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File 129450955117.png - (58.33KB , 800x600 , blackcompanyrecruitment.png )
29364 No. 29364 ID: a032e7

This is a /questdis/-before-/quest/ thing. The thing is, this would require a lot of people's participation, and I don't want to start it before I'm sure it will generate a large enough audience.

Here is the basic premise:
You choose one of the classes (listed below) and a name, and join the company as a soldier. You are sent on missions in the form of turn-based strategy, with a minimap given that you make your moves around.
Expand all images
No. 29365 ID: a032e7
File 129450961454.png - (651.23KB , 1043x3338 , title.png )

How well you perform in these missions affects the overall plot of the quest, and all the missions will be different, ranging from air dogfights to missions covered by artillery and armor.
No. 29366 ID: a032e7
File 129450966920.png - (30.14KB , 658x405 , tank.png )

So please, if any of this interests you in the slightest, post in this thread. Any comments, questions, or suggestions I would be glad to hear.
No. 29368 ID: c8e501

Fuck off, Squeegy.
No. 29370 ID: a032e7

no :3c
No. 29371 ID: a032e7

AS PER FARMER'S SUGGESTION: Interested people may also go to #Blackcompany on irc.rizon.net.
No. 29372 ID: b6c6fc

you can count me in!
No. 29373 ID: 5b8bd0

well you will need a huge amount of regular players to make it work. or at least accept that some people can control other people.

this looks like a good use of the board's communication style.

can i loot armor as a soldier?
No. 29374 ID: a032e7

Botting other players is allowed, and there are people who sign up purely to control the battlefield with no character attached.

I'd only need around 10 characters to make an average-sized mission bearable. And no, you can't loot armor.
No. 29377 ID: c71597

Ok, so we get one soldier and then we kick ass and take names? Sounds a bit hard to make workable but what the fuck. I'll give it a try as long as the updates don't happen while I'm asleep.
No. 29378 ID: a032e7

That is indeed how it works. It's primarily a 4chan game due to its fast pace but I believe it can work here too.
No. 29379 ID: c71597

Sounds like it could be fun. But it's probably going to be a bit slowmoving. Might also be highly IRC reliant since tactics are probably going to matter a lot.
No. 29395 ID: 06387e

i was tank 2. tank 2 was good tank.

blew hole in wall, explodered turrent, two soldiers and discovered indestructible building. then tank reload and ram hole in wall. doors are for french, windows are for ninja, and tanks are neither.

tank got ambushed by soldiers. 2 grenades and a lot of burst fire. tank TPK everyone on top of it, trying to pass hole tank was on. tank regrets moving foward.

on observer mode, squeegy lets me take on a player that left instead of respawning like a idiot over 5 turns away from battle. the thread is now on sup/tg/, and the game was fun. hopefully next time we can get a lot of people on it, alike previous 2 missions, we actualy were very close from suceeding.

sage for blog related post.
No. 29437 ID: e0c719

Relevant, that mission:


The observant might notice how much faster and funner it is the more people there are.
No. 29827 ID: a032e7
File 129565183595.png - (16.52KB , 459x387 , officerscap.png )

Officer Corps also recruiting. The officers are the aforementioned noncombatants. They plan missions, form tactics and give general directives, and are responsible for all support the main infantry gets. Until the Officer Corps is a bit fuller the missions are on autopilot.
No. 29834 ID: a032e7
File 129565817560.png - (31.10KB , 514x388 , animalhandler.png )

Also, the support troop for the next mission (Saturday). They start with three dogs that they control as well as their main troop, which carries a beanbag shotgun.
No. 29835 ID: f5e4b4


Hey, quit that! Let Kassandra go.
No. 29845 ID: a032e7

Wise guy, eh??
No. 29855 ID: b6c6fc

oh no! kassy's gone feral!
also HA is now best character
No. 29876 ID: a032e7

Recruitment thread open:

No. 29890 ID: a032e7

And mission underway:

No. 30013 ID: a032e7
File 129591172312.png - (26.92KB , 673x296 , heavytank.png )

The Heavy Tank, AKA [Ha].
No. 30167 ID: 50c7a9

Thank goodness for training missions! Lets us figure out all the little rules kinks and details. Trains the players (and author ;) ) as much as the characters.
No. 30169 ID: cb45f0


For example, this mission I:
-Introduced retcons. This way I fuck up less so I don't end up handing you guys those all-powerful rewind buttons.
-Decided to make the -#'s stick on the HUD so that the players know each others' and the enemies' health at a glance.

I'm sorry for not telling you guys about some of these little rules but they are too numerous and forgettable to fit them all on the title sheet! Here's one:
When crouched, all units (except sniper) take a -1 to their move, and (including sniper) a -1 to being hit.
When prone, all units (except sniper) take a -2 to their move, and (including sniper) a -2 to being hit as well as a +1 to attack rolls.
No. 30208 ID: 2795f1
File 129611129617.png - (5.58KB , 283x324 , Watface.png )

Almost the entire squad MISSED in one round.

No. 30209 ID: 9a5057

uhm.... does the attack bonus for being prone stack with knifing somebody? It's sort of important...

(dive for the ankles! nobody expects that!)
No. 30404 ID: cb45f0

Additional rules:

Rocketeers firing at point-blank range will take the full brunt of the explosion.

Sprinting takes 1 action and returns all of your move. Doing it again returns all of your move minus 1, then 2, then 3, and so on.
No. 30412 ID: cb45f0
File 129633958043.png - (41.40KB , 514x506 , animalhandler.png )

Revised animal handler codex.
No. 30454 ID: 8555c2

That dog is actually
No. 31009 ID: 8b9a4f

Couple of rules questions:
*Crouching, going prone and standing up - Is this an action or move?
*The medic shield regeneration is a little vague. I'm guessing that it regenerates 1 shield point per action phase rather than per medic action, in which case it would regenerate 2 points per medic turn?
*Does the medic shield give any protection against rockets?
*Snipers seem to retain their full 2 move when crouching or prone. Can they still sprint when prone? If a sniper levels up their move speed do they retain that full move when crouching or prone?
*The snipers +1 if same target ability, does that apply to both the quickshot and aimed shot, making a successive aimed shot on the same enemy more likely to hit?
No. 31012 ID: 52653d

1 move per pose change.
You guess exactly wrong!
It applies to things that damage except TKs.
Pretty sure snipers shouldn't be sprinting.
It's under quickshot so it applies to quickshot and only quickshot!
No. 31017 ID: cb45f0

Also archives now hosted here.

No. 37048 ID: 644ca1

Black Company is back, hurray!

For those who lost the thread it's here:
No. 37718 ID: 400170

Thinking of canonizing the Toy Soldiers as one of the rival mercenary companies in this setting.
No. 47777 ID: 10d022

Also IRC:
#BlackCompany on irc.rizon.net
No. 47790 ID: 10d022

Since the archive got purged, here are all the /tg/ threads:

http://oldarchive.foolz.us/tg/thread/13399612 - Mission 1
http://oldarchive.foolz.us/tg/thread/13444633 - Mission 2
http://oldarchive.foolz.us/tg/thread/13457526 - Mission 2 Take 2
http://oldarchive.foolz.us/tg/thread/13618044 - Mission 3
http://oldarchive.foolz.us/tg/thread/13633213 - Mission 4
http://oldarchive.foolz.us/tg/thread/13719808 - Mission 5
http://oldarchive.foolz.us/tg/thread/13705777 - Mission 6
http://oldarchive.foolz.us/tg/thread/13807105 - Mission 7
http://oldarchive.foolz.us/tg/thread/14151270 - Training Mission

Discussion threads-
No. 47791 ID: dc602a


Moral of the story?

Everyone died.
No. 47792 ID: b88147

can i make a wiki for this? it seems it doesn't have one and instead of always posting the codex pics you could have someone change the wiki

just an idea
No. 47793 ID: 10d022

I like posting the codex pics but sure!
No. 47794 ID: b88147
File 132524377671.png - (7.72KB , 514x271 , brothersmokey.png )

smokey will be on mostly at night, so i probably will miss alot of stuff, hopefully the update time is slow so that doesn't happen... but not much otherwise to report then.

Good hunting all
No. 47795 ID: 9a34be

Question regarding the usage of deploy-able objects by engineers:

Can placed objects be picked up and re-placed?

Does the Sentry shooting take one of the engineer's actions, or does it have it's own actions? If the latter, does the engineer control it, or the officers/automatic?

Can enemies shoot through force walls if they are close enough, or is the ability to shoot through them team-sensitive?
No. 47797 ID: b88147

did i say i was going to be on at nights? i meant i might not be on EVER, WHAT THE FUCK!!!

I seem to have gotten a virus from somewhere and will be out of action for a bit... stupid flippin trojan- jyg.exe

No. 47803 ID: 10d022

I don't see why not, really. Tentative yes. Maybe not for force walls.

Sentry shooting takes one of the Engineer's actions.

The enemy can never shoot through force walls and you can never shoot through the enemy's force walls.
No. 47804 ID: 6a5a08

Does rocket AoE go through force walls or do they block the explosion too?
No. 47805 ID: 10d022

They indeed block the explosion!
No. 47826 ID: 6a5a08

Q: Does the Leap add to the dog's move range, as in they can move 5 and then leap up to 5 as well? Or can they not leap past the edge of their move range?
No. 47833 ID: 10d022

The leap range is their current MOVE, up to 5. It does not add to it.
No. 47849 ID: 10d022
File 132535319793.png - (33.52KB , 600x500 , animalhandler.png )

Mildly less confusing codex.
No. 47852 ID: 6a5a08

Thanks, figured that was it.
No. 47856 ID: 10d022
File 132536844910.png - (135.05KB , 1000x1035 , driversmanual.png )

Driver's Manual.
No. 47879 ID: 10d022
File 132542917674.png - (167.89KB , 1100x1300 , driversmanual.png )

Updated since I can't delete the last one.
No. 47883 ID: 8c0848

>Laser like maneuverability.

So it can only go in a straight line really fast until it bounces off of something?
No. 47885 ID: 83bd3d

Kinda like Need for Speed games, I see
No. 47892 ID: 10d022

That and 'very accurate'.
No. 47915 ID: 57711e

You know an actual tank is a billion times more maneuverable than a sports car. They can make 180 degree turns. As a matter of fact, I don't even know how you could design a tank that can't spin in circles. Each track moves independently of the other one. That's like, how they go. The issue with a heavier vehicle is usually that it's slower and can get stuck in soft ground.
No. 47956 ID: c01545

Okay, I gotta ask.
If it is possiple to leave ones character to defend and then create another to help in an attack, couldn´t we just create a secondary defence character keeping the first for offence?
Or is there some other reason that isn´t possible?
No. 47962 ID: 10d022

I saw the argument in #tgchan, yes.

No. 48033 ID: 10d022

Rules rehaul discussion currently going on in #BlackCompany on irc.rizon.net. Codex 3!
No. 60580 ID: 061a93
File 134716988812.png - (29.90KB , 377x299 , statcard.png )


1. This is your callsign and symbol. Your callsign is what should go next to your name when you post. For example, this soldier could be '[I] Pvt. Cann N. Fodder'. This will include a number when you're on the map (e.g. [I1]). The symbol is how you appear on the map.
2. These are your unit statistics. The [I]nfantry has 4 HP and an armor rating of 2. When you take damage, it is subtracted directly from your HP, unless reduced by your armor rating. The AR damage reduction chart is posted below.
3. These are your map statistics. The [I]nfantry has 1 ACT point and 1 MOVE point. This means he can move 4 spaces, and then perform an action. You cannot move after acting. You can also sacrifice 1 ACT to gain additional MOVE points equal to your base MOVE, minus 1 point for each ACT spent after the first.
4. These are your weapon statistics. The [I]nfantry rifle does 2 damage per hit, up to a range of 6, and fires 9 shots before a reload is necessary, of which it has 2. You can fire beyond your range for a penalty of -1 to-hit for each square exceeded.
5. These are your rolls. You can roll an aimed shot, which requires you to roll 5 or higher to hit, or 3 burst shots, which each require 8 or higher to hit. Each shot is rolled on a d10.
6. This is an area of effect map. It shows that the grenade damages those in a 3x3 area around where it detonates, which is marked by an X.
7. This statistic shows that multiple damage values can result from this weapon. The exclamation point next to the 3 denotes that it is the maximum, and only those hit point-blank by the blast will take that much. All those in the surrounding squares will take only 1.
8. This unique range has the '(ARC)' note, which says that it can be thrown or shot in an arc, at a penalty of 1 range.
9. Sometimes weapons or abilities will have notes that clarify their functions. In this case it tells you that the grenade's landing site is unpredictable.
No. 60581 ID: 061a93
File 134716991202.png - (12.47KB , 180x366 , promotions.png )


All units start at rank Private. By surviving rounds in which they have submitted an action, they accumulate points, and after a certain number, they will be promoted to the next rank at the end of the battle. This allows them to upgrade one of their stats (with a few exceptions), and later on spec into an entirely new, custom class. The rank tree is as follows:

Private - Specialist - Sergeant - Sergeant First Class* - Master Sergeant - First Sergeant - Sergeant Major - Command Sergeant Major*
*This rank lets you spec into a custom class, though it must be somewhat related to the class you started from.
No. 60583 ID: 061a93
File 134716998860.png - (37.44KB , 700x400 , skillfailures.png )


What happens when you fail a roll is entirely up to the GM's discretion.

As a rule, you will never hit an ally with a bullet, even one that you miss with. Rockets are less predictable. They are likely to detonate harmlessly, but may hit allied vehicles, structures, or troops. Grenades work in a similar fashion. Smoke grenades could go anywhere. In general, the higher the failed roll, the worse your aim will be.

Other failed rolls (mine/gadget placement, telekinetic powers, etc.) will have no effect.
No. 60590 ID: 061a93
File 134717510754.png - (98.84KB , 729x588 , armorrating.png )

Armor rating damage reduction chart. After AR 10 it continues linearly according to the same pattern.
No. 60637 ID: 061a93
File 134722431576.png - (9.26KB , 396x240 , common.png )

Some general things that were left out of the new codex:
-An incapacitated soldier will bleed out after 3 rounds if not stabilized, and die permanently.
-Arc: This weapon ignores cover at a -1 range and -1 to-hit penalty.
-You can move between stances (standing, crouching, prone) at a cost of 1 MOVE per stance (so, 2 to go from standing to prone, and vice versa), for the following modifiers:
Crouching - +1 to-hit, -1 move each phase
Prone - +1 to-hit, -2 move each phase, -1 to be hit
The Sniper modifiers stack on top of these.

Also the two abilities available to every class, to the left.
No. 60704 ID: 34cbef

so i went to bed before the update, and it must have happened while i was asleep cus i never even noticed it updated. At the moment i realize that i can't do much, asside make some suggestions- and then there is the part where i would want to do something a different way then the other officer. My issue is that one officer seems sufficient enough to lead, while the other one will just end up being counter productive by deviating from the first officers plans.

I'm at a loss of what purpose i'm supposed to fill
No. 60705 ID: 6a5a08

Second opinions are useful, sometimes people can't see flaws in their own plans.
Also, I think it was the officers that control the units that aren't present to perform their actions? So the more officers hanging around the less chance Sam needs to get impatient and just have those slow people sit around drooling on themselves.
No. 60767 ID: 061a93


Shiny new Black Company wiki! I wrote it myself. That will end up being far more up to date than this /dis/ thread. For instance, it has all the vehicle cards. Also, knife damage nerfed to 1.
No. 63820 ID: 061a93

Like I wrote on the wiki:
As an officer, you will be easily overwhelmed if you try and take every duty on by yourself. Tracking who has moved and who hasn't, the results of their actions, planning tactics for the phase, and worrying about enemies or hazards you can't see all by yourself is an intimidating prospect. For this reason, even though you get all the benefits of having officers with only one, it's much more convenient to have multiple officers. Then you can delegate responsibilities on the battlefield amongst yourself, and only have to worry about one section of the battlefield or one aspect of the fight while still being able to communicate for an overall picture.

As a lone officer, it's still a good idea to delegate some of those responsibilities among the enlisted men. If you divide them into squads, you might consider assigning squad leaders, whose job it is to keep track of movements among their own squad and report back to you. Any delegation of responsibility can make things much easier on you.

There is also the benefit from multiple officers of being able to do multiple support options.
No. 70891 ID: 2baea8

Making a bump to discuss this:
Would anybody else be interested in continuing?
No. 70906 ID: adc229

Yeah I'm up for it. Tell me on IRC if it goes anywhere.
No. 70935 ID: 65449b

Well, it's heartening you cared enough to bump the thread. I could run this in about a month or less, if there were enough interest.

As for officers - I think the game Artemis sort of shows the problem with them. Even though when the game gets hectic one officer will be overloaded, during quiet out feels a lot like the Comms and Science stations. I don't think some things, like the idea that there need only be one officer, are well grounded in reality, but if no one wants to play them, there's clearly a problem there. But how to fix it?
No. 70940 ID: 2baea8

What about, like players, letting officers have more than one character (but not in the same battle)?
That way, when things like the current split happen, each team will have one more character and the two officers can each give support options to one mission.

Alternatively, my other suggestion was to give Officers one or two non-leveling Pvt. NPCs to control each. When everyone's on the ball, the Officers can really only sit around and throw support. Players have had a record of ignoring Officers' suggestions, it feels like. The extra redshirt forces will also help fill the numbers gap.
No. 70983 ID: 65449b

Officers can already do that, though? They're only allowed to focus on one battle at a time. The nuclear power plant defense mission had no officer, so people whined about the lack of reinforcements.

I think I also need to clarify the rules for officers overriding people. It's a setting detail that the soldiers can be controlled remotely by their officers; this is regardless of whether or not the soldier wishes it to happen. I haven't always been consistent with this, mainly to avoid stepping on people's toes w/r/t promotion points and such, because if you get botted by an officer you do not get a point for that turn. But from here on out, if the officer posts an action for you that would be the action you take.

I'm sure this will lead to no tension between infantry and the Officers Corps whatsoever.
No. 72147 ID: 1766db

So I pretty much have the time to pick this back up now. If you have any interest in playing and haven't posted yet, please do so. I'd like a decent sized squad before anybody commits.
No. 72158 ID: 2baea8

Still around.
No. 72170 ID: 1766db

That gives us you, EvilPerson, and anonymous guy. Not exactly an impressive force. Maybe we'll get more of a turnout when we post the quest thread, but still.
No. 72171 ID: 9e893b

Well, you can add one.
No. 72215 ID: 1766db

So, people who have expressed interest:
Anonymous Fan <3
maybe some others??

I have a bunch of work to do before I start though. And I need to figure out what to do with the two currently running threads.
No. 72257 ID: 1766db

Ok, I've redone the wiki page:

Several important changes, most noticeably to the rules database, which everyone should reread. Most of the changes are to clarify rules, so that everyone will know the possible results of their actions, and playing the game will be more clear.

Next up, I need to redo the vehicle driving instructions for that same reason, and then figure out how to end the two currently running missions. Since I've lost:
-What everyone was doing.
-The promotion data.
-My tripcode.
It's probably just going to be a mission wipe so we can start over. Government coverups!
No. 72265 ID: 2baea8

I increased my hit points, I know that much.
No. 72266 ID: 1766db

You're a sergeant, so you have two promotions. Were they both HP?
No. 72267 ID: 2baea8

Yup. Going for tank on legs.
No. 72290 ID: 11ab67

Test: [I]nfantry unit at G10, currently standing

Move north to G 8.
(-2 move for prone) Go prone.
Burst Fire (8) at [I] on G 2. (Modifiers: +1 -0 x3) Ammo: 3Rx1

- Correct use of OPS format?
- Is ammo in the OPS what we got left or what we will use on this turn? (I assumed latter)
- Is aiming bonus for going prone on top of aiming bonus for crouch (so +2) or also +1 ? (I assumed latter)

Also, our platoon is tiny. Sign up people, it's 24h turns! Plenty of time to cause some colleteral damage with a single post a day!
No. 72341 ID: 1766db

Let's see here...

>Move [directions] to [square]. (-# move for [pose])
The pose deduction should be on the same line, but I'll accept it.
>([Pose change])
>[Action] (dice goal) (at [callsign] on [square]).
If the [I] is in class card condition, he should be at 6Rx3. Should be "[8]" for the dice goal. Modifiers should be on a separate line, as well as ammo.
>(Modifiers: +# -# x#)
>Ammo: #Rx#
>(Promotion bonuses: [bonuses])

Fix those things and you'll be good. I don't recall if rolling dice is 'dice 1d10' or 'roll 1d10' in the email field.
No. 72348 ID: a4b7a0

Got it.

From FAQ:
A: The dice function can be used on the /tg/ and /quest/ boards. The syntax for it is:

dice XdY
dice XdY Z
dice XdY+Z
dice XdY-Z

where X is the number of times to roll the dice, Y are the number of sides on each die, and Z is the modifer to add to or subtract from the sum of the rolled dice. The desired expression should be put into the email field.

Example expressions:

"dice 1d4" - will roll 1 4-sided dice
"dice 3d6+1" - will roll 3 6-sided dice and add 1 to the result
"dice 2d6-5" - will roll 2 6-sided dice and subtract 5 from the result
No. 72446 ID: 1766db

As soon as I get a new title image I'll end the last two threads and start a new one.
No. 72611 ID: 1766db

New thread is up, is here:
No. 72625 ID: e3aff6

I was thinking of joining this, and I have a few questions about the [E]ngineer class:
- Placing a turret/wall is listed as [5]. Is the structure just not placed if I don't make the roll?
- With the [E]'s two ACT, Could try to take a certain action (like placing a wall in a square) twice, to have that much more chance to do it successfully? (For example, if I wanted to move forwards and place a wall between me and someone who would shoot away me 2 hp.)
- Do walls block splash damage if they are not destroyed?
- Could I attempt to deploy a turret then immediately attack with it as my second action?
No. 72627 ID: e3aff6

- Does crouching effect build rolls? (I assume it doesn't effect turret shooting rolls, right?)
No. 72628 ID: 1766db

Thanks for your interest!
-Yes, and also if they are destroyed.
-Yes, but it won't work if you fail the roll.
-Nope on the second one. The turret is a subunit and so your crouching doesn't affect its aim; and it can't crouch. As for build rolls, I believe it's a question that's come up in the past and my answer has been 'No,' so I'll stick with that.
No. 72634 ID: d1d627

Riiight...soo for that inevitable unfortunate tradgety that will be me having to bot for someone, I'm going to prepare by practicing moves as well:
Move to (B3), go prone.
firing at (E4) dice1d6+1(prone)
Move to (B2)
rotate shield to face south east (towards C3, if I got that right.)

Are these orders acceptible?
No. 72662 ID: 1766db

Dice are always 1d10. Otherwise, that's fine.
No. 72663 ID: e3aff6

- Do shields (or solid cover for that matter) block attacks from direct diagonals (such as three squares up and three squares right)?
- Can an [E] use the Air Drop to restock their walls/turret, can this be used when those have not yet been destroyed, and if so can they pick up/deploy them to temporarily have more carried/active than their normal maximum?
- Can an [E] pick up walls/turrets deployed by an enemy [E], and if so can they re-deploy them as their own?
- If for some reason a [T] wanted to kill my turret instead of me, would his heart thing work on it?
- The turret attack is an action the [E] takes rather than the turret having its own action, right?
No. 72664 ID: 1766db

-No, if there is a direct line from the square to your square then the shield will not protect you. Only medic shields block direct diagonals.
-Yes, yes, yes.
No. 72670 ID: d1d627

Hrm, couldn't help but wonder if anyone could use an [E] turret, and not necessarily the [E] who placed it...
No. 72671 ID: 1766db

No. 72846 ID: e3aff6

When I (and if I survive to) get one, could I use a promotion improvement to give my [E] structures +1 AR?
No. 73155 ID: ea771b

[E] force walls cannot be walked through, right?
No. 73156 ID: a01b62

No, but you can give them additional hit points.

No, they cannot.
No. 73204 ID: ea771b

More questions episode 6: the questioning:
- Can I only place a force-wall in the border of a square I am in, or can I do something like placing a force-wall in a square to the left of me facing upwards?
- Turrets provide vision (while force walls of course do not), right?
- Can I use a promotion benefit to increase my 'ammo' of turrets or force-walls I can carry?
- Am I right in thinking that increasing the health is spent per structure rather than for structures in general?
No. 73209 ID: a01b62


-Force walls occupy whole squares.
-Per type of structure, yes.
No. 73210 ID: a01b62

Sorry, misread that first question. You can place a force wall in any adjacent square facing any chosen direction.
No. 73213 ID: 561606
File 137298935914.gif - (2.71MB , 320x240 , h46343B91.gif )

We are on our 2nd turn. Squad Alpha charged over open plains into fortified enemy positions. Squad Beta is too far away to engage.

We lost a medic.

It took Squad Beta four attempts to activate a static shield generator.

Except for the sniper, nobody's hitting shit.

I wasn't even sure how to open doors.

Hey, it's BASIC training. Cut us some slack, HQ.
No. 73215 ID: a01b62

It's in the true tradition of Black Company. All's best when all's going wrong.
No. 73216 ID: 2baea8

Accurate depiction of my last shot.
No. 73256 ID: 393862

Because Sgt. Azure brought it up:

Aimed Shot: Burst Firing:
60% 65,7% Chance to hit at least once
0% 21,6% Chance to hit at least twice
0% 2,7% Chance to hit thrice

Except for using up a lot of ammo, Burst Firing is better than Aimed Shot at hitting once. With the bonus of maybe doing extra damage.

To kill the [I] in the current scenario:
Me using burst fire [8] twice and hitting at least twice each time: 4,6%
Me using Burst Fire [8] and a telekinetic [5] hitting once: 3,92%
Me using Aimed Shot [5] and a telekinetic [5] hitting once: 3,6% -> I went for the worst option

So, Sgt. Azure was right, Burst Fire would have been the better option, since I don't have to conserve ammo at the moment.

On the other hand, the difference in this situation is A) not that big and B) our dice rolls have not been inspiring confidence so far. I made a false estimation of the probability, but I also didn't "feel" I could roll a 8+ today in 3 tries.
If the target isn't killed in this round by a Telekinetic, it would have been likely that the target would have survived for 2 turns with 1-2 HP anyway. And I would be out of 1 magazine.
No. 73257 ID: ec2e47

So what are the rules for shooting past squares with people in them?
No. 73258 ID: 393862

"You will never shoot an ally with a bullet unless disoriented, but explosives are unpredictable."
No. 73264 ID: a01b62

Eli the dedicated rules hound
No. 73293 ID: 393862

I thought R stands for "rounds". 5/9 rounds loaded and two 9 round magazines.

But I'll keep it in mind.

Also, holy shit natural 10s.
No. 73296 ID: a01b62

Both are valid interpretations, but I'm pretty sure it was 'reloads' in Skirmish Quest.
No. 73319 ID: 4cfa05

In any way, I don't think it hurts if I keep track the amount of ammunition I have left in my gun every turn.

It's comforting to know nobody is dying during this training, even if we don't get promotions.

But I think it was a good idea to do training. We have a few veterans, but also some new people, myself included. And as we can see, some things which are not clear can seriously hamper us (like how Squad Alpha thought they could use the soft cover when it was only the enemy behind it who benefitted). The fact that we cannot move diagonally through doors (I moved diagonally through a door once, but because I sprinted I had a lot of move and I think the GM simply accommodated accordingly without commenting on it).

But seriously, the false belief of reaching the chest-high cover on the map is the single biggest reason why Squad Alpha is getting pummeled. That, and our rocketeers didn't drink their scope.

Lessons learned so far:
Enemies can pop up behind soft cover.
Let people with a lot of HP open doors, if possible. They can be patched up by medics if needed.

In open fields: Spread out to avoid explosives. Cardinal grid distances being equal to diagonal grid distances means you can still fire on the same target.
In buildings: Stay together. Explosives are almost too dangerous to be used and close proximities mean you can almost always retaliate if your squaddies are downed. We were a bit unlucky in the yellow room, but on the other hand, a Telekinetic is the natural counter to shields. And the shield of the Doc was the "bulk" of that forward element. They took our Doc and our Telekinetic out fair-and-square. It's useless to argue hypotheticals, but if I had opened the door, we would have probably lost only one person and have better chances to retaliate.

Most importantly:
VISION. Scouting is key. I can't emphasis this enough. Get vision wherever possible and make extensive use of the looking-around-corners rule.

Our system tells us to MOVE before we ATTACK.
Our system also means we can only ATTACK a unit AFTER we SPOTTED it.
Our system also means our VISION is updated AFTER we MOVE.

Which means we can walk into a room full of enemy combatants without having any chance to fire back or even knowing they were there.
Those who attack first are most likely to win a firefight due to the turn-based system.

Scouting. Scoutign. Scouting. Since we share our HUD vision, scouting for the team means everybody knows where to shoot and where to seek cover.

Specifically for combat in buildings: Opening a door, moving a step to the side and looking through the doorframe seems to be superior to entering the room after opening the door.

Kinda related to this is the following:
I think everybody is, understandibly, enthusiastic about getting into action. Especially with turn lasting something around a day (which I do not criticise, it is a convinience for the participants) - we have to realise that , moving carefully and even baiting the enemy, retreating and setting up an ambush can mean having to wait 2-3 days until we get to roll some dice; rushing forward, shooting now and asking questions later is much more satisfying as a game experience (I'm not talking about anyone specifically, I'm expressing my own thoughts), but THIS can result in getting your ass kicked.

However, I think we can find a balance between waiting one week for an elaborate ploy to play out and not running into entrenched positions and unscouted rooms. It can be beneficial to stop and wait for your squad to catch up and get into position, or to wait a turn and just position yourself to get optimal vision of things ahead.

Lastly, there seem to be some hard rock-paper-scissor rules to Black Company. Infantrymen are durable, but have mediocre damage. [I] can take out medics and Telekinetics with a single hit - but two [I] firing at each other is a fight of attrition. A telekinetic, however, ignores AR. Snipers can negate shields. Engineers are suited for combat in open fields - they create cover with shield walls and smoke grenades. I think Alpha would have appreciated some smoke screens.

That means there are situations when communicating with your squadmates about the order in which you fire is highly beneficial - having a sniper destroy a shild generator before an infantryman fires at the meat behind, for example. But communications are sometimes obstructed by some of us only being online for a limited time during a day/turn.

Lastly, Samuel, there have been some occasions of people moving to places where they didn't intend to move. Just saying, that can create some confusion at times. ;)
No. 73321 ID: a01b62

A better idea for door clearing is not to stand right in front of it. You have all the time in the world to get set up. Have someone run by the door and open it before putting some distance between them, and have someone else scope it out from afar or run through to a safer position. You can also use the [E]ngineer's smoke grenade to pass through without harm.

Taking your time to execute coordinated tactics is beneficial to you in nearly every possible way. It may draw out enemies from their fortified positions. It gets you a promotion in fewer missions. It prevents the "sorry but I can't help, I'm too far away" thing. It gives everyone a chance to reload and get into a crouched/prone position. It's sound advice.
No. 73322 ID: a01b62

I am fallible. I set up OPS so that I would be able to process orders with as few mistakes as possible, but I still make them. I try and correct them if I can and usually tip the scales in the favor of the person who got confused at least temporarily.
No. 73328 ID: c48d85

That's absolutely understandable. The thread is not what I'd call "clear".

But then, the heat of battle and all that...
No. 73331 ID: e3aff6

Directly relevant to the situation at hand this time:
Can you close a door, and if you do will the enemies need a turn to spot you again before shooting you?
If medic successfully heals someone above zero, do they get a move that turn?
No. 73332 ID: 2cf815

As you saw when your medic died, your sight persists for an enemy turn, and so does the enemies'.
No. 73933 ID: e3aff6

When you are an [E] or [M] with two actions, is there a way to make them conditional / in two posts, or do they need to be done at the same time? In this case, if my first action in a turn is to attempt to place a turret, do I need to commit to what my second action will be before knowing if the turret will place the first time?
No. 73936 ID: a01b62

Your actions cannot be conditional and must be made in the same post. You must commit to whatever you do without knowing whether or not it will work.
No. 73947 ID: a01b62

By the way, you CAN make an action with the turret you place down in the same turn, you just have to take the chance that it won't be placed and both your actions will go to waste.
No. 73952 ID: e3aff6

Yes, though I was not in a mood to trust the dice at the time. However, reading your comment compelled me to run some numbers, and it turns out that with no modifiers Place/Shoot has a better expected damage over that turn and the following turn than Place/Place. (1.02 hits vs .825 hits)
No. 73953 ID: e3aff6

>Today's update
Welp. I am tempted to take it personally that that [I] was nowhere for several turns then shows up at exactly the time to keep me useless.

Do smoke grenades help against telekinetic death? Because smoke grenades are the only remotely useful thing I can do here.
No. 73954 ID: a01b62

If the enemy can't spot for the [T] the [T] can't attack you. The smoke grenades take a turn or so to be effective, though.
No. 73956 ID: e3aff6

Can enemies shoot past you, or can you body-block their attacks?
No. 73957 ID: a01b62

Enemies can shoot past enemies, but not you or your allies, unless you're crouching and your ally is standing, etc.
No. 73985 ID: 60bf07

How does changing moves work? I tried a plan, it didn't work, and then immediately afterwards I remembered that it could not have worked for the entirely different reason that [I]s can use grenades to just ignore my walls in addition to anything else I can do.
No. 73997 ID: ad5383

I think the idea is, when you used the right posting syntax, that you just post new orders, which then override your old ones.

I don't know if that is possible after dice rolling, it would seem kinda exploitable then.
No. 73998 ID: 60bf07

I understand the exploitable aspect, but I am under the impression that the optimal posting syntax includes having the dice rolls in the same post as the order.
Does that mean you can only change action if all rolls succeed, or is there some system where you go with the worse of the rolls?
No. 73999 ID: ad5383

From the wiki: "If you are using OPS, then you may change your action at any time by linking to the previous action and posting another action in Optimal Post Syntax."

It says ANY TIME, so I guess forget dice rolls, statistical independence and all that.
No. 74005 ID: ad5383

This isn't meant to be a quip at you, but I really like how you back off, saying "I can't help you Void, you're on your own!" and then he has to watch how you place a forcefield at the entrance between you and him.
No. 74006 ID: a01b62

You're free to change your orders whenever. If it's obvious you're just doing it because you rolled badly I'll tell you to stop.
No. 74007 ID: 2baea8

We can cross our own team's fields, I thought?
No. 74009 ID: a01b62

You can shoot through them, you can't walk through them.
No. 74064 ID: 60bf07

He has to watch as I fail pathetically to put up a force-wall across the exit :/

My first plan was to attempt to save him using force-walls and body blocking, but that wouldn't work because the [I] has grenades that ignore force-walls.
With the doorway blocking plan, if I had placed the wall (which I failed to) and Void miraculously survived, it would be fairly simple to pick up the wall next round.
No. 74126 ID: e3aff6

Do unconscious people obstruct structures, and is it possible to drag them?
No. 74127 ID: a01b62

Incapacitated soldiers don't block structures, and I think last time it came up I said you couldn't drag them?
No. 74162 ID: 93bf37

We have enough people incapacitated that we are very close to not having enough damage at our disposal if the enemy just blindly rushes at us. We could not put them down fast enough and would take a few hits each turn, regardless how carefully we defend our corners in the building.

That's why I'm quite positive about the medical initiative started by Evans. If we stabilize Malden and Conrad and Caltech manages to revive EvilPerson (who is also close by), I'd be even carefully optimistic about the success of the mission. Question remains if and how fast the troops outside the buiilding will rush us.

But that's something we can deal with then the time comes. By exiting the building through the south exit, we could flank them when they try to enter at K 35. If they disperse, we take them on one by one, if they concentrate on one point, it might get time for some grenade action.

I have to admit I just realised that [I]nfantry armour is totally impervious to pistol and SMG fire.
No. 74171 ID: e3aff6
File 137495431007.png - (22.22KB , 1537x267 , jcyds.png )

T1 and M2 are at -2 out of -3 health, meaning that they will die if not stabilized this turn. I am to far to stabilize more than one of them, so one of them is guaranteed to 'die' unless M1 comse help them which, because I think the enemies have vision in the yellow room (I need to ask to confirm this) would put M1 is T range and therefore doom us all. I am currently in favor of saving M2, because once he is back up we will no longer be completely done for if one medic goes down.

The bit about vision brings me to a question: Corners, how do they work?
Attached is an image with four scenarios of soldiers looking through an open doorway from different positions/facings. If you have time, please mark the squares that can be seen in each scenario.
(I don't want to be demanding, but I think this isn't the first time there has been corner-looking confusion, so I would like to have something to use for future reference rather than just asking about a specific case.)
No. 74176 ID: e3aff6

Wait, nevermind, we did see an example of most of this this earlier (>>522112) and I forgot.
No. 74178 ID: a01b62
File 137496079969.png - (27.22KB , 1537x267 , vision.png )

This should illustrate the rules I try to follow.
No. 74181 ID: 2baea8

One of our [T]s should definitely work towards Clairvoyant. It sounds like it would help scouting/planning immensely.
No. 74182 ID: 93bf37

Good observation, missed that.

Oh, okay. The "head poking around corner" vision is not like I expected.

UAVs. Implant Corps. Force field generators.
No IR goggles anywhere.
No. 74187 ID: e3aff6

Thanks! Is it ok if I put this in the codex section on the wiki for future reference?
No. 74193 ID: a01b62
File 137497412260.png - (27.64KB , 1537x267 , vision.png )

Promotions, my good man, spec into those goggles and taste sweet victory.

Also, I may have made a mistake with the 'head poking around corner' one, you're right; he should be able to see everything in front of and left of the door.

Here it is fixed.
No. 74196 ID: e3aff6

Just to get confirmation, a [S]'s move or act restriction includes non-class actions like stabilizing, right?
No. 74215 ID: a01b62

Unfortunately, yes, stabilizing requires ACT.
No. 74257 ID: 2bef4c
File 137509526656.png - (399.81KB , 1000x2000 , not_actually_a_plan.png )

< not the actual situation

We have 4 kills. We could, in theory, get 2 troopers as reinforcements.

Are some of our fallen willing to join as with secondary characters? (since this is a training mission, your primary characters are not dead and keep their rank)

Or even some new recruits ?

I don't know how the rest of the team feels, but I think we can still turn this around, despite the odds.
No. 74262 ID: a01b62

Since it's a training mission, I would allow you to redeploy the people who died.
No. 74270 ID: 2baea8

I have [T]Pvt. Nitan and [I]Pvt. Gaston to deploy. Both are likely more useful than Suggestion for proceeding in close-quarters through the building.
No. 74275 ID: 2bef4c

I think a robust infantry unit would be a great asset right now, but whatever you choose, we'd be glad to have you back.
No. 74279 ID: 2baea8

Yeah, I'd say have the officer deploy some good, solid [I] units.
No. 74287 ID: a4b6b4

Sign up in the main thread and I'll toss you in. Though in all honesty, this officer gig isn't my cup of tea I think. I'll serve as long I'm the only one, but I'd like to get down onto the field!
No. 74289 ID: e3aff6

Actually I have been kind of considering officering. I have been noticing an urge to tell others what to do in the thread fairly often. (Of course, the times I turned about to be right have not been as often...)
No. 74291 ID: a01b62

[E1] should be able to see along the wall, but spoilers: There's nothing there anyway.
No. 74293 ID: e3aff6

So that means I can see all those squares in the room above row 29 except N27 and M26, all of which contain nothing including doors?
No. 74294 ID: a01b62

There is a door through Q26 to R26 and you can't see M26 or N27. To be precise.
No. 74297 ID: e3aff6

The door is closed I guess?
No. 74307 ID: a01b62

No. 74332 ID: 87e7da

>>74289 >>74287
You guys could switch positions or something like that. Or Zaelix can deploy as reinforcement and Evans gets a on-the-field promotion and remote controls his character from now on (just for this mission, it's just trainign after all).
No. 74333 ID: a01b62

Not until the end of the mission.
No. 74402 ID: e193b3

So, [R]ocketeer Evilperson is now officially resurrected as an [I]nfantryman?
No. 74417 ID: a01b62

No, Suggestion is. EvilPerson is still alive.
No. 74418 ID: e3aff6

I think he is referring to how Evilperson's map icon is now an [I] icon instead of a [R] icon.
No. 74420 ID: a01b62

Oh, dang, I have no idea how I missed that. Damn map glitches.
No. 74701 ID: e3aff6

People in smoke clouds are effectively untargetable by bullets or [T]elekinesis but can still be hit by explosives launched at the smoke squares, right?
No. 74703 ID: 76b151

yup, though I do believe the rules were slightly modified so that you can see something right next to you to prevent infinite blocks
No. 74704 ID: a01b62

It's a LOS blocker, not a forcefield. You can even spot for somebody outside the smokescreen so they can shoot/telepath them.
No. 74714 ID: e3aff6

Are sniper mines safe for all friendlies, or just the sniper who placed them?
Also, if a sniper is right next to somebody can they drop a mine on them (either to attack an enemy or to place it in an ally's space if mines don't friendly fire)?
No. 74728 ID: 09bcf9

Codex says "a sniper cannot activate his own mine" - which would indicate for me that all others do.
No. 74886 ID: e3aff6

In the recent update (>>/quest/532747), by line of sight rules we can sprint our entire force (aside from I4) right up behind them without them knowing we are there (and therefore being unable to attack next turn) there unless we open fire, right?
No. 74888 ID: a01b62

Yes, though keep in mind you'd have to avoid that turret and go all the way around/through the building. Can't walk through hostiles.

Seems likely.
No. 74889 ID: e3aff6

For future reference (it would not be a good idea to try at the moment), do failed attacks reveal your location the same way successful ones do?
No. 74890 ID: a01b62

Any failed attack will leave the bullet tracer (but not show you) to alert the other side that they are being fired upon from out of view.
No. 74891 ID: e3aff6

And now that [S1] has Leeroyed (well, as much as a sniper can and still attack), this brings up a curious situation. If I hadn't placed a force wall and the [I] runs west to shoot at [S2], would I get hit from being unrevealed but directly between his shooting position and his target he can see?
No. 74892 ID: a01b62

Sorry, I thought I made it clear: It alerts them to your presence. It does not reveal you. They still can't attack you because they don't have sight on you this turn.
No. 74896 ID: e3aff6

You answered my question about missed attacks, but [S1] hit the [T] (unless the wall got in the way, which I don't think it quite does). Do successful attacks (or specifically successful attacks that kill the target) also not reveal your position?
No. 74898 ID: 76b151

it does not.
No. 74899 ID: 76b151

If you can't see someone you can't shoot. The only thing that allows you to see someone is yourself or an ally directly facing them.

All shooting someone does is allow the person to know the direction the bullet came from. Which means I1 can shoot that infantry this turn, and next turn without fear of return fire. Its not until the THIRD turn that we can expect that infantry to start firing back.
No. 74901 ID: e3aff6

Oh, I see. I had somehow gotten the impression that succesfully getting a hit revealed you for attack. I am not sure exactly where I got that idea now that I think about it.
No. 75039 ID: e3aff6

The ability to spot to shoot in at people in a smoke screen means you can also spot for people in the smoke to shoot out, right?
No. 75051 ID: 76b151

No. 75200 ID: a7fa71

When it says that smoke grenades last three turns, that is three turns from full deployment (the 3x3) rather than three turns from the initial throw, right?
No. 75338 ID: 47fccc

I have the dire feeling I will find out next turn.
No. 75342 ID: e97f9d

The former, yes. Three turns to spread, three turns to dissipate.
No. 75352 ID: 09c9d6
File 137689429447.png - (29.26KB , 322x560 , mgs.png )

I have a question:

Would the enemy unit see the infantry sprint past like in this image? Is it aware of the move even if it is not able to attack next turn (has to spot first)?
No. 75353 ID: e97f9d

No. Like the players, the enemy can only see final positions. I try to operate off what they would know.
No. 75488 ID: d2995c

So I guess now is the time to discuss transferring [O]fficer status?
No. 75490 ID: d2ad4a

If you want it, now's the time to mention it.
Me, I'm going to be serving as a Medic, since I spent so much time botting Caltech...I think it was Caltech, at least.
So, characters I have:
[O] Zaealix (currently going back for more [O]fficer training)
[M] Alister (currently active.)
Thinking of getting a [T] or [R] as the 'alternate' class I use. Not decided which one yet.
No. 75496 ID: d2995c

I think I will keep with being an [E] for the next mission, to see how things go with the 'NPC' commander.
No. 75502 ID: a5e6d0

What a crazy mission.

Things that really did us in:
- new guys (like me) being unfamiliar with the mechanics
In the beginning, we thought squad Alpha could take advantage of the soft cover on the map.
Then squad Beta decided to let a medic and a Telekinetic scout ahead when both aren't frontline troops.

Although, in general, we rolled rather well, the times when we did not roll well really hurt. Our rocketeers especially. We had groups of enemies, beautifully clumped together, but were not able to take advantage of that. In the end, it was almost like everybody held his breath when a rocketeer took aim.

After we retreated into the building, I think really pulled ourselves together. We advanced very carefully, maybe even a bit too slow, we discussed more etc.
In the end, the battle for the flag was really balanced imho. We healed, we took positions, we threw smoke... it was good. We turned the ratio of damage taken vs damage dealt around in our favour, despite being slightly outnumbered. Maybe the enemy rolled really badly in the end, I'm not sure.

When we got reckless, we got punished. When we kept a cool head, with a bit of luck, we did them in. It is true that Agt. Azure carried us hard, but it was a symbiotic relationship - we scouted, he popped heads. We could have done that for while and basically lay siege to them, but we all wanted to end the mission quickly.

Now the new recruits that survived until the end really know the mechanics, how line of sight works, how to clear rooms, that opening doors doesn't cost move etc. I hope as many as possible stay.

Despite what HQ might say, I leave the training compounds with an optimistic feeling.

One last thing: I had the feeling that we were very support-heavy, lots of low HP troopers, with useful abbilities, but out team was a bit squishy overall.
No. 75513 ID: 2baea8

I agree with everything this man said.
No. 75522 ID: 76b151

Honestly we had a pretty good mix at the start. The big problem was most of them died when we got ambushed and stayed in the killzone.

That enemy sniper at the time had crazy range if you look at it. He was shooting 3-4 over his natural range and hitting every time. If he had missed once or twice we might have fared MUCH better.
No. 75523 ID: e97f9d

Dude just kept rolling 10's.
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