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File 148866236575.png - (42.83KB , 960x560 , 742.png )
784829 No. 784829 ID: f6ba27

Crosshairs are boring edition

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Enemy_Quest
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/81802.html
Previous Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/767346.html
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No. 784831 ID: f6ba27
File 148866242147.png - (20.52KB , 960x560 , 743.png )

"Hey Z." It's Meg. "You ready for this Gala shit tonight?"
"I'm stoked. Are you?"
"Born ready," Meg says. "Poly's been getting ready since like, 10 am. Did you know she's actually wearing a dress she already owns for this?"
"That's some bizarre form."
"Maybe she decided 500 billion dresses is enough."
"You got yours picked out?"
"Send a pic."
"It's a surprise," Meg says. "Limo's picking me up from HVAO and you from wherever at 4. So you got like 3 hours to make sure your pits don't stink."
"I will do the bare minimum."
"Good," Meg says. "Where are you right now?"

1]] At Poly's, actually.
2]] Hanging out with GG.
3]] SLS.
4]] At Krin's. You remember Krin, right?
5]] Out shopping for some last-minute gala stuff.
6]] On assignment as an advocate. I'll be done soon.
7]] _____________
No. 784832 ID: 0c8311

2. Big Red didn't get much attention last thread.
No. 784834 ID: e22b1d

Having sex with 2 in front of 4
No. 784836 ID: 987bda

Sure, this sounds like something Krin would love.
No. 784837 ID: a363ac

for the cuck!
No. 784839 ID: 7b7ab3

Our Warrior needs some attention.
No. 784841 ID: baf72b

2 and 6 make TWO waifus happy.
No. 784844 ID: 094652

Scream into the phone "AAA I'M AT THE SOUP STORE AAA", screw over anyone listening in.
No. 784845 ID: 65ec8d

If we pick 5, would we get a say in what Zack's wearing? I guess it's not like we'd get a paper doll or anything, so not much point.

7), combo of 4 and 1, at Poly's with Krin, on the pretense of practicing how Zack will behave at the gala (etiquette, presentation and so on) with Poly as his date and Krin as the stand-in audience. That would be a useful exercise and it'd mean Poly can help Zack get suited up. More importantly, it gets those two ladies together!
No. 784852 ID: ce2e2f

This but also with Poly.
No. 784854 ID: 9f3729

No. 784864 ID: 9145ba

Why are you buying clothes at the soup store?

Oh, right, you were actually doing 6, advocate work.
No. 784869 ID: 91cfcf

No. 784887 ID: 25e2cb

Just 2. I don't think Krin is ready for the full Nguyen experience.
No. 784903 ID: 6612fa

1 is so stupid, why would we ask about poly when we are in her place. dont do 1
sls or advocate work, since we live there pretty much
No. 784937 ID: 350a50

No. 784956 ID: c359a2

4 meeting 1 for the first time
No. 785039 ID: 7a9a9f

2 or >>784834
No. 785058 ID: f6ba27
File 148869863345.png - (61.27KB , 960x560 , 744.png )

"I'm at GG's," you say. "Just got back from doing some Advocacy work."
"Still got all your limbs?"
"Both legs off below the knee. We match now."
"Righteous," Meg says. "What are you guys up to?"

You cram a third finger inside GG and feel her clamping down around you as another orgasm jerks her legs against their restraints.
"Hanging out," you say.
GG whimpers Garaktonnik into the floor. "Fuck me," she begs, once she remembers English. "Zack. Fuck me. Please please please please."
No. 785059 ID: f6ba27
File 148869865026.png - (48.01KB , 960x560 , 745.png )

For someone who was bugging you so much to do a ride-along with two advocates, Krinstezj is not typing very much.
No. 785060 ID: 9145ba

Wake up Zack, Meg's shaking you awake. You're going to be late for the Gala.
No. 785062 ID: a54ec6

Oblige the lady. Make sure krin gets the good reference angles.

Man how did we even talk them into this
No. 785063 ID: e22b1d

Admit how much better at this I am than Warrior Solid Snake and I'll allow it
No. 785066 ID: 91cfcf

She's tied up. And begging Zack to fuck her.

Give Krin something to type about and plow GG. Unless this actually is a dream after all.
No. 785067 ID: 350a50


It seems really out of character for GG to let the new girl see her horrible dark secret bondage thing so soon, so this is probably a dream.
No. 785068 ID: 9145ba

It's the only plausible explanation. I mean, why else is Carlson there too? That wasn't part of the contract, I think...
No. 785076 ID: f6ba27
File 148870187982.png - (64.66KB , 960x560 , 746.png )

You push on GG's hip and she rolls over onto her back, spreading her calves to let you between them.
She's so wet she's making a little puddle on her bed.
"Isn't he fucking amazing?" she asks.
"Um." Krin stares at both of you. "He's-- yeah."
"Do you wanna switch off?"
"Um. Um. I'm ok."
"What's your full name again?"
"Me?" Krin leans over. "Um. Krinstezj. Krinstezj Sulesso."
"Zack trusts you and likes you so I trust you and like you," GG says. "But if you write about this--" She makes a little eep here as you push your crotch up against her thighs "--I'm gonna take your computer and shove it through your intestines."

"Should like I like." Krin is blushing tremendously. "Should I like go?"

No. 785079 ID: 91cfcf

Not on our account.
No. 785082 ID: 9145ba

Make up your mind, are you coming or going?
No. 785086 ID: 01171b

You'll have to take my word for it geeg, but she's turning a very attractive shade of red.
No. 785088 ID: eb3cf7

"No, you should sit on GG's face. If GG's cool with that. GG, are you cool with that?"
No. 785105 ID: 7b7ab3

If we're making her unhappy or uncomfortable, then by all means she's excused.
Otherwise, she's more than welcome to stay.
No. 785108 ID: ebb71f

"Why? You haven't even had your turn yet. Are you not having fun?"
No. 785124 ID: 8d4593

You have a beautiful Warrior... Bound, blindfolded and begging before you... And the best you can think of doing is leave? Look at her. She's totally at our mercy right now. You could do Anything to her.

Unless that is... You want a turn.
No. 785142 ID: bb78f2

"Well, actually maybe her doing an investigative journalistic piece about underground warrior bdsm culture would be an interesting read as long as she never names names. What if you're not alone, GG? Hell, what if Big Boss likes being tied up like you do in a mad coincidence? What if he wants me to tie you both together in ropes and dangle you from the ceiling while you fuck?"

"I'd read 200 shades of red"
No. 785145 ID: 4b6961

If you leave you don't get a turn
No. 785155 ID: 094652

Your turn, Krin. Get to work on GG or I get out the spare rope.
No. 785174 ID: 4063a3

If you wanna be famous you gotta live the libertine life

Or do you just wanna stay...a nobody ;3
No. 785185 ID: 987bda

"Oh, no. You should join in. Try putting something in her mouth; something you'll both enjoy..."
No. 785206 ID: fa73ea

dude, you're wanted here.
if you don't want to be here no one is stopping you, but you're welcome to stay.
No. 785240 ID: e22b1d

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching what I'm going to do to you in a few minutes.
No. 785256 ID: 170e7b

Bend down and kiss those breasts.
No. 785301 ID: 14f7da

>"Should like I like." Krin is blushing tremendously. "Should I like go?"
Only if you want to.
No. 785335 ID: f6ba27
File 148877656436.png - (57.13KB , 960x560 , 747.png )

"Not on my account," you say. "Are you uncomfortable?"
"I didn't think-- like I didn't think that Warriors-- like--"
"Is it hot?" GG asks.
"What? Um. Um." Krin fidgets. She nods.
"She can't see you," you say. GG giggles. "She's nodding," you tell her.
"Then I want you to look. Like if you want to. Do you want to?"
Krin nods again. "Yes," she remembers to say.
"Because I want-- like because if other people think it's hot, then it's not-- it makes it feel like I'm not a, a freak. Does that make me a pervert?"
"Yup," you say.
"Shut up and f--"
Her U stutters then turns into a rising wail as you push inside her all the way to the base. Her toes curl back. "Oh my godddd"

Krin is turning almost as red as GG is.

It's your first time together since she broke your pelvis. You forgot what a Warrior feels like. Coming from the inviting squish of Poly and Sniper Bika, GG's sinewy physique is almost a little off-putting at first. But she's just as warm inside, and her butt is tight and springy. If Poly was made for grinding, GG was made for pounding. It's firmer inside. The little ridges of her muscles coil around you as her thighs squeeze. You pick up speed and listen to the percussive slap her taut skin makes on you. Your butt and ab muscles are developing a distinctly pleasant burn.
Is this how it feels to like exercise? you wonder, and then feel kind of dumb for thinking it.

No. 785336 ID: f6ba27
File 148877660903.png - (50.52KB , 960x560 , 748.png )

"Zack the blindfold!" GG's voice pulls you back into the moment. "Your face! Please!"
You pull the blindfold off and the look of unadulterated joy on her face as her amber eyes meet yours makes you want more than anything to kiss her, but you can't reach. You stick your fingers in her mouth instead. She sucks on them like they're coated in honey.
"Zag! I gignt cum wig him!"
You take your fingers out of her mouth.
"I didn't cum with him with the Warrior!" Her voice is so heavy with urgent sensuality that her accent is back. Her voice jerks in time with the rhythm you're sharing. "I faked it! I just kept thinking about thiz and rope and you!"
You suddenly notice her eyes are glistening with tears. "Are you ok?"
"Hza I'm juzt zo I'm zo happy" She's kissing your thumb. "Boyfriend. Zack. My-- I fucking love you so-- fucking-- mmmmmm"
She has another orgasm, and her body locks up so hard that you pop right out of her.
One of the ropes around her arms snaps with a comical twang.
She twitches and shudders on the bed, trying to get her brain down from orbit.

Krin's eye is the size of a searchlight right now.

No. 785338 ID: 9f3729

Wait a beat, then look over to krin.
"Hey Krin, could you grab us some water? Thirsty work, this sex stuff."
No. 785340 ID: 14f7da

Kiss GG. She is a sweet, loving girl who needs all the kisses.
No. 785341 ID: 7b7ab3

Kiss ze girl, tell her we love her, too, and engage snuggles.
Ask Krin how she's doing.
No. 785342 ID: e22b1d

Kiss GG then ask Krin if she's going to just sit there or come finish the job because she owes you an orgasm from last time.
No. 785350 ID: b7b2a9

I love zhu too.
Wanma tie up a red occulot?
No. 785362 ID: 857c49

"I love you, too, babe."
Kiss. Cuddle.
"You doing okay over there, Krin?"
No. 785393 ID: 1f1cb5

"I love you, too, honey. Either of you girls hungry? Cause I make a mean sandwich!"
No. 785398 ID: 6612fa

she finds things hot that are taboo... huh
should try sticking a thumb in her but next time.

did we ever talk to poly about the whole making zack into a superhuman.
No. 785399 ID: eb3cf7

This. And make out with her super hard between the reciprocation of I love yous and the suggestion of tying up Krin.
No. 785413 ID: f9c797

gg GG. No bully oculot.
No. 785416 ID: fceae5

How to not make this awkward? Try being casual.
No. 785424 ID: 5f2b81


Nothing awkward here.
No. 785450 ID: 8fbaa3

Offer Krin a seat, and gesture to GG's face.
No. 785460 ID: 52c198

Desregard krin a moment, obtain plush red lips for personal gain
No. 785488 ID: bb78f2

Big Boss isn't making you cum? The fuck?
No. 785600 ID: 595d54

Yeah, Krin really should personally experience what the advocates go through. Tie her up.
No. 785623 ID: f6ba27
File 148886209655.png - (71.10KB , 960x560 , 749.png )

You kiss her until she regains her senses and kisses you back.
"God dammit," she says. "That was so good. Oh god dammit the rope."
You're untying her. "They have anything sturdier out there?"
"I'll just like, knot it." GG wriggles her arms out. "Knots feel good anyway."
"This thing is gonna look like a climbing rope eventually."
"It better, slut." She whacks your butt. "Can you gimme a cig?"
You fish one out of her pants and drop it on her tummy.
"Thanks, boo." She finds her lighter. "You mind if I smoke, Krinstezj Sulesso?"
"Um no go for it."
You wander to the kitchenette to get some water, hampered a little by your boner, which is still annoyingly up. You wonder whether you should ask someone to help you out with that or pool your mojo reserves for the evening ahead.

GG lights up and takes a deep drag. "So." She exhales. "You think I'm hot, huh?"
Krinstezj's blush was just fading and now it crashes back onto her face.
"You're pretty cute too," GG says. "C'mere. I don't bite or nothing. That's Zack."
You fill a glass. "Only by request."
Krin haltingly transfers from her chair to the foot of the bed. "Hi," she mumbles.
GG grins. "Hi. You have a good time over there?"
Krin nods.
"Me too." GG sucks another lungful.
"What's so-- like what's the appeal in it?" Krin asks. "The like ropes?"
"Kinda hard to describe," GG says. "But I dig the pressure. It's like a little ropy hug. And it's nice to not have to work. And it drives Zack fuckin nuts." She winks at you. "He's down for a lot of stuff but you can tell he likes being a dom the most."
"So Solid Snake couldn't make you cum?" you ask.
"Yeah man I dunno," GG says. "He wasn't like doing anything wrong. I kind of wanted to stop fighting and let him take over and you don't do that. Maybe I'm just addicted to human dick. Or your dick. Or maybe S&M." She frowns a little. "That might be a problem."

1]] Whenever you need a fix you know I'm down.
2]] Have you thought about talking to him about it? Maybe he'd get it.
3]] You just need to find some open-minded partners. Krin's open-minded.
4]] Well if you want to feed your addiction, I'm still open for round 2.
5]] If you're that curious, Krin, I can give you a turn.
6]] This has been great but I have to go prepare for the Gala thing tonight.
7]] ____________
No. 785625 ID: 0299cf

1, 6.
We've spread the love and now we've got work to do.
Let's leave Krin and Geeg to get "better acquainted."
No. 785627 ID: a363ac

3,6, 7 : I would still like to meet him I haven't met many male visitors besides Bikas and anyone who looks like that should have a story or 2
No. 785629 ID: 65ec8d

7) "Maybe you'll have a better time when HE assaults your dad."
No. 785636 ID: 7b7ab3

1 and 3. Also 6 because we got responsibilities.
No. 785640 ID: aa5cae

1, 3, 6, and 7 being the request to meet Big Boss in person, as stated above.
No. 785651 ID: 4063a3

666 my satan dudes. It's important we give Krin an intriguing look and then dismiss her. This is like the all important cliff-hanger at the end of an important chapter! Don't give it up right away, make her obsess over it!!

Zack N., make sure that you exaggerate the importance of your role at the gala.
No. 785654 ID: 01171b

Having trouble seeing the downside from where I'm standing.

I kinda want to use the 'still curious?' line on Krin.
No. 785656 ID: e22b1d

5. Poor Krin needs to embrace her inner sex bomb more.
No. 785665 ID: 595d54

1, 3, 4, 5.
No. 785667 ID: 398fe1

We have 3 hours. There is time for a fuck and then a shower and getting presentable.

No. 785684 ID: eb3cf7

lmfao, and they said humor wasn't our highest stat.

I still think we should get our nut. A couple hours of recovery will see us reenergized and ready for tonight. Ask Krin if she wants to help. Maybe we can tie GG back down and make her watch.
No. 785685 ID: 70983e

3, 4, 5 but you remember you have to get ready for the Gala and leave her tied up there alone with GG.
No. 785706 ID: fceae5

I'm feeling 1, 3, and 6.
No. 785726 ID: b15da4

One, three, and six. But like, six ironically.
No. 785787 ID: 2d9ef2

1, 2, 3, 6, 7: maybe you could show her the ropes while I'm gone, GG. Ha ha, bondage humor.
No. 786031 ID: a523fb
File 148899844408.png - (35.02KB , 960x560 , 750.png )

"Well if you ever need a fix you know how to find me," you say. "Or Poly. Or or other people who are open-minded. Krin's open-minded."
"I gathered," GG says.
"Anyway." You tuck yourself a little awkwardly back into your pants. "This has been great but I have a gala thing to prepare for tonight."
Krin's forehead crinkles. "You're, um, going?"
"Responsibilities of an advocate," you say. "You could stick around. GG could show you the ropes."
"Oh-- no no like if-- I should go too." Krin gets off the bed and packs her laptop into her bag. "I'll-- thank you guys for like, hanging out. Thanks, GG."
"No prob," GG says.
"I'll text you. Um either of you. OK bye."
Krin is out the door.

GG snorts. "That was kind of mean."
"She probably didn't mean it to be."
"Of you, dude." GG raises an eyebrow. "If you let the puppy follow you home you need to feed it."
"That is a really weird turn of phrase." You button your shirt. "And it's no offense to Krin or anything. I got places I gotta go."
"So get going." GG kisses your cheek. "And send me a pic of your suit."

Ambrose is leaning by the entrance to GG's tenement.
"These girls you keep finding, man." He grins. "Are you filling out a pokedex?"
"They have a way of finding me at this point. That's Krin. She's nice."
"That's good. She looked about as red as a tomato. Thought maybe you'd upset her."
You kind of helplessly half-shrug.
"Anyway." Ambrose gets off the wall. "Rella's got the car ready. You're the captain."
You can't help but notice his smile falters a little when he mentions her name. You remember the weird energy they had after that skating rink thing.
No. 786032 ID: b15da4

Cheer up bro(se), we'll see if we can't get some of that Zack mojo to rub off on you.

Let's go shopping for a fancy tux (rental)!
No. 786040 ID: fceae5

Trouble in paradise, Ambrose? C'mere and tell uncle Zack all about it.
No. 786072 ID: 7b7ab3

Ambrose. Buddy. You've got girl trouble.
Let an expert give you a few tips.
We have more than enough experience to qualify.
No. 786095 ID: b15da4


Ever get a gut feeling that you're totally misreading a situation? Ambrose might not actually be fraternizing with his coworker like we seem to think...
No. 786106 ID: 595d54

>text Poly
>don't fuck Krin
What experience, m'8? Anyway, yeah, if Ambrose wanted to talk about it he would. And to be pragmatic, bodyguards and principals getting all buddy-buddy often doesn't work out.

But fuck it. Ask him if anything's up, let him decide how much he wants to share. He's the actual pro here.
No. 786108 ID: 9f3729

Hmm, how about...
"Hey Ambrose, it's real-talk time. Are you and her really interested in each other or was my teasing way off base? You seem bummed and the terrible advice I give can either be flavored for romance or friendship."
No. 786121 ID: 350a50

No. 786126 ID: 8d9217

That's charming.

Sorry Krin. I tried.
No. 786153 ID: 69a0d0

This. And why do I have a feeling we're fucking up with Krin? We should text her. Not to apologize or anything but just... I dunno, text her.
No. 786156 ID: e8303c

Are you two alright? You seem thick as thieves usually.

She specifically said she'd do whatever for Zach to do that again, and Zach kinda reneged on that deal.
No. 786184 ID: 8d4593

Why so worried about Krin? Yeah it was mean but sometimes mean is good. She'll be stuck thinking about it over and over. Next time we see her, maybe even tonight she's going to be feeling... adventurous.
No. 786185 ID: 9f3729

Oh hush, she'll be fine. Just call her up after the Gala, make sure she's aite. Not like we didn't offer to include her next time, right?
No. 786252 ID: f6ba27
File 148903544021.png - (17.91KB , 960x560 , 751.png )

"Hey Ambrose," you say. "Is it real talk time?"
Ambrose grimaces. "Is it?"
"I think it's real talk time. Are you and Rella into each other, or is my teasing way off base? Because I'm willing to give you terrible advice no matter what."
Ambrose shakes his head. "Man it's dumb. Kind of. I guess she kind of got pissed at me for leaving her on the ice but she knows I was doing my job so she's not really-- like that's the thing. We're coworkers and we have to be focused on you and the job. It wouldn't be a good idea."
"But you're into her."
"I'm trying not to be, man. Really hard." He gives you a rueful smile and detaches from the wall. "C'mon. We're burning daylight. Where you headed?"
No. 786253 ID: 9f3729

"To the gala, but man I'm just saying. Workplace romance is underrated, look how I'm doing."
No. 786257 ID: e8303c

You need to shower and change.
No. 786260 ID: 7b7ab3

We're here for you, bro. Whatever you need, we got. Just ask.

Also this.
No. 786287 ID: c5413c

All of this. And also...

Yeah, doing your job right is definitely important. So too are the connections in your life. It sucks to sacrifice one for the other. If you gotta, you gotta, but I'm an optimist--I think you can do both. Whatever you choose, I got your back, brother.

Take me home, m8. I gotta shower and eat.
No. 786289 ID: 38aa3e

Home. Gotta get ready for the thing.
Have they considered counseling? Or something?
No. 786296 ID: 92612e

I just want to say I trust you to get in each others pants and keep your heads on your shoulders, Brose, if that means anything.

Going against the grain and suggesting we go to Poly's. She'll know how to prepare better than we do.
No. 786299 ID: fceae5

Home is SLS, so let's go there. Maybe Ambrose should try talking to Poly about his troubles. She has a few more centuries worth of experience than Zack.
No. 786300 ID: 65ec8d

You're going to Poly's, she helped you pick out your outfit. By which you mean she picked out your outfit. Also you can shower there and collect all your last-minute gala tips before the actual last minute.
No. 786308 ID: 0555b9

It's time for another episode of Lessons in Sobriety in High Society with Poly!
No. 786400 ID: 4eadca

To Poly's. She could help both of these sorry sods.
No. 786414 ID: f6ba27
File 148912445280.png - (41.75KB , 960x560 , 752.png )

"I just want to say that I trust you to keep your heads on your shoulders if you get in each other's pants," you say. "If that means anything."
"Gross, dude," Ambrose says. "But like. That does kind of mean something."
"You're bodyguarding for the Earth's premier interdimensional gigolo, Brose. I'm not sure what you expect." You follow him to the car. "Let's hit up SLS so I can get all prettied up for the party."

You're toweling off when Bika bursts into the bathroom.
"ZACK HOLY SHIT," she says.
"Look!" Bika holds her phone up. "This is awful!"

You take the phone from her and try to hold your towel up with one hand.
Sniper Bika is on the front page of reddit.com.
No. 786415 ID: f6ba27
File 148912450758.png - (50.17KB , 361x560 , 753.png )

The post is called A Skut ice skating at Rinx at Port Jefferson. It's number 6 on r/all.
You go to the comments.

[–]i_main_gonjo 1845 points an hour ago*
Today for the very first time I looked at a skut and said to myself, "I would fuck that skut."
Does that make me weird?

edit: apparently not lol

edit 2: Not the post I thought would be my first gold but I'll take it.

[–]Belingo [score hidden] 47 minutes ago
After seeing this I'm suddenly starting to realize Zack Nguyen might have a point.

[–]Roller_Stroller [score hidden] an hour ago
The US Government is hiring sexy Visitors and trying to turn everyone into furries. In five years when baby humans are running around with four eyeballs you will see I waas right.

[–]parenthet 483 points an hour ago
TIL nobody on Reddit should own a dog or they'll try to smash

"Go to Buzzfeed," Bika says.
"Do I have to?" You type the URL.
The photo is on the front page.
Who is Skut Bae? the title announces.
You blink in disbelief. "Skut Bae?"
"I did NOT ask for this kind of attention. Especially not on my fucking sniper. Shit shit. I'm fucking trending on Twitter." Bika Prime is on the verge of hyperventilation. "What do I do?"
No. 786416 ID: 9f3729

There is in fact an easy solution to this:
Extensive surgery and hair dye
No. 786417 ID: 4063a3


Check 4chan boards pertinent to visitors right now LMAO

Do not attempt to conceal the pictures or articles, as this will likely draw MORE attention to them. Turn sniper bika into a model and activist, then aggressively train more sniperinos. Choose unassuming and unattractive ones for future spec ops skuts!!
No. 786418 ID: 4eadca

Bika, calm down. There's an answer for this.
Keep your sniper out of the public eye.
Shouldn't be that hard, considering she's a SNIPER.
In a month or two this'll have all blown over.
It's the internet. It has the collective attention span of a rodent.
No. 786421 ID: 0c367f

Alright. First things first, this probably isn't a huge deal and is just a picture of a sexy Skut people are freaking out about. Worst case scenario this Bika becomes well-known enough that they have to stay out of the public eye or become a public figure/advocate. We can handle that after the Gala.

We might also want to ask if she has any input on what we should say if it somehow comes up in the interview at the Gala...

Also, we need to learn more of the current reactions in visitor-related subreddits. Check out the current hot posts on /r/conspiracy and /r/SkutSluts.
No. 786422 ID: 350a50

"Let's start by not panicking. If we try to cover this up it will only draw all the wrong kind of attention. We're going to need some mild hair dye and some binding bands."
No. 786423 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, that's one way to turn people to the pro-Visitor side.
I guess we should apologize. It was our idea to go skating. Thankfully nobody knows who Sniper Bika is, so it should be pretty easy to just hunker down and wait for the internet to lose interest.
It really depends on what Bika wants to do. Zack knows all about what she's going through, so he's more than capable of supporting her.
No. 786424 ID: 70983e

Does it matter that they know your face if they never see you coming?
No. 786427 ID: 595d54

Relax, trying to cover this up just leads to the Streisand Effect. Disguise the sniper and find another drone with nice tits to walk around.

Also visit /r/CumSkuts.
No. 786434 ID: 6612fa

start laughing, because it is legitimately funny,

is this really a huge issue though? not saying it isn't, just not sure if it is actually bad. most people wouldn't be able to tell multiple skuts apart, I can't make out any of her scars in the picture except her neck so a scarf? and worst comes to worst she can rotate out her skuts... or are certain skills not transferable to other bodies and she doesn't have any suitable replacements?
or she just excited she is internet famous and concerned that her sniper can't do high profile hits anymore since she is going to be her new face?
No. 786436 ID: fc33ea

Relax relax, the internet has cycles just like news. If sniper lays low for long enough it'll blow over. I mean, is there realistically anyone who can actually trace sniper Bika here? Is there anybody who knows the first thing about this particular skut body?
No. 786437 ID: 8d4593

There is nothing you Can do. Once the internet has you, it has you. Luckily today it is on your side. Don't fight it, it'll only turn against you.

If you want to maintain a little privacy, scour all your internet accounts and remove anything connecting you to this image. Do that right now.

Other than that, either stay quiet about it and let it blow over, or try to have fun with it.

Though... All things considered this is a good thing. If this becomes a trend, humans could go from tolerating visitors to accepting them in years instead of decades.

Actually... I have an interview coming up after the Gala. It's really important and I would love for you to join me in it. You could bring Skut Bae.
No. 786439 ID: 9f3729

Remember that bika is panicking over this, meaning this presumably has deeper connotations than "oh god they see my tits" especially coming right off her thing about only rarely feeling extreme emotion like this

Ask her why the panic
No. 786446 ID: 2120ee

"Uh, retire her into a cam girl? I'm honestly not sure what kind of advice you need, here."
No. 786451 ID: d36af7

What do you do strategically? First of all, calm down. Sniper Bika is now Internet Famous Bika. Figure out how to turn that into an asset. Start by giving her a reasonably unique pseudonym, to obfuscate the whole 'hive mind' thing. Maybe set up a webcam and a Youtube channel, do some 30-second ads for SLS, starring GG and Internet Famous Bika as elite food delivery agents. Some sort of buddy-cop dynamic? I dunno. Prepare for a surge of additional customers, regardless.

Longer term, experiment with what combination of disassembly and repackaging most efficiently makes a rifle look like food which is being delivered, so you can do hide-in-plain-sight covert ops that way, and schedule additional training for your second-string sniper.
No. 786454 ID: 094652

And on the Youtube page, spin a story about how she was enslaved and whipped between rapes until she snapped and turned her captor's eye socket to mush. All because she had the biggest rack in the county. She's moved to Earth because even they tolerate Skuts better than Golboria tolerates rape victims. Make her act like her rack is some fat slab of meat that aches for a self-massage whenever she gets tired.

Then make gun videos. Instant popularity.
No. 786458 ID: 398fe1

Bika, calm down. That's only one of your bodies. They don't know who you are, and you are already good at hiding. Also if you wanted you could turn your sniper into a martyr. If she got killed or even beaten up by some racist humans while the internet is still obsessing over her, it would really light a fire. Might even work if it was due to a skut territorial conflict but that's riskier and might shine too much of a spotlight on skut crimes.
No. 786462 ID: 91ee5f

>"What do I do?"
"Uhh...be happy that they like you? I don't actually know."

>Actually... I have an interview coming up after the Gala. It's really important and I would love for you to join me in it. You could bring Skut Bae.
Bad idea. He would need to bring 3 or 4 Bikas and, like Carlson said earlier, unless you get invited, tickets to this Gala are expensive and I don't think Zack or Bika could afford the tickets necessary to invite enough Bikas!

Besides, didn't we already agree to bring all of the girls to the interview after the Gala?
No. 786467 ID: fa73ea

ok, that's not actually that bad. human's ethics go through their genitals after all.
No. 786468 ID: 8d4593

I wasnt suggesting to bring her too the gala, and who we bring to the interview is still up in the air. Im not sure if we discussed it with bika yet.
No. 786470 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, first, give her a hug. Big strong human comfort embrace, go.

Then tell her something like "If it helps, this is the internet and I'm pretty sure people have been passing around pictures and videos of attractive skuts for years. This is just more in the public sphere, and that's probably because it's a nice shot. Like, it's not the sneak creeper booty angle things like this probably usually are, this actually emphasizes the like, grace and beauty, with the skating. I mean, among other things, of course. You're beautiful, is my point, and at least that's good for the skut image in general. Let's calm down and organize our thoughts. Your mind has probably already accelerated ahead of mine, so how about you list the consequences you're worried about, and we can examine them individually?"

Also, at some point ask something like "I thought you normally kept this body out of public view anyway?"


Don't laugh at or around people who are worried about something.
No. 786473 ID: c55119

Discreetly pull up /trash/. See if anyone has drawn porn yet.
No. 786474 ID: 67d5dc

Promote her to 'internet famous face'? You'd need to train a new sniper, but there are probably some useful ways to leverage her into visitor rights, if you wanna do that.
No. 786494 ID: 0555b9

Look for photoshop battles of Bika. Begin formulating a new line of SLS (Skate Luck Skut) merchandise in your head.
No. 786495 ID: 65ec8d

On reflection, she might be worried about how well she could hide the skut hive mind thing if there was any media attention on an individual one of her bodies. There's too many ways she could accidentally give things away, or at least be suspected enough of giving things away to get in trouble. Plus it would draw attention that skut's "family" and scrutiny on their behavior, and Bika does some shady things, at least in relation to other skuts. So capitalizing on the fame is probably not something she'd be willing to do.

Though, that raises another issue, that we might be asked about our skut girlfriend in the interview (or maybe even at the gala?). We'd need to figure out how we'll present things to make it seem like Zack doesn't know the hive mind thing, and we should talk to Bika about how she's theoretically bamboozled us. I was thinking maybe we'd claim that skuts have an extreme ideal of sharing in their culture, among their "clans", so that they literally hold everything in common, from land to clothes to food to relationships. Aside from including relationships it wouldn't be actually that far off from some human cultures (I think in new guinea there are some tribes that had problems not being able to interface properly with the idea of individuals not sharing everything), so we could have Zack claim that while skuts recognize what other races do, the idea of an individual skut holding anything private doesn't work at all for them. That'd fit close enough with observable behaviour to be believable and people who actually know the secret could think Zack's just been fed that idea himself.
No. 786623 ID: a381c0

This is a good thing! It's humans talking positively about Visitors, hell it's humans admitting finding Visitors, SKUTS, attractive!
This is a big step towards improving human/visitor relations.
Honestly in retrospect sexy diplomacy with humans is pretty obvious.
No. 786635 ID: 783f41

I like seeing all these optimistic reactions, let's just be sure that Zach gives an appropriately sensitive and compassionate response. No matter how much we can interpret this in a positive light, Bika is still understandably upset and in need of hugs and love.
No. 786650 ID: 6612fa

I was pretty sure we already decided that carlson and poly were defiantly coming to the interview maybe meg because she works as a spy and can help us keep our lies straight.
most of agreed bika is a must not because she needs like 12 of here around just to function, and that raises concerns and could let the hive mind slip just keep bika away from glaring public media events. G.G. we didnt want to take because these would be personal questions designed to tick someone off and while G.G. is awesome at maintaining her cool we really shouldn't put her through that because i doubt she would enjoy it.
No. 786820 ID: 987bda

Hug her.
No. 786822 ID: 91ee5f

Accidentally drop your towel and be completely naked when you kneel down to hug her.
No. 786853 ID: bd9dcf

Hey, I'm sorry this is happening in a way that isn't going exactly the way we want... but this is a good thing, right? Bringing the species together? We can focus on the silver lining on this, how to spin this right. I'll do everything I can to help.
No. 787216 ID: 1c69a5

Comfort her and tell her that we'll help her figure it out.
No. 787226 ID: f6ba27
File 148946944284.png - (42.73KB , 960x560 , 754.png )

"Uh. Bika." You lower the phone and pick your words carefully. "I know this isn't exactly what you wanted but I think it could be really good."
"I mean look at the comments. They like you."
She takes the phone back and stares at it, brow knit. "Well but what does-- what does 'bae' mean?"
"Skut Bae. What's a bae."
"It's like... babe. Cutie."
"It-- really?"
"What did you think it meant?"
"I don't know." She squints. "'Fuck the acid body fluids, I'm going in wish me luck boys?' That's not-- it's not even acid." She scrolls down through the comments. Her eyes widen. "Holy guacamole."
"If you just keep her out of the limelight, I think the internet will eventually move on. It's like that."
"No no I think I get it." She's rubbing her ear. "I think-- we can use this. I can make a new sniper. But this..."
She looks up from the phone. "I should do something with this, right?"
"What do I do?" she asks.
No. 787227 ID: e22b1d

Let's see. Popular on Reddit, a great rack, really good at video games?

Sniper Bika should totally become a twitch streamer.
No. 787228 ID: 0c367f

You need to make a reddit account.

You need to start /r/CumSkuts.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
No. 787229 ID: 350a50

Ha... it could work.

This is a start, it's attention. You have a wide audience now, and that means you can give skuts positive media attention. Something people can relate to, something they can like and be attracted to.
No. 787230 ID: 1c69a5

Whatever she wants!
Ignore it, start a blog, make videos, do the reddit thing, whatever.
It's her choice.
No. 787231 ID: 8cb228

Do a sliiiightly more tasteful name than that. But make it a punny one!

But yea. Social media, twitch account / vlog. Something to spread understanding and the message!
No. 787233 ID: 595d54

Do it. Sniper Bika can become the next Kim Kardashian. Start publicizing shamelessly.

Not really helpful when someone is asking for your input tbh

Also, "not even acid"? Does she mean her vagina specifically isn't acidic or is this another case like the oculot fireballs where it's more complicated than the rumors?
No. 787234 ID: 91ee5f

>Do it. Sniper Bika can become the next Kim Kardashian.
Does this mean Bika has to give her sniper body a gigantic ass? Because I really don't think that'll help.
No. 787236 ID: e22b1d

>has to give her sniper body a gigantic ass
No. 787237 ID: 7b7ab3

Definitely get on social media.
Start a blog. Blow up #skut.
Maybe start a YouTube channel.
Start educating the public.
Teach them about the skut.
Spread the message.
No. 787238 ID: 094652

Holy crap, we're looking at Skut D'va. Well, more like Skut Legion, but still. Do it. Context-wise, we need some kind of backstory for all those scars.

For extra ambiguity, we could get Bika's next sniper to do team attacks for Sniper Bika as the Discreet Dwarf Dame (or Triple-D's), who is basically publicized as some mysterious gamer who creates new profiles just to work with Sniper Bika for a few rounds then never plays on that account again.
No. 787239 ID: 398fe1

Strangely, educating the public about skuts is one of the worst possible things we could do, because their true nature is a big secret.

We could lie, I suppose. Explain skut grouping behavior as a sort of species-wide separation anxiety disorder-- that skuts can't function very well when separated from other skuts because of the emotional stress that brings. That might maybe cause hateful humans to purposefully isolate skuts but that's hardly as bad as killing the bodies because they found out they're expendable.

Bika is going to have to have answers ready for questions if she has Sniper Bika in any sort of public role, so maybe it's time to think up a believable explanation for skut behavior that isn't the truth.
No. 787240 ID: 8cb228

It could be done without the big reveal. Not just Skuts, but alien culture, cuisine, etc. Cultural ambassador type, in general.
No. 787247 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, since Bika Prime was hanging off of Zack's arm that whole time (that's what girlfriend's do, right?), we could make the story that Sniper Bika/Skut Bae is Bika Prime's older sister that fought in the war, which'll explain why she's covered in scars.

Now we just need to give her a name since Prime is gonna be Bika.
No. 787252 ID: f6ba27
File 148947562974.png - (12.09KB , 960x560 , 754a.png )

"What if-- hear me out here-- what if you got a twitch."
Bika's ear twitches. "A twitch."
"Like the thing where you stream games and like chat?"
"No I know Twitch," Bika says. "But-- huh."
"You could start a whole social media thing," you say. "Like a youtube channel, a twitter..."
"And a twitch," Bika says. "Hmmmmmm. I'd need a mic. And a camera and stuff. And to figure out how to do the dang recording the thing thing."
"I could help," you say.
"Would I need to flash my boobies?" Bika asks.
"Nobody actually flashes their boobies," you say. "It's the idea of the boobies that counts."
"Is it really really weird that I'm actually considering this?"
"Nope. I'm just a genius."
"A twitch!" Bika says a twitch like how you imagine Ben Franklin said a kite. "That's-- the more I think about it the more it turns from a crazy idea into an actually kind of smart idea."
"Do you want to go to like Best Buy or something right now? Get a mic and stuff?"
"I-- well. Not now. You have a limo to catch." Bika's tail is wagging a little. "We'll see."
No. 787254 ID: f6ba27
File 148947574304.png - (21.00KB , 960x560 , 755.png )

You're walking out to the limo as the sun dips behind the tombstone rows of the Village. It's getting earlier and earlier, you note.
The limo door opens and you do a double-take.
"Meg? Is that-- you?"
"Not my fucking idea," Meg says. "For the gala the collective decided I needed to be more charismatic."
Her brand new face has a very un-charismatic look on it.
"It's all holographic shit so I can turn it off until we get to the party," Meg says. "But then I need to turn it on. Just showing you from the jump so you don't freak out."
No. 787255 ID: 398fe1

>the collective
But she's AWOL...?
No. 787258 ID: e22b1d

She's not AWOL, she's a double agent now. You need to be part of both organizations to be a double agent.

Tell her you think the face is actually kind of nice. Ask her what a smile on it looks like.
No. 787261 ID: d79f26

well, you make it look good.
No. 787262 ID: 398fe1

No, she was doing the double agent thing by using a backdoor into the floater database despite not talking to them anymore.

IDK how we'd bring this up since it's a super duper secret and shouldn't be spoken of out loud. Maybe the face thing is just an act, to make the HVAO think she's still getting orders from the collective?
No. 787263 ID: 91ee5f

"Did they also think your boobs needed to be bigger again? Because they look bigger.....again."
No. 787267 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, she makes it work all the same.
No. 787269 ID: 094652

Actually, they look saggy to me. Ew.

"Meg, please tell me you're wearing SOME cloth under that hologram."
No. 787276 ID: 048a28

I vote we name her snika
No. 787283 ID: 6612fa

"you look beautiful, but why do you look so angry?, did something happen?
No. 787292 ID: fceae5

It's not permanent, is it?
No. 787296 ID: d121d2

She's irritated about the face.

Compliment her on the dress, it's fuckin' hot.
No. 787299 ID: fc33ea

You look stunning.
No. 787303 ID: 6fdfe8

Nah, don't say she fought in the war. First of all, thats still a touchy subject for a lot of people. Second, that puts a stake in the ground about her age that doesn't need to be there. Let all the viewers imagine she is whatever age is hottest. If asked, just go with "growing up skut can be rough."
No. 787324 ID: ce3120

Put a fucking shirt on, Meg.
No. 787326 ID: 8cb228


Don't say that. You could say something like, "You look fantastic, but I prefer the real you, with no gimmicks. What exactly is it doing, and how?"
No. 787329 ID: aebfae

Is it just me, or does Meg a bit....chunkier? Especially around the waist and butt?
No. 787330 ID: 7b7ab3

Her TnA quotient has skyrocketed.
I'm beginning to think that the Collective is just a bunch of perverts.
No. 787337 ID: 0bd80e

"The collective's research approach must be... fascinating"
No. 787350 ID: 70983e

Real classy. No.

It's all holographic? Even the hair, and that Betty Boop curl? (Whataboutthedress)
No. 787364 ID: 630f91

Please tell me you can do ASCII faces on it.
No. 787367 ID: 350a50

Rocking the Jenny look there, Meg.
No. 787370 ID: 2d712c

"If you could convince the Collective to give you full control over what's broadcast over your face it could be a cool way to express yourself. Like a tattoo you can change to match your mood. You could be a real trend setter."
No. 787381 ID: e22b1d

I don't know about that. Meg's had a pretty curvy bod for a while now.
She's just never worn something that showed it off like this does.
No. 787388 ID: 6612fa

using the war to justify the scars when a basic fact check makes their life span less than that for an individual body. also it would just inflame certain individuals.
best thing we can say is that she is the skut that goes out into human society to get the things the skut can't get themselves "this scar is from when I was almost run over by a Cadillac while the passengers barked at me, this scar is from when a 9 year old human thought it would be funny to lasso a skut and attempt to hog tie me with fishing line, etc, etc.
we get to play up the sympathy card, as well as show a personality that doesn't hate humans despite many hardships.
its a straight up lie and propaganda, but if played right would shift things dramatically in zach and bika's favor, if asked why she didn't go to the police she can report with the truth that the police are just as likely to kick her as a random pedestrian.
No. 787401 ID: fc33ea

Why does she have to listen to them? They aren't the ones out in the trenches, so to speak.

Anyway, we'll see if anybody can pry their eyes away from your dress first.
No. 787409 ID: f6ba27
File 148954969391.png - (22.61KB , 960x560 , 756.png )

"You look amazing, Meg."
"I do?" Meg turns back to the limo and appraises her reflection in the window.
"I think you really make it work. We'll see if anyone can pry their eyes away from the dress first."
"Shut up." She smiles despite herself. It's a lot more noticeable now. "The dress I'm into. Anyway get in here. They charge by the hour."
You scoot over and Meg slides in beside you. The slit of her dress hangs open, curtaining a swoop of dark thigh.
"We're good to go," Meg tells the driver's sunglassed reflection in the rearview. He nods and starts the car. The partition slides up snugly.

"Did they add anything other than your face?" you ask.
"Like what?"
"You look a little more--" You make an hourglass shape in the air. Meg's new smile grows.
"Nope," she says. "That's just the dress doing what it's supposed to."
"Is it-- I'm assuming your face is a hologram right now?"
She nods.
"Is the dress?"
"You wanna check?" she asks, conspiratorially.
She folds her hand around yours and guides it into her lap.
You're almost surprised when your palm touches silk.
"Get your head out of the gutter, Zack." Meg is grinning impishly. You have to admit this new hologram is doing a lot more to show her emotion than her monotone does.
"Why do you have to listen to the collective, anyway?" you ask. "They're not the ones out in the trenches."
"An order's an order," Meg says.
"But I thought you--"
Meg puts a finger to her lips. "I'm warming up to it anyway. If I'd known you were this into holograms I'd have worn a fake dress too."
"That would be a little dangerous."
"This one is a little dangerous too. I kind of like dangerous." She turns her shhh gesture into something a little more suggestive. "Yknow Z. It might not be a hologram, but it's not like it's covering my mouth."
No. 787410 ID: 398fe1

Yeah you didn't forget her promise.
No. 787419 ID: 7b7ab3

Kiss ze girl.
Start smoochin'.
No. 787420 ID: e22b1d

Remember what she said last thread?
She's not looking to kiss.
No. 787424 ID: a363ac

well its not like my mouth is covered either *wink wink*
No. 787425 ID: 7b7ab3

Kiss, then do the naughty!
No. 787429 ID: ce2e2f

We really need to figure out what's going on with Meg and the rest of the floaters before we get down to any funny business.
Get your phone out and do the text on-screen thing you did the first time she told you about her Electric Sheep ways.
If memory serves she also said she wouldn't lie or keep things from you during that meeting.
No. 787430 ID: e94d83

Are you inviting me into your emergency induction port?
No. 787431 ID: 81bc65

Immediately unzip pants.
No. 787454 ID: fc33ea

Kiss first. Whatever you do, keep it professional for the sake of your clothes.
No. 787483 ID: 65ec8d

Ok, there was a timeskip after the last thread, so it'd be nice to know if you did actually get together with Meg and tell her All That Important Shit in the intervening time.
No. 787484 ID: 70983e

Well, she lacks a gag reflex, so... we actually might not have to worry about cleaning up. Watch out for your pants though, Zack.
No. 787528 ID: fceae5

No. 787533 ID: 65ec8d

Now now, you're going to a gala, you'll be talking to people all evening. I'm not sure what Meg's experience of smell is exactly but I'm sure she doesn't want to be blowing dickbreath at people.

Now, Zack using his mouth would be fine, since Meg's more fragrant.

(Hmm. It occurs to me that humans could be disturbed by the floater collective altering Meg's appearance to make her more attractive, given the history of human issues with appearance and attitudes towards women and et cetera. It could be presented as a more thorough form of make-up, and alteration of one's body for specific purposes being a Floater cultural thing, but it's something to be aware of and look out for. Maybe discuss that with Meg (later). Concern with presentation and PR is why we're going to this shindig, after all!)
No. 787541 ID: 8c5932

I don't want to accidentally get jizz on your dress, Meg!

Now if you took it off...
No. 787556 ID: b15da4

...She wouldn't have time to put it back on!

Believe me, she can can swallow! In fact, what you really have to worry about is her swallowing the entire dick.
No. 787566 ID: c31aac

Guys, save it for after the super important political hobnob
Dont go in smelling of scandal
No. 787630 ID: 8cb228

Even if we're careful, people would smell it. Maybe later?
No. 787631 ID: 595d54

Do it, 69 in the backseat. Stop for tictacs or whatever if you're worried about breath.
No. 787690 ID: e94d83

That's literally exactly how we should go in.
No. 787693 ID: f6ba27
File 148963338660.png - (28.23KB , 960x560 , 757.png )

You lean over and kiss her.
Her lips buzz against yours, making your face tingle. It's like putting your mouth to a tv screen, if the tv screen in question had a tongue and was really horny.
The instant reaction in your pants reminds you that you are too.
"Remember what you said in the shower?" you ask.
Meg reaches down and unbuttons your pants by way of response.
Her fingers dig into your dress shirt as she lowers herself down your body to the spacious floor of the limo.
She undoes the zipper with her mouth, just like Poly taught her. Her hands are shaking with anticipation as they pull your boxers open.
"Hi," she says to your dick.
"Hi," you say.
"You really like this dress, huh." She brushes her silk-clad stomach across your crotch. You shiver.
"It's gorgeous."
"Keep going," Meg says. She sinks further, until her chest is pushed against you.
"Uhhhh it matches your eyes."
"Mhmm." Meg puts a hand on each breast and pushes them together as she rises back up a little, tracing the head along the curve of her cleavage.
"Holy shit," you say.
"Keep going," Meg prompts.
"Uh uh it makes your ass look incredible," you say. "Really really incredible."
"Just my ass?" Meg lowers herself again, and this time you're snugly between her breasts. They squish around you like memory foam.
"No no all of you"
Meg kisses the tip. "Yeah?" The fizz from her lips nearly makes you go cross-eyed.
"And I really really don't want to get it dirty," you say. "Because that would be a huge problem."
"I won't spill a drop," Meg says, which only exacerbates the issue. "You wanna see something cool?"
"Cooler than this?"
She giggles and then turns around. "Okay. I tried this one on Bika. Check it out."

No. 787694 ID: f6ba27
File 148963343782.png - (17.76KB , 960x560 , 758.png )

She fires her thrusters and flips all the way upside down.
"What--" you say, then she buries you in her throat.
You make a noise that's half laugh and half grunt.
"What the fuck, M--"
She plants a hand on the back of your neck and buries your face in her boobs.
Poly still takes the crown handily, but you have to give it to Meg for Most Improved. The uncertainty of last time is gone. So is the hastiness. After that crazy first plunge she's taking her time, only letting you in a few inches at the furthest. She is doing a whole lot with her tongue, and she's making sure you feel all of it. It's not exactly an angle you're used to.
This would be insanely weird if it didn't feel amazing.
A droplet of sweet-scented saliva drips down the underside of your penis and its passage is beautiful agony. You have a fierce urge to take her head and push it all the way down. You try to distract your hands by squeezing her uncovered back instead. You leave fingerprints in her stress-ball skin.

It takes sixteen seconds for you to start bumping up against your limit, which you know exactly because you've been counting to try to last longer. The force of this morning with GG and Krin has your resolve weakened and your tank very full. You are gonna cum way way too soon.

1]] Ask for a thirty second time-out while you regain your composure.
2]] Ask to stop. Getting spunk on anything would be a really really bad idea.
3]] Give in.
4]] ________________

No. 787700 ID: 7b7ab3

Give in to our cybernetic goddess.
No. 787701 ID: 290a0d

"not a drop"
No. 787702 ID: a363ac

No. 787703 ID: 0f90ae

3. Birdy wants some seed.
No. 787705 ID: fc33ea

Give her a warning.
No. 787721 ID: f97b68

Don't be a jerk. Give her some warning. Not that I doubt she can take it easily. Won't be very much anyway.
No. 787722 ID: 70983e

Warn her. I'm torn between saying "Initiate Hoover mode" and "Yamato Cannon FIRE!"
No. 787726 ID: f6ba27
File 148964076677.png - (40.04KB , 960x560 , 759.png )

"Meg," you gasp. "Every last drop"
She mmmms in anticipation.
The vibration from it does it.

You force her head all the way down and explode down her throat, pulling on her pigtail to keep tethered to this dimension.
You feel her neck spasm, then tighten as she swallows, and swallows again, and keeps swallowing. She vocalizes her satisfaction in a low purr as she drinks her fill.
You were pretty backed up.

No. 787727 ID: f6ba27
File 148964080159.png - (31.46KB , 960x560 , 760.png )

She turns back over in air with the grace of a feather.
She sloshes your jizz around in her mouth like a sommelier, then swallows one last time.
"Fresh linen," she says.
"That's the best review anyone's given of cum," you say.
Meg licks her lips. "I requested an affinity for saltiness." She blinks. "That's not weird, right?"
"Only as weird as what just happened," you say. "Which was amazing. I--"
No. 787728 ID: f6ba27
File 148964082181.png - (11.87KB , 960x560 , 761.png )

That's when you notice something, on the middle strap of her dress.

A spot no bigger than a pinky nail, but a spot that is very very visible.
No. 787729 ID: f6ba27
File 148964083251.png - (30.66KB , 960x560 , 762.png )

Of precum.
No. 787730 ID: 595d54

Ok. Let's get on with whatever gala thing we were doing.
No. 787731 ID: fc33ea

oh nooooo
No. 787732 ID: 6612fa

give in, its what she wants
No. 787733 ID: 398fe1

Meg you need to put some soda water on that.
No. 787734 ID: 595d54

If this is actually enough of an issue to go out of our way over, might as well get Meg some breath mints or whatever, if the limo doesn't already conveniently have complimentary mints.
No. 787736 ID: a363ac

point out her failure and as recompense demand you get to play DOOM on her ass later
No. 787738 ID: 70983e

Speedstick that.
No. 787740 ID: 0f90ae

The best thing for that would be lemon juice and cold water, but seeing as neither of those things are currently available it might be best to explore other options.
If there was time for a pit stop, you could just grab a Speedstick or something. If Meg doesn't mind being a little gross she could just finish the job and suck it up.
Whatever the approach it's best not to panic.
No. 787744 ID: c7ed27

Oh shiddd
No. 787745 ID: c7ed27

Oh hecks lets not be stupid here and assume that megs not about to be scrutinized by a extremely observant journalist in a moment, and that she wont catch the semen scented breath and splatter
No. 787748 ID: e94d83


Let it dry and crust, then scrape the crust off. It'll be fine.
No. 787769 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh shit.
We need to get that cleaned up pronto.
No. 787789 ID: 9bf80c

And it's exactly where everyone's going to be looking. Well, first, alert the lady. That's just manners.

Second... this is why you should carry an emergency corsage. Fasten a little something right there, could look great. Tell your driver you "forgot" an accessory and ask if there are any flower shops on the way to the gala. Or maybe the limo company is foresighted enough to provide?
No. 787791 ID: 74e634

1. precum surprisingly has very little actual sperm.
2. clean it before it dries or it'll stain
No. 787844 ID: fceae5

Tell the lady there has been an error.
No. 787986 ID: f97b68


lets inform her of the small stain and express our concern. It's very likely that she will say that we are overreacting but we will go on to explain that SOMEONE is bound to notice it and know EXACTLY what it is because that would be just our fucking luck.
Suggest we get some soda-whatever on that before anyone sees.
No. 788023 ID: 094652

Let It Dry.

Seriously, why are you all panicking so much? There are traces of dead skin cells throughout the gala, some of which may involve sexual fluids. Just microwave the sucker, Meg is heavily resistant to radiation poisoning.
No. 788674 ID: aba65e
File 148989824103.png - (34.07KB , 960x560 , 763-1.png )

"Um. Meg." You point. "There has been a logistical error."
She follows your finger. "Son of a fuck," she says.

"Ok ok do you have any speed stick?"
"What's a speed stick?"
"Maybe we need to visit a Duane Reed."
"This is cum," she says. "It's cum, right?" She tries to get a better look at it. "Fuck."
"WAIT." You're scrolling through your phone. "Wait. Do we have soda water?"
"Do we-- why would-- oh duh wait."
Meg crawls over to the partition and knocks on it. It lowers.
"Soda water?" she says.
"Minibar." The driver looks back with mirrored shades. "Middle seat on the left. Little accident?"
"Keep your eyes on the road, Sparky." Meg points up and the driver raises the partition.
"Meg," you admonish.
"Oh he knows what we did. I asked him if it was ok before you showed up."
You taste the various clear liquids until you find seltzer water, and underhand it to Meg.
She applies it liberally to her boobs and starts rubbing frantically.
No. 788675 ID: aba65e
File 148989827254.png - (34.26KB , 960x560 , 764.png )

You're looking through the Minibar for napkins when you hear her breath heaving.
Your attention darts back, primed to deal with a crying girlfriend; but Meg is giggling like crazy.
"We are going to the MOMA gala," she gasps, "and my tits are covered in jizz and Canada Dry."
You're cracking up too now. "Keep rubbing!"
"I am!" She is. "Is it-- how does it look?"
You squint at her dress.
"The face you are making at my tits right now."
"Shut up. I think. I think it's ok."
"I'm just-- oh my god." She coughs with laughter and clings to the seat. "Let me air this out."
You shake your head at your cackling Floater girlfriend and find the napkins.
This Minibar is pretty stocked.

Do you partake?
1]] Hell yeah! Social lubricant!
2]] In moderation.
3]] In very very conservative moderation.
4]] No.

And here's a question, Zack. Are you and Meg going to brave the red carpet?
A]] Bring it on.
B]] Kindly request that the limo drop you off at a less conspicuous entrance.
No. 788677 ID: a363ac

3 a
No. 788678 ID: 506ff1

No. 788679 ID: 8cb228

No. 788681 ID: 70983e

3. Zack partakes, but we're likely to slip up even without alcohol loosening his inhibitions.

Speaking of slipping up, DO THE RED CARPET. For once in your life, you're going to be a star. It'll be fabulous.
No. 788682 ID: 3795c1

We were born for the spotlight!
No. 788683 ID: 7b7ab3

3 B.
I'm fairly certain more than a few people have been shot in situations similar to this. So I advise caution and discretion.
No. 788685 ID: 350a50

3 A
No. 788686 ID: fc33ea

You're both a bit loose to be pregaming here. But 2 or 3 is fine.

A, Meg will probably be all for it but ask first on principle.

And be ready to tip the driver very well. Like, for being helpful AND being quiet.
No. 788689 ID: 4063a3


Shamble drunkenly onto the red carpet like a true celeb

No. 788692 ID: c31aac

Let's not get drunk at all, save it for the wine table.
No. 788713 ID: 8667b0

No. 788723 ID: 73767e

>Keep rubbing
That's what got us into this mess.

No. 788732 ID: be589d

4 b
No. 788734 ID: 094652


No need to give the local assassins sniper practice.
No. 788738 ID: 9bf80c


The water might have gotten it out but the material has still be showing the damp so you need to give it a chance to dry. Try make sure it doesn't wrinkle, too.
No. 788742 ID: aebfae

4: This is your first spy mission and a very important gala, so you should be sober in case something happens.

A: Doesn't mean you don't have to NOT flaunt it! F*** DA HATERS, WE'RE GOIN' IN IN STYLE!! XD
No. 788775 ID: 447110

2 A
just enough to get a buzz and then use the drinks at the gala more as props then anything else. I'm antsy about someone slipping us something in a drink.
No. 788808 ID: ce3120


Don't take unnecessary risks.
No. 788954 ID: b571fa



How much time have we got before we hit the red carpet? If it's like, fifteen mins, Meg's dress will probably have time to dry. If it's five mins, there's a bigger risk it may still be noticeable to some fucker with a high-res lens and a gossip column. Or Reddit.

OTOH the implication that we got a blowie from a hot alien robot girl on our way to the Gala may just boost our image further. I feel that also exposes Meg in a way I don't really want to, tho.
No. 788965 ID: 6612fa

this is a limo
meg has no hair
open sun roof and have her air dry by sticking her torso up out of the limo and air dry as we drive, then when we get there have meg do some low height acrobatic and land next to you as you get out of the car and take her arm and walk her up the carpet.
No. 789119 ID: b571fa


I like this plan just for the sheer flamboyance factor.
No. 789177 ID: f6ba27
File 149006716477.png - (47.53KB , 960x560 , 765.png )

The limo trundles to a halt.
The red carpet lolls out in front of your door like the panting tongue of a beast with paparazzi teeth.
You take Meg's hand. "Ready, Meg?"
"Are my knockers clean and dry?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Then I'm ready, Z."
"That makes one of us."

The driver exits the limo, goes round to the door, and opens it into a lightning storm of flash bulbs.

"Zack Nguyen!"
"Mr. Nguyen! Smile!"
"Zack do you have any comment on--"
"Is that limo paid for by taxpayers?"
"Zack who's your friend?"
"This is Megumi."
"Megumi! How long have you been dating Zack?"
"Megumi are you part of the 'Dunabira'?"
"Megumi! Who are you wearing?"
"Oivantos & Sons. Nice, right?"
"Zack! Who are you wearing?
"Um, Macy's."
"Is that limo paid for by taxpayers?"
"Mr Nguyen! Do you have anything to say to your fans?"
"Zack! Where's the rest of your girlfriends?"
"Does the MoMA endorse the HVAO?"
"Zack do you have any human partners?"
"Zack! Who's Skut Bae and why were you ice skating with her?"
"Zack Nguyen!" A mic is shoved across the velvet rope into your face. "Do you have any comment on the Inhibitor Bill?"
No. 789180 ID: 398fe1

Sorry folks, no time for questions.
No. 789181 ID: bb78f2

I don't know who that is yet, but if you don't get that Mic out of my face I may start beatboxing by reflex.
No. 789183 ID: a363ac

keep walking and talking and ignore that inhibitor bill guy because that is a mega trap. also be more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLaRdb-E58o
No. 789184 ID: 595d54

"Shall not be infringed."

"Sorry, I don't follow politics. I get all my news through IRC channels and anime imageboards."
No. 789189 ID: 79a07e

This. No real time for questions, sorry!
No. 789190 ID: b571fa


Play it cool for now. No time for questions.

Altho if we can think of something witty and short, that'd be good.
No. 789191 ID: 64e1fa

MMmaybe say you'll be giving an interview soon?
No. 789193 ID: 7b7ab3

>Inhibitor Bill
We're going to have to look into that. It sounds like trouble.
Hit them with the old "no comment" and get inside.
No. 789198 ID: 213ff6

I am unaware of what this "Inhibitor bill" is, but it sounds...concerning.
No. 789204 ID: c31aac

you know what? Yeah, let's go with this
No. 789208 ID: 70983e

No time for questions, gotta jet!
I'm guessing it's a Mutant Registration Act to force Oculot to wear the (formerly classified) psionic inhibitor at all times. A terrible idea. Didn't these politicians watch the Zootopia deleted scenes?
No. 789210 ID: 350a50

No. 789216 ID: 4063a3

>is that limo paid for by the taxpayer?
"This limo, my apartment, all of the four star restaurants I take my hoes to, and Meg's dress are all paid for by the taxpayer. I am drunk on the taxpayer's dollar right now, actually. Frapin Cuvée."

>do you have any human partners?
"Can you bust rope in human bitches? N. O. Think about that on the way back to your studio apartment."
No. 789217 ID: f6ba27
File 149007153403.png - (159.30KB , 960x560 , 766.png )

"Sorry, everyone." You flash them your best possible smile to cover the flash sweat that Inhibitor Bill caused. "No time for questions. Gotta jet."
"Mr. Nguyen!" The paparazzo pushes his mic another unwelcome half-foot. "This is a potential political firest--"

An Oooooooh goes rippling through the crowd and swings the microphones and camera lenses away from you.

Her eye is strikingly purple, and her smile emanates mystery, but that mole and those hips are dead giveaways that Polyphema has arrived at the Gala.
She exits her ride with a jangle of gold chain, in a regal, alien outfit that would be entirely impossible without her spikes.
A split second of stunned silence; then she's instantly lit up by the cameras. The chains looping out behind her flash like dragonfly wings in the torrent.
No. 789218 ID: f6ba27
File 149007155519.png - (100.68KB , 960x560 , 767.png )

She extends a hand back into the limousine, and comes back out with a human on her arm.

A very, very familiar looking one.
Holy shit: she's brought Annika to this thing.

You have never seen your art brat friend from college without horn rims half the size of her head over her face; but that is definitely her.
She sees you and gives you the biggest, corniest Bet-You-Barely-Even-Remember-Me-From-Thread-Fucking-4 smile, as Penelope leads her down the red carpet, across a stormfront of questions which she navigates with a supremely confident silence.

"Look," Annika says, once all four of you are inside, "who hasn't drowned in alien vagoo,"
No. 789219 ID: 595d54

No. 789220 ID: 70983e

"Sink or swim."
No. 789222 ID: a363ac

well if all goes well maybe you will drown in two alien vagurbles tonight.
No. 789223 ID: 7b7ab3

Lord knows we're trying!
They look great! My only question is where on earth she found a contact big enough for that peeper of hers.
No. 789224 ID: b571fa


No. 789226 ID: 350a50

"Damn Annie, you clean up GOOD."
No. 789228 ID: 3abd97

Welcome to the swimming pool.
No. 789229 ID: c31aac

tops line, this one here.

"Damn though, sorry for vanishing."
then make a mental note to actually check in with yer danged friends later
No. 789230 ID: 7b7ab3

>"Damn though, sorry for vanishing."
DEFINITELY apologize. We got so caught up in everything that we damn near abandoned our friends. That was shitty and deserving of an apology.
No. 789231 ID: 64e1fa

You two showed up just in the nick of time.
No. 789234 ID: b571fa


Okay this wins.

Or maybe: "Water's fine." :^)


also this, yeah
No. 789238 ID: 094652

Wait, is she using low-level psychic powers to make her eye glow purple just for the effect?

"I'm unable to comment with all this liquid in my mouth. No seriously, nobody give the pizzas anything."
No. 789252 ID: 70983e

"Hi Poly, who's your new girlfriend?"
No. 789279 ID: fceae5

"Sink or swim, Annika. God, it's good to see you. I'm sorry for just vanishing like that. Things have been crazy. You guys look great! What's up with your eye, Poly?"
No. 789283 ID: 4063a3

Say that you are drowning and you need mouth-to-dick resuscitation immediately behind the museum from her

Actually also from Poly at the same time.
No. 789285 ID: 0578af

Make it mouth to mouth instead so it's a tiny bit classier but this lol
No. 789289 ID: fceae5

>hitting on Annika.
No. She's a friend and not for sexual.
No. 789293 ID: b15da4

It's not a bad idea. Zack seems to have much less trouble keeping in touch with his girlfriends than his platonic friends.
No. 789298 ID: 595d54

>not for sexual
No such thing in Enemy Quest, even the Kariket is for hatefucking.

Do it. Request the kiss of life for your cock.
No. 789300 ID: d66364

The night is very young people, we can save the gaffes for later.

Just apologize for falling off the face of the earth like you did.
No. 789301 ID: 0d1514

No. 789312 ID: 350a50

Agreed, no sexual on Annika. Yet. That requires buildup.
No. 789313 ID: 952ab0

Honestly, I was expecting Xu, but alright friendo we know.
No. 789324 ID: b15da4

Zack's had years to build up a relationship with Annika pre-quest.
No. 789326 ID: 350a50

A platonic relationship. How would your best friend respond if you suddenly asked them to blow you behind the museum?
No. 789327 ID: 4063a3

Only one way to find out m80
No. 789328 ID: 18c9f5

We'd share a laugh and move on.

Mouth-to-dick resuscitation doesn't sound like a stalwart request to me, but who knows maybe i'm the one who doesn't understand social queues.
No. 789334 ID: fceae5

>maybe i'm the one who doesn't understand social queues
Most likely. You don't ask a long time friend something like that, especially in public.
No. 789336 ID: 18c9f5

See, that part wasn't supposed to be an actual option for you to choose, it was supposed to point out that you're being an oversensitive ninny.

We're surrounded by friends, and the first thing she says to us is about getting massive amounts of alien poon. I think we've already passed into appropriate territory for a clever blowjob crack.
No. 789340 ID: 595d54

Maybe you wouldn't, but that's more because of your personality than because of any inherent way relationships work, and that's fine. But other people don't have to think the way you do and Annika's already made it obvious that she's comfortable with mentioning sex in public.
No. 789342 ID: 7b7ab3

Do we really want to make things weird between Zack and Annika?
Let's just compliment them and say sorry for not staying in touch.
No. 789361 ID: 0578af

If not the mouth to cock line, which is amazing, at least tell her she looks really good to subtly plant the seed to do the deed.
No. 789363 ID: c58a23

It is considered extremely bad manners to hit on your girlfriend's date while also yourself on a date with another girl.

Also don't hit on your friend because one would assume you'd have gone down that road before now if it was a possibility and already gotten that out of the way.

Also she already saw your dick that one time you went swimming with GG and IIRC she didn't respond favourably, so with her being with Poly right now my guess is she's not a fan of the masculine organs.
No. 789367 ID: b571fa




It's spelt "cues", but I don't think you're misreading. It's honestly a pretty funny joke and we're obviously not serious. Zack is a confident enough guy to pull it off, and especially in this context I think it's ok.

I'll provisionally throw a vote for:

Also apologise for not keeping in touch, but like, casually, don't make it awkward or anything.
No. 789376 ID: 8cb228

Registering a vote against crass and rude joke.
No. 789379 ID: 0d1514

It's not a joke, it's a plan of action.
No. 789380 ID: 350a50

Even worse.
No. 789384 ID: f6ba27
File 149015590785.png - (47.55KB , 960x560 , 768.png )

"I am drowning, Annika," you say. "You and Poly need to give me some emergency mouth-to-dick resuscitation."

Annika stops in her tracks.
So does Poly.
No. 789385 ID: a363ac

laugh at Poly's fucking face
No. 789386 ID: 595d54

>that blush

Laugh your ass off and get it out of your system before the gala.
No. 789387 ID: b571fa

poly's face right now

im dying
No. 789390 ID: 9ac535

Laugh ass off, continue to inside wif your robo date.
No. 789395 ID: d2d65a

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YOUR FUCKIN' FACES, DUDE! HAHAHAHA! OH, MAN, that was priceless! Ohhhh. Seriously, though. It's good to see you, Annika.
No. 789398 ID: 2120ee

"Too much?" Laugh
No. 789399 ID: f6ba27
File 149015715250.png - (42.60KB , 960x560 , 769.png )

You start laughing.
Annika joins in immediately.

"Oh for a second I thought he wasn't kidding," Meg says to Poly, who is still smiling like a one-eyed Cheshire cat.

"Your dedication to civil service is admirable, Zack," she says.

1]] I wasn't kidding.
2]] Jokes aside, Annika, you look amazing.
3]] It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.
4]] ______________
No. 789400 ID: a363ac

Its a dirty job fucking ALL the visitors but someone has to do it.
No. 789401 ID: 398fe1

No. 789403 ID: 0c367f

No. 789404 ID: 595d54

Ask if she was disappointed. Then 1.
No. 789405 ID: 0d1514

No. 789406 ID: e22b1d

1 or 2
No. 789407 ID: 74621b

3, this, and a melodramatic sigh with the back of your palm on your forehead
No. 789408 ID: 7b7ab3

3, then 2.
No. 789409 ID: 4063a3


1 1 1

Don't look too aggressive when you say it, but definitely let em know you're DTF right this minute

ALSO get soda water NOW.
No. 789410 ID: 350a50

No. 789411 ID: bbbe64

No. 789413 ID: 2120ee


...for a human.
No. 789414 ID: 1e45db

3 as a joke followed by 2.
No. 789415 ID: b571fa

I kinda feel like...


fuckit, let's do that

also yes get soda water
No. 789417 ID: d66364

Silliness aside, you two look great. Not even mad you showed up my fifteen seconds of infamy.
No. 789423 ID: 4a6b8b

Not 1.
No. 789429 ID: c57f6b

2 and 3!
No. 789431 ID: 31986a

No. 789432 ID: 70983e

No. 789444 ID: c58a23


Not 1.
No. 789445 ID: 13cdff

Herm's the transvestite right?
No. 789450 ID: 91ee5f

No. 789451 ID: 0555b9

No. 789464 ID: a523fb

No, that's Gary.
No. 789465 ID: 20c2d2

"Depends how well your date with Poly goes~"
No. 789487 ID: c31aac

3, 2
No. 789493 ID: 0915af

Being way to bold in front of cameras andmedia
No. 789499 ID: 0555b9

It's okay, Zack's bigger than Jesus.
No. 789527 ID: 595d54


I feel this is relevant again.
No. 789536 ID: e27f63

No. 789556 ID: 8da459

3, then 2
No. 789624 ID: bf8224

1. Don't muhfuggin pussy out.
No. 789625 ID: 8cb228

No. 789637 ID: 7dbf38

Let's not end up making that many embarrassing sound bytes, eh? 2.
No. 789649 ID: c31aac

No. 789721 ID: 7f917c

No. 789725 ID: 18c9f5

3 , 2
No. 789726 ID: fceae5

2. Yes.
No. 789727 ID: b571fa

Fuckit, I'm going to revote for:


On its own. Our over cautiousness has cost us interesting things too many times in the past! NOT TODAY

No. 789731 ID: b15da4

There is a difference between being cautious and overly cautious, and today I think we are in the goldilocks zone of caution.
No. 789733 ID: d582f8

Fuck it! 1
No. 789738 ID: b571fa


It may blow up in our faces (2. is prolly the best "safe" option) but goddamn it won't be boring.
No. 789742 ID: 12e88b

2 then 3.

Bunch of people in this thread who don't know how to get a clue, looks like.
No. 789757 ID: 5f2b81

Ugh, I hate it when Zach is clueless and awkward, makes my fantasy escapism feel corrupted. 3 and 2.
No. 789806 ID: 2d712c

We have planted the seed. All that is left to do is let Poly water the flower.
No. 789816 ID: bece2d

We are still in front of cameras and media. Choose wisely
No. 789840 ID: 70983e

4) Wisely.
No. 789894 ID: 6d6196

definitely 2 and 3
No. 790032 ID: a523fb
File 149038409826.png - (66.08KB , 960x560 , 770.png )

"Seriously all jokes aside though," you say. "You look amazing."
"You've cleaned up pretty good yourself," Annika says. "Never thought I'd see you in a suit."
"There was the splatter suit. Sophomore year performance art final."
"Oh shit! The splatter suit!"
"Representing the evils of government bureaucracy."
"Truly the sophomore earns his title of clever fool," Annika says.
"Zack!" Polyphema holds a perfectly manicured hand to her mouth. "You never told me you were an anarchist."
You laugh. "Times change."
"Times and tax brackets." Annika smiles. You notice the strain in it.

"I'm sorry I haven't been keeping in touch good," you say. "I've been kind of-- things have been pretty crazy for me."
"Hey I get it," Annika says. "I'm not mad. I mean Alan's furious at you. But that's Alan."
"Beatrix Holder and Plus One," Polyphema tells the penguin-suited man at the placement card table. "Oh look at that." She holds the card up. "Table Gemini. How thematic. You don't mind me borrowing this pretty thing for a moment, Zack, do you?"
She wraps an arm around Annika. "See you two at the table, dolls one and two."
Annika flashes a peace sign as B. Holder swans her away.

"Megumi 9x542 and guest." Meg reads your placement card. "Owned, Zack."
"Noo," you say. "My celebrity."
"We're at Gemini too," Meg says.
"What a coincidence," you say.
No. 790033 ID: a523fb
File 149038412401.png - (29.80KB , 960x560 , 771.png )

"What a coincidence," Kathleen Caritas says.
She is seated smack dab across from you at Table Gemini, scribbling notes on the incoming guests on a notepad in front of her.
"Mr. Nguyen." She grins. "It's good to finally meet you. And your, uh." She looks from a starstruck Polyphema to Meg, with her arms folded across her chest, to Annika, who looks thoroughly confused, and back to you. "Companions."
No. 790036 ID: 595d54

Hey, at least your celebrity's back. Introduce Meg, Annika, and last but not least "Beatrix Holder" who's a huge fan of yours.
No. 790039 ID: 5f2b81

Hello Ms Caritas! It's a pleasure to see you as well. This is Megumi 9x542, Annika, and... Beatrix Holder? Beatrix Holder. Companions, this is Ms Kathleen Caritas! She's a rockstar.
No. 790042 ID: 0555b9

Introduce the companions in turn.
My date.
Your fan.
My friend.
No. 790043 ID: 2120ee

Man, getting called Mr. Nguyen will never stop being weird/funny.

"The pleasure is mine, Ms. Caritas. Meet Megumi and my friends Annika and Beatrix. B's a big fan of yours."
No. 790044 ID: 23066f

No. 790047 ID: 79a07e

No. 790059 ID: b15da4

No. 790070 ID: bcd233

These work!
No. 790122 ID: 43cc92

i thought she scheduled the meeting for after the party so we have an easy starting point in the conversation for when we did the interview. did she just crash the party to try and throw us off our game. damn good investigative journalism.
No. 790182 ID: 094652

Actually, try not to say much. These days, every word is recorded in high society to keep them all on the leash. Act like a courtesan's strap-on trophy and nobody will look at your voice pattern with a spectrometer.
No. 790252 ID: 447110

She was already going to the party, we just weren't originally aware of it. Someone is up to shenanigans with the seating though.
No. 790259 ID: f6ba27
File 149042731580.png - (61.86KB , 960x560 , 772.png )

"Ms. Caritas!" You offer your hand. "The pleasure is all mine. This is Megumi, this is Annika, and this is uhhhhhh Beatrix."
PolyBeatrix is so excited she can barely sit still. "A singular joy to finally meet the face behind the voice, Kathleen. If I may call you...?"
"Of course," Kathleen says. "Beatrix. I like that one. I'd heard 'Helena'?"
Beatrix puts a finger to her purple lips. "Let's save the investigative journalism for after the party, Kathleen."
Kathleen clicks her pen closed on the table. "If it makes you more comfortable. I do tend to leave this sort of thing to the more junior staff."
"Your piece on the Somalian incursion was key to de-escalation," Beatrix says. "I have maintained this to anything with an eardrum in its head for years."
Kathleen laughs. "Keep banging that drum. The Pulitzer committee didn't think so."
"And what do they know, I'd ask," Beatrix says.
"And Megumi and Annika. Are all of you... together? In general?"
"Yah," Meg says.
"Well not me," Annika says. "I'm just a friend of Zack's."
"Just a friend, she says." Beatrix puts a hand on Annika's. "Our Anni is an artist by trade."
"Well graphic designer by trade but"
"Artist!" Beatrix squeezes Annika's hand. "And Megumi is a musician. The HVAO Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Benefit a few months ago. She was the absolute prima donna."
"I heard you brought the house down," Kathleen says. "I kicked myself for missing it. You aren't performing for us tonight, are you?" She gestures to the grand piano at the lip of the ballroom stage.
"We'll see." Meg spreads her napkin on her lap. "The night is young."
"It is very young." Kathleen looks across to the sixth vacant seat at the table. "We're waiting on one more, it seems."

"Zack A Ree."
A jovial man in a gunpowder colored suit is reaching for your hand. "Zackary Nguyen!"
He encroaches into Kathleen Caritas' space, planting a hand on the other side of her chair to try to turn it into a friendly invasion. He's ignoring Beatrix completely.
"Representative Wheeler." Kathleen's lips purse. "Hello."
"Hi, Kathy. You look fantastic. Patrick Wheeler, Zack. Representative for the 13th district. Zack Nguyen. A constituent I've been wanting to meet for a very long time."
"Am I right in guessing that empty chair is for you?" Kathleen asks.
"Technically it's that gentleman's." Rep. Wheeler points. "But I put in a request for the old switcheroo and got his blessings. He couldn't take the, hah, mixed company."
Kathleen raises an eyebrow. "And you can."
"I relish it, matter of fact."
"Do you."
"Now Kathy. Just because I happen to have a few ideological differences with the gentleman doesn't mean we shouldn't be breaking bread." Wheeler extends his hand more. Beatrix is looking at him like she wants him to fall through the Earth's crust.
"Isn't that right, Zack?" Wheeler prompts.
No. 790261 ID: 99be3c

There's something very off-putting and oily about this guy. He just seems fake.
I don't like him. Don't shake his hand.
No. 790264 ID: 7b7ab3

Just give him the coldest, hardest stare we can.
No. 790265 ID: c31aac

"I don't actually know who you are unfortunately, been caught up in my own problems too much to really keep up with the politics. and shaking your hand seems like a dangerous game with all these photographers about ready to send it context free to the tabloids, but we can certainly talk."

Polite, yet firm.
No. 790267 ID: 7d8168

Given the reactions of people around us we probably don't agree with his politics, but we're at a social event and we'll be judged on our socializing, so we probably shouldn't give him too cold a shoulder.

Could avoid a handshake with an excuse though. Maybe claim you almost spilled something during the car ride and haven't had a chance to wash your hands.
No. 790268 ID: 595d54

We have to look polite, and I really doubt whether we want to be the one to pull the first jackass move. Personally I vote against hostility yet, just shake his hand like a functional person, but if we must:

Shake his hand for the camera and be a jackass about it in a way they can't easily see. Grab him by the outside of his wrist and act like you're shaking his hand normally or something.
No. 790271 ID: bb78f2

Why have you been wanting to meet me, in particular? I'm not very familiar with... wait are you a part of the Federal Legislative or New York's? I'm more familiar with federal politics over state, because that's the extent of the public school systems reach in regards to government.

No one ever talks about the state, at all, really.
No. 790284 ID: 8da459

Be polite to the guy, but do not shake his hand. Show him you can cordial and sociable but you do not trust the guy.
No. 790292 ID: eb3cf7

The suit is gunpowder because this is an obvious bomb waiting to happen.

No. 790320 ID: d36af7

You've got some kind of smartphone, right? Open Wikipedia, look up this smarmy bastard's politics.
No. 790323 ID: 51649e

Offer him a fist bump instead. You're probably enough of "a character" to get away with it, and its various connotations aren't formalized in political and power meanings the way the various shades of handshake are.

"I'm afraid I've been too focused on personal issues lately to keep up with your field, Rep, so the extent of our differences escapes me. I do think it's unhealthy for anyone to only talk with people who agree with them, though."
No. 790324 ID: 70983e

>Beatrix is looking at him like she wants him to fall through the Earth's crust.
What's the opposite of a portal, I wonder?

It's not polite to take out your phone while someone's talking to you.

Decline the handshake, but remember to smile. It's not a question of if your actions will be spun, but how badly they can be spun.
No. 790333 ID: bcd233

Acknowledge Poly's look of disdain as you shake his hand. Don't answer his question, just say 'charmed' or something.
No. 790343 ID: 91ee5f

Don't be rude, especially not in front of the lady that's going to be interviewing you later! Just smile and shake his hand.
No. 790351 ID: b571fa

Being obviously impolite isn't generally the best way to deal with these kind of people IRL, altho sometimes you need to be firm.

I'm not sure how risky being seen to shake his hand is, honestly. (Are there even cameras in here?) You can shake hands with someone without being 100% signed up with them, it's a basic courtesy after all. As oily as he is, he seems to be a relatively pro-Visitor politican, for what that's worth, or he might not want to be seen shaking our hand.

I'd lean towards shaking it and being polite and reserved. If we don't want to shake, an alternate option might be fist-bumping or finger-gunning him, it'll be a bit awkward but an operator as smooth as he is will roll with it very smoothly.

Being terse and obviously refusing to shake is just a bit amateur, we're here do get something done not for a pleasant social occasion FFS
No. 790381 ID: 6612fa

civil discourse is a key backbone of any good democracy so long as everyone stays civil and the discourse remains tactful.
No. 790452 ID: 350a50

No. 790459 ID: 094652

Just look away and at other tables. Eavesdrop on other political scandals to distract yourself from this crocodile tear salesman.
No. 790465 ID: 2120ee

"As long as that's all you're breaking."

Give the man a handshake, no reason to play our hand before we know what the cards are or what game we're playing.
No. 790984 ID: 96af5c

No. 791071 ID: f6ba27
File 149067588397.png - (22.53KB , 960x560 , 773.png )

You offer your fist instead.
He laughs and bumps it.
"Nice style," he says, scooting his chair back and taking a seat. Poly's stare is drilling a hole into the side of his head (not literally) but he ignores it. In fact, he hasn't acknowledged either of the Golborians at the table at all.
"I've been a little focused on personal issues lately to keep up with politics all that much," you say, "But I certainly think it's healthy to keep an open dialogue with people we have differences with."
"That's a refreshing attitude to have, Zack. I always like to get as much face time as I can with the folks in the departments I go after."
"Go after?"
"Representative Wheeler is the floor leader for the Earth First Caucus," Kathleen Caritas says.
"Had to kill the mood that early, huh." Wheeler's smile widens. "There goes the dramatic irony."
"Would sir prefer the chicken, steak, or vegetarian option?" a kind voice at your elbow asks.
"You can come back round to us," Wheeler says. "We're conversing. I was just about to ask you to tell me a little about yourself. Now that Kath's gone and played my hand for me."
Meg snorts.
Wheeler continues to ignore her.
No. 791072 ID: 595d54

"I date aliens. I try to keep an open mind. The ones I've met have been regular people, and I've been lucky enough to meet some wonderful ones. Tell me about yourself."

Overt hostility isn't going to be helpful here, I feel, if only because I'm sure he expects and can handle his opponents getting angry at him.
No. 791075 ID: c31aac

"Sure. My name's Zack Nguyen. I must say I'm curious why you'd even talk to me considering my history, stances, and what I do for a living."
No. 791082 ID: fc2586

Actually, I'll have a steak.

I was hired by the HVAO to help understand visitor culture in a less theoretical/academic capacity. That's a stuffy way of saying I date visitors.

I'm a little curious, what is it that you don't know that you're hoping to find out?
No. 791083 ID: a363ac

ask the waiter if they have apple Juice.
you know I have heard that a nice politician is one who wants to kill you.
No. 791093 ID: c31aac

This is more professional and concise. Go with this. Remember, appearances matter here!
No. 791152 ID: 5b93d3

Say, you'll have a steak, ask what Kathleen, Meg, and 'Beatrix' would like.
No. 791153 ID: 51649e


"You'll get most of your questions answered soon, I think. I'll be doing an interview in the next few days and I wouldn't want to deprive the media of your custom by giving it all away right now. Tell you what, though, to someone talking about themselves it's always a good supplement to hear other people talk about them, and I'm actually kind of interested in how I would be described by people who know me, to a third person. Meg, you're my date, how would you describe me?"
No. 791156 ID: 96af5c

Ask what Beatrix Meg and Kathleen would like while you order
This dude is mad disrespectful, to our girlfriends AND to the human woman who's supposed to interview us, its clear he only respects - or pretends to respect more like - only us. So, we should involve them in the conversation, to throw him off balance. A lot of suggesters are saying we shouldn't show our hand but like...guys, he doesn't think visitors are people and we're dating several, I think our respective stances are clear?
No. 791165 ID: 6612fa

"earth first huh, what a small world. "
lets move away from politics as much as possible ask him how his family is doing, ask about his hobbies and other things.

if you get dragged into politics i guess say this.
"you know if someone was to put earth first they would realize we have a group of refuges with more incentive to defend this planet than the natives, considering there is a kill order for those that fled if they return to Golboria. they have nowhere else to go, if something were to threaten that home, i would assume they would be the first ones to sign up to defend it."
No. 791174 ID: bb74ed

a xenophobe then. how.. revolting.
No. 791177 ID: 39fe49

"Me? Come on, I'm the least interesting person at the table and we all know it. What about you Mr. Representative, what drives you to be a caucus head?"
No. 791186 ID: fceae5

No. 791196 ID: 3aef93

"Earth First huh? y'know I'm earth first too, make the earth better by adding a bunch of new people with crazy cultures and abilities. I mean, isn't that what America's always been about?"
No. 791203 ID: 424e8a

"Bit of a misnomer to call it "Earth First", isn't it? Visitors are here because they love Earth, and generally agree that life on the other side is terrible. You'll find that visitors put Earth First with a passion, and with the recent tensions most of them are far more afraid that they'll have to leave than anything. Even with all the hatred and abuse being heaped on them at the moment, if it came to war they'd be lining up to fight on our side, and we would be utterly doomed without them.
So no, I don't think your group has a fitting name. If anything, you should be called Kariket first since you're promoting so much discord and internal conflict, and weakening Earth as much as you possibly can."
No. 791205 ID: 91ee5f

Whatever is said, let's remember that the lady that's going to interview us later is sitting at the table with us and she has a pen and notepad out ready to take notes on what we're going to say. Everything that is said and done at this gala will be talked about during the interview later.
No. 791208 ID: 8d4593

Not much to say about myself really. I just do what I think is right like anyone else.
There's more to my galavanting than just personal pleasure. I try to serve as an example that humans and visitors can coexist.
Heh, in way I guess I'm tring to put people like you out of the job.
No. 791209 ID: 51649e

Zack doesn't know enough specifics to be able to lecture this guy without a big risk of falling on his face, guys, so let's not try it.

It's his job to withstand lectures, anyway, he probably gets a sackful of letters a week from people trying it and will have heard all the arguments. Let's not step into his arena, especially before we know the metaphorical terrain?
No. 791213 ID: 424e8a

You're right.
Add this to the speech I posted.
"Bea, how many people on this side - heck, the other side, if they had a clear shot, would kill Kariket? Even knowing they'd be killed for it, and it would lead to civil war?"

Let Poly respond.
"You see, Representative, you oppose the Golborians because you oppose the Kariket, which is a bit like opposing the ocean because of a boat fire. Yes, he's being supported, but by people who would end him if they had a chance."

Can you get a look at his eyes? Do they look occulocluded? I can't see through the squinting.
No. 791214 ID: 424e8a

Oh, it's not about him. It's about the reporter with a notepad.
I think we can bullrush him in front of a highly respected journalist, and break his composure while staying calm.

This isn't a conversation, it's a war.
No. 791222 ID: 398fe1

This guy is here just to get his picture taken with you. He wants your celebrity to rub off on him, to legitimize himself and his political position.

Tell him if he wants to talk to you, he'll have to talk to you at some other time. He's making your friends uncomfortable.
No. 791272 ID: 52b8df

>>791203 LOL
No. 791274 ID: 3c3a44

He hasn't even said anything offensive yet guys. Stop being so oppinionated.

Ask him about his family, it must be rough being a politician it really eats away time with those you care about. Avoid politics until he forces the subject. Also give poly a kind pat on the hand, maybe she will get the message not to drunkenly swear at him
No. 791303 ID: 6353bc

Yeah, let's save the overt accusations. Harsh language won't stop him.
No. 791308 ID: ca661e

This, best just to play it cool for now.
No. 791330 ID: 350a50

These. Don't be directly aggressive, unless we have an opening and better information.
No. 791356 ID: eb3cf7

Y'all are too focused on overt communication. Look at how the people you love, care about, and respect are reacting to this man, who is boldly and obnoxiously snubbing them while invading their personal space. He knows exactly what he's doing. Don't act like this is the civil conversation he's pretending it to be. This is hostility in disguise.

This is a good start. Also, force him to acknowledge your companions by bringing them into the conversation. Don't patronize them like this: >>791274
No. 791364 ID: 6803c9


My vote is going towards this one. As well as actively trying to include the girls into the conversation because this guys being kinda of a jerk to them.
No. 791382 ID: 6353bc

I'm not sure we ought to be speaking on the behalf of all visitors like that.
No. 791384 ID: 350a50

Yeah, Zack shouldn't claim to speak for all visitors. It's clear from past experiences that he doesn't understand some of them as well as he thinks.
No. 791386 ID: 91ee5f

No, because Zack is not the voice of all Visitors and their opinions.

No. 791387 ID: 6612fa

it's passive aggressive you tool, not overtly aggressive, where he is trying to trick you into reacting the exact way you want to at the moment, irl you play along till they make a rope long enough to hang themselves. if you bite onto his bait you just made your own rope
No. 791868 ID: f6ba27

Gang I am BEAT tonight so I can't put pen to tablet and come up with a picture. The text of the update is incoming since it's already done; the pic I'll stick up tomorrow or whenever I can. Apologies!!
No. 791870 ID: f6ba27
File 149093069669.png - (14.70KB , 946x534 , Untitled.png )

"Hold on." You hold up a finger. "I think I'd like the steak."
"Oh--" The waiter cuts his withdrawal short and stands at attention. "Excellent choice."
"How about it, Bea?" you ask.
Polyphema grins at you. "I think I'd like the steak too. I'm feeling carnivorous tonight."
"Vegetarian," Annika says, before the waiter can even ask.
Wheeler's smile is unwavering. "I'll have the steak also. If we're ordering now. Zack here is clearly a man who knows what he wants."
"Do you need to be vegetarian to have the vegetarian option?" Meg asks.
"You do not," the waiter says.
"Then I'll have that."
"And for Miss Caritas?"
"Chicken. Thank you."
"Ok." You refocus on Wheeler. "Sorry. What was the question?" You drum your fingers on the table for a second. As soon as you see him open his mouth you say "Right. Right. About me. I'm a guy who was hired by the HVAO to help understand visitor culture in a less theoretical-slash-academic capacity. Which I guess you could say-- well how would you put it, Bea?"
"A salaried skirt-chaser," Polyphema says.
"I date them. You could put it like that," you say.
Wheeler laughs. "I guess I could! Seems to be what everyone else is saying. Our own salaried skirt-chaser."
"I'm a little curious," you say evenly. "What is it you don't know that you're hoping to find out?"
"I s'pose I just wanted to-- get the measure of things." Wheeler leans back in his chair. "Why aliens, Zack?"
"How do you mean?"
"Understanding them-- fine. Cultural crossover-- sure. Sure. Outside an academic theoretical whatdoyacallit. That's all a fine idea. Making strange friends? Great. Friends. But all this--" He leans in. "Well this foolin around? You might say? What makes all that business necessary?"
Kathleen Caritas adjusts her glasses.
"Help me out," Wheeler says. "You're a good-looking fella. Why not find a nice regular human girl, get things squared away, take a healthy reproductive subsidy? Why all the unnecessary--" he waves his hands vaguely. "Why them?"
No. 791873 ID: 595d54

"I think you already know why it started, but when things got going I found out the Visitors were nice regular girls. Also, frankly, not many girls are into the whole media circus scene, it makes romantic life a bit complicated when your date might actually have to worry about what to say to a representative."
No. 791877 ID: fa8f9d

Yes, while I'm at it why not a nice Asian (I don't know if we were ever confirmed Asian) girl? Why even date outside of your own race? It's not like they have their own feelings, point of views, or desires?
No. 791878 ID: eb3cf7

"I find your use of the word 'unnecessary' interesting. I mean, if we're talking about what's absolutely necessary, why not just lock yourself in a 10 ft by 10 ft cube with a bed, nutrient slop, and some way of producing fungible labor, and call it a life?

"Tell me, Wheeler--why did you marry your wife?"
No. 791882 ID: 6612fa

ah, well it makes me happy, THEY make me happy, do I really need a reason more than that, it doesn't physically hurt others. I would honestly be doing this even if I wasn't getting paid, the only difference is the government gets information they wouldn't or couldn't learn without my aid. Why do you do what you do?
No. 791883 ID: 350a50

Let's not assume he has a wife, but go with this. Maybe ask if he's found that special someone, or if not, why hasn't he found what he's looking for?
No. 791886 ID: fee32f

Well I started because opportunity knocked and I answered. I mean, if I wasn't contacted by HVAO, maybe I'd be on a different path, like the one you say.

But I'm staying because they're beautiful, interesting and talented women, and alien or not, When I'm with them I feel like the luckiest man in two dimensions.
No. 791888 ID: 91ee5f

>"Help me out," Wheeler says. "You're a good-looking fella. Why not find a nice regular human girl, get things squared away, take a healthy reproductive subsidy? Why all the unnecessary--" he waves his hands vaguely. "Why them?"
"You know what's funny? Even if I never got this job, I'd probably still hang out with Visitors. I mean, the only thing that makes them different than humans is what's on the outside. Because when it comes down to what's on the inside, they're no different than you and me. They've all got their own feelings, hobbies, and dreams, just like us humans. If humans would stop being a bunch of assholes to the Visitors and actually took the time to get to know them, they'd see that too."
No. 791894 ID: bb78f2

Sexuality is an important part of the human condition, and as I've found out, it's also part of the Oculot, Warrior and Skut condition too. Meg can clarify how classified that part is of the floater condition if she wants. Might be a state secret.

Don't want to start an international incident over kissing and telling.

Also, most importantly, why not?

Plus, you know, we're all people, sentient conscious beings with a personality that we can be attracted too. Race and species doesn't HAVE to be a barrier for attraction if you don't give a shit. Hell, you don't have to care about gender either.

Did you know, sir, that I could just as easily bone a human man and not take a reproductive subsidy? Would you like to come to my bedroom sometime and partake in non-reproductive subsidy? You're a good looking man yourself.
No. 791896 ID: 4063a3

Ask him how often he gets to bust rope inside.

Don't explain what it means, wait for him to figure out the imagery himself
No. 791897 ID: eb3cf7

lmao not a very hard one to decode, there.
No. 791906 ID: eb3cf7

He's a conservative politician—of course he has a wife.
No. 791922 ID: c31aac

This, and this but without too much sass >>791877

And with as much sass as we can this, if he starts pressing the point.
To hopefully shock him into going away.
No. 791936 ID: 51649e

Hmm. He might be fishing for some angle he can use to attack you. That you're just a pervert or something. I'd say keep away from the personal reasons and try something like:

"Well, as far as the aim of the study goes? It was always going to happen. Human mythology and literature, well before the first portals opened, was full of people getting into relationships with non-human people. The human mind doesn't take a DNA sample before it decides to like something - its parameters for where it targets its affections are much looser than that. Then, considering that we're all the descendants of a long line of people who all had sex at least once - except you, Meg - it would be inevitable that when humans and Visitors interacted, some of them would get into relationships. Therefore, it needed to be studied."

"Given that, of course, I have to say that a long term intimate relationship was not a demand of the program. All the program asked of us participants is that we go on a few dates, get to know each other and learn how our dating and relationship cultures interacted or conflicted. I've simply been fortunate and ended up getting along especially well with my dates, as individuals, so I decided to keep in touch with them and continue enjoying each other's company. I'd do that if I wasn't getting paid. These days the money is to send the HVAO reports about it all, and accept their suggestions for particular investigations to make. And a little public representation, now, it seems."
No. 791944 ID: a363ac

"You don't get on the internet much do you? Ever heard of furries? not to mention why do LGBT people have sex with other people?"
No. 791952 ID: 1226ae

Is he implying that relationships between consenting sapient beings are 'unnatural'?

Because I will be honest here, a hundred years ago they said the same things about blacks and whites.
No. 791956 ID: 52b8df

No. 791959 ID: 7d8168

I found myself presented with the opportunity to date fun, fascinating, beautiful women. You ask me "why," but I think the answer to that should be obvious to anyone with a heart, a brain, and at least one eye.

"Why not?" though, is a much trickier question. Maybe you could help me out there.
No. 791960 ID: 2bcdb9

That, right there, is the angle to use.
Rephrase his last sentence as such:"Wasn't it not too long ago something similar was said? How did it go? "You're a good-looking fella. Why not find a nice regular white/black girl, get things squared away, take a healthy reproductive subsidy? Why all the unnecessary-- "Why them?"
No. 791966 ID: 51649e


Addendum: A shorter way of saying the gist of this might be "If and when non-human intelligences ever showed up, some humans were going to want to get closer to them, and so long as humans are humans there always will be. We might as well do the research and be sensible about it, instead of just letting the problems happen unsupervised. So, not unnecessary I think, Rep, thanks."

Another short response: "Why? Well, why not?"

Or to add a bit more on to that: "Visitors are perfectly capable of being intelligent, sophisticated and passionate, and even if you're not attracted to them that way you have to admit they can be beautiful. Plus, on a... practical level, there's no risk of unexpected kids and a very reduced chance of a couple catching anything off each other. Intermingling was always going to happen, Representative."

In any case, avoid too much sass or hostility or overt "gotcha!"s, the press is right there. We're being a man of reason and culture, here.

If he comes out with some line about population issues or people not having kids, answer it with the earth's Visitor population having more to be concerned with on that count, as most of them have some issues with their heritage, while there'll always be humans who prefer to stick to their own kind. (You, could, at this point, slip in a subtle jab about some humans unfortunately refusing to even give Visitors a polite word.)

I think the "it's just like racism" angle will be too easily answered with "yeah but they're literally a different species", like the ability to have children would be sufficient proof of "necessity" or "natural"ness. We need more in the quiver than that.
No. 791967 ID: 8d4593

"A nice regular human girl"
Heh, You really don't get it.
Sure I took this job out of curiosity and perhaps some unusual tastes but...
Meg, Bea, GG, Bika... I love them all, Patrick.

They're just as "Regular" as anyone else once you get to know them.
No. 791983 ID: 52b8df

No. 792001 ID: aebfae

Either this: >>791878

Or this: >>791959
No. 792011 ID: 8e3892

I vote for this but Change the wife bit to this "why does anyone date, marry a person, if your answer is just to procreate what separates us from animals."
He is also making the assumption we don't like human women.
No. 792028 ID: d36af7

Thinking too defensive, here. Gotta get inside the conservative mindset.

"The HVAO is a government program. They came to me. My country called, and I answered. Sure, I could've just gone on a few dates, kept it all professional and arm's-length, padded out reports with whatever superficial insights I stumbled across, and pocketed the money, but that would be a dereliction of the duty I'd been charged with, to go forth and learn, opening hearts and minds. Surely as an elected official you also routinely rebuke the temptation to rest on your laurels rather than doing the utmost to serve your constituents?"
No. 792029 ID: 350a50

I do like this one as well.
No. 792047 ID: 0c367f

No. 792114 ID: b571fa


This is prolly the strongest so far rhetorically.


That rewrite is dramatically less punchy. Dude's a first-tier politician, it's a pretty safe bet he has a wife.
No. 792124 ID: 350a50

You have made a valid point and changed my mind. Definitely say the wife thing, and then if he says he doesn't have one we can ask why.
No. 792171 ID: 6612fa

its supposed to be less punchy, let let him take the first outright rude stance. makes us look better in front of the reporter, we got to be the bigger man in this situation, this isnt g.g.s dad we are not here to impress him or change his mind, we are here to impress the reporter and then the girls as an additional bonus is possible.
No. 792249 ID: fee32f

I don't see a ring on his finger, let's not assume he's married.
No. 792280 ID: c31aac

good catch.
No. 792567 ID: f6ba27
File 149109516176.png - (58.95KB , 960x560 , 774.png )

"That's interesting, your use of the word 'unnecessary,'" you say. "If we're talking what's necessary why not get a 10 by 10 room with a bed, nutrient slop, and a hamster wheel, and call it a life? I mean tell me. Why'd you marry your wife?"
Annika's eyebrows just about disappear into her hairline.

Wheeler lets out a puff of tittery air and holds his ringless hand up. "Marriage isn't exactly for me, Zack. Case you didn't notice." His smile is a little pale around the edges as his lips push together. "But if it was, I don't know if I'd pick a lady with a gun on the front of her head."
"It took you a couple of tries though, didn't it, Senator?" Polyphema says.
Wheeler looks at her as if he's seeing her for the very first time. Behind the folds of his eyelids he almost hides how he feels about what he sees. "Representative."
"Representative! Right. You know sometimes I think I'd forget my gun if it wasn't stuck to the front of my head," Polyphema says. "That's the Representative Wheeler with the wife then the mistress then the ex-wife then the ex-mistress then the second ex-wife. If I recall correctly."

A bubble of silence around the table.

"I'm not sure what parties are like where you're from," Wheeler says. "But we don't talk about that sort of thing here."
"Oh we don't." Polyphema blinks. "But your lecture on proper human romance was so edifying."

Another long silence.
Annika is staring at Polyphema. Polyphema is smiling at Wheeler. Wheeler is not smiling.
Kathleen is watching you.
Meg is texting under the table.
No. 792571 ID: 70983e

Quickly set your phone to vibrate/silent.
No. 792573 ID: 91cfcf

"What happened to 'shall not be infringed', Mr. Wheeler?"
No. 792576 ID: c31aac

"So, just for the record, I did not know any of that. Like I said, I don't keep up on politics."
No. 792581 ID: fee32f

Well, I'm a man who knows what he wants. I guess I kind of like dangerous.
No. 792582 ID: 51649e

"Ahem. To put this particular conversation to bed, I think the last point I'd make, Representative, is that attraction to non-human people is in fact something that humans have been experiencing since we had the imagination for it, and people being told not to when the possibility arises is just going to make it more enticing. In short, it's going to happen anyway, so why not face front to it and minimize any damage? But let's talk about something else. A nice bit of polite conversation that we can all participate in, while we wait for our meal?"

"Something about... art, maybe. What do you think the new post-war "period" is going to be called? We had... what, post-postmodernism, before? What are the major themes these days? I think we've got a lot of leftover feelings from the war and the recovery, but there's interdimensional cultural cross-pollination, too."
No. 792587 ID: 91ee5f

>Poly's Bea's verbal smack down!

>Kathleen is watching you.
She wants to see your response to the situation.

>Meg is texting under the table.
She's probably texting Bika and/or GG. I have a feeling the text says something like, "OOOOOH SHIT!!! Poly's laying a verbal smack down on Rep. Wheeler! :o"
No. 792591 ID: 1226ae

"Really, Representative Wheeler? That sounds like an interesting story!"
No. 792596 ID: 350a50

Damn, Poly. Roasted.

"So, Mr. Wheeler, you were talking about reproductive subsidies. Do you still get those? I'm guessing since that's part of your platform, you at least have a few little munchkins of your own."

Let's see if he has kids at all, and if there's any more sore spots we can open up for our more informed, lovely Polyphema to jab into. We've done good setting things up so far, but it's best if she delivers the killing blow for maximum effect. Let's try to get him to freak out and play the villain tonight.
No. 792611 ID: 7b594e

"Mr. Wheeler, why do you hate Visitors? I can understand hating the Kariket, his empire, and the forces involved, but why the entirety of their races? Surely you wouldn't generalize about an entire dimension's worth of people."
No. 792615 ID: 51649e

>why do you hate visitors

A classic loaded question is not going to make Zack look good.

And let's not encourage more sick burns, I know it feels good to roast the guy but it's not going to do anything constructive, pretty much the opposite.
No. 792616 ID: 7b7ab3

And this.
No. 792633 ID: 91ee5f

No. 792662 ID: bb78f2

Oh boy I hope the chef doesn't use that burn on my steak.
I like mine rare.
No. 792671 ID: 7d8168

Yeah, I think Wheeler's gotten the point. Let's change the subject to cool things down. And well, if he doesn't back down, we can turn the heat back up. We have plenty of material to keep fighting the good fight if he doesn't agree to a ceasefire.
No. 792703 ID: 2d712c

Damn Poly, you go around murdering people in cold blood like that in public you're just gonna prove the guy's point.
No. 792717 ID: 6612fa

well... in for a penny you are in for a pound, we can't back peddle out of this politely shots were fired against better judgement, we now must stand our ground. hope the news lady doesn't roast us alive as sjw ranting trash, rather than as a concerned citizen just doing his part.

if we wanted to try to deescalate and allow the senator to back down i guess we could say this, normally im not so wordy, damn it.

"nobody gets it right senator, love is tricky, and it can be messy, some people choose to go separate ways when they feel like that, some tough it out, others never want to be apart. to define a relationship only on what you can get out of it will end up leaving you with nothing in the end. I'm not averse to human women senator but there is more to this world than just trying to fit into a predetermined mold and living a life dictated by others, which is the entire reason why the visitors came here, to escape a tyrant, that will kill them if they ever go back or kill them if he ever invades again, this place is their only hope for a future, let's give them one we can be proud of."
No. 792729 ID: 350a50

I like this a lot. Full support.
No. 792730 ID: a363ac

"Ouch. you need some ointment for that burn?"
No. 792742 ID: 2a185d

I support this as well.
No. 792771 ID: 12e88b

We're here to have a nice time and look good for the press, so let's just not be an ass?

Poly already got him and she at least has the excuse of having been ignored and him being specifically hypocritical, if Zack tries to follow up anything along those lines he'll just look bad.
No. 792784 ID: 094652

"Look, can we just agree that we're all insignificant assholes? Because apparently the Kariket's power comes from him knowing that and us not knowing that."
No. 792792 ID: 8d4593

Oh come on. Don't give me that face Wheeler!
Everyone knows you didn't come over here for polite conversation anyway.

Why don't you tell us what you really want.
No. 792794 ID: eb3cf7

I kind of like that, but I'm not sure it's our smartest play.
No. 792795 ID: fee32f

Don't start shit, and don't talk about things he JUST SAID we don't talk about. Change the subject to art without saying your changing the subject.
No. 792865 ID: 52b8df

What's the difference between a girl who can be a gun and a girl who owns a gun, Representative Wheeler? You're supposed to trust your loved ones either way.
Poly is smart guys go with what she does
No. 792867 ID: 91cfcf

No, she really isn't, when it comes to tricky things like "dealing with emotions". Poly is self-destructive. Absolutely do not follow her lead.
No. 792894 ID: 447110

Why are we letting him condescend to us? That was pretty much him saying please don't hit this weak point for massive damage.
No. 792906 ID: fee32f

Or maybe don't resort to verbal cheap shots RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PRESS. You can't kill people with words.
No. 792977 ID: d8f4d2

"What happened to 'shall not be infringed', Mr. Wheeler?"

This. He's trying to put us on the spot, get us to say something he can use against us or someone else. We need to avoid saying anything that reflects badly on us or the HVAO. If we oppose his racist nonsense at all we need to do it by appealing to our native culture and institutions.
No. 792978 ID: 5a9c99


She keeps her self-destruction private, and she's a master of politics and verbal sparring. Until she proves she can't hack it in the big world (which she's only proven the opposite of, so far), trust your woman, Zack.
No. 793002 ID: b571fa


This is good.

Also perhaps something along the lines of:

"Sorry for assuming. The point stands though, what makes you fall in love with someone isn't what's necessary. Love is about what makes life worth living."

Which rebuts his other point without giving him the satisfaction of getting rude. Last sentence could be reworked if someone has something even pithier, I'm a bit tired, but along those lines.
No. 793019 ID: 350a50

He made his jabs, we made a jab back. He tries to start shit again we'll finish it.

For now play nice.
No. 793099 ID: 0915af

Really digging these emotacons. Now we get to add turds to the comments and ideas that are shit
No. 793103 ID: 0555b9

Play nice kids.

Let's change the topic to art, a specialty of Annika and Zack's. A toast to modern art, the mirrors we put up to our changing times. Like... that thingy over there, which looks like a pyramid of wine glasses? Oh wait, that's just a regular pyramid of wine glasses.
(Seriously, look around for some art by a Visitor that you wouldn't know was Visitor at first glance? I'm not sure where in the museum galas are held.)
No. 793265 ID: f6ba27
File 149128092050.png - (53.81KB , 960x560 , 775.png )

"Wellll." You scan the hall for a different subject to cling to. "Not a lot of art, huh. For the MoMA gala."
"Food, wine, and priceless pieces don't tend to mix," Kathleen says. Polyphema gives her a sparkling laugh.
"Yeah but look up," Annika says. "That's a legit Chihuly. Like from Chihuly."
You look up to the chandelier, a strikingly noneuclidean thicket of glass that looks like a Lovecraftian wet dream. "Oh shit. Yeah."
"Chihuly?" Poly asks.
"Dale Chihuly," Kathleen says. "The late famous glassblower."
Annika nods. "With only one eye, actually!"
"I love him already," Polyphema says.
"An unfortunate casualty of the battle of New York," Wheeler says. The table ignores him.
"We blew glass, didn't we?" you say. "Junior-- senior year."
"I blew glass," Annika says. "You wheezed it."
"You made a bong."
Annika plucks a glass of wine from a passing waiter's tray. "A bong that Professor Lenora gave an A- to, in case you forgot."
Polyphema is looking at Annika like she's a triple decker chocolate cake.

A subtle pulse against your leg. Your phone just buzzed.
You risk a peek while Annika is telling Polyphema about Harvey Littleton.

:meg: i have to go to the bathroom
:meg: do u have to go to the bathroom
:meg: i think u do
No. 793267 ID: 595d54

Time to face the music. Go ahead and find out what's up.
No. 793268 ID: c31aac

Yea. Excuse yourself for a bit.
No. 793270 ID: bddd2f

"Pardon me, but I need to use the facilities."
No. 793271 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 793272 ID: f6ba27
File 149128250947.png - (27.98KB , 960x560 , 776.png )

"I have to go freshen up," you say. "Be right back."

You leave the door to your stall slightly ajar, and try not to listen too hard to the guy taking a leak next to you.
His footsteps recede, and then Meg slips into the stall with you. She closes the door. She holds up her phone.

:meg: sorry this isnt a quicky or anything. i need wheelers phone

You hold your hands up to communicate why?
She taps a reply.
:meg: to bug it

You raise your eyebrows.

:meg: karikets not the only enemy we need to watch. maybe not even biggest threat atm. hvao knows about this, its reason wheeler @ table, very illegal. shhh
:meg: also full disclosure i am going to give stuff to golboria too

She reads your reaction in your face.

:meg: remember how floaters pulled out of program? they came back because i told them i could feed them intel. way less than im giving earth + really selective + harmless. just breadcrumbs. but im running out of bread
:meg: super harmless but technically treason dont tell hvao or the rebellion
:meg: so i need wheelers phone. its in his jacket pocket. idk how to get it
:meg: also do u want a quicky
No. 793273 ID: 595d54

Honestly, a quicky is probably a better cover for why both of you had to go to the bathroom. Everyone who's anyone will suspect something, and better they suspect you can't keep it in your pants than they suspect spy stuff.
No. 793274 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, yes obviously, but how do we get the phone? Ask politely?
No. 793278 ID: a1278c

>i need wheelers phone
K. How we get it?
>also do u want a quicky
No. 793281 ID: 91ee5f

>How to get phone?
I don't know.

I want to say yes, but it's going to have to be a no. We just finished panicking over that tiny stain we made on her dress earlier, we not need to risk making another stain!

Also, don't need Kathleen writing down and then later asking about that for the interview.
No. 793282 ID: 72ed6b

> :meg: also do u want a quicky

"Is that even a question?"

Also, it's her call if she wants to tell anyone, but doesn't the agency on this side already know she's a double-agent? It's a given that a double-agent will need to feed some information to the other side to maintain their role; they'd typically feed critical information to the side they're loyal to, and harmless-but-valuable intel to the other side. This seems like a natural extension of that role, and one that the agency on this side would have no problem with in order for her to maintain her role. We shouldn't talk about that at length now, but perhaps later.
No. 793283 ID: e22b1d

It's not going to be a quicky if you just jizzed in her mouth a few minutes ago. You should get back to the table before scandal is suspected and save your marathon load for the upcoming foursome with Meg, Poly, and Annika.
No. 793286 ID: 72ed6b

This is a good point. Doesn't have to stop us, though; have her hover a bit higher (make sure she isn't visible above the stall walls), and we can return the favor.
No. 793289 ID: c31aac

Tentative plan A devised.
We go out, make like you yelled at me a bit for being rude. Make nice with him, later go for a selfie with him for "press" stuff. Distraction happens (hopefully ruining any press coverage, vague and needs ideas), and in the confusion we conveniently "forget" we have his phone.

ALTERNATIVELY, we could ask poly to try and pickpocket it. She seems the type to have picked up the skills for that at SOME point.

Biggest problems we face are as follows:
-can't fuck up important political meeting
-can't tip off wheeler to what's going on
-and obviously can't just mug him for it. Though maybe we could hire a non-visitor mugger somehow if we have contacts.
No. 793290 ID: 96daa7

Two things come to mind-
1. Crank up the thermostat- probably through bribery- so he takes off his jacket, wait for him to leave the table. Show Poly or Annika something on your phone as an excuse to go to that side of the table. Kinda sorta really dicey, and a lot of variables, but it's the safest way I can think of.

2. You dance with him. You'll be close, he'll be distracted. It'll only work if everybody is dancing, otherwise you'll be the center of attention which is counterproductive.

Any plan will involve filling him with wine. I think he's focused on me enough that if I make it into a pissing contest once the bottles come out, getting him to keep drinking shouldn't be too tough.

A quickie may end in near-disaster again, maybe compromise with sloppy makeout?
No. 793304 ID: 65e280

you'll owe me more than a quickie after i get that phone, so i'll just take an iou for now

we can at least get his phone on the table if we talk about models - guy like that loves to brag about his expensive stuff so he'll take the opportunity to show off whatever model he's got
No. 793316 ID: 70983e

Agreed, get back to the table before the wrong scandal is suspected. She's a fast learner so I don't doubt her ability to clean up this time, but on the other hand Zack is not that fast a recharger.
No. 793330 ID: fceae5

To get the phone, we're going to need a distraction or something to keep him from noticing.
Also, ixnay on the quicky. We gotta focus.
No. 793337 ID: e97f18

Go with this.

As for the spycraft, doing something that leads to him taking his jacket off at the table seems like a good idea. Playing games with the heat could work nicely.
No. 793341 ID: 51649e

For the quickie, answer (by phone): "want, with you always, but should not right now"

As for his phone... There's going to be dancing, right? Slip the sound guy a little tip to put on something more energetic (which is an innocent enough thing to do by itself), get everyone to work up a little sweat and there should be jackets being taken off.
No. 793342 ID: 51649e

Dance plan bonus: we can also provide a distraction from the pocket picking by BREAKING IT DOWN ON THE FLOOR Z-NGUYEN STYLE
No. 793437 ID: 350a50

Ask Wheeler to dance.
No. 793449 ID: cba5dd

No. 793479 ID: b571fa

I honestly don't have many ideas here, we aren't an accomplished pickpocket. Getting him to dance with us seems... chancy. It depends very much on what kind of party this is. Playing with the heat might work although this is a major gala, that might not be easy. Selfie might work but those kind of guys tend to have an umbilical connection to their phones.

Getting him plastered sounds good, whatever plan we go with in the end, it'll help.
No. 793485 ID: 91ee5f

>Getting him plastered sounds good, whatever plan we go with in the end, it'll help.
That'll also make him look like a fool in front of everyone! XD
No. 793492 ID: 2d712c

We could potential goad him into saying something that oversteps the bounds of polite company and then retaliate by throwing wine on his jacket. It may not reflect the best on us but if it were in the defense of our girls then it would at least be seen as justifiable and we'd have Kath as witness to whatever racist shit he said. A shame this wasn't brought up before the gun comment.
No. 793534 ID: 4063a3

!@#$ her right between her actual legs

To steal the phone: quietly subdue one of the event's Asian-American cater-waiters and steal his clothes. UNsilhouette yourself and offer to take a group publicity photo of Wheeler with the girls, and stealthily stow his phone in a large salad. Return to him the phone of the cater-waiter, playing it off as a mistake before swapping the BUGGED phone from Meg back to Wheeler.
No. 793558 ID: 2d712c

We should accept the quickie. If we return smelling like sex no one will suspect we were using this time to plot spy shit. Stupid horny kids is the perfect cover.
No. 793598 ID: 5570b1

It hasn't been that much time. A way better cover would probably be going to the bathroom.
No. 793744 ID: 90f961

No quickie. We have more important things to do.
No. 794593 ID: f6ba27
File 149171853496.png - (51.05KB , 960x560 , 777.png )

You take your own phone out and type a response.
>yes but we shouldnt
:meg: booo ok
:meg: i want to fuck in this dress before the night is over jsyk
>lol noted
>ur going to owe me more than a quickie after i get this phone for u anyway
:meg: yessss
:meg: espionage gets me wet
>how do we do it? maybe i could turn the thermostat up so he takes it off
:meg: Really doubt you'll be able to get near the thermostat. We have all night to get it from him lets improvise
>r u sure?
:meg: yep
>should we tell poly?
:meg: up to u. she could be useful
>we should get back
"K," whispers Meg. She gives you a quick kiss on the neck.

"Zack Nguyen!!!"
You try not to wince at the sound of your name being called as you and Meg thread your way back to the table.
A radiant, silver haired woman is bobbing toward you.
"I'm sorry; I noticed the Visitor on your arm and couldn't help but presume. You would be Megumi, yes?"
"That's right."
"So you're Zack Nguyen. Excellent!" She kisses the air near both your cheeks. "Gillian Chabord. Chief Curator at Large for the MoMA and thrilled to finally meet you."
"Likewise," you say.
"When the HVAO approached us I was over the moon. Absolutely over the moon. Our Extradimensional Wing has just expanded and we are so glad to have this kind of representation at the Gala. You are among friends. Even if the arrangements may not feel like it. Would you like him, ah, moved?"
"It's good," Meg says.
"All right. Excellent. Just making sure. Would either of you like time in the programming this evening? We've left some air in. Do you have any remarks you'd like to deliver, Zack? No pressure. Of course."
No. 794595 ID: 7b7ab3

Could be a chance for some good exposure.
However, it might cut into our spy business.
No. 794602 ID: 70983e

Yes. Choices. Make them.

Accept, it could serve as a distraction for Meg to get into Wheeler's pants. You'll think of something to say later.
No. 794607 ID: 7b7ab3

As good a plan as any. This.
No. 794610 ID: 72ed6b

Take them up on the opportunity, a little later rather than right now.

First, offer the opportunity to Meg, as she's the artist here, and the one who merited the invitation.

But for your own part, you could deliver some brief remarks appropriate to the venue.

You might remark on how art tells a story. Remark on the differences you've learned about between the stories of humans and visitors. How (in very broad terms) human stories and art often seeks to to help the reader empathize primarily with the mindset and motivations of the protagonists, to have you cheer them on or share their hopes and dreams as they complete their epic quests, hopefully save the day, turn the tide, perhaps find romance. While visitor stories often give you a look behind the veil of many characters, and get you to empathize with them all, so you might be happy for one character and sad for another at the same time, if they were in conflict. And it's rare for someone to have so little depth or redeeming value that everyone would cheer their downfall without a second thought. Which would mean the happiest and most enjoyable stories are those where everyone can learn to get along, and no one goes home sad or disappointed (or doesn't get to go home at all), because then you can feel happy for everyone at once. It might make for a less epic story by human standards, but it makes for a much nicer world to live in.
No. 794614 ID: e97f18

This sounds really good, if Zack can pull it off.

Watch for Poly's reaction, as well. Both because she's the one you learned much of this from, and because in a way, those remarks also suggest how characters can be redeemed and get their happy ending.

Also, resist the urge to use the direct phrase "happy ending" at any point in your remarks, because it'll only lead to jokes and quotes out of context...
No. 794631 ID: a5b30c

Say yes.
No. 794647 ID: 51649e

>Which would mean the happiest and most enjoyable stories are those where everyone can learn to get along

Happiest maybe, but enjoyable? So far it seems to me that Visitor stories focus more on, like, lingering angst and conflict and so on. I don't think Visitor culture really considers happiness as an ultimate aim or the proper ending to a story. What little we've seen didn't - warrior stories having a sort of tragic conflict element, and implication that oculot stuff often goes for the heart-rending, et cetera. I think they go more for catharsis than happiness.

Which kind of fits with the kariket domination, too - stories with happy endings would build expectations, while the more bleak/bitter/tragic/cathartic fare would build more of a "yes some things are injust/unfair/pretty shit but that's just the way life is and there's nobility in facing up to it" idea. Which isn't necessarily just propaganda, it's a valid way to look at life.

I mean, happiness as the end of a good story isn't exactly universal to humans, either.
No. 794652 ID: 393aa5

A comparison to a story feels too obvious to make remarks on.
I think we should tell them about Montana, maybe talk about how you usually don't hear both sides of a story.
No. 794653 ID: 72ed6b

It's an intentional mix of visitor philosophy and human philosophy: the happiest visitor stories, by human cultural standards. There are clearly whole reams that could be written (and probably should be written by appropriate scholars) on the different types of stories that each culture enjoys, and how that affects their culture and vice versa. But for a brief set of remarks at an event like this, it seems like a reasonable observation. (The other observation, that visitor stories trend more towards "life sucks sometimes, deal with it", is also valid, but more of a party-killer.)
No. 794654 ID: e97f18

That story doesn't seem right for a party, and it could backfire pretty severely.
No. 794655 ID: 72ed6b

> A comparison to a story feels too obvious to make remarks on.

Is it? How much has a broad audience been exposed to the differences? It was something that we had to have explained to us, not common knowledge.
No. 794656 ID: 393aa5

That sounds distracting enough.
No. 794657 ID: a5b30c

Meg's the artist, so she should be the one talking. Unless it's more about culture than art.
Anyway, it could work as a distraction for spy stuff.
No. 794707 ID: e97f18

She should be, and we should defer to her, but for distraction and espionage purposes, it might make more sense for us. (Or both, at different times.)

Also, ask the curator for a bit of detail on the visitor wing, both out of genuine curiosity and so that you might be able to comment on it in your remarks, steering people there. Can't hurt to ingratiate yourself to the curator.
No. 794794 ID: b40ec3

No. 794871 ID: 392497

Go with this.

You could avoid generalizing, and just make it "from my perspective, the happiest and most enjoyable stories". Can't argue with that.
No. 795211 ID: f6ba27
File 149197444302.png - (147.50KB , 960x560 , 778.png )

"Meg's more of the artistic one." Out of Chabord's sight you touch the curve of Meg's back, at the edge of her dress.
Meg holds her hands up in deflection. "I'd be happy to play something. But speaking's not my gig."
Chabord laughs. "Well if speaking is your gig, Zack, I'm sure we could accomodate you both."
"Maybe a few, uh, brief remarks," you say. "Maybe I could steer the people toward that Visitor exhibit you mentioned. Can you tell me more about it?"
"We have works from almost every wing and species of the Golborian empire," Chabord says. "Samash Oculotti portraiture, several sets of armor and a hunting set from the Warrior artisan-smith Bjalgeskjo, a fantastic splatter mural of the Kariket Ascendancy... but the real jewels of the collection are the pre-imperial and subversive works. The portraits of Pre-Kariket kings, the counterpropaganda prints, and even a massive splatter mural of Pirgatea's Rebuke. The only place they'd be safe from the culture-purges were on Earth, you see, and so there was a huge smuggling operation during and after the War. The MoMA currently houses possibly the largest pre-imperial era collection of work in either dimension. Much of it donated, financed, and smuggled, in fact, by that woman right there."

She points at Polyphema, who is valiantly forcing a laugh out of her mouth and into the ears of a grinning, professorial man at the banquet tables, a glass of wine in her hand.
"Dr. Laghari appears to be holding her hostage," Chabord says. "With a riveting anecdote about paleolithic basketweaving, no doubt."
Polyphema catches your look as Dr. Laghari turns around to take a shrimp puff, and gives you a damsel-in-distress look.
"She looks like she needs an out," Meg says.
"Yeah." You note to yourself that you could also go for some hors d'vouers, or however you spell them. "Is it all right if we pick this back up later, Ms. Chabord? After I think of what to say?"
"Ride to the rescue, Zack!" Chabord says. "And do come find me if and when you'd like to speak. We can squeeze you in."

You leave Meg discussing the particulars of her performance with Chabord. Poly sees you coming and squeezes Laghari's arm. "I think my coworker requires me, darling. Give my love to the ancient Sumerians."
She takes a glass from the table and drops it in your hand. "Bless you, dollface. God love humanity. Barred from each others' brains you all try to engage with such sincerity."
"Where's Annika?"
"She and Kathleen are grilling this fascinating blonde Italian man about his soft sculpture," Polyphema says. "And Wheeler is clumping together with the rest of the space dust into some godawful political planet. How about you?" She grins and takes a delicate swig of wine. "Did you have fun canoodling with Megumi in the powder room?"

1]] Sure did.
2]] No canoodling occurred.
3]] Not as much fun as I'm going to have canoodling with you in the powder room.
4]] Forget about me and Meg. What are you planning on doing with my art school bestie?
5]] Speaking of illegitimate liaisons there's actually something I need to talk to you about. Privately. Meg and I could use your help.
6]] You never told me you were an art smuggler.
7]] I'm supposed to speak in front of these people soon. Got any advice?
8]] I'm supposed to speak in front of these people soon. Do you want to do it instead?
9]] __________________
No. 795213 ID: e22b1d

3,4,6,9: ask about the Inhibitor Bill. She'll probably know what it is.
No. 795214 ID: 72ed6b

3, and actually find somewhere you can show her something on your phone, namely that you need some help borrowing a certain asshole politician's phone later when you're providing a distraction by trying to not trip over your own tongue.
No. 795216 ID: 72ed6b

Also 4, yes.
No. 795222 ID: 70983e

3, 4, 6, 7. An indirect way of asking for help with our own smuggling operation.
No. 795223 ID: 595d54

3, 6, 7.
No. 795234 ID: 91ee5f

I'm surprised that Chabord actually pronounced those Golborian words correctly!

2]] No canoodling occurred. Because literally nothing happened except text showing on phones.

6]] You never told me you were an art smuggler. Found out another of those "secrets" of hers.

7]] I'm supposed to speak in front of these people soon. Got any advice? Specifically what to say to convince people to check out the Golborian art section.

I'm not sure if we should ask for her help in stealing Wheeler's phone. Smuggling art is completely different to pickpocketing an asshole's phone and then reverse pickpocketing it back without the asshole noticing either time.
No. 795236 ID: 7b7ab3

2, 4, 5, 6, 7
No. 795238 ID: 4175e3

4 (jokingly), 5, 7/8- "got any advice, or do you feel like stealing my spotlight again?"
No. 795268 ID: f2d602

Denying that bathroom shenanigans occurred will take too long to explain and is just kinda clunky. It's also a dead giveaway that we're Up To Something. Obviously this is moot if we're asking for her help stealing the phone anyway, but I've seen one vote already that isn't.

So far voting for: 4., 6., 7.

I'm kind of unsure on 5., at present. She'd be very helpful but it also kind of goes back on our promise to keep her out of this stuff. Which was a promise I don't think we ever wanted to make, and I hope we'll be released from some time soon, but we still made it.
No. 795269 ID: 72ed6b

Oh, wait, this is just 5. So, 5.
No. 795270 ID: 72ed6b

Did she want to be kept out of current stuff, or did she just not want to talk about her past?
No. 795272 ID: 3d263d

2, 6, 7, then 5 for last only if you have time and can make sure you're private.

Meg went to all that effort using only texts for a reason!
No. 795274 ID: 447110

Say 7 but show her our phone and ask if she'd be our bond girl.

So 5 and 7
No. 795286 ID: cc78db

No. 795289 ID: 0d5b7f

I just noticed, everyone is very pink. Did we start a thing, or is poly just in touch with the fashion world?
No. 795308 ID: aebfae

3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
No. 795317 ID: e97f18

5, using your phone to avoid being overheard. (End with "laugh like I've shown you something funny" so nobody gets suspicious.)

7, sort of: tell her you plan to speak (and mention via phone that you plan to use it as a distraction), mention the idea of speaking about Visitor and human stories (>>794610), and make sure you're not about to commit horrible a faux pas.
No. 795325 ID: 98907f

This, along with 6.
No. 795329 ID: 350a50

You know, if she's got smuggling experience, 5 might be a good idea.
No. 795400 ID: f6ba27
File 149205987342.png - (0B , 960x560 )

You give a cursory scan of the banquet table to make sure no attention is being paid, then squeeze Polyphema's butt under the loose flaps of her dress. "Not as much fun as I'm going to have canoodling with you in the powder room."
"Zackary." She takes your hand off her rounded posterior. "I am a lady."
She tugs your arm and leads you across the hall. "Ladies do it in the utility closet."

"You never told me you were an art smuggler," you say.
"I never told you I was a lot of things that I happened to be at one point or another," she says. "It was mostly about getting people over, anyway. The art they brought was a bonus. Anyway I wasn't smuggling myself. I organized and sponsored and portalled it while seated comfortably on my Earthbound tuchus."
"Is that all you're going to do with my art school bestie, or are you planning something?"
Polyphema plucks a quiche from a passing tray and pops it into your mouth. "I am going to do whatever she asks me to do." She plants her index on your lips. "And nothing more. Unless you have some kind of design on her."
You swallow your quiche.
"Well not unless," Polyphema says. "In addition to."

You step over a jug of floor cleaner and gingerly replace it on the shelf.
Polyphema closes the utility closet door and turns around to see your phone held up.
>poly me and meg need ur help

"I think I have misread this situation," Polyphema whispers, placing her breast back in her top. "Anything, Doll. Why the phone?"
No. 795401 ID: 595d54

Nah, you made the situation seem like that on purpose. And canoodling is always a welcome addition to spy antics. Anyway, point is you need to access Wheeler's phone for a bit and you think Poly could distract him and entertain herself at the same time. More unfriendly banter or whatever else works.
No. 795402 ID: 0c367f

After reading Lucie Brock-Broido's works, we've acquired a fetish for being an elective mute. Whoops.
No. 795403 ID: 62d0e4

Spy stuff.
We need to Poly distract Wheeler long enough for us to snatch and bug his phone.
Why do we need to bug his phone?
For some pretty morally ambiguous spy stuff that she's better off not knowing the full details on.
No. 795405 ID: 8080e6

Handle business, explain what you need, but also, wow she is fine. Maybe take advantage of the opportunity for privacy after your clandestine conspiring.
No. 795407 ID: 094652

For the hax, duh. If Poly has any agents working for her that can make a simple low-profile distraction, now's the time.
No. 795419 ID: 72ed6b

"can't risk ne1 overhearing. need 2 swipe Wheeler's phone. explain later. ideas? help? could distract room w/ speaking; curator offered."

Then explain out loud about speaking to the room, and ask her advice (>>795317 had a point about avoiding faux pas); doesn't matter if anyone overhears that part.
No. 795436 ID: 0d5b7f

Ladies don't do spy stuff, they do espionage.

Meg needs to bug Wheeler's phone. I'm going to be delivering some remarks soon, but I don't know if that'll be distracting enough. I don't want to pressure you into this, but can you think of any way to help?
No. 795537 ID: e779b9

We'll also possibly be doing some public speaking soon, so FYI.
No. 795540 ID: f2d602


IIRC it was kinda both, she thanked us for not telling her what the message was about when Blue Eyes texted us. In general I don't think she wants too much to do with this kind of stuff, at the moment, because she's coping by compartmentalising different parts of her life. In the long run with all the shit that's going down, that's probably going to backfire terribly and we should bite the bullet and have a serious conversation at some point to head it off, but we can't do that right now.

Anyway, we're committed now, so we're just gonna have to roll with it.

Let's be upfront and ask for her help bugging Wheeler's phone, she probably doesn't want to know why. Ask for her ideas as well. Leaver her an out.

Asking her about the spy stuff via phone and then maybe asking for her advice for our remarks out loud is also a decent idea. Although honestly if someone has gone to the trouble of having the utility closet (!) or us bugged, they could also have spyware on our phone.

also probably canoodling
No. 795667 ID: 70983e

Type: >Because Meg thinks this is how secret agents do it.
Murmur: "But we can have a real quickie instead to cover this up."

We're gonna give a speech to these people soon and I'd especially like to keep Wheeler's attention during it. Any tips darling?
(Still agains bringing Poly into the spy ring directly. Two can keep a secret if one of them drinks herself to death)
No. 795668 ID: 348ebb

This. Encourage her to think of more creative alternatives than "swipe it while we distract the room".
No. 795669 ID: 3d263d

Text: "meg did it this way i assume she had a reason"

Though it's possible that that reason is specific to Meg? Maybe she has some automatic monitoring of what she hears that gets beamed to the other Floaters? And it doesn't apply to what she sees, because... that'd be more bandwidth load, or she justified what she might see during her job as more private than what she'd hear, or something. We don't know. Maybe not.

Anyway, say out loud that she hasn't necessarily misconstrued it entirely. Some actual canoodling could help cover things.
No. 795696 ID: 350a50

We gotta yoink Wheeler's phone for Meg. I figured you'd be in for messing with that human piece of trash.
No. 795706 ID: f6ba27
File 149214325617.png - (40.29KB , 960x560 , 780.png )

>meg needs to bug wheelers phone so we need to take it from him
Polyphema reads this and her mouth forms a perfect little O.
>its in his jacket pocket. gotta distract him enough to swipe it... any ideas?

Polyphema's brow furrows. Then holds her hand out for the phone.
You give it over and watch her laboriously tap out her answer. A little point of dark red tongue sticks out of her mouth.
She's a significantly slower texter than Meg.
She holds the phone back up to you.

:poly: I can seduce him!

You give her a what-the-fuck look. She starts typing again.

:poly: Doll Megumi knows spycraft. I know sex.
:poly: I know who I can seduce. I can seduce him. Jacket off check. Distracted check. Easy Peasy!
>doesnt he hate visitors
:poly: Ask yourself the last time the thing a politician announced he hated affected his secret proclivities.
:poly: If anything his outspoken xenophobia confirms it.
>but dont you hate him
:poly: OH yes. I hate him a lot.
:poly: Temptation and denial make for exquisite revenge. You really must try it sometime.
No. 795707 ID: 094652

"I think you're on to something, but it's too large a risk. He might want to @#$% you once, but that doesn't mean he'll let you live to @#$% him a second time. If you're going to do this, make sure you have a bodyguard, someone to take the blame when you blow his head 'twice'.

... In self defense. Actually, use laser eye on his dick, we want this to be memorable."
No. 795708 ID: a363ac

make him squirm. I don't like him either.
No. 795710 ID: 6612fa

"solid plan, have fun"
No. 795715 ID: 7b7ab3

I love how deliciously devious our girlfriends can get.
Knock him stone dead, Poly.
No. 795717 ID: 2d712c

"You scare me sometimes Poly."
No. 795722 ID: c31aac

"Do it and get me a picture of his face when you pull away"
No. 795723 ID: 350a50

This, lovingly.
No. 795725 ID: a363ac

tell Poly to let Annika know she is doing super spy stuff before she disappears
No. 795726 ID: 70983e

Grab a boob. Seductively.
No. 795733 ID: 72ed6b

> Temptation and denial make for exquisite revenge. You really must try it sometime.

"I'll have to remember that~"

This seems like a good plan. Hopefully Poly remembers the presence of the press here, though, because she's a public figure known for her relationship to us. We don't need to insult her by reminding her of that, though. And if anything, after the insults she lobbed his way, it'd be entertaining for Poly to further demonstrate his hypocrisy; if anything, it'd be worse for him if he gets caught.

So, just this:

"Stay safe."
No. 795735 ID: e97f18

"I love you, you gloriously devious genius. Enjoy."
No. 795742 ID: 987bda

'make sure you take a selfie as a keepsake.'
No. 795757 ID: fc33ea

Makes me think of poor Krin.

Anyway, sounds like it could work. Be careful out there.
No. 795865 ID: 5f2b81


Give her a thumbs up and then hot makeouts.
No. 795922 ID: f9c86f

note: poly may be applying Golborian political concepts to earth politicians by assuming mr make-earth-great-again can be seduced by her. I hope she is taking into account the fact that humans are way more sexually reserved than golborians, at least in general.

so, this could backfire hooooribly
No. 795924 ID: c8b031

text: if youre sure he wont be able to take some serious revenge
text: he seems the type to be vindictive about that sort of thing

Non-text, ask for tips on public speaking and what you should talk about. If you had actually seen the Rebuke yourself I'd suggest you talk about it and how skuts are treated but if you haven't seen it it would be kind of major bullshit to direct people towards it.
No. 795935 ID: 76aea4

Possible, but let's trust her judgement. Her comment is something that has held true for many Earth politicians too. And she can feel him out and bail out if it won't work.

Those text questions are good.
No. 795942 ID: bb78f2

Hmm... hatesex.
Yeah, I guess I should try it sometime, but I have a hard time hating people, especially ladies. I guess Wheeler IS the closest person around right now to hate.
Should I try to fuck Wheeler too so I don't miss out?
No. 795993 ID: f6ba27
File 149223787703.png - (72.14KB , 960x560 , 781.png )

"Sometimes you scare me, Poly," you whisper.
"You ought to be scared, kiddo." Poly replaces your phone in your pocket and folds her warm arms around your neck. "Didn't all the little humans tell you you're dating a monster?"
She pulls on you and you let yourself be pulled, bracing on the utility door behind her. Her knee pushes softly up between your legs.
"And when a ravenous monster sees a handsome boy in a nice suit..." Her hand trails to the doorknob. "Well. Maybe we should get back to your party before my instincts kick in."

1]] Maybe we shouldn't.
2]] You're right. I'm going for the foursome ending tonight anyway.
3]] You're right. I should go update Meg.
4]] You're right. I should see Chabord and tell her I'll be speaking.
5]] You're right. I should go talk to Kathleen and get more acquainted before our interview.
6]] You're right. I should check in with Annika. We need to reconnect.
7]] You're right. I should talk with Wheeler more. Know the enemy and keep him from suspecting things.
8]] You're right. I should walk the gala floor and see who of the rich and famous I can acquaint myself with.
9]] _____________
No. 795996 ID: 70983e

JK! 1.
JK! 6.
No. 796006 ID: b8a03f

1, and make sure you coat her entire vagina for the senator to discover.
No. 796007 ID: 8cb228

No. 796008 ID: 72ed6b

9) "I'm never going to let anyone get away with calling you a monster. Not even you."

Then 3 and 4.

Also, take a moment and text Bika, to enact the plan discussed in the disthread. Operation Skut-Scan.
No. 796011 ID: f9b0ab

This. That line is pretty corny, but we should say something in response to her, because even in jest lines like that suggest that some part of her really feels that way.

3 and 4, and start setting up the surprise for Bika.
No. 796012 ID: e97f18

This, but come up with a better line for 9. Good underlying sentiment, just needs a better line.
No. 796013 ID: 086c47

Don't do it right here, not least of which because we really don't want to make a scene. If we leave now, we can always use as an excuse that we wanted to ask our brilliant girlfriend for her advice on public speaking. Promise her a threesome later, though, because apparently this kind of thing gets both her and Meg wet.

Then this:

> 3 and 4, and start setting up the surprise for Bika.
No. 796014 ID: 8b7ff0

> 3 and 4, and start setting up the surprise for Bika.


No. 796047 ID: bb78f2

Queen Kong, what are you doing with my boner
No. 796048 ID: 7f99ee

1 or 2, 6.
No. 796051 ID: 1d37a4

We should really get out of this closet before someone suspects something.
No. 796052 ID: 1d37a4

No. 796057 ID: 8646b6

No. 796065 ID: aebfae

I agree with >>796008, as well as possibly add 5 and 6.
No. 796066 ID: 53d0c3

Texting Bika to set the stage for a surprise later sounds great.

4. Talk to Chabord and ask to speak shortly before the dancing starts.

And then 3. Give Meg an update. And tell her she's not the only one that gets wet from spycraft.

Then 5: give Kathleen a heads-up that you might speak later. She made a point of discontinuing her note-taking earlier when we were making small-talk (and skewering hypocritical representatives), but for something like this, it'd be fine.
No. 796068 ID: 5a8f53

No. 796072 ID: 987bda

2, 6.
No. 796092 ID: fc33ea

Leave the closet one at a time so people don't imidiately suspect what's happening.

I just got to thinking, singe Hiz's brother was a painter- do you think you're in the gallery somewhere?

Anyway, 5 or 6.
No. 796093 ID: 4b353c

No. 796094 ID: 4b353c

also, squee at the thought of Bika in a suit, or an elegant evening gown
No. 796096 ID: 72ed6b

> Leave the closet one at a time so people don't imidiately suspect what's happening.

Good call. That, plus we have an entirely reasonable excuse that has nothing to do with either sex or spying.
No. 796102 ID: 350a50

No. 796142 ID: 8080e6

No. 796145 ID: d9ddc6

2, 4, and text Bika.
No. 796150 ID: c16c1d

squee indeed.


And throw in some variant of the "not a monster" line.
No. 796155 ID: 4180be

The monster bit is her reclaiming and owning monster and turning it sexy for herself. Can we not do some lame shit with it please.
No. 796157 ID: e97f18

If it were anyone but Poly, I'd be more confident in that...

But we do need a better line for it.
No. 796203 ID: f6ba27

If you're going to go down that road I'm not going to come up with the better line for you myself jsyk
No. 796205 ID: 9a7777

This but worded worse. If you're going to ruin the moment, kick the moment in the balls and steal its wallet.
No. 796211 ID: 17c2ee

Say 2, tease Polyphema with a spot of heavy petting, then don't say a fucking word about "monsters" as you get back to work.
No. 796212 ID: 72ed6b

Didn't figure you would. Figured someone might.
No. 796215 ID: 3c0d31

Just let her call herself that. Look yourself in the soul and ask, are you That Guy at parties? If not, don't ruin the moment.
No. 796223 ID: e97f18

"And since when have I cared what all the little humans told me?"
No. 796228 ID: f1a4b6

Just let it go. Bring it up later if you have to but don't ruin the moment for now.
No. 796276 ID: d362ab

We need to take this opportunity we've just been handed to make some headway with Poly. We can't live in fantasy were she's partitioned from everything else going on forever. We're going to need her help at some point.

It would be much easier to just let this moment pass by. But we can't afford to. We aren't on a fucking trip to Disneyland here; we're fighting to avert the end of the world, and Polyphema is a soldier who we're going to need.

[X] I don't think you're a monster. I could never do that.

This should hit like an emotional gutpunch and will completely kill the mood. She may tear up slightly. But it will put her in the very first stages of being ready for a deeper conversation later on.

3./4. also sound good (I also like 2., but more for amusement value)

I like the idea of getting nice clothes for Bika.
No. 796277 ID: e136ae

9 - Bite her neck. She is not the only monster, dammit!
No. 796282 ID: 7d3ace

Well said. This.

Fortunately we don't need the mood, as it looks like the consensus is to not do it in the closet right now. (Besides, Meg would kill us later, since we did turn her down.)
No. 796284 ID: 188a96

No. 796286 ID: ce2e2f

For God's sake, no. Polyphema's problem ISN'T a self-hatred of her Visitor status. It's an unwillingness to face the past. I have no idea why you're conflating the two. Show me a single indication that she is ashamed of being an Oculot or any time she has let a human racist get to her.
We can do this OUTSIDE a party where we JUST MADE a plan for Polyphema to seduce this guy. This will 5000% throw her off her game.
No. 796287 ID: 3aae5f

Nice. That's much better.
No. 796288 ID: 3aae5f

This isn't about hating being a Visitor; this is that she really does seem to think she (used to be) a monster in her past.

And honestly, the line seems very Zach: cheesy but heartfelt.
No. 796291 ID: e97f18

This line sounds good. That keeps the right underlying sentiment.
No. 796292 ID: e136ae


Y'all know she was trying to flirt, right? I just want to check here.
No. 796293 ID: 6ba154

No. 796295 ID: 281ae5

If we keep ambushing Poly with stuff like this we are going to permanently lose her.
No. 796297 ID: d362ab


I do know that (altho there is prolly an element of her real self-loathing showing through here, this is a thing that happens). I'm taking it as a deliberate opportunity to essentially knock her off-balance with tenderness a bit, probably hurt her unintentionally, and get her into more of a mental place where we can then have a deeper conversation with her later, and get her to let some of her walls down.

Maybe this isn't the ideal time. I'm not entirely sure there is going to be an ideal time.

It's also something that if not now, we are going to still have to deliberately engineer. I don't think Brom will just drop the opportunity into our laps. The status-quo of not looking at the elephant in the room is tempting to maintain, and it's easier, but we need Poly's help. If we don't choose this moment we should commit to finding another one, and there are probably less moments left than we think.
No. 796298 ID: 72ed6b

The nice thing about this line is that, just like her own line, it's a little ambiguous whether it's talking about slurs against Visitors or her own past. It's just gentle, cheesy, sentimental encouragement towards the view that she's not a monster and we'll never think of her that way, no matter what.
No. 796299 ID: ce2e2f

This. If you want to have this conversation fine, but don't spring it on her at a gala. Bring it up alone with her in a place she feels secure and safe, and then refuse to change the subject instead of wimping out like we always do.

Our problem isn't that we never talk to her about things, it's that we give up way too easily when we do. It's a question of endurance, not an unwillingness to engage. If anything we're too eager to do that. This is a really fucking bad time and place.
No. 796300 ID: 9d8e8f

Exactly. This line doesn't presume too much about interpretation, or risk misreading things. If she really did just mean it as a light-hearted joke/flirt, then that line comes across as cheesily turning it back around into a nice sentiment. And if there's a darker line of thinking there, then this is a genuine, non-heavy-handed expression of our feelings. Either way it works, without making a presumption about which that might be wrong. It doesn't​ have to be presented in a "we need to talk" way; that'd be a serious mistake (agreed that it isn't the time for a talk like that). Just use it as a one-off line, nothing more.
No. 796302 ID: c8b031


I think you're doing a disservice to Poly by reading the monster line as a hint of some inner pain or an opening to offer support. She's a very socially adept person, she has self-awareness, she's cultured, she's not going to make some sort of freudian slip confession like that and if we act like she did then she could even be offended by the presumption. Remember her outburst from before about how, basically, Zack was too young/inexperienced to be in any position to tell her something she hasn't heard or thought about before?

Hizalian had that "we were the monsters" thing he teared up a bit about, but he was younger, and Poly was the one who sent him along to Zack about that problem in the first place. Poly may not think too much about the personal problems that are unique to her but she's a very interested observer of the issues Visitors in general have, and that "we're monsters" thing would be a very common and visible one to any such observer. There's probably, like, artwork and novels and all sorts of thing about it by now, she's probably drunk up a half-dozen works dealing with it. She's certainly given it thought before.

Besides, even if she does have some of that monster shame buried somewhere (which I doubt), she's buried it under her various masks, and Poly here at the gala is in full and complete mask mode. This isn't a time when we're going to be capable of penetrating the face she's put on.
No. 796303 ID: 72ed6b

> This isn't a time when we're going to be capable of penetrating the face she's put on.

We're not trying to. We're not trying to get her to talk, or turn this into an intervention; that'd be a really bad idea, both here and at this point in our relationship with her. All we're doing is expressing a sentiment of trust: we'll never think of her that way. That's a good thought for her to have floating around, and saying it in a moment like this might be memorable.

Say it, and move right along to saying we need to go coordinate with Meg and arrange our speech/distraction.
No. 796307 ID: 0e30f6

>All we're doing is expressing a sentiment of trust: we'll never think of her that way

I think she gets that from how often we cum inside her
No. 796316 ID: 73bb98

"If you were a ravenous monster could i do... this?"
Tickle attack
No. 796365 ID: d362ab


this is also a solid plan
No. 796370 ID: 72ed6b

True. Though perhaps not one conducive to remaining stealthy in a closet.
No. 796371 ID: e22b1d

This actually
No. 796372 ID: f6ba27
File 149239673130.png - (6.52KB , 960x560 , 782.png )

WOW GEEZ This update turned out to be a lot more contentious than I thought it would be.

So let me make sure I get this right.

Does Zack push back on Poly's ravenous monster line or not?

If "No" you can still maybe do it jokingly or do that tickle thing. "Yes" should only be picked if you want it to be a serious emotional moment.

If your post doesn't have 1 or 2 in it I ain't gonna count it.

1]] No
2]] Yes
No. 796374 ID: 9a7777

Yes to 1.
No. 796375 ID: e22b1d

No. 796376 ID: c31aac

do it jokingly, please stop picking literally the most inopportune moments to sling hallmark movie moments at our alien girlfriends
No. 796377 ID: 72ed6b

I'd like to do it, but keep the tone light. We're going for "heartwarming" ("I'll never think you're a monster"), not "emotional gutpunch/sanctimony".

I think that's 1, then?
No. 796378 ID: 595d54

No. 796384 ID: dcd676

No. 796394 ID: 06555b

Stay frosty.
No. 796395 ID: e97f18


I'm really surprised this turned into a major thing. I wanted to see something like this line included, and I like the version in >>796276, but it should be kept lighthearted. Don't try to make it a massive emotional moment; just say it from the heart and move on.
No. 796397 ID: 9d8e8f


Do say it. Don't dramatize it.
No. 796398 ID: 721b87


Find a happy medium. Say it, because it's meaningful. Don't turn it into something over the top, though.
No. 796407 ID: 350a50

Keep it lighthearted.
No. 796425 ID: e12db1

How many Oculots does it take to change 1 lightbulb?
No. 796426 ID: 8080e6

1. Playful.
No. 796436 ID: 9a7777

At least 50.
No. 796445 ID: c8b031


No. 796573 ID: f6ba27
File 149247538421.png - (41.53KB , 960x560 , 783.png )

"If you were a big scary monster could I do-- this?"
You tickle her hips and she yelps in delight, bolting back from you and knocking a mop over. "Zack!" she stage-whispers. "Interdimensional secret agents do not tickle fight on mission!"
They probably don't kiss their girlfriends' necks either, but she doesn't complain about that one.
She puts a finger between your lips and hers before you can reach them. "No no, Mr. Public Speaker."
She shows you her index finger, now streaked with purple.
"I think that shade could be very fetching on me," you say.
"Agreed. But I can think of more interesting places for it than your mouth." Polyphema smacks you lightly on the rump. "Later. Your public awaits."

By the time you make your way back to the table (a couple minutes before Polyphema does, just to be safe), they're laden with salads and bread rolls in preparation for the upcoming feast. A guy onstage is getting the prerequisite brown nosery out of the way, droning about the MoMA's immense gratitude for the friends and family of the late Rodney Something or other for their generous donation of yadda yadda.

Chabord is her distinctly upper crust flavor of thrilled when you let her know you'll be speaking tonight.
"Maybe a little before the dancing," you say.
"Excellent," Chabord says. "Excellent. I will push you as far into the wine and opulence as I can. Reggie is up there setting the bar fantastically low for you."
"Give him my thanks. I'll try not to stumble. Where's Meg?"
"Backstage. Just tell one of the nice gentlemen with the hors d'oeuvres to show you the way."

You're led through muffled hallways flanked by laminated posters of the installations. You note a closeup of the twisty Chihuly from the ballroom.
The melodious sound of strings marks the trail to a slightly-too-warm prep room, where Meg sits and coaxes golden lamentations out of a cello. She pauses and twists one of the pegs to raise her note a little.
You wave to her as the waiter steps out to return to his duties. "You play the cello?"
"Not as good as the piano," Meg says. "But I'd miss my casio. And it's easier to sing with it at the same time." She plucks the first little bit of Cruel Angel's Thesis.
"You playing them some Evangelion?" you ask. You look around a little as you say it and note that the coast is clear of humanity and electric eyes (excepting Meg's).
"For the rich ones? No, dude." Meg switches to the Pokemon theme song. "I'm 2 from now, apparently. You wanna go before me or after?"
No. 796576 ID: 72ed6b

Leave it up to her.
No. 796577 ID: e97f18

If we're speaking right before the dancing, which presumably has accompanying music, wouldn't it make sense for us to go first? Or is she saying that she's speaking, not playing? (Because honestly, it'd be a shame if she doesn't get to do both.)
No. 796579 ID: 8657f8

After. Get them softened up a bit first.
No. 796580 ID: c31aac

Before, since you're a way better closer. Seriously if I went after it'd just come off as a let-down, that opera you did sets a HIGH BAR
No. 796582 ID: 9fb6b4

Ask Chabord if she knows if there are any paintings of a young boy on a bicycle in the gallery, and if you can see it.

Offer to go first so you can introduce her. Also mention Poly is going to try & help her with the thing.
No. 796583 ID: 4b9385

Good call.
No. 796585 ID: 094652

It depends. How thoroughly is she going to troll the audience? You're going after if she causes an uproar.
No. 796592 ID: e22b1d


Also don't forget!!! We have to tell her about our change of plans. Unless anyone has a better idea, the One Eyed Honey Pot is go.
No. 796646 ID: 70983e

After, so you can get back to the tables. Remember? You'll want a good seat.
No. 796653 ID: 72ed6b

> Also don't forget!!! We have to tell her about our change of plans. Unless anyone has a better idea, the One Eyed Honey Pot is go.

Definitely need to tell her this before anything else. (Use your phone.)
No. 796683 ID: 4e2683

I'm just opening act material while you are grand finally material, if I let you go first my act of juggling pineapples will be such a let down.

So looking forward to poly getting turned down or succeeding. Both are funny
No. 797403 ID: 4652fc

After. Tell her about Poly's agreement.
No. 797484 ID: f6ba27
File 149289384830.png - (26.07KB , 960x560 , 784.png )

"I'm the opening act," you say. "You're the grand finale."
"Word." She saws a jarringly discordant finale and rests her bow in her lap. "Warm them up for me."
"They will be at melting point. I promise." You get your phone out. "Oh: by the way."

You hold it up for her to see.
>poly is on board. she said shes going to seduce him
Meg reads this, then snorts.
"Whaaaat." She pulls out her own phone.
>she says she can do it. i trust her, do u?
:meg: w/e sure
:meg: not like were fucked if it doesnt work
"Ok." You give her a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll see you out there."
"I'll be the one clapping," Meg says.

And that's how you find yourself on a podium in front of about a hundred applauding millionaires.
A piercing whistle of approbation from Poly before she sits back down.
"Our man from the HVAO, ladies and gentlemen, Zack Nguyen!"
Chabord gracefully bows from the microphone and you step up to replace her.
You look out across the expectant faces. Polyphema is beaming. Annika and Kathleen are both watching with rapt attention.
Wheeler is on his iPhone.

"Just imagine them alll in their underwear, my dear," Chabord whispers. "The attractive ones, anyway."

>If you don't want to type out your entire speech, the gist or bullet points are just fine. And maybe honestly preferable ;U
No. 797489 ID: 7b7ab3

>Greet the guests
>Thank the MoMA and its staff
>Say a few words cohabitation and cooperation
>Give a few examples from our experience
>Direct people toward the Visitor wing
>Wrap up by wishing everyone a good time
>Thank audience
>Exit stage right
No. 797490 ID: c31aac

this, but add "And now, my beautiful floater girlfriend!"
No. 797492 ID: c8b031

Geeze ok, bullet points then. But first, right, remember this is an audience of people who are either upper crust enough or artistic enough to be invited. Skip on the cliches and platitudes, and don't try appealing to idealism. They're probably waiting for you to get political, too, so don't. Not overtly, anyway. And don't make it too long, they're not here to listen to you.

1. Introduce self. Make some crack about how you're not used to public speaking because you normally work face-to-face, "or face to something, anyway", if you're feeling brave.

2. Demonstrate a bit of the scholar. Talk about the positive history of cultural cross-pollination. How, when different cultures meet, innovations have always followed - artists reaching out to adopt new methods, new symbols, new ideas, and mix them with what they already knew to produce something even better. And that this isn't only limited to art, but to other things - the creation of some of our favourite foods, or on a more practical level, the discovery of new technologies and aptitudes. Maybe mention how historians and anthropologists have commented on the way that, in just a few decades, the native americans of the Great Plains went from never having seen horses to becoming the greatest horsemen on the continent, as if there had been a hole in their culture just waiting to be filled. Say how these kinds of developments are already beginning, and that you expect to see much more, on both sides of the portals.

3. Talk about how easy it is for most people on Earth to see Golboria as one cultural monolith, twisted together out of the four races of Visitors. Say how, though the Kariket did his best to smooth over the differences across his dominion (neutral language here, only slight sense of disapproval in context), anyone who puts thought into sees this can't have always been, and indeed cannot even now be the case; that you've enjoyed seeing the evidence of that with your own eyes and that more evidence is right here, in this gallery today.

4. Say, you can't define art as having a specific purpose, but that one of the things it can do is inspire - inspire not only new art but also ideas, feeling and action. Say you hope everyone here will take away some inspiration with them today (don't suggest what kind of inspiration, just inspiration). For the final, soft touch of a little political crusading, maybe say that after hearing the story behind it you're especially looking forward to seeing Pirgatea's Rebuke, and you're sure any of the Visitors here today would be happy to tell anyone what you mean if asked.

5. Finally, say that speaking of inspiration, here's a lady who's inspired you in too many ways to talk about, your date for the evening - Megumi!
No. 797494 ID: 70983e

Introducing acts is the emcee's job.

Uhh... speech. Speech to distract Wheeler, who's not very interested in what he thinks we have to say. Someone whose head might be turned by, say, mentioning earth first groups or anti-Earth visitors?

Well, good luck Zack!
No. 797496 ID: 350a50

This seems good.
No. 797501 ID: a5af6d

Just don't make it all about yourself, don't speak on people's behalf, and give Meg a proper introduction. She's not just your girlfriend, she's preformed in an opera house and done a damn good job of it too.
No. 797502 ID: bb78f2

Reference Star Trek
Reference the late (in your world), great George Takei and his tolerance of philosophy err... philosophy of tolerance in world where he was taken to camps as a child and how, if you were his age would have also been persecuted as an Asian, or how you would have also been persecuted in the time of the Vietnam War, and this perspective and knowledge of our past makes the future clear, that we CAN'T afford to repeat mistakes, time and time again.

Reference the dreams of visiting new stars, cultures, worlds, and now how that totally got upped by the mere prospect of other motherfucking DIMENSIONS.
Endless possibilities. Endless threats, endless friendships. It is infinite.

We're making history right now. The visitors are our FIRST visitors, and they will not be our last. The template for our future in diplomacy in a wider, greater multiverse. Must we go through this period of hatred after every war? Will we always persecute those different from us? Isn't that FUCKING SAD?

Also, seriously, motherfuckers, lets get Star Trek UP IN THIS BITCH AND MAKE LOVE TO THIS SWEET ALIEN ART
The differences in all of us give me such a wicked BONER OH MY GOD
No. 797508 ID: 094652

Dude, too far. If you call out a society meeting, they'll individually deny they ever saw you and claim that your speech never happened. You're on THEIR playing field, and you don't have a social weapon to forcibly make this your game. Much as I'd prefer calling them out for being ignorantly fascist and playing into the Kariket's hands because they think with the same exact contempt for others that the Kariket believes in and gets his power from, you don't have the evidence or the charisma to turn the tide of ANYONE in this room, and I doubt that most potential rebels want to watch nobleman TV bull^&*(.

Use plausible deniability to mask your actions. Insult them, but in such a way that denying your speech would incriminate them as opposing it. Dodge the question, skirt around it; talk about your daily life and how it was enriched by the visitors. Make five different jokes for your five girlfriends, but use context that involves the various problems they've been plagued with by society. You need to act like you're an ignorant commoner who is unknowingly describing a serious corruption like it was daily life, and with national TV observing the faces of upper class socialites in reaction to your grim context of a dark future, if they look upon it with glee or ignorance they are @#$%ed, forcing them to make farcial but substantial contributions to Human-Visitor relations in a PR effort to save face.

You don't have to accuse anyone THIS time, save it for one-on-one meetings with reliable witnesses. You can't win at their game, but you CAN be the bawling kid who was hurt by it and force everyone on the playing field to stop kicking balls around a little boy or risk life-ruining scandal.
No. 797519 ID: b2c581

Basically just hit some major points about not being so different after all or something, definitely suggest the art gallery after the performances.
No. 797528 ID: 70983e

Subtly hint that the art was all chosen by a collector of exquisite taste.
No. 797562 ID: 72ed6b


> You might remark on how art tells a story. Remark on the differences you've learned about between the stories of humans and visitors. How (in very broad terms) human stories and art often seeks to to help the reader empathize primarily with the mindset and motivations of the protagonists, to have you cheer them on or share their hopes and dreams as they complete their epic quests, hopefully save the day, turn the tide, perhaps find romance. While visitor stories often give you a look behind the veil of many characters, and get you to empathize with them all, so you might be happy for one character and sad for another at the same time, if they were in conflict. And it's rare for someone to have so little depth or redeeming value that everyone would cheer their downfall without a second thought. Which would mean the happiest and most enjoyable stories are those where everyone can learn to get along, and no one goes home sad or disappointed (or doesn't get to go home at all), because then you can feel happy for everyone at once. It might make for a less epic story by human standards, but it makes for a much nicer world to live in.
No. 797603 ID: e73535

No. 797605 ID: e97f18

This, with appropriate gratitudes in opening, steering people towards the exhibit of Visitor art afterward, and ending with a glowing introduction for Meg.
No. 797606 ID: e97f18

Also, after you speak, when Meg goes up to speak and perform, keep a close eye on the crowds and make sure nobody does something stupid.
No. 797634 ID: a363ac

if it ever looks like you are losing them suggest that you dick is bigger than Jesus to bring them back in.
No. 797646 ID: c8b031


I think that sort of thing will get more of an eye-roll reaction from this sort of crowd. This is an exhibition of Visitor art, the kind of people who accepted an invitation are more likely to have some passing familiarity already, they don't need telling. The "see the other guy's story" aspect is a bit of a surface level observation to be going on about with the audience we have. Comes off as kind of starry-eyed, too.
No. 797647 ID: 72ed6b

Consider the kinds of people who got an invitation, even just at our table. It's more "high-society types" than art enthusiasts; only Meg really qualifies and she's not the same kind of artist.

While it's sometimes the case that such people do have an interest in art (like Poly), it's not a given.

More importantly, the parallel seems nice.
No. 797648 ID: f40dc6

No. 797651 ID: 7ec5c0

This could work. You want to come across as very innocent in your observation. You're not trying to sound like an expert; you're just relating one thing you've learned that you consider meaningful.

Put that together with the considerable charm you're known for.
No. 797672 ID: c8b031


Maybe they're not artists, but they're at least people who fancy themselves as educated. Furthermore, they're probably all a little cynical. You want to look like you're a little jaded in front of these types of people, if you want some street cred with them. More to the point, I fear that if Zack made that sort of speech it'd be easy to just write him off as someone with a fetish for Visitor stuff, which he's probably assumed to be by several people already. Like some sort of Visitor weeaboo.
No. 797678 ID: e97f18

I'd rather be genuine than cynical. And street cred with the people in the audience looking for cynicism seems less valuable than coming across as genuine to people whose opinion really matters more to us. (Our future interviewer, for instance.)
No. 797680 ID: c8b031


I get what you're saying, but the
>Which would mean the happiest and most enjoyable stories are those where everyone can learn to get along, and no one goes home sad or disappointed (or doesn't get to go home at all), because then you can feel happy for everyone at once. It might make for a less epic story by human standards, but it makes for a much nicer world to live in.
part especially really comes off as stupidly sugary. I mean, if you want to talk about genuine, I'm pretty sure Zack doesn't genuinely feel that way. It sounds like the worst time of children's television executive speaking. Considering the state the world's in, and the state Zack's LIFE is in, it comes off as fake.

And as for the rest of it, it's not like Visitors have a monopoly on stories that look at someone else's point of view. I'm not an especially cynical person, but if I heard someone give that sort of speech I'd wonder if they'd ever watched anything but terrible christian children's films.
No. 797682 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, okay, I'll save that shit for later since I don't REALLY know what this speech is about really. I mean, out of the blue we're making a speech about... something... for some reason, as a hello or someshit I dunno.

I still think point out how FUCKING SICK WARRIOR MOVIES ARE and how HARD YOUR BONER gets when you think about them and during them is quite relevant to some speech being made at an art gala.

Since you know, you are a state sanctioned gigolo and your dick is state property you could whip it out and talk about its contribution to art. It's really why everyone came.
No. 797687 ID: 72ed6b

Doesn't mean Zack sees the world that way; it's more about hope, that it'd be nice if the world were more like that.

> it's not like Visitors have a monopoly on stories that look at someone else's point of view.

It's more than that. Many human stories do look at multiple points of view. But few give those points of view the same consideration. "Protagonists and antagonists" is a really common distinction in human stories, and it's uncommon (not unheard-of, but uncommon) to look seriously at antagonist motivations and treat them as in some ways valid, or to present them in a way that draws people to sincerely empathize with them. There are absolutely human stories that do that, but they're sufficiently uncommon that when done well they really stand out; it's not a common approach at all, let alone a pervasive one.

Nobody is going to think, from our brief remarks, that we're making a universal statement about every human and Visitor story. It's a broad generalization about common patterns and cultural differences in storytelling.

More importantly, a good speech is as much about oratory skill as it is having a deep point. This isn't a lecture on comparative art theory. A single potentially interesting notion, with reasonable credence, delivered well and with a hopeful sentiment that people like (or at least don't want to argue against), should go over just fine.
No. 797691 ID: c8b031

>Doesn't mean Zack sees the world that way; it's more about hope, that it'd be nice if the world were more like that.

It'd be nice if the world were like that yes, it wouldn't be nice if art or stories were like that. Happy endings are often unsatisfying! And, in a world coming down from a catastrophic war, people are not going to be even less receptive to them than they usually are. Talking about how nice happy endings in media would be, in the context we're dealing with, will not appeal to people.

>it's uncommon (not unheard-of, but uncommon) to look seriously at antagonist motivations and treat them as in some ways valid, or to present them in a way that draws people to sincerely empathize with them.

In popular media maybe, once you start wading towards the deep end in any medium it's all over the place. Visitor media may be different in that it gives the antagonist as much time as the protagonist, but "hey what if I gave my antagonist a sympathetic motivation" is such a basic step on the road up as an author that it gets looked down on as obvious.

Besides, Zack doesn't have a right to make such sweeping pronouncements about Visitor media, he's watched like one or two movies and then had some Visitors tell him that that was a trend in their stuff, he hasn't personally experienced much. I'm pretty sure someone can and totally will take Zack as making universal statements, by the way, because some idiot always does.

>More importantly, a good speech is as much about oratory skill as it is having a deep point.

That doesn't mean much considering that Zack's oratory skill is something we have no control over. The only thing we as suggesters can do is try give him some compelling points to make, if you're going to say "well it depends on how it's delivered" you're kind of signing off responsibility.

Anyway, tl;dr it's probably arrogant on my behalf but I took that speech to be shallow and naive so it seems likely someone else could too. Though half of that was the words used. Seriously, "epic quests"? "Save the day", "find romance"? Talking about feeling "happy" or "sad"? Sounds like the blurb on the back of the box of an 80s my little pony direct to video movie.
No. 797695 ID: 350a50

I agree, that bit is a little thick on the sugar and spice. We should try to keep things optimistic, but professional, and avoid too much subjectivity.
No. 797698 ID: a60bc4

Opening statement and greetings.
Commentary on experience with Visitors.
Words of encouragement toward cooperation.
Direction to MoMA's Visitor wing.
Closing statement.
Final thanks and goodbyes.
Exit stage.
No. 797706 ID: 53ed52


> Talking about how nice happy endings in media would be, in the context we're dealing with, will not appeal to people.

It's a pretty clear metaphor; we're speaking about more than just stories.
No. 797710 ID: 506ff5

"quests" seems like a tongue-in-cheek fourth-wall break. And "find romance" would probably draw a nice chuckle from the audience, considering the well-known role Zack plays.

Aren't Zack's confidence and charm established character traits going all the way back to the first thread, that we've benefited from in the past?
No. 797713 ID: 506ff5

Zack isn't going to be credibly deep, and trying to come across as deep would probably fall short. We can get away with a simplistic observation that sends a message of hope; that seems in character. And it lets you say something indirectly.

It's not a perfect speech, but as the gist of an idea it sounds good.
No. 797731 ID: 5322c5

Also 'you guys should totes watch some visitor movies. I suggest this, this, and that'.

Cultural exchange is, like, our job. Movies may be some of the coolest, most easily absorbed part of that.
No. 797971 ID: 2afc9c

No. 798001 ID: ee2f87

Be genuine. Nobody expects you to be a skilled art critic; just make some remarks from the heart. Go with something like the observations on stories.

And don't forget to encourage people towards your excitement at the new exhibit. End with something like "But that's just what I've seen, and I'm just one person with some simple observations; clearly many others of sophisticated taste should partake of this wonderful new opportunity to partake in the fine works of another culture, and form their own opinions."
No. 798004 ID: c8b031


Don't ACTUALLY use phrases like "simple observations" or "sophisticated tastes" or "wonderful new opportunity". That's the kind of language that instantly makes you think someone's trying to sell you something.
No. 798005 ID: 91ee5f

Technically, we are trying to sell them something. We're trying to sell the idea that Visotors have some cool shit and they'll hate themselves if they don't go check it out!

But you're right, don't use those words.
No. 798006 ID: 2120ee

Maybe mention how cultural exchange has been cool for you, cause it's meant experiencing parts of human culture you never got to before. Like monster truck rallies.
No. 798007 ID: c8b031


The point is, politicians and journalists and businesspeople and so on are all folks who get honeyed words and marketing speak and other polished bullshit blasted at them all day every day, and they'll see anything that looks like it a mile away. What avoiding that mostly means is just not trying to tell or to clumsily imply to people what they should think or feel. You just give them the facts and possibilities straight, maybe arrange in what order you present them if you want to guide a little in a certain direction, and let them come to the same conclusions as you by themselves. Subtlety. So long as you're not clearly manipulative (such as by skipping over relevant details they might know that work against your agenda), they'll feel smarter and like you respect them more.

It's sort of like how you're supposed to write academically, but you put more life into it.
No. 798046 ID: 2afc9c

As bullet points, then:

- Be humble; position your words as one man's opinions, nothing more.
- Encourage them to form their own opinions.
- Steer them towards the Visitor art exhibit as a good start, and suggest that having good conversations with Visitors couldn't hurt either.
No. 798753 ID: f9c86f

the wait is real
No. 798755 ID: 70983e

No. 800047 ID: f6ba27
File 149410508831.png - (5.66KB , 960x560 , 785.png )

"Hi, guys. Uh I'm not exactly a public speaker by habit. I guess those of you who have heard of me by reputation think I'm kind of more face to face."
A low rumble of in-on-it laughter.
"So thank you to Gillian and MoMA for letting me up on stage anyway. And for inviting the HVAO to this fantastic event. Can you tell it's my first gala?"
Another one.
"One of the reasons I'm here is that I think the mission of this institution and of the HVAO is in many ways the same, and it's one of cultural cross-pollination. My mother used to tell me: her family came to America in the 1850s, from Germany. They lost two on the journey over. My dad's dad came here in the wake of the fall of Saigon, one of the only males in his family to survive. And out of all that fire and smoke and pain that these clashes of culture and tectonic shifts bring, that's where we come from. That's where I come from. And when I think of Vietnam I don't get angry and think about Agent Orange or the Green Berets. I think about Bùi Xuân Phái's paintings of the old quarter in Hanoi. And when I'm not thinking with my art degree I think how I could really go for a Pork Banh Mi."
A genuine laugh this time.
"These are the kind of forces to which I owe my life, not just my job. But yknow if you don't like me, and I guess some people don't, just think about what I'm saying next time you order some Chipotle."
Genuine laugh 2.

"But if I can be a little more uh genuine for a second. My point I guess is that these are the things that last. This is what our lives are now. We aren't refighting the same wars again and again. We're eating each other's food now. We're watching each other's TV. I think that one of the keys to the kingdom, you could say, the way to understanding, is in artistic exchange. Uh something I learned about Visitor stories, one of the differences that really struck me, is how in our stories, speaking in broad terms, we read to empathize with the protagonist. To cheer them on when they fight the bad guy, or get the girl, or save the day. But Visitor stories, that's not really-- the divide isn't there. They want you to feel everyone. You're supposed to be happy for someone and sad for someone at the same time, or feel anger from two directions. And it's very rare to find a character with so little depth or value, I guess, that you just wish for their downfall on reflex. Without thinking about what and who they are. Which makes the happy ending the ending where everyone's happy. And there is no defeat. No epic victory by human standards but where there never really needs to be one. Because there's no need to win. There's just... living. And that touched me."
You take a beat. They're rapt.

"And if I can flog the MoMA for a second I seriously urge you all to check out the Golborian wing and look at what they've brought over. Not the instability or the scars from old wars but the art. The things that will last. Um and I should get off the stage soon so you can all see Megumi 9x542 perform, and back up what I'm failing to say here with some of the most amazing musicianship I've ever heard. But here's to the MoMA and the important work they're doing toward a final kind of understanding. And here's to all of you for supporting them. Uh thanks."

Considerable applause.
"Again Zack Nguyen of the HVAO! Zack that was wonderful." Gillian is back on the mic, cresting the ovation's tidal recession and beaming back at you. "But just before we bring up Ms. 9x542, if you could let those of us in the audience who want to know: what can all of us rich idiots do to help the HVAO's work? Besides invite you to parties and feed you foie gras?
No. 800066 ID: c31aac

"Help fund visitor-written media. Television, books, documentaries... help them get a foothold in telling their stories and spreading their artistry!"
No. 800076 ID: fc33ea

Don't endorse legislation that's supposed to solve problems that don't really exist. Grounding the floaters was bad, please, don't let it become a trend.
No. 800077 ID: 4260bc

These would solve SO many of our problems.
No. 800079 ID: 7b7ab3

And just try to treat the Visitors like people.
Because that's what they are.
No. 800081 ID: 595d54

I'm pretty sure that if people already knew how to do those we wouldn't be in this situation. Something more concrete would help.

Preventing anti-skut violence and enforcing bans on Visitor discrimination would be nice.
No. 800088 ID: 350a50

This, pretty much.
No. 800090 ID: bb78f2

Support Visitor arts and their spread. Don't just do Galas, lobby for Vistior Movie nights or Art Festivals at parks so the mass public can enjoy them and know them without needing money or connections.

Whatever Fosters relations between the cultures, that is HVAO's goal after all.
Also, maybe also date Visitors if you're single, swingers, polygamous, or experimenting in dalamuds and such.
Maybe me and my fellows in the program won't stick out so much if everyone's doing it. I mean, we'll all probably quickly lose our jobs once relations improve but hey, I can work at Starbucks if it means everyone's having fun with each other.
No. 800107 ID: c45f05

Support Visitor artistic and cultural advancement.
Lobby against damaging laws like that inhibitor bill.
Promote integration.