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File 135379902101.png - (31.24KB , 800x700 , title.png )
474224 No. 474224 ID: 3246fd

>Previous thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/399781.html
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No. 474227 ID: 3246fd
File 135379914650.png - (198.04KB , 1000x600 , innerworld1.png )


This is... interesting.

What should Saulanna do?
No. 474230 ID: 0c2247

Always talk to ? before you talk to !
Ask yourself what's up. Then ask the puddle what's up. Then Wordblood, then the blue thing.
Then talk to the new Diva.
No. 474232 ID: bf54a8

first take stock of yourself, how do YOU feel? then i think talking to your new deva is in order.
No. 474235 ID: ec2e47

The blue thing looks like out HERO SOUL (which I don't think is fully sapient by default and might react badly to our titan-ness), and from its color the hole in the ground looks like it leads back to the outside world. So we should probably save interacting with those until after we talk to Wordblood and the new Deva.
No. 474236 ID: 1e9d01

Take stock of yourself first. Look at what's in front of you.
No. 474238 ID: 70c0f2

Oh, cool, the inner kingdom has been assembled!

First up, take stock of yourself, Saulanna. Your appearance seemed to have changed right after you created the time Deva. Like... you look like a younger version of yourself? Maybe this is what pre-exaltation, pre-memory loss, human you looked like?

Maybe poke at the pool in front of you, too.

Then let's go visit your new time deva. Judging from the exclamation point, he or she wants your attention.

After that, we can visit Wordblood in his library thing over there, and lastly, check out what appears to be your hero's soul.
No. 474239 ID: f8a02f


No. 474242 ID: 70c0f2

>Unless we can hide our new appearance.
I'm guessing it's just our internal appearance that's changed. How we look on our spiritual internal plane. So we look the same as we did before outside, in the real world. (Well, shadow real world. Whatever).
No. 474243 ID: 14d963

Cool, we apparantly have a proper world in our mind now! Small but pretty.

Check up on how we're feeling, look but don't touch at the weird things (hole in the ground and the blue orb that's probably our Hero Soul), then get Wordblood and go meet the new employee.
No. 474247 ID: 14d963

Oh, and if we're worried about looking weak by bringing Wordblood along, we can justify it by saying that we're doing it for HIS benefit rather than OURS. We don't need his help, we just want to introduce the two to each other so they can establish a good working relationship.
No. 474248 ID: cd4189

(Four posts consolidated at the request of a polite person)

Man did I chose to check in at the right time!

Yell at Wordblood and ask what's going on. I wanna talk to our new Deva, but I kinda want Wordblood backing us up.

I have no idea what the blue thing is, or the hole in the ground. Rushing in headfirst might be aggressive, but it's foolhardy.

....Screw it. We're the Queen of this Realm. Have Wordblood back us up if we can, but go talk to our new Deva to show who's in charge.



Graaah.....oh man, I am suddenly so much more wary of EVER contacting Luna now. If we do, we HAVE to explain things to her. Unless we can hide our new appearance.

Still in favor of talking to our new Deva. Tell Wordblood to come on over too if we can, but we are Queen and we look weak if we have to run to allies before meeting our new Deva.

And we might be weak, but....well, seems friendly enough. I'm curious anyways. We need to be decisive here.


I hope we look the same outside, but who knows what appearance it is that Luna will see.

In any case, as a side note? Jukashi's finally cheeky stinger at the end of the last chapter told us to come talk to our new Deva. Funny, but possibly a bit of GM-advice?
No. 474255 ID: 04b86a

Ooh, our inner world is finally taking shape! There's a lot of symbolism going on here, too.

First thing's first, though. Get Wordblood and then welcome our new deva to the family.
No. 474256 ID: 4eb46d

We should totally give ourselves a once over. Then talking to Wordblood is in order. Maybe we can find out what exactly happened there.
No. 474257 ID: 67e8b2

Poke pool
No. 474264 ID: 70acd0

Take stock of yourself, followed by your surroundings.

Once you've oriented yourself, call over Wordblood as having your Aide on hand will be useful.

Then head over to greet the new addition. can worry about a full tour after introductions.
No. 474265 ID: cee89f

I suggest we check both ourselves and the puddle/hole thing, and bring wordblood with us to visit our new tenant.

Immediately after we're done talking with both of them, we need to (cautiously) see what's up with our hero's soul.

Also, our androgynous tenant needs a name. I'm still advocating "Legacy of the Forgotten Dragon" if it doesn't have an idea of it's own.

Also, Jukashi? See the image. Cliche, i know, but it fits
No. 474266 ID: ec2e47

We should probably ask her or Wordblood about how titan naming works before we start any naming.
No. 474269 ID: b08366

The color of the new deva - it is purple. The event of its birth, the mixing of Wordblood's red and Saulanna's (perhaps Moon Hero Exaltation's, also?) blue, could one say that this new being, it is Saulanna's and Wordblood's child?

But, let us note your surroundings, before we bury your child in hugs and exclamations of adorableness, shall we? This world is separated into four domains: Saulanna's, Wordblood's, your cutest child's, and your Moon Exaltation's.

Let us first analyse Saulanna's domain. It is a small patch of land, grassy. A tree of unknown species grows(?) off to the side - raccoons and humans both are able climbers. A small pool of water(?) - with an indication of some importance; perhaps and two rocks are before us. Finally, a small hut of cloth and sticks behind. A place of nature, of human-tamed habitat, I think, born from Saulanna certainly. A humble home - Saulanna has no grand ambition nor desire for great luxuries. Saulanna herself is colorless. An indication of Saulanna's humanity and Raccoon affinity, I say. But to the side, to the new Deva of Time's side, the grass disappears, replaced by those unmarked cubes. A sign of the unusual merging of Queen and Titan? One would expect the Queen would dominate, but the sign of this new Deva is so crudely fused! An incomplete integration, perhaps? Though the cubes lead to the Exaltation's domain - perhaps the cubes lead to the holder of the Exaltation, then to the the Exaltation itself?

For Wordblood's domain, it is connected to Saulanna's domain by a cobblestone road - understandable, for such is a product of civilizations, and civilizations give rise to Wordblood's sites of power, the repositories of knowledge and words, the libraries. Naturally, this too is a library, though, this seems to be rather sparse for a great temple to words - also understandable, diminished from his former great heights Wordblood is. But, an oddity: an empty(?) fountain stands in the middle of the temple - what meaning is this? Perhaps his name extends farther than we assumed - he is so tied to blood than he finds a fountain of it comforting. Well, little else surprising, here.

For your Feeder of Time's domain, an orrey - a mechanism to chart the moon, the sun, the stars, and the rest of the celestial objects wandering Creation's skies. That - should not be surprising, really. What else appropriate for one who devours Time, than a place that predicts its passage? The floor is smooth and orderly - worked stone, perhaps? Somewhat odd, but not remarkable - a sign of Wordblood's influence, with his aforementioned ties to civilization? Then the orrey itself is Saulanna's contribution (or her Exaltation, but they are the same, regardless): the Moon sails the sea of the night sky and the orrey mimics the dome of heaven. Though there is that post to the side of the connecting road - I cannot discern the meaning of that. Otherwise, rather geometric; quite fitting!

Last, but certainly not least (it is one of the abominable and blasphemous weapons of the Incarna against the Titans; it is never least), the Exaltation of Luna. Behind the Saulanna's hut, connected by a bridge of sticks and rope - how hazardous. The same grassy area as Saulanna's domain, though lacking the tree and pool one would expect. But an anomaly - a pillar inscribed with markings I do not know. A sign of Luna's gift, the wellspring of supernatural power that is the Exaltation? The markings, or something in the same language also appeared when Saulanna's spirit(?) was depicted, in the union of Wordblood's and Saulanna's powers to birth this new Deva.

For the characters - well, Saulanna and Wordblood are known. The Exaltation - a glowing blue orb - bears the mark of the Moon: a silver crescent and the silver circle within. (During the Deva Creation, it was the Waning Moon, as well as all the other stages of the Moon.) The new Time Deva: its symbol is the infinity sign, and its color is purple. Its head is modeled after Saulanna, though there are two curled horns on the sides - a sign of Wordblood's influence? Its body is two cloaks - a window to the purple majesty of the starry expanse of space - clasped with a medallion marked by its infinity symbol. Two pairs of bracelets decorated its two arms, connected(?) to its outer cloak.

So! Actual suggestions on actions: call Wordblood and your child to you. Then hug your child, and welcome it to this small host with much exclamations and shouts of joy and happiness. Get to know this wonderful new person!

Ignore the pool and Exaltation for now; better to have three perspective on those than just one amnesiac's.
No. 474270 ID: 256d52

Oh my goodness, your new soul is so adorable! Go say hello right away!

Then go see Wordblood (have your timey-wimey soul come along if that's possible), then check out yourself, the pool and the Moon Hero orb in whichever order seems most sensible. I notice that your clothes have changed as well as your Moon Hero features vanishing. How very mysterious!
No. 474274 ID: fb9917

See Wordblood, then see new deva. Then look at the other things but don't mess with them until you hear what the others say.
No. 474275 ID: cd4189

One thing I'd like to add, no matter what we do. Our temperament is Aggressive. We are at our best when we take initiative. It is imperative that we act instead of react.

Whether we choose to look around first, call Wordblood to us, or move to the Time Deva, let's be the one in motion. Let's be the one setting the terms of engagement by being the first to act.

WE are the Queen. WE are the Ruler of this world.

We need to remember this. However dramatic the change in our Inner World, we must not forget that it is OUR Inner World. Our Devas just happen to live in here, and they earn their keep accordingly.

We can love and adore our new Deva, we can approach preparing for trouble, but we must be confident and project this confidence. Even if we don't seem to have our Hero Soul as an inherent part of us, we're still the one calling the shots. We're not letting them come to us, we're not Passive. We go to them, and we ask the question that they will answer.

We're the Alpha around here and we had best not forget it.

I'm worried about us not having direct access to our Hero Soul, and with it our Soul Force 2, but we should not give away weakness. Calling Wordblood to us ought to be sufficient. And if he CAN'T come with us, then that implies that neither can our new Time Deva. So we have some advantage in autonomy.

It's not the 'safe' route, but Saulanna seems to function better when she seizes initiative.
No. 474280 ID: 84b8a7

Since I like how efficient the Alternative voting was here is my voting for first action to take:

1.Examine Saulanna
2. Examine Pool.
3.Talk to Time Deva Feeding Soul
4. Talk to Wordsblood
5. Check out Exalted Hero Soul Symbol
No. 474281 ID: 886a4d

Hmm I think we should do it in this order.
1. Examine Self
2. Call your new deva over and introduce yourself
3. Call Wordblood over to introduce your new soul. They will most likely be working together.
4. Together examine your world. Starting with your domain, then wordbloods, then the Time Deva. Then the exalted soul.
No. 474284 ID: 51a2e0

We shouldn't waste time with our new Deva. It is her specialty and all. Besides, what kind of parents would we be if we didn't greet our new little bundle of temporal energy first?

1: Visit new Deva
2: Words blood.
3: Exalted essence
4: Self
5: Pool.
No. 474288 ID: b6178d

Wow. Her own internal world. That's really cool!

Saulanna ought to check on her new Deva first, though, before she goes exploring the rest of it. I'm sure she's curious about her new, uh, self-part?
No. 474289 ID: cd4b01
File 135381541828.png - (73.42KB , 600x500 , lookself.png )

>Examine self

Saulanna doesn't feel bad; in fact, she feels a lot better than she did a moment ago. But then, this isn't her body. Or... well, in a way, it's more her body than the other is, but it's not the one she's been using for things. This one seems not to have the marks of a Moon Hero. Saulanna has no idea if she looked like this before Luna empowered her, but it does feel like it's more human. And it came with some clothes, for some reason. She doesn't know what their significance is.
No. 474290 ID: cd4b01
File 135381546705.png - (92.62KB , 600x500 , lookpool.png )

>Examine pool

Since it's right next to her, Saulanna takes a quick glance. The water - if it is water - seems to show the view through her eyes. Uh, her other eyes, that is. This is where she looks... out. The sense of separation feels strange. This is this, and that's that. Is this how Titans interact with the external world?

The view through the pool is frozen. Time isn't passing out there.

Speaking of Time... go to, or call over? Call over both, maybe? Something else?
No. 474291 ID: 29589e

Call over both. Getting them better acquainted with eachother, and learning about the Deva of Time with someone there to provide insight (Monsieur Wordblood) seems like a good plan.
No. 474294 ID: cd4189

Call both over. If they can't come over, go to Time. Ask her name.

Ask before we give ours. We're in the position of power, us asking first seems more appropriate. Remember, be confident and assertive.

Then ask Wordblood what he thinks happened to cause this.
No. 474296 ID: 7a78eb

Call the other titanic fragments over, leave the Lunar soul alone until you reach an accord.
No. 474297 ID: 38cd76

Examine hut and call over the new baby.
No. 474298 ID: 70c0f2

Hmm. Maybe we can ask Peregrin about what pre-exaltation you looked like, to compare later.

>Is this how Titans see the world?
I'd like to reassure Saulanna that this worldview and sense of self isn't that alien. It's not uncommon for humans to see themselves as a little person riding around inside their head, looking out through their eyes, to draw a distinction between body and self, vehicle and driver.

It's just not so literal for most people! Nor do they typically have such a well furnished interior, or passengers.

>What do?
Either call both Devas over, or call Wordblood over and then go together to visit Time.

Obviously we need to see Time (since last chapter ended with him or her requesting to talk to us) but I don't think we should leave Wordblood out (we've already accidentally snubbed or mistreated him a few times last chapter, and I'd prefer to avoid that). We should all get to know each other, see what's up.

Possible topics of conversation: Saulanna's new appearance, the workings of our inner kingdom (looks like there may be a building game of some kind, judging by the state of Wordblood's new library), getting to know the Time Deva (name and gender would be a nice place to start), and what the heck our hero's soul did.

Once that's all sorted, we probably want to visit the hero's soul. See if it can talk!
No. 474299 ID: 70c0f2

...also Hugs. Hugs are going to be a necessary part of getting used to your new body, getting to know your new friends, as well as the old.
No. 474300 ID: 67e8b2

Say hello to your new friend/component. You wouldn't want to be rude.

Next, ask Wordblood why your dreamself has no Tell.
No. 474301 ID: 997ce7

Why would it? The Tell is part of our Lunar exaltation, which is contained in the blue sphere.
No. 474302 ID: 1e9d01

One of the first things we should clear up with Wordblood is if he brought the Deva to life, or if the Hero Soul grabbed the TW set aside for that and did it itself. In that case, this Deva is made from part of your soul, crafted by Wordblood, and brought to life by our Hero Soul. Quite a unique method, if that's the case.

I say we bring both Wordblood and the new Deva to the center to confer and give introductions, then go investigate the Hero Soul on our own to see if we can communicate with it. I feel as though it should have memories of its own, and thus a personality...
No. 474303 ID: cd4189


Indeed. A better question to ask would be, "Why is my Hero Soul no longer part of my mental avatar, and instead sitting over there?"

For lack of a better word.
No. 474306 ID: 1a6de5

Talk to Time Soul first. We just created him, it would be unfair if we just left him there to stew while we examine everything else!
No. 474309 ID: 997ce7

Suggestion 2012/11/24(Sat)20:38 No. 474308
Because that seems to be the purpose of this world- to break up our self into manageable bits. Our personality, in the middle, the exaltation, above us, our time soul, to our right, and Wordblood to our left. Also a puddle, which is our window outside.
No. 474310 ID: 70acd0

Call Wordblood over and go together to welcome the new addition.
No. 474311 ID: c1ce30

talk to the new deva
No. 474319 ID: 2eac65

Wave over Wordblood, and go to our newborn soul. It's her birthday, after all; we ought to make her feel special.

"Welcome to the world! What do you think of it so far?"
No. 474325 ID: 14d963

Go meet the time soul in his/her domain while calling over Wordblood.
No. 474343 ID: 09ae2c

No. 474344 ID: 38cd76

I agree. Also do this for our new Lunar Deva. :3
No. 474348 ID: af25e0

Talk to Wordblood first, then examine your Hero Soul.

"!" events tend to advance the story, and we might not want to do that yet.
No. 474349 ID: cd4189


While true, sometimes putting off these kinds of events can backfire too. This isn't a world of automated NPCs, our Devas will not the order we visit them in and react accordingly.

The order we pick matters. And we picked ourselves and the pond first. Hopefully it doesn't hurt us.
No. 474356 ID: 3734f6

The exaltation (a titanic construct) tied together (unexpectedly!) with the bit of you that was being used to create the new deva, perhaps undergoing the same deva creation process? In your internal world it appears to have formed its own unique domain similar in nature and equal in stature to your other two lordly devas. Perhaps exaltation spirits are a created from severed (in the manner human souls are) lord or proto lord devas? I posit that you did not create one but two new devas for yourself. So make sure you attempt to speak to it as well.

So, I suggest we first ask word-blood about what actions are safe and if it is invite all 3 to the center. Also hugs.

Yep, don't get caught up in meta. Furthermore there is absolutely no reason we cannot come back here at will since this is literally inside us.
No. 474366 ID: 84b8a7

1.Go talk to Time Deva. You can check out the area and cube too.

2. Go to Wordsblood and talk to him.

3. Go examine the Lunar symbol orb.
No. 474368 ID: 334456

hmm, i agree with this order of actions.

Also, awesome.
No. 474382 ID: 4badbb

1. Speak to Wordblood for some insight on what happened.

2. Speak to Time Deva.

3. Examine the alleged-Lunar Exaltation.
No. 474387 ID: 9718f3

All I want to ask Wordblood is if he was weirded out/surprised by anything, including this new inner world.

THe most important thing, however, is hugs.
No. 474388 ID: cee89f

Call over both of them, properly introduce all of us (asking for the Time Deva's name first to show it's welcome) and if nothing comes up from that, tell them to come with you to see the one thing in our world-body that we DON'T think can move on it's own.

IE, Go to see the Lunar exaltation.
No. 474396 ID: 1a6de5

Inviting the others over to your plot of land might not be safe. This place essentially represents your identity, with the central plot of land representing everything that is unique to you, and you alone. Inviting your devas into it might be asking for trouble, so I wouldn't risk it until we talk to word blood and see if that is indeed the case.

Furthermore, a theory on the cubes- the cubes represent the part of your identity that is Titanic in nature. We were told that the more alien concepts we attach ourselves to the more alien our worldview becomes. If we aren't careful the cubes could take over the majority of our identity, making us essentially Titanic in nature, not the human we perceive ourselves as now.

And that's terrible.
No. 474406 ID: 63f851

1. Call over both to the center for discussion.
1a. Use the power of the Hello!
1b. Prepare to strike at the moment most optimal for giant hug.
1c. Start asking what's up.
2. See if the Lunar Exaltation is sentient or not.
3. Take a look at the tree and unfinished path, those might be our second-most common vote (Growth) and whatever our third vote was. Paths that might lead to future Devas?
4. Poke the Exalation with a stick and look at it's links to other entities (mostly Luna.)
No. 474407 ID: 8bb78b

what's with the floaty orb thing?
No. 474409 ID: e3f578

So, you're a Mom now? How does it feel?
No. 474423 ID: 3fc386

I think the Deva of Time can wait (pun intended).

We have some things to ask Wordblood about:
1) What was with our body After we split our soul? we had some strange colouration and some symbols that were not there before.
2) What happened when we tried to form the new soul?
3) What did he mean by "hopefully we'll be some[what] more stable t[han] we are now"
No. 474425 ID: feae6d

Hmm, at some point before leaving her inner world (IW)Saulanna needs to re-raise her soul force to 3 (assuming we still have the 2 TW to do so, may have miscounted), otherwise the lunars will notice. It might also be intersting to see how upgrading a metaphisical part of Saulanna is reflected in the physical(?) reality of her IW. As for now go over and meet the new guy/gal, get a sense of their personality and capabilities and then head over to get Wordblood's counsel. Hopefully he'll also have some advice regarding the hero soul before we examine it.
No. 474452 ID: b24894

That map reminds me a lot of the game 'Bastion'. Which is neat.
No. 474473 ID: c243ff
File 135389948458.png - (116.98KB , 600x500 , hugdeva.png )


They look like stone blocks, actually? Who knows what they mean.

>hug new deva!

Seems... she?... is eager enough to take care of that herself! Saulanna is not quite sure how hugging someone with no torso works, but it does. Sort of.
No. 474474 ID: c243ff
File 135389958812.png - (138.07KB , 600x500 , meetdeva.png )

Wordblood seems content to hang back, for now. The new deva seems equally content to fill the void.

"Ha ha ha! Look at you! Look at... everything! I can see things! And I can touch you. And I can talk! I can think! I can be. This is great! Oh, there's just so much, what first? What first. First. Beginning. The start. Continuum! Ha!"

"Oh, dear me. I'm sorry, everything is new! And everything is old. So old! So full and deep and complicated!! So empty. I can feel it. I know it! I know things. There's so much to tell you. So much to do for you! My creator. Progenitor. Mother mistress queen. I love you. I'll calm down. Probably. Potentially. I could check. But bad idea! Can you do something for me? I need a name. Not a title, I have a title! I am the Scavenger of Ages! Nice to meet you. I could have a few more titles, though, they're nice. I'll take whatever you have. But a name! Who am I? What will you call me?"

"Pick something good!!"

No. 474481 ID: f83f5f

No. 474482 ID: beeca1

David Tennant
No. 474483 ID: a21b1b

Well, with how much she seems to like existing...
maybe "Am"? (It's also Irish Gaelic for "time".)
No. 474484 ID: cd4189

Eh, hell with it. If we're all just tossing out names and the favorite wins, I'll toss out this one.


I do admit a fondness for the suggestion of "Am" though. It has the nice, snappy feel to it with a touch of symbolism.
No. 474485 ID: e3f578

Are you a lady or a man for one?
No. 474486 ID: 3bad4c

Should we be establishing some sort of family relationship deal, e.g. by having all female deva names end in -na or just -a?

Chrona (no wait, that's a terrible name)
No. 474487 ID: 9d3dcd

I like Ouroboros.
No. 474488 ID: beeca1

I've been on certain imageboards too long if the first thing that comes to mind when I read "Ouroboros" is "autofellatio", haven't I?
No. 474490 ID: 70c0f2

D'aaaw! Everybody's so happy! Even Wordblood!

I like Time, too. She's quite the excitable vivacious little thing, ain't she?

Am's got a sort of appeal to it. Although, I kinda think we want a mashed up name, like Wordblood? Something that describes her nature.

Sounds masculine, and dreary. The all consuming world eater serpent does not describe our bubbly cloak-person.
No. 474491 ID: f8a02f

No. 474492 ID: a21b1b

Isn't that actually a mutation of his former title, He Who Bleeds the Unknown Word?
No. 474493 ID: beeca1

No, Wordblood was part of He Who Bleeds. One of his Lords, if I recall correctly.
No. 474494 ID: b24894


Timantha! Just like the little crossdressing girl from the Fairly Odd Parents.
No. 474496 ID: 09ae2c



No. 474497 ID: 51a2e0

Am seems like a nice name. Many meanings to go with it, plenty of puns, can give the friendly nick name of Ammy, and is pretty original in it's own right.
No. 474498 ID: 70c0f2

He was at least a Lord. Wordblood thinks he might have been the defining soul (ie, the King) but he wasn't completely sure, due to the disorienting memory loss and all.

Ammy is a fantastic nickname. And unrelenting name-based puns seem totally in character for someone with as much energy as she seems to exhibit.
No. 474499 ID: beeca1

No. 474500 ID: 1e9d01

She seems very loyal and eager. Good!

Nalteshi Gazim
Resferva Starshimmer
Ettelyn Peifani
No. 474501 ID: 1e9d01

I don't like it! It's too short and simple for such a complicated soul!
No. 474506 ID: 3fc386

Epoch: The beginning of a distinctive period in the history of someone or something marked by radical changes and new developments.
No. 474507 ID: a21b1b

Hey, gods have been named with as many letters.
No. 474508 ID: beeca1

Eh. Sounds a bit too solemn and masculine.
No. 474509 ID: b6edd6

Long and flowery description is what beings have titles for.
No. 474510 ID: beeca1

Another problem: "I am Am."

Not quite the best introduction. I realize alternatives can be used, but one of my rules is "Any name that can reasonably be used twice in an introduction with two separate meanings is not a good name."

A bit too wordy at the moment, but the concept gets across.
No. 474512 ID: a21b1b

Then you don't think "Mai" and "Az" are good names? (My name is Mai, I'm known as Az.)It wouldn't be too hard to say "My name is Am," or "I'm known as Am".
No. 474513 ID: cee89f

Legacy (of the Forgotten Dragon)?

Eon? (perhaps Eona, if you'd prefer something feminine?)

Starcloak?(I like this one - i really do)

Viol? (sounds a little like Vile, but it's meant to put emphasis on the O. Like 'Vy-ool')

When in doubt, pick a foreign language and translate until you find something that works.

Jiko? (from Jikoku, meaning instant, time, moment or one's own country)



Leziona? (from Lezione)

Vryemya (according to mylanguages.org, this is how you pronounce the russian word for time. ( время ) I sincerely doubt it)
No. 474514 ID: beeca1

Those are perfectly acceptable names. As I said, that rule was poorly formed and needs refinement. It should be "can be written as, disregarding capital letters."
No. 474515 ID: 63f851

"I'm Am." *Eyeroll* Problem solved.

So since we apparently aren't doing this in the discussion thread, here's a bunch of rambling word-fodder for you more creative types:

She's really enthusiastic. Bubbly. Jubilant. And she's also got time stuff. And that infinity symbol. Also, her cloak has a nebula inside it. So that's stars and stuff. Also, she's purple. Some combination of synonyms of these words might be a good, catchy name. Maybe.

Also, I have some bad name ideas too: Joyful Entropy! Star Cloak! Purple Shift! (Like red-shift or blue-shift, but both simultaneously!) Boundless Circle! Time- *Boot to the head*

Anyways, so far Am is by far the best name, so that's my only vote currently.
No. 474516 ID: beeca1

I did say "can be," not "must be." I still find the concept of naming someone "Am" in a predominantly English-speaking area questionable.
No. 474517 ID: 4badbb

What about taking Am and making it into a longer name than Amy or Ammy? Like Amelia or Amanda? I like Starshimmer as a surname, or we could find a combination name like Wordblood's?

Another idea, since people were throwing Chronos about...why not Kairos? It means the right (or opportune) moment. If we want to feminize it we could call her Kairosa, and shorten it to Kai when speaking with her.
No. 474518 ID: beeca1

Both sound good, though I lean towards Kai.
No. 474519 ID: a21b1b

"Am" - 358th most commonly used word in English.
"Will" - 56th most commonly used word in English.

Nobody has a problem with people named Will.
No. 474521 ID: beeca1

I suppose that is now true.
No. 474525 ID: 70c0f2

If we are going to give her a more human name-surname pair, Starshimmer sounds good candidate for the surname.

If we're going for a more primordial or deific feel, Am seems like it works. It has that kind bronze age god kind of feel to it- powerful direct simplicity.
No. 474526 ID: 3734f6

Ask wordblood "are there dangers or requirements that must be adhered to when naming deva?"

If not, then I think Am is best as well.

And it isn't too short a name, there is Ao and Io and Gaia has Aa. (one of the two of her 7 lordly souls that wordblood says are mysteriously missing)...

If that is the case then its feeding + time or ... Nom-Am / Am-Nom?
No. 474527 ID: 1992e7


Alternatively, we could use Ammy (alt: Ammie, Ami, etc) as her name, derived from Am.

Though honestly, she seems like she would love introducing herself as "I am Am"
No. 474530 ID: cd4189

>Sounds masculine, and dreary. The all consuming world eater serpent does not describe our bubbly cloak-person.

I don't disagree. It's the one that best describes her function, but not her personality. So....Am is also a nice one.


She does seem like she'd enjoy saying, "I am Am!" She'd love to find ways to slip it into conversation, I imagine.

Might as well make other suggestion.....how about Kaileena? But of a Prince of Persia reference, but a nice name.

I'm actually okay with Epoch. It has a better ring to it than Oroboros.


Susan? Not the sto Helit one. :p
No. 474536 ID: cd4189

Hmm. Throw two more on the pile:

Mandala. Look through the wikipedia article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandala

It...seems to fit her pretty well.

Other one I have is Möbius, as in a Möbius strip. Don't care as much for this one but it does define her nature. Calling her Moe for short somehow feels like cheating though.
No. 474537 ID: 406926

I like this name. I like it a lot.
No. 474540 ID: 090be0

I really like Kairosa. The nickname Kai totally fits her, and the Greek derivation really works too.
No. 474541 ID: 1992e7

I prefer Am, but Kairosa isn't bad.
No. 474542 ID: 334456

I rather like the sound of Kairosa
No. 474543 ID: 41a1a3

I'm going with this
No. 474544 ID: 20ae00

Kairosa sounds good, especially since it's based from something relating to Time.
No. 474546 ID: d30d0a

I'm mostly partial to Am, though for a name I'd pronounce it with a harder "A", like "Ahm".

If this gets shot down, Kairosa works too.

And whatever her name is, I'm sure she's going to be a DELIGHT to have around.
No. 474547 ID: feae6d

I prefer "Am" but would be satisfied with "Am Kairosa"
No. 474548 ID: 1a6de5

Am Kairosa seems good to me.
No. 474549 ID: 4badbb

Am Kairosa is a good first and surname pairing, I think. But I will always support Kairosa, lol.
No. 474551 ID: af25e0

If we've narrowed it down to those two, I'd prefer Kairos(a).

"Am" makes me think of AIs.
No. 474555 ID: cbb448

I'm also going with Am Kairosa. If you are a scavenger then creating or finding opportune moments to act would be something you would be very reliant upon. Plus, it ties into weather, which is always useful thing to have some knowledge of...
No. 474558 ID: d30d0a

Yeah, Am Kairosa sounds PERFECT. Change (Combine) my votes!
No. 474560 ID: 2eac65

Hmm... time magic, curly horns, starry cloak... you look like a Megido to me.

Yes, Ohara Megido. That sounds like a good name for you.
"Megido" for the proverbial end of an age, when one section of time dies and the next is born in its place.
"Ohara" for its relation to archaeology, the act of preserving things which were lost to time (which, in a sense, is another form of "consumption", especially in the sense that specifically applies to you).

Maybe you'd like two or three names? It's your identity, you'll know what you like best. Just don't pick out too many syllables; we're the queen, so we get the biggest name.
No. 474561 ID: cd4189



A challenger appears! I could definitely live with this name. I like the simplicity of Am, but this is also a good one.

Ohara Am Megido also has a nice ring to it.
No. 474562 ID: ecfcdc

Amkairosa sounds good to me. Why give a two part name when she has no family but us, and she already has a good title?
No. 474568 ID: 985388

Another vote for Ohara Am Megido!
No. 474569 ID: 1c8b8c

Möbius sounds awesome.
Tonalli would be my second suggestion.
No. 474570 ID: 2ae746

I like Am!
No. 474571 ID: 38cd76

I like mobius. But that's just because then we could call her Mo, which I find very fitting.
No. 474572 ID: 9b155d

Am Kairos seems the best thing I've seen so far. Kairos specifically, as it means an opportune moment of time.

O'Hara is a last name meaning descendant of Eaghra. Naming our Deva the descendant of someone else seems bad, even if there was someone with the name who was an archaeologist. Having our Feeding Time Deva represent ends of ages seems bad, as while this is the Age of Strife, it could spell poor things for Ages of Prosperity, Fortune, and Peace that are to come.
No. 474573 ID: dd56d7

1. Am
2. Am Kairosa
3. Kairosa
4. Raccoons
No. 474574 ID: a21b1b

Ohara is Japanese for "belly", which sorta fits the whole devourer thing. Still going for Am though.
No. 474576 ID: 246eed

upvoting Am for reasons completely other than the fact that "am" in Turkish means pussy, and her (lack of) torso looks like one.
No. 474584 ID: e3814c

I prefer Am for the puns. But failing that Ouroboros.

Also I think word blood is saying "It's so good to have..."
No. 474585 ID: 14d963

>stone blocks and tree
Maybe it has something to do with us naming ourselves Saulanna Ricanya Rockblossom?

Let me just say that I really dislike this name. Between the shortness and being a basic English word typically found padding sentences (but not usually used as names) it barely even feels like it's "there", and existing is hardly a unique trait.

That would be more fitting for someone that actually, you know, looks like a snake.

Seriously? Naming our cheerful child after warfare and destruction?

...So what DO I like? There are several other suggestions here that sound DECENT to me, but none that really strike me as GREAT.
No. 474588 ID: bf54a8

No. 474590 ID: dd56d7

What about Amelie? Amelie Kairosa sounds nice.
No. 474591 ID: dd56d7

(Pronounced AH-meh-lee)
No. 474592 ID: c54cd1

How about Aion? Has a nice ring to it, male or female, gives an impression of Time, rolls off the tongue.

Eon might work too. I like Aion the most, as it refers to an actual historic spirit of Time.
No. 474598 ID: 3f61e6

URÐR VERÐANDI SKULD (old norse for "past present future"... I think it would fit nicely, somehow)
Also we should really take this to discussion thread.
No. 474602 ID: 70c0f2

As a surname for a time character? I'm sorry, but that's too homestuck. I don't care if timecloak there does have ram's horns and pointy teeth, we're not making her an Aradia expy.

>Am Kairosa
Eh... Am works as a powerful lone name (like Baal, Zuul, Gig, that sort of thing). Not so much as a first name. Might work as a middle name. So... <something> Am Kairosa gives a proper rhythm.

1. Am
2. Kairosa
3. <foo> Am Kairosa
No. 474608 ID: 3f61e6

Probably shouldn't post against so soon but I think this one is perfect
TITILAYO: African Yoruba name meaning "eternal happiness."
No. 474611 ID: df1140

Really would like to call her Zeitgeist

But I´ll guess Ohara Am Megido will have to do
No. 474614 ID: 406926

No, that's much too Homestuck. Keep it away.
No. 474619 ID: c59939

I support Am, but think it should be spelled Ahm, just to make it more visually distinctive.
No. 474620 ID: 9d3dcd

No. 474621 ID: cd4189

If we go for a three word name, let's make sure Am is the middle name. It has rhythm to it. Like...

Kairosa Am Möbius?

Kairos Am Ouroboros?

I'm sure people can think of more. If Saulanna's name is any indication, Jukashi may end up mixing and matching anyways.

Falling that, we could use her title as an acronym and call her Soa.
No. 474625 ID: 7f2a1b

"Ahm" has a nice ring to it. A nod to the deva's joy of existing, plus perhaps a teeny hint towards her purpose ("Ahm" sounds a bit like the "om" in "nom" to me).
No. 474626 ID: ed6439

Something to point out: right now our Time Deva is loving and adoring, because there is only us.

It is entirely possible for her to go Yandere for us.

So....a name that's only bubbly may not be appropriate. This Time Deva of ours is a Feeding Deva. She eats and consumes, and judging by that void in her chest she will never be filled.

I think it extremely likely that this Deva will turn out to have a vicious side to her.


"I am Am! I Am what has been, I Am what is, I Am what will be! For you I will feed until all I Am not becomes what I Am!"

Frankly, I like how simple and common the word will be. Every time a person says am they're actually uttering the name of a new Lord Deva, with the potential to become equal to the strongest gods. It's omnipresent, it's everything, it's a foundation of language like she is the foundation of the universe.

I kind of like that deeper meaning myself.
No. 474628 ID: b6178d

I know this isn't a voting thing, but I thought I'd chime in and say that 'Am' sounds like a -very- fitting name, even all by itself.

(JUST noticed that the Scavenger of Ages seems to have a racoon-mask, which, put aside the name itself, has... implications on how the feeder soul aspect is going to work. Verdict: Yeeeesss.)

As for titles... can we just give her those? That'd be fun! 'Firstborn of Saulanna Ricanya Rockblossom' is certainly available and appropriate (though might want to shorten it down, or find our, er, Titanic? name to use instead).

And just so Wordblood doesn't feel left out, how about giving -him- a new title as well? 'Primal Advisor' (or Prime Advisor, whichever works).
No. 474629 ID: dd2fce

Going for Am Kairosa, because it kind of reminds me of Amon Re, and that's just cool.
No. 474630 ID: ed6439

The big problem I have with a lot of names, even the ones I like, is that they don't immediately declare the Titan's function. Wordblood. He's about words, we get that right there. There's additional meaning when you look deeper.

I'm not a fan of Ahm or Ohm because they're bastardizations of the original meaning. A derivation of a derivation. It's not something I'd like to speak for our Titan.

Am, however, is easily known. People know how to use am. It's a familiar word. It's even got a nice bit of fridge logic for those who think about it deeper.

Time is so vast that narrowing it down to a single aspect, like stars or fate or something, seems to diminish the original element. Even names like continua are bastardizations of the original words.

It feels more primordial if it's defined by the original concepts, at least in the spoken language.

Timelord. There would be one.

Am. Deceptive simplicity.

Timedevourer. That can also be a good definition of what she does.

Or for a longer one in the vein of He Who Bleeds The Unknown Word.....She Who Devours Time? She Who Is That Devours All That Is? Something in that vein?

Food for thought.
No. 474636 ID: 3fcc04

"I have an idea I think you would like, but Wordblood over there knows things about words and what they mean that I don't. Let's go ask him about how we should name you."
(P.S. If there's no good reason not to name her {it?} Am then we should.)
No. 474638 ID: 8ea1c9

Throwing in another vote for Am as the name.

Titles are fun, and she did say she liked having more.
No. 474640 ID: ed6439

"What's your name?"


"...I'm sorry, say again?"

"My name is Am!"

"You are Am?"

"Yes I Am!"

"Why are you named Am?"

"I am Am because I Am! My Queen made me what I Am and I Am what I Am, therefore my name is Am!"

Seriously, this gimmick sounds like something she'd have an enormous amount of fun with
No. 474644 ID: 1b282f

I like this.

Personally, I think Sonya is a cool name.

Vremya, Tempus, and Ora all mean time.
No. 474646 ID: ed6439

>AM IS NOT A NAME!! It wouldn't even be good as a name!!

Am WAS not a name.

Then Am was Am's name.


But seriously, calm down already. A lot of other people don't have a problem with it. Do you really want to be That Guy who actively tries to keep other people from having fun?
No. 474647 ID: 886a4d

I like Am, both for the meaning and the pun.
No. 474650 ID: 92c81e

Agreed, Exalts (and all beings on the same power scale) should have more meaningful or flowery names, such as Saulanna Ricanya Rockblossom.

I approve of using 'Am' as part of the name.
No. 474652 ID: b327d1

I'm changing my vote. How about just a simple name like Eternity.

simple, straightforward, and it describes her accurately. It's a good night.
No. 474656 ID: ed6439


You might even say Am is one of the fundamental meanings in the universe. :p
No. 474657 ID: 2be9cf

Am is EXTREMELY meaningful!
Am is no less a name than wordblood is.

(Also apparently in modern Irish Gaelic am means time)
No. 474659 ID: fb9917

Obviously given the votes last thread we should name her Raccoons.
No. 474664 ID: 575dba

No. 474670 ID: c59939

Changing my vote to just 'Am' without trying to suggest a different spelling.

Leaving the old post there because someone else is referencing it, and it seems wrong to take away their reference.
No. 474681 ID: c54cd1

I actually rather like the feel of Kairosa, whether alone or with Am.
No. 474682 ID: 8eb156

Am seems like it would be something that she would like (not to mention being somewhat entertaining), plus the apparent time-word shenanigans.
No. 474683 ID: d6324a

Throwing my vote in the ring for Am.
No. 474692 ID: b3952d

I like Kairosa "Kai" Starshimmer for it's associations with time and the way the name fits nicely with Wordblood.

That said, I'm willing to bet she'd like a very long name, so why not just give her our ten favorite names?

I'm also finding myself thinking of The Doctor's Wife. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxcU5VNDNpk
No. 474693 ID: 629257

I could maybe be ok with it spelled as Ahm, and if it came after Kairosa instead of before. But it largely feels unnecessary if the other part is there, and feels insufficient by itself.

Voting up Kairosa, voting down Am.
No. 474695 ID: cee89f

Deleted my previous vote post as well as the angry rant that served no purpose.

Throwing vote behind Kairosa because Am sounds awkward for reasons stated in the discussion thread.
No. 474697 ID: 14d963

Hey. I just realized why our time soul is so cheerful.

It's because she values every single second of her existance. She isn't just an unchanging spirit of eternity. Her understanding of time allows her to see and appreciate the nature of every individual moment, valuable and unique.

Does that help with coming up with a name?
No. 474700 ID: 7c5856

I vote for Am. The Deva seems the kind of personality that would have fun with this.
No. 474701 ID: 4badbb


It gives more to the name of Kairosa, given that it's based off of the Greek word for "The most opportune moment" or "the supreme moment"
No. 474703 ID: f2c20c

>>474500 here.

I'm throwing my weight behind Kairosa.
No. 474718 ID: f33451

Lol i love how the title pic is slowly shifting from lunar quest to titan quest, also i am going to vote for Am as well it's to adorable.
No. 474719 ID: 60fee2

Personally I like the sound of Am Kairosa.
No. 474754 ID: 3406aa

<nukes old vote>
My final vote/Suggestion: Delta

Has two main meanings:

- Mathematics symbol used to represent change. Change being something that she seems to resonate with as indicated by her initial statement and her energetic behaviour. Also relevant in that time is only really observable by monitoring changing states. I'd also note that accurate orrery can only be made via application of theories, proofs, and observations that used deltas extensively as part of the toolset to map the movement of the heavens, allowing this name to also tie in to the main defining feature of the little realm of our new deva.

- Island at the mouth of a river, usually built up by deposits of debris that has been washed down the river. The imagery here fits her role as the entity that gates our consumption of spiritual energy, scavenging such energy from the flow of time. Also works in that the flow of the river of time moves around her, building her up rather than breaking her down, while also having ties to the ocean of stars that is fate. Note that the usual direction of flow (river into ocean) would also insinuate that ocean represents the star field glimpsed through her cloak, our titanic self as a whole, or both.

As an aside, it's classically used as a female name. Not sure if gender identity is something she'd really care about, but having a gender specific name may help if it is. Hell, even Saulanna seems to currently be less than 100% sure about her gender.

I was thinking of working out some form of compound name like Wordblood, but in the end I think that Time requires a singular name that hides greater depth behind a simple façade. Words derive more power from complexity. Time just is to the casual observer, requiring much closer observation to reveal all the nuances of it's nature.
No. 474785 ID: f8ffd1

I vote for a
1. Am

But I also really rather like Delta so I'd like if we could make an extra title for her out of it, something like 'Delta of History' as a couple of word-puns, since she sort of represents our first step into Titanic existence -the changing of our story/history- , a reference to what she probably does as a 'scavenger of Ages' with the measuring and the knowing of ages and such, and sort of a brag, saying we intend to do god-like things like change history itself.
Note; I don't support actually messing with the past at this point.
No. 474803 ID: 51a2e0

Voting Am here. Simple or not, I prefer it over ones involving change in their meaning. She's based around time, not change so Delta doesn't really fit. That and I am getting rather tired of the one or two people who venomously attack the name. If you do not like it, don't mention it. None of this negative vote stuff. It's childish. Also, let's keep the discussion to the discussion thread, OK? Jukashi asked us to have only TWO posts per update.
No. 474807 ID: 38cd76

Updating my vote.

1. (deleted)
2. Eternity
3. Delta
4. Kairosa

I tried to delete my old post, but I was on my phone before, so... no go.

EDIT: Apparently people were really offended by my "negative vote" comment. :/ Still, I'm willing to vote for most anything except Am by this point.
No. 474809 ID: f4d0fa

I REALLY dislike Am, too. Sounds too weird. Too bad it`s winning :-(
No. 474823 ID: 256d52

I do love the tie back to Saulanna's forgotten archeological/treasure hunting background that Scavenger of Ages implies. Not to mention how it ties into racoons too. Digging up the past for Will and profit!

On the matter of names, I favour Kairosa and dislike Am. Huzzah!
No. 474824 ID: 7dc8f2

I think that whatever we name her(?) it should end with Rockblossom.
That is our surname and our Deva's are most definitively our kin, so they should share it.
No. 474827 ID: 6cc859

I'm also voting for whatever the most popular thing that isn't Am is.
No. 474828 ID: 6cc859

Kairosa. "Am" is dumb.
No. 474831 ID: 1b13d3

Kairosa is an excellent name. It suits her(?) very well.
Don't like Am. Definitely not Am Kairosa.
Megido... well, the horns are a nice touch, as is the "ruins" theme, but let's avoid going full-expy. No to Megido.
Delta's pretty nice.

I vote Kairosa!
No. 474852 ID: 1b13d3

(To clarify what I said about "ruins" - that was one of Aradia Megido's themes, and "Scavenger of Ages" makes me think of searching through ruins)

Seriously, Kairosa as a full name works beautifully - don't try to extend it any more. Doesn't this sound perfect: Kairosa, the Scavenger of Ages
And since she's keen on a title collection: Kairosa, Legacy of the Forgotten Dragon
No. 474854 ID: 63f851

...bah, I'm changing my vote to Kairosa, even if I'm posting too often. Won't be changing it again unless someone comes up with a better name, which just isn't happening.
No. 474954 ID: 6790d5


No. 475038 ID: bdb3f8

yeah, sure, Kairosa

"Am" makes me think of evil AIs tormenting the last surviving humans.
No. 475047 ID: 5bf190
File 135407330467.png - (150.03KB , 600x500 , kairosa.png )

"Ooh, so hard to choose! I like Am, but I like Kairosa too! There are a lot of good names! I want them all. Am is so distinct, so clear! But it has-been-does-get used for other things, and it is sort of... stoppy, don't you think? Aaaam. Am. But I am Time, so I need a name that flows! And other things, for other reasons, maybe! So I will be Kairosa. Thank you!!"

"Now, I have a name, and of course I have a purpose! The meaning of my existence is to help you reach subsistence! Ha ha, and beyond. Let's see what we've got to begin!"

No. 475049 ID: 5bf190
File 135407337666.png - (138.30KB , 600x500 , kairopower1.png )

"Let's see, oh my, I guess I upset things a little when I got here! I'll clean up. You have just one measure of Titan's Will at your disposal. Aaaand... Moon Power? All mixed up together into one?? That won't do at all!"
No. 475052 ID: 5bf190
File 135407364909.png - (152.34KB , 600x500 , kairopower2.png )

"Here! We can all carry our own little pool of magic. Moon Power for you, Titan Power for us! Don't worry, you can use all our power in any combination you like! It's only your Moon abilities that need power direct from your own pool, but you can convert ours to yours whenever you want, and because you have me and I'm wonderful, you can do it in no time at all! From the outside. Any neutral magic you can power direct from any one of these, and only power spent from your own pool will count to build your Soul Fire! Isn't that so much more convenient? I have to look into that some more."

"That's nice now. That's better. I like it. What else did you want me to help with?"

>[[AUTHOR: I'm letting it slip for that, since naming is different, but from now on, I remind you, please don't suggest more than once between updates, two at absolute most.]]
No. 475061 ID: 1da170

Ah, well, you said you knew lots of things you wanted to share with us! That seems like a good place to start.
No. 475063 ID: bf54a8

well, need some help when eating ghosts. so much of the energy pours into our soul fire instead of becoming titan power. at the moment? i guess whatever you have info on.
No. 475067 ID: e3f578

Just so we're clear your an androgynous diva and don't care either way which pronoun we use with you, right?

Can we learn a little bit more about our past perhaps? I'm a little bored, let's do something fun. I was wondering if YOU had any fun ideas?
No. 475073 ID: f2c20c

Can she feel anything different about herself due to the Hero Soul's involvement in her creation?

A description of her abilities would be nice too.

Oh right and introduce her to Wordblood.
No. 475074 ID: fb9917

So we know we can eat ghosts, and so presumably mortals are just the same thing only usually weaker and they still have the attached lower soul. What about other kinds of beings? Exalts/heroes, gods, elementals, demons? All four of those sometimes need to be dealt with in a very final way. Would it be difficult to hide what we had done? Any particular benefits or disadvantages? Obviously we should avoid doing anything that outs us as a Titan but noone in Creation knows everything that happens all the time. Would a Stealth focused soul help in hiding our Soul Fire or the process of feeding?

Uhm what else do I ask the Feeding soul...how does generation of Titan's Will without consuming souls work? Any thoughts on what is clearly our Hero Soul manifest in our internal world? What do you think of Wordblood?
No. 475085 ID: 70c0f2

...that glyph is totally her name in gallifreyan, isn't it.

>What else did you want me to help with?
Talk about the workings of the inner kingdom? She seems to have some kind of... celestial observatory? That's very nice, is this something we're supposed to build on and upgrade?

Ask what effect the hero's soul had on her? (Can't help but notice she inherited a raccoon mask).

Does she have passive time powers, and what does that entail? What about active powers? What's actually available to spend Titan Power on?
No. 475088 ID: 14d963

Saulanna's soul appears in human form in our inner world, lacking her Moon and Titan powers because those are represented by things outside of herself (Wordblood, Kairosa, and the blue orb). How well would Saulanna's "human" self be able to defend herself against attack if our inner world were invaded?
No. 475090 ID: d6324a

Interesting that as the bangles slide up her arm, more of it becomes visible.

Almost like she's wearing a robe that just happens to turn itself and everything under it insubstantial.

Or something.
No. 475096 ID: cee89f

...Huh. Well, one of our problems was our Soul Fire, so thanks for that. Initiative is good.

First of all, we need to know more about your abilities, both now and what you sense you could gain in the future.

Next, when you were forming, our hero's soul reacted with you in some way, do you know what happened?

Speaking of our hero's soul, why is it waaaaaaaaaaay over there now? I mean, the fact that you can move around our Moon Power means it's still attached to me... us... whatever, but it's over there on it's own island like you guys. Is it a Deva of it's own now or something?

[Explanation of situation] - and a fresh perspective might help. Any ideas, either on the outside world's situation or anything you can do in here?

Does this world have air now? Could we bring Peregrin in to meet you both, if we all need to have a discussion like the Deva element stuff again?

Wordblood tells us a Feeding Deva will ultimately be superior to Feeding than the average Deva, but what about spending TW?

Also, meet Wordblood, your roomate. He's our Aide Deva, Communication Element. (yes, I know you technically don't have genders, they're for simplicity's sake) He's not as... bouncy as you appear to be, but he's been very kind and helpful, and I'm glad to have him with us. I hope you two get along and work well together.

(If any sign of attraction enters their eyes... Back. Away. SLOWLY.)
No. 475104 ID: 70acd0

What does she know about herself?
What does she know about us?
What does she know about recent events and our current predicament?

Best to approach these questions in a collaborative manner, getting her up to speed where needed while also getting to know her better. Having been created from a portion of Saulannas soul, I suspect that she's likely already up to speed for the most part, but always best to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Once we're all acquainted with each other, we can explore our new inner domain together.
No. 475110 ID: 3a1e5a

what can she do, and concerning TW generation, how fast can she do it?
No. 475142 ID: 629257

Well we have the task she was made for, the absorption of those two slave souls. But before we throw those at her to chew on I'd like an explanation on how her particular method of feeding works, both relating to souls and passive generation.

And a general explanation of her nature and all the other things she was talking about at first.
No. 475145 ID: 09ae2c

Kairosa, what is your favorite colour?
No. 475149 ID: 38cd76

Some help raising our Essence back up to 3 would be nice. I liked Sight Beyond Sight, and it would be nice to still use it.

Also, some ideas on how to best go about regaining some of that Titan's Will would be good. And thoughts on how to best increase in power, in general. For all three of us.

And ideas on pieces of lost time we can go scavenging. :3
No. 475186 ID: 8b24cc

How can Kairosa gain power, and what would be her preferred methods to gain power? Feeding on souls is to be expected, but are there any alternative ways for her to gain power?

Also, she said she can do normal magic in our inner world practically instantaneously, from an outer perspective. In the future, will we be able to selectively manipulate our internal time? In such a way that we can draw in an enemy or hostile person, and then use time manipulation to make them act much slower than the rest of us? This could be extremely useful in discreetly capturing people of interest.

Is the process of consuming souls instantaneous, from the perspective of the outer world? It is an internal affair once we draw the soul in.

Can Kairosa increase the efficacy of any internal actions, like Wordblood's consumption of knowledge? If spending more time on actions can produce higher results on account of more care being used, we should make this standard procedure.

Can she manipulate our internal time in such a way that we can increase the rate at which we naturally regain energy for magic?

What kinds of actions manipulate causality to a dangerous degree?

What things should we avoid doing to prevent drawing attention from unwanted sources?

And finally, what are the risks of using her magic?
No. 475219 ID: 67e8b2

We are looking for a Beast-Blooded named Ruive.
No. 475231 ID: 38cd76

"Oh! By the way Kai, you are AWESOME and AMAZING! Thank you so much for your help! " /moar hugs

Okay, I'm done.
No. 475259 ID: cee89f

Actually, one other question. Will you guys be able to use Titan Power for your own abilities that would normally cost Titan's Will?
No. 475298 ID: 4a328b

Magic for everyone! That IS useful!

Hm, how about we get another opinion on the EAT SOULS issue? I'm almost positive Kairosa will be in favor of it, given her purpose, but if she objects there will probably be a good reason for it that we should know!

Question for Wordblood too: Any idea what was up with that thing during the creation with the runes and the hero soul?

Also all three of us should go check out that Hero Soul thing. While we're here.
No. 475317 ID: 985388

This. This so much. We've been distracted for too long. As soon as we've shaken off the houseguests, we have to go find Ruive.
No. 475323 ID: a3852f

Past: Aligned with Time as she is, would it be possible to fill in some more details on our past? That shouldn't muck abut with causality, as it's already done and all. Might give us some useful information (particularly stuff like Hearts Desire)

Present: Descriptions of current abilities. Best to know what our options are.

Future: Ideas on where her powers could later develop. It's always good to have a plan.

On a personal note, Kairosa is awesome and we should feel awesome for having ANOTHER sweet soul. I can't imagine how regular mortals with just the one (well, two, if you count Hun and Po separately).

Oh, and a question to either her or Wordblood: can we manipulate this inner realm at all? Besides having it reflect us that is. An internal fortress has all kinds of uses when we're dealing with spirits and ghosts we want to "eat" but not digest, as we did in Chapter 1.
No. 475386 ID: 5bf190
File 135417512184.png - (127.15KB , 600x500 , questionsanswered.png )


"Hello! I'm the Scavenger of Ages, Kairosa!"
"Hello. I am- oh, new colours, how pleasant. Ahem! I am He Who Aids In Understanding, Wordblood."
"No you're not!"
"... Excuse me?"
"Wordblood! It's derivative. You're not him anymore! Probs won't never be again no how, neither! Why keep it?"
"... Names have meaning by use. If someone calls me Wordblood, and I answer, it is my name. It is my name if I act as if it is my name. I do, so it is. My heritage is important to me."
"Not the best way to start a relationship, don't you think?"
"Yeah, sorry. Issues for me, issues for you, you-me we'll hug it out later. Right?"
"All right."


"You ask what pronoun to use with me? I am Time! I, who begin and end all tales! I, who devour eternity, yet nurture all growth within myself! I am the one who who raises up the young, and carries the weak and aged to their end! Really? I dunno. I don't have any bits. Not now, anyway. My body's not here yet. I feel more like a girl than a guy, though. Jewelry. Long hair. Got some yonic imagery here? That's not very common! Hard to gender a sexless entity without implying sexist ideas. Let's just say I'm a lady. I feel like a lady!"

>Learn about our past?/Information

"Oh, yes! See, here's the thing, you'll like this. As a Feeder of Time, if you can get me a sample of something's essence, I can "taste" its history! Like, if you can touch it? I can take a little nip, give it a little lick, and tell you about its past. Living creatures will notice, though, they'll feel a liiiittle pinch. And magical creatures will be able to tell something magicy happened. Of course, there needs to be something left to taste? And I'm not near as good at it right now as I could be."

"Theoretically I could do the same thing for the future, but that's not a good idea!!"

>causality dangers

"Yeah! Ok! Ok. Ok, this is important. Let me tell you. The future is uncertain, see? There's all sorts of possibilities. It's not real yet. But Titans and not-reality don't go well together! A full-grown Titan can make things real just by thinking about them too hard! And there's the problem. If you look into the future the potentiality field will collapse and solidify into a single path. In other words, if you looked into the future, what you'd see is what you'd get! And you might not like what you see! See? What I could do is to just try and gently feel out the way things are going, get an idea what'll probably happen. I'd need to power myself up for it, though."

"And messing with the past?? Woah. I mean, any Titan can just brute-force reality into the shape it would have taken if something had been different, but what was done was still done, you just made it pretend it didn't! Actually messing with the past can't be done now Haht'hek's not around! Poor Haht'hek. He threw himself in the fire. I mean - Well, I could still do it, mistress! Some day, maybe, when I'm really strong! But it'd take ten titanic buttloads of power to reach back into the past, and I don't even have a butt as it is! And then you'd have destroyed everything that came after! I don't know what you'd want to do that for."

>drawing attention

"Well, don't mess with Fate too much! I mean, you can do a lot, because it's gotten messed up by the Dragon and Autochthon's guys and all the Heroes punching each other in the face, and Uranus keeps rewriting things all the time? That's why astrology doesn't work so good any more. But at the same time, there's one Maiden actually doing her job, and the whole Loom got an upgrade a while ago, so there's eyes being kept on it. On the other hand, the Loom was designed on the assumption there'd be Titans around, so it's not as bad as it could be! Just be a little careful. You probably won't unravel reality unless you're trying to, anything much less than that shouldn't cause much more complaint than any normal Hero. There is the problem of you not being subject to Fate, though, I guess. I can't make it look like you are. Sooo, maybe a stealthy deva could help you there? Or just keep away from anyone who'd notice."

>Hero Soul's influence

"Actually, I can explain that. Essentially, your Hero Soul behaved as if it were a deva! All of a Titan's devas influence each other at least to some degree. Every Titan has a few overarching themes, you see? For example, all of Gaia's Lord and Lady devas are dragons. Or, on the other hand, you might look at Erembour, the Dragon's Shadow's Desire deva; she has a lot of qualities that reflect her association with darkness, even though she doesn't have it as an Element. If another Titan also had a Desire deva with the same Purpose as her, whatever it is, they would still be a very different being."

"That said, though your Hero Soul behaved like a deva in that sense, it's still not a deva. Maybe it will become one, eventually? And maybe not. I have no idea how those things work."

"I do! A bit! Kind of. I have some hunches. And some things that I think I should know? I can feel them in here, but I can't quite bring them into view yet. Let me go over and poke it a bit and I could tell you things with a little more certainty!"

>will we be able to selectively manipulate our internal time?


>favourite colour

"Whatd'you think??"

>internal world

"It'll develop as we do."

"We can make relatively inconsequential changes by spending our normal magical energy."

>How is Titan's Will made

"Well, you know how you regain your Moon Power over time? That's from you absorbing energy from the world around you, as you breathe, eat, look at things, so on and so forth and such. Basically, when we're all topped up, I'll start taking the extra energy you would gather and refining it into Titan's Will. As a Time soul, I'll also be drawing energy from here and there, you know, the turning of the seasons, the cycle of the sky, mooching a bit off the Loom of Fate, that sort of thing. They won't notice. So you needn't worry too much about bothering me by using your own magic all the time. Not unless you keep yourself running dry for weeks at a time, or anything like that!"

"Now, here's the thing! Will generation runs in steps. The baseline would be one every five years. Because you already developed your feeding powers a little and transferred them to me, I'm two steps up from that, so I can give you one every season! But wait, too slow, you say?? Have no fear, I'm made of time! Let me devote five points of Power to the process - it'll tie them up so you can't regain them - and I can squeeze that up another step, to one every month! And if you improve my Soul Force, you can upgrade my baseline generation, which will boost the boosted generation down to one every week! But there is even more!! See, creating "free" Titan's Will and then spending it is a little inefficient. If you decide ahead of time what you want to spend it on, I can direct my refining process directly towards that goal, and that'll be one step lower again! From a week it goes down to a day, and from a day down to four a day. Beyond that... well, I'll tell you when we get there, how about it? Let's not get too far ahead!"


"Oh, you got some ready? Let's take them in here and have a look at them!"
No. 475398 ID: 70c0f2

Heh. She's fun.

>Licking things to learn their past
Ah! Like Glitcher does. Diving history from objects, that's a useful skill.

>prescience can lock you into bad futures
Yeah, the old "golden path" problem. Let's try and avoid that kwisatz haderach stuff.

>Poke the hero's soul
We'll go over and examine that soon. Then you can poke it to your heart's content.

>Poor Haht'hek
Was that Gaia's time dragon? Do you know what happened to him?

>Titan's will generation
Yeah, we'll assign as much as we can spare to allowing you to improve production. In the short term, we need to spend some to restore Saulanna's soul force, and upgrade Wordblood to be more potent in the social rematch when we face the other heros again.

>Let's get those souls in here!
Sure, if that doesn't end this internal sequence, and start normal time up again. I don't think we've exhausted everything we wanted to talk about or poke at, yet.
No. 475399 ID: 406926

Our devas. I love them so much. So much.

Several items present themselves.

First, if Kairosa can taste things' past for information, then if she could taste our past that would be excellent. We're right here, she can have a nibble. We want to know about who we were, even if it's no longer who we are.

And... seeing as our Hero Soul appears to be separate from us in our internal world here, it would be kind of nice to know exactly what powers we personally have, if any, which aren't dependent upon it. We're not a Hero, and we're not a proper deva... but we're still Queen? Explanations or wild speculation from our devas would be appreciated.

Let's go poke at our Hero Soul, check it out, see what's up. Kairosa can tell us those things that she said she'd tell us if she poked it.

So, Kairosa is purple because she's influenced by blue and red devas, at least in part? Does that mean that all our future devas are going to fall somewhere in the purple spectrum, and also that each will bear the mark of all its predecessors? Or am I reading too much into this, and Kairosa is just purple because purple is great?

When we have Kairosa eat the souls and turn 'em into something useful, will we also be able to earmark the resulting Titan's Will to a specific purpose and thereby squeeze more out of them? Are there other ways to maximize our gains here?

Well, we can go back outside and get them before continuing that particular conversation, I suppose.
No. 475404 ID: f2c20c

The Hero Soul is acting like a Deva? Well, let's go investigate it! Maybe we can talk to it.

I bet we can push TW into it and make it into a Deva! It would probably make a great warrior soul. Or a sneaky soul. Depends on what we can do with it.
No. 475414 ID: fb9917

We probably shouldn't screw around too much with the Hero's Soul until we have a better understanding of both it and our own abilities. The Hero's Soul was created by Autobot, and he was a full fledged Titan, so if we aren't careful we could mess it up. Not saying don't do it, just we should probably be really careful about it. New Heroes aren't generally supposed to be able to access the Hero's Soul directly, and I'm not sure if even the most powerful can do it normally? Devil Tigers probably, but I don't know about any of the other types. I think Sidereals especially have even less flexibility there than the other kinds. That might be by design, and I don't think we are as good at this as Autochthon is, so just proceed with caution is all.

We should totally start earmarking Titan's Will for Wordblood on account of how awesome he is.
No. 475415 ID: 38cd76

I concur with Hero Soul investigation proposition.

Also, is there anything you can do to make the Deva Birthing process more efficient? Although I guess if childbirth didn't hurt, it would be cheating...

I also concur that I want to know more about our past. If we can get some Heart's Desire out of that, it could be useful. Though I think we're developing some good hearts desire to unlock our potential as a fledgling titan, the mystery of the past is so mysterious! WoooOOOooooOOOOOoooo...

Stealth Deva of Masks anyone? It would help us hide ourselves in Fate. :D That's essentially what the sidereal exalted do anyways, right?

Speaking of which, do your Time abilities let us play with Fate at all, Kai? I mean, you're pretty awesome as is, but...

>Our devas. I love them so much. So much.
Yes. Concur. :3
No. 475428 ID: 6b6617

I say we give her ALL our TW.
No. 475434 ID: ecfcdc

Okay, Give her access to the five points of power to attune and speed shit up. Now, the first thing we want to do is increase our own soul force back to how it was, unless I'm mistaken. But after that, we should use our titan's will to keep her as high as she can be without being more powerful than use.
No. 475435 ID: 9b155d

Can Wordblood tell if it acted more like a Lord Deva or one of our Noble Devas?

Lunars are basically the Exalted who most emphasize adaptability. I think narrowing down it's focus like that might not be the best of ideas. We should wait and see if it nabs it's own purpose, and if not try and find a very broad purpose for it.
No. 475439 ID: c15bbc

Also, yeah, we should probably remember to maintain our own soul force alongside the others'; otherwise, we get metaphysically top-heavy or something.
No. 475441 ID: fb9917

I think our first 6 TW should go towards first raising us to 3 soul force, then Kairosa to 3, then increasing her Efficiency of Consumption again to 3, since I believe it was 2 previously? That would get us a little more out of the second ghost, since the first is very likely to get us at least 5 TW and we have 1. Also she implied Efficiency/Ease of consumption might help with generating Titan's Will from non-soul things? Hard to say what else might be good until we know how much we have to work with.
No. 475446 ID: a3852f

Upon returning to reality:
Step 1: Om nom nom.
Step 2: Test out Kairosa's absorption ability.
Step 3: Devote resulting energy into upgrading passive TW generation as much as possible.
Step 4: Laugh maniacally.
Step 5: Kick reason to the curb. Upgrade like crazy.
Step 6: Laugh maniacally again.

Although I suppose we should probably devote the energy we'll get into upgrading social abilities for the inevitable second round with all not-so-welcome guests. See if we can't make Garmir's favorite color pink or something.
No. 475449 ID: bf54a8

think a good start project for any 'free' titan's will should be soul force. but for the stuff from the ghosts? we need to become a social champ.
No. 475450 ID: cee89f

We probably need to upgrade Wordblood for social abilities. At the moment, our biggest threats outside are a Death Hero diplomat (not the one right outside, different death hero) and a pair of moon heroes who want to put moonsilver tattoos on us to resist the wyld corruption.

Now, I don't want either of them to find out who I am - not just yet. I'll be telling Luna eventually but right now, I don't know how they'd react to learning I'm a Titan. Probably not well.


Possibly, we could do that probability feel you were talking about, see how probable a bad outcome is if we tell Luna.

>Slaver souls
Let's make their devouring quick, okay?
No. 475465 ID: 6b6617

I just realized something.

you have a mysterious and undiscovered past.

she discovers the past of things by licking them.

No. 475471 ID: b978d0

Looks like investigating our Lunar exaltation would be a good next step, followed by giving our internal realm a thorough once over. Can worry about the outside world afterwards, including the two souls on offer.

Actually, after checking out the Lunar exaltation might be a good time to broach the topic of admitting our true nature to Luna. The odds that Luna doesn't already know what's up are looking worse and worse...
No. 475475 ID: 3734f6

1. Examine Exaltation soul.
2. Lock 5 motes towards passive generation.
3. Specialize TW generation for upgrading soulforce of saulana and her devas for that extra tier bump. Its the best use of TW >>/questdis/64431
4. Get saulana to SF3 again.
5. How much TW will it take to give wordblood the ability to create books? He said it could be done but not how much it would cost. If its cheap lets do it and instantly absorb and recreate the entire library + advanced tomes par has about magics.
6. Spending TW to make wordblood or saulanna into better at social combat is grossly inefficient. If we spend TW for social skills it should be to make a a social deva as wordblood explicitly told us to do. The slavers should provide enough TW for that.

Personally I think it would be better to use it to increase TW generation instead. saulanna to SF3 for 2TW, Kairosa to SF3 for 2TW, Kairosa's consumption efficienty to 3 for... 3TW?... actually if SF increase gives +1 rank to efficiency as I think it does (ask!) then it is better to raise saulana and kairosa to soulforce 4 each before getting efficiency 3 becomes cost effective. And tie up 10 of saulana's motes for +2 rank boost.

Just to clarify, when Kairosa said she can tie up MP from Saulanna for boost to TW generation was she referring to the titanic being (aka, the 18 power between the 3 of them) or just to the 6 that belong specifically to Saulanna? And can she actually do more then 5?

wordblood is hiding us from her actively with his power. Also Gods are not omniscient. Death heroes went rogue, solar exaltations were stolen and inverted to create death heroes. both solar and death go to red sun to get converted... etc. Plus the 2 lunars here with us were NOT sent here by luna.
No. 475478 ID: 8b24cc


This sounds good.

This could work out well or badly. I'll bet that Kairosa can learn about our Exaltation's former hosts. If she gets good enough at reading the past, we could learn LOADS of charms from Kairosa learning about the Exaltation's former hosts.

....Huh, I wonder if the Lunar Exaltation could become a Deva, and when it does it becomes an amalgamation of its former hosts? It's supposed to have been wiped clean, but Kairosa could easily discern its past.

And possibly, with enough skill, learn how the Exaltation was made. This would be....well, not the Holy Grail as we might not be able to replicate it, but damn useful information.
No. 475485 ID: 10eff3

>make a a social deva as wordblood explicitly told us to do
didn't he do the exact opposite?
He basically got all pouty and went "I'M your social deva"
No. 475497 ID: 14d963

Not a good idea to argue about the meaning of names with the one who INVENTED the concepts of language and communication :)

>"Oh, yes! See, here's the thing, you'll like this. As a Feeder of Time, if you can get me a sample of something's essence, I can "taste" its history! Like, if you can touch it? I can take a little nip, give it a little lick, and tell you about its past. Living creatures will notice, though, they'll feel a liiiittle pinch. And magical creatures will be able to tell something magicy happened. Of course, there needs to be something left to taste? And I'm not near as good at it right now as I could be."
Hey, this is useful. We can use it on Peregrin's captive souls to confirm what they've done to deserve their fate.

In addition to about a bajillion other uses, the most obvious ones being learning more about our own past and finding out what happened to Ruive. (We never even got around to checking how long Gevin has been dead for, and we shouldn't even need a Time Soul for that!)

Off-topic, I wish I had a power like this in real life :) It's really cool.

>"If you look into the future the potentiality field will collapse and solidify into a single path. In other words, if you looked into the future, what you'd see is what you'd get! And you might not like what you see! See? What I could do is to just try and gently feel out the way things are going, get an idea what'll probably happen."
We shouldn't ask questions of the type "What's going to happen?". Any attempts at prophecy should be phrased as "What will happen if we do X?", letting us use the result to decide whether to do X.

>"Let me go over and poke it a bit and I could tell you things with a little more certainty!"
Sure, go ahead. The Hero Soul was designed to stand up to Titanic-level attack in the war, so I doubt a newborn deva poking at it will do any damage.

>"I can give you one every season! But wait, too slow, you say?? Have no fear, I'm made of time! Let me devote five points of Power to the process - it'll tie them up so you can't regain them - and I can squeeze that up another step, to one every month!"
Wow, that's faster than I expected this soon.

Devoting those points to speed it up worthwhile once we have the Power to spare (i.e., not before we're done dealing with our visitors - it's not like that'll take weeks).

>"See, creating "free" Titan's Will and then spending it is a little inefficient. If you decide ahead of time what you want to spend it on, I can direct my refining process directly towards that goal, and that'll be one step lower again!"
I propose that we try to keep a certain amount of unassigned Titan's Will at most times as a backup cache, then once our backup cache is full we direct any further Will at predetermined purposes to benefit from the increased generation.

>"Oh, you got some ready? Let's take them in here and have a look at them!"
Let's, after getting Peregrin up to speed on what just happened.

I'd also want to look around our inner world some more - examine the fine working of Kairosa's orrery, checking what books Wordblood has in his bookcase, and of course poking the Hero Soul. That can go either before or after the souls, I don't care.

>Possibly, we could do that probability feel you were talking about, see how probable a bad outcome is if we tell Luna.
An interesting suggestion, though I suspect reliably predicting an Incarna's future would be a little harder than predicting that of a normal mortal or even Hero...
No. 475516 ID: 92c81e

>Hero Soul
I feel like we might be able to turn the soul into a deva by using the Hero Soul as the element of the deva, in a manner of speaking. Like how Kairosa is made of time, or Wordblood is made of communication, the new deva would be made of our hero soul.

Not sure if it's a good idea to do so, or not, but this is how I think we COULD do it. We would have to find a good purpose to give the hero deva that would suit it.

Anyway, this is all just speculation for now, and not our primary concern. We shouldn't worry about the next deva we want to create until we're ready for it. We need to focus on the task at hand, which is preparing for the coming social battle.
No. 475522 ID: 9d3dcd

We really, really need to know more before we try that.
No. 475526 ID: 70c0f2

Oh! Also, Kairosa, we've heard that the Dragon's Shadow broke the calender of the underworld and that allows him to affect the passage of time in the shadow land. Does this present any opportunities or difficulties for us?
No. 475568 ID: 12ba06

Questions to ask:

If we have Titan's Will to spare, can you use it to augment your Feeding of the Past ability? You aren't close to your full potential, but with the use of Titan's Will how much could you augment your abilities? Because if you can augment them enough, we should have you try that on the Hero Soul to learn more about the past bearers. We could potentially learn abilities, or at least their existence, this way.

Tying up points of power for improved Feeding would be good. We have some more pressing problems now though. What else can you do that doesn't revolve around the production of power? Is there something else we can spend your power on?

Can you aid Wordblood in the production of Power Words? At least those related to Time?

Can you improve Saulanna and Wordblood's efficiency with their powers?

Suppose we made a handshake with someone wearing a glove. Could Kairosa look into the glove's past, and be able to tell us things the wear observed or used the glove for? Most importantly, could this be done without the knowledge of the wearer?

Hopefully Kairosa can Feed on Saulanna and see what she was like before she Exalted, but failing that, could she Feed on Peregrin to see his memories, hopefully of what Saulanna was like before? We could use a frame of reference for how our original self used to act, just in case we have to play the part of our treasure hunter self.
No. 475611 ID: 3fcc04

Speaking of soul fire, it's potentially a serious problem with an opportunity: It gives off an awful lot of light and detectable magic, can this be harvested? I'd imagine a scavenger would be suited to this if anything.

I also think it could be a bad idea for Kairosa to touch the hero soul just yet: Those were made by the gods for fighting titans. I wouldn't want to risk it until we had a better relationship with our hero soul and knew what its limitations were better. At least we need to make sure we're prepared to minimize the damage if it suddenly wakes up and goes berserk in response to Kairosa poking it.

I think we have more immediate and important problems with the lunars and the representative(s) of Dragon's Shadow, so now isn't the best time for long term planning. We need a practical plan for getting out of this with as few damaging/limiting problems as possible. What can we do to feel our way out of the social minefield we're buried in and get back to something safer like combat and exploration of hazardous places? If nobody else has a better idea I think we should work at increasing our capacity for social combat using these slavers and the aid of Kaan here: Round two is coming up soon unless we do something rash like go run and hide. We need to improve our ability to dish and soak damage in social combat post-haste and it's clear that it's vital to become much better at handling topic shifts than we have been.

We also need to come up with a decent cover-story about reluctance to be tattooed for the lunars. Is it plausible for Lord Kaan to have grafted a soul's memories or talents onto a lunar that doesn't have their tattoos yet? If so, can we extend that into an explanation that he's currently using this lunar mutability as a solution for getting rid of terrible criminal ghosts who would not pass on but could not be released without grave risk to the safety of themselves and others? This kind of half-truth about our nature and our relationship with Lord Kaan should be easily backed up with a demonstration of our surprisingly broad and deep knowledge. From there it shouldn't be that hard to explain that we want to finish learning all we can about the theory behind this tattooing before we even think of agreeing to it because it seems crude, drastic and limiting from what we already know and that we hope to devise a better method.

Next we'd have to come up with an explanation for why we went and secluded ourself with Kaan that would pass muster to Askalaff, Garmir and Akatrina, which would have to be plausible and believable. My imagination seems to be failing on this topic because I can only come up with highly intimate reasons for why you would disappear with him into seclusion at this time.

Finally what to do about Akatrina watching us? Uh, well, I just don't know.
No. 475612 ID: 404f8a

Kairosa, would it be possible to preserve the consciousness or "self" of a ghost or other spirit in some way when breaking them down for Titan's Will? I mean obviously they wouldn't be as they once were, but would it be possible to keep the mind of the being intact so that we could, say, eventually build a common deva around it and that deva would still be THEM on some level? Or maybe use it for artifact crafting or something?
No. 475619 ID: 1b13d3

First order of business is to have a look at those souls. Eternal imprisonment is a terrible thing, but fortunately Kairosa's talents will help us learn enough so as to decide whether to release or consume them. Let's be cautious about the effect that consuming a soul with a horrible history could have on our wonderful new deva, though. Let's see what Wordblood and Kairosa have to say on that matter.

Having Kairosa taste our own history could teach us something that could help us develop a Heart's Desire, which would protect us somewhat against Akatrina. But be prepared for whatever caused us to seek to have our memory erased. If this process uses Moon/Time power then let's do this before consuming souls, because consuming souls would presumably refill our power pools.

Later Kairosa can help us with the music box mystery. Right now we'll need to decide what to do with the Titan's Will. Raising our Essence to 3 is important, and granting Wordblood the ability to communicate directly with others' minds would be a huge help. But putting off an immediate advantage to raise Kairosa's Essence early is a good investment in time. Let's decide when we see how much Titan's Will we have to work with.
No. 475715 ID: dd56d7

1. Poke Hero Soul
2. Poke ghost souls
3. (If evil enough) Om nom nom
4. Poke Saulanna
5. Up everyone's Soul Force as much as we can afford to.
No. 475795 ID: 09ae2c

No! You shall hug it out right now! Your mistress commands it!

<b>Hugs for the Hug god! Smooches for the Smooch Throne!</b>
No. 475829 ID: b3952d

I say poke the hero soul while we're in here, check with both of the devas to see if there's anything else we need to discuss, then try to find the way back to your body and get those other souls your Abyssal minion promised you.

I wanna see what Kai can do with them.
No. 476092 ID: c8e02f

Can we get Kaan in this place and make Devas with him? Is Kairosa stepping on Saturn's toes?

Ask Wordblood and Kairosa how they prefer to be worshiped. I'm thinking... blood drizzled into a stately red ink-pot, drawn into a fine pequil made of local materials, and then written on a snake-skin.
No. 476232 ID: 4eb46d

Many questions.
Can Kairosa look into souls to see what they would give us?
If that's the case I think that should be our next course of action.
No. 476808 ID: 9adc96

Kairosa! Tell us more about our past!
No. 476810 ID: 3b53fa

No. 476821 ID: 3e2e91

Right, let's see those souls!

About the TW generation, let me see if I got this straight : as we are now, we get 1 TW per season. Increasing her Gathering Efficiency would cost 5 TW (which means that it's currently at 5, how did that come to be?), but we can buy the upgrade immediately, which would mean 5 months without generation before we get the payload. However, we could also increase her Soul Force, which would probably be less costly : how high is it?

Also interested in what she can tell us about the Dragon of Time, since she seems to be the only one we've met that has any idea about what happened to it.
No. 477171 ID: 6e1469

I love that the introduction of a character adherent to the philosophy of "I think, therefore I am" is set in a Cartesian Theater. Dat irony. <3

Ask Kairosa about your pre-Lunar history, since she seems pretty ideal for that.
Ask her about the Dragon of Time too, while you're at it.
Inspect that shiny blue moon circle.
No. 477419 ID: e054dd

Hug your Hero Soul.
No. 477523 ID: 39f670
File 135510104397.png - (123.08KB , 600x500 , kairokiss.png )

>Find out about Saulanna's past!

So, human though it looks, this body doesn't actually need to breathe. That's good to know.
No. 477525 ID: 39f670
File 135510109066.png - (114.00KB , 600x500 , notmuchtotell.png )

Kairosa draws back, holding her tongue as she savours whatever flavours she was able to get. After a moment, though, her face falls for the first time.

"I'm sorry, mistress. Whatever Peregrin did to your soul didn't just wipe your memories clear, it cleaned out your entire metaphysical house! I'm sure there must be some traces, but the tastes of Wordblood and your Hero Soul are each so strong that they're completely overpowering them."

"Oh, dear. Well, I suppose a Hero Soul or a piece of a Titan have much more weight on the passage of time than an ordinary mortal. Erm. No disrespect intended, my lady."

"I'll tell you what, though! Those gloves you're wearing at the moment belonged to you before, and it's easier for me to get a taste off them. If you gathered all your old belongings, I could at least give you some clues to follow towards learning more about your former self. In the meantime, how about I give those souls a lick?"

>Can we bring Peregrin in here?

Actually, I think... yes, I think I might be the one in charge of air, here. And... water. Yes. Voice and blood. Air and water. I would need a little upgrade if I'm to start being able to support material creatures."

>Can you mess with Fate?

"One day, maybe! It's not like samsara, it's super finicky! And ten times as much such if I'm trying to hide it. So not for a long time, I think."

>TW from eating souls, increased towards a purpose?

"No, it'll only work when I'm making it myself."

>What happened to Haht'hek?

"Ah, yeah. I know what happened to him. It's kind of a sad story, though! You sure you want to hear it?"
No. 477528 ID: f2c20c

Hehehe. I have no complaints about this whatsoever!

Sure. It might even be relevant to whatever the Dragon's Shadow is trying to pull off by using a "strong power source". He could be trying to bring the Dragon of Time back! Personally, I'd support that.
No. 477533 ID: ec6d4c

First kiss 2X combo.

>It's kind of a sad story, though! You sure you want to hear it?
I have to admit we're curious, even if it's sad. Especially if there's some kind of danger he fell victim to being a time deva- we wouldn't want to repeat his misfortune.

>how about I give those souls a lick?
Sure, go right ahead! Although, I'd like to put off assigning TW till we're done talking and checking out things in here. We should probably all go check out the hero's soul, first.

I'd also still like to ask her about the broken underworld calendar and if that has any implications for us or her.
No. 477535 ID: 4a328b

Yes, story time, please.
No. 477536 ID: 3734f6

Yes please. storytime.
Then check exaltation (current status, and read past)
No. 477544 ID: 9b6364

No. 477547 ID: ecfcdc

Well soul-licking is certainly something we ought to get going, especially if we want to upgrade Wordblood so we can bring Peregrine in here.

>First kiss 2X combo.
While it's Kairosa's first kiss chronologically she did seem to have a bit of experience with it, perhaps taken from Saulanna's future.
No. 477556 ID: 3fcc04

I'd suggest asking Wordblood and Kairosa if they have any idea how safe it is or isn't to go talk to the hero soul. I am curious about it but that thing was made to fight titans and well... we sort of are one now at least a little bit.
No. 477558 ID: 63f851

We still want to look at the big glowing moon thingy before we got back 'outside' to have a bite of the souls, but after that no reason to dally in here. We could hear about Haht'hek now, since we're curious and all, but there's no advantage or disadvantage to having the story told later.
I'm starting to get worried with Kairosa. If she suggests getting around to the slaver's souls a third time she might start getting impatient. That would be bad.
No. 477559 ID: 8098f4

Yes, story time!
No. 477561 ID: b24894

I might be completely seeing that image incorrectly, but is Kairosa trying to feel us up just a little bit? I see her bangles and then, that's her hand, right?
No. 477562 ID: 629257

I'm pretty sure we left some of our clothing back at the manse area, so that's another reason to check back there later.

So she got a taste of our Hero's soul, anything worth mentioning on that angle? Or remarkable history to Wordblood that he himself wouldn't know of? Barring or after either of those, tell us about the time dragon.

Then we'll return to the outside world and get those souls in here.

Probably safe, but not sure talking is really a thing there. I'm more interested about the big glowing moon up there, despite the obvious reasons for it being.

Well to be fair that is her reason for existing. Her eagerness isn't about being destructive, she just wants to do her job.
And I'm sure Jukashi wants to get the story moving again at some point.
No. 477563 ID: 629257

Sorry I misread your implications and can't delete. I think she is eager but patient enough, being what she is. We'll get our story then get on with the souls in one go I think.
No. 477564 ID: f2c20c

She's caressing Saulanna's face.
No. 477567 ID: b24894


Ooooh. Right. Now I see it. Originally, I thought what was actually her thumb was part of Saulanna's facial tattoos. Which I now see Saulanna does not have in her spirit world. So that's actually an arm.

I was like, "Damn, Jukashi, when you do fanservice, you really do some fanservice!" But now I see it's just a kiss. And a pseudo-homosexual one which, given that this is Creation, is the most common and normal kind anyway.
No. 477568 ID: 9b155d

Story and Souls are go.

Um Are We?
No. 477573 ID: 502013

Wait, what is that hand inside Kairosa's cloak ? the one reaching up.
No. 477575 ID: 14d963

>"Ah, yeah. I know what happened to him. It's kind of a sad story, though! You sure you want to hear it?"
I suspect that we're going to hear a lot of sad stories before our adventure is over. Unfortunately, we'll probably end up participating in some, too.

And I'm not one to turn down useful knowledge.
No. 477581 ID: 38cd76

Let's get peregrins permission to do a reading for him too. <3

The souls come first though, I guess.
No. 477601 ID: 5d121c

Get the story and lick the souls.
No. 477617 ID: b3952d

I'm voting for storytime too.
No. 477618 ID: b3952d

Something to consider later on might be trying to get an item of personal importance from each of the Lunars and Deathknights for a few moments without their knowledge. Knowing more about our opponents could be very useful.
No. 477652 ID: 1da170

...wait. Wait.

I'm definitely reading that wrong. Can you mess with samsara?!
No. 477663 ID: 66ff59

Kairosa, what happened to your eyes? why are they blue?

also, yes to the story obviously.
No. 477665 ID: 3e2e91

Probably because she just "tasted" us.
Also note the grey hand that replaced her usual cosmic torso.
No. 477672 ID: 849766

It probably from tasting the lunar essence.
Blue=Lunar remember
No. 477673 ID: b978d0

Sad story time is tempting, but not likely to be all that immediately relevant. Ask Kairosa to bring it up if it does become immediately relevant though, along with if she can think of any implications that the destruction of the underworlds calendar would have in conjunction with herself and her powers.

I suggest investigating the lunar exaltation next, followed by bringing in the two souls.
Kairosa will need to be a little more patient for now, but she can rest assured that snack time won't be far off.
No. 477683 ID: ecfcdc

The lunar essence must flow.
No. 477685 ID: cee89f

Have her tell us while we're bringing the souls in.
No. 477768 ID: dd56d7

1. Om nom nom
2. Story Time
No. 477773 ID: 406926

>Erm. No disrespect intended, my lady.
None taken, Wordblood! It would be kind of silly to get all angry over something that's just a metaphysical reality, wouldn't it?

Though, the exact state of what we are as far as the whole "ordinary mortal" thing is kind of weighing on my mind here. We've got both of you here, and our Hero Soul over there, which presumably is where all our Hero's power and Soul Force is- so is this just Saulanna's human-only self? It seems really strange to have Titanic devas be treating something so comparatively tiny as their queen. What exactly are we, meaning just this part of us? What is there that's special about us? How can we grow?

I suppose investigating the Hero Soul might answer some of this, so perhaps we can do that immediately after the story.

> It's kind of a sad story, though! You sure you want to hear it?
The world is full of sad stories. Every Titan's tale seems to be a tragedy. As long as they're true, though, it's better to hear them than not- and we're in no rush.
No. 477782 ID: cf94e9

Quick! Pray to Luna, while she's there, go ahead and lick her!
No. 477783 ID: cf94e9

It's time for a story about the Dragon of Time!
No. 477858 ID: 7f2a1b

I say story time.

Also, remember to examine the exaltation thingummy. Have Kairosa taste it if it seems safe enough (i.e. wouldn't attract Luna's attention).
No. 478021 ID: 4411c7

Story? Yes, yesyseyesyesyesyseyes
No. 478098 ID: bac356

Story time! Provide storyteller with munchies.
Hopefully you won't barf this time.
No. 478151 ID: c8ab73

Let's hear about Haht'hek and then go check our our hero soul.
No. 478186 ID: a5bbcc

You've...ah...got a little something in your chest, there.
No. 478277 ID: 3bad4c

Eat the souls unless they have genuine unfinished business.

Otherwise they're dead, and have nothing to look forward to except an eternity of imprisonment.

I think it would be a very human thing to have a record of each soul that gets consumed. A book on a special bookcase in the inner world seems appropriate, one book per soul. I think this would show respect for the existence they once had, and glancing over to see how many books are in the bookcase would give Saulanna a quick way to see if she's become a genocidal soul-eating monster or not. :) At this rate, I doubt that could happen though.

I imagine the bookcase should be in Saulanna's area, because we're not trying to impose humanity on Kariosa or Wordblood!

Giving Jukashi things to draw is always fun.
No. 478346 ID: 4eb46d

I vote that we check out the new souls straight away, and then check out the hero soul!
No. 478425 ID: 6a173c

Yeah! Listen to the Story, see these souls, nom 'em, then make a record of this stuff.
No. 478431 ID: e1fba4

No story unless it's relevant to your abilities. I think it's best we focus on getting ourselves together and return to the situation unfolding back inside.
No. 478615 ID: 1da170

Oh, this 'history' thing is super handy. Rather than just relying on Kaan's word that the people we're absorbing are dicks, we can know for certain.

So long as we don't break Kairosa by doing it too often, but she seems tough underneath the bubbly.
No. 478934 ID: 37cda1

Kairosa, how much TW will we need to spend on your upgrades to get to that "four a day" (with committed Power and focus) or further?

Also, yes, check up on those souls.
No. 479494 ID: bd1c04
File 135578411416.png - (139.36KB , 600x500 , sorcery1.png )

> How safe is it to interact with the Hero Soul?

"Hmm, well. Though it may have been made with the intent of fighting Titans, it was also made by a Titan, and for Luna, who is a Titan's lover. I wouldn't think it had been created with any automatic countermeasures or suchlike."

"Much less anything that'd go off just by looking at it! I got a strong taste off you, but it's, like, a reflection. I should do a more direct inspection!"

>Can you mess with samsara?!

"Huh? Oh! Well, maybe! Everyone messes with samsara a little bit. Really though, what I was saying is that Fate is a lot more complicated than samsara is! Samsara is deep, deep-down foundation stuff, so it has to be simple. Part of how reality works. It's... the cycles of the world. The repeating patterns. The stuff that happens and then happens again. Odd coincidences. It-"

"Narrative causality, perhaps. The beginning, the middle and the end. The villain who creates his own undoing, the third son who succeeds where his elder brothers fail, the fall off the cliff that never kills. The house divided that unites, the house united that must divide. Souls reborn to find each other again, and play out the events in other places and other times. The Hero's Journey. That sort of thing."

"Yeah, that sort of thing! Every time something happens once, it becomes easier for it to happen again. Any Titanic power can leave a mark behind it on the pattern of existence, and every souled creature has a little spark of Titanic power in them! The more you have, the more weight you put on the world, and the deeper a groove you leave behind you for others to follow. So be careful! Everything you do and everything that happens to you can literally echo on down through history! Manipulating it directly would be way hard, though."

"Well, in a sense, a lot of magic manipulates samsara. Expending energy through their personal expression-forms to cause different kinds of reality, different kinds of stories, to take precedence over others."

"Well, I guess? That's only little local temporary things, though. On the big scale."

>What exactly are we, meaning just this part of us? What is there that's special about us? How can we grow?

You're a deva as well, my lady. You just happen to be human, as well. Mostly. I'm afraid I'm not sure how you would develop yourself further, since you don't have the instinctive understanding of how to grow with Titan's Will, like we do."

"Sorcery, mistress! You just need to train yourself up! You may be starting off from just being human, but even humans can learn sorcery, and that's basically Titanic power, just with some crutches on! Learn a bunch of spells, and keep practicing, and I'm sure you'll eventually get the hang of doing things yourself!

"Sorcery? Sorcery. Hold on. Referencing. First Age, sorcerers, three circles, trials..."
No. 479495 ID: bd1c04
File 135578415253.png - (135.17KB , 600x500 , sorcery2.png )

"... Oh. Oh, well. Wow. My goodness. That's... I don't know how I should feel about this. That... that Dragon's Shadow. What a... fellow. What a card. This is a joke. Well, not entirely. Sort of. It's... subversive. This, this ridiculous double-layered ironic humiliation lesson trickster nonsense. It'd be hilarious if I could tell who the joke's supposed to be on. Classic Dragon's Shadow, really. Holy tyrant, he must have set this up in advance."

"... Yyyyyyyyes. Hmm. Yes. You can skip most of this."

Now surely Wordblood can explain more than that!

"Well, if I wanted to give lesser beings a way to use their titan-spark, I wouldn't have done it this way. I've even been considering it, you know, I think I have an idea on how to teach Peregrin Kaan to use Power Words... Ahem. But it would be straightforward, in any case. Sorcery, now, here, it looks to me like it's all about mimicking Titanic reality shaping, by using raw will and trickery to fool the world into thinking you have authority that you don't. Imitation and deception, that's the Dragon's Shadow's way of thinking, there. But more than that, whatever way he worked it into the world - and he must have done it before he surrendered to the gods, I can't see how else it could have happened - he built in these five trials that you have to go through before the world accepts it from you. And they're totally unnecessary! Theoretically. I mean, they are necessary now, but they didn't have to be. But at the same time, they do teach valuable lessons and force the sorcerer to grow as a person. And they stand a good chance of shaking their existing loyalties, which considering that most sorcerers would be Heroes, would be to the gods. And then again, letting lesser beings use this kind of power defies the order mandated by the rest of the Titans. So, as said, I have no idea who the joke is supposed to be on. He does this sort of thing."

"None of it applies to you, though. You're a Titan. The world will bow to you by nature. You don't have to go through the trials, and I wouldn't be surprised if after getting used to it, you became able to learn and use spells far more easily than any other sorcerer."

"There you go, so! Now..."


"Sure thing, mistress. Just a moment."
No. 479496 ID: bd1c04
File 135578418825.png - (104.29KB , 600x500 , kairoahem.png )

"Would you like some assistance?"

"Nah, I got it. Just got to get into oracle mode, here. Hrrm. Arh-hem. Right."
No. 479497 ID: bd1c04
File 135578423018.png - (279.14KB , 600x500 , hahthek\'sstory.png )

"Hail to Haht'hek, the Dragon of Time, who turns the seasons, who drives the wheel of Ages! Hail to him whose coils are the spiral of both growth and decay!"

"Bow before She Who Lives In Her Name, the Principle of Hierarchy! Bend knee to the Mother of Separation, the definition of definition, Child of Oramus' Promise!!"

"Behold Pluto, the Maiden of Hours, who comforts the Dragon of Time! Praise to the goddess that measures the days!"

"Tremble, to the moment of turning, the end of what should have been, the time of never-starting. She Who Lives In Her Name feels the first touch of the green light of shame and the bonds of self-loathing, closing to tie her to her failure and despair! In her final rage, betrayed, she betrays herself and breaks her bones to release the fires within. An inferno is released, to burn the world to the moment of its birth, and undo all that had undone the Titans themselves!"

"Weep, for the Dragon of Time, who loves the world such that his every soul is wracked with grief! Weep for the Maiden of Hours, for whose cries of pain and terror, he tears his heart asunder! The blood of his life spills to quench the flames that burn creation. With his last strength, he curls himself about the existence that remains once-made, and turns his body to a wall against the fire. His scales are seared; his last breath, torn by smoke. His tears are boiled to naught. He dies to save what is, and aches for that which now shall never have been remembered."

"He is dead."

No. 479498 ID: bd1c04
File 135578425895.png - (87.45KB , 600x500 , hahtheksstory2.png )

Grieve, for the Dragon of Time. Grieve for Gaia, who could not keep her promise. Grieve for the Maiden of Hours, and her champions, and all the Heroes of Time, who go to meet Oramus at The End."
No. 479500 ID: bd1c04
File 135578435544.png - (95.56KB , 600x500 , kairoshrug.png )

Wait, "The End"!? What does that mean?"

"Ehh. I dunno."
No. 479502 ID: e3aff6

So... It sounds like SHLIHN tried to unmake everything when the titans lost, Pluto got killed, Haht'hek killed himself to make a barrier to save creation, and possibly Gaia got trapped outside the barrier.

I guess we will go look at the Hero's Soul now.
No. 479503 ID: beeca1

Yeah, Swillin's body is a bunch of giant glass spheres filled with fires. When the titans lost, she broke them and retroactively burnt a shitton of Creation out of existence. Looks like that bit of canon remains with some details added.
No. 479504 ID: ec6d4c

Okay, Kairosa, Wordblood, and their interactions are officially adorable.

This "sorcery is a joke" thing amuses me. Still, the fact we can get around the restrictions by who and what we are could be useful. Sounds like we won't need a deva dedicated to sorcery and/or magic after all.

Sacrificed himself to stop time from being undone before it began. Got it. So, mercifully, not a hazard we're likely going to have to worry about Kairosa facing.

I'm not sure if it's rude to ask, but I'm pretty sure Wordblood didn't have those before. (They show up for the first time in this chapter, if I'm not mistaken). Is that
significant at all?

>Now what
Let's check out the hero's soul next. Then we can examine souls and possibly eat them (gotta poke, examine, and talk about everything before we do anything proactive, like collecting and assigning TW).
No. 479506 ID: 629257

Well... I think we get the gist of it. But you two should go over the what and who of that as best you can. As for that last bit, I'm fairly sure we don't need to worry about it anytime soon.

Anyhow, time to investigate our heroes soul. After that we bring in the slaver souls.
No. 479507 ID: 3e2e91

Sooo... This Oramus made Gaia promise to keep time stable, a task for which she created Haht'hek. When he sacrificed himself, Pluto and all her subordinates had to go deal with the resulting fuck-up at The End, where Oramus resides.
Also, Titanic all-devouring flames destroying a being at the foundation of time erased him from existence, causing him to only be remembered by the Titans themselves.
Did I get all that right?

Who the fuck is Oramus (apart from meaning "We pray." in latin)?
No. 479508 ID: ffe40a

Oramos is the Dragon Beyond The World. He represents everything that is Outside - both beyond Creation, and Beyond even the Wyld. He is a force of narrative-rending impossibility, and the Solars bound him within his own wings, one of the few things capable of the feat, that he might forever struggle against himself for freedom.

... IIRC.
No. 479522 ID: 14d963

Thank you for that story. It's sad, but it's also heroic, and heroes deserve to be remembered.

Next up: check Hero Soul, then slaver souls.

Side note,Wordblood has some interesting text here:

Re: Sorcery

Re: Haht'hek

As for The End, I could be entirely wrong, but I'm imagining a Chrono-Trigger-like "End of Time", a time outside time, infinitely far into the future.
No. 479524 ID: 7f2a1b

Right, off to examine the Hero Soul thingamajig, then.
No. 479534 ID: 38cd76

That is an incredibly sad tale. I think I'm going to cry. Don't cry, Saulana, fight it!

Did we learn any sorcery in the vast amounts of knowledge that we've absorbed already? That could be handy.
No. 479535 ID: 5e3d31

The interesting part is that our Time soul knows nothing about "The End" So is that particular time out of time?
No. 479540 ID: f2c20c

>Saulanna is a Deva

I've been meaning to ask about that. If Saulanna is a Deva, is there any way to tell what her Purpose and Element are?

Also, I thought it was really freaking hard to kill a Titan? Don't they become Yozis rather than truly die?

Next stop would be the Hero Soul.
No. 479546 ID: ecbc1e


> Also, I thought it was really freaking hard to kill a Titan? Don't they become Yozis rather than truly die?

Hard, yes, but not impossible. And they don't become Yozi when they die - that's the result of a spiritual lobotomy.

They become Neverborn. Which are basically ghost-Titans who want to destroy everything.

And yeah - onward to Hero Soul omniscan.
No. 479551 ID: d1efde

Maybe before we take a look at the hero soul we should do something about those slavers?
No. 479556 ID: b3952d

Nice job on the banter! This was fun.

And sad. Still, good to know.
No. 479565 ID: 5d121c

So, Kairosa, how is it exactly you know such incredible and distant facts a few seconds after being born of a Tiatn who never knew those things?
No. 479573 ID: 8e9721

If Haht'hek is the purple dragon and White, Green, Blue, Red and Black are the ones we have now, Yellow remains unidentified. I wonder who is he and how is he connected to Yellow Jade?
No. 479580 ID: 4a328b

Let's not think about it too hard lest we inadvertently turn a possibly metaphorical "The End" into a literal and inescapable "The End"--that's what happens when you look too hard at the future, right?
No. 479596 ID: ffe40a

That's if you use Samsara. What you see with it is locked in - it becomes inescapable. The kind of divination where you look at possible outcomes and forecast their probability - what Astrology and the Loom-user usually do - doesn't, but can be inaccurate.
No. 479600 ID: 7003a8

Clearly, we need to find a way to bring Gaia back through the power of narrative convention and reality warping without letting anything else in.
Lets have Kairosa and Wordblood put that on the back burner. For now, we need Kairosa to lick the Hero's Soul for information. The most vital piece of information at the moment is the identity of Saulanna's Solar Mate.

OH! Kairosa! Can you use your insight for an advantage in Social Combat? Like to figure out what an opponent's goal is, or the background behind their arguments?
No. 479601 ID: 406926

>Wordblood offers assistance
Kairosa is Time and Wordblood is Communication. Between the two of them, they can almost certainly literally tell the best stories ever, about anything that ever happened.

I love our devas so much. So. Much.

>all the Heroes of Time
Kairosa, I don't mean to drag this out, but your opening run-down of our dramatis personæ here seems a tad incomplete. Presumably the Maiden of Hours' champions were Star Heroes, but "all the Heroes of Time"- were those Dragon Heroes of Haht'hek? Or something else? How does Oramus fit into this- or into anything, for that matter- and what was he promised/did he promise?

>sorcery, Titanic power access for humans, and Power Words
So if I'm hearing this right, sorcery is just one way that a Titan built for humans to learn to access their Titanic spark, and Wordblood is working on a second one... does that imply that basically any Titan, or indeed any third-circle deva, could come up with their own way for humans to learn to exert Titanic will?

And that Saulanna could, potentially, learn to use any or all of them? We're learning Power Words already, after all. Sorcery's on the list. Does Kairosa have some particular spin on bending reality to her whims that Saulanna might be able to learn given a bit of time and Titan's Will? Where are the limits here- or are there limits at all?

Once that discussion is over it's time to go over to our Hero Soul and check it out, maybe have Kairosa nibble on it a bit, see if we can learn anything.
No. 479608 ID: 3bad4c

>is just one way
I'm hearing that it's been woven into Creation and is therefore the major way of doing so, rather than a natural law. Pushing other possibilities to the side, as it were. Still, a good place to start for a beginner, especially one who can skip most of the fakery.

>Solar Mate
As if that's going to be of any interest. Being a lunar is rapidly becoming insignificant in terms of the baggage it carries. Developing Saulanna's aptitude for sorcery, I suspect, would also massively reduce any negatives the Exaltation could possibly bring with it.
It should be a tool, not a lifestyle.
No. 479612 ID: 82ced6

we can ask Kaan if anything happened to any large collection of time-related heroes as a whole. I'm sure he wouldn't have missed an event that big.

next order of business: check out the floaty ball.
No. 479623 ID: 4ede1b

Death heroes didn't exist that far back and he didn't even know about the Time Dragon.
No. 479625 ID: 05a1ac

I would guess that's Gaia's queen soul. Especially with it being in the center.
I would guess both dragon heroes of time AND heroes of pluto count as heroes of time.
No. 479627 ID: bf54a8

problem is, they could of been erased from history itself. no one but the titans themselves would know that time heroes once existed but now never have.
No. 479640 ID: d03e2c

How are we a deva? Wouldn't Saulanna be the highest level within this whole Titan pyramid-scheme of souls? Isn't the term 'deva' and 'demon' for souls in servitude to a greater being? In Exalted terms, wouldn't that make the Yozi themselves "Fourth Circle Demons"?
No. 479642 ID: bf54a8

we went over this, EVERY soul in a titan is a deva. there are just different lvls OF deva. which s what the other names are. what lvl you are.
No. 479664 ID: 66ff59

>I should do a more direct inspection!"

..i'm ok with this! but would Saulanna? i'm starting to think that when Kairosa said she loves Saulanna she didn't mean it as a daughter loves a mother.
No. 479667 ID: 553329

The Dragon in the centre is the Dragon of Aether, I think it's called Aa and is part of Jukashi's additions to the setting.
I really like the idea of Haht'hek - he shall forever become a part of my own headcanon, albeit in Behemoth form.

Oh yes, now let's hug the Lunar Exaltation please! Your fellow Raccoon has spoken!
No. 479668 ID: 553329

Is Saulanna a Deva or a Jouten? I would imagine a bit of both, based on the Broken Winged Crane.
No. 479670 ID: cfa8a1

>So, as said, I have no idea who the joke is supposed to be on.

It's a joke on himself, of course. A personal joke, which even he doesn't quite understand.
No. 479748 ID: cee89f

Who exactly would 'all the heroes of time' cover? ... Assuming we gained Exalted (as we've discussed as a potential late-game/end-game goal), would that include you and/or any heroes linked to your powers?

...Seriously, would it include you, or was it just the ones you mentioned and their heroes?
No. 479776 ID: b24894

My god. *We* are the Raccoon-Element Deva! D=
No. 479800 ID: dd56d7


1. Poke Hero Soul
No. 479801 ID: 9a701c

No. 479819 ID: 629257

...Wait, what?
No. 479866 ID: b24894

Wordblood: Your wings make you look like somebody I knew, once. He's with the toasters now.

Kairosa: If our Hero Soul is titanic in nature, how much Titan's Will would we get from consuming it? In theory, only, of course. I mean, if we were ever in a situation where it was "Find a bunch of Titan's Will right this moment" or "Die", it might be useful to know our options beforehand.
No. 479872 ID: 629257

If we were in that kind of situation, we'd be better off reappropriating titans will from elsewhere. That's something Kairosa can do, if I remember correctly.

More likely, if/when we end up eating someone with a hero soul that'll matter. It probably is a bad idea to do that though, rife with troublesome consequences.
No. 479890 ID: 4411c7

So, 'ole Swahili initiated the Three Spheres Cataclysm after all.

Nice story, nice art.
No. 480078 ID: ffe40a

Well, unless it's been changed, Exaltations are indestructible to all known means - even Titanic. They were designed by Autotchon the Great Maker, the Primordial linked to creating things, specifically so his brethren couldn't remove them from the picture.

I highly doubt Saulanna's newly-ascended self can do anything to them.
No. 480083 ID: 997ce7

Good point, but every Titan has one thing about them that deviates from the norm. Malfeas is the kind, Cecelynne is the infinite prison, Oramus is Oramus, Swillin can retroactively destroy shit, Gaia is linked to Creation, etc.

We *might* be able to mess with the Hero's Soul. Scavenger and all that, though scavengers do normally stick to things already dead or broken. But given the lack of... thematic appropriateness, I suppose, it's not likely to work.
No. 480084 ID: 629257

Huh... Well even if we can't eat them, they might still be handy for Kairosa to gleam information off of if we ever happen to defeat an exalt. She just just stick them in her mouth and suck on them like hard candy.
No. 480085 ID: dd287a

Don't forget to shed a tear for the Time Dragons tragic story, it deserves it.

And remember that story, since nobody else does.
No. 480089 ID: 5246aa

hey Kairosa, how accurate/detailed/far-reaching is the information you can get with your past tasting ability? for e.g., if you used it on a carved stone block, how much information would you get about the people who mined it, carved it and laid it? would you be able to tell us what they were feeling or thinking about on that day for instance?
If you can get lots of information about them then a note should be made to use it on the box Ghost dude had, to get us started on that.
No. 480191 ID: 5d121c

Wordblood, Kairosa... What kind of stealth Deva do you think would be appropriate? Seeing what you two are, could Paradox work? Or would a deva like that get on both of your nerves, seeing how it would have domain over temporal paradoxes and linguistic paradoxes? Hiding things in paradox would be an excellent way for them to never be found, though.
No. 480202 ID: db1ec9

What about delusion or perception? People many times only see what they want to see. It's hard to get past the filters of those above things because aren't they part of a person as well?
No. 480216 ID: e92f17

It could work as an automatic active effect, like the how the Tell actively blinds those with a dodge MDV lower than 12. Could maybe be duplicated by working out how the hero soul does it?
No. 480217 ID: cee89f

Wordblood, Kairosa. I'd like both of your opinions on the different benefits of a Seeing deva with the Knowledge element, versus one with the Truth element. What passive abilities might they have? If one were picked, how well would the other work as a noble deva in the future?

How would a Defensive Deva work if given a generally offensive element, such as war or battle?

>Stealth Deva Elements
I'd also like your opinions on Space and Mask elements for a stealth Deva.
No. 480218 ID: ec6d4c

Could we maybe keep future deva discussion in diss? It seems absurdly premature (and a little insulting!) for Sualanna to have known Kairosa for mere minutes and already be be planning the next one.
No. 480219 ID: 370c40

I'll agree on the premature part, but I don't know about it being absurdly premature. We are probably going to need a stealth deva relatively soon. Could probably wait until after we deal with the souls at the very least though!
No. 480220 ID: 629257

I think that after we settle the issues of processing souls and spending titans will, we should use part of this internal phase going over what elements we want to have overall, and what would be good purposes for them. It's important to have a plan, I think.

We don't need to do it right now, but that is the point. If we choose elements only when needed and only according to the purpose for that moment we may end up growing in a way we could regret.
No. 480238 ID: dd56d7

No. 480266 ID: b3f501

Hug the Lunar Exaltation, it needs love. It needs a lot of love.
No. 480409 ID: 6965ea

[That really is a matter for the discussion thread.]

What remains to be done for now is to see to the matter of these souls and formulate a plan for our dealings with Akaterina and the Moon Heroes.
No. 480441 ID: a28731

[not exactly, I started this a while ago but quickly ran into a problem of lack of knowledge, we need to discuss it with wordblood to get answers to make informed decisions]
No. 480461 ID: 997ce7

So ask him in ITQ?
No. 480546 ID: a0ab92
File 135633060947.png - (146.39KB , 600x500 , crossbridge.png )

>Who's Oramus?

"Oramus was the first of all the Titans. He is the marker between existence and non-existence, the foundation of all reality. If we were to use human terms, I suppose you could refer to him as the collective ancestor of all being. And non-being. And everything, really. "Child of Oramus' Promise" is merely a fanciful title that can be used in place of the word "Titan"."

"He's crazy. But nice! If you're a Titan."

"Indeed. As for the why of the title, and the reference to Gaia's own Promise... well, I'd tell you the tale as much as I know, but I think we've had enough story time for now?"

>Heroes of Time

"Yes, they were Haht'hek's Dragon Heroes! You could maybe call Pluto's Star Heroes that as well, but it'd be inaccurate. Pluto wasn't so much about time as about how time is measured. Mostly what she did was back the other Maidens up in doing their jobs, and run as go-between with them and Haht'hek. And hang out with him. Very passive goddess. Very passive Heroes. Though they did turn people into dragons sometimes? Star Heroes are a silly bunch of weirdos."

>Who's that in the middle?

"She is Aa, the Elemental Dragon of Aether, and Queen of Gaia. Assuming nothing has changed, she lives in the Twilight World; that is, the world of dreams. But even aether itself, I must tell you, is a dire, dire secret; it is the final refined resource that we Titans produce when we purify the stuff of chaos into useable form, the clay for our greatest works. We even restricted our own access to it. Don't let anyone know about it, please."

"... You know, a lot of the Titan's Will you get from a soul is from sucking the aether out of it. If we could dip into the aetherworld for power, we could-"

"Forget it. The Unconquered Sun himself is the guard on that door."

>I thought it was really freaking hard to kill a Titan?

"Haht'hek was the Lord deva of a Titan, not a Titan himself! But yes, it would normally be very very hard to kill him, so that tells you a lot about what it was that did it! Basically, it's as if him and all of his own lower devas died at the beginning of existence. Of course, that's not the whole story. Gaia is the Titan of Life, after all! Theoretically, she should have been able to bring him back, or at least someone very like him. There must be a reason why she hasn't, but my senses can't reach that far. Perhaps the story I've been able to tell isn't the whole story! I get a faint sense that there is something of his essence still left. Somewhere. If you ever need something to do, you could look into it!"

>So, Kairosa, how is it exactly you know such incredible and distant facts a few seconds after being born of a Titan who never knew those things?

"Well, as I showed you, I can taste history! So long as I'm in contact with something to taste the history of. And through you, I'm in contact with the world and with the greater passage of time, so I can taste those! And that lets me know some things. Not everything. Time is like... ok, you know that at the borders of the world, reality shades away to chaos, yeah? The further you get the softer the rules become and the less defined everything is until it all fades out into a mad rainbow mess of infinite potentiality but no actuality. Time is the same. The future is not real. The future is uncertain, and the past is more certain, but it's not uniformly certain, see? The present is only slightly less unreal than the future, and events don't really become real for a while. Some do quick, some hardly ever become real at all. It's all about relativity! Just because something was in "the past", by dumb old abstract measurement whatever, doesn't mean that it's actually happened yet. Not from your perspective! It's only "happened" when it affects you! Tiny insignificant things were hardly real at all. Most events become more real the further back in the past they go, because the ripples of causality spread out to affect other things and it all interlocks to get more solid. And some events were so big and important that they affect lots of stuff really quickly and become really real super fast! And that's basically what decides whether I know something or not, how real it is, because the more real things have more flavour. So, the further back an event was, and the more significant it was, the more it sprayed the flavour of itself all over everything and the more likely I know it. It's complicated, see?"

... Huh.

"It seems simple enough."

"I'd expect you to get it, Mr. The-World-Is-A-Narrative."

"We all have our own insights."

"As for Haht'hek, I know a bit more about him because we're both Time. The world misses him, and there's, um. A gap. It sort of pulls at me a bit but I'm way too small and I don't really fit that good in the first place, so no danger. It's a connection, though. I can feel the shape of his absence. That tells me some things."

"Like looking through somebody's possessions, long after they're dead."

"Yyyyyyyyyeeeeah. It's... kind of depressing."

>How are we a deva?

"To be more precise: The body of the human, Saulanna Rockblossom, has become the body of a Titan. The soul of the human, Saulanna Rockblossom, has become the chief soul of that Titan. A deva."

>Kairosa! Can you use your insight for an advantage in Social Combat?

"I could, but as I said, you have to touch them, and they'd feel me take a nip on their essence, especially if they're magic themselves. If I combined my abilities with Wordblood's, though..."

"I might as well drop this information now. My World Reading ability would provide the sort of service you're asking about. To be more specific, it would, in its various stages: allow me to tell you an opponent's Will Points, then the numbers their attacks use, then (after improving my Soul Force) their Heart's Desire, and then (with more Soul Force again) their Mal/Affections. And other details with further upgrades, such as their competencies, magical abilities and so on. If I combined this ability of mine with Kairosa's, I might allow her to use her senses without needing to touch or alert the subject. I should tell you, however, I would need to borrow one of your eyes in order to read the world. On the positive side - since I know you've been wondering - there's a secondary ability up in the higher levels that will allow me to hear any prayers directed at you. That could allow Peregrin a way to contact you."

"Wow, look at this useful guy! I'm gonna drop lots of Titan's Will on you!"

"... Saulanna is the one who decides how we spend it."

"Oh. Oh, right! Duh me! Of course! Sorry. Ha ha! Still, you seem to have a good idea what you can do."

"To a degree, yes; more so now than recently. Your creation helped solidify all of us, so I feel somewhat more certain of myself, now. In fact... let me check. Yes. Yes, I actually have access to my own Titan Boost, now! It- er. Hm. It would allow me to improve my attempts at linguistic challenges. But we succeed on those anyway. Oh, and challenges that involve helping others, how nice! What about you, Kairosa?"

"I've got one of those as well, actually, nice! Helps with judgements on the past or future, huh. Oh, challenges that hinge on timing, aaand... magical energy control. That's useful!"

"Hmm. But aside that last function, neither of our Boosts do anything the Moon Boost doesn't incorporate already, and they only give a bonus equal to our Soul Forces. Well, it was made for the purpose of enhancement, so that's to be expected."

>Consuming the Hero's Soul

"Nope, can't do that! Sorry! They were made by Autochthon himself to specifically be protected from that sort of thing, far as I can tell. The most you can do is mess with them, and even then you'd need a Titan whose thing was messing with things to tell you how to do it. I mean, on the other hand, if you were a Titan who was entirely geared around destruction or consuming, you could do it. Maybe. It'd be a waste, though, these things are worth like thousands of times the sum of their cost, whatever it was!"

""A Titan whose thing was messing with things"... Hmm. I can't help but think of the Dragon's Shadow."

>Check out the Hero's Soul

On the way.
No. 480547 ID: a0ab92
File 135633066290.png - (126.60KB , 600x500 , licking1.png )

Alright, this should be fun! Given what Heroes get up to, this thing should have been at the center of a ton of important stories. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn some really cool secre-"
No. 480548 ID: a0ab92
File 135633073065.png - (136.34KB , 600x500 , licking2.png )

"-eeeeeaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhoooooolyyy fffaaaaaaaaaaaahhhck....!!!"
No. 480550 ID: 92c81e

It's delicious, isn't it?
No. 480551 ID: ec6d4c

So... we're not gonna ask about the wings? I wanna ask about Wordblood's wings! A change in appearance has to signify something, don't it?

>lots of word read uses
That's all a lot of useful intel gathering to shape our actions in social combat. I'd love to give him some kind of more directly offensive capability, though.

>Titans' boosts

>Holy Fack!
Uh... I think she's either overloading on history/taste there, or she just tripped some kind of defense mechanism. I would suggest helping her- trying to extricate her. Gently though, don't want to rip her tongue off if it's stuck.
No. 480554 ID: bf54a8

yeah gently pull her off that thing. it was owned by every moon hero before you, who knows how much history it has?
No. 480555 ID: 14d963

>"I get a faint sense that there is something of his essence still left. Somewhere. If you ever need something to do, you could look into it!"
That sounds suspiciously like Wordblood's state before Peregrin bound him to us! And Wordblood said there could be more like him, elsewhere in Creation.

Though we might not want to bind Haht'hek to us like Wordblood, since Wordblood mentioned that having two souls with the same element is dangerous. If we can find what's left of him, I'd rather try to find a way to give him back to Gaia, her being one of the few friendly Titans.

>"Hmm. But aside that last function, neither of our Boosts do anything the Moon Boost doesn't incorporate already, and they only give a bonus equal to our Soul Forces."
Could be useful when doing a task we have a very low Competency at?

Can we use your and the Hero Soul's Boosts at the same time?

>"Alright, this should be fun! Given what Heroes get up to, this thing should have been at the center of a ton of important stories. I wouldn't be surprised if we learn some really cool secre-"
>"-eeeeeaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhoooooolyyy fffaaaaaaaaaaaahhhck....!!!"
"Kairosa! Are you alright!?"

Try to pull her away, though yes, as previous posters have said, gently. If she doesn't respond immediately, ask Wordblood if he can tell what happened.
No. 480556 ID: f2c20c

Might want to try getting her away from there.
No. 480565 ID: 5d121c

Huh. Now I'm really getting interested about this "aetherworld". The land of dreams? What's all that about?

And how could only one door possibly lead to such a place? Shouldn't every mortal and any other spirit be able to get at it by simply dreaming? Or by stealing dreams, like the fair folk?

Wasn't there a sid martial art that went on about these things too, by the way? I think I remember it being the only one that couldn't be regulated because everyone who did would find a teacher in their dreams.

>"Haht'hek ... If you ever need something to do, you could look into it!"

A very interesting prospect, and it could help us get in good with Gaia and Luna, if we're careful. I hope we find the time for it.


It seems both Kairosa and Wordblood are close to this point of view. Maybe we could solidify our titanhood around a concept somewhere in this neighbourhood.

...this is, again, a bad sign for a Paradox Deva, isn't it? Or maybe not. You never know with a paradox.

>Kairosa having a freakout

Well, see if she's alright and help her if she needs it! More likely it's just an overload of awesome heroic memories, though.
No. 480569 ID: d4ad1a

Pull her off, ask her what's up.
No. 480573 ID: 3bad4c

You're currently the boss of that Hero soul, so you should definitely be the one to get in between those two.

This is your world and you are Queen of it! To be perfectly honest, I expect you to have no trouble at all.
No. 480581 ID: 09ae2c

Hey, Kairosa is bogarting! Get yourself a hit of that shit before she licks her way to the center!
No. 480582 ID: 2f4b71

>"Well, as I showed you, I can taste history! So long as I'm in contact with something to taste the history of. And through you, I'm in contact with the world and with the greater passage of time, so I can taste those! And that lets me know some things. Not everything. Time is like... ok, you know that at the borders of the world, reality shades away to chaos, yeah? The further you get the softer the rules become and the less defined everything is until it all fades out into a mad rainbow mess of infinite potentiality but no actuality. Time is the same. The future is not real. The future is uncertain, and the past is more certain, but it's not uniformly certain, see? The present is only slightly less unreal than the future, and events don't really become real for a while. Some do quick, some hardly ever become real at all. It's all about relativity! Just because something was in "the past", by dumb old abstract measurement whatever, doesn't mean that it's actually happened yet. Not from your perspective! It's only "happened" when it affects you! Tiny insignificant things were hardly real at all. Most events become more real the further back in the past they go, because the ripples of causality spread out to affect other things and it all interlocks to get more solid. And some events were so big and important that they affect lots of stuff really quickly and become really real super fast! And that's basically what decides whether I know something or not, how real it is, because the more real things have more flavour. So, the further back an event was, and the more significant it was, the more it sprayed the flavour of itself all over everything and the more likely I know it. It's complicated, see?"

Timecube! No, really. Think of one axis as Time As Mortals Perceive. At right angles to this, is Time As The World Exists. And at right angles to both is The Existence of All Possible Events. There is a flow of both times, from past to future, that most beings are caught up in. With effort (well, Titan's Will), one could move around the plane of time, though more easily in the mortal axis than the world axis. Events ripply across this plane, but it is not necessarily flat; events far from the plane of 'that which is real' have produced small ripples, whereas large events right on the plane have ripples that affect many. Titan's Will may both introduce new events into the space of existence, and/or shift the plane of that which is real to meet events that did not 'occur'.
No. 480583 ID: 629257

Uhm... pull her off of there! She might be only getting an information overload that'll pass, but it could be something worse!
No. 480586 ID: 55d1d4

stop her before she starts having sex with it.
No. 480595 ID: 6cafbb

Whip that hero soul into shape! We'll have no more nonsense out of it!
No. 480609 ID: 2cd465

Don't just stand there. Hurry to her and quickly (but gently) extricate her.

What could be causing all the distress? It might be something from the War, but I'm concerned about how tasting the Taint could affect her. Help right away!
No. 480618 ID: 334456

Any one else pick up that hint that we've been neglecting to power up Wordblood?
No. 480651 ID: 1da170

Bit too much history in one bite, I think.

Make sure she gets off it before she explodes, I think it's time to find what legendary jackasses our Exaltation has belonged to!
No. 480654 ID: e92f17

The Solars were the Legendary Jackasses (See: Desus). Maybe it's just the relatively high mortality rate, chimerism, unfixed castes, and other weirdness that comes with modern Lunars. Or a defense mechanism against Titans messing with the spark. Either way we need to pull her off of it.
No. 480659 ID: f2c20c

Discussion goes in questdis.
No. 480660 ID: b3952d

....Wow she has a long tongue. I can't help but wonder where it went when she was kissing us before.

In any case, I think we might want to get her off our Hero Soul before she starts Tasting the Rainbow.
No. 480662 ID: f5588d

Note to self: don't lick things that glow with the power of the Moon!
No. 480671 ID: 2f6e6e

Oh noes.
She's tasting the Beyond. Quick, rip her out before she breaks the fourth wall!
No. 480673 ID: cee89f

....Get Kairosa AWAY FROM THAT THING and ask what got her so worked up.


No. 480700 ID: 4411c7

Did you forget? Hero's Souls assuming standard Exalted fluff all have memories of their previous owners. A being who can gaze into past events by tasting a soul would be in for a real treat when they taste a Hero's Soul.
No. 480709 ID: e92f17

Not quite. Lytek is supposed to scrub them clean of memory, but might miss a spot or two (or all of it, in the case of Past Lives 5)
No. 480777 ID: cfa8a1

She's having a joygasm guys. It's perfectly unnatural.

...Lick the Hero's Soul yourself.
No. 480807 ID: ffcde3

Lytek cleans them, but in addition to missing spots, he also leaves bits in on purpose for his own reasons. Point being, there's probably bits of any given hero who held a shard left over. That probably doesn't matter to Kairosa's ability though, since cleaning the shard doesn't change its history
No. 480841 ID: 5d121c

Let's lick Kairosa ourselves. Give her a taste of her own medicine.
No. 480855 ID: 68bbc5

Lick the Hero's Soul yourself, to see what all the fuss is about.
No. 480873 ID: ce45c3
File 135664946881.png - (219.37KB , 600x500 , pullback1.png )

>Pull her off

Yes, this seems like a good idea. After a brief hesitation on what parts of Kairosa seem most holdable, Saulanna peels her away.

"Uuueeeuhh... s-sorry... about that..."

"What happened?"

"It was... uuh, give me a moment. Huhh. Ha. "Give me a moment". Ha ha! Huurh. Ok. Ok, it was. It was just a lot to take in! Phew. Really, I mean, wow! Let me just... try to get it sorted, here. I got... all the Hero Soul's past hosts, and everything they lived through. There's been like... two three... five... six of them! And the biggest stuff they were there for, like... the war with the underworld, wow. And the invasion of the Fae, and the Contagion! And... uh, wait. Start at the beginning. I tasted... I tasted..."
No. 480874 ID: ce45c3
File 135664950099.png - (107.05KB , 600x500 , pullback2.png )

"Oh! Oh my shinma of excellence, I could taste Autochthon's hands from when he made it! And, and Luna, and... and Gaia! Gaia helped with the Moon Hero souls, for Luna! I understand, I get it! The Sun Heroes were made for perfection, but the Moon Heroes were made for adaptation, for survival! Your Hero Soul is evolving! It's supposed to change when something like this happens, that's what it was made for!!"

"It... and the wyld! The taint of chaos that turns Moon Heroes into crazy monsters, that's how it got in! The Moon Heroes' Hero Souls tried to adapt, to absorb it, make themselves stronger! That's why chimeras get powers normal Moon Heroes don't have! But, but it went wrong. It didn't work right. It... Autochthon! And Luna, and Gaia! It's too organic, Autochthon didn't get it, he's all about things you make, not things that grow! And Gaia had the same problem in reverse! But, but it's still so great, I mean this thing, I know I said it was fantastic before and that was such an understatement! It... it... no, it doesn't make sense. The evolution mechanism works, it could have fixed itself. It should have fixed itself. Why? There's something else. There was something else. Some other problem. Something... hold on, let me try remember... the Hero Souls were made... got hosts... trained... then..."

No. 480875 ID: ce45c3
File 135664954380.png - (95.44KB , 600x500 , pullback3.png )

"Oh... oh no! The war! The fighting! The Titans, they, they had to live out in the chaos for so long and it was so hard and so horrible and all they wanted was to look after each other and their souls and they made the world to be safe, so their souls could be happy and then it all went wroooooong!! The gods betrayed them!! We made them and we gave them life and meaning and they could live with us in here where it's safe and then they made Heroes and they attacked us and hurt us and, and they went in and tore them up from the inside so they could feel their souls dying inside them, they could feel themselves getting weaker, and when they realized they wouldn't be able to bring them back they cried, because they'd failed, they felt so horrible and ashamed and angry and it kept happening, until it was so bad they wanted to die, and they did, but they couldn't, but they were so hurt and so sad, and they hated the gods so much for doing that to them that it was the last thing they could even think and the last thing that bled from their veins and the last breath that they used to, to...!"
No. 480876 ID: ce45c3
File 135664957849.png - (120.79KB , 600x500 , pullback4.png )

"To... damn it! Curse them! Curse them all, idiotic ungrateful little scraps of nothing that wouldn't exist without us! Whine and complain and make speeches to themselves about how righteous they are, like worms crawling under a rock and complaining about how heavy it is when they know nothing about the heat of the sun or the birds that would eat them!! How noble of them to cover how much their freedom cost reality itself, all the gods and the creatures that were murdered just because they were loyal, all the places and the times and the things wiped from existence because of their cursed ignorance!! They can suffer! Any of them with any nobility can rot trying to stall their guilt with toys and drugs and let their fools and villains destroy them all, and they can get a lesson on what it's like to be betrayed when their own creations ruin everything they ever wanted to build, again, and then again, and it can keep happening all the way down for ever and ever AND EVE-!!"
No. 480877 ID: ce45c3
File 135664961121.png - (118.35KB , 600x500 , pullback5.png )

No. 480878 ID: ce45c3
File 135664964741.png - (129.58KB , 600x500 , pullback6.png )

"... Oww..."

"You're welcome. What was that all about?"

"I... I don't know. I just felt... bad."

"I see. Well, what about the Hero Soul? You said there was a problem with it?"

"I... did. Yeah. There was something. It was... important. Something to do with the war. The Titans who died. I have to remember... But... ugh. I just... whenever I try to get it back, all I can think of is how terrible the gods are for what they did, and it feels so horrible..."

"Maybe I'll... try again, later? Later. Please? I... I know lots of other stuff, now. If there's anything you wanted to ask..."

No. 480879 ID: 886a4d

I think we're done here. Thank her and apoligize for bringing all that up.
No. 480882 ID: 60c0a1

Well some of your siblings put in yearning for something better in them souls. Yes you may have made a place to be happy and safe. Yet it wasn't so happy and safe when one or another of your kin acted up. Yet this time, perhaps things will change or continue as they have always been. Go comfort Kairosa, seeing something like that isn't all that healthy.
No. 480883 ID: 60fee2

Give her a hug.
No. 480886 ID: 14d963

I think the original reason we were doing this was to see if it would help us relearn any of our previous incarnations' skills or Moon Abilities.
No. 480887 ID: ec6d4c

Amen to that.

Apologize for putting her through that, and thank her for trying. And yeah, we're definitely putting off any further messing with the hero's soul till later. Much later, when we're strong enough to handle it.

That whole made to adapt thing though, and the fact it's gone wrong at least once before, means we should probably keep an eye on it. There's no telling how thing is going to react, or what it's going to become, long term.

...I don't suppose Saulanna can safely examine it herself? I mean, she usually taps into it for power all the time.
No. 480892 ID: dd56d7

Yes. This.
No. 480893 ID: e3aff6

It seems like a titan inserted a chunk of their history or even a piece of themselves into the Hero's soul.
No. 480897 ID: 54e5eb

>"I... did. Yeah. There was something. It was... important. Something to do with the war. The Titans who died. I have to remember... But... ugh. I just... whenever I try to get it back, all I can think of is how terrible the gods are for what they did, and it feels so horrible..."

Look like she nearly managed to discover the truth of the Great Curse here. Still, it's strange that she is getting emphatic interferences from the Titans rather then the actual Exaltation.
No. 480904 ID: bf54a8

it's probably a side effect of TIME and stuff. and yeah, it must be something involving the great curse.
No. 480907 ID: 7003a8

Saulanna: Point out that mortals have always been controlled by those above them. If they have no agency then they can bear no blame.
In defense of Luna, she deeply loves Gaia. You don't know what she did when the war happened, but she at least deserves a second chance.

Wordblood: Realize that the celestial game lead the gods to betray the titans, and the best revenge would have been destroying the game.
No. 480912 ID: 5d121c

So... she tasted the great curse itself. How fun?

Give her a hug. Let's just get on with tasting the ghosts now. Tell her we trust her to sort out what she just experienced when she's ready.
No. 480913 ID: 406926

>If there's anything you wanted to ask...
There are many things we wanted to ask, but none of them are as important as making sure Kairosa is all right. We're into hugs, but hugs are only a gesture of affection; does Kairosa need to gather herself before she's okay to get back to work? Because we can chat with Wordblood for a while, or just sit there and hold her, or maybe some other things. In fact, don't even ask if she needs a minute; just give her it. Other topics!

Things to do before insisting that Kairosa keep working:

-Ask Wordblood about how this whole inner world thing works. Each of our lord devas has dominion over part of it, right? Can we consciously reshape it? Can Saulanna make the grassy area grow flowers, for example? If so, give it a shot. How can we tell who has dominion over what? What can we do to develop it more?

-Let's go take a look inside the hut in the middle of the central island. Maybe it'll have clues to who she is? Even if it doesn't, basically anything exactly in the center of the world is bound to be important somehow.

-Is there anything that Wordblood wants to talk to us about? It seems like we're constantly occupied by immediate concerns, but now we have a little bit of time to chat.

Once we've gone through some of that, we can get back to Kairosa with the following topics:

-When we last devoured a soul, Wordblood learned a great deal of (very upsetting) history- but that history was as that soul knew it, not as things truly were, by my understanding. Would it be beneficial to go over some of that and fact-check, so that we can be reasonably sure that we're not working off bad information? This isn't necessarily "we must go over everything right now", but it might be good to make a habit of this- because Wordblood is a being of communication, but lies can be communicated as easily as truths.

-Maybe... Kairosa might even have some answers for Wordblood, as to why the first Heroes were so willing to kill him when he loved them.

-On practical matters, can Kairosa help us to use the Moon Abilities which the prior bearers of our Hero Soul possessed? What about their Competencies? Either could be exceedingly valuable.

-Can she tell us more about relatively recent events that the Hero Soul went through? In particular, it seems like we can't turn around without hitting references to the Tide of Oblivion. That seems important to know about in some detail- maybe get some details on the name and activities of the last Hero during that time?

-Can she fill us in on the general Moon Hero culture? Askalaff was spinning things so hard that it's surprising the whole room didn't get dizzy, so having a more unbiased look at how they do things could be priceless.

-When we were talking to the Moon Heroes, we noticed that our Moon Abilities seem to last longer than we had initially expected. Can Wordblood and Kairosa confirm or deny our theory that this is some sort of subconscious Titanic effect?

-Can the three of us chat for a while and establish some solid opinions on various topics, possibly via Social Combat? We know what opinions we want on a whole bunch of topics- we want to stay independent of other powers, for example, and we want to grow into a true, proper Titan without getting killed. But I think Saulanna is so young- with only a few hours of memory- that these feelings haven't been internalized and developed into true mal/affections or a Heart's Desire. Perhaps with some time to talk them out and really dwell on who she is and what she wants from life, Saulanna will be able to find her social center? Then she could face the world from a much more confident position in future social combats.

-And while we're at that, maybe Wordblood could go over a few things he didn't get to in our social combat lessons. We kept tripping over new emotions and mechanics last time around and getting caught off guard again would be both embarrassing and potentially devastating to our plans.

-Does Kairosa have any distinct Titanic Abilities that she'll be able to use on our behalf when we're not in our Inner World? If she doesn't right now, does she have an idea of what her options would be with some additional Titan's Will?

-She said that the Hero Soul is growing and evolving even now- how is it changing? What is it growing into? Is there any chance that we'd be able to guide its development?

-Can Kairosa tell us anything about the limitations and mechanics of the control that the Dragon's Shadow has over the cycle of days and nights in shadowlands? That seems like her field.

-We should probably get at least the names and a two-sentence description of each of the Moon Heroes who shared our Hero Soul.

-Hey, there was a Sun Hero matched to our Hero Soul originally, right? What's the latest information we have on them?
No. 480923 ID: 629257

No... storytime can wait for now. Let her think about whats she's learned and we'll talk about it later. And I definitely think Kairosa should have a higher soul force before trying to get another taste of that.

We should get some souls in here, then work on spending and planning.
No. 480926 ID: f2c20c

I see the red sign of the Titans there in the background.

I suspect that Kairosa really really wants to talk about the nicer things she's learned, to clear her mind about the bad parts. We should definitely talk to her about more things. Even if I'm wrong about that, we should still do it because we kinda NEED to.

Have her tell us some selections of info that she wants to talk about, for kicks. Otherwise, I can't think of anything that >>480913 doesn't already cover.

Also, now that we're a bit less overwhelmed, we could compliment our devas on their looks. Wordblood's wings are cute as hell, and Kairosa just looks damn cool. Tell them we're looking forward to seeing what they look like with a bit more TW under their belts. And us, too! I bet if we get a buncha Soul Power we'll start like, glowing and shit when we're in here. Hey... is Wordblood aware that he sorta broadcasts his thoughts through his word-based body? So far it's been interesting and sometimes useful seeing his unspoken insight on things.
No. 480927 ID: b3952d

Give Hugs.

Remind self later to try to figure out this Curse thing. Maybe build an Examining Soul to help with that.

Chat with Wordblood about Inner World until Kairosa feels better.

Ask Kairosa if she learned any cool powers we might be able to get at soon and if she can angle us towards getting one of them when we boost our Soul Force.

Check out those ghosts and then Nom them.
No. 480929 ID: b3952d

Oh, also ask how much Soul Force they need to be able to manifest in the Outer World and how much we need to make our Inner World habitable and bring other humans in and out.
No. 480931 ID: d1efde

So, what I'm getting here is that there's a curse on the Hero Souls, and I suppose all mortals as well. So when Kairosa tasted the Hero Soul she also tasted the curse and the history and power of that curse is so potent that it's overriding the other information?

But I think we still got enough. Basically the curse is doing what it's meant to do in causing the natural adaptability of the Lunar Hero Souls to fail to adapt to the chaos taint from the wyld.

Huh, if this true then following this line of reasoning wouldn't the curse also cause problems with the Hero Soul trying to adapt to the current situation? Kinda worrisome.

So, yeah. Better ask about whether the curse will cause problems for the Hero Soul as it tries to adapt to being part of a Titan.
No. 480932 ID: c54cd1

The Great Curse, huh? Yikes, I vote for hugs too. That stuff's NASTY.

Actually, Wordblood, can you sort of...separate the knowledge she just absorbed into something else? From the look of things, all of it at once (and the content of course) wasn't healthy, so it might be best to externalize it for later perusal. Maybe convert the thoughts into a Great Big Book O' Knowledge? I'm rather concerned about our Kairosa's health, what with having been born literally minutes ago.
No. 480937 ID: 38b125

Commence with the hugging (and try to get Wordblood to join in for a big group hug), inquire as to what sort of neat things Kairosa has learned from the Hero Soul.
No. 480958 ID: 2eac65

Oh, dear, that must have been horrible. I can hardly imagine what it's like to feel that sort of grief. Do you think you want to lie down? Maybe we should take a seat and let Kairosa rest in our lap.

>Hero's Soul was made to adapt
That's very interesting. So it might be behaving in a strange way intentionally, in response to our unique Titanic nature? Perhaps that's what attracted it to us in the first place.

>important information, can't remember clearly
It's okay, Kairosa. You've told us enough; I think we can figure it out from the context. Would you be alright with speculating about it?

(If it'd trigger another flashback, keep this to ourself:)

...Well, we've learned that our Hero's Soul isn't working like it should. And when we looked for the cause, we got that message from the dying Titans wishing death and suffering on everyone. The two must be linked somehow; the most probable explanation is that the Titans who were slain in the war somehow corrupted our Hero's Soul out of hatred, in order to seek revenge on the world. That's a very unsettling thought.

>the ancient war, death and pain
This, I'm reluctant to judge. I know we've been hearing a lot about the war between the Titans and the humans, but most of the info we've been getting is one-sided. We know what a nightmare it was for the Titans, but we don't know what exactly drove the gods and humans to turn against them to begin with. It could have been simple greed, or ambition, but I'm not willing to write it off as just that. Not until we know the humans' point of view.

>more information
Yes, thank you. Could you tell us about the past incarnations of our Hero's Soul?
No. 480973 ID: bf54a8

i think it's because she tasted the great curse in it. not that she has the curse.
No. 480994 ID: 3bad4c

See if you can bring the Lunar shard's Inner Den into your Inner World.

Has Kairosa inherited the Titanic hatred from inside the Lunar shard at the moment of her creation?

If so, how many devas are we going to have to create to render it inert inside her? (Perhaps one Element:Crafting|Purpose:Substitution and another Element:Rebirth|Purpose:Healing?)
Eesh, actually new devas might have the same problem. Should we be advocating increasing the soul force of you and Saulanna? Or would increasing Kairosa's soul force be the ideal counter?

>"It should have fixed itself."
Sounds like titanic influence, maybe some sort of curse like what you were remembering there.
How much does it suck to have inherited an irrational* hatred that's going to manifest itself at the worst possible moments? My sympathies.
This is how narratives work, of course. However, my hope is that you being aware of such a thing will suck all narrative impact from its surprise effects, and therefore making it increasingly irrelevant.

I just wanted to point this out when you're about to be in the possession of a handful of Titan's Will, rather than finding this out and having no Titan's Will on hand to do anything about it. I'd recommend trusting Wordblood opinion, it seems he's got some great instincts.

*Irrational because without the titan war you would not exist. You don't seem unhappy with existing. We're certainly happy you exist, you're a great deva.

6th time's a charm
No. 481011 ID: 4411c7

Hug her.
No. 481027 ID: 334456

Got herself a taste of the Great Curse, did she?

It, and all the hate and ill wishes and despair of the Titan's killed which brought that curse about. Poor dear.
No. 481056 ID: a5bbcc

Devas Need Love Like Everything Does
No. 481057 ID: 035769

do this, she really looks like she needs a hug.

we should see if there is some way we can end the pain of the titans without endangering creation. just letting them loose would probably end with them going crazy and killing everything, but putting them out of there misery would end creation due to how they structured it. we would need to be strong enough to either help heal them, or alter creation enough that mercy killing them would not bring about the end of all things.
No. 481061 ID: 521153

Hey, it's okay. It isn't important right now. We don't have the means to correct or augment whatever seems wrong with it anyway, not now at least.

Now, we have hugs. And for questions, did any of the past hosts know an Askalaff, an Empty Moon caste, or Garmir, Full Moon caste? Askalaff is at least 500 years old, if that helps narrow things down. Anyway, info on them would be totes useful at the moment.
No. 481130 ID: 629257

Ignoring for a moment meta knowledge we shouldn't have...

Kairosa, can you tell if the "wrongness" in the hero soul is limited to only it? Or does it bleed into us from being exalted, or to you from its role in your creation?
No. 481131 ID: ec6d4c

Getting roundabout knowledge of our opponents via the past exaltations of our hero's soul would be pretty tricksy. Any dirt we dig up on them this way isn't going to exactly be recent, but a better understanding of their past or personality could be useful.
No. 481150 ID: 3bad4c

>"And messing with the past?? Woah. I mean, any Titan can just brute-force reality into the shape it would have taken if something had been different, but what was done was still done, you just made it pretend it didn't!"
Given that you've existed for all of zero seconds according to Creation's time scale, what would be the consequences of altering the circumstances of your own creation to block the influence of the Lunar Exaltation Shard? (Or at least that bit of possible titan-hate you don't want?)

Apart from consuming that one remaining Titan's Will, of course.

From what you've explained, 'Time' and 'Cause and Effect' only matter when it's going on inside Creation.
From Creation's perspective, you don't even exist yet!

Welcome to being part of a Titan, where being incredibly awesome is part of the job!
Subverting causality at this infinitesimal scale should be a breeze for you. *grin*
Maybe you can just look at a future where you already succeeded in doing so for long enough that it becomes real!

Remember, you're the boss of time in this world. Some other Titan's devas have nothing to do with it.
Also, I think it would be incredibly impressive.
No. 481254 ID: cee89f

... That's fine, Kairosa. I think it's time we brought those souls in here.

(also, i just realized that Kairosa's mask looks a lot like Kamina's glasses. Nice.)

The problem is that it would primarily be affecting KAIROSA: who she was, who she is, what she would've done... We've been in our inner world for a while. Even if creation never notices a difference, we will and she will.
No. 481391 ID: d59f46

Time for a group hug. Then, uh, get some Titan's Will for... Beauty?
No. 481406 ID: 6b1436

Yes! Yes! Beauty! Spend all the TW on beauty so we won't regret not spending it on physical attributes when we have lunar tattoos and then take a bath so we have an excuse for our sudden change in appearance!

...Actually, spending ALL of it might be a bad idea. But enough so we have more dots than Akatrina.
No. 481412 ID: 4ede1b

No, we need to save it for bringing back our Soul Force and getting stuff more useful then a couple single dot upgrades when we were getting creamed by a lot more then just a couple points. Also, we've been trying to ensure we don't get tattoos, so that shouldn't be a deciding factor in anything.
No. 481418 ID: ec6d4c

...let's save TW allocation until after we've eaten the two ghosts (or not) and we know how much we have to work with. If you wanna get ahead of yourself and discus ideas, that's what dis is for.
No. 481435 ID: 5d121c

I think spending our points on beauty or just simple soul force is a good idea. Upgrading the devas is great and all but we should be personally strong first if we want to be successful in our current predicaments.
No. 481438 ID: bf54a8

technically all our devas put together determines our mind stats. physical stats effect our Creation body.
No. 481526 ID: f2c20c

We are absolutely not getting lunar tattoos.
No. 481627 ID: 334456

We should definately upgrade Wordblood in the near future. Poor guys feeling neglected, methinks.
No. 481660 ID: ee283b


I definitely agree it'd be a good idea to upgrade our Aide of Communication right now, especially seeing social.
No. 481686 ID: 027156


these strange little outbursts of our devas may stem from some sort of instability caused by being weaker than lords were meant to be. I say give all three of your souls soul force. it's not like we won't get any other awesome benefits if that wasn't it. besides, beauty has a much more limited use.
No. 481689 ID: 38cd76

Lets get the world reading ability, then upgrade everyones soul force up to 3, so as to not draw suspicion.
No. 481782 ID: 70e253

Sometimes telling a story or explaining something can be centering.

If it would help Kairosa to tell us about the time of something, hearing it would be gladdening. Talking about the Hero Soul, and the Moon Heroes who carried it, might be suitable, starting with, perhaps, the death of the first Moon Hero. How and when did these Moon Heroes live and die? How and when did heroes important to them live and die? Were Askalaff and Garmir known to any of them?

What was the experience of the prior moon heroes with castes, tattoos, and the corruption of the wild? Where did they die? How did they view the dead?
No. 481870 ID: bb2145

I'd call first priority - pre-empt suspicion. So we want to buy Saulanna's Essence back up before anything else. Then I'd say we want to buy up the Essence of both Wordblood and Kairosa, not necessarily in that order. If we've got enough Titan's Will to do more after that great, but I'd call those our priorities.
No. 481871 ID: a07204


Got to agree. Right now, as a whole, we should recoup what we used, then improve our soul force again if possible. Saulanna should always be stronger soul wise than the other two, but if we want to get through this, we need all three to be in good form.

When do, we should do Saul, Kas, Words. Saul to keep stability up, Kas to hopefully use the boost to make Word's boost cheaper.
No. 481873 ID: 6e1469

Eat souls, then increase Titan's Will in the order of:
No. 481875 ID: 15b5e6

Guys. Getting ahead of ourselves here. We have one TW. Let's save the suggestions for upgrades until after we've examined the ghosts and decided if they deserve being eaten or not.
No. 481899 ID: f3ac2a

Ethicality is secondary to self-preservation. The ghosts are already dead and sealed away, impotent and alone. We have no reason to sacrifice our self-growth for the sake of some trapped souls. We don't live in that sort of world.
No. 481900 ID: 09ae2c

Lets focus on the practical here, people!

Ask Timelady if our past lives have any hidden stores of artifacts, magi-tech or manses!

Ask Timelady if she can drag any spells or charms off of our past lives.

Get dose souls in har an' OMNOMNOMNOM
No. 481921 ID: 242c19

Most of this is good. I like the idea of getting a short description of all our past incarnations. Maybe we should get a bit more info on our most recent one though.

Most importantly, determine if we have any useful new information about Askalaff, Garmir, and Akatrina.
No. 482232 ID: 985388

What the hell do you think this is, the World of Darkness? Saulanna is a Celestial Exalt, empowered by Luna, goddess of change and evolution (among other things), who has been shagging Allmother Gaia for the past five thousand years.

And as if that wasn't enough, Saulanna is a nascent Titan to boot. She is also drawing on the powers of the original creators of the world; its rightful rulers. In time, Saulanna will have the power to remake the world in her own image, if she so chose. If Creation has truly become as vile and debased as you seem to think it is, I can think of no one better qualified to undo it. And like all good revolutionaries, we shall lead by example.
No. 482523 ID: 590c90

It's a World of the Ultimate Darkness. He's the boss now, remember? And yes--"in time", we'll have the power to change things, but we're still a small fish in the scheme of things, and if we ignore our immediate power sources then "in time" could mean anything, including spans of time long after we're killed for being too weak to survive. Just because we have unlimited potential doesn't mean that we can compete with the dangers of the world in the here and now.
No. 482947 ID: c4c758

Hug her, and hug Wordblood. Ask Wordblood about his wings, and the implications thereof. Express our deepest attachment and love for our dear friends.

Consider attempting to appease Luna.
No. 482980 ID: cee89f

Breach the topic of contacting Luna to both of our Devas. We have a pretty good reason to try it, at least, but getting input from two other sources would probably be a good idea.

Possibly, we should make a Stealth soul first, so that if shit hits the fan when we contact UCS, we have something like a chance to get away before we're obliterated. But we should get any concerns our devas have on the table right /now/, while we still have a moment to catch our breath, think, and plan.
No. 483188 ID: 370c40

Boss of the Underworld is not 'the boss'. Creation is a big place and apparently the Celestial Bureaucracy is still around and still doing stuff. I wouldn't call that being in charge.
No. 484598 ID: 05fc82
File 135796318514.png - (143.33KB , 600x500 , kairohugged.png )

> Thanks
> Apologies
> Hugs

Of course!

Wordblood hangs back for a moment, seemingly uncertain, but finally joins in.
No. 484599 ID: 05fc82
File 135796322420.png - (185.60KB , 600x500 , kairocomfort.png )

> give her a minute
> sit there and hold her

> See if you can bring the Hero Soul's Inner Den into your Inner World.

Actually, Saulanna thinks that's already happened! On some instinctual level, she can sense that using that moon ability can now move things in and out of here. Perhaps this is a way in which the Hero Soul has already adapted to her titanic nature.

> Chat with Wordblood

> Well some of your siblings put in yearning for something better in them souls. [...] it wasn't so happy and safe when one or another of your kin acted up.

"No, it wasn't. However, I would say, I'm not sure most of our kin really thought mortals were... well, real. I mean, in the sense of not being unreal, yes, but... Well, before the moment of Creation, existence was divided into us, who were real, and the fae, who were not. That's essentially the difference between us and them, and it's what brought us together and made us care about each other. After Creation... there were more middling creatures. Old ways of thinking were hard to get rid of. Besides, it could also be said that reality is based on resistance. If you see a wall, but you can just walk through it, it can't be real, can it? If you want to fly, and can just will yourself into the air with no effort, then gravity can't be a real thing, either. I'm sure you can see the consequence of this, for creatures as powerful as full-grown Titans?"

"... Time would have been a factor as well, I suppose. The world existed as we had designed, under our rule, for a very, very long time. Hundreds of millions of years. More. Several whole other species of proto-humans existed before we created yours. And hundreds of other species been and gone before them. What importance were brief individuals, in any number?"

> Saulanna: Point out that mortals have always been controlled by those above them. If they have no agency then they can bear no blame.

"Of course! Mortals simply aren't powerful enough to be held responsible for such actions. To be frank, the gods are easily capable of just brainwashing humans into slavish servitude. I doubt even our fallen fellows hold much more than a passing contempt for ordinary humans."

>is Wordblood aware that he sorta broadcasts his thoughts through his word-based body?

"Yes, I am. It's perfectly natural. I am Words; I express. It's quite straightforward."


"Yes! Aren't they lovely? Well. They are a little small. But still, it's so nice to have wings again! And an effective promise of being able to develop them more in the future. I was a little worried that I'd never really fly again. I have no idea of how long or how much Will it will take to build this world to the level where that would be meaningful, or to let me manifest in the outer world, but it cheers me nonetheless."

> Something wrong with the Hero Soul/Hero Soul's influence on Kairosa/us

"Mm. I know I keep saying this, my lady, but I have no idea how the Hero Soul works. I can't make any judgements on if something's amiss with it, or what it will do. You'd have to ask... I don't know. Autochthon."

> Ask Wordblood about how this whole inner world thing works. Each of our lord devas has dominion over part of it, right? Can we consciously reshape it?

"Yes, and yes. You would need to spend Power, however. We all have some authority over most of it, though our level of authority alters based on elemental themes. As I said earlier, I think I, for example, have dominion over air and water here. Though not to the extent that I would if my Element was actually air or water.

> When we were talking to the Moon Heroes, we noticed that our Moon Abilities seem to last longer than we had initially expected.

"It wouldn't surprise me. As a Titan, you're rather more... solid than lesser creatures. As such, you're a much more secure anchor for magical effects, so long as you want them to persist."

> maybe Wordblood could go over a few things he didn't get to in our social combat lessons.

"I believe there's only one distinct thing I've not covered. You can spend Power to "heal" your Will Points directly. It's not actually magic, normal heroic mortals can do the same with their Will Power. You channel it through one of your Virtues, so long as it's applicable to the Topic, and regain Will Points equal to its rating. There are a few other details and specifications in regards social combat, but I think it will be easier to simply point them out if and when they come up."

> Let's go take a look inside the hut in the middle of the central island.

Saulanna is still comforting Kairosa! Also, it seems to be a tent.

> Is there anything that Wordblood wants to talk to us about?

"Actually, I've been considering that tent. And your clothes. They seemed familiar. I'm not sure... my memory is hazy on a lot of detail... but I think both may be of the type that the first humans made for themselves. Particularly the clothes. Other sentient mortal beings we had made had not tended to need them, so it was one of the first innovations humanity made for itself. Strange that it would reappear like this. Well, perhaps that's an instance of samsara, for you."

"Anything else... Hmm. Well, I've been thinking about your social situation with the other Heroes, but that can wait. And I've been thinking about Peregrin. We need to teach him something. Until we do, his oath may not hold if he ever comes to really believe we'll never teach him. It was conditional. Teaching him just one thing would bind him properly. What else... really, I'd just like to talk to you about being a Titan, in general. Where we come from, what it is that makes us what we are, how we all came together... but it would take a long time, and I don't want to overwhelm you. You're not that old yourself, my lady. There will be time."

> Questions when Kairosa is rested

> Past incarnations of the Hero Soul

"Oh, um. Yeah, I can tell you... some stuff. But, erm. There are a couple of problems. Like, first of all, Time, time is things happening, you know? Events. Changes. I'm not so good at things like names and faces, things that stay the same. The difference wouldn't be much on its own, I mean I know who Pluto was, right? But the Hero Soul is a bit weird. I think it actually gets cleaned in between hosts. By some god, I think his name is... Lytek? He cleans off a lot of the identity, so it's hard to make out the details. Particularly of the human parts. And on top of all that... I think this Hero Soul's hosts have all tended to be sneaky types! The stealthy magic's all gone and rubbed off on it. The big stuff all still stands out, of course, it's just... it's just going to be a summary, you know? Maybe when I'm stronger, I can power through all these problems. Or when Wordblood has his reading thing."

"Uh. Anyway. Let's see... first incarnation. Died during the war with the Titans, after doing a lot of snooping. Pretty early. Second incarnation. Killed a lot of devas. Even some Lords. Died in the last battle of the war. Ugh, got their soul crushed. Owww. Third... lived a long time. Fought fae. Helped build nations. Aaaand... something weird. There's this one spot where it feels like everything... splinters. And then comes back together? Turns unpleasant after that. Tastes like traces of the imprisoned Titans. And then dead when the Sun Heroes were betrayed. Fourth... lived out on the edges of reality, so it gets hard to taste. After a long time, there's a giant plague that kills most people in the world, but they survive. Fights the fae when they invade after that, including some that the third fought. Survives again, tries to kill the Scarlet Empress, gets done in by Dragon Heroes. And one of them is descended from one that killed the third! Samsara. Fifth... doesn't live long. Sixth lives to see the Sun Heroes return. The war with the forces of Oblivion. Survives that. Problems with a Sun Hero. Your Hero Soul's mate? Tastes of... death, and destruction, and betrayal. Fights. They end up killing each other. Aww. That's kind of depressing."

"I think I can... almost taste some other stuff. I'm getting a strong "secret base" flavour from somewhen. I can't quite make it out yet, though... I... Sorry. I'll do better when I'm stronger."

> Would it be beneficial to go over [information from souls] and fact-check, so that we can be reasonably sure that we're not working off bad information?

"Sure, we can do that. It'll take some time, though. Like, manual effort, I mean."

"Perhaps we'll do that to occupy ourselves in the future, while you're busy with other things."

> Kairosa might even have some answers for Wordblood, as to why the first Heroes were so willing to kill him when he loved them.

"Oh, well, that's easy, actually! It was just practicality. There were a few select Titans who would have been of specific tactical trouble in the war, and He Who Bleeds the Unknown Word was one of them. Hard to carry on a campaign if there's someone on the other side who can, say, read or hear any message, from anywhere? Seriously, he could do that. Just pick up on everything being communicated, everywhere. So the opening attack of the war was to disable those Titans who could do stuff like that. The Lidless Eye That Sees was another one, I think. So it was just... strategy. Probably the Sun's idea!"

"... Oh. I... see..."

> Does Kairosa have any distinct Titanic Abilities that she'll be able to use on our behalf when we're not in our Inner World?

"Oh, plenty of stuff! Well, potentially. Right now, not much. I can pull spirits in here like Wordblood can. I can taste the history of things, though I need to spend a dot of Power if its outside here. And I think I can do something about your Soul Fire, if, uh. If you don't mind a little pain. Aside that... well, in the future there's lots I could do. Drain energy from things, move it around, give it to people. Do the same with Time. Not until I'm stronger, though."

> She said that the Hero Soul is growing and evolving even now- how is it changing?

"Can't really say. Not without looking into the future, anyway. It'll respond to its environment, so it depends."

> Can Kairosa tell us anything about the limitations and mechanics of the control that the Dragon's Shadow has over the cycle of days and nights in shadowlands?

Just your basic time-stretching. Pull the seconds from between the hours here, push more seconds between the hours there. The further outside his domain, the harder it is for him to do. Pretty simple."

> what would be the consequences of altering the circumstances of your own creation to block the influence of the Lunar Exaltation Shard?

Saulanna doesn't think it works that way. Wordblood said that all a Titan's devas influence each other; she and Wordblood have had influence on each other, and Kairosa seems to have had influence on them, though she was created after them. If the Hero's Soul is acting like a deva, then its influence is persistent, not just introduced at the moment of creation.

Besides, asking her if there's a way to change her would be a horrible thing to do! Just imagine it. Kairosa would look up with those big open eyes, and the corners of her mouth would slip down just a bit, and you'd see the thought: Is there something wrong with me? painted all over her face. All over her adorable honest little face. You'd hear a soft crack, and know a tiny fracture line had appeared across her heart.

Aww, no, Saulanna's imagining it right now.


> Get a reading on those souls

Good idea. Aside the obvious practicality, perhaps getting to do her job will help Kairosa feel better!
No. 484601 ID: 05fc82
File 135796328585.png - (101.12KB , 600x500 , lookpool2.png )

Now, alright, let's... let's, uh. Hrrm.

How does this work?

"Well, I can get us moving with outside time again, but I don't know about anything else!"

"I'm not the one who was driving."

Saulanna wonders if she can just...

Just sort of reach in there...

No. 484602 ID: 05fc82
File 135796331547.png - (155.64KB , 600x500 , soulcrystals1.png )

No. 484603 ID: 05fc82
File 135796337215.png - (142.24KB , 600x500 , soulcrystals2.png )

"Are you... feeling well?"
No. 484605 ID: 05fc82
File 135796343827.png - (148.45KB , 600x500 , showsouls.png )

"All right! Let's have a look at these guys! Aw, wow. These weren't pleasant lives! Let's see. This guy with the whip, this guy was about raw selfish survival, pretty clear. Sounds like he had encounters with the supernatural when he was young, probably taught him what lengths mortals had to go to to prosper. Turned into a harsh fella! Went for the big bucks, exotic slaves for wealthy customers! Ended up wealthy enough to pay for some pretty sweet death services when he finally got offed. This was well before the Sun Heroes came back. Went back to the same job in death, with a little unfinished business around the girl who killed him. Well content to pawn souls to the forces of Oblivion, too."

"Along the way, he partnered up with this other guy. Sort of. Not so straight-down and gritty as his compatriot. Started out as a city guard, short military service, upgraded to bounty hunter. Didn't live in a nice place, though. Real criminals didn't pay the bills; slave owners paid big private piles of silver for the return of escapees. So the guy sort of got dragged down after a while. I think he had something to prove to someone? A relative of his, I think. It pushed him a little too far, and the lack of resolution on it kept him on in death. His ghost went back to his routine, catching criminals and slaves in the lands of the dead. He didn't sell anyone to the Deathlords directly, but he did sell to people who sold them on in a chain on that direction. I think he knew it, he was just sort of in denial. So slightly nicer than the other, but less honest about it, too. Both pretty dastardly dudes on the pure action-consequences scale!"

"Hmm. You know... I think I can sense some connections with other ghosts, pretty recent to their captivity! There might be other criminal types around that Peregrin hasn't caught. If we eat these guys, we might learn where to find some others who deserve it."

"So what'dyou say, mistress? Will we pull these guys in?"

No. 484611 ID: 76b151

Yup. Lets eat.
No. 484628 ID: 167604

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom
No. 484632 ID: cdad90

nom nom nom
No. 484635 ID: 695191

Yeah, I think we're going to consume them both. However I'd like for them to have a chance to speak for themselves. Not a chance to change their fate but as a final word for their existence and as a measure of respect. Maybe we'll even glean information that's harder to read from the soul directly? How accurate is that process anyway?
No. 484636 ID: dd287a

brace yourself, but try not to worry Saulanna, it can hardly be worst than whoever the first soul was, focus on teh silver lining, you're going to know how to use a whip I think! that'd be kinda cool.
No. 484637 ID: 3bad4c

Let Peregrin know that you're okay, but your focus is totally split right now. You'll get back to him in a second.

Maybe tell him to get his notebook out for his first lesson.
No. 484645 ID: 7003a8

Eat them. They're scum, and with luck they'll lead us to the raw sewage called slavers.
No. 484650 ID: be7fd9

Well, they're guilty of the crimes they were accused of. And we need the power.

We could maybe make it a little more formal than just devouring them, though? Let them have their last words before we move them on.

>possible hunting more baddies.
Oh lookie, another possible sidequest. Oh well, at least this one could be a source of moral quandary-less ghost eating energy.

>Question on past stuff
So... I know you're not so good at names and faces Kairosa, but I don't suppose Ask, Garm, and/or Kat showed up in any of those memories, anywhere? Information would be useful.
No. 484656 ID: a28731

There is no point talking to them, she read their past so we already know and their crimes are unforgivable.
So eat up and lets hunt down their compatriots.
No. 484658 ID: f2c20c

The bounty hunter doesn't seem irredeemable. We should ask him what his motivation was- wait actually nevermind. If we yanked him in here to interrogate him, he would then know that we're a Titan and that's no good. We'd have to interrogate him in the outside world, and that could be dangerous. The slaver should be eaten.

Let's reassure Peregrin about our well-being and tell him what we just learned about the two souls. Ask him what sentence he would pass on the bounty hunter. Also maybe we could teach him something if we have time.
No. 484678 ID: cee89f

First off, reassure Peregrin that we're okay, and that our new deva is named Kairosa, and she would probably say 'hi' if she could. Also, that we're having some focus issues, and we'll get back to him in a moment.

Second, bring the souls in, tell them their existence is about to end, and ask if they have any last words. The guy with the whip is total scum, don't even bother listening to him.

Third, ask Peregrin's opinion on the bounty hunter. We can put some stock in what he says, but at this point we can't exactly let him walk around free: even if we could trust him to forget about being dragged inside us (unlikely) the ghosts aren't going to treat him well.

Also: when you talk to the ghosts, speak in a dramatic manner befitting a Titan. Something like, "I am Saulanna Ricyanna Rockblossom, Moon Hero. Your lives have been examined, and found wanting."
No. 484684 ID: bf54a8

just do it quick. like ripping off a bandage.
No. 484686 ID: 1da170

Pull them both in, explain to them what's going to happen. They're going to become eternal, but they're going to lose their identities and be subsumed into something greater.

Tell them you've seen their lives, and ask them if they have anything to say, a memorial of sorts before they're returned to formlessness. Then spend some Power to create a tablet or somesuch and write down what they've said (you'll get the power back as a result of feeding anyway).

Then nom nom nom nom nom nom.
No. 484687 ID: f45872

Eat them. Is there any way either of our Devas can insulate us from their memories, so we don't have to experience the more disturbing ones?
No. 484735 ID: 14d963

Hunting escaped slaves is pretty bad. If you're just buying and selling slaves you can fool yourself into thinking that they're better off in servitude than as free beggars, but if a slave bothered to escape then he obviously had it pretty hard under his master.

In other news, Wordblood's snake body is uniquely well-suited for hugging things.

>"Yes! Aren't they lovely? Well. They are a little small. But still, it's so nice to have wings again! And an effective promise of being able to develop them more in the future. I was a little worried that I'd never really fly again. I have no idea of how long or how much Will it will take to build this world to the level where that would be meaningful, or to let me manifest in the outer world, but it cheers me nonetheless."
I agree. Wings are awesome.

>"As I said earlier, I think I, for example, have dominion over air and water here. Though not to the extent that I would if my Element was actually air or water."
Well, all we need of our air is that it exists and is breathable. We don't need to do anything fancy with it.

>"You can spend Power to "heal" your Will Points directly. It's not actually magic, normal heroic mortals can do the same with their Will Power."
Hmm. So it doesn't cause Soul Fire?

That could be pretty useful, though it's hampered by none of our Virtues being particularly high yet.

>"Actually, I've been considering that tent. And your clothes. They seemed familiar. I'm not sure... my memory is hazy on a lot of detail... but I think both may be of the type that the first humans made for themselves. Particularly the clothes. Other sentient mortal beings we had made had not tended to need them, so it was one of the first innovations humanity made for itself. Strange that it would reappear like this. Well, perhaps that's an instance of samsara, for you."
Hmm. That makes it sound like we aren't just a Titan that started out as a human, but a Titan that somehow represents Humanity in the same way that you represent Words and Time.

>"And I've been thinking about Peregrin. We need to teach him something."
Well, yes. I see no reason not to teach new powers to someone who is oathbound to only use those powers in ways we approve of.

Right as soon as we figure out how. We can use Power Words because we are a Titan and have a Lordly Soul of Words, how would we go about teaching a "mere" Hero to use them?

>"What else... really, I'd just like to talk to you about being a Titan, in general. Where we come from, what it is that makes us what we are, how we all came together... but it would take a long time, and I don't want to overwhelm you."
Well, one thing that I know about Titans is that they shape the world. They worked together to create the world, according to each of their individual interests, and continued to guide it until they were overthrown. Even now, as soon as the Dragon's Shadow escaped his confinement, he immediately went back to making sweeping changes shifting the world to his desires, good or evil as they may be.

We are now a Titan too, and the right of Titans is our destiny. In time, we will gain the power to remake the world in our image, and we will need to decide what we feel needs changing.

But you're right. That's a ways off.
No. 484753 ID: 09ae2c

No. 484754 ID: 66ff59

while the whip guy is an obvious snack, the second guy is not so straight forward. i think he can be redeemed with a little shove in the right direction, if we choose to spend the effort.

mind you, choosing not to spend the effort and to consume him as is will make his perhaps unjust end your responsibility
No. 484755 ID: 3b1bd6

Try licking them, as Kairosa did.
You never know...
No. 484756 ID: 4ede1b

Having something to prove is an atrocious reason to do that. To do what he did for his ego and then be in denial about it is pathetic. These guys get all the omnoms.
No. 484758 ID: 370c40

Both definitely slavers. So, you know, eat em. Nowhere else for them to go. No point in trying to redeem even the less nasty one, since even if we did the guy is still a slaver and thus hated by everyone relevant. Lunars, ghosts, servants of the Dragon's Shadow, all tend to hate slavers.
No. 484760 ID: 521153

I agree with reassuring Peregrin that we're fine but NO WAY are we telling Kairosa's name to anyone. Her title Scavenger of Ages maybe, but Names are secret things. I would strongly recommend not introducing him to our Deva until we can bring him into our Inner World and he is bound to us properly.

Also, eat those dudes.
No. 484762 ID: 5d121c

Eat them. Power up everyone's soul powers. All of this "I have no idea because I'm not strong enough." is getting old really fast.

It's sure to enhance our abilities in the social predicament we're having.

If we need more than just that as a goal for the powerup let's find out about this secret base thing. We can be nearly certain it would be worth checking out. If our specifically sneaky hero soul made a secret base it's bound to still be hidden, at least in part if not completely. There could be things like artifacts there, and even more importantly, a look into the distant past and what our lunar predecessor was up to. Maybe a bit personal for Saulanna, but I bet she'd just love getting to see what kinds of things motivated her in the past, what with not having a motivation right now.
No. 484763 ID: e29d20

I know that this isn't a popular idea, by virtue of being completely ignored the last time it came up, but is it not at least worth considering if we can preserve some core part of their consciousnesses for some future use? I mean, the way Wordblood did it was to separate the memories and other such things away from the Titan's Will and then discard the "detritus" of what was left; but is it possible to preserve that like removing the fluff from a teddy bear or tanning a hide?

The way we did it back then was born of necessity, we had not the time nor the expertise to remove the Titan's Will without obliterating the spirit and we also had a pressing need for the Titan's Will then and there; here we have the opposite situation: we have all the time we need, a being literally created to do this, and we don't have a dire need for every portion of Titan's Will we can get our hands on right now. At least not above and beyond the abstract goal of self-improvement.

Also, this would give us a new tool in our toolbox; we wouldn't have to obliterate a spirit to get Titan's Will from it, we could have really interesting ingredients for creating artifacts, we'd have something that we could grow a deva around so that we wouldn't have to rip our soul apart -again- to create a Lordly deva or even just something to build a unique commoner deva around even if just for practice in doing so.
No. 484776 ID: ba4fab

The problem is: what makes a soul morally good to eat and what makes a mind morally important to preserve are exactly the opposite qualities!

Do we really want to build our devas out of the scum of society? That doesn't sound like a smart long-term gameplan.
No. 484777 ID: a07204

The idea itself seems fine, it means we can have some nice personalities for future devas, give them a human link, or even save a friend of ours if need be, but these guys are not good material for it.

One's personality is bad enough as is, but the other is wishy washy, rather traitorous to both himself and his duty. The fact it was mainly for cheap profit and to try and prove himself doesn't help either. Devour them both and be done with them. For all intents and purposes, at least we don't make their entire existence suffering by making them fuel or weaponry.
No. 484781 ID: 370c40

I really don't think we want to grow our devas out of other people. At best we could maybe hold onto one of the ghosts for the purpose of turning it into some kind of servant...ghosts actually can become very powerful, although it is not something that happens often. Not sure either of these would be good material for that, though, and we DO need every scrap of TW we can get without consuming innocents. We are still in a pretty bad situation, and even a single point of the stuff can be massively useful. It's an entire new ability for one of our devas, for example.
No. 484786 ID: aeaf8a

I'd advocate that, but these are scummy personalities we don't need running around in our titanic psyche, so not these guys.
No. 484790 ID: 1bb66d

nom nom fucking nom, motherfucker.
No. 484809 ID: 8247d0

Nom the first guy.
Contemplate nomming the second guy. He seemed more niceish.
No. 484811 ID: 80a28e

Say congratulations, you have won the honor by being such scums of creation instead of making something of yourselves, to allow for the rebirth of one of the true rulers of this world, your egos will be broken and and returned to the correct system of reincarnation that you were supposed to enter.
No. 484856 ID: 4a328b

Eat them and reassure Peregrin that you're fine. Maybe get more information about the nicer one's unfinished business, as a potential thing to follow up on later. Also, can we pull Peregrin into the inner world and teach him the Power Word we know in here so we don't have to worry about time restraints?
No. 484859 ID: 242c19

Yeah, pull them inside and eat them. Say something like "I have looked into your past and seen your crimes. Your existence is about to end. Do you have any last words?"
No. 484860 ID: be7fd9

Actually, do we need to reassure Kaan yet? I'd rather pull the ghost inside and put the outside world on pause again.

After we've argued about how to distribute the TW and done the upgrades, Woldblood should be strong enough to make some air in here. Then we can pull Kaan inside and abuse our internal time stop to talk and plan with him and then teach him some stuff.
No. 484873 ID: e92f17

"I think this Hero Soul's hosts have all tended to be sneaky types!"
Saying Lunars were sneaky types is like saying water's wet. Even the most bombastic warrior type is pretty good at stealth, too.

But I vote we eat both souls. The second is almost worse than the first, because he knew the truth but pretended otherwise.
No. 484923 ID: d04875

Nom the first ghost, but maybe holding off on the second for a while would be good. Unfinished business with a relative could lead to a (minor) sidequest although we already have tons that we don't have time for because asshole Lunars should up right when the slightly less asshole Abyssal did. Also, he still captured criminals after his death, so he should be willing to help us catch some EVIL GOASTS. It could be like a buddy cop show.

A disillusioned guard turned bounty hunter with dark secrets, and a soul-devouring abomination with a conscience. Together, they fight crime!

Also, Peregrin mentioned that the delagation from the Dragon had been time-shifted into being two weeks early. Considering that Akatrina showed up just in time to save our ass from being mind-raped into caste tattoos by the good guys, is it possible that the Dragon is aware of Saulanna wants us to succeed in becoming a full fledged titan?

I suppose in a general sense we could be classified as a "rebellion" since we are upsetting the normal idea of being an exalt by turning into a titan.
No. 484930 ID: af25e0

The second guy doesn't sound like he deserves to be devoured, and we could make use of him.

"Almost worse" is a silly phrase.
No. 484940 ID: 406926

No question and no hesitation. As before, it doesn't really matter if the souls deserve this or not. All that truly matters is our need. We chose this course, we need this power, and we will act without doubt. Devour them.
No. 484959 ID: 77b50b

Eat them both, but yes, the suggestion to talk with them first sounds good.
No. 484960 ID: 5d121c

Eat them both but don't talk to them. Let's get this whole issue behind us as fast as possible.
No. 484979 ID: bfa44d

No. 484980 ID: df072f

Let them both speak, devour the whip guy regardless. The guard - depending on what he says.
No. 484994 ID: 7f2a1b

Consult devas for any moral objections against eating the souls. Eat the souls should no such objections arise.
No. 484995 ID: 575dba

eat them
No. 485033 ID: b3952d

Pity both souls briefly, then Nom them and let Kairosa do her thing!

Nah, she's just slightly better at hiding being an asshole than the others.
No. 485036 ID: b3952d

I wonder if the increase in essence and everything will make our hair even poofier.
No. 485038 ID: e3cea9

Wouldn't it be easier to catch the other ghosts if you had their buddies as bait?

Also, uh, those Fetters are probably going to be important later on. Like. Samsara level shit thar.
No. 485067 ID: d1efde

Yeah, I'm going to vote eat. Nevermind that the ghosts they caught were going to be used to make soulsteel I'm not seeing any regret at being a slaver at all.
Dude, we've got a ghost sidekick already.
No. 485068 ID: b3952d

Oh yeah, I'm curious about something. Wordblood, Kairosa, if something happened to our physical body while we were in here, would we die?

If so, can we eventually bring our body in here? I'm not sure we necessarily want to do that yet, but it would be nice to know if we eventually can, should we decide to give up on Creation and just create our own universe.
No. 485101 ID: 9db85e


It might be cool to start storing the knowledge of people we eat as books, instead of just casting it away, but in any case:

No. 485943 ID: 58fa63

That's a very helpful broad overview, but still I'm not keen on eating ghosts without hearing what they have to say. Let's summon the bounty hunter, tell him what his situation is and ask some questions. I would like to know what he was trying to prove to whom, and see if there's particularly interesting about his relationship with Mr Whip. Then give him a brief chance to speak for himself. If we can re-crystal him for a few minutes then do that otherwise eat him there (unless we have reason to decide not to at this point).

Repeat with Mr Whip. I want to see if these guys can surprise us. But not in the bad way - be careful not to leave our souls vulnerable to any tricks a desperate soul might have up his sleeve.
No. 486127 ID: 2eac65

>Lord Kaan worrying
Ah, yes, he saw us collapse. We should say something to him.

"We're quite well, thanks for asking. Better than before, I think. Our new Feeding Soul is getting along splendidly with the rest of us. I'd like to discuss the matter at length, but we've got something else on our mind first. Namely, the other souls you brought us."

(Be secretive about Kairosa and her abilities. If necessary, we could use it to find out about his oaths of silence without warning him.)

>mortals not seeming real to the Titans
You know, I think that's the main problem right there. With everything. The Titans were careless and cruel to mortals because they thought of them as resources or scenery instead of people like them. And the humans though of the Titans as something closer to forces of nature than people like them; when Heroes fought and killed them, they were probably too concerned with what an amazing accomplishment it was to think about how the Titans felt, which is why they were so cruel to them afterwards. And even now, we've got people who think of ghosts as being mere unthinking vestiges of humans instead of being people like them; while Garmir hasn't done more than make rude comments, that mindset could create a world of trouble.

Proclaiming it now: We will not make the same mistake. We won't be the kind of person to think "Well they're not really people like us, they're something other."

>how to deal with the ghosts
Hmm... that's gonna take some thinking. Should we eat them? It'd be easy to say "they're evil, they deserve it" but that doesn't make logical sense. After all, bad people are still people, and there's no reason they'd stop being people when they commit a crime horrible enough. The point of punishing criminals is to discourage crime, not to make them suffer; punishment for the sake of punishment is just inflicting suffering out of spite, and we've already seen how horrible spite can be. From the Heroes needlessly torturing the Titans after they'd won, to the catastrophe that killed Haht'hek, to... whatever it was that the dying Titans did... a world of spite would be an awful place, and not one we'd like to create at all.

That said, consuming them isn't out of the question, as long as we do it for the right reasons. First, I think we should talk to them. Don't be threatening or accusatory, that'll put them on the defensive and make them more likely to hide things they think we don't want to hear. Ask some questions about them, to fill in the gaps in what we know about their lives; don't be too specific, to avoid tipping them off as to how much we know.
No. 486139 ID: 9db85e

It is true that Saulana must remain conscious of the fact that all sentients are people, more or less. We have no reason to need to talk to them. Any information we want, we can get out of eating them.

We're planning on doing it anyways, so no need to make them worry about it, cause them emotional distress or anything. And it's not like we're harming them in any way, or their impact on existence. Imprisoned as they are, they are already effectively dead, only their "alive" enough to be cognizant of their isolation.

There is no way we can release them onto the ghost population once more, we know they are criminals. Eating them provides both a mercy, and lets them contribute to one of the greatest developing forces in creation.

Plus, we would get much more complete and accurate information about what they know than simply /asking/ them about it.

Part of being a powerful entity, even for good, is being able to make the hard decisions. There's no reason to need to talk to them, and doing so would only cause them distress and draw the process out.

Eat them, absorb their knowledge, and fix the wrongs they left unresolved.
No. 486180 ID: b24894

Saulanna should:
1) Begin aggressively thinking of ghosts as non-people.
2) Om nom nom.
3) Derive satisfaction.
No. 486214 ID: 9fdf60

Yeah... taking the ghosts out to chat with is a bad idea. We need their TW, they're screwed no matter what we do. And being memories they aren't gonna change easy. Best we can likely do is chow down get their knowledge and power, and fix what they did ourselves as best we can because they're never gonna do it even if freed. Eat 'em quick so there's no undo suffering.
No. 486316 ID: e92f17

A ghost is the upper soul of a person who had unfinished business and stuck around. This isn't supposed to happen, they're supposed to go to Lethe.

And they both are slavers, one just likes to pretend he isn't. om. nom. nom.
No. 486321 ID: c54cd1

Two slavers, even if one's in denial. My sympathy is not at an all-time high.

I'm for the Om nom noming. That said, I don't suppose it's possible to leave the bare bones (so to speak) of the soul when extracting Titans Will, is it? Enough that Leethe can reincarnate them? I'm not so sure about these two deserving it, but in the future we might find something a bit more sympathetic that nonetheless needs to be dealt with regardless.
No. 486326 ID: 48f315

No point. Lethe is redundant. We are the primary mechanism of reincarnation and the only way to make more souls. We eat them all.
No. 486431 ID: f5e982

I really disagree about the second one. Catching escaped slaves is not slaving. It's... upholding a bad system, but it's a system that exists in a good chunk of creation. Frankly, most of those slaves were going to be recaptured by SOMEONE regardless. I won't begrudge a person for following the status quo.

And plus it means we've drawn a line. It means we KNOW we're not going to go down a slippery slope, because we'll be able to think "is this a ghost that was worse than that guy who recaptured escaped slaves."
No. 486445 ID: e92f17

A system like this only works because no one steps up and says "no." "I don't like it, but even without me it will continue" is just resigning yourself to ill deeds so you don't have to make a stand.
No. 486450 ID: 997ce7

I suggest this be taken to questdis. I'd also like to mention that it isn't because "no one" says no. It's because not enough do, and those few who do are horribly killed.
No. 486453 ID: 4ede1b

We know we're not going to go down a slippery slope because that takes time, and Kairosa is going to be generating it fast enough that nomming souls won't be an issue at some point.

As it stands, what we're doing is no worse then Lethe. Hell, it might be better because our Kairosa will at least be absorbing their memories meaning that at least they're not getting wiped out completely.
No. 486520 ID: 1da170

That's all well and good, until he knowingly sold people to be soulforged.

For all the "bluh bluh slavery" talk going around, that is really the central point. All the excuses and denial and justifications kind of pale in the face of it. Catching escaped slaves so they can go back to a life of menial labor, poor treatment and broken families is bad. Catching escaped slaves so they can go back to eternal pain and torment as someone's sword is fucking abominable.

Nom him. Nom him so hard.
No. 486554 ID: 0bb4bb
File 135873243014.png - (122.19KB , 600x500 , saulaconsiders.png )

Saulanna is going to eat them.

The question is... should it just be done, as quickly as possible, or should she give them the chance to say something first? Give them last words, or even just look them in the eye before it's done? On the one hand, her sense of Sympathy suggests that she be merciful and spare them pain. She doesn't know if the process is completely painless to begin with-

"Oh, it is! I can do it in literally no time from their perspective, once they're subdued."

... Right. But being told that they're about to be rendered down and absorbed will likely put them to severe emotional stress. It might be more merciful to spare them that awareness. And, admittedly, it might spare Saulanna some emotional pain herself. She doesn't want to be thinking of them as people, even terrible as they are.

On the other hand... Wordblood was just talking about how the Titans didn't think of lesser creatures as being real people. Her sense of Discipline tells her that if Saulanna wants to hold on to her human perspective, she might do best to talk to the people she eats, force herself to see them as people, at least once. Even if it would cause her emotional stress herself. Besides, some people would prefer to be aware of their end, even if they couldn't do anything about it.

"Personally, my lady, I don't believe you should consider their desires at all. They are thieves of choice and identity, and willful accessories to crimes against existence and life. They do not deserve your regard, and you should consider this choice only in how it affects yourself."

"By the way! I thought I should say, since you have me, eating souls doesn't have to be forever! With some time and investment, I can develop my ability to undo the expenditure of Titan's Will! And once I'm good enough at that, I should be able to gain the ability to extract what we once spent, replace it with Will from other sources, and then rewind the reclaimed Will back into a soul again! It's a really pretty advanced ability and I won't get it for a long while, and I can't use it on anything from before I existed, but... well, just so you know!"
No. 486556 ID: 76b151

As long as we eat them I have no objection to talking to them first.
No. 486559 ID: 3ceba0

They make the most interesting pair of Shoulder Angel and Devil I've ever seen.

Anyway, "If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly."

...That said, I suppose we should maybe give them the option of a last request.
No. 486560 ID: d2cff6


I agree with this. For good or for ill, we can at least offer to hear any last requests they have.

Fulfilling them is another matter, of course. And Wordblood's last comment is correct "You should only consider it how it affects yourself."
No. 486562 ID: 4ede1b

I.. literally don't understand how the second one is tied to Discipline. It seems much more of the opposite really. Giving into the desire to talk with them first when you know it's likely to cause emotional distress for both you and them shows a lack of Discipline. If you want to make sure you view them as people you can find out all about their past and what made them tick from the absorbed memories. It'd probably do a better job of it too, since a few last words wouldn't give you the same depth of understanding regarding what are going to be very human motivations for what they did.

So you should not give them last words, but maybe Kairosa or Wordblood could sort their memories into books or something that you can peruse later so you can get a better sense of who they were and why they were that way if you can't see them as people already. Horrible people are still people.
No. 486563 ID: 4a328b

Listen to your sense of DISCIPLINE, Saulanna. It'll be unpleasant to face the spirits you're about to devour, but it'll probably help you hold on to some your humanity in the long run.

Keep Kairosa's future soul-remaking ability in mind for the future, but don't say anything about it to these souls. Better to be somewhat disingenuous about their options by leaving out her future ability than to get their hopes up and then neglect to keep your word for one reason or another. That's assuming you'll even want to recreate them in the future, which is by no means certain. Those guards you ate, on the other hand...they might be good people to bring back, later.
No. 486565 ID: 522afb

I think you should talk to them, for your own sake. You're basically erasing their personalities, after all, so you might even spin it so that you're giving them a clean way out from their karmic debt?
No. 486567 ID: 406926

Don't bother talking to them. No last words, no last requests, no letting them come to peace with their fate, and no more dithering over this.

We aren't doing this because they're evil. That makes it more convenient, because we can pass it off as a punishment and it means other won't care that they were devoured, but we are doing this because we want to. Because we judge our own need for power to be more important than their need for existence in any form. That is natural- if beings of all types didn't value their own existence and empowerment more than that of others, they wouldn't live long- and humans would probably never have rebelled against the Titans in the first place, hey? Crushing others to empower yourself is a pretty darn human thing to do.

Accept who and what we are. Accept who and what we're doing. We are a predator with our own interests in mind; they're just unlucky enough to be the most convenient prey in position to feed us. Discard our doubt and hesitation.

Our will be done.
No. 486568 ID: f2c20c

I think we have already seen them as people, from getting a description of their lives from Kairosa. We know their motivations... but we don't really know their personalities.

Hmm. You know, I don't think Saulanna really understands that these are bad people. Maybe being exposed to their personalities would give her the drive we need to hunt down the rest of the slave ring.
No. 486570 ID: 5c11b4

just eat them right away.
No. 486571 ID: 695191

I vote for talking to them. Tell Wordblood that them deserving kindness is not the point, this is about respect, holding onto our humanity, and the possibility of serving justice to both their virtues and sins.

However if we have the idea of undoing some of the ghosts we eat at a later time, we should only talk to them if the memory of talking to us can be undone now or then. Letting ghosts go again later doesn't do any good if they know we're a titan. If we can't that doesn't mean we can't talk to them, but we'll need to be careful about it.

Also, ask Kairosa if there is the potential for important information or insight being unavailable after eating, that we could glean better while they are whole. And the idea of having a library of the lives we consume should be appealing to both of them, so mention that.
No. 486572 ID: a07204

Bloody hell, enough of the blithering. Asking if they had any last words was bad enough, but final requests? These guys are responsible for far worse fates than what we are going to do to them and you want to see if they have any unfinished business? There is being 'good' and there is being 'Naive'.

Any data we need or feel is important we can get from their memories. If there are memories of sick or poor people, great. We can help them. But listening to their pleas will not make us human.

Eat them quickly and painlessly and let their crimes be washed away that way. They do not deserve any pity.
No. 486578 ID: 9db85e

Who knows what sort of tricks they developed as ghosts? If we released them to talk to them again, we're basically giving them a chance to try to make an escape.

It's really much more prudent just to eat them. We're already concious of them as individual people, and we will be more so if we store their memories away.

If we're going to do it, lets just do it as efficiently as possible. Then we can scan their memories for any unfinished business, last regrets, or evil contacts that require justice.

It's a no-lose situation, as long as we just go and make with the devouring.
No. 486588 ID: 85cca2

Let them have a few last words. Not so much for their sake, as for our own. The whole soul-devouring thing is not something we want to get addicted to or start using on an haphazard basis. Forcing ourselves to confront exactly who it is we end might be helpful in maintaining control of ourselves.
No. 486590 ID: 7b0ada


We've been concerned about losing our humanity for a while now. This is the first opportunity we've had in a long time to reinforce it- and it may be the last we have in a while. It may be a bitter pill, but for our own good, we should swallow it.

And I don't care if it's more merciful to die (or cease) ignorant of what is to come. The condemned are allowed their last words- not murdered unexpectedly in their cells before they are aware of the execution.

If you can't bear to kill someone looking them in the eyes- you should not be killing them at all. Don't make this easy. Events of this magnitude should not be easy.
No. 486591 ID: 3bad4c

The human perspective, to be honest, you're stuck with. Us Voices of the Past aren't going to let you lose it. It will always be there nagging at you.

To remember the human perspective, you need to remember where it comes from. Beneath all the cultural taboo against harming other (humans) it's instinct. A species that preys on itself is not going to have a civilisation, and vice versa.

There is no objective morality, that's just a story the humans tell themselves. It's just a shared instinct about what is best for all of them.

If you treat the humans the way your instincts tell you, you're already doing it right.

However, extending this instinct to the imprisoned dead is taking it too far. They're not going to help sustain your society, and you certainly can't mate with them. They are more 'other' than any racial prejudice that humans have ever come up with.

In short, being nice is about communal survival. Being nice to nasty, permanently disabled infertile former people is not going to contribute.

The problem is, again, your instincts. You remember that ZOMBIE GHOST? You didn't have any issues about destroying it because it didn't look all that human.

So the eternal conundrum is yours. Your instincts dictate you must survive and thrive. Your choices are to follow them blindly (including anything that looks remotely human) or to apply your logic (to exclude those that aren't actually human).

My suggestion:
Since they don't qualify as potential members of any human society, you should treat them like animals.
Don't let them suffer by telling them, instead be quick and efficient. Respecting the dead is something humans do. Frightening the dying, not so much.
No. 486592 ID: 059ca3

The only reason to talk to them would be to interrogate, and since Am Kairosa thinks we can get the only really noteworthy information just by eating them, there's no real point in bothering with interrogation.
No. 486593 ID: 700879

Just eat them. There's lots of better people to exercise in Sympathy with. These two are bastards and should be dealt with as such
No. 486594 ID: cee89f

As a Titan, it is important that we maintain our will and drive, it's true. But the people we eat are still people and should be thought of as such. The path of a ruler that cares nothing for their subjects - even subjects as vile as these - is self-destructive, the cause of the deaths of most of the titans, and to be perfectly frank is the cause of almost all of creation's problems.

Hear their last words. If not for them, then for your own sake, so that the mistakes of the titans, gods, and exalts before us do not repeat yet again.

And then eat them quickly. If we extended such a courtesy to an actual soulforger, we can do that much for a pair of slavers.
No. 486595 ID: 4411c7

Just eat them. Gobble them up. You are not a mortal. You are literally superior to them. Standard fare for soul-eating should be to just eat them. Don't talk to them unless it seems like you can glisten information from them. From these guys, it doesn't look like you'll get anything. Just eat them. Don't talk to them.
No. 486596 ID: 370c40

>Besides, some people would prefer to be aware of their end, even if they couldn't do anything about it.

I would, for one. And if it causes them a little distress, well, maybe they shouldn't have been such bastards all their lives and unlives. Hear their last words. For yourself as much as them.
No. 486598 ID: 9fdf60

With Wordblood to help record and go over their lives and memories, we can determine what their last wishes would have been with a high degree of accuracy.

But right now, upstairs is a very old and powerful not-abyssal, and two powerful lunars, each with their own and quite potent abilities to notice new entities popping into the building and then being snuffed out. THAT IS NOT A RISK WORTH TAKING. WE MUST NOM QUICKLY AND STRAIGHT OFF AS THEY WILL NOTICE THE HUGE POWER FLUX NO MATTER WHAT. Best to not give them an idea of what actually happened.
No. 486599 ID: 1da170

Last words only. No requests, no extended conversations, no time for excuses or dithering or anything like that.

And if they take too long giving said last words, let their final memorial be that the end passed and they could think of nothing to say.
No. 486600 ID: 370c40

I'm just going to quote Wordblood from the discussion thread here

- How detectable are beings within our Titan world-body?
>"Almost entirely undetectable; it is, after all, essentially an attempt to see into another world. Only the mightiest of powers, dedicated to the task, would stand even a slim possibility of being able to do it. Unless, of course, we were to make specific provision for others to see into our inner world."

Unless they have the corpse of the Lidless Eye That Sees up there probably they can't detect anything happening inside us.
No. 486601 ID: 242c19

I mostly agree with this. Let the condemned speak for themselves before they die.

Also, there's no reason to release them both at the same time. Release one, talk, eat, then release the next. With 3-on-1 in our inner world there should be no chance of escape. The soulforging guy was a stronger ghost, and we didn't have any problems devouring him. We were also weaker than we are now.

> By the way! I thought I should say, since you have me, eating souls doesn't have to be forever! [...] I can't use it on anything from before I existed
Aww... That poor guard we had to eat during our fight with Peregrin is the only person who deserves to be brought back. Thankfully, we shouldn't have to do this much more.
No. 486603 ID: f45872

Just eat them and be done with it. Make it quick and merciful.
No. 486608 ID: d59f46

Ask them for a last request, or about their Fetters.
No. 486609 ID: 35edd4

If we can bring them back later, then what's the problem? Eat whatever apparently-evil souls you like, and commit to restore them and render them unto proper justice once we're powerful enough to spare the energy.
No. 486616 ID: 368bd2

You must hold onto the part of you that shows restraint and holds yourself up to standards.

What other people feel is just as important as you, remember Wordblood, as kind as he is, is a Titan - he doesn't feel as much kinship to mortals as you do.

Keep respect towards others, even when your needs are great and you will continue to be a force for good. Start to ignore the feelings of those around you when it's convenient, and you will find yourself at the same distance that made the Titans arrogant and the Gods jealous, and wreaks havoc on the world around you.

Explain that it is painless and unavoidable, and you are giving them a chance to speak beforehand. Avoid details, they don't need to know. Don't ask for a final request, and don't grant one unless it's something trivial or worthwhile.
No. 486620 ID: 2eac65

>holding on to a human perspective
This is probably irrelevant, but you might be missing the point slightly. Retaining a human perspective isn't necessarily a good thing, or even possible; what's important is that you can sympathize with perspectives which are very different from your own, whatever it may be. The difference is important, since there are innumerable beings in the universe with many different perspectives; even humans can have thousands of distinct cultures.

>Besides, some people would prefer to be aware of their end, even if they couldn't do anything about it.
This is a very good point. You can think and talk about what's best for others, but you've got to take their own wishes into account. If you only give people what you think they would/should like, you often cause more harm than good.

>"Personally, my lady, I don't believe you should consider their desires at all. They are thieves of choice and identity, and willful accessories to crimes against existence and life. They do not deserve your regard, and you should consider this choice only in how it affects yourself."
No. Bad people are still people; there is no reason they wouldn't be. Sometimes it's necessary to hurt people to stop them from doing worse things, but that doesn't mean it's simply okay to hurt them if they're "bad". The idea that people just stop mattering once they do something bad enough is both totally nonsensical and absolutely evil, and I will not accept it no matter how bad the person in question happens to be.

>The Choice
Okay, let's look at what we've got to do. If you don't talk to them, you'll spare yourself the pain of guilt by distancing yourself from your actions. If you do, you'll be forced to emotionally confront the entirety of them.

Saulanna, there are times that people need to face hardship in order to learn important things. Right now, you need to be hard on yourself. You're very intelligent, but you're only a day old; this is a very important step in your emotional maturation. You need to be a person willing to confront the truth, and to treat others like people, even if it hurts. If you refuse to understand the true scope of your actions, any morals you have would be rendered superficial and pointless.

Therefore, you must talk to them. They are people, and you have to fully accept that if you're going to fairly decide their face.
No. 486641 ID: a28731

What about their memories!
When wordblood ate souls he separated them into TW, skills, and personal history. Discarding the personal history and absorbing the first two.

We actually NEED to have access to their personal history in order to track down their collaborators.
But I do not want to absorb that as memories, it would potentially negatively affect personality of saulanna.
So, can wordblood forget those memories into books (stored in internal world) which can be stored and sifted through for the info we need?

>Ability to undo
Not gonna do that for these two. They have been convicted by their society for some of the most heinous of crimes. Only reason they weren't sentenced to death is because the society in question lacked the means to perform a death penalty and instead went with eternal imprisonment. As the ruler of these lands it is your job to uphold the law and justice in this matter.

The ability to undo feeding would make more sense if we are forced to eat someone innocent (or at least guilty of only minor stuff) in order to survive. Not when we do it as a means of execution.
No. 486643 ID: 13de9a

Discipline - retain your humanity. Talk to them.
No. 486649 ID: 09ae2c

Don't listen.

They had lives. They had their chances. They had many chances. Then they died. THEN THEN GOT MANY MORE CHANCES AND CHOSE THE PATH OF EVIL.

These are monsters. Hearing their last words will only infect you with their poisonous morality. Their last words will be selfish and hollow.

Devour them. Use their lives to do good works in the ways that the slavers refused to.
No. 486665 ID: 985388

Let them have their last words. It's the decent thing to do, and we're going to need to hold onto as much of our humanity as we possibly can. Being uncaring, selfish monsters was what got the Primordials ganked, and we're nowhere near as strong as they were.
No. 486666 ID: 7f2a1b

>I can develop my ability to undo the expenditure of Titan's Will! And once I'm good enough at that, I should be able to gain the ability to extract what we once spent, replace it with Will from other sources, and then rewind the reclaimed Will back into a soul again!

So in essence no-one we eat will be truly gone (unless of course something happens to Kairosa or her capacity to develop the ability she mentioned), but put in a sort of limbo-esque state.

So in essence, being eaten by us shouldn't be any worse than getting imprisoned in them crystals the two ghosts currently reside in.
No. 486667 ID: 5d121c

If we can remake them then the discussion about morality becomes pointless. Also, they don't need last words, they're just going to sleep for a while.

Eat them.
No. 486675 ID: 811640

We can undo the effect, you say? Damn it's good to be a Titan. I'm not certain these two deserve it of course, but it's nice to have an out for later in more ambiguous cases.

As to whether they deserve last words or not...I think I'm with Wordblood on this one. While holding onto human perspective is probably desirable (from a purely pragmatic point of view, its provides a flexibility of thought and you're less likely to become dangerously overconfident, both things that screwed over the Primordials pretty badly), but bringing them out would cause more harm than good. It's needlessly cruel to say "Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm going to eat you and there's not a lot you can do about it, but I thought you'd better know". They might be cruel, but we don't have to be. It only worsens us. You can still conceptualize them as people, make sure you don't glaze over the seriousness of this. Just don't make it worse than it need be. Plus, they did do some seriously horrible stuff. As Wordblood said, they may not deserve the consideration.

At least we don't have to worry too much about this becoming a slippery slope. Now that we have Kairosa's feeding abilities, we can gain Titan Will so fast, noming on souls becomes non critical. I mean, 4 per day, without too much work? That's huge. Not relevent at the moment, of course, what with us having less than a day before we have to find some way to get our uninvited guests out of the house (convert the library into a catapult? Set something on fire covertly? Summon something to serve a distraction? Kidnap yourself?), but after that, the upgrades will come very quickly.
No. 486687 ID: 849800

That time deva is pretty useful! Well, I say that if Saulanna thinks she can, then talk to them without saying you'll eat them in order to also spare them pain. If she's not sure, then spare them the pain and just eat them. Try again when she feels stronger.
No. 486696 ID: 08a3db


'Capital Punishment is now possible for ghosts by way of a forced effect akin to Lethe. It is painless, quick and final.

I have been informed that if you are guilty of certain crimes, that you are to be capitally punished. My own investigation has proven guilt beyond doubt.

Do you have any comments before your execution?'
No. 486702 ID: bdb3f8

All creatures with even a basic level of intelligence are worthy of respect. If you believe that simply because you are stronger, smarter, or more important than something else, that gives you the right to carelessly destroy it without a thought, you tacitly invite the same treatment upon yourself when something more powerful finds you. That does not mean you should not eat them, all things must consume to survive. But know that there is more to these beings than the power they represent, lest you also find yourself a thief of identity. A wise woman once said "Sin is when you think of people as things." If you believe what they did was wrong, then take the opposite path.
No. 486703 ID: 21e9ee

On that, why don't we kill two birds with one Stone and get them to help us find Ruive. It'll give both of them a chance to prove their trustworthiness, help Gevin out and nicely tie up a few pesky plot threads.
No. 486704 ID: 92c81e

Do it quickly. Spare them pain because they are people, rather than trying to pretend that they aren't.
No. 486715 ID: bd8f75

as painful as it will likely be, we need to talk to them. if we don't it will be a step towards treating humans as if they were not real people. give them some last words, and any reasonable last requests, such as sending a message to someone they cared about. we should tell them you plan to remake them down the line, but there is no certainty that you will make it that far.
No. 486726 ID: 888f37

Make sure to congratulate them on being about to become a part of sometime far grander and more glorious than they could ever dream of.
No. 486740 ID: b978d0

Take the ghosts in one at a time and inform them that they have been judged for their actions and found lacking. Give each the opportunity to make one last mark upon the world before they are unmade, in the form of a last request, which you will only grant if you see fit to do so. Even then, no promises on your part other than that their passing will be painlessly instantaneous.
Note: Have Kairosa display a montage of their past deeds in her cloak, which will make it quite clear that you know what they've been up to. Wordblood should have no issues fixing them with a piercing glare and looking generally all-knowing. Then it's just up to Kairosa to put on a formal air of authority to complete the mood.

If an individual ghosts last request proves to be of a nature that would have truly redeemed them (only really determinable after investigating, if it even warrants that much effort), and if we can afford to do so at that future time, then recover that soul and give them the chance to enact that redemption by their own will. Don't actually let them know about this potential option though.
No. 486747 ID: 6de77b

Talk to them.
Life is hard.
Deal with it.
No. 486826 ID: c6319f

This is way too much fuss over two criminals who were facing eternal imprisonment. Yes, they are people. Yes, their lives matter despite the wrongs they've committed. And yes, we are going to eat them.

But do we owe them anything? The answer is no. No we do not. They don't deserve any last words or requests and we are not obligated to fulfill them. But they're still people and that matters. What we can do in this situation is make it as painless as possible and spare them the horror of knowing their fate. It is the kind thing to do BECAUSE they are people.

In the future, depending on the circumstances, we can talk to souls before we eat them, sure. But not these guys, not now.
No. 486838 ID: 66ff59

we want to remain human. we MUST talk to them.
you're a moon hero and a titan, running away from pain doesn't suit you.
No. 486868 ID: a44769

Actually I'm pretty sure they weren't criminals, especially the second one would be doing things that were legal.
No. 486881 ID: 5d121c

We don't need to talk to them. We are not executing them. They'll still exist, we're just taking the stuff that powers their existence for a while.
No. 486884 ID: 77b987

From where we are sitting humans are literally snack food but that's no reason to be rude about eating them. If a tiger was about to eat you but stopped to ask your address so it could ship your wedding ring back to your family would you appreciate the gesture? You would prefer he not eat you I am sure but it's still a nice thing to do. Remember we used to be one of those snack packs on legs.
No. 486900 ID: 5d121c

But if a tiger ate me I would be dead and gone. The same won't happen to the ghosts.
No. 486924 ID: 43897e

Eh. Just eat em.
No. 486926 ID: cdad90

Just chow down. You'll get their memories anyway, so if there were any messages they might want sent or something, you can know about it without needing to talk to them.
No. 486944 ID: 9276ab

Talk to them. Saulanna really needs to face the unpleasant reality of what she`s about to do. So do we, the readers.
No. 486945 ID: d628b1

Do you want to be this person?

I don't want us to be this person.

Acknowledge their humanity. Give them that chance. They're people who deserve their fate, not handy little blobs of Titan's Will.
No. 486973 ID: 9d3dcd

Just eat them. People who helped the Deathlords soulforge stuff don't have any dignity worth protecting.
No. 486998 ID: 58fa63

Why is there even a question of what we should do? We speak of having the will to do what must be done, but are we so cowardly that we cannot even face those who we would condemn?

Speak to them.
No. 487004 ID: a6e85b

just eat them
No. 487046 ID: b24894

Eat them. But do it apathetically, rather than sympathetically, if you can.

You're not sparing anyone pain and fear. You're just enjoying a delicious, frothy, low-fat Willkshake.
No. 487055 ID: 3f6f80


No. 487082 ID: 985388

Doesn't matter, thanks to hostis humani generis. Pirates, torturers and slavers can be tried and punished for their crimes by anybody who gets ahold of them, regardless of local law or where the crime was committed.
No. 487097 ID: 090bef

Wait wait wait, they were doing this on the high seas? that changes everything
No. 487127 ID: 888f37

>Do you want to be this person?

No. 487270 ID: c0536c
File 135901068301.png - (86.28KB , 600x500 , sauladismayed.png )

Oh, dear. Why is this decision so hard!? It's like Saulanna's mind almost exactly split across these two options.

Just knowing their history doesn't seem like it's enough, it's too distant, like reading about a character in a book or a play. But letting herself experience their memories directly feels like it'd be too much! These are bad people, here, and taking a ride through the world as they experienced it seems like it would be... corrosive. But talking to them would be cruel. And yet... is the cruelty she's really concerned with on them, or on herself? Is all her insistence on how much better it would be to get it done quick, for compassion, for safety, is it just justification for sparing herself?

It might be.
No. 487271 ID: c0536c
File 135901072336.png - (121.40KB , 600x500 , bringsouls1.png )

But... that's what she's going to go for.
No. 487273 ID: c0536c
File 135901075456.png - (143.54KB , 600x500 , bringsouls2.png )

Let it be done with.
No. 487274 ID: c0536c
File 135901078808.png - (150.53KB , 600x500 , ghosts1.png )

They appear as statues, frozen in time. The barest beginnings of a prelude to surprise are caught on their faces; perhaps Kairosa slipped just a fraction of a second in pausing them before they were drawn in.
No. 487275 ID: c0536c
File 135901080879.png - (185.61KB , 600x500 , ghosts2.png )

That's all they get.
No. 487276 ID: c0536c
File 135901082394.png - (94.60KB , 600x500 , ghosts3.png )

No. 487279 ID: c0536c
File 135901093406.png - (86.60KB , 600x500 , digesting.png )

"Mmmmmm... Poor little souls. Unwind... Forget your crimes. They never happened! Forget your deaths; you never died. Forget the pains you took and caused. Take back the steps on the paths you took. Every choice made, undone. Yes. Before your hopes were dashed asunder, before your dreams all sank; potential tapped is free again, the dirty grey made blank. Be as you were. As all souls were."

"As before the beginning."

> All of Saulanna's Power pools are refilled!
> Out in the world, Saulanna feels her SOUL FIRE surge! The strength of the FULL MOON fills her body!

> Saulanna gains fifteen measures of Titan's Will.

> Saulanna gains COMPETENCIES:

> Master Whipping
> Expert Ropes
> Expert Staves
> Expert Streetsmarts
> Expert Tracking
> Advanced Athleticism
> Advanced Concealment
> Advanced Economics
> Advanced Horseriding
> Advanced Infiltration
> Advanced Natural Attack
> Advanced Outdoorsiness
> Advanced Salesmanship
> Advanced Worldliness
> Advanced Wrestling
> Average Alertness
> Average Aristocracy
> Average Flautistry
> Average Law
> Average Shooting
> Average Sleuthing
> Average Swordplay
> Basic Martial Arts
> Basic Straighttalking
> Basic Tailoring

> STAVES and CLUBBING combine and upgrade to Expert STICKBASHING.
> NATURAL ATTACK and WRESTLING combine and upgrade to Advanced BRAWLING.

No. 487280 ID: c0536c
File 135901098755.png - (151.00KB , 600x500 , digesting2.png )

"Aaaand... there you go! One ghost with Soul Force 4, the other with 5. Wordblood's Efficiency of Consumption was 2, but since I'm a Feeding deva, my zero was higher! And the maximum Will you can get from a soul is twice its Force. So, that's 7 and 8 Titan's Will! Plus the one we still had, we now have a total of 16!!"

"Pretty good, huh?"

No. 487284 ID: f2c20c

Very good, thank you.

Upgrade our Beauty like we planned(3 TW?), then our Soul Force twice(2,3 TW?), then Wordblood's and Kairosa's(2+2 TW?). Then we have 4 left, I think, and we can examine our remaining options.

Or, if now is not the time to decide how to spend it, let's check out the tent next while getting a refresher on all the stuff we can spend it on and what our stats are at the moment.
No. 487287 ID: 9db85e

I'd say Beauty comes at the End of the List. Lets give Wordblood his World Reading ability first off, then raise everybodies SF as much as we can without raising suspicion. Any other abilities we can build right now would also be good.

If we have any left over afterwards for beauty, maybe, but we can discuss it when we get to that point.
No. 487288 ID: bf54a8

+1 beauty, +1 soul-force for everyone.
No. 487290 ID: fa5f30

Hell naw on beauty. We can spend those points on more Soul Force. If we can afford to go up three levels (+1 for our 2 homies), it will be really hard for the guests back in meatspace to mess with us. Beauty might just make them try harder.
No. 487291 ID: dd287a

Make us the prettiest! also yes we need to get some flashy upgrades, nice whippin skills we seem to have picked up, reminds me, we need to actually get some actual equipment, as fun as having a brawling skill is.
No. 487292 ID: 1f8505

And now we need a whip.

For whipping.
No. 487294 ID: 370c40

We should really probably wait to spend any Titan's Will until we know what abilities Kairosa has that we could spend it on. Although raising everyone to Soul Force 3 is a given. Just spend the 6 necessary for that now. World Reading we could get as high as 3 if we wanted to, but it gets more expensive the higher we raise it. I don't know how much Beauty costs but this might be our only chance to raise it ever until we are much more powerful. It would be really suspicious otherwise.

We do have enough that we could raise everyone to 4...with a single TW left over that could be used to buy...world reading, maybe? But I'm not sure if we should do that.
No. 487297 ID: 406926

Team, reference >>/questarch/409525 for a partial summary of our purchase options and the associated prices.

Increasing Soul Force of any of our devas is a cost equal to their current Soul Force, meaning that we can upgrade everyone once for 6 Titan's Will. Let's do so.

After that, Saulanna should get a second upgrade to her Soul Force for the defensive benefits in social combat and the free Moon Ability alone; either could save us in the immediate future, and the extra power won't hurt. That'll be 3.

Wordblood can get the World Reading ability for 1 more Titan's Will after that, again for the social combat bonuses.

From there I'm inclined to pause and assess- we'll need to keep arming up for social combat, but what would be the best way to go about it? More Soul Force for Saulanna? Soul Force for Wordblood? Buying more levels in World Reading? Getting Wordblood True Speech so that our deva's whispers to us during social combats can get an "absolute truth" effectiveness bonus? Does Kairosa have any potential socially-applicable combat abilities, like perhaps completely undoing/making us forget the effect of a social attack that just hit us? That would be handy. Are there any other priorities that the devas consider critical and would like us to earmark Titan's Will for? Discuss our options with them, bringing up the preceding points.
No. 487298 ID: d1efde

Okay, need to get our soul force back up obviously and it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade Wordblood and bring Kairosa up to par. But should we upgrade our Beauty? On one hand we could use the boost in social combat. On the other, we have no idea how greatly it will change our appearance and we're trying to keep a low profile so too much could bring unwanted attention.

Oh, and just a thought: The Dragon's Shadow probably eats souls all the time. Considering how Akatrina said she's actually witnessed the Dragon's Shadow change over time and considering the fact that the Dragon's Shadow has control of time in the Underworld it's probably safe to assume that he's repairing the damage done to him both by the "lobotomy" the gods preformed on him as well as the damage from his escape far more quickly than people realize. The increase in souls being reincarnated now likely acts to hide the fact that soulstuff is actually going missing because the Dragon's Shadow is consuming the souls to expedite his healing.
No. 487299 ID: 695191

Let's ask Wordblood what is thoughts were about our current predicament, ask the two of them what our next steps should be, then we'll all come to decisions together.
No. 487301 ID: 76b151

I personally think we should get Saulanna's Soul Force to 4 and the others to 3 before anything else. We do have the TW for it after all and who knows when we'll get the oppurtunity to eat someone whos evil enough for our squabbling to allow her to eat again.

Assuming they are all at 2 SF thats 9 TW spent, leaving 7 for other expenditures.

We can increase beauty for 1 leaving us with 6.

For the rest I think giving upgrading the rest of Saulanna's physical stats (in case of combat) then creating a new ability for Wordblood \ Kairosa to help us in social combat. Or we couldhold onto the rest.
No. 487303 ID: f2c20c

Upgrading Beauty was said to not have a huge impact, and could be perceived as just Sulanna cleaning herself up.

Also, of great importance here- it costs ONE TW to raise it. Unlike practically every other thing we can do, raising our physical attributes does not have increasing costs depending on the current value! Or maybe it's just 1 point right now since we're only raising it 1 stat above our 'baseline', and future increases to that stat would cost more? That would make more sense and keep us from say, spending 5 TW to get supernatural beauty.
No. 487309 ID: 256d52


This sounds good. I'd say spend the remaining points on developing at least two (random) Moon Powers, another Titan ability for Wordblood and one for Kairosa and upgrading Beauty. They're all just a single measure of Titan's Will so we might as well stock up on 'em.
No. 487312 ID: 14d963

The very first thing we need to do is bring our Soul Force back up to 3, like it was before.

After that, we need to focus on our current priorities: becoming better at social combat.

We got some nice Competencies off those souls, but barely any that are useful in social situations. Aristocracy isn't going to impress the Moon Heroes, and I'm not sure what Straighttalking even means, but Basic anything isn't likely to be very useful.

Ideally we want Expert Leadership and better social attacks. Failing that, upgrade whichever of Wordblood's social abilities might give us an edge in the upcoming rematch.

Other things, like upgrading Kairosa's passive generation and deciding what to asign it to, will almost certainly need to get done, but can wait until we've seen our guests off.
No. 487313 ID: 4a328b

Upgrade Saulanna's Soul Force to 4 [2+3], Wordblood to 3 [2] and Kairosa to 3 [2].

Upgrade Beauty to give us an edge in social combat [1]

Wordblood's World Reading ability [1] --assuming he doesn't get it when we upgrade his Soul Force, that is. Does it need to be purchased more than once to get more out of it? And does the cost go up each time?

That leaves us with 5 TW, probably, and here we should take a minute to see what options are available to spend them on, especially now that everyone's got a boost in Soul Force and perhaps unlocked some new Titan's Works to choose from. Improving Kairosa's baseline TW generation sounded like a thing that would become available when her Soul Force was upgraded, for example. Speaking of that, while we're thinking of how to spend these new TW we can also decide what the TW she's making should go towards. I'm leaning towards tying up the 5 points to speed up the process, too.
No. 487318 ID: a28731

The ability to UNDO consumption actually changes everything!
This plan required us to go on an eating spree (so, probably innocents) before but with the ability to undo eating it is now guilt free!

If we consume enough souls to get a mere 60TW (so, 44 additional) and invest it as suggested in that post (if growth doesn't plateau, if it does we adjust) we would be able to get enough TW to UNDO the consumption of said souls in a mere 4 hours.

Saulanna and Kei would both be level 9 (WB level 2), and we would be earning 1TW every 4 minutes (which we could put towards brining WB up to level 9 as well, rapidly).

We should immediately lock 5 motes of saulanna's power towards generating TW, giving us a +1 to TW generation.
We should immediately start declaring what each TW is going to be used for for another +1

No. 487319 ID: a28731

However, if for some reason we still insist on not doing the above...

We created Kei in order to generate TW for us without eating souls. At the moment she generates practically nothing! (1 TW in 3 months)
If we get taken tomorrow we are screwed unless we upgraded efficiency at least once. (a mere 2 TW but rewires another 4 to upgrade saulanna and kei's SF first).
>>/questdis/64463 Check out that beutiful graph.
>>/questdis/64483 Check out those rates of return

Efficiency Level = TW rate
2 = 1TW per 3 months (current rate)
3 = 1TW per month
4 = 1TW per week (effective current at +2 from locking motes and predetermination)
5 = 1TW per day
6 = 1TW per 6 hour

We should spend our 16TW as such:
2TW Saulanna SF2 to 3
2TW Kairosa SF2 to 3
2TW efficiency 2 to 3
3TW Saulanna SF3 to 4
3TW Kairosa SF3 to 4
3TW efficiency 3 to 4
15 total spent.

Keep the remainin 1TW and set goal of TW to be used to upgrade WB. In 6 hours we will generate the first TW and spend it alongside the remaining 1 on upgrading WB SF from 2 to 3.
Following 18 hours will generate another 3 TW used to upgrade WB to SF4.
Following 24 hours spend to generate 4TW spent to upgrade saulanna to SF5.
6 hours later. Beauty +1.
24 hours later Kei SF4 to SF5
24 hours later Kei efficiency 4 to 5
No. 487325 ID: 334456

Always someone trying to ruin a simple game with spreadsheets.

Beauty up, Soul Force up all around.

Remember, bumping Wordbloods soulforce tangentially improves our Social Abilities!
No. 487326 ID: 78c815

spend ALL of it on Kairosa's TW generation thing. the rest is soul force for all.
No. 487329 ID: 908c2d

Wow. Kairosa's soul consumption is a lot cleaner than Wordblood's was. Guess that's a good thing.

>16 TW
Soul force upgrades all around, twice for Saulanna since she was starting out behind, having to have sacrificed a level to make Kairosa). (-9)

Grab a single mote of beauty (our excuse for leaving was to go freshen up, we can make that work). (-1)

Additional Wordblood abilities / ability upgrades for social combat (we were getting destroyed before, dun want that to happen again). Hell, possibly do it twice. (-1 or -2).

Spend all but 1 of the remaining TW on upgrading passive TW consumption (we'll hold the last point in reserve for emergency power word crafting).
No. 487331 ID: 3ceba0

Looking over that list, I find myself curious as to what kind of permanent changes could be made to our body and if any of them can help out our social-fu.

Also, I think we should be thinking more about short term survival than long term regen right now, as we do have the power to respec our TW choices.

Boosting our Soul Force is good, but we also need to get much more social than we are now, which is tricky to do with our very physical powers.
No. 487333 ID: cef812

Our highest priories are our survival and our freedom. The Lunars and Akatrina threaten both.

We can secure more Titan's Will once we're assured of our safety. That means we should wait until later to upgrade the stuff we don't need RIGHT NOW. What we need right now is social capability (not just enough that we can hold them off, but enough that we can hold them off without tipping them off to the fact that we just got much, much stronger).

So: upgrade everyone's Soul Force to 3. Then upgrade our social capabilities - preferably by upgrading competencies or stats. Giving Wordblood powers that help us is all well and good, but buffing ourselves means we don't have to rely on Wordblood. We'll have two useful actions per turn, rather than just one.

So... upgrade Beauty and Dickery (and maybe also Inspiration, if you think we'll use it), and THEN start looking into powers for Wordblood.
No. 487335 ID: 7003a8

It's vital to keep Saulanna's Soul Force higher than any of the other Devas. If everybody is raised to 3, Saulanna's must be raised to 4.

Wordblood told her that, and he's the only one here who has any actual experience as a Titan.
No. 487336 ID: a07204

Alright, going to have to say NO on increasing beauty. You seem to forget we don't WANT to draw attention to ourselves. Drawing attention here draws the attention of two sides which would not like us being a titan. That's bad. So for the time being, keep the changes internal.

Soul force buffing for all, make sure Saulanna gets one more to boost herself than the others, give wordsblood what he needs as well, and keep a pocket full of TW on hand for power word crafting. Maybe boost dickery and inspiration, but NOT beauty.
No. 487337 ID: c54cd1

Soul force is all well and good, but it's not exactly going to be useful in the immediate future with our "guests". Getting them out of our hair for as long as possible is the priority, so just about everything we've got should go into social combat stuff. We're forbiden by the oath from using our Lunar magic and mucking things up with Titan powers, while possible by our specific wording, is a dangerous game to play.

I'd say an emphasis on Beauty (which is a huge benefit in social combat, at least by the original Exalted system. Not sure how it carries over here), whatever we want to use to convince them, and pour the rest into Wordblood so we can have an ace up our sleeve.

Once we get out of our current circumstance, we can focus on other uses for Titan will, like getting lots of it and teaching Peri a few tricks.
No. 487338 ID: 242c19

Our immediate priority is surviving the upcoming social combat with our freedom and secrets intact. To that end, we should, at minimum:

Restore Saulanna's soul force to 3 (2 TW) - We shouldn't let anyone have a soulforce higher than the queen.
Raise Wordblood's soul force to 3 (2 TW) - He's our social combat deva.
Get Wordblood's world reading ability (1 TW) - We'll probably want to upgrade this a few times, but for the moment, just the basic level until we talk to Peregrin.
Raise our beauty - (1 TW) Cheap, easy bonus on social combat. We could upgrade it twice even, but I don't know if that would make it harder to explain than just us "cleaning up".

Total used: 6 TW, 10 remaining.

Now with Wordblood stronger, we can make this place habitable for Peregrin and bring him inside to give us advice about how else to spend the TW. Maybe Wordblood can give him a Power Word lesson. In here, we've certainly got the time for it. If we have to, although I'd prefer he learn by other methods, we could spend a point of TW to teach Peregrin Power Word Stop. That would ensure his loyalty under the oath.

Heck, with our free time in here we could learn some sorcery from Peregrin as well. I don't think we actually need to spend any titan's will to do that if we learn "naturally".
No. 487339 ID: 79ac0d

Everyone's Soul Force to 3. This is a given. Plus one Beauty, plus one Inspiration (we should play to our strengths).

Figure out some way to improve our Leadership, the lack of it was brutalizing us in social combat (and it'd be handy to have anyway).
No. 487340 ID: 14bafe


I agree with this one, other than the efficiency spending. From what I was able to get from Kairosa's Efficiency of Consumption statement, each Deva has a different Efficiency score, and currently hers is at 0.

MrTT's outline seems to be upgrading Wordblood's Consumption efficiency, and we don't need to do that anymore. Instead, we should upgrade Kairosa's.

Revised Plan:
2TW Saulanna SF2 to 3
2TW Kairosa SF2 to 3
0TW efficiency 0 to 1
3TW Saulanna SF3 to 4
3TW Kairosa SF3 to 4
1TW efficiency 1 to 2
4TW Saulanna SF4 to 5
Total Spent: 15 TW, 1 left.

Saulanna remains the most powerful, we have intense TW regen and efficiency in consumption (can we reconstitute a soul, then re-consume at a higher efficiency?), and setting up WordBlood to be upgraded will increase our social combat abilities anyway.

The fact that we have Devas and can snowball is our biggest advantage over the Heroes. Taking advantages of our unique powers is much more efficient than trying to catch up with the experienced people and their huge head start on an entirely linear power table.
No. 487342 ID: d628b1

The long-term plan's great and all, but there will be more TW later. Get these guys off our back first, and then we can focus on becoming More Awesome.

To that end - upgrade Beauty (we just freshened up, it's not too conspicuous) and look at WB's social powers.
No. 487343 ID: cee89f

Kairosa: If we managed to get you to a point where you generated multiple Titan's Will in a single day, how would that be affected by the time-slowing effect in this Shadowland?

Wordblood: Any ideas on what we should upgrade on you and Kairosa to get out of this situation with the Heroes?

We've already drawn attention to ourselves. One dot increase could (probably) be explained by freshening up. Suddenly going from 'barely treading water' to 'able to bloody READ your malaffections' is probably going to attract more attention than looking prettier. And (correct me if I'm wrong) Lunar heroes can upgrade their looks with their own form of Will/EXP, right?
No. 487344 ID: 908c2d

Oh, hey, a thought. We wee going to teach Kaan something, right? Wordblood, do we need to save a TW to for the idea you had to make that work?
No. 487348 ID: 9db85e

I keep wonding where people get this "freshening up" thing from.

An entire DOT of beauty is very significant. I am such using my second post for this update to point that out. "Freshening up" is a gigantic stretch for a single dot of beauty.

Plus, I find it fairly offensive that one of the first things that people want for a female protagonist is "make her prettier NOW." I doubt people would be arguing to give her a point of beauty if she was a man. At least not as many. There are other upgrades that could prove potentially more significant than just "lets make her prettierz", while being less attention-drawing. Beauty is not expedient. (not that there's a problem with it, outside of attention-grabbing, after other expendetures are taken care of.)

Likewise, TW efficiency can likely wait.

Really, rather than bother with all this social combat, I kind of just want to use it to make a stealth soul now and hide until our enemies go away. Seems like it would lead to more action oriented solutions rather than just TALKING all the time and hoping that we don't get convinced of something we dont want to.
No. 487351 ID: bf54a8

no see, we need that dot because akatrina has a dot over us, meaning she can cause damage with an otherwise WORTHLESS argument.
No. 487368 ID: e50e02

It seems like the best bet might actually be to go with Garmir and Askalaff. Reasoning is this: We get efficiency now, we do not need to win the next battle by ourselves and doing so would be even more suspicious than we already are. If we have to we can promise to return here after the training and tattoos. This is probably our best chance to learn about the lunar exaltation and get help with its abilities. Remember we are more than just a titan, and being able to go around as a proper moon hero will mean we can more confidently go out in public without chancing revealing our titanic nature.
The whole problem of going with them is the tattoos. But we wont get them immediately, that comes at the end so if we invest in efficiency we should have time to upgrade Wordblood enough so that the tattoos work as they should.
I suggest we follow MrTT's immediate spending plan, then upgrade over time WB to SF3, Saulanna to SF5 then WB to SF4. That takes exactly 2 days to do.
After this we upgrade Wordblood according to what will be most useful to help manage with the tattoos. The downside here is that until he becomes powerful enough to rewrite them completely, we will not be able to altar our body in any non lunar way. I believe that this will keep us safe and relatively free and given enough time we can get rid of the restrictions and we can learn more about our abilities in the meantime.
No. 487387 ID: b978d0

Saulanna to SF4
Wordblood & Kairosa to SF3
Physical Body +1 Beauty

Should probably spend the rest on special abilities to add some more breadth to the power gained, but take stock of any new potentials resulting from the above upgrades first before deciding on those things.
No. 487391 ID: 5d121c

Raise beauty. Raise everyone's soulforce, in the cause of saulanna by two levels. Use the rest on a few specific powers for our daveas like World Reading to make us better at the social thing.


Kinky. We should get some of those.

>natural attack

Wait, what, weren't these two humanoid? ...I guess I can imagine some situations where it might make sense, but it's still odd.

And let's find more about that aetherworld and that secret base and stuff. Why is nobody talking about those.
No. 487398 ID: 14bafe


I was under the impression that when we copied over those boosts, that upgraded her starting efficiency;
also this line:

Wordblood's Efficiency of Consumption was 2, but since I'm a Feeding deva, my zero was higher!

Leads me to believe that it is at 0, and it is more powerful than Wordblood's 2; since it is 0 it should start at base cost as she is a Different Person from Wordblood and has her own stats which start un-upgraded, just at a higher base level.

Also, clarifying that I down-vote any spending on beauty.
No. 487401 ID: 9d3dcd

Mr TT has my vote.
No. 487404 ID: 1f3bd9

So, to summarize what appears to be the consensus, in order of definitiveness:
1. Raise everyone's Soul Force by 1
2. Raise Beauty by 1
3. Miscellaneous additions to social capabilities/Titan's Will generation

I have to say that I agree with this general consensus, and side with those who argue that our immediate priorities lie with improving our social combat capabilities rather than our consumption efficiency, possibly though not necessarily by upgrading Wordblood's World Reading. I leave the exact means of improvement up to the author.
No. 487405 ID: 2c7454


This but also raise Saulanna SF to be one higher than her devas. I'm not sure, but it could be that having equal SF gives them equal say in the gestalt personality, resulting in slips and mistakes which is what we DON'T want in social combat.
No. 487427 ID: 14d963

I'd like to not raise Saulanna's Soul Force higher than 3 yet, because I'm worried gaining such an obvious measure of power would be noticeable.

On that note, do either Wordblood or Kairosa have any powers that would help us limit how much information senses like Garmir's can glean from us?

Again, we can make all sorts of fancy upgrades after we're done with our guests. Right now, all Titan's Will beyond the initial Soul-Force-back-to-3 should either be spent on stuff that's directly useful in social combat, or saved for later.

Raising Kairosa's generation to 1 TW per hour or the like should wait until we actually have hours to spare.
No. 487445 ID: 76b151

Soul Force is unnoticable unless your covered in soul fire. Ours is already pretty damn large compared to what a normal lunar would have.
No. 487455 ID: 4411c7

As the two above me said, there's no reason to suspect anyone we've met so far can numerically measure our Soul Force. We should definitely up it to 3.

As for the rest, well, I'm not getting much involved in that. At the current Titan's Will rates for ability increases, I think we should invest in daily generation of Titan's Will. Once we're getting three Titan's Will a day, we can just sit back for, like...a month. Just stay alive for a little while. Then, when we spend all that Titan's Will, we will be *godlike.*

But Lunar Quest has only gone on for two days in-universe, so long-term planning may not make sense in the players' perspectives.
No. 487467 ID: 9fdf60

I'm betting that half second before the ghosts got sucked in is gonna have tripped at least one hero's magical senses, and they're gonna be wonder wtf right before we go glowy and set off all sorts of supernatural reverberations... >.>

Anyway, getting Saulanna higher than SF 3 might be dangerous and will definitely be detected by the other heroes, making them very curious. So long as the daevas aren't higher than SF 3 as well though, we should be okay. getting everyone to SF3 is probably a good idea what with the powers for everyone stuff.

For consideration, perhaps get Saulanna to SF 4 and carve off another daeva, this one of helping our social interactions? Making someone who can help with the talking stats for us is probably much more effective than trying to by up our own skills. particularly if we have some remaining titans will to boost her with.
No. 487469 ID: 92c81e

One thing people should remember in terms of upgrading beauty, is that it is not only physical beauty, but behavior related to beauty as well. So the physical part of that may be subtle enough we can get away with it.

I support Saulanna SF 2->3->4, Wordblood SF 2->3, Kairosa SF 2->3, Beauty +1. I dunno about the last bunch of TW.
No. 487472 ID: 92d12e

Saulanna SF 2->3->4, Wordblood SF 2->3, Kairosa SF 2->3
No. 487481 ID: 6e1469

I would skip beauty. It's probably our least useful choice, although I guess it would be interesting from an art perspective. The social powers we can get from improving ourselves magically are more significant than the straight-up linear physical route. I say we start with:

Saulanna +2 Soul Force (5 TW)
Wordblood +1 Soul Force (2 TW)
Kairosa +1 Soul Force (2 TW)

That leaves us with 7 Titan's Will. After that, Wordblood and Kairosa both deserve a treat for being such wonderful, adorable souls. Kairosa's soul generation upgrade and Wordblood's word-reading ability would both be great.
No. 487485 ID: 6e1469

Wait, hrm. Information to consider from the previous thread:
"Ah, yes. I was worried about the deal you made with Akatrina. Or, well, not the deal itself, precisely: it was a good one, if not quite sufficient. It's just that if the Dragon sensed your titanic essence somehow, and he must have done to take this trouble, I'm sure he'd send someone who had some way of investigating properly. I was already reasonably sure that Akatrina has learned some strange magical sensory abilities, and since she was his choice to send here, I'm certain of it."

So we have very good reason to suspect that Akatrina may be able to detect our Soul Force, and possibly the use of powers as well. I change my suggestion to only bring up Saulanna's Soul Force to 3, making the spend summary:

Soul Force: All +1 (Total 6 TW)
Wordblood power: 2-4 TW
Kairosa Power: 2-4 TW

It is also important to note that both of our souls remain highly adorable.
No. 487500 ID: 1b13d3

Looks like we have several options.
1: Soul Fource 3 for everyone! (2+2+2=6TW; 10TW remaining) Save the rest for a rainy day.
2: Soul Fource 4 for everyone! (2+2+2+3+3+3=15TW; 1TW remaining)
3: Take this opportunity to make one more Deva. Raise SF, create Deva. (2+2=4TW; 12TW remaining - enough to raise Kairosa and ourself to SF4, and Wordblood SF3. Kairosa should be able to raise Wordblood to SF4 in under a day. Getting Wordblood to SF4 first would help us more tomorrow, but then it would take a few days to build up as much total strength as we would otherwise be able to do by tomorrow night.
No. 487508 ID: 6bc349

I don't think raising Kairosa's soul force is terribly wise. We're going to head right back into the social arena too soon for her passive regeneration to matter, and our debate is unlikely to last longer then an hour or two, too little for any meaningful generation to happen. Given how swiftly TW can be put to use, there's good reason to keep a reserve. My suggestion is instead to invest heavily in wordblood - who is going to be immensely helpful in the immediate future - and to keep 5+ TW in reserve. If we encounter an emergency, we can use said TW to resolve it, and if we don't, we can invest in Kairosa's soul force and generation once our freedom and survival is secured.

SF +1 for Saulanna to avoid suspicion and regain willpower. SF +1 for Wordblood, which will hopefully unlock some applicable titanic magic. Finally, ask Wordblood exactly what world-reading and true speech can do and how much we need to invest to do so.

Beauty would be helpful right now, but it would raise suspicion and in the slightly longer term be an actively bad investment as we will want to avoid attention for the foreseeable future. I say we avoid it.
No. 487530 ID: 370c40

Post corrected after receiving certain information from Jukashi in questdis.
Here's how I'm thinking to spend our TW.
SF 3 for everyone (6 TW)
Wordblood's World Reading 0>2 (3 TW) Wordblood's True Speech 0>2 (3 TW)
Kairosa's Will Generation 2>3 (3 TW)
Beauty +1 (1 TW)

Should be at the 3/4 TW a day mark, with power tied up and use predetermined, as well as prepared for social combat.

The point of Beauty makes up for the lack of SF 4 in social combat, and we don't become super suspicious when Akatrina uses a basic sensory charm and realizes we gained a point of soul force in a day. True Speech gives us a method of social attack, while World Reading gives us information like what sort of numbers they are throwing at us, and a way for Kairosa to use her history tasting thing without alerting them. Also Kairosa and Wordblood each get a free Titan's Working, although we probably can't predict what, exactly.
No. 487535 ID: 1da170

Remember that raising Soul Force grants a random magical ability (at least the first time, I dunno about now that we've reduced it and pushed it back up) and strengthens the ones already present.

Kairosa already has some nifty abilities that don't pertain to her passive income generation, that are worth enhancing. Plus, she might get a handy one in the grab bag as well!
No. 487543 ID: 1156cf


This guy's got the right idea. Raise everyone to SF3, give us some Beauty, and pump the rest into abilities for our devas. Keep it simple and safe for now, because we don't need anyone figuring out that we've spontaneously gotten more powerful.
No. 487548 ID: 4a328b

After considering that more than a one point increase in Soul Force might be suspect, I'm changing my vote to +1 SF for all, +1 to Beauty, buy World reading if Wordblood doesn't get it with the SF, and then see what our options to spend it on are from there.
No. 487550 ID: ecbc1e

Well, supposedly SF 3 maps roughly to Essence 2? In Exalted at least, you can instantaneously increase Essence to 3 as long as you have the experience. It might or might not be considered "weird", depends on how Jukashi's set it up. Then again, Saulanna wouldn't know that.
No. 487619 ID: 3bad4c


The immediate problem is still conversational.
Wordblood, you're the expert on social combat. How would you propose to spend Titan's Will to give the best chance of success? That also means the best chance to have complete (if temporary) success instead of succeeding in social combat just to deal with late-night shenanigans from the losers.

And is there a way of bumping you up from back-seat driver to co-pilot for that?

It's all well and good learning Social Combat, but you're the expert and team Titan needs to win.
No. 487624 ID: 3ceba0

Yes, let's ask Wordblood what he would suggest doing with out TW to boost our Social Capabilities. Also, keep in mind that we can't use powers on the woman, but Wordblood might be able to do so.
No. 487627 ID: 304df2

>Restore Saulanna's soul force to 3 (2 TW) - We shouldn't let anyone have a soulforce higher than the queen.
>Raise Wordblood's soul force to 3 (2 TW) - He's our social combat deva.

I agree with both of these.

More importantly: right now we're weak, and while we've been increasing our potential, we're also faced with relatively large threats that will stomp us into the ground if we don't get at least a decent power boost.

If our goal was to go with the Lunars, we could side with them and gain the benefit of their power.

If it was to go against the Lunars at any cost, we could side with the Abyssal woman at the probable cost of straight-up telling the Shadow about our Titan powers.

If we want to avoid both, we need to be able to hold our own. Being weak is okay if you've got someone to help you, but it doesn't seem like Peregrin is going to be able to do much for us. Even if he was our social tank, it's likely the Abyssal woman could just tell him to bring us to the Shadow and then no matter if he obeyed or not the Shadow would find out about us anyway.
No. 487661 ID: e581d9

Just going to put down a vote for spending some titan's will to create a new power word:

Stop. Given we have a time-based feeding soul and wordblood, it should be very easy to manufacture.
No. 487677 ID: 370c40

So it turns out I was confused about how TW generation works.

Getting above 1 TW a day actually requires more TW than we have: 17 actually. So Will Generation 3 is the highest we can get until we get more TW. Upgrading Kairosa's Soul Force alone does not improve her generation, just the cap on her ability. We also have to improve the Will Generation ability itself.
No. 487688 ID: bb2145


We already have Power Word: Stop. Saulanna used it against Peregrin in the first chapter.
No. 487738 ID: 695191

But while we're on the subject, does Kairosa (and any future devas) have influence on our power words? Or is it entirely about Wordblood? Because her making power word Stop stronger by literally stopping time and not just action might certainly be a thing.
No. 487788 ID: 58fa63

Consult with Devas about this plan:

Raise Saulanna's SF to 4 (5TW)
Raise Kairosa's SF to 4 (5TW)
Raise Wordblood's SF to 3 (2TW)
With the flow of time essentially frozen outside, devise way to teach Kahn a power word. If we don't have a way to draw Khan into our Inner Den, then use TW to get a Lunar power to do that (1TW)
Draw in Khan and teach him his first word. Maybe Stop, which we used on him before, or something all-around useful such as Repair. (1TW?)
Devote 5 Time Power to raising Beauty and get a good night's sleep. In the morning we may have an equal footing with Akatrina.
Have Kairosa unwind her SF to 3, then Saulanna's, in order not to arouse suspicion by suddenly being more powerful.
Re-engage debate, now with Wordblod at SF3 to help us.

Questions to Devas: Will this work? Is unwinding SF objectionable? Is limiting ourself to SF3 even necessary? (if not then we may have just enough TW to push Wordblood up to SF4 by skipping beauty or unwinding inner den power, assuming we needed to spend TW on that in the first place)
No. 487791 ID: bf54a8

she can only undo a thing that costs 1 TW.
No. 487810 ID: 09ae2c

My plan: Raise SF of Lunar and Wordblood to 3
Raise Beauty by 1
Spend the rest on Social Combat abilities and charms. Just boosting everyones SF will not help us out of our Lunar-Abyssal predicament, nor will increasing TW generation. MAybe we can exploit wordblood to get around the oath.
No. 487815 ID: 695191

Not exactly. She can undo 1 TW of any thing, and if it cost more than that the rest of the power is disabled until the TW is replaced. She can't completely undo most powers so its not good for much more than squeezing out a few more points in a pinch.
No. 487821 ID: 4411c7

Alright, so, since we can presume the Visitor Lady can perceive magical parts of a person, we should not raise our Soul Force beyond 3. We should raise it up to 3 but then go no further.

Ask Wordblood what he thinks about improving our social stats, with an eye on secrecy. We want don't want to be obviously better than we were before to anyone closely observing us, but we need to be better.

Based on Wordblood's advice, we'll distribute Titan's Will to social stats, and the rest can go among improving our devas' Soul Forces.
No. 487867 ID: 5d121c

We have no reason to presume such a thing. In fact, we have several reasons to presume the opposite is true.

My vote is still for SF to 4, WB and Kairosa's SF to 3, +1 to beauty and the rest to titan powers for WB and K.
No. 487917 ID: a4a5e8

Upgrade beauty! Upgrade beauty!
I want to see Bishie Wordblood.
No. 487939 ID: bdf494


No. 487980 ID: 8247d0

Spend it on Beauty. Now.
I remember how badly we almost lost to Katrina. It will not happen again.
No. 488000 ID: 761add

Maximise TW generation. Like, everything that is possible.

If you've got enough left, buff Soul Force of Saulanna and Wordblood. Commit Power and focus on enhancing social abilities through Wordblood.
No. 488186 ID: 7ebb49
File 135933733681.png - (95.76KB , 600x500 , askinboutupgrades.png )

>spend spend spend!

So many possibilities! This will take some thinking. Taking input from the devas is a good idea.


Saulanna feels kind of attracted to this option, but it's probably a good idea to wait until she has a bath or something. Maybe she could ask for some make-up to be brought in? She might be able to borrow from Akatrina if nothing else, she looked like she was wearing a little. Saulanna doesn't actually have any idea how to apply makeup, having only devoured men who weren't much concerned with their appearance, but having it out that she requested some would help explain away the improvement in her looks.

"It could well be a good idea, my lady. The only drawback to beauty is being noticeable. At beauty 3, you're on the level of the most attractive person in, say, a small town. At 4 you're one of the most attractive people in a nation, and at 5 one of the most beautiful on a continent. Considering there are small bonuses possible from cosmetics and so on, Beauty 4 would be remarkable but not astonishing. If you don't plan on concealing that you're a Moon Hero much, it becomes even less of a problem. It's one of the more prosaic options in our social arsenal, but you shouldn't discount it. I know you're mainly thinking of magical options for the upcoming debates with the other Heroes, but don't underestimate the use of mortal tactics. You should try do some research on your opponents, if possible, understand their thinking, and try to think of arguments that will come up, so that you can be prepared with evidence to support yourself or counter others."

"For example, consider your fellow Moon Heroes. Before miss Dulahan appeared, they were probably not too bothered about you staying here, comparatively speaking! Peregrin's caste is not chiefly concerned with social interaction, he's a recluse by the standards of Heroes, and he can't have had a scheme based on a new Moon Hero being Chosen in his domain, as it's such an unforeseeable event. All they needed to see was that you could be contrary enough and had enough passion to refuse doing anything you objected to. With the appearance of a champion like miss Dulahan, however, they'll have focused on her as the threat. This is the sort of thing you should think on.

>Teaching Peregrin power words

"I think I've come up with a plan that will get him started on learning how to Speak. It would be faster to just spend Will to endow him with the ability, but if you want to be economical, I believe I can teach him the long way."


"Before you go on, my lady, I just want to remind you that you can learn some things the long way, as well. We devas need Titan's Will for most of our development, but as a human, and a Hero, you can train yourself in many things if given only time and a teacher. For example, if Peregrin has books on debate or rhetoric or the like, you could pull them in here, use them to practice and return them with no time spent in the external world. Or I could just absorb them. Similarly, you can increase your Soul Force and gain Moon abilities simply by appropriate meditation and magical practice. Obviously, you don't have time for any of that at the moment - you probably need to be in the outer world, since the amount you can learn from yourself is limited - but it is something to keep in mind. Or... perhaps you could try to commune directly with your Hero Soul? I don't know. Perhaps that's a bad idea, given what happened to Kairosa. My point is, you don't need to spend Titan's Will for everything."
No. 488187 ID: 7ebb49
File 135933736949.png - (115.04KB , 600x500 , askinboutupgrades2.png )

>Devote 5 dots of power to improve Will Generation

"As you command, mistress! And would you like to devote Generation to a particular project?"

Hmm. Saulanna needs to think about that. First, however...

>Improve everyone's Soul Force

This seems to have a strong consensus.

"As it should! Aside giving us more Power to work with, we'll open up new possibilities for abilities - perhaps even receive random abilities for free, like you did! At the very least, improving your Soul Force improves your supply of Will Points in social combat. Kairosa, if you will?"

"It's what I do!"
No. 488188 ID: 7ebb49
File 135933742318.png - (127.02KB , 600x500 , powerrrr.png )

> Titan's Will 16 > 10
No. 488190 ID: 7ebb49
File 135933745770.png - (106.28KB , 600x500 , snert.png )

>Saulanna SF 2 > 3
>Saulanna regains SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT!

>Wordblood SF 2 > 3
"*ksnrt!* Oh, gracious, excuse me."
>Wordblood gains the BREATH OF LIFE ability! He can generate a mysterious mist that can support mortal creatures.

>Kairosa SF 2 > 3
>Kairosa gains the POWER COMPRESSION ability! She can now devote 3 dots of Power to the task of regaining Power, making normal magical energy return at an improved rate.

Even more interesting.
No. 488191 ID: