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File 129158039263.png - (156.97KB , 1000x800 , 589.png )
262063 No. 262063 ID: f5e4b4

First thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/193207.html

Second thread: http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/209309.html

Third thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/223620.html

Fourth thread: http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/237909.html

Discussion thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/328741.html
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No. 262064 ID: f5e4b4
File 129158044548.png - (100.47KB , 1000x750 , 590.png )

Tiak begins to wake up in the brig, his mind still dizzy, his body still feels exhausted.

And something is dripping on his face.
No. 262065 ID: 3c5680

Wakey wakey, loverboy! Adventure awaits!
No. 262066 ID: a09a03

Examine body hanging above you.
No. 262075 ID: 2563d4

Don't let any of that blood drip on your last clean suit.
No. 262077 ID: 70e5c6

Realize that something terrible might be about to happen, but that it's probably just really creepy and not immediately dangerous.

Prepare to roll off the bed, scoop up your laser rifle, and fire at any potential enemies. Even though it's probably just a random severed head or something. :3
No. 262078 ID: 1854db

God damn it. GET YOUR GUN!
No. 262085 ID: f5e4b4
File 129158157264.png - (220.50KB , 1000x750 , 591.png )

Tiak opens his eyes, just to see familiar faces, with dead eyes. No joy in such reunion.

A Janitor and a Head Engineer, hanging from yellow cables.
No. 262087 ID: 2563d4

Go on, discover that your rifle's missing already. If someone or some little drone can get in there to string up heads, it can sure as heck schlep your gun away.
No. 262091 ID: 70e5c6

Definitely a *head* engineer...

Yeah, attempt to acquire WEPON. Also, check to see if BOMB is still there.
No. 262092 ID: f59554

This is a really rude way of waking somebody up.
No. 262097 ID: 701a19

Oh, hey, somebody is threatening you in an attempt to scare you off the case.
First, make sure nobody else is in there.
Second, check your inventory, then the bomb.
Third, look for signs of how they entered the brig; ideally, you'll find a smeared blood trail in the vent.
Fourth: Marvel at how the blood could STILL be dripping so long after death. Do Maurians have absolutely no clotting or something?
Fifth: Realize that whoever did this must be able to fit through the vents, thus ruling out Dan and the captain.
Sixth: Realize you are having a nightmare. So informed, start lucid dreaming. Conjure up Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright riding rainbow unicorns, and have them help you solve the case.
No. 262107 ID: fba40f

Discover that all your most important items have been stolen.
No. 262116 ID: f5e4b4
File 129158799713.png - (182.14KB , 1000x750 , 592.png )

Tiak can't find his gun where he left it before going to sleep, and that's not a surprise.

The surprise is awaiting him hovering up in the ventilation shaft, holding the cables from which the heads dangle. Motionless awaits, one sharp, accusatory metal finger pointing towards Tiak's face.

It doesn't move, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't produce any sounds. The small brig echoes with the proverbial buzzing of the spying machine, but after a few seconds, a robotic voice comes out of the floating device.

"KEYS... or....POISON."
No. 262119 ID: 701a19

"You want that rat poison? Why?"
Prepare to grab the thing and smash it repeatedly into the wall and/or force field, whichever will do more damage.
No. 262130 ID: 2563d4

Oh look, it's stupidly wrapped said cables around its hand so that it can't let go easily.

Tug on the servered heads and stamp on the damn thing. Watch out for that finger in case "or poison" is a threat.
No. 262142 ID: 1854db

Grab the heads, swing it into the forcefield to fry the machine.
No. 262149 ID: f5e4b4
File 129159152983.png - (250.25KB , 1000x750 , 593.png )

Tiak tries to pull the cables wrapped around the robot hand, but the hovering impulse of the device seems to be stronger than he is able to pull. He can't move the floating thing, not even an inch!

The machine moves its right arm, the extended finger nonchalantly aiming in another direction now. Pointing at the cryopod, which, Tiak just notices now, is open. He's pretty sure he closed it before going to sleep.

The synthesized voice can be heard again.

No. 262160 ID: 2563d4

Fine. Climb the damn thing and unleash the green goo on top of the drone. If it can chew through the lift motors so quickly it should do quite the number on it.

Or use the cutting tool, I guess, but so far that's been a pretty terrible improvised weapon. Can't see the little hammer doing much either.
No. 262165 ID: f4963f

Is it saying that the bomb is full of poison? Is it threatening to set off the (poison?) bomb? Agh.

I suggest we give the bomb to the robot. In the worst case scenario, it's threatening to set off the bomb if it doesn't get keys, and nothing has really changed in terms of your proximity to a deadly (poison?) bomb. In the next-worst-case scenario, it's asking for either the bomb or the keys. If it has the bomb, it will likely try to plant it somewhere - but it doesn't mean relenquishing the keys, and gives you a moment of time to get the fuck out of the brig.

What I want to know is why it didn't kill us in our sleep and steal them both, but...

Anyway, it's my hope that a bloody murderous robot attempting to plant a bomb will be noticed by somebody or at least leave... yanno, traces, and that we can then deal with the scenario. If we give away the keys, though, I doubt we're ever seeing them again.

I dunno if I trust the Queen with the keys either, but whoever programmed / controls the robot can't be much better.
No. 262188 ID: 1854db

Oh god damn it. Take out the keycards you have and hand them over. Don't give it the keycard data storage device.
No. 262252 ID: f5e4b4
File 129159790625.png - (239.41KB , 1000x750 , 594.png )

Tiak climbs up the cable without problems or opposition from the robot, opens the vial and pours the green goo over the camera.

Nothing seems to happen.
No. 262259 ID: f5e4b4
File 129159831132.png - (211.29KB , 1000x750 , 595.png )

No. 262262 ID: f5e4b4
File 129159844775.png - (319.36KB , 1000x750 , 596.png )


The worried high-pitched tone of voice of Zira pierces Tiak's subconscious, waking him up and confronting him with all the problems he left behind when he closed his eyes.

First thing he notices is that Zira is calling him from the other side of the barrier, rather excited and yelling at him:

"Tiak! I thought you would never wake up! You gotta come quickly, they're gonna shoot each other! In the Upper Deck!"
No. 262270 ID: 2563d4

Apparently you forget your inventory while sleeping.

Grab rifle. Pass through vents. Fully expect her to draw on you halfway through climbing out.
No. 262275 ID: 1854db

Check in the cryopod before you leave the brig.
No. 262376 ID: 701a19

Grab the rifle and go through the vents.
No, she won't draw weapons on you; that would be silly in every situation.

Once you're out on her side, say "I think I should sleep with you next time; horrible nightmare."
No. 262384 ID: fba40f

No. 262392 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, really, just keep your damn trap shut.
No. 262395 ID: 47ef4b

Seconding this.
No. 262398 ID: 55c4cf

Grab whatever you can to defend yourself, and hurry to the situation with Zira.
No. 262416 ID: f5e4b4
File 129165134591.png - (177.31KB , 1000x750 , 597.png )

Tiak checks out the Cryopod. The bomb is still there, and still apparently disabled. Then he gets the sub-rifle (SR) and crawls through the vents. At the other side, Zira awaits and welcomes him.

"You're a heavy sleeper, aren't you? Don't answer, this is urgent! Five minutes ago I saw the Navigation Officer running out of the elevator and rushing into the Canteen. He looked pretty shaken and scared."

"And? What was his problem?" urges Tiak.

"I couldn't make much sense out of his drunk banter" answers Zira. "But apparently Mok, the bartender, has rushed in the Upper deck with a laser gun, threatening to kill the Captain. And I think he has already killed the Colonel."
No. 262424 ID: f59554

Better just hurry, can't think of anything to bring other than a bottle or something.
No. 262428 ID: 2563d4

Check Captain-cam and go investigate the obvious decoy.
No. 262436 ID: f9f666

Arm and ready your cannon. While heading towards the elevator, have a quick glance into the Canteen to make sure the Navigator is indeed there, and in which state he's in.
No. 262473 ID: f5e4b4
File 129166385475.png - (202.42KB , 1000x750 , 598.png )

Tiak thanks Zira for the warning and she runs back to her room, while Tiak directs his steps toward the elevator. On his way there he peeks through the Canteen door, checking that indeed, the Navigation Officer is inside, getting wasted. Again.

Once in the elevator he checks his PDA and the status of his servo-camera. The Captain doesn't seem to be in his office.

Finally Tiak arrives to the main corridor of the Upper Deck. He can hear loud voices coming from the Bridge.
No. 262475 ID: 2563d4

Bust the door down and be ready to shoot everyone inside.

Man I wish we had one of those vaccum grenades right now. I bet they're even vaguely nonlethal.
No. 262556 ID: 55c4cf

Whatever you do, try to keep partied with Zira, explain that the results of this flight could damage any hope of continued peace between snake and ant relations. The captain has ulterior motives, and he has a key like the doctor's that we need to retrieve. She helped with the other key, there's no reason to not expect her to help getting the final one. She is as close as an ally as you can hope for for the rest of this mission.
No. 262679 ID: f5e4b4
File 129174946167.png - (444.86KB , 1000x750 , 599.png )

Tiak bursts into the Bridge with his SR armed and ready to fire. He immediately finds himself in a dangerous situation. Mok, who looks rather angered, but with a cold, calculating look in his eyes, is pointing his gun at the Captain, who is clearly losing his shit. Across the room, leaning against a wall like a broken doll is the Colonel, with an ugly bleeding wound. He's not moving.

Mok doesn't move the gun an inch from the Captain's direction when Tiak enters the room, but yells:

"No sudden moves, no funny businesses, boss, or I'll fucking kill this traitor! Turn around and leave, this doesn't concern you."

The Captain turns to Tiak and desperately cries:

"Belint! Do something, he's lost his mind!"

"Bullshit!" Interrupts the barman. "You're the one enough out of his mind to betray his entire species here, bastard!"
No. 262686 ID: d8cbe7

Game face time. If you can do badass, now is the time to do it. Demand explanations - you know stuff is up and you haven't completely pieced everything together yet, and it's your job to sort all this nonsense out so it IS your business, AND you're the one with a rifle pointed at everyone.

And also move a little so the door is to your side instead of directly behind you. Getting interrupted by someone ELSE with a gun would be kinda bad.

The doctor's not here... I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing really. Someone needs to check on the colonel soon though.
No. 262687 ID: 146bca

First thing, lower your weapon.

Next, say something like "Look, there's been enough bloodshed on this trip already. Tell me what's going on."

Adopt a steadfast expression, to show that you're ready to defend yourself if need be.
No. 262689 ID: 701a19

Remember: Do NOT escalate the situation! If Mok feels threatened then his first response will be to shoot the captain.
He has a bit of respect for you and trusts you to do what's right, but he knows that you don't know what he knows, so he's expecting you to do the wrong thing due to lack of information. The best solution, then, is to be supportive of Mok while at the same time defusing the situation and tending to the wounded.

Lower your weapon, but keep it ready.
"Mok, I need you to not shoot him before I can question him. I'm not saying to lower your weapon, just keep your head.
Now I want you to tell me what you've discovered before anybody has a chance to kill you to cover it up, but I need to drag the Colonel outside so the doctor can deal with him.
SOP says you should move so you can see everybody, and put a bit of distance between yourself and the captain so he doesn't get any stupid ideas."
Wait for Mok to move to a better position, then start slowly walking towards the colonel. Do exactly as you said you would.
No. 262702 ID: fba40f

No. 262722 ID: f4963f

No. 262724 ID: 2563d4

Enh. This with about a tenth of the words.
No. 262734 ID: f5e4b4
File 129176588638.png - (312.52KB , 1000x750 , 600.png )

Tiak tries to be diplomatic with the armed barman.

"Look Mok, first of all, I'm going to get the Colonel out of here so he can get medical attention. I'm not going to try anything funny, just going to grab him and leave."

Tiak starts moving slowly towards the sitting figure, but he hasn't taken more than a step when Mok yells, waving the gun in his direction.

"Don't fucking move! I told you to leave, are you deaf? Now you lost that opportunity, nobody moves until I'm done with this double crossing bastard! I don't care if the whole fucking universe bleeds to death meanwhile, understood?"

Tiak stops where he is and tries to look as harmless as possible.

"Don't shoot him yet, let me question him. I want to know the answers too. Tell me what have you discovered before-"

Mok interrupts him.

"Shut the fuck up! I don't care about what you have to say! Now..." He glances at the captain again. "I'm losing my patience here. If you destroy the secret cargo you're transporting for the snakes, I'll let you live. Otherwise I'll shoot you, then destroy it. I don't care if I have to kill every single person in this ship to do it!"

The captain is visibly nervous, he stutters and flickers his antennae frantically.

"I-I don't know what are you t-talking about... I don't know about any secret c-cargo! S-stop pointing t-that thing in my way!

The barman looks less than pleased.

"Fucking liar... I should kill your right here."
No. 262740 ID: 2563d4

Enh. I'm content to see what develops from here.
No. 262744 ID: 146bca

"Look, if he's really a traitor, you should present evidence. I've been to the cargo hold, and all I found was a shipment of weapons and a highly concentrated poison. But the one behind that has already been killed. How about we calm down, and I can take you down there so you can see for yourself? Hey, if I'm wrong, you can destroy whatever it is you think he's transporting."
No. 262766 ID: 1854db

(there's probably something past the door the goo's trying to bust down)

Tell the captain you know there's something in Zero Deck. You want to know what it is too.
No. 262769 ID: fba40f

"Actually, the colonel was the one responsible for bringing that cargo on. The captain probably doesn't know anything about what's going on except what the colonel's decided he needs to know."

Don't say this. I'm almost certain he's talking about the container of green goo (and/or whatever's behind that sealed door on the Zero Deck). Talking about something else that he might not even know about will just make things worse.
No. 262786 ID: 383006

Ask the captain what the fuck the glowing green goo is that has gotten all the fuck over the goddamn ship.
No. 262841 ID: 701a19

"WHICH secret cargo? Green goo? Smuggled weapons? A.S.C.E. killdrone? Armed bombs? Drums of poison? Hidden merc?"
No. 262866 ID: ce15d1
File 129179552433.png - (330.69KB , 1000x750 , 601.png )

Meanwhile, it seems more trouble is brewing.
No. 262871 ID: 0b2a05

"Mok, I just saw two severed heads. Severed fucking heads. Would you calm down before anyone ELSE dies? There is something here, and I want to know what it is too, but there are OTHER PEOPLE that could have brought it on board without the captain knowing, like the colonel. We need to figure this out, and you're... Actually, no, keep the gun. Don't shoot anyone, and calm down so you don't do it accidentally, but I'm fucking sick of people lying to me, what's a little extra pressure? But seriously, don't actually kill anyone, we have a high enough death count now as it is, and the colonel DOES need medical attention."
No. 262876 ID: 701a19

That was a dream.
No. 262886 ID: 55c4cf

DEMAND KEY if he wants help, otherwise let him die and take the key.
No. 262887 ID: fba40f

Yeah, we should probably ask this first.
No. 262888 ID: f5e4b4
File 129180779035.png - (316.00KB , 1000x750 , 602.png )

Tiak keeps trying to negotiate:

"I know there's something hidden in the cargo, but I want to figure out what is it, and I won't be able if you start shooting the guy with the answers, just calm down." He turns to the Captain. "What IS that green goo?"

The captain shakes his head and waves his arms in panic.

"I-I don't know! I have n-nothing to do with this! He's c-crazy, you gotta stop him!"

Mok's look hardens and the grip on his weapon becomes tighter.

"Just a fucking liar. Mikos knew it, Mikos tried to stop this madness, and that's why he had to die, eh? And conveniently, Dan was on the ship, a man that swore to kill Mikos over the grave of his dead friend." He sighs. "I tried to be reasonable, but you're giving me no choice."
No. 262892 ID: 701a19

"What? No, the- Ah, move where you can see the Colonel, Mok. He's waking up. Anyway, the planted evidence I found was trying to frame Zira, his bitter political rival, not Dan. Besides that, Mikos smuggled explosives onto the ship and was planning to destroy it in an attempt to restart the war.
I'm keeping track of around six or seven conspiracies here Mok; I'll gladly tell you what I know, but he has information I need if I want to save the ship."
No. 262896 ID: 383006

I agree with the above except for telling Mok that the Colonel is waking up. Make eye contact with the Colonel and when the Colonel makes his move, if that is his plan, then rush Mok.
No. 262899 ID: 701a19

Horrible idea; Mok would shoot before anybody could move.

Calling that the colonel is active gives Mok a chance to change his position so the colonel can't do something stupid.

I can tell you right now that the colonel's plan is to let Tiak distract Mok so the colonel can retrieve his gun and kill Mok.
We can get everybody out of this alive, but it's going to require that Mok trust us enough to stand down when we ask.
No. 262900 ID: 383006

Or, you'll just get the Colonel killed. What's to keep Mok from, you know, shooting him again?

Anyway, let's not argue in the quest thread. Other people will chime in one way or the other.
No. 262902 ID: 2563d4

(This is great, but belongs in the fanart or discussion thread.)

Take aim at the Colonel.
No. 262904 ID: 1854db

Tell the captain that you know he's smuggling a shipment from the ASCE. You saw the papers in his desk. If he comes clean maybe we can get out of this.

Also keep an eye on the Colonel, try not to let him move against Mok too early. We're still in a position where we can get answers without directly threatening the captain.
No. 262925 ID: f5e4b4
File 129183903771.png - (441.30KB , 1000x750 , 603.png )

Tiak decides not to warn Mok about the Colonel, but keeps an eye on him. He's conscious, and moving, like he's looking for something in his pocket. He's not trying to get up, though.

Tiak tries to reason with the barman again:

"No, no, look, the incriminatory evidence I found was pointed at Zira, his political rival, not Dan."

"And you went and believed it, hah." Replies Mok.

"Mikos smuggled explosives on board!" Asserts Tiak.

"He was just doing what is needed to be done. Just what I'm going to do." Ominously responds the bartender.

Tiak turns to the Captain.

"If you come clean we can still get out of this! I know that you're smuggling a shipment from the ASCE, I saw the papers in your desk!"

"I-I don't know what are you t-two talking about! S-stop him, he's going to kill me!" The captain implores.
No. 262926 ID: 55c4cf

Get key, stop Mok. Mostly so he doesn't kill you too.
No. 262932 ID: 2563d4

I wonder if the Colonel pocketed our suffocation grenade. Now would be an excellent time to stop him. Use lasers.
No. 262943 ID: 1854db

Damn stubborn bastard, even to the end. Fine, tell Mok not to kill him. If he really is a traitor, then he'll have justice in a court of law. Killing him like this is not what a soldier would do. There is no honor in murder.
No. 262956 ID: 55c4cf

The suffocation grenade wouldn't have as huge of an effect, since this is a very large room, and I'm sure we could exit the bridge quickly.

Mok is not going to listen to reason or justice, he is convinced that the captain and others are traitors. He is a war veteran and has probably been shafted and seen people shafted by the process.

He just maid mention of the explosives being an okay solution for the means.
No. 262957 ID: 0b2a05

Tell the colonel he had better not be arming a grenade. If Mok whirls around to look at him (or even if he doesn't), prepare to aim your weapon at whoever needs to be shot, the captain, colonel, or heck even Mok.
No. 263011 ID: f5e4b4
File 129185642442.png - (451.12KB , 1000x750 , 604.png )

Tiak raises his weapon, ready to fire at whoever he needs to. He tries to reason with Mok one more time.

"Don't kill him, if he's a traitor, martial law will take care of him! This isn't the way a soldier behaves, there's no honor in murder!"

The bartender slowly shakes his head, still firmly aiming at the Captain.

"A soldier must comply with his duty, even at the expense of his own honor. Good bye, Captain."

Tiak quickly glances at the Colonel, who's now wielding a laser gun! He's silently aiming at Mok.

The two men seem to be just a second away from shooting their respective targets. Tiak has to decide what to do right now.
No. 263013 ID: 2563d4

Shoot the Colonel.
No. 263022 ID: 70e5c6

Did you ever set the laser sub-rifle to stun (like I suggested a million times *cough*)? If so, shoot Mok now.

If not, shoot captain in the leg in order to confuse both Mok and the Colonel to buy more time. Yell out "STUN HIM SO WE CAN INTERROGATE HIM". Hopefully both Mok and the Colonel will think you're talking to them - because you really are.

If the colonel *kills* Mok insetad of stunning him... that proves the colonel has something to hide and isn't working on the level.
No. 263023 ID: 40cb26

Then shoot Mok. Aim to disable their weapons in each case.
No. 263025 ID: fba40f

Shoot both of them, bartender first.
No. 263026 ID: 383006

Shoot the colonel. We have to find out what is really going on.
No. 263047 ID: 55c4cf

Shoot everyone.
No. 263070 ID: f59554

What about shooting to miss, or bluffing? Like saying you did it.
No. 263130 ID: 636f85


No. 263149 ID: 70e5c6


Since we now know that there aren't stun settings for those guns, I suggest the following:

Yell out "STOP OR YOU'RE A DEAD MAN. YOU TOO, COLONEL." Hopefully this should snap both of them out of it long enough for you to say additional things. If so, remind Mok that he can't achieve his objective of nuking the cargo if he's dead. And tell the Colonel that you need Mok alive to help find out the truth.

I still don't want to shoot either one, really. The Colonel still seems innocent. Mok might have information. The Captain might have information, but probably not, considering he's faced with death and not squealing.
No. 263151 ID: f5e4b4
File 129192953621.png - (254.37KB , 1000x750 , 605.png )

Tiak has a hard time deciding what to do, but in the last instant he decides to shoot Mok first, to disarm.

He lands a perfect hit at his prosthetic arm, but at the same time the Colonel shoots his weapon, bursting a hole through the barman's torso, who drops his weapon and collapses on the floor in a bloody mess, with a painful grunt.
No. 263152 ID: 55c4cf

Continue onslaught, the key may be your only bargaining ticket in a moment. The one with the most firepower has access to fuckhuge gun, and these two have both blatantly abandoned, lied and betrayed you. They will kill you almost certainly if you do not take action.
No. 263153 ID: 55c4cf


Also thank Mok for helping you make the drink earlier, it's only right.
No. 263154 ID: 2563d4

Well done, you bloody idiot. There goes one of the few people we didn't have reason to believe was up to something. Perhaps you should go bludgeon Yery to death with the riflebutt next.

I guess you can try finding the doc, if all of him is even in the same place. If the Colonel does anything but collapse again, shoot him.
No. 263156 ID: 55c4cf


I didn't know that people who constantly start fights, conspire with some of the passengers and encourage explosives would be considered the kind of person to let his threats and gun slide.

It's not like he didn't just have a gun.
No. 263161 ID: 6fbd20

Now shoot the colonel before he shoots you. Maybe then Captain'll get the hint that we're not fucking about.
No. 263175 ID: fba40f

Shoot the colonel before he gets another shot off.

lol wut? It's a miracle he didn't go on a killing spree on day one. He was about to shoot the captain, ffs.
No. 263177 ID: f59554

Tell the colonel you'll help him if he drops his weapon. Don't just stand there and let him shoot you, though.
No. 263225 ID: 1854db

Yell at the colonel to drop his weapon now, instead of just straight up shooting him.
No. 263358 ID: 701a19

Aim at the colonel and shout "DROP YOUR WEAPON!"
If he gives you lip or aims at you, then disarm him too.
Once he's disarmed, make the captain haul the colonel to the medbay while you do the same for Mok.
If the colonel still gives you lip, then tell him that he's too injured and stressed to make judgement calls, so he can kindly shove it while you're trying to correct that.
If the captain gives you lip, then tell him he's in no position to question anybody's loyalty or sense of duty. If he persists, ask him outright what he's smuggling that could pay off his massive gambling debt. If denies it or becomes hostile, then tell him you have the documents in a secure location where investigators would find them, and that without knowing which of the smuggled cargos is his he's under arrest for treason, then immediately tell the colonel that since you don't have any evidence of collusion he's the ranking officer once he the doctor clears him.
Then we just need to find evidence of collusion before the colonel can recover, and Tiak will be acting captain.
Or, you know, don't do that.
No. 263359 ID: 636f85

Shoot the colonel. He is not on your side and he is armed, which is a bad combination.
No. 263404 ID: f5e4b4
File 129200136716.png - (438.86KB , 1000x750 , 606.png )

Tiak aims his weapon at the Colonel and lets out a yell of command:

"Drop the weapon and don't move or you're next!"

The wounded man shrugs, and without a sound puts the weapon back in his pocket. He doesn't answer or try to get up, just stays there, focusing on holding his bleeding injury.

The Captain stutters.

"I-is it over yet?"

Mok is badly injured, but still alive.
No. 263406 ID: 2563d4

The infirmary is next door. Yell for the doc, scoop up the weapons (including the colonel's second pistol), fetch the doc if he hasn't come running already.
No. 263407 ID: 2c23a9

Tell Captain that if he moves an inch you'll blow his brains. Get the Barman's gun away from him first, then the Colonel's.

Utter that since you can't leave him alone for more than five minutes without him being shot at, and you don't wanna leave the room with these two alone, Captain's gonna have to call the Doc for you. If he doesn't comply, wave your big gun at him.

Stand in the doorway between the Bridge and the hallway while he does.
No. 263417 ID: 1854db

Collect the dropped weapons, go get the doc. Tell everyone not to move a muscle until you get back with the doctor. Also HURRY.
No. 263420 ID: f59554

Don't threaten the capt like that, just tell him to stay put.
No. 263423 ID: 24a9bd

Oh. God. Damnit. Yell for the doctor, grab the weapon and when the doctor comes and the captain comes back if you send him, aim at them. Get them to help Mok first, he's injured worse.
No. 263427 ID: fba40f

Have the captain help you carry Mok to the infirmary. Don't threaten him.
No. 263455 ID: 70e5c6

No. 263469 ID: f5e4b4
File 129201985160.png - (230.86KB , 1000x750 , 607.png )

"Ok, I'm going to get your weapons, don't do anything stupid. The doctor should be able to fix you both up."

Tiak yells for the doctor and retrieves the three guns from the wounded Maurians. The Colonel looks like he's about to protest, but he's too weak from the blood loss and just shrugs as Tiak takes the pistols. Now Tiak has a full inventory again!

A minute later, the door behind him opens and the doctor's voice can be heard.

"Well, this is actually a surprise, Belint. For once you have something to give me other than corpses! It's a clear improvement!"

"Doctor, these men are severely wounded." Tiak replies. "You can save the sarcasm for later."

"But that would take the only joy away from my job." Says the doctor.
No. 263470 ID: f5e4b4
File 129201992921.png - (214.05KB , 1000x750 , 608.png )

Before the doctor can reach for Mok, the bartender opens his right hand, revealing a small device he's been holding clutched the whole time, pressing a green, glowing button on it.

The barman tries to talk, coughing blood, doing a visible effort to make himself understandable.

"Hnf... Fucking... ship of traitors... He knew it... Mikos knew it all along. He tried... to do it with poison... But it's time for plan B..."

"The explosives!?" gasps Tiak.

"Hhk... Yes...You think you can find them all...before the time runs out, Belint... hah hah hah... This ship and its... damned secrets... they're all going to hell!"
No. 263473 ID: 2563d4

It's a rustbucket anyway. The captain's there. Get him to do the emergency protocol thing that opens up the escape pods.
No. 263474 ID: fba40f

Disarm the bomb in the brig, then go into his room. Don't waste time trying to question him.
No. 263479 ID: 2563d4

If following this line of action, Mok hates the Ziraneé with a passion. Tell them to search their rooms as you pass.

But I remind everyone just how big Mikos' crate-o-bombs was, and that Mok sympathised with him: http://tgchan.org/wiki/The_Last_Flight_of_the_Sparrow#Bombs
That's a lot of bombs to find given holes in the hull during hyperspace are Very Bad.
No. 263482 ID: 5355bc

Tell the Captain to initialize emergency protocol. No questions.

Search the service vents in the hallway and inside the rooms.

Captain and you are going on a little adventure. If he truly values his ship, he should have no issue with trying to save it. The Doc stays here. Middle deck, ho.
No. 263500 ID: f5e4b4
File 129203103487.png - (170.55KB , 1000x750 , 609.png )

Tiak takes a moment to help the doctor moving the wounded men to the Infirmary. After that, he directs his orders to the Captain.

"Captain! Initialize the Emergency Protocol! We need those Escape Pods operative now! No questions!"

But the Captain doesn't seem to be disposed to obey.

"Have you lost your mind, Belint!? Do I have to remind you our current situation? I guess I'll have to. We're in the middle of an Hyperjump. In order to initialize the Emergency Protocol and open the Escape Pods, we would have to exit the Hyperjump mode. Which would leave us stranded in space, floating in the middle of nowhere."

"And in case you've forgotten..." Continues the Captain. "Our communication system doesn't work! We can't make contact with anybody! We have no ways of telling other ships where we are! Abandoning the ship in the pods would only mean suffer a slow and miserable death inside those floating coffins! Our only chance of survival is disabling those bombs. I'll take care of the Upper Deck, you search the rest of the ship. Hurry!"

Tiak has to decide where to start looking now.
No. 263501 ID: 55c4cf
File 129203144118.png - (131.41KB , 800x266 , 20090828.png )

MFW these updates I just woke up to.

Every single frame.

I have no input atm for all the bombs.

Just--fuck you Mok.
No. 263502 ID: 2563d4

Nice deathtrap you've got here when the emergency pods can't be fired without a working mainframe and don't even have their own emergency beacons. :V

The captain's sense of self-preservation is probably dependable. Get in that lift, middle deck. Bang on Zeno's door and get him searching if he answers promptly since destroying the cargo is not in his interests and he admitted to knowing routes all over the ship. Get to the one in the brig cryopod in the hopes that it's one of the set and will kindly display a countdown so you know what timeframe you're working to.

...I don't think the brig is going to contain many more bombs, though, and the only guy who showed any interest at all in defusing them is dead. Sure you don't want to just go on a nice, cathartic killing spree?
No. 263519 ID: 2563d4

Also while waiting for the elevator, now might be a good time to look over the maps your PDA has been collating on your travels, since we need to think about places, and fast.
No. 263538 ID: 55c4cf

It might be a waste of time, but Mok himself, or his room may hold some clue to his plans and possibly the bomb.

It's really looking like he is mad @ the possibility of a truce with the snake people because he fought in the war against them. Bitter war vet.
No. 263595 ID: 701a19

Turn to the Colonel "Idiot, gonna get us all killed."
Move over to Mok
"Dammit, Mok. Do you have any idea how hard it's going to be to arrest them now? I had the evidence! All I needed to do was to tell the port authorities have have the lot of them arrested and the cargo seized! Try to not die, soldier. If we live through this then your testimony would help a lot."
Start walking out of the room and gesture to the captain "Is the ASCE drone yours or his?"
Your first stop is the crew quarters where you'll get Dan to help in the search. Tell him he knows Mok the best, so he'd be best at guessing where Mok would put the explosives.
Go to the passenger quarters once you've finished searching the crew quarters. Recruit Zira to help - she'd be the best at searching the vents - and give her the pistols.
Following that, go take the H.E.R. from Zero's room. If he's there, then tell him about the bombs and ask him and his queen to help ask 'em to search the passenger quarters.
Have other people search engineering while you head down to the zero deck. It's unlikely that Mok got in here himself, although if that was his A.S.C.E. drone then we need to assume it's rigged too.
Once you're on the zero deck you need to use the H.E.R. to clear the path into the medibay. Go talk to the goo, tell IT about the bombs, and say you'll find a way to get through that door if it'll help you find and disarm the bombs.
No. 263607 ID: 6a6aa9

Yeah, okay, lets not waste time here mouthing pointless fancy speeches. Tell the captain his ship is a heap of junk and head to middle deck.
No. 263624 ID: f5e4b4
File 129207708941.png - (226.89KB , 1000x750 , 610.png )

Tiak wanted to ask a few more questions to Mok, but shortly after moving him to the Infirmary the bartender fell unconscious due to blood loss.

Tiak just tells the Captain that his ship is a heap of junk (to which the captain answers "Meh") and takes the elevator down to the Middle Deck.

Just as the doors opens he finds himself facing the well known grin of the male Ziranée.

"Zeno! I was just looking for you!"

The Royal escort and mate's grin grows even wider.

"Why officer, that's just the coincidence. I wanted to have a few words with you as well."
No. 263625 ID: d677cc

"Are those words more important than 'there are bombs everywhere?' Because there are bombs everywhere."
No. 263626 ID: 701a19

Start moving to the room right there.
"Unfortunately that will have to wait until I defuse the bombs planted all over the ship. If you'll help we can talk while working though."
No. 263627 ID: 55c4cf

"There are bombs all over the ship, they were already armed, I will still be here to have words with afterwards."
No. 263628 ID: 2563d4

Sounds good to me.
No. 263713 ID: fba40f

No. 263718 ID: f5e4b4
File 129209691620.png - (237.97KB , 1000x750 , 611.png )

Tiak just keeps walking as he answers to the Ziranée:

"Are those words more important than 'there are bombs everywhere?' Because there are bombs everywhere."

Zeno calmly throws his cigarette aside, and as soon as Tiak walks by him, the Ziranée reacts with lighting reflexes, grabbing the Maurian by the neck and slamming him against the wall.

"Bombs, eh? So convenient. Tell me, were you checking for bombs in the Queen's bedroom too? It must've been a very thorough search."

Zeno's hand holds Tiak pressed against the wall and starts pressing his throat. His hard carapace is what's pretty much saving him from being choked. But at this rate, it's going to break soon.
No. 263720 ID: 2563d4

...still got your hand on your gun? :3c
No. 263724 ID: 701a19

"I wouldn't know; I don't remember anything between when she put that balm on my wounds and when I woke up, but I do remember waking up to the feeling that there was no shower hot enough to scrub me clean. I dunno how you like your women, but she's not my type; no pheromones, no antenna, and ugh squishy.
Talk to her about this, since I wasn't kidding about the bombs."
Then poke him in the gut with a pistol.
No. 263727 ID: 70e5c6


Don't insult his woman, and don't point a gun at him. He's obviously a skilled fighter and he'd either kill you first or disarm you instantly at that distance.

Tell him the truth. You asked the queen for help, she drugged you, and the next thing you remember is waking up naked. You mean no disrespect to his queen, but you would never have done anything with her willingly. You asked her "Why?", and she said "Because I can."

Tell him that you can settle this later, but right now you'd rather stop the ship from exploding and you need his help. And they still need the last key.
No. 263728 ID: d677cc



Tiak, I really hope you have a weapon of some sort ready.
No. 263729 ID: 2563d4

For the love of whichever deities Maurian religions may cover, don't fucking lie. Tiak unambiguously enjoyed it.

If you can speak at all, a "no, I fucked her; bombs" will do.
No. 263733 ID: fba40f

This might piss him off, but the alternatives are even more likely to piss him off.

No. 263741 ID: 70e5c6

If he can't speak, there's not much we *can* do, and fighting is the only option.

But it sounded like Zeno is only holding him rougly by the neck right now - Tiak's hard carapace/exoskeleton means that he should still be able to breath and talk until his neck's shell is busted. In which case he's likely to die pretty fast.
No. 263742 ID: 1854db

Oh god, don't tell him we actually had sex with her! Just say you were administered medical care!
No. 263750 ID: 2563d4

So you're assuming both that Zeno hasn't got that information from Nayria and that he didn't hear it from Zira or Mok when Tiak blabbed about it in the Canteen, albeit indirectly?

Tiak cannot keep secrets. He has too much /quest/ in his head.
No. 263766 ID: f5e4b4
File 129211105994.png - (294.10KB , 1000x750 , 612.png )

Tiak struggles to breathe, trying to explain himself to the Ziranée strangling him.

"Hgnk-- I... fucked her... Bombs... Danger..."

"I have to admire honesty coming from the lips of a dying man. Only for that, I'll finish you off quickly."

Zeno's face gets even closer, until the little air Tiak can get into his lungs reeks of the alcoholic breath of the Ziranée.

As the grip around Tiak's throat becomes even tighter, his consciousness slowly fades away, yet he can almost feel how his carapace is about to be fractured.
No. 263767 ID: 2563d4

So are any of the several lethal weapons you're carrying at hand? Because this'd be a great time to shoot him. Or shoot anywhere. Maybe you'll get Zira's attention.
No. 263768 ID: f4963f

Well, one of you two is gonna have to die now.

Make it him.
No. 263771 ID: dad664

Attempt to explain that you can't explain when you are being choked.
No. 263773 ID: 40cb26

"You can kill me later, help me now or we all die."
No. 263777 ID: f5e4b4
File 129211383088.png - (132.74KB , 1000x750 , 613.png )

Tiak tries to reach for one of the weapons he's carrying, but Zeno grabs his hand before he can get it, and he's too weak to fight back.

Just when Tiak's world is about to fade away, he can hear the sound of a feminine voice, and the grip around his neck becomes looser.

"Enough! Put him down! I can't believe how childish you are, Zeno, I don't know how many times I've told you to stop putting your personal feelings and vendettas before official matters. This one is still useful."

Zeno answers, contrite.

"Yes, my Z'slyb."

"Leave us now."
No. 263778 ID: f5e4b4
File 129211387345.png - (243.21KB , 1000x750 , 614.png )

Tiak finds himself back on his feet, able to breathe again, his sore neck free of the suffocating claw.

When the room stops spinning around him and his vision becomes clear, he realizes that Zeno is gone, and has been replaced by Nayria, the queen.

"I'm so sorry about that, dear. But in all fairness, I warned you about him. Now, what's all this ruckus about bombs?"
No. 263779 ID: dad664

No. 263780 ID: 70e5c6

Tell her that Mikos and the Bartender were apparently working together and have planted multiple bombs throughout the ship. You're worried that because they were so anti-Ziraneé that the Queen and Zeno could be targets.

Also, for the hell of it, ask her about the green goo, and ask her about the previous head of security, since you finally got into those files she suggested you look at.
No. 263782 ID: f59554

Bombs. Gotta find 'em all.
No. 263783 ID: f4963f

Oy, Zeno.

Righto, tell Queenie what's up then. We're in boomsville central.
No. 263795 ID: 2563d4

Mok hates the Zirneé.
Mok has planted bombs. They are now armed.
Please check your cabins for bombs. You probably have one.
No. 263863 ID: 55c4cf
File 129215434689.jpg - (43.97KB , 454x217 , itstoodangerous.jpg )


Do not say that. Like at all.

If anything we need to speak sweetly to the queen to get her to convince Zeno -not- to kill us, not try and blame the queen because there is absolutely no way Zeno is going to stop wanting to kill you regardless of it being mostly the Queen's doing.

Definitely inform that the bombs were out of spite of the Ziranee peace movement, they are very much targets, and the Captain still probably has the last key.
No. 263879 ID: 98203d

Seconding this
No. 263883 ID: f5e4b4
File 129216538465.png - (200.48KB , 1000x750 , 615.png )

"Mok has planted bombs all over the ship, and activated them. Given how much he hates the Ziranée, you two are probably a target."

The queen doesn't seem to be particularly impressed by this revelation.

"Good thing we have a diligent officer like you to watch after us, then. Now, I'm pretty sure there's nothing on my cabin, but Zeno's room has been unoccupied during most part of the flight. And that barman doesn't probably know it, so that's a likely place to find a bomb."

Tiak tries to inquire some more questions.

"Alright, by the way, do you know something ab-"
The queen interrupts him.

"I'm sorry dear, but I'm just not in the mood for interrogations. But I have to remind you of our deal. We don't have much time left and I'm still waiting for that key."

"But the bombs-" Tries to explain Tiak, but he can't finish the sentence before the Queen interrupts him again.

"Yes, I know, dear. But I only want you to know that the key isn't a low-priority errand you can do whenever you have some free time between getting shot and having fun in the vents. Just keep that in mind, it's more important than you think. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go make sure Zeno doesn't do anything stupid."

And before Tiak can answer, she leaves towards her room.
No. 263891 ID: 2563d4

Fine. Check Zeno's room on the way to the brig.
No. 263907 ID: 55c4cf
File 129217715781.jpg - (77.77KB , 417x456 , SHOOTHIMWHEREITHURTS.jpg )

Disarm Zeno's room, then get key from the captain.

The captain's treated you like a second rate ant since the beginning.

Talk nicely or shoot him in the leg or something, and then you might want to check the captain's quarters and office because he might be a target too, he was clearly despised.
No. 263976 ID: f5e4b4
File 129219591717.png - (148.42KB , 1000x750 , 616.png )

Tiak enters room 5, Zeno's room. At first sight, nothing seems to have changed since the last time he's been here.
No. 263985 ID: 701a19

Pod, cabinet, under the bed, bathroom, vents.
Take the H.E.R. with you so people understand just how real shit has gotten.
No. 264015 ID: b76406

Don't forget to check under the sheets, inside the pillowcase and in any other spots that are out of site that could hold a bomb like behind anything movable.
No. 264016 ID: 2563d4

Unless we can't carry it and the sub-rifle at the same time, since we can use the latter without punching holes in the hull.
No. 264036 ID: 55c4cf

Find the shit out of that bomb, do not take zeno's gun, we don't need to give him a reason to kill us if the queen succeeds in keeping him from wanting to do so already.
No. 264081 ID: 701a19

The H.E.R. can't fit in his inventory. He has to carry it in his hands.
No. 264083 ID: 70e5c6

Bla bla search for bombs everywhere bla.

And hey, Tiak, question for you - do you think a blast from the HER could vaporize a bomb without setting it off?
No. 264146 ID: f5e4b4
File 129225546479.png - (118.18KB , 1000x750 , 617.png )

After searching through all the room, Tiak finds something hidden inside the cryo-pod. It looks like an explosive, although there's no way to be sure. It's a small and heavy metal box, With two small lights on one of its faces. Currently the red light is blinking. It also has a tiny card slot, too tiny for any of Tiak's cards to fit into.


Tiak isn't a demolitions expert, so he has no idea if that would be possible. It doesn't sound too safe, though
No. 264147 ID: 146bca

Let's try and find out if anyone on board knows anything about making bombs. Zira might know something...
No. 264205 ID: f5e4b4
File 129227279612.png - (188.02KB , 1000x750 , 618.png )

Tiak can't take the bomb with him because his inventory is full, so he leaves it where he find it and goes out to the corridor to find Zira.

Unfortunately, when he knocks on her door, nobody answers.
No. 264207 ID: 146bca

Well then, in that case let's unload some of our equipment. Put it in the brig, behind the shield. Only Zira and us can get to it there.
No. 264208 ID: 2563d4

I guess see if Mok had a tiny keycard on him. Else it'll be his room I hope. (I have no strong opinion on which to try first.) If it was in the bar lockbox that we gave to Mongro...who knows.
No. 264312 ID: f5e4b4
File 129231846389.png - (314.83KB , 1000x750 , 619.png )

Tiak crawls back into the brig, in order to leave some of his equipment here. What should he drop?
No. 264313 ID: 55c4cf

Get all of the bombs, put them in an escape pod, and eject it. This is an idea.

I don't know entirely what all of the items are so I can't easily tell what to drop/keep.
No. 264322 ID: 2563d4

Check the bomb in the cryopod and see if the display has lit up while you're here. Drop:
- Trake's PDA; we've got all we can out of it
- The weird Ac=7187 note (or bundle it with the others)
- The H.S. key, if that's the one it is (we've already looted Mongro's briefcase)
- The hammer
- The glowsticks (torch will have to do)
- The pen and paper
- The mainframe parts (I don't think anyone else wants to sabotage that any more so hopefully they'll be "safe")
And at some point we should probably drop some of these surplus pistols into garbage disposal so that nobody else can have them.

...what's the green glow in the doorway? Is Zira snooping again?
No. 264363 ID: 55c4cf


This seems entirely reasonable, but I would keep the hammer.
No. 264365 ID: fba40f

Keep the hammer, hide the extra guns.
No. 264420 ID: 1854db

Hmm, stashing a gun or two in here isn't a bad idea. If we get disarmed we can come back and get it.
No. 264421 ID: f5e4b4
File 129236746168.png - (171.54KB , 1000x750 , 620.png )

Tiak stores Trake's PDA, the light sticks, the pen and papers and the mainframe parts inside the Cryo-pod, but decides to keep the hammer and put the weird note in the bundle with the key card. Also, he remembers that the key he's carrying is the Zero Deck key.

He can't decide yet if he wants to hide the extra guns here too or destroy them in the garbage disposal unit.

But before that, he takes a look at the bomb he left in here. It seems to be operative now, the touch screen is lit up. There are some flashy icons on the screen, and a slot available to input a single number.
No. 264426 ID: 701a19

Is this a binary puzzle? If so, the answer could be:
2 (Green)
13 (Red)
4 (Green, little-endian)
11 (Red, little-endian)

Oh, screw it. [SAVE GAME] The answer is 2!
No. 264517 ID: f5e4b4
File 129240421764.png - (174.95KB , 1000x750 , 621.png )

It looks like "Two" isn't the correct number.
No. 264518 ID: bc9415

:| why would playing with a bomb EVER be a good idea?
No. 264519 ID: 2563d4

Well, hey, it made a neat little red dot light up!

Did that happen for "1" en-route to 2?
No. 264521 ID: 55c4cf

7187? :I
No. 264523 ID: f5e4b4
File 129241139516.png - (175.71KB , 1000x750 , 622.png )


Tiak actually had to double-tap on the number to introduce it. Rolling through all the digits has no effect until you double tap on the screen to insert it.


It's only possible to introduce one number at a time!
No. 264524 ID: 2563d4

...because the only technically competent people on the flight are dead, dying, or chronically unhelpful, and it's been 18 minutes since he armed them. :|
Although perhaps we should just pocket it for now and see if Mok's cabin contains "Bomb-making and Defusing for Dummies".
No. 264525 ID: 2563d4

...make that 19.
(I'm half wondering if "7187" is the code but you have to insert the digit that's indiciated by the hilighted position, i.e., "8". But don't try that unless someone seconds it because I suspect red dots are failed attempts and failed attempts are Bad on a bomb.)
No. 264537 ID: f5e4b4
File 129242608184.png - (118.87KB , 1000x750 , 623.png )

Eight is the correct number! That's one bomb less to worry about!

Now Tiak has to decide if he wants to carry the bomb or leave it in the cryo-pod. He should also look for the rest of the bombs, and the way to disarm the one in Zeno's room.
No. 264540 ID: 55c4cf

I still vouch for my idea of putting all the found bombs in an escape pod.

As for how to deal with the one in zeno's room, wasn't there a small keycard we had no use for at some point? If not, mayhap we should find one that seems like it will deactivate. We should certainly see where else has been checked by the other people on the ship, so we can determine where is left to examine.
No. 264541 ID: a72e09

inb4 someone has to operate the pod from the inside
No. 264542 ID: 1854db

Let's not use the escape pod just yet. Instead let's go to Mok's room and search it to see if there's a small card there.
No. 264551 ID: 2563d4

Grab the bomb from Zeno's room on the way. If we find a small keycard we don't want to have to backtrack for it.

Keep the bombs until we have somewhere to put them all.
No. 264563 ID: fba40f

He also had a grudge with the pilot, you should go check on him.
No. 264595 ID: f5e4b4
File 129244622151.png - (168.58KB , 1000x750 , 624.png )


Unfortunately, the escape pods are locked until the emergency protocol is activated, and only the captain can do that. And that's not the only problem: during Hyperjump mode, all accesses to the exterior remain locked shut for security reasons.

Also Tiak only has one card key now, and it's too big to fit in the little slot of the bomb.

Tiak takes the bomb in the brig and the one in Zeno's room and makes his way to the Crew Quarters, and into Mok's room.

The place is messier than the other crew rooms he has visited. There's a pile of clothes on the bed, and some machine parts on the desk.
No. 264600 ID: 2563d4

We heard him referring to a book in here earlier. Have a rummage.
No. 264607 ID: 1854db

Rummage through the clothes, crack open the box, and look in the pod.
No. 264640 ID: 55c4cf


Check out the wall too, something seems scrawled on it, or painted over, I don't know.
No. 264692 ID: f5e4b4
File 129245891673.png - (161.60KB , 1000x750 , 625.png )

Both the chest and the cryo-pod turn to be pretty disappointing, as they're completely empty. And Tiak isn't able to find anything suspicions on the wall. But after rummaging for a bit in the pile of clothes he finds a tiny key card, which he pockets, and a note, which he promptly reads.

It's a brief list, it says.

Colonel: ???
Captain: Involved. Priority target. XXX
Doctor: Possibly involved. X
Snakes: Involved. XXX
Belint: ???
Dan: Involved. Possible murderer. X
Shortie Mcwhats-her-face: Involved, possible murderer X
Mongro: ???

Gotta stop the ship.

No. 264695 ID: 701a19

No. 264699 ID: bc9415

this guy seems to know something. asking him some questions MAY be a good idea, but only if we get the drop on him.
No. 264705 ID: 55c4cf


Use tiny keycard to deactivate bomb hopefully. Make sure to check every target marked with an X for a bomb.
No. 264757 ID: f5e4b4
File 129250868491.png - (108.41KB , 1000x750 , 626.png )

Tiak inserts the mini-keycard into the bomb's slot and the lights switches to green. Well, that's two disarmed bombs.

Now Tiak has to decide where to look for more bombs next.
No. 264758 ID: 55c4cf


check all over the captain's shit, i bet he has bombs up the ass.

(check in his ass too, you never know).
No. 264759 ID: 2563d4

I guess try Dan's cabin since we're near it. We should probably look at engineering after that, since we found the first one in atmospherics and if anything gets blown up in there nobody can fix it.

...if Maurian identification is partly by smell, reckon if you could tell if Mok used the hazmat suit?
No. 264760 ID: 24ddb8

Dan had a room. Lets go there. Lets check all the crew rooms while we're here, actually.
No. 264775 ID: f5e4b4
File 129253079476.png - (165.69KB , 1000x750 , 627.png )

Tiak walks over Dan's room. It looks as tidy as he found it the last time. No, it's even tidier, because the picture has been removed from the desk.


It could be possible, as long as the smell is still fresh.
No. 264788 ID: 1854db

Quickly check in the box and pod then run to the hazard suit and sniff it. He wanted to stop the ship... we need to know if there's a bomb down in the engines.
No. 264793 ID: 98203d

No. 264859 ID: 55c4cf

Check obvious places for bombs. Just assume we want you to look for bombs in rooms when you go into them until the bomb situation is hopefully solved to save us time.
No. 264908 ID: f5e4b4
File 129259645067.png - (240.33KB , 1000x750 , 628.png )

Tiak searches through all the room, but finds no explosives. He finds something else under the bed, though: A piece of paper, that, under a brief inspection appears to be another part of the mission report regarding the called "Alpha Creature".

Tiak doesn't waste a moment, though, and makes his way to the Engineering zone.

Now, before going further and check the hazard suits, he stops in front of the garbage disposal unit. Should he get rid of the extra weapons and/or read the report? Or leave that for later?
No. 264909 ID: 2563d4

We can probably read the report later. (We just need to remember to. :V )
If you've got a reasonable amount of S-R ammo, I'm in favour of reducing the number of usable weapons on board.
No. 264930 ID: 70e5c6

Don't get rid of the guns. We may need them to arm our "friends" in the off chance there's some kind of epic final battle. ;D

Also, do any of the guns we've confiscated happen to have a stun setting? If so, we should switch to that as our primary.

Also, what the hell is with this disjointed search? Yery and Zira don't even know there are bombs yet and could be targets. As soon as we've finished searching the engines / mainframe we should get them out of their rooms until we can sweep their cabins.
No. 264935 ID: e1d38d
File 129261728443.png - (9.21KB , 600x450 , upperlevel.png )

Is it me, or does this place look oddly familiar?
No. 264964 ID: fba40f

Mind = blown
No. 264966 ID: 099247

How would we get rid of them? And yes read the report.

Finally in light of this; stay the fuck away from the railings.
No. 265054 ID: 55c4cf

Reduce armory, read note.
No. 265057 ID: d2488b

Don't read the report right now, we are really pressed for time with the bomb situation.

As for the guns, I think we should keep the sub-rifle and a single pistol and trash the other two. The sub-rifle is all Tiak really needs and the pistol will make either a good back-up or be handy in case we need to arm someone else that we know for absolute certain won't shoot us with it (like the Colonel).
No. 265064 ID: f5e4b4
File 129268168641.png - (131.98KB , 1000x750 , 629.png )

Tiak decides to read the report later, and to get rid of all the extra weapons except for one pistol and the sub-rifle.

He opens the hatch and throws them into the Garbage Disposal Until, and after a few seconds he can hear the screeching sound of the weapons getting crunched and compressed down there.

But he also notices something else. There's some dried blood here.
No. 265065 ID: f5e4b4
File 12926817422.png - (265.52KB , 1000x750 , 630.png )

Tiak retrieves the remaining Hazard Suit. The suit reeks of old motor oil and some other chemical substances, making impossible to detect any known scents on it.

But Tiak is almost sure that the suit has been moved since the last time he saw it. Mostly because this time it was hanging from the left hanger, instead of the right one, like originally was.
No. 265067 ID: 701a19

Alright, go check the engine room.
Fortunately we can be fairly certain that any bombs in here haven't been armed, since "Radio Active" is not at all a misnomer.
No. 265071 ID: 2563d4

Ugh. Enter the twisty little maze of passages I guess and hope it's not buried too deep.
No. 265173 ID: 55c4cf

Obviously someone was trying to hide evidence of some form, or who knows.

We really need a planned out system of places to check and where we have checked on the ship so we don't miss a place just because we're a bunch of uncooperative people leading Tiak around.
No. 265262 ID: f5e4b4
File 129277305469.png - (407.41KB , 1000x750 , 631.png )

Tiak puts the hazard suit on and walks down the ramp into the Hyperjump engines section. Just like the last time, the heat is suffocating inside the suit, which was obviously designed for a bulkier kind of person. He can feel the heat of the radiation coming from the engines, and the deafening sound they produce.

Tiak suddenly feels incredibly tired, and aware of all the abuse suffered so far. His leg is starting to hurt again, the burnings over his body as well. The ointments must be wearing off. But he pulls himself together and keeps going on, aware of the urgency of the situation.

Just like in the last time, there's a heavy door sealed in front of the ramp. No handles, locks or visible way to open it. On the other side, the engines section continues behind the ramp, to the left.


Radio? But why would anybody use such prehistoric technology?
No. 265263 ID: 2563d4

I can only assume that the door is computer-controlled, then, and thankfully that should rule it out. Carry on deeper into the engines.
No. 265264 ID: 701a19

That's only half the story. Radiation induces currents in wires and rapidly disables electronic devices. The bomb couldn't have been armed because it wouldn't be able to function in a high-radiation environment.
No. 265277 ID: fba40f

Radiation can destroy any exposed electronics, and the amount of protection one would need for a spot like this would also interfere with wireless communications. Therefore, it's unlikely that there's any bombs down here.
No. 265315 ID: f5e4b4
File 129280152799.png - (446.15KB , 1000x750 , 632.png )

Tiak continues deeper into the engines zone, and reaches a bifurcation, an opening between the machines to his left, while the main section continues forward.

Also there's... something here on the floor. Looks like a body or something, it's hard to say, the visibility is pretty bad, even when he's just in front of it.


Bah, only if you're using one of those old ass, fossil-fueled ships they use in the mining colonies, or live in the asteroids belt farms. With heavy radiation sources in the very heart of every ship with Hyperjump engines, radiation hardening technology became almost obligatory centuries ago!
No. 265325 ID: 2563d4

Aw crap. Drag it back toward the up-ramp. I'm not sure if I want to hope for it being a corpse or just stuffed full of bombs. :|
No. 265327 ID: 701a19

Drag it back and inspect it.
No. 265353 ID: f5e4b4
File 129281089832.png - (185.07KB , 1000x750 , 633.png )

Tiak drags the inert object back to the ramp up, in order to take a better look at it. It's heavy, but not as much as he expected.

Once in the ramp he discovers that it's not a corpse, but the damaged hazard suit, still with the dried blood of Mongro on the left shoulder, along with the scalpel tear. Mongro must've been ditched it over the railing.

But that's all there is to say about it. The suit is empty.
No. 265358 ID: 2563d4

Good. Get back in there and check for bombs. Defer thoughts of physical discomfort by considering what kind of horrible things might happen if the hyperspace drive gets blown up while in hyperspace.

I hope the Captain has thought to move down the ship if he's finished the Upper deck.
No. 265430 ID: 70e5c6

This. >>265358

Gotta keep looking for Dem Bombs. Also, how much of the engine area do you think you've actually covered? This is going kinda slow.
No. 265441 ID: f5e4b4
File 129285538168.png - (439.68KB , 1000x750 , 634.png )

Tiak leaves the suit on the ramp and keeps going, but he still has to decide if he want to keep going straight forward, or take the opening to his left.


It's hard to say, but it shouldn't be much more bigger than most of the sections of the ship. The problem here is that the chaotic disposition of the machinery makes it a labyrinthine place.
No. 265449 ID: 70e5c6

Straight for now. Let's do the traditional dungeon-crawling strategy of "always keep a wall on the the right".
No. 265545 ID: 1854db

Go straight! We already went left before.
No. 265563 ID: f5e4b4
File 129294784831.png - (432.41KB , 1000x750 , 635.png )

Tiak keeps going forward until he can't keep going any further, a heavy piece of machinery is blocking his way!

Also he steps on yet another strange object lying on the floor. And much to his concern, this one looks like a body as well.
No. 265567 ID: 2563d4

Well, drag it back to somewhere where you can examine it. We've seen everyone alive recently but Yery, I think.
No. 265569 ID: 208fd0

Alrighty, then. Lets drag this off and see who it is.

Make sure to look around once in a while.
No. 265582 ID: 70e5c6

We can come back to check the body later. It's not going anywhere. Keep de-bombing. If your rad suit has pockets, rifle through the body's pockets for stuff quickly. Faster than bringing a body back.

It's probably just Atuk, since it appears to be wearing blue and we haven't seen him anywhere yet.
No. 265583 ID: 70e5c6

Actually, I take that back. Drag it back until you hit a fork in the path, investigate the other part of the fork we haven't checked yet, and pull the body the rest of the way out when you leave. No wasted effort.
No. 265584 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, alright, that makes more sense. (And it may be Atuk if he's aboard, yes.)
No. 265593 ID: f5e4b4
File 129296456611.png - (441.47KB , 1000x750 , 636.png )

Tiak drags the body back to the previous fork, leaving it there while he takes the path to the left this time.

After a minute of walking around a path almost blocked by all kinds of machinery, Tiak reaches one of the far end corners of the room. And there he finds a heavy device with a green fluorescent screen, unfitting with the rest of the place.
No. 265595 ID: 701a19

Read the screen.
No. 265614 ID: f5e4b4
File 129297574319.png - (156.80KB , 1000x750 , 637.png )

Tiak gets closer to take a look at the flashing screen. It's showing a countdown. Twelve minutes, forty three seconds, and counting. There's also a small card reader next to the screen.
No. 265621 ID: 2563d4

So if they're all on the same duration, you've got until your PDA reads 01:07:01, I assume. 47 minute timer. Mok must be a Trekkie.

Try the tiny card again I guess.
No. 265651 ID: 1854db

I'm so glad we got the card before coming down here. Disarm bomb via tiny card.
No. 265882 ID: f5e4b4
File 129306191896.png - (487.51KB , 1000x750 , 638.png )

Tiak inserts the small key card in the slot and instantly the screen is turned off.

Looks like the big one is disabled, but Tiak shouldn't stick around for much longer, he's starting to feel rather dizzy inside the suit, and having troubles to breathe.
No. 265886 ID: 55c4cf

I wish you knew how many bombs you had total that would make this a little easier to bear.

What locations have we not checked?
No. 265893 ID: 2563d4

Assuming the Captain has checked the entire Upper Deck and the Naryia her room:
- Mok's canteen, where Dan was (...would he blow up his own bar?)
- Zira/Yery/Mikos' rooms
- Atmospherics (above us in engineering; removed the bomb we moved to the brig from here though); Mat the dead janitor's room; toilets; crew quarters other than Mok's
- The mainframe and Mongro's room
- The lower deck cargo bay (empty since the goo escaped)/supplies closet
- Entire Zero Deck (basically infeasible, but helpfully unoccupied by innocents)

So, back to the ramp in all cases.
No. 265932 ID: 70e5c6

Alright, screw dragging the body out now, we don't have time and you shouldn't overexert yourself.

Get out of engineering, move all the remaining living passengers (especially Yery and Zira, since they don't know yet) to safe (already-cleared) locations. Snakes may be an exception since they seem to trust their own bomb-detecting abilities.

Double check with the captain/doctor on the top deck to see if they've found out anything / cleared out any bombs. Give them the estimate on time remaining.

Try to brainstorm any other vital places that could get hit. We've already got the bomb from Atmospherics so the Mainframe is the only thing I can think of off the top of my head. We'll probably only have the chance to go to ONE more area before it's too dangerous and we run out of time.
No. 266089 ID: f5e4b4
File 12931040614.png - (251.07KB , 1000x750 , 639.png )

According to the timer on the last bomb, he should have around 9 minutes left. He has to decide if he's going to try to move people to a safer area or look for any remaining bomb.


This list makes sense, but Tiak isn't going to have time to check all those places and/or put the rest of the crew and passengers in a safe place. He has to decide his priorities.
No. 266100 ID: 2563d4

Of the places remaining, the one most likely to doom us all by crippling the ship is to finish off crippling the Mainframe, and that's right next to you, so stick your head in the door.

Since we saw every living crew member upstairs, get up to the Middle Deck and get banging on occupied cabin doors and the canteen. Drag everyone up to the infirmary, since I suspect Mok and the Colonel are in no state to be moved quickly, so we'll make that the "safe" room.

And you don't have nine minutes to get up there because the Captain may have an armful of bombs for you to deal with when you arrive.
No. 266147 ID: 55c4cf

Definitely need to try and remove all the bombs if possible, devote the first 7 minutes to bomb removal and then check on the other folks searches.
No. 266298 ID: f5e4b4
File 129315596098.png - (329.70KB , 1000x750 , 640.png )

Tiak decides to start looking for bombs in the Mainframe room before moving to the rest of the ship and warn the passengers.

As he hurries inside, he tries to detect if anything has changed since the last time he's been here.
No. 266299 ID: 2563d4

Oh goddamnit. It would be up there next to the arcing electricity.
No. 266376 ID: fba40f

Oh boy.

It's all the way up at the top of the mainframe... how did he even get up there?
No. 266392 ID: 55c4cf

Good luck getting that one down, you might need to climb and use some of your tools to get that down there.
No. 266426 ID: f5e4b4
File 129320368963.png - (245.28KB , 1000x750 , 641.png )

Tiak starts climbing the mainframe structure, trying to reach the explosive device stuck to the tip of the thing, wondering how did Mok to put it up there.The surface of the computer structure is perfectly smooth which makes it hard to climb.

And to make it even worse, suddenly a wave of piercing pain shakes Tiak's body, coming from his leg. His broken leg. With all the running and getting thrown around, the plaster covering it must be starting to shatter.

He can't keep climbing up, not with his leg feeling like it's being devoured by a swarm of Cyano-termites every time he moves it. He's going to have to find another way to reach for that bomb.
No. 266429 ID: 2563d4

You have nothing with any actual reach, we've not seen a single ladder on this ship, that being far too low-tech and practical, and your servo cameras are terrible at pushing things.

You either lunge at it with the Sinarri cutting tool, or you're going to have to try something like shooting it down and hoping that it's both made of a stable explosive that will be disruped rather than detonated and that you won't damage the mainframe yourself.
No. 266434 ID: fba40f

Pull it down with the cutter or the pliers, it's not really that much farther.
No. 266448 ID: 70e5c6

If Tiak can't reach it with any of the aforementioned tools, we're semi screwed... our only options are maybe using the remote drone, trying to get a janitorial broom, or trying to get someone like Zira to do it. The broom thing is right out if our leg is busted, though, because he probably won't be able to climb back up again. :C
No. 266467 ID: 6071d3

The hammer should have more reach than everything you've got... but that sounds dicey at best. Try the pliers. If you can't reach it with those then go get Zira.
No. 266480 ID: 1e9d01

We have a flying fucking turret. Use that. Maybe we can even attach the tiny card to the thing and insert it that way, or... I dunno, push the button on its face maybe.
No. 266549 ID: f5e4b4
File 129329497972.png - (295.22KB , 1000x750 , 642.png )

Tiak tries to use the Sinarri cutting tool to reach for the bomb. He's almost there, but still an inch out of reach, so he gives himself a last impulse.

This results to be a success, as he manages to hook onto the bomb and bring it down with him. The bad news is that the operation ends up in a pretty painful landing.

"Ow! My leg! Again!"

Tiak struggles to get up, recover all his scattered equipment and disable the bomb with the tiny key card. He's going to have to ask the doctor to fix his leg up again, but not right now, he doesn't have much time left.
No. 266551 ID: 701a19

Drop the bombs in the elevator room, then head up to the passenger deck and order everybody to go to the medbay. Then do the same for the crew quarters.
Go up and disarm whatever bombs the captain has, then check the vents where you hid things and double-check the captain's search.
When you've got a minute left go into the medbay and wait out the rest of the time.
No. 266564 ID: 2563d4

>passenger then crew
That's backwards---we're already on the crew quarters deck. More pressingly, every crew member we don't know to be dead was either in the bridge (Captain, Doc, Mok) or canteen (Dan).

Just get up to the passenger deck and bang on doors, then on to the infirmary.
No. 266577 ID: 653ea0

Once you think you're in hearing range, yell for somebody. Better they come to you than you come to them in this state, eh?
No. 266591 ID: 70e5c6

This >>266564

Try to stumble to the elevator and GTFO as soon as possible. Go straight to bridge. Tell either the navigator or captain to get the passengers to safety (Engine room seems fine at the moment) while you defuse bombs. Then try to get medical attention.

Also I hope the ship has more methods of transport between decks because the elevators are also totally potential bomb targets. ;D
No. 266594 ID: 2563d4

I'd rather send everyone to the infirmary as per >>266100 . Easier to do a headcount if we don't split up.
No. 266637 ID: f5e4b4
File 129332288446.png - (111.11KB , 1000x750 , 643.png )

Tiak gets up and collects the new bomb.
Painfully, he limps his way back to the elevator and the middle deck, where he starts calling for anyone who could hear him to come out, because there might be bombs planted in the ship and he's going to take them to a safer zone. He knocks on all the doors, from the canteen to the last room.

And he gets no answer. From any of them. Nothing.

Quite frustrating.
No. 266639 ID: 2563d4

It's like they actually want to be blown up!

Upper deck. Find the Captain. You've got two minutes to get up there and stuff the tiny keycard into any bombs he's found, including elevator time.
No. 266641 ID: dbc81a

Can you open their rooms still? Zira's room probably has a bomb, and Yery has been keeping isolated so she might be asleep or something.
No. 266769 ID: 70e5c6

Bridge. Now.
No. 266775 ID: 252e1b

When you can't save everyone, you have to work to save as many as you can, and to do that you need to save the mainframe and the bridge. To the bridge!
No. 266781 ID: f5e4b4
File 129337787467.png - (162.50KB , 1000x750 , 644.png )

Tiak is not gonna make it to the bridge in time! His leg isn't gonna let him, only one minute left and he's only limped his way to the elevator in the middle Deck.

But just as he limps towards the door, it opens, with another of those explosive devices in it. Just like the others, it has a tiny card reader on one of it's sides, and a small red light, which is furiously blinking this case.
No. 266782 ID: 2563d4

The Captain may have had the good sense and/or blind luck to send it down to you. Charge it and apply card, because it's closer than any useful cover and blowing up the lift would be Bad anyway.
No. 266783 ID: babc5b

Apply small key card to bomb.
Take bomb.
Sit down, put your head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye.
No. 266785 ID: fba40f

Oh fuck me, there's another in the vent I think.

Disarm the elevator one then go up quick.
No. 266786 ID: babc5b

I think that's the ASCE drone.
No. 267228 ID: f5e4b4
File 129349226875.png - (134.63KB , 1000x750 , 645.png )

Tiak lunges towards the bomb, the only way he manages to insert the card just in time before it blows up. His leg doesn't react kindly to the jump and manifests itself in the form of a piercing pain that almost knocks Tiak out, but he manages to resist.

He blinks, almost expecting to blow up anyways... But a minute passes and nothing happens. Does that mean that he actually disabled all the bombs? As unlikely as it sounds, that seems to be the case!

He should get up and think what to do now. He has pockets full of bombs, a broken leg needed of attention, a mystery to solve and a key to find. Not necessarily in that order.
No. 267230 ID: 2563d4

Limp into lift, scoop up bomb, limp to Infirmary. When the Doctor is sarcastic about you cracking the plaster ask him how many explosions he heard and show him the bomb count. :V
No. 267232 ID: 55c4cf

whine and cry like a baby until the you are either: Fixed by doctor, fixed and/or raped by nayria, or killed by Zeno.

I think our next goal should be acquiring the captain's goddamn key. We should have done this sometime before telling the guy everything and getting ourself completely ruined though.
No. 267243 ID: b7798b

Lets go get healed. Next priority should be Captain's key. We can just go in and see if he's there.
No. 267245 ID: 632d47

Fuck yes.
No. 267310 ID: 1e9d01

Get ye to the doctor. After that we can dispose of the bombs.
No. 267313 ID: 07337a

And don't forget to look all around you all the time in utter paranoia.
No. 267327 ID: 6071d3

You are officially the Maurian John McClane.

From now on take a dimissive, mildly condescending tone with everyone other than Zira and Zeno.

Take no lip from anyone. You have the bruises, burns, holes, and broken limbs to prove that you are a badass and everyone here owes you their lives.
No. 267357 ID: 79e3f2

Fuck yeah!
No. 267363 ID: f5e4b4
File 12935706721.png - (219.20KB , 1000x750 , 646.png )

Tiak pockets the last bomb and ascends to the upper lobby. Not finding anyone or anything suspicious in the corridor, he limps his way into the Infirmary.

The doctor is inside, and so is Mok, the barman, still unconscious on the bed, connected to the serum machine. The Colonel is nowhere to be found.

Dr. Labras greets Tiak.

"Well, if it isn't our redeemed Head of Security. Judging by the fact that we aren't a picturesque cloud of debris floating in space, I presume you have succeeded in your mission. I guess we owe you our lives."

He doesn't sound particularly thrilled or thankful about it, but at least he isn't using a tone of voice as sarcastic as usual, so Tiak guesses that this is the closest thing the doctor is able to show to gratitude.

"Well, it wasn't easy. And the right leg is starting to hurt like hell again."

"Let's have a look at it." Answers the doctor.

After a quick inspection, the doctor shakes his head.

"I told you not to force it. Hmmm, yeah, the plaster has shattered, and it's a miracle it didn't break entirely, for what I see. I'll have to reinforce it, and I'll apply some more analgesics to the mix. But it's going to take a while to dry off. Probably an hour."

Tiak is going to have to stay for an hour sitting in the Infirmary. This could be a good opportunity to talk with the Doctor while he does his work. Or just take a break.
No. 267364 ID: 2563d4

Well, this is a guy who we have repeatedly stolen from, and he knows it, so he's hardly going to be friendly. :V

But at least ask about the condition and location of the Colonel.
No. 267367 ID: 701a19

Yea, lets ask about the colonel, and if Mok's going to wake up any time soon.
No. 267370 ID: 55c4cf

The doctor scares me, I think the best we're going to be able to do is take a rest and talk to him if he wants to. I'd think near the end you might want to ask him why his presence on the ship is almost as covered up as your own. But don't say it in such a manner to include yourself.

It'd be interesting to see how he reacts, otherwise I can't think of much I'd want to talk or ask him about.
No. 267381 ID: b7798b

I suppose, beside the above, you could also ask about his impressions about all the shit that has been going on generally, and the other crew members, specifically. Now that he knows we're worth a damn, he might be more forthcoming.
No. 267424 ID: 1854db

Ask who has the detonator. It should be destroyed. So should the bombs, really, but we're going to do that ourselves after the new cast is set.
No. 267555 ID: f5e4b4
File 129363819426.png - (202.89KB , 1000x750 , 647.png )

The doctor starts fixing Tiak's leg up, causing quite the pain at first, but this is promptly relieved thanks to the analgesics in the mix. Feeling more relaxed now, Tiak tries to get some information from the physician.

"So where is the Colonel?"

"I have no idea." -Answers the doctor. "He got really lucky with that shot, I only had to patch him up and inject some serum for the blood loss. As soon as he was in condition to walk again, he left."

"Is Mok going to wake up any time soon?" Inquires Tiak.

"Unlike the Colonel, our bartender wasn't so lucky. Internal organs have been severely damaged, and his state is severe. He's not waking up anytime soon, and even if he does, it isn't gonna matter much. He's going to be executed for treason as soon as we disembark on Tinosa II."

"Aha... Where did the detonator go? I should put it in a safe place or destroy it."

"Mok had it clutched in his hand, I thought I was gonna have to break his fingers to make him let it go. I'll give it to you as soon as I finish this."

"Alright. Hm, doc what do you think about all the shit that has been happening, and about the rest of the crew, like-"

Dr. Labras shakes his head and interrupts Tiak's question, with an uninterested tone of voice.

"They don't pay me to gossip about my fellow crew members, Belint. Neither to lucubrate wild theories about what's going on. That's your job."

Tiak nods, a bit disappointed.

"Ok, one last thing. Why is your presence in the ship so covered?"

The doctor blinks and gives Tiak a weird look.

"Huh? I didn't know that my presence was covered. It's not like I hide my name or anything. I don't know where would you get that impression."

The doctor keeps working on TIak's leg, now almost done. Tiak now could keep pushing the subject, ask something different or just let the doctor finish the job.
No. 267628 ID: 1854db

Wait until he's done fixing your leg before you start interrogating him about stuff he might not want to talk about.

You're kindof at his mercy right now, let's not agitate him.

...I just realized that Mok would most likely have an accomplice to have been able to put the bomb all the way up on the computer. There's not a lot of people it could be at this point.

WAIT. Who's NOT on his list of targets? That nerdy girl? Who is also a chemist of some sort? Chemistry and explosives go hand in hand...
No. 267681 ID: 2563d4

>He's going to be executed for treason as soon as we disembark on Tinosa II.
What, let alone a trial---no questioning?

I can't see pressing the Doc working well. Confronting him about the keys before just made him clam up. Confronting him about the "Alpha Creature" will tell him that we've been snooping in his room. That we were in the crew files he's probably heard by now but I don't see why he wouldn't clam up again anyway. And we're in no position to be forceful while he's fixing the leg.
No. 267764 ID: 1dda2a

>Chemistry and explosives go hand in hand...

That depends on the equipment needed, what kind of explosives do you know of that could be made discreetly and without much equipment and still have the yield to damage the ship?
No. 267784 ID: 55c4cf

He probably doesn't know why his info was removed. It's more likely that someone else got information on him and then removed what was there so nobody else could find out. Leave the doctor alone, it's time to get the captain.
No. 267823 ID: f5e4b4
File 129373760938.png - (240.91KB , 1000x750 , 648.png )


Mok will have a martial law trial and will be questioned for sure. It's just that he's shot a MSR official, tried to murder the captain and blow up the entire ship. He's as good as dead.

Tiak decides not to keep pushing the doctor to get answers, at least not for the moment. Dr. Labras finishes up fixing his legs and lets him put on his pants again, while giving him the detonator. It's just a simple device with a big round button to activate the bombs. Nothing fancy.

The doctor puts his equipment back in one of the cabinets and speaks to Tiak again.

"That will do until you can get to a real hospital. Wait an hour before moving it, the plaster is still fresh. And for the last time, don't go jumping and running around or you'll break it! Again!"

"Alright, alright." Replies Tiak. "Wait, where are you going?"

The physician is already at the door, ready to leave.

"Well I haven't had a minute of decent sleep in who know how many hours. And that's what I'm going to get. I expect to find everything as I leave it. Understood, Belint?"

"Yes." Grumbles Tiak.

The doctor leaves without any more words, leaving Tiak alone with the unconscious barman. If he wanted, he could move around the room and snoop without forcing his leg too much, but that's about it. He could take this time to read the report he's been saving in his pocket, to take a break, or to do something else.
No. 267830 ID: 701a19

Look at that red thing on the desk, then read the report.

Don't touch anything.
No. 267831 ID: 1854db

Look in all the cabinets but don't move anything around. Then read the report.
No. 267837 ID: 2563d4

Use screwdriver on detonator. Read report.
No. 267839 ID: 252e1b

You have an entire hour alone with Mok if you can wake him up. This is your chance to learn what he knows. He's no dummy, he'll realize that you are his best chance at not being executed. If you can find evidence that the captain IS a traitor, and that the ship is loaded with material that would provide aid to the enemy, then his actions would have been justified.

Wake him up. Talk to him.
No. 267875 ID: 2563d4

I guess give this a shot first if you can do it without touching anything. (Not least because Tiak + fiddling with the life support equipment = oh god what did you dooooo.)
No. 267937 ID: f5e4b4
File 129375961167.png - (156.52KB , 1000x750 , 649.png )


Tiak has seen that red thing on the desk multiple times, the doctor used it to identify and match blood samples.


Tiak tries to open the cabinets, but just like the last time, they're all locked.


Tiak doesn't have the screwdriver anymore, but he can do the job as well with the pliers. He cracks the detonator open. He doesn't know if it'll be able to work again anymore.


Tiak slowly limps his way to Mok and shakes him, trying to wake him out. He calls his name many times, but receives no answer. The doctor must have sedated him, he's out cold for good.
Having limited his options, Tiak sits on the counter again to read the incomplete report.

"...fascinating creature. After the preliminar tests, we still ignore almost everything about this life form. it's incredibly simple, almost an alga. But at the same time, incredibly complex.

We haven't yet decided if it's sentient or not. It indeed establishes psionic and ultrasonic links with its environment, but it seems like it only mimics emotions that picks up around.
Its behavior is frankly curious.

They try to concentrate in large masses, like blobs. If you take smaller parts of the colony apart, they'll try to reunite again. Even if you're able to isolate a single individual microscopical, the larger colony will try to reunite with it. It seems to be its only crave. No matter what obstacles separates the sub-colonies, they'll try to be together again.
We aren't able to tell if they're a hive mind or not. We have so much to study about them

But that's not even Alpha-Creature's most fascinating quality, it's..."

And that's the end of the paper. The rest of the report must be somewhere in the ship. But for now, he must decide if he wants to do something else during the rest of the hour or just take a break.
No. 267938 ID: 2563d4

So, yes, the Alpha Creature is almost certainly the goo.

I guess you better sit tight, because we can't do much sleuthing while hobbling about. Perhaps poke your PDA and see if anything interesting is on Captain-cam.
No. 268035 ID: 55c4cf

get chair, hop around. Goddamn what is wrong with your ship and people why don't you have wheelchairs or something.
No. 268038 ID: f5e4b4
File 129380895191.png - (246.70KB , 1000x750 , 650.png )


Tiak isn't really convinced by this way of transportation!
No. 268051 ID: 0b5a64

What does that big red symbol on the big cabinet mean?
No. 268059 ID: 632d47

Nothing important, I think that's the symbol for "medicine"
No. 268064 ID: 0b5a64

Check everything that isn't locked. If everything is locked, then just sit tight. No sense in making the inevitable reinjury any easier.
No. 268072 ID: 632d47

Return chair to original position
No. 268075 ID: 1854db

Argh. Put the chair back and rest up a bit. We're stuck and have nothing to do... except mess about with that goo. Try manipulating your emotions while looking at it.
No. 268102 ID: 55c4cf

Resting for the hour we can't walk would be a good idea.
No. 268119 ID: f5e4b4
File 129384494450.png - (240.42KB , 1000x750 , 651.png )

Tiak puts the chair back to its place and just rests for the rest of the hour.


Indeed, that's the Maurian symbol for "Medicine" or "Health".


All the cabinets are locked, and they all have a tiny keyhole under the handle. Except for the big grey one. That one lacks handles, keyholes, card slots or any visible way to open it. And it's locked, of course.

Time passes slowly, but allows Tiak to finally have a moment to just relax, doing nothing in particular. He tries to manipulate the goo sample in his pocket with his feelings, with no visible results.

As the hour finally goes by, the doctor hasn't come back yet, but Tiak's leg doesn't hurt anymore and he can move it freely. A bit stiff, but otherwise in good state. He thinks he can go on with his investigations

He thinks about which should be his next step. He needs to take the last key from the captain, but a look to his PDA camera reveals that he's currently sitting at his office. He would have to find a way to get him out of there.

He also remembers that he left an unidentified corpse laying in the irradiated zone of the Engineering section.
No. 268120 ID: 2563d4

We never found the key while searching the Captain's cabin. Perhaps it's in his back room (presumably his sleeping quarters?) or even on his person.

To the corpse! If it's even still there.
No. 268144 ID: 55c4cf

Let's go steal a key and hopefully not get murdered!
No. 268307 ID: f5e4b4
File 12939245011.png - (246.98KB , 1000x750 , 652.png )

Tiak needs to think of a plan to distract the Captain outside of his office to get inside and get the key.

But as he's out of ideas at the moment, he decides to go back to Engineering and drag the corpse up to investigate it.

After some minutes struggling with the hazmat suit and the body, Tiak manages to bring it up where he can examine it. It's badly damaged by the radiation, but it stills wears the MSF uniform.

It must be the late Atuk Bounent, the one listed in the crew roster as Chief of Security.
A search through the body reveals a Chief of Security Key card, a stun pistol just like the one Tiak used to have before it blew up, still in good condition, and a magazine.

If Tiak wants to get these objects he'll have to make room in his inventory first. And talking about that, he has to do something about all the bombs he's carrying around everywhere.
No. 268315 ID: 701a19

Hide the bombs in the engine's radiation field of death, since tossing them in the garbage disposal might be a bad idea.

Drag Atuk's body up to the command deck and drop him in the hall. Then knock on the captain's door so he can take a look. THEN you can start examining the body to see if you can identify the weapon used in the killing.
No. 268349 ID: 6071d3

Disposing of the bombs might be done in several ways.

First, there's the brig. Stash them in the cryopod and, if possible, weld or jam it shut somehow.

Second, there's any sort of large and sturdy metal container. Of course finding a lock or something to weld it shut still remains a problem. Perhaps the sinarri Cutting tool could be adjusted to do that?

Third, there's the possibility of using an escape pod. Getting the captain to let you launch one would perhaps be tricky, but then he might be all too eager to have them off the ship and Tiak is headed there anyway. There must be some override that allows you to launch one during hyperjump. Or perhaps they could just be flushed out an airlock in a box?

Fourth, hide them on Zero Deck or some other place of this vast barely spaceworthy deathtrap that no one's likely to come across.

Fifth, Tiak could let someone he trusts hold on to them. Perhaps Zira or Zeno. Perhaps split the bombs between them? Or the captain. Shady as he is, he probably doesn't want his ship going kablooey.

One final option is to dismantle them. They were made by an amateur. Someone skilled with explosives might be able to take them apart safely and tell us how to deal with the payloads. That might be Zeno. He's a royal bodyguard. He must know something about bombs.

I'd favor the escape pod or handing them over to Zeno, but I'm just throwing ideas out there to consider.
No. 268351 ID: 2563d4

Stash the bombs down in the highly radioactive engine bay---Mongro explicitly told us not to garbage dispose the warhead one. Drop the detonator parts into the garbage disposal, though.
No. 268632 ID: f5e4b4
File 129401833538.png - (181.08KB , 1000x750 , 653.png )

Tiak returns to the irradiated area of the Engineering bay and leaves all the bombs with the big one, down deep in the section. After he's back, he throws the pieces of the detonator into the garbage disposal unit.

With way more room in his pockets, he returns to the corpse, pocketing the Security Class key card and the issued Stun gun. It's loaded and everything.

He doesn't know if he should take the magazine with him, though. It's one of those crazy sensationalist things. He skims through the head lines, no too interested.

"Hmm... "Human ship sighted in Sr' avo 2, some crazy Sinarri says that he can do Hyperjumps just by meditating; Scientists all over the galaxy disappear without a trace and... some crap about the Zorevias building a Doomsday device. Nonsense all."

But Tiak can't get the insidious feeling out of his mind that this isn't the first time he has seen the same number of this magazine here in the ship. But maybe he's just a bit confused.

He has to decide what to do with the body.
Should he leave it here? Tell someone about it, or keep it a secret that he found it? He should also decide what to do with the magazine, and start thinking about a plan to get into the Captain's quarters.
No. 268655 ID: 701a19

The magazine was among Mikos personal effects.
No. 268687 ID: 2563d4

No, the sensationalist magazine we found was in crew cabin D, along with some day-old snacks: >>/questarch/246918

I'm not sure what to make of that, though. I don't think we actually have an assertive list of cabin allocations; just who we found where. But I guess for lack of a better place you could put Atuk's body in the crypod there, since Mongro isn't going to be able to do it and I can't think of a better use of time off the top of my head.
No. 268819 ID: 252e1b

Give the Doomsday article a quick scan.
No. 268862 ID: f5e4b4
File 129407554194.png - (172.76KB , 1000x750 , 654.png )

Tiak drags the corpse to the Crew Quarters and stuffs it into the Cryo-pod of Cabin D. He notices that the bag of snacks and the magazine he found are gone.

Thinking about the crew members and the rooms he has visited, he's pretty confident in the fact that Cabin D, this one, is unoccupied. However someone has been here eating snacks and reading a stupid magazine almost two days ago.

Talking about the magazine, Tiak decides to take a quick look at the Doomsday device article.

As he imagined, It's just a blurry, unfocused picture that could be anything, the article describes how a "reliable informer" took the picture in a secret base in the asteroid belt of KR-933, describing how the Zorevias were building what couldn't be other thing than a dark matter ultra cannon.

As Tiak suspected, nothing but crap. Who believes these things?
No. 268863 ID: 2563d4

But that person could have been Atuk...?

I'm guessing you have no idea as to cause or time of death. The doc is probably asleep next door in C if you feel like waking him up.
No. 268876 ID: 653ea0

I'd rather not wake the Doc, but we could talk to the Captain.
No. 268893 ID: 07337a

You do realize you just stuffed a dead body into a cryo-pod, right? Didn't we find a dead body in a cryo-pod? Are you sure you're not the one doing all this, but you can't remember because you're either completely insane, drugged or some other reason?
No. 268898 ID: 2563d4

On the basis that many of Tiak's troubles are from saying dumb things, let's please have some topic of conversation in mind first.

See >>268687 . That is why we did this.
No. 268900 ID: 07337a

We saw a dead body in a cryo-pod and then we decided to stuff a dead body in a cryo-pod. Seemed pretty suspicious to me. I tend not to read suggestions for quests that aren't even mine, so, forgive my lack of attention. Another thing, what if somebody sees us? Then we'd really be screwed. Seriously, what would you do if you saw someone dragging corpses around?
No. 268904 ID: 07337a

Oh, and, not to mention that we're also voices in his head. Crazy people tend to have those.
No. 268956 ID: f5e4b4
File 129410400930.png - (153.31KB , 1000x750 , 655.png )

The last couple of days have been the most confusing and mind-numbing of all his life, but Tiak is as sure as any sane person can be that he hasn't killed anyone. Also he doesn't hear any voices in his head!

Tiak decides that he might go to see the captain, when he hears the audio signal from his PDA. He checks it out.

The captain is talking with someone in his office. But whoever it is, it's standing out of the range of the camera, and they're talking in low voice. So Tiak isn't able to make out who is the captain's interlocutor.

Maybe he can somehow take advantage of the situation, or go take a look.
No. 269026 ID: 07337a

We influence your actions very obviously using mental suggestion.
No. 269042 ID: 55c4cf

Let's take advantage of it.

Take all of the advantages.
No. 269048 ID: 1854db

Sure that's a good idea but
No. 269055 ID: 70e5c6

Get outside his door. Yesterday. Keep an eye on that datapad, and if shit starts getting freaky in there, bust in and stun them both. ;D
No. 269056 ID: 632d47

First off, identify what the fuck is behind you

Once that's cleared up we should go listen to the captain
No. 269099 ID: f5e4b4
File 129417097412.png - (108.64KB , 1000x750 , 656.png )

"What, what's behind my back?"

Tiak turns around to see what's behind him but OH NO IT'S TOO LATE, TIAK IS DOOMED!
No. 269100 ID: f5e4b4
File 129417100728.png - (115.61KB , 1000x750 , 657.png )

Wait, there's nothing behind him.

Tiak must've imagined it. He shrugs and directs his steps towards the upper deck.
No. 269102 ID: f5e4b4
File 129417104449.png - (210.00KB , 1000x750 , 658.png )

Yery is here, it seems that she was the one talking with the captain. She looks like she's worried about something.
No. 269104 ID: 07337a

Well, go ask her what's wrong.
No. 269131 ID: 252e1b

Go brag about how you just saved the ship and you got a cool cast from the doctor as a reward.
No. 269134 ID: 8c3899

Combine these. Also, don't stare at her revealing skirt. You are the most stoic and humble ant in space.
No. 269159 ID: 2563d4

>go brag
Let's stick with "stoic".
No. 269173 ID: f5e4b4
File 129418619618.png - (154.36KB , 1000x750 , 659.png )

Tiak greets the chemistry student, as stoically as possible.

"Hey Yery, why the long face?"

She looks up to see Tiak, giving a little wave with her hand.

"Oh, hi Tiak. I've been..."-She sighs softly and waits a second before resuming her sentence. "...Talking with the Captain about the problems with my room."

"What problems?"

"Well, I have the feeling of being... watched. Like there's something creeping inside the ventilation shafts, buzzing. Sometimes I even catch a glimpse of a red glow when I turn around. It's creeping me out."

"I see." Says Tiak. "And you told that to the Captain?"

"Yeah, but he doesn't believe me. He doesn't want to give me a different room. He keeps repeating that there's nothing in the vents and that the ship has been cleaned and certified free of Verguls and other parasites. If I could at least convince him in some way to get up from his stupid chair and see it by himself!"
No. 269230 ID: 897302

Ask Yery to come down to Security or her room before we talk - we don't want the captain overhearing. We should be able to talk in the elevator -
"I wouldn't trust the captain overmuch if I was you, Yery. I'm not sure he's entirely innocent of that odd happenings on this ship."

"However, I have seen the red light you're referring to. It's some sort of drone - labelled A.S.C.E. If you see it again, I suggest you tell me about it. That drone is definitely connected to the murders somehow."
No. 269243 ID: 644ca1

Do not alarm her by mentioning the drone, just say you will look into it.
No. 269250 ID: 2563d4

This. Perhaps confirm you've seen the red glow too so that doesn't think you're just brushing her off.
No. 269263 ID: 1854db

I agree we should confirm the red glow but not tell her what it is. Actually, if we confirm we saw it too, then the captain would have to do something wouldn't he?

Oh. Realize that the butt of your rifle was visible out of the corner of your eye.
No. 269266 ID: 55c4cf

Let's go try and convince/force the captain to go look at it and then acquire key while he messes with this shit. Then we'll go catch up with them and fix whatever it is ourselves anyway. Possibly toss Queen Snaketits the key on the way there.
No. 269336 ID: f5e4b4
File 129424196611.png - (47.34KB , 1000x750 , 660.png )

Tiak takes Yery to the elevator where they should be out of listening range from the captain or any other person in the deck before confirming her suspicions.

"Yeah, I think I've seen something in the vents too, the same red glow and the buzzing sound. It can't be a coincidence, there's something up there."

Yery's expression lightens up.

"Oh, so you believe me? Great, we should tell that to the captain! If you can confirm it, he'll have to believe us!"

"Sure, just let me think for a second here."

Tiak ponders. If he goes with the girl and confirms the story of the vents invader, the Captain might just believe him and grant her a new room, or send Tiak down to investigate. But Tiak needs him to leave the room so he can look for the key.

Tiak needs to think of a way to get the captain go down personally to Yery's room.
No. 269436 ID: 897302

I wish there was a way for us to communicate with Zira remotely - that'd make this easier.

1. Find Zira, outline following plan to Zira and Yery -
2. Yery and Tiak should go to the captain, and Tiak should corroborate Yery's story. You should attempt to get the captain to check it out himself. (Doubt this'll happen but it'd be easier...)
3. Have Zira run in and say she heard banging and saw lights in the vents. At this point the captain'll be forced to leave, particularly because with the Colonel hurt (where is he by the way?) he's the main authority figure on the ship. That should get him moving.
4. Simply fall behind, giving you enough time to get the key.

Pretty simple, relatively foolproof. If anyone has any objections, feel free to edit this as you wish.
No. 269463 ID: 8f56ed

That's not really fool-proof at all. The Captain'll just tell Tiak to look into it.

He would maybe go himself only if there's absolutely no-one else. I don't think he's above telling both passengers they're just hearing things either.
No. 269488 ID: 2563d4

It's an ASCE drone. The Captain is doing a secret mission for ASCE. I suspect he is going to be incredibly resistant to dealing with it. Also let's please not involve Zira unless entirely necessary.

You could try whining that your leg is too crippled to go running about after it I guess.
No. 269514 ID: f5e4b4
File 12943459989.png - (202.88KB , 1000x750 , 661.png )

Tiak decides to go and ask Zira for help. He's fairly sure that the captain isn't going to move out of his office if he's around, and he's not gonna buy that his leg hurts too much.

"Listen I don't think he's going to listen to me, but maybe if we get another passenger to complain, he will have to listen to you."

Yery nods.

"Sounds good!"

The two of them go down in the elevator to the middle deck, walking straight towards Zira's room. After knocking on the door, the tiny Maurian peeks outside.

"Oh, hey Tiak. I was wondering how were you doing."

Tiak flickers his antennae.

"Hey Zira, same thing. I need your help again, see... Oh I almost forgot to introduce you two. Zira, this is Yery, another passenger. Yery, Zira.

The two females stare at each other, and for half a second, a weird expression cross their eyes. But it's so quick that Tiak think he imagined it, because the second after they're flickering their antennae and happily exchanging a "Nice to meet you", and friendly complaining about the flight, small talking.

"...And the bathrooms are so tiny, they don't even have a massage machine, I couldn't believe it!"

"I know, what were they thinking!?"

"Hm, I hate to interrupt..." -Starts Tiak. "But we wanted to solve this little problem."

Tiak explains the situation to Zira, and she agrees to ask the Captain to come down and see the problem himself. She's been hearing the noises in the vents too.
No. 269515 ID: f5e4b4
File 129434612031.png - (133.35KB , 1000x750 , 662.png )

Before they get to the elevator, Zira discreetly grabs Tiak's arm to let Yery walk ahead of them. She asks, in low voice.

"Are you doing this to get into the Captain's office?"
No. 269560 ID: 701a19


Was that jealousy on their faces? Clearly, the next time you sleep it should be with one of these two.
No. 269562 ID: 2563d4

Of course not.

Oh god no. No no no. No. It's probably because they were recognizing and forming a plan to murder each-other.
No. 269565 ID: 897302

Hate to say it, but >>269562 is probably right.

Remember Mok's list? The only people missing from it were Mat, Trake and Yery (and Mikos). People assumed this was because he'd never seen her, but we met her in the canteen. I find it more likely he knew she wasn't a threat - IE., she was against the Ziraneé truce. And since Zira is pro-Ziraneé, well...

This is probably just me being paranoid, but I'd say a bit of paranoia is well-deserved at this point.
No. 269580 ID: 1854db

Ask who Yery is to her. If she comes clean we come clean.
No. 269611 ID: 55c4cf

She's helped you do this shit before, there's no reason to not let her know and accept her help if she offers it.
No. 269677 ID: f5e4b4
File 129441614667.png - (187.07KB , 1000x750 , 663.png )

Tiak whispers.

"Who is Yery to you?"

Zira answers hastily. Yery is going to notice them soon.

"I don't know her, but there's something about her... Are you trying to get into the Captain's office or not?"

Tiak decides to trust her, because she helped him snatching the key from the doctor, after all.


She nods.


They head to the elevator, when Tiak remembers that he shouldn't be seen by the captain. He hides in Mikos' room and after a few minutes he can hear the sound of the elevator coming down. Then footsteps and the voices of the Captain (who sounds annoyed), Yery and Zira, arguing.

They walk pass Miko's room and get in another, probably Yery's, maybe Zira's. It looks like it's Tiak's turn to act.
No. 269709 ID: 1854db

Move quickly but not really noisily. Get to your objective.
No. 269711 ID: f5e4b4
File 129443257858.png - (169.12KB , 1000x750 , 664.png )

Tiak hurries elevator up and into the Captain's office. He doesn't know for how long are Zira and Yery going to be able to hold the Captain, but Tiak knows he should hurry up.
No. 269722 ID: 897302

Press red button. Hope it opens the shutters above.
Look at the books as well - that pink one looks interesting. Examine the cabinet/box on the wall opposite button/shutters.
No. 269723 ID: 70e5c6

Brandish stungun.

See if Atuk's security card works on the Captain's quarters.

Press red BUTAN.
No. 269737 ID: f5e4b4
File 129444491332.png - (176.00KB , 1000x750 , 665.png )

Tiak tries to open the door at the other side of the room with Atuk's key card and, guess what? It works!

He checks on the books on the small library as well. Just like the last time, it's just a bunch of boring biographies and cheap novels. The pink one seems specially uninteresting, it's titled "The attack of the immortal monsters." Bleh.

Also there's the line of green, large books with human words and letters on them. Just like the last time, Tiak doesn't get what they say.

Finally Tiak pushes the red button, which opens the panel over it. Inside there's a small framed photograph of an uniformed Maurian. It looks like there's something written on it. There's also a small green key hanging inside, and the empty space for a IK2 plasma gun and to batteries on the wall.

The black cabinet at the other side of the room cannot be opened, it lacks keyholes, handles or card slots. There's no visible way to open it.
No. 269755 ID: 2563d4

>They might be bigger or smaller, but the heads have the same crescent shape.

...hunh. What the heck is that a key for, then?

Read photo and be sure to put it back right. Explore back room. Be sure to press BUTAN to re-close cabinet whether you steal the key or not.
No. 269760 ID: 70e5c6

Quickly steal key, read photo, close cabinet thing. Hurry. Then get into the room, gun ready, fumbling for a lightswitch.

The key might be to the Captain's lockbox, but that's probably too obvious (keeping the key in the same room as the box?).


Speaking of which, we should see if it's still in the grate when we leave (doesn't appear to be, but could be art oversight).
No. 269805 ID: 897302

> the pink one looks specially uninteresting

VSCURAIL is probably an anagram for something, but I'm terrible at those. Anyone have an idea?
No. 269826 ID: 55c4cf

Examine picture, take key, use it on lockbox or such stuff and get out of there. If he has the key on him this makes things more frustrating.
No. 269827 ID: 4b5202


We'll dick around with the box later.
No. 269828 ID: 6071d3

The most menacing results produced by an anagram generator were "lac virus," and "vial curs."

The books could spell out a scrambled codeword, but it looks like they're just random. Dunno if that helps or not. Conservation of Detail also doesn't necessarily apply here.
No. 269864 ID: f5e4b4
File 129451468493.png - (177.06KB , 1000x750 , 666.png )

Tiak forgot about the lock box! And it wasn't in the shaft when he walked over it. Someone else must've picked it up.

Tiak pockets the small key and takes a look at the picture. It's an old 2D photograph of the Captain. He looks younger, it must be a graduation picture. There's a date on the corner of the frame. 324-3416, that's day 324 of the year 3416. That's 40 years and 33 days ago.

After pressing the button again and closing the panel, he peeks into the backroom. He turns on the light switch (the only light switch so far in the entire ship!) and gets ready his stun gun.

The room seems to be the Captain's quarters, and it's empty. It's pretty clean and tidy, and has a pretty large bed in the center of the room. There's also a cabinet with two spare uniforms, a bed stand with a bottle of wine on it... and a heavy safe box on the floor, with a visible keyhole on the door.
No. 269866 ID: 2563d4

Enter room, close door (if the Captain returns we at least won't get caught immedately), try strange key on safe.
No. 269869 ID: 55c4cf

Check nightstand drawer, open safe. Be quick.

Fuck if we get caught i will be so mad.

What is the bottle on nightstand?
No. 269894 ID: 1854db

Immediately try the key on the safe.
No. 269900 ID: f5e4b4
File 129453143716.png - (137.25KB , 1000x750 , 667.png )

Tiak opens the night stand drawer. There's a single piece of paper, with something written on it there. He doesn't know if he should get it and/or read it right now.

Without losing a second he also opens the safe with the green key, only to find... another door behind! This one requires a three digit number to open.
No. 269907 ID: 55c4cf


Is it 324?

If it is, the captain is a rube.
No. 269911 ID: 2563d4

Haha. Give it a shot.

Take the paper for later.
No. 269952 ID: f5e4b4
File 129457045472.png - (87.03KB , 1000x750 , 668.png )

Tiak pockets the note and closes the drawer, then he focuses his attention back on the safe.


It worked! The second door opens and reveals the contents of the safe, which are actually pretty scarce.

There's the third crescent key!

And there's also a small explosive with a remote control next to it. It's smaller than the ones Tiak has found around, this one looks like it would cause a small, controlled explosion.
No. 269955 ID: 7c0299

Get OUT of THERE. Head to the INFIRMARY.
No. 269959 ID: 1854db

EXCELLENT. We can use this small explosive to get through that rubble blocking the way in zero deck.

I don't think we should go to the infirmary. Go to zero deck instead.

Also condense your inventory a bit.
No. 269961 ID: 2563d4

If we're playing fetch for the queen (it'd be nice to know what they keys are for :| ), we should probably hand the key over en-route. Clearing the rubble to get at the percanto/goo's a good plan, though.
No. 269965 ID: 2563d4

Addenda: Check captain-cam before opening door. Then hide in the infirmary until the captain-cam shows he's back at his desk.
No. 269980 ID: f5e4b4
File 129458754723.png - (247.69KB , 1000x750 , 669.png )

Tiak drops the magazine and the green key into the safe, then pockets the bomb, the remote controller and the crescent key.

After closing the safe he runs out of the Captain's Quarters and into the Infirmary. And not a second too soon, because just as he closes the door of the Infirmary he hears the sound of the elevator gates opening. He checks in his PDA how the Captain returns to his office and sits on his desk.

Now Tiak has to decide if he wants to read the note he found in the night drawer now or leave it for later, and if he should go give the key to the Queen immediatly or go down the Zero Deck to use the explosives instead.
No. 269981 ID: 55c4cf

Find SNAKETITS immediately.
No. 269982 ID: 383006

Give key to snaketits.
No. 269986 ID: 07337a

>VSCURAIL is probably an anagram for something
Hmm... LAC virus? It's probably not that, it could be something in a different language, but...
No. 270001 ID: 7c0299

Fine, yeah, lets go to Queen's. Don't straight out give her the key just yet.
No. 270010 ID: 2563d4

No. Read the note first.

The note might give us a clue what the keys are for.

It would be nice to know this before we give the Queen the last one and she lets Zeno bite our head off having given her Real Ultimate Power and outlived our usefulness.
No. 270039 ID: f5e4b4
File 12946145204.png - (114.40KB , 1000x750 , 670.png )

Tiak hurries into the elevator, decided to go see the Queen before doing anything else.
No. 270041 ID: f5e4b4
File 129461458774.png - (77.20KB , 1000x750 , 671.png )

The doors of the elevator opens with a "DING" in the Middle Deck.
No. 270042 ID: f5e4b4
File 129461466422.png - (81.05KB , 1000x750 , 672.png )

And TIak finds himself facing the bad end of a laser gun.
No. 270043 ID: f5e4b4
File 129461481455.png - (171.63KB , 1000x750 , 673.png )

"Hand over the key, Belint."
No. 270045 ID: 15b51b

Frustratedly cross your arms. Claim to have hidden it.

If she pats you down, wrestle the gun away.
No. 270050 ID: 1854db

I fucking knew she was working with the bartender.

"Why do you want it? What is it even for?"
No. 270051 ID: e973f4

Have a nervous breakdown with regards to the simply improbable number of different people who have pointed weapons at your face on this flight.

A nervous breakdown that involves screaming and tackling, ideally.
No. 270052 ID: 7c0299

Cross your arms and frown. "No."
No. 270053 ID: 2563d4

You are getting lax at walking around with your weapon ready again.

Reach into your jacket for it and pull out the (new) bomb detonator instead. :V
No. 270054 ID: 1854db

YES threaten her with the bomb! HAHAHAH
No. 270055 ID: 0a290e

Vent your frustrations at everyone trying to kill you. Start a tirade. Culminate with a fake giving up in frustration quote, starting to get out the key to hand it over. Instead of doing so, go for a disarm and pin so she's back up.

Then, taze the duplicitous bitch right where it would be most effective.

Witty one-liner about being shocked at her betrayal.
No. 270056 ID: 55c4cf

Pretend to get key, throw your hand as if to offer the key and knock her hand away and taze the shit out of her. That would catch her the most off guard to pretend the tazer is the key for a split second.
No. 270058 ID: 632d47

"Sure. Take it. It's caused me more trouble than it's worth."
No. 270064 ID: 897302

Shoot her where it hurts.

No. 270180 ID: f5e4b4
File 129467516924.png - (145.82KB , 1000x750 , 674.png )

"Alright, take it. It's caused me more trouble than it's worth. I'm getting tired of everybody betraying me and trying to kill me."

"Good boy." She answers. "Don't do anything funny, I won't enjoy killing you, but I'll do it if you don't give me other choice. And don't pretend to be the victim, you were using me to get the key as much as I used you. If I got it first, it would be you the one pointing at me with the gun."

"Why do you want it? What is it even for?" -Inquires TIak.

"None of your business. Now toss the key over." -Replies Yery.

Tiak slowly reaches inside his jacket, while the female follows his movements with the gun.
It's time to act, he can pretend that he's going to give her the key to catch her off guard and try to take the gun away from her, or threaten her with the bomb.

Meanwhile, he suddenly hears something, a faint noise. Something is softly tapping on the hatch door on the ceiling of the elevator. Tap tap tap. Yery doesn't seem to have noticed it.
No. 270181 ID: 55c4cf

"You are a liar, I haven't pointed a gun at ANYONE first the entire flight, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!" Overreact to ceiling knock, and wreck her shit. Pretend to key, and ruin.
No. 270182 ID: 2563d4

That's...worrying but probably actually best used as a distraction so you can apply your stungun to the person who is not actually wearing armour for once!
No. 270183 ID: 701a19

Sigh "Stalemate, then. You'll shoot me either way, but here there are witnesses. Tell me what's going on; convince me the key would be best in your hands."
No. 270186 ID: 7c0299

Why would she say anything if she's gonna kill him either way? She's not a Bond villain.

It's probably in our best interest to get her closer to us--for the sake of whoever's knocking from above, or wrestling her ourselves.
Toss the key to under the hatch. Oh, and don't make a scene.
No. 270189 ID: c9aa87

Use your seduction powers on Yeri while waiting for Zira to bust from the ceiling.
No. 270196 ID: 55c4cf
File 129468081182.png - (16.01KB , 117x206 , uh-no.png )

Yeah. Talking to her too much more isn't going to do us any good. There are no witnesses unless you're counting the knock on the hatch, which if she just shot us, took it and ran there's still a good chance nobody will see her in the first place! She could also shoot -them- too!

We definitely need to get closer in order to go berserk on her dumb ass though.
No. 270205 ID: 15b51b

Warn her about the horrible robot in the vents.

If that doesn't work, go for the bomb.
No. 270235 ID: 701a19

>You'll shoot me either way, but here there are witnesses.
She knows that Zira's in the area, as are the two Ziranee, and possibly Dan. If she fires now she runs a significant risk of getting caught. However, since she has revealed herself to Tiak she's in too much danger if he survives. Logically, her plan would be to either walk away now and kill him later or enter the elevator so she can at least kill him with the doors closed.
No. 270273 ID: 2563d4

No, don't say this.
No. 270299 ID: c5628c

Try tossing the card key or something over her head. Doing so will give you a split second to react. In that second, crouch an leap at her waist line or mid-section for a tackle, then go for the gun.
No. 270321 ID: 15b51b

In addition, make a note to keep your weapon drawn at all times. Maybe threaten everyone with larger explosives. Think like MacReady in The Thing.
No. 270327 ID: 632d47

Tiak: Hand it over.

Everybody else: Be patient damn it. She's armed and she will likely shoot us in the face if we try anything right now. We need to wait until her gun is pointed away before we can deal with her.
No. 270343 ID: f5e4b4
File 129469533495.png - (189.06KB , 1000x750 , 675.png )

Tiak pulls out the key from his Jacket, and slowly extends his hand towards Yery. The armed girl, in her eagerness, takes a single step forward.

"You are a liar." -Tiak spits out. " I haven't pointed a gun at ANYONE first the entire flight and WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!"

He points at the elevator hatch, which in that exact moment opens up. Yery distracts her attention from Tiak just a second, looking up alarmed.


Tiak lunges towards her and tries to take the gun off her hand, but she resists!

"Hey! Hands off!"

"Make me!"

The struggle, whatsoever, is short, because the nimble body of Zira emerges from the hatch, throwing a strong kick at Yery's face.


She stumbles back, dropping the laser gun.
No. 270345 ID: 632d47

No. 270347 ID: 2563d4

Stun her.

Not that I know quite where we're going to hold her, since I bet she could fit in the vents even if the brig controls worked.
No. 270363 ID: 252e1b


That's why modern medicine invented the medically induced coma!
No. 270367 ID: 55c4cf

Put the key back away. Stun the hell out of her. She needs to be somewhere that cannot bother us. Also thank the midget. Let's get this key back to snaketits asap before more people with guns try and fuck up our day.
No. 270380 ID: 7c0299

Start shooting her. Don't stop until it feels bad.
No. 270386 ID: ebb40f

1. Apply stunning device to face.
2. Collect laser gun.
No. 270408 ID: f5e4b4
File 129470420827.png - (208.04KB , 1000x750 , 676.png )

Yery turns around and tries to make a run for it, but Tiak is faster with his stun gun. In a matter of seconds, the female Maurian is laying unconscious on the floor.

"Well, thanks for that. How did you know...?"

"Oh, you know, I had a bad feeling about her." -Interrupts Zira. "Plus I've seen her around doing weird stuff. Sneaking into rooms and fiddling with a remote controller. Good thing you told me about the Captain's quarters, I knew she didn't have any interest about the noises in her room."

She grabs Yery's gun.

"I'll keep this one if you don't mind. You have more than one already." -She says. "So, what are we gonna do with her."

That's a problem, Tiak has to figure out where to keep her locked up, as the brig controls are completely ruined.


Tiak always had to use one of his tools to pry open the vents, they're too tight to just be open with bare hands. A prisoner with no equipment shouldn't be able to get out of it easily. But the force field controls are broken anyways.
No. 270412 ID: 2563d4

Uh, we DO mind, what with the law about weapons on ships and all. She hands it over or she gets zapped too and we just tie everyone up on the bridge for the rest of the flight.
No. 270415 ID: 55c4cf

Help Zira move her wherever. You really can't waste time. Lock her up and have Zira watch her in the closest room between here and on your way to snaketits.
No. 270418 ID: 1854db

>remote controller

She's with the USCE. Search her for the remote... or for anything really. Also, we can probably fit her into the vent to get her into the brig. Or we could just weld her inside a cryo bed... not sure how safe that would be tho!

Also, we'll need to work out some way for her to get her meals, and have bathroom breaks. Sigh. Having a prisoner makes things complicated. Maybe we can ask our 'buddy' the Colonel for ideas. Keep in mind that other people have security keys.
No. 270419 ID: 252e1b

You'll need that gun as evidence. Trade guns with Zira and tell her to not get caught with the stunner.

You'll want to put Yery either in a room with blown out door controls (remember what Mongro did to you!) or under the care of the doctor (for being placed in a medical coma).
No. 270421 ID: 1854db

If we're trading guns we can give her our other laser pistol.
No. 270423 ID: 7c0299

Okay, yeah, no, the gun stays with us. Tell her you're going to destroy it. Say you'll introduce her to Ziraneé royalty to make up for it.

Don't see why we couldn't just drag Yeri to Queen's until we're done with her.
No. 270432 ID: 2563d4

Oh god no let's please not give away our stunner whatever we do. We only just got that capability back.
No. 270461 ID: 632d47

You think you could drag her into the brig through the vents?
No. 270535 ID: 701a19

This is a species that has no fingerprints and doesn't constantly shed dead cells. The gun is useless as evidence, and the only potentially information w can glean from it is how many shots it's fired. She can keep the pistol.

Also? Kiss Zira. At this point she and Dan are the only living people who haven't screwed you over, and Zira's been nothing but helpful.

Search her for everything besides her clothing, then seal her in a bathroom. Use scrap metal to reinforce the air vent cover first though.
No. 270553 ID: ebb40f

Keep your stun gun, no trading.

Couldn't you use the security key card to force a door shut? We could keep her in a cabinet...

No kissing, but a manly, uh, antmanly hug among comrades-in-arms.
No. 270582 ID: 55c4cf

I don't know, Seven raises a good point, but we should flirt with Dan before we make our decision between romancing people for not screwing us over.
No. 270583 ID: f5e4b4
File 129475777890.png - (292.11KB , 1000x750 , 677.png )

Tiak searches Yery, but only finds the key card for her room, and another written note. He pockets both things. The notes are starting to stack up, he's gonna have to find a moment to read these!

Then, with the help of Zira, he drags the unconscious body of the Maurian into the vents, getting her in the brig. He'll have to bring her water and food later, but he shouldn't worry about that for now.

Tiak turns around and asks Zira to give him Yery's gun back.

"I need it as evidence. Besides, civilians aren't supposed to have weapons on board."

Zira doesn't seem to be pleased by this.

"I'm sure that you've noticed it already, but EVERYBODY in this ship is carrying a gun except for me! And that I'm the only one that's been helping you in everything. I need something to defend myself, I'll give you this one if you can procure me some other weapon."

Tiak doesn't want to get rid of his stun gun or his sub-rifle, but he could give her the Colonel's pistol. Or he could refuse and demand her to hand Yery's weapon.
No. 270584 ID: 55c4cf

Let her have it, snaketits now. DO IT.
No. 270585 ID: d677cc

Sure, she can have the gun. Whatever. Everyone on the stupid ship has a gun.
No. 270586 ID: 41cd25

Alright, fine. Give her the Colonel's gun and a lovely smile. "My ghost will haunt you forever if you shoot me in the back."
Go to Queen's.
No. 270591 ID: 701a19

Give her the Colonel's gun, then kiss her already.
"I was half kidding. The not-kidding half is it's evidence."

You remembered to seal the brig's vent cover, right?
Take a moment to read the notes, then ask Zira if she wants to go with you to the Queen's room.
No. 270593 ID: 55c4cf

Totally bring Zira to see Snaketits, but no kissing.
No. 270594 ID: 41cd25


>Offer to join.
I've the feeling Queen won't be happy, but sure, why not.
No. 270595 ID: ebb40f

Offer the Colonels pistol. But don't get your antennae interwined into any smacky-smacky, you got to keep being focused.

Ask zira what her plans are, if she's willing to tell, and then go to see Mrs. Snake.
No. 270618 ID: d560d6

No. Do not kiss Zira. Do not pretend you were kidding. And swapping that pistol for another doesn't seem to gain anything except further agitating the Colonel, this time unnecessarily.

At least please skim the notes to see if they say anything about the keys before visiting snaketits.
No. 270620 ID: d560d6

>"I need something to defend myself, I'll give you this one if you can procure me some other weapon."
Ask what happened to her knife.
No. 270682 ID: 1854db

Give her the colonel's gun.
No. 270738 ID: 632d47

That would be bringing a knife to a gunfight.
No. 270743 ID: 5d4888

Just let her have the gun. There is no good reason to give her the colonel's gun. If she gets caught with a gun that can be recognised as one you had in your possession you will get in more trouble for providing a gun than not taking away a gun. Also you might not even get connected if she gets caught with a random gun.
No. 270752 ID: f5e4b4
File 129479722520.png - (75.06KB , 1000x750 , 678.png )

Tiak finally agrees to give Zira the colonel's weapon in exchange of Yery's gun. She nods happily.

"What happened to your knife anyways?"

"Oh. I still have it." -Zira answers."But it's not really useful in a gunfight, don't you think?"

"Ah, alright. Well, I'm gonna go see Queen Nayria. Wanna come with me?"

Zira quickly shakes her head.

"No, no, no, I'm too shy and will make a fool of myself. Besides I wouldn't know what to say. Go alone, I'll be in my room. Bye!"

The Maurian quickly leaves the brig, and Tiak takes this a minute to read the notes he's found recently, now that he's alone.

First, the one he found in the Captain's night stand. It's hand written, the paper is very wrinkly, and the ink has been smeared all over it. It seems that it's been handled many times.

"Remember to read this when you feel worse.
There's no guilt. You aren't a bad person.
You're taking part in the greatest mission ever commanded by a Maurian officer.

It's all for the greater good. It will bring peace and prosperity. Just deliver it to Tinosa II. Don't get caught and everything will be fine.

Remember that you aren't alone. It's a coordinated achievement between Ziranée and Maurian scientists. We just can't let the politicians to take control of it. At any cost."

Tiak proceeds to read the one Yery had. It's very brief.

"Keep an eye on the keys. Someone (if not everyone) will likely try to break the contract and keep them for themselves. We can't allow it. It's our investment. It's our money. Alpha belongs to us."

No signature.
No. 270753 ID: f5e4b4
File 129479730314.png - (149.41KB , 1000x750 , 679.png )

Tiak finally makes his way to the Queen's room and knocks on the door. Immediately the door opens, and Tiak steps inside.

Nayria is alone there, smoking and smiling at Tiak, as usual.

"Oh, it's you! What a delightful surprise, I was starting to get very bored. So, what brings you to my humble cabin?"
No. 270755 ID: 55c4cf

I have the final key, please save me with your warm bosom, and keep your husbando from killing me.
No. 270759 ID: 252e1b


First, honor your commitment and turn the key over to her. Then ask her how activation of the project will cement the peace, since it's really not clear to you.
No. 270761 ID: 1854db

Argh. We can't give the third key to her, that will break the contract. She is, in fact, one of the politicians that the USCE is trying to keep from having complete control over Alpha. I'm quite glad we read that note before doing this.

...point out that she's missing the key that's usually attached to her clothes. Ask her where it went.

I want to see if we can get some information from her without revealing that we know anything. Hmm. How about we don't talk to her at all, and instead just tell her we were checking up on everyone in the ship?
No. 270763 ID: 221021

Before giving her the key, ask her what she wants the mystery green substance for.
No. 270764 ID: 632d47

No. 270766 ID: 55c4cf


I didn't use quotes, what the hell is wrong with you.

I'm pretty sure the author is rational enough to not take my suggestions 100% literal.
No. 270767 ID: 55c4cf

She's saved our lives multiple times, and the other people with the keys are fucking up to something anyway. Don't bullshit waiting to give her the key it will just seem rude. Zira and snaketits are about the only two people on this ship I give a fuck about.

We already stole the key, all we're going to do by keeping it in the first place is have both snaketits and snakedicks as well as the captain out to get us. Let's stop being schizophrenic and go with the alliances we've already goddamn made.

We are breaking someone else's contract, not ours.

We are fulfilling our own agreement with this key.
No. 270769 ID: d560d6

Ask where her key went, and give her the Captain's one. We have pretty much as much reason to (not) trust her as Zira and perversely the person who is most obviously using us is kind of the best to deal with.

That means you try not to get caught off-guard by her pulling the plasma pistol on you or Zeno appearing out of nowhere now he's not being blocked from killing you, Tiak. Don't get distracted by her huge, scaley knockers.
No. 270778 ID: 1854db

We're in this for Truth. Why the hell are you so insistent on honoring our agreement with the snake lady when she made us agree to it without telling us important issues like say, she's NOT SUPPOSED TO FUCKING HAVE IT?

She said that the others broke the agreement. This is likely a lie, as the others have made no move to steal her key, just to get ours back. If you're so insistent on believing she's our ally, how about we ask her what the agreement was about? We already know a good deal about it, so we can easily tell if she's lying.
No. 270779 ID: d560d6

This is what /dis/ is for.
No. 270857 ID: 701a19

"Alpha creature is loose, so I need to know what the crescent keys are for."
No. 270912 ID: f5e4b4
File 129485959543.png - (132.12KB , 1000x750 , 680.png )

Tiak hands the key to the Queen, who smiles even wider, her eyes shining with a glimpse of glee.

"Excellent, I knew I could count on you, dear!"

"Now..." -Starts Tiak. "It's about time I get some answers. Let's start with: what happened to the key that was hanging from your clothes?"

She giggles.

"Oh, don't worry about that one. I put it in a safe place, with the other one. I realized that it wasn't wise of me to have it hanging from the place everybody looks at first, don't you agree?"

Tiak coughs awkwardly before changing subject.

"And what are the keys for? What's with the green goo? And what about that vital information about the murder I would get?"

"Of course, dear, you'll know about all that soon enough. But first, I must ask you again. You've been through a lot during this flight. And now you must be aware that the peace between our two civilizations might depend on what happens in the next hours."

She looks at Tiak in the eyes, taking a brief pause before continuing.

"Are you still in it for the truth? Do you desire to uncover the truth over everything else? Think about it. Peace, honor, fortune, power... Is truth more important than everything else?"
No. 270913 ID: 55c4cf

"I think Peace might be more important, being that almost everyone trying to kill me wants to, or has wanted to rekindle war. I still value Truth, but I have aided and allied with you, and the only other 'friend,' in order to prevent war.

I know that these tasks are to your benefit, and I've been played the fool most of this trip. I'd be reassured knowing that this exchange is one of peace, and that we can count on each other now, and even after this trip ends."
No. 270914 ID: 0b2a05

Fuck truth, peace. Don't know what the hell is going on and we never will, might as well try to make people happy.
No. 270915 ID: d560d6

(Well, I still think Peace has its role as an ideal, but) yes.

You probably should consider telling her the goo is loose, given that, once she has actually given any further information at all. And don't let her entwine your damn shooting arm, you fool. >:|
No. 270920 ID: 55c4cf

This is pretty much how I feel.
No. 270923 ID: b92442

Power can be used to goin a fortune, to gain honour, even to gain peace, in a way.

Truth might elude even the most powerful.

Truth, Tiak Belint. You want the truth.
No. 270928 ID: 36beb5

We are Tiak motherfucking Belint, and truth shall be our bitch.
No. 270930 ID: 99433a

Peace. At this point I'm willing to say fuck the Truth.
No. 270937 ID: 0b2a05

Tiak is a giant falling gyroscope of fail. Do you really think we could actually pull off using the truth to do -anything-

No. 270938 ID: d677cc

Peace. Seriously.
No. 270940 ID: 644ca1

A peace built on lies is doomed to fail, truth.
No. 270955 ID: 70e5c6

Tell her that you want everything. But if you can't have that, truth is close enough. ;)

Peace is awesome and all, but you hope that your deeds alone should be enough to prove that their are some in your species who are willing to do it anyways.

(We're probably totally fucking over the entirety of the Maurian species, but it'll be awesome. All the Maurians with keys or who were interested in them were total dicks anyways, and the Queen's a sweetie.)
No. 270962 ID: 897302

My thoughts exactly.
No. 270968 ID: 701a19

"Lies make a poor foundation for Peace.
Power is useful only in what it can achieve.
Fortune doesn't hold my interest.

Besides, the only people who can manipulate things for the best are the ones who know the truth, and I don't trust anybody on this ship further than I can throw the damn ship."
No. 270972 ID: 9fe8ae

No. 270991 ID: d560d6

Alright, if we're going to tug-of-war this, I'm coming down on the side of Peace.

We're a security officer. Our job is to stop people killing each other. Taking either ideal to an extreme at the exclusion of the other is dumb and unstable, though.
No. 271012 ID: 180ec2

Information on what the heck is going on around here will help us more than anything, I think. Truth.
No. 271013 ID: 1854db

Tell her that we know enough Truth to know that Peace may be more important on this flight.
No. 271014 ID: 180ec2

Here's an idea: tell her that you're not sure: you want to bring about peace THROUGH truth.
No. 271018 ID: f5e4b4
File 12948765545.png - (117.66KB , 1000x750 , 681.png )

"I think that yes, I'm gonna stick with truth. Even when my ideal goal is peace, and it's what I'm ultimately working towards, I think there's no way to cement peace through lies."

She looks amused, but thoughtful at the same time.

"Very well then, we'll see if you stay truth to your word at the end or not. As for the answers you desire, I'm not going to tell you a thing."

"What?" -Bursts out Tiak. "But you promised-"

"I know what I promised, and I will give you the answers. But they won't come out from my mouth. See, at this point it's no use if I just tell you all the story, you would doubt of my words, suspect of me, and ultimately it would be of no use to you. No, you will find the truth by yourself."

She reaches under the pillows and pulls out a small locked box. She opens it, retrieving the three crescent keys from inside, handing them to Tiak, who is rather astounded.

"Wha... after all, you're giving them all to me? Why?"

She lets out a soft laughter.

"Because you're the only one able to solve this mess now, and because your dedication to the cause has led me to trust that you'll do the right thing when the moment arrives. You know where do you have to go now: The Zero Deck. Your answers await there." -She blinks, like she suddenly remembered something. "Oh, and I almost forgot. Remember this number: 06879. It will help you figure out the murder, as I promised."

She sighs.

"Now, if you need to ask or want to say anything else to me, now is the moment. I doubt we'll meet again before we arrive to our destination."
No. 271020 ID: d560d6

I'm...going to take a guess that those keys/that code will let us through the big door the goo was trying to get through, behind the extract barrels? (If we can even get to the lock with the goo there.)

No idea if you should ponder this to her out loud or tell her that the goo is, in fact, loose down there. :V
No. 271022 ID: 644ca1

Tiak, seeker of truth, time to go down to Zero Deck for some answers.
No. 271023 ID: 55c4cf

"I would like to know if Zeno is going to leave me alone, and if not, can I spend more time with you to make it worth it?"
No. 271027 ID: 252e1b


Thank her for trusting you.
No. 271033 ID: d677cc

Thank her for trusting you and for being trustworthy. This has been a pretty lousy trip so far in that regard.

Also yeah it'd be nice to know if Zeno is going to still be out for out head.
No. 271035 ID: 1854db

Apologize for causing trouble by not keeping it in your pants, and thank her for the help.

...maybe we should avoid propositioning her again. I'd like to think Tiak can learn from his mistakes. Asking about Zeno might be a good idea though. We should know if we need to taze him on sight.
No. 271065 ID: d560d6

What are you on about? She basically drug-raped him. All the trouble is her doing. :P
No. 271080 ID: 55c4cf

all the propositions
No. 271112 ID: e5387b

Ask if she has any information about this 'alpha creature' that she can share.
No. 271115 ID: abb30a

See about getting Zeno to leave you alone, or at least determine the danger he currently poses.
No. 271164 ID: d560d6

Quick thought: pop into Yery's cabin before going to the Zero Deck. See if you can find the ACSE drone remote (if that's her doing) and if she's the one that grabbed the lockbox from the floor vent (else I'd guess the Colonel).
No. 271167 ID: 3d35b9

Lets do that before we head down to Zero Deck, yeah.
Also, ready your bigger cannon before you leave the room. Have it ready at all times thereafter.
No. 271234 ID: f5e4b4
File 129494786712.png - (110.01KB , 1000x750 , 682.png )

"Well, I'd like to be sure that Zeno isn't going to go after me again."

"I've given Zeno strict orders to leave you alone, he won't dare to lay a finger on you, dear."

"It's a relief." --Sighs Tiak. "By the way you should know that the alpha creature is loose in the Zero Deck."

She nods, not showing any sign of surprise.

"I'm aware of that, you'll learn what you need to know about the creature down there. It should be harmless, unless you take part of the creature away from the core. It can get quite clingy, and not in the nice sense."

"Alright, I'll get going then." --Says Tiak. "Thanks for trusting on me and being so helpful. You're almost the only person in the ship that has actually been nice to me. And not betrayed me afterwards."

She laughs and gets closer, running her fingers under Tiaks's face.

"It was for my best interests, dear. It's a shame you don't have time for another bit of... royal time with me. Now go, and try to not get killed."
No. 271235 ID: f5e4b4
File 129494792685.png - (124.81KB , 1000x750 , 683.png )

Tiak leaves the queen's room, equipping his sub-rifle. He walks over Yery's room and peeks inside before going to the Zero Deck.

It looks clean and tidy, almost like nobody has used it during the flight.
No. 271239 ID: 897302

Check in the pod and locker, then under the bed and in the bathroom.
No. 271241 ID: 55c4cf

Put in your PDA to allot Royal Time after you hopefully survive the Zero Deck Experience.
No. 271304 ID: 1854db

Hmm, interesting. We're uh, carrying part of the alpha creature which means it will try to get it back. I suppose we *could* put the vial someplace we want to get dissolved or something.

I just realized we still have yet to recover the heavy cutter... but yeah, search the room exhaustively. Check the cabinet first to see if anyone's in there, then the pod, and finally the bathroom. Keep your gun out.
No. 271306 ID: f5e4b4
File 129496066081.png - (125.52KB , 1000x750 , 684.png )

Tiak searches through the room, finding some spare clothes in the cabinet, along with Yery's credit card (which he leaves untouched).
Inside the cryo-pod there was hidden an electronic device, some sort of remote controller with a flat screen incorporated. Tiak is pretty sure that it's been used to control the drone, but it looks like it's out of batteries.

Tiak could recharge it in the terminal in the security room if he thinks it's worth it. Otherwise he'll just leave it where he found it and head to the Zero Deck.

There's nothing else in the room, not even in the bathroom.
No. 271316 ID: 2563d4

Much as I like tactical flexibility, we are not currently short on remote cameras. Hide it again.
No. 271340 ID: 1854db

That drone probably has more than just a camera on it... oh dur, we should move our camera drone away from the captain's office so we can retrieve it (and maybe put it somewhere more interesting). Ours doesn't make any noise, right?

May as well take this remote, we've got the room for it.
No. 271461 ID: 55c4cf

We should probably have the drone watch Yery. There is also Mok. It also might be good to check the feed on the captain to know if he's coming to kill us or something. Once the drone is settled up. Zero Deck ahoy.
No. 271463 ID: 2563d4

While we have just enough cameras for doing all that, I'd rather keep the one with a gun with us for use on the Zero Deck. (I guess we ARE short on remote cameras! :V )
No. 271471 ID: f5e4b4
File 129503084234.png - (121.07KB , 1000x750 , 685.png )

Tiak decides to leave the remote hidden in the pod. He doesn't have much spare room in his pockets, and he already has a different camera with him. He would also have to waste time charging the batteries of the controller to make the thing work.

He realizes that in order to get the camera in the vents over the Captain's office he would have to make the Captain leave AGAIN the room, and he doesn't really want to go over that again, at least for the moment.

So he heads towards the elevator and descends into the Zero Deck again, wielding his sub-rifle. He realizes that he can't hold the flashlight while wielding this weapon, what a nuisance.

Just as he steps out, he notices that the place feels different.

First, it seems to be more deteriorated. Large chunks of the floor have fallen apart, leaving black,gaping holes all over the place.

Second, the smell. The deck reeks of... gas. It's fuel, alright. The smell of old fossil fuel is all over the area. It seems to emanate from the holes on the floor.

Tiak looks nervously around, but nothing moves, not a sound can be heard down here, yet he feels uncomfortable, watched. He certainly has a bad feeling about this.
No. 271482 ID: 10af19

Did this ship have a gas-burning engine at any point? If not, somebody is trying to start a fire down there.
No. 271483 ID: 2563d4

Aw crap; you can't be walking around in the dark with holes all over the place. Switch to torch and laser pistol.

...does that ancient walker run on fossil fuels? D:
No. 271486 ID: 153de0

Maybe we should look down the holes?
No. 271518 ID: 1854db

Take the vial out and set it on the floor. The Alpha Creature is trying to get it back, and if we give it up willingly it will probably not kill us.

Well, maybe we can put it on the rubble to make it dissolve the obstruction...?
No. 271522 ID: f5e4b4
File 129504689238.png - (117.81KB , 1000x750 , 686.png )


Tiak doubts it. This was a colonial ship before a passenger ship, it would make no sense to give it a fossil engine.

However, it must have transported all kinds of vehicles and machinery inside that probably used that kind of fuel. The walker looks old enough to be fueled with that, indeed.

Tiak kneels down and peeks over one of the recent holes with his flashlight, switching the rifle for the stun gun. As he suspected, there's another level down there, and it seems that it's full of barrels of fuel.

It's hard to see in the dark, but it looks like there are hundreds of them, probably forgotten in the bottom of the ship for generations. They look rusty and leaky.
No. 271523 ID: 1854db

God damn it this ship is ready to fucking EXPLODE.

Immediately go to the rubble, and put the vial on it. The Alpha Creature will proooobably melt the rubble so that you can get past it.
No. 271527 ID: 2563d4

We've tried that before, and the little bit flees to the big bit.

I mean, not walking up to the big bit with the little bit still on our person is wise---release it before we reach it. But I think we're going to have to use the small explosive on the rubble.
No. 271529 ID: 701a19

It might be a fire hazard, but not an explosive hazard.
What kind of hazard it is depends on what kind of fuel it is.
Gasoline, butane, ethanol, and other highly volatile substances can and will burn rapidly, but the fuel/air mix ratio required for rapid combustion is too exacting to happen in this kind of environment.
Diesel, rocket fuel, jet fuel, and similar substances are generally not easy to ignite. Biodiesel's even harder to burn.

There can't be an explosion, but knowing what kind of fuel it is tells us how to fight a fire and what kind of ignition source we're looking for. In the case of diesel, for example, an ignition source would most likely be placed near heated barrels.
No. 271531 ID: 252e1b

The Alpha Creature is probably eating that stuff.
No. 271537 ID: 6071d3

Tiak. Will either of your weapons ignite the fumes?
No. 271543 ID: 1854db

I didn't say open the vial. Leave it there, CLOSED.
No. 271556 ID: f5e4b4
File 129506067397.png - (157.25KB , 1000x750 , 687.png )


It's hard to tell, Tiak doesn't know exactly what kind of fuel is that, and how flammable is it. But the laser guns are in most cases able to melt through metals, so Tiak doesn't really want to try it out. He should be careful around here.

He advances toward the blocked door leading to the medical bay and drops the vial with the Alpha sample on the ground.

After a minute of nothing happening, and when Tiak is about to place the explosive charge on the debris, a sudden, loud noise startles him, coming from behind him; and it stops as suddenly as it started. It sounded like a section of the walls, or the ceiling collapsed back there.

Tiak doesn't know if it would be wise to come back and check it out, or hurry up and make his way into the Medical Bay.
No. 271557 ID: 10af19

Don't worry about them. If When they're ignited, the fire won't quite be enough to seal you in. You should run back and grab one of those grenades, though, just in case it does cause a problem.
No. 271558 ID: 1854db

I said ON the debris... Oh forget it RUN MOTHERFUCKER RUN
No. 271565 ID: 10af19

Oh shit, get out of there. Take the walker elevator.
No. 271567 ID: 2563d4

Take a peek. If that's now trapped us, it'd be good to know. :V
No. 271571 ID: 10d6a7


Is that still operational? I thought it had been locked down.
No. 271645 ID: 10af19

Mongro said it was locked down, but that was before we found out that Mongro was a lying shitbag.
No. 271661 ID: f5e4b4
File 129511587687.png - (117.79KB , 1000x750 , 688.png )

The Captain ordered Mongro to seal the Walker elevator, but Tiak hasn't checked it out yet.

He backtracks his steps, back to the main lobby, to see what caused the crash noise.
Turns out a good part of the wall near the elevator doors collapsed, leaving a black, gaping hole in its place. Once again, the place is unnervingly quiet.
No. 271662 ID: 55c4cf

Investigate new gaping hole.
No. 271663 ID: 2563d4

I think we ought to hurry up down here. Get the little goo sample back (so you don't blow it up), then blow up the debris blocking the medical doorway.
No. 271664 ID: 10af19

Get the hell out of there. NOW.
No. 271869 ID: 1854db

Investigate the hole via your floating camera thing.
No. 271880 ID: f5e4b4
File 129514738447.png - (355.74KB , 1000x750 , 689.png )

Tiak decides to hurry up and stay away from the new open hole in the wall.

He returns to the door of the medical bay and retrieves the green goo vial, before placing the explosives on the debris. After retreating to a safe distance, he detonates the explosive in a louder than expected bang.

No. 271881 ID: f5e4b4
File 129514742196.png - (139.72KB , 1000x750 , 690.png )

Now the door is clear. The explosion seems to have damaged toe floor too, but that hole is easy to jump.

The explosion keeps echoing behind him, and not only that. From the elevator lobby he can hear more loud, metallic noises. CLANG! BANG! CLANG! like if more parts of the walls and ceiling were falling apart.
No. 271888 ID: 180ec2

Wait, how is a spaceship collapsing like that while in zero gravity? The artificial gravity technology has got to be more refined than that. Is it malfunctioning/aged/obsolete?
No. 271890 ID: 1854db

Seriously, send the camera to investigate the new hole and possibly other such things where noise is happening.
No. 271891 ID: 2563d4

Jump. Approach door but release goo before you get too close. Don't collide with the barrels. That would end badly.

If you flee now you're pretty much giving up on truth, or even having any answers for most of the murders.
No. 271893 ID: 10af19

Lay debris across the hole. Don't step on the debris.
No. 271909 ID: 55c4cf

Oh boy we get to check out a brand new room, I wonder what will kill us in there
No. 272000 ID: f5e4b4
File 129520240811.png - (182.38KB , 1000x750 , 691.png )

Tiak lays some debris precariously placed over the hole, carefully jumping over it and entering what remains of the old medical bay.

It's pretty much desolated, with a few exceptions. There's a knocked over cabinet and a broom laying over the floor. There's also a fire extinguisher on the wall and what seems to be a... plasma welder on a shelf. They look in fairly good condition.

And of course the three barrels of Perticanto, ominously resting where he saw them last time. They're sealed, but it looks like it would be easy to pry them open, and judging by the marks on the top of one of them, it's been done already.

Tiak is wondering if he should use the camera to explore behind and see what is causing the noises, but suddenly he notices a faint green glow at the corner of his eye.

A large puddle of green goo is slowly crawling through the other door, and it looks like it's going after Tiak! He can suddenly listen to voices in his head, faint echoes that whisper "whole", "help", "complete" and "no harm", among other confusing words.

And in case that wasn't enough, he hears how the metallic noises are actually getting closer. "CLANG! CLANG! CLANG!". It doesn't sound like walls falling down to Tiak anymore. Something is coming this way.
No. 272001 ID: 55c4cf
File 129520253689.jpg - (50.26KB , 500x375 , tumblr_leu9axN1Zv1qarhdwo1_500.jpg )

With all the worries about fire extinguishers, get one fucking right now. Put babby goo with rest of goo.
No. 272002 ID: 2563d4

Uncork your goo sample and roll it over.
Grab plasma welder.
Find somewhere to hide and kill the light. Let's hope the debris trapdoor works.
No. 272007 ID: 180ec2

Pour the vial of green goo out. The mass appears to not be hostile, but it wants the bit you carry. You want to be on this strange creature's good side. Maybe if the noise following you is hostile and attacks the green goo, it might fight back.
No. 272008 ID: 2563d4

>walls coming down
>normal-sized doorway
...somewhere to hide on the other side of the room.
No. 272014 ID: 9c6366

Spill LIL' GOO into the large mass.
Kill the lights and hide behind the fallen cabinet. (or next to, away from the Porticanto)
Have your Bigger Cannon ready.
No. 272111 ID: f5e4b4
File 12952219448.png - (228.88KB , 1000x750 , 692.png )

Tiak doesn't waste a second and spills the vial with goo, which promptly reunites with the bigger sample. The ooze stop advancing and throwing its mental voice towards Tiak, but doesn't retreat back to the other room either, just stays there, bubbling.

Then Tiak takes the plasma welder and hides behind the fallen cabinet. Just a second after, his suspicions become true. With a deafening crash, the walker burst into the medical bay, bringing down part of the wall with it, illuminating the area with a mounted flashlight.

But it looks like Tiak's trap worked! The walker steps on the hidden hole and loses momentarily its balance. It doesn't look like it's going to fall, but for the moment it's just trying to recover its stability.
No. 272115 ID: 9c6366

Fire at will. Aim for the legs.
No. 272116 ID: 2563d4

Rifle fire to the knee. It's a big enough knee that I'm sure you can manage it.
No. 272118 ID: 701a19

Those arms aren't very mobile, and when you inspected the walker it didn't have any projectile weapons.
Step out into the light holding the sub-rifle in one hand and the detonator in the other, and tell them to identify themselves.

Sure, the detonator doesn't have any explosives to go with it, but they wouldn't know that.
No. 272122 ID: 9c6366

Oh, and please don't wait until it regained balance before you shoot.
No. 272126 ID: e973f4

Shoot the fucker! You ain't got time for this.
No. 272127 ID: 3e6377


Shoot it off balance. For the love of fuck, don't just stand there like a lemon while the damn thing flings barrels of poison at your head!

If you have enough time for words, a nice loud "FUCK YOU!" should suffice.
No. 272163 ID: 10af19

Shoot it in the joints with your carbine.

I wonder who it is this time?
No. 272178 ID: 252e1b

It is probably the Captain.
No. 272185 ID: 55c4cf

Shoot it, it while it's down, don't let it get back up ffs. If you can't damage the joints damage the floor so it won't be able to assail you.
No. 272227 ID: f5e4b4
File 129525267545.png - (245.38KB , 1000x750 , 693.png )

Tiak aims for the legs and shoots his sub-rifle, hitting the junction of the trapped leg!

But the impact doesn't seem to have much effect on the balance of the walker. It damages the cover, slightly, but the metallic monster is able to stick its leg out of the hole.

But now it knows where Tiak is! And it lunges towards him, chainsaw arm spinning and getting dangerously close.
No. 272230 ID: 6071d3

Evasive action. Perhaps try to enlist the aid of the green goo? "Help! Danger! Dying! Help!"
Goo seems to eat through metal pretty good when it wants to. If you could get on the other side of the puddle somehow....
No. 272233 ID: 1854db

Evade. Shoot out its light.
No. 272250 ID: 2563d4

The batteries running out on that thing or something?
Try the cockpit. Keep, moving, of course. If you get cornered, you get to find out if the cutting tool/welder can slice it up faster than the chainsaw can slice you up. :P
No. 272261 ID: 10af19

Keep moving. Stay out of its range. Keep shooting that leg. If you get cornered, rush it with the welder and try to disable its weapons before they disable you.
No. 272272 ID: 55c4cf

gtfo, go past the goo, maybe it will protect you since you added the babby goo
No. 272294 ID: f5e4b4
File 129529397119.png - (319.02KB , 1000x750 , 694.png )

Tiak jumps to the leg, avoiding getting sliced in half by the whirring and smoking behemot. In his motion he shoots a burst of his sub-rifle, hitting the damaged leg and the cockpit.

But it doesn't seem to do any damage. Although he notices that the machine seems to be leaking fuel from the tank on its back.

Tiak even tries to call the green creature for help, mentally and in loud voice, but the puddle doesn't seem to react.

He's on his own, he realizes as the walker turns towards him, ready to attack again.
No. 272295 ID: 55c4cf

Ignite the fuel, steal the fire extinguisher for yourself. Go PAST the goo creature, or out another exit. What are you doing standing near it.
No. 272296 ID: 10af19

Also, remember that it has two arms!
No. 272305 ID: 2563d4

Pretty much. Plasma welder if laser blasts won't do it. Don't forget there's a hole in the doorway.
No. 272359 ID: 1854db

Use TASER on EXPOSED WIRES. Alternatively, if it takes too long and leaves you too vulnerable to drop the rifle and pull out the taser, run the fuck out the door. Stay away from that claw of course.
No. 272388 ID: f5e4b4
File 129531460874.png - (298.69KB , 1000x750 , 695.png )

Tiak decides to try and ignite the trail of fuel the machine is dripping, but he's not sure if the laser is going to be enough to do the job, so he lunges forward and turns on the plasma welder on one of the puddles, which starts burning on almost instantly.

The fire quickly spreads and crawls up the leg of the Walker, and in a few seconds will reach and start heating the fuel tank. Things are about to get hot.

Tiak tries to make a run for it towards the exit to get the fire extinguisher, but his assailant predicts his movements, swinging the fearsome claw in his direction. He jumps back enough to avoid getting ripped in half, but the blades painfully slash his chest.


Tiak shrieks in pain, stumbling back and dropping the welder. The blades also cut part of his outfit, and the strap that holds his gun holster around his shoulder. His stun gun falls to the ground.

The machine doesn't seem to mind to be on fire, it blocks the entrance of the medical bay and lunges forward to finish Tiak off.
No. 272389 ID: 221021

Run through the goo! It can't be worse than what the machine is about to do to you if you don't.
No. 272390 ID: 55c4cf

Go in with the alpha creature already what are you doing, stop dying, you are doing it all wrong antman
No. 272391 ID: 0d0666

Head in the general direction of AWAY FROM THE MACHINE.
No. 272394 ID: 2563d4

If there's any path at all to that fire extinguisher, you really ought to take it so that you can put yourself out in a moment.

But, yeah, get away, even if it means wading into the gooooo.
No. 272412 ID: 1854db

We were told the alpha creature is harmless. Go ahead and step in it in order to escape!
No. 272413 ID: 10af19

Get the hell away from that thing! Also pray that your stungun survives this ordeal.
No. 272568 ID: f5e4b4
File 129533576583.png - (441.12KB , 1000x750 , 696.png )

There's no way Tiak is gonna be able to dodge another attack of the burning walker and be able to reach for the fire extinguisher in his current state, so he turns around, wounded and bleeding, and escapes into the corridor with the alpha creature.

The green goo is everywhere, and it doesn't mind that Tiak has to waddle through it, neither seems to bother it that the walker is stomping on it, hot on Tiak's heels. The entire corridor is illuminated just by the sheer glow of the creature.

Tiak reaches the end of the corridor, where the huge mass of green ooze and the armored door are. The walker is closing in, its lower part completely on fire, but the tank of fuel hasn't ignited yet.
No. 272574 ID: 6071d3

I doubt this is wise, but can you hide inside the goo?

Or maybe throwing a glob of goo at the walker might cause it to go on the attack... hopefully not on you, though.
No. 272578 ID: 1854db

Tell the idiot in the walker that the thing's going to explode soon and if he doesn't want to die he should shut it down and come out.
No. 272597 ID: 9c6366

Hmm... I think we're a bit out of options, here. The paper said it picks up and acts upon the emotions of its environment, right?

Jump inside the goo.
No. 272603 ID: 2563d4

Hold breath. Dive into goo where you think the door panel is most likely to be.
No. 272608 ID: 55c4cf

Warn the goo about the walker, fire, explosion possibly. This is weird but this seems like the nice thing to do. Also keep away.
No. 272629 ID: f5e4b4
File 129537993685.png - (513.79KB , 1000x750 , 697.png )

Tiak retreats closer to the armored door, not able to blend into the ooze, but mostly stand on it.

He tries to communicate with the alpha creature, mentally and in loud voice, frantically telling it about the walker and the fire, but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

He yells at the person driving the walker:

"You idiot, you're on fire! You're gonna get yourself killed if you don't stop and get out of that thing!"

But the mechanical monster doesn't stop its advance.

Almost out of options, Tiak takes a handful of goo from the floor and throws it at the cockpit of the walker, it doesn't seem to do much either, just some of the goo around slowly crawls over to the walker. But the thing has no problems walking and shrugging off the creatures, merely slowing it down slightly.
Tiak is starting to think that he's not gonna make it this time.
No. 272632 ID: 2563d4

Oh, hey, door panel.
Use keys, gain escape route.
No. 272633 ID: 7a69ce


We'll stop the bleeding later.
No. 272634 ID: 0d0666

Why would a lock like that be on the---

Okay, yeah, no time for questions. Open the thing and get out of there!
No. 272644 ID: 55c4cf

crescent keys gogogo

you have to stay alive or we'll never see snaketits again
No. 272663 ID: 10af19

No. 272685 ID: 1854db

Apply goo to wounds? It's not burning your hands or feet so I don't see how it could hurt.
No. 272703 ID: f5e4b4
File 129539612946.png - (286.63KB , 1000x750 , 698.png )

Tiak fumbles to insert the keys in the slots on the door, and after a painfully long second, the gate opens.

Tiak retrieves the keys and darts inside, just when the walker was getting really close.
No. 272704 ID: f5e4b4
File 129539622394.png - (320.20KB , 1000x750 , 699.png )

Luckily, at the other side of the door, next to the frame there's a switch to close and lock it again.

He leans back against the door, exhausted and with an intense pain on his chest, hearing and feeling how the walker charges against the door a few times, without even denting it in. Then he can't hear any noise from the other side.

Now he just to figure out how to treat his wounds and...
No. 272705 ID: f5e4b4
File 129539627477.png - (320.87KB , 1000x750 , 700.png )

"What the heck is that?"
No. 272706 ID: 55c4cf

Look at it in a manner where we can see it, you jackass.
No. 272717 ID: 383006

No. 272723 ID: 701a19

Unless it can heal those wounds, you're going to want to rip off your uniform's arms and use those to apply pressure.
No. 272733 ID: 6071d3

No. 272823 ID: 2563d4

Realise that that was your last clean, intact suit.

Now you're going to have to return to Naryia naked.
No. 272832 ID: 644ca1

Actually whit the state of this one, the other uniform doesn't look all that bad. I mean it might be bloody, but at least it is more intact.
No. 272886 ID: f5e4b4
File 129546783146.png - (380.07KB , 1000x750 , 701.png )

An impressive machine stands before Tiak, some sort of tank full of translucent liquid, glowing with a vortex of light in its center.
Connected to the main tank, there are two more containers, much smaller than the central one. Those contain some blobs of the alpha creature, floating harmless, glowing with their own light. The purpose of this contraption is unknown to Tiak, he's never seen or heard about anything like this.

There's not much else in the room. A desk next to the wall with an active computer, and a numeric keypad attached to the wall behind the tank.
No. 272892 ID: 99433a

Check the computer.
No. 272907 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, let's do this first. Naryia's code might turn it on, and that may not be the best thing. :V
No. 272916 ID: 1854db

As for your wounds... well, remember how we tried cauterizing that mercenary? We do still have the arc welder.
No. 272921 ID: 9c6366

That's a terrible idea. With our best intentions in mind, we only mangled the guy we tried it on, and you want to try it on ourselves?
No. 272927 ID: d71dc2

Voting against the use of welder.
Voting for the use of computer.
No. 272963 ID: 6071d3

Weld yourself to better health!

Oh wait... no, don't do that. Computer time first. Thinking once again you should use and arm or maybe your whole shirt to wrap that wound up. Looks pretty bloody. Last thing you need is passing out from blood loss down here.
No. 272965 ID: f5e4b4
File 129548055668.png - (420.96KB , 1000x750 , 702.png )

Tiak doesn't really think that using the welder to treat his wounds is a good idea. Sometimes, when he closes his eyes, he can still see how the mercenary ended up looking after he "treated" him. Tiak shudders. Besides, his own injuries aren't lethal. He's still bleeding, but the cuts aren't too deep. He'll pull through for now, until he's able to get some real healing.

Once this is decided, and after swallowing the pain, Tiak checks the computer out. It's a very simple work terminal, and has two possible options. Initialize sequence is "Locked. Contact admin.". But Experiment Report can be selected, without any need to input a password.
No. 272967 ID: 701a19

Read it.
No. 272968 ID: 2563d4

Why would you even try to initialise any sequences. Why.

G'wan, let's have the report. Look over your shoulder first because the energy watsit is getting excitable and it's hard to tell if that's a random shadow or someone's silhouette in the doorway.
No. 272989 ID: 55c4cf

You may need to be careful if you are getting in the way of Mission J. Frog's current objectives.

Print report.
No. 272992 ID: 28e94e

Yeah, this.
No. 272994 ID: f5e4b4
File 129548571986.png - (333.66KB , 1000x750 , 703.png )

Tiak looks over his shoulder. There's nobody else in the room. And the energy inside the tank fluctuates in capricious forms, but it doesn't seem to be unstable.

He clicks and reads the report. He discovers that it makes reference to the papers he's been finding around about the alpha creature, so he skips to the part he doesn't know already.

"[...] The most fascinating quality of the called "Alpha Creature" is that it's virtually immortal. It can't be killed as long as they're in contact with more alive individuals of the species. We've experimented with poison, laser, extreme temperature changes, radiation... no matter what we do, as long as a single living particle (a) is in contact with a dead individual (b), (a) will start replicating an exact clone of (b) out of (b) genetic material. You would need to exterminate the whole colony at once to get rid of them."

Next file.

"The experiment is a success. We've achieved what could only be dreamed up. It wasn't easy, we've needed years of work, extreme dedication, and the coordinated efforts of Maurian and Ziranée scientists. And without the private financing of A.S.C.E., and the extreme secrecy of the operation, we wouldn't have been able to avoid the clutches of the different governments and factions from taking advantage of the project for their own benefit. And thanks to Dr. L. The man that made it all possible."

Another file.

"It's simple. The machine contains two controlled colonies of Alpha. When a dead specimen (of any species!) is placed inside, the psionic waves will fluctuate, exploiting the "mimic" quality of the Alpha species. The machine makes the creatures believe that the deceased specimen is part of their colony. They copy the genetic material and make a replica of the individual in a matter of minutes! For all that matters, the resulting individual is an exact copy, with the same memories than the deceased one. There's only one limitation. The machine needs at least a 32% of intact brain of the individual to make a proper clone. We don't understand why. It can create a complete clone from any organic part of a corpse, even a single finger. But if it doesn't contain a 32% of the brain, it'll just make a mindless, comatose body. It breaths, the blood pumps... But it just stays that way until it dies of dehydration, not moving, not reacting to any external influence.
Other than that, the machine is perfect. We can prolong life. Forever."

And at the end there's an overly complex blueprint that shows how to build the machine and make it work. Tiak doesn't understand it, but there's an option to obtain a copy of the file.

Any other file in the computer is "Locked. Contact admin."
No. 272996 ID: 1854db

Excellent. We can use this to bring back Mongro and the dead security officer. Mongro so he can fix the computer, and the dead security officer so he can tell us what happened to him.

Also... uh... you might die soon. So yeah, this is good news for you, sortof.

It also means that whoever's been killing people knew about this machine. They knew that the head needed to be relatively intact to create a clone, so they used decapitation and the garbage disposal.

I uh, hope this machine can be used more than once. Copy the info to your PDA just in case.
No. 272997 ID: 2563d4

...does any of this look anything at all like the weird diagram on Mongro's PDA?

I suspect Atuk and Mongro are too damaged by now, and everyone else is headless. You could always see if it leaves the original intact and flood the ship with Tiaks. :V
No. 272998 ID: a032e7

Go clone the barman!
No. 273005 ID: 2563d4

Also, since the computer apparently controls the Cloneomat™, go punch 06879 into the numeric keypad. I'm almost slightly sure that it isn't a self-destruct or something.
No. 273006 ID: 55c4cf

Why the hell would you clone the barman, he's even alive.

This is certainly a dangerous thing.

Download blueprint.
No. 273008 ID: 701a19

Since it didn't specify that the 32% had to be contiguous, Mongro's brain is almost certainly intact enough.

Since you're trapped in here, go ahead and punch in that code to see what happens.
No. 273035 ID: 28e94e

This device must not fall into the wrong hands. The potential for abuse is simply too much. You have to destroy it, along with any copies of the blueprints. And I think I know how to go about doing that.

Open the door.
No. 273038 ID: 252e1b

Oh man, Tiak, you could cut your brain in half and then have TWO Tiaks!
No. 273059 ID: 15b51b

Clone yourself.
No. 273062 ID: 99433a

Oh god, we need to open-source this shit. Upload it to the internet!
No. 273090 ID: 252e1b

Is it not possible that the headless ones, like Mikos, did not have their heads actually destroyed but instead were beheaded so that their murderer could revive them later and interrogate them at his leisure, secure in the knowledge that no one would be seeking the murdered people?

Alternatively, couldn't the murder victims have been killed by an ally, and had their heads removed and stored safely for later revival once the enemies aboard the ship were cleared by their ally?
No. 273114 ID: 9c6366

Punch code, download blueprint.
No. 273128 ID: 2563d4

So much for "truth", eh?

There was blood on the garbage disposal; the heads probably got mulched. I mean maybe we're looking at a crazy amount of bluffing but I think I'd need to see the pile of heads to believe it.
No. 273138 ID: f5e4b4
File 129553814169.png - (423.75KB , 1000x750 , 704.png )

Tiak's head is full with the possibilities and implications of what he just read. Also with pain.

But first things first, he tries to punch the code the Queen game him in the computer, but it gives no results. After that, he asks for the copy of the blueprints and experiment report. The computer spits a data cylinder, and Tiak pockets it.

But then a red warning message flashes on the screen. "User uncertain. Admin notified." Oh, well. Someone in the ship knows that Tiak has the copy of the blueprints now.


Tiak is certain that the Alpha machine blueprints and Mongro's PDA diagrams had nothing to do with each other.

Tiak tries to put his thoughts in order, overcome the pain and the dizziness from the blood loss and decide what's his next step gonna be.
No. 273139 ID: 9c6366

There's a little keypad at the back of the room. Why won't you go have a look at that?
No. 273142 ID: 701a19

What? You punched the code into the COMPUTER? Why?
Go punch that into the keypad like a not-stupid person would have done.
No. 273143 ID: 180ec2

Have you done anything to treat your wounds yet? Using your sleeves or some other cloth as bandages might be a good idea if you haven't. Bleeding to death usually isn't that nice.
No. 273145 ID: 55c4cf

stop bleeding all over the place and do something about your injuries.

can you go from point A to point B without getting stabbed or shot.

I'm really not sure what to do here. Since we can't really heal ourselves with the device, and now we know what it is, why not go get healing from Snaketits, being as the doctor is a jerk. Although leaving is probably dangerous. Whoever was trying to stop you before seems to have left.

If you go out, do it after treating yourself some, and stay on your toes and gun out because someone is very obviously trying to kill you.

ps: corner keypad, fix self, go over there
No. 273188 ID: f5e4b4
File 129555642317.png - (180.53KB , 1000x750 , 705.png )

Tiak rips off the sleeves of his jacket and uses them as improvised bandages to stop the hemorrhage. They don't stop the bleeding completely, but it's better than nothing. He still should get these wounds treated as soon as possible.

He walks over to the simple keypad without any signs in the wall, and inserts the number. It works! A hidden panel in the wall slides open, revealing a dark, small space with an ascending ladder on the wall. It goes pretty high, Tiak can't see where the ladder ends from here.
No. 273189 ID: 28e94e

TB: Ascend.
No. 273190 ID: 701a19

Follow that ladder!
No. 273192 ID: 2563d4

If the camera can ascend significantly faster than you can climb, send it up and see where it comes out.

(We might want to think about if we've found and forgotten any passwords before we leave.)
No. 273194 ID: c8969e

On second though, yeah, it'd be better to send the camera ahead of us. It still has night vision, right?
No. 273216 ID: 423166

Close the door behind you.
No. 273227 ID: 55c4cf

Well things have been pretty shitty forever, finally things are going up for Tiak.
No. 273242 ID: 6071d3

I bet that machine could fix up Tiak right quick if only it could be initialized.
No. 273246 ID: 1854db

It only works on corpses. Dead people. Unless Tiak dies it's not going to help him.

But please do scout out the ladder beforehand.
No. 273247 ID: 6071d3

Oh no. I think I see what this machine is going to be used for and I think I know why Tiak is going to have to choose between the truth and peace. Nuts.

Also, has no one considered that the 3 crescent keys might be what activates the machine? Although I guess Tiak didn't see any slots for the.

Search machine one last time for key slots, then head up ladder.
No. 273252 ID: f5e4b4
File 129557417358.png - (82.45KB , 1000x750 , 706.png )

Tiak looks around the machine but he fails to see any slot for keys, or any other external way to activate it. It must be controlled through the computer terminal on the desk.

He sends the camera up the ladder to scout. It keeps going up, and up following the ladder. The passage seems to follow a complicated pattern, turning to the sides, running perpendicular for a few feet, then turning to the other side, but always up.

After what feels like an eternity, the tunnel forks into two smaller passages, one to the left, another one to the right. The two of them, Tiak can see, shortly end in closed doors. The doors don't seem to be locked but the camera obviously can't open them.

Tiak sends the camera back down. Time to decide if he wants to climb up, and what path to take first, left or right.
No. 273254 ID: 55c4cf

Go left.
No. 273257 ID: 2563d4

At a guess, one is the Captain's office (>>269737), and the other is the Infirmary (>>268119).

I'd rather listen at the big blue door and open it again if it's silent, though. I mean, the walker must put out engine noise, right?
No. 273266 ID: 28e94e


Well, only one way to find out...
No. 273270 ID: 1854db

Heh, we still have the camera in the captain's office. After we get to the fork, check the camera and see if there's someone in there.
No. 273275 ID: 701a19

The books on the Captain's shelf spell out the password.

Go use it.
No. 273293 ID: 28e94e

...You know what? At this point I really wouldn't doubt that.
No. 273361 ID: f5e4b4
File 129562000667.png - (164.05KB , 1000x750 , 707.png )

Tiak introduces the word he found spelt in the books in the Captain's office as the password for the computer, but no luck.

After that, he begins climbing the long ladder up, following all the turns and passages. When he reaches the fork, he checks if the Captain's office is still empty with his camera, and actually, it is. With this in mind, he takes the tunnel to the left, pushing the door open.

He peeks into a familiar place.
No. 273362 ID: 2563d4

Listen at the bedroom door. Is the Captain asleep, or he is out?

Either way we need to get back to the Zero Deck medical room to reclaim our guns (inb4 too late) and find out what became of the walker. Use the ladder if you can open all the doors involved from your side.
No. 273365 ID: 701a19

Ok, is there any way to open the door from this side?
Head over to medical and check on that damn fool bartender. Also, see if you can do a better job of patching up those chest holes.

After that? Go check on Zira. If she's not burned then at this point she's earned your trust; whatever her agenda is, the fact that she hasn't been behind any of your problems means we might as well throw our lot in with her.
No. 273367 ID: 2563d4

No, leave Zira alone, we have more important things to do than awkward attempts at dating.
No. 273368 ID: 55c4cf

Screw seeing the doctor, snaketits can heal us and we don't have to deal with the doctor. He is a suspect, we did steal his key too.
No. 273369 ID: 1854db

You have a point; the doctor is likely to rummage through our stuff after sedating us, and taking the key(s) back would be something he would do.
No. 273370 ID: f5e4b4
File 129562541690.png - (85.50KB , 1000x750 , 708.png )

Before anything else, Tiak inspect the cabinet door and discover a small latch in the lower side. It would be relatively easy to open the door from outside just sliding something under the door to open it.

But Tiak decides to go back down to the Zero deck, descending the ladder to recover his weapons, and see if his assailant is still down there.
No. 273371 ID: f5e4b4
File 129562549254.png - (426.38KB , 1000x750 , 709.png )

As he descends, he realizes that it's kinda hotter down there. And his suspicions get confirmed when he opens the door, only to face the corridor turned into a sea of fire and smoke.

The remains of the walker are a bit further, being consumed by the flames. The tank must've ignited, and the combustion must've ignited the rest of the barrels under the floor.

Tiak closes the gates again. At least it seems that the armored door is able to contain the fire. But the pain in his chest becomes more urgent. He needs to decide if he wants to see where the right tunnel in the fork goes to, and what is he gonna do about his wound, see the doctor or the Queen?
No. 273372 ID: 701a19

Check the right fork, then make plans to visit the queen.
No. 273373 ID: 55c4cf

Two votes already for the queen. He raises further points to not see the doctor.
No. 273374 ID: 2563d4

That's...possibly not the worst thing. Maybe our AR and stungun got burnt up rather than stolen.

Queen. I know she said she didn't expect to see you again this side of arrival but I'll be amazed if Labras wouldn't just drug you into a Mok-like coma by this point.

If the right door is lower maybe it leads to Naryia since she had the combination, but if they're the same level it's surely got lead to the Infirmary, which is exactly where we don't want to go.
No. 273379 ID: 28e94e

Oh well, we still have our spare gun and our drone.
No. 273400 ID: 701a19

Hey, how fire resistant ARE those drones? Could you use one to ID the corpse in the walker?
No. 273407 ID: 2563d4

I like this idea, but the problem with it right now is that our cameradrone is still stuck in the Captain's vent, our bodged gundrone probably won't stand the fire, and the ACSE drone we haven't charged (or taken) the remote for (or found the drone itself, but hopefully that'll be easy once the remote is charged).

So perhaps retrieve the Captain-cam en-route to healing?
No. 273480 ID: 252e1b

Pretty sure the captain is down in the middle of that burning mecha. And I am totally OK with that.

Wasn't Tiak in the military before? He ought to have had some training in first aid. Get supplies from medical and treat yourself Tiak.
No. 273513 ID: f5e4b4
File 129565883980.png - (167.13KB , 1000x750 , 710.png )

Tiak doesn't need to use any camera for the task, he can clearly see the walker from here. The cockpit is open, and what's more important: It's empty.

Discouraged by this, he climbs up the ladder again. Presuming that the other path leads to the infirmary, Tiak doesn't explore it, determined to avoid the doctor as long as possible.

Instead, Tiak makes his way to the Middle deck, to Nayria's room, feeling dizzy from all the blood loss. Every step sends a shiver of pain through all his body.

The door opens as soon as he knocks on it. The Queen is waiting inside.

"Well, it seems that you found something more than answers in the Zero Deck. Do you want me to help you out with those wounds?"
No. 273518 ID: 2563d4

Naaah, we were just stopping by to stare at her tits some more.
No. 273519 ID: 28e94e

Don't say this.
No. 273522 ID: 701a19

"Yes, and yes. I also found even more questions and an attempted homicide.
I'm ready to hear your story now."
No. 273524 ID: 55c4cf

Yes, healing would be necessary.

Compliment her bosom. She is snaketits for a reason.
No. 273527 ID: 6071d3

There is a difference between saying and doing. I completely agree that we shouldn't say that, but....
No. 273550 ID: f5e4b4
File 129566477033.png - (108.48KB , 1000x750 , 711.png )

"...Yeah, a bit of medical attention would be much appreciated."

"You seem to be a bit distracted, is your mind on something else?"

"No, no, I was just looking at... I mean, the... Nothing."

"Well dear, let's take care of those war wounds, shall we? Take off your clothes."


"Seems that your hearing has been damaged as well. I didn't say your jacket, I said your clothes."

No. 273551 ID: f5e4b4
File 12956648256.png - (108.36KB , 1000x750 , 712.png )

No. 273552 ID: abb30a

don't spontaneously combust or become dismembered
No. 273553 ID: 701a19

Ok, so you spent an hour boinking snaketits.
Now that you're basking in the afterglow, ask her for her side of the story.
No. 273563 ID: 55c4cf

i am not pleased with the curves of the door
No. 273566 ID: 28e94e

Do you remember the details this time? :3
No. 273612 ID: f5e4b4
File 129567151389.png - (67.14KB , 1000x750 , 713.png )

Tiak's wounds have been cleaned, he's got fresh new bandages, and the bleeding has stopped. He's also drunk a bottle of nutritious fruit juice, so he doesn't feel dizzy or weak because of the wound anymore.

However, right now every inch of Tiak's body aches. And he has certain images burnt in the back of his mind that are going to take a while to be forgotten.

The voice of the Ziranée queen comes in the form of a soft murmur.

"So, wanted to tell me or ask something about what you found in the Zero Deck?"
No. 273616 ID: 55c4cf


Discuss the machine, possibly discuss someone in a walker trying to tear you apart.

Discuss interspecies tastes.
No. 273621 ID: 15b51b

Lick her nipples.
No. 273624 ID: 28e94e

He's already done that several times, I'd imagine.
No. 273627 ID: dad664

Does she even -have- nipples?

I would inquire as to why she keeps dragging you into these little liaisons, when both of you full well know that Zeno will fuck your shit up if he finds out (again).
No. 273631 ID: 1854db

I think it's time we asked her what Mikos' role was in the use of the Device. That is what she sent us down to find, yes? Also say that we know this means Mikos was killed once then killed again destroying the brain, and whoever's been murdering the others also knows about the device.

Ask her who on the ship knows about it.

...but do make sure that nobody is listening when you speak of such secret things.
No. 273632 ID: 252e1b


She is the Queen, and if she wants to engage in dalliances with Tiak that is her right as the reigning monarch. Zeno's feelings about it do not enter into the matter as far as she is concerned. Period, full stop, end of story.
No. 273660 ID: 6071d3

Ask her what the machine is going to be used for. And not just "bringing back dead people," but what's the grand plan of how it's going to presumably end the war?
No. 273714 ID: 2563d4

Try to diplomatically ask how she knew the passcode for the back passage that only leads to the other two keyholders.
No. 273764 ID: f5e4b4
File 129572833545.png - (97.43KB , 1000x750 , 714.png )

"What is the machine going to be used for? I mean, not just "bringing back dead people," but what's the grand plan of how it's going to presumably end the war?"

She looks amused by Tiak's question.

"Tiak dear, don't you listen to yourself? What would be the point of war if people couldn't die anymore? In fact, it would change life itself, everything we know. The machine is the grand plan itself, as long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, of course. And I'm of the opinion that any hands are the wrong hands."

Tiak keeps shooting questions.

"What Mikos' role was in the use of the Device?"

"Role? He didn't have any. He wasn't part of the project, I thought you would've figured that out already."

"I think that whoever is the murderer knew about the machine and how to use it. --Ponders Tiak in loud voice. "Who else in the ship would know about it?"

"I'm afraid that I'm in the dark about that subject." --Replies the queen." The secrecy surrounding the project was massive, and I don't personally know almost any maurians. I'm sure you can figure it out with all the clues you've been gathering during your investigation, though."

"Alright. I don't want to make it sound like I suspect of you but... How did you get the key code that opened the secret door."

She laughs, giving Tiak a soft tug with her tail.

"Zeno found it, he's been my eyes and ears during the flight. But he didn't want to tell me how did he find it out. He's like that."

She clears her throat and stretches out, squeezing Tiak alarmingly tight with her strong tail.

"Now, unless you have any other matter to discuss, it should be time for you to go and conclude your investigation. I've delayed it enough."
No. 273766 ID: dad664

"Are you a Xenophile?"

Just for confirmation on the subject.
No. 273768 ID: 2563d4

>And I'm of the opinion that any hands are the wrong hands.
Well, that's at least one person who won't try to kill us for Plan Broadcast That Data Everywhere The Moment Comms Are Working.

I'm kind of at a loss for the moment. Since we're right nearby, let's make sure Yery hasn't escaped, and see if Dan's still in the canteen.
No. 273769 ID: 6071d3

One last thing, actually.
>And I'm of the opinion that any hands are the wrong hands.

The machine is a huge deal. If there's a reason it shouldn't be used, Tiak has gotta know. Have to consider all the angles when the balance of power in the known galaxy, even life and death, is at stake.
No. 273770 ID: 701a19

"Secrecy is control, control is power, power is abusable.
Rather than keeping it out of the wrong hands, what if we shoved it in everybody's hands?

Do you know how to operate the machine? The password for it?"

Lets find out where the alpha creature went, then bring Atuk's corpse there; it's time to negotiate with the only honest sentient on board.
No. 273771 ID: 2563d4

>What would be the point of war if people couldn't die anymore?
That doesn't work if only one group has it.
No. 273818 ID: 28e94e

Yes, and she's also apparently a Zenophile

I feel horrible for making that joke
No. 273842 ID: 252e1b


But Queen, the purpose of war isn't to kill more guys than the other side, the purpose is to make him unwilling to fight any longer for the objectives you want. It's why guerrilla wars work. Heck, it's why video games with respawning soldiers work!

Being able to clone all your soldiers before you send them into the battle is great, and being able to revive them if you have a chunk of their brain banked is a great boon strategically, but if any of the material they have is stolen or destroyed when they die it'll be possible to still take objectives and capture positions. And the cloners and brain banks aren't invincible, they'll be susceptible to massive attacks too. Re-entry weapons, sabotage, even direct frontal attack...

This will change war and make it far more traumatic, but I don't think it will end war. It will encourage spying and large preemptive strikes.
No. 273854 ID: 28e94e

I'm beginning to suspect that the Queen here is full of shit. If the goal of a war is to kill the most people, then Germany won both World Wars.
No. 273856 ID: 898a23

Um no people could TOTALLY STILL DIE, what about the head requirement, and, y'know, destroying the freaking devices?? War would be even WORSE!
No. 273859 ID: 28e94e

Yeah, ground wars would just devolve into nuke spam, which is something only a fool could miss and only a complete and utter moron would actually aim for.
No. 273894 ID: 55c4cf

I wouldn't say she's full of shit so much as either the character or the author didn't completely think the situation through.

I will agree that it will probably make war worse, and I resisted saying to destroy the device as soon as we found it.

Definitely ask the queen to keep in touch, once you have snaketits, ant women just aren't enough.

If you're going to continue exploring, get your gun out, and be assertive with encounters. Don't shoot first, but be ready to interrogate and shoot first if they resist.
No. 273931 ID: 662797

"If there's one thing I've found out on this flight, it's that everything can be used for war in some way or another. How many inventors have claimed that their invention would be the invention to end wars, only to see it used to make wars more brutal, bloody and hellish? Might be more beneficial to market it to hospitals as a miraculous cure brought forth by the joint work of Maurian and Ziranée scientists. Use it to spin a treaty in more beneficial light. It's all in how you market it."

Then, on with the investigation.
No. 273953 ID: 6071d3

Most wars are probably fought in space in Tiak's universe. Your ship blows up, there's nothing left of you or you're left adrift in space forever.

Unless the enemy has a vested interest in protecting the biosphere of a given world there is no reason to engage in a ground war at all. Just slag the planet from orbit with an unending nuclear barrage or tow in an asteroid or few.

If the enemy wants your planet, is engaged in a ground war, and you are losing then you're probably going to slag your own world with nukes anyway to prevent the enemy from getting what they want.

Really this invention shouldn't change war that much. The number of soldiers it will save are likely few and far between, meaning it wouldn't be that great of a boon even if only one side had it. This device will likely find far more use in the private and civilian sectors, bringing back people who've died in accidents and the like, not soldiers on the front line where any given weapon is more likely to leave singed bits of chunky salsa rather than any semblance of a corpse.
No. 273957 ID: f5e4b4
File 129577239520.png - (100.88KB , 1000x750 , 715.png )

"Ok, kind of a personal question but... are you a xenophile?"

She laughs.

"I don't have qualms about species or ranks if that's what you mean. I always get what I want, and that's basically what being a queen is about."

Tiak begins putting his clothes on, getting ready to leave. Something doesn't make sense to him.

"But you said that there wouldn't be more wars thank to this invention... but that would just mean that wars would evolve into factions throwing hordes of clones at each other and the machines becoming the highest priority to attack. I mean, it would be different, but there would still be war."

She flickers her tail, her expression a bit annoyed for a second, but she recovers her natural grin in a moment.

"And that's what we're trying to avoid here, haven't you noticed? Why transport the most valuable invention of our era in a flying garbage can, with no security measures of any kind? We don't want any government to have access to the machines. The plan was to leave Maurian space after reaching Tinosa II, establish a scientific colony to replicate the machine, and send prototypes and plans all over the galaxy, prototypes only the scientific team would be able to control."

She takes a pause to adjust the mountain of pillows before she keeps talking.

"If they wanted to live forever, they would have to play by our rules. And the number one rule would be to end all hostilities. Any faction engaged in a lethal conflict would get their alpha machine privileges denied. Of course, not many of us thought that the greed over something this magnitude would bring the conflict to this ship itself. And that's the situation we're in now."

Tiak ponders about what he's been told before speaking again.

"Why don't just broadcast the plans and blueprints so it stops being a secret?"

"As I just explained, that would allow the governments to build their own machines. Besides that would be impossible at the moment. The plans are incomplete, the attempts to duplicate the Alpha machine have been fruitless for now. Only its creator, Dr. Labras, has the knowledge to build a machine for now."

"That's kind of hard to believe."

She shrugs.

"I hope that has satisfied your curiosity, but you should get going by now. The last act is about to take place and you don't wanna miss it."
No. 273971 ID: 55c4cf


That is not satisfactory at all, stay in touch with her Tiak. You make me cry ant tears.

I don't really care where you go but stay the hell on guard.
No. 273973 ID: 1854db

I don't think she's being perfectly frank with us.

Kinda contradicted herself, actually. Let's get moving before she realizes it and decides we know too much. First, go to zero deck and see if the fires are out so we can retrieve our stuff.
No. 273974 ID: 2563d4

So it's a control grab. Yay.
Check on Dan/Yery: >>273768
No. 273982 ID: 701a19

Lets pay the good doctor a visit.
By which I mean we ask him what they really planned to do with the Alpha machine and how to use it.
No. 274013 ID: f5e4b4
File 129580778130.png - (262.89KB , 1000x750 , 716.png )

Tiak leaves the room, but back in the corridor, Nayria stops him to address him something.

"Just a last thing dear. Before all this thing about the new world order and the ultimate responsibilities, I think you should stop a moment to remember who are you and what were you trying to do in the first place."

"You are Tiak Belint, security officer of the Sparrow 12, a ship where many people have lost their lives during your watch, and you were trying to find the responsible of their murders. At the end of our journey, and that might be sooner than you think, if you haven't found the real murderer, Zeno and me will be used as scapegoats by the Maurian authorities, no matter what happens with the machine. You can understand my concern about the situation dear, now take care, my little ant, this might be the last time we see each other."

Without letting Tiak answer, the door closes. Tiak shakes his head and makes his way to the Canteen, to see if Dan is there. But it's empty.
No. 274018 ID: 1854db

Y'know what let's cut to the chase and retrieve the old security officer's corpse then use the device to bring him back. We could use a combat buddy.
No. 274132 ID: f5e4b4
File 129582665599.png - (173.87KB , 1000x750 , 717.png )

The problem is that Tiak still doesn't know the password to activate the Alpha Machine. And even if he knew it, he doesn't know if making it work would be as easy as "Insert Corpse, receive Clone"!

As he exits the Canteen, his train of thought is interrupted by a torrent of voices filling the air. It takes him a few seconds to realize that it's the speaker system of the ship. It looks like it's working again! He recognizes the voice of the captain, and a confusing mumble in the back that sounds like Dan.

The captain seems to be having problems with the system, anyways.

"...sure it's working now? Argh, my head! A bit lower, please!... That's better. *Cough*. Tiak Belint, please report to the Bridge immediately, it's an emergency. I repeat, Tiak Belint, please report to the Bridge immediately, it's an emergency."

"Alright, that should do it. Let's just hope the damn troublemaker doesn't take an hour to com-- It's still on?... Now I can't turn it off. Stupid piece of sh--."

And then the sound went off again.