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File 127938605645.png - (189.37KB , 900x900 , 97.png )
209309 No. 209309 ID: 98ce68

[ First thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/193207.html ]
[ Discussion thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/328741.html ]

>Ah, back to the land of the living, eh officer?
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No. 209310 ID: 701a19

"What happened, where am I, where's the assailant, and how long was I out?"
No. 209314 ID: 98ce68
File 127938697057.png - (153.36KB , 800x800 , 98.png )

HrgflhWhat am I, where happened, where was I out, and how long is the assailant!?

>If you accept suggestions, officer, calming down should be the first one of your priorities right now. You've been unconscious for almost two hours.

fffghh... Really?

Yes. And I'm interested to know how did you manage to break your own leg and tase yourself at the same time.
No. 209316 ID: a4b241

what? you mean you didn't see him? shit.
No. 209318 ID: 701a19

"Dammit, he got away.
Wait, you couldn't tell from the impact site that my leg was broken with a sledgehammer?
Also, was there any blood on my clothes?"
No. 209330 ID: bc237d

"Where did you find me?"
"Did anything happen while I was unconscious?"
No. 209332 ID: 0b2a05

Hug the doctor.
No. 209337 ID: 732129

Hugz fer da dok.
No. 209340 ID: 98ce68
File 127939475096.png - (216.91KB , 900x675 , 99.png )

Damn, he got away. Didn't you see him?

>I didn't see anybody, because I haven't even been at the scene of your defeat. I finished analyzing the corpse and looked for Mogro, the Eng. assistant, to put the body in a better place, but I couldn't find him in Engineering. Half an hour later he came to my office carrying your wrecked body, saying that he found you unconscious in the Crew Quarters. He didn't mention anyone else.

Was there any blood on my clothes?

>Nope, no blood. You can see it yourself, they're on the chair, with the rest of your possessions.

Did anything else happen while I was unconscious?

>I wouldn't know, I've been here in the Infirmary finishing the blood tests. And yes, the blood and the corpse are of Reto Mikos.


>Well, if you're done with the questions I guess I should go back to your work now. I've sealed the broken part of the carapace with quick-action plaster, and the nano-analgesics should stop most of the pain. You should be able to walk normally, but don't force it too much.


>Did you just try to hug me?

Yes. No. Sorry, I guess I'm still a bit confused after the shock and all that.

No. 209344 ID: 701a19

"Say, was there anything wrong with Mongro's left shoulder? Was it favored or anything?"
No. 209345 ID: bc237d

Say, did you ever check the cabin of Reto Mikos?
Should be an obvious place to look for clues, assuming you still have the key card.
But check with the captain first, to get some status updates and be yelled at.
No. 209346 ID: 0b2a05

After asking, tell him if he sees someone like that, suspect them immediately, but don't let on.
No. 209394 ID: 98ce68
File 127940475456.png - (240.43KB , 900x675 , 100.png )

Tiak gets up and puts on his clothes, checking his pockets. Looks like everything is in order, he's only missing the broken scalpel. And yes, he still has the card for Mikos cabin

So, was there anything wrong with Mongro's left shoulder?

>Which one of them?

What? .

>Oh, didn't you know? He's a Sinarri.

Tiak's brain races as he recognizes the name. The Sinarri. One of the many races enslaved by the Maurian in the past. They're free now, but the Republic dried out most of the natural resources of their homeplanets and maimed their population. Now they're used as cheap workers, employed by the same ones that caused their downfall.

>Anyways, I don't scan everybody that crosses my way, and if it wasn't a serious wound, it would be easy to conceal. I didn't see anything wrong with any of his limbs, at least, at first sight.

Whoever attacked me got half of your scalpel up the left shoulder. Please, stay alert for any individual with such an injury.

>Alright, alright, I'll see what can I do.

Ok, what should be Tiak's course of action now?
No. 209406 ID: bc237d

Go see the captain, stuff might have happened.
No. 209408 ID: 701a19

Were the pliers returned to engineering? Go check on our buddy there.
No. 209411 ID: c4c313

At first opportunity check that cabinet where the hazard suits were. They should both be missing, otherwise the engineer is highly suspicious.
No. 209412 ID: c4c313


Disregard that I suck cocks.
No. 209419 ID: 98ce68
File 127941334935.png - (179.00KB , 900x675 , 101.png )

[ Tiak still carries the pliers. I just forgot to put them in the inventory. Hurr. ]

Tiak goes into the captain's quarters to ask about the current status. Doesn't seem like much is happening, the captain seems to be asleep! Quite noisily too.
No. 209421 ID: 0b2a05

Wake him up as politely as possible and tell him about the thing. First though, feel his shoulder. Wait, is there any way you could have inflicted a wound like what you did on your race?
No. 209423 ID: 701a19

Walk over, grab his left shoulder where you stabbed the attacker, and gently shake him awake.
He'll probably have nothing wrong, but it's best to be certain.
No. 209434 ID: bc237d

About your attacker.
Sure you didn't see him, but did he move like an Maurian or different? I mean he might he an alien, right.
No. 209456 ID: a594b9

I don't think we REALLY have any reason to bother the captain. Can't we just go back to the security office and get that thing behind the force field?
No. 209606 ID: 98ce68
File 127944776241.png - (195.68KB , 900x900 , 102.png )

Tiak discreetly touches the captain's left shoulder. The man automatically jumps and wakes up, mumbling out of a dream. He seems to be startled, but not in pain.

>ArfghNo! I won't take it in my ship! It's... It's... BELINT? What are you doing here!?

Just wanted to check on the current status, sir.

>Well, neither you or Trake have given me any reports, so the current status is: nothing happened! At least, for what I can tell, which isn't much without communication systems. And knock on the door before going in next time!

Yes sir, sorry, sir.


The scalpel is very sharp and strong, obviously made to cut a Maurian carapace. It shouldn't be hard to inflict such a wound for Tiak.


Tiak didn't see anything wrong with the way it walked. But that doesn't say anything, there's a lot of bipedal alien species.

Just at that moment, Tiak remembers about the Servo-camera he left hidden in the Janitor's cart. A quick check on his PDA reveals nothing but complete darkness. That's weird, the camera has night-vision mode.
No. 209607 ID: a594b9

Let's go check on it.
No. 209613 ID: 445c48

>Kill the Captain
>Take his place

nah just go check on the camera.
No. 209672 ID: 98ce68
File 127946402955.png - (182.31KB , 900x675 , 103.png )

Tiak leaves descends into the lower deck, going to check on his last servo-camera.

Seems that the doctor has got the corpse removed, after all, but the blood stains are still there (and inside the elevator). And that's not the only element missing in this room. The janitor's cart is gone, and the camera with it.

Unfortunately, the camera lacks any kind of tracking device.
No. 209674 ID: a594b9

Well you can move the camera around right? Try moving it to see if it can get past whatever's blocking it.

Otherwise I guess we should check the janitor's closet or quarters or something.
No. 209675 ID: 110026

Maybe, just maybe, the janitor took the janitor cart to generally janitor it up.
There's also still the cabin of the victim you could investigate sometime, but no hurry of course.
No. 209730 ID: 701a19

What's that white sealant on the elevator? Was that there before?
No. 209733 ID: 98ce68
File 127947704762.png - (82.13KB , 900x675 , 104.png )

The camera isn't remote controlled. It can be programmed to patrol any certain area, but that can't be done through the PDA, but in person.

Tiak noticed that the first time he visited this room, before discovering the corpse. Someone has welded shut the doors of the old elevator going to the Zero Deck. It was still warm when he touched it, but it's cooled off now.

Tiak ponders about the possible course of actions while he crosses the lower deck, looking for the Janitor locker. He still has the card for R. Mikos cabin, which would be a good place to investigate. Although with his new security card, it wouldn't be necessary the passenger card. There are the Ziraneé diplomats too. The welder inside the brig. Mongro, the Sinarri, who apparently found him unconscious. And he still should give the pliers back to Trake.

Thinking about all this, he finds his way to the end of the Low Deck corridor. This one must be the Janitor's place. Tiak knocks on the door. No answer. He opens the lock with his card, but even with the green light confirming that indeed it's open, the door won't budge.

Wha... Something must be blocking the door from the other side.
No. 209738 ID: 701a19

Force the door. This has 'bad news' stapled all over it.
No. 209804 ID: a594b9

Give the door a firm pounding and say "Security! Open up!" Perhaps the janitor has barricaded himself in there out of fear.
No. 209833 ID: 98ce68
File 127949413688.png - (102.05KB , 900x750 , 105.png )

Tiak pounds the door with his fist and yells "Security! Open up!", but still, no answer from inside.

Fearing the worst, he decides there's no time to lose, and tries to man up his way inside and force the door.

The results aren't quite as expected.

No. 209834 ID: d560d6

...don't those doors slide?

We don't seem to have anything in our inventory that would offer leverage, even if there's a gap. I don't suppose the welder up in the brig can be used as a metal cutter in a pinch?
No. 209839 ID: 110026

Can you try to recruit you old buddy the engineer to open the door?
No. 209841 ID: a594b9

That was a bad idea, why'd you do that?

Go return the pliers then ask the engineer if he's got a cutter that can get through a door like that.
No. 209850 ID: 701a19

A prybar would be a FAR better choice.
No. 209914 ID: 98ce68
File 127950113310.png - (220.01KB , 900x675 , 106.png )

Tiak recovers his composure and leads his steps back to Engineering.


Tiak remembers that he's actually seen a cutter before. It was in the Brig, and it mysteriously appeared there after the person in the hazard suit attacked him for the first time.

Meanwhile, Trake doesn't seem to be in the first room in the Engineer area. Tiak wonders if he should look around for him (and where), or leave the pliers on the workbench and attend to other matters.
No. 209918 ID: d560d6

Don't leave them there; things keep going missing. You can return them in person or not at all.
No. 209919 ID: e3ff7f

check that room on the left, to your right.
No. 209926 ID: c5628c

I think that file cabinet to your left is missing it's third drawer.
No. 209927 ID: a594b9

Leave the pliers here and go get the cutter.
No. 210181 ID: 09ea11
File 12795715664.png - (181.26KB , 900x675 , 107.png )

That's actually a touch screen to input the password to open the cabinet.

Tiak decides to check the room to his right. It's the Atmospheric Control room. Tiak doesn't really know how does this work, but he understands that the air is recycled in this room and pumped back again into the air vents.
Nobody seems to be here.

But there are some drops of a strange glowing ooze over the main gate of the air ducts.
No. 210182 ID: a594b9

You had better collect a sample of that ooze somehow. Got a bag?
No. 210184 ID: 0b2a05

Yeah inventory check please! Look at the ooze more, be prepared to jump back in case it has bubbles that pop at you or something.
No. 210193 ID: 40cb26

Or in case the source of the ooze is there, and is hostile. Not that there is much evidence of slime monsters so far, but I wouldn't take any chances.

Paranoia is our friend.
No. 210195 ID: 09ea11
File 12795775647.png - (207.30KB , 900x675 , 108.png )

Tiak checks everything he's carrying at the moment.

Maybe it's a trick of the light, but Tiak would swear that the weird drops are moving. Not like they're sizzling, but... throbbing? Vibrating? It's hard to know.
No. 210198 ID: a594b9

Shouldn't you have evidence bags or something? Don't touch the living ooze. Try deflating the balloon and scraping a small sample into it, then tying it off.
No. 210199 ID: 09ea11
File 127958082028.png - (122.15KB , 900x900 , 109.png )

Tiak isn't any sort of detective, and solving crimes isn't supposed to be one of his everyday duties in a low security flight like this one. So no evidence bags in his official equipment.

Tiak deflates the balloon and carefully scrapes the ooze off with the help of the plastic shards. The substance doesn't seem to be corrosive to plastic.

With extreme caution, Tiak drips the goo inside the balloon and ties it off. Now there's no doubt, it's wriggling inside. Not much, but it's certainly moving. And it doesn't look like it's eating through the balloon, that's something. Tiak puts it in his pocket.

Ok, what now?
No. 210200 ID: a594b9

Get the cutter from your office so we can get in the janitor's room.
No. 210201 ID: f1df64

Your best chance is the doctor. She should be able to analyze it and mystery stuff in the goddamn life-support system of the ship should be top priority.
No. 210203 ID: c4c313

It looks kind of like that bioluminescent tattoo that one little female had on her.
No. 210208 ID: a594b9

...oh fuck. This could mean she's being mind controlled. Maybe we should check up on her next.
No. 210212 ID: c4c313


I was thinking she just melted into protoplasm to squiggle around the ventilation ducts, and her tattoos rubbed off in the process.
No. 210214 ID: c4c313

Anyway, your best chance is the doctor now. He'll be able to examine the stuff. It's obviously some sort of biological.
No. 210228 ID: 09ea11
File 12795847738.png - (183.46KB , 900x675 , 110.png )

Tiak walks all the way back to the Infirmary to try to get Dr. Labras to analyze the ooze sample.

But it looks like the doctor is out.
No. 210229 ID: a594b9

Fine, let's get the cutter now.
No. 210278 ID: c4c313


Loot his stuff!

Er, I mean, confiscate syringe, especially if it's got some liquid in it. Inspect red thing. Do any of the cabinets open?
No. 210282 ID: e31d52

What was on the desk next to the syringe? It's gone.
No. 210346 ID: e02b2c

Take a look at the little red thing.

It was a scalpel.
No. 210399 ID: f904d0
File 12796227628.png - (203.35KB , 900x675 , 111.png )

Tiak takes the syringe and puts it in his inventory, then he takes a look at the rest of the place.

He recognizes the red gizmo on the counter as the scanner the doctor used to analyze the blood of the corpse.

As for the other item on the counter, he doesn't have a clue about what it is. It's some sort of thin metal rod, with a crescent shape at the end.

Tiak checks the white cabinets. They're locked. And the grey cabinet with the Medic symbol on it doesn't even have any handles or visible ways to be opened.
No. 210404 ID: a594b9

Let's go get that cutter!
No. 210412 ID: d560d6

Yes, cutter. But, er, why are we stealing from the Doc without a clear purpose again? Do we like being shouted at?
No. 210440 ID: f904d0
File 127965023059.png - (207.37KB , 900x675 , 112.png )

Tiak returns to his cabin and enters the brig.

In his way here he hasn't noticed anything unusual, except for that the Canteen door was wide open and he could hear someone talking inside.

With the security card, he disables the force field and gets in the cell, picking up the cutter. As he noticed the first time, it's a Sinarri piece of work, which is something strange to find in a Maurian spaceship. Changing the frequency of the beam, it can be used as a Welder too.
No. 210442 ID: 1b218f

Rush to the cantine and say hello.
No. 210446 ID: c4c313


Cut open the lock!
No. 210483 ID: a594b9

No. 210493 ID: 1ac37b
File 127966779615.png - (109.89KB , 900x900 , 113.png )

Tiak cuts the metal padlock easily. Someone has hidden something inside the cabinet .

It looks like part of a computer, or some electronic device. But Tiak can't identify it. He takes it with him anyways.
No. 210495 ID: a594b9

I bet this is a missing piece from engineering. If we can find the engineer he could help us put it back.

Also, Mongro is a Sinarri, the tool is Sinarri made... Mongro had access to Engineering... HMMM, I WONDER WHO THE CULPRIT IS.
No. 210496 ID: 8846ea

No. 210497 ID: 8846ea

obviously not mongro, it's so obvious that it must be a set up.
No. 210564 ID: c4c313

wordswordswords go check out the cafeteria the doctor is probably having lunch!
No. 210599 ID: a594b9

Right good idea. Let's go to the Canteen.
No. 210645 ID: 1ac37b
File 127971946898.png - (239.02KB , 900x675 , 114.png )

Tiak leaves the brig and his cabin and walks over to the Canteen. This time, the barman seems to be here.

He gives Tiak an apathetic look and gives him a distant nod as he comes in.

No. 210646 ID: a594b9

Hey, paper under the table. Grab it.
No. 210647 ID: d6758a

Read barman. Hug note.
No. 210678 ID: 1ac37b
File 127972822667.png - (108.15KB , 900x900 , 115.png )

Tiak notices the small piece of paper under table and kneels down to get it. The upper half of the note is missing, but the rest is legible.

It's a letter, communicating the addressee that it's the last chance to pay the a large sum of money lost gambling before more drastic actions will be taken.

It's signed by the representative of a well know authorized gambling corporation. But the name of the addressee isn't visible, must've been in the missing half of the note.

The barman speaks up.

>Hey, what are you reading?
No. 210679 ID: 391581

Be honest. Say hello and explain you found the note on the floor.
No. 210759 ID: 74c92b
File 127975062495.png - (175.94KB , 900x900 , 116.png )

Hello. Oh, nothing, just a note I found laying around.

>A note? You better give it to me before one of those bossy bastards comes around yelling about "stolen items". Mpfh!

Tiak deliberates. Should he give the note to the barman?
No. 210761 ID: c4c313


Tell him there is a very important investigation going on right now, and you don't want anyone contaminating the evidence.

You guys have fingerprints, right?
No. 210765 ID: 55c4cf

Copy the contents of the note, order a drink. You need a drink before you get knocked out again.
No. 210796 ID: a594b9

...this guy has a robotic arm. Didn't the guy we fought have a really strong arm? Ask to see his shoulder joint.
No. 210799 ID: 48e178
File 127976168756.png - (116.21KB , 900x900 , 117.png )

Tiak cautiously copies the contents of the note into his PDA, just in case.


Maurians have hard carapaces for skin, with moving plates and flexible joints. They don't have fingerprints.

Sorry, pal. I'm in charge of a very important investigation, and you never know what might be a clue! Can you serve me a drink?

>Fine, whatever.

The barman doesn't seem too happy about not getting the note. He searches under the counter for a moment and emerges with a shiny unlabeled bottle from which he pours a colorful drink into a glass.

Hey, can I see your left shoulder?

>...I beg your pardon!?

It's for the investigation. Seriously!

>No fucking way, man. If you want to humiliate me , you're gonna have to arrest me and chain me to the wall.

No need to be so melodramatic.
No. 210805 ID: a594b9

>shiny unlabeled bottle

Uh. Ask him what's in the drink.
No. 210811 ID: 526102

Ask for a specific drink, instead.
No. 210898 ID: 732129


Explain that you're not asking because you want to look at his prosthetic, if that's what he thought.
No. 210954 ID: 0b2a05

Say thanks, and take the drink with you without drinking it. Ask what it is first though. Do his clothes look like he just changed into them?
No. 211002 ID: 391581

FFFFFFF- mysteriously coloured alien drinkings...

Take the glass but don't sip yet. Ask him who was in the canteen today and whether he noticed anything strange going on.
No. 211011 ID: 55c4cf

You've made copying the information pointless by not giving it back, possibly offer to give it back for a glimpse of his shoulder. He might be a little more cooperative with your questions if you aren't making his job harder in future as far as he knows.
No. 211015 ID: 48e178
File 127979352746.png - (247.39KB , 900x675 , 118.png )

Tiak holds the glass but doesn't drink the beverage yet. He examines the clothes of the barman. They seem to fit him and it doesn't look like he put them on in a rush.

Thanks. Uh... What's this?

>Danto wine. I keep it under the counter because the light spoils it. You better drink it fast or it'll become bland and tasteless.

I see...Who was here talking with you a few minutes ago?

He shrugs.

>People come and go, to eat and have a drink, and chat. And pretty much every person in the ship has come around the last few hours. They're just faces that pass by for me, I couldn't remember which one of them has been around recently.

[i]Will you let me take a look at your shoulder if I give you the note?

>No, but I would be really thankful.

By the way, I didn't want to see your prosthetic, if that's what you thought.

>So you just wanted to watch me shirtless? That doesn't sound any better, boss.

No, it's not about that... I mean it is but, not in that way... I mean...

>What's the deal with you and that obsession about my arm, boss?
No. 211016 ID: 860509

sigh and say "someone attacked me earlier and i managed to stab them in the shoulder, so by letting me see your shoulder and seeing you have no wound i can officially cross you off the suspect list. but if you continue to refuse then i would need to put you in the brig"
No. 211018 ID: a594b9

Eh, may as well come out with it. You're trying to eliminate suspects, and the person who assaulted you has an injured left shoulder. Take a sip of the wine, too. If it turns out to be drugged, you do have your tazer still. You can whip it out and zap him if you feel like you're passing out.

Also, we copied the note, so you may as well give the original to him so he can return it to whoever lost it if they come yelling.
No. 211019 ID: a594b9

Erm. Are threats really necessary? Or even, useful? Someone has a copy of our card so they can just let him out while we're out and about.
No. 211025 ID: 391581

Yes, but he doesn't know.

We are responsible for the security on the ship, right? How can we do our work if we struggle to get a simple body examination?
It's not like we want to him to drop his pants, we just want to check whether he has a wound on his upper torso. Even say you can go to a secluded room, if he doesn't want to go topless in public.

His possibly strong mechanical arm makes him a suspect.

Tell him to let you look, it's vital for the investigation.
No. 211033 ID: 48e178
File 127980250526.png - (92.61KB , 900x900 , 119.png )

Look, I'll be honest with you. There's been a murder and someone has attacked me. I couldn't identify the guy, but I managed to wound him in the left shoulder. I'm trying to eliminate suspects. I'm trying to ask you nice, I don't want to have to use my authority.

>Fine, fine. Jeez. So I'm now a suspect, just beautiful.

He takes off his jacket and exposes his bare upper body. It's all scarred and damaged, but the wounds are old, nothing recent.

>Happy now?

Yes, I guess so. Wow, this looks... painful. What happened?

>The war happened. Fucking Ziraneé and they black scaled hearts... You aren't so young, and the Security forces are militarized, you must've gone to war too, don't you?

Yes, shortly before it ended... But I don't want to think about it. The memories... I just don't want to think about it.

>Sure, sure... Your drink is getting warm.
No. 211039 ID: 55c4cf


It's very doubtful that in the short amount of time of your nap that the assailant scarred up from his wounds, received a prosthetic arm, and continued to serve customers all day while being the criminal without anyone noticing.

I would eliminate him as a suspect unless evidence in the future directs us to him in any way at all.

Also drink.
No. 211040 ID: 391581

We should take the opportunity to get some backgrund information.

Ask him how he feels about serving on the Sparrow. What does he think about its current mission? How about the captain or the other crewmates? Is the working atmosphere good? Or tense? Does he know the janitor?
As a barman he surely heard some rumors.

Since he is not the attacker, we should try and be social. Don't tell him details about the investigation, but say it might be good to have a reliable war veteran on the side of the good guys. Ask him if he could keep an eye/antenna on anything suspicious.
No. 211048 ID: c4c313


He hasn't got many antenna to spare...

Hey, drink up! He said it would spoil!
No. 211052 ID: 48e178
File 127982234657.png - (105.91KB , 900x900 , 120.png )

Tiak nods and leaves the note on the counter, and takes a sip at his drink. It kind of tickles in his tongue as it goes up, and leaves a strange feeling of filling in his mouth. But other than that, it's very refreshing and tasty. Kind of sweet. Tiak keeps drinking while he chats with the barman.

So... How do you feel about serving here, in the Sparrow?

>It's bullshit. That's what it is. Half of my body is spread between Beta Radiace and Torei III, I've dedicated my life and my guts to serve the republic in combat, fighting those fucking lizards in every shithole of planet they could send me to. And suddenly, the war is over. I'm apparently too crippled to stay in the army and nobody has work for an old veteran. So you end up serving drinks in some forgotten transport ship, where even the kid with the shiny blue uniform can shove you around. No offense, boss.

Uh... I guess you needed to get that out.

>No shit.

Ah... And how do you feel about the current mission?

>My mission is to serve drinks and food to anyone that crosses that door. That's where my concern ends.

What about the captain?

>Nah, boss. I'm not dumb enough to be talking trash of the captain to other crew members.

Have you met the Janitor?

>Oh, yeah. Good ol' Mat. He's a nice guy, but he's not right on the head. He's scaredy like a little zublath. And it's always babbling crazy stuff. Don't mind him.

Alright, thanks for the help and for the drink. If you see anything or anyone suspicious, please tell me.

>No problem, boss.

Alright, thinks Tiak. Now what? He could try to check the Cabin of R. Mikos, or try to enter the Janitor's room, find the Ziranée diplomats, check on Trake, or maybe explore the parts of the ship he hasn't been in yet to look for clues.
No. 211053 ID: 55c4cf
File 127982310642.jpg - (250.90KB , 600x424 , rmika.jpg )

Check R. Mikos place and see if they were hiding anything.

Like a secret wrestling costume or nightlife. Lord knows.
No. 211054 ID: af580f

Searching the cabin of R. Mikos, the murder victim, is very important. The longer we take the longer anybody else could rummage in his belongings.
No. 211248 ID: 58908d
File 127990626064.png - (177.72KB , 900x675 , 121.png )

Tiak walks out of the bar and strolls down the corridor, towards Cabin 4, the one belonging to the late R. Mikos. He slides the card inside the slot and the door opens without problems.
No. 211267 ID: 732129

Turn around fast, it's a trap!
No. 211289 ID: 196ef2

Turn around, yell "Who's there?".
No. 211290 ID: 527bd9
File 127991423771.png - (167.76KB , 900x675 , 122.png )

FFFF... Trap!? Where!? Who's there?

Tiak quickly turns around, weapon at ready, but there's nobody there, only the cold walls and closed doors. He must've imagined it.
No. 211291 ID: 5c0e65

be wary, but go into mikos' room.
No. 211313 ID: 701a19

There is somebody in Cabin 6 who was looking at you.
I would suggest you investigate that first, as they will likely leave if you search Cabin 4 first.
No. 211317 ID: c4c991

i suppose.
No. 211342 ID: f1823c
File 127993147715.png - (98.44KB , 900x900 , 123.png )

Tiak knocks on the door of the cabin 6, and after a short wait, it slightly opens. The room at the other side seem to be in complete darkness, and only part of the face of the person at the other side it's visible.

But there's no doubt. Those ayes belong to a Zirane.

A harsh, yet low voice raises from the gap, almost a hissing.

>What do you want?
No. 211353 ID: a594b9

Introduce yourself politely and with respect. This guy's very important.

Ah, may as well ask if he saw when Mikos last left his cabin, or if anyone went in recently.

Also, express concern over their well being.
No. 211371 ID: 0b2a05

What do Zirane look like exactly?
No. 211373 ID: 55c4cf

Get across the idea that you were more concerned that they wanted something from you since they were watching you, if they were just peeking out the door out of curiosity, then it should be alright. Make sure and note his response and demeanor, also if he gets defensive about you noticing his looking out at you.
No. 211594 ID: f1823c
File 127995972394.png - (70.91KB , 900x900 , 124.png )

I'm officer Belint, sir, head of security. Just checking if everything is in order.

A soft laughter comes from across the door.

>Ah, the situation seems rather chaotic to me, officer.

Excuse me? Have you seen anything strange, have you suffered any threat?

>Depends on your definition of "strange", and my life has been under threat since I can remember, can't say that it's much different aboard this ship.

Uh... Well, I didn't mean to bother you sir, it's just that I noticed you watching me from the door and thought that you might wanted to talk with me.

>Oh, no, you weren't the target of my vigilance, if that's what worries you. Sleep with an eye open if you want to see the morning light again, say my people.

Did you see the passenger in the cabin in front of yours leaving it in the past hours?

>Maybe. Maybe not.

A bit of cooperation from your side would really help, sir.

>I don't doubt it.
No. 211596 ID: 0b2a05

"Is there anything I can do to change that to a 'yes' or 'no'?"
No. 211598 ID: aa4289

"is there anyway to get assistance from you or am i going to just need to look elsewhere?"
No. 211759 ID: f1823c
File 127998122388.png - (177.94KB , 900x675 , 125.png )

Is there anything I can do to change your mind and help me out with this?

>Trust cannot be earned with words, but with actions. But there will be a time and a place for that. Until then, good luck, officer.

Before Tiak can answer the doors slides shut, leaving him alone again in the silent corridor.
No. 211761 ID: 55c4cf

Well go check the room you came to check, we'll see him later it seems.
No. 211771 ID: 196ef2

Well, what a pleasent fellow...

To Mikos' cabin, full steam ahead!
No. 211781 ID: f1823c
File 12799871885.png - (129.68KB , 900x675 , 126.png )

Tiak enters Mikos' room. It's pretty austere in decorations and commodities, but these rooms aren't designed for comfort; the passengers are usually in cryo during the whole flight.

Hmm, either someone has been here before Tiak, or Mikos was a really untidy kind of person.
No. 211783 ID: 55c4cf


Scavenge obvious clutter of clues and plot devices/inventory objects.
No. 211822 ID: 29cf59


Door's open. She might be in the bathroom. But she would have responded... unless she didn't want to get out of the shower. Knock again.

If no response, might be a dead body in there.
No. 211835 ID: c4c313


This is the room of the murdered male, not the small female. That said I wouldn't be surprised if you found her in the shower.

Check the briefcase. It probably has been stripped of any useful evidence, but you never know.
No. 211844 ID: 701a19

Step 1 of investigating a possibly compromised area is always clear the area first. This room is clear, so move to step 2.
Step 2 of investigating a possibly compromised area is seal exits as you move. Since this room is clear you need to seal the door behind you and move on to the next area, which in this case means the open door.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
No. 211874 ID: f1823c
File 128000783815.png - (255.70KB , 1200x1200 , 127.png )

The door should be locked shut to anyone without an high clearance security card. Other than that, Tiak can't think of a way to seal the door.

He knocks on the bathroom door, but nobody answers.

Tiak cautiously walks in to inspect the first obvious place to do so, the open suitcase on the floor.

Papers, notebooks, memos... all scattered around. Most of them look like uninteresting bureaucratic stuff, declarations, certifications, etc.

Then a few sport magazines, and there are a fair amount of written speeches and letters to private associations and corporations. Tiak reads some of the titles of the speeches: "Science: already gone too far?", "Medicine and political alienation.", "Intellectualism: stop it before it's too late."

In one of the inner pockets of the suitcase, Tiak finds a rather nasty looking knife. Wow, you didn't expect to find THIS kind of thing in the luggage of a mayor.

The last interesting item in the suitcase is a picture. It's been made in a crowded street, and portraits who appear to be Zira, the same girl you found in Engineering a few hours ago. A circle has been marked around her head, and it seems that there's something hastily scribbled in the back of the picture. It says:

Confirmed to be in the Sparrow's list of passengers. Very dangerous, extreme caution advised. Contact Security. Avoid unescorted actions.
No. 211878 ID: 788388

equip knife.
No. 211883 ID: 701a19

Grab the picture and investigate the bathroom.

Also, you made what is often a fatal mistake: You failed to either clear or seal the bathroom, meaning that the area was not secure when you started your investigation. Go do that now.
No. 211900 ID: d560d6

>Other than that, Tiak can't think of a way to seal the door.

Well, you do have a welder, and it looks like that worked to seal up the zero deck elevator, but it's probably not a great idea right now.
No. 211943 ID: 84bc0b
File 128001826110.png - (129.02KB , 900x900 , 128.png )

Tiak takes the knife and the picture with him, and cautiously proceeds into the small bathroom.

It seems that there's nobody in, but a huge metal crate almost blocks the way in. The box lid is leaning against the wall, so Tiak doesn't have any problems peeking in. It's a pretty big box and mostly empty, except for...

Oh, shit.

Tiak doesn't know much about the matter, but he's convinced that this thing right here is a bomb. Fortunately, it seems to be disabled . For now.
No. 211945 ID: d560d6

That looks an awful lot like
Only the one we picked up is lacking explosives.
No. 211950 ID: 701a19

Disabled? Good.
Cut the tape and rip the wires out of the bundle, then take them both. Go to doc and have him look at the explosive block with his visor and make sure that there aren't any secondary triggers in place.
He'll complain, but then you can just point out that this was neatly placed in the corner of a conspicuously large crate, and you need to know as much as you can if you're to disarm the rest.
Then take them both to the captain and inform him of your findings. You can leave the explosives with him, but take the timer to our friend the engineer so he can examine it.

Oh, and go pick-up Zira on the way. If she's dangerous then you should keep her close. If she's dangerous to the person with a crate of explosives then you should keep her close for entirely different reasons.
No. 211961 ID: a594b9

Break the antenna. Then take it to an airlock and flush it into space.
No. 211963 ID: 788388

do this
No. 211979 ID: 732129

Take pictures of it before you space it.
No. 212138 ID: 84bc0b
File 128005146330.png - (141.14KB , 900x900 , 129.png )

Tiak snaps the antena and pulls off the cables at the back of the bomb.

He tries to remember if he's seen any airlock but he doesn't think so. There must be airlocks in the Evacuation Pods area, next to the elevators. But those doors only open if the captain activates the emergency protocol.

There must be another airlock somewhere, to make repairs on the hull and such, but he hasn't found it yet.

But he suddenly remembers! The spaceship is in Hyperjump mode, traveling faster than the speed of light. The airlocks will be well shut for security reasons. If one of them is open, the results will no doubt be interesting in a scientific and morbid point of view. But not really pleasant for the people involved.

Tiak pockets the bomb for now, not sure about what to do with it.
No. 212145 ID: 701a19

Take it to engineering.
It's too bad you broke the antenna, since then we could have easily tested how long that antenna is and thus what frequency it's tuned to.
That would have made disabling remote detonation as easy as jamming those frequencies.

Oh well, no sense worrying over it now. Go meet-up with Zira so we can have a nice pleasant chat about her job in the counter-terrorist wing of your intelligence services.
No, not really. Instead you want to remove the explosives from the device and ask her what she thinks of it.

By the way, remember what I said before about the attacker being careless because they don't intend for the ship to reach port? Well, if chucking a 2kg chunk of mass out an airlock into hyperjump space would be a bad thing, what would happen if an explosive planted on the inside of the hull caused the hull to rupture and spread chunks out into space? Two explosives? Ten?

Showing her the device without context will tell us something. If she flinches, then we know that she knows what it does. If she doesn't, then we tell her we found it in our room. If that still doesn't do anything, then show her the picture and tell her that you don't care what she's here to do as long as she'll help save the ship's crew and passengers. Then offer to take her out for drinks after you hit port.
No. 212157 ID: d560d6

>jamming those frequencies.
Unless I'm mistaken, the conventional means of EM jamming is to flood that frequency with strong noise.

Do you really want to take a bet that the bombs have fancy handshaking rather than just a simple threshold trigger?
No. 212160 ID: 701a19

Handshaking? No. It would have a cue sequence, however, due to the very real possibility of the band being less unused than required.

Besides, a threshold trigger is very easy thing to test for if you have a working unit.
No. 212237 ID: 512caa
File 128009042953.png - (164.71KB , 900x675 , 130.png )

Tiak walks over Cabin 2, Zira's one and knocks on the door.

There's no answer. Hmm, she might be sleeping or in the bathroom. Or not be in at all.
No. 212238 ID: 512caa
File 128009046940.png - (88.73KB , 900x900 , 131.png )

Tiak takes a moment to write down in his PDA's notebook a "to do" list, with the latest pieces of information and things he should investigate.

(At any moment the PDA[b] can be checked, and it's possible to write down new entries about stuff you might consider important, and delete past entries.)

The PDA also has other features, such as the [b]Map
, a list of the passengers and crew members he's met so far with annotations and the remote camera. Which is still in the darkness.

Time to decide what to do now.
No. 212289 ID: 701a19

Map. Knowing the layout would do us immense good.
No. 212308 ID: 512caa
File 12801038539.png - (91.79KB , 900x900 , 132.png )

Tiak checks the map of the current deck. Unfortunately, as it's been noted before, the mainframe is down, so Tiak doesn't have access to the complete layout of the ship.

The map only marks the locations Tiak has already visited.
No. 212322 ID: 701a19

Enter the room and do a quick check to see if she's there or the attached bathroom.
If she is, tell her that you have reason to believe she is being targeted and that she should stay with you.
If not, then go to engineering.
No. 212458 ID: 512caa
File 128013467288.png - (56.59KB , 900x675 , 133.png )

Tiak opens up Zira's cabin with his security keykard. Inside it's pitch dark, lights completely out and nothing can be seen.

Hmm... Zira, are you there? Hello?

No answer.
No. 212460 ID: 0b2a05

Damn. Okay, does your PDA have a backlight? Use that to illuminate the area a little better. Prepare to punch the crap out of anything that jumps out at you but make sure it's actually attacking you before you do so.
No. 212462 ID: 8e11a3

what is that little light near the roof?
No. 212464 ID: a594b9

Turn on the lights.
No. 212470 ID: 196ef2

Uhm, wait a moment. We jut wanted to check whether she's there to warn her. I don't think she would have turned off the lights if she was still in her cabin / the adjacent bathroom.

She won't be happy about us entering her cabin.

I think we should leave her a message and go to engineering. i don't see what we can accomplish here beside getting other people angry at us.
No. 212486 ID: 512caa
File 128014129212.png - (63.01KB , 900x675 , 134.png )

Tiak uses the backlight of his PDA to try and illuminate the room a bit better, but it isn't really of much help, it's too weak. But at least it's better than complete darkness.

Tiak looks up, he thought for a moment that he saw a glimpse of light near the ceiling. But there's nothing there now. He must've imagined it.

He thinks about turning on the lights when he realizes that he's never seen any switch or anything like that in the rooms. The lights switch on automatically whenever there's someone in the room. These ones must be broken or something.

Tiak hesitates, not sure if he should invade Zira's cabin or wait to see if she's back later.
No. 212489 ID: 196ef2

Broken lights? Something to tell engineering later.

While you're here, throw a quick look into the bathroom. But knock first.
No. 212493 ID: 701a19

Call out for her. Ask if she's alright, and say you think she may be in danger.

Wait, how do you turn out the lights when you want to sleep?
No. 212497 ID: 8e11a3

the bed is empty as her face glows. and we know she is bad at hiding.
No. 212498 ID: 701a19

Or she's good at appearing bad at hiding.

Remember that the person who rummaged through the filing cabinet was her size, that all races encountered thus far have been of similar height, and that her condition is very rare.
Then there's the photo that identified her as "very dangerous".
The evidence clearly points to her being more than a simple passenger.

Besides a romantic interest, I mean.
No. 212503 ID: d560d6

CSI Rules #20,951: death causes all light in the surrounding area to fail, so that corpses can always be in suitably thematically dim conditions and the investigators can use their torches.

Look for her body.
No. 212525 ID: 512caa
File 128016451866.png - (113.95KB , 900x900 , 135.png )

Tiak leads his steps to the bathroom, hoping to find any clues there. But he doesn't get too far before someone jumps on his back, pulling him from behind, almost causing him to drop the PDA and almost lose his balance. Small hands grab him with a stronger grip than the size would've suggested, and a thin but really sharp knife is pressed against his throat. Before he can even act, he hears a familiar voice:

>Hah! Gotcha!

Shiiit! Zira! Cut it out, it's me, Tiak!

>I know it, you dummy. You're lucky I recognized your voice. I could've killed you!

She says that with a playful tone in her voice and a soft laughter.

...Could you let me go?

>Maybe~... Answer me first, what are you doing sneaking into my room?
No. 212526 ID: a594b9

Cripes, she really is dangerous.

Tell her you were just checking in on all the passengers, and your room had its lights shut off, which was odd so you decided to investigate.

Don't mention the photo while she's got a knife to your throat.
No. 212530 ID: f3536b

Tell her you were concerned about the security of the passengers. Then you discovered the broken lights in her cabin, you thought there was something suspicious goig on. Mention a probable sabotage act of the lights.
No. 212561 ID: 512caa
File 128017934361.png - (61.54KB , 800x800 , 136.png )

I was checking on the passengers. When I saw your lights off, and it seemed pretty suspicious to me, so I came in to investigate.

>Hmm... Ok! I'll buy it.

She releases Tiak and moves to his front, handing him his PDA and opening the front of her helmet.

What happened with the lights, by the way?

>I broke them.

What? Why?

She shrugs.

>I'm not afraid of the dark, and for what I know, there's a murderer on the loose with access to any room in the ship. So I took precautions.

Hmm... It's funny that it's the second time we met each other and again it's in complete darkness.

>Hah, curious, now that you mention it. Do you think it means something?


>Heheh, thought so too. Sooo... Wanted to discuss something else, or are you done with me?
No. 212565 ID: 701a19

Hand her the bomb, and say the following as casually as you possibly can.
"I found this in a disturbingly large crate in Miko's cabin, as well as a decent sized blade, a photo of you, and some reading material about how science and society are the worst evils.
If the guy planting bombs on a ship is afraid of you then I know where to toss my lot in.
Oh, and how would you like to get a cup of coffee some time?"
No. 212567 ID: 8e11a3

WHAT? no, we can't really trust anyone at the moment. miko's head was blown off, remember? just tell her "not at the moment. glad to see you are alright."
No. 212715 ID: a594b9

Yeah, there's one thing we'd like to discuss. Her tattoos are getting bigger. Almost like they're alive.
No. 212728 ID: 710b93

So, how cute did you think Zira is?

I ask as if she's not your type, you can't reply, "I may be done with questions, but I'd hope I'm not done with you. I'll see ya around, Zira."
That'd totally need a roguish grin, or whatever the closest equivalent guesture is.
No. 212754 ID: 701a19

Ask her about the glowing spots.
No. 212758 ID: 27c9d9

That's her luminescent tattoo. But good idea. Ask how the tattoo works. Also, show sample from atmosphere control and see if she's ever seen anything like it.
No. 212808 ID: 857074
File 12802249515.png - (172.48KB , 900x675 , 137.png )

Tiak knows how the tattoo works, it isn't something uncommon nowadays. It's a luminescent bio-gel injected into the carapace. It's gelatinous, so it moves between the exoskeleton inner pores, so it gives the impression of it flowing under your skin.

The green ooze in the red balloon, though, squirms and wiggles like a living worm, and except for the color, it doesn't have anything in common with it.

Nice tattoo, by the way.

>Thanks! I think I've been using the green color for too long, but I'm a sucker for it.

It looks good on you. Well, I may be done with questions, but I'd hope I'm not done with you. I'll see ya around, Zira.

Tiak does his best to compose a confident grin. Zira giggles.

>Man, you're kind of weird. Here you are, flirting with the person that put a knife to your throat five minutes ago. Weird and cute. See you around, maybe we can have a drink later when you aren't so busy solving crimes!

Tiak gets out to the corridor again, the door closing behind him. From here, he can hear voices coming from inside the Canteen again.
No. 212814 ID: 1eb7a0

sneak towards it and see if you can tell who is in there.
No. 212836 ID: a594b9

Step up to just outside the door on one side of it so they can't see you, and listen in.
No. 212841 ID: 857074
File 12802448831.png - (243.99KB , 900x675 , 138.png )

Tiak sneaks to the side of the door and peeks in, enough to see that there's another person drinking at the bar, talking with the barman.

Tiak tries to hear what they're saying.

The man with the yellow uniform seems upset when he speaks to the barman:

>...kind of bullshit is that?

"Nothing, Dan, nothing. It's just kind of funny."

>I don't see how.

"Well, that Mikos guy, I know that you hated his guts. And as soon as his name appears in the Sparrow's passenger list, you volunteer to be in the crew. And then he's found with a smoking hole where his head was supposed to be. "

>Since when they pay you to play detectives between serving drinks, Mok? I don't like what you're implying.

"I imply nothing, Dan. I'm just a dead guy they took from the battlefield and put him to serve drinks in a pretty red uniform until the rest of his limbs fall off."

>Oh, great, here comes the self-pity number. You're getting repetitive, Mok.

The tone of the conversation lowers, Tiak can't make out what they're saying now.
No. 212844 ID: a594b9

We have no indication that the saboteur, the murderer, and our assailant are one person. Let's chase this lead. Go in and let's talk with Dan. Ask him where he was at the time of the murder. After speaking with him, we are to have him come with us so we can inspect his quarters.
No. 212847 ID: d560d6

Ask what the disagreement between them was before putting him totally on the defensive.
No. 212879 ID: 857074
File 128025507910.png - (156.72KB , 900x900 , 139.png )

Tiak walks in casually, trying to conceal the fact that he's been eavesdropping the conversation.

The barman stares at Tiak for a moment before turning around to keep washing glasses.

The other man turns around. It's hard to decipher his expression, but at least Tiak doesn't have the need to ask for his occupation anymore. He must be the Navigation officer.

That device strapped over his eyes should be able to show him the status of the ship and any information related to its navegation while he's not on the bridge.

Hello, sir. I'm Tiak Belint, from security. Just checking on everybody during the murder investigation, I hope you could be of assistance.


Where were you at the time of the crime, about five hours ago?

>That's pretty vague. I'm not sure. I guess I was at the bridge.

Was there any other person there with you?


Tiak has already figured out that this isn't going to be a cooperative one. What should he ask next?
No. 212886 ID: c4c313

He's the navigation officer might as well ply his trade. Ask him about the Sparrow's course, how much progress have they made in the journey. Where you are at the moment might lend some insight into the reasons behind the murder. If he knows the status of the ship, ask if he has any idea why the mainframe would be down. Also ask if he can tell if anyone boarded or disembarked from the ship mid-trip, or if he doesn't have access to that who does.
No. 212898 ID: d560d6

Arrest him for drunk driving. :3

No, seriously, the computers are frotzed. What the hell is he doing relying on them for a task this important?
No. 212914 ID: a594b9

Ask him about the victim!
No. 212926 ID: 0b2a05

Were there any CAMERAS, or computer logs, or anything like that that can confirm where he was?
No. 212930 ID: deb942
File 128026914666.png - (188.51KB , 900x900 , 140.png )

Can you tell me something about the current status of the ship and its course?

>You should already know this. We're on route to the planet Tinosa II, one of the most influential and wealthy planets in the Maurian Republic. We should arrive there in two days, sixteen hours, more or less.

Tiak knows this, that's the ETA he's programmed in his PDA. He also knows that it's impossible to anyone to board or leave the ship mid-trip: they've been in Hyperjump since they left the Orbital Interception 46f.

Any idea why the mainframe is down?

>No. You better ask Trake or the Captain about that.

No offense, but why are you still using those goggles or however are they called if the computers are dead?

>You said it, they're dead. That means we have no means to control the ship, change our route or communicate with anyone out there. The only reason we haven't jumped out from the airlocks and get over with it is that the coordinates were already set when we went into Hyperjump. If nothing alters our course , we'll get to our destination in the estimated time, just like nothing happened. If you don't count the whole murder and the incoming war because of it, of course.

Yeah, but the googles...

The Navigator shrugs.

>They don't serve much purpose, sure. But I'm used to have them on, I kind of feel naked without them.

Alright, another thing... Do you know anything about the victim?


Nothing at all?

He shrugs once again, finishing his drink.

>Only that he was some poor fat bastard and that one of those Ziranée hiding in the passengers rooms blew his head off. Now, if you excuse me, I have to get back to my post. Thanks for the drink, Mok."

He gets up and walks past Tiak, leaving the bar without much ceremony. Now what, thinks Tiak.


With the mainframe fried, all the cameras and logs are inaccessible.
No. 212943 ID: c4c313

No. 212995 ID: 701a19

Well, he's lying but that doesn't prove much. His build is wrong for the attacker and he's using his left arm normally. Head back and keep checking on the passengers.
No. 213028 ID: 0b2a05

Tiak, how flexible are your antennae?
No. 213122 ID: 2d8361
File 128030694183.png - (166.76KB , 900x675 , 141.png )

Tiak exits the bar and checks his PDA for the list of clues and things to do.


He has the vague idea of checking the passengers, but he doesn't know which one, or if he really should do that now, or try to do something else more urgent.


Hm, that's weird. For a moment Tiak thought that he heard a faint voice. But it's gone now.


Tiak's antennae are usually in a fixed position, but they're actually quite flexible.
No. 213155 ID: 701a19

You're in a corridor. What general direction did the voice come from? Head that way and keep your eyes and ears open.
No. 213156 ID: 0b2a05

Mongro. Sinarri should be investigated, one of them may well be your aggressor.
No. 213189 ID: a594b9

Incoming from the north. Is that the envirosuit guy?
No. 213245 ID: 2d8361
File 128035040310.png - (110.76KB , 600x600 , 142.png )

Tiak isn't sure where the voice came from, it was really low, like a whisper. For a moment he thought that it was coming from behind him, but then... He's not really sure he's even heard it, to be honest.


That's actually Dan, the Navigation Officer, who left the canteen just a couple of seconds before he did. He's going towards the elevator, and Tiak decides to follow him, in his way to the Engineering Area, to see if he can talk with Mongro.

The two get into the elevator, and Tiak decides to be polite and let Dan push the Upper Deck button first. The elevator starts moving upwards.

>M... ive.. ack... ine...

I beg your pardon?


Didn't you just whisper something?

>Whisper? No!

Oh... My bad.

This is starting to get unsettling, Tiak is almost sure that he's heard a faint, broken voice, whispering close to him.
No. 213246 ID: d223f2

... awwww shit, the goo is talking.
No. 213248 ID: 0b2a05

Ignore it. For Now.

Ask why he hated Mikos.
No. 213250 ID: a594b9

Shit. We forgot about the goo, we need to get that to someone ASAP to find out what it is.

...wait. What if the goo is on top of the elevator, about to come down through the hatch? Step away from under the hatch...
No. 213255 ID: c4c313


No. Don't ask "why do you hate Mikos?" Ask what's so awful about Mikos. You never knew the guy. You don't want to get on Dan's nerves any more.
No. 213271 ID: 2d8361
File 12803546365.png - (167.32KB , 600x600 , 143.png )

Tiak must've seen too many bad horror flicks, how's anything going to be on top of the elev-




There's an awfully loud noise outside, and the whole elevator shakes, almost throwing its occupants out of balance.

And then it stops. The elevator isn't moving anymore.
No. 213274 ID: 0b2a05

Doors. Do they open?
No. 213280 ID: a594b9

First thing to do is push the emergency button. Second is to try to get the doors open. Third is to open that hatch to see if you can do anything up there like grab a maintenance ladder or something.
No. 213303 ID: 701a19

There's probably no ladder, but if you can't climb up that hole, even with goggles there helping you, then you're in the wrong line of work.
No. 213306 ID: 2d8361
File 128036125562.png - (145.42KB , 600x600 , 144.png )

Tiak tries to pry the doors open, but they won't budge!

He presses the emergency button. A piercing high-pitched noise drills his ears for a few seconds, then dies. He pushes the button a few more times, but nothing seems to happen. He tries to talk to the emergency mic.

"Help! The main elevator is stuck and we're trapped inside! Hey! Can anybody hear me!?.


Doesn't look like it.

And Tiak can't reach the hatch on the ceiling, it's too high for him. Who designed this piece of crap!?

Meanwhile, Dan is starting to panic.

>Oh, shit. Oh, shit, shit... It isn't going to fall down, isn't it? I mean, these things are sturdy and the cables are strong and there are a lot of security systems and emergency brakes and we're not going to fall, right!?
No. 213308 ID: 867545

tell dan to calm down and give you a boost to the hatch. after you are up you will help him up as well.
No. 213309 ID: d560d6

Alternatively, avoid making stupid horror film mistakes and just sit tight. If it's the main elevator, and the only other one is the welded zero-deck one, then if nothing else someone will realise that it's not arriving when they call it.
No. 213310 ID: a594b9

On the other hand y'know the security officer is trapped in an elevator which means that whoever's responsible has free reign of the ship.

We need to get out of this thing asap.
No. 213311 ID: 701a19

Grab the goggles while he's panicking.
"Dan, it's physically impossible for us to fall. Now help me on top of the car so I can start getting us out of here."

Really. You have no idea how secure elevators are.
No. 213312 ID: 701a19

I mean modern elevators. With space elevators like this they can just turn off the artificial gravity in the area so that it's actually impossible for the elevator car to fall.
No. 213575 ID: 19702b
File 128042468396.png - (133.60KB , 900x956 , 145.png )

Tiak tries to reassure Dan, but none of his arguments seem to calm him down. But as soon as Tiak reaches to get his goggles, the Navigator reacts.

>Hey, those are mine.

I was just going to keep them safe while you are busy panicking.

>Well, I'm better now. Gimme that.

Sure. Can you boost me up to reach the hatch?

>...Are you sure about that? Oh well, try not to kill yourself.

Tiak opens the hatch and climbs on top of the elevator. Here the ship really shows how old it is. The walls of the shaft are rusted and damaged, with holes and scratches that haven't been repaired in nobody knows how long.

The surroundings are pretty bare. There are some pipes running up parallel to the elevator. The door of the upper deck is over Tiak, just high enough so he can't reach it, not even jumping. But they're closed shut anyways. Under the door there's another ventilation tube, closed as well.

But Tiak only notices all this briefly, as the main attraction and cause of the breakdown is right over him. The huge compartment over him contains the Anti-Gravity engine that operates the elevators. And it's literally pouring green ooze, the same kind of ooze he's carrying in the balloon in his pocket.

And the voices are clearer now. There are multiple of them, a real cacophony, broken, awkward. They mumble more than talk, as they aren't capable of produce noises closer to Common speech.

>...Whole... hief...ours...eparated.

It's really hard too make out what are they saying over the loud sizzling noise coming from the engines. Uh oh, that doesn't sound good, actually.
No. 213576 ID: c4c313


Fuuuuuuck they fried the elevators trying to get your sample back! Yell at them that if you damn kids don't want to get separated, stop being so oozy and separable! Then throw the balloon at them.

Then panic.
No. 213676 ID: 701a19

Climb up and listen to the balloon.
No. 213700 ID: a594b9

Grab your buddy and pull him up to the top of the elevator. You and him will want to grab hold of the red pipes so that you don't DIE HORRIBLY.

Unless you can immediately get the ooze to stop eating the cables and shit by telling it you'll return the piece you took. Say you didn't know it was sentient.
No. 213714 ID: 1f3258
File 128044983094.png - (149.54KB , 900x956 , 146.png )

Tiak climbs on top of the elevator ceiling and applies the balloon with the goo sample to his ear. Nothing. It doesn't seem to be making any sound, but it's wiggling and moving inside the balloon, frenzied.

The voices are now more numerous and it's even harder to understand what are they saying. Tiak only manages to make out the word "whole". Or was it "hole"? "Mole" sounds kind of stupid...

Hey! I'm sorry, I didn't know you were sentient, I didn't want to take your... baby!?


I'm not talking to you, Dan.

>Then who are you talking to!?

This huge slime alien that is eating the elevator engines.


No time for gargles, I'll pull you up here, we might have to jump.

>No. Fucking. Way. I think I have more chances of survival if I fall inside of this box than jumping over the elevator shaft and fighting monsters up there!!

Actually Tiak has never been what you would call an athlete, and he's kind of clumsy. He doesn't feel too confident about making such a jump.

Tiak looks up. The ooze is slowly coming down towards the elevator. But that's not the worst part. The sizzling sound continues and Tiak is already able to smell molten metal.
No. 213718 ID: d560d6

Stephen Fry tells us that your best chance of survival in a falling elevator is to lie down on a fat person.

Thankfully, it looks like the navigator has been on the donuts. Tiak, you get to live!
No. 213719 ID: 701a19

Bwah? The cables are just there so it can move.
A loss of tension would result in a secondary break system kicking in - the simplest form of which is an upside down V with a spring; the cable pulls on the tip which keeps the V closed, so when the cable fails to provide enough force to keep the spring closed the V flattens and jams itself into holes in the side of the shaft.
Even if those were to somehow fail, the bottoms of elevator shafts are equipped to safely catch a falling car.
The worst case scenario would have them falling, what, three floors? Not a concern.

On the upshot, we now know what was on the zero deck.
No. 213723 ID: 701a19

Oh, right, what to do.
Gently pour the slime out next to the cable.
No. 213730 ID: a594b9

What? You don't need to jump. The red pipes are within reach.
No. 213865 ID: 1f3258
File 128048554329.png - (61.94KB , 900x900 , 147.png )


There are three decks, yes. But the distance between one and another is rather large, mind you. It's not an apartment building. And the Zero Deck is pretty deep down there.
No. 213867 ID: 1f3258
File 128048558881.png - (195.54KB , 900x956 , 148.png )

Tiak carefully empties the balloon next to the cables.

The little sample of goo falls on the elevator ceiling, and to Tiak's surprise, it starts jumping and wobbling around, still in an apparent over-excitement state.

Still bouncing, it gets too close to the edge and it plummets down the shaft.

The big mass of goo eating the engines seems to let out a gurgled scream and pours out of the holes, directly after the smaller sample. The green glow promptly fades away as it descends into the darkness.

Well... That didn't go as expected, but it solved the problem.
No. 213868 ID: 1f3258
File 128048562331.png - (116.40KB , 900x956 , 149.png )

And, surprise, the elevator engine, now free of the invader, is working again. And the elevator is going up with Tiak still on top of it!

The hatch closes itself with a loud bang, and Tiak cannot help to notice that it has no handle at this side. Tiak finds this detail annoying.

The muffled voice of the Navigation Officer comes from inside.

>Oh shit! It's working again. And I can't reach the hatch by myself!

Tiak is going to do something about this bothersome situation. And fast.
No. 213873 ID: 18169f

stand between the cables so you go through the hole in the roof.
No. 213887 ID: 701a19

Is that a hole in the side of the shaft? Dive in there.
No. 213888 ID: e31d52

Do we have the cutter?

Cut through the joint on the hatch :V
No. 213894 ID: a594b9

That's a hole in the wall there, right? Jump through it!
No. 213914 ID: d560d6

Unless I'm grossly misunderstanding the art and you people build strange elevators, there's a huge amount of space above the top of the elevator in its top position. Sit down before you fall off, and you can always cut the hatch hinges once it's stopped if the navigator can't find anyone to help open it.
No. 213960 ID: 1f3258
File 128050165520.png - (80.57KB , 900x900 , 150.png )


(I completely fucked up the perspective due my complete inability to draw. Sorry.)

Tiak dives into the hole in the wall next to him. It's pitch dark inside, and for a moment of panic, he falls into the darkness. But the descent isn't long, and Tiak (painfully) finds himself in some kind of tunnel or shaft. It's pretty small and he's forced to crawl if he wants to move around.
No. 213962 ID: 0b2a05

Aw shoot. PDA light again?
No. 213964 ID: bde889

ponder why a space ship has so much unused space. get a light of some kind.
No. 213965 ID: a594b9

Pull out your crappy makeshift flashlight (the PDA) and look around.
No. 213983 ID: 1f3258
File 128051136546.png - (101.54KB , 900x900 , 151.png )

Tiak turns on his PDA and it dimly illuminates his surroundings. It looks like he's in one of the old ventilation shafts, now unused.

It's a good moment to explain that the Sparrow is a pretty old ship, probably more than a century old. The Maurian Republic has been keeping a War Economy policy during war against the Ziranée, and one of the most accepted Maurian sayings is "If it still flies, it will fight.".

They've been recycling and reusing their spaceships for generations, patching them up, adding new weapons, compartments, decks... but still the same old ships. Even now, with the truce, the government is reluctant to abandon this old habit.

The Sparrow was originally a Colonization Ship, used to transport hundreds of colonists to new worlds. The three main decks of the ship are actually pretty small in comparison to the entire Zero Deck, now closed and sealed. It used to be where the colonists lived during the years of hyperjump travel. That's why 4/5 parts of the ship are actually hollow and empty. A pretty lousy work, would say Tiak if they asked him. Only that he wouldn't say that because he wouldn't want to be accused of being a traitor.

Back to the problem at hand, the tunnel he's currently crawling in splits into two different directions. One to the left, descending. The other to the right, ascending. The path to the front ends abruptly in a metal wall, for what Tiak can see.
No. 213985 ID: a594b9

Go left!
No. 213992 ID: e31d52

>That's why 4/5 parts of the ship are actually hollow and empty.

>"Imperial ships are so vast and huge that often, there are bulkheads behind which lay forgotten sections of the ship. Full of madmen, heretics, aliens, mutants, or all of the above, it is best to let sleeping dogs lie and keep sealed bulkheads... sealed."

No. 213994 ID: 8fa4ab

well shit, no wonder all this weird shit is in here.
No. 213999 ID: c4c313



>> where the colonists lived during the years of hyperjump travel

That doesn't sound like madmen, heretics, aliens, mutants, or all of the above.

Nonetheless Tiak is in trouble! If that hole goes to the sealed section, it might be the only way out. At least there's atmosphere in here. Maybe he can find a rope ladder of some sort to get back up to that hole.
No. 214006 ID: d560d6

It's a Warhammer 40K quote about the Imperial Navy.

No. 214022 ID: 701a19

You've got a cutter, and the elevator with zero-deck access is sealed.
Gee, I wonder what to do...

Get the lights working.
No. 214242 ID: 3bdf0e
File 128059862122.png - (61.03KB , 900x900 , 152.png )

Tiak takes the bifurcation to the left. He notices that these old vents are bigger than the new ones he can see in every room, where he wouldn't have fit.

The tunnel descends for some minutes in the most absolute silence, with the only light of the PDA to illuminate its tedious path. And even that small help is going to be denied to Tiak soon, the flashing battery icon means that he has only between half an hour and an hour of batery left.

After descending a bit more, Tiak estimates that he must be at the same level than the Middle Deck again. And like reasuring this thought, when he turns around the next corner, he notices a small hole below him, in the conducts. There' s dim, red light coming from it, and Tiak can hear someone talking at the other side.
No. 214244 ID: 0db9a7

listen to the hole then look in it.
No. 214246 ID: d560d6

Turn off the PDA and listen.

Also, would the cutter/welder get through the ducting?
No. 214296 ID: 807deb
File 128060728630.png - (84.38KB , 900x900 , 153.png )

Tiak crawls over the hole, turning the PDA off and peeking in. He can't see much from here, just a bit of the floor in the room below. It doesn't look like any floor he's seen in the ship so far, it has a few cushions and a soft carpet down there, a warm red light shining over them.

Tiak can hear two different voices talking down there. One is male, the other female. The first one to talk is the male, and Tiak immediately recognizes him. It was the Ziranée that talked with him at the door of cabin 6. His tone of voice is infinitely more servile and humble than when he talked with Tiak

>...Navigator apparently survived, my Z'slyb.

The second one sounds way more authoritarian, and it's the female . Tiak vaguely recalls the Ziranée society being matriarchal.

"So the Security Officer is dead?

>Looks like it. The fat one said that the one called Belint climbed up the shaft and started ranting about green ooze.


>Then the elevator went operative again before the officer could have time to descend to safety. They didn't find his remains, though, so they think he fell all the way down the shaft.

"You don't say..."

>Something on your mind, my life?

The volume of the conversation decreases, making impossible for Tiak to hear the next few exchanges. When they raise their voices again, is the male one who speaks louder first.

>Are you sure you don't need my assistance?

"Worry not. I can handle this by myself. Leave me now.

>As you wish.

There's a soft shuffle noise and the sound of a door opening and closing again. Then there's a minute of silence.

"Are you going to stay up there forever, little ghost?"


Even when he can't see her, Tiak is pretty sure that she's talking to him.
No. 214299 ID: a594b9

Say no, since you kinda want to get back to the rest of the deck. Also, ask what the heck is going on.
No. 214307 ID: b95014

"I don't intend to, but first I have to find a way back into the main parts of the ship. Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. Maybe it would be handy to keep it under wraps for this investigation, though."
No. 214354 ID: 701a19

"Err... I'm kind of stuck in here."
No. 214597 ID: d58d8f
File 128069284325.png - (220.09KB , 900x900 , 154.png )

I don't intend to, but first I have to find a way back into the main parts of the ship. Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. Maybe it would be handy to keep it under wraps for this investigation, though.

>Oh, but I insist, I've never had the pleasure of speaking with the undead. And besides, maybe I can be of some assistance in your investigation, yes?

Sweet, but also I think I'm stuck in here.

Tiak hears a deep giggling.

>I think I can fix that.


Woah, what! Watch out!
No. 214599 ID: d58d8f
File 128069295347.png - (243.43KB , 900x900 , 155.png )

The metal below Tiak falls, and Tiak goes down with it. It would've been nice if he landed just two feet to the side, on the soft cushions. But he guesses that it would be asking too much.

When he looks up, he finds himself looking at a female Ziranée, leaning back on a pile of cushions, the red light reflecting on the scales of her hide. She's holding a plasma pistol, still smoking, the one she must've used to open the hole in the shaft Tiak was hiding.
She's looking at Tiak with an amused expression in her face. Or hungry. It's hard to tell.

>I see that you're a bit speechless at the moment. Let's begin with the presentations, that usually helps breaking the ice.

Urfh... Tiak Belint, Head of Security.

>Nayria V'yrian, Matriarch of the Yrian house. At your service.

The last three words hang in the air with a ring of mockery on them. Tiak remains silent for almost a minute, trying to assimilate the short but astonishing phrase.

"A Queen?? One of the queens of the five houses?" thinks Tiak. "That's not Diplomatic Class 2! At all! What's a queen doing in this second class flying junkyard? Without an army of bodyguards or anything!? There's some weird shit going on here."

The said queen is enjoying Tiak's daze. She finally breaks the silence.

>I have a proposition for you, but I know that you have a lot of questions ready to jump from your mouth. Ask first...
No. 214601 ID: d560d6

Does a plasma pistol fall under the category of things that might neatly vapourise someone's head?

Or weld up the zero deck elevator, assuming the one in the brig/your inventory wasn't used for that?
No. 214603 ID: 0b2a05

Ask the obvious. Why is she here, and the head of security not informed? You're not an unimportant person here!
No. 214611 ID: c1c607

Muse philosophically on the likelihood of all space-faring lizard species having tits. Pity you don't have a beard to stroke.

On a more serious note, pull the regular investigator routine: where, when, what, etc.
No. 214638 ID: d58d8f
File 128070667484.png - (127.31KB , 900x675 , 156.png )


It might be powerful enough to burn flesh, but the beam isn't wide enough to vaporize an entire head in just one hit, and even less damaging the wall behind the victim so badly.

Also it's a weapon too powerful to be used as welder. It would just cut through the metal.

She's currently playing with the weapon, idly passing it from one hand to another with her wide grin on her face.

No offense, but why are you here? I mean, a queen! In this... ship, just by yourself? And why did nobody tell me? I'm Security, dammit!

>Hahaha, aw I'm sorry, but I can't give you a straight answer for that. See, you've probably guessed it already, but there's something going on. Something big. There's much at stake, much more than the peace or war between our species.The gears of fate have started to roll and now nothing, nobody can stop them. Just try not to get crushed~.

...That still doesn't answer why nobody told me about this. Nobody tells me anything, to be honest.

>It must be quite frustrating. See, you've arrived to a party you weren't invited to. You aren't supposed to be here, you are the wild card. That makes you dangerous.

I don't understand.

>I'll give you a clue, just this time. Check the crew files and registers, they'll give you some interesting pieces of information.
Tiak ponders about her words and about the strange forms of her alien body. He doesn't know much about alien anatomy, and it's actually the first time he sees a female Ziranée. They're very rare and elusive, for obvious reasons. The fleshy bags hanging from her chest are particularly curious as Maurians don't have anything like that. Nayria notices Tiak's examination and if he's not mistaken, her grin becomes bigger. It's pretty unsettling.

...Uh. Well, let me ask the routinary questions. Like where were you at the time of the crime, and did you know the vic-

She interrupts Tiak before he can end the sentence.

>I was here, alone and yes I knew him. That's all I'm going to answer for now. It's not like you could trust me to tell the truth anyways. Not like anyone in the ship so far has given you even a small bit of truth.

>Now, before I tell you anything else, indulge me answering this simple question? What do you think it's more important? Peace? Honor? Or the truth? You can only choose one.
No. 214640 ID: c4c313

You know what? I don't care about any of that. I just want to do my job, and keep the ship safe and secure. I might hope that she doesn't start up a war on arrival, but I'm not a diplomat and it's not my business to deal with that. But between the murder, the living green goo screwing up the machinery, the rest of the crew lying to an officer, up to and including the point of breaking my carapace while apologizing for it, then leaving me to die in the elevator shaft, and now you telling me weird riddles, I'm having an awfully hard time doing my job!!
No. 214642 ID: d560d6

We're a security officer. Truth might be tempting if we were more of an investigator, but our job description surely is the prevention of violence. Peace.
No. 214649 ID: c4c313


Yeah, but if we pick peace she's gonna kill us on the spot so that we can be real peaceful, so I wouldn't go for that.

Anyway security officers forego peace so that others don't have to.
No. 214650 ID: 1a99f0

truth. always truth.
No. 214660 ID: 7a18b5

Truth. Followed by honor, then peace. What use is peace if it is without honor and built on lies?

Is honor genuine if it's built on falsehood?

Truth is important. That's why it's frequently hidden.
No. 214665 ID: 701a19

I'm going to go with peace.
No. 214697 ID: fc5f60

peace seems like you would hold it quite high, though truth as well. honor to a lesser degree. I would say that peace is your mission, and therefore the most important to you.
No. 214701 ID: a9a8f0


"You can't disassemble them like that. Honor and truth are interconnected; but war is sometimes the unrelated factor of economics or greed, the latter of which can be prevented by honor and truth."
No. 214707 ID: c5628c


Knowledge of the Truth can give Honor to an individual or even restore one's Honor, and can take honor away from those who don't deserve it.

True Peace is only attained upon the foundation of Truth where as, Peace based on falsehoods and hearsay brings about violence and chaos.

And neither Peace, with it's ever calming air, or Honor, in the brightest of glory, could ever bring about Absolute Truth.
No. 214733 ID: a594b9

Peace founded on lies is still peace. Peace is the most important thing.
No. 214734 ID: 243525

No. 214846 ID: 05c9fd

No. 214851 ID: d58d8f
File 128077200261.png - (113.94KB , 900x900 , 157.png )


>Aaah, a seeker, hm? Really interesting. You're probably alone here, but you must be used to that. Truth is a rare element, and notably hard to harvest. We'll see if you stay faithful to it when the right time comes.

Awesome, more riddles... You mentioned something about a proposition.

>Yes, it's pretty simple.

She takes the crescent shaped trinket hanging from her blouse between her fingers and lifts it so Tiak can see it.

>See this little knickknack? It's a key. There are other two people in the ship with other two keys like this one. They might be bigger or smaller, but the heads have the same crescent shape. I want you to get the other two keys and bring them to me. If you do so, I'll give you vital information about the murder. You won't regret it.

>And before you think of it, it's not stealing. Each one of us were given the key as part of a common agreement. They've broken their part of the deal and they will try to take my own key for their own purposes. They won't doubt to resort to violence. Either you find find the keys, or you'll have another bloodbath under your responsibility. What do you say?
No. 214937 ID: fc5f60

seems like everyone wants their own personal errand boy on this ship, eh? well, no sense in refusing the nice snake-lady, it's crescent hunting time.
No. 214939 ID: e973f4

I don't think doing what she says is necessarily a good idea... but I think not doing what she says is almost certainly a bad idea. So, well.
No. 214963 ID: fdaabb

I can keep an eye out for them, and if I come across them, I can try to recover them. However, I hope you understand that I must continue my investigation as well. With the way this case is shaping up, I'll probably be all over the ship anyways.
No. 214975 ID: 1a99f0

well, we certainly can't decline at this point.
No. 214976 ID: 0b2a05

Goddamnit, uh, can we switch to peace?

Guess you don't really have any other real option than agreeing...
No. 214977 ID: c4c313

What does it unlock?
No. 215167 ID: bbaaf3
File 128085073344.png - (163.48KB , 1000x750 , 158.png )

I can keep an eye out for them, and if I come across them, I can try to recover them. However, I hope you understand that I must continue my investigation as well. With the way this case is shaping up, I'll probably be all over the ship anyways.

>Hmm, I knew you wouldn't disappoint me~. And do not worry, you will see how the murder itself has a lot to do with the keys and their owners. Now, I don't want to keep you away from your investigation. Good luck, late officer Belint.

She lets out a soft laughter and the door of the cabin opens. Huh, Tiak didn't thought possible to open the doors remotely.

Tiak adds Search the Crew files. and Look for the two Crescent keys to his notes in the PDA. The words of the queen has also reminded him that he's believed dead by the rest of the people in the ship now. What should be his next steps?
No. 215170 ID: e674ff

Get a disguise. Anonymity could be very usefull.

Do you have a spare set of clothes, or know where to find some? Make sure to wear something that covers your face. Bandages are a classic.
No. 215175 ID: d560d6

Well, if you don't want to immediately give away that you're not dead, get back out of the corridor to somewhere private.

Are we lucky enough to be next to the security room that seems to double as you cabin, and did you remember to get your old, stolen keycard invalidated?
No. 215257 ID: 4c2bc6
File 128086886130.png - (282.48KB , 1000x750 , 159.png )

Tiak sneaks back to his cabin/security post in order to think about course of action without being noticed.

He doesn't have a second set of clothes here. There should be a Supply room somewhere in the ship with more outfits, but Tiak hasn't found it yet.

He doesn't have bandages either. He guesses that the right place to find them would be in the infirmary, but he would probably expose himself in his way there. He could try to use toilet paper too, but that that won't probably do as fine.

Besides, he doesn't think that the bandages idea would really work anyways.


Trake couldn't get the old card invalidated because the mainframe is down. He had to rig a bugged card in order to make Tiak a new one.

So, what now?
No. 215261 ID: d560d6

You know, the hazmat suit would probably work great, but I guess it'd also rule out stealth and get us hilariously confused with your assailant.

In lieu of hairstyles you could at least bend your antennae differently for now. And strip down to your underwear so that if seen before you can get a change of clothing you're some random crazy streaker, not the head of security.
No. 215269 ID: a594b9

Let's drop the thought of disguise.

Instead, how about we... try to find the janitor again so we can retrieve the camera?
No. 215301 ID: c4c313

I think you should talk to the doctor about that ooze. Too bad you can't show it to him, so he probably won't believe you, but he might reveal some useful information about it. Also from there take a LATEX GLOVE so that you can capture another bit of the goo should you encounter it. Then you can tell the doctor that the rest will be arriving shortly. I'm sure he'll be very interested.
No. 215614 ID: 466cbb
File 128095357184.png - (301.07KB , 1000x750 , 160.png )

Even in this situation, Tiak doesn't want to go around in his underwear pretending to be crazy. So he drops the disguise idea and tries to be as sneaky as possible. He takes the elevator to the Lower Deck, hoping to find the Janitor and the lost camera.

And as the doors open... Well, what a coincidence, the man is just here cleaning the bloody mess, still looking visibly nervous. Without his cart, though.
No. 215615 ID: c1c607

Git your war face on and jump 'im! "A booga booga booga!"
No. 215619 ID: d560d6

Sneak for the door he isn't facing, since that leads to the cleaning cupboard anyway, no?
No. 215627 ID: 1a99f0

why would they be cleaning up the crime scene before it can be properly analyzed? Yup, something's fishy here.
No. 215631 ID: a594b9

It's been analyzed by the doctor. Plus they think the security chief is dead.

Just go "Hey buddy, where's your cart?"
No. 215651 ID: 602c85
File 128096616649.png - (230.03KB , 1000x750 , 161.png )

Tiak approaches the janitor and softly tries to get his attention.

Hey buddy, where's your ca-

Before Tiak can finish the sentence, the Janitor turns around with an horrified expression in his face , shaking and waving the mop frenzied, babbling almost incomprehensible rants.

>YOU! You and the... hrngbl... the fallen gods why oh no leave me alone YOU! AGAIN HERE HELP HELP mysoul.

Calm down! I'm the chief of secu-

>Thespider on top of the broom and the eye that sees everything arflgb in the room of the sleepers and everybodywasscreaming!

Will you shut up!?

NONONONO! The demon and the brjkdlf and they were there and you were there and god was there and he died twice jbbdfk they killed him and then you killed him again andfjsk and then they tell me you are dead and you are alive again and the spider the spider the spider...

This interaction isn't going too well.
No. 215654 ID: c4c313


Don't be a pussy. This guy seems totally legit.

Unfortunately I think the janitor is the first person so far who is telling the truth. Is there a place in the ship where a lot of people are in stasis pods? Oh god perhaps the former colonists? The room of the sleepers...

Anyway, grab his mop and restrain him. Ask him very sternly where his cart is. When he tells you, say you won't hurt him, and let him go. He probably can't help us much beyond that, besides we're trying to deal with this subtly.

Oh also the minute you see something that looks like a broom with a spider on it OPEN FIRE EAUGH
No. 215661 ID: a9a8f0


"...Lay off the sauce, man."

And then walk away.
No. 215669 ID: d560d6

Hey, look on the bright side: even if he blabs about us still being alive---which looks unlikely---nobody's going to pay him any notice anyway.
No. 215731 ID: 40cb26

How about you fucking slap his shit?
No. 215751 ID: 602c85
File 128100115631.png - (279.71KB , 1000x750 , 162.png )

You should lay off the sauce, man. Now, could yo- OOF!

As soon as Tiak tries to restrain him, the janitor reacts with nimble reflexes, slapping his face with the wet mop. Then he darts towards the door, yelling and babbling in obvious panic, while Tiak tries to wip the dirty water off his eyes.

>NOO HELP! He's going to kill me and then kill me again like he did with the other. help the crabs in the potion glsdbll...

Ugh...Here we go again.
No. 215752 ID: a594b9

What he just said is very interesting. It seems that Mikos was dead BEFORE his head got blown off... and the janitor witnessed the first murder in some way.

Follow him! Also get your tazer out and reduce its power to minimal levels. I think we might want to have it available to use against the janitor.
No. 215753 ID: c1c607

Give chase!
No. 215812 ID: a9cdc8
File 12810409474.png - (212.20KB , 1000x750 , 163.png )

Tiak gives chase to the Janitor while he speeds through the corridors of the lower deck, darting past the crew quarters and the cargo hold, finally reaching the Janitor's room, now open.

And he's going to get to the door before Tiak can get him, unless he does something!
No. 215814 ID: 701a19

Stun him and leave him in the doc's office with a note that says "Gone crazy. Probably drugged."
No. 215815 ID: d560d6

Your new security card can't override the janitor's lock?
No. 215816 ID: a594b9

Taze him. He assaulted a security officer. You've got precedent.
No. 215834 ID: 737d91
File 128105194557.png - (214.03KB , 1000x750 , 164.png )


It can do it, but the last time Tiak tried to get in, the Janitor blocked the door from inside with a heavy object.

Tiak aims carefully and shots his stunner at the escaping Janitor, hitting him in the back. The man convulses a bit before collapsing on the floor, unconscious. The gun was set at minimum, so he should come back to consciousness in around 15 minutes.
Meanwhile Tiak ponders about what should be his next step. And what to do with the temporarily KOd janitor.


Tiak actually recalls from his conversation from the barman that maybe this is the "normal" state of the Janitor. The barman said that he wasn't really right in the head.
No. 215835 ID: d560d6

How big is the janitor's closet/room? Can you prop him in there for now, with yourself, and both be able to close the door and rummage around for your camera?
No. 215844 ID: a9a8f0


No, don't stuff him into a tiny closet! Prop him upright in a chair, no bindings or anything. Use a stern voice. "You're not supposed to assault security."
No. 215847 ID: 672901

yeah drag him into the room with you and look around.
No. 215862 ID: c4c313

Look in the janitor's room! His cart should be in there, and that will help you explain why your camera bot isn't registering anything.

And yeah, take the janitor if you can. Help out the poor guy at least know you're not gonna kill him. Also help the crabs in the potion.
No. 215875 ID: c1c607

Check his pockets. I'm sure he won't mind.
No. 215918 ID: a594b9

Drag him into the room, block the door with whatever heavy object he uses, and look around for a bit. Then we can talk to him when he wakes up.
No. 215948 ID: 5b518f
File 12811067385.png - (210.11KB , 1000x750 , 165.png )

(Hurrr, I forgot to put the knife and the picture in the inventory. Fix'd)

Tiak drags the dead weight of the janitor inside the room. It turns out it isn't a just a closet, but it's also used as the Janitor's cabin. The place is small and very dimly lit. There's a bed, inexplicably large for such a tiny room like this one.

Actually it wouldn't feel so small if it wasn't for the piles of useless crap filling up the space around. Barrels, boxes, old cleaning supplies, and all kinds of broken equipment.
Oddly enough, nothing seems to be big or heavy enough to block the door, Tiak notices.

Tiak checks the pockets of the Janitor. They're empty, except for the Janitor's key card and a small unlabelled bottle of pills.

The poor man will be unconscious for more or less ten minutes more, unless Tiak decides to try and wake him up already.
No. 215951 ID: c1c607

Pocket the pills. Don't worry, he doesn't REALLY need them.

Investigate cart.
No. 215952 ID: 074512

the pills will do 1 f two things. they are ether the cause of him being insane or he doesn't take them and needs them to not be insane. since he is insane at the time i don't see any harm in force feeding him one.
No. 215953 ID: 732129

Put the pills on the cabinet, but keep one pill from the bottle.

The bed could be big enough to block the door, or hide something that could block the door. Look under it.
No. 215966 ID: c4c313


An unlabelled bottle of pills? Now it might be the nanny state that I'm living in but that seems highly suspicious. The doctor would have labeled them if they were antipsychotics (aka horse tranquilizers), unless he were trying to hide something. Otherwise the janitor must have acquired the pills himself, which indicates recreational drugs possibly not of the nice kind.

Also pull that cloth off the cart already. It's blocking your camera!
No. 215979 ID: 227f86
File 128112901249.png - (157.40KB , 1000x750 , 166.png )


Tiak can't decide about what to do with the pills!

While trying to make up his mind, he takes the piece of dusty cloth covering the janitor's cart. And indeed, there's his lost servo-camera! With this acquisition, Tiak's pockets are almost full.


Tiak takes a look under the bed, and pushes it a bit. It's attached to the wall, but the joints are loose. It wouldn't take much to detach it off the wall and block the door with it, using some of the useless crap around to jam the sliding mechanism as well.
No. 215981 ID: d560d6

Hug camera. Don't steal his pills. Keeping one might be useful, though.

Have you searched that medicine cabinet?
No. 216066 ID: 227f86
File 128117013733.png - (402.43KB , 1600x1200 , 167.png )

Tiak pockets one of the pills and leaves the rest of the bottle to its owner. Then he proceeds to check out the cabinet on the wall.
Woah! This isn't a medicine cabinet at all! It's filled with papers, which are now bursting out and making (even more) of a mess out of the room.

They seem to be all kinds of letters, reports, server logs, memos... all kinds of stuff. Some are more recent, but most of them are pretty old.

And Tiak notices that the Janitor should wake up any moment now.
No. 216068 ID: 1a99f0

suspicious. can we buy some more time by stunning him again?
No. 216075 ID: d560d6

Ooh, I wonder if that includes recent crew logs.

Is there anything in the cleaning cart that can be improvised to restrain the janitor? The cover over it itself?
No. 216081 ID: 701a19

Stunning him again might be unhealthy.
Just grab all the papers and head back to your room.
No. 216083 ID: 7bac77
File 128119139628.png - (377.74KB , 1600x1200 , 168.png )

His vital functions are now at minimal levels. Stunning him again in such a short notice could induce him into a comma, or even kill him!

Tiak checks the cart for something useful for the present situation, but there's only a few cleaning products inside of it. The cover is just an old rag, too small and weak to restrain a man with it. Anyways, after the effects of the weapon, the janitor should feel pretty weak and dazed for some time. Tiak should be able to handle him, if needed.

There's a lot of papers here. Tiak wouldn't be able to take them all with him, he would have to grab a random bunch if he wanted to get some and run. There might be something useful in those logs, but looking for it would take a long time. And Tiak doesn't have that time in this right moment, the Janitor is starting to come back to his senses and Tiak hasn't yet decided what to do with him.
No. 216084 ID: c1c607

Let him regain consciousness. I wanna interrogate him.

Meanwhile, throw away BALLOON and SHREDDED JUNK into the bin on the cart.
No. 216097 ID: a594b9

Restrain the janitor using the bedsheets, then block the door using the bed and such. We're going to go through these papers, and he's going to babble at us.
No. 216113 ID: 701a19

Load PAPERS into CART.
No. 216171 ID: 6acd92
File 128122470070.png - (197.66KB , 1000x750 , 170.png )

Tiak gently sits down the janitor on the floor, restraining him with the sheets as well as he's able to, and blocks the door with the bed.
After that, the discards the balloon and the plastic shards to make space for other stuff. He also removes the cover on the cart, in case he needs to toss the papers inside and run with it.

The janitor recovers his consciousness slowly, shivering and trembling. He still looks pretty scared.

>Aaaahff... Aaaajdj you did it aaaff ah why why. You killed me. Now you are going to kill me again. RRrrgjhb
No. 216178 ID: c4c313


Don't answer him for now. Read through his um... journal or whatever it is. Be very quiet and don't make any sudden movements. You might have to take the papers back to your own room anyway. Just apologize to the janitor before leaving, for killing him. You won't do it again.

No seriously, you won't. Don't even think about it. I'm watching you, mister!
No. 216194 ID: a594b9

Tell him it was a tazer. Nonlethal. We're not going to hurt him, we just want to talk. Also say that reports of our death were greatly exaggerated.

First off, ask him if he saw what happened to Mikos. He mentioned that he was killed twice?

Second, ask what the pills are for.

Third, ask about the papers. Where did he get them? Why is he hoarding them? What's in them?
No. 216330 ID: b38a8a
File 12812676895.png - (432.52KB , 1600x1200 , 171.png )

Now calm down, I'm not gonna hurt you. I didn't kill you, I just tasered you. And I wasn't dead before either, it was just a rumor.

The Janitor seems to be a lot more chill now, but it might be the after effects of the stunning weapon. He looks pretty sad, though.

>Hmmm... No, it's wrong it's all wrong. Everything is broken and I don't understand it.

Where did you get all those papers? And why are you storing them here?

>Everything is broken and there's pain and darkness. They told me to clean. Cleaning makes the pain go away. It fixes things yes yes yes. I must clean, tidy things don't hurt, they're pure. Clean the blood, clean the death, clean the floor.

But the papers...

>It's messy it's all messy and they leave all kinds of garbage around, they litter, always littering, on the floor, on the desks, inside the cabinets and then it's not clean anymore! But I help. I take all the mess away. I help.

What are these pills for?

>They... they drain the colors.

Now, this is important. Did you see what happened to Mikos? What's this nonsense about dying twice?

The janitor stays quiet for almost a minute, just staring into space, not even blinking. Then he starts talking slowly.

>They were arguing fighting they were angry and that hurts. I watched because it hurts and I wanted to clean but they were arguing. He killed him and there was red everywhere oh no everything is dirty the pain and the salamanders eating the sun and I want to clean but I can't I'm too scared. I run.

The man takes a deep breath, eyes fixed while he's trapped inside of his own mind.

>It's later. How late. I don't know I'm still scared. And he's there again. He's alive again. Why. And he killed him agaim. Messy. Again, all dirty all red. Pain everywhere, it's all wrong, all broken. I don't know if I can fix it.
No. 216332 ID: 2222da

Untie him, it may help him relax, and possibly think of you as a friend.

See if you can get a more accurate description of the murderer.
No. 216334 ID: c1c607

Give him the candy a pill. Maybe he'll be clearer without schizophrenia.
No. 216357 ID: a594b9

Don't untie him, but do ask if he wants to take a pill. Don't give him one if the 'colors' are already 'drained' though... don't want to make things worse.
No. 216361 ID: c4c313

Oh I get it! R. Mikos came back from the dead as a zombie and the engineer had to shear off his head! It's the only way to be sure. No wait, that...doesn't make any sense.

It looks like the papers aren't his writing, but litter he collected from around the ship. Not just litter on the floor, but on the desks and inside the cabinets. That is to say it wasn't litter at all, but he mistakenly assumed that it was, even though it was on top of a desk or inside a cabinet.
No. 216364 ID: 3115ce

that must mean one has the password to the file cabinet, he must of grabbed it.
No. 216397 ID: b38a8a
File 128130002580.png - (343.13KB , 1600x1200 , 172.png )

Did you get those papers from the blue filing cabinet in Engineering?

>No... no... blue cabinet bad. Very dirty, can't open blue cabinet to clean it, it's closed. I can't open it no no no...

Hmm, Tiak supposes that in that case the files the Queen told him to check out won't be in this pile, but still in the locked cabinet.

Can you remember how the murderer was like?

>I... I was hiding, it was messy, it was dirty... I don't...

The janitor has completely calmed down now, and his voice is gradually fading away.

Please, this is important, I need a description. Something I can work with.


*Sigh*, Will one of these pills help? Want one?


The janitor isn't struggling or talking anymore, he remains silent, staring at his own feet and rocking his body slowly.
No. 216417 ID: f4963f

He mentions the same person being 'killed' twice, and he also uses the word 'killed' to describe himself being knocked out.

Is it possible that the first attack wounded and knocked out the victim, but didn't kill him?
No. 216420 ID: f4963f

Give him maybe a minute, see if he comes to himself. If he doesn't, then try changing the subject. Be sure to offer him the pill again.

Ask him if he knows what happened to the missing HAZMAT suit.
No. 216460 ID: b38a8a
File 128131428852.png - (129.30KB , 1000x750 , 173.png )

Tiak waits for a minute or two. The janitor doesn't talk, or try to get up.

Feeling any better?


Did you know what happened with the missing HAZMAT suit?


Are you sure you don't want the pill?

>I want to sleep.

What was that?

>I'm tired... I just want to sleep.

Tiak thinks that he's not going to get anything else from this guy for now. So the questions yet to solve are: What should he do with the Janitor and his peculiar booty of papers? And what should Tiak do next?
No. 216461 ID: 40cb26

The pills must help to keep him sane, but I imagine it isn't pleasant for him. Try and get him to take one somehow. Tell him he can sleep after he takes his medicine, hopefully he'll wake up a little more coherent. As for the papers there is almost certainly something important in there the question is if you can find it. It might be all the papers are from some particular place, but I get the feeling there isn't much rhyme or reason to what he grabbed.

Give them a look over. I don't think we have any other strong leads right now so take a while to go through them.
No. 216474 ID: a594b9

Just let him sleep, then. Don't try to force him the pill or anything.

Unwrap him, take the bed down from the door, and start messing with the papers.
No. 216479 ID: 6834bc

Untie him, help him fix his bed, and apologize for messing it up in the first place. Before you leave, get his name and see if you can get a friendly handshake out of him; then thank him (by name) for telling you what he could.

Tell him you'll do your best to bring to justice the person who killed Mikos, and maybe ask him if he wants you to come back and check on him once in a while.

Then you can head out and deal with the papers and stuff.
No. 216500 ID: c4c313


No. 216675 ID: b38a8a
File 128136249046.png - (173.61KB , 1000x750 , 174.png )

Tiak unties the janitor and puts the bed in place, while the man just stands there, following his moves but not reacting to them, just looking and rocking back and forth.

There you go, you can sleep now.


I'm sorry about all this... I don't think I got your name.


Mat. I'm sorry Mat for all the trouble, but I have to keep investigating. Hmm... I could get rid of all the "garbage" if you let me borrow you cart.


Thanks Mat. Do you want me to check on you once in a while, just in case?


I'll take that as a yes. See you later Mat, and take your medication.

Tiak offers his hand, and he's surprised to see that Mat does the same. Tiak gives him a hand shake, not really enthusiastic and kind of flaccid from the Janitor's side.

Then Tiak takes the cart, loading all the papers into it, and leaves the room, heading for the elevator, to go back to his room and read the papers in peace.
No. 216676 ID: b38a8a
File 128136253913.png - (263.70KB , 1000x750 , 175.png )

As soon as Tiaks exits the elevator in the middle deck , he's startled by someone longing against the wall and smoking.

>Well, well, officer. We meet again.

It's a Ziranée, and he recognizes the voice as the Queen's assistant/bodyguard, the one that talked with him through the door the first time.

>I see that not even in death the Maurian Security Force rests, hm? But I didn't know that taking out the garbage was one of your duties.

I think we haven't been formally presented. You are...

>Zeno V'yrian, please to meet you, officer Belint. So how's the mission for the Queen going? Any progresses? Any clues?
No. 216677 ID: a594b9

Tell him you can't comment on an ongoing investigation... but things are moving along alright.
No. 216680 ID: c1c607

Oh, come on. It hasn't even been an hour since we left the queen!

Hand-wave him off. Tell him all is going well.
No. 216682 ID: 40cb26

"Yeah, a whole barrel of them."
I don't see the point of subterfuge here, just tell him you've recovered that pile of missing papers that are probably important. I mean it is obvious there is some kind of point to the giant pile of paperwork, and you would look like a total idiot to suggest otherwise.
No. 216700 ID: c4c313


Yeah, tell him exactly nothing. Ten to one he betrayed his queen anyway. Also stop him before he throws his lit cigarette into your pile of important papers. In fact, order him to put that thing out. You're on a spaceship with an enclosed atmosphere. Aren't burning mouth sticks strictly forbidden?
No. 216752 ID: 732129

Y'all are being small minded tight asses. Wordplay and innuendo seem to be standard weapons in the social arsenal of the Ziranée. Respond in kind as best you can, do not be brusque or outright rude, and don't hide behind being head of security.

Tell him that every good investigation involves at least one dumpster dive. You're just being thorough.
No. 216850 ID: fc5f60

yeah, you don't know enough to tip him off to anything if he's trying to do anything, so just saying that you found some papers and are going through them is probably not going to come back to bite you in the ass. however, pissing off the bodyguard of your best lead has much higher of a chance to end up a stupid decision.
No. 216957 ID: 8f63ab
File 12814336065.png - (349.34KB , 1600x1200 , 176.png )

Well, every good investigation involves at least one dumpster dive. And that's what I'm doing. I might have found some clues, need to check some stuff out to be sure.

Zeno lets out a sinister laughter and gets in the elevator.

>Good answer, officer, maybe I'm wrong and you have what it takes to survive this little flight.


>Aha. Maybe you haven't thought about it, but you've forged an alliance with the ancestral enemy of your people. Not everybody will be pleased with this decision if they find out. Watch your back, officer.

Before Tiak can answer, the elevator doors close, the sharp grin being the last thing he sees of Zeno. Tiak shrugs and heads to his room.
No. 216958 ID: 8f63ab
File 128143364955.png - (324.01KB , 1000x750 , 177.png )

And it looks like there's a familiar face in here.

>Holy f... Tiak!? They said you were dead!
No. 216959 ID: a594b9

Yes, and let's let that remain the popular opinion, ok? We wanna fly below the radar for a little while.

Ask her what she's doing here. Did she get hired as our replacement?

Heck, now that we're at range and she's not likely to stab us immediately, how about we ask her about the photo?
No. 216962 ID: c1c607

"Hey toots, what's shakin'? Nice dress."

Show her the photo. She's still a suspect, so don't be quick to ask her help in looking through the papers.
No. 216966 ID: 701a19

Give her a hug.

"If I died then I wouldn't be able to ask you out. That clearly would have been unacceptable.
Oh, and I found this photo of you in Mikos room alongside a rather sizable knife. What can you tell me about it?"
No. 216989 ID: 8f63ab
File 128144991729.png - (319.34KB , 1600x1200 , 178.png )

Hey toots, what's shakin'? Nice dress. No, not really dead, but please let's keep it between us, trying to stay under the radar.

>tee hee, alright.

Tiak thinks about giving her a hug, but hesitates. It would be kind of awkward, giving her size he would have to either kneel down or lift her up. But Zira seems to read his mind and solve the problem nimbly jumping on his back and providing hugs.

>C'mere, silly. Heh, it's nice to see you alive again.

I agree! It's also nicer that this time I don't have a knife under my throat.

>Dunno, some people are into that sorta stuff, hehe.

Not this one!

She giggles and hops down, fixing her dress.

By the way, I found this picture of you in the cabin of the late Mikos alongside a rather sizable knife. What can you tell me about it?

She frowns a bit, concentrating.

>That looks like it's been made in the Intersection, before boarding in the ship!

Do you think he could have something against

>Well, I don't know... We were kind of politic adversaries, you know? He was a fundamentalist zealot, protesting against any kind of technological advancement. He was also advocating the return to arms and end the truce with the Ziranée. As the mayor of one of the most influential cities in one of the most important planets in the Republic, people listened to him. He was dangerous for all of us who want peace over this endless sea of violence that is our history.

>But I've never met him in person and I didn't even imagine that he knew that I booked a passage in the Sparrow! I was kind of small time for someone of his rank and power, I don't know why would he take a picture of me.

Her gaze wanders over the cart.

>And what are you doing with all those papers?
No. 216991 ID: 701a19

"It turns out that the janitor has issues. He's been swiping and hording all the papers he comes across, so I think there's got to be something interesting in this mess. Cargo, crew, and passenger manifests or something.
Oh, and did Mikos seem... unstable?"
Pull out the bomb.
"Because I found this at the bottom of a disturbingly empty crate. I can't interrogate him to find out how many of these there are or where they've been placed, so if you happen to know of somebody on the ship with, say, counter-terrorism, espionage, demolitions, or defusal experience, then do you think you could ask them for help?"

The goo speaks, so I'm going to repeat my earlier statement that her 'tattoo' might be intelligent. Still, since that goo has shown a serious intent to survive and her story matches the literature we found in Mikos room I'm pretty sure that she'll try to help neutralize the devices.
No. 216994 ID: d6ad3d

can't think of much else to add.
No. 216996 ID: 40cb26

Still need to ask her how she got in here. Don't sound suspicious or nothing, I think we can trust here. I mean we'd really hate not to...

Also if those tattoos are unusual ask about them. Because you think they're neat looking, not because the random thoughts in your head are overly suspicious of every damn thing.
No. 216999 ID: d560d6

>People have been stealing ID cards

No. 217043 ID: c4c313




>> fundamentalist zealot
>> return to arms and end the truce

You know, as biased as her comments likely are, it's true that fundamentalist zealots are well known for having martyrs among them. I would add Mikos himself as a murder suspect, as he might have engineered his own death so as to provoke a new war between you and the snakes. That doesn't explain how he'd vaporize his own head though. Perhaps someone was trying to eliminate evidence post-mortem?
No. 217060 ID: a594b9

Do not do this in a way that she would notice. That would be so insulting.
No. 217117 ID: 732129


In fact I suggest waiting until she's not in the room to check your stuff.
No. 217172 ID: 8f63ab
File 128148315248.png - (322.56KB , 1000x750 , 180.png )


Tiak has already asked about the tattoos before. They aren't rare among the youngsters these days, in quite a lot of shapes and colors. It may be more uncommon to see a diplomat with one, but it's not something out of the galaxy.

It turns out that the janitor has issues. He's been swiping and hording all the papers he comes across, so I think there's got to be something interesting in this mess.

>Good idea!

By the way, pardon my curiosity, but what were you doing in here?

>It's a legitimate question and I would like to know the answer too! Someone slipped a note under my door an hour ago. That anonymous person wanted to meet me here to discuss about something important, related to Mikos' death. At least, that was what the note said.

>I've been waiting here for 10 minutes past the settled time and nobody has arrived. Except you, of course. I guess you didn't pass me that note, right?.

Who, me? Nah, I would've tried to give it to you in person and accidentally get my throat slit

>Oh, cut it out, you.

Talking about Mikos, I...

Tiak freezes in the middle of the sentence. The bomb isn't in his pockets anymore. It's gone. Everything else is its place, though.

>What? What is it? Want me to help you with the papers?
No. 217175 ID: 701a19

"Hmm... That's a problem... When I was in Mikos room I found what appeared to be a bomb in a disturbingly large crate that was otherwise empty, and it seems that it has mysteriously vanished.
Well, regardless, I can't interrogate him to find out how many of them there are or where they've been placed, so if you happen to know of somebody on the ship with, say, counter-terrorism, espionage, demolitions, or defusal experience, then do you think you could ask them for help?"
No. 217179 ID: 732129


Hey wouldn't the bartender know what's what with that stuff? He served a long time.
No. 217186 ID: a594b9

Shit, that bomb's been gone for a LONG time.
No. 217191 ID: d560d6

It might have fallen at some point during the elevator shenanigans or his repeated tumbles through the vents.
No. 217192 ID: 40cb26

When did you notice having it last? It might have been lost in the elevator shaft, or when chasing the janitor around, or maybe that Zeno fellow picked your pocket.
No. 217199 ID: 6834bc

Not to imply anything, but well maybe I am implying something...
The first thing that happened after pocketing the bomb was Tiak wandering into Zira's pitch-black room and immediately getting a knife held to his throat.

I don't really want to point a finger at her, but it's a possibility (just like it coming loose with the elevator shenanigans is a possibility, and just like one of the Ziranée having something to do with it.)
No. 217279 ID: 8f63ab
File 128151683149.png - (602.31KB , 1600x1200 , 181.png )

Tiak tries to remember when was the last time he was sure to be carrying the bomb, but he can't really recall it. It could've slipped off his pocket in many occasions, and there's been quite a few people that had a chance of subtracting it, he can't be sure of anything right now.

But he actually remembers that his PDA is almost out of battery, so he plugs it in to the terminal. It should be fully charged in less than half an hour.

There was a big box in Mikos' room, with a single explosive device in it, that now has dissapeared. I don't know if there are more or them or what. I guess you wouldn't know about defusing bombs or something like that, no?

>No, I think you're taking me for other kind of girl. Anyways, I knew that Mikos was an extremist, but I couldn't imagine him going SO far.

>Well, I see that you're busy and I don't want to keep you away from your duties. It's been nice to see you again, Tiak. We should hit the canteen later and take something when you aren't so buried in work. I'll probably be in my cabin.

Hey, that sounds like a swell idea.

Tiak notices that he's actually hungry, haven't eaten anything since he woke up, like twelve hours ago.

>Ok, see ya!

She exits the room, leaving Tiak alone with the pile of paper. Should he start trying to find anything important in them or do something else?
No. 217285 ID: 701a19

The bomb never showed up in our inventory, so we have no idea when it went missing.

Ah, well. Now Zira knows about it, which means she'll get to work resolving that little problem if she's involved.

Spend the next half hour skimming the pages for anything interesting and sorting them. Crew, Cargo, and Passenger manifests are of the utmost priority, but keep an eye out for anything strange or important-looking.
No. 217305 ID: d560d6

Yeah, you can go find something to eat once the PDA is charged and safely back in your pocke---in your hand.
No. 217309 ID: 40cb26

I'd say get something to eat, but with your luck both your papers and the pda would be gone by the time you got back. Start going through the papers now while your pda is charging.

Of course if you have food stashed in your room somewhere go right ahead and much while you work.
No. 217328 ID: 701a19

Put that paper in your pockets, then keep searching. We still need the manifests, and we've got the time until the PDA recharges allocated to looking through papers.
No. 217333 ID: 4b887c
File 128153934519.png - (322.99KB , 1000x750 , 182.png )

Tiak skimmers through the pile of papers, most of them unimportant and very old, useless for the present investigation. After 15 minutes, he interrupts his task, finding something that may be interesting.

Seems to be one of the last messages received from the intersection before the communications died. It's from a few minutes before the ship initiated the hyperjump protocol.

It's a warning from the Maurian Security Forces to all navigation personal. It informs that the intersection sensors scanned multiple unauthorized weapons and an unknown life form aboard of the ship. Then it commands the ship to stop and be prepared to be boarded for a security inspection.

This message was received before the communications went poof, and ignored, as the ship must've entered hyperjump before the MSF could stop it. And someone printed this, and somehow the janitor puts his hands on it.

Should Tiak keep searching or stop for now?
No. 217334 ID: 6834bc

Tiak, check behind the bed-pod thing. Something's glowing red and you know that's never a good sign, especially with a missing bomb and Zira having been in here unsupervised after there's a chance she could have taken it.

Man I really hope that is not the missing bomb and Zira is not trying to destroy the ship.
That would be a big bummer, 'cause then Tiak wouldn't be able to take her out on that date.
No. 217336 ID: c1c607

Hey. Something just started glowing behind your hibernation bed thing. Might wanna check it out.
No. 217357 ID: 40cb26

You know what? DON'T check it out, grab your PDA and get the papers and yourself out of the room right the fuck now!
No. 217362 ID: 4b887c
File 128154964943.png - (279.07KB , 1000x750 , 183.png )

Tiak checks out the glowing object behind his cryo-unit.

Oh boy.

Whatever is Tiak going to do, he should do it quickly.
No. 217366 ID: 40cb26

No. 217367 ID: a594b9

Throw the bomb into the brig! You don't want it to kill your computer, and trying to disarm it is too risky.
No. 217368 ID: b3f237

use cutter to slice it in half!
No. 217371 ID: 36f4c1


If the brig is heavily armored from the inside (which it SHOULD be) do this.
No. 217403 ID: d560d6

Unless you have exceptional faith in the strength of the brig and how quickly you can un/relock it, cut and separate the exposed wiring between the timer and the payload that should be at the back. You have a knife.

Either way, brace for when that timer hits zero in case there are others on the same schedule.
No. 217405 ID: 4b887c
File 128155991747.png - (343.44KB , 1000x750 , 184.png )

Tiak pockets the PDA and the piece of paper he was reading. Without wasting a second, he dashes towards the brig, opening the door and tossing the bomb inside.

Only a few seconds left.

Shit! Shit! Now what?
No. 217406 ID: 083780

No. 217407 ID: d560d6

Run, you fool!
No. 217408 ID: a594b9

Grab the cart of papers and get out!
No. 217412 ID: 40cb26

In one continuous motion: close the brig, grab the cart and run out the door. Hopefully the carts will partially survive, and the cart itself will block some of the blast from you. No time to close the other door
No. 217414 ID: 701a19

Shut the door, then dive behind the sleeper pod.

The next step is to go meet with Zira. Act like nothing is wrong and ask her out for a bite to eat. See how she responds; if she's shocked you're alive then she's likely the person who planted the bomb. If not then ask to see the note, as this might have been an attempt on her life.

I think we should call her on being far more than some politico, since there's a significant amount of evidence pointing towards her being some sort of special agent. We need to force her to cut the act and choose to either work with us or not.
No. 217456 ID: 099247

No, dive INTO the sleeper pod!
No. 217463 ID: 858819
File 128157207544.png - (283.24KB , 1000x750 , 185.png )

Tiak closes the doors to the bridge and darts toward the exit, pushing the cart and trying to use it as a shield in his escape.

No. 217464 ID: 858819
File 128157213392.png - (80.80KB , 1000x750 , 186.png )

No. 217466 ID: a594b9

Oh shit. Check in the canteen. The bomb probably fucked up the wall in there.
No. 217468 ID: 858819
File 128157261950.png - (304.38KB , 1000x750 , 187.png )

No. 217469 ID: d560d6

Try not to knock your head on the smashed cart of burning paperwork as you sail helplessly through the air upside-down and on fire.
No. 217485 ID: 858819
File 128157598039.png - (319.11KB , 1000x750 , 188.png )

Tiak gets up, different points of his body in pain, his clothes being a a mess too. Maurians' carapace is pretty tough and a good thermal insulator, so the burns aren't too bad. They still hurt like hell, and will need medical attention soon.

The thermal sensors of the ship detect the fire and a strong flush of water extinguishes the fire in few minutes, the ventilation system sucking the smoke out of the room and corridor.

The papers seem to be pretty much ruined now. The ones that didn't get damaged by the fire are now completely wet. At least, by a miracle, Tiak managed to keep his inventory safe from any harm. And in one of his pockets he found the computer part he though lost for a moment.

A familiar voice comes from the Canteen.

>What the heck was that!?
No. 217492 ID: be9b1b

turn around slowly and put on your most insane expression and just stare at him.
No. 217499 ID: c4c313


Ah what the hell, do this.
No. 217528 ID: 701a19

"More proof that this is has been a very bad day for me."

Go see Zira, and do as I suggested before.
No. 217529 ID: 701a19

AFTER you get yourself cleaned up and treated.
No. 217568 ID: 858819
File 128160298896.png - (200.43KB , 1000x750 , 189.png )

Tiak slowly turns around and stares at the barman with a deranged expression in his face. For some reason, this makes him feel slightly better.

The barman doesn't seem to be impressed.

>You look like shit, boss, no offense. Dunno what kind of games you Secur guys play when you're alone in your room, but I think you should go see the doctor.

I told you I was having a bad day.

>No shit.
No. 217572 ID: a594b9

Check on the damage briefly in the office. Then we can go see the doctor.
No. 217578 ID: 7b5606

"Got anything to calm my nerves? Someone must really be wanting me dead."

Realize the bomb wasn't meant for you. Zira was told to meet someone there. Apparently, that someone was the grim spectre of death.

Either that or she's the sort that bites the heads off of males so they'll fuck harder. Metaphorically speaking. Or not. I can't tell.
No. 217603 ID: 858819
File 128161457215.png - (410.86KB , 1000x750 , 190.png )


That sounds plausible, thinks Tiak. Except for the biting the head off part. That's just messed up, man.

Tiak peeks into the room to evaluate the damage. It doesn't seem too bad, the blast was powerful enough to blow off the brig doors and flame through the office door as well, but the fire was promptly extinguished and the rest of the office seems to be fine.

The voice of the barman comes from behind.

>Hey boss, now that I think about it, weren't you supposed to be dead?

Obviously not. But a few seconds more in this room and that would've been the case.
No. 217604 ID: 858819
File 128161461791.png - (352.92KB , 1000x750 , 191.png )

Tiak also checks the brig. It's pretty scorched, but the walls and the force field were able to resist the blast. The card slot for the force field seems to be pretty damaged and it doesn't seem to be functional anymore.
No. 217620 ID: 701a19

Tell him "I don't have time to die now; I've got a job to do."

Then go get yourself cleaned up and patched up, then meet Zira and ask her to lunch.
No. 217621 ID: 701a19

Oh, and it looks like that explosion just added another 10 days to the trip.
No. 217657 ID: e973f4

You should seriously go get yourself cleaned up and checked out.

You sure there's nothing salvageable out of those papers? Even a damaged, out-of-context hint is better than no hint.
No. 217665 ID: 3ce5b4
File 128163167416.png - (273.07KB , 1000x750 , 192.png )

Tiak notices that the all the explosion or maybe the sudden disconnecting from the energy outlet has affected the countdown set on his PDA. He fixes it.

Then he leaves the room and the middle deck to head to the Infirmary, without any other incident. With his body aching all over, he crosses the door. This time the doctor is in, and he seems to be pretty surprised of seeing Tiak again, too.

>Belint! But they said that...

Yeah, yeah, this is getting old. I'm not dead, I have no time to die now, I have work to do.

>Well, I can see that you need of my services again.

The doctor makes Tiak to undress and lay on the bed, where he examines his wounds. Tiak has a strong feeling of Déjà vu.

>... Officer, you have to tell me how is possible to fall down an elevator shaft and come out without any other injuries than second degree burns and minor bruises.

Oh, the elevator part was easy. What almost got me was a bomb in my office.

>A bomb? My, this is sure turning out to be an interesting flight, isn't it? Anyways, you've been pretty lucky, the scars won't be permanent and the new carapace tissues should replace the damaged ones in a matter of weeks. This ointment should relieve the pain for now. Try to be more careful in the future, you could've broken the plaster covering your broken leg. That would've been VERY painful.

The doctor treats the burns with a pale gooey substance that immediately soothes the pain with a cold sensation. Tiak sighs and relaxes, while the doctor takes Tiak's clothes and examines them.

>Look at this mess. While the ointment acts, I will ask Mongro to find you a new uniform in Supplies, this one is useless now.

Thanks, doc.

>Don't move, I've left all your belongings in that box on the chair. I'll be back soon.
No. 217668 ID: 3ce5b4
File 128163235275.png - (237.24KB , 1000x750 , 193.png )

The doctor leaves the infirmary, taking the wrecked uniform with him, and leaving Tiak alone with his thoughts.
No. 217669 ID: e31d52

Well, I see nothing to do.

No. 217670 ID: d560d6

Paranoidly contemplate that your stungun is now closer to anyone entering through the door than it is to you.

Don't sleep.
No. 217674 ID: a594b9

...are we really going to wait here unarmed for Mongro to come visit us? Get the taser, at least.
No. 217684 ID: 630be1

wait! the key is on his desk! get it!
No. 217782 ID: 3ce5b4
File 12816465625.png - (172.53KB , 1000x750 , 194.png )

This must be one of the keys the Queen asked Tiak to find! Its metal touch is cold and light, the crescent shape at the end hard to mistake.

The thing is, Tiak doesn't have any clothes on right now where he could hide the key before the doc returns. Where to put it? And should he take/do anything else before anybody returns?
No. 217784 ID: 732129


Put it in the taser holster. Move the chair so that the holster is in arm's reach of the bed.
No. 217785 ID: 701a19

Either put it back, or hide it somewhere. If you hide it somewhere, then as soon as he comes back you want to tell him that one of the Zirane stopped by for a few moments.
No. 217788 ID: d560d6

If you take it at all right now it's going to be bloody obvious that you did, where-ever you put it.

Leave it alone, come back later when the Doc's not in. Is there somewhere you could hide your camera to determine this? Under the computer desk?
No. 217792 ID: a594b9

Excellent idea. Just hide the camera, and come back to take the key when he's out.
No. 217831 ID: 72528c
File 128165505234.png - (141.31KB , 1000x750 , 195.png )

Tiak leaves the key where he found it. Then, after rummaging through the box on the chair, he hides his servo-camera under the doctor's table, hoping that the doctor won't drop a pencil or untie his shoes in the immediate future.

Suddenly Tiak hears heavy footsteps outside the room. Someone is coming.
No. 217832 ID: a594b9

Get your taser and lie on the bed under the covers so that people don't see you standing around naked.
No. 217833 ID: e973f4

Time to pretend you haven't been doing anything no sir nope not me.
No. 217835 ID: d560d6

...other than grabbing his taser because, well, you know, attempts on his life and everything.

I don't really trust Tiak's luck to not give away to the doc that he moved, so lie with the truth.
No. 217972 ID: 72528c
File 128169419092.png - (308.01KB , 1000x750 , 196.png )

Tiak takes his stungun and gets back in the bed, hiding it under the sheets, just seconds before a bulky Sinarri comes in, wearing an adapted assistant uniform, and carrying a set of clothes.

>I'm Mongro, the doctor asked me to bring you this uniform. Here it is.

He leaves them unceremoniously on the bed. Mongro keeps a neutral expression, but his tone of voice is kind of harsh. Hostility from Sinarris is something to be expected, as they were crushed and enslaved by the Maurians centuries ago. Even now when slavery has been abolished like a hundred of years ago, they are still employed by their former masters for really low salaries and in pretty poor work conditions, the past glory of their civilization withered during the wars.

Tiak knows enough of Sinarris to know that they give a lot of significance to their names and don't give them away to strangers, even less if they're Maurian strangers. "Mongro" must be only a nickname.

>Do you want anything else or can I go now?
No. 217977 ID: 476456

TIME TO ...Well i guess you cant make a friend in like a minute but be polite.
No. 217978 ID: c1c607

Thank him for bringing the uniform. It would probably be best if you ask this guy some routine questions. He might have seen or heard something.

Do try to be polite. His loathing of your kind is enough of a barrier without you talking down at him.
No. 217979 ID: b8de62

thank him.
No. 217998 ID: 72528c
File 128170926739.png - (293.35KB , 1000x750 , 197.png )

Thanks for bringing me the uniform.

>You're welcome.

As you might have heard around, there's been a murder in the ship and I'm in charge of the investigation. Have you heard or seen anything unusual in the past few hours?


At all?

>Too busy.

Well, thanks again!

Mongro doesn't answer, instead he turns around to leave the room, but Tiak may be able to ask something else if he's quick enough, and actually want to. At the same time, he can't hear more footsteps outside. The doctor must be returning.
No. 218007 ID: 099247

Ask him to take the key (point to it on the desk) and tell him to slip it into Ziras room, with a small note saying to keep it safe.
No. 218023 ID: e973f4

If he can spare the time, of course.
No. 218030 ID: a594b9

HEY we should ask to see his upper-left shoulder.
No. 218031 ID: a594b9

What why would we get him involved? We already have a plan to take the key later, let's not fuck everything up by bringing in unknown quantities.
No. 218062 ID: 732129

Ask how his third and fourth arms are jointed to the rest of him. Does it make it hard for him to get uniforms, or fit into standard gear?

Those kinds of questions
No. 218110 ID: f11e2d
File 128173296778.png - (333.53KB , 1000x750 , 198.png )

Tiak decides not to involve the Sinarri in the plan to get the key and stick to his idea with the camera.

So...It must be hard to find uniforms that suit you, eh?

Mongro answers with even a colder tone of voice.
>Oh, a funny one, aren't ya?

What? Wait, I didn't mean to offe-

Before he can say anything else, the Sinarri leaves the room in a fluent movement. And just a second after, the doctor comes back.

>Looks like you didn't gain a new friend today, eh? Don't mind him, you know how the Sinarri are. He would eat his own hands -the four of them!- before giving a Maurian a handshake.

>Anyways, both of us have work to do, so take your things and let's try not to turn this into an habit, hm?

Tiak takes the Security Chief spare uniform, which fits like a glove. He retrieves all his belongings from the box and turns around to leave the Infirmary. But as he's about to cross the door, the voice of the doctor at his back stops him in place.

>For a security officer, I must say that you seem to be quite light-fingered, officer Belint.
No. 218113 ID: a594b9

Ask him what he is implying.
No. 218114 ID: d560d6

Give him back the syringe that you stole for no reason.
No. 218115 ID: 40cb26

Ah... you didn't put the key back exactly where it was. Don't be terribly evasive, just say you were wondering what that thing was. He might even believe you, and if you're really lucky he tell you about it. Maybe he found it someplace?

Of course if it get's snatched later he'll suspect you first. Let's try other means, see if you can talk him out of it.
No. 218117 ID: a594b9

No, we did. It got moved after we put it back.
No. 218120 ID: 3234dd

You touched it though! It's got your fingerprin--oh, never mind.
No. 218140 ID: f11e2d
File 128173685676.png - (207.88KB , 1000x750 , 199.png )

Pardon me?

>Oh please, don't play dumb, officer. Spare me that at least. You seem to have acquired a taste for the tools of my work.

Oh! You mean the syringe?

>Of course! What else?

Sorry, I intended to give it back, but I thought that it could be useful in the investigation and-

>Yeah, yeah, keep the excuses for yourself, just stay away from my things in the future.

Tiak gives the syringe to the doctor and exits the Infirmary. The demanding noises coming from his stomach reminds him that he hasn't still solved the little problem about being hungry.
No. 218150 ID: e973f4

Well, since you're probably no longer "dead" at this point, I figure you could go find something to eat.
No. 218163 ID: a594b9

Yes, let's go get something to eat. We don't have anything particularly pressing to do.
No. 218221 ID: 732129

Tell him about the green goop and then like that you had hoped to use the syringe to collect a sample he could test.
No. 218248 ID: f11e2d
File 128177813412.png - (264.61KB , 1000x750 , 200.png )

Tiak tries to go back into the infirmary to tell the doctor about the green goo, but it turns out that the door is locked from inside now. Looks like the man wants to be alone for now.

In that case, Tiak walks his way to the Canteen, back in the middle deck. He recalls Zira's offer not so long ago, and ponders if he should ask her out for dinner, or leave that for later.
No. 218256 ID: c1c607

Order some food in the canteen, find some remote corner, and read Mongro's letter.
No. 218274 ID: 701a19

Yes, go invite Zira.

Ask her out to dinner like nothing's wrong, and gauge her reaction.
No. 218343 ID: ce04b3
File 128181780783.png - (343.17KB , 1000x750 , 201.png )

Tiak goes into the Canteen to order something to eat, but it seems like the Barman isn't here at the moment. He gets a nutritious drink from the vending machine anyways and takes it to his room, sitting on the fortunately intact chair to drink it in peace.

The drink is pretty dull, but filling, and eases his hunger.

While drinking, Tiak notices that there's a foreign envelop in one of his pockets.

Inside, there's a single piece of paper with some words hastily scribbled in human language on it(which is the universal language used by most species in the galaxy). It says:

Meet me at Engineering in one hour. I can help you.

It isn't signed.
No. 218345 ID: 7f58b2

you got your outfit at 14 hours before, meaning you should be there at around 13 hours.
No. 218352 ID: a594b9

We've got a half hour to kill. Let's try to see if we can fix the card reader in the brig.
No. 218377 ID: 701a19

Go get Zira
Arrive at the designated location early and check for explosives.
No. 218383 ID: ce04b3
File 128182751712.png - (259.55KB , 1000x750 , 202.png )

Tiak isn't able to even tell what's wrong with the card reader, let alone fix it. He lacks the mechanical knowledge and skills to do so. He only knows that it doesn't react anymore to his card.

He still has around 25 minutes to kill. Tiak checks his updated list of things to do/of interest (which can be changed at any moment).
He could try to continue investigating other clues during that time, explore parts of the ship he hasn't been in yet, or just wait in his room and get early to the appointment.
No. 218435 ID: a594b9

I'd say we should go return the pliers while checking Engineering for anything suspicious that might lie in wait for us.
No. 218441 ID: 701a19

No, you do not have 25 minutes to kill. This same tactic was used against Zira, so only a complete fool would shot up on time. Go get Zira, get to the meeting area, then check it for explosives. If it's clean, then tell Zira to hide while you meet the mysterious stranger.
No. 218503 ID: 6834bc

I'm going to have to second this.
No. 218504 ID: d560d6

Oh, yeah, Starit sort of wanted redundant agreement. So, er, that.
No. 218550 ID: ce04b3
File 128186726594.png - (81.53KB , 900x900 , 203.png )

Tiak knocks on Zira's cabin door and after a few seconds, the short ambassador peeks through the frame.

>Hey Tiak! How's the undead business going?

I almost got killed again. I don't know if that would count as good or bad in response to your question.

>What? What happened?

She looks honestly concerned. Tiak briefly explains about the bomb in his room and how he suspects that it might have been put there to attempt against her life, instead of Tiak's.

>What? But why? And who could've done such a thing?

I was hoping that you could give me those answers.

>I honestly don't know. The only person that could have a grudge against me is Mikos, and he is dead! And even if he wasn't, I can't imagine him as a terrorist.

Hmm... Anyways, I got a note telling me to meet someone in Engineering in less of half an hour, and I fear I might receive the same treatment that was reserved to you. Could you come with me? Strength in numbers and all that.

>Aw, and here I was hoping that you would ask me out to do something nice~. But yeah, sure. Give me a minute to put on my special suit.
No. 218551 ID: ce04b3
File 128186730999.png - (304.28KB , 1000x750 , 204.png )

Once she's ready, Zira and Tiak head down to Engineering. The first lobby is still empty, no signs of Mongro or Trake. Or anyone else for the matter.

But Engineering is pretty big, and Tiak isn't sure where is Mongro gonna confront him.
No. 218553 ID: a594b9

Huh. The file cabinet is missing a drawer. Investigate that. (also maybe hint that Zira should probably tell us what she was doing with it when we first saw her in here)

And for crap's sake, return the pliers!
No. 218555 ID: c1c607

The missing drawer is actually a screen for inputting passwords and junk.

Don't just stand in this one room. Check the rooms beyond to avoid further surprises.
No. 218558 ID: d560d6

>And for crap's sake, return the pliers!

We decided we were only going to do that in person, else they'll just get nicked.

Ask Zira to hide. If nothing else, it really could be Mongro just wanting to talk in private.
No. 218560 ID: ce04b3
File 128187485153.png - (330.43KB , 1000x750 , 205.png )


Yeah, it's a touch screen to input the password, search specific files within the crew registers and such. There's data inside that cabinet that would be of help for Tiak, no doubt, but he's unaware of the password.

Hey, Zira, are you going to admit that you were fiddling with that file cabinet or what?

>Agh, you're a stubborn one, aren't you? Well, alright. Yeah, I tried to open it, but I didn't know the password, so I couldn't. I had my own reasons to do it, but now isn't the right moment for confessions. Maybe later.

Tiak can't make up his mind about leaving the pliers on the bench or not, so he'll keep them until he decides what to do with them.

Zira checks the Atmospherics room, and after a brief pause she informs that it's empty. Tiaks continues though the door to his left, Zira following from a distance behind him.

It's empty too. But hey, that door wasn't open the last time he was around here.
No. 218562 ID: d560d6

Clearly this calls for some cautious snooping.

Make sure Zira can see you enter in case someone's waiting to thump you over the head.
No. 218644 ID: a594b9

Wait, before we go in, grab that thing on the ground. Though, don't let down your guard while doing so. Keep an eye on the door.
No. 218652 ID: c914e7
File 128191093224.png - (150.98KB , 1000x750 , 206.png )

That's actually painted on the floor, it's a sign, with the Maurian for "Caution" written on it. Probably because the ramp goes down to the hyperjump engines zone. Going down there without a hazard suit would be lethal.

Tiak asks Zira to watch his back while he cautiously goes into the open door. The room isn't too big, but it's almost pitch black in here, the only light the one coming from the corridor back him.

Tiak can make out two doors, one to his left and one to the front. The one at his right seems to be blocked by some... object. Tiak can't make out what it is with the lack of light.
No. 218654 ID: b0020f

It looks bladed and potentially dangerous. Stay well away from it and be prepared in case it's attached to something else that's likely to move.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised it was yet another attempt on your life in the form of a horrible death machine. Play it safe. Stay where you are. Call out to the darkness and wait for a response, out of its immediate potential attack range.
No. 218655 ID: a594b9

Holy jesus christ it's a goddamn warmech! It's got a chainsaw on one arm and a claw on the other.

Why is that in here!? Only possible peacetime use for that is cutting lumber and I really doubt there's any trees on this space ship.

Stay away from that. Far away. Like, maybe leave the room entirely.
No. 218656 ID: d560d6

You really need to find a torch. Does the PDA's light help at all here?
No. 218679 ID: 86654f
File 128191800549.png - (179.62KB , 1000x750 , 207.png )

Focusing on the object blocking the left door, Tiak notices that it's a Walker, one of those mechs used for dangerous or heavy work. What's doing in the ship beats Tiak.

Tiak's PDA wouldn't give much light, and he doesn't trust the situation enough to get closer to the Walker. Just at that moment, the door at the other side of the room opens and Mongro crosses it, closing it behind.

>Early to get here, Belint, that's responsible of you. Or is it paranoia? Har har har.
No. 218682 ID: a594b9

Tell him you have good reason to be paranoid considering what's been happening to you. Ask him why he called you here.
No. 218704 ID: 701a19

Sigh and say "It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you.
So, what can I do for you?"
No. 218795 ID: 86654f
File 128194829133.png - (174.86KB , 1000x750 , 208.png )

It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. So, what can I do for you?

>Well, it's pretty simple. I need your help for a simple task that's away from my reach as an... "assistant". In exchange I'll help you out with your investigation. I'm a skilled mechanic and electronic technician, even if they treat me like the errand boy.

And what do you want from me?

>I need to go into the Zero Deck for personal reasons, but as you must know, it's locked. So I need you to bring me the special key that unlocks that level in the elevator. Don't worry, I can make a copy of that key, so you can return the original to its place. No stealing, no problems. What do you say?
No. 218797 ID: c1c607

Sure, sounds interesting. We were going to have to get to Zero Deck either way.
No. 218810 ID: 40cb26

Don't do it for nothing up front, man. Get whatever info he has now out of him, since it could well help you survive to complete your end of the deal.

Let's just hope he isn't asking for one of those crescent keys.
No. 218834 ID: d560d6

Yeah. Quite aside from the fact that letting random unauthorised people do unspecified things in Zero Deck is hardly being a good Security officer, with Tiak's luck Mongro would end up dead before there was any payoff.

If he wants access, he's going to have to trust us.
No. 218845 ID: 701a19

Agree, then tell him about the hole in the elevator shaft so he can use it in the meantime.
Then say "How's the shoulder?"
No. 218846 ID: fbb29f

Ask him to make two copies and demand one of them.
No. 218849 ID: fb3a5a
File 128197395871.png - (190.04KB , 1000x750 , 209.png )

Maybe I'll do it... If you give me some information first.

Mongro doesn't react well to this.

>Damn it, man! Who do you think I am? I've been working with the engines since we jumped off the Interception! I only know what I can hear from the gossips of Trake and that stupid barman.

No need to get worked up, just doing my job. And I need any possible information you can provide me before doing this favor to you.
The Sinarri does an effort to calm himself before speaking again.

>Look, I doubt I know anything you haven't heard already. The help I can offer can be better than any information I could know. They put a bomb in your room, right? If you find another bomb, you bring it to me and I can probably identify the trigger mechanism and even teach you how to disable it. That wimpy taser you Security guys carry? If you can bring me the key, I'll make a few adjustments so it can do some real damage.

Can you make another copy of the Zero Deck key for me?

>Sure, why not?

Alright, I'll do it. Do you know where can I find that key?

>Great! Well, to my knowledge, only the Captain and the Head Engineer have copies of that key. But I haven't seen Trake for hours, so I guess that your best bet is the Captain.

Aha. By the way, how's your shoulder?

>Uh, what? What's wrong with my shoulder? And which one?

His surprise looks fairly honest. Should Tiak ask something else or leave now?
No. 218851 ID: 5644dd

hmmm, looks legit. go get the key.
No. 218857 ID: 40cb26

"Never mind, it's just another one of those paranoia things."

Well.. you could ask about that key the doctor had, if he's seen that kind of thing before. He probably didn't notice it in the first place, but no reason he can't keep an eye out for them. Perhaps refer to it as "that crescent tipped thing" the doc had since it isn't even obvious its a key from looking at it. Of course maybe you don't want to draw attention to it at all, but either you're going to trust this guy or not.
No. 218861 ID: 701a19

"Nevermind. I'll go get the key then. Oh, and d'ya know what's up with the walker?
If you're not going to need it, can I have it?"

Just think, of it, Tiak. Powered armor.
Next time you need to fight somebody, you just punch them with CHAINSAW HANDS.

OH! Also, ask Mongro if he can check the hazer suit only areas for Trake.
No. 218863 ID: d560d6

>Also, ask Mongro if he can check the hazer suit only areas for Trake.

That's not a bad idea. He's been missing long enough that Trake may well be a corpse. A corpse probably lacking its Zero Deck key.
No. 218886 ID: 29096e
File 128199007473.png - (337.46KB , 1000x750 , 210.png )


Tiak has seen the key slot for the Zero Deck in the elevator panel and he's pretty sure that no crescent-shaped key would fit in there. It must be a more mundane kind of a key.

Never mind, it's just another one of those paranoia things. By the way, what's with the Walker over there? Can it still be used?

>That old junk? It must be from when this was a colonization ship, thing must be a hundred of years old. It doesn't have any fuel in it, and even if it had it, I would be surprised if it worked anymore.

Alright, I'll get going now. Oh!, one last thing: could you take a look and see if Trake is in one of the hazard suit-only areas?

>Aight, I'll go when I finish my job here. Don't forget about our deal.

Mongro disappears through the door labeled as "mainframe" again, and Tiak returns back where Zira.

>Hey, I heard you talking, but not screaming, so I thought that everything was going fine. So, got any clues?

Tiak ponders. Should he tell Zira or not? And, should he keep her involved in the mission or is it enough already?
No. 218888 ID: d560d6

Make a note to ask Mongro about that computer part in your inventory at some point. And if Trake doesn't show up one way or another first, possibly return the pliers via him.
No. 218894 ID: 3234dd

Tell her Mongro is clean, both of his left shoulders lack scalpel wounds. You could also mention he wants to go to the ("empty") Zero Deck for some reason. I dunno if she'd be interested in anything else.

I think you should keep her involved, if you know what I mean nudge nudge, wink wink.
No. 218963 ID: 701a19

Yes, tell her about it. You need her help in this. That means you need to ask her to help. That requires that you allow her to make an informed decision.
No. 218973 ID: a594b9

We probably shouldn't spill the beans until she does. She's still lying to us; we definitely saw the cabinet open when she was messing with it.
No. 219023 ID: 29096e
File 128203463654.png - (183.13KB , 1000x750 , 211.png )

Tiak decides to ask for Zira's help, but doesn't tell her about all his suspicions.

I need to get one of the keys to the Zero Deck if I want to get anything from that guy, and I might need your help. Are you in?

>Alright, sure. I just hope you know what you're doing. So, what's the plan?

That's a good question.
No. 219040 ID: a594b9

The captain has to fall asleep some time, right? We can pull the same trick we're pulling with the doctor.

Uh, speaking of which, check your PDA.
No. 219112 ID: 29096e
File 128206512735.png - (312.64KB , 1000x750 , 212.png )

Taking the key while the captain is sleeping sounds like a sensible idea, but unfortunately, Tiak doesn't have any clue about he captain's sleep schedule. He doesn't even know if the captain is awake right now.

Tiak also has been checking the camera link in his PDA regularly, but the doctor is still in the Infirmary, working on his desk, writing some papers.

Now that he's fiddling with the camera, he adds "Get access to filing cabinet" to his notes.
Zira follows after Tiak, even when she doesn't know where is he going. Actually Tiak doesn't really know that either.
No. 219135 ID: 40cb26

As long as you're here you might as well ask her about the deal with the filing cabinet. Getting in there could be beneficial for both of you. At least that's what you'll say. If she's already been in there or not, what she says and does in response will be insightful.
No. 219167 ID: a594b9

Hmm. Alright, instead of taking it while he sleeps, we could... uh... try to pickpocket it. Unless he just keeps it lying around. Ugh, that seems incredibly risky though. Plus how would we return it after it's copied?

Maybe we can just directly ask what's in Zero Deck, and say we need access to investigate because the elevator's been sealed since this all started. Say it's obviously some sort of related issue.

Right NOW, tell Zira that you're trying to come up with a good plan, so you're going to sort of walk around while you think. Let's just go over to the cabinet, and pull on the top drawer. Then meaningfully look at Zira.
No. 219206 ID: 29096e
File 128208373560.png - (392.99KB , 1600x1200 , 213.png )

Hmm, I think I can come up with a plan. Just let me just think for a moment.

Tiaks walks around the room, apparently aimlessly. Then he wanders over the filing cabinet, pulling on the top drawer and giving Zira a meaningful look. She sighs.

>Alright, alright, I guess you won't just drop it. Yes, I opened the cabinet. I found a piece of paper lying around with the password and tried to check if there was any information about Mikos. But then you came in and scared me, so I couldn't get anything from it.


>Don't look at me like that! I didn't know you and I didn't want to spend the rest of the flight locked up in the brig for some stupid files.

What's the password?


Tiak inputs the code in the touch screen, only to get in response an error message. He turns around at Zira again.

>Hey, I'm telling the truth, that's the password! Or at least, that was the password hours ago, somebody must've changed it.
No. 219209 ID: a594b9

It makes sense for someone to have changed it, I guess. Possibly a password rotation, even.

Ask her where the piece of paper was? Maybe they wrote down the new password.
No. 219213 ID: 701a19

You people are all thinking too hard.

Tiak, go tell the captain that somebody CUT through the wall of the elevator shaft into the zero deck, and you have reason to believe it was the killer. Then ask for the key.
No. 219349 ID: 34bef4

We could probably access zero deck via the old vents. Perhabs we could get a boosty back in off lizardlips in the passenger quarters? Spares us having to steal any access cards or let more people than necessary know we're down there.
No. 219391 ID: 29096e
File 128212148481.png - (267.23KB , 1000x750 , 214.png )

Where did you find that paper?

>It was just lying on the floor in Engineering.

Now that she mentions it, Tiak remembers his talk with Trake, and his awful memory. The engineer told him that he wrote down the password in a piece of paper, only to misplace it. That's probably the piece of paper that Zira found. Trake also told him that the captain should know the password too.

Tiak also ponders about accessing the Zero Deck through the old vents. It's probably an option yeah. But a dangerous one, as Tiak doesn't know the layout of the old ventilation system, and he doesn't want to end up getting lost in it, or falling to his death through a gap in the ducts.

Thinking about all this they get to the Upper Deck. Zira nudges Tiak to get his attention.

>I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be here, you'll get in trouble if someone sees me.

Yeah, probably.

Tiak can hear voices coming from inside the Captain's quarters. And according to the camera, the doctor is still in the Infirmary.
No. 219392 ID: a594b9

Oh, we'd better not risk Zira being here. Let her wait... somewhere for us. She can choose where that is.

Snoop on the captain!
No. 219398 ID: c1c607

I don't suppose you could just put your, uh, antennae to the door and hear what they're saying?
No. 219411 ID: 29096e
File 128213687984.png - (169.49KB , 1000x750 , 215.png )

Hmm, maybe you should wait somewhere else.

>Don't worry, I'll hide inside the elevator. If anyone comes, I'll just go back to the Middle Deck.

Tiak nods and proceeds to apply his head to the door, to try and eavesdrop the conversation. The door is thick, but the people talking inside are pretty loud, so Tiak can make out most of what they say.

He recognizes the voices. The captain and... the other one must be Zeno V'yrian, the Queen's bodyguard.

The captain is speaking now. He sounds rather infuriated.

"...not a Ziranée ship, your rules and stupid honor codes are meaningless here!

>Honor transcends ships, flags and species, captain, and some affronts cannot go unpunished.
Zeno sounds much more calmed, but there's a slight undertone of threat in his voice.

"You stupid snakes are putting the mission at risk!"

>Oh, I disagree. After all the dissident individuals have been eliminated, there will be nothing able to endanger the mission.

"Oh no! I won't allow another murder in my ship!"

>Captain, I don't think you are in a position to say such a thing. Yo aren't in charge of what happens in this ship anymore. You never did. This is a lawless zone, isolated from any kind of government or moral code other than our own. Good luck, and good hunt, captain.

The captain seems to be answering with a babbled string of curses and harsh words. Tiak can also hear a soft shuffle coming closer to the door. Zeno is coming out.
No. 219416 ID: c1c607

Lean against the wall outside the door. Roll up Mongro's letter and light it with the welder.

When Snakey comes out, greet him. "Well, well, bodyguard. We meet again."
No. 219483 ID: a594b9

Do we have bridge access? You could go over and begin opening the door via your keycard, then turn with disinterest as he comes out and greet him normally. If asked why you were going to the bridge you can say you wanted to check it for anything unusual. Never can tell where clues can be! Before that, signal to Zira via a hand signal that she should get to Middle Deck.

...don't light the letter on fire right now. Sheesh.
No. 219488 ID: 40cb26

This, and mention that you are looking for truth after all, he'd rather get it willingly than by evesdropping but he'll take what he can get.
No. 219495 ID: 3b77b9

this is much better.
No. 219518 ID: 74dff9
File 128216978144.png - (261.25KB , 1000x750 , 216.png )

Tiak gestures to Zira to go down to the Middle Deck and hurries to burn the envelop with the note from Mongro. The welder reduces it to ashes in an instant, leaving only a faint smell of burnt paper,just before the Ziranée crosses the door, noticing him, the bionic eye piercing through him.

Well, well, bodyguard. We meet again.

>Hahahah, indeed we do. Still looking for clues, I see. Privacy should never stand in the way of a good security officer, aha?

I'm still looking for truth. I'd rather take it willingly than eavesdropping, but I take what I can.

>That's almost one of mottos of the Yrian house, officer. Except that we take what we want, haha. Now, if you'll excuse me officer...

Zeno passes by Tiak, pressing the button of the elevator. While waiting, he seems to sniff the air, turning to Tiak, his grin going even wider, if possible.

>What's that smell in the air? It doesn't smell like truth, officer, haha.

The elevator arrives and the Ziranée disappears into it, doors closing, leaving Tiak alone in the corridor.
No. 219521 ID: a594b9

Let's go talk to the Captain.
No. 219543 ID: 701a19

Walk in and tell the captain "So you have a hidden agenda. Fantastic.
I don't know what your mission is, and I don't care. My concern is solving at least one murder and preventing any more.
I'm not going to bullshit you, and I'd like it if you showed me the same courtesy. Starting from the top:
Mikos was a member of an anarcho-primitive terrorist organization and intended to blow-up the ship. I don't know how many of his bombs he planted before dying, but I know somebody else took the ones he left behind as one of them was placed in my quarters after he went abstract art on a bulkhead.
The sentient green goo you were keeping in the Zero deck escaped. Seems nice enough, if a little overenthusiastic.
Somebody cut a hole in the side of the elevator shaft to get into the Zero deck, and signs point to it being the mad bomber. I need a Zero deck key so I can get to work on keeping the ship in one contiguous piece.
Trake has been missing for hours, and I fear the worst.
You're not going to tell me about your own agenda, but would you be willing to at least share what you know about the other factions here? Starting with Zira - I know she's not a civvy."
No. 219763 ID: 74dff9
File 128221154815.png - (232.36KB , 1000x750 , 217.png )

Tiak goes into the Captain's Quarters. The captain is at his desk, and he seems rather irate.

>Belint! Where the hell have you been!? And what's this nonsense about being dead!?

I've... been around, captain. And the dead part is no joke, they've tried to attempt against my life in a few occasions. To the point of leaving a bomb in my room.

>A bomb!?

Yes, a bomb. A bomb that's been probably brought into the ship by the late R. Mikos, who all the clues point to be part of some sort of terrorist organization. I don't know how many more bombs are already planted in the ship, or how many could've been stolen by other person.


Seem like everybody has a secret agenda here except me, and you are no exception. I don't care, my concern is to solve that murder and I'm going to do it.


And on top of all, some sort of living green ooze seems to be rampant through the air ducts. Seems to be nice, at least. If you forget about the part in which it almost kills me.

>Wait, what!? What green ooze? Are you shitting me, Tiak. To your captain!?

Tiak briefly tells him the episode of the elevator. The Captain seems to be honestly puzzled by this revelation.

And what about Zira? I know she's not a civil.

>Who? Oh, you mean ambassador Niadar? I don't know what you mean, for what I know she's nothing but some pacifist, snake-hugger without enough power to change anything.

I see. Well, there's more, I've found several signs pointing that one or more individuals have gotten access to the Zero Deck. I need the key to check it out.

>...Fine. Here it is.

The captain hands Tiak a pretty ordinary looking key.

>But I need you to do something first. I'm still waiting for a report from Trake about the status of the ship, but nobody has known anything from him for hours. Find him. Take a look in his quarters if you need to. Cabin E.
No. 219766 ID: d87897

thank him and mutter that he may be already dead on your way out.
No. 219773 ID: c1c607

Cabin E, huh? Funny he should mention that, 'cause we've been there as well. Actually, it appears it has been broken into and ransacked. No need to tell that to ol' cap'n.

Make a mental note to tell Trake someone's trying to kill him, if he'll be still alive next time you meet him.

It might be a good idea to go back to the cabins again, though. Thank the captain for his time and skedaddle your ass over there.
No. 219801 ID: 74dff9
File 128223356361.png - (191.61KB , 1000x750 , 218.png )

Tiak thanks the captain and leaves, with the intention of looking for Trake. "If he's still alive..." he mutters while he crosses the door.

He goes down the elevator all the way to the Lower Deck, and walking all the way back to the Crew Quarters, into Cabin E, the one apparently belonging to Trake.

Someone has been here since the last time Tiak visited this room, that's for sure.
No. 219802 ID: c1c607

Read NOTE, hug PEN.
No. 219805 ID: 028f80

This, and is there something behind the crate, or is that just an art error?
No. 219811 ID: 40cb26

Read note, check for bombs. From now on, you will always check for bombs.
No. 219813 ID: 74dff9
File 128224116578.png - (113.80KB , 1000x750 , 219.png )

There's nothing behind the crate.

Tiak suppresses his strange urge to hug the pen, and instead reads the note left on the desk.

It's pretty brief:

"I found another part of the main computer. This confirms my suspicions, whoever sabotaged the mainframe didn't want to utterly disable it, but planned to put it together again at some point.

Someone has been in the Zero Deck, and I'm afraid they might have hidden the rest of the parts down there. I'm going to check it out.

No. 219823 ID: c1c607

Lets go to Zero Deck, then. Don't bother giving the key to Mongro. We don't need his services yet.
No. 219834 ID: d560d6

To the Zero Deck. Get there before Mongro can so we can hopefully spot and differences.
No. 219862 ID: 446ab5
File 128225910935.png - (164.73KB , 1000x750 , 220.png )

Tiak goes back into the elevator, inserting the key for the Zero Deck in the slot. After a quick descend into the entrails of the ship, it stops, doors opening to complete darkness.

Tiak steps outside. It's pitch dark down here, he's going to need a light source in order to move around here. And this time his PDA isn't going to be enough to get the job done..
No. 219873 ID: d560d6

Get back in the lift before it departs or merely closes its doors and leaves you in the pitch black, which would probably end badly.

Is there any EVA equipment on board? Should have lights, and if you're really lucky they might be removable.
No. 219874 ID: a594b9

Fuck. Let's go back up and talk to Zira. We told her to wait, so we shouldn't keep her waiting that long. Maybe she has a flashlight.

I think we should scout around Zero Deck a little before we give anyone else access. Be the first man on the scene.
No. 219875 ID: 701a19

Go see just how inoperable that walker is. I'm betting it's in far better shape than Mongro said.
No. 219876 ID: fead40


Or we could use her glowing tattoos, if they're bright enough
No. 219886 ID: 3234dd


Oh that's not a trap.


Watch out for Grues!

Maybe you could go get Zira's room light. Since you know, she's not using it, and all.
No. 219902 ID: 446ab5
File 128226861348.png - (204.97KB , 1000x750 , 221.png )


There might be EVA equipment on board, but Tiak can't say for sure. He hasn't seen any so far.

Tiak goes back into the elevator, up again to the Middle Deck. Right outside he finds Zira, waiting for him, sitting against a wall.

>There you are! You took your time, eh?

Sorry, had to check out a few things. I've managed to get access to the Zero Deck.


Yeah, but it's too dark for me to see anything, Wouldn't you have a flashlight or something like that?

>No, sorry.

>... Why are you staring at me like that?

Oh, nothing. Was just thinking that... maybe your tattoos...

>No way! That's stupid, they aren't even so bright!. Look, while you were "dead", I took another look at Engineering and I saw someone inside using a flashlight. Couldn't see who was it.

>Also, are you sure you want me to go with you? So far I haven't been of any help, and I don't know if I would do any better in the Zero Deck.
No. 219912 ID: 40cb26

You'd do well having someone watch your back, and maybe prevent you from doing anything horrendously stupid. As for if she'd be safer with you we can't be sure... that letter she got could have gotten her killed after all so we know she is a target. Hiding in her room might be enough though. Whether you're safer around her is an entirely different question, but I rather she was kept closer regardless.

With or without her, we need a light and to deliver that key so get on down to Mongro after checking engineering.
No. 219913 ID: 701a19

"You've been more helpful than you think. Besides, an extra set of eyes and antenna would do wonders searching and avoiding unwanted guests.

Heh, too bad I don't know how to pilot a combat walker. The one in engineering would have made this so much easier."
No. 219917 ID: a594b9

Tell her you it's up to her. You wouldn't be opposed to having someone watching your back.

If she chooses not to join you, then thank her for her time and say that you're glad having her there wasn't necessary- after all, our main reason to have her along was to keep us from getting ambushed.
No. 220024 ID: 3234dd

> Engineering
> a flashlight.

That's all I heard. Let's go get us that flashlight!
No. 220079 ID: 446ab5
File 128229657150.png - (172.68KB , 1000x750 , 222.png )

You've been more helpful than you think. Besides, an extra set of eyes and antenna would do wonders searching and avoiding unwanted guests.

>Fine, I'll stick with you for a bit longer. But you owe me one!

Cool. Let's head down to Engineering. Do you know anything about the Walker they keep down there?

>A Walker? No clue, didn't even know we had a Walker on board.

They take the elevator again, down to Engineering. And once again, the lights are out.

Crap, not again.
No. 220081 ID: 1a99f0

are those paper scraps in front of the file cabinet? Investigate. Stay on guard.
No. 220082 ID: a594b9

Get your Taser out, and check that shit on the ground near the doorway leading east.
No. 220087 ID: c1c607

Who keeps switching the damn light off? Fuck the Taser. Pull out the knife.

Tell Zira to stand back and investigate paper scraps for great justice.

Oh, and while you're here, unweld the secondary elevator door with the welder/cutter tool. I think there's a body in there.
No. 220098 ID: 446ab5
File 128230457388.png - (176.98KB , 1000x750 , 223.png )

Wait here, I think I've seen something.


Tiak takes the taser, keeping the other hand on the knife, just in case, and walks into the dark room. In front of the filing cabinet he finds what look like small pieces of plastic of a pale blue color. They're pretty soft and light, the kind of plastic you can tear with your bare hands.

It's dark, but thanks to the glowing hyperjump engines Tiak can see some more pieces of plastic scattered over the next section.
No. 220102 ID: c1c607

Lets not follow this bread trail until we have a non-organic flashlight or the lights turn on.

Unweld ye elevatore.
No. 220198 ID: 701a19

Oh, also, the camera is glowing.
No. 220201 ID: a594b9

Indicate that Zira should come with you. Ask if she has a means of defending herself. If not, I suppose we can let her borrow the knife.
No. 220259 ID: f906a7
File 128234471390.png - (185.07KB , 1000x750 , 224.png )

Tiak goes back into the main lobby of the Lower Deck and uses his Sinarri Energy Tool to separate the doors of the Secondary Elevator.
He finds himself staring into the pitch black shaft descending down into the Zero Deck.

The elevator itself seems to be still down there, so deep that Tiak can't even see it.

But what Tiak notices is that there's some object stuck to the wall with duct tape above him, just out of reach.
No. 220260 ID: a594b9

Excellent, a legitimate use for Zira. Give her a boost so she can grab it.
No. 220261 ID: d560d6

Oh go on, climb the cables. You like lift shafts!

No? Well, give Zira a boost to reach it then. Stand close enough to the side that you can brace a leg on the lift door (or wall, if it's retracted) to avoid falling forwards.
No. 220266 ID: a594b9

...or maybe instead of a risky plan like that we can just call the elevator up and climb out the top of it to get to the item?
No. 220441 ID: f906a7
File 128238650143.png - (168.86KB , 1000x750 , 225.png )

The buttons don't respond, the elevator seems to be out of order.

Hey Zira, I need your help.

>Sure, what for?

To reach that thing stuck over there.

>...You are trying to kill me, right?

No, no, seriously, it can't be too hard. You don't look like you weight too much, after all.



>*sigh* fine.

With surprisingly few setbacks, Tiak holds Zira up while she retrieves the device strapped to the wall.

>Eek! Watch the hands!


Tiak brings her down and pockets the device, which seems to be part of a larger apparatus. His pockets are almost packed again. And this still doesn't solve Tiak's illumination problems.
No. 220442 ID: c1c607

... Lets go to the Cargo Bay. Maybe some of the cargo is flashlights.
No. 220475 ID: 3234dd

Ooh, it's part of the mainframe! Trake was looking for those!
No. 220510 ID: 701a19

"I hope this is part of the mainframe. So, we can either give this to Mongro and have him make some extra copies of the Zero deck key, go looking for flashlights in the cargo bay, or try to use this cutter on the filing cabinet and hope it won't destroy the documents inside. Have a preference?"
No. 220581 ID: 55c4cf

You need to get the crescent key from the doctor before it changes hands. You might need to send Zira on a sidetask to get the flashlight, and distract or tase/drug the doctor and take it. The important part of taking it is to make sure he doesn't know it was you.
No. 220611 ID: 231806
File 128242747098.png - (181.26KB , 1000x750 , 226.png )

Let's go and check if there are flashlights in the Cargo Bay?

>Why there, from all places? What about Engineering?

I... have a bad feeling about Engineering, right now.


They take the corridor down to the Cargo Bay. Meanwhile, Tiak checks the remote camera with his PDA, but the doctor is still in, sitting at his desk, apparently. So right now it doesn't seem to be possible to steal the crescent key.

The cargo bay looks relatively empty, with the huge doors bolted shut, only used to load and unload cargo.

And talking about cargo, there's almost none in here. Only a big sealed container, with the Maurian sign of "Biological Hazard" painted on the side.
No. 220613 ID: efa282

Only problem with tasing the doctor is that there is only one taser on the ship and we have it.
No. 220614 ID: 55c4cf

Hide, have Zira get his attention, something about Morgo. Then take it. If it is possible, leave a clue from someone else instead of yourself to throw them off of the trail as well as making room in your inventory.

The pill or the note could do it, possibly.
No. 220615 ID: 701a19

Is that the green goo? Go over there with Zira and take a look at it. See if it's the same stuff you encountered before, and get a blood sample for the doc.
No. 220616 ID: 66bf15

wow, so that explains where the slime came from. it it covered in blood?
No. 220619 ID: 55c4cf

:I ...the blood and goo thing could serve all purposes. oop.
No. 220656 ID: 231806
File 128243093992.png - (187.40KB , 1000x750 , 227.png )

Tiak gets closer to the container to examine it. It seems that it has some poodles of that strange green ooze pouring from it. Unlike the sample Tiak got from the air vents in Atmospheric Control, these ones don't move or vibrate. They seem... dead.

Tiak can also see two small round holes on the container, from where the ooze probably escaped. Stains of dry blood can be noticed around the holes. It seems that someone has tried to hastily wipe off the blood, but without much success.

Tiak ponders about a plan to to take the Crescent Key without having to wait for the doctor to leave his room, using Zira to distract the doctor. Should he ask Zira to do it? And how much, exactly, should he tell Zira about it, the whole thing about the keys and all?
No. 220659 ID: 55c4cf

I wouldn't trust Zira with much of the information at this current time, although she is being a very useful ally, I wouldn't get her to know more than necessary unless we really need to. There is a lot of espionage and plotting and backstabbing going around on board. We've already agreed to help the queen, so we might as well stick to it.

Zira is probably a good ally on this goal since she was working for a peaceful truce with them, but still you are safer if she does not know. If you need to take two things from the doctor's office and say that was what you were looking for. Then you can plant item 2 on someone else to get blamed for it later.
No. 220664 ID: a594b9

I see what happened. Mikos was killed here. The gun used accidentally shot the storage container and released the ooze. Then the perpetrator used a bigger gun to erase his head later, to hide the original crime scene. The jacket was inside out because that wasn't the jacket he was wearing when he originally died.

You can confirm this theory by having this blood tested. Try scraping some off?

Find the jacket and we'll have another clue as to who did it.
No. 220666 ID: d560d6

Don't mess with the crescent key plan. We've got enough else to occupy our time.

Check the supplies room/closet. Even if there isn't a light source in there for some reason, there might be something to grab samples of blood and ooze and give the doctor something to do.
No. 220676 ID: 55c4cf


I'm sorry but I don't think it is smart to pass up an opportunity to get this object. It is a more volatile problem and solution in this situation. The keycard, flashlight, and inanimate objects are not going anywhere, so we shouldn't wait until the Doctor hides it thoroughly, or someone else takes it. Taking it while we know where it sits is a very good time to do so. Then we only need to track down the other one.
No. 220678 ID: 3234dd


The thing is I'm not sure we want to collect the crescent keys. Maybe I've played too many JRPGs.
No. 220684 ID: 55c4cf


why did we choose Truth as important if we were going to lie about things right off the bat. We agreed to this for truth, it'd be pretty crass to go back on our word.
No. 220685 ID: a594b9

I thought choosing Truth meant that we wanted to find out the truth?
No. 220686 ID: 40cb26

I think it would be best if we collected them. Handing them over however... I think we should demand the Truth up front at least.
No. 220687 ID: 55c4cf


We're not going to if we don't keep honest ourselves and fulfill our own agreements.
No. 220688 ID: 40f9f7


To be honest, I agree. How can we expect the truth from others if we're not truthful ourselves?

Plus Zira seems to be a fine upstanding fella.
No. 220735 ID: 701a19

Bring Zira up to speed.
No. 220768 ID: 231806
File 128243986178.png - (179.80KB , 1000x750 , 228.png )

Tiak can't take samples of the goo or the blood, he doesn't have anything to put them in!
But he takes a resolution.

Follow me, Zira. We can search for a flashlight later in the Supplies room, I have something more important to do now.


They hurry back into the elevator, where Tiak inserts his card to go to the Upper Deck. While the elevator ascends, Tiak explains his plan.

Look, the doctor of this ship has something very important for me to solve this case, and I need to get it without him knowing it.

>I think I see where is this going.

I need you to get in the Infirmary and distract the doctor, get him out of there enough time for me to get in and do the job.

>I guess I can do that... But you owe me another one!

Sure, sure. Thank you!

>Hmm, well, it's your plan so... What should I tell him? I have honestly no idea.

Tiak ponders about what to answer. And where should he hide until the doctor is out of the Infirmary?
No. 220770 ID: 701a19

"Tell him there's more blood in the cargo bay, and I need him to tell me whose it is while I'm trying to stop somebody from blowing up the ship. You don't even have to lie."
No. 220778 ID: a594b9

How about we ask the doctor instead, since we have a precedent for asking him about blood, and he will also know exactly where we are when the key goes missing, meaning he has no idea who to suspect. Also Zira isn't supposed to be on Upper Deck anyway!

Zira can steal the key for us. And also take the camera back.
No. 220800 ID: 55c4cf

I vouch for this plan.

As for a hiding place, you could either try the bridge, or beneath the grating in the floor if it's loose.
No. 220942 ID: 231806
File 128247079585.png - (276.19KB , 1000x750 , 229.png )

Better yet, you hide underneath the grating in the floor, you fit there fine. Then I take the doc to the Cargo Bay. Meanwhile, you get in the Infirmary, and take a rod with a crescent-shape end that should be on the counter, and a remote camera that's underneath the desk.

>Alright, sounds like a solid plan. Let's do it.

Tiak waits for Zira to hide, then walks into the Infirmary.

Doctor Labras, I need your help.

>What is it now, Belint? Have you stepped on a land mine this time?

No, no, I didn't got hurt this time. Yet. But anyways, I've find some traces of blood in the cargo bay that I need you to analyze. And also a very strange substance.
>Hmm, blood and strange substances, you say... I guess I have no choice but to go. Just let me take my scanner and... lead the way, Belint.
No. 220944 ID: 231806
File 128247094116.png - (189.69KB , 1000x750 , 230.png )

Tiak gets back to the Cargo Bay with the doctor, who kneels down in front of the container, pensive.

>Hmm, interesting... Let me scan the blood to check for positive matches among the crew and passengers. This will take about five or ten minutes.
No. 220945 ID: a594b9

Ask if he wants you to stand watch. If not, then let's go looking in the supplies room for that flashlight.
No. 220946 ID: d560d6

You can wait that long. Watch his back.
No. 220953 ID: 586db0

Ask if he can explain it to you since you're a 'stupid security grunt' and you've 'always been fascinated with medical technology'. Why else would you always be swiping his equipment? But you learned your lesson from his chastisement earlier. And this way you can 'see a professional in action'.

Wink wink. Nudge nudge.
Get my drift?
No. 220972 ID: efa282


No. 220994 ID: 231806
File 128249190760.png - (380.83KB , 1600x1200 , 231.png )

Tiak decides to wait with the doctor and watch his back.

So... Could you explain me what are you doing?


I've been always fascinated with medical technology, as you might have noticed already.

>Ah... Well, this is hardly science. I'm scanning the blood with this device (the same one I used earlier with the corpse of Mikos) and it'll tell me in a few minutes if it matches with any of the blood samples the crew and passengers donated before boarding the ship. It's a rudimentary procedure, because this scanner wasn't designed for forensic purposes, but to analyze blood samples for more common kinds of medical diagnosis. But it should work anyways.

I see...

After another long pause, the doctor seems to be satisfied with the results.

>Yeah, no doubt. The blood stains belong to R. Mikos...


>...Which doesn't make much sense.

What, why not?

>Well, as I said, I'm not a forensic doctor. But I can see something wrong in this scene... If Mikos was shot here, in front of the container... The position of the holes on it means that the victim must have been shot twice in the torso. And Miko's torso was intact. The only damage done in the body was the lack of head, actually.

Maybe he was kneeling down and the murderer shot him in the head?

>Maybe... But only if the murderer shot in a really awkward angle.


>Well, that's all I can tell from the blood. I'll leave the rest of the enigma to you. Now, about this green goo...

The doctor scrapes the rests of it and puts them inside a small jar he pulls out from one of his pockets.

>I'll take it to the Infirmary to study it. Good luck, officer.

Said this, the doctor leaves the Cargo Bay, not waiting for Tiak to follow him. Tiak is left alone once again, hoping that Zira succeeded in her mission.
No. 220996 ID: c1c607

Fascinating. Go check the supplies closet.
No. 221004 ID: 55c4cf

Check the closet and then go try to find Zira and hope for the best.
No. 221026 ID: efa282

Once the doctor notices his crescent key has gone missing, he'll likely ask us whether we've seen it or if we could keep an eye out for it.

That would be a good chance to ask him more about the key, what it is for, how he acquired it, things like that.
No. 221049 ID: 3234dd

inb4 Zira had the third key
No. 221052 ID: efa282

I thought the other two keys were accounted for? The queen has one, and the captain and the doctor have the others.
No. 221109 ID: 231806
File 128251641361.png - (187.14KB , 1000x750 , 232.png )

Tiak opens the Supplies closet. It's a small place, without any light in it.

The wardrobe to the left seems to be where the spare uniforms are kept, by the sign on the door.

To the right there's a small cabinet attached to the wall, locked shut with a heavy padlock.
There are also two sealed boxes on the floor, plus another one, open.
No. 221110 ID: ea1cdb

examine contents of open box, then check other boxes and unlocked stuff. then cut the padlock off and check that one.
No. 221111 ID: c1c607

Examine OPEN BOX.
No. 221118 ID: 6834bc

The remote camera doesn't make any noises when it's on/being checked, right? You can give your PDA a quick glance at the cam feed to see if Zira was indeed successful.

Then get to checking stuff in here; especially that opened box. And I guess you can cut the padlock off to get at whatever's inside the cabinet.
No. 221403 ID: 231806
File 128255898794.png - (256.82KB , 1000x750 , 233.png )

The wardrobe is full of spare uniforms, as expected.

Tiak cuts the padlock with his Sinarri Power Tool and opens the cabinet. Inside he finds some tools, including some wrenches of different sizes, a screwdriver and a heavy plasma cutter.

He also checks the open box. Hey, it looks like it's full of emergency light sticks!

Before doing anything else, he checks the status of his remote camera, and the last minutes recorded. He can see Zira quickly darting inside the Infirmary, and walking around. Then she retrieves the camera from below the desk and turns it off. That's all, apparently she hasn't turned it on again, and the camera can't be turned on remotelly either.
No. 221405 ID: c1c607

If ineffective:
No. 221406 ID: a594b9

Could that heavy plasma cutter be used to create the damage we saw on the wall? Hmm. Could you use it as a weapon? Maybe we should grab it if so.

Grab a lightstick, obviously. Maybe two.

What's in the other boxes?
(herp that hammer's too small)
No. 221409 ID: 55c4cf

The Hammer is missing, and so are the pliers. We have the pliers so somebody else already has the hammer. This is important in a way because that means someone is using it. Someone who could have taken all of these tools only took the hammer. That also means they are properly armed or they would have taken more than the Hammer.

You need to find a toolbelt for all your tools so we can still work our way around simple tool mechanic situations, and still have what could be key items. Is there a work area, or would the janitor have a tool belt so we don't have to drop things all the time that could help us solve situations?
No. 221432 ID: d560d6

Stuff your pockets with glowsticks. You cannot pick up too many.
No. 221433 ID: 231806
File 128257942883.png - (230.98KB , 1000x750 , 234.png )

The Heavy plasma cutter is too large and massive for Tiak to keep it in his pockets! He would have to go around wielding it all the time if he wanted to carry it. Without protective gear is also a pretty dangerous tool, able to slice off limbs like butter.

Tiak searches in the spare uniforms pockets but they're all empty. But he puts the picture of Zira, the pill and the note -regarding the Interception's warning about unauthorized weapons and life forms aboard the Sparrow.- in the spare security uniform pockets (Tiak wrote down the gambling note in his PDA and gave the paper to the barman).

Tiak picks up two light sticks. According to the instructions, they should light during 30 hours at least, and it's possible to turn them off and on anytime you want without them losing their charge.


Tiak recalls that he's only seen a tool belt around before in this ship, Trake was wearing it. But there wasn't any other in the wardrobe with the spare Engineer uniforms, so no luck there.

Finally, Tiak cuts open the sealed boxes. The contents are pretty disappointing. One of the boxes contains a pile of blank papers and a bunch of pens. The other one is empty.
No. 221435 ID: d560d6

So, possible murder weapon, then.

If that box really is full of glowsticks, you may as well pad your inventory out with them. If you're going to bring Zira with you again, giving her a lightsource might help. Can always drop them somewhere when the space is needed.
No. 221436 ID: c1c607

Lets meet up with Zira (probably in her room) before someone else gets to her. After that, Zero Deck can wait; Engineering ho!
No. 221437 ID: efa282

Why would Zira turn the camera off? Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let her in on the fact we were after those crescent keys.
No. 221440 ID: d560d6

Why? There's nothing to do in Engineering until we're ready to let Mongro run loose around a potential crime scene. To Zira then Zero Deck.
No. 221442 ID: c1c607

Someone was littering all over the place in Engineering. I wanna see where the trail of trash leads.
No. 221457 ID: 701a19

>able to slice off limbs like butter.

No. 221483 ID: efa282

Might as well take the Heavy Plasma Cutter too, if only to prevent someone else from getting it.
No. 221488 ID: d560d6

We could lock it in the brig, but unfortunately the murderer can get in there too.
No. 221517 ID: 231806
File 128260664133.png - (267.41KB , 1000x750 , 235.png )

Tiak takes two more light sticks, because he doesn't feel comfortable taking too many of them without knowing if he's going to actually need them.

He also takes the Plasma Cutter with him, still not sure if he's gonna carry it around or hide it where nobody else can find it. He doesn't know how is he going to explain that he's dragging the thing around to anybody.

Decided to go and look for Zira, he leaves the Cargo Bay and makes his way into the elevator, pressing the button for the Middle Deck, when...


>Piece of cake! I got your camera too.
No. 221523 ID: 1a99f0

great. thank her for being so awesome.
oh, and don't let the plasma cutter land on your foot. that would probably be bad even if it's off.
No. 221525 ID: 701a19

"Thanks, Zira! I knew I could count on you!
More importantly, I never knew you were so... Limber.
What would you say to getting lunch?"

Pick up the key and plasma cutter.
No. 221553 ID: d560d6

To make room for the other suggestions, give Zira a couple of glowsticks; she'll need them when she helps us with the Zero Deck later, right?

I just remembered that the brig got blown up. Can we at least hide the cutter in our sleeping pod? (It's bad manners to take heavy weaponry to the dinner table.)
No. 221556 ID: 3234dd

Tell her to be careful! The elevator hatch doesn't have a handle on the other side.

Unlike said benevolent navigator, do recall you can always hit the emergency stop.
No. 221563 ID: a594b9

I agree, let's hide the cutter in our pod.

...or maybe the cabinet in our office? Somewhere we can lock and we have the only key would be nice.
No. 221567 ID: 701a19

Yes, because good manners are always important when you're trying to stop killers who have made two or three attempts on your life already.

Keep it with you at all times, and always either in your hand or directly in your field of vision.
No. 221662 ID: c1c607

Toting around the HEAVY CUTTER for protection is akin to walking around with a chainsaw or blowtorch (balloon incl.). Conducting investigation with it in hand will make our suspects even less cooperative.
Besides, 2/3 attempts at our lives have been without a clear aggressor. Can't cut someone to bits if you don't know where they are!

Make sure no one watches you and hide the cutter in your pod.

Don't give the key to the snake queen yet. Zira doesn't have to know what we need it for.
No. 221700 ID: 231806
File 128264947878.png - (366.99KB , 1000x750 , 236.png )

Tiak pockets the camera and the crescent key and heads back to his room to hide the Heavy Cutter inside the cryogenic bed.

>Getting serious, aren't we?

Just in case, I don't really want to use it. I don't see myself as a bad horror flick villain, cutting people into pieces with this thing.

>Well, better if you have it than anyone else in this ship, I guess. Oh, by the way, on my way out I heard people arguing in the Bridge. Couldn't make out much of it, because I was in a hurry, so I only recognized the voice of the Captain. He was telling someone to "keep it together" that all of them are "too deep in this shit to get clean out of it".

Hmm, I'm not sure what to make out of this, but thanks for all.

Zira sits on the chair and ostensibly yawns, stretching out.

>Well, what's the plan now? Although I gotta say that I'm gonna need to take a nap soon. I feel like I've been jumping around all day.

Tiak realizes that he's starting to get tired as well, but not as much as Zira. Because at least he's had two forced "naps" through the day. It would be wise to start planning a time and a place to rest.
No. 221706 ID: ea58cb

You'll sleep in three hours. Your pod still works, right? Walk Zira off into her room and wish her a good sleep cycle.

I don't think we should bother going to the bridge. It's probably just the captain and the navigator having a pity party. Engineering... ho?
No. 221730 ID: 40cb26

Your room would be no good to stay in even if it weren't exploded. Hers is probably not much more secure, there was the deal with the note after all so she does already have someones attention. Do you know of an out of the way securable and unused room for you two to crash in?
No. 221820 ID: 701a19

"Well, since we couldn't get our dinner date, perhaps we could spend the night together?"
No. 221847 ID: 231806
File 128268367324.png - (149.40KB , 900x900 , 237.png )

Tiak walks Zira to her cabin.


Tiak doesn't have much experience with women, but he doesn't think that being so blunt would help his case. He wouldn't be able to say something like that.

Alright, I still want to follow some clues before crashing. You think you're going to be ok?

>Yeah, don't worry. I'm a light sleeper, and I'll block the door with the cabinet or something. You should do the same.

Ok. Sleep well, Zira. I'll see you later.

>Take care, Tiak.

Well, now. To Engineering?
No. 221859 ID: d560d6

To the Zero Deck.
No. 221864 ID: 0caea1

Nay, to Engineering!
No. 221866 ID: 40cb26

That's the idea, which is why we need to go to engineering for a decent light source.

Go there quickly, keeping your paranoia close but your wits closer.
No. 221876 ID: 7f7393
File 128268976136.png - (275.21KB , 1000x750 , 238.png )

Tiak heads down to Engineering, turning on one of the light sticks. The range of illumination is limited, but it's better than nothing.

Nothing seems to have changed since the last time he's been here, with Zira. The lights are still out and the pieces of plastic still are scattered around, leading to he next section.
No. 221877 ID: 0caea1

Onwards, oh wielder of adult toys! Knife at ready and follow that trail of trash!
No. 221881 ID: d560d6

We have a light source! We just picked it up from storage!
No. 221885 ID: 40cb26

No, we have glowsticks. It's enough for stumbling around in the dark, great at making us visible to others in the darkness, and useless for letting us see anyone or anything wanting to kill us from the shadows. I don't call that decent.
No. 221892 ID: 726120
File 128269380182.png - (339.30KB , 1000x750 , 239.png )

Tiaks advances cautiously, pulling out the knife as he crosses the door into the next section.

The pieces of plastic are all across the floor, forming a trail that goes deeper into Engineering. Still nobody else to be seen, no sound to be heard, muffled by the deafening roar of the engines.
No. 221893 ID: 0caea1

Oh yes that's deffo where I wanted it to lead. Quick glance into the room to your left and into the closet to make sure nobody'll jump out from those, and proceed. Extreme caution is advised.
No. 221905 ID: a594b9

This is very obviously a trap. Put out the light. Use the darkness to your advantage instead.
No. 221907 ID: 556fcf

equip heavy lift robot.
No. 222105 ID: 726120
File 128273845942.png - (116.26KB , 1000x750 , 240.png )

Tiak checks the cabinet and the room to the left, but there's nobody hidden in there. And still just one hazard suit in the cabinet.

Tiak also tries to get in the walker, but it seems like the lid of the cockpit is locked, and needs some sort of special key to be opened.

Turning off the glowstick, Tiak keeps following the trail of plastic shards, which ends abruptly in the last section of Engineering.
But he notices something glowing at the far end wall. Seems like someone has broken one of the two fuses responsible of the lights in this sector.

And Tiak can see a very familiar hammer, stuck in the fusebox.
No. 222106 ID: 08b5f9

Get ye HAMMER.
De-equip KNIFE.

Since we forgot to do that last time, check the open box. If can't see shit, use GLOWSTICK.
No. 222123 ID: d560d6

Trail of plastic bits seems to end at that ajar, toppled box? Lean over and drop your lit glowstick through the gap. We get to see in, anyone planning an ambush in there gets their darkvision messed up.
No. 222127 ID: 3d808c
File 128274578879.png - (244.39KB , 1000x750 , 241.png )

Tiak decides to investigate the open box, but he's just taken a few steps towards it when a muffled, piercing sound, and the heat of a laser beam barely missing him stops him in place.

Two more laser beams hit the ground and the near box before he finally reacts.

Aaah, shit! Someone is shooting at me!
No. 222128 ID: d560d6

Well, walking into the obvious trap is sure working well for us!

Dive over that box; it appears to be heavy enough cover to stop the beams.
No. 222133 ID: b5b20e

What, they got tired of using non-lethal force? For a civilian flight everybody sure is armed better than us.

Jump for cover and start raising a racket. Taunt them a little. Call their mother a slug. Maybe question their masculinity and challenge them to a knife fight on the Bridge.

Turn on your camera and throw it at them from cover. Yell "FIRE IN THE HOLE."
No. 222141 ID: efa282

When the camera fails to explode, because it is a camera and all, whoever is shooting at us will just destroy it. Then we'll have no more cameras :(
No. 222163 ID: a594b9


Dive behind cover and take out your taser, and yell at them that you're the ship's security officer and to cease fire immediately.
No. 222184 ID: 701a19

No. 222185 ID: 6059d0
File 128276870526.png - (246.06KB , 1000x750 , 242.png )

Tiak dives behind the box for cover as the the laser beams burn the air around him.

This is Tiak Belint, Head of Security! Cease fire!

The only answer is the constant fire of the laser weapon over his position.

This is your last warning, stop shooting now!

No answer.

What's that? Are you seriously trying to hit me, or dusting off the place? I can't tell, it's like you're aiming with your butt.

Come on, face me if you have the guts! Bring out the blades! Or the fists, you son of a slug! You coward!!

There's no response, just shooting from the other side of the section.
No. 222188 ID: 701a19

Do those camera handle low-light well? Could you use it to look over the side and see who is shooting?


You need to find a projectile weapon somewhere.
No. 222189 ID: 1576e5

Not the talkative type, eh? Watch your antennae, by the way.

Do laser guns run out of ammo?

Laser doesn't seem to penetrate this box. Take its lid and use it as a shield. The lousy aiming probably means your adversary is quite far away. Move backwards, grab the axe (make sure you don't get shocked!) and start pushing forwards.
No. 222191 ID: 701a19

Judging by the firing pattern, They're about 3m off the left side of the screen. The issue is that it's.

Also: I have no idea why the fuses glow, nor why they're using fuses instead of circuit breakers.
No. 222193 ID: 1576e5

Okay, yeah, now that I look at it, they do seem to be pretty close. Lets still go with the lid thing, at least to get the axe.

And another thing: Call their mother a Sinarri whore. Throw racist doggie and snakie remarks alike. Maybe it'll 'cause them to miss a beat or maybe it would enrage them. Either would be fine.
No. 222218 ID: 6059d0
File 128277859325.png - (182.03KB , 1000x750 , 243.png )

Tiak lifts up the lid of the box and uses it as an improvised shield. It seems to work for now. Then he retreats to the fuse box and retrieves the hammer.

With the weapon in one hand and the lid in the other, he starts pushing towards the source of the shooting, still spouting insults to his attacker.

What is your problem? Your Sinarri whore of a mother didn't love you as a child? Or maybe your mother was one of those half-snake bitches?

Tiak advances some more, still shouting swearings. If the shooter hasn't moved during his advance, he should be pretty close now . But he can't see through the lid, so he can't still see his assailant, and he doesn't know if it would be safe to peek out.

He has also another problem, the lid doesn't have any handles or way to hold it from his side. The only way to move it without dropping it flat is holding it by the side, which leaves Tiak's fingers dangerously exposed.
No. 222221 ID: d560d6

...classy. You sound like a disposable goon.

May as well charge forth until you either collide with something or die like one, since you're now out of cover, effectively blind, and just waiting for them to either flank you or get a lucky shot on your hand until you close the distance.
No. 222235 ID: 1a99f0

charge up close and throw the shield, then follow up with some hammer smashings.
No. 222241 ID: a594b9

Use CAMERA as THIRD EYE. (obviously you should try to keep it from getting shot)
No. 222245 ID: 701a19

The lid probably has a ridge to ensure a secure fit. It's not a great handhold, but it should be serviceable.
I think this is an automated trap.
No. 222356 ID: 032611
File 128281404391.png - (198.45KB , 1000x750 , 244.png )

Tiak cautiously peeks with the camera around the lid and checks his PDA for the input. The darkness, combined with the blinding flash of the laser gun firing doesn't let him see much about his attacker, but it seems that he's just a few feet away from him.

And it seems that the laser beams come from above the hazard suits cabinet!

Tiak hides the camera before it can be shot, and the firing continues. He's starting to feel the heat through the lid, and the smell of molten metal. The lid isn't going to be able to resist much longer.
No. 222357 ID: 97cb33

CHARGE!! get as close as you can then shove the lid at the attacker. then smack them with the hammer when they are off guard.
No. 222358 ID: c8a206

Looks like the shots are coming from sort of behind the cabinet?

Shimmy closer to the wall. Hopefully the cabinet will start taking hits instead of the lid, letting it cool off.
No. 222359 ID: 701a19

It'll last.
It's taken this long to heat up, which means that it either has an incredibly high thermal mass, a high emissivity, or those lasers aren't packing much punch. Most likely a combination of the three. Heating up just makes it shed heat that much faster.

Light up a glow stick, toss it to your attacker, and then use the camera to see them in its illuminating glow.
No. 222387 ID: 032611
File 128282766886.png - (281.43KB , 1000x750 , 245.png )

Tiak sticks as close as he can to the wall and the cabinet, and charges forward, pushing the shield into the space behind the cabinet. But there's nobody there!

Before he has time to react, an incredible burning pain strikes him in the arm, and shakes all his body, smell of burnt flesh flooding his senses.


Burning out the last of his adrenaline rush, he turns around flailing the hammer wildly, but with luck enough to hit something! He can hear metallic "CLANG" and a small object falls at his feet.

The shooting stops, and nothing else moves in the room.

Tiak shakes his head and tries to pull through the sickening pain. His arm hurts a lot, but he can still move it. That must be a good sign.
No. 222390 ID: 1a99f0

what's that? did someone set up a servo camera to shoot at you?
No. 222392 ID: 032611
File 128283266249.png - (145.26KB , 1000x750 , 246.png )

Not just any camera, it's Tiak's servo-camera! The one he lost at the beginning of the flight. The only servo cameras aboard are the ones in charge of the security officer.

It looks like someone has attached a laser gun to the camera, and rigged it to work as a remote controlled turret. Pretty clever. The work is kind of rudimentary, but Tiak knows that it's effective. Painfully effective.

After Tiak hit it with the hammer, the camera bounced pretty hard against the wall, and ended up very broken.

And it seems that they've removed some parts of the gun, like the trigger, to make the firing completely dependable of the remote controller. Even if Tiak manages to detach the weapon, he's not going to be able to use it.
No. 222393 ID: d560d6

Mourn your fallen camera. IT SHALL BE AVENGED! Take it anyway, since the gun looks intact, and someone with enough engineering skill to bodge it to the camera could probably unbodge it back into a mostly functioning weapon. (Maybe we can destroy it more thoroughly with the plasma cutter later or something.)

So, did those scraps ever lead anywhere, or were they just breadcrumbs for the trap?
No. 222395 ID: c8a206

Don't worry, Tiak. Chicks dig scars.

We had to go there anyway. No other way to fix the electricity in this section.

Pocket the broken camera. Before you go to the doctor, drop off the key at the Queen's. We deffo don't want the doctor finding it in your clothes.
No. 222396 ID: 1a99f0

would it be possible to attach the gun to the working camera?
No. 222398 ID: 3e83e6

One way or another, take that thing with you. its dangerous to leave alone where it could be recovered by your assailant. If not the whole camera, then the attached raygun.
No. 222409 ID: 3234dd

Don't just stand there get a poultice on that shoulder! Ice! Anything to cool it down, fast! Time is of the essence here.
No. 222465 ID: 032611
File 128285650525.png - (159.59KB , 1000x750 , 247.png )


For what Tiak knows, they were there just to lure him into the trap.

Tiak pockets the broken camera. To detach the gun from it he would need at least a screwdriver and a steady pulse, and right now he lacks both of them. But even if he did, he doesn't have the mechanic skills needed to turn the gun into something useful, with or without camera.

On the other side, if he wanted to destroy it, he could just throw it into the garbage disposal unit of the ship. It must be that blue machine near the door, with the "CAUTION" sign on it. That thing should be able to crush anything into little cubes, that will end up floating in space as soon as the ship finishes the hyperjump.

Tiak's arm is still hurting a lot, but at the same time he doesn't think that he should go to the Infirmary with the crescent key in his pocket.
No. 222469 ID: 1a99f0

absolutely no destroying useful items. As for the key, you shouldn't trust just leaving it around. Since Zira's probably asleep we'd probably have to just give it to the queen if we don't want it just disappearing.
No. 222481 ID: bcd983

Take the key to the queen first. THEN go see the doctor.
No. 222485 ID: a594b9

I know where we can put the key. Zero deck! We're the only person that can get there right now.
No. 222488 ID: d560d6

( >>222485 There's a second key; Trake's supposed to have it: >>218849 )
No. 222490 ID: a594b9



No. 222514 ID: 032611
File 128287297193.png - (195.61KB , 1000x750 , 248.png )

Tiak makes his way to the middle deck, and from there to the cabin of queen Nayria. As soon as he knocks on the door, it opens. The Queen is waiting inside.

Hrmuhpf... I found one of the keys.

>And in such a short time. I'm impressed, officer. But it looks like it hasn't been easy, hm? War wounds?
No. 222515 ID: 55c4cf

Compliment the view and give her the key if you haven't already, place your groin uncomfortably close to her face.
No. 222516 ID: d677cc

Wow, that pose makes her look really freaking lazy. :V

I guess give her the key, if that's what you're supposed to be doing. Probably better than holding onto it, given your track record.

Is she just pointing out your arm being injured for the hell of it or was she actually going somewhere with that?
No. 222517 ID: 97cb33

"yeah, wouldn't happen to have any salve around?"
No. 222518 ID: a594b9

Tell her the wounds are unrelated to getting the key. Someone's trying to kill you for investigating the murder.

Also, before we give it to her, ask what she'll do in return for the key. If we're only going to be rewarded for turning in BOTH, then we're going to keep this one for now.
No. 222529 ID: 701a19

"No, this was the third or fourth attempt on my life so far, and the only deliberate one since my resurrection. Besides, the key's former owner knows for a fact that I couldn't possibly have taken it when I did."

So, Tiak, why are all those cameras glowing red if they're all off? Aren't lights generally a sign that they are getting power?
No. 222534 ID: d560d6

(That's their night vision mode:
>>/questarch/199571 The cameras are fine; it's the server/Tiak's terminal for viewing them that aren't.)
No. 222651 ID: 4f6386
File 128290643445.png - (143.97KB , 1000x750 , 249.png )

Eh, not exactly. I got the key without problems, but someone is trying to kill me because I'm investigating the murder. Nice view, by the way.

>Well, that's nice, coming from a Maurian. And of course, seekers are more likely to find guns pointed at their hearts than truth during their pilgrimage.

I guess... Anyways, you could give me something in exchange of the key. Or I might just keep it until I find the other one.

>Tsk, tsk, where are your manners? Trying to haggle with a queen, no less! Our deal was, information about the murder in exchange of the two keys, and I will keep my word. You can keep the key meanwhile, if you want. Just try not to lose it...

So, nothing?

>Oh, don't be so hard on me, officer. I already gave you a valuable clue for free, don't you remember? I suspect that you haven't followed it yet.

>Now, about that wound. I'm skilled in the healing arts. I can treat that arm of yours, saving you time and pesky questions from the rest of your mates and the doctor. What do you say?
No. 222652 ID: d387b8

Give her the damn key already. Toting it around is asking for it to be taken away. Accept the healing, too.
No. 222659 ID: a594b9

Accept healing, keep key. We don't know what the key is FOR yet. For all we know it's part of a three-piece activation matrix for some kind of superweapon and by giving all three to one person we'd be opening up the gates to genocide.

If it gets taken away we can just find it again later. So long as nobody has all 3, nothing terrible is going to happen.

Also note that you DID try to get into the files and registers but the damn thing's password protected... wait, could we just use the cutter on the cabinet? Should've tried that, I guess.
No. 222662 ID: d677cc

Sure, I guess, take the healing. May as well.

>So long as nobody has all 3, nothing terrible is going to happen.
And this is a compelling reason to not get the key out of our hands before we wind up inevitably losing it because... ?
No. 222663 ID: d560d6

Trade key for healing.
We can always drop the third key into the waste disposal and let it get flushed into space. :V
No. 222691 ID: 55c4cf

give her the key, accept the healing, accept it hard
No. 222692 ID: 3234dd

>So long as nobody has all 3, nothing terrible is going to happen.

Hey let's make sure she has two keys what a great idea
No. 222693 ID: 1a99f0

Better that she have two than someone else. She may be creepy, but she's been helpful so far. Plus it would make the healing more like part of a trade. I don't think it would be a good idea to owe her something.
No. 222714 ID: 4f6386
File 128294692289.png - (180.04KB , 1000x750 , 250.png )

Alright, here's the key. Think that you can patch me up in exchange?

>Thank you, officer. I was going to do it anyways. Now, take off your jacket and sit down here.


>Now, now, this is no time for modesty. I can't work through your clothes.


Tiak takes off his jacket and sits on the cushions, kind of nervous, as the queen places herself behind him, closer than what Tiak considers comfortable.

The Ziranée starts spreading a mix of ointments over the wound on his arm. It feels cold, but at the same time, it immediately soothes the piercing pain of the laser injury.

>My, officer you look like you've been through a battlefield, and it's been less than a day of flight! You should be more careful, or soon there won't be enough Belint left for the rest of us~

Hmm, I guess...

The pain slowly disappears, and with it, Tiak's consciousness starts to fade away as well. The ointment has a powerful and intoxicating smell that joins up with Tiak's tiredness caused by a long day full of abuses.

Tiak is losing a battle trying to keep his eyelids open, vision blurring, the only feeling remaining, the gentle touch of Nayria's hands.

>You look so tired, officer. It's been a long day, don't you think? You should just relax and let your problems go for now. There will be time to complete your mission after a...break~
No. 222716 ID: d677cc

Before you pass out, ask if she could possibly let you wake up still in possession of all of your things for once. 8V