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File 126030725842.png - (69.73KB , 700x700 , Intro1.png )
88264 No. 88264 ID: cc6759

Hey... can you hear me?

Ok, you can. Well, that's a start. Wow... You're a complete blank slate, aren't you? That's never happened before.

I guess I can't leave you like this. I suppose... well, I'm not supposed to, but... ah, screw it. I'll help you out. Hold still.
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No. 88269 ID: c5f90c

Okay, we'll hold still.

... Who're you?
No. 88270 ID: cc6759
File 126030755042.png - (69.60KB , 700x700 , Intro2.png )


>???? can now hear VOICES OF THE PAST
>???? can now hear SOMETHING ELSE(?)
>???? will now obey your suggestions!

There you go, these guys should help you. Might have opened you up a bit too much, there, but you need some sort of direction.

Well, I guess I should introduce myself...
No. 88271 ID: f98e0b

Let us do it. Your name is Marge and you are 10 years old and it is time to go home, Marge.
No. 88276 ID: cc6759
File 126030771354.png - (38.91KB , 700x700 , Intro3.png )

Hi, I'm Luna! You may remember me from such divine portfolios as TRICKERY, SURVIVAL and BEING THE MOON.

And let me say, I've got some good news for you...!
No. 88279 ID: 276781

You're gonna be our girlfriend? Sweet, you're pretty hot for a moon.
No. 88280 ID: cc6759
File 12603077908.png - (15.08KB , 700x700 , Title1.png )

No. 88284 ID: cc6759
File 126030815059.png - (37.84KB , 700x700 , Intro4.png )


Thanks, but I'd hold off on the advances for now. You don't even have a gender yet.

It seems the infusion of my MOON POWER into your body has reacted poorly with something. Right now, you have no identity whatsoever! We have to fix that down before you fall apart.

To start with, what is your sex? And what's your name?
No. 88286 ID: 34470e

Our name will be Ivanna Penelli.
No. 88287 ID: f373c2

Our name is Blossom.

We are male.
No. 88290 ID: 276781

'Saul' sounds like a good name.
And we gotta be a man. I feel manly, like a manly man among manly men.
No. 88293 ID: cc6759

[Before anyone asks, by the way, this Quest is indeed based in Exalted. Sorry for the unoriginality, but I had the idea and I wanted to go with it.]
No. 88295 ID: 5d5878

Sex: Chick
Name: Something not manly
No. 88297 ID: e30533

Female. Always.
The little herbivorous girl, remember?
No. 88298 ID: 034a30

Name: Charlie Rocknuckles
Sex: Female
No. 88299 ID: 697b23

Sure, let's go with female. Name... Tanya.
No. 88300 ID: c0f3bf

Sex: Female
Name: Ricardo Botticelli
No. 88301 ID: 276781

Can't we be a manly man this time?
C'mon. Or should I say c'moon?
No. 88303 ID: 5d5878

I'll meet you halfway.
Sex: Manly Chick
No. 88305 ID: 7bf257

I am okay with this.
No. 88306 ID: cc6759
File 126031001046.png - (37.20KB , 700x700 , Intro5.png )

Trouble deciding, eh? Well, don't worry too much; you can learn how to change gender later, if you want to bother. For now, you're a girl.

>???? is now FEMALE

As for a name... you seem to have trouble with that, too. Well, why don't we mix it up, then?


So, Saulanna, I need to ask you a few more things. Are you better at using your MIND, your BODY or your PERSUASIVENESS? Which one are you worst at using?

No. 88309 ID: 697b23

Persuasive body-ness.

Aggressively tricksy.
No. 88311 ID: 7bf257

There are just not enough spellcasters around. Lets go with MIND being best, BODY being worst.

AGGRESSIVE all the way, baby.
No. 88313 ID: 34470e

Let's be aggressive and persuasive.
No. 88318 ID: 276781

You better believe it's all in the MIND, hot stuff. So maybe our BODY's not so good, but the brain's the part that matters most.

As for your second question, Saulanna always gets what she wants - even if that means she has to get AGGRESSIVE to get it.
No. 88320 ID: 0d501f

Best: Persuasive Worst: Body

Style: Tricky
No. 88323 ID: e75a2f


Lets be a Schemer.
No. 88331 ID: 5d5878

Best: MIND

No. 88333 ID: 445c48

Good with Persuasiveness, bad with Mind.

No. 88336 ID: c8028f

Best: Mind
Worst: Body
Style: ImpetuAggressive
No. 88338 ID: 2cbe3e

Persuasive, aggressive.
No. 88340 ID: fe0817

best: persuasive
No. 88346 ID: 43d730
File 126031216483.jpg - (59.88KB , 406x735 , aisha_clanclan.jpg )

Body-Mind-Suavity, Agressive.
No. 88376 ID: cc6759
File 126031412959.png - (38.61KB , 700x700 , Intro6.png )

More trouble deciding. Well, don't worry. The choices you make will be able to refine your balance of TALENTS as time goes by.

For now, it seems you're best with your MIND and worst with your BODY. Of course, as one of my champions, you're still better than a normal person in most everything, especially when you need to be AGGRESSIVE.

> Calculating TALENTS

> MIGHT: Remarkable | AGILITY: Average | TOUGHNESS: Average.
> INSPIRATION: Astonishing | BEAUTY: Remarkable | DICKERY: Remarkable
> SAVVY: Ridiculous | ACUITY: Astonishing | INTUITION: Astonishing

Alright, one more question.

What ANIMAL do you feel the most AFFINITY for?
No. 88380 ID: 135d9a

Cat. :V
No. 88382 ID: 445c48

Duck billed platypus.

We need to get that agility up, by the way.
No. 88383 ID: b1e366

No. 88384 ID: c0f3bf

No. 88387 ID: 276781

I gotta go with >>88382 - the platypus is like a combination of a bunch of different animals, and we're a massive conglomeration of a bunch of different voices. All working in unity to make or break our charge!
No. 88388 ID: 445c48

Nah, we don't want something completely aquatic.
No. 88389 ID: 51d0f5


(This is an Exalted animal. It's like 3/4 warhorse, 1/4 lion.)
No. 88390 ID: 697b23
File 126031445026.png - (16.18KB , 450x439 , cat_proximity.png )

Perfect animal for doing that is the cat.

Pic related.
No. 88391 ID: e75a2f

The Grues.
No. 88394 ID: 34470e

No. 88397 ID: 43d730

No. 88399 ID: 03a468

Rabbit :3
No. 88400 ID: 05c3ee

C'moooooon, cat.
No. 88401 ID: 51d0f5

I already suggested Simhata, but... If it MUST be a Charisma-ee animal, can it not be a cat? How about a mouse, or a dove? Or a cleverness pick, like a fox or a raccoon?
No. 88402 ID: bf957e

You want us to be 3/4 HORSE!?
No. 88408 ID: 78631b

Raven. Then learn Sorcery. And war form is just raven wings and eyes that see EVERYTHING.
No. 88409 ID: 51d0f5

What's wrong with that?

Plus, since we're weak with Body, having a fast and dangerous animal form could come in handy.
No. 88412 ID: 5d5878

Changing vote to raccoon to go with the whole "Mind" thing.
No. 88420 ID: cc6759
File 12603152268.png - (37.54KB , 700x700 , Lunabytheway.png )

Choose carefully, now. The ANIMAL you choose will decide your initial selection of MOON ABILITIES and will offer you MOVEMENT options that will not be without effort to obtain otherwise. And unlike the other questions I've asked you, you can't do anything to change your answer afterwards!

Your current strongest answer is CAT. Is that what you want?
No. 88425 ID: 5d5878

Stayin' on coon.
No. 88426 ID: 135d9a

Actually I would be willing to go with raccoon too. :V
No. 88427 ID: 51d0f5

Not cat! Anything but cat! That's the most unoriginal pick ever!
No. 88430 ID: 34470e

Actually, a raccoon is fine, too.
No. 88431 ID: 276781

Actually, I'll change my vote to Mantis Shrimp.
Or Raccoon, if that's not available as a choice.
No. 88434 ID: 03a468

Screw it, cat.
Raccoons are fat useless lumps.
No. 88440 ID: 5d5878

You sir have not had to deal with a pissed off raccoon at three in the morning.
No. 88451 ID: 51d0f5

Changing vote to Raccoon even though I still think Simhata is better, because Cat is the most cliche thing ever.
No. 88457 ID: 78631b

Along with fox and wolf.

Pick a bird so we can fly. Plus mental stats go well with owls, ravens and such.
No. 88464 ID: 445c48

Winged Platypus.
No. 88471 ID: 05c3ee

Okay fine raccoon geez.
No. 88476 ID: 03a468

No. 88490 ID: 51d0f5

Raccoon isn't as fast or lethal as other choices, and it can't fly, but it can blend in almost anywhere, which is handy if we're caught snooping around.
No. 88494 ID: 632862

Giant Eagle.
No. 88498 ID: 43d730

No. 88500 ID: 697b23


Or we could not be major douchebags, concerning ourselves with 'oh noes are we being teh clichy?'
No. 88508 ID: 276781

Raccoons are also nocturnal, which fits in with the MOON theme we've got going so far.
No. 88510 ID: 78631b

So... pangolin? Armadillo?
No. 88528 ID: ad91d9

Racoons, eh? Let's run with that.
No. 88529 ID: 54af1f

No. 88530 ID: 95ab41

pistol shrimp
No. 88532 ID: 087863


No. 88534 ID: 964033


In fact, we feel so strongly that we are catlike, that we groom ourselves with our feline tongue and meow in greetings at newcomers before rubbing our sides against them and purring.
No. 88539 ID: 2f6f8a

No. 88540 ID: b9af96

No, cat is retarded. PISTOL SHRIMP is fuckin awesome.
No. 88541 ID: f44349

No. 88542 ID: b8687a

Ferocious Feline.
No. 88543 ID: 03a468

Claw shrimp
No. 88545 ID: 7289d4

No. 88547 ID: 445c48

I change my vote to Skeletal Giant Eagle.
No. 88548 ID: 697b23

Oh well, cats are cool. Graceful, cunning, arrogant bastards.

I'd definitely prefer a cat to a mangy raccoon any day. And yes I've dealt with both.
No. 88549 ID: 597b9b

Only if we retain the pistol shrimps ability to create high intensity explosions by snaping our fingers.

Otherwise, I second racoon.

Also, this quest is looking to be awesome already.
No. 88551 ID: 5d5878

That was my first vote, but it doesn't go with the MIND thing I think.
No. 88552 ID: 6a6a5e

anything but cat

take that as -1 vote for cat.
No. 88555 ID: ba41e5
File 126031878127.jpg - (44.96KB , 450x364 , Corgi.jpg )

No. 88556 ID: 5f60be

I'm not quite sure that would work very well on land.

I vote for a Duck Billed Platypus. It can go along on land, and it can swim. In addition, they have a poison barb, and sense prey through electrolocation.

If we somehow turn into one with wings, all the better.
No. 88560 ID: 2b38c5

No. 88561 ID: 66f2a5

Corgi! so adorable.
No. 88562 ID: e3f578

Uh uh Corgi. Fuuuuuck yes the Corgi.

No. 88565 ID: cc6759
File 126031896768.png - (31.25KB , 700x700 , Saulanna.png )


No. 88566 ID: 603c39

Giant Eagle. We want to do something other than just walk around, flying's cool.

Maybe a giant owl for MIND
No. 88568 ID: 964033

Nickname self: Tanuki
No. 88569 ID: 4aad78

Well, so long as it isn't a cat.
No. 88571 ID: 51d0f5

Nice eyes.

>Nickname self: Tanuki
Better Nickname: Ricanya Raccoon
No. 88573 ID: c0f3bf

Yes. That is too perfect for words.
No. 88581 ID: 51d0f5

Say. Why did we pick high Mental stats when we're the ones making all the ideas anyway? Lunar Mental charms are kinda so-so anyway...
No. 88589 ID: cc6759
File 126032024422.png - (78.88KB , 700x700 , Intro7.png )

Alright, you're done! You're ready to set out! Or... are you? You still have no MEMORIES, so it's possible you don't even know how to do some things. Not even the BASIC stuff.

Well, tell you what, one last gift from me to you. The FULL MOON will last two more days. During that time, I'll give you INSTRUCTIONS on how you can interact with the world, and you can even PRAY to me to get answers to specific questions! I don't normally do this, but you look like you're going to be interesting. Heh heh.

Well, for now...

No. 88590 ID: c0f3bf

No. 88592 ID: 51d0f5

Make a triumphant pose.

Hug Luna.
No. 88594 ID: 445c48

No. 88600 ID: 5d5878

No. 88605 ID: 276781

Kicking ass? You got it, sweetcakes.

I suppose a hug's innocuous enough. Let's do that.
No. 88610 ID: cc6759
File 126032115625.png - (44.83KB , 700x700 , Scene2.png )


Luna disappeared in a dramatic flash of light after her last statement!

Saulanna's EMOTIONS are more confusion than triumph, but she has a go. She efficiently merges a victorious arm-raise with a hug-beeseching gesture towards the moon.
No. 88612 ID: f21281

No. 88613 ID: 34470e

Check size and firmness of breasts.
No. 88620 ID: 43d730

No. 88622 ID: 276781

With gusto.

Then find something with an ass to kick - preferably something that deserves it, mind.
No. 88626 ID: 5d5878

Er... Pray to Luna, ask "What now?"
No. 88627 ID: cc6759
File 12603228372.png - (26.57KB , 700x700 , verimportant.png )


First things first!

Saulanna has no memories of other women to compare herself against, but in terms of first-hand perception of size, each of her breasts seems to be not quite a handful. Thanks to her RIDICULOUS SAVVY, it occurs to her how unusual it must be that they are both the same size. They appear to be of pleasant firmness.

Saulanna's AROUSAL increases by a fraction.
No. 88630 ID: 34470e

OK, next thing, GO LEFT! If you can't go left, then go right.
No. 88631 ID: 445c48

It's time to embark on a quest.

Our quest? HUG THE MOON
No. 88632 ID: 445c48

Alternatively masturbating.
No. 88633 ID: cc6759
File 126032347249.png - (43.53KB , 700x700 , Scene1.png )


Saulanna's SAVVY suggests looking at where she is, first!

This is a SHADOWY LAND. It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a ZOMBY GOAST. Exits are NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, CLIFF, SKY and GROUND.

Salanna's ACUITY notes that there is a CREATURE to the EAST. It also allows her to note a feeling of her magic being STIFLED, despite her only gaining magic a moment ago. That's how good her ACUITY is! Her SAVVY posits that she will not be able to regain her MOON POWER very quickly while she remains under whatever effect is causing this.
No. 88636 ID: 34470e

No. 88639 ID: 135d9a

I guess go figure out what's to the east.
No. 88643 ID: fe0817

Sneak in the direction of East, don't let the creature detect you. Wait... Agility score... Nevermind...

Charm the heck out of the creature.
No. 88651 ID: cc6759
File 126032536133.png - (46.03KB , 700x700 , Scene3.png )

Saulanna goes EAST.

There is a BURLY-LOOKING FELLOW here. He is gazing at a FALLEN TREE. He does not appear to notice her.

Saulanna's ACUITY notes that the lower end of the tree and some of its branches are embedded in the dirt. Her SAVVY offers the theory that this PATH is in fact a dried-up river bed, which had deposited mud beneath the tree over time.
No. 88657 ID: e0499d

he haz no face...

charm the man?
No. 88662 ID: ad91d9

Figure out what this strange man is doing here!
No. 88668 ID: ad91d9

Question who he is and why he's standing there, looking like a log. Er. At a log.
No. 88670 ID: 51d0f5

Use SAVVY to determine LIVINGNESS of stranger.

If he is ALIVE, say hello. If not, punch him in the back of the neck as hard as you can.
No. 88678 ID: cc6759
File 126032751634.png - (46.70KB , 700x700 , Scene4.png )

Saulanna gives the man a pleasant greeting!

"... The tree fell...?"


Saulanna's SAVVY finds it difficult to draw definite conclusions without sufficient background education, but something is definitely wrong with this guy! Now that she pays attention, her ACUITY does note a lack of breathing on his part. He also has an OTHERWORLDLY QUALITY to him.
No. 88680 ID: 276781

A zombie, perhaps? Or someone in a zombielike trance? How odd.
No. 88682 ID: 192956

Well the man clearly needs help throw him over the tree.
No. 88683 ID: 51d0f5


More immediately, PUNCH ZOMBIE VERY HARD.
No. 88686 ID: 1831fc

He's undead, or a ghost.

Go around to his front and start digging at the tree.

It's obvious his body or something important to him is there.
No. 88689 ID: ad91d9

Wait, no punchings! Maybe he's a ghost. Maybe special powers are needed?

Pray to Luna and ask what wondrous MOON POWERS you have been granted and how to use them. Also, who/what the heck that guy is.
No. 88690 ID: 51d0f5

Also, use SAVVY to figure out what ACUITY and INTUITION might be used for, as these are your next highest stats. (Those and INSPIRATION, which is clearly to Kamina someone.)
No. 88692 ID: 697b23

Yeah, don't punch him.

That's so cliché.
No. 88700 ID: 43d730

Obviously, the only choice is SUPLEX.
No. 88702 ID: 632862

Try lifting the tree off the guy's corpse.
No. 88705 ID: cc6759
File 126032900840.png - (47.23KB , 700x700 , Scene5.png )

Saulanna delivers an INCOMPETENT STRIKE.

... That's not a zombie. That's not a zombie at all.

Saulanna's SAVVY agrees with your assessment that he is likely to be a ghost. Her TOUGHNESS is low enough that it'll be a chore to go digging with her bare hands, but it seems the best-

... Or it might be prudent to call Luna first.

SAVVY, ACUITY and INTUITION are game abstractions that are meaningless from Saulanna's perspective! From the words themselves, though, she would guess that ACUITY is about how keen your senses are and how well you can perceive things, while INTUITION measures how good you are at reacting without time to think properly and your ability to make decisions under stress.
No. 88712 ID: 51d0f5

(So she's good at making quick decisions, which is our job, good at producing solid judgments, which is our job, and good at thinking up inspiring speeches, which is our job...

...I won't say these are useless specializations, but this sure isn't going to be easy on the GM.)

Yes, call to Luna. Be like "Help, I don't know anything."
No. 88718 ID: cc6759
File 126032972329.png - (46.37KB , 700x700 , Scene6.png )

>Saulanna PRAYS to Luna.

Hello, you lot. Looking for answers? I expected you'd want them soon enough.

This looks like a good time to teach you about CHALLENGES.
No. 88724 ID: 51d0f5

No. 88741 ID: cc6759
File 12603304769.png - (46.21KB , 700x700 , Scene7.png )

A CHALLENGE is when you have to perform a difficult task. Very simple, really. You just compare your SKILL NUMBER to the the level of the CHALLENGE, and if it's matched or greater, you succeed. Your SKILL NUMBER is equal to the TALENT you need plus whatever relevant COMPETENCIES you have. Unfortunately, as an amnesiac, Saulanna does not have an COMPETENCIES at all! She'll pick them up as she goes on, and I expect her to do so quickly, thanks to her RIDICULOUS SAVVY.

Anyway, for example, one of you suggested Saulanna DIG under that tree. As a CHALLENGE, that simple action is level 2. Digging without tools is an exercise in TOUGHNESS, so Saulanna can make it - barely. Enough to dislodge things from just below the surface. If there's SOMETHING DEEPER that you need, she won't be able to do it without taking MUCH TOO LONG.

Now, you could try other methods. This GHOST, for example, is temporarily MATERIAL, and his TOUGHNESS is high enough to dig that out no problem. However, as a ghost, he is trapped in thoughts of his UNFINISHED BUSINESS. You would need RIDICULOUS INSPIRATION to talk him into action.

There are probably other solutions as well, and the one's I've outlined are useless, right? Well, not quite. This is where my MOON POWER comes in!
No. 88750 ID: 51d0f5

Surely there's an element of chance involved. Your Inspiration is only one point below that needed to Inspire the ghost...
No. 88763 ID: cc6759
File 126033134414.png - (46.32KB , 700x700 , Scene8.png )


Not chance, but tactical consideration! Allow me to explain.

As you can see, Saulanna's MOON POWER, or MP, is visible in the lower right corner of the screen. She currently has 12 MP. MOON POWER does lots of things! You can use it to SHAPESHIFT and to activate MOON ABILITIES, but the most immediate use for our situation is the MOON BOOST. Basically, you can spend a point of MP to double one of your TALENTS for one action! Handy, eh?

Be careful, though. MOON POWER takes some time to recharge, especially if you don't rest, and especially especially in this SHADOWY LAND. There is one other way to get it back, though: being cool! Whenever you perform AWESOME DEEDS, I'll return one (or maybe even more!) points of MOON POWER to the pool.

One more note about MOON POWER: as you can see, each dot is more brightly-coloured than the last. If you spend too much MP all at once, Saulanna will start to GLOW with lunar energy. People will be able to tell where she is, and that she's one of mine!

That should be all you need to know for now. Good luck!
No. 88769 ID: 445c48

To Luna: "Can I hug you?"
No. 88772 ID: 1f66ea

So we're essentially playing Exalted, awesome.
No. 88779 ID: cc6759
File 126033181583.png - (26.09KB , 700x700 , pause1.png )

[Time to pause for a while. Bedtime!]
No. 88780 ID: 51d0f5


"O Ghost! Know that I am SAULANNA RICANYA ROCKBLOSSOM, and you have spent far too long mulling over your misfortune instead of correcting it! By my will, you will defy Death itself and STRIKE THE EARTH!"
No. 88928 ID: 597b9b

That is what the OP said.
No. 89203 ID: fc53e5
File 126039587669.png - (51.14KB , 700x700 , Scene9.png )


Spending a point of MOON POWER, Saulanna boosts her INSPIRATION from "astonishing" up through "ridiculous", past "phenomenal" and "incredible", to TRULY SUPERHUMAN.

>"O Ghost! Know that I am SAULANNA RICANYA ROCKBLOSSOM, and you have spent far too long mulling over your misfortune instead of correcting it! By my will, you will defy Death itself and STRIKE THE EARTH!"
No. 89206 ID: fc53e5
File 126039602046.png - (31.04KB , 700x700 , Scene10.png )


"It... but... the tree...


You... you're right! What am I just standing around for!?"
No. 89207 ID: fc53e5
File 126039612766.png - (47.85KB , 700x700 , Scene11.png )

The ghost gets down and begins digging with INSPIRED gusto. Saulanna is pleased with the success of these new powers.
No. 89209 ID: f21281

Newcomer behind you.
No. 89210 ID: 43d730

Try to get a better look at his bum.
No. 89212 ID: 0d501f

While he's in a more lucid state, if you think it won't send him back into catatonia, ask why he's anchored to this world and not passed on to the next.
No. 89213 ID: 597b9b

I agree. Helping a mournful soul pass on seems like a worthy deed. Besides, not much else to do while he digs.

Also, whats that wispy thing above your head?
No. 89219 ID: f13c4d

That "Wispy thing" looks like it's behind some of the trees in the background, let's notice it before it eats us.
No. 89222 ID: 43d730

I think it's the bit of MOON POWAH that we used.
No. 89229 ID: fe0817

Can we regenerate moon POWAR by any means? Resting at inns? Pleasing the moon? sacrafices of young forest animals?
No. 89238 ID: 51d0f5

All of the above, I think. Not sure about the sacrifice part. Think it's more to do with eating.
No. 89239 ID: f13c4d

I would direct you, aswell as anyone else ignorant of Exalted to http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Exalted

Also, I feel I should remind you that we are part young forrest animal.
No. 89242 ID: fc53e5
File 126040442999.png - (23.39KB , 700x700 , Scene12.png )




He seems strongly focused on his task, but can speak a bit while he works. Apparently he had something hidden out here, and he was just about to deliver it elsewhere when this tree fell on top of him. He says he should have reconsidered using this CURSED FOREST.

After a moment, he uncovers his own SKELETON. It unnerves him, but he seems set on retrieving whatever it is that's underneath.


Something to the NORTH? the perpetual GLOOM in the trees makes it tricky to see anything, but with Saulanna's ACUITY it shouldn't be much trouble. She turns-
No. 89243 ID: fc53e5
File 126040459219.png - (27.70KB , 700x700 , zomby.png )


No. 89245 ID: 51d0f5

We don't know what Moon Abilities do.

Spend an MP to randomly activate a Moon Ability WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHAT IT IS.

This will be awesome if it works.
No. 89247 ID: f13c4d

Fucking called it!
No. 89252 ID: e3f578

Wiggle your tail, decrease its accuracy.
No. 89256 ID: 43d730

Throw it bodily into the woods.

Or beat it against a tree or something.
No. 89257 ID: f13c4d

Piddle self, call luna.
No. 89261 ID: fe0817

Uhmmm... charm it? Or challenge it to a battle of wits. Just make sure it is not the Oldest Game this time.
No. 89347 ID: 84297a

Don't use a gun; you have to kill fast, and bullets too slow.
No. 89399 ID: ad91d9

Er. Well. Um.

Oh hell. Go with using a random moon ability, if you can. If not, pray to luna for instruction.
No. 89483 ID: 5d5878

No. 89608 ID: fe0817

Switching my choice to commanding it to leave this place. Bonus points for You Shalt Not Pass speech.
No. 89714 ID: 107da3


Make him vanish in a puff of logic.
No. 89756 ID: 171e7b
File 126048404713.png - (48.08KB , 700x700 , Battle1.png )


Reaching randomly, you activate BEAST SENSES. Adopting the awareness of the canny RACCOON, your senses of SMELL, HEARING, SPIRIT and TOUCH are all enha-
No. 89757 ID: 171e7b
File 126048407442.png - (51.14KB , 700x700 , Battle2.png )


No. 89759 ID: 43d730

Punch though its chest.
No. 89760 ID: 276781

Worry about clothes later, concentrate on available combat abilities and not dying.
No. 89761 ID: 445c48

Look at that, it ripped right through the bra.
No. 89764 ID: 5aa60d

wow and considering how revealing that bra was its armour class must have been AMAZING
this is a seriously powerful ghost were fighting here, what combat abilities do we have?
No. 89766 ID: e3f578

This is what you get for not lowering it's accuracy. You could have dodged but no, now you have no shirt.

Your alertness has gone up at least. Dodge every future attack, try and find a weak spot with your senses. Then notify your new ghost friend who dug up his thing.

No. 89768 ID: 2cbe3e


Attack back by rubbing your rock hard nipples and wetting your lips. Let out a little moan.
No. 89769 ID: 171e7b
File 126048477733.png - (52.60KB , 700x700 , Battle3.png )

Protected slightly by the magical nature her body now possesses, Saulanna loses one HEALTH POINT. The burly ghost takes a defensive posture, but is too DISTRACTED by her WARDROBE MALFUNCTION to take other action.

The next TURN begins. Saulanna's high INTUITION puts her at the top of the queue.


Saulanna's SAVVY objects! It looks like the zombie ghost is a mindless entity of blind hunger and vengeance!

Concentrating on available abilities, Saulanna senses a number of combat-suitable options available to her, in addition to MOON BOOST:


She can also perform non-magical actions, of course!
No. 89770 ID: 5d5878

Claw it to more-death!
No. 89773 ID: 445c48

Moon claws, slice that honky up.
No. 89781 ID: e6bf37

No. 89784 ID: 51d0f5

War Form! Use War Form!

(If it's not obvious, a lunar's War Form means Morph Into A Big Furry Killing Machine)
No. 89785 ID: 597b9b

Seconding FLowing defense.
No. 89787 ID: 135d9a

That sounds like it'll work. Do that.
No. 89789 ID: e6bf37

War form might take more mana that FLOWING DEFENSE though. Also seeing that it only did one damage on us, with the additio
n of FLOWING DEFENSE it might not even be able to hurt us.
No. 89791 ID: 276781

Use SAVVY to determine what would be most effective to use against it.
If that would take too long or does not provide a clear answer, try some MOON CLAWS.
No. 89794 ID: 597b9b

My assumption would be that, since its a ghost, non-magical attacks probably won't be very effective.

No. 89796 ID: 51d0f5

It probably won't take more than one mana.

Also, this is probably our one opportunity for bare warform tits.

>My assumption would be that, since its a ghost, non-magical attacks probably won't be very effective.
That's a better point...
No. 89809 ID: e6b5e3

Didn't war form also give some sort of regeneration? It'll help heal that scratch.
No. 89812 ID: e6b5e3

He just clawed us, besides him being half zombie.
No. 89814 ID: 597b9b

My position would be, adopt flowing defense, and see if you can't get that ghost out of his stupor. Perhaps point out that there are more pressing matters at hand than your exposed cleavage.

If the BURLY GHOST can get the ZOMBIE GHOST's attention off of you, drop flowing defense and attack with MOON CLAWS.
No. 89815 ID: 597b9b

So? BURLY GHOST was digging through solid earth, yet our INCOMPETENT STRIKE went right through him.
No. 89821 ID: 445c48

We and BURLY GHOST have to hit ZOMBIE GHOST at the same time. We'll hurt the ZOMBIE part, he'll hurt the GHOST part.
No. 89826 ID: 51d0f5

>being half zombie.
I think that's an abstraction of the Hungry Ghosts in Exalted. The idea being that humans have two souls, and when you die, you can produce up to two ghosts, one of which is your higher thought and personality, the other being your base drives, emotions, and hungers. Like Ego/Superego vs Id.

...in fact, these two ghosts might be from the same guy.
No. 89827 ID: 5d5878

How convenient. You don't know how many times I've wanted to beat the shit out of my base instincts.
No. 89829 ID: e6bf37

That makes sense. They do have the same amount of HEALTH and hairstyle. But what does this mean...can we make BURLY GHOST posses his own dead body !!!! (don't think so)
No. 89832 ID: 597b9b

Hmm, I thought these two looked similar.
No. 89840 ID: 597b9b

Nah, they're both Ghosts, just representing two different aspects of the former living person's identity. The body is the thing buried under a tree, and it's just bones.
No. 89846 ID: e6bf37

Well that also makes sense. BURLY GHOST and ZOMBIE GHOST are perverts. Notice the shirt tearing and boob peaking.
No. 89862 ID: adbbab

Use moon claws, and tell mr ghost to follow up with his own attack!
No. 89870 ID: 51d0f5

While I'm pointing things out: Has anyone else noticed that Saulanna has a collar and manacles in addition to her sub-peasant grade clothing? She's probably an escaped slave or prisoner.
No. 89889 ID: fe0817

Command burly ghost to possess base desire ghost. Alternatively, give the ghost a hug.

If we are copying FFIV, they we may need the burly ghost to defend until the base desire ghost tire itself out.
No. 89896 ID: 276781

"Base desires" includes sexual appetite.
No. 89948 ID: 445c48

That's right! Rub BREASTS.
No. 90197 ID: 445c48

Allow me to ELABORATE:
Trick Zombie Ghost into attempting an UNWANTED SEXUAL ADVANCE, then have BURLY GHOST or YOURSELF attack him while he is DISTRACTED
No. 90199 ID: ada320

Offer Burly Ghost "some fun" if he beats Zombie Ghost. IT CAN'T POSSIBLY GO WRONG.

And you're an exalt, you're supposed to fuck every good looking being you come across.
No. 90204 ID: 43d730

No. 90212 ID: 4cd10a

No. 90220 ID: ada320

No. 90227 ID: e3f578

Why isn't Luna giving us more MP for being in mid-battle partially nude? That has to be awesome in a way, even by accident.

Half nude WARFORM baby! Let's hit us that shit.
No. 90307 ID: 4ce1b0

Nude WARFORM away!
No. 90308 ID: 4cd10a

We need this ASAP!
No. 90319 ID: f56f3c
File 126058024090.png - (51.29KB , 700x700 , Battle4.png )

>war form
>moon claws
>war form
>moon claws
>war form
>moon claws

War form is SHAPESHIFTING and moon claws are a MOON ABILITY. Saulanna can use them at the same time.

No. 90322 ID: f56f3c
File 126058041433.png - (60.96KB , 700x700 , Battle5.png )

>Saulanna takes her WAR FORM.
>Saulanna feels a surge of strange energy!
>Saulanna's BODY TALENTS go up one level!
>Saulanna begins to REGENERATE!

>Saulanna activates MOON CLAWS.
>Saulanna's NATURAL ATTACK gains DAMAGE!
>Saulanna can do harm to ethereal beings!
No. 90323 ID: 1831fc



No. 90324 ID: 43d730

Blast, I thought that would be worth at least a cup size.
Anyway, it probably has HUGE GUTS.
You know what to do.
No. 90325 ID: f56f3c
File 126058064099.png - (55.83KB , 700x700 , Battle6.png )

Saulanna delivers an INCOMPETENT STRIKE. Her enhanced AGILITY gives her a HIT!


The zombie ghost attempts to strike back, but Saulanna's improved AGILITY and the bonus from BEAST SENSES causes it to MISS.
No. 90327 ID: f56f3c
File 126058078082.png - (56.30KB , 700x700 , Battle7.png )

The zombie ghost is severely damaged!

The burly ghost is yet again DISTRACTED, this time by Saulanna's frightening transformation.

Another TURN begins.
No. 90329 ID: 34470e

My pants are tight.
No. 90331 ID: 276781

RIP AND TEAR some more.
Fuckin' zombie ghost is gonna regret ever crossing paths with you.

Also, would be a good time to learn how many turns/how long Moon Claws and War Form last.
No. 90333 ID: fd9a95

Sink those claws into that fresh ethereal energy!!!
No. 90337 ID: 4cd10a

Well I guess we're sorry that you made a thread that caught everyone's attention and made them want to participate and give their oppinions, then!
No. 90338 ID: 4cd10a

Also, rip and tear.
No. 90340 ID: 6cfb3f

Screw this fightin' nonsense - go find a boy raccoon and let it shag you rotten.
No. 90352 ID: 6157cc

Kick its tush. Rip and tear.
No. 90355 ID: 632862

Impale him with your claws then bite its head off.
No. 90359 ID: 19114e

Rip his arms off.
No. 90361 ID: 4cd10a

Yes, dissarm him, no pun inteded (I swear).
No. 90366 ID: 597b9b

awesome warform is AWESOME.
No. 90378 ID: 107da3


Eat the ghost.
No. 90458 ID: 51d0f5

Okay, so just shapeshifting with your tits out isn't epic enough for MP regain. Let's see here...

Spend yet another MP on boosting your SAVVY to EPICALLY ASTRONOMICAL levels. Combine this with your ENHANCED SPIRIT SENSES brought on by BEAST SENSES, as well as your mental link with LUNA, THE ARGENT MADONNA to discover if these two ghosts in fact represent the HUN and PO of a single human.

Figure out how to perform the IMPOSSIBLE TASK of RECOMBINING these souls into a SPIRIT SIDEKICK.
No. 90460 ID: 76ae02

This sounds reasonable and cool, I therefore second this notion.
No. 90468 ID: 54af1f


Eat the ghost!
No. 90472 ID: fd9a95

No. 90474 ID: e3f578

And if your SAVVY detects this is impossible, fuck the impossible and do it anyway.
No. 90713 ID: 442734
File 126066635297.png - (53.05KB , 700x700 , Battle8.png )

No. 90714 ID: 442734
File 126066637316.png - (53.49KB , 700x700 , Battle9.png )

No. 90715 ID: 442734
File 126066639755.png - (53.29KB , 700x700 , Battle10.png )

No. 90717 ID: b17d6c


Look around for more aggressors. If nothing, shift back to wimp form and go left.
No. 90719 ID: f44349


Damn, girl.
No. 90729 ID: 5aa60d

No. 90731 ID: 76ae02

eh, ghostly shit for the... Hai gais, does Khorne eat souls?
No. 90736 ID: 442734
File 126066758584.png - (29.06KB , 700x700 , Scene13.png )

Luna is impressed by the OVERKILL. She restores one point of MOON POWER!

The burly ghost seems to be very impressed with Saulanna's display of savagery.
No. 90738 ID: e3f578

Make powerful love with the ghost right now when the moment is ripe of battle, raise an MP.
No. 90740 ID: 76ae02

RIP AND TEAR the tree, too!
No. 90747 ID: 192956

No. 90751 ID: 76ae02

Oh yeah, that's a better idea, do blush.
No. 90752 ID: bbde1f

Hug Burly Goast in triumph.
No. 90753 ID: 76ae02

in b4 butter.
No. 90763 ID: 9289ae
File 126067148769.png - (25.93KB , 200x198 , durbutter.png )

No. 90764 ID: 5d5878

No! Shoo! Bad butter!
No. 90765 ID: 34470e

No. 90804 ID: 8e7062

Well, since you're in your war form now, moving the tree a bit to help the ghost dig up his IMPORTANT ITEM could be a possibility. Granted, that depends on how long the war form and moon claws LAST.
No. 90847 ID: f373c2

Don't do this unless the ghost asks for help. It's his unfinished business; he might want to clear it up himself.
No. 91089 ID: faeba9

If the zombie ghost is destroyed, turn back into normal form and comfort the burly ghost.
No. 91090 ID: 426169

Do this before fixing our clothing.
No. 91157 ID: e0499d


No. 91252 ID: e75a2f

Wait a minute, I call bullshit. Luna you have no goddamn powers at all. The moon is just a focus of the sun, therefore all your powers are really SUN POWERS, derived from SOL; probably because he/she feels lonely or sorry for you.

I'm calling your bluff.
No. 91254 ID: eebe97
File 126075124944.png - (6.41KB , 207x203 , lunastare.png )


Saullana won't even consider doing any of these things until her AROUSAL is high enough!

sweet gaia it's like you haven't even read the manual
No. 91255 ID: 5aa60d

you never gave us a manual.
also how does i shot arousal level?
No. 91258 ID: 426169

Chill, but deactivate that WARFORM if you haven't already. We tore that guy up, we don't need it anymore. And if we impress the burly ghost any more he will sexually assault you. By running away.
No. 91259 ID: c8028f

So let's ignore the perverts and see if the burly ghost wants help with his task.
No. 91260 ID: eebe97
File 126075170963.png - (7.18KB , 207x203 , lunafindsthishilarious.png )


Gosh, you're right! If only this setting were on a flat plane bordered by the madness of unreality, so that the sun literally disappeared every night and was replaced by a moon that glows under its own power... and if only its gods were made by the unfathomable Titans to fulfill certain functions in their own right, with their local manifestations in the sky merely tools for them to fulfill those duties! Then I would have power, possibly as the shapeshifting god/dess who holds power over chaos and trickery. But no. I am merely a reflection, whose sole power is to deceive.


... Just kidding!
No. 91261 ID: e75a2f

...I'm onto you...
No. 91267 ID: 276781

Hey Luna, hey
Do you know why we named ourself 'Saul'?

Let me make it clearer for you
Because Sol is your perfect other :3c
No. 91270 ID: 51d0f5

So Saulanna's AROUSAL does not increase while killing things? Good to know. I guess. :(

Maintain incredible awe-inspiring WARFORM while silently encouraging the ghost to complete his task.

In the meantime, attempt to construct a new top out of SPIRIT FLESH.
No. 91275 ID: e0499d

but how would we use sex to get people to do stuff?
oh wait... we can inspire...
No. 91278 ID: eebe97
File 126075346546.png - (45.57KB , 700x700 , Scene14.png )

Saulanna drops her WARFORM and MOON CLAWS, now that combat is over. It seems they are not conductive to SOCIAL INTERACTION.

The zombie ghost has dissipated.

The burly ghost seems very nervous now! He says he is very sorry for not realizing you were a HERO OF THE MOON. He thought you were an ordinary BEAST-BLOODED and says he will be much more respectful now, ma'am, and will continue his digging if it is entirely agreeable with you of course miss please don't hurt me.
No. 91280 ID: eebe97
File 126075351543.png - (43.14KB , 700x700 , Scene15.png )

Partially because she feels like some comforting herself, Saulanna gives the ghost a HUG. He is cold.

Saulanna's EMOTIONS raise slightly.
No. 91282 ID: f21281

"Give me your shirt."
No. 91283 ID: eebe97
File 126075359337.png - (43.06KB , 700x700 , Scene16.png )

The ghost wonders if perhaps maybe you would like to have his PHANTOM SHIRT.
No. 91284 ID: 5aa60d

kiss him on the cheek and ask if you can borrow his shirt
No. 91285 ID: e0499d

hugging while naked?
niice... Getting clothes for your upper body is advisable...
No. 91289 ID: f373c2

Gently whisper something comforting in his ear, like "Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you."
No. 91290 ID: 5aa60d

then nibble on his ear a little
No. 91291 ID: f44349

Blush furiously.

Also inb4 phantom shirt disappears at the most inopportune/shenanigans-causing moment.
No. 91292 ID: 632862

Interesting. We can touch him now that he's regained his mind.


No, I'm not going to suggest THAT yet. Just take his shirt for now.
No. 91294 ID: 51d0f5

Accept the shirt.

Tel him he's more than welcome to complete his business, and you'd be happy to help him complete his tasks. However, ask if it's possible for him to hang out with you over the mid to long term.
No. 91312 ID: 2a822a

Wooh! Hug! Awesome!
Also, do this.
No. 91315 ID: 5d5878

How the hell would we wear a ghost's shirt?
No. 91319 ID: 276781

Look down at own BREASTS. Announce "Damn, that's the third one this week," then accept PHANTOM SHIRT.
No. 91329 ID: eebe97
File 126075672315.png - (47.51KB , 700x700 , Scene17.png )

Saulanna gains and dons the PHANTOM SHIRT. It is somewhat large for her.

The ghost thanks her for her permission and returns to his excavations. At her questioning over continued hanging-out prospects, he seems anxious. He is very polite about it but does not seem keen on committing to anything.
No. 91336 ID: 632862

Well, he probably thinks he's going to move on to the afterlife soon. Let's stick around and see if he needs any more assistance in that endeavor.
No. 91347 ID: 5aa60d

check out his MANLY ABS and SWEET ASS while he is digging
No. 91351 ID: 534df4

No I just think he's as scared as hell of us and would rather not have his guts ripped out for angering us.
No. 91352 ID: 2a822a

Alternatively, go right.
No. 91368 ID: 445c48

Ask if you can help.
No. 91465 ID: 8e7062

Let the poor guy continue to dig without further hugs or haranguing. I'm rather interested in what he's after.
No. 91863 ID: f57e4b

Explore the general area while he digs!
No. 93025 ID: f8c23f
File 126101054779.png - (36.10KB , 700x700 , Scene18.png )


He does indeed have a well-developed musculature. Perhaps he was some sort of physical labourer when he was alive.

Saulanna gains a small amount of AROUSAL from watching his shirtless efforts.


Success comes quick! He excavates a MYSTERIOUS BOX and carefully removes any dirt remaining. The wood is remarkably easy to clean, despite its burial.

How... strange. Saulanna's high ACUITY and beast senses ability allows her to hear a very faint MUSIC from inside the box. She can't quite make it out...
No. 93034 ID: 632862

"What's in the box? What's in the booooox?"
No. 93038 ID: 5aa60d

ask him whats in the box

and can we have an arousal meter on our UI?
No. 93067 ID: e0499d

yeah, and all the other stats too so that we clog the screen.
It'd be better if we could just see the stats that went up on that post so we know our statuses.

Anyway, open box facing away from you
No. 93069 ID: 597b9b

Lean in close behind him and ask him what it is. A music box?
No. 93109 ID: c9ef51

ASk him what is in that box for greater justice!
No. 93290 ID: 1349ad

Just ask him what's in the box and why he needed to dig it up.

Also, no to the arousal meter. Let's not taint our suggestions by knowing exactly how aroused she is. Those kinds of cues should be visual anyway.
No. 93301 ID: 597b9b

No. 94184 ID: fce6fd
File 126119628873.png - (35.99KB , 700x700 , Scene19.png )

The ghost confirms that it is a MUSIC BOX. He seems to grow a little more shy of answering, however, when you ask why it was so important he retrieve it.

After a moment, however, Saulanna's high INSPIRATION does it's job, and he starts to explain.
No. 94188 ID: fce6fd
File 126119640541.png - (25.59KB , 700x700 , Scene20.png )

There was this woman... Ruive, he calls her (and somehow, Saulanna recognizes that word as meaning "blade of grass"). She was a BEAST-BLOODED, like he thought you were, but who cared about that any more? She was unusual, he says: she was from far away, she lived up at the spring where the stream came from, she made strange mixtures of strange ingredients, people said that she spoke to spirits... and she had a collection of books and CURIOS, the supply of which was occasionally replenished by a brief excursion or the arrival of a mysterious visitor.

This box, he explains, was one of those. Ruive had seemed excited by the thing, and whenever he visited to drop off wood or food she would be poking at it, trying to get it to work. But she never got it to play... and as time went by, she got more and more frustrated, as if she'd put great hopes in there that weren't answered. Eventually, she threw it out.

Getting a little more hesitant in his retelling, the ghost goes on to tell how he took it himself, and thought maybe he could figure out why it didn't work; the inside was all little golden gears and systems. He hid it away at the base of the small waterfall, and whenever he was free he would go and try to puzzle it out. It took him years, but although some parts were still strange he eventually found that the actual problem was just one simple mechanical piece. He had to go out on a long trip to the nearest city, and what he got wasn't anything like the quality of of the original, but it worked...

A wistful look passes over his face as he describes hearing the music play the first time, in the dark of the forest, the water rushing nearby; he had stayed out all night finally fixing it. And when it was done, he grabbed the box and ran right away to bring it to Ruive...


... Then he died...
No. 94196 ID: d1dbf3

well then lets go help him deliver it to Ruive.
No. 94207 ID: 51d0f5

Become moved by his story, and agree to help him deliver it to her, or to her descendants, if that's what it takes.
No. 94280 ID: 15f6d6

This is what we must do to put his soul to rest.
No. 94295 ID: 41f88d

Shouldn't we at least try to find out how he died? Maybe the music box attracts deadly animals. Or maybe its music is so haunting it TURNS YOU INTO A GHOST.
No. 94313 ID: 697b23

We can't discount the possibility that Ruive was the one who killed him...
No. 94434 ID: 82167e

Given where his bones and the box are, the tree probably just fell on him. Oops.
No. 94565 ID: 9cbac6

That would be a pretty frustrating time to die.
No. 96828 ID: 8af4a4
File 126154099611.png - (47.60KB , 700x700 , Scene21.png )

Saulanna is moved by the ghost's tale! Focusing her steely gaze skyward, she dedicates herself to helping him find peace! The two of them set off...

... to the map screen!
No. 96834 ID: 8af4a4
File 126154143959.png - (14.94KB , 700x700 , map1.png )

The ghost describes to you the location of both his HOME VILLAGE and RUIVE'S HOUSE. However, he does not know what may have happened in the time since he died, how long ago that was or how far this SHADOWY LAND may extend. He describes the two simplest paths to Ruive's home: to follow the dried stream's path further to where it crosses a path, which will lead back along a gentle slope; or to return along it to where Saulanna first became aware and attempt to climb the cliff.

>A portion of the map is revealed!

>The moon is full.
No. 96836 ID: 31fa25


Follow the dried stream path.
No. 96842 ID: 51d0f5

Full moon means you're more suited to performing feats of strength and athleticism. Go for the cliff.
No. 96846 ID: 632862

Eh, let's go to the cliff briefly just to see how hard it would be to climb.
No. 96854 ID: c35a59

What are we, mortal? Climb the fucking cliff while carrying the ghost and his box assuming he can't just levitate.
No. 100814 ID: d3069e
File 126211958575.png - (49.20KB , 700x700 , decisions.png )

Saulanna and the ghost make their way to the cliff. Unfortunately, a problem presents itself! Climbing a sheer surface such as this is an exercise in AGILITY. Both he and her possess only Average scores in that Talent, which is not sufficient by itself. The ghost does have a COMPETENCY in OUTDOORSYNESS that would allow him to make the climb, but not while his hands are occupied with the music box.

Asked whether he can simply levitate or something, the ghost admits that he cannot: his selection of GHOST ABILITIES is extremely limited. Saulanna will have to use her MOON POWER to get them up... barring an IMAGINATIVE SOLUTION, of course.
No. 100815 ID: c0f3bf

Punch the cliff SO HARD that rocks fall down and you are able to climb up them like stairs. Don't have remarkable strength for nothing.
No. 100816 ID: f78140

you are in a forest. if any of that wood is still green, it can be bent, and if it can be bent, you can shape and bind it into a backpack of sorts for the music box. as for you getting up, follow the ghost's lead; if it works for him, in theory it should work for you if you copy him almost exactly.
No. 100824 ID: b082e5

Do the trees reach up to the cliff edge? You could just climb up a tree then haul yourself up to the edge.
No. 100827 ID: f373c2

Make a rope out of nearby plant products, have the ghost carry it up, then use it to follow him.

How long will that take? It might be worth it to just go the long way.
No. 100831 ID: 9cf63d

I'm going to agree that utilizing the trees is probably your best bet here.
No. 100841 ID: e75a2f

If the cliff is not very high, have the ghost give you the box and climb up. Then throw the box to the ghost. Then either use some MOON POWER to climb up yourself or see if the ghost can't assist your climb.

Otherwise, get a more conclusive readout of that guy's GHOSTLY ABILITIES
No. 100849 ID: f373c2

Don't risk damaging the box.

If the trees aren't tall enough to reach the top of the cliff, you can at least make a shorter rope if you only need to reach the treetops instead of the ground.
No. 100850 ID: c66207

We could probably use moon claws to climb easily, perhaps even carrying the ghost.
No. 100867 ID: 445c48

Go the other way. Probably simpler.
No. 100869 ID: f373c2

But also much longer, and we don't know how much. The shortcut is a good idea if we can figure out a decent way of using it.
No. 100874 ID: 791976

I'm assuming Saulanna can carry the ghost up using her moon power, however, I'm wondering if the ghost is strong enough to carry Saulanna, thus saving some MP.
No. 100877 ID: e0aea5

Tie the box to the ghost and have him climb up, then use a dot of moon power to climb up yourself.
No. 100878 ID: e0aea5

Actually, climb up first, so the ghost will be more "encouraged" as he climbs.
No. 100880 ID: 51d0f5

Use his OUTDOORSYNESS to construct a crude but sturdy BACKPACK for the box. Alternately, construct some ROPE so you can carry it up once you climb to the top.
No. 100965 ID: e0499d

go other way, or
1: find vines
2: make ropes from vines
3: use rope to strap box to self.
4: have ghost climb with extra rope
5: have ghost tie rope from some tree above
6:climb rope yourself
No. 101423 ID: 22722e
File 126219987917.png - (32.98KB , 700x700 , science.png )


Remarkable Might is only the level of a heavy labourer or village strongman! Not enough to punch cliffs into stairways.

No. 101425 ID: 22722e
File 12621999302.png - (49.22KB , 700x700 , Scene22.png )

... Oh, wait. That accuracy would require either high Agility or precision tools. Forget it!
No. 101427 ID: 22722e
File 12622001359.png - (52.41KB , 700x700 , getrope.png )

Most of the trees seem to be dead, but with Saulanna's high ACUITY and the ghost's OUTDOORSYNESS, the pair do find saplings of some DARK WOOD. With further help from her companion, she succeeds in weaving the fibers of their bark into ROPE!

No. 101428 ID: 8e2e01

well screw it we shouldn't be wasting moon power on this
lets just walk the long way around
No. 101431 ID: 22722e
File 126220031355.png - (16.50KB , 700x700 , map2.png )

With the music box strapped to his back, the ghost succeeds in climbing the cliff. Once up, he unties the rope and lowers it to Saulanna, allowing her to climb.

The vantage from the top of the cliff reveals a little more of the MAP.
No. 101434 ID: 597b9b

EXCELLENT! Onword, to deliver the magnificent music maker to the mix-breed madam!
No. 101436 ID: 597b9b

BTW, there is a tgchan IRC channel if you're interested.

irc.rizon.net #rubyquest and #tgchan

No. 101925 ID: 2855c8

what charms do we have total?

can we sense our solar mate?
No. 102251 ID: c0f3bf

Okay then! Off to music box land!

...Try to watch out for death knights
No. 102259 ID: af3e6d

Yeah, time to go complete the FUCK outta this task.
No. 102477 ID: 51d0f5

Proceed straight to the village where Ruive lived. She's been waiting for years. Maybe decades. Maybe we'll just find her ghost. In any event, no need to make her wait longer.
No. 102637 ID: e75a2f

Go with the ghost to the village and return the music box if she's there. If not ask around because somebody probably knows where she went.
No. 102916 ID: bf8e75

theres the possibility that her house is also in the deathland. we would have to face the superego of a beastman if this is true.
No. 103720 ID: 7b807e

No. 103820 ID: 107d80

Guys, Ruive's house was not at this guy's home village. We're heading to the house now. RIGHT NOW IN FACT.


Waait. Ridiculous Savvy makes her a mad genius?


NEW OBJECTIVE: Find reason to go mad. Create doomsday device. Hold world hostage.
No. 103827 ID: ad8569

dont toy with this, exalted can build soul-empowered nuke bombs.

as to henchman, lunars are famous for making beastmen. guess how and why.
No. 103838 ID: 107d80


Sir, your arguments are not at all that discouraging.

...But fine. I'll stop suggesting the world hostage thing. BUT SO HELP ME, IF SHE CAN LEARN ALCHEMY SOMEWHERE SHE WILL.
No. 104020 ID: 57fe20
File 126249067767.png - (35.42KB , 700x700 , Scene23.png )

... Saulanna doesn't think anyone lives here any more.
No. 104022 ID: 488063

You never know.
No. 104025 ID: c0f3bf

Call out for ghosts.
No. 104027 ID: ad8569

yep, shadowland was created at the cost of all living nearby creatures.

send HOT GOAST DUDE in first. with super music box.
No. 104032 ID: 632862

Is that a RIVER of BLOOD?!
No. 104033 ID: ad8569

shadowlands: home of BADASS EMO DEMIGODS since the birth of genocide.
No. 104038 ID: ad8569

also there is a thread on >>questdis/318207 about exalted setting.

it is made of awesome and win. catch up with it.
No. 104039 ID: ad8569


i fail in crossboard linking =c
No. 104231 ID: 51d0f5

>send HOT GOAST DUDE in first. with super music box.
No way. You're a Celestial Exalted. That means you go first.

Investigate to find clues of what happened to the inhabitants!
No. 104240 ID: ace43d

There's still a QUEST to complete! Saulanna can't be discouraged just yet just because of a piddly little pool of BLOOD! >:(

Take heart, and enter to investigate, using your SAVVY to see if you can figure out what's happened here. Tell the ghost to be on lookout and call if there's anything.

Saulanna should also feel a little bit miffed at whatever created the current status of this land. There needs to be serious BUTT-KICKING for GOODNESS at some point.
No. 104270 ID: 5feace

we are a newbie exalted. we have no memories or skills. a superego of a beastman may just be able to kill us.

well i dunno, we could as well search outside for any clue what is inside.

use beast sense, walk around house? also investigate the pool of blood a bit.
No. 104590 ID: ad93e3
File 126256951144.png - (38.96KB , 700x700 , Scene24.png )


There's no door!


Saulanna's BEAST SENSES ability is still active. If there were any creatures living or dead nearby, she'd know. There's nothing.

It's actually sort of unnerving.


Yep, that's blood! There's something wrong with it, though. Saulanna's LUNAR INSTINCTS are acting up - presented with the sight and smell of blood, they want her to drink some, but at the same time are very insistent that this particular blood is wrong somehow.

Her MOON POWER twists uncomfortably inside her. A dark and broken force weighs heavily on this area.

Saulanna looks up the river...
No. 104591 ID: ad93e3
File 126256954717.png - (41.03KB , 700x700 , manse.png )

... Hmm.
No. 104594 ID: e75a2f

Hmmm... That's unusual...
No. 104596 ID: 119b5c

I spy loot!
Now, it's gotta be something bad, as the river of blood suggests, however, I spy a gem set in the head of the dragon. Might be worth a coin or two.
No. 104608 ID: b14128

...No offense, but I get the feeling that's less the 'Shiny-valuable-loot' type of gem and more the 'Corrupting-evil-bad' kind.
No. 104619 ID: 5feace

if its a hearthstone its worthless cuz its a abyssal type. but it also means theres a deathknight here, and some people may be able to put it to good use.

ask luna for help. wathc cinematics.

oh. it just ocurred to me that maybe the beastmen we are supposed to deliver is a deathknigth. thus, this altar near its home.
No. 104622 ID: dc06af

Look up.
No. 104628 ID: 5feace

also, expect dickery from a social based abyssal. if you see someone playing mind tricks, we found our deathknight.

oh shit. the hearthstone ISNT there. we need to destroy the manse somehow.
No. 104637 ID: b14128

Do this, and ask Luna for help.

...Also, guys, stop assuming the world is like Exalted, it might be similar, but we don't how -how- similar.
No. 104651 ID: 5feace

better ask questions straight away:

where is this manse's hearthstone?
is it useful to us?
how to better destroy the manse?
are you winning the game of divination?
No. 104660 ID: 34bfdb

Pretty much this. Ask Luna what we should do about this abomination, this wrong must be fixed! and... yeah cut the meta already.

Our character is a blank slate, even she doesn't know this stuff! Let us explore, and discover in game rather then opening the campaign guide, and making assumptions.

Funner that way for everyone I think ^_^;
No. 104693 ID: f373c2

Say hello to the dragon statue. It might be friendly.
No. 104932 ID: 119b5c

Damn the consequences. If there is something new to be gotten. Steal it. Lose it later. Don't care. I just want to have it once.
No. 105022 ID: 51d0f5

Investigate the statue for clues on who built it.

Hesitantly taste some of the blood.
No. 105100 ID: c0f3bf

We need Luna, this might have ASTRONOMICAL SIGNIFICANCE!
No. 105195 ID: 107da3


Steal the orb thingy.
No. 105512 ID: c2c011

Time for some fuckitall awesome. Swagger in there like you own the fucking place, because now you do.

Whoever owns the place tell them that you're there to deliver a gift to them with your ghostly servant. Watch for reactions and be prepared to hulk out and rip and tear. We can't have abyssals running around, well unless they agree to serve us on our quest for... SCIENCE!!!
No. 105514 ID: 03cccb

Look up, report to Luna and ask for some halp.

What happened here would be somewhat useful knowledge.
No. 105949 ID: a19994
File 126275269948.png - (30.02KB , 700x700 , Scene25.png )


There's no decoration or parapet or anything. Just a huge, featureless white pillar driven into the landscape. It's pretty damn tall, though.


Saulanna's BEAST SENSES are little use, since raccoons are not known for their eyesight. Fortunately, humans are, and her keen human senses tell you that that's just an empty depression in the statue's head! It looks like something's supposed to fit in there... but if there was, someone's taken it.

There is a big orb curled in the tip of the statue's tail, but it's about three feet wide and set into the column.


Time to call Luna!
No. 105971 ID: a19994
File 12627535426.png - (41.43KB , 700x700 , prayin.png )

Hey there again, guys. I see you got through your first combat without me... and found yourself in a somewhat interesting situation!

I should tell you, though, before we get any further: I'm just here to fill you in on how the world works. It'd be no fun if I just told you the solution to your problems; in any case, it's not like I'm all-knowing up here.

Still, I can instruct you on a couple of things.
No. 105979 ID: b14128

...Hey, is ghost-dude over there alright? He looks like he's kinda down in the dumps (Which is understandable...)

...Err... Hi Luna! Wasn't directing that at you, sorry.
No. 105980 ID: 445c48

"What's up with the river of blood? And how can I improve my relationship with BURLY GHOST?" It's hard to grab an ass that's incorporeal!"

Also, whoops, I don't think we asked the Burly Ghost his name.
No. 105984 ID: 445c48

Ignore those quotation marks after Ghost
No. 105989 ID: 8b9792

wat is a manse?
(throw ghoast shirt on floor)
but a miserable pile of secrets?

ok, srsly, ask about urge to drink blood, what are manses and how to pwnd them.

...maybe about the nearest settlement of lunars?
No. 105991 ID: 8b9792

ask about deathlands too. and i think its safe to ask about ebon dick and his scourges.
No. 106000 ID: c0f3bf

"Luna, do you have any idea what this thing is? Cuz we don't want to somehow accidentally revive a psychotic demon or something.
No. 106007 ID: a19994
File 126275477280.png - (36.25KB , 700x700 , prayin2.png )


For a start, let me just say that I'm basically willing to give you information that'll make up for your amnesia; stuff most every Lunar would know. I could help you more, but really, the whole point of me making you my champion was that you'll do stuff I like, in exchange for getting superpowers.

If you want bona-fide miracles or divine guidance, that'll require some serious Religion all up in here. And y'know, I don't see any voracious hell-beasts around whose still-beating hearts you could tear from their chests to offer me. I am doing pretty well in the Games, though, thanks for asking!

Now, I guess I can tell you what a MANSE is, and how it relates to your dealie.

Basically, a MANSE is a structure built to harness the magical energy in the landscape of a PLACE OF POWER, for various uses. However, when the vitality flowing through the land is blocked or twisted - for example, this SHADOWY LAND - these MANSES stop working or are corrupted. This girl you're looking for probably made her home next to this one in order to harness its power somehow, and likely left when the shadows finally managed to strangle it. Now it's a DEATH MANSE, and whatever power in it is helping spread the taint further.

MANSES provide power to their owner, if they're a magical being, and concentrate at least part of their magic into a gemstone HEART, which can provide power to the one who carries it. Can't tell you who has this one's, though!
No. 106011 ID: 51d0f5

"I don't even know enough to ask an intelligent question. I found a river of blood coming from a huge stone pillar and a big dragon statue curled around a gemstone the size of my torso. And there's ghosts and stuff and... what's with all this death, anyway?"
No. 106012 ID: 6faa8c

"What if we destroyed this manse? would that help the land?"
No. 106014 ID: 8b9792

let him finish the replies? i can fill in the small gaps after.
No. 106015 ID: c0f3bf

"Would destroying the manse stop the stone's power? I mean, it's pretty clear the guy that's holding this one is a baddie."

It probably wouldn't be a good idea anyway, what with us trying to keep a low profile, but it helps to know these things.

"Do we have some kind of linking/tracking magic in out repertoire? Find her shoe, trace her path kind of thing?"
No. 106034 ID: 8b9792

i just realized i suck at basic reading.

we must use our mind status to destroy the manse. this will not really revert the shadowland but it will help. also consider a scourge is using a heartstone that will be disabled when we destroy the manse :>

its a death manse. it produces shadow energy instantly delivered at the shadow hearthstone. its like a portal that links to a MP pool., but not for our type of pool.
No. 106039 ID: 74fd41

we can't just climb up there and kick the ball loose can we?
No. 106043 ID: 8b9792

im sure its worth some, but that ball is just decoration.

the real hearthstone fits in your hand confortably.
No. 106056 ID: a19994
File 126275597460.png - (40.97KB , 700x700 , prayin3.png )


You have the urge to drink blood because that's how you learn new SHAPES to turn into! Next time you're fighting a living creature, try to do a sufficiently impressive FINISHING MOVE. Pull it off, and you can drink their HEART'S BLOOD and learn to take their form.


Do you mean this SHADOWY LAND? It's a place where the LAND OF THE DEAD touches to THE LAND OF THE LIVING. The death-magic in the environment is what stifles your ability to regain MOON POWER, and what allows your ghost friend to be material when he's normally ethereal... at least, at night. If you try to leave the domain of the shadows at night, you'll go into the underworld; leave during the day, and you'll pass into the real world.

As for the Ebon Dragon... Well, you don't need to worry about him or his servants where you are, and you're a bit young, so don't bother your head yet. I've got some more experienced people working on the problem.


It'd remove the MANSE'S contribution to the spread, but it takes a bit of more serious mojo to actually clear the existing corruption. Damaging the thing would break its connection to its HEART, though, and deprive whoever has it of its powers.

I'll be impressed if you can damage the thing, though. It's magically reinforced by the power going through it.


Well, you have your BEAST SENSES. With your ACUITY, your nose could probably pick up a scent.
No. 106062 ID: 8b9792

when praying stops, START SNIFFIN!

also, attempt to use MIND POWERS with BOOST to study MANSE and theoretical ways of destroying it.

how long till dawn? i forgot about the nigth/day thing ._.
No. 106063 ID: 6faa8c

If we went battle form and blew a full load of moon power, that might do it.
No. 106072 ID: 8b9792

hold your horses till we find the lady to deliver the music box.

one more thing, there is no such deal as impossible in exalted:
>I'll be impressed if you can damage the thing, though. It's magically reinforced by the power going through it.

we can destroy it, but not with pude damage. take time to think it trorougthly. we are gonna stunt like madmen and adquire all our MP back :3c
No. 106080 ID: c0f3bf

Hold on, I thought we could die or go crazy by changing forms? And I don't think drinking some random blood would be a good idea.
No. 106087 ID: 668828

taking the heart might take enough of its power that beast form+moon claws+RIP AND TEAR could do some damage, and once we make a weak spot it wont take much more to break some chunks off
No. 106088 ID: 8b9792

luna didnt said but that is blood from the manse thus no animal we hunted.

yeah, changing shape in the wyld is kinda dangerous. im sure it is also in the outside, just not by much. or not at all.
No. 106093 ID: 8b9792

we dont have the heart (pun not intended).

some random evil dude has it. and when the manse is destroyed he will wonder where is his extra MP. scourges cant recover MP outside shadowland, much like we cant here.
No. 106098 ID: 8b9792

i just realized we also dont have a martial art. its better to flee the emoland after making the delivery.
No. 106195 ID: b62d89
File 126277705947.jpg - (93.56KB , 450x600 , Battering_ram.jpg )

How much of the manse do we need to destroy to make it useless, and how much OMPH is required? I mean, the dragon's head looks easier to break off than the big pillar...But Luna said it was magically reinforced. We have to think smarter, not just bruter. Good thing that is what Saulanna is good at!

We have rope (and could hopefully make more), basic woodwork competency and there are a lot of trees around. If we found an axe or something, or if we used our war form+claws we could, with work and some help from the ghost, make a simple, primitive siege engine (much more simple than sample picture, but hopefully sufficient).

Then we could hammer on the weak part of that manse (dragon's throat) like there was no tomorrow, and if anything comes to stop us, RIP AND TEAR. It might not be crazy stunting, but disabling a wicked manse on your first day of 'xaltation? Good stuff.

Oh, and once prayer-time is over, encourage your ghostly friend, he seems to be slipping into depression. Touch his shoulder gently and be softly inspiring this time.

"You poor man...This was no easy sight, was it? But take heart and shake off your hopelessness, for I have not given up; we will find your friend yet! So rise! This is no time to rest. There is more to do still for the both of us."
No. 106220 ID: 342988

...or we get help from nearby GOASTS DUDES AND DUDETTES and come back to it later.

i think its weird for all the undead and ghosts to not be found like that. im pretty sure these emolands are very dangerous to anything that lives because of those kind of things.

if we discover a bonestrider was build using them as pieces, i will enter in a simultaneous state of glee and terror.
No. 106221 ID: 119b5c

Also, Luna. Your awesome.

Well, since there is nothing to do with this Manse, I guess it's time to sniff around the house!
No. 106238 ID: 107da3



Time to make some THERMITE.
No. 106244 ID: 8dc9d5

I dunno, we'd need to find aluminum...
How hard do you think it would be to get potassium chlorate or nitric acid?
If we can get potassium chlorate, than we can make black powder, and if we get nitric acid, we can get a rudimentary form of gun-cotton, also know as nitrocellulose.
No. 106247 ID: 8ecfd4

Through the power of SCIENCE!

I say we use our very massive intellect and find some structual weaknesses in this thing. Then we need some tools to bring it down. We need to SCIENCE our way towards dynamite, or atleast nitroglycering.

Come on chemistry fags, get cracking on how to mix up high volatile explosives without a lab and in the middle of the forest.
No. 106248 ID: 342988

thats... not a bad idea. exalted use a flintlock type of weapon called firewand, but im not sure how we could find or make it here.
No. 106250 ID: 8ecfd4

So long as we can get some explosives. If we could find Sulfur we could probably mix up some black powder, not high quality stuff but it should explode. If we can find an animal farm we might be able to get some low quality black powder and blow some shit up.
No. 106257 ID: 51d0f5

Black Powder doesn't exist in Exalted. We could try to make some firedust but I have no idea how.

Search the house for TOOLS. You could use some kind of CHISEL to crack the depression the HEARTHSTONE would have fit into, which would be enough to break the manse.
No. 106263 ID: 8ecfd4

Well we need some sort of explosives or a way to make stuff explode. I mean how else to you destroy a house in a balls to the walls awesome way?

OK there are a few, but we're not hulk strong or kung fuie enough to pull off those. We need some epic levels of intuition so that we find the weak spot that brings it all down.
No. 106574 ID: 4f8e95

u guys know there is a thread about luna quest in >>/questdisc/318207 ?

currently we should search surroundings and house with the beast sense, consolate HOT GOAST DUDE, attempt to find the gurl he loves and deliver the box and use intellect to study the manse.

im pretty sure the manse can literally ignore this kind of damage.
No. 107971 ID: 537c75

Is ghost-dude okay? He looks a little upset...
No. 108274 ID: e23d5d
File 126309425158.png - (40.58KB , 700x700 , comfortingghost.png )

Saulanna stops PRAYING.

Driven by her EMOTIONS, her foremost urge is to see how her ghost friend is doing.

... He looks pretty bummed!

>"You poor man...This was no easy sight, was it? But take heart and shake off your hopelessness, for I have not given up; we will find your friend yet! So rise! This is no time to rest. There is more to do still for the both of us."

"... You could find her, yeah. But... not me. The only reason I'm here is 'cause of the curse on the place. I leave, I go right to the realms o' the dead, day or night. Takes a stronger ghost than me to push up into the real world."

He sighs.

"If Ruive ain't here, then she won't have hung around. She won't be anywhere I can go..."
No. 108281 ID: c0f3bf

Curse? ...Interesting, I wonder if there's some way to concentrate, move, or take on the curse effect.

"Tell me about this curse, unless it somehow kills you if you do."
No. 108283 ID: 6834bc

There's only one solution!
We'll find her and BRING HER BACK HERE!

...That, or somehow figure out how to make him able to leave this area. That would probably be the more impressive task!
No. 108287 ID: 0debda

Check the discussion board for info.

Hmm. I guess we should make you stronger then. Helping me fix this manse should be a difficult enough task to make you stronger.
No. 108288 ID: 8ecfd4

Let's just investigate the place before we go looking for the girl. I'm still suspecting that she's the on behind it all. And be awesome while investigating.
No. 108291 ID: e0499d

someone needs a hug...
No. 108529 ID: 445c48

He does need a hug.
No. 108532 ID: 51d0f5

Say "If it can be done, I will bring her here. What direction do you think she might have gone?"
No. 108553 ID: f373c2

If the problem is his lack of strength, the obvious solution is to train him. Though I'm not sure what type of training a ghost would need to enter the living world.

It would be handy to have an idea of what ghosts are capable of. We could ask Luna; it might make things "too easy", but it's worth a try.

Hug our friend first, of course.
No. 108680 ID: d9faf1

Can we maybe sniff her smell on that music box?
No. 108730 ID: a43a7d

you hug a HOT GOAST DUDE. i triple dog dare you.

the emoland links directly to hell. its that kind of strength.

there IS one thing we can do. we can end the emolands. that means finishing the emo manse and makin some other brighthappy things.

i am however worried that his GF is either the emoknight or part of his unded minions.

we should START SNIFFING, its the only thing we can do to find his gurl.

also use RIDICULOUS SAVY to study the manse. i wanna know moar :3

inb4 we make it our manse
No. 108734 ID: 8ecfd4

That's silly, we can't make something ours if it already belongs to us. That's our Manse just like this is our forest. Everyone else might not know it yet but it's still true.

So get sniffing on what's inside the manse and use ridicules brainy stats to figure out how we can use it to our advantage.
No. 108751 ID: fdbad3

upon the chance you arent trolling:

the manse is a MP generator to whoever holds the heartstone (wich was supposedto be in its forehead). we cant recover energy here, but with a compatible heartstone we could drain from it. somewhere outside the forest, a evil dude unable to recover MP is using this manse's hearthstone to get MP.

we must destroy the manse. the LULZ we could have when a diplomacy-based emoknight runs out of MP is too much to bear.
No. 108753 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm not that familiar with Exalted. But I understand that the Manse is the source of power for the Emo knight.

Part of my style was the kind of arrogance I think an exalted being should have. They're better than everyone else and they know it. And finding the most awesome way to do stuff seems to be the quickest way to even more awesome power. I would say taking over an emo knights castle simply through the power of arrogance would be extremly awesome.
No. 109103 ID: 2e9e6c

The heartstone might give him/her some power, but not ALL his power. It also helps refill essence, but that's not much of a problem for abyssals in a shadowland.
No. 109269 ID: b727d1

im pretty sure the emoknight isnt here. luna said so.

yeah i remmeber emo knight can slay hyoomans to gain motes. but this is a social type, the emo knight may be in the middle of a ball with royalties, ready to cast some mind control shenanigan spell when suddenly theres no MP.
No. 109272 ID: ff9361

Uh... how do you know this theoretical deathknight is a social-type?
No. 109339 ID: b727d1

that is a statue of the ebon dick dragon. he favor mind control, backstabbing and all that sort of dickery.
No. 109372 ID: 2e9e6c

How do you know it's the Ebon Dragon and not a random dragon? Also the Ebon Dragon has infernals, not Abyssals afaik, and i'm not sure if those like shadowlands.

Abyssals can regain motes from just being in a shadowland i think, but being far away having the heartstone would be helpful yes.

The thing is... we don't even know who has the heartstone. If this ghost's friend has it since before the shadowland appeared we wouldn't gain much by destroying it even if we could. We also don't know if there's an abyssal around, we're just making shit up.
No. 109374 ID: ff9361


Luna just said this was a corrupted Manse, which means it was originally not cursed. Also, this place is full of death-shadows, not ebon-dragon-shadows. Abyssal, not Infernal.

There are lots of dragons in Exalted.
No. 113088 ID: 96d52a
File 126375882652.png - (42.54KB , 700x700 , comfortingghost2.png )

Saulanna gives the ghost a hug before leaving him to sort through his emotions in peace.
No. 113089 ID: 96d52a
File 126375891325.png - (26.39KB , 700x700 , thinkin.png )

So! Do you want to investigate the MANSE up close, or go into the hut and investigate whatever Ruive may have left?
No. 113090 ID: 6faa8c

Latter then former.
No. 113091 ID: 632862

Investigate the MANSE. We should see if there's a way to damage it.
No. 113094 ID: 445c48

Check the hut.
No. 113097 ID: b1b3d1


What she said.
No. 113102 ID: 8ecfd4

Check the hut first and then go into the Manse.
No. 113124 ID: 1f2a4c

manse first. then we can use beast sense to check the hut.
No. 113459 ID: f7a2ac

Hut first, investigate the shit out of that hut.
No. 117428 ID: 4fe2f2
File 12643014341.png - (35.52KB , 700x700 , inhut.png )

Saulanna enters RUIVE'S HUT. Looks like someone packed in a hurry!

>SOMETHING(?) is tryjng to gfu atufojpo¿¿??;???
No. 117429 ID: dbcddd

Oh no! Not fu atufojpo! Grab something from the shelf and make your leave!
No. 117432 ID: 34470e

Fu Atufojpo? Is he related to Cjopaze Ftaghn?
No. 117433 ID: ec4966


No. 117435 ID: 632862


There's a thing behind the shelves. Grab it.

I repeat, there's a thing behind the shelves.
No. 117437 ID: 15f6d6

Shelf Thing! Grab the Shelf Thing!
No. 117438 ID: 632862

Wait. Translating...

>SOMETHING(?) is trying to get attenion¿¿??;???

Whatever it is can't spell 'attention' properly.
No. 117466 ID: 140e67

Hey, neat! Carry-nets. Grab them and see if they are usable. Could come in handy.

Look behind the shelf there. Looks like there's something shiny.
No. 117493 ID: c0f3bf

Behind the bookshelf, prepare to punch it. Or hug it. Could go either way here.
No. 117517 ID: 5ddb7b

ohshit. open the music box, hope the superego recognizes the music
No. 117590 ID: e32eb5
File 126431053248.png - (31.59KB , 700x700 , book1.png )


It's a book! Must have fallen down behind the shelves. Not in the same language the ghost speaks... looks like pretty dry stuff. The basics of how magic flows through the landscape, how it pools and collects, how manses tap into it, etc. Some of the words give Saulanna a strange feeling, like she should understand them, but there's something in the way. Still: a good long, thorough read would teach her a good deal about ENVIROMANCY. Maybe even some general METAPHYSICS.

Funny thing, but she could have sworn that it was glowing a second ag-
No. 117591 ID: e32eb5
File 126431057096.png - (36.27KB , 700x700 , book2.png )

No. 117592 ID: e32eb5
File 126431065920.png - (47.04KB , 700x700 , book3.png )

>"bpn po,,, Mutu mfu ne... Aha!!"
No. 117593 ID: e32eb5
File 126431071899.png - (35.66KB , 700x700 , book4.png )

>"At last... yes, much improved."



Saulanna is new to this Lunar thing, but she's pretty sure that wasn't supposed to be something she can do!
No. 117594 ID: f21281


Did you see forever?
No. 117602 ID: c0f3bf

Are you an environmancer now? Try mancing some environments.
No. 117603 ID: 632862

>"com on... just let me... Aha!!"
No. 117604 ID: ec4966

Excellent work!

Is Enviromancy like Geomancy?

Can you understand the statue now?
No. 117605 ID: 632862

I would like to note that the red glow around the LUNAR POINTS meter grew bigger the closer we got to the book.
No. 117606 ID: b14128

...Call Luna.

No. 117616 ID: 5ddb7b

agree, i dont know what that is. exalted have itens and charsm that allow teaching and learning, but nothing like it.

if that comment didnt camed from soulana, we got visitors in our mind.
No. 117620 ID: 5ddb7b

failing luna, just get out and check the manse with your skills. also talk with yourself, attempt to curse someone else in your mind.
No. 117624 ID: 140e67

Seconding calling Luna, and asking her such questions as:

-What's happened to Saulanna?
-What does it mean to know environmancy and metaphysics?
-Red glow around mana bar, not good right?
No. 117635 ID: 5ddb7b

wait, what is that on her eyes? i thought it was old realm, its actual writing
No. 117640 ID: 5ddb7b

goddam. the red lining started here


it ended now.

No. 117643 ID: 632862

It translates into words but since we don't have full sentences it's not meaningful. Plus at that resolution it's hard to make out the letters. One of the words is CENTER I think.
No. 117744 ID: 445c48

Swear, loudly. Then call Luna. Maybe more swearing.
No. 117760 ID: 2eac65

If we're going to ask Luna for help, let's ask about how ghost powers work too. We shouldn't forget about our friend.
No. 117764 ID: 119b5c

Don't call Luna. We've just been possessed. I want to stop running to mother every freaking time yo. Alright. Anything behind those boxes?
No. 117768 ID: 2eac65

Examine ourself and use our awesome mental powers to see if anything is wrong with us.
No. 118017 ID: 61b108
File 126438229737.png - (34.73KB , 700x700 , wordsinhead.png )

Yes, Luna! She'll know something abou-

>"DO NOT contact her about this! Both our lives are concerned in this matter! Sadly, I do not have the strength to evade the argent traitor's senses much longer. Wait until the moon sets, and her power wanes; I ask only that you listen to what I have to say, when it is safe to do so. Please. Until then..."

... Saulanna feels a sudden urge to not to ask Luna about this. How odd.

She doesn't feel harmed in any way... but all the knowledge contained in the book seems to have been sucked right into her own mind. She now knows a lot about how Manses are built, how they operate, what they do. With it came some broader information on the metaphysical realities of the world, the nature of gods and of the elements, things like that.

The way she got it was a bit of a shock, but it's sort of nice to know more things.
No. 118020 ID: b14128

Um... Crap, yeah, whatever this is, I think life just got more complicated.
No. 118024 ID: 445c48

Swear, loudly, then say "What the fuck is going on" aloud. Not too loud, though.
No. 118025 ID: 61b108
File 126438273873.png - (35.49KB , 700x700 , findstuff.png )


Still somewhat disorientated, Saulanna investigates the large chest that lies open across from the shelves. Within, she finds a TORN PACK. Checking behind the weighty lid, she also uncovers a FORGOTTEN SKIRT. It's made to fit someone less generously provisioned with hips than herself, but she could wear it.


She could still talk to Luna if she really wanted to...
No. 118030 ID: a64482

We should talk to our patron, since she's shown us nothing but kindness.
No. 118031 ID: c0f3bf

Do not call Luna, but try to keep tabs on all unusual feelings.

Put foot down now. "I am going to call Luna unless you stop influencing my mind. If you have any way of swearing on power or whatever, do it now. Possibly with the corollary 'unless I am being mind controlled against my will and you can somehow fight it off'."
No. 118049 ID: 3416ec

No. 118050 ID: 54af1f

How about you trust Lunar who has shown you nthing but kindness
No. 118056 ID: ec4966

Say "If you are an enemy of Luna, you are an enemy of me. Give me one reason not to contact her!"

If you don't immediately get a good reason, contact her.
No. 118057 ID: 3dbae2

Yes, call Luna! Evil is always colour-coded for our convenience!

Besides, it called her "the argent traitor". Well duh. She IS the godddess of trickery. But by golly, she's YOUR goddess of trickery, and something with a grudge against her has nothing to do in your mind.

Besides, I don't believe the Other-voice's boon of knowledge or claim to self-preservation will come without a price...Already it's asked us to give up, at least for the night, the nifty help hotline to a higher power we've got here.

Pshyaw, says I! You didn't ask to be possessed, and with your Savvy, you could certainly have figured out the knowledge from that book on your own. Instead the bugger burned it into you, and now wants you to double-deal against Luna.

...That said, it would, uh, suck if Luna decided you'd been tainted somehow and needed to die or somethin'.
No. 118064 ID: 889351

There's no need to call Luna constantly. Let's give it a few hours and hear it out.
No. 118066 ID: 2eac65

Luna has been nice to use so far, but we don't know what she's really like. We should figure out who and what this thing is before doing anything hasty.

Also, use our newfound knowledge of metaphysics to figure out a way for the ghost guy to pass into the living world.
No. 118079 ID: f75ab7

menance entity with it. we got a demon that appparently wants to evade the deathknight.

we either extort info+skill or we wipe our head. feels like a win win situation.

also the argent traitor may not be luna. she is trickery, but not dickery. i do think the demon is mentioning some yozi or the likes.
No. 118082 ID: 934ef5

We shouldn't push too hard for info now, from the sound of it it would draw attention to it just as contacting Luna directly would. Let it make its case and decide what to do about it then.
No. 118143 ID: 5dd9c1

Poor girl. Her first day, and already in trouble. Ask new voice why you shouldn't call mom--err... call Luna.

Also, hug ghost.
No. 118197 ID: 32102c

Let check the book's cover for an image of a crane first.
No. 119404 ID: 4c848c

>argent traitor
>Incarnae betrayed the Primordials
>Only Primordials would call an incarnae the 'Argent Traitor'


No. 119405 ID: 4c848c

Alternatively, use our REDICULOUS SAVVY to see if we can pry some clues from our...guest.

Then call Luna.
No. 119406 ID: 1b0537

i agree with calling luna
No. 119408 ID: eba583

Can we perhaps trick it out of us and back into the book? Or is our mighty SAVVY not mighty enough? ...Or would that be Dickery?
No. 119409 ID: c2f461

>She now knows a lot about how Manses are built, how they operate, what they do. With it came some broader information on the metaphysical realities of the world, the nature of gods and of the elements, things like that.

...but first, perhaps we could use this to figure out how to deactivate, reset, or destroy they manse?
No. 119420 ID: 57aa53

its a demon indeed, but we need to milk it of information. we are relatively safe for now, since demon possession on exalted takes too much strength and skill from the demon.

for your understandal, exalted are so badass they keep demons as pets and working hands with no drawnbacks. this one may just help us before we dismiss its existance to luna. he may not even posess the charm to "demonify" exalted.
No. 119421 ID: 57aa53

dude, let us handle the FREAKING DEMONS in our head before we become THE DEMONS.

also watch for sundawn. we can leave the emoland if sundawn arrives, but we would take our guest with us.
No. 119429 ID: 57aa53

No. 119898 ID: e2020c


No. 119907 ID: 2eac65

Thanks for your support.

I think it bears repeating that we don't know if this thing is even a demon, and even if it is, whether demons are actually evil or not. For all we know, Luna might be worse.
No. 122189 ID: 6bc746
File 126490203158.png - (36.83KB , 700x700 , Scene26.png )

With a bit of mental effort, Saulanna is able to focus on the half-subconscious recommendations she's receiving. She demands to know why she should listen!

>"What strength I regained from consuming the language of the book is taxed sorely by communicating with you, and again by striving to conceal it from Luna! I give my Word, my life depends on yours; my best interest is served in aiding you. I can serve you in so, so many multitudes of ways; yet as I am pressed for time, I shall give you but one reason to be secret, ere I must collapse exhausted to the recesses of your soul."

>"Allow me to give my answer as a query, as you have admirable wits. Tell me, then: Considering that you have been rendered blank of knowledge, how is it that you have, to this point, understood three different languages with nary an ounce of effort?"

... Thinking about it, Saulanna doesn't know a thing about the study of languages.
No. 122190 ID: 6faa8c

You don't need either skirt.
No. 122200 ID: cfad4e

I guess I'm willing to give this voice a chance. It has been only helpful so far, and is simply begging for mercy.

If you wear the too-small skirt, you'll probably just rip it in half next time you go War Form.
No. 122204 ID: c0f3bf

We assumed it was Luna, talking in some kind of basic languageless speak all forms of life can understand, then stuck it in our mind without us knowing.

Or something like that.
No. 122207 ID: 632862

Seems like this fella is some kind of... memory of who you used to be, perhaps?

Try on the skirt, but keep in mind War Form will increase your size...
No. 122209 ID: 9ed20c

If it's this weak, it won't be doing anything too troublesome behind our back. Not in the next few hours, at least.
No. 122225 ID: 631142

in exalted not all demons are bad, this is true.

but in exalted, all demons can flip you inside out because its fun. against a exalted its harder but they can still do it. im not convinced we have a good guy here.

consider this also: no more calls to luna at all.
No. 122226 ID: 6c28cf

On the other hand, if we're going into war form, there will likely be people who no longer need their clothing when we turn back.
No. 122227 ID: 631142

wtf 3 languages?

common, old realm and ...?
No. 122228 ID: 6c28cf

What? No. No more calls to Luna until night, when we can talk to this guy. After that point, we can do as we will.
No. 122229 ID: 631142

you assume there will be clothing left.

anyway with our withs, we should be able to make armors later on that will reshape with us.
No. 125738 ID: 627d28
File 126541188684.png - (35.29KB , 700x700 , wearskirt.png )

Saulanna suspects the instruction was to avoid informing Luna, not to not contact her at all. She puts on the SKIRT. That's a lot less breezy!

What do you want to do now?
- Continue hut investigation
- Find a scent
- Go back outside
- Other
No. 125762 ID: c0f3bf

Keep searching the hut, there's gotta be more than just a magical possessive book in it~
No. 125763 ID: 15f6d6

Find a scent!
No. 125778 ID: 934ef5

Investigate hut, and pay attention to the scents in there too. Either it can give you more of a lead on what to follow, or just be informative in it's own right.
No. 125786 ID: 68d32c

This. Otherwise, there are other huts nearby, I'm sure.
No. 125794 ID: 8ecfd4

We know alot more about Manses now. Let's get cracking on investigating and taking over that thing!
No. 125835 ID: 627d28
File 126541923581.jpg - (140.36KB , 700x700 , useyanose.jpg )

Saulanna uses her BEAST SENSES ability, which is still active, to perceive the the world through SCENT.

The smell of the blood outside overshadows everything! Using her high Acuity, however, Saulanna manages to perceive a number of distinct odors through the haze. Which is the one she wants to MEMORIZE?
No. 125840 ID: d31d16

The skirt, its previous wearer.
No. 125841 ID: 3416ec


The... green one. I guess.
No. 125852 ID: d2781d

I think green is her scent. The yellowy one seems the best bet.
No. 125853 ID: 1685eb

Definitely the skirt.
No. 125856 ID: 34470e

Memorize the yellow one. It's around the book.
No. 125886 ID: f12f07

green is saulanna. she has een around the hut enought to gahter her smell like that.

also dammit, we should have sniffed BEFORE wearing the clothes.
No. 125887 ID: 6c28cf

What can you tell us about the orange one?
Also, the book's smell may be best, unless it just smells like paper and whatever they used as binding.
No. 125948 ID: 445c48

Smell the orange on the skirt. And then go and smell BURLY GHOST whose name I don't remember.
No. 126003 ID: 934ef5

Go for whichever smells most like people. Your skirt might be the best sample smell of whoever lived here before so probably we should go with that.
No. 126014 ID: 632862

The scent on the skirt and the floor. The yellow/orange.
No. 126028 ID: 2eac65

The smell on the bed is either the former inhabitant or someone very close to her. It might be a good choice. The skirt, not so much; why would she leave it behind?
No. 133106 ID: 1540c0
File 126637390439.jpg - (45.83KB , 700x700 , useyanose2.jpg )

Saulanna focuses on the scent which clings to the FORGOTTEN SKIRT and the BED. This somewhat faded scent is spread to a lesser degree all over the hut, and close nasal inspection allows Saulanna to draw some comparison between it and her own odor; she does not have much in the way of an OLFACTOVOCABULARY yet, but when put through the wringer of her SAVVY, the similarities are enough to declare that this is the smell of a FEMALE HUMAN - and the only one in the room!

Saulanna identified RUIVE'S SCENT!

No. 133107 ID: 445c48

Climb that echeladder.
No. 133110 ID: 632862

Before we go tracking this scent... is there anything in the TORN PACK? Pick it up regardless so we have an extra item with the scent on it. The dress we have on will likely get dirty and stuff.
No. 133113 ID: c0f3bf

Excellent. Doubt there's anything else worthwhile here, go outside again, check for the scent around the place.
No. 133144 ID: 1540c0
File 126637612481.png - (35.22KB , 700x700 , Scene27.png )

>Hold S to display trails of current SCENT.

Saulanna picks up the TORN PACK; it idly occurs to her that it would improve her INVENTORY SPACE if repaired, allowing her to hold more items such as the ROPE that is looped around her torso and therefore of course visible to everyone.

As she does so, a crumpled and DISCARDED NOTE falls from the rip.
No. 133146 ID: c0f3bf

Read note. Check that gray container, is that a spilled potion?
No. 133188 ID: 445c48

Read note, hug ghost.
No. 133229 ID: cfad4e

>Saulanna identified RUIVE'S SCENT!
Well that's rather bloody useful, seeing how that's who we're looking for.

Read note.

Repair pack using JUNK ON THE GROUND.
No. 133253 ID: 940de3

Wouldn't it be easier to repair the pack with the nets hanging on the walls? All you'd have to do is tie, sew or somehow fasten 'em around the hole.

Also, read note.
No. 133301 ID: 8b7db1

Trying to remember what the ghost did in life, maybe he could repair it for us? As a small favor, or course. ...or we could pay him by showing our titties.
No. 133319 ID: 135d9a

These are both good ideas.
No. 133453 ID: ea2140

Was there anything in that oddly large box?
No. 136740 ID: 9305be

we dont have pocket meditation tecnique? crap

investigate the room a bit further, if we missed a note in the backpack we may have missed a corpse under the bed
No. 136996 ID: f62918

read note and repair pack if possible
No. 137670 ID: ddac14

Read the note, hug the ghost, repair the pack, check under the bed (just in case)
No. 145316 ID: 89ff2a
File 126828261556.png - (32.87KB , 700x700 , SaulannaPackRepairwoman.png )

The writing on the unfurled page is incomplete. It begins as, apparently, a page in some sort of journal.

"up five feet from cliffside, with third set of test seedlings showing signs of disease. Four jars of salt left.

13th Ascending Water
Bridge closed over the Ada; no more chance of getting anything from Copperstand. They're still letting people get out, not for nothing. No point staying here on my own. I'm not going to get any more of the solars' water, much good it did, and with no one living here the shadows will have the manse in a week. Spiders can't do anything. Note to self: next time I get a magic box that can fix everything, don't throw it away. Buy prayer strips from actual priest. Strange clouds over the mountain again, more like smoke. Time to leave.

14th Ascending Water
Bottom fell out of the bloody pack when I tried to get all the wine in, so I'm drinking it. Scattered pages all over. Wish th"

The words past this point are blurred beyond recognition. It was presumably while that ink was still wet that the big stain appeared.
No. 145319 ID: 89ff2a
File 126828284461.png - (33.26KB , 700x700 , SaulannaSenseSomething.png )


Saulanna's ACUITY and BEST SENSES percieve three new creatures approaching outside!
No. 145322 ID: 701a19

So HUG GHOST, then go out and check the beasts!
No. 145329 ID: 632862

>Magic box that can fix everything
>don't throw it away
>music box thrown away

I SEE. We had the macguffin before we even knew we needed it!

Poke your head out to gauge the possible threat.
No. 145332 ID: 697b23

What are her GOOD and OKAY SENSES perceiving?
No. 145335 ID: cfad4e

Attempt to ascertain nature and threat level of new arrivals before revealing yourself.

But, if they're threatening the ghost, protect him immediately.
No. 145341 ID: 1ac39d

(yay, this is back)

investigate by peeking through the door without leaving building.
No. 145342 ID: c0f3bf

Can you perceive their size?
No. 145700 ID: 7edee6

so its safe to say the box is somehow going to help with something asides playing music. also, its not just a music box, its a EXALTED! music box that can fix stuff. nice. remember to learn how to make this kind of stuff later. it also seems the previous owner of the journal was somehow aware of patterned spiders.

>three new creatures
that is 1 more that what you can fight with the help of HOT GOAST DUDE. change to racoon form in a non furry way and sneak a peek outside.
No. 162785 ID: 6493bd
File 127101568254.png - (41.30KB , 700x700 , closeup1.png )

([Alright, let's see how this works out.])

With raccoonly stealth, Saulanna edges her way to the door and peers outside.

"Hey, buddy! What are you doin' here, hand that over!"
"Wait, no, this is-"
"You want my boys teachin' ya a lesson? We're in charge around here. Give it here!"
"Ah, hey!!"
"Lemme see this... Well, whatever it is, it's contraband in your hands. You don't know how much trouble you're in, buddy..."
"Listen! Normally I'd take you in to th' Skull right now, but you got once chance to make good."
No. 162787 ID: 6493bd
File 127101571760.png - (83.18KB , 600x600 , mobsters1.png )

"You seen a half-naked girl with a collar and manacles on around here?"
No. 162788 ID: 8ecfd4

Don't think we're gonna get past these bastards in a non violent way. Fire up the warform and get ready for some riping and tearing. Start with the one on the right, he forgot his armour and boy is he going to regret that.
No. 162792 ID: 445c48

WAR FORM, MOON CLAWS, Rip and tear, rip and tear their guts!
No. 162795 ID: 0fc814

Stay hidden.
Buff up with warform and moon claws.
Examine abilities for cool sneak attacks.
Try to loop around using your raccoony stealth and then attack from the rear.
No. 162812 ID: 4cf60c

This doesn't look like a good fight. Even if we could take down one of them in ambush, that's still 2-on-2 odds. We don't even know how well our ghost friend can fight, since he was sort of distracted last fight.

So, our first priority is to keep our ghost safe. Getting the box back is number two, and finding Ruive is third.

Do we have a way to the roof? Or another exit? If not, stay put and get ready to transform. If things turn dangerous for our ghost friend, we need to pounce and start attacking. Hopefully, they'll turn and run before ghost dude gets hurt.
No. 162823 ID: 9a1fa4

Wait a second which one is OUR ghost? And maybe you could climb up a hole in the roof and jump onto them or something.
No. 162825 ID: 4cf60c

I don't think our ghost is one of these three. It looks like they took his box, and are trying to find us, Saulanna. He's likely off screen.
No. 162888 ID: 1ac39d

yes, double power sneak attack to even the odds. it may be best to take the mobster first as he is the leader and without him the goons may panic.
No. 162890 ID: d576fd

they dont know you exalted. war form and claws would waste your power straigt away and they could run.

we need to trap them. forget hot goast dude, he is going to turn you anyway. leave the house either by a window on the back and sneak attack them once they get in or use racoon form to peform said sneak attack.
No. 162891 ID: d576fd

pardon me, i am mildly drunk ._.
No. 162907 ID: 701a19

Warform moonclaw Sneak attack to OHKO the guy holding the box so they can't flee with it.
After that? IT'S BATTLIN' TIME!
No. 167024 ID: 1d0fc2
File 127172031860.png - (71.90KB , 600x600 , mobstertalks.png )

"I... I haven't seen anyone like that."

"... You're a terrible liar, buddy."
No. 167025 ID: 1d0fc2
File 127172048566.png - (65.37KB , 600x600 , waitwhat.png )

Looks like trouble! Saulanna decides to climb up through the hole in the roof and sneak attack from above. She activates her WAR FORM and MOON CLAWS.

"Guess we'll have to show you we mean busine- wait."
No. 167026 ID: 3416ec


Methinks Mister Gangster can sense us.
No. 167029 ID: 1d0fc2
File 127172076617.png - (67.25KB , 600x600 , crashtheparty.png )

Using two more dots of MOON POWER put Saulanna above discreet levels! Her LUNAR MARK begins to shine!!

She decides to act quickly.

"Where's that glowing coming fro- AARGH SHIT IT'S THE FUZZ"
No. 167031 ID: d6fef9

Calling you fuzzy? Kill him first!
No. 167035 ID: 7524b0

Don't let him escape with the box!

Claw his leg to cripple him.
No. 167038 ID: 1569b3

the box is more important. leap in front of the dude with it and bite his neck, proceed to mangle the 2 thugs with him on your mouth.
No. 167053 ID: 445c48

If you can still talk, say "Nice Pun" and then bite his head off
No. 167076 ID: 43d730

You've been waiting to use that joke for YEARS, haven't you.
No. 167077 ID: 54af1f

Leave the leader alive, let's find out what he knows.
No. 167079 ID: 0fc814

Try to secure the box from the boss ghost before he can get his mooks in between you and him!
No. 167175 ID: f900dd

Rip and motherfucking tear. Start with the one holding the box, he should go down quickly.
No. 167204 ID: 9e9b47


If you can still talk the obvious response is "sorry, can I CUT in?" as you cut some dude's head off.
No. 167217 ID: 43f94a

Welp, there goes another skirt!
No. 167309 ID: 2eac65

Intelligence is our highest stat. Obviously, we had the foresight to take off all our clothes before transforming. That's why there aren't any torn pieces hanging off of us.

I agree with taking the boss alive if it is reasonably practical. Our left arm is in a good position to grab him.
No. 167397 ID: 24aa45

well, a hostage attempt would probably go well...
Unless they have spectral guns... that'd make things a bit harder considering how big we are in this form... (and how exposed we'd be even behind the boss's body...)
No. 170081 ID: 6721c0

Our mind stats are more impressive than our body stats. They still outnumber us. We can track by sent.

Taken together, getting out-muscled is a larger problem than losing track of someone. Tear apart his bodyguards, as we can track him down later. Plus, if we're going to capture someone, the "boss" will usually provide better information than a grunt.
No. 170086 ID: 732129


There are probably more of them elsewhere. The runner will try to meet up with them. Stop him now.
No. 170599 ID: d88dcd
File 127233086235.png - (71.11KB , 600x600 , swinganamiss.png )

Saulanna isn't quick or skilled enough to get him! He's a slippery bastard - she'll need something to even the odds.
No. 170601 ID: 1ac39d

stunning roar or something.
No. 170605 ID: b08d07

MOONBEAM from gem in head
No. 170612 ID: 7524b0

Start cutting down trees to block his path.
No. 170615 ID: d6cb21

looks like we are in a good position to deliver a nast kick, from the looks of it.
No. 170619 ID: 2eac65

That won't work. We're in a clearing, and I doubt we'd be skilled enough to do it well anyway.

We have two options at this point: either we suddenly become more agile than him, or we deny him the option of running away. The latter doesn't look too likely, since he's holding the box and he doesn't have any other reason to stick around.

We'll have to brute force this situation. Use MOON BOOST to boost our agility and grapple him.
No. 170622 ID: cda1dd

is say accurancy charms, but i dont remember the name for lunars.

how about we check for the chaste power?
No. 170764 ID: 275a5d

No. 170788 ID: 86bece

Moon boost should work. We will just have to kill him in a awesome way to restore our mana stuff.
No. 171085 ID: b7aca4

Use MOON BOOST to grapple one of the grunts, then throw the grunt at the slippery bastard.
No. 171187 ID: 2eac65

Not a good idea. Those grunts are pretty stong-looking, and the boss could probably dodge. If we get a hold of him, we could hold him hostage and force him to call of his goons.
No. 171192 ID: 7524b0

I wonder if we could just ask our buddy to block his escape path.
No. 171541 ID: 5d0ea1

The grunts can also grab our Ghost Buddy and hold him hostage. Remember that we're leaving him defenseless while playing around with the weasel.
No. 175063 ID: a7afbf
File 12733479852.png - (89.36KB , 600x600 , SaulannaAccelerate.png )

Saulanna sends the power of the moon flooding through her veins. The world seems to slow as her Agility doubles, bringing a sense of perfect poise, position - and speed.

She surges forward!
No. 175064 ID: a7afbf
File 127334802744.png - (82.09KB , 600x600 , touchdown.png )

One powerful swipe of her hand carries her ghostly quarry to the ground with a heavy thud. She resists a momentary surge of predatory instincts that tell her to disembowel him.
No. 175066 ID: 0fc814

Go ahead and disembowel him.

Maybe you can eat him to regain power.
No. 175072 ID: a594b9

Retrieve the box, that's the important part. Then find out who sent him.
No. 175078 ID: 0b2a05

Remove his arms and legs. You're an exalted, you can probably get them to grow back later if need be.
No. 175081 ID: ecf25b

No. 175084 ID: 1ac39d

i thought we were going to question him? he looked like the brains to the other two's brawn. snarl a little, maybe have some spit flake on him and DEMAND he tell you what he wanted with the box. and if you sense the goons trying to approach tell him to call them off or his head will cease to exist.
No. 175085 ID: 2eac65

Straddle his chest to pin him down.

"Now, you're going to tell me who you are and what you're doing here. And don't even think about lying, because I'll know."
No. 175087 ID: f16354

First of all, Saulanna needs to do something -very- important.

Namely, disable his gun hand and tell him to order the grunts to stand down.
No. 175143 ID: 45cf37

offer him to luna. its petit, but its the thought that counts =3
No. 175252 ID: d6cb21

Question him, THEN eat him.
No. 175425 ID: 54af1f

Why don't we find out what this is about first then offer him to lunar?
No. 175485 ID: 5f7d52

Rip off his gun arm. He's a ghost so he shouldn't bleed out or die from it. Then question him some before doing some very messy ripping and tearing.
No. 175509 ID: a7afbf
File 127341982041.png - (92.34KB , 600x600 , noblood.png )

Yeah, no blood.

Good bit of yelling, though.
No. 175514 ID: 1d2641

welll i think he can grow his arm back but it should not be instantaneous.

eat both of his foot and go check on HOT GOAST DUDE
No. 175516 ID: 1ac39d

call ghost dude over and tell the guy to tell the grunts to back off or his arm will be the least of his worries. if the goons seem to not care then they are not working for him, just the muscle sent by some other person.
No. 175519 ID: 445c48

Throw the arm at the guy the friendly ghost is fighting.
No. 175522 ID: 1d2641

no, throw it for HOT GOAST DUDE to catch it and say "here, you should get armed!"
No. 175524 ID: 0fc814

Demand he surrender and make his boys stand down. If he doesn't, attempt to eat him for more moon power.
No. 175525 ID: 1ac39d

wait, ghost dude says he couldn't leave the area because his ghost power wasn't strong enough. if he ate other ghosts would it make him more stable?
No. 175528 ID: 1d2641

he must be talking of essence. wich is not adquired that way.

there are charms to pass him, im pretty sure we cant use it like this. also, we dont want a pet gost, we need to make him be reborn. wich i entirely forgot how.
No. 175530 ID: a594b9

Hrm. You just turned a bit blue. Does that mean you've gained... negative karma or something?
No. 175531 ID: 1d2641

impretty sure its the moon boost aura
No. 175532 ID: eaec5a

Take Mr. Bossghost and chuck him into one of the other ghosts to knock them both over. Then move in and sort out what's left. Kill/spare however is most convenient. The goons are likely useless to us.

I'm going to suggest that you stop wearing clothing. It keeps getting destroyed.

p.s. you look great.
No. 175748 ID: 2eac65

No! Why did we do that? We can't just go around dismembering people! We're Exalted; we shouldn't need to! And we're supposed to be Mental Primary, Social Secondary, so let's put our social skills to use.

It would've been easier if we hadn't ripped his arm off, but we should persuade him to call off his goons. Then we can begin questioning him. Warn him that we'll be able to tell if he lies to us; we don't actually have that ability, but he doesn't know that.

I was hoping we could convince him to forget he found us or the box and not report this encounter to his superiors. That's going to be much harder now that he's missing an arm.
No. 175821 ID: 4eb774

well, we should still have some intimidation to do on the remaining thugs. thats still mind right?

coming to think of it, so far saulanna hasnt made anything smart, commoner style
No. 175836 ID: 275a5d

We're a lunar in warform first, Exalt second.
No. 175839 ID: c5b357

Well of course we're killing him and the goons afterwards. The bastard dared to actually make demands of an exalted. He must perish for his crimes.

So dear miss Rockblossom. Time to tell him to call off his goons if he wants to keep the rest of his limbs attached and ask him who sent him and why.
No. 175890 ID: 2eac65

People are more cooperative with things that could hurt them than with things that did hurt them. Fear is much easier to work with than anger.

He hasn't disrespected us yet, only the HOT GOAST DUDE, and that was before he knew we existed. Even so, people who simply go around demanding respect don't deserve it. I want Saulanna to be one of the good Exalted.
No. 175917 ID: 25aaca

GOOD exalted? is that before or after the curse was undone?

exalted are violently imposing be you willing for it or not. sure, some of them are nice and polite like lawyers, but their tongues are as dangerous as a grand daiklaive.

what exactly were you expecting? a scolding and suddenly they regret their life choice's up to their UNlife, to then return us the music box that problaby a death knight menanced them to get for him, in a land of pain and suffering where even the top of the food chain is still set to suffer forever, with not even a choice to be reborn?

i just dont see it happening.
No. 175923 ID: 2eac65

There are ways of controlling people without dismembering them. The methods we choose determine who we are and whether we are worthy of respect or not. We could have gotten through this with intimidation and some clever bluffing.

And this isn't exactly canon Exalted. For one thing, Exalted doesn't have guns.
No. 175929 ID: cfbfdc


>Essence cannon
No. 175930 ID: 2eac65

Yeah, but not handguns that a random ghost mobster would get a hold of.
No. 176009 ID: 25aaca

No. 176031 ID: 2eac65

Okay, you got me there. I still say not to put too much faith in our Exalted knowledge.
No. 177547 ID: 3adca9
File 127389147825.png - (88.63KB , 600x600 , gripping.png )

Saulanna politely suggests to the scrawny fellow that he would be best advised to call off his companions.

"A'right, aright! I'll do...


... hold on, I'm a ghost."
No. 177548 ID: 3adca9
File 12738915255.png - (97.38KB , 600x600 , whoops.png )

Uh oh.
No. 177550 ID: 1ac39d

No. 177551 ID: 3adca9
File 127389161039.png - (41.51KB , 600x600 , possession.png )

Saulanna is ousted from control of her body!
No. 177552 ID: 1ac39d

BULL SHIT!! hold on to your arm! he has no soul on that part so you should be able to stay in that part.
No. 177555 ID: 1ac39d

set your body to overload from that arm. that much moon power would destroy him while your soul would be fine.
No. 177558 ID: 38699e

freakin wowderful. gotta go scrouge up my book on undead later.

activate PASSENGER SEAT. and by that i mean the dude that got inside our head from that book.

failing this, we should have a something against him. if our moon boost gaved us the physical status, im pretty sure i dont know where to go from here.

asides wasting willpower to shit him out.
No. 177560 ID: aa755c

Use your savvy to realize you're way better than him in every aspect, including resisting possession. FURIOUSLY engage in a mental tug-o-war over your body! Bugger ain't got anything on an Exalted whose mental strength is her main point.

THEN kick his rear end up and down the street a couple of times and ask him to call off his goons again.
No. 177561 ID: 0b2a05

Burn. Him. Out.
No. 177563 ID: 275a5d

Basically this. Stomp all over his ass.
No. 177638 ID: a85626


>> it seems you're best with your MIND and worst with your BODY.


>> Saulanna is ousted from control of her body!

No worries here. You're way better with your mind than your body, and your body was basically ripping him apart. Try to trap him in your mind, so that he can't get out to do more ghosting until you've gotten things settled.
No. 177660 ID: 7b5606

Yes, trap him within the labyrinthine complexity of your mind and thought processes.
Only let him out when he's begging, or when everything is done.
No. 177667 ID: 0fc814

Consume his soul for energy.
No. 177678 ID: 2eac65

We also have a demon inhabiting our mind. One that feeds on information. We could ask it to help us fight off the GHOST MOBSTER in exchange for his mind, or possibly just threaten to do so with it to make him more compliant.

If it seems like we can't fight him off, use our last moments of control to shift into ANIMAL FORM. A small raccoon body will be significantly less useful to a ghost than a Lunar Warform.
No. 177721 ID: c71597

Oh he does not know what a mistake he just made. Fuck him up with your superior mental capacities. That little fucker shall be put through eternities of pain in mere seconds.
No. 179003 ID: 670003
File 127415384744.png - (21.86KB , 600x600 , mindbattol.png )

Saulanna employs her prodigious mental capacities towards fighting the intruder, and it works!... to an extent. Once over the initial shock, she easily slips under the ghost's defense and evades all his attempts to push her out again - her MIND is much too quick for him, and his dead soul hasn't the adaptability to get a grip on her.

Unfortunately, Saulanna is still an amnesiac! Having no strong purpose or deep emotional bonds, she doesn't have the strength of identity needed to push him out!
No. 179005 ID: 0b2a05

Who said you had to push him out?

EAT HIS SOUL. What you lack in identity you can probably compensate for in raw power.
No. 179006 ID: e31d52

Use your ANGER at the thought of him making you do nasty and lecherous things with his friends.
No. 179008 ID: 1ac39d

hey look, it's the book thing!

anyway, think about your promise to ghost dude, you told him you would help him, how are you going to do that without your body?

if that don't work then see about getting book thing's help.
No. 179010 ID: a594b9

Ask for help from the BOOKWORM.
No. 179017 ID: 2eac65

Various ideas from me:

Tell him that we have a spiritual partner and we'll let it consume his mind if he doesn't cooperate with us. I recommend that we threaten to do this before actually doing it.

I don't know what exactly we can do in mental combat. Can we rip his memories out of his mind? Target specific insecurities? Anything like that?

If we need a boost of willpower, focus on the GOAST DUDE that we promised to help. He is innocent and must be protected.
No. 179019 ID: 445c48

Motion to the thing in the corner for a little help here, and then start punching the ghost.
No. 179023 ID: 771080

You must do this, Saulanna! What would Luna think if you let yourself get beaten by some puny little ghost? You wouldn't be able to make her proud of you! You have to do this so you can keep showing Luna how much you love her! THINK OF THE HUGS!
No. 179029 ID: a85626

You can't lose your body yet! You haven't even found a reason to go mad, create a doomsday device, and hold the world hostage!
No. 179091 ID: 0fc814

Eat his soul!

If that doesn't work, ask the book demon for help. Tell it that you need a purpose. To a demon, hearing that from an exalt will be like a child being told that he needs to eat a piece of candy. He'll jump at the chance to manipulate you on such a fundamental level, and incidentally give you something to win with.

Without a preexisting identity, you don't have a lot to lose.
No. 179097 ID: 2eac65

No to both of those ideas. The boss ghost more useful to us alive than dead (so to speak) unless we have a way of extracting information while we kill him, and allowing a demon to control our mind strikes me as a Very Bad Idea even if we don't have a particular reason to distrust it.

If we need a motivation, we should choose one for ourselves. "Protect the Innocent and Helpless" might work, or we could go the Blood Ravens route and choose "Discover the Truth" since we have so little information now.
No. 179165 ID: bcf25c

Kick him inna rocks.

I mean, uh. Attack him emotionally.
No. 179248 ID: 6d381d

pretty much ask for help of the book thingie that is in our minds.

and if this is a ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA moment, remember of HOT GOAST DUDE and that he is out there having a 2 on 1 battle
No. 179370 ID: 0f260a
File 127422276081.png - (41.47KB , 600x600 , mindbattol2.png )

Saulanna calls up what she can from her limited memories - the desire to please Luna, to protect the ghost, her promise to help him. She calculates the outcomes of being possessed - of being taken, used, manipulated! Imprisoned! It makes her angry!

Saulanna's EMOTIONS rise significantly. She develops enough strength of will to get a tight hold on her intruder.

Her other passenger, however, doesn't wait to be asked for help!

>"A moment, my lady, and all that this shallow phantom knows will be mine to put at our disposal..."
No. 179371 ID: c71597

Hold down the spirit. It shall learn the error of it's way.

Thank other passenger for its courteous words and assistance.
No. 179372 ID: 1ac39d

SCORE!! go little buddy go!

anyway, just hold him until our little guy can get the info we want.
No. 179392 ID: 445c48

Hold him down, and also give your thanks to the other guy.
No. 179402 ID: 0b2a05

Still don't completely trust you!

But this definitely helps! A whole whole lot!
No. 179447 ID: 2eac65

Oh, hey, fast update. Thanks.

Hopefully, whatever he does won't leave the mobster a vegetable. His superiors will realize that something's up if he doesn't report back that everything is going fine. It would be nice if the spirit could only erase his memories of finding us with the box. Neither possibility seems too likely, though.

I'm also worried by the spirit's willingness to absorb his mind without our permission. We were going to ask anyway, but still, we should establish a "no mind-raping without our permission" rule at some point.
No. 179477 ID: 0fc814

Continue holding the ghost. Let the demon do his thing.

The ghost has had ample opportunity to surrender, but chose instead to try and destroy Saulanna's mind. End him.
No. 179482 ID: a85626


Take over her body. Slightly different. She's the one destroying his mind.
No. 179657 ID: 2eac65

Okay, I think I've got an idea.

First, we'll get behind the ghost and hold his mouth open so the word spirit can enter and eat him from the inside out. This isn't important; it's just for the sake of being cool.

Second, let the spirit eat his memories but leave enough of his mind for basic functioning. This is the important part.

Third, use hypnotic suggestion to implant new memories in the mentally weak ghost mobster. This will mislead his boss as to what actually happened to him, allowing us to avoid drawing more attention to ourselves.
No. 179728 ID: 6d381d

>use hypnotic suggestion to implant new memories in the mentally weak ghost mobster
trippin balls. unless our "guest" can do that we should just mangle him and make our guest milk him for informatio while we handle the thugs.
No. 179785 ID: 2eac65

After having his brain hollowed out, he should be highly suggestible. It's at least worth a try. Of course, a one-armed partially amnesiac mobster will be more suspicious than an intact mobster who reports that nothing is wrong, but if we play this right, we can make it look like a known rival did this as a warning/threat. That should keep them off our trail for a while.
No. 179805 ID: a6349f

This is wrong!

How can draining a person's memories and identity, his soul itself, be right? It removes him forever, kills him deader than dead. Expell your passenger before the demon can finish him off, Saulanna! A misguided mobster he might be, but even the wicked can be in need salvation.

Show that you do not need to be beholden to a demon to rid yourself of possession, or gain knowledge! You are Saulanna Ricanya Rockblossom, you have a stunning intellect and a fine body! You are a newly-exalted Lunar and in but a few hours of memory you've slain the hungry dead, seen the devastation of deathly magic and started a quest that will see you beyond the borders of this deathland! You've made friends with a ghost, and seen him in despair and hope, determination and apathy! Which of these would you rather emulate? Win your fights and challenges on your terms, not this demon's, nor any mobster's!
No. 179811 ID: 6d381d

this is not wrong. this is exalted. this is about what we can do, not what we want to do.

that dragonbook demonworm is not quite on his right to literally eat a soul, but this is a uncaring creation. before time immemorial, before exalts, before demons were tame-able, primordials ate sould for fun and kicks. now this gangster soul decided to linger on earth, on a deathland maybe against his will, maybe because he likes pushing people around even after he died.

we should use this time to talk with the dragonbookwormdemonthingie after we mangle the gangster's soul. then we decice if the bookworm demondragon can eat him. if he can.
No. 179815 ID: 2eac65

It's a spirit of information. I don't think it could literally destroy a soul even if it wanted to. It's just going to erase his mind, kind of like what happens when a soul reincarnates. Maybe it'll actually help him to lose some emotional baggage.

Mercy is important, but there's a limit to how much mercy you can show while still protecting those that need protection.
No. 179829 ID: b3ee70

Hold man down, taunt him a bit for picking a woman with a demon.
Erase everything except his fear of you (he has to have some. You just captured him and he's about to die... like... death in death death...
No. 179946 ID: d6cb21

As long as we dont destroy him utterly, Im good. As for tearing information out of his mind, thats what happens to those who push others around.
No. 181097 ID: a6a1c6
File 127450366985.png - (32.02KB , 600x600 , mindbattol3.png )

>This is wrong!

Saulanna feels a sudden sense of compassion grip her.

>How can draining a person's memories and identity, his soul itself, be right?

The urge to save the invading ghost rises up inside, but... a moment ago, she was trying to be angry with him! She still is! He was trying to take her over, to take her back to... but... this isn't... it... bluh!!

Saulanna suffers EMOTIONAL CONFUSION, and is paralyzed with indecision.

No. 181098 ID: 1ac39d

tgchan always get's coldfeet when it matters!
just kill the fucker DAMMIT!
No. 181099 ID: a6a1c6
File 127450380354.png - (71.48KB , 600x600 , headache.png )

... and then it's too late.

>"There, done (ugh, he's terribly stale). Just a brief period of digestion (do all these strange persistent souls taste like this?) and he'll be a part of me. Thoroughly subservient, I assure you. I... ah, yes, there we go."

Saulanna feels a measure of spiritual energy flow into her, and recovers two dots of MOON POWER. It... doesn't feel exactly pleasant.

>"Knowledge is a bit trickier. I beg a trifling amount of patience while I finish the incorporation."

Only a few seconds have passed since the ghost first possessed her.
No. 181101 ID: 1ac39d

assist hot ghost dude in fighting the other ghosts.
No. 181106 ID: 8bdb6a

Stand up and say "I ate your boss," to the others. If they don't immediately run or surrender, tear them apart.
No. 181108 ID: 3afd1f

There, you're a proper white color again.

Looks like that surge of Compassion balanced your karma out.

Assist our ghost friend. In some flashy manner. Like, do a rebound off a tree for an angle of attack that would take them by surprise.
No. 181112 ID: 701a19

Once you've subdued them, kiss ghost guy.
No. 181116 ID: 8b7db1

As soon as you say this, burp.
No. 181136 ID: 710b93

This, adding on 'Stand down or else i shall do the same to you.' It's a bluff with backbone.
Then this. If they don't surrender, then
No. 181176 ID: 2eac65

I would say that didn't go well.

Once he's finished doing whatever it is he's doing, we're going have a long, hard talk about our partnership, starting with just who he is and what he can do and ending with just what his role in our partnership is going to be.

For now, though, we deal with the goons.

"Your boss couldn't do a thing to me, and neither can you. If you know what's good for you, you'll wait right there while I decide what to do with you." Don't tell them their boss is dead (again); we might want to keep that bit of info to ourselves.

I'm not sure this is the best idea, since we don't know how our buddy is handling them. If he's doing badly, we might lure them away from him by pretending to be their boss who easily dominated the weak-minded beastwoman.

Whether we reveal ourselves now or not, a short burst of maniacal laughter should draw attention to us.

He already has a lover. If she rejects him or turns out to be a manipulative bitch, then we can comfort him while he's heartbroken, but until then, we respect his wishes and help him get together with Ruive.
No. 181186 ID: 1ac39d

please take your ideas on what we should shape salunna's personality to be to the discussion thread, if half say yes and the other half says no it will just cause her to enter a state of crippling indecision and cause her to get seriously hurt

yes, don't try making out with ghost dude yet, a victory hug may be nice though.
No. 181255 ID: b1c12c

we kinda fucked it. real bad. karmically speaking its like wh40k HERESY. we destroyed a soul.

that was literally the coldest solution ever.

we dont have how to "redeem" him. unless he somehow let go of his soul wich wont happen. lastly we now know the entity inside us IS malevolant in nature, at least in a defensive way.

the worse is, WE CANNOT LET THE NEWS OF A NEWLY LUNAR EXALT ESCAPE THESE VICINITIES. "kill" the thugs, if possible, in a non eatery way.
No. 181261 ID: 2eac65

He might not be all gone. The way the word-spirit talked about it, it sounded more like he absorbed the mobster rather than destroying him outright. We don't know much about him or his abilities, though, so at this point that's just wishful thinking.

On another note, once we've assimilated his knowledge, we may be able to teach our friend GHOST MAGIC. If we train him enough, he might be able to cross over into the living world.
No. 181315 ID: 48de3d


I thought killing ghosts in Exalted, assuming you didn't half-ass it and leave them to come back, pushed them straight to Lethe?
No. 181737 ID: 5abfe2

Tch! Cold feet?! I was just willing to stand up among you jaded goons and tell Saulanna some right from wrong. Letting an arguably evil thing have its way with him wasn't right, however it benefited her.

Sometimes being a good person means doing things that give less outright gain, or naught at all. But... cut is cut, nothing to be done now. There are still two more souls we have to stop.

Now how about using some of those smarts of ours? Regain your calm, Saulanna, and try to act like the mobster. ACESSORIZE the gun (use SAVVY on gun to figure out its basic functioning) and the torn ghost hat (if it's still there). Then walk over to the goons, covering your ghost friend, and crow over how this is going to be a profitable week. Like "Hold it there, buddy. Your friend's a handful, but she's all mine now, so you'd better stop fightin'."

If the deception works, we can see where to go from there. We could get a backshot with that gun. Or convince the goons to lead us to their hideout (and their boss). If not...Rip and tear, I suppose.

Hmm...What would this go on? Dickery? As tempting as it is to MOON BOOST the relevant lying stat, I don't think we should risk it. Her aura (or whatever) might flare up again and give the deception away.

How do we kill ghosts and send them back to the wheel of reincarnation all good-like in Exalted? Is it really just rip and tear their physical forms? Can we THREATEN or CONVINCE them into letting go for a new existence?
No. 183277 ID: 2eac65

They don't know we're friends with the ghost gu, only that we attacked their boss.

Yes, it's best to act like the mobster succeeded in possessing us. We can always drop the act later. Since we don't know much about his personality, we should act as if we're enjoying the strength of our new body (with aforementioned laughter); that should cover up some minor inaccuracies.
No. 183347 ID: 7e97fb

>Regain your calm, Saulanna, and try to act like the mobster.
Great idea. This.
No. 184049 ID: 2eac65

I just remembered that there should be a disembodied ghost arm lying somewhere on the ground. We might want to do something about it.
No. 184057 ID: d3dfb8
File 127498277840.jpg - (26.28KB , 604x337 , omg.jpg )

No. 186651 ID: aaa128
File 127545008498.png - (76.43KB , 600x600 , threat1.png )

After a moment's deliberation, Saulanna opts to eschew deceit. With the mobster's soul still digesting, she has no way of knowing what tells she may give of not being him; for all she knows, these ghosts may have a way of knowing whether someone is possessed or not. Besides, she has no COMPETENCY in acting.

She no formal skill in intimidation, either, but her WAR FORM and high Inspiration will lend themselves well to the task.

They look scared already.
No. 186652 ID: aaa128
File 12754501485.png - (100.01KB , 600x600 , threat2.png )

>"I ate your boss. *urp* Stand down, or I'll do the same to you. If you know what's good for you, you'll wait here until I decide what to do."

"Y-yeahanythin' y'say lady pleasedon'teatus."
"I didn't sign up to fight no moon hero, believe me!"
No. 186653 ID: 8b8eef

Smart boys. Now are they smart enough to know why the mobster was after you, I wonder?
No. 186654 ID: 8bdb6a

Get the box and make sure ghost dude is okay. (As okay as someone can get and still be dead, anyway)

You can't bring the mobster back, so you'd might as well make the most of this. Still, it's worth asking if his soul was destroyed, or merely stripped of identity and sent to Lethe. Try to be neutral and conversational about it, so it's a little less likely to lie. Do your best to tell if it's lying.

As for what to do... We're taking this box to Ruive. Or her ghost. Or her descendants. Or something. I guess finding out about this evil temple and river of blood and whatever dark conspiracy surrounds it would be good, too, but we are delivering this goddamn box.
No. 186655 ID: c5296f

The whole moon hero thing sure seems to command a lot of respect in and of itself. We really should try for more showy intimidation in the future and less limb ripping. Seems like it'd be a nice time-saver.
No. 186656 ID: 0b2a05

Where is your ghost pal? Find him and the music box for starters.
No. 186659 ID: f82d85

Lick one of them in the eye
No. 186660 ID: e16c45

Two seconds, guys.

First of all, pick up the ghost mobster's GUNTHING. Give it to our GHOSTLY FRIEND, after checking on his status. Then check the music box.

Also...Perhaps we should consider actually opening it. That one note we found from Ruive was pretty cryptic, but it did mention something about the box being able to 'fix everything', and I'm wondering if she meant a more personal problem, or this shadowland business.

Then we should consider interrogating the ghostly mobsters, find out who they are, where they're from and what they were after. While the demon inside us is digesting info, we shouldn't rely solely on it.
No. 186669 ID: 1ac39d

play it in front of the manse if anywhere.
No. 186676 ID: aaa128
File 127545908932.png - (81.89KB , 600x600 , saright.png )

Saulanna checks on her friend. He went for the box as soon as it was safe, and he declares it and himself to be in good condition.

The mobster's gun is-

>"Not a weapon, apparently - it's in recent memory. Rather, some sort of explosive signaling device."
No. 186680 ID: 1ac39d

probably would of called back-up then, good thing we stopped him.

if you can, syphon power out of them and give it to ghost dude somehow. like tell them to give their excess energy to ghost dude so he can manifest better or you will just... take it all.
No. 186682 ID: 701a19

Can you DO that in Exalted?
If you can, then there's your plan.
After that, have a hot makeout session with hot ghost dude.
No. 186683 ID: a594b9

What's that other object there on the ground?
No. 186685 ID: e31d52

>Can you DO that in Exalted?
You mean

>Do we have enough Essence or the right stats to?
No. 186688 ID: c5296f

I'd think the trauma of being possessed, possessed again but harder, and kinda sorta devouring someone's soul combine to be a bit of a mood killer. Let's just focus on activating the McGuffinBox for now, and hope it isn't actually more of a sealed evil in a can sort of thing that came with misleading documentation.
No. 186776 ID: 2eac65

Finally, things are starting to go our way. See, Saulanna? People can be very cooperative as long as you know how to talk to them.

>Still, it's worth asking if his soul was destroyed, or merely stripped of identity and sent to Lethe. Try to be neutral and conversational about it, so it's a little less likely to lie. Do your best to tell if it's lying.
Good idea, but let's be a bit less specific. If we phrase it like that, he might think we suspect him of something. A simple "What exactly did you do to the boss?" would suffice.

Does "explosive signaling device" mean a device that signals for explosives, or a device that signals with explosives?

>Can you DO that in Exalted?
We probably couldn't. That sort of thing takes high-level magics, and I doubt that we or they have anywhere near that level of power. We shouldn't ask this of them; if they can't do it, they'll have no choice but to refuse, and if we accept their refusal, they might think they have some chance of manipulating us.

>After that, have a hot makeout session with hot ghost dude.
I still oppose this. He's got his heart set on another.

>sealed evil in a can sort of thing that came with misleading documentation
That sort of thing is exactly why messing with unknown magical devices is a bad idea. Although, that particular possibility is unlikely, since both Ruive and our companion opened the box to try to repair it.

So, now we've got two mobster henchmen who are probably very eager to be helpful and obedient. Let's question them about who they are, their job, the chain of command, what they're doing here, things like that. There might be a difference between what they know and what their boss knows. Remind them that we'll be able to tell if they try to lie to us. Also, slip in a few personal questions about their own lives and their reasons for staying behind as ghosts.

Wait. There might be someone watching us. Look around in the trees and the sky above us (for flying spies).
No. 186810 ID: 3cb197

> "explosive signaling device"
its a flare gun. i do not remember that exists in exalted. she may be in the real world.

>I still oppose this. He's got his heart set on another.
we have charms to find our destined loved one. seriosuly. HOT GOAST DUDE is just a cool guy that may or may not lead to the strangest one night stand ever.

and maybe a new type of beastman.

> unknown magical device
we know what the box is. its a "EXALTED!" magical musical box, afaik we should fix it because the GURLFREND of HOT GOAST DUDE can be soothed with it.

to saulanna: no boldness means no trainning in skills. had you taunted them with your lack of acting skills, you could still menance them with the fact that you did ate their boss.

after questioning everyone, you should be mindful that there are others searching for the box, and that you are quite in a strategical spot.
No. 186816 ID: 2eac65

>its a flare gun. i do not remember that exists in exalted. she may be in the real world.
Better safe than sorry. An orbital bombardment beacon wouldn't be too over-the-top for Exalted.

>we have charms to find our destined loved one. seriosuly. HOT GOAST DUDE is just a cool guy that may or may not lead to the strangest one night stand ever.
We're Exalted. We make our own destiny.

>we know what the box is. its a "EXALTED!" magical musical box, afaik we should fix it because the GURLFREND of HOT GOAST DUDE can be soothed with it.
That's what the ghost thought, but Ruive's diary implied there was something more to it. Also, he said he already fixed it.

>to saulanna: no boldness means no trainning in skills. had you taunted them with your lack of acting skills, you could still menance them with the fact that you did ate their boss.
I was thinking the same thing. As unlikely to work as it was, we had nothing to lose by trying. It looks like things are working out now, though, so no big loss.
No. 186820 ID: cfd073

its a exalted music box.

that means that the music is so awesome that it can stop rain from falling, its dancing dolls so well crafted they step out of the box and invite the audience to dance with them, its jewelry so well kept that it has a maid to hold them in a display for you, along with 4 mirrors showing how you would look with them before putting them.

it just occured to me it can also be the perfect spot to hide a heartstone.
No. 186824 ID: cfd073

i forgot, insert motes in the musical box. 2 should do since it expects solar motes.
No. 186848 ID: 2eac65

That, or it could play the song that heralds the end of mankind's time, awakening the Old Ones from their slumber to destroy civilization. Or a song that makes roads appear beneath our feet. You never know with magitech.
No. 186849 ID: d65928

A) The song box is working. Ghost fella fixed it.

B) Ghost fella listened to it. Whatever it does didn't kill him. He just got whacked by a falling tree when he was taking it to Ruive.

C) We don't know why it was important to Ruive or how it functions, so it can wait for now. We have goons to interrogate. Where are they from? Who were they after? Who employed them?

D) Pointless romance is pointless.
No. 186852 ID: 754d8d

Demand absolute ghost thug obedience. In return, MAYBE, you will help them pass on. If they show themselves to be helpful, and deserving.
No. 186950 ID: 73bb32

this is not bad. they may not be willing for it but saulanna actualy has perception to pick their acting.

>Ghost fella listened to it.
he did? i was under the impression any exlated item needed motes to work properly.
No. 186959 ID: 2eac65

I like this idea. There are a few too many unknowns, though. For one, they might not want to pass on; being ghosts looks to be working out rather well for them. We also don't know what, specifically, their issues are, or how much they've done as thugs. It's best to confirm that they're evil scumbags before acting like they are; knowing the details will allow us to control them with guilt.

I'm also wary of having two heavily muscled thugs around in the long-term if their only loyalty to us is out of fear. Without our charms, either one looks like he could probably overpower us on his own, and they're professional enforcers. Plus, they might come up with some clever way to escape; we should never count on anyone being as stupid as they look.

So no, the time's not quite right for that. We should make them tell us their own histories, then use their crimes (if any) to force them to admit that they're horrible people, then offer them forgiveness and salvation by obeying us (along with side benefits such as not being vivisected).

On an unrelated note, it's possible that they're wary of antagonizing "lunar heroes" because they're an organized force around here. We shouldn't ask about them specifically, to avoid tipping them off that we're amnesiac and, therefore, not with the main group.
No. 194357 ID: 3fec76
File 127665738241.png - (61.46KB , 600x600 , goontalk.png )

The spectral thugs quickly start spilling the beans, though they do it through a tale that rather transparently tries to paint themselves as helpless schmoes forced to their labour.

Still, there is good information. They're your typical hired muscle, though their focus is enforcement on the ghostly denizens of this region - they say there's not any living humans around here any more, and the ghosts mostly live in the settlements. They are scared of someone, the "fancy guy" who their boss reported to. They don't know if he reports to anyone in turn, but he lives up in "the needles", a fortress in the mountains south of here; at the center of the shadow's curse on this land. They've seen their master, but never really met him, that being a duty for the ghost Saulanna dealt with.

Its on their master's orders that they're around here, rather than their usual stomping grounds; apparently some prisoner escaped, a woman. Someone really important, judging by how they've been instructed not kill her, and to signal for backup if she's found rather than dragging her in themselves.

>"Oh dear. We... may have a problem."

There is a sense of strain in the voice.
No. 194361 ID: aeade0

let me guess, self destruct?
No. 194373 ID: 8bdb6a

Displace immediately. Get all the plot items together and get the fuck out of there.

Head towards, uhh... the other question mark on the map! On the double!
No. 194386 ID: a594b9

Sounds like WE are the escaped woman.

Skedaddle! Knock these guys out. Or 'kill' them. Don't EAT them, of course. Just like, forcibly send them to the afterlife or something. That's actually a good deed, isn't it?
No. 194395 ID: 3fec76
File 127666049671.png - (77.34KB , 600x600 , thinkinworries.png )

Saulanna swiftly decides that she should get out of here! Just as she's about to tell her ghost friend to get going, however, the voice speaks again.

>"I should inform you, there's a little... extra urgency you should add to your retreat. It occurs to me, you see, that if these agents were instructed to signal for help, someone has to be watching for it. For anything unusual, as a matter of fact."

>"I'm not sure how to say this, but... absorbing that fellow into myself... I can't exactly... well. Stop. I'm sorry. I'm trying to hold it now, but, I've lost so much of myself, there's momentum, pressure, it... I can't get rid of it, and it has to go somewhere. And... me being, it seems, rather tightly bound to you, you of course get whatever power I do..."

>"Basically, um. You're going to light up like a bonfire. I... can't keep it contained much longer."
No. 194397 ID: 2eac65

So we were someone important even before Luna gave us moon magic. That's interesting. This might be about our brain parasite. I suppose now's a good time to ask it for more information.

And as I feared, the mobster worked for a much higher authority. That's going to be very inconvenient for us. We need some way to get him off our trail. If we convince his boss that we were taken by someone else, it might divert attention away from us and toward his existing enemies, at least temporarily.

Aside from questions of "Is there life after undeath?" and "Do we have the means to send them there?", it might not actually be a good thing. From what we've seen so far, life as a ghost doesn't seem all that different from life as a mortal. Some might prefer it to what's waiting on the other side.

As for "Is it a good deed?", well, who has the authority to make such a decision? That's an important question to ponder. The current order of things might not be too great.
No. 194398 ID: e31d52


No. 194400 ID: d6cb21

I agree, we need to GTFO
No. 194401 ID: 8bdb6a

Can't you spit it out? Cram it into a rock or one of the two goon ghosts or the evil altar or something?

If not, grab the plot stuff and run for it. I guess the two goons are going to get away and tell exactly what happened, but short of killing them, it can't be helped, so let's just say bye and start running.
No. 194403 ID: 2eac65

I was a bit late, it seems.

Okay, quick idea. Tell the two thugs that, since it was the first time they came after us, we're going to let them go. But tell them to give their boss this message: "We have obtained the one you're looking for. You know what we want in exchange. You have thirteen days."

Then carve a small, hard-to-notice mark in each of their chests. Inform them that if they come after us, or give their boss any information about us apart from what we told them to say, the mark will go straight through their hearts.

We don't actually have that ability, but they don't know that and they're probably too scared to risk it.
No. 194408 ID: 2eac65

Also, when we escape, don't go straight for where we're headed. Run in its general direction, but at an angle, so any pursuers would think we're headed somewhere else. Keep going in a straight line until this "bonfire" effect wears of, then abruptly change direction back to where we're planning to go.
No. 194424 ID: 701a19

Will this 'bonfire' harm hot ghost guy due to proximity?
Should she stuff him into the backseat of her mind and tell him to sit down and shut-up while she gets moving out of there? If so, she should kiss him and say "You're lucky you're cute~" before doing it.
No. 194433 ID: 2eac65

>hot ghost guy
We really should get around to asking his name. The brain worm's, too.

>Should she stuff him into the backseat of her mind and tell him to sit down and shut-up while she gets moving out of there?
I don't think that's possible, and if it is, we shouldn't do it. If we look like we're panicking, it'll show weakness.

>If so, she should kiss him and say "You're lucky you're cute~" before doing it.
No flirting. Yet.
No. 194445 ID: 67c611

These guys are a security risk. Why not roast them with the bonfire? Are you technically a good guy? Whatever, killing them is simple and effective. Kill them both.
No. 194454 ID: 2eac65

Ending someone's existence is not something to do lightly. Besides the fact that it's simply wrong, there's not much information they could give their superiors that they couldn't figure out on their own, and they can be useful if we keep them alive.
No. 194460 ID: a594b9

"Killing" a ghost in this universe doesn't END them, they just get forced into the afterlife thing. The bookworm demon was absorbing the mobster; that's different.
No. 194467 ID: 2eac65

We don't know that. And if it's true, it's still not something to do lightly.
No. 194469 ID: 701a19

This is EXALTED. Yes, we DO know that.
No. 194471 ID: 8b2040

what panicking is this? i may be kiddin when i say we have over a week to think this trhu, but we really should calm down.

FIRST: we still have the initial problem. HOT GOAST DUDE cannot leave the deathlands under normal conditions.

SECOND: >>194454
they do not die. its definitively a place worse that death however.

THIRD: the "bonfire" is her "lunar aura" or the "demon aura"? this may be important, as it would determine what excactly we would attract. we also have to face the possibility of a lunar incursion to save us.

well ok they hardly even consider getting in a deathland but anyway, moving on.

now to SRS BSNS:

question the thugs about where is the former owner of that house they were about to get in AND where is the exit of this deathland. meanwhile, tell HOT GOAST DUDE to play the music box near the manse. i shit you not, i want to at least know its just a freaking regular music box. it can also be a jewelry box, and if it contains a heartstone, we are set for a long battle.

then, wack the dead dudes. im pretty sure they cant go unconsious, but we should disable them. we cant rely on them in the long run and i dont know how to call ghostbusters to lock them, even temporarily. if you can trust them to just stand still and do nothing its ok, but if you can drain more motes from them, even better.

grab the music box after all of this, even if it didnt stopped playing. its likely you will see or face HOT GOAST DUDE's girlfriend, she may or may not be moved by the music. ask the demon if he can somehow help HOT GOAST DUDE to get out of the deathland with us/inside us. if he cannot follow trhu for any reason, tell HOT GOAST DUDE that you wish good luck with his girlfriend but you must GTFO with the box, for is surely what they seek to either posses or destroy due to a reason yet to be determined.

then. and only then. GTFO ASAP trhu the path the thugs indicated to you.

and attempt to not cry nor look back while you remember that hot goast dude was left behind with 2 other possibly innocent thugs that will have to take him in custody to a emoknight anyway because noone knows wtf is going on.
No. 194473 ID: e31d52

No Seven, it's not. The author has stated that while similar, it is NOT THE SAME. There are some aspects which might be different, some that are the same, and some which simply do not exist. So get off the horse and join us down here in in-character-knowledge-land.
No. 194478 ID: 8b2040

actualy no we dont. saulanna is in a worse case that the usual exalted. she does not have basic charms yet and seems to be using some of them out of reflex rather that knowledge.

if we have pocket meditation, put the box there.

lastly since i am a horrible poster due to the lack of a edit button. we need YEAR, LOCATION, BOSS NAMES, NEARBY TOWN even if destroyed or belonging to the dead. ask the bookworm demondragon thingie, he must have some more stuff from his recent memory.
No. 194481 ID: a594b9

Let's ask our ghost friend when we're done running away.

Saullana: RUN AWAY!
No. 194485 ID: 8b2040

oh shit the flare gun. hold it in your hand, you may need to use it as a actual weapon.

now i agree with you, but we have to put a consensus here. we are META. we CAN make it work as a META.

however we must also understand the character at hand and its limitations. for instance, when Player send us to face the two death kittens we literally locked up and failed to even see the problem at hand.

in here we have a potential beardbeard, but this is all that it is. potential. we need to know what we can do, how to do it and then we need trainning, masssssssssive amounts of it. all of this will put our meta to good use.

for instance, we have already determined the thugs had a flare gun. this is however not exalted stuff as they have more magical means of doing "stuff".

we also determined that she is a lunar in shackles. its LIKELY that a nearby lunar tribe KNOWS we exalted. when we flare near the border its LIKELY we will be targeted by every wyld hunt, emoknight and tree-hugging lunar that there ins in a ten mile radius, to then consider this is exalted modern and that the police + local human factions would be willing for a piece of us as well.

we need to be ready. only meta will help.
No. 194491 ID: 8bdb6a

We have no way of knowing what is the same as canon exalted and what is different.
Also, there's a /questdis/ thread here: >>/questdis/318207
Use it.
No. 194507 ID: d86f54

Test is very very right.

Also, rather than panically run away and get seen by whomsoever's looking for the flare, is there anywhere we can, well, hide?

The hut? Cover ourselves in detritus? Could invite the goons and our ghost fellas to sit it out in there, while they continue to tell you about the area.

Or is 'lighting up' more spiritual than physical?
No. 194509 ID: 2eac65

If we do end up sparkling, we'll probably be able to draw attention away from our ghost buddy. He could hide somewhere while we draw off pursuit. Do you think he'd be safe where we first met? He won't be safe here; "they" could possibly know who lived in this house, and be very keen on investigating for that reason.
No. 194581 ID: 2eac65

Remember to retrieve our STUFF from the hut before we go, especially the diary page that Ruive left. We don't want to leave them any clues.

Also, our clothes, and the backpack for later repair. Maybe keep the rope, maybe not; we can make another if need be.

It's a long shot, but we might be able to fashion a crude wheeled contraption out of the bed, some posts, and some sections cut out of the walls. Then we could move faster and carry more.

It all depends on how much longer is "not much longer".
No. 194614 ID: b6ab34
File 127671643421.png - (89.59KB , 600x600 , orders.png )

Considering her options, Saulanna decides it would be best to scarper, heading north to be as far away from things as possible before her SOUL FIRE blows up. Not being sure what would happen to the goons if she "killed" them, she settles for letting them go - "this time" - with a misleading message for their master. She affects an attitude of having expected to do this.

>"Once I have this power digested, I should be able to... enhance myself, so as to be able to pull spirits into your mind... your mental capacity is enough to hold several passengers, and I could imprison them, or eat them, as you desired."

>"If I were not holding it, I could be making such changes to myself now. Ergh... I can keep it back for at least a few minutes more, maybe seven or eight. I could just spit it out, but... that would create an even more pyrotechnic display. If only I were not so enfeebled!"

Saulanna quickly grabs the torn pack into which she stuffed her clothes, as well as the page she had been reading. Time to leave!
No. 194625 ID: a594b9

Okay, so after we get north a ways, and the soul fire explodes, we should head in a completely different direction so that at best they think we kept going north and at worst have no idea where we are.

I guess we should take a look at the map again once the explosion happens though, to decide where to go next.
No. 194626 ID: 67c611

Time to GTFO.

You keep destroying your clothing when you transform. You should give up on it. It's a lost cause. I'm sure no one would mind if you weren't wearing any :3c

Also get ghost guy a new shirt if he wants one or don't if you like him topless.
No. 194627 ID: 8bdb6a

You've got a few minutes before it starts. Stride confidently out of sight, before grabbing your ghost buddy under one arm and his box under the other arm and running like it's Scooby Doo. Which I guess is appropriate since you're a ghost and a were.

In the meantime, ask your brain buddy to hurry up with the processing, because you want to be able to safely carry a passenger so you can move more quickly.

Also, react to how goddamn strange it is that you're apparently being rewired to hold captive ghosts and spirits in your mind. Though that's also pretty cool.
No. 194629 ID: 8bdb6a

Also, stay in your warform. Hiding's going to be a lost cause for awhile.
No. 194631 ID: 2eac65

We've been fine with clothing so far. The first time, our skirt survived (and our top was torn beforehand), and the second time, we had the foresight to remove it.

If we want to take our friend with us, we might want to make a riding harness out of the rope, if it doesn't take more than a minute or two. We'll be able to move faster if we don't have to carry him manually.
No. 194635 ID: d386ed

the gun the ghost gangster dropped! grab it as well!
No. 194638 ID: a594b9

It's not a gun. It's a signaling device. Like a flaregun or something.