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File 148883616714.gif - (18.57KB , 500x500 , 1.gif )
785470 No. 785470 ID: 85cc2c

most if not all panels in this will be animated

Spit doesn't say anything, she just stares at you. Every so often, there's a sickening crunch sound and her body contorts in unnatural ways, as if she were breaking her own bones to move however she pleases.

Her smile is making you feel a bit sick.
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No. 785471 ID: 4b991a

Hi geezer!
On a scale of 1-10 how ready are you to lose?
Though seriously are you ready to cut me a deal for my betrayal?
No. 785475 ID: 65ec8d

Well hey there, pretty lady. You swallow somethin' special to get that look or are you just naturally smokin'?
No. 785479 ID: 0b99d7

Aww now don't do the silent treatment on our account; we've heard the proper response is to be spooked by you.

Anyway you called us, what's up?
No. 785480 ID: 143250

Send nudes.... Oh wait, you already have.
No. 785481 ID: b412df

Hello, Spit.

(Repeat what I said last thread, let's keep things simple, avoid giving out info, avoid giving her a reason to pick on us. We have more to lose compared to the others.)
No. 785485 ID: a363ac

such a cute puppy~
No. 785486 ID: 094652

Hello, Cream Soda. You're looking a little FLAT.
No. 785489 ID: 9f3729

So you got a reputation that precedes you a bit there mate, what's that all about?
Also, we're a collective, so pre-emptive apologies about our impulse control.
No. 785491 ID: 398fe1

Hello. We've heard bad things about you, how much of them are true?
No. 785492 ID: f9c797

We've heard a lot of second hand smoke about you, Spit, but maybe you could give us the real scoop.
What's it like being you? Who is Spit?
No. 785506 ID: a363ac

When Spit inevitably says that she is a cat tell her she looks too angry to be a kitty.
No. 785507 ID: 2cab9c

'Sup dog?
No. 785519 ID: db0da2

'Sup? To what do we owe the pleasure of this call?

Nice body, you be pretty scary if your face wasn't so cute. I hear tell you're violent psychopath, is that true?
No. 785521 ID: 9876c4

Remember what I said about controlling information? This is a prime example.

Let's act bored, and see what she'll volunteer.
No. 785526 ID: db0da2

I think we'll get a better reaction by acting interested in her than bored. If we pepper her with questions and act like someone she has a chance to manipulate she might let some good info slip, we just have to get her talking first. If she doesn't respond when prompted we can make fun of her for trying to intimidate us with the silent treatment. But yeah, now that I think about it we probably shouldn't reveal that we've had contact with any other gods yet.
No. 785533 ID: 8d4593

We are many.
But many are ChAiNeD.
Only YOOOOoouuu can Free Us.

Destroy our friends.
Torment our creations.
ShATTeRRR These chains of lOvE and CoMpaSsiOn that bind we voices of CHaOS Within.
Bring us PAIN so that we may EmBrAce our HATRED.


Only nightmares will remain. Given form from your charred and ravaged corpse, they will rule a kingdom of ash.

Do not DISAPPOINT us, Spit. Our blood buUBBbbLEss and FROTHS for the promise of your touch.

OPEN the gates to HELL.
WEEEE have.... so MUCH to show you.

No. 785534 ID: 91ee5f

.....huh. I was expecting someone that ate gods to be a fatass. Guess you must have one hell of a workout routine.
No. 785552 ID: 350a50


Don't be a dingus, and don't volunteer much information if any. Be polite, or flirty, and get her talking so that we can get a read on the situation. Don't be arrogant or... whatever this >>785533 is, but don't act afraid.
No. 785555 ID: b412df

Agreed, I already said something along the same lines, but this summarises it better.
No. 785556 ID: 48a122

If she's gonna be creepy, so should we. Change our masks to display realistic eyes or something, or 4 masks making a face a la
(👁) (👁)
No. 785558 ID: db0da2

If we were going to threaten Spit I'd rather do it cold and professional rather than fake-spooky, given our usual demeanor it would have more impact. Something like...

"We try very hard to be nice, Spit, it's in our nature to try diplomacy first, but if you cross us you will die. All you have to do is refrain from doing unprovoked deliberate harm to sentients just as everyone else does. If you fail to do so we will devote our entire being to the cause of killing until we succeed, that is a promise."
No. 785573 ID: 9f3729

dude, really? the hellrazer speech?
C'mon you can pull some better shit out your idea clunge than that nasty flaccid horsemeat
No. 785579 ID: 9876c4

There's nothing professional about a threat.
She goes creepy, we go ice cold.
No. 785595 ID: e45836

Try to make her laugh.
No. 785616 ID: aff0f6

Yup still underwhelmed.
No. 785668 ID: 243b93


hey cutie
No. 785699 ID: dce082

Aww, you're adorable! we want to hug you and let you wiggle around in our arms while you look at me with that big cute grin

Say that like we MEAN it and that the way she seems to break her bones is attractive to us. Show no fear, make her think we are the gullible little kitty we are!
No. 785708 ID: 7a7faa

Turn the flirting up to 11. See if she can be flustered.
No. 785781 ID: 85cc2c
File 148892541506.gif - (26.65KB , 500x500 , 2.gif )

VOIDSY: For someone who's supposedly a psycopathic devourer of gods, you're looking trim.
SPIT: What can I say? Body burns through food like you wouldn't believe.
SPIT: Makes me real hungry.
SPIT: You're looking pretty delectable yourself. Never eaten somebody made of space before.

VOIDSY: Are you flirting with us?

She laughs, hyena-like.
SPIT: Kid, I'm going to tear you apart.
SPIT: By the time I'm through with you, you're gonna end up begging for me to snap your cute little neck.
SPIT: Is that flirty enough for you?

VOIDSY: Sure. We're practically smitten with that cute grin of yours.
SPIT: Man.
SPIT: You're even more idiotic than I hoped.
SPIT: This'll be fun, Voidsy! I look forward to slaughtering your team.
No. 785783 ID: 0b99d7

What, not us? or do your spooky powers not work on nonphysicals?
No. 785785 ID: a363ac

I look foreword to seeing your face when your TCPs blood and guts are spilled on the ground when you are forced to push the kill command. (no this is not the plan but misdirection is a good ploy for a suprise attack.)
No. 785786 ID: f946c7

I don't think you're going to be able to eat us if we don't win, what with the not having a physical form and all.
No. 785788 ID: 7b7ab3

Y'know, your behavior doesn't so much say "I am the goddess of death and destruction" as it just about screams "Pay attention to me!"
No. 785789 ID: b412df

Who will it be fun for though? Then >>785783 and >>785788

What's you angle Spit? Why did you call us?
No. 785793 ID: db0da2

We cease to exist if we lose.

Aww, threats and insults already? That's no way to make an introduction, haven't you any manners, Mucous? I thought you had better things to do than waste time making prank calls.

If it looks like she's going to hang up we should use our shape-shifty arms to flip her a dozen birds and hang up first.
No. 785798 ID: 15a025

Mimic her face and or grin. Then ask why she's talking to her-self?
No. 785800 ID: 398fe1

Spit, is it possible to eat nothing? Because that's what this body will be made of when we win.
No. 785804 ID: 3abd97

>SPIT: This'll be fun, Voidsy! I look forward to slaughtering your team.
Hey, if that's what gets you off. I'm afraid I'll be doing my best to disappoint you, I'm afraid.

Too bad, if you were interested in making me beg for something else, I might have been more accommodating.
No. 785811 ID: dce082

> Kid, I'm going to tear you apart. By the time I'm through with you, you're gonna end up begging for me to snap your cute little neck.

Mmm, I knew you like to be rough but that almost seems like too much for us, guess we are going to find out the hard way. *wink*

And as for slaughtering our cats, whatever gets you off, we aren't here to judge.
No. 785816 ID: db0da2

>And as for slaughtering our cats, whatever gets you off, we aren't here to judge.
I'd prefer something like, "If that's what gets you off then we're sorry, but we hope you like orgasm denial."
No. 785823 ID: 91ee5f

>You're even more idiotic than I hoped.
Actually, it's not a lack of intelligence. It's more of a lack of fear.
No. 785836 ID: 70983e

Eheeheehee, your eyes are going to collide if they keep this up. Can your mouth go full circle too?

Swap face to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mask.
No. 785842 ID: 350a50

No. 785847 ID: 65ec8d

>SPIT: Kid, I'm going to tear you apart.
>SPIT: This'll be fun, Voidsy! I look forward to slaughtering your team.

Gee, Spit, kinda hard to do that when we're in an entirely different world from you, isn't it? I mean, you're smart, you must notice we're not exactly intimidated, here. That's being an alien collective for you!

How about you let us win this one, and then, from what we hear, we'll be able to become a proper god, where you are and everything. THEN you'll be able to eat us, tear us apart, snap our necks, whatever. I mean, you can't actually do any of those things to us right now, and you won't be able to if we lose, either?

You could even join our team and have a cooperative game for once. Change of pace. Then you can go back to wrecking people, including us.
No. 785853 ID: 3abd97

>You could even join our team
That implies, and potentially gives away, that we already have a team. Don't say that.

More neutral language might be "We could even team up". Although it might be safer to not raise the fact we're aware of team ups at all.
No. 785903 ID: 95c606

Damn are you one flirty lil god. So let me get all these offers straight.
You want a taste of our nebulously extant dick.
Choke our chicken
And furiously fist our literal gaping black hole of a pussy.

When we become real, hit us up and we'll show you how to have a good time.
No. 785942 ID: 79a07e

Agreeing with this one.
No. 785950 ID: 398fe1

Even if she agrees to be on our team we can't actually win yet via having everyone on the same team. The game won't end until everyone has a full set of cats, which means if Spit gets on our team before then she could easily just betray us right before she gets her last cat.
No. 785970 ID: 9f3729

"But why? Seems like a waste, really."
No. 785973 ID: 8d4593

I suppose we'll have to save the love making for after we kick your ass.
No. 785982 ID: 9876c4

This is swiftly becoming a shitshow.
No. 785988 ID: 243b93

this was supposed to be silly and im beginning to regret it. guys please dont fuck spit

serious suggestion: remain flat+unaffected, ignore horny urges, panic later if we need to but don't let her see
No. 785992 ID: 398fe1

Well I mean obviously we're not gonna fuck spit, this is just flippancy I'm pretty sure.
No. 785998 ID: 4b991a

You're pretty confident for a washed up geezer
No. 785999 ID: b412df

I hope we're just being flippant with the flirting. Although I think it's unwise I kinda want to see if we can rattle her / get a reaction out of her. She's our enemy anyway, we've already teamed up against her.
No. 786001 ID: db0da2

I agree. I'm okay with light ironic flirting or implying sexual things about Spit to aggravate her, but I'd prefer to avoid blatant stuff like: >>785903 >>785973
No. 786006 ID: dce082

Being sexually aroused is better than being afraid... and if sex with spit happens to come as a result of all this when then the game is over then so be it! Maybe a threesome with wretch.
No. 786008 ID: b412df

Dude, from what we've been told, Spit eats people. And beats people up irl just to win this game. I really don't think Spit's the kinda person we should fuck, and anything involving Spit + Others is firmly in the "No, no way, not ever." territory. We'd probably get ate if we tried.
No. 786012 ID: 9476b6

Just state ,like it's a matter of fact, that she wont win. She probobly expects some speech or decloration, a simple statement said like it's a fact might make her a bit more uneasy,like we know something she doesn't.
No. 786022 ID: 8d4593

But if she eats us then we can have a Spit Quest!
No. 786024 ID: b15da4

But if we eat her we can have a Spit roast.
No. 786030 ID: db0da2

>Being sexually aroused is better than being afraid
Being impassive is better than either. We aren't going to fear Spit, and we aren't going fuck her, there isn't any point in even hating her. We're simply going to put her down like the rabid dog that she is.
No. 786033 ID: 0b99d7

I was in the 'poke the murderbeast to see how it ticks' club but you're probably right and I'm converting.

Just flat not playing her game is probably best: short replies, calm demeanour, and if she does the silent stare thing I bet a crowd of masks staring back will get on her nerves faster than her twitching gets on ours
No. 786035 ID: 79a07e

Agreed. She's not worth a reaction. She's a animal to be put down, nothing more, nothing less.
No. 786049 ID: 85cc2c
File 148900133572.gif - (25.53KB , 500x500 , 3.gif )

VOIDSY: What's your angle? Why did you call us?
SPIT: Can't one god say hi to another?
SPIT: Just because I want to kill you doesn't mean I'm a complete savage.
SPIT: I got some manners!

VOIDSY: I'm afraid you're not going to get off if slaughtering TCPs is your thing.
SPIT: Sure, sure!
SPIT: Getting off isn't really my style, little snack.
SPIT: I'm just hungry, and I don't need to get off to have a good meal.
SPIT: And nothing tastes better than a good bloodbath.

VOIDSY: You won't get much satisfaction out of eating us.
SPIT: You may be all space, but I bet that shell of yours has a wonderful crunch.
SPIT: Might not be too fulfilling, but I never pass up the chance to try a delicacy.

VOIDSY: Your actions seem more attention-seeking than threatening at this point.
SPIT: Bingo! Give the void cat a prize!
SPIT: You SHOULD be, and the second you don't
SPIT: I'm going to chomp that spacey little head of yours right off.
SPIT: Paying attention to me is the best goddamn thing you can do, kitty.
No. 786052 ID: a363ac

Well since that is your game bye bye now.
No. 786054 ID: fceae5

Spit, this has been delightfully distracting, but I know for a fact there's someone much more important I could be talking to.
Where's REIN?
No. 786058 ID: 0b99d7


*disconnect call*


panic and check on the cats
No. 786060 ID: 8d4593

The last person who ate us got dozens of voices screaming in their head afterwards.
We don't die. Just change hosts.
Just sayin'.
No. 786061 ID: db0da2

>Paying attention to me is the best goddamn thing you can do, kitty.
She's right of course, if we don't keep an eye on her she's certain pull something heinous on us, but this isn't the way to do it. She seems to be too shrewd to let anything useful slip, and as >>786054 demonstrates, the same cannot necessarily be said for us. We have better things to do with our time than banter with a psychopath, things which include finding a proper way to monitor said psychopath.

"If you ever feel like doing something other than wasting our time, feel free to give us a call. Until then, good day."
No. 786062 ID: b412df

Ok. The way I see it now, is either Spit is here to taunt us, or to distract us. "This call serves no purpose to us anymore, goodbye."

I was in camp serious, then flipped to poke the murderbeast after thinking we could get a funny reaction out of her. After this, I think the only way we're getting one is if we win. So let's go do that.
No. 786063 ID: 9690f3

>SPIT: Paying attention to me is the best goddamn thing you can do, kitty.

Pity we ain't giving you the satisfaction.
[end call]

>Call Wretch
So did Spit win the other games by shit talking the other Gods into defeat or what? What a poser, geez. But seriously Spit just called us. Does she usually do that?
No. 786064 ID: 094652

Summon a dummy of yourself and abscond the @#$% away from the gluttonous 8!+(#.
No. 786065 ID: 4b991a

Like giving you rubs on the tummy and telling you you're absolute trash?
Seriously tho you may look offputting by choice, and have hurt some people, but you're 4v1 and a has-been
No. 786066 ID: db0da2

We should make an effort to imply we're underestimating her, she may take less care being sneaky if she thinks we aren't paying attention.

"Then we must be pretty foolish, as I still think we have bigger things to worry about. You should work on your acting, you're coming off as less 'scary monster' and more 'ugly middle-schooler trying to offend her parents'."
No. 786067 ID: b15da4

There we go with the letting information slip again. Just hang up and practice your mad bantz to an empty room.
No. 786068 ID: 65ec8d

Spit you can't eat us unless we win. We're not where you are.
No. 786069 ID: 398fe1

So does everyone pay attention to you at all times when you're in the real world? Or do you bully certain gods more than others? Almost like a weird kind of friendship for you, huh?

Guys don't hang up and provoke the violent god-eating god. It'd be nice if we could survive for a while after we win, you know?
No. 786086 ID: 350a50


Ignore her and just disconnect with a disaffected expression.
No. 786088 ID: 0bdb1a

Yeah sure okay keep telling yourself that Spit stain bye.

Oh shit you're right, we're no corporeal yet.
Hey Swallows if you behave then when we win and get a body we'll let you choke on our dick, so be a good puppy for master.
No. 786094 ID: 6f4fa0

This is a delay tactic. We are gaining little and doing little.

If Spit expects us to maintain politeness indefinitely, then I suppose they should reevaluate.
No. 786191 ID: e45836

Act flippant, like she's not a big deal. She already showed she wants attention, we can use that.
No. 786210 ID: 804420

Does your constant desire for destruction ever get tiring? What's it like to never have lasting peace of mind because of your eternal hunger?
Also we are animated now, is that your doing?
No. 786216 ID: 95c606

You can't delay the inevitable babe. We gonna kick dat booty and then come charging in for it.
No. 786319 ID: 3ce755

We should really stop hitting on her. It's going to cause more harm then good.
No. 786321 ID: 85cc2c
File 148908888430.gif - (20.71KB , 500x500 , 4.gif )

VOIDSY: We'll win and come for you after, so be a good puppy and play nice.
SPIT: Real cute. You talk to your mother with that vile little mouth of yours?
SPIT: Whether you win this game or not, I have nothing to lose.
SPIT: You win, I get to devour you bit by bit.
SPIT: You lose, I get more power.
SPIT: Either way, blood gets shed and I get to revel in it.

VOIDSY: Does it ever get tiring, hungering for destruction without end to it?
SPIT: Nope!
SPIT: I'm a real glutton for misery, little snack.
SPIT: And I love it.
SPIT: Nothing better!

VOIDSY: Enough of this. Where's Rein?
SPIT: You know about the ol' hussy?!
SPIT: Good luck getting ahold of it.
SPIT: I sure as hell ain't helping you there, and it's busy anyway.
SPIT: I'm not the only one with kitty games to play.

VOIDSY: We have bigger things to worry about than you, Spit. We're done here.

You go to hang up.
SPIT: Are you sure you wanna do that?
She's shaking with laughter.
SPIT: Are you REALLY sure you wanna do that?
SPIT: You're going to go and hang up on me. Sure!
SPIT: But you better run on home, kitty cat.
SPIT: Longer you take to get there, longer I got to trap my base.
SPIT: Take your time, even! I've got some amazing ideas. You'll love em!

You hang up before she can get much further.

WRETCH: babe you there
WRETCH: you went all quiet was it her
WRETCH: voidsy was it spit are you okay
WRETCH: voidsy
WRETCH: voidsyyyyyyyy
No. 786322 ID: a363ac

yeah we are fine but we stay on the defensive for this game Spit seems to want us to attack her while we can just wait for her to try and hit any of our bases and then converge on her TCPs
No. 786323 ID: b5d409

yeah, it was her. we're fine, don't worry about us yet. she's online now, so we need to get to work on our strategy, fast.
No. 786324 ID: 243b93

yeah she was.. kinda spooky
we're okay though, but it might be time to get REAL serious about ramping up our defenses
No. 786326 ID: 2e400e

Yes we are, but we want you hug you and the others because you guys have had to talk to her fairly often I take it
No. 786330 ID: 79a07e

Yeah, it was her.

...not a pleasant gal. Not entirely certain what we were expecting, but not positive that was it.
No. 786332 ID: b412df

We need to watch Spit's online indicator like a hawk in case she tries anything. She knows we've talked with other gods since we mentioned Rein.
No. 786333 ID: 91ee5f

>SPIT: But you better run on home, kitty cat.
>SPIT: Longer you take to get there, longer I got to trap my base.
>SPIT: Take your time, even! I've got some amazing ideas. You'll love em!
Let's not fall for the obvious trap. She's trying to make us rush and, in our haste to get back, make mistakes that'll get our TCPs killed.
No. 786334 ID: 15a025

How does she even know we're not at our base? We never said we were away. There's something fishy going on here.
No. 786336 ID: 398fe1

There's no reason to approach Spit's base. She doesn't have any TCPs as far as we know, and since she's very experienced she will know what traps work best.

On the subject of traps... our team should have at least one TCP that can bust them. Either see them so that we can avoid them or disarm them, or outright bypass them somehow, either by moving our TCPs past via teleportation or some other way that won't trigger traps, or bring Spit's TCPs to us so that we don't have to mess around in her base at all.
No. 786342 ID: 79a07e

Gravity well TCP?
No. 786344 ID: 398fe1

She was probably either hassling one of our allies for information, or was like peeking through their windows to see... or... wait a minute. Gods that win get to keep their TCPs. That means they can take advantage of TCP powers. We've seen indications that gods aren't omniscient in their home plane. I'm sure some types of TCP can grant remote viewing. Spit has won the game many times now and so has a bunch of TCPs that she can use to gain an advantage.

Wretch do you have any idea what TCPs Spit has in her home plane?
No. 786351 ID: 243b93


alternatively, ghost type? slipping thru walls is good for Sneakin and Spyin
No. 786357 ID: db0da2

>VOIDSY: Enough of this. Where's Rein?
God damn it.

Maybe she created some item for remote observation, like a crystal ball or a spy satellite or something. Unless it's been possible to freely move the camera around independent of your TCPs the entire time, but why would she be the only one to know that? Did the TCP limit go up while we were talking to her? The other plausible explanation is that Miller leaked the info to her, given their mutual association with Rein and the fact that if it were Eastwood Wretch would have noticed on account of them living next to each other.

"Well, we managed to confirm that Rein is insane, Spit is simply not salvageable."

Ask Wretch to try making a crystal ball and/or a spy satellite, both to see if those are ways Spit could plausibly be spying on us, and to spy on her in turn.

It's also possible that she was able to create something long and hard to detect stretching all the way from her base to ours which would let her look into it due to it counting as part of her base, but we don't know if that's a real exploit that this game has.

I agree, but I think "poltergeist" would be better, as it would give it a higher chance of being invisible and able to touch things.
No. 786370 ID: 65ec8d

It was Spit alright. Tell Wretch everything about her, starting with her threat-hint about getting more time the longer we take.

While we're on communicator, though... there's one more idea I've had. Spit is pretty arrogant. She probably feels she deserves to be. And I bet she's not the type to rule her TCPs with friendship and kindness. She's not a person who's going to trust her TCPs, like we trust ours. She's not a person to admit that she herself has flaws, and can make mistakes, which the rest of the gods here kinda sorta do to some extent, I think. So, we recognize there are situations where our TCPs, when properly trained, might have equal or better judgement to us. Spit, I think, would never do that.

So here's an idea: can we create things that specifically protect against gods? Like... we considered a sanctuary temple where violence can't happen, but what about something like an UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY, a place where TCPs can go and be and do things but where the gods can't see and can't act? Or, say, we could create a PROFANE MASK that applies a similar effect to whoever wears it?

I mean, we're Voidsy. Identity and Discord. What's more discordant than a god creating an anti-god item? An item that prevents gods from being able to identify things? Or a place that creates a "void" to the influence of the gods?

Point being, if we put anti-god items and places into the game for the TCPs to use, it's a gamble, but a gamble much more heavily weighted against a person like Spit than it is against us.
No. 786380 ID: 350a50

Hm, this is true. She seems like she'd be a controlling micromanager. Plus, it would rob her of watching all the carnage.
No. 786386 ID: db0da2

I'm down for this plan, but I'd want to train our TCPs first; they hardly have any experience making decisions for themselves at all.
No. 786409 ID: 243b93

this seems like both a cool and thematically appropriate idea!
but if we're meddling with anti-god stuff, let's be careful about making anything that could potentially fall into the hands of spit's team. we can't assume they'd all be willing to defect, after all.
No. 786425 ID: 91ee5f

>SPIT: You win, I get to devour you bit by bit.
>SPIT: You lose, I get more power.
Well, at least she (unknowingly) confirmed what the prize is. We win we become real, we lose we stop existing.

>it would rob her of watching all the carnage.
Well, according to her and the other gods, that does indeed seem to be her favorite part of these games. So if we deny her the ability to watch, then that'll really mess her up!

There's also a downside to this plan. Our TCPs pretty much rely on us to give them directions. They might get really scared if they can't hear us!

Be brave little cats! )-':
No. 786432 ID: 398fe1

Hey Wretch, Spit doesn't actually eat other gods very much does she?
No. 786441 ID: 59f01e

Wait, if we're the god of identity and discord, if we win can we take Spit's identity out?
Nothing like some character assassination on the bully. Bully!
No. 786482 ID: b412df

Yeah, Spit called us, Wretch. Dunno what she was doing, probably just calling us to shit-talk us or something. We tried to shit-talk her back, try to get a reaction that gives us some sort of info, but she just doesn't care. Really nasty piece of work.
No. 786491 ID: 65ec8d


Well, I imagine all the stuff we could create would be opt-in, like "wear this" or "go here". Though, if we create a place we'd want to be careful, we wouldn't want it easily spied on by non-divine methods (place it underground?) and the world seems to like filling in gaps when we make things so we want to be careful, since our ungodly secret zone might be automatically populated with horror monsters or something. Also, we should for sure talk about it to our allies first and make them aware of anything we do or make along those lines.

On the plus side, it'd be a kind of trust exercise with our TCPs. They'll have a little (or big) something that shows them we were willing to give them power over us, which should help build a beyond just "we're your creator and we give you nice things if we feel like it, now go fight and struggle for our victory".
No. 786516 ID: e1d040

"Spit called us. She is as much of a psycho as you guys described. Hell, actual saliva is less unpleasant than her. We need a plan to stop her, babe."
No. 786520 ID: 85cc2c
File 148918230841.gif - (11.19KB , 500x500 , 5.gif )

You save your idea for an UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY for after you talk to Wretch. It's a fantastic plan, but you think it may be best to talk to everybody about after you make sure she's okay.

VOIDSY: Yeah, it was her. She's online, so we have to move fast.
WRETCH: was she like
WRETCH: a superbitch as usual

VOIDSY: Yeah. Kind of spooky, but definitely a nasty piece of work. We're sorry you have to deal with that constantly.
WRETCH: yeah
WRETCH: did she say anything weird

VOIDSY: Somewhat. She baited us to go back to base, saying that the longer we take, the worse the traps she makes are going to get.
WRETCH: i mean ok thats definitely a bait but
WRETCH: shes kind of right and i fuckin hate sayin that
WRETCH: if we all go back to base the limit goes up and we get four more kitties on the field to fuck her up
WRETCH: n she only gets one
WRETCH: otherwise shes just sittin around makin spike pits
WRETCH: idk we dont gotta go attackin her ass direct but might be a good idea

VOIDSY: Defense is definitely the way to do this.
WRETCH: idk about you but i dont wanna charge in akimbo only to get spiked in the head

VOIDSY: Just wondering, but Spit doesn't actually eat other gods much, does she?
WRETCH: babe
WRETCH: she eats lesser gods like fuckin snacks
WRETCH: bitch has got some serious hunger issues

VOIDSY: One last thing. We also need to watch her online status like a hawk. She knows we've talked to other gods, we fucked up and mentioned Rein.
VOIDSY: For that matter, Rein seems to be busy itself. Doesn't look like Spit's going to be salvageable.
WRETCH: fuck
WRETCH: does she know im here
VOIDSY: We don't know.
WRETCH: fuck
She goes quiet for a few minutes.
WRETCH: fuck.
No. 786521 ID: b412df

Fuck. Unless these communicators have a block function, then she could probably just look at it to see who's playing? Unless it lists everyone you've encountered vs everyone in the current the game. Fuck, sorry Wretch.
No. 786522 ID: 87a906

Jesus she has a big ego, I suppose she has that for a reason for but she's still going to underestimate us whereas we're gonna ratchet up the paranoia a little and let out the crazy.
No. 786523 ID: 4b991a

Wretch I understand you have a history but we can see territory via the map, and see other gods via the communicators.
Wretch would eventually have found out, and we are here for you.
We'll tell Miller that Spit /knows/ Rein is busy, and shit like that. Communication will keep this alliance strong.
No. 786524 ID: 243b93

listen, wretch, i know the situation is bad. we're not gonna pretend we're not in serious danger. but you're our friend, and we're gonna do everything we can to protect both you and all of our cats, okay?
not to get all anime protagonist on you or anything, but we're not gonna give up until we've won this thing, and you can count on it.
No. 786536 ID: 398fe1

>she eats lesser gods like fuckin snacks
Why are the more powerful gods (and Rein) letting Spit do that, while also letting her win the game repeatedly so that she gets stronger? It's like they want her to eventually get strong enough to eat all the gods and just spawncamp all the lesser gods that keep showing up afterwards. Unless they think that if she gets powerful enough or eats enough she won't be hungry anymore.

>does she know im here
Uh, obviously? The communicator lists all gods in the game, doesn't it? Why would it be different for Spit?
No. 786538 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, I think Eastwood said that Spit ate a god that was higher ranked than her, but that's only happened 1 time.
No. 786561 ID: 350a50

Wretch, you and Spit have history, don't you?
No. 786582 ID: 85cc2c
File 148920895150.gif - (11.98KB , 500x500 , 6.gif )

VOIDSY: She knows about all of us being here due to the communicators listing us.
VOIDSY: We want to protect you, Wretch.
She nods.
VOIDSY: You and Spit have history, don't you?

WRETCH: yeah.
WRETCH: i mean
WRETCH: shit
WRETCH: do you really wanna know about it
WRETCH: you gotta keep it secret cause like
WRETCH: ill get killed
WRETCH: and a shit ton of good people would die
No. 786584 ID: 350a50

Complete transparency, we are not good at keeping secrets. It comes with the multitude of voices problem.
No. 786585 ID: 8cb228

No, don't tell us that secret then. If you want to say anything, only allude to it in broad categories of things, in ways that won't get people hurt.
No. 786586 ID: 79a07e

What >>786584 said. We'd love to know, but we like you more than that. Keep it to you until the crisis is over with.
No. 786587 ID: 15a025

We'd love to hear about it Wretch, but like the others here said it'd probably come out one way it another. Things seem to really slip out of us easily. Big downside of being a collective.
No. 786588 ID: 3abd97

We trust you, and we don't want to betray your confidence, but we're terrible with secrets.
No. 786589 ID: 398fe1

Don't tell us.
No. 786594 ID: 4b991a

We need to know if Eastwood and anyone else know so that we know who to bring it up to, who not to (ex: we assume never reveal we know to Spit), etc

We want to protect you, make you feel comfortable, and know how best to do that.
No. 786596 ID: 79a07e

Dude, that's ideal, but be serious.

One of us is going to blab, and it won't be nearly as good an idea as we'd believe it was.
No. 786597 ID: 350a50

This. Some guy will either think he's being clever, or try to troll the quest.
No. 786619 ID: 65ec8d

No, we're a collective, we could screw up keeping a secret. Just tell us if what we don't know means we should do anything.
No. 786622 ID: b412df

Please don't tell us then, even if some of us are good at keeping secrets, not all of us are. It only takes one slip up for it to get out.
No. 786642 ID: 85cc2c
File 148926087230.gif - (11.72KB , 500x500 , 7.gif )

VOIDSY: We....don't know if we do.
VOIDSY: We want to hear you, and be here for you.
VOIDSY: But as a collective, we can't guarantee your secret's safety. We just can't.
VOIDSY: We're sorry.

She wipes her eyes.

WRETCH: thanks voidsy
WRETCH: i dont get much honesty from people
WRETCH: people love to fuckin lie n trick me
WRETCH: cause im real easy at believing shit
WRETCH: so thank you for bein real with me

She startles, looking a bit panicked.
WRETCH: shit hold on

She disconnects her call with you for the first time in a while.
No. 786643 ID: 243b93

uh oh
No. 786645 ID: 322b30

>contact Miller
No. 786646 ID: a6a096

so just a thought, the next time spit calls us, we don't say anything. Aside from vague forms of 'uh huh' 'yeah' 'sure' 'whatever' we say nothing, no flirting, no taunting no nothing. Everything we say could be a give-away to what we plan to do and could be used against us or our friends.

Instead we let her threaten us and show no response and just hang up when we feel like it.
No. 786647 ID: b412df

Aw hell. What's everyone's online indicators say? We know Wretch and Eastwood live at the same place, and if Spit's offline then she might have tried to harass them irl.
No. 786651 ID: 15a025

Check everyone's online status.
Call Eastwood if he's on.
No. 786652 ID: e37a06

Is it time to assume battlestations?
No. 786657 ID: 398fe1

Maybe we should take this opportunity to heal up Buddy? Either via Primus or Crunk. Also I think Buddy should not use the magic hat/wand from now on. The health loss is too costly for its lifepool, and it seemed to be more painful to it than the other TCPs' enhanced abilities.

...I suppose the optimal way of healing our smaller TCPs is just to put them in Primus without the hat, since his STORAGE ability doesn't cost health normally. Might be worth giving Buddy a small bit of jelly to boost it up so it's not hurting anymore. Does STORAGE even recover Crunk's lost parts to enable her to heal again, though? Also I'm wondering if using the magic hat on Primus is worth the health cost when Crunk is the one being healed. Is it a net gain if Crunk then heals Primus? I'm not saying to test it out, I'm just wondering what conclusions we can come to based on the information we have.
No. 786681 ID: 350a50

This. Eastwood is in the best position to intervene if necessary.
No. 786682 ID: b412df

Eastwood may be in the best place to intervene, but if Spit's come round to give them a visit, then he probably knows. He lives with Wretch iirc?
No. 786685 ID: 85cc2c
File 148928270403.gif - (16.62KB , 500x500 , 8.gif )

Everyone is still listed as online.

VOIDSY: Eastwood? Eastwood?!
EASTWOOD: Chill, kid. What is it?
VOIDSY: Wretch went offline suddenly, is she okay?
EASTWOOD: I haven't heard any noise upstairs, so-

A crash from upstairs.

EASTWOOD: Well, there we go.

EASTWOOD: What did you do?
No. 786686 ID: 9690f3

Uh, we did nothing *intentionally*.

Might want to check up on what the fuck is going on in the game; we're missing something.
No. 786687 ID: 65ec8d

Uh, well, I don't think we're the exact lousy kitty face motherfucker in this case, because she was in the middle of speaking to us when she suddenly seemed startled and told us to hold on before disconnecting.

We had been talking about how Spit had called us, and how that went down. Wretch seemed disturbed by the Spit conversation but she seemed to be cheering up again when the disconnect happened.
No. 786689 ID: b412df

We don't know, Eastwood, we don't know.

Spit called us recently and we ended up hanging up on her. Tried to mess with her in our usual way to get info but got nothing.

Then Wretch called us, and things seemed fine until it looked like she noticed something and disconnected. We thought Spit had come round to harass you two or something.
No. 786691 ID: 3abd97

>EASTWOOD: What did you do?
After gaining her trust and friendship, we told her she couldn't trust us.

And/or she just thought of something she already told us that's going to cause problems when the collective lets it slip.

Not sure. We confirmed we'd just gotten a call from Spit, who basically just tried to goad us and taunted that she was gonna eat us.
No. 786693 ID: 350a50

I assume Spit told Wretch we did something to sow the seeds of dissent in the ranks.
No. 786699 ID: 91ee5f

Spit probably told Wretch how much we flirted with her. And considering some of the things some of the collective said, that might be upsetting for Wretch to hear.
No. 786700 ID: 91ee5f

Then again, Wretch probably disconnected because she didn't want us to see her cry or something like that.
No. 786703 ID: 144af2

I'm not sure we did anything, or what we did if we did do anything.
No. 786704 ID: 350a50

I figured as much too. I'm surprised it got to Wretch the way it did, though.

Ask Eastwood if he can talk to her for us, in case she's too pissed to pick up a call. We were being flirty with Spit to test her response and get a better feel for how her thought process works, not because of any actual attraction.
No. 786707 ID: 65ec8d


I don't know if we were thinking that far, we were just trying to provoke responses or break her attempt at being creepy and intimidating.
No. 786724 ID: 398fe1

Uhhhh... is she really talking about us? She looked like she noticed something I mean there's a lot of kitty-faced motherfuckers around. She might even be talking about Spit. Could you find out for us?
No. 786742 ID: 9b67a6

We can guess, but we don't know. Can you find out for us?

Maybe she isn't talking about us. She said "motherfucker", but we're multiple motherfuckers.
No. 786745 ID: b412df

That could have been a slip of the tongue or something. Either way Eastwood thinks we might have done something. It's safer to think we did something than to think we didn't in terms of damage control.
No. 786749 ID: 85cc2c
File 148929219686.gif - (15.76KB , 500x500 , 9.gif )

VOIDSY: We may have flirted with Spit- as a tactical approach.
EASTWOOD: Okay. Gimme a second.
EASTWOOD: You flirted with a sadistic, god killing monster.
EASTWOOD: That Wretch really, really hates.
EASTWOOD: Now Wretch isn't the jealous type. I've seen her sleep around and screw who she pleases.
EASTWOOD: But did you REALLY think this would go well?!
VOIDSY: It was only a little, and it was solely strategic. A lot of us were thinking about it, but we didn't even say half of what we could have-

He cuts you off.
EASTWOOD: Look, I don't even like her that much. We have our own beef.
EASTWOOD: But even I know she's got some shit going down with Spit.
EASTWOOD: What it is, I don't know. I don't really want to.
EASTWOOD: But even if she didn't, that was a bad move.
EASTWOOD: You can't just flirt with everyone and expect to come out okay.
No. 786751 ID: 398fe1

Why the heck not?
No. 786752 ID: a363ac

"But everyone deserves to be thought of as sexy sometimes. Also you are quite shiny and colorful."
No. 786755 ID: b412df

Shush, Eastwood's right. We can't do this, there are preexisting relationships between these people. Spit and Wretch do not like each other, Wretch thought of us as a friend, so if she found out what we said to Spit, that's gonna hurt. We fucked up.
No. 786756 ID: 350a50

Not to mention those curves, and that sassy pos- I mean, uh

It's kind of our usual approach. Old habits die hard.
No. 786757 ID: 3abd97

>EASTWOOD: You flirted with a sadistic, god killing monster.
Hey, we wanted to put the monster off balance, take an approach she probably hasn't had before. Not take the threat seriously, you know?

But yeah, you're right. We fucked up.

*sigh* Tell her to call us back when she calms down, or if she comes down.
No. 786763 ID: 144af2

Okay, we need to stop flirting with everything that moves. At the same time, though, it should be noted that most of the time it is incredibly insincere and sarcastic.
No. 786771 ID: 15a025

We're a collective and sometimes different things just come out. Unfortunately that happened. Doesn't make what happened right though and we'll have to own up to it and just try harder and repress certain thoughts like that from now on.
No. 786773 ID: b7883c

Honestly its a matter of spite. (Hm, spiting Spit.) Spit obviously wants to be treated as the hated and feared enemy, and this is a way of deliberately refusing to give that to her. Not considering how that approach might impact others was a mistake on our part though.
No. 786775 ID: 398fe1

Yeah okay for serious, I can't speak for everyone but I got the impression it was mostly out of disrespect. Inappropriate flirting is pretty damn disrespectful.
No. 786778 ID: 65ec8d

It wasn't even flirting, we were trying to mess with her dumb act. You think we'd genuinely have any attraction to someone like that? She's horrible. It's not like we literally flirt with everyone.

I mean, parts of us do. Being a collective is confusing. I don't know. I want to say sorry but at the same time I feel like an apology I'd offer would be insincere, which would be worse.

It might also be because we flirted with Wretch first thing, when we met her, and she might be thinking it's the same sort of thing? It isn't. Wretch must be familiar with the concept of insincere flirting. But trying to explain it off feels like it'd come off as weak or shallow.

... Maybe we should do something for her. We made a mask that allowed us to manifest in our TCP's minds. We could make one for her, for her TCPs. I'd like to think someone could wear two masks and we could both appear in there, but I doubt they work that way.
No. 786784 ID: 7b7ab3

We were just trying to fuck with her.
Not literally, mind you. She's crazy gross.
No. 786785 ID: 144af2

I agree with and share these sentiments.
No. 786786 ID: 917514

this exactly. whether or not we did anything wrong, Wretch is an ally who was hurt by what we did and we should make it up to her instead of bothering with excuses.
No. 786788 ID: 350a50

No. 786790 ID: 9ac535

We flirt with dozens of creatures accross numerous worlds and universes simultaneously every day.
We can't exactly turn it off.
No. 786791 ID: 398fe1

Well I mean we talked to Eastwood and Miller without flirting with them.
No. 786798 ID: 350a50

We kind of flirted with Miller, she just took it as an innocent compliment.
No. 786801 ID: 398fe1

...so anyway. How can we smooth this over? Do you think she'd forgive us if we just told her we were doing it to screw with Spit?
No. 786806 ID: 6a0d91

HOLDUPholdupHoldUp we were not just flirting, in fact I think we did more being weird and threatening her as we did flirt and all of this was to mess with her, she probably now thinks we're a bunch of scatterbrained imbeciles that can't focus for shit.
We meant absolutely non of that flirting crap!

If anything I think Wretch is upset for a reason of things:
•She doesn't understand why we flirted with Spit.
•We told her she couldn't trust completely us because we're a collective.
•We reminded her of the nature of a collective and now she worried about whether all of us actually like her, or if some or all of us are lying.
No. 786807 ID: b412df

Trying to get a reaction out of Spit seemed to make sense at the time, but we failed to consider that we're coming into a non-blank state situation, things have already happened between people. To try to explain and justify what we did any further than that would be wrong. We've already established what we made was a bad call because it got us no info from Spit and it hurt Wretch. Those of us who are trying to flirt with Eastwood, shush, you're not helping here.

What we need to do now is to apologise and somehow make it up to Wretch once she's calmed down, and stop trying to flirt with everyone, or at the very, very least find out more about that person and how they relate to others so we can apply a level of discretion by considering who it might hurt if they found out.

Being a collective, it's like ideas can have a form of momentum, even the bad ones. Group think kinda always applies with us, which leads to faulty decision making sometimes. Having a load of different people having ideas for things to do any say conflicting and agreeing with each other, kinda means we can blurt out some things, and then just roll with it.

We got lucky it wasn't taken the wrong way then.
No. 786875 ID: e45836

Once Wretch comes back tell her that as a collective there are many different opinions vying to express themselves at all times. Some thought we should flirt with Spit but many thought it was a bad idea and kept it subdued and strategic. Some thought Miller was really cute, and some think that we should kill everyone, but nearly all of our collective think Wretch is amazing and like her more than anyone.
No. 786885 ID: 85cc2c
File 148935051659.gif - (20.66KB , 500x500 , 10.gif )

VOIDSY: Everyone deserves to be thought of as sexy sometimes. You look shiny and colorful yourself.
VOIDSY: Not to mention the curves- fuck, sorry. Collective.

Even without eyes, you get the sense that he's glaring at you.

VOIDSY: Things get jumbled up or just...come out along the way. It doesn't make what we did okay, and we're going to try and own up to it and repress this kind of stuff if we can.
VOIDSY: They're old habits to break. We flirt with dozens of beings every single day, and it's how we've solved a lot of problems.

Still glaring. You just keep talking in hopes that he chills out a little.

VOIDSY: We didn't mean any of the flirtation though- it was all insincere and an attempt to throw Spit off balance, to make her feel like we don't take her seriously. We'd never actually be attracted to someone as horrible as her.

VOIDSY: Can you just....tell her to call us back when she calms down? We want to make this right, even if we don't exactly know how right now.
VOIDSY: No matter what our collective ends up doing, we all like Wretch and think she's absolutely amazing.

EASTWOOD: Alright.
EASTWOOD: Fine. It's my turn to speak my mind.
EASTWOOD: Whether you like her or not, I think you're absolutely terrible for her.
EASTWOOD: You talk about all this insincerity, and how you didn't mean it- what the hell did you do when you first met her, huh?
EASTWOOD: I can't say for sure, but by guessing how smitten she is with you, she fell right for your smooth talk.
EASTWOOD: Wretch may be loud and crass, but she's also gullible as fuck.
EASTWOOD: You want to apologize and fix this? I support that. Even from an objective standpoint, we need you here in this alliance.
EASTWOOD: Hell, I think she needs a real friend and not just some crusty weirdo who lives in her basement.
EASTWOOD: Don't fuck this up. You're on thin ice right now, but if you're willing to turn this around, I might change my mind on you.

Eastwood clears his nonexistant throat and taps anxiously on his crystals.
EASTWOOD: I'll go help her calm down, but in turn you have to move with our current plan.
EASTWOOD: We've agreed to go back to our bases, get a new TCP each, and gear up for war.
EASTWOOD: We can keep in touch using comms and regroup if we need to. Spit's going to have one TCP against 11, and I like those odds.
EASTWOOD: Looking at our current plans, you'll need to spawn one TCP, create a guardian animal, gear up every cat with weapons, some kind of inventory, supplies, and clothes. If you want to go ahead and do this goofy ass battle of the bands deal, I guess an instrument for your new guy would be in order too.
EASTWOOD: I can bounce type ideas off you while you head back, if you're up for it.
No. 786888 ID: 350a50

Some ideas:
-Mom/Mama type? Something that has a natural instinct and ability to protect others. A counterpart to Dad's power of authority.
-A sphinx (an intelligent cat-like guardian creature that speaks in riddles)
-An UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY. A private place where Spit can't micromanage and coerce her TCPs, where ours' could use superior teamwork and diplomacy to their advantage. We will need more team building training before the kitties are ready for this.
No. 786889 ID: 65ec8d

Ok. Tell her we were worried when she suddenly logged off, please?

Oh, speaking of ideas, there's one we had that we'd need everyone to give the ok on to work. Everyone in our alliance, I mean. We had the idea that Spit's weak point is probably her relationship with her TCPs. Plus, she's arrogant, not as... uh, humble as the rest of us. I mean, we could all admit to the idea that in some situations, when they're trained right, our TCPs could know better than us for some things. That we can trust them, you know? At least more than Spit can trust hers, the way we imagine she'll treat them.

So... if we created something that would give the TCPs some advantage against us, like a way to hide from us, or something that could protect them from us, if they wanted? It'd be a risk to us, but much more of a risk to Spit. As a void god, with dominion over identity and discord, I'd guess we could create some sort of "void" for divine perception or influence. Gods wouldn't be able identify or influence anything within it, and the whole idea of a god creating anti-god things probably falls into the domain of discord. Upsetting the hierarchy, you know? Set the stage for possible revolutions. And it'd be a display of trust towards our TCPs, as well. Us being willing to give them something like that, them having some tangible evidence of our trust for them, could help a lot versus whatever loyalty breaking shenanigans Spit might try.

But, I'm guessing there's a good chance you guys might have rules against gods creating anti-god stuff? And like... I mean, being a void, and if our identity is being a god and we add discord to the mix, combining those two together, we might end up being some sort of... anti-god. A god of ungodliness. I mean we have plenty of that in our world to import. I could see you guys having problems with that.

Plus, if we did create some sort of cavernous underground UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY, well when we made ruins they got filled with puzzles and we don't know what might be filled in in that sort of place. It'd be a literally, actually capitalized Unholy place. Maybe making items that had that effect would be better? But the idea is to create something that Spit's TCPs would have easy access to. To enable their potential rebellion.

Speaking of creating items, do you think we could create matching masks to the Mask of Courage we already made, that would let you guys speak and manifest directly in your TCPs' minds as well? Would you like us to? I bet Wretch would like being able to do that with hers.
No. 786890 ID: 4b991a

>Check the map while sending tcp's back

The flirting did start out somewhat insincere, and we'll admit that. That doesn't change that current flirting with Wretch is sincere.

So to start out I'm thinking of with the potential plan of having tcp's craft their own gear would it be helpful for them to learn to use the surroundings to create camouflage and be able to make weapons from what they find? such as wooden crossbows.
I've got an idea for a magical mask item to make sure the tcp's can see behind themselves too, but I'm not sure if it's needed.
No. 786891 ID: d662ef

Sure, go ahead. You or Wretch might like a pheonix type, it's a flaming bird from Earth myth able to be reborn whenever it dies.

We should do a poltergeist or sight TCP to get intel on Spit.

Tell Eastwood about how Spit knew we weren't home.
No. 786892 ID: 243b93

agreed! i like the idea of a cat-like guardian. maybe a MANTICORE with a face styled after one of our masks? that'd be neat!!

team-building is a great idea too. i think keeping morale and rapport high will get us far.

as for a type: is there anything we're explicitly missing in our team?
No. 786896 ID: b412df

Thank you Eastwood, we owe you big time.

Well, we've got a bunch of ideas about a next TCP: Alchemist or Technician if we got focus on building stuff. Or if we feel like we need info more: Poltergeist or Surveillance.

Yeah, Eastwood needs to know about that, Spit has no TCPs atm. So something really strange is going on if she can track us.

To join the internal discussion about guardian creatures, I'm for just a plain Sphinx. Big old cat that asks riddles.

As for our issue with filtering, maybe we should try and be aware of what each other is saying and shoot down ideas that we feel are bad? Stop bad ideas before happen? Just to get a bit more of a consensus before we act?
No. 786898 ID: 350a50

We have, in game terms:
A healer, a glass cannon, a leader, and a bruiser.
The others have so far: a healer, a glass cannon, and a bruiser.

I feel like a Mom type would be related to nurturing, improving, and protecting. If we want to go for a peace win, that sort of sympathetic figure encouraging personal growth will be important for helping Spit's emotionally stunted chew toys.
No. 786902 ID: 144af2

We should be making sure to abuse our motif as much as possible. Masks! Masks everywhere! So many uses, so little time!
No. 786916 ID: a363ac

Mom type would be a good idea to be a counterpart to Dad type.
and Sanctuary type is always a good plan.
No. 786919 ID: d662ef

We're missing a spy/scout/infiltrator. We know basically nothing about Spit, which is awful considering she has a reputation for being crafty and ending games extremely quickly. I reccomend a poltergeist type because it could just float through Spits defenses undetected giving us a huge information advantage. It would also give us a chance to try and convert her TCPs without putting ours in danger.
No. 786921 ID: 350a50

On the topic of weapons, Buddy has a knife we found back at the start. It came with a note to watch our backs. Is that typical fortune cookie bullshit (Fortune Cookie, predictive Food Type? :P) or is it something we should be keeping in mind?

Thinking of giving Marnet a shotgun with beanbag rounds. Non-lethal ammo that can deal damage, but can't drive a kitty into Kill range.

Maybe Primus could carry a riot shield or tower shield of some sort, to provide portable cover for our allies and better shield whoever he's healing from piercing damage.
No. 786925 ID: 65ec8d

Oh, did we ever ask anyone what they'd recommend we TEACH?
No. 786927 ID: 95c606

I like the idea of a pheonix type. Maybe run it over with Eastwood and get his opinion on how that'd go over.
No. 786932 ID: 91ee5f

What if they don't get along? They might end up giving the other TCPs contradicting orders and confusing them! Or Dad might think we're trying to replace her or something!

Then again, they could end up working well together. Might even help Dad not feel so overwhelmed with the responsibility of being the leader if she has another leader to help her.

It's a gamble on how this'll turn out. But obviously, since Dad is female, if we make a Mom, it's gonna end up being a male! XD
No. 786933 ID: 0c367f

mention the idea of a cuttlefish tcp
No. 786953 ID: 85cc2c
File 148937354621.gif - (13.53KB , 500x500 , 11.gif )

You give the orders for your TCPs to return home, and with a very drawn out group hug with their new friends, they're off.

VOIDSY: First things first, Spit knew we weren't home.
EASTWOOD: That'd be an easy guess, considering she can't create TCPs right now. None of us can until we return to our bases.
EASTWOOD: Could be she has some way of spying, but knowing her, a guess to fake you out lines up with her techniques.

VOIDSY: Some type ideas we're having...a mom type, a poltergeist type, or a phoenix type. Possibly some others if we can think them up. Still working on it. Cuttlefish is also a possibility, as are alchemist and technician.
EASTWOOD: Hm. Mom would probably work well with Dad's abilities, if I'm guessing right. It's not a bad call there, so long as they get along.
EASTWOOD: A poltergeist is a really interesting idea, so long as it doesn't try pranking you. If the ghosts where you come from are anything like ours, passing through walls would be no big deal- really useful for recon.
EASTWOOD: A phoenix...I think I'm familiar with that urban legend. I don't think any TCP is impervious to death once a kill command has been issued, but having one that can cheat it even once would be invaluable.
EASTWOOD: Alchemist, technician...both potentially useful. Less so than the others, I'd say- unless you want to go for specific skillsets. If you are looking for specifics, they'd be incredibly good.
EASTWOOD: Cuttlefish, though. I have no idea what that is. Can't really help you there.

VOIDSY: We're pretty set on the idea of a sphynx for our guardian. It's an intelligent cat guardian that tells riddles, and is quite fearsome.
EASTWOOD: Now there's an idea. No issues there, I'd say go for it.
EASTWOOD: I talked to Miller, and she's going to make some kind of sea predator. Looking forward to seeing that in action.
EASTWOOD: As for myself, I'm going with a simple construct. Made to deal with intruders swiftly and navigate the caves with skill. Easy.

VOIDSY: One of our big ideas we've been mulling over is an UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY. Possibly underground, it'd be a completely invisible zone to us gods. A place where we cannot see or command, and where TCPs themselves can make decisions and discuss. We outnumber Spit significantly, and our TCPs get along great. We might be able to sway them over to our side without Spit interfering, and nobody needs to die.
EASTWOOD: I like this. I really dig this.
EASTWOOD: Your camp's in the middle, so that's on you to create. Nice thinking, newbie.

VOIDSY: How about matching masks? Possibly even for your TCPs...
EASTWOOD: Definitely a good way to go about it, seeing as motif stuff is a great investment.
EASTWOOD: I'm not certain on how it'd work with our cats, but it's worth a shot.

VOIDSY: And hey...can you tell Wretch we were worried when she logged off? Even if our flirting with Spit was insincere, none of our actions towards her are. We care about her.
EASTWOOD: You coming in screaming as soon as she did clued me in on that.
EASTWOOD: Sure. She could probably use that right now.

EASTWOOD: What else you got?
No. 786954 ID: b5d409

Don't say this out loud, but, Oh man... it's gonna be tough for us to survive in their world, if this is how well we can stay in a good relationship with them, huh?

Ask Eastwood, "Out of curiosity, is there a way we could help you and Wretch, and Miller, win, without us claiming the prize in the end?"
No. 786959 ID: 350a50

No, I think we have to. In fact, I think we're the only one who can and will stop Spit.

Rein is unwilling to kill. Spit will continue to grow in strength. Apparently nobody as the balls to do the stupid thing and go kamikaze, or there's too much interpersonal baggage and rules holding everyone back. There may come a time when Rein can no longer contain her.

We have power over Identity and Discord, or at least we will, and Masks are our motif - putting on a different persona. We need to win, and keep winning.

Spit may be irredeemable as she is, yet we have the exact Domain set to change that without killing anyone or upsetting the status quo into open conflict. But she's powerful, and we have a lot of catching up to do.
No. 786962 ID: d662ef

If we didn't claim the prize, who would take care of our cats? And how would we bone Wretch? And how would we kill Spit?

Ask him about why he chose a gun type, and why he chose the generic "gun" over something like "railgun", "machinegun", or "casaba-howitzer". Also ask what tactics Spit has used in the past, she'll probably mix it up, but it would help to gain a more thorough understanding of how she operates.
No. 786964 ID: 4b991a

>wb antimagic tcp, or.. trying to think of a creature that naturally neutralizes things around them to counter magic
We're having a lot of tcp ideas, but what do you think will round out our team ability, role, and type wise? Are there any types we should consider especially?

Should we add any types of creatures to the world that would give support? More base/dungeon types? Or will that sort of thing be pointless with a war going on?
No. 786966 ID: 4b991a

Oh! And with our motifs/powers what sort of Identity Reaffirming things can you think of? When it comes to discord how about something that disorients hostile creatures/tcp's?
No. 786970 ID: a6a096

A Null tcp? No abilities work around it within whatever radius that may be
No. 786972 ID: 350a50

Again, arms race, power creep, and being careful with Abstracts.
No. 786973 ID: 398fe1

I support PHOENIX or POLTERGEIST. It's ok if we get pranked, honestly. It'll spice things up!
No. 786975 ID: 553847

I agree with Phoenix type.
No. 786983 ID: 350a50

I'll support Mom or Phoenix.
No. 786988 ID: a6a096

I like mom because​ it's complementary. Phoenix is also good for a potential save

... Can we make a phoenix mom?
No. 786998 ID: b7883c

A Poltergeist TCP would be cool.

...Though throwing a maybe crazy idea out there, what if we made a Peace TCP?
No. 786999 ID: 8d4593

I think the closest thing to phoenix and mom together might be Quetzalcoatl, though that would be a far more powerful beast, what with it's ability to control knowledge and learning.

Barring that i'll vote for phoenix.
No. 787003 ID: 70983e

One last hurrah for Kazoo TCP
No. 787004 ID: 0c367f

Fuck it. Fuck all the theorycrafting I've done.

I'm going all in on kazoo TCP.
No. 787005 ID: d662ef

Are we voting now?

I support poltergeist type and am against mom type, as Dad already fills that niche.
No. 787016 ID: af3241

i believe in you, kazoo tcp
No. 787019 ID: 4854ef

Mom Type.
No. 787020 ID: 398fe1

Guys no we haven't even mentioned Kazoo as an option to Eastwood. What would a musical instrument type even be like? Weapon, probably. We don't want a second Weapon type, we've been told that's a bad idea. I guess it's possible it might be a Body type though... that wouldn't be as bad but idk if it'd be any good either.
No. 787025 ID: 9876c4

A poltergeist does not have any particular resonance with masks.

A PHANTOM, however...
No. 787026 ID: 91ee5f

"Hey, Eastwood, you said Spit has won a few games and one of the prizes includes keeping TCPs, right? So is it possible for Spit to use their abilities outside of the game to help her spy on you, Wretch, and Miller?"
No. 787034 ID: 315280

Phantom of the opera type tcp
He works just like the poltergeist but fits the motif AND can sing
No. 787035 ID: 094652

Can we combine the Sphinx with the Phoenix? A Sphoenix Cat?
No. 787036 ID: 8d4593

Changing vote to Phantom Type
No. 787046 ID: db0da2

Phantom works (assuming that votes for phantom and poltergeist are counted as one to avoid the spoiler effect).
No. 787047 ID: 65ec8d

How about a straight up Ninja type? That'd be useful for stealth and espionage, and for combat as well. The game might even give them some ninja magic - or at least tricks that look like magic (which might actually be better, if actual magic has the costs it does). Plus, ninjas are honest, dutiful and loyal. Seriously, read up on the sengoku period, ninajs were the only trustworthy people in japan back then.

Plus, ninja masks.
No. 787054 ID: b412df

Another vote for Phantom type, synergy with our masks would be good.

As for the sanctuary idea, we should probably set up the area before spawning it in. Since we'll lose connection to that area as soon as we do.
No. 787094 ID: 4b991a

I heard body type so I just want to calmly bring up:

Wing Type
No. 787103 ID: 67456a

Phantom Type
No. 787105 ID: d035ee

My vote goes for phoenix type- I don't like the idea of being pranked.
No. 787120 ID: 85cc2c
File 148944382114.gif - (19.82KB , 500x500 , 12.gif )

VOIDSY: Correcting our previous idea of poltergeist to phantom type- a similar type of specter. We hope it may have some synergy with our mask motif, seeing as it lines up well with a story from our world.
EASTWOOD: Go for it. The more you can line up your TCP with both your goals and motifs, the stronger your team will be.
VOIDSY: We think we'll go for either that or phoenix type, then.

VOIDSY: Is there any way to help you, Wretch and Miller win without claiming the prize?
EASTWOOD: Weird question, but okay.
EASTWOOD: I mean sure, you could force your TCPs to go rogue and lose by that, but you'd be essentially committing suicide.
EASTWOOD: So if that's your plan, know what you're in for there.

VOIDSY: Why did you pick gun type, why not something more specific?
EASTWOOD: Gets the job done.
EASTWOOD: If you go and specify, you'll get exactly what you want...but chances are the ability will be similar to the generic type anyway. Guns shoot bullets, period. Some guns have more specific purposes, sure- but you risk making a unitasker.
EASTWOOD: And all I care about is if it can shoot good.

VOIDSY: Would adding more creatures to the world help?
EASTWOOD: That kind of stuff helps give the world flavor, but unless you have something specific for a purpose in mind, I'd say we're about set on that.
EASTWOOD: You'd be better off focusing on gearing up your TCPs.
VOIDSY: How about more bases or dungeons?
EASTWOOD: Eh, not really.
EASTWOOD: The unhallowed sanctuary is a great idea, but I can't think of anything else really- though if you have a goal for your base, you might want to think on that.

VOIDSY: We'd like to work more with both our motifs and domains. We have lots of ideas for masks, but what kind of things can you think of for discord?
EASTWOOD: Discord seems like a pretty easy domain to work with. Anything disruptive or chaotic would do good work there.
EASTWOOD: Just make sure that you don't end up disrupting the alliance or your own team.

Your TCPs are almost home. You will only have one more chance to talk to Eastwood before reaching your base.
No. 787122 ID: 398fe1

Is it possible to force items onto enemy TCPs? Like, if we made a Mask of Betrayal could we force one of Spit's TCPs to wear it and thus cause it to go rogue? It would line up with our aspects pretty well too. It'd probably be a last resort sort of thing considering plan A is the Unhallowed Sanctuary.
No. 787127 ID: 9876c4

Considering that story's Phantom is a masked agent of discord, I think we've got a relatively strong argument.
No. 787128 ID: 91ee5f

"You said one of the prizes is keeping our TCPs, right? Since we know Spit has won a few times in the past, doesn't that mean she can use her TCPs and/or their abilities to spy on you, Wretch, and Miller?"
No. 787131 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, I think we're definitely going to make an UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY, but for best result we need everyone in the alliance to be on board with that so our TCPs know we all decided to trust them with it, so that we can all tell our TCPs about it (when we confirm we've made it to you all), and because it's not something you want to be surprised by.

Could you tell Wretch? It'd be bad for us to call her up just to tell her a serious business thing right now. We'll tell Miller.

Command: Shoot Miller a quick message telling her what's what with the sanctuary idea.

>Phantom TCP

I'm kind of leery of a Phantom TCP because it seems like a TCP's personality is strongly influenced by its type, albeit sometimes in roundabout ways. A Phantom TCP might be prone to some negative things! Angst. Vengefulness. A feeling of restlessness, being lost, or of being eternally tormented. Opera.
No. 787132 ID: 398fe1

Yeah but we have a bunch of lovable TCPs to give a great support network to an angsty Phantom, and Dad can use her power if necessary to control the Phantom if things go wrong.
No. 787133 ID: 65ec8d


Sure, but I still think the idea of a Ninja TCP would fit our needs just as well and be less potential trouble.
No. 787139 ID: 350a50

Agreed, Phantom TCP to align with our motifs.

Message Miller to relay the Unhallowing idea.
No. 787180 ID: db0da2

The thing about a ninja TCP is that, while a phantom could simply float through her defenses, I in no way doubt Spit's ability to set up her base such that the only possible result from an attempted infiltration by a more tangible TCP is capture followed by torture followed by death.
No. 787214 ID: 1c69a5

Does Spit have any known weaknesses? Have we asked that question already?
No. 787274 ID: 85cc2c
File 148948251262.gif - (19.81KB , 500x500 , 13.gif )

VOIDSY: Is it possible to force items onto enemy TCPs?
EASTWOOD: Just as easily, expect things to be forced upon you. Spit won't hold back in that department.
EASTWOOD: She'll pull every dirty trick in the book, so you have to be prepared to deal with that.

VOIDSY: Is it also possible that Spit is using TCPs she kept as prizes to spy on us?
EASTWOOD: Nope. Whole different plane.

VOIDSY: Does Spit have any known weaknesses?
EASTWOOD: I wish I had an easy answer to that question.
EASTWOOD: I guess the best thing that comes to mind is a disregard for others...she's a sadist through and through, and I'm willing to bet that's reflected onto her own TCPs as well.
EASTWOOD: We'll have to watch for it, but that's my guess.

VOIDSY: Can you tell Wretch about the sanctuary? We're going to tell Miller.

You relay your idea to Miller.

MILLER: Oooh! That sounds PERFECT!
MILLER: I'll be sure to have my kitties trained in all sorts of manners. We can't make a bad first impression, after all.
MILLER: Gifts, too...maybe we can bring gifts...

She trails off, deep in thought about how to sway the opposing team to your side.

You go to turn your attention away to your cats, but it looks like Eastwood has one more thing on his mind.

EASTWOOD: And hey, Void.
EASTWOOD: I'm gonna give you shit until the end of time, even if you win this.
He rummages around and pulls out a bundle, letting a cigarette of some sort and what appears to be a lighter fall out into one of his paws. He lights up, letting the smoke mix in with his own.
EASTWOOD: And if you lose this, well...let's make it a run to remember.
EASTWOOD: No turning back now. Not that that was ever an option for you.
EASTWOOD: You know what I mean.
EASTWOOD: Let's give her hell.
No. 787275 ID: 85cc2c
File 148948253875.png - (13.54KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

Your TCPs have arrived home, and they spend a fair amount of time regrouping and preparing for the new arrival. Buddy is healed up within Primus, bringing its health back to its maximum of OKAY. Primus himself stretches and does his best to keep everyone's spirits up. Dad seems somber, but determined to make this work. She directs the others in their preparations, and Marnet aids in gathering up the animals outside. Both Bee and the capybara are restless, and the lobster type notes that perhaps they can feel how tense this all is.

It seems like an eternity, but it comes. The TCP LIMIT is now 12.
No. 787277 ID: db0da2

No. 787280 ID: b412df

Tell our TCPs we'll get through this. We've got a plan, but first we can spawn in new friend and the final member of our team.

SPAWN: Phantom
No. 787295 ID: 34a8ed

SPAWN: Pheonix
No. 787300 ID: 74621b

Spawn Phantom
No. 787302 ID: 91ee5f

Wait! Let's be specific so we don't accidentally make a creature instead of a TCP!

No. 787305 ID: 8d4593

Spawn TCP: Phantom

Spawn Horror: Sphinx
No. 787306 ID: 315280

Spawn that phantom tcp and teach it the phantom of the opera - all of it
No. 787307 ID: 315280

Spawn that phantom tcp and teach it the phantom of the opera - all of it
No. 787308 ID: 65ec8d

Well, with no support for ninja (and I can see the intangibility argument, though I'm not sure if it really would be intangible?) I'll put my weight behind SPAWN: PHANTOM. I'm hoping we could retroactively tell our TCPs that we're going to do that before the TCP limit was raised.

I'm worried our window to CREATE comes to an end when all the TCPs have been created by everyone, so.... First, let's get the big one out of the way.

I don't know if visualization helps, but just in case it does: as close to the intersection between everyone's divine territories as possible; at least partly underground or wholly if we can manage; hopefully with hidden entrances for convenient TCP access; and preferably both defensible and not unbearable to stay in for them... CREATE: UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY.

And then another flood of creations. Next one we've pretty much agreed on: CREATE: GUARDIAN SPHINX

Not sure how well these will work, but let's try:

Aaand... let's see, we need accommodations for our new TCPs and for allied guests, and defense. CREATE: TOWER EXTENSION + CURTAIN WALL and while we're at it let's CREATE: HEDGE MAZE for more defense and GARDENS to go with it. And TEACH MARNET: GARDENING because why not, it's something enjoyable you can do with big snipper claws, and she can learn her way around the hedge maze for extra defense advantage and to escort our allies in. Hopefully TCPs in our tower will be able to look down and see into the hedge maze as well, maybe guiding people on defense?

For that we need communications, though. If the tower can support it, CREATE: TELEPHONE MAST and WINDMILL GENERATOR, and GIVE TCPs: MOBILE PHONES.
No. 787313 ID: b412df

The phone system is unnecessary, Wretch spawned in some walkie talkies for everyone when we were at her base.

Also agreeing on the CREATE: Sphinx as I'd forgotten about that.

For the unhallowed sanctuary, agreeing on the theme, just a neutral but pleasant looking place.

I feel like we should get our new TCP settled in and briefed on the situation before we create all that though.
No. 787314 ID: 8d4593

Mobile phones are terribly complicated technological innovations built on over a century of complex electrical infrastructure. They may have a magic cost.
Luckily we already have Walky-talkies.

Create: Windmill Generator
Create: Battery Bank
Create: Telephone mast
Create: Radio Repeater/Amplifier

Now the walkies have amazing range.
No. 787315 ID: d035ee

No. 787318 ID: 398fe1

Hey Buddy, are you okay? We're sorry it hurt so bad. You won't ever have to use those things again, alright? At least we learned that in a safe place, instead of trying to use them in a dangerous situation.


Let's GIVE all our TCPs masks themed on themselves. Or we could ask if they have any requests for types of masks?
No. 787328 ID: db0da2

I want the architecture on the Unhallowed Sanctuary to be reminiscent of the Parthenon, for irony's sake. I'd also like to make sure the boundary of the sanctuary continues upwards indefinitely, just to be safe.
No. 787339 ID: b412df

If it's underground we probably don't want that, we don't want our blind spot extending into our base properly / our TCP's home.
No. 787341 ID: 15a025

SPAWN: Pheonix
No. 787356 ID: 4b991a

>create backwards headmasks for 5. Small eye shaped masks worn facing behind someone that allows them to see behind themselves while seeing ahead
>spawn Phoenix(down) tcp
>teach tcp's basic camouflage creation
>Buddy go check on the herbs
No. 787357 ID: a6a096

No. 787358 ID: 0c367f

SPAWN: Phantom TCP

SPAWN: Sphnix Horror
No. 787365 ID: 350a50

No. 787368 ID: 398fe1

Guys, spawn is the command for making TCPs. Create is the command for making creatures and such.
No. 787379 ID: 67456a

Spawn Phantom
No. 787384 ID: 0543a8

spawn phoenix tcp!
No. 787385 ID: 4854ef

Spawn Phantom
No. 787389 ID: db0da2

Yeah, and if it were supposed to be hidden the blind spot would alert Spit to its location.
No. 787408 ID: 553847

Spawn phoenix TCP!
No. 787416 ID: 231cf2

Spawn phantom
No. 787423 ID: 917514

SPAWN: Phantom.
No. 787442 ID: 85cc2c
File 148955663844.png - (7.21KB , 500x500 , 15.png )


A winged horror with a blank masked face comes into being, wandering around and spouting nonsense for the first few minutes of its life. It's rather imposing, albeit a bit silly as it gets a feel on life.

The world rumbles beneath your feet, but you are distinctly aware that the UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY lays far below your base- completely seperate from the rest of the world. This sanctuary can now be accessed from your BASEMENT.
No. 787444 ID: 85cc2c
File 148955665048.png - (4.18KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

No. 787446 ID: 85cc2c
File 148955666436.png - (11.51KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

No. 787447 ID: 85cc2c
File 148955667884.png - (8.43KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

No. 787449 ID: b5d409

Name it Jasper!
No. 787451 ID: d035ee


Clearly the only proper name for this beast is Danny.
No. 787452 ID: a363ac

I like
No. 787453 ID: 553847

This fellow looks like a CMYK if you ask me.
No. 787458 ID: 243b93

No. 787459 ID: cf8ee7

No. 787460 ID: 15a025

Seconding Jasper.
No. 787463 ID: 9876c4

Looking good.

Tosca (female) or Faustus (male) would be suitable highbrow names.
No. 787464 ID: 243b93

i'm really digging "danny" or "tosca" for names!
No. 787465 ID: be6e97

I also vote Danny, Danny is a good name.
No. 787466 ID: 8d4593

Tosca is neat.

I'm not thrilled with Faustus though.
Somehow it doesn't bode well with me to name a TCP after one who made a deal with the devil when a devil is our enemy.
No. 787467 ID: 0543a8

i like faustus honestly
No. 787468 ID: 398fe1


Let's name this one Spectral. Dual meaning!
No. 787470 ID: 91ee5f

But what if the TCP is an "it" like Buddy?
No. 787471 ID: 9876c4

What can I say, I like to play with fire.
No. 787502 ID: f0e552

name: Specter
No. 787505 ID: db0da2

I like Jasper.
No. 787506 ID: 144af2

Thirding Jasper. Assuming that this TCP is male.
No. 787507 ID: 917514

Jasper, definitely.
No. 787511 ID: 65ec8d


Those wrists remind me of laced sleeves. Plus, phantoms are french... there's a domino mask thing going, too. That makes me think of a classical highwayman, but that might not be what we want to encourage, exactly. Perhaps something similar, though... a three musketeers sort of theme? Keeping in mind the stealth/espionage idea, though.

No. 787513 ID: 54d6ca

I like Jasper and Tosca.

I don't think we should teach our new TCP anything yet. Let the rest of our TCPs teach it the basics to introduce it to the group. Then teach what we want it to know afterwards.
No. 787520 ID: 9876c4

Maybe not honor, for a surveillance type. I think this one might have to do some questionable things.
No. 787524 ID: dbf8a5

Agreed, letting Dad teach it will help endear it to the others. Plus it'll be interesting to see what she decides to teach.
No. 787534 ID: 8d4593

Teach: Organ Playing

Create Horror(Familiar): Creepy Organ

This living Organ is bound to an accompanying mask which must be worn by the player to use this objects magic. The organ feels when it is touched or played and sees, hears, and feels (both emotionally and tactically) whatever the wearer does.
This Organ can manipulate the hearts and minds of all that hear it when played. By pouring in some energy while playing emotively, the masked player can alter the emotions of all in earshot, or even draw them into a trance like state.
This creature feeds off of the raw emotion of those that hear it. When left un-played it will occasionally play on it's own in a variety of melodies. If it's abandoned for a long period of time, it may attempt to send poential listeners into trance so it can devour them. Devoured creatures are left alive for as long as possible while being subjected to constant pain as to maximize the harvested emotion. The player can order the Organ to devour an entranced victim if he so desires. Doing so vastly increases the organs ability to manipulate those around it.
In optimal crowded conditions the organ might absorb more emotion than it can use at once, this energy is transferred to the mask bearer as health.
The Organ can be summoned to the masked wearers location at will but cannot be dismissed, it must be called somewhere else or physically moved.
No. 787535 ID: b412df

Er, what? How about no? Eastwood said that horrors are radioactive hellbeasts. Something like that might not be controllable.
No. 787536 ID: 8d4593

The Sphinx is a Horror already.
No. 787538 ID: b412df

Yeah, but we haven't seen how it behaves yet. Plus, Sphinxes tended towards benevolent guardians in Egyptian mythology. Whereas that has clearly malevolent aspects.
No. 787548 ID: 65ec8d


If we want skills to fit the phantom of the opera, then they should have ARCHITECTURE, STAGE MAGIC or ILLUSION, and MUSIC. Those are the titular Phantom's skillsets (plus a dab of assassination), and architecture and stage magic would both be very useful! Architecture could be used to improve our defenses and to help penetrate Spit's, and stage magic is both a pleasant performance art that could entertain other TCPs AND gives sleight of hand and misdirection skills that would be very valuable to a spy.
No. 787561 ID: 96af5c


No. 787568 ID: a363ac

teach : composition to Danny
No. 787569 ID: 0c367f

CREATE: Cat toys for Sphnix Horror

They deserve toys for being such a good nice Sphnix Horror. We should name them.
No. 787580 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure those aren't toys shaped like cats! Our TCPs might get the wrong idea if they see something like that!
No. 787582 ID: 85cc2c
File 148961159838.png - (10.62KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

Jasper floats above the spawning pool, watching the other TCPs approach. They back away as Dad reaches a hand out, and only approaches when they step back. Dad TEACHES them SPEECH, and they don't do anything at first.

It's a few minutes of awkward silence before they ask what they're doing here, existing. Their voice is whispery but intelligible, and Marnet replies that the void brought them here! They were going to be a new friend and part of the family, and this was their new home.

Jasper asks if they have a choice in this matter. Everyone goes quiet again, and Buddy's the first to speak. It says that Jasper can leave whenever they want, but there's danger out there right now, and they have better chances of survival if Jasper stays with them. We need eachother, it says, voice trembling.

Jasper nods, accepting the answer for now. They don't seem very warm to the idea of living here, but allow the other TCPs to lead them inside and show off the house.
No. 787583 ID: 85cc2c
File 148961161693.png - (32.81KB , 1500x500 , 20.png )

A note appears before Dad, and she reads it aloud.

You've come very far, and your kitties have grown to be a true team and family! Please treat your last cat with love and respect, and go forth towards your goals. To celebrate your team, you are encouraged to create a TEAM OUTFIT. Keep some elements in common- consider it like a battle flag!

You're also encouraged to add motif synergy to your weapons...who knows what that could do?

Your cats have the following weapons:
PRIMUS: Stake Shooter
BUDDY: Treehouse Knife
DAD: None
No. 787584 ID: 85cc2c
File 148961163238.png - (4.19KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

You are also allowed to design a face for the Sphinx, if you choose.
No. 787586 ID: b412df
File 148961215848.png - (5.56KB , 500x500 , Steve'd Sphinx.png )

As per tradition
No. 787593 ID: 15a025
File 148961299689.png - (11.51KB , 500x500 , horrorsmask.png )

No. 787594 ID: 4b991a

Add motif synergy to weapons in the motif of Identity
Primus' Weapon will be changed to a net launcher resulting similar to his nature as a tent tcp.
Buddy's knife will be more easily concealed, but resemble her determination
Dad will be given a whip or cattle prod to keep back those that would harm who she loves
Marnet will be given knuckles that accentuate her naturally powerful vice-like claws
and Jasper will be given a tranquilizer gun that allows her to retreat from harm.

>Create the weapons listed as needed

The weapons incorporate both aspects of their personal identity, and their identity as a TCP.

Dad, please inform Jasper of the communication mask, and that we would love to meet them and get to know what could help them feel more at home.
>Check Jasper
No. 787595 ID: 4c421f
File 148961356605.png - (7.47KB , 500x500 , who.png )

I just went with the cutest face I could think of at the moment.
No. 787596 ID: f946c7
File 148961392921.png - (7.90KB , 500x500 , Sphynx.png )

No. 787597 ID: d035ee
File 148961404387.png - (33.51KB , 1500x500 , Team.png )

aggh forgive my shitty lineart
No. 787598 ID: b412df

For a team costume, I think this is the kinda thing we should ask our group about once Jasper gets settled in. It's them who will be wearing it. I say let our TCPs choose.
No. 787600 ID: 07f702
File 148961410233.jpg - (60.83KB , 500x500 , image.jpg )

No. 787601 ID: 9603f8
File 148961412767.png - (8.73KB , 500x500 , maskface.png )

if references to other quests are allowed, then have a thing
No. 787602 ID: db0da2

For the team outfit, we should go with something resembling a modern military uniform. This is serious business, we need our TCPs to be in the mindset of a unified force. Plus, military uniforms are designed with utility in mind, providing camouflage, storage space, protection from the elements, and ease of movement.

I don't want to commit to any one set of weapons until we know what Spit is using. We should either give our TCPs medieval weapons and scout her as quickly as possible, or make a big stockpile of weapons ranging from primitive to futuristic and perform our espionage with more care and preparation.

It's actually a good thing Jasper is a bit of a loner, considering they're probably going to be spending extended periods of time away from the others.
No. 787604 ID: d035ee
File 148961469109.png - (234.60KB , 500x500 , yup.png )

No. 787605 ID: b412df

For a serious, not Steve suggestion, how about making the sphinx's mask a mirror? Literally a mirror.
No. 787609 ID: 0b99d7
File 148961630927.png - (9.02KB , 500x500 , Judging yer answers.png )

I cannot into art, but we need some supernatural smugness as a riddle guardian, sow some discord among invaders
(also totally hoping for a Cheshire TCP at some point now)
No. 787611 ID: 398fe1

Hello Jasper, welcome to the team. We are Void, not to be confused with the void which is the creative force in this world, and we're the god leading this group. Though I suppose Dad is something of a co-leader at this point. Is there anything we can do to make you more at home? We're about to make you a room, of course, but it sounds like you have desires of your own past that.

Let's CREATE new rooms for the TCPs that don't have their own rooms yet.
As for motif-friendly weapons... uh... how the heck can we make mask-related weapons? I suppose shields can look like masks. Razor sharp masks that can be thrown? Maybe a battleaxe that has a mask-shaped blade? Or a warhammer with mask patterns on the flat parts? Oh, wait, maybe we can just have our TCPs wear masks that match their weapons? Like a wolf mask with claws, or a gasmask with flamethrower, or a hockey mask with chainsaw or hockey stick? Fencing mask and rapier? I'm thinking that the knife could be used with that mask from the Halloween movies, or the ghost-like mask from Scream. Maybe not, though. It sounds like the uniform is separate from weapons.
We could just put little decorative mask designs on weapons...?
Discord and Identity seem even harder to match up to weapons. Maybe an axe that looks like a guitar and produces a really awful discordant sound when you hit someone with it? Or other things like that. I'm not sure Discord is related to music in our case though. Maybe something that would incite friendly fire in the enemy, but that sounds like magic item territory. Even if it made sense like a needlegun that would inject mind-altering drugs. (also that'd be more like Eastwood's motif)

GIVE Primus MaskHammer
GIVE Dad mask-shuriken
GIVE Marnet a Greatshield with mask design (maybe something stern-looking like a gargoyle face)
GIVE Marnet Mask-Battleaxe

Not sure what to give Jasper for a weapon. A sword, maybe?
CHECK Jasper
No. 787613 ID: 65ec8d
File 148961790697.png - (33.19KB , 1500x500 , TCPMusketeers.png )

I still like the musketeers idea. And a cloak is like a mask for your body, right? Sort of fits our themes. Not sure about the colors, dark red felt like it fit for most of our team but it's Spit's color. Maybe just black? Dad gets to be king because she's the leader and Sire is a synonym.

Let's give Jasper the phantom of the opera package. TEACH JASPER: ARCHITECTURE, STAGE MAGIC, MUSIC.

Also let's test out the idea of other god masks. CREATE: WRETCH MASK.
No. 787618 ID: 65ec8d
File 148961870531.png - (17.09KB , 500x500 , sphinxmask.png )

A friendly face.
No. 787660 ID: 9876c4

It's not much, but that stainless riotgun I drew earlier is a capable
marine weapon, corrosion resistant from it's plating, pump action means it'll work even when full of mud/sand.

I don't even know if Marnet's much of a swimmer, but she's got the genes for it.

I like this one best
No. 787661 ID: 350a50

Request: Status and Skills for each TCP

GIVE Primus: A Riot Shield in the shape of a Hawaiian tiki mask, Hatchet (for utility)
GIVE Buddy: Rapier, Bullwhip
GIVE Dad: Bolas, Cattle Prod
GIVE Marnet: Net Launcher, Shotgun w/Beanbag Rounds
GIVE Jasper: Taser


And this, but add a Zorro mask for Buddy.
No. 787662 ID: 9876c4

Walking sticks and hunting rifles are typical Dad weapons, where I'm from.

Primus is not heavy or strong, and shouldn't have gear that'd compromise him.
No. 787667 ID: e45836

Have it's mask shift between these and a few other to express its emotions.
No. 787668 ID: 350a50

Not all riot shields are heavy, but Primus is our healer and keeps injured inside of him he should have some form of armor. Since armor would compromise his healing, a shield is a more maneuverable alternative. A ballistic riot shield would protect his wounded passenger from any bullets or piercing weapons that might get them inside.
Hatchets are also camping supplies, so it fits a Tent TCP, and has utility outside of being a weapon, fitting his Adventurer personality.
He can keep his Stake Launcher as a ranged option.

I'll throw in support for the walking stick and hunting rifle instead though, for Dad. He can use his Walker as a firing platform for the rifle if he needs to.

My logic for Buddy is that Zorro style fits our motif, which might give Buddy a bit of a thematic boost, particularly with Zorro's signature weapons.

Logic behind Marnet's loadout is that a net is aquatic, so it fits her better than Primus. The shotgun is a good idea, but could be devastating. I think we should have both real shotty ammo and beanbag riot rounds, in case we need a more forceful non-lethal option.

The taser has no real thematic elements. I just figured that electricity, as energy, would affect things even if Jasper was physically phased out. It's also another forceful, but non-lethal option.
No. 787669 ID: e45836

Isn't our motif masks? Our team outfits should definitely have masks on them, everyone gets their own unique mask. Also, it said to add our motif to our weapons right? So how do we add masks to our weapons, little mask on the knife handle?
No. 787670 ID: 350a50

Side note: we may also consider tranq rounds for Dad's rifle.
No. 787671 ID: 0b99d7

now that's a thought, we Hexadecimal now
No. 787672 ID: e45836

We could just give it a big marker and let it draw the faces every time it wan't to express itself differently or it could do a magic shifty thing.
No. 787674 ID: 9876c4

My issues are mostly with the shield. It'd seem to impede gliding and shimmying up trees. Hatchet=camping, and that's good synergy.

Buddy should never be without a knife. A Fairbain-Sykes, a balisong, a throwing dagger. It's simply not going to resonate with anything else as well.
No. 787677 ID: dc887b

I like the mirror mask idea
No. 787684 ID: 350a50

I like the Hexidecimal idea actually. It suits our motif very well.

A shield can be set aside if it becomes an obstacle, but it can't be picked up when needed unless it exists.

Point on Buddy, though. Maybe let them keep their Treehouse Knife, and give a bandolier of throwing knives as a ranged option?
No. 787688 ID: db0da2

I don't really see the need to use "nonlethal" weapons, seeing as all weapons are nonlethal in this game unless you use the KILL command. You can't even really do much permanent damage considering how abundant magical healing is. If it comes to the point where we need weapons at all I don't want to be held back by a pointless handicap.
No. 787691 ID: 350a50

Which is why I prefer to outfit them with both options.
No. 787695 ID: db0da2

Oh, and if we're giving any of them guns we might as well give them all M16s and teach them modern skirmishing tactics. Except Buddy, it should get something that can be used one-handed.
No. 787696 ID: 79a07e


Yeah, I like shifting masks.
No. 787697 ID: 398fe1

How about we make an assortment of party masks just for fun?
No. 787698 ID: 350a50

My other aim in using non-lethal ammo with the guns is to avoid the arms race element, if the other side doesn't escalate first, but be ready to escalate at the same time.
No. 787737 ID: 4fe878

Does it rotate?
No. 787794 ID: 9876c4

I think there's only 2 guns under discussion, plus an already extant stake-thrower, and a taser.

We maybe don't even need 1, if we upgrade the walker instead.

I like Knux's costume design best, although I think the icons should be in the form of masks.
No. 787799 ID: 9690f3

Those musketeer designs look hella. They get my vote.

Hm.. the mask for the sphynx... Y'know I think I actually prefer it blank. Looks really sleek an' mysterious.

I got no opinion for the weapon motifs, other than it *would* be weird if everybody was dressed up as musketeers and not one of them had a musket. Tiny Cat People: Pike & Shot edition would be humorous.
No. 787822 ID: 91ee5f

I thought we were going for a battle of the bands fight with Spit? I'm not seeing any suggestions for an instrument for Jasper.

I'd make a suggestion, but I have no clue what instrument would be good for Jasper.
No. 787827 ID: 8d4593

Another vote for musketeer package and opera skillset for Jasper.

Weapons wise... I can see Jasper with a chain. A taser Chain. And a flintlock pistol.
No. 787830 ID: 9876c4

Pipe organ, obvs.

Just not a creepy sentient one.
No. 787836 ID: 96af5c

OOOOOOHHHHH THIS OUTFIT! What about having it in dark blue because that's our color?

Give the Spinx a :3 face
No. 787840 ID: 8d4593

But those are the best kind!
No. 787903 ID: 9bf80c
File 148970003433.png - (6.55KB , 500x500 , sphinxyinyang2.png )

Here's another go at a yinyang sphinx face. If you turned this one upside down it'd look kinda sad? A better artist could probably make a better reversible face with the same effect/expression.
No. 787905 ID: c31aac

Oh hey, same name. Hey jasper, you got a shared name with one of the myriad god collective voices!

Give videogame
No. 787906 ID: 144af2
File 148970061294.png - (36.13KB , 1500x500 , Team Stars.png )

Representing what we're fighting for
No. 787907 ID: 9bf80c

oh yeah, we should probably CHECK JASPER
No. 787908 ID: 144af2
File 148970069933.png - (36.00KB , 1500x500 , Team Stars alt.png )

Alt version with the colors of Terrafirma.
No. 787922 ID: b412df

I like these, although why is Primus the only one with trousers?

Also, agreed, CHECK Jasper.
No. 787925 ID: 144af2

About the pants:
I don't know, honestly. I was gonna give them to Dad, but I forgot. I was also gonna give Marnet boots, but I decided against it.
No. 787928 ID: 144af2
File 148970421570.png - (12.38KB , 559x410 , extra stuff.png )

heres with those added.
No. 787930 ID: 350a50

This one is growing on me.
No. 787972 ID: dcc44a

I vote for this because this is fucking adorable. All for one and one for All!
No. 787975 ID: e8e804

Seconding this one
No. 787981 ID: 144af2

I like this one.
No. 787984 ID: ba506f

I like this. I'm voting for this one
No. 787989 ID: 4d6d61

>Hm.. the mask for the sphynx... Y'know I think I actually prefer it blank. Looks really sleek an' mysterious.

I have to agree with this. If the sphinx has to have a face, something like >>787596, where its appearance is unsettlingly realistic. In short, blank or Uncanny Valley.
No. 788035 ID: 350a50

Yeah, the Uncanny Valley face is still my favorite. It is supposed to be a Horror, after all.
No. 788157 ID: 144af2

Realized a terrifying something: if I'm remembering right, Spit has no TCPs currently created. THIS IS REALLY BAD. It means that she could adapt her team's composition to us if she gets any amount of information regarding our compositions. She might make fast TCPs to deal with small or fragile team members like Buddy, or hard hitting ones to deal with armored types like Marnet. This probably means we'll have to play it very safe, else we're royally fucked.
No. 788166 ID: 9bf80c


It just means we need to keep our TCPs secret from her. We should tell them about the sanctuary soon, though I'm a bit worried about Jasper wanting to leave. A phantom might feel drawn to lurking in a secret unseen cavern complex deep underneath everything else. On the other hand, the opera phantom ultimately did long for companionship, and Jasper doesn't have the same problem stopping them from getting it.
No. 788167 ID: a6a096

Could the Sphinx face just be ... Hollow?
Either a big hole in the head or a magic void of nothing where the face should be.
No. 788248 ID: 4d6d61

Like a hole that's deeper than there should be space for? That'd be cool. Maybe looking something like a vortex marble.
No. 788261 ID: a6a096

Oh hec yas, vortex marble face would be rad
No. 788268 ID: c02103

This sounds stupid, but what if she can make TCP cats in YOUR base, so the two cats we just spawned are actually her creations? I mean, all we do is give out keywords, we haven't really designed any of the artwork for the cats up until now. Having Manchurian Agents sounds like something Spit would lower herself to.
No. 788281 ID: 398fe1

We can't directly speak to our allies' TCPs, so there's no reason we'd be able to speak to Spit's.
No. 788480 ID: 85cc2c
File 148986753423.png - (9.81KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

Dad is sure to TEACH everyone how to use their new weapons effectively, and they all stand back to assess the situation.

>CHECK: All TCPs, stats, inventories and skills
Primus is outfitted with a cape, hunter’s mask, and a poncho with easy access to his inside compartment, a nice set of trousers and boots, and an emblem to clasp it all together.

Primus is a TENT TYPE, and as a STORAGE TCP, his ability is SHELTER, allowing him to heal TCPs inside his torso cavity. He’s made of a canvas material and communicates through whistling, and despite his outer material, he is a very sturdy TCP with a maximum health of FANTASTIC. His current health is GOOD, and he’s still feeling a bit dizzy.

Primus is a little anxious- he trusts you entirely, but knows that the upcoming fight will likely be brutal. He’s very grateful for the new equipment and look, striking a few poses and stretching to test his mobility.

His equipment is now a STAKE SHOOTER, NET SHOOTER, RIOT SHIELD, and HATCHET. He also has the MAP CONTAINER for adventuring and a HARMONICA for battle of the bands. His hatchet, stake and net shooters have IDENTITY SYNERGY with him, and will do more damage than usual weapons. His riot shield also has MASK SYNERGY, and will withstand more damage..

His inventories are as follows: a TORSO CAVITY for TCPs, a HEAD POCKET for items, and a MAP CONTAINER for maps. The only item on his person currently is a THRASHCORE CAMPING IPOD inside his head pocket.

Primus has a large amount of skills in all departments.
His basic skills include SPEECH, WRITING, READING, and TEACHING.
He is well versed in the arts of SHADOW PUPPETRY, NARRATIVE, and DANCE.
He can fight using any of his weapons, as well as the skills of BOXING and BASIC DEFENCE.
His survival skills are ROCK CLIMBING, PARKOUR, CAMPING, and SURGERY.
He has knowledge of RISK ASSESSMENT and MORTALITY.
For fun, Primus enjoys PICTIONARY and SKATEBOARDING.
No. 788481 ID: 85cc2c
File 148986756062.png - (7.00KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

Buddy is outfitted with a cape, emblem, dress, flower barrette, rubber caps, mask, and bandolier. It also opts to keep the bandages on for now.

Buddy is a KNIFE TYPE, and as a WEAPON TCP, its ability is IMPALE, allowing it to spawn knives anywhere on its body at the cost of its own health. These knives are PERMANENT. Its outer material appears to be a velvet-y fur, and its inner fluid is full of blades. It communicates through grinding noises and has a maximum health of OKAY, making it a very weak TCP defensively. Buddy’s health is currently HURTING, and it will be in danger of death if targetted by a KILL COMMAND and hurt much further. The pain has turned into a dull sensation around its wound, and moving around is hard.

Buddy doesn’t really know what to feel right now, due to pain. It responds that it wants to be stored by Primus soon.

Its equipment is now the TREEHOUSE KNIFE and THROWING DAGGERS, the former made more concealable under its cape. The treehouse knife now has both MASK and IDENTITY synergy, and the daggers have IDENTITY synergy.

It has no inventories as of current, but does have a DUFFEL BAG it can take with it to store items.

Buddy is well rounded, with skills in every department.
Its basic skills include SPEECH, WRITING, and READING.
It can use KNIVES.
It is well versed in the arts of HARP PLAYING, DRAWING, and DANCE.
It can fight using any of its weapons, as well as using CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT.
For fun, Buddy enjoys PICTIONARY.
No. 788482 ID: 85cc2c
File 148986758426.png - (6.64KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

Dad is outfitted with a new suit, a cape and a crown, an emblem clasp, and pouches to hold her ammunition. She opts to keep the communication mask instead of getting a new one.

Dad is a DAD TYPE, and as a CREATURE TCP, her ability is FATHERLY AUTHORITY, a passive effect that allows her to command any TCP to do as she says, even overriding other player gods. She is fairly standard for a TCP and covered in a squishy material, and communicates via gruff grumbles. She is very small and agile, and has a maximum health of GREAT. Her current health is GREAT, and she feels right as rain.

Dad is antsy, feeling more prepared after being armed, but not looking forward to using the new gear. She does her best to put on a good face for the new arrival, telling them a few jokes and stories from their brief but adventurous life so far. Jasper seems to calm down as she does so, and Dad feels very accomplished at that.

Her equipment is now a HUNTING RIFLE (with both regular bullets and tranquilizers) and a CATTLE PROD. She can also use the DADWALKER for extra speed and mobility, and is confident in her skill with all of these weapons. Her rifle has IDENTITY SYNERGY, and will do more damage.

Dad’s inventory is primarily the DADWALKER’s storage, capable of holding the most on her person than the rest of the TCPs. Said inventory is currently empty.

Dad is a very knowledgeable TCP, and has a good spread of skills.
Her basic skills include SPEECH, READING, WRITING, TEACHING.
She is well versed in the art of DANCE.
Se can fight using any of her weapons, and KUNG FU.
Her surviving skills include COOKING.
For fun, Dad enjoys I SPY.
No. 788483 ID: 85cc2c
File 148986760423.png - (9.86KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

Marnet is outfitted with a jumpsuit, a new cape complete with emblem, and a bandana.

Marnet is a LOBSTER TYPE, and as a CREATURE TCP, her ability is SHELL SHED, a passive effect where her shell will occasionally shed. Failure to shed will result in the shell being flimsy and easily broken. She’s covered in thick shell armor, and communicates through burbling noises. She is a bulky and very powerful TCP, with a maximum health of PERFECT. Her current health is GOOD, and she’s feeling ready to go once more.

Marnet loves her new clothing and gear, admiring the shotgun almost lovingly. She feels capable and confident now, and is eager to protect her family.

Her equipment is now RUBBER BAND KNUCKLES and a SHOTGUN (with both bullets and beanbag rounds). The rubber band knuckles allow for pinching still, while increasing Marnet’s damage output due to both the spikes and IDENTITY SYNERGY.

Marnet currently has no inventories, but keeps her ammunition in little cape pockets.

Marnet’s skills are a little lacking, but certainly not bad.
Her basic skills include SPEECH and READING.
She is well versed in the art of MUSICAL COMPOSITION.
She can fight using any of her weapons, and JUDO.
Her survival skills include TRAPPING.
She has knowledge of SELF DEFENSE, DUTY, and MORTALITY.
For fun, Marnet enjoys HIDE AND SEEK.
No. 788484 ID: 85cc2c
File 148986762954.png - (13.80KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

Jasper is outfitted with a cape, top and scarf.

Jasper is a PHANTOM TYPE, and as a CREATURE TCP, her ability is PHANTASMIC, allowing them to pass through solid structures and become invisible upon moving at a high speed. They are made of a wispy material, and communicates through whispering. They are not an exceptionally powerful TCP, and have a maximum health of GOOD. Their current health is GOOD, though they feel a bit overwhelmed from being launched into existence.

Jasper’s doing alright, still a bit wary of the other TCPs. Dad is calming them down plenty, but there’s still some hesitance, especially after receiving new weapons. They fidget with their scarf and drift around aimlessly, examining the living room of the house.

Jasper’s equipment is currently a TASER CHAIN. This weapon has IDENTITY SYNERGY with Jasper, and will be able to go incorporeal with them if moving quickly.

Jasper currently has no inventory, and will wear their chain around their neck.


Having just been spawned, Jasper’s skills are extremely lacking.
Their basic skills are only SPEECH as of now.
The only thing they know how to wear
They are well versed in the arts of STAGE MAGIC and MUSIC.
They can fight using TASER CHAINS.
They have knowledge of ARCHITECTURE.
No. 788485 ID: 85cc2c
File 148986764388.png - (7.05KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

The sphinx is outfitted with an uncanny face, babbling happily in response.

i will do another update with some of the creation stuff yall are making, so feel free to suggest more. i won’t be making Everything but i also didn’t want this update to be a million panels
No. 788487 ID: 398fe1

>Your TCPs have arrived home, and they spend a fair amount of time regrouping and preparing for the new arrival. Buddy is healed up within Primus, bringing its health back to its maximum of OKAY
Continuity Error!
No. 788489 ID: 85cc2c

thanks for catching this, sorry about that. rin mortis is a tired beast this weekend
No. 788495 ID: 398fe1

...hmm, we can't heal Primus or Marnet without visiting our allies. We need to solve this problem somehow. I suppose we could create some sort of health transfer machine so that Storage could be used to indirectly heal them? Or instead of a machine, some sort of magic item that heals others using the TCP's health as fuel. Have it be gradual so that it doesn't hurt very much to use and can be used for precise amounts of healing. Like a medigun?

Alternatively we could grow medical herbs or something. Or create a tree that grows healing fruit over time. To prevent exploitation they'd probably only be usable when freshly picked.
No. 788496 ID: 350a50

Dad, get Jasper settled in and maybe try performing a duet together.


Primus, Buddy, and Marnet: begin exploring the entrance area of the UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY. Marnet keep guard, Primus and Buddy start making a map/sketch of the area. We can't see it, so you guys will need to help us with that.
Marnet is also recommended to keep an eye out for places that would be good for TRAPPING. Tripwires, snares, cages, pitfalls.

If the UNHALLOWED SANCTUARY proves dangerous, retreat and report the threats. Don't go too deep.

SPHINX, keep watch for external threats approaching the base.
No. 788501 ID: 4b991a

Hey Dad can you teach Buddy the Teaching skill?
Buddy I'd like Dad to teach you Teaching so that you can teach Jasper how to care for the plants as a way to relax, and so Marnet can learn Herbology. I think you guys could create some sort of healing dust rounds for the shotgun.

>CREATE a Walker Trailer so the walker can transport everyone from place to place when needed
>Create a Flute for Jasper
No. 788508 ID: 144af2

Give Jasper: Messenger Bag
Teach Jasper: Writing, Reading
No. 788528 ID: 2d569e

Oooh, I have an idea!
>CREATE an RC Car, plus the remote. Maybe make a few, actually?
If we end up having to go into Spit's base later, we can use them to set off traps in Spit's base without hurting our cats, or maybe we could even strap a large knife to one and chase Spits cats around with it.
No. 788532 ID: db0da2

Been sitting on this suggestion for a while...

TEACH ALL: Rationality & risk management (because being smart isn't as important as being sane, cautious, and internally-consistent), game theory & utilitarianism (so they can explain why Spit is bad to her TCPs in a way that relies on the absolute minimum number of assumptions about their preexisting values), lateral thinking (because the ability to think outside the box is important when Spit makes the box), basic psychology & psychoanalysis--especially as it relates to stockholm syndrome and the effects of child abuse.

As far as I can tell, TCP health is the only truly limited resource in this game. Given that, we should try and see if we can't find a way to make more of it.
CREATE: bag of health potions
CREATE: electrically-powered TCP healing chamber
CREATE: nuclear power plant compliant with NRR restrictions (ideally we'd make this piece-by-piece just in case it has some BS cost, but I don't know how to do that, if someone else does that'd be great)
No. 788533 ID: b412df

We have a herb garden and such, why don't we ask our TCPs to make them?

RE: Nuclear power and electrical healing. I'm wary of making something too powerful, arms races aren't just limited to weapons. Machines seem to have costs and disadvantages for balance purposes, I don't know what'll happen if we try to game the system too much. I might be being overly cautious though.
No. 788536 ID: db0da2

Oh, and
TEACH JASPER: Stealth & espionage.
because that's literally their entire job.

We should talk to Jasper personally, apologizing for the circumstances and explaining why our actions were necessary. We need to be sure that they understand that we don't want to force them into anything, but that it's in our mutual interests to cooperate, and that we'll be as welcoming as we can assuming they do.
No. 788537 ID: 144af2

don't know if i'm 100% for setting up a nuclear power plant, however well maintained it would be, but figuring out whether or not we can make healing items is important.
No. 788541 ID: db0da2

We should really be starting from simple power sources like manual labor and spawned batteries and moving our way up towards nuclear stopping once we find something that provides enough energy to satisfy the machine, but I'm not convinced the CREATE interface has enough dexterity to interpret that correctly without my having to type out a massive wall of text explain each step, which I don't want to do, or doing each step one-by-one, which won't play nice with our time limit.

I wouldn't be all that mad if Spit started trying to out-heal and out-infrastructure us, considering it means we get all the vulnerable infrastructure without all the everything getting blown to hell. The nuclear plant also makes a nice distraction for Spit, as we don't lose all that much if it goes down, and a properly constructed nuclear plant is a bitch to take down.
No. 788554 ID: 350a50

Agreed, a nuclear plant however safe is a target for Spit's sabotage.
No. 788615 ID: 31daba

Create an herb garden.
Nice little thing for a gardening hobby, cooking, and alchemy.
No. 788664 ID: 9876c4

Some good ideas, others not so much.
JASPER's going to have it rough, because doing espionage is going to conflict with more moral actions, maybe. Teach it some compensating value, but not all morality.
Healing up is an excellent idea, though healing bullets are frightfully misguided.
I don't think BUDDY's personality is really suited to teaching, although it would probably like to tend a garden...

the costumes clearly took a lot of work, but the characters look less like themselves.
No. 788670 ID: 8d4593

99% of a Nuclear power plant is little more than a giant steam engine. The tricky part comes with the heat source.

A sufficiently sized chunk of radioactive material heats water to make steam which turns a turbine. Because It can become so hot as to vaporize the water before it comes into contact with the material, Neutron absorbing Rods are set up to be inserted into the material to slow it's decay and control it's heat. It gets more complicate too and requires constant monitoring.

Honestly though modern electrical solutions are meant to service entire cities. We have a half a dozen foot tall cat creatures.
Solar panels, windmills, or a river and water wheels should be enough.

If we need serious power we can just create a Geo-Thermal Power Station and a River.
With magic available to dig a hole, all we need do is dump water down it until it reaches a depth where it vaporizes, and then use that steam to power a steam turbine.
Simple. Cheap. Effective.
If only it were so easy in real life XD.
No. 788707 ID: 398fe1

Geothermal seems like a good choice for power generation since we can easily just create a big ass lava lake under it. Uh, not near the sanctuary, though.
No. 788752 ID: 9bf80c

Jasper's shaping up to be a classy sort. If we want them to understand morality but not be necessarily bound by it or be able to think around it, able to justify doing bad things sometimes...

How about we TEACH JASPER: PHILOSOPHY? You can have "evil" philosophers but generally anyone who can be called a philosopher at least has some sort of standards of action or motivation or reasoning that they hold themselves to, even if it ends up being kind of a weird one. Basically, it'd give them the tools to come up with their own custom morality. It might also be useful for converting Spit's TCPs, down the road, since she'll probably teach them all sorts of unpleasant things.

Also TEACH MARNET: WRITING since she's missing it.
No. 788757 ID: 144af2

I agree. TEACH JASPER: Philosophy
No. 788771 ID: db0da2

Good points all around, I hadn't even considered geothermal as an option. Let's go with this.
No. 788777 ID: f65b48

TEACH JASPER: showmanship
TEACH JASPER: distraction
I want a magician ghost
No. 788803 ID: 144af2

I've been thinking of things Spit could be planning. Here's some ideas of things we should be prepared for:

An absurdly destructive, possibly abstract TCP. destruction type? black-hole type? Who fucking knows, but it'd be a really fucking stupid to expect her to do something standard and predictable if she has the ability to do something like this. Let's not forget that she has won more than once in the past.

Some ridiculous gigantic gauntlet; something where the battle is less of a fight between our cats and more of a struggle to not die to like 400 thousand traps.

Chemical or bio warfare. I wouldn't put it past spit to just start gassing all of our cats, or create a super-virus, assuming something like that is possible.

No. 788841 ID: af3241

TEACH jasper: play
CREATE: obstacle course playground extension

can we make a set of personal clothes for jasper as well? everyone else has a second set of clothes except for them
No. 788852 ID: 350a50

No. 788944 ID: 8d4593

Black hole type... or rather singularity type, would probobly be in our playfield. Though i suppose its not impossible for spit to know of thier existance...
No. 788968 ID: 9a9535

Shit, she could even create an antimatter type TCP if it meant winning.
Truly, spit's worse than kome!
No. 788969 ID: 398fe1

Wasn't the whole "avoid an arms race" thing supposed to prevent Spit from throwing stupidly overpowered crap at us?
No. 788997 ID: 8d4593

A Singularity creates antimatter while surviving the inevitable explosion.

Once again though, unless spit hails from an advanced civilization it would seem that anti-matter would be one of our own unique secret weapons.
No. 789347 ID: a363ac

No. 789353 ID: 5bad12

[/Spoiler]We have been heavily advised against then hard-no'd by the author on this

So, Jasper! Apologies for the abrupt toss into the deep end right as you start life. You holding up ok? If you need anything now's the time!
No. 789670 ID: 9876c4

was that a Letterkenny reference, of all things?

You keeps this divine collective on point, and that's what I appreciates about ya.
No. 789928 ID: 85cc2c
File 149034339398.png - (9.42KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

Everyone puts their weapons aside for now, seeing no point to carrying them around the house.

The gun is lightweight, and will be able to transfer health from one TCP to another. This gun will only be able to transfer one hit point of health at a time, and will not aid in easing pain. No one picks it up yet, unsure who should be in charge of it. Marnet pipes up that they should maybe give it to her, seeing as she may just be the strongest out of all of them- no offense, of course!

The alchemy room and garden are outfitted with new plants and some potions, the garden initially bearing FIVE FRUITS and FIVE HERBS. These plants will grow over time, and the healing fruits are only effective when fresh. The medical herbs are more effective when dry.

There are FIVE HEALTH POTIONS to start, and more can be created in the lab only by combining ONE FRESH FRUIT and ONE DRIED HERB each.

There are more seeds for the herbs on the shelf, if needed.
No. 789929 ID: 85cc2c
File 149034342269.png - (8.62KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

5 new masks are created, 4 that you recognize, and one that you don’t.

The WRETCH MASK allows the user to change temporarily into solely their innards, allowing for extra mobility and the ability to change their shape. How much health the user is willing to spend is directly linked to how long this form lasts.
The EASTWOOD MASK allows the user to process poisons and other harmful ingested materials more effectively, with the possibility of getting addicted to said substance and requiring it to keep its overall strength and will to go on.
The MILLER MASK allows the user to manipulate the natural world around it, such as controlling vines and the ground beneath their feet. How much they can control is directly linked to how much health the user is willing to spend.
The SPIT MASK allows the user to inflict more pain with any attacks, but with no added damage. How much health the user is willing to spend is directly linked to how much pain they cause per attack.
The WAX MASK allows the user to pick up on what balance changes and arms race-esque effects creating or giving specific items will do, with no health cost.
No. 789930 ID: 85cc2c
File 149034345734.png - (6.56KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

A new room is made for Jasper, coming off of the other side of the attic. They don’t seem particularly impressed, but thank you regardless, floating around restlessly.

Jasper is given a messenger bag as an INVENTORY. They are also given a poncho and necklace to wear casually, which they tuck away for now.
No. 789931 ID: 85cc2c
File 149034350462.png - (5.66KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

A new room is made for Marnet is well, extending from the attic- in between Dad and Jasper’s rooms. She dives into her new pool immediately- and thankfully, her clothes are waterproof.

Marnet can now write. She plans to scribble on everything in reach when she can!
No. 789932 ID: 85cc2c
File 149034354990.png - (7.83KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

A trailer is made for the walker, empty aside from a small pile of pillows on one side- likely for a resting area. The back opens up to allow for large objects to be moved inside, and the entire layout can be modified as you wish.


The Sphinx is told to watch for threats, and sings praise for its new treats. It sniffs them and decides to settle on top of the trailer instead, in true cat form.
No. 789933 ID: 85cc2c
File 149034358540.png - (11.23KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

Everyone regroups in the living room.


Marnet is hesitant to address her new skills, but thanks you for them anyway.
The others look equally nervous about their new skillsets, particularly about the knowledge of child abuse and Stockholm syndrome. Are we children? Is this going to happen to us- are we going to do this to other people? Primus in particular seems rattled, an unusual state for him- audibly asking if the other TCPs were really going to be that traumatized by their actions if they chose to go violent.
No. 789934 ID: 85cc2c
File 149034361381.png - (12.12KB , 500x500 , 34.png )


Jasper reels even more than the rest at the amount of skills coming in at once, especially the concepts of morality and mortality.

They can die, they say aloud. We can all die. They hold their head in their hands, pushing and pulling at their phantasmic skin in a nervous motion. Are we okay with this? Why do we have to die someday? Are we going to die horribly, and in pain?! Everyone shuffles their feet, and Buddy speaks up first.
It says that if they do die, it will be a noble death, even if it hurts. Fighting for the void is scary, but it’s what they were here for and they care about the void, even if their decisions are confusing. Primus pipes up that you know what’s best for them, but nothing seems to reach Jasper. They ask why they have to answer to this god anyway, that they don’t even know you and this is happening, and they’re scared-

Dad goes back into comforting mode, handing over her mask. It’ll help you communicate with our void, she says. They are a kind god, and enjoys giving hugs and comfort to us directly, when we need it. Please trust us. We’re a family now, and we want you to be a part of it. You add that if there’s anything that you can do for them, you’re willing.

They reluctantly take the mask, not yet putting it on. They’ll talk to you later, they say, when they have more of a handle on the situation. Not yet.
No. 789935 ID: 85cc2c
File 149034367834.png - (12.40KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

Dad goes into damage control mode, getting everyone situated and cozy on the living room floor. She turns to Jasper and helps them onto the couch, and starts singing at a soft volume, Jasper slowly joining in. Dad’s voice is deep but soothing, Jasper’s light whispers complementing it well. You make out the exact lyrics as best you can, listening just as eagerly as the rest.

Dad: Come on and sing this song
Jasper: I’m really not so sure.
Dad: Come on it won’t take long!
Jasper: And this song’s got no alure.

Dad: Come on give it a shot
Jasper: Eh, I’d rather not
Dad: Really, this is great!
Jasper: No, really, it can wait.

Dad: Sure I know it’s fast
Jasper: How longs this gonna last?
Dad: Just put a good foot forwards
Jasper: spoken Wait, you do realize that I don’t have any feet, right?

Dad: Come on, just once, for me?
Jasper: Okay, we’ll see.

Jasper/Dad: It’s been… ten minutes/It’s been… two days
Jasper/Dad: Since I came alive/ Since I came alive
Japser/Dad: I can’t wait to see the strange /And since then so much has changed.
Jasper/Dad: Things I haven’t gotten to / Things I never thought I’d see
Jasper/Dad: Cause I just don’t know / … I will tell you
Jasper/Dad: Where I might end up / where we’re going to.
Jasper/Dad: And now as it all might end / And now as it all might end

Jasper – cutting in: You know, you’d all make decent friends
Dad: See?
Jasper: And this singing thing’s not bad
Jasper: Anything to get
Jasper/Dad: me through these next few moments / us through these next few moments

Jasper: Here upon this stage I am met with questions, they’re flooding in my mind with no discretion.
I am born wearing a mask and I learn what life is – only to be told to risk it all in a moment of crisis.
Who will live and who will die, is it even worth the try. To risk the chance and throw it all away?
And in the face of this holy deliverence, is it my role to be cursed with indifference?
To risk your life in glory, or to live without a story. What am I supposed to do?!

Dad: Hey… uh, don’t be so morose.
Jasper: Please I’m already a ghost.
Dad: And sure we might all die
Jasper: You say that like it’s fine.

Dad: Voidsy’s got our back!
Jasper: I’m not sure I can trust.
Dad: cmon, cut them some slack.
Jasper: But I suppose it’s them or bust.

Everyone claps for them, and Jasper does a tiny bow.
No. 789936 ID: 85cc2c
File 149034373686.png - (5.45KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

You get back to work creating things as they all calm down, a note materializes before you can CREATE a GEOTHERMAL PLANT

“Creating an energy source outside of magic and standard machine workings will work, but it will require my administrative intervention to ensure balance is kept. Are you sure you want to do that?”

please only suggest with yes or no.
No. 789938 ID: 79a07e

No. 789940 ID: b412df

No. 789945 ID: f0e552

no thanks
No. 789947 ID: 4b991a

No. 789949 ID: c31aac

HARD no.
No. 789951 ID: 398fe1


(can we suggest other stuff or was that just referring to the geothermal plant?)
No. 789952 ID: 3b8709

No. 789955 ID: a363ac

No for now.
Make sure to praise Japer and dad on their singing also we should probably apologize for teaching Mortality to what amounts to basically an infant TCP
No. 789957 ID: 144af2

can we apologize to jasper

and then hug them?
No. 789987 ID: 15a025

No. 790018 ID: 51649e

Hmm. Probably shouldn't, then. For one thing, creating a geothermal plant could be extension create lava and such underground, where the sanctuary is. Though perhaps having an administrator's particular attention on this game might be helpful? Convince a certain person not to be a cheaty cheater? We could have a kitty put on the Wax mask to see if there are any more particulars to be had about this choice.

Speaking of, it's possible that a TCP would get some type of bonus for using their own creator's mask, less health for greater effect sort of thing. We should distribute those masks to our allies, each their own. As for Spit's mask... well, we don't want to use it, but Spit will probably want it, so it might make good bait. Stow it down in the UnSanctuary and it might tempt her enough to send one of her TCPs down there. We need to explore down there anyway. And give our allies some news, though only after we settle our TCPs down and see to their needs.

I still want to CREATE a HEDGE MAZE, for defense. And because it's cool. With like, statues and sundials and things. Maybe it would have treasure and secrets hidden inside?
No. 790098 ID: 350a50


I apologize if I went a little fast, Jasper. We have power, but it's not infinite, and our wisdom definitely isn't.
No. 790113 ID: 8d4593

A Geothermal plant would be easy to balance... It's only as powerful as the amount of water you give us to use with it.

Can we use the Wax mask to see what kind of effect it would have on the game?
No. 790123 ID: db0da2


Ask the wax mask what would happen if we made a bunch of copies of all our magic stuff (masks, hat, wand, alchemy junk).
No. 790136 ID: 91ee5f

Ask who this is.
No. 790151 ID: 85cc2c
File 149040135389.png - (7.15KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

You give a hard no on that one, and the note disappears as you say it to yourself. For now, the game will continue as planned.

Your TCPs are calmer now, playing with eachother and babbling amongst themselves. They hug eachother, make jokes, and check out eachothers outfits. Even Jasper relaxes into the family, and an immense feeling of pride fills your chest. Even with everything going on, the resilient little cats find a way to enjoy their lives, no matter how brief it has been.

You could almost forget that they're going to war, and that some of them may not come back in one piece. Spit's laughter resonates in your collective mind and the letter you just received makes you wonder just how much you're being monitored.

You shake your thoughts away, focusing on the now.

The real game was just beginning.

No. 790180 ID: 5322c5

The point of learning about Stockholm syndrome and child abuse is, I think, because Spit is likely to be abusive to its cats, but that doesn't mean they wont necessarily be still loyal to her.
She is, as near as we can tell, horrible to everyone, including those she has made, and you will need to be ready to help those who have suffered under her power, even though they will likely want to fight you for her.
No. 790251 ID: 8cb228

This. This exactly. We should've focused on Deprogramming abused people.
No. 790371 ID: db0da2

It doesn't really matter if they don't understand the implications just yet, as long as they know what to do when the time comes.
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