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File 126230746974.png - (11.38KB , 242x318 , Lunardisc.png )
8407 No. 8407 ID: ed376e

Ok, judging by that infodump in the main quest, it seems like you folks could do with an actual discussion thread!

In relation to said infodump, I'd better clarify a few things. For instance, although the quest does take place in the Exalted setting, and you may pick up on one or two extra details or clues through familiarity with said setting, don't be too trusting in what you already know! For example, the possible magical powers available were mentioned. In Lunar Quest, a lot of the elements of the system have been simplified and folded into each other - for example, the array of Excellencies has been reduced to the Boost system. Similarly, Abilities and specialities have been folded together into Competencies, and Saulanna's method of improving herself bears no relation to the xp/training time mumbojumbo that Exalted uses. And it's not just the game system. Our heroine has no idea what year in the setting it is... so, neither do you. It's different, in summary! This quest should be just as fun for people who aren't familiar with Exalted as it is for people who are.

Keep an open mind, hey?
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No. 8408 ID: 426169

Seeing as I'm the first to spot this thread, allow me to say: You totally rock.
No. 8410 ID: aecf60

Seconding this because it is a verified fact.
No. 8413 ID: 3dfb34

jukashi: add saulanna as a background character in keychain of creation

exaltedfag: go fanboy allover jukashi
No. 8414 ID: 3dfb34

also cant anyone copypaste that crap and place it in the wiki?
No. 8415 ID: 6faa8c

No. 8420 ID: 697b23

Wait, is Jukashi the guy who does Keychain of Creation?
No. 8423 ID: 51d0f5

I'm quite down with a dramatic simplification of the system, considering how grossly complicated the original is.

"Okay, so do you guys want to use a Perfect on the third attack of the flurry this turn?"
"Argh I can't even remember what we're fighting about."

No. 8425 ID: 697b23

Holy shit, how could we possibly be that lucky?!
No. 8428 ID: 3dfb34

arr pe gee links us together. let us bathe in the glory of the internets.

i want to see more people stunting. the MA setting of exalted was prety awesome in the meaning that it rewards you for being awesome, in a questthread its like ice cream and chicken pie: why HASNT anyone added these two before?

in a completely related news: i fail engrish.
No. 8429 ID: 6faa8c

No. 8430 ID: 6faa8c

Also pattern spiders.
No. 8432 ID: 3dfb34

so, soulanna was once a slave, or something that needed to be shackled. she is a smart, cunning person with a crap strenght and somewhat beauty. by the looks she was either a small servant or pimp material. if she could remember her past it would be easy to know what cities to avoid, all along with possible former clients.

i dont remember abyssal lore completely, but if this isnt the time of tumult, then we should be near a army of demons or some crap like it. the possibility of choosing from 5 chastes is however alluring, since a better specialization would be nice anyway.

the wyld hund should be on its peak due to the scarlet empress still being in charge. i sure hope it is the time of tumult, id rather deal with a abyssal soulmate for the lulz that with 5 experienced dragonblooded copying power rangers while hunting us down, possibly with trinkets and relics whose existance we cant even consider due to lolmemoryloss.

i think im gonna read up on spells next. i liked the idea of making a twilight-equivalent lunar.
No. 8433 ID: fb4013

Shifting the infodump to this thread:
No. 8434 ID: 5dd961

Well i like exalted, so imma let ya resume the quest but first exalted had the best settings of all time, and so id like to explain it to you.

we kinda started hard mode. first, lunars are exalted due to great deeds done by the need of them, usually costing sweat, blood and tears, when not limbs and children. we are likely a slave that had to punch trhu dragonblooded (common exalted, they win by numbers) and then survive for a few days in this deathland, with a few children already dead, if not all our friends/mates/whatever from where we used to live before being enslaved.

second, this is a deathland. it is so bad that this is the homeland of ghosts and deathknight, the evil equivalent of solar exalted. if we find a deathknight, it most definitively made this land (with the deaths of countless humans) to please its masters, and he can most likely eat/kill/tame/fuck us all in one. in this land they can recover "motes" (DM called it MP or moon points, but there are 5 types of motes, all wich empower different types of machines/magical stuff). outside of it, they recover by peforming generic evil stuff as we would gain by "stunting" in the name of luna.

third, a lunar exalt excels in physical deeds. while it may be bad to have so much inteligence related powers, luna spellcasters are some of the most dreadful casters in exalted because fo their resilience. we will soon have weird charms like a charm that lets you run faster that what you are chasing, and another that lets you run faster that what is chasing YOU. even the most modest of lunar exalted can undergo trainning much like the werewolves in WoD, wich will give us a mentor to other charms/skills and a snazzy glowing tatto that prevents disfigurement when we change shape in the wyld (a place even more inhospitable that deathlands, more on it later)

lunars are also shapeshifters. we can change to pure raccoon right now (so no furfaggotry), and if we partake in huntings, we can adquire other shapes, by consuming the heart of what we chase. but until we get the tatoos of moonsilver we have the risk of getting "xomified" with bad mutations all over us. this also affects ou minds, so we are likely to go insane. in game terms, we have a limit (wich is a curse from the deathknight's lord) that literally makes us snap and lose control, adquiring a mutation lower the requirement to have a limit break. we can also change shape to other people.
No. 8435 ID: 5dd961

lunars are made to be a pair with solar exalted. some fo them have a natural link to their mate when they exalt, meaning you magically knows where the other one is. the bad news is that some solars have fallen to ebil hands, and are now abysmal exalted, or deathknights. its like emo goth vampires, but 300% more badass. expect tsundere/yandere love if our mate is abysmal.

if this is the time of tumult, we have 3 choices: full moon, no moon and changing moon. full moon are warriors, no moon are spies and the likes, changing moon is a amalgama of 3 types. lunar exalted had to hide in the wyld, wich corrupted their exaltation, rougthly changing moon favors 3 types, social battle, magic and crafting. we will get a definitive type later on with the tatoos, but until then we are directed by the moon type, so we are warriors now.

my suggestion is we go for changing moon. we can craft like hell with these status (we can make incredible stuff like power armor starcraft style, huge guns wich we do have how to yield, and other uncredible trinkets like mind control collars, weapons that can change themselves, etc), the spellcasting should come easy and we already got boobs so that 50% of all social battles won.

another thing. we already have enemies and friends on our tail. the wyld hunt was specialized in hunting lunar exaltations with their dragonblooded for over 1k years, least we get backup we are very dead. any close lunar tribe also realized our exaltation and so will come to hunt us down. in short words, they will force us to be tatooed, and to take a position with them regarding the current situation. the tatoos are good (and some tatoo crafters can make them with extra stuff), but they may be chauvinistic commies that will requires us to work for them, wich isnt always good.
No. 8436 ID: 5dd961

lastly, the wyld is a place of quantum faggotry and cthlutu-style creatures. anything there is eventually xomified, also corrupting its mind and soul.

lunars had to hide there because dragonblooded rioted against their now cursed exalted masters (pehaps rightfully, pehaps not). they succeeded with the lunars retreat to the wyld, all solars where killed and had their exaltation captured but they didnt knew how to keep what the exalted made, so everything falled apart quickly.

then some sideral exalted (the most abstract of all exalted) coached them in weird martial arts, so they may tame gods (yeah, you herd it right, taming GODS) to keep what was left of all solar stuff. wich is like less that 10% of what was made. did i mention they where also cursed? noone rememeber you if you exalted as a sideral. only some essesce 2 beings (literally, anything inhuman) are able to retain memories of them, and that if the sideral so wants to. siderals craft and alter FATES, are able to punch LANGUAGES and trhow WORDS. we will likely face a few of them, but they are glass cannons style and we may just have resistance to them if we get the tatoos.

solars and abyssal excel in specific crafts (some of the best magical items comes from them, any specific task has a charm to peform it better that any other exalted), dragonblooded are natural generals, leading/trainning armies when possible. siderals are logistic support (tho its questionable, they have been failing since ever). lunars used to pair with solars, so they had generic buffs. while a solar may, for example, have a charm to give orders, a lunar would have a charm to magnify persuasion, thus allowing more versatility.

i dont play as a lunar, so i know very little of them ._. i still have all books on them, so if anyone wants a discussion, just make a trhead and let me know
No. 8437 ID: 8b7db1

>Well i like exalted, so imma let ya resume the quest but first exalted had the best settings of all time, and so id like to explain it to you.

...was anyone else channeling Kayne West here?
No. 8438 ID: 108e41

Shouldn't this be in /questdis/?

Me too.
No. 8439 ID: e75a2f

That was the 'joke'
No. 8443 ID: 445c48

Saulanna could also have been a criminal.
No. 8451 ID: bf8e75

a con artist pehaps, but with nearly no dexterity, thats unlikely.
No. 8452 ID: bf8e75
File 126236750517.png - (31.25KB , 700x700 , saulanon.png )

to boot:
basic natural attack (claws, im assuming biting too)
basic woodwork (is this craft (wood)?)

No. 8520 ID: c0f3bf

...Does "unfixed" mean she's not sterile, or...?
No. 8522 ID: ad8569

i loled.

lunars need to have their chaste fixed. this is done with the tatooing process, and until then we are vulnerable to the effects of the wyld, along with xomification when we change shape.
No. 8523 ID: 426169

Awww, but it was so much funnier the other way.
No. 8524 ID: 51d0f5

You know, if we get up to permanent limit 5 before getting tattooed, we get bonuses of being a chimera without being 100% crazy. :3c
No. 8525 ID: ad8569

we just snap faster that normal!

no. we have too much into mind to risk more limit breaks that the usual.

if we could go for full moon that surely would be a good strategy.
No. 8526 ID: af3e6d

>chaste fixed
That typo makes it even funnier in the context of the prior post.
No. 8569 ID: 6419d1

without going into spoilers, the dragon that soulanna found is the ebon dragon. he has some deathknights on his command and they favor eldrad-styled dickery and backstabbing.

so we do NOT greet statues of deathlords that can twist our soul with a few glares.
No. 8571 ID: aecea2


The Ebon Dragon is a Yozi, he has nothing to do with deathknights. You're thinking of infernals.
No. 8573 ID: 119b5c

I don't know any of this. Steal the Gem.

Shenanigans now.
No. 8594 ID: 0a59ea

the hearthstone doesnt seem to be there, actualy. we may be able to salvage something if we destroy the manse.

im almost sure you should have spoilered.
No. 8595 ID: 488063


(Yes, I'm familiar with Exalted fluff. I just think this is funnier.)
No. 8638 ID: f21281
File 126275418982.jpg - (87.99KB , 700x700 , saulanna64.jpg )

No. 8675 ID: 4f8e95

manses are naturally hard to destroy, even harder to make and relatively easy to defend. this one is exposed, has no guard and what looks like no traps near it, sure looking like a easy job.

some solar exalted made their manse with stuff that defies the crafties of the dorfs. we wont just break it with explosives, we need magical gurl powa to destroy it. this manse should have magic defending it, meaning a lot of hability to sulk damage.

some of the greatest exalted weapons could literally suck a manse dry, either by using it or by actualy eating it.

if we manage to find a truly wondrous weapon we may damage it. a grand daiklaive is too much for us to use, that leave us with very few choices, a bonestrider would likely dry us before damaging it, a energy cannon could be nice, but in a emoland, 2or 3 shots wot do it.
No. 9108 ID: 04eff9

Hey guys! Just wanted to apologize a tad for leaving this as sporadic as I have, I've had some stuff to do. Maybe I could pay you back a bit by explaining the combat rules, since I didn't get Luna to explain when Saulanna was actually in combat?

Basically: highest INTUITION goes first, attacks are made using AGILITY plus applicable attack competencies, compare that to target's Agility plus relevant defense competencies. Equal or higher hits, so for example the zomby goast and Saulanna both had Agility of 2; Saulanna got a bonus of 1 to dodging from her BEAST SENSES but the goast himself had a bonus for his MINDLESS RAGE, and they cancel out.

So the goast then had Might 3 plus no bonus from his accuracy. Because she is Exalted, though, Saulanna can subtract her Toughness from that number (an ordinary mortal could take half their toughness from it). So because the zomby goast's claws add no damage (just make it "bleeding" damage) she just takes 1 point of health loss (and she doesn't bleed any extra, again for being Exalted). Health points are equal to twice a character's Toughness.

When she took her warform, then, things changed: her Agility increased, so the goast couldn't hit her. She was able to get him though, with a leftover bonus of 1, added to her new Might of 4 plus 1 extra damage from MOON CLAWS minus half the goast's Toughness (3) rounded up since it's a supernatural creature. Or 4 damage.

Simple enough?

The skill numbers used in combat can be enhanced by being cool, using magic or other bonuses such as EMOTIONS, just like everything else.
No. 9109 ID: fd430c

i was going to comment, but then i got too exited so i stfu'd.

i suppose we will need to alter the character sheet to show numbers :3
No. 9110 ID: 51d0f5

>Simple enough?
Compared to canon exalted, shit yeah.
No. 9754 ID: 57aa53

as a update, we got:


one is like MAGICAL PLUMBING wich includes wormholes to teleport magic points to us, the other one is how magic behaves, wich includes cool stuff like GAIA is the source of all MAGIC, and she has a lezbo relationship with LUNA (not kidding).

we also have a sidequest! a FREAKING DEMON is in our head, he has been begging for us to let him be, but the truth is, he is smalltime against any exalted.

demons need a considerate amount of skill and strength to possess completely any exalt of any type. this leads to interesting possibilities for saulanna:

-attempting to tame the demons while he is still weak. he MAY have the charm to posses a exalted, if this is true we need to vanquish him before he recovers.
-milk him for information before dismissing him with a call to luna
-attempt to gain the taming charms/spells SOMEHOW (we may already have them, cursed memory loss) and tame him properly. this taming is quite perfect thanks to exaltation and can yield good results long term.
-attempt to join HOT GOAST DUDE and DEMONS to make a being strong enougth to pass the barrier at day.
No. 9763 ID: 30257e


Translation: You now have some Occult, with a little understanding of the Art of Geomancy.

In future, though, a lot of competencies won't relate well to the Abilities in Exalted.
No. 10585 ID: 2eac65
File 12660207941.png - (105.51KB , 911x1132 , koc0269.png )

Noticed the cameo in today's comic.

We love you too, Jukashi.
No. 10610 ID: 445c48

No. 12359 ID: 89ff2a


Gord dormit. Gonna have to lay off the booze.
No. 12360 ID: 3b6c92

It happens.

Although "BEST SENSES" sound awesome.
No. 12361 ID: 2eac65

Beast senses are the best senses.
No. 12373 ID: f52552

I keep reading it Breast Senses.
No. 12379 ID: 1ac39d

let's try playing the music box in front of the manse. those notes seem to make it seem like that will do something.
No. 12460 ID: 3b7755

not with 3 possible enemies outside. what if they want the music box that is with HOT GOAST DUDE in the outsi...

god dammit.
No. 15409 ID: 0fc814
File 127347327950.jpg - (36.01KB , 338x450 , barackface.jpg )

>No! Why did we do that? We can't just go around dismembering people!
No. 15410 ID: 1ac39d

No. 15415 ID: 4eb774

we could most likely troll them into giving us the box, but i go for the violent approach on this one.

they kinda knew that we are exalted and how fucking powerful a exalt can be, but then they would live, and that means backup to properly face a exalted.
No. 15770 ID: 2eac65

I want to say I like this quest, but it's hard to get into when the updates are days or weeks apart. It's kind of irritatiing to know that the results of any choice we make won't show up for a week.

While we're waiting between ticks of the clock, what are Saulanaa's long-term goals going to be? It looks like the popular ones so far are "become Luna's consort" and "protect the innocent". I'd personally like to add "explore and learn about the world" to that, since that's one of my favorite things about questing. What are your thoughts?
No. 15774 ID: 700b85

Honest discussion of likable quests = doomed effort on this board.

Probably needs moar dongs.
No. 15775 ID: 2eac65

Right. We can file that under "long-term plans for Saulanna".

Plan #4: Get More Dongs. It shouldn't be too difficult, since we're an Exalted shapeshifter.
No. 15787 ID: 0fc814

>Honest discussion of likable quests = doomed effort on this board.
All it takes is for more people to post their thoughts about it.

After thinking it over, I'm down with letting the mysterious demon thing mess with our minds a little. It's demonstrated that it can teach us things, and we desperately need more skills and information.

We can worry about throwing off its control later, if it proves to be evil.
No. 15801 ID: 2eac65

>We can worry about throwing off its control later, if it proves to be evil.
Not if it eats our brain and drives us around like a mechanical doll. This is the sort of thing you want to prevent before it has a chance to happen. Our lack of knowledge is a problem, yes, but it's also the very reason we can't trust people easily, especially with something like that. Shortcuts to power are how evil tempts the unwary.
No. 15802 ID: 0fc814

>Not if it eats our brain and drives us around like a mechanical doll.
Saulanna's a Lunar. It'll grow back.
No. 15810 ID: 2eac65

You are drastically overestimating the potency of an Exalted, especially a fresh one. We're powerful, but we're still basically human* and we should remember that. Without Charms, our physical attributes are barely above average; our primary advantage is our mind, and if we don't put it to use, we'll be at the mercy of any powerful force who doesn't feel like giving their competition time to grow.

*Apart from the raccoon bits, and they can't regrow brains either.
No. 15827 ID: 0fc814

1) By the time it actually manages to pull stuff like that, we'll have a training montage or two under our belt.

2) Jumping out of a burning building and hoping to catch the fire escape across the alley beats waiting for the best solution to come along.

3) Do we ALWAYS have to pick the very safest, most cautious option worth the most paragon points? I was as hostile as anyone when we first found out this thing was opposed to the Incarna, but I think it'd be cool and interesting if we gave it a chance.
No. 15828 ID: 6d381d

well yeah, to start we should stunt but noone is even trying to do that. then we have to remember that saulanna is not a good warrior, but a thinkerer. im hoping we can get some magic going because the only solid thing i remember of lunar mages is that they "rock really hard"

then we are so effing affraid of trying something that its just not even beginning to work. we shouldnt have JUST kicked its butt, we should have made a speech about how much is missing of us, how we need to protect the music box because its the only HALF lead we have to what we could had BEEN, and what we actualy are in a wondefully horrible world that literally shitted us on a deathland demmanding closure, a deed that no experienced exalted would pull on his own.

i have seen wonders of the first age. the little that there is on lunar is top tier stuff. you guys wanna go all WARSTRIDER/WARHAWK FUCK YEAH? we need that manse turned to serve us.
No. 15829 ID: 1ac39d

then why don't you write up the epic speech next time?
No. 15839 ID: 6d381d

yeah im trying.

i felt like a ass when i wrote that reply ._.
No. 15840 ID: 2eac65

Epic speeches are for epic moments. Nothing particularly epic has happened to us so far.
No. 15841 ID: 6d381d


we used to be a slave/servant exalted by luna, escaped to a land that requires the death of thousands to be made, found a HOT GOAST DUDE that we are trying to help for god knows what reason, to find a MENANCING MANSE near HOT GOAST DUDE's girlfriend house with a POSSESSED BOOKWORM that is problaby a demon that may or may not dick with un in our own mind, to find out that there is indeed a organization around (problaby led by a experienced DEATHKNIGHT or worse) that may just be looking for us, but are after the only exalted masterpiece we found. then we got possessed and DEMONIC BOOKWORM seems to be willing to help.

you know, this sounds like something coop would say before accidentaly destroying new jersey again.
No. 15844 ID: 1ac39d

by pushing all three "DO NOT PUSH" buttons at the same time.
No. 15848 ID: 620bfb

Man, now you're making me want MegasQuest.
No. 15853 ID: 2eac65

That's pretty average by Exalted standards. "Epic" would be something like conquering a city or meeting our father who we haven't seen in 50 years.

And that's why the Solars were dethroned.
No. 15855 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, but in Megas using all three together somehow ends up saving the day without blowing up anything good because the downsides cancel out or something.
No. 15861 ID: 620bfb

No, it ends up saving the day by causing slightly more damage to the enemy than to the city. Which is a lot.
No. 15865 ID: 6d381d

thats actualy not completely accurate.

solars got over their heads up to the point of not caring to their work. they turned agaisnt their people when it suited their wills, stole what they believed that was rightfully theirs, etc, because of the curse that acted like a ultimate personality restriction breaker. i think that a coop solar would be dawn caste with the limit of lazing off instead of blowing everything, because he does not need a reason to blow up new jersey, nor to care to its safety.

what you described sounds like something a abyssal would do anyway.

its called "wasteland war". you destroy not only the enemy but also what he may hope to gain from waging war against you.
No. 16000 ID: 1ac39d

GOD DAMMIT GUYS! are we going to kill the guy or not? we need to decide NOW or else salunna will be too paralyzed to take her body back and the book worm will take it.
No. 16001 ID: 1ac39d

oops, too late. everyone decide what her personality is now so we don't have that happen again, when we are united she get's more powerful when we bicker she gets confused.
No. 16003 ID: 8bdb6a


Plus the demon looks like Mew Cai. How can we distrust a face like that?
No. 16009 ID: 2eac65

We will help those who are in need of help, and protect the innocent from those who would hurt and oppress them. We will do what is necessary to stop evildoers, but we will not act merely out of anger or revenge. We will not allow others to come to harm without a good reason.
No. 16013 ID: 1ac39d

if death is what is necessary would you condone it? need to figure out the breaking points.
No. 16014 ID: 2eac65

It's a matter of necessity. If we can stop evildoers without killing them, we should.
No. 16015 ID: 1ac39d

yes i understand that i'm saying that the ONLY way to stop them is death. they cannot be reasoned with and all non-lethal blows are shrugged off.

and who is to say non-lethal would even work? we take a guy down and the next day he comes back with a bunch of dudes, we take all of them down and a week later they have even more dudes with the first guy leading them. we can ether pray they never get enough dudes to over-power us or we can take them out.
No. 16021 ID: b1c12c

yeah i mean, so what if he eats souls for fun and kicks. i wonder what he would do once he fiigures out the exaltations were made out of souls.

ideally: death is always unecessary. the boss thug could maybe have been turned into a ally, so he could literally fight in our side.

i really have to get my exalted reading going on. i did not realized neither the undead nor the demon could do all of that.
No. 16025 ID: 1ac39d

and if the boss thug didn't want to be our ally? let's say the moment we let go he runs off to HIS boss and tells him where we are and then we are swarmed with a small army of ghosts, whos fault is it? ours, for not being extreme enough. just because you want to play nice doesn't mean you can.

i say salunna should be overall nice but if someone outright attacks us, an ally, or gets in the way of our mission they get a full force no mercy kill. you can be kind AND ruthless at the same time, you just need to prioritize.
No. 16026 ID: 2eac65

>Plus the demon looks like Mew Cai. How can we distrust a face like that?
1: It doesn't really have a face.
2: It eats people's souls and minds. If we trust it, we might end up an Akuma or worse.

Probably not an ally, but with some careful bluffing and manipulation, we might have convinced him that he'd be cursed if he told anyone about us. We don't actually have an ability like that, but he didn't know that.

>i really have to get my exalted reading going on. i did not realized neither the undead nor the demon could do all of that.
This isn't going to work exactly like Exalted. We don't even know how much of the backstory is the same.
No. 16027 ID: 1ac39d

also, Jukashi, only one person wanted her to stop the demon while everyone else was cheering her on, unless length of post increases it's decision power he was clearly out-voted for the response.
No. 16034 ID: 2eac65

It probably has more to do with how Saulanna feels.

Our mistake was letting the serpent take control of the situation. We should have made it clear that it wasn't allowed to eat anyone's minds without our permission.

Saulanna's other problem is that she was conflicted about caring for someone she hated. We should help people based on what they need, not whether they like them. The sooner Saulanna understands and accepts this, the better.

Whatever we plan for the future, it's best to hold ourselves to a high standard now. It's much easier for a formerly good person to just stop caring than for a formerly evil person to live with guilt.
No. 16063 ID: b1c12c

i suppose the meaning of "ideally" and "maybe" was lost in its purpose.

"if" all of that where to happen a sample, common death is enougth. havin him eaten by a faceless demondragon bookworm thingie is pretty bad in my scale of badness.

>If we trust it, we might end up an Akuma or worse
exalted used to tame demons for fun. maybe we can get to that.

we dont have acess to the whole char file but its a safe bet to say that saulanna has a high-ish "compassion" value.

im not sure how jukashi would interpretate, but if we are not saulanna in its whole but rather the player behind the character, he may use the system to put a stop in the orb's usual shenannigans.

also that was most likely the curse, so we know is on the 3rd impact time of tumult.

this also means its possible to claim shenannigans and force control over saulanna because it fits more her character file we got railroaded.
No. 16066 ID: 8704fc
File 127457864214.jpg - (39.03KB , 407x405 , lunardog.jpg )

Aright, I'm gonna explain this a bit. Get some more tutorial stuff in here.

Saulanna is a blank slate. She doesn't know anything. She has no memories. As a result, she has no morality of her own - it takes years of trial and error and culture and tutelage for a person to develop a sense of right and wrong based on their experiences. So, under most circumstances, Saulanna's choice of what player suggestion to follow will be based off an intellectual choice, i.e. what seems like it would work. Because she has no desires of her own (yet), she'll simply try to accomplish what your "consensus" goal seems to be.

Into this, however, comes her EMOTIONS. Emotions are important because, if you guys successfully pull off an EMOTIONAL APPEAL, she'll get a bonus to her actions, particularly in regards mental influence. This can stack with the bonus from cool and/or imaginative actions.

Now, I'll have an idea in my head of what Saulanna's emotional state is like, based on what she's done, what you've told her to do, and the situation at hand. So, for example, she's most recently been fighting ghosts who threatened a friend of hers, dismembered one guy violently, then got mentally violated. I figured her dominant emotion would be Anger, so when you guys made an Emotional Appeal to that anger, she got a bonus. But then another Emotional Appeal was made - to spare the mobster at least some portion of his punishment. This Appeal resonated with earlier motivations - the desire to help our ghost friend with his problems. Saulanna felt two valid EMOTIONS, but they conflicted and she suffered Emotional Confusion.

Which was not necessarily a bad or a good thing. Saulanna's future development is going to be based on prior choices (or lack thereof) and the fact that she didn't deliberately allow her attacker to be eaten will account for something.

In short, Emotions are a way to get bonuses on actions, bonuses that you may well need, but Saulanna will become trickier to control as she becomes more Emotional. If her Emotions get really high...

Well, we'll see what happens.
No. 16067 ID: 3afd1f

Should we be trying to do flashy shit to regenerate Moon Power? Or can we regenerate it simply by doing well?
No. 16072 ID: b1c12c

tl;dr best RP gets a bonus!
No. 16108 ID: 1ac39d

only problem is that some people don't like being verbose but they could have some good ideas, while someone else could write a few paragraphs of a stupid idea and the stupid one would win because it's longer.
No. 16114 ID: ed8496


More clarification: verbosity does not affect what Saulanna thinks is a good idea (i.e. what suggestion I pick). If it's a stupid idea it won't get chosen, because she's got good intelligence herself. It's usually only if you make an emotional appeal, while her Emotions are high, that she can be persuaded to do something stupid; in exactly the way that real people can be made to be idiots by their emotions.

Of course, she might also do something because it's cooler than a smarter but boring option. That's what Luna wants! But amount of words has nothing to do with it. Being creative and imaginative does, but that's not the same thing as a flood of prose.

In fact, if you wrote a "few paragraphs", I might be less likely to choose it because it'd probably be more work to follow up on. Also tl;dr might come into effect.
No. 16123 ID: 1ac39d

okay cool.

a nice thing to get would be the ability to store things in Elsewhere, then we can stop worrying about the music box getting jacked.
No. 16403 ID: 2eac65

You okay, Jukashi?
No. 16419 ID: 15f93c


He probably is. He does a webcomic as well (called Keychain of Creation), and presumably has an active well-adjusted social life (for a webcomic artist, I mean), so Lunar Quest moves a bit slowly.
No. 16424 ID: 2eac65

I know, I just get worried when I don't hear from people in a while.
No. 16444 ID: 9fb92c

>an active well-adjusted social life


>(for a webcomic artist, I mean)

Ah, yes. That's what I have.

I'm also gearing up for KoC comic 300, so y'know.
No. 16445 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, just don't do any '300' jokes. if i see a spartan i will rage,
No. 16447 ID: 5a2e05

Nah, it'll be subtle. The 300th comic will be simple and restricted. Simple characters, simple backgrounds, simple colors. No more than the bare minimum. Just a few lines on a page.

You could say the layout would be quite...

No. 16448 ID: 2eac65

Oh, hey, you're back! It's nice to know you're not in any trouble.
No. 16453 ID: d4872d

inb4 300 speech bubbles
No. 17751 ID: 2eac65
File 127664192967.jpg - (581.63KB , 1048x828 , Sun and Moon.jpg )

It's been two weeks and now I'm worried again.

Will these cute animals help?
No. 17754 ID: 8bdb6a

Well, Jukashi did post a bunch of Lantern Corps pics in the fanart thread somewhat recently. It's not like he disappeared.
No. 17763 ID: 2eac65

Yeah, you're right. Maybe I'm just making excuses to be greedy. Or maybe not. Either way, I hope he likes the puppies.
No. 17768 ID: 8bdb6a

I, too, want Lunar Quest to continue. It's very interesting, and I like the writing style, but it's just so darned slow...
No. 17808 ID: d6cb21

What I want to know is if the comic and quest take place in the same universe......
No. 17810 ID: 2eac65

Well, that was quite a lot to handle. The puppies must have worked.

We'll see. We've still got a lot of information to gather.
No. 17838 ID: 8bdb6a

>Aww yeah, we totally found the morality system.
Potentially, yes. We don't know what 'titan's will' means. It could be that the more we use our mysterious friend, the more connected we are with the Yozis/Primordials, which are the closest thing to titans in exalted. Or it could mean something completely different. We don't know.

>Do we go all grimdark by devouring more souls and gaining their power, or do we moralfag and struggle to succeed without all the abilities we could get?
>grimdark ... moralfag
Without being rude, I can't take anyone seriously when they say 'moralfag.' At all.
No. 17848 ID: d41f2b

moralfaggotry asides, we are the heroes. heroes dont eat souls. they recycle them!

also we lost our shackles!

and i think titan's will is a knack! i dont know from where =c
No. 17849 ID: 8bdb6a

>also we lost our shackles!
Yeah. That was VERY cool.

If only we could find out whether the souls were going to lethe. Killing people is to be avoided either way, unless they've got it coming.

According to the 'accepted' morality of exalted, (as I understand it) ghosts are an aberration in the natural order of things, so sending them back into the reincarnation cycle is okay. Whether you agree or not is a personal value judgement.
No. 17850 ID: f95872

>Without being rude, I can't take anyone seriously when they say 'moralfag.' At all.
/b/ the only place you go that it's used?

We aren't heroes, we're an Exalt. We can eat souls if we damn well please.
No. 17851 ID: 620bfb

I was never expecting to be taken seriously, which is why I went back and added the word grimdark as well. I just thought it was an amusingly retarded spectrum.
No. 17860 ID: 65afa8

not quite. abyssals do what they "damm as well please", infernals are psychotic engine of destruction, siderals are coach and managers with alchemicas acting like public servants.

solars are chosen for they have the will to do even better, on that means, they may indeed do whatever they can. anything else is just bad roleplay.

well, except that lunars are specialized in "breeding" and surviving, so we may as well be doing what we "damm as well please" if our captor decide to unite breeding and "surviving".

you are one of those solar players that uses the solar curse as a excuse to do shenanigans. arent you?
No. 17870 ID: 2eac65

It doesn't matter what we're meant to be. We are what we choose to be.
No. 17871 ID: 620bfb

I choose not to decide.
No. 17872 ID: c4c313


>> lunars are specialized in "breeding" and surviving

No. 17962 ID: f95872

Okay so basically we are like the whole hinduism thing, we merge with other souls and attain a greater consciousness. This is entirely morally acceptable.
No. 17963 ID: f95872

I don't think so. The curse is kind of an always negative thing. I might engage in shenanigans with other justifications though, depending on what you might call "shenanigans".
No. 17968 ID: aeade0

once we get enough will could we change physics? can only imagine how hard the siderealx would freak out. 1+1 suddenly equaling fish would probably fuck all plans up.
No. 17969 ID: 2eac65
File 127692493657.jpg - (100.00KB , 484x468 , Four Suns.jpg )

We've got four daily updates in a row! That's a lot! Please accept these four puppies as tokens of gratitude.
No. 17970 ID: 732129

Those aren't puppies. Those are dinner.
No. 17972 ID: 2eac65

You want to eat the sun? My, you're an ambitious one! That's the sort of spirit the Exalted have!

I think you'll find it quite a bit harder than you expect, though.
No. 17973 ID: 9b64a5

yus, the curse is always a bad thing. but you are not always under the effect of the curse.

its more like every day or so you are drunk and driving, you may get used to it and steer well enought to not crash too many things, or you could get used to being fucked by it and drive to crash just to see how you would get out of the mess.
No. 18071 ID: f95872

That's... kind of a bad metaphor. Crashing a car is much more directly bad than than the curse. The curse can often harm you only indirectly. And you can choose not to drink and drive.
No. 18186 ID: 604703

No. 18188 ID: 5a2e05


No. 18194 ID: 8bdb6a

Just be happy you're using a mostly established setting.

Just imagine if you also had to out-and-out explain things like exaltation, incarna, the style of exalted, beastfolk, the world being flat, etc, etc.

On the other hand, I guess those concepts are pretty straightforward.
No. 18202 ID: ff6cf4


long story made short:

existance suddenly began. primordials appeared out of nothing, gathering in a place they named creation. they are a bunch of lazy elitist fags so they make these godlings bound to not hurt them while they play a game so great you have a orgasmic seizure just by touching the pieces.

these godlings are awsm, so they kinda want to have fun too. so they looked at humans and saw a way to use them agaisnt the primordials. but alas, they barely manipulate essence, and those that can only suceed after many years, making them old to be a warrior!

then this amazing primordial called autchocon autch-kun machine spirit Autochron showed everyone a exaltation. it was literally a toolkit made of souls that helped a chosen soul to kick butt while chewing bubblegun made out of willpower, magic essence and souls! suddenly he was selling them like water in the desert!

luna and unconquered sun got married 300 exalted each. each divine maiden got 20, totalizing 100 FATE NINJAS and 600 butt-kicking warriors, crafters, diplomats and the most venomous of all, divine lawyers. a era of awesomeness happened as everyone had no restrictions to their power watsoever, charms, motes and souls where exchanged like they where pokemon.

then some dragon discovered they could fuck humans (and airplanes) giving birth to a eartlhy exaltation, the dragonblooded. after everyone got together agaisnt the primordial, a humongous clusterfuck battle happened, many primordials died, many souls got eaten, everyone got cursed but noone noticed it, etc.

and we got where we are. maybe. its definitively after the battle. anyways, right AFTER the battle the godlings went to play the orgasmic seizure game while leaving the exalted to rule themselves while cursed. history repeats itself, the dragonblood with their un-controllable exaltation decides to overtrhow everything and suceeeds, but realizes their exaltations arent fit for research and crafting, the work of the exalted got abandoned or becamed utterly precious to be used. it was darker that dark age, even more so because gods did existed and exalted lawyers kept them on check, and working for creation.

the FATE NINJAS are fuckworried that everything is falling apart and so they decide to teach the dragonblooded a martial art tecnique that can hurt gods. with fear of dying (and possibly meeting the primordials they abandoned) cooperation "happened", but just at the bare minimun to make creation work. civilization didnt quite persisted, even more so because DEATHLORDS EVERYWHERE began killing, maiming and spreadin diseases. only 1/10th of all humans survived. we may be here.

now i didnt explained what happened to the solar and lunar exalted. the solars were either abandoned, betrayed or killed, unliked generally because of the curse. they resided for a long time in a coffing under the sea. lunars couldnt or didnt wanted to help the solars, so they ran to this place that makes cthulu and shoggoths in a fairly constant rate. after some SAN loss, lunars got 3 castes merged in 1. they remained with a constant rebirth rate in creation, some trying to make their own type of dragonblooded, called now beastmen. ruive may be one. the problem is, the FATE NINJAS also considered lunars a thread.

the FATE NINJAS helped organize a set of lies to help hunt down lunars, and later on, solars. in a constant basis, they would warn a group of veteran soldiers where a lunar exalt would appear, and thus where they could go to kill it, moments after it appears. on those days, lunars would dispatch help as well, as long as it wasnt in a city.

then someone decided it was time to have a diahrea in the loom of fate.

the solar exaltations where released by fukken demons, the empress that could use a defense network to literally say WE ARE ONLY ONE EMPIRE, YOUR ARGUMENT IS IRRELEVANT disapeared (rumor is, she likes big black dragon dick) and the hunters of lunars now see a better way to gain power, competing for the trhone. everyone is now in a power run, lunars and solars being rebirthed ALONG with deathlords attacking, abyssals appearing, godlings revolting and FATE NINJAS shitting themselves with so much work that the loom of fate was the least of their concerns.

oh and those solars?

they had stash of weapons from the primordial clusterfuck war spread EVERYWHERE.
No. 18205 ID: 2eac65

We know that already.

We're trying to stay in character.
No. 18206 ID: 5f20de


The level of exposition is pretty high, but I'm liking it. You're a good storyteller... as can be evidenced from the fact that I went from "We need to get rid of this demon ridin' our asses ASAP" to "Well, um, I guess he's not actually bad per se, and... Oh hell. I JUST WANNA HOLD HIM AND HUG HIM AND CALL HIM WORDSBLOOD."

Well played, sirrah. Well played.


...Huh? We're not Saulanna. It's, like, right there at the beginning.

>???? can now hear VOICES OF THE PAST

We're those crazy durn VOICES OF THE PAST. There was actually a hint to Wordsblood being there as well:

>???? can now hear SOMETHING ELSE(?)
No. 18207 ID: ff6cf4

lastl i forgot. lunars are very resilient, and we should not have trouble becoming a exelent mage. there 2 together are hax.

saulanna is tecnically a meritocracy of the orb with the vice-precidency of wordblood, our favorite primordial dragonbookwormdemonthingie.
No. 18209 ID: 407b5b


I think you forgot to mention the Fair Folk coming in from outside Creation for 'funtimes with chaos' becasue they thought reality was too boring without some extra Xom.
No. 18211 ID: ff6cf4

i did not knew how to add them, nor the specific between wich events that happened.

anyway i was just about to realize. saulanna can somewhat easily learn magic, along with diplomacy required to become apprentice in every type of magic. add some defenses from lunar exaltation, we can master almost all types of magic. we started with a hard one, primordial magic, everything else will be easy from here on.

we can learn FATE MAGIC if we pull every string together, all we need is find a partially friendly FATE NINJA to use soon-to-be-adquired charms and social skills, we can learn solar sorcery from any mage exalt we encounter (guess what payment is =3) and if we get to a reliable dragonblood land we can learn their terrestrial circle sorcery, maybe even pretending to be a dragonblooded.

also pac saulanna. deathlands. free titan's will.

and we wasted one point dragging Gevin HOT GOAST DUDE to inside our head.
No. 18215 ID: 8bdb6a


5copper, there is no god damn reason to make six posts in response to one update.
No. 18217 ID: f9f4d9

wait... what if we eat another exalted soul? would we absorb the exaltation essence as well?
No. 18218 ID: 604703

>wasted one point dragging Gevin HOT GOAST DUDE to inside our head

That ability will also facilitate the capture of souls for eating, so I would hardly call it a waste. Unless, of course, you aren't going to eat any more souls. But if Saulanna has enough Titan's Will, she can pretty much do... anything.

If she has enough.
No. 18219 ID: 5a2e05

So I know virtually nothing of the more detailed aspects of the setting and need to know something important. Namely, does eating souls stick them back into some kind of life cycle or does it just get rid of them for good? And is that a bad thing?
No. 18220 ID: ff6cf4
File 127726261872.png - (337.37KB , 650x2047 , skull of regret.png )


y u mad bra?

this is me every dammed time i read something i wrote.
No. 18221 ID: ff6cf4

it sends them to the biggest wait line in existance in order to be reborn.
No. 18222 ID: f9f4d9

what you are supposed to do is delete the old post and combine the old words and the new words into another post. so next time you forget copy paste your post into the field and then start writing the new stuff. after you submit it delete the old one.
No. 18223 ID: 8bdb6a

Delete and repost when you mess up, like I do way too often.

>Namely, does eating souls stick them back into some kind of life cycle or does it just get rid of them for good? And is that a bad thing?
From what Wordblood says, neither. He absorbs them and makes them a part of himself. Which is pretty Bad End, I gotta admit.

I vote we just pretend that the soul bits are going into lethe, in an effort to get people to vote for more power-eating, because that is way more fun.

>That ability will also facilitate the capture of souls for eating, so I would hardly call it a waste.
Capturing souls in a mind-palace with a mind-prison in the mind-basement is completely over the top awesome. I'd be in favor of it even if it WASN'T our main route to power.

>Unless, of course, you aren't going to eat any more souls.
It is possible. Tough to judge what /quest/ will go for, but these days there's a pretty strong 'save the day with zero casualties' streak in the posters.
>But if Saulanna has enough Titan's Will, she can pretty much do... anything.
I like the sound of that! It seems like the lunars could use a boost in this game. Speculating from what Gevin said, they were kicking deathlord ass for awhile, then got kinda fucked up and scattered.

Setting ourselves up as a sorcerous overlady, beating back the forces of death and the locust crusade, and then forcing some level of reconciliation between the remains of the titans and the gods, seems like a sufficiently epic goal for a celestial exalt.
No. 18225 ID: f9f4d9

still, reincarnation resluts in all your memories being purged from your soul and then being stuck in a new baby body. and so many souls are in line waiting for a new body that we could eat millions of them and a line would still be forming. so yeah eating the souls doesn't result in a worse end for them then normal.
No. 18227 ID: ff6cf4

isnt that tecnically a good thing that we do it with the dead? or was just the bodies?
No. 18234 ID: 8bdb6a

I think the most rationalization we can do is that turning ourselves into a primordial-fueled powerhouse will let us better oppose the deathlords, and thus we're sacrificing a small number of ghosts to save millions.
No. 18235 ID: f9f4d9

once we get powerful enough we can EAT the deathlords.
No. 18242 ID: e91554

i do belive we can eat souls with certain impunity. we should keep that a secret however, and we have to pick those that arent useful for us.

why not consume Gevin HOT GOAST DUDE for 2 of titans will?
No. 18243 ID: 8bdb6a

But... fixating unreasonably on the well being of certain mortals while allowing the deaths of many others is a big part of being an exalt.
No. 18245 ID: e973f4

Because we like Gevin? :V
No. 18249 ID: 0c4fcd

it was a serious question.

Gevin has no use for us, unless we empower him. thats at least 1 less titan's will. we can get power word or moon power from that, maybe even increase our bust and have 200% more fanservice. admitidely, gevin may help in battles if he steals people body.

he can talk to us about everything he knows but this can also be archieved if we eat his soul.

we may need him to keep contact with ruive. but why we want to do that again? he has been a burden since the beginning. and we are yet to see what the music box does.

we cant ressurect him, in fact, we killed his old body. we cant make him into a useful "something" unless wordblood somehow finds a use like hiding in his head instead of ours, or empowering him with a bonestrider. wich would be cool, but at least 2 months to make the bonestrider unless we get a specific set of charms. again, more titan's will is needed.

we need to look at this approach, because we have a primordial with us. he is somewhat loyal to us but he is in our head, and thus, actualy in debt with us.

saulanna will go to sleep soon, and we will one day wake up without gevin, and wordblood will "swear" he does not know why he runned off in a manner we cannot track him.

are we a instrument of damnation or salvation? is wordblood part of it? can we trust him? should we set a quota of souls to eat in order to ensure his trust or loyalty?

i had a intricated plan to figure out if he was part of the ebon dragon, but it mostly involves asking luna to ask the ebon dragon.
No. 18252 ID: 8bdb6a

>we cant ressurect him, in fact, we killed his old body.
What? No.
No. 18253 ID: e973f4

It was a serious answer.
No. 18256 ID: 0c4fcd

im pretty sure the zombie we faced in the beginning was his.

oh :V
No. 18257 ID: d363a2

the zombie was a zombie goast, it was a ghost as well. his body is a bunch of bones in the mud in an old river, he died from a tree falling on him.
No. 18260 ID: 0c4fcd

oh yeah, his zombie counterpart is yet to rise then.

well, still. ressurection is impossible in exalted.
No. 18265 ID: 3b45b8

>enough Titan's Will

This quest ain't gonna pussy out when it comes to temptation!
No. 18267 ID: 5a2e05

You really know how to dangle carrots.
No. 18270 ID: 5d84fb

if we get strong enough we can eat the sticks too.
No. 18273 ID: 3b45b8


I can hardly do otherwise with how I've set things up! Theoretically Saulanna could reach a stage where she could wander off beyond the edge of reality and make herself a new world, with whatever rules she wishes.

Of course, this whole Titan's Will thing is just one option. Saulanna can still become powerful as a Lunar does normally (with slight modifications to the process to facilitate the medium of a quest, of course), and follow paths of development in shapeshifting or sorcery or martial arts or whatever, as any Champion of the gods can. Don't think Titan's Will is "the" system for getting stronger in this Quest. I will say, however, that Wordblood's presence and the options he presents are what make Saulanna unique; no other character in the setting will be able to use Words of Power, for example (unless Saulanna/Wordblood teaches or grants such an ability to them). Of course, there are drawbacks to being unique.

I have a few different "end conditions" for the quest thought up; some good ends, some bad ends, and some... debatably good or bad ends. I will probably end up thinking of more before long.
No. 18274 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 18278 ID: a594b9

Oh god I lol'd.
No. 18292 ID: 0c4fcd

so wordblood confirmed for BFF?
No. 18301 ID: 445c48

Personally, I vote eating souls is kosher, so long as we just happen to run into those souls anyways, no slaughtering villages for power but if we're punching people well we may as well, they're probably bad people if we're punching them.

Also voting on powering up Wordblood right now, to make future powerups better.
No. 18320 ID: 43a8f2

upgrading wordblood would cost 2 titans will, and we would not be able to get power word until we feed again.

considering we are being hunted, we may get live targets rather that souls to eat. we really should get power word and stop there.
No. 18322 ID: 3b45b8


There are other options for powering him up besides just increasing his Soul Force. Giving him increased Ease of Consumption would help him absorb powerful souls with less difficulty, and reduce the "stun" that comes with the absorption; or Efficiency of Consumption would reduce the lightshow that comes with it, and provide an additional measure of Titan's Will each time a soul is absorbed. Both of these would cost only one measure of Titan's Will to improve. There are other things as well.
No. 18324 ID: 8bdb6a

In that case, Efficiency of Consumption sounds like a solid investment.

Power Word: Halt sounds like another. Especially since these have broad applications. That could stop someone chasing us, or stop someone from falling to their death, or stop an arrow in mid flight, or halt the water in a river so we can run across the surface.

Hesitant to suggest these, if only because raw Agility is always just so gosh darned useful in almost any circumstance. (And not just because it's the godstat in White Wolf)
No. 18325 ID: e973f4

Yeah Efficiency of Consumption sounds like the best plan, just because assuming we make this soul-eating a habit it'll add up to more "points" to spend on things later.
No. 18328 ID: 5a2e05

Efficiency of Consumption seems to be a smart move. Small cost now for bigger payoff later. It's like making another resource-gatherer in an RTS.

As for the souls thing, I give in to the temptation. As long as we're not going out of our way to devour innocents.
No. 18330 ID: 43a8f2

efficiency + power word sounds like the best course of action. just got to post it in the thread '-'
No. 18332 ID: 8bdb6a

Just to be absolutely clear: We need to specify a word of power. We can't just have all of them.
No. 18335 ID: 2eac65

This isn't the appropriate time to be discussing this. We should get to a safe place, check up on our current abilities, sort out our priorities, then decide how to upgrade ourselves in accordance to what we have, what we lack, and what we want.
No. 18336 ID: 8bdb6a

Maybe. If we ARE going to get a Word of Power, or more Agility, then we should do it ASAP so it can help us out.
No. 18338 ID: 2eac65

That might close off other, more expensive and useful options that we'd have wanted to pick later. We have MP to help us in the short term.
No. 18339 ID: 8bdb6a

Well, with that attitude, we'll never pick ANYthing. Every decision closes off other opportunities.
No. 18340 ID: d98958

if we eat enough souls then we can get everything.
No. 18341 ID: 7d7c19

I will add another note to say that, because Wordblood is residing in Saulanna's mindspace, where time flows differently, he can make changes to himself and craft words of power and such instantly. It's only when Titan's Will is used to affect the external world (including Saulanna's body) that it will take time, depending on what it is that's being done.
No. 18342 ID: 2eac65

Which is why we shouldn't rush into it by focusing too much on the immediate problem.
No. 18343 ID: 8bdb6a

Wait, we do have to pay TW for each Word of Power we learn, right? Or do I misunderstand?

Buying an ability to let us get more TW per ghost we eat is hardly rushing into things to solve the immediate problem.
Also, we should indeed consider taking abilities to solve the immediate problem. Unspent points are no use if we die.
No. 18344 ID: 2eac65

If we decide eating souls for power is something we actually want to do.

We're not in immediate danger of dying, and the situation looks like one we've got under control. We can afford to delay.
No. 18346 ID: e3202a


Each Word of Power made will cost TW, yes. Very strong ones may cost two to three or even more (a two-point example would be Power Word: Protection, which will create protection appropriate to a target danger for Saulanna or for any person or object she specifies); most will probably cost one (such as Burn, or Sleep, or the proposed Halt), and very weak ones might be available for multiples per measure (those would mostly be Power Nouns which create commonplace or minor objects, such as Light or Water).

The effect of individual Power Words will ramp up with the total Soul Force available to Saulanna. The suggested Power Word Halt, at her current level, will cease any motion that is currently imparted to a creature or object. Objects in flight or falling will hang in midair. But it won't stop things from moving in new ways, so an object can just be picked up and a person can just start moving again as they wish (though if they're Halted in midair, they'll only flail around, because gravity's been canceled). As she got more powerful, Halt would become capable of a temporary stasis effect of increasing duration, leading up eventually to permanence at the highest levels.

Words of Power will be vulnerable to magic that protects people from spells and such, including the countermagic of sorcery.
No. 18347 ID: 43a8f2

this isnt necessarily true. we are being chased, if we need time to peform upgrades we should do so now.

efficiency and moon power seem to be the way to go now. power word is just too vast to get with few TW.
No. 18349 ID: 2eac65

Our pursuers aren't in the immediate area. If we do get in a fight, a physical enhancement won't make much of a difference, and other things won't take any time to apply.

I really want to clear up our priorities before we use up our resources.
No. 18350 ID: 8bdb6a

>If we do get in a fight, a physical enhancement won't make much of a difference
That's just your opinion.
No. 18371 ID: 001d41

Whew, I'm beginning to see why other quests don't try these sort of complicated character growth decision shenanigans!
No. 18372 ID: 5a2e05

Just count yourself lucky you tossed up a discussion thread. And even then...
No. 18373 ID: 8bdb6a

It works more smoothly for less popular quests. Sorry.
No. 18374 ID: 2eac65

I don't have a problem with it, except that it's happening at this specific moment in time.
No. 18379 ID: 8bdb6a

What, we don't have enough time to think it over?

I can see the argument in keeping a few spare points, but I think that just getting things to benefit us will help more, because you can ALWAYS make the argument for keeping them in reserve. "What if I need them MORE at a later point?"

Also, I bet it'd be possible to let Saulanna store things in her mind other than ghosts and spirits. Like maybe an inventory.
No. 18380 ID: a594b9

Hey can we get like a vote thing going? I haven't been following the discussion but if someone collects up all the ideas of what to use TW on and puts them in poll format then maybe we can actually decide what to do!
No. 18382 ID: 8bdb6a

I'd just like to make it clear that Luna can't remove someone's exaltation if she stops approving of their actions. And that's just assuming that consorting with demons is enough to make Luna pissy at an exalt, which isn't true.

...unless that's different from canon.

But honestly, do you think just spending XP-equivalent will make the gods destroy us? Don't be so paranoid.
No. 18383 ID: 2eac65

There is no need to use it right this instant. Our situation isn't that urgent.
No. 18384 ID: 8bdb6a

I thought you said the situation was too urgent to spend XP. Now it's not urgent enough to spend XP?

Let's just agree to disagree.
No. 18385 ID: 2eac65

I said there were more immediate concerns we should be focusing on, and we can spend our will after gathering enough information to have some clue on what we want to spend it on. I didn't say that we would get killed if we didn't use it immediately on something that might help us.

And don't say that we might as well never use it. That's a false dilemma. I would have no problem talking about what we want to use it for if we had some idea of what we want to do. I just don't want to waste it on a problem we don't even know we need any help with. "Not now" doesn't mean "never".

We have reason to keep our involvement with Wordblood a secret. If Luna asks any questions on what we've been up to, we'll want to be able to provide answers that are consistent with what she can see and won't make her suspicious.
No. 18387 ID: c029a6

i have been thinking, i belive there is a way to "ressurect" someone, we would need a power word aging, someone able to give birth (maybe we already do!) and a means to emulate domnica's mantle (page 85 of scrolls of exalts).

i think we could use lunar charms to change minor appearance in the baby if needed. im not sure on that part.

tecnically luna can send one of her moonsilver clone to kill us. i do think wordblood can pass as a "common akuma" if the need arises, so this shouldnt come to happen.

remember that primordials are a big deal, so much that there is the possibility that luna would call to arms to capture wordblood.

you need a essence 9 charm to "kill" a primordial, noone in the setting after the fall of the solars should/would possess that, maybe not even a deathlord.

luna had more that one of her exalt simply defecting to deathlords. some of them serve them willingly. she in fact has absolutely no reason to keep track of us, and the only reason she does such is because jukashi is a cool guy (TM) and didnt wanted to add a DMPC to teach us so early in game.

let it go, luna doesnt care to what we do.
No. 18391 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127750510792.png - (14.34KB , 875x140 , moonsilver_clone_canonicity.png )

>moonsilver clone
No. 18393 ID: c029a6

of course its not called clone. its some sort of bullshit charm (like everything high end in exalted) that allowed luna to make 3+ copies of her. its how she greets her exalted. its on glories of the most high, where every god was stated.

unconquered sun simply summoned them.
No. 18397 ID: c029a6

yes the world sucks. but you dont understand WHY. we cant even KILL wordblood properly. if he decides to have a snack on us or use TW on his own, we dont have how to stop him. without knowing what created this, we would simply recreate the tragedy that already happened twice.

shit sucks so bad that you literally cant call for help of heavens office because they literally hate your guts for things that you dont remember, problaby do not want to remember and if you did, would not really object against our death. luna would most likely not act against us directly but there would definitively be proper retaliation against wordblood.

the primordial created their servants that command the exalted. every single one of them is now cursed and cannot act in their own free will. we may just possess the power needed to break those chains, up to the point of actualy forcing equality between all parts. and then again, we can do some more.

solar and lunar exalt have a curse that makes them act "unrestrained" for some time. add power and merit to it and you get a power hungry dude that kills, fucks and steals as he pleases. in the end of the first age, not even solar exalts could tolerate other solar exalts. we can break that curse. its gonna be "fun" to discover it, but we can.

we can do little against abyssals and infernals directly. some of them may be "turned" or conviced but not all would listed, but there are more ordinary ways of turning them to solar or simply riding them of their resonance "curse". we can act against deathlords, but this would require a huge amount of manpower.

autochron detected the curse, he isolated himself in elsewhere because heaven's office was "bothered" by his existance. his exalted are the ones invading the south. if he wakes up we can repair the lunar exaltation (wich we dont know that is broken yet) make new exalts and methodically fight the deathlords. wich we can also free of their prison and oaths of servitude to the dead primordials/yotzi/whatever.

we can visit the mountainfolk, first creation of autocrhon. their tunnels literally connect creation as a whole, even their weakest exalt can make artifact of great wonder. they are a dying breed and, you guessed it, they are under a curse to not act on creation. we dont even need to break the curse to literally ask them for awesome stuff, imagine what they would do once they know alchemicals are on the south and rising.

and heavens office? infernals. you dont want to know.

there is too much that saulanna can do with wordblood. we cannot deny this is a plot device. we must plot for its use, but not to rely or abuse it.
No. 18398 ID: 2eac65

I wasn't pushing for any particular course of action, or trying to decide which side was in the wrong. I was only advocating the general worldview of "the strong should help the weak". I didn't even want to make that speech until we found out much more about the setting; that's one of the reasons I was so insistent that we put aside our plans for the future for just a few ticks while we solve our more immediate problems.

We got too far ahead of ourselves, and what happened? We lost control. We're lucky it happened now and all we did was eat a fish. In the future, the consequences could be much worse.
No. 18401 ID: 01e059

yes, we need to focus on the here and now at the moment due to having too little power to effect long term plans. most likely salunna's blank slate state is a result of wordblood being in her when she was exalted, resulting in the exalted memories being turned into energy for wordblood to power up.
No. 18402 ID: 8bdb6a

If it's not too much trouble, could you try to make fewer posts in the in-character thread? And especially not just make posts replying negatively to other people's suggestions?

Of the last fifty posts in the in-character thread, more than a dozen are yours.
No. 18407 ID: 090a78

the best thing would be to eat the ghost of a lunar. we would learn how to do everything they could do, gain all charms, spells, whatever that they had.
No. 18416 ID: 2eac65

I try to say everything I have to say in one post, but I don't always think of everything the first time. Sometimes, I think of reasons why other suggestions wouldn't end well.
No. 18417 ID: 78ef58

well stop. no matter how eloquent your write it you cannot change someone opinion.
No. 18418 ID: 8bdb6a

Worse, he might convince people that they're not "good" enough to make suggestions, or that they don't want to deal with the hassle of it, which is basically just browbeating them out of participating, which is bad.

Every single possible course of action, including doing nothing, including the most cautious possible course of action, has many things that could go wrong.
No. 18422 ID: 2eac65

Some people listen to advice and gain a new perspective on their ideas. That can help them refine their ideas, or choose better ones.

Other people get angry and make personal accusations.

Can we please not have an argument here? I didn't want to have the last one, and having another one will just make us all angry.
No. 18476 ID: 5f20de


Do lunar ghosts even exist? I thought the whole premise of exaltation was that Luna collected the souls of her dead champions and threw 'em back into worthy mortals.


Well. You have shown a slight tendency to be snarky and opinionated when responding to some suggestions.

For example, you say you disapprove of a specific suggestion and explain why. When someone then throws his support behind that suggestion anyway, you >> the post and say "Let's not do this again", because...Why?

Did you think you had concluded the issue by explaining that this wasn't something we should do, in your opinion?

Sir, that is not how /Quest works. Kindly revise your feedback method.

>Serious advice is pretty serious.
No. 18477 ID: 059120

>>328216 >>328222
Try to cut your reasoning out and put it here. Crossboard link it (>>/questdis/328277) if you must. Downvoting a particular action is okay if you've advocated another one, but posting "Guys maybe you should think this through first," in the thread starts really derailing it.
No. 18479 ID: a594b9

This is actually the right place to have an argument. Or was that post originally from the quest thread?

At any rate, Quest-Discussions is where we discuss and argue about quests. Quest threads are where we suggest. Posts in /quest/ should be suggestions only. I wish more people followed that rule.
No. 18480 ID: 5727de

>Do lunar ghosts even exist?

The Exalted can leave ghosts, at least in theory. For example, the Deathlords, the 13 most powerful ghosts (disregarding the Neverborn), are the ghosts of Solars who died in the Usurpation.
No. 18482 ID: 5f20de

Pyeh, nevermind my derailing.

Since this IS a discussion thread, I have a query for y'all: On what and why SHOULD we spend our Titan's Will on right now (or later), if at all? I'm just trying to see where the consensus is at.

Remember, our current supply is 2 TW, and these are our current options. And remember, PHYSICAL/EXTERNAL changes will take time, whereas SPIRITUAL/INTERNAL changes will not. Both will probably flare up our SOUL FIRE thingy again, unless we buy the Titan's Work that reduces that.

>Wordsblood's Titan's Works
>Efficiency of Consumption

It gives us a dot more of Titan's Will when we munch on delicious [strike]cake[/strike] souls, and turns us into less of a lightshow.

Cost: 1 TW

>Wordsblood's Titan's Works
>Ease of Consumption

Lets us OM NOM NOM stronger souls easier and with less stun feedback.

Cost: 1 TW

>Words of Power: Whatever.

So many uses.

Cost 1-3 TW, depending on power scale.

I'm currently championing getting us "Power Word: Confusion", due to it being useful in dealing with opponents with no sorcery defenses. Should cost 1 TW.

Getting "Power Word: Halt" should be handy as well, so I'd support that. Should also cost 1 TW.

>Soul Force+ Saulanna

We get more Lunar abilities and greater potential for shapeshifting. The strength of her Power Words will increase. We also get 3 moon dots.

Cost: 2 TW

>Soul Force+ Wordsblood

+3 moon dots. Wordsblood becomes able to tell us what powers Saulanna can get and generally performing better (for example, enhancing Gevin with TW becomes easier).

Cost: 2 TW

In lieu of getting Power Words, I'm supporting this, since a stronger Wordsblood can do more stuff, and tell us more about possible Lunar Abilities. I'm pretty sure he's trustworthy enough to boost a bit.

>Enhancing Gevin.

As I understand it, we'll sort of be 'exalting' a ghost with some of our power (i.e. Titan's Will). Not sure quite what the enhancement options are, but be aware that Wordsblood has said he needs to be stronger to do this without risking screwing up.

Cost: ?

>Increasing physical stat: Might, Agility, Toughness, Beauty

What it says. Improves a stat.

[Personal note: Why is Agility so important to boost? I get that we become faster and better able to handle combat, but wouldn't a couple of Power Words or well-written suggestions let us kick ass anyway? Maybe it's just that I'm not really behind the whole 'make her a kick-ass warrior' idea.]

Cost: ?

>Make other permanent physical alterations

The implications of this should be obvious. In before Godzilla Warform wrestling Ebon Dragon suggestion.

Cost: ? (probably scope-dependant)

>Draw forth dormant MOON ABILITIES or increase capacity to SHAPESHIFT.

Rather than increasing soul force to get Moon Abilities and increasing shapeshifting capabilities, Wordsblood can draw them forth or increase them specifically. At his current strength, he'll be drawing 'em out at random, as he can't tell us what these abilities are yet.

[Note: What's the benefit of this? Are there any specific abilities we would want to hunt down and get, in lieu of steadily increasing her SOUL FORCE?]

Cost: ?

And that's all, I think. Anyone spot an option I missed?
No. 18485 ID: 2eac65
File 127758473598.jpg - (123.14KB , 530x530 , Beach_Fruit.jpg )

Your advice has been noted.

Squabbles like that are unpleasant for me, too. They make it hard to maintain the endearing cheerfulness I try to project.

Please accept this melon as an apology.
No. 18486 ID: 8bdb6a

>Why is Agility so important to boost? I get that we become faster and better able to handle combat, but wouldn't a couple of Power Words or well-written suggestions let us kick ass anyway? Maybe it's just that I'm not really behind the whole 'make her a kick-ass warrior' idea.
Well, I dig the idea of using our brain instead of our brawn, but I don't feel we can always avoid combat. And even if we are avoiding combat, agility lets you literally avoid combat.
Agility is to-hit and defense, as I understand. When we were trying to beat that ghost, he was just a bit too quick for us. If we had higher agility, we wouldn't have needed to spend an MP on boosting agility. Plus, maybe some day (or potentially tonight!) we'll be fighting an exalt, and boosting our (improved) agility is the only thing we can do to avoid getting killed.
Plus, it has noncombat applications. When we were up against that cliff, our agility was too low to climb it (or am I mistaken?) and we also had an idea to punch it in the precise location to cause a rockslide, but our agility was too low for that, too. Sure, we got up the cliff anyway, but I like having more options.

It's just a really useful stat. I'm not saying we should spend LOTS of TW on it. Just enough to make us more survivable in a pinch, (I cannot overstress the value of survivability) and so we don't always have to spend an MP on every little thing.

PS: I don't think that we can rely on "well written suggestions" for attack/defense. Nothing we tried, short of spending an MP, would let us hit that ghost boss. I also don't think we should go "Oh, we can train that normally later." I mean, when we actually get time to train, I can't imagine that we'll go "oh, well, we could have trained agility, but our agility is too high, so now we wasted our chance and cannot do anything!"

Sorry to be so long winded.
No. 18487 ID: 2eac65

Yes, now's the time to talk about upgrading! I said "when we have a chance to rest", and I'm standing by that.

Enhancing Saulanna's physical stats, I recommend against. We can train for that, and we can do so much more with Titan's Will.

Getting more Moon Magic would be a good idea if we could pick what we get, but we can't, so deciding on that is like not deciding at all.

Boosting Soul Force would give us more raw power. Probably a good idea in the future, but in the short term I think it would be best to get more options. We're supposed to be a tricky one, so we need tricks to work with.

Ease of Consumption implies that we plan on eating souls as a routine matter. I am against it.

Efficiency of Consumption would decrease the number of souls we need to get future upgrades. That is much easier to accept.

Our best options seem to be giving Wordblood access to new Titan's Works or Words of Power. Here are some ideas from me, though I don't know how plausible they are:

Dream Snare
Pulls a living soul out of its body, without killing it. The body appears to be asleep for the duration of the effect. If the soul is released, it returns to the body unharmed.

Dream Palace
Creates an illusionary world inside Saulanna's mind. Helpful for training and conditioning trapped spirits.

Soul Vivisection
Cuts out pieces of a soul without destroying it entirely, allowing us to absorb some memories and Titan's Will while leaving the victim alive. Since one spirit gave us three measures, this should theoretically be possible.

Power Word: "Submit"
Forces the target to cease whatever action they are performing and become receptive to commands. Can quickly end a fight, and aid in certain kinds of social interaction.

Power Word: "Confess"
Forces the target to speak any secrets they're trying to hide. Also usable on objects designed with a hidden purpose, such as secret doors and coded messages, indicating said purpose with glowing runes.

Power Word: "Fail"
Cancels out any efforts made by the target. Attacks miss, spells fizzle, and the like.

Before we can decide what to get next, though, we should know what we've got now. What's our current assortment of Moon Abilities?
No. 18494 ID: 560417

>What's our current assortment of Moon Abilities?

Man, when people asked for combat-related MAs I put them up right away. I was wondering how long it'd take for someone to just ask for the complete list.

Saulanna has:

Beast Senses
Increases the senses of touch, hearing and smell, and allows Saulanna to sense any immaterial spirits of consequence.

Moon Claws
Saulanna can spring long claws of moonsilver from her hands, which deal high damage and can touch immaterial creatures.

Flowing Defense
Saulanna's body takes on a fluidity that allows it to ease itself around non-magical bludgeoning or cutting attacks, so long as she's aware of them.

Inner Den
Saulanna can store a limited number and size of objects in her Mindspace, increasing as her Soul Force does.

Mask Sneak
So long as her Soul Fire isn't showing, Saulanna can pull a shroud of unnoticeability about herself that will render her invisible to mundane perception, scaling up to thwart magical senses of increasing power as her Soul Force grows.

Black-stripe Thief
Saulanna can ease her way through nonmagical bonds and open nonmagical doors or containers. Scales up to manage magical versions with Soul Force.

Human Form
Totem Form
War Form
Captured Form

Captured Forms:
Pale Salmon
No. 18495 ID: 5dedfd

2 of these habilities you could find in adamand circle of spells. they are hax.

we should also consider options to affect objects. im not creative at all wich is why i dislike power word now. terrestrial circle sound so appealing now =c

there are better means to defend "uselves". exalted have perfect defense charms, these are literally required after some point in game. if agility is the same as dexterity it can become interesting to pick it due to possible craft skills.

id rather increase craft skill instead of beauty or agility. maybe beauty since a first impression is lasting, but we also have charms to help with that.

we also have to find a lunar tribe that can teach us, in a manner that they would accept us. more specificaly, we are lacking tatoos that would protect us from the wyld (and a bit more if we find a god crafter) and trainning with the lunar exaltation. they can even initiate us in the spellcrafting business.
No. 18498 ID: 8bdb6a

>there are better means to defend "uselves". exalted have perfect defense charms
Doesn't the lunar perfect require high agility? Even assuming it works like in canon exalted?

Also, not to be a dick, but people are always 'oh, we'll work through everything without violence' right up until a bad guy attacks, at which point most suggestions turn into 'oh no a baddie kill it kill iiiiiit.'
No. 18501 ID: 2eac65

If you're going to plan, plan big. It'll give us something to aim for.

Speaking of "big", how much would it take to give birth to a new titan?

Agility is certainly very handy, but I'm against spending Titan's Will on it because it's much harder to get than training time, and we can do so much more with it.

For the same reason, we shouldn't use it to power up Gevin. I'm all for helping him, but there are many other ways we can do that besides giving up a part of ourself.

In a way, it comes down to whether you think eating a soul is something objectionable or not. If it is, then Titan's Will is a difficult resource to get, and we should use it carefully. The less important it is, the less we have to worry.
No. 18502 ID: d4b8e9

harder to get in an ethical manor, we could just go up to a random ghost, stuff them into our brain-ventory and have wordblood eat him. BAM at least 3 points of titans will and who knows what else from memories.
No. 18503 ID: 560417

A new Titan would take a lot of building up, and a lot of Titan's Will.

Most ghosts will only give you 2 measures, maybe even just 1 for the weakest ones.
No. 18511 ID: 57dbd6

ah, yes, i was taking the Efficiency of Consumption bonus into account when i said three.
No. 18512 ID: 2eac65

Yes, that's what I meant. The more we care about who we eat, the harder it is to get Titan's Will. Inconvenient, yes, but if you compromise your principles to gain power, there's really no point to having it, is there?

I figured it wouldn't be easy. It's something to keep in mind for the future, in case we want to make a big change to the nature of the universe.

So how much would we need for those other ideas? It'll be harder to decide if we don't know that.

Speaking of which, it looks like we're good for combat and stealth, but we've got nothing to help social interaction.
No. 18513 ID: 5dedfd

i have read some more on the matter of primordials, and i found a lot of stuff.

a primordial had/have many souls. he is in fact at least 3 circles of several demons, the innermost being the more relevant to what he is. they can indeed spawn souls to serve them based on their will alone and each of them is replaceable, except for a fetish soul that represents the primordial itself, but even then, killing the fetish soul would change the primordial forever instead of killing him. every and each part of it can be summoned, but these demons are really difficult to even consider talking to. they are not only "dead" but cursed, so there is not much they can do. gaia wasnt destroyed or defeated, she simply decided to explore the wyld with too many souls.

by the by. wordblood matches even more the destroyed fetish soul of the ebon dragon, shadow dragon or w/e.

in turn this means epic battles ahead. the deathknight is a scourge and not exactly battle fit. furthermore, of all dead primordials, ebon dragon is the most reasonable. i actualy have reasons to trust wordblood and to prevent his capture.

eventually the principle will come out clear. maybe we will even get a exaltation to experiment upon, after all, deathlands and a death manse do means a abyssal is around.

as for social interaction, we have high intuition and we arent ugly. id say all we need is actual etiquette. becoming pretty in a lad that do slave trade isnt exactly ideal.
No. 18517 ID: 2eac65

I know you're trying to help, but we're better off without the out-of-character infodumps. It'll be more fun for Saulanna to figure things out in-character.
No. 18519 ID: e973f4

That and it says in the first post of this thread that this isn't quite Exalted, so a not insubstantial portion of what 5copper keeps quoting at us is probably incorrect. :/
No. 18521 ID: e973f4

Isn't quite canon Exalted, rather. >_>
No. 18813 ID: 8bdb6a

I still prefer choosing a broadly useful power word instead of one that's only useful in specific circumstances. (On the other hand, uses of 'No' could probably get pretty abstract with increasing power.)

That said, if Saulanna can't resist his compelling voice, well... you guys want to solve our problems with talking, right?
No. 18814 ID: 148105

if we get enough words, could we make a Power Phrase? like 'burning down the house' causes a building to be instantly incinerated.
No. 18815 ID: 8bdb6a

Wouldn't "Burn" or "Fire" work just as well?
No. 18816 ID: 148105

i said instant, those would light it up but it will still take a while.
No. 18817 ID: 8bdb6a

Why would using more words make it faster?
No. 18818 ID: 148105

by being specific. everyone knows that the more unambiguous your target is the better things work.
No. 18820 ID: 2eac65

It's kind of hard to decide what Power Word to get if we don't know how which ones are plausible and how much they cost.
No. 18822 ID: 0d5620

We should take Power Word: Arousal. Or Naked.
No. 18827 ID: 707490

i agree with this.

we need to think aterally. id say power word love could get us a ally much faster that power word arousal could get us raped.
No. 18834 ID: 19e705

So, guys? um...

Power Word: Cocks

It seems like a versatile and useful word to know.
No. 18835 ID: 6a5a08

Indeed, we could summon a swarm of angry chickens to attack them. Or something.
No. 18838 ID: 2eac65

Love could still result in rape. It's an empowering, unpredictable emotion, no good for controlling others or oneself. For controlling people, it's better to either be more subtle, or be more direct with a Power Word like "Obey" or "Submit".

For a mental defense, we could go with Power Word: "Silence", which would also help with stealth.
No. 18845 ID: 445c48

How about two dots in efficiency of consumption? Sure, we don't get any pornography related magic right now, but future souls should yield more Titan's will for more pornography related magic.
No. 18846 ID: d76879

not sure we can PUT two into that. looks like a single tier upgrade.
No. 18847 ID: 2eac65

That would be a good choice if we're planning to do more soul-eating. But how can we justify something we would find horrifying if done to us?
No. 18848 ID: 6a5a08

Easy: We did it before they could do it to us.
No. 18849 ID: 110562

why not just say orgy or some shit like it?

exalted is a strange world. we can justify it because others eat soul as well. above anything else, the world is a mess and we have the power to set it right.

we would still need to say it to him, thus revealing our position.
No. 18850 ID: 8bdb6a

Well, let's not go crazy trying for MAXIMUM efficiency, even assuming there's multiple levels.

In my opinion, the name of the game is "good enough." It's never going to be perfect. And, in the meantime, imagine how dumb we'll feel if we put both TW into efficiency and then die before we eat another dude.

Besides. This is a quest, not a corporate financing final exam. Let's try and have SOME fun.
No. 18851 ID: 110562

its a safe bet to put one point on it. we should do that before discovering that the undead vampire abyssal deathlord wanna be has ghosts escorting him instead of unedible undead.
No. 18852 ID: 2eac65

>exalted is a strange world. we can justify it because others eat soul as well. above anything else, the world is a mess and we have the power to set it right.
If there are so many powerful people in it, why is it so messed up? When a lot of people each strive for a different "greater good", and each one makes sacrifices to pursue their own goals, nobody gets what they want and everyone is left with the consequences. To save everyone, we have to hold ourselves to our own standards.

>we would still need to say it to him, thus revealing our position.
Yeah, Silence won't help us sneak away from our immediate problem; being quiet when you're on fire is a wasted effort. But in the long term, it could be very helpful.

Another option: bribe the possible-vampire with a Word of Power for himself, either as payment for leaving us be, or as a demonstration that cooperating with us would be far more beneficial than, say, drinking our blood and making us a zombie slave.
No. 18854 ID: 914efe

So there I was just thinking I had completely run out of good type-mashup character ideas that I hadn't seen done previously.

Then BAM.

Vampire magician.
No. 18856 ID: 110562

> When a lot of people each strive for a different "greater good"
uh, no. there is no greater good. it ended in the first age wich we definitively arent anymore.

in the first age there was fate ninjas, solars and dragonborn working together. everything you needed or wanted was supplied with magic or any magical device equivalent. a example would be dinosaurs that piss heroin, monster mash with gengineered humans/animals, orgies involving enought people to exaust the exalted as a form of adoration and magical stone monoliths set at the very edge of existance, keeping pure chaos from pouring in creation.

then the terrestrial exalted decided they wanted to run the show, beginning the second age. they did not knew how. long story made short, if you are alive by the end of the second age you are very lucky. and the magical wonders that actualy kept the world in one piece were slowly breaking, at least a quarter of creation fell to the chaos, adding to the already huge pieces of deathlands created by the death of the primordials.

>bribe the possible-vampire
thats a huge no. he must not know we have a power word. its like telling him we have a cooperative entity that can reshape existance when requested. you think its bad that we want to eat the souls that deserve it? he will enslave souls to reshape existance at his will.

also its likely he is a death knight. this is not "terribad", but i belive he is a diplomat type and thus not able to fight so effectively. however if he is a experienced abyssal he can wipe the floor with us, power words or not. he may be the most elaborate snack i am yet to find. we should not be able to "eat" him because he has high soul power.

and i fear he may pull a magnifcient bastard on us and the pairings would begin.
No. 18857 ID: 110562

when i saw him i immediately thought that he would pull a "what is a exalt, but a miserable pile of motes?"
No. 18858 ID: a594b9

It is a good concept!
No. 18864 ID: 2eac65

You don't have to tell me about Exalted. I know.

For the sake of asking, how much would the various things we've been suggesting cost?
No. 18873 ID: 2eac65

Also, congratulations on reaching one thousand posts. I think that makes it the largest TGchan topic ever.
No. 18875 ID: a594b9

Holy crap the quest thread has 1000 posts!

I think it's about time we made a new one or split this one or something.
No. 18876 ID: a594b9

One of the Golem Quest threads is bigger.
No. 18877 ID: f5efca


Only because I've gone and left so much time for people to talk, it's not so great updatewise.

I know where this first chapter will end.
No. 18881 ID: 02b07c

i just noticed that saulanna has her chaste mark showing and its different that the current moon. am i forgetting something here?

also, why is everyone telling her to pretend she is a "common" raccoon? she failed acting in front of a bunch of dumb thugs, she will succeed against a enlightened ghost?
No. 18887 ID: e1a765

>chaste mark
No. 18893 ID: 35e55e

Jukashi, will you show us some official colours for Kaan?

I love him already because he seems like a suave bastard of a villain.

You rule.
No. 18899 ID: 601965


he is a ghost. those are his colors.
No. 18900 ID: 35e55e

;-; Oh right. Dammit.
No. 18901 ID: 35e55e

Actually wait, are you sure he's a ghost?

He has colour on him which none of the ghosts so far have. I mean, Saulanna is black and white with occasional colour so who is to say that Kaan doesn't have a body?
No. 18903 ID: 2eac65

Probably not. Our senses told us he was alive. When we met Gevin, there were clear signs he wasn't alive - he wasn't breathing and his body was cold to the touch.
No. 18904 ID: f728d3


Ghosts are drawn in gray lines.
No. 18908 ID: 8bdb6a

He is obviously an Abyssal.

...or am I missing something?
No. 18911 ID: 601965

not a ghost, thus, must be a abyssal.

well, it seems only the BG will/would be colored. a bit counter intuitive but im ok with it.
No. 18914 ID: 35e55e


Based on this image:
Kaan is definitely an exalted and this figure (derp)

Well. I assume he owns this graveyard of a land. Is that manse his? I know I keep hearing the manse belongs to some dragon-whats-his-face but Wordblood says that she preferred her draconic form as do many supernatural creatures. She and Kaan/manse owner could easily shift into a human form.


The Dragon's Shadow, that was his name.
>"He prizes his own interests and freedom above all else. He is the Shadow of All Things."
>He can be quite charming though.

Charming you say? Like how suave/charming Kaan is being now?

Sorry for the rather large post but I want to get some things straight before I sleep.
And; name-fagging.
No. 18917 ID: 2eac65

He does have a black Caste Mark...

...but he also introduced himself by name.
No. 18922 ID: 8bdb6a

It's probably his stage name. He is a magician, after all. I can't think of any magician who uses their real name.

...or maybe abyssal names aren't that big of a deal in this version of Exalted. Or he could be an infernal. Or maybe the Yozis and the Neverborn teamed up to corrupt solar essences instead of making two different kinds. Or maybe he's just a Solar who likes skulls a lot. Or something else entirely!

Probably a stage name, though.
No. 18923 ID: 504131

of all the big primordials ebon dragon is the only one that literally does not leave the dragon form.

also the manse is in his homenage, thus its possible the undead gentlemen carries the ownership and the heartstone. since its safe to say he is indeed a abyssal that works for the ebon dragon, he is a scourge, master of deception and lies.

its possible that is the name his neverborn master gaved him. altho im votin for lies.

peregin kaan is like Pilgrim khan, literally wanderer ruler. yus, google dictionary can get weird results sometimes.

and something i didnt noticed, as a abyssal this puts the quest after the time of tumult.
No. 18925 ID: 8bdb6a

>and something i didnt noticed, as a abyssal this puts the quest after the time of tumult.
The Solars came back before Gevin was born. He said as much. Also that there's a second sun in the sky. (Ligier or equivalent, I guess) Also, Autochthon showed up. Dunno how that went down. Not too important right now.


In the sense that this fits into canon exalted at all, centuries may have passed since the Scarlet Empress disappeared. I'd guess 150 years, but that's just a stab in the dark.

From the sound of things, Dragon's Shadow took over the entire Underworld. There may no longer be a difference between Abyssals and Infernals. They appear to have the same boss, now.

He's probably also taken over huge chunks of Creation, but probably not all of it, since the Gods still exist, and Luna didn't sound very... besieged.
No. 18930 ID: 504131

>Also that there's a second sun in the sky
wow i missed that detail.

>Also, Autochthon showed up. Dunno how that went down.
want info dump? im sure its irrelevant unless we go to the elemental poles or to the south.

>Luna didn't sound very... besieged
haha. damm. i need to tell you one thing.

luna's palace has a door to the underwold behind her trhone room. on it, a huge dining room is set for her and the ebon dragon, supposely named dragon's shadow now.
No. 18971 ID: 8d16ab

Wait, does this mean Kaan is Saulanna's Solar Bond?
No. 19002 ID: 68fbf2

no, the fact she got a social attack from a charm does not means she is his lunar mate.

the fact she may remember him is. im hoping she is actualy remembering him due to the gangster ghost's memory.
No. 19003 ID: 3bb7c1

like i said, could be just a past life's memory. last person with our exaltation could of just met him once. don't need a bond to remember things like that.
No. 19022 ID: 8d16ab

On second thought I suppose there's a slight chance it's memories from before we got tabula rassa'd (since apparently we were held at his house and escaped). Not confident in this though, mainly since the implication of that whole process was that no pre-exaltation character traits survived.

I don't actually know the setting enough to get what you're saying here, but it'd be pretty hilarious if we eventually screwed up and Luna found out about Wordblood, and she was just like, "huh. that's neat."

Also, not really strategy related, but... the fact that we're "voices of the past" is kind of interesting, given that all this happens a measurable amount of time since the creation of the known universe. Wonder if we'll ever find out more about that.
No. 19023 ID: 8d16ab

It's more the "moon power won't help, something inside her wants to obey" part. Even if he spiked his request you'd think we could channel some MP into resisting, unless he had a hook on our moon powers themselves.
No. 19028 ID: f8a708

simple, we don't know HOW to channel MP into resisting.
No. 19031 ID: 68fbf2

this isnt exactly true. moon power and social attacks interact differently, most likely he can easily control other weak willed beings.

if i remember correctly in exalted you spend willpower or something like it. it seems we have none.
No. 19037 ID: 8d16ab

Fair enough. To be honest I probably don't know enough about Exalted to make these kinds of arguments in the first place. >_>
No. 19053 ID: 4178ee

"Social" effects in Lunar Quest bear only miniscule relation to how they're done in Exalted.

The use of both Willpower and Virtues has been subsumed into a character's Emotional state, and their broader outlook and goals. "Social combat" is basically about comparing your Dickery/Inspiration/Beauty to the other person's Acuity/Intuition/Beauty, but you increase your chances and decrease their by layering on good arguments, appeals to their key emotions, being seductive/intimidating, bargaining, etc. And magic, if you have it.
No. 19054 ID: 4178ee


All depending on the individual in question, of course.
No. 19103 ID: 4178ee


Also competencies.

I have to remember not to post about this sort of thing when I'm tired.
No. 19110 ID: 8bdb6a

Is there some special technique for /quest/ to use dickery? Due to the multi-person nature of suggestions, the suggestions will "forget" that a certain falsehood is being maintained. Would Saulanna go against a majority to maintain a facade?
No. 19129 ID: e31d52

There needs to be motivation: Look in Golem Quest and you'll see we're very good at appearing to be a mage distance-controlling a golem, rather than the worldly anathema that is a sentient golem.
No. 19130 ID: 9f4050

sometimes we are too good. i think a noob or two actually thought we were mage.
No. 19131 ID: 7ff337


I try not to have Saulanna do anything she'd think of as stupid. If she uses deceit, she'll try keep it up until she has a reason not to. Her Dickery is not extremely high, though, and the Smoothtalking Competency she picked up is only Average, so a very complex or unbelievable deception may result in a mistake on her part. And there's always a chance of being seen through by a very perceptive character.
No. 19133 ID: 86745d

Well we never let up on it, even a little, so unless they were avid followers and not just bandwagonists, I can see them thinking that.... nah.
No. 19238 ID: af4fba

From what I've seen, I'm pretty sure this guy is a Daybreak caste abyssal. They tend to be very good necromancers, and from his introduction that is likely what he is skilled in. Also, they tend to be very focused on knowledge and education. This may work to our favor, considering our connection to Wordblood.

And speaking of Wordblood, if he is a part of Saulanna, doesn't that make her a "proto-primordial"? If primordials have more than one soul, and Saulanna now has TWO souls (seeing as Wordblood is a "part of her"), it stands to reason that she may in time go so far as to BECOME a primordial.

But that's just a theory, so I dont think its very possible.
No. 19241 ID: d1b9a6


>if Saulanna has enough Titan's Will
No. 19243 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127843930070.jpg - (11.22KB , 300x222 , 126113542169.jpg )

No. 19261 ID: 68fbf2

should i make a infodump on how primordial works?

well i was gonna suggest something but then i realized it would be very close to trolling. plus im completely uncertain if pilgrin king is a plot device or a villain.

we should flee from him. we definitively cannot lie about what or who we are without him noticing. even the spenditure of MP to increase those status would be noticeable to him.

assuming he is a good diplomat and knows strong necromancy, we should have a bit of a advantage running and escaping him. im affraid we already gaved a name so he may have a easy time "affecting" us in the future, but when the soulfire dims to nothing we should just scamper to his back. this may or may not get us killed, but he has something in storage for us, and that is not a good thing.

there is the possibility he contains saulanna's soulmate exaltation. if this is true, it does suck. but there will be cuddling, so im partial to it.
No. 19263 ID: 8d16ab

>Saulanna now has TWO souls (seeing as Wordblood is a "part of her")
Or three, depending on how you count the mobling.

On a slightly related topic, does anyone have any ideas as to what's going on with Wordblood? Seems to me that either he accidentally damaged/overexerted himself in his attempt to scramble Kaan's suggestion, or he's "hiding" from the guy the same way he'd "hide" from Luna, or proximity is making him cut up in some way that has to do with whyever we were locked up at Kaan's Manse to begin with. It's worrying, but I get the feeling it's *intended* to be worrying?

We should probably try to find some literature for him to snack on when we have the free time, anyway.
No. 19264 ID: 08aa7e

since he is pure soul if he was dead he would of vanished so we know he is still alive, probably needs more energy. maybe we should read a good book, that may get him back up.
No. 19265 ID: 8d16ab

...actually, question: are there even any proper primordials left in the basic setting, other than Gaia? From my limited knowledge of Exalted I only really remember there being Autochthon (who picked up his ball and went somewhere else), the Yozis (who have surrender terms on them that prevent them from doing a lot), and the Neverborn (who are dead). If Wordblood is right about there being other Titanic fragments lying around, there really is something unique and important going on here.
No. 19267 ID: f95872

>should i make a infodump on how primordial works?
No. 19273 ID: 68fbf2

as far as i know you are right, no other primordial exists in creation, at least not a sane one.

any primordial is literally kill on sight even for the solar exalted.

for example, autch-kun stole whole cities when he left. if gaia cough hard some mountains crumble on cities and other equally huge disasters.

there is also another oddity, wordblood is in a very "primordial" state in a manner that makes no sense at all.

too bad, i checked the old infodumb and its there. >>328313
No. 19274 ID: d560d6

Well, damn, do I regret skipping over "another ??? ??? oh noes amnesia" quest. So much catch-up.

No. 19280 ID: 8bdb6a

>any primordial is literally kill on sight even for the solar exalted.
Eh, I'm sure we can make it work. Plus, with an exaltation, and a single body, we won't have the same vulnerabilities.
...though, sheesh. Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. This is something to worry about several threads from now, if we're lucky.
Still, I'm looking forward to it. It seems completely awesome. I hope the majority goes forward with incredibly ambitious plans like that.
No. 19351 ID: 5696f7

There's one or two clues in the books that a primordial MAY have escaped and hid in the darkest deepest parts of the underground. It's clearly nothing more than a "hey plot hook idea!" but it's there.

On a side note, if we ever need to persuade Wormblood, we might be able to use the promise that we'll (or we'll get someone to) develop new languages after things are settled and we're in a position of little urgency and significant freedom.
No. 19353 ID: df7322

i say wordblood's trust lvl is at least 8~9 out of ten. he severely injured himself scrambling the command. it may have been all part of a plan to earn our trust though, which is why he isn't a ten yet. still, we can trust him somewhat.
No. 19382 ID: 67c611
File 127855537817.gif - (1.04KB , 16x16 , Lunar_Quest_Favicon.gif )

No. 19383 ID: 9f36e6

i fail at writing small posts =c

also i am pretty sure pilgrin is toying with us.
No. 19385 ID: 8bdb6a

Abyssals are not "combat specialized." That's not really how exalt types work. The different castes do different things. Plus, if you were to make such a judgment call, Lunars would be combat specialized, too.

And, once again: This ISN'T canon exalted. It's different. The rules are different. The universe is different. The situation is different.
No. 19486 ID: 00b231

they are solar mirrors but with the intent to destroy. how is this not combat specialized?

he is a manipulative bastard i will give you that. but until we discover his intent and objectives, he is not a enemy. like i said, some deathlords are outright wrong with their choices for exaltation. i am however perplexed at his unwillingness to strike us physically.

we are still alive for some odd reason, so its safe to say we will either have combat in the next update or we already are a part of his plan in some way.

the only real doubts i have is who is his master, what are his plans and if we are really connected as soulmates.
No. 19493 ID: 00b231

huge post ahead containing the interaction with Pilgrin, feel free to ignore:

he control us to leave the hole to talk to him. we resist but show pacifically anyway. wordblood is exausted. i couldnt facepalm harder at this action.

then we spend a mote point to store the music box. pilgrim does not notices it. he announces himself elegantly with a lot of titles indicating a likely scourge with necromancy spells.

saulanna has the sensation she knew him already. this may be from her adquired memories or the exaltation. i consider this important, since it could means we know what he actualy is. he declared he had enhaced his charm a little and claimed that he expected us to have done that already. he says he offers protection and services to the ghosts and asks us to take human form, a practical excuse was given wich he tooked without complains.

he tries to probe us for our origins. we have a small talk with gevin and wordblood, to then spend a dot of moon power to help wordblood recover (lol, tooked a long time). pilgrim takes notice, but does not complain. wordblood hints that we can use the power word stop to halt these social attacks. THEN we give the tale, a bit extravagant but that explains the lunar exaltation and our appearance. its possible he belives we used the moon power to increase our intuition/charisma to make a beliveable tale.

upon asked the message that we left with the thugs, a generic "oh fuck" is given. we relate that it was mostly a message from someone else to the ruler of these lands. he seems to buy it, but becomes more relaxed. he points out that he never mentioned a runaway slave and gives a sob story of how he cared for the slave because of her memory loss, also mentioning he needed to remember her of that constantly.

upon asked if we knew of where the slave was, he receives a mostly "we dunno" answer, but we inquire of who she was. he politely refuses to tell of her private life and handle us a bouquet of black roses.

we are here now, and the way things are, i would not be surprised if saulanna suddenly had a memory flashback from the bouquet.

id also like to point out that despite the thugs never saw saulanna in human form, she appeared to them shackled and untatooed. i do not know anything that would explain the soul bonfire at all. added that to the huge mouth we have, its pretty safe to say we lost the social duel.
No. 19518 ID: c4c313


Yeah, we were pretty much boned after >>/quest/194403

Democracy at work!
No. 19519 ID: 8e2486

we didn't do that. the mark and all that was not done, we just gave them a vague threat of leaving or we will kill them next time.

seriously, our biggest issue is what we want her to do. if we ate or killed those ghosts as well we wouldn't of needed to worry about them giving a message to anyone. simply put, but being a pacifist we let someone gain information.
No. 19533 ID: e67770

no the craving didnt happened. but the message did.

now he is all like "wow, she IS full of shit" and thinking in how many ways he can pimp us for that music box.
No. 19534 ID: 8e2486

whelp looks like you are wrong, this guy is an asshole and deserves to be munched.
No. 19536 ID: 8e2486

PS, from now on assume all abyssals are out to get us until proven otherwise.
No. 19537 ID: 076306

Ok, someone suggested to "Use 6 points of power to upgrade all around". Sorry, cannae do. Shapeshifting can be used separately, but in one "action" you can use a moon ability or moon boost one talent.

Saulanna has to become more powerful before she can combine moon abilities together, including the moon boost.

Just getting that info out there.
No. 19543 ID: e67770

yeah i was pretty sure that it could happen, but that we could try to diverge it by gettin in his good side. mostly after he talked about the message i was pretty certain he was a enemy.

>thinking in how many ways he can pimp us for that music box
im not sure, but if we fall unconsious we shoulnt lose the contents of the inner den.
No. 19547 ID: c4c313

He doesn't know we have the music box. I don't even think he knows about the music box! He may know of it and it might be the key to his destruction, but I would not bet on that..

Pilgrin knows, with a very small shadow of a doubt, that we are his escaped prisoner. We basically gave him that information point blank. That's why he's knocking us out (not killing us) and that's why he wants to capture us. No box, nothing like that, just our strange mysterious past, and I wouldn't doubt the blood sucker himself is the one who made us an amnesiac.
No. 19548 ID: c4c313

Frankly I don't think Pilgrin is doing anything particularly evil. This is more our fault than his. He's trying to minimize the damage, not do anything horrible or inhumane yet. That doesn't mean I think he's not evil. Just he hasn't proven himself yet to be so. If he gets us and takes us back to his evil dungeon of forgetty to be tortured, then he'll be evil, but right now I'm laying the blame for this solely on >>/quest/194403

(Well that and Jukashi took one single anon's "quick idea" and had Saulanna decide to do it just because it'd get us in trouble later. =_=)
No. 19549 ID: 42838c

I think it's "Peregrin." Like the falcon.
No. 19550 ID: e67770

he knows of the music box. his thugs where stealing it. we saved the dude with the music box. they saw us taking off with it.

the plot.

it must go on.

even if it is on rails.
No. 19551 ID: e67770

oh. falcon king.

thats not bad.
No. 19553 ID: c4c313


His thugs might have mentioned that. But basically they saw Gevin with the box, grabbed it from him on general looting principles, and then started interrogating him on the whereabouts of a girl with long hair in manacles. Pomegranate sure as heck didn't order them to seek out any music box. All they were really after was Saulanna.
No. 19556 ID: 8bdb6a

Well, told you guys he was evil, (also, the sky is blue) but on the other hand, I also figured he'd never use a trick like that. Whoops. Lesson learned.

I mean this in the nicest way possible: Please, please stop acting like you know everything. We realize you've read every exalted sourcebook and we're all very, genuinely impressed, but please try to tone it down, if it's not too much trouble.
No. 19577 ID: e67770

i should refrain from posting then =c

facing a experienced exalt, even if on social battles, would be too much of a challenge for a new exalt. i really thought he was gonna be some sort of ally.
No. 19580 ID: 8bdb6a

>i should refrain from posting then =c
It's not my quest, so I couldn't tell you to stop even if I wanted. I'm just asking that you stop acting like you know everything. We don't know what's changed from canon exalted, so we can't be certain that any single thing is the same.

...that said, you just assumed that he was one of the tiny fraction of Abyssals who aren't hugely evil? In spite of the fact that he was the person who had Saulanna in shackles? That's just boneheaded. Sorry.
No. 19582 ID: 2eac65

Getting to know someone before you decide to kill and eat them on principle is not being stupid. It's being fair. There's a difference between reading subtext and jumping to conclusions.

And how do we know that Abyssals are so horrible? This is different from canon Exalted, as you yourself just said, and even in canon it's not exactly accurate. Nobody was saying not to be cautious, only that he might not be as bad as you're assuming.

You're calling out 5copper for metagaming, but you're doing the same thing, and personally insulting other users because of it. Stop that.
No. 19583 ID: 538af1

more like he is an abyssal as in FROM THE ABYSS.
all i know about exalted is from reading KoC that is it. just the name abyssal tells me he is bad news. i have no idea what they do other then they want to one day kill everything.
No. 19586 ID: e67770

well i was mostly hoping that it would be explained because it makes no sense to face a experienced exalt so soon. as far as i know the slave sob story was unrelated to us because he wanted to dissuade us to go with him willingly.

also i didnt wanted to prosecute him for being a nigger equivalent of a abyssal. now that he literally caught us there are reasons to think he is evil. when we discover what he has been doing with us we will have reasons to eat his soul, rip and tear his guts or something like it.

you are gonna LOVE when we find a infernal =3
No. 19588 ID: 8bdb6a

>well i was mostly hoping that it would be explained because it makes no sense to face a experienced exalt so soon
Quit assuming so much.
No. 19589 ID: 2eac65

That's basically it. One thing to remember about Exalted, though, is that you are what you make of yourself. Exalted aren't categorized by what they want to do, but by what they're designed to do. Abyssals are the most heavily restricted of the Exalted, but even they don't all try to kill the universe; some of them fight against their masters, some use their powers for their own purposes, and some protect the peace in the Underworld without getting involved in the killing. Same with Solars, Lunars, Sidereals, and any other variety: it's not the powers you have that make the difference, it's the things you do with them.

And canonically, the Abyssals don't work for the Ebon Dragon. They work for the Deathlords. There's no telling what difference that makes.
No. 19592 ID: e67770

each one of those bolded words sounds good for power wording.

i was thinking, would the power word not be so versatile it could be used to deny anything?
No. 19599 ID: 42838c

I've been partial to creating a Power Word that would be something like "Ignore," as in, we could cause someone to ignore or overlook something else, most probably us. It seems to me that we could avoid a whole lot of trouble if we could say "IGNORE ME!" and have it actually work.
No. 19600 ID: 2eac65

We already have Mask Sneak for stealth. Unfortunately, it doesn't work while our Soul Fire is on, but I expect any other attempts to make people ignore us will run into the same problem.

Maybe Power Word: Snuff to extinguish our Soulfire? But I'd prefer something with a wider variety of uses.

My main goal with Titan's Will is to think of ways to get more of it. Since it comes from sentient beings, that's going to be a troublesome issue. I'll want to save a point for Efficiency of Consumption, in case we ever run into another soul we want to eat, because it'll give us a point back immediately. Here's another idea:

Soul Harvest
Grass that is uprooted can only be eaten once, but when the grass is merely trimmed, it can regrow from its roots again and again. As it is with crops, it is with souls. This ability will let Saulanna shear off parts of a soul without destroying it utterly, reducing the victim's Soul Force by one level, and granting her a single measure of Titan's Will. This is devastating to the victim's mind and identity, but leaves them the means to regrow into a different person.

This will let us gain strength and keep people with power under control, solving two moral dilemmas at once.
No. 19601 ID: 8bdb6a

I am opposed to making words of power that will only matter in the current situation or extremely similar ones.
No. 19603 ID: 940a91

i like clense. anything that could be cleaned will be. never will poisons of any kind bother us.

most powerful and probably expensive as fuck would be DIE and single word that ends a life. don't know about you but high lvls of that would let us kill some bullshit things.
No. 19604 ID: 940a91

oh and that Soul Harvest thing sounds bullshit lvl of expensive. probably needs like 20 titans will.
No. 19606 ID: c828d1

Just to clear a few points:

Inner Den can only be used to carry solid objects. No gas or liquid, unless they're inside a container.

Eating only part of the soul is possible (with an upgrade), but it is massively crippling, and no-one can recover from it without powerful magic. Even then, they will almost never be able to return to their full spiritual vitality.
No. 19607 ID: 2eac65

So those plans won't work. Still, no harm in wondering.

We can still use Inner Den through our feet, right?
No. 19608 ID: 8bdb6a

>Eating only part of the soul is possible (with an upgrade), but it is massively crippling, and no-one can recover from it without powerful magic. Even then, they will almost never be able to return to their full spiritual vitality.
Ouch! I wonder what that would be good for? (Aside from getting delicious soul meats without technically killing someone)
No. 19609 ID: e17ed5

hmmmm, what happens when a partially chomped soul gets in line for reincarnation?
No. 19615 ID: e67770

asides the horrible idea that maybe saulanna is a partial soul eated victim, this was a largely unsurprising update.

i was gonna suggest power word NOT and efficiency, but it seems we should wait even furter. im worried because im not sure we can escape peregin's influence.
No. 19634 ID: 42838c

Well, we might be able to escape his influence if we kill him. And we might actually have a way to do that. I think that creating Power Word: Confusion and using it on Kaan might incapacitate him enough for Saulanna to go back and rip his throat out. Or just run away freely. Take your pick.

But for this to work, we'd need to decide to use Titan's Will and not avoid it or hoard it.

I think it's our best option. Does anyone disagree, or see any flaws in the basic plan? If so, why, or what?
No. 19638 ID: 2eac65

I want to save our Titan's Will to get us out of a situation where we'll need to use it. It's true that we shouldn't hoard it, but we also shouldn't use it when we've got other options which are less costly or more likely to work.

It's against Wordblood's nature to destroy information, which means it'll cost a lot to try, and Kaan specializes in using his mind, so he'll probably be able to shake it off. Basically, we're matching our weakness against his strength.

Instead, we should target his weaknesses. I'm guessing he's a physical-tertiary character, and we know where to find a poison that targets Endurance. That would be a much more reliable way to incapacitate him. Failing that, we could attack him physically in some way; we've got ways of boosting our martial strength, though I'm sure he has some of his own.
No. 19640 ID: aabc6d

>Well, we might be able to escape his influence if we kill him.
jeegus x-ist, i was talking about his informants and personnel.

we cant face him head on with confusion, since mental is at least his second highest atribute, its unlikely this could work. then we have to consider he has magic and can attack us better that we can with our feeblesome physical.

saulanna isnt beardbeard, we need magic before heading experienced villains.

that is a very restrictive use of TW. we should rest for now, mostly because he just started to use his motes and we are already half way trhu them.

unless someone wants to eat gevin. then we can waste all TW we want and get the motes back
No. 19650 ID: 4a4aa1

Y'know, I think I'll say now that, it being such a contentious subject, I'm gonna need a vote of at least three people before a Power Word is made. Here in the disc thread, preferably, just so the debate doesn't clog up the main thread.
No. 19651 ID: 4a4aa1

Not that I'm calling for a vote or anything.

I'm just saying, for future reference.
No. 19657 ID: 2eac65

The problem is that we don't know how much Titan's Will any of our ideas would take, or how close they'll be to what we expect them to be. Without knowing that, all we can say is "this would be nice to have".
No. 19660 ID: aabc6d

should we poll on the possible words to make a voting soon?

the way things are going we really should consider doing it asap.
No. 19678 ID: 8bdb6a

I vote we spend one TW on AGILITY.

While a word of power is tempting, most of those being suggested will only be useful in very specific circumstances. Possibly too specific to ever actually be useful. Agility isn't particularly flashy, but it's incredibly broad. Almost every situation can be assisted by more Agility. It'd have helped Saulanna dodge that poison cloud, or climb that cliff, or catch that Ghost Boss without having to use Moon Boost. It'd make her better at running away, attacking, defending, and a bunch of other things.

We like to think that she can think or talk her way out of anything, but so far almost every situation has gotten physical in some way.
No. 19680 ID: 4ecd6a

id say efficiency and moon power.

we arent really supposed to work physically, i would be quite sad to discover later on we have charms/spells to defend us without agility.
No. 19681 ID: e973f4

I really can't argue with this.
No. 19682 ID: 54af1f

Yeah, I agree here. Agility is generally useful and efficient.
No. 19683 ID: 8bdb6a

>we arent really supposed to work physically, i would be quite sad to discover later on we have charms/spells to defend us without agility.
"What if, some day in the distant future, we no longer need stats?" doesn't seem like very solid logic.
And "we're not supposed to work" just doesn't make any sense.
No. 19684 ID: c00244

This seems a solid choice, although personally my inclination would be to improve either Wordblood's or Saulanna's soul force. The logic is similar there- much like agility, doing so would have a broad set of benefits.

Really, though, more important than what we spend it on it simply that we spend it at all. It does us no good sitting around waiting to be used... and while certain objections have been made to devouring souls, I don't really have a problem with it. We could get a lot of power very quickly that way, which is rather the logical course in our current situation. And it's not really any worse than killing people; they just end up "reincarnated" as part of us, instead of reincarnating elsewhere. In the case of ghosts, who are already dead... why not?

Point is, we should gain as much Titan's Will as possible and spend it to improve ourselves as fast as possible, before someone gets us while we're still weak.
No. 19685 ID: 8bdb6a

>Point is, we should gain as much Titan's Will as possible and spend it to improve ourselves as fast as possible
Agreed. We should spend the second TW on Efficiency of Consumption (Even though Soul Force is handy), both so we get more TW later, and so people start focusing on how to get more, instead of arguing over how to spend the current points...
No. 19689 ID: 54af1f

Can people stop posting giant difficult to read suggestions in the game thread? They're making it much more difficult to read and kind of killing my interest here.
No. 19690 ID: d78b61

so we are agreed. efficiency and agility.
No. 19698 ID: a594b9

No. 19700 ID: 2eac65

Physical changes take time. We can't do that now, and if we do it later, we can train for it normally. Titan's Will can be used for many other things that we can't just get through training.

Here's an analogy: You want to make a meal. You have five dozen eggs and fifteen dollars. You could use the money to buy some scrambled eggs, or you could scramble your own eggs and buy some sausage and orange juice to go with them.

>While a word of power is tempting, most of those being suggested will only be useful in very specific circumstances.
Yes, it's important to have something with general utility. That's what I've been trying to come up with: suggestions that will be useful in many future situations.

Killing people isn't something we do casually, either. That's why forcibly reincarnating someone is a big deal.

Think about what Saulanna's seen so far. She's met a god, a demon, several ghosts, and she's heard of an entire civilization of ghosts which seems to be working out fine. Peregrin Kaan is the first "living" human she's seen. Saulanna isn't going to think that, since ghosts are "dead" already, "killing" them again is no big deal. A person's life doesn't end when their body dies, it ends when their soul reincarnates; that is when their identity vanishes and they become a new person. Life as a ghost is just what comes after life as a mortal; it's just as valuable.
No. 19702 ID: d78b61

then we will never get any more TW ever because unless wordblood eats someone we get nothing ever. besides, once he get's powerful enough he can just MAKE more souls to make up for the ones he has taken.
No. 19703 ID: e31d52

Power word: Stop is so utilitarian it hurts. Think about it.
No. 19707 ID: 2eac65

Not "never". Just not easily. Sometimes, we might have no choice but to kill a soul, and if that happens, absorbing them into ourself is no worse than forcing them to reincarnate. But it's not something to be done lightly. We shouldn't use it up on something we can just as easily get through other methods on the assumption that we can just get more Titan's Will later.
No. 19708 ID: a594b9

I bet the more useful and powerful a word is, the more expensive it will be.
No. 19709 ID: e31d52

It's more likley that the more useful a use is, the more expensive it will be. Stopping time will be more expensive than stopping poison.
No. 19715 ID: 8bdb6a

>Physical changes take time.
I can find no reference to this.

>We can't do that now, and if we do it later, we can train for it normally.
That's your assumption. Training normally could be incredibly difficult and/or time consuming, for all we know.

>Here's an analogy: You want to make a meal. You have five dozen eggs and (etc)...
Maybe we have something better to do that day than cook. Your analogy assumes that time is free. In this case, 'cooking' could take months of precious time.
No. 19716 ID: d78b61

two different costs, TW is how much the word costs whill our MP is how strong a use can be.
No. 19717 ID: 54af1f

Not to mention the fact that we're currently in a shadowlands being followed around by some kind of horrible abyssal. We need to get our combat stats up now.
No. 19719 ID: 8bdb6a

And, so maybe upgrading Agility takes a nonzero amount of time. We don't know how long. All the more reason to start ASAP instead of waiting until we desperately need it.
No. 19720 ID: 2eac65

>Says who? I can find no reference to this.

>It's only when Titan's Will is used to affect the external world (including Saulanna's body) that it will take time, depending on what it is that's being done.
Emphasis mine.

>I think you are just making things up and stating them as fact.
Stop that. You've been hostile and condescending, and now you're outright insulting my honesty. I'm only trying to discuss what to spend our upgrades on; I'd really like to avoid any personal hostility.

>Again, that's your assumption. Training normally could be incredibly difficult and/or time consuming, for all we know.
Maybe, maybe not. We know it's possible, and we're already planning to train Gevin to enter the living world.

But Agility isn't really as versatile as you've said. It'll help us fight, or climb a cliff, but it won't help us lift a rock, solve a puzzle, negotiate a contract, write a poem, or find buried treasure. It's only useful in certain types of physical challenges. Which does include our current situation, but putting a point in Agility will only make us slightly more above average; it won't tip the balance of power in our favor as much as a new, cleverly applied ability could.

Maybe we don't have such an option. But maybe we do, and it should be the first thing we look for.
No. 19721 ID: 8bdb6a

>Stop that.
Yeah, I deleted that awhile ago because I thought I was being too rude. Oh well.

>Maybe, maybe not.
Right. We don't know.

>But Agility isn't really as versatile as you've said. It'll help us fight, or climb a cliff, but it won't help us lift a rock, solve a puzzle, negotiate a contract, write a poem, or find buried treasure.
'Cleanse' isn't exactly going to write you a sonnet either. Also, improving a stat by one level means that it'll be two levels higher while Moon Boosted. Score!

But I think the key issue here is that I don't think we can just 'give up' on agility, or put it on a back burner. It is our main line of defense, offense, and escape, and we keep getting attacked!
No. 19724 ID: 2eac65

>'Cleanse' isn't exactly going to write you a sonnet either.
But it will help us with poisons, diseases, and magical effects, and we're probably going to encounter the latter quite a lot. That's not much more, but my point is that Agility doesn't have a clear advantage in that area.

>But I think the key issue here is that I don't think we can just 'give up' on agility, or put it on a back burner. It is our main line of defense, offense, and escape, and we keep getting attacked!
That's true. It would be very useful to improve. But in the long term, we have better options than spending Titan's Will, and in the short term it's a bad idea for several reasons:

It could leave us vulnerable while our body changes.
We're already faster.
Peregrin will still outclass us in melee skill.
We may have other options which will make a bigger difference.

The last one is the important one. We can't hope that one extra point of Agility will push the balance in our favor. We need a more decisive edge.
No. 19725 ID: c00244

>Life as a ghost is just what comes after life as a mortal; it's just as valuable.
I understand what you're saying here and it may very well hold true in this setting; it would not do so in many in which I have played, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt here. Therefore I shall clarify and/or alter my position somewhat.

Running around devouring villages- of living mortals, ghosts, or whatever- would be inappropriate. However, I'm more than willing to set the bar for how much someone has to annoy us/piss us off/generally act like a dick in order for us to go after them for their delicious soul quite low. We don't have to be nice, or merciful, or cut other people slack. We need power, and if others give us any excuse to take it from them we should damn well jump on it. Killing people- no matter their form- isn't very nice, but Luna didn't charge us to be nice, she charged us to "kick ass in [her] name".
No. 19727 ID: d78b61

we give them ONE chance. they step out of line we give them a warning. step out of line again and NOM NOM NOM!
No. 19728 ID: e5b19f

i disagree with any PW. since there doesnt seem to be a actual choice asides efficiency and [Atribute], id like to propose efficiency and dexterity, or any other physical status that may help us craft. if at all, we should adquire mastery in a martial art style, but this doesnt seem to be a choice now.

we kinda already discussed this. even if there is a perfectly normal undead/ghost society there will be those that are simply too criminal/evil to be a part of it. those, we feast upon.
No. 19733 ID: 2eac65

There are lots of other options. Like, for instance, this:

World Reading
Allows the user to see the words and numbers that define the world and everything in it. While active, Saulanna can understand the essential nature of any creature, thing, or magical effect she sees.

Basically, a thematically-adapted version of All-Encompassing Sorcerer's sight. This will be much more useful against Kaan than an agility boost, and it's likely to come in very handy in the future.

But I think we're trying to find one answer to two questions: "What do we spend our Titan's Will on?" and "How do we deal with Peregrin Kaan?" The latter has many answers which don't involve spending Titan's Will at all, and I want to focus on those, so we'll be able to answer the former without compromising long-term effectiveness for short-term effectiveness.
No. 19734 ID: d78b61

efficiency is long term regardless of situation.
No. 19737 ID: 2eac65

Yes, Efficiency of Consumption is almost certainly a good choice, because we'll get its cost back as soon as we absorb someone else. But we might need that point for something before we find another victim. The upgrade doesn't change the physical world, so it won't take any time to make. We can get it immediately before the consuming process; we lose nothing by delaying.
No. 19840 ID: e973f4

Please stop doing this! It is extremely counterproductive towards us forming a consensus on something for you to just say "no," give no reasons, and accuse one of the other suggesters of trying to start a fight. :C
No. 19842 ID: 2eac65

I've said multiple times already why upgrading Agility is a bad idea. He seems to be ignoring them. If he had logically explained why it was actually the best option, that would be one thing, but he isn't.
No. 19843 ID: e973f4

... which doesn't change the fact that upgrading agility has approximately seven votes for to what appears to be your one against in this thread. :/
No. 19846 ID: 2eac65

I gave reasons. Just saying "no" and ignoring them isn't productive either.
No. 19847 ID: d586b6

I still think being an Abyssal minion for a little while sounds fun, as he shows us the ropes.
No. 19850 ID: 8bdb6a

>If he had logically explained why it was actually the best option, that would be one thing
I've explained at least four times:
Your response, each time, was "we can just train it up later." However, this has not convinced me, since we need it ASAP, and we can always get more TW later. That is, if we survive. Hoarding it is pointless.

>I still think being an Abyssal minion for a little while sounds fun, as he shows us the ropes.
Well, maybe. But... this is the guy who had Saulanna in chains. The guy who was experimenting on her in the first place. The guy who swore his soul to the gods of death and pledged that he would do all in his power to destroy the world. The guy who tricked and attacked us just a minute ago!
Isn't it a little obvious by now that he's an evil liar? I think he'll go "haha, sucker," and put the PC in stronger chains. Or a mind control collar or something.
No. 19851 ID: e973f4

Alright, so, looking through the thread, it appears that you and testpattern continued arguing back and forth on this for some time. Not seeing any "I'm ignoring your reasons" in here and I don't know why you're being so defensive.

I was just saying that "my concerns have not been fully addressed" does not change the fact that we have
>>329478 (>>329483 >>329485 >>329515 >>329519 >>329521) one
>>329481 two
>>329482 (>>329517) three
>>329484 (>>329525) four
>>329490 (>>329502) five
>>329498 six
>>329480 (>>329528) one
>>329500 (>>329507 >>329520 >>329524 >>329533) two
against as far as this proposal goes, which in light of >>329450 suggests that we probably have enough people behind it to do it regardless. :V
No. 19852 ID: 54af1f

>Your response, each time, was "we can just train it up later." However, this has not convinced me, since we need it ASAP, and we can always get more TW later. That is, if we survive. Hoarding it is pointless.

It doesn't, for instance, help us escape the crazed Daybreak caste who we're now facing.
No. 19853 ID: 2eac65

>Your response, each time, was "we can just train it up later."
That is not the only thing I've said.

>However, this has not convinced me, since we need it ASAP,
We don't need it and can't get it now.

>and we can always get more TW later.
Maybe we won't. How do you know we'll run into another situation where it's morally right to eat someone's soul?

We do, however, know we'll have more training time later.

>Hoarding it is pointless.
Not using it for Agility doesn't mean hoarding it. There are many other things we can use it for.

I've said all of this already. This is frustrating.
No. 19854 ID: 8bdb6a

>We don't need it...
We obviously do. What do you want, a list of times we've needed more, already?
>Maybe we won't.
Are you seriously saying that you think the game has this XP mechanic for the purpose of never again being used?
>I've said all of this already.
Here's your problem. You think your points prove you right. We HAVE read your points, but we STILL disagree with you. Repeating them again (and again, and again) won't convince us.
Likewise, my points clearly aren't going to convince you.
Just stop jumping down our throats when we make suggestions we disagree with. You are not the boss.
No. 19855 ID: 2eac65

Of course you aren't going to convince me if you spend more effort on belittling me than on logical discussion. I'm not trying to force anyone to agree with me without any consideration. I'm trying to discuss the matter.

>We obviously do. What do you want, a list of times we've needed more, already?
And we've solved each situation without it. You're exaggerating its universal applicability, and you haven't addressed any other options or suggestions.

>Are you seriously saying that you think the game has this XP mechanic for the purpose of never again being used?
You keep misrepresenting other people's points. What I said was that we don't know how freely we'll be able to get Titan's Will, and have reasons to be conservative about it.
No. 19856 ID: 8bdb6a

>And we've solved each situation without it.
And at least two of them could've been solved more quickly and cheaply if we had a higher score. And we probably could've had a chance to dodge that latest attack.

Anyhow. I don't want to argue with you anymore. I keep saying we should agree to disagree, but you just keep bringing it up as though you have conclusively proved us wrong and we're just too stupid to see it, which is not the case. I've made my point in detail, and I don't feel like belaboring it over and over and over until someone gets too tired to continue posting. Please, please, just stop jumping down our throats about it. We just want to spend an experience point in a game. :(
No. 19857 ID: 2eac65

I never wanted this to be a personal squabble. All I'm trying to do is talk about what we should do so we can make the best decision. That isn't jumping down anyone's throat.
No. 19860 ID: e973f4

My problem is that it feels like you're saying "you guys can't do anything unless I approve it," almost. You and Testpattern are reiterating the same arguments over and over again without really getting anywhere in terms of either of you changing your opinions, and it appears that enough people have been convinced by his arguments rather than yours for his plan to have enough support to go through.

What I am more interested in is that you have made multiple references to plans on how to get out of the current situation that don't involve the use of TW. If you could expand on these, it might give you a better apparent position than "don't do this!"
No. 19862 ID: 2eac65

I... wasn't trying to give that impression. I'm sorry for that. Really. I don't want to be that arrogant. I'm just very frustrated because I'm trying to debate the issue and it seems like he isn't responding to or even acknowledging my points, or any of the other options I'm thinking of. Even explaining why my reasons are unconvincing would be enough for a healthy debate.

>What I am more interested in is that you have made multiple references to plans on how to get out of the current situation that don't involve the use of TW. If you could expand on these, it might give you a better apparent position than "don't do this!"
Like I said, that's a whole separate issue. And increasing Agility won't really address it, since it takes time and will only slightly tip the balance of power. It seems to me that people are too focused on "boost Agility" as an answer to both questions, while it isn't the optimal answer to either.

As for the current situation, I've shared a few plans in the main thread. My plan to have him disarm himself as a gesture of trust will also help us if we decide to fight him. The overall goals I'm shooting for are to either escape and continue with our goal of finding Ruive, or incapacitate him and interrogate him for information.
No. 19863 ID: e973f4

I'm just saying that if you propose an actual alternative in this thread instead of simply opposing the other plan with a decent amount of weight behind it you might have a better shot at winning people over, is all.
No. 19865 ID: e973f4

>it seems like he isn't responding to or even acknowledging my points

That is not how your back-and-forth starting from >>329478 reads at all! Both of you consistently address the other's arguments, even if just to say that you disagree with them.
No. 19874 ID: ec8582

Test Pattern: if you could not choose agility, WHAT would you choose?

Typo: i havent seen your suggestion. am i blind?

Jukashi: barge in conversation and make it efficiency and agility anyway

yes i see your point, but they do not elaborate on their opinions. its like a very elaborated "yes it is/no its not" argument.

as far as i noticed:
soul power would give us more MP and better effect on the charms. agility helps conflict. moon power seems to be a wildcard since not even wordblood knows what it will come.

i still want moon power + efficiency =c the only power word that truly feels useful is not. cleanse is very difficult to reuse and now its outdated.
No. 19878 ID: e973f4

My votes are for agility + efficiency of consumption, as I've said a few times, and based on what I've read in this thread. :V
No. 19879 ID: ec8582

nuts. there goes my idea of using it to get martial art.
No. 19883 ID: 2eac65

Alternatives to what? Getting more agility, or getting more agility to help our fight? There are two separate issues here, and I've suggested alternative solutions to both.

Yes, buy why?
No. 19884 ID: 5f20de

5copper, 2Edition, to put it plainly: In terms of support, TestPattern has more'n you. Unless you can scrounge up some counter-support, well, agility it'll be.

Personally, I wanted Power Word Confusion and/or a Wordsblood spirit upgrade, and I still don't agree we should boost agility. However much TestPattern argues that it's the single most useful thing we can do, I still think we should set Saulanna in a different direction than the typical warmongery ass-kicking one. And there's the matter of how long an agility 'upgrade' will take in real-time.

That said, seems we're outvoted on the matter, so eh.

...Although, would someone be interested in changing their mind and tossing all their weight behind Power Word: Truth? Might be able to use it to see through illusions, and make people be honest with us, which WOULD be useful. Hell, could've made our conversation with Peregrin a tad more interesting if we'd thought of that earlier.
No. 19885 ID: ec8582

thats tecnically 3 against agility upgrade. 1 more and jukashi wont peform it until something else pops up.

saulanna wasnt made thinking in battles, her primary status is mind, with social as secondary. im against agility because that would ruin her build in the future, even if we regard other means of trainning. moon power could give us charms related to social and physical battles. saulanna's soul power upgrade would be a generic, safe upgrade to everything.

im chargin in this battle because i know we need more from peregin and the only way we will get it is if he captures us.

also: PW truth may be easily replaced by some moon charms that increases saulanna's persuasiveness. considering she has high intuition, i think PW truth is not a good choice, even now.
No. 19886 ID: e973f4

>yes, but why?
>based on what I've read in this thread

(well, with efficiency of consumption in particular it's also because if there's one thing I've learned from playing games with this sort of mechanic extant anywhere it's that upgrading your ability to get more upgrade points almost always pays off.)
No. 19887 ID: 2eac65

That's probably because there hasn't been much focus on other ideas. He suggested it and people just went "yeah". Boosting our Agility is a good idea, just not with Titan's Will.

Power Word: Confusion is a bit specific. Its only use would be incapacitating people. As an alternative, something like [b[Forget[/b] or Submit would have other uses.

Instead of Truth, I'd choose Power Word: Confess, to reveal a person or object's hidden secrets. Less likely to be tricked by clever phrasing, and it resonates strongly with Wordblood's language theme. This would be immediately relevant and useful in the future.
No. 19888 ID: 8bdb6a

If everyone who wants something else counts as a subtracted vote, then we'll never have enough, save if the overwhelming majority wants something.
No. 19890 ID: c00244

I don't know that "confess" could affect an object. Something like "Reveal" might be more effective for that purpose while still working for social purposes. Alternately, we could attack the problem from another angle by going with "Discern", used upon ourself to increase our perceptions- and discover if others are full of it, any hidden objects or potentially magics, that sort of thing.

I do think that taking one of the words in this line would be of significant benefit to us in both the short and long term.
No. 19891 ID: 5f20de


To assume people have given no thought to their pick is rather, if you'll pardon me saying so, presumpteous of you. Maybe they put effort into following this thread and this argument, and made a calculated decision. Just because someone keep their posts short and sweet, doesn't mean there's no thought behind it. And the point still stands: Test's suggestion has numbers, ours do currently not. Clearly this means he has succeeded better in garnering support than either of us.

Look, if you were looking to raise support for your point of view, it probably doesn't help that your vote so far has mostly been "no, we shouldn't use anything yet", something not many seem to agree with. You've also made a ton of possible upgrade suggestions that have muddied the waters on where you stand support-wise. What ARE you currently championing, exactly? If people aren't clear on that, how can you expect them to support you?


I'm fairly sure opposition voices do not subtract support voices. Particularly not when no (semi-equally supported) alternative is available and the number of opposition voices are LESS than the number of support voices, both of which seem to be the case here.


"Discern" has a nice ring to it.
No. 19892 ID: e973f4

An alternative to the latter, clearly spelled out.

>he suggested it and people just went "yeah"
Gee, thanks for presuming that everyone who currently supports that plan does so solely because it's the only plan. >:/
No. 19893 ID: 2eac65

>To assume people have given no thought to their pick is rather, if you'll pardon me saying so, presumpteous of you.
You're right. I apologize for that.

>What ARE you currently championing, exactly?
I'm not too certain about any of my ideas. I'm hoping other people will give their thoughts on them.

>I don't know that "confess" could affect an object.
The way I imagine it, it would create glowing runes in the air that indicated any hidden purpose or feature of the object. And if used on a person, it would force them to reveal anything they're trying to keep hidden, through outright lies, omission or clever phrasing.

I think that's too broad in scope to be plausible.

Alternatively, instead of taking a Power Word to reveal hidden secrets, we could learn World Reading, as I described here: >>329533 That has the advantage of being a persistent effect rather than a one-time thing, but it's also limited in scope and won't help us with our current dilemmma. Then again, there are things it can show us that a Power Word can't.
No. 19899 ID: 8bdb6a

>Just because someone keep their posts short and sweet, doesn't mean there's no thought behind it.
A thousand times this. I try to keep my suggestions as short as possible. That doesn't mean I don't put thought into them.

>I'm not too certain about any of my ideas.
Just choose the one you think is the best.
No. 19900 ID: a594b9

Keep in mind that the more useful, powerful and far-reaching a Power Word is, the more expensive it will be to either make, cast, or both. We're not getting any free lunches here.
No. 19903 ID: 74f2e9

i just remembered, wordblood suggested the word "stop" when he recovered from his struggle to resist peregin's command.
No. 19908 ID: bc4f88


Ok, first a little reminder, since I'm sure Wordblood mentioned this, that an upgrade to Agility or to any physical Talent (or to Beauty) will take a little time. A matter of seconds, but considering that time is spent rewriting Saulanna's control over her body, you would expect a brief period of incapacitation.

This process, too, can be upgraded.

Now, Saulanna would be aware of this, and she probably isn't going to do it with Peregrin in front of her. But, since the majority seems in favour, she will have an Agility improvement when she next has opportunity, and she will instruct an upgrade to Efficiency of Consumption immediately.

That is, with the update.
No. 19909 ID: 5f20de


Fair enough. And I guess that uses up our TW supply.

Which means no more arguing! Huzzah!
No. 19910 ID: bc4f88


When I mean seconds, by the way, I mean about 10 to 15 seconds, or longer if Wordblood is distracted. The change is an extensive enough working that she'd fall over if she was standing or sitting up.

Agility is the most complicated of the four upgradable Talents.
No. 19911 ID: 74f2e9

wanna bet that next update we will change our minds?
No. 19912 ID: 2eac65

And how long would it take to train?
No. 19914 ID: 8bdb6a

Good to know. Next time, we'll know to just vote for stuff instead of arguing. Preferably, in a hurry, too.

"A good solution applied with vigor now is better than a perfect solution applied ten minutes later." -George S. Patton

(Also, I think your email might be down again, Jukashi.)
No. 19920 ID: 3c77ec

Do you have any comments on the viability of the various power word ideas being thrown around? GM review would be appreciated.
No. 19925 ID: 2eac65

Hold up a bit. I wasn't going to continue this argument, but since it looks like we're going to absorb another ghost soon, it's important to remember that Efficiency of Consumption won't reduce the mental strain. We'll need to get Ease of Consumption for that. So let's do that instead of getting Agility, and we can get Agility from the next ghost's soul.

Is this okay with the rest of you?
No. 19927 ID: e973f4

Makes enough sense. Nice catch there by the way.
No. 19928 ID: 9f6778

Not would be a ridiculously powerful Power Word that would wipe things or aspects of things from existence, or reverse them. It would take large amounts of TW to make and require more MP to cast than Saulanna currently has.

And using it would have... consequences.

Truth would cause a person to become unable to speak falsehood, and alter existing forms of deceit to become blatantly transparent as such to anyone who sees them. It is suited to Wordblood, so 2 TW to make it.

Reveal would be quite powerful: it would cause hidden things to become visible or be spoken (You'd have to have a particular secret at least vaguely in mind, though, or it will just reveal something random) but could also dispel magical concealment at higher levels of Soul Force, open containers and remove impediments to vision, such as mist, curtains or overgrown plants. Or clothes.

Confess would be more direct and more limited; a lesser word than Reveal, as it would only work on people and only make them unburden themselves of things they personally have kept hidden.
No. 19929 ID: 8bdb6a

Couldn't we just store him for now?

I agree if there's more than one ghost present, however. That could get tricky. And delicious!
No. 19931 ID: 74f2e9

we definitively need the motes and the bonfire from the soul. plus, brand new discussions about what agility buff to get!
No. 19932 ID: 74f2e9

i also agree with this extra buff.
No. 19934 ID: 54aa3e

very agree, double upgrade consumptions and with the new TW we should get a soul force upgrade for saulunna and wordblood.
No. 19935 ID: 8bdb6a

This is of course also on the condition that we actually get the ghost in our head without trouble.

Where's a Power-Pill when you need one?
No. 19937 ID: 2eac65

Also, he concluded that, since we haven't used any titan magic on him yet, we don't have any useful titan magic. This gives us a chance to surprise him. Using the right Power Word at the right time could win us the fight.
No. 19941 ID: 54aa3e

also, from how powerful it is, NOT could maybe bring back the dead. and simply say to it "you are NOT dead" and.... yeah.
No. 19942 ID: 2eac65

It could, but why would we want to? Ghosts seem to be fine as they are for the most part, and once they reincarnate there's nothing to bring back.
No. 19943 ID: 54aa3e

just the fact that we CAN is a HUGE deal. the pattern spiders would probably all flip their shit off the handle.
No. 19947 ID: c00244

Thanks! Would you mind giving your take on "submit", "silence", "discern", and the suggested World Reading ability? I found those to be some of the more interesting and potentially useful suggestions.

This is true, but he might very well be right. We're burning through Moon Power like nobody's business and our soul force is relatively low; perhaps they should be left for until we've got a soul force upgrade or three under our belts. The additional Moon Power would give us a lot more flexibility in using whatever words we create, not to mention that we'd be better with using them anyway.
No. 19948 ID: 54aa3e

that's why i propose using two TW from this next ghost to get saulluna and wordblood a soulforce upgrade.
No. 19950 ID: d86f54


You need two for EACH's soul force upgrade. So that'd make four.
No. 19955 ID: 2eac65

And "cleanse".

I also recall some mention about granting Power Words to other people. How does that work?
No. 19970 ID: 1cef1b

the same way it works with saulanna and wordblood.

anyway id say cleanse is a big no. "stop" seems to be the next best bet, we can even tell people to "stop" dying if it comes to it.
No. 19971 ID: e31d52

"STOP dying."
"STOP this poison."
"STOP shooting me."
"STOP that falling boulder."
etc etc etc
No. 20173 ID: 2eac65

Cleanse won't be much help now, but it will if we run into anyone who uses poison or magical curses, which I expect will be quite often. It can also help us cure the sick; that would be very helpful.

I don't think Stop would be that versatile. I expect it would be limited to freezing people and objects in time, which is still very useful.

On the subject of things that would help us in this battle:

Power Word: Brand
Sends out white-hot runes to deliver a painful message to one or more enemies or objects at a range. Once a target is branded, this word can be used again to make the runes flare up, causing debilitating pain or fatal burns at the user's preference.
No. 20176 ID: e31d52

But that's only a combat-useful word. Stop would let us stop things. Lots of things. It's not Za Warudo, its a word of law, it would not only stop the boulder flying in our faces, but the poison in our veins, an opponent's heart or thoughts, thier words, their spells. So long as we could imagine something being stopped, we might be able to stop it.

Meanwhile, Brand is pretty much a time-delay firebomb.
No. 20182 ID: 620bfb

No. 20188 ID: 2eac65

If Stop were as broadly useful as you expect, it would be prohibitively expensive.

>Meanwhile, Brand is pretty much a time-delay firebomb.
Also useful as a method of coercion, especially if we could set up different triggering conditions.
No. 20209 ID: 516618

now you are just fantasizing. we are using the meaning of the word as magic, not as a spell. it would not make sense for brand to use a curse by itself.

brand could work as a means to mark a target and keepit in check. so if he is hiding we could brand him for everyone to see, or use branding to use effects of charms and spells in someone previously branded. maybe even use branding to make his anima flare.
No. 20220 ID: 331878

GENERAL NOTE: Keeping in mind this Quest uses a turn-based battle system, please suggest actions when Saulanna is fighting, rather than broad strategies.

Brand would be a minor Power Word that makes a mark on something, that's all.

Cleanse would make things clean, and help with infectious diseases and with poison but not with most other afflictions. Also, though those things might be removed, their symptoms could persist for a time.

I explained Stop before. It halts the current motion of something that is moving, and at high levels will freeze things for a while. Using it to Stop the spread of poison would not be a good idea, you'd probably end up stopping your own heart.
No. 20225 ID: 9ded95

after wordblood digests this guy stop would perfect, it has low power requirements and even if it just stops him for just a moment, that opening we can do something nasty.
No. 20239 ID: 2eac65

That's true. Or maybe something like Bind or Wrap or Weave. Some way to capture Kaan so we can extract information out of him instead of just killing him.
No. 20253 ID: 69beeb

maybe. we may need to keep a secret on what we can or cant do yet.

if possible, we should peform wordblood soulpower upgrade or maybe saulanna's soul power + moon boost. something we shouldnt notice so easy.
No. 20257 ID: e31d52

>I explained Stop before. It halts the current motion of something that is moving, and at high levels will freeze things for a while. Using it to Stop the spread of poison would not be a good idea, you'd probably end up stopping your own heart.
My bad! I thought that would be more like Halt. I wonder... is momentum conserved? Like, once stop wears off, does something continue as if it hadn't? Because I can imagine some interesting combat tactics with that.
No. 20269 ID: 8e7d2a

Oh god no

Physics discussions in any sort of Exalted setting never end well.
No. 20270 ID: d3dfb8

Discussions in any sort of Exalted setting never end well.
No. 20276 ID: 69beeb

any sort of Exalted setting never end well.
No. 20284 ID: 2eac65

For the future, what about Power Word: Commune, to send messages over long distances?

Or Power Word: Soulfire? Creating false soulfire will mitigate our primary disadvantage in this fight (our lack of stealth), and we can ignite our own to use its bonus power.
No. 20294 ID: 8bdb6a

Do we really need to ask about every single last word that pops into our heads?
No. 20295 ID: 404e6c

i agree, would be best to have just a few really good ones then a thousand mediocre ones.
No. 20297 ID: 2eac65

We're just making suggestions and talking about them. You don't have to be so hostile about it.
No. 20302 ID: 69beeb

everyone first has to understand that the power word is linked to the concept. we are not making complex spells, but quick magical reality-changing concepts we can abuse.

power word dim could act to dim the soul fire? it would be interesting to consider using it in other exalts as well to dim their soul fire buff.
No. 20305 ID: 545b13

Considering that narrow or less powerful words cost less Titan's Will to create and less Moon Power to use, there's something to be said for having massive piles of not-incredibly-excellent powers.

I think my favorite ideas so far are Stop, Reveal, and Discern. I'd want to boost our soul before getting any of them, though.
No. 20306 ID: 2eac65

We can also grant Power Word to others. What are the limitations on that? Can we grant one to a mortal, and if so, what will he use to power it? Does it cost more or less than getting one for ourselves? And if we give someone a Power Word and absorb their soul later (like, say, as part of a prior agreement), will we get anything back?
No. 20308 ID: e31d52

Gentlemen, Stop may be good, but what about...

No. 20310 ID: e31d52
File 127944260498.jpg - (11.47KB , 400x226 , ohyes.jpg )

Of course, saving up enough for STOP and ACCELERATE would be rather awesome and hilarious, with the kind of crazy antics we could pull.
No. 20320 ID: 8e7d2a

No. 20368 ID: ceeb74


If something is in the air, it floats. If it's rolling, been pushed, etc., it just stops. A new external force can set an object in motion again. Momentum disappears.

If targeted at a creature, it works more like a command that they have to obey, and certain magical protections can shake it off as if it were any other supernatural compulsion.

Commune would let you communicate telepathically with the targeted being.

At this point I'll make note that Power Words usually work on a target Saulanna can see or at least point to, but most Power Words will also work through an ARCANE LINK such as a drop of blood, a lock of hair, a creature's True Name, et cetera. You know the kind of thing I'm talking about.

"Soulfire" isn't actually one word. It's Soul Fire. The Fire of your Soul. But in any case all it would do is cause Saulanna's Soul Fire to appear, either around herself or attached to something else.

Please note that Soul Fire is only light and does not in fact burn any more than regular moonlight does.

You can directly graft the ability to use a Power Word onto someone else (which costs TW, but is quick and requires nothing special from them aside having a soul and whatever their equivalent of Moon Power is) or teach it to them: anyone who can learn sorcery can learn to speak Power Words as well. This does not cost TW but does, however, take time and effort, as they need to hear and to practice saying the words themselves, and this is a spiritually strenuous process. They will then be able to teach Power Words that they know to others, but only Wordblood (or Saulanna, if she learns to do it herself) can craft new ones.

Makes things go faster.
No. 20369 ID: e31d52

I hope we're not annoying you. It's our nature to pick apart a system we are presented with.

Reminds me of my first successful textquest. The players got a hold of a hat that worked like a bag of holding and had a few other functions and then proceeded to use it as a primary weapon.
No. 20377 ID: 8e7d2a

I just want to mention I really love what you're doing, Jukashi, both here and with Keychain. Don't let stupid suggestions get you down, this is a blast for everyone!
No. 20383 ID: 2eac65

So if we used Stop to float something (like ourselves after jumping), how long would it last? Could we cancel it at will?

>whatever their equivalent of Moon Power is
Which means no normal humans, I assume. Can ghosts have Power Words?

>anyone who can learn sorcery
Does that mean anyone who knoes sorcery, or anyone with the potential to learn?
No. 20479 ID: 5fa2f4


Something that's been stopped in midair remains floating until something else tries to move it (or it tries to move itself), at which point gravity takes notice of it again.

Mortals can be enlightened and develop elementally neutral SOUL POWER. Ghosts can have Power Words grafted onto them but cannot learn them through study - only living souls have the natural potential to use TITANIC MAGICS such as Power Words, Shadow Arts, Sorcery or even Necromancy. Normally, ghosts can only learn their own intrinsic Ghost Powers. Even if they knew such things in life, that only leaves them the ability to teach once they're dead.

It's easier for a person to learn Power Words when they know Sorcery already, but it's not essential.
No. 20486 ID: 2eac65

>Mortals can be enlightened and develop elementally neutral SOUL POWER.
Does this cost any more than simply giving them a Power Word, and can it be done separately?

Is it posible to bind a spirit to us as a subsoul without damaging their sense of self? How much would that cost, and what effects would it have?
No. 20548 ID: 736caa

So... how much does it cost to absorb an abyssal?

Also: wordblood does language hax. How hard is it for him to change effects related to language, like, symbols in flying cards?
No. 20549 ID: 736caa

ok, where is the boss fight music from? how can I get more of things like that?
No. 20551 ID: 8e7d2a

By paying Daddy Cool lots of money to gain access to a secret area of VIP quality
No. 20559 ID: bffb4b


Giving a mortal enlightenment "by magic" would cost 2 measures of TW; providing a single Power Word for use costs only 1, but to actually use it you need Soul Power (or Moon Power or Sun Power or Death Power or etc. etc.). As with other forms of direct gift, however, the mortal's magic would then be slightly elementally flavoured, influencing their aptitude with various magics.

Methods exist for mortals to be enlightened in a more "pure" fashion, but this is either very dangerous or requires a lot of time and effort.

I suppose I should explain about the Elements.

There's DIVINE MAGIC, under which the intrinsic powers of gods and elementals belong, as well as the Abilities of the Sun, Moon, Star and Dragon Heroes. It's relatively cheap and easy to use but you can only normally learn it if it's part of your nature to begin with. It comes in flavours of the CELESTIAL ELEMENTS (Sun, Moon and Star) and the TERRESTRIAL ELEMENTS (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Wood). Then there's TITANIC MAGIC, such as Sorcery, Necromancy and the intrinsic Abilities of certain beings. Under this heading are also the powers unique to each Titan, and are also grouped like elements: Wordblood's Power Words are linked to the concept of Language, the Dragon's Shadow's Shadow Arts are obviously linked to the concept of Darkness, et cetera et cetera. There's SELF MAGIC, which harnesses the internal power of your own body and soul; the primary example of this is the Supernatural Martial Arts, although other species long ago had their own forms. Ghost Powers also fall under this category, once you're dead. And finally there's CHAOS MAGIC, drawn from the madness beyond reality, which is typically used by the Fae. It is very cheap but also very unreliable, being mostly illusion and trickery. Hard to learn, as well, though Lunars such as Saulanna can, with a teacher.

It is possible to absorb a soul without taking their sense of self - or at least, the appearance of it. You can even leave them alive in their own body, if they're not dead yet! But they are still an extension of you, and will do whatever you want them to do; if you leave them alone, they will act on their own best judgement and according to their personality, but they will essentially have no free will in regards your desires. Essentially they are turned into a sock puppet, with your metaphorical hand up the rear end of their soul. The upside for them is that will now be more powerful and have access to your magic, as you do to theirs, and you can use TW to improve them as if they were you. Which they will be.

Such a perfect absorption, however, can only be done with prior consent! This is basically the sell-your-soul deal.

Once he's dead, he can be absorbed as easily as any ghost. Alive though, he can't be absorbed without his free will. The HERO'S SOUL specifically prevents such things. The best you can do is crush his soul into a broken mangle of suffering!

Wordblood does not have any more than normal power over direct pictographic representations, unless they mean something different from what they actually look like. There is a bit of grey area on this, though.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Techno remix of music from the original Castlevania.

The piece is called "Vampire Killer".
No. 20560 ID: bffb4b


Renaming things from Exalted is more fun than I would have expected.
No. 20561 ID: 8bdb6a

If canon Exalted called it a "Hero's Soul" instead of an "Exaltation Shard," it'd probably make the whole concept easier to explain.
No. 20564 ID: bffb4b



Hun and po, then, I'll just call them the NOBLE SOUL and the BEAST SOUL. Easier to understand even than "higher" and "lower", and still pretty cool-sounding.
No. 20565 ID: 8bdb6a

I still prefer 'Primordial' to 'Titan,' but... it certainly beats 'Yozi.'
No. 20603 ID: 37bccd

At this point I will mention: Saulanna is more prone to anger and violence when she's in her War Form.
No. 20807 ID: 42838c

So what units of time is Wordblood counting in there? On the order of seconds, minutes, beyond?
No. 20809 ID: f4d08a


No. 20834 ID: d93589

i didnt wanted to clog the main trhead but i wanted to talk about what peregin is doing, so in order to maximize me not being cared for, i decided to post here!

im pretty sure peregrin is draining saulanna's motes, but trhu the old fashioned way of exausting the opponent. the "rage" spell must have been to force saulanna to engage him nonetheless, and now he must be waiting for us to be weak enought to send in the attack of his army.

its possible we can pretend to be weak and force a early activation of his trap, but im not sure this is possible. if we show him we can "digest" souls he should either adapt his strategy or run.
No. 20843 ID: 68584a

he doesn't know that eating dudes gives us more motes.
No. 20846 ID: cfe1c2

we already had a soul bonfire because of it. even if he didnt considered it by then, when we recover motes and have another bonfire it will be impossible for him to think otherwise.
No. 20877 ID: 2eac65

And how much would those options cost, in terms of time and resources? Do we need to increase our power for any of them?
No. 20878 ID: 593c69

okay, when this guy finishes being eaten what should we do with the 2 or 3TW we get from him? assume it's two points and have anything for the third point under 'optional'
i think increasing saulunna's soul force would be good.
No. 20880 ID: d5220e

if i had the photoshop skills, id place saulanna saying "ITS TW CHOICE TIME!" with a curling wordblood in the floor screaming "NO SAULANNA, NO!"
No. 20881 ID: 8bdb6a

We already have one earmarked to Agility. Good thing, since we're just not quick enough to reliably hit Peregrin.

The second TW should either be more agility, or Power Word: Halt.

If I had to vote for just one, it'd be Halt.
No. 20882 ID: c00244

I'm with you on the soul force bit, I think. I don't want to start playing with power words until we have enough soul force to really back them up; using them before that seems like showing an ace we don't have to. A dangerous ace, since anyone who hears us use them and knows what's what will immediately catch on to the fact that we're no normal Lunar.
No. 20883 ID: d5220e

that is counting with the 15 seconds needed to implement agility buff?

i am against any power word. maybe stop or halt indeed, but id rather not to. how about something that can help us when we get actual magical spells?
No. 20885 ID: 8bdb6a

>Eating people's souls isn't the only way to gain strength.
It's the only currently known way. The other methods are "maybe someday somehow theoretically."

I'm a little fuzzy on what soul force is good for when we don't have any power words or spells or anything.
No. 20886 ID: 714b9c


To be precise:
>other methods

Given time and practice, Saulanna can train herself in things the mortal boring way (and can do it faster and better with a teacher). The way things work in quest-Exalted, she will also occasionally mature new Moon Abilities or Shapeshifting styles over time, but only once her Caste has been set (in which case these "natural" new abilities will be based off her Caste and her needs as dictated by the situations she finds herself in and how she reacts to them). These methods can only improve things natural to Lunars or to ordinary humans, however.

Titan's Will can be gained either by eating souls (or spiritual beings such as gods, elementals and demons, but these will be harder to subdue than most human souls) or by absorbing Titan Fragments: Titan Fragments will also give Saulanna whole new types of powers, based on the nature of the Titan who lost them.

Saulanna can also gain supernatural power by being worshipped as a goddess.

>what soul force is good for

Soul Force increases general supernatural resilience and power; it will also increase the level of the things Saulanna can learn (so if Saulanna doesn't increase her Soul Force, she will never develop the most powerful/useful abilities and shapeshifting; several other things, such as sorcery, also need high Soul Force). Each dot of Soul Force will also increase Saulanna's Moon Power pool by three.

Soul Force is effectively a combination between regular Exalted's Essence and Willpower. it costs an amount equal to its current rating to improve.

I will also take this moment to say that increasing a Talent (such as Agility) costs 1 TW plus 1 for each time you improve it this way; hence since Saulanna's base Agility is 2, increasing it to 3 will cost 1, increasing to 4 will cost 2, etc.
No. 20887 ID: d5220e

in exalted, some charms use essence/soul power to determine their potency. we would also get a MP increase.

actual, regular trainning is always possible. we need to find a lunar tribe anyway.

yes we do. they can even teach us magic spells and other charms, the tatoos are a big bonus if we choose to hide in the wyld.
No. 20890 ID: 8bdb6a

What I meant was more that TW's the only method of improvement that we actually know the mechanics of, and the only one we actually have access to right now. Sorry for being unclear.

Normal training and learning takes awhile, but soul-eating lets us run around turning bystanders into power in minutes. Though, I think we need to worry more about Peregrin at the moment. He's full of dirty tricks. If, however, he's leaving us alone for now, gobbling up a whole crowd of mooks and leveling right the hell up, in flagrant defiance of normal character progression, is damn tempting.

Also, Soul Force looks equivalent to Permanent Essence, meaning it's very important over the long term, but isn't so great for immediate benefits.
No. 20892 ID: c00244

>once her Caste has been set
Can I get an explanation of this for those of us with weak Exalted-fu?

>Saulanna can also gain supernatural power by being worshipped as a goddess.
What kind of supernatural power are we talking here? And just how much worship do we need to get it- are we talking one guy silently praying, or cities conducting daily blood sacrifices atop grand temples to our glory?

>gobbling up a whole crowd of mooks and leveling right the hell up, in flagrant defiance of normal character progression, is damn tempting.
Is it ever. I back this plan completely.

>Soul Force... isn't so great for immediate benefits.
The greatest immediate benefit looks to be the extra dots of moon power. Throwing four titan's will at increasing our soul force would give us a 50% increase in maximum moon power, which is huge- since our moon power is basically the limitation on how long we can keep pulling powerful tricks out of our hat in combat, we'd be able to fight half again as long when we need to. Throwing general resilience and power increases on top of that is just icing on the cake, at least in the short term.

Admittedly, there are diminishing returns here- if we have thirty moon power, getting another three doesn't count for much. But for now, we're looking at dramatic improvements in our abilities with soul force increases.
No. 20893 ID: 8bdb6a

True, but you have to compare it to other things we could spend 4 TW on, like stat bonuses (meaning more ability for zero MP expenditure) or Words of Power. ("Halt" could help us hit Peregrin)

While more MP couldn't hurt, we've already got enough to buff ourselves and then Moon Boost for several turns, which is all we can really do with our powers right now.
No. 20895 ID: 8bdb6a

>Can I get an explanation of this for those of us with weak Exalted-fu?
Different Exalted types are further subdivided into different Castes. The Solars have the Dawn (warrior/general), Zenith (demagogue/king), Twilight (sorceror/artificer), Night (spy/assassin), and Eclipse (diplomat/politician) caste.

Lunars have the Full-Moon (physical), Changing Moon (social) and No-Moon (mental) castes. Unlike Solars, they don't exalt with a caste, but instead choose one, and have it 'fixed' by having their skin tattooed with elaborate moonsilver designs. Whichever phase of the moon this happens under decides their caste.

Right now, because it's a Full Moon in the quest, Saulanna counts as a Full Moon. In normal Exalted, a casted lunar also gets other benefits for getting their tattoos (full moons get higher physical stats, no-moons get higher mental stats, etc) but we don't know if that carries over to Lunar Quest.

PS: Peregrin appears to be a Daybreak-caste Abyssal, which is basically a Twilight-caste Solar except evil. That would make him a sorceror/artificer/scholar/all-around-nerd. (Though exalts don't always have to fit the archetype, nor behave like their stats dictate. Just look at how Saulanna took Mental as her best abilities, but has spent most of the quest running around punching things.)
No. 20896 ID: c00244

>Right now, because it's a Full Moon in the quest, Saulanna counts as a Full Moon.
So we're getting benefits from this caste system already? Does this imply that as long as we don't tattoo ourselves, our caste will remain unfixed and we'll get a shifting set of benefits?
No. 20898 ID: c00244

>casted lunars are immune to reality-warping effects, such as Yozi (read: Titan) magic
Couldn't this be a problem for us? We're using Titan magic to warp ourselves every time we pay Titan's Will for a stat increase.
No. 20899 ID: 8bdb6a

Yes, but in canon Exalted, casted lunars get an additional bonus to their stats. A big one. For this reason alone, PCs almost never play casteless lunars. Additionally, casted lunars are immune to reality-warping effects, such as Yozi (read: Titan) magic or the mutating effects of the Wyld. (which can turn casteless Lunars into insane shapeshifting tentacle monsters)

We have no idea if, or how, this stuff carries over to Lunar Quest.

(Woops, I deleted/reposted because of a mistake after someone replied to the post I deleted, here: >>330698
No. 20900 ID: 8bdb6a

It very well could be. We're just speculating, though. We don't know how it works in this quest.

If that's the case, well, all the more reason to spend a lot on stat improvements ASAP, huh?
No. 20901 ID: 2eac65

Responding to the actual question:

Something that will catch Peregrin off guard, and something to keep him from deceiving us.
No. 20902 ID: 49cd6d

i thought of something great. we use TW to become a Tri-caste. get full benefits of all castes at the same time, immunity to the wyld but still able to be effected by wordblood. making us immune to the wyld shouldn't be that hard for something that can reshape reality.
No. 20903 ID: 8bdb6a

That would be pretty fucking sweet.
No. 20904 ID: e346c1


Worship goes in levels from a few villages' worth of people, on up to several towns worth, up to a city-state, to a sizeable nation, to several nations, to a large portion of the world, to the whole world. Most Heroes only gain increased Power regeneration from being worshipped, but Saulanna will also develop godly powers appropriate to what he's being worshipped as.

Saulanna can also get godly powers by eating gods, but in both cases the gods as a whole will notice her more the more powerful she gets and there will be consequences.

On the subject of Soul Force, I will remind that Saulanna and Wordblood gain Soul Force separately, but Saulanna gains the benefit of the combined total. If she grows extra souls, those will also contribute.



Tattoos are indeed still the method the Lunars came up with to fix their castes and protect themselves from wyld corruption.

How the whole thing interacts with Saulanna's situation is yet to be covered in the quest.
No. 20905 ID: 94dc61

if we have enough power to eat a god then i am pretty sure we have already practically beaten the quest at that point :P
No. 20906 ID: 8bdb6a

If this is like canon Exalted, think Spirited Away instead of God of War. In normal exalted, there's a whole gradient of gods of different power. A river would have a god, a town might have a god, a city will have a god. A tree will have its own spirit.
No. 20907 ID: 94dc61

oh okay... also would it kinda be like Karas then? the will of the city and it's chosen protector.
No. 20911 ID: 24363d

the god can choose to not care to its domain, but losing it, even if to another god, has really bad consequences for him.

a born god that loses his ground becomes senile and weak in the very least, a adquired godhood may have troubles using its skills to the point of maybe losing his status completely.
No. 20912 ID: 8bdb6a

We now have 3 TW. I vote:

-Power Word: Halt
-Power Word: Burn
-Agility (when we have half a minute sideways)
No. 20914 ID: 42838c

If we're going for combat-oriented Words of Power, you could do a lot worse than Power Word: Explode. With that, she could turn anything on the battlefield into an explosive, shrapnel-generating weapon. (Maybe I just like the image of Saulanna quietly opening her eyes after that lightshow, pointing at a tree amidst her foes, whispering "Explode," and making it seem like a bomb has gone off.)

But there are many other options, too. Something like "Liquify" could reduce anything Peregrin has with him to slag. (She might aim it at his cane and drop him to the ground and disarm him at once!)
Something like "Heavy" might multiply the weight of a target, potentially having similar effects as "Fall," though perhaps more long-lasting than a single fall?
Mental effects could theoretically remove our enemies' will to fight, perhaps? Things like "Fear," "Confusion," or even "Laughter" could be incapacitating to foes, perhaps?

And we might get really weird and hack into our opponents' minds more directly, (though this may need more power. I confess that I do not know as much about the effects and requirements of what these Words can do as I would like.) Maybe (emphasis on "maybe," I don't really know,) "Friendship" could make an enemy into a friend, by changing Intimacies, (or whatever they are in Quest-Exalted.)

All of these are just options, (I hope they are. That at least some are!) and our options are, (I believe) not too much more limited than our vocabulary, so I'm just throwing these out here.
No. 20915 ID: e346c1

"Insta-kill" Power Words will tend to be expensive, and Heroes by nature are particularly likely to be able to resist them. This goes as well for powerful mental effects. Other magical creatures are also likely to identify these powers as most dangerous and concentrate their defenses against them if they can.

Regular mortals are, of course, totally boned.
No. 20917 ID: 2eac65

Having two different attack Power Words would be redundant. We should also spend a point non Reveal, which will be useful in a wide variety of situations (for instance, gaining information from prisoners, or removing clothing).

We should choose something that will let us quickly gain a victory or significant advantage, so the thing to focus on will be binding or incapacitating effects. I'm guessing his physical strength isn't too great, so Bind or Weave would be effective if it can catch him. Stop would be a very versatile choice, as we can also use it to make traps. Or we could use Burden or Encumber to increase his weight and make him less agile.

Other options include Oil, to make his cane slip out of his hands (and to make him flammable) or make him lose his footing, or possibly Regret for a mental attack.
No. 20921 ID: 8bdb6a

We don't need more wishy-washy ideas that'll only be useful in very nar-
>Reveal, which will be useful in a wide variety of situations (for instance, gaining information from prisoners, or removing clothing).
This is a solid plan.

My vote's unchanged for now, though. ('Fall' is a pretty good replacement for 'Halt,' that said.)
No. 20923 ID: 2eac65

"Burn" is more specialized than any of those. Even Oil could be set on fire, and it could also be used for cooking and maintaining equipment. Plus, we're perfectly capable of horribly maiming people ourself, without setting them on fire.

Another option is Renew or something similar, to refill his poisoned flowers and use them against him. That ought to really catch him off guard if we hide it in our Inner Den until we strike. And the word could be used again for any situation where we find old, expended or broken-down tools.

Another question: It was said earlier that we could bind willing subjects to ourself as subsouls. What are the requirements for that? Does it cost any Titan's Will, and can we do it in our current state or do we need more upgrades first?
No. 20924 ID: 8bdb6a

>Burn" is more specialized than any of those. Even Oil could be set on fire
The difference between "could be" and "is presently" is immense.
Just because fire is always the same kind of fire doesn't mean it isn't useful in a tremendous number of situations, for a tremendous number of reasons.
No. 20926 ID: c00244

I'm not a fan of "Burn". Fire is an imprecise and overly destructive tool; using manipulation of motion or other properties would be my preferred magical style. "Halt"(/"Stop") or "Fall" are both good as an attack word, and "Reveal" is definitely on my to-buy list (though I still suspect that "Discern" might be a preferable alternative) but it might not be the appropriate time for it at the moment. "Explode" is interesting, and might be worth buying at some point, but not as our first attack spell- that's the sort of thing that we need a large stack of Soul Force to back up before we really make use of it, I think.

If we can get through this spending only a single Titan's Will on a power word, perhaps more soul force is in order. We'll get three more from that other ghost, at least; that should give us enough.
No. 20929 ID: d86f54

>gobbling up a whole crowd of mooks and leveling right the hell up, in flagrant defiance of normal character progression, is damn tempting.

Fully opposed, now and ever. We'll either have to compromise, or keep yanking Saulanna's emotions hither and yon. There are simply some things I will set my foot down on and seek to guide Saulanna away from.

Personally, I can stand the odd gobbling for the right reasons (rather than the very wrong one you're describing there), but I'd like to see some normal character progression as well. As clever as our Ricanya is, she'll be able to learn skills commendably fast, provided we make the effort of having her do so, and finding teachers.

'sides, keep in mind, the more powerful we grow by unorthodox means, the more attention we'll get. Last flare-up brought us Peregrin. Who knows if anything new noticed us this time?

>A whole load a words.

The more I think on it, the more 'Halt' seems like a good choice, so I'm throwing my support in full behind it now.

It can be used to line up foes for DEATH STRIKES, delay a chasing foe (or catch up with a foe we're chasing), put mooks out of commission while we fight the Big Bad, allow us time to explain our situation to someone who's attacking us for Wrong Reasons, jump from a mountain and survive by halting herself, etc.

For a one-TW PW it seems pretty handy.
No. 20930 ID: 3fcfb0

>We're robbing people of their futures and identities here
>futures and identities
ghosts have no future, they are eternally trapped doing whatever it is they did in life. and re-incarnation strips them of their old identity anyway. seriously we are not doing anything as bad as you seem to think. also, once wordblood is powerful enough he can MAKE souls. NEW souls, not the reused a thousand times system they have now.
No. 20932 ID: 2eac65

Personally, I think Stop just sounds better.

We could also use Reveal as an attack, if we ask sufficiently distressing questions, such as "What was the most painful moment of your life?" or "Of all the people you've killed, who do you regret killing the most?"

All the ghosts we've encountered have acted just like living mortals would. They have the same thoughts and feelings they did when they had their bodies; if there are any exceptions, they haven't been apparent.
No. 20933 ID: 5c3933

sure they ACT normal...

what about ghosts that want to not be here anymore? like they want to move on, would they be okay to munch?
No. 20936 ID: 2eac65

If we can convince them that uniting with our soul is preferable to another life as a mortal, but it's really up to them.
No. 20938 ID: d86f54


'cept from the looks of it, not all ghosts are like that in Exalted. Our buddy was, but we shook him out of it and since then he's been very human-y.

I think ghosts willing to pass on would be problematic to munch especially because they WANT to move on and get a 'new' life. We might be able to create one for them with enough TW, but then we'd have to spend it on that, rather than upgrading ourselves... which means it might be simpler to just help them move on to reincarnation.

As for reincarnation stripping them of their identities... I've ceased to look at that as a viable excuse for chow-timing ghosts with abandon. While admittedly without having much setting-based knowledge, I suspect there is more to Exalted's reincarnation system than simply losing one's identity and being recycled back into Creation. The long backlog of souls (and even the total identity strip) that was mentioned earlier on is also based on Standard Exalted-lore, so Lunar Quest might differ on some points there.

This is speculation, but the reincarnation process itself might be more along the lines of renewal, and involve other processes important to Creation or the soul itself. Remember Wordblood speaking about the mobster ghost being terribly stale? I wonder if there wasn't a hint of something in that. We could ask him later what he meant.

Ghosts that WANTS to become a part of the Saulanna Collective ("Resistance is SHINY") could be okay to munch, but I still think we should mainly focus on locating Titan's Fragments and seeing what we can do with those.


Stop /=/ halt?

Pick 'Stop' if you'd like. I'm supporting PW: Halt. The difference should be negligible since they're near-direct synonyms.
No. 20939 ID: a8c7f2

i do not support any PW. maybe something we can use casually, like in the talk we had with peregrin.

suddenly we are gambit! why not power word bleed or leak? imagine what we could do with the eyes!

wouldnt reveal only work on things we know that are there?

in exalted this is not true. not much anyway. a ghost is free in the underworld, so much that they have cities, economies and smugglers to get things from the normal, living world. they choose to not return mostly because they dont want to "die" for real. a ghost citizen can also live forever, if we find a old enought ghost, he will be as powerful as a exalt. at least skill wise.

also we would not be making souls but rather recycling the ones we ate.

they just go get reborn. its literally as easy as sneezing. except the wait line is humongous and you will return to a land more broken and unfair that the underworld. they fare better as ghosts that as humans, even if you consider the fact they canstill suffer.

NO. they actualy suffer a worse fate that being reborn!

if they get stuck in soulsteel destroying the soulsteel will release their soul, if they choose to be reborn eventually they will, if saulanna eats them ITS OVER. we can remake them but they will be a hollow husk with no will, serving us forever.

there is no resistance in saulanna, there is only saulanna.
No. 20940 ID: 63261d

the titans made souls, so it is reasonable so think that wordblood will be able to make souls as well. and instead of recycling adult souls he would make a baby soul that grows with it's container.
No. 20944 ID: 8bdb6a

'Stop' and 'Halt' should have the exact same effect. I just prefer 'Halt' because it sounds more like a command.

Also, why are some folks focused on more Soul Force? I'm not really clear on what good it'll do for this fight. (We just refilled our MP, so we're not really desperate for more)

I'm in favor of more Soul Force in the mid-long term, but it doesn't seem helpful right this second, and is probably going to make Saulanna vulnerable. (If editing her agility means 15 seconds of downtime, imagine what rewriting her soul will be like)
No. 20952 ID: a8c7f2

peregrin most likely has 3 or 4 soul force. these little motes of us are not that useful mostly because we dont have charms/spells to channel them, but he will always have more to exaust us with.

one of the reasons why i want moon power boost as well is because we will likely get new charms and stuff to use the motes we just got.

sincerely, i still disaprove of any atribute buff untill we could get actual spells, but if we could get the time before this battle ends, 2 or 3 TW to agility sounds wonderful.

also notice our skills piling up. we may not need to do trainning ever again, except for spells and attributes.
No. 20953 ID: 5f20de


Hey, it's far more in line with Saulanna's mindful nature than an agility upgrade, at least. And more Soul Force = Better Power Words. We might need an edge if we want any power word to stick to magically-inclined Peregrin for long.

It's also my understanding that only physical upgrades take a long time to do. At least according to what Jukashi said here:


'nyway, responding to a couple of things here, rather than adding to the clutter of the main thread:

>SIRTEN: Wordblood said that we aren't destroying souls when we absorb them. They were bound by Titan's Will and would be again through eventual reincarnation. Saulanna seems to be a safe haven of sorts from this effect. By absorbing them we remove them from that grasp. I got the impression it was a good thing.

...Uh. I think you've misunderstood just a lottle. Independent souls aren't bound by Titan's Will, that's what makes 'em independent. They're just made FROM it, ostensibly to fight off CHAOS by providing BELIEF to the GODS. When Wordblood absorbs them, he peels off the layers of memories and personality to get at the juicy Titan's Will they're made off, which we then use for upgrades. The memories and personality are still kept around, I suppose, but not tied to the core that kept them INDEPENDENT, i.e. the juicy Titan's Will.

I'd call this a form of extreme symbiosis at its best, and absolute slavery at worst. THOUGHTS MAY DIFFER ON THIS. For example, it's pretty natural for Wordblood, as a titanic fragment, to look on souls as food for thought (HAH).

Jukashi's mention of sock puppets and "sell-your-soul" deals are also pretty illustrative when it comes to souls and the effect Saulanna nomming on them has:


>0d11d9: Power word: Stop might be better than Power word: Halt. Halt implies just not moving. Stop can be applied to other things.

Have I misunderstood -completely- or weren't Halt and Stop one and the same?

...Alright, I've bit the bullet and gone through Jukashi's comments in this thread twice now, and it looks like Stop and Halt really are one and the same to him. Please correct me if this is wrong, J-dawg.
No. 20955 ID: 42838c

More thoughts relating to potential Words of Power, as incapacitating ones seem to me to be the quickest and most efficient way to end the battle.

"Stop/Halt" (They're the same to me) seems to be the most useful one overall, as we could use it to stop projectiles or blows heading our way, and should we use it well, we need never fear falling again. But it's not that useful in this fight, I feel, because if Kaan is on the ground, "Stop"ping him will only stop his current motion, and he could keep heading our way if he so chooses. It mightn't do anything more than slow a determined enemy down.

"Fall" sounds good to me for this current situation, if less versitile overall. It would, of course, be most useful if Kaan is still in the air, which we don't know but Saulanna might, as her field of view is different from ours. But then again, even if he's not, it could be used in other ways, too. We could use it to cause a large branch above him to "Fall," or just use it on him while he's standing up, as knocking someone over is a good way to temporarily immobilize a biped. Or, if we want to be a bit sillier, we could use it to drop his trousers from a distance, and either trip him up or aim for a Defeat By Modesty.

Going by other, more unusual vectors may surprise him and catch him off guard.

Perhaps "Hot" could be aimed at his cane, or at anything he touches, (like the ground, or his glasses, or his shoes!) rendering it searing and painful to touch.

Maybe "Vacuum" could create an airless bubble around him. I would think that no amount of Death Magic or Force of Will would create air where there is none, so perhaps it could work as a trap?

"Itch" could be a powerful distraction. It certainly wouldn't seem to be a formidible effect, maybe not even worth resisting at first glance, but boy it's hard to fight effectively when you feel like you've got ants in your pants! Other things could have similar effects; the first one that came to mind was "Tickle," but maybe other simple, innocuous physical effects could be generated that cause the human body to go bonkers.

Or if we want Saulanna to use something on herself that would be useful in this fight, I think Power Word: Invisible could provide significant stealth.

I am not sure if any of these would work as described; I am no expert at all. I'm just throwing out ideas. Maybe one could work!
No. 20956 ID: 8b4e03

What about power word LEARN?
No. 20957 ID: a7a85a


The point still stands that they're not getting devoured and Wordblood is performing what would have happened to them anyway.

And without a personality the soul is either a blank slate or energy, I'm not how sure a blank soul feels enslavement or said symbiosis. Might be something to look into.

Either way it sounds like it's not that harmful and a necessary function of the game. I think people are looking at it as a choice between good an evil when it might have only been intended as a power up by the author.

Either that or I'm incredibly evil. o_o
No. 20958 ID: 94ed01

Or... buildings. Actually, upon reflection "fall" is a fair substitute for "destroy" when used on anything which has a rigid structure.

Of course, "halt" could do things like protect us from incoming projectiles, save someone falling from a height, make machinery cease working, and so forth.

There are ups and downs to both, but ultimately they're actually not nearly as redundant as I originally thought. It might be worth putting both on our to-buy list, although only one for now, obviously.

If you're incredibly evil, we can be incredibly evil together. From the Titans they came, and to the Titans they shall return.

What is the value in a soul being independent? We're getting into metaphysics here, but I would argue that there is none. Not to get all nihilistic, but existence merely is; people do whatever they do because that's how they are, but there's no particular reason that it's somehow morally better to leave others as not part of us. We can let wariness that others will detect and kill us, sympathy for others and a desire to see their independent existence continue, or even simple apathy stop us from relentlessly devouring anyone we please for power, but should not do so due to some sense that it's morally wrong to absorb souls. It's not.

Do what we want, not what we think is right. We can write our own code of ethics here. If we're nice to others, it should be because it makes us feel good to be nice, not because it's the right thing to do.
No. 20960 ID: 8bdb6a

>Halt vs Fall
Ah, hell with it. Let's just take both. There's a bit of overlap, but so what?
No. 20964 ID: 42838c

'Cuz we could need the Titan's Will soon for something else!
No. 20966 ID: 8bdb6a

Well... like what?
I don't want to be all 'I told you so,' but if we'd taken more Agility back when it was first proposed, we'd have had it for this fight. Maybe we'd have been able to hit Peregrin more often. I'm not a big believer in hoarding TW 'for when we need it.' Better to build a good, robust set of abilities.

Though, if you have a better idea of what to buy, I'm all ears.

PS: No offense intended, but it would be much more helpful and more likely to succeed if you proposed just one course of action instead of many at once.

>Do what we want, not what we think is right. We can write our own code of ethics here. If we're nice to others, it should be because it makes us feel good to be nice, not because it's the right thing to do.
This is a good attitude. Not to hurt anyone's suspension of disbelief, but this is a game and we're playing it to have fun.
No. 20967 ID: 2eac65

This isn't "hoarding". This is not wasting resources when we don't gain anything from it.
No. 20969 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128045899416.gif - (6.38KB , 433x494 , 1245298632782[1].gif )

I don't think it's a waste. They're useful abilities. Even if there's a debatable amount of overlap, they're both useful power words that do things the other does not.

Personally, I'd prefer "Halt," and "Burn," but people don't seem to like Fire... which is crazy, in my opinion, but there you have it.
No. 20970 ID: 42838c

I just think we should wait until the end of the fight before deciding what other useful things we should invest in. So long as we're not currently in a situation where a sudden, dire need for powerful magic could pop up, (Say we get poisoned again, and we need some sort of antidote; or we have an immediate fear that we could get caught in a fiendish trap of Kaan's and we need to Reveal it, etc.) by all means, go ahead!

And I'm terribly sorry if I've inconvenienced you or anyone. I'll just shut up, now.
No. 20975 ID: 8bdb6a

>I just think we should wait until the end of the fight before deciding what other useful things we should invest in.
Buying some powers could help us win the fight.
We might not be able to win or even escape without more abilities. We can't reliably land a blow on him, and I guarantee he's got way more dirty tricks where the other ones came from. Maybe his weapon implanted some weird magic that'll go into effect soon. Maybe he's got powerful reinforcements on the way. I don't know, but I doubt his plan is "dodge Saulanna's attacks until she gets tired and goes away and then let her leave."
We shouldn't waste time.

>And I'm terribly sorry if I've inconvenienced you or anyone. I'll just shut up, now.
Aw, I didn't mean it like that. It's just that when you go "We should do X or Y or Z or P or Q," then we're like "Wait... huh?"
But if you go "We have points to do X and Y, and maybe some day Z would be good," then we can either agree or disagree with that.
No. 20976 ID: 0d5620

>Personally, I'd prefer "Halt," and "Burn," but people don't seem to like Fire... which is crazy, in my opinion, but there you have it.
Saulanna is getting Stop and Drop. Later she will buy Roll.
No. 20977 ID: 18169f

i say the only time saving up is a good idea is if we know the exact cost of something and have nothing cheaper that is good.
No. 20978 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128046508754.jpg - (220.68KB , 977x1483 , the_red_star_drop_protocol.jpg )

>Fall would be useful any time we want something to hit the ground. Even people standing on the ground. Or walls. Or basically anything else that has potential energy from elevation.
With enough points, why stop there?
No. 20990 ID: 70b4d8

man alright guys, you've convinced me

To make Fall more expensive than I was going to!
No. 20993 ID: a594b9

No. 21000 ID: 2eac65

>I just prefer 'Halt' because it sounds more like a command.
Yes, but it sounds like the sort of command a policeman would give to a fleeing criminal. It's the sort of thing you expect to be ignored. If we simply say "Stop" and things stop moving, it's like we know what we want and the universe has to listen to us.

Okay, I'll explain my reasons for not wanting to rush.

Imagine a timeline with points A and B, where A is now and B is when we need to use a Power Word. We have two options:

Option X is that we craft a Power Word at point A and use it at point B.
Option Y is that we do nothing at point A, craft a Power Word at point B and use it immediately.

Option X works out well for us if we choose the right word. However, it runs the risk of choosing a word that doesn't help (for instance, Burn versus a problem that isn't flammable). If that happens, we won't be able to solve that problem in an appropriate way.

Option Y, in an ideal situation, has the same effect as option X. In a less than ideal situation, it offers a significant advantage in that, instead of crafting the word we were planning to craft, we can craft one that is more useful to the situation we end up in.

Basically, waiting to craft a Power Word until we need it doesn't cost us anything and leaves our options open.
No. 21003 ID: b86a96

silly question: how do we know we are not at point B?

serious question: how can we get a constant supply of TW to craft on the fly instead to fit generic situations because we wont have that many TW?

i am still against any TW. lets boost our moon charms and soul power to stay low as a lunar instead of a primordial wannabe.
No. 21004 ID: 2eac65

I'm not saying anything like that. I mean that, if we're thinking about the future, planning to make a Power Word is as good as actually making one, until we intend to use it.
No. 21009 ID: d86f54


Far as I know 'Halt/Stop' are one and the same. Essentially, since we've suggested both, so it's perfectly fair that it's Saulanna's choice on which she'll use regularly... if it gets made.

Making this whole discussion




Not gonna work. If we get TW, we'll use it, because there's a lot to use it on that can be considered generally universally useful (whether or not it actually turns out to be is another matter), and it's also a matter of character progression. You don't often see a gamer waiting with distributing his skill points 'till he meets a challenge he knows he'll need certain skills for.

You can suggest keeping points in reserve, and we might consider it, but chances are it won't fly. If it does, it's more because we can't agree on anything to upgrade than a genuine will to save something for later.

...Hell, you guys want a REAL hax?

A Titan's Work power that'd allow us to undo the things we've alloted our Titan's Will on thus far and return them back to the pool. Re-specialization power.

...It's going to be costly as fuck.
No. 21017 ID: 8bdb6a

>waiting to craft a Power Word until we need it doesn't cost us anything and leaves our options open.
Saulanna's in a boss fight and can't reliably hurt the boss. If that's not "needing it," then nothing is. What are we waiting for? Another, stronger boss right behind this one? Well then we still wouldn't spend points because what if there's another boss right behind that boss?

Screw that. Everything can be replaced except time.
No. 21022 ID: 2eac65

I don't understand what you think that has to do with what I said. Whatever point you think I'm implying, I'm not. I only said what I said.
No. 21024 ID: 1b8ddf

>implying you didnt mean what you said
wat. wat?

i am the only one here that is allowed to be confused about my statements.

lets NOT do any TW. id go with wordblood or saulanna's soul power buff and moon power also because they are versatile.
No. 21025 ID: 1b8ddf

i mean power word, not TW
No. 21028 ID: 2eac65

No, I meant what I said. You're not talking about what I said. You're talking about something unrelated.
No. 21035 ID: 1b8ddf
File 128054264583.gif - (0.97MB , 612x332 , MAXIMUN TROLLLLLING.gif )

i am pretty sure that you where talking about what you said. however your comment specified that you did not discussed on the subject related to the subject you are talking now, by claiming it to be unrelated while it was about the subject that was developed in the main topic of your original post.

im pretty sure that if we invest enought TW we can time travel.
No. 21037 ID: 7e8901

Voting Time

Lots of people are bucking to do something with the new TW, so please vote on it now. Post only your own suggestion (there's been discussion enough at this point) and vote only once, as if I need to remind you.
No. 21039 ID: 701a19

No. 21040 ID: 7e8901

To be helpful:
Stop/Halt: 1 TW.
Fall: 2 TW.
Burn: 1 TW.
Commune: 1 TW.

Efficiency and Ease of Consumption increase in price by 1 for each "level". Level cannot exceed Wordblood's Soul Force. Soul Force itself costs an amount equal to the user's current rating (2, in this case) and would require time. Agility would similarly take time and cost 1 TW (this time).

There are many other imaginative choices. Wordblood, for example, has many optional extras.
No. 21041 ID: 4c7b39

No. 21046 ID: c00244

I'll throw my vote in for "Fall".

If I may also discuss slightly different topics, "optional extras" caught my eye. Reading back through the thread, there are several interesting options- though I do not support buying any of them right now. I would request costs for:

"World Reading", which is basically a heads-up-display labeling everything that Saulanna sees; this could include magical effects, pierce concealment and disguises, and provide convenient additional information about things viewed at higher Soul Forces.

"Dream Snare", which yanks a soul out of a living body and traps it in Saulanna's mental soul hangout area. Also for a possible follow-up ability allowing Saulanna to put other souls into the stripped body, for body-switching shenanigans and the easy resurrection of faithful minions. I'm not sure how this would scale with Soul Force.
No. 21048 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 21049 ID: 7e8901


World Reading would begin at 1 TW for very basic information (how much Power the target has left, their face-name, their health) and scale upwards with improvement, requiring additional TW. Would also allow miscellaneous minor effects like seeing deception in written words and making out worn carvings and the like. Saulanna will also need to let Wordblood use one of her eyes while it is in effect.

Dream Snare, as you describe it, would follow on from certain other powers: you would first need to give Wordblood the ability to project himself outside Saulanna's mind, and then the ability to enter other people's minds, then the ability to possess them, then the ability to take stuff back with him (extracting memories, emotions, etc.), then the ability to take whole souls. Doing things with those souls is yet another branch of abilities.
No. 21050 ID: 2eac65

I don't see how this is unclear. Someone said that there was no reason we could ever want to save it for later, I gave a possible reason. Then you acted like I said not to use any now. I hadn't said that.
No. 21051 ID: c4c313

Okay okay here's some legitimate ideas for power words.

Quiet aka "shut up" (effective against spellcasters and politicians!)
Heal maybe not as useful as "Cleanse" because Saulanna already regenerates in war form.
Fetch compels its target to go catch whatever you just threw!
Freeze as an imperative it refers to cessation of movement, not getting cold, sounds better than "Stop" or "Halt" I'd say.
Rock Mode the only way to stay safe while moving
Fear makes the target afraid of you, the equivalent in raccoon language of growling.
Open opens all doors, boxes, etc
Unlock unlocks all chains manacles, doors, boxes, etc.
Break might turn out to be more useful than Mend.
No. 21052 ID: c4c313

There are other things TW could be used for. Here's what I know, all of which could be better than an overly specific power word (then again, the GM can always throw faster stronger harder at you.)

Boost stats
The stats I've seen so far have been
* Agility
* Intuition
* Inspiration
* Might (is Strength the same thing?)
* Acuity
* Beauty
* Arousal
* Dickery

Anything else? What kind of a hierarchy do these fall in with regards to the stats that Luna actually gave us Body Mind and Persuasion.

Moon Points

Pretty simple. Nobody realizes how important these are until you run out of souls to eat.

Soul Force

A general vague unspecified thingy that will result in increasingly powerful effects the more we (or any of our allies) have of it. I'd like to know more about how much TW it would take to get Freeze to have the temporary stasis effect!

Are there any other thingies that Titan's Will can be used on, that I missed? I have a hard time following such a popular quest, and I swear this Exalted system must have been designed by Andrew Hussie!
No. 21053 ID: 2eac65

We've already got Black-Striped Thief for opening locks and containers.

Stop is the only option that's worthwhile. We've passed the situation where we need to make things fall.
No. 21054 ID: 701a19

I think that would be like a 5TW word or something. No way we could afford it, let alone its casting cost.

Stop doesn't interrupt actions like spellcasting; it is useless here, we don't want it.

Fall leaves us with one point of TW left, so lets spend that on Mind Split.

Mind Split: This trait makes a person able to focus on more things without losing the benefits of paying full attention. Aside from being able to engage in independent actions without penalty, it also renders the target harder to distract; should a distraction attempt be successful only one focus will switch to respond to it, including inner turmoil, befuddlement, and deep contemplation.
Note, however, that this ability does not grant any extra organs, limbs, or orifices; foci can not attempt contradictory actions at the same time.
No. 21057 ID: 5f20de

>post only your own suggestion
>there's been discussion enough at this point

Given the current situation:

No. 21058 ID: 5f20de


>BODY - MIGHT: Remarkable | AGILITY: Average | TOUGHNESS: Average

>PERSUASION - INSPIRATION: Astonishing | BEAUTY: Remarkable | DICKERY: Remarkable

>MIND - SAVVY: Ridiculous | ACUITY: Astonishing | INTUITION: Astonishing

We can only upgrade four stats at the moment, per what Jukashi has said. The three BODY stats and the BEAUTY stat.

Arousal - Not a stat but a STATE.
No. 21059 ID: 7e8901

Only Might, Agility, Toughness and Beauty, as physical traits, can be improved with TW. The others are personality/mental traits.

Freeze would not be a synonym of Stop or Halt. It would literally freeze its target.

>doesn't interrupt actions like spellcasting

No. 21060 ID: c00244

I believe that the logic there was that the word as described only halts existing momentum; all it would accomplish at our current rather unimpressive level of soul force would be making the target stutter/pause briefly, since they could just choose to continue. If spellcasting requires total concentration, it would still interrupt it, but if there's some flexibility there my impression was that the caster could just power through.
No. 21061 ID: 7e8901


As I described it here:


It can work on creatures as more like a magical command.
No. 21067 ID: 42838c

"Stop" has my vote now.
No. 21071 ID: 2eac65

Amend my vote to Stop and nothing else. I'd want to save some for later.

Speaking of which, what do we need to convert another living person into a subsoul? If it costs more Titan's Will or requires an upgrade, I'd like to leave that option open.

I think this was a bad time to call for a vote; our situation just changed, which rendered much of our previous discussion irrelevant and brought new issues to deal with.
No. 21077 ID: a594b9

Let's go with STOP.
No. 21082 ID: 5a2e05

I vote stop and hammertime, whatever the second one would end up being.
No. 21105 ID: c00244

That went well. It seems that Power Words burn through MP rather quickly, though; we'll need more Soul Force if we plan to use them significantly on a regular basis. That said, I'd say that our next immediate investment should be in Efficiency of Consumption; getting more Titan's Will for less is highly desirable, not to mention reducing the whole "walking beacon of Luna's power" bit.

From there we can move on to Soul Force, body modification, additional power words, and world reading (which could be exceedingly handy in future boss battles, if only to tell us how we're doing).
No. 21106 ID: 55c4cf

just posting that i still think Naked would have been the best power word, you know, for the future.
No. 21107 ID: 5a2e05

Too specific. Power Word: Strip maybe? It can be used for paint, screws, clothes, and plenty of other applications!
No. 21109 ID: 2eac65

That's covered by Reveal.
No. 21111 ID: 8bdb6a

Oh, don't worry about that. Better, broader, more useful words cost more. Narrower, less useful words cost less. Something exceedingly narrow in focus might cost less than 1 TW, even.

...that said, I think Naked could be quite useful. Imagine casting it on someone wearing heavy armor. Or someone attempting a Social feat in front of a crowd. Or an attempt to obfuscate the truth.
No. 21113 ID: c4c313
File 128064425118.png - (10.24KB , 600x600 , 656726.png )

Power word: depantsu!
No. 21114 ID: c4c313
File 128064426992.png - (11.72KB , 600x600 , 662581.png )

No. 21135 ID: 8bdb6a

We're counting our chickens before they hatch with this whole 'take peregrin prisoner,' thing. We don't know if he's beaten yet.

Even still. Come on. He's an evil vampire magician. He's already deceived and tricked us, and obviously can't be trusted. He'll pretend to surrender, then break out of any imprisoning we try, throw blinding dust in Saulanna's eyes, and so on.

About the only way we could trust him would be the soul-binding thing described here: >>330359

Well, or maybe the mangle-of-suffering thing. I guess that could technically work, too.
No. 21147 ID: 2eac65

Of course he'd try to escape if he thought it would work. So we'll have to be cautions and thorough, and make it seem like cooperating with us is much less risky than continuing to fight.

>About the only way we could trust him would be the soul-binding thing described here: >>330359
That's what I'm planning. I think we know enough of his personality to convince him to do it. There are two important points about his character:

1: He's a man of science. He wants to study new and interesting things about the universe. We do, too; we'd be excellent allies for each other if he wasn't such a sneaky bastard.
2: He is, as mentioned above, a sneaky bastard. He came into this meeting with the intent to trick us and capture us by force; he didn't even try to cooperate except to get us to let down our guard. This is working out very badly for him.

Emphasize these two points, and with the right phrasing, we can make it seem like a very beneficial arrangement that he would be lucky to be part of.
No. 21148 ID: 8bdb6a

>That's what I'm planning.
If he's actually found in a vulnerable but alive state (which could be a trick) and if he actually agrees to sell us his soul (big assumption, and could be another trick) then I agree, it's worth a try.
It'd be really, really useful, and more dramatically appropriate than taking the Raziel/Alex Mercer approach to defeated bosses.
It's a great big risk, but that's exalted for you.
No. 21150 ID: 2eac65

Aiming to intimidate and/or wrestle him into submission won't be too much harder than dealing a deathblow, and it'll play to our stronger attributes. And if we can't reach an agreement with him, we can ritually sacrifice him to Luna and possibly earn a favor from it.
No. 21279 ID: c00244

It might be worth considering to invest a point of Titan's Will into World Reading, right now. This is because the immediately provided information
>(how much Power the target has left, their face-name, their health)
would immediately tell us if Peregrin is really as beaten as he seems. If he's holding out on us and has a dozen Power left, I'd rather like to know.
No. 21283 ID: 2eac65

It is within our current capabilities to make people into SOUL PUPPETS, right? Because I'm going to feel really stupid if I overthought our post-capture conversation with Peregrin that much and it turns out we need three measures of Titan's Will, a higher Soul Force and/or a jar of demon's blood and garlic.
No. 21333 ID: b9bd4f

So what do you all think we should do? Should we make him our servant, Devour him, or let him go? Personally, I think making him our servant would be the most profitable choice. The only thing is that we need to be sure he wont betray us, and cannot lie to us.

And of course, a good reason for him to submit to us is that he will be free from the grasp of his Deathlord patron. Considering that he says he is a "rebel" death hero he should have no problem with this. As long as he agrees to help us and not work against us, he would be much better off (ie, have more free will)than he would as the unwilling servant of a Deathlord.
No. 21334 ID: 8bdb6a

I didn't realize the soul-puppet thing would have backwash. Let's avoid that. We don't want backwash, especially from him.
Saulanna's personality is kinda vulnerable right now due to the amnesia. She doesn't have a really strong identity to serve as a bedrock, y'know?

Still, if we go with the oath instead, we ARE giving up a whole lot of potential power, and leaving him a potential 'out' to betray us later... If it wasn't an abyssal, I'd vote that she take the risk. But abyssals are either evil or crazy or both, and are constantly plagued by weird supernatural death-related problems that we would like to have none of.
No. 21335 ID: 3a289a


[truename] does hereby solemnly swear fealty to [us]. He swears not to strive against our endeavors, nor to attempt to bring harm to us or our charges, and to speak as honestly as he is able when queried by us, except when directed or given permission to do otherwise.

Any other points we should add?
No. 21336 ID: 3a289a

Oh, and in other news, the thread is huge as fuck, and we ought to start a new one as soon as reasonably possible.
No. 21337 ID: d86f54


We could try turning his exaltation back into a Solar's, if not at once, then in time. It would solve his problems of being hunted by EVERYONE, by making him hunted by merely ALMOST EVERYONE like any normal exalted.

Also, you're basing yourself on Standard Exalted lore again on this 'either evil or crazy or both, with lots of unfun extras' conclusion. I don't doubt Peregrin is heavily amoral, and willing to sacrifice people to get power, but the I'd rather ask 'why' than simply say 'because he's like that'.
No. 21342 ID: 2027a7
File 128101898693.png - (2.21KB , 191x62 , tdpo.png )


If it helps, Abyssals are now more shadow/darkness than they are death/destruction.
No. 21344 ID: 81b252

True, we need a new thread ASAP.

Also, in response to what somebody in the quest thread said about Gevin, I don't think Gevin would at all enjoy becoming a death hero. Besides, he's pretty much Saulanna's best (and only) friend. If Gevin Exalts, it should be willingly, not forced. Perhaps once our power is great enough, WE can exalt HIM.
No. 21346 ID: c6d5c5

well he wont exalt. he is very ded and the exaltations literally requires a living human(ish) body.

to make a exaltation it would be a huge amount of work. its easier to pick a already existing exaltation and corrupt it to fit our will. with all due respect, we should not suceed in copying authocrhon, but we should think in making a ghost exaltation.

you know what is funny? the exaltations are made of souls.
No. 21347 ID: 81b252

>corrupt it
More like purify it. Us taking the exaltation of an infernal or abyssal and making it ours would be a blessing, not a curse.
No. 21348 ID: c6d5c5

no, it would be like picking a ID card that someone already hacked to serve his purpose and hack it again to serve ours.

we most surely cant learn how to make a exaltation, but if we find authocrhon, we definitively can find a way to ask for a few exalts of our own.
No. 21350 ID: 81b252

I think it's pronounced Autochron. Which brings up a good point. Autochron and Gaia may be potential Primordial allies. After all, Gaia is a close ally to Luna, who is our current patron. And autochron is, from my knowledge, a very reasonable being. If we do find a Alchemical Exalted, we should be sure to befriend them. Getting in contact with Autochron could prove beneficial. Perhaps he could teach us a few things.....like how to make an exaltation, for example.
No. 21351 ID: 8bdb6a

>If it helps, Abyssals are now more shadow/darkness than they are death/destruction.
Oh. Well that's not so bad.

>throw down / puss out
I suppose the oath option is pussing out.
I still think we should eat him.

>How about we lay out all his options, and see what he thinks about them?
Oh come on. Ask him for advice on what to make him do? Seriously?
No. 21354 ID: a594b9

Yes. Both to taunt him a little, and see if he tries to play mindgames with the choice. Above all right now we need to find out exactly what his personality is.
No. 21363 ID: dda21a

this is kinda good. we can tell what he wants with us better if we hear what the reason of what he would choose for himself
No. 21365 ID: 5f20de


I believe that's just poking fun at the situation as we're not actually wussing out of anything. The oath option is just another way of dealing with him. I doubt it makes Saulanna much less of a MIGHTY LUNAR TITANIC BABE.

... plus we could always eat him later if he tries to screw with us notably.
No. 21373 ID: 550758
File 12810574919.png - (542.14KB , 606x305 , silly.png )

I am suddenly reminded of another Jukashi production involving a Lunar.
No. 21405 ID: 3a289a

Speaking of which...

I totally did not notice the arms in the latest comic until I was being like "what the fuck are they screaming about" and ready the little blurb thingy at the bottom.

I suppose this signifies the end of the transition from crappy OotS rip off to full-fledged comic in its own style. Even though it was better than OotS from pretty much the very beginning.
No. 21406 ID: f4e4f9

Am I missing something, or are these oaths not accounting for the fact that Peregrin thinks he's ALREADY helping us through his actions? "For your own good/safety/etc" was what I believe he said.

I think an oath to "Not act against our wishes" would be necessary, not just to "not do us harm"
No. 21408 ID: d560d6

Likewise, except that OotS is superb, you cretin.
No. 21410 ID: 8bdb6a

>Am I missing something, or are these oaths not accounting for the fact that Peregrin thinks he's ALREADY helping us through his actions? "For your own good/safety/etc" was what I believe he said.
And you can't think of any reason why he might be lying?
No. 21412 ID: e31d52

No. 21416 ID: f4e4f9

Not really he point I was going for. The point is that IF its true, it leaves a large amount of wiggle room.

Or are you implying that it cant possiby be the case that that was his actual view, so we shouldn't even concern ourselves with tightening up the oath?
No. 21417 ID: 49a137

The problem with that is that, given that he knows our general beliefs- whatever they are- his actions will become restricted by whatever we wish for him to do. Essentially, all his actions would be limited to things that we would approve of- he'd never be able to do anything which he knows we'd dislike again, including relatively meaningless/harmless stuff and daily habits.

In my interpretations, anyway. He probably wouldn't want to bind himself to that kind of restriction. If we can get him to do so, well, more power to us. It would probably leave him more than a bit resentful, but I imagine that we can somehow magically mess with him to get around that, too.
No. 21420 ID: a488cf

If that's what we're worried about, we could always define a more narrow stipulation that doesn't cover the huge swath of things we might (even just minorly) disapprove of. Would something like "don't take any action <i>that involves us</i> against our wishes" do the trick?
No. 21429 ID: 49a137

I wonder, does Saulanna know/have a True Name that we should get Wordblood to tell us? I hear there's power to be had that way.
No. 21433 ID: 3a289a

It's decent if you want something to eat some time, I suppose. I can think of no other virtue which I could attribute to it.

We're best off leaving him with the free will to do what he feels is best, even if our perception of the favorable course of action will inevitably not align with his at some point. It is beneficial to us, obviously, and the potential downside is unlikely to be insurmountable, should it even occur. And of course, it's morally superior to robbing him of his free will, though that seems to be a lesser concern to many of us.
No. 21437 ID: 2eac65

We're going to want a more specific oath than what he offered. Some of the suggestions in the main thread would offer less room for abuse, while at the same time being less restrictive on him.
No. 21441 ID: 5f20de


Actually, the nature of the oath seems to allow US to make demands of him as we'd like. He's really putting all his eggs in one basket by joining us this way.
No. 21467 ID: 2eac65

But only if we ask. Otherwise, he won't have any obligation apart from not actively working against us. Compared to his suggestion of "complete active and passive support, within reason", this is significantly better (for him if "within reason" is as limiting as he implied, for us if it isn't).
No. 21500 ID: d14bbc

we really should make him do the oath. in the original lore the primordials corrupted the solar exaltation to allow the deathknights to act if the primordials were controlled and told to hold their pawns.

also dont worry about the oath wording. saulanna has humongous savvy + we can reinforce it with his true name.
No. 21520 ID: 2eac65

You're confusing Abyssal Exalted with akuma.

I think this is a good point to create Power Word: Commune and teach it to Peregrin, so we can communicate without having to physically return to his land.
No. 21537 ID: d14bbc

he is obviously a abyssal. however he can also be made a akuma, by us or another demon.

we should use the true name because then if we are controlled or tricked somehow, he will not be controlled by the one controlling us.

this is the main difference in the plot devices that made akuma and abyssals.
No. 21550 ID: 2eac65

I meant that your description was a mixture of how the Abyssal Exalted were created and how the Green Sun Princes were created, both of which are distinct from the ways that akuma are created.
No. 21582 ID: c00244

This seems an opportune moment to comment that Lunar Quest is wonderful and I look forward to your every post within it. Chapter 1 has been quite an experience, and I hope that you plan to run many more.
No. 21583 ID: 27828f


As I've stated before, I intend to alternate between chapters of Lunar Quest and another, different Quest. As they'll have significantly disparate styles, my hope is that I'll "recharge" on one while I'm doing the other. So keep an eye out for the start of that other quest soon!

For now, though, a bit of a break.
No. 21584 ID: c00244

Ah. Well, good things come to those who wait, they say. Enjoy your break.

I assume that the gains from chapter end- Agility point and Moon Ability- are from our gaining experience conventionally? What does Scent of Victory do?

Out of curiosity, did things go roughly how you expected it to, from the ideas/plans you had at quest start?

And is that "Souls Eaten" counter there just to tease the people who wanted to rampantly devour everyone, or does it serve some other purpose?
No. 21587 ID: f4e4f9

An awesome end to the chapter. Can barely wait for the second.
No. 21591 ID: d86f54


Well, let's have a look at the number of people/ghosts we've encountered in the quest and consider that we theoretically could've eaten the whole lot...

Gevin (now the 'ally')
Peregrin (now the 'sworn servant')
3 goons who harassed Gevin
5 goons encountered with Peregrin

= 10

... son of a dog, we must've missed someone somewhere!


I'll keep my eyes open for your next quest, Jukashi, not to mention on your webcomic. I'm no Exalted player, so it's to your credit as a storyteller that you've managed to get me interested in both. Have a nice break!
No. 21597 ID: adf48e

gevin's girlfriend confirmed for dead.

feels bad, man =c
No. 21604 ID: 5f20de


Er. Since when?
No. 21605 ID: d560d6

Oh, whole music box thing?

I'd completely forgotten that what with all the poncing about with our new goth friend.
No. 21609 ID: 805b7e

the 11th soul is saulunna's. in other words, wordblood could of eaten her.
No. 21962 ID: 2eac65

Well, that was a very exciting first chapter. All eight months of it. Looking forward to anything else you make.

I really liked that stat page at the end. It showed how much Saulanna has grown; not just her stats (and hair), but also her posture and demeanor show someone who's much more confident and in control than she was in the beginning.

I'm curous as to how much of the quest's setting and characters were pre-planned, and how much you made up as we went along.
No. 26543 ID: b9bd4f
File 128950895120.jpg - (11.43KB , 200x250 , 1289451932893s.jpg )

I saw this and immidiatly thought of Lunar quest. It has charms that make you into a Titan.
No. 26565 ID: e2b4f3

Man, I saw this thread bumped and thought for a minute that the next chapter had begun. But it is not the case. :(

Is it a bad sign that I wrote a First Saulanna Excellency in the few days before this book came out?
No. 26578 ID: 741399

To be accurate, it has charms that set the foundations for a new titan.

Return of the Scarlet Empress has the charms that transform one into a new titan.

>First Saulanna Excellency
Why do you not post this?
No. 26594 ID: 0d59df

Mainly because I wasn't sure of myself on the thematics - reading how we played Saulanna in Chapter 1 gave me a certain impression, but whether it matches others' impressions or motivations is a question I'm more shaky on.

That said...
First Saulanna Excellency (subject to revision)
The mind of the Bandit Scribe is filled with dead languages, exhumed knowledge, and excavated wisdom. Hers is a sapience that is a fusion of the lore of ages past and the ancient intuition of the animal kingdom, reading the situation as readily as she might read an ancient tome. But although her appetite for knowledge is great enough to span the boundary of life and death and is not above theft and misdirection, it is held in check by her still greater empathy for all thinking beings, whether friend or foe. To those who have proven themselves true, she shows loyalty and dedication, and while her rebuke of those who have proven false is both swift and decisive, it is not without mercy. She would rather make alliances and friends than enemies, the better to learn their viewpoint while preserving their right to exist.

Characters may apply this charm to enhance comprehension of spoken or written communication, study of new concepts, understanding of the motivations of others, or investigation of past events. Characters may also enhance actions aimed at building and rewarding loyalty, or acting with all possible swiftness to prevent destruction of either knowledge or other thinking beings. This excellency may never be used to obliterate meaning, whether it would be erased from the mind or the page; even that which Saulanna allows herself to devour is consumed with the knowledge that it will live on as a part of her.
No. 51114 ID: ed57e8

No. 51116 ID: fcf88e

You have no idea how giddy I am right now.
No. 51117 ID: b6edd6

Le Gasp!
No. 51118 ID: e73349

Most excellent.
No. 51119 ID: fcc78d


...the same thread as last time. What the fuck, ju?
No. 51120 ID: f730a1


What, same discussion thread? I don't get it.
No. 51125 ID: acc786

Huh, so Wordblood appears to have phrases written in him/her now.

First is: "Now when did put"
Second is: "Should I even be Ca Ma"

Think they mean anything?
No. 51127 ID: 431fa8

By my understanding that's whatever Wordblood is thinking. It seems like it's moving more towards coherent phrases/sentences than before, but I'm pretty sure it was always that way.
No. 51128 ID: ec0dea

Think they're supposed to be 'Should I even be called male' and 'Now where did I put'. They're probably what Wordblood's currently thinking.
No. 51130 ID: fcc78d

Jukashi, has anyone ever told you your style would be perfect for ponies?
No. 51132 ID: e73349


I'm pretty sure he knows this

No. 51133 ID: 13dce2
File 133401761360.jpg - (93.07KB , 423x414 , oldfashionedreact.jpg )

>has anyone ever told you your style would be perfect for ponies?

Technically speaking, no.
No. 51135 ID: fcc78d

WELP, consider myself answered.

Also, the round-faced yawning pic is adorable.
No. 51144 ID: 431fa8

Yeah, I'm rereading the first thread and it's fairly definitely Wordblood's thoughts. Poor guy.

how long has... I need to know... thousands of years... could we really have lost but the dragons shadow is still here I should... have to learn...

I remember having wings ... able to fly... change the world with my words... long ago... but I can... you to soar and to speak as I once did you can be more than...
No. 51145 ID: 2eac65

Yaaaay it's back! I've really been looking forward to it!

So, how does everyone want Saulanna to develop? Thoughts on her personality? Long-term goals?
No. 51146 ID: b9d767

Personality? Likely inquisitive, what with the literary themes going on.
Long term goals? Recover the other Titan Fragments, and grow in power.

But that's just a guess on my part.
No. 51147 ID: fcc78d

nice 90s Anime hair, Saulanna
No. 51149 ID: ee834a

Holy crap, is this for real? I feel like I'm in a dream. Lunar Quest was the very thing that brought me to tgchan in the first place, following from Key of Creation.
No. 51153 ID: a21b1b

At last, the Void Nights have come to an end!
No. 51155 ID: 3947e9

Oh fuck yes! Lunar quest is back!
No. 51175 ID: 369d34

Would it be possible to have a cutoff for the Saulanna clothing submissions, then allow voting on them for a day or so? Just so the early submissions don't run away with the vote.
No. 51183 ID: 3947e9

Ghosts Carried in Saulina's Brain:
1 Captured Enemy, Unharmed

1 Enemy which I can't figure out if he was merged or not

1 Throwaway character we inexplicably got attached to Ally
No. 51184 ID: 431fa8

The second one you linked was absorbed. We successfully merged him just after your first link and used the resulting power to win the battle.
No. 51210 ID: 3947e9

Thank you, I reread from it and I see it now.
We finished eating him here http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/88264.html#213361

>We know for a fact that souls attached to ours have bleed-over
Yes,but we also know for a fact that will points are amazingly powerful reality altering thing and if we spend them specifically on it we could create filters that would prevent the bleed-over effect.
No. 51211 ID: ce4a4d

Doesn't that strike you as needlessly complicated when we can just strengthen Saulanna, which will do all that and more?
No. 51216 ID: ed57e8

indeed, more soulforce stops bleed over AND makes words of power better. so the STOP power that made peregrin stutter would actually hold him for a bit.
No. 51218 ID: 70591e


well, we were told we can do more stuff with TW, so maybe we should explore our options first before spending our last bit. because I heard somewhere that there's more important things in life than acquiring personal power. for example, I'm thinking maybe it'll help us fulfill a certain promise.
No. 51224 ID: 3947e9

The issue is that people voted to "not eat immortal souls and prevent them from achieving their afterlife"... (despite it being completely wrong for the setting) That was the MAJORITY CHOICE.

So my plan is basically to allow us to continue to grow as a titan by sidestepping the issue by spending TW to make it "nicer" process...

Or do you mean that you could render bleed over irrelevant by simply dumping points into saulina's soul to grow it to the point where the bleed over will not matter?

>Growing saulina's soul stops bleedover
>Growing saulina's soul empowers her words of power
Where do you get that info from?
No. 51225 ID: b6edd6

For reference:
>>"We currently have a total SOUL FORCE of 4; 2 on my lady's side, and 2 on mine. Increasing her soul force will increase the potential for greater SHAPESHIFTING and MOON ABILITIES, while increasing mine will improve our capacity for more potent TITAN'S WORKS. Improving either will cost 2 measures of Titan's Will, and will add 3 to the maximum supply of MOON POWER, as well as increasing general spiritual potency."

'Spiritual potency' would probably reduce overlap, but it is Wordblood's SOUL FORCE that improves WORDS OF POWER, not Saulana's.
No. 51226 ID: 431fa8

My understanding is otherwise. See >>328146:
>The effect of individual Power Words will ramp up with the total Soul Force available to Saulanna.
Power Words can be learned by anyone, although only Wordblood can craft new ones. Once someone knows them, their potency is based upon the Soul Force of that person, as well as the base power of the word itself.
No. 51230 ID: 3947e9

>Wordblood absorb written knowledge
He can do that? Where is the nearest library!
No. 51239 ID: b6edd6

Can WORDS OF POWER have multiple functions if the word has multiple definitions?
For example, if we used the word LIGHT, would be be able to choose with each use whether it makes something weigh less or produces a flash of light?
No. 51242 ID: 3947e9

That is a very good question...
Maybe worth researching in the quest.

I am guessing no... but if yes then it raises another question. How many people need to know a word's definition for it to be made into a word of power? Could we invent a word with lots of meanings and then make it a word of power?
No. 51245 ID: ed57e8

jukashi explained that. the more broad a word is the weaker it is. power vs versatility.
"STOP" makes things stop. nothing except another titan or fragment can really even defend against them since they effect the fabric of reality itself.
No. 51246 ID: ce4a4d

I know this quest is different from canon, but it's safe to assume Exalts of all types can defend against titan magic, if prepared.

The setting kind of breaks down if they can't.
No. 51247 ID: ed57e8

oh, okay. but i seriously doubt they will be prepared for a lunar to use titan magic.
No. 51250 ID: 0a3290


If you're familiar with the game, Power Words are basically another kind of sorcery variant. They're primarily either Shaping or mental influence effects, and the right protection will shrug them off completely.
No. 51251 ID: b9d767

Actually, souls in Exalted have no true "afterlife". After dying they either pass into the Lethe, which scrubs a soul clean of most everything and sends it off to be reborn, or remain as a ghost and face the horror of Oblivion. Considering all the horrifying things that await the dead, we're pretty much doing them a favor by recycling them.

And speaking of Oblivion, there is something that concerns me. How do we know that these experiments of his weren't for the purpose of obtaining and then KILLING part of a Primordial, thus adding to the number of Neverborn?

Another thing, do we have any idea what position Wordblood held in the soul hierarchy of He Who Bleeds The Unknown Word? If it was high, then we might be able to use that as leverage if we come into conflict with the other primordial fragments. This is assuming that Wordblood was/is a deva.

Regarding the setting, this is set in a Creation where The Shadow Of All Things' escape from Malfeas went off without a hitch, yes? If so we will eventually come into conflict with those loyal to him. Considering that we are part-primordial, and that The Ebon Dragon did infact betray the Reclamation, we might be able to find an ally in the forces of Malfeas. If Elloge exists in this setting, then things will get VERY interesting.
No. 51252 ID: 431fa8

I'm more interested in coming up with interesting Titanic abilities than in investing heavily in Power Words, personally. We can learn sorcery- and really well, with our crazy mental stats and ability to learn things incredibly quickly through Wordblood- so Power Words feel like they might be slightly redundant for us, unless we need a specific one to fill a given niche. The first one we definitely needed to get us out of a bind, and it's convenient to be able to essentially invent spells on the fly by coming up with new Words so keeping some Titan's Will on hand for that would be prudent, but developing a full vocabulary of Power Words ahead of time doesn't seem that useful.

It seems there are some concerns about Wordblood bleeding into Saulanna. Why is this a problem? Saulanna was wiped to a blank slate, and Wordblood seems pretty chill. I don't have a problem at all with getting some Wordblood into her personality. And by my understanding since Saulanna and Wordblood are a mini-Titan with two souls, worrying about keeping Saulanna dominant feels like panicking that your right hand is going to lose out to your left one- pretty much totally ridiculous. It doesn't matter which is dominant; they're facets of the same being. Peregrin did his job pretty well as far as that goes.

See >>/questarch/197236 from the first thread.
>"I was a key part of my progenitor, I think. My memories haze, somewhat. I may even have been the defining soul of He from whom I came. I wonder what happened when I was torn away. To damage a Titan's souls is to alter their nature."
Wordblood was pretty up there in importance as part of He Who Bleeds the Unknown Word. Whether that'll do anything for us, who knows. It was a long, long time ago.
No. 51258 ID: 3947e9

>Actually, souls in Exalted have no true "afterlife". After dying they either pass into the Lethe, which scrubs a soul clean of most everything and sends it off to be reborn, or remain as a ghost and face the horror of Oblivion. Considering all the horrifying things that await the dead, we're pretty much doing them a favor by recycling them.
Actually this is verbatim what I said.

>And speaking of Oblivion, there is something that concerns me. How do we know that these experiments of his weren't for the purpose of obtaining and then KILLING part of a Primordial, thus adding to the number of Neverborn?
He is bound to us now in such a way that not only must he obey, but that he cannot deceive us. Ask him (no seriously, post to ask him in quest).

>It seems there are some concerns about Wordblood bleeding into Saulanna.
No, its other bleedover we are discussing.

As you can see, there is blurring of the line separating Saulina and Wordblood, as if they are merging (a process I would suggest accelerating).

The issue is bleeding over of OTHER hypothetical souls which we would process in a way where they remain within us.
That is ONLY an issue if we choose to even do this with souls in the first place and that only came up because a bunch of fools are voting on the quest while refusing to read the questdis or setting info.

Specifically, when we wanted to merge with the last soul we captured the actual majority of voters said "do not eat immortal souls, that is evil and something a devil will do and denies them the afterlife" as if the setting occurs in christian pantheon instead of exalted world.

If saulina holds such a warped worldview and refuses to consume souls she will end in fail. And this is our problem.

However, the salvation is
>You are not a whole Titan, into whom a single soul will vanish
What if we could do carefully invest our titan's will in order to simulate this without becoming a whole titan. This will allow us to take in souls at will and actually grow into a whole titan.
No. 51260 ID: 431fa8

That seems like a spectacularly wasteful expenditure of Titan's Will, when we could just man up and devour the souls instead of mucking about with making everyone akumas while insulating ourselves. I'm pretty sure that takes a willing person anyway, which we're unlikely to get most of the time.
No. 51262 ID: b9d767

The reason why it was better to bind him into our service, rather than eat his soul or make him an Akuma is because being a DEATH (ANTI?)HERO his soul is pretty danm corrupted by his Exaltation. Eating him would mean incorporating Death Essence into ourselves, which is the worst possible thing that could happen to a primordial.

Though, this gives me an idea for a useful ability. If, while going OMNOMNOM on a soul, to be able to expel/vomit it instead of consuming it and incorporating it. My reasoning behind this is because of all the horrific things one can find in the SHADOWY LANDS, and in the Underworld, and they might not go down too well if snacked on.

Another ability that might be useful is one shapeshifting-related. Why can't we use our literary abilities to augment our shifting form? He Who Bleeds The Unknown Word had a a body covered in scales of thick prose after all, so it's not that much of a jump to being able to supplement our shapeshifting with titanic power to re-write (figuratively and literaly) our form.
No. 51263 ID: ed57e8

that's what upgrading our SOUL FORCE does. make it so our soul is more powerful then the other sub souls. making us in charge and them simply minions.
No. 51265 ID: 3947e9

Hey, I AGREE with you. But we haven't been able to convince people to man up YET.
If we can convince people to man up and start nomming them souls then full steam ahead.

>If, while going OMNOMNOM on a soul, to be able to expel/vomit it instead of consuming it and incorporating it. My reasoning behind this is because of all the horrific things one can find in the SHADOWY LANDS, and in the Underworld, and they might not go down too well if snacked on.
That is a fairly good point.

>I'm pretty sure that takes a willing person anyway
Eh, we are a titan, we can make it work eventually.

So, you are saying that if we just upgrade saulina's soul enough then such absorption will no longer have bleedover/significant bleedover?
No. 51267 ID: ed57e8

it would change it from someone sitting next to her at the controls. to something like us. fleeting voices.
No. 51269 ID: 2fe09b

>If, while going OMNOMNOM on a soul, to be able to expel/vomit it instead of consuming it and incorporating it. My reasoning behind this is because of all the horrific things one can find in the SHADOWY LANDS, and in the Underworld, and they might not go down too well if snacked on.

And hey, if we can turn it into an attack, all the better.
No. 51281 ID: 3947e9

You are a genius!
+1 internet
No. 51285 ID: be7cc0

>Turn it into an attack.
Best idea ever. Eating a Creature of Death, finding that it's deathly essence cannot be safely recycled/incorporated, and then vomiting it back up at another CoD. I'm going to try and think of a way to fit that into a literary theme.

Also, something that might fit in both Lunar and Literary themes is us WRITING OUR OWN TATTOOS. By doing this, we can get the benefits of a tattooed MOON HERO, while still being able to incoporate our own shaping effects on ourself.

And for those concerned about potential mental bleeding between Saulanna and Wordblood, IT'S TOTALLY NORMAL. Him affecting us means that we are indeed becoming a Primordial. Let me put it this way, component souls each represent a conceptual part of a Primordial. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, and desires are all manifested as different Souls. For example, Malfeas is the Yozi who composes most of Hell. His Fetich, (central core soul) is Liger. One of Malfeas' themes is his own self-loathing, and this manifests itself in Liger's disgust at Malfeas' dancing. In the same manner Gaia's elemental themes manifest as the different Elemental Dragons. tl;dr nothing to worry about
No. 51286 ID: 2fe09b

And here I was just making a reference to Kirby. :V
No. 51291 ID: b6edd6

Having skilled and knowledgeable subjects/minions is useful, right?

You see, I was thinking about how we
- Are very good at acquiring knowledge through both magical and non-magical means
- Have a significant bonus to communication (which would include conveying information)

What if we make a power word TEACH, to drastically increase the rate at which we can teach or train others? (It would probably cost a lot to use, but we might manage it with the bonuses we get from the aforementioned attributes.)
No. 51296 ID: 117433

As another note, a good inch or an inch or so has probably been lost to the chaotic realms of the Wyld since that map was made. Think of that map as a quilt. The quilt is pinned down on its four sides by four knives (with one in its center). These knives are the poles of the elements, and they keep the world from scrunching up improperly.
The Wyld proper is True Chaos (off the quilt). That is just Things Not Of This World. Don't go there; you'll die.
Halfway between Creation and the Wyld is the Middlemarches, which is like signifigant fringe on the end. It's half Wyld and half Creation, but that half Wyld makes it VERY dangerous (lots of faeries and mutants with two sets of arms and stuff).
Lastly, there's the slight fraying of the Bordermarches. Here, it's not too weird, and mostly safe. Things start taking on abnormal attributes, like crocodiles made out of rocks.
No. 51297 ID: 3947e9

>And for those concerned about potential mental bleeding between Saulanna and Wordblood, IT'S TOTALLY NORMAL
There has never been a single post by anyone here showing concern about it.
Bleedover concerns is only if we merge with other souls in the future.
No. 51299 ID: ed57e8

as a titan we would be able to enter the wyld without succumbing to horrible mutation. since a prime example of things titans did is BUILD THE WORLD.