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File 128542993392.jpg - (166.32KB , 746x1000 , Land Of Dragons Ancestral Tomb Geodesiak.jpg )
233735 No. 233735 ID: a76809

[ First Thread http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/83524.html]
[ Second Thread http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/142119.html ]
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[ Discussion Thread 1 http://quest.lv/kusaba/questdis/res/316616.html ]
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[ Wiki Page: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Golem_Quest ]

Keddic Harksburton the 4th, scion of one of the warrior families of Castiliathen, faced down Jeeba Hechler, a notorious warrior from his homeland that had joined the Disciples of Domintus. In their clash, which took place in the finals of a tournament in the Land of Dragons, Keddic learned much of the mysteries within his blood, commanding becoming the WHITE LION. He chose to return to Gainer in search of his master, rather than returning to Mordre's side immediately.

>"....Okay, so Del, you said that these hand-cannons couldn't support a revolving cylinder AND lightning runes at the same time, yes? Made quite a definitive statement out of it too, yes?"
>"Well of COURSE you feckin' can't, the-"
>"..Wha... what? Heh, heheHAH! Well, color me impressed lad! Ya pulled that off, then!"
>"...This isn't quite as satisfying with you being all impressed rather than shocked."
>"Eh, shut yer yap! You got just one converted like that, there's what, a Deep-damned thousand of these things left to change? Why wast that jawin'!"
>"No gloating in my little triumph? ...Fine. Question though, since you were up earlier than me."
>"The feck is it?"
>"When did that guy Vimes and his group leave?"
>"Ah, that. Just shy of dawn, a runner from the south showed up, and they just piled up and marched. Too bad, that Vimes guy, he had a feckin' head on his shoulders."

.................................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE.............................................................

I have spent the last day wisely, Oz the Breaker having warmed to me considerably as I continue to provide him excellent sparring partners in the form of my Deep Spawn. He still drinks, but has not intoxicated himself anywhere near to the point I noted when I first met him. I have noted that he has asked after Bagrom more than once, and is rather clearly concerned for his first and currently only pupil. I have also noted that he has a fascination with tumultuous events, and finding quick, dirty solutions, facets of his personality that I must take into account in my interactions with him. After all, I am ultimately here to sway him to Lubu's side. I seem to have him hooked with talk of facing down the White Pheonix, a rival martial artist he holds in no high regard, but he still seems leary to serve a Dragon, even temporarily.

However this has ceased being my singular concern of the moment, as Burduko, upon my request, teleported to Vandgurd and Zelgoto's side after I got the message they had been felled, and returned with their broken forms. Their regeneration writhes, but they stay broken, shattered husks unable to do much at all. Sadronm noted to me that I could restore them to their full functionality by putting a second Deep Spawn core within them, ultimately restarting their existence... and I wonder if I should. It would mean that I would have at best a maximum of forty eight Deep Spawn to my name rather than fifty... but it would also mean the older, more experienced Deep Spawn to my name continue to persist. Oz himself looks mildly concerned, lamenting the current state of his two favorite 'punching bags'.

The information that reached me before their fate is troubling as well. Ash Dragon Jioga was able to track me back to the pagoda I abandoned, and according to Vandgurd and Zelgoto, he set off into the fruit orchard thereafter.... he may be getting close indeed.

What should I say or do?
Do I have anything I wish to say to Oz, or to ask of anyone directly or through Phohn?
Should I spend two Deep Spawn cores of my remaining forty one to restore Vandgurd and Zelgoto?
Or should I do something else?
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No. 233743 ID: 2ce024

Restore them.
No. 233744 ID: 2ce024

Someone in the discussion said that we should try to convince Oz to take Uggrock as a pupil and I think that's awsome
No. 233746 ID: e31d52

Restore them. At the rate we're using them, they'll rot up before they see much use!

The issue here is yet another language barrier.
No. 233747 ID: d3dfb8

I guess it's time to make some support deepspawn. one for healing and one for buffing I think would be good.
Contact Keddic and ask after Bagrom for Oz, I'm sure he Oz would appreciate it.
No. 233748 ID: ab04d4

>[deepspawnname] embodies Healing in the form of Aura and Crystal
>[deepspawnname] embodies Strengthening in the form of Balls and Fists, also ball of fists man :D
No. 233749 ID: e31d52

>[deepspawnname] embodies Healing in the form of Care and Attachment

Hoping for a Spawn that makes little lampreys that grant regen to those they attach to.

Where is the master list of Spawn Names?
No. 233750 ID: b18ccb

Damn it, Vimes left! Damn damn damnity damn!

Oh well. Hopefully we can get them again.

And I'd argue agasint healing, for now. They could heal on there own and could possibly become stronger for it. However, if they look like they will die, power them up.

So, Mordre, what happened to KORGOTYO THE CHAINED and Immortal Angormandius The Undying?

And did anything intresting happen at the Tyotworro estates?

And question: If we impower with Deep Spawn Eggs, will our Monster Party members gain -new- abilities, or just be strengthed?
No. 233751 ID: b18ccb

Getting list:
No. 233756 ID: b6460c

Restore them.

Now we have to make a spawn that can directly mess with the dragon after us.

Quiz Vandguard and Zelgato and then craft as spawn based on their response and Sandronim's recommendations.

Via Phohn:
Ask Keddic if the new guy has anything that Phohn can use to find him, then have a caht with the fellow.... if possible.
No. 233760 ID: 6ae689

Yeah don't restore them with our precious cores! Use option 3 - Create a NEW Deepspawn for this sort of situation! This IS going to happen again so it's best to have a permanent repair and healing solution at hand. Besides it probably looks cool so Oz can watch you do it. See what he can tell from the process as he's obviously used to soul manipulation.

Akeakam embodies the concept of RESTORATION, and his form revolves around OIL and NEEDLES.

Get Phohn to ask Magnum Bang for a mission report. I'd like to know how he's doing or if he wants any tactical advice.

You might want to discuss Oz's opinion of Dragons a bit more. Does he just not like bossy types or what? Ask Oz if he's willing to join forces (both mentally and physically) against Jioga if he turns up. Like play some jokes on him and stuff, then fight him together with Dulu and the Deepspawn if he actually blows his top.

Actually it might be handy to speak with Jioga a bit before you meet. Maybe he's willing to join forces and collaborate with the plan to bring Oz into the fold? Propose the possibility that if you end up fighting outright then you might just lose the objective and both of you will lose face in front of Lubu!

Make one or more metal objects and have Phohn and Burduko make a connection with the objects. Then leave them behind you on your trail with written instructions on them or next to them saying that it's a magical device that lets people speak to you. If Jioga picks one up then you can have a chat. If he also brings one with him then Burduko might be able to tell where in the world it is relative to your location... :)
No. 233762 ID: b18ccb

List has been posted in the Discussion Thread.

As for talking to Oz, just ask him what he thinks of Dragons, and what he thinks of Lubu.
No. 233763 ID: b18ccb

Two other memebers of our Monster Party that could help:

Murhyihal embodies the concept of MAINTENANCE/REPAIR, its form revolves around REPAIR TOOLS and RESOURCEFULNESS

Jidkof embodies the concept of VITALITY. Its form revolves around FLESH and BLOOD.

There are a few other's that are a stretch, but those seem to be the best easy match, other then the two suggested here - But not BOAM, because that's not really a buff.
No. 233764 ID: 445c48

I'd say use Queeyurtoh and Erostika's cores to restore them, as well as making a new Deep Spawn, Murhyihal, Concept of RESTORATION, form of TOOLS (For repairing mechanobits) and CRYSTALS (For healing fleshbits)
No. 233770 ID: 56dc25

Guys, the Ash Dragon is incoming. We do not have time to sink hours and large chunks of our soul into making numerous Deep Spawn. One at most, and that only after we've done something to deal with the incoming rival. A rather brutal incoming rival, at that, seeing as he did something this nasty to our Deep Spawn when they were under orders not to start anything violent; the evidence would thus suggest that he'll try something violent upon arrival, as well.

I presume that we have already spoken to Oz about the fact that the Ash Dragon will soon arrive, and of his presumed intentions as a rival but similarly-intentioned recruiter. The problem here is, as someone who favors quick and dirty solutions and likes fighting Oz is likely to be more than willing to go with a proposal like "Hey, I'll fight you for it" on the part of the Ash Dragon. Either as a challenge to us, or to him; it plays to Oz' likes and also the to Land of Dragons' general culture. Regardless, I don't think that we want this to come down to a matter of personal prowess.

So what've we got to avoid that? We could attempt to secure an agreement with Oz now and trust him to keep to it in the face of the Ash Dragon, or we could come up with some other plan. And I haven't got another plan.

The only new logic I've got to persuade Oz is that he's the master of his own fate; if he says that he'll work for Lubu for a bit and after two weeks finds it anything less than enjoyable, he can just turn and leave. All we're really asking is for him to give it a shot; if Lubu turns out to embody those characteristics he despises in Dragons, he can just go. And if he makes it clear after a while that he's planning to leave, considering that we know Lubu is interested in having him stay Oz might well be able to pressure the Fierce Dragon gradually into making concessions to keep him around.
No. 233778 ID: 445c48

Right, right, forget makin' Deepspawn, forgot about the time investment. Ask if the restoration would take much time, if not, do it, otherwise, keep moving. I suggest you start gathering up lots of metal as you move, for Magenetomatic anchors and also SURPRISE BITCH LANCES FROM THE GROUND in case you need to fight.
No. 233782 ID: b18ccb

No, no, it's 'Suprise, Fuckers'. But we kinda have to be a Arabic Null for that to work. Anyway.

I do think it would be a good idea to make one healer. If I remember right, we're on a moving platform, aren't we? We can keep it moving while we make our healer. If we're -not- on the platform, we get back to the platform.
No. 233784 ID: 56dc25

We're not moving anymore. We're staying with Bagrom's people, and waiting here for his return. Moving further is not really an option at the moment, and it's not necessarily desirable anyway; it's already served its purpose in buying us time to meet and befriend Oz without the Ash Dragon's interference.
No. 233787 ID: a76809
File 128544483359.jpg - (506.24KB , 800x1067 , Land Of Dragons Hieryou of the Iron Mustache.jpg )

[Putting a new core in could graft new abilities, forcibly evolve and improve existing Deep Spawn. otherwise, they all start at a given baseline based on your own soul.]

Angormandius left heading towards Gainer, and I imagine he likely has reached it. As for Korgotyo the Chained, he is currently the guest of a local school of martial arts, the Chaining Calamity school, who seem to be wholly separate of the Tyotworro clan ...Perhaps guest is not the right term: They have open air arenas and gardens in their premise that easily accommodate the gargantuan Rageglut, and I have seen their deferential yet familiar attitude with him. It would seem fairly likely he is a member, and a considerably talented one at that. He has been largely courteous in his interactions with the locals, quite a few of whom seem to know him, including several elderly individuals that speak with far more familiarity than the rest. Korgotyo has nevertheless not spoken with me, or in fact anyone at the Tyotworro clan estate, including Oz. I have noted that Oz would likely be quite pleased if able to have a chat with the titanic warrior, and the degree of notoriety the Rageglut holds intrigues me. Perhaps I could pursue this vein, some time or other.

The Tyotworro estates themselves have a few branch family members who still act somewhat deferential, as apparently Bagrom is from the main family line, which extends over us as his invited guests. There is Edgo Su-Tyotworro (The Su denoting branch family), a man past his prime and tending slightly towards sloth, a receding hairline doing nothing to hide the bull neck and strong jaw beneath, clearly having taken part in martial pursuits in the past. He has a wife, however as a branch family member his status could not confer via marriage, and so his wife and daughters are housed outside of the estate, where he frequently departs to visit them. His sons could not be more different. The youngest, Dano Su-Tyotworro, is studious, obsessed with finance and details, a critical aid to to his father the effective head of the estates. Between the two of them, they largely run and manage the impressive grounds. Then their is Heiryou of the Iron Mustache, the eldest sun. He is assertive, aggressive and exceptionally direct, a contrast to the tactically subdued Edgo and Dano. He left on a great many travels about the land, and now is the commander of the local army of Waltora, and champion of the local judicial system, a position involving defending the courts side when cases go to trial by combat. He is noted to have not lost a single case. Hieryou also has an enormous wolf, so heavily built it seems some primal throwback to a bygone era, a quiet, attentive companion that obeys his master's commands without question. Thus far, Oz has also sought a match with Heiryou, who politely declined due to work. I wonder if I could convince the scion of the branch Tyotworro's to at least hold a light spar, as I imagine this as well would please Oz, and make him more inclined to follow me to Lubu.

I invite Oz to take a break from his sparring with the other Deep Spawn (Nihilino has told me via Phohn that his erasing abilities cannot effect Oz at all, and Mothbern has had similar complaints) and their manifested spawn, while I heal the two he enjoyed fighting the most. Intrigued, considering both are little more than paste on the ground, feebly struggling to regenerate, he comes to watch, as does Hieryou, drawing with him his younger brother Dano whom he had been speaking with. I put forth my hand as I pluck free two of the forty one cores revolving about my form, and bend my Will towards crafting them. As I do so, I idly speak with Oz.

"So, what exactly is your opinion on Dragons in general, Oz? I don't think you ever told me more than that you don't wish to serve."
"...Huh, that's right. Well, I respect them as warriors, one and all they can do some amazing things, and no matter how they are now, they had to sweat, bleed and dance with death to get like that, and I can respect that. The thing is thought, that the way they act like they're the best fighters around, like no one else is their equal, that just pisses me off. I have yet to meet a Dragon that wasn't ultimately so pompous that those who served around them were simpering fools, spineless sycophants, crippling their effectiveness as individual soldiers, all to suit some stupid whims. So yeah, I have a problem with Dragons."

>Murhyihal, Concept of RESTORATION, form of TOOLS (For repairing metals) and CRYSTALS (For healing fleshbits)


The ever giving, of restoration, of recovery. I imagine a being to grow as a mass of crystal and metal, able to give up its own body to replenish others, spines on his metallic portions allowing incredible manipulation, an aid to construction as well. The crystals dotting his form, so similar to the type I forge when I invert Soulfire, hold within them the potential to revert, to unharm, restoring injuries by sacrificing their existence. With spawn that look like nothing more than giant leeches, able to grant passive regeneration to their host, Murhyihal is hardly offensive compared to many of the others... but I imagine I shall find him as useful as I have found Phohn and am now finding Burduko. Oz looks mightily impressed as the first roe simply begins to swell and harden, shards of transparent crystal abounding as a vaguely humanoid shape unwinds itself into a prostrate stance, as a voice like a saw on metal hails me reverentially.

"Murhyihal Serves."

As Oz claps, clearly impressed, Hieryou says nothing, all while Dano wears his astonishment on his sleeve. I continue my dialogue as I set Murhyihal to tending Vandgurd and Zelgoto, collecting my thoughts as my only just recently fully restored soul takes the hit without complaint.

"So, it is a question of attitude?"
"Not.... entirely. If they were actually such godly fighters like they acted, then yes, fine. But really, in all fairness there's a few Dragons I might be able to take, a few others who would have a hell of a time beating me, accounting for every one I have met. You don't get to act that high and mighty without commensurately absurd ability to go with it. Don't talk unless you can back it, that's the way you do it."

>Akeakam embodies the concept of STRENGTHENING, and his form revolves around OIL and NEEDLES.


Power, improvement, acceleration, enrichment. A being not to fight, but to make others fight more ably. Needles and fluids of nebulous power fill my mind, my soul diminishes as Will pours into the seed. It explodes into a bed of spikes, sprouting outward as an oil so dark it eats the light around it flows all about, a towering mass of shifting needles festooning a transparent membrane holding thousands of gallons of that perilously shadowed fluid, radiating a power I can scarce fathom. I see spawn so similar to Murhyihal's, now simple sacks and a single needle, a brilliant red elixir the cargo they carry. Another Support based Deep Spawn, as I swift find myself favoring them. This time Oz roars his laughter as the blob of oil and needles moves to Murhyihal's side, and begins to likewise aid in its work.

"Well Deep-damn, I've never seen anything like that, just making beings just like that. One fancy trick you got there, never-mind that I have no idea how you do it."
>[Hierou]"It appears the prayer-bead like orbs revolving about him are proto-souls of some form, and that by binding a piece of soul to them, he forces them to sprout, bound to his will."
"No shit? That is one sharp as sin Eye you got there, reading workings that deeply. Hah, to send a piece of your soul over distance and out of a fake body like that, one impressive trick, no doubt. That, or you're completely off, and its something else, HAH!"
>"...I would not have spoke were I not certain. Now pray excuse me, a serial killer is having a verdict rendered tonight, and will likely demand trial by combat."

With a glance to me, and a whistle for his wolf, Hieryou of the Iron Mustache, as ever barbed in his stylized armor, bows and leaves. Dano returns to his work on the estate accounts, while Oz spends a bit longer watching Vandgurd and Zelgoto be treated, before he rejoins the other Deep Spawn in his one-sided beat-down, looking happy as a child while his strikes topple giants that keep getting back up. As the night wears on, my two defenders finally arise, and return to the brawl without my need to ask after giving their report. They note that while Jioga was polite when he first arrived, upon learning that the pagoda was a ruse he struck out in anger, leaving them wounded so, with a simple metal sword, carrying the oppressive weight of his soul. They both note that while he entered the Fruit Orchard, Jioga and his retinue, some three hundred in number and all officers, was not following any trail, so I likely do not have as much cause for concern as I could. I watch the two restored Deep Spawn, clearly enjoying their fights against a human they simply cannot seem to harm, who extends the courtesy of not threatening their souls. Despite their support status, Phohn, Burduko, Murhyihal and Akeakam all likewise fight, their regeneration and innate strength making them excellent at keeping the pressure up on their laughing foe.

[DAY 140: DAY 10 OF WEEK 2 OF MONTH 4:]
[Randiday of the Second Cycle of Praeclarum (Summer)]

With even Dulu now having given in and finally joining the fray against Oz, likewise being beaten down like a child by burlier foe even as magic slowly grants him limbs and height alike, I have been occupied feigning some weariness, soon to cease moving and pretend to sleep, when a servant comes to speak with me, giving me reason to resurge in apparent alertness.

"Honored Golem User Mordre, Master Bagrom Tyotworro and a guest have arrived, and would like to meet you and guest Master Oz in the main hall presently."

As the servant departs without waiting to hears my response, I call out to Oz, apprising him of the situation, as he springs free of the fight while several Deep Spawn simply take a knee, letting their bodies finish regenerating as Dulu likewise watches our departure. As we take up residence in the roomy main hall, Bagrom and a young man puffing on Keddic's pipe who I presume is Senth stand before us. Both take part in giving us a recounting of the tournament, Oz seeming to be pleased with Bagrom's performance, having bested a past champion and three veterans before finally having to withdraw, but it is the recounting by Senth, that of the final match, that interests me most. Oz likewise is enthralled by that tail, and as we are fully brought up to date, Oz slaps his knee with a sound like thunder.

"Well GOOD FOR HIM! Got to have a personal moment it sounds like, and running into your master right after? Ah, serendipitous stuff, that. And that Jeeba fellow, I met him a few times... actually killed him twice, now that I think about it. First time didn't know he had three hearts and a backup mind, so technically didn't really kill him... but I pasted him the second time around, and still I run into him later. Guy has multiple copies of his body, or some crazy thing like that. Decent fighter, no mistake, but more than a bit loopy, and a violent arse. But taking a RageSphere... whooo, that takes balls. Even your soul gets warped by that. Makes your fellow... Keddic, that's it, makes Keddic's victory all the more impressive. AND SENTH!"

Without warning or hesitation Oz's right hand exudes a ghostly hand as large as a wall that rushes towards the wiry redhead at the speed of thought-and meets nothing, Senth having slipped away by some use of Tractomancy. ...A valuable skill, that. Yet instead of continuing, Oz laughs, walking forward and offering his hand to Senth.

"Well squirt, haven't seen you for a few years. Still a no-good waste of space, bothering your betters?"
>[Senth]"Haha, you know it!"
"And I note you use that Keddic's pipe..."
>"Yup, having a bit of fun with him."

With Bagrom moving to leave, likely seeking a wash and sleep, Senth and Oz chat, catching up since their last encounter (apparently two years ago, with Oz mocking Senth's new patch of chin-hair mercilessly), I look out of the main entrance, towards the vibrant night life of Waltora, a city large enough to hold scores of thousands I see Korgotyo's massive form illuminated by enormous bonfires as he leads nocturnal instruction for the Chaining Calamity school, his enormous chains dancing to his whims as they flick over building tops. I also note the four story courthouse is fully lit, and packed with throngs of people, likely interested in the sentencing of that serial killer. I see Hieryou vanishing into the courthouse. Dulu has engaged the Deep Spawn, asking that they spar with him as well, and they now continue their violence, the support Deep Spawn no longer taking part as pairs of warriors face Dulu. I briefly consider my soul, only slightly strained from the crafting of so few Deep Spawn.

What should I say or do?
Should I bring up Jioga's impending approach, and discuss potentially relocating?
Or should I try to speak directly with Bagrom, Dulu or Oz and Senth about anything?
Or perhaps should I venture out into Waltora proper, and seek to meet with Korgotyo or Hieryou?
Or should I simply stay and feign sleep?
No. 233791 ID: 57baa0

Well, I would think, now that we having a restoration type Deep Spawn, that we get Murhyihal on repairing Edge of Oblivion.
No. 233794 ID: 9338f5

this has my full support
No. 233801 ID: 57baa0

Also, determine some of the limits of our new Deep Spawn, if there are any (e.g. Murhyihal's spawn cannot grant regeneration to non-living organism {like Mordre when he is not using Blood Magic, or even when he is using Blood Magic}, Murhyihal's soft/hard cap on how fast he can repair things with and without the help of his spawn/Akeakam/Mordre's Blood Magic Magnetomancy/the patient's innate regeneration/other healer's attempts/any combination of the above, how far does Akeakam's/his spawn's strengthening effect goes in duration and strength of effect, if Akeakam and his spawn's effects stack, if the strengthening effect can affect non-living organisms, exactly which attributes the effect affect, if it can be used on themselves, etc.)

And, um, I am not suggesting restrictions, just so we are clear. Just desiring to know what Akeakam and Murhyihal can and cannot do, in their current state.

If Murhyihal's spawn can increase the rate of regeneration of our Deep Spawn, perhaps attach some of his spawn onto the sparring Deep Spawn (and their opponents, if they wish)? And, if Akeakam can increase magical strength, if only for a time, and we go for repairing the Edge of Oblivion, perhaps he can strengthen Mordre and Murhyihal so we can shave off more estimated time until complete repair, hopefully hours or even days, though minutes or seconds is good (especially since we know that our Spawns' abilities increase in strength as they age and earn experience, eventually Akeakam could just empower Murhyihal in the heat of battle, and Murhyihal finishes repairing the Edge of Oblivion in seconds, though that is a long way off).

Also, Murhyihal is really fucking hard to remember and to spell. Who came up with it?
No. 233806 ID: 5f0943

> Also, Murhyihal is really fucking hard to remember and to spell.
Let's call him Mury/Murhy then, for short.
No. 233815 ID: 6ae689

You might want to have a talk with Senth, see what he expects and make sure he's reasonably well updated on the current mission and all that. Does he use his tractomancy for anything useful apart from saving his own hide?

If Bagrom is still hurt from the tournament then Murhyihal might be able to fix up the remaining ills.

Since you've got a combat lawyer about there might be some way to keep Jioga from entering the estates through legal means somehow... Check out Hieryou's skills and abilities if possible. They may be tied to rules and laws somehow, giving him a possible edge against even a dragon. Also is it possible to create another teleportation box from AGC shells? If so then we could just use that to get away if Oz agrees to it.
No. 233816 ID: 1384b4

What? No pictures for our new Depp Spawns? Awww.... I like to have visual representation....

I am starting to miss Arkus and Arcaneworks in general, lets have a status update again through Phohn... And while we are at it, lets do the same for Mordreden, lets see how the integration is going...

Concerning Senth and the pipe. I would like to know if he would be able to evade our anti-magic field.

Also, Bob, are our Deep Spawn gaining experience by sparring with Oz? I also hope that gaining experience does not necesarely mean fighting and killing stuff as our support Spawns would have little chance to better them self. I hope that the more we use our spawn for their core abilities the more experienced they become overall (like using Phohn for communication, Sadronm for commanding, etc.)
Oh, speaking of Sadronm, is he helping during the sparrings? He should direct and give orders to other Spawns, this will increase his experience too.
No. 233831 ID: b18ccb

...question: Burduko can teleport to the Lenryt Boxes. We have a box back at Lubu's camp, don't we? Because if we do this is an escape plan we need to use - I don't mind coming back, enjoying the sights and sounds, but if a Dragon attacks, I'd rather cut and run then risk losing our deep spawn and allies.

Oh, question for Vandgurd and Zelgoto: Did he trash our Pagoda? Because I'd kind of like that back.

But as for what to do, checking up on Dulu would be a good idea, and then see how Bagrom is. We should also find out who this 'Senth' person is, seeing as we apparently hired him.

We should make mention about the Dragon following us and what happened and ask for input. A suggestion I would like to make to Oz, in a smooth segue to this is that Oz might just be at Dragon level himself.

After that, let's just walk the town, see what there is to see. Maybe tell Hieryou his relative has returned.

And idea: I have a lurking feeling that either Keddic's Master is Angormandius or Angormandius is hunting down Keddic, being a student of the Lined One.
No. 233835 ID: 32a249

Actually, this applies to most of our Deep Spawn. While most concepts are straightforward, some are less so. There are several meanings for "Communication", for example.
No. 233851 ID: 445c48

I don't think we have some time for all that testing currently, we probably should wait until we get back home to test it.

Also Bob came up with the name, honk.
No. 233859 ID: b6460c

No. 233860 ID: b6460c

Mury with the support of Velada and Budurko(to help with the bindings)
No. 233864 ID: 57baa0

Ooh, I forgot about that. Yeah, Velada (I feel that we aren't using them as we much as we should...) and Burduko conjoined is a very good idea. Though I hope EoO still has its locks when they are done...
No. 233866 ID: ab04d4

I vote to go meet Hieryou. If things go as he predicted, he'll have to fight this serial killer in one-on-one combat, and we can use this opportunity to appraise his use and skillset if necessary.

Then again I'm an idiot for new, well-fluffed characters, so disregard if a more efficient plan exists.
No. 233871 ID: a76809
File 128546255453.jpg - (81.98KB , 581x771 , Totally not Hong Kong Fooey.jpg )

I turn over the Edge of Oblivion to Velada and Murhyihal, feeling the temporal lock receding at the presence of the time bees, even as Burduko joins himself to the working to pull back the spatial lock as well. I see cracks finally starting to seal, the blade having its restoration begin in earnest. They add their collective efforts to my own, and I find myself hoping for a sword wholly repaired soon.

Through Phohn I ask Murhyihal for some specifications on his powers, and come up with the following:
-spawn cannot grant regeneration to non-living organism or anything wholly inorganic.
-spawn grant equivalent regeneration to hosts as a normal spawn of equivalent quality possessed.
-spawn grant no other bonuses besides the regeneration, and cannot fight on their own.
-spawn regeneration cannot stack with other forms of regeneration.
-Murhyihal can supply proto-metal that takes on the characteristics of metal around it, rather than specific types of metal.
-Murhyihal can fully restore five Deep Spawn before running out of materials for further healing, and needing half a cycle to recover. This equates to one Deep Spawn's worth of healing a day.
-Murhyihal's regeneration requires a compliant recipient, i.e. healing cannot be administered on the fly, time must be put aside for it.
-Murhyihal's regeneration allows even magically sustained wounds that would otherwise pierce regeneration to be combated.

With this information gained, I turn my questions next on Akeakam, learning the following:
-spawn grant a strength equivalent to conventional spawn, i.e. rend mundane metal, rip bodies apart, still inferior to Deep Spawn.
-Unlike Murhyihal's spawn, Akeakam's spawn can be stacked, potentially all twenty on a single person, potentially making a normal human stronger than Vandgurd or Zelgoto.
-spawn can stack with other methods of strength enhancement.
-Akeakam's personal enhancement is multi-tiered, imbuing a passive Combat Magic that steals magic from foes on contact to add to one's own mana pool. This stolen mana is then directly converted to direct body amplification, in the form of body hardening, and improved reaction time.
-Akeakam regenerates fluids, as do its spawn, passively over the course of time.
-spawn hold enough energy to provide a ten minute boost before needing at least an hour to refill, While Akeakam regenerates more slowly but has a much larger reservoir.

[They are gaining experience, and it is not just fighting that grants them experience.]
I use Phohn to speak with Arkus, seeking an update on the status of the Arcanoworks. It turns out despite the late hour Arkus was awake, and his report through Phohn contains the following:

-More than 1,000 hand-cannons have been made, and the original one hundred and eight still in his possession have now been modified with both Skyfall runes and a revolving cylinder for repeating shots. Several of the lesser singleshot, non-skyfall versions have been traded to the Blue Knight, in addition to several payments of rubies.
-The Arcanoworks has any metal they could ask for, Del Rogo having joined the Arcanoworks smiths, now working on building uniform plate for all soldiers, to compliment their morphic weapons and hand-cannons.
-Jezebel has finished constructing enough WASP spears and lightning guns to arm every soldier, including enough recharge packs for ten shots per person. She has now begun work on building ODIN mines, and making new versions of the TASTE o' Doom.
-Ellayia has taken several books from the library, saying she will exact payment as she continues to wait for Mordre. She still refuses to tell anyone else her findings. Thus far, she has taken three books.
-The widespread theft of minor items ended after the Watchmen under Vime's command left per orders from Brigadier General Quinton.
-Dregas has further improved the Arcanoworks finances, claiming taxes from local farming communities in exchange for both patrols and optimal commerce, insuring the people who will pay the most see the village's goods. Thus far, opinion of the Arcanoworks, and through it the 'Mage' Mordre continue to be high.
-The Blue Knight has delivered three person-sized sets of Golem Armor thus far, forged of steel, granting improved strength and complete with a funnel to direct heat from the back-mounted furnace to wrist mounted nozzles. These tank-like flamethrower suits are currently being used by Ulzrick, Vespinto and Ellorika, though only Ellorika seems to enjoy the clunky but powerful sets of equipment.
-Ulzrick has made several gains both in Magnetomancy (beyond opening locks, he can no levitate up to a pound of metal), and in Souldreaming (he can now flit into the dreams of any he's met, and independantly initiate healing.
-Reinhardt and Kyrchesia of the Paradox Knights left for half a day before returning, and resuming their occupation of the Arcanoworks.
-Eisenhardt continues to wait at the Arcanoworks, and is currently keeping an eye on the transportation box, presuming the new item to be of note.

...Quite a bit has been happening at home. I forward the same query to Mordreden, but it seems that most of those Phohn has spoken with are asleep, and his words cannot rouse the slumbering.

I consider speaking with Senth, but find him so heavily entrenched in banter with Oz I refrain lest I undo the careful efforts of the prior day in ingratiating myself to the Breaker. Another time perhaps, but I find myself thoroughly intrigued by his displayed Tractomancy, especially couple with his age. After assuring myself that Bagrom does not wish further aid and being thanked for my concern, I take one last moment to check on Dulu. On finding him thoroughly entrenched in fighting the Deep Spawn while Oz chats with Senth, I depart, venturing into the nightlife of Waltora as I consider what to do. One way or another, Ash Dragon Jioga is likely coming here. This could be problematic, considering how we are ultimately rivals in this quest, and so considering this, I seek out Hieryou. I have an excuse to speak with him, namely that Bagrom has returned, as well as a chance to see him in one of his official positions. Perhaps a solution to my coming problem can be found through the judicial system, or through the military, as Hieryou has his hands in both. As I near the courthouse, walking slowly to avoid injuring the pressing throngs of people I move through, I note Korgotyo the Chained peering through a particularly open set of windows on one side of the structure, looking far too accomodating to his stature to be anything but designed for Ragegluts. I finally make it to the main doors as I hear people explode into reaction: A verdict has been rendered, it seems. Through their mutterings, a single, strident proclamation cuts like a knife, silence in its wake jarring and unnatural.

>"I demand Trial By Combat."

All eyes glue to a single figure, a man-shaped mound of muscles and matted fur, blood spattered up arms and about his mouth of fangs, a ragged red set of clothes his only possessions. He stands some eight feet tall, and likely weighs some four hundred pounds., breath steaming to mist before him. He stands surrounded by guards, spears pointing towards him from all directions. He stands before an austere panel, with three elderly officials sitting in deliberation. As one, they all turn to look at Hieryou, stepping forward as he hefts the strange, short-bladed and long-handled sword of his, saying nothing as he joins the accused within the circle of guards. One of the officials sitting in judgment holds up a liver spot covered hand, and speaks in a feeble voice.

"Then... Hieryou of the Iron Mustache shall represent the courts, as Kangaxo represents himself."

Nothing more is said as the furred Kangaxo charges forth with a turn of speed I would not have expected, closing the distance in an instant-

And dying just as fast, a sword neatly placed through his brain, directly between the eyes. His now lifeless body slumps to the ground, as Hieryou cleans the viscera from his blade, and moves back to the side of the court. ...Strange. I felt considerable magic in Kangaxo... yet none from Hieryou. What exactly did he do?

The officials briefly confer, before speaking as one.

"The case has been settled. Kangaxo was judged guilty on twelve counts of murder, and judged in a trial by combat. This session is over."

Just like that, the press of people begins to dissipate, Hieryou clearly noting my presence as he stays in the courthouse, Korgotyo still happy to sit and watch from his balcony level viewpoint.

What should I say or do?
Should I try to speak with Hieryou or Korgotyo?
Should I attempt to finagle either into sparring with Oz, which the Breaker seems to desire?
No. 233884 ID: d3dfb8

Advise Arkus to form a Golem Armor regiment. Place Ellorika in charge and recruit volunteers from the normal troops. For now leave Ellorika piloting a Golem Armor suit, one as a training suit for the volunteers, and one as a prototype for Del Rogo, Jezebel and Arkus to add modifications to. The TASTE o' Doom can be easily added to something of that size. Also we need a flag or something to attach to Ellorika's armor too differentiate from the training armor.
No. 233886 ID: 57baa0

So, given what we know of the customs of the land, may we soulsuck Kangaxo's soul?
No. 233932 ID: b18ccb

Bob, you killed Hong Kong Fooey. My god.

Anyway, can you sense Kangaxo's soul? Might be a good idea to try and eat that soul, if we can. But tip out non-existant hat to Korgotyo as we walk to Hieryou.

"Greetings, Heiryou of the Iron Mustache. Who was the accused?" Walk closer to him. "Forgive me, I have never seen trial by combat before, and to see the judgment so...harsh. What is it that he did?" Beat. Illia coughs. "Oh, yes, forgive me, thank you, thank you Illia, forgive me. You're...relative, of young Bagrom, are you not? He has just returned, quiet successful, I believe. And while I was here I wished to ask some questions, if that's alright with you."

"Erm, yeah, yes, first question," Gesture to the dead creature. "What was the ex-Kangaxo? He doesn't seem to be a Rageglut although I doubt I've been here for long enough to know what counts as 'normal', haha." And pause, steeple our hands together.

Other topics of conversation:
Can we eat that soul?
How can we legally eat the souls of those we've defeated?
There is a Dragon coming. Can you give us some advice for dealing with him?
How long has Korgotyo lived here?
No. 233933 ID: 445c48

I thought what we knew of the customs of the land in regards to soul-sucking was "Holy shit that's super-murder"

Also, blast, I knew we should have popped back to the Arcanoworks, but I didn't say anything. Ah well. Use Phohn to talk to Ellayia in a manner similar to how he first talked to Arkus (Being close to the Danger-Rod right?), explain that it is a secure magical means of communication. Also buy back dose fukken books. Explain to Eisenhardt, politely, that the boxes are new, a gift, and to not mess with them during Round II or any other time, please and thankyou.
No. 233934 ID: b14128

I get the feeling the answer is no, considering how they don't aggressing people's souls after the deaths of their bodies. Then again, this was a convicted serial killer, so maybe things are different in this case.
No. 233936 ID: 1384b4

Oh good idea....
We could even try to say that a quick death is not a suitable sentance for someone who murdered 12 people...
No. 233938 ID: ab04d4

Don't soulsuck. At best Kangaxo will be a heroic soul, but he's probably just a normal soul with a bit of speed magic.

Talk to Hieryou about the trial, and exactly what Kangaxo did. Ingratiate yourself by agreeing with his statements of law and order, and depending on how he treats trial by combat react accordingly. Preferably, he values martial prowess, which we can use as a stepping stone in the chat.
No. 233940 ID: 56dc25

If we go back to the Arcanoworks, Eisenhardt will enter combat with us. Unless you have a plan for either avoiding or dealing with that, please do not suggest returning. We were only able to leave in the first place by tricking him into rushing off, remember?

I would speak with Hieryou, first complimenting him briefly on his style and attempting to learn something about it since its characteristics are so low-key. Move on from there to explain briefly that the Ash Dragon will likely be arriving soon and not feeling terribly amicable towards you, and you thought it would be prudent to inquire as to any laws which might come up. On Dragons in general, fighting in town, that sort of thing.

While Oz might want to spar with these guys, it's not our job to make whatever he wants happen, and frankly if we make every effort to facilitate everything he wants it'll only encourage him to take longer to decide, since he'll be able to hang out with a cool guy who provides fighting fun, adventures, and works to make him happy pretty much endlessly. Not to be cynical, but we've taken steps towards friendship, and should attempt to be his friend, not someone who showers him with gifts/bribes so that he does what we say.
No. 233941 ID: d3dfb8

I vote for politely asking permission to soul suck.

Explain that if a soul is strong enough it survives within our form forever, to do battle. The ultimate reward for any true warrior.
No. 233945 ID: b18ccb

We have Del Rogo and with him, Del Rogo's Ax, the thing that cost Eisenhardt his apprentice and allying with Weinsho.

Any magic is a good thing, and we can get a feel for just what the hell he was, along with maybe making ourselves seem nicer, if we're 'tormenting' a serial killer, even if he's a mage or a hero we're just using them.
No. 233946 ID: b18ccb

Serial Killer. Don't compliment the Serial Killer.
No. 233948 ID: ab04d4

No soul suck. They consider the trial by combat and death to be a proper judicial punishment. Any appending to that, whether we say it's eternal torment or valhalla, is changing the status quo of the law and thus unacceptable.

Besides, we already have enough speed.
No. 233950 ID: b18ccb

First, let us see if the soul is worth eating. If it's just a normal soul, I suppose we can pass. If it's a Hero Soul, or a Mage Soul, we should get it. Combat magic is always useful, and any Arcane that could cause speed increases we don't have or need to increase.
No. 233962 ID: a76809

Through Phohn, I instruct Arkus to form a Golem Armor regiment with the aid of Derkin and Ellorika as it's tentative lead, with the other two suits being used for training soldiers and for being experimented with by Del Roga, Arkus and Jezebel alike. I get back a reply as swift as thought, revealing that Arkus has deduced he need not speak for Phohn to hear. Arkus reports he shall do so, but that even with Dregas and the seed money of rubies, it will be considerable time until enough has been traded for a regiment's worth... unless we expend nearly all the rubies, or trade nearly all the default hand-cannons. I take his concerns under consideration as he nevertheless sets to organizing a super-heavy infantry, a walking bulwark, a Tank Division for the Arcanoworks. I eagerly await whatever changes Arkus Jezebel and Del Rogo can work on what already sound to be potent armaments.

[What you know suggests it would be a TERRIBLE idea.]

I nod to Korgotyo looking on from above as I work my way to Hieryou, receiving a passing gesture of acknowledgment back. Upon finally making my way to the patiently waiting Iron Mustache, his wolf once more at his side. As I approach, he speaks clearly, neither obsequious or inflammatory.

>"What do you want?"
"You're a ...relative, of young Bagrom, are you not?"
>"This is so."
"Well, he has just returned, quiet successful, I believe. "
>"...The Grand Gainer?"
"Exactly so. And while I was here I wished to ask some questions, If that's alright with you."
>"I have time yet before my military duties this night. Speak."
"What exactly was the accused? I still know little about local constructs."
>"A Warhound. Strong, fast, violent. Shorter lifespan, act recklessly."
"I see. I had two other questions of some import, as it were."
"Do you have any advice, concerning how to deal with an irate Dragon, Potentially seeking violence for a perceived slight?"
>"That unless you're stupid, or they're stupid, you'll be safe. Dragon can't make the first strike, so just don't attack. And if Dragon does attack, gets a national warrant concerning the incident. ..Won't help if you lack witnesses who could tell the tale, though."
"I.. see. My final question was thus: How long has Korgotyo lived here?"
>"...Since before my birth, I could not speak beyond that."

"The trial seemed to go cleanly, when your turn came."
>"My foe was not focused enough to See, this is true."
"A rather unusual style, by my own experience. May I ask what makes it so... low-key?"
>"....I was not aware you could See as well."
"By 'See', you do reference sensing magic in others, yes?"
>"If by 'magic' you mean Mass Connection, then yes."
"Then it seems we are in agreement."
>"I happened to encounter a practitioner of Elegant Expunging. I coupled this with some of Iron Body and Armor Annuller, to craft something of a hybrid style. Beyond that, I speak to no one, so you shall have to make due. No warrior would speak that frankly."

At this, the enormous Korgotyo chimes in, his rumbling interjection audible to all.

>"Perhaps, but a friend of the Tyotworro family, and thus far an acceptable guest."

What should I say or do?
Do I have words for Hieryou, Korgotyo, or both?
Or should I do something else?
No. 233971 ID: 445c48

Say something about how you understand the secrets bit, couldn't get you to spill the beans on your long range control method after all, and then tell 'em the truth. Your munsters are sparring with Oz, because Oz likes fightin', and the munsters regenerate from the thrashing Oz gives them. He really likes his sparring, Oz, I'm sure he'd enjoy some with you even.
No. 233977 ID: d3dfb8

This, but preferable not worded so poorly.

Ask Keddic via Phohn what he (and The Lined One if/when Keddic finds him) knows about Elegant Expunging, Iron Body and Armor Annuller.

Let Arkus know the Armor regiment is not an immediate thing, but we shall proceed with trading with a future full regiment in mind.
No. 233978 ID: b18ccb

"With a...friend, I suppose, of mine. Dulu, the iron one with many eyes. They are brawling togeather - something I believe Bagrom's teacher would quite enjoy with you both. But...Warhound? A construct or something of natural birth?"

And cough. "Forgive me, I don't know much about your culture, but...would it be rude of me if I allowed my golem to...use the criminal soul for experimentation?"

Rotate our head to look up to Korgotyo. "And if I may speculate, Hieryou's style is derived from Elegant Expunging sudden blade, empowered by using the Iron Body upon the blade itself? Pardon if I'm just...shooting my mouth off, as it were, but the magics...the Mass Connections of the Land of the Dragon are so...unique! They interest me more then I can say."
No. 233988 ID: 445c48
File 128547562548.jpg - (126.09KB , 1024x682 , RA3_Soviet_TeslaTank.jpg )

>More trying to get the guy's soul

>[What you know suggests it would be a TERRIBLE idea.]

Let's stop with this.

In addition to Golem Armor sorta tank guys, let's try to build actual tanks. Maybe some that, say, shoot fuckin' lightning (I'm sure Jezebel will be happy with that), or just normal cannon. Also, we've really got to figure out how to make that morphic steel, can't run out. Which is why you should tell Arkus, Via Phohn, to buy those damn books back, they might be important. Either that or we'll need to get Senth to steal them for us, if we get back in time.
No. 233990 ID: b18ccb

Capacitors Ready

But it's that 'From what we know'. I'd just like to ask a legal official if we could or not, and how we could use souls for 'experimentation'.
No. 233991 ID: b6460c

Tell Arkus to ask her for a description and then talk to her via Phohn

Scratch that, it would not be polite to dismiss her like that even though she has been waiting.

"They are back at the estate, training in the ways of combat. They are still young constructs and have much to learn both in the ways of combat and the other Arts. I hope that my stay here will allow them to grow to be more well rounded."

"As for sensing magic, this particular construct bears several unique features, the least of which not being my newly devised 'W.O.R.L.D' System. I hope that I will be able to add much more to it in the future as it has become one of my favorites. You may understand my indisposition to the damage of such a device, by the hand of a Dragon or otherwise."

"Ah! One moment."

Do a quick scan of world magic sources in this region. I fact just do a general scan of the region right now, find what metals are around here, magic sources, rock types, etc. Just a pulse quick pulse across the magic spectrum. Find things that would be useful to you, especially Leylines.

I hope to find, among other things, a special 'ingredient' to add to our next Deep Spawn construct. Something that screams LOD.
Heck, maybe even an old set of armour that was buried close to a world magic geyser and has some latent magic stored in it or somn.
No. 233995 ID: b6460c

Truthfully, though it would be a great loss, I don't think we should do much soul sucking while we are here, unless of course the soul attacks us in it's spectral state; Then it's free game.
No. 234011 ID: b6460c

But even if this guy can 'See', for him to be able to identify how we finished up the Deep Spawn so accurately AND on his first go, this man is good...

This truly is the Land Of Dragons. There are strong people to be found behind every bush and around every corner.
No. 234014 ID: 56dc25

We "have" Del Rogo? We haven't even spoken to the man since his arrival. For all we know, he's working with Arkus more because he's bored while waiting than anything else, and is planning to leave. Certainly, he'd likely object to our turning over priceless- and confidential- customer information to some random (if powerful) guy just to avoid a fight. Nor would it necessarily be wise on our part to do so, and if we're not going to hand it over then it comes back to fighting. More than that, if I recall correctly, Eisenhardt isn't after us because of Del Rogo, he's after us because we killed his apprentice and cost him years of effort. We're not going to be able to erase a grudge like that. It's easy to be distracted by the fact that Eisenhardt is a well-spoken guy, but he genuinely wants to see us dead.

So unless I'm missing something here, that doesn't really help us with the Eisenhardt issue.

We might consider having Arkus inform Ellayia that he's been in touch with us and that we would be willing to send her transport to our current location so that we may confer, and then have her use the box to drop by once we've returned to our Land of Dragons portal. No sense having her sit around stealing our library. Speaking of which, our books! How dare she? She should be paid in rubies or something, knowledge is precious and not to be released so easily. For that matter, she clearly has free access to our library, which frankly is something that many mages would deny even valued actual employees, to say nothing of sometime contractors. That's already like paying her. Annoying.

I hadn't realized that Korgotyo was that old. We should tell him that we'd be interested in hearing how he came to his current position sometime; we have never met a man of his particular stature (is joke, see?) before. He probably has some interesting stories to tell and would be worth associating with by virtue of having lived this long in these lands, if nothing else.

Also, as long as we're chatting here, I'd be interested in knowing just how one gets the title of Dragon. Is it simply due to having the whole legendary soul bit, and the associated metaphysical gravity that is apparent to everyone around, or is there some other qualification? Are there Dragons who have no interest in ruling places like most of them seem to? I'm basically fishing for information about the social and political structures involved here, as it would give us more of a reference to work with Oz in.

Other topics could be covered as well, of course. How Hieryou got his job, how often he encounters stubborn and powerful lawbreakers like that one, that sort of thing. How large his extended family is, and what exactly his relation to Bagrom is as unfortunately we are an ignorant foreigner and haven't picked up on this yet (is another joke).

And I suppose we could casually mention that we know Oz would relish the chance to spar with either of them, as they are doubtless highly capable, but don't push it.

Then after talking for a while, mosey on back to where Oz is; hopefully we'll have time for a bit of a chat before the Ash Dragon shows up.
No. 234019 ID: b18ccb

Oh, one last note: Dragon's can't strike first, he said? What if we have proof that they did? And make sure that Vanguard didn't, you know, strike first.
No. 234027 ID: 56dc25

Ahaha, are you thinking that we could get the Ash Dragon accused of cutting down our deepspawn and accordingly in all kinds of trouble? That's awesome!

To make that happen, first point out in response to Korgotyo that our spawn are not monsters, really; they're specialized but autonomous lifeforms whose souls are shaped by another's rather than formed in the classical fashion, but for all that they're just as much people as anyone else. Do so in a casual fashion, as though discussing a science project or philosophy problem of which an old mage is exceptionally fond.

Then move on to our other suggestions, but eventually bring things around to the legal rights of ragegluts, warhounds, ancestral tombs, and other beings of debatable humanity. The point being to discover if they've got equal rights, and accordingly if we've actually got an argument here. Be subtle.

Then we just have to find out who qualifies as a witness, and if we've got one or if we'll need to trick the Ash Dragon into admitting that he whomped on our spawn when they didn't attack him in the presence of the authorities/more witnesses.
No. 234042 ID: d3dfb8

Oh, we should ask Arkus if he'd like us to pick him up a souvenir from the Land of Dragons while we are here!
No. 234049 ID: 445c48

You don't ASK, you just get them some snow globe thing or a lousy t-shirt.
No. 234052 ID: b6460c

Who designed her character again?

No. 234088 ID: e31d52


I wholly support this.
No. 234093 ID: 56dc25

Last trip we brought him back a full set of Mortal Coil beginner mage books. And now we're seriously considering lowering ourselves to a snow globe? I admit that it's traditional, but I also think that we've set a high standard for ourselves and would feel bad about discarding it.

We should get him, uh. I don't know, something magical and nerdy.
No. 234094 ID: e31d52

Some writings about Mass Connection?
No. 234111 ID: 44da65

The problem with legal action is that the rights and status of Mordre and the Deepspawn would probably come into question. The Deepspawn are to some extent part of Mordre and Mordre is actually a sentient golem, if one that could be classed as an Ancestral Tomb by LoD standards. Any witness would also potentially have to stand against Jioga's 300 officers.

Legal action probably not the best way to go about it, but it's a good deterrent or leverage.

Ask Korgotyo what he's generally up to these days. Maybe he's interested in coming on a journey?
No. 234112 ID: 1384b4

Wow, Bob, so many updates...
It's like early Christmas here!
Thanks, man...
No. 234115 ID: ddd48d

>What? No pictures for our new Deep Spawns? Awww.... I like to have visual representation....

If our Spawn count as people here and this actually works that would be AWESOME 8D

I suppose after our chat we can go out shopping? see if there is anything for sale here that would help Arkus in his studies.
Also to see more of the town would be good.

Who designed who?? I think I missed something here.

Also I vote no for soul sucking for every case that pops up here in LoD, since it seems like a baaaaad idea.
No. 234147 ID: b18ccb

See, I just wanna ask 'Legally, when is a soul forfit?' so we have some idea of when it would be possible. The last time we soul-ate was during a war, so I was wondering what other times would it be legally allowable - or if never, we don't bring up our eating ever.
No. 234155 ID: b14128

Don't eat his soul. Don't -ask- if you can eat his soul. Don't even -mention- souls.
No. 234157 ID: ab04d4

Man, I really want to actually have Mordre ask about his soul if only to teach you guys the fucking lesson.

Shut up about the souls.
No. 234171 ID: 9338f5

we should probably tell Arkus to send someone to check on that forrest of omonious trees that we burned down a while ago. make sure nothing has grown back.
No. 234172 ID: 9338f5

this, a thousand times this.
No. 234177 ID: 5f0943

Yeah I'm going with the people saying to not take ANY action whatsoever when it comes to souls right now.

Maybe when no one is looking, or in the chaos of a battle, but not now.
No. 234216 ID: 57baa0

So, while rereading the seventh thread, I came upon the name Hieryou, the messenger Lubu told to give tell Jioga the challenge between us. So, is Hieryou of the Iron Mustache that Hieryou?
No. 234217 ID: a76809

[Not everyone has a different first name, different Hieryou.]

I pass on to Phohn a request for Keddic, to comment on anything he or his master The Lined One knows about Elegant Expunging, Iron Body and Armor Annuller. For a moment I fear Keddic to be asleep the same as others, but in that space between seconds, I get his response at the speed of thought.
-Iron Body involves just that, adding the properties of Iron to the body, presumably using the iron in one's system as a medium for this change. This style is exclusively built around defense and hardening, with little to term offense included in the style.
-Armor Annuller is something Keddic has heard of before, but never seen in practice. It seems to be a Combat magic specifically designed to reduce fights to a less charged format, using one's energy to negate the combat energies of others.
-Keddic knows nothing about Elegant Expunger, and will ask The Lined one about it and the other two styles on the morrow. Currently he is simply catching up with his master before he goes to sleep.

[An excellent point to raise-]

[...Okay, you want to ask this question still? Fine.]
"Hieryou, if I may ask, there was something concerning local customs and laws I wished to clarify."
>"That being?"
"Well, souls are rather clearly held in high regard here-"
>"They are the seat of consciousness, the repository of one's life and experience."
"As you say. Well, I wanted to clarify something, concerning souls. If a soul, once excised of it's mortal body, elects to attack me, can I defend myself?"
>"...You speak of a free soul beginning aggression? Yes, you can defend yourself by any means you wish in such a situation."
"Would perhaps taking a murderer's soul for experimentation-"

Hieryou's voice hardens as I feel a tinge of hostility in his form.

>"Criminal or not, his soul is his own, and no others. If you ever attack or accost an unresisting soul, you will be eligible for capital punishment any and everywhere in the whole Land. Other than direct defense of one's own life from a rogue spirit, there is NO situation where damaging or otherwise manipulating a soul without their express permission would be acceptable. Try it, and you shall be subject to having the slumbering Ancestral Tombs of any given area seeking you out in addition to local law enforcement."
"My apologies if I offende-"
>"It is not a question of offense, it is a question of common sense. Our whole society is built around extolling the strengths and virtues of the Soul, and those who in death choose service are honored for their work: How could one neglect to notice the reverance directed towards souls?"
"I am new to the area-"
>"And yet you speak our language easily. I tell you this, Mordre: You are a guest of the family, and an acquaintance of the Main line, and as such I will do my duty and be your host while in the estates. And if a Dragon does seek unlawful aggression against you, you will find myself and the Judicially-oriented Ancestral Tombs on your side, as is our duty. ...But after such poor judgment as this, do not expect me to be your friend."

Without another word, Hieryou marches away, his heavyset wolf loping along behind him, neither paying me any more attention. ...Clearly, my choice to try and weedle some means of legally harvesting souls from him was not my best idea. I hear a rumbling chuckle, and look up to see Korgotyo smiling at our exchange.


[Even with Blood Magic active, the most you could scan for on a wide scale would be Blood, and anything made of Blood Iron.]
"They are back at the estate, engaged in sparring and assorted training. They are still young constructs and have much to learn both in the ways of combat. I hope that my stay here will allow them to grow to be more well rounded."
"I suppose in a way that they are, as ultimately they are sapient beings, Both of my making and as such under my direct care. By my own estimates, They are just like the rest of us, hardly 'monsters' by any means."

"Pay it no mind, I well understand mistakes of this nature. Well, since I cannot ask Hieryou now, as I clearly angered him, Perhaps you could answer a question I hope to pose to him."
"Combined with the... insight he has displayed, he has spoken of 'Seeing', As if to reference something beyond simply using the visual sense itself. Do you know of what he spoke?"
"Indeed.... I see, so he is a magic sensor, as I am?"
"Well, so long as he does not use attacks that would directly harm the soul, yes."

"So, you have been a sometime resident of this town for some time, yes?"
"That must make you quite the fixture of the town... And a veteran from before the last Emperor? I do not meet men of such stature often."

Korgotyo begins to stretch, pulling back from the open balcony he had been looking through, suppressing a yawn a horse could vanish into behind a gnarled and callused hand.

"You seem to be something of a celebrity at that school, is this not so?"
"Perhaps you could clear up some confusion for me: What makes a Dragon different from a Living Legend, like Oz?"
"So how would a Living Legend with a number of disciples be viewed?"
"Well, Oz has taken on a student, and seems inclined to take on more."
"Well, I know he would certainly appreciate the chance to speak with you, And to possibly even have a sparring match: If you wished, I could offer my own disciples, To play sparring partner to you, or even your school, in exchange for your time."
"Of course, and I appreciate your accommodating gesture."

Korgotyo finish pushing himself away from the courthouse, and begins to depart with some simple words.


So I find myself surrounded by milling people within the courthouse, Korgotyo departing towards the Chaining Calamity School, and Hieryou having traveled deeper into the bowels of the courthouse. I consider what would be the best use of my time, considering that Jioga is an ever-looming threat, even as I find myself stuck in Waltora for the moment.

What should I say or do?
Should I go after Hieryou and try to assuage his aggravation, and if so how will I do this?
Or should I follow after the thus far exceptionally helpful Korgotyo, to speak or observe the school he teaches at?
Or should I go back to the Tyotworro estate, and hunker down for the night?
Or should I do something else?
No. 234221 ID: 445c48

Damnit, shouldn't have asked about experimentation on souls. Criminal Experimentation is really weird, even when it's on the body and not the soul. The self-defense question was good, though.

Tell Phohn to tell Oz about the sparring thing.
No. 234225 ID: f4e4f9

Very smooth. Kinda like asking if its ok to perform experimentation on random civilians.
No. 234229 ID: 445c48

Ok, for a "Why do we know the language damn well but not the customs" reason, first explain that, being a research oriented mage, you have taken it upon yourself to learn many languages, so as to not be slowed when you encounter a book in a foreign tongue, and you've rather got a knack for languages. You learned Low because, after your last brief trip here, you saw many interesting and very different golems than you were used to, and prepared in case you ever ventured back, or came across/purchased a book detailing these golems. You learned the language from one of your staff, whose family is from the Land of Dragons, but who was born and raised up near where you are. Her parents were raised up near you as well, it is her grandparents who made the move. She still needs to speak Low, because her parents speak it at home, and she must occasionally talk to her grandparents as well, but because she is third generation, she doesn't know too much about the culture down there. In addition, she's off this week, so you can't ask her to ask her parents or something about the customs here.

I don't even know what the fuck I'm talking about
No. 234230 ID: 56dc25

>[...Okay, you want to ask this question still? Fine.]
Dammit, Bob, must we all suffer for the foolish curiosity of one person, even when most of us were explicitly against this line of questioning? (Apparently yes.)

Okay, lines of logic to get us out of this. Um... We were looking for a cultural reference point, because [insert nation here] does that regularly, and we wanted to know if criminal punishment in the Land of Dragons ends with death. It wasn't a matter of us actually wanting to experiment with a soul. Because that would be wrong.

Yeah, that's all I've got at the moment and I don't know how persuasive it would be. But we should definitely try to smooth this over if we can come up with good arguments for it. After watching us make new creatures and having heard us ask that question, Hieryou is probably pretty sure at this point that we're a crazy unethical soul mage.
No. 234231 ID: f4e4f9

"I suppose you're right. I do hope he'll be willing to listen to reason."

Alright, find Heiryou before he starts shitting bricks.

"It occurs to me that I did not look at the context in which my question was asked. Would you permit me to speak on my behalf, lest you judge me upon faulty premises?"

"My question was relevant on two fronts to myself:

In my own lands, I am opposed to an individual who is guilty of taking not only the bodies of the innocent, but their souls for his own experimentation and as fuel for his magic. To my knowledge, he has abducted at least one village, possibly more, for the purpose of..."materials." I believe he has bases here, and if so, I needed to know how customs in your land would view his actions, and any potential response I made against him, before I could consider making a move against him.

Secondly: I will say only that I recommend you look into the customs of other lands before casting aspersions on individuals. Judging a man by killing him would not have been considered a fair test of innocence in other lands. I mean no offense, only a suggestion to broaden yourself."
No. 234233 ID: f4e4f9

If he asks US about our lands customs on souls:

"...a touchy subject. The soul is an important part, the core, to any being. Valuable, but not necessarily moreso than an individuals life, you understand?

An example: If one would take an innocent life or commit some other atrocity, the body is not alone in that act. His soul doesn't get a free pass of innocence. HE is guilty of that act, body, mind and soul, and all are ultimately forfeit, however distasteful. Whereas, If I'm correct in my assumption, your people view them as separate entities and judge them separately, they are considered the same, separate parts but one entity, in others, and judged collectively.

Though doing anything to the soul is considered a harsher punishment than death, by its very nature of being a harder thing for the average person to accomplish."

That about right?
No. 234235 ID: f4e4f9

"On the other hand, however, Soul Magic, the act of using Souls as a fuel source for a type of powerful magic, is considered absolutely outlawed, with a few exceptions. Your own land's use of your own souls in the style of the Jade Monks or Mass Connection would be a capital crime, punished by all nations."
No. 234248 ID: a76809

I ask Phohn to relay to Oz that Korgotyo would be willing to spar and speak alike tomorrow afternoon at the Chaining Calamity school, and that the Deep Spawn would be coming as well. I shortly get a response that Oz is most impressed, but would like have been told beforehand about someone who can speak into your mind.

...This is not a good moment.

...I find myself fearing I pretend to be human far too much now, as I realize the error of my earlier remark. Coupled with seeing me fully craft beings under my power, and ones that do not look particularly friendly at that... and my own rather imposing appearance, I would be surprised if he did NOT think me some wild and unethical Soul Mage.

Because the alternative would be that he suspect my true secret.

My mind racing to come up with ways to bridge the divide I made, I bid my farewells to Korgotyo, having found him a highly useful conversation partner.

"I suppose you are right. I do hope he'll be willing to listen to reason."

I wave goodbye to the passing titan, still impressed by his admission he fought a Dragon to a standstill, before I take off after Hieryou, carefully formulating my recovery. Thankfully he did not travel down unduly small corridors, and I am just able to fit, much to the chagrin of a few straggling audience members and staff, who press aside to let me pass, eyeing my approach with wariness, but noting the absence of my sword, for those few that have seen me yet. I find myself doubly grateful I left it with my Deep Spawn for repairs, as it adds a less combative air to my presence, without it upon my back. I find Hieryou looking over some paperwork and signing pages, not looking up even when his faithful wolf flicks its ears towards me.

>"Go away please, I have much work to do."
"It occurs to me that I did not look at the context in which my question was asked. Would you permit me to speak on my behalf, lest you judge me upon faulty premises?"
"My question was relevant on two fronts to myself: In my own lands, I am opposed to an individual who is guilty of much, Having taking not only the bodies of the innocent and not just combatants, But their souls for his own experimentation and as fuel for his magic. To my knowledge, he has abducted at least one village, possibly more, for this purpose. I believe he has bases here, and if so, I needed to know how customs in your land would view his actions, And any potential response I made against him, before I could consider my approach."

At this Hieryou looks up, his gaze obscured within his stylized helm, still atop his head, before he returns to his writings.

>"You tell the truth, I See. Hm. The second reason?"
"I gained my knowledge of this language in absence of cultural exchange, So despite my linguistic capacity, I know very little of the land, and had no intention to offend. The lands I call home actually have different laws concerning the soul, That being that the crimes of life pass on to the soul, making them culpable as well. ...Consider it like this: A soul is still precious, simply not any more so that an individual's life, And so the crimes of the body pass on to the soul... I am not legally minded, so forgive my explanation."

Again Hieryou looks up, and this time puts his pen down, his body adopting a less aggressive posture in his seat.

>"...Again I See truth. ...Then it seems I was in error. I understand the nature of your question now. You are not from the desert, the coastal regions, or the swamp, but the far north. Interesting, one from so far. ...Concerning that accused you mentioned, who is it you speak of?"
"A Mage Weinsho."
>"I don't know the name, but if you could find their residence and some sort of evidence for your claims, I could forward it both through military courts and judicial ones, to insure bribery is as practically impossible to achieve as is feasible. Only in the instance that you can convince me of your claims."

Hieryou turns back to his writings.

>"Ultimately, I am still busy, so unless you wish to watch me do paperwork for a short while then attend to night command of the local garrison, I will still ask that you leave. I find it difficult to write when being spoken to."

I consider the fact it is still deeply early in the morning, hours before dawn.

What should I say or do?
Should I go back to the estate to do something or speak to someone?
Or should I seek out Korgotyo and his nighttime instruction?
Or should I simply wander the city night?
Or perhaps return to the estate and feign sleep?
No. 234268 ID: 1384b4

Heh, it seems that he has an ability to see if someone is lying or telling the truth, a truly valuable skill in judiciary work.

I wonder how it works on non-organics like us. Does he see the soul or something...

Oh, since we are here we could ask about Jiogas attack on our Deep Spawn and the legality of that act.
No. 234271 ID: 16e676

Here is an idea. Go spar with Oz. You may get some awesome insight and he would get to have fun against a stronger opponent.

Scratch that. Let's wait to do that until after Ash Dragon catches up and decides that he wants to kill us.

Wander around, see that sights, get accustomed.
No. 234272 ID: 44da65

Well we have an ace. Dulu is walking proof and a witness to Weinsho's ability and willingness to enslave the souls of the dead. Mordre even freed him from his terrible shackles! Anyway it's mission time. Get back to the estate and make sure everything is all right. Consider the possiblity of setting off towards Lubu after visiting the Chaining Calamity School with Oz.

During the night do a few ability experiments. Is it possible to hollow out AGC cannon shells and using pyromancy to fill them with soulfire? I am assuming the shells won't be harmed while in the cannon as the shells should share the soul grave soulfire immunity while they're part of Mordre. The soulfire will probably melt out of and destroy the shell once it's in flight, but that's ok. It would add a new all-burning flavor to the AGC shells which individually tend to lack punch against large opponents. Don't go firing the cannon in the night however.

Also make some very long pieces of flexible metal wire using magnetomancy. We know that Zakrath's magnetic field is too weak to support Mordre's weight using his current strength, but if wires are unfurled from Mordre's body for hundreds of metres in all direction then it might act as a magnetic sail or at least a magnetic parachute allowing hovering or limited flight. Probably too bulky to use in battle, but very handy in general. Just throwing this out there.
No. 234280 ID: 16e676

Actually thanks for reminding me about this stuff.

Can't draw em right now but I can suggest something.

Grow a tube under your AVG blades (or any location you find opportune) and task it to be filled with tiny B.Iron balls, each about the size of a pin head. This will be your new 'iron storm' holder.
Should be simple enough.

I will have to draw the AGGrapnel and the Repulsion devices later.
No. 234291 ID: b18ccb

First, to explain myself to my fellow...pieces of chaos: I asked how we could legally use souls, and we have our answer. We must talk to souls and ask them if we may. I suggest we try this with [s]Hong Kong Fooey[/b]Kangaxo, and this will also help us with learning to talk to our own souls and gain their wisdom. So instead of eating vast armies we have to pick and choose.

As for what to do: "Forgive me, Hieryou," Bow, deeply as we can. "And thank you for your keen insight." Pause and look to him. "You know what it is my," cough. "Beads to, and you can see truth from lies. I feel that this village is safe within your legal protection, and that so am I." Bow again. "Forgive me for distracting you I still...and adjusting for it to be night when I am use today. If you have a moment before you rest for the night, I would like your opinion about something. Once you have finished, of course, and you return to your estate."

Turn and leave. Go see if Kangaxo still exists and see if we can speak with it, convince it to allow us the use of its soul.

But let's meander about for a while, taking in the sights, sounds, and lay out of the town for an extended siege or attack while making it back to the Estate.
No. 234295 ID: f4e4f9

Leave Heiryu alone for the moment, the man is busy.

Lets just take in the Scenery of the Tyotworro estates and GET OUR SHIT TOGETHER. Perhaps a little stroll around the city will give us some breathing room to collate the situation right now.

We have alot on our plates at the moment.

Afterwards, lets go check upon our Deepspawn, and consider the merits of merging them with another egg.

The eggs are already named, are they not? This suggests they may have some manner of individuality. I wonder if merging them and a Pre-existing Deepspawn would yield simply an enhanced version of the current Deepspawn (I.E. merging Nidhogg and Mothbern would make a more formidable Mothbern) or if it would yield a more radical change then that.

OUr Deepspawn are intelligent beings as well. Let us ask their thoughts on the subject.
No. 234297 ID: b18ccb

[Putting a new core in could graft new abilities, forcibly evolve and improve existing Deep Spawn. otherwise, they all start at a given baseline based on your own soul.]
No. 234300 ID: 16e676

Dammit, no. No.

Just stay away from soul based shit other than attacks while we are in this city. We just got back in the man's good graces, I don't want to give him ANY reason to change that.

If we do decide to do soul stuff, do it when we are FAR away from this place. VERY FAR away.

It would be nice to make another Padgoda for our travel, a BIG one.

You could even buy some bedding and make tiny bedrooms and storage areas. Make it fancy, you can buy more wine and tea, some meat, stuff like that. Pick up the food when you are ready to leave.

Then move quickly, Beating heart type of speed.
No. 234305 ID: a76809

"I do have something of proof, on two counts: The testimonial of two of my servants, attacked by Jioga, As well as an Ancestral Tomb once enslaved to Weinsho's service."
>"As to your claims against Weinsho, until you can show me WHO this Weinsho is, a place to direct charges against, I can do nothing. You say he has holdings in these lands? Find them, then bring your testimonial. As to the Ash Dragon... I find myself skeptical of what will testify against a Dragon's word. Two beings you crafted?"
"They quite literally cannot tell a lie."
>"...That is one hell of a useful thing, and you believe it, I See that. ...Okay, when I get back from my shift at the barracks, bring your two before me, and should their testimony be what you claim, I could get the Ancestral Tombs sworn to uphold laws in this city to preemptively act to impose law, Order on the Dragon. But be aware I am still skeptical of your claim."
"I can accept that. When you return from your duties, then."


I leave the courthouse, and rather than return to the Tyotworro estates, or seek someone out.... I walk. I wander the streets as I let time pass, Murhyihal, Akeakam, Velada and Burduko all laboring over the Edge of Oblivion in their own ways, and Hieryou puts away hours at his primary vocation.

As I walk, I note an oddly over-sized figure, some good two heads taller than the crowds (still present even in the dead of night, lanterns lighting the streets), wearing an enormous cloak that doesn't quite cover the few flashes of vibrant red that are seen, a metallic sheen-

That rejects my Magnetomantic attention. Combat magic seethes... and more than this, I sense the feel of a Small Tomb... is this one of the local Ancestral Tombs?

It is almost laughably attempting to be discreet, and I know not why.

What should I say or do?
Should I try to speak to the presumed Ancestral Tomb?
Or should I return to the manor to await Hieryou?
Or should I do something else?
No. 234306 ID: b18ccb

We can have souls with their expressed permission. But I suppose you're right. I do want a Hound soul - more different souls, more power.

And Emba? Thanks for saving my ass. I suppose I phrased the question wrong, and it was stupid to press the issue, even if a theoretical way.
No. 234308 ID: b18ccb

Sigh, stop and turn. "Forgive me, friend, I have an appointment I must keep. I would so love to keep this cat-and-mouse game going, it is quiet lively, and does my old mind good, but could you please tell me what you want? The last time I missed an appointment...well, everything did turn out for the best, but I feel not as good as it could be. Did someone perhaps send you after me, or maybe you wish to talk? Please, come forward, I don't bite. Well, I doubt I could bite you, being several...Well, I am a good three nations or so, let us put it that way, mhm? And this golem is not so violent as it seems." Cough. "Forgive me, I do go on when I get nervous. Who are you?"
No. 234309 ID: 1384b4


Oh, God. Do not forget this.
Remember how we forgot to meet Dulu after the the attack on the caravan when we were playing wiht Keddic for the first time?
Never again.

Ask Phohn to remind you if we forget for one reason or another...
No. 234310 ID: 1384b4

What makes you think that the person is stalking us?
From the update it did not seem like it was following us just that it was trying to be discreet (not necessarily from us)
No. 234311 ID: b18ccb

Ah, forgive me, I seem to have not noticed the 'crowds that were still present'.

Well, lets continue exploring - keep our eyes open for any good books to get - and see if the figure follows us. If he does, just walk towards him and say 'hello' and be as friendly as we can.
No. 234313 ID: 445c48

Reminds yourself of what time he'll be off of his shift. If you don't know, call Phohn to get Burduko to come with you so he can teleport you home as soon as Phohn notices the Iron Mustache gets home.

Have you got any of the local currency? I forget. If so, looks around for two cheap souvenirs, one for you and one for Arkus, something like a snow globe or a shirt, something that clearly says "I went to the Land of Dragons" but is also kind of lame, then go back to the Manor and wait.
No. 234314 ID: 01604f

Make it quite obvious that you are observing him.
No. 234315 ID: b18ccb

Rotate our head backwards as we're walking forwards? Or just seperate our eyes and have them look at him?
No. 234316 ID: 57baa0

From my perspective, the tall guy looks like one of the Ancestral Tombs Hieryou mentioned that maintain law and order, using Combat Magic to cast an illusion over itself, which Zagrath's soul allows us to pierce (only the visual component though, can we hear anything from it?), so that it can watch for criminal actions without being seen. So it is probably not something to worry about, ignore it unless it is obvious it is following us; continue to walk around, watching for some interesting things we could get for our followers (anything that would reveal some aspect of magic for Arkus, something to help Ulrick learn Will Magic and/or Magnetomancy, anything with World Magic for Moss, etc.), listen to the conversations around to gather information, and search for metal in the ground for our consumption and precious metals to amplify the power of runes (if we were to concentrate platinum/gold into the runes of the Amaranthine Annihilator and Immortal Genocide, what would happen?).
No. 234317 ID: 63bf21

Both.. heheheheh

Ask Zagrath about him.
No. 234322 ID: d3dfb8

Or we could get something that would be of actual use. Or something that Arkus specifically wants. We haven't asked him about it.
No. 234326 ID: 445c48

In addition to a lame souvenir.
No. 234327 ID: 9338f5

do mages/wizards have wizard hats in this setting? we could get Arkus one if he does not already have one.
No. 234328 ID: ab04d4

...Well, we have an appointment which is all good, but I don't think Mordre actually told us exactly what happened other than Jioga kicked some Deep ass. Given the lack of detail, I'm a bit leery of going into this court unprepared.
No. 234332 ID: a76809
File 128555171996.jpg - (200.99KB , 578x788 , Paradox Knight Red Comet.jpg )

I convey my desire to Phohn that the moment Hieryou is seen returning to the estate, Burduko is to come teleport me back, so that we may speak immediately. As such, he is to move to my side now, so that he can return with me in tow when needed. In minutes, he should arrive.

I realize that I have no coinage on my person, neither can my non-Blood based powers sense any metal un-mined in the area. I am penniless for the moment, Senth having returned with naught but Bagrom.

I turn my head to constantly face the furtive figure, a sentry locked on its form, and in seconds I find this highly conspicuous figure halts, standing tall. I note that traffic continues to move about the figure with nary evidence of interest-or indeed, recognition. Perhaps they cannot see it? It is possible there is some obscuring illusion to its name, yet unable to veil it from the aid of Zagrath-

"Be oh, so, wary, O' host of mine, For that soul has been seen before, And made for a most terrible time."

With his caution and apparent recognition of the soul before me, I find the hood being pushed back, the cloak beginning to swing wide, and still the flow of feet moving about it like an island. Beneath that cloak there rested a massive sword, a matching smorgasbord of reds to match the small tomb-I suspect Red Steel, now that I look upon it, With a few pillars of platinum sticking out heavy with deeply ensconced gems and neat, tiny runes. Along the spine of the sword, similar amplified runing is present, and I suspect potent magics to have indirectly been linked to the already highly potent Red Steel.

An interesting individual to meet in the street, when in a land that to my knowledge does not make Red Steel.

A voice calls out to me-

-into my mind.

"You Can Percieve Me. Be On Your Way, I Have Work To Attend To."

Ah, my mistake, this must be an Ancestral Tomb. One of those upholding law and order in this area, The wardens Hieryou spoke of? I will not impose or so go my thoughts, sent back to the speaker through their connection, detectable thanks to my experience with Lenryt's work.

"...Your Thoughts Are In Common. I Had Not Noted. And You Communicate With Locals So Fluently... Who Are You?"

The Mage Mordre, currently based in the Azelhaedran State my response goes, as the figure nods' the cloak shifting enough to reveal some sort of enormous chimera of drill and spine protruding from its back, as another set of words carry through.

"Then You Shall Understand The Following's Implications: I Am A Member Of The Order Of Harmonious Discord, A Paradox Knight, The Red Comet. Now Leave Me Be Mortal, I Have Duties To Attend To."

What should I say or do?
No. 234334 ID: b18ccb

Yeah, up to the Estate, let's find Zelgoto and Vangurd. And does anyone remember if we left any other Deep Spawn back on our Pagoda? That would be good, we could get more to come back and give there statements.
No. 234337 ID: e31d52

>And does anyone remember if we left any other Deep Spawn back on our Pagoda?

If that's the case we should just All-Call with phohn.

I was just thinking. Should we get a bureaucracy-themed Deep Spawn, one centered around PAPERWORK and BOOKKEEPING?
No. 234338 ID: 63bf21

I am pleased to meet another of the order. Maybe you can drop by for tea later?
Oh heavens, I suppose you no longer drink either.. hmmm well maybe swapping stories?

Ah well, if you meet with him first, say hi to Risendhart(?) for me.
No. 234340 ID: a594b9

I think we should leave him be... although... perhaps mentioning that we met another of his order recently would be safe enough, as a passing comment. Don't mention it's Reinhardt unless his reaction is favorable.
No. 234341 ID: 63bf21

Then just walk off without waiting for a response.

After you leave, ask Zakrath about him and maybe pop off one eye to continue to observe him from above.
No. 234342 ID: e31d52

He knows we did:
>Then You Shall Understand The Following's Implications

This was after we mentioned where we were from. It's thus clear he's communed with HARMONY.
No. 234345 ID: b18ccb

"Oh! Forgive me. You have heard good things from Reinhardt, I hope. May I assist?" So, so the thought should go.

If not: "Then good hunting, Red Comet. I hope I will not trouble you again."

If yes: "I have some business of my own, but before and after that time, I will assist where I can. What are you after?"

And to Phohn ask, if Arkus is awake, if Reinhardt has heard of the Red Comet. And then ask Zagrath where he's seen The Red Comet before.
No. 234347 ID: b18ccb

The reason I'm...concerned is the 'Mortal' comment. We're not, and Reinhardt knows that. So would Kirchesia. So...let's see if we can pay attention to how his magnetic or electromagnetic field looks, or if it's missing, doesn't look so we can track him later.
No. 234350 ID: e31d52

It's obvious they lied for us in repayment of reuniting us with Reinhardt's family.
No. 234351 ID: e31d52

*them, rather. hurr.
No. 234353 ID: b18ccb

...True. But I thought the knights were all like Reinhardt and Kirchesia. Mmhm...oh well, Still worrying.
No. 234357 ID: 903f16

Leave him be, but idly offer him some aid in his duties and a place to stay if he's ever in our part of the world as we walk away.

If we come across any nice silk robes I think that one would suffice as a nice souvenir for Arkus. I don't recall him having a recent set of mage robes yet and he'd have a nice piece of gear to rune up and tinker with to increase his power.
No. 234358 ID: 1384b4

>I am penniless for the moment, Senth having returned with naught but Bagrom.
Now wait a minute.
Did Keddic take the prize money or did he leave it with Senth?
No. 234363 ID: 1384b4

Lets leave him alone. We shouldn't bother him
No. 234364 ID: e67080

Oh, it is/was with Senth. In fact Keddic specifically told More in his report he left the money with him.

So, we have a teleporting Kleptomaniac on our hands quite likely... though we never did ask him directly for the money. We should deal with that.
No. 234365 ID: a76809

[None left.]

[I dunno, what did happen? Who did I say had the money last?]

I recall Reinhardt and Kyrchesia back at the Arcanoworks, the Order they are part of... clearly another member, and I wonder if mentioning them may glean more information... I let my rapidly shifting thoughts coalesce, and send what I hope to be a good idea to The Red Comet.

I am pleased to meet another of your Order, As both Rheinhardt and Kyrchesia have been gracious guests, Still back in the Azelhaedran State at my Arcanoworks, as it were. In case you are back in the area before me, as I have much to attend to, Perhaps you could say hi to your comrades for me? the thoughts ring out clearly along The Red Comet's connection. The previously nonreactive Small Tomb twitches his helm in surprise, before thoughts blast into my head with a great deal of weight.

"You Know Both Reinhardt And Kyrchesia?
This Denotes You Know Their Nature,
Something Kyrchesia Does Unwillingly....
Why Are They At Your Abode,
And Why Do You Know Kyrchesia?

Just as I make as if to walk off, having simply dropped names of import before being on my way, I find myself grinding to a halt as I consider the question.

...So, he does not know what I am. This raises several questions. Reinhardt and Kyrchesia both had already been informed of my nature when they arrived several weeks ago, and the information seemed to come from within their Order. Why would The Red Comet not know of this?

Apparently my thoughts are not guarded enough, as The Red Comet's own comments reach my mind.

"Aaah, You Are The New Anathema, I Recall Mention Of Such.
Hm, But What Brings You To The Land Of Dragons?
Clearly Reinhardt Has Approved You To Travel,
As I Would Have Felt His Death."

Startled by the subtle precision he stole those thoughts from my mind, I am unable to deflect his second delving, and shortly he notes my reflexive considerations of dealings with Lenryt.

"Ah, Another Of Lenryt's Would Be Champions.
So, Which Dragon Do You Serve, Then?"

My body frozen and still drawing attention as my mind races, I continue to gaze at the Small Tomb no one else notices. My thoughts turn to Lubu as I resign myself to the fact this one can manipulate minds far to expertly for me to ward him without preparation. I offer up who I seek the gratitude of, in the hopes The Red Comet will be less invasive. But upon reading my thoughts, he moves as if to laugh, and I see a few confused faces beginning to glance his way, as if his veil was beginning to waver in his joviality.

"Lubu? That One? Hrm, Jaegrezweistrick Would Love You,
For Having The Confidence To Choose So.
You Are The Only Would Be Champion On His Side, To My Knowledge."

The Red Comet begins to turn as if to go, eyes still combing over my form, as if hesitant to resume his duties.

What should I say or do?
Should I continue speaking/thinking to The Red Comet, or should I do something else?
No. 234368 ID: e31d52

>Aaah, You Are The New Anathema, I Recall Mention Of Such


No. 234372 ID: a594b9

Ask who Jaegrezweistrick is.
No. 234375 ID: 1384b4

>You Are The Only Would Be Champion On His Side

What? Did she send other her champions to help other dragons?
Is-... is Lenryt cheating on us?!

>[I dunno, what did happen? Who did I say had the money last?]
I am pretty damn sure Keddic left the bag with him, I think we even told Mordre that he should have it.
No. 234376 ID: e67080

to quote Keddic from our apparently bad memory, as Bob ninjad me within seconds of posting:

"Oh, one more thing: I won. He has my prize money too, so keep that in mind."
No. 234377 ID: e31d52

>What? Did she send other her champions to help other dragons?
>Is-... is Lenryt cheating on us?!


Lenryt is seeking a Champion. To this end, she's contacted numerous individuals who may be roughly even with us in terms of power, and sending them to various Dragons.

Since the Dragons are in conflict, so are her To-Be-Champions, making for the nice situation of being able to test and eliminate us in one fell swoop. Thusly, we can expect to fight other champions in the future.

And if we do, we should be as lethal with them as physically possible.
No. 234378 ID: 63bf21


Mordre, remember that Keddic sent you a Phohn call, telling you that Senth had his money and pipe, you have to pick that up with sir trollingwood at the earliest opportunity.

Oh? There are other champions? Well I cannot say that I am surprised, it would be unlike Lenryt to leave anything completely to chance.

Though it seems that you know more of the situation than I do.
If you wouldn't mind, perhaps I could accompany you for a time so that we may continue to chat without further delaying your journey?

No. 234380 ID: 57baa0

Senth had the money. (Though I thought the prize money Keddic won in the Grand Gainer was given over to Senth in exchange for Senth's employment to Mordre?)

Also, there was a CHOICE!? Lenyrt did not offer any choice! ARGHASDFGHJKL! I mean, we like the guy (or I do, at least), but we also like having a choice in what we do, as Lenyrt should very well know since we told her when we met her! ...Then again, the only Dragon we knew of was Lubu, so there wasn't so much of a choice in that and wasting time to tell us of a choice that didn't exist is foolish and extremely out-of-character for Lenyrt and then we would be annoyed at her for doing that and we did have a choice (though that was just 'help Lenyrt' or 'ignore Lenyrt'), but still!

This shouldn't be a surprise. Kirchesia did say the information was confined to the order, not to the two of them.
No. 234381 ID: 445c48

Can we kind of throw in a side thought, small and quick, about being called something other than Anathema? It's kinda mean.

Ask about Jaegrezweistrick. Think about how Lubu's a pretty cool guy, and killed a core being host with your help, that was pretty cool.

I think I recall Senth having the bag last. We should order Phohn to, if he's near Senth, actually verbally ask him usin' talkin' bits instead of the weird headvoice, because that throws people, about where the money is, or get another deep spawn to.
No. 234382 ID: b5af8d

>Aaah, You Are The New Anathema, I Recall Mention Of Such

So if we're the new one, what happened to the old one?
No. 234384 ID: b18ccb

They knew about us before hand, that's why we got a visit from Reinhardt and Kyrchesia. And that's what Reinhardt and Kyrchesia kinda are, if I remember right.

But yes, Who is Jaegrezweistrick, and what is he doing here [This is our most important question, so we can help and get the Harmonious Discord on our side], and what else does he know about these other 'Would-Be Champions'.

And remember, Lenryt already said she had other agents. We are just a free agent she is most likely testing.

Ask if he knows who these Dragons are, too.

Oh yes, and just what Reinhardt and Kyrchesia said about us.
No. 234386 ID: 19de59

We should call him Jag for short

No. 234387 ID: b18ccb

No, no, Reguading Senth, we go back and talk to him in person. We are Cross. He will nto like us when we are Cross. He will duel everyone we know, mass-duel.
No. 234388 ID: 19de59

i.e. He fights Budurko, temporal stability, naughty naughty, STIM PACK, SMACK!

in that order
No. 234390 ID: e67080

We should offer to join the Tomb's patrol for awhile, as we do not want to hold him up from his duty. Offer our assistance even, if he wishes to take it while we take up some of his attention.

After our conversation concludes, we need to go to Bagrom whenever he is awake and apologize, likely stating that we had somehow erroneously assumed we already had his permission due to forgetfulness, We ask Sten about the money, as he may just give it to us, then we become cross and call in temporal lock spawn if he refuses, and consider if we want some Tractomancy for Morde. As of now, this is coming off like a very un-useful bargain mercenary.
No. 234394 ID: 57baa0

Well, I would presume that the Red Comet's work requires some subtlety since it (or whatever appropriate pronoun) is using illusion magic to disguise itself, and since we are very not subtle, it probably isn't a very good idea to go along with him. We could ask him about his work, though, I guess, while we stand in the street.

...We are standing out like a sore thumb, aren't we, a metal golem standing in the middle of a street.
No. 234421 ID: 6dd58d

What? For all anyone else knows, the "mage behind the golem" is ah, AFK, so to speak.
No. 234433 ID: ddd48d

Questioning is all well and good, but we should probably leave him be to do his job. >>234394 has a point with the subtlety thing.

We should go have a chat with Senth, now that he isn't talking to Oz, I think. He hasn't really been introduced to US in the form of Mordre yet. And if we manage to get some moneys, we can get Arkus a book or something! Magical trinket? Charm of protection? And if we want to h=get something lame to go with it that is fine too, I guess. But the lame souvenir shouldn't be the only thing, he deserves something for working so hard!
No. 234441 ID: a76809

So who is Jaegrezweistrick? I inquire into The Red Comet's mind, before he even has a chance to take a step himself. Thoughts fly back in a tone that makes me think he is acting more familiar with me, with the context of the Order's interactions with me now known.

"Ancestral Dragon Jaegrezweistrik The Radical AxeGod Is Another Paradox Knight, A Local Dragon, The Only.. Ancestral Tomb, As They Call Us, To Hold The Office For Three Hundred Years... He Has Been In Service As A Dragon For Two Hundred Of Those Years, But Still. He Is Coming To Meet Me Here Per My Request, As He Has Information Concerning A Local Claimant To The Title Of Red Knight. I Will Deal With The Issue Myself, Once Informed Of The Culprit's Location. Be Advised That I Would Appreciate Any Notification Of One Claiming To Be The Red Knight, As It Is Not A Title I Share To Upstarts."

I turn my thoughts towards what Keddic told me via Phohn, reviewing who had the money... he claimed it sent back with Senth. I believe I shall have Words with him when I return. But from there my mind wanders to what The Red Comet said, concerning other champions for Lenryt's cause... under Other Dragons. She seems intent to insure that one way or another she can claim a champion once this civil war plays out, optimizing her chances that she can claim the right to expand the Mortal Coil. I received no word that I should simply withhold violence from those I meet, and considering they serve Dragons opposing Lubu, I would be wise to end them. I feel bothered that Lenryt did not inform me of the chance to serve other dragons...until I recall that I actually had past positive dealings with Lubu to build on, so I hardly had a choice, unless I wanted to waste unnecessary time gaining even the most basic trust.

So... There are other champions? Well I cannot say that I am surprised, it would be unlike Lenryt to leave anything completely to chance. Though it seems that you know more of the situation than I do. If you wouldn't mind, perhaps I could accompany you for a time, So that we may continue to chat without further delaying your journey? I posit back, hoping for the chance to pluck the name of someone clearly tied to high circles. It seems his change in disposition behooves me, as he offers no rejection, simply walking along, letting the cloak fall back around him as the crowd subconsciously parts for him, while I wade through their mass. As we travel, time seems to stand still for a time, some few minutes passing with only silence passing before Burduko arrives, whizzing to my side at incredibly speed. He bows deeply to me before taking pace at my side. The Red Comet had briefly started, clearly recognizing a closing Deep Spawn, and surprised at the deference it is showing me.

Could you please not refer to me as Anathema, if possible? And if I may pry, what happened to the last you labeled such? I weedle, continuing to ply the pathway betwixt our minds. The Read Comet mulls over my queries for a moment, before giving his response.

"...The Last Anathema Was Deemed Too Hazardous, And Exposed. This Was Some One Hundred Thirty Years Ago. ...Why Does A Deep Spawn Serve You?"

What should my response be?
And do I have any more questions before following The Red Comet to his meeting with Jeagrezweistrik?
Or should I do something else?
No. 234454 ID: a594b9

May as well tell him the truth. We managed to find a fragment of the Caged One, and delivered it to a Deep Spawn Administrator that we had met via an ancient mine. In exchange he granted us a boon of 50 Deep Spawn eggs and the chance to meet another Administrator to possibly gain more information about the Curse.

Also tell him we may have to go in the near future, as we have an appointment. That is the main purpose of this Deep Spawn we have- teleportation.
No. 234464 ID: b18ccb

"Hazardous...how? I would like to know so I do not fall into the same trap." Look to Burduko and sigh. "I doubt I could keep any secrets from you...heh. Seems more and more I meet those that make my secrecy moot. He serves me because I came to an agreement with an...overseer of other Deep Spawn. I hope this does not cast me in ill light...although I have some idea that the Order is both aware of such things, and employs them from time to time?"

And, hoping to god we don't start a brawl right now: "The Radical AxeGod? Sounds quite strong...if I am not pressing an issue, do you know where his loyalties lie? Lubu could make fair use of such a wise and strong ally, as could I. But, what will you do to this usurper? I would think such a title is common, is it not? Anyone who wears red, thinks himself a knight would be quick to adopt such a title, would they not? And one last question: Where is it that you head after taking care of this Faux-Red Knight?"
No. 234483 ID: b02cf1

"Hm? Ah yes.
I managed to locate a fragment of the entity located in the earth, known to those I have met as 'The Caged one'. I handed it over to a Deep spawn Administrator in exchange for a few services, the possession of my own deep spawn among them."
Wave it off like this is a regular occurrence for you.
"My life has been busy of late, hopefully I can learn more about just what is going on in the world."

Burduko has likely come to inform us that our blade is ready.
Prepare to teleport out in case the red comet does not take too kindly to our lateset bit of info.

We might be giving this stuff out too eaisly.

Tell Phohn to ward your 'mind' against any outside interference. Red will still likely be able to break through, but it's not really him I want to block. Tell him about it so that he does not get suspicious.
No. 234515 ID: 45be60

"More than one, actually, all bound to me personally. They were a reward of sorts, for returning an escaped shard of the entity the deep ones strive thanklessly to protect the surface from. A dubious reward I think, since I do not relish the further attention the bring me, but they have great potential, and have made some aspects of my life considerably easier.
No. 234536 ID: 57baa0

...Say, does Bang's combat healing count as regeneration for the purposes of Mury's spawn's 'grant regeneration' ability?
No. 234540 ID: 57baa0

And say, how does the Red Comet know of the Deep Spawn, anyways, let alone recognize one at a glance?
No. 234541 ID: a76809
File 128556383949.jpg - (227.00KB , 900x900 , Paradox Knight Jeagrezweistrik The Radical.jpg )

I found a fragment of the Caged One, And I returned it to the deep ones, lest it escape. In Reward, I was granted Deep Spawn of my own I confide, my mind already following up with a change of focus.

Incidentally, this Deep Spawn, Burduko, Is capable of Teleportation. I have an upcoming appointment, And I wish to be sure I do not miss it.

My concerns fall on understanding ears, as The Red Comet divulges how he feels about my remarks.

"A great service to perform, removing an outlet for the Caged One.
And when duty calls to you, go without hesitation, I will not slow you."

Out walk continues once more in silence, Burduko at my side and ready for whenever Hieryou gets off his shift. Soon enough, something breaks the peaceful monotony, a bombastic musical cacophony begins to echo about, and I see people running, shouting out to friends that a Dragon has come. ...I feel a soul very nearly the equal to Lubu's striding within the city of Waltora.

And the Red Comet leads us straight towards it.

In short order I see him: I Small tomb in neon blues with wild whorls of color and stylization all over its frame, face lacking any feature save slits for sight, a prismatic glow from within. This resplendent and vibrant figure rides atop an equally flashy armored horse, a beast whose heart thuds with otherworldly energies as it approaches.

But what I notice most is the Axe.

An enormous weapon, a haft some nine feet long and an axe head three feet in length is a ludicrous weapon, and he wields it like a twig. The axe dancing in his hand draws the eye, it's head and details ever-shifting, as if not fully in this reality, a shield festooned with scores of emblems all brightly gleaming festooning his other arm. His gaze goes straight to The Red Comet, piercing the veil I pierced with equal ease, before flipping his axe up in the air, and holding it in reverse. For a moment, I see the shadow of strings running the length of his ever-warping weapon, when magic builds-


He looks on My own form now, noting my companion Burduko, as I reel from the fact his axe vibrated so complexly that it generated a facsimile of spoken words. I see window pains still rattling from the sonic pressure Jeagrezweistrik exudes-as he speaks through his axe again.

"I see we're all BOOORN to be kings,
we're the princes of the uuuuniverse!"

Music continues to simply emanate like a fine mist from the Radical AxeGod, his lyrical comments still causing my form to vibrate in sympathy. The Red Comet seems content to say nothing... or maybe he speaks directly into Jeagrezweistrik's mind.

What should I say or do?
No. 234553 ID: e67080

Clap, of course. This is quite the performance, especially only for an entrance. The Axe God deserves a round of applause.
No. 234564 ID: d3dfb8

"Here we belong, fighting to survive
In a world with the darkest powers"
No. 234581 ID: e31d52

Be careful: That song probably ain't for show. It's very likely he could amp it up, or sing a different tune, and vibrate you to pieces.
No. 234631 ID: f4e4f9

I wouldn't be surprised if his soul is actually encased in the Axe and not the armor.

Enhance whatever you choose to say with an small lyrical undertune. Just a bit of fun.
No. 234642 ID: a69afd

"Hmmm, a Phonomancer... from what I can see, a master of the art. Skill is to be expected from one that is untouched by time, such eccentricity is surprising to behold. Then again, perhaps such a manner of speech has a special meaning for the owner of a rare magical art."
No. 234645 ID: b5af8d

If you can figure out how, play an accompanying tune to his own.
No. 234670 ID: 45be60

Hum dueling banjos.
No. 234723 ID: 1384b4

I think we lack a second hand to clap.

Also. Freddy as an Ancestral Tomb and a Dragon. FUCK YEAR.

Though I don't know what to do. Observe the performance? Play along? Form a rock-band with Dulu on drums, Red Comet on keyboard, Mordre with a guitar and Jeagrezweistrik as lead singer?
No. 234729 ID: 903f16

>I see the shadow of strings running the length of his ever-warping weapon, when magic builds

>Radical AxeGod

>I see what you did there.

Anyway, sing with him and after the performance shake his hand. Ask him about what he knows of the Lenryt's game and what he thinks our chances are backing Lubu. Then carefully listen to what information he has on the upstart Red Knight, maybe mention we happen to know a fellow who goes by the tittle of Blue Knight and remark at the coincidence.
No. 234743 ID: b18ccb


Sing in return, and sing the blessed song with him. And I know you can sing because that voice can do anything. Also, try to hit the bass rhythm from the song, too!

Wake the town, stage impromptu rock concert, Phohn up allies for anyone that wants to rock out with us!

And once he finishes:

"It's a kind of magic."
No. 234773 ID: 1384b4

Oh and don't forget we have the collective experience of John, Paul, George and Ringo in us. We should be able to improvise a good performance.
No. 234774 ID: b18ccb

Jade Soul Band GO!
No. 234795 ID: 10f195

You know what to do

Bob and his everlasting like of Queen songs and left-handedness.
No. 234838 ID: 445c48

"Here we belong, fighting to survive
in a war with the darkest powers"
No. 234841 ID: 1384b4

This is kind of goofy to tell you the truth...
No. 234855 ID: 56dc25

Must we become incredibly silly whenever the slightest opportunity presents itself? This is serious business! We are serious golem!
No. 234856 ID: 445c48

No we're not. Do you see how many ham points we have?

Besides, the next bit sorta fits with us, we are fighting to survive, and against the darkest power (Weinsho, the bastard).

Besides Queen is the best.
No. 234877 ID: b18ccb


Here we belong, fighting for survival
We've come to be the rulers of you all


I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings - yeah - yeah
I have no rival, no man can be my equal
Take me to the future of you all


Really, the only way this song could be more apt is if we were voiced by Christopher Lambert.
No. 234964 ID: a76809
File 128564549117.jpg - (35.14KB , 445x634 , Freddie Fringe Benefit Bonus.jpg )

I reach out to the all the hero souls in my system, thinking of a rather irregular way to ingratiate myself with a Dragon and Paradox Knight. As I prepare to weave my voice in all the manner I can, I sense four responses... the Jade Soul Monks, consumed some time ago.... so it shall be. Soulfire belches as I draw every eye of the already enormous night-time crowd, and voices beginning as chants come streaming and blending out of my mouth, a melodious mixture, multiplying most madly, the words carrying with a sense of finality, as I speak, words twisting as thoughts coalesce and are channeled through the four souls.

"Here we belong, fighting to survive, In a War with the darkest of Poooweeeeers!!!

Thinking of Weinsho, I barely suppress my Heart, my flow of Blood Iron, as power ripples and warps, unsteady and threatening to buck in my grasp, as notes accompanying my lyrical proclamation begin to intermingle with Jeagrezweistrik's, complexifyng and spreading wider, the completely expressionless Dragon nodding vigorously. Almost unbidden, I continue, my next thoughts only half formed, yet carrying all the same.

"I am Immortal, I have inside me Blood of kings! I have no rival, no man can be my equal! Take me to the future of you aaaallll!"

[+11 HAM points, modified for importance of moment. New Total: 079 Next Bonus: 100]

Jeagrezweistrik has a response of his own.

"And heeere we are,
Here we belong,

Jeagrezweistrik's axe surges, threads of almost existence proliferating wildly as his soul swells so brilliantly I can scarce sense anything else, my musical utterances inspiring something. I feel some sort of weight settling upon my form, as something shifts about the fours souls I channeled, leaving the Soul Nexus in my hand... and instead spreading themselves out along my Left Arm, using body and hand Soul Nexus as magical focus points to simulate....

I turn my Will inward, and set my form to flowing, a thudding beat beginning almost immediately as the power of Blood flows about.


I feel the added layer of false life encouraging the grafting souls... and knowledge begins to flow into my mind, a sense of understanding, of Mass Connection-more specifically, the moves from Jade Soul that each respective monk knew best in life.

Jade Fist:
-Signature move of the Jade Soul style, a direct gathering of Soul energy around the fist by means of expanding the soul itself to encompass more area than it normally would. This causes supernatural impact, compounding the fact it is used on a Siege Fist.
-The Soul field can somewhat ablate and negate magical defenses, in proportion to my own soul. Considering that it is ultimately slaved to the Soul Grave furnace containing several thousand souls, it can pierce considerable amounts of magic.

Ethereal Strike:
-A projection of energy, a replica of one's hand that is emitted as a projectile impact, possessing some of the Jade Fist's piercing ability, but little of its kick. The fact it can be used in rapid succession opens the options to which it can be applied.
-The projection has a range directly related to the originating source of energy, your Soul Furnace, and as such can reach ranges normally not considered feasible for the move, some several hundred feet before half the energy has dissipated, and more than a thousand before it completely decays.

Warding Palm:
-A gathering of energy for hardening, rendering the hand far more durable, if much less flexible while active.
-While under the effect of warding Palm, any magical attack that strikes the palm can be unraveled, most of its energy breaking up before even reaching your hardened hand.

Rending Grasp:
-A move reserved only for approved students, it has the built in condition that to work, the practitioner's hand must be in contact with the foe's body for one full second before the ability can be triggered.
-Once the condition has been met, the move allows for far amplified armor piercing to Jade Fist, in all areas in direct contact with the hand. If all magical protection is pierced, excess energy goes towards weakening the material being touched, allowing an omniruinous attack.

[To use Combat magic (Which the above abilities are), both the body and hand Soul Nexus are only devoted to magic, so no IG, or speed/defensive bonuses while actively employing Combat Magic.
Have fun.]

One more time, Jeagrezweistrik proclaims words echoing from his Axe so festooned with strings, As it feels half the town watches our exchange, The Red Comet eying me critically as the weight pressing into my body begins to recede, leaving behind a feeling of finality.

"We've come to be the rulers of your wo[/i]oooooorld!!"

As the crowds burst into confusion and ultimately cheering, The Red Comet's thoughts stream into my mind.

"Now I Hope You Realize That By Responding To His Word Magic,
You Have Agreed To Quest To Be A Dragon, Whereas He Just Approved You.
So You Are Now Officially, Publicly Proclaiming Your Intent To Strive For The Seat Of Dragon.
But You Of Course Already Kn- ...Ah."

Jeagrezweistrik the Radical AxeGod twirls his axe about as the music falls back to lower levels, the beat that seems to pervade all levels of existence still throbbing in the background, before he gestures to me?

"And by what NAME,
Do we know this prince to be?
What title would future ruler claim right nooooow?"

Burduko moves closer as I hear Phohn's voice, commenting Hieryou has returned to the Tyotworro Estates.

What should I say or do?
No. 234993 ID: b18ccb

Ooh, I'm torn between an actual answer, going 'But, I was singing', and poofing because of meeting.

Ok, lets go with a mix of A and B.

"It’s a *snap* kind *snap* of magic *snap*
It's a *snap* kind *snap* of Magiiic *snap*
A kind *snap* of magic *snap*
One dream one soul, one priiiize One goal, one goooolden glances of what should be-" Look to The Red Comet with as much shock as we can muster on our metal face. "But, I just sang. The second song I have ever sung." Pause and turn to he of the most Radial Ax. "But...I am Mordre...Must I name myself now, or does that come later? And...my meeting requires my attention, as much as the song and the Quest demands of me."

And at a later date, we must attempt to use the Feasting Anima and the Beatles-Fist togeather.
No. 234997 ID: b18ccb

Also, I have a feeling we are on our way to finding either Scars Of Yesterday or Killer Queen.
No. 235000 ID: 9338f5

I dont think this is the kind of thing that can be doged or delayed and considering were dealing with people that could probably kill us lets not try that.
No. 235004 ID: 445c48

Oh man what, Dragon? Well, we might be able to swing that, sure. Maybe not.

When we finish the song bits, we should leave with a flourish and Burduko teleporting us home, we've got an appointment to keep after all.

Also, Word Magic, eh? Interesting. It'll probably make the title we choose quite important.
No. 235008 ID: 9338f5

also we need to remember there are laws and stuff about being a dragon. like that not be the first to attack one we were hopeing to take advantage of.
No. 235011 ID: 5018f7

Regardless of whether or not we take him up on this he needs to be answered now.

He probably would not think to highly of someone declaring themselves into a position of power and then running away.

On that note "Iron Blood Dragon", or something like that.
No. 235014 ID: 445c48

So, we could either become a Dragon through military gubbins, challenging and beating a Dragon, or becoming a living (hah) legend and getting a bunch of disciples. I hope there isn't any sort of time limit on this quest.

Also I'm suggesting King of the Impossible, Mordre of the Impossible, or something else that's a reference to Flash Gordon because I've got it stuck in my head and I think keeping with the Queen theme, even if it's not the same song, will give a bonus. And King of the Impossible sounds pretty awesome, and fits with some stuff we are/have done.
No. 235018 ID: 445c48

Yes, well, we're not a Dragon, and it's rather unlikely that we'll be one soon. We should ask The Iron Mustache about laws when one is a Dragon, and when one is becoming a Dragon/fighting a Dragon.

Iron Blooded Dragon Mordre does sound pretty bitchin', by the way, whoever suggested that.
No. 235024 ID: a76809

[No really, Freddi-I mean Jeagrezweistrik is asking you what prospective Dragon title you are going to be striving for down any of the three paths. So, _____ Dragon Mordre the ____________ The more attuned to his nature in diction choice, the more quickly the title can become real, and leech of the ambient energy of thousands of years of belief by billions of lives in the power of those who hold it. Take that as you will.]
No. 235025 ID: f4e4f9

>(Emba)So I'm guessing our dragon title should resonate somewhat with our nature

>(TheBeardiestBob) Yup. Remember it would be your prospective title, it becomes real the more people that hear it, and adds to collective belief set of Dragon

A Dragon Title, eh?

I don't think this can be put off. Perhaps something to resonate with our nature, and resurgence from a now dead kingdom.

Unforgotten Dragon Mordre the Indelible...or something along those lines.

No. 235027 ID: b18ccb

True, but we did make prior engagements that weren't 'Fuck yes, singing!' And I really don't know if we're suppose to say 'Gift Horse Dragon Mordre, the Self-Made' right now, or not.

And I actually kinda wanna sing our dirge for him, see how he likes it.
No. 235036 ID: f4e4f9

It's not a song, despite the name.

It's a portrayal of the sounds of a thousand screaming voices in a howling wind, shrieking as if being painfully slaughtered by the most abominable nightmares able to be fathomed.

Or something. I forget the exact details beyond "Oh god, oh god, make it stop"
No. 235038 ID: b18ccb

Huh...so...mhm...I suggest we start coming up with titles that we like for both our 'Dragon' nature and our 'The' nature.

Currently, we have:

'Gift Horse Dragon Mordre, the Self-Made'
'Unforgotten Dragon Mordre the Indelible'
'Iron Blooded Dragon Mordre'
'Mordre the Impossible' [He'll Save Every One of Us]
No. 235042 ID: b18ccb

Well, yeah. We can see how he likes it. I mean, it is a -little- death metal, but he might give us some hints on how to make it really jive, 'ya know?
No. 235048 ID: 445c48

Yeah, I was talking to the guy who said
>also we need to remember there are laws and stuff about being a dragon. like that not be the first to attack one we were hopeing to take advantage of.
Saying that, since this is just a start and such, we're not one yet, probably unlikely to be any time soon, and can still use these laws to our advantage probably unless there are special laws for people who've declared they're going for a dragon.

Though I did mess the title bit up because I forgot the format! I'll make a proper one later, then, no queen reference I guess unless it's a good one as opposed to one off the top of my head at midnight. Iron-Blooded Dragon Mordre the Self-Made sounds good, but that self-made bit could use some more purple prose. What else is a good word for self-made?
No. 235049 ID: e31d52

"Unforgotten Dragon Mordre, The Dirge of Souls!"

Stomp your feet, plant your elbows at your sides, hand open, tentacles writing, and let the dirge scream across the landscape!

No. 235050 ID: 445c48

Oh yeah, and don't do the dirge. That would totally kill the mood man.
No. 235053 ID: 6dd58d

Enduring Dragon Mordre the Legend of Steel, perhaps. ...And hold off on the dirge I think, doesn't exactly fit the feel of things right now.
No. 235056 ID: 45be60

Guys, we have several titles already back home, Well of Souls being most prominent, though stuff like soulgrave of mosmordre and sword of the empire would also be fair game if you really want. If we are making this a true reflection of who we are, those titles should be represented.

Iron Blooded Dragon Mordre, the Well of Souls would be my vote.
No. 235062 ID: e31d52

This is good. Changing vote to this.
No. 235067 ID: a594b9

Iron-blooded Dragon Mordre I like...

I don't want anything complicated to throw on the end there though. The Indelible sounds okay but I'm not sure it's really in tune with Mordre's nature.

How about the Devourer? Remember we can eat like the dickens. That would be:
Iron-blooded Mordre the Devourer.
No. 235069 ID: e043a1

It sounds cool and all, but isn't "Well of Souls" a little too revealing of Modre's nature? Millions of people are going to hear this title remember.
No. 235072 ID: b18ccb

I -kinda- wann do this, you know, because it's awesome.

But I like 'Self-Made' because it's what we are and what we do. Mage Mordre and Golem Mordre both.
No. 235077 ID: 56dc25

A "Well of Souls" is apparently a technical term for something- we're not unique. It'd be like calling ourselves "Mordre the Magnetomancer". More than that, it would immediately announce our nature to anyone versed in that particular aspect of lore. Not really what we want, I think.

I would like our name to resonate with our aspect of eternal growth; if there's one thing that we have done since awakening, it's constantly gain in power, gathering ever more souls and modifying ourself to be always stronger, more capable. Perhaps "...the Ascendant"? It's vague enough to be nonspecific about what exactly we're ascending towards or to become, but at the same time it's quite descriptive. To be more explicit, "...the Augmented" could work.

And while "Unforgotten" is an awesome title, I'm not entirely certain that it's in line with what we've done; we're the one who doesn't forget, not the one whom others remember. Though I suppose that people don't really forget us, that's pretty tangential. "Enduring" is probably more accurate, and still an imposing name which references our origin. And the fact that we've lived through some ridiculous shit. More than that, it gives us a potential out for taking other people's souls- we're not eating them, we're giving them the opportunity to endure together with us, the Enduring Dragon.

So yeah, my current vote would be for "Enduring Dragon Mordre the Ascendant". Nicely references our past, our future, and our abilities all in one.
No. 235078 ID: b18ccb

I just noticed something, but...wasn't 'the Red Comet' also in Ant Quest?
No. 235089 ID: 45be60

We have made no secret in this land that we are no ordinary ancestral tomb. We have explained ourselves as a construct based on the same concept, but housing many heroic souls. We can even back that claim up, and relate the achievements of the various heroes sustained forever within us, banded together toward a single purpose. Calling ourselves a Well of Souls reveals nothing which we have not already said about ourselves, and is more true to who we are than anything else we could chose.
No. 235091 ID: 56dc25

>We have explained ourselves as a construct based on the same concept, but housing many heroic souls.
No, we have explained our body as that concept, but claimed that we're piloting it remotely to most people. Including Lubu, I'll note. Additionally, there is a large difference between saying something to some people and explicitly including something in your title- because doing the latter, if we become famous, will not only give us away but will also inspire thousands of people to look up just what the hell a Well of Souls is. And they might not like it at all, considering that we do literally burn up people's souls to keep running.
No. 235095 ID: 903f16

Our current goals already feed into becoming a Dragon or a Dragon equivalent anyway. As for a name choice perhaps Consuming Dragon Mordre the Timeless. The reason why we are The Consuming Dragon should be fairly obvious and we are the Timeless is because when Dorgrum spoke of our nature he called us a paradox, a new timeless being. If that doesn't work I'll throw my vote behind this poster's suggestion >>235077.
No. 235096 ID: 732129

Wise Dragon Mordre, the Commanding Philosopher
No. 235101 ID: 1384b4

Do people in LOD even KNOW that we are powered by thousands of souls?
Maybe we should keep quit about that...
No. 235122 ID: f4e4f9

Suggested Indelible because it carries two implications: Hard to destroy, but also hard to erase (from knowledge/memory).

Thought it seemed a nice double meaning.
No. 235128 ID: 45be60

Oh good gravy. People shoot down Well of Souls for the implications, and then we have suggestions like Consuming and Devourer. THOSE raise obvious questions which there are unfortunate answers to. >_<

I did not intend to imply that we change the "I am a mage" story. It was word choice going from a reality perspective, not a keeping the story straight perspective. Sorry for confusion.

I do want to point out that while "well of souls" is a term which one could look up, it does not mean anything incriminating. It is not the same thing as "soul furnace" or "I eat dead people". A well only means filled depths. We turned Lorgk's new crystal sword into a well of souls, after all.

And I can't stress the Word magic implications enough here. We have been called Well of Souls only by the most powerful entities we have encountered, and it is second only to "Mage" in how often we use it to refer to ourselves. It is What We Are.

no, and we should keep it that way. Though to be fair, we are powered by one soul a month. the other thousands are just extra.
No. 235131 ID: a594b9

Consuming/Devourer are titles that could easily be explained for our ability to eat shit that attacks us. Not specifically souls.
No. 235132 ID: e31d52

>"So why are you the Consuming Dragon?"
No. 235138 ID: 903f16

While I had no problems with your suggested tittle, I must say you're wrong in your implication that the Consuming and Devourer titles are more revealing. Mordre consumes in a variety of ways that aren't at all soul related. For instance his Feasting Vestments, Hands of Hunger, Immortal Genocide, and ability to consume any metal short of Lortoxite all involve eating of some type. It'd be rather easy to deflect any questioning by demonstrating any one of these and even if it were discovered we eat souls it wouldn't compromise our most important secret. This is as opposed to your tittle which straight up says that 'Mage' Mordre's Golem does house a collection of souls and then must raise the question how he got them into there and why. The logical progression from that is that "Hey he's a mage he must have put them in there" and then while we can go back and say it's because our people follow different customs about the soul it'd still have the common man look at us like some uncivilized foriegner with no respect for the dead every time they hear our name.
No. 235144 ID: ddd48d

uh oh, well as soon as we tell it what we want our name to be we should apologize and leave for that meeting.

Is anyone else a little worried about this whole "attempting to become a dragon" thing? we are missing a lot of information about this kind of thing, and we have a lot of secrets to keep as well...I'm too tired to finish this thought argh
No. 235150 ID: b18ccb

You know, I think this Dragon thing isn't just about what we've done, but what we want to be too.
And it should reflect our magehood as well, and something about our personality.

The Singular Dragon Mordre the Bombastic?

Anyway, updating our ideas, and I'm gonna slip them up between Dragon title and 'The' titles.

_____ Dragon:
Iron Blood Dragon
Unforgotten Dragon
Gift Horse Dragon
Enduring Dragon
Consuming Dragon
Wise Dragon
Singular Dragon
Hidden Dragon
Bombastic Dragon
Long-Dead Dragon
Old Dragon
Foreign Dragon

the ____________:
the Impossible
the Indelible
the Self-Made
the Dirge of Souls
the Legend of Steel
the Well of Souls
the Devourer
the Augmented
the Ascendant
the Timeless
the Commanding Philosopher
the Bombastic
No. 235151 ID: b18ccb

This one. I like this one.
No. 235157 ID: 56dc25

Good point on the more general nature of the well of souls bit. Nevertheless, while it is what we are, it is most definitely not what we claim to be- and the one claiming the title of Dragon here has to implicitly be Mordre the mage, even if it's actually Mordre the golem. At some point in the future we will doubtless be able to pull a Big Reveal and take the title for our own- possibly after growing our own soul into something genuinely Legendary- but until then, best to keep things on the down low even if it means a slightly less fitting title.

Just for the irony that we are neither wise nor a particularly commanding philosopher, or for some other reason?

>Hidden Dragon
I missed that one, and now I can't stop laughing. Because it's so fitting for our mage persona, and yet so referential. Can't really see how it fits our true self, though.
No. 235175 ID: b18ccb

Yeah, I came up with the Hidden Dragon one. Maybe we can have one be who we pretend to be, the other who we are?

But the reason I like 'Wise Dragon Mordre, the Commanding Philosopher' is because it's who we intend to be, like we told Kyorto. We are going to forge a new empirer, not feared but loved. The Conquring Hero. Which might make for a good title.
No. 235176 ID: a76809

[Could Be....]


I find my very first thoughts not being how I could or could not escape this situation, or what title to claim, but squarely focused on the laws involved with the title Dragon. Not being able to attack anyone unless they take the initiative lest I run into pervasive legal troubles does not appeal to me... and I realize that this would only apply once I fully gain the title, not simply when I proclaim my desire to strive for it. Somewhat calmer with my primary concerns assuaged.

As titles swirl and riot in my mind, a single set of words seems pulled forth from me, flitting through the supercharged air.

"Indelible Dragon Mordre The Ascendant. That is the title I shall strive for."

I hear thunder crackle without seeing any storm, the ground rumble without threat of earthquake, and the Words I spoke, the Name I chose, as Jeagrezweistrik's axe thrums with power. I see his expressionless face turning to regard the still hidden Red Comet beside me for the briefest of moments, before he continues speaking.

"And so here we all stand,
Destined to be Dragons,
The Summit and the Climber, standing stroooong!"

Jeagrezweistrik begins to speak to the crowd now, the cadence of the music accompanying his words shifting and warping as he turns away from me, and The Red Comet's words infiltrate my mind.

"If You Wish To Leave, Now Would Be The Time,
While Jeagrezweistrik Is Yet Distracted Plying The Crowd...
I Sensed Some Other Words In Your Mind,
A Place You Must Be."

In the half instant where I realize I could be meeting with Hieryou, I find Phohn already relaying my desire to Burduko, who places a hand on my side-

I am in the Tyotworro estates, now standing before a Hieryou only just restraining himself from drawing his discreet blade, now relaxing by increments at my presence. He says nothing, as I summon Vandgurd and Zelgoto, the two giving their words on what the Ash Dragon did, their simple presence outside a building never outright claimed to have Oz or myself within, and Jioga's wrath smiting them both. Hieryou listens to their testimony with only a few probing questions, nodding as he listens. Finally the report by my two Deep Spawn ends, and Hieryou finally speaks to me.

>"....I believe you. You ultimately acted to deceive by omission a Dragon, but you and your minions committed no illegal act in this function. So it looks like you do have a valid complaint against the Ash Dragon."

Hieryou tilts his head to the side as he continues.

>"So what do you want me to do about this? Even with the testimony, without the Dragon in question here I cannot rouse the full legal might that could be brought to bear.... so to what end do you tell me this? What do you try to accomplish in the here and now?"

Hieryou yawns after his pointed question, reminding me of the severe earliness of the morning, as he awaits my response.

What should I say or do?
No. 235181 ID: e31d52

Pause for a moment.

"Well, nothing need be done right this moment, necessarily. That you have heard the complaint and will keep it in mind until a later date, that is enough. Many thanks for your time... I apologize, the great distance tends to make it harder to perceive it proper, you see. I merely want it known that the breach of law was made, that is all. True action can wait for a more opportune time... Perhaps I can have some form of written document that you have questioned my fellows and found their testimony truthful?"
No. 235182 ID: d3dfb8

This. Then we should ask the deepspawn what the effect black steel would have on them.
If it's safe I don't see why we don't fight them.
No. 235189 ID: 69bee4

"I mostly want to see that justice is done, I have a great fondness for those around me, as I do hope they themselves would attest. being dishonorably attacked for their guard duty is something I find distasteful."

pause for a bit, make sure this next part is done right, communicate with Deep Spawn to leave

"If I may have a moment Hieryou, I wished to apologize again for my severe cultural blindness and deafness of earlier. Also, feel free to ask me to leave, but I did want to ask about your companion, a wolf I could best call it as I never learned his or her name. But if you don't mind me waxing poetic, it reminds me of someone I had to leave behind in these ventures, a little... well not so little anymore creature I call Moss, met him awhile back... [story of moss goes here]"
No. 235190 ID: 5018f7

Well, as memory serves one of the ways to become a dragon is to challenge and best one in a duel.
Asking for one with the title as prize could cement our status as a dragon, if we decided to become one.
No. 235203 ID: eb35bf

I'd rather not duel Ash Dragon Jioga. Ultimately he is Lubu's ally and by extension our ally. We might need his help to unify this land.

Tell Hieryou that there is a challenge in place between yourself and the Ash Dragon, however it is not a martial challenge. You would like to arrange a forceful reminder to him of that fact in order to prevent any further conflicts or rash actions.

See if there's any night-shift estate retainer you could learn some Land of Dragons lore from until it's time to go to Korgotyo's school.
No. 235204 ID: d3dfb8

Bang was authorized to kill his dood, I don't see why we can't. Besides, look at this from Lubu's perspective. He loses a dragon but gains an immortal dragon.
No. 235213 ID: b18ccb

Agree with this.

Agree with this.

Agree with this.

Bow humbly and thank him for his time. Make note that there is a rocking consert going on - and inform any of our allies that are awake and not in talking diststance with Phohn what just happened. And try to talk to Mordreden with Phohn again, see if they're awake. If not, and if Ulzrick is awake, have him relay the message. And relay the message to anyone asleep. Then gather the Monster Party, and any one of our friends to rock out until brawl-time at the Chain School.

And, while we're gathering the Monster Party, try to combine the Feasting Anima and the Jade Fist and Rending Grasp while we're alone.
No. 235215 ID: b18ccb

Oh yes, and I don't agree with killing the Ash Dragon for two reasons: Lubu loses a powerful ally. We could not actually win, or would be hard-pressed to win any Dragon fight. We would have to be very cunning to actually eat that soul, because we'd have to talk to and convince said soul that this si a good idea.

Also, if we fight him, we wouldn't get the powers of a Dragon, just the name.

Personally, I'm wondering what 'Inedible Dragon' will take the form of...Does it mean we'll start tasting like Fugo?
No. 235256 ID: 10f195

'Indelible' Dragon

1. (of ink or a pen) Making marks that cannot be removed.
2. Not able to be forgotten or removed
No. 235261 ID: 10f195

Also, agreed, we should not kill him, but instead subdue him with overwhelming power (AHHAHAHAHAH OH CRAP I CRACK MYSELF UP)

We are gonna need a Keddic brand string of Epiphanies here.


Pristine soul on Soul matrices to gain understanding of crafting procedure?
Like gaining basic soul magic and golem craft competency without using a Lenryt Boon.
No. 235263 ID: 10f195

Also, idea.

You could teleport back to Lubus place with Budruko, make a earth padgoda, come back, make another padgoda and then teleport the lot of you there.

If Oz is not ready to come, you can just keep moving on the padgoda until he is ready, then PORT!.
No. 235271 ID: 445c48

Too many variations on the earthen structure. Distribution of nutrients in the soil might throw it off, even, or they might have a somewhat different mineral blend that results in a nice red dirt over there but we've got a brown one here or something.

I suggest we pop out our ammo, reload our hooks if we haven't, magnetomance it full again, then magnetomance them into a big box shape, using another reload or two if needed. We can run out of town and look for metals if we need to resupply.
No. 235341 ID: 95aed6

Well he did just say 'some sameness' here's to hoping it does not have to be exact.
No. 235447 ID: b18ccb

Ok, Falcon, why would we need to do this? I'm just wondering.
No. 235451 ID: 112508

Just in case the dragon shows up and decides to mess things up for us.

Or in case ANYTHING happens and we need to get out quickly. Then we could simply port to the palace.

Also, if Oz decides that he will do it, we port and save time.

not a necessity, just a convenience/precaution.
No. 235452 ID: b18ccb

But, we can do that any way. We have a Lenryt Box at the palace. We could, at any time, cut and run back to the palace.
No. 235453 ID: 112508

We don't have a box HERE!

As far as I know, we would need a box at the destination AND the departure point.

If I am wrong, then that is great and we save time. Unfortunately, I doubt I am wrong.
No. 235454 ID: 445c48

As I understand it, we and Burduko could cut and run, but everyone else couldn't, without the box. We'd need a box to transport everyone else.
No. 235460 ID: 112508

We don't need a box.
The box is just fancy and awesome.

He said we needed some kind of 'sameness'. That lends itself to anything, it's simply that a room would be better for several reasons.
I believe that if we have simply a patch of ground leveled and has a design on it that makes it distinct from the surroundings, we could use this to port.
This method would usually be impractical because we have to make the other teleporter and by the time we do that the patch may have been covered or weathered.

The only reason I am suggesting the pagoda is that if we use it at all, it would be in the near future. So there would not be much time for change to occur via environmental factors or otherwise.
No. 235463 ID: b18ccb

Shh! Bob might have forgotten that.

Anyway, I do want our Pagoda back, and we could try to make some teleportation boxes out of our ammo...possibly with Murhyihal...mhm...

We could send Murhyihal and Burduko to copy a Lenryt Box.
No. 235465 ID: 445c48

I suppose it depends on the amount of sameness required. Perhaps as Burduko grows in strength, the level of sameness needed will decrease?
No. 235466 ID: 112508

That's my guess.
No. 235467 ID: b18ccb

No, boxes are easy. I do not want to chance teleporting on something not 120% the same as the other connecting points. I don't want to reenact 'The Fly' with all of our allies. Boxes are easy to make 'same'. 90 degrees each side, use the same metal. We can boost our megnetomancy, or use Murhyihal to craft boxes, perfectly.
No. 235479 ID: 445c48

I rather hope it won't end up like The Fly. I assumed that it would just fizzle, wouldn't work at all if it wasn't same enough. Or, at least, I assumed Burduko would notice and tell us "Yeah shit ain't gonna work right, continue y/n?"
No. 235481 ID: 112508

That is pretty much what I was going to say.

since our porter is a living being and not a computer, I think he can tell us if it will work or not.
No. 235502 ID: b18ccb

I think we should ask Burduko. We haven't really bro'd with him like we have Phohn or Aggrocrag so I still feel a bit wary of him.
No. 235549 ID: a76809
File 128573438994.jpg - (157.90KB , 1200x1600 , Chaining Calamity.jpg )

[Currently Murhyihal is to weak, relatively speaking, to use your rounds as the basis for making identical boxes. Conversely, it could be that Burduko is too weak, the amount of Sameness he demands still too high.]

[Completely accurate.]

[Me? Forgotten your teleport box locations? Pssh, they're obviously still where the started at, as you haven't moved them. ...Or maybe Mordre did, while you were playing Keddic...]

[Actually, you kinda do. The sheer degree of sameness required is far more of a difficulty to achieve than you may be inferring. Lenryt saved you a huge hassle.]

[This is correct.]

[Hah, to just spontaneously generate that, would take 3 Pristine souls, but yes, even that is possible.]

I step forward as I speak, looking to ply the legal route as deeply as possible for the coming Dragon Jioga. My words are eased and slightly muted due to the lateness of the night (Senth and Oz are both sprawled passed out in the open sand yard of the Tyotworro estate, having retired from another impromptu brawl as a culmination of their reunion.), as I see Dulu moving up to one of the entrance-ways, lending a non-physical ear to our words, so that Phohn may translate for him.

"Well, nothing need be done right this moment, necessarily. That you have heard the complaint and will keep it in mind until a later date, that is enough. I merely want it known that the breach of law was made, that is all. True action can wait for a more opportune time, but I wonder if I could have one thing... Perhaps I can have some form of written document that you have questioned my fellows, And found their testimony truthful, as wells as what was said, generally speaking?"
>"Certainly. You have a legitimate legal complaint, so this does fall under the jurisdiction of one of my jobs. The fact the accused is a Dragon complicates things, but I have familiarity with the power of bargaining tools. You shall have your written assessment."

Hieryou begins walking to a small desk at the side of the room, pulling out a stand for writing, fine brushes and stark ebony ink, pre-stamped paper bearing a seal I presume judicial in origin. The Iron Mustache sits and begins to write without further ceremony, and his over-sized and heavily boned wolf pads to his side, curling beside his feet for a moment, one eye still lazily locked on me. I make a noise akin to a throat clearing, as I begin speaking again.

"If I may have a moment Hieryou, I did want to ask about your companion, A wolf I could best call it as I not yet learned his or her name."
"As you say. But if you don't mind me waxing poetic, It reminds me of someone I had to leave behind in these ventures, A little... well not so little anymore creature I call Moss, met him awhile back..."

I recount a brief description of my travels and experiences with Moss, the living wood beast with a stone heart, a playful companion I had grown accustomed to. He does not stop writing, but I hear Hieryou chuckle twice, soft yet echoing off the interior of his armor, at some particularly endearing quirk of Moss being described. It takes at best guess a half hour, long after I have fallen silent again, but Hieryou produces a carefully written and blotted manuscript, dated and signed, concerning the damning testimony that he, as one who can See truth, verified while recording it, heard, concerning Ash Dragon Jioga. So long as violence can be avoided, this would be considered one of the most daunting weapons to bring, as I note Hieryou writing a log entry into a massive ledger, recording the work he just penned and its nature for archival purposes. He nods to me, as he and Mohbo march away, looking to finally get some rest.

With everyone else but Dulu asleep, and the Golemslain immediately retreating as my gaze falls on him, I find myself with no one to talk to and nothing to do, and resign myself to waiting for morning, at least to give the appearance of sleep and inactive periods, the most vexing part of my guise. Dawn comes slowly, but I rise several minutes after Oz awakens, idly trying to kick away a sleeping Senth that discreetly made his way across the sand, missing as Senth teleports away, yawning as he sits up, pulling out Keddic's pipe and packing it with more of the green herb that he seems to constantly inhale. Once both have fully risen for the new day, I finally begin to move, rising as my head rotates as if to scan the surroundings. I say good morning to Oz and Senth, before the Breaker sets Senth the challenge of remaining untouched as he fights the Deep Spawn. I see him dodging with ease-until Burduku enters the fray with Velada at his side, and Senth's amorphous, warping form reverts to normalcy, his Tractomancy shut down. I see Vandgurds multiton fist descending like an avalanche, Senth's hand slithering up even as his form whips through the air oddly.

His fingertips touch Vandgurd, and the Deep Spawn is spun about, his body twisting through the air with wild abandon as Senth slips between flailing limbs like a snake, trying to put distance between himself and the duo of Velada and Burduko. I see a grin on his sleepy face, though I could not say if it is any different than the absentminded smile he always wears. Shortly Bagrom, accompanied by Hieryou and Edgo, now dressed in far finer vestments than the raggedy clothes he bore when last I saw him. His body doing notably better, recovering with a speed that while surely not natural is not directly visible (unlike Bang's rapid regeneration, or that of the Deep Spawn) Oz joins me in moving to meet with Bagrom and his familial retinue, as Senth continues to be a writhing snake, his monkey-like tumbles and evasions keeping him just a hair's breadth away from pulverization as he continues to turn Deep Spawn upside down, now steadily working his way towards the hive of Velada. Bagrom begins speaking, and out of politeness I turn my skull fully to face him.

>[Bagrom]"Master, I wish to begin by telling you of what I fought in the Grab Bag Tournament of the Grand Gainer. A brave farmer, who surrendered without a fight was my first foe. My second was a practitioner of the Fire Flesh style, and I payed the price one must pay to touch and ultimately defeat them. My third was a Fluid Fist practitioner, but with the application of some mid-range Jade Soul techniques, I ended the fight swiftly, still recovering from the burns. My fourth fight was a practiced veteran, a man far larger and stronger than eye that thoroughly pummeled me before I was able to finally harm him with the aid of... well, of Ghost Hand."
[Oz]"Really? And how did you employ it, how did you tap it?"
>"I... I was beginning to pass out, my foe having me in a submission hold, and in that semi-delirious state, I think I forgot that my hand was gone. Then I was trying to fight off my foe, and the ghost of my hand just went straight into his flesh, reaching for organs-"
"Yup, that's it. Most of Ghost Hand is based around that feeling that the limb is still alive."
>"Why did you not tell me?"
"Won't mean as much unless you come to it yourself, and it has to mean a whole damn lot. Go on."
>"..Well, my fifth fight was my final. It was when I faced Keddic-"
"Right, Senth talked about that, you healed Mordre's fellow, took a dive? Eh, you had a chance to use Ghost Hand, my teaching are starting to take root."
>"As you say, Master Oz."

Bagrom now turns to briefly face Hieryou, before turning towards me.

"I hear that you have evidence, even a written declaration concerning the Ash Dragon, who you say is on his way hear, was that not so?"
"Well, I do not know how long he will take, But ultimately I imagine he shall come here."
>"...After the Master, then, well-"

Oz's roar cuts our conversation short, as the enormous muscled man with metal hands turns about, facing Bagrom with an open smile.

"Well, we're already wasting time, let's get you practicing, right now. Get in there and face the Deep Spawn, Mordre's got one that can do healing now, hell one that can grant passive healing, and you need to start recapturing that feeling of Ghost Hand right now. Get to it!"
>"I..! Yes!"

After a brief and spluttering moment, Bagrom dashes off to take Senth's place fighting the Deep Spawn. ...I wonder how the man from Trollingwood fared in hunting down Velada and Burduko... Edgo and Hieryou both step forward in the sudden absence of the main family member. Edgo is the one who speaks first.

>[Edgo]"...I must admit concern, guest of this house, concerning the recent events around your presence. Having a Dragon that could bring his wrath down on this house... I would ask what you intend to do."
"To avoid violence, as it need not come to it. But if it absolutely must, if it becomes inevitable, I will do everything I can to take the fight away, Preserving your home to my best capabilities."
>"....Then that is all I needed to hear. Thank you for your time."

Edgo bows, he and Hieryou departing while I finally spy Dulu, following a servant out with a late breakfast. As Senth, Oz and Bagrom feast in a brief respite from their riot with the Deep Spawn, I realize that the time for speaking with Korgotyo nears. I posit this to Oz, and the moment the meal is completed I find myself with Bagrom on my right, Senth on my left as we all follow after Oz, now marching directly towards the Chaining Calamity school, speeding up when Korgotyo's towering form waves. The Deep Spawn that trailed behind me as a third group to our train pile in after us as Oz immediately breaks into rough salutations, Korgotyo barely managing to get out a request for the Deep Spawn and my other companions to join the school in their practice, as it is all elder students. As Oz buried Korgotyo in a torrent of words and questions, friendliness weaponized in his grasp, I turn to face the top students of the Chaining Calamity School.

The uniform is rust and brown, simple, yet starkly defined colors. Other than these vestments, not a single other item of apparel adorns any of the students. In contrast to this, no two hold the same chains. One holds a length some ten feet long, each link as thick as his wrist, wrapped over a shoulder and held lightly. Another has a pair, thin and ever so slightly barbed lengths he winds about his forarms, like coiled springs ready to leap forth. Another has lengths of chain with clasps and rings, several pieces that look to form a chain net, when interlocking. Everywhere I look, a different format, and while many sweat, none falter at the sight of the Deep Spawn.

There are ninety five students in this so-called advanced population, eleven Deep Spawn (not all of whom are combat oriented), and the duo, Bagrom and Senth.

What should I say or do?
How should I arrange this sparring session, considering the resources available to me?
Should I just let Oz speak with Korgotyo as he wills, or should I try to direct him towards the match he desired before he potentially bores Korgotyo with his onslaught?
No. 235636 ID: 56dc25

As Korgotyo is (presumably?) the senior instruction of the school hosting this event, it would be polite to allow him to determine the format of the sparring, at least initially. That said, it would probably be a good idea to start out slow, letting each side get a feel for one anothers' capabilities in a series of one on one light matches, before eventually escalating to larger engagements which test teamwork and tactics as well as style. Based upon how the first two go, you might eventually try an event with everyone participating, teams determined by rough skill identified previously. Deep spawn and students need not be on opposing sides during these events, since after all working with unexpected allies of unknown capability is a vital skill for any warrior.

Let Oz say whatever he wants; you've practically arranged his match for him already, as he should be well aware. If he's not going to take it at this point it's hardly your fault, and he doesn't need you to outline things.

During the sparring, if you identify any students of particular skill or interesting style, you might consider giving them an invitation to travel with you, should they wish it. Ultimately one must test themselves against the school of life in order to truly excel, after all; surely at least some of the students here would be interested in gaining some experience at the side of an adventure magnet like yourself.

You might consider speaking with Korgotyo and/or Oz about the arrangement of the various matches, treating the Deep Spawn as your own "students", since you know their capabilities the best, and sharing their particular talents and traits so that they might be best matched up with the other students. Visibly acting as a teacher/mentor figure to your spawn might be a little strange but it would definitely bear up the idea that you espoused to Korgotyo yesterday that they are their own creatures, with their own souls, and not mindless slave constructions that you don't care about. Would give a good impression. Also might make Oz like you more, since it's clear that he values good, personalized teaching- recall his disdain for the one-size-fits-all Jade Soul style.
No. 235641 ID: d3dfb8

Have Phohn ask Dulu if he wishes to participate in some fightan.
No. 235647 ID: 69bee4

You should probably quickly apologize to Oz for the while 'speaking in your mind thing that led up to this without your permission' thing. Maybe in the vein of "I did you wrong my newfound friend, and I hope you can forgive an old man's oversight and disrespect... plus, this set of fights and sparring should be fun!"
No. 235768 ID: 814332

I was actually hoping that this might be a massive battle between Korgotyo and his students verses Oz, Senth, Bagrom, us, and our Deep Spawn. But tournament style sparring secessions and small teams sounds fun too.

Before the sparring starts:
Make sure Mothbern and Nihilino won't kill anyone. Get Burduko to walk around the arena so that he can teleport anywhere within. Ask all the Deep Spawn to tactically analyze each student's appearance along with the chain(s) they carry, have them share their conclusions and assumptions with Sadronm and ourselves. Have Phohn ring up Dulu and ask if he wishes to join us.
No. 235806 ID: f4e4f9

Am I the only one a little...depressed as to how poorly our combat oriented Deepspawn are performing? Seems like the only thing we hear about them is how they get pounded on in spars (though I suppose in Nihilino and Mothbern's cases, the fact that they hold back the full lethality of their abilities probably plays a significant part).
No. 235811 ID: f4e4f9

Then again, maybe its just the people they've been fighting. Jioga's just pissing me off after what happened to Vangurd and Zelgoto.
No. 235828 ID: 7150d8

Our spawn are still rather inexperienced, not to mention the fact that they lack the crazy amount of restrictions that regular deep-spawn have on themselves.

In time, they will most likely be more effective at what they do, and not get pulped as easily as they have been (granted, the have only been pulped by something stronger then thenselves).
No. 235845 ID: e31d52

It's time we tested the full capabilities of our healing spawn. Allow Zel to go full lethal on his next opponent (make sure you ask first!) and have our healer spawn be on the ready. If Zel is still getting pounded, let him use his lesser spawn, and if that doesn't work, let our enhancer pump him the fuck up.

Do this in progressive stages, healing him between each one. LET'S GIVE THESE BOYS A LESSON.
No. 235857 ID: 1455c6

Ask him how lethal are you allowed to be. Then give Sandronm full control over the course of he spar.

STIM PACK all of them though and pump Regen on Vadguard. HE SHALL BE THE TANK!


I want to use those 3 P.Souls, but then if shit hits the fan we would be screwed. Ah well.


Maybe you could fight Senth... with your new magic null ability it would be hard for him to win
No. 235862 ID: b18ccb

Note: Ask Senth for the money and the pipe, please?

But yeah, let Korgotyo lead us.

The major problem is we're in the Land of the Dragons. Everyone here seems to know several ways to kill a man with Mass Connection badassery.

However, they have been constantly fighting a Living Legend, so they may be slowly powering up. It's just hard to notice when fighting against such...over powered individuals.

Anyway, have us and our 'students' bow and await orders. Talk to Dulu about what he thinks about all this, too, try to be Bros in a friendly, old-teacher manner if possible.
No. 235879 ID: 9338f5

mass connection is a mix of soul and will magic i think, and soul magic is super effictive against everything. deep spawn as well.
No. 235883 ID: ed5ae8

Ah yes. Money from Senth please.

Lets see now... how could we improve our spawn in a short period of time....

No. 235884 ID: ed5ae8

Feed them souls and/or bodies of fallen foes.

Not in LotD of course. That's for when we get back and after we get Kyorto's skins.
No. 235897 ID: 9338f5

can they eat?
No. 235900 ID: ed5ae8

I would be surprised if they couldn't. At the very least, the ones with discernible mouths should be able to. Nothingness guy can probably eat souls or energy.
No. 235901 ID: ed5ae8

I mean, Dogrum could eat magic, granted his form was based around eating, but I think others should be able to eat as well.

If not, we need to make an eating guy to be our point man.
No. 235912 ID: 9338f5

>Nihilino's abilities are to cause others to slowly fade from existence when touched by Nihilino, and render those who gaze into the maddening hole in his blank face soulless, their souls rent to nothing, entropy his very existence.


>(Deep Spawn) Dorgrum embodies the concept of HUNGER, and his form revolves around FACES and EATING. One of the two individualized Deep Spawn that attacked the Drazken Clan. Currently serving as representative between Eldghodd and the Drazken Clan (and, by extension, Mordre).

is the only one i have read anything about being able to eat.
No. 235916 ID: f4e4f9

Yeah, going full lethal might not be a good idea just yet. These are students, and we don't know how able they are.

I think letting the instructors set the pace for their student's combat is the best course of action. And when we DO let them go all out in training, make damn sure that the humans get the Passive Spawn Regen benefit. IT'll keep injuries and casualties down.
No. 236021 ID: 56daf4

Why not encourage them through other means than straight out fighting? Set a few interesting challenges for the Deep Spawn and the Chained Calamity students. It'll raise some new scenarios and leave a more favourable impression of the Deep Spawn on these youths.

Like mark a few spots on Vangurd's body and have the challenge be for the students to strike those spots while Vangurd tries to PROTECT them.

Have Akeakam try to measure and control his strengthening abilities by challenging him to manipulate a fight between a stronger and a weaker opponent to a draw.

Challenge a number of students to steal a ball from Burduko while Burduko tries his best to avoid them.

For some challenges have the students cooperate with the Deep Spawn, mix it up.

Really we need to work on their individuality. At the moment they are still relatively newborn and two-dimensional. We need to allow them to express themselves and grow even more more individual by encouraging them to change and improve. Ask the Deep Spawn what they want apart from just serving Mordre. Perhaps they should set much higher goals for themselves. Sadronm could one day be the world's greatest general. Mothbern could aim to be so strong that he can stop a flood by drying it out.
No. 236034 ID: 9eba94

Well, since we organized this match so Oz and Korgotyo may fight, why not let them lead? Besides, we don't know the capabilities of the students, nor what exactly Korgotyo wants out of the fight. Let them have a free-for-all before the structured fights to improve a specific skill, so their abilities can be gauged, and then the training can be tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. If we are going to direct anything at all. Korgotyo has a lot more experience with teaching than any of the other participants in this match-up do, so he probably will direct things.
No. 236058 ID: b18ccb

I like this. Some really cruel ones should be suggested too: Beat Burduko in a race. Defeat Aggrocrag without attacking him.
No. 236090 ID: 3d741a

This is good.
No. 236091 ID: 3d741a

>really cruel ones

Catch Senth.
No. 236107 ID: f4e4f9

This is great.
No. 236124 ID: b18ccb

This is great.
No. 236127 ID: b18ccb

An idle thought, brought on by 'One of the Monster Party's goals should be to become the best dancer in the world', but would it be a idea to suggest to the Deep Spawn to develop...hobbies, wants, and none-'use' focused ideas? I mean, get Aggrocrag iterested in sports and exersize, Nihilino could get into some Zen teachings. Suggest to them to become rounded characters, rather then our tools, become our allies or students.
No. 236178 ID: a76809

In a fit of creativity, I decide to gain my initial assessment of the students with some interactive challenges. I step forward, and begin speaking to the disciples verbally, as I use Phohn to communicate the same to the Deep Spawn. I suggest the following, as a means for our two groups to gain a better sense of each other:

--Seven points noted on Vandgurd, those being the forehead, throat, heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas, are to be the targets of Group 1. Vandgurd is to actively guard these locations, manifesting his spawn as suppressing units but take no direct offensive actions. Vandgurd gets to do what he does best, and I have a fairly durable target for the students to show their respective mights.
--Akeakam is to act as the epicenter of a close quarters combat medley, with Aggocrag, Zelgoto and Velada (complete with innate four monstrous mechanical bee attendants) facing Group 2. This is a challenge for Akeakam to accurately heal enough to stabilize any disparities in power by optimal application of healing. the trio of Deep spawn fighting get a chance at being outnumbered, and the students get the aid of strengthening spawn.
--Burduko is given a sextuplet of balls, as I find that tiny thought while creating him manifested, as he promptly begins juggling them, reflecting them off the blade he has in place of his left hand. Group 3 is tasked with claiming any and all of Burduko's spheres, as he is tasked with retaining them, and retrieving. He can take no offensive actions.
--Lastly, the challenge to catch Senth, for Group 4! This challenge is rather straightforward, they simply have to capture Senth of Trollingwood...

The students are split into four groups, and cycled through the full gambit, taking forty minutes each round. As I explain this, Dulu steps forth, Phohn telling me he wishes it said he will step in on the side of the students if necessary, but does not expect to need to. The uneasiness lingering about the elder disciples vanishes, as they perceive an honored Ancestral Tomb offering vouchsafe, a further tether of safety. As the practice proceeds he interceded a few brief times with lightning speed in a nonchalant manner, calmly offering advise via Phohn, whom speaks through one of the Deep Spawn. At the presence of a warden so strangely gifted in manner of speech, those last shreds of uneasiness begin to vanish, as the sheer otherwoldliness of the whole affair seems to claim them. Warriors begin to move as if in a dream, simply letting concern go as they revel in this chance, and for them, time flies.

I find my building trepidation in the effectiveness of my Deep spawn vanishing, as group three becomes a frenzied, desperate battlefield, the Deep Spawn severely outnumbered with enhanced and constantly healed foes, and the students barely hang on, Dulu's intervention needed at least thrice each round in this one Group alone, as despite all their gifts, Aggocrag and Zelgoto shrugging off attacks even from the most obdurate and focused of students, their return strikes always accompanied by the sickening sound of bones breaking, organs collapsing-but Akeakam heals in seconds, the strengthening agent keeping the pain back, and though seemingly hellish, the disciples come to brag of having done it, their robes in tatters. Group three vied with Group 4 in failure rates, only a single globe claimed from Burduko, by a student with chains complete with weighted ends, one wrapped about each hand and forearm, another pair about the torso, with considerable ranges of attack with lightning speed. I find her name to be Oliltu, an as of yet undistinguished martial practitioner, no title attributed to her name. Group 1 proves Vandgurd to be an overwhelming wall, moving at terrifying speeds enormous weight as a giant above the disciples. Many have trouble even facing him, so daunting a figure does he strike, only a few students ever completely avoiding that hesitation, chief among them an older man with one ear, chains about his legs and forearms anchored with hooks, which he turns to slinging up and around Vandgurd, his daring, wild movements binding Vandgurd... until the chain breaks. But the warrior, by the name of Akhan The Binder is able to mend the harm, pieces flying back to his possession to repeat again and again, making one set of disciples much more effective when facing this challenge. ...None catch Senth, but not for lack of trying.

I learn Chaining Calamity to be several things. It seems to involve Magnetomancy, or something incredibly close, but is largely built around defining the chain as part of the body, and thusly controlling its action, all while housing it in energy. Some use them like snakes coiling at their command, others put tons of weight behind every swing, others home on their foes... all of it seems built around binding, or imprisoning, bringing up the mental image of an iron prison. It seems a heavily suppressive style, with many agonizing submission moves, all of it significantly outside the normal melee combat range. Once anchored to a foe, most disciples prove amply able to directly enhance their own bodies, more durable than humans have a direct ability to be, faint glimmers of power in some, semi blazing intensity in others. None directly match the Deep Spawn, not even close... but considering how much it was their salvation in facing their foes... what will Korgotyo Do?

As Dulu continues to speak through different Deep Spawn all while they themselves speak on their thoughts with the students, quickly breaking into a highly informal analysis of what could be improved, like a set of coaches advising athletes on how better to face such a team in the future. Again, the bemused students seem immensely enthused in the experience, and I note the walls of the school, a considerable housed area with considerable space to it's name, are lined with on-watchers.... some of them beginning to mutter about Indelible Dragons, even as the crowd is glued to the combat.

That is, until Korgotyo and Oz the Breaker finish speaking, and Oz says the following, words that instantly claim every ear they grace:

"Alright then veteran of a thousand battles... be my foe... for a spar?"

The words, almost seductive, anchor every set of eyes so firmly on the pair, the hulking figure of Oz, built like a mountain and eight with change feet tall, doesn't even reach Korgotyo's knee, just barely past half the length of the Rageglut's shin. Compounding this, the already over-sized arms and gorilla-like forearms, Korgotyo has fists larger that Oz by a considerable amount, the chains about his arms cast with links as large as the Breaker's torso, and as I feel the weight of Oz's soul swell as he speaks his challenge, a welling of intensity in sheer anticipation, the immense ocean of Korgotyo's soul does not react. And then, a ripple, a wave, a smile...


The smile on that massive face does not look completely pleasant. Oh, there is kindness, here and there, when one looks, but with it a see a predatory gleam, as Korgotyo's chains well with so much Soul energy I can scarce seem them as anything other than links forged fresh from the sun, so brightly do they glow.

I feel Oz's soul uncoiling, a slumbering dragon that starts to unfurl and reveal ever more size and ferocity as he idly heaves away the massive table he was sitting at, while I only now note they were currently speaking in the middle of the largest part of the sand clearing, as students and citizens alike nearly drool in anticipation. The Deep Spawn as one focus on the building pressure of Mortal souls reaching heights far vaster than their own, as I wonder how they view their matches against Yeti and warriors, students and masters... and how they wish to grow. I do not ask Phohn if my thoughts are true. I refuse to. their rapt attention, Phohn not even attending as I think his name multiple times, is proof enough.

Korgotyo moves like a whip of lightning, the air and ground alike quaking as his blurring form whips a length of chain towards Oz, a bare instant after being completely lax. That speed is devastating, and Oz only he had time to guard.

The magically and physically immense chains slap into Oz with a crack of visible thunder, the air quaking about the impact as several of the closer citizens are literally knocked off their seats by the pressure wave and rioting intensity of the impact. Despite Oz's unyielding stance, his traction with the ground is threatened, sand furrowing and sloughing beneath him, in some bare few patches heated to glass by the pressure and speed-

As another chain is already bare feet away from his right side Oz manifests his hand so spectral, a right hand now dwarfing Korgotyo's own snatching for the chain-

That promptly slips back like a snake, jerking out of reach.

PERSPECTIVE SHIFT CHOICE: Oz the Breaker, Left Handed God of the Fist, or Korgotyo the Chained Rageglut?

No. 236189 ID: b18ccb

rolled 1 = 1

Both of these are awesome, blinding amounts of power. I really don't know who is the underdog in this, and I have no idea which would be the better to 'win', for Mordre.

So, I'm gonna roll dice, 1 for Oz, 2 for Korgotyo.

Anyway, Mordre, go to Dulu and sit beside him. "How did it feel to teach these young students, Dulu? And who would you think would win in this duel of the Titans?"
No. 236190 ID: 69bee4

No. 236199 ID: 445c48

Oz the Breaker
No. 236212 ID: 6d4338

Korgotyo the Chained Rageglut
No. 236213 ID: 56dc25

No. 236220 ID: aff29c

Oz the Breaker
No. 236238 ID: 6dd58d

My vote goes to, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ. Even though he's not a wizard. ...Pardon the wordplay.
No. 236240 ID: 814332

Oz the Breaker, Left Handed God of the Fist!
No. 236252 ID: d3dfb8

Oz up in this bitch.
No. 236263 ID: 46c430

Hrmm... On an only slightly related note: Their style seems oddly similar to that of the Blue Knight's daughter. Or, at least, the enchantment on her sword. Perhaps we should take notes for her?
No. 236271 ID: a76809

...............................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: OZ...................................................

I skid back as the initial chain blow continues to impact my left flank, chains grinding and groaning against my arm, it's stupendous size turning a contact of instants into long seconds as that darting chain lashes out towards me again, once more repulsed by my grasping Ghost Hand, and once more evading capture. Honestly, the big and fast ones, always a hassle to deal with. I consider my options, finally in a situation where I can let loose at least a []little[/i] bit.

--I am strong, a combination of some of the most complex and multi-layered Mass Connection personal augmentations the likes of which even Dragons must respect, all layered on top of an innately powerful body. I likely have as much strength as Korgtoyo, despite him being far larger. The question is leverage, as while he is anchored by several tons, for me to get a solid hit in I need to have proper footing.
--I am enduring, not so much durable as a combination of pain deadening and body hardening intertwined until one's own skin is like armor. Between my strength and this, I wear enough layers of assorted styles takes on personal boosting to likely represent an anthology of styles.
--I have the Ghost Hand, which I can exude from my metal right hand, with a maximum range of one hundred feet, and the hand in question able to be any size I wish. The Ghost hand can either grasp or phase through matter at my command, and can exert as much force as I devote focus to, potentially enough to even lift Korgotyo.
--I have The Breaker, my left arm of flesh and Lortoxite fused together. The arm is completely invulnerable, and can impart to any blow made with this fist a portion of the power of the stars, the riotous entry though the sky coming back in my fist. To compound this, the red gem in my arm is surrounded by a rarity that I actually stole, some orange platinum woven into my flesh and metal, armor and skin limb, with the aid of both my own command of the elements, and a renegade forger. This gem can extrude tendrils of my will with considerable power behind them, based on some arts from around the world to further enhance an already incredible quality focus. I can grasp foes, pull them to my fist, or conversely move myself around freely with these threads. I can manifest as many as I wish, but they do not have enough rigidity to pierce or directly stike, and have a maximum range of one hundred feet.

...And if I get really lucky and Korgotyo pushes me, I have a battle stimulant that can induce the state of perfect meditation that normally takes long minutes with potent hallucinogens, allowing my to focus enough of my soul in my arm to cause what I have heard some Ancestral Tombs call Over Limit Trance. My left arm becomes like molten metal, moving past the speed of sound, sonic-booms echoing at my every move of the limb, while I direct the transformation so that the gem engorges and becomes a giant growth anchored along the knuckles, forearm and elbow, allowing for crystal-based magical annulment.

--Beyond that, I can also use pretty much every single punch or chop of the Jade Soul style, I know a good bit of Stone Fist and I have some considerable knowledge of Fire Flesh and Iron Body, but ultimately I only know mediocre moves of the styles, my real strengths lie in Ghosthand and Breaker.

The chain begins to whip down towards me as my left arm is still occupied dealing with the prolonged impact, the ground giving as I resist several dozen tons of force.

What should I do?
What kind of attack format should I use? I can do just about anything that involves punching.
No. 236282 ID: d3dfb8

How about we punch his chains. Break em for a second and give us a chance to close the distance and punch him. Ultimately it's a midranged combat style and we would do well to get close. Especially considering we are a melee fighter.
Maybe try using ghost hand to encompass ourselves to defend from the chains as we get close. He's really fast but we're still confined to a small space and he is a very large person.

So Oz, any thoughts on Mordre?
No. 236283 ID: a69afd

How does one "steal" this orange platinum you speak of, is there some alternate version of the Camelo Repository that houses metal of all types and you just broke in for shits and giggles? What the balls is a renegade forger, did some scornful blacksmith outlaw just happen to pass by when you made your arm into Lortoxite and offer to put the gem in?
No. 236293 ID: 903f16

It sounds like your Ghost Hand is unoccupied so exert an even amount of force into it to slow or halt the incoming chain while building up a bit of Warding Palm to disperse any magics within the chain so you can safely grab at it with your right arm. If you manage to grasp it use the power of the gem you stole to form more tendrils to keep the chain in place. Once you have deliver a heavy chop imparted with the power of the stars as soon as your left arm is freed up to sever it like you did Bagrom's arm.

Also, describe some of the signature abilities of the styles you only have mediocre knowledge of? The Stone Fist in particular seems useful at this juncture.
No. 236297 ID: ddd48d

so, Oz, glad you get to let loose some more? Lets try your Lortoxite arm against his chains.

What made you become a fighter? Personal dream? family? other?

Is there a specific Dragon that made you wary of them in the first place?
No. 236299 ID: 240a15

I wanted to have Mordre ask Oz about his brother again.
Guess I'll ask it directly to Oz.
Somehow I am a little skeptic that his brother just died in a fire. Oz can you tell more about your brother and the events of his death?
No. 236300 ID: c396f0

Damn, I hate fighting chain's...

Lets see...if the ghost hand can lift you, Exude it and throw yourself upwards and towards Kyorgto, he will use his chains to try and hit you down or hold you.
Use arm tendrils to pull you towards him, warding yourself from attack with ghost hand and Jade soul.

Impact into his chest and down(to use gravity to help) with GIGA FIST BREAKER! and prepare ghost hand to follow up and or protect you.

Keep the pain deadening up.
No. 236301 ID: b18ccb

While you think about all these things, an idea: Rushing in and using both the Breaker and the Ghost Fist, beat the ever loving crap out of Korgotyo ankles. Him bing so much bigger then you, it might not be able to reach you by his shin. Bigger they are and all that.

Anyway, you have any badass speical moves, or is it mostly 'beat it until it can't move any more'?
No. 236331 ID: 240a15

Oh, also, Oz what do you think of allying with Lubu right now? I know you were dead against it before you met Mordre but what do you think now.
What if you had a chance to fight Lubu? And if you think that he is strong enough will you be more willing to agree with joining him?
No. 236357 ID: e7cd79

Oz, what do you think of Mordre? He's a pretty strange guy and he seems to have an agenda, but ever since you met him haven't things been really good for you? Drinking is suddenly just a idle pasttime between events, you've got a really good student who's already learning your Ghost Hand techniques and there's awesome fights and stuff everywhere! Just think of all the things that Mordre's hinted at brewing on the horizon! You could have a chance to bring down that stuck up Ash Dragon, you could insult Lubu to his face and punch the White Phoenix right in the dick if he tries his kicking nonsense. Who's the man? YOU ARE! Maybe Mordre has it going after all...

Anyway on the fight - those chains are the real thing, but you say leverage is an issue when utilizing your strength? Well anchor down! If you defend by forcefully parrying Korgotyo's chain strikes with your unstoppable left arm (punch that chain into the ground!) then you can keep doing defense-piercing ghost hand attacks with your right! Jab! Jab! Force Korgotyo to reveal what he's holding back and show him that the long-range playing field is yours after all. If he moves up close... things get good...
No. 236719 ID: a76809
File 128590380499.gif - (40.98KB , 400x400 , spin-arrows.gif )

Fancy moves, shouting names and all that crap... seems pointless to me. I make myself durable enough I can take anything my foe dishes out, and I make sure I hit hard enough that sooner or later, they can't keep taking what I hit them with. Attrition of the Fist, is what I call it. Served me well so far, I'd say. ...Well, the battle stim... which has no name, now that I think of it-causes something sort of like a special move, but it's still an augment of passive ability, rather than an active, single move.

Far as I am concerned, relying on finishing moves is for wusses. Your foe hits you, you hit your foe, keep doing that till one of you drops. That's the REAL way to show your stronger.

...Eh. I was pretty set against it in general before... but Mordre's been in a fight with Lubu, and what he said was interesting. Moving beyond how strange it is that the mage from far away was somehow in the mibble of the largest rebellion in the last hundred years, what he saw.... Lubu cracked the walls of the capital, he slew a Core Being being hosted in some poor sap, and did so with the Fanged Dragon looking to end him, before killing him AND his father. Now, in and of itself, that's impressive, no doubting that... but what got me most is how cavalier the guy is. According to Mordre, he just... well, doesn't give a shit. And I can respect an attitude like that. I suppose the idea of a temporary alliance with him is palatable now, if it will get me that fight with White Pheonix, but I still need to see the Dragon myself, get a real measure of the man who eschewed all the drivel and bullshit that builds up around the seat of High Dragon, claiming the seat the Old Way.

Mordre.... is interesting, I'll give him that. He flat out confessed to his vested interest in being around me pretty much upfront, but I can tell there is a whole lot of stuff he's still keeping to himself. Well, his secrets are his own, so I'll leave it at that, but in terms of my take on him so far.... something is off. His soul feels too... present, to anchored to that golem body for my liking, and it irks me. Could just be the end result of getting such a control scheme put together, but even with that possibility, his soul itself feels wholly different. How to describe it... When I look at Mordre's golem, I mean really look at it, focusing on it, his soul feels at odds with every single other soul I have ever felt, an Other on a level so fundamental it makes me question his humanity. Even those monsters of his, those Deep Spawn or whatever he calls them, they still feel at least somewhat similar to normal people, deep down, like the same blueprints were used. But Mordre? His soul feels like.....

Imagine a pair of painters. One is prolific, creative, untold millions of portraits being crafted, each different, unique, each possessing a specific form of flair, of identity that sets it apart from the rest, while all their works still share many key commonalities. Then there is the other painter. He cannot see, he cannot touch, he cannot smell the paints, the canvas of the other artist's works, and yet from the observations of others, this second painter strives to make their own portrait. It lacks those common points that pervade every other picture despite their diversity, the touch of this other painter clear in its crafting. That is what Mordre's soul feels like to me. As if hewn by some mythical divine being that never before dabbled in crafting life, and got several facets ever so slightly wrong.

...Beyond these rather absurd ideas running through my head, I must admit him to be excellent company: He provides foes I can hit without fear they shall break, and is largely responsible for gaining me my first student. ...I find myself indebted to him.

...For whatever reason, Mordre reminds me of my brother. They are nothing alike, save one feature: Both labor to make life more enjoyable for me... I still find his passing painful, and I am still quite certain his death was no accident. My reasoning for this is quite simple: Two days before he died, he got into a massive argument with Old Hui, head of the Jade Soul style.... and a fire started a few days thereafter, with nothing occurring in between save quiet painting. It hardly takes a genius to get suspicious in such a situation.

In a brawl against a foe that can really take it... this is the only place where I can really find myself, that part of me before I became a warrior. I joined a local martial school at the age of six, nearly my whole life devoted to combat. Having known nothing else, I can't even comment on what drew me to fighting: The better question, from my perspective, is why others DON'T become warriors. The state of constantly seeking strength seems so natural to me it feels like questioning why I breathe, when I wonder just why I fight. I have fists, therefor I punch things. Simple as that.

wrapping my own form in a protective cocoon constructed out of my exuded Ghostly hand, I charge forth the very instant Korgotyo's initial strike finishes impacting me, his chains warded away by the sheer density of soul about my body. As the titanic warrior dances about with speed I note as superior to my own, I decide to be more direct about closing the distance.

The hand wrapped about my body slams into the ground, its spectral weight throwing me skyward, a fleshy rocket aimed straight at Korgotyo's heart. The Chained whirls about with speed that remains hard to judge due to his sheer scale, a chain whipping about to smite me from the air as I begin moving my left arm, finally free from deflecting that earlier assault. As my fist rises to meet the impending threat, I reflect on those things that make its Lortoxite composition different from the norm. The orange platinum framing the gem embedded in my forearm pulses, a mainline for magic to circulate to my still-living limb, the only thing I have ever stolen. Those of the Metal Maestro style have stockpiles of rare ores and alloys at their every school, examples for disciples to study and replicate. In their main temple they house their most precious finds... and Orange Platinum was their greatest prize. A metal claimed to have fallen from the sun to the earth, ancient yet untarnished, I could not help but seek it out when I learned of its existence.

My mind finally begins to slip out of its deluge of considerations as my fist finally collides with the approaching length of chain. With a crack loud enough onlookers by the hundreds cry out in surprise and agony at its intensity, my blow boils away the immense weight of gathered power in those chains, a kaleidoscopic explosion of untamed power rioting through the air as my momentum reverses-

Until I anchor several threads on Korgotyo's own garments, pulling my body ever closer as I draw back my fist again, noting the massive links of chain to already be merging back together in the wake of the annihilation my fist brought with it. ....Weapon regeneration, one of the most irritating things I have ever found in the martial styles of others.

Korgotyo anchors a chain in the ground with a heavy thump as his feet go wide, the chain suddenly taut as he begins to slide away from me-

And continue to move, using the chain as an anchor as he whirls about, my own tendrils keeping me from being hurled back, but sheer centripetal force preventing me from reeling myself in. As my body screams through the air as I whip about under Korgotyo's command, I wish Gebba the rogue forger that aided me in becoming a Living Legend was here: His abrasive opinions always contained useful insight into my foes.

My body scoffing at the tremendous pressures exerted on me as I revolve ever faster about Korgotyo, I consider what I could do. While Fire Flesh and Iron body could grant me further layers of body enhancement, offensive and defensive alike, it is Stone Fist I find myself thinking of most now. Any stone, any earth that I lay hands on will follow my command so long as I maintain contact, from the meanest of pebbles to boulders as large as a Rageglut. ...Now if only I was not airborne, this would be useful.

With only seven elastic and prehensile tendrils anchoring me to Korgotyo, who shows no signs of slowing his spin, I consider my position.

How should I reclaim momentum, and bring the fight back into ranges I am most suited to?
How should I fight this centuries-old veteran, this free Rageglut?
No. 236736 ID: a594b9

Hit him with a Jade Soul attack!
No. 236765 ID: a76809

[Seeing as Oz knows just about every Jade soul move that is based around punching, would you like to try and outline how the move would function, or mention whether it should be a previously identified move, such as one of the four Mordre knows. And yes, this does mean you can just make up Jade Soul moves, same for other styles to a degree.]
No. 236774 ID: a594b9

I was just gonna leave that up to Oz, but... How about a Jade Soul grapple? We're only attached in one way right now, so make it into two ways!
No. 236795 ID: 3e56f0

Is the distance from Oz to Korgotyo small enough for this suggestion to work: form Ghosthand/Jade Fist/some other technique that great reach and allows the grasping of matter while ignoring other matter, throw the fist forward into Korgotyo's body, and then grasp a vital region of Korgotyo's body (e.g. the heart, the spine, the lungs) and use that anchor point to reel himself into close range. Alternatively, block blood flow with Ghosthand (best if the blood was to/from the head, unless Korgotyo has another central nervous system located away from the head, since the brain starts to die when blood is denied to it, I think) to mess up Korgotyo's body. This hopefully will stop his spinning, allowing Oz to close in.

Or, if Stone Fist's signature ability works through Ghosthand: exude Ghosthand towards the ground, and once control is achieved, form a spiraling slide angled at a slope in which Oz's altitude will decrease as the spin goes along to where your body is, angled, of course, so that Oz won't plow through the stone. And, perhaps, with sides so that with at a tightening spiral so that as Oz descends, Oz also become closer to Kortogyo.
No. 236799 ID: 445c48

What about Keddic? He was pretty cool, right?

Favorite Deepspawn for reasons other than fightan?
No. 236897 ID: 10f195

>And yes, this does mean you can just make up Jade Soul moves

I'll save that for when I have time.
(I'm not sure
For now, focus on the spin, quiet yourself, try and feel the motion not just as a blur but as what it is.
Then release.
Make yourself fly at one of the walls and prepare stone fist.
Slam your hand into the wall right as you are to hit it and turn it to sand (to cushion you .... sort of) and then launch yourself off at high speeds towards him using a pillar of earth.

Before you reach him however, release Ghost hand and grab the ground, pull yourself and change your vector, head instead to about two paces (two of his paces) to his right. (We be trying to predict his movements here.)

What you see from that point will decide your next move.
If we successfully guessed his movements, then hit him with an amped up Jade fist.
If not, then expand Ghost hand and hit him with Far fist Ethereal Strike.
No. 237002 ID: 3e56f0

So, Oz, when you look at Mordre's golem, do you see the souls (beside Mordre's own soul) that reside within it? Perhaps the soul within the rubies embedded in the skull?

And what exactly do you think of Bagrom?
No. 237024 ID: 8fc362

Here's an idea: Try running up the chain when it hits the ground and giving him an uppercut?
No. 237063 ID: a76809
File 128599421268.jpg - (16.83KB , 400x318 , SNAP.jpg )

Mordre's golem.... its a mystery to me. I can feel power in it, immense power, easily enough to squash my own soul like a gnat....but the vast majority of that power seems to go into maintaining the golem itself, little left for actual combat endeavors. The body pulses with energies of countless formats, like thousands of different people had chunks of their existence grafted together to make it.... but more than that, my attention is drawn to the eyes. Those completely smooth rubies that he gazes through... I feel far more than one soul's gaze passing through them, and while Mordre may look at me, whenever those gems are on me I feel those other presences looking through me, questing for secrets, looking to learn. I'm not sure what to make of these feelings I get from the golem Mordre pilots, beyond simply that the golem.... is downright spooky.

I admit myself impressed with Bagrom, a student from a posh upbringing with every reason to be a snobbish twat... and yet he follows my commands without question, forges through pain and hardship at my will... I must admit my first impression of him quite wrong indeed.

I shall have to see Mordre's follower Keddic again. What I have heard suggests he had a Moment of Inspiration, pitting his soul against one superior to himself, and forcing his own existence to evolve to face it. Such a change can be harrowing, and I would know what he thinks, should we have occasion to meet again. Something to think about... once I finish this spar with Korgotyo.

I focus on the maddened blur of motion the world has become, brute magical force demanding my senses acclimatize, as the world resolves back into detail despite my constant and frenzied motion. I watch the walls, the path I am swung about, and take a few revolutions to get a solid sense of the timing of Korgotyo's swing. ...two thirds of a second, to make on full revolution. Once I am sure, I release my grasp of Korgotyo, letting my body fly free and away, flung towards one of the school's walls-a wall made of stone. I reach out with my left arm, my metal fingers gracing the obdurate wall first, as I channel Mass Connection, tapping the style of Stone Fist to claim that which I now touch. As the rest of my body begins to impact the wall at rather considerable speeds, I find my landing softened, stone turning to sand beneath my form, the individual grains swirling and writhing at my command. Before I even come to a halt, I eject myself, a pillar of sand throwing me back towards the Rageglut I face even as the grains fall to the ground the moment I depart and contact is lost. Hurtling through the air, on a riotous collision course with Korgotyo-

As I reach out with my Ghost Hand, grasping the earth itself and changing my approach vector. Instead of approaching head on, I list to the left (Korgotyo's right), as I tighten my soul's focus to even higher levels. I dimly note Korgotyo anchoring another gargantuan chain to the ground mere instants before we collide.

[Indeed, Ghost hand just expands where one's soul is, so all Combat magic can still be practiced through said spectral projection. So, Fire Flesh, Stone Fist, all can be mixed with Ghost Hand for hybrid effects]

I dispel my Ghost Hand yet anchored to the ground, immediately re-exuding the massive fist of spiritual energy as the spear-point of my aerial charge. I see Korgotyo whipping a chain about to intercept the blow (where did he get a third chain?), but my ethereal fist phases right through his attempted interception, and I see his eyes widen as it continues on, plunging into his chest. I grab one of the Rageglut's seven hearts, the primary one that was once his only heart when he was human, as I see his face contort in pain as an iron will prevents his body from spasming. Using my singular grasp on one of his hearts as anchor, I jerk myself closer to my foe, my left hand rising as I find my mood turning melancholy. Will the fight end so soon?

Korgotyo's hands clench together and fly at me, fists larger than my whole body whizzing ever closer as my own fist leads the way. I tap the magic of Iron Body, adding further defensive layers to my flesh, and twin titanic fists hit with the weight of mountains-

And nearly jerk Korgotyo's heart out of his chest as I continue pulling myself closer. My head swimming from an impact mighty enough to sober anyone, I manage to connect my fist with Korgotyo's upper torso, even as I note in my peripherals that a further three lengths of chain are not anchored to the ground about us. I almost worry about this as I feel bones the size of wagons shatter, flesh tearing itself apart as my single strike multiplies itself a thousandfold on impact, each carrying the supernatural weight of a falling star.

The strength of the blow is so great that Korgotyo is knocked off his feet, a sixty foot tall and multi-ton behemoth completely airborne-

As his form falls away, a length of chain seems to rise unbidden before me, and I pull myself to it by means of tendrils from my left arm, and immediately begin dashing along its length, looking to once more close to melee range, as I note Korgotyo still looking at me-

And grinning.

His one good arm rises (I know I shattered his collarbone), and with a flick of his fingers, a half dozen lengths of chain, each forged of links larger than me and possessed with a wealth of energy, lash out and bind about my body, new chain forming like spontaneous growths on the binding metal, and in less time than it takes for a heart to beat, I find myself bound midair, my whole form swaddled in chain. ...Without a solid surface to push against, I realize I will be largely crippled in terms of how much strength I can exert.

Chains rising to bind about his wounded shoulder, Korgotyo raises his one good fist and drops it towards my immobilized form, a hammer larger than a house destined for the crown of my head. It is at this point that I realize that Korgotyo's chains are sapping energy from my body with every passing second of contact.

....THIS is what I was looking for.

How should I handle this precarious fight?
What approach should I choose for extricating myself from this scenario?
No. 237072 ID: a69afd

Use your Ghost Hand to grab one of Korgotyo's ribs, swing yourself away from his falling fist and toward his backside. When you reach his backside, extend your ghost hand to reach into the back of his wounded shoulder and grab that same heart. Activate Fire Flesh and Iron Body and brace for impact, rocket yourself headfirst through his body. His focus will be disrupted, use your tendrils to force the chains off of you and then drag them behind you as you land.


Follow this up by using your tendrils pull the chain taut, employ your knowledge of the Stone Fist to sink Korgotyo's feet into the ground and simultaneously form an earthen pillar that will strike him in the face repeatedly on his way to the ground.
No. 237116 ID: 055339

First point is the hammer blow heading your way. Meet his punch an even stronger one from your Lortoxite arm. Show him what an unstoppable force can really do.

As these chains have been in contact for over a second it means you can use the Jade Soul: Rending Grasp to free yourself! Just expand and flex your ghost hand with the annihilating power of the Rending Grasp to tear these chains up.
No. 237159 ID: f4e4f9

Cant your arm consume metal? Try absorbing just enough of the links to get free.

Meet his fist with your own, the Breaker.
No. 237180 ID: a76809

[Metal absorption of left arm suffers from a speed issue. While yes, it can absorb just about any metal, the amount of time required makes the ability largely useless in combat.]
A fist falls towards me like an executioner's axe, large enough I'd be pasted under its immense weight. I see muscles tighten, bones strain and the weight of mountains plummet towards me. The indomitable strength of a Rageglut, plummeting towards me.

I couldn't ask for a better challenge.

My left hand begins to rise, chains larger than my body snapping like dry tinder about the limb, fingers of warm metal closing together into an inevitable fist, a joyous cry of challenge coming to my lips as fist meets fist.


A crack of impact makes the very air ripple and quake, dust violently shaken free from the Chained Calamity buildings as the crowds of spectators cheer and roar at what they see, even as they fight to keep their footing with the repeat shockwaves rocking through the area. The flesh of Korgotyo's descending fist dimples and writhes under my strike, flesh splitting like an overripe grape as drops of blood the size of children splatter and slosh down to the ground, a crimson deluge that stains the dirt and sand underfoot. Korgotyo is rocked back, his feet coming off the ground as his wounded hand's momentum drags him skyward-for the briefest of instants, before chains anchored about his waist hoist him back down, as more snake about his wounded hand as it plummets back towards me.... this time aimed for my right flank.

Crafty bugger.

Other than my left arm, my body is still bound in the air, and the drain on my magic from the leeching chains about me is considerable. But maintaining contact serves me as well, as I know a Jade Soul move practically made for just this scenario... Rending Grasp. I refuse to do the Jade Soul school any credit, and say nothing as I employ the move. With Rending Grasp's conditions met, I exude my Ghost hand, swathing it in ruinous power as the leech-like chains fall apart like rotten rags as my hand's soul expands to encompass my whole body. And just like that, the chains binding me are undone, and I am free.

Which leaves me in the middle of the air, with Korgotyo's chain wrapped fist still descending towards me, wrapped both in more power than the prior blow, and glimmers of my own stolen energy interwoven into the melange.


The Ghost hand wrapped about my body rockets forward as I aim to grab one of Korgotyo's ribs, but after having gripped one of his hearts, the Chained is rather understandably wary of my spectral grasp. Once more utilizing that ludicrous speed that one his size really should not have, Korgotyo backsteps, putting himself out of range as he draws back his left hand, still being wrapped with ever-more lengths of chain, as he anchors another pair of chains in the ground to his sides as I finally see that he seems to craft the chains from thin air. Seeing a broken length of the titanic links still anchored to the ground near me, I whip out a trio of tendrils from the gem in my left arm, their elastic forms pulled tight as I hurl myself into a spinning arc to circle about Korgtoyo. My body moving so swiftly I temporarily go blind as my eyes become too pressured to function, I feel myself rotating about-and finally getting into range. I let my tendrils dissipate as I lash out once more with Ghost Hand, reaching, questing, grasping.

Phasing through flesh and bone, my spectral hand closes once more about Korgotyo's main heart. With it as an anchor, I exude scores of scarlet tendrils that lash about anything they can, as I pull my body towards Korgotyo. As my brief respite from pressure-based blindness passes with my once more calamitous movement, I cloak my body in Iron Body, skin going gray and merging more fully with my artificial right hand. On top of this, I then channel the powers of Fire Flesh, and my obdurate form is enveloped in flickering emerald flames, Soulfire of my own devising turning my hardened body into a fiery projectile, as I slam into Korgotyo's back.


Korgotyo's form rocks forward, as I feel bone creaking and cracking under my assault, a grunt of pain escaping the Rageglut, as I feel my Ghost Hand being rejected by a wave of hardened self Ownership. My tendrils are likewise negated where they touch Korgotyo's flesh, my vision beginning to return, just in time to show me Korgotyo starting to whirl about, hand now a mass of chains on a collision course with me. The Chained's right arm, still largely crippled, flutters and writhes, finger movements seeming to charm the dozens of chain lengths stuck in the ground, as all start to swell and grow, Korgotyo's immense soul more than potent enough to fuel all of them leaping towards me to rebind my form, this time with thrice as much chain.


What should I focus on, fending off the attempt to ensnare me, or dealing with the chain-wrapped fist coming my way?
No. 237205 ID: e31d52

Okay uh

Two things

Place ghost hand against chest, and rapidly enlarge it around you in a fist so that it throws off anything around you. Then shrink it again. Kneel down and place it behind you on the ground, then enlarge it as fast as you can to propel you, and your sharpened metallic hand, forth like a rocket-launched spear.
No. 237285 ID: f4e4f9


Utilize Fire Flesh style to incinerate the approaching chains by projecting a SHORT RANGE aura of intense heat. If that doesn't work, spawn will-tendrils to assist in fending them off.

Channel WARDING PALM through the Breaker. Stop that fist.
No. 237423 ID: adba1e

I think we should try to fend off ensnarement first.

Oh hey, Oz, have you ever been in foreign lands? If not, would you want to ever go there and have adventures? Or do you prefer to settle down forever?
No. 237528 ID: 3e56f0

Well, since you being bound empowers Korgotyo, I think you should focus on staying free of the chains. Also, you are on the ground, maybe turn the earth beneath Korgotyo and the stone his chains are anchored to into sand? Or maybe tunnel under his foot and Breaker uppercut, along with a Fire Flesh enhancement to burn the skin? Or, if tunneling will just give Korgotyo a free hit, since Oz doesn't have a method of keeping track of things when sight is blocked off (...hmm, is a Jade Soul technique that allows the practitioner to gain an ever-present awareness of the direction and general location of a punched foe entirely disconnected from all the other senses viable?) and Korgotyo would just relocate, move the ground to bring Korgotyo to you.
No. 237544 ID: d38648

[I'm surprised that no one posted this yet...
>As if crafted
>Caged one can create anything

In any case.
Kill two birds with one stone.. fist.

Slam your fist into the ground and bid it open into a pit. Fall.

Slam the walls and launch pillars up to slow his fist.
After impact, launch yourslef up with a pillar again and wrap Ghost hand around his chains.


Let's see how he deals with all consuming fire.

he will likely break off the chain that is burning, prepare for his change in attention and rush him
No. 237556 ID: d38648

>Or you know that's what happend with the curse...
Men trying to make souls and failing miserabely.

I wonder what Lenryt's involvent was in the curse anyway.... hmmmmmmm
No. 237610 ID: a76809

[Oz is still mid-air rebounding from his full-body tackle of Korgotyo's spine. Korgotyo's fist will reach Oz before he hits the ground, as will the chains reaching for him.]

A vast, fast and vastly fast foe... huh. To keep up with him, I end up putting so much pressure on my eyes I can't see, and a few times I was going fast enough I couldn't hear, either.... I'm not really concerned about my own well-being when deprived of senses, so much as I am concerned with not being able to find my opponent when I move fast enough to catch him. Hm, do I know anything that could help? A move to locate foes in absence of senses? ...Well, Stone Fist can let me sense any soul touching the earth while I likewise touch it, with a range great enough Korgotyo would have to flee the school to evade detection.... but what with how often I'm airborne, that doesn't seem ideal. ...Iron Body's got nothing in the field of detection, same for Fire Flesh... ah. There was a Jade Soul move, let's see here...

I clap my hands together, pulling them apart carefully as I retain ownership of the space between them, the air itself under my command. I refine my definition of Ownership, making it anything my hands face-

And tilt my hands out, palms towards Korgotyo. I feel magic rumbling, and with the aid of Connecting Grip I anchor my soul to Korgotyo's, a passive knowing of his location coming to me. This should serve nicely.

This still does not serve to solve my problems though. Chains and fists, chains and fists...

I set my soul to a boil, my Ghost Hand winking out as I condense my essence before turning to Fire Flesh... and igniting it. Brilliant emerald flames, Soulfire bright enough that I become a miniature sun explodes from my body as I use Fire Flesh's greatest move, Sunny Dominion, chains melting and sloughing away from me even as the supernatural flames begin to consume them-

As the walls of fire expand into Korgotyo, meeting his shrouded hand, they are sucked away, the heat and intensity eaten by the leeching chains swathing that titanic fist. With the secondary threat dealt with, I consider my hands, still palms-first towards my foe, as I take another move from the Jade Soul pages, Warding Palm coming to my aid as reality itself seems to bend about the sheer weight of spirit I compress in my left palm, holding it as my sole soul's shield from the Chained.

The fist meets my open palm.

I feel the workings of Korgotyo's attempts at absorption warring against my Lortoxite fist, just the same as I shore up my soul and shunt aside his attempts, leeching every ounce of magic from the mass of chains right above his middle finger's knuckle-

As I close my fist, red ropes springing from my jewel shard to latch onto Korgotyo, giving my coming attack proper 'grounding', given that I am still mid-air. A fist proportionately as big as his little finger's tip slams into Korgotyo's hand, as once more our punching mitts are put to their purpose, the air once more resounding with a horrendous cacophony. But this time, with a path cleared of magic before it, my strike rends its way through feet of layered chain with ease, revealing flesh that subsequently ruptures, bone that shatters under my strike. Once more, the thousand strikes I impart with every blow, the true strength of The Breaker, beyond the obvious of its composition, comes to my rescue as Korgotyo's face contorts in pain, his body springing back-

As he drops his stance, speaking the words I knew were coming but hoped were yeta bit farther off.

"......I YIELD."

I land heavily on the ground, rebounding from that last impact, taking a deep breath as I stretch my neck, before offering my response, noting Mordre's glowing and sparking ruby eyes, mounted on that floating skull amidst a perpetual sea of flame (nice gimmick that, got to give him credit on style).

"Ah, nice match. Wish it could of gone longer, but that's how it is. ...You're pretty damn good with those chains, if I hadn't kept locking you down every time you tried to snare me, I bet you would have had me trussed up like a pig before long."

I consider Mordre again, his followers certainly of note, especially with such ludicrous regeneration to their names... and I wonder if I should rethink my view on travel. Before, seeing mercenary after mercenary gape and gawk at Dragons, I assumed the other lands just didn't have as big of people in them... but if someone like Mordre could hail from them, well, I may have to rethink that. I haven't seen him fight, but in a golem so clearly made to be a weapon of war of as high of caliber as possible, I doubt its performance would disappoint. Too bad that if I broke it I probably wouldn't see Mordre again... well, he's finding me fun fights anyway, so there is that.

I begin walking towards the clustered watchers, Senth and Bagrom, the lazy smoker and attentive student side by side, Dulu standing betwixt the Chained Calamity students and Mordre's crafted followers, a smile painting my face as a single thought occupies my mind.

That was a nice workout.

..............................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE..............................................................

...At times during that fight, Oz's soul threatened, possibly even exceeded that of the Fanged Dragon, the late emperor's son, even Korgotyo's massive existence unable to compete. ...A Living Legend, hm? An apt title, if one cannot call them living armies. Could such individuals exist back North? Is Aurockoth a threat of this nature? Others? And what of the lands outside the warring nations, the Swamplands, the Islands, the Desert, do they too have those who quested for strength so diligently?

....So many souls, to reap and stoke my fires with. The only question is how to slay them.

With the spar concluded, Oz makes no move to speak with Korgotyo, who now moves to occupy himself tending to his wounds, while the students mill about uncertainly, unsure of what to do now.

So what should I say or do now?
Should I try to get this joint practice going again, resurrect the demon sparring, and if so in what format should I begin it?
Or should I take this chance to leave, and if so what should I do?
If I do intend to leave, how should I excuse myself?
No. 237631 ID: abfb6d

(well you don't have two hands, so make a sound like a person clapping from your mouth)

"That was a brilliant bout gentlemen, I only wish I coudl eb there in person. Though this construct has been crafted to geive me the higest sensory data possible, It still pales to the real thing. Ah, I miss the rush"

Get up, shake down.

"Well then, I think it's time I flex some muscle of my own eh? Who would like to face this old man before he leaves?
Though it will be a spar, I hope you understand that this golem is not made with life in mind.
Come on then. The more the merrier."

I will be very sad if we don't get to face any of these students before we leave, maybe even Oz will jump in.
No. 237632 ID: abfb6d

So.. many typos...

going to sleep now.
No. 237641 ID: 8fc362

"Haha! Such wonderful sport!" Stride forward, slapping our hands together. "Let me say that if I was here in person, I would be beaming! I hope this Living Legend did not hurt you too much, he might not remember that not every one he duels can regenerate from every blow he deals, Eh Oz?" Nod in his direction. "And I hope you enjoyed yourself, Mr. Breaker, and didn't deal any lasting damage to our friend, Korgotyo. Now, where were we? AH! Yes, yes, of course, right here in my notes: Training! Now, I I had an idea - maybe another challenge? Everyone vs Oz this time - maybe we can eventually bury you under numbers, eh? haha! Mmhm...and how about...ha, yes, Korgotyo, what if the Students each picked one of my friends," Gesture to the Monster Party, "And togeather they had to survive a free-for-all. Interesting, no?"

And Mordre, temper that hunger. There are great souls but each is a possible ally that we make ourselves strong by allying with. They will grow stronger with us, and even become our friends.

Also, speaking of allies, does music still fill the air? If so, excuse ourselves to go find the Red Comet and Jaegrezweistrik the Radical Axe God.
No. 237642 ID: 8fc362

>Oz will jump in.
>to fight Mordre
ARE YOU TRYING TO GET US KILLED? God, I don't want the other knocked back out for a -damn- long time.
No. 237647 ID: f4e4f9

We needn't slay them. Do we even want to? In time, all mortals die. Perhaps they will make the same choice Ozmand did, and seek...sanctuary, i suppose, with us after death.

Musing for another time, in any case.

"THAT was entertaining. Kind of makes me want to jump in the fray myself.

Actually...hmm...well, theres an idea. I suppose I should actually participate in this training as well, eh? Korgotyo, what do you think? You probably know your students better than anyone. Should we continue, and if so, what do you think of using my golem as another even?

Of course, suspending it's more outright lethal abilities."

Have Mordre added as another Phase in the sparring and classes. The basic premise is going to be the same as in the lesson we gave to our guard, only instead of lasting as long as possible, their goal will be to cause Mordre to lose his footing and fall two or three times (Depending on how they've been performing up til now). We'll leave our more utterly lethal techniques unused (AA, Soulfire, Cannonfire, ETC) but this time magic and supernatural abilities are totally fair game.
No. 237661 ID: 56dc25

I'm thinking that it's time to kick this up a notch. Those students had their couple hours of warm-up, and now we've all had a chance to see what true excellence feels like... so let's move on to some more serious sparring. I don't really care how we do it, but everyone fighting in a more strenuous fashion than before.

If we do participate, I'd like to try out a few magical tricks. Fighting as a mage rather than a warrior might not showcase the abilities that most have here, but it will certainly be a learning experience that these students are unlikely to find anywhere else... and once we're content with our displays of skill, we can shift gears to full-on combat mode and have some fun that way.

First, devoting all of our spellcasting capabilities to machine-gunning Ignimancy. With two Nexi and our base abilities, we should be able to create a ridiculous number of lightning bolts at frightening speed even before touching blood magic, and if we hold them to taser-level they should be perfectly usable in a situation like this. Call it a proof of concept for a more lethal implementation later.

Second, let's see what Kinetemancy can do. Could we, for example, create a field around us which shifts all movement vectors ninety degrees upwards? What about translating the force of motion from the end of a weapon to its base, causing it to be violently torn from the wielder's hand? What about nullifying any motion vector they try to create even as they make it, to cause complete paralysis?

Third, try out some more precise uses of Geomancy. Seal people's feet and legs in stone- or their whole bodies, if they get knocked over. Modify terrain at a frightening rate to create obstacles and opportunities, or get clever and roughen it to make people trip.

Lastly, I'd like to try combining disciplines, if we can. Can we, for example, use Kinetemancy and/or magnetomancy to hasten the speed with which our geomantics take effect? Ignimancy to electrify anything metal that we're manipulating with Magnetomancy, thereby giving it a stronger magnetic field (and a nasty shock if it hits someone)? Can we somehow create flames with our various magics which we can then manipulate with Pyromancy- had real problems with that when there was melted metal facing Eisenhardt, but surely there's something we can do with all that energy... there are tons of things to try out.

And as long as we're on the topic of trying out abilities, I know this might not be the best time, but Oz said-
>The body pulses with energies of countless formats, like thousands of different people had chunks of their existence grafted together to make it...
Those thousands of souls are just sitting in our furnace. Sure, we can destroy them to do things, and we get their will to boost our magic a bit, but frankly that strikes me as a massive underutilization of a priceless resource. At some point in the future, we need to figure out how to talk to with the souls within us- heroes first, of course, because they give us more abilities and frankly it's safer. But once we've got that down, I want to try talking to the massive store of souls in our furnace. We don't have to burn them up all the time, you know. If we could get them- or even a significant number of them- to align themselves with our purpose, to focus their energies willfully in concert instead of merely being forcefully and clumsily grafted together, I believe that what is now a loud but chaotic babble of voices could become a mighty song of power, granting us far greater capabilities than merely burning them up for energy provides. Something to think on, at any rate. The first step to communing with any of your souls is, I think, to activate our blood magic to remind them a little more of what it is to be alive. Then if we just reach out and try to talk to them, it might work- perhaps try one of our willing hero souls, first.

When we leave here, I want to offer each of our deep ones the opportunity to choose one of the students that they sparred against and invite them to travel with us. Presumably, they will choose someone they liked or whom they feel will stimulate them to grow and excel.

At least some of the students are sure to want to seize the opportunity for the sort of adventure that we're obviously involved in, chance to meet the dragons, what have you. There's also the fact that they would be able to spar against/learn from some seriously crazy powerful people with very varied styles, which would almost certainly bring about personal growth and strength- which is what learning these styles is all about, is it not?

The students can refuse, of course, or our deep ones might not wish to invite anyone... but I think it would be a nice touch. Not only would it give them a chance to show initiative and their own judgment, it would also establish them more as unique people, something which I feel they are somewhat lacking at the moment- they seem all too much like mere extensions of our will. Having random student companions would be an opportunity for them to develop socially as well as in power, which I consider desirable. And I do love acquiring new companions.

Might want to check with Korgotyo that this isn't somehow offending his school or something, of course.
No. 237672 ID: abfb6d

"Tell you what, if any of you students can get me to move from this spot, I will give you something good"

Quick think of something good.

I half want to see their reaction to inferno golems, but half want to save it for the dragon to face, granted he will likely deal with it instantaneously... hmmmmm... and Oz and the other sensitive ones might not take to kindly to a big mass of souls set aflame.

Ah well.
In any case, this is the plan I have in mind.
We sit down and stay still. When they move to attack us, we Geomance-pit/quicksand em. When they come up with contingencies for that (likely predicting and chaining something to pull them out) we Kinectomance their chains away from their targets. If they get around that, we add magnetomancy into the mix, creating magnetic fields that attract their chains and repel their chains, throw them off course, stuff like that.

All during this period, we will shoot earth pillars out of the ground around them as distractions and obstacles, and we will slide them (the pillars) towards them as 'simple golem opponents'.

So, who wants to use a P.Soul(or two... or three) on gaining that base golemcraft and soul-magic competency I mentioned.

(Mordre needs to learn the winding way, then he can repel peoples souls)
No. 237674 ID: abfb6d

It would be very interesting, and we would definitely gain form the experience.
No. 237692 ID: d3dfb8

I would like to get Mordre fighting some students.
Try using our body nexus for FEASTING VESTMENTS so they can't ensnare us in chains, momentarily switching to HANDS OF HUNGER to consume any mundane chains that catch us.
Use our left arm soul nexus for magnetomancy to speed us up, especially the Sable Executioner.
Use our Will magic to start up our Blood magic. Use said Blood magic to power Ignimancy shocks, nothing deadly, but enough to momentarily paralyze. Focus this into our Sable Executioner and take a defensive stance. It'll be like that time we sparred with our militia, but with more magic and more deadly opponents.
"Who thinks they can knock me over?"
No. 237719 ID: e043a1

>>So, who wants to use a P.Soul(or two... or three) on gaining that base golemcraft and soul-magic competency I mentioned.

I'm all for this. Not only will golemcraft likely give us more avenues to improve than just throwing pristine souls at abilities/parts, the soul magic will give us some measure of much needed defense against soul magic used against us (which we'll definitely need if we ever hope to stand a chance against Weinsho).

Also once Mordre learns how to communicate with the souls within him, we will find out we are the souls and he can hear us just like Ulzrick!
(fourth wall break go!)
No. 237730 ID: 055339

I don't like using P.souls until we HAVE TO. Soul magic or golemcraft are things we should be asking Lenryt for as boons.

If Mordre was to use a P.soul in general I think it should be on his Blood Magic. If that is mastered or in some way better integrated with his body then Mordre will be able to get a lot more out of his existing heroic souls.

Anyway get Murhyihal to do a bit of healing on Korgotyo over a cup of tea while the Deep Spawn take on any final student challengers. Mention to Oz that while it's been fun playing around maybe you should get down to business. It's time to go see Lubu.
No. 237732 ID: e31d52

>So, who wants to use a P.Soul(or two... or three) on gaining that base golemcraft and soul-magic competency I mentioned.

No. 237733 ID: e31d52

Also, I was kinda hoping for more chances with Oz than the one I got that didn't really result in anything... I had no ideas up until then, then I started getting a lot, and it was suddenly over. :c
No. 237735 ID: 6834bc

Don't we have a boon from Lenryt coming if we do our job correctly, here? (One that could be spent on the golemcrafting stuff, you know - unless the amount of knowledge from spending 2-3 Pristines isn't the same as the Boon from Lenryt.)
No. 237736 ID: adba1e

I agree with this one. Like I said before PS are our "get-out-of-jail-cards". We need to use them only in dire situations where we see no other solution. Though I am for getting golem-craft and soul magic competency competency.

>Anyway get Murhyihal to do a bit of healing on Korgotyo
I wanted to suggest this too.
After we heal him, give Murhyihal the previous task he had healing students while sparring.

Also, concerning our own involvement in the sparring session.
I like >>237661 and >>237692
But what I REALLY want to us to do is to test our MAXIMUM speed capabilities. I want to see how we will perform at 200+mph (if we can get even faster with stealing time and/or blood flow, the better). Since this is a sparring session I don't think we are in danger.
No. 237766 ID: a76809
File 128612352256.jpg - (466.97KB , 681x1024 , Kinetomancy spawned dustdevil.jpg )

An idea strikes, and I speak to Korgotyo, even as I send Murhyihal and Akeakam to tend to his wounds via a massage through Phohn.

"THAT was entertaining. Kind of makes me want to jump in the fray myself. Actually...hmm...well, theres an idea that I like the feel of. I suppose I should actually participate in this training as well, eh? Korgotyo, what do you think? You probably know your students better than anyone. Should we continue, and if so, what do you think of using my golem as another even? Of course, suspending it's more outright lethal abilities."

The Rageglut, so focused on the speed of healing he is subjected to, as Murhyihal, bolstered by Akeakam labors on his form, flesh re-knitting and bone re-fusing, turns to consider me, looking to the students before his speaks, his face contemplative, as Oz begins speaking with Senth, once more engaged in reminiscing about earlier shenanigans.

"I intend to take no overt offensive actions, making it a contest for students, wherein they collectively attempt to take me off my feet, while I act defensively, At most taking some non-lethal suppressive actions."
Dulu wishes someone to speak to Korgotyo, and say he is quite willing to do so.
"Well, Dulu here is quite willing to continue as a... failsafe, I suppose, So yes he will still act in that fashion."
"As you say."

I take up a wide stance where Oz and Korgotyo fought a minute ago, as I have the Deep Spawn ask the students to come surround me, explaining to them the general format of what I propose, a mass assault wherein they attempt to knock me down. The two students I noted as being singularly capable before, Oliltu and Akhan the Binder, both immediately set to recruiting others and forming small groups, most of the other disciples doing the same as they consider my size, making estimates concerning my weight. Soon enough I am encircled with some ten groups of varying size... and a single lone fighter, no visible chains on her body, yet the sounds of clinking metal emanate with every move she makes, suggesting she hides her implements beneath her robes. As Dulu stations the healing and boosting spawn in a loose circle around the students, Akeakam and Murhyihal still laboring on Korgotyo, I watch as the students slowly block out their external stimulus, bringing their focus to bear solely on my own form.

With a shout from Dulu, it begins.

Two groups try rushing me immediately as another two send chains whizzing through the air on a collision course with my form. I turn my hand's Soul Nexus towards Geomancy, making sand ever finer underfoot so that the charging students find themselves sinking into the earth, as I turn my innate magic towards Geomancy, looking to repel the chains-and finding them well sheltered in Combat magic and ownership. Short of blood magic, I do not think I could claim possession of those metal links, not while my foes still touch them.... or so I think, before I note the resonance between my altered blade launcher and Magnetomancy. hoisting one of the blades altered by the Other from its rack, I spin it open, the onetime solid circle blade taking the form of a bladed ring, the air shimmering in its center, as I feel a muted storm of magnetic waves fluctuating within. I move this ring, some eight feet in diameter, betwixt my form and the incoming chains, directing my Magnetomancy towards it-

As chains strive to pass through, they are scooped up, caught in swirling magnetic fields that anchor them in place. The students attempting this ranged attack now find themselves straining to free their weapons from my grasp, as I remain completely motionless, watching as half of the students I sank into the shifting sand underfoot finish clawing their way free, as Oliltu and Akhan both begin leading their groups about in sweeping moves, clearly intending to hit me with a pincer as the remaining groups begin cautiously advancing, attentive enough to the ground I only catch individual students with Geomancy now. None attempt throwing their chains at me for the moment.... but the circle about me is steadily constricting.

As the most adventurous of the students begin attacking me in ones and twos from all directions, leaping into motion with chains wrapped about their bodies, I tap my body Soul Nexus while freeing my hand's from commanding Geomancy, the metal ring dropping to the ground without my input, still grasping the chains it ensnared as their owners fight to reclaim them. I turn one Nexus towards Ignimancy, as I begin plying electrical currents in search of a a ranged tazer, a low pulse to shock and surprise rather than wound or kill, as I turn the other Nexus towards Kinetomancy, building a swirling field about my form to turn all vectors I can grasp to spinning round and round. As the sand underfoot starts to lift into the whirlwind brewing about my form, I begin sending out tiny bolts of lightning, blinding threads of current that leap out, shocking students without warning, their metal chains now serving as excellent targets. Of fifteen students in this second wave of assault, only two manage to brave their way through the electrical storm, subsequently finding themselves hurled away the moment they step into the domain I defined with Kinetomancy. And all throughout this, I continue to weaken the ground underfoot, forcing all my opponents to stay attentive to their feet lest they be immobilized. Some five minutes pass in this fashion as the students continue to tentatively approach, being zapped, flung or sunk into the ground for their troubles. Those few unlucky students that got their chains ensnared finally manage to wrest their weapons from the bladed ring and its warped magnetic field, as I finally trigger the Geomancy I patiently built beneath them, all nine of them now sunk into the earth up to their waist as they scrabble to free themselves.

Another minute passes before the nine finally free themselves, and move to join the students, a rough circle of ninety about me at a respectable distance and constantly on the move, when I note two things:
--Oliltu and Akhan both are now leading their groups, moving to engage me.
--The lone student has not moved more than a few feet, changing her footing as minimally as possible to avoid being pulled into the ground.

I begin defining a larger patch of sand beneath her as my target, yet before the spell is fully ready she simply steps aside, just past its borders, untroubled as sand turns to quicksand to her flank. ....Interesting. Where the others continue to have troubles working about Arcane magic, which seems to be rare if not unheard of in these lands, she seems completely unperturbed. I tentatively fling out a rapid quartet of stunning bolts with Ignimancy, finding that they veer off wide, as if repulsed by her body. ...Strange, I know she bears considerable metal on her form, why would it not attract the electrical discharge? I force my attention back to the two groups now moving to flank me, noting Oliltu and Akhan's groups to have each swelled to twenty strong, both using chains that drag to the ground to channel the stunning bolts earthward, avoiding the muscle spasms that otherwise would rack them, as they continue to fleetly dance about the quagmires I craft beneath them.

...It is time to change the game, then. Eight minutes into the contest, with none having yet touched me, I shift from weakening the earth underfoot to crafting spires and pillars from the earth, and sending them sliding outward from me, homing them on those closing on my form. at least half of those in this particular wave of assault are unable to avoid the scores of stone blocks radiating from my form, still housed in that whirlwind of force, and are knocked back to the edges of our contest area, Oliltu and Akhan both continuing to make headway along with a dozen other students, more coming on their heals as they realize the ground is stable once more as the pillars move. Slowly but surely, they are advancing on me. As I sweep my gaze about, noting Dulu to still be standing on the sidelines, the spawn of Akeakam and Murhyihal still arrayed and ready for use by the students, I realize the student that did so little, merely avoiding what I throw out, is no longer in her spot. My head whirls about, completing a perimeter of the area... and still I cannot find her.

All the same, I hear the sound of clinking chains, the shuffling of cloth, and I know her to be on the prowl.

"I cannot see her. Why can I not see her? Dost she be garbed in Myrrh, to be so sheltered from my Eyes?"

As I shush Zagrath the Unseen, I note that ten minutes have passed, and both my stunning bolts and my rock wards are proving far less challenge to the students, who now are finally getting a better feel on Arcane magic. Korgotyo watches without comment as Murhyihal and Akeakam both still labor over his massive wounds, while Senth, Bagrom and Oz continue to chat with an eye turned towards the sparring.

What should I say or do?
Should I have Dulu distribute the healing and boosting spawn amongst the students to improve their effectiveness?
Or should I switch to Blood Magic, to boost what I am capable of without resorting to lethality?
Or should I claim the match completed, and do something else?
No. 237769 ID: e31d52

She's hiding mundanely, if Zargath can't see her. Magnetomancy pulse to check locations and react accordingly.
No. 237774 ID: ddd48d
File 128612727952.jpg - (86.82KB , 560x488 , EYES.jpg )

Magnetomancy to see if her blood is sense-able. if that fails, pull up a dust storm perimeter and see if you can "see" where she is by the displaced sand/dirt, the physical body must still be there even if it is not visible. Unless she dug underground or is flying while invisible somehow.
No. 237777 ID: f4e4f9

Check upwards, as well. Shift your magical defensive down, temporarily, and attempt to draw them in.

"Perhaps a time limit, lest this drag on for too long. 20 minutes more, students. Think fast."

Mix geomancy and ignimancy, and instead of making treacherous, unstable ground, create some patches of ignimancy charged sand. Taser Mines.
No. 237781 ID: 8fc362

Myrrh...Mhm. Ping Phohn if possible to ask any of our experts about this. I'm guessing it's some kind of 'Death Mask', but I'm not sure - As I really doubt perfume would be enough to block Zargath and the only other then I can think of Myrrh being used for is funeral rites.

"Pardon me, ma'am," You should call out to the one with no visible chains. "I am afraid I never caught your name. I know that Oliltu and Akhan are leading the other group, but must have missed yours." And rotate our head towards the group trying to pincer us. "Well done, lads! And lasses, let it not be said that I am not an equal judge of character. How are you holding up? Wish me to ah, ah...yes, 'step it up a few notches'?"

Alternate our geomancy - rock waves, with quicksand between the waves, and then hit the ground with a local earth quake. Start splitting off our Kinetomancy - pushing outward as strong as you can and pulling any chain you can reach in with you. And start pulling any fire near by to start using Pyromancy and Ignimancy to start melting chains.

If these students get too strong, start Blood Magic, and if they start to weaken then use Murhyihal and Akeakam's spawn to boost.
No. 237786 ID: 445c48

Switch on Blood magic, but be sure to keep it restrained a bit, so you don't kill anyone. As I recall, it sensed blood in the area too, so that might help find her.

Don't say anything yet.
No. 237787 ID: 56dc25

At this point, I'd tell your spawn that they can start to aid the students in whatever manner they see fit short of personally assaulting you. So they can give augmentations, advice, act as shields, what have you; it's important that we give them all a chance to participate, since this is a co-op exercise, after all. And announce that in another ten minutes, the spawn can help the students however they please, and then minutes after that the exercise will be over if it has not ended before then. Make sure that the spawn keep the student safe if things start getting heavy, of course, and remind them to keep things co-op rather than completely taking over.

Basically, stacking things more against you as time goes on. I imagine that you'll need to kick on blood magic at some point, and by the end of the match you'll almost certainly need to press your abilities' limits. It'll be great fun.

Ploys to consider:
-Using geomancy to build yourself a steep hill on which to stand. Particularly useful because you can then make the sides of it crumble away, leaving climbers to tumble down.
-Using kinetomancy to grab any particularly successful student and pin them in the air with a constant vector exactly the opposite of gravity.
-Using geomancy to sink partially into the ground, so that you're that much harder to knock over.
-Using our Immortal Genocide's anti-magic pulse, so that just when they think they have us we can make everything go horribly wrong by removing their combat magic.
No. 237788 ID: 445c48

Oh, and maybe send your eyes out, just floating above your head, pointing in different directions, one on top of each other, and circling. Maybe she just ran ahead of your gaze? Probably not but, may as well check. Then pull them back into your skull
No. 237794 ID: 3e56f0

Start up Blood Magic.

Turn the entire ground into sand, and use Geomancy and Kinitemancy to pull the earth pillars into the air, and while in flight, redirect all of the force into the bottom of the pillars, so that there are many earthen pellets being shot at the students in many different directions. There should be enough force behind the shots to damage the students if they hit. Break down the pillars piecemeal.

Start up IG. Use Geomancy and Kinitemancy to clump the students into manageable groups (if it is possible, tangle their chains together, which would slow them down and give us stronger magnetic fields to work with), and then, once you have enough charge to affect enough area to catch all/most of the students in IG's Anti-Magic Field, pull (throw) them toward you with great force and trigger IG's Anti-Magic Field. Hopefully this will strip their chains of the protection of the imbued Combat Magic, and allow you to use a combined Magnetomancy+Kinitemancy repel to fling them all the way toward the edges of the arena (if there are any edges, if we are in an arena), or at least a great distance. Make sure to untangle the chains before the repel, and to position the chains in places so that the students aren't/won't be locked into a circle close around you (but position the chains so that they touch and give you a strong magnetic field to affect). There could be an Ignimancy charge to give the students a shock before the repel, though that might knock off a casting that we need.

On the subject of Ignimancy, perhaps direct a few shocks to their clothes/hair to start up a fire? The fires would probably be small at first, and almost immediately go out, but if Pyromancy is directed toward maintaining the fires, and encouraging them to spread and grow, I suspect that there would be an appreciable fire, or some, eventually, if you make an effort to spread the fires to all the students. Perhaps explode the fires, into expanding spheres of flame and heat, when there are enough good-sized fires going. Or maybe implode the fires, gathering and compressing them into a single point and then explode the flame spheres. That should catch a few stragglers, at least, burning away their clothes and hair. The students would probably try to put them out when they realize what you are doing, but that's okay. Putting out the fires would probably take up some of their time and focus, allowing you to sink them with Geomancy.
No. 237810 ID: 055339

There's no need to get competitive. If the students win then good for them. Keep going using only Will magic and switch both soul nexus to magnetomancy. Split one or two AGC shells into little 1-2 inch Blootz metal spheres and start moving and spinning them around in devastating attack and defense patterns.

The invisible student is probably trying to trap your legs or something. See if you can find her using indirect means. Release a superthin layer of metal skin dust from your body! Like the top 1/100s of a millimetre. Repel the dust outwards like an expanding spherical wave using a magnetomancy burst and keep your senses focused on it. Some of the dust should stick to or part aside where this undetectable student is.
No. 237826 ID: adba1e

I still want to switch to gear 5 and go 200+mph just to see how well we can perform at that speed.

Hey, also, if it's not lethal we could try out our new Jade Soul moves.
No. 237840 ID: 04bc3c


Dual power geomancy

raise the arena 1 foot, then drop it 3.

This is the point I'm getting at with the souls.
If Lenryt is strong enough to give us something that takes us 3 pristine souls to do, AS FAVORS, we can likely get things of more value from her for the boons.

Granted, the souls are more useful to us in their raw form at the moment, being applicable to any situation, but for all we know, Lenryt could give us P.Souls too (though I doubt it)

ah well.

P.S Don't use the IG. Not only is that for our 'srs business' stuff, I don't want Ssenth and OZ, heck ANYONE else knowing that we can erase magic before we use it on them, u dig?
No. 237841 ID: 04bc3c

Here is a pyromancy idea,

out head is floating in fire... take it from there.(the fire, not the head)
No. 237844 ID: adba1e

>P.S Don't use the IG.

No. 237902 ID: 3e56f0

Say, has Mury finished repairing the Edge of Oblivion yet?
No. 237990 ID: 9d60e4

Also gonna suggest no blood magic. That is a trump card and something a Golem should not be able to do in the first place.

Save that for serious stuff. Not to be used in a spar against some students when we are not even threatened.

If you really want to find he, poof up a geomancy dust cloud.
No. 238074 ID: a76809

[Jade Soul moves barring the defensive one are excessively lethal, and to reach such speeds Mordre needs sufficient room to accelerate, which he cannot find inside a city without considerable property damage, in this case needing to exit the school to build proper momentum.]

[It was left behind at the Tyotworro estates when you left for the joint practice, and as of yet is some one third fully repaired, insofar as the Deep Spawn can accomplish (solid repair, but not perfect)]

I decide that no matter how this spar goes, I shall not employ the Immortal Genocide, nor shall I use Blood magic. Both are considerable assets, one a crafting stolen from another Soul Grave and warped by Lenryt's power, the other a trick no other Soul Grave has managed. This is meant to be practice, using such potency would ruin the entire point of this endeavor, and show my hand to Senth, Oz, Korgotyo, all the students.... it is unnecessary, to remove so much mystery from my abilities. I shall make due without.

I presume this vanishing foe to be hiding by some mundane means, with Zagrath unable to ferret her out with his magic-veil-piercing gaze. A rapid pulse of Magnetomancy flies from my body as I seek information, but I do not find her, her own existence or a notable whole in what I can detect revealing her location. ...How is she doing this?

I add a pulse of Magnetomancy seeking blood, and find myself counting.... ninety students, as I should. But when I try to pinpoint specific students, I can only locate eighty nine. ...One missing. ...Perhaps I look at this problem the wrong way, and the student is not hiding mundanely, but by some means that bypasses vision.... I do recall Arkus having a trick involving being hard to notice....

I feel something about my mind beginning to slip, but its touch is so faint, so light I cannot identify it.

[7777 BONUS]
I turn my gaze up, frustrated with my elusive foe, largely ignoring Oliltu and Akhan's groups as they charge me, still having to deal with moving earth pillars as I add complexity to the assault, weaving sinkholes back into my Geomancy for a dual-tiered assault, even as Ignimancy continues to direct rapidfire stunning bolts towards my foes. And it is when I look up that I note a shadow is falling on my body. ...That's impossible, there are no clouds overhead, so what could-

[Xuupi The Forgotten FOUND]

Before I can complete the thought I see her, the elusive foe hanging in the air with chains flying from her robes, her sleeves to anchor on thin air as she regards me. I hear a growl from my eyes as Zagrath looks through my eyes with an intensity to rival my own.

"One that knows of Sight, Of how to trick, turn the Eye to blight, Dodging a knowing and a seeing, By becoming a most forgotten being.... This one, I wish to see as intimately as I can."

I speak even as I split my Ignimancy as well, now electrifying some of the sand sinkholes that hold enough metal bits, both hand and innate casting turned towards dual-layered magical applications, even as my hand continues to guide Kinetomancy about myself in a swirling horde.

"Perhaps a time limit, lest this drag on for too long. Twenty minutes more, students. Think fast... and struggle"

With the sand pits now proving electrified and excellent grounds to get one hit by multiple concurrent stunning bolts while so immobilized, the momentum the students worked to build starts to crumble, and in their uncertainty I strike, letting my control of Ignomancy lapse as I instead turn towards more Geomancy, raising the earth beneath my so that I stand atop a steep hill, the swirling dustdevil like a massive caricature of a struck match about my form as I return to Ignimancy, once more becoming the golem housed in the unending storm exuding countless tendrils of lightning. With my rise I come closer to the student that vanished to reappear in the sky, and I speak more softly, words for her ears piercing through a momentary crack in the whirlwind about my form.

"A valiant attempt, but I still perceive you, student...."

She smiles even as another dozen bolts of lightning simply slip about her, never managing to find her body, before offering a demurely phrased retort.

>"Then Xuupi the Forgotten will strive to be less noticeable."

...What was I doing?

I turn my attention back to the students struggling to reach me, the Kinteomancy vortex about me only barely able to deflect a sudden attack by Oliltu, her potently charged chains nearly piercing through the barrier-and giving me ample targets to shock, her body shortly jerking and twitching as she is potently stunned. Akhan continues to try to lead an assault on the hill itself to close to melee, but as I continue to turn its sides to sand, the students cannot reach me. In a minute, not a single student has gotten close. Another minute passes and the same is true, even as I note a few irregular spurts of current as my rapid-fire Ignimancy encounters strange pockets in the air. Ultimately, the students are beginning to flag and despair, already fairly tired from their earlier exertions-

And an idea strikes.

"Ok, a new rule: There are some twenty healing spawn and twenty strength boosting spawn, Every three minutes they are to be cycled, one of each belonging to specific students as temporary boosters. And once ten minutes pass, my own minions shall join your side as supporters."

I see hope where before sullen despair was beginning to brew, and as the augmenting existences are distributed I see those looks of bemused marvel spreading again as the demon training continues its strange existence, culminating in a match against the demon's master: I do hope this tale will be spread about, as the more that know my name in these lands, the easier it becomes to serve Lubu, and ultimately succeed at the task Lenryt set before me.

The first three cycles of boosted students pass relatively uneventfully, those enhanced so frequently climbing the treacherous hill after clearing my swirling minefield, yet still being rejected by my Kinetomancy field. ...I also note that I only succeed at deflecting them because at most a trio at a time assaults my last layer of defense from direct contact. This changes shortly, as a group including Oliltu and Akhan alike is given the augments, midway into their turn the Deep Spawn join the fray to aid the students in closing on me, and I find myself assaulted by at least five students challenging my Kinetomancy at any given time.

More than this, just as Oliltu and Akhan, both now shrugging off the stunning bolts and dodging the electrified sand pits with ease thanks to the Deep Spawn's aid, both lead a party of nine augmented students in charges, looking to overwhelm my apparent last defense with numbers-

As I realize something is draining my magic from my body, hampering spells by reducing the amount of power that reaches them.

"The witch of normalcy continues to hound, Her presence, her location staying unfound, Even as the scent of myrrh fills the air, A sign even to those who See to beware."

Korgotyo is finally finished being healed, and in some nine minutes the spar shall conclude. Oz, Bagrom and Senth are less occupied with the conversation as they focus on the tumultuous maelstrom I play epicenter to as the increased crowds that came to see the fight of a Living Legend linger to see a golem with demonic attendants hold a training exercise with a local martial school, a sight just as rare.

What should I say or do?
How do I plan to deal with Xuupi the Forgotten, and how do I suspect her particular variant of Chaining Calamity works?
How should I deal with the coming paired surge of enhanced students about to challenge my current last line of defense?
No. 238079 ID: 9d60e4

Her chains are made (or super augmented) by mass connection, she chains things not physical, the heart, the mind, your magic.
No. 238082 ID: 9d60e4

WE heard the clinking, suggesting that the chains have a physical form, or that she is simply very good at visualizing chains, must have spent a LOT of time in image training, listening to chains, feeling their shape, movement, etc.

In any case, the chains bypass the physical (a trait that seems popular with mass connection, well the non-mainstream modes) and bind up any 'concept' she desires.

That explains why you forgot what you were doing as soon as she acted and why Zagrath(?) was cool, she probably does not know about him.
No. 238086 ID: 9d60e4

How to deal with her?

hmmmm activate THE RUNE!(disjointed) I think that will help.

The students?

Out of time, leave that for others... or later.
No. 238090 ID: 8fc362

Mhm. Where is this draining coming from? I have a feeling that it might have something to do with Xuupi and the way she uses her Chains.

Anyway, I'd like to put forward Falcon's idea: Can we Pyromancy the flames around our neck? Set them up as a low-level wall of flame around us.

Anyway, we could unfurl the Sable and start slapping folk about the head with anti-magic blades. That was fun the last time we did it.

Too bad we haven't knocked anyone out yet.
No. 238092 ID: 8fc362

An idea: Zagrath, can...you smell still? Where does the Myrrh come from? And if he can't, can we?

But also asked Zagrath what he means by Myrrh.
No. 238100 ID: d3dfb8

If I had to guess I would say the magic she is using makes us forget her even as we are looking at her. To target her specifically would require our undivided attention. Instead lets try an area of effect attack. Personally, I'm thinking we take some mundane fire and boost it with pyromancy, all three of our will sources, and have it expand into a hollow sphere surrounding Mordre. This would (hopefully) deal with both problems at once. Also we haven't used pyromancy a lot and it's a pretty cool power)

Your logic seems sound to me Falcon, I'd be up for trying the rune. Though I was under the impression the disjointing rune just took away our magnetic field.
No. 238101 ID: f4e4f9

Wrap two coils from the sable executioner around yourself.

Attempt to sever her connection to your form.
No. 238102 ID: f4e4f9

Also: If the Sable Executioner does nothing to stop the magic draining...

No. 238117 ID: 56dc25

On the Chaining Calamity style:
>all of it seems built around binding, or imprisoning, bringing up the mental image of an iron prison.

Based upon this, it seems to me that she must be somehow attempting to bind your perceptions and magic just as others bind you with chains. More than that, as long as she's got her mental chains on you, she'll be much better at dodging your attacks, as demonstrated- perhaps because you're somehow bound mentally into making only attacks that would miss, blocked from taking actions which would strike her successfully. An extremely interesting and powerful variant on this style, if this speculation is true.

There are a couple ways to deal with this, I suppose.

The easiest is probably to have a second person go after her- I doubt she can successfully bind more than one at once, should they be separated. But we don't really have that without tipping our hand regarding Zagrath or using some of our more objectionable capabilities.

I can't really recall exactly what our rune does- does it fully stop anyone from gripping us with magic, or is it just a magnetomantic thing? But if it's more general, that might work. Heck, since the school is based loosely on magnetomantic principles it might work anyway, although frankly Xuupi is so far afield from that I'll be surprised if they're related at all.

Striking out blindly with area attacks might work, but I suspect it will not; her ability to dodge our lightning bolts flawlessly implies to me that she wouldn't get hit by any of our attacks at the moment.

Anything which nullified magic, from the IG on down, should be able to stop her, since there must be a connection here. Of course, most of our tricks which do that fall under "tricks to conceal", as long as we're worrying about that kind of thing.

Basically all the Land of Dragons techniques seem based upon soul magic, to some extent, which to me means that there must be some sort of soul chain linking her to us. Admittedly, the whole stealth bit would be kind of wasted if anyone could immediately track it back, but if we can find the link we might be able to attack it somehow.

Anyway, other matters. If the students are really about to get you, sink mostly into the ground and wish that you could give a massive trollface. It'll be interesting to see how they attempt to knock you over when your center of gravity is buried under six feet of solid dirt.

But you can, of course, start batting them aside physically if things should come to that. I imagine that we'd be rather effective at it, particularly if we use a bit of combat speed boosting. We'd have to cut down on our magical obstacles for that to happen, of course, which would open us up to a larger assault... not so great. If we do shift to combat enhancers, it'd better be decisive.
No. 238143 ID: a594b9

>how do I suspect her particular variant of Chaining Calamity works?
Mass Connection and a very powerful version of Arkus' stealth ward thing.
No. 238170 ID: 5407dc

I don't really thin she is dodging so mush as making the lightning forget she exists and miss.
No. 238175 ID: f4e4f9

>Anyway, other matters. If the students are really about to get you, sink mostly into the ground and wish that you could give a massive trollface. It'll be interesting to see how they attempt to knock you over when your center of gravity is buried under six feet of solid dirt.

That seems a bit like cheating, though. "Your task is knock me to flat onto the earth.


If need be, Geomantically anchoring our foot to the earth is the extent we should go in that route.

Once things devolve to a close combat situation, attempt to grasp one of the slower students and Time Thief him. At that point, they'll need to either free said student from your grasp, or simply tank your speed enhanced form. That'll force them to make snap judgements on which task their group is more suited to.

We're trying to teach them, just as much as we are challenging ourself.

Mind you, we still need to do our best to stop them. But if they can at least make progress, get us to one foot, then they're learning and improving.

Cycle all 6 Magnemantic Saw Rings as roving Distortion zones, occasionally darting to attempt to snare the chains of the unwary.
No. 238176 ID: f4e4f9

One more thing about the saw ring Magnetic Foci: Send them out slowly, over the course of a few minutes, adding one every 30 seconds to a minute or so. A gradual ramp up in hazards.
No. 238177 ID: f858f3

I suspect that Xuupi the Forgotten has only just now started to chain and restrict Mordre.

Xuupi keeps her chains under her robe so she is probably mainly binding herself and not Mordre. She has locked her presence away from the perception of others. The flying similarly be a trick where she separates herself from the effects of gravity.

She is now slowly starting to separate Mordre from having an effect on the world around him, making him the forgotten one.
No. 238204 ID: 10f195

If I remember correctly, we are not allowed to move. (rather not supposed to)

How about this, rippling earth. During an earthquake, the earth buckles and tears apart, how about we mimic this.

Extend your sense of ownership over the entire arena floor, soul nexus boost geomancy and then start up the waves.

Also, antlion (LURKERS IN THE THRESHOLD) style pits. Wider sand pits that constantly shake, sending them downwards.

Use pyromancy as a deterrent, not to attack, just to make walls that flare up when they get near them (Ocarina of time style)
No. 238313 ID: 10f195

Oh right yes, since this is training, make some pathways for them to get to you, so to speak.

Make some of the pillars with small poles sticking out that would be prime for them to wrap their chains around. It will help them to be even more observant and see if they have the skill to not only see the opening but take advantage of it.

You can do other things like weakening magic at some places, and stuff.

Also, send out the Modified AVB and make them hove at certain prime attack points and leave some others open.

(We need to copy those runes onto something. I'm thinking a split sword that already has the lightning runes on it.)
No. 238435 ID: 445c48

I forget if you've got your sword. If so, time steal it, see if that helps, otherwise butts.
No. 238630 ID: a76809
File 128625616153.jpg - (300.81KB , 1000x706 , Land Of Dragons Dragon Spotted On Mountain.jpg )

I deduce the leeching of energy to be the work of Xuupi. Considering what I know of her variant of Chaining Calamity, she could be doing anything, from binding metaphysical concepts as she somehow steps out of notice and memory… should this be true, he power is one to be feared, as she could stray into one of my weak areas, Soul magic in particular coming to mind rather swiftly. I rely upon my tried and true favorite defensive measure, the disjoining rune, the only of the copied engravings of Dulu’s staff that works in my hands. I feel the rate of energy drain wane, and a gasp is heard behind me. I do not turn my head, instead using my knowledge of her existence to allow THIS Magnetomantic pulse to get a full read of her, when she still believes herself hidden. I feel her blood flow, but no hint of her chains…. Yet I sense an arm stretched out. She is the culprit indeed… but the Disjoining rune only slows her. Hrm.

I drop the Ignimancy barrage for a brief moment as I take grasp of the ambient Soulfire exuding from my maw of a neck, spreading its supernatural touch into the kinetimancy vortex I occupy. Invading chains of the ranged fighters are now being seared away, and the melee specialists falter, their footing thus lost upon the steep and sandy hill I occupy. Again, I feel Xuupi’s connection, her mechanism of draining me weaken with the omnidirectional assault of Soulfire, yet still I feel her pull, insidious and inexorable.

With lightning speed I unfurl the Sable Executioner and promptly wrap its blades about my form, quickly scrubbing my body in the hopes that the magic annulling effects of Black Steel shall prove useful here. ..I find myself rewarded, her connection weakening… and still persisting. I do note she is sagging in the air now, rather than sprightly supporting herself. I find myself wondering how much she invested in her leeching attack.

As the students, Oliltu and Akhan included, finally begin regaining footing at the base of my hill, only to find themselves assaulted by a solid wave of sliding pillars preceded by sand pits courtesy of my Geomancy, they are pushed back even further as I happen upon a final solution. I deactivate my body Soul Nexus, letting my Soulfire swirl on momentum alone as Kinetimancy becomes a Soul Nexus ability, my body whispering in Goran’s tongue.


A brief pulse of magic absorbing energy cascades through my body, form turning into an artificial magic eater and completely severing what was left of Xuupis chain. I observe her form rebounding as the severed chain lashes back, her position midair beginning to slip and droop back to the earth. My Body nexus returns to Kinetimancy as the students finally start surmounting the wave of poor footing and rushing walls I graced them with, once more charging up the hill. I wonder at the aid Vandgurd and the others are being, now laboring to clear ways or otherwise expedite the student's approaches to me, and how easily the students accept it: If nothing else, this repeat exposure as something not to be feared is critical for getting my Deep Spawn, current and pending to be accepted.

My mental dawdling is snapped away as Zagrath again reminds me of Xuupi. ...Ah, I do not note her behind me anymore. Where... she is not immediately around me, this I know, but beyond that the field is too hectic for me to be certain, especially with one specialized in such a form of evasion. With five minutes left until the match, a half hour long affair, is called, the exhausted students get a further boon: Oz sends Bagrom amidst them, and shortly an intermittent ghostly arm is seen on the student of the Breaker, lending an able hand to the sparring. I find my Soulfire ensconced final barrier broken by a Jade Soul working of his, its name eluding me as he dashes back before I could take a swing at him, while Akhan and Oliltu assault me from each side once again at the head of groups, their time with the boosters clearly extended, yet those laboring under them changed: They continue leading as the others shift out for rest. An interesting thing to note. Where Oliltu leads with a calm and collected reservation, favoring ranged practitioners and surprise attacks, Akhan the Binder and the melee students with him are focused on sustained combat, on layering inhibitors on the foe until even a god can be brought low. An effective combo, and I find myself continuing to look for Xuupi the Forgotten's influence, but she has of yet been reclusive.... perhaps it shall persist.

I turn a nexus from Pyromancy to Magnetomancy, pulling the five remaining blades in my launcher from my shoulder, plucking free the one used earlier as I spin all of them open, their wild fanged rims now festooned with glowing runes as magnetic fluctuations and shifts transpire, each ringed sawblade housing a powerful magnetic lens-much to the detriment of the students. Oliltu's troop is devestated, at least half their numbers claimed, weapons stuck fast inside the roving rings as I move them about, more falling by the second, losing their footing to quicksand as a bonus while they try to reclaim their weapons. Oliltu herself is likewise caught, though by some means I do not fully understand she seems to free herself with a great deal less effort than the others. Akhan and his group however, are largely untouched, their tightly held or wrapped chains to suffused with their own Ownership and combat magic to be outright claimed... yet their movements stumble, they turn to jelly as they fight invisible tugs... oh, I may not outright be able to claim them, but with this I have them so crippled they can do nothing! With a grand total of four ringsaws, I fended off twenty boosted warriors to a standstill. The remaining two are occupied suppressing any groups that get close through my solely geomantic defenses now, their exhaustion beginning to get the better of them. My sentries achieved via directed Magnetomancy swiftly terrorize them, turning their efforts to naught with the ludicrous boost they give to my magnetomancy. ...My god, they function like a million-pound, heavily magnetized iron node an anchor for anything, when those runes activate, yet none of the force bleeds through to the housing blade... I can accomplish so much more with so much less...

I recall these to be the workings of the Other...

These last few minutes of the fight almost pass just like that, no further incident-but twenty seconds till the end, Xuupi makes a final attempt to bind me, in doing so buying time for Akhan to finally breach my defensive barrier and begin crawling about my body, laying chains when Dulu calls the match concluded. Exhausted monks slide to the floor, some already joking with Deep Spawn as they pant, Oliltu yelling obscenities as she stomps away, several friends already moving to placate her, while Akhan simply accepts the conclusion without question or reaction. Breathing deeply as he does so, the Bind unhooks his chains and climbs back down, bowing as he reaches the ground. He says a single sentence to me as he leaves.

>"An interesting opportunity."

Korgotyo says something to me, but even as his words boom out, a keening roar echoes across the skies, blotting him out in an instant. The previously genial Rageglut immediately suffused in a red-faced and sullen rage, eyes seeking the source of the cry as the audience begins to uncertainly flee, mainly staying in the hopes that such individuals as we could protect them. But what is it, what could they be-

I see it.

Upon a nearby mountain peak, one of the ever-present sharp peaks jutting fitfully up from what are otherwise largely flatlands... considering the distance, that beast is the size of Korgotyo....

"A dragon, eh?"

Oz's yawn aborts as three more dragons climb about the mountain's borders, joining together to howl like stalking wolves, before plunging into the air, their very existence bespeaking magic to me, but their behavior primal and animalistic. They come to feed and slay, to lay waste.

Korgotyo stands tall.


Before I can say anything, Oz immediately offers himself without second thought, and Phohn's words flit into my ears.

Ash Dragon Jioga has arrived at the estate according to the spawn I left behind. He is being insistent in demanding entry, still tracking Oz. What are your orders?

What should I say or do?
Should I or any of those with me move to aid Korgotyo in defending the town?
Or should I move to deal with Ash Dragon Jioga... especially considering my sword was left behind...
No. 238638 ID: d3dfb8

Have Phohn tell Ash Dragon Jioga that Mordre will see him after the Dragon's are dealt with. Have Burduko fetch our sword, we're hunting dragons.
No. 238639 ID: f4e4f9

Task Burduko with swiftly retrieving your sword.

Heroic image, remember. It would not do to abandon the safety of the estates and town to these dragons. Besides, such an act will be quite useful.

Ask what you can of these Dragons from Oz and Korgotyo while you have the opportunity. Akeakam and his/her spawn will move to aid any injured, and your other spawn should move to defend civilians.

We can also at least start to take action. We were just marvelling at the magnetomantic enhancements to our saws, yes?

Lets get ready to test out our Ozmand Cannon + 6 coil mag-accelerator. Try to aim to account for potential overpenetration.
No. 238640 ID: 56dc25

You, and almost all those with you, should offer yourself without hesitation to fight off the dragons. Dealing with a personal problem when the entire town is under threat would cast aside most of the goodwill you've built here, not to mention likely making a poor impression with Oz.

You can send Burduko to retrieve your sword for you. He should be able to get it to you extremely quickly- in time for whatever combat takes place, hopefully.

Last time that we had Phohn start communicating with people without warning it went over poorly, so I'd say something to the effect of asking Korgotyo for permission to use mental communication to coordinate the defense, then have Phohn start talking very fast to everyone so that orders can be efficiently given.

When it comes to actually fighting the dragons, see if you know anything about them- you've absorbed many, many souls from these lands, and with them might come knowledge of dragons just as they gave you speech and other background knowledge. Still, it would likely be wise to ask Oz and/or Korgotyo just what they can do and what the accepted methods for fighting them are.

Regarding the Ash Dragon, I would direct those at the estate to not bar his path and to be completely honest with him. We promised to try and avoid bringing conflict to them, and he has shown willingness to smash those who stand in his way. We'll just have to deal with these dragons and show him up by having defeated them before he arrives, making him look the fool by showing up late. We knew he'd catch us eventually, after all, and we've told Oz the situation.
No. 238661 ID: a69afd

Tell Phohn to send Jioga a message:

"Listen, Ash Dragon Jioga- I know we're in a competition right now, but you really don't have to take it this seriously. Being the only dragon to take the side of Lubu, shouldn't you know the aloof nature of the man you follow by now? Lubu pits us against each other because conflict is the best way to inspire growth among his allies both loyal and potential, and because it amuses the crap out of him. However, he never said we had to kill each other to accomplish this task, and so far you've been acting like I pissed on the graves of your forefathers. Regardless of how you feel on the matter, can our conflict wait a while? I was at the Chaining Calamity school helping the students in a training exercise and some dragons appeared, now they are attacking the town and I've got to help deal with it. I came here as a diplomat- dragon attacks might be a regular occurance for you, but how do you think it'd look if I didn't at least try to help? If we absolutely have to fight can we do it after the dragons are dealt with?"
No. 238665 ID: 56dc25

>so far you've been acting like I pissed on the graves of your forefathers
We... uh... haven't actually met or spoken with the Ash Dragon yet. Yes, he smashed up our deep spawn, but he was pissed and they don't really look like people. Until we at least get a first impression of him, I'd rather not say/do anything which makes this level of dangerous assumption about his personality or what he thinks and understands about things.

Actually, I'd rather not talk to him at all.
No. 238687 ID: ddd48d
File 128626183296.jpg - (42.16KB , 723x463 , golemband.jpg )

Lets not talk to the Dragon, instead avoid him completely by conveniently going off to fight the real dragons with Oz and company. General information on dragons would be handy to ask about. Also do these attacks happen often?

Also go see if the Red Comet and Paradox Knight Jeagrezweistrik are still around.

someone mentioned something silly earlier but i can't find the post, so i drew a bad picture of it.
No. 238698 ID: a69afd

We've done nothing but avoid and ignore Jioga so far, perhaps that is the reason he's pissed off. In the event that it isn't, I would rather confront him now and ask him why he is angry than do things like "deal with these dragons and show him up by having defeated them before he arrives, making him look the fool by showing up late"- he's already angry at us, that's making the situation worse. We're going to be preoccupied in a battle with four very angry mythological beasts soon, which is a prime fucking opportunity for Jioga or anyone of the pricks Weinsho has hiding in this nation to come up and stab a hole in our furnace and open up a whole can of worms on the situation. Mordre needs to make a decision now, otherwise this will bite him in the ass.
No. 238726 ID: a594b9

Tell Phohn to speak through someone (don't speak directly into the Ash Dragon's mind) and tell Jioga that there are three goddamn dragons attacking right now and we could use the assistance fighting them off.
No. 238727 ID: adba1e

I mentioned that >>234723
And it was not silly..... it was amazing just like your picture )
No. 238730 ID: 445c48

Tell Phohn to have his spawn verbally say something along the lines of "Oz isn't here right now, may I take a message?"
No. 238762 ID: 8fc362

You know, we could try yelling as loud as we can - we do have a very good voice box.


Or, if yelling loudly we would just deafen everyone, send a running with a note rather like >>238661, but including the line 'what with attacking my allies out of hand - yes, I know they look like demons, but that is no reason to assault them, just because they were taking my pagoda to Lubu' after 'pissed on the graves of your forefathers' and 'I'm sure if you want to come, dueling - literally, artistically, combatively, or diplomatically - atop the corpses of three dragons would make a great sonnet for the ages.'

But before we start yelling or note sending, let us thank the students. Bow in return to Akhan. "I hope such an opportunity pushed you to your edge as a warrior and as a tactician," and then walk towards Oliltu. "Oliltu?" We should call out, before bowing to her. "I thank you for a most enjoyable martial confrontation. You, ahhah, kicked most serious ass?"

And pause for a moment, looking around. "Were is Xuupi? I wish to thank her for almost defeating me before I help slay this dragon."

Oh god, let this happen. NEW GOAL: BECOME ROCK STAR!
No. 238763 ID: adba1e

Can't we just -I dunno- ignore the guy while we deal with the dragons? I wouldn't want him around while we are in middle of a great battle there...
No. 238767 ID: 5f0943

I say we just ignore Jioga while we go to slay dem dragons. We can talk later, when it is more fitting, and the town isn't in danger of being razed to the ground.
Don't say or convey anything to him at this moment.
No. 238782 ID: 56dc25

I am with these guys. My earlier suggestion regarding him, >>238640, was basically meant to ignore him while attempting to care for the welfare of our hosts in town. It's not like he can legally attack us anyway, so we don't need to worry about him first striking us. Unless he decides that since we're just a mage's property and have no soul ourselves we don't count and he can smash us with no problems. But hopefully he won't think that.

I would prefer not to single out several students for congratulation at this point, since that does kind of minimize the contributions of the others- who, although unnamed characters, were valiantly throwing themselves at us in a rather relentless fashion for the entirety of the exercise. Some general loud congratulations to the students on their efforts as we rush off to fight the dragons should suffice, and we can get more personalized later. I do rather still want to invite/have the deep spawn invite some of the students to travel with us, so we should have at least a little more interaction with them. Acquiring new people, even if they're not technically followers, is much like acquiring wealth, souls, or power- it should be done habitually and continuously.
No. 238787 ID: 8fc362

I will agree that we should thank everyone, but two groups did do most of the heavy lifting and it was Akhan and Xuupi that almost brought us down, not one of the other students. And Oliltu is generally being angry as all hell, so we should go tell her 'hey, good game, woman, you were damn awesome'.

But you are right, we should bow to everyone and apologize for being so hard on them and that we are going to go beat a dragon, and if you all train very well, you can find me in the waring states. Rematches will be followed by food, drink, and the opportunity of employment.

Anyway, I would rather have the Ash Dragon along with us so we can keep an eye on him and, you know, slay dragons together, which should be a bonding experience and keep us from being eaten whole and possibly being trashed. Also, if he comes with us, we might get a chance to have our POV change to Ash Dragon Jioga and we can just bombard him with 'Mordre is nice, why not be friends with him' until he agrees, goes mad, or expels us from his mind.

And, if possible, another goal: Develop our own Combat Magic. Theoretically, at least. I mean, 'Indelible Dragon Mordre The Ascendant, Master of the Whip Hand, the Feasting Way, and the Parliament of Souls Styles' just seems more...badass, you know?
No. 238788 ID: 8fc362

Actually, can we check to see if it's possible to become a Dragon and a Living Legend?
No. 238806 ID: 2899b0

Ignore him, our primary goal is to sway Oz to Lubu's side and have him say the we caused it.
If this dragon feels like messing with us before ensuring the safety of the citizens, I don't think Oz will look kindly on it, or improve his opinion off dragons in general.

"In that case, I will proceed first"

Have budrko teleport you to the edge of the city then promptly max speed to the dragons.
Budrko then teleports back to base and gets your sword.

I know that these are feral, but they might still have some sense about them, have Phohn talk to them on your behalf, try and sway them, to calm them, promise them food or somn.


Oh wait, first, tell Dulu what's going on and offer to blast him with magic so he can get there faster.
If he agrees, take him in your left hand, LIGHTNING*LIGHTNING*LIGHTING and Kinectomace-throw him in the direction of the dragons.
No. 238895 ID: 3e56f0

Since Burduko is going back to the estates anyways, might as well use him as a messenger to Jioga. We could tell Oz that Jioga is asking for him back at the estates, and ask if he wants a message, other than "Master Monk Oz The Breaker, Left Handed God of the Fist is currently not here right now. Please be patient and wait here quietly until Master Monk Oz The Breaker, Left Handed God of the Fist is available." (it sounds a lot like one of those recordings that companies use, bland and mechanical, because the reason of the call tends to cause an actual person to use a particular tone, but the recordings use a tone that one uses for comedy? But I digress), but I suspect that everybody else wants to say something more personal to Jioga.

...Hmm, if the dragon's very existence is magic, then would Akeakam's enhancement allow the enhanced to to achieve an effect similar to Nihilino's existence erasure ability, but restricted to dragons? And if a dragon's existence is magical, would it not follow that the fire they breathe out is magical as well, and therefore our FEASTING VESTMENTS can eat them? If that is true, then we might be able to use Pyromancy to direct any fire they breathe out into our form with FEASTING VESTMENTS active and gain lots of magic to hold down at least one of the dragons using Blood Magic, I hope, since Keddic wanted one. Alternatively, if we can't get hold of a dragon, then the blood (and the bone and the liver and the gallbladder and the brain and the blood vessels... Heck, the whole corpse!) of just one dragon is good enough. We could give Keddic the body of a dragon and then he could break it down and use to gain a little more knowledge of dragons; I hope it would be a little like vaccination, though I suspect that Keddic won't be able to gain much of a passive defense against dragons if he assimilates only one dragon.

We probably should ask the natives first about how the defending-the-town-from-dragons deal goes before thinking about what would be done if a dragon is killed and we get its body, actually.

Actually, there are four dragons. There original that roared, and three more that joined it.
No. 238925 ID: 60f5f6

Their sense of ownership is probably too great for us to pyromace it out of the way, especially with basic competency.
Our soulfire should overwhelm it though

I really hope they aren't just balls of flying magic like other dragons. The balls of magic ones tend to be sentient and sapient, these just look like beasts with tons of power.

>Kill dragon
>give keddic body
Sans the skull and wingbones. Those will be added to our collection for the ultimate life golem thing.

Dragon skin for Kyorto?
No. 238942 ID: 3e56f0

Yeah, our 40 souls Inferno Golem overwhelmed it with itself. That's what happened the last time we went the Land of Dragons. Which is why I really, really hope that we could neutralize the giant balls of fire with our Soul Nexus ability. It's not Pyromancing the fire away, it's Pyromancing the fire to our body and letting Goran's soul do the rest. Or, if we can use Pyromancy on it (I think we can? Since animals, to my knowledge don't have a sense of ownership?), and we can't eat it, then compress it into a big ball of fire and let Nihilino erase the fireball from existence (I think Nihilino can do that, at least) or let the natives handle the thing. Or store it for an attack if we need to, though that binds up at least one casting point.
No. 238957 ID: 60f5f6

You know that the dragons we saw last time were golems right?

(well I thought they were....)
No. 238980 ID: fa32fb

Well helping Oz in this fight is pretty much a given. So far he has yet to see the full wrath of a Mosmordren soul grave. Before you go though make sure you get the facts clear with Korgotyo!

- Will you be fighting to kill the dragons or just to chase them off? These things could be sacred or something.
- How strong are dragons? Does Oz feel confident that he can take one on? What sort of smarts and abilities do they usually have? Do they have any weak spots? It would be annoying to shoot the wings off one only to discover that they fly using magic anyway.

Make sure everyone else is ready before firing the elecro-rail AGCannon and make sure you fire it from a spot that can withstand the possible retaliation (like not in the middle of town).
No. 239093 ID: a76809
File 128633500668.jpg - (219.96KB , 768x576 , Railgun achieved.jpg )

[Nope, dragons just like these. There's a True mountain-range near the capital, part of the High Dragon's duties as ruler is to lead every defense against incursion. dragons can learn to click teeth together to create a spark for igniting their acid spit, and Lubu attacked during a dragon incursion, as his force was outnumbered one hundred to one if the main army was not diverted so.]

I immediately think of my sword, the Edge of Oblivion still within the Tyotworro estate, and via Phohn command Burduko to return and claim the blade, then bring it to me as swiftly as possible. I see Burduko hesitate for a moment, looking uncertain, before he takes off at something just shy the speed of sound, racing back to the estate by foot. In his wake, I here Phohn speak of interdiction found, some nulling field warding off Burduko's spacial manipulation. ...The Dragon, most like. ...it seems I am beset by FIVE dragons. How wonderful.

I send most of my Deep Spawn out to serve as guardians of the town, bringing students with them to aid in interacting with those that have yet to meet them, roving wards against errant threat to the population. Even as they leave, I speak of what I asked of them aloud, Korgotyo inclining his head graciously as Dulu steps forth, the Rageglut nodding as he listens to an inner voice before welcoming the 'Ancestral Tomb' as well to the coming struggle, while I next put Akeakam and Murhyihal at the disposal of the town as healers and support, before I finally ask a brief question, riding on my generosity before I commit myself.

"Could you give me a brief rundown of the dragons? I'm not familiar with the actual capabilities."
"Don't forget that old enough ones can and often do have command of even distant winds and weights, giving them just about unstoppable air superiority. Then, able to strafe and spit acid at will, they tear you apart. ....I wasn't expecting a quartet this far from one of the True mountains."

Korgotyo turns back to face me as the keening cries finally finish echoing off every surface available, and the four dragons start to spread out on their mountain perch, spreading wings as I see the air distort about their forms, yawning maws decorated with hundreds of teeth anchored to heavy bones and musculature alike, power and speed implied in turn. The neck are as long as limbs, an arm outstretched and scaled to size, but all of that means relatively little compared to what I sense. The dragons... I can't feel a soul about them, nothing of the sort, but even at this distance I feel some sort of power in their innards heavily related... proto-soul, if I would have to term it anything.

The first takes flight as the Chained speaks again.


I turn Magnetomancy on myself, claiming my six anti-vanguard blades converted to runed saw-rings, and arraying them before the Anti-Golem Revolver Cannon in a direct line, each Magnetomantic lens directly in the line of fire of my artillery. I turn Magnetomancy on myself from my Body Soul Nexus now, all that power devoted towards the magnetic fields of the cannon itself, and the round loaded. My hand's Soul Nexus goes to Ignimancy, and again all my attention goes to my cannon. ...I have been thinking, about the mechanism employed to fire my cannon. Magnetomancy is already the primary method of lift, the Soulfire a close second.... but the Magnetomancy, the rail-firing method already employed? I can make it more, give this cannon power it lacked. With the vacuum provided by the soul of Balboa, I am fairly unlimited by friction.... The speeds I could achieve.

Instead of answer Korgotyo, after using my targeting algorithms briefly, I fire my cannon, in a manner somewhat different from the norm. I only briefly feel myself successively channeling the spiraled spike through each of the six lenses, building its speed so high I lose it by the second ring.

First, there is no sound, and for the briefest of instants the only thing that's changed is my barrel glowing white-hot and searingly bright, and the fact my feet dug furrows three meters deep in the ground with an explosion of recoil that threatened to warp my entire body. At this same moment, I already see a tiny hole in the head of one of the dragons that had yet to take off.


The air slaps into the void left in my shot's passing, a clap of thunder and horrendous horizontal cyclone briefly existing as the sky repairs the wound rent upon it. I see the tiny hole in the dragon's face suction backwards as the people around me begin reacting to my discharge, as I witness the entire dragon's head being blown off, somehow ripped away in the wake of the attack, the mighty beast's headless corpse falling back down to drape over the mountain-peak. ...A pity they were side by side, I could have slain them all had they been aligned correctly.


Oz slowly claps, a ringing beat as Korgotyo stares, mouth agape.

"I do believe I can personally contribute, yes."

Administrator Mordre, Burduko wishes to state that mortals sworn to Ash Dragon Jioga, officers of his are blocking all means of entering the estate, and forbid under pains of death entry. With the nullifying field in effect on the area, he cannot bypass their threat. They would not move even when told that Burduko is a guest of the family.

I recall the presence of two Paradox knights in the camp, something I was pulled from to meet Hieryou The Iron Mustache last night. Could they still be in the city? The aid they could provide-and one is a Dragon, as I recall. I speak as three dragons slowly swoop towards us, crossing the distance with a deceptively lazy speed, ignoring their fallen comrade as I continue to struggle with the warping superheated barrel of my cannon even as words emit from my mockery of a mouth.

"Do you know if Dragon Jeagrezweistrik has left?"
Oz and Korgotyo both look at me sharply, surprise in their faces. Neither knew? I press on, looking to expand on this knowledge, lending it credibility as concisely as I can.

"Excessively colorful blue-base Ancestral Tomb? Giant ever-shifting axe he talks and produces music from? Excessively attention-getting oriented speech patterns?"
"No problem, I'll keep an eye out."
So be it.

Dulu's nod of approval heralds our departure, and we race off, into the city proper both to meet the Dragons and to search for a most potent ally... with another possibly around as well, should The Red Comet still be here.

I decide to ignore the Ash Dragon for now, ordering the still-rejected Burduko to return lest he be captured as I race through the still peaceful town.... they don't know yet, now with the press of buildings and immediate distractions. I continue to race through largely passive crowds for a brief period, listening for the AxeGod's music or any inkling of his soul....


And I find it, just as I hear the first person scream, pointing at the mountain.

Chaos erupts around me in moments as the knowledge, the fear spreads like wildfire, and I have to work much harder to avoid injuring someone whilst I move so swiftly, Merrack's soul sending me racing across the streets, threat looming ever closer. I turn a street cornet, finding Zegrezweistrik, Red Comet nowhere in sight, only now clutching his axe, turning his head about in observation-and noting my form. I speak quickly to save time.

"I with others moving to defend the town. Will you assist us, Dragon Jeagrezweistrik?"

A stead basso beat erupts into existence as Jeagrezweistrik leaps into motion, his rioting axe continuing to speak as he races beside me.

"Buddy you're a boy, make a big noise
Playing in the street gonna be a big man some day!

The music surges and resounds throughout the calamitous population, faces turning as Jeagrezweistrik's axe now roars at the coming dragons, sonic waves visible in their intensity as the population's fear shifts.


As he begins his next verse the people move out of our way as if rehearsed as their voices rise, ensnared in Jeagre's mad beat, not calmed but not anticipatory, amped for our obviously imminent victory. ...Mass mental manipulation... a potent feat.

Jeagrezweistrik and I erupt into a market square, the wider view showing me Korgotyo already battling a dragon nearly a mile away, Oz and Dulu both vying to claim the attention of a second some twenty hundred feet away-

Day turns to night as the entire square falls into shadow, the third dragon descending from the sun's direction on the market square, mouth gaping and claws proffered as I dives-towards me. Jeagrezweistrik at my side is already moving to begin a new musical number. The dragon is some five hundred feet away and closing fast, the six ring saws still held before my cannon a moot point as I still need some more time before the barrel is cooled enough, now a brilliant yellow a shade darker than its earlier white.

What should I say or do?
How do I plan to deal with the descending dragon?
What do I plan to do about the still considerable crowd of civilians, not yet fully out of the way?
No. 239103 ID: e31d52

>Dat first shot

That dragon should be dealt with with an AMARANTHINE ANNIHALATOR. God, it's been ages since we could really let loose.
No. 239116 ID: 990c34

hmmm, risky time?

Dual nexus geomance a pillar under you so that your scuffle is above the crowd.

Quickly change and start up the IG, when the dragon gets close enough PAUNCH!
Activate feasting vestments and eat the explosion before it goes anywhere.

On a saner note,
Flying things don't like lightning. Dual boost and shoot it.

Also start deactivate the rune in case you didn't already.

I want to use AA but I keep thinking that Ash Drag might want to fight us, hrm.

screw it, wait till he is about to fire then AA him and look at promptly swing your vision to the other dragons.

After that huge ass run here it should be ready for battle.
No. 239118 ID: 8fc362



No. 239119 ID: e31d52

We Are the Champions is for when we win.
No. 239122 ID: 8fc362

And as a following note: If we use the AA again, we should really follow tradition and spend another pristine soul on it so it will explode the dragon and only leave steak-sized chunks to litter the ground.

And as another note, we should send a runner to Hieryou of the Iron Mustache saying that Ash Dragon is willfully interfering with the protection of the village and baring a guest access to the Tyotworro.
No. 239132 ID: 445c48

I think we should save AA. It's a very nice surprise move, and we've got a Dragon on our ass, who's tougher than a dragon. Does the heat on the cannon prevent us from firing normally? If not, five rounds rapid, please, I think we've got spare ammo on the hooks. If it does prevent us from firing normally, butts. Would the use of pyromancy help move the heat in the barrel, either into the air or the rest of your body, or is it just fire? Maybe try an Ethereal Strike on its eyes.

We're going to need to talk to Jezebel when we get back. I'm sure she'll love the railgun stuff, and might help us with a heatsink on our barrel.
No. 239135 ID: 8fc362

You can't follow 'We Will Rock You' with anything else, and Jeagrezweistrik is already moving to begin a new musical number. So with us AMARANTHINE ANNIHALATOR one, or two, of the dragons - as we can split our eyes up now and then Oz, Dulu, ourselves, Jeagrezweistrik, and Korgotyo go curb stop the last one - if we wanna be kill thieves - or we just obliterate this one and march on with 'We Are The Champions' to the next dragon and open cans of whoop ass with a big-ass throng around us whooping and cheering.

Then we go to Ash Dragon and try to somehow make him not want to obliterate us the first instance we leave the town.
No. 239142 ID: 445c48

Also when you kill it be sure to say "Another one bites the dust"
No. 239145 ID: d3dfb8

... oh god, use semi-AA on our cannon. cool it off.
No. 239149 ID: 46c430

Hey, is the barrel of the cannon blootz steel? Can we activate our heart, 'pump' and magnetomancy the heated metal away from the barrel and swap in cool metal, so we can ready our next shot faster? This would be tipping our hand for an ability of ours, if it even worked, but... Well, what do you guys think?
No. 239157 ID: 56dc25

First, kick on that Blood Magic; you'll need it.

>the six ring saws still held before my cannon a moot point
No, they're not. They are, in fact, a ready-made jump platform. Put several them on the ground (reclaim one or two, if you can) and use them to power up your magnetomancy enough that you can jump up hundreds of feet onto the dragon and take it to him in melee on your own terms. Throw in kinetomancy to help, if it would. You should be able to slice through platemail-level armor like butter. This has the added bonus of distracting the dragon from the present civilians.

Now, this could go wrong if it makes you weigh a lot more while you're in flight, but if you're fast enough it won't have time to react. And also, if that does happen, use kinetomancy to twist your vector around onto the right course once you start falling; you should be able to hit it anyway.
No. 239159 ID: 990c34

That will super-cool it and cause it to shatter at the next impact.... so no.

(see: Golem we shot with AA)
No. 239162 ID: 990c34

Awww, I was hoping to keep the blood magic secret.
No. 239168 ID: e31d52

>jump up hundreds of feet

>Master of wind and weight

That doesn't seem like a terribly fantastic idea.
No. 239177 ID: 56dc25

Well, if we can become Mordre the (arguably-) living kinetic missile without using it, that's great, but if not... the only one here to see it is the Axe God, who presumably is going to get all kinds of reports on our capabilities anyway from the other Paradox Knights. And even if they didn't know about that one, I don't think that we're in much danger of Jeagrezweistrik turning hostile or informing others spuriously.

Sure, the population at large and maybe some students might see us using it, but they don't have the necessary senses to detect exactly what we're doing.

We can cope with our weight changing thanks to blood Kinetomancy, and somehow I don't think wind is going to do shit to a golem that already weighs many tons.

That said, if you have an equally/more awesome idea, I'm all ears. I don't have much faith in the AA's ability to one-shot this guy since we've been using geomancy to move around so much since arriving in these lands, and would accordingly rather save it, but it couldn't hurt, I guess.

I suppose that we could just start using the booster rings to throw other metal objects at it really really fast. I doubt it would like that. Or use lightning bolts, or just start chucking things with Accelerator. We have no lack of ranged firepower, really. I'm just concerned that we won't be able to effectively protect the town and civilians around us unless we decisively draw the dragon's focus to something of obviously greater importance, like a golem hacking into its innards.
No. 239187 ID: 46c430

Huh. Come to think of it, our blood magic would make a good 'beat' for the Axe God's music, wouldn't it? Random idea.
No. 239191 ID: e31d52

Here's an idea: We have six rings, right?

Set up three of them in a triangle, and then the other three in a line. Launch the latter using the former to assist, making it spin. Then, when they near or hit the dragon, ignimancy a lightning bolt at them.

Anything that doesn't involve making ourselves a projectile at a creature that can shoot fiery acid that melts anything, claws that can rend apart steel, etc.
No. 239192 ID: 990c34

The thing is, this place (LoD) is CRAWLING with sensors and strong people, there could be peopel in the crowd capable of sensing it and it is simply that Mordre does not know, also this may be a powerful enough source of blood magic to be broadcasted for quite some distance.

I just feel that of we use it then everyone is gonna know, eventually.

But whatever. Im too tired to argue.
No. 239203 ID: d3dfb8

Well, how about we launch something with just the anti-vanguard blades. If the untransformed blades fit through the hole in the rings we could just launch one of them like we did with the railgun. Then we could have it transform and fly it around on the other 5 blades. If it doesn't fit just array 5 of them in a circle and launch the last using said 5 as a base.
No. 239226 ID: adba1e

Can't we fire regular non-railgun shots?
Rapid five shots might do the trick, the rageglut told us that their scales aren't that strong and our cannon is devised to puncture the strongest armors.
No. 239228 ID: adba1e

Oh, and to cool the cannon down more swiftly we could try accelerated repair procedures. Just shift the hot metal of the barrel with the cool metal from our body.
No. 239327 ID: f4e4f9



Time to put the pieces together, and figure out HOW we're gonna leash one of these beasties.

Lets look at the following fact, and exactly what it implies:

The Dragon's possess no souls, but rather a form of proto-soul infusing their being.

Mordre has had some experience with Proto-souls and their development. We have a ring of them around our neck. Now, as Hieryou so kindly described for us, when we create our deep-spawn, we bind a piece of our soul to their own Proto-soul, with the resultant being bound to our will, but still individuated.

Why could we not do something similar to one of these Dragons?

Now, before we go any further, there are problems with this approach. Let's address them:

1. We have no way to feasibly graft a piece of our own soul to them. Eldghodd took care of that detail for us when he gave us the Deep Spawn by creating the link between them and us himself.

RESPONSE: I would point you to Lorgk's new Sword, Legalloth, the Legacy of Lorgk. When Dorgrum and Mordre transfered the Souls, Mordre utilized a Pristine Soul to punch through the potent anti-magic nature of the crystal the sword was made of. So why not use a Pristine soul to form that link? We get contact with the Dragon, and bridge the two Entities with a Pristine Soul. BAM.

2. The Dragon is currently trying to EAT us.

THat ones a bit trickier

Since our cannon is on Cooldown, array the Magnetic Foci around us, but do not trigger them yet.

Use your aiming algorithms to get as precise as you can, and: Repel. Try to hit a speed that will get us to the target: We can use Kinetimancy for mid-air guidance and softening our "landing" a bit. Our goal isn't to kill the thing, after all. Blood Magic Boost to get the absolute optimal performance from our Kinetomancy and Magnetomancy.

If we make a successful landing, immediately CHRONAL BANDITRY the Dragon to give us ample time to do what we need to and shorten the amount of time this is going to take. THat'll let us get back to the fight faster.

Initiate the binding attempt.

If it succeeds, we'll have a fucking DRAGON. How impressive would that be? Queue midair duel against other dragons.

No. 239339 ID: 6a0dee

Could we not also use one of the deep-spawn eggs to form the link between our soul and the proto-soul of the dragon?
No. 239342 ID: f4e4f9

Possibly. Perhaps we could even imbue Niddhog's egg into the Dragon as well. Would be so very fitting, grafting the egg named for a dragon TO a Dragon.
No. 239347 ID: f4e4f9

Oh, one more thing: Keep the Saw Blads Dragging along below you. That way, if the Dragons utilize their Aero/Gravimancy to fuck with your trajectory, you can use the blades enhanced magnetic fields to repel your own body back on course.

Think like a Trampoline.
No. 239348 ID: f4e4f9

Also, mention to Jeager:

"I think I would like to attempt something on this creature."

To give him a heads up to be wary.
No. 239375 ID: 445c48

Ah, how about you magnetomance the blades off your cannon, line them up, point it at the dragon, and fire a round using just that? Float a shell at the back end, have the first blade pull the shell, then as soon as it passes flip it so it's pushing, and the second's pulling, etc etc. Obviously won't be railgun strength but
No. 239376 ID: e31d52

spend a pristine on this


No. 239379 ID: 9b8c80

Wear two of the magnarings as bracelets and embed some more rings into the ground as anchors. This would allow powerful flight within a set area defined by the anchors. You could also make javelins from spare AGC shells or metal drawn from underground. With the Accelerator and some more magnetomantic manipulation they should prove quite devastating.

To deal with the incoming acid blasts - Use geomancy to create simple mud/earth armor with weak geomantic mines in it. The armor should then be instantly (explosively?) discarded if hit by acid to prevent corrosive damage from reaching Mordre's body. I doubt it would protect against full-on acid breath, but if the acid is dispersed or mostly parried using soulfire and/or kinetimancy then the earth armor should be able to shrug off stray acid splashes. Try using non-alkaline rock and earth such as granite as it won't react as violently with the acid.

Does Jaegrezweistrick know any songs about taming and controlling beasts?! With his musical support we can do this!
No. 239389 ID: 36c283

Fuck that shit
Am I the only one who doesn't want a fucking dragon?
They also seem to be fucking pushovers. DO we need a dead weight to carry around?
And the other thing, how the hell will we feed it? Also, LoD seems to pretty much hate them, going around with a pet dragon is not good idea imo.

And do not spend P.Soul or an egg on it if you will not drop the subject
No. 239392 ID: 56dc25

I'm with you on this one, I think; we can always enslave a dragon later. There is apparently no shortage. For the moment, it seems to me that it would be much more trouble than it's worth to get one.

Also, the fact that it's got a proto-soul rather than a true one doesn't mean that it's weak enough to succumb to our will in short order. It'll fight back. If we do get up onto it, just carving it up would be a simpler and likely more effective way of achieving victory.

Less awesome, I know. But I don't think that the binding plan would work, and I rather like having pristine souls to play with; spending them on this seems a waste. If we used them to learn soul magic, we might well be able to accomplish this sort of thing without throwing so many pristines at it, and might even learn the whys of how it works.
No. 239399 ID: e043a1

1. Use P. souls to gain knowledge of soul magic and golem crafting as suggested earlier.

2. Use new found insight into soul magic to bind the dragon to us.
No. 239400 ID: 808cd7

Ok, IO am all for getting a dragon using the P.Soul+Nindhogg combo, but let's do it on a dragon from the TRUE mountains.

From what Oz said, the dragons normally come from the true mountains, and from his demeanor, these are a dime a dozen (or you know he is just so badass that he doesn't care).

So ya, supporting the enslaving dragon bit and giving one of our spawn a base to form around, but not necessarily these dragons.

Maybe an older one, harder to fight but worth it.
No. 239402 ID: f4e4f9


I would rather spend a Pristine on it than 3 or a boon or whatnot. One of those is significantly easier to get than the other.

Also, stockpiling is no fun.
No. 239411 ID: 0b62d9

I agree, we don't need a goddamned dragon as pet.
We can eventually make a dragon-golem if it's really needed.
No. 239416 ID: 9338f5

i agree the dragons are to fragile to invest so much in.
No. 239418 ID: d3dfb8

No dragon, no using pristine soul.
No. 239421 ID: 36c283

Guys, just a reminders we have 16 vanguard blades at our disposal not 6
No. 239430 ID: d3dfb8

Oh lord this.
No. 239442 ID: ddd48d
File 128638957333.png - (53.94KB , 328x313 , ADORABLE.png )

Cashing in on the dragon discussion, I agree with >>239416 , >>239400 , >>239389 and >>239392 in that we should wait on the dragon enslaving idea.

When this is over with we may have time for a trip into the mountains at some point. Perhaps it would be worth it more to enslave a younger dragon with one of our proto-souls, so it can grow up as a sentient Spawn of ours. Making it fuse with a proto-soul may make it able to survive without eating, so the food problem may be completely averted (as other Spawn don't need to eat). It will most probably become sentient like the other Spawn, and therefore easy to control/talk to. We can keep it up north at the Arcanoworks if we wish, to add prestige to our name (OMG a DRAGON! WOWZERZ), maybe even as protection/study-thing for Arkus in a way. Also to keep the LoD people from being wary of it. There is a lot more that could come of this but the main thing is to wait and think about it.

We could just make a Dragon-themed Spawn if the real dragon fusion seems like that bad of an idea anyways. I'm going to try and draw it to convince you guys. It will be the cutest grotesque monster you have ever seeeeeen.
No. 239497 ID: 5f0943

Honestly? I like the idea of having a dragon-spawn, and I am mostly ok with the idea of using a pristine soul to achieve it (considering Pristine souls are effectively Deus Ex Machina).
The advantages would be the prestige that would result from making a dragon your 'servant', because I doubt something like that is a usual occurrence (if it has ever happened before).
We would be known as the guy who is so awesome that we made a dragons head into paste, and then 'tamed' (for the lack of better term) another.

Then there is the fact that a dragon is essentially a huge flying monster thing that can spew acid fire, for which there is little defense.
It's main strenght is staying out of reach while shooting fire-acid.

The downside would be it's relatively low durability, though if we actually fused it with the proto-soul (and PS) to essentially make it into a deep-spawn, then it would probably become more durable, and at least the regeneration would make up for it plenty.

If, however, the idea of making it into one of our spawn is an impossible idea... then it is an AA to the face.
No. 239501 ID: 6cfaad

I don't understand where the idea that these things are pushovers came from. One is going toe to toe with Korgotyo, who matched a Living Legend in combat, and they can at least give pause to Oz the Breaker. A dragon incursion was considered by Lubu enough to mitigate 100-1 odds.

Admittedly, I AM partially banking on the idea that fusing it with a deep spawn egg will give it similar attributes to a deep spawn.

However, Glue's and Falcon's suggestions have merit, and if need-be, I would see no problem with going those routes.
No. 239502 ID: 445c48

Second. Dragons don't seem very... useful. At all. Definitely not worth spending a p soul or a deep spawn egg or a whatever. Maybe enough to spend a couple hundred marks for a young one, but nothing more.

Besides, we already have the best pet, Moss.

Also, don't use the AA here. We've got plenty of other tools at our disposal that we can use to kill the dragon, hell we could probably just shoot blades at it. No need to use up this nice tasty charge we've been building for... how long? Anyways, I think that would better be used as our Ace in the hole if we need to fight Jioga.
No. 239504 ID: 9338f5

There were probably more dragons attacking the capital.

As i understand it the danger stems from the dragons "Float like a butterfly sting like a bee" tactic. A multi-ton golem would likely slow any but the largest. Theres also the problems of feeding it and the weak armour.
No. 239505 ID: e5b1bf

On a tangentially related subject, it seems that belief can empower something (e.g. Dragons, DragonSparks, and dragons as well porbably). Apparently, belief produces a free-floating 'pool' of magic (or something that empowers things) that the subject of the belief can tap into. One of the last Secret Bonuses we got was on the subject of Athelens declaring a new national religion, based on the worship of Leylines, sending magic to the Leylines. Since Leylines are 'blood vessels', of a sort, of the System, and the System can be overwhelmed with too much energy, if Athelens' new religion were to get popular, there would probably be an increased rate of Core Being manifestations, from the influx of magic from the belief of Leylines from the surface forcing the Deep Spawn Administrators to shunted more energy faster.

That was just me trying to get a PS.

On a more related topic, if we were to kill the dragon, as seems to be getting popular, what would happen if we do kill the dragon, and not take care of the massive corpse? The dragon is massive and would fall on the town, probably crushing buildings and civilians in the process.
No. 239506 ID: 8fc362

I have to agree with 'No Dragon' suggestions. Because these dragons do seem to be push overs, we have no idea what would happen if we gave them a soul, and we are right over a town that we have been building up a pretty good rep with, and I don't want that to fail because the dragon suddenly became over powered, went on a rampage, and burnt down half the town.

The other reason I say no is because I want our mount to be able to grow with us rather then be dragged down with a protosoul. If you do want a dragon, the better idea would to ask Lenyrt for a ponystallion golem that would be an extension of our will, infused with Niddhog so it will not only be a stallion fit for a king, but it will also turn into a dragon fit for an emperor and a weapon-platform fit for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann that we can also GATTAI with

I am also on the edge between needing to use our AA and waiting to use it - mostly because if we impress these people enough, we'll have a statue erect to us and we'll get a new town that loves the hell out of us.

Also, Ash Dragon is Lubu's only ally. If we AA him, he has a likelihood of dying as our AA is rather...one of our 'high powered' weapons. So we really need to talk him down and discuss this like gentleman, not fight like gentleman.
No. 239507 ID: 6cfaad

Max charge is 3 days worth of marching. Everything beyond extends the length of time the beam persists.

And there's no need to be stingy with the beam. If necessary, the AA can be used to bring down two of the beasts if played right. (Annihilator one, Infernal Lance the other)
No. 239508 ID: 445c48

Ah, right, forgot about the belief empowerment thing. It's a good thing there aren't too many popular religions in this world, otherwise we might get something like discworld.
No. 239510 ID: 6cfaad

Ugh, I really don't want us to waste a perfectly good boon that could be used on more direct improvements to Mordre's capabilities.

Also, I pray we never get a pony/stallion golem. Not a fan of the concept, I must say.
No. 239513 ID: e5b1bf

On the dragons are pushovers thing, they only seem to be pushovers becuase we used an overpowered attack at ridiculous speeds. I do want a dragon minion; I agree not now, unless the split part of our soul, imbuing a Deep Spawn egg, and binding the proto-soul of a dragon (also, if we do this, the dragon won't have a proto-soul, since we are splitting our whole, fully grown soul to force the evolution and growth of the dragon's proto-soul) process works to gain us a loyal follower.
No. 239516 ID: 36c283

Same here
No. 239525 ID: 9338f5

Its a funny idea but impractical. If we want one that badly grab a lump of metal and magneto the hell out of it untill it looks like a horse and moves how we want it.

Also I would much prefer a Top hat or Wizard hat to a steed.
No. 239528 ID: e31d52

>Top hat


Just a moment, I'll be right back.
No. 239529 ID: ecb77d

It's more a matter of inanity than impracticality, personally.

I cannot get behind an idea that involves becoming Voltron or TTGL with your steed.
No. 239531 ID: 8fc362

Yeah, this is something we should look into. Stopping or directing worship at ourselves is up in the air right now, but we should maybe visit the Harksburton estate. In a little bit, we should spend some time at home rather then, you know, traversing the world all the time.

And I'll leave arguments about the awesome idea of having a triple-changer steed to the discussion thread.
No. 239534 ID: 445c48

Well, I don't say we use a boon to get it or anything, but, in the fullness of time, when we get the ability to make it, it would mesh quite well with our current Knightly look and be quite funny. Not effective, so obviously we only ride it when trying to look impressive,as a mount gives a certain finished look.
No. 239536 ID: 445c48

Oh, right, well, the combining idea is really silly and I don't like that bit too much.
No. 239540 ID: c1ef66

I don't want to make the dragon a mount, i just want a dragon, that was the idea when Nidhogg was named.

I just believe that forming it around the body, mind and soul of an actual dragon would give it a boost in growth and awesomeness.

Seriously, the only reason I would want a mount is if it could reach our top speed without issue and if Arkus (or someone else) could make it so that it linked with our AA and/or had one of its own.

And you know, we could give the dragon to Keddic if we so desire, not that I am suggesting that, just idle banter.

In any case, we gotta take out this one, I think we agreed on that.
Using the AA would be practical only if we decided to take them all out ourselves and show off to the folks, which would be odd considering we just asked Jag for help.

After our stints with Bang, Keddic and Oz, I am in full fighter type thought mode. It's gonna take me awhile to get back into Mordre mode.


Soulfire and Pyromancy control it, Nexus boostx2
No. 239581 ID: a76809

[Nope. The ones loaded on your sides did not get changed, only the ones actively in the Blade Launcher, which you guys never changed out, so you still don't know if you can generate these blades or only have the six. The other ten you have can still be used as regular saws just fine though.]

For some wild reason, errant thoughts of news I heard idly some time ago, secondhand Arkus to Phohn to me, flits back into my mind. Athelens, a nation known to provide the majority of many staple foodstuffs, is now worshiping the leylines, the System, the veins of the Caged One. Now that I have a firmer grasp of what belief can do, some form of multi-dimensional magic that slowly pools and can be tapped by the subject of belief to their own benefit, I find this worship concerning. It could ultimately threaten the System in one of a multitude of ways, depending on how the pooled mass belief effects the subjects. ...Should their ways spread enough, it could rapidly accelerate Core Being manifestations, or even induce Deep Spawn reprisals to the mortals above. Even as I feel tense about the new known threat, I feel pleased at the bit of mental agility I squeezed into a barest fraction of an instant.


I embed two of the runed rings in the ground, widely spaced in gaps in the crowd, as I encircle my wrists and feet alike, chaining my own magnetic field (as I drop the Disjoining rune) to the excessive fields of my altered weapons. If I am right, between Magnetomancy and Kinetomancy, I should be able to fly within a general vicinity of my anchors. ...But for this, there is no question that I will need the power... of Blood. I rapidly turn magic inward and reach out for what I know is coming.


I soar skyward by vector and magnetic manipulation alike, my theory holding strong as I flit through the air, the diving dragon's eyes snapping open wide as pupils dilate, reacting to my change in mobility. Riding on the brash confidence of having my relatively ramshackle hypothesis about magnetic field manipulation prove out, stoking the fires of my ego, I see another option before me:

--dragons do not have souls of their own, being animals lacking an ego on which ambition, resolve etc. can grow on.
--the Deep Spawn cores, of which I still have 39, allow me to graft part of my soul to a budding existence to bind it to me.
--Pristine souls, four currently in my possession as best I can make out, allow me to graft or conjoin things together, something I have seen ample evidence of.
--dragons, lacking a formal soul, DO have something other animals lack: proto-soul, and a considerable amount of it.
--Given the above, it seems logically possible that, using a Pristine Soul as a connecting and strengthening agent, I can graft a Deep Spawn core to the dragon, and bind the collective existence that results to my will, forever-after.


The sheer audacity, the arrogance to turn a monster terrifying the populace into my plaything, make it my own because I can, intrigues me far more than the fame I expect would come with slaying a dragon in a single shot and then enslaving another, further fame to add to my name-and draw myself closer to the title Jeagrezweistrik challenged me to live up to: Indelible Dragon Mordre the Ascendent.


Slipping by a horizontally fired flaming spitball the size of a horse before evading a slashing claw, I dive in deep, further shocking the beast, so unused to prey moving TOWARDS its head. I close with a speed I find impressive, aerially able to rival what Merrack now grants me with Nimble Nitro, and stretch out my left hand, a Deep Spawn egg proffered forth as with a surge of energy I channel my fabricated Blood magic, along with a Pristine Soul I wrest from its paradoxical existence within my Soul Furnace, into dragon and egg alike. I hear The Radical AxeGod's music pushing people back, away from the incursion zone even as it mounds up, pushing the bearer of the shifting axe skyward in my wake. My view, completely filled with the enormity of the beast I target, writhes into madness as the magic begins.


Spines erupt from the dragon's back, cruel and saw edged, wicked and wild. scales mutate as well, growing thicker, spurs becoming spikes as the whole of its body begins to grow thorny, tooth-like. Claws, once surprisingly fine and suited to flensing, grow heavier, hardened knobs along their bone ridges making any wound they cause far more gory. A bone crest sprouts from the previously unadorned skull, vicious and regal. The neck grows longer, the rows of teeth extend farther back, as a Name is considered.

>Nidhogg embodies the concept of BEASTS, manifesting as WRATH and STRENGTH.

I think of a Beast. Power, raw and primal, untainted by civility, power unrestrained. I think of the proud hunter, the king of their domain, slaying any they please, their might supreme. I cradle these concepts seen in many ways throughout the lands, and I instill them into what I craft, Mortal animal and Immortal bound existence melding together as a sense of knowing flows to me.


>-Nidhogg is defined as a Beast parasite. It inhabits a non-souled body, drawing power from their existence, and warping the shell around them.
>-Nidhogg's soul gains power through the experiences of these bodies, and can bring that potency with it to new vessels, potentially allowing an older Nidhogg to elicit similar potency as a dragon from, say, a cat.
>-To change form, Nidhogg must slay and consume what new form is desired as host.
>-Nidhogg cannot speak or in any way articulate words, so bound into dominating animalistic and primal essences, but it can comprehend any orders given verbally or via Phohn.
>-Nidhogg fully brings the Deep Spawn augmentations, regenerative and directly bolstering alike, into its host. In this case, the dragon is now significantly stronger physically and enormously more powerful magically, and can heal unscaled at the rate of its smaller brethren.
>-Nidhogg can manifest a number of spawn based partly on its current host. Currently up to thirty eight wyvern like spawn can be manifested, significantly stronger than normal spawn.
>-Nidhogg removes the need for a host to eat, but also grants methods of consuming power through feasting. The dragon's innate ability to feast on magic is bolstered to twice its original strength.
>-the Dragon Nidhogg controls is gifted with combat Aeromancy and Gravimancy. Nidhogg has expanded the methods in which these can be applied, becoming much more nimble, and partly extended them into the realm of the Arcane, now able to reach up to fifty feet from its body.



As Nidhogg the dragon turns soulful eyes on me, dropping its gaze in supplication as it hovers in place, the screams from below abort as the diving dragon never lands. I turn to Jeagrezweistrik as he reaches my side, moving myself to Nidhogg's back and taking a seat betwixt spines, showing my dominion over the altered beast/Deep Spawn for all to see. I offer a simple bit of my thoughts to the highly attentive Paradox Knight floating on wings made of music.

"I do believe this one is no longer a threat, as it were. Perchance, would you like a ride in style to another dragon of your choice?"



With Jeagrezweistrik leaping to perch upon a spine's top, I consider:

Where should I bring Nidhogg, myself and the Radical AxeGod?
To Oz and Dulu's side, or Korgotyo's? The pair have trouble solidly striking at their foe, while the Rageglut is being pressured by the beast's sheer ferocity. Either could use my aid.
So what do I do?
No. 239586 ID: e31d52






Nidhogg should focus on helping out Korgotyo, have him manifest his spawn.

You will help the others. Tell Oz and Dulu to give you an opening and leap from one back to the other, DRILLING INTO THE BASE OF ITS NECK WITH THE SABLE EXECUTIONER.
No. 239588 ID: c1ef66

No. 239589 ID: e31d52

((Also you misqouted there buddy thought you should know.))
No. 239592 ID: 9338f5

Korgotyo, Oz is a bit stronger than him and is mostly unwounded he also has the help of Dulu.
No. 239595 ID: a594b9

Korgotyo lost to Oz. Let's help him.
No. 239596 ID: 46c430

If Oz and Dulu simply can't finish their fight, then they can stand to be left alone a little longer. Korgotyo being pressured is worse, suggests he's in danger. If nothing else, we might be able to use our cannon again, railgun version or normal, to provide ranged aid if it is needed.
No. 239597 ID: 45be60

I will accept this. This is better than the pony, and suitably epic. proceed.
No. 239607 ID: c1ef66

Oh, you might want to deactivate the heart now.... and reclaim your rings.
No. 239609 ID: d3dfb8

This, also Oz is probably having the time of his life fighting that dragon.

Don't forget to grab the two blades, those might be precious, we haven't tried to replicate them. Speaking of which, grab the two blades in our and and start production on another two blades to see if they come out as these new ones or as boring old ones.
No. 239612 ID: c1ef66

While flying, gram mundane rings, hold in hand.

Kenectomancy+Magnetomancy+Accelerator throw at the dragon.
No. 239620 ID: 445c48

Send the Wyverns to attack the one going after Oz and Dulu, if Burdko is back yet, get him to run over there and tell Oz and Dulu that the Wyverns are bros, try not to stab them. Then, go help the Ragelut. Has your cannon cooled enough to fire regular rounds? If not, and if Nidhogg could use Arcane Aeromancy without crippling his flight, get him to aeromance the cannon cool. Also , magnetomance your altered blades that you left on the ground to you, and fire off a round of normal blades. If that hasn't killed him, Magnetomance your anchors closer to the other dragon, then jump off, propel yourself at it, and hit it with SGA, your SE, hell maybe try smacking it with your super-hot cannon. Be sure to sing that you're a shooting star leaping through the sky, like a tiger, defying the laws of gravity. That you are a racing car, passing by, and, like Lady Godiva, you're going to go go go, there's no stopping you, you're burning through the sky, two thousand degrees, that's why they call you Mr. Fahrenheit.

Can Nidhogg transform? Are his forms "saved", or is it one after the other, no going back unless you kill and eat it again? Also, we totally need to make this guy a nametag, and light armor. I'm sure Del Rogo will make some great stuff, though we can expect to pay out the eyesockets. Armor would probably be good for Sadronm, maybe.
No. 239631 ID: f4e4f9

If he can't now, it's possible that he can eventually develop the capacity as he grows stronger with experience or bindings.
No. 239641 ID: 9e5b05

Body hopping deep-spawn? Why yes, that is fucking more amazing then a dragon. In a few years, he will go into a cat. And it will be awesome.

Anyway, I'm in favor of going to help Dulu, just so we can impress him and Oz.

And I support this method of asskicking and does anyone know any Queen Songs about dragons?
But, fucking awesomely, I don't think Nidhogg has a form. He takes over bodies, not having one of his own. It's own.
No. 239649 ID: 3e56f0

Oz's and Dulu's problem is a matter of reach, as we saw in Oz's fight with Korgotyo; the two are mainly land-bound fighters, and therefore lack the means to attack the air-borne dragon. Fortunately, we have at least two groups of spawn that can carry, working together maybe, the two to the dragon: Nidhogg's wyverns and Burduko's cloth-wrapped bundles of air. If the two groups of spawn were to provide some sort of ground-to-air transport (e.g. mounts, landing areas for leaps), likely, once the two get on the dragon, the fight would be easily finished.

Korgotyo, on the other hand, has the problem of handling the beast on his own. The dragon is too quick and its attacks too dangerous for Korgotyo to simply kill: perhaps his submission attacks just don't harm the dragon enough to paralyze it long enough for him to pummel the dragon to death, or the dragon is too quick and escapes the chains Korgotyo relies on. In any case, helping Korgotyo, by providing distractions or hurting it enough to kill it ourselves, is probably the best choice.
No. 239652 ID: c1ef66

Ah, well Oz can get them by being creative. All he really needs to do is a few Jade fist techs along with roping it down with his wires.

Maybe a little iron body.

for example, Earth pillar up, iron body, Jade fist-far fist move, rope in, rending strike. i am sure there is an air/wind based fist style around here, he can use that too.

He can have two basic ones from my personal character's repertoire, they should be applicable with any variation of the style.

Tornado fist - A vortex of wind erupts from the attackers fist, slicing and pushing the foe back.

Tornado pillar - The attacker strikes the ground with a variant of tornado fist, causing a wall of spinning air to erupt. This can deflect enemy strikes and launch objects into the air, or suck them in and down, depending on what the user chooses.

Simple, yet effective.
No. 239670 ID: 3e56f0

Yes, but what about poor Dulu? He doesn't have any cool magic tricks.
No. 239671 ID: 445c48

He has his staff, so he's got a bow.
No. 239673 ID: c1ef66

Dulu: "Oz, Hit me"
Oz: "What?"
Dulu: "You heard me, gimme your best shot"
Oz: *shrug* "Ok then"

DULUx10 (or dead)

Too bad they have that pesky language barrier.
No. 239676 ID: 3e56f0

...Oh yeah. And there's always Phohn for the language barrier.
No. 239693 ID: 69bee4

Speaking of Phohn, we probably need to stabilize that situation, else I suspect the Ash Dragon will likely kill Phohn (as we know he was willing to attack the others), take our sword (Bob basically said this was the response if we stayed to help fight dragons), and worst of all be totally rude towards our hosts!

Tell Phohn that we agree to meet the Ash Dragon with Oz as long as hes fine with it, within a couple of hours, under the condition he do nothing to harm our charges, and not inconvenience our hosts further.
No. 239699 ID: a594b9

If we want to speak to Oz we should speak through a Phohn-spawn instead of speaking to his mind again. He didn't seem to appreciate that. Heck, we should do that to pretty much everyone unless it's really necessary/we have permission.
No. 239707 ID: a76809

Before I even make a choice, I deactivate my use of Blood magic and return to Will, even as I slot all six (including the pair I retrieve from the ground) one my left hip holster, preparing the four they displace to be fired as I test whether regenerated blades carry these new enhancements. Likewise, considering how much attention is on me, I'd rather keep the knowledge I can use Blood magic somewhat muted for the time being. With Nidhogg to rely upon, that should not be an issue.

[No going back to past forms. Nidhogg becomes what it eats if it actively chooses so, but once changed cannot undo the change, only get a new form.]
Through Phohn, I tell Oz and Dulu that help is on the way, some thirty-eight spawn the size of wagons coming with the aid of flight, while some twenty (courtesy of Burduko) will be hot on their heels. As I communicate this, I direct the two Deep Spawn in question to do exactly what I just promised, manifesting spawn on demand. While the sudden flock of compact dragonettes wheels off, I direct Nidhogg towards Korgotyo, prioritizing the pressed fighter. Heavy wingbeats that do little to keep us in the air accompany potent Aeromancy and Gravimancy, my own body seeming to weigh but a thousand pounds at the moment. I consider my still glowing and warping barrel, so blindingly hot, and consider Nidhogg's magic. I begin pooling heat via Pyromancy towards the surface, even as I request cold winds to constantly blast past the barrel, to expedite its return to use. Whilst I do this, I use Magetomancy and the Accelerator ability in my Left hand to launch the saw blades at high speed, a vanguard to our coming entry, two slicing into the dragon's scales to some penetration, another deflecting from poor angle and a fourth missing completely, the dragon surprising me with its sinuous and flexible movements. ...Can Nidhogg's body do the same?

Two sets of events begin to transpire concurrently more than a mile apart.

Nidhogg's spawn arrive to the aid of Oz and Dulu, with Burduko's own visible in the distance, while I see Oz experimentally slap Dulu with a hand veiled in fire, and upon witnessing the fire wink out and Dulu sprout an extra pair of arms, he hauls back and delivers a direct uppercut with a smile. On my own end, Korgotyo sees our approach-and stumbles, witnessing the mutated dragon with myself and a Dragon, a known one at that by the look of it, appear from seemingly nowhere. The dragon facing him hisses as it spits forth a glob of acid, howling as it seeks the Rageglut's life.

Nidhogg acts without the need for orders, a strident roar from a larger throat and mouth heralding a blasting typhoon of Aeromancy, spinning and spraying ignited acid that slams into and throws aside the other dragon's assault. As if Korgotyo never existed, the feral dragon's head rises as it now growls at my mount Nidhog, managing quite well under my weight. At this same time Dulu, now a blazing comet of molten metal, eight arms all bearing blades, weapons and torso alike sporting gaping, crazed maws, hurtles towards a now back-pedaling dragon, even as Oz now hitches a ride with some of Nidhogg's spawn.

As the dragon struggles free of Korgotyo's grip with a surge of motion, semi-real strings by the untold millions blossom forth from my compatriot the AxeGod, ensnaring and binding the dragon as the axe's ever-present shifting begins to make it incrementally bigger. In seconds the axe head itself is five feet across, and growing.


Jeagrezweistrik leaps from Nidhogg's back, axe blossoming ever bigger as it keeps reforming, re-crafting itself, the music that always accompanies him reaching a crescendo as his words boom across the sky.


An axe swings, snicker-snack.

There is an absence of sound, a moment of oppressive silence, of total nonsound that stretches into infinity, as the Chaos axe splits the dragon in twain, the flesh that came in contact with the Dragon's axe immediately festering to boils-that rupture into fire, and explosions, chemical warfare at work as Jeagrezweistrik begins descending to the ground atop a curtain of music, throwing out a proclamation of his strength.

"There's no stopping me!
I'll burn through the sky, oh yeah!"

As this happens, I see Dulu's flailing body, a blur of hectic motion slam into the Dragon's belly, threatening to bounce off of the surprisingly resilient scales-but teeth of metal dig in, and the Golemslain begins carving out his own path, as Oz let's go, now right before the dragon's face, right hand drawing back, a ghostly fist seventy feet tall thundering into existence, now soaring forward as a fist flies. Dulu carves out its heart, and Oz crushes its head, the fourth dragon dead just on the heels of the third. Oz gives Dulu a high-five even as he uses his Ghost Hand to catch the falling carcass before it crushes any buildings-or civilians, as Korgotyo simply watches the biological chain reaction ending with the dragon the AxeGod felled... exploding.

All four dragons are dead.

With the threat dealt with and my cannon's barrel half-way cooled, I am made aware of two things:

Korgotyo, Oz, Dulu, everyone's eyes are on me, and the mount I now sit astride. ...I may wish to make a statement, as I see more than one mouth hanging open in total shock. I take it riding dragons is not a common occurrence.

On top of this, I feel a massive soul, one I must assume to be Ash Dragon Jioga, moving steadily towards my location, originating from the Tyotworro estate. Oz and Dulu are already reaching out to be carried by spawn to our side, those carrying the molten Small Tomb hissing but ultimately ignoring the discomfort as their flesh constantly heals the burns they receive.

What should I say or do?
How should I attempt to explain my dragon, Nidhogg, any of it, and should I try to convey anything to the general populace?
What do I plan to do, now that Jioga is finally going to be meeting me, by the look of it in minutes?
No. 239710 ID: a7ffab

"He he,looks like my gamble paid off"?

scrfe it, im goin ta bed
No. 239711 ID: 69bee4

There is only one thing to say

"Another one bites the dust... for I am Indelible Dragon Mordre the Ascendent! Even the dragons of lore bow towards a future prince of the universe!

When we get a chance to loot: Dragon bones would make an excellent source of carbon to reforge our steel with. Collect some skin, because we need to make a kickass cloak for ourselves, and probably one for Lerynt to go with her Yeti skin cap. Get one/some of the Deep spawn on collection and prep of that stuff.
No. 239712 ID: f4e4f9

"Yes, well, something of an idea struck me at the sight of these creatures, and...well...

I wanted one."

"Rather like my other Followers now. Benign, I assure you."

"More to the pressing matters, it seems Ash Dragon Jioga has appropriated the Tyottworro estates and is moving to this location now...if anyone didn't already notice, that is."
No. 239713 ID: f4e4f9

Oh, one more thing to mention:

"I've named him Nidhogg. What do you think?"
No. 239714 ID: d3dfb8

"... What?"
No. 239715 ID: d3dfb8

"Do I have something in my teeth? I have something in my teeth, don't I?"
No. 239716 ID: 9e5b05

"YES! I HAVE A DRAGON!" If possible, get up and start doing a little jig on Nidhogg. "MORDRE THE ASCENDANT HAS ASCENDED!" Rise out fist, and give a whoop!

"Take me to the room where the red's allll red Take me out of my head's what I said yeah!
Hey take me to the room where the green's all green And from what I've seen it's hot it's mean!

And cough, an old man getting his breath back, and point. "Pardon...I am..." Cough, wheezing. "I am on a dragon with the most entertaining warrior I have ever met. but," Deep breath. 'I believe that the Ash Dragon is on his way."

And send a message to Hieryou either via Burduko or via Phohn. Legal action may need to be taken.
No. 239719 ID: f4e4f9

Regarding Jioga: In the presence of both Oz the Breaker, Korgotyo the Chained, AND Ancestral Dragon Jaegrezweistrik The Radical AxeGod, this is pretty much guaranteed to be a nonviolent meeting.

We need to get an idea of Jioga's mannerisms. Simple pleasantries at first. See how he responds. Do not bring up his acts of violence against your followers yet, because all things considered, as was mentioned, Jioga IS a follower of Lubu, and it would probably be best for all involved to keep things as cordial as possible.
No. 239720 ID: 9e5b05

Hm. For some reason, I forgot the link. Fixing that.
No. 239727 ID: 3e56f0

Right, first off, bloodironbloodironbloodiron (aka Magnetomance the dragons' Blood Iron into our maw, unless we want to save some of it for Keddic).
No. 239731 ID: 69bee4

Do not do the speaking to Hieryou via Phohn, either send another deep spawn, or send a spawn of Phonen to speak physically.

Also, total yes to Dragon Blood Iron, if we have time loo from all of the dragons (besides the one we railguned atm, since its a bit too far away). First things first though, showing off, victory cheer and pose!
No. 239732 ID: d3dfb8

Also we need to collect their bones so we can burn them and get carbon to replace the carbom content in our steel.
No. 239735 ID: f4e4f9

Hieryou is currently away with the Ragegluts and other defense forces, I thought. Korgotyo mentioned as much. Even if we could communicate with him without Phohn, i'm not sure he'd be able to come.
No. 239754 ID: 36c283

Oh guys, one thing that I've been thinking about.

Lubu wants Oz as an ally because he is a powerful living legend, right? (and it will help to recruit The Figment ... speaking of which, we should ask Oz what his relation with The Figment is)

Keddics teacher, The Lined One, is also a living legend, right?

So... maybe we will be able to recruit BOTH of them somehow? That would be awesome, no?
I think it would help Lubu a lot and I don't think he would care about the fact that The Lined One (TLO) is accused. In fact, he could help us clear TLOs name.

Maybe we should communicate that to Keddic through Phohn?
No. 239757 ID: 36c283

Oh yeah, act nonchalant about it, as if this is every day occurrence to you...
No. 239767 ID: a594b9

"Oh, pardon me, just harnessing the power of your local wildlife. I must say these dragons are quite impressive. I will enjoy having one serving me."
No. 239837 ID: 96066e

best response.
No. 239902 ID: 445c48

Seconding "...what?"
No. 239920 ID: 445c48

Oh, and if we ever get back to the house, go to the sparring room and eat the deepspawn blood iron.
No. 239926 ID: e5b1bf

Say, can we affect the proto-souls left over from the death of the two dragons? Particularly, I want to take control of and compress the two proto-souls together to gain a stable proto-soul sphere like one of our Deep Spawn eggs. Even if we wont't be able to turn it into one of our Deep Spawn or something, we would have a great deal of proto-soul for our followers (e.g. Bang, Keddic, Heol) to experiment with and study. Perhaps that would allow them to advance their knowledge of how to affect souls, or gain more power from the proto-souls within their bodies.
No. 239932 ID: 36c283

Oh, and while we are at it try to collect blood and bone-marrow too.
No. 239935 ID: 98f885

Now you see the benefit of soul magic... which we don't have by the way.

The reasons we have been able to do anything in this realm at all is due to the deep spawn and P.Souls.
No. 239964 ID: 56dc25

As one speaking to oneself: "And they told me there was nothing that could realistically serve as a mount for a fifteen-foot, eight-ton golem. Take that, naysayers! Ahaha!"

Followed by >>239714.

Move on from there to congratulate your fellow elite defenders of the town on their most excellent job; was any of the civilians hurt? Make sure that our first displayed concern is for the welfare of the people, to improve our image here.

Then mention to Oz that the Ash Dragon is incoming, doubtless with strong feelings regarding ourself, him, and what should be happening here.

If they ask just how you took over the dragon, I am torn between staring at them and saying "Well, why didn't you?" like it's perfectly natural in spite of how insane that is, saying something like "Very carefully," to make it clear that this is our secret, and recommending that they feel for Nidhogg's soul to discover the answer. Actually, any or all of those would work. Just make it clear that Nidhogg is now a person, lest someone attack him.

Whatever is said to the general populace is probably going to shape our legend throughout the Land of Dragons, which will apply the whole belief thing to it and somewhat shape our power's growth in the future. Personally, my belief is that the number of legendary souls that they have in the Land of Dragons is part of a feedback loop, wherein everyone believes that the soul can be honed and become powerful and legendary and therefore it becomes easier to hone one's soul and become powerful and legendary. It's not that it can't be done in other lands, but it's easier in the Land of Dragons because there is the belief of millions helping to push aspirants towards ever greater power and skill. Unfortunately, I am not certain what to say to best take advantage of this; something inspiring about the nature of the soul, reaffirming that we believe in the humanity and power of our creations (and by extension other nonhuman beings such as ourself), might work well.

If the Ash Dragon is no longer at the Tyotworro estate, then nothing is stopping Burduko from retrieving our sword, yes? I suppose that there's no need to do so at this moment- after all, the dragons are dealt with and we have no intention whatsoever of engaging in combat with the Ash Dragon- but if things get rough don't hesitate to call for it.

What we should NOT do is name ourselves a dragon of any stripe. We can reference our planned adjectives, Indelible and Ascendant, but don't claim a rank that we do not possess. Not in the least because that would open us up to attack by anyone at any time, including the Ash Dragon, should no one object to it.
No. 239976 ID: 577290

>belief system causing eaiser growth

do I smell a P.Soul?

Quick, someone predict something.

Hmmm, I believe that as long as we stay here it will be easier for us to become stronger.
No. 239983 ID: 445c48

Well, I predict the longer we stay here the easier it will be for us to get called out as anathema (See Oz's description of us, The Iron Mustache's ability to See, general soul whatsits), and also the longer we stay here the bigger chance we've got of getting our shit kicked in (See Oz, Kyorgto, Dragons [Not dragons]).
No. 239986 ID: 577290

Then learn soul magic dammit. Block our soul from view or some bull.
No. 239990 ID: 903f16

Whatever we do we need to mention our desired tittle of Indelible Dragon Mordre The Ascendant to further ingrain it into the populaces mind, spread it's use, and have this particularly impressive event tied to it.

Also see if you can't ask Korgotyo and Oz if it'd be alright to appropriate at least one of the carcasses for our use. We need the bones to cook up our monster, some blood for Keddic, scale or hide to make a pretty trinket for Lenryt, and also perhaps some hide to make Bang's luchador mask like the one in the discussion thread.
No. 239991 ID: 445c48

Well, we're not too likely to learn that much soul magic in this foray down here. And such hiding might not go well with one who can See, if they ask. But, we've so far not had too much trouble, let us just not give them too much time or cause to really think about it. More Ham, less doubt. Hopefully, Weinsho doesn't receive a... detailed description of us down here. A soul mage, he could probably piece our secret together.
No. 239994 ID: 9338f5

i fully support the "Dont mention being a possible dragon" and "Learn some damn soul magic already" ideas
No. 239998 ID: 445c48

Aha, a scale or hide trinket for Lenryt? A good idea. Perhaps after Jioga leaves we can get Burduko to run it back to the Arcanoworks, grab some rubies, and run it to a town to get someone to make it into something. Also, while he's up there, maybe he can grab us some bloody dosh so we can buy stuff down here.
No. 240007 ID: 5f0943

I agree with this one.
He speaks words that makes sense!
No. 240037 ID: 716eb0

No. 240131 ID: 577290

Simple HAM is the best HAM after all.
No. 240154 ID: e31d52

Speaking frankly, Deep Spawn are seen as Demons in this setting. Not everyone is going to like that we have them... and I really don't think one is going to be able to negotiate sales on his own. That would be something we have to do in 'person'.
No. 240163 ID: 445c48

Demons down here, at least. And I think Burduko was significantly less weird lookin' than the rest. Well, he can give it to a normal guy, then, and have him run it to a big town.
No. 240164 ID: 36c283

Guys, I though of a simple but an effective way of becoming "Indelible".

We should craft a whole bunch of small metal toys of Mordre and give them out to kids. Also craft a dragon which is mountable by toy Mordre. These toys shouldn't be heavy, make them from a light metal (like aluminum or something). Make them with movable parts and stuff (including a small spring based anti-golem cannon).

... Oh also craft Deep Spawn toys.

Could be cool, and people wont forget us ever.
No. 240167 ID: e31d52

Action figures! *squeek squeek*
No. 240169 ID: 36c283


Oh, but make sure they don't have sharp edges and small parts.
We don't want children to become hurt after all.

Maybe craft a stand for Mordre to put him up when not in use and write "Indelible Mordre the Ascendant" on the side of it, so that people don't forget the title...
No. 240172 ID: ce0575

When we get the chance, we should send Burduko running off to the mountains to retrieve the dragon's headless corpse. 

If we make action figures we're going to need a villain for toy-self to face. Who will be our arch-toy nemesis? Core Beings are too scary for children and don't always look the same. We don't know what Weinsho looks like. Perhaps our action-figure villains should be the FUCKING YETIS!!!!!!!!
No. 240174 ID: 9338f5

This could work, but we have to remember Mordre is covered in killy stuff. Any action figure would need to be made child friendly and still look like Mordre, the skull floating in soulfire would be kind of tricky.

This kind of reminds me of the "The Pinky and The Brain" episode where brain trys to use toys with mind control powers to take over the world
No. 240176 ID: a76809
File 128650997842.jpg - (262.97KB , 1280x890 , Land Of Dragons Lubu Protege Ash Dragon Jioga The .jpg )

[I like the way you think.]

I give quick orders to Phohn, a devious plan coming to mind as I slip into my character of Mordre the mage, once more playing up my displayed persona and its previously evidenced quirks, as I look for a way to get through this potentially awkward situation by once more steel and confounding the show.

"And they told me there was nothing, absolutely nothing, That could realistically serve as a mount for a fifteen-foot, Fifteen-ton golem. Take that, naysayers! Ahaha! You know, I must say, I-"

I act as if only now realizing the gaping reaction my cavalier rumination is incurring, pressing on with my absent-minded mage persona.

"....What? -Oh, of course how rude of me: I've named him Nidhogg, what do you think?"

Korgotyo is the first to speak, Jeagrezweistrik taking a moment to simply turn his fingers to his axe in music once more, relishing in the revelry, Oz and Dulu both not quite as accustomed to dealing with the egotistical idiosyncrasies that seem so prevalent among those with great personal power. The Rageglut, nursing a torn and rent shoulder but otherwise largely unharmed, speaks slowly, hesitantly.


I affect genuine confusion, calm and hoping to grasp what is wrong, replying with a simple line.

"...Well, why didn't you?"

Again a stunned silence to my words, as Phohn, now having finished asking each individual listener, and everyone who witnessed the dragon incursion in general, if they would like to hear a message, without me having to yell so loud those nearest me are permanently deafened. The message is as follows, and is accepted, I am told, by every single person asked:

I wish to make an Indelible mark in each of your minds,
As through my aid, dragons were slain, the town spared ruin.
I introduce myself as Mordre, a mage in the far north lands,
Acting through this form, the golem you see here before you,
I hope to bring a wave, Ascendantly positive in focus and nature,
And so I ask that you recall my
Name, as I intend further greatness,
In this splendid Land of Dragons.

Even filtered through Phohn, I can feel the swell of responding souls, as my grandstanding, happening completely outside of the knowledge of those directly about me, flits into the minds of tens of thousands, as I plan for the future, now suspecting the title of Dragon to bring literal power, the belief in these lands of Dragon's strength so pervasive as to empower those tapping it. As such, I now hunger to taste this new source of power, to bind myself to this pool of belief, and turn it to my uses. The response my conveyed words incurred is thoroughly gratifying.

And all this happened without me having to do anything, a backdrop to my conversation with Oz, Jeagrezweistrik, Dulu and Korgotyo, now resuming as the Breaker himself finally speaks.

"...We did ask first, so come on, just answer the guy, will ya?"
"I made Nidhogg.... very carefully."
"..Ah, okay, so this is a thing you can do, then?"
"Surely you can feel the soul yourself, Need you any further proof than that?"
"...Really gotta say, I don't know if I can even handle the amount of crazy around you. Makin' demons that are actually great guys in general, controlling what sure as hell feels like an Ancestral Tomb, got that crazy as cannon, stirring trouble with Dragons-"
"Oh yes, I really must mention: Ash Dragon Jioga is on his way right here, And should be here any minute now. Thought I should mention that."

[+17 HAM points, modified for importance of moment. New Total: 096 Next Bonus: 100]

Expansive, muscled and scarred shoulders, skin melding to metal and rolling as Oz seems to give up, and give the world the universal gesture for mentally reaching the conclusion of: 'meh'. Now seemingly resigned to bemused expectation, The Left Handed God of the Fist simply turns to wait, swiveling about before orienting on Jioga's incoming soul. Korgotyo seems to struggle with my flippant disregard for gravity for longer, before a roar from above draws attention, a heretofore unseen fifth dragon, having taken a long, arcing climb to great heights, now dives like an olive fist of vengeance, plummeting towards a section of town away from all of us. Even astride the still-hovering Nidhogg, considering its speed and distance, I cannot reach it.

Yet when I see a gray blur swipe up from the ground, I feel only trepidation as a simple sword, no longer than four fleet flashes out, and the dragon falls to pieces, sliced a thousandfold, finely diced gobbets falling to the ground-

As the recipient of the welling soul stands before me, Ash Dragon Jioga sheathing a simple looking sword at his side-holding the massive cleaver that is the Edge of Oblivion in his off hand, addressing the gaping civilians around him and our own group all at the same time.

>[Jioga]"I am Ash Dragon Jioga the Arbiter, and I am here to both bring the glory of the new High Dragon Lubu, to show the wonder his rule can bring, as well as to proudly extend an offer of kinship to Oz the Breaker, the Left Handed God of the Fist, who-"
[Oz]"Right, you can piss off you pompous grand-stander, you just killed a dragon, hell Mordre here slew one and conquered another, he ain't even a Dragon!"

At this remark, I see Jeagrezweistrik's fingers, dancing on his axes semi-real threads, twitch and flutter, before Oz goes on.

"He's been a great host, a good traveling partner, and as I understand it, you'd be asking me to ditch than and come with you, is that right?"

Clearly not expecting the welcome he's getting, and casting a suspiciously bland look my way, Jioga continue after only a momentary pause.

>"...Of course not. You and your... friend, all can come with me to meet the High Dragon! I have hundreds with me here, I am certain we can accommodate you all in opulence."

A retort Oz does not seem all that aversive to.

What should I say or do?
[And exactly how do you guys propose the Deep Spawn harvest blood, or not look scary as fuck harvesting bone? Just asking.]
No. 240177 ID: 3e56f0

...I suppose that would be a way to get people to remember us, but... how is that "Ascendant"? Or playing with the double meanings of "Indelible"?

...You know... Hmm... Remember those ideas back like near the beginning of the first discussion thread? Where ideas for how to establish long-distance communication were thrown around? And Bob said that if we were to construct life-sized models of our head and place them over Leylines, we could create a communication network? Well, if we are going to make models of us, can't we co-opt that idea to spread a communication/spy network? We need to eat some runecrafters or get Arkus/other runecrafters to actually realize the concept, but having a spy network made of innocuous toys scattered everywhere-

Actually, I don't really know what that would do, I am too distracted right now, but I certainly like the idea.
No. 240179 ID: 445c48

I'm not quite sure action figures convey the right... image for a Dragon. Not, at least, with the title we've picked. First off, kinda silly, not too great for someone that's supposed to be a military leader and such. Second, kids always break or lose their toys. Hardly indelible!
No. 240183 ID: 36c283

Well, Bob also said that it was a great way to take over our mind if one knew what he was doing...
No. 240184 ID: e31d52

"You have nigh crippled two friends of mine.

"You have attempted, and failed, rather spectacularily to grandstand me just now.

"You have hounded me, prevented me from accessing my own equipment, and been nothing, nothing, but a thorn in my side, Ash Dragon! You have acted in illegality against me! No! I will not follow you. To merely walk the same path as you is an insult!"
No. 240185 ID: 577290

Jeagrezweistrik is slightly confused, maybe a bit pissed.
No. 240187 ID: 577290

He, no worries bro. I think we have left enough of an impression on Oz that no matter the outcome he will put in a good word for us with Lubu... but just in case.

Screw it, come up with that response later.

Ask him for your weapon back and what happened to the one repairing it.
No. 240190 ID: 36c283

Nah, I think we should be as amiable as possible towards Jioga

But while talking to him we should discreetly hint that what he did was several counts of illegal and we can file a formal complaint if we must.
No. 240191 ID: 445c48

>[And exactly how do you guys propose the Deep Spawn harvest blood, or not look scary as fuck harvesting bone? Just asking.]

A good point. I suggest the big tough spawn try and lift/drag the corpse a good way away from town before doing anything special with it, maybe with Nidhogg helping with gravimancy.

I think this is what's known as "Cruising for a bruising". Oz can get away with it, he's the Left Handed God of the Fist after all, but we... We're not that strong. We've got to wrap up our insults words in diplomacy.

Also, after you say something, the wording of which I'll either leave to better wordsmiths than I or stumble in drunkenly at 3 AM and plop something down myself, ask for your sword back.

I think they all came with us. Right? I think so. Only one I wasn't sure about was Vel, and I just checked that.
No. 240195 ID: f4e4f9

"Well, now, all things considered, I hardly think there's any current need for hostility. Dragon Jioga, I do believe this is the first time we've truly met...well, so to speak. Golem and all that.

Before anything else is said, though, I'd like to thank you for the assistance. Had you not intervened, I'd hate to think what that dragon would have done. Honestly, they may lack higher thought, but that was an interesting bit of cunning it showed. Additionally, I see you've retrieved my blade."

Concurrent with this, direct the following to Jioga mentally via Phohn:

Well met, indeed. You must understand my worry for the residents. My follower informed me that he was threatened under pain of death when approaching the estates to retrieve my blade.

I trust, as would-be allies under forced competition, we can still be civil.

No. 240198 ID: f4e4f9

DO not, DO NOT, mention his illegal acts against us. That is to be worked out PRIVATELY.

Jioga is one of Lubu's most trusted allies and advisors. It will not be good for us to destroy his reputation unnecessarily.
No. 240201 ID: 9e5b05

Because MIGHTY MAGE MORDRE AND HIS MANY ALLIES© will fight day and night against the evil forces of WILY WEINSHO© where ever there's trouble!! MIGHTY MAGE MORDRE© along with EL BANG©, LION-MAN KEDDIC©, THE EVERLEARNING ARKUS© AND THE PRIMAL TWINS© will defeat any foe, from the evil BARON VON BELLY©, THE TROLL-YETI©, or BLOODYBUTCHER© in their effort to Protect the World!!!!


"Nidhogg, girl, down," And pat our new Deep Spawn's head as it hopefully circles lower to the ground. 'Dust' ourselves off and focus our magnetomancy to pop out any dings and look the most regal we possibly can. Walk forward and bow before we stand and remove OUR sword from his hand, as gently as we can with a nod. "Thank you for my sword back, I did wish it during the battle but I see it was not needed." Pause, as if to consider his words "Very well! We shall ready ourselves and leave in the morn. I believe I still have a few orders of business to do and of course we must stock up on food, wine, and combat before we leave! As we are both journeying to the same place, I see no reason to pass this hospitality. Ah, but I warn you, if this is some sort of trickery to gain Lubu's favor, I will be cross and will be forced to use legal action." Turn and put our giant sword onto its holster. "Now! Organ Harvesting!" March toward the fallen dragons. "yes, yes, some bile, I think, a heart of course...Now, what did that spell require? Liver! Yes, that's it! Oh! Yes, gentleman!" Stand up, turning, covered in blood. "How does dragon cook?"
No. 240202 ID: 445c48

Agreed. I think, though, that we should perhaps vaguely hint at them, and get Vandgurd and Zelgoto to lumber into view, if they're not already. Perhaps something about overhearing of some trouble on the road? I don't know I need to sleep.

I do not believe using Phohn's mental communication abilities would be a good idea, personally. At least not this early in the proceedings.

I do like the "I see you've retrieved my sword" bit though.
No. 240204 ID: 69bee4

nah, I consider it very unlikely that Jioga would take the extremely direct path with us. Keep in mind, we have a dragon on our side (at least for the moment, hes probably more neutral), a living legend off Dragon fighting levels against being taken, and we just looked like insane heros. All things considered, fighting us would probably end up with his army basically dead, and looking horrible.

Mentally command the deep spawn to collect the closer dragon corpses and drag them out of sight/town. Then begin collection of parts such as skin and bone... alternatively, we could first ignore the situation at hand, and begin absorbing dragon blood. To continue Acting like this is no big deal, we just kinda go "Ah, shame Oz dosen't wanna join you, now excuse me, I have a kickass dragon to ride".
No. 240205 ID: 9e5b05

Oh yes, good point.

"Not a Dragon Yet, Oz. I am a spry man in his mid," coughsplutternotthatold,darnit. "And I still have my youth and good looks on my - I CAN HEAR YOU GIGGLING AT THE DOOR, YOUNG LADY! I AM NOT OLD! A MAN PAST SEVENTY IS NOT OLD!"

Note: Edit this when someone finds that master-copy of the backstory we wrote up when we were on Magicless-Island.
No. 240208 ID: f4e4f9


Vandgurd and Zelgoto being in view should be MORE than sufficient insinuation that we know what he did. Perhaps match their arrival with a Phohn-call to Jioga saying something like:

Yes, I know, Dragon Jioga. I do not intend to publicly say anything, but for fear that your actions indicated an attempt to do me or my disciples further harm, I HAVE taken precautions regarding the legality of your acts.

Know that if possible, I would like to keep it out of the public eye, as I am given to understand that you are a loyal follower of Lubu, and I would not want to deprive him of a potent ally in these turbulent times.

This I swear.

No. 240211 ID: e31d52

>"Now! Organ Harvesting!"

I giggled.
No. 240212 ID: 46c430

Honestly, I'm tempted to suggest we simply go along with this, and head back to Lubu. We can have it out with the Ash Dragon over his attacking our friends in front of him and in private.

This on the whole seems like a rather good idea, though minus the public organ harvesting, as it comes across as very, very callous and rather horrifying on the whole. Though, perhaps we may ask about what's to be done with the corpses.

...Last but not least, if there really is a crying girl like in the pic, can we try comforting her or something?
No. 240217 ID: 9e5b05

Well, we are an old Mage. I mean harvesting that fiddly bit at the back of the head, and those little wee pulsing organs under the stomach is practically our job. But yes, if that horrifies anyone, we should stop.
No. 240220 ID: a69afd

Begin harvesting the dragon remains. Anyone says anything about it: "Waste not, want not. I am a guest here, and would be positively rude of me if I didn't clean up after myself."

To Jioga: So, I imagine being Fierce Dragon Lubu's right hand man is all work and no play- Would you attend us this evening? The Dragons are slain, the citizens are safe, we must celebrate! This is a perfect chance for us to get to know each other, don't you agree?
No. 240222 ID: 56dc25

I think a delicate, off-putting touch is needed here. Whatever we say must attempt to accomplish the following:
-Don't give the Ash Dragon an excuse to attack us.
-Get our sword back.
-Keep our reputation intact, particularly with Oz
-Get Oz to remain with us, as opposed to leaving with the Ash Dragon

Given that, perhaps this. It's talkative, but we have established our persona as quite loquacious- and beyond that, inclined to approach problems from a somewhat circuitous diplomatic route. Our entire adventure with Oz has been one, after all.

"Oz, if I may?" Address Ash Dragon. "Perhaps a moment for our own introductions, before we move on to business. Forgive me if they are unnecessary. You know Oz the Breaker, of course, but perhaps you have yet to meet Korgotyo the Chained, Ancestral Dragon Jaegrezweistrik, or Dulu Thrice-Golem; valiant and capable fellows all. My newest creation here is Nidhogg, and I myself am Mordre, as you have doubtless determined through my description. I do appreciate your being thoughtful enough to bring me my sword; few would be so kind to one set against them in a contest like Lubu's."

At this point he will either claim the sword as his, at which point we will question why he was so rude as to take it from the peaceful home of our honored hosts in this town, or hand it over. Preferably the latter. We can retrieve it in some suitably impressively magical fashion if he does.

Moving on from there. "As for your invitation, I would point out that if Oz does feel like meeting Lubu, my offer stands as well as yours, and transport on dragonback is likely to be a far more entertaining experience than the offered opulence. Though I daresay that I can likely accommodate a few less people."

Things we should NOT do:
-Threaten the Ash Dragon with legal action when things have not yet turned particularly hostile.
-Use any sort of secret communication with him, since we know that Oz hates secrecy and deception, so his breaking that open would lose us major points.
-Act crazy and declare it organ harvesting time (awesome, but no). Whatever Oz decides, we'll have a little more time in town since his apprentice isn't with us and there's likely reconstruction to be done.
No. 240223 ID: 0cfe8b

The only way to really take the organs and bones is if you had a good reason to remove them. Could we offer to cook some dragon steaks then run off with the rest of it somehow.
No. 240225 ID: 3e56f0

Maybe we shouldn't bring up our quest to become a Dragon? We don't exactly match his definition of a Dragon that he hates, but the characteristic pervasive and common to Dragons that Oz does hate, and extends that hatred to the person, well, we did exhibit that characteristic when we did our HAM routine. Best not to aggravate him, I think, if we would.

Also, let's get Mury, or his spawn if he's busy with more serious injuries and Korgotyo isn't regenerating/regenerating as fast as a spawn, on healing Korgotyo. Also, thank him for informing us that Nidhogg's dragon is female, and ask how he can tell.

And this is probably paranoia talking but: on the Athelens thing, is the perpetrator behind all that a Fragment of the Caged One? The one we found at the beginning of the quest wanted to possess a body, though it seemed to be unable to possess an ensouled body (quite like Nidhogg, now that I think of it), and it seemed like it could. So, what if a fragment did do what the one from the beginning couldn't: possess a non-souled body? Leylines seem to be governing the health and life of the planet (since they are the blood vessels of the Caged One, who is the soul of the planet, and blood seems to represent life in the cosmology of magic in this setting. ...If World Magic is the blood of the Caged One, what's the WBC analogue?) and if they are weakened or destroyed in an area, the health and life of those who live there suffers (see: the Curse, the description of Necronostrium's ability to reject the power of Leylines in wounds to cause agony and mutation). Since a Fragment of the Caged One is still the Caged One, even only a small part, it follows that a Fragment could manipulate the Leylines in an area to cause the health of the plants in that area to suffer, reducing harvest and producing the crop yields reduction the Secret Bonus revealed. If a fragment did cause that, it would explain why the religion was so quickly adopted; the fragment managed to dominate the upper echelons of the nation into converting to the New World Order. (Kinda like True Edge's influence over Lorgk, though since True Edge wasn't even that powerful enough to completely dominate Lorgk, and -wait. Lorgk's soul was powerful enough to be considered a Heroic Soul, which let him resist True Edge for a time. The leaders of Athelens, being primarily a crop-growing country, probably didn't have Heroic Souls, allowing the Fragment to easily dominate them, especially if it weakened the Leylines by absorbing the World Magic contained inside them, drawing more of the Caged One out and empowering itself.) With its success in converting Athelens into empowering the Caged One, it probably would try the process again, likely with Castiliathen since the country would likely go to war, being a war-happy state (or at least that is my impression of the country), and deplete itself of mortals, weakening the System (perhaps because it removes World Mages, who act as a secondary/tertiary drain on Leylines, draining the Caged One of a little of its power every time they tap directly into a Leyline?), allowing further weakening that the Fragment can exploit to plunge people into a state where they would happily/desperately convert to the New World Order. I really hope that is just paranoia talking...
No. 240227 ID: f4e4f9

When did we act holier-than-thou or claim undue credit?
No. 240233 ID: ddd48d
File 128652177849.jpg - (158.79KB , 1354x1296 , IMG_0629.jpg )

after whatever discussion we have we could add
"well it seems we have a long night of discussing ahead of us. I must ask though, what of the corpses? Are they...edible?" this would work well with >>240220 's idea to party, and we can harvest certain parts by putting them into 'waste' piles.


also silly, but :D. although the little part aimed at our 'maid' would have to be in Northern, unless she is the one that speaks Low?

i agree wholeheartedly.

using transport by dragon as a bargaining chip is a good idea in my book. a silly picture for you my good sir (yes i know the dragon is too small)
No. 240235 ID: e31d52

By the way, an idea for a Deep Spawn just came to me.

Fortgon embodies the concept of RETRIEVAL, manifesting in STORAGE and SPACE.

Not only are his spawn handy-dandy living bags of holding, he himself eats our enemies, stores them, then spits them out where we can conveniently kill them and eat their souls!
No. 240244 ID: 0bd394

Nthing disarming Jioga with courtesy.

Greet him, perform introductions, thank him for his assistance in defending the town and retrieving your sword.
And, as he has only just arrived, he simply must stick around and celebrate victory over the marauding wildlife. Mordre would be only too happy to start frying up dragon burgers for everyone.
...Unless, of course, the town's accommodations are not good enough for him?
No. 240249 ID: d3dfb8

Can we please nickname Nidhogg Puff the Magic Dragon?

We can hum the song while flying :D
No. 240286 ID: 9e5b05

"What do you mean you understood what I said? I...Oh, Damn this autotranslater! DAMN MY WISDOM!"
No. 240295 ID: 2a3bc5

There's no need to go confrontational. Jioga is obviously trying to be smooth here so just take the lead and keep things rolling the Mordre way.

Ask if lizard dragons are edible. Whether or not they are suggest that you have a quick dinner buffet. Maybe Jioga can show some of that opulence and pay for drinks and condiments? Definitely call dibs on the body of the dragon you killed with the headshot and ask if you can loot the other ones or if they should go to the town to cover repair costs. If the Deepspawn can procure some large sheets of cloth from the town merchants then they could hang up some cloth curtains on wooden poles around the dead dragons while they disassemble them. A simple, yet effective means of keeping people from seeing bodies getting ripped apart.

State that going to see the High Dragon Lubu is a great idea and now that you've acquired a suitable means of transport everyone important could get on Nidhogg and Nidhogg's dragonettes and fly to Lubu's place. Try to leave Jioga behind in a subtle manner.

A storage Deepspawn is a good idea, but give it an ability with simultaneous combat use. Perhaps focus it around something with lethal applications? Like folding/warping space a bit like Senth or compression so it can compress tons of water, air or soil into a little ball and then have it explosively decompress...
No. 240296 ID: 36c283

>Perhaps focus it around something with lethal applications? Like folding/warping space a bit like Senth or compression so it can compress tons of water, air or soil into a little ball and then have it explosively decompress...
Besides that, have him be able to open rifts so that he can offensively "drop" stuff which was stored before.
>Open rifts
>Suddenly anti-golem rounds, anti-golem rounds poring from the sky everywhere.

Also, the stuff that he stores should go into stasis mode. We could put in some food and take it out half a year later without worrying that it got spoiled. Hell, we could put bodies in our pocket dimensions.... I wonder if we could hold live people too...
No. 240298 ID: 5f0943

"Ash Dragon Jioga, I would presume, given your introduction? I am the mage 'Mordre', you may or may not have heard of me. And... is that my sword you are carrying around there? I really hope you are not planing on keeping it, I'd rather not loose something that is so rare as it is.
But on to the case, you and I technically seem to share the same goal, though I am slightly shocked that you seem to think that a man like Oz would be swayed by grand words and promises of luxury."

And that's mostly all I have to contribute.
Also, let's not do the 'illegal action claim' thing right now, but keep it as an ace in the hole should Jioga go hostile on us.

I'd rather not that happen though, seeing that Jioga is one of Lubu's prime supporters, and a powerful one at that.
If a push came to a shove, we could PROBABLY take him on if we use Immortal Genocide like a boss, because otherwise we are screwed.

I also support not making secret conversations with Jioga over the Phohn, cuz Oz no liek secrecy.