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File 148866236575.png - (42.83KB , 960x560 , 742.png )
784829 No. 784829 ID: f6ba27

Crosshairs are boring edition

Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Enemy_Quest
QuestDis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/81802.html
Previous Chapter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/767346.html
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No. 851193 ID: 0252ea

Finger bang Meg while you both watch Poly play with Annika.
No. 852169 ID: f5f4ab

Tease the cyborg.
No. 852604 ID: f30be2
File 151365854657.png - (69.52KB , 1022x833 , 828.png )

You put your arm around Meg's waist and pull her into your lap.
She grips your leg and pushes her ass up against you. She exhales sharply when she feels your involuntary reaction.
"I missed this," she whispers.
"It's been like three hours."
She giggles. "I don't care. I missed it."
The rhythmic gyrations she's putting you through now are new. This isn't the fumbling virgin from last time. Bika's been teaching her.
You lean in for a kiss and she tilts her head away, an impish grin on her face.

"Oh, Megoooomi," comes a singsong voice from the opposite end of the limo.

No. 852605 ID: f30be2
File 151365856790.png - (149.42KB , 1017x827 , 829.png )

"You're not going to hog the only one in here with a refractory period again, are you?" Polyphema asks, as Annika gasps little stutterstep breaths into her neck.
No. 852625 ID: adbeaa

Ooohhhh shiiiiiiiit.

"Meg may be hungry, but don't worry; I'm plenty filling." And give a little wink. If you can make Poly giggle, that'd be cool.
No. 852628 ID: 600f38

"I'll save my ammo for when you've agreed on a target, but keep in mind two of you are frequent fliers."
No. 852639 ID: c88e6d

There is only one solution: Tongue wrestling.
No. 852710 ID: 33cbe7

She's still got first dibs, at least. Your turn will come, and so will I.
No. 852715 ID: 33d4be

"My dear Beatrice, I demand nothing less than the best for my friends. Megumi was just making her case for who should considered best. Of course, I'll need to compare notes with my research assistant." Look meaningfully at Annika when you say "research assistant".

Make sure you keep paying attention to Meg while you talk, Zack.
No. 852738 ID: a633c6

Try and distract meg from whatever her answer will be by nibbling on her neck.
No. 852767 ID: 9c2d0c

"Nobody is hogging anybody, we are just enjoying our limo ride over here."

De-emphasize partner swapping jokes and awful puns for now. Last we heard, Annika is still not super comfortable with all this. Let Poly warm her up to the idea while you put on your own show over here. She should decide she wants a go at Zach (or not) without feeling pressured into it.
No. 852768 ID: bb78f2

If you're going to creampie anybody, remember to creampie the Vistor's Zack.

Just saying in case, you know, big update and it's done next one.

You have two hands, one mouth for foreplay, Zack, ladies choice who gets WHAT! If we're not going one at a time. Fuck it's hard to communicate in a foursome without killing the mood.
No. 852771 ID: ba56e6


Preggo friendo is a no-go.
No. 852808 ID: 9876c4

The inverse of these, please.
No. 852811 ID: 600f38

Not these.
She's a responsible adult, and birth control medication is both cheap and readily available.
Also, the proper thing to do is communicate with your partner and make decisions together.
No. 852829 ID: 33d4be


I counter your counter! I'm nowhere near convinced Zack should get anywhere near physical contact with Annika at this point, much less anything more intimate, for the sake of her comfort with this situation. That's besides the various other practical safety concerns.
No. 852831 ID: 33cbe7

The inverse of these, please.
No. 852840 ID: 4f78c3

"She's just first in line, babe. You'll get yours soon."
No. 852841 ID: 17c2ee

i vote to commit suicide tbh, beats watching this happen every update
No. 852845 ID: c31aac

This one please

(@the rest of you, guys, cmon, this is a porn story and morning-after pills exist

it's fine)
No. 852846 ID: ba56e6

It's a porn story about aliens. I'm not interested in screwing up Zack's old friendships for boring human poon.
No. 852848 ID: 4f78c3

>"Poly, have I ever left you unsatisfied?"
No. 852852 ID: 2474dd

"My fingers and tongue have no refractory periods, I see no problem here"
No. 853077 ID: 824316

>"Yeah, Megumi."
Start rubbing her.
>"Are ya? Gonna hog me?"
No. 853078 ID: 4606b3

"One homo sapiens per customer."


"Are you going to hog all the humans?"

or, the favorite:

"I was her guest, that means she owns me for the evening."

We mortals can't defy the dictates of the placement cards, Poly.
No. 853085 ID: 33d4be

>"I was her guest, that means she owns me for the evening."
>We mortals can't defy the dictates of the placement cards, Poly.

yes in earth culture if you are someone's +1 to an event you must repay them by being their servant/slave for the whole outing, these are our sacred traditions poly i am meg's slave annika is yours she will back me up on this, it dates back to ancient roman paranoia and secretly protecting against assassins just like our human handshakes, do not trample on our precious ancient earthling ways please
No. 853189 ID: 2ab55b

Ms.Beatrix Holder, I'll have you know that with all the alien canoodling and whatnot my refractory period is practically non-existant.
No. 853191 ID: ba56e6

No. 853996 ID: e54266

First cum, first served, Poly.
No. 854009 ID: f5f4ab


hahaha sold to the man with the best one liner
No. 854011 ID: 28cb85

The night is still young, Poly.
No. 854046 ID: 459819


Uh, do we even know if Annika is bisexual and not strictly into female sophonts?

Banter with Poly (I fucking love this >>852848 ) and read the room a bit.

Also, I REALLY feel we need to throw back to the "mouth-to-dick resuscitation" joke, but I don't know how to do it.
No. 854054 ID: 3b108e

PLEASE read the quest
No. 854246 ID: 459819

That's hardly a smoking gun dude. She didn't outright say "Don't bother flirting, I'm gay" but she wasn't sure how to respond either. She could be gay but bi-curious, she could be typically straight and Poly's broken down some barriers. Point is she's got Poly's fingers inside her right now and if she's NOT into guys trying to dick her is a sure-fire way to kill the mood.

Like I said, Banter with Poly; she LOVES this kind of thing. If Annika's remotely interested, Poly knows about it (because she's amazing like that) and will make sure Annika's in the mood to swallow your cock whole. Relax.
No. 854403 ID: f5f4ab

i feel like even when her mouth is wrapped around Zack's dick, there are going to be people asking if Annika actually likes guys and whether we should back off

but that being said, there's no need to push.
No. 854424 ID: 28cb85

also don't ask if we've ever left her unsatisfied, because that time with the firehoop dancing after we broke our pelvis.
No. 855874 ID: 2e22fa

Everybody in this car who is interested in the dick shall receive the dick in due time.
No. 857645 ID: b6ce93

Brom, you're so cool. Helping people make fan quests and everything. You're a cool guy.

Patience, Poly. We work on a first come, first served plan around here.
No. 857892 ID: 640f4b

this is gold
keep it chill guys
No. 859627 ID: ca6dfe


yeah seriously we have to go for this

if we don't stand for delivering killer one-liners in intimate situations, mood be damned, then i don't even know what we stand for any more
No. 861054 ID: 8b4898

lol maybe
No. 861060 ID: 22d3a4

Pick up your ultra-lite partner and sit down on the other end of the limo next to everybody else. Careful not to bump anybody.
No. 861981 ID: 459819

I'm gonna +1 this, but only AFTER things get a little more intense
No. 865375 ID: d887c0

No. 866179 ID: 5227e3


It's me...
No. 866184 ID: 5227e3

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
No. 867851 ID: 22496b

To go over everything
No. 868178 ID: 5227e3

They say that time's supposed to heal ya, but I ain't done much healing
No. 868277 ID: 555f33

She was receptive to the flirting earlier. I don't think that's a concern.
No. 868554 ID: 8a55a9

Is this one of those times when we're set up to say some cute shit but instead say some dumb shit?
No. 869493 ID: 5f2b81

Yo don't knock it, I do that all the time.
No. 870619 ID: a039ca
File 151979224351.png - (61.65KB , 944x881 , 830.png )

"First come, first served, Poly," you say.
Meg's giggle turns into a gasp when your fingers slide beneath the elastic line of her panties.
She's dripping.

The whine she makes when you slide your first knuckle inside her is a perfect tone. You can smell strawberries from here.
"You're so..." She grunts as you add another. "You're so fuckin' corny."
"You love it."
She grinds against you again. "I love it."
You pull the front of her dress aside.

No. 870620 ID: a039ca
File 151979227016.png - (75.59KB , 960x560 , 831.png )

Polyphema runs her short, trim nails along Annika's neck, and unfurls her long, long tongue.

You watch your college bestie quiver in your girlfriend's arms.
"Oh, fuck," she breathes, as Poly's tongue traces her clavicle.

Polyphema is giving you a cheshire grin over her blushing shoulder.
She can't mind-meld without blowing your brain out your ears; but it's not hard to see what she's thinking.

So you start with:
A] Meg
B] Poly
C] Annika
D] Some light small talk
E] ____________

And then:
1] Meg
2] Poly
3] Annika
4] Bible study
5] ____________

And finish with:
i] Meg
ii] Poly
iii] Annika
iv] A firm handshake
v] ___________
No. 870622 ID: e1d580

D 4 iv

Hahah no of fucking course not

Actual vote: A 3 ii. And please nobody try to bring up doubts whether or not Annika's down for this again, we know damn well she is.
No. 870623 ID: 555f33

Haha yeah
A 3 ii
Annika could use some Poly time before Zack tries anything
No. 870625 ID: 9876c4

C 3 III.

Afterward firm handshakes and biblical studies for all.
No. 870629 ID: bb78f2

A, 3, ii
Poly demands that nut
No. 870633 ID: de6d84

A 3 ii
No. 870653 ID: e1c8f7

A 2 v
We need that green light from Annika, lads.
No. 870657 ID: 4f78c3

>A 3 ii
Adding my vote.

AAAAAA YOU'RE BACK i missed you ;u;
No. 870664 ID: 2709e5

A,3,II, The Limo Driver, The Limo.
in that order.
No. 870665 ID: c88e6d

A 2 iii
No. 870670 ID: 2efe4b

A 2 i, because we know how insatiable Meg is, one won't be enough, and we've already started with her but she's our date so we should finish with her too. Annika probably wants a go at Meg, as well. Last of the three is probably when Zack will be finishing up himself as well so if you want top safety that shouldn't be our fellow human.
No. 870673 ID: 33cbe7

A 2 iv. They say you're a man who's good with his hands.
No. 870676 ID: b15da4

A 2 I, something something sex powered robot.
No. 870683 ID: 5f2b81

A 3 ii
No. 870684 ID: 06def5

No. 870687 ID: 1a6f80

A 3 ii
No. 870692 ID: 4919c5

A 3 ii
No. 870699 ID: 600f38

C 2 i
No. 870714 ID: 2474dd

No. 870795 ID: 4f78c3

Just adding that if we do Annika, then we're gonna need a condom.
Unless she likes it in the butt in which case W/eW.
No. 870861 ID: 600f38

I'd leave that up to her.
Birth control is cheap and available, and those sorts of consequences don't lend themselves to this kind of narrative.
No. 870862 ID: 555f33

Worst case scenario, Zack definitely has some in his wallet because he's a hero and this isn't a problem.
No. 870903 ID: 2709e5

Pfft, Poly probably brought condoms. This was her plan all along and poor Zachary and co. are at her mercy.
No. 871012 ID: c7bda0

>Everyone is inside the Limo simultaneously
This vehicle is a filthy slut.
No. 871149 ID: e54266

A 2 iii.
No. 871269 ID: 87c85d

A 3 ii
No. 871396 ID: 8c3774

A 3 ii
No. 871511 ID: d887c0

Meg first because she's our date for the evening and she has first dibs.
Poly second because she's thirsty AF and hates to be kept waiting.
Annie third, but only if she's interested and we have some protection.
No. 871542 ID: 642d22

A 2 iii. Only butt stuff with Anni since no condom and do her last so the others don't have a dirty dick....we haven't done anal with any of the girls have we
No. 871543 ID: 4606b3


One does not stick it in a lady's butt during one's first intimate rendezvous with her unless one is absolutely two hundred per cent certain that is what she wants.
No. 872123 ID: 5227e3

I'm essentially fine with A3ii or A2iii, but since A3ii is the bandwagon, I'll hop on

i t ' s h a p p e n i n g
No. 872125 ID: 5227e3


Poly may have, devious schemer that she is. Also if she didn't, and Zack doesn't carry them anymore, and Annika doesn't carry or have some kind of BC, then like... That's not necessarily an unfun problem to have in itself. Penetrative sex is great but it isn't the be-all and end-all.

I don't expect it'll be an issue tho, TBH
No. 872195 ID: 2709e5

Thumb in Bika's butt (butts?) is the extent. She'd probably be down for anal.
No. 872619 ID: a039ca
File 152063654796.png - (108.56KB , 960x700 , 832.png )

You help Meg with your belt and your zipper, and savor the mini-shock of crisp anticipation that comes with her fingertips finding your dick. Her hands are jittery with pent-up energy. She tugs her panties to the side as she slides her pelvis up the length of you. "I'm gonna show you," she says, in a voice thin and breathless with lust, "what I..."
But whatever she was going to show you dissolves into a heaving gasp as she's reacquainted with the difference in size between a skut and a human. She falls back against your chest, hips shuddering as she sinks into your lap.
"Need a second?" you ask.
She looks up at you and manages to compose her face into a wicked grin. "Shut the fuck up," she says, leaning forward and arching her back.

No. 872620 ID: a039ca
File 152063657017.png - (174.83KB , 800x800 , 833.png )

The girl you're with tonight is a far cry from the breathless virgin Meg started as. She's graduated from making love to fucking, and her smile widens as she finds her rhythm. Soon her holographic coif is leaving glowing trails against your vision as she bounces energetically on top of you. She swirls up and shimmies down; she twists her waist in figure-eights; she digs her hand into your open pants and plays with you while you're inside her, and giggles triumphantly when you groan; she purrs like a kitten when you finally take over, tugging her back into a close embrace, one hand snug around her neck, slowing her frenetic rhythm to something deeper and more intimate. She shivers, and kisses you sloppy. She gives a soft bite to your lower lip as she pulls away.
"Pull my fucking hair," she says, and even though you know they're stabilizer fins and not hair, it's not the time to quibble about nomenclature. She tilts her head back with your grip and cums, her scream loud and melodic, and you squeeze her so tight that your fingers leave grooves in her synthetic skin.
The limo smells like an orchard.

Guest panel by RML
No. 872621 ID: a039ca
File 152063659276.png - (217.21KB , 690x870 , 834.png )

Annika is blushing all over as you lay her across the seat of the limo, from her face to her shoulders to her perky nipples.
It's been so long since you've seen a naked human you've forgotten how pink they can be, though she's also noticeably smeared with patches of purple down to her bellybutton.
"You're sure?" you ask.
"Did you think I was a lesbian?" Annika asks.
"You only dated girls in college."
"You never asked me."
"And you're covered in my girlfriend's lipstick."
"That... ok. Is fair." Annika wraps a leg around the small of your back. "There's been like-- twenty times I've really wanted to fuck a guy." She's even pinker now. "And about half of them were you."
"You never asked me."
"Awww," Poly says, momentarily raising her face up from between Meg's thighs. "Listen to you."
Meg pushes her back down.
"Are you on the switch?" Annika asks.
You're fumbling through your wallet, looking for a condom. "I haven't really, uh, needed to be on the switch."
"I'm on the switch." She playfully slaps your wallet out of your hand (ok Zack remember you need to find that later) and hooks her other leg around you, pulling you closer. "C'mere."

No. 872622 ID: a039ca
File 152063661005.png - (127.09KB , 939x700 , 835.png )

You have to admit to yourself you were fearing a return to humanity to be vanilla or boring or even loose; but a sexy woman is a sexy woman, no matter how many eyes or limbs she has, and you're shocked with yourself that you never saw Annika as one. The face you remember grinning sarcastically at you during lecture hall is now flushed red and gasping with every thrust; the eyes that you're so accustomed to seeing framed by cat-eye glasses are alternately staring wide at your face and screwed up with pleasure.
"Turn around," you hear yourself saying. Her deep blue eyes reopen.
You're not usually one for talking particularly dirty, so you know you're far gone when you say to her: "I want to see that ass shake."
But Annika eagerly complies, laying her face against the leather and raising her (you try not to think of them as "childbearing" but they sure are inviting) hips into the air.
When you come back together it's obvious that you've found her sweet spot. Her breath hitches, then comes out as a fluttery ah. Polyphema, who's playing Meg like a cello, raises Annika's chin and parts her lips.
You hear Annika's muffled voice start to raise to raise in pitch with every push. Your lizard brain commands you to slap Annika's ass, and you do, leaving a rosy handprint on her. Annika must be feeling as primal as you are; You feel a spasming tremble against you, and then another. And sure, it's Poly's mouth that Annika stutters into that she's cumming, not yours, but it makes you feel so good that you almost bust inside her right then.

Not without Poly.

No. 872623 ID: a039ca
File 152063662693.png - (336.79KB , 960x800 , 836.png )

"Polyphema," you say, and Polyphema rises. Her makeup is smeared, her outfit is loose and undone around her, and her headpiece is long discarded, but she's still glittering in the passing neon of the city like a slutty angel.

Her hips roll as she sways to you. Whatever she was wearing underneath her loincloth thing is long gone, and when she pillows your dick at the cleft of her butt, you feel an insistent wetness on your belly. "Hi, lover," she says, and plunges her tongue into your mouth.
Your head is so filled with purple fog from the kiss that you barely feel her shift and slide, and you don't realize you're inside her until she breaks off. She opens her thighs to give you a better look, then folds them closed again. Her grip tightens. The feeling is indescribable. There are muscles inside of her that she's had centuries to train.

No. 872624 ID: a039ca
File 152063664256.png - (134.82KB , 960x800 , 837.png )

"Do you want to know what I said to whats-his-name?" She traces the lines of your adam's apple as she loosens your tie. You hold the spines on either side of her hips like they're handlebars. Your mind is melting.
"I told him that the little game I was playing with him was a human game. An Oculot doesn't tease or withhold. Not from the ones who deserve her." She yanks your collar. You faceplant into her chest. Should Annika be hearing this? You have no idea and right now you're finding it impossible to care. "I said I was going to go home with the 'boy' he was looking down his nose at all night and he won't have to beg. Or kiss my fucking feet. Unless he wants to."
You admit to yourself that you wouldn't mind.
I'm going to let him do whatever he wants to me." One of her nipples is brushing against your lips. You let it in. "Because he is kind and we're in love and he makes me scream." Her breath is shallow and fast. You hold her in place and leave teethmarks in her neck. She's raking her fingers through your hair. It's like you're drowning in her.
"I love you," you tell her. You're faintly aware that Meg and Annika are staring, disrupted in their own shared afterglow by the force of your lovemaking.
"Then cum with me," she says, and something inside her flexes, and you do. She feels it and pumps you dry, locking your mouths together.

No. 872625 ID: a039ca
File 152063665790.png - (36.54KB , 877x560 , 838.png )

You sit there, heaving for breath like castaways, for what could be minutes or maybe hours, before she painstakingly peels her skin away from yours and says into one ringing ear, "I love you." She looks back at Meg and Annika, squirming to keep your half-hard dick inside her. "So! Where's the afterparty?"
No. 872628 ID: bb78f2

Gargle Gargle Glug Glug
No. 872629 ID: feda27

Poly did tell the limo driver to "take the long way home", so I would assume her place is closest by this point. Speaking of the driver, you need to give that man a great tip for himself and something generous to pass to the poor cleaning crew too.

Damn Brom now I need to try drawing more PoV stuff. You're an inspiration.
No. 872639 ID: d887c0

Brom, you are a glistening, golden god of a man.

Despite being fucked completely stupid, try to gargle out SLS. We can bring in the rest of the dulabira (Krin included), invite our human buddies, and get this party going strong. GG can even bring along her new Warrior beau if she likes.
No. 872646 ID: 094652

From the side, it looks like her breasts are as big as her head, but that's just her torso with tiny lumps for comparison and it makes me sad.

The afterparty is a tub of onion dip and some honey-glazed bacon croissants. That is actually a thing.
No. 872649 ID: a039ca
File 152064367267.png - (28.39KB , 960x560 , 838b.png )

You just kind of gurgle.

They laugh.

You tilt your head and look out the limo's tinted window, feeling the pulse of Poly's heartbeat through her body.

The stars are out over the city. They look still and permanent, as the dark buildings rush past them. You rub the small of Poly's back and--though your conscious mind patiently reminds you that everything ends--you imagine this moment stretching into infinity.
No. 872650 ID: a039ca
File 152064367744.png - (14.74KB , 960x560 , 838c.png )



No. 872661 ID: d887c0

No. 872845 ID: 5227e3

*clapping applause*

and now the Kariket takes away everything we love
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