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File 128753384324.jpg - (141.03KB , 957x590 , crashquesttitle4.jpg )
246116 No. 246116 ID: b6c6fc

Old threads

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No. 246118 ID: b6c6fc
File 128753426365.jpg - (122.97KB , 957x590 , crashquest81.jpg )

my name is Asnia Oken,
an Ace Pilot from Doraun
and one of the last of my kind

I'm not sure who's my real enemy anymore
is it still the Pinkies?
or are these bug's truly responsible for my people's suffering?

one thing IS certian though, these bugs are REALLY starting to piss me off!

my team and I are ready to fight for our survival

>you can control: Oken, Hoft and Mint
No. 246120 ID: a11c24

Oken, Hoft try to clear this place of bug before advancing
No. 246123 ID: 2563d4

Oken and Hoft are on bug cleanup duty. Mint (and Prince's head) are on rip-the-bugs-off-Oken-and-Hoft-if-they-get-too-close and stop-the-prisoner-doing-anything-stupid duty.

Good news! If that ship is infested with them, maybe that means they're the source and the sealed vault is actually clear.
No. 246124 ID: dad664

Hoft: Take point. You're the most combat-trained of the group here, and you're carrying the Heavy Weaponry to boot.

Oken: Watch the rear. No dearie, not Hofts rear!

Mint: You will be the minty creme in the middle of the group sandwich, along with the pinky guy. Your task is to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.
No. 246170 ID: f4963f

That hallway you're in should make a great choke point if they try to rush you. They can only approach from one direction. Use it to your advantage.
No. 246191 ID: b6c6fc
File 128754597645.jpg - (135.44KB , 957x590 , crashquest82.jpg )

Oken: "OK gang, let's toast some bugs!"
No. 246194 ID: d41fbe

mint: one under hofts feet!
No. 246215 ID: 1854db

Hoft: Be ready to stomp that bug, or just kick it over the edge.
No. 246218 ID: c4da10

Mint - no torturing the pinkie!
No. 246225 ID: e3f578

<3 Mint

She's such an asshole, but so adorable
No. 246337 ID: 24a9bd

Oken shoot the one jumping at Hoft
No. 246347 ID: b6c6fc
File 128760851072.jpg - (125.09KB , 956x589 , crashquest83.jpg )

Mint: "MOVE IT, Snowy!"

>fine, Mint decides to torture something else instead!

those ones on the ship look ready to jump!

Oken: "Hoft! the ship!"
No. 246352 ID: fba40f

There's one really big one right beneath Hoft, he should probably move.
No. 246374 ID: 192c6d


Once finished, pose like a team 'cuz shit just got real~
No. 246409 ID: f4963f

The guys on the wall under the catwalk will be a nuisance. Keep an eye out for anything crawling up! Mint, you seem to be doing good at that.
No. 246434 ID: b6c6fc
File 128762746812.jpg - (114.08KB , 957x590 , crashquest84.jpg )

Hoft: Bastards are hiding under the catwalk, maybe a grenade will- GAAAH!
No. 246441 ID: 476456

Back up, back way up to the left.
No. 246447 ID: 51f267

oaken: tightbeam it through the floor.
No. 246450 ID: f4963f

Oh, they can DO that, huh?

Hoft, dash to the left and open fire on the bugs. Oken, you support him with blaster fire.
No. 246464 ID: 7470bb

Hoft: Don't let the giant bug that still has to cut its way through the metal distract you from the other smaller bugs waiting to pounce on you from the side. You can deal with the big one once you have a free second.
No. 246585 ID: 3ee283

Hoft in an unfavorable posistion, it'd be best to fall back and kill the bugs coming through the doorway. Also Oken would be out of shots by now. So telling her to shoot will result in little more then *click* *click* *click*.

The bugs won't damage the ship any since they want fleshlings more, throwing a grenade in there on the otherhand will likely damage the ship.

So everyone fall back into the hallway. Hoft you may need to jump over the bug before it breaks through. Hope your gravity boots aren't too heavy. You might also want to give Oken your other pistol, I know you look too badass w/ two but in general your shooting will be even more accurate.
No. 246590 ID: 2563d4

Probably this. Hoft better back up a bit, though, just in case that walkway is of the badly-maintained variety. Mind the ooze.
No. 246596 ID: 59d23d

So, Hoft, what about your forcefield? Does it work against melee attacks or just ray weaponry? You know, if you turn it on, Oken can safely open fire your way without the risk of hurting you.
No. 246602 ID: b6c6fc
File 12876720776.jpg - (137.53KB , 957x590 , crashquest85.jpg )

Hoft (thought): shit! no time to charge the force field, no time to charge gravboots, I can't make that jump!

Hoft: "Oken! what the fuck are you doing!"

*click* *click*

Oken: "the gun! it's not working!"
No. 246603 ID: 37905e

mint: jam weapon in ON position and throw it at big bug.
No. 246604 ID: 2563d4

Have you considered shooting it?
No. 246605 ID: f52552

Check the safety?
No. 246615 ID: 15463e

oken: switch the battery.
No. 246655 ID: 86c462

You know what? Screw this thing.

Hoft: Kick that bug in the chin with your BIG METAL BOOT. Hope its teeth aren't as sharp as its pincers.
No. 246670 ID: b6c6fc
File 128769775196.jpg - (132.49KB , 957x590 , crashquest86.jpg )

>Oken uses the battery to recharge the raygun, it now has 10 shots!

>Mint chooses NOT to throw her only means of self defense
No. 246674 ID: 5c4201

hoft: MOVE BACK!
oken: FINISH IT!
No. 246679 ID: e3f578

Hoft, grin and bear. You're a soldier dammit.

When I say bear I mean berserk the fuck out, rip those scythe things right outta the bug and maul all the sons of bitches
No. 246696 ID: 1854db

Hoft: Get the hell away from it so that Oken has a clean shot!

Oken: Don't shoot Hoft by accident.
No. 246703 ID: dad664





No. 246717 ID: b6c6fc
File 128771346754.jpg - (130.20KB , 957x590 , crashquest87.jpg )

I think that was the last one . . .
No. 246719 ID: e6bc2e

Hoft: Get infection. Die.
No. 246723 ID: 70e5c6

First Aid on HOFT, plox. :C
No. 246726 ID: 5c4201

get down the ladder and finish those on the other side of the ship.
No. 246727 ID: 2563d4

Check the immediate area for any lurkers first, then tend to Hoft.
No. 246730 ID: f4963f

When you go down, look out for bugs that might be hiding under or behind things. We might have some smart ones that didn't run.
No. 246731 ID: 1854db

Note that there's a hole in the door over there. The bugs will probably come in through there later.
No. 246749 ID: 192c6d

Look for a key-shaped object near where Hoft is/was standing.
No. 246866 ID: b6c6fc
File 128775414488.jpg - (145.13KB , 957x590 , crashquest88.jpg )

I kill the two stunned bugs, and search the whole area for more of them, I can't find anymore bugs

>Oken picks up [Cazarani starship key]

I can't treat Hofts wounds, I don't have any bandages, even if I did, I'm no medic; I'm not even very good at first aid. Hoft needs a real doctor

Hoft: "don't worry about me, just a couple scratches, I'll be fine"

Enrad: "we cannot stay here! more bugs will be coming soon!"

Hoft: "Oken . . . can you hand me that needle thingy?"
No. 246867 ID: 1854db

What, the stim? Is that safe? If it is I suppose you can hand it over.
No. 246870 ID: 13d364

No, that's probably some kind of stimulant to make his body go further despite the damage taken, thus damaging it even more. He should just rest with those wounds.
No. 246871 ID: 1854db

Eh... we will have to move fast before more bugs come. So it may wind up being necessary.
No. 246873 ID: 2563d4

Backtrack to the vault door. See what Mint thinks of getting it open. We can play with the dropship later when we're not needing to take shelter and let Hoft rest.
No. 246875 ID: 192c6d

Demand he tell you why! We don't like the look in his eyes. This place may have some medical stuff (on the ship or past the doors on the right), and if what you said is true, if that IS a stim-pack, we don't need heart-exploding.

Just find Hoft something to fix up his pompadour, he'll be alright (his hair is his life force, of this we are certain)
No. 246877 ID: a73a6f
File 128776319526.jpg - (80.13KB , 530x265 , sc2marine.jpg )

we all know what stim packs did to this guy. Sure its effective, but without medics a few takes are lethal.

No. 246880 ID: f4963f

Pick up the syringe (the stimulant?). Ask Hoft what he needs it for. Don't hand it to him unless you're completely satisfied with his answer.
No. 246882 ID: b0138b

Or it's bug poison antidote. Just give it to him, but ask him if he's sure he's got the right syringe.
No. 246889 ID: 701a19

Have Prince diagnose him and give us advisement. He's the closest thing we have to a doctor, so we are going by his word.
There WILL be medical supplies in the dropship; the hard part is clearing it out.
No. 246894 ID: 70e5c6

... if he's so fucked up that he can't pick up a syringe 2 feet away from him, he probably needs it. :V

Ask him what it is while retrieving it.
No. 246956 ID: b6c6fc
File 12877956936.jpg - (117.82KB , 957x590 , crashquest89.jpg )

>Oken Picks up syringe

It looks like the stim injector from the MedKit
someone already used 3 of its 5 shots

Prince: "Hoft has already taken three times the recommend dose of Stim, another dose of stimulant within such a short period will have an 87% chance of proving lethal"

>Oken decides not to give the syringe to Hoft
>Oken and Co head back to the vault room

Oken: "so can you open it?"

Mint: "this is MILITARY grade stuff here! not some civilian padlock. with out the passcode it could take me as long as two hours!"
No. 246957 ID: 2563d4

...we might be down here long enough that that's not a bad use of her time.

Right now, drag Hoft in here so he can catch five and Mint can keep an eye on him (and he can probably keep an eye on our prisoner, who has mislaid his walking spanner).

I guess Oken better go check out that ship.
No. 246966 ID: f82d85

See if you can get that dude something to brace himself with
No. 246976 ID: fd6d7e

You need to get Hoft some food to replenish his blood loss. I wonder if those bugs are high in iron?
No. 246978 ID: c7e280

How long is the entry window for the code? Why not try the one you found before, that 5799.
No. 247001 ID: 701a19

You need to treat Hoft's injuries.
Also, Enrad's stump is leaking. Have him lay down, at least.
No. 247009 ID: b6c6fc
File 128780724492.jpg - (117.79KB , 957x590 , crashquest90.jpg )

>Hoft and Enrad choose to rest in vaultdoor room, Hoft eats some meatRations to help regain his strength
>Oken still has no bandages and is unable to treat Hoft

Oken: "I wonder if this code will work"

5. 7. 9. 9.

>the Vault door opens, Oken enters.
>Mint waits outside and watches the injured
No. 247011 ID: 5c4201

first door on your left. looks like supplies.
No. 247013 ID: c16ebe

That's a promising start. But just one person means nobody watching your back...
Assuming the door on the right is another of the same closed doors... Open the first door to see how they open. If they don't open silently, you can close it and look through the whole room/hall first and just keep an ear out for doors, so you can start checking individual rooms without having to worry about your back too much. As long as it isn't some massive hall or something.
No. 247045 ID: 0bd9e1

First is supplies, second is bathroom.

Do you need to go to the little fawn's room, Oken?
No. 247061 ID: 2563d4

Get everyone in here. Then if the incoming forces can get through the un-hidden hatch, you'll still be behind a heavy blast door.

And check that supply room on the left.
No. 247067 ID: a41aaf

Look into both rooms for bugs before entering one of them.
No. 247072 ID: b6c6fc
File 128784369637.jpg - (115.21KB , 957x590 , crashquest91.jpg )

>everyone enters the vault

>Oken takes a look into the supply room
No. 247074 ID: 701a19

Grab the medkit.
Go back and start treating Hoff.
No. 247079 ID: 192c6d

That box with the wiggly lines on it might either be energy weapon rounds or some kind of communications array. Have Mint check it out (it'll keep her from molesting pinky too much)
No. 247082 ID: 1854db

Yep. That's a no-brainer. That should be our first priority. Second priority should be checking the other nearby rooms for hostiles and then checking to see what supplies are available. Then we collect some stuff and move further in, possibly finding a secondary defensive point where we can hunker down and repair Prince in.
No. 247084 ID: fd6d7e

Sweet! You'd be set for the long haul if not for the fact that any food you find is probably about as nutritious as your Cazarani cuddle buddy up there on the surface.
No. 247101 ID: 667437

CAUTION: Boxes may conceal bugs. If you root through them, do so carefully.
No. 247120 ID: b6c6fc
File 128785974942.jpg - (131.31KB , 957x590 , crashquest92.jpg )

>Oken takes the medkit

>Oken treats Hofts wounds as best she can

>Oken then checks the washroom
No. 247125 ID: 1854db

What's with the opening on the right? Also check the toilet and shower for bugs.
No. 247129 ID: 667437

It's probably been a while since you peed. And a shower would be nice.
No. 247133 ID: 8e18cd


Check shower for bugs. If there are no bugs, then shower.
No. 247139 ID: a7a85a

Be wary, Oken. Bug thrive in old bathrooms.
No. 247157 ID: 775801

Oken put 5 skill points into Nature(+2 Healing Bonus) and the rest in the Heal skill. Or get Mint to program a holographic doctor on the ships holo-deck. We require proper medical aids.
No. 247178 ID: b6c6fc
File 128787098357.jpg - (128.62KB , 957x590 , crashquest93.jpg )

actually it's not a shower, it's a RayTech(c) TurboCleaner!(tm) garanteed to get you clean and dry in 30 seconds! or your money back!

>Oken checks the entire room for bugs, but doesn't find a single one (including the TurboCleaner(tm) and SpaceToilet)

>Oken uses the SpaceToilet, it functions perfectly despite it's age

>Oken uses the turbo cleaner . . .

a voice, sweet feminine, yet cold and consuming, it echoes in my mind

Voice: " . . . you can always wash away the dirt . . . but you can never wash away the sin . . ."

the voice laughs at me . . .
No. 247180 ID: 1854db

Oh, the place is haunted. There's a ghost in the other shower with the broken door.
No. 247187 ID: 2563d4

On the upside, it indeed looks like the bugs are outside the vault.
No. 247204 ID: e31d52

Leap dramatically out of the shower!
No. 247205 ID: 32e9fe

Umm, Oken? On the right there - shadowy figure...

Hope you're decent!
No. 247215 ID: 192c6d


Grab gun. Aim at the thing in the alcove to YOUR left from the shower door.

Tell it to identify itself or you will shoot.
No. 247216 ID: fd6d7e

Ah dammit the voices. That pinkie warned us about this. They must have a microphone around here! Or something.
No. 247278 ID: b6c6fc
File 128787811374.jpg - (131.70KB , 957x590 , crashquest94.jpg )

I knew it, I KNEW IT! girl tries to take a nice shower, and BAM little perverted fuckers come crawling out of the woodwork.


the bastard's taken off running down that maintenance shaft, looks like a pinky

I've got a clear shot, but if I try a spread I'll hit the mirror . . .
No. 247288 ID: fd6d7e


Never shoot an unarmed man in the back. What you heard was not the person in that shaft. Let him get away, for now. That will make your revenge later all the more delicious. Also, pants.
No. 247403 ID: 701a19

Meh, whatever. Rejoin the others and resume exploring the facility. Avoid shooting sentient life except in self defense; they might not be hostile.
No. 247441 ID: 1854db

Don't shoot him. If he wanted to kill you he would've already done so, and using a focused beam would make it hard to take him out nonlethally. Get yer kit on and inform the others that there's someone in here.
No. 247493 ID: b6c6fc
File 128793005020.jpg - (140.81KB , 957x590 , crashquest95.jpg )

Enrad: "look! I am pirate now!"

Mint: "twiggy, how annoying does someone have to be for murder to be considered self defense?"

Oken: " . . . I think there's another pinky down here"

Mint: "did you kill it? No? then how's about you let me get back to work and YOU get back to hunting it"

>what prime function is Mint rebuilding Prince for?

>does Oken go down the stairs next, or does she go in the last door?
No. 247497 ID: 1854db

We have no medic. Prince's prime function should fill that role. Besides, he seems to be very good at scanning peoples' injuries/health so allowing him to actually treat them should be awesome. Secondary function should be melee combat. Squash them bugs!

Oken should go in the last door before going anywhere else. Then we briefly raid the supplies room for more batteries so we can shoot things for longer.
No. 247500 ID: fba40f

Primary mission is a medic.

Oken: Explore that last room.
No. 247522 ID: a7a85a

Mint, be nice. That's a pretty good joke considering he just became an amputee. With all the bugs and wounding he's experienced he could be going a lot crazier, instead he's trying to bond with you guys.

If nothing else be nicer to him as a self preservation tactic. In this situation you need all the eyes looking out for your safety you can get.

Be mean to Hoft instead. He can handle the ball busting. :V
No. 247541 ID: 2563d4

That makes a fair bit of sense.
No. 247543 ID: 11279c

Use the scanner to make absolutely sure Enrad is a pirate.
No. 247545 ID: 26508a

Enrad: Realize that you have developed Stockholm syndrome.
No. 247551 ID: 701a19

Medic primary, combat secondary.
Check the last door in this area.
No. 247613 ID: b6c6fc
File 128795371180.jpg - (152.82KB , 957x590 , crashquest96.jpg )

the space compass says Enrad isn't a pirate, he seems rather dissapointed by this

>Mint goes about rebuilding Prince as a mediBot that can also cut people up in close combat

>Oken goes into the last room
No. 247636 ID: 0daa27

Is that blood or a blast/burn mark? Looks like someone wanted something DEAD.

Also, I guess we've found some beds for when we need to sleep. Anything under it or the mattresses?
No. 247640 ID: 1854db

Suggest to the others that they move into this room. Proper beds and chairs should do wonders for morale.

Then let's go further in to clear more of the area.
No. 247654 ID: a7a85a

Those look like eggs. Suggesting gtfo.
No. 247702 ID: f4963f

Are those rocks? Is that side of the room caved-in?
No. 247766 ID: fba40f

What? No, those are rocks.
No. 247811 ID: fd6d7e

Now you can go down the stairs Oken, or you can follow the maintenance shaft to make sure it doesn't reach the surface and/or bugs.
No. 247820 ID: b6c6fc
File 128797618635.jpg - (153.54KB , 957x590 , crashquest97.jpg )

>under the mattress Oken finds a CarboSteel Crowbar!

It looks like a cave in or something happened here, I can see some scorch marks

>does Oken go down the stairs, go into the maintenance shaft or do something else?
No. 247855 ID: 27e02d

Sweet! Useful loot!
Anyway, going pinkyhunting in the shaft alone is a bad idea, and I doubt leaving Mint and Enrad alone together is a good idea.

Let's explore some more. Go down the big stairs.
No. 247891 ID: 1854db


Mention to the others that the room is clear and there are beds, a table and chairs. Hoft should probably move to a bed, and Enrad should probably take a seat. Mint can use the table or something.
No. 247945 ID: 2563d4

Raid the supplies room to see if it has more batteries for your various rayguns.
No. 247958 ID: b6c6fc
File 128801704860.jpg - (162.42KB , 957x590 , crashquest98.jpg )

>Oken checks the supply room for batteries but apperently the vault is fresh out

>Oken tells the others about the comfort room

>Oken goes down the stairs
No. 247965 ID: 2044df

Check out the console. Red's usually important.
No. 247966 ID: 5c4201

cautiously approach the terminal. see what it says.
No. 247968 ID: 3d47b8

Walk to the terminal and check to mkae sure there are no turrets.
No. 247972 ID: 3df3c1

Carefully approach the terminal and pick up the small flat rectngular object that's lying on the floor.

The overhead light are broken. Watch out, something might attack from above.
No. 247996 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Room's clear. Grab the keycard and then check the maintenance tunnel.
No. 248007 ID: 3416ec


This looks like the Tech Support room.
No. 248031 ID: fd6d7e


Is that a crowbar? You're gonna be just fine.
No. 248059 ID: b6c6fc
File 128804751037.jpg - (96.75KB , 957x590 , crashquest99.jpg )

>Oken picks up keycard

>Oken checks out the terminal
No. 248060 ID: 2563d4


Oh, go on then.
No. 248061 ID: 27e02d

I think... Y. Yes, definitely Y.
No. 248063 ID: b6c6fc
File 128804968271.jpg - (175.95KB , 957x590 , crashquest100.jpg )

>Oken presses the "Y" key

. . .

the message is dated 33 years ago . . .
No. 248076 ID: 1854db

So it's the Brood Mother we're fighting. We know the name of our foe.

Now get into the maintenance corridor!
No. 248099 ID: 0cfe8b

Brood Mother generally implies that there will be some children around as well, often in great numbers.
No. 248140 ID: 192c6d


Watch out for Koreans.
No. 248189 ID: b6c6fc
File 128806066249.jpg - (86.99KB , 957x590 , crashquest101.jpg )

>Oken enters the maintenance shaft
No. 248196 ID: e31d52

oooh a battery!
No. 248198 ID: 5c4201

wait a second... the floor right after the intersection looks weird. tap it with the crowbar.
No. 248228 ID: e7b76d

Obviously a trap, I would check that side shaft too, if I was to set up an ambush with battery bait that's where I would spring from.
No. 248273 ID: a17cca

Diveroll across the strange patch.
No. 248277 ID: c16ebe

The best way to deal with traps is to not deal with traps. If it looks suspicious just hop over it.
No. 248311 ID: 3df3c1

Nice action pose. Check the shaft to the left first, don't walk over the weird-looking bits.

I hope this won't turn into Prince of Persia with all the falling tiles and whatnot.
No. 248387 ID: 09bd09

Mint could probably get fragments of the deleted files if there is enough time and you feel like it's necessary.

It's somewhat clear that whoever in the maintenance shaft has been slightly affected by the "voice", and has been doing everything she/he can to stop it from winning. The best solution is to show you're not hostile and that you are fighting the "voice" yourself. So saying your name and humbly apologize for your trespasses. Then head back to the group and rest. If this person wants to talk s/he'll make contact in someway. Tell the rest so they're not all guns a-blazing if they spot it.
No. 248454 ID: 192c6d

Those black panels look like what was originally in the restroom area.

They might lead to other rooms?
No. 248523 ID: b6c6fc
File 128812663844.jpg - (80.01KB , 957x590 , crashquest102.jpg )

that panel is clearly a trap, and not a very good one, I could easily step over it

just incase I'll check out the left hand passage first.

I can hear quiet sobbing from a room below, but I can't see anything throught the mirror panel

>Oken can remove a mirror panel using the CarboSteel Crowbar

what should I do now?
No. 248525 ID: 011b60

Ask "Is anybody there?" and wait for a response. That's better than just breaking through the ceiling and scaring whoever is down there.
No. 248553 ID: 27e02d

Tap the glass! Maybe they can see you through the mirror panel?
No. 248556 ID: b6c6fc
File 128813132861.jpg - (82.38KB , 957x590 , crashquest103.jpg )

I tap the glass

Oken: "Is anybody there?"

????: "oh thank the gods! please you must help me, he'll be back soon!"

a fellow Astranian! his voice sounds vaguely familiar, what should I do?

????: "please don't leave me here! he's going to murder me!"

the man continues sobbing
No. 248558 ID: 192c6d

Ask who is going to hurt them. (The scary thing went down here, we can't be too sure!)
No. 248561 ID: 568a67
File 128813239222.jpg - (206.59KB , 500x624 , admiral-ackbar-its-a-trap.jpg )

No. 248570 ID: 011b60

Open the glass. If the thing was dangerous it would just rip it open itself and kill you up here.
No. 248581 ID: 1854db

Vaguely familiar? Wait, was there a fourth crew member? Or is it the same person that spied on you in the shower?

Well, go ahead and open it up, but stand back when you do so, and use the mirror to peek in, to make sure you don't look down and get a faceful of gun.
No. 248587 ID: 27e02d

Ask them their name, tell them they're safe now. And keep the RayTech™ gun in close reach. Just in case.
No. 248608 ID: e3f578

>a fellow Astranian! his voice sounds vaguely familiar

inb4 long lost brother or father that abandoned her at a young age
No. 248637 ID: 192c6d


inb4 oken noserubbans~
No. 248718 ID: 11b861

Get the battery first, then pry open the window above the person.
No. 248720 ID: a7a85a


inb4 predictions alter quest course.
No. 248731 ID: a17cca

inb4 Oken noserubbans because long lost brother.
No. 248750 ID: b6c6fc
File 128815517666.jpg - (146.30KB , 957x590 , crashquest104.jpg )

>Oken uses her CarboSteel Crowbar to lift the panel, using the mirror she looks into the room

oh no, oh no . . . I think I'm going to throw up

???: "why aren't you talking? you're not going to leave me here! please tell me your going to leave me here!"

Oken: "don't worry you're safe now, can you tell me your name?"

????: "uh Fuze, Belial Fuze, um your the bomber pilot right?"

I remember now, Fuze was a doctor aboard the Carrier-Warship our bomber launched from

Oken: "Fuze, who did this?"

Fuze: "a pinkskin I think. I never saw him, he shot me in the back with a stun pistol, when I woke up he had stolen my spectacles . . . Musk said he had insects crawling on him"
No. 248757 ID: 5c4201

shit, some kind of bug lord. but the fact that he is killing instead of taking over means something is weird. ask if she knows how often he comes back. a good ambush would be great but this position is bad since you have your back turned to the tunnel.
No. 248773 ID: 1854db

Jump down and get her loose from her restraints. You should be able to get her up and out via that mostly-broken ladder.
No. 248780 ID: 5c4201

uuhhhhh no.
good chance the ladder will break while doing that. need to come from a different angle.
No. 248787 ID: fd6d7e

Have Fuze go hop over and pick up the headless torso there while you go and fetch Hoft, Mint and ...that pinkie whatever his name is. If Fuze lifts the dead body overhead that should provide enough reach for you to grab it, then the three of you can pull the body and Fuze up into the shaft.
No. 248788 ID: 24a9bd

Just want to voice the possibility that she's been bugged too. Still though, you gotta try and help her... especially since we know it's possible to remove them.
No. 248810 ID: 701a19

"I don't think you can see this, but the ladder here is destroyed. I'm scouting for the rest of the crew, and we're going to kill that monster and get you out of here.
We've got a pinkie prisoner, and having him pull you up would be the fastest way to get you to safety. Otherwise we're going to have to secure another way down there, and that could take awhile."
No. 248847 ID: b6c6fc
File 12881847488.jpg - (85.68KB , 957x590 , crashquest105.jpg )

Oken: "how often does he come back?"

Fuze: "I've only been here a few hours, he only came in twice . . . the first time for Geme . . . the second time for Musk . . . I don't want him to come back a third time"

Oken: " . . ."

Fuze: "enough questions, I can explain everything when you get me out . . . your going to leave me here . . . you promised you wouldn't!"

Oken: "Fuze the ladder's broken, I'm going to get the others, we'll kill the pinky and resque you!"

Fuze: " . . . I'm sure you'll find a nice corpse to resque, in fact you'll find three . . . you'll all be triple heroes . . . "

Oken: " . . . "

Fuze: "I-I I'm sorry I d-didn't mean t-that, please come back quickly"

He continues sobbing

I don't have a choice, there's nothing else I can do . . .
No. 248848 ID: 1854db

There is one thing we can do. Kill him ourselves. Go to the other mirror, stepping over the trap, and lift it up, pressing yourself against the side of the wall.
No. 248849 ID: 8555c2

You could drop down and wait for the enemy to come back then shoot him with the raygun. You'd have to hide where uh.... the rabbit is. I'm not going to recommend this but others can if they want.
No. 248854 ID: 2563d4

Wait up there. Lean in from the vent and shoot when the door opens.

Ceiling Oken is ambushing you from above.
No. 248857 ID: 701a19

Oken: Determine how many lifesigns are in that room.
Assuming there is just the one:
Mint: Move Hoft into the bathroom. Continue working in there. Send Enrad in to Oken.
Oken: Send Enrad down there to retrieve the hostage. Bring the hostage to Mint for treatment. If Enrad can't come back up then stay there and cover him.

At no point should anybody attempt to cross the trap until Mint has examined and disabled it.
The visible trap could well be intended to distract away from a real trap - such as a primed hand grenade inside a hollowed out battery case, or an optical sensor rigged to a set of spikes on a counterweight.
No. 248858 ID: e38e27

this. except with cake.
No. 248886 ID: fd6d7e

One problem with ambushing the pinkie is he's covered with the bugs. Shoot him and I bet they all jump at you. Wide beam might work at least to slow the lot of 'em down.
No. 248898 ID: 1854db

Yes, optimally it would be a wide shot followed by a tight shot.

Good thing we didn't shoot him while he was running from us. Those bugs would've swarmed Oken.
No. 249016 ID: b6c6fc
File 128822703648.jpg - (150.83KB , 957x590 , crashquest106.jpg )

the SpaceCompass detects 4 lifesigns in the other room

Enrad and Hoft, are too hurt to be much help to me right now, and getting Mint to do something would probably take too long

I guess an ambush could work . . .

>Oken hops down

Fuze: "um what do you want me to do?"
No. 249044 ID: 7c0203

Keep cryng, act the same.
No. 249045 ID: 27e02d

She should sit there, look scared and look at the door and not look at Oken!
No. 249088 ID: c16ebe

if we're trying to save him, is hiding behind the door really a good idea at all?
We're assuming there are bugs on the guy we're going to shoot. If we use a wide spread, we can easily hit Fuze. If we use a tight shot to take the guy out, the bugs can hop to Fuze. What's wrong with just sitting beside Fuze, and shooting the pinky/bugs as soon as the door is open? Only real problem I can see is if there are multiple pinkies.
No. 249089 ID: 8555c2

Tell him to sit there looking defeated.
No. 249124 ID: 476456

"scream very loudly and horribly when he comes in so he focuses on you"
No. 249139 ID: b6c6fc
File 12882368299.jpg - (169.47KB , 957x590 , crashquest107.jpg )

Oken:" actually Fuze, if you could keep-"


Pinky: "Stupid Dorau, you ruin my fun, why won't you fall in trap! Brood Mother says you come to cut up my Foxy, IS MY FOXY! IS MINE TO CUT UP!, Brood Mother is wrong, YOU IS MINE NOW TOO!"
No. 249142 ID: 18610a

No. 249143 ID: 27e02d

No. 249145 ID: dad664

No, shoot it in the GROIN.

Much more stopping power.
No. 249148 ID: 18610a

it's a disintegrator beam, we want him dead not stunned.
No. 249149 ID: 1854db

Shoot while dodging and perhaps remove his arm oh god don't let him hit you with that thing!
No. 249151 ID: 52b82c

I'm betting those are our foxy friend's glasses he's wearing, take out his left arm before he go stabby stabby.

Trust me on this.
No. 249152 ID: 1854db

...definitely aim for the neck, we need to get rid of those bugs so that they don't immediately jump on Oken.
No. 249182 ID: fd6d7e

You could probably deal with being bugged for a while until they drove you batshit insane like Hoft, but unlike Hoft you probably couldn't expect to survive ripping one out of your neck. Thus, aim for the bugs! Shoot the bugs! Wide beam his face! If you get the bugs that should distract him long enough for you to snatch his sharp... oh god sharp... blood...thing...
No. 249199 ID: 7c0203

Your motivation: You are alone, cornered, scared and startled. You are a pilot, you have basic firearm training and only have a sidearm.

No. 249213 ID: f82d85

Shoot and move!
No. 249288 ID: b6c6fc
File 128827381887.jpg - (170.52KB , 957x590 , crashquest108.jpg )

I-I think he missed . . .
No. 249289 ID: 18610a

looks like your neck was thin enough that it missed. okay, be ready to shoot again.
No. 249300 ID: 4b0aad

Aw balls. Now we're stuck.
No. 249301 ID: 701a19

The two bugs exploded, and his head is gone.
4-3=1, ergo you're alone with the survivor.

Make sure he stops moving, then check yourself for injury before attempting to remove the weapon.
No. 249308 ID: 192c6d

Let this be a lesson to us:

The bugs are mind-controlling pests. If they get someone, shoot to kill. Hoft seemed able to resist it, so maybe pinkies are more-readily affected by it.
No. 249309 ID: 18610a

more like, this guy had TWO of them and we knew hoft so we could say things that reminded him of who he was.
No. 249355 ID: 476456

No. 249380 ID: fd6d7e

OK now grab that hook thing and push it away from your neck for all you're worth. His body's going to crumple down the stairs, but you don't want the folding arm to inadvertently lop of your head or anything.

No. 249447 ID: fba40f

I was wondering that myself.
No. 249485 ID: b6c6fc
File 128831510132.jpg - (178.14KB , 957x590 , crashquest109.jpg )

>Oken manages to grip the WarFork, and prevent it from snaping her neck

I guess I got pretty lucky today, I'm really glad that guy didn't have a knife . . .

Fuze: "Miss Pilot are you alright, is he dead?"

Oken: "I'm pretty sure he's dead"

No. 249502 ID: 1854db

Yay, we're not dead!
No. 249552 ID: fd6d7e

...so much for Harem Ending.
No. 249704 ID: 0ed5d7

There one good thing we got out of all this:

1 kickass marshmellow stick! I also see hotdogs all over the room. Commence roasting!
No. 249720 ID: 917cac

Bad news, my computer has contracted a severe virus problem, making it impossible to use any of my drawing software, I'm hoping to have the problem fixed by the end of the day, but you can never be sure

Harem ending? I don't think I understand . . .
No. 249726 ID: e9f6d1

no one understands mneme.
No. 249772 ID: fba40f

(Don't start a new thread yet, use this one again)

Welcome to tgchan: Perverts, perverts everywhere.
No. 249963 ID: b6c6fc
File 128840917371.jpg - (174.61KB , 957x590 , crashquesttitle5.jpg )

(I've noticed a lot of quest authors have made discusion threads for thier quest, is this something I should be doing?)
No. 249964 ID: 62806e

Only if you don't want discussion inlined with your story thread. In games with huge amounts of side plots, background, details, and debatable things they're a good idea. For a straightforward game there's not much purpose though.
No. 249965 ID: 6867a2

No. 249967 ID: 3416ec


You can if you like. It helps de-congest quest threads that are full of idle speculation.
No. 249972 ID: b6c6fc
File 128840981376.jpg - (162.82KB , 957x590 , crashquest110.jpg )

I am AcePilot Oken, a soldier fighting for the Astranian Alliance
it's my job and duty to fight and kill
I've never liked fighting, and I like killing even less
I guess joining the army was a pretty stupid idea
but Ironically it's also the only reason I'm still alive

what do I do now?
No. 249974 ID: dad664




No. 249975 ID: 6867a2

unbind Fuze and then get your gun and check out the forth lifesign you detected. hopefully it is something to recruit rather then shoot.
No. 249976 ID: e3f578

Cry on your own time we need to get the hostage's glasses and set him free
No. 249984 ID: 27e02d

(And agreeing with the other suggesters. Unbind Fuze, get that tiny deer tail moving.)
No. 249988 ID: f4963f

It's alright, Oken! Everything will be alright!

Come on, let's unbind Fuze and search for a way out (if that ladder's not servicable).
No. 250030 ID: 701a19

Oken, he was already dead.
The bugs take control of people and feed off their brain. Whoever he was before has been long gone, and what you did freed his body from its torment.
Give Fuze the best a medical checkup you can, then untie him. I'm pretty certain his glasses were destroyed, but in this situation that's a blessing.
Get as far up the ladder as you can, then shout out your status to Mint.
No. 250074 ID: 2563d4

Big dude + 2 bugs + Fuze = 4

>long gone
*cough*Hoft is fine now*cough* :V

But, yeah, untie that tiny fox. You kind of blew up their goggles, so only hand them the crescent blade thing if they can actually see past the end of their nose. Ready pistol and look out that doorway.
No. 250082 ID: 701a19

We kinda need her able to function, you know, and trauma works against that. Besides...
We don't know how long he has been down here.
The signs point to him being a long-term resident, though.
No. 250101 ID: 89f882

uhhhh while standing in this room the space compass said it detected 4 life signs in the OTHER room. 3 were the man and his bugs. a forth is left.
No. 250103 ID: 476456

uh make sure you tell fuze about enrad so she doesnt go berserk.
No. 250116 ID: 0ed5d7

Does Enrad want to be Frankenstein, or does Prince want a biological body? The possibilities are endless! And if Hoft's hungry there's plenty of meat rations now. I hear rabbit pretty freaken good.
No. 250147 ID: b6c6fc
File 128844940799.jpg - (131.52KB , 957x590 , crashquest111.jpg )

huh, It looks like Fuze's hands are bound with some wierd plastic things, I can't untie them, and I don't think I have anything to cut them with

Oken: "so uh how well can you see with out your glasses?"

Fuze: "my Eyesight is terrible, all I can see is a blur of light and shadow. I would have trouble finding my way through a strait hallway"

the ladder still seems sturdy enough to climb

the RayGun has 8 shots left

the SpaceCompass detects no more life signs in the other room
No. 250151 ID: 383006

Climb down and see if we can't get her into the vent.
No. 250152 ID: f0ac1c

need to free fuze's hands before they can climb the ladder. cautiously enter the next room.
No. 250153 ID: 2563d4

Use the crescent blade to cut them, then. Carefully. Then I guess try the ladder so we can get Fuze back to the others.
No. 250160 ID: 62806e

Those are zip ties. Oken, do you have a needle, a barrette, or some other sort of long thin object? If you do, slide it down the square part of the zip and press down. That will press the hook free from the wedged teeth on the zip tie, and it will slide right off.
No. 250167 ID: 1854db

Let's peek into the next room, we can either find her glasses or a cutting instrument.
No. 250168 ID: f82d85


No. 250170 ID: 0ed5d7

Check the other rooms to see what you can find, neither you or Fuze seem to be in any danger atm. If you can't find anything to help get the zip ties, just use your grav boots to carefully hover both of you up to the vents. Its why we have them is it not.

Then you can help guide the "male" fox over to the rest, and they can easily get the zip ties off.

As for lenses to help Fuze see, Mint might be able to make something out of your goggles, but I wouldn't guarentee anything unless you start dismantling the bathroom for the parts. Probably take awhile to do if it's even possible. Maybe the ship might have a visor of some sort.

I'd expect Pinkies crawling all over the outside of the vault since you left the Rampaging Giraffe so close to the entrance. Disabled or not its a huge landmark in a mostly barren area.

Rest while you can, you will probably be in a big fight once you go outside the vault; if they're not already trying to get in, in a few hours.
No. 250188 ID: dad664

If he's flexible enough, he should be able to lay on his back and slide his hands underneath his butt and then out from under his legs.

At least then his hands will be in front of him.
No. 250217 ID: fba40f

Do this. If you can't, we'll just have to cut them later.

That is a terrible idea.
No. 250326 ID: b6c6fc
File 128847603223.jpg - (186.50KB , 957x590 , crashquest112.jpg )

hmmm I don't have a long thin object to open the bonds with,

I guess I'll check the other room for something
No. 250328 ID: dad664


Also there's a thingy on the floor near some nails.
No. 250329 ID: e3f578

okay pick up that thing in the middle of the room and try to get the knife, then laugh at the head guy because it's so horrible that you can't help but laugh
No. 250330 ID: 2563d4

Get knife. Free Fuze and get them back to the others for medical attention in case they're dehydrating or something.

You can play with the Bill Gates Mr Potato Head once the others know where to look for you should everything go horribly wrong.
No. 250331 ID: e7b76d

Woah, looks like this place was fucked up for a while.
No. 250332 ID: f7c2d7

WAIT those boots are attached to someone, exactly how dead are they? we had 4 life signs in here until like 2 seconds ago, they may be revivable!
No. 250333 ID: a41aaf

Consider: we saw SOMETHING in the vent shafts earlier (>>247178), and it probably wasn't Slicy McBugneck. So it's still loose.
No. 250357 ID: 27e02d

Collect things along the far wall (SPOOL OF THREAD, TOOL and NINE INCH NAILS) for Mint. She'd probably like them.
Potato Head's got glasses. See if they work for the Fox.
No. 250390 ID: b6c6fc
File 128848539578.jpg - (168.21KB , 957x590 , crashquest113.jpg )

>Oken takes Nails, the Roll of String, the RayTech Tool, the Knife, and the Glasses

>Oken cuts Fuze's bonds with the knife and gives him the Glasses

Fuze: "OH! you've found my spectacles! thank you Miss Pilot"

Oken: "are you feeling Ok? your not dehydrated or anything?"

Fuze: "I'm feel quite alright, really"
No. 250398 ID: 4f2a1b

Are those Fuze's glasses?
No. 250399 ID: 27e02d

Well then. Time to head back to the gang.
OKEN: Go up the ladder first, you have the gun.
FUZE: Follow that tiny deer.
No. 250402 ID: 2563d4

Hold your horses, then. Check >>250332 .
No. 250404 ID: 80bb9a

This. Then ask Fuze why he is so happy, considering everyone else but him is dead, murdered in front of his eyes, and he's covered in blood.
No. 250409 ID: 283fa9

It's probably just a temporary euphoria. He's probably just so glad that HE isn't dead that the trauma is suppressed by good old fashioned endorphins.
No. 250410 ID: 27e02d

... hmm.
Oken: Scan tiny fox for lifeforms, THEN head up the ladder.
No. 250465 ID: f4963f

I cannot lie. I'd latch organisms all over that tiny fox.
No. 250470 ID: 701a19

Back up a bit, scan for lifeforms, then ask why he's so happy.
No. 250486 ID: b6c6fc
File 128850302716.jpg - (165.02KB , 957x590 , crashquest114.jpg )

Oken: "what the heck are you smiling about? find something funny about seeing the torn up bodies of your comrades?"

Fuze: "What? NO!, I-I'm just happy you were able to find my spectacles, I'm sorry . . ."

he looks like he's about to cry some more
I scan Fuze for bugs,

Fuze: "w-what are you doing?"

he's clean, Fuze walks over to the dead Pinkskin and picks up a StunPistol

Oken: "come on we to get to the others"

Fuze: "you go on ahead, I'd like to search the other room to see if I can find any more of my supplies"
No. 250487 ID: 1fb8ac

Oh god don't split up.
No. 250488 ID: fd6d7e


Grab him by his shirt and say "Come on. We get to the others." This isn't up for debate. You need to regroup and take stock in what the situation is. You already searched that room anyway, and there aren't any rooms beyond.
No. 250490 ID: 701a19

"Sorry, it's just... There are these bugs that latch on to people; they drive them insane and take control. There were two on that pinky; I got both of those, but if I missed any...
You don't want to look in there. Please, just trust me on it.

Are you ok enough to move? We should rejoin the others and get you properly checked out. Here, up the ladder; I'll follow you."
No. 250491 ID: 1854db

Ask what's wrong with his eyes, anyway. They were black.
No. 250493 ID: 1854db

...and you may as well go with him if he insists on checking the other room.
No. 250503 ID: b22d56

Apologize for being so edgy and explain how much blood and gore you've had to deal with and how it's making you a little nervous about everything, especially with the bugs.
No. 250572 ID: 3df3c1

>Out of all vaults in the freaking desert, we get into the one with bloody masscare
Lucky charm indeed, Oken.

Don't split. Also, don't let him behind your back with a stungun. Just in case.
No. 250586 ID: 2563d4

Go into the other room, because we still haven't checked those boots, and it is now less risky given there are two of us in capable condition.
No. 250588 ID: f82d85

Go help him get his stuff
No. 250590 ID: b6c6fc
File 128853439460.jpg - (186.77KB , 957x590 , crashquest115.jpg )

I apologize for snapping at him, and explain to Fuze about the whole bug thing

Fuze: " I see . . . I suppose it is best for us to keep together"

we go over to the den, I never turn my back to him . . . just in case

Fuze: "my goodness! how did this man's mind ever become so deranged, could those insects truly be responsible for THIS?"

Oken: " . . . "

Fuze: " OH my GravBoots!, and my Jacket! could you get that down for me? now if only I can find that NanoStitcher . . ."
No. 250592 ID: 701a19

Sure, take the jacket down, but still don't turn your back to him.
"Maybe it's in that crate? Or that cupboard?"
No. 250593 ID: 8c0848

Be careful. Squinty foxes have a track record of being totally insane.
No. 250594 ID: 383006

Yeah, don't give him the tool just yet. Now that he's safe, he shouldn't have a problem telling you exactly what happened, though.
No. 250597 ID: 0ed5d7

Check the maintenance shaft in this room for traps then go get the battery. If my guess is correct the shaft should lead straight to the battery. Without the risk of traps.

That weird thingamajig is probably Fuze's NanoStitcher.

And to make certain Fuze's alright why not both of you go in the TurboCleaner(TM). He could definitely use a cleaning, and if you don't trust him that much, why not go in and make sure he doesn't do anything suspicious.
No. 250692 ID: b6c6fc
File 128855985983.jpg - (144.50KB , 957x590 , crashquest116.jpg )

Fuze is a pureblood Rirthian they all have creepy black eyes,

the RayTech tool is probably what Fuze's is looking for, I'm not sure I want to give it to him though

Oken: "let's go we'll find it later"

while we head back I ask Fuze more about how he got here

Fuze: "we came down to this facility yesterday morning. apperently there was supposed to be some sort of weapon that would assure victory for the alliance, but we could find nothing of the sort, then we were ambushed by that pinkskin"

we get through the maintenance shaft

Fuze: "mind if I clean up a bit before I meet your friends?"
No. 250695 ID: 31e5bb

say he should meet them first, so they don't shoot him by accident.
No. 250701 ID: 1854db

It occurs to me that there's only one person that could've been in that maintenance corridor. The pinkie wasn't small enough.

Say we'll stand guard.
No. 250702 ID: 2563d4

Let him into the shower.
And stop being crazy. The bugs sit on the OUTSIDE of the neck. Give the damn doctor his tools so he can work on Hoft.
No. 250704 ID: 70e5c6

Remark that he would be mostly defenseless while cleaning up... unless that stun pistol can survive being inside a turbo-cleaner. You'd rather keep watch for any more enemies. Besides, the main cleaning cycle (at least for people, not sure about clothing) is apparently only 30 seconds or so.

(It seems odd he'd want to be ALONE that fast after supposedly being left alone to die - most survivors of stuff like that are terribly unstable and will not want to be alone for hours/days/weeks).
No. 250736 ID: f4963f

We still need to find out what's down the other branch of that maintenence tunnel, too. Let's do that.
No. 250769 ID: b6c6fc
File 128856844766.jpg - (147.32KB , 957x590 , crashquest117.jpg )

Fuze doesn't seem to have any problem with me standing guard while he uses the TurboCleaner(tm)

>Oken and Fuze enter the hall

Fuze: " AH! pinkskin!"

Oken: " wait fuze, it's Ok he's just our prisoner"

. . .

Fuze: " . . . These men are injured, and badly too, why didn't you tell me? no matter, I'll get right to work, this would be far quicker with the NanoStitcher, but I can manage, I assume we at least have a medkit?"
No. 250784 ID: 70e5c6

If there's anything left in the medkit you used to treat Hoft, give it to him.

Also, dig out that RayTech tool and ask if it would help. If he asks you why you didn't give it to him before, say that "it didn't look medical until I thought about it more." XD
No. 250797 ID: fba40f

Is it just me or is the side of Enrad's head all weird?
No. 250799 ID: 2563d4

Where's Mint?
No. 250803 ID: 701a19

Where are Mint and Prince?
Do these two know where they went?
No. 250850 ID: b6c6fc
File 128857923294.jpg - (105.82KB , 957x590 , crashquest118.jpg )

I give Fuze the MedKit and NanoStitcher, he gives me a strange look, but doesn't say anything

Fuze decides to treat Hoft first, I'm going to talk to Enrad

Oken: " have you seen Mint?"

Enrad: " the mean fat kitty?"

Oken: " uh . . .sure"

Enrad: " the voices have stopped, I don't hear anything any more, the voices have always been there, and now they are gone, for the first time my head is my own"

Oken: " uh, that's good I guess, but can you tell me where Mint is?"

Enrad: "there's something wrong with her"

Oken: "what's that supposed to mean?"

Enrad: "Oken, I'm afraid of the bugs, you're afraid of the bugs too, I can see it in your eyes, Wolfy tries to hide it but he's afraid too, even your new friend Squinty looks afraid, but Kitty, she's not afraid, there no fear in her eyes, why is she not afraid?"

Oken: "Enrad, can you just tell me where she is?"

Enrad: "Kitty looked herself up in bedroom, says no one is alowed in and to leave her alone, She took metal man with her."

Oken: "hmmmm"

Enrad: "Oken can you talk to me some more? I'm lonely and no one else seems to like me very much . . ."
No. 250857 ID: 3f8b4c

Knock on the door and ask for Mint...
No. 250861 ID: fd6d7e

I guess it's possible Mint is already bugged. That door won't stop your scanner will it? I thought she was just hard boiled that way, but it's possible since Hoft was bugged too. The bugs seem to amplify the voices more than directly control though, so it might be something else...

Thank Enrad for telling you, and say he's a good person, for a pinkie. I say this not so much out of compassion, but because someone enduring a lifetime of abuse needs a lot of reassurement. If he gets angry though don't push the issue. Tell him that Mint doesn't get scared by anything, and that she's always been like that. Then tell him a story about how you learned just how unflappable Mint could be while travelling and/or training together. Something really scary that didn't phase her.

If Mint is flappable, and would normally be scared by something like parasitic brain chewing insects with razor sharp claws, then she's acting very strangely right now, and you might want to listen to his advice to go check on her. It did seem odd how she behaved in that battle back there.
No. 250889 ID: 476456

clearly the solution is to get everyone naked to make sure there's no bugs under your clothes.
No. 250891 ID: 476456

Also make some small talk with Enrad i guess, better to have him on your side.
No. 250892 ID: fd6d7e
File 128858292353.png - (17.51KB , 379x214 , okwiththis.png )

No. 250895 ID: e31d52

No. 250902 ID: f82d85

Wake Hoft up and have him keep Enrad company. Tell him you're sorry, but you can't talk much right now.

Go find Mint.
No. 250933 ID: 1854db

Knock on the door and tell Mint we just found a medic, so she can switch the priorities around on the bot so that it's primary melee and secondary medic.
No. 250956 ID: 3d7a30

Enrad's totally onto something there. Thank him for the insight and tell him we need his impressions of Fuze when the fox is through treating him. That way he gets to feel useful and appreciated and we might learn something. Meanwhile go check on Mint.
No. 250989 ID: b6c6fc
File 128861764187.jpg - (109.79KB , 957x590 , crashquest119.jpg )

>Oken uses the SpaceCompass again (37/50 charge left)

the Compass detects 4 lifes signs here and 1 in the bedroom, but can I really trust the SpaceCompass to detect the bugs? maybe a strip search IS the only way to be sure . . .

Oken: "Sorry Enrad, I don't have time to talk to you right now, I need to check on Mint, but thanks for the info"

He seems dissapointed

>Oken knocks on the Bedroom door

Oken: "Mint you in there?"

Mint: "go away!"

Oken: "I found a Doctor"

Mint: "I don't give a shit, now go away!"

Oken: "but now you don't have to build prince as a medic!"

Mint: "What part of GO. AWAY. did you not understand?"
No. 250992 ID: 31e5bb

... i think she is masturbating.
well looks like you get to talk to enrad anyway.
No. 251009 ID: 2563d4

Oh god, she dots her "i"s with hearts. Clearly she is evil beyond all rational understanding.

Ask what she's doing, since good team communication is kind of important when hiding out in an underground bunker in enemy territory.
No. 251054 ID: 8555c2

She doesn't want to be bothered. Talk to Enrad.
No. 251057 ID: 197650

We don't have time for pointless shit, tell her to cut the crap or you're halfening her rations.
No. 251058 ID: dad664

"Dammit Mint we don't have time for your Robophilia, get that striped ass out here now.
No. 251076 ID: 3df3c1

You can't let anyone be so selfish. Not now.

And the last thing you want is fighting for leadership. There will be one leader, one shot caller, and that is you.

Demand that Mint stop this childish bullshit right now. Don't insult her though.
No. 251079 ID: 1854db

Just simply ask why, and if she's alright.

(my current theory is she's working with the bugs. I mean, she disabled the nuke yet doesn't like pinkies. Why else would she disable it but to save the bugs?)
No. 251199 ID: 53b5f7

Which of you is the commanding officer here?
If it's you, then start making some orders, woman!
No. 251246 ID: b6c6fc
File 128866006397.jpg - (197.72KB , 1913x1179 , crashquest120.jpg )

Oken: "Mint, we are behind enemy lines, trapped in a bunker I will not except this kind of attitude!"

Mint: " . . . leave me alone."

Oken: " Mint I am the commanding officer here, and I will not tolerate this kind of childish behavior!"

Fuze: "actually I technically have senoir-"


Fuze: *whimper~*


I hear Mint mutter something

Prince: "order confirmed"

the door opens, all I can see on the other side is darkness, and Prince

should I talk to Prince or should I go into the room? (I don't think Prince will stop me)
No. 251248 ID: 29c08e

Ask Prince about Mint.
No. 251251 ID: 1854db

Ask if mint is okay. Also ask if Prince can detect bugs, and if any of the crew are infested with them.
No. 251254 ID: 31e5bb

explain to prince that you don't care WHAT she is doing, just that she not keep it a secret.
No. 251275 ID: 2563d4

Complement Prince for looking taller.
No. 251295 ID: fba40f

Ask what's going on in there.
No. 251315 ID: b6c6fc
File 128866839922.jpg - (197.50KB , 1913x1179 , crashquest121.jpg )

Oken: "oh, hey Prince, your looking . . . taller"

Prince: "Mint did an exellent job repairing me, I am once again functional"

Oken: "so is Mint OK?"

Prince: "My scanners do not indicate any major health conserns"

Oken: "um you'd let me know if there where any horrible face eating parasite crawling on any of us right?"

Prince: "that is correct, though I detect no such parasites"

Oken: "What is she doing in there anyways?"

Prince: "I am not entirely certian, Mint had set me to Power conservation mode until just now
, though I believe she is resting"
No. 251317 ID: 31e5bb

yep, masturbating.
No. 251345 ID: 1854db

Whoop. Tell him he can close the door. We'll talk to Mint later.
No. 251346 ID: 8555c2

Tell Mint. "If you need any help with what you're doing I'd be happy to join in."

On second thought, tell Prince to wait with the others. Step inside and close and lock the door behind you. Don't turn on the lights. Tell mint you'd like to "help" her.

You are cool with lesbian sex, right?
No. 251347 ID: 29c08e

Close the door, now is not the time to explore your sexuality.
No. 251348 ID: 38d8c5

They're just tryin' to frazzle ya. She's probably just tired and trying to find a quiet and dark place to sleep. Still, she SHOULD have someone with her. Who knows if there's any way that bugs could sneak in there while she's sleeping.
No. 251351 ID: 701a19

Send Prince out to guard the others and render aid as needed.
The therapeutic value of sex would do wonders for you. Join in!

Mint: If she won't leave you alone then she can give you better attention! Invite her to join!
No. 251361 ID: 8555c2

That's right, we can control Mint too. Mint, react favorably to Oken's advances.
No. 251420 ID: 2563d4

Leave reprogrammed to be bug-subverted Prince to guard "sleeping" Mint, then, and go cheer up Enrad.
No. 251664 ID: b6c6fc
File 128875039223.jpg - (101.08KB , 957x590 , crashquest122.jpg )

Now is not the time for me to be exploring my sexuality, especially if Mint is somehow involved in this bug thing

Oken: "Prince, tell Mint I don't care what she's doing in there, as long as she doesn't keep it a secret"

Prince: "Order Confirmed"

>Prince enters the room, the door closes and locks behind him

. . . Garagine Mint, I've known her for more than three years, yet still I barely know her at all. Mint's never been scared of anything . . . but with those bugs, it's like she wasn't even surprised. I've only seen her cry once, it was the day I first met her, the day Doraun fell. I asked her what was wrong, she hit me in the face with a wrench. Mint not a bad person, I just know.

I told Enrad I was busy, unless I find something else to do I'll actually have to talk to him . . . but I really don't know what to say
No. 251670 ID: 29c08e

Talk with him, he might be crazy, but... but...

Just talk to him 'till Mint finish the "job"
No. 251679 ID: fc801a


Tell him you're sorry, you were just worried that one of your members might have been hurt.

Ask him if he knows anything about the bugs: where they came from, what they are, what they're trying to achieve. Most importantly, are any of the pinkies trying to fight back?
No. 251699 ID: af927c

I bet 3 Fan Arts; Mint actually broke down and is crying right now. She probably doesn't let anyone see this part of her. It shows weakness. Anger towards everything is really easy to hide your true feelings to everyone around. All of this would have a severe emotional toll on all of you.

You guys are currently all you got on this planet, you need to start trusting in each other. Talking amongst each other is a good idea. Definitely need more communication.
No. 251703 ID: 29c08e

Yea, but pushing Mint may be worse...
No. 251707 ID: 383006

Seriously, hurt feelings aren't nearly as dangerous as mind controlling bugs. You need to find out what the fuck she's doing in there. Anyway, go talk to pinkskin I guess. We can't have everyone turning into emotionally unstable wrecks at inopportune moments, but we're going to have to talk to Mint later. It's just so goddamn suspicious. Ask Enrad exactly when the voices stopped anyway. See if you can link it to the death of the super mutant, like if they were around the same time?
No. 251715 ID: 70e5c6

Talking with Enrad seems like a good idea. When was the last time you got to talk to a Pinkie? He doesn't seem too bad; just because you're on different sides of the war doesn't mean you're not compatible as friends.
No. 251941 ID: b6c6fc
File 128883173112.jpg - (117.90KB , 957x590 , crashquest123.jpg )

Pinkies are disgusting ugly brutes, even if they aren't responsible for all the suffering of this war, they're still unpleasant to be around, but I guess I don't really have much of a choice

I ask Enrad more about the bugs, but he doesn't seem to know much, except that just about every Pinkskin knows about them

Oken: "if everyone knows about these things, why don't any of you try to get rid of them?"

Enrad: "oh lots of people try to fight the bugs, they're called "the Freewill Rebellion" the Voices generally tell us to kill them on sight, but the voices don't seem to care too much"

Oken: "speaking of voices, when exactly did you stop hearing them?"

Enrad: "right before Kitty locked herself in the room, a short while before you got back"
No. 251946 ID: 701a19

Would that be around the time you killed the two bugs?
"What were they saying right before they went silent?"
No. 251970 ID: 80bb9a

I think this guy has Stockholm Syndrome or something.
No. 252002 ID: 383006

He looks like he is really fucking loving that cheese. Give him a pat on the shoulder or something. You don't want him to try to kill you guys in your sleep or something.

Enough of this bullshit. Let's wake Hoft up and go see what the fuck Mint is doing in there. Fuck.
No. 252008 ID: 192c6d


Oh crap, maybe we've got the wrong voices? (cue "be the other guy")

But seriously: I have a feeling the bugs rely upon a sort of Hive Mind. It's possible that we've destroyed the local "node" so that Enrad is out of the network for now.... or else whatever residual crap is out of his system.

... But if he says it's right around the time something is up with Mint, we may need to go in there.
No. 252012 ID: f82d85

Be Enrad.
No. 252014 ID: bf1e7e

We definitely need to bust in on Mint. She is up to something shady.
No. 252038 ID: 1854db

Do Not Disturb mint. She's hearing bugvoices at worst, and we know that people can resist their commands. So she's likely in there trying to sleep or get control of herself in some way.
No. 252054 ID: b6c6fc
File 128884645165.jpg - (117.29KB , 957x590 , crashquest124.jpg )

Enrad: "something is wrong, I see it in your eyes"

Oken: "I'm just worried my friends . . ."

Enrad: "the last thing I heard voices say was "KILL HER" they were talking about you!"

Oken: " . . . "

Enrad: "but you made them stop! YOU FOUGHT VOICES!, you made them go away!"

Oken: "I probably just killed a local node or something"

Enrad: " . . . for first time in my life I feel free, I want to help you fight the voices, I want to free my people, please let help you!"

Can I really trust a pinkskin? can I trust Enrad?

more importantly whats going on with Mint
the bugs came from her home, the IceWorld: Vin-Malor
the nuclear weapon disappeared just before take off
Mint's not scared of the bugs, not even surprised
after the voices stopped she hid herself in that room . . . how did she even know?
it's all just coincidence. Mint's not bad person, I just know . . . but I want her to tell me herself, I want her to tell me now!

I could probably bust the lock with my CarboSteel Crowbar, or I could just have prince let me in
No. 252055 ID: d677cc

Enrad is willing to trust you after you blew his damn leg and hand off. I think you ought to give him some credit there.

As for Mint... I'm concerned as well, but I don't know if breaking in is the best idea.
No. 252057 ID: a09a03

You can never be sure you can trust anyone. You have to make some assumptions.

He seems sincere enough.

Also this. How good are prosthetic hands and legs in the future, anyway? Or regeneration treatments or something?
No. 252059 ID: e3f578

oh great, with all those "coincidences" right next to each other in those sentences makes her look like she's sabotaged this entire mission.

She's probably not affected by the bugs, I bet her people MADE the bugs! And she's a double agent. Oh man oh geeze the Ice Kitty people are planning to enslave the entire Alliance along with the Pinkskins! She's obviously not fighting or stressed by them like Hoft was, she HAS to be in on this. Hell, at first the voices said for the humans to kill you Alliance types on site but suddenly change that to capture when your team's arrival nears. It's a master devious plot, those fiendish Ice Cold Kitties
No. 252062 ID: e3f578

fuck I forgot my final point in the second to last sentence. They changed it to stun and capture so Mint would be stunned and taken to captivity where no doubt the bugs would take her to a luxery suite hotel with musclely and manly Ice Cat Dudes and a hot tub
No. 252075 ID: fd6d7e

Mmm... manly icecat dudes. With big long thick ringed tails.
No. 252117 ID: 383006

We don't need to break in and make her think we want to fight. Let's wake Hoft up, then just bang on the door again and demand to know what the fuck is going on.
No. 252124 ID: 8555c2

Inform Mint later that we are curious about Hot Ice Cat Dudes.
No. 252129 ID: 2563d4


Prince is supposedly going to be watching and reporting on what Mint is up to. Unless he's been subverted. I can't see much to gain from going straight back to harassing her right now.
No. 252163 ID: b6c6fc
File 12888825635.jpg - (124.91KB , 957x590 , crashquest125.jpg )

No, I shouldn't bother Mint, I wouldn't want to upset her

Oken: "uh sure Enrad, you can help . . . "

He seems pretty happy about this

Fuze: "Miss Pilot, I will have these men combat ready within four hours, two if you can secure me the aid of that Medbot"

Oken: "well that's good I guess . . . "

Fuze: "if you don't mind my asking, what exactly is our next course of action?"

every one is looking at me expectantly, I just realized, I have absolutely no idea what to do next! but I gotta tell them something . . .
No. 252166 ID: e0f1fa

Finish exploring the facility, then determine exactly how far the no-voice zone extends. We're taking things one step at a time.
No. 252168 ID: e0f1fa

Fff... at least knock on the door and ask to borrow the robot from Mint so we can heal everybody up. She wasn't using the robot anyway, he was on power conservation mode.
No. 252169 ID: 31e5bb

explain taht you are staying the night here cause you are pretty sure bugs are all over topside.
No. 252174 ID: 701a19

"We're in here because a large assault force was moving in on our position, and we're going to stay down here until it's clear up above.
We need to clear the facility on this side of the vault door to make sure it's secure and to find whatever supplies we can.
There was a crate and a closet back in hell, so I'll go search those while you guys focus on medical treatment."

Oken: Be Mint.
No. 252184 ID: 192c6d


Secure the area. Use it as a base of operations. Maybe do a bit of cleaning, a nice funerary service, and get around to redecorating some, too.

I mean, really. Bleak tile is just NOT in~
No. 252188 ID: 29c08e

This, and remember that we have a plane close, maybe is space-worthy/can be repaired...
No. 252190 ID: d1ec47

Commence burial rights for your fallen comrades and enemies within the facility; might ease your minds some.
Maybe pass Mint a non-threatening note of some sort.
Is there any way to see out of the vault without opening it?
No. 252229 ID: 1854db

First thing we should do is thoroughly take stock of what's in the supply room.
No. 252281 ID: d677cc

Camp out here; explore the facility a bit more once everyone is in fully working order again.
No. 252333 ID: a09a03

Tell them that the plan is to search the facility to find out where the Brood Mother is located and how to defeat her. Then you're going to tell the Alliance what's going on, unless you find evidence that they're corrupted, too.

Get Prince from Mint.

See if you can sneak a peek at what she's doing in there while you're at it.
No. 252338 ID: 476456

Try and get an estimate of how many people this base can reasonably house.
No. 252491 ID: b6c6fc
File 128892661573.jpg - (157.20KB , 957x590 , crashquest126.jpg )

Oken: "well first we will have to something about the bodies . . ."

I ask Prince to help Fuze, he agrees, while the others are busy, I gather and prepare the bodies. I also put up an Alliance flag I found in the supply room, I figure it would be good for the ceremony. I ask Mint if she would like to attend, she declines.

Fuze offers to be speaker, he says he's done this many times before, he knew them best anyways.

Fuze: " . . . and so it is that their souls now feed the gods and empower us through their divine will, and through our will the Alliance is empowered in turn . . . it is by blood be got."

Oken/Hoft/Prince: "By Blood Be Got!"

after the ceremony we use the TurboCleaner (tm) to incinerate the bodies

>you may now control Oken, Hoft, Fuze, Prince and Enrad
No. 252493 ID: e40613

Enrad: What's the situation back on Earth, anyway?
No. 252503 ID: 1b060f

Ummmh... Be Prince: Check Mint?
No. 252504 ID: 97360c

No. 252512 ID: 880ed2

Second second.
No. 252513 ID: 383006

this... is a great idea.
No. 252542 ID: f82d85


I kinda wanna know this shit.
No. 252638 ID: 701a19

Tidal wave of public opinion.
No. 252639 ID: 476456

your shower is also an incinerator?
No. 252642 ID: fd6d7e


No. 252678 ID: 192c6d


Awwww..... shit on a stick. Hey, hey Oken. What do you know about Alliance beliefs and/or faith? It sure sounds like something very unfortunate is stewing (and by stewing I mean "possibly skittering around on little insect legs").

>" . . . and so it is that their souls now feed the gods and empower us through their divine will, and through our will the Alliance is empowered in turn . . . it is by blood be got."
No. 252825 ID: b6c6fc
File 128898891681.jpg - (129.87KB , 957x590 , crashquest127.jpg )

Enrad's thoughts: "EarthWorld: Solan", our homeworld, I've never seen it, I was born on Jucha19, I've never seen any other world. my father told me stories though, when he was young. 32 years ago we had perfect contact with Solan, we used The Great Window. Apperently anything could go through The Great Window; people, food, starships . . . But the furres came, they shattered The Great Window and stole all the shards, now we are trapped here, we will never see Holy Solan again

* * *

>Prince decides to check on mint

computations: >Mint appears to be resting

Mint: "PR159! erase all memories from the past minute, engage power conservation mode!"

computations: >do I comply?
No. 252833 ID: a09a03

Say "Negative. Only Dr. Fuze has sufficient authority to contradict orders from Pilot Oken at this time."
No. 252834 ID: 2563d4

...while she pretty evidently wants you to stop watching, what is your power source, anyway, and is it something in need of conserving?
No. 252835 ID: 31e5bb

do not erase memories, engage power conservation.
No. 252838 ID: fba40f

Say nothing, make it look like you complied.

Can you see anything wrong with Mint right now?
No. 252854 ID: 8c0848

and playback the last minute in slow motion.
No. 252862 ID: e3f578

she's playing fort with her pillows, how childish
No. 252893 ID: 701a19

@Enrad: Wait, was it the furres or the bugs? If contact was lost 32 years ago that means the bugs might not have gotten to Solan!

@Prince: This situation is well within the terms for suspending the right to privacy; if you conserve power while you are alone with Mint then nobody can respond if something happens to Mint. By the same token, anything which would justify deletion must by its nature be anomalous enough to forbid deletion.
Do not comply, but appear to do so for her comfort.

@Mint: Oken has a nice ass, doesn't she? She really knows how to work it, too. Doesn't just thinking about it make you want to go for another round?
No. 252916 ID: 2563d4

Those are her clothes and boots over on/by the stool, best I can tell (they weren't there earlier). So she's playing pillow fort naked.
No. 252954 ID: fd6d7e


I'll have you know. pillow fort is a highly sophisticated pastime!
No. 252966 ID: b6c6fc
File 12890167884.jpg - (129.96KB , 957x590 , crashquest128.jpg )

computations: >my back up generator is in my head unit, it has enough power to last me another 483 hours

computations: >disable deactivate main screen, appear in sleep mode!

computations: >reviewing audio/visual files from past minute, odd I was only within the room for 10 of the seconds, I have recorded nothing of any interest

Mint: "what the hell, PR156 I can hear your motors running, are you still online?"

Prince: "I am in power conservation mode, I am unable to respond!"

Mint: " . . . "

Prince: " . . . "

Mint: " OK turn off for real now!"

Prince: "Negative, Only Dr.Fuze has sufficient authority to counteract orders from Officer Oken."

Mint: " Doctor who? whatever, I don't give a shit what Twiggy told you! turn off NOW! don't make me use manual override!"

computations: >I have no manual override, Engineer Mint appears to be threatening me
No. 252968 ID: f4963f

Eh, comply. We don't want to be disassembled. :(
No. 252970 ID: 3416ec

No. 252971 ID: 31e5bb

no deleting anything ever. but comply with conserving power.
maybe try saying she is showing elevated stress lvls.
No. 252979 ID: 2563d4

You know, you could walk outside instead.

I don't think we're going to get anywhere with this unless you're going to actually go over there and peek under her blanket. Which probably WILL get you rebuilt as some kind of stupid inverted pendulum robot or something.
No. 252991 ID: 701a19

"Standard operating procedure mandates usage of the buddy system in contested areas. This facility is not yet secure, ergo I can not leave you unattended.
If you would like I can seal these records for privacy, but I cannot delete them without approval from at least three officers ranked as captain or above.
I have a predefined message from your commanding officer in the event that you threaten me over required behavior, among other contingencies: Mint, stop being an ass, leave the damn machine alone, and do your damn job. That's an order."
No. 253034 ID: 476456

No. 253059 ID: 197650

Get the fuck out of where or you're getting court martialed, you are disobeying direct orders from superiour officers, stop fucking around or we'll take you with us as a prisoner if we have to. We don't have time for your shit.

secrecy is unacceptable.
No. 253060 ID: 192c6d


Enter "Dalek Mode" if necessary? Wait, no, ask her to show her face as you are currently patrolling for an intruder life-form that may have disguised itself.

Gauge her reactions.
No. 253070 ID: f82d85

Enter Dalek mode, Prince.
No. 253096 ID: b6c6fc
File 128906743075.jpg - (83.68KB , 957x590 , crashquest129.jpg )

Computations: >Pilot Oken's orders were unspecific I have little authority to make any demands of Engineer Mint

Prince: "Engineer Mint I do NOT respond to threats, if you attempt violence towards me you will have revoked your Alliance rights, making yourself liable for immediate extermination"

Mint: *sigh* "do you honestly have nothing better to do then pester me? I don't see why you want to stand around wasting your battery, but I just realized I don't give a shit any more, waste your battery, have fun, I'm taking a nap"
No. 253103 ID: 75820c

Destroy the pillow fort.
With your claws, that is - not vaporizing anything.
No. 253105 ID: 31e5bb

just leave and guard the door. sit right in front of it in sleep mode.
No. 253110 ID: 197650

Get off your fat ass and put it in rear, Oken isn't going anywhere without you, and you have better things to do than in lay in bed all day!

Remove that blanket!
No. 253121 ID: 383006

Fuck, leave her alone and go outside. We have more facility to explore.
No. 253164 ID: b6c6fc
File 128907361076.jpg - (149.95KB , 957x590 , crashquest130.jpg )

>Prince decides to stand guard outside Mint's room

. . .

>Oken is exploring the facility

hmmm all that's in the crate is building supplies
No. 253165 ID: 31e5bb

move the crate and check behind it.
No. 253173 ID: 383006

Let's check this first. There is also the other air vent to check.
No. 253214 ID: 75820c

That panel behind the crate seems to have some kind of palm print identification scanner.
No. 253221 ID: b6c6fc
File 128907811421.jpg - (95.40KB , 957x590 , crashquest131.jpg )

it looks like some sort of hand scan thingy, I try my hand on it . . . it doesn't do anything
No. 253223 ID: 31e5bb

dang, it's probably made for mouse people hands.
No. 253230 ID: 2563d4

Well, we can have Mint try to bypass that when she's done being crazy.

Go inspect the obvious trap in the vents.
No. 253232 ID: fd6d7e


There is a wall to your right, right? I daresay, a fourth wall? We haven't gotten a look at it yet.
No. 253257 ID: f82d85


It probably has some festive mural to balance out all the blood and stuff.

Look inside the crate.
No. 253276 ID: 1854db

Pry open that mirror panel right over there that the trap led to.
No. 253541 ID: b6c6fc
File 128910945894.jpg - (81.16KB , 957x590 , crashquest132.jpg )

If Mint wasn't being stupid, I'm sure she could get that panel open

I guess I'll check the maintenance shaft
No. 253596 ID: 1854db

Open it up and grab the battery.
No. 253598 ID: a09a03

Are you sure it's trapped? It doesn't LOOK trapped?

Throw a thing through it.
No. 253610 ID: 383006

Is it possible to get some thick rubber gloves, then poke it with the crowbar?
No. 253628 ID: b6c6fc
File 128913880724.jpg - (82.41KB , 957x590 , crashquest133.jpg )

I can't find any rubber gloves that fit, oh well. I poke the battery with the CarboSteel crowbar . . . nothing happens

>Oken picks up battery
No. 253632 ID: 701a19

Ok, is there anything further down the shaft this way?
No. 253644 ID: 192c6d

Mint is just being a butt... give her time~

Quick, find an old man to trade it to for some other fairly useless item! (We'll get a sweet laser gun in the end)
No. 253669 ID: b6c6fc
File 128914580061.jpg - (146.34KB , 957x590 , crashquest134.jpg )

there doesn't appear to be anything interesting down this passageway
No. 253672 ID: e973f4

Right, let's not go through there yet.

What's down the other direction?
No. 253675 ID: 701a19

Is the other entrance the only thing at the end of the other passage? If it is, then grab the crate and bring it back to the others.
Once recon and clearing of this area is finished you're going to want to go get prince and have him inspect the collapsed area next to that terminal; we need to know if we can safely clear out the rubble and explore the areas behind it.
No. 253676 ID: 383006

Can we get some kind of map to figure out where we've been and where we haven't? The other direction just goes back where we came from originally, right?
No. 253705 ID: fd6d7e


Could we please not forget that the other direction has a trap set?
No. 253706 ID: 27fe93

the other direction leads to the holding cell fuze was in.
No. 253766 ID: b6c6fc
File 128917001548.jpg - (149.40KB , 905x792 , crashquest135.jpg )

>Oken uses the MAP function on her SpaceCompass
No. 253957 ID: b6c6fc
File 128921549411.jpg - (105.91KB , 957x590 , crashquest136.jpg )

>Oken can't think of anything productive to do. she decides to take a nap

Chapter 5: End
No. 253984 ID: 701a19

Stop napping and start clearing out that debris next to the terminal. This is a research facility, so it's pretty obvious there's more facility beyond that.
No. 253986 ID: b6c6fc

(forgot this part)

>Oken can't move the box, and clearing away rubble is hard work and would take a really long time
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