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File 129009335545.jpg - (110.49KB , 957x590 , crashtitle6.jpg )
257726 No. 257726 ID: b6c6fc

old threads

Discussion thread
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No. 257728 ID: b6c6fc
File 129009369385.jpg - (89.22KB , 957x590 , crashquest137.jpg )

I am AcePilot Oken
me and my friends are hiding in-

No. 257731 ID: 698a22

I think listening to the big scary alarm is a good idea. Collect yon party members!
No. 257732 ID: f82d85


Um, go find everyone else
No. 257734 ID: 2563d4

It has the problem that for all we know the emergency exit leads to the outside, and the outside is where we were hiding from.

And we never got to explore that dropship.

But, still, return to rest of group.
No. 257785 ID: 4309ad

Seal that breach, soldier
No. 257788 ID: 59e64b

You and your friends are the alien I think. Somebody noticed your presence and started the alarm. If you head to the exit now you'll run into the staff members who are trying to get away. If you stay in here they'll seal the exits and you'll be trapped in this dungeon until they get backup.

Either way you'll have a hard time. The only chance to survive is to get back to your friends.
No. 257792 ID: 2abeac

wait until you see a claw sticking through the wall then shoot through the hole, destroying everything on the other side.
No. 257796 ID: 45be60

(pro tip: links to old threads are no longer valid because the threads have been moved to the archive board.)
No. 257841 ID: b6c6fc
File 129012430377.jpg - (137.85KB , 957x590 , crashquest138.jpg )

the alarm continues to sound,


Hoft: " . . . how long till they make it in?"

Mint: "I give it 10 minutes at most"
No. 257845 ID: e3f578

all right if the entrance is being breached and the computer is still advocating evacuation then the aliens will be assuming we'd be escaping using a different exit...

which means the most ingenious plan would involve using the main entrance! Oh Dirtbag, you are brilliant brilliant brilliant! Everybody get in badass formation we are smoking some asses today. They're asses are so smoked that the bees that crawled up in their panties are in will need fucking nightgowns. Bitches, we got bee nightgown delivery to make AND FUREX DELIVERS SUNSHINE, RAIN, SLEET OR SNOW
No. 257850 ID: e3f578

OR SAND WE CAN'T FORGET ABOUT SAND! There's fucking sand everywhere.
No. 257856 ID: 2abeac

open the door, shoot bitches, close it again and squish any that try to crawl through. repeat as needed.
No. 257859 ID: d8230b

Let's evacuate everyone through the emergency exit we found in the vents.
No. 257860 ID: 4309ad

I actually do advise having everyone armed head to the vault entrance so we can see what we're up against and what chances we stand against them under the circumstances. Possibly we can seal the breach right here and not abandon our base of operations. Retreating immediately without even identifying the threat is terrible tactics.

No. 257865 ID: 192c6d


Or, you know... see if the computer can give us a VISUAL. (to prevent "Hey guise wuts goin on in dis mother------ fuck~" and then we die)

For all we know, it's pinkies, Astranians, or just a shitload of bugs (avoiding all possibilities of crossover, of course!).
No. 257871 ID: 2e4e41

Get the rocks from that cave in, and the table, and set them up as a small defensive wall in that main room. Add in some crenellation or if you have enough time, make it a high wall with a small window to shoot through.
No. 257874 ID: 2563d4

Between the stairs down, the rocks, and the perpendicular rooms, you should be able to set up some excellent cover and crossfire and butcher anything that comes in as long as you have ammo.

But this would be a good idea because if it's a huge pile of bugs you're still going to get infesssssted.
No. 257878 ID: 1854db

Loot the supplies first!
No. 257883 ID: fba40f

See if we can find out what's outside. If it's more bugs, we're best off just fleeing out the back door.
No. 257902 ID: b6c6fc
File 12901340735.jpg - (108.11KB , 957x590 , crashquest139.jpg )

>Oken uses the view screen to look outside

looks like twenty of the big claw guys hacking at the door, and fifty little bugs waiting out there as well

(It may be a good idea to choose marching order of the six party members)
No. 257903 ID: 2e4e41
File 129013497048.png - (301.25KB , 957x590 , Crashquest table.png )

Get table and rocks from http://quest.lv/kusaba/quest/src/128797618635.jpg

Do this. But put rocks behind it too.

Not sure on marching order...
No. 257904 ID: 383006

Lets go out of the damn emergency exit.
No. 257905 ID: 4309ad

Why haven't we yet found some uber command room where we can just give awesome commands to some vault-wide AI such as "seal all bulkheads from sectors A1 to C3" and "Redirect vent control to funnel toxic fumes to the sealed areas!"

It would be cool 'n stuff
No. 257909 ID: fba40f

Everybody head for the back door. Oken goes first, Hoft covers the rear, everybody else stays in the center.
No. 257911 ID: 2abeac

okay yeah you two first. then mint and prince, then fuze and the pinky.
wait untila hole opens then have hoft start shooting all over through the hole.
No. 257914 ID: 2563d4

Right. We're a flamethrower short of dealing with that.

Out the emergency exit. From front to rear: Oken (plucky protagonist), Prince (scanners and LASERS), Fuze (squishy vulnerable medic), Enrad (not really in fighting form), Mint (can taze Enrad up the bum if he causes trouble), Hoft (tough guy to hold the swarm back and die horribly in a self-sacrifice :3c).
No. 257917 ID: 701a19

How many shots to you have left in that disintegrator weapon, and how fast can you fire and reload it?
If you punch a hole through the door and saturate then with hot death, then you might be able to wipe out most of the attacking force in the first few shots.
Following that you'd hold the position with other weaponry until the doors are about to fail, then make a fighting retreat to the emergency exit. At that point they would all be funneled into quarters tight enough that anything in the vents would be inside the weapon's killzone, and you'd be able to slaughter them wholesale while escaping.

Assuming that the emergency exit is even safe, which I would strongly doubt.
No. 257997 ID: 812e68

>Bugs leave visible protrusions on the steel door
>There are at least 20 of the big ones
>Shoot a hole in the door to help them hack through faster
I don't think this is exactly the best idea.

Hauling stones will take too much precious time, we better retreat now. We have unexplored areas, don't we?
No. 258001 ID: 812e68

Oh and, Hoft, turn on your forcefield. From what we know, it's at least partially effective in vaporising biomass.
If those bugs are mechanical, however, don't waste your battery.
No. 258003 ID: 1854db

Take stock of the supplies room. If we can rig up some incendiary grenades or something from what's in there, then we're good.

For marching order... Well, how good is Prince in a fight exactly? Just a swing of a rifle killed one of those small bugs so if he can just wade in and slaughter the smaller ones the rest of us can concentrate fire on the bigger ones.

Oken and Hoft should be in charge of taking out the big guys.

Mint and Fuze should hang back a bit. Enrad too- see if you can arm Mint and Enrad a little better. Don't we have some extra guns? If they can provide cover fire for the others, that's great.
No. 258086 ID: b6c6fc
File 129020856933.jpg - (111.11KB , 957x590 , crashquest140.jpg )

Enrad can use both the stun rifle, and stun pistol, if we can trust him with a weapon

Mint is trained to use light fire arms, but claims she's fine with just her tazer

Prince is able to cut things up with his meditools, he can no longer shoot eye lasers, but he does have 2 gun mounts

>Oken opens the hatch

Oh cool, it's a spiral slide!

Hoft: "hurry up, the bugs are breaking through!"
No. 258088 ID: 2563d4

Remember to get out of the way of the robot coming down after you when you reach the bottom. Remember that after Hoft is going to be a swarm of bugs. But, most importantly of all, remember to yell "whee".
No. 258091 ID: a41aaf

Wait, you're already underground. Who the heck designed an emergency exit that takes you FURTHER from the surface? Dem crazy Cazarani.
No. 258092 ID: 5d20a9

Remember to go "Weeeeee!"
No. 258093 ID: 701a19

Don't leave yet.
Give Hoff the disintigrator and have him shoot everything that enters the vents. Have Prince charge up a strong blast. Once the ammo runs out on the disintigrator head down the exit and have Prince blow it behind you.
No. 258117 ID: fba40f

Prince doesn't have his laser anymore and there's just too many bugs for any of our current weapons to be effective.
No. 258142 ID: 45be60

must ensure you are not followed. cover your tracks, seal the exit.
No. 258243 ID: b6c6fc
File 129023326589.jpg - (98.46KB , 957x590 , crashquest141.jpg )

Oken: "weeeeeeeee"

>Oken, Prince, Mint and Fuze go dwown the slide

>Hoft throws a couple grenades into the restroom, the resulting explosion caves in the room

Hoft: "that should hold em for a while"

Enrad: "HELP! I'm stuck!"
No. 258249 ID: 099247

Go ahead~

Give it a little push~
No. 258255 ID: f82d85


Hoft, looks like you have to touch Enrad's butt. Push him through. Unless Enrad's not going to fit down the slide, that is.
No. 258256 ID: a4b4e3

Hoft: Pull him out, see if he can fit better without armor. Either way, get in first and see if you can pull him down with you, and if he gets stuck in the tube, at least both of you didn't get stuck.
No. 258296 ID: fb10df

True Hoft, the slide IS a spiral and if he's getting stuck in the beginning, he's likely to get stuck somewhere around a bend, so pushing him might just jam it so that neither of you can get out. Then again, you're not terribly smaller than him, are you?
No. 258365 ID: a41aaf

Is his artificial leg removable? If so, pull it off and reattach it at the bottom.
No. 258377 ID: 2563d4

Those boots were made for kicking pinkie arse, after all.

>remove stuff
Hoft may wish to consider taking off his backpack and holding it out in front of/behind him, too.
No. 258392 ID: afc525

Okay, yeah, Hoft: Remove your backpack, send it down the slide, and if you can fit better without your armor do the same with that. If you have anything that can lubricate the tube you might want to leave it with Enrad to help him get through, and maybe

Either way, make sure you go down first. If you can't fit down there's no way the human can.
No. 258436 ID: be752e

Oil that sexy pinkskin up and give him a health push in the butt. Enrad better set the mood by squealing like a pig.
No. 258442 ID: fba40f

Remove his fake leg, that seems to be what's stopping him. When you go down, throw your backpack down first.
No. 258452 ID: b6c6fc
File 129029499521.jpg - (103.36KB , 957x590 , crashquest142.jpg )

Hoft's thoughts: (I could probably push him through, but just in case I'm going in first)

>Hoft throws his backpack down, then goes into the slide while Enrad removes his armour and leg

>Hoft is able to pull Enrad through but it will take a little while

. . .


Fuze: "please tell me we're going up"
No. 258453 ID: c99f30

I wonder if the bugs can swim?
No. 258456 ID: 701a19

Oken: "Prince, can you tell what's at the top of the ladder? Is it the surface, or is it more underground base? Also, check the water for toxins and other hazards.
Fuze, if the alternative is coming face to face with countless mind-controlling parasites that offer death in short and painful or torturous and prolonged flavors, then I would gladly swim through miles of blackwater. We can see the bottom; suck it up."
No. 258475 ID: efadc8

In to the poop water you go.
No. 258477 ID: 1854db

Is Prince waterproof? If not, we should not go into the water.
No. 258485 ID: 2563d4

Prince needs to scan the hell out of that liquid.

He's waterproof, right?
No. 258524 ID: b6c6fc
File 129030738118.jpg - (102.71KB , 957x590 , crashquest143.jpg )

Prince: "though slight impuritis exist in the water, it appears drinkable with only minor concerns"

Prince says his scanners can't detect what's upstairs, my !paceCompass detects 10 life signs up, and none through the water hole

Prince: "you need not worry about my circuits, I am immune to the pitiful attacks water could muster"
No. 258526 ID: 7bfbae

water it is. compass says 10 things then that means probably 10 bugs waiting for us. through the water.
No. 258532 ID: 2563d4

Or ten pinkskins from a patrol, the original reason we came down here(?)
Either way, sorry Fuze. Maybe Enrad will give you a piggy-back ride. :V
No. 258545 ID: efadc8

Might wanna check up on Hoft and Enrad. How goes their progress?
No. 258548 ID: fba40f

If it's humans, they have you outnumbered 2-1 and they all have guns. If it's bugs... let me put it this way, that big fight in the hangar was only nine bugs. Either way, you don't stand a chance.
No. 258553 ID: 383006

Let's go through the water hole.
No. 258555 ID: 40cb26

Wait, do the bugs normally register as life signs? Ask prince if it can discern by their signals and movement patterns if they are the bugs or not.
No. 258560 ID: d8cbe7

They showed up last time, yeah. Although it said 4 lifesigns when it was the huge guy and 2 bugs, no lifesigns after killing them... so there may be some inaccuracy.
No. 258573 ID: a4b4e3

Ask Prince if he can get OUT of the water if he went down into it. If he can or could, tell him to go scout out the water hole and drop him in.
No. 258696 ID: 000a99

wasn't huge guy + 2 bugs + fuze?
No. 258709 ID: b6c6fc
File 129036988741.jpg - (114.12KB , 957x590 , crashquest144.jpg )

Oken: "I'm sorry Fuze, but if we want to live we have to go through the water"

>Fuze whimpers pathetically

>Oken, Mint, Prince and eventually Fuze hop into the water

. . .

>Hoft is making slow progress, the sounds of bug movement can be heard, and with them the mocking of a cruel voice

Voice: "you're a bad soldier Hoft, you've left your friends alone and unprotected, and for what? the life of a pinkskin, YOUR ENEMY. you're a bad soldier Hoft . . ."

Oken is strong, she can protect them . . .

Voice: "how can she? the fool lead them into the water, and only I know what horrors await them there. of course you do remember what happens when Raytech gets wet . . . right?"

Hoft: "that's a LIE!"
mint told ME that, she would never do something so stupid!

Enrad: "what do the voices tell you Wolfy?"

Voice: "tell him hoft, tell him Mint would never betray you . . . . it is true isn't it?"

>Hoft can hear the sound of the bugs growing louder . . .
No. 258713 ID: a4b4e3

Shit. Hoft. Focus. Try to blot out the voices. Focus on the task at hand. Good soldiers power through shit. Good soldiers never leave men behind, good soldiers never lose their resolve.

Tell Enrad it's nothing. The voices are just trying to make you question the trust you have in your allies, which you won't let happen.
No. 258714 ID: e3f578

Tell them your tired of their bullshit and mindgames. Betrayal isn't a big deal. Mint dies, no flinching or wimping about it. You're prepared, you're a hardass soldier dammit not some wimpy fuck that whimpers at anything even slightly scary. YOU GOT COURAGE YOU GOT HEART YOU CAN'T BE STOPPED YOUR HOFT
HOFT a-ah
Savior of the Universe
He save everyone of us
He's a miracle
King of the impossible
No. 258719 ID: 701a19

Good thing SOP is to keep ALL weapons out of water, isn't it? They hammer that in all the way back in basic.
Besides, what if the alternative was worse? That's an emergency exit, but if you reach the surface then you'll be exposed to every infected being, every pinky, and every bug for miles without any sort of cover.

Tell the voices that your enemies are whoever threatens your squad, that Enrad's a part of your squad now, and that they can tell their bug minions to fuck off and die.

@Oken: Remember your training! Keep the guns OUT of the water, and check each area for lifesigns before moving into it.
No. 258738 ID: 1854db

Ignore the voices. Don't argue with them. FOCUS. Get Enrad down the tube.
No. 258741 ID: f82d85

Ignore the voices, or have Enrad keep talking to you while you pull him down if it helps drown them out.
No. 258865 ID: b6c6fc
File 129039971221.jpg - (106.21KB , 957x590 , crashquest145.jpg )

>Oken failed to protect her gun from the water

Oken: "Hoft! look out!"
No. 258867 ID: a4b4e3

Hang onto his arm tight, Hoft, jump over him and over the railing to spin him around and drag him over the railing with you. If it fails you'll break his arm and doom him to the bugs, if it succeeds it'll pull him forcefully into the water with you, though still might dislocate a hip or something. Poor fella's been cheating death as it is, sometimes you just have to let them go.
No. 258868 ID: a4b4e3

Grab your backpack real quick first if it won't take more than half a second. Maybe with your other hand.
No. 258870 ID: 76fa95

pull the trigger and throw gun, baby's gonna blow!
No. 258882 ID: 2563d4

...that would seem much more likely to do either nothing but ensure we never get the thing back to maybe fix it, or just explode immediately in Oken's hand. Neither outcome is desirable.

Has Fuze paid any attention at all to the state of his firearms?
No. 258898 ID: fb10df

I'm gonna go ahead and be the heartless sonofabitch that recommends Hoft just grab his pack and jump over the railing. Enrad's both a cripple and of a race you're at war with. If the choice is between someone not terribly likely to make it and your equipment, my vote's with equipment.

No. 258899 ID: 76fa95

pull enrad out and run. you are your allies, without them you are nothing, without you they are nothing.
No. 258908 ID: f82d85


Save Enrad and get into the water, quick.
No. 258928 ID: 701a19

Did you notice that there's no firing delay?
There's a charge stored prior to firing; if pulling the trigger will make it blow then it will happen instantly
Hoft: Shout "HOLD FIRE!" and PULL!

Oken: DO NOT FIRE! YOUR ENERGY WEAPON IS WET! Pull out your melee weapon and prepare to battle!
No. 258970 ID: 2ec8d6

Do not save one of those pinkskin bastards. Get Hoft out of there before another one of those damn bugs attaches to his neck. Run quickly. And it's the damn voices saying that getting raytech wet is going to make it all explody, but we all know decently made laser pistols are all airtight. They don't work under water because refraction turns a deadly cutting beam into a slightly warm tanning gun.
No. 258975 ID: 76fa95

except oken has a DISINTEGRATOR not a laser. it works on a completely different system.
No. 258985 ID: b6c6fc
File 129044350158.jpg - (108.57KB , 957x590 , crashquest146.jpg )

>Oken remembers her gun doesn't work in water, and switch back to her CarboSteel crowbar

Enrad: " You helped me already wolfy, it's my turn to help you!"

>Enrad throws Hoft into the water

Oken: "ENRAD!"
No. 258986 ID: 76fa95

enrad: grab their claws and make them stab each-other in the heads before succumbing to your wounds.
hoft and oken: get out of there!
No. 258992 ID: 5d3ea3

No. 258994 ID: dda667

Hoft: Grab Enrad's wrist!
Oken: Run up and help pull Enrad over!
Enrad: Try to hoist yourself over the rail!
No. 258996 ID: 15c32f

Hoft: Give him a salute and make a note to have a post-mortem medal awarded to him somehow. Make it quick though, you'd better get through that hole.

Also say something neat like "Godspeed, Enrad." or something like that.
No. 258999 ID: 2044df


Yeah, see if you can still grab Enrad by the wrist or something and pull him down with you guys, Hoft.

Somehow I doubt we can save Enrad at this point though. D:
No. 259018 ID: a4b4e3

Don't even try to save him, he's giving his life so you don't waste yours trying to save him in vain. Saving him isn't what he wants you to do and would only waste precious time.
No. 259019 ID: fba40f

Enrad: Get over the rail now. You can still survive this, and you're the only one who's really equipped for fighting in the water.
No. 259030 ID: 07db18

Grenade away.
No. 259033 ID: fb10df

Should've gone for the backpack...

No. 259037 ID: 701a19

@Hoft: Think "GO AWAY!" at the bugs.
@Oken: Go grab Hoft so you can prepare to fight and/or flee.
No. 259106 ID: 98dc29

dammit, enrad, we made you a robot leg and you barely even use it before trying to go all hero mode.
well it's a good thing that you are a big tough pinkskin, or else being as stupid as you are would be harmful.
they are BUGS, enrad. you are acting like you can't kill BUGS. dammit all enrad, you damned idiot, just crush them! that's how your people defeated so many furries before! by CRUSHING THEM LIKE BUGS. and now you fight REAL BUGS. get with the damn program, enrad!
No. 259132 ID: b6c6fc
File 129048799841.jpg - (111.27KB , 957x590 , crashquest147.jpg )

I can't think of any way to help Enrad,

Oken: "Hoft, Come on! this way!"

>Enrad's tortured screams can be heard echoing off the walls as Oken and Hoft flee

Hoft: " . . . Enrad your blood will not have been spilled in vain"

. . .

Fuze: "oooh my poor fur, I'll never get this rancid smell out"

Mint: *grumble, grumble*
No. 259134 ID: a4b4e3

Come on, we don't have towels or a fire so let's see how deep this cave goes, at least before the bugs start crawling through the hole by the ceiling of the hole. Actually, you know what? RUN. GET OUT OF THERE. Or find a way to seal the hole real quick. DO SOMETHING THAT GETS MORE SPACE AND PREFERABLY SOLID OBJECTS BETWEEN YOU AND THE DAMN BUGS.
No. 259135 ID: c17187

prince: use laser to shatter rocks into a mild cave-in and seal the tunnel.
No. 259142 ID: fb10df

Proceed to have each member of the group give themselves a comically firm shaking, which if my numerous sources are correct will leave your fur looking exactly the same as before you jumped.

Also someone take a potshot at putting Enrad out of his misery so he doesn't show up later as some kind of half-human, half-robot, half-bugtech hybrid.

No. 259145 ID: c96309

shooting into a narrow space vs. melee combatants = shooting fish in a barrel, or a killzone.

assuming of course the weapons work. so Hoft what's the range and destructive power of that antimatter cannon? :3
No. 259146 ID: 4c7b39

Remember that the pinkskin is dying to save one of your own. Tell people to treat his death with a bit more respect. Is anyone there a good shot? Try to aim for the brain, save him the pain of dying in such a painful way.

Continue down, Hoft in back, Oken in front, Squishies in the middle.
No. 259147 ID: 1854db

>shooting with wet guns

Is this wise?
No. 259148 ID: 2563d4

Oh no! What a terrible casualty!

Hoft's HAIRDO! D:
No. 259149 ID: a4b4e3

I actually think he looks kinda cool with the hair down...
No. 259150 ID: 701a19

You know what you have to do, right?
You have to go back and put a hole in Enrad's head.

You can't save his life, but you can save him from his life.
No. 259151 ID: a4b4e3

He's already dead, the shot would be impossible from that angle, that would involve going back into that room, that is a horrible idea.
No. 259152 ID: a09a03

Keep going! Put more distance between the bugs and you!

If you can safely (relatively) kill Enrad, do so. :(
No. 259160 ID: 98dc29

goddammit. the one fucking human character we are likely to see in this entire quest who isn't trying to shoot us, and he dies approximately three minutes after becoming combat ready.

and would you idiots stop suggesting this cutesy shit while the rest of the party is in danger? just put as much distance between you and the bugs as you can.

No. 259288 ID: b6c6fc
File 129056233480.jpg - (118.48KB , 957x590 , crashquest148.jpg )

none of our raytech gear will work until we find a way to dry it off,
Prince no longer has eye lasers
we have no way of caving in the passage
we only have 2 working guns, a pinkskin StunRifle and a pinkskin Stunpistol

>Oken and company flee down the nearby tunnel

all this wet clothing and fur is really uncomfortable, and my fur isn't even long like every one else.

being wet, it's actually pretty chilly down here, Fuze says we're all probably going to catch a cold . . .
No. 259293 ID: 197650

No. 259314 ID: 099247

Can you see down the ladder shaft? If not try and de-attatch the hanging lights and droop one down the ladder, see where it leads.
No. 259350 ID: a4b4e3

Keep moving and ask Prince if he can scan the surroundings for any materials that can be used to build a fire and/or dry off. You guys should keep moving. Take a peek down the ladder and further down the hall to determine where you should go next.
No. 259353 ID: 703865

Well, first of all, everyone needs to get out of their wet clothes.
No. 259357 ID: 59e64b

No - that would make matters even worse. Even the wet clothes are helping from cooling down too much more than nakedness.

So unless you can get them somehow dry don't strip and start cuddling each other for body warmth - no mattern how nice this option may sound.
No. 259359 ID: 8f17f0

No, but it is how pneumonia works, and that can be way worse.
No. 259370 ID: fb10df

The only way to defeat the bugs is with the power of LOVE! SHOW THEM YOUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER
No. 259376 ID: 2563d4

Thaaaat looks like a good way to kill off all the lights. Let's not be in the dark with the bugs.

Can Prince even negotiate ladders?

As for warming up, the cold ones are warm-blooded mammals. Get moving.
No. 259449 ID: 703865

That's what fur is for. They undress and do that dog thing. Should work for those with longer hair, and it should let those with shorter hair dry faster.
No. 259590 ID: b6c6fc
File 129064911029.jpg - (118.94KB , 957x590 , crashquest149.jpg )

I look down the ladder, it seems to lead to another similar cavern

looking down the passage, I can see what appears to be a settlement of some sort

Fuze: "it's mostly likely a smuggler town, not that it matters, who ever they are, I doubt they're friendly to the Alliance"
No. 259593 ID: e3f578

>"it's mostly likely a smuggler town, not that it matters, who ever they are, I doubt they're friendly to the Alliance"

Oh so in actuality they ARE friendly to the alliance. It's probably a settlement of escaped mousepeople... or cannibals if my genresavvy is wrong
No. 259603 ID: 2563d4

That'll be Fuze the incorrigible cynic, then. Town beats random cavern for finding a heat source.
No. 259609 ID: 9cb4b3

You guys crazy? The town's probably infested with bugs already. I'd venture a smidgen further, and if you don't see anyone walking around using binoculars, a scope, anything, get the hell out of there and back down the way you were going.
No. 259725 ID: fb10df

On the offchance these people AREN'T your worst of foes they at least ought to be told that THEM THAR BUGS ARE COMIN' THIS WAY
No. 259729 ID: b6c6fc
File 129069883728.jpg - (143.08KB , 957x590 , crashquest150.jpg )

Fuze: "oh no, this place is run by the Pirate Guilds! they'll definitely rob us for our RayTech batteries . . . and probably torture and kill us just for fun"

Oken: "Relax Fuze, all I see are Pinkskins, we should be fine"
No. 259731 ID: d91b7a

Turn around.


You have no business here and only trouble awaits you here.
No. 259732 ID: 2563d4

Well, they're not shooting you on sight, which is always a plus. And if they're smugglers their lifestyle may have helped them manage to dodge bug infestation.

Head into ye tavern and see what tradeable resources you can pool together. With luck it'll have a half-decent fire going.
No. 259735 ID: 88a9b4

Check your pockets and let nobody get too close, keep your weapons on reach (Even if they don't work, they may scare petty thieves)
No. 259738 ID: 252e1b


You're more likely to find help in the stripclub than the tavern. It's a tradition for business deals to be conducted in such places.
No. 259742 ID: 2563d4

Oh, and use whichever of Prince or the Space Compass you need to determine if the bugs are following, so we know how much panic to raise.
No. 259746 ID: fba40f

Activate space compass, scan for pirates
No. 259748 ID: e3f578

Look at that suave motherfucker outside the tittybar, he's loitering and not even giving a fuck.

This badass needs to join our new pirate crew. We will be the best space pirates. King of the pirates.

Dreamin', don't give it up Oken.
Dreamin', don't give it up Hoft.
Dreamin', don't give it up Mint!
Dreamin', don't gi-give it up give it up give it up give it up give it-no!

Here's how the story goes we find out, about a treasure in the Grand Window there's no doubt.
The pirates whose eyes on it he'll sing "I'm the King of the Pirates, I'm goin' to be King!"
No. 259759 ID: 192c6d


>Oken: "Relax Fuze, all I see are Pinkskins, we should be fine"

Hmm.... let's reflect:
- Our raytech weapons are useless due to water exposure
- We have no other real weapons
- There are bugs. RIGHT BEHIND US.
- Pinkies are the guys we have been killing lately.

We're thinking this is a bad idea.
No. 259800 ID: fb10df

According to what we learned from Enrad, humans have been largely controlled by the bugs so far. So either these guys are their thralls or are hiding from them.

If you've not been noticed, the risk's too great to contact these people, as they're your ancestral enemies as well as potentially agents of the bugs behind you.

If they've already noticed you and made no hostile gestures, then you ought to at least give them the benefit of the doubt, insofar as warning them that the mind-controlling-insects are on their way and they ought to organize to protect themselves.

No. 259802 ID: d91b7a

No time, get the hell out of there
No. 259807 ID: b6c6fc
File 129073314512.jpg - (117.47KB , 957x590 , crashquest151.jpg )

the SpaceCompass doesn't work, it's wet

>Oken and Co, enter the town to warn them of buggy doom

Pinkskin: "ya want something?"

Oken: "a whole lot of bugs are coming this way!"

Pinkskin: "ya saw em cross the water?"

Oken: ". . ."

. . .

Pinkskin: " I certainly hope no one's expecting you to be coming home . . . "
No. 259809 ID: 476456

"Well we dont wanna bother you but we have a lot of questions..know anyone who can answer them?"

"w..wait you speak astranian?"
No. 259810 ID: e3f578

Ask him if he would like to be part of our pirate crew.
No. 259812 ID: 2563d4

I...don't think we're really set to make great impression in that regard right now.

Inventory check.
No. 259813 ID: d91b7a

Why are you going this way? You have NO reason to come this way other than "Hey look, a hive of scum and villainy! That's a perfect place to be, as members of an enemy race and military!" For Pete's sake, LEAVE NOW BEFORE EITHER THE BUGS SHOW UP OR YOU ARE SOLD INTO SLAVERY!

Also, why is your high tech shit not waterproof? Seriously.
No. 259814 ID: 88a9b4

They don't have provisions, they don't know where they are, they don't know where to go, and they are WET...
And the astranian looks like they hate the water, maybe they never had naval assault or wars that close to water-bodies...
No. 259816 ID: fba40f

Waterproof weapons are expensive and complicated, it's usually easier to just issue normal guns and train soldiers to keep them dry.

Anyway, we need to get some more supplies and we need to start looking for a way off this world. The smugglers are our best bet for getting out of here, we should ask around if there's anybody who'd be willing to give us a lift (just don't expect it to come cheap).
No. 259818 ID: d8cbe7

Well... They seem to dislike the bugs. Or at least, they're keep away from them. As far as we know, the bugs are instigating / trying to mastermind the war between everyone. If this town knows about that (note, this is something we should probably ask around about!), they might not even particularly hate the Astranians anymore than some random stranger they got into a car accident or something with.
Which is to say, this isn't a great place to be, no, but we might be able to do something productive here.
Wait, how do you know they're part of a Pirate guild? Are they using some emblem that command told you was used by pirates? The same command that told you pinkies had weak, low tech armaments and such?
No. 259823 ID: 701a19

"I've had a very bad day so far; please don't make it worse.
We need transport off this godforsaken rock. Know any ships that could use a few more hands?"
No. 259846 ID: fb10df

Always kill the first guy who threatens you, even obliquely. That way you get a good reputation right away as someone that doesn't take no shit
No. 259849 ID: 2b7df1

Well the probably are, but since you are all traitors, YOU probably weren't planning on it, huh?
No. 259853 ID: b182c7

Holy crap you guys are tiny.
No. 259855 ID: 192c6d

Flee like the tiny little balls of (soggy) fluff you are!

We just have so many bad vibes about this place (or perhaps it's the use of tasteless neon)
No. 259863 ID: b6c6fc
File 129075172384.jpg - (111.93KB , 842x519 , crashquest152.jpg )

>Oken and Co compare their inventory, they have 87 vapins (money) between them

Oken: "let's find someone who isn't going to threaten us"

Pinkskin: "HAH, you shouldn't be worrying bout me, I aint got no use for RayTech shit, the Pirates on the other hand, well I've seen 3 so far eyeing you pretty greedily"

Fuze: "Oken we should leave this place"

Pinkskin: heh, little to late for that. you've got enough RayTech to keep a pirate fat for a year, do you honestly think they're going to let you just waltz out, your stupider than I thought

Oken: " . . . "

Pinkskin: "the only reason your still walkin about, is cause they're still planning a way to take you out with out wasting any charges, or damaging any of your stuff.
that and they're wondering if I'm going to do something stupid, I tend to do a lot of stupid things . . . stupid dangerous things"
No. 259864 ID: c57686

"Feel like doing a stupid dangerous thing to help us get outta here?"
No. 259877 ID: e3f578

okay NOW can you ask him to join our pirate crew?
No. 259879 ID: fb10df

GUNS BLAZING! Remember, THEY don't know that your Raytech doesn't work right now. Probably.
No. 259884 ID: a41aaf

Hire Bean Bandit pinkskin as a bodyguard to get you out of the pirate camp.
No. 259886 ID: 2563d4

Pull yourselves together, you bunch of sissies.

Ask if stupid, dangerous things include pointing out the pirates.
No. 259888 ID: 701a19

"That'd be a damn stupid move on their part, seeing as how we're talking instead of shooting. The smart thing would be to notice that the squad of armed Astarans is making polite conversation and see what can be haggled out of them first instead of jumping right to fighting and dying."
No. 259890 ID: 383006

No. 259891 ID: 24eaf1

I'm gonna go with >>259823 and >>259888. Let's hope our small size and soggy look doesn't ruin our attempts.

Bluff. Bluff, all the way.
No. 259894 ID: fba40f

This is the best idea.

Also, everybody get their melee weapons ready.
No. 259902 ID: f82d85

Tell him you'll give him some RayTech once you get out of this mess if he comes with you. If this guy's keeping pirates at bay it might be beneficial to keep him around.
No. 259929 ID: a41aaf

He said he has no use for raytech, so that wouldn't work.
No. 259938 ID: f82d85


It sounds like they're valuable. Maybe he can sell it if he can't use it. It's not like he DOESN'T know where to fence it.
No. 259943 ID: b6c6fc
File 129081790298.jpg - (117.88KB , 957x590 , crashquest153.jpg )

Oken: "that'd be a bad move on their part, I think we're more than equipped enough to handle a few Pirates"
pinkskin: "if your thinkin about RayTech, they know. always bitchen bout the damn water thing"
Prince: "the pinkskin is correct, there are a number of pirates within visual range . . . none moving"
Hoft: "and they've got guns trained on us, no doubt"
Oken: "Pinkskin, feel like doing something stupid and dangerous?"
Pinkskin: "cute, if your asking me to help you, then ask."
Oken: "uh-"
Pinkskin: "the answer's no."

Hoft: "Oken, you can dodge these guys, find some place to hide. your quick, a survivor, you can make it. . . we can provide a distraction"
Pinkskin: "ya got a smart friend, 3 corpses are better then 4"
No. 259954 ID: 701a19



Fighting is going to get EVERYBODY killed. They have guns and range, you have melee and wet fur. If you fight you're going to die.

If you want everybody to make it through this alive then you're going to have to give up the RayTech guns. If you want to try to keep them, then they'll take them off your rapidly cooling corpses.
They WILL walk away with the RayTech guns; the question is if you walk away broke, dead, or with something for your troubles.
No. 259962 ID: fba40f

The best move is to just give them the guns. The stun gun(s?) you should keep, they're probably common around here and they might be waterproof. If any of your weapons have gone unnoticed (the tazer and Hoft's pistols especially) you should hang on to them. I don't think they'd care much about your other gear.
No. 259965 ID: 9618e3

Priority should be making yourselves less of a target. Get to the stores if you can and sell the RayTech to buy some functional weapons but if that fails and you get cornered just give up the guns because right now you've got no chance whatsoever of winning a fight.
No. 259966 ID: 9cb4b3

Okay great yeah, since we went to the pirate city we lose all of our shit and possibly get some party members killed or worse. Great job, /quest/.

Tell Hoft to quit moping, we'll get through this somehow.
No. 259968 ID: 2563d4

Such negativity!

Get off the street and into the building.
No. 259975 ID: e3f578

Why don't you just fucking ask them for a trip off this planet in exchange for the raytech? That would be a way for them to get the weapons without using a battery weapon charge.
Ask this young gentlemen is a possibility, ask him if there'd be a way for a peaceful exchange of weapons.
There's a damn good chance they'll kill you anyway after you're defenseless but that requires a bit of a higher effort/cost ratio then the exchange as well as being meaningless. They don't give a fuck about you if you're NOT packing pricey heat... unless they want to kill themselves some furries.
No. 259985 ID: 70e5c6

Well, what you do here really depends on how long it takes to dry out raytech weaponry. As PRINCE to calculate a rough estimate on how much more time you have... at least until his eye lasers are back online.

If it's not long (minutes?), consider trading for shelter.

If it's long... attempt to trade with the pinkskin here (as in, right in front of us). Offer raytech weapons in exchange for supplies, information, and cheap pinkskin weaponry. The pinkskin weaponry is essential. If the pirates notice you getting rid of them, their next target will be whoever ended up buying them. This guy might be crazy enough to do that, at least.
No. 259994 ID: fb10df


I think that was established sometime during Pinkskin Quest
No. 259995 ID: b6c6fc
File 129083359788.jpg - (145.46KB , 957x590 , crashquest154.jpg )

we put down our weapons as a sign we don't want to fight

the three Pinky Pirates come out of hiding, then a guilder comes out of the bar and approaches us

Oken: "um how about we make a trade"

guilder: "yarrr, I be thinking the same thing, here's how it's gonna be, you'll be getting to keep yer lives, and we'll be getting everything you own"

Oken: " . . . "

guilder: "now ye best be putting everything in this here sack, clothing too, wouldn't want ye to be hiding nothing valuable"
No. 260000 ID: fba40f

While putting some stuff in the bag, Hoft or Fuze should stab the leader. Somebody else should shoot the other two with the stun gun while they're distracted.
No. 260001 ID: 3416ec


No. 260002 ID: 701a19

"Yea, I don't think you quite understand. We want to negotiate joining a crew.
RayTech's not a bad haul, but a squad of Astarans working on your side? Shit, you can't even recharge these things on your own."
No. 260003 ID: e3f578

"AAnnnnnnd we get to ride in your ship next time you leave port for another planet. Or we can risk a fight, having weapons damaged and with less charges with optimized profit unobtainable. There's no cost on your part at all. We'll even work hard on your ship to pay for our food. Just have to get away from the damned bugs."
No. 260005 ID: 383006

Shooting them with the guns you put on the ground that don't work is stupid and won't work.

Leaving the raytech shit there, duck in the houselet behind you. They're there for the Raytech stuff, they'll probably just go for it.
No. 260006 ID: fb10df

I did a quick check and there are pretty much four close-quarters weapons, one for each of you. Deer with the crowbar, Fuze with the knife-thing, Mint with the Wrench, and Hoft with the thing that looks like a machete. Prince can probably use his arms as decent bludgeoning weapons.

Assuming you can manage it, have y'all jump into that nearby GIRLS joint and from there you can negotiate a bit better, forcing them to come in at you where you can get at them in close quarters. Using that as leverage, suggest that perhaps a more fair trade might be in order. If they have a complete upper hand they have no reason to give y'all anything. But if they have even the slightest chance of being killed, it makes them much more likely to compromise.

Also are we REALLY to assume that these hyper-intelligent bugs that can control minds and influence them from afar, tunnel through extremely reinforced vault doors, and who-knows-what else can't find a way to cross a small bit of water? You might bring it up to them, or at the least bit bluff and say that they've already started making a bridge-device.
No. 260072 ID: 2563d4

Probably this.
No. 260074 ID: fba40f

We also have the stun pistol, until somebody says otherwise it still works damn it.
No. 260077 ID: b6c6fc
File 129087069230.jpg - (128.54KB , 957x590 , crashquest155.jpg )

with out a distraction, we'll not get one foot through the door, even with a good one I don't think Prince nor Mint are quick enough to get in on time

as for fighting, we might be able to charge the leader . . . though I don't know how good we'll do in close combat with a guilder

Oken: "um how about in exchange you let us join your crew?"

guilder: " aarrrr, furres are too scrawny to make good pirates, 'specially you lot"

Oken: "um fine, uh how about we get passage on board your ship when you leave world?"

guilder: "yaaaarrr, ye drive a hard bargain . . . DEAL. now put yer stuff in the sack before I change ma mind"
No. 260115 ID: 71afaa

He is a pirate, his words means nothing. But you are not in a position to negotiate...
No. 260121 ID: 383006

Point out that you can use the raytech gear and they can't. Wouldn't it be more useful to have folks who can actually shoot the guns once they dry out? Tell him you just want to get the fuck out of here, and could care less about the alliance or the guns, really.

Put the raytech in the bag, but keep your clothes and stuff on. Try your hardest not to let them intimidate you. If you look like you're in a good position to bargain, people will treat you like you are.
No. 260176 ID: 701a19

>didn't mention possibility of gun-running or easy passage through Astaran space
>didn't mention recharging RayTech weapons
>my facepalm
No. 260191 ID: a41aaf

>guilder: " aarrrr, furres are too scrawny to make good pirates, 'specially you lot"
He doesn't look particularly like a human to me. Mention this quietly, you might be able to use it as a bargaining chip if he's managed to pass as a pinkskin so far.
No. 260199 ID: 2563d4

(Guilder is a race: >>/questdis/337444 )
No. 260231 ID: fb10df

Awww shite Guilders can use Raytech. That makes your position even less. And quite frankly, if they don't murder you at this point I'm not sure they're very good pirates. Once they get your stuff they've absolutely no reason to spare you.
No. 260364 ID: b6c6fc
File 129095651669.jpg - (130.58KB , 957x590 , crashquest156.jpg )

I can't think of any way out of this

they have no reason to let us live either way, but if we're not a threat at least they don't HAVE to kill us . . .

>Oken and Co put their raytech in the sack

Oken: "please, we don't care about the Alliance or the weapons, we just want to get off this planet"

guilder: "yarrr, now everything else!"

(what does Oken do? does she obey or do something else?)

(Oken can expend her [LuckyEaring] to get her out of any 1 bad situation, this Item will NEVER be taken from her, it can only ever be used once)

(use [LuckyEaring] now?)
No. 260383 ID: 4ef491

Comply for now, and if it looks like they'll kill you anyway, then use it.

I think it would be best if you waited for a situation where you're left with no choice but to use it, rather than wasting it on a situation where it wasn't absolutely required. After all, I'm pretty sure you're not getting another one, and you may need it more later.

I'd hate to have you use it now, just to find yourself in a tighter spot later, and have no way out of it because you used the earing in a situation you could have found a way out of on your own.
No. 260384 ID: 8e18cd


What do you mean by 'everything else'?
No. 260385 ID: 9cb4b3

Use the lucky earring.
No. 260387 ID: fba40f

Don't quite use it just yet. We'll probably find a better use for it a little later on.
No. 260388 ID: c71597

Obviously this is one of those rape things.
No. 260396 ID: 192c6d


Give him any usable tech; retort saying that clothing will serve no purpose to them (they can't wear it, and it'll hardly sell -- if at all).

Furthermore, inform him that travelling disrobed would be an insult to him and his crew. Make sure to appeal to his sense of power, authority, and greed.
No. 260412 ID: df864c

Quick Tiny Fox use your feminine charm to ease the situation.
No. 260463 ID: fb10df

You gotta do what you gotta do. But since it's YET to be a life-or-death situation, preserve the earring. Yeah you've got to lose everything else, including the clothes (and let's be honest we the audience aren't terribly displeased about that), but you're in this situation and removing yourself from the situation (and in a best case scenario, you get, what, your useless weapons back and get to keep your clothes) doesn't help you get off the planet or escape the bugs.
No. 260464 ID: 5c4ccf

Use the goddamn earring.
No. 260466 ID: 71d466

Use earring, get out of dangerous situation.
No. 260474 ID: 0b537c

Actually, hold on. Waiting until a life-or-death situation is a much better idea. If this happens to escalate into that, we'll look into it then.
No. 260478 ID: 3416ec

Use that deus ex machina!
No. 260489 ID: 701a19

@Mint: Can you rig up a way to recharge RayTech weapons? If you can, then "You've got a choice. You can either take our stuff, or I can recharge your RayTech weapons."
No. 260513 ID: 52b82c

Comply for now, I'm assuming we're just going into our overalls for a bit much to the disappointment of /quest/, least you wanna sacrifice the saftey of your crew in exchange of a bit o' luck.
No. 260627 ID: b6c6fc
File 129104172686.jpg - (134.53KB , 977x622 , crashquest157.jpg )

Oken: "Fuze, your better at talking then me"

Fuze: "well um, Mr. guilder, you know forcing us to prance about naked could be seen as sexual harassment on your part"

guilder: "arr NO! it's ta make sure ya aren't hidin' any booty! . . . ARG, I BE MEANING SWAG,
PLUNDER, nothing be wrong with searching for swag! my crew get's it!"

>the pirate crew gives the guilder strange looks

Fuze: "it's not a matter of how your crew sees it, it's how the StarPolice see, they're really harsh on sex crimes you know . . ."

guilder: " . . . "

>Oken and Co, are permitted to keep their undergarments
>Prince is deactiavted and taken by the Pirates

. . .

guilder: " YaaaaRR, thanks for being all nice, BOYS put em in irons!"

Oken: " . . . "

guilder: "I pride myself on being a man of my word, yarr and I promised you your lives and you'll keep em, though I never said a word bout your freedom! YAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!
No. 260628 ID: fba40f

No. 260629 ID: 75f5b7

Not yet. They'll transport us from A to B. We can have a better opportunity to spend it.
No. 260635 ID: 701a19

Oken: "Well, since you decided to negotiate in bad faith we're no longer willing to provide our RayTech recharging services.
You should've accepted our request to join your crew."
No. 260645 ID: 192c6d

They have betrayed us. This will not do.

You saw the others. The crew do not trust him. The guilder is not in control. Bring them under our influence so we might seek our revenge. Fuze is weak; we must act in his stead.

Betrayal shall be met with betrayal.
No. 260648 ID: 2563d4

>Prince is deactiavted
Well dang. Should have set a wake-up timer on the guy. Have him perform some SUBTERFUGE from the cargo bay.
No. 260649 ID: fb10df

Definitely wait for a better moment to use the earring if need be. We've yet to run into a situation that there's no other way out of. Even "in irons," there is the off chance we can negotiate our way out of this (not necessarily with the guilder), or potentially get ourselves "sold" to allies. But if they make you do manual labor or something unacceptable like that... well then that's something else.
No. 260710 ID: f8f1f4


No. 260713 ID: 2563d4

Prince. Does. Not. Have. Eye. Lasers. Any. More.
No. 260715 ID: f8f1f4

then the magic earring will give them back this is a deus ex machina of the sexiest tiny deer kind

okay fine but still this is a really bad situation
just don't not use the 'get out of jail' free card because you THINK something worse might come along
No. 260722 ID: e3f578

just you wait a goddamn huge ass crab shaped bug will show up and screw us up something mighty fierce without that baby.

Mint scare the fuck outta that Guilder with your badass aura. Face it you are the scariest goddamn thing in this fucking galaxy it is time to rip it up. Just think that these people are why you didn't get your beefy icecat men! They took them dammit you better show your goddamn assertiveness. SHOW ME YOUR WARFACE MINT ARRRRRAGGGGGGGH
No. 260725 ID: 192c6d

We have deliberated. It would appear to be best to make use of our earring.

We must not harm our comrades.
No. 260737 ID: b6c6fc
File 129108889452.jpg - (109.35KB , 957x590 , crashquest158.jpg )

>Oken and Company are taken aboard the pirate ship

guilder: "a man of my word, I always be saying, Honest Arklite the captian calls me, I always be keeping me promises, and we'll be takin you of this world as per the deal"

>Mint decides not to antagonize the guilder despite how very tempting it is

guilder: "probably wondering what we're gonna do with Astranner slave right? you always be wondering that, truth be told you types make terrible slaves, worse pirates . . . and your dainty eating make you cost a small fortune ta keep round, so why are we doing it, Yar har har har"

it's so dark it's almost impossible to see down hear

guilder: " second thing ye always be askin, s'bout the RayTech. why do we want it? we can't use it, no one can be using it. oh we be saying we can but we be just spouting steam, we can't use it. so why do we want it? well that's where you be coming in, you CAN use it, Astranners be the only ones"

Oken: "but you said we couldn't be part of your crew . . . "

guilder: "I never be lying, yar har har har . . ."
No. 260740 ID: ceacd2

So... Tell them to stop being cryptic and spill the beans, what are they going to do?

Notify them that they can't gain your ability to use the weapons if they eat you, it didn't work for those idiots in District 9 and it won't work for them either.
No. 260741 ID: 383006

This seems bad, but let's let him finish expositing his plan.
No. 260749 ID: fb10df

you might choose to inform them that they can get a hefty ransom for y'all at least
No. 260752 ID: e3f578

So they're going to be like Astranian gladiators for the Solar/Guilder/Pirate/whatever francise? Oken point out that you're some of the most practiced individuals in AStranian space, you'd make the best fucking pirates. You're an ACE PILOT, AN ICEKITTY ENGINEER, A FIVE-STAR SOLDIER, and MEIN DOCTURRR

You've got skills out the ass.
No. 260754 ID: e3f578

PS they're probably going to cut off your arms and transplant them or something. Maybe sell them on the black market where people are dumb as shit will pay a fortune for them even though they don't work, like krogan testies
No. 260756 ID: 701a19

"You tell us you lied about being able to use RayTech, then immediately say you never lie. Tell us what you want with us already.
No. 260800 ID: a09a03

>your dainty eating make you cost a small fortune ta keep round
I thought they only eat small portions of vegetable products? Seems like they'd be cheap to feed...

Follow along and feel retarded for not fighting them.
No. 260817 ID: 349d37

We obviously need to take this pirate ship for ourselves. Just need to wait for the right moment to use our collective chains and strength to strangle our captors and steal their weapons.
No. 260862 ID: 620bfb

Arr, methinks we be shanghaied.
No. 260952 ID: b6c6fc
File 129116334696.jpg - (106.71KB , 957x590 , crashquest159.jpg )

we are shoved into a large cell

Oken: "uh you probably could ransom us off, we're all highly skilled officers and stuff, I'm sure-"

guilder: "that be too much hassle"

Oken: "so what horrible things ARE you going to do to us, and could you please cut to the point!"

guilder: "YARRR, you be no fun, we ain't be doing a single horrible thing to you . . . as long as ye behave, all we be needing is a pint o blood every now and then. Yarrr Astranner blood tis practically liquid gold to us . . . don't worry we'll leave you enough to live"

Oken: "what if we don't behave?"

guilder: "ARRRR let's just be saying we'll be doing horrible things you don't want us to be doing"

Oken: " . . . "

>Fuze starts to cry
No. 260956 ID: b6c6fc
File 129116377897.jpg - (133.73KB , 957x590 , crashquest160.jpg )

>and so our poor heroes fall into clutches of vile SpacePirates, the Alliance believing them dead will never look for them, and even if someone did desire to find them, they would never know where to look)

>we may never know what horrible fate befalls them, but perhaps we can hope that their suffering does not last long

No. 260968 ID: 3416ec


No. 260970 ID: a9ba96

No. 260971 ID: c7e280

The moral of this story: When you have a god damned "Get Out Of Jail Free" card, use it.
No. 260973 ID: 71d466


I tried, I really did, but I wasn't the majority. I don't understand why people didn't use what they had when they needed it. Or why they got themselves into that situation in the first place..
No. 260974 ID: 192c6d


>>260971. So fucking >>260971.
No. 260975 ID: 3416ec

I DEMAND A DO-OVER! Or a mulligan! Or reloading a checkpoint! SOMETHING!
No. 260976 ID: d02930

Bah, what crap, they could still escape, but fiiine, lets just end it.
No. 260978 ID: f82d85

No. 260981 ID: 2563d4

Because there was a reasonable expectation that it would continue to "you are in a jail cell, what do?", not "GAME OVER".
No. 260983 ID: c7e280


They can escape? All of their equipment, including Prince who is currently the only means of self-defense for the party, is gone. Aside from the lucky earring we collectively decided not to employ at feasible moments of use, they're down to their skivvies. There is no escape, we fucked up, that's that.
No. 260986 ID: 40cb26

Waah waah when happy endings aren't guaranteed. In quest you should be happy for endings at all.

It was a good run, we earned what we got, and I look forward to what comes next from LonelyWorld. Maybe next time we'll be more careful.
No. 260987 ID: d02930

pff, like there hasnt been escapes like that in other quests, and anyways, you dont stress a one time use item that way right at the moment before you can only use it you're going to get a bunch assuming they can use it later. derp.
No. 260988 ID: e3f578

isn't the careful mindset what got us in this mess? If anything we need to be more risky AND violent, a few dead allies lost in combat is way better than losing freedom completely.
No. 260989 ID: 4784be

>> Game Over
dude, seriously? That's a load of bullshit.
No. 260991 ID: d8dee6

This is not yet the end.
No. 260993 ID: fc46e8

And so everything from the fanart thread becomes canon.
Especial the deleted stuff.
No. 260994 ID: fba40f

What the fuck, I come back and you guys somehow got a game over even when the author gave you a god damn free pass which you then ignored in favor of volunteering to have the characters sold into fucking slavery. What the hell guys.
No. 260998 ID: 701a19

Lucky Earring: They're carriers of a blood-borne a pathogen that's harmless to Astarans but lethal to Guilder and Humans. Make it happen.
No. 261006 ID: 383006

Fanart End! :D
No. 261007 ID: bffa2a

Bite, no. BAD.
No. 261026 ID: 620bfb

Oh wow, we suck at this. But anyway, I'm with the group that wants a do-over.
No. 261031 ID: 8555c2

Do it.
No. 261155 ID: 917cac
File 129121473893.jpg - (71.12KB , 957x590 , ???.jpg )

servant1: "Mother your prophecy was incorrect, you said they would never leave this world!"

BroodMother: "hmmm it appears that way, I suppose well have to rely on other talents, Psych?"

Servant2: "we can't mother, they're too far out, we have no crawlers that far"

BroodMother: "your lack of creativity dissapoints me, prepare my bio pod"

Servant1: "but mother, the Hive! we spent-"

BroodMother: "-30 years? wasted 30 years. I tire of this world . . . and hunger for Pirate flesh"

servant1: "but-"

BroodMother: "do as I say before I hunger for yours"

servant: "understood BroodMother"

(epilogue end)
No. 261180 ID: 70e5c6


Actually, this is pretty cool. Still a small chance for our 'heroes' to become bug-bait. ;D

Well played, LW.
No. 261216 ID: 2fa820

Yeah, except the IP hash of >>261155 is different from the usual b6c6fc and not seen anywhere else in this thread.

It might be someone else's fanart, it might be LW who deliberately changed IP to mess with us. Therefore, I can't be sure it's canon or not.

Well trolled, >>261155 . Well trolled :)
No. 261225 ID: d677cc

The art looks a bit different as well... but the text, if not written by LW, is a very good imitation of his style.

It is a mistery!
No. 261237 ID: 383006

It wasn't drawn with a tablet - no pressure sensitivity anyway.
No. 261248 ID: 70e5c6


No. 261327 ID: 2fa820

Yes, I am stupid.
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