concede he'd be better at taking potshots then risking his (featherweight) hide with boxing.

Part of my concern is that he seems like the most pacifist of the 4.
No. 758311 ID: 85cc2c
File 147908716089.png - (9.99KB , 500x500 , 37.png )


Your TCPs, aside from Buddy, all know how to defend themselves with just their hands. Dad thanks you and the others follow, Marnet swearing to protect the other TCPs at any cost.
No. 758312 ID: 85cc2c
File 147908717934.png - (12.66KB , 500x500 , 38.png )


Dad and Marnet match now. Buddy giggles with absolute delight.


Primus is now equipped for ranged combat. He weighs the weapon and says that he'd rather not use it, but if it comes down to protecting his family, he will.
No. 758313 ID: 85cc2c
File 147908719474.png - (7.66KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

Dad takes the magic wand, weighing it in her palm. The wand is capable of amplifying a TCP's abilities and focusing them further. For example, with Dad holding it now, she can influence any TCP targeted to do what she demands, without any hesitation or protest.
No. 758314 ID: 85cc2c
File 147908721159.png - (12.37KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

The base is now protected.
No. 758317 ID: 9876c4

Teach Buddy Eskrima.

Create training dummies (further outside)
Give Marnet Ballistic armor (per the disthread)

this seems like it could become problematical
No. 758319 ID: 398fe1


Does that include enemy TCPs?
No. 758321 ID: 285fca

Ok, maybe don't give that wand to Buddy. Should be useful for Primus, though, if anyone gets hurt. Could Primus' ability plus the wand heal Buddy to even better health, now? Test that out!

I want to see if we can explore this further. CREATE: WIZARD HAT.

Dad's ability with the wand seems the most powerful, so let's take steps to ensure she employs it well.


Also before we forget: CHECK MARNET.
No. 758324 ID: 350a50

>Ok, maybe don't give that wand to Buddy. Should be useful for Primus, though, if anyone gets hurt. Could Primus' ability plus the wand heal Buddy to even better health, now? Test that out!

GIVE BUDDY: HIP SHEATH for the knife it got from Wretch's place
No. 758347 ID: db0da2

No. 758348 ID: db0da2

Does this work on enemy TCPs? Could Dad preform mind control to turn an enemy to our side?
No. 758357 ID: 350a50

Let's not go nuclear.
No. 758358 ID: db0da2

Why not? Our enemies aren't likely to go easy on us. If we're getting attacked I want to be able to fight back with full force, to protect our TCPs.
No. 758359 ID: 9876c4

No. 758361 ID: 91ee5f


And you think the nuclear fallout won't affect our TCPs and Wretch's?
No. 758369 ID: db0da2

That's highly dependant on how far away from the blast they are, I'm asking for intercontinental ballistic missiles, not nuclear landmines. Of course we can always just summon antimatter, assuming we aren't in adventure mode (I think. Have we tested that yet? We should.), which might actually be better because it gives us tighter control over the yeild and doesn't have all those nasty side effects.
No. 758380 ID: 3663d3

how far away do you think these potential enemies live? we aren't on a full sized earth world, we are on a tiny tcp planet. fall out from one nuclear device would probably destroy the entire world.

[deny all]
No. 758386 ID: 9f3729

Hey guys you know what's a great idea? nuke tcp
No. 758387 ID: 595d54

antimatter TCP
No. 758389 ID: 9876c4

Does that mean it wouldn't matter?
No. 758404 ID: b7883c

Does anything matter if everything is dead?

By which I mean [deny] to antimatter TCP.
No. 758510 ID: 350a50

No more TCPs for now anyways, let Wretch have some.
No. 758523 ID: 2a7417

Nobody gave you mooks veto power, so stop acting like it.
No. 758541 ID: c441c1

NO! oh dear god NO! that wouldn't even break the game in a funny way that spiraled over time (like void tcp, or THE BEST tcp) it would just cause the game to explode in on itself on the point of spawn or be so weak as to be useless in the long run.
No. 758565 ID: 285fca

Guys, >>751361
>The TCP limit is now full.

Wretch acts like she made one, so either someone else made two or two other people made one each. I'm guessing those two other gods we heard of from the puzzles.
No. 762696 ID: c441c1

Teach: dad musical taste/talent/general knowledge.
make a music room for everyone to make a band in.
No. 762730 ID: c0097f
File 148054538556.png - (7.37KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

Things are getting real in the wizard tower, and your TCPs are beginning to make decisions on their own based on your guidance.

Dad has the qualities of a leader now, and she accepts the duty with grace. Your TCPs agree that she's the best for the job. She names Buddy as her second in command, Primus as their scout and navigator, and Marnet as their muscle and guard.

Everyone agrees to the roles, having a quick celebratory hug to commemorate the decision. Buddy makes a note to have a proper cuddle pile later, when things have settled down a bit...if things settle down.
No. 762732 ID: c0097f
File 148054545046.png - (12.52KB , 500x500 , 43.png )


Marnet is a LOBSTER TYPE TCP, and is bulky and strong. Being a CREATURE TCP, her abilities are passive and cannot be used intentionally without aid of magical items. LOBSTER TYPES shed their shell armor regularly and without warning, giving them a vulnerable period while the new armor grows in. The shed armor can be used as you see fit.

Marnet is feeling pretty great, having just gotten a new family on her first minutes of life! Her health is doing just perfect.

Marnet wants to protect her new family as best as she can, knowing she'll have to fight in order to do so. She wants to understand this feeling of innate love and trust she has for these other TCPs, and why it can be so unconditional when she was just spawned. She thinks these are wonderful things, however, and looks forward to the process of understanding them. They're a team now, and she wants to do her part.

Marnet's SKILLS can be checked separately via a CHECK SKILLS COMMAND. She currently has no inventory.

Marnet is also YOUR, VOIDSY'S, TCP, and is safely under your influence.
No. 762733 ID: c0097f
File 148054551323.png - (4.13KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

The WIZARD HAT is a magical item that helps control a TCP's ability.

Your current magical effects are as such:
Primus: Can control the rate of healing, and allows him to cause pain to those stored inside if he chooses.
Buddy: Can extend and retract knives.
Dad: Can push past direct control of other creatures, players, or TCPs.
Marnet: Can bulk up multiple layers of shell armor, or shed it completely.
Primus: Can heal TCPs in specific parts of their body to repair injuries, without needing to store.
Buddy: Can create knives in other TCPs.
Dad: Can control any TCP or creature she chooses.
Marnet: Can create shell armor around any creature or TCP she chooses.

VOIDSY: We got some magical items. How do they work?
WRETCH: ok so thats some good shit but be careful
WRETCH: magic n shit is super useful cause it fucks with kitty abilities sometimes
WRETCH: but you gotta watch out cause it drains health to use
WRETCH: shit will seriously weaken kitties if you dont watch it carefully
VOIDSY: Thank you.
No. 762734 ID: c0097f
File 148054554398.png - (7.30KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

Buddy is now armed and ready to fight if need be, though it voices that it'd rather not, if possible.

WRETCH: i gotta go afk for a lil bit bc fuckin
WRETCH: grind busted in and he's being the worst and wants to talk to me
WRETCH: he might be in our session tho idk, we dont know the last player yet
WRETCH: hopin for him. anyway
WRETCH: this game is kind of an arms race sorta deal. you go big the other players go big to match
WRETCH: and idk about you but i wanna keep shit simple so we dont gotta deal with fun ruinin shit
You hear another voice, and then shuffling.
WRETCH: bye babe <3 ttyl
WRETCH: watch what you make
No. 762742 ID: c441c1

Teach: dad musical taste/talent/general knowledge.
make a music room for everyone to make a band in. Begin training for battle of the bands style combat.
Spawn flowers for bee to pollinate and make a home out of.
No. 762745 ID: 9f3729

create MOBSTER SUIT for Lobster
No. 762747 ID: 383927

Good point. If we make cat nukes, that'll only result in other cat nukes or worse. Let's do our best to protect our TCP and respect their lives and value, rather than focus solely on war.

No. 762749 ID: d95874

Ok, let's test out what the drain on this magic is like. Let's ask Marnet to use the wand to create shell armor on one of those squishy ball critters that lives nearby, then we can check how much it drained her, then Primus can heal her. And we'll be able to check what having armor created on them does to a creature, if it can be removed, et cetera.
No. 762771 ID: 3e182c

So who should use the mask? Primus doesn't need it, but on Dad Or Marnet it could offer better coordination and control. On Buddy, it might make him actually useful in combat.
No. 762776 ID: b412df

We probably shouldn't equip any of them just yet, except maybe to test, the magic items have downsides, and it's not cool to be in our kitty's heads all the time.
No. 762779 ID: 91ee5f

>On Buddy, it might make him actually useful in combat.
You shut up! Buddy is useful in combat! It'll fight if absolutely necessary, it just prefers going though every possible option before fighting!

Now you apologize to Buddy, you hurt it's feelings!
No. 762782 ID: 383927

For shame! Buddy is the heart of this party. They are the compassion and mercy guiding our morals and uniting our family. Without them we'd be lost. The true champion of our stories morals- love, compassion and family belonging. The hero we need AND deserve
No. 762787 ID: 9876c4

Of most pressing concern is having contact with our leader/tactician. That'd be Dad, especially now.
No. 762793 ID: 350a50

Give Dad the our mask.
No. 762807 ID: 398fe1

Hmm, if Buddy wears the wizard hat, would retracting its blades make it hurt less?
No. 762810 ID: 4b991a

Teach Buddy Herbology
Create Alchemy Lab
Create Herb Garden
Teach Buddy how to make Healing Salves
No. 762812 ID: 71d443

Teach lobster DANCING.
No. 762824 ID: b7883c

>WRETCH: but you gotta watch out cause it drains health to use
>WRETCH: shit will seriously weaken kitties if you dont watch it carefully
When Wretch gets back we need to ask whether that drain is temporary or permanent, and whether healing effects can counter it.
No. 762887 ID: c0097f
File 148057989712.png - (5.76KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

A room is created off of the basement bunker for your musical pursuits, complete with a harp for Buddy.

Buddy is excited to learn a new instrument! It urges you to make more instruments and teach the others so that they can play together.
No. 762888 ID: c0097f
File 148057992231.png - (6.27KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

Another room off of the basement is created.

Buddy can now utilize the laboratory and garden to make healing salves and other useful items.
No. 762889 ID: c0097f
File 148057993709.png - (8.33KB , 500x500 , 47.png )

Dad feels adequately proficient in managing her inventory, and using these items. She relays the purpose of each item and the specific effects to everyone.

You tell Dad to put the mask on.
No. 762890 ID: c0097f
File 148057996458.png - (7.20KB , 500x500 , 48.png )

I don't know about this. I trust the void now but I just don't know about this. I'm scared and I want to be a good leader for them. I hope Buddy's okay with learning this combat stuff, and that Primus won't get too hurt out there. Marnet is so new and innocent that I fear for her as well.

I'm scared of dying, but I have to put on a brave face now.

You may communicate with Dad directly by prefacing a suggestion with DAD:
No. 762891 ID: 4b991a

Hug Dad
No. 762893 ID: 595d54

No. 762894 ID: 9f3729

DAD: When in doubt, do what this aspect of the void does and lash out in the form of jokes and humor. Watch yourself collapse into a mess of self-deprecating jokes as your depression and self-esteem continue to worsen, eventually culminating in a broken person who can't really converse with people without trying to inject inappropriate levity into everything.

Alternatively, don't do that and spend a couple afternoons really thinking about what it means to die. It's not something to be scared of, just avoided. Make plans to enact in the case of your death, either to be executed after you're gone or to dole out to your family so they are prepared. All death is is the void. Not us, but a true cessation, an end, and without that end you don't really get much meaning in life.
We'll aid as best we can to that end, but can make no real promises. If someone does wind up dying, know it will likely not be your fault, and while mourning is appropriate do not dwell too much on the dead save to avoid the mistakes that led to that death.
No. 762895 ID: 9876c4

DAD: Sitrep on present readiness, and needs, in your own words.

Current orders are to stay defensive and bunker your area, keep TCPs rested and productive, and morale up. What improvements/ research should we make to help you do that job?

Plans subject to change after contact with hostile elements.
Know this: that mask will sap your health, so after this initial report, we advise not relying on it, except to clarify orders, or resolve issues.
No. 762897 ID: 398fe1

I thought only the Wizard Hat and Magic Wand sapped health?
No. 762899 ID: 9876c4

You might be right.
I thought the mask was magical in nature. I guess if it's 'divine', we're okay. Oopsie.
No. 762918 ID: 91ee5f

DAD: You may be scared, but know that we too, are also afraid. We don't want any of you to die. You are all our precious children and we wish to prepare all of you so that you'll be able to protect each other.
No. 762924 ID: b9aa79

DAD: Hey, this the void. The mask lets us speak one-on-many so to speak. We overheard That you're afraid, but you're trying to be brave and do a good job for everyone else. We want you to know how proud we are that you're trying to protect your family, and how much we love you, all of you.

We're very sorry we've put this burden on you. When we came to this world, we wanted to create a family, explore and have fun! Little did we know there were others out there that were less interested in these things. You're our family as well, all of you, and even though things are scary we're going to do everything in our power to protect you.

Please know that it's going to be scary, and that it's okay to be scared. Being a good leader isn't about being scared or not, it's about what you do despite your feelings. We picked you to lead because we are scared, scared of ourselves, scared that we're not going to do a good enough job. But it's not fair to place so much pressure on you. You don't have to be the leader if you don't want to. It's our job to guide you all and ensure you're safe, no matter what. Be honest with your family about how you feel and what's going on. No TCP is an island, and if you cut yourself off it'll only hurt you. They'll depend on you, but you need them just as much. We're stronger together

No. 762947 ID: 350a50

DAD: We hope that this combat stuff won't be necessary, but it is important that our family knows how to protect themselves if danger appears. Not all gods are kind, and we (Void) are not alone.

Another god, Wretch, has become friends with us. One of Wretch's other friends is here too. It sounds like there will be two other gods here besides the three of us. One of them we know of, and the other we do not. We hope that all of us can be friends.
No. 762951 ID: 9476b6

Just know that love you, and will always be there for you
No. 762952 ID: 9476b6

Just know that we love you, and will always be there for you.
No. 762958 ID: c441c1

spawn Timpani for Marnet.
No. 762980 ID: 9876c4

It's not a present from US!
No. 762983 ID: db0da2


We probably won't want to use it, but it would be good to know if we even can. The amount I specified should be equivalent to a little bit less than a pound of TNT, so it's not as if we'd be conjuring a doomsday weapon.
No. 762997 ID: c441c1

but now its also cannon.
No. 763003 ID: 398fe1

No, that would immediately create a huge explosion. Way bigger than the explosion you think it'd be.
No. 763012 ID: 3e182c

Create Magic Item:Mask of the Vampire Kitten

Proposed Function: While wearing, harming others heals the wearer. Additionally, the wearer can choose to sap the life of others on contact. MURDER HUGS!

Proposed Side effect: Instead of draining the wearers life to power it, this item alters the wearers mind. The more it's effects are used, the more the user comes to enjoy and crave combat, murder, and bloodshed.
No. 763024 ID: 350a50

Let's not.
No. 763031 ID: db0da2

Can you show your math?
No. 763058 ID: a107fd

Create: Friendship Beam Rifle. Produces "cartoon-logic" explosions which are physically harmless to living creatures, possibly damaging to inanimate objects or scenery, but always completely useless against forcefields. Direct hit stuns all (or at least most) TCP types for a few seconds, and compels them to seek nonviolent and/or diplomatic solutions to their problems, where possible, for the next week or two. No permanent effects; damaged objects are easy to repair even if seemingly pulverized.
No. 763065 ID: 398fe1

Okay, .0000001 grams is .0000000001 kilograms. That's 1 * 10^-10.
E=mc^2, E is in Joules, c is the speed of light.
c^2= 8.98755179 × 10^16 (m/s)^2.

So 2*8.98755179 * 10^6 Joules would be released from such an explosion. The 2 is because it's annihilating not just the antimatter, but an equal amount of matter. So that's around 18 million Joules.

...huh, okay. That's only about five kilograms of TNT. Not as big as I expected. Still pretty huge proportional to a TCP. They're like 1 foot tall or something?
No. 763072 ID: a107fd

Effective yield would be lower because 1) annihilation produces pions which decay into a mix of gamma rays and neutrinos, and neutrinos don't interact with much of anything 2) a compact pellet of antimatter would tend to "bounce" away from it's point of contact with any solid surface, such as the ground, so much of the reaction might end up taking place way up in the sky. It might even shoot off beyond the borders of our creation thus far.

Still a terrible idea from the larger political/theological standpoint.
No. 763075 ID: 350a50

Yeah, Wretch just told us to lay low.

Anti-matter experimentation is not laying low.
No. 763094 ID: 9f3729

Clearly, the truest answer is an orgy
No. 763413 ID: 952ab0

CREATE [Millie's gift] SWEATER for Buddy
No. 763416 ID: 79a07e

Agreed. Let's not do the anti-matter thing.

Save it for an emergency.
No. 763425 ID: 9876c4

Would Marnet benefit from a ballistic vest/ stainless riotgun
loadout as seen in:
http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/98325.html#104229 ?

I don't want to create another antimatter situation, but the idea did seem to have some support. Of course, she could keep her poncho.
No. 763427 ID: 350a50

I'd say do this, but stick to beanbag stun rounds for now.
No. 763470 ID: b412df

Lets hold off on the weapons / more magic for now, I'd rather not accidentally escalate things before we know what level of defense everyone else is working at. So I think we should be focusing on what we currently have and getting that in order instead of spawning new stuff, on that note, did we ever have a look at the boxes we got from the secret rooms?

As for the present situation though: DAD: You're doing fine
No. 767935 ID: 85cc2c
File 148257536133.png - (12.71KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

What a festive surprise! Buddy puts its sweater in its room, and Marnet puts her gift in the music room with the harp.
No. 767936 ID: 85cc2c
File 148257538847.png - (9.38KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

Primus on the other hand, has started opening your boxes.

You have obtained a MODULE for your COMMUNICATOR- you can now send outgoing calls.
You have obtained a TRACKER and a MODULE. You can now track your TCPs, and those in your ALLIANCE.
You have obtained a MODULE for your MAP. You can now merge territories with other players in an ALLIANCE.
No. 767937 ID: 85cc2c
File 148257542459.png - (11.01KB , 500x500 , 51.png )

Meanwhile, you materialize in Dad's mind. It feels strange, seeing your TCP up close, and it looks like the feeling is mutual. Dad seems startled at your sudden appearance, but accepts your hug eagerly- she's shaking.


DAD: Hey. So that's what you look like...I bet you can hear everything, huh?

VOIDSY: Yeah, we can hear.

VOIDSY: Tell us about your readiness and needs. Use your own words.

DAD: I'm really scared, Void. There's a lot of fighting ahead, and I'm scared of what might come for us. If you can make anything at all, so can the other gods, right? I just don't want anybody to die. The other TCPs...they might have families of their own, soon. We can't be the only group to have ever bonded like this.


VOIDSY: In times like this, one of us advises that you consider lashing out using jokes and humor. Watch yourself collapse into a mess of self depreciating jokes as your depression and self-esteem worsen, and you break down if you can't make any more inappropriately timed jokes.

DAD: ....

VOIDSY: Or, don't do that. Think about death, really think about it. You don't need to fear it, just avoid it. Make plans just in case, and we'll get it taken care of. Death is the cessation, and no story can exist without an ending. We'll do our best to keep you all safe, but we can't make promises. It likely won't be your fault, and dwelling on it won't be much help.

DAD: I guess you're right. I'll do my best, even if it scares me.

VOIDSY: We're afraid too, you know. We don't want any of you to die. You're like our precious children, and we want to prepare you for this. We're proud of you beyond belief and we love you, so, so much. This is a heavy burden to carry, and we wanted a different life for you; we wanted to make a family and have fun exploring, but this world has other plans. Some people are going to want to hurt you and it's up to all of us to protect eachother. Its okay to be scared. You're a good leader.

DAD: ...Thanks. I have to tell myself that more, I think. You really are a bunch of people, aren't you? You all talk so different, but all at once.

VOIDSY: Yep. It gets a bit hectic in here, honestly. But we're doing our best. Make sure to be honest with yourself and the others, too! We have friends in this ourselves, including Wretch. She's even got a friend we can team up with, and the god we don't know might be a new friend with some luck.

DAD: When you put it like that, we might actually have a shot. Tell me what I need to do to make it happen.

VOIDSY: Your current orders are to stay defensive and bunker your area. Keep everybody rested and productive, and up the morale. What kinds of improvements or research would help?

DAD: We got plenty of weapons and supplies, any more and I'm gonna have a hard time keeping track. That said, getting the rest of us some instruments would be great- keep the morale up, as you said. We can play around with those until you need us to get rolling. Might be able to get everybody cheered up before we have to go and bust things up.

DAD: Aside from that, I wanna know more about this god stuff. I know you're all new to this too, but can you ask around and fill us in?

No. 767946 ID: b1b4f3

Well Wretch might still be busy.
Let's try contacting Eastwood first. Say hello, that wretch said he's cool. Ask if he's got any tips for a newbie or info on how to handle other gods. He sounded like the kind of person who would love to give a big lecture.
No. 767955 ID: f562b1

>Stay Close
Did any of the others have notes on them?

>Aside from that, I wanna know more about this god stuff. I know you're all new to this too, but can you ask around and fill us in?
According to Wretch, we're a bunch of "Little ones" working together, so maybe that's a good idea. If there's a way to get you out of this world you may eventually form your own collective.

When we started out, we created Primus by willing a tcp of his noun into existence. That's how we are able to create you guys, though it seems there is a limit to how many the world can support, as at first we could only make him. As the world gets older, I guess it just gets stronger, because that limit just keeps going up bit by bit.
Aside from TCP, we can create things, like the world you stand upon. There seems to be a lot less limit to this: If we can think of it, we can make it. Try and look into what exists, why it exists, what it can do, and what its limits are, and you can figure out when you may need a copy of something, or a new thing entirely to ensure all fields are covered.
No. 767961 ID: 15a025

How about a piano for dad, and a wood guitar for primus?
No. 768024 ID: 350a50

Piano for Dad sounds good, maybe a harmonica for Primus?

Sure, let's make friends with Eastwood while our TCPs get Marnet settled and play with their instruments.
No. 768025 ID: 91ee5f

Is there a way for us to manifest in front of everyone so that we can hug them all at once? Because with our giant size, we could probably do that. Or are we going to have to pass the mask around and hug everyone one at a time?
No. 768359 ID: 85cc2c
File 148279907755.png - (8.77KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

VOIDSY: We'll go and talk to Eastwood if he's available. Can you try getting ahold of him on the communicator? We can handle the conversation while you and the others go and play. We created a piano and a harmonica for you and Primus, so we hope you enjoy playing some music together.

DAD: Sure. Thank you, Void- for coming to talk to me and taking good care of us. I'll keep the mask on in case you need to talk to me again.

VOIDSY: It's no problem. We just wish we could hug you all at once.

DAD: Hey, maybe someday.
No. 768360 ID: 85cc2c
File 148279910457.png - (6.80KB , 500x500 , 53.png )

Eastwood, thankfully is online. Miller and Spit appear to be offline, and you can't help but feel a knot form in your throat. It looks like Wretch's concerns were true.
No. 768362 ID: 85cc2c
File 148279915538.png - (8.23KB , 500x500 , 54.png )

He picks up quickly.

EASTWOOD: Hold on, getting settled still. Whipp is being a little bastard...

EASTWOOD: Okay, hey. You must be the newbie that Wretch can't stop talking about.

EASTWOOD: I'm Eastwood. I work for Wretch and this is my first game too. I've watched a lot of these before, and I know a lot more strategy than you.

EASTWOOD: I already met Miller's TCP and I want to get rolling here, so let's talk business. Getting to know eachother can come after we have less shit hitting the fan.
No. 768365 ID: be6e97

>the newbie that Wretch can't stop talking about
I mean that could be good or bad honestly.

>Getting to know eachother can come after we have less shit hitting the fan.
That's fair I guess.

>already met Miller's TCP
What type are they? For that matter what type are ya'll's? Unless you don't want to tell us, which would make sense honestly.
No. 768367 ID: 350a50

Will Miller side with the rest of us against Spit to prevent no-fun?
No. 768369 ID: db0da2

Hey, it's your boys, Kome Johnson and the Voidsters.

How do you deal with someone like Spit in this game? We've trying avoid starting any sort of arms race, but that assumes our opponent won't skip straight to total war. Should we not just go for the throat, and what would that look like? We'd like to get out of this with the minimum number of dead sentients.
No. 768370 ID: 398fe1

Oh, do you have a rambunctious TCP? Ours are pretty well behaved. In fact, we might be able to help with your problem...

Right, so, Wretch mentioned other gods might attack, but I'm still not clear on how. Can they manifest in our territory after they destroy enough of our stuff, or something? I feel like we should be able to handle a small group of hostile TCPs at this point. Are there types of defenses that won't trigger more of an arms race scenario?
No. 768376 ID: c4be1a

Seems fair, is there anything we can do or should already have done?
Anything we can be doing to help each other out?
No. 768392 ID: 15a025

Ask about Miller's tcp.
No. 768396 ID: b891f9

>EASTWOOD: Okay, hey. You must be the newbie that Wretch can't stop talking about.
Good things we hope.
No. 768436 ID: 85cc2c
File 148282711096.png - (8.71KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

VOIDSY: Hey. What kind of TCPs do you and Miller have? Yours sounds rambunctious.

EASTWOOD: Whipp is a gun type, Miller has a shell type named Seaspray. As I said, Whipp is a little bastard. She doesn't exactly like to listen and goes off on her own a lot, though we're coming to an understanding.

EASTWOOD: Sort of.

VOIDSY: We can help you, we have a great relationship with ours. They're like a family.

EASTWOOD: Cute. I wouldn't mind the help, but we have to meet up first. Wretch really likes you, but I don't trust anyone until deals are made.

VOIDSY: Fair enough. How does attacking work?

EASTWOOD: Right, so the game has win conditions. You can go peaceful, or you can go aggressive.

EASTWOOD: If you go peaceful, everyone has to agree to be friends and sing happy little songs and make things together. If you go aggressive, it's a bloodshed and the player with the last TCP standing wins.

EASTWOOD: Usually, it's a mix. People make alliances and whichever alliance survives wins. That's what we're going for- Spit doesn't make alliances.

EASTWOOD: I've seen her play, and she fights dirty. She doesn't care about her TCPs beyond making them into killing machines. Attacks are done through KILL commands- if somebody orders a KILL command for one of their TCPs to fight yours, your TCP dies if they get mortally wounded. A KILL command isn't an inherent death, but you gotta fight back or run like hell.

EASTWOOD: If you both issue KILL commands on eachother, it becomes a DUEL. Either TCP can die in the fight. If you try to kill a TCP without a KILL command issue, it doesn't work. You could dip these cats in lava and they'd survive without a KILL command.

EASTWOOD: See, that's the only way for a TCP to die. Keep that knowledge close. They won't die from environmental hazards, but they feel pain all the same. If they go past a certain point, a KILL command will kill them instantly, without even being touched.

EASTWOOD: Our goal is to kill Spit's TCPs as fast as possible before she kills ours. I'd say we could try to get them to go rogue, but that's only happened a couple times, ever.

VOIDSY: We can look into both options, seeing as we don't want too many TCPs to die, even Spit's. How do we avoid an arms race?

EASTWOOD: Don't make anything too huge. There's an unspoken rule that you don't go past what the best tech is in the game- HIGH GODS tend to get involved if things get too rowdy, and we don't need a sixth player breathing down our necks.

VOIDSY: Out of curiousity, one of us wants to know what would going all out against Spit result in.

He slouches.
EASTWOOD: Don't do that. Trust me. Firing weapons blindly at her just ends with people dying.

VOIDSY: Will Miller help us?

EASTWOOD: You ask a lot of questions- that's a good thing. So far, Miller's on board. We're going to meet up at Wretch's base, she said you were already coming.

VOIDSY: Is there anything else we can do to help?

EASTWOOD: Keep your cats close and walk carefully on the way over. Spit may not be able to make a TCP yet, but I'm sure she's setting up camp. We can keep talking as you move out.
No. 768439 ID: d79f26

>tcps wont die no matter what if someone isn't actively trying to kill them
that could help a lot with buddy, now that surgery got a LOT les dangerous to perform... if they are telling the truth.

No. 768440 ID: be6e97

What kind of player is Spit? Does she come up with complex strategies? Is she actually good or just so entirely aggressive that she'll try to attack people at every opportunity with little heed to safety of her TCPs? Also, what's the chance of her being such a sore loser that she'll attack one of us outside of the game if she loses?
No. 768551 ID: 398fe1

Dad, round up the others. We're gonna go to Wretch's base now. And be careful where you walk. There may be environmental hazards in Wretch's territory.

Eastwood: So, does a TCP going rogue count as it dying, as far as win conditions are concerned? For an alliance to work it sounds like "last TCP standing" includes groups... can TCPs change sides outright? I think one of our TCPs can facilitate that. Gonna have to be careful to protect her, though.

Also, you mentioned magma and all that. Just how dangerous can we make our territory? I had some plans but haven't been able to implement them yet and I'm worried it will escalate things.
No. 768563 ID: a107fd

What happens if all the players except Spit forge an alliance before Spit has any TCPs?
No. 768688 ID: 4854ef

Still going to hurt quite a bit.. Also may be best to keep them in buddy at least, but at the least we have some knowledge

Speaking of knowledge, is there anything that we may want to know? Enviromental hazards, unusual things, or things that really stand out?
No. 768702 ID: 85cc2c
File 148296994875.png - (7.77KB , 500x500 , 56.png )

VOIDSY: How's the band coming along?

DAD: We're trying.

VOIDSY: Gather up the rest of the TCPs and head over to Wretch's place. Be careful where you walk- there could be environmental hazards.

DAD: On it. I'll get everybody's weapons and gear in the walker, just in case.

VOIDSY: Good. We're talking to Eastwood on the way, so make sure to bring the communicator along.

DAD: You got it, Void.
No. 768703 ID: 85cc2c
File 148296997025.png - (9.43KB , 500x500 , 57.png )

VOIDSY: One of our TCPs is leading the rest over.

EASTWOOD: Right on. Let's get back to business. Give me all your questions and I'll do my best to infodump. I've watched a lot of these games.

VOIDSY: What kind of player is Spit? How does she play?

EASTWOOD: The easiest way to put it; she's a sadist. She won't kill your TCPs outright, but she'll make them suffer and kill them at the last possible second. I've seen people straight up quit after playing a game with her, and some people I know claim to be traumatized by this shit. Tread carefully.

VOIDSY: Does she have strategies for that kind of cruelty?

EASTWOOD: Lots. She changes it up every game, but her teams are really well composed and focused on dealing as much pain as possible. She doesn't care too much about the wellbeing of her own TCPs, though- they're easy to burn out and kill if your own TCPs are willing to endure some hell.

VOIDSY: What happens if we all gang up against her in an alliance?

EASTWOOD: See, people have done that before, and it's what we're going for. She still has an impossibly high win record, and I've seen people give up against her pretty quick.

His tone gets low, and there's an unmistakable bitterness in his voice.

EASTWOOD: I know for a fact that she cheats. Goes to the physical gods playing and beats the shit out of them until they cry uncle...or worse. She's come for Wretch before, and I'm likely just as much of a target, considering I live in her basement. Miller's under protection from Rein, so she should be okay. You're safe by merit of not being physical yet.

VOIDSY: Got it. Can TCPs change sides outright? What's this about going rogue?

EASTWOOD: Yeah, sorta. Everybody's got a hard limit of 5 TCPs each- if you lose one, you can't get another. First one in usually gets a head start, like you have. TCPs can go rogue and bail on their player, either temporarily or permanently- but it rarely happens. TCPs inherently follow their players instructions, at least to a degree. It does count as a TCP loss, though- which makes it a viable strategy.

VOIDSY: You mentioned magma. How dangerous can we go without provoking an arms race?

EASTWOOD: Be careful on this one. I know that Spit likes to make her turf dangerous, but without knowing how far she's gone, you're in danger of crossing that line and sending shit into all out war.

EASTWOOD: There's not much more I can tell you. The gist- Spit can easily take us all out even with our numbers. We have to play it safe.

EASTWOOD: Now that that's over with...tell me about yourself. I'd rather hear it from your mouth than Wretch's.
No. 768705 ID: c441c1

In a way of speaking this http://imgur.com/vQTASei is a good summery of how we look and act at all times.
No. 768707 ID: 4b991a

>Honestly at first I thought Wretch was a jerk and that there'd be conflict
>But once we got talking I fucking adore her. It sounds like she's been through some shit and needs a hug.
>Us though, we're a collective. We started out with the Tent TCP who was cool, made the Knife TCP.
>We felt really bad for the pain Buddy was in, and I think a part of us wanted some form of weapon I don't feel Buddy is a fighter at all from the pain their parts cause them.
>Then we made Dad, a Dad TCP. She's p cool and for a second I was worried she'd hate us, she's loyal.
>We also just made a lobster tcp buuuut, anyhow I love them all and I'm gonna do everything I can to prevent them from suffering.
>So I'm fairly optimistic about a potential 4 way alliance, and while I'm not physical I'll do everything I can help to support you guys through this.
No. 768711 ID: 350a50

We have a Dad TCP. With magic items, she can override another player's control of their TCPs, either with direct commands or by giving them a healthy dose of free will.

We're essentially a brainstorming thinktank. Not all of our ideas are good, but we have a lot of them.
No. 768717 ID: 398fe1

As you've noticed we're a collective. We like getting along with other people and can be pretty damn lewd, but if negotiation fails we can be very aggressive.

...hmm... so if you and Wretch were to outright hand over control of your TCPs to us then quit, Spit won't be able to threaten you two physically? I suppose that would mean you'd lose the game, though. I'm also wondering if we can go to Spit's territory while she has very few TCPs and hasn't prepared them for battle, and just overwhelm her and camp her spawning pool so if she makes any more TCPs we can kill them immediately.

Spit is offline right now, does that mean she's on her way to beat you and Wretch up?
No. 768719 ID: 350a50

I suspect that would result in Spit spawning a pool of lava under our TCPs, since we'd be in her zone of influence.
No. 768721 ID: 398fe1

Well what's keeping us from doing the same thing to Spit's TCPs when they try to attack, then? We could probably just give our TCPs some method of flight to prevent that, anyway.
No. 768725 ID: 398fe1

You know, we should probably not tell Eastwood about Dad's powerset. If Spit comes over and beats him up, she can get that information out of him and then our trump card is in danger of assassination or countermeasures.
No. 768729 ID: db0da2

We're a collective, so individual members are all different, but as a whole we tend to exceedingly merciful and kind, though when provoked we often skip straight to RIP AND TEAR. We come up with a lot of ideas, some genius, some... not. Occasionally some of us will latch onto a dumb idea and push us towards it relentlessly, please be patient with us if that happens, we just need a bit of time to sort ourselves out. We can be a bit lewd or immature, but usually not without provocation. We know how to censor ourselves when it comes time to be serious.
No. 768730 ID: db0da2

Why don't we all just get together and beat the shit out of Spit physically? Actually, more generally, how does that even work? Could you build a physical weapon and kill Spit?
No. 768769 ID: f562b1

>TCPs can go rogue and bail on their player, either temporarily or permanently- but it rarely happens.
I think we may just have a way to solve things, but let's call that "Plan B." Finding a more appropriate means of solving the problem will be better.
...That's actually a cute representation of ourselves, I gotta say.

>tell me about yourself. I'd rather hear it from your mouth than Wretch's.
Collective thinktank of... Well, I guess you wouldn't know what a "Monkey" is if a lobster is a foreign concept, but basically we don't know what we're doing so we just say random gibberish and see what we can make of out of it. Despite the gibberish, though, we're capable of learning quickly and can swiftly learn how to manipulate what we can.

If you're interested in what our physical traits would be: We are a void of nothingness, split in half, except for a plastic mask that forms our face, and a few extra masks that circle around us, though you probably catch glimpses of the masks through the communicator. These masks can change shape as we desire, though we'd need to test if it's good for anything more than showing emotions.
No. 768797 ID: 85cc2c
File 148300454730.png - (9.03KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

VOIDSY: We're a collective, and we don't always make very good decisions. We're impulsive...and kind of lewd, but we really do try to get things right. Not all of our ideas are good, but we don't give up, either. We want to protect our TCPs, and we love them a lot.

EASTWOOD: Yeah, how about 'em? Mind sharing their types?

VOIDSY: Primus is a tent type, and he was our first one. Buddy was our second, a knife type. We feel bad about Buddy being in constant pain...it's not much of a fighter. Dad was our third and we worried about her not liking us at first, but she's our team leader now. She's a dad type, and one of our best. We just made a lobster type named Marnet, and she's settling in just fine.

EASTWOOD: That's a decent enough set of TCPs....though I have no idea what a lobster is. Sounds kind of gross.

VOIDSY: Don't worry about it, you'll see her soon enough.

VOIDSY: Some of us have more questions...is that okay?

EASTWOOD: Sure, keep it quick.

VOIDSY: What happens if you quit, but give us all your TCPs?

EASTWOOD: You can't exactly quit...you can give up and not do anything else for the game's duration, but there's no backing out. It's a fight til the finish. We'd lose for sure.

EASTWOOD: One last thing. Wretch gushed about you plenty to me, but how do you feel about her?

VOIDSY: We...adore her. We thought she would be a jerk, but we were wrong. She seems like she's been through a lot, and we want to help her.

EASTWOOD: You treat her right, no matter what. I've known her for decades and if you're right on one thing, it's that she's been through a lot of shit. If you end up hurting her, it's my obligation as her demon to go and beat your ass as much as possible when you become physical, got it?

EASTWOOD: ...gods, you don't even know what a demon is, do you? Next topic, questions about god stuff. You have a lot to learn if you want to go and become physical like us.

EASTWOOD: Keep it quick. I only have time for a few more questions before I have to check on Whipp.
No. 768798 ID: 398fe1

What kind of stuff do you do for Wretch in the physical world?
No. 768800 ID: be6e97

How often does this happen? Gods popping into existence for a rousing game of TCP, I mean? In addition, what powers do gods even have? Also, you mentioned demons and and both Wretch and you mentioned high gods, but didn't say what they were.
No. 768801 ID: d79f26

okay, is there a way to accelerate or slow physical manifestation speed?
can gods die?
No. 768802 ID: 4b991a

>so um how does the transition to physical work?

>and why did I just start being a thing?

>what god decides to boot up the games? How do gods end up in them?

>What makes you a demon and not a god, or are you a god?

>And I guess being unable to quit is all the more a reason to dedicate ourselves to winning
No. 768809 ID: 486e87

I can't think of any questions to add to what the others are asking, but we should remember to thank him for the infodump, and to mention that Spit's currently offline right now, so that's something to be concerned about if she pops round for surprise visits.
No. 768884 ID: db0da2

I still want answers to what I asked here: >>768730
No. 768996 ID: 350a50

What are the rules regarding territories and our ability to shape them? At the beginning, we were alone, and shaped a lot of what formed the basis of this session.
No. 769197 ID: 7f3fd8

What exactly is the purpose of keeping your TCPs happy? other than making us feel good about ourselves rather than feel like a cruel slave master? As cruel as it sounds it might be a good idea to have a near full on fight(basicly everything but using the kill command) with wretch if she is down for it. it would give our little guys a taste of some real combat and prepare them for spits sadistic tactics with little danger of actual death(unless spit or someone happens to gank us and murder our little kitties when they are weak enough)
No. 769384 ID: c441c1

Is there an omni-god? Also what does Wretches panties look like? '~'
No. 769462 ID: 95c606

Does spit have many allies in the real world?
No. 769493 ID: 398fe1

Well a spar between allied TCPs makes sense for combat training, especially since we have two sources of healing, but Wretch and Eastwood have less TCPs than we do. Also I suspect if you damage a Food Type, they can't heal as much.
No. 769763 ID: 0d6c82

What are the advantages to becoming physical aside from being able to potentially physically fight?

On Spit, does she go for social engineering aside from threats? Anything actively deceptive for example like pretending to make deals or not be such a jerk in order to betray you later? Any real devious stuff like making a TCP pretend to consider going rogue while actually getting close for a surprise Kill?

>don't go past what the best tech is in the game
How do we tell what the best tech is? Specifically, what sorts of options do we have for remote detection? That could hopefully give us some idea what Spit is doing, and if Spit responds by spying back that isn't all that bad (especially since she would have more of us to keep track of).

Can TCPs Kill with ranged attacks? Like, should we put up some walls around our territory and/or Spit's territory ASAP to avoid getting picked off by a Sniper TCP or something (or maybe even some kind of dome or energy shield if those are a thing in the case of Sniper TCP plus Flight TCP)? Or aside from Kills, is long ranged weaponry (especially from one god's territory to another) like catapults a thing?

Are there ways to defend against sneak attacks like burrowing, invisibility or teleportation?

By the way, the health loss from using magic items is temporary, right? Can it be offset by a continual healing effect (like sitting in a Tent TCP)?

>What exactly is the purpose of keeping your TCPs happy? other than making us feel good about ourselves rather than feel like a cruel slave master? As cruel as it sounds it might be a good idea to have a near full on fight(basicly everything but using the kill command)
Several reasons come to mind.
1. What would be the point of winning at the cost of making everyone miserable?
2. Partial insubordination is apparently more common than TCPs completely going rogue and could hinder tactics, so morale matters at least for that and possibly for other aspects of combat.
3. While sparring is helpful, sparring will leave our TCPs partially damaged and therefore more vulnerable to real attacks between sparring and healing (which would mean vulnerability all the time with constant sparring).
No. 770234 ID: 243b93

So this "game" has an end, right? What happens to our TCPs at the end of the game?
No. 770312 ID: 7f3fd8

That's actually a pretty good point... and may influence if we decide to go full on brutal warlord or not.
No. 774541 ID: 85cc2c
File 148531784427.png - (8.75KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

You start asking dozens of questions at once, and Eastwood shushes you immediately.

EASTWOOD: Let's take this a bit at a time, and I'm gonna answer the core shit you're worried about here.
No. 774544 ID: 85cc2c
File 148531797159.png - (10.01KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

EASTWOOD: First things first, gods and all that comes with it.
EASTWOOD: This is a little lesson in what we call the cosmic hiearchy. I'm not the best person to aks on this, but I know enough.
EASTWOOD: So everything we got out here in physical territory has its place. Generally the higher you go, the more powerful and divine you get. The lower you get, the closer you get to this shit called horrors, which you don't need to worry about until you get physical. They can't bother you here and the only reason I bring them up is for the sake of being thorough.
EASTWOOD: Up top, you have high gods. High gods can create land, people, and any other kind of life. Wax is the high god of our pantheon. They can also make greater gods, like Wretch and Spit, and lesser gods like myself. Greater gods can only edit and modify existing terrain, but they can create people, life, and lesser gods. Lesser gods work for greater gods, greater gods work for high gods. Got it?
VOIDSY: Got it...we think.

EASTWOOD: Gods like you, collectives or other non-physical gods existing only on this plane, are just a bit below lesser gods. There's ways to become a physical lesser god though, which we'll get to. You're still a god, but you don't technically...exist where we're at. All gods are conditionally immortal, which is to say we can live forever without aging until we are killed.
EASTWOOD: All gods can work with motifs. Motifs are basically items, aspects, elements, whatever- they relate to your form. You can create whatever you want within that, but it drains your energy when you start doing higher scale stuff. You can only create motifs here on the TCP plane, but anything relating to your motifs is gonna have some kind of amplified power. Other gods WILL use motifs, so you better make use of them too.
EASTWOOD: Mine are crystals and smoke, Wretch has sludge, Miller has flowers and breezes, and Spit has flesh...and smoke as well.
VOIDSY: Ours is masks.
EASTWOOD: Sweet. We can make that work.
No. 774545 ID: 85cc2c
File 148531800447.png - (11.11KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

EASTWOOD: Next down on the hierarchy is demons. Demons assist gods in their work. The actual relationship between god and demon varies...partner, servant, slave, assistant, priest, missionary...or perhaps just a close friend. A god's demon has to be on a lower tier, but aside from that it's no holds barred. I am Wretch's demon, which is to say I'm pretty much her secretary. Gods can have as many demons as they want, though 5 seems to be the ideal maximum. Demons are conditionally immortal and can use motifs to a lesser degree during their service.
VOIDSY: Can we take on a demon?
EASTWOOD: Not until you become physical, no. You can't be claimed as a demon yet, either- there'd be no point to claiming a demon who can't work with you in the flesh.

EASTWOOD: TCPs are somewhere in between demons and people. They're divine beings by nature, but here on Morbit they're more like little pest animals...that form colonies and have citizenship. People respect them just fine and all, but they're easily the biggest population of any species. TCPs from sessions are known as divine TCPs, while physical ones are classified as Morbitian TCPs.
VOIDSY: So TCPs exist outside of the game?
EASTWOOD: Yeah. More on that in a second too.

EASTWOOD: The rest isn't really relevant to the game itself, but as I said, I like to be thorough. People are next down the list. We got a loooot of sentient species here, and they come in more kinds than you can imagine. Not much to say here, really. They're people. They listen to us and do their own thing.
No. 774546 ID: 85cc2c
File 148531803243.png - (11.26KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

EASTWOOD: Below people however, you got monsters. Monsters are people affected by horror energy, and mutated as a result. They're still citizens and the degree of mutation seriously varies, but most of 'em have stuff like lots of teeth and eyes. They're alright.
EASTWOOD: Horrors live beneath the ground and radiate energy that, as I said, mutates people. Parodies are horrors that manage to reach the surface and mimic people. There's something off about them, always.
EASTWOOD: And that's how it works.
VOIDSY: That's. A lot of info.
EASTWOOD: Hey, you asked.
No. 774547 ID: 85cc2c
File 148531805571.png - (8.21KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

EASTWOOD: As for the win condition...you get a lot of stuff if you win, all of it pretty good.
EASTWOOD: You get to gain some power as a god, for one. Non-physical gods become physical, lesser get some more power and eventually become greater, etcetera. Obviously the higher you are, the harder it is to get to a higher rank. High gods just get to admin the whole deal.
EASTWOOD: The other big one is that any and all winners get to take their TCPs with them into the physical plane.
EASTWOOD: I figured you'd be interested in that one, particularly.
No. 774549 ID: 85cc2c
File 148531808635.png - (11.24KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

EASTWOOD: As for Wretch's panties...
EASTWOOD: Do you honestly think she bothers?
VOIDSY: That's....fair.
EASTWOOD: I'm gonna check on Whipp now. No more questions for now- we have to start acting.
VOIDSY: Thank you for talking to us.
EASTWOOD: It's whatever. Let's do our best not to get slaughtered.
No. 774551 ID: c441c1

Well before you go tell Spit that if she fucks with us I might just fuck her~ when we win.
No. 774553 ID: eb3cf7

"Win condition" means "what you have to do to win," not "prize for winning."
No. 774554 ID: 398fe1

Huh, when we asked Wretch what you got for winning, she said she didn't know and that the high gods made winners keep it a secret. So one of you lied to us... or you told us, but not Wretch. That would be strange. It would also mean you won the game before, or got that information from someone who won.

This worries me.
No. 774555 ID: d79f26

but that was already explained, forge alliance with everyone here, or be the last one standing.
No. 774561 ID: dce082

No real reason NOT to try to go for a win though.
Are you TRYING to get her to fuck with us?
No. 774564 ID: 398fe1

Yeah I don't know why either god would lie about it. Unless the reward is so good we should be worried about getting backstabbed? Like what if only one god can win the game and an alliance is temporary by necessity?
No. 774646 ID: 1fd49c

One thing though, when we first got here this place was empty and we had to create the world ourselves and then things like ruins and temples and tree houses just kind of showed up.
Whats up with that?
No. 774669 ID: 350a50

I don't think he wants to answer more questions right now. Let's start securing a route between our base and Wretch's, so that we can safely reach each other if one needs backup.
No. 775014 ID: 85cc2c
File 148550398817.png - (16.01KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

It seems you took longer with Eastwood than you expected...though with all that talking, you can't say you're too surprised.

Your TCPs have already retraced their steps into the forest while you were chatting, following the same route as earlier. Leaving the walker behind and taking their weapons in Buddy's duffel bag, they head for Wretch's camp. The path is untouched for the most part, though when they enter the ruins, it's clear that Wretch has been busy.

It appears she's set up a proper building in the center, and a large one at that.
No. 775020 ID: 398fe1

Let's ring up Wretch to let her know we're here. Go knock on the door, too. Hmm, let's not confront Wretch about the victory prize thing. I want to ask Miller what it is first, to see what answer she gives us.

...hey, is Miller available now?

Wretch: We're here.
No. 775055 ID: b412df

Did we tell Eastwood that Spit was currently offline, just in case she tries to interfere with Eastwood and Wretch physically (Considering they live in the same house)?
No. 775403 ID: 4b991a

>Send wretch a text about how it's cute and very much her aesthetic so far
No. 775419 ID: 14f8aa

Hey guys. Knock on the door to let them know you're here.
No. 775472 ID: c441c1

into the were house for a awesome meet and greet.
Wretch: "Nice warehouse of love you dork."
No. 776263 ID: 85cc2c
File 148593257607.png - (6.80KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

You quickly check your communicator. Spit is still offline, Miller is online, and Eastwood is online.

VOIDSY: One last thing. Spit's offline.
EASTWOOD: Got it. I'll watch my back.

VOIDSY: We're here, Wretch.
WRETCH: OH SHIT OKAY hold on i almost got everything set up
VOIDSY: We're liking the warehouse of love, dork.
WRETCH: uVVVu why thank you kind collective, its some bitchin shit if i do say so myself
WRETCH: ok were good cmon in
No. 776264 ID: 85cc2c
File 148593259475.png - (6.75KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

Dad knocks on the door, a small TCP answering it. She introduces herself as Crunk, and welcomes your TCPs in with a nod. She seems very relaxed, and speaks in gentle burbling noises. Her dress is casual, but not unexpected for a TCP belonging to Wretch.
No. 776265 ID: 85cc2c
File 148593260960.png - (12.45KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

The bottom floor of the warehouse has been turned into a meeting room and living area, fit for dozens of TCPs to converse and make plans.

WRETCH: like it??? its our team base
WRETCH: gotta make our game plan here yknow
No. 776272 ID: a363ac

why has noTCP hugged the Crunk yet???
you might want to add in some things for the TCPs to play with while we plan like some balls and puzzles and shit.
We have come up with a game plan for non-violent battles as well Music battle of the bands shit love <3.
No. 776274 ID: af6e04

Needs air hockey table
No. 776281 ID: 398fe1

Wretch: comfy. Is that pole the way up and down? How do you like our tiny cats?
No. 776397 ID: 350a50

TCPs: Hug new friend
No. 776798 ID: 85cc2c
File 148609687068.png - (7.86KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

Hugs are not enough for this momentous occasion. Your TCPs are so delighted with their new friend that they get to work on making a proper blanket fort, in which to cuddle and strategize. Blanket forts are the most protective forts of all, and have the added bonus of keeping everybody warm and cozy.

VOIDSY: How do you like our cats?
WRETCH: the lil knife type is the CUUUUTEST but the lobster freaks me out a lil. shits got those weird eyes
VOIDSY: We assure you, she's friendly as can be. Are you up for getting down to business?
WRETCH: lay it on me
VOIDSY: First things first- can you get up and down with that pole?
WRETCH: yea its a slidey pole for goin down and you can climb or get pulled up usin the rope
VOIDSY: Smart. We should spawn some toys for the TCPs, and maybe strategize some nonviolent ways to combat our enemy...battle of the bands was discussed amongst us earlier.
WRETCH: im gonna go grab a piece of paper irl and put some notes down okay
WRETCH: you come up with toys i come up with strategies
VOIDSY: Sounds perfect- this place is nice, by the way. Cozy. But you know what it needs?
WRETCH: what??? what did i miss
VOIDSY: Air hockey table.
WRETCH: wtf is that
WRETCH: voidsy yr collective must be from another planet or something i dont know what half of this shit is
No. 776799 ID: dce082

To wretch: "yeah, our world is a bit more bland though. Are most collectives NOT from other planets?"
No. 776802 ID: 350a50

Another planet? Babe, we're from further places than that.
No. 776875 ID: eb3cf7

Well, that's clearly going to be our advantage in this fight--we know of things that they don't, so we have a lot more room to get creative. Sweet.
No. 776901 ID: 8d4593

An air hockey table is a long table with an air pump inside with thousands of pin prick tiny holes on the surface and slightly raised walls on the edges.
On either far end of the table are moderately long slots called "goals", and on the table is a single "puck" (a thin light disk, It's diameter roughly one quarter the length of the goal), and two Paddles (Larger, thicker Disks with a handle on top and a soft bottom. Their diameter roughly one third the length of the goal.)
The air pump pushes air through the holes and creates a cushion of air for the puck to float on, giving it a friction-less surface to glide on. The point of the game is to use the Paddles to hit the Puck into the opponent's goal. Doing so grant's a point. The first to a predetermined number of point's (Usually 7) Wins the game.
The Table is bisected by a center line between the two goals. The puck starts on this line each round, and the players cannot move their paddles past this line.

Our world has green grass, tall trees, vast oceans, and blue sky. One sentient race rules the planet and has eliminated or segregated any dangerous predators, Though we still fight among ourselves. We are relatively weak for animals our size and have no natural powers or defenses. We must outsmart our problems. Magic does not exist here, though if you came here you might think otherwise. Our civilization is built upon thousands of years of technological progress. The mundane things we have today would be considered sorcery just a few hundred years ago.
No. 776903 ID: 398fe1

CREATE: Air Hockey table
Wait can we create stuff in here?
No. 776955 ID: db0da2

>yr collective must be from another planet or something
Oh, is that a thing that we're going to acknowledge? We're from various places on the planet Earth, Solar planetary system, Milky Way galaxy, Virgo supercluster. But that probably doesn't help you. Earth is 70% covered in ocean, there's no magic, there's one intelligent species, place is controlled by a bunch of different countries of various sizes. We've got computers, internet, simple robotics, automobiles, aircraft, many satellites but otherwise limited space travel, and weapons of mass destruction.
No. 777066 ID: ded3b0

Oh sure, let Spit (potentially) know where our minds are outsourced from! Do you want Spit to show on your doorstep and erase you or something? What if Spit gains access to be one of us? What if Spit is ALREADY one of us?!?
No. 777078 ID: 350a50

>Giving Humanity a common enemy to unite against
Vote Spit for 2017.
No. 777137 ID: 85cc2c
File 148623955863.png - (8.17KB , 500x500 , 70.png )

VOIDSY: I mean, that's correct. Our world is far more bland, and further away than you can imagine.
WRETCH: whoa
WRETCH: i was half joking but seriously
WRETCH: thats so cool!!! yall are aliens
WRETCH: wow ive never fucked aliens before this is history in the makin
VOIDSY: It's really not that interesting of a planet. There's no magic, and only one species rules the planet...
WRETCH: what!
VOIDSY: ...no more predators, though there is infighting- we're weak for animals, no defenses...
WRETCH: what!?
VOIDSY: ....we can go to space, a little bit, got robots, computers, weapons of mass destruction...
WRETCH: ok so hold the fuck up
WRETCH: one species. no magic. no predators.
WRETCH: how the fuck do you even work
WRETCH: out here we got more people species than we know what to do with and like...no gods???? none??? what?!?!
WRETCH: no offense yall but that sounds SUPER BORINGGGG

You are unable to explain what an air hockey table is, because Wretch is thoroughly distracted with the concept of alien life.

WRETCH: what do you DO all day just fuckin sit around on yr asses??
WRETCH: i mean we got people who do that here but
WRETCH: what kinda shitty planet has no gods
VOIDSY: Earth.

She takes a moment to let it soak in.

WRETCH: yeah okay thats a pretty boring name too
WRETCH: gettin you out here is even more priority cause holy shit yr gonna die of boredom if you dont

You cannot CREATE anything here, but ideas can be passed along to Wretch and Crunk. Your TCPs relay the idea for an air hockey table and more toys along.

Crunk says that they don't actually need too much here aside from toys; she has her own weapons and gear for going out on the next floor up. It's strange, listening to her. It takes you a few more seconds to understand her than your TCPs- likely due to her being Wretch's.

Oh- she pauses. This will probably be the last time you can CREATE things for a long while if this game goes anything like what Wretch told her. Wretch has gotten most of her own creation done, the other players will be here soon...they really only have the time to add one or two things to the base, so they should be essential.

She adds that toys can be essentials too, but it better be a really good one.
No. 777138 ID: a363ac

We should give Dad a personal item creator it will have a cost for use but Dad is a responsible TCP which reduces the risk of it.
<Teddypimm> TCPs creating things, dunno why but I'm imagining the TCPs trying to make things with a easybake.
No. 777140 ID: 398fe1

How about a ten foot (collapsible) pole and some rope? Grappling hook maybe?
No. 777141 ID: 350a50

We should CREATE a MEDBAY, a facility that can restore lost health.
No. 777146 ID: 4be0ea

Create: General's Visage
This Mask allows the wearer to have private 2 way comminication between themselves and any other tcp in the game, and can allow shared vision with allies. It can also create communication links between two or more tcp's not wearing the mask for a noticeable increase in energy expended.
In addition, the wearer can heal allied tcp's at the expense of health of any tcp made by the wearers god, plus a nominal expense from the wearer.
The wearer should be trusted and well trained, as when wearing this item they cannot hear or be controlled by their patron diety.
No. 777148 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, only one or two more things? And we're best at making things in our motif. I say we create a NINJA MASK first priority, which hopefully grants stealth or an ignore-me effect or something.

If we can create another thing, it should be something defensive that can counter aggression, since that's supposed to be what our big spoilsport opponent is into. Maybe another animal, something that protects. A CERBERUS, perhaps?

Alternately to those... if it's a matter of time to create things, not quantity... maybe a full set of GOD MASKS to go with the Void mask, created as one matched set? They'd make nice gifts to our allies, and maybe the Spit mask would even have some purpose down the line too, forcing her to talk to us or able to be used as an arcane link to her or something.

And if we have a set of god masks, I'd see if we can create a SANCTUARY TEMPLE to house them in, with the "sanctuary" part hopefully creating a magical effect on the whole building that prevents any hostile actions. Doing it on our own land would be fine, but could we combine our powers somehow to create that? Create an overlapping spot between our territories to build it on?

Should probably ask if any of our other abilities have time limits, like teaching and so on.
No. 777149 ID: 350a50

I like the Cerberus idea for a guard dog.
No. 777151 ID: 9876c4

Cat and mask motif should obviously have a SPHINX, methinks.
rest could work.

I doubt you guys will let me build BATTLEMENTS.
No. 777192 ID: 350a50

You know, a guardian creature that operates on HUMAN riddles would actually be quite powerful here, but less likely to seem like an immediate threat or arms escalation. I think I like the SPHINX idea better.
No. 777243 ID: dce082

>wow ive never fucked aliens before this is history in the makin

Honestly we as a collective are pretty used to sex with aliens... or at least being voices in peoples heads driving them to have sex with aliens and living vicariously through them... So while earth itself is pretty boring we get to fuck around in enough worlds for it to be enjoyable.
No. 777250 ID: d79f26

a nuke. for just in case.
No. 777257 ID: 15a025

A HELLHOUND or a CERBERUS for a guard dog sounds like a smart move.
No. 777270 ID: 398fe1

No. 777318 ID: 65ec8d

Potential problem with CREATEing a non-TCP living thing: not sure how much control we'd have over them? We might create something and then it does its own thing and is as much a danger to our TCPs as to Spit's. Though, with a Sphinx where you're ok if you answer the riddles, us gods in this alliance could essentially cheat by thinking about the riddle together and relaying the answer to our TCPs, while Spit would have to figure it out alone.
No. 777324 ID: d36af7

How metaphorical can we be with motifs and still get a useful benefit? I'm thinking a holoprojector sort of device that can lay out opaque illusions across an area of... I dunno, it's hard to figure scale. Maybe a hundred times Buddy's height? Effectively it's a mask laid across the landscape. Kept at home, it could obfuscate activity inside the base's forcefield, or if carried with a team it could conceal their numbers and exact position. Significant strategic benefits, but it's not really much of a weapon since it can't cause any physical effects directly, and not much of a defense since it wouldn't do anything against indiscriminate area attacks. Also has significant 'toy' value since it's basically a 100% safe and easily rechargeable fireworks display, even before the TCPs figure out more elaborate effects.
No. 777357 ID: db0da2

Seconding, assuming this also includes a suitable method of delivery. Ideally we don't escalate, but if it does get to that point we don't want to be caught with our pants down.

Earth isn't that boring, there's seven billion people and the internet is pretty huge, so we never lack entertainment.
No. 777361 ID: 8d4593

I... Wouldn't mind a nuke... If it were disguised as something totally inane.
No. 777377 ID: 770217

I like this. Seconding SPHINX.
No. 777378 ID: b412df

No, WMDs bad. I guess since it sounds like everyone's banding together against Spit, then it's less bad. But it's still playing with fire, outright war would be bad for our kitties.
No. 777380 ID: 398fe1

Guys we just got told not to start an arms race, how is making a nuke not starting an arms race?
No. 777417 ID: 56ffef

http://imgur.com/vQTASei please not this again.
No. 777434 ID: 85cc2c
File 148633741452.png - (7.00KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

VOIDSY: Okay, we've decided on making a sort of guardian creature.
WRETCH: ooooh not a bad idea
WRETCH: does it use yr motifs at all
VOIDSY: Yes, masks.
WRETCH: ok so yr gonna have to wait til yall are home for that cause if i make it, it wont be as strong
WRETCH: motifs n shit are dependent on the creator so if you made sludge stuff it wouldnt be as kick ass, you know
VOIDSY: Understood.
WRETCH: i think im gonna make one too actually gimme a sec

A HORROR is created outside, slightly bewildered by its own existence.
No. 777435 ID: 85cc2c
File 148633743278.png - (7.09KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

You give a rather lengthy explanation of an air hockey table, and Wretch creates one. The TCPs are interested, but are too cozy to move. They've begun sharing their interests, and find that Crunk is a big fan of music and dance. Primus excitedly explains their idea for battle of the bands, and Crunk gets really hyped up over it, spouting ideas for all kinds of performances. It all makes sense as to why Wretch gave her a microphone now, and she says she can make up some lyrics as soon as possible.
No. 777436 ID: 85cc2c
File 148633745531.png - (6.21KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

Everyone seems to be getting along great. You feel an immense sense of pride over your TCPs. You're about to praise them when you get a call.
No. 777439 ID: 15a025

Give them some quick words of praise and then answer the call.
No. 777451 ID: 398fe1


Hey Miller what's the haps
No. 777458 ID: 350a50

Hello. Is everything okay?
No. 777523 ID: 85cc2c
File 148635125345.png - (10.12KB , 500x500 , 74.png )

You tell your TCPs that they are good little kitties, and they are positively thrilled. You are a very good god to them!

You pick up.

MILLER: Do I have this thing working??
MILLER: OH there you are! Hi!
MILLER: I'm Miller, you must be Voidsy. That's what it says on the communicator...
No. 777524 ID: 85cc2c
File 148635127235.png - (10.01KB , 500x500 , 75.png )

She goes quiet, shuffling a little.
MILLER: i have no idea what to say im sorry
No. 777525 ID: 595d54

So, what do you mill?
No. 777526 ID: 15a025

Well then tell us about yourself a bit
No. 777528 ID: 398fe1

That's okay. So you're already allied up with Wretch and Eastwood? We just met them, they both seem interesting in their own ways.

Why don't you tell us a bit about how the game works? And maybe some stuff about your world?
(fact checking!)
No. 777529 ID: 4b991a

Don'y worry. To be honest I'm not sure of how people are at first. I thought Wretch was going to be a big jerk at first, but Wretch is fucking great.
Hell I even thought Eastwood was gonna be a bit of a jerk on that note too so,
First expectations are honestly deceiving, so they really don't matter you know?
Your teeth are cool btw
No. 777530 ID: 243b93

SHES CUTE!!!!!!!!! assure her that its fine and ask her if she has any tcps/what kind!
No. 777534 ID: 243b93

also compliment her flowers! theyre very nice
No. 777535 ID: 65ec8d

Then we balance out! We say too much! Really sorry in advance if we say anything that's awkward or uncomfortable or weird, it's only sort of in our control. You're pretty! Are you new to this? We're new to this. Have you received the down-low sit rep yet?
No. 777545 ID: 350a50

No need to be such a shrinking violet.
No. 777546 ID: 9876c4

No. 777554 ID: 91ee5f

Awww, she's adorable!
No. 777588 ID: 9145ba

You lose! Pay up. Gimme your lunch money.
No. 777594 ID: f6795e

+compliment her flowers
+ask her about herself!
No. 777634 ID: 85cc2c
File 148640983593.png - (9.99KB , 500x500 , 76.png )

VOIDSY: No need to be such a shrinking violet. You're doing great- we talk too much, so it balances out!
MILLER: Oh, okay!! Thank you so much, I just got so worried considering this is my first game and
VOIDSY: Also, your flowers are very pretty. You're very cute. Adorable, even.
VOIDSY: We only sort of have control over this.
VOIDSY: Can you tell us about yourself?

It takes her a little bit to compose herself.
MILLER: Well I um
MILLER: WELL IM MILLER and I'm a god from good ol' Solitude, Morbit! I work for Rein, one of the most serene gods in the whole world. It's sooooo cool.
MILLER: I'm in charge of beaches and nostalgia, and I spend a lot of time helping kids find seashells by the shore...this is my first game and I have no idea what I'm doing, aside from knowing that the prize is something really good.
MILLER: But really, I'm just in it for the tiny cats! They're so cute!!!
MILLER: Oh my gosh you have got to see my little guy Seaspray they're the sweetest little thing I want to hug them forever
No. 777635 ID: a363ac

You... are juST ADORABLE!~
No. 777638 ID: 398fe1

(damn, she doesn't know anything. So much for fact-checking.)
What, you don't know what the prize is? Why is that, are the gods who won forbidden from talking about it? Is there any reason why Eastwood would know, but Wretch wouldn't? The fact that he was able to tell us worries me. Maybe he lied about it, even. Maybe it's because he's a Demon, and exempt from the oath of secrecy?

Hey can you keep track of Spit for us? I heard she can be a problem for Wretch and Eastwood, but you're safe since Rein is protecting you. Also we heard you're fairly strong. I'm worried that Spit will go threaten the other two and make them sabotage us or something. If you can keep Spit off their backs, we should have a good chance of winning the game fair and square with this alliance.
No. 777642 ID: 398fe1

...actually wait a second. You're physical, right? We're not yet, when/how does that change happen?
No. 777643 ID: f65b48

This is your first game?
We have some good news and bad news.
No. 777645 ID: 4854ef

Aw man having to introduce them to Spit's existence is going to be saddening.. But yeah if we don't Miller is going to have an awful surprise at the end of it all.
No. 777670 ID: 4be0ea

Cool! Were going for an allied victory but we have to kill spit first. Apparently she's like. The devil. Things could get ugly.
Be prepared!
No. 777708 ID: 350a50

Scar TCP?
No. 777884 ID: 85cc2c
File 148650110273.png - (8.29KB , 500x500 , 77.png )

VOIDSY: You're just adorable.
MILLER: I-I try!

VOIDSY: I hate to inform you of bad news, but we're allied against Spit in this session.
Her expression very serious.
MILLER: I'm aware. I have a lot of knowledge about Spit...my deity, Rein, is her controller and handler.
MILLER: Without Rein's protection, all of Taverne would suffer at her hands. It may not be able to control everything she does, but it has enough strength to keep the rest of us gods safe.
MILLER: She's devoured both a high god and a greater one...which should have been impossible. No greater god should be able to kill a high one...which is why we desperately need Rein rehabilitating and handling her. It's a long process with little result so far, but I have high hopes for my master. It's a powerful and benevolent force- the best, even!
MILLER: I'll do my best too to help you defeat Spit in this game! I want to make Rein proud of me!

VOIDSY: Do you know about becoming physical?
MILLER: Nope! I was born physical, sorry!
MILLER: But I hope you get to be soon, you seem like a very nice collective.

VOIDSY: You don't know about the win condition, do you?
MILLER: Nope! It's not like it's a big secret or anything, but I sure didn't want to get spoiled.
VOIDSY: Hm....Wretch told us it was a very large secret, enforced by high gods.
MILLER: That's...not really true?
MILLER: I mean...from what Eastwood's told me, Wretch isn't a bad person...
MILLER: Is it possible she was lied to?
No. 777893 ID: 8d4593

Hmm. Spit sounds terrifying.
Or would sound terrifying if we weren't totally incapable of being destroyed by her.
Even if she devours us, only this window into Taverne will be destroyed. We will live on.
It is you that we worry about. Though it is also our first game, we will do our best to protect you.
No. 777898 ID: 398fe1

I suppose it's possible Wretch was misinformed. I think we should talk to her about it...
Is it possible Wane LET Spit eat them? Wax and Wane... growing larger and growing smaller... maybe Wane's existence was meant to wither and die.
No. 777901 ID: b412df

Hang on, are we mis-remembering things? We asked Wretch that the prize for winning was, not the win conditions. Then we asked Eastwood about both the prize and condition, and he gave a answer.

IDK, it's possible she was lied to, misinformed, or maybe hasn't won a game yet while Eastwood has, or any number of things. I'm not worried about it, she's still a ally, and feigning ignorance about the prize doesn't really do anything for her, so I highly doubt there was any malicious intentions.

Have you been messaged by Eastwood or Wretch about what's being planned yet?
No. 777972 ID: db0da2

Why is you master attempting rehabilitation? Unless I'm missing something, Spit is an unrepentant sadist with considerable power guilty of multiple counts of premeditated murder. Wouldn't it be better to just kill her?
No. 777980 ID: 398fe1

>win condition vs prize
(I think that's just the author mixing the terms up, Miller is clearly talking about the prize here)
No. 777988 ID: 85cc2c

pretty much
No. 777991 ID: eb3cf7

"Win condition" literally means "objective." As in, "What conditions do I have to meet to win."
No. 777999 ID: 85cc2c

im aware of what the terms mean, i've just mixed them up a couple times and will be doing my best not to in the future
No. 778018 ID: eb3cf7

Word. Easy mistake to make.
No. 778104 ID: f7d869

Who cares!
No. 778136 ID: 85cc2c
File 148658361330.png - (8.10KB , 500x500 , 78.png )

VOIDSY: Spit sounds terrifying, though we're completely safe from her.
MILLER: This is true, but your kitties won't be! I made my first kitty a big strong shell type so we can have extra protection and defense. Eastwood knows way more strategy despite being a first timer like us, and said that'd be the way to go.
MILLER: I just got lucky they turned out so cute!!

VOIDSY: We do have one question...
MILLER: Fire away!
VOIDSY: Why would your master attempt rehabilitation?
VOIDSY: From what we've heard, Spit is irredeemable...
MILLER: Rein believes that all life on this planet is precious, even Spit's.
MILLER: Yes, it would be easier to kill her.
MILLER: But Spit has her place as a deity and if she can be taught what is right and wrong properly, she can be a great asset to the Taverne pantheon.
MILLER: It's just a matter of helping her see the ways she's wronged others and get her to stop.

MILLER: Seaspray is almost over to where you're all at. They're a bit large, but please welcome them into the team! They're a little quiet, but I'm sure they'll be a great friend to your cats.
MILLER: Is there anything else you want to ask me before we leave the call? You can always still message me, but we may not have time later.
No. 778144 ID: 398fe1

Oh, one thing I'm not clear on. When Spit inevitably sends TCPs over to fight ours, what's stopping us from just creating stuff in the middle of the fight to help our side?
No. 778159 ID: 0b2b5d

I didn't get an answer from EASTWOOD but this is still bothering me.
No. 778161 ID: db0da2

>Rein believes that all life on this planet is precious, even Spit's.
Isn't that hypocritical though? If all life is precious, then wouldn't it be better to kill her to stop her from ending all those other precious lives? I also understand that Spit's godhood means she could very well be a useful asset once rehabilitated, but she has already killed other equally (more in the case of the high god) useful gods who presumably did not require rehabilitation.

Could you clarify the nature of Spit's current containment? What is she able and unable to do, and what is Rein able to do to her?
No. 778167 ID: c655d4

Ah, redemption despite all. A noble goal. We hope to help this process. Hopefully by punching them in the snout to establish dominance. Friendship Via Defeat!
No. 778345 ID: 85cc2c


temples and treehouses can be answered here

No. 778360 ID: 85cc2c
File 148667341084.png - (9.90KB , 500x500 , 79.png )

VOIDSY: Where did the ruins come from? We didn't create those.
MILLER: It looks like returning players get ruins and a statue when they come in...us newbies don't get anything. Both Eastwood and myself joined with nothing in our base areas.
MILLER: I've actually been doing some research on this world you've gone and made, with a little help from Rein! It's played a lot of games before too...it only likes to give hints, but I've pieced together a general understanding.
MILLER: First player in defines the world...you gave it gravity, a sky, fields, mountains, and forests!
MILLER: Us other players can only change our base areas a little bit, like how I gave myself an ocean, islands and some beaches.
MILLER: Eastwood said he was placed into the mountain caves, so I'm not sure what he's up to. Seaspray saw a little bit of the territory to the northeast of mine, and said it looks like some kind of badlands...My best guess is it's where Spit's at.
MILLER: Even if she isn't online right now, she might be peeking in occasionally to work on her land. We should stay ever vigilant!

VOIDSY: How is Spit contained? What is Rein able to do to her that we can't?

She takes a deep breath.
MILLER: Long ago, when Wax and Wane created Taverne- the continent on which we live, they made the greater gods in partners.
MILLER: Everybody had their opposite god- some more opposing than others! The hopes was that the contrast would help them to work together and create a natural balance.

She whispers for a moment.
MILLER: (If I'm honest, I don't understand the reasoning behind a few of these, but I digress!)
MILLER: Wretch, the god of chaos and space, and Grind, the god of order and time.
MILLER: Alloy, the god of youth and academics, and Velvet, the god of history and play.
MILLER: Even our two high gods were paired! Wax, the god of fear and imagination, and Wane, the god of bravado and truth.

MILLER: But the ones with the most opposition were that of Spit and Rein.
MILLER: Rein, the god of patience and control...
MILLER: And Spit, the god of violence and destruction.
MILLER: It has been Rein's duty for eternity to keep Spit in control, and only it knows how to keep the beast in check.
MILLER: How it does it is a secret even to me!! If any of us knew how it controlled Spit, someone could potentially break that...
MILLER: We'd all be dead as we stand.

She goes silent, the heaviness of her statement weighing high above both of you.
No. 778361 ID: 85cc2c
File 148667343217.png - (6.44KB , 500x500 , 80.png )

Miller startles, snapping back to reality.
MILLER: O-oop, Seaspray's here!!
MILLER: Please be nice to them they're really really shy

Someone knocks on the doors, and a large head pokes itself into the room.
No. 778364 ID: 9876c4

Clamcat in the hizzle.
No. 778365 ID: 243b93

No. 778367 ID: 350a50

No need to clam up there, kiddo.
No. 778375 ID: 89b351

wave, say hi and make space
new frieeeeend
No. 778376 ID: 15a025

Initiate hug protocol!
No. 778426 ID: 1ad8a4

Seaspray x Marmet OTP.
But seriously they could be a formidable ocean duo, with Seaspray tanking and Marmet being the DPS.
No. 778451 ID: 398fe1

Gosh guys, she's shy. That means take it slow.
No. 778455 ID: 9145ba

Pocket sand!!
No. 778470 ID: 199251

Lobstercat friends with Clamcat!
No. 778506 ID: db0da2

>How it does it is a secret even to me!! If any of us knew how it controlled Spit, someone could potentially break that...
Well that's stunningly unhelpful. Miller seems to have drank the coolaid pretty hard here, so if Rein doesn't want her to know more, she almost certainly doesn't. Maybe we'll have more success talking to Rein directly, let's ask how that might be possible.
Despite this lack of info on the extent or mechanism of Rein's influence over Spit we know at least that it isn't something blatantly obvious and that it's weak enough to still allow her to kill TCPs in the game and do unspecified nasty things to non-gods in Taverne, which is enough that "kill or incapacitate Spit" should be something fairly high on our to-do list.

Be welcoming to the cute clam in an understated way.
No. 778508 ID: 85cc2c
File 148675692958.png - (12.08KB , 500x500 , 81.png )

Marnet waddles over to Seaspray, the shell type slinking back a little at the sight of those fierce pinchers. Marnet reaches out with her regular hands and takes the other TCP's hand within them. They look up and down at their hand and Marnet's face, slowly stepping inside. They're an imposing creature, but everything about their dress and posture says shy and sweet.

Marnet burbles happily that they're a welcome friend here, and that they can hang out with them and be part of the team. Seaspray says in a quiet rattle that they've never been part of anything before, or had a friend. Miller had taught them about friendship, and they were pretty excited to give it a shot, even if it was kind of intimidating at first.

Buddy piped up from the blanket fort that friends had seemed kind of scary to it as well, but it was like everybody was a big family now. Everybody seconds this, and both Seaspray and Crunk feel at home in no time.

MILLER: This is
MILLER: The cutest moment of my life
MILLER: Ever!!!!
No. 778509 ID: 398fe1

Considering Spit is the god of violence and destruction, it may be difficult to oppose her with violence and destruction.
No. 778513 ID: 398fe1

So cute.

Wretch: Hey, who told you the prize was a secret? Both Miller and Eastwood disagree on that. We can tell you, if you want some SPOILERS. Turns out Eastwood knew, but Miller didn't want to be spoiled on it so she doesn't.
No. 778514 ID: 243b93

agree with miller and possibly shed a few tears, or a lot of tears
No. 778515 ID: db0da2

That's possible, but equally likely is that she's a god of violence and destruction and that can't be change so long as she's alive. We should ask around (not Miller or Rein, they're too biased) and see which is closer to the truth. I suspect that it isn't possible to convince a sadistic serial killer to stop killing, and that her being associated with destruction doesn't automatically make her indestructible, and that even if it did we could at least trap and confine her. Still, we should be prepared for both the scenario where I'm right and the one where I'm not.
Ask how we can contact Rein.
No. 778552 ID: 350a50

There are some people that can't be fixed through any means we have available in our world.
Whether that holds true in a world with magic depends on a case by case basis. Being a god of such a negative aspect? Doesn't help her at all.

We should assess the situation first and determine whether it is worth attempting, I agree. Sometime we should talk to Spit, and when we do we should not be confrontational. We should also not be showering her with nice-ness like Rein probably does in an attempt to brainwash her. We should act as we normally do, minus blabbing all our plans.

That is to say, shameless flirting. Might catch her off guard.
No. 778784 ID: 85cc2c
File 148685632740.png - (11.30KB , 500x500 , 82.png )

VOIDSY: It absolutely is.
VOIDSY: We're going to cry so many tears over this.
MILLER: It's like I'm watching a baby animal get its first hug....
VOIDSY: Adorable cats aside...
VOIDSY: How do we contact Rein?
MILLER: Ohhhhh weellllll
MILLER: It's kind of busy right now!
MILLER: It told me it's going to be busy for a looong while, playing this game as well!
MILLER: It doesn't look like it was placed in this session, but I'll see if it's available to talk sometime.

VOIDSY: Wretch?
WRETCH: yea babe whats shakin
VOIDSY: Who told you the prize was a secret?
VOIDSY: Both Miller and Eastwood say otherwise, and Eastwood straight up knows it.
WRETCH: ....
WRETCH: .........
WRETCH: im going to kill him

She makes some shuffling sounds and slams something, yelling heard not short after.

No. 778785 ID: 85cc2c
File 148685635319.png - (10.80KB , 500x500 , 83.png )

You sit tight, collecting your thoughts on what to do about Spit and the current scuffle between Eastwood and Wretch...which you can unfortunately hear all of.

EASTWOOD: Well, they told you.
EASTWOOD: Calm down-
EASTWOOD: He told me not to tell you.

You hear Wretch start to choke a bit.
WRETCH: why would he DO THAT
EASTWOOD: Don't know.
EASTWOOD: Don't really care.
WRETCH: please just
WRETCH: tell me what it is
WRETCH: cmon eastwood we're buds

EASTWOOD: Have your friend tell you, I'm busy.
EASTWOOD: We need to focus on winning the game regardless of what the prize is.
WRETCH: but we're buds
EASTWOOD: Sure. Go back upstairs.

You hear another door slam, and eventually Wretch returns to wherever she was set up.

WRETCH: ....
WRETCH: sorry.
No. 778789 ID: 8d4593

Welp. Tell her the prize then.
No. 778794 ID: b412df

Sorry, did we accidentally touch on something happening outside the game?

(Also, might have realised something: The prize is power and Spit plays to win. Rein contains Spit by being their equal and opposite. This might upset that, which would be kinda bad?)
No. 778795 ID: 91ee5f

Wretch, we're so sorry! You must hate us now! Please don't hate us! D-':>
No. 778799 ID: 0b13f3

...this isnt funny. Messing with our friends ISN'T FUNNY.

...I don't know what's going on, but we're sorry if we caused something to happen. Regardless, you’re our friend. We stick by our friends.
No. 778801 ID: 18b06a

Yeah, I like wretch way better than anyone else. You guys are cool and all, but wretch is Best Date. Share the prize info with wretch!
No. 778803 ID: 398fe1

Wretch, do you have any idea why Grind would be keeping this a secret from you? From your reaction, you trust Grind. ...maybe it's because he thinks you'd feel even worse for losing? Knowing what the prize is... we really want to win, Wretch. We also don't want to go against a greater god's wishes... but you are our friend. I think you need to really think about whether or not you want to know what the prize is.

Well, I think one thing's obvious. You get power from winning. There's more, but, do you really want to know?

...wait, if Spit keeps winning the game, doesn't that mean she's getting stronger and stronger? Why would Rein and Wax allow this? ...maybe it has something to do with the other stuff you get. Heck, it's possible Eastwood didn't tell us about all the rewards.
No. 778809 ID: db0da2

You get some power and you get to keep your cats. Why would Grind want to keep that secret from you?

What is Eastwood doing that he's too busy to even talk?
No. 778822 ID: 9145ba

Don't tell her. They've gotta have their reasons for not telling Wretch. A flippant remark from Eastwood in an argument doesn't change that.
No. 778823 ID: 553847

Who cares about their reasons for not telling Wretch? Tell her about the prize.
No. 778837 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, now that I think about it, it's entirely possible that Eastwood lied to us about the prize.

He probably told us the prize because it's something we would want: a physical body and a way for us to keep our TCPs. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the prize is actually something else.
No. 778910 ID: 79a07e

I don't like keeping secrets. I really don't like keeping secrets.

...Unless they're fun secrets. Like surprise parties and puzzles and stuff.
No. 778913 ID: 9876c4

The tactician in me says that the thing to do is strengthen the bonds between the TCPs, while accepting that their masters may have ulterior motives.

No sense straining the alliance before we've got some use out of it.
No. 778916 ID: 79a07e

That's what I think might've happened, upon further thought. I think Eastwood was bullshitting us- and furthermore, I think Eastwood is playing on someone else's team.

Let's keep this quiet for a liiiittle bit, but we need to console Wretch.

Goopcat needs to be happy. I like Goopcat.
No. 778923 ID: 91ee5f

>I think Eastwood is playing on someone else's team.
Or, since we're on a team together, he's afraid that we, the noobs, are going to hold him back, so he gave us a little "motivation" to try our hardest to win.
No. 778924 ID: 398fe1

That sounds fairly likely. He told us the "prize" after we told him that we adored Wretch, too. It could have been a test to see if we were really friends with her AND a way to motivate the both of us at the same time. Doesn't really explain Grind's lie though... unless Grind, being a god of time, is able to see into the future and knew he needed to do this.
OR, he told us after finding out we liked Wretch because he knew we'd eventually spill the beans, and was bound by Grind to be unable to tell her himself.

Regardless of the reason, I still think we should tell Wretch what Eastwood told us, if she wants to be told. It will motivate her, and she will appreciate the honesty.
No. 778942 ID: a393d5

This is not how you form alliances, this is not how you make allies, this is NOT how you keep friends! What the fuck Grind?! What the dick Eastwood!? STOP BEING CUNTS!

Seriously if this is how they treat WRETCH, Their "friend", then we may need to be a bit more skeptical when trusting our new allies.
No. 779029 ID: 85cc2c
File 148693749704.png - (5.92KB , 500x500 , 84.png )

There's silence for a while, your collective conflicted and Wretch unable to speak up.

VOIDSY: We're sorry. We had no idea-
WRETCH: its ok
WRETCH: im used to this tbh
VOIDSY: You shouldn't have to be.
WRETCH: people keep me in the fuckin dark all the time
WRETCH: grind does it a lot cause he says its best for me
WRETCH: maybe hes right i dont fuckin know anymore
VOIDSY: Why would he do this? You deserve to know what the prize is just as much as anyone else.

The sludge god exhales hard, wiping her face.

WRETCH: hes like some shitty guardian to me.
WRETCH: we aint family or anythin but
WRETCH: this is kinda how its been forever
WRETCH: wretch cant do shit on her own go do it for her
WRETCH: wretch cant make good stuff so make it for her
WRETCH: wretch is a sad lil bitch who shouldnt be a god
WRETCH: so dont fucking let her be

VOIDSY: One, that's not true. Two, that doesn't excuse how he and Eastwood are treating you...
WRETCH: eastwood...
WRETCH: eastwood is a real shitheel to me but hes got his reasons i guess
WRETCH: hes usually wasted off his ass on booze or drugs
WRETCH: or busy with his kids when hes sober
WRETCH: must take a lot outta him and i dont hold it against him too hard
WRETCH: dudes got issues
WRETCH: and hes all i got.

VOIDSY: We can tell you the prize, but we're not even sure if Eastwood told us the truth.
VOIDSY: Would you like to hear it?
WRETCH: yeah.
WRETCH: even if its a lie i wanna hear it
WRETCH: least a lie would be better than nothing yknow?
VOIDSY: If you win, you get to gain power as a god, and keep your TCPs at the end.
WRETCH: that it?
VOIDSY: That's it.
WRETCH: huh.
WRETCH: and if we win youd get to be physical like me right?
VOIDSY: If he's telling the truth, yes.
WRETCH: then i guess we better fuckin win
No. 779033 ID: a363ac

check on how the TCPs are doing and see if Spit has come in to the game yet.
No. 779039 ID: 4b991a

Probably why Spit should not win, and as such
>Dad, please teach everyone the skill pf teaching, and ask them to go around and teach their favorite skill, and what skill they think will be the most useful
No. 779051 ID: 350a50

I get the feeling Eastwood cares more than he lets on. It sounds like he expected us to tell you.

He's not allowed to go against Grind's orders and tell you, so he told us, knowing we would tell you.

He's a bit of a slime the way he went about it, but he kind of bent the rules to tell you something that's been eating at you.
No. 779060 ID: 91ee5f

Eastwood also said that gods that're already physical get to gain some power when they win. And if they win enough times, they'll get to go up a rank.

Wait, I just thought of something! What if the prize can't be shared to the entire team?!
No. 779063 ID: 398fe1

Hmm. Grind seems to be approaching things the wrong way. You won't improve if Grind doesn't let you do anything on your own. Does he even teach you about what he thinks is the right thing to do?

Hey, your bio said you like violent games. Does that mean, like, wrestling? Or high-impact sports like football or hockey? Or video games?
No. 779073 ID: db0da2

Wretch, can we trust ANY of our allies? Grind is a dick, Eastwood is callous and uncommunicative, and Miller is alright, except they're totally devoted to Rein who is secretive and morally dubious. Is there anyone else we should be thinking about?

What's this about Eastwood having kids?
No. 779077 ID: 9876c4

Point of fact, we can't even trust Wretch. We can incentivize loyal behavior, and build up contingencies for betrayal, though.

Welcome to an alliance. ANY alliance.
No. 779115 ID: 398fe1

Yeah we don't have to completely trust our allies. This game does not explicitly reward betrayal. At worst the alliance would have to split the power gain, but we'd benefit most from it since we'd become physical.

Also, we'd become an asset to our three acquaintances since they helped us become physical and we'd owe them more than they owe us. In the long run I think it benefits all three of them to help us win.
No. 779334 ID: 85cc2c
File 148703112517.png - (7.49KB , 500x500 , 85.png )

You have Dad check your communicator and confirm that Spit is not yet online. You ask Dad to start TEACHING the other TCPs skills, and take inventory of who knows what.

Dad teaches Primus WRITING, Buddy TEACHING, and Marnet both. Their basics would be covered nicely then. She asks what skills they would want to learn, and what would be most useful.

Primus is taught CAMPING SKILLS and WALKER OPERATION. Camping falls in well with the rest of his skillset, and would be crucial seeing as they would have to spend time outside the base. No matter where they ended up, he would be able to make a proper camp. Walker operation is Dad's choice for him- if she needed to handle matters elsewhere, someone else needed to be able to pilot their main vehicle. Primus is honored, promising to treat the machine with respect and care.

Buddy is taught BRAVERY and STEALTH. Its wish to be brave helps fill it with self confidence, reinvigorated and ready to protect and fight. It may be weaker than the others physically, but it swears in a serious, low grinding sound that no harm will come to its friends if it has any say in the matter. Stealth is an easy choice, seeing as its fighting skill lied in close quarters combat. Buddy almost seems like a different person now- still shy and quiet, but with a newfound feeling of capability.

Marnet is taught MORTALITY, HIDE AND SEEK, MUSICAL COMPOSITION, and TRAPPING. Being the TCP with the least amount of skills, rounding her skillset out is the best idea Dad can come up with. Mortality, considering the odds of how this game will go, is crucial. Marnet accepts the reality of her situation with a shaking voice, visibly rattled by the idea that her new family could be killed. Teaching her hide and seek and composition helps calm her down- an easy game that can be played anywhere, and a skill that could do wonders for a possible battle of the bands confrontation. Trapping is a great idea for survival outside of the base, and could prove quite useful against their adversaries. Marnet feels well equipped for both battle and play now!

Dad teaches herself I SPY, an easy way to keep herself occupied during downtime and keep morale up, and LOVE. As the core of the team and their new leader, she wants to ensure that she can make the best choices for her family, and care for them as deeply as possible. She is almost blindsided by how powerful the emotion is, but knows that she made the right choice.

A quick comment to the outsider TCPs confirms that they have those skills as well, and that they don't need much else taught to them for now.

Your conversation continues with Wretch as Dad gets to business.

VOIDSY: You know, your bio in the puzzle temple said you like games, particularly violent ones. What are those like?
WRETCH: well here we got shit like gameshows and performances n all sorts of stuff
WRETCH: my citys got TONS of shit like acting competitions n games
WRETCH: winners get all sorts of prizes and the losers get mauled or eaten or somethin
WRETCH: its some high stakes mad bullshit and i love it
VOIDSY: Sounds..dangerous.

VOIDSY: What's this about Eastwood having kids?
WRETCH: hoo boy like
WRETCH: he fucked up real good when he got born
WRETCH: for th most part we choose our bods when we form
WRETCH: but its kinda spontaneous n shit gets fucky
WRETCH: easty made it so he could get knocked up
WRETCH: and uhhhhhh
WRETCH: he kinda fucks around a lot
WRETCH: i aint the best at math but it adds up to lots o kids
WRETCH: some of em come over and theyre pretty chill

VOIDSY: Can we trust anybody on this alliance?
WRETCH: miller seems chill and eastwood works for me
WRETCH: even if they end up bein shitty we kinda dont have a choice in this shit
WRETCH: spits kind of the big bad in this situation n not much can be worse than her
VOIDSY: ...can we trust you?
She's quiet.
WRETCH: i wanna make this work
WRETCH: and i wanna win this
WRETCH: can i trust you?
No. 779338 ID: 4b991a

We want everyone to survive, and be happy. Ok everyone doesn't really include Spit. Spit sounds like a total jerk and needs to fuck off it sounds like.
So hell fucking yes.

Also uh what type is your tcp again
No. 779341 ID: 65ec8d

You can trust us to want to keep everyone alive and beat Spit and to try be the best friends we can while doing those things!

Just to make sure, can we check what our allies' TCPs skills are? Just to see if there's anything obvious ours are missing.
No. 779346 ID: 1406b0

Absotively posiloutly.
No. 779350 ID: 9876c4

We have no hidden objectives. We want what's best for our cats.
You can trust most of us to pursue that ceaselessly.
No. 779356 ID: 91ee5f

>can i trust you?
Uhhh.....we're a collective, so could you be more specific? Do you mean "you" as in just one of us in the collective or do you mean "you" as in all of us in the collective?

Either way, yes, you can trust us.
No. 779367 ID: 398fe1

Wretch I'm gonna be honest we're really unpredictable, but it looks like everyone wants to be your friend. I mean, our aspects are Discord and Identity, that's hard to keep stable, but we've got a good thing going with you and I really doubt we'll become enemies.

On the other hand Discord is a close element to Chaos, isn't it? Maybe we'll remain closely attuned just because of that.
No. 779373 ID: eb3cf7

Our overall intention as a collective tends to be very well-aligned, and the few voices outside of that general intention are ignored. We like being the good guys. You can trust us.
No. 779375 ID: 9f3729

We gonna jam our nebulously extant dick in ya nasty goo clunge, gorl
No. 779382 ID: 398fe1

Wait shit. Wretch, would Spit threaten Eastwood's children? It occurs to me that Eastwood made a Gun TCP and is having trouble getting her to follow his orders, which implies she's very powerful. It would basically be the worst case scenario for him to backstab us due to Spit threatening him or his kids. Can you create something to protect our TCPs from a Gun weapon type?
No. 779423 ID: 952ab0

Hey look, you're the only people we have ever met, and you seem nice. We sure ain't gonna be the ones to mess that up.
No. 779482 ID: db0da2

We might disagree about lots of things internally, but one thing we believe in almost unanimously is compassion. We won't do anything deliberately that causes undue suffering. If you started torturing your cats or something we'd probably betray you, but I don't think that'll happen.
No. 779495 ID: 8d4593

Trust us?
You're our favorite.
No. 779505 ID: 34a8ed

Oh shit! Create bullet proof for everyone!
No. 779545 ID: 85cc2c
File 148710680858.png - (6.56KB , 500x500 , 86.png )

VOIDSY: Without a doubt. No matter how chaotic we may be, compassion is the most important thing to us, and you're our friend.
WRETCH: awwww
VOIDSY: Our favorite, at that.
WRETCH: yr the sweetest kitty voidsy
WRETCH: when you get to chill w/ me we gotta go on a proper date or somethin
No. 779546 ID: 85cc2c
File 148710682275.png - (11.85KB , 500x500 , 87.png )

No. 779548 ID: 85cc2c
File 148710684302.png - (8.18KB , 500x500 , 88.png )

Whipp has arrived.
No. 779550 ID: a363ac

Look at this cool motha fucker with her bike and all that snaz
No. 779554 ID: 9876c4

DO NOT ghostride the Whipp. We just met, and it's rude.
No. 779561 ID: 398fe1

Whoa, what? I thought Whipp was a Gun type? Don't Weapon types start out with a protruding weapon? Maybe it's under her coat.

Anyway, greet our new cool friend(hopefully).
No. 779563 ID: 8d4593


No. 779571 ID: ff3a1c

Greet biker chick.
No. 779772 ID: fceae5

Howdy, Whipp.
No. 779774 ID: 91ee5f

It's probably that hole on Whipp's face. That's where the bullets will come out.
No. 779788 ID: 85cc2c
File 148718992156.png - (5.75KB , 500x500 , 89.png )

Dad is the first to welcome her in, the gun type stepping in without much fanfare. She speaks slowly, in a jingling sound that could only be the noise bullets make. She says that this place looks fine, though the horror outside almost gave her trouble. Crunk steps up to apologize, and Seaspray looks tentative around the newcomer. She has a fierce demeanor, and every word she says is very deliberate. Whipp says without hesitation that although her god may be mediocre at his job, she intends to aid this team to her fullest ability.

Upon being asked where her weapon is, she simply replies that it is concealed.

EASTWOOD: Everyone is here. It's time to discuss strategy.
EASTWOOD: Regrettably, there's no group conversation feature on this device.
EASTWOOD: I trust that you'll share what you discuss with the others with myself, and vice versa for everyone in this alliance.
EASTWOOD: Now you must be upset over the prize, and that's understandable. I couldn't tell Wretch myself.
EASTWOOD: Grind is...influential. And something I hope is very clear to you, is that you are an outsider.
EASTWOOD: You don't understand what it's like to be here, in this world, dealing with our problems. There will be things you don't know about our lives.
EASTWOOD: And frankly, unless it's relevant to this game- it's none of your damn business.
EASTWOOD: This was relevant, and I involved you. I don't like to go about shit so sneakily, but Grind would have my hide.
He pauses, thinking of how to word it.
EASTWOOD: Win this game, and you'll be able to become one of us.
EASTWOOD: Lose, and you cease to exist.
EASTWOOD: If you really want this so badly, I don't think you have much of an option.
EASTWOOD: Keeping secrets about the game? Probably a bad idea.
EASTWOOD: About our lives? There's going to be those.
EASTWOOD: This alliance will only survive if you're up front with us, and the same for all of us with you and eachother.
EASTWOOD: Just realize that us with outer lives- we don't have to tell you about every little detail.
EASTWOOD: And I'm not going to.

EASTWOOD: Got it? If so, we got work to do. Talk strategy with myself, the others, and your cats.
No. 779789 ID: a363ac

Sounds reasonable.
No. 779793 ID: 65ec8d


So, do we still have time to create things? We already got the warning so maybe not, but if I'm wrong I still want to make a complete set of god masks, at least for our allies. It'd probably let them communicate with TCPs that aren't theirs, which could be handy. A Spit mask might also somehow be useful. I also want to know if that "sanctuary temple" idea, creating a space where hostile actions are forbidden somehow, would also be possible.

That's just possibilities, though. What we did already decide to create was a guardian creature (are we going with sphinx?), but I don't think we actually did that so we should before it's too late.

Also, I want to take the time now to test some things, which will also sort of be trust exercises. Have our TCPs give our mask to one of the others' TCPs and see if it just allows us to talk to them directly or actually forces us to. Another thing to test would be how fast the magic wand and wizard hat drain health, especially compared to how fast it can be restored by Primus. We want to see what our allies' TCPs can do with them, too. We should specifically test the Dad + Wand combo because that might be the strongest one.

We should be on guard for Spit trying to steal our magic stuff.
No. 779856 ID: 9876c4

Since TCPs are simple creatures, I favor simple, redundant communications systems. If they are well trained, they don't require constant divine intervention.

The reality is simple. We must stand together, or we'll all fall. Even if Spit does make deals, she won't keep them.
Victory is gained by causing disproportionate losses on the enemy.
Control territory, resources, information. Pursue objectives efficiently, not overtly.

Updated to show that Spit is not a Deer Factory. We regret the error.
No. 779862 ID: db0da2

I'd love to launch right into talking strategy and tactics, but unfortunately we're still complete newbies to this game. I think we have a decent enough idea of the raw mechanics of the game, but we haven't really seen them put into practice. It would probably save us a lot of unnecessary foolishness if you'd start out by giving us a quick run down of what strategies have won in the past and why, and if you'd alert us to any noob traps to avoid.
No. 779991 ID: 4b991a

Ok so I have some ideas for combat/defense/whatever and it involves kitty magic
But ya I'm gonna relay these plans to each of our allies if possible

>First strategy I have is to just get the tcp's to fucking rebel. Spit prefers the command by fear route right? Marnet will force a shit ton of armor around them via magic to slow them down, and then Dad will teach them about good shit like freewill, friendship, safety, not living in constant fear, and then rebellion. If a kitty can go stray that should be our first choice.
>Our second choice? Dad's magic can practically mind control a TCP to obey her. We do everything we can without getting too fucked up to get them to go rogue.
>Buddy can create knives in other tcp's, and those knives can replace limbs. what can limbs do? probably involves mobility amirite? they also reduce health. if we have no other option we just force a tcp to have so many limbs that Whipp can Kill them dead with a single shot. unable to move, attack, or defend themselves against what's coming
>Absolute Last Resort? Dadcontrol to keep them still, armor them up to immobility save for a single area, buddy knife swarms, and then whipp makes the killshot.

Aside from that I really would like to hear what your TCP's are capable of.
>Also as a whole backup plan in case anything bad happens that we survive Primus can heal our TCP's so probably a good idea to keep him moving often and ready to tent someone

Ask Dad to examine the new TCP's for potential magic
Ask Wretch for maybe communicators? If we're gonna do any scouting or stealth probably a good idea to keep it hushed
No. 780073 ID: b412df

Dunno how to handle strategy until we have more data / info, but one thing I'm sure of it we're going to try and make this the least satisfying game Spit has ever had, no quarter given.
No. 780129 ID: 243b93

we dont want to know everything about everyone's personal life we mostly just want people to be nice to wretch and our cats, ya vape-headed buffoon

on another note: does wretch have a training room? it'd be neat to see what our lil buddies could do, provided it doesn't cause Buddy too much pain!
No. 780412 ID: f65b48

Knife meet gun
Become best of friends
No. 781294 ID: b5d409
File 148755836512.png - (9.54KB , 500x500 , 90.png )

VOIDSY: We need a lot more information before we can properly strategize.
EASTWOOD: Fair enough. Fire away.

VOIDSY: Do we still have time to create things? Crunk warned us that we might not be able to for a while.
EASTWOOD: You'll be able to create things in your base, but chances are the game itself is going to keep you from doing that often. Spit will come for you no matter where you are, and to defeat her we'll need to attack directly. Being passive is not going to work- we need to be aggressive in either turning her TCPs rogue or killing them all.

VOIDSY: We were also wondering if it's possible to make a sort of sanctuary temple...somewhere where hostile actions are forbidden.
EASTWOOD: Hm. I've never seen that before.
VOIDSY: I suppose it could work? You'd have to try.

VOIDSY: Should we be on guard for Spit trying to steal our magic stuff?
EASTWOOD: Absolutely. She doesn't exactly fight fair

VOIDSY: Will Spit try to make deals?
EASTWOOD: Yes. Don't take them.
EASTWOOD: No matter what she offers you, it isn't worth it.

VOIDSY: Any newbie traps to avoid?
EASTWOOD: Making TCPs solely of one type category can go wrong fast. You've avoided that fine, thankfully.
EASTWOOD: Making a TCP based on something really powerful sounds like a great idea, but it backfires fast. Don't bite off more than you can chew.
EASTWOOD: Lastly, and this is more a rule than a trap- every player has to have made 5 TCPs before the game can be won.

VOIDSY: We have to try and cause more losses for Spit than she does for us.
VOIDSY: We also need to control resources, territory, and information. Keeping a tight grip on things is going to be crucial.
EASTWOOD: Full agree on that one. We'll do our best to support eachother on that front.

VOIDSY: What strategies have won in the past?
EASTWOOD: I can think of three sessions in particular that I know about- really made an impression on me.
No. 781295 ID: b5d409
File 148755839451.png - (18.43KB , 500x500 , 91.png )

EASTWOOD: One session, there was this god really fixated on fairy tales. You know- kid's stories. Every single one of her TCPs was something out of a storybook. I don't care for them much myself- way too grim.
EASTWOOD: You got an angel type, based on these hellish cryptid things said to wander our world- I've never seen one myself.
EASTWOOD: A judgment type, inspired by the noble warriors said to fight monsters and protect our people.
EASTWOOD: A horror type, for the monsters that live beneath the ground and scare kids for generations.
EASTWOOD: A dream type, for all of the sleepy wishes of children...
EASTWOOD: And a princess type, to lead them.
EASTWOOD: The angel type to passively make TCPs around it kinder, dream type was able to manipulate reality itself and force dream states upon them... while judgment and horror slaughtered the unknowing TCPs under princess type's commands.
EASTWOOD: There were no deaths on their team, and all who opposed them were killed.
EASTWOOD: It was merciless. I won't lie, the violence was a bit sick to watch.
No. 781296 ID: b5d409
File 148755843293.png - (16.03KB , 500x500 , 92.png )

EASTWOOD: On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have a team based around some of the species we got over here. Sort of a collector type- just wanted to make a bunch of fun cats to play with.

EASTWOOD: A karacel type, one of Grind and Wretch's species, known for their long tails and nomadic natures.
EASTWOOD: An OBJ type, some kind of species to the south...not sure about these ones.
EASTWOOD: A beatfox type- same place as the OBJs, I don't know jack about them.
EASTWOOD: A pockitt type...used to be the species of Velvet, but I guess they're nobody's now.
EASTWOOD: Lastly, a ruffneck type. They're Spit's dogs, but surprisingly not bad people.

EASTWOOD: They didn't really do much aside from befriend everybody- session went peaceful. All passive abilities on this team, too. Karacel motivated everybody to hang out together, beatfox got everybody all artsy, pockitt fostered feelings of family, ruffneck kept everybody confident and the OBJ type managed the whole lot.

EASTWOOD: It was a great game, by the look of it. Cute as hell. It's a shame that with Spit, that isn't an option.
No. 781297 ID: b5d409
File 148755845332.png - (8.03KB , 500x500 , 93.png )

EASTWOOD: Now the third game that comes to mind, I never got to watch. It's more of a legend people share- the first session where an entire team went rogue.

EASTWOOD: I don't know the types, even. All I know is that a god managed their team so badly, they all defected. If we can get that for Spit, that'd be our only route to a wholly peaceful win.

VOIDSY: Thank you. We'll keep these in mind.
No. 781298 ID: b5d409
File 148755849350.png - (10.20KB , 500x500 , 94.png )

VOIDSY: I'd like to hear what your plans for future TCPs are, and what they can do.
EASTWOOD: Now this is gonna sound crazy, but hear me out.EASTWOOD: My next one's going to be a form type, specifically silk.
EASTWOOD: Before you go saying "well that sounds useless", consider this.
EASTWOOD: A silk type, if it follows my theories on how type abilities work, would be able to turn anything of its choice into silk, so long as it's touching it.
EASTWOOD: You effectively have a way to neutralize weapons and possibly fuck with other TCPs hard. Form types are underrated.
EASTWOOD: Whipp can fire bullets at the cost of health, but it's a pretty minimal penalty. She won't be able to damage some shit, like stuff made of metal, but that'll damage plenty of other types.
EASTWOOD: What are yours?
VOIDSY: One idea we have is to get those TCPs of Spit's to turn rogue.
EASTWOOD: Good plan. Knowing her, it won't be too hard. Historically, she treats her TCPs like shit.

VOIDSY: Primus should keep moving and be ready to store people in case of too much damage.
EASTWOOD: That'll be crucial. Keep an eye out for types that do damage over time. Spit loves those.

VOIDSY: Another is to use our magic wand pretty liberally- Dad can essentially mind control other TCPs, which may aid in getting them to go rogue.
VOIDSY: Buddy can create knives in other TCPs using our magic wand, and perhaps we could use that to replace other TCP's limbs...make them immobile, perfect for Whipp to get a kill shot in.
VOIDSY: As a last resort, we could control a TCP with Dad to keep them stationary, use Marnet to armor them into immobility- leaving only one area open. Buddy swarms with knives, Whipp makes the killing shot.
EASTWOOD: ....that's kind of fucked up.
EASTWOOD: Like, it'd be effective, but you'd risk harming your TCPs to the point of death in the process.
EASTWOOD: Kind of sick, and not in a good way.
VOIDSY:...thank you for the info.
EASTWOOD: Whatever helps us win.
No. 781299 ID: b5d409
File 148755850961.png - (8.07KB , 500x500 , 95.png )

You decide to do some trust exercises with your TCPs, in order to test some things.

Dad gives the mask to Seaspray.
No. 781300 ID: b5d409
File 148755852444.png - (5.47KB , 500x500 , 96.png )

SEASPRAY: ....hello.

It appears that you can in fact commune with other TCPs...but it's not a very strong connection.
No. 781301 ID: b5d409
File 148755854905.png - (14.55KB , 500x500 , 97.png )

VOIDSY: Do you have a training room?
WRETCH: second floor, cmon up

VOIDSY: Wretch, can you make some communicators for us?
WRETCH: you got it!

Wretch spawns in some walkie talkies, one for each TCP.

To test out the magic wand and wizard hat, you will need to choose which TCP to use an ability and their target. Dad expresses a little bit of discomfort over this, saying that they will need to be careful. Primus also says that while he can heal TCPs, it's important to know whether there will be lasting, permanent damage.

You decide to focus on simple communication and training them to be autonomous. You tell your TCPs that to get this done and do it right, they'll need to be willing to talk to eachother, team up, and play off of eachother's strengths. Buddy says that your guidance is appreciated as always, but it agrees that some degree of autonomy is needed. Knowing what's required of them would help, along with asking eachother questions about themselves.

You have multiple ideas for training your TCPs. All you need to do now is decide on specifics.
No. 781309 ID: 350a50

We have one TCP slot left ourselves. We should consider for the future creating something that could heal otherwise permanent damage - a Surgeon type was suggested before.

Wargames. Start simple. Flag football, dodgeball, things to improve reflexes, awareness, and team coordination.
No. 781313 ID: 398fe1

Wait, what? Magic item health loss can kill TCPs? I thought the only way to do that was via the command. Or do you just mean it'll make it super easy for the TCP to get picked off?

Let's try Marnet's wizard hat ability. Maybe the wand ability too. We need to find out what the drawbacks of the extra shell armour are, if any. She can have some jelly to heal the damage afterwards, and we can test if Storing Crunk will help her passive regen.
Primus can't store Marnet or Seaspray, right? They're too big?

Hi. How do you like everyone?
No. 781319 ID: 398fe1

Wait, what happens if someone refuses to make a 5th TCP?
No. 781336 ID: 91ee5f

>....that's kind of fucked up.
>Like, it'd be effective, but you'd risk harming your TCPs to the point of death in the process.
>Kind of sick, and not in a good way.
Oh no! We're thinking like Spit! Which means no more ideas like that! I want to win, but I don't want to become a monster like Spit!
No. 781337 ID: 398fe1

No we're not. Spit would torture the enemy TCPs before killing them. We just want to win, even if it's in a really violent way. I'd rather do it in a way that doesn't involve heavy magic item use because obviously that's harmful to our own TCPs.
No. 781340 ID: 8d4593

I say we capture any tcps we cant win over, and use them as batteries for magic weapons. Then spit will be forced to choose between giving us power or kill ordering her own creations. Dad and Marnet will be very useful indeed.
No. 781354 ID: f0e552

Strategic Defensive training! They say defense is the best offense. So lets focus on how we can survive and get those plans down first before we learn how to be offensive. Stuff like picking out roles, tanks, healers, damage dealers, and what kind of things we could do to basically counter Spit's strategy. I feel like trapping and learning how to bait spit's TCP's into bad situations, whether they be in a violent (snared in a trap) or non-violent (snared into a birthday party) would also be good to learn. Heck, what if we made a TCP that could alter the environment in our favor?
No. 781358 ID: 398fe1

The kill order works the same way as ordering a TCP to attack someone, but a regular attack command has zero chance of finishing off a TCP. It's not a magical death ray, the target has to be wounded first and a TCP has to be around to deliver the kill. Though apparently if the victim is wounded heavily enough already, the ordered TCP won't even have to touch the victim.

In other words, combat reduces TCP health, but TCPs won't normally die from damage even if they get down to negative health. Ordering a TCP to kill a target will check the target's hp after the attack finishes, if it's below 0 the target dies. Or something like that.

The gist is that Spit can't arbitrarily kill TCPs we capture. Also I don't think magic items can even take health as fuel from a TCP that isn't using the item, so that would be pointless.
No. 781365 ID: 79a07e

I'd be down for something like this. Make even the very act of fighting us trecherous due to being able to tilt things to our favor quickly.
No. 781368 ID: 398fe1

For combat strategy, Marnet and Buddy are probably our best fighters (not counting allies), though Buddy might need some training to get over its timid nature. Primus could be okay at fighting probably, but isn't built for it. Dad's smaller stature and powerset probably don't lend well to fighting, but I could be wrong-- maybe she's fast to make up for being small.

If we can make a TCP able to heal permanent damage, then we can get combat training by pitting our own TCPs against eachother, even without equipment made specifically for training purposes. Also I feel like Dad might want to get some practice in using her ability. How strong is it, I wonder? Let's test it out! Have one of our TCPs hold a rock with standing orders to keep holding onto it, then Dad can order them to drop it. Marnet and Buddy could get some teamwork practice in, with Marnet tanking hits for Buddy and Buddy dealing damage.

...considering the Upload/Download machine we have, can we make a machine that produces inert TCP bodies to use it with? Like a pseudo-cloning machine? If we can get some spare bodies for our TCPs, we won't have to worry about permanent damage from training or even from combat. Heck, we might even be able to use it to swap ability loadouts. Like, if we clone Whipp and transfer Primus into the spare body, we'd have two Gun types.
No. 781370 ID: f0e552

If we're going to win over TCP's without fighting, telling our own TCP's to fight might not be a so great idea. None of them have particularly expressed that they want to fight. They would only be OK with fighting should they come into danger.

The problem with that, is that we are told playing passively won't work against Spit. It's a conundrum.
No. 781380 ID: a363ac

While the TCPs are training it might be a good idea to actually see if Wretch can Spawn in a item to force non-violence, discourse with the other Gods if there are any know TCPs that can create fields that prevent violence, such as Peace, Sanctuary, Truce, or Reconciliation.
No. 781393 ID: 4b991a

Let's go full transparency...
Tell our TCP's the win condition, going rogue plans, and that they have the free will to go rogue, but if they do they need to know they'd still be in danger against Spit, even with any alliances.
This includes telling them about Spit's winning team we learned of, and that unless a TCP is on the side of our alliance they can't be trusted until they permanently go rogue.

ask allies to do a joint-creation? This would be a fast travel system between bases. Self-building road machines that go from base to base making easy to traverse roads, for allies. For Spit/Enemies? Roadspikes pop up. This would slow down movement for Spit's team off the road, and when on vehicles/tcps would be damaged.
I do think we'd need to prevent it from being hacked or anything...
In general I think some sort of base fortifications, and increasing our mobility will be valuable...
But is there a way to reduce the issues of magic use, and increase the range? Say if we found a way to sniper rifle a tcp with the silk change
No. 781416 ID: 9ac535

The kill order kills any tcp with no hp. otherwise they're immortal. So if that tcp already has no health then it kind of is a death ray.

I saw no rules banning 'always on' magic items.
We could make a mask that always heals tcp's belonging to or allied with us when worn. Or one that redirects the magic cost of items we created to the wearer.
Then force the catured tcp to wear it.
No. 781424 ID: 09efad

If we can spawn anything why not spawn ELEVEN BARRELS OF HELL?
What are the rules around what we can create.
No. 781465 ID: 8d4593

Do we even know how to make a Bane Blade?
Cuz yeah if we could do that then why couldn't we make any sci-fi weapon?

I second your question.
No. 781484 ID: 315280

We should try and get a tcp that can manipulate the environment to our advantage. I'm not sure what that would be but a earth or ground tcp seems like a good potential choice either for us or our allies
No. 781526 ID: b412df

It is fucked up, but that's kinda the point. Spit's going to be a vicious sadist, these are strategies she probably would think of, Spit doesn't know us or how we operate, she might assume we're every bit as vicious. The enemy knows the system, if we think about how she'd go about things with our situation, then we can think about how we'd counter them.

For example the lynchpin with that idea is our magic shit, so we got to stop her from stealing it from us, because if our TCPs can do that with it, then who knows how it affects TCPs she spawns specifically to cause us pain.

Or those walky talkies that just got spawned, IDK if there's a way of verifying who's on the other end, so if Spit gets her claws/whatever she's got on one of our TCPs, then she can listen in. So it might be helpful to occasionally ask our TCPs to check in with each other, and have some sort of pass or panic phrase to confirm things are all OK, might be going a bit paranoid with that though.

While we can hope we'd be able to get her TCPs to defect, things are going to go wrong whether we want them to or not. At some point we'd going to have to play the most vicious, cutest version of lethal speed chess with Spit, and it that case it'll be helpful to think of all the tricks we can pull off, and all the tricks Spit might pull off.

In short, think of how Spit would do things with our situation, then think of how we'd break that; think of how we would do things, then think of how Spit could break that; think about how anything and everything could break. In the end hopefully we can come through with a minimum of losses, as well as wipe any sort of enjoyment Spit might get out of this, make this her least fun game ever.

Wretch did say magic stuff drains health, we don't know how it does that. Whether it just reduces our kitties' HP or if it causes physical damage as well.

That is the most adorable group of TCPs I've ever seen (Barring our own group).
No. 781541 ID: 4b991a


I'm also for the code phrases.
The stealing brings up that all bases should have a forcefield generator, anti-theft device (no stealing items from a base), and probably some sort of warning system to let TCP's know that someone is nearby, who owns them, etc

I think I may have come up with a TCP that will truly piss Spit off...
Anti-Magic TCP
some sort of tcp that can passively generate, or actively nullify magic and other tcp abilitied
We may also need to ask the others how we'll handle a sad, angry, or traumatized tcp.
Ask if anyone wants to make a Therapist TCP?
No. 781558 ID: 4b991a

Hrm if Spit wants to win in a 5v20 game, she'll probably want to use a built team like the fairytale team, AND stealth.
Have half the tcp's practice stealth, the others practice detecting stealth, and then switch
No. 784689 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859892677.png - (6.88KB , 500x500 , 98.png )

You explain the win condition to your TCPs, and a great silence settles over the room. They quietly ask the other TCPs if this is true, and they confirm it. Buddy makes a low rattle, visibly distressed. It asks if there's any way to do this without killing them all, and you respond with the plans to make them go rogue. Even they can go rogue if they wanted, you add in, to which your TCPs go quiet again. You tell them that the danger is great, and Primus interrupts to say that he'd never turn on you. The others agree wholeheartedly.
No. 784690 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859897295.png - (11.91KB , 500x500 , 99.png )

You try to ease everybody up after that heavy moment- starting off by asking how everyone likes eachother. Everyone bursts into happy chatter, the only exception being Whipp. She gives a single thumbs up, which is about as good as you hoped to get. It looks like the group gets along wonderfully so far, and prospects are looking good!

The next order of business- you decide to create a security system for the walkie talkies. If things are going well, the word "catnip" will be used to both confirm that and the TCP's identity. If things aren't going well, "mousetrap" will be used. You are very proud of your themed code words.

Primus confirms that he cannot store Marnet or Seaspray with one look at the larger TCPs. Whipp and the rest however, should be fine.
No. 784691 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859900941.png - (14.39KB , 500x500 , 100.png )

Now it's time to discuss things with the others. You confer with all of the gods one by one.

VOIDSY: Are there any sort of TCPs or items that can force non-violence?

EASTWOOD: Sure, but thinking about it further... you might not want to do that. Doing that just provokes another player to make something that forces violence. A sanctuary or item would probably be your best bet, but it could go wrong. It's up to you whether you want to take that risk.

WRETCH: hmmmmmm
WRETCH: yea i think so considerin this is kinda a limitless game
WRETCH: idk tho it sounds like thatd be an abstract kitty type
WRETCH: and you do NOT wanna fuck around with those too much

MILLER: If so, I'd love to make one!!
MILLER: I'll do violence if it's absolutely necessary, but keeping my kitties safe is my main goal!

You bring up the idea of forcefields and shielding to everyone.

EASTWOOD: On it. My base is a proper labyrinth of tunnels, but I'll set up some shielding around the main area when Whipp gets back.

MILLER: Good idea!
MILLER: I'll put some up when I can...I have some ideas already.

WRETCH: on it
WRETCH: one big ol forcefield comin up

VOIDSY: Is there any way to reduce the issues of magic use?
EASTWOOD: Nope. There's always a cost, the more powerful, the bigger the cost.
EASTWOOD: It's how the game balances out people going nuts with their items. Machines work similarly.

VOIDSY: How does it even cause pain to our cats?
EASTWOOD: Drains it, no idea how. Depending on the TCP itself, it may also cause physical pain and emotional distress. Some cats, it just wears them out alongside the health drain.
No. 784692 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859905151.png - (8.28KB , 500x500 , 101.png )

You relay your plans to Wretch on creating a MACHINE to produce INERT TCP BODIES, which she makes without question.

The BODY MACHINE can produce TCP bodies, though they will not be able to move, feel, or anything else until they have a CONSCIOUSNESS and TYPE uploaded into them. You can achieve this by using the UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD machine, however you will still require a corpse to operate. The body machine has no cost to use.
No. 784693 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859910830.png - (7.59KB , 500x500 , 102.png )

Marnet strips and puts the wizard hat on, careful not to ruin her clothing by accident. She carries the wand in one of her secondary arms, equally careful not to snap it in her pinchers. She concentrates, and nearly instantly, another of layer of shell armor bulks up on top of her. Marnet's health is now FANTASTIC.
No. 784694 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859914583.png - (9.80KB , 500x500 , 103.png )

She sheds it not too long after, leaving you with excess shell. Marnet's health is now GREAT. It appears that shedding and bulking up are considered two seperate acts, and will drain health accordingly.
No. 784695 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859917619.png - (6.36KB , 500x500 , 104.png )

Crunk volunteers as target for her next experiment, and she's outfitted with a proper set of armor as well. She comments that this is pretty much the coolest thing that's ever happened to her. Ever. Marnet's health is now GOOD.
No. 784696 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859921895.png - (8.77KB , 500x500 , 105.png )

Marnet tries directing the shedding onto Crunk, and it strips her of the armor. Marnet's health is now OKAY, and she asks in a low, strained gurgle if she please can stop now.

Crunk approaches her slowly, and hands over a bit of jelly. Marnet pushes the jelly against her face, and it is consumed. Marnet's health is now GOOD.
No. 784697 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859924677.png - (16.92KB , 500x500 , 106.png )

Your team has already chosen roles for themselves! Dad is the LEADER of the group, Buddy is the SECOND IN COMMAND (and possibly the fighter, it pipes up.), Primus is the SCOUT and NAVIGATOR, and Marnet as their MUSCLE and GUARD.

Seaspray, Crunk and Whipp talk to their gods, and relay that their roles will be DEFENSE, HEALER, and SNIPER respectively.

Seaspray's ability lets them create shells on any surface, not unlike Marnet's ability with the magic wand. Wretch puts down a simple plastic cube for them to demonstrate on, and within seconds, shells have formed on the surface. They murmur that they're not sure if it'll work on living creatures, and that they're kind of scared to try.

Crunk reports that her ability is about average in strength- jelly heals pretty decently, and has a solid regen rate. She isn't going to be pulling any miracle cures without losing an entire limb, but it'll grow back. She seems relaxed about the whole affair.

Whipp keeps it simple. She shoots bullets, each bullet takes a little bit of health. Easy.
No. 784698 ID: 85cc2c
File 148859927888.png - (7.22KB , 500x500 , 107.png )

Primus agrees to help Dad practice, holding a small cushion up in the air. You order him to keep holding it, which he does with an affirmative whistle. Dad steps back, stretching out before demanding that he drop the cushion.

He responds almost instantly, dropping the cushion on the floor. He asks if he did well to Dad, eager for praise. She's taken a bit off guard, but tells him he did a wonderful job, uh, dropping the cushion.

Primus is elated.
No. 784705 ID: db0da2

>There's always a cost, the more powerful, the bigger the cost.
>Machines work similarly.
I can understand how this would work with things like the body machine and the force fields, but what about entirely physics-based contraptions like something copied directly from Earth?

>Doing that just provokes another player to make something that forces violence.
And we've already decided that we're trying to avoid an arms race... What if we made an area where violence was impossible, but only if you voluntarily chose to enter it, understanding that that was the case? Like neutral ground for safe negotiations or conversions.

We should train our TCPs in anti-guerilla tactics, like spotting ambushes and stuff, ideally with help from the other more experienced gods who know what guerilla tactics look like in this game.

Assuming that psychological warfare is a standard part of Spit's repertoire it might be prudent to start building up our TCPs resistance to witnessing messed up shit using progressively more horrible shock images. Thoughts?
No. 784714 ID: e37a06

Considering our TCP's mental makeup, explaining them the concepts beforehand might help them be prepared.
No. 784718 ID: 398fe1

Well that was easy...? Primus you do realize the point was to try to resist Dad's orders, right? I understand if you thought that would be rude or something. Did it feel strange in any way to have your standing orders overwritten?

Oh right. Primus, shall we test using Storage to heal Crunk so that she can heal our larger TCPs more frequently?

Do the inert bodies not count as corpses? ...would we have to "kill" one of the inert bodies to make it work with upload/download? Hmmm... I just realized the upload/download machine might not heal the corpse. So we'd swap into a damaged body. From what Wretch said about there always being a cost, I'm guessing we will not be able to use this for anything except restoring permanent damage. We can, after all, damage the inert bodies in non-permanent ways in order to "kill" them.
No. 784730 ID: 8d4593

In addition to the physics based things, does it matter how many creates we use?

Like would it cost health to use a "Nuke" we created in one go, as opposed to if we used dozens of creates to assemble say...
A Launch platform, Engine Chassis, Fuel Tanks, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Hydrogen, Flow Regulation valves, Electric ignition device, Battery housing, battery-cathode and anode assembly, sulfuric acid, Lead radiation shield/neutron reflector-tamper, Reaction chamber housing, reaction mass assembly, plutonium reaction mass, detonator assembly, Plutonium Detonator plugs, Gunpowder, More electric ignition devices, Transformer, Radio, antenna, Electric Switches Rocket Skin, electric motor, stabilizer fins and flaps, 1Km Tall steel tower, Several battery housings, annodes and cathodes, more sulfuric acid, another transformer, radio, and antenna, Linear amplifier, Observation deck, telescope, Control panel, Welding goggles, ear plugs, several recliners, glasses, and a bottle of brandy?
No. 784731 ID: 2c734f

Congratulations, Dad, you're a substitute us. Good, considering you're the leader down there.
Without magic, I imagine it relies on the TCP liking you or respecting you as a leader. If Spit's tcps seem lonely or jealous of our group, that might be a chance to get them.
No. 784780 ID: 2c0bc1

Hey Crunk can you store the jelly, like can you take bits off and store them in a box then regen then take another bit off and store it etc ad infinitum.
No. 784790 ID: b412df

Even if a HP cost could be bypassed by creating the parts and having our cats assemble it, it'd take time, require our cats to understand the principles of rocketry, nuclear, and mechanical engineering, and it'd still be a freaking nuke. Please no nukes.

If that was just a example to explain the concept, then maybe? It seems like it'd be a significant time investment to build things manually and require CREATE which might not always be usable.

Thanks for testing that Dad, hopefully if Spit has something that can order other TCPs like you then both you and us saying the same thing will override that.

Also, Thanks for testing the magic Marnet, sorry if it was straining / hurt you.

Aw heck yeah, team pose.
No. 784835 ID: 85cc2c
File 148866288406.png - (5.55KB , 500x500 , 108.png )

You thank everybody for participating so willingly in your tests, and ruminate on what to do next.

VOIDSY: What about machines using physics?
EASTWOOD: Probably still has a cost...but maybe a lesser one? I can't say for sure.

VOIDSY: Hmmm...what if you created parts for something powerful or dangerous, instead of just the object or weapon itself?
EASTWOOD: That may work, actually.
EASTWOOD: I've seen people do that before...building up resources and creating much larger objects.
EASTWOOD: It works great, but only if you have the time and skills for it. If you want to go this route, I'd say work with what you already have instead of making a million new things. Your cats may get overwhelmed fast otherwise.
EASTWOOD: Though you know, here's a thought...
EASTWOOD: Let's say you do make something like that, or anything- and you keep it secret.
EASTWOOD: They wouldn't be able to make something on tier or greater, because they don't know shit.
EASTWOOD: Now don't go making any sort of life ruining shit because then nobody's gonna be happy, but keep it in mind.
EASTWOOD: If we play our cards right, that could come in handy.

You ask Primus if he was resisting Dad's orders. He whistles that he was doing his best to, but Dad's command just felt more... He gestures, trying to figure out what to say. It felt more natural to listen to Dad, and the praise he got for doing so felt great to boot!

Crunk is asked to take off some more chunks of her jelly, and Wretch makes a handy little cooler to keep them in. She tears off as much as she can bear, replying that her regen will take a little while, but not too long. The jelly itself looks fine for now, though Whipp says she'll check up on it in a little. Seaspray pipes up and says that if this works, it may be possible to carry them around in little cooled bags, just in case.
No. 784838 ID: a363ac

might as well put jelly in Primus while she is healing.
No. 784842 ID: 398fe1

You mean put Crunk in Primus?
No. 784850 ID: b412df

Hang on, what's the difference between CREATE-ing parts, and building a thing in secret, and just CREATE-ing the thing and not telling anyone, in terms of keeping things hidden? Is there some way for gods to see what each other are CREATE-ing, or are we misunderstanding what you're saying, Eastwood?

All for blind-siding Spit with something if it works as you say though.

What's the low down on abstract types? Sounds like powerful but risky from what's been said.

Directed toward the collective:
Well, we've got magic stuff, music stuff, alchemy, and a herb garden. What could we do with that, some kind of academical weapons, healing potions, knockout gas, poison? Maybe see if there's a way to add magic into the music stuff for DnD bard-like abilities.

Could fashion shields or makeshift armour with the bits of shell Marnet made just now, assuming it doesn't disintegrate or something, or let Wretch have it since we'd have to carry it back to base.

Also, should we ask the others about the knife we found ages ago, with the note about "Watch your back"? Cause that was kinda spooky, might have been a random loot spawn, or a warning?
No. 784876 ID: db0da2

>What's the low down on abstract types? Sounds like powerful but risky from what's been said.
An example would be helpful, in fact, just assume we want an example from a past game every time we ask a question like this. Theory is useful, but to really understand a concept in it's entirety a practical example is essential.

If it's necessary to use world materials and not CREATE-d parts when constructing our complicated stuff, it may be useful to assign our less battle-ready TCPs to jobs like mining and carpentry. Is there any limit to how much we can TEACH TCPs, because as it stands I'm having trouble understanding why we shouldn't make all of our kitties full-blown polymaths.

One advantage we've found to being from Earth is that we know of animals that the other gods have never heard of, would it be a viable strategy to CREATE some T-Rexes or whatever to catch Spit by surprise?
No. 784947 ID: 350a50


Agreed on these questions.

We were already planning on making a guardian for our base, like a riddle-asking Sphinx or something. Less obviously powerful, less power creep.
No. 784989 ID: 15a025

Store crunk in our lil tent boy for healing.
No. 785026 ID: 85cc2c
File 148868688621.png - (5.61KB , 500x500 , 109.png )

Crunk is stored within Primus. Primus comments that she's very weird to have stored, considering she's so squishy! She just laughs and reclines, thanking him for being chill about it.

VOIDSY: What's the difference between creating parts to build something, and just creating the thing?
EASTWOOD: Well, I guess you could do either.
EASTWOOD: You could technically just teach your cats everything, but that might muddle their heads up. Jack of all trades but nowhere near masterful at one, you get me? No matter how much they know, they can only really apply so much.
EASTWOOD: I'm also going to guess that having cats manage their own item crafting would come in really handy when travelling outside of the base.

VOIDSY: How about abstract types? Can you tell us about them?
EASTWOOD: Might just be a good plan to give you quick rundowns on the type categories, considering you've got your last cat ahead.
EASTWOOD: ABSTRACT types are probably one of the most plentiful, but definitely the most powerful. They're based on abstract concepts, and their abilities are dangerous as all hell. Abstract types can enter an ELEVATED FORM where they can warp both the world around them and both TCPs and players. Having one of these go rogue is the one cause of player death- actual, literal death. You'd cease to exist entirely. If you're going to make one, please pick its type carefully for the sake of us all- TCPs don't have to follow your orders. It's also worth noting that their abilities, depending on what they are, can drain them down to critical in a single use.
EASTWOOD: If those risks are worth it to you, fine. But I don't want to see shit like a god type or a death type running around. That shit just invites more trouble than it's worth.
EASTWOOD: WEAPON types are kind of misleading. Not only actual weapons fall under this type, but things like certain tools, and even toys. I've seen somebody make a pillow type and have it end up be a weapon TCP. They're up there on top of most powerful in terms of damage they can deal, but as you probably know by now, there's a cost to it...like everything in this game. They're frail defensively, but if you play your cards right, they can be a vital asset to a team.
EASTWOOD: FOOD types are healers, most of the tim You can take a chunk of em and have another TCP consume it for buffs and possibly bonus effects. You have to watch out, though- food types ingesting other food types can change what they do, and not all food types are good for your cats to consume. Food covers anything that's typically consumed- including drugs, poisons, and other nasty chemicals.
EASTWOOD: STORAGE types contain things- be it objects, creatures, TCPs, you name it. I've seen ones based on places- like a literal store type, or a restaurant. Whatever the TCP is determines what they store. A box type could store anything, a fridge would store food. You get the gist. Their storage capabilities are limited to what they can physically hold, so you get a lot of huge ones cropping up. Abilities vary all over the map.
EASTWOOD: MACHINE types work similarly to actual machines. Put something in, get something out. These can be electronics, or stuff like simple machines. Levers, computers, phones, whatever. You talk into a phone type, a recipient talks back. You push down on a lever, the other side goes up. Easy. Very useful if you've got a specific goal in mind.
EASTWOOD: FORM types are based on materials, shapes, and a lot of other miscellaneous stuff I can't quite pinpoint. Their abilities involve changing the materials and shapes, you know, of other objects and creatures. They work on TCPs sometimes, but that requires a lot more exertion and health cost. Neat stuff, way more effective than people give them credit for.
EASTWOOD: NATURE types are based off of environmental stuff. Weather, biomes, types of plant...as you'd imagine, they can create what their type is. Like form and body types- we'll get to those last- they need to be physically touching whatever it is they want to change or create. This excludes weather or other floaty nonsense, but you can get the gist from there. Great for editing terrain on the fly.
EASTWOOD: CREATURE types have passive abilities, and are based off of any sort of living creature OR something resembling one, like a plush toy or statue. There's too many of these for me to really pin down similarities between them, seeing as their abilities vary wildly. Generally a staple on teams due to being unpredictable in terms of what they can actually do, but you gamble getting a type with a shitty ability.
EASTWOOD: BODY types...like Seaspray, are based on parts of the body, sicknesses, and injuries. They're the biggest kind of TCP and extremely dangerous. Their excellent strength is matched with being pretty hardy. If they get in range to touch you, you're in a lot of trouble. They can and will create things like extra limbs, sicken your cats, or even spontaneously create cuts. The downside to these types is mainly in their size and speed- they're easy to spot and most other TCPs can zip around them with ease. We're lucky to have Seaspray on our side, to say the least.
No. 785034 ID: 398fe1

I bet we could make someone a blacksmith and create a little forge for them to make stuff with. The create all sorts of cool materials for them to bang on the anvil.
No. 785052 ID: db0da2

Do occupations count as concepts? Dad is a creature, but "GOD" is supposedly abstract. One of us would do well to get a negotiator type, to help with turning Spit's cats. Maybe we should propose that to miller. A body type woud be good I think, or maybe a turtle type, it seems to be easier to enhance offense than defence in this game, seeing as we can always just hand our cats bigger guns and know where we'd even start with trying to make are cats tankier using mundane methods, plus larger cats can wield heavier weapons.

Ask the gods what body types they'd reccomend. Would a fist type be body or weapon type?
No. 785065 ID: 350a50

I feel like a Mask Type would go horribly wrong, or horribly right.
No. 785070 ID: db0da2

What if we made a treaty type or some other abstract to enforce some kind of limit on what weapons can be used to avoid an arms race, would that work?

Regarding our immediate plans... We should test all our tcp abilities extensively, we can use the empty bodies to test the more dangerous ones. I want to know if Buddy's wand ability can be used through walls. We should also stockpile weapons of varying degrees of power, seeing as Spit has no way of knowing what we create it won't start an arms race as long as we don't use them. I don't want to be stuck in adventure mode after having held back only to find out that Spit has built a mountain of death rays or something. We should start our tcps on a training regimen, with team building exercises, combat drills, the practical application of various things we've taught them to make sure they actually have the skills to apply their knowledge, and maybe some type of conditioning to prepare them for the horrors of war.
No. 785126 ID: 8d4593

What if we made a Void type?
No. 785171 ID: db0da2

Can we make cats using proper nouns? Can we make cats using languages other than English?
No. 785190 ID: db0da2

What would happen if we tried to enter "food", "body", "creature", etc., as a cat type? Would we get the platonic ideal of that archetype?
No. 785222 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875053175.png - (4.73KB , 500x500 , 110.png )

You decide to have the rest of your TCPs test their abilities using magic items on the inert bodies while you ruminate over types to make.

There appear to be customization options for the ears and eyespots of the bodies, but Dad exclaims that there's no time for that now. She presses buttons until you have a proper pile of them.
No. 785223 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875069146.png - (7.22KB , 500x500 , 111.png )

Marnet volunteers to be Primus' guinea pig, and Crunk seconds. Primus heals Marnet from afar, and is pleased to report that even with an apparant health drain, he doesn't feel much pain. Primus' health is now GREAT, Marnet's health is now FANTASTIC.

He speeds up Crunk's healing using the wizard hat, and starts to feel a bit woozy. Crunk reports feeling better than ever, and that her health is at its maximum of GREAT. Primus' health is now GOOD.
No. 785224 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875071468.png - (7.90KB , 500x500 , 112.png )

Whipp agrees to let Dad mind control her, and the results are instantaneous. Dad is gentle, only making Whipp wave her arms in the air a bit before letting go. She reports that she had no control over Whipp's thoughts, speech or feelings- nor could she access them- but instead had a mental control over Whipp's actions. When asked if she feels any different, she grunts and says she's fine. Dad's health is now GOOD.

Dad doesn't see much point currently in testing the hat right now, seeing as her abilities work without it just fine for the time being, and she doesn't want to go and waste any health.
No. 785225 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875074203.png - (7.54KB , 500x500 , 113.png )

Buddy is last to go. It starts with the magic wand, and creates a small knife in the arm of an inert body. It makes a small screech and clutches its own arm, seemingly feeling an equal pain. Buddy's health is now POOR.
No. 785226 ID: 85cc2c
File 148875085246.png - (8.15KB , 500x500 , 114.png )

Buddy is apprehensive when putting the wizard hat on, and at first the only sign of its ability being used is it staggering back and crying out, clutching at its head. The hat falls, revealing its head knife retracted. Its flower and rubber cap fall to the ground, Buddy following suit. It says that it's okay in between strange grinding noises, not unlike the sound of crying. Buddy's health is now HURTING.

No. 785227 ID: b412df

Ok, that's enough testing of our TCP's abilties. Might have been too much at once actually, although on a purely utilitarian view it's best to know the limitations while it's safe. We know not to push things to far with magic now.

We didn't know you'd get feedback from that Buddy, we're sorry. Primus, would you be willing to shelter Buddy for a bit when we next have to travel? Might be useful to use a tiny bit of the jelly in the cooler so Buddy isn't hurting, poor Buddy.
No. 785228 ID: 15a025

Quick, get Buddy in Primus or have Primus use healing magic on Buddy. Only the latter if Primus is up for it.
No. 785233 ID: 9f3729

Oh jeeze. That's rough, sorry buddy. It looks like your head knife vanished, that's bizarre.
No. 785248 ID: 91ee5f

Oh no, Buddy!

Someone heal Buddy! D-':>
No. 785249 ID: db0da2

That was the point, the hat gives better control over the knives in Buddy's body.

Let's get some gel on buddy ASAP.

I want to know if Dad can force TCPs to use their abilities and/or stop them from using them. I also want to know if Buddy's wand power can be used without line of sight. The latter should definitely wait, but we might test if any other wand powers work without line of sight as a substitute. It's also probably best to get all this testing done now, before Spit is ready to make a move, we wouldn't want our cats being ambushed while low on health.

I also want answers to my questions here: >>785052 >>785070 >>785171 >>785190.
No. 785253 ID: 398fe1

Okay I thought we were done testing? Let's just recuperate for a while, please?
No. 785282 ID: 350a50


Get Buddy some healing slime and let's take a break. Let the TCPs practice with their instruments.
No. 785309 ID: db0da2

Done? We've barely started. Trying our abilities in their most basic capacities is one thing, but if we really want to be able to utilize them to their fullest extent we have to find their outer limits and edge cases. Right now we don't even know the range on these abilities, for example. Game-winning tactics don't come out of nowhere, we need to know what our options are before we even think about using them.

A break is fine, Buddy certainly needs one, though I feel the others could keep going, and we have other things to work on, but I want to get back to testing as soon as our cats' bealth replenishes so that we can get all this testing over with before it becomes a liability.
No. 785326 ID: 85cc2c
File 148877549235.png - (9.13KB , 500x500 , 115.png )

You try to bring up the idea of doing more tests, and Dad snaps at you. Buddy needs rest, she growls, and lets the knife type rest its head on her lap. It'd be ideal for all of them to take a break. Everyone agrees, sitting down to rest-
No. 785327 ID: 85cc2c
File 148877550658.png - (6.06KB , 500x500 , 116.png )

You have an incoming call.
No. 785330 ID: 8d4593

Take a break in Primus, Buddy.

Talk mad shit while Flirting Incessantly.
No. 785333 ID: 15a025

We've already got enough trouble here. Don't answer it. Don't just hit no/hang up though. Leave it ring till it stops. An immediate hang up/no seems like something that'd set spit off.
No. 785334 ID: be6e97

Answer, but be cautious with what we say. Perhaps act like we don't know as much as we do about the game, and if she asks us any details about what we have, LIE. We cannot and I stress this CAN NOT give her any information that she can use against us. Don't let her know we are in an alliance or we lose any fraction of an element of surprise we had. Act like we are foolish and trusting to get her to think we will be easy to manipulate. Get her to underestimate us. And under no circumstances give her any kind of advantageous information.
No. 785373 ID: d36af7

Answer, but say nothing.
No. 785374 ID: 91ee5f

But we did say you could take a break! .....oh that's right, we're a collective. So you couldn't hear some of us say, "Take a break" because, for some stupid reason, there were more of us telling you to, "Keep going"!

I agree with >>785333 on not answering it and not hitting no. Just let it ring until Spit gives up.

Afterwards, we should tell everyone that Spit tried to call us.
No. 785375 ID: 350a50


Be friendly and naive.
No. 785390 ID: 9876c4

Free enemy intel?

Yes, please.
No. 785391 ID: 85cc2c
File 148878527667.png - (15.21KB , 500x500 , 117.png )

You answer the call.

Smoke billows from the corners of her crooked smile, eyes unblinking and neck twisted around like a piece of bent metal. Where hands should be, she has shards of broken glass, shoved into her own flesh haphazardly.

As you take her in, she speaks, voice a hoarse giggle.

SPIT: Hi, newbie.

No. 785392 ID: 1f1cb5

Well, hey there, friendo!
Need a hand with that smoking problem?
Cause I bet it's a real pain in the neck.
No. 785402 ID: 9876c4

Tits and GTFO.
No. 785403 ID: 91ee5f

.....you know, for someone that ate a god and a high god (I think that's what Eastwood said she did) I'm surprised she's not fat!

Either gods are really healthy to eat or she's got an amazing workout routine!
No. 785408 ID: a363ac

aww its such a cute puppy!
No. 785463 ID: aff0f6

I am thoroughly underwhelmed.
No. 785467 ID: b412df

Hello, Spit.

(I don't think we should try anything fancy here, just keep in simple and avoid giving out any information. As well as not giving them a reason to pick on us other than us being the newbie with the most to lose.)
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