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File 148235652280.png - (67.94KB , 960x540 , 626.png )
767346 No. 767346 ID: f6ba27

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Enemy_Quest
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/81802.html
Previous Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/731264.html
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No. 767347 ID: f6ba27
File 148235654005.png - (14.08KB , 960x560 , 627.png )


You turn over, extract yourself from the pillows and a still-snoozing Bika, and open your eyes. GG's already up; her hat and pants hav disappeared from the nightstand. A Bika is at the door.
"Housekeeping," she says.
"Ha ha."
She points back out the doorway. "You got visitors."

"Good morning, Mr. Nguyen," Carlson says.
No. 767351 ID: 595d54

"Good morning, sir. What do I owe this pleasant surprise to?"
No. 767353 ID: 7b7ab3

"Good morning, Mr. Carlson. What can I do for you?"
No. 767354 ID: b412df

Did something happen?
No. 767355 ID: 398fe1

I dunno, that looks more like a human to me.
No. 767356 ID: d163e3

"Good morning, Mr. Carlson. You sus."
No. 767359 ID: 9ec936

Oh no.
What's wrong? He wouldn't be here if nothing was wrong. Is someone dead? Did somebody go missing? Are we in trouble? Is someone else in trouble
No. 767361 ID: 91ee5f

"Morning Meg. Morning Mr. Carlson."

Come on guys, at least acknowledge Meg's existence instead of only talking to Zack's boss.
No. 767362 ID: 309d35

Morning Carlson, morning Meg.

So, uh, what's going on?
No. 767366 ID: bb78f2

Meg! Carlson! ZOIDBERG!
You're all here, and you have the grimmest face. No offense, but it looks like your drinking nothing but pure shadows, sir.
No. 767368 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh! Right. Greet Meg, too. Of course.
No. 767375 ID: 4f58ed

"Oh, hey Meg. Mr. Carlson. Is something wrong?"
No. 767377 ID: f6ba27
File 148236056742.png - (7.35KB , 960x560 , 628.png )

"Good morning, sir. Morning, Meg."
"To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?"

"I think you're already aware." Carlson sticks his head out the door and looks both ways. "Miss Bika has kindly vacated the floor. If you'd turn off your cell phone, please?"

You power it down and surreptitiously power your other down too, as Carlson sticks a small black box on your nightstand and flips a blinking antenna out of it.
"What's that?" you ask.
"Portable tunnel," he says. "As in, can I call you back I am going through a tunnel. Just as a precaution. Now." He watches the blinking light. "You'll be pleased to hear that the program is no longer in imminent danger of shutdown."
"I sure am."
"You'll be less pleased to know that its primary function is now as a front for an interdimensional spy ring organized by Megumi 9x542. I would have preferred you not know this." He purses his lips. "But Meg, I understand, has already told you."
"They would have liked the option of turning me over and lying to you that I'd been reassigned," Meg says.
"As I said, Megumi--"
"I know what you've said, Carlson," Meg says. "I know what the appeasers have said too. And there's this thing called being honest to your boyfriend."
"Regardless," Carlson says. "Since you are aware of what is happening, we can't proceed without your consent to be part of it. Or your indication that you understand you will be a key part in espionage against Golboria with serious dimensional-political ramifications, your involvement in which, if uncovered, will place your life in extreme jeopardy. You are allowed to refuse. We would dismantle the operation and reevaluate."
No. 767379 ID: 595d54

No. 767380 ID: 4f58ed

We didn't get this far by being a coward.
We will continue. Bring on the challenge.
No. 767381 ID: 7b7ab3

Accept. What all is changing? Any new responsibilities?
No. 767382 ID: 3abd97

Funny, when we started, this whole thing was supposed to be about improving relations, not setting them up to fall apart.

>We would dismantle the operation and reevaluate
You would pretend to dismantle and find a way to work around me, you mean.

I'm already in this pretty deep, Carlson. Ain't gonna help no one one's safety much, even my own, if I back off now.
No. 767383 ID: 759b79

Accept, I mean if you wren't comfortable with all the spy stuff you wouldn't have kept pestering Bikka or told Meg about what you found out.
No. 767385 ID: 9f3729

Desperately try to stifle the "Man of course I want to be a spy I love james bond" line, graciously accept because really you don't have much else going on

Tell them you would like to know if the others are going to be in on this though
No. 767386 ID: 309d35

I won't let you down, sir.
No. 767387 ID: 094652

"Anything left for me back in my old life will likely be destroyed in the next five years if I don't help you guys prevent Visitor War II from happening.

I'm in."
No. 767388 ID: 7b7ab3

>Tell them you would like to know if the others are going to be in on this though
That's a very good question. Who all is in on this besides Meg and Zack? Poly I imagine, but what about GG and Bika?
No. 767391 ID: c05d60

"If you please, sir. The name's Nguyen. Zack Nguyen."
No. 767392 ID: 9145ba

I believe I understand. So, as the outward-facing successful test subject, I will continue my normal activities as a front while the rest of the organization tries a 'different approach'?
No. 767397 ID: 91ee5f

>Visitor War II
Yeah, and we already know that the last war had humans hilariously outmatched. The only reason it ended was because the Visitors felt bad about how hard they were kicking the human's asses.

If there is a second war it might actually be a fair fight, with humans and visitors vs the Kariket and his loyal followers.
No. 767401 ID: f6ba27
File 148236707902.png - (89.62KB , 960x560 , 629.png )

"I'm already in this deep enough," you say. "It won't help anybody's safety if I back out now, least of all mine."
"I suppose not," Carlson says. "All right, Mr. Nguyen. Welcome to the great game."
"Are the others going to be in on this?" you ask. "Bika and GG and Poly?"
Carlson shakes his head. "The less they know, the safer they'll be. And the fewer variables, the better. I understand if that makes you uncomfortable."
"It does."
"I understand. But you are still not going to tell them."

"What's all this changing?" you ask. "Do I have new responsibilities?"
"Not as such," Carlson says. "But it was agreed, in the discussion Megumi and I had with my associates in the branches of government we are now collaborating with, that Megumi's cover will be better served with a more... outward display."
"What does that mean?"
"That it's time to go public, Mr. Nguyen. You've been keeping an admirably low profile; but a low profile is not what will convince the Floater Collective, or the zeitgeist, that this program has and deserves the support it does. I'm not suggesting that you become an undue celebrity, Zack; but you've erred too much on the side of caution. The HVAO is willing to provide rides and security in any capacity you require. Decide on a public profile; control how and when you show your face; but we need you to show your face. This is all to say that there is an upcoming fall benefit gala at the Museum of Modern Art. And it is my suggestion that Megumi and yourself attend. Two seats can be arranged for."
"This is why I wanted to bring Carlson," Meg says. "So you didn't think this was just my idea to make you take me to fancy dinner."
Carlson's lips are so thin they're in danger of vanishing.
"It's a fucking joke, Carlson," Meg says.
No. 767411 ID: 9f3729

"Well, for starters, might help us out to start making more public appearances. Perhaps start with some coincidental sightings at the movies, innocuous stuff, then build up some reputation for charity work."

Should we mention the visitor aid program stuff we're doing?
No. 767412 ID: 7b7ab3

The gala sounds good.
It's going to be tough keeping a lid on all this, but it has to be done. We don't want to put the girls in any more danger.
No. 767415 ID: 9ec936

The main problem for Zack is going to be balancing his responsibilities to the HVAO with his responsibilities to the dulabira.
Keeping it all a secret may prove difficult. GG is unlikely to pry, but Bika is a nosy little thing. We'll have to be extra cautious around her.
I don't even know about Poly anymore.
Anyway, that's all in the future. For now we should just carry on as normal and go about our day.
No. 767416 ID: 6612fa

sounds fun
No. 767419 ID: 91ee5f

Unless there's going to be secret stuff happening at the gala, I don't see why the whole dulabira can't come.

Well, it has been a while since we've been with Meg, so maybe it would be good to get some solo time with her? I don't know!
No. 767420 ID: 2ea648

Let's just ask!

Which is preferable: full squad or not?
No. 767421 ID: 3abd97

So James Bond here needs a hot date she can show off to maintain her cover. I'm the Bond girl in the movie of our life.
No. 767423 ID: 49978d

I'm not sure how expert we'll be at "choosing a face"; the only thing I can think to say on that front is, the closer to reality the easier it will be to present, so I'd say we should talk to our friends and lovers a bit to find out what the best spin on our "face" would be that we would find easy enough to manage.

... Before that portable tunnel goes, I think we should ask for a private moment with Megumi. We need to give more solid details about the whole "kariket mind control" thing to someone who can use that info especially after the end of the last chapter, we trust Meg, and Poly did sort of give us permission to talk about the dreams to other members of the dulabira if they were disturbing us. If we were threatening to reveal anything of Poly's past or secrets by doing so, I'd restrain myself, but the kariket dream revealed nothing about her and I'd bet she'd be thrilled to know she was undermining him, if we could manage to talk clearly to her about it. Meg is the person to talk to.

Plus then we might also be able to talk over the general Poly issue with Meg. No-one besides Zack and Poly know about their current trouble, after all, and Zack presenting a nice public face might be problematic if he's currently going through a rocky patch with one of his ladies, much less the possibly most influential one. If things were good with her, for example, she'd be a candidate for helping out at this gallery exhibition. She might be there anyway, actually, on her own dime. We'll want to lay out the possibility of some frost, there, in case that's true.
No. 767427 ID: 8963ff

Honestly I can't help but feel slightly betrayed but these recent developments, suddenly going from being responsible to building relationships between humanity and Visitors to now into the clearly dangerous realm of government espionage. I think its mostly from a combination of Meg refusing to talk to us and all the crap going on with Poly.

Still though, definitely NOT going to let those feelings get in the way of this. We've already gone this far, and Zach has four wonderful women he love to where he is willing to do anything for, so becoming a spy is really the next step up for him.

Thus, the next question that should be asked......

Is this banquet going to be formal, and can it be business casual? XD
No. 767428 ID: f6ba27
File 148237366206.png - (7.58KB , 960x560 , 630.png )

"Can everyone come?" you ask.
"Beyond the questionable optics of that decision, I will remind you that tickets to galas at the MoMA do not grow on trees, Mr. Nguyen," Carlson says. "Not without the addition of a great deal of pulp processing, ink, and a surcharge. The American taxpayer will happily provide you with two seats. If you wish to bring someone besides Megumi that's your prerogrative."
"Isn't it really great, Carlson, when you're comfortable enough with someone else you can joke around with them," Meg says.
"I have to be going," Carlson says. "It's not a good idea to draw this out. Will there be anything else?"
No. 767430 ID: 2ea648

Just Zack and Meg. Got it.

Are we still supposed to learn more about the Visitors? Not like a spy, but like we have been. Because it's really been paying off.

Will they want to know anything about the girls? Because GG's only secret is her thing for subbing, Bika has plenty of secrets that need to stay secret, and Poly is a big, hot mess of enigmas.
No. 767432 ID: 398fe1

This sounds like something Poly would love. Maybe it's time to give her a call.
No. 767433 ID: 49978d

Ask him to leave the portable tunnel for a moment so we can talk to Megumi.

Or just ask Megumi to stay for a moment. The middle of a skut hive is probably impossible to bug, but if Carlson's worried enough to have brought the portable tunnel here then maybe it is necessary.

Then talk to Megumi about kariket secrets, oculot dreams and polyphema love troubles, as I already described >>767423
No. 767435 ID: 309d35

I think it would be rude to snub Meg, though.
No. 767436 ID: 91ee5f

>GG's only secret is her thing for subbing
Do not say that out loud because GG will literally kill Zack by ripping out his spine.
No. 767437 ID: c441c1

Instead of meg I think this is the perfect chance to give Poly a call and invite her to something that she might like more.
No. 767440 ID: 9145ba

They're spying on the Golborians, not Golborian defectors. All the girls' secrets, including Meg's, are safe with us.

A light chuckle at Megumi's joke and a ten-four to Carlson. Yes, it's time we started getting out and about again.
No. 767446 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, now that I think about it, how much money does Zack have saved up? He's been getting paid this whole time right? Maybe Zack actually can afford those extra tickets for the other girls.

He would need to be able to afford 5 or 6 extra tickets to bring the other girls. 1 for GG, 1 for Poly, and 3 or 4 for Bika.
No. 767454 ID: b69589

>Are we still supposed to learn more about the Visitors? Not like a spy, but like we have been. Because it's really been paying off.
I sure hope so! That's the best part of the job. Besides the sex, of course.

>Will they want to know anything about the girls? Because GG's only secret is her thing for subbing, Bika has plenty of secrets that need to stay secret, and Poly is a big, hot mess of enigmas.
Reveal nothing! The girls' secrets are their secrets, and that's how it should be.
No. 767456 ID: 398fe1

Well I figure Poly may be able to get a ticket on her own dime. She's rich, isn't she?

Or that, yeah, Zack may be able to just buy one for Poly with his own income levels.

NOTE: I strongly object to trying to bring Bika since she would either be alone and unable to enjoy anything, or have to bring a bunch of other Bikas and that would raise lots of questions and be very expensive. It isn't GG's thing either. So it's just Meg and Poly.
No. 767469 ID: f6ba27
File 148238602004.png - (9.63KB , 960x560 , 632.png )

"Do you think I can afford extra tickets?" you ask.
"This is a Gala at the MoMA, Zackary," Carlson says. "You need to be invited to actually buy the invitations. And I seriously doubt they are used to the etiquette of hosting alien polygamy so please. As a personal favor. Do not bring the whole circus."
"Fine. Gosh." You shake your head. "I still have the rest of my job, right? The cultural exchange part?"
"It is," Carlson says. "Now may I?"
"Can you leave the tunnel thing here?" you ask. "I need to talk to Meg one on one."
Carlson looks like he's about to refuse, then shrugs. "Fine. Megumi should hold onto it anyway. It will be necessary. Thank you both for your service. If you'll excuse me, Zack. Megumi."
"Bye, Carlson," you say. Meg inclines her head in a vaguely farewellish motion.

As soon as he's out of the room she goes wheee and sweeps you into a ballroom pirouette. "The MOMA. A GALA. Doing spy shit." She whispers the last part, bobbing around you.
"You're awfully calm about this whole thing," you say.
"Because I know I can do it," Meg says. "I've been doing it for a while. And now I have a partner. Do you know how to dance?"
"Ballroom dance? Uhh not really."
"Then you gotta take me," Meg says. "I have no feet to step on."

1]] Sounds like a plan.
2]] I was thinking of taking someone else.
3]] Tell her about the fight you had with Poly.
4]] Tell her about the Kariket dream she gave you.
5]] Shut off the portable tunnel so you can get texts and calls again.
6]] _______________

((As a reminder: Megumi has been told about the Kariket's mind control, but not how Zack knows about it.))
No. 767471 ID: 094652

6) "This will be easy. I literally cannot step on your feet. Just focus on spinning and I'll kick stuff."

Then 3. She might know how to fix this.

... Also, has it occurred to you that the Kariket dominated Jack because he caught a trace of you dreaming into his past and heard "-ack, time to wake up"? Might be something worth hinting about to Meg.
No. 767472 ID: 9ec936

1 and 3.
No. 767473 ID: c441c1

6: why don't we try sneaking meg into the gala since she wants to be a super spy and inviting poly out with the ticket.
No. 767474 ID: 7b7ab3

1, 3, and 5.
Not 4. We haven't broken that promise yet, and we don't need to be making a habit of breaking promises.
Especially not now that Zack's a SUPER SPY.
No. 767475 ID: 90f3c0

1, 3
No. 767476 ID: 49978d

4, 3. For sure.

We need to tell someone who can do something about it, and give them what they need to do something about it - details. Along with other information that could be used to undermine the kariket, details of his madness and the reason for it, how the mind control power works, et cetera, which telling her about the whole dream will do. It will not reveal anything about Poly's personal history, and she did give us permission to talk about the fact that the dreams happen, in themselves, to other members of the dulabira. I am also sure that Poly would want to deliver information that could undermine the kariket's nefarious plans, if she knew said information herself (I think she doesn't) and that there was someone to give it to (Meg). Poly has repeatedly demonstrated no desire to be secretive about her weird mind powers so long as her personal past isn't revealed, which it won't be.

Since Megumi will probably think to ask Poly for backup on the dreams being a thing, we can also take the opportunity to talk about the problem with Poly and what generally went down there, both because Poly may turn up at this showing by herself and Meg will need to know the situation between her and Zack, and also because Zack probably needs to talk to someone about it anyway. If need be we can confirm the dreams' truth by asking GG about the veracity of the events that we dreamed of in her childhood.

Let's please not take any chances of letting the kariket get away with his bullshit.
No. 767477 ID: 595d54

1 and 3, no 4.
No. 767478 ID: 4cef42

1, 3, 5
No. 767479 ID: 91ee5f

Hopefully it doesn't turn into a Ballroom Blitz where everybody is fighting.
No. 767485 ID: f6ba27
File 148239059840.png - (15.26KB , 960x560 , 634.png )

"Sounds like a plan," you say. "That frees up my feet to kick the other guests."
She giggles. "Just follow my lead." She waltzes you slowly around the room. "I'm surprised Poly hasn't made you learn this stuff."
"Yeah." You hesitate. "About Poly..."
"We kind of had a fight."

"Wait wait wait." You follow Meg down the stairs. "I think-- I haven't messaged her yet or anything."
"Well if you do tell her I'm coming over." Meg kicks her boosters into a brighter gear.
"You don't even know what this is-- it was complicated!"
"No it's not. She's being an idiot."
"What are you going to say to her?"
"I'll think about it on the way." Meg pecks a waiter Bika on the cheek as she passes. "Bye, babes. I'm going to Poly's."
"Oh!" He rebalances his tray. "Are we still on for later?"
She half-spins and flashes him the thumbs up, then guns it out the door."
"MEG," you call after her. "At least don't go in the No Fly Zone!"
She's gone.

Now that you're out of the Tunnel your phone buzzes. You take it out to distract yourself.
:krin: Hi! It's Krin from yesteday! I just wanted to say thank you again for the save! Seriously thank you so much. You were a knight in shining Uber.
:krin: I was wondering if you wanted me to buy you a coffee or something as a token of my gratitude!
:krin: You know since you don't like apple juice :)

You check the time. It's a little after ten on Saturday. What are you going to do with the morning?

1]] Text Meg and try to get her to turn around.
2]] Hang out with Bika.
3]] Find GG and go around the neighborhood with her.
4]] Do some advocate work.
5]] Reply in the affirmative to Krinsteszj and go get coffee.
6]] Text or call Polyphema.
7]] _______________
No. 767487 ID: 595d54

Tell her apple juice is boss and you'd like to hang at her place.

Seriously m7s it doesn't have to be sexual, we're trying to be higher-profile with this shit, and apple juice is gr8.
No. 767488 ID: c441c1

text poly telling her meg is coming grab a Bika or two and see if GG is available and go and have a coffee with the sheep.
No. 767490 ID: 9145ba

That was never promised and I don't understand why you'd bring this misconception back where more people will be confused by it.

Ooh, I can't not 2. Retrieve the tunnel device and text Meg she forgot 'her stuff' back there. You'll have it for safekeeping.
No. 767491 ID: 7b7ab3

1 and 6 first. Try to get a handle on the situation.

Then a combination of 2, 3, and 5. Grab a few Bikas, find The Red Menace (GG), then go hang out with Krinsteszj because we need a freaking break.
No. 767492 ID: ec849f

No. 767506 ID: eb3cf7

Guys, no no no. Let Meg do her thing--it might actually help. We won't see consequences for it either way, probably. Let her go. Accept the apple juice invite, 'cause why not, might be fun.
No. 767507 ID: 91ee5f

I think Krinsteszj's invite for coffee was just for Zack, not an invitation for Zack to bring others with him.
No. 767508 ID: 91ee5f

>Let Meg do her thing--it might actually help.
Also, this.
No. 767509 ID: b69589

Shit. We've only just started and we're already fucking up.
Focus. Alright. 1 and 6. If we can't convince Meg to stop, then we have to make sure Poly doesn't do something regrettable.
And I guess accept Krin's invitation. Maybe an outside source can help the madness that is our life.
No. 767510 ID: 595d54

Christ, nothing's happened, relax. Meg's a spy, she's actually good at dealing with people. She'll be fine.
No. 767514 ID: 49978d


A spy you'd expect to gather all relevant info on hand before running off into action. Also to recognize there might be a reason Zack wanted to keep the communication blocker to talk to her. What even happened there, did Meg literally just fly off as soon as soon as Zack mentioned they had a fight? Was that line break supposed to imply Zack telling her anything? I'm confused.

Text Meg that the fight was about Poly's worry about Zack finding out her past and if she just flies in Poly might get the wrong idea and you were really hoping to reconcile more carefully.
No. 767520 ID: 6ea739

>1]] Text Meg and try to get her to turn around.
Failing that, we can take the opportunity to explain the situation to her. Maybe we can prevent a disaster.
>6]] Text or call Polyphema.
Tell her Meg is coming, and that we told her about the fight. We didn't reveal any private information or any information at all really. Meg took off before we could explain. Apologize for that and for last night. It was not our finest moment.
5]] Reply in the affirmative to Krinsteszj and go get coffee.
Once we've (hopefully) got things managed, let's go get coffee with Krin. Some time away from work would be good.
No. 767521 ID: fe9fb8

5 but without bringing everyone to a clearly private invitation morons
No. 767529 ID: eb3cf7

Guys Poly doesn't require an explanation. Meg will be fine. It'll be fine. Just accept the coffee invite and do nothing else.
No. 767530 ID: eb3cf7

I think a lot of our relationship problems are about trying to maintain too much control. It REALLY doesn't work and makes us seem like a neurotic freak. Let it go.
No. 767532 ID: fceae5

No. 767534 ID: b15da4

Meg's a she, not an it!
Let's do 4, meet new faces. Does Bika ever work directly with advocates?
No. 767535 ID: fe9fb8

Definitely this. You people need to take a breath and calm down. We constantly get in trouble for second-guessing our girlfriends. It's not like Meg can make it any worse and poly will figure out we didn't tell her anything. She's not dumb.
Also 5
No. 767536 ID: 8963ff

When I saw Krin's icon, I thought we were talking to a one-eyed sheep for a second. XD

Do 6 first, just to give Poly a heads up that Meg will be coming over. No need to do 1, because we should be confident that Meg can handle it. 2, 3, and 5 should be next. Just grab a few Bikas on break, pick up GG, and just hang out until the time to meet up with Krin, again just to hang out. And in case whatever stalker she mentioned the last time is still around......
No. 767542 ID: 595d54

7. Send nudes

Fuck it, changing my earlier vote
No. 767545 ID: d163e3

Respond to the text with "I've got a lot going on right now. Maybe I'll hit you up."

Wait a few days, then come on with a stronger date suggestion where you're buying. Upper scale venue, maybe a little dressy. Make her feel like she is unimportant and imposing on you so that she craves your attention and approval, then unexpectedly make her feel special so that she explodes for the dick.

Repeat this process until you are tired of her.
No. 767547 ID: b15da4

I'm tired already, though.

"New fone who dis"
No. 767549 ID: f2baf4

6. Call Poly, apologize for everything, tell her Meg is coming, and ask her not to kill her no matter how aggravating she may become.

Then 5.
No. 767554 ID: 595d54

We should only call Poly when we're in the middle of having sex with Krin. And we can tell her that we found a replacement for her who doesn't have nearly as much emotional baggage.

Good luck, Smik
No. 767555 ID: fe9fb8

Calling Poly to warn her is a terrible idea. If she knows why Meg is coming she'll just slam the door in her face. Can we please just trust Meg?
No. 767557 ID: 91ee5f

You are a very terrible person.
No. 767559 ID: a523fb

It's a comedy suggestion on a sex quest. You need to chill. And take it to my questdis.
No. 767583 ID: a523fb
File 148244007926.png - (16.72KB , 583x232 , XfWxbx.png )

You hurriedly text Meg:

>i really want to reconcile more carefully Meg this is complicated

You text Poly:

>Meg is coming over about our fight. I didnt tell her any details but she took off before i could explain anything. Im sorry

You text Krin:

>Sounds good! Mind if I bring a few friends?

Your phone buzzes almost immediately. You're getting a lot of texts.

:meg: chill dude

:meg: im not going to call her an idiot to her face or anything

:krin: I don't have the salary to buy coffee for everyone! Lol

:krin: But I would love to meet them another time!

:meg: Zack you fucking dumbass

She's sent you an image screenshot. You open it up.

:meg: why the fuck did you do this. she needs to talk to people who arent you
No. 767585 ID: 595d54

Didn't we put confidence at #1? Hopefully that lets Zack start ignoring a certain type of suggestion soon.

Anyway, accept the fucking date with Krin without trying to bring anyone over and tell Meg you're sorry for "your" control issues.
No. 767586 ID: 0555b9


I sentence you to community service. Text Bika's advocacy hotline with a question. "What has three wheels and control issues?" (It's Zack. I lied about the wheels. 'Reliant Robin' is also an acceptable answer.)
No. 767588 ID: 2169b1

For fuck's sake, do this do this do this.
No. 767590 ID: 6ea739

Text Meg that we're sorry. We're fucking up a lot lately, and it's totally on us. We're so afraid that something terrible is going to happen that we're causing more problems than we're fixing. She's right that we need to step back and chill out. Nothing's going to get better if we keep jumping at every, little shadow. If she has any advice on what to do next, we're all ears.

Oh, and text Krin that it's cool. We'll be glad to hang out mano-a-visitor.
No. 767591 ID: 49978d

We shouldn't be apologizing to Poly so much, the whole thing went down the way it did because she's so paranoid about her past being discovered. Zack didn't do anything wrong beyond being a goddamn idiot in how he presented the whole thing, the principles of the whole thing were and are sound. Zack needs to stop being intimidated by his girlfriends so much and stick up for himself sometimes. He's made mistakes but he's getting treated like a child, first by Poly and now by Meg. It's not right and he shouldn't put up with it.

Text back: "Because I really seriously don't think you'll be able to help properly without knowing everything first, please come back here so I can talk to you about it in private like I intended to."
No. 767592 ID: 595d54

>Text back: "Because I really seriously don't think you'll be able to help properly without knowing everything first, please come back here so I can talk to you about it in private like I intended to."

Jesus fucking christ no Meg is a spy she does this shit for a living and she's 100 times better at this than Zack has been lately

Also that just worsens the damn control issue shit
No. 767593 ID: 0555b9

Did you miss the part where this behavior just caused us to fall flat on our face? It's time to STOP.
No. 767594 ID: 7b7ab3


We might be able to salvage it. We could ask GG to check up on Poly and make sure she's okay. They're pretty tight, so it's probably a better idea anyway.
No. 767599 ID: 49978d


Zack's "control issues" which I doubt exist in the first place aren't a problem, the problem is him acting like some sort of pathetic wishy-washy mea culpa sobs merchant who keeps presenting himself in a way that makes people go off on him. Most of what he's been trying to do is the right thing, it's just that he's not doing it the right way. He just needs to try get this done right, not give up just because it's hard, even if it's emotionally stressful. I can't remember the last time we got a lick of bloody courage out of him, and that's supposed to be his strength!
No. 767600 ID: 6612fa

most of you guys are starting to get controlling of the relationships in this story. ya all need to chill and let them do their things
meg goes over to polys with little info the only person meg can get mad at over that is meg.
poly might get mad at us initially but she would realize meg did this on her own and would give an avenue for further dialogue exchange.
No. 767601 ID: 0555b9

The right thing to do is leave it the hell alone.
No. 767602 ID: 595d54

You are literally objectively wrong please get some self-awareness
No. 767603 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 767604 ID: 4824b2

No. 767605 ID: 9f3729

"Sorry you're right and I'm being weird I know but aaaa"
we are anxious about making it worse yet that anxiety is paralyzing us from letting someone help, let us not do that
No. 767609 ID: 9145ba

I think we need a refresher course on talking to people. It's okay, if you don't use a skill it atrophies over time. Go do some advocacy work for Bika.
No. 767614 ID: 350a50

'Meg its my fuckup, i can't have other ppl fix it for me. i don't want to keep you from hanging with Poly, it's just something i feel like i need to do.'
No. 767632 ID: 6abca6

'forgive meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im panicking hardcore because everything is piling up and she's so upset and it's because of me and i don't know what to do and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'
No. 767634 ID: bb78f2

I am a dumbass.
I don't think responses through and I just make them.
I have, after all, headbutted two warriors in my lifetime.

Meg, you could try singing to her. She loves your music.
No. 767635 ID: 9145ba

Just calm down, melting down further won't help things.
No. 767640 ID: 2120ee

Text Meg: "Right, shit. good point to make when I was trying to get you to take 3 seconds to talk about it. I'm being an idiot about it too, Meg."

Communication is sort of nice, even if Zack is doing it shitty lately. He very clearly expressed an interest to Meg to talk his drama, but she blew him off. And not in the fun way; heck, that would have been productive.

Zack's not a mindreader, and Meg's actual action plan isn't immediately recognizable as matching anything, of the very little, she said. I don't see why her dumb reaction to the situation is any more forgivable than Zack's dumb reaction to the situation.
No. 767642 ID: 350a50


Zack's greatest aspect is composure and confidence, not his least aspect.
No. 767648 ID: f6ba27
File 148246200370.png - (11.99KB , 960x560 , 635.png )

>im sorry youre right and i know im being weird but aaaaa
>shes so upset and im panicking

:meg: ZACK. take a breath and stop trying to micromanage everything your girlfriends do. you are not my boss and the world is not ending yet.

:meg: listen you need to trust me

:meg: im still going to polys. she needs to know she has friends. she probably thinks youve turned us all on her and your text did not help

>I thought she said to leave her be

:meg: what poly says and what she needs are different things

:krin: So coffee? For 2?

:krin: I'm not working today or anything so I can go whenever. Even if coffee is a morning thing. Afternoon coffee is good too.

:krin: Love an afternoon caf

Bika touches your arm and you jump out of your skin.
"Is everything OK?" he asks. "You've been on your phone in the middle of the kitchen for like 5 minutes."
"Things have been better," you say.

1]] Tell Meg she can't go to Poly's.
2]] Wish Meg luck.
3]] Tell Krin that coffee sounds great.
4]] Tell Krin you can't make it today.
5]] Tell Krin that your friends can pay for themselves.
6]] ________________
No. 767649 ID: 595d54

2 and 3. Absolutely not anything else.
No. 767650 ID: 9145ba

2 & 4. You guys are in no state to fluff the sheep.
No. 767651 ID: 6abca6

2 & 3.
We are going to have a platonic coffee break with a new friend to recharge the Nguyen magic.
This is a necessity.
No. 767652 ID: 350a50


6) Go work out with GG after work. You need catharsis.
No. 767656 ID: 595d54

>p l a t o n i c
No. 767660 ID: 7b7ab3

>2]] Wish Meg luck.
'augh. alright. just be careful ok? she's not in a good place. don't let her set you on fire. good luck. love you.'

>3]] Tell Krin that coffee sounds great.
'krin. new friend. i need a break. a nice, quiet, platonic, stress free, non-work related break. plz drink caf wit me.'

>6]] Tell Bika you're taking a coffee break.
No. 767664 ID: f2919d

Dude. We're having a hard enough time with the ladies we're already dating. We don't need more complications.
No. 767667 ID: 9f3729

Do not mention platonic in any sense, but do this
No. 767669 ID: 595d54

I respect your opinion but I disagree.
No. 767670 ID: 350a50

I reject your decree, despite that I agree.
No. 767675 ID: f6ba27

I'm not really sure what this is a vote for
No. 767677 ID: 408024

No. 767679 ID: dea742

2) You're right, I'm sorry. I just feel like this is my fault. Good luck.
No. 767697 ID: 0987d8

2 and 3 are a must. That brainfart previously shows the stress is starting to mount and we need to decompress.

I agree with whoever said to workout with GG as 6. Some exercise might help.
No. 767700 ID: 49978d

6) Tell Bika about all your problems and what caused them and what you should do about it, because apparently you need your girlfriends to think and do everything for you, never question anything they do or tell you to do and fall over yourself apologizing for being a miserable wretch at the first sign of difficulty in you every attempt to do anything that doesn't involve your dick!! I'm sure everyone will love it, and everything will turn out for the better without your involvement!!!
No. 767701 ID: 9f3729

1 nega-vote for this salty pill of a suggestion
No. 767703 ID: 83f366

tell bika about sheepcoffee, make sure it's a thing that is actually ok.
No. 767704 ID: 49978d


Well, since I don't seem to be able to make any other suggestions without either getting roundly ignored or having other suggestors/the quest itself twist it into a fuckup for bullshit reasons, I've decided to become the embodiment of Zack's self-loathing! Now the rest of you don't have to do it!!

btw Zack you're a parasite sucking on your loved ones for everything that makes you look like you have any personal worth just fyi
No. 767737 ID: cc78db

No. 767739 ID: c57f6b

2 & 4

Is going out with another oculot after we almost broke up with Poly a good idea (even if it is platonic)?
No. 767757 ID: f6ba27

That's not a gimmick I need in my suggestions and if you keep it up you're going to be banned from posting in this quest!!
No. 767764 ID: b15da4

2, 4 (6, 8, who do we appreciate?)
No. 767771 ID: 91ee5f

>who do we appreciate?
Well, there's women (and men if you count male Bikas) in the dulabira, the HVAO for supporting us and not dropping us from the program as soon as things started getting bad, Zack's human friends that are rarely seen or heard from, but fully support Zack's new lifestyle and are not racists towards Visitors. Am I missing anything?
No. 767781 ID: 49978d


Yeah, ok. I wasn't really being serious, just annoyed.

I am actually kind of serious about suggesting Zack talk to Bika about it.
No. 767784 ID: 350a50

It was mainly just a joke.
No. 767889 ID: 987bda

2, 3, 5. Bring some Bika with you, and explain the problem along the way.
No. 767890 ID: 987bda

To Bika. Before you meet up with Krin.
No. 767938 ID: 9f0bca

2,3,6: Talk to Bika before you meet up with Krin.
No. 767956 ID: 9f0bca

I honestly dunno if I want to be just platonic with Krin or not. She seems pretty keen and may genuinely not be that interested in just being friends- we shouldn't be unprepared for that. Honestly I expect we'll finally end up deciding what we want when we go see her. :v
No. 767970 ID: 16bad7
File 148261485589.png - (53.76KB , 960x560 , 636.png )

>good luck
:meg: I dont need luck
:meg: well maybe i do we'll see

You sigh and close your phone. "Just some interdimensional politics," you say to Bika.
"Is all not well in Zackland?" Bika asks.
"They've been better. I just hope Meg isn't in over her head."
"She's smart," Bika says. "Blunt but smart. We're going on a date thing later."
"I thought you were already dating."
He blushes. "Not exactly. It was kind of spontaneous."
"Well I'm actually about to go have coffee," you say. "With that Oculot I helped out yesterday."
Bika grins. "I knew it!"
"I knew you couldn't resist Visitor poonani," a chef Bika says as she squeezes past you.
"Who said anything about poonani. This is about coffee." You pocket your phone. "But uhh is that ok? Getting coffee?"
"This is with-- what's her name?" Onion Bika slows his chopping as the collective thinks. "The publishing lady?"
"Krin, uh... Krin can't pronounce it."
"Krinstezj Sulesso." Waiter Bika snaps his fingers. "The poet's daughter."
"You know her?"
"I know her father. She asked you for coffee?"
"Hmmm. He told me she's a complete workaholic." He rubs his chin. "I approve."
"Of what, exactly?"
"Coffee, of course."

It's the first day in a while that reminds you Fall is coming. There's a brisk note of cool on the wind.
Krin is waiting for you outside The Bean, joe already in hand. She sees you coming, beams her megawatt beam when she sees it's just you, and waves excitedly.
No. 767971 ID: 2fffb5

Ask how she's been. Don't fucking start talking about our current girlfriends or woes or try to bring them around.
No. 767976 ID: 374706

Wave back and join her.
No. 767994 ID: 9f3729

"Hey, sup! Great timing on that offer, been needing a day off for a while now."
No. 768006 ID: ccd015

No. 768019 ID: 350a50


If she asks how you've been, be honest about things being kinda crummy, but don't go into details. If she pries just say it's nothing important.
No. 768023 ID: dd6950

Let's wave back, order our coffee, then go join her.
No. 768030 ID: 1ae636

No. 768031 ID: 9f0bca

Yeah, Keep It Light is like, the number one rule for starting a conversation with a new acquaintance, and not going into relationship woes has to be the second one. (Doubly so on a first date.) We can absolutely have a deeper conversation about our dreams/life goals/how mixed up things seem right now, but not right at the start, and we shouldn't dump our personal drama onto her.

Anyhow, we should wave back, order our coffee and go join her. Ask her how work's been. We could also talk about how hectic but interesting it's been being an Advocate, actually, as long as we don't divulge personal details.

(Also for some reason I now wonder if Krin is actually a Golborian agent in deep cover. On a meta-level she seems pretty well designed to appeal to the playerbase's biases, and I'd probably include myself in that. :p)
No. 768039 ID: 7b7ab3

Wave, order, sit.

"Heya, Krin. Thanks for having me. I needed a break."
No. 768056 ID: 9328cf

What they said.
No. 768069 ID: 193305

Order decaf.
For health reasons.
No. 768073 ID: 9f3729

haha screw that, get a double-shot dirty chai up in here
No. 768078 ID: e22b1d

Second that dirty ass chai
No. 768085 ID: 350a50

>Not hot chocolate
No. 768089 ID: 3b108e

>not pouring every drink into a bucket and chugging it
No. 768106 ID: 26c001

looking good, i also approve of this coffee
No. 768109 ID: 16bad7
File 148265640962.png - (51.46KB , 960x560 , 637.png )

You wave back, and hold up a finger to indicate you'll be right there.
"Morning, my man." The barista is a particularly barista-looking barista, from v-neck to manbun. "What can I get you?"
"Can I get a large double dirty chai latte?"
"Filthy chai. Word." He plucks a cup from the stack. "You're not Krin's dude, are you?"
"I am. Is something wrong?"
"Naw." He starts up the frother. "Just thought you wouldn't have as many eyeballs."

"Hiii!" Krin scoots back and tucks her legs in as you sit across from her. You find yourself surprised again by how short she is. Maybe it's because of her gangly limbs but she seems taller from further away. "Whatcha having?"
"Chai latte with a lot of espresso in it."
"No way! Like that stuff is my blood. Rolf makes it amazingly. That's the barista you got. Isn't Rolf the most like-- barista name?"
"I was gonna say. He looks like a paragon of his craft."
"The zenith of caffeinesmith!"
"So is that chai?"
"Oh no this is decaf." She sets it down on the table between you. "Please don't judge me."
"I'm kind of judging you."
"I knooow. I feel like a like mom. But I'm trying to detox on the weekends. Like I wasn't hooked before this job? or anything? but they have free coffee and fuck-you deadlines so like. I'm a junkie now. Wait!" She puts a hand on her chest. "I was supposed to pay for your thing! Shoot!"

1]] That's ok. I can soak this one.
2]] That's ok. I'm way overpaid.
3]] That's ok. Just getting to relax and chat over coffee is payment enough.
4]] That's ok. Just getting to see you again is payment enough.
5]] You can pay for the next one. It is definitely a 2-coffee kind of day for me.
6]] I guess you'll have to find some other way to thank me for maybe saving your life.
7]] Make it clear through a certain level of polite distance that this is not in any way meant to be a date.
8]] So Rolf told me I'm your dude now apparently.
9]] Aren't you kind of chilly today?
10]] You look nice today.
11]] Talk to her about ____________.
No. 768110 ID: 9f3729

2 + 5 and a negavote for 7 since this kind of bubbly positivity could be a very good thing for the dulabira. I imagine them and big red biceps would get along famously, and she might be a good help with our other oculot once she pulls out of her funk a bit.
No. 768111 ID: c24cee

No. 768112 ID: 350a50

this and also 5
No. 768116 ID: 26c001

No. 768119 ID: 9328cf

No. 768122 ID: 7b7ab3

3. Keep it simple.
No. 768123 ID: 193305

Just 3.
No. 768124 ID: f43a09

Also 8, but only because it's funny.
No. 768126 ID: 326fa0

2, 4, 7, 11) "If a new type of alien colony ship crash-landed on Earth right now with anything but conquest on their mind and too afraid of some greater threat to think about anything but joining forces with anything they could and escaping to the furthest reaches of subspace, do you think Earth and/or Golboria would ally with them just to help declare war on the other planet?" And other stupid hypotheticals.
No. 768131 ID: 9145ba

2, 7, 10, 9. Maybe it's another Visitor thing, maybe she's just one of those aberrations that can wear shorts in winter. Could go either way.
No. 768135 ID: dea742

So, we talked about making some kind of press statement before but Carlson discouraged it. Now he wants our face out there and we have someone sitting in front of us who sounded really interested in writing about Zack. Sounds like fate.

1, 5, 9, 11 (casually broach the subject of doing some kind of write-up on the soon-to-be-famous Zack Nguyen)
No. 768137 ID: f43a09

There's actually something I'd like for us to ask her: what's up with the purple? We had absolutely no idea oculots could be that color. Is it racist to ask?
No. 768138 ID: 6950cc

No. 768142 ID: f9c797

3. Also this >>768137.
No. 768148 ID: 309d35

Don't worry, Uncle Sam's paying for this one.
No. 768150 ID: 3b108e

Probably not mention Uncle Sam or the job unless she brings it up. Don't want to discuss work at a date, after all.
No. 768156 ID: 350a50

That's actually a good point. Krin could help us get out there in the media without handing a complete stranger reign over our first impression.

Did... did kome just make a suggestion that sounds mostly rational? Is kome's character development actually happening?

I'm actually interested how she would react to this question, and it might make a good ice breaker to start conversation.
No. 768165 ID: 8963ff

3, maybe 2 as well, 8, 9, and 11: Ask her to recommend any new books that may come out of her publishing house.
No. 768236 ID: 9f0bca


Let's start with 3., and maybe 2. as a joke. Then move onto 8. but clearly jokingly, 9., and maybe 10. afterwards but in a quite casual & offhandish manner. Also 11.: casually bring up at some point that we're looking to establish more of a public profile for ourselves/ask how her work is going.

If she doesn't fuck stories (most good journalists have this as a rule, Krin seems like a good one, although perhaps she's very avant garde)then we may need to choose between our liking of Krin and her help developing Zach's profile. I'm content to play this out a little more and see where it goes, however.
No. 768373 ID: 16bad7
File 148280346481.png - (72.56KB , 960x560 , 638.png )

"That's ok," you say. "Just getting to relax and chat over coffee is payment enough."
"Awwww!" She looks like someone just showed her a puppy. "That's so sweet. But like for real I totally zoned out. I should have stopped you."
"Well you can get me the next one. This is definitely a two-coffee kind of day for me."
"Oh no! Rough trade?"
"Let's just say that this R&R was well-timed." You sip from your chai. "Rolf told me that I'm your dude now, apparently."
"Oh well um!" She goes red. "He probably didn't mean anything like-- well like he was probably just assuming. This is a good place for-- like they're nice to oculots here."
"You seem in your element."
"Yah." She snuggles into the boho cushions around her nook. "I write here a lot."
"Maybe a little chilly though."
"Chill- oh!!" She self-consciously pulls the bottoms of her shorts down a little. "Oh. Kind of." She hesitantly puts a pillow in her lap. She looks very uncomfortable.
"Well I mean I suck in the cold," you say. "I keep the heat cranked up until like, May every year."
She laughs and lets some of the nerves out. "I don't turn it on til like January. Junior writers wear a lot of sweaters I guess."
"The hair probably helps too."
She floofs her fluff. "It does!"
"About your writing, though, actually," you say. "I kind of had an idea. I'm looking to establish a more public profile for myself. Were you still thinking of writing about me?"
"About you like-- what do you mean?"
"Like an interview."
"Oh. Oh gosh." She blushes again. "I'm not-- I'm not really a, an interviewer or a journalist or anything. That's not-- I mean I do articles for like clickbait sometimes but that's just for extra scratch."
"I thought you wanted to use me. You mentioned."
"I don't write-- well I haven't really written any like-- I more do longform stuff. Or I'm doing a longform thing currently. Kind of a-- a history, I guess. Of the past couple of decades. And some other things. Short stories, I'm part of a screenwriter's group-- like creative stuff. I don't-- you probably don't want me to do your debut. I'm not, like, a professional." She sips nervously, then clarifies: "And like I'm not trying to get you as an exclusive or anything if that's what you think I'm trying to do. With the coffee."

1]] What are you trying to do, then? With the coffee?
2]] I do want you to do my debut, actually.
3]] You write creatively? Can I read some of it?
4]] Well if you're doing a history you should definitely interview me. I'm a historical figure.
5]] Do you have any writer friends or anyone you'd reccommend instead?
6]] Krin, I'm not looking to go out with people beyond my dulabira right now. I'm sorry.
7]] ____________
No. 768374 ID: 9f3729

3 and a negavote for 6, as usual
Lets see some of her writing before we thrust her into being our debut interviewer of choice, ay?
No. 768375 ID: 3b108e

1 and then 3 once she's done stammering.

7: Initiate footsie.
No. 768379 ID: dea742

5 with a dash of 2. Y'know a "Well, if you're not interested" sort of thing. Make sure she knows she's first in line, but don't push. Then into 3 for some small talk.

Also this. Admit ignorance first. It often helps if a question turns out to be either stupid or offensive.
No. 768381 ID: 3c21b8

7]] Tell her it's cute that she writes fanfics, but you don't have extra time to burn on that kind of thing. Then ask if she has any (female) friends who are real writers that can help you. Make her feel foolish for embelishing herself so heavily.
No. 768383 ID: 18c9f5

1 , 3
No. 768385 ID: 094652

7) Ask about how she can use her media connections to safely turn national secrets into tabloid garbage.

For instance, the "Skut thing". The one where gang wars are causing casualties. Expendable casualties. How do you defuse that without revealing something that would turn all Skuts into punching bags?

Also make a small, grim note that war seems to point people at each other, and that usually brings about more raw social control over the masses. There's lines being drawn, and what most people are too stupid to realize is that there are divisive lines drawn within opposing sides, so when the fighting ends even more people will die unheard and betrayed by the ones with the most power in the end.

It's things like this that make you oppose genocide: killing one faction doesn't mean the right side wins. It ensures the survival of those that are ready to continue fighting. And then they need new targets. And then they look at their engineers and farmers and the many soldiers that put their weapons down, and their knives flash in the darkness and their teeth gleam with sickening gold. And then the leaders shout, and they obey without question.
No. 768386 ID: 4c71b0

2, 5.
"I do want you to do my debut, actually, but if you have any writer friends or anyone you'd reccommend instead I'd be willing to listen."
If there's a good way to segue into 3, then that, too.
No. 768397 ID: 7b7ab3

>>768137 isn't a bad question, either.
No. 768400 ID: e22b1d

1 and raise and lower your eyebrows a lot
No. 768412 ID: 2f3427

3 and 5.
No. 768414 ID: c18ab0

do you really need to 1? you know damn well this is a date, you insecure awkward fuck.
if you 6 i will slap you so hard you'll need the cane for another month.
3 is ok, 2/4 is also ok but make sure she understands that those are PLANS FOR ANOTHER DAY. today is just a chill date.
No. 768417 ID: 3b108e

>do you really need to 1? you know damn well this is a date, you insecure awkward fuck.
About that, the point is to see how adorably flustered we can get sheepuclot, so Zack, if you do say it at all, be sure to make it obvious you're teasing her.
No. 768431 ID: b8f465

No. 768432 ID: ce2e2f

1, 3, 5
No. 768434 ID: 9145ba

2, 4, 6. History is being made right now.
No. 768441 ID: 16bad7
File 148283012111.png - (59.85KB , 960x560 , 639.png )

"What are you trying to do, then?" you ask. "With the coffee."
"The, um, I, um, coffee?" Krin sinks further back into the cushion. "Just like just to say thank you. Thank-you-coffee. And I guess just to say hi again. You're the only like celebrity I've ever-- well I see other celebrities at work sometimes like they come to the office but they just like they look right through me or like I'm an exhibit. And you're nice. You seem nice. So." She's trying very hard to melt into her seat.
"And you're sure you don't want to interview me? Do you know anyone you'd rec instead?"
"I could-- like I know people. Now that I think about it. Yeah. Like I'd have to think and ask them but totally."
"The offer remains open to you if you want it."
"I'm really sorry. I just like-- I wouldn't want to mess it up. I'd be scared to mess up." She's startlingly red. "I'm sorry."
"Let me know if you reconsider," you say. "And I'd love it if you let me read some of your other stuff. Your creative stuff."
"Oh, that's all just-- well like a lot of it is written in Garaktonnik or Oculotti."
"Is any of it English?"
"Well yes. Yeah, some. But I don't-- I would have brought my laptop if I'd known but it's all back at my apartment."

1]] That's OK. I'm not a writer or anything, I was just curious.
2]] If you email it to me tonight I'll read it.
3]] Bring it next time. I'm assuming you're ok with there being a next time?
4]] Do you want to go there? I'm not doing anything right now.
5]] So it's just because I'm nice, you're here? Are you sure you aren't after my autograph or anything?
6]] I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable, Krin. You look uncomfortable.
7]] Change the subject. Ask her why she's purple.
8]] Change the subject: ____________
9]] ____________
No. 768442 ID: b8f465

1, 2, 6, 7.
No. 768445 ID: 7b7ab3

>1]] That's OK. I'm not a writer or anything, I was just curious.
>6]] I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable, Krin. You look uncomfortable.
>7]] Change the subject. Ask her why she's purple.
No. 768448 ID: 9f3729

we can't ask her why she's purple since she's currently red
but yes, 6, leading into asking politely what's up with the purps, we didn't even know oculots came in purple!
No. 768450 ID: 9145ba

1, 2, 6, 7.
No. 768452 ID: 2120ee

8. Any sports she's into? She looks like she has a secret sports interest.
No. 768453 ID: 97cee0

1), then 8) Ask her if she knows any good resources for learning Garaktonnik or Oculotti.

Because you know, Zack, your job is basically ethnographic fieldwork, and I'm surprised you've yet to get angry letters from anthropologists telling you you're doing it wrong. One of the things that's generally done if at all possible is learning the language of the community you're studying. I mean, you could get away with it since you're specifically studying Visitors who've come to live on earth, but there's a lot you could learn just about mindset and ways of seeing and speaking, even before you actually use what you learn. Garaktonnik specifically seems the more pressing, since you've had more trouble with and more people doubting your ability to understand warriors, compared to oculots. Being able to read their literature and watch their films and so on will probably give you some insights.

Also, if you ever get abducted by the kariket's goons and have to escape a prison on an alien world, you'll be that much more ready!

Really though, Zack, there are methods for studying other cultures, you don't need to follow them blindly but they'd probably be worth a look to you. At the very least you should be carrying a notebook around with you at all times, and using it, and also spending time every evening before bed reviewing your notes and using them to write down everything you can remember about your interactions as completely as possible.

And you're a spy now, too. Spying and anthropology share a lot of skillsets. Back in old british colonial india, there were a lot of people who did both! Though both professions have changed a lot since then, of course.
No. 768454 ID: 9ef32f

No. 768455 ID: 3b108e

No. 768456 ID: 350a50

No. 768459 ID: 9f0bca

>that awkward expression


In all seriousness though I think we've tormented this girl enough. I think 6. will just make her blush more, which I'm fighting the temptation to do.

1., 2.
9. - "I'm sure you wouldn't mess it up."
8. I've thought about trying to learn Garaktonnik or Oculotti. How difficult are they?
No. 768460 ID: 8963ff

1, 2, 6, 7 to lighten the mood a little, and lastly 8 to ask about foreign languages.
No. 768461 ID: 9f0bca

I'm mildly worried that asking her why she's purple straight-up might come off as insensitive, or I'd have voted for it. That worry might be misplaced though.
No. 768462 ID: 350a50

Or it could lead to an uneducated discussion on the science of skin pigmentation.
No. 768466 ID: 05758b


Now is your chance to sweep in for the blowie! Come on Zack just a quick one behind the coffee shop. She can brag to her friends about the gr8 taste of celebri-dick!!
No. 768467 ID: 97cee0

In addition to me previous vote, I'm going to lay a blanket -1 to all variations of a vote to seduce or be seduced by this particular oculot.
No. 768468 ID: 3b108e

>In addition to my previous vote
We get multiple votes now? How does this work?
No. 768478 ID: f562b1

Enemy's not taking -1's, better to voice the why and hope you convince people.
We could always vote for multiple options, but it's just +1's.

I'm putting a +1 to learning more warrior lingo.

My stance on the relationship thing is that we've got plenty of "Alamad" already. We don't need to be making moves, but we don't need to be avoiding them either. If she appears to be making any, there's no need to shoot her down, just let her know that best case it'd just be a dulamad thing. Too much going on for serious serious.
No. 768493 ID: 16bad7
File 148287672425.png - (84.06KB , 960x560 , 640.png )

"That's ok. You can just email it to me later."
"If you want. I'm not a writer or anything. I'm just curious."
"No, it's cool! Like I send them to other people all the time. Submissions and stuff."
"Are you published?"
"Sometimes!" She's regaining her confidence. "Not like under Krinstezj, of course. But I have a few more human pseudonyms that see some action."
"Send me some." You finish your coffee. "If you're comfortable with it. I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable."
"Oh! No I'm ok." She peels herself from the fortress of pillow. "I'll pick out, like, some of my like least-hated drafts."
"Can you send me some in Oculotti or Garakton too? I'm actually thinking of trying to learn."
"Oh, really?"
"You think I could?"
"I think-- probably. It's kind of hard cause like there's 0 cognates but like I could find some text-- well you should probably ask the HVAO about it. I bet they know like way more than I would."
"You seem a little uncomfortable."
"I'm just like-- I'm-- I guess I'm just not really a very comfortable kind of person." She laughs nervously.
"Can I ask you a question?"
"It's kind of a weird question. Don't take it the wrong way."
The fight-or-flight creeps back into her eye. "What's up?"
"Why are you purple?"
"Why am I-- oh!" She seems relieved. "I forgot you probably haven't seen a Kashzan Oculot before."
"It's an ethnic group," she says. "Most Oculots are Shzuli. Or like they're called Kariketi now because he's one and he like changed the name but they used to be Shzuli. Shzuli-Kariketi. The Kashzan were the mountain Oculots. But way back during the unification the Kashzan put up more of a fight against the fold than most of the other Oculots, and now there's a lot fewer of them. Like we don't know exactly how many cause the Kariket controls those kinds of records but between that and the interbreeding and stuff we're probably one or two percent of the population. I'm like, all the way Kashzan. Which is pretty rare. That's why the skin and the poofy hair and the shoulders and stuff. Most people usually ask about the shoulders first."

You notice for the first time that the ridges you'd expect from an Oculot's shoulders are mostly absent. "Hey, yeah. Didn't you have those the other evening?"
"Like I have them, but only little tiny like, nubby ones. Those were inserts. They sell them for Oculots who don't have them because for Oculots it's like a beauty thing. I'm not exactly-- Oculot dudes go for pointy shoulders, pale skin, and lots of curves. So I'm not exactly-- cute. I kind of need to cheat." She rubs her shoulder. "It's kind of comforting, actually. Back on Golboria I'd be the really weird-looking one. But here I'm in good company."

1]] It might even help you here. Wrap yourself up more and you could more easily pass for human.
2]] Well I'm not an Oculot but I think you're cute.
3]] Thank her for the coffee and excuse yourself.
4]] Thank her for the coffee and make plans to see her again.
5]] Thank her for the coffee and offer to walk her home again.
6]] Suggest that the two of you keep the day going and get some lunch together.
7]] Ask her about something else: _____________
8]] _______________
No. 768496 ID: 3b108e

2 and 5 or 6.
No. 768499 ID: 56ffef

2,5, and 8 "How bout some apple juice" say while initiating footsie!
No. 768500 ID: 3b108e

Add 8 to my earlier post: begin footsie
No. 768501 ID: 2120ee

8. Ah, but you lack our gigantic ears.
No. 768506 ID: 9f0bca

We're pretty poor at this today for some reason.

2., 5. or 6., 8. - Make an ear joke. Or footsie.
No. 768507 ID: 607a84

2 and 5.
She is super cute and she could use an escort home. It's our duty as an advocate, after all.
No. 768518 ID: 54a3b4

No. 768519 ID: 9f3729

2, 6
No. 768521 ID: 8963ff

2, 5, and 8: I agree with the previous two suggestions, mention ears, and possibly noses. XD
No. 768522 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 768524 ID: e22b1d

2, 6, 8: footsie
No. 768525 ID: e22b1d

MAYBE 5, but only if that plan involves getting invited in.
No. 768526 ID: 897b0b

No. 768533 ID: 7c6040

2, 5, 7]] Has she ever gotten her crazy long tongue stuck to something cold? Like that scene in A Christmas Story?
No. 768566 ID: 9145ba

1, 2, 3. She could pass for human. An extremely hypothermic human.
No. 768580 ID: 487443

you guys are gross and thirsty.
No. 768592 ID: 16bad7
File 148291641441.png - (97.77KB , 960x560 , 641.png )

"Well I'm not an oculot," you say. "But I think you're cute."

"You do?"

"Super cute. As comforting as that can be from a guy with gigantic ears." You slosh the dregs of your coffee. "You ready to mosey?"
"Um. Sure."
"Cool. Want me to walk you home again?"
"That, um, yes. Please. Totally."
"Well actually. Hmm." You take out your phone. "A ride would probably be smarter."
No. 768593 ID: 16bad7
File 148291646735.png - (86.54KB , 960x560 , 642.png )

"I see you lots of times," Zrazkokh says.
"Well you're one of the only guys who's visitor-okay," you say. "And finding that and a dude who actually makes an effort to avoid potholes is way harder than it should be in this town."
"I do not mind. You keep request me, tip good, it is good. Does little lady feel ok? She is quiet."
"I'm fine," Krin says. "I'm good."
No. 768594 ID: 16bad7
File 148291650730.png - (100.20KB , 960x560 , 643.png )

In the early noon sun Krin's building looks less crapsack and more well-lived-in. Cozy, even. You walk with her between the wrought-iron fences that line her ingress, their rank-and-file posts like a riot line losing the fight against the overgrown, insurrectionary bushes.

She turns around at her door, and leans on it to anchor herself back down from whatever cosmos she's been floating in.

"Thank you," she says.
"I should be thanking you," you say. "For the coffee."
"But like I didn't pay for the coffee. I was supposed to but, like."
"Well. It was your idea."
She giggles. "Then you're welcome."

She remembers she's supposed to be opening the door and gets her keys out. She hesitates with them in her hand, visibly girds herself, then says: "Well so like I said my stuff is up in my apartment. Like my laptop and writing stuff that I was going to email you anyway but like since you're here. Do you want to come up?"
No. 768596 ID: 094652

......... NO.



And because we're not giving up Poly that easily.

You have other guy friends, she's sweet enough for them. But YOU want a CRACKER.
No. 768597 ID: 9f3729

"Yeah, sure!"
>mosey on in
No. 768598 ID: 6df810

Politely decline.
No. 768599 ID: 97cee0

Nah, that's ok. Wouldn't want to ruin your reputation.

(Also, wouldn't want to further ruin our reputation, but don't tell her that. There's a whole big range of reasons to not get too close to this girl right now and they've already been repeated like a hundred times.)
No. 768600 ID: f7029c

the smartest choice at the moment
No. 768601 ID: 4854ef

No. 768605 ID: 03999c


Ditto, coffee was good enough. Call me incredibly paranoid but I agree with kome but not for the same reason, the fact that if HVAO exists, there is nothing that says that the Kariket can't have something like a spy ring as well, also Krin has not been checked by HVAO in any way as far as I'm aware. Considering how serious Zack's situation is, it's not worth it, at least not right now. Just walk away Zack.
No. 768609 ID: 4c6c76

'That sounds lovely, thank you.'
Considering Bika was totally on board with it I say go for it.
No. 768615 ID: 7c6040

You know what? Sure.
No. 768621 ID: 7b7ab3

"Can't think of a good reason not to."
No. 768626 ID: f5a96a

This, tbh. Bika's our most reliable measure (barring Poly) for these situations, so if she says it's cool, then it's cool.
No. 768629 ID: 5f2b81

Yup. She cute.
No. 768631 ID: 3b108e

Do it. She's cute, she won't "replace" Poly, Bika was fine with it, and even if something goes wrong that should be interesting to deal with.
No. 768632 ID: f5a96a

>she won't "replace" Poly
I'd like to stress this. Just because we're getting friendly with another oculot doesn't mean we're trying to "replace" Poly.
No. 768638 ID: 487443

another time. don't rush into it, have some class.
No. 768643 ID: c441c1

No. 768644 ID: ca5b6a

No. 768655 ID: 18c9f5

Go for it. I'm curious in what she's written, and I do doubt that going into someones house will be some sort of huge detriment later.

It is possible to go into someones flat and remain just friends, you know.
No. 768656 ID: 01134a

No. 768658 ID: 97cee0


Bika gave Zack that approval based on incomplete information vis-a-vis the whole current Poly scenario thing.
No. 768659 ID: 5fedb6

Realistically this.
Let's not jump to conclusions.
No. 768660 ID: 91ee5f

No. 768698 ID: 9145ba

Politely decline.

What's the oculot power relating to maximum fluster?
No. 768713 ID: 350a50

I don't think she's a human in disguise, but kome is correct. In fact, hooking her up with one of your guy friends might be interesting. Zack the matchmaker.

Whether or not we're replacing Poly is irrelevant, of course. Poly's perception of the situation is what matters, and if she feels replaced we lost any hope of fixing it. There is a time and a place for everything, but not now.

In addition, this woman is not under official HVAO protection, like our GF's are, and Hiz got offed WHILE under official HVAO protection. If we get to close before the perpetrator is apprehended we make her a very easy target.
No. 768714 ID: 350a50

Actually, given her stalker, I'd get Zrazkokh to circle around with his car and find a place that won't draw attention. Keep watch a little bit for anyone suspicious hanging around after you look like you've left.

We can pay Zrazkokh extra for helping us with this, and if her stalker makes a move we'll have friendly warrior muscle right there. Plus then we can chat him up and maybe make another new friend.
No. 768727 ID: 9f3729

Liking sheep oculot does not mean we are replacing neurotic oculot, ffs
we can like both
visitors do not have hang-ups about exclusivity as far as we've been told.
There's also no guarantee this will be a romance thing, she is nice and people are capable of just being friends.
>go in, this isn't an extra vote since I already voted but pls
No. 768735 ID: dea742

I was against it the first time, but it would seem awfully rude to refuse a second invitation. Just hope her writing isn't all erotic fiction.
No. 768737 ID: 097ede

>Just hope her writing is all erotic fiction featuring Zack
No. 768738 ID: 16bad7
File 148298831849.png - (67.81KB , 960x560 , 644.png )

"I would love to," you say.
The muscles in her mouth lose their grip on her lower jaw for an instant then clench back into an elated smile.
"Okay!" she says.

"Roommate's out at work for the day," Krin says, leading you into a compact but comfy two-bedroom. "She cleans. I mean not this apartment. This apartment she kind of--" She surreptitiously removes a hounstooth sock from her coffee table. "I guess she gets enough cleaning at work."
You sit on her couch, next to a huddle of cushions and a stuffed elephant pillow pet, while she kicks her shoes off in the entranceway. "It's nice."
She opens the door to her room and drops her bag on her bed, which is made with a star-pattern bedspread and garlanded with string lights.
She unplugs a boxy Thinkpad from her nightstand and flips it open, cradling it in one arm while she logs in and steps back across the living room and to a kitchenette. She hands the laptop over and heads to the fridge.
You eye the computer. "Am I allowed to be holding this?"
"Sure! That's just like my writing one. The state secrets and world domination plans go on the tower. You want anything? Drink? Seamless?"

Krin keeps her desktop spare and neat. There's a link to Chrome, a recycle bin with 6 files in it, a shortcut to Plants Vs Zombies, and two folders: Pix and Writing.

Her writing folder is open. It has a list of text files arranged by date.
The latest ones are:
thing for mark.doc
War thing.doc
ripening vintage.doc
odysseus and teiresias.doc

1]] Open one of the documents: _________
2]] Open Pix.
3]] Check the recycling.
4]] Open Chrome.
5]] Open Plants Vs. Zombies.
6]] Seamless sounds good. Are you in the mood for ___________?
7]] Come pick one of these for me to read, Krin.
8]] Join Krin in the kitchen because you didn't just come here to read.
9]] _______________
No. 768739 ID: 3b108e

9: Ask her where she keeps her erotic fan fiction
No. 768740 ID: 3b108e

Oh yeah and open all the documents and pictures, read them while you're fucking her doggystyle to keep yourself interested in something
No. 768741 ID: 097ede

1]] Open one of the documents: script.doc
No. 768742 ID: 05758b


There will be time for the rest later. Reading through her recycling could possibly yield:

1) Crappy stories she didn't want to keep (opportunities for negs and teasing)
2) Lewd stories
3) Personal info
4) Self nudes she was too embarrassed to send
5) Boring drafts and temp files (hopefully it is not this one)
6) And so much more????
No. 768743 ID: 7b7ab3

1. War thing.doc
No. 768744 ID: 258723

This. Just start from the top.
No. 768745 ID: 398fe1

1]] Open one of the documents: dafdfdfasdfsfdads.doc

That is a JUICY filename.
No. 768746 ID: ebf215

No. 768750 ID: e22b1d

No. 768751 ID: 91ee5f

5]] Open Plants Vs. Zombies.

Let's be a complete asshole and beat her high score.
No. 768757 ID: ce2e2f

Open the recycling bin and nsfw.doc
No. 768764 ID: 901bfc

7. why yall snoopin
No. 768768 ID: 350a50

You completely missed the point of everything I said and 'addressed' issues I didn't even mention, reread and try again.

1, dafdfdfasdfsfdads.doc
No. 768770 ID: 9145ba

1) Open Chrome.
2) Type in tgchan.org.
3) Browse catalog.
No. 768773 ID: 094652

Check the recycling bin, copy everything and paste it in an email, then to seal the deal, find some hacker spam and copy THAT and send the whole fake spam to yourself.
No. 768777 ID: 16bad7
File 148299844587.png - (5.53KB , 960x560 , 645.png )

You open script.doc, which is on the last page:

And i think of Odysseus
[Tight focus: ADAM's reflection, reversed in his glass. RACHAEL's hand coming down from top of frame to look for his

Odysseus and Circe again

I'm past Odysseus and Circe
Aren't you

[RACHAEL doesn't speak]

[Tight focus on ADAM's hand holding glass. RACHAEL's hovers over]
Odysseus past the homeland of the Cimmerians, through the mist, and there to the underworld. And when he beached his ship and dug the trench and butchered the sacrifices, and the blood, and he met the host of the dead

Adam please. Adam baby

And he recognizes his shipmates. With their skulls open and their chests open. And he realizes that he knows all of them. This host.
[V.O over tableaux. no music here. clink of glass, breathing, keep sound in room. int. overhead of KEVIN in sleeping MARGO's lap, both lying in bathtub, a Pietà. We track out and can see the needle in Kevin's arm, other addicts to right in frame. We are in the trap]


[ext. day: RAZKTITEK, on Earth now, reflective vest, looking thousand yard stare. Turns, swings girder past frame to wipe]


[int. NAOMI, speaking on podium in deep focus. Camera is circling to reveal audience getting to feet and bulb flashes. Circle back to big genuine smile]
His mother
Seeing him but beyond sight
And he's holding the sword above the blood. Holding them away.

[We're back with ADAM and RACHAEL]
i think about his arms

[Knowing he can't]
Can you touch me

How he holds them up for hours. They shake until the feeling goes.
[We're back on the beach. Ext. morning. ADAM spattered with ISAAC's blood, looking at nothing, shock crystals going off behind him]
Because his offering isn't for them. It's for Tiresias.
[LT screaming at him again out of frame but we keep in on his face this time]
The theban
The Blind Seer
[We cut out to what ADAM is looking at. Fantastic sunrise, smoke from Martha's Vineyard rising in bg. held, then:
back to ADAM. looking directly at RACHAEL now. Hard look. An "I know what you did" look.]
To show him how to come home.

[RACHAEL breaks eye contact, tries to reestablish, can't. ADAM is still staring. Give this at least 10 seconds, silence.]

[Bump to black]

You open dafdfdfasdfsfdads.doc:

Her nails scored eight crimson lacerations on his chest. Her foot found his stomach and pushed. But no paroxysm, no deterrence could extend to him now. Something must have happened in the mind meld: something incomprehensible. Not only was this two-eyed monster still alive but some primal switch had been flipped. She realized too late, as he reached for her, that she had awakened something under this human's surface, something abyssopelagic, something with sharp teeth, and now he was coming to swallow her whole. No more training; no more indoctrination; nothing now in his wild twin eyes but a mammalian lust.

His callused hands tore her from her frock with soldierly ease. The cold air against her chest controverting the heat coming off him, the breath from his broad, bony nose, his grip, all spoke to her with such clarity it made her yelp: what you have dreamed of, what you have longed for, what you have dreaded, is happening. Now. And there's nothing you can do to st

Looks like she stopped this one midway through.
No. 768778 ID: 16bad7
File 148299845594.png - (16.83KB , 960x560 , 646.png )

You open the recycling bin.

"Zack?" Krin calls from the kitchenette. "Thirsty?"

You quickly close the recycling bin. "Hmmm?"

"You're not reading yet, are you?" Krin is rummaging through her fridge. "Cuz there's some like, crummy crummy stuff on there. Actually it's mostly crummy. I'm trying to think of what you should see."
No. 768780 ID: 094652

Typical facebook fanfic junkie. Just... wonderful.

Ask her if she can reinforce her windows with steel bars. Talk about your sister; do you think she started Visiting, or is she with the human-supremacist rebels?
No. 768781 ID: 9f3729

"Food sounds nice. This one with the human and the oculot is pretty spicy."
No. 768782 ID: ebf215

Nope! Nothing yet!
(Back to the desktop. Back to the desktop!)
Something to drink sounds lovely!
No. 768784 ID: 7b7ab3

"Don't sell yourself short, Krin. Anyway! How about that apple juice?"
No. 768785 ID: 7b7ab3

Oh, and let's close anything incriminating.
Do not alienate our host.
No. 768787 ID: 487443

kome, you ok there buddy? you seem more paranoid than usual these past few days

admit to reading the last page of script. ask what it's about because i legit can't tell.
No. 768790 ID: 9145ba

More texts to restore in the recycle bin! Move them to C:\ in case you don't get a chance to delete them again before you get pulled away.
No. 768791 ID: 97cee0

Oh boy I went to sleep and when I wake up we've not only gone up but we've already got a head start on being a skeevy creeper. Who could have seen this coming.

Close the recycle bin and dafdfdfasdfsfdads.doc and tell her you just opened this one called script.doc. Comment on not being as up on your greek epics as you should be. (Unless classical literature somehow entered your repertoire during your sculptor days, Zack? Or any other time?)

Interesting puzzle to those pictures, though. They're clearly taken with the intent (or fantasy) of showing them to someone, but she's put them away. I doubt she took them out of some whim of showing Zack since she hasn't known him long enough. It's possible she has a boyfriend already, or someone who she'd like to be her boyfriend, or she might just be thinking of joining some raunchy dating site. Or maybe taking photos of herself like that is just her fetish!
No. 768806 ID: 693e9c

ohhh... i just kind of started, ill stop and let you pick.
take a step back and stop invading her personal space. leave the two things you read open so she knows what you looked at but, don't let her know you rummaged through her recycle bin.
No. 768808 ID: 5f5214

No. 768812 ID: f562b1

No need to say you didn't look at anything. Say you looked at the script, less likely to make her worry you may have seen the recycling bin that way.
No. 768814 ID: 5f2b81

lol oops.

"Yup! Already learning all your secrets. Jeez, I had no idea you mastered five different martial arts by age 7, that's pretty hardcore. I'm liking what I saw in your script so far; you do a really good job of building and holding tension. There's some kind of classic Greek crossover thing going on? What's the story there? I only saw the last page or two."
No. 768815 ID: 05758b

>not bringing up the nudes
You would be insane not to mention them. Come up with a watery lie as to why the recycle bin was opened accidentally, mention how she forgot to empty it, then comment openly on her bod.
No. 768816 ID: 0555b9

All you saw was the script, honest. You were just getting started.
(quietly undelete the text files.)
No. 768817 ID: 159d4a

"Just a bit of your script. Seems interesting. Mind telling me about it?"
Close the recycle bin and the porn.
Please don't alienate our new friend.
No. 768818 ID: 8d8ba4

She's literally an alien. Ask her if she's ready to fuck.
No. 768820 ID: 5f2b81

Don't do this.
You guys are pretty crass. Do these strategies work for you irl? Legitimate question.
No. 768826 ID: 398fe1

Ask her where the fanfiction is.
No. 768827 ID: 8d8ba4

Bitches don't want to sit and talk. They go to spineless barista ladymen for that. Show her you're virile and interested and quit pussyfooting around.
No. 768831 ID: 5f2b81

You're dodging my question. Does it work for you?
No. 768833 ID: 8d8ba4

Depends on how much self esteem the girl has. If it's real low it works. Go for it Zack mah bbboi.
No. 768835 ID: 5f2b81

Pretty predatory, my dude. Sounds like the start to a short-lived, exploitative, and unsatisfying (for her) sexual relationship, at best. How about we continue to be kind and empathic towards visitors? It's clearly been working for us so far.
No. 768836 ID: 03999c


+1 vote for this as well.
No. 768837 ID: ed23eb

Don't do the things these guys are referring to. You want to be a decent human being, not an abusive creep.
No. 768840 ID: f7029c

do not be a weird creep
No. 768841 ID: c441c1

Be the bad-man say you were just looking at her selfies and say you would love some apple-juice.
No. 768845 ID: 16bad7
File 148305178790.png - (53.64KB , 960x560 , 647.png )

"Yep, just browsing your deepest secrets. I had no idea you mastered five different martial arts by age 7."
Krin giggles. "Well I can't demonstrate it cause every move is a killing move. In all of them."
"There's actually this one I glanced at? Script.doc?"
"Oooh." Krin gets out a bottle of apple juice and pours two glasses. "The screenplay thing?"
"Just glanced at the last page. I like the tension in it but I'm not really up to date on my Homer enough to get what was going on."
"That's like just some potboiler I'm doing a rewrite on," Krin says. "Not my fave. The studios like shopping them out to me so they can get some Visitor perspective they'll never actually use. I ended up adding a whole thing about Odysseus in the Underworld cause I'm a dork."

She sits down next to you and her knee brushes yours. It's weird how different it feels to sit next to someone when you've seen what they look like under their clothes. You can't help but notice the way the tendons in her neck move when she swallows her drink.

"But like it's such a fascination with me right now," she says. "That whole volume. And just the idea in general of the heroic action of waiting. Like the epic masculinity does but to endure is so often the epic female's job. You know? Waiting for Odysseus to come home. So to see him have to wait, too, again and again-- And I guess, like, the focus on the liminal space of the return from war. It always bugged me how everyone just thinks of the Cyclops and Scylla and Charybdis and stuff when that whole fantasy part is just like a tenth of the book."
"Humans love their monsters."
"Mmm." She closes script.doc and scans her documents. "Anyway it was like a really thin script when it came to me, I kind of went overboard... don't think they're gonna actually use most of my stuff. But you gotta put what you can out there. Huh." She finds dafdfdfasdfsfdads.doc and drags it to her recycling bin. "Thought I'd already deleted that one."
"What was it?"
"Just some notes for work," she lies. "Here's one."
She opens ripening vintage.doc.

On the morning of the twelfth of July, you read, Charlie wallpapered the bathroom with last night's Franzia, took three pills from a bottle he didn't recognize, and conceived of his first ever great idea, which killed him five months later.
"There we go," Krin says. "It's kind of a small-scale domestic thing, but they always said walk before you fly."

You read while Krin pads around her living room, picking things up and trying not to look at you reading her stuff.
You find yourself getting engrossed in this. Krin called it small-scale but you're already internally nodding along to this guy, hot mess though he may be. You don't normally go in for this kind of stuff, but her writing has a kind of clarity and self-reflexiveness to it that keeps you going.
You realize five minutes have already gone by. This thing has firmly grabbed you. Krin's running out of stuff to tidy.

1]] Keep reading.
2]] This isn't bad for a young author, Krin.
3]] This is actually really good. This reminds me of Jennifer Egan.
4]] Can you email the rest of this to me so I can keep going later?
5]] You're gonna pace a hole in your rug. Come sit next to me.
6]] This could take me a while. You want to order lunch?
7]] This is really good but I feel weird coming over and reading in front of you. Why don't we _______ instead?
8]] Reopen her recycling bin and read those other text files.
9]] Do something else on her computer: ____________
10]] Mention the files in her recycling bin besides dafdfdfasdfsfdads.doc
11]] ____________________
No. 768846 ID: 595d54

5, 8 and 10.
No. 768847 ID: 5f2b81

3, 4, 5. You can read it later in your spare time. Let's chat her up. Serious sexual tension between you guys rn.
No. 768848 ID: 9f0bca

Welp, that was a bit creeptastic of us. : /

I think we should say we looked at the script one, and compliment her, not sure about the other one. Definitely don't mention we looked in the recycling bin. Although I think we're going to pay for that on some level now regardless. Maybe we should just lie completely, but that feels wrong.

Ask for apple juice.
No. 768849 ID: 9f3729

Dont do 10, what're you an idiot
No. 768850 ID: bb78f2

3, 5, 11] Start Yodeling.
No. 768851 ID: 18c9f5

3 , 4 , 5
No. 768852 ID: 9f0bca

Woops, missed the update lol

I think 3., 4., 5. sounds good. I wonder if we keep reading, maybe she'll come back to sit with us of her own accord though. Just being totally gripped by her writing is probably the strongest endorsement we could give.

I'm going to go with: 1.,3.,4.,5.
At some point we'll stop reading, but it can happen naturally. If she like, ends up sitting next to us with her head on our shoulder as we read, that'd be pretty adorable.
No. 768854 ID: 5f5214

3, 4, 5.
No. 768855 ID: 03999c

Yeah.... 3,4 and 5.
No. 768862 ID: 16bad7
File 148305730760.png - (91.88KB , 960x560 , 648.png )

You tap the couch next to you. "Krin you're gonna pace a hole in your rug. Come sit."
"Sorry!" Krin tries to still her feet. "I just get-- like really nervous when people read my stuff in front of me. You know?"
"Would it help if I say I'm really digging it?"
She quarter gasps. "You are?"
"This is actually really good."
Krin smiles so big she could be a pez dispenser. "It does??"
"Can you email the rest of this to me so I can keep going later?"
"Yeah! Yeah yeah for sure. I'll send it to you ASAP."
"Awesome. Come sit with me."
She scurries back to the couch and sits on the other side of the stuffed elephant from you.
"Yeah. Damn. This is good stuff." You hand the laptop back over. "So far it kind of reminds me of Jennifer Egan."
"Ohmigod this is gonna be such a New York Girl thing to say but I love her. Like Goon Squad... like it was what made me like glad I'm on Earth. Um." She looks up at you. "Thank you."

She tries to find something else to say, can't, and blushes. She picks at the stuffed elephant's plush fuzz in the silence.
No. 768863 ID: c441c1

While continuing to read "accidentally" open the recycle bin.
No. 768866 ID: 9f3729

this would be hilarious but how do you accidentally do that
No. 768867 ID: 5f5214

"Thank you, Krin. I really needed this. Is there anything else you wanted to do?"
No. 768868 ID: 9f0bca


are you testing me satan
No. 768870 ID: 7b7ab3

"You're welcome, Krin."
No. 768872 ID: 0c8311

She said "thank you" after all.
No. 768873 ID: 9f0bca

"Don't worry about it."

She said thank you, but that doesn't mean we need to imply that she was right to be grateful for our praise. If the praise was warranted, she shouldn't have to thank us for it.

Maybe try picking at the stuffed elephant as well, and ending up very slightly touching hands? I dunno. Might also be an idea to ask her what she was going to say; deep conversations can be good and it seemed important to her.


This isn't bad, although it may possibly put slightly too much onus on her, and she seems keen but nervous.
No. 768877 ID: 38bb9e

No. 768878 ID: 595d54

holy overthinking batman

kiss the girl
No. 768880 ID: b85af9

No. 768886 ID: 9f0bca


This is also not a bad plan lol
No. 768895 ID: 97cee0



No kissing.
No. 768897 ID: e22b1d


Then this
No. 768901 ID: 18c9f5

I concur.
No. 768907 ID: 16bad7
File 148306317769.png - (6.52KB , 960x560 , 147137371917.png )

OK, Zack. This seems like a big moment and a contentious thing, so let's make sure we're clear on the gameplan.

Do you kiss this Oculot?

1]] Yeah!!!
2]] No!!!
3]] _________
No. 768908 ID: c441c1

NO!!! tease her into oblivion
No. 768909 ID: efa855

No. 768910 ID: e22b1d

No. 768913 ID: 9f3729

There is little reason not to, 1
No. 768914 ID: 595d54

No. 768915 ID: 987bda

Not while Poly is upset; the girls could take that a very wrong way.
No. 768916 ID: ce2e2f

1. She pretty clearly wants you to.
No. 768918 ID: 595d54

Mate we've already gone over that, it's cool. But just for you:

3: Fingerfuck her on top of my earlier vote for 1.
No. 768920 ID: 3abd97

It takes 2 to awkwardly sit on a couch and do nothing with each other.
No. 768921 ID: 9f3729

as an amendment to my one though we should probably A: introduce her to everyone, and B: resolve the whole poly situation BEFORE we make moves.

There's no real good reason to not keep that door open but we can be smart about it
No. 768922 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 768924 ID: b85af9

No. 768926 ID: 9f0bca

I love how the quest essentially fritzes out when it's thrown a more realistic (still quite stacked in our favour) date where our paramour isn't happy to take the lead and communicate extremely clearly what they want. It's amazing.

Anyway... fuck it.

1, and damn the torpedoes!
No. 768927 ID: 18c9f5


We've known her for like a day

Like i'm not against kissing her just don't do it now. At the very least wait for a better moment.
No. 768930 ID: 4854ef

No. 768934 ID: fb1c7d


I mean, looking at the images after we called her cute at the coffee shop and going from a frown to a massive grin shows that our calling her cute made her really happy. Hell, she might not be into this but that's alright we can always awkwardly back off but she might and she is adorable so I will take that chance.
No. 768936 ID: 7b7ab3

3]] Ask her if she wants to kiss.
No. 768937 ID: 9f0bca


I mean yeah, it's not been that long, but this was pretty clearly a date, she's clearly into us, we're back at her apartment, and she's blushing whilst saying thank you for reading her work. Short of the poor girl holding up instructional flashcards, I'm not sure if there's going to be a better moment. :v

I mean, if you had something scripted to try to create and even deeper and more personal moment, then feel free to share it, but otherwise -assuming we want to- this seems like as good a moment as any.
No. 768940 ID: 693e9c

She is in her 20s. She's going to live like 800 more years. Is she still a minor by ocelot standards. We should let her make the first move anyway if anything
No. 768941 ID: 595d54

>Is she still a minor by ocelot standards.
She has nudes of herself on her computer so I really doubt that.
No. 768944 ID: 309d35

2. remember the big todo over self control?
No. 768952 ID: 97cee0

No. 768955 ID: 0bd80e

No. 768957 ID: 05758b

Kissing is Not Enough

It's time...to eat ass
No. 768958 ID: f73f9e

No. 768961 ID: 03999c

No. 768965 ID: 693e9c

You clearly have no female realitives ranging 13 to 17
No. 768967 ID: 6792a0

No. 768968 ID: 595d54

More that I kinda doubt Brom is drawing naked teenagers
No. 768969 ID: a107fd

Voting for good consent practices. Whenever the intimacy in question is worth doing, it's worth delaying slightly in order to do right.

Also, assuming she says yes, call Bika and let them know what's going on. See how far Krin's blush extends when you ask Bika whether making out with a previous client violates any of your visitor-advocate professional ethics and/or dulabira romantic obligations.
No. 768970 ID: 564375

No. 768971 ID: 398fe1

Kiss the girl.
No. 768978 ID: 4623e5

No. 768979 ID: ec8e69

No. 768981 ID: 16bad7

To ensure no proxies are happening, because I'm seeing a lot of mighty unfamiliar IDs, and because it's so freaking tight and I want to get to work, I'm cutting the vote off now and starting the update.
No. 768983 ID: 9145ba

No siree bobcat!
No. 768998 ID: 350a50

Damn, too late.
No. 769003 ID: 094652

No. 769010 ID: 952ab0

Oh boy, I have no vote in this matter, but I do love watching the ride. The argument, the passion, the arbitration.

Lemme just sit here and endure while you all does
No. 769011 ID: 01134a

No. 769024 ID: 16bad7
File 148308225895.png - (125.39KB , 960x800 , 649.png )

No. 769025 ID: 16bad7
File 148308227268.png - (128.00KB , 960x800 , 650.png )

No. 769027 ID: 9f3729

you're cute, you down to meet the others some time?
No. 769029 ID: e66267

Y'know, you're all so horny that you didn't stop to think that maybe your HVAO accelerated robo-mackin isn't appropriate for uninvolved visitor interactions.

Your hitting on a girl who asked you for an escort home cause she thought she was gonna get jumped. A second date would've prolly been a better choice for someone who's incapable of making a move themselves, like this one. Also using zacks star power to get in her apartment and now pants is totally a slimeball thing to do. Also, while poly has no place to complain, hitting on another oculot as soon as you are on the outs with her is triple slimeball.
No. 769031 ID: 7b7ab3

"Sorry. Was that too much? My life of late has left me a bit... looser about this kind of thing."
No. 769034 ID: 9f3729

ye this actually
No. 769035 ID: 0c8311

No. 769037 ID: 595d54

Hey, remember that fapfic she wrote about a human ravishing an oculot female? I'm guessing this is the beginning of her fetish. Keep calm and don't even start freaking out before you give her a chance to react.

If she still doesn't do anything after enough time, then I guess try something like >>769031
No. 769040 ID: 16bad7
File 148308382303.png - (78.03KB , 960x800 , 651.png )

"Was that too m--"
No. 769041 ID: 16bad7
File 148308383301.png - (77.45KB , 960x800 , 652.png )

No. 769042 ID: 595d54

See? Now go with it, don't you fucking DARE back out at this point. Pull her close, kiss her back, see how far you two go before anyone even thinks to object. Don't worry about it.
No. 769044 ID: 7b7ab3

"Krin, I am enjoying this immensely, but there are some things you need to know first. About me and my job."
No. 769046 ID: 9f3729

"I'm a bit of a dingus and I date aliens for a living"
Let's do >>769040 instead, it's a better plan that won't make us come off as a weirdo or risk us spilling the fact we're secret spies or hilariously bad at handling multiple relationships and lately social situations in general
No. 769047 ID: 0c8311

>"Krin, I am enjoying this immensely, but there are some things you need to know first. About me and my job."
>"I'm a bit of a dingus and I date aliens for a living"
"Also things are not so great right now. I've got a girlfriend who's upset and the world's falling apart. So that's me."
No. 769048 ID: 595d54

Oh come on guys, the best thing to say right now is: nothing, do not talk at all, just enjoy the moment and do what comes naturally
No. 769052 ID: 398fe1

Guys she knows who Zack Nguyen is. Plus, the drama with Poly shouldn't really affect this. Even if it does, Poly explained early on that Oculots don't have a lot of jealousy issues. Even if there's a little, that's normal for dulabiras.

Makeouts continue, escalate with groping as is standard.
No. 769056 ID: 16bad7
File 148308976873.png - (50.19KB , 960x700 , 653.png )

You pull her back in and she wraps herself around you again. She tastes like apple.

She's fumbling with the top button of her shirt. You twist her around (she's very light) so she's sitting reversed in your lap, and help her.
There are tiny downy white hairs along her neck, which stand up as you kiss the nape and send goosebumps up her spine. She pushes her slim hips into your lap and you feel up her inner thigh. She squeezes your wrist, and grinds her butt against your crotch as you get closer to a very soft and very very wet part of her little black shorts. Her breath is shallow and shaky.
"What are we-- are you gonna-- are you gonna--" She can't get the words out.

1]] Don't say anything. Keep going.
2]] Do you want me to?
3]] Yes.
4]] Am I gonna what?
5]] Not this time. Not yet.
6]] What you have dreamed of, what you have longed for, what you have dreaded, is happening. Now. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.
7]] What you have dreamed of, what you have longed for, what you have dreaded, is happening. Now. And there's nothing you can do to-- how was that part supposed to end?
8]] _____________
No. 769059 ID: f796cb

is not a four letter word.
No. 769060 ID: 2120ee

No. 769061 ID: aa7da2

2. She's our host, so she gets to set the pace. Manners.
No. 769062 ID: 595d54

6 :^)

If that's unpopular, then as a backup:

4. Make her articulate what she's begging for and confirm that she wants this without breaking her fantasy's immersion.
No. 769063 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 769065 ID: e136ae

1, but just tease her until she begs for it. Not only does this grant consent but the sex will be so much better. Remember kids, the bigger the build-up, the bigger the pop. It's just basic chemistry.
No. 769066 ID: 9f3729

4 and 2
No. 769067 ID: b744c5

I'd say a combo of 4 and 2 here.
No. 769073 ID: 7d8168

4, 2... and maaaaaybe 5. Like, if she seems nervous about it, we can say something like "yeah, we're moving kind of fast aren't we," then give her a chance to disagree if she wants.
No. 769074 ID: 03999c

No. 769087 ID: e53574

2+4, if she's even a tiny bit unsure or hesitant then 5.
No. 769090 ID: b15da4

2+4. Well shit, you knuckleheads just couldn't resist taking advantage of her huh? And now it's too late.
No. 769091 ID: 8963ff

I was against this action in the first place! But since we're here now....

First of all 2, as a true gentleman ALWAYS acts for consent, just to make sure Krin REALLY wants this and is not just raw emotion. Then 4 just to tease her a bit and lastly 5 if she's still hesitant to go that far yet.
No. 769092 ID: 5f2b81

No. 769107 ID: 350a50

2, or 5 if she says no.
No. 769111 ID: 18844a

2, 4 and a vote AGAINST 6.
No. 769113 ID: 5f2b81

It's possible to do 6 in a playful way, so that she knows you're quoting her and not actually being threatening. I'm sure she'll get it. Just whisper it all sexy into her ear, and judge how to proceed based upon how she reacts. $50 says she'll squirm and grind her ass into our crotch, which is as green a light as anyone should need. Remember, nonverbal communication is still communication.
No. 769115 ID: 9f0bca

Alea iacta est, I guess!

4., 2. in that order. Making sure to follow up relatively promptly with 2. if 4. leaves her speechless.

Maybe 7. if we really want to tease her, but althouth amusing I think that'd be slightly too cruel. :P
No. 769144 ID: 16bad7
File 148313093720.png - (50.73KB , 960x560 , 654.png )

You slide your hand just south of the border of her shorts. It's very warm and very humid.
She's wearing a thong with little lace butterflies and flowers. It matches her bra. You have a feeling that's not a coincidence.
"Do you want me to?" you ask.
She nods. Her hair tickles your chin. It's exactly as soft and fluffy as it looked.
You confirm with your fingers that the trim little tuft between her legs is too.
"To what, exactly?"
"Zack," she pleads. Her nails are digging into your arm. "Please. Do me. Please."

1]] Do you what?
2]] Take that as your cue.
3]] Get her off but don't go all the way.
4]] Say nope and retract your hand.
5]] ____________
No. 769145 ID: 595d54

hmmmm I wonder if consent is still somehow unclear???

oh well yolo time to:
2. Take that as your cue
No. 769147 ID: c441c1

4 all the way.
No. 769148 ID: 9f3729

2 you screw
No. 769152 ID: 595d54

oh right and just in case there isn't a chance later, also do:

5. Call Polyphema in the middle of sex, preferably right when Krin is having a mindblowing orgasm, and tell her she's been replaced.
No. 769157 ID: 38a105

No. 769158 ID: bfa535


I'm assuming this is a joke.
No. 769159 ID: 0555b9


Don't forget to use protection from now on - HVAO protection.
No. 769160 ID: 350a50

No. 769165 ID: 595d54

It isn't.
No. 769166 ID: 7b7ab3

Well, shoot.
I'm really tempted to tease her, but I also really want to see her satisfied.
Then again, I'm really concerned about the consequences of all this. How far will this reach? How will it affect our relationships? Are we leading her on? How bad could all this go?
I'll say 3.
No. 769167 ID: 01134a

No. 769173 ID: c892c3

2. Give the girl what she wants.
No. 769177 ID: 9f0bca

No. 769181 ID: eb3cf7

Guyyyyyyzzzzz you aren't teasing her enough! She's clearly pretty kinky. Make her beg some more. 1. And grab a fistful of her hair. For cryin' out loud...
No. 769183 ID: e22b1d

1! Bully the sheep!
No. 769184 ID: 9f0bca

Changed my mind after I voted. Teasing is fun and she's clearly into it.

I think I'll go for: 1.,3.
No. 769189 ID: 9145ba

4. You need to keep that hand clean for fedora tipping.
No. 769194 ID: 211d83


Make her ask for it.
No. 769200 ID: 3c21b8

No. 769202 ID: d409b4

5 what?
No. 769212 ID: 461015

1, while fingerbang commences.
No. 769234 ID: 9fce19

Teasing the hell out of her is going to be the difference between this being a fun lay and the best sex of her life.
No. 769242 ID: 3795c1

Definitely this
No. 769245 ID: 987bda

For the record, this was a bad idea.
No. 769364 ID: eb3cf7

Eh. Debatable. It'll be pretty hot sex, I think. That's always a plus in my book.
No. 769380 ID: f6ba27
File 148322442536.png - (100.20KB , 960x560 , 655.png )

"Do you what?"
"Zaaack," she whimpers, then gasps as she feels your index finger inside her.
"I thought writers valued specificity."
She chokes out a giggle between her convulsive breaths and flexes her butt. "Don't be-- don't be mean-- ohmigoddddd" Middle joins index. It's an extremely tight fit.
"Just say what you want." You spread your fingers out and getting more space to work in.
She writhes, pushing her hip out in the rhythm you're using. "I c-- I can't-- I--" Her feet press against your knees, toes curling. Her butt is jerking around so much you need to hold her hips in place. "I--"

Her back arches. She screams. Something hot and clear gushes out between your knuckles and arcs across the room into the kitchenette.

No. 769381 ID: f6ba27
File 148322447551.png - (70.31KB , 960x560 , 656.png )

"Ohmigod." She collapses back into your lap and laces her hands into her hair. "Oh no. Oh ew ew ew." She stares out from under her curls. "What did I--" She feels your fingers inside of her and your boner on her lower back and looks up at you, blushing hugely.

1]] Don't say anything and keep going.
2]] Ew.
3]] That was hot.
4]] Ooo me next.
5]] Should we stop?
6]] You still haven't clarified.
7]] That's enough for today I think.
8]] You got a towel?
9]] ________________

No. 769382 ID: bb78f2


Unless now SHE wants to make us beg. It's only fair.
No. 769386 ID: 398fe1

No. 769388 ID: 595d54

8 and keep going after whatever she answers, whoever cleans up eventually.
No. 769390 ID: 7b7ab3

3, 7.
"That was hot, but that's enough for today I think."
Always leave them wanting more.
No. 769392 ID: a4bd7f

These. We've worked out some kinks, worked out some "kinks", satisfied a pretty girl, and had a good time doing it. Mission accomplished.
No. 769394 ID: 094652

Don't drink that. Please.

That should be enough. Back away and give her a few days to think about this.
No. 769396 ID: 299635

4,3 or 1. If we stop now she'll think we were grossed out. This suggestion is definitely not just because i want to see sheep oculot porn.
No. 769401 ID: 3e1319

Why did Zack come out to hang with Krin?
To get away from the job and the dulabira for awhile and clear his head.
Objective complete.
Why did Krin want to hang with Zack?
To thank him for his help and live out a little fantasy.
Objective complete.
Both parties are satisfied.
The day is done, the battle is won.
Let's leave it at that.
No. 769406 ID: e22b1d

Enough torturing the poor girl, 1! We can't tease her like this and not go all the way. She's clearly already frazzled and confused as it is.
No. 769409 ID: 3795c1

3 and 4 without the "ooo"
No. 769421 ID: 299635

No. 769431 ID: 9f0bca


As an aside, I like the focus on non-penetrative sex here.
No. 769437 ID: 350a50

7, 8
No. 769448 ID: 8963ff

3, 7, and 8.
No. 769451 ID: 9f0bca

If we stop now I think she may worry that she did something wrong, whatever we say. Giving her the opportunity to return the favour isn't necessarily a selfish decision here. It could be the more considerate one.
No. 769460 ID: 299635

Seriously, guys. This. She has confidence problems. We should let her have a turn.
No. 769464 ID: 9145ba


For the record, this was a bad idea.
No. 769476 ID: e22b1d

4 3
No. 769480 ID: 01134a

No. 769490 ID: dd0192

3. "that wasn't pee if that's what's worrying you"
5; if she wants to stop, let her calm down in a cuddle for a little while. or cuddle after she cleans up. a long warm hug at the very very least. make sure she's not walking away from this ashamed of her orgasms!
if she's ok to continue, that's also good. 4 in that case.

do mind that she might want to keep going after she cleans up, calmed down, and hugged out. that'd be cool too. if not, that's cool as well.
No. 769491 ID: 2161bb

Whatever we do, I urge caution. Krin is an Occulot, but she's also an Earthling. We don't know what her feelings are when it comes to romance and intimacy. She might be less ok with casual sex than others we've interacted with. We don't know how she feels about casual sex. This might not be just a little fantasy for her.

Just... tread carefully.
No. 769518 ID: 9f0bca


Why are you so convinced of this? It's a consensual encounter with a clearly eager partner which. Our other partners have clearly expressed being comfortable with us having casual partners in the past, and are part of a culture which also sees that as being fine. Is it certain that we won't regret this at some future point? Of course not. But there's no especial reason to view this as inherently going to end badly at the present.

Frankly, the awkwardness and tentativeness here is honestly closer to IRL than most of the first amorous encounters in this quest have been so far. Most people in the real world are not as confident in expressing what they want as Poly, GG, Bika and yes, even Meg were. This is because clearly expressing interest- or what you want- is very exposing and requires a tremendous amount of confidence. (Especially for women who like men, because patriarchy is fucking fun like that.) Things are often messy, slightly fraught, and always a little bit tentative, a little bit uncomfortably exposing. They can also be hugely rewarding at the same time and lead to good things. That's life.

If you think the entirely normal slight awkwardness on display here -and I realise that might not be your only reason- is a reason to view this as a mistake, then I think you're deeply off-base.


This is a wholly valid point, however.
No. 769521 ID: e4b614

Well, it's also true that those girls all knew what they had signed up for, somewhat literally.
No. 769522 ID: 9f0bca


That's definitely true. I wasn't dissing their characterisation. It also doesn't invalidate the point I was making about the awkwardness and tentativeness here being pretty normal, rather than a sign that something is necessarily wrong.
No. 769525 ID: a6727f

No. 769554 ID: f562b1

5. Did she simply lose herself to libido? If so, it's good we kept it to foreplay.
No. 769593 ID: f6ba27
File 148330575984.png - (164.17KB , 960x560 , 657.png )

"That was hot." You gently remove your fingers.
She blinks in surprise. "It was?"
"I want a turn."
"Do you-- do you want me to--"
"Do you not want to? Should we stop?"
"Oh! No! No no." She's already taking her shirt off. The blush is still firmly planted on her face but it's joined by a smile that's equal parts nerve and excitement. "I just didn't-- I didn't know you wanted me."
"That was me inside you just now. If you didn't notice."
She giggles again while she's undoing her bra. "But how did you know that I-- Like I'm glad I just-- Why did you kiss me?"

1]] You're cute.
2]] I kind of got a clue from your human oculot thing.
3]] I kind of got a clue from what was in your recycle bin.
4]] I don't know.
5]] Why'd you invite me in?
6]] Go all the way.
7]] Don't go all the way this time. Ask her to ________ to finish you off.
8]] On second thought maybe it should be over now.
9]] ________________
No. 769594 ID: c441c1

"Because I really, REALLY like apple juice."
No. 769597 ID: a021a4

well mostly it felt like you were interested so i took a chance.
No. 769602 ID: 595d54

1, 2, 6.
No. 769605 ID: 05758b

"Same reason you invited me in: because I'm alpha as fuck"
No. 769620 ID: a6727f

1, 5.
9]] How serious does she want this to be? Like, in terms of relationships?
No. 769622 ID: 595d54

That'd be nice to say but it's also categorically false and I doubt Zack could pull it off.
No. 769624 ID: f2ab69

If she's looking for a serious relationship, then there's going to be complications.
If she's just looking for some fun, then that's not a problem at all.
No. 769629 ID: 7b7ab3

Seconded. Fun's fun, but Zack is already neck deep in girl trouble. He doesn't need more.
No. 769630 ID: dea742

I felt caution was a valid suggestion.

In any case, caution in mind, don't close any doors. Go with 1. She's cute, you like her, but you're not sure what she's after.

Or this. Actually, yeah, lead with this.
No. 769631 ID: 3795c1

4,1, and 5
Kinda seems like she invited us in hoping this would happen.
No. 769656 ID: 350a50

2, 7: Handy
No. 769676 ID: 9f0bca

1.; 9. - You seemed to like me.; 5.; 7. Hand.

I'm unsure on 2., I'd like to be honest, but in a weird way I feel that might almost be kind of selfish on our part. We don't need to risk slightly spoiling a nice moment for Krin just to relieve our own sense of guilt over a mistake we made. OTOH, perhaps a guy she likes validating her fantasy would actually be really nice for her- it's kind of tricky. I'm still inclined more towards not saying it, I think though.
No. 769684 ID: 9145ba

9) Because popping open a fresh can of Oculot pussy is easier than talking to Poly about her feelings.
No. 769692 ID: 9f0bca


We're pursuing a relationship with Krin because we find her interesting; just like we did with Poly. The only difference is that a government agency isn't telling us to do it, do you need that to be into someone? We also have some pretty strong indications at this point that we need to give Poly some space to get her head together before we talk to her, and that we need to be a bit less controlling in general even if our intentions are good.

Honestly there's been so much salt over what is a pretty normal albeit cute infatuation and hookup that Brom should consider opening his own mine.
No. 769711 ID: 567eda

1, 5, and 7. Handy
No. 769728 ID: e22b1d

1, 5, 6
No. 769751 ID: ce2e2f


Also 6 because it gives her pleasure too
No. 769753 ID: 094652

5, 8.
No. 769754 ID: e136ae

6. It's pretty obvious why she invited Zack in. She's got a thing for xenolove. Give her what she wants Zack.
No. 769772 ID: 01134a

No. 769780 ID: f6ba27
File 148335265891.png - (454.49KB , 945x700 , 658.png )

"Because you're cute. Like I said. And I really, really like apple juice."
She giggles and helps you tug off your shirt. "Why did you invite me in?" you ask
"I don't know," Krin says. "I guess I just wanted a boy in my apartment. I haven't had a boy in this apartment. I didn't-- I didn't think this would happen."
"Then why the matching underwear?"
"Sometimes you just get really really really lucky."
"Do you want to keep the lucky streak going?"
You feel her heart flutter through her back. "Yes."

She switches the overhead light off and turns her christmas lights on. The room is suffused in amber. She messes with her phone for a second and music starts to play from a little bluetooth speaker near her laundry basket. Lykke Li, you think.
"So what do you want this to be?" you ask. "Like how serious?"
She rolls onto her bed and slides her thong the rest of the way off her long, freckly legs. A cheerful puff of blonde pubic hair and her two outstretched arms invite you to join her. "I don't know," she says. "Maybe you're really bad in bed."
"Is that a challenge?"
She giggles. You take it as one and climb in with her.
She undoes the zipper on your pants and feels her way into your boxers.
"Oh my God," she breathes. "It's really big."
Her saying that of course makes it bigger, and she eeps. "It's big!"
"Too big?"
"No but like-- I heard humans were supposed to be bigger but--" She pulls it out of your pants and stares at it. You're not sure if it's fear, lust, or both in her eye. "Oh my God," she repeats.
You're actually a little concerned now. "Do you not want to--"

But she's already slipping it down and into place. "I do." She closes her eye, takes a deep breath, and reopens it. "Push."
No. 769781 ID: f6ba27
File 148335270831.png - (190.82KB , 960x800 , 659.png )

You push, into something hot, sticky, and immediately head-dazing. Her breath rushes in, catches, and holds, then she moans something either unintelligible or Oculotti.
You pull back. Her body clings to you, unwilling to let you go.
"Good?" you ask.
She nods rapidly. You get moving.
Krin's body is skinny and petite, more than you're used to. Her arms are bony, and even when her stringy little muscles flex you can fit your hand all the way around her bicep. Your fingers go up her chest and you can feel the individual ribs. But what flesh is there is welcoming and warm, and she's soft, squishy, and bouncy in all the right places. And although she's clearly lacking in inexperience, you're realizing there must be something about Oculot girls that brings something cro-magnon out of you. You feel the need to put all your weight on her.
"Zack. Zack."
"Can we do doggy?"
You flip her onto her stomach in response. She's easy to throw around.
She buries her face in her pillows, and starts making little halting squeaks with each thrust. You start to worry again. "Am I hurting you?"
Shake shake shake.
You grab a handful of fluff and pull her head up to see her face and make sure she isn't just grin-and-bearing it. Her expression makes it obvious she isn't. The tug must have been enough to push her over again because her entire body locks up for a second then spasms, and suddenly your leg is soaked.
"I'm sorry," she says. "I'm sorry I'm sorry"
"Don't be."
"You're not bad you're not you're good! You're so good!" She props herself back up again, shakily. "I wanna do cowgirl."

No. 769784 ID: f6ba27
File 148335281967.png - (114.76KB , 960x560 , 670.png )

Over the next half hour she runs you through an entire playbook of positions, from A to Z. You keep having to remember to check in with your hips, but Krin is light, and her bed is soft, and they're holding up fine. She's getting wetter, louder, and lewder with every new thing you try. The slapping, squelching, and suction of body-on-body is getting so loud that she stops to turn the music up. You feel the faint suggestion of orgasm on your horizon, but you're having so much fun that you're in no real hurry to bring it closer.

She's sucking on your finger and gyrating her hips in a mock-belly dance to I Follow Rivers when
your phone starts buzzing.

1]] Ignore it.
2]] Apologize and go see who it is.
3]] Turn your phone off.
4]] ____________
No. 769787 ID: 9145ba

No. 769793 ID: abff21

Shouldn't be anything urgent
No. 769795 ID: 247200

Definitely 2.
No. 769796 ID: c59554

2. Who's ringtone is that? Doesn't matter. Could be urgent.
No. 769800 ID: 7b7ab3

There's no telling who or what it could be, but there's too much going on right now to ignore it.
No. 769801 ID: ca661e

4. Ignore it once but if it keeps going pick it up
No. 769804 ID: 4652fc

2 for sure.
No. 769805 ID: 3e182c

This is a good idea
No. 769811 ID: f62fd8

Well, that's either work or one of the girls, and we can't really afford to ignore either, so 2.
No. 769813 ID: 595d54

This, and if it's Polyphema laugh and tell her she's been replaced, just kidding not kidding.
No. 769816 ID: 247200

Who hurt you?
No. 769820 ID: b5d5ae

"Aw, geez. Krin, I've gotta get that."
No. 769822 ID: 595d54

Nobody, I just enjoy drama. Plus, I'll admit shitposting is fun when you know perfectly well the other suggestors won't let your ideas get chosen. Oddly liberating. Feel free to disagree, but I'd rather you not try to imply anything.
No. 769827 ID: 9f0bca

2. "Sorry, might be important. I'll just be a sec."
No. 769834 ID: 3795c1

2 seems to be the smartest choice.
No. 769850 ID: f6ba27
File 148338560294.png - (12.27KB , 960x560 , 671.png )

"Aw geez, Krin." You kiss her neck. "I gotta get that."
"Noooo," she says, but unwraps her leg from you anyway.
You stumble over to the nightstand, the air very cold on parts of you that until recently were toasty warm.
You pick up your phone. "Hello?"

"You should get down here," Meg says. "Poly wants to see you. YES SHE DOES," she yells over a muffled protest.
"She does. Honestly. YOU KNOW YOU DO. PUT THAT DOWN."
Krin is poking your butt with her foot.
"What's with the music?" Meg asks. "Is that Lykke Li?"
No. 769851 ID: 595d54

"Hey, great, glad you managed to convince her. I'll be sure not to sperg out again, give me like...."

And then say however long it'll take to get there plus twenty minutes to finish fucking Krin.
No. 769853 ID: 595d54

Fug, forgot the other part. Tell Krin a friend's called to make plans for after the date, and get back to business.
No. 769855 ID: 3e182c

"Oh you know, one wrong thumb up and Pandora plays everything. I suppose I should get over there before you have to tie her down. See you soon."
No. 769858 ID: ca661e

"Well it certainly doesn't sound like she does, you sure she wants to see me?"
No. 769859 ID: 247200

"I'm with a friend. Don't worry; I'll be there in two shakes. Don't let her set you or anything else on fire."

End the call, tell Krin we had fun but have to run, then get over to Poly's.
No. 769861 ID: 595d54

Mate come on, it's this exact sort of thing that got us into this situation. You know this has to happen. We all know it. Everyone wants to move on from this horrible awkward shithole.
No. 769862 ID: 3795c1

"It's nothing, just the music of the strip club. Ill try to get there before she pulls a batman on you."

Flex ass and finish what you started before heading out.
No. 769866 ID: 7b7ab3

"I'm with a friend. I'll be right there. Over and out."

Hang up.

"Krin, I'm sorry, but I've gotta go. My dulabira needs me."
No. 769868 ID: 5b4b1e

Tell her Lykke Li has nothing on her and that we'll be right over. Then, once the call is over, tell Krin that we have to scoot.
No. 769870 ID: ac903f

>put that down
Sounds like Poly might be trying to become an hero.
No. 769871 ID: e22b1d

"I'll be right there. Give me 30 minutes."

Bust a nut in Krin, tell her more coffee soon, then throw your clothes on and get down there.
No. 769872 ID: 595d54

Yeah I'm sure Meg is leisurely calling Zack to come over while Poly is trying to kill herself
No. 769875 ID: 9f0bca


do you need a hug


This. Don't stay any longer, Poly could be in a tricky place RN.

Tell Krin we'd love to stay but a friend might need our help, and that we'd love to get coffee again soon, and to remember to email us her stuff.
No. 769876 ID: 6612fa

this is going to go great...
bika smells us and i bet poly can tell just from our wierd mind link mojo
full steam ahead
where does our ship crash the rocks, the iceburg, or somewhere in the deepest regions of space.
No. 769877 ID: 79a07e

No. 769881 ID: 398fe1

Lying about where you are to Meg seems like a mistake, for multiple reasons. Just tell her you made a new friend and you'll talk about it later.
No. 769884 ID: 97cee0

Better give yourself time to have a shower, too.
No. 769886 ID: 9f0bca


Yeah I don't want to actually lie; there's no need to. On reflection that's not necessarily implicit in >>769868. I'll clarify my vote:

Tell her Lykke Li has nothing on her and that we'll be right over. We're at a friend's right now.

Tell Krin we'd love to stay but a friend might need our help, and that we'd love to get coffee again soon, and to remember to email us her stuff. Then kiss and run.
No. 769888 ID: f6ba27
File 148339055752.png - (22.55KB , 960x560 , 672.png )

"Oh you know," you say. "Thumb up one thing on Pandora and you get the whole discography. I'll be right there. See you soon?"
"Word," Meg says, and hangs up.

"Krin I'm sorry." You find your pants. "But I gotta scoot. My Dulabira needs me."
"I thought I was your Dulabira."

You freeze, pants halfway on.
Krinstezj giggles. "Sorry. I just wanted to see your face."
"So you're ok?"
"I'm not ok I'm awesome," Krin says. "Like I came like a million times. Are you gonna be ok? Aren't you gonna get like, blue balls?"
"I'll power through." You get your shirt back on.
Krin stretches herself out and stands up, her hair like a halo in the string lights. "I've thought about what I want us to be."
"What's that?"
"Whatever makes you come and do that to me again," she says, and kisses you.

1]] Awesome.
2]] So are you my first Dulamad then?
3]] Sorry but I don't know if that's a good idea.
4]] Do you want to meet everyone else sometime, then? Maybe make this into something?
5]] I can't give you any promises, but you were pretty good by the end there.
6]] _______________
No. 769891 ID: 595d54

6: "K." Leave.
No. 769897 ID: e136ae

Be honest with #4.

We know it's #4. Hell, if Poly knew she'd already be making party arrangements to officially welcom Krin for #4.
No. 769898 ID: 3795c1

1 and this
No. 769899 ID: 9f0bca

1., 5. (jokingly)
No. 769902 ID: 9f0bca

Actually, this is a good point. (I am mercurial with my votes today.)

No. 769903 ID: 3e182c

No. 769904 ID: 91ee5f

Shouldn't Zack shower? It'd be kinda awkward if Meg and/or Poly smell another Oculot on Zack.
No. 769905 ID: 1bee31

1, 2, 4.
I'm pretty sure there's a certain etiquette and/or procedure to be followed here, but we'll have to figure it out later.
No. 769915 ID: a107fd

1, "Don't worry, ma'am, I'm a professional" for 6, 4, and seconding the shower.
No. 769917 ID: 9f0bca


This is a good point actually, we should prolly shower as well.
No. 769918 ID: e22b1d

1, 4, shower. Invite Krin so you don't get blue balls later.
No. 769919 ID: 595d54

Yeah if we have time to shower let's actually finish what we started with Krin.
No. 769925 ID: 9f0bca

Lord, maybe we shouldn't shower. Zack seemed to be getting ready to go.

So indecisive right now I feel like Hamlet. :P
No. 769928 ID: 7b7ab3

"Awesome. So are you my first Dulamad then?"
No. 769935 ID: f6ba27
File 148340029690.png - (6.52KB , 960x560 , New canvas.png )

OK Zack. Let's get something straight again here, since the vote looks like it's swinging around:

Do you
1]] Shower with Krin, getting your rocks/the sex smell off
2]] Skedaddle right now, getting to Poly's ASAP
No. 769940 ID: 595d54

No. 769942 ID: 7b7ab3

Guys. Seriously.
No. 769943 ID: 0ff6aa

We ain't got time to fuck around! 2!
No. 769945 ID: 3795c1

No. 769946 ID: fb1365

No. 769947 ID: 03c684

2, krin is happy and we got more important stuff to do than getting our rocks off
No. 769948 ID: 90f3c0

1. Gotta get clean.
No. 769949 ID: ca661e

1, wouldn't be polite to show up reeking of foul deeds
No. 769950 ID: 03c684

2. we got more important stuff to do and krin is happy
No. 769952 ID: 5b4b1e

We can explain the sex smell later. Hell, considering what Zack does for a living, it's a wonder that's not what he smells like all the time.
My point is that we need to get to Poly's in a hurry, and stopping to get our rocks off and take a shower would take too long.
So I vote 2.
No. 769954 ID: 9f3729

2. I feel like poly would give more of a shit about tardiness than us seeking some refuge in a friend
(or inside a friend)
No. 769961 ID: 3e182c

1 without the rocks.
Krin can join but it must be purely for washing purposes. We do have places to be, after all.
No. 769991 ID: 4cef42

No. 769992 ID: 9f0bca

Hmmm... A quick shower might've been an idea, but we've said we'll be there ASAP now, and we're halfway through getting dressed. I don't really want to take the time for shower funtimes, as fun as they'd be, and it's presented as sort of a package deal.

Whilst there are arguments for both sides I think I'll lean towards 2..
No. 769998 ID: 2744b5

Go with 2.
No. 770004 ID: b073ca

2. Bika's probably gonna smell you either way
No. 770007 ID: 350a50

2, it sounded urgent.
No. 770009 ID: 398fe1

Alamads before Dulamads.
No. 770011 ID: ac903f

Don't reward Poly's melodramatic behavior with attention. Stay and have even more sex with Krin. Silence your phone.
No. 770020 ID: 03999c

No. 770024 ID: eb3cf7

2. You can shower later.
No. 770032 ID: abff21

I'd normally say shower first but you did say ASAP so off with ye
No. 770081 ID: f6ba27
File 148342278928.png - (13.99KB , 960x560 , 673.png )

"Awesome," you say. "Do you want to meet the dulabira sometime?"
Her eye widens. "You'd introduce me?"
"Sure. You're my dulamad now. I think. Right?"
She beams and shrugs. "If I'm anything beyond a fun afternoon I'm more than I was hoping for."
"I'm not actually a xenophile demonboy like they say I am, yknow."
"I know." She kisses you again. "But, like, if you ever feel like being one for a while. You know how to find me."

Poly's door is slightly ajar. You hear muffled voices raised on the other side.
You take a stabilizing breath then knock. The voices stop short.

Meg opens the door. "Good afternoon, Zackary."
She floats back to a chair, which has been turned to face the door. Polyphema is sitting in it, looking like she's sitting in front of a speeding semitruck.
Meg puts a hand on her shoulder. "Poly has something she'd like to say, if you'd like to hear it."
No. 770083 ID: 595d54

Well, I'm sure the obvious choice will be made, so:

"Hey, your hair reminds me of my amines. Especially methylamine, that shit's rad. How'd you get your hair like that ahegao stereotype?"
No. 770084 ID: 9f3729

"Uh. Ok."
No. 770085 ID: 5b4b1e

"Absolutely. Should I sit down?"
No. 770086 ID: 3abd97

"Nah. Not interested."
No. 770087 ID: a8bc5c

Yeah, this little fling with meg isn't going to come back and blow our ass up or anything.

Let poly talk first.
No. 770088 ID: 595d54

>little fling with meg
No. 770091 ID: 4cef42

Listen intently. Do not interrupt.
No. 770092 ID: 7d8168

"That's some of the best news I've heard all day."
No. 770095 ID: 7b7ab3

"Of course."

Ears open, mouth shut, eyes on Poly.
No. 770096 ID: f6ba27
File 148342386860.png - (13.33KB , 960x560 , 674.png )

"Uh. Ok." You look around. "Should I be sitting down or--"

"I'm an idiot," Polyphema blurts. "I'm an old prideful moronic idiot and I'm so sorry, Zack. I snapped and I've been kicking the hell out of myself ever since. I've just been so terrified that everything's going to shit around me and afraid of losing the one thing that wasn't that I cocked it up. But you need to understand that I feel violated when you have these dreams, Zack. I feel violated. It scares me so badly. And I know you can't control it and I thought if you just didn't mention them I could ignore that it was happening but I can't. There are things I don't want you to know about me and I know that's selfish but I've lived such a long time, Zack. And there are so many things that I've had to forget or they'd destroy me. And I think that's my right. I need that to be my right. And if you saw them, some of these things that I've done, you'd look at me differently and I love the way you look at me, Zack. I crave it. I need you back. I need you. But I can't be asleep around you. I can't. I'm sorry. It would ruin me. And if that means this won't work I understand but I love you! I love you and I can't keep going on pretending like it wouldn't ruin me even more to be without you because it would."

She takes a deep, heaving breath and wobbles a little on her feet.

"Ok," Meg says. "Thank you, Poly. Zack, is there anything you'd like to say to Poly?"
No. 770099 ID: a107fd

"Of course, always happy to listen. Been worried about her lately."
No. 770101 ID: 595d54

"Yeah that's fine, I don't mess with your head and you don't treat me like an idiot."

And part 2 because I can't not try after all this effort:


"By the way I replaced you with someone with way less emotional baggage, too little too late. Don't worry you can still watch if you want. That's what you were into, right? The whole looking thing."
No. 770102 ID: a107fd

Love you too. People can absolutely have a healthy, successful romantic and/or sexual relationship without sleeping in the same bed. Let's do our best to make this work.

Is the Kariket your dad or something?
No. 770104 ID: 9f3729

"That's fine Poly, we don't have to sleep together for this to work. I'm sorry for pushing forward in spite of your warning, shoulda listened to you when you said to back off."
No. 770105 ID: 9f3729

>"I don't want you to know my past!"
>So your dad's the kariket, then?
lol, don't do this though
No. 770106 ID: 7d8168

"I've been panicking the past couple of days. The idea of losing you terrified me. I've been distracted, I've been making stupid decisions... stupider than usual even... and I couldn't even do anything out of fear I'd push you even further away.

"And as much as it hurts me to lose some intimacy with you... we both know it's not like I don't have anyone else to snuggle."
No. 770107 ID: 5b4b1e

"Poly, I understand, and we can make this work. The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt you. I love you so much."

Kiss her, you fool!
No. 770108 ID: 9f3729

This actually, shorter and sweeter and gets the emotional part across better.
No. 770109 ID: e136ae

Let her know it's ok; you were really worried about her but you must figured she needed time to process everything, especially having her past come back. But there's no replacing Poly. This is just something the two of you will need to work through -- slowly. Poly has made a habit of trying to kill her past; learning how to live with it again is going to take time. But she's got lots of friends, and if and can let them help her, she can do this.
No. 770112 ID: b2aaec

Kiss her.
"I love you, Polyphema. I love you so, so much. I don't care if we can't sleep together. I'm just glad you're back."
No. 770114 ID: 3e182c

Poly... Humans don't feel emotion like Oculots do. The only thing that is ever set in stone is Love.
Nothing else even comes close. Every other feeling is there and gone in an instant.

I'll respect whatever decision you make but Poly please understand that I Love you. All of you. Past, present, and future. Nothing you've done or will do, and no one you've been or ever will be could change that.
No. 770115 ID: 3abd97

"We wouldn't be the first couple who decided they need separate beds to make things work. It's okay. You deserve to have your secrets. You deserve not to have things pulled out of your head and your past."
No. 770126 ID: 7b7ab3


First: Not sleeping together is in no way a big deal. Plenty of couples don't share a bed, and it does nothing to diminish their love for each other. The same will hold true for Zack and Poly.

Second: Apologies. Zack never meant for Poly to feel violated or endangered in any way. He made poor decisions. They will not be repeated.

Third: Zack loves Poly. Intensely. Losing her would utterly devastate him. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make this relationship work.
No. 770132 ID: eb3cf7

Good lord, you're a disaster. Get help, man.

"I understand, Poly. It must be hellish to be confronted by the things you want to see least through someone you love. I can't imagine. I know that, in your shoes, I wouldn't be able to shut anything like that out even without the dreams to remind me, so I can see how hard this makes things for you.

"Anyway, I'm sorry for not listening to you and tugging those threads like that. I'm impulsive and curious by nature, and I'm absolutely fascinated by anything that has to do with you, Poly. I guess this is a pretty straightforward fix, though, huh? We just won't sleep next to each other anymore? My honest truth is that I don't know how I could resist talking about the dreams if they happen. There's just too much intensity in them.

"Anyway, what matters on my end is that I love you and I want to keep our relationship strong and healthy, so I'm happy to do what we gotta do for both our sanity, haha. I love you, Poly."
No. 770134 ID: 595d54

>taking jokes this seriously
Stop taking the quest so personally m8

No. 770138 ID: eb3cf7

>Oh maybe if I pretend like I was kidding, I won't have to examine my profoundly flawed psyche and can continue wallowing in mediocrity unobstructed.
>Being this self-deceptive.

No. 770141 ID: 3795c1

This. I like this.
No. 770142 ID: 7b7ab3

Take it to the quest-dis.
No. 770148 ID: 91ee5f

No. 770155 ID: 03999c


This, +1.
No. 770164 ID: 094652

Tell her that so far, her past has just made you obsessed with learning more of this unending legend about a little girl who became the toast of Golboria and managed to spin worlds around her with puppeteer strings while constantly in the spotlight. As far as you can tell, learning of an atrocity or chain of events that she is directly responsible for that would make you hate her, would also make you even MORE obsessed about her.

You feel that there is some greater plot, some important conspiracy that Poly has taken part in, and as an overpaid gigolo whose job is to promote interspecies research and foster relations between literal worlds, you have a deep vested interest in actively protecting the alliance. And they also chose her because she can help you with that goal. She's the Dutchess. You'd like her to earn that title in front of you, to stop Visitor War II even, and it would make you HERS.

But most importantly, you don't want to let her go. So it's her decision, truly. She holds your relationship hostage, and you understand that.

Admit that you screwed a teenage girl, and that if Poly is going to literally stop you from dreaming about her, then you're going to need another Oculot to dream about. Deal?
No. 770180 ID: 9145ba

Nobody's laughing at your joke but you, mate.

"Poly, I don't know what to do about these dreams yet, but I do know that losing you over them isn't the right thing to do. For now, let's take things one day at a time, and be there for each other. I still love you Poly."
No. 770188 ID: defceb

Speeches are too much work, just smooch her.

And then threesome.
No. 770198 ID: 350a50

This, please no more essays.
No. 770205 ID: fa17b7

Shorten that a bit, and we're golden.
No. 770209 ID: 9f0bca

"I love you too. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you."


This is actually pretty good, thought it could do to be shorter.


Zack hasn't been making especially stupid decisions.
No. 770214 ID: 9f0bca


I like that you emphasised that while Zack knows he acted wrongly, and he's sorry, what he saw in Poly's visions didn't appear to be about her, and could actually be really important for preventing another war. The idea of his sometimes erratic actions being prompted by him feeling scared about losing his wonderful new life- and the women he loves- was strong too, I thought.
No. 770235 ID: 75b606

Might want to use the phrases like 'plugged into some memories that aren't even yours' and 'this may be bigger than any of us' and 'actionable intelligence'. Especially that last one.
No. 770293 ID: 9f0bca


I mean I guess the counterargument to this is that even if we don't emphasise that now, making things right with Poly still means we can raise the issue later when she's less fraught. But there is something to be said for striking while the iron is hot... And I think she deserves to know why we felt it was so important.

So yeah, I think something to this effect wouldn't be a bad idea.

I hope Brom is coming up with a kind of weighted average from all of these, because right now we're all over the place lol
No. 770297 ID: fd790d

Something like these.
No. 770298 ID: f6ba27

I'm doing my darndest Skippeh
No. 770299 ID: f6ba27

Y'all just write SO MUCH
No. 770305 ID: 3e182c

I think in this instance we should really just focus on getting the feels out. Be sincere and to the point.

There is a lot of good stuff that is being suggested that can really wait, even if it's just like a panel or two.
No. 770307 ID: 350a50

Valid argument.

I'll change by vote and support this on that reasoning.
No. 770310 ID: 97cee0


Ok, here's the (slightly) shorter version. It's still long but I think it's the moment to spill a pile of feelings, and I think Zack has that pile bottled up in him by this point.

"Right. Ok. I... want to just say I'm an idiot, too, and that I'm sorry, but you just exposed a lot and I should try do the same. I think I need to. So... I've been terrified too, I think. For stupid reasons. See, everything's just been... so great for me. Money, celebrity, beautiful loving women, there's been danger too but you know me and danger by now. And... to me, it's felt like all I did was be myself, that it was too easy, and I think that's made me feel like I could lose it easy, too. I haven't done enough to deserve it, and that's another thing, because I know there must be people out there who think that and that makes me think of... respect, too. I think... in the back of my head somewhere, I wonder what respect I have, even from you, and Meg, and Bika and GG. I feel the love but sometimes I find myself wondering do you love me like really as a lover, or as... as like a pet or something. It's stupid, but there've been so many days that I do nothing but eat and sleep and spend time with you girls, playing around and being happy, and I love it, don't get me wrong, but that's what a pet does, Poly. I think that might be why I've been acting so crazy lately. I've been holding on harder, afraid of losing everything, and at the same time trying to find something to do to prove myself."

"I knew you wanted to leave the past behind, Poly. But then... It wasn't about you, Poly. That one dream. I couldn't see how it had anything to do with you, what I saw, and what I did see... I think it's something no-one else knows, not for sure, something maybe really really important and I just kept thinking that I had to tell someone, and I needed your permission and to back me up that the dreams were real, and... I pressured you for it. Not just for those reasons but because this dream thing was special, just you and me, and if something important and necessary came out of it then it would mean that I needed to have gotten this great life of mine. So I pushed. I'm sorry."
No. 770314 ID: 6612fa

throw in this
"you surround yourself in this cloud of mystery, i don't even know your real name, can you blame me for wanting to feel closer to you, when you make me feel the way i do."

every time we reach out to her she often pushes us away or changes the subject.

i mean we should apologize to her for her feelings alone but i personally regret nothing.
No. 770315 ID: 9f0bca


Vocational hazards of being a successful Quest author, I guess. Hang in there Brom!

Scale the summit of Mt. Verbose!
No. 770353 ID: 987bda

Might want to point out that you KNOW she's done some horrible things in her life, and that you've only ever judged her based on who she IS, not who she WAS. It's an important part of who you are to judge people based on who they are now; you would hardly be able to function in society if you couldn't do that, and you wouldn't have joined the HVAO if you didn't firmly believe in that.

She didn't cock anything up. She was scared, and we had assumed she was as afraid for Zack as for herself because that's also completely reasonable. Also, arguments happen in relationships. Messes happen, clean them up, keep going.

Also, sleeping in different rooms is fine if it helps her, but doesn't solve the dream problem. Zack has also dreamed parts of GG's past. So this might be an outside force involved here.
Can Poly get one of those psy-blocking scarfs? Maybe that would help?
No. 770356 ID: f6ba27
File 148350483553.png - (9.46KB , 960x560 , 675.png )

"I've been in like panic mode for the last couple of days," you say. "I've been paralyzed out of this fear that I'd go all the way over into losing you if I tried to talk to you. Because my life has been going so good lately out of like nowhere that I'm feeling like I could lose it at any second. Like I don't feel like I've earned it and that's why I'm so freaked out about losing it. It's like the world is fucking itself up and I'm not doing anything. And I guess I thought that like with the dreams I could do something. Like I was plugging into minds that weren't yours somehow and I think I was looking for, for like something really important. To make me feel like I'm making a difference and not on like a paid vacation. So I pushed and that sucked and I'm sorry too. And if we have to sleep in separate rooms or whatever has to happen that's fine. We can make it work. I love you."
"Zack!" Polyphema throws herself into your arms. "I love you too. I love you so much. And you've made such a difference. For me you've made such a difference. I feel at home somewhere for the first time in decades[/u] and now that you're going to be a spokesperson and a [i]spy" (and here you notice that Meg has stuck the Portable Tunnel on Poly's kitchen countertop) "and an advocate and these wonderful things I know you'll make even more of a difference and everyone will see how fantastic you are and I'm going to be right with you, every step, I'm going to the gala with you and Meg did she tell you, and even if we can't do the dreams I'll help you in every other way I can because we are perfect together, and I don't know how I forgot that and I'll never do this to you again. I promise."

She sniffles into your shoulder.
Then she sniffs.

Then she sniffs again.
No. 770357 ID: f6ba27
File 148350485330.png - (9.54KB , 960x560 , 676.png )

"Why do you smell like sex?"
No. 770359 ID: 9f3729

"Because of sex, obviously."
No. 770360 ID: 595d54

"Because I was fucking Krin when you called."
No. 770362 ID: 5406de

"Long story short, I met a new friend and we helped each other let off some steam."
No. 770363 ID: 987bda

"That's probably the sex.
Met an adorable girl, Bika said go for it, things happened. I'll introduce you. Full Kashzan Oculot. You'll like her."
No. 770364 ID: be084f

"bitch how you smell if you ain't got a nose smh"
No. 770365 ID: e136ae

She probably smells pretty good, Poly is a high class girl.
No. 770366 ID: 7b7ab3

We're going to need her help.
Introducing a dulamad to an established dulabira sounds challenging.
No. 770367 ID: 737841


No. 770368 ID: cd9ebd

"Oh. Right. I think I may have met my first dulamad. Is that okay? I know it's an awkward time."
No. 770370 ID: f71b7b

As of late I always smell like sex. Be more specific.

We really missed our opportunity to finally get her real name
No. 770371 ID: f71b7b

We say
"Because im so damn sexy"
No. 770372 ID: b14b56

She's smiling, bruh. All is good.

Honest, short account of what happened. Tell her deets if she asks.

"Hooked up with a new oculot friend. Alamad, j guess? She's adorable and easy to fluster—you'd love her."
No. 770374 ID: c8e36a

Tell her the tale and explain what happened and what was going on in our head at the time.
Ask her and Meg if they're cool with us having a dulamad. Bika already said she approved, but we want to make sure it's okay with the whole dulabira. We'll talk to GG about it later.
Also, what's the proper etiquette for this scenario? Dulamads and dulabiras and such.
No. 770376 ID: 398fe1

Don't forget to thank Meg for helping straighten things out.
No. 770377 ID: ca661e

>She's smiling, bruh. All is good. 

That is literally a woman's most basic trap for men. Sure it could be fine but warning bells should be going off in our head.
Plus we just had a big heart to heart chat about not wanting to lose each other with Poly, it may be a bit detrimental to admit that we went straight off and found a new Occulot as soon as we had a bit of a fight.
No. 770378 ID: eb1d1f

No. 770381 ID: 91ee5f

Well, she said you were going by the name of Dutchess when she and her family came here through a portal you made.

And I think she might literally faint if she met you.
No. 770383 ID: d3e5ab

Bruh, I was against sleeping with Krin just because if you're good at something you shouldn't do it pro boner, but given Poly's general attitude and history I don't think she'd get super upset with us. If she did, she'd need to hash out a pretty serious discussion with GG too.
No. 770390 ID: 9145ba

TGchan makes good decisions!

"Well I was panicking and making a lot of dumb decisions so sleeping with someone outside the HVAO program seemed like a good idea at the time."
No. 770393 ID: 3795c1

>As of late I always smell like sex.
Lol this for sure.
Honesty is probably best here. Try not to make it sound like we're replacing her though.
No. 770395 ID: 3e182c

Ever slummed it on a bad day?
No. 770405 ID: fd5ed0

i literally left mid sex to see you, that's how much i love you.
No. 770416 ID: d582f8

Combine >>770362 and >>770363 together into a hybrid. Best to be honest with her, and honestly I actually think Poly will like Krin.
No. 770420 ID: 7d8168

Krin is a huge fangirl though, and a lot of the situation with Poly has centered around her distancing herself from her past. If we bring up the idea of introducing them, make sure Poly has an out. Krin remembers Poly as a hero, but it was almost certainly an unpleasant time of Poly's life. She probably would rather not remember.

Alamad is the big deal. Dulamad is the fun sex partner. We don't know her that well yet. (Though it could be argued we don't know any of the girls that well yet, it's only been what, like a week?)
No. 770421 ID: 75b775

No reason to panic. If anyone is going to not be annoyed by this, it's Poly. And that expression does not look like one of annoyance or someone hiding their emotions. It looks coy and curious.

Look at the smirk, the half-lidded eye, and her raised eyebrow. She's poking, but not in a bad way. Just explain what happened truthfully, and with some humour.
No. 770424 ID: 97cee0

"I was out making new friends and a thing led to another thing so it turned out to be friends with benefits. Dulamad. I left without taking a shower when I got the message."

Poly's casual about sex so I think she wouldn't mind at all if we are too.

Kind of disappointed that Zack didn't mention that he actually did find out something important from the dreams. Not just for the fact that then he could tell her about it, but that if the first thing he said was that that one dream wasn't about her (so that he could settle that worry before he said anything else about it, which I think he'd have to do), then it would probably make her feel a lot better. Right now she still has to be thinking Zack saw something about her, like she assumed in the first place, and it seems cruel to let her go on thinking that when Zack could say "I still haven't actually seen any of your really big secrets, Poly".

I'd guess we can give Meg more specific details and she can take them as more solid now (and I think we need a conversation with Meg about respect some time, even though she has helped us out a lot here), but that still wouldn't put Poly's mind as at ease as it could be.
No. 770455 ID: 0c367f

Because I'm a xenophile demonboy like they say I am.
No. 770482 ID: 9f0bca

Something funny and honest at the same time sounds good, yeah.
No. 770496 ID: f562b1

"One, I'm a xenophilic demonboy and can't resist somebody who wants me, two, Carlson said to stop playing things safe and I figured trying out a bit more of the dulabira thing would be a good idea.
Sorry... Guess I should have taken the time to clean up, but when I got the call I thought it might be important to show up as soon as possible."
No. 770504 ID: 61c7b9

Because of sex. A friend who you helped out was taken by your dashing charm and okay seriously she's adorable and she really wanted to bang.
No. 770514 ID: abff21

Well we did see her dulamond die in front of her eyes, the big red dude who she told us stories of killing a mega beast with a car about.

I agree not all the dreams are about her is a big point, but to say we haven't seen any of her secrets or big moments in her life is being disingenuous.
No. 770528 ID: 97cee0


Well, you're right, of course. I didn't mean that he should literally say that, just something along the lines of him not seeing as much as she's maybe thought he has.
No. 770537 ID: 350a50

No. 770593 ID: 952ab0

I was in the middle of something when I got the call. Came straight here, because you are important to me. I should shower...
No. 770778 ID: 9f0bca


This is amusing, I wouldn't be averse to opening with it.
No. 770797 ID: f6ba27
File 148367457050.png - (9.27KB , 960x560 , 677.png )

"That's probably because of the sex," you say.
Meg rubs her temples. "I knew it. Lykke Li."
"I met somebody named Krinstezz, and, uh,"
"Stezj," Poly corrects your pronunciation, making the end of Krin's name sound like a sexy version of a gargle. "An oculot?"
"Yeah, a Kashzan."
"A Kashzan! So you replaced me with a bona fide mountain oculot."
"I didn't--" but you read her grin. "Poly. You're not actually upset, right?"
"Have you been away from me so long as to forget about me, Zack? And you came running before you even finished."
"How'd you know that?"
She gently pulls her hips away from yours. "Because, my love, you're poking my stomach."
Meg snorts.
"Oops," you say. You feel the twinging ache of blue balls. "Can I, uh, borrow your shower?"
"She's all yours, dollface."

1]] Shower.
2]] Shower with a buddy.
3]] Shower with 2 buddies???

And once you're done showering:

4]] Find out about the different avenues of media coverage you can use and start looking into booking yourself.
5]] Text Bika and do advocacy work.
6]] Stay in with Polyphema and Meg. Learn more about the Gala and what happened, and prepare.
7]] Find GG and figure out just what it is she's doing for Bika all day besides deliveries.
8]] Suggest to Polyphema that you try sleeping together with the inhibitor on, to see if that will stop the dreams.
9]] ___________________
No. 770799 ID: ce37f2

Shower with EVERYONE. Stuff Bikas into the bathroom until you can flood the room with the bathroom door open.

5, 7, 8)
No. 770800 ID: c441c1

1, 6
No. 770803 ID: 76c9f6

3. Because duh.
4 and 7. Because we've worked ourselves raw and these options sound the least like work.
No. 770804 ID: 595d54

1, 6
No. 770806 ID: 4ed175

3, 6. Let's strengthen these bonds a little.
No. 770807 ID: ca661e

3, of course
Then 4
No. 770809 ID: 7d8168

I'd say anywhere from 1-3, but leave it up to the lovely ladies here to decide how crowded that shower should be.

Then 4 and 6 later. We've just been told it's important that we be a media personality and a spy. It's time to get to work on those. Advocacy is cool too, and should be a part of our public image, but we've got limited time and a lot to do so let's get planning first.

Oh and definitely NOT 8. That might be something to explore later, but right now it's a very sensitive subject and we don't want to touch that.
No. 770814 ID: 987bda

3, 6. Also, ask if and when they'd like to meet Krin.
No. 770815 ID: 350a50

1-3, don't care

4 and 8
No. 770817 ID: 91ee5f

No. 770826 ID: 9145ba

2 (how do Floater jets work in the shower?), 6, 8 (But which one of you has to wear the inhibitor?)
No. 770838 ID: b09ace

1-3, whichever.
i-is 8 really an option? when was this even discussed? oh well, might as well see what they think.
No. 770847 ID: b2aaec

No. 770861 ID: 9f0bca

I kind of feel we missed a trick here if we didn't manage to communicate at all that although we respect her wishes totally, and love her, the actual content of the dreams might have been very important. Possibly even to preventing another war.

I think the right moment has passed now, and it might be a while before it appears again. I wish I'd pushed harder for it earlier.
No. 770864 ID: c069f7

3, and then 4 and 6. We might squeeze in 7 as well if we're that curious.
No. 770874 ID: 9f3729

2 (because this should really be our one-on-one time with poly), then 4 and 5.
No. 770892 ID: dfa669

No. 770946 ID: f58d22

2 and with Poly
No. 771007 ID: 9f0bca

As for votes:

No. 771067 ID: 6612fa

6 and 8
totally 8
play it off as a an idea with no pressure and its her call.
my bet is on it actually making the dreams more intense.
No. 771528 ID: 170e7b


If it's with Poly.
No. 771919 ID: f6ba27
File 148420906354.png - (309.51KB , 960x560 , 678.png )

"Right between my shoulderblades," Polyphema says.
"Yes. Ahhh." She stretches her arms up as you rub your knuckles against her spine. The bone beneath her plush body feels craggy and kind of pointy in a way that reminds you the woman rubbing her butt on you is nonhuman. Both of the women rubbing their butts on you, in fact.
"You're two of the least efficient showerers I've ever seen." Meg is rubbing one of Poly's loofahs on her arm. Its effect on her sleek polymer skin is unclear.
"Do you even need to shower?" you ask.
"Does anyone?"
Poly is doing a little two-step, swaying you back and forth. She smells like lavender shampoo with a hint of wine. "A gala. My blueblooded heart is skipping a beat."
"Poly wants to steal you," Meg says.
"Megumi and I talked about it and I just want you to have the chance to make an informed decision," Polyphema says. "So I can inform you that if you take me I'll fellate you in the limousine."
"I'd fellate him in the limousine," Meg says. "And I called dibs. And I won't step on his toes."
"Megumi I am the picture of gra--" Polyphema does a little spin and loses her footing on the wet shower floor. You catch her round the waist. "Working as intended," she says, twisting her hands through your hair.
"No pressure, Zack," Meg says. "But you gotta pick an arm to be the candy for. One of us is going to have to lone-gun it."
"Bad optics. Carlson would have an aneurysm. Our seats are all at the same table, but for appearances..."
"Who gets the golden apple, Paris?" Poly asks.

1]] I'll take Meg.
2]] I'll take Poly.
3]] Screw the optics and Carlson's blood circulation. We're going as a trio.
4]] ____________
No. 771920 ID: 85cc2c

No. 771921 ID: 398fe1

Let's stick with the original game plan and take Meg.
No. 771922 ID: 7d8168

1, in the interest of poor Poly's toes. Zack's great at a whole lot of things, but ballroom dancing isn't one of them.
No. 771923 ID: 61c7b9

Man am I bad at decisions! Original plan was 1, so that's what I recommend for political purposes. However, Poly needs a hug really badly.

DOUBLE however we haven't been spending enough time with Meg, so Meg it is. We can footsie with Poly under the table. Meg won't mind as she is physically incapable of footsie.
No. 771924 ID: 4854ef

No. 771929 ID: e63ea4

1 we already promised to make it megs night. But why can't we dance with both.
Wow on the drawing brom
No. 771930 ID: 350a50

1, we're supposed to be Meg's cover after all.
No. 771931 ID: 266349

No. 771933 ID: ec5d7b

As much as I would love to stick it to convention, we did promise Meg to make it a night for her. Besides, the only reason we're going is for spy work.
So I say 1. However, I also suggest that we do something with/for Poly before, after or during the gala. She needs love, too.
No. 771934 ID: 9145ba

1. Zack is the man with the plan.
No. 771942 ID: 920e7c

No. 771944 ID: 97cee0

1), remember that Poly probably doesn't know about the whole spy thing, and we need to be close to Meg so she can more easily whisper instructions to us about that job. Don't tell Poly about the spy stuff, obviously. You can say that she's a constant stream of classiness, while high-society events with Meg will probably be rarer, so you'll go with Meg this time for fairness. That's true, too.

Maybe also throw in a line about you not stepping on Poly's toes rather than Meg not stepping on hers. Tell her she'll have to give you lessons in classy dancing and other essential arm candy skills.
No. 771945 ID: 0842fd

Poly already knows about the spy stuff.
No. 771946 ID: 97cee0


Oh, right, she did make a little mention of it. I'm mistaken, then. The other reasons still apply, though, as well as the fact that we're supposed to be part of Meg's cover, specifically, to justify to the Floaters why she should stay in this job and get the privileges and freedoms she does.

We also still need to talk to the girls about this "public profile" we're going to be showing. What face we present to the world, et cetera. What angles we're going to spin with, maximizing good publicity minimizing bad, et cetera. Poly would probably have some advice on that, so we should get it from her before going to the ball.
No. 771958 ID: 595d54

4. Joke about choosing a third option before going with 1.

Meg's qualified for spy stuff and you already had plans.
No. 771965 ID: 55fb8a

1, have shower sex with Poly to make it up to her.
No. 771969 ID: 595d54

Sure, fuck Poly in front of Meg. Let Meg watch and look forward to what you'll do at the gala.
No. 771976 ID: b15da4

Nay, let Poly observe your technique with Meg.
No. 771982 ID: 90f3c0

1. Gotta stick to the original plan.
No. 771989 ID: 4f35c6

>4: All the Bikas. ALL OF THEM.
No. 772000 ID: bb78f2

4)) You two should go and bring a laptop so that I could shoot my charisma through skype video chat like a evil genius. Maybe start a rumor that I don't actually exist but am actually a figment of both conservative and liberal media.
No. 772038 ID: da647b


No. 772087 ID: da0a14

1, because as much we want to make it up to Poly, we gotta go to the gala with Meg. However, 4) if Poly going anyway, we can leave the Gala with her after the event.
No. 772100 ID: 9ad4cd

Joke about all of the Bikas still count as only one, right? Then take Meg.
No. 772101 ID: a523fb

No. 772115 ID: 77bf27

Call up Krin while you're doing Meg and Poly, but don't let Krin know what you're doing.

Remember, Dulamad is just another word for c u c k
No. 772116 ID: e136ae

You mean "invite" don't you?
No. 772129 ID: 3e182c

I say take Meg.
Not only does she deserve it, but she hasn't really gotten all that much one on one time with Zack. I'm sure she feels included, but we should make her feel special.

Not to mention, we can tell Poly that she'll have to figure out a way for us to make it up to her. She'll surely crank the "debt" up to 11 and make for some most interesting shenanigans later.
No. 772164 ID: dfa669

absolutely, take meg!
No. 772383 ID: dea742


This is beautiful.
No. 772388 ID: f1fe20

@#$% Poly in the shower, take Meg to the Gala. Actually, how about you and Meg double-team Poly.
No. 772407 ID: 170e7b

No. 772416 ID: f562b1

1, take Meg.
Sorry, Poly, but I kind of already agreed to anyways.
No. 772484 ID: c441c1

joke about doing this
No. 772792 ID: 211858

All of this together seems like a solid plan.
No. 772808 ID: f6ba27
File 148463781132.png - (322.00KB , 960x560 , 679.png )

"Sorry, Poly. I already said I'd go with Meg. And she honestly deserves it."
"Damn you, Meg," Poly says.
Meg does a Jordan Shrug.
Poly kisses the arm you have around her shoulders. "But you do deserve it."
"Either one of you could have done it literally yesterday if you weren't both the most sensitive indecisive motherfuckers," Meg says. "It was insanely obvious to anybody but you that you were going to make up. You're like way too horny for each other."
You're only half listening because Polyphema is rubbing her butt up and down your dick, which you guess proves Meg's point.
Then she starts making out with you, and you push her up against the shower wall.

How a 3 and a half century old woman can be almost as tight as the girl of 24 you were with earlier is another one of Polyphema's infinite mysteries.
She wraps herself around you. You hang on to her for dear life and feel like you're melting.

"See what I mean?" says Meg.

All of your alamads have their own distinct charms. Meg's strawberry fragrance and youthful enthusiasm, Bika's dogpile animal lust, GG's power play and stunner curves.
But nobody does it like Polyphema.
What she is doing to you, even right now when you're the one moving, is Art. The way her fingers knead your back, the rhythmic swivel in her hips, the breathy, musical sounds that she makes, the impossibly blue eye burning into you, open the whole time. You feel like a cello being played by the first chair of the greatest symphony orchestra of all time, or the last irreplaceable puzzle piece slotted into a masterwork jigsaw. You feel like the sexiest motherfucker in two dimensions.

"Are you brushing your teeth?" Poly asks somewhere on the other side of the haze she's put you in.
"I fold you." Meg is brushing her teeth with the hand that doesn't have its middle and ring knuckle-deep inside her. "I falue effififenfy."

No. 772809 ID: f6ba27
File 148463785274.png - (16.65KB , 960x560 , 680.png )

Everyone's in the kitchen, eating Poly's seamless order and talking about your first media appearance. Your ears are pleasantly ringing as you read Krin's text.

:krin: So these connections I talked about. I dropped hints that you might be looking to do something public and they're salivating. I think they might be really good for you. Its 2 humans, really really progressive.
:krin: These guys get about 40k listens in week 1 of the podcast upload, I predict you'd probably get double that... but if you want to go bigger or smaller I think you're coming from a position you can shop around from.

"Is that Krinstezj?" Poly looks over your shoulder at her icon. "She's cute."
"She's a little bigger in real life," you say.
"Big enough for two?" She crosses to her kitchen island and takes a slice of pizza from the box. It's veggie. "I'm awful. I'm kidding. Unless you don't want me to be."
"The quiet car in a train." Meg licks her fingers before she picks her phone back up. "That's what broccoli tastes like."
"Is that good?" Poly asks.
"Fascinating. Meg you are fascinating."
"What about Reed Whittaker?" Meg asks, tapping on her phone. "Like I bet NBC would be down to have you on."
"The mainstream wolfpack?" Poly puts a hand on your shoulder. "We want him in one piece, Megumi. What's your priority?" she asks you. "Nobody'll be perfect. But for your first."

1]] A big audience. I want to be public, after all. To everyone.
2]] A respected interviewer. I want to be legit. I don't mind if it's tricky.
3]] A sympathetic view. I want it to go well.
4]] Someone open but unconvinced. I'm not afraid to be challenged or controversial if it means maybe changing minds.
5]] ____________
No. 772810 ID: 9f3729

2, I wanna have a tit for tat with one of those NPR types!
No. 772811 ID: 9145ba

4. Let's see what we need to address and then do so, for someone who isn't trying to spin things out of control.
No. 772812 ID: 595d54

No. 772813 ID: 952ab0

Keep mashing that 4 button until the world changes. You aren't going to accomplish anything getting a pat on the back in a sympathetic echo chamber or by standing defiant in front of masses who already made up their minds against you.
No. 772821 ID: 91ee5f

5]] I say we look for a well respected Visitor reporter that both humans and Visitors will listen to. If we're going to change things, then wouldn't giving a Visitor the scoop be a giant middle finger to all the human reporters and show them that Visitors can do the job just as well as they can?

But if that's not possible, then I'll change my vote to 4.
No. 772829 ID: c441c1

2. 5 send a text to Krin that Poly thinks she is cute.
No. 772837 ID: 673db5

To many idiots in here to screw it up
No. 772840 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 772842 ID: 350a50

4 is the most likely to actually accomplish something.
No. 772843 ID: cef2f9

3. We are not ready for 4. 4 can come later. For our DEBUT, 3 is a way better idea.
No. 772845 ID: abff21

We want to come across as someone worth listening to we need all the legitimacy we can get.

People brush us off as just some guy who got paid to fuck aliens, we need to show that we actually have legit points and aren't just a mouth piece for a pro visitor agenda.
No. 772848 ID: a523fb

4 sounds like a disaster in waiting.
No. 772875 ID: 8b2654

You're fine if Poly's not kidding.
4, 5: Text Krin that Poly thinks she's cute.
No. 772886 ID: 398fe1

2 is a better idea for a first go. 4 can wait until after we've got a better handle on the overall message Zack wants to deliver.

Let's not forget how easy it is for less savory people to twist Zack's words or argue him into a corner. Zack is not a public speaker nor a politician- he is VULNERABLE when facing off against someone who is practiced in manipulation and debate. A single phrase taken out of context or an accidental implication could sink him.

Also uh, considering past history, I doubt suggesters are up to the task.
No. 772887 ID: 77bf27

Text Krin that Poly thinks that she is cute, and someone with as nice of an ass as Poly couldn't be wrong.
No. 772889 ID: 346c1a

No. 772923 ID: f36501

No. 772953 ID: dfa669

No. 772962 ID: 147a0c

1 or 3! Given the choice why would you want your first ever interview to be with someone who is disinclined to like you? Why?
No. 772976 ID: 595d54

4 is specifically someone who's not biased, and I kinda doubt that a "respected interviewer" will be unbiased given how scummy journalism can be.
No. 773000 ID: 8cb228

Two first, THEN four comes later!
No. 773028 ID: 8c5e12

After the post in the discussion thread, I'm changing my vote to 3, for this first interview. We can have more interviews later, we don't want Zack to trip up because he's having to understand all the side details of how being interviewed works at the same time.
No. 773040 ID: 7b7ab3

Yeah. Maybe 3 is better for beginners. Work our way up, right?
No. 773044 ID: 03999c

+1 vote for 4.
No. 773075 ID: dfa669

+1 vote for Not Four, so 2 or 3
No. 773212 ID: f6ba27
File 148480013752.png - (16.06KB , 960x560 , 681.png )

"I think..." you scratch your chin. "Someone open but unconvinced. Like who I can have a dialogue with. I'm not afraid to get controversial."
"Hmmm," Poly says. Meg's head things shift.
"What's hmmm?" Your uncertainty grows.
"Maybe run that by your publicist friend," Meg says.
"She's not exactly a publicist."
You message Krin:

>i think what im looking for is someone open but unconvinced who i can have a spirited conversation with. Not afraid to get a little messy if it changes minds
:krin: Hmmm. Ok.
>ok whats hmmm? everyone is telling me hmmm
:krin: No it's ok. We can look.
>to be honest im having second thoughts myself.
:krin: The thing is, interviewers who fundamentally disagree with you are going to SAY they're open because they're fooling themselves. Or you. Maybe they're hungry lions looking to lure the Christians into the pit.
:krin: People public enough to have a media outlet but uninformed enough to be TRULY undecided are either dumb or apolitical. What I'd look for if you want dialogue isnt someone OPEN but someone pro enough not to let whatever bias they have influence their work.
>i guess what im saying is that im ok with it being tricky. like i want to be legitimate, NPR style.
:krin: Well if you want NPR style one of my friends is actually an executive assistant at NPR.
>omg. could she get me an interview?
:krin: I can totally ask!!! Do you want me to ask?
:krin: She gets coffee for Kathleen Caritas... Omg she'd be perfect! Should I forward your deets? This could actually happen.

"Kathleen Caritas ring any bells?" you ask, googling her.
"Kathleen Caritas?" Poly's eyebrows shoot up. "From NPR?"
"I think." You haven't really listened to much NPR.
A picture comes up of a woman in a recording booth, smiling at the camera. She's dressed comfortably and has a natural ease and attractiveness that suggests she could have a face for the camera, but picked the radio instead.
"Zack that's fantastique. She's interviewed ex-presidents. And Kate Bush! Oopsie." In her gesticulation Poly's loosened a mushroom off of her pizza and onto her t-shirt. She flicks it into the sink. "Krinstezj has a connection to Kathleen Caritas. My God. I need to meet this girl."
"I've heard of her," Meg says. "But I've never actually heard any of her shit. Guess that tells you her demo."
No. 773214 ID: 9145ba

Important people but not the common people. Well. Alright. That's no fun, but this isn't a game anymore.
No. 773216 ID: defceb

Go with NPR lady.

Attempt to seduce NPR lady too.

Sleep with everyone you meet on the way if possible, but NPR lady is higher priority.
No. 773217 ID: 96f207

I gather from their reactions that this is a good choice. Before we actually hold the interview, we need to come up with a game plan. What is our message? What do we hope to convey? How can we best prepare for any questions we might receive? We can't go into this blind.
No. 773218 ID: 9145ba

She has to wait in line like everyone else.

Behind Xu.
No. 773219 ID: 952ab0

Man, NPR sounds perfect. CNN is for real politicos and people with more ego than sense. NPR is good for people who have a thing they wanna talk about. And it's radio, so you don't necessarily have more people recognizing you on the street.
No. 773220 ID: 7b7ab3

Unfortunately, I know very little about NPR.
However, I can say that this isn't something we can fuck around with.
If we're going to go public with our message of peace, then we need to be ready for hard questions and negative feedback.
We should do as much research as we can on Ms. Caritas.
What are her views on Visitors?
What's the HVAO's take on her?
Could she be dangerous?
There's a lot of work to do.
No. 773221 ID: 9f3729

jokes aside seducing NPR lady is probably a very poor idea
Maybe friends but don't mix business with pleasure unless pleasure is your business like with the girls
No. 773222 ID: c441c1

don't slep with NPR because NPR is a serious place for serious people, however it is also likely THE BEST way to get a message out because most people listening to NPR are in it for learning new things. again do not seduce NPR while on air.
No. 773228 ID: 326609

Is the NDA going to be a problem?
No. 773235 ID: 595d54

Tell Krin to ask her buddy about the NPR thing while you ask Meg about the NDA and call Carlson about it if necessary.
No. 773237 ID: 91ee5f

Tell Krin that because she has a connection to Kathleen Caritas, Poly is now very interested in meeting her sometime.
No. 773239 ID: f6ba27
File 148480783475.png - (10.89KB , 960x560 , 682.png )

>yes please!!! put me in touch
:krin: Will do! So exciting. Omg I don't know why I didn't think about this before.
>thanks so much krin. youre doing me a huge favor
>btw im with the dutchess right now and she says youre cute
>she seems like she really wants to meet you
Krin's little typing indicator bubble appears, disappears, and appears again.
:krin: OMG you showed her my pic? Omg noooo I would die
:krin: What did she say exactly

"Looks like NPR it is," you say. "If she goes for it."
"We can only pray," Polyphema says. "Kathleen Caritas! I need to find my copy of her book for her John Hancock."
Meg's phone chirps. She unlocks it. "Oh damn. I have to go. Gotta change."
"What's up?" you ask.
"Got a date." Meg zips her jacket up. "With Bika. First date."
"Awwww!" Poly puts a hand on her chest. "Young Romance!"
"I mean we've already smashed." Meg is fazed. "This is just like. Tying the knot."
"Not really what that phrase means," you say.
"My bad. Shut up." Meg fiddles with her zipper. She's obviously nervous. "But like-- if you have any uh. Suggestions? For what I can do with him. Her. I want it to go good."
No. 773243 ID: 3e182c

Bika always has alot going on, and typically some issue will pop up to inturrupt you. Normally helping is fine but if you are on a date ignore it. She'll want to focus super hard on you and the date, so let her.
No. 773245 ID: 7b7ab3

"She said you're cute, and then when I said you're bigger in real life she said "Big enough for two?"

"Piggy back rides, video games, and vanilla ice cream. Trust me. Other than that, just be your awesome self."
No. 773247 ID: bb78f2

Krin, she's dtf
No. 773248 ID: 91ee5f

>What did she say exactly
She exactly said, "Krinstezj has a connection to Kathleen Caritas. My God. I need to meet this girl." I think both of you would get along juuuuust fine. ;)

>"But like-- if you have any uh. Suggestions? For what I can do with him. Her. I want it to go good."
I hate to say this, but no high flying like you did with me. You know how Skuts get when you separate them. Which also means you might have a group date with 3 or 4 Bikas.

Just pretend you're hanging out with a family of Skuts because humans don't know the "secret of the Skut" and don't call all of them Bika, you've gotta call them by whatever individual name each Bika body has.
No. 773250 ID: 96f207

No. 773251 ID: 91ee5f

I would tell you what to do when you get to the bedroom, but it sounds like you've already got that covered. Or are you the one that's getting covered...by Bikas?
No. 773284 ID: 0555b9

Well, first I would go somewhere Bika can take some wingmen. Of course. So then, Bika's really well read, alright? Lotta eyes on the page and all that. On our first date we talked a lot about human history and other such heady topics. I think he'd like getting to discuss stuff and you don't have to be an expert on it yourself because she'll explain it to you. But, you know, every body has slightly different tastes, so feel free to try something new. Have I even met this body? (If so I'm high fiving them next time we meet.) Plus you get to skip the awkward part where she accidentally revealed the whole species' secret in the middle of a packed restaurant.
No. 773347 ID: 61c7b9

Go some place Bika can be surrounded by herself, but still have fun without having to deal with Skut Politics. I mean, unless Meg wants to gib some of Bika's enemies with pulse cannons.

You know, maybe those two should go see a movie or something. Involving ass-kicking. Or perhaps since Meg's cool-headed and Bika's a philosopher, they should go to an art gallery.

Or Meg could take Bika flying over the water, though that might cause signal latency issues for Bika. Not sure, honestly!
No. 773377 ID: 952ab0

text Krin that she keeps blowing up your phone and Duchess saw her icon. You could show off a better photo if she has one handy.
No. 773388 ID: 9145ba

Text Krin back: "She said 'Not now Zack I'm preparing my revenge on the Oculot who stole my boy toy.'"
No. 773424 ID: 2120ee

"Hey, you're the one making good relationship decisions for me, my advice is just do that for you."

Haha, boom 'just be yourself'. Suck my cliché dick, Meg.
No. 773478 ID: f6ba27
File 148488424039.png - (17.70KB , 960x560 , 683.png )

>she saw ur icon when you were blowing up my phone and said you were cute
>then when i said you had a connection to kathleen caritas she was like i need to meet this girl

Krin starts and stops typing, then does that four more times.
You turn your attention back to Meg.
"You're the one making good descisions for me. Just do the same thing but for you."
"This one was fucking easy," Meg protests. "Bika's like... cool."
"She likes piggy back rides, video games, vanilla ice cream, and being philosophical," you say. "Maybe an art museum?"
"Art." Meg straightens her jacket. "Hmm."

Your phone buzzes. Krin has finally composed a response:
:krin: omg

"She'll love you, hon," Poly says. "Or he! Or they."
"Oh yeah go with a group," you say.
"Duh," Meg says.
"Well I didn't know."
"No I know. Thanks. Thanks, guys. Art. Art art." Meg kisses you, pauses for a second, then kisses Polyphema too, bringing a hint of color to her cheek. "Gotta go."
"Good night and good luck, Megumi!" Poly calls after her.
Meg makes an expeditious exit, doubles back to grab her wallet, throws a farewell peace sign, and bangs the door shut behind her. Flying or no, Meg has a way of leaving that makes it feel like the room she was in was a launchpad.

"Well!." Poly rights a coat Meg brushed off its hook. "Megumi and Bika. Isn't that lovely."
"Yeah," you say.
"Sooo." She crossed back to the kitchenette. "Drink, Zack? More pizza? You've hardly touched the pizza."
You take another slice and chew. She fidgets.
A certain unease has resurfaced in her now that she's alone with you. The wound is patched and set, you think, but maybe not quite healed.
You feel the need for something to break the ice.
No. 773480 ID: 9f3729

"wanna marathon the Mr. Plinkett reviews?"
No. 773484 ID: 9145ba

So that pelvis is feeling a lot better now, huh.
No. 773485 ID: 7b7ab3

Watch some Star Wars and try to chill out.
Possibly call up GG and see if she wants to join.