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File 135278498920.png - (58.14KB , 600x800 , recruitment2.png )
471304 No. 471304 ID: 061a93

PONY UP, SOLDIERS! We've got reports of an incoming Zangano attack!

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Concurrent thread:

Information thread:

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No. 471306 ID: 061a93
File 135278506204.png - (271.21KB , 800x1151 , codex3.png )

WE WILL NEED REINFORCEMENTS! To become a soldier you need only put the letter of your class followed by a name identifying you in the Name field.
For example: '[I] Pvt. Cannon Fodder'. In battle you will be given a number to differentiate you, so you would be changed to '[I1] Pvt. Cannon Fodder'.
No. 471310 ID: 061a93
File 135278522695.png - (30.58KB , 459x387 , officer.png )

There are no officers assigned to this sector! Join the Officer Corps for a chance to serve your country without getting near the bullets! You are the most vital part of this fine army!
No. 471311 ID: 061a93
File 135278527851.png - (91.17KB , 1000x500 , prebrief.png )

[I]Pvt. Mook
[I]Pvt. Legionnaire
[R]Pvt. Ochre
[R]Pvt. DOM-01
[T]Pvt. Nitan
[M]Pvt. Praetorian
[M]Sgt. Caltech Sr
[E]Pvt. TechnicalPerson

Soldiers, please report in your location in preparation! We need to be able to keep track of you!
No. 471315 ID: 886a4d

Reporting in at U-9 crouching.
No. 471355 ID: e0b19d

Reporting in at O-12, crouched, facing down the road.

Now, I'm just a front-liner, but I'd suggest fortifying the inside hallway and make that our kill-zone, since they have to come to us through the door (unless they decide to breach the walls, which is possible). I'm just out here to get a few early potshots in before retreating indoors.
No. 471440 ID: a5d914
File 135284400963.png - (8.50KB , 268x188 , Mangineer.png )

I'll start at W12.

If defensive deployment of assets is possible beforehand then please see the attached diagram.
No. 471441 ID: 6a5a08

Pvt. Nitan here, responding to request for status report.
Location: Presently located at Map Square T-15.
Equipment: Brain appears to be functioning normally.
Current Activity: Attempting to guess cards drawn from deck.
No. 471457 ID: e66534

[I1]Pvt. Mook
[I2]Pvt. Legionnaire
[R1]Pvt. Ochre
[R2]Pvt. DOM-01
[T1]Pvt. Nitan
[M1]Pvt. Praetorian
[M2]Sgt. Caltech Sr
[E1]Pvt. TechnicalPerson

[I2]Pvt. Legionnaire
[R2]Pvt. DOM-01
[M1]Pvt. Praetorian
[M2]Sgt. Caltech Sr

You may deploy your assets if they are actually deployed. Otherwise their presence on the map may not actually help you much.
No. 471506 ID: b062ca

"I shall deploy to Q-11 and allow no heathen to defile the sanctified halls of Our Lord's armies! They will be held here at this very door and be slain where the dirty wretches stand!"
No. 471520 ID: d6d6cb

Sic infit!

Reporting in at V-10.

We shall make these barbarians bleed for every step they take!
No. 471567 ID: 6a5a08

Hey, priest crusader guy. I got an idea. What if you stood behind the closed door, okay? Then I stand behind you.
Then when they open the door, they get a facefull of your divine shields or whatever. And then I explode their hearts. Then we close the door again. And if they use rockets or get past the shield, we back up to Technical's fortified location to hold them off.

At least one free kill. More if they're stupid.

Since we seem to lack manpower, I think this might be a good thing to do.
If you agree to this proposal, I will be located at Map Square Q-11.
No. 471601 ID: b062ca

"You fool! Were a vehicle most vile to breach these sacred halls, anyone foolish enough to stand AT the door would breathe their last!

Your zeal is certainly to be commended, but thou would do well to clear thine head. May contempt be the armor which shields you, not the eyes with which to see."
No. 471650 ID: 6a5a08

Um, if a vehicle breaches the door, you're kinda dead where you are anyways. Besides, we've got that infantry guy outside. If they spot any we can back off and make a new plan.

If anything I expect them to break in through the back wall.
No. 471651 ID: 6a5a08

Oops, I shuffled my callsign into the deck. Where are you you little...
No. 471662 ID: 51a2e0

Unit DOM-01 reporting in. Will position self at W-9.
No. 471680 ID: 90a93c

This is Dr Caltech Sr reporting, I'm currently stationed at W10 with my shield facing west.

Let's hope this thing is as good as the boys in the lab said it would be.
No. 471806 ID: 061a93
File 135294785933.png - (99.58KB , 1000x500 , mission4-01-02.png )

No. 471831 ID: 061a93
File 135295156351.png - (99.58KB , 1000x500 , mission4-02-02.png )


LOCAL: A deep, bassy rumbling is heard.
No. 471833 ID: 061a93

{phase ends 7 PM PST Nov 16)
No. 471841 ID: 6a5a08

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that was their tanks moving in from the sides. An officer would be fantastic right now. With, you know, some kind of spy plane. Or radar.
Move 1 SE, 2E to W-16
Ammo: Irrelevant
No. 471858 ID: e0b19d

Turn to face leftward.

"Don't we have two squads out on offense? We're probably just hearing them having their fight. I mean, it's not like I could have missed anything completely obvious like a tank while out on patrol, right?"
No. 471906 ID: 90a93c

Move 1 SE and 1 E to U11

Look sharp soldier, we will assume it's the real thing and get ready. The more drills you boys have the more ready you will be when we have to defend for real.

I agree we could use an officer...
No. 471979 ID: 886a4d

I'm staying put right now. Once we see where its headed we can move to compensate.
No. 472013 ID: d6d6cb

Pffah. These bastards are slow. Come! Sero venientes male sedentes!

Move: Staying where I am, but going prone
Ammo: 9Rx2
No. 472098 ID: a5d914

Move NW to V11.
PICK UP turret at U12.
Ammo: 6Rx2

"Guys I'm going mobile. Heading to a more central spot in the building so I can react to whatever treachery is going on."
No. 472224 ID: 061a93

[R2]Pvt. DOM-01
[M1]Pvt. Praetorian
No. 472232 ID: f1b3ee




No action, no move.
No. 472273 ID: 061a93
File 135312109321.png - (151.59KB , 1500x750 , mission4-03.png )

No. 472289 ID: 061a93
File 135312295981.png - (157.82KB , 1500x750 , mission4-04.png )

[ACTION PHASE] (ends 7 PM, Nov 20)

[I1] takes 2 damage.
No. 472292 ID: 5eea01

Omikron-003 sits in its crate, standing by to be deployed.

[Available as reinforcements.]
No. 472293 ID: 886a4d

Move 2 [West] to [S-9]. (-1 move for [Crouching])

I suggest we lure them into the building for now, I1 get your ass in here to be healed.
No. 472295 ID: 6a5a08

Keep a visual on them, [I1]. I would like to test how well my abilities work through walls.
Move 4W to Map Square S-16.
No stance change.
No action.
Ammo: Infinite.
No. 472381 ID: 0006f5

What's this about a promotion ? Do I get another ACT ?
No. 472392 ID: d6d6cb

Get back in here soldier! You're going to get chewed up out there!

No doubt their medic will be first in, so if our TK can kill through walls, you should crush him first.

Then with their shield wall gone, we will crush them with bullet and grenade!

Move Moving 1W to U12 (-2 move for prone)
No. 473031 ID: a5d914

Move 2SE, 6S to X19.
Ammo: 6Rx2, 1 turret, 1 shield

"I'm moving around to the other side. I'll set up a guard turret there. That frontal attack looks like a ruse of some sorts!"
No. 473320 ID: 061a93

[I1]Pvt. Mook
[R2]Pvt. DOM-01
[M1]Pvt. Praetorian
[M2]Sgt. Caltech Sr
No. 473334 ID: e0b19d

Sprint, Move one North. Open Door, move one East, close door, move two East to R11. -1 for Crouching
Go Prone (and face West)

"ShitshitshitshitshitshitshitSAFE. Uh, could I get some medical attention? Preferably before they rush in the door?"
No. 473335 ID: b062ca

rolled 10, 8 = 18

"I will overlook your cowardice in favor of your battle fervor. Be healed, child!"

No movement.
Heal [6] on I1 at R11
Heal [6] on I1 at R11
(+1 modifier)
Ammo: Infinite
Promotion Bonuses: None
No. 473345 ID: 061a93
File 135346709515.png - (152.01KB , 1500x750 , mission4-05.png )

No. 473422 ID: 061a93
File 135349950469.png - (163.50KB , 1500x750 , mission4-06.png )

[ACTION PHASE] (ends 7 PM PST/10 PM EST, Nov 22)

[M1] takes 1 damage.
No. 473424 ID: 886a4d

M1, if you move over a bit I can send a rocket right back at that foolish infantry.
No. 473432 ID: e0b19d

One East to S11 (-1 for crouch)
Go Prone, turn to face West.

"I'd suggest against that, Ochre. That'd require someone to open the door for you and hold it open, and that person's more likely to be hit by the next grenade they toss in here. Where we're standing, they can't do much damage; especially if me an' the doc back up a bit."

"They'll run out of grenades soon enough, and as soon as they open that door and walk in they lose."
No. 473435 ID: 6a5a08

Move 2NW, 1N, to Map Square Q-13.
Lift [5] on [I] at Map Square L-10.
Modifiers: +0 -0 x0
Ammo: Infinite
No. 473463 ID: 886a4d

The door is open, that's why we can still see him.
No. 473465 ID: 886a4d

The door is open, that's why we can still see him, and Nitan just made the likelihood I actually hit him pretty damn good.
No. 473468 ID: a5d914

rolled 3, 9 = 12

Move 2SE, 1E to Z20.
Place Turret [5] on AA20. (Aiming East)
Place Shield [5] on AB20. (Directed East)
Ammo: 6Rx2

"This should get anyone who tries to come around the corner... Argh! Why is this tripod such a mess to set up!"
No. 473469 ID: a5d914

Minor correction, moving to AA21!
No. 473486 ID: 6a5a08

The dice got away from me.
No. 473487 ID: 6a5a08

rolled 6 = 6

As did the abstract concept of the word 'dice', apparently.
No. 473879 ID: 90a93c

rolled 6 = 6

Close the bloody door or get away from it dammit.

Sprinting 2 W, 1 SW and 2 W to P12, closing the door and adjusting my shield North.
Healing [5] [M1]Praetorian at Q11
Ammo: ∞
Promotion Bonuses: Extended shield arc(IF IT WOULD START WORKING!)
No. 473880 ID: 90a93c

(Apologies, that should be Healing [6], either way a success)
No. 479586 ID: 623deb
File 135580569980.png - (165.34KB , 1500x750 , mission4-07.png )


COMM1: "Reinforcements coming in from the north, forward."
No. 518726 ID: 1766db
File 137188008238.png - (6.50KB , 800x600 , signallost2\'.png )


We apologize for the inconvenience. Please report this error to your superior and try again later.
-Skyline Industries
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