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File 133400430018.png - (35.11KB , 700x700 , chap2title.png )
399781 No. 399781 ID: 13dce2

Previous thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/88264.html
Quest discussion thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/318207.html
Wiki page/Stats (not author-made): http://tgchan.org/wiki/Lunar_Quest

>Please try to restrain arguments and discussion to the discussion thread.
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No. 399782 ID: 13dce2
File 133400433363.png - (39.46KB , 700x600 , outsidethemanse.png )

Once more we return to a SHADOWY LAND, bathing under the light of the FULL MOON. On the heights of a hill overlooking a darkened town, in a large strange house, in an unlit room, a newborn champion of that silvered eye slumbers.

In that room, an unborn Titan sleeps.
No. 399783 ID: 13dce2
File 133400435223.png - (67.17KB , 600x600 , saulannasleeping.png )

But not for much longer.
No. 399784 ID: 13dce2
File 133400439181.png - (76.95KB , 600x600 , saulannawakes.png )

Again, you are SAULANNA RICANYA ROCKBLOSSOM: amnesiac genius, a MOON HERO endowed with the spirit of the noble RACCOON, and a number of OTHER THINGS BESIDES. You find yourself awakened by a knocking at the door; the sound rouses more than your own senses.

>"Welcome back to the waking world, my lady. I hope you feel well rested?"
No. 399785 ID: 97bd86


What were we up to again?
No. 399786 ID: fa9f7e

We were trying to find out how shit worked. Found out how shit works yet, Saulanna?

Also, fuck yes this is back
No. 399787 ID: a2fa74

Get up and get dressed. Stunt turning the sheets into a kimono for the fun of it.
No. 399789 ID: ed57e8

if clothes are far away just use blanket as toga.
No. 399791 ID: cf49fc

Great plan. Then pace back and forth while wondering what to do next.

When someone comes to the door to speak with you, hit them in the face with a pillow from across the room.
No. 399792 ID: c2c011

Check if there is any partner there in the bed with you.
No. 399794 ID: fcf88e

Might want to get dressed. People tend to actually hold conversations when they are not looking at your cleavage.
No. 399796 ID: 1da170

If there isn't one, finding one is clearly our next adventure.
No. 399798 ID: 6e43b1

No. 399799 ID: 6e43b1

His name is actually Shadow In The Wings now.
No. 399801 ID: e73349

Clothing, then answering the door, seems like a good plan.
No. 399802 ID: fcc78d

also inquire if wordblood has a sex drive, because if so, creepy.
No. 399803 ID: fa9f7e

I assumed that was what the digested souls were for.
No. 399805 ID: e73349


For boning? That's... also creepy. Wordblood sex drive is worth determining.
No. 399806 ID: 61e7f9

No clothing, answer the door.
No. 399809 ID: fcc78d

Wait, Wordblood joined up with us, right? That says to me that he has our sex drive. He isn't perving on us, because WE don't perv on us.

On the other hand, that delicious ghost we ran into before may be having an interesting night, not to mention Shadow.
No. 399811 ID: b85f8c

Get partially dressed then answer the door.
No. 399812 ID: 2153a4

No. 399813 ID: b6edd6

If we go around saying people's true names then somebody will overhear us sooner or later, and we wouldn't want that. He remains Peregrine in conversation.
No. 399814 ID: 800ce6


boring conversations.
No. 399820 ID: 431fa8

Which is something that we really shouldn't be saying to anyone ever. He knows his Name, we know his Name, anyone beyond that is only showing others a weakness to exploit.

So what's our first order of business? Learning sorcery? Devouring souls? Figuring out how to travel beneath the bottom of the Underworld to claim the tortured spirits of the Titans within the Labyrinth as our own? Or just breakfast?
No. 399822 ID: 282655


No. 399824 ID: a0ab04

Hey, aren't the Shadowlands retarding our mote recharge? I vote leave Shadowlands. That's just in the midterm though but I don't their is any reason for us to stay for very long.
No. 399827 ID: 13dce2
File 133401336046.png - (113.51KB , 1000x500 , saulannayawn.png )

Last thing Saulanna remembers, she was forcing the person responsible for her condition, a DEATH HERO called PEREGRIN KAAN, into a magical oath of fealty. Her memory on the subject seems very clear, as if she could easily read through it again in her head, somehow. Almost as if it were mentally ARCHIVED in some manner!

Clearly, however, things have advanced a bit from there.

>"Apologies; I've been trying to categorize the memories we've accumulated, and some seem to have slipped into the cracks. I could retrieve them easily enough."


Not yet!

>"Peregrin Kaan is his mortal name. Shadow In The Wings is his True Name. Generally speaking, it is... polite... to refrain from using the true name, save for specific purposes."
No. 399829 ID: 13dce2
File 133401347998.png - (95.67KB , 1000x500 , saulannawrapsup.png )

>What's our first order of business?

Isn't that up to you? Although, perhaps Saulanna could mentally review a list of TASKS she's accepted...

>"Sexuality is a complex subject for spiritual entities such as myself. Currently, I have no particular interests that I can identify."

Another knock. While Wordblood talks, Saulanna moves to answer the door.
No. 399831 ID: 13dce2
File 133401370530.png - (83.54KB , 600x600 , maidintro.png )

>"Ah, oh. Hello! I hope I'm not disturbing you, uh, mistress. Lord Kaan sent me to see if you needed anything. A lamp, perhaps? It looks awfully dark in there..."
No. 399833 ID: b85f8c

Memory retrieval, hmm? Yes, just a brief summary of our activities since the last clear memory, please.

Oh yes, reviewing our TASKS would be nice too, but I believe I can remember at least one- we were trying to find the music box's owner, weren't we? To reunite our ghost friend with her?

It seems like we can see well enough, so tell her no thanks. Speaking of seeing, there's something on the bedstand- what is it?
No. 399834 ID: 944e41

Grab her and kiss her

Tell her you're fine.
No. 399835 ID: 7c31d2

Ask for some food
No. 399836 ID: fa9f7e

She's cute. Seduce her.
No. 399837 ID: 431fa8

>"Apologies; I've been trying to categorize the memories we've accumulated, and some seem to have slipped into the cracks. I could retrieve them easily enough."
Please do, or at least the highlights. Amnesia is a terrible thing and we've had more than enough of it already.

We don't seem to have any trouble seeing in the dark, so a lamp is unnecessary... although honestly, we're not doing anything useful in here so let's get going... though, clothes first.

"I should get dressed... help me select something, please."

Wordblood, do we know who this is and we've forgotten her name? That would be embarrassing. If not, we should get her name.
No. 399838 ID: 2153a4

No. 399840 ID: 61e7f9

+ "I can see fine."
No. 399841 ID: ed57e8

let's NOT seduce everything we meet. being a friend is nice though. but JUST friends. and yeah, if we know her name would be best to use that. if not then get it. seem fine with the light lvl. food maybe?
No. 399843 ID: fa9f7e

But we're a Lunar :c
No. 399846 ID: fcf88e

No seducing. We are a classy lady and we will not sully ourselves with the help.

But yes, we are fine and clothing would be nice. A list of TASKS would help along with a bit of those recent memories.
No. 399848 ID: b6edd6

Strange, she looks like a living mortal. I had thought all of Peregrine's subjects were ghosts.
No. 399853 ID: b0d466

Nah you can see fine. Classy clothing would be nice, if you would be so kind, maid.
No. 399856 ID: a2fa74

Ok, first rule of living in a castle: Be nice to the staff. They can go anywhere, and people care little about what they hear. If they like you enough they can give you a heads up when skullduggery is afoot, hide you from trouble, and get you things you need when official channels won't do.
"Mmm... I think a lamp would be nice. Although I could use your help with something else for now. Give me a moment to get dressed. You can put that down."

Gently close the door, then quickly get dressed.
We're going to ask her for the unofficial tour, and ask her questions about the power players here while we're on it. We want to find out what the staff knows about them and ourselves.

Oh, and wordblood? We saw that. You can be subsumed into Saulanna if you want, but you aren't going to be taking over. Got that?
No. 399860 ID: fa9f7e

Saw what?
No. 399866 ID: 59c014

"A lamp, yes. And some food. And... do you have any good clothes I could try?"
No. 399867 ID: fcc78d

Ask her to inform him that we're fine.

If pressed, do the glowy thing.
No. 399868 ID: fcc78d

> food

Yeah, changing vote. FOOOOOOD.
No. 399869 ID: a2fa74

Look CLOSELY at the title image. "TITAN QUEST"
No. 399872 ID: 431fa8

That seems far more likely to be an accurate representation of the current state of affairs- that is, a Lunar with a Titan hidden inside her- than of any kind of sinister plot on Wordblood's part.
No. 399873 ID: fa9f7e

Yeah, unborn Titan and all that.
No. 399878 ID: d5ee6f

No, but thank you for your concern. Ask her name and if she'll be your maid for the duration of your stay.
No. 399881 ID: e73349


Clothes. Blanket-toga will be problematic in event of needing to do move around quickly.

Also food, because food is important.
No. 399884 ID: 1417a1

Ask Wordblood how much time has passed since the battle and if we've met the maid already. Otherwise, inquire about food, lamps and her name.
No. 399887 ID: 1da170

Let's check out that LIST of TASKS.
No. 399900 ID: ce4a4d


Request FOOD and CLOTHING, on the assumption that nudity is taboo around here.
No. 399902 ID: 369d34


Request FOOD and DRINK, COMFORTABLE CLOTHES, and an OIL LAMP. Just 'cause you can see in the dark doesn't mean everyone else that comes in here can.
No. 399907 ID: a8e898

I vote Task list and recent memory location.
No. 399914 ID: 2eac65

Looks like our new slave host has been quite accomodating to us. Must remember to thank him for his hospitality. So what can we do today?

When we've got a moment, offer a prayer of gratitude to Luna, for the strength to protect her loved ones and find happiness. Because people usually pray when they need help, but don't think too often about how the big rock in the sky is feeling. Or so I'd assume.

Thank the maid for her concern and ask how she's doing. After all, it always pays to show others a little kindness.

Then we ought to take care of our appearance. For clothing, I'd recommend something simple and modest that allows freedom of movement; while we're picking those out, check ourself for any identifying marks. Old scars, tattoos, piercings, missing pieces, that sort of thing.

After we're presentable, we can see about getting some food.
No. 399916 ID: b9d767

This. She did exalt us, after all. And if not for that, we likely wouldn't have Wordblood.
Speaking of Wordblood, what're his opinions on Luna?
No. 399918 ID: 673411

I think we should ask the big sky rock how she's doing. Don't ask her for stuff. We have stuff. We're working on stuff.

Just check in to see how she's doing.
No. 399919 ID: 46d846
File 133402757335.png - (96.91KB , 800x500 , saulannaremembers.png )

>Task List

- Discover the reason for her situation - Complete
- Escape pursuit - Annulled
- Help GEVIN deliver the MUSIC BOX to RUIVE
- Teach Peregrin how to use POWER WORDS
- Acquire TITAN'S WILL by:
--- Absorbing souls
--- Absorbing Titan Fragments
--- ????

>Retrieve memories

Saulanna takes a moment to concentrate as she feels Wordblood return the missing memories to her mind.

After taking Peregrin's oath, Saulanna revealed her existing goals and obligations. Peregrin, in turn, explained that anything requiring departure from this SHADOWY LAND would have to wait until morning. Such places as this are where the LAND OF THE DEAD meets the LAND OF THE LIVING, and attempting to leave at night, when the land is furthest from the sunlit world, would lead into the dark realm of the Dragon's Shadow. To demonstrate the truth of this, he escorted her to the border of the land, where she was able to behold for herself the BLACK VEIL of the lightless underworld. Once, Peregrin had said, it had been possible to force one's way into the correct paths by magic, but the Dragon's dominion had reinforced the walls between worlds, barring against all but the mightiest sorcery. Shortly after, you decided to revert to human form, whereupon the accumulated exhaustion of the day hit you fully, and Peregrin brought you back to his home.

Strangely, though Saulanna feels that she's rested a full night, and feels certain that about eight or nine hours have passed, it's still dark outside! What's more, although Wordblood agrees with her time assessment, her innate link to the moon insists that hardly any time has passed at all... reckoning by the motion of the heavens.
No. 399920 ID: 46d846
File 133402768349.png - (117.79KB , 1000x500 , saulannatieshair.png )


Saulanna's AROUSAL is too low to accept sexual commands!

>Saulanna can see fine

Saulanna reckons that the maid's ACUITY is nowhere near as ASTONISHING as her own is. If she wanted to create light, she could just illuminate the DIVINE BRAND on her forehead, but it would not be easy to turn off. She decides to ask for a lamp, after a few other inquiries.

>Speaking of seeing, there's something on the bedstand- what is it?

It's Saulanna's hairband! Thanks for the reminder!


>"Well, I could bring you something, if you like, certainly! I suppose I should have brought something, but Lord Kaan usually takes his meals in the dining room, or while he's working... I think he might be eating now, actually. I was told to ask if you'd like to join him."

>Do you have any good clothes I could try?

>"Ah, now that I'm ready for! I gathered up a bunch of things that I thought would fit in this basket, along with some things Lord Kaan said belonged to you before?"
No. 399921 ID: 46d846
File 133402777105.png - (99.79KB , 600x800 , saulannadressup.png )

>"We have plenty to work with, and I can probably work up something quickly myself if we're missing anything you really want. So what would you like to wear?"

Saulanna pictures herself, activating PAPER DOLL MODE!
No. 399923 ID: affb00
File 133402826328.png - (96.49KB , 600x800 , saulannasteve.png )

I think this will pretty much rocket us straight up to MAXIMUM AROUSAL
No. 399927 ID: a2fa74

Ask Wordblood to take a look at the merging process and see how things are going there. We want to make sure Saulanna is the dominant persona, and that there is as little cross-contamination as possible.

After the paper doll, lets find out the name of the maid and ask her for a tour. We'll eat with her while we find out more about the area and its people.
No. 399929 ID: fcc78d

How long do we have? I won't be back to something with paint till tomorrow morning
No. 399930 ID: 19e436

No. 399931 ID: 46d846


[I'm going off for the night, now, so at least a day.]
No. 399932 ID: b6edd6

It would not be that surprising for a shadow realm to have a weird day/night cycle, though we should still ask about it.

Actually, Wordblood was lodged in our head from Perigrines experiments, which were before and (as far as we know) entirely unrelated to our exaltation.

A quick recap of Wordblood and the gods:
Titans (one of which Wordblood was a part of) created the world and the gods, but eventually the gods rebelled against and deposed the titans, killing/mutilating/imprisoning them in a variety of unpleasant ways (which may or may not have been necessary to stop the titans from returning the favor).
Because of this, Wordblood feels betrayed by the gods and has the (fairly reasonable) concern that the gods' animosity towards the titans will extend to us if they find out about our nature.

(It might be possible to get along with the gods, but before revealing our nature we should first be prepared for the scenario where they react by sending armies and/or groups of epic exalts after us. After all, a new titan could easily be interpreted as a growing threat to stamp out before it gets out of hand.)
No. 399948 ID: b0d466
File 133403101532.png - (159.54KB , 600x800 , DressUpTime.png )

No. 399951 ID: b85f8c
File 133403207964.png - (67.12KB , 600x800 , pompasaulanna.png )

This'll make you look cool and tough.
No. 399953 ID: 784dcc
File 133403227735.png - (96.91KB , 600x800 , 133402777105.png )

I believe this is the other traditional offering?
No. 399954 ID: a21b1b

Voting for this.
Also, say we would like to eat with Peregrine, and ask the maid her name on the way down.
No. 399955 ID: a8e898

This particular disembodied voice is not good at art, but would like to vote for trying on a Gothic Lolita dress.
No. 399956 ID: fcc78d

Can we get the hair back down? Please? Or at least in the old hairstyle. The giant poof doesn't work.
No. 399958 ID: d5ee6f
File 133403279888.png - (154.38KB , 600x800 , Ichi.png )

No. 399959 ID: d5ee6f
File 133403284041.png - (66.05KB , 500x667 , Junko.png )

No. 399963 ID: 117433

But the giant poof is the best part of her design. If anything, it should be made larger. Saulanna is a Lun- Moon Hero. Not only can she have hair that drags along the ground and extend two feet above her head, and not only will it not weigh her down, but she could attack people with prehensile hair if she wanted to and had the right Moon Powers.
No. 399968 ID: a21b1b

Also think we should look through the vanity drawers, see what the cloth on the couch and the little thing next to it are, and see what's behind the door other than the one the maid came through.
No. 399970 ID: 431fa8

I'm thinking we should braid it. That should keep it firmly under control so as to avoid the horrible fate that is >>399963. The servant girl can help, though with the horrible swarm of hair that we currently possess bringing it all under direct control might take a while.

Please restrain the RPG-hero impulse to open every chest and explore every room so that we can get all the treasure. Peregrin owns this place and works for us; we can get whatever it has to offer from him without wandering around looking for it ourselves.

Speaking of what it has to offer, perhaps he has a library. Wordblood would probably appreciate that, and if we can still absorb the knowledge from books near-instantly thanks to his abilities then a trip there could be a very productive experience.
No. 399974 ID: a21b1b

Fair enough. Still would prefer to either keep pouf or have hair down.
For shoes, voting for either wooden sandals or sturdy leather boots. Former for cool factor, latter for practicality(plus boots seem to go well with jackets).
No. 399977 ID: b85f8c

Oh and before we forget, can you get Wordblood to check to see if he's growing stronger compared to you, and if that's a problem? Would he start to take over control? If so, would applying TW directly to saulanna fix that issue?
No. 399979 ID: ee834a

Yes, I do believe one of our next uses of TW should be into Saulanna's Soul Force. But that can wait for a more appropriate time.

I like this, out of the current choices, but I'd like to see some more serious submissions first. Curses being bad at art! Then again, if I was good at art, I would do my own quest.
No. 399981 ID: 784dcc
File 133403635049.png - (82.70KB , 600x800 , saulannadressup.png )

In case it's useful
No. 399992 ID: b0d1a8
File 133403776329.png - (138.95KB , 600x800 , paperdoll.png )

This is the right setting for this right?
No. 399993 ID: 673411
File 133403801096.jpg - (100.01KB , 600x800 , ErrybodyLovesLayers!.jpg )

No. 399994 ID: 784dcc
File 133403819502.png - (79.66KB , 600x800 , saulannadressup.png )

Layers are so useful for the graphically challenged, I admit.
You did it faster, I guess. A good option.
No. 399996 ID: 673411

I meant layered clothing. I really like layered clothing.
No. 399998 ID: e73349


Really like this one.
No. 400006 ID: 2153a4

I love it! And if you need mobility, it looks so easy to get out of!
No. 400007 ID: 784dcc
File 133403883098.gif - (59.49KB , 600x800 , saulannalayers.gif )

Oh. Well, I like layers because it helps conceptually and lets you mess up without messing up what you're drawing over. And do things like this.
No. 400009 ID: 9d1d2b
File 133403901784.png - (106.03KB , 600x800 , saulanna.png )

... I may have to do more of these. This was ridiculously fun and easy.
No. 400014 ID: 673411
File 133403932691.gif - (97.29KB , 600x800 , I\'mSoGladILearnedHowToAnimateInPhotoshop.gif )

Yes, that is handy too.

I was just talking about the clothing, but indeed, my own drawing uses 3 layers for clothing, and a layer mask for the whites in the clothing.
No. 400016 ID: 57b09c

"But I never met a gypsy!"
No. 400019 ID: 9d1d2b

"Yes you did. She's probably looking for you."
No. 400029 ID: 6dddd5


Can't go wrong with this
No. 400032 ID: 61e7f9

with some pockets and stuff on the outside. Combat harness or something.
No. 400033 ID: c26f5d

This seems to be the nicest.
No. 400035 ID: 063c28

I'm a fan.
No. 400049 ID: 70591e

really fancy designs there you guys, but how about something more practical for a shapeshifter?
No. 400055 ID: c48ca8

I wholeheartedly endorse this.
No. 400058 ID: 431fa8

While on the one hand shapeshifting, on the other hand, we are a physical-tertiary character in the center of our vassal's power with no expectation of immediate danger. If we're shapeshifting something has probably gone very wrong in our day.
No. 400074 ID: 0ee065

Holy shit yesssss


No. 400075 ID: 117433

"Practical" is the exact opposite of how you design clothes for lunars, or an Exalts in general.
No. 400083 ID: 1417a1

Exactly. Useful for a shapeshifter.
No. 400085 ID: 117433
File 133406752826.png - (120.32KB , 600x800 , Saulanna Costume 1.png )

You can't see it from this angle, but the shirt is backless, and connects at the neck and mid-back, and the sides of the pants will stretch somewhat to accommodate anyone who just so happens to turn into an eight foot tall raccoon monster while wearing them. No sense in being a nude eight foot tall raccoon monster if you can help it. The arm-warmers warm her arms (what is the climate like, anyway?) and the lack of shoes are because shoes prevent you from communing with Mother Luna (and are also hard to draw with no artistic talent).
No. 400088 ID: 9d1d2b

My design is actually intended to be relatively practical. might want to loosen the sash a bit first, but a large full-circle skirt with say a drawstring waist and top designed after a kimono has enough fabric that a sudden transformation won't rip everything, will allow for some good mobility in eight-foot-tall racoon monster form and one could remove the skirt or just hike it up into the waistband for further mobility in human form.

... Why no I haven't had to figure out why a gypsy smith wears this getup [besides it being easy to draw].

But discussion is for the discussion thread so I will shoosh now.
No. 400090 ID: 0a7fcc

YES!! finally lunar quest is back!
No. 400091 ID: 38774f

There are many great options here, but this one is the best. Totally.
No. 400098 ID: 1da170

Another vote for this.
No. 400101 ID: f25549

So, is it the Shadowland the reason their is no color or this the stylistic choice?
No. 400112 ID: fcc78d

> Barrier between worlds
No. 400116 ID: a21b1b

Changing my vote to this, with this
as my second choice.
No. 400117 ID: c35ddc
File 133408054825.jpg - (119.89KB , 600x800 , SomethingSimple.jpg )

Something simple and easy to draw. Plenty of room to move in, simple and loose enough to accomidate for larger shapeshifted forms... and one piece, so enough for a little raccoon to drag along as a bundle or something I guess
No. 400120 ID: 2563d4
File 133408153881.png - (54.00KB , 600x800 , saulanna-paperdoll-dejavu.png )

Waking up with an ethereal power-boosting wormy thing inside you, having to assemble clothing from assorted fabrics?

There's an app for that.
No. 400123 ID: 4912c2

This one, this one!
No. 400129 ID: 3cc04d

Hooray, it's back!


Seems good. Even has pockets! Pockets to stuff full of STUFF.
No. 400134 ID: fcc78d

> applying logic to exalted clothes
stop that.
No. 400135 ID: 3947e9

My two favorites thus far
No. 400138 ID: bb3991
File 133409299810.png - (110.60KB , 600x800 , 133402777105.png )

Lunar fighting exalt
No. 400140 ID: fcc78d

This is getting silly!
No. 400147 ID: 2563d4
File 133409782370.png - (52.25KB , 600x800 , saulanna-paperdoll-RAWK.png )

No. 400198 ID: 46d846
File 133411099465.png - (160.87KB , 1000x700 , SaulannaStatschapt2.png )

So many possibilities! For now, Saulanna asks the maid to put together one of the most appealing designs, and adds a few extras as well to see how they look. She gains +5 PRETTINESS.

Saulanna also takes a moment to reflect on her current STATISTICS, though not including her array of specific powers. In particular, she notes that she and Wordblood are currently measured equally in terms of SOUL FORCE, rating at 2 each. She possesses just enough TITAN'S WILL to increase one of them to 3.

>"I would recommend adopting your rightful position of dominance, my lady, if you feel it wise to expend this little we have now. There are, of course, many other possibilities to consider."
No. 400201 ID: 46d846
File 133411118731.png - (142.53KB , 1000x500 , saulannaconsidersclothes.png )

After a moment, Saulanna decides she can do without the circlet and jacket for now - no need to layer on too much when it's not necessary, she'll save them for when she needs them. She also asks the maid to put together a few of her other ideas as well, in case she find she wants those later on too. And speaking of the maid...

>"Oh, my name? Um, right, of course. Just a moment..."
No. 400202 ID: 46d846
File 133411126989.png - (95.79KB , 600x600 , alicenote.png )

>"My name is... a... ah-li... Alice. I think that's how you say it."

What a strange name.
No. 400203 ID: 5bec67

Aww yeah gurl, be dominant~

Does she have to write her name down? Why is that?
No. 400205 ID: 46d846

((Feel free to post more costume designs in questdis if you like; they can still become part of Saulanna's wardrobe in the future.))
No. 400206 ID: fcc78d

PUT YOUR DAMN HAIR DOWN! Or do something with it that makes it look less ridiculous.
Blame Shadow, probably.
No. 400207 ID: 61e7f9


Head down to the dining room and EAT.
No. 400209 ID: ed57e8

ask her why she needed to read it. could be she just wanted to not say her real name , maybe warned about true names?
No. 400210 ID: 431fa8

Let's meet with Peregrin before expending any Titan's Will. He will be able to give us a better idea of what resources are now available to us, which strongly influences how carefully we need to husband our resources.

She has a note! It is full of delicious words and we must read it!

Then we'll read the library. When we see Peregrin, we must inquire after his books, and read them all!
No. 400213 ID: f70e5e

whats up with alice needing to keep her name on a note?
No. 400214 ID: a2fa74

Do it.

"Who gave you that alias, and why?"
No. 400215 ID: b6edd6

I think we are better off saving our TW for now.

Peregrine mentioned that he tried the mindwipe thing before with only partial success. It is best not to mention it to her, since I don't think we currently have the magic to do something about her condition.
No. 400216 ID: a05d5a

If it won't interfere with shapeshifting to much i like this one
No. 400218 ID: fcc78d

Do you really think Saulanna is the sort of girl to use the term 'alias'? Consider what we've seen of her so far.
No. 400219 ID: 117433

Yeah, let's just head down to dinner. When was the last time you ate? Can you even remember?

Oh, and buff up Soul Force. You'll need it if you ever want to properly master the art of USING TREES AS PROJECTILE WEAPONS. Plus, who knows what will happen if Wordblood gets more than you have.

And do nothing about the hair. It is a mane that perfectly suits a member of Luna's Chosen.
No. 400220 ID: a05d5a

damnit to slow
I agree seems the most likely cause and i think we should wait till we have more TW never no what might pop up
No. 400221 ID: 29435f

One gets the feeling this has something to do with... Peculiarities of the past. Not the direct past, The Past past.

... Hm, no use not chatting with her, at any rate.
No. 400222 ID: a21b1b

Since she seems unsure of the pronunciation, politely ask if we could see the note.
No. 400226 ID: af25e0

If we're going to spend TW, it should be on soul force. Giving Wordblood power beyond our SF rating seems like a bad idea.


"You don't seem too sure of that. Is something wrong?"
No. 400229 ID: 369d34

Bank your TITAN'S WILL for now. There could eventually be other, better uses for it, and there's no urgent reason to expend it now.

Say that you're very good with speech and languages and ask if you could look at her note to check her pronunciation. Whether she agrees or not, head on down to meet Peregrine for a meal. On the way ask Alice to point out the way to the important locations in this place, especially the library.
No. 400231 ID: b9d767

Let's conserve what TITAN'S WILL we have for now, as there might be alternate channels for us to apply it in. Until we know of these, assuming they exist, we should wait before spending it.

Go to the dining room and eat, then proceed to the Library for a second course. Also, inquire as to the status of our ghostly friend.
No. 400239 ID: 1da170

If there's a mirror about, check clothing and admire self.

The do a little dance.
No. 400240 ID: c4a1fc

Sex isn't chatting, by the way :v
No. 400242 ID: 673411

I say we should increase our Soul force.
No. 400254 ID: 44d0de

If there's nothing else that Titan's Will can be spent on besides your soulforce and your wordblood, ramp up your soulforce so you can do more crazy moon shenanigans.

Why does she need to look up her own name? That's worth asking. (Hint: I suspect she is FIBBING and that is NOT her real name in which case WHY IS SHE BOTHERING because we DON'T REALLY CARE THAT MUCH)
No. 400255 ID: b85f8c

Use that TW on yourself!

Also let's go eat with mister fancy.
No. 400267 ID: 3947e9

Don't we still have several unabsorbed souls in our head? And several more on our lands?

Last time we got into a bit of a tiff about the absorbing souls thing... In this world a soul who "passes on" is naturally "recycled" into its component soul energy, destroying all memories of its life, and then the energy used for creating a new being.

Saulina can absorb those memories (the useful ones, filtered through word-blood) and merge with the raw soul to increase her own... and for some reason that got us freaking out. So how about we just sidestep this entirely trumped up moral issue (Caused by misnaming abilities and incorrect assumptions about how the world works (immortal souls? afterlife? psha!)

Basically, sidestep the whole shebang by upgrading wordblood in a very specific manner, namely, the ability to extract all memories, merge with the soul force, copy the useful memories, and then reassemble the persona inside you in a segmented manner such that it lives in a heaven of sorts inside you but does bleed over into your personality. We would have to break a few eggs to make that omlet but its not like they have better prospect.

Also, Saulina has a titan soul, Wordblood, and the exaltation soul. So far saulina can upgrade the first two with her will, but she should be able to upgrade and modify the last one as well (perhaps even augment it with other captured exaltations taken from her enemies)
No. 400270 ID: b6edd6

TITAN'S WILL can also be used to make new WORDS OF POWER or to DIRECTLY EFFECT REALITY (which I guess would be like a more powerful one-use spell).
No. 400289 ID: 2eac65

For self-buffing, don't use any Will now. There's no immediate need and there are more directly useful things we can get.

The maid's pretty cute. Ask her a bit about herself, but be subtle about it. Being too direct could clue her in about how suspicious we are. Let's start with "That's a nice name. So what's your life like here?"

After we're done chatting, we can thank her for her time and go to meet Peregrin.
No. 400296 ID: affb00


Well that's pretty fucking weird. Call her Ali for now that sounds more normal.
No. 400304 ID: 3947e9

I think that was a 4th wall breaking joke where she was a nameless throwaway character until we explicitly asked her name

Also upgrade specific sub stats of Saulina or Wordblood (ex: efficiency of consumption) as well as inventing new abilities (ex: the ability to carry/imprison a ghost inside her without absorbing it)
Read the first thread to see what can be done with it.
No. 400312 ID: ce4a4d

We know for a fact that souls attached to ours have bleed-over which can exert an as yet unknown amount of influence over us. Wordblood is a nice guy, but there still might be some side effects of being no stronger than he is. Permanent side effects.

Not just from Wordblood, either. That Ghost Boss nearly took over your body, and he was just a ghost!

Expend both TW immediately to upgrade your SOUL FORCE by one.
No. 400324 ID: c2c011

Yeah, quite a weird name. Either way, it's time for some food! Lets go get some, we might see something interesting on the way.
No. 400331 ID: 70591e

Alice is a beautiful name and fuck anyone who thinks otherwise.

ask Wordblood about how the hell you'd be able to teach P-Diddy how to use powerwords.
No. 400352 ID: 444673

Let's thank her for her help, and see about the food. Most likely she doesn't remember her name because...well...she's like you...one of PK's previous test subjects...that didn't work out so well.
No. 400359 ID: 2f8df8


Ask for vegetables
No. 400361 ID: fcf88e

Veggies and fish. Raccoons do eat fish after all.
No. 400385 ID: ddf2ca


Na Jukashi has enough experience with quests to know not to put in throw away characters unless he plans to kill them right off the bat i think
No. 400392 ID: 8124f3
File 133418177512.png - (83.28KB , 600x500 , throughhall.png )

After weighing the issue, Saulanna decides to hold off on spending more Titan's Will for now. There's no immediate need, Peregrin may have advice for her, and there is the question of when she'll get the opportunity for more. On that subject, what did happen to the ghosts she had in her head?

>"Ah, I took the liberty of releasing them when you were going to sleep, my lady. Gevin was only with us for his safety, and the other should now technically be one of our underlings, under Peregrin's oath. I'm certain we could locate them again, if that was too presumptuous of me."

After briefly suspecting some form of amusing misread wordplay, Saulanna alas finds that the note does, in fact, read "Alice". No family name. Why then would she have such trouble with it? She decides to simply ask about it as the two of them move out into the hallway.

>"Oh, that's just... well, I can't remember my own name, or... Long story, Lord Kaan tells it better. You want to see him anyway, right?"

Saulanna specifies that she was intending to go to the dining room. Isn't that where he is?

>"Where... oh, sorry! I think I misspoke. When I said I thought he was eating now, I meant he was eating while he works, not in the dining room. That would put him in the study, just over here. The dining room is actually on the far side of the house. I mean, we can still go there, of course! But I could just as easily fetch you something from the kitchen."

Hm. Should Saulanna go talk to Peregrin and let the food come to her, or put him on hold?
No. 400393 ID: 2541da

Supporting saving Titan's Will. The process is instant anyway, right? No use cutting options.

Also, ask Alice about why she can't remember her own name while finishing getting dressed and going off talking to Peregrin.
No. 400395 ID: e53cbc

Let's talk to Peregin. It'll give us something to do.
No. 400396 ID: 2541da

Sidereal'd by author. :<

There's currently no real reason to go to the dining room. On the other hand, Peregrin will still be around, we'd get a chance to talk more with Alice and we'd get to see a new part of the castle, exploration yay. On the OTHER hand, the information we are most curious about regarding Alice is something that she herself refers to Peregrin about.

I'm voting for asking her to please bring us a snack and go to talk with Peregrin.
No. 400397 ID: b85f8c

Talk to Peregrin.
No. 400398 ID: 117433

Talk to Perry and get some food sent to his study for you.
No. 400402 ID: 431fa8

Talk to Peregrin and have minions bring food. Fetching things is one of the things minions are for, after all. There's really no reason to go exploring on our own when a simple request to Peregrin can have him personally give us a guided tour and answer the incessant questions we will doubtless have.
No. 400405 ID: 1417a1

Go talk with him.
No. 400409 ID: 44d0de

I don't think we want to watch Peregin eat... ever.
No. 400410 ID: 5e703e

go and talk to kaan
No. 400414 ID: 29435f

Nah, Death Heroes probably eat just fine in SHADOWY LANDS.

But you don't want to have their pomegranates.
No. 400416 ID: a2fa74

We should get Gevin back since IIRC we were going to help him resolve some things.

Ask if Alice would mind eating with you, since you'd like to hear what she knows of the area. Eating together would help make her not quite so afraid of us, at least.
No. 400417 ID: 2eac65

>releasing Gevin
That's inconvenient. There were things I'd have wanted to ask him; namely, the year in which he died. No big loss, though; it's not like there's anything urgent we need with him.

Out of curiosity, did Gevin ask you to let him out, or did you offer it to him?

That aside, we're certainly going to want to meet with Peregrin. He's probably spent all night worrying about what we were going to do with him; we should put his mind at ease.
No. 400418 ID: 3947e9

Good point

I also say we meet him in the study and have food fetched for us. And saulina is not a raccoon, she is a human turned into a titan who can transform into a divinely empowered were raccoon. So there is no reason she can't eat human food. Oooh, I wonder if we could use titan will to make it so we don't need to eat at all. (probably could but lets not waste it on this)
No. 400421 ID: 70591e


and make sure to call him Perry.
No. 400422 ID: 6868bc

Nah, you know what? Eat some bacon and eggs in the dining room, with a tall glass of orange juice and buttered toast, let P. Kaan come see you. Make yourself at home, right?
No. 400426 ID: 369d34

Yeah, go meet with Peregrin, and have a meal sent up. Then you could ask what's the deal with Alice.

Would Gevin be just wandering around Peregrin's place after being released? Maybe Saulanna could ask Alice to find and bring him up to the study while she delivers your meal.
No. 400433 ID: 6d52a8

Only increase our power in sync with Wordblood.

We don't want to start some shit with our bro, and we don't want to be outed as a Titanic Host until we are powerful enough to take on the Dragon's Shadow and win.
No. 400440 ID: 1da170

Hmm, amnesia? Where have we heard of that before?

Isn't it a side effect of attempting to implant Wordblood? Get Alice's story!

Tell her that you don't mind if she's not the greatest storyteller, a tale should come from the heart.
No. 400441 ID: 431fa8

>get an amnesiac to tell us her story
There may be a flaw in this cunning plan.
No. 400444 ID: 673411

I'm betting it's not that she's simply amnesiac, but that she actively and continually forgets her name.
No. 400446 ID: 1417a1

Gasp! Perhaps Wordblood ate it!
No. 400447 ID: 61e7f9

Talk to Perigrin.

Maybe hit on him a bit.
No. 400449 ID: 3947e9

It is the only explanation for her having to read it off a piece of paper she carries with her.
1. She would have memorized it otherwise.
2. She would have thought to look it up otherwise.
3. She would not have it written down on a piece of paper she carriers otherwise.
No. 400452 ID: fcc78d

> Releasing Gevin

Wordblood, you have a lot to learn about maintaining Saulanna's AROUSAL RATING.
No. 400453 ID: b4798d

I'm guessing that Alice was one of the previous candidates for Wordblood, as mentioned by Peregrine.

You should go talk to him about it.
No. 400464 ID: ce4a4d

Introspectively look in mirror.
No. 400485 ID: 0a3290
File 133420923366.png - (159.41KB , 1000x500 , peregrinagain.png )

Saulanna decides to go to Peregrin. The door to the study is not far at all; she steps through to see him look up from his desk with a quiet smile. The man responsible for almost everything she is now, save her bond to the moon. And perhaps that, as well?

>"Mistress Rockblossom to see you, milord."
>"Ah! Thank you, Alice."
>"Oh. With your permission, milord, I'll fetch something for her to eat."
>"Whatever she wants, dear."

Saulanna gives Alice a few suggestions as she goes; fish occurs to her, but the only thing she remembers ever eating is a whole raw salmon, which was filling but did not otherwise leave a good impression.

>"Forgive her; she's one of your predecessors, partly. Can't remember anything from before the procedure, but a good and pleasant servant. Ah; but I'm not behaving properly, am I?"
No. 400486 ID: 0a3290
File 133420930789.png - (104.78KB , 600x700 , peregrinkneels.png )

Peregrin calmly gets up, steps forward and goes to one knee at Saulanna's feet. There's a faint gleam of amusement in his eyes as he places a hand over his heart.

>"Your oathsman is ready to serve, my liege lady; and may he venture to remark on how lovely you look in your new garb? Allow me to formally welcome you my home, and your house, a building known to locals as the Needles. Everything here is mine, and everything of mine is yours; I've not fully informed everyone of this new arrangement, only to obey you as they would me, but I await your command."

Ooh. Everything belongs to her? That is true, effectively, now she thinks of it. Feels... nice.

>"Perhaps you'd like to go over what territory and resources you hold, now? There would be a few notes as well on things like politics, the economic situation... rather tedious, and not going anywhere quickly. A discussion of your Titanic nature and where you plan to go with it would take time as well, but I'm sure it'd be very interesting. I have a few options to present along that line that may appeal to you."

It sounds like either of those options will take some time to go over, and involve quite a bit of back-and-forth. Should Saulanna engage Peregrin regarding her holdings, her magic, or something else?
No. 400488 ID: fcc78d


Also, test willingness to act as servant v. love of theater by demanding backrubs. If only because I want one myself.
No. 400489 ID: b0d466

No. 400493 ID: 431fa8

Have him speak about our holdings first.

Also comment that while the bit with the kneeling is nice, it's not really necessary. Both of us know what our relationship is; there's no need to belabor the point with ornamental actions when we're alone.

Not informing everyone that we're in charge here is probably the right move, really; we don't particularly want a bunch of Sun or Moon heroes hearing about us setting up shop here and deciding to investigate, or other Death Heroes coming to oust us from the Shadowy Lands, so having us keep a relatively low profile while Peregrin carries out our will would be best.

Also, Wordblood- look at that shelf of books! Can you help us instantly read through them all and learn everything inside them, as with that tome in the hut?
No. 400497 ID: 117433

Holdings. As a Moon Hero, we must know the lay of the land. Besides, Wordblood can fill us in on any immediately important magic things.

Plus Perry might have a Swift Rider or something for you to ride around on. Haven't you always wanted a magic-powered hoverbike?
No. 400499 ID: 70591e

No. 400505 ID: 673411

Holdings, then titanic nature.
No. 400510 ID: 3947e9

Oh smooth. He bows but clearing he is trying to charm (in the non magical sense), I like it :P.

As for what to go over, both.
No. 400521 ID: 2eac65

Feel that, Ricanya? That's the thrill of dominance. Nurture it carefully, and it will serve you well. Just don't let it overpower you; that would be both paradoxical and self-destructive.

"You seem to be taking this rather well. I'm glad. I like the time dilation, by the way; was that your doing, or did it occur naturally?"

"The political situation interests us, but I'm afraid we won't have the background knowledge to understand it. We know little about the major powers of the world, or even the principles on which it operates. First, I should learn about the various beings who inhabit the world, and their relations."
No. 400522 ID: a2fa74

Find out more about WHY he did this to people, and how much he actually knows about who Alice was before he experimented on her.
No. 400525 ID: 369d34

Go over the holdings. If Peregrin has written documentation handy that relates to the holdings, ask to have them placed out so Wordblood can absorb all the details while Peregrin talks. A map would be a good place to start from.
No. 400528 ID: c2c011

Lets hear about Holdings and Magic.
No. 400538 ID: 8ba020

Holdings and assets, I'd say.
No. 400541 ID: b85f8c

MAJICKS. Specifically, Wordblood's growth vs yours. Any disadvantages, theorized or otherwise, about putting most TW into wordblood's soul power?
No. 400542 ID: e3f578

Ask who his hair stylist is
It's just too much of a concern to ignore!
And personal trainer, you can detect he has some sweet pecks under those fancy garbs
No. 400557 ID: 383cda

Let's discuss holdings, then people under our new employ. For example, how many other 'Alices' are there?
No. 400562 ID: a8e898

I vote holdings, then ask him what's up with the time thing. I mean, you slept for 8 hours, but it's only been five minutes? How does that work?
No. 400568 ID: a21b1b

Yes, the time dilation is something we need to find out about. After we discuss our holdings.
No. 400571 ID: c93031

Actuality I'd rather ask about the time thing first i imagine it won't take to long then holdings
No. 400573 ID: f25549

I also second back rub.

Now I want one.
No. 400575 ID: e3f578

I just noticed that you have a very nice thong on.
Ask Peregrin's opinion about your ensemble. Is it to die for?
No. 400579 ID: 117433

It's not a thong. It's just a black skirt with a waistline slightly higher to the white one.
No. 400581 ID: e3f578

I see it now
that took forever to see though, I thought it looked weird in this fancy setting.
No. 400608 ID: 1da170

Go mad with power!

Which is to say, a third vote for backrubs while you get the lowdown on your holdings.
No. 400610 ID: d4f98d

Holdings and Time dilation.
No. 400612 ID: 5726ae

Time dilation is a very specific science thing. Let's call is "time lapse" instead, kay? :3
No. 400620 ID: d5ee6f

Anything urgent?
No. 400627 ID: 8247d0

You could give him a hug...
and say his hair looks nice too.

Those would both be very nice.
No. 400630 ID: 5e703e

No. 400665 ID: 784dcc

Backrubs and...uh...holdings, sure.
No. 400731 ID: 7ea3a9

Magic. Hit on him as subtly as you can (the sexy kind, not smacking him).
No. 400744 ID: df49f6
File 133429833949.png - (616.79KB , 700x600 , map1.png )

>"Material concerns first? If you prefer."

Peregrin's dominion - now yours - essentially encompasses the entirety of this SHADOWY LAND, he explains. It lies relatively far into the East (and somewhat North) of the world, not too close to anywhere else of great importance. There are modest mountains to the south, and it is in the foothills of same that there reside three PLACES OF POWER, tapped for magic by Peregrin with, he admits, not great expertise. It is the greatest of these on which this house and its surrounding town are built; that and, not coincidentally, the shattered remnants of some ancient ruins, buried in the earth. The land is mostly settled by ghosts; of the two villages here, only one still maintains a decent number of living humans, who owe fealty to the ruling council of a nearby larger town in the lands of the living; there is some significant tension, there, but manageable. Most of the land is forest, but there is some farmland dedicated to the strange or hardy plants that can grow here.

The economic success of this region depends chiefly on three sources of income: trade in magical scrap (carefully) dug up from the ruins, trade in valuables from the underworld to the living (and in the other direction), and the expertise of the restless dead who reside here. Peregrin, as a DEATH HERO, acts as representative and protector for them, and in return they listen to his advice. With some prodding.
No. 400745 ID: df49f6
File 133429847505.png - (66.82KB , 600x500 , talkinboutghosts.png )

>"All the ghosts who dwell here are effectively refugees - as am I. The underworld became a different place when the Dragon's Shadow took over; a land of darkness, filled with his demonic children. It's a more, ah, lively place than it was, paradoxically, nor is it exactly hellish, but... Well, aside the possibility of being made the plaything of a bored Titan's souls, remaining too long in the Shadow will... change you. Those of the dead who can't pass on but don't want to remain in the Dragon's domain are forced to come to lands such as this."

>"I have to say I took advantage of that, to build myself a position of relative comfort and resource, but I fancy it's been a mutually beneficial arrangement. Through me you have command over a kingdom's worth of the dead, some of them quite ancient and powerful, others possessed of valuable knowledge and skills. They're not so much use during the day, of course, but that's life. Or, rather... well."

Saulanna inquires about the time lapse.

>"Ah, that's our friend the Dragon again. He destroyed the Calander that moved the days of the dead, so now time flows according to his will. An hour in a day here, a decade in a month there. Some say he can even undo events that have already happened, though there's no evidence beyond vague rumour. The effect is much reduced here, and we're only part of the lands of the dead when the sun's gone down; but still, we've had nights that lasted anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. That's rare, though, don't worry. I can exert a little control over it, as well, but it's strenuous, and the neighbors don't approve."

Peregrin seems about to start talking about his - your - nation's relationships. Does Saulanna have anything to add before he goes on?


>"I'd like to remind you, my lady, that while I can instantly absorb any source of written knowledge, it will be consumed in the process."
No. 400747 ID: a2fa74

"You have libraries and archives of newspapers going over all of this, correct? Giving me duplicates of all this general information would be faster.

From what I am hearing, you intended to create a benign or benevolent Titan to counter the Dragon Shadow. Can you elaborate on or correct that impression?"
No. 400748 ID: a21b1b

Ask what year it is. If Gevin knows the year he died, we can determine the likelihood of Ruive being alive based on Beastman life span.
No. 400754 ID: a8e898

You might consider asking Wordblood if he can give back Alice her ability to form memories again.
No. 400758 ID: 431fa8

Can he tell us more of these three places of power? We only have modest skills with them at the moment, but we're pretty sharp, perhaps enough to have some insight into potential uses. Likewise I'd be interested in what sort of magical scrap is generally unearthed around here; if there are broken ancient machines, for example, I'd bet that with a bit of practice we could become quite skilled at repairing or replicating them, which could be a first step on the road towards works of truly great artifice.

It's a somewhat awkward topic that definitely touches on our magic quite a bit, but if the economics and politics of the region could support it, making efforts to acquire more souls for us to consume would be highly desirable. Not saying that we should go around devouring villages here, but something on a small scale to ensure a regular supply of additional Titan's Will without attracting much attention is worth putting a bit of thought into.

Aside from that, learning more about adjacent lands, particularly those we deal with regularly, seems the next important item- and I believe it's up next, so Peregrin can continue.

>"I'd like to remind you, my lady, that while I can instantly absorb any source of written knowledge, it will be consumed in the process."
That's quite inconvenient if we want our minions to be able to reference them... but you said it was totally alien to you to destroy knowledge, so one would think that preserving it would be relatively easy. Could you improve our ability to rapidly learn with a small amount of Titan's Will so that it would become non-destructive? While we are rather low on Titan's Will at the moment, being able to rapidly learn things more freely is likely useful enough to warrant an expenditure.
No. 400771 ID: 252e1b


A way to re-write or re-print what was consumed might be useful.
No. 400774 ID: ed57e8

pulling a few souls from other places would be good. but you have to balence, evil souls and good ones, otherwise they could influence her desision making.
No. 400782 ID: 3947e9

You have a domain with servants...
Order a LARGE GROUP of them to start making copies of all books in the libraries, starting from the most valuable ones (appoint a project manager whom you will discuss the definition of "valuable" with). Consume the copies.
PS. for restricted knowledge we would need to find trustworthy minions or come up with other solutions.

Also, make a todo list.

The only feasible way I can see is:
1. Taking souls of enemies in a fight
2. Taking souls of subjects who earn the death penalty for a crime (rebels, renegades, or just major criminals).
3. Taking souls in secret.

Generally speaking we should avoid 3 since there is always the danger of it getting exposed.

We don't need to try to convince him that way.
Just put on the todo list to have him teach us all he knows about tapping power places and work with him to improve the design and allowing both of you to tap those specific ones.
No. 400783 ID: 2eac65

Foreign relations are important, so let him keep talking. There are a few things that piqued my interest, but they can wait until he's done.

First, the mechanics of the world. For example, he said that we were in the eastern part of the world. Does that mean that the world has a center? What shape is it?

Also, ghost magic. We've got powerful ghosts in our domain; what specific sort of feats are they capable of? On that subject, we should ask about his own powers and whatever other quirks come with being a Death Hero. Or, for that matter, a Moon Hero; we really only know the basics of our own abilities.

There's also his existing plans, such as other projects he's currently working on, and what he was planning to do with our magic once he obtained it; did he simply wish to learn them out of curiosity, or did he have some further reaching plan in mind?
No. 400794 ID: b85f8c

Good idea. Ask if there are any expendable copies of books we can consume.

And let's talk about MAJICKS now!
No. 400798 ID: 404f8a
File 133431329785.jpg - (663.44KB , 2600x1559 , creation-map.jpg )

>For example, he said that we were in the eastern part of the world. Does that mean that the world has a center? What shape is it?

It's flat.

I couldn't find a map of the world with only topography, but even with having The Shadow of All Things taking over the Underworld, it's pretty likely to still look mostly like this.

For frame of reference: that island in the center is the size of Russia.
No. 400802 ID: fcc78d

Well, he seems on the up and up about being our boy right now. Reward him with a kiss to the cheek and let him continue.
No. 400804 ID: 3947e9

no on kissing him
No. 400806 ID: 70591e

let him continue. I'm interested in the majjyykz as well, especially those places of power he mentioned, but one thing at a time.
No. 400847 ID: 6e44d2

Where are we on that map? What's going on at the edges?

Also, this guy is totally being a bro.
No. 400860 ID: a2853b

>Where are we on that map? What's going on at the edges?
IIRC, the world of Exalted, known as Creation, is less of a 'planet' and more of a 'plane'. The further you go from the center, the less defined the world is, until you hit the Wyld Lands, or something, which is where the Fae live and the laws of physics stop working.
No. 400864 ID: ed57e8

and the titans built this place. meaning once we are strong enough we would be able to enter the wyld without horrible things happening.
No. 400873 ID: 117433

I described it in the disc thread. Just search for your post number and it should be there.
No. 401118 ID: b49075
File 133444044544.png - (152.69KB , 1000x500 , study2.png )

Saulanna decides to let Peregrin keep speaking, holding her questions until he's done.

He tells her that the inhabitants of the Land of the Dead - the demons descended from the Dragon's Shadow, or ghosts who stay and eventually become SHADES - come here sometimes to buy or sell, and that in support of this, one of the Shadow's own Heroes will come by once every few months make sure things are acceptable. They do tend more toward the stick than the carrot during negotiations, but he's managed to keep things civil enough.

Relations with the Land of the Living are not quite so amicable - the small kingdoms and protectorates nearby are close to open hostility. They have good reason; this SHADOWY LAND spreads over time, having more than doubled in size over the last several decades. It's unfortunate, Peregrin admits, but at the same time, the amount of ghosts here makes it very crowded as it is, at least at night. They've probably only refrained from open hostility for fear of opening themselves to more pressing troubles, there being turmoil enough already in this AGE OF STRIFE. Instead, trade with the living world is conducted mainly through the GUILD, who come by once or twice a season, and a number of independent traveling merchants.

There are also occasionally sightings of WYLD THINGS nearby, but they seem to fear the lands touched by the Shadow.


>"Newspapers? Well, never mind. So you can absorb written information instantly? How fascinating! There are always some ghosts who need something to do, and in the meantime I'll see if I can find any duplicate texts in my collection. I'd love to see how far this ability goes."


>"What year is it? Hoo, I'm not sure, actually! We're a little of touch here, but I could find out. What calendar were you thinking of? The Empire's years are somewhat out of favour since the civil war. Measure from the appearance of the Red Sun has been gaining popularity, but a lot of kingdoms run by their own standards. Dynasties and year-of-our-lord-so-and-so and such. It'll take a little time to line things up."

>"The souls we've already absorbed had little more than local notions of time, my lady. It seems that precise measurement is a matter for historians and astrologers."

Saulanna asks him about his plans. What else has he got going on? What did he intend her to do - supplant the Dragon's Shadow?

>"Ah... ha. I suppose you do expect big plans with that sort of thing, don't you? I feel somewhat inadequate saying that I didn't have anything like that in mind. At the same time, I'd have been rather an idiot if I had, wouldn't I? Deliberately create a being infinitely more powerful than myself, and imagine I could control it? No. For the most part, I just wanted a way to learn more magic. I've always wanted that.

>"But, on reflection, I think there was more to it. You see... this world was created by the Titans, who are worlds in themselves. They created the gods, again on a level of their own higher souls. The gods, in turn, created their Heroes, endowing mortal humans with a reflection of their own powers. But neither the gods nor the Titans ever dared create anything that was greater than themselves. Only humans do that... and now, I've done it to greater extent than anyone."

>"Speaking of which... I have something for you."
No. 401121 ID: b49075
File 133444050448.png - (90.50KB , 500x600 , peregrinoffers.png )

Peregrin holds up a strange metal cage, inscribed with wet-looking red symbols. A yellowish crystal sits inside, faintly glowing with a pale white light.

>"There are crimes among the dead, just as much as among the living; some worse than others, and some worse than what the living can manage. Crystals such as this will imprison weaker spirits, and a temporary stay serves well enough as a deterrent for spectral thieves, con artists and other petty criminals; we have a few of these down in the dungeon. In here, though, we have a ghost somewhat more powerful than usual. And a troublesome convict he's been; I have to maintain this particular prison myself, to keep him restrained, and had no other way to deal with him... until now."

>"Before the Dragon's Shadow came, you see, there was a substance known as soulsteel. A horrific thing it was, as I'm sure the name tells you; created from ore mined from the mouth of the Void, and worked with human souls. In torturous forging, breaking their wills to force submission, the spirits of the restless dead were doomed to eternal torment, caught and bound in cold steel. And those who served Oblivion - who planned to slay the existence itself, and bring the End of All Things - did this to hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of helpless ghosts, that their war machines could be built.

>"Fortunately, when the Dragon banished the servants of the Abyss into the Labyrinth and sealed the Neverborn away beyond the the Black Door, he took the land of the dead for his own. Something about his essence altered the nature of death; just as Death Heroes like me were unable to maintain our old powers, all the soulsteel that had ever been forged in the underworld became undone. And yet... some of those that had served the cause of the Void, those who were not directly touched by Oblivion but had worked to support it, they escaped. Even some of the cruelest souls you might ever find... souls like this fine spirit-craftsman, here."

>"What do you think should be done with him?"
No. 401126 ID: 3947e9

on nom nom.

Also, wow is he a sweet talking seducer. He saw your reluctance to consume nice souls and found the most vile one to ease you into it. And his smoothness in the bow and introduction... damn that guy has got it going on
No. 401127 ID: f70e5e

if there ever was a soul who deserved to be eaten it would be someone who worked soul steel. though before we eat him we should make sure we have the right guy, when your devouring souls of the wicked you take extreme care to make sure they are actually wicked.
No. 401130 ID: ed57e8

would need to to maintain power over a soul with such strong negativity. ether upgrade that soulforce now, or we will need a goodly soul to balance, a shoulder devil and angel sort of deal, otherwise it could influence our actions.
No. 401131 ID: 2fe09b

No. 401133 ID: 431fa8

Consume him, definitely- not only for the power that it offers, but also the knowledge and skill that such an expert craftsman certainly possesses.

If Wordblood can guarantee that he'd be able to adequately strip him of ability to influence our personality when we do so, upgrade Efficiency of Consumption again beforehand so that we can maximize our gains in Titan's Will. Otherwise, we can afford to be stunned a while or have a bit of a battle while we beat down the absorbed soul, but more Ease of Consumption would reduce that as a problem if the craftsman is powerful enough to put up a real fight or affect our personality after we deal with him.
No. 401146 ID: 57b09c

Objective good and evil in this world? Adorable!

But yes, improving your SOUL FORCE is the best way to keep troubled voices down where they belong.
No. 401158 ID: 4ae5fd

Consume him.
No. 401160 ID: 2eac65

If he really is that bad, then consuming him seems like the best option. The other options would be reincarnation (essentially the same thing), freeing him (he might harm someone again), keeping him locked up forever (not much point to that), or destroying him entirely (not worth considering).

But then again, we know very little about him. Why did he choose to serve the cause of destruction? What, specifically, has he done? I'd like to learn at least a little more before choosing to end a soul's life.

I'm also unsure as to whether we could consume him. If he's powerful enough to be dangerous, he might be powerful enough to resist, and may cause some damage if we try. We could use some details on his abilities and general power level.
No. 401164 ID: b85f8c

I agree on upgrading soul force before we eat it. We will get some TW from the soul anyway, so it's no biggie.
No. 401175 ID: 369d34

Would it be possible to burn some Titan's Will before consuming the soul so you'd have the ability to carefully examine it first? Like being able to look in its memories, or judge its "composition?" There was also talk elsewhere that a soul could contain elements that would be damaging or undesirable to you. So a way to eject an undesirable soul would be good.
No. 401178 ID: e3f578

Ahhh, Justice, I love the smell of it in the morning. Can you taste the scent Saulanna? It is palpable. And in your reach.

No. 401182 ID: a2fa74

Eating souls gives you TW.
Get a point of Soul Force for yourself, since we want to be able to subdue even a powerful spirit that resists containment, then let Wordblood start chewing on this one.
No. 401189 ID: 431fa8

I'm pretty sure that Ease of Consumption is what makes us better able to digest powerful souls, not Soul Force. See >>/questdis/328122:
>Giving him increased Ease of Consumption would help him absorb powerful souls with less difficulty, and reduce the "stun" that comes with the absorption; or Efficiency of Consumption would reduce the lightshow that comes with it, and provide an additional measure of Titan's Will each time a soul is absorbed.

Soul Force has a host of benefits, but it is not the best way to improve Saulanna/Wordblood's ability to consume souls.
No. 401193 ID: 3947e9

Only sane thing to do is max out efficiency ASAP on weak souls, then improve ease of for strong souls. Then improve everything else.
Bleedover effect only happen when a soul willingly merges with us to be a whole within us like wordblood is. It does not apply when a soul is "consumed" (aka, wordblood disassembles it before absorbing the parts we want)

>before we eat him we should make sure we have the right guy
1. How would you do that?
2. Asking would be calling Par a liar.
3. You think the word of a person who is bound to be unable to lie to us OR even attempt to deceive us in any way is not enough?
No. 401194 ID: a59923

eat him. If wordblood thinks we would be at risk doing so, increase consumption ability first.

Else,incread Soul Force for yourself.
No. 401196 ID: 3dd384

I'll abstain from this vote, but remind people that the souls Saulanna incorporates into herself probably still have a backwash effect on her mind. A strict diet of the worst bad guys might be more morally comfortable, but I have my doubts about it being healthy in the long term.
No. 401207 ID: a59923

Hence the benefit of improving our consumption.
No. 401208 ID: ed57e8

well then let's get both. would maximize the returns on this guy.
No. 401209 ID: b87807

All things considered we are currently rather under powered as far as exalted are concerned and think of the possible skill we might get from him. I say take it
No. 401210 ID: 70591e

we'll be taking him off your hands, and he may feel free to give us similar beings who clearly deserve nonexistence.

now, on to magics. uh, I mean majuygz.
No. 401212 ID: 6e44d2

It's not quite nonexistence, though. They're becoming a part of us. In many ways, this is a great gift to him. Keep that in mind, guys.

Anyway, eat him.
No. 401215 ID: b6edd6

Consult Wordblood on the possibility of leakage, upgrade something to prevent that if it is indeed a risk, then chomp the spirit.

...Out of curiosity, lets ask if there is something Peregrin actually wants to do with that magic, or if it is just something he wants for its own sake.
No. 401220 ID: 7d7f79

"I take it you wish to study this consumption process because you find it likely there are things to be learned from it as much as it may help me find new things to teach you?
"One caution: Such souls do not return to rebirth and their knowledge becomes my own. You intuit correctly that this is something I consider a very harsh punishment. I am reluctant to do it to any but those who require me to defend myself and those that creation is better off without. I also would know if I was deceived about the nature of the being consumed thanks to learning all that it knew."

I don't trust this smooth operator at all despite his oath of loyalty, is there any way he can make eating a soul bite us on the ass or become a way to control us?
No. 401222 ID: d5ee6f

You say that like we'll have plenty of time to maximize our benefits and won't need power in the shortterm.

Ask Wordblood if there are any ways to artificially boost our efficiency with spell circles and the like. Then compliment Peregrin on his excellent seduction.
No. 401228 ID: fcf88e

Now, while I am all for devouring the soul of such a man, we need a way to 'spit out' the very bad bits. When people go this bad, they tend to have corrupted souls. Being able to remove the bad parts and destroy them so they cannot corrupt us should be top priority. We will likely be eating a lot of evil people so the ability to remove the worse parts may e a boon so we don't become corrupt ourselves.
No. 401230 ID: 431fa8

If we need power in the short term, we can devour some random ghosts from in the dungeons.

Two points in Efficiency of Consumption gets us 4 Titan's Will per ghost we devour, assuming strength relatively on par with those we've consumed so far. Then 5 more points boosts Wordblood's Soul Force to 3 and Efficiency again, giving us 5 points per ghost. Once we've done that, one more ghost gets Saulanna's Soul Force to 4, three after that get her Toughness, Agility, Might, and Beauty to 5.

At that point we'd be much, much stronger than we are right now- and it would take a mere six ghosts to get there. Add another six ghosts, and we could do all kinds of things- craft a handful of Power Words, gain some very useful Titanic abilities, or simply pump our and Wordblood's raw soul power up to incredibly impressive levels. Power in the short term is at our fingertips- we could have it in less than an hour, if we but reach out and take it.

That said, while I support doing so that can probably wait until after our briefing with Peregrin is over.
No. 401254 ID: fcc78d



No. 401258 ID: ed57e8

no it doesn't. absorbing him would, eating doesn't.
No. 401261 ID: 3947e9

There are two ways to merge with a soul.
1. Have WB disassemble it, discard the personality, give us the skills, and merge with pure soulstuff to gain TW
2. Tether it to us whole and undamaged causing it to live on inside us the way wordblood does and cause our personalities to bleed into each other over time (unless we grow significantly more powerful).

When we say "eat him" we are clearly referring to option 1 which will in no way shape or form alter our personality.
No. 401278 ID: 256d52

This is a very old ghost and the information he contains could be very useful.

Double check with Wordblood about contamination and if it'll be any trouble, but otherwise OM NOM NOM that sucker.

Interrogate him in your mind first though.
No. 401327 ID: fcf88e

Hang on. I don't think we should interrogate this guy. IF this guy made soul steel, it means he made it through basically torturing souls and the like and making it into workable material. This requires HIGH will and mental power.

We will be fighting him in our mind. While it would be two on one with us being much stronger, it's two on one against a veteran in his home terrain. If what Perry says is true, interrogating him may be a horrible idea and cause unneeded trouble.

Besides, we can sort through the scraps before throwing them away just to make sure he isn't throwing us a puppy. One life is better than the untold thousands if this guy manages to possess US.
No. 401330 ID: b6edd6

Yeah, I was kind of thinking that too.
No. 401334 ID: b85f8c

Oh. Yes, this could be a strong soul, and iirc the last guy we took into our mind we had trouble grappling to interrogate.
No. 401351 ID: fcf88e

Well, with that I think we can agree that eating the guy would be best. If he was innocent, he'd still be harmful to Perry who is our servant under our protection.

HOWEVER. We should put some thought into the eating process. He might pop in ready for a mental show down. Having Wordsblood at the ready and being mentally ready to jump on him the moment he pops in can save our ass. We can also strengthen wordsblood or ourselves so that we can take on the ghost with better skill and gusto. In this situation, giving us more power would mean he cannot possess us as easily if not make us a brick wall against his attempts.
No. 401354 ID: 4fbf49

I would just like to point out that however evil this guy is it's still fairly morally reprehensible to scrub his soul for our personal gain.

Also, I have this nagging suspicion that it wouldn't be quite a snap to do, either, if he's as wily and powerful and evil as Peregrin suggests. Best not risk accidentally releasing him right now.

I really would be a lot more comfortable if we settled down to hunt Titan shards, and anyway Saulanna should definitely try becoming more comfortable with her powers (AND her own identity) before attempting something like that. A lowly -thug- almost out-wrestled us in the mind-games and mind-strength not too long ago, remember?
No. 401358 ID: 673411

By cleaning his soul of memories and recycling him, we're doing nothing worse than killing him. His current prison is actively worse. At least by eating him he can be of benefit to the world, in an even more meaningful way then he'd ever accomplish through reincarnation.
No. 401359 ID: 2fe09b

>I would just like to point out that however evil this guy is it's still fairly morally reprehensible to scrub his soul for our personal gain.

But... isn't that what happens ANYWAY? Even if we just sent him to reincarnate or whatever, he'd get dragged through that river and 'scrubbed clean'? Where's the evil, here? Just that we profit?
No. 401360 ID: 97bd86

Okay sure whatever.
No. 401362 ID: ce4a4d

Tell him you're receptive to his implications, but admit you don't actually understand how this differs from a person dying in such a way that doesn't leave a ghost behind, or a ghost being destroyed or otherwise passing on.

Since people are worried about the forces at play overpowering your personality, you should also spend 2 TW to upgrade your Soul Force.
No. 401364 ID: b9d767

Lick crystal, comment on taste.
Does it taste like horrible destructive nihlism? If not, eat.
No. 401366 ID: cf9045

We've also come a long, long way since then. We've gotten a strong purpose, emotional attachments, and willpower. We've also got Titan's Will and Power Word: Stop which could be used to either incapacitate the ghost if it proves overpowering, stop the process of absorption, stop his struggling (maybe), etc.

Also, regardless of morals, (which caused a lot of discussion last time the issue came up,) it would be a waste just to leave him there. He's either going to reincarnate and lose everything we take from him, even worse, suffer in the box for all of eternity. By eating him, we end his suffering, we gain resources which can be used to help others, and prevent him from ever getting free. I don't see a problem with this course of action at all.
No. 401370 ID: fcf88e

Morally wrong or not, you seem to forget that whatever we do, he's done far, far worse. We are basically doing reincarnation's job. What he did to those souls was turning them into tools of destruction and made their existence pain and suffering. We leave him there and he might escape. We eat him, he can never hurt anyone again.

Strengthen saul's soul. Moon boost mental powers if we go in and he seems tough and basically go to town on him if it goes into a mental fight. I suggest against licking the crystal though.. don't know where it's been.
No. 401373 ID: f398a9

It is right and proper that we integrate this soul into ourselves. This being has forged unwilling souls into tools of pain and terror, something that is immiscible with our intent to integrate souls into our glorious being so that we can punch the Dragon' Shadow in the snozz. In dealing with this soul we aid our servant, heighten our power, and gain valuable knowledge.
Have Wordblood to prepare to eat this soul, then eat it.
No. 401376 ID: a21b1b

After we determine the fate of the soul, show Peregrin the music box and ask what he can deduce about its function.
No. 401379 ID: 61e7f9

No. 401382 ID: 784dcc

More souls.
Need more souls.
>Eat souls!
No. 401402 ID: a8e898

For the record, the various HEROES created by the GODS (i.e. the Exalted) are technically more powerful than Gods. Experienced ones can be more powerful than even the most powerful of all gods.

Anyway, it appears we shall be chowing down on the Ghost, but be careful. We have a fairly high compassion, let's not screw that up by improperly absorbing a psychopath.
No. 401403 ID: af25e0

I vote for interrogation unless there's an extreme risk, more out of curiosity than distrust for Peregrin.
No. 401404 ID: a8e898

Oh yes, I vote for increasing Efficiency of Consumption. I mean, it's a shame to let spiritual energy go to waste.
No. 401406 ID: 1417a1

Double check with Wordblood to make sure we can consume without it influencing us (or if we need to increase our SOUL FORCE first). If we can, then consume away!
No. 401470 ID: 5e703e

No. 401692 ID: e73349


No. 401751 ID: d4f98d

I will laugh if being all "MMMH DELICIOUS SOULS" backfires horribly on us.

However, as the power hungery posters have a pretty overwhelming majority, I would like to suggest that we first interrogate the ghost. It's always best to get the measure of a man yourself before making decisions that can't be reversed.
No. 401752 ID: ed57e8

theoretically we can spit him back out later. just put all his bits back together with enough soul juice.
No. 401753 ID: b9e291

Forge him into a... soulsteel blade? Oh wait that doesn't work anymore. I know! Force him to watch days of brainwashing material which tricks him into believing a false reality. Then release the soul to roam the earth aimlessly in a fog of confusion. At the dawn of man he can finally find a body which he can wait wrong story sorry.

Wordblood eating him is too obvious. Plus that would make us like, totally evil and stuff. I mean, just by association. To consume a soul is to, in some ways, become it, and if we don't watch his diet, Wordblood could easily become a planet eating titan as much as a planet saving one.
No. 401773 ID: a0ab04

What cruel fate. We devour deservingly evil souls and become evil ourselves. The only way to become good is to eat good souls. It seems then that no matter what, we lose and the only way to win is not to play the game.

Let's not eat souls. I know we already have but let's avoid doing it amap.
No. 401778 ID: ed57e8

you could also look in the discussion thread and see that is not the case.
No. 401816 ID: 4a8986

wow almost 300 posts in less than a week guess i'm not the only one glad your back
No. 401828 ID: cd9cc2


Yeah. Keychain of creation is what introduced me to Exalted and I'd love to see it continued.

[spolier]Evin If every female character bar one has a bared midriff for some reason. :P[/spoiler]
No. 401829 ID: cd9cc2


What a shit post. That'll teach me to try and spell properly at 01:30.
No. 401830 ID: b6edd6

It is possible to delete posts you know.
No. 401877 ID: 68cd64

>Please try to restrain arguments and discussion to the discussion thread.
Please stop talking about metaphysics in this thread. Thank you, that is all.
No. 401935 ID: 9beecc

>Some reason
You mean universal law of pure awesomeness!
No. 401943 ID: c3ec0a

Get the full force!
No. 401993 ID: 1da170

Nom that thing like the old school cookie monster. Souls are -not- a 'sometimes' food!
No. 402034 ID: 2eac65

I have a feeling that Shadow in the Wings isn't just making this offer for our sake; he's trying to see how much he can manipulate us. He wants to find out if he can lead us to do things without questioning them. And we aren't going to just kill a soul we know almost nothing about, are we? We are the master of our nature, not a slave to it; we won't be an out-of-control soul junkie.

Now, to decide this soul's fate, we need to know a few things first.

What did he do? We've heard some vague references to him making soulsteel, which is certainly a horrible crime if what Shadow says is accurate. But we don't know any details. For instance, how did Shadow find all this out? How did he come across this person, and why go through the trouble of imprisoning him? And under what circumstances did the soul do what he did, and to whom?

Why did he do it? People don't just do horrible things for no reason; I highly doubt that someone just came and asked him "Hey, wanna help me make magic items out of people?" and he just went "Sure, why not?". He must have a reason for it, hard as it is to imagine. At the least, it couldn't hurt to investigate first.

What options are there? Eating him might be the most beneficial to us, but it's not necessarily the best. Maybe we can rehabilitate him. Maybe we can convince him to join with us willingly. Maybe we can do something else.

And once the issue with this soul is settled, recall that Shadow mentioned quite a few things in that little explanation that warrant looking into. For example, the nature of the universe being changed.
No. 402111 ID: fcc78d

> People don't just do horrible things for no reason

You don't know a lot of people, do you? That's basically the most common cause of horrible things - "Because I can".
No. 402119 ID: c71597

Eat the soul, you become more powerful and that guy sounds like a massive bastard anyway. Don't think we would want him working for us or let him free.
No. 402122 ID: f73bbf

We can find all that out, after we eat him but before we devour him.
At least I think we can?

Also, yes, he's kind of manipulative. But he's so adorable about it! *squee*
No. 402136 ID: 3bad4c

Say you'll eat him later. You've only overpowered weak souls so far, you have no idea how much of a fight this one might put up.
No. 402199 ID: 1da170

Oh FSM, are we doing this again?

If we want to be all shiny clean moral about it, it's pretty easy. Peregrin's incapable of directly deceiving us: ask point-blank if the ghost in question was forced to soulforge his fellows.

If no, nom him like a BAUSS.

If yes, life gets more interesting, but since (iirc) it took an accomplished expert specifically dedicated to forging soulsteel, he's almost definitely a scumbag.
No. 402304 ID: 256d52

Oh come on people, Saulanna is a titan killing weapon with a titan soul glued on for good measure. If that ghost wants to wrassle, she'll show him who's boss.
No. 402588 ID: fcc78d

The ability to overpower him isn't the concern, I believe. Rather, the morality of same.
No. 402679 ID: c1692f

Well, the concern was raised that the ghost might overpower her.
No. 402680 ID: b85f8c

There is no morality issue. Eating them is actually better than having them "reincarnate" because by "reincarnating" they lose ALL trace of who they were. The soul has no attachment to the person who died; it is merely a source of power by which a body works. By eating them, they contribute to our cause AND part of them lives on forever in us, as we can remember their experiences and skills.

It's like saying it's worse to absorb someone's corpse and take in some of their memories and power rather than let it rot and feed the circle of life.

There are three real concerns here:
A) Will the ghost be too powerful for Saulanna to eat?
B) Will the ghost's evil influence Saulanna?
C) Would interrogating the ghost give us more information than eating it?
If the answer to all 3 is no, then we can just eat it.
If it's no/no/yes, then we should interrogate it first, assuming we can overpower it during the interrogation just as well as by attempting to eat it.
No. 402685 ID: 3c0688
File 133499110666.png - (122.52KB , 500x600 , contemplatingsoul.png )

Take him. Overwhelm, suppress, render, internalize and grow. Saulanna's thoughts focus inevitably on the need for more power. How unsafe this world is, the threats that her stolen memories suggest, the dangers that her experiences have implied. How little she knows, and how helpless and empty she was before she first tasted the strength of her Titanic Will. How right and how wholesome it is for her to have this power inside her, and how urgent is the need for more. Need, need, need.

Other thoughts circle on the edges her mind.

>How do we know he's as bad as Peregrin says he is?
>"Kaan swore a true name oath to neither lie to you, my lady, nor deceive by omission. If he says something is so, he must have what he holds reasonable cause to believe it himself."

>Might he be too strong to consume?
>"It's possible, but if we have the element of surprise and focus our full attentions, I doubt it. Human souls are designed for mortal concerns; though they can repurpose themselves to an extent, I as a native spiritual entity would hold an overwhelming advantage, particularly if you allow me to draw a little from your MOON POWER. If you wish to be certain, you could permit me to enhance my Soul Force, though it would make me uncomfortable to be given more power than you, even temporarily. Increasing Ease of Consumption once more, to my current maximum, would assist as well; both of these options would use all our remaining Titan's Will, however, so we would not be able to increase Efficiency as well. Alternately, I could use a single measure of Titan's Will for this one task, and so ensure perfect success."

>Would his personality infect ours?
>"A soul which is absorbed whole and intact, as we contemplated doing with Kaan, would bring with it some seepage. A soul appropriately divided and digested will not influence you any more than, for example, reading a person's biography."

>Is this morally right?
Saulanna wonders what morality is. She knows the strict definition: good and evil, codes and laws and so on. But what makes something right? Adherence to an arbitrary set of rules seems... illogical. Perhaps because she remembers no such things of her own. Instead, she thinks, there must be reasons. Causes and consequences. Devouring this soul will ensure he does no harm in the future; if it is revealed that she devoured him for those reasons, it will help prevent others doing such harm in the future. Perhaps she does not want to be feared. But fear can be useful, if it is managed well. Yet, perhaps her knowledge is flawed; perhaps there are other reasons she does not know. Any of her assumptions could be wrong. But then, if she mistrusts what she does know, on what basis does she do anything?

Part of her wants to be sympathetic to others, understand them and care for them, if needed. Another part of her urges her to keep her determination, and shrug off distractions on her path. Her passions, such as they are, urge her onwards; her sense of discipline suggests she moderate her decisions with reason.

But mostly, she hungers for the power to exert her will.
No. 402686 ID: 61e7f9

No. 402687 ID: 2eac65

Saulanna, stop and think about this. Not just for his sake, but for your own. You are succumbing to your addiction. You're thinking about how much you need this, how good it would feel to have him inside you. That's the sound of an urge you can't control. It is not your will. You are losing control of yourself. You must control yourself. If you cannot control yourself, you control nothing.

No matter what, you must keep this urge under control. If you give into it, it will only degrade you. You'll be reduced to little more than a slavering monster, crawling through the gutters of the world, desperate for the next hit of SOUL FORCE and the fleeting thrill it brings. You're worth far more than that. Don't throw yourself away.

>Peregrin Kaan's trustworthiness
We can safely rule out that he's intentionally decieving us, but any faith we put in his insinuation is based on the assumption that he cares. His standards for "convincing" aren't necessarily very high. We already know how callous he can be when it comes to his pet projects. What he told us about this soul was rather vague. And this is an immortal soul we're talking about; it couldn't hurt to make sure before we eat it.

Regardless I think that consuming him (not "it", him really would be for the best. Your logic about preventing future harm is completely sound. But you need to make absolutely sure that you can control yourself. and do it for the right reasons.
No. 402688 ID: c71597

I second this fine gentleman's suggestion.
No. 402689 ID: fa9f7e


Seriously, this. And Peregrin is more than capable of using the truth to manipulate you. Even if he's not hiding anything at all, his diction could "accidentally" imply misleading things. And if he can pull off doublethink, he can convince himself that it really is accidental and thus mislead us.
No. 402694 ID: a2fa74

Increase Efficiency, then eat it. Burn some MOON POWER to do this right.
No. 402695 ID: b85f8c

Above all else you must be disciplined. Control over the inner world means you can exert finer control over the outside world, and prevent outside influences from controlling you.

I would rank the others from greatest to least priority: Sympathy, will, determination/passion.

Also eat dat soul. Let's raise Efficiency of Consumption again! It will only pay off in the future, though I think 2 ranks is quite enough. We could discuss this in questdis.
No. 402699 ID: 61e7f9

You wimps don't eat enough souls to justify an increase in efficiency. You'd never use it enough to get worth out of it. You'd be better off spending your point of titan's will on the moral high ground power. Which does nothing. And you use that all the time.
No. 402717 ID: 0b5ff2

No. 402754 ID: 3734f6

1. Increase efficiency at the cost of 2 TW to give a permanent +1 TW gained per soul.
2. Use moon power (its free and regenerate; albeit totally unnecessary to deal with a human soul).
3. Om nom nom.
No. 402756 ID: cac374

Consume him.
No. 402757 ID: 12f270

This is well said. Saulanna desperately needs discipline in her actions. It is right for her to exert her will upon the world, but that will is to be exerted with careful and deliberate intent rather than as a reflexive result of wild urges.

Increase Efficiency before consuming the soul. Allow Wordblood to draw on our MOON POWER to digest it properly.

Once the decision is made, do not doubt or second-guess it. At this point believing in your own choices is more important than carefully examining their moral implications after the fact.
No. 402774 ID: 49ff09

get some motherfucking efficiency up in this bitch, you're about to regain the TW you'll be spending anyway.
No. 402777 ID: 7d7f79

Consideration: Perhaps the reason this particular person was so criminal is because they resisted our minion's reign actively and violently. If so they may be innocent of anything beyond self-defense, theft and sabotage against someone trying to kill them.
No. 402781 ID: ed57e8

uhhh, no. peregrin said he worked soulsteel. pere is literally incapable of lying to us. if he says this guy touched soulsteel, he touched soulsteel.
No. 402792 ID: e80720

Consume the soul, but with discipline.
Afterwards, explain that you had some misgivings, but that Kaan is due some trust as your vassal.
No. 402793 ID: 3734f6

>Explain you had misgivings but did it anyways
No, don't do that
No. 402798 ID: 04b86a

>immortal soul
While the soul may be immortal, the person that inhabits the soul is not. It is, in fact, part of the natural order of things for that person to be purged from the soul so that it can reincarnate. Is that fair, given that he can exist forever in the Land of the Dead? Perhaps not, but given that the number of souls in existence is finite, that's a necessary unfairness.

But this isn't some common soul. This is a soul that had, in its time, tortured and imprisoned souls so that he could usher in the destruction of the world and everything in it... which, in turn, includes the souls that dwell therein. This is something he did by choice. As such, should we choose to do nothing, he shall remain imprisoned, forced to exist deprived of all freedom until such time that his seals are no longer maintained and he breaks free, at which point he shall commit further atrocities. This choice is, in my opinion, the height if immorality.

If we wish to attempt to be moral, we could, instead, send him off to reincarnate. But that takes time, and this is a powerful soul. He may well be able to find some way of escaping before his time to be reborn arrives. Given that Peregrin chose imprisonment over this, that's probably the case, which makes this option reckless.

Or, we can consume the soul. Should we do this, the end result, for him, shall be the same as of reincarnation. However, unlike reincarnation the knowledge he possesses will continue to exist, in us. What's more, the odds of him possessing us is very slim, so this option bears the fewest risks.

Sympathy dictates we not leave him imprisoned, for the sake of the people he would hurt and, to a lesser extent, because of his own suffering. Discipline dictates that while reincarnation is the proper choice, the risk of escape makes it a poor choice. Everything else says to eat the soul, which has the greatest personal gains and which happens to bear the fewest risks.

This is clearly the best option.
No. 402799 ID: 3734f6

>If we wish to attempt to be moral, we could, instead, send him off to reincarnate.
Reincarnation is not more moral, its less.
The universe utterly purges the soul of all personality and recycles the energy. It is not in any way better and arguably worse.
No. 402800 ID: fa9f7e

Shit, you know what? Fuck. Eat him. Eat Shadow in the Wings, too. Useful? Fuck useful. We're a goddamn titan. We don't need him for jack shit, we can just eat books if we need to know shit.

Then run out and eat every damn soul there is. Fuck morals. Fuck logic. This is Exalted, neither of the two apply. Logic certainly doesn't, and we apparently don't want morals to.

Why don't we just eat every damn soul there is, become a massive soul-raping abomination, eat the other Titans/Primordials/whatever the fuck they are now, eat the Wyld, Yu-Shan, and everything that exists, and then shit it all out? Shit, let's do it.

Let's rape the world and twist it to our liking.

It'll be fun.
No. 402803 ID: 7a2b2e

Passion, sympathy, determination, and discipline. Hmm, our Virtues perhaps?

Lets go with Passion and Sympathy, as that fits with our previous actions the best. (We were unafraid to challenge a being possibly more dangerous than us because we didn't like what he was doing, and we helped out a poor spirit who had little to offer us)

In this case, I say we go ahead, follow our Passion, and consume the soul. I can't imagine there are a lot more instances we'll get where the decision of doing consuming a soul comes with so little regret, and we'll need the power to make a difference in this harsh world.
No. 402816 ID: b9e291

Do you really want to read the biography of a mass murdering torturer who probably enjoyed forging souls into his eldritch blades for ages? To devour him is the same thing anyway, just instead of being bound to a sword he's bound to your body. Do you want to be the same as him, Saulanna?
No. 402818 ID: 7d7f79

Well no, but if such people exist in this world clearly we need to know the most about them because they are the most threatening.
No. 402829 ID: 6e44d2

Wow, you guys are being so prissy about this. Increase efficiency, eat the soul. Please, don't let the moral highgrounders ruin this quest.
No. 402850 ID: 4cefdf

I would say spend the Titan's will on increasing efficiency of consumption before deciding to consume the soul using a point of moon power to enhance Wordblood.

Morality is subjective, but you have goals you want to accomplish. Like the Yin and the Yang there can be light in darkness and darkness in light. We can choose to do good deeds even if we choose to rely on power gained through questionable means.
No. 402888 ID: da98fb

> Do you really want to read the biography of a mass murdering torturer who probably enjoyed forging souls into his eldritch blades for ages? TDo you really want to read the biography of a mass murdering torturer who probably enjoyed forging souls into his eldritch blades for ages?

Its not something you do for happy-happy-fun-time no, but it might be really useful, and interesting.
No. 402929 ID: fd42fe

Consume him. We can understand the full extent of his crimes that way and, if it was a bad move, it's likely possible to extrude him later (whether with developing Titan powers or even a Power Word).

As for the developing "need", that's likely a part of our development. It should be controlled carefully (rampages to consume all the souls in an area would be unwise, moral and social reasons aside), but ignoring it outright is likely to make it far worse, forcing us to indulge more than desired. "A monster I am, lest a monster I become" and all that.

Wordblood's suggestion that we not boost him beyond ourselves is good. He's been helpful so far, but putting a former third circle in a position of too much control would be...unwise.
No. 402932 ID: 5e703e

Increase efficiency! Eat it!
No. 402941 ID: 5e703e

Eat it, Eat it!
Get Yourself an Egg
and Beat it!
No. 403002 ID: 1da170

I like this gentleman's notions. Delicious Souls and Discipline are key!

Even if it means we are probably not having sex with everything (boo), not succumbing to our wild passions is good re: not becoming a slavering monster (yay!).
No. 403046 ID: b9e291

Masturbate with the soul crystal.
No. 403047 ID: fa9f7e

Best option so far.
No. 403084 ID: fcc78d

An idle thought: Wordblood? Any clue how it actually feels for the soul in question to be disassembled?

Also, Saulanna: PUT YOUR HAIR DOWN. Play to your strengths, looks-wise.
No. 403109 ID: d5ee6f

WILL and DISCIPLINE are key. He has forfeited his right to sympathy.
You, sir, are illogical.
No. 403143 ID: 511f07

Gah, there's no reason to consume it immediately at all. That includes everyone here's knee-jerk need for more power. The best way to gain the power we need is to make sure we don't let Peregrin Kaan gain unneeded influence over us. Delay consuming the soul, if only for a few minutes, and get Kaan to tell us more stuff. That way we not only get to eat the soul, but we show Kaan that he cannot so easily manipulate us. To immediately indulge in undisciplined desire right now is a sign of weakness, and it weakens Saulanna to do so.

It's not too late to turn this around and do the smart thing. A DETERMINATION for DISCIPLINE would serve us the best right now.
No. 403181 ID: 9d1d2b

Agreed. Though I will argue in favor of eating the soul in our own time, right now I believe Saulanna is hungry, making the best choice to fill her physical belly. Making big decisions in a rush on an empty stomach does not make for good outcomes. 8)

So Saulanna, here's the best course of action as I see it: Eat some physical food first and get Kaan to tell you more. He's holding the soul just fine for now, so he can take care of that while you take the time to put yourself in the best possible condition to make the best choice. A good night's sleep is an excellent start, not making a decision on an empty stomach is even better.
No. 403182 ID: ce4a4d

Using reason only works given already established goals, principles, and moral framework. Since you don't have any memory or strongly established personality that's not going to get you very far on its own. At this point, we're going to have to be a bit arbitrary.

Still, you know you want to be stronger, so whatever you do decide to do, you can do more effectively, and have a smaller chance of being killed.

1) Increase Efficiency of Consumption
2) Om nom nom
No. 403183 ID: fa9f7e

Cutscene coming, so the next update's been planned. I doubt new suggestions will have much of an impact on it.
No. 403292 ID: 386c7b

If he's a Shade, we kill it without eating. Don't want to get any Dragon's Shadow on/in us.
If he's a dick, we eat him for his DEATHLORE.

If he's been Broken Heart Triumph'd, then we eat him anyway because there's no permanence of the soul in Exalted and we'll eventually figure out how to harness Titan's Will without relying on things created BY TW.
No. 403318 ID: 404f8a

More setting infodump that might be changed by our wonderful author:

The number of souls IS technically finite, but the mechanism of reincarnation can make brand souls as well as recycle them, and there are other ways to go about it too.
No. 403338 ID: 511f07

Whelp, someone's very hungry. I bet she's gonna be disappointed at the taste and the fact that she'll still be physically hungry.
No. 403541 ID: b9d767

It seems to me that the current delima is the prioritizing of Saulanna's VIRTUES. This is likely going to be vital in determining her personality. In short, what she will and won't do.
No. 403695 ID: 1417a1

Increase Efficiency of Consumption and give Wordblood a bit of MOON POWER if he seems to need it.

SYMPATHETIC: Absorb the soul into our mindscape and examine it. There we will be able to tell if Peregrin was mistaken or too harsh in his judgment.

If not, let WILL and PASSION reign. Consume it!
No. 403792 ID: 5e703e

No. 403797 ID: f70e5e

1. eat the soul. what happens when we eat a soul really isn't that different then when it reincarnates.

2. the two most important virtues are sympathy and discipline. we are a titan in the making, sympathy will keep us morally grounded and discipline will make sure we do not fall to addiction or madness like so many other great powers have.
No. 403813 ID: fcc78d

> Have a shard of a titan in our head
> Faced with a moral decision
> Make the titan stronger, feed it our power!

There's absolutely no way this can go wrong!
No. 403816 ID: 2fe09b

No. 403866 ID: 5639b1

No. 404422 ID: 594ab3


Is this how it works? I might be confused. Either way, Saulanna has shown herself sympathetic, passionate and determined in her past actions. It stands to reason any of those would be her strongest virtues.
No. 404557 ID: a2853b

I don't know about that, I'd say this sort of internal strife is mostly in character.
I do forget, though: is it the Moon or Sidereal exalts who are naturally paranoid?
No. 404559 ID: fa9f7e

No. 405260 ID: 0c1adb
File 133557156824.png - (126.53KB , 600x600 , releasesoul1.png )

Discipline. Self-control. Yes. Saulanna should not take pleasure in such acts as this. Perhaps it is just, even right, to punish this soul for his transgressions this way. Likely not. But even if so, and although it needs to be done, Saulanna should keep her desires firmly under her own command. She should not be seeking satisfaction.

But it does need to be done.
No. 405261 ID: 0c1adb
File 133557159734.png - (141.66KB , 700x600 , releasesoul2.png )

And though this soul may or may not deserve sympathy, she will make it quick.

>TW 2 -> 0
>Efficiency of Consumption +1
No. 405262 ID: 0c1adb
File 133557163012.png - (93.93KB , 600x600 , peregrinobserves.png )

As it happens, the ghost is dry of his own spectral power. There is a struggle, but it does not last.

Digestion is equally swift.
No. 405263 ID: 0c1adb
File 133557167004.png - (265.60KB , 750x600 , saulannapowerrr.png )

It feels so good.

>Saulanna's Moon Power is refilled!
>Saulanna's SOUL FIRE is burning! It resonates with the FULL MOON!

>Saulanna gains eight measures of Titan's Will.

>Saulanna gains COMPETENCIES:
> Master Repair
> Master Smithing
> Expert Alchemy
> Expert Enchanting
> Expert Knifework
> Expert Metallurgy
> Advanced Abjuration
> Advanced Clubbing
> Advanced History
> Advanced Jewelry
> Advanced Leatherworking
> Advanced Magelearning
> Advanced Physiciancy
> Average Ecomonics
> Average Logistics
> Average Salesmanship
> Average Tutoring
> Average Theurgy
> Average Worldliness
> Average Woodwork
> Basic Theatre

No. 405264 ID: 0c1adb
File 133557170533.png - (110.67KB , 600x500 , saulannasoulreact.png )

> Expert Deathlore
> Expert Deception
> Expert Intimidation

No. 405265 ID: 0c1adb
File 133557173387.png - (108.09KB , 600x500 , saulannasoulreact2.png )

> Master Torture
> Advanced Necrosurgery

> Saulanna gains NAUSEA.
No. 405266 ID: 0c1adb
File 133557176089.png - (77.96KB , 600x500 , saulannasoulreact3.png )

> Expert Soulcrafting

> Saulanna gains +20 NIGHTMARES.
No. 405267 ID: 0c1adb
File 133557190418.png - (117.46KB , 600x500 , saulannaperegrinconc.png )

>"I, ah... I'll see that gets cleaned up. Any other side-effects? Or... Perhaps I should give you a proper examination."
No. 405268 ID: c71597

Wow, that was quite a rush of awesome and possibly useful skills. It seems like consumption of despicable souls has some side effects though. Some more research and experimentation needs to be conducted with it to see if there are any long term ill effects or just short term ones.
No. 405270 ID: c4a1fc

As far as I can tell, you remember how the soul learned it, hence the nausea from learning torture and necrosurgery.
No. 405271 ID: 2fe09b

Oh man we are the best at building things now

The best
No. 405273 ID: 2fe09b

Actually, ask what the full examination entails.
No. 405275 ID: 6f4add


okay. but no colonoscopy.

man, you should try some of those competencies out. like, make some majuyg shapeshifter armor for yourself or something.
No. 405276 ID: 61e7f9

"Oh, yes, doctor Naughtyman. "Examine" me~"
No. 405278 ID: ed57e8

just explain the soul was as bad as he said. and it really didn't mesh well with you, since you are a pretty nice person.

let's spend some of that TW. soul force up for us. should give us a bit more emotional fortitude.
No. 405279 ID: 431fa8

Urk. Well.

Explain that the soul was both as vile and as learned as he said, and that as our mind is still close to blank we don't have a lot of mental defenses against exposure to that sort of thing. We'll grow strong enough to withstand it eventually... though in the meantime we'll probably have a lot of nightmares.

An examination can wait for later. What we need right now is something to focus on other than those nasty memories- perhaps Peregrin could continue his briefing with the next topic, and we'll see if we can successfully use it to distract ourselves while we get used to the integrated memories.
No. 405282 ID: 7d7f79

"This was a fairly powerful soul, although very low on energy and mostly unable to resist. I, uh, I was not prepared to suddenly remember all of the crimes this particular soul was guilty of. Some of the... knowledge... I hope I'll never need or use and likely will be giving me nightmares for some time.
"I seem to have gained some significant magic and craft skills through this. Also combat skill with knife and club, in addition to some more general abilities.
"Too bad we don't have a personality test baseline to compare with, I'd probably make a very interesting case study for post traumatic stress disorder research right now."
No. 405285 ID: 2eac65

I'm proud of you, Saulanna. That temptation was almost too much to bear, but you managed to clear your head and make the right decision based on your reasoning and choice. That's a very valuable skill, and will serve you well in the future.

Although, there's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, as long as you choose to do so instead of being driven by an urge you can't control. Likewise, there's nothing wrong with seeking personal satisfaction, as long as you don't cause too much harm to others in the process. So don't worry about having fun; you owe that to yourself, too.

Now, our next order of business: hide. If anyone saw you like this, they'd know you were a MOON HERO. We might want to keep it a secret from the hired help, and if we change our mind later, there's still no harm in doing so for now.

"Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the light show. The last time, you were so excited you went cross-eyed!"

"Speaking of which, what was that ability you used to examine me while you were taking notes?"

Might as well ask about his other abilities, too. After all, if he's going to be our tool, we'll want to know how he functions. (don't phrase it like that)
No. 405288 ID: ed57e8

think the only one around who will see us is the memory case.
No. 405292 ID: a3b384

Err... hopefully we can shelve some of the unpleasant knowledge away from our conscious mind. Or something. Even if we could truly forget we probably shouldn't, even knowledge such as this could have a positive use.

None of that helps with the trauma of the moment though. For that I recommend... uh... crying. Yep.
No. 405293 ID: ce4a4d

Say "I didn't what in the what was why did the candy was bad candy."

Run away frantically in a completely random direction.

Burn 2 TW on Soul Force in a desperate and panicky attempt to strengthen and solidify yourself against this.
No. 405299 ID: a04e35

We should raise our WILL. So we have the strength of character to face bad things like this, accept them as wrong, but stand strong before them.

Also, raise soul power.

and our appearance and Agility
No. 405311 ID: 25c971

Cry and try to explain how horrible your second hand Soulcrafting experience is. Peregrin might have some skill in consoling to help reduce our nightmares stat.
No. 405316 ID: b6edd6

Seconding this, but unless it is something really unpleasant we should go for the examination at some point soonish. Knowing the extent of any effects from that is vital to our future decision making.
No. 405317 ID: 1417a1


*initiate weak attempt at humor*
"Pe...perhaps that was a bit too much... viscous evil for one bite?"
No. 405323 ID: 5e703e

Raise soul force
No. 405324 ID: b9d767

With all these truamatic things running about our head, we ought to find something to do to distract ourselves. Immursing ourselves in some crafting, and writing a ivory narrative upon the forge.

In other words, BUILD ALL THE THINGS
(expect the necro-crap)
No. 405332 ID: 3734f6

The fact you are so disgusted shows you did the right thing.

>What spend TW?
1. Spend TW on gaining the ability to lucid dream so as to turn nightmares into cathartic experiences where you "make things right".
2. Upgrade own soul to level 3.
3. Upgrade WILL once
4. If any TW is left upgrade wordblood
5. If any TW is left upgrade efficiency again

>What say?
Don't want Peregrin to think there is something wrong with us, appreciate his concern, say "not a side effect, just really vile memories in this one; perhaps I should work my way up starting with some of the less vile prisoners". Let Peregrin comfort you.
No. 405339 ID: a04e35

What if that WAS the less vile prisoner?

Also, why people think soul force would let us handle bad memories better? It's not that it's corrupting us, it's that we don't have the Willpower to stomach such heinous acts.
No. 405340 ID: f70e5e


also an examination would be a good idea, I doubt there are any long term effects but we want to make sure. it also might revel something important, such as consuming multiple strong souls in short order being dangerous.
No. 405342 ID: d4f98d

Hahaha, looks like we forgot that we get some of the memories and experiences of the souls we eat. Memories of the deeds second-hand are just as bad as watching it yourself.
No. 405345 ID: 3734f6

I want the soul force because it makes us more awesome and we should remain dominant as we upgrade WB and his consumption efficiency. Not because I think it will help with nightmares. In fact I think it will do nothing for nightmares or personality.

no, we remembered. It needed to be done and we will get over it. Especially with the lucid dreaming thing and some sexual healing therapy. It will also make us stronger (and more jaded)
No. 405346 ID: 511f07

How about not spending TW right now, since it works instantly and can be used on super-powerful stuff if we need it? If we spend it now we won't have the opportunity to use it later.
No. 405347 ID: 4cefdf

Upgrade your own soulforce and then see if Wordblood can partition your mind so the evil memories are sealed away. I don't think you need torturing and soulforging. This may help with the nausea and nightmares.
No. 405349 ID: a04e35

I agree with everything you say. It's not you who I am talking about. It's people like this:

>Burn 2 TW on Soul Force in a desperate and panicky attempt to strengthen and solidify yourself against this.

or this

>let's spend some of that TW. soul force up for us. should give us a bit more emotional fortitude.
No. 405352 ID: 511f07

Spontaneously remember manses and question inevitable spreading of the Shadowland.
No. 405353 ID: 9d1d2b

Bawling seems the appropriate reaction here. Getting some of the horror out now might save some of the trauma later.

Then let Peregrin examine you.

... It occurs to me that it's probably a good thing you hadn't eaten yet...
No. 405354 ID: a2fa74

Increase your own Soul Force by one. Ask Wordblood if he can turn this extra moon power into a mental box in which to hide these disgusting memories when you don't need them.

Terrible skills can be used to accomplish good things. Master Torture will help you tell if somebody had been subjected to torture or abuse, for example.

This is why you should ask Peregrin if there is any possible use for Soulcrafting now that soulsteel can no longer exist. It is an absolutely vile skill, which is why you need to find out if it could be used to help people.

Because there's signs of bleed-through between Wordblood and Saulanna. We need to upgrade her Soul Force to resist that.
No. 405359 ID: 0d0533

Say hello to the downside of getting TW and competencies the easy way, Saulanna! Either they're evil and horrible (and thus may deserve you eating them according to some lines of thinking), and will give you some equally evil and horrible competencies to live with, or they aren't, in which case eating them would carry a few of the same moral issues as the soulforging you're now so disgusted about...

Another thought strikes, too. If you're essentially removing souls from the cycle of reincarnation, aren't you contributing to a less lively world? You might think, "What's a Titan's Will here and there?", but... over the course of time, a piece of Titan's Will would certainly be born and reborn an unaccountable number of times. You're not only robbing a present identity of its very existence, but untold future destinies of theirs, as well.

Food for thought, no? Maybe it really is better not to eat souls at all...

Anyway! Take a moment to rest and recover while letting Peregrin look you over... he's eager for his knowledge, that one. You've got time to regain your cool and your appetite. You've got some Advanced Phycisianship right there, so hell, you could help do the examination of yourself.

Spending your new Titan's Will should be relegated to after you've recovered and we've had more time to consider the potential uses for it. I could reluctantly see sense in spending enough to upgrade your Soul Force, if the rest of your advisors think it necessary, but it's not like we're in a rush, eh?
No. 405360 ID: aa8dbe

Not really considering it's not so much destroying a soul as it is recombining them. Titans were made up of lots of souls and the like. Hell, they used to sprout souls off of themselves. We eat enough bad souls and titan bits and we can simply pop out new beings from us due to our titan powers.

Besides, souls tend to either be eaten, destroyed, or turned into weaponry rather often. Pretty sure souls appear and grow too. Other wise there can only be a set number of creatures at one time and the population would dwindle instead of grow(the more souls trapped or in ghost form, the less souls for new born life.)

Besides, we don't need to use those horrible abilities and we sure as hell don't want to do what he did. If anything, this is a good reminder to be good.
No. 405361 ID: 3734f6

as I understand it, once powerful enough a titan can create souls without actually losing the equivalent amount of power.
We only need to eat them now because we are a "not even a fetus yet"
No. 405365 ID: ed57e8

that is correct. the dead titans created all the souls in the world. the reincarnation cycle may take away the memories but it is still putting adult souls into babies. titans can make baby souls that with the lifetime of experience grow stronger and those are eaten by titans. a adult soul can make 2~3 baby souls. thus a full power titan regularly consuming souls and making more causes a net GAIN in souls.

oh and since we got
> Master Repair
we may be able to fix gevin's music box.
No. 405407 ID: 0d0533


He'd already fixed the music box, though. That was the reason why he wanted to give it back to Ruive.

As for the stuff about baby souls, we're still taking soul-stuff out of the existing system's circulation for a time, as it were, and I'm sure there is some downside to that. Also, while we're pretty chill about it, most living people, not to mention ghost-people, will -not- like the whole soul-eating thing. We gotta actually become a titan to start producing more souls, and that path is a long 'un. If we eat souls willy-nilly, we're gonna earn a reputation (and enemies) fast. Something to keep in mind, at least.

>Besides, souls tend to either be eaten, destroyed, or turned into weaponry rather often

Even if that's true ('rather often' is a subjective term), it doesn't make soulcrafting any less terrible, and I'm still struggling to see the essential difference between some aspects of soulcrafting and the 'scouring souls clean to use them for learning and fuel' deal. Oh, it's definitely a worse fate than what Saulanna does, no ifs or buts about that, but as one of those gosh-darned moralists I have to say it still pings on my 'bad mojo radar' to consider 'fueling up' on opponents and criminals as a legitimate strategy.

Anyway, I'm not gonna go into more discussion on that topic. What I do want to bring up is... Quests! I love quests. Don't you guys love quests? Let's try adding one to our repertoire.

In this castle are several women who Peregrin attempted to scour clean of their previous identities so he could 'attach' a titan shard to it, but his experiments failed and they've been kept here ever since. The amnesiac girl we saw was one of them, and she seemed a likely sort even if she couldn't remember he name. Maybe we could see about fixing 'em up! Even if we can't return their old memories, maybe we can give them back a sense of identity. Do a little good deed, y'know?
No. 405409 ID: c4a1fc

Hey! That's a great idea! If the titan shards attached but couldn't communicate with them properly/took them over/whatever, we could probably eat their souls to make ourselves and Wordblood stronger! Genius!
No. 405440 ID: 0d0533


I'm afraid Peregrin said the shard he had didn't attach to them, and presumably he only had one, or else he'd probably have turned any others over by now. They're just semi-blank slates, stepping stones paving the way to Saulanna and Wordblood's fusing.
No. 405441 ID: c4a1fc

Aw, damn it. Oh well, we can train them into a legion of amazons. Like the Brides of Ahlat or whatever that douchefuck's name was.
No. 405494 ID: 3734f6

Go to questdis for this.
Also, specifically as a reply to you see >>/questdis/361730
No. 405495 ID: ed57e8

he THINKS he fixed it. it's solar made so the regular human replacement part may not work right.
No. 405516 ID: aa8dbe


Time and time again, the process of 'cleaning' the souls is about equal to reincarnation. No more or less pleasant than them doing it naturally. However, strong spirits have this little thing they like to do called 'linger'. You know, unfinished business? They won't go back to the cycle of life and chances are the reason they linger are usually not nice. Those evil souls are not going back into circulation and if there is a limited pool, then they would build up. The only way those spirits could be dealt with is either destroy them(which might destroy the soul), make them reincarnate(which they will not do naturally) or eat them now and pop out fresh souls later. Besides, if I recall, this plain.. Gaia IS a titan. The breaking up of souls is likely naturally done anyways.

As for giving the cleansed girls their memories back? I suggest NO.See, when you have a new personality forming and you reintroduce the old one, bad things happen very often. Either they develope split personalities, freak out, or get very violent. We don't want any of that. Heck, we don't know who they were originally. They could be murderers, thieves, killers and the like. If you want to help them,make their new slates good. Help them develop into nice people.

You may want to help and do good, but sadly there is no such thing as power without cost. With what we are and what may come, we WILL need power, so we need to make sure the cost is something small compared to something big when we absolutely need it. I'd rather eat a monster now and have a few nightmares from his cruel past than need to eat innocent souls later to fight a powerful foe and have nightmares from what we have done.
No. 405654 ID: f548f1

Check on the ghosts still floating around in our head.
No. 405663 ID: 1da170

Raise Soul Force! It's cheap and effective.

If we can raise our Will, that's a good plan also. These two traits are broadly useful, and it should leave us enough TW to get neat things that we need.
No. 405746 ID: f69daa
File 133574266110.png - (89.17KB , 500x500 , wordbloodfreakingout.png )

>check ghosts

Wordblood released them! He's the only one in Saulanna's head now. And on that subject...

>partition knowledge away
>questions about souls
>spending TW

If Saulanna recalls, increasing Soul force requires a measure of Titans Will equal to the current rating, so increasing her own would cost 2, then the next level 3, and so on. There are lots of options, though, so with some other questions as well, Saulanna thinks she should have a talk with Wordblood abou-


... Seems he's been disturbed by some new knowledge as well. Maybe she should let him calm down.
No. 405749 ID: f69daa
File 133574290163.png - (126.67KB , 600x500 , saulannaperegrinconc2.png )

Instead, Saulanna focuses back on Peregrin. She tells him that the knowledge associated with that ghost's... skills... disturbed her. She didn't even get direct memories of events; the knowledge of... methods... was stomach-turning, by itself. Her IMAGINATION was also not helpful in this case. Being a little more centered now, she suppresses another twisting of her stomach. Peregrin begins giving her an inspection, in any case.

>"Everything will likely feel new to you. In a way, after all, it is. That will make everything a little more intense, but as time goes by and you accumulate your own experiences, you should be less affected by things. We have some lesser criminals you can try when you feel up to it; the slavers would be the next logical step."

>Titan Fragments/other women
>"Wome-? I don't know what sort of man you're taking me for, Sau- I mean, my lady. You and Alice were the only two women I used in this project, and she, for one, came to me herself. Of the other subjects, we have one still around. Not much use to anyone, but he's being taken care of. As for other Titan pieces, yours is the only one I had, and the only one I knew where to find."

>What was that ability he was using?
>"It lets me observe the flow of magical energy in the environment. You know you're giving off a lot of excess when you consume a soul, I assume? Otherwise, you seem as healthy as far as I can tell. I'll have to give you a full summary of what I can do, I suppose..."

Saulanna's ACUITY picks up the sound of unfamiliar footsteps approaching in the hall outside.
No. 405753 ID: 61e7f9

"Someone is here. It's not whatshername."
No. 405754 ID: ed57e8

"someone not alice is behind the door."
if it's that other subject then let's test putting his mind back together. if it's someone completely new then be ready for anything.
No. 405757 ID: a2fa74

"Company. Not Alice."
Wordblood! Focus!

Wait, wordblood, you didn't know that Luna is completely in love with Gaia? She spends like half her time creating signposts outside the borders of reality in hopes that Gaia will see them and return to her.
Wait, you didn't know Gaia abandoned this world?

Ugh, look, Wordblood. We can answer a lot of questions and help you sort this out, but you need to use verbs and nouns together. Sentences would be nice, but baby steps here.
No. 405763 ID: 6f4add

calm down. concentrate. you're having a visitor. prepare yourself for a conversation.
No. 405765 ID: ed57e8

OOC knowledge, dude.
No. 405767 ID: 1bb360

Welp, let Wordblood some time to properly absorb the knowledge he's gained, while trying not to let his distress affect you.

You should inform Peregrin that someone unfamiliar to you is coming, though you'd love to get the rundown on his own abilities.
No. 405771 ID: 369d34

"Unknown footsteps coming in the hall. Should I be concerned?"
Peregrin should check on that, since Saulanna is wearing a look-at-me-I'm-A-moon-hero beacon at the moment.

Is Saulanna's soul fire flaring so intensely, not just because it's the full moon, but because she consumed that soul when when her moon power was full? That extra moon power had to go somewhere, right?
Perhaps with Peregrin's help and her new skills, Saulanna could construct a means to syphon and store that surplus moon power to prevent soul flares. I don't know much about this, so probably not.
No. 405774 ID: 3734f6

Don't freak out, he has more then one servant.
"Really? I thought a man as smooth and charming as you would have to beat back the women with a stick"
No. 405812 ID: a2fa74

Not everybody is familiar with Exalted. It looked like a good spot to drop some exposition about Gaia and Luna for people while also giving an easy hook for Wordblood's starting place.
No. 405823 ID: 9d1d2b

Ask Peregrin if he's expecting someone else, then see if you can't get Wordblood to calm down.

Wordblood seems to be saying "Were you really treated so badly ??? betrayal ??? the/m? ---- tell" which makes it seem like he was unaware of Gaia and Autochthon's betrayal previously?

If you get a chance, you should ask Peregrin what sort of things he thinks might surprise Wordblood to know - he doesn't need to know how badly Wordy's flipping out.
No. 405825 ID: e3f578

Look dramatically toward the footsteps!
No. 405924 ID: 256d52

Better check on those footsteps.

Give Wordblood a minute to start speaking in whole sentences and then see if he's alright and find out what has him so frazzled.
No. 405984 ID: 6e44d2

"Yarr, a stranger be approachin', lad."
No. 406002 ID: 1417a1


Peregrin is awfully close. Consult AFFECTION/ATTRACTION axis. Is this cause for embarrassment, especially when/if whomever's outside disturbs you?
No. 406017 ID: fcc78d

Hug Peregrine in thanks. Whisper warning about someone coming.
No. 406065 ID: a25416

If we do not solve some conundrum through application of Basic Theatre, I will be most displeased.

For now though, I second hugging and whispering.
No. 406067 ID: feed1e

seconding all of it.
No. 406102 ID: 9d6f33

why are we not calming Wordblood down again? this seems important.
No. 406162 ID: 1417a1

This (in addition to earlier suggestion)
No. 406188 ID: 66ccd5

Saulanna has just hocked whatever remnants of salmon she had left in her all over Peregrin's floor in horrified shock over the techniques involved in torture, necrosurgery and soulcrafting.

I wouldn't claim this to be a good hug moment, really. Awkward hug moment? Certainly.
No. 406213 ID: 1da170

Yeah, what isn't sexy about horrific trauma at second-hand memories derived from eating a nice, delicious soul?

(Oh wait everything)

Mention it to Peregrin but don't make a big thang about it, try and calm down Wordblood, and... it only costs -two- TW? Upgrade that Soul Force!
No. 406435 ID: 86d958

Saulanna's soulforce could use a bump or two. Better to do so now than later.

Perhaps ease of consumption as well.


and just because it's nice to be the prettiest raccoon, something to nudge that up as well? But that bit's totally not as important.
No. 406486 ID: 2eac65

"Who's that?"

He's also got magical super-senses. If we can recognize someone walking down the corridors, he probably can too. If he doesn't understand, we can clarify it for him afterwards.

Whoever it is, now is probably a good time to hide. Possibly in that small cabinet by the door, if there's nothing too fragile inside. We should be able to fit if we assume our beast form.
No. 406496 ID: c1ce3a


Still gonna be glowin' it up, so eh. Why hide? Though the footsteps may be unfamiliar, that doesn't mean it's someone who means us harm.
No. 406655 ID: 7ffee8

Hiding will be useless. Also, we shouldn't do any mushy stuff until we know Peregrine's... situation.

After all, he might not be a bachelor.
No. 407093 ID: 29435f

Heh. Like that's ever stopped a Lunar before.
No. 407168 ID: 5bf190
File 133600072744.png - (185.10KB , 1000x500 , study3.png )

Saulanna tells Peregrin that there's someone coming, someone she doesn't know. After redirecting his own attentions, he frowns slightly and waves her over towards the desk while he makes the room look slightly more presentable.

>"That sounds like the Captain's tread. I've not managed to settle him about losing one of his men yet, so it would be best if you hung back and tried not to... to... well, something. Let me take care of this, in other words."

The steps stop and are swiftly followed by a sharp knock on the door.


Does Saulanna have one of those? Maybe she has some sort of social status screen...
No. 407169 ID: 5bf190
File 133600077203.png - (81.93KB , 600x500 , socialstatswhat.png )

Turns out she does! Let's see heoh gods what is this nonsense

There is some sort of tutorial or something associated with this, Saulanna can just smell it! She'd better wait until the OPPORTUNE MOMENT when all of this will be explained to her.
No. 407171 ID: 5bf190
File 133600084686.png - (178.74KB , 1000x500 , study4.png )

A ghost in solid-looking armour and cloak is outside the door.

>"Lord Kaan, there are messages in from the Riders. The Dragon's Emissary has arrived out of the northwest Veil, all signs suggesting they mean to get here quickly."

Peregrin does not seem to welcome this.

>"Th... They aren't supposed to be here for two weeks, at least! How- The Dragon. Damnation, he must have sensed something and twisted the timestream to get them here so soon. No, wait... Just the Emissary?"
>"The normal group. One champion, a few shades for attendants."
>"Then he doesn't know... Hm. But he wants to find out. Thank you, Captain, we'll need to arrange ever-"
>"There was another report sir, one of the air Riders out east, over the high lake valley. Two strange men in the woods, both living, but she didn't get a good look at them."
>"Send out some proper reconnaissance. No, actually, I'll tell them to send it, you stay here and look after m- Miss Rockblossom. I need to get everything sorted before the Dragon's people arrive."

Oh dear. This sounds like an exciting and rather important development!
No. 407176 ID: ce4a4d

Well I'm sure we'll think of something when the time comes. Or Peregrin will handle it. Meanwhile...
Console Wordblood. He seems upset!
No. 407177 ID: 29435f

> Listen Intently! The Titan's situation already explained, this could only lead to trouble if you don't understand the nuances going on.
No. 407180 ID: a2fa74

Listen Intently.
Then Console Wordblood.
No. 407216 ID: 511f07

"m- Miss Rockblossom." m- what? Her original name? "My something?"
No. 407304 ID: 3bad4c

You're his liege Lady now.. perhaps he didn't want to call attention to the fact he serves you.
No. 407306 ID: 3734f6

obviously, he is trying to hide your existance from a being called "the dragon" who had the power to warp time to have his delegation arrive 2 weeks early to investigate the power you are giving off.
No. 407309 ID: a2853b

Well in this case we need to dampen the power flare we're having.
If there is any Orichalcum or similar around, I think she could use it to dampen her magical bonfire.
No. 407320 ID: 7d7f79

Statbuilding/long term: We need to get better at not overflowing with magic like this, we have entered into a world in which there are lots of things that would love to grind us into powder, and them knowing exactly what we are and how much or little power we've got is a bad thing.

Right now: Listen in, then ask the captain for details. If this is beyond Peregrin to deal with he will need us as backup. That won't work very well if we don't know what the rules of engagement and the shape of the threat is.
Current hypothesis: The "dragon" being mentioned is probably that schmuck in charge of the underworld. Update this as we gather more information.
When we have gathered the information we can: Calming down Wordblood is important. Peregrin may need us to disappear for a while in order to hide that there is a possible awakening titan on the loose, since that is a serious change in the balance of power and politics in this world. He is not equal to the task of shielding us from all possible threats and may have more trouble than he can handle with protecting himself and this territory alone; conversation to date suggests he has not found this to be easy.
No. 407333 ID: b6edd6

We already know our nation has a few political and economic ties to the underworld (run by Dragon's Shadow), and Peregrine would have told us if we had another time-manipulating dragon as a neighbor.
No. 407342 ID: 3734f6

Actually, why don't we let people continue believing that he is in charge? It is certainly safer and not like he can betray us. We just get assigned a high rank in public, and maybe notify top minions.

I got a more specific explanation too...
His death exalt is an inverted solar. Lunars and solars were married to each other. Exalted can get some memories from their past lives. We could claim our lunar exaltation is the spouse of his ex solar exaltation who will stay with him regardless of what he has become...
Actually, I wonder if his lunar wife survived...

No. 407360 ID: 4cefdf

I concur with giving Wordblood what little comfort you can for the moment.

Once the Captain is gone you should ask Kaan about Luna and whether contacting her now that he is her vassal would anger her. While not critical to the immediate situation I would rather know this now then get a nasty surprise later when Luna contacts us. Luna may have some advice too on what soulforce increase will do for Saulanna. (i.e. Will it allow her access to new moon powers?)
No. 407388 ID: b6edd6

I don't think we can safely ask her about increasing our soul force. She would likely ask how we would do that, and talking about our titanicness now isn't worth the risk.
No. 407426 ID: 7ffc97

Hey, isn't the moon still full?

Can't Luna drop in whenever while the moon is full? So far she hasn't, but she can, right?

Kind of important to make sure we calm him down now, if so. We don't want her to notice our little titan soul, so calming down Wordblood might be taking on a little more importance so he can stealth again.
No. 407508 ID: f548f1

Find out where Gevin got to - perhaps you can discover more about the whereabouts of the woman he is looking for and also the box.

Also reading between the lines of the box dscription the box could be a device for controlling the spread of a SHADOWYLAND. This could be very useful.
No. 407551 ID: 47ad97

Oh! Uh! Err! Crap. We really don't know what Saulanna should or shouldn't say in this case, as we're not privy to what the captain knows about Peregrin's experimentation, and Kaan seemed to reserve himself from calling her his liege, which means he thinks it best your relationship isn't known to this man yet.

Saulanna, best to keep being moderately vague about why you're here, how you got here and what your relationship with Kaan is. No use hiding your lunar-hood, though.

While I'd really suggest letting Wordblood alone for now, maybe it would be good to poke him and say the Dragon's Shadow has sent people to your new domain to investigate... something, probably related to yourself. Does he have any idea why or how the Dragon's Shadow might sense you, and what it might want to do with a budding titan's fragment?

Meanwhile, distract the Captain from your Lunar glowyness with conversation! You could start by consoling/apologizing with INSPIRATION re: his loss. Maybe something like:

-Awkwardly say hello. My, isn't this awkward?
-Cut down to brass tacks and say you're sorry for depriving him of one of his men. It seemed kill or be killed at the time, and you're of the type somewhat hard to be killed, as he may or may not have noticed.
-It's been something of a new experience to you that ghosts and rogue death heroes can be civil to someone like you. It's been nice so far, and you somewhat hope the trend will continue, especially as you'll do your best not to cause any more damage to the ranks.

Might be worth spending a dot of MOON POWER for that TRULY SUPERHUMAN boost if we want good relations with the Captain. What d'you all think?

Anyway, if he warms up to that, maybe you could ask him if he's ever heard something about a beastwoman called Ruive who used to live here. If he's a local, anyway. If he's not a local, you could ask where he's originally from!
No. 407575 ID: fcc78d

Calm down Wordblood

Use doing so as an excuse to seem a ditz in front of the general.

Make him underestimate us. See what happens.
No. 407646 ID: 6f4add

ask Perry what's going on and whether you should be involved, or whether you can help.
No. 407776 ID: 252e1b

Hang back, play it cool, don't get involved until you have more information.
No. 407951 ID: a2853b

Ask Killa Kaan if he has something to deal with your power surge, to keep you less notable.
No. 408132 ID: af44e6
File 133619286424.png - (128.83KB , 700x500 , peregrindeparting.png )

>Listen for more information.

Saulanna doesn't think there is any more! Peregrin just said he's going to go and leave the Captain here to stand watch over her, and that looks to be what he's doing. If she wants to know more, she'll have to ask. Fortuitously, Peregrin turns for some parting words.

>"Miss Rockblossom, I wish I could stay and go on with our conversation, but I have to make the place ready for guests. A proper welcome has to be prepared, some cleaning up to do. There are probably some contacts that my visitors will want to meet; I don't know where everyone is right now, but I have to get everyone into position before they get here."

Language Challenge Auto-success! Translation: Peregrin is intimating that there are likely to be spies and informants around the place that he hasn't identified, and he has to make sure certain information doesn't get to the wrong ears. Which probably means he's unwilling to make any mention of your Titanic powers while in front of anyone else.

>"You know you can go wherever you like, but it might be best if you stayed away from the more public parts of the house. And, ah, away from windows, until your Soul Fire dies down."

And that answers the question on if Saulanna should be involved. She asks if there's anything she can do to help, anyway.

>"... Maybe. Probably. But it would be best to keep things simple, a strange Moon Hero running around will... alarm people. I know how this goes. If I need you for something, don't worry, it'll be very easy for me to come to you."

Saulanna asks, then, if she should stay out of the way, is there anything she can do about her Soul Fire?

>"From what I know, no Hero has ever been able to force their Soul Fire out once it's showing, though I hear it can happen if you run completely dry of magic, under certain circumstances. Otherwise, you just have to wait for it to fade by itself. It's something intrinsic to our nature, built in to the original spark of power. Perhaps you... might... come up with something, yourself. You're a woman of unusual resources."

Translation: Peregrin is suggesting that if there's any way to quiet your Soul Fire, it lies in your Titanic potential. Hm.

Finally, she asks where Gevin is.

>"Your ghost friend? I spoke to him briefly, and he seemed inclined to find somewhere quiet and out of the way, where he wouldn't bother anyone."

Translation: Peregrin is indicating that he persuaded Gevin to keep a low profile.

>"One of the side chambers in the library would probably be the most comfortable place to fit that bill. Now, to my regret, I really must be going. If there's anything you want or need, please ask Alice. I very much look forward to speaking to you again soon."
No. 408133 ID: af44e6
File 133619289840.png - (180.84KB , 1000x500 , study5.png )

Peregrin swiftly departs, just in time to brush by Alice on his way out the door. The Captain, having moved into the room, moves to the side and takes a sentinel position with his sword, silently settling into a rather eerie stillness.

>Can't Luna drop in whenever while the moon is full? So far she hasn't, but she can, right?

Yes, she could. However, Luna shouldn't currently be able to detect Wordblood through that connection unless Saulanna talks to both of them at the same time. Or unless she does something obviously Titanic while Luna's watching.

>Talk to the Captain

Sounds... awkward. Still, she- Oh. Hold on.
No. 408134 ID: af44e6
File 133619298760.png - (79.76KB , 600x500 , talkingtowordblood.png )

>"My lady. Sincerest apologies for my outburst."

Wordblood seems to have settled down. However, he still doesn't seem his usual self.

>Console/Calm down/Comfort Wordblood

>"I... I am sorry. I have simply... learned things. I know much that is beyond mortal ken, but the span of history from after... the end of my previous existence... was not part of my understanding, until now. There is probably a good deal that I am still ignorant of."

> "I was the first Titan to die in the war, you see. The first, surprise attack. So I never knew where all these strange, augmented humans came from; I could only see that they clearly possessed the powers of the gods, and of the elements. The elementals, I thought. I knew the gods wanted to rebel, and empowering humans to do so for them was a neat way around their geas. But I was wrong... well, not entirely wrong. Those who killed me did have powers derived from the great gods of the sky; the sun, the moon, the ten maidens of fate. But the structure of them, the sparks, the Hero's Souls - one of which is even now contained in you - were a Titanic creation. Autochthon, the greatest crafter of us all, the "Machine God"; he was the one who forged the divine essence that turn mortal humans into demigods. Not to say I entirely blame him, though his actions were so... disproportionate. He was, or is... crippled, really, Autochthon, and many of the other Titans tormented him for his illness. I can... understand... his siding with the gods, and with humans."

>"What truly shocked me was that he was not the only one! Gaia - the Mother of all Life, most beautiful of us all - also turned against us, letting her souls create the Dragon Heroes. I mean, turned against... I. I don't know. I don't know if I want to count myself as having been on a side, in the war. I technically was, but... I never got the chance to choose. The gods I care little for, but... human beings... Why didn't they tell me? Why did they kill me? I..."

Wordblood remains silent for a moment.

>"No matter. History. What does matter is that Luna might not be so certain to be hostile to us as I thought. Luna is Gaia's lover, and Gaia and Autochthon both serve as precedent for our case as a benevolent force in the world. Perhaps. Reading between the lines of history, I suspect Autochthon was somehow forced - intimidated, most likely - into leaving this reality for a time. Gaia also seems to have been curiously distant from the mortal world since the end of the war. A pity, as I'm sure she could help us. The only other Titans to look to as potential mentors are Autochthon, the Dragon's Shadow and those who are still imprisoned, none of whom are particularly attractive choices."

>"... I apologize for having not presented you with truly accurate information, before. I still recommend caution with Luna, however. At the very least, I'm sure she would tell the Sun, and we would end up having to throw ourselves on his mercy in any case. At the very least, it would be nice to be in a stronger position before revealing ourselves, with shows of good will already in our pockets. Now - would you like to talk about our options with the Titan's Will we've collected? Aside the ideas you already know, I think we may have enough for something special. There's also another opportunity I think we should discuss."

Despite his presentation of being in control again, Saulanna senses that Wordblood remains upset by what he's learned. Should she talk to him about it? His attitude suggests he'd rather move on.
No. 408137 ID: b9e291

Hug Wordblood.
No. 408138 ID: fa9f7e

Also kiss him
No. 408145 ID: 61e7f9

Give him a smooch on the cheek.

Let's see what this special thing is.
No. 408146 ID: 3734f6

>I think we may have enough for something special.
>There's also another opportunity I think we should discuss.
Well, we need to know what both those things are before we can make a decision. We had our own plans and can adjust them accordingly with the info he will now present.
No. 408158 ID: b0bf34

Now that wordblood is talkable again, lets do the upgrading.

Or, at least, lets do it after Alice is gone.
No. 408168 ID: 5029d1

let's see the something special. if we want to hold off on it then regular upgrades.
No. 408174 ID: ce4a4d

I thought he was a smallish fragment, but perhaps not?

"You were a Titan? The dominant soul of one, I mean?"

Ask him what his real name is. His old name. Try to be supportive. Mind-hugs may be appropriate.

If he's just not interested in talking about that, ask him what his special idea is.
No. 408188 ID: 431fa8

Look at his thoughts. if they had asked, I might have... something. Poor guy was cut down by those he loved.

A hug wouldn't hurt, or maybe cuddle with him/have him curl around you while you talk. Even if it doesn't make him feel better, it'll at least make us feel better about trying to comfort him as best we can.

And he can tell us about this something special, and this other opportunity. As things stand right now, I'm inclined to upgrade both of our Soul Forces and keep the rest banked, unless something is a very compelling buy. Amping up both our Soul Forces would help us a lot.

We know that. Check the first thread: >>/questarch/197236 and >>/questarch/199578. Wordblood was a key soul of He Who Bleeds the Unknown Word, perhaps even his defining soul.
No. 408209 ID: 369d34

Can we get an estimate on how long it will take for Saulanna's soul fire to dissipate on its own. Either from Saulanna or Wordblood, whichever would be better at an estimate. It'll be important to know when choosing whether or not to do anything about it right away.

Actually, is the soul fire proportional to Saulanna's form? Would it shrink if she took raccoon shape? If it does, in a pinch the visual aspect of it could be hidden if she's in a large container, such as a wardrobe or tall chest. Unless it spreads to the container, in which case, forget it.
No. 408213 ID: 72d49b

If he wants to move on, let him move on. Just ask about what further options he has for you.
No. 408214 ID: b9e291


Do this, just for the hilarious scene of trying to put out a container you lit on soul fire.
No. 408215 ID: a21b1b

Actually, Soul Fire is light only. It gives no heat and cannot set anything on fire.
No. 408254 ID: fcc78d

Nthing hugging wordblood. Leave him with a burst of Compassion, then go back to reality and let him sort it out.
No. 408275 ID: 1417a1

Then grant his wish and move on. Check what he had in mind.
No. 408276 ID: 1da170

Seconding (fifthing?) the mind-hug, just to see if it's possible.

I am a bit curious what this something special is too.
No. 408280 ID: a2fa74

Upgrade your soul force. Going to Luna as a baby titan would work better if you had a power advantage over the fragment.

Then give Wordblood a hug. "We've both learned horrible things tonight."

Sure, lets talk about the new options he has.

Also: Luna is Gaia's once and future (Hope!) lover, so with her experience she might be able to mentor you in the basics of being a titan. That would at least be a lot more palatable than your other options.
No. 408307 ID: b9d767

Mental hug for Wordblood, and start picking our way throught his study while we wait for our soul fire to die down. Also discuss this "special" thing Wordblood has in mind. Possibly chat up the captain of the guard as well.
No. 408309 ID: 9d1d2b

Mind-hugging sounds like a good idea - with both of you still upset some mutual comforting would be good. And yeah, let's see what Wordblood's special idea is.
No. 408330 ID: 4cefdf

Give Wordblood a heartfelt hug to let him know that you are here for him no matter what new knowledge he may uncover. A kiss on the cheek as well if he seems particularly hurt inside. Then gently move to another subject, specificly the uses for Titan's will that he might suggest, including the special use.
No. 408351 ID: af0595

Adding my vote for comforting hug. Learning all that at once has got to hurt.

And definitely learn more about this "special" upgrade. Color me curious.
No. 408559 ID: 7ffee8

Once we're done hugging Wordblood we should definitely ask Alice and The Captain about life in The Needles.
No. 408596 ID: af0595

Use her Word of Power: Stop to get rid of her Soul Fire display. We have more than enough Moon Power, and it would much harder to deal with unexpected guests without giving away too much.

The Captain's attention to that might be an issue, though we could likely social-fu him or STOP his attention to that detail if necessary. Depends on how much he knows about the Exal...er...Heroes.
No. 408798 ID: 2eac65

"A-Alice! Don't look in here! I'm not... j-just leave it by the door, okay? Thanks a bunch!"

That's a very informative story, because just about everything he said makes it sound like the Titans were the "evil" side in the war. They tormented the gods, the humans, even their less fortunate fellows; they knew that their victims were suffering and didn't care. It should come as no surprise that all of their victims teamed up and fought back. They must have been truly desperate to take such extreme measures.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe it was unfair that the Titans were attacked without being given any other options. Or maybe they didn't have to kill any of them and they could have made peace. Or maybe the Titans really weren't that bad and the gods and humans were just selfish and greedy. But from everything we've learned about it, it seems like the war was a case of an oppressed underclass doing the only thing they could in the face of semi-omnipotent tyrants.

There is a lesson to be learned from this: we shouldn't make people so desperate that their only option is to harm us. Also, we shouldn't be selective in whom we sympathize with, and that includes the Titans, because no matter how bad they really were, they're still people.

In any case, we might as well comfort him. There's no point in antagonizing him about it at the moment, but thinking of Wordblood as an innocent victim would be letting our personal connections overrule our better judgement.
No. 408820 ID: d4f98d

"Wordblood...I know it must hurt, but we still don't have the whole picture. There is always the possibility that there is something we still do not see that explains this, makes it clearer."

Ask what this option is.
No. 408827 ID: 5e3d1a

Special ideas are good, but also do you not feel the desire to CREATE something? The knowledge of a master smith flows through you!

Perhaps you could cheer Wordblood up by making something like the titanic armaments he spoke of once? Weapons that strike with logic and arguments. Armor based on rules and confusion.
No. 409500 ID: 5e703e

CREATE something, use your new found knowledge for good
No. 409521 ID: 86e159
File 133644181088.png - (90.79KB , 500x500 , hug1.png )

No. 409522 ID: 86e159
File 133644187365.png - (107.37KB , 500x500 , hug2.png )

No. 409523 ID: 86e159
File 133644188531.png - (80.29KB , 600x500 , hug3.png )

No. 409525 ID: 86e159
File 133644196488.png - (89.76KB , 500x500 , hugafter1.png )

Saulanna feels a bit better; Wordblood seems to have been soothed somewhat as well, though she has a vague sense that she could have done more for him. Her companion is already moving on, however.

>"I'm certain you can recall my previous description of our options, for the use of Titan's Will..."

Saulanna thinks back.

For a single measure, she can have:
- A one-point increase to any physical Talent; Might, Agility, Toughness or Beauty.
- Development of a random new Moon Ability or Shapeshifting Technique from within those available at her current Soul Force, possibly influenced by Saulanna's behaviour.
- A new base-level Titan's Working for Wordblood, within those available at his current Soul Force.

>"Currently, the Titan's Works available to me are the World Reading ability, which will let me "read" information from your surroundings through your eyes; the True Speech ability, which will allow you to speak in the tongue of absolute truth; and the first level of the Depth of Comprehension ability, which will increase my benefits from consuming knowledge."

A sliding scale of Titan's Will expenditure can get her increases to:
- Wordblood's Ease of Consumption or Efficiency of Consumption, both currently 2 and costing 3 to increase one, but only if she first raises Wordblood's Soul Force.
- Her own Soul Force, currently 2; increasing to 3 will cost 2, increasing 3 to 4 will cost 3, and so on. Raises the limits on what Moon Abilities/Shapeshifting she can learn.
- Wordblood's Soul Force, at the same costs and similar benefits to his Titan's Works. Increasing Soul Force for either of the two increases Saulanna's available pool of Moon Power.

>"Given what I now know - that the Hero's Soul is a Titanic creation - I believe your magic may react more favourably to the use of Titan's Will than I previously expected. I now anticipate that developing a higher level of Soul Force will also grant you a free bonus Moon Ability, or myself a Titan's Working."

Variable amounts of Titan's Will (price on demand) can get:
- A new Power Word.
- A permanent alteration to Saulanna's body.
- A permanent alteration to another creature or the outside world (unknown risks).

So many options! Saulanna's cup runneth over. To give herself a little breathing room from all these prospective riches, she enquires on this "opportunity" Wordblood mentioned.

>"Well, my lady; I know you were already instructed on the basics of physical combat by Luna. You've been familiarized with the ways and methods of attack and defense, of injury and exertion and the use of your magic to aid you in the field of battle. In my previous existence, I was not incapable of holding my own in such arenas; but, to be honest, it was never what I intended myself for. Mine is the essence of comprehension and communication, as I'm sure you understand. My preferred method of dueling is with words."

>"It is in that arena that I propose I should give you a TUTORIAL. This Captain, here, is someone you need to have on your side; currently, however, he has little reason to be anything but hostile to you. Reason enough to try convincing him otherwise, and while you attempt such persuasion - on a relatively easy target - I can safely teach you the methods of SOCIAL COMBAT."

>"But before that... there's something we could do, my lady, that I didn't think we would be able to do for some time."

No. 409526 ID: 86e159
File 133644203216.png - (76.21KB , 400x500 , hugafter2.png )

>"We may have enough Titan's Will, now, to generate a new soul."

>"Specifically, we need a dedicated FEEDING SOUL. I and, indeed, any higher titanic subsoul can assist with the absorption of souls, but a deva birthed for the purpose will ultimately be superior at the task. In specific, I have noticed that you seem to have some trouble consuming human souls. A Feeding Soul would grant us the ability to self-generate Titan's Will, though the initial returns would be extremely low. Perhaps a measure of Will every few months, depending on the method, until the new soul becomes stronger. Beyond that, though, a Feeding Soul would also assist with the recovery and management of magical Power, and may even be able to do something about this troublesome Soul Fire of yours."

>"The price is high, however, I must admit. A part of your own soul would have to be split off to form the seed; that would lower your Soul Force by one, and I think it would be extremely unsafe to do so at your current level. So that's 2 measures of Will to raise your Soul Force to level 3, a single measure to safely divide off part of your soul, another for me to copy my own feeding enhancements over, and finally 2 more to bring it all together and breathe life into the new spirit. 6 measures of Titan's Will, in total, leaving just enough to raise your Soul Force back to 3 again, which is what I would advise."

>"I must stress that the process is likely to be very strenuous, even painful. There are also many decisions to be made about what form the new soul will take, choices that will likely shape your identity forever. Please, consider carefully."

No. 409528 ID: fa9f7e

Not now, after we've gotten this Captain on our side. Hugging our tail was weird enough, screaming in agony and other magic crap is worse.
No. 409529 ID: 09e5bf

Go with the feeding soul plan. Raise Soul Force, make Soul, Raise soul force.
No. 409530 ID: d4f98d

SOCIAL COMBAT YES. Most fun you can have in Exalted, IMO.

I like Wordbloods suggestion, tbh. I was iffy about it until he mentioned we could raise it back to 3, but there it is.
No. 409531 ID: d4f98d

I do agree with this, though. After the capitan
No. 409532 ID: 5029d1

while tempting, oh so tempting, no. a pip soul force for us and wordblood, bank rest.
No. 409536 ID: 431fa8

The feeding soul concept is tempting, but I think not right now- we are too weak to invest large amounts of Soul Force in something like that. Not to mention that we'd look bizarre and it might be detectable by our enemies, who are nearby.

Instead, invest in one point of Soul Force for Saulanna (with a bonus free Moon Ability!) and one point of Soul Force for Wordblood (with a bonus free Titan's Working!). That will leave us much better able to face the world.

See it done, and let us engage in Social Combat.
No. 409537 ID: 60fee2

Social Combat first, then find somewhere safe to create the Feeding Soul.
No. 409541 ID: a2fa74

Hey, crazy thought... How we take Gevin, hold his gestalt in reserve, consume his now-blank soul, create a new feeder soul, and then restore Gevin's gestalt to it?

Obviously, we would ask him if he would be ok with that. He wouldn't want to get ghostboyfriend if Saulanna forced it on him, after all.
No. 409545 ID: d5ee6f

Yesss. However, destroying the thoughts and memories of a creature is immoral. Rather than hunting sentient ghosts, the Hun souls, I think that we should imbue our Feeding Soul with the ability to track and consume Po.

Making it out of Gevin is dumb. Gevin is dumb. He is unintelligent and mostly pretty lackluster. He just wants to find the chick.
No. 409546 ID: 56f3e2

It seems like it's really jumping the gun to make decisions that permanently affect our nature before we really understand what our nature is RIGHT NOW. Saulanna needs a stronger self-identity first.
No. 409547 ID: d418a2

Go with the feeding soul plan. Also since raising SOUL FORCE comes with a new moon ability we would get two of those right.

And yes to the social combat tutorial
No. 409548 ID: 5029d1

so doing it ourselves is immoral while a great machine that does it automatically isn't it? a machine who's purpose is to perpetuate the existence of life itself? consuming memories and energy is not immoral. it is in fact following the natural order of the world.
No. 409550 ID: 68ff50

If we were to do it later when we had acquired more soulforce would the split off soul be even more powerful?

Overall I'm wary of engaging in something that risky while we don't know if there's a death squad on its way to kill us. On the other hand the ability to dampen soulfire would be incredibly useful to surviving all that. If there's no particular reason to do it later I suggest we reassure our company that we are just exalted instead of crazy and then proceed with the soul-budding plan. This should be done in the best place for a combination of likelihood to be overlooked, awkward for the coming trouble-squad to search, and ease of escape if it turns out they make a line straight for Saulanna.
No. 409551 ID: 09e5bf

Improve saulanna's soulforce twice.
Improve Wordblood's soulforce.
Increase Beauty.

Then practice social combat.
No. 409552 ID: fcc78d

Ask wordblood if the feeding soul's creation would have any external signs. If not, do it. If so, skip to SOCIAL COMBAT.
No. 409555 ID: 49b244

Go with the feeding soul plan.
No. 409561 ID: 750c47

Increase your soul force to 3 and then move on to the social combat. The Feeding Soul plan is ok in concept, but now is not the best time, and we don't have enough Titan's Will to really pull it off while leaving us with something left for emergencies.

And with agents of the Dragon's Shadow here, we definitely want TW left for emergencies.
No. 409562 ID: 2fe09b

>Increase beauty
Why the hell not.
No. 409568 ID: 3734f6

>"The price is high, however, I must admit. A part of your own soul would have to be split off to form the seed; that would lower your Soul Force by one, and I think it would be extremely unsafe to do so at your current level. So that's 2 measures of Will to raise your Soul Force to level 3, a single measure to safely divide off part of your soul, another for me to copy my own feeding enhancements over, and finally 2 more to bring it all together and breathe life into the new spirit. 6 measures of Titan's Will, in total, leaving just enough to raise your Soul Force back to 3 again, which is what I would advise."

YES PLEASE! Definitely do that. Then test it out on one of the lesser (but still pretty bad) criminals.
But this should be done later.

Right now do social tutorial.
When Peregrin returns, invite him to witness the creation of the feeder soul (and take notes).
Also he can probably help us do so more discreetly (masked from the senses of the dragon's delegates).

>destroying the thoughts and memories of a creature is immoral.
take it to questdis. (and no, it isn't immoral)

No. 409572 ID: 61e7f9

+1 to Saulanna and Wordblood's soul force (4 points). Save the rest. We might get that soul eaty thing later if the pacifists decide to man up and get with the program.
No. 409573 ID: 09e5bf

I had earlier suggested the +2 saulaana SF, +1 wordblood, +1 beauty, but I feel it's worth pointing out that setting up long term payoffs is often best done early on. It's only going to get more expensive as our Soul Force goes up, now is probably the best time to do it.

Damn it. I liked my old suggestion until I had to make this reply.

I change my vote to Operation Feeding Soul. (and +1 beauty)
No. 409575 ID: e3f578

How are babby souls formed?
I mean seriously, how are people able to make brand new fresh souls from simple reproductive organ mixture? How does it work? What is the technique?
No. 409576 ID: 56f3e2

It's too expensive. Under the presumption that it won't scale completely, it's better to nearly double our power now and then invest in it when isn't QUITE so significant in comparison to how strong we already are at the time.
No. 409578 ID: d3b959

Good point about it getting more expensive later. I sceond the notion of creating a feeding soul, but I say we should wait on that till the spys are gone and Peregrin has time to study us as we do it (he will love to watch this).
No. 409579 ID: fa9f7e

They don't make new souls via sex. You *can* run out of souls. Canon!Autocthonia is running out, because they fucked with reincarnation.
No. 409581 ID: 511f07

I say that we do this, but we should certainly not do any spending of Titan's Will right now. It would look sillier than the tail-hugging.
No. 409582 ID: 3734f6

PEOPLE DON'T MAKE SOULS. read the fucking questdis.
No. 409592 ID: 369d34

Deleted my earlier suggestion. Going with Operation Soul Feeder, but not here and not now. Peregrin is going to want to see this, and it should be done in a shielded, secret, safe location; Ask Peregrin where his is when you next see him. Knowing him, he'll have at least one.

No. 409608 ID: 72d49b

We want to do the soul force/feeder soul upgrade. But if it would be time consuming as well as strenuous, let's leave most of it for later. Do the initial Soul Force increase now, then we'll participate in social combat with the Captain. The more complicated soulcrafting stuff can wait until we're secure and unlikely to be interrupted.
No. 409609 ID: c26d6c

Another vote for creating the feeder soul (...is it possible we can apply our evil soulcrafting skill to kinder, more positive ends here? You know, craft a better soul, literally).

But yeah, don't do it in front of the staff. Talk to them first, do the tutorial, and craft da soul later, privately, in safety. Let fancypants observe if reasonably possible (he may be too busy with his own preparations).
No. 409610 ID: 56f3e2

>he may be too busy with his own preparations
Would NOT letting him observe possibly break our end of the bargain on vassalage? Is breaking our end of the bargain something we need to worry about?
No. 409618 ID: 68ff50

We never promised to tell him and show him everything but we did promise to teach him things.
Ideally we want him watching and taking notes anyway. Since he's our vassal he might notice problems we don't and we'd be there to watch our back to some degree while we're screwing around in our head with weird titan-stuff he's done more research on than Saulanna has.
The reason to get started sooner is to control our power flaring while the Dragon's thug squad is running all around with jackboots. That's a really big problem actually, if we could pretend not to be more than just an ordinary beastwoman while they're here that would probably make his job of keeping us inconspicuous and unexamined lots easier.

Please, for really active threads like this one it's important: If you have already posted once since the last OP post you should post with sage so that threads waiting for the OP to get back to us don't keep floating to the top of the list. There is no auto-threadkill here for multiple sages in a row.
No. 409637 ID: b6edd6

I think the soul building should wait until after the dragon's emissary is no longer around. They are already searching for things out of the ordinary; we shouldn't help them out by moving around huge amounts of magic nearby.
No. 409639 ID: f70e5e

i'd recommend a feeding soul, it sounds fantastic and likely to pay for itself inside a year. not to mention it would increase how much titans will we get from eating more souls. we should if possible let our vassal observe the process, it seems like all he wants out of this is a chance to learn at the feet of something grater than himself.
No. 409660 ID: 09e5bf

> Save it for later. You don't want to rush into something like cutting off part of your soul. I mean, ouch. Does that even grow back?

Whether parts of our soul grow back isn't all that important. Heck, in the plan he proposes, we repair what's lost IMMEDIATELY. (breaking off part of our soul is what would lower us from 3 soul force to 2, and we immediate buy our way back to 3 with his plan)

This is also the cheapest time to do so, because the longer we wait, the more we require greater amounts of Titan's Will to recoup the loss. Like if we do it when our Soul Force is 4, that's 4 to raise our soul force, and 2 to create a feeding soul, then 4 again when we want to raise our soul force again, for a total of 10 Titan's Will instead of the current 6)

And it would even pay off the titan's will spent on it in like, a year. After that it's all profit.
No. 409661 ID: ce4a4d

Save it for later. You don't want to rush into something like cutting off part of your soul. I mean, ouch. Does that even grow back? Like Wordblood said, that's changing things /forever/.

Instead, upgrade your Soul Force to 4. Most Heroes need years or decades to get their spirit that strong! That'll cost 5 TW. That should hopefully also give you a new Moon Ability. Then buy two more. That should really help round out your powers.

While hurriedly turning yourself into a Titan might sound more incredible than being a Moon Hero, don't forget who won that war.

With your last TW, increase Beauty by one. Because.
No. 409663 ID: 5029d1

wrong. he suggests weraise our soulforce at the start because 3 is the minimum SAFE lvl. can have four, do it, then raise it back to 4. we don't need to raise to 5 at the start.
No. 409665 ID: 09e5bf

either way, to raise it after getting more than 3 Soul Force is more expensive than to do it now.
No. 409673 ID: 256d52

If we're going to become a titan we're going to have to get used to being several people sooner or later.

It would probably be good to wait until Saulanna has more experience being Saulanna, but I don't think we're going to get that much time. I'm also a little concerned about having such a soul being the first created. Could Wordblood explain a little more about the nature of a feeding soul?

Also, tutorial!
No. 409699 ID: 71d68e

Raise Saulana's Soul Force right now. We'll have to do it for Operation Feeder Soul anyway. Then do the social combat tutorial. After that, arrange a safe place with Peregrine whenver it's a good time, and then do Operation Feeder Soul.
No. 409716 ID: b85f8c

I agree.
No. 409723 ID: e32f97

No. 409726 ID: 1da170


I'm down with this. It shouldn't take long to determine whether we should make a feeding soul or whether we need new powers right now, but it's not something we should do blindly.
No. 409728 ID: d9a6b7

Let's do that.
No. 409738 ID: 3a7f69

I like this plan. This is a good plan.
No. 409751 ID: 7d691f

Increase our Soul Force to 3.

Create a Feeding Soul. Possibly a scholarly Scavenger Lord or a great library adorned with the busts of those we have devoured.

Then we should start poking Alice. By improving her lot in life, we see what changes we can wreak to our Favored People. Fixing her memory would also enlighten us as to our current situation.

Then, uh, we move on to the Captain, and try to persuade him to start anew on fresh footing.
No. 409776 ID: 1417a1

Follow Wordblood's advice. Inquire about other possible type of souls though.

Then, engage in glorious SOCIAL COMBAT! (or switch the order on that if more convenient)
No. 409789 ID: 5e703e

Create the feeding soul
No. 409797 ID: 4b0077

>"We need to grow"
I say we follow Wordblood's advice, and thank him for it. For better or for worse, we're together - and if we can make a true friend of him, so much the better. Then raise Beauty if there's anything left.

Soulfire is pretty, we should enjoy it while it lasts. It's not something we should be embarrassed about.
No. 409803 ID: 5e703e

Create a feeding soul.

If successful I propose the soul Bibin a sex crazed monkey with this as it's theme song:
No. 409861 ID: 4cefdf

Social combat with the Captain to get him on board as well as learn via tutorial. Everything else with the TW can wait for a private moment.
No. 410028 ID: af0595

Fashioning a Feeding Soul that not only improves the consumption process but actually generates Titan Will all on its lonesome sounds like a very good idea. Voting for that. But after the Social Combat, I think. Who knows what splicing a piece of the soul will do, and we'd best not draw attention. There's plenty of time for that later.

That said, ask Wordblood if we can DESIGN the new soul to any extent. If our head gets any more crowded, it might be best to keep the occupants as unified as possible. Perhaps even make it non sapient so it can be directed but we don't have to deal with personality issues.
No. 410032 ID: 2156d3

Use 4 TW to boost our soul force to 3 and wordblood's soul force to 3. Hold on to the remaining TW until we have the chance to meditate on our nature without shadow dragon minions sulking about. It might be better to put off forming devas until we have enough will to make them more useful.
No. 410246 ID: 40bd11

I'd suggest getting SOUL FORCE up to 3 and grabbing a point of BEAUTY before heading into the SOCIAL COMBAT TUTORIAL. The feeder soul plan would be something to do later with our aide taking notes.
No. 410252 ID: 5029d1

the reason it needs a shard of our soul and can influence us is because it would BE us. a part of us.
No. 410449 ID: 2eac65

Don't create a Feeding Soul just yet. It provides enormous benefits, but it will not only consume all of our remaining Titan's Will, but also permanently change us as a person. Something as life-altering as that requires careful consideration, so that we know just what sort of soul we want to create. It can wait.
No. 410481 ID: 221bd5

Actually, fuck feeding souls.

Use your Titan's Will to restore Alice's memory, and then go from there.
No. 410569 ID: e3aff6

Did you forget the part where (according to the guy who can't lie to us) she volunteered to have her memories purged?
Even aside from questions of efficiency (helping her now rather than later when we have more TW from our investment), it is likely that restoring her memories would be more a curse than a blessing.
No. 410589 ID: 252e1b


Got to agree here, leave the poor girl's mind alone.
No. 410667 ID: 4dc3a0

Create Feeding Soul. I hunger.
No. 410730 ID: a8e898


This seems the best plan, yes. If nothing else it would be best to hold off generating new souls until you know you aren't going to be randomly attacked by the many guards in the castle.

Though I confess I'm curious as to what she'd look like with a Beauty increase.
No. 410751 ID: c01c3d
File 133684958146.png - (78.16KB , 500x500 , soulforceup.png )

Saulanna, though intrigued by the possibility of growing a new soul, can't help but also feel rather anxious about it. Deciding that she doesn't feel secure enough right now in any case, she elects to shelve the idea for now. However, one option seems very clear.

>TW 8 -> 6
>Saulanna's SOUL FORCE increases to 3!
>Saulanna's maximum MOON POWER increases to 15!

>Saulanna's MOON POWER GAUGE decides this business with the dots is going to get rather silly and burdensome, and switches to a numerical readout.

>Bonus! Saulanna develops the SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT ability, allowing her to see beyond the material obsessions of human civilization. When her BEAST SENSES are active, Saulanna can spend another point of Moon Power to enable this new ability, granting her the power to see and hear immaterial spirits and to smell the presence and flavour of magical effects.
No. 410752 ID: c01c3d
File 133684961080.png - (46.66KB , 500x500 , captaingazing.png )

>"An interesting coincidence, my lady. I was about to recommend you activate your Beast Senses before beginning our discussion with the Captain. It will grant you a number of advantages, both for the effort itself and the purposes of the tutorial. A few of your other abilities may also be useful, but I will explain the basics, first."
No. 410753 ID: c01c3d
File 133684963241.png - (113.97KB , 500x500 , saulaeating.png )

Is there anything else Saulanna should take note of before beginning?
No. 410757 ID: 5029d1

uhh, maybe you should use a fork. you are kinda wanting to make a good impression.
No. 410759 ID: 252e1b

Proper table manners dear. Otherwise, you're as ready as you will be.
No. 410779 ID: 61e7f9

Oh hush, knives are fine eating utensils.

No. 410787 ID: 0afc3a

We're already glowing and have huge hair. I don't think using a fork or not will make much of an impression in comparison.
No. 410794 ID: 1417a1

Let's get started with the tutorial! Be ready to activate BEAST SENSES on Wordblood's behest.
No. 410797 ID: a2fa74

We want to be a CIVILIZED cold-burning horror. Alice would be much more comfortable if we observed proper table manners.
No. 410798 ID: 369d34

Tell Alice that she doesn't have to stay if she's uncomfortable. You are rather... unnerving with that soul fire flaring around you. Alice can take Peregrin's tray back, and come back later for yours.
No. 410802 ID: d1f1b7

Even if using a fork will not help our impression now, might as well get used to it, right?
No. 410825 ID: 72d49b

She was given two knives and zero forks. Whatever constitutes good table manners around here, forks aren't involved.
No. 410836 ID: b85f8c

Alice seems to be staring at you. Ask her what's up.

Also activate both beast senses and the extra feature. Our moon power will regen like, immediately, so no reason not to.
No. 410838 ID: 5029d1

point, we have a huge pool to pull from.
No. 410848 ID: 68ff50

I don't know that 15 is a huge pool but I do know that it's still full moon time and we're glowing with soul fire from overflow. Perhaps we should ask Alice if she's hungry or if there's something wrong. We probably also want to activate sight beyond sight to see what effects are operating around us in order not to be caught unaware by them.
No. 410928 ID: 4cefdf

Check out the book Peregrin was writing in on his desk before you entered. Then prepare for Social combat by activating BEAST SENSES.
No. 410945 ID: 8f9f73

Proper manners go!
No. 411034 ID: 3734f6

SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT decided to abbreviate itself SBS (no relationship to super bullshit)
Activate SBS, get on with the tutorial, enough faffing about.
And after you do the captain do Alice too.
No. 411051 ID: ce4a4d

You're Exalted. You don't have to use proper manners.

Still, proceed with ye tutorial, with yonder appropriate superpowers activated.

You should strongly consider spending TW to get more Lunar powers in the very near future. These represent some of the mightiest abilities in creation.
No. 411054 ID: cb0cc3

It's a damn shame that you're stuck spending Moon Power on this, which will cause your aura to flare up again, but I suppose there's nothing for it. Activate the appropriate abilities and enter tutorial mode.
No. 411191 ID: 511f07

Be absolutely amazed at how extremely delicious the food is!
No. 411225 ID: 117433

Make note that, in the future, you should find a soul with Basic Table manners.
No. 411255 ID: dddf86

Use Moon Power to activate the Sight Beyond Sight and appreciate the HELL out of this meal! Really just fucking _wallow_ in the gustatory pleasure of chewing, tasting, salivating, swallowing, om nom nom nom nom and I guess also to talk to the ghost guy.
No. 411293 ID: 1417a1

Unless I'm the one who's mistaken, I think you're confusing SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT with BEAST SENSES. Beast Senses enhances our mundanes senses and would be great for fully enjoying a meal. Sight Beyond Sight is for seeing invisible spirits and analyzing magic. It could give a new dimension to eating if we can find magical food somehow.
No. 411437 ID: eea689

Ask Alice if everything is all right, and offer her some of your food - then activate beast senses and prepare for Social Combat!
No. 411582 ID: 5c94e7

I wonder if we can eat Alice.
As a former host, there might be some interesting interactions between her and Wordblood.
No. 411598 ID: 5c94e7

The Captain suggested doing both.
No. 411725 ID: c26d6c

Really? Average Worldliness and we don't know to use a fork? I guess it got overridden by the Expert Knifework...
No. 411766 ID: 369d34

Look at the tray; There's only two knives.
No. 411805 ID: 511f07

Activate Ridiculous Savvy!
No. 411907 ID: c26d6c

The cutlery still on the tray extends out of frame. I was assuming it's a fork with tongs cropped out of our LOS. Kind of silly to provide just two knives. Although, our server is a recent amnesiac, so I suppose I shouldn't rule out the possibility.
No. 412022 ID: 71d68e

Forks might not even be a thing within this culture, you know.
No. 412112 ID: 197830

Rather than spam up this thread, perhaps we should take it to the discussion thread?
No. 412171 ID: e3350e

Just FYI:
There will be no update for 2 weeks as Jukashi is having finals. He asks that we please not explode the thread until he comes back.
No. 412176 ID: b14128

Welp, time to start carting in the TNT!
No. 416539 ID: de5cd9
File 133816911814.png - (106.90KB , 600x500 , passtray.png )

There's no fork! Just two knives.

>table manners
Table- oh. Yes, the memories Saulanna has collected do include that sort of thing, and such knowledge is also covered under Worldliness. Those rules are so nonsensical, though! Some places, it's polite to be quiet, some to make a lot of noise. Some to eat with your hands, others to use ridiculous utensils, or even to be fed by a servant. And all sorts of strange shades and permutations beyond that! She doesn't really see the point. But, oh well. Saulanna decides to finish eating before she talks to the Captain.

>Activate Beast Senses and Sight Beyond Sight!
Saulanna's meal gains +5 DELICIOUSNESS!

A wider world of hearing, scent and touch opens before her, shortly joined by the broadening of her perceptions into the world of magic! A thick blend of supernatural essences assail her senses, her mind translating them as odors; a touch of blood, both fresh and dried, blended with crypt dust. The touch of death. Layered over it, dominating it completely, something dark, thick and oily, clinging, but somehow also spicy and attractive. Within this room, a mixture of other perfumes; something sharp and stinging, shaded with rust and brass. Fire, river-water, wine. Others, crowding in. Saulanna thinks Peregrin does a lot of his magical studies in this room; it would take a long time to unravel everything.

First things first. Saulanna hands her empty tray to Alice, who smiles nervously, and tidies herself up.

>"Let's begin."
No. 416543 ID: de5cd9
File 133816950312.png - (61.82KB , 667x500 , socialkombat.png )

>"The social battlefield is similar in many ways to the one you've experienced already, my lady, if you set your mind aright. Your arguments are the strikes you make, counterpoints are your defense! You may fight unarmed, with weight of personality alone, but it is best to be armed with evidence and reasoning. Knowledge of your opponent is key, unless you would fight blind, for their attitude, emotions and personality are the terrain on which you duel. A passing suspicion is a lone soldier that can be shot down but with a single arrow, while deeply-held convictions are mighty fortresses that need planning and bold action to infiltrate and conquer. Any and all of these factors can spell the difference between failure and victory."

>"Your primary Talents for social combat are your Beauty, Inspiration and Dickery. Beauty is the most passive of the three; all it does is influence how positively disposed your opponents are to you. But this is very important! Someone friendly to you can be convinced with only the flimsiest arguments, while someone who despises you will be almost impossible to convince of anything. The appearance of a speaker has been an edge that has toppled kingdoms. Inspiration is a measure of the force of your personality, your earnestness and honesty; when you make clear, forthright arguments, based in truth and logic and your own intense conviction, Inspiration is key. Dickery, on the other hand, is a measure of your capacity for manipulation and deception. Straightforward lies, deceit by omission and tactics such as blackmail and bribery fall will draw off your capacity for this. The lines between the two is unclear sometimes, but it is your intent which chiefly matters."

>"Now, we shall make things a little more complicated. Initiate the conversation, please."

No. 416544 ID: de5cd9
File 133816953476.gif - (140.85KB , 900x600 , socialcombattut1.gif )

Saulanna steps up to begin talking to the Captain, and senses the SOCIAL COMBAT FIELD close in around them!

"Ah... hello."


>"Not a friendly fellow, hm? Well, he has reason. Take a look at his VIRTUE STAR: sadly, we can't identify the balance of his soul quite yet, but your BEAST SENSES allows you to sense his emotional condition; normally, you would need refined skills and careful observation to identify it. As you can see, his star is glowing a mild red, blended with a touch of yellow; that is, mild HOSTILITY, mixed with a touch of FEAR. Blue, by the way, would be the color of AFFECTION. Ideally, he would be green, though blue and yellow alone are both useful enough. Red is usually not much use at all! You see, the more strongly his star glows, the more EMOTIONAL he has become. When someone is Emotional, Arguments that play to those emotions receive a strong bonus, while Arguments that move against them are liable to be ignored completely. Playing to Emotions is a high-risk, high-reward strategy; a safer route, if you can wrangle it, is to CALM your opponent, allowing you to use more logical Arguments."

>"People with high PASSION are more susceptible to becoming Emotional, while those with higher DISCIPLINE tend to resist it. And while we're speaking of the Virtues, you may be wondering about SYMPATHY and DETERMINATION. Essentially, Sympathy measures how much one cares for others, whether benevolent or malevolent; the capacity for compassion and for hatred. A Sympathetic person is influenced the more by their MAL/AFFECTIONS. Determination, on the other hand, is the Virtue associated with one's own goals; the capacity to press on through hardships, and also the measure of one's ruthlessness. Determined folk gain strength and vulnerability from their HEART'S DESIRE. In time, I hope, we may be able to perceive the Virtues of others, in which case this knowledge will become valuable; even now, however, I would bid you attend the balance of your own Star, as it reveals how vulnerable you may be to these varied strategies yourself. Importantly, you also do not yet possess a Heart's Desire of your own! In some ways this is a protection, but in many others it is a weakness."

>"You've likely noticed, by now, that this trait called WILL seems to be unknown. This is because the discussion has not yet developed a TOPIC! When that happens, your WILL POINTS will be calculated, though your opponent's will remain unseen, as yet. When a social combatant's Will Points run out, they will have been convinced about the Topic in question, and their opponent will have won. Mark the Topic well! Convincing someone to pass the salt is child's play, and carries almost no WP at all, while convincing someone to betray a close friend will require long and delicate manipulation... or blunt magical persuasion. In a protracted discussion, several Topics are likely to be covered."

>"But this is probably a rather intimidating explanation, my lady. Let's take our first step, straightforward and simple. Refrain from using your magic for now, and fret not about what I've told you so far; just say something, and I'll tell you what you've done."

No. 416551 ID: c4a1fc

Wordblood? Is there a significant difference between dots of Beauty, or is that armor just really damn good-looking?

Also, ask him about his job to try and put him at his ease or something.
No. 416552 ID: bdb3f8

"I like your hat"
No. 416554 ID: 132b99

"can you tell me what you have been told about me?" simple question digging for information that will get him to explain his hostility and fear. and explaining them usually helps to calm them.
No. 416555 ID: 6e44d2

"Rather the stoic type, aren't you? I don't believe we've been properly introduced; my name's Saulanna and it is a pleasure to meet you. You are...?"
No. 416556 ID: 082302

"Sorry about tweaking out just now, I have certain mental tasks that are a bit... involved."
No. 416557 ID: e3aff6

"The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain."
>>416555 The polite introduction sounds like a good idea.
No. 416602 ID: f70e5e

opening with an introduction is probably a good idea.
No. 416635 ID: d4f98d

This one for the moment. Introductions, politely.
No. 416749 ID: 610bd7

Dots are exponential. Three dots is twice as much as two dots, four is twice as much as three, etc.
No. 416751 ID: 610bd7

I second this motion.
Or, fourth it, I guess.
No. 416764 ID: 1417a1

Sounds good.
No. 416834 ID: 31b0a6
File 133826163877.png - (166.85KB , 900x600 , socialcombattut2.png )

((AUTHOR: Just so you know, guys, this quest runs off persuasion, not voting.))


>"Two "dots" in Beauty represents an average appearance. Those who completely cover themselves usually default to such."

>TOPIC SELECT: Start talking!

"Rather the stoic type, aren't you? I don't believe we've been properly introduced; my name's Saulanna and it is a pleasure to meet you. You are...?"

The Captain sighs.

"... My name is irrelevant; just call me Captain."

>Attack damage (Inspiration + Smoothtalking + Beauty bonus): 7
>Defense (??? + ??? + Hostility - Fear): ???
>Vulnerability! Bonus damage.

>"Success! You selected a TOPIC, then made an ARGUMENT attempting to persuade this fellow to engage in conversation with you. Not very difficult, but we're learning. Your Inspiration was combined with your Smoothtalking for a basic "damage" of six, plus one for every level of Beauty you possess above the average. His defense, based off his two most relevant Virtues, would have reduced that, as would his hostility rating; his touch of fear would have increased it again, however, and I suspect you struck some manner of VULNERABILITY related to his Malaffections or Heart's Desire. Since this is a TRIVIAL Topic, his base Will Points level would have been halved to begin with. Thus, victory; he will now speak with you."

>"Since you're leading in to further Topics, you remain in combat; if this was all you wanted, you wouldn't have entered to begin with! Unimportant, simplistic or very easy persuasion will usually be accomplished swiftly through a simple Challenge. Now, let's see what the response to our social assault will be."
No. 416836 ID: 31b0a6
File 133826176282.png - (176.60KB , 900x600 , socialcombattut3.png )

"Listen, Princess. You're a guest here. I've been told to treat you as well as I would Lord Kaan. And I understand that you were recently a prisoner here. I'm under an obligation to be courteous to you. You're also a Moon Hero, and given the history, I would be wise not to... provoke you."

"However, you should also understand that two people I know have disappeared. The mobster I couldn't care less about, but the other was one of my men. Everyone involved with your escape has been told to keep quiet, but I've heard rumours; fearful ones. I get a strong impression that those two aren't coming back. Anywhere, any time."

>TOPIC SELECT: Saulanna is a soul-devouring monster!

>Attack damage (??? + ???): 4
>Defense (Determination + Passion - Fear): 3
>Vulnerability! Saulanna's Will takes 2 SYMPATHY damage!!

>"Oh dear! We would have been able to ignore that Argument almost completely, if it weren't for him hitting a sore spot. Fortunately, he seems ill-practiced in the social arena, and you yourself are working from your base Will Point reserve of seven, as this is a CONCERNING Topic. Topics range from Trivial, to Concerning, Important, Very Important, and Dire, relative to the individual's own concerns. You can likely withstand another verbal assault. I'm sure you've noticed as well, however, that Alice is shading increasingly to FEAR after that argument! Some social actions will affect everyone who's listening, even if they're not participating."

>"Your turn begins again, and you can attack with a new ARGUMENT to attempt to lower his Will Points; however, now that you've taken damage, you could also attempt to REFUTE the argument he made. Essentially, you will attempt to "attack" yourself, and "heal" the damage to your Will Points. You can attempt to do both at the same time, but there is a penalty for multiple actions."

>"If this is still too complicated, don't worry: simply speak as you normally would."

No. 416837 ID: 132b99

"it was a fight and i was defending myself, would YOU simply let someone capture you?"
No. 416838 ID: b9e291

I ate him. Sorry. He was a backstabber anyway.
No. 416842 ID: 72d49b

Don't be too confrontational, we want to angle him towards green and we did eat his dude. "Yes, that's probably unlikely. It was a fight and these things happen, but nonetheless I'm sorry that it was necessary. Fortunately, there's no reason it should happen again."
No. 416846 ID: b9e291

If you really want to try for subterfuge, say Peregrin set him up, because Peregrin totally did.
No. 416851 ID: 431fa8

"I regret that it was necessary to defend myself that way. If it's any consolation, your men were very brave in supporting Peregrin's attack on me, even when they knew that their ambush would likely fail and get them killed. I am glad to now count such men as them amongst my allies."

Peregrin is our vassal and it's not in our interests to undermine his authority or his men's morale.
No. 416853 ID: a3b384

Hmm well, we could just play this one straight. We were cornered, scared, without memory and under assault. We defended ourselves with power we didn't fully understand and... we're sorry. We need to emphasis that not only are we a moon hero but we've just suddenly become one and we aren't truly the monster we lashed out as.

Let's be as serious and regretful as possible, not flippant or cold.
No. 416855 ID: a3b384

Oh and I guess that counts as a REFUTE? Not to the facts he presented, but the implication of our nature.
No. 416857 ID: b85f8c

Hmm. Actually, he brings up an interesting point. We eat ghosts and thus have access to their memories and skills- everything they experienced in life.

Could this not be a reversible process, with enough TW? We would probably be able to keep the memories, too. I'm not saying we should attempt to do it anytime soon, but it being POSSIBLE means that we can tell him he's wrong. That they could come back, someday.
No. 416872 ID: e3aff6

We probably wouldn't want to bring this up right now. It could easily create false hope and it also involves precisely bringing up exactly what we did with the soldier rather than just implying we killed him (which is basically true and sounds less crazy than eating him).
No. 416893 ID: 92c81e

A refute would be trying to negate his argument, proving it false. Anything else would be creating a new argument.

For example, refuting his argument would be "Those people aren't dead, they have been sent to the shadow realm, and will be back later" (I'm making that up, just as an example)

A new argument would be something like, an apology and defending our actions. Because it is trying to win the topic, "Saulanna being a monster?" without directly refuting his argument.
No. 416905 ID: fcc78d


"Are there many things around here that would be capable of such a feat?"

No. 416906 ID: bdb3f8

[guys, the tutorial guy just said don't worry about the mechanics, just say what you would normally say. take it easy.]
No. 416911 ID: d4f98d

"Your words cut deep. I was afraid and lost in this land where death seems to lurk within and around everything. Afraid of what it was about me they were after, what might happen to me. Truthfully, I'm still not sure what would have befell me if Kaan and...and your men were victorious. So yes, I did not hold back. I fought as I would for my life, soul and freedom, because for all I knew, any and all could easily have ended up forfeit.

Yet even so, I am sorry for their loss."

No. 416912 ID: d4f98d

Also, as a bit of curiosity...We can expend titans will to animate an actual part of us, imbue it as its own soul, yes?

Could we conceivable use that and the knowledge gained from an incorporated spirit to recreate that individual?

Not that I'm suggesting we do that yet or anything. Just curiosity on the nature of this stuff and how exactly they differ.
No. 416913 ID: f70e5e

this is the most eloquent reply so far, and it perfectly captures the apologetic tone we are looking for
No. 416916 ID: abbc45

I would really, really advise against mentioning you ate them unless you want to present yourself as a terrible soul-devouring monster.

That could be useful, but I believe (given the character's leanings) she wouldn't actually Want That.

Let us instead say simply "I am afraid you are correct-you will never see them again. I am sorry for what happened to your man and wish it could have turned out differently, BUT, I will not discuss what happened. Please do not inquire again."

Let's try something else.

"My escape was... an unfortunate victim of circumstance and a great deal of ignorance. That is part of the reason you are looking after me, despite being a moon hero; and clearly you do not want me running around while ... friends? Visit?"
No. 416917 ID: d4f98d


Herp derp what I get for not reading the thread. Yeah, I'm basically echoing this guy's question.
No. 416921 ID: 1417a1

Does 0/?? mean that he lost all his remaining Will to that attack?
No. 416923 ID: 23dd67

we should not tell him we suck souls, that is not an ability that normal moon heroes have and we don't want to reveal our titanic nature
No. 416935 ID: 197830

"I apologize for the loss of your man, but...I was frightened, and not yet in control of myself or my abilities. For what it is worth, I am sorry, and I will not harm any soul that is not a danger to myself or to others. I am not a monster. At least...I don't want to be."
No. 416953 ID: 92c81e

Yea, that meant we won that particular topic of social combat, which was just starting the conversation. For most people, that's going to be pretty easy, but trying to get a prisoner, for example, to hold a conversation with you, might be tougher.
No. 416970 ID: fcc78d

Alright, now explain why we should own up to it at all.
No. 416974 ID: e3f578

Well he's probably killed people before that he knows he'll probably never see again.
It's not that much different, really.
Well, okay, yeah, there consciousness turns into ghosts or spirits and they go do what spirits do and all, but who knows, maybe there's like a double afterlife for ghosts that get obliterated or eaten. An afterlife within an afterlife, can consciousness truly end, even when devoured? The soul was just a whole bunch of energy and knowledge, but is it really consciousness? And if there isn't an afterlife within an afterlife thing, there's probably a similar thing within Saulanna's head or imagination land and now they're all dancing playfully in the dream moonlight or turned into racoons eating up delicious artificial human waste.

Well this ain't really an refutement for the knight, it's trying to heal her sorespot in her mind really, maybe.
No. 416982 ID: 132b99

ghosts are not normal. normal what happens is someone dies and their souls goes to lethe. where the memories are ripped out and the now hopefully blank soul is sent back up to become a baby.
No. 416991 ID: d4f98d

You mean admit to it? Simple, once people form an opinion on something, most require incredible effort to budge them from that position. Usually, this means providing conclusive or incredibly influential evidence to the contrary, which we don't have. Even if we said anything, its our word (the suspect, and a stranger) vs. the word of Men the Captain knows, maybe trusts.

Denying it without these will likely simply cause him to dig his heels in. Stubbornness and skepticism are pretty common traits, as is the need to blame someone or something to a degree. Now if you didn't care whether or not he believed you or what his opinion was, you could deny deny deny everything and both parties would leave off likely thinking little better of the other. However, our goal is to try to make peace and assuage some of that hostility.

You ever been in an argument where you were accused of starting it? Common way to diffuse such is to apologize first, whether or not you think you instigated.
No. 416994 ID: e3f578

Oh really? Wow, okay, now that's easy to understand.
Annnd these devoured souls DON'T go to lethe?
No. 416999 ID: d4f98d

The way it was described by jukashi and Wordblood, what happens to devoured souls is exactly the same as what happens to them when they go to the Lethe. They're memories, experiences, and personality are taken apart, and then their essence is fused into us, rather than a new soul. They become a literal part of us, "seeing what we see, becoming what we become."

Whether you view that as a good or bad thing is entirely subjective, and depends on your personal morality of which there are countless possibilities.
No. 417013 ID: b9d767

While we cannot deny that we did indeed kill two of his men, we cannot let our status as a soul-eater be known. As for the rumours, since when have people not produced rumours in response to the unknown?
No. 417016 ID: d4f98d

Well of course, we needn't offer TOO many details unless asked.
No. 417050 ID: 828a88

I vote, since he's only said he's heard rumors, rather than directly confirming, we give a response that both apologizes, yet remains vague enough that he could still consider them to be rumors. Something like:
"I'm very sorry for the loss of your men. Please know that, seeing as how we are all on the same side, now, I will do what I can to ensure that no one else comes to harm."
or some variation on the same. Failing that,
is also pretty good.
No. 417085 ID: fcc78d

This is why I'm suggesting the 'deflect' option. Don't admit to anything, don't apologize for anything, simply seem surprised that such a thing could happen and get him talking about something else - specifically, 'what's dangerous around here?'
No. 417104 ID: b5f6db
File 133834774993.png - (148.04KB , 900x600 , socialcombattut4.png )

>"That would be a TOPIC SHIFT: to continue the battle metaphor, an attempt to flee the field of combat. It certainly can be done, and can often be the wisest course, but small reward comes to those who avoid confrontation."

This is a little stressful! Saulanna certainly doesn't want to lie, but she doesn't want to confirm that she consumes souls. Exactly how much is the right amount to admit to, and how much to hold back on?

Fortunately, her prodigious SMARTS come into play! In the blink of an eye, her mind reviews the memories she's picked up and comes across a possibility. There are several methods for disposing of spirits permanently, which in the case of ghosts, usually involves banishing them back to the cycle of reincarnation. Yet, even those methods are occasionally referred to with language revolving around eating and devouring and such, particularly with Sun and Moon Heroes. So, perhaps...

"Your words cut deep. I was afraid, and lost, in this land where death seems to lurk within and around everything. Afraid of what it was about me my pursuers were after, what might happen to me. Truthfully, I'm still not sure what would have befallen me if Kaan and... and your men were victorious. I had no memories, and having only just become a Moon Hero, I defended myself with a power I didn't fully understand. I'm sorry. Please know that, seeing as we are all on the same side now, I will do what I can to ensure that no one else comes to harm."

>Attack damage (Dickery + Smoothtalking + Beauty bonus): 6
>Eloquence! +1 bonus.
>Defense (??? + ??? + Hostility - Fear): ???

>"A fine argument! You did avoid the full truth, so the full force of sincerity was not in it; you had to employ your slightly inferior Dickery Talents. However, you received a bonus for your fine speech, just as you would do for appropriately heroic deeds in combat. Aside whittling down his WP, you seem to be shifting his emotions somewhat as well! Let's hear his response."
No. 417105 ID: b5f6db
File 133834780358.png - (161.06KB , 900x600 , socialcombattut5.png )

"I'm sure you were frightened and confused. Anyone would be. I doubt there was any malicious intent on your part; we'll see. In any case, I'm not exactly reassured. Sun and Moon Heroes both have a reputation for losing control of themselves sometimes. Given your inexperience, and your situation? Forgive me if I stay wary."

>Attack damage: 4
>Defense (Determination + Discipline - Fear): 3

>"A minor strike, but they do add up! Without knowledge of this man's precise soul balance and vulnerabilities, this looks to be slow work. Such is the way it is for mortals, my lady; persuasion takes time for anything of any importance. Fortunately, you're not a mortal human woman. No, not nearly!"

>"Try again, and this time, let's employ your MOON BOOST."

No. 417116 ID: 132b99

moon boost them social skills. and then "i will let simple time show you that you can trust me."
No. 417122 ID: 511f07

What could possibly go wrong?
No. 417124 ID: fa9f7e

Will it make us start glowing or any shit like that? Because if so, nix that, it'd make him suspicious.
No. 417125 ID: fcc78d

"You're right to be wary, of course. I'm wary of what I can do myself. But I hope that with Peregrin's help - and, perhaps, yours? - I'll learn to master myself and put your fears to rest."
No. 417131 ID: e3aff6

Discreet flattery via implied trust is always nice to convey. Plus that actually does reflect our thoughts on the matter fairly well.
No. 417164 ID: 431fa8

The captain seems to care about his troops; maybe there's a vulnerability involving his subordinates or loyalty there that we can strike at- through fairly blatant flattery. Moon Boost our Inspiration, for maximum effect. It's not exactly subtle, but then we are at our best when being aggressive.

"You would be foolish to feel otherwise, and while I do not yet know you well, Captain, I would never think you a fool. What I saw of your men in battle spoke well of their training and discipline, which speaks very well of their commander in turn. I do hope that the instruction and guidance Lord Kaan has been so good as to offer me will prove as useful."
No. 417175 ID: d4f98d

Look accepting. After all, Human social queues are 1 part speech, 1 part inflection, and 1 part body language.

The hostility seems to be virtually gone, the crux of his argument focusing on our reputation, one which gives cause to be wary. The best way to shift a fearful reputation is to present an individual who seems to defy that image. Simply continuing to speak to him with a measure of calm, sincerity, and kindness should erode that particular view.

"I think I understand, though I did not know we had such a reputation. I truly wish to do what I can to break that stigma.

Uhm...I know you said it wasn't important, but it feels so awkward to just know you by rank, captain."

Moon boost. If we can coax a name from him, that'll make this conversation so much more personal. And after all, its hard keep the image of an uncontrollable thing when you're having a peacable conversation with the subject on a first-name basis.

Its a tutorial, bro. Just go with it.
No. 417192 ID: fcc78d

> Death knight of any sort
> name

Yeah, a little metagamey, but that tends not to happen.
No. 417202 ID: 132b99

there is also a high chance he doesn't KNOW his name. learning his name could be his heart's desire. which is why our asking for it was super effective. it hit a REALLY touchy subject.
No. 417215 ID: b9e291


> worried about being metagamey
> we are having a conversation via turn based battle with an HUD

Anyway Moon Boost your... beauty? You're trying to reduce his wariness, right?
No. 417273 ID: 4e8344

Sun and moon heroes are often untrained and in quite difficult circumstances- such as waking in a forest, hunted by unknown foes with potentially sinister intent. Fortunately- smile, employ a moon boost to your beauty- Alice and Peregrin have both been quite kind to you and made you feel at home. You hope that the two of you can become friends as well, after all, you both want the best for your new home. Only your enemies need fear you, captain?.. Pause for name.
No. 417315 ID: fcc78d

> pause for name
YES. Allows him to fill in the void with other small talk if he doesn't have a name, which tends to happen to deathknights as they give away their names as signs of servitude.
No. 417328 ID: 511f07

I say we moon boost our inspiration instead of our beauty, for extra effective sincerity points.
No. 417363 ID: 197830

MOON BOOST Inspiration and show him Saulanna's cute friendly side! Best way to defuse fear is to make him go 'awww'.

"I can understand why you're worried, and I would be too, except - I trust you, and Peregrine, to help me learn that self-control and the experience I need!"
No. 418012 ID: 813290

That's sort of scary! what does he mean by lose control of our self?
No. 418014 ID: a0a949
File 133858414418.png - (173.10KB , 900x600 , socialcombattut6.png )

"You have a right to be worried; to be honest, I am as well! But I feel better for being here. That reputation surely has something to do with the stressful conditions my fellow Heroes find themselves in. With Peregrin teaching me, and a safe place here, where I've been made so welcome... well, please be assured that I only want what's best for everyone here, like you."

>Attack damage (Inspiration + Smoothtalking + Beauty bonus): 11
>Defense (??? + ??? - Fear): ???
>Vulnerability! Bonus damage.

"You... may be right. I must say that you certainly seem sincere in your intentions. My apologies for being brisk, Princess. My name is Elin Metion. I prefer Captain, though, or Captain Metion at most. If it's all the same to you."

>"My word! A Moon Boost and a vulnerability hit, both? I was expecting you to deal a lot of damage, but this actually closes the action a little earlier than I was anticipating! Well, I hadn't that much more to show you now, to be fair; we'll have more opportunity in the future."

>"You have successfully eliminated this man's hostility towards you - there's a little touch of fear, but that's perfectly healthy, given you are a divine champion - and removed a potential source of ill feeling. He should feel some compulsion to correct others who express the same opinions you showed, and he will feel much better about following Peregrin's directives to defend and obey you. You will also find, if you choose to continue, that attempts to persuade him in the future will have dropped in difficulty. Thus you see, I'm sure, the strategic elements of social combat. To re-use the metaphor of the fortress, the easiest way to scale the walls is to knock out their supports first! You should appreciate, as well, the immense advantages conferred by your magical power, which should not only reassure you of your position, but remind you to be wary of others with such abilities."

>"Ah; but I'm assuming you don't wish to continue. You could try to attain this fellow's personal friendship or loyalty, but it will considerable time and effort without actions as evidence to base it on, even if nowhere near the amount a normal person would need. Or you could try to convince him of something else - to actively pass on his new opinion of you, say? You could also cease your formal persuasion attempts and engage him in normal conversation, which he should do without any trouble, now. Or, of course, you could do anything else you wished."

What does Saulanna want to do now?
No. 418018 ID: 511f07

Ask about general information and stuff, all casual like. Also smile.
No. 418029 ID: 813290

Ask Captain Metion to show you to the Library so you can talk to Gevin.
On the way there ask him about the Dragon's Emissary. Specifically who he is and what the Ebon Dragon wants with Perigrin.
These Air Rider's are also intriguing.
No. 418036 ID: 132b99

say that if the rumours continue you would be willing to talk to the troops yourself. a press conference sort of deal.
No. 418065 ID: fae0af

Be sure to address him only as Captain here on out, since he asked you to. That's only polite.

If Saulanna's smart, she'll ask what it's like living here (implicitly, under Peregrine) and get a better feel for what he's like as a ruler. Knowing how far the guy is intrinsically trustworthy is more useful than "just" having him oathbound.
No. 418067 ID: 132b99

also yeah. he told us his name but asked to keep formal, so it would only be a good idea to do so. only time to refer to him as Captain Metion is if there is more then one captain around.
No. 418068 ID: e3f578

Could we see his face?
No. 418104 ID: 8247d0

It would be good to engage the Captain in casual conversation in order to learn more about our surroundings and such and also so we could start forming a relationship with him. It couldn't hurt to have a good relationship with a large, well trained soldier who owns a gigantic sword, after all.
No. 418114 ID: fae0af

And of course when enquiring what it's like in this kingdom, the answer we are NOT looking for is

"Well, it's better than the Veil under the Dragon's Shadow..."

If that's the best they can say about Peregrine's reign, then it isn't a good sign.
No. 418209 ID: d4f98d

Encouraging him to speak well of us isn't necessary. Doubtless his underlings will be curious about the new VIP in on the grounds, and he can debrief them and give them his opinion of us without us nudging him.

I agree with asking him if he would be kind enough to show us the library. Incidentally, seeing how we act towards other spirits may further impress our sincerity upon him.
No. 418246 ID: fcc78d

Better question: Does he have a face?

I'd say start grilling him for info.
No. 418254 ID: fae0af

Visiting the library and talking with Gevin is a good idea, but can be done later. If the Captain is ever going to give an honest opinion of Peregrin, he'd do it when the Abyssal ain't there to hear.

He may not anyway, fearing what Saulanna will tell Peregrin. But this is the time to solicit (casually, conversationally) his description of "life" here.

Noteworthy: he seems to care a great deal more about his men than Peregrin. He was hostile (not just fearful) at the rumor she'd perma-killed ONE of his guys. Peregrin was fascinated and excited to watch her do it. So Metion is a guy whose honest opinion of Peregrin's rule would probably be valuable.
No. 418366 ID: 431fa8

>What does Saulanna want to do now?

Okay, let's see if I can break down this system... we need a TOPIC, one which forms up his loyalty and accomplishes something useful. How about "Captain should give Saulanna information"? He's well-positioned to regularly keep us informed of most important things that Peregrin could.

For our ARGUMENT, we can try for his vulnerability again, and build on our previous success. "Thank you, Captain. I do hope I will not disappoint you... though it would help if I knew more about what is going on. Peregrin seems too busy to spend much time repeating things to me, and I would hate to make a misstep which might hurt the others living here through ignorance. I hardly know anything about this Emissary or his purpose in coming here."
No. 418369 ID: d5ee6f

yes good
No. 418370 ID: 132b99

except that will be VERY hard to do with words alone. he needs ACTIONS to have any real hope of making him really loyal.
No. 418371 ID: 1417a1

Is Captain Metion female? Or is Elin just used as male name in these parts of Creation?
No. 418384 ID: fae0af


Right. He's not going to become a trusting or loyal friend in one night. That will take time, and actions.

Now is the time to solicit his opinion -- about the kingdom, Peregrin, the Dragon's Emissary, the political situation, the populace, etc.

Except don't act like you're grilling him for info. Just that you're interested.
No. 418516 ID: eea689

Well, she SHOULD be interested. Saulanna really is going to be dealing with starting from 0 on the information-meter for a long while.

Metion looks like he might be the closest we can get to a 'good guy' ally around here.
No. 418519 ID: fcc78d

His name is Captain.

Also, LET YOUR DAMN HAIR DOWN. Much cuter without the hair band. Seriously.
No. 418658 ID: e3d099

Hair band stays on. The floof will live.
No. 418682 ID: d4f98d

I disagree.
No. 418715 ID: e727db

Alice picke up a bit of fear towards us during that conversation too. Perhaps we could try addressing her as well to reassure her and see if she also has any extra information.
No. 418726 ID: 92c81e

Only one hairstyle change per chapter. Besides, I like the poof. It is very much an exalt thing.
No. 419229 ID: 197830

That's right! We don't want her scared of us - Saulanna needs all the friends she can make.

Maybe mention something about how she's really pretty alone...look a little winsome and vulnerable when she says it? Something to help further defuse the "soul-eating monster" fears.
No. 420011 ID: e7deb9
File 133921185854.png - (171.43KB , 900x600 , socialcombattut7.png )

>To the library!

"I'm not sure that's a good idea. Lord Kaan seemed to think it best if you remained hidden from outsiders until he decided otherwise. He was maintaining some quiet even before news of visitors, as well. Your banner seems to have stopped-"

Her Soul Fire has faded! Saulanna thought it had just vanished as part of the social combat abstraction. Wordblood assures her that is so, and reminds her that it also fades over time by itself.

"- but the mark on your forehead is still shining. Beyond this room, you'll pass several windows; and the way to the library crosses an open walkway. We're elevated here, and while it's quite a bright night, you may still be seen."

That's... inconvenient. Saulanna rather wants to go there.

>"Air Riders"?

"Riders are what we call ghosts with a talent for possession, Princess. We use some of the ones we have as scouts, using animal bodies. Birds are especially effective."

>See his face

It's a little hard to see, but Saulanna is not entirely certain that he actually has a, uh, head, in there.


Saulanna asks how unlife is under Peregrin's rule.

"Hm. I would say it's... decent. There's nothing offensive about Lord Kaan's leadership, save that I'm a little unsure as to whether it can really be called leadership. We would be far worse off without him, I assure you of that - he invented a new basis for our ecto-economy, for example, which was essential. But, that is mostly the kind of thing he's done. Invent things. Ways of doing things. He resolves disputes, too. Advises. Representing us to other powers, that one's important: no-one gets respect in this Age without a Hero on their side. Especially the dead."

"I realize that all sounds like leadership, but it's not quite the same. It feels more like he sits up here doing his research and sometimes does the things a leader is needed for, in trade for assistance with his own work. How else could I put it... we don't really follow him, as such. We simply have an arrangement."


Alice's fear has faded off again, since she caught the edge of Saulanna's soothing of the Captain. She's been cleaning up the... mess.

... Saulanna decides to put off talking to her again for now.
No. 420018 ID: e3aff6

I suppose a HAT would not help any?

While we are here, let's ask what other GHOST ABILITIES the locals have access to.
No. 420021 ID: 132b99

what about the prison? we were going to go down there before this stuff happened.
No. 420022 ID: b4798d


Not really, it would just shine through.

I don't suppose it's gone down enough that you could turn into a racoon? If so, Alice could carry you to the library in a basket or something.
No. 420024 ID: 72d49b

Why not turn into some manner of small creature and ride in the Captain's pocket?
No. 420037 ID: fae0af

So far Saulanna can only turn into 4 things:

Human with raccoon tail and eye marks
Were-raccoon war form

If she wants to turn into something else, she'll need to eat a sample first.
No. 420040 ID: fae0af

Oh, and the salmon form probably has a raccoon tail and eye marks, too. Those are her Tell, so they'll show up in every form... not that she knows that yet.
No. 420052 ID: cb0cc3

>Representing us to other powers, that one's important: no-one gets respect in this Age without a Hero on their side. Especially the dead.
Could the Captain perhaps give us an explanation of who these other powers are, and what relations with them are like? Peregrin had hardly scratched the surface of the political situation when he was called away by necessity. Starting with the most immediate concerns, of course, but a broad understanding of major powers in the world certainly wouldn't hurt.

Unless, of course, we don't need this