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File 128320093610.png - (607.93KB , 1000x750 , 253.png )
223620 No. 223620 ID: 4f6386

[ First thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/193207.html ]
[ Second thread: http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/209309.html ]
[ Discussion thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/328741.html ]
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No. 223622 ID: 4f6386
File 128320102922.png - (31.81KB , 1000x750 , 254.png )

Hurhhm... is it morning already?

Tiak slowly wakes up, vision blurred, a pounding headache and the ignorance of what's up and what's down.
No. 223623 ID: d560d6

So, comfortable night, Tiak? :3
No. 223624 ID: 4f6386
File 12832010592.png - (62.98KB , 1000x750 , 255.png )


Tiak feels like he's about to freak out. Hard.
No. 223625 ID: a594b9

Why freak out? Relax, enjoy it.
No. 223627 ID: 0b2a05

Okay okay wait, calm down. There is a rational, sensible, and perfectly reasonable explanation for this.
No. 223630 ID: 0e5956

Chill out, bub. She's not fat or anything.
No. 223640 ID: d677cc

No need to freak out, man. Just go over things in your head, slowly, while you take in your surroundings. If you need to freak out after all we'll be sure to let you know.
No. 223651 ID: e40e60

Stay calm, remember where you are. Determine if your surroundings have changed. Don't let the alien's... whatever it is she's doing... get to you. If there's anything threatening nearby, go for your weapons. Most importantly, don't panic.
No. 223662 ID: 099247

Tiak: Flip the fuck out
No. 223663 ID: 701a19

So you spent the night in the case of your species former mortal enemy. You didn't die in your sleep, so it's all ok.
No. 223727 ID: 4f6386
File 128321300122.png - (146.87KB , 1000x750 , 256.png )

Tiak tries his best to not to flip out, but he's quite alarmed. His memories from the past hours are confusing like a dream, but there's no point in denying it.

He has... slept with a Ziranée, the ancestral enemy of his people. And a queen, no less!
Not many Maurians are going to see this with good eyes if they find out.

Looks like Nayria is still asleep. She has Tiak's lower half of the body entangled in a hold. But it's not too tight, and Tiak might be able to slip out of it without waking her up.
No. 223728 ID: 0d750e

...That would be rude, Tiak.
Don't be rude! D:
No. 223730 ID: d677cc

Hey, no one needs to find out about this.

I'd say you'd be better off trying to wake her up, though. I mean, if you're still doing this "keys" thing for her, then you're just going to have to explain why you disappeared later anyway.
No. 223733 ID: d560d6

Stay put, damnit. If nothing else, think of the diplomatic implications if you unnecessarily antagonist her, just in case this isn't entirely manipulative trickery.
No. 223734 ID: 97cb33

from her face i think you did pretty good.
No. 223735 ID: 701a19

Mincing words does us no good. Did you have sex with her, or merely slept together?
If it was sex, then was it enjoyable?

Don't worry about what people will say. Check your wounds, as they appear to have miraculously healed overnight. Then gently nudge her awake and see how she responds.
No. 223739 ID: e40e60

Wait, so you-
How does that-
You don't even-



Don't move, just relax. Don't wake her quite yet. When she wakes up, then you can slip out.

Never speak of this again.
No. 223763 ID: d677cc

As awkward a question as this is... I'm kind of curious. ._.

Not so much as far as details go, mind you.
No. 223765 ID: ea2a3c


Er, well, um, it's kind of... natural to sleep when someone gives you a huge dose of painkilling knockout drugs. Is it a problem that you passed out in the presence of a Ziranée, or are you just worried she'll kill you in your sleep? Because she didn't.
No. 223789 ID: efa282

The problem comes from the fact that he did it with a queen of the species his people have been warring with forever.

Tiak: You must insure that word of this gets out. Everyone will totally give you high fives and not shoot you for treason!
No. 223887 ID: 3e83e6

The fact that she was willing to do this is significant.
First, she must want that last key -bad-

Second, she may actually be working towards an end to the war, which both your kind have been at so long that the idea of ending it is alien.

Third, the events in motion could mean that nobody will find out this happens.

And a final note: she has more muscle wrapped around your lower body than you have in your entire body. If you try and wiggle free, she may reflexively squeeze.
No. 223992 ID: 4f6386
File 128324471283.png - (91.83KB , 1000x750 , 257.png )

(Tiak burns didn't get magically healed, I fucked up the layers, sorry)


Tiak isn't really sure, he doesn't even know if their species are compatible, and hell, he doesn't even know much about Ziranée anatomy and how they... work. And all his memories after he took off his clothes are fuzzy at best. But whatever happened, Tiak recalls it being pretty pleasant.

Tiak clears his throat and hesitantly nudges the queen. In an instant, she awakes, with a long yawn. Her tail squeezes its grip tighter over Tiak's lower half and raises him slightly, in an impressive display of strenght.

>Hmm... My little detective is awake already, haha?

I... you... fghdl... I don't...

>My, I'm glad to have discovered that you can give better uses to your tongue than speaking. You should calm yourself a bit.

Hmfff... Why did you do this?

>Hmmm? Because I thought it would be fun. Because I can. Because nobody could stop me from doing it. You wouldn't understand it, it comes with a position like mine. How is your arm?

Tiak almost forgot about his arm injury. It feels sore, and still hurts when he touches it, but the piercing pain has gone away, and he can move it without problems.

Better, thank you... Could you please stop squeezing me... there?

She giggles, releasing Tiak from her grip.

>You had a different opinion about the matter a few hours ago. Anyways, that should sooth the pain of your arm until you can get surgical care once we get to Tinosa II. I guess that you should get dressed and go back to your thrilling adventures of getting shot and burned. And don't forget to look for the last key.
No. 223999 ID: 701a19

"Fair enough. But first, what can you tell me about Zira? Where do her loyalties lie? What faction does she represent? What's her role here? What's her goal?
This affects how I go about getting the last key, so it's far from irrelevant."
No. 224003 ID: 476456

what a nice lady
No. 224007 ID: 0805f7

Look. This isn't how it works.

Tell her you appreciate the gesture but would have wished to have been conscious during your time together. Cheeky wink optional.
I bet someone on the ship has a well exceptional sense of smell. You would definitely not want to be walking around smelling like dickings. Ask the queen to use her shower. It's only fair.
You could do investigation talk during your shower, if she wishes to. Notably, tell her people would likely be coming after her and her keys, once people understand she has the highest amount. You have to know who to watch out for, for her sake.
Also, she'd probably not talk about any of the others or give you any further clues, but it never hurts to ask. Specifically the captain, the navigator, Zira and Mikos.
No. 224017 ID: d560d6

>Tiak isn't really sure, he doesn't even know if their species are compatible, and hell, he doesn't even know much about Ziranée anatomy and how they... work.
>I'm glad to have discovered that you can give better uses to your tongue than speaking.
Sounds like you managed to improvise while being date-raped. :3

Ok. Hit showers, check PDA TODO list, see if someone's stolen the heavy plasma cutter from your bed. Possibly ask about Zira but I don't suspect barrage-of-questions style will work well.
No. 224029 ID: 4f6386
File 12832630598.png - (222.21KB , 1000x750 , 258.png )

Can I use your shower?

>Sure, just try not to wet your injured arm, you'll wash off all the ointment and it will start hurting again.

Tiak steps into the empty bathroom, into the shower. The cold running water feels refreshing after the stiffing room temperature in the queen's cabin.

Mind if I ask you some questions?

>At all. Now, If I'm going to answer them or not, that's a different matter.

Now that you have two of the three keys, you're more likely to be the target of an attack to take them. If you could tell me who's so interested in the keys, I'd be on guard against them.

>Officer, my life has been at risk since the day I was born. It's one of the perks of being part of the royalty of one of the houses. And it's no different here. I wouldn't trust anybody if I were you, officer.

Not even you?

>Specially not me! Everybody knows that politicians and nobility are less trustworthy than the common back alley Sinarri mugger.

Hmm... What can you tell me about Mikos.

>I doubt anybody is going to morn his death. He was scum, and his only desire was to end the truce and be back to the endless war again. It's ironic that it seems that with his dead, he's probably going to achieve it.

Not if I can do something about it. Another question. Do you know ambassador Zira Niadar? Do you know who is she working for?

>Zira? Zira... Zira... Oh! Now I remember. She was one of those pacifist activist that was always sending me letters of support, going to meetings, sending angry letters to newspapers... Never met her in person, but she seemed to be a nice Maurian, but completely harmless. Is she in the ship?


>What a surprise. Never imagined her as the traveler kind. I can't imagine her "working" for any shady organization, either.

Tiak gets out of the shower, gathering his clothes and belongings, getting dressed.

Well, I better get going. Thank you for... everything. And please, I value my consciousness and I would like to keep it the next time I stop by.

She giggles, managing to show even more teeth with that grin, if that's possible.

>Oh, by the way. I imagine that you would like to keep our little nursing session a secret. Well, my advise is that you better don't let Zeno find out about it. See, he's not just my bodyguard.


>No. He's also my mate.


>And he's... sort of the jealous kind of mate. And he tends to react violently when he's jealous. It's just a friendly warning. Have fun!
No. 224030 ID: 4f6386
File 128326311719.png - (94.99KB , 900x900 , 259.png )

Tiak sighs and checks his TODO list in his PDA before getting out of the room. He could add or remove stuff from here if he wanted.

So, what now?
No. 224032 ID: d560d6

Check to see if the plasma cutter's missing from your bed. It's on this deck, right?

Your TODO list seems to be missing giving Mongro the Zero Deck key and taking a look down there yourself. And finding a better lightsource than glowsticks to do that. (Unless someone else has a better idea, though, I'd say try it using them.)
No. 224033 ID: d560d6

Oh, and "find computer parts/give the ones we've found to Trake/Mongro". And, I suppose, "find Trake['s corpse]". Busy day ahead, Tiak.
No. 224047 ID: 0805f7

Go and check out on the plasma cutter, yeah. Put your ear to the door before exiting to make sure no one is outside.
After that, I'd like you to go get a big breakfast for big boys in the Canteen. While you're there, I'd like to check the backroom. (kitchen?)
Add this to the PDA: go to the Bridge. Some of the flight crew should have access to the crew files. (following Queen's hint)
I don't have any issue with trying out the glowsticks as a sufficient light source for Zero Deck. I do have an issue with giving Mongro the key to it. He's a suspect like all of them and I wouldn't want the potential killer running around ahead of us. I don't think I trust him with the computer parts either, which a damn shame because they clutter our inventory something fierce.
No. 224048 ID: d677cc

See I have no idea what to make of her saying to your face "don't trust me." It's one of those self-contradictory things, at face value. :v

But anyway.

So, something about crew files, then.
No. 224050 ID: 4f6386
File 128327014620.png - (104.77KB , 900x900 , 260.png )

Tiak updates his TODO list.
No. 224051 ID: 4f6386
File 128327022755.png - (361.70KB , 1000x750 , 261.png )

Tiak carefully exits the queen's cabin and retreats to his own room, without meeting anyone in his way. He notices that he has slept for more than six hours.

Once in his room, he checks inside his cryogenic pod. But, surprise or not, the Heavy Plasma Cutter is gone.

Tiak is starting to get tired of people pillaging anything he doesn't leave nailed to the floor.

The thought of breakfast dissipates his anger, though. He wonders if this should be a good moment to go to the Canteen and get something to eat, or if he should do it later.
No. 224052 ID: d560d6

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

And, let's be realistic---you're probably going to be busy at lunchtime dodging lasers or explosions or something.
No. 224053 ID: 0805f7

>Heavy Plasma Cutter is gone.

If someone was here, a quick glance into the brig won't hurt.
No. 224054 ID: d677cc

Sure, check the brig. Then breakfast.
No. 224079 ID: 4f6386
File 128328014857.png - (314.56KB , 1000x750 , 262.png )

Tiak checks the brig, but nothing has changed since the last time he's been there.

After that, he goes to the Canteen. The barman doesn't seem to be in, but there's somebody else sitting at one of the tables, with a book and a glass of wine. A girl. Tiak doesn't think he has seen her before.

The girl raises her head from the book, noticing Tiak. She friendly waves her hand and speaks.

>Hey, it's nice to see another face around. This feels like a ghost ship. The name's Yery, who are you?
No. 224082 ID: d560d6

Well, be polite and introduce yourself, Tiak.

Your PDA battery is low. Can you plug it in in the canteen while you eat? Do not let it out of your sight, let alone leave it somewhere.
No. 224083 ID: 0805f7

Introduce yourself. Ask her what she's reading. Don't tell her there has been a murder and all that fun stuff. Ask offhand what's her room number. (if she asks, it's for security reasons) Say you haven't seen her yesterday and that everybody is probably currently sleeping.

Go ahead and get yourself breakfast while you talk.
No. 224094 ID: ea2a3c


No. 224118 ID: abb30a

Um or not the last one. The first two.
No. 224129 ID: 4f6386
File 128329004340.png - (190.15KB , 1000x750 , 263.png )

Tiak can't see any any terminal or power outlet around, except the one the vending machine must be plugged to, and he doesn't want to move the massive machine and disconnect it just to charge the PDA batteries. They should last at least one or maybe two hours more, anyways.

Tiak gets a nutritious drink from the vending machine, lamenting that the barman is never in to give him a solid meal when he wants to eat .
While getting the bottle and slurping its content, he answers to the girl called Yery.

Hey. My name is Tiak Belint, and I'm the Head of Security of the Sparrow 12. This ship.

>Oh, that sounds important!

I guess it is. Hey, what are you reading?

>Oh? Oh, my book. Oh, just boring stuff. You know, studying to get my degree in Chemistry. But tell me, what's going on? Why aren't the cryo-beds working anymore? I've heard that they've killed someone.

Well... Yeah, there's been a murder, and... some systems of the mainframe are out of order. But nothing to worry about, I'm conducting the investigations and everything is under control.

>Phew, good to know.

So, just for security reasons. What's your cabin number?

>Number 1. The one just in front of this bar!

Well, everybody must be sleeping now. Didn't see you yesterday, where have you been?

She clears her throat and passes another page of the book before answering.

>Well, I woke up and checked in my agenda, and I saw that the flight wasn't over yet! Quite the contrary! So I thought that maybe the beds take some time to turn on, so I just waited there, lying in the cryo-bed. And I guess I fell asleep, but not a cryo-sleep, but a normal-sleep, like a nap, but longer. And when I woke up it was some hours later, but still like two days before the ship arrived, so I supposed that there was a malfunction or something and I should wait for somebody to fix it, so...

She pauses for a fraction of a second to take a deep breath.

>...I waited in my room during all the day, just studying and thinking about stuff. I know it sounds pretty boring, but when I start studying I can be like in trance for hours, so I didn't notice that I spent several hours in my room, but then I snapped out of it and wondered why nobody was going to come and fix the bed, so I decided to go out, like 30 minutes ago, and I saw nobody around so I came here to the Canteen, and saw the barman, but the barman looked really pissed off for some reason and told me to fuck off and get whatever I wanted, and he went out. So I took a glass of wine and sat here to study a bit more and then you arrived.

Gack... ok.

>Sorry. So what's going to happen now?
No. 224130 ID: a594b9

Bah, let's just snoop around. Check in that door behind the counter.
No. 224139 ID: 0805f7

Instruct Yeri that keeping to her room is probably the safest option in this sort of situation.

A chemistry student, eh? Might come in handy later. Don't mention the goo because it has nothing to do with chemistry and if you thought of it you must be slow or something.
Anyway, if the barman ain't here it's prime time to creep about the kitchen. Tell your new friend you'll be right back and card that slot raw.
No. 224140 ID: e40e60

"Honestly? I expect I'll be the target of several more assassination attempts while I discover just how big of a clusterfuck of conspiracies this ship is and maybe I'll also get horribly injured or killed or attacked by some weird alien bio-weapon and I fucking swear the moment I get off this damned ship I am going to resign if I haven't died yet! THAT'S WHAT'S GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN!"

tl;dr: Flip out.
No. 224146 ID: 701a19

"Right now? I'd suggest spending your time in either the Canteen or in your room. People are naturally worried over the murder, but a few of them have gone a bit crazy. You'll be fine here, though you should probably keep some distance between yourself and other people.
No. 224152 ID: ea2a3c

Cabin number... 1? Inquire how she came upon such a unique number in the cabin numbering system. It was just random, right?

She might be more important than we realize. Are all the cryo-beds really malfunctioning? If not, why did hers wake her up? For that matter why did yours? Are there going to be a lot of people waking up now? :/

The bartender ran off in a huff, not good.


Eh, I don't think he's at the level of flip out yet. Wait until she talks his ear off some more.


You probably don't have to tell her that the murderer is STILL AT LARGE but do tell her that it would be safer if she limits her movements around the ship, and that if she sees anything suspicious she should tell you about it immediately.
No. 224243 ID: 4f6386
File 12833078019.png - (136.08KB , 1000x750 , 264.png )

Well, you better stay in your room or in this area, it's safer.

>Oh, so the murderer is still on the loose?

No. Yes. Maybe. But it's under control, just be careful and don't go around alone, or talking to strangers.

>Like you.

Yeah. I mean no, I'm not a... I mean yes, but...

She giggles.

>Don't worry, I'm just messin' with ya. You seem to be fine... So, I guess we aren't gonna get the beds working again, eh?

I honestly doubt it.

>Aw. We're going to lose three days of life.

Eh, come on. That's nothing. Imagine how it is for the colonists that have to travel during years.

>Yeah, I guess.

Ok, gonna check out something.

Tiak uses his card and enters in the kitchen. It's a small space, crowded with boxes and bottles piled up against the walls. There isn't much to see here. In front of the door he can see an automated cooking machine and a large fridge.
No. 224246 ID: a594b9

Examine strange cabinet marking.
No. 224250 ID: 1a99f0

also grab that screwdriver or whatever it is.
No. 224253 ID: d560d6

Grab note, rummage in freezer. That way, if the barman suddenly reappears, you have an excuse for being back here because, damnit, you're hungry. You can read it later.
No. 224267 ID: e40e60

Grab the note, grab the screwdriver. Read the note. If you hear footsteps, go over to the wall or fridge and pretend to be looking for a snack.
No. 224489 ID: 4f6386
File 128333843796.png - (165.42KB , 1000x750 , 265.png )

Tiak grabs the note and the screwdriver from the floor. He reads the note, it's rather brief:

"The answer is no. You're the one doing the job, and this is our final response.

You owe a lot of money, and you'd be rotting in a junkyard with all your limbs broken if it wasn't for our organization.

We don't care about your stupid sense of loyalty or patriotism, the ship needs to get to Tinosa II, with its cargo intact.

Don't fail us, this is our last warning."

Huh, I wonder what was this note doing in the kitchen.

Tiak cannot pocket the note because his inventory is full, so he'll leave it where he found it.

The symbol on the door of the fridge is just the Maurian for "cold temperatures." Inside the fridge there's nothing unusual, boxes of frozen food, rations, some vegetables... Nothing really interesting.
No. 224490 ID: 5bcafc

So... anyone want to go the bridge? I wanna go to the bridge.

Wherever it is you're going, bid Yeri farewell. "Duty calls."
No. 224496 ID: a594b9

Copy the note to your PDA. Fiddle with the screwdriver to get that laser gun off the turret. Then leave the screwdriver behind.
No. 224497 ID: a594b9

Oh also, let's go check on Zira again, after which we... can... go to the crew files and cut open the cabinet to get at the delicious information inside it.
No. 224513 ID: d560d6

Try it. Copy and put back the note first.

Why involve Zira?
No. 224530 ID: 4f6386
File 128335406938.png - (110.83KB , 1000x750 , 266.png )

Tiak copies the note into his PDA and leaves the paper where he found it. Then he tries to detach the gun from the camera with the help of the screwdriver.



As soon as he pulls the part that keeps the gun fixed to the camera, the whole thing falls apart in small pieces. It looks like both the gun and the camera are useless now, and Tiak doesn't know what to do with the pieces, or if he should keep the screwdriver now.

Yery's voice can be heard calling from the canteen.

>Hey, do you need any help?
No. 224531 ID: 5bcafc

Welp. "No thanks, I'm coo."

Collect the remains into your pocket so that nobody'd know you were here.
There's no real reason to bother Zira. I realize she's small and spunky and totally fit for our harem, but she's still a suspect so lets not involve her too much.
Also, lets not attempt opening a cabinet full of paper by a method of concentrated fire.
No. 224534 ID: d560d6

Where's the nearest waste-mangler-and-space-dumper chute? This is a kitchen after all.
No. 224568 ID: e40e60

Is that the bartender? If it's him, just act cool. Tell him you popped in for a snack, then found that screwdriver and decided to use it real quick.

Otherwise, determine his identity before continuing.
No. 224574 ID: 0fd452

>Yery's voice

Gather the bits and dump them in your pocket. We could ask the engineer later if he could repair it.

Also, did you only assume there's nothing interesting in the fridge or did you actually take a look?

It seems to be large enough to hold a piece of freezed Maurian. Ewww.

Anyway, leave the room. Tell Yery you don't need help.
No. 224578 ID: e40e60


Throw it into the trash. Tell her you're not exactly sure why it broke so easily. If she asks, I think it's safe at this point to tell the truth.
No. 224582 ID: a594b9

Maybe we should actually get something to eat, hmm?
No. 224612 ID: 4f6386
File 128337427329.png - (220.49KB , 1000x750 , 267.png )


Tiak has already drunk an "insta-feed" drink from the vending machine. It wasn't very tasty, but it's filling. Will keep him up for a good part of the day.

No thanks, I'm coo.

Tiak takes the rests of the camera. It doesn't seem like there is any disposal unit in the kitchen, so his guess is that he'll have to go to the one in Engineering to throw the defunct camera in.

He gets out of the kitchen and gets on his way to the elevator. He says bye to Yery, but the student seems to be too focused on her book again to even notice him leaving.

Right in from of the elevator, Tiaks meets a familiar face. Familiar, and pissed off, it seems.

>There you are! I looked for you for hours, and now you appear, out of the blue!? Where the fuck have you been!?
No. 224615 ID: d560d6

Show him your arm and an unamused glare.
No. 224621 ID: e40e60

Tell him you were attacked again earlier. Show him the pieces.
No. 224624 ID: 40cb26

"Unexpectedly unconscious. You know, after all the hassle of things like investigating, being shot at by gun mounted cameras, getting keys..." then toss him the damn thing.
No. 224635 ID: c9d027

Tell him you've got the key. Then tell him your adventure with the camera mounted pistol. Say offhand that you'd like him to check it out a bit later.

"Are you going to look for Trake? Great. That's exactly where I was going as well. Lets go." Hand him a light stick and enter the elevator.
No. 224700 ID: 4f6386
File 128338436495.png - (170.63KB , 1000x750 , 268.png )

Tiak holds up his injured arm and gives Mongro an unamused look. The Sinarri doesn't look impressed, and gets closer to Tiak.

>What are you even doing, are you listening to me!? There was a fight in the bar, the stupid of the barman and that retarded navigator almost killed each other. And guess who had to look everywhere trying to find YOU, the guy that gets paid to solve that kind of conflicts.
>And guess who had to stop the fight because you were invisible. Yeah, yours truly. I have enough shit on me as it is, to even have to do your work. Were you sleeping or what!?

I was attacked, again, this time with this toy, and left unconcious.

Tiak shows the pieces of the camera to Mongro, who gives them a quick glance before staring at Tiak again.

>What the hell are you talking about? Where did this happen?

Down in Engineering.

>That's bullshit! I looked in there a hundred of times and you weren't there, less alone unconscious! And have you forgotten about the deal? The key?
No. 224702 ID: abb30a

Is there a way to see what the camera saw?
No. 224703 ID: 40cb26

"No I didn't pass out right then- you know what, forget it. It doesn't matter and neither of us wants to talk about it. Here's your key." Ask him when he had last been to that part of engineering before you, because this thing was set to shoot whatever moved. That'll give us some window of when that was set.

Don't try to get any further into his bad side, allies are few enough without pissing anyone off.
No. 224706 ID: 701a19

Hand him the key, the mainframe part, and the broken camera+gun.
"Like I'm really dumb enough to pass out where I'm shot. Here you go."
No. 224707 ID: 97cb33

"yeah yeah, i got the key"
No. 224730 ID: d560d6

Would you like to repeat that a little louder in the middle of the corridor?

If we're going to hand over the key, do the latter half of >>224635 .
No. 224752 ID: e40e60

"As usual, it's complicated"
No. 224876 ID: a594b9

Argh, that's not what we were trying to imply at all. We were in fact sleeping, recovering from the injury with the help of a friend.
No. 224907 ID: 4f6386
File 128341955539.png - (139.45KB , 1000x750 , 269.png )

That's not what I meant, I didn't pass out right there. I went to...sleep, and recover with the help of a... friend.

>I guessed something like that, because you weren't in your room either, you know, while on duty and all that.

Let's just not talk about that, ok? Here, I found you the key. Also these things look like they might be part of the mainframe. And also have this.

Tiak hands Mongro the key of the zero deck, the two computer parts and the wrecked camera.

>Oh, about time. And what do you expect me to do with this junk *he points at the broken camera*. I don't know what have you done with this thing, but it looks like it's beyond hope at this point. And is this a gun?

Whatever, just throw it to the garbage, then. Here, have this glowstick and let's go find Trake in the Zero Deck.

The Sinarri declines the glowstick and lets out a bitter laughter.

>Hahaha, no. I've had enough doing your job for today, stopping that fight. You want to go look for that drunkard, you can go alone, I have a lot of work to do. Like assembling these parts of the mainframe back to its place.

>Now, let's talk about our deal. If you want me to upgrade your weapon to something better than a shocking toy, give it to me.
No. 224908 ID: 03074d

Tell him that his drunkard might be lying dead somewhere in Zero Deck. You NEED the key to do your damn work.

How long would cloning the key take?
No. 224913 ID: a594b9

Hey, I bet he's got the cutter. If he checked in your room to see if you were sleeping there, he probably found it.

But yes, a better weapon would be nice... I think it would be nice to be able to set it to a nonlethal power level still though.
No. 224937 ID: d560d6

And how long upgrading the taser? Exploring the Zero Deck without what little armaments we have sounds like a bad idea to me.

Assuming Mongro even plans to give it back. :P
No. 224946 ID: 4f6386
File 128343996786.png - (197.47KB , 1000x750 , 270.png )

Tiak gives him his gun.

How long is it going to take? I don't want to go around unarmed, after what's been happening. And I need a copy of the Zero Deck key too, that "drunkard" might be in trouble, or even dead down there as we speak!

>I have my priorities too and a shitload of work since my boss disappeared looking for Graoulo knows what in the depths of this flying tin can. One hour. Come see me in Engineering in one hour and I'll have the copy of the key and your upgraded gun ready.

Without adding a single word more, Mongro retreats into the elevator, disappearing behind the closing doors before Tiak can even answer.

But... Great, now what?
No. 224947 ID: d677cc

So, basically, Mongro is and will probably continue to be pissed at you for not being available because you got shot.


Okay what else is on that todo list. Something about crew files? Dunno which thing on there would be best to tackle right now.
No. 224948 ID: 2a1570

Okay. Alright. Fine. Give our key to the suspicious guy who's about to commit a hate crime. Whatever.

Lets go have a lovely chat on the bridge while he plants bombs under the ship.
No. 224950 ID: d560d6

Grab those elevator doors. We've got nothing to do on this deck anyway.
No. 224961 ID: a594b9

Well, while we're on this deck we could try checking out a cabin we haven't been in yet.

Hey, while that girl's in the canteen we can snoop in her room.
No. 224971 ID: 2a1570

I don't think we'd get brownie points from anyone for snoopin' their room for no reason. Besides, Yeri's room is right in front of the Canteen--she'd totally hear us!
No. 224979 ID: e40e60

We still have the knife, and the gun is useless right now anyway.
No. 225029 ID: 4f6386
File 128346867268.png - (455.52KB , 1000x750 , 271.png )

Tiak keeps thinking about the crew files. For what he knows, the only person that should know the password, besides Trake, would be the Captain himself.

Tiak isn't fast enough to hold the doors before they close, so he has to wait for it to go down and then come back. Then he ascends to the Upper Deck, and into the Bridge.

It seems to be empty at the moment. It's not too big, and it's pretty minimalistic, but that's to be expected when most of the navigation systems are automatized through the ship's mainframe.

Closer to the entrance there's the Captain's chair, with some controls in a stand next to it. And at the front there' s a control panel and a chair, probably reserved to be the Navigation Officer's post.

And just in front of him, Tiak can have a good look at the space as they travel at unimaginable speeds. The Hyperspace physics divides the tunnel of light in capricious and changing colors and forms, spinning and darting in front of his eyes. He has to look away after a few seconds, feeling kind of dizzy.
No. 225030 ID: 488003

Anything interesting on the chairs? The navigator is probably at the medic's, which is only a room away. If there's nothing here, we could go there.
No. 225049 ID: d560d6

Check behind and under the consoles for bombs.

Resist the temptation to press all the brightly-coloured buttons.
No. 225079 ID: e40e60

No. 225103 ID: f4963f

In during.

You know you want to.
No. 225264 ID: 4f6386
File 128350856155.png - (354.86KB , 1000x750 , 272.png )

Tiak looks all over the room, on and under the chairs and consoles, but he doesn't find any bomb, or any other item at all.

The Navigation console displays a series of ERROR messages and other information about the ship Tiak doesn't have the knowledge to understand.

Other than that, the only thing that catches Tiak's attention is a flashing green button on the touch screen.
No. 225268 ID: a594b9

Let's not go pushing buttons we have no understanding of. Anything near it to indicate what the button does?
No. 225279 ID: a6237a

Important people are talking in here all the time, right? Could be a good idea to hide the camera in some invisible place, like the front of the control panel.
No. 225316 ID: e40e60

IIRC the camera doesn't have any audio pickups.
No. 225335 ID: 4f6386
File 128352917915.png - (243.46KB , 1000x750 , 273.png )

There's no visible way to know what would the green flashing button do in the screen.


Actually, the camera can receive sound input just fine. It's just that, so far, in the many uses Tiak has given to it, there hasn't been anything worth listening to.

The space behind the console isn't very ample, but there's just enough to hide the camera behind it. It shouldn't be able to SEE anything like this, but it must be able to pick up conversations if they're spoken loud enough.
No. 225336 ID: a594b9

Someone's watching us from the door. Dammit, we can't leave the camera here now; whoever that is knows it's there.

Spin around and see who it is.
No. 225346 ID: e40e60

Pick up the camera, act surprised. You just might be able to salvage this situation.
No. 225364 ID: d560d6

Well, we're checking for bombs. :3
No. 225390 ID: 4f6386
File 128354257518.png - (236.30KB , 1000x750 , 274.png )

Tiak quickly turns around, startled.

I wasn't hiding anything I mean bombs I was checking the bomb! I mean I wasn't hiding a bomb! The camera...

But it seems that there's nobody at the door now.
No. 225402 ID: a594b9

Stash the camera back in your inventory and go see who that was. Carefully.
No. 225404 ID: d560d6

And don't dawdle, or you'll just get a gimpse of a closing lift door.
No. 225421 ID: 4f6386
File 128355350566.png - (201.14KB , 1000x750 , 275.png )

Tiak pockets his camera again and runs to the door. But it seems that, whoever that was, didn't want to stop and say hello, because there's not a soul in the corridor.
No. 225424 ID: d560d6

Piece of paper, though. Honestly, are we the only person on this ship who uses their PDA?
No. 225425 ID: 57fd8e

Read note, hug recurring theme.
No. 225427 ID: f4963f

That does it, Tiak.

You need to start leaving notes everywhere too. Clearly you're socially maladjusted and not adhering to social customs.

I suggest your first one say:

For now, read note, hug camera.
No. 225435 ID: 4f6386
File 128355482273.png - (97.45KB , 1000x750 , 276.png )

Tiak picks up the piece of paper laying on the floor. This wasn't there before he went into the bridge.

On one side of the paper, there's a series of human letters and numbers. The other side is blank.

Tiak pockets the paper, not sure about what to make out of it.
No. 225440 ID: d560d6

The crew files locker wouldn't happen to have a human-character keypad, would it?
No. 225454 ID: f4963f

Seconding trying that passcode(?) on the locked cabinet in engineering.
No. 225465 ID: e40e60

New item on todo list: Find pen and paper, begin leaving cryptic notes. That seems to be the preferred form of communication around here.
No. 225511 ID: 4f6386
File 128356496411.png - (273.93KB , 1000x750 , 277.png )


There was a box filled with paper and pens in the Supplies room!

Tiak takes the elevator down to the Lower Deck, where he's going to try to input the code in the Filing Cabinet. But a little unforeseen event stops him from getting there.


>Uh...Watch out, the floor is wet.
No. 225515 ID: 97cb33

ah, he ether took his pills and calmed down o got off them. ether way he seems lucid.
No. 225522 ID: e40e60

No. 225557 ID: f6b553


No. 225601 ID: 86b8dc

Damn Space janitors, always with the wet floors.
No. 225642 ID: a594b9

Say hello. He seems to be calm now. ...I wonder if we can get him to describe how Mikos was first attacked?
No. 225725 ID: 4f6386
File 128359175016.png - (138.22KB , 1000x750 , 278.png )

You don't say.

>... Yes.

Uh, you look a lot more... lucid now, Mat. How's it going?

>I took a pill. There are less colors now. It's all much more quiet too.

Oookay. Do you think you can give me some more details about Miko's death now? Remember anything new?

The janitor doesn't answer at once, but stays there, staring silently with a blank look on his eyes for some seconds. Then he suddenly starts talking again.

>No... Not much. They were angry. I don't remember the faces. Everybody looks the same, I don't remember any face. They're all confusing.

>The man who had to die twice had star powder on his hand. He was going to use it, and the other man was angry about it. He shot him, and killed him, and then there was red and green and all messy everywhere. It was horrible. The man who shot took all the shiny star powder and then dragged the dead man out. I was really scared because of the millions of people talking with me in the room.

...I see.

>There's more... I think...But I can't... remember it now. I hurts.
No. 225726 ID: 97cb33

thank him for at least trying, if he can remember who shot mikos it would be great. but he doesn't have to say anything now just think on it and talk to us later.
No. 225730 ID: 1a99f0

dying twice? Something to do with the missing bullet holes in Miko's torso? We found two places with his blood, anyway. No idea about the star powder stuff. Feels important though.

Well, if that's all he can think of for now, thank him for the help and go try the cabinet.
No. 225731 ID: a594b9

What the hell is shiny star powder?
No. 225734 ID: a594b9

Mikos was shot in the head in the cargo bay, which resulted in the bulletholes in the slime's container. Some of the slime probably splashed on Mikos' head so the murderer took him over to engineering and blasted his head to smithereens to hide where the original murder took place.

...maybe the shiny star powder is explosives of some sort?

Probably to also hide the fact that they released the slime.
No. 225764 ID: 4f6386
File 128360177614.png - (237.83KB , 1000x750 , 279.png )

Tiak thanks the janitor for his help and asks him to contact him later if he can remember anything else. Then, thinking about what the deranged man said, Tiak goes into Engineering, which lights are still out.

Tiak approaches the filing cabinet and tries to feed it the written letters and numbers on the note he found laying on the upper deck.
There's no luck. He tries different combinations, inserting only the numbers, or only the letters, but nothing seems to work. He guesses that this isn't the password for the cabinet, after all.

Still rummaging about strange powders, crazy janitors and annoying passwords, he hears voices coming from the main lobby he just came from. Someone seems to be speaking with the janitor.
No. 225765 ID: 97cb33

check but stay hidden.
No. 225766 ID: bfbc71

Stand by the door (quietly!) and listen. Do NOT peek to see who it is.
No. 225775 ID: d560d6

Well, listen, but we should probably try Ac=7188 at some point in case they have idiotic password expiry policies and lazy changes.
No. 225784 ID: e40e60

Thermite, maybe?

Hide, listen. Be prepared to hide in case somebody comes in.
No. 225790 ID: 4f6386
File 128361305623.png - (123.52KB , 1000x750 , 280.png )


Tiak quickly tries it, but it doesn't work either!

Tiak leans against the Engineering main door and applies the side of his head to it, trying to listen to the voices.

The Janitor is speaking with the monotonous tone of voice he uses when he's not flipping out.

>...shot him. He killed him and then took the shiny star powder and dragged the dead man out.

"I see. So you saw who shot him."

Tiak instantly recognizes the voice of the man talking with the Janitor. It's Zeno, the Queen's bodyguard and mate.

>Yes. Shot him. Twice. Red and green everywhere.

"Aha. Did you see the murderer shooting Mikos in the head?

>No. Not in the head. Twice in the guts. So much screaming. Red and green. All messy. So dirty.

"Have you told anyone else about this?

>There's nobody else in the ship.

"I'll take that as a no. Very good, little crazy man, keep it that way. For your own good.

Tiak can hear the faint noise of the elevator doors opening and closing, and after that, only the regular sound of the Janitor moping the floor. Seems like Zeno is gone.
No. 225793 ID: d560d6

>So you saw who shot him.
Odd that Zeno wouldn't follow that line of questioning to get the actual name.

We're kind of stuck for things to do until we get our Zero Deck key back. While we're in engineering, is there a hazmat suit to go see if Trake's down in the engines?
No. 225796 ID: e40e60

Grab the remaining Hazmat suit. Investigate the engine deck.
No. 225832 ID: a594b9


It wasn't Mikos who got his head blown off; that corpse had no other wounds aside from the head! The doctor's in on it! Fucking asshole lied to us. Goddamn.

Well, that or someone switched his blood sample somehow... or cloned Mikos... or filled the headless corpse with Mikos' blood. In any case, there's either another corpse lying around or Mikos is still alive.
No. 225857 ID: e40e60

We'd known he was up to something ever since we found the key on him.
No. 225974 ID: 4f6386
File 128363466166.png - (169.34KB , 1000x750 , 281.png )

Tiak finds the spare hazard suit in the cabinet and slips into it. It takes some time, the thing is pretty heavy, and Tiak has never used one of these.

Once inside, he starts walking towards the ramp descending into the Hyperjump engines area. Inside the suit is pretty hot, and Tiak doesn't have much visibility. The glowing of the engines is still almost blinding, but at least the suit should protect him from being lethally irradiated.

As he can see after his first steps, he can keep walking forward from the ramp, or walk around and behind it.
No. 225975 ID: d560d6

Check under/behind the ramp.
No. 225978 ID: 1a99f0

look around once you get down there before deciding where to go.
No. 226132 ID: 4f6386
File 128365030820.png - (256.19KB , 1000x750 , 282.png )

The path in front of the ramp abruptly ends in a solid wall with a heavy looking door in it.

The door is locked shut, and lacks any handles, keyholes, card holes or any apparent way of opening it.
No. 226134 ID: 4f6386
File 128365033945.png - (284.32KB , 1000x750 , 283.png )

Tiak turns around to see under and behind the ramp. More blinding engines. The noise here is deafening, and Tiak is unable to hear anything besides the continuous roar of the machinery.

The machines are installed in strange patterns on the floor, but there are two openings between them, one to the left, another to the right.
No. 226135 ID: ea2a3c

Trake said he was on Zero Deck what are you

Oh well, as long as you're down here might as well look around. ESPECIALLY FOR BOMBS
No. 226150 ID: d560d6

We know he went to the Zero Deck at one point. Since we can't currently get there, we may as well check nobody dumped his body here. Also, yes, bombs.

Go left!
No. 226358 ID: 4f6386
File 128368729513.png - (240.36KB , 1000x750 , 284.png )

Tiak takes the path to the left. He walks by more and more pieces of roaring and vibrating pieces of machinery, and he avoids being sliced by a giant turbine to his right for a matter of inches.

The heat inside the suit is starting to be suffocating, and the thing was obviously designed for someone with more muscular mass than Tiak. Each step he takes is exhausting. The light flooding his senses isn't helping much either.

But he keeps walking, not finding anything interesting, until he gets to another bifurcation. Again, one opening between the engines goes to the left, another one to the right.
No. 226360 ID: a594b9

Fuck this. We don't even know where we're going. Turn back before you pass out.
No. 226364 ID: d560d6

Yeah, we really don't want to pass out down here.

...is your camera rated to survive this kind of environment? We could explore it remotely and come back if it spots anything.
No. 226369 ID: bab113

Get out of there ASAP.
No. 226373 ID: 4f6386
File 12836972883.png - (279.29KB , 1000x750 , 285.png )

Tiak walks all the way back to the safe part of Engineering, crawls out of the hazard suit and places it again inside the cabinet.

The stiffing heat inside the suit and the bright lights against his eyes was starting to get him. He takes a moment to recover himself, leaning against the cabinet, while he decides what to do now.
No. 226374 ID: a594b9

Let's check out the mainframe while Mongro's gone, since we're right next to it.
No. 226375 ID: 060453

Actually, it's right about time he had finished duplicating our key!

Lets go visit the mainframe.
No. 226477 ID: 4f6386
File 128372182595.png - (330.28KB , 1000x750 , 286.png )


The camera would easily be able to explore down there if the right patrolling pattern is introduced. But it would be completely blind, Tiak wouldn't receive but a white screen.

Tiak walks past the sleeping Walker and enters the Mainframe room. The air is charged with electricity and the buzzing sound of the colossal machine. Tiak doesn't know much about spaceship computers, but he knows that there shouldn't be so many red lights flashing over the surface.

Not even a minute after Tiak goes in, a door at the other side of the room opens. Mongro is there.

>Ah, there you are. Just in time. Come here.
No. 226479 ID: 4f6386
File 128372189246.png - (153.60KB , 1000x750 , 287.png )

>Here, a copy of the key. And your updated stun gun. It keeps using the same battery, but with this little fission condensator and the repeater I installed here... You can change from non-lethal to lethal mode. It's not too powerful, it won't be able to shoot through thick walls, but it should be enough to hit anybody not wearing a combat armor.


Tiak pockets the two items.
No. 226481 ID: d560d6

Uh, no. MONGRO can have the copy. Eventually we're going to have to return "the" key to the Captain, and that will be less prone to hilarious failure if he gets the original back. For all we know he remembers the scratch pattern on the head or something.
No. 226483 ID: d560d6

Also, if that pistol's easy to recharge, go find somewhere you can test-fire it safely, just in case Mongro rigged it to fall apart when you pull the trigger.

Or explode. But you'd rather just blow your hands off than blow your hands off and be defenceless against some assailant, right?
No. 226484 ID: e40e60

That big hunk of metal seems like it would interfere with aiming. Worth investigating.

Good idea.
No. 226485 ID: 464412

Tazer +1 GET.
Yep, aks for the original key. Less chance for shenanigans.
Next, lets go to Atmosphere Control, since that's the only thing I could think of that has the acronym on the paper.
No. 226516 ID: f4963f

As the security officer, it's our duty to see to it that the original key gets back to the captain after it's over. Since our friend is on the level with us, there's no problem if he uses the copy and lets us hold onto the original.

Surely he understands.
No. 226556 ID: 4f6386
File 128373208468.png - (142.18KB , 1000x750 , 288.png )

You know what? Sooner or later I'll have to return the key to the captain, and I don't want to have troubles with him finding out that it's a copy. So better give me the original, you keep the duplicate.

>Whatever. Here you go.

Mongro swaps the keys, handing Tiak the other one. The two of them look identical to Tiak's eyes, but he thanks the Sinarri anyways and leaves towards the Atmospheric Control room.

There's no power inside either, it's impossible to see if anything changed in here.
No. 226557 ID: d560d6

Wake up a glowstick, then. Are the Maurian characters on the tanks numbers by any chance?
No. 226610 ID: 4f6386
File 128373753541.png - (273.14KB , 1000x750 , 289.png )

Tiak turns on the light stick, illuminating part of the area around him.


No. For what TIak knows, they're Maurian chemical mumbo-jumbo. It's out of his league.
No. 226615 ID: 97cb33

what's that thing behind the middle blue vat?
No. 226619 ID: f4963f



There's something new in this room, behind the second middle blue vat. Check it out.
No. 226620 ID: e40e60

No. 226809 ID: 4f6386
File 128376629789.png - (203.01KB , 1000x750 , 290.png )

Tiak notices something behind one of the tanks and gets closer to examine it.

It's some kind of device. Its a metal sphere with an antenna and what seems to be a touch screen attached to it. It's pretty heavy, and whatever it is, it appears to be off at the moment.
No. 226811 ID: 7ceae6

Does poking the touch screen do anything? If not, pocket 'dat bitch.

I wanted to speak with either the navigator or the barman, but they could be anywhere so fuck it. Lets go to Zero Deck.
No. 226812 ID: a594b9


Actually this could be the thing that controlled the turret.
No. 226894 ID: 701a19

Show it to Mongro. You don't want to be poking at, say, a detonator.
No. 226933 ID: e40e60


No. 227037 ID: 4f6386
File 128379588863.png - (143.09KB , 1000x750 , 291.png )

Tiak takes the spherical device and returns to the Mainframe room, where Mongro is still working. He shows it to the Sinarri.

Hey, I just found this thing laying around, can you tell me what it is?

>Oh, it's you again. Hmm... Wow, I didn't expect to see one of those in here.

What? What it is?

>It's a Repeater Multi-cannon explosive round.

A... what?

>You know, ammo for the multi-cannons of an spaceship. Of the explosive variety, I would say. This thing would do a lot of damage in a closed space if it goes boom. Looks like someone has rigged that touch screen and a receptor to it to improvise a bomb.

Damn. Can you disable it?

>Hahah, I just told you. It's not a bomb per se, it's like trying to disable a bullet. I could detach the screen or cut off the antenna, but if whoever did this has half a brain, the mechanism will trigger if I try to do that.

So you're telling me that there's no way of disabling this thing?

>Well, I don't know. Why would you attach a touch screen to a bomb? Maybe you can input something there. I don't know, there's no way to know until it's enabled remotely.

>Also try not to blow yourself up in any vital part of the ship, please.
No. 227038 ID: d560d6

Dump it out the airlock. Defusing is for chumps. If the code on the note is even related it's probably a trap to make it blow up in your face.
No. 227039 ID: a594b9

Well, we do have that code we found. I wish we could just shove it out into space or something though.

Hmm. What room can we blow up? I suppose we could shove it into the brig again.
No. 227040 ID: ea2a3c

Thank Mongro for warning you, then cheese it out of there. Go to the... can you dump stuff out of the airlock in hyperspace? Maybe you can put it in that place with the reinforced wall, where you found Mikos?
No. 227042 ID: f4963f

I bet the touch screen needs the code 7187 or something.

No clue if this will activate or disable the thing, though. Can we get it out the airlock in hyperspace? This is something we'd really, really rather not have on the ship.
No. 227048 ID: d560d6

The actual airlock is out:
I was thinking more of the garbage system ( >>/questarch/222465 ), but that's possibly worse because it'll crush it then keep the bits until the hyperjump is over.

Although well-made bombs shouldn't really blow from being crushed, just destroy their detonators. Feeling lucky, Tiak?
No. 227064 ID: e40e60

What kind of explosive does your military use? Most chemical or nuclear charges can be safely disabled by smashing them to pieces, but I don't know about more advanced stuff.
No. 227067 ID: 4f6386
File 128380060220.png - (102.58KB , 1000x750 , 292.png )

All the airlocks are locked shut during an hyperjump. There's something unhealthy about opening a door to space in a ship that's traveling faster than the speed of light.

Can't I throw it in the garbage disposal unit? Maybe it will just crush the detonator instead of blowing it up.

>I think that you don't get it. That's basically an explosive cannon shell with a detonator strapped to it. These things are originally designed to explode on impact. And that's what going to happen if you crush it. Now, I know that you'll find a way of dealing with that thing, because I have to return to my work.
No. 227068 ID: e40e60


(Don't say this out loud, let's not annoy him further)
No. 227069 ID: d677cc

Good lord where do you keep getting bombs. It's like you're a bomb magnet or something.
No. 227070 ID: f4963f

Ugh. Alright, first order of business is to take it to a section of the ship where it will do the least possible damage if it goes off.
No. 227071 ID: 1a99f0

where could we put this that it would cause the least problems if it exploded?
No. 227072 ID: d560d6

>explode on impact
Good grief, how many ships have you guys lost to munitions handling accidents?

The bartender's ex-military. Maybe he'll have an idea if he shows up. (If he didn't rig the thing in the first place.)
No. 227076 ID: a594b9

Let's just put it in the brig again.
No. 227078 ID: 40cb26

Ugh. I don't suppose this cannon shell goes to a cannon on the ship? It would be nice to just shoot the damn thing away.

I'd find the least vital part of the ship, stow the bomb there and set it to blow if anyone so much as touches the damn thing
No. 227101 ID: 4f6386
File 128380993673.png - (338.79KB , 1000x750 , 293.png )


This is a transport ship, it doesn't have any weapons!

Where do you think it would be safe to put this thing in case it blows up?

>I don't know, I guess that if it explodes in the middle deck, it won't damage the hull or any important part of the ship. The passengers might be a problem, though. If you care about them.

Hmm, alright.

Tiak takes the bomb to the brig, hoping that the strong walls will contain the explosion one more time.

In his way here, he has been able to hear voices from the Canteen. Someone is talking inside, but not loud enough to make it possible to hear it from outside.
No. 227102 ID: a594b9

Oh god did the touch screen just activate?
No. 227107 ID: e40e60

Block that door. Block it and make sure that absolutely nobody can get in. The last thing that we need is for that damned thief to steal it again.
No. 227108 ID: 8c8afa

Couldn't you, umm, put it under the bad or something, behind the force field?

Also, go to the Canteen.
No. 227115 ID: d560d6

The card reader that controls it is broken.

Is the brig door still in enough of one piece that you could weld it shut?
No. 227127 ID: 1a99f0

at bare minimum put it somewhere it can't be seen from outside the room
No. 227128 ID: a594b9

Welding the door shut is a good idea.
No. 227284 ID: 701a19

Put it inside the forcefield if you can, then go check out the canteen.
No. 227404 ID: 290096
File 128385612933.png - (368.23KB , 1000x750 , 294.png )

The last explosion left the card reader badly damaged, and now it's impossible to turn off the force field.

Tiak puts the broken doors again in place and welds them. They don't fit the frame anymore and it's kind of a lousy job, but better than nothing.

Tiak then decides that it's time to take a look at the Canteen.
No. 227406 ID: 290096
File 128385616683.png - (339.31KB , 1000x750 , 295.png )

Inside he finds Zeno and Mok, the barman. Looks like they've been talking, but the barman doesn't look too happy. Although it's hard to look happy when your face is so beaten up.

The Ziranée glances over the door and gives Tiak another of his permanent white, sharp grins.

>Ah, officer, how opportune. We were just having a friendly chat, and seems like we have our differences regarding the subject of alliances between different species, specially the ones that have been at war with each other for centuries. But it seems that we've reached a dead end. Maybe you can help us, what's your opinion about the matter?
No. 227407 ID: 97cb33

a time of mistrust is normal but until one side tries to make it work, things wont get any better.
No. 227417 ID: a594b9

I think it's worth a shot.
No. 227431 ID: 701a19

"If killing each other was going to work then it would have already.
Neither side is going to trust the other anyway, so it'll basically be the same thing with less dying. If it gets better from there, great. If it doesn't, fine. If it goes back to war, then at least we tried.
Personally, I'd love to see the alliance work out."
No. 227442 ID: d560d6

You're passionate about the stimulating new opportunities for your races to intermingle, sharing culture, research, and tender embraces.

Er. Don't say that last one.
No. 227445 ID: 40cb26

I think this is more in line with the way he's feeling right now.: "I'm pretty damn sick of people fighting and I don't care why. It just leads to hatred, arguments, getting shot and blown up. So knock it off already."
No. 227472 ID: 290096
File 128387373561.png - (240.28KB , 1000x750 , 296.png )

Eh... I think it's worth a shot. I mean, it's not like killing each other have worked out so far.

The Ziranée smiles even wider and nods.

>Well, said, officer. And I think that this flight should serve as an example and flagship towards that universal truth that is peace.

The barman doesn't seem very pleased.

"Pah! This whole flight is a farce. Trickery to give you snake-heads more power. I know it, I made that backstabber of Dan spill the beans. You bastards will get what you want and then massacre us like you've been doing forever!"

>My, you should watch out that tongue, barman, you could offend me. And some of that information you're getting from questionable sources could do more harm than good.

"Harm? Like the one you vipers are going to keep doing. The war took my friends, my family and my home planet. I've seen snakes like you in the battlefield, killing my people, biting their heads off! You devils don't want peace, you like the taste of murder too much.

>You are wrong, we suffer the war as much as you do. Although it's true that there's something satisfying about breaking open those shiny carapaces. And Maurian blood tastes so sweet...

"You son of a..."

The situation seems to be escalating fast. Tiak blinks and stares, not knowing what to do or say.
No. 227473 ID: 97cb33

"both of you chill, or you get to spend an hour locked in the brig together with the bomb."
No. 227474 ID: a594b9

Get your tazer ready, the barman's reaching under the counter. Plus, you know, we need to talk to the barman about what questionable information he's gotten.

Hell why don't we just ask Zeno to leave the bar, as the situation is not going to improve while he remains here.

Tell the barman to calm the fuck down.
No. 227475 ID: a594b9

Do not mention the bomb. For all we know either one of these guys could've made the thing.
No. 227485 ID: 40cb26

Time to support the barman.
"That is enough Zeno. Taunting the other guy attack first is not peaceful, it's hypocritical. Just another kind of backstabbing. You're better than that, aren't you?"
No. 227486 ID: d560d6

Punch Zeno in the snout to establish dominance.

Alternatively, >>227473 .
No. 227497 ID: f4963f

Tell them there's been enough violence on this trip, thank you very much.

Tell Zeno to stop provoking the barman.

Tell the barman to calm down.

Incidentally, since nobody's mentioned it, our barman was in much better condition yesterday. At the moment... not so good. They're probably from the fight with the Navigator, though.


We should get Zeno out of the room so we can ask the barman about his fight with the navigator in peace.
No. 227512 ID: e40e60

This. Let's not take sides.
No. 227637 ID: 290096
File 128389999580.png - (235.39KB , 1000x750 , 297.png )

Tiak steps in between the two men. The barman keeps his hand behind the counter, but doesn't make any sudden moves. Zeno keeps grinning.

Now, enough you two. I think there's been enough violence on this trip already, we don't need any more. Zeno, that was uncalled for, and just provoking for the sake of causing troubles. And Mok, calm down, geez.

The Ziranée snickers softly.

>Oh something tells me that there's going to be a lot more violence before the trip ends, officer.


Zeno, could you please leave the room? I need to ask something to the barman in private.

>Oh, are you kicking me out of the Canteen, officer?

"Yeah, that's right. Get your scaly ass out of my bar, you lanky-necked plague!"
No. 227639 ID: a594b9

We are asking politely. He's basically finished his drink, there's no reason to stick around and get insulted like this, unless he wants to start a fight.
No. 227655 ID: e40e60

Glare angrily at the bartender.

Also do this.
No. 227685 ID: 3e83e6

"I don't need to explain myself to you. I require privacy with the barman and I -will- get it. We'll talk later."
No. 227699 ID: 55c4cf

Don't take sides. Manipulate the situation into more violence and maybe Zeno will get killed. It won't be directly your fault and you won't have to worry about being killed by him if he finds out you slept with his mate.
No. 227703 ID: e40e60

Anything but this. He may have his uses later on.
No. 227707 ID: d560d6

>>227685 if you're feeling assertive enough to pull it off.
Else >>227655 .
No. 227714 ID: 701a19

Point at the bartender
"You're not helping." then face Zeno again "Yea, I am. I need you two in different rooms, and I can't make him leave his post."
No. 228006 ID: cf736a
File 128393730281.png - (326.40KB , 1000x750 , 298.png )

Tiak angrily glares at the barman.

Cut it out, you're not helping.

Then he turns to Zeno again.

And I don't need to explain myself to you. I require privacy with the barman and I -will- get it. We'll talk later.

The Ziranée lets out a soft laughter.

>Well, congratulations officer. Seems like you're growing some guts, after all. I'll leave. Find me later, I indeed want to discuss something with you in private. Until then, good luck.

The elongated alien leaves the Canteen, leaving Tiak alone with the aggravated barman, who doesn't wait too long to speak his mind.

"And what the hell do you want?"
No. 228032 ID: d1fd2c

Tell him to shut the fuck up. Tell him he's not the God damned center of the universe. Tell him you, too, have been hurts by the war and are actually still being hurt by it on this very flight--you've been axed, thrown, blown and shot at so far. Bitch.

Now, what the FUCK was with starting brawls with other crew members? Does he not think you have enough to do as it is?

Alright. Whatever. What did the navigator say that made him lose his shit?
No. 228038 ID: a594b9

Ask him what Dan said. Also ask why he is not in sickbay right now getting his carapace sealed; it's all cracked up.
No. 228055 ID: f4963f

Woah, we're the calm one here. Let's not flip out.

Ask about what happened between him and the navigator.
No. 228072 ID: cf736a
File 12839676739.png - (196.73KB , 1000x750 , 299.png )

First, calm the hell down. I've been in the war too, I've been received wounds in this very flight! That doesn't give me, nor you, the right to flip the fuck out.


Now, what's this about you and the Navigator getting in a brawl?

>I knew Dan before this flight. Or at least that I thought. We were in the same company during the assault of Voroco 3. We've never been too close to each other, but damn, we've spilled blood together. That should mean something!

>But no. I knew there was something fishy about this ship the moment I heard Mikos was dead. I snooped around on my own and I found stuff. This isn't a passenger flight at all! They're transporting something. I don't know what, but I know that it's something powerful enough to give the victory to the side that gets its hands on it. And they're going to give it to the freaking snakes! And Dan was on it. All the time! The backstabbing bastard...

Shouldn't you go to infirmary to treat those cracks on your carapace?

>These? Pah! Mere scratches. You'll need something more than a few bruises and cracks to stop me.
No. 228080 ID: d560d6

How about an explosive cannon shell?
No. 228096 ID: a594b9

He's been fed faulty information. There's something on the ship alright, but it's not a weapon of war.

Tell him to watch himself. Whatever we're transporting, it's loose on the ship.
No. 228101 ID: 40cb26

How would his army superiors have reacted to him carrying around even minor wounds needlessly? Tell him to get himself fixed up as soon as possible.

Let's not let him know we have more info on there, especially since half the details there are self incriminating and the other half guesswork. Besides, we aren't all that sure it isn't.
No. 228155 ID: cf736a
File 12839834196.png - (174.92KB , 1000x750 , 300.png )

What would your commander say if he saw you carrying wounds around, even minor? You should go get fixed to the infirmary as soon as possible

>Look, boss, I appreciate the concern, but I ain't' letting anybody in this goddamn ship put a hand on me. End of the story.

>Don't you have a job to do? Maybe you need a clue, Mr. Investigator. You should take a look inside the room of that treacherous snake. I've seen him sneaking weird stuff into it. Like big pieces of machinery or something. Cabin 5. And enough chit-chatter, good look and good bye.
No. 228157 ID: a594b9

Right, let's go there now.
No. 228170 ID: 27a48f

Sounds like a plan. Lets go visit Snakey.
No. 228171 ID: e40e60

Good idea, but knowing him he's probably outside wondering where to relocate to already.
No. 228187 ID: d677cc

Yeah, Zeno did just say he wanted to talk to us. I can't imagine he's that far off.
No. 228195 ID: cf736a
File 128398962498.png - (175.98KB , 1000x750 , 301.png )

Tiak leaves the Canteen and Zeno doesn't seem to be anywhere nearby.

He walks over the room number 5 and politely knocks on the door.

No answer.
No. 228201 ID: a594b9

May as well open the door. He did say he wanted to meet us.
No. 228204 ID: ea2a3c


Oh man I bet it's some big fat hermaphrodite with a flock of seagulls haircut and only one nostril.
No. 228210 ID: d560d6

Tiak isn't even carrying a snorkel!

Impolitely knock on the door.
No. 228292 ID: e40e60

Open the door with your keycard.


No. 228344 ID: f4963f

Look up 'Albuquerque' by Weird Al.

We have a keycard? Go ahead and open it. If he's in, we can say we knocked. If he isn't, we always have the excuse that we're trying to meet him.
No. 228508 ID: cf736a
File 128402153584.png - (158.58KB , 1000x750 , 302.png )

Tiak uses his special keycard to open the door.

The room is empty, in almost any sense. There is no trace of Zeno, or those pieces of machinery the barman talked about. The room actually looks so tidy one could think that it's unoccupied.
No. 228509 ID: 97cb33

except that thing under his bed.
No. 228510 ID: c740ff

Man, he gets a whole closet for himself? Livin' it large, that guy.

Yell to Zeno that it's very rude to mark appointments and make rain checks five minutes after. Don't touch anything, yet. I bet he's testing you out or something as ridiculous.
No. 228536 ID: f4963f

Is that... the HAZMAT suit? Jesus Christ be careful, he might corner us here.
No. 228546 ID: e40e60

He can't use the HAZMAT, he doesn't have legs. It's something else, another trap maybe? Also check the closet and cabinet.
No. 228551 ID: cf736a
File 128404422618.png - (176.67KB , 1000x750 , 303.png )

That door isn't a closet, it's the bathroom.
Tiak calls for Zeno, but there's no response.
Then he inspects the cabinet. There's only a jacket not unlike the one Zeno is usually seen wearing, and a Ziranée army uniform, of high rank. Tiak guesses that this confirms that this is indeed Zeno's room. The bathroom is as empty and clean as the rest of the cabin.

Tiak gets down to take a look under the bed. There isn't any hazmat suit or anybody hiding down there. But there's something , that's for sure. Tiak can't make up what it is without pulling it out. Looks like some kind of heavy tool, or something similar.
No. 228552 ID: a594b9

I'd bet it's the plasma cutter. May as well check it out.
No. 228553 ID: d560d6

Poke your camera under the bed to have a look.
No. 228559 ID: e40e60

It doesn't look anything like the cutter.

Check the bathroom just to be safe, then pull out the object.
No. 228598 ID: cf736a
File 128406005383.png - (98.40KB , 1000x750 , 304.png )

The bathroom is empty.

Tiak pulls the mysterious object from below the bed. It turns out to be...

...oh boy.
No. 228602 ID: cf736a
File 128406061014.png - (163.42KB , 1000x750 , 305.png )

It turns out to be a Heavy Energy Rifle. Or H.E.R..
No. 228604 ID: abb30a

I guess we know where THAT is now. You might want to put that back EXACTLY the way you found it.
No. 228608 ID: d560d6

So, how's the Doc with forensics?

If there's a chance, you're dragging it to medical and waiting there for results. This doesn't leave our sight.
No. 228620 ID: e40e60

Take a few pictures with the camera. Put it back exactly as you found it.
No. 228629 ID: efa282

Don't put it back! We might not get another chance to hide it before it's used again. Maybe we should use the hazmat sit to hide it down in engineering? Zeno can't fit in the suit and won't be able to go down after it.
No. 228633 ID: c740ff

I agree. Lets tote a meter tall cannon all the way down to engineering and hide it in a closet. This plan is almost as perfect as the put-it-in-the-pod one.

Yell to Snakey again. Tell him he can come out, now. If he doesn't reply, put that thing where you found it and piss off.

Wish we took one of those pens. This way we could've left a note.
No. 228642 ID: efa282

I was thinking more along the lines of using the hazmat suit to put it in the area filled with DEADLY RADIATION, not sure how you got chucking it in a closet from that.
No. 228661 ID: 644ca1

I agree with putting it back EXACTLY as you found it.
No. 228668 ID: c740ff

Alright. Sorry for misreading. Still not much of an excellent plan, seeing how our aggressor walks around in a hazmat suit himself all the damn time.

Or are you saying we should take Snakey's weapon just for the sake of being a jerk toward him? That's racist, dude.
No. 228675 ID: e40e60

I was thinking of that earlier, but I didn't want to let him know we were here just yet. Now that you put it that way... yeah, let's move it.
No. 228683 ID: d560d6

>Or are you saying we should take Snakey's weapon just for the sake of being a jerk toward him?

This is verging into /questdis/, but I feel compelled to point out that a) it's a probable murder weapon and b) it's not supposed to be on board (>>/questarch/200527). That's two good reasons for Tiak to confiscate it.
No. 228707 ID: e40e60

By the way guys, don't forget that we've already damaged the first HAZMAT. Now we just need to hide the second one somewhere.
No. 228724 ID: a594b9

Put it back exactly as we found it. We don't have anywhere to store it, and it's not like anyone can really USE the thing outside of engineering. Plus, he's supposed to be working with us, since we're helping the queen.

PLUS, he asked the janitor about the murder, specifically about him getting shot in the head. There's no way he's the murderer OR the guy who blew off Mikos' head. He probably found the gun somewhere... or there's more than one aboard.
No. 228768 ID: e40e60

If we hide it in the engine deck, all we have to do is hide the HAZMAT somewhere (the other one was damaged in the fight, remember?).
No. 229028 ID: cf736a
File 128410682994.png - (157.58KB , 1000x750 , 306.png )


The doctor told Tiak before that he wasn't an expert in forensics. Anyways, Tiak doesn't think there are many doubts about the matter.
Only a heavy energy weapon like this one could have vaporized Miko's head, and then almost breach through the wall behind.

Tiak takes a picture of the weapon and saves it in his PDA, which is, by the way, running in low battery mode. He should charge it soon.

Tiak calls for Zeno again, but to no surprise, nobody answers. So he puts the rifle again just where he found it.
No. 229034 ID: 796888

I think we're done here. We can go to either the infirmary, where the navigator might be, or finally to Zero Deck, where horrors might be, or Tiak's room, where batteries might charge.
No. 229035 ID: 701a19

Closet. Bathroom. Sleep pod.
No. 229066 ID: e40e60

We checked the closet and bathroom already.
No. 229113 ID: d560d6

>Anyways, Tiak doesn't think there are many doubts about the matter.

Yes, but the point is more to find out who fired it than to confirm it was the weapon used.

>Your PDA battery is low.
>They should last at least one or maybe two hours more, anyways.
>his PDA, which is, by the way, running in low battery mode

No. 229116 ID: a594b9

Look in the bathroom.
No. 229127 ID: cf736a
File 128412533349.png - (164.14KB , 1000x750 , 307.png )

Tiak has already looked in the bathroom and the cabinet. The former is empty, the latter contains the already mentioned jacket and uniform. Tiak checks the sleeping pod, though, but it turns out to be empty as well.

Tiak is still undecided about what to do. But, oops, there goes the battery. The PDA turns itself off.
No. 229128 ID: 0e00e2

Lets go sit on our thumbs while the battery gets charged.
No. 229129 ID: 97cb33

go back to your room and peek in through the crack if the bomb is powered on yet.
No. 229131 ID: d560d6

Lose grip on sanity without reassuring embrace of pervasive technology. Go on killing spree with H.E.R.

Alternatively, go sit in your office charging the PDA and wondering if you'll ever get to the Zero Deck.
No. 229132 ID: a594b9

...guys, the bomb is in the brig. Next to his office.

I think perhaps we should stay out of there until it explodes. Isn't there somewhere else we can charge the PDA?
No. 229136 ID: 9d6ab5

It blowing up would be pretty terrible either way, and it would be less likely to if we didn't leave it unsupervised...
No. 229159 ID: cf736a
File 128413589416.png - (372.86KB , 1000x750 , 308.png )

Tiak goes back to his room. He takes peeks through the broken doors of the brig to see the bomb. It hasn't changed, the screen is still off.

He decides to charge his PDA there, and he spends the next 30 minutes taking a short nap and thinking about the stuff happening in the ship.

Finally, with the battery replenished, he's ready to continue the investigations.
No. 229161 ID: a594b9

Right, let's go to Zero Deck now. We have a light and the key.
No. 229163 ID: d560d6

Wait, why is your sleeping pod monitor thing showing a pulse?

Draw tazer and check contents.
No. 229169 ID: 4d5177

It has been showing a heartbeat many times before. It's probably just screensaver.

Lets go down to Zero Deck City where the floors are grey and the girls have titties.
No. 229176 ID: 701a19

Check it anyway.

Go say hi to Zira. Now that you know she's not one of the people trying to kill you you can ask her out on a proper date.
No. 229484 ID: cf736a
File 128420527350.png - (212.34KB , 1000x750 , 309.png )

Tiak opens the Cryo-pod but there's nothing in there! The vital panels seem to be malfunctioning, giving all kinds of wrong readings. Probably caused by the Mainframe malfunction.

Tiak makes his way to the elevator, and using the key, he descends into the Zero Deck again.
This time, he turns on one of the emergency light sticks. It only illuminates the area immediately around him, but it's better than nothing.

The place looks desolated. The walls show holes and rust all over them, and some parts of the ceiling fell to the ground long time ago, judging by the dust, stagnated in this atmosphere of stuffy air.

Not a a single sound can be heard. Used to the constant rumble of the engines, Tiak feels a bit uncomfortable down here.

There seems to be two exits from the lobby, one to the left, another to the right.
No. 229486 ID: 701a19

There are footsteps leading to your left. Follow them.
No. 229489 ID: 596998

No. 229495 ID: a594b9

Go right! Our right. Your left. Follow them footprints.
No. 229517 ID: e40e60

Let's go to your right, just to spite the others.
No. 229518 ID: d560d6

Compromise. Moonwalk to your left.
No. 229522 ID: cf736a
File 128421646989.png - (285.01KB , 1000x750 , 310.png )

Tiak takes the door to his left, avoiding a puddle of what seems to be some kind of oily substance. Looks like someone didn't have as much care as Tiak, because there are some footprints coming out of the puddle and through the door. Tiak follows them.

The door connects with a short corridor, as desolated as the previous room, but even darker, without the light coming from the elevator. There's a big gaping hole on the floor just in front of him. Tiak takes a peek, but he can't see the bottom of it, even with the light of the glowstick.

There seems to be a large door to the left, and a smaller one that gives to a descending staircase to the right. The footprints disappear just in front of that door. The fluid must have dried out, or maybe the owner of those footprints wiped it off.
No. 229523 ID: d560d6

Keep following the trail for now.
No. 229525 ID: 596998

What does the sign read? "Quarters?" Crab walk down those stairs.
No. 229538 ID: e40e60

This is almost definitely another trap. Go left.
No. 229567 ID: 30545a

I see no flaw in this plan. Proceed.
No. 229607 ID: cf736a
File 128424046810.png - (142.24KB , 1000x750 , 311.png )

Tiak takes the door to his right. According to the rusty sign, it goes to the Quarters. And it seems to be true.

After a short descending staircase, Tiak finds himself in front of a hollow room of large proportions which, without doubt, are the quarters where the colonists used to live. Doors and more doors, all of them numbered, and lined in the walls. Some of the doors are closed, others open. Some of them look pretty damaged.

The rest of the room seems to follow the pattern of the previous rooms: rust, cracks in the ceiling and walls, and another big, bottomless gap down there in the floor. There's a ladder in front of Tiak and, surprise, one of the rooms in the floor level seems to be illuminated.
No. 229609 ID: d560d6

Drop a glowstick down that ladder. You've got four, they last a good long time, and you know where to find more. If it falls down a hole it'll save that happening to you.
No. 229611 ID: a594b9

Alright, this time keep your light on.
No. 229621 ID: cf736a
File 128424364294.png - (173.23KB , 1000x750 , 312.png )


Alright, there it goes.
No. 229623 ID: e40e60

Turn your light off. Quietly move yourself to a vantage point on your side of the first or second floors. Assume you are walking into an ambush.
No. 229626 ID: d560d6

Ladder looks intact. Floor looks...intact at the base of the ladder at least. And you should be able to see your footing without having to manhandle a glowstick while climbing. Go fetch.
No. 229870 ID: cf736a
File 128427875165.png - (302.03KB , 1000x750 , 313.png )

Tiak slowly descends to the second floor, where he waits for a few minutes with his gun out for possible ambushes. Nothing happens. Then he descends to floor level and retrieves the second light stick.

Avoiding the hole on the floor, he cautiously gets closer to the open door, light stick in his left hand, upgraded gun in the right . As the interior of the room enters his visual field, he realizes that the light source seems to be a powerful flashlight on the floor, aiming at the door.

There's definitely something inside the room, but it's just behind the flashlight, and the shining doesn't let Tiak make out what it is from here.
No. 229871 ID: 97cb33

okay, the point of tat is to make it so you can't see past the light. something could be behind it and you wouldn't be able to tell.
No. 229875 ID: 701a19

Chuck a glowstick past the light so you'll get some contrast past the light, then move up to the side of the door and go flat against it.
No. 229876 ID: 60f915

Set your camera to output to PDA and send it on a patrol route around the room and back outside.

Note that this could just be a distraction, so don't get too distracted looking into the screen. Be always on the lookout for ambushes.
No. 229902 ID: d560d6

Do both.
No. 229908 ID: cf736a
File 128429335946.png - (389.77KB , 1000x750 , 314.png )

Tiak programs his servo-camera to patrol inside the room and come back to him. He manages to see what's inside just before the light coming from the flashlight flickers and goes off. The batteries must have died. But he had enough time to know that there wasn't anybody inside the room. Anybody alive, at least.


Tiak, still with the glowstick in one hand, gun in the other, enters the room. The cabin is very small and void of any furniture. Inside there's only the flashlight and... Looks like Tiak has finally found Head Engineer Trake... without head.
No. 229910 ID: d560d6

Well, that was at least somewhat expected.
What are the numbers on the...ceiling? 7 2?
Grab the torch. We can presumably find fresh batteries or recharge it somewhere and people have been wanting a better light source for ages.
Move around to the other side so you've got your back to the wall and look over the body. Shot then head blasted like Mikos? Anything in the pockets? Shoulder wound?
No. 229916 ID: 97cb33

not ceiling. it's above the doorway. room 172.

and yes, get around so you can see out the doorway and search him.
No. 229926 ID: 07010a

Interesting. His head is gone but I don't see no signs of HER usage.

No. 229936 ID: e40e60

It seems to have been cut.

Would the cutter do this kind of damage?
No. 229937 ID: a594b9

>Snakepeople bite off heads when fighting

Hmmmm. Inspect that neck wound.
No. 229945 ID: e40e60

[citation needed]
No. 229950 ID: cf736a
File 128430274881.gif - (1.16MB , 1000x750 , 315.gif )

Tiak pockets the flashlight and moves closer to the body in order to inspect it, with an eye on the door, just in case.

Hey, looks like there's something he-... What was that!?

No. 229951 ID: 97cb33

get out all your glowsticks and scatter them around. and get out your gun.
No. 229953 ID: d560d6

Scroll up: >>227472
>biting their heads off!

Lob your glowstick out the door. You want them lit up, not you.
No. 229954 ID: a594b9

Get your gun out and set it to nonlethal.

Toss your lit glowstick over to the base of the other ladder. We'll be able to see him no matter which route he takes.
No. 229958 ID: e40e60

Activate all glowsticks, toss them in various directions from the doorway. Put the flashlight down facing out the door. Draw your gun and your knife (gun set to stun). Expect an ambush.
No. 229959 ID: 07010a

Hoo boy. Do you remember the basics of CQC? Forget those. Pull out both the knife and your gun.
We didn't even get to check whether the gun works, pfft.

Proceed with the glowstick tossing. They know you're here so no point in keeping silent. "Who goes there?"
No. 230040 ID: cf736a
File 128432078675.png - (262.12KB , 1000x750 , 316.png )

Tiak proceeds to activate all his glowsticks and throw them outside from the door. Unfortunately, one of them rolls into the hole in the hole near the ladder.

While throwing the sticks outside, Tiak, still inside the room, can hear hurried footsteps running away. Then the brief metallic sound of steps on the ladder. Then nothing.

When Tiak sticks his head out of the door, his weapon set on stun in the right hand, the knife in the left, the place looks as desolated as it was when he came for the first time. No sound can be heard.

Who goes there?

No answer.
No. 230041 ID: d560d6

>Then the brief metallic sound of steps on the ladder.
Oh for...that'd have been a good time to change tactic and look out, Tiak.

...it occurs to me that snakes probably don't make footsteps, especially not on ladders.

Is the number on that note low enough to be a cabin number?
No. 230048 ID: 07010a

Bitch ran away. Though I don't think it's our original aggressor, for some reason.

Do not give chase. I don't wanna be stumbling around somewhere unknown. Go back to Trake and see what's up there.
No. 230078 ID: a594b9

Give chase! We can catch them at the elevator!
No. 230127 ID: cf736a
File 12843405562.png - (418.63KB , 1000x750 , 317.png )


Doesn't seem like it, for what Tiak can see, there are 200 cabins in this section.

Tiak decides not to chase the mysterious shadow and get back to inspect Trake's body.

First of hall, he takes the Utility Belt and puts it on. (INVENTORY SLOTS +6 )

He doesn't need it anymore anyways

Next, he examines the corpse from the other side. Obvious as it is, the head is missing. Tiak examines the cut. He's not an expert, but it doesn't look like it's been bitten off, the cut is too clean. It hasn't been vaporized with a H.E.R., either, or it would've pierced through every wall of this section and finally breach through the hull.

There are some burns in the flesh around the neck. Looks like the murderer used some kind of energy cutting tool.

There are other wounds in the rest of the body. Two laser shots in the torso, another one in the left shoulder. The blood around those wounds is starting to coagulate, while the one coming from the neck is still pretty fresh. There are two dark burns in the wall where the lasers probably hit after going through his body.

Tiak checks the corpse's pockets. They're empty. But he notices something interesting about Trake's hands.

There seems to be some kind of shiny white powder on Trake's right hand. Tiak doesn't know what it is.
No. 230129 ID: abb30a

Looks like he was writing something in his blood? 103 ?
No. 230133 ID: 0b2a05

How do you write WITHOUT A HEAD
No. 230146 ID: d560d6

Focus, Tiak. Does he have a stab wound in his shoulder?

Very Death on the Nile. Room 103 is probably rigged to explode the moment we step foot in it or something.
No. 230151 ID: 1a99f0

okay, two shots in the chest, and the stuff in his hands must be the "star powder" the janitor was talking about. So Trake was probably the "the man who had to die twice" and one shot in the cargo bay, and which means that the doctor lied about the cargo bay blood stains. I don't know whether of not a confrontation is a good idea, but he definitely can't be trusted. 103 should be investigated, but it could well be a trap...
No. 230155 ID: 97cb33

get your glowsticks back and throw one into the room. if it is a trap the stick will get it.
No. 230158 ID: f4963f

>The blood around those wounds is starting to coagulate, while the one coming from the neck is still pretty fresh.

It could be a setup, true - or he could have been alive and dying before the killer came to finish the job. We can't be certain as to which yet.
No. 230160 ID: a594b9

No, Mikos was the man the janitor witnessed seeing. Trake was JUST KILLED HERE. The star dust... probably means that Trake killed whoever died near the slime. Collect some of that dust if it's possible.
No. 230217 ID: 9d6ab5

The body looks a little lean to be Trake, but this body wasn't redressed.
No. 230222 ID: cf736a
File 128436521786.png - (284.32KB , 1000x750 , 318.png )

Tiak opens Trake's jacket for a moment to see his shoulder. Other than the laser wound, it is intact. No scalpel injury.

Tiak collects some of the shiny dust into his belt compartment and heads out to look for room 103, retrieving his glowsticks. Seems that Tiak isn't in luck. Room 103 seems to be up there in the third level, and the only ladder into that side of the section is broken! And the ledges are to far from each other for Tiak to be able to jump.
No. 230223 ID: 97cb33

walk towards the foreground/down and see if their is any other ways. or pan the camera so we can see the forth wall.
No. 230233 ID: 9d6ab5

Use your grappling hook. But really, take a look for other entry points, holes in the roof or anything. Only one enterance to this big place?
No. 230266 ID: 97cb33

hmmm, idea. you will need mongro's help with it. get him and come down, then cut the ladder on the one side off and use it to get to the other side.
No. 230267 ID: d560d6

Your camera hovers and has a night vision mode. It looks like there's no door in the frame. Send it up to take a look.
No. 230270 ID: c0f623

This one.
No. 230283 ID: 7b9ec4
File 128438993527.png - (40.42KB , 1000x750 , 319.png )

The far edge of the hall has more lined up doors in the walls, and ends abruptly in a wall. No exits, ladders or anything out of the ordinary. It seems to be better conserved than this half, though. For what Tiak can see from here, all the doors in the other half are closed.

Tiak programs his servo camera to hover up to Room 103 and take a look inside. The room doesn't have any furniture and is completely void of life. Some pieces of metal that used to be part of the ceiling lay now on the floor, leaving a hole up there.

But there seems to be something else. Some splatters of some fluid (Tiak can't make out what is it with the lack of colors of the night vision mode) and some device half hidden under the debris. Looks like a PDA.
No. 230284 ID: 701a19

Have the camera nudge the PDA to get it out from under that debris and off the catwalk, and catch it.
Then tie a scrap of cloth to the camera and have it dip that into the fluid.
No. 230285 ID: 7b9ec4
File 128439112520.png - (94.92KB , 1000x750 , 320.png )

Seems like the debris is heavier than Tiak thought. The PDA is stuck tight under the chunk of fallen ceiling!

Tiak's camera isn't strong enough to push the device out, and merely bumps against it, without any result.
No. 230286 ID: d560d6

>catch it
>holes in floor
Let's call this Plan B.

Are there any good lengths of scrap down here we could use to improvise a completely unsafe bridge between the two sides of the chamber? Half a rusty ladder should do.
No. 230313 ID: e40e60

Or a completely safe bridge. Your call.
No. 230316 ID: 7b9ec4
File 128440607328.png - (178.46KB , 1000x750 , 321.png )

Funny enough, there isn't any piece of debris big enough to serve as a bridge in the large hall. But there might be in another of the smaller rooms.

A brief glimpse to the Room 173, the next one to the one where Trake is, seems to have some large shadowy forms against the walls. It's hard to see without getting closer.
No. 230317 ID: d952e0

Go in, I guess.
No. 230318 ID: ea2a3c


Run in there waving your arms overhead singing "la la la I'm completely not threatening at all~\o"
No. 230320 ID: d560d6

Listen to your sense of self-preservation. Throw a glowstick in first.

It might be green goop.
No. 230333 ID: 7b9ec4
File 128441193724.png - (265.82KB , 1000x750 , 322.png )

Tiak throws a glowstick inside the room. Once he is sure that there aren't unpleasant surprises inside, he retrieves it and takes a look.

It seems that there's a pile of debris, with the other half of the broken ladder in a corner of the room, conveniently piled under a hole in the ceiling that climbs up to the upper level.

There's also a small puddle of blood next to it.

Tiak climbs up the ladder.
No. 230335 ID: 7b9ec4
File 128441197936.png - (215.52KB , 1000x750 , 323.png )

Almost there now.
No. 230337 ID: d952e0

Lets go check room 132? If there's nothing there, I guess we could make a leap of faith onto that ladder.
No. 230338 ID: a594b9

Inspect that clawed door. What could've caused that?
No. 230341 ID: d560d6

>I guess we could make a leap of faith onto that ladder.
Jump! You can make it!
No. 230354 ID: e40e60

Inspect 134 and the door to 137.
No. 230365 ID: 7b9ec4
File 128442180046.png - (187.52KB , 1000x750 , 324.png )

Tiak inspect the door number 137. It's locked, and there seems to be claw marks over it. That's quite strange and Tiak doesn't know what could have made such a thing. But the marks look pretty old, after all.

Room 134 is as empty as it is physically possible to be.

Finally, Tiak decides to try to jump and reach the remains of the ladder, he takes impulse and propels himself, barely clinging to the rusted ladder.

No. 230366 ID: d560d6

Climb onto the ledge before either you or it lets go.
No. 230367 ID: e40e60

No. 230721 ID: 7b9ec4
File 128445534032.png - (202.06KB , 1000x750 , 325.png )

Tiak is about to make it up to the top of the ladder, when suddenly the buzzing sound and the feeling of heat dangerously near his leg warns him about the obvious: Someone just tried to shoot him, and missed by inches.
No. 230722 ID: 97923a

This bastard is fucking cheap. Climb climb climb run run run hide hide hide in room 103.
No. 230723 ID: 701a19

You're glowing and they had as much time to line-up their shot as they wanted. They're trying to scare you off.
No. 230733 ID: a594b9

Get up to the top of the ladder then turn off your light, and duck into 103. Use the servo camera's night vision to try to catch a look at your attacker.
No. 230736 ID: 7b9ec4
File 128447024539.png - (106.05KB , 1000x750 , 326.png )

Tiak hurries, climbing up the ladder as fast as he's able, turning off the glowstick and hiding inside of Room 103. Oddly enough, there isn't any more gunfire towards him.

He peeks with the camera from the door, but he can't see anybody from this position, and he doesn't know if he should risk the camera sending it further away.

Meanwhile, Tiak notices the PDA, just in front of him. Also, now he can identify the splatters on the floor. It's blood. Doesn't matter if it's pitch black in the room, it's easy to single out the smell.
No. 230737 ID: 701a19

Somebody was shot here, but it's too early to say who.
Grab the PDA and SEND THE CAMERA OUT. You need to know who fired those warning shots at you.
No. 230738 ID: 09fd83

Wait. Look up. What's that wet spot on the wall above?
No. 230742 ID: a594b9

Remember when we used the lid for cover, before? Let's do that again, with that piece of rubble.
No. 230744 ID: d560d6

Send it on a circuitous, random-walk route so that it's not trivial to shoot the poor thing down. Ideally you want it to be out of the line of fire until the last moment. If they start shooting at it, take pot-shots at them to force them back into cover.

Don't go for the PDA yet; you'll expose yourself to fire and it's not like this is a good time to read whatever it may say. (Looks like the screen's wrecked anyway so it's going to be more involved to get the data off.)
No. 230773 ID: e40e60

Set your sidearm to stun, lay down some suppressive fire (continuously spam fire into the doorway). Send the camera out, just to the left of the door. When the camera reaches the destination, you'll stop firing and he'll poke his head out to shoot back. Boom, clear image of your attacker's identity.
No. 230821 ID: f5e6a3
File 128449933269.png - (175.53KB , 1000x750 , 327.png )

Tiak sets his weapon to stun and starts shooting some suppressive fire towards the door where the laser beam came from. Inmediatly he sends the camera out to wait to the left of said door. But a minute goes away and nobody appears, or returns the fire.

Finally, Tiak decides to peek with the camera through the exit. Nobody there, just the empty stairs. Whoever shot at him didn't stick around for long.
No. 230824 ID: e40e60

Head back to the elevator.
No. 230827 ID: d560d6

Well, at least Mongro didn't rig our pistol to fall apart or explode in our hands.

Extricate that PDA.
No. 230836 ID: a594b9

Get dat pda!
No. 230842 ID: f5e6a3
File 128451059988.png - (98.46KB , 1000x750 , 328.png )

Tiak picks up the PDA from the floor. The screen is shattered, but it's hard to tell if the device is further damaged or still works.

Also Tiak doesn't know if he should mess with the PDA right here and now, or go somewhere else to try it.
No. 230845 ID: 97cb33

pocket the thing and go.... how the fuck do we get down?
No. 230848 ID: d560d6

Save it for later when we've got decent light to work under.

I was wondering that on the way up, but he was just so eager. :V I guess more acrobatics are in order. Remember, Tiak---fall and break anything, and you'll be stuck with with the possibly-murderous Doctor or the certainly-seductive snake queen again.
No. 231014 ID: f5e6a3
File 128454092168.png - (197.26KB , 1000x750 , 329.png )

After a risky jump and another descent through the open hole in the room, Tiak is back on the floor level.

He turns on the glowstick again, it's not a wise thing to be stumbling in the dark in a place like this.
No. 231018 ID: d8e62b

Can you quickly check the other open rooms? Don't wanna miss something important.

If there's nothing on note in any of them, chuck a glowstick down the hole in the floor, here. I wanna see how deep it is.
No. 231046 ID: d560d6

One's already fallen down there. We could take look down it, though. Lie down to do it so you don't put your whole weight right on the edge of the broken floor.
No. 231072 ID: f5e6a3
File 128455600292.png - (64.89KB , 1000x750 , 330.png )

Tiak takes a quick look inside Room 69, the closest one to him. It's empty, except for more debris. Looking inside the rooms on the other levels would take more time.

Tiak also peeks down the hole where one of his glowsticks fell. It's deep down there, still glowing. The darkness is so thick and the range of the glowstick is so limited that it's impossible to see anything else around it.
No. 231074 ID: 97cb33

is there a minimum size needed for ships to light jump or something? a ship this massive is just asking for trouble.
No. 231075 ID: d560d6


We still don't know what Mongro was doing down here (if it wasn't killing Trake), and haven't found any of the computer parts Trake expected to be down here. Backtrack and take a different branch.
No. 231078 ID: a67a37

Welp. Lets go back to the <-???? and Quarters-> fork and head into the ????.
No. 231100 ID: ffc972

I support this.
No. 231102 ID: f5e6a3
File 128456825410.png - (182.31KB , 1000x750 , 331.png )


Hyperjump engines are incredibly expensive so they are only installed in large transport ships or battle cruisers. Except for a few exceptions, of course.

Tiak climbs up the ladder and walks up the stairs, back to the bifurcation, and this time he takes the door with the broken signal pointing at it.

The door connects with long corridor, which finally ends in a rather empty room. Seems like there's a service elevator here. The lift is in another floor, above Tiak. But in the dark he can't see where that would be, he can't even see the ceiling from here.
No. 231103 ID: 1e996e

Hmm... click the GREEN button and run away before the elevator potentially drops on you.
No. 231114 ID: a594b9

No. 231115 ID: a594b9

Oh also have your camera set up to watch behind you so you don't get ambushed.
No. 231121 ID: e40e60

Stand to one side, call the elevator.
No. 231140 ID: f5e6a3
File 128458339770.png - (217.51KB , 1000x750 , 332.png )

Tiak presses the green button and retreats to the door again. The loud noise precedes the heavy lift as it descends. And something comes down with it.

What's in front of Tiak now seems to be another Walker, not unlike the one he saw in Engineering a while ago.

The machine is completely motionless and looks abandoned.
No. 231141 ID: ea2a3c

Ride ye two legged beast!
No. 231143 ID: a594b9

Send the camera to inspect it a little closer so you don't have to risk your fleshy body.
No. 231145 ID: 20951c

>fleshy body

Mount up, tankman.
No. 231157 ID: f5e6a3
File 128459245431.png - (385.71KB , 1000x750 , 333.png )

Tiak sends briefly the camera, but the visuals don't reveal anything useful. The interior of the Walker can't be seen from outside.

Tiak tries to open the cockpit and get inside, but as it happened the last time he tried to hop on a bipedal robot, the machine is locked.
It seems that the cab needs a certain key to be opened. And Tiak doesn't have that key.
No. 231158 ID: 275a1c

Well, okay. Push the mech over and lift yourself up. Stand on the platform and press the GREEN button again.
No. 231159 ID: a594b9

I think there's room on the lift for you normally. Up we go!
No. 231160 ID: e40e60

Go up.
No. 231241 ID: f5e6a3
File 12846250599.png - (333.34KB , 1000x750 , 334.png )

Tiak gets up on the elevator platform. The Walker is too heavy for Tiak to be able to push it all by himself. But there's enough room for him to get up with the machine and everything.

He presses the red button, and after a short while of ascending in the dark, Tiak steps into a familiar room.

Well, it seems like there's only one Walker in the ship, after all. Tiak didn't notice that the room was a cargo elevator the first time he went in there. The button is hard to see in the dark. He wonders how many other people might know about it too.
No. 231242 ID: 97cb33

go into the mainframe room.
No. 231243 ID: 701a19

Mongro would have known. Trake would have as well. If you compare the degradation of the zero deck with the elevator then it becomes pretty clear that the cargo elevator has been well maintained.

Now that Mongro's not here I want you to check a few spots for dust thickness. Namely the canopy, the feet, the floor next to the feet, and the arms.
No. 231244 ID: a594b9

...well, Mongro didn't know about it. Unless he traded the key to someone else?

Ugh. Whatever. I don't get it, why is there unsecured access to Zero Deck?
No. 231264 ID: e40e60

Find Mongro, ask him what he needed the key for.
No. 231299 ID: f5e6a3
File 128464208377.png - (325.03KB , 1000x750 , 335.png )

Tiak checks for dust around the Walker, but he can't find any. The thing looks perfectly clean, and so does the whole elevator. And the rest of the floor in Engineering, for the matter. It isn't really a surprise, considering the janitor's obsession with cleaning.

Tiak enters the mainframe room, but it seems that Mongro isn't here. He knocks on the door at the end of the room, but there's no answer.
No. 231300 ID: b0559a

Go into the door, then. It accepts your card, right?
No. 231301 ID: 701a19

Check inside that room.
No. 231306 ID: f5e6a3
File 128465313890.png - (152.41KB , 1000x750 , 336.png )

Tiak uses his card to get in the room, closing the door behind him.

It's a small cubicle, rather empty except for a bed and a cabinet.

This is probably Mongro's room. He's just an assistant, so he probably doesn't get a place with the rest of the crew, but rather here, close to Engineering, where he might be needed.
No. 231308 ID: 97cb33

look in that box under his bed and his cabinet.
No. 231309 ID: dab2fd

If you don't know the location of every last crew member's porn stash by the time this flight has landed, you're not investigating hard enough.

Anyway, check the closet.
No. 231311 ID: 8f2ffa

Look under the pillow as well!
No. 231320 ID: e40e60

Get the item under the bed.

Fuck, everybody on this whole flight is hiding something, even us!
No. 231346 ID: f5e6a3
File 128467115381.png - (158.42KB , 1000x750 , 337.png )

Tiak opens the cabinet. Inside there's only a set of civilian clothes, a pair of boots, and two spare fuses.

Tiak also pulls out whatever is hidden under the bed. It turns out to be an incredibly heavy suitcase. But not any kind of suitcase. This one is armored, like the ones the army uses to carry top secret artifacts! Or at least, that's what happens in the spy books Tiak uses to read.

Anyways, the suitcase requires a key to be opened. So... a regular cutter like the one Tiak has won't be able to cut through it.
No. 231347 ID: 8f2ffa

>Spare fuses.
No. 231348 ID: d560d6

...I assume those civilian clothes actually have four arms.

Anyway, yeah, grab the fuses, go replace the smashed ones. If Mongro shows up, this is your chance to shout at him for how you're having to do his job because he was off sleeping somewhere. :3
No. 231358 ID: a594b9

Don't we have a key we don't know the purpose of? Try it.
No. 231360 ID: e40e60

Get the fuses. Fix the broken ones.
No. 231369 ID: ea2a3c

Mongro is a top secret super spy! We better not mess with his stuff or he'll have to let us in on the mission!

Didn't you already have a key you didn't exactly know the purpose of? Besides the zero deck key. That other one.
No. 231371 ID: e40e60


Try it!
No. 231375 ID: 4aa717
File 128468189366.png - (161.93KB , 1000x750 , 338.png )


Yes, the clothes have four arms.

Tiak pockets the spare fuses and closes the cabinet.

Then he tries out the key with the label "H.S." attached to it on the suitcase's lock and, surprise, it works!

The suitcase contains a RMT 21 Laser Sub-rifle, loaded, with a spare charged battery. It's a versatile weapon, with a shorter range than a full rifle, but with a faster rate of fire. It's also smaller and lighter than a rifle. It's an efficient weapon for close quarters and indoor situations. But it's still too big and heavy to conceal it inside a jacket.

Besides the weapon and the battery, inside the suitcase there's an unlabelled key card.
No. 231376 ID: ea2a3c


D-damn. I don't know what to do at this point. On one hand it goes against all protocol as security personell to rifle through someone's personal belongings, but on the other hand I doubt he's cleared for that weapon. But on the other hand taking his stuff would ruin whatever alliance he's made with you (and really he's thus far your only friend on this ship), but on the other hand... what if we need that keycard... so tempting...

I suggest leaving that stuff in Mongro's room locked up tight. If we need it but he's somehow using it then he's a pretty cool guy and it might be for the best. If he isn't using it, then we have the location of a powerful firearm and a possibly necessary card key under lock and key, in a place that nobody else knows about besides us and Mongro and anyone else snooping around in his room right now-

oh god check the ceiling
No. 231377 ID: 732129

Take note: Mongro didn't have the key to the heavy firepower case. He may well have found the case stashed somewhere in zero deck, brought it to his room for later, when he had time to pick the lock, and in the ensuing craziness forgot about the case.
No. 231378 ID: 175f4a

take the stuff out of it and close the box and put it back. you are now medium weapon officer.
No. 231380 ID: 732129

You know, the case could have been planted to frame Mongro too.

In any case, bring the case up to the Captain. It's time to report in to him about the corpse, the gun, and that you know there's a greater game afoot.

Leave the fuses, honestly you don't need them right now.
No. 231383 ID: e40e60

I don't trust the captain. I do trust Mongro, to a certain degree.
No. 231390 ID: d560d6

Take the card, close and take the case, carry it like a briefcase. Won't cause general panic like wandering around heavily armed. This thing's going to cause trouble and go missing but at least if we're in the middle of the trouble we might have some idea who (else) is involved.

Do replace the fuses. Don't go near the captain.
No. 231429 ID: 4aa717
File 128471295669.png - (263.11KB , 1000x750 , 339.png )

Nothing up there, just the lights.

Tiak pockets the blue card and closes the suitcase, taking it with him.

Then he directs his steps towards the last section of Engineering, where he installs one of the new fuses in the fuse box.

After a couple of minutes of electric work without the proper insulating equipment, the fuse is installed and the lights come back. Hooray!
No. 231430 ID: a594b9

Examine cabinet!
No. 231433 ID: f21d07

.... Check out the fire cabinet.
Try turning on the PDA. Its battery is probably dead, but you should try it now anyway.
Hell, if the cabinet's locked, we should head to Security to get it recharged ASAP.
No. 231456 ID: d560d6

This is probably a good idea, but while we're still here---if the screen's wrecked, how can you get the data off? Can your remote-control it from your PDA, or are you going to have to take it apart and yank the storage? Are you going to need to raid engineering for precision tools to do that?
No. 231457 ID: 4aa717
File 128473146850.png - (119.16KB , 1000x750 , 340.png )

Tiak tries to turn the PDA that he found in the Zero Deck on, but it doesn't respond. Maybe it's completely ruined, maybe it's just out of batteries.

Then he opens the cabinet to his right, the one with the "fire" picture on it. As expected, there are fire prevention equipment inside. There's a concentrated fire extinguisher. A "classic" model, you could say.

Also there are two small suffocation bombs. They work as hand grenades, but instead of blowing up they release an expansive chemical compound that reacts with the oxygen. In a matter of seconds, one of these little bombs would be able to "consume" all the oxygen in a large room. They are pretty useful to control engine fires or a localized combustion. They can be dangerous for the obvious reason, too.

Judging by the empty space, one of the suffocation grenades is missing.
No. 231458 ID: f21d07

>Suffocation bombs.
No. 231459 ID: d560d6

>Judging by the empty space, one of the suffocation grenades is missing.

So, how long can you hold your breath, Tiak?
No. 231462 ID: 175f4a

take both remaining suffocation bombs.
No. 231464 ID: 644ca1

Leave the suffocation bombs, someone might need them in case of a fire. It isn't our job to steal equipment for no reason, and really we have no reason to take them.
No. 231471 ID: f4963f

Take one suffocation bomb. Leave one in case of, yanno, an actual fire.
No. 231483 ID: 4aa717
File 128474581383.png - (110.06KB , 1000x750 , 341.png )

Tiak decides to pocket one of the bombs, leaving the other one in the cabinet.

What now?
No. 231484 ID: a594b9

Get your butt back to Zero Deck. There's more to explore.
No. 231490 ID: f21d07

Yeah okay lets go to Zero Deck. Use the mech elevator and no the main one.
No. 231493 ID: d560d6

Hang about, is the torch something we can reasonably recharge in a few minutes before we do? Or change the batteries if that's the case.
No. 231498 ID: e40e60

For probably the first time in the whole flight, we now have the most firepower of anybody onboard (HER notwithstanding).
No. 231547 ID: 4aa717
File 128476817186.png - (363.01KB , 1000x750 , 342.png )

Tiak retreats to his room to charge the battery of the broken PDA. He also recharges the batteries of the flashlight.

He tries to turn on Trake's PDA. The screen doesn't seem to work, but the device seems to be somewhat operative. He pushes buttons at random and finally a disjointed robotic voice plays.

>You---ave--udio notes---... Press... to plaayyyaayyy.
No. 231548 ID: f21d07

Hmm... lets not do this here. Do we know some place with sound proof walls?

... Lets head to the toilets on the Lower Deck.
No. 231549 ID: d560d6

...I guess you never learned the data recovery trick of always taking an drive image first so you can't make things worse.

Might have open stalls and someone else wandering in. Try Mikos' en-suite, since hopefully anyone wanting to mess with it has already done so. Closer, too.
No. 231574 ID: e40e60

Somewhere in engineering would probably be the best place. There's only one other person in the whole sector and there's a good chance that he's already heard parts of it.
No. 231647 ID: adace3
File 128481546755.png - (176.14KB , 1000x750 , 343.png )

Tiak gets into Mikos' cabin, and after being sure that there isn't anybody in the room or the bathroom, he touches the broken PDA screen, and the robotic voice announces:

"Note o-o-one:"

Then the voice of Trake starts playing. The sound is broken and most parts seem to be missing, but some of it is understandable.

>-ark can't see sh-----aven' found any of the parts yet but----nvestigate that strange doo----old Cargo Ba----Shit, fuckin' oil everywhere, this--- a mess.

"N---oote two missing, corrupt d---ta. N-te three missing, crrrryuuup..."

"-ote four:"

>--retty sur' that someone's followin'----ootsteps----aw someone out there....

"Note ---e:"

>Found som'ting---Medical Bay---arrels full of---it's shiny and---I'll grab a handful---Who's there!?

"No-- six misssssssiiiiii..."

"Nottte two. Note seven:"

>...Quarters. Fucker shot me.----uckin shoulder. Gonna try to sneak----through the rooms and----FUCK.

Then Tiak can hear the sound of laser fire and a strong distortion.

"No moorrr----notes"

Tiak touches the buttons some more, but the PDA doesn't respond anymore.
No. 231649 ID: e1688a

Diamond dust? Explosives? Cocaine? I'm sure the chemistry student could tell us! I think we should go ask her for help.

Otherwise, it's back to Zero Deck.
No. 231651 ID: e40e60

>Fucker shot me.----uckin shoulder

I would've never guessed.
No. 231668 ID: adace3
File 128482779420.png - (170.67KB , 1000x750 , 344.png )

Tiak gets out of his room and knocks on the door of Cabin 1, hoping to see Yery and ask her about the strange dust found on the corpse.

But nobody answers. He checks in the Canteen, just in case. But it's empty.
No. 231669 ID: 701a19

Check inside.
No. 231670 ID: ea2a3c

You did tell her to stay in her room, and in no certain terms imply that there are roving murderers with high powered weaponry stalking around, so it's understandable why she wouldn't answer.

Check inside... carefully.
No. 231699 ID: 70fec4
File 128484132675.png - (195.63KB , 1000x750 , 345.png )

Tiak uses his key card into the slot, and the gate opens. But just as he's about to enter the cabin, the door at the other side of the corridor opens, and no other than Yery is the one behind it.

Her gaze jumps between Tiak and the door, first surprised, then indignant.

>Hey, what are you doing? That's my room!
No. 231702 ID: ea2a3c


Trying to steal your stuff. I mean rifle through your possessions. I mean trying to get your attention. Thought you were in there and I need your help.
No. 231706 ID: e1688a

Don't lose a beat. "I need your help. Were I to show you a sample of some substance, could you identify it? I don't really trust the Doc anymore."
No. 231710 ID: e40e60

"I need your help identifying this substance. I think it may have something to do with whatever's going on."
No. 231712 ID: 701a19

"Sorry; you weren't in the canteen and didn't answer your door, so I was about to investigate.
Tell me, how well equipped are you for doing chemical analysis?"
No. 231716 ID: 609518

"Oh. There you are.
I got a bit worried when you didn't answer the door."
No. 231763 ID: 1e07ff
File 128485745993.png - (240.81KB , 1000x750 , 346.png )

I'm sorry, I need your help identifying a strange substance. It's very important, so I was going to see if you were in there.

Yery blinks and stop frowning, apparently satisfied with the explanation.

>Oh, alright. Better get in, then.

She enters the room and gestures Tiak to follow her. Once inside, she turns around expectantly.

>Sorry if I sounded too mean back there. Well, where's that substance?

Don't worry about it, and right here.

Tiak reaches inside his belt container and extends his hand with a handful of the shiny white dust. Yery takes a pinch of it between her fingers and eyes it with interest.

>Hmmm... You know, without any equipment at hand, I can't really tell... Wait a second. That smell... I think I know what is this! But if I'm right, this is more in the field of a biologist than a chemist. Just let me...

Before Tiak can react, she extends her long proboscis and tastes the powder. A painful expression immediately crosses her eyes.

>OWwwww! Owww, that hurts!

Are you alright? Why did you...

>Don't worry, I'm ok. And I was right. This is extract of perticanto, concentrated.


>The Perticanto is a small fish that lives in one of the oceans in Becro III, quadrant 3C. They breed them, process and extract their entrails, producing this powder, which is one of the most nastiest poisons known by anybody. It paralyzes your body and kills you in a matter of minutes. Very painful, no antidote, and it's able to kill almost any alien race out there, for what we know. You're lucky I worked for two years in a cattle farm, they used this stuff to kill the vermin. Otherwise I wouldn't have know what it is.

Oh, thanks!... Are you sure that you're gonna be ok?

She nods, with her tongue still hanging limp from her mouth.

>Yes, don't worry. I didn't swallow it and it can only hurt you if you ingest it, or is injected in your blood. The only thing is that I'm going to be with my tongue numb like this for half and hour or so. Oww.
No. 231764 ID: e1688a

Barrels of... poison? Well, it's not exactly a nuke, but...

So. To Zero Deck?
No. 231765 ID: d560d6

"Oh, hey, this might be paralyzing poison, so I'll lick it." Smart girl.

Go wash your hands.
No. 231772 ID: e40e60

If it's possible to disperse it in liquid or gaseous form somehow, you've got a WMD-scale chemical weapon.
No. 231820 ID: ea2a3c

Oh god wash your hands forever.

The engineer found barrels of this stuff? Barrels? Why would there be barrels of a powerful neurotoxin down in an abandoned deck of a space ship? What possible... this isn't star dust!
No. 231821 ID: 732129


I think is is the "star dust."

The paralytic agent was used on Mikos, who was then stripped, killed, and then dressed. The murderer then moved the body to where we found it, and removed the head for unknown reasons. He was stripped so that they could search him for the crescent keys we agreed to help the queen get.

The barrels of poison are likely what the bartender found out about. The navigator, and likely all the senior officers, knew about the poison.
No. 231822 ID: 732129


Although, thinking on it, didn't the queen imply that Ziranée find Maurian body parts (blood, at least) to be delicious? Perhaps the braincase holds the sweetest meats of all...
No. 231832 ID: 701a19

That was her consort.

The heads weren't bitten off, which is their MO. Instead somebody cut them off, and in Miko's case burned the stump.
This could be a frame-up. It's unlikely, but possible.
No. 231864 ID: 987386

"Well, I appreciate the sacrifice of your taste for a couple of hours. Maybe I can get ya something to celebrate its return with whenever you regain taste. Of course, food or drink selection might be a tad limited while we're still aboard this ship."

Think. Joke. "You're not gonna try eating any more questionable substances I might ask for ya to take a look at, I hope? No sticking a finger in mysterious, bubbling, caustic liquids?"
No. 231884 ID: 1e07ff
File 128489178879.png - (120.38KB , 1000x750 , 347.png )

Tiak washes his hands in the bathroom, asking permission to Yery first, of course.

Well, thank you for sacrificing your taste sense for a couple of hours for me. Maybe I can find a way to repay you later.

>Oh, it's nothing, I'm just glad I could be of help!

I better get going...You're not gonna try eating any more questionable substances I might ask for ya to take a look at, I hope? No sticking a finger in mysterious, bubbling, caustic liquids?

>Of course not! That would be silly... Unless I think I know what kind of substance is and I'm sure it's not gonna hurt me or well at least not gonna hurt me permanently and I don't have time to be all thinking about what could it be when I can just touch it or taste it and be sure and it doesn't hurt too much... Sorry, I was doing it again. Take care out there!

Tiak leaves the room and makes his way back to the Zero Deck. He turns on the torch this time, now having a more clear and focused source of light.
No. 231886 ID: e1688a

Go to your RIGHT.
No. 231896 ID: 1e07ff
File 128490072460.png - (169.01KB , 1000x750 , 348.png )

Tiak takes the the door to his right. After a short walk, he ends up in another intersection, with three different doors.
No. 231897 ID: 175f4a

let's try the unmarked door.
No. 231899 ID: e1688a

Nay! The one marked Cargo!
No. 231900 ID: d560d6

No. 231902 ID: e40e60

VIP will probably be fastest to search. Cargo is just begging for another ambush.
No. 231927 ID: a594b9

No. 231949 ID: 1e07ff
File 128492931487.png - (215.66KB , 1000x750 , 349.png )

Tiak takes the unmarked door to his right. Again he finds himself in an almost empty room with two openings.

Judging by the old sign on the door to his left, it must lead to the old Infirmary or Medical Bay. But there is a pile of debris, part of the ceiling actually, blocking the entrance. The pile seems to be too heavy for Tiak to just move it. There are some space between the chunks, but it's too small for Tiak to crawl through it.

Looking closely, Tiak notices that the amount of dust over the wreck isn't as thick as in the rest of the room. Looks like this mess happened recently.

Also there's another door to the right. Unmarked as well.
No. 231952 ID: a594b9

Oh hey, we've got a job for Zira. For now let's check out the next unmarked door.

Also, set your camera down partially hidden by the debris so you can see if someone comes in behind you.
No. 231953 ID: debe7c

We could just send the camera into the room. Lets do that.
No. 231954 ID: 701a19

See that corner of ceiling up top on the side that's facing you?
Cut through that about 10cm away from the wall. The entire blockade will collapse like a deck of cards.
No. 231975 ID: e40e60

This is an excellent idea, but it's going to make a lot of noise if we aren't careful.
No. 231987 ID: d560d6

Let's send the camera first, then.
No. 232146 ID: 1e07ff
File 128497599390.png - (148.77KB , 1000x750 , 350.png )

Tiak sends the camera in, and watches through his PDA. The room is as old and abandoned as the rest. There's some furniture scattered around, some barrels and a broom just in the middle of the room. There also seems to be another door at the far end .


That's a good idea, but unfortunately, Tiak's cutter isn't powerful enough to cut through the hard ceiling. It would take a long time to do it, probably longer than what's left of the batteries of the cutter, it merely scratches and heats up the surface.
No. 232147 ID: d560d6

Well, other unmarked door, then. Hopefully we'll find a route around to the other medbay door.
No. 232148 ID: 22f8d1

Aha! Barrels! Get the camera back and walk through the other door.
No. 232238 ID: 008399
File 128500226374.png - (139.11KB , 1000x750 , 351.png )

Tiak recovers his camera and follows the next unmarked door to the front. Unfortunately, it looks like this is the end of the road in this direction, as a big portion of the floor has collapsed, creating a chasm which bottom can't bee seen from here.

But something catches Tiak's eye. There are some pipes sticking out of the broken floor like dead limbs out of a carcase. And under his feet he can see that someone has tied something up to one of the broken pipes with a piece of red string. It looks like one of the mainframe parts!

But it's out of his reach. Even if he lays down on the edge, Tiak can't touch the pipe, let alone the string.
No. 232239 ID: c1f226

Lets try the cargo bay, then.
No. 232241 ID: 175f4a

use the cutter as a giant hook to grab the string.
No. 232251 ID: d560d6

Sounds worth a shot; it's a good shape.
No. 232280 ID: a594b9

This looks like another job for Zira honestly. You can hold her over the edge. Or use a rope.
No. 232290 ID: 8ad862

>Zira is a useful item.
Next time you meet Zira, put her in your inventory. She'll love it.

Anyway, since we can't accomplish anything here, let's head to the Cargo Bay.
No. 232293 ID: 008399
File 128501627013.png - (156.72KB , 1000x750 , 352.png )

Tiak tries to use the Sinarri cutter as a hook and grab the computer part. But even with the tool he's only able to touch the pipe. The only part of the string he's able to reach is the knot, and he doesn't think that it would be wise to pull it.

Meanwhile, Tiak is pretty sure that he just heard a noise coming from the room behind him.
No. 232294 ID: 175f4a

get out the gun and check who it is. also ponder how someone got that thing to hang from the pipe in the first place.
No. 232295 ID: d560d6

Get back from the edge and kill the torch.
No. 232301 ID: e40e60

Kill your light, draw your pistol.
No. 232306 ID: 0b2a05

Stay close to the ground, you don't want to get knocked into that hole. Definitely kill the lights.
No. 232307 ID: a594b9

This is why I wanted to hide the camera in the rubble pile, dammit.
No. 232308 ID: 008399
File 128502713280.png - (67.04KB , 1000x750 , 353.png )

Tiak kills the light, pocketing the torch and pulling out the gun, still on stun mode. He gets closer to door and waits silently in the pitch black room.

He waits for a couple of minutes before the sound returns. Footsteps in the next room, getting away from him. The pace is quick, but not running.

Whoever it is, is getting out of the room with the door blocked, in the opposite direction from where TIak is hidden.
No. 232309 ID: c1f226

Lets run after him this time.
No. 232316 ID: 175f4a

burst out and surprise them. drop the case and use the flash light to blind them.
No. 232320 ID: e40e60

Ambush them, light drawn.
No. 232322 ID: d560d6

>stun mode
Got a clear shot? :3
No. 232419 ID: 701a19

This plan is flawless.
Also, shout "FREEZE! SECURITY!"
No. 232513 ID: 1b1328
File 128507096543.png - (233.90KB , 1000x750 , 354.png )

Tiak drops the suitcase and lunges into the room, turning on the flashlight, letting a loud "FREEZE! SECURITY!" out of his mouth.

But it seems that the person wasn't facing him and actually leaving the room! He can only see a glimpse of the person before it vanishes through the door.
No. 232514 ID: 4a2852

What are you waiting for? After him!
No. 232515 ID: d560d6

Right, you've identified yourself, there's CRIMES going on down here, and they're running away. Shoot them with your stungun already.
No. 232534 ID: 5783d9


Dash after him, quickly. The powers that be want to replace you with a clone or something.
No. 232549 ID: 1b1328
File 128508697271.png - (154.12KB , 1000x750 , 355.png )

Tiak runs after the fugitive, ready to shoot. But as soon as he crosses the door, he discovers that his quarry didn't go too far.

A leg gets in his way, making him lose all balance. One second later, the floor is giving his face a cold and hard welcome.


Before he can reach to his gun or torch, or even get up, a foot heavily stomps on his back, pressing him against the floor, and an angry and loud voice shouts.

No. 232551 ID: 4a9de2

"Tiak Belint, head of security."
No. 232552 ID: a594b9

Yep. Identify yourself.
No. 232557 ID: a594b9

Oh, and ask them who they are.
No. 232568 ID: 1b1328
File 128509193174.png - (158.22KB , 1000x750 , 356.png )

Tiak Belint, head of security.

>Oh, really? We'll see about that.

And who are you anyways?

>I'm the one asking the questions here. Now shut up and stay still.

Tiak doesn't recognize the voice. The weight over his body increases and he can feel the weight of a cold metal object against the back of his head, probably a gun. The next thing he feels is a hand running through his jackets and pockets, rifling through his possessions.


>A knife, a gun, sharp objects, a hand grenade... Were you going to start a war by yourself?... And you have three key cards, but none of them is a Head of Security Key Card. How do you explain that? And what were you doing down here?
No. 232569 ID: 4a9de2

"Funny story. All these weapons sans the pistol are actually confiscated from passengers."

Tell him the truth. No reason to lie.
No. 232570 ID: 175f4a

you want me to start from the top? or you could look at my back and see the bullshit i have been through.
No. 232572 ID: a594b9

We *have* been attacked several times, and the Head of Security keycard was stolen the first time we got knocked out. Point out that the gun is our standard issue tazer that's only been modified recently to actually be useful against say, someone running around in a hazard suit. Also point out that we have the standard issue security camera as well.

...what sharp objects? The only sharp thing we have is the knife.
No. 232579 ID: 6834bc

"I have been knocked out, almost stabbed, knocked out again, blown up, nearly dissolved by some caustic intelligent green ooze, shot at, and have almost fallen to my death in the bowels of this cursed ship. And then I was shot at again!
Oh, and by the way, the first time I was knocked out, some jackass stole my ID card.

...Now some person wearing a uniform who refuses to identify themselves has me pinned to the floor with my own gun to my head, and demands that I prove I'm the head of security when I'm just trying to do my job and prevent any more people from dying."
No. 232592 ID: e40e60

Be honest, tell him that you've been attacked several times and that you're carrying the knife and grenade mostly for self-defense. The gun is yours. Your keycard got stolen and had to be replaced, Mongro can back this if need be. I'm not entirely sure what he means by sharp objects.
No. 232611 ID: 701a19

"I was following a lead in a murder investigation, searching for a missing person, and finding vital ship components that have gone missing.
The weapons have all been confiscated from passengers.
My card was stolen when I was ambushed in my room as soon as the cryo pods went down. One of the cards belonged to the murder victim, one was provided by engineering to aid in my investigation, and the zero deck key was given to me by the captain so I could investigate here.
All other information is classified as part of the investigation.

I'd offer to head right up to the captain with you to resolve your concerns, except we both already know that I'm legitimate and you are not."
No. 232624 ID: 67c456
File 128510385210.png - (201.72KB , 1000x750 , 357.png )

Look, I've had a hell of a day. I've been attacked so many times I lost count by now. I've been hit with a hammer, shot, burned and knocked out unconscious twice. One of those times someone took my ID Card. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of all these mysteries and murders, just doing my job. And the gun is mine, the rest of the weapons have been confiscated from the passengers.

The man doesn't answer, but lifts his foot from Tiak's back and lets him get up, still following his movements with the gun. Tiak turns around to see who pinned him down. The stranger even points his torch at himself so Tiak can have a good visual in the dark.
It's a male Maurian, muscular and tall. And he's wearing a Maurian Security Forces uniform, of high rank.

>That's an interesting story. Do you have any way to back it up?

You could directly ask your concerns to the captain.

>Good idea, that's exactly what we're going to do. Take your torch. I'll keep your weapons for now. And if you're really the Head of Security of the ship, I guess you should address me as Colonel.

>Now get going to the elevator, I'll be right behind you. Don't try to do anything funny.
No. 232627 ID: 4a9de2

Don't tell him about the machine-gun suitcase. We'll find it later on someone else, for sure.
No. 232641 ID: 701a19

"How's your left shoulder? Giving you any problems?
Assuming you are who you say you are, I've got a few guesses as to what you would be doing not only on this ship, but even wandering around down here."

Tiak, what rank did you have when you left the service?
No. 232646 ID: 175f4a

just walk, also wonder what the hell this guy is doing down here and why you didn't know.
No. 232650 ID: a594b9

DO tell him about the suitcase. We can't leave it behind for our assailant to grab.
No. 232652 ID: fd4aa7

Don't say anything.
No. 232668 ID: e40e60

Get the suitcase, we do NOT want to give our assailant(s) a free assault rifle.
No. 232731 ID: 8b979e

Just gonna point point out that nobody can access the rifle within the suitcase without a key. The key that is in our pocket. If we leave the briefcase here, we will find it again intact.
No. 232738 ID: e40e60

Wait, is it actually locked? If it is then yeah, we can safely leave it.
No. 232744 ID: e36e86
File 128515311634.png - (255.74KB , 1000x750 , 358.png )

Tiak doesn't mention the suitcase while they walk silently to the elevator through the dark corridors, only interrupted by Tiak's question:

How's your left shoulder? Giving you any problems?

>My what? What kind of a question is that?

Nothing, just wondering, never mind.

Tiak notices that the so called Colonel makes him take the Walker elevator to get out of the Zero Deck, instead of the regular one. After a short walk and another elevator ride, they find themselves in the Captain's Quarters. The Captain doesn't look happier than usual.

"Colonel Keranos? Tiak? What's happening here?"

>I apologize for interrupting your duties, captain, but I found this individual armed to the teeth in the Zero Deck, claiming to be the Head of Security, but without any credential to prove it. I thought that given the critical situation of the mission, it would be wise to ask for confirmation.

"Hrmff... Yes, he's Belint, the Head of Security."

See? I told you...

"Silence, Belint, show some respect to your superiors. And that reminds me that I haven't received a status report for hours! That stupid barman and the Navigator almost beat each other senseless, and I had to ask Mongro to stop the fight because nobody was able to find you! What's your excuse!?"
No. 232745 ID: 175f4a

"i was busy patching myself back up after getting shot"
No. 232747 ID: 3d7ddd

"Would you like to know how many times I've been almost killed since the last report? I already told Colonel--he might get bored."

Tell him you were resting a pistol wound while the fight broke out. Tell him you are sick and tired of being assaulted without knowing why. Recall that the last time you were being assaulted, it was in Zero Deck. Make a face at Colonel while you do.
Tell him if he wants you to continue investigating, he better loose his lips a little.
No. 232750 ID: e31d52

No. 232752 ID: 701a19

"Sorry, sir. I've been very, very busy.
Going down the list...
The most important news is that Trake is dead. His head was cut off, but unlike Mikos his neck was not subsequently burned. I found his PDA in another room, but it has been badly damaged and I believe his killer tampered with the data.
I discovered what appears to be an improvised explosive device constructed out of a gauss artillery shell in life support, and have moved it to what remains of the brig pending the discovery of a safer location.
I haven't had much luck finding the rest of the explosives from the crate in Mikos room.
Aside from attempting to break into the engineering records and having training in espionage and assassination, Zira doesn't seem to be very active. It appears that somebody beat her to the punch on Mikos, then tried to eliminate her so she would make a convenient scapegoat. She has been assisting my investigation out of necessity, but that doesn't mean I trust her.
Nayria is out for three crescent keys for some unknown reason. She had one herself and acquired one from the doctor. I suspect you have the third, Captain.
A note I found in the canteen kitchen suggesting that the bartender is engaging in treason under coercion, but I can't move against him because his backer may be on the ship.
Mongro has a Zero Deck key, and I discovered energy weapons in his room. He also has the skills, motive, opportunity, and resources to pull-off several of the attempts on my life, among other things. Unfortunately he's the only one left who is capable of repairing the ship's vital functions, and he's cunning enough that moving against him would likely result in a deadman's switch scenario.
The sentient glowing green mass escaped confinement. I found some of it in the life support system earlier, but it doesn't seem to be there now. The bulk of it was last seen jumping down the main elevator shaft. Fortunately, it appears to be benign unless threatened.
Somebody smuggled concentrated extract of perticanto on-board. The evidence suggests that there's at least a barrel of it, and that it's being stored in the zero-deck medical room, but that room was too blockaded to check.
There's an H.E.R. in Zeno's room, but it appears to have been planted there for me to find.

So far the only other people I've encountered who don't seem to be involved in covert action are Yery and Trake.

Any questions, sirs?"
No. 232766 ID: e36e86
File 128516651940.png - (180.90KB , 1000x750 , 359.png )

Tiak basically tells all this >>232752 to the captain and the Colonel, including that he couldn't be found because he was being being patched up from a shot wound. Also tells him of all the times he's being almost murdered.

The captain's expression gradually changes from choleric to a cold, calculating glare. He exchanges glances with Keranos a few times, and none of the two officers says a thing during Tiak's speech.

After Tiak is finished, the room remains in silence for half a minute, before the Captain speaks again, in a low, deep tone of voice.

>Yes, I have three questions: How did you find out about the existence of the Crescent keys and their owners? How did Mongro get his hands on a key to access the Zero Deck? And you said that you've been treated from a shot injury, but the doctor reported recently that he hasn't seen you since yesterday. Who "patched" you up?
No. 232769 ID: 644ca1

This is our captain and we are giving a full report so I guess we better tell him the truth. We are going to get in trouble about Mongro but it can't be helped.
No. 232773 ID: 175f4a

"the zero deck key is moot because of the zero deck has an unsecured elevator, right Colonel? and about the cresent keys, first, you tell me why it matters."
No. 232774 ID: 3d7ddd

"Deduction, I don't know, and the one passenger who practices healing in their spare time."

Refuse to say anything else until they let you in on this. When they proclaim they are your superiors reply that everyone on the ship so far have had an agenda against you, and they're acting the most suspicious by far. Tell them that if they're going to kill or restrain you, as they could be planning, the flight is doomed anyway. You've nothing to lose.
No. 232776 ID: 46bb31

No. 232779 ID: d677cc

Yeah, pretty much.
No. 232781 ID: f245f1

For the Zero Deck thing:
"There's a cargo elevator in the engineering section that drops right down into Zero Deck. It has a Mech sitting on it, taking up most of the space, but It didn't seem to have any special access key or anything to move up and down, and if it did, it was left active."
No. 232797 ID: e40e60

"In order: A little detective work, I don't want to know, you don't want to know"
No. 232799 ID: 701a19


However, if you want to explain, then:

"I saw a crescent key in the doctor's room, and Nayria treated my laser burn, which unexpectedly resulted in my losing consciousness for several hours. While unfortunate, I needed both sleep and protection for the same and upon careful examination none of the items in my possession appeared to have been touched. She told me of the keys and that they were important while she patched my injury. I'm as yet unsure what they are for, but she claimed that the other keyholders broke an agreement.
Mongro said his zero deck key is copy. He has had access to zero deck via the walker platform this entire time, and Trake held the second real key."
No. 232800 ID: c5628c

Agreed, say this.
No. 232803 ID: a594b9

FUCK. Why did we spill the beans? That was possibly the worst thing we could have done. WE'RE WORKING WITH THEIR MORTAL ENEMIES. Telling them anything that will lead them to finding that out is A BAD IDEA. It will get us SHOT FOR TREASON. This isn't a controlled situation! The people in charge of this ship are not nice people!

Only tell people information that you want them to know. Control information and you can control the situation.
No. 232806 ID: 701a19

These are Tiak's superior officers, and providing accurate information helps tweak their idea of who is included in 'need to know'.
Beyond that? Revealing that we already know about certain things is a good way to convince them that they need to provide us with more information in order to frame what we know in a way that benefits them.
No. 232808 ID: a594b9

Feeding them false, misleading, or incomplete information can accomplish all those goals.
No. 232819 ID: 21cad3
File 128518747335.png - (138.47KB , 1000x750 , 360.png )

Deduction, I don't know, and the one passenger who practices healing in their spare time.

>Is that all the explanation you're going to give?

Yes. It seems that everyone in this ship has a secret agenda on their own, and I'm out of all of it. So,you can either shoot me or restrain me right here, or let me know what's happening so I can do my job.

There's another long silence before the captain speaks again.

>Belint, I think that you've gotten into a situation too big for someone like you, and you've been dealing and plotting behind the back of your superiors and the Republic you owe loyalty to. But at the same time, I think that you've only tried to do your duty, so I won't have you arrested, and maybe I won't even report you to the MSF authorities in Tinosa II.

>But from now on, you aren't in charge of the murder investigation anymore. That duty will fall on Colonel Keranos, here. Just stay low and limit yourself to keep the passengers of the ship out of trouble, restrain yourself from doing anymore inquiries. Now give me the key to the Zero Deck back.
No. 232820 ID: d560d6

>Now give me the key to the Zero Deck back.

Well, we can do that part at least.
No. 232821 ID: 3d7ddd

"Sure thang, boss. See you on the other side." Give him the key.
No. 232824 ID: 175f4a

sure, no reason not to. it's not lie you still can't get back down there.
and ask for your stunner back.
No. 232825 ID: f245f1

"Gladly. The longer I spent investigating there the more I worried that I'd never be able to leave. Do you have any instructions regarding any of individuals in particular? People I should avoid, for instance"

If necessary the mech lift could be used to access the lower levels again, anyway.
No. 232826 ID: a594b9

Ask for your gun back. We're still the security officer, dammit. We can't wander around unarmed.
No. 232830 ID: 701a19

Unless you can pull data off the PDA, then hand him the key, the broken PDA, the poison dust, and the scrap of paper. "If that's what you want, sir, but with all due respect I withheld no information prior to discovering that you yourself were involved in surreptitious machinations. My loyalty to the republic and sense of duty were never in question.
Will that be all, sirs?"
No. 232834 ID: 701a19

Don't ask for your weapon back. It's clearly been modified, and they certainly don't trust you.
Besides, once we let it slip that we're not involved in the investigation the attacks should stop.

Oh, as a parting comment say "By the way, I injured the left shoulder of one of my assailants. I hope that helps your investigation, sir."
No. 232837 ID: 21cad3
File 128519093591.png - (219.40KB , 1000x750 , 361.png )

Tiak gives the key back to the Captain, who nods satisfied.

"Very well. Colonel, give him back his weapon... And I guess he can keep the screwdriver too."

>Yes, sir.

"Now, Colonel, as your first assignment, I want you to find Mongro. He has some explaining to do. But before bringing him here, make him seal the elevator to the Zero Deck in Engineering, the one with the Walker."

>Immediately, sir.

"But first I want to speak with you about something... Tiak, get out of my sight."

And without more ceremonies, Tiak finds himself back in the corridor of the Upper Deck, alone
No. 232838 ID: 175f4a

immediately go to the zero deck and get the gun.
No. 232842 ID: 3d7ddd

Ah... finally. Now we can at last have some peace and quiet. Continue the investigation? Leave that to someone who gives a shit. Definitely not you!

You heard Captain! Go to the Canteen and get drunk watch over the passengers.
No. 232852 ID: d560d6

So much for "Truth".

Stick your camera in that air-vent, then go mope in your cabin (where you totally will absolutely not be eavesdropping remotely).
No. 232853 ID: 175f4a

guys, knock it off, fuck the orders, we are going to figure this out even if we have to lock everyone in our room.
No. 232858 ID: a594b9

Okay. Okay you know what let's just cut all ties with the Captain. We're going full independent now. In fact, let's see if we can find Mongro first and warn him that the Colonel's coming.

Get our gun case first though.
No. 232862 ID: 701a19

Take Zira to lunch at the canteen. Or whatever meal it's time to eat.
Aside from letting you spend time with her, this will let people overhear that you've been taken off the investigation.
No. 232864 ID: fd6d7e

Cool you're off the hook! Now you can just chill it until you arrive at Mauria when the genocidal lizard beings unleash a planetwide rain of deadly toxins scouring the surface of your home planet clean of all life.


Well, at least you know how to get to Zero Deck. Plus you totally got to mack it with Zira to reassert your Maurianness after being so beguiled by the queen.
No. 232867 ID: 21cad3
File 128519486245.png - (137.72KB , 1000x750 , 362.png )

Tiak walks all the way to Engineer to take the Walker elevator to the Zero Deck, and from there he hurries over the room with the chasm, where he left the suitcase. During all his hike, he doesn't see anyone else, not even Mongro.

And the suitcase is missing. Tiak isn't really surprised at this point.
No. 232869 ID: 701a19

Hurry to Zira's room before you get sealed down here. Or caught.
No. 232870 ID: fd6d7e

Nooo get out of Zero Deck! You've got to give them a sense of confidence that you've given up on the case first, by showing up publically at the Canteen with chiisaiwaifu by your side. They're watching out now, and if they catch you, it's curtains!
No. 232871 ID: e40e60

Go to Zira's room. Get attacked again because the universe hates you.
No. 232872 ID: 3d7ddd

>Tiak isn't really surprised.
Then why did he go!

Get out of there, stupid.
No. 232873 ID: a594b9

Testfire the laser's kill setting please.
No. 232874 ID: 175f4a

hold you gun out and if you run into ANYONE taze the shit out of them.
No. 232875 ID: d560d6

Well, that was a huge waste of time. We're probably missing Mongro getting grilled now.

Finish the job by getting drunk. Maybe at least you can get sympathy and hearsay out of the bartender.

Leave Zira alone, because I doubt your mood is amicable to making good lunchdate impressions.
No. 232879 ID: 701a19

You're kidding, right? He's no longer the punching bag for all these conspiracies, and he doesn't have to conduct an investigation where even his boss is hamstringing his efforts and he has none of the tools he needs for his job.
He deserves a meal with pleasant company and a chance to relax.

Besides, the Colonel is going to get himself killed soon enough, and then the Captain will be forced to call Tiak back.
No. 232894 ID: e40e60


On a more serious note:
To hell with the captain, to hell with the colonel. I've had enough of this fucking conspiracy bullshit. Let's go find out what the fuck is going on. Don't be a pussy about it. We'll question Mongro first.
No. 232903 ID: 21cad3
File 128519977668.png - (301.41KB , 1000x750 , 363.png )

Tiak hurries to get out of the Zero Deck before he gets sealed inside. But as the Walker elevator ascends and he walks out of Engineering, there's no trace of Mongro or Colonel Keranos anywhere around.

He makes his way to Zira's room and knocks on the door, receiving no answer. So he gets into the Canteen, where, what a coincidence, is Zira taking a drink.

>Hey, Tiak! I was starting to think that you fell through an airlock or something. How's the detective work going?
No. 232904 ID: d560d6

I believe the answer to that one is laughter.
No. 232905 ID: 732129


"I'm off the case and reassigned, and not a minute too soon! There's a plot afoot, and the captain wanted to use me as a pawn. When a pawn reaches the other side, he turns into queen. Or sometimes a knight, but that didn't seem likely. I think there are enough queens on this ship."
No. 232910 ID: a594b9

Badly. As bad as can reasonably be possible while still being alive.
No. 232919 ID: e40e60

"Captain took me off the case, put his man in charge. Listen, I need you to tell me everything you know about what the hell's going on here. Quickly too, before the captain comes down to question you himself."
No. 232921 ID: 3d7ddd

Tell her you're off the case. Say you don't wanna even think about it anymore. Say she maybe could take your mind off it by talking about herself a bit--we hardly know anything about her!
No. 233072 ID: c7cf0c
File 128523305240.png - (137.07KB , 1000x750 , 364.png )

Bad, I'm officially off the case.

>What? But why? You were working so hard on it...

See, the captain is plotting something, and used me as a pawn... The pawn is the one that moves diagonally?

>No, that's the bishop.

Ah... Yeah, what I mean is that when a pawn reaches the other side, it gets lucky with a queen... Actually, forget about chess, it's a stupid game.

>You seem rather nervous, maybe you should get yourself something to drink. It doesn't seem like your superiors would care if you do it anymore.
No. 233074 ID: e31d52

As one who doesn't really follow the quest, is that tattoo getting... bigger?
No. 233076 ID: 701a19

"My plan was a drink and a meal with you, if you'd be interested."
No. 233078 ID: d5f0ed

This. Go get yourself a drink. Nothing too strong.
No. 233116 ID: c7cf0c
File 128524784166.png - (162.43KB , 1000x750 , 365.png )

My plan was a drink and a meal with you, if you'd be interested.

>Oh, that would be nice. Too bad I already ate, if only you would have been here earlier... But we can have a drink, sure.

Tiak asks the barman for two glasses of the same beverage Zira was drinking, and returns to the table, taking a sit. He realizes that he was pretty thirsty, after all, and slurps almost all of the wine in an instant. It's refreshing and sweet, with a slight bitter aftertaste.

>So... are you really going to stop investigating? Because I made a few discovers on my own, and thought that you could be interested. But if it's not your job anymore...
No. 233117 ID: 175f4a

"i just can't go around asking about it anymore. if someone were to just tell me information without asking, then who am i to stop them?"
No. 233118 ID: 63cf7a

"I've been forbidden from investigating, but nobody said I can't listen to what people want to say; I could listen to you talk all day~"
No. 233135 ID: 1a99f0

No. 233142 ID: f245f1

"Well, I wouldn't be a very good head of security if I ignored a passenger's concerns"
No. 233149 ID: e6e2c1

No. 233150 ID: c7cf0c
File 128526638281.png - (237.15KB , 1000x750 , 366.png )

I can't officially ask around, but if someone were to just tell me information without asking, then who am i to stop them? Besides, I could listen to you all day.

>Uh... Ok.

Zira looks around, a bit awkwardly and takes a sip of her drink before starting again.

>Anyway, I've been snooping around, and I talked with the janitor. Strange fella, isn't he? He's been collecting papers and reports, thinking that they're trash. I found him getting out of Miko's room with a bunch of papers. After the most exhausting and crazy discussion with him, I managed to convince him to let me take a look at the papers.


>Well, most of them didn't have importance. But one of them caught my eye. It was a bill from the Intersection Luggage and Cargo Checkout Service.

You mean the guys that load the passenger's luggage into the ships?

>Exactly. And there was a list of the stuff that Mikos made them load into the cargo bay. There was a suitcase, a trunk, and two barrels labelled as "supplies".


>And there was something else fishy about the bill. It was free. No prices were charged, and the signature of the employees and Mikos himself were blurred with ink, completely illegible. I think Mikos bribed those guys to bypass the security controls and load questionable cargo in the ships. Like the trunk with the bombs. Maybe something more.

Do you still have the paper?

>Sadly no, that madman of the janitor took it from my hands and ran away, babbling something about all being dirty.
No. 233151 ID: a594b9

We know what's in all of those. The suitcase has the good laser gun, the trunk had the HER obviously, and the barrels have the poison.

Who the hell *is* Mikos? Alright, we're not investigating the murder, that's fine. We're going to investigate the case of smuggling weapons now.
No. 233152 ID: e40e60

Alright, so the carbine may have belonged to Mikos.

Didn't we read/hear something similar earlier?
No. 233157 ID: d5f0ed

"Hey, did you know that there's Ziranée on board? They told me about your efforts and that you're actually a bit famous. How come you never mentioned it?"
No. 233162 ID: 701a19

"Ah, I see. That answers where the barrels full of concentrated extract of perticanto came from."
Drop to hushed tones.
"Look, Zira, I'm concerned for your safety.
You know that note you got that told you to go to the security office? One of the bombs was in there on a timer, and nobody showed up after you left. I survived because I found it by dumb luck with barely enough time to leave the room.
Somebody tried to kill you. I'm not going to ask why and I'm not expecting you to tell me; I just want you to know that I'm going to do my best to keep you safe, and I'll be there for you if you need help."
Return to normal volume
"I love the tattoo, but doesn't that glow get kinda annoying when you're trying to sleep?"
No. 233165 ID: a594b9

Ask her about her relations with the Ziranées.
No. 233178 ID: e40e60

IIRC we already told her.
No. 233194 ID: c7cf0c
File 12852755646.png - (181.34KB , 1000x750 , 367.png )

Tiak already told her about the bomb, and they've gone about the tattoo more than once. It slowly fluctuates through the pores inside her carapace, so it might look like it changes sizes and positions. It's popular among the young ones nowadays.

Hey, did you know that there's Ziranée on board? They told me about your efforts and that you're actually a bit famous. How come you never mentioned it?

She sighs and slumps down a little.

>Well, for all my life I've belonged to a lot of pacifist groups like Future Together and Life, Peace and Stars. But nobody listens to peace messages when an orbital station is bombed every day out there. And then the truce came, suddenly, without warning. We didn't have anything to do with it. It was what we always wanted, but at the same time, it felt a bit like nothing we did until the moment served any purpose. We didn't have anything to do with it.

>And then I miraculously got the job at the embassy of Torluca. It felt great, finally I was going to have some power, get the voices of our groups up there, and shut up the mouths of the blood-thirsty bullies like Mikos. But it's pointless, again. I'm just an ambassador of a small tourist paradise in the butt of the galaxy, almost none of my letters got answered and nobody listens to me.

>What was going to be the point in telling you about my work to bring the two species together? None. I know that there are Ziranée diplomats in the ship, but they'll probably just dismiss me as all the others did. At least, helping you with the investigation feels like I'm doing something for the cause, for the first time in my life.

>Oh dear, and she won't shut up, you must be thinking. I'm sorry I let all that out. Could you get me another drink?
No. 233197 ID: 2563d4

May as well, to continue her spiel.
No. 233198 ID: 5d5aec

get her the drink and tell her that you actually are rather interested.
No. 233202 ID: 701a19

"Oh, no, this is actually really cathartic for me."
Stand up and go get her a drink. Get yourself one too. "You may not feel like you accomplished much, but if nobody had been calling for peace then who would have even considered a truce in the first place?"

By this time you should be about to sit down with her drink. Do so.

"Just because you didn't pen the treaty doesn't mean your contributions were for nothing."

Take a sip

"If it helps, I found out the Ziranée did read your letters. And don't scoff at ambassadorship of a tourist destination; most people have no idea how much power that really is."
No. 233208 ID: fd6d7e

No. 233225 ID: c7cf0c
File 128528284513.png - (88.08KB , 1000x750 , 368.png )

Tiak gets up to get another pair of drinks.

No,no. I'm rather interested in all this. Also, you may not feel like you accomplished much, but if nobody had been calling for peace then who would have even considered a truce in the first place?

>Nah, not really. Nobody knows for sure why the sudden truce. But it's probably because they're running out of resources and planets to harvest at the rate the war was going.

Tiak returns with the wine.

If it helps, I found out the Ziranée did read your letters. And don't scoff at ambassadorship of a tourist destination; most people have no idea how much power that really is.

>Well, that's nice. Still didn't change a thing. And I don't want to sound like a spoiled brat, I know that my position doesn't lack real power. It's just that it never gave me the power to do the things I always wanted to do.
The two of them drink silently for a moment.

>But seriously, I appreciate your interest and it's nice to find someone that wants to talk about it. But I think that's enough whining for now. I don't know what else to say anyways. What are you going to do now? Follow any new lead?
No. 233226 ID: 5d5aec

say "naw, i'm just going to drift around a bit and keep the peace" and then wink your RIGHT eye at her, so the barman doesn't see.
No. 233229 ID: 701a19

This, plus:
"Although with all this newfound free time, maybe we could get to know each other a little better?"
No. 233233 ID: a594b9

Yeah. Tell her you'll see her later, unless she wants to come down to Zero Deck and help us with a couple things. We know where the barrels are.
No. 233237 ID: c7cf0c
File 128528854518.png - (325.66KB , 1000x750 , 369.png )

No, not really. Just going to drift around a bit and keep the peace.

He winks his right eye to Zira. But taking on account that Maurians have one eye on each side of the head, he has to turn his face almost completely to do this. So it might have been not as discreet as intended. Zira giggles anyways.

>Well, you do that. I would go with you, but I don't think I would be of much help at the moment. I think I had too much wine. Thank you for listening to my ramblings, I'm going to my room to take a nap. See you later!

Zira gets up from her seat and leaves the bar. A few moments after, the barman clears his throat and speaks.

>I hope you aren't really going to do that bullshit of retiring from the case, boss. Even if I think that you aren't cut for the job (no offense, boss), I believe that you're one of the few honest people that want to know what happened to poor Mikos.
No. 233238 ID: e67080

"I'm proud to have a true soldier's support... I don't know what ill do now, but ill try to make sure its the right thing"
No. 233250 ID: 701a19

Walk up to the bar
"I was explicitly ordered to not investigate the murder, and they'd nail my ass to the wall if I went against orders. But there have been plenty of unrelated crimes on board.
I'm not going to betray the trust of the passengers, or my duty; I'd rather wind up in a junkyard with my limbs broken than that."
No. 233251 ID: 6834bc

Oh hey, ask our barkeep buddy what he knows about Colonel Keranos. To be honest, I don't trust some random Colonel we stumbled across in the deep darkness of Zero Deck.

For all we know, he could have a hand in this sabotage crap.
No. 233255 ID: a594b9

"Poor Mikos"? I thought you hated him.
No. 233256 ID: e40e60

Ask the bartender what he knows about what's going on.
No. 233280 ID: 3864dd
File 128529529436.png - (100.90KB , 1000x750 , 370.png )

I'm proud to have a true soldier's support... I don't know what ill do now, but ill try to make sure its the right thing

>Nah, you're just going to have a clumsy and messy death trying.

Do you know this Colonel Keranos?

The barman shrugs.

>You tell me, isn't he a blue like you? Colonel, hah. They give them ranks and medals and they think themselves soldiers, even when they've only seen battlefields through holovision. No offense, boss.

>I only know that he isn't part of the crew, you're the only Blue on the payroll. He must be a passenger.

"Poor Mikos"? I thought you hated him.

>Not the brainy kind, eh boss? I never said that I hated Mikos, that was Dan. For what I know Mikos was one of the few true patriots left in this shithole of Republic, one of the few with enough vision to see through the lies of the snakes.

What do you know about what's going on?

>I've already told you what I think that's going on, boss: treason. And I don't like repeating myself. So you better go out there and find out what really happened, or I'm going to take actions on my own.
No. 233286 ID: a594b9

Time to check that room we haven't been in yet.
No. 233436 ID: c6fa0a


(Let's try to get him on our side, here)

[Written in Tiak's 1st person, though I don't mean to put words *directly* into his mouth... mandibles... whatever]

Well, you might be right about the treason thing. I happen to know that something's going on between the snakes and the captain, and I'm pretty sure the colonel is in on it, too. They're on some kind of "secret mission", and I don't like the sound of it. They even ordered me to stop investigating Mikos's death ... does THAT sound right to you?

Let's talk a little more in the back... I'll set this camera up to watch for any "customers" that could interrupt us.

[Set up porta-camera on bar to watch for other people. Escort Mok to room behind bar.]

If we're about to hand over some kind of powerful superweapon to the snakes, I want to know what it is, why we're doing it, and how to stop it. But I'm also not going to risk a diplomatic incident by upsetting the snakes when I don't know all the details. It's my job to treat people as innocent until proven guilty, even if the snakes have a lot of motive to get rid of Mikos. There are a lot of people on this ship... and we can't point fingers until we know who all the conspirators are.

... which is where you come in. I know you've got the best interests of our people at heart, so there's a few details you can fill me in on, if we want to get to the bottom of this.

First, Dan the navigator - what exactly has he been confessing to? If he's really as pro-snake as you say, he might have something to do with Mikos's death. Did he give you any more specific details?

Second - any idea who is or was in cabin number 3? Was that the colonel, or is he bunked in one of the crew quarters? I'd love to have access to the crew roster, but if you can tell me the answer, all the better.

Also, I know that you're not just a bartender, either. Someone's got you on a leash, and I can tell you don't like it. I don't know everything that's going on, but if you're in deep and need someone you can trust, I'm here.
No. 233463 ID: e40e60

No. 233464 ID: 3864dd
File 128532439822.png - (305.38KB , 1000x750 , 371.png )

Well, you might be onto something with the treason thing, after all. I think that indeed there's something between the snakes and the captain, and he has even ordered me to STOP investigating Mikos' death. Suspicious, eh?

>Exactly my thoughts, boss.

Let's talk a little more in the back... I'll set this camera up to watch for any "customers" that could interrupt us.

>Nah. I'm not trusting other eyes than my own ones, boss. No offense. If you want to ask something, do it right here.

Well, alright... See, If we're about to hand over some kind of powerful superweapon to the snakes, I want to know what it is, why we're doing it, and how to stop it. But I'm also not going to risk a diplomatic incident by upsetting the snakes when I don't know all the details. It's my job to treat people as innocent until proven guilty, even if the snakes have a lot of motive to get rid of Mikos. There are a lot of people on this ship... and we can't point fingers until we know who all the conspirators are.

But you can help me out with that, now let's see... Dan, the Navigation Officer. what exactly has he been confessing to? If he's really as pro-snake as you say, he might have something to do with Mikos's death. Did he give you any more specific details?

>Nah, he just admitted knowing about the real mission of this flight, transporting the super-secret cargo. And he said that he was pretty much ok with it. And he also hated Mikos to death, for something that happened years ago, I don't know what. He never told me much more about it.

Second - any idea who is or was in cabin number 3? Was that the colonel, or is he bunked in one of the crew quarters? I'd love to have access to the crew roster, but if you can tell me the answer, all the better.

>I don't keep track of that sorta thing. Not my job, boss.

Also, I know that you're not just a bartender, either. Someone's got you on a leash, and I can tell you don't like it. I don't know everything that's going on, but if you're in deep and need someone you can trust, I'm here.

>I hope you can keep up to your word if the moment comes, boss. But for now, I've had enough of questions and being behind this counter. I declare my shift over, and I'm going to my room to have a bit of rest. Good luck out there.

>Oh, I almost forgot. That snake was around here, asking for you a short while ago. Of course I told him to fuck off and get lost.

Said this, the barman walks out the canteen, leaving Tiak alone once again.
No. 233465 ID: c6fa0a


Before going any farther, double-check stunner to make sure it's on a low (non-lethal) setting. We don't want to accidentally kill someone the next time we get jumped.

After that, since the bartender is now gone again, do a quick visual check of the back room to see if anything's out of the ordinary (spend less than a minute doing this), and double-check behind the counter.

Then, attempt to find Zeno. Check his cabin first, then the Queen's. If he doesn't show up there, check security - he might have gone there looking for us. If he's STILL a no-show, check the upper deck, since he apparently has access to the captain.

If he's STILL a no-show, if no-one else is nearby, take the time to float our little antigrav camera into the ventilation shaft and see if we can pilot it to a point when we can see/hear the captain. His conversations are likely to be more interesting than most other stuff we've seen in a while.

Oh, and keep your eyes out for that navigator. Might want to chat with him now... especially in our new role as "keeping the peace". Of course, the next time we seem him, we totally have to do the whole angry spirit routine. "YOU LEFT ME TO DIIIIIIIE IN THE ELEVATOR SHAFFFFFFFT." ...
No. 233487 ID: 3864dd
File 128534778185.png - (187.72KB , 1000x750 , 372.png )

Tiak checks the kitchen but nothing has changed in there, except for one thing, the note he left on the floor isn't there anymore.

Determined to find Zeno, he directs his steps back to the corridor and knocks on the door of the Ziranée's room, without answer. He tries on the Queen's door, and this time, he can recognize the voice of the male alien saying "Come in.", as the door opens.

Inside, Zeno is alone, with his perpetual grin.

>Oh, officer, just the Maurian I wanted to see. Alive, at least

Hello, Zeno... Where's...?

>S'lyra Nayria? She said she had things to take care on her own. We're alone here now, and you can speak freely.

You said that you wanted to talk with me about something.

>Yes. See, my Queen has insisted that you need help performing your tasks, as hours pass and the third key hasn't still been retrieved. Also she knows that you haven't still followed the clue she gave to you in her magnanimity.

>So, I can help out you with that, officer. The captain keeps the file cabinet password inside a locked drawer in his desk. The Queen an I trust that you're crafty enough to put this information to a good use.
No. 233503 ID: dad664

"...do -all- of your species have such creepy rape-smiles or is it just the ruling class?"
No. 233504 ID: c19a1d

Ask him if he knows who resides in room 3.

... Don't say anything about rape-grins.
No. 233513 ID: c6fa0a


Thanks for the assist. Since Trake died, and the Captain and I aren't on the best terms right now, I wasn't sure how I was going to acquire that password... It'll be tricky, but I can probably pull it off.

Any other info you can give me? Perhaps about an alternate route down to Deck Zero? Or knowledge of who originally had the 3 keys? Or what they unlock?

(Have to give it a shot, even if he laughs it off or lies...)
No. 233515 ID: a594b9

The captain? Really? How exactly are we supposed to get in his locked drawer when he barely leaves his office anyway?

...wait how did I miss the fact that Zira said there were bombs in the trunk? How did she know that?
No. 233517 ID: 2563d4

We have an alternate route to Zero Deck, and we also suspect that the vents provide yet another one if we want to get lost in dark and rusty passages.

We probably told her because Zira is the completely trustworthy love interest. :V

I suspect we'll get even more sarcasm at needing help, but I don't suppose Zeno could distract the captain?
No. 233569 ID: b77f30
File 128536807591.png - (144.42KB , 1000x750 , 373.png )

Thanks for the assist. The captain and I aren't on the best terms right now, so I don't think he would give me the password... Any other information you can give me?

>Maybe, maybe not.

Do you know who resides in room 3?

>I do not posses that knowledge, officer.

Do you know an alternate route to get into the Zero Deck?

>I have my ways to get there. Unfortunately, none of them are available for you. You'll have to figure out something, officer.

Could you tell me who had originally the three keys? Or what do they unlock?
Zero snickers softly, slithering his tongue.

>Please, officer, you wouldn't expect me to spoil you the fun of finding that by yourself, would you?

Huh... Well, now that I think of it, I don't know how am I going to get that password. The captain rarely moves from behind his desk. I doubt you would help me, distracting him or something?

>Tsk, tsk... My orders were to give you the information. My duties end there, and I'm not obliged to give you such assistance... But, I might make an exception, if you're willing to do me a little favor.

What's in your mind?[i]

>Oh, not much. See, after our little brush, the barman won't serve me any more drinks, could you believe that? And here I am, longing for something to refresh my poor throat.

[i]...You just want me to bring you a drink? Is that all?

>No, not any drink, I could do that by myself. The barman here produces a particularly delicious cocktail... The "Veledrian Dream" I think he calls it... I've been drinking it at any opportunity I've had during the flight. I would reconsider my negative to help you with the Captain if I could savor that beverage again.

... I can't still believe that in a moment like this, you're asking me to prepare you a cocktail. I don't even know what bottles I have to mix!

>Of course I would understand if you're too busy with the investigation to do lesser tasks like this one. No hard feelings.
No. 233571 ID: 2563d4

Go rummage around the bar for a cheat-sheet of cocktail recipies. You never know.

The only other person I can think of who might help is Zira, and she'd probably give us the runaround of not being allowed up there.
No. 233589 ID: a594b9

Let's do it.
No. 233598 ID: e40e60

Look behind the counter for the bartender's cheat sheet.
No. 233601 ID: c6fa0a


1 more vote for cheat sheet. If that doesn't work, ask the chemist girl. :D

If she doesn't know, and there's no cheat-sheet, attempt to convince the bartender to give you the recipe. If he asks why, just say that one of the snakes will give you valuable info for it... "It's just like them to sell their own kind out for alcohol...".
No. 233606 ID: f245f1

They say some serpents can smell with their tongues. He's smelling you right now. The room. Could he know, about last night?

He could know, and simply be asking this to get you in trouble with the Barman, and force a wedge between you both.

You realize his mouth is large enough to fit your head inside, dont you?
No. 233610 ID: fd6d7e

Be sure to give him a kiss goodbye.
No. 233613 ID: c6fa0a


I'm not too worried about it. Tiak showered afterwards. It's also likely that the queen cleaned up at some point, too - she doesn't seem like the careless type, and if they smelled like sex, I figure she would fix that pretty quick, unless she WANTED to get Tiak hurt, which I kind-of doubt - at least not until after he completes the Queen's mission.

Besides, Zeno comes from a relatively honorable society, and would probably challege/attack Tiak directly if he knew that we were banging his chick. And even then, his honor might hold that in check until after the mission for the queen is completed.
No. 233614 ID: fd6d7e

Let your eyes be drawn to the seductively firm muscles of Zeno's abdomen.
No. 233621 ID: cbb63e

tell him that if you get a good opportunity you will try to get him the drink, but no promises.
No. 233718 ID: 2563d4

>Besides, Zeno comes from a relatively honorable society, and would probably challege/attack Tiak directly if he knew that we were banging his chick.

Perhaps Tiak should just tell him, and hope that it leads to a degree of respect for his spine rather than a violent severing of his spine.
No. 233724 ID: c6fa0a

>Perhaps Tiak should just tell him

That's the funny thing about honor. If Tiak reveals that the queen, in fact, drugged him and essentially raped him, that would be a blow against the *queen's* honor. I don't think either the Queen or Zeno will respond well to that...

The queen has also specifically warned us NOT to let him find out, because he's supposedly the VIOLENTLY JEALOUS type.

Not to mention the fact that he's making us work our ass off for any information we need from him. It's just fair game that we hold onto OUR info about the queen. ;)
No. 233790 ID: 6550ad
File 128544539059.png - (130.68KB , 1000x750 , 374.png )

Tiak accepts doing the cocktail and heads back to the Canteen. Looking behind the counter he doesn't find any cheat sheet down there.

There's a compartment open he didn't notice the last time he looked. And the red, useless button. Other than that, the bar counter is clean.

Tiak takes a look at the bottles on the shelves on the wall. There's a line of different beverages, but the names don't ring any bell on his head. From left to right, there's wine of Veridrazt, Aragatz Liquor, AX-44, Grenareaii, Ice juice, Burogos, an empty bottle, and wine of Tegora.

Tiak doesn't know anything about the cocktail Zeno has asked him to prepare. He only remembers, from the last time he saw the Ziranée in the bar, that it was of a bright green color and had a fruity, and slightly bitter smell.
No. 233792 ID: a594b9

Drink mixing is not as easy as just putting shit in a glass. There's proper proportions you need to follow. Trying to find the right proportions by trial and error would take forever, and we'll likely run out of booze.

Let's go ask Zira if she knows how to make one.
No. 233793 ID: 2563d4

>bright green color and had a fruity, and slightly bitter smell
Hey, how did that semi-intelligent ooze smell?
No. 233810 ID: 6550ad
File 128545287425.png - (166.33KB , 1000x750 , 375.png )

Tiak goes out to ask Zira if she knows how to prepare the cocktail. He knocks on her door and waits for response, but it never comes.

Maybe she's sleeping.


The ooze didn't smell anything like the beverage. It smelt sour and slightly rancid.
No. 233812 ID: a594b9

Hmm, do we know any other people that drink? Maybe the navigator...

Alright let's go back in the canteen and look in the back room behind the bar again, see if there's anything there.
No. 233826 ID: c6fa0a


Try door number 1! Our chemist friend might know. :)
No. 233842 ID: e40e60

Note to self: Inquire about the contents of the bartender's stash at next opportunity.

In the mean time, why don't we check in on Mongro?
No. 233843 ID: 701a19

Err... how about we leave her alone for now?
No. 234091 ID: 6550ad
File 128548895180.png - (157.24KB , 1000x750 , 376.png )

Tiak knocks on Yery's room, and the chemistry student peeks out shortly after.

>Hey there, need any more help.

Yeah, do you know anything about preparing cocktails? One in particular called, "Veledrian Dream", or something like that?

>I'm afraid that I don't drink much. Sorry, but I can't help you.

It's ok, sorry about bothering you.
No. 234136 ID: e40e60

Experiment with various possible combinations. Failing that, see if the bartender's willing to give you the recipe (last resort, he'll probably figure out it's for Zeno and either yell at you or give you the wrong one).
No. 234165 ID: 701a19

Didn't see that coming. ¬_¬

If you want to get one of them out of the bartender, ask him what he knows how to make.
This might be taken as a slight against his competence, which works to your advantage.
Follow that up by admitting that you don't know much about mixed drinks, you want to expand your horizons, and you really do need a drink at this point. Then ask what other people have been getting.

Alternatively? "I need to bribe Zeno, and I respect you too much to try and trick you. Can I get one of those drinks he likes?"
No. 234213 ID: 6550ad
File 128552680288.png - (183.52KB , 1000x750 , 377.png )

Tiak heads down to the Lower Deck, and walks directly towards the Crew Quarters. He doesn't know which one is the barman's room, so he starts knocking on every door until, finally, a faint voice answers from Door F, muttering "Just a second".

The gates open and the barman, with an annoying expression and tone of voice, appears behind it.

>I'm sure you have a pretty good reason to wake me up between shifts, boss. Let's hear it.
No. 234223 ID: e40e60

"Sorry to wake you, but if you told me the recipe for whatever the hell Zeno drinks I might be able to bribe him into being not useless"
No. 234279 ID: c6fa0a


"I do, but you're probably not going to like it. I need to get info out of the snake Zeno, and it sounds like the only way to do it is through bribing him with a Veledrian Dream. All I need is the recipe, and I'll make it myself. Don't want to force you to stoop to such low levels. I know this sucks, so if there's anything I can do for you in return, let me know."
No. 234281 ID: 6550ad
File 128554191727.png - (146.94KB , 1000x750 , 378.png )

Sorry to wake you, but if you told me the recipe for whatever the hell Zeno drinks I might be able to bribe him into being not useless.

The barman doesn't seem to be very pleased, frowning even more, his voice acquiring a cold, irate undertone.

>Maybe I was wrong about you after all, boss, doing errands for the same murderous snake I refused to serve. I don't even know why I'm still here standing, talking to you, instead of shutting the door in your face.
No. 234282 ID: e99a3a

inform him that you also picked up a little "something extra" to add to the mix, if you catch my drift.
we aren't actually going to poison Zeno, but we don't need to tell him that.
No. 234284 ID: d677cc


Whichever parts of >>234279 are still applicable. Why didn't any of that get used, anyway? Semantics were much better than >>234223 :/

And I guess just generally make clear that you're not doing this because you want to, but because you need Zeno to do something for you and he's being an asshat about it.
No. 234285 ID: d677cc

Oh this ain't bad either.
No. 234298 ID: c6fa0a

I kinda doubt he'll believe us - that's playing a little TOO far into what he wants and way from what we've acted like so far for it to be believable. :C

... it looks like the quest update was posted just 2 minutes after my suggestion. Sometimes that's just how it plays out. But I can rehash some of it... ;)

"Mok, I'm not doing this because I *like* that damn snake. I need to get info out of him, and it sounds like the only way to do it is through bribing him with a Veledrian Dream. It's just like those snakes to value alcohol over loyalty... Anyways, all I need is the recipe, and I'll make it myself. I don't want to force you to stoop to such low levels. I know this sucks, so if there's anything I can do for you in return, let me know."
No. 234356 ID: e40e60

"I can probably get him arrested if you make the cocktail for me"
No. 234691 ID: 6550ad
File 128557341679.png - (174.82KB , 1000x750 , 379.png )


If you look at the timestamps, I waited for almost 4 hours with just one suggestion to use. >>234279 was posted 2 minutes before I updated, so I only saw it after posting my update. I hate when this happens too, I don't want you guys to feel like I'm ignoring your suggestions

Mok, I'm not doing this because I *like* that damn snake. I need to get info out of him, and it sounds like the only way to do it is through bribing him with a Veledrian Dream. It's just like those snakes to value alcohol over loyalty... Anyways, all I need is the recipe, and I'll make it myself. I don't want to force you to stoop to such low levels. I know this sucks, so if there's anything I can do for you in return, let me know.

>Hmmm... Well, alright. But I'm keeping my eye on you, boss. Just mix two parts of Aragatz Liquor and one of Ice Juice. Add a drop of AX-44. And that's all.

Without a single word more, Mok disappears inside his room again, closing the door behind.
No. 234696 ID: f4963f

Go ahead and mix that up, but as you do... look at the label for AX-44 closely. Yanno, just to be sure.
No. 234727 ID: c6fa0a


Do this: >>234696.

And also don't make *too* much at once... 1 decent-sized drink will suffice for testing purposes. Gotta make sure Zeno is happy... but we also don't want him to have SO much that he won't need us to make more in the future. We can possibly have future bargaining power. ;D

After drink is made, give it to Zeno. See if he has any suggestions as to how to distract the captain and get a way to unlock the drawer with the password inside.
No. 234747 ID: 6550ad
File 128559660884.png - (85.93KB , 1000x750 , 380.png )

Tiak returns to the Canteen and mixes the ingredients the barman told him. He checks the labels to be sure, but he's not really an expert and wouldn't know if anyone switched them. The AX-44 is a fine beverage made of a particular kind of fermented mushrooms.

Judging by the color and smell, the result is a success.
No. 234748 ID: 6550ad
File 128559665399.png - (166.32KB , 1000x750 , 381.png )

Tiak goes back to the Queen's room, where Zeno is, and gives him the glass. The Ziranée snickers, holding the glass between his fingers.

>Thank you, officer. Although for a next time, I would be happier if you used a larger receptacle.

Oops, Tiak forgot about the size difference and all that.

>But I'm thankful anyways and I will help you out. Now, you wanted me to get the captain out of his office and distract him, hm? Do you have any ideas, or shall we do it my way? And before you ask, no, I'm not telling you what's my way. It wouldn't be fun if I tell you.
No. 234750 ID: 701a19

"I'd rather be able to say that I had no idea what you were going to do."
No. 234762 ID: 7c1dae

he can do it his way as long as it doesn't result in head biting.
No. 234764 ID: 2563d4

This seems fine.
No. 234775 ID: 6550ad
File 128561082448.png - (192.81KB , 1000x750 , 382.png )

I'd rather be able to say that I had no idea what you were going to do. As long as it doesn't result in head biting.

Zeno snickers and slithers while he helps Tiak outside his room.

>Oh, don't worry about that. Now, get in position. In 10 minutes from now, I'll start the... diversion. I wouldn't waste any time if I were you.

Said this, the reptilian alien closes the door, leaving Tiak alone in the corridor.
No. 234776 ID: 2563d4

>Plasma pistol in hand

...you know what, it's hard to care any more. It's probably just vandalism, rather than murder.

Go loiter somewhere outside the Captain's room and consider a hiding place.
No. 234777 ID: 105ee7

Ten minutes it is.

So do we wait outside the elevator or just chillax in the Canteen until it's time?
No. 234779 ID: e40e60

Stick your camera somewhere discrete near the captain's office. Wait for shit to happen. Don't get shot.
No. 234784 ID: 701a19

Wait on the bridge. Sulk in one of the seats so people won't think much of it if they notice you.
No. 234798 ID: 6550ad
File 128561664152.png - (199.37KB , 1000x750 , 383.png )

Tiak hurries to the main corridor of the upper deck.

There aren't many places to hide the camera, or for Tiak to hide himself, even. He could try to stay in the elevator, sneak into the Infirmary, or the Bridge.
No. 234799 ID: 2563d4

There's a vent above his door if we can get that grille off and back on again. Screwdriver?

The bridge is good. Gawping at the pretty hyperspace patterns while mulling things over may also work.
No. 234801 ID: a594b9

I would say we put the camera in the floor vent if anywhere at all.
No. 234817 ID: e40e60

Excellent idea.
No. 234839 ID: 6550ad
File 128562666029.png - (450.03KB , 1000x750 , 384.png )

Tiak can't reach the ventilation shaft over the Captain quarters' door, but he can certainly lift the lid of the vent on the floor.

He hides his camera inside, making it face towards the door. From this angle, it'll be hard to see much, but at least Tiak will be able to know if anyone leaves or enters the room.

After that, he hurries to hide inside the Bridge. But it seems that there's already someone in there. The Navigation Officer, sitting at his post, turns his head just enough to see who just came in and then turns around again, back to his console.

>Oh, it's you. What to you want?
No. 234843 ID: 2563d4

Claim to be contemplative and melancholy given recent events, and just looking for somewhere to stare out into the technicolour void.
No. 234861 ID: 732129


"I'm following up on that rukus in the bar. I had a couple of questions."
No. 234899 ID: f4963f

Ask for his version of the events that lead up to the bar fight.
No. 235090 ID: a594b9

Go look at what he's doing on the console.
No. 235126 ID: 6550ad
File 128565914550.png - (230.54KB , 1000x750 , 385.png )

Tiak takes a step closer. Dan's face seems to have been roughed up as much as Mok's. But apparently the Navigator wasn't so paranoid about receiving medical assistance, his cracks are covered with surgical plaster.

Just conducting some investigations. Tell me, what happened in the bar? Why did you and the bartender fight?

>Bah, the old bastard started accusing me about some conspiracy nutjob bullshit. Of course I wouldn't have any of that.

Hmm, well Mok seems to be pretty convinced about that "nutjob" story, if you ask me.

>Hmpf, and you would believe him? Old crook got hit so many times in the head, he probably still thinks that he's a secret commando or something. By the way, weren't you dead?

I got better.
No. 235143 ID: 701a19

Start looking at the PDA and make like you're taking notes.
"Talk me through the events leading up to the fight."
No. 235194 ID: 6550ad
File 12856925954.png - (170.61KB , 1000x750 , 386.png )

Tiak checks his PDA, pretending to be taking notes.

Why don't you tell me about the events leading up to the fight

>I don't have anything else to say. I went to have a drink, he started throwing crazy accusations at me, and when I kept denying all, he punched me in the face. That's all.

The Navigation Officer doesn't seem to be in a talkative mood, and remains silent the rest of the time, unresponsive to Tiak attempts to get more information. Tiak spends that time keeping an eye on his PDA and pretending to be busy with it.

Suddenly, from outside the bridge screaming can be heard, and the voice is no other than the captain's. It's something like...

"Aaaah, help, somebody help me! They're trying to kill me!"

Through his camera, Tiak can see the captain desperately rushing out of his quarters, running towards the elevator, leaving his office alone.

>Did you hear something?
No. 235195 ID: 0b2a05

Sigh, say "unfortunately... yes. I'd better go check it out."
No. 235196 ID: d677cc

Wonder what Zeno did. Anyway, that's your cue.

"I'll go check it out."

Let's hurry on up, too; no telling how much time Zeno actually bought us.
No. 235197 ID: 85949c

Sternly, "yes. Get down. Stay here." Walk cautiously to the door, gun in hand, and peek through. (to waste time)

When you're sure the captain is gone into the elevator, dash into the hallway.
No. 235201 ID: 701a19

Tiak saw the captain leave on his PDA screen.
However, I do approve of "Yes. Get down. Stay here."
No. 235212 ID: 6550ad
File 128569745922.png - (237.20KB , 1000x750 , 387.png )

I think so... Stay here, I'll go check it out.

Tiak hurries out of the bridge and into the Captain's Quarters, empty now. It's hard not to see, and even smell, that something has changed. There are smoking holes on the floor, where the metal and plastic are molten and still hot. A plasma weapon, at full power, would've been able to do this.
No. 235214 ID: 6f044f

rummage quickly.
No. 235216 ID: 701a19

Ok, now search his desk for the key to the drawer. If you can't find it, then force the drawer open. Use the cutter if you have to (Although that would require ditching the cutter in engineering so you aren't caught with it).

Oh, and keep an eye out for the other crescent key.
No. 235218 ID: 85949c

Push the button! Pushitpushitpushitpu--
Uh, I mean, check the desk drawer. Then take a closer look at the Captain's library.
No. 235223 ID: 2563d4

Focus. Desk drawer. Password for the crew files. Copy it to the PDA. Don't move the note.

You can possibly think about looking at other things afterwards but if you end up getting caught you're explaining your way out of this one yourself.
No. 235228 ID: e40e60

Get the password, then investigate the locked box.
No. 235309 ID: 6550ad
File 128571381241.png - (161.40KB , 1000x750 , 388.png )

Tiak doesn't waste a second and reaches for the desk drawer, but to his dismay, it's locked. And he doesn't have a key.

He also takes a quick look at the library. For the most part is unimpressive. There are a lot of cheap novels, and a few biographies of famous historic Maurians. Most of them generals and captains. Nothing particullary interesting.

There's a shelf full of large, green books with human words on them. Tiak doesn't know what the words mean, his human is pretty basic.

And a locked box. It looks sturdy and heavy, and Tiak doesn't have a key for this keyhole either.
No. 235316 ID: 0ea1f0

VSCURAIL, sounds like a code to me, copy it down.
No. 235318 ID: 701a19

Is that the ONLY drawer?
Also, the password might be VSCURAIL.

How long would it take to CUT the drawer open?
Also, before doing anything else you should check if the hallway is clear, then move the lockbox out into the grate and retrieve your camera.
No. 235347 ID: a594b9

Try the back room.
No. 235376 ID: 6550ad
File 128571979220.png - (185.86KB , 1000x750 , 389.png )

Tiak writes VSCURAIL down in his PDA:

Then he tries to open the back door. But surprisingly, the slot doesn't react to his key card. Either it's been rigged to only accept a specific card, or it's just broken.

Tiak sneaks out of the room, making sure that nobody sees him. He opens the vent on the floor, recovering his Servo camera and hiding the lockbox in its place.

Back again, he checks the desk one more time. It doesn't have anymore drawers, just that one. The desk is made of plastic, so Tiak estimates that he could cut it in no time. But if he doesn't want to damage what might be inside that drawer, he needs to be careful. Around 3-4 minutes should be enough.