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File 12852818018.png - (73.83KB , 600x450 , Title.png )
233213 No. 233213 ID: 6547ec

It's a deep, dark place; and nothing's actually moving at all.
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No. 233214 ID: 6547ec
File 128528181313.png - (7.90KB , 600x450 , 1.png )

I suddenly awake completely drenched in water, snapping upright as the world floods in around me. Literally!

I try to call out.
"What? Hello?"
No. 233215 ID: 6547ec
File 128528182597.png - (9.31KB , 600x450 , 2.png )


...Oh. There's an oxygen mask over my face, and tubes in my arms and legs apparently.

What should I do?
No. 233216 ID: 1578e2

Just float there.
No. 233217 ID: 4531bc

Yeah. Be chill.
No. 233218 ID: a594b9

Examine surroundings.
No. 233221 ID: 2563d4

The only safe course of action is to stay in the tube---er, lake---so do that.
No. 233222 ID: dad664

Perform the dance of your people.
No. 233223 ID: 4531bc

Lean back?
No. 233227 ID: d677cc

Hang out.
No. 233228 ID: 7b3841

check memory
No. 233230 ID: 034ee2

No. 233231 ID: f57857

Chillax you little tozol dude thing, just think of three little birds and they're like "this is my message to you-hoo-hoo~"
No. 233232 ID: c6fa0a


Use Majicka to escape!

Wait, you mean you don't have any? Shit, wrong dimension. :<

Uh, attempt to remember who and what we are, I guess. And see if there's anything else in the water with us. And some obvious way out or something.
No. 233236 ID: 4531bc

The best way to remember things is to chill and be cool.
No. 233239 ID: a09a03

Take no shit! Punch your way out!
No. 233240 ID: 6547ec
File 128528978024.png - (8.79KB , 600x450 , 3.png )

I lean back and do the dance of my people. This makes me feel a little better.

Wait. My people?

I try to remember what happened before I woke up, but I can't remember anything! I suppose that's bad, yes?
No. 233241 ID: 6547ec
File 128528979983.png - (4.91KB , 600x450 , 4.png )

The container appears to be made of... I don't know. Hard stuff, probably. There's seams. Might be a door? I bet it's really tough and would take at least 22 updates to open.
No. 233242 ID: 6547ec

[I forgot to refresh before updating sorry D:]
No. 233243 ID: dad664

Locate the plot-convenient emergency release button.
No. 233244 ID: 13e9fd

punch it right on the gap.
No. 233245 ID: 6547ec
File 128529011328.png - (9.13KB , 600x450 , 5.png )

I-I can't remember. I feel like my entire creation was a horrible mistake, though!
No. 233246 ID: bfa68f


Seems very spacious. Is there anyhting else in the tube besides you and tubes?
No. 233247 ID: 3dc91f

Can you rock back and forth to make the container fall to its side?
No. 233248 ID: d677cc

Yes, do this.
No. 233249 ID: a594b9

Investigate slot. On the door, not on you.
No. 233252 ID: a09a03

Peel away layers of the inside of the tank next to the door and start removing parts until it falls open from water pressure.
No. 233253 ID: 4531bc

Lean back.
Lean forward.

Break it down.
Yeah, baby. Here we go.
We're gonna bust outa this container real smooth-like. The world best be watchin out.
No. 233254 ID: 4531bc

Wait. On second thought, you have a good point.

Then again, if the water pressure can crush the container, what's not to say that it can also crush you?
No. 233259 ID: 2563d4

Knock politely on the door.
No. 233260 ID: 13e9fd

INTERNAL water pressure.
No. 233262 ID: 3dc91f

There's no way the water pressure in the tank is that big.
No. 233268 ID: a09a03

Tube that size probably has a few thousand pounds of liquid.
No. 233271 ID: 3dc91f

Water pressure isn't about quantity but about height. I don't think the tube is several meter high.
No. 233281 ID: fd6d7e

Check the door for gears.
No. 233305 ID: ff0a7c

Piss in the tank, that should give you enough motivation to want out.
No. 233316 ID: 4531bc

No. 233318 ID: 6547ec

Affix the mask to the window, flooding the outside with air! They will have no choice but to let you out before they all drown!
No. 233327 ID: a09a03

Make the northern sergal pose and explode out of the tank.
No. 233334 ID: 649123


No. 233339 ID: 6a17b0

>You're stuck in a box
No. 233370 ID: 6547ec
File 128530791634.png - (14.16KB , 600x450 , 6.png )

I get myself situated as best I can, and I begin trying to rock the tank. I hope nobody comes knocking.
No. 233371 ID: 6547ec
File 128530792735.png - (22.90KB , 600x450 , 7.png )

I think it's working! I must be strong...
No. 233372 ID: 6547ec
File 128530794799.png - (21.77KB , 600x450 , 8.png )

No. 233373 ID: 6547ec
File 128530796386.png - (31.82KB , 600x450 , 9.png )

No. 233375 ID: 6547ec
File 128530797681.png - (176.94KB , 600x450 , 10.png )

Very strong!
No. 233376 ID: 6547ec
File 128530798651.png - (37.37KB , 600x250 , 11.png )

No. 233377 ID: 4531bc

No. 233379 ID: 6547ec

Go get some venjience on the jerks who put you in a tube.
No. 233389 ID: 96f818
File 128530903939.jpg - (21.87KB , 310x331 , kool-aid-man.jpg )

No. 233391 ID: a09a03

Shit yeah.

Hey, what are you, anyway.

Also, examine boobs.
No. 233459 ID: 2563d4

Lick the terminals of the giant 9V battery.
No. 233478 ID: 5a2e05

Fuck yes you showed that tube who's the boss here.
No. 233484 ID: f52552

No. 233496 ID: 6547ec
File 128535474479.png - (30.70KB , 600x450 , 12.png )

...It would have been so cool if that had actually happened!

It turns out I was able to just push the door open.
No. 233497 ID: 6547ec
File 12853547751.png - (18.71KB , 600x450 , 13.png )

I'm not quite sure what I am. Closer inspection makes me aware that I'm female. I guess that's something, right? I feel a little tired.

They're kind of small and squishy. They make me feel a little uneasy, almost as if someone regrets designing me with them.
No. 233498 ID: 6547ec

It tastes like metal!

There is a faint luminescent mist providing a small amount of light to the area, but it's quite dim. My eyes seem well suited to low light environments and I can see a huge lake, and a cave leading further in (or out?).
No. 233499 ID: 6547ec
File 128535481160.png - (13.78KB , 600x450 , 14.png )

(this image is supposed to go there)
No. 233502 ID: a09a03

You are a robot. Recharge yourself.
No. 233505 ID: c19a1d

Rip open the battery and drink its delicious insides!
No. 233506 ID: c71597

Bite delicious cables. There shouldn't be enough power to zap you.
No. 233508 ID: 7bcfd1

Are there any ways out of the cave? Is anything in the room except your metal prison?
No. 233511 ID: 4531bc

...that's acid paste.
No. 233524 ID: 2563d4

Your tongue isn't long enough to bridge across both terminals? Shame. Pick it up and put it in your inventory instead.

(My, you sure are embracing that battery. :3 )
No. 233525 ID: 6547ec
File 128536092231.png - (90.76KB , 600x450 , 15.png )

I bite down on the cables!

Aeeeeuuh this feeeels weeeiirrrd

Isn't it just a 9 volt battery!?
No. 233526 ID: 6547ec
File 128536094974.png - (144.03KB , 600x450 , 16.png )

I want to let go, but I can't!

I feel

so much power

coursing through me!

it feels...

...so good...
No. 233527 ID: 6547ec
File 12853609614.png - (35.69KB , 600x450 , 17.png )

In the next moment, I find myself laying on the floor in a compromising position that would no doubt get a lot of people typing strange emotes like 'colon-three-cee.'

What... just happened? It looks like the battery exploded.

I see a path leading further into the cave. I would go explore it, but I'm kind of attached to the capsule.

I feel a little sore, but less tired. A little stronger, perhaps.
No. 233529 ID: 6547ec

Stop takin' shit from that capsule. It can't control you! EAT THE CABLES. ALL OF THEM.
No. 233530 ID: c19a1d

Friend Battery! Noooooooo! His death shall be avenged!

Start avenging by biting the FUCK out of everything.
No. 233531 ID: 2563d4

Bite cables at the capsule end. Wrap the lengths around your forearms for impromptu fashionable accessories. Also because things that work as ropes are useful inventory items.
No. 233532 ID: 6376d3

Just rip out the cables.
No. 233533 ID: fd6d7e

The capsule is a cylinder. You don't have to leave it behind. Roll it in front of you!
No. 233539 ID: 0b2a05

Venji: Continue to be adorable and take a look around.
No. 233540 ID: a594b9

Remove tubes from arm.
No. 233547 ID: c71597

You seem to be a bit strange when you get electricity.

But go and wash up in the water and consider your options.
No. 233560 ID: f57857

you little tease, you did that on purpose

Licking batteries probably isn't doing you any good. It didn't do me any good either, i used to do it a lot as a kid and i was fine until i decided to bite down on one, HARD, because the midsection felt very chewy, and hoooboy you won't believe the faces of the guys at the ER that day

BUT ANYWAY, there is a passage behind you with an imposing arrow directed toward it; therefore you must go there. Or stick your head in the lake before we check out the passage. Adventure ho!
No. 233567 ID: 2563d4

>Or stick your head in the lake before we check out the passage.
inb4 electric eel bites us on the nose and it feels good
No. 233575 ID: f57857

Shhh, he isn't supposed to know about the LSD fish yet.
No. 233591 ID: 5a2e05


That is all.
No. 233597 ID: 26b05b

obviously you are sore because you got the energy the wrong way. we'll try different absorption method next battery.
No. 233599 ID: e40e60

Rip those things out. If any of them seem to be electrical cables eat them.
No. 233602 ID: 6547ec
File 128537808529.png - (11.24KB , 600x450 , 18.png )

I remove the cables from my arms and begin eating them. It's kind of tasty, in a weird sort of way.

My arm bleeds a little, but my wounds seem to feel better as I chow down.

Num num num~
No. 233603 ID: 6547ec
File 128537809736.png - (13.76KB , 600x450 , 19.png )

Aw gee, if someone saw me pigging out like this they'd probably start calling me fat.

If we find another battery, I'm all ears!

No. 233604 ID: 6547ec
File 128537811219.png - (41.86KB , 600x450 , 20.png )

I peer under the pond.

Looks like there's a crude imitation of someone else's background here.
No. 233605 ID: a594b9


pull dat chain.
No. 233607 ID: 6547ec

>My arm bleeds a little, but my wounds seem to feel better as I chow down.


Try eating one of your own tails.
No. 233608 ID: 82238c

... yeah no. let's just get dat chain. but first check chest wound.
No. 233609 ID: fd6d7e

Where did that scar on your chest come from?
No. 233617 ID: b5af8d

Are you suggesting... INFINITE ENERGY/MASS?
No. 233633 ID: b9bd4f

Survey and examine the general area as you eat.
No. 233699 ID: 96f818

Nay, lets not pull on that chain, it is completely uninteresting. Lets ignore it and head straight into the tunnel
and thereby creating a time paradox! Plus, I want to see slink's interpretation.
No. 233721 ID: 2563d4

No. 233722 ID: c71597

Delicious chains, you must pull them!
No. 233899 ID: 6547ec
File 128546503932.png - (22.62KB , 600x450 , 21.png )

What-- was this here before? Did it appear after I bit down on the battery's cables?

Now my chest makes me feel even more uneasy.
No. 233900 ID: 6547ec
File 128546505476.png - (18.48KB , 600x450 , 22.png )

Ow! That hurt a lot!

It doesn't taste very good, either.

There doesn't seem to be much here, aside from an increasingly obvious way out of here.

It takes a moment, but my tail manages to heal itself and grow back. I don't feel any stronger or different though. I don't think eating my tails will do anything other than hurt a lot.
No. 233901 ID: 6547ec
File 128546506852.png - (45.93KB , 600x450 , 23.png )

It has a lot more slack than I thought at first.

Oh man this is going to be so delicious.
No. 233902 ID: 6547ec
File 12854650795.png - (46.50KB , 600x450 , 24.png )

No. 233903 ID: 6547ec
File 128546508912.png - (7.70KB , 600x450 , 25.png )

No. 233912 ID: a09a03

Capture the thingy.
No. 233913 ID: 0e8759

Pat its head.
No. 233917 ID: b18ccb

Punch snout to establish dominance.
Ask [UNKNOWN] what the hell is it.
No. 233920 ID: 52c44b


This thing obviously finds you attractive. I think it wants to mate.

Make out with it, and attempt to determine its gender via standard fondling procedures.
No. 233922 ID: d677cc

Hug it!
No. 233955 ID: 6547ec

But... how does it TASTE?
No. 233960 ID: dad664

No. 233972 ID: f57857

Dreamworm cooties!

But... tickle it's gills anyway.
No. 233979 ID: a594b9

Pet it!
No. 234024 ID: b5af8d

Eat it.

No. 234117 ID: c71597

Delicious fish thing to go with delicious chain. Drag it up on land and prepare for some extreme sushi.
No. 234119 ID: f0266b

Well what are you, some cold-hearted bitch? Kiss it back.
No. 234125 ID: 609518

Take it to the surface. Tell it you just want to be friends.

Make sure step 1 is complete before moving to step 2 so you don't drown like a dummy.
No. 234133 ID: 9bd27f


No. 234137 ID: 6547ec
File 128550873484.png - (14.05KB , 600x450 , 26.png )

I gently pat it. Is it purring? Hard to tell underwater, but it seems happy.

Aww, I don't want to eat it. It's too cute!
No. 234138 ID: 6547ec
File 12855087481.png - (12.06KB , 600x450 , 27.png )

Are you seriously trying to get me to make out with a fish? Eating my own tail was one thing but I draw the line at fishy romance.

I don't know how to check a fish's gender, anyway.

No. 234139 ID: 6547ec
File 128550876231.png - (19.80KB , 600x450 , 28.png )

I head to the surface. I...don't think the fish-guy can survive out of water. It looks at me expectantly. The thought of leaving it makes me kind of sad, but I need to find a way out of here. There might be answers out there as to who-- or what-- I am.
No. 234140 ID: 6547ec
File 128550880924.png - (12.60KB , 600x450 , 29.png )

I chow down on the chain. DELICIOUS!

I think I'm becoming aware of my microbiology. Or at least my normal biology. Maybe I can improve one of my abilities?


I'm not quite sure why the last one's there. I think someone should stop trying to deny they're a pervert.

I can only improve one of them until I get hungry enough to eat again. I wonder which one I should go for?
No. 234141 ID: 1578e2

Just innocently kiss its forehead and give it a nice goodbye pat :|
No. 234142 ID: 1578e2

cup size all day err day.
No. 234143 ID: f0266b

Look you can't just leave it hanging like that. You don't even have to like it or anything just lick it on the mouth a little.

Also, stamina.
No. 234144 ID: 40fff3

Senses. Prevent sneak attacks, longer range sensing.
No. 234145 ID: e40e60

I say you improve your stamina... if you know what I mean
No. 234146 ID: b18ccb

No. 234148 ID: 70d9eb

No. 234154 ID: c6fa0a

>I think someone should stop trying to deny they're a pervert.

FINALLY. Venji knows what's up. ;D


I vote for MILK JUGS, which aid in DIPLOMACY. We'll probably need them to get the HAREM END here, people.

After acquisition of MILK JUGS, attempt new skill NURSING on target FISH-CRITTER.

... For SCIENCE.
No. 234158 ID: c71597

Some motherfucking strength! How can you become a proper Northern Venji without it?
No. 234163 ID: 5a2e05

No. 234164 ID: 6a4a82

I'd say senses first.
But you should focus on your milkjugs second. I hear they can bring all the boys to the yard.
No. 234166 ID: f57857

daww x3

Voting for strength so you can "OH YEAH!" kool-aid style on villains.
No. 234176 ID: f4963f

No. 234178 ID: cd7581

cup size every time.
No. 234180 ID: 67c611

+1 to speed/stamina/strength
No. 234183 ID: 5f2683

Cup Size for parodial reasonings.
No. 234186 ID: 6547ec
File 128552120139.png - (21.98KB , 600x450 , 30.png )

>Cup Size
Well... Okay, I guess. I have enough energy to bring myself up to a modest B--
No. 234187 ID: 6547ec
File 128552121986.png - (21.76KB , 600x450 , 31.png )

Oops, I miscounted! Strength it is! I feel myself getting a little stronger. I should be able to lift heavier things now!
No. 234188 ID: 6547ec
File 128552125542.png - (26.08KB , 600x450 , 32.png )

Okay. I lean down and give the fish-monster a kiss.
No. 234189 ID: 6547ec
File 128552126928.png - (23.27KB , 600x450 , 33.png )

It seemed to enjoy that. I can't help but smile as I watch it splash around happily.

I gently pat it on the head and say goodbye. As much as I'd like to play with it longer, I need to find out more about this place and my situation.
No. 234190 ID: 6547ec
File 128552128218.png - (77.02KB , 600x450 , 34.png )

I enter the PAINFULLY OBVIOUS CAVE OPENING. My tails itch a bit, but my senses aren't quite honed enough to be sure what they're reacting to.
No. 234191 ID: 6a4a82

Wait, there is a box in the background! Check it for FAT LOOTZ
No. 234192 ID: 70d9eb

Pick up everything.
No. 234193 ID: 67c611

It's your Venji sense. Stop and examine surroundings with existing senses.
No. 234195 ID: d677cc

Check that box.

Also be sure to collect every item ever.
No. 234196 ID: dad664

No. 234197 ID: d677cc

MAKE BOX INTO CLOTHES once you have checked what is in it anyway.
No. 234201 ID: 9406d6

Disregard this, he sucks cocks.
No. 234204 ID: 0d5620

You need a sidekick. Carry the fish with you inside your body.
No. 234207 ID: c71597

Check box for loot and examine strange black thing for anything intersting.
No. 234211 ID: e40e60

Investigate the box. Do NOT touch that little dark growth.
No. 234218 ID: 2563d4


Empty out box. Fill box with water. If it doesn't leak, fill box with new piscine lover companion.
No. 234220 ID: e40e60

Oh fuck yes this
No. 234227 ID: c16ebe

Name it Roz.
No. 234234 ID: b5af8d

Fish was a girl, YOU'RE NOW A LESBIAN.
No. 234237 ID: d677cc

Actually this is a much better use of the box. Do this.
No. 234238 ID: 0d5620

The box is large and unwieldy. How are you supposed to climb a chain while carrying a box?

Store the fish in your vagina instead.
No. 234240 ID: 135871

break the box open with your face and eat the mason stalk. oh and make sure you're not some kinda robot.
No. 234250 ID: 6547ec
File 128553919414.png - (17.74KB , 600x450 , 35.png )

I decide to leave the black plant-looking thing alone for now and check the oh dear.

There's bones in here. They look alien, and yet...familiar.
No. 234251 ID: 6547ec
File 128553921135.png - (72.51KB , 600x450 , 36.png )

I don't think it's in my size.

I really don't want to eat it!
No. 234252 ID: 6547ec
File 128553922532.png - (15.30KB , 600x450 , 37.png )

I fill the box with water. It doesn't seem to leak at all. My platonic friend is happy to see me again, and I decide to name him Roz. I'm also going to assume it's a male since he seems so attached to me.

When I lift him out of the water, he doesn't seem to struggle at all. He doesn't gasp for air, and instead lies content in my arms.

I can lift it easily enough, but should I really be lugging a box around? What if something hostile shows up?
No. 234253 ID: e99a3a

if something hostile shows up then you put the box down and beat the shit out of the enemy. also put the skulls back in the box. since you don't have a small plastic castle that will have to do.
No. 234255 ID: e89ccf

Put him, I dunno, kinda on your shoulder. Prop him with your tails or something. Maybe around your neck, sort-of?
No. 234258 ID: 135871

eat the little dark growth
No. 234259 ID: 2563d4

Don't asphyxiate Roz.

...I assume Roz has only gills anyway.

Now we must find wheels for the box. This is Step 2 of the master plan of building Roz a cybernetic environment suit.
No. 234277 ID: f4963f

This must happen. Emphatically, this.
No. 234278 ID: d677cc

Oh man yes.

No. 234293 ID: b18ccb

Rename 'Roz' Tazerfins.
No. 234296 ID: 2563d4

Don't rename Roz.
No. 234302 ID: 344e6c

Instead contemplate insulating Roz so he may use Special Attack: Tazerfins.
Not now of course. When you have more supplies.
No. 234331 ID: e40e60

Pick him up again. See if he actually has lungs or if he just has no sense of self-preservation.
No. 234370 ID: b9bd4f

As cute as he is, I don't think you can take him with you. But you should remember this location incase you want to see him again.
No. 234435 ID: 6547ec

Do this by performing mouth-to-mouth.
No. 234440 ID: a09a03

Kiss Roz again.
Picture yourself in a boat on a river
with tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
No. 234460 ID: a594b9

Why are we taking the fish? This seems unnecessary and a bit awkward.
No. 234478 ID: c71597

Just wait and see if he really does need water to breathe. If he does then you can honour his memory by eating him. If not then it gets alot easier to carry him around and you can use him as an improvised weapon.
No. 234487 ID: c16ebe

Hey now, we are definitely NOT allowed to let Roz die >:|
Either the box or just leave him here. I'm voting box. also it gives us a perfect excuse to fail at climbing down the chain later on
No. 234521 ID: fd6d7e

Climb? Climb a delicious chain when you can eat it? Madness!
No. 234745 ID: 2563d4

What, we're in a spooky network of caves, and you want to split up?
No. 234780 ID: 6547ec
File 128561217517.png - (56.11KB , 600x450 , 38.png )

...Hmm. I don't see anything around here that could be used to make wheels. I guess I'd have to come back later if I wanted to do that.
No. 234781 ID: 6547ec
File 128561222342.png - (19.06KB , 600x450 , 39.png )

I don't think it's very nice of me to keep humoring Roz like this. I try to imagine a boat on a river, but instead I just picture people pointing and laughing at me for making out with a fish.
No. 234782 ID: 6547ec
File 128561224646.png - (18.45KB , 600x450 , 40.png )

Ack! He forced his tongue--

Ptah! Ptah!

Okay. I'm not kissing the fish anymore.

I can feel his body expanding and contracting. I think he's breathing. He's not showing any signs of asphyxiation.

Part of me thinks I should just leave Roz here, but even though he's kind of a pervert he's the only friend I have right now. I decide to just carry him with me for the moment. Maybe I can find a better home for him than that small pond.

With Roz in hand, I return to the...
No. 234783 ID: 6547ec
File 128561229099.png - (101.76KB , 600x450 , 41.png )


Did the cave look like this before?

I don't think the cave looked like this before.
No. 234785 ID: 2563d4


It's just mason stalks. Keep going. Don't want Roz to dry out or anything.
No. 234787 ID: 105ee7

Oh, this happens sometimes. Whatever you do, don't lick the wood. Just keep walking.
No. 234790 ID: c71597

God damn it, if the little pervert does that again he's sushie.

Ok, that dark little thingy seem to have multiplied, alot. Try touching Roz to them and see what happens.
No. 234792 ID: 0b2a05

Go back to the water, actually, did you look in where the chain was, and were there any underwater passages?
No. 234793 ID: 6a4a82

Climb them. You know you want to.
No. 234800 ID: a09a03

Okay, stop making out with the fish. It's kind of gross.

Continue stumbling along with a mouth full of hallucinogens I'm sure nothing bad will happen.
No. 234818 ID: e40e60

Keep going as far as you can. Pass out. Get raped in your sleep,
No. 234844 ID: 6547ec
File 128562718367.png - (101.46KB , 600x450 , 42.png )

I wasn't trying to! He just seemed so happy when I kissed him-- I had no idea he'd try something like that!

Clearly the solution is to never kiss him again. My mind's pretty much made up on this.
No. 234845 ID: 6547ec
File 128562719762.png - (100.26KB , 600x450 , 43.png )

I sternly tell Roz not to try that again, and then touch him to one of the strange stalks.

He doesn't react. I try touching them with my tails, but what I see doesn't match up with what they feel. Something's definitely off here.
No. 234847 ID: 6547ec
File 128562721297.png - (76.49KB , 600x450 , 44.png )

I decide to head back to the water again and notice my lazily-rendered reflection.

Is that what I look like? I can't tell if I'm pretty or...horrifying.

I don't feel so good.
No. 234848 ID: 6547ec
File 128562722684.png - (92.55KB , 600x450 , 45.png )

No. 234849 ID: 6547ec
File 128562723864.png - (18.32KB , 600x450 , 46.png )

Ack! My chest's on fire.

Really don't feel good.

Getting hard to breathe.
No. 234850 ID: 6547ec
File 12856272579.png - (14.16KB , 600x450 , 47.png )

Feel really sick. Weak.

Something in veins.

No. 234852 ID: 2563d4

It's just Roz's love.

>ROZ: Quick, while she's incapacitated, connect to the brainstem!
No. 234853 ID: 105ee7

Just sweat it out. You can do that, right?
No. 234854 ID: 0b2a05

Poison? eww. Spit it at your reflection!
No. 234863 ID: f57857

Quick, try to flush it out with your extreme sense of self awareness!
No. 234864 ID: b18ccb

>ROZ: Quick, while she's incapacitated, connect to the brainstem!

No. 234867 ID: 9f6538


Roz is a dreamworm, he is toxic. throw him back in the water and stay away from him, he has abused your trust. and just try to get th poison out of your system.
No. 234868 ID: 6a4a82


Guys, clearly the shunt for connection is on her chest.
>Roz: you know what you have to do....

>Venji: Try to avoid death by poison.
No. 234872 ID: a09a03

Upgrade Cup Size
No. 234873 ID: b18ccb

Oh! If this is an upgrade, Roz once you have taken control of Venji, upgrade the SENSES to work better for you.
No. 234874 ID: e40e60

Upgrade cup size.
No. 234876 ID: 9f6538

No. 234879 ID: 2563d4

Cup size, clearly.

To better conceal the entry scar, of course.
No. 234880 ID: b0ef4c

cup size.
No. 234881 ID: a09a03

>Roz once you have taken control of Venji
That must be it.
Delicious nervous system, you must burrow inside it.
No. 234885 ID: d677cc

Yes, this! Become Venjroz!
No. 234886 ID: 70d9eb

Upgrade strength again so you can punch the poison out.
No. 234890 ID: 9406d6


Cup size.
No. 234897 ID: f52552

Fourthing Venjiroz, and voting cup size if we can filter the poison into breast milk and squirt it at people.
Otherwise Speed and Stamina.
No. 234898 ID: f4963f

Cup size~

God I feel so dirty.
No. 234905 ID: 4531bc

Speed and stamina.
No. 234927 ID: c6fa0a


Roz is clever. His saliva is a poison, and the antidote must therefore be another one of his bodily fluids. One that can only be acquired through love.

You know what you have to do. You must merge with Roz.


(Upgrade Cup Size)
No. 234959 ID: 6547ec
File 128564542174.png - (12.02KB , 600x450 , 48.png )

I think I managed to get some of it out, but I still feel very ill. I lie down and look at Roz. Should I hate him?

I don't have any energy left. I think I'll just rest here a while.
No. 234960 ID: 6547ec
File 12856454337.png - (11.63KB , 600x450 , 49.png )

No. 234961 ID: 6547ec
File 128564544684.png - (136.27KB , 600x450 , 50.png )

No. 234962 ID: 0b2a05

Don't hate him. Just flip him off weakly.
No. 234963 ID: 6547ec
File 128564546327.gif - (231.92KB , 600x450 , 51.gif )

No. 234965 ID: 6547ec
File 128564550015.png - (17.88KB , 600x450 , 51.png )

Huh...? How long was I out?

I feel much better, but kind of strange.
No. 234968 ID: 6547ec
File 128564552530.png - (25.82KB , 600x450 , 52.png )

I look down at my hand, and notice it looks a little more fin-like than before.

I can feel Roz's knowledge in my head. He's a dreamworm, and while most dreamworms prefer to live alone it drove him to madness. I had made him happy for the first time in his memory. He was so scared that I'd leave him that he merged his life force with mine.

I hear a voice in my head; it sounds like an apology.
No. 234969 ID: 6547ec
File 128564553642.png - (25.00KB , 600x450 , 53.png )

I don't think I'm having fun anymore.
No. 234970 ID: 701a19

Snuggle up with your head voices, and focus on healing all those icky colors inside you.
No. 234975 ID: 9f6538


roz will be missed. we must escape and live a full life, for him.
No. 234978 ID: 0b2a05

Iunno, combining life force so she wouldn't leave? I think it's one of those "our powers combined" things. And now he gets to see her naked. Constantly. The perv.
No. 234982 ID: d677cc

Hey, now you're a bit less alone, aren't you?
No. 234989 ID: 6547ec

Mourne Roz, commune with the box.
No. 235003 ID: bf1e7e


He kind of already was seeing her naked
No. 235021 ID: c71597

God damn pervy fish. Now you will never ever have your thoughts alone. It will always be there in the back of your mind, waiting for you to slip up.
No. 235034 ID: 6547ec
File 128564845590.png - (24.80KB , 600x450 , 54.png )

"Heehee, now I'm inside you~"
No. 235035 ID: 9f6538

... oh jeez.
No. 235037 ID: 96f818

Bad dreamworm! Bad! Who taught you how to use such dirty innuendo?
No. 235039 ID: c71597

Told you we should just have killed it and eaten it when we had the chance. Now you will have yet another extreme pervert stuck in your mind.

Oh well, fuck it. Lets get moving, maybe we can find a way to get the little fuck out.
No. 235041 ID: 6a4a82

Wow.... so... poisonous pool parasite possess panicking pal pending public poll?

No. 235043 ID: 5c8f91

Now I wish he was dead.
No. 235044 ID: 6a4a82

On the bright side, flippers will help you swim in the water :3c
No. 235045 ID: b18ccb


Anyway, cover your eyes and ears and sob until it stops. Other then that, go -back- down the hole and tell the voice-ghost-spirit-lover-breast-fetishist in our head to stop snickerinh about us going into the hole.
No. 235109 ID: fd6d7e

Such a Perv achievement unlocked. Silly hat mode, here we come!
No. 235123 ID: 6547ec

Fire him like a missile out of your shoulder.
No. 235137 ID: 2563d4

But Roz;

how now will we hug you?
No. 235160 ID: f82967

Quick! Roll a resolve + composure with a willpower point to get him out!


Wait, wrong game. Ask what the hell it wants, I guess?
No. 235219 ID: 67c611

Get moving.

Roz, can you do anything useful?
No. 235229 ID: 07337a

Pretend that wasn't sexual at all. Pretend I was listening.
No. 235231 ID: e40e60

I wonder if he can hear us?
No. 235250 ID: a594b9

"Gross! Cut it out, Roz."
No. 235251 ID: 0b2a05

Whattaperv. Smack yourself to show him what's what.
No. 235280 ID: 6547ec
File 128570982016.png - (27.34KB , 600x450 , 55.png )

"You're alive?" I ask.

"More or less~"

"What exactly did you do?"

"I merged our life forces, making you immune to my poison and saving your life. Once we get out of here, I'm pretty sure I might possibly be able to return to my old form. I admit I've never tried this before~"

"I can take control of your body at any time. Don't worry-- I won't do it unless absolutely necessary...or hilarious.

I can also temporarily grant you a bonus to one of your abilities for a few seconds, going beyond the max level if it comes to that. But I tire out afterwords and must rest~

Tell me, how do you feel? Go ahead and examine yourself...
very thoroughly~"

I feel kind of tired and weak, maybe hungry, but I'm not in pain. I double check my body--
No. 235282 ID: 6547ec
File 128570986145.png - (27.97KB , 600x450 , 56.png )

"Why are my boobs bigger."

"Don't sound so upset~ You choose that upgrade yourself. I must say I approve of your tastes~"

"What do you want from me, anyway," I ask, continuing to sound annoyed.

"I want the same thing you do-- to escape this place~"

"Just hug yourself~"

"You're not going to keep being a huge pervert, are you? People might draw horrifying fanart of us."

"I'm just being playful. I really like you, you know~ But I'll stop if you feel too uncomfortable~"
No. 235283 ID: 6547ec
File 128570988974.png - (44.31KB , 600x450 , 57.png )

I head back into the pond, remembering an idea I had earlier. Swimming is a little bit easier, and I feel like I can hold my breath a little longer.

I reach into the hole--


I bonk myself on the head and reach into the hole. I pull out a vial filled with a strange liquid.
No. 235284 ID: 6547ec
File 128570990260.png - (74.28KB , 600x450 , 58.png )

I decide that we've derailed long enough and continue to explore. The cave is back to normal, and leads to... darkness. My senses aren't strong enough to see into the abyss.

My tails itch.
No. 235285 ID: 27a471

Itch tails, gain temporary senses lvl 1 ability.
No. 235286 ID: 701a19

Examine the fluid.
Ask Roz what it is.
Taste the fluid.
No. 235287 ID: c71597

Strange liquid you say? This calls for empirical testing of what it does. Drink that shit right now!
No. 235288 ID: 85949c

Punch that pole like the fist of the North Star!
No. 235289 ID: a09a03

Look around for somewhere to climb using your enhanced strength. Tie the chain off if that'll help.

>I can also temporarily grant you a bonus to one of your abilities for a few seconds, going beyond the max level if it comes to that.
Practice by boosting cup size.
No. 235290 ID: c16ebe

I'd say temporary Senses boost, but seeing farther probably wouldn't actually be of any use when we don't have a ladder or bridge or anything.

Um. Crawl to the edge and look down. Then up.

Also, what color is the liquid?
No. 235291 ID: 21bec4

examine the fuck out of that little pole.
No. 235293 ID: 2563d4

Gosh Venji you sure do like smooshing your boobs.

Tie? We are eating that damn chain. Why merely boost cup size temporarily when we can do so permanently first?

Er, I mean senses. No I don't.
No. 235294 ID: e40e60

Open compartment, obtain loot
No. 235295 ID: a594b9

Examine that post via your tails.
No. 235299 ID: a41aaf

Senses likely includes more than just sight. Might even give some indication of what is causing our tail to itch.
No. 235320 ID: f52552

Carefully walk around backwards waving your tails and butt around to get a better sense of where the feeling is coming from.
But first, check to see if something's coming up the tunnel after you.
No. 235323 ID: d677cc

Time to drink corrosive acid delicious alcohol totally innocuous fluid in a bottle!
No. 235486 ID: 6547ec

Dip a tail into the fluid to see if it (the fluid or the tail) change color.
No. 235487 ID: 6547ec
File 128573166567.png - (73.99KB , 600x450 , 59.png )

I'm sorry, should I stop doing that? I've become more 'aware' of them now that gravity actually has some effect.

"Don't listen to them. You should enjoy your gifts~"

"I don't know what it contains. I kept it cause it's shiny~"

I take a small taste. It's kind of sweet. My admittedly limited senses tell me it's not hurting my insides.
No. 235488 ID: 6547ec
File 128573168334.png - (11.07KB , 600x450 , 60.png )

Okay! I down it like a moron!
No. 235489 ID: 6547ec
File 128573169981.png - (14.43KB , 600x450 , 61.png )


Pain. Moving outward. Growing steadily more intense. Pain I've felt for a long time. So long I didn't even remember it was pain. Only just now realizing it.

I had stubbed my toe.
No. 235490 ID: 6547ec
File 128573172229.png - (121.97KB , 600x450 , 62.png )

I feel all of my abilities increase drastically!

>Temporarily boost senses
Roz boosts my senses, bringing them above my natural limit!
No. 235491 ID: 6547ec
File 128573175256.png - (93.89KB , 600x450 , 63.png )

I feel powerful, very powerful. My muscles are strong. My chest is heavy. I am more aware of the air around me. I can feel the pond behind me. There's life everywhere.

I also think my hair is standing up in a way that looks very silly.
No. 235493 ID: 6547ec
File 128573178683.png - (66.74KB , 600x450 , 64.png )

The liquid was red.

I see-- feel life everywhere. There is a sort of mist in the air providing light and...water? I can see a cave on the other side of this chasm. I sense a lot of energy coming from there. Below me...maybe a life-form? It feels alien to me.

There's something odd beside the entrance to both upper caves. I think it's...metal?
No. 235494 ID: 6547ec
File 128573180562.png - (21.87KB , 600x450 , 65.png )

The post appears to contain some sort of clockwork device with a clockwork key set into it.

As I touch it with my tail, I can sense that it's somehow connected to the metal I felt beside both cave entrances.

Turning the key might do something awesome...or dangerous.
No. 235495 ID: f4963f

... turn it.
No. 235496 ID: 96f818

No. 235497 ID: b18ccb

Nah, it looks cool. What's in front of you, if you can feel what's behind?

By the by, shout "Kakarot!" next chance you get, would you?
No. 235499 ID: 6547ec

>My chest is heavy.

Turn the key, while you're still in a condition to know what it does.
No. 235501 ID: 2563d4

Turn it.

Jump the gap anyway using newfound super-crazy-awesome powers.
No. 235505 ID: 6a4a82

You have to turn it flipways!
No. 235570 ID: a09a03

Turn the key before your boost wears off.
No. 235571 ID: 6547ec

Scratch previous suggestion, and eat the clockwork instead. Manipulate whatever it was going to with your teef.
No. 236132 ID: 6547ec
File 128581351166.png - (92.19KB , 600x450 , 66.png )

Something tells me I should try turning the key! Just a hunch.

I walk over to the log-- wow this feels weird-- and give the key a turn.

I can feel the spinning and grinding of mechanical pieces all around me.
No. 236133 ID: 6547ec
File 128581353176.png - (81.01KB , 600x450 , 67.png )

The sound of part of the wall falling down would startle me had my enhanced senses not seen it coming. It locks into place.

I'm kind of hungry...
No. 236134 ID: 6547ec
File 12858135487.png - (15.13KB , 600x450 , 68.png )

Huh? Oh-- um...yes! G-good idea! Hahaha.

It doesn't taste very good, but I get most of it down. I think I'll need more energy to upgrade again, but at least I'm not hungry anymore.


"You're so cute~"
No. 236135 ID: 6547ec
File 128581356575.png - (35.17KB , 600x450 , 69.png )

With all my power, there's no doubt in my mind that I can just leap the damn thing!

I run out and Jump! Man, all this jiggling is kind of uncomfortable. I'm not going to miss these things when the vial wears off. I wonder if--
No. 236136 ID: 6547ec
File 12858135782.png - (34.88KB , 600x450 , 70.png )

No. 236137 ID: 6547ec
File 128581361391.png - (42.69KB , 600x450 , 71.png )


This is probably not the time to notice this but I think Roz's boost wore off. Vial's still working, though.
No. 236139 ID: 2a9922

whoops, oh well, shimmy.
No. 236140 ID: 135871

once you get out of there try to get some kind of support for those
No. 236142 ID: 6a4a82

Shimmy to safety!
No. 236145 ID: b18ccb

Try not to die. Also, to test your levels of stupid, let go!
No. 236146 ID: b18ccb

...Venji, you're on a poll. Roz, get her to poll dance.
No. 236147 ID: 2563d4

Well, you're halfway there. Keep clambering.

At least you can't hyper-perceive the gaping chasm yawning below you should you slip! (I wonder if Roz shares the adrenaline?)
No. 236180 ID: 0b2a05

Scoot along the bar, look behind you!
No. 236208 ID: ff0a7c


No. 236221 ID: 6547ec
File 128582215169.png - (76.88KB , 691x511 , 72.png )

That might kill me!

Ah! P-please don't scare me right now!
No. 236223 ID: 6547ec
File 128582216887.png - (43.41KB , 600x450 , 73.png )

I start shimmying.

"I like the view."

"I'd really rather not look down right now."

"That's not what I'm talking about~ Why don't you shake around a bit while you shimmy~"

"Roz this really isn't the time to be hitting on me!"

Hopefully it won't be a problem much longer. The first upgrade made me notice them more, but wasn't all that bad. This is just obnoxious.
No. 236225 ID: 6547ec
File 12858221863.png - (64.74KB , 600x450 , 74.png )

Roz makes a hasty retreat as a loud sound is heard from behind me.

Thanks to my enhanced senses, I realize that there's another rail falling down nearby. It doesn't take me long to figure out what's going on, and I quickly move myself to avoid being squished by the connecting pieces as they fall.
No. 236226 ID: 6547ec
File 128582220529.png - (60.89KB , 600x450 , 75.png )

I climb on top of the newly-completed bridge, my heart racing.

"Are you okay?" Roz asks, sounding concerned for once.


"Would a kiss make you feel better~?"

"I thought we weren't doing that anymore."

"Oh I think there's some people who would love to see more of it~"

I feel an energy in the cave ahead. It is familiar, and somewhat frightening.
No. 236227 ID: f52552

Won't be frightening when you eat it.
No. 236232 ID: d677cc

Hey, now, it might make you feel a little better.

And I think we both know there's only one way to go from here.
No. 236234 ID: 1a99f0

it's not a train, is it? It better not be a train...
No. 236235 ID: 6a4a82

Hey. That thing down at the end of the hall. It's glowy, Roz is glowy.... maybe it's an old friend?
No. 236248 ID: c16ebe

Damn it Slinkoboy, there were 2 suggestions to fall and 0 to climb on TOP of the pole! Quit railroading! >:|
No. 236250 ID: 135871

see if you can use your "charms" to hitch a ride on that train
No. 236257 ID: 701a19

Use the remains of the vial boost to heal all those ugly colors in your chart to a nice green.
No. 236280 ID: 6547ec

So hey, there's a bridge here now. And it leads to some sort of delicious energy. Ask Roz if he can eat your fight or flight instinct for a moment, and start running towards the energy with your mouth open.
No. 236298 ID: 2563d4

Stroking Roz is probably remarkably theraputic.

No. 236303 ID: c7b629

Head towards that doorway
No. 236343 ID: e40e60

Avoid the incoming train.
No. 236353 ID: fd6d7e

Ride that railroad all the way to the end of the quest!
No. 236460 ID: 6547ec
File 128588770052.png - (60.67KB , 600x450 , 76.png )

I give Roz a gentle kiss.

"Aw yeah, girl~"

I gently pat Roz. "I know you were trying to cheer me up in your own little way. Thank you."

"Um..." Roz stutters, clearly caught off-guard by my sincerity. "Oh, you're welcome, miss..."

"Venji. I think... I think my name is Venji."
No. 236461 ID: 6547ec
File 12858877141.png - (55.42KB , 600x450 , 77.png )


No. 236462 ID: 6547ec
File 12858877298.png - (112.81KB , 600x450 , 78.png )

...IS NOT... (goddammit stop jiggling)
No. 236463 ID: 6547ec
File 128588775214.png - (72.89KB , 600x450 , 79.png )

No. 236464 ID: 6547ec
File 128588777077.png - (20.36KB , 600x450 , 80.png )

The Vial wears off. I can feel my senses, strength, and breasts decrease dramatically. I kind of wish I had saved that vial for something more important, but it was kind of fun pretending to punch a train.


No. 236465 ID: 6547ec
File 128588778557.png - (48.43KB , 600x450 , 81.png )

I head in, no longer able to feel the energy from before.

Something tells me it's coming from behind this strange door.

The panel seems to be missing. Inside, I see what looks like part of some mechanism built into the wall.

I try out the key, causing some of the gears to rotate. It looks like the mechanism is broken however.
No. 236466 ID: 6547ec
File 128588779825.png - (27.48KB , 600x450 , 82.png )

Looks like there's something missing. Gosh, I sure wish I had started out with the solution to this puzzle. I guess I'm going to have to think outside the box for this one.
No. 236467 ID: 212f24

What train?

Maybe that vial was giving someone illusions.
No. 236468 ID: fd6d7e

Squish your chest up against that hole. I bet the scar fits perfectly.
No. 236469 ID: 135871

check inventory
No. 236470 ID: cb325f

Fuckyeah, Venji, you punched out a fucking train. Go back and see if there's any parts from the train you can use on this puzzle. If not, PUNCH DOWN WALL!

Anyway, don't mind Roz. He just likes seeing you naked and is a bit of a perv living inside of you. Make him do things for you - float him through the door, if possible.
No. 236476 ID: e40e60

No. 236477 ID: f4963f

look train
butcher train
No. 236636 ID: c6fa0a


No. 236804 ID: f52552


That said, I suppose you could try ripping bits off and eating them. The more bits you eat, the stronger you get, and the more bits you can then rip off.
I counsel looking for the train wreckage, unless that was a hallucination, in which case I doubt we can do anything here.
No. 236918 ID: 9bd27f


Obtain some metal, and then use your powerful whatever-the-fuck-you-are jaws and teeth to gnaw a gear that will fit properly.

Then feel smug about easily overcoming what would have normally been a tedious puzzle.
No. 236920 ID: a594b9

Just eat the door.
No. 236928 ID: 6547ec
File 128596625833.png - (60.71KB , 600x450 , 83.png )

I look down, but see no sign of wreckage. I... I don't think the train was real. Even if it was, it's a long way down.

Was it the vial? I really hope nothing's wrong with me.
No. 236929 ID: 6547ec
File 128596627264.png - (28.37KB , 600x450 , 84.png )

I don't think my scar was intended to be the missing gear. It's kind of difficult getting it in there at all, but I imagine not as hard as it would have been five minutes ago.

"Maybe you should use your tails. I bet it wouldn't take long for your slithering tails to reach the machine's apex and prod it into submission. Maybe the automation would moan in delight, and slowly hum while oil gets all over them~"

"That's gross, Roz."
No. 236930 ID: 6547ec
File 128596628976.png - (47.52KB , 600x450 , 85.png )

Hmm. Looks like my inventory is empty. I guess the first two would be my hands, but why's there a third inventory slot?

... It's empty.

"I could fix that~"

No. 236931 ID: 6547ec
File 128596630965.png - (51.06KB , 600x450 , 86.png )

If he knows what's good for him he'll limit himself to coming out of my back.

I send Roz in to check out what's past the door.

"What do you see?"

"I see myself."

"Huh. That's weird. See any way to open the door?"

"I think so, but I'm going to need you to stick one of your tails--"

"Okay I'm just going to eat the clockwork."
No. 236932 ID: 6547ec
File 128596632711.png - (14.33KB , 600x450 , 87.png )

Nummy! The wires are kind of like noodles~

After a while, I manage to consume enough parts to allow the door to be forced open with my MILDLY ENHANCED STRENGTH. I'm completely full now.
No. 236933 ID: 6547ec
File 128596634413.png - (13.27KB , 600x450 , 88.png )

I've eaten enough to upgrade one of my abilities!

Running around with big breasts was really uncomfortable and awkward, so I think I'm going to stick with what I have now. They make me feel cute without getting in my way too much.

If I want to feel especially sexy, or if there's a random need for it, Roz can still boost me all the way up to D temporarily. He seems all to willing to do that for me.

No. 236935 ID: 7d8185

No. 236936 ID: d677cc

Uh, stamina/speed or something.
No. 236937 ID: 2563d4

Senses are always useful for puzzling.
No. 236938 ID: e62a92

No. 236939 ID: d677cc

Scratch that; make it senses, I guess.
No. 236942 ID: 649123

Time to go beyond the impossible and show them what you're made of! Dare to dream, Venji!

And by that I mean upgrade breasts again anyway.
No. 236944 ID: fd6d7e

Unlock secret upgrade category: 'dem hips.
No. 236945 ID: f52552

No. 236947 ID: a594b9

No. 236948 ID: e574bd

Senses, if you know what I mean.
No. 236949 ID: 6547ec

The great thing about upgrading strength is that it makes it easier to eat enough xp to level up again. Do that.
No. 236960 ID: 620bfb

No. 236962 ID: e40e60

No. 236987 ID: 9bd27f


No. 237041 ID: 135871

No. 237050 ID: a09a03


The more strength, the fewer puzzles!
No. 237078 ID: 5f2683

No. 237366 ID: 6547ec
File 128605695825.png - (13.27KB , 600x450 , 89.png )


I improve my senses. I feel my body grow more comfortable, less...numb. It's really hard to explain. I feel more alive.

I'd really rather not be permanently stuck with those things!
No. 237367 ID: 6547ec
File 128605699865.png - (61.92KB , 600x450 , 90.png )

I manage to force the door open using my improved strength. About time this upgrade came in handy for something other than imaginary trains!
No. 237369 ID: 6547ec
File 128605703684.png - (31.79KB , 600x450 , 91.png )

I see a shadow. It's kind of hard to make out so I step closer.
No. 237370 ID: 6547ec
File 128605705525.png - (8.34KB , 600x450 , 92.png )

Ahh, I guess this is a mirror.
No. 237372 ID: 6547ec
File 128605707111.png - (8.76KB , 600x450 , 93.png )

No. 237373 ID: 6547ec
File 128605708924.png - (19.99KB , 600x450 , 94.png )

No. 237376 ID: d677cc

Back up a bit more and say hi.
No. 237378 ID: 383006

Summon your rapist ghostfish and backpedal at maximum speed.
No. 237379 ID: a594b9

It's looking right at your boobs. It wants to grope you.
No. 237380 ID: 13cc3a

bite fingers use stabby hand on it's face.
No. 237383 ID: a60b73

Grab its tit. *Honk*
No. 237384 ID: 2563d4

Backpedal before it can grope you. At that angle it'll probably fall flat on its face.
No. 237393 ID: e40e60

This is a brilliant plan.
No. 237399 ID: 583d5d

Awesome reactions Venji! Your mouth is already starting to bite the strange creature's hand, good thinking!
No. 237404 ID: 242ba5

No. 237424 ID: 135871

No. 237439 ID: a09a03

Punch it in the face.
No. 237447 ID: 6547ec
File 128606279242.png - (20.15KB , 600x450 , 95.png )

Not having time to consider every suggestion, I simply try to back away. It grabs me. Its touch is very cold.
No. 237448 ID: 6547ec
File 128606280453.png - (20.33KB , 600x450 , 96.png )

Fuck it! I punch with all my might!
No. 237452 ID: 6547ec
File 128606288971.png - (13.41KB , 600x450 , 97.png )

The mirror breaks.
No. 237457 ID: f4963f
File 128606339250.jpg - (27.62KB , 400x400 , 90_tales_from_the_twilight_world.jpg )

No. 237458 ID: d677cc

Yeah, lessee what's on the other side of that mirror.
No. 237459 ID: 6547ec
File 128606398571.png - (62.91KB , 600x450 , 98.png )

There's a passageway behind the mirror, but it appears to be pitch black. With my somewhat improved senses I may be able to feel my way using my tails, but I'd feel more comfortable if I could see somehow.

My hand hurts a lot. I think I have a few glass shards sticking out of my body.
No. 237461 ID: 13cc3a

yea, get the glass out of you and pull out the frame.
No. 237462 ID: a594b9

Remove the shards. Also inspect your chest, I think your wound is bleeding.
No. 237466 ID: 0e8759

Doesn't Roz glow or something. Use him as a light.
No. 237473 ID: 583d5d

Use Roz as flashlight. Use glass as deadly weapon. Continue down dark tunnel.
No. 237485 ID: 2563d4

Don't move your feet until you've managed to sweep aside the glass with...uh...crap. Any inventory at all would be nice right now.
No. 237697 ID: 6547ec

Does Roz have any physical presence? Could he fly out of your hand to force the shards out?
No. 238150 ID: 6547ec
File 128618354359.png - (23.68KB , 600x450 , 99.png )

Roz helps me remove pieces of glass from my body.

It looks like one of them got me right in the scar, but there's no glass to be found. Strange. It hurts, but then again a lot of me hurts right now.

I don't see any way to remove the frame from the mirror, but I very carefully step past it, avoiding any more damage.
No. 238151 ID: 6547ec
File 128618355783.png - (74.03KB , 600x450 , 100.png )

I add a piece of glass to my inventory which ends up being perfectly safe because magic.

Roz lights the way.

"Um, couldn't you find a better place to pop out of?"

"Why? I like it here. It's so soft and squishy~"

It takes a minute, but we manage to find our way to the end of the--
No. 238152 ID: 6547ec
File 128618356751.png - (29.04KB , 600x450 , 101.png )

No. 238153 ID: 6547ec
File 128618358477.png - (19.49KB , 600x450 , 102.png )

There's no way we have permission to do this joke!

I rub my eyes and avoid all the blood on my right hand because magic.
No. 238154 ID: 6547ec
File 128618359883.png - (12.39KB , 600x450 , 103.png )

That's better-- whoa.

Where the hell am I?
No. 238155 ID: 6547ec

Check under the hatch for any tubes.
No. 238156 ID: b5448b

apparently a SCIENCE room.
No. 238158 ID: f57857

We will go into Dennis' room and catch Dennis fapping to quest characters.
No. 238164 ID: a89595

Inspect the locker and the map at the wall.
No. 238165 ID: c71597

At a place for SCIENCE! where some dude named Dennis lives. Pop into his quarters and say hello, it's good manners after all to introduce yourself when you barge into someones domocile.
No. 238169 ID: 2563d4

I belive that says "laptop" on the floor?

Search the hard drive for Tozol porn.
No. 238179 ID: c6fa0a

Ask Roz whether or not he's seeing the same shit we are. Bros don't let their hoes go on bad trips.

I love you so hard.
No. 238201 ID: e674ff

Get ye flask.

Also, check the mAP on the wall.
No. 238205 ID: 620bfb

Get ye laptop.
No. 238207 ID: f57857

Wear the lap as a top.
No. 238208 ID: d677cc


No. 238211 ID: 135871

look for your half-piranha love interest in live storage.
No. 238276 ID: a594b9

CABINETS! OPEN AND LOOT THEM! Maybe we can get a sweet lab coat.
No. 238349 ID: a09a03

Check Live Storage for sidekicks.
No. 238356 ID: f52552

>file cabinets
>metal file cabinets
>metal boxes
No. 238448 ID: 70d9eb

No. 238475 ID: 6547ec
File 128623945591.png - (12.90KB , 600x450 , 104.png )

It's a laptop! I head to it and open it up.
No. 238476 ID: 6547ec
File 128623947340.png - (11.81KB , 600x380 , 105.png )

Not knowing what a "tozol" is, I instead search for my name and find--

No. 238477 ID: 6547ec
File 128623949735.png - (11.57KB , 600x380 , 106.png )

"Now this is what I'm talking about! Scroll down! Scroll down!"

"I...I don't think I've ever been this offended in my entire life. Admitted, I only remember the last hour or so. And no I'm not scrolling down."

"Okay, fine~ It's not like I don't get to see you naked anyway~"
No. 238478 ID: 6547ec
File 128623955819.png - (11.32KB , 600x380 , 107.png )

"Okay you big perv, are you seeing the same things I'm seeing? This room, I mean. Apparently you see this computer just fine."

"I think so. If you're hallucinating, then so am I. And if that's true I'm really enjoying the trip so far~"
No. 238479 ID: 6547ec
File 128623959762.png - (11.56KB , 600x380 , 108.png )

There's a lot of rooms here! Does that mean this isn't going to be a one-shot after all?

Odd. The cave I went through isn't appearing on this map at all...

No. 238480 ID: 6547ec
File 128623961157.png - (11.18KB , 600x380 , 109.png )

I do in fact see a sweet-looking lab coat!

"You're not going to wear that, are you...?"

He sounds honestly worried. I also see a metal box, some kind of hat, some sunglasses, and a poster for a game that doesn't look like it'd be very fun to play.

Is that girl pregnant? What's even up with that?
No. 238481 ID: 6547ec
File 128623962771.png - (16.67KB , 600x450 , 110.png )

I look in LIVE STORAGE (why do I feel compelled to yell the names of things?) and find...

It... What is that? It looks kind of like a shark, but a lot more fluffy. It's wearing an eye-patch.

It seems to be breathing.
No. 238482 ID: c71597

Sweet Precursor! Some pervert put you in lewd poses while you were out and made a homepage dedicated to it!

See if you can find out whose laptop it is from the log in screen. If not then storm into Dennis place and demand to know what he knows about this shit.
No. 238483 ID: b0ef4c

poke it.
No. 238484 ID: c71597

Hmm, another delicious fish. Lets eat it before it tries to have sex with you or something.
No. 238485 ID: d677cc

>Roz: Put on sunglasses. Get behind Venji. Make DAT ASS face.
No. 238487 ID: 135871

wear labcoat to gain a 5 point bonus to science skill.
No. 238488 ID: 2563d4

Wear labcoat unbuttoned so that it only accentuates your nudity.
No. 238489 ID: a09a03

Equip labcoat and glasses. Take first aid kit. Use first aid kit on MOSSY SHARK. Administer HEAL and STIMULANT.
No. 238490 ID: a594b9

Retrieve medkit, use medkit on fuzzy shark.
No. 238513 ID: c6fa0a


Combine these two (>>238485 and >>238489). Labcoat on Venji, glasses on Roz. :D

And attempt to determine whether or not the shark creature has a name. If not, we should probably name it Melwitzi, or Itzi Bitzi for short. ;3
No. 238523 ID: c16ebe

I'd say to name it Niraem Zanalach, but I don't think he was fluffy :<
No. 238531 ID: 4531bc

This is the best quest ever.

poke the shark. Ask it its name. be careful.
No. 238819 ID: 6547ec
File 128631355392.png - (19.33KB , 600x450 , 111.png )

"Wow, these are higher up than they looked a second ago."

"Man I'd love to tap dat ass~"


"I found another piece of broken glass."

"Oh. Would you mind removing it for me?"

"Aw yeah, girl~"
No. 238820 ID: 6547ec
File 128631357065.png - (9.02KB , 600x450 , 112.png )

Hehe, I feel science-y!

"Check me out, Roz! I'm a science person!"

There's no reply, but I hear a disappointed sigh behind me.
No. 238822 ID: 6547ec
File 128631358534.png - (17.29KB , 600x450 , 113.png )

I add the MEDKIT to my inventory and head over to the shark-guy. I patch it up as best I can. When I give it the stimulant, it reacts with a slight jump.
No. 238823 ID: 6547ec
File 128631360447.png - (23.36KB , 600x450 , 114.png )

"Go away," It says weakly. "I will bite you."

Already did.

"What's your name?"


"Wow. We're really going with that, huh?"

"Appears so. Now go away. I want to die in peace."
No. 238828 ID: 127c1a

well too bad, throw it over your shoulder and take it somewhere.
No. 238833 ID: 08d7de

"I can leave you to die in peace or I can help you survive. Either way you'll have to answer me a few questions first."
No. 238839 ID: c71597

Offer to cut off its fins so you can enjoy a nice bowl of sharkfin soup while it dies in peace.
No. 238842 ID: 9bd27f


Titzi the shark? Mitzi... and Telwis!?



Anyhow, tell Titzi that biting you would be a bad idea due to the poison coursing through you.

Roz, pop out suddenly and scare the hell out of Titzi... and possibly Venji too. She seems jumpy.
No. 238844 ID: a09a03

Wield the shark like a club. He can be your new weapon.
No. 238848 ID: a594b9

Ask it what this place is. Mention that there was a pool of water a ways back, if it needs to breathe water or something. Ask if there's anything we can do to help it.
No. 238849 ID: 2563d4

>I hear a disappointed sigh behind me.

What's your problem, mister can-pop-out-under-the-coat?


No. 238872 ID: 5b3961

Hug the shark. Hope it makes a noise like a squeaky toy.
No. 238944 ID: c6fa0a

...I approve of Titzi. XD

+1 to ADORABLE HUG SCENE (whereupon Titzi thrashes about and probably tries to eat us)
No. 238953 ID: fd6d7e

No. 238955 ID: 4531bc

"Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Or heals you, I guess. I really don't know; I'm pretty new to this whole thing.

Anyway, what'll it take for you to get you to start thinking about living?"

We could also, as a coercion tactic, threaten to wield Titzi's dead body as a large, flexible club if it so much as passes out on us. That should be a pretty good incentive. :3
No. 238964 ID: 0b2a05

Say too bad, you're not gonna let a fellow sharkfishthing die in this place.
No. 239008 ID: d677cc

Hugs tiem.
No. 239027 ID: 4531bc

Oh, also. Yes. Hugs. Lots of them.
No. 239081 ID: 6547ec
File 128633442751.png - (23.51KB , 600x450 , 115.png )

"I can't just let you die here."

"Hmph. If you get close to me again, I'll bite your arm off."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," I say. "My blood is kind of poisonous now."

"You lie! I've bitten your kind many times and I'm still alive!"
No. 239082 ID: 6547ec
File 128633444383.png - (13.62KB , 600x450 , 116.png )

"Don't be like that~" Roz says as he appears out of nowhere yet again. "As long as I'm a part of her, anything that bites her is in for quite the trip~"

"What-- a dreamworm!? Why are you with her? Nevermind. Come near and I'll bite you! Maybe the venom will kill me!"
No. 239083 ID: 6547ec
File 128633446178.png - (13.06KB , 600x450 , 117.png )

"Oh, I just couldn't resist someone as hot as her. You should see what she's packing under that lab coat~"

"Thanks...you big perv."

I look towards Titzi and continue. "What would it take to convince you to live?"

Titzi is silent a few moments. "You're not using hope as another means to torment me, are you? Because it won't work."

"No, I'm serious. Tell me what I can do and I'll do it! I can take you to some water if you can't breathe."

Titzi eyes me cautiously. "If you honestly want to help, then get my hover-belt from one of the science rooms. I can't exactly move like this."
No. 239084 ID: 6547ec
File 128633447867.png - (11.15KB , 600x450 , 118.png )

"Okay, you got it. Um, I-I could carry you, if you want!" I say, trying to hide my excitement.

"That'd be very demeaning. I'd much rather have my hover-belt."

"It's really no trouble at all! ...Please?"

"I'll bite you if you try."

No. 239085 ID: 6547ec
File 128633449759.png - (9.93KB , 600x450 , 119.png )


"I'll be back soon, I promise."

He continues struggling, but calms down once I place him back on the floor. He gives me an angry glare, but I think deep down he enjoyed that.
No. 239086 ID: 6547ec
File 128633451130.png - (9.00KB , 600x450 , 120.png )

I head through the only remaining door and discover a hallway.

I'm not sure if the science room is this way, but there weren't any other ways to go...were there?

There's what appears to be a broken machine in here.
No. 239088 ID: 2563d4

Did it look like it used to be a robot? I bet it's still delicious. :9
No. 239092 ID: 8fc362

Actually, eat robot, and eat both doors. Fatty.
No. 239112 ID: 701a19

What's wrong with you? She's like a damn skeleton!
No. 239136 ID: d677cc


And then check, uh... Control Room sounds more sciencey.
No. 239140 ID: 8fc362

This is half a Tozol Quest. It is half the goal of this quest to get Venji so self conscious that she starts purging herself as she is not yet a badass warrior chick who would reach through existence and strangle every last one of us if we dared to suggest it to her.
No. 239147 ID: b0ef4c

No. 239170 ID: a09a03

Go back through the lobby-like area to LAB CONTROL. From there you can hang a left to SCIENCE.
No. 239363 ID: c71597

Devour miscellaneous crap and then check out control room.

Hmm, also keep looking for any other batteries or live wires you can nom on.
No. 239466 ID: e40e60

No. 240041 ID: 6547ec
File 128650038436.png - (11.13KB , 600x450 , 121.png )

I'm not all that hungry, but I guess a little snack couldn't hurt~

"Yes, you eat up and fill out that ass for me~"

"Oou hush," I say with my mouth full.

"By the way, I can enhance one of your abilities again. I think we both know which one you want me to improve~"
No. 240042 ID: 6547ec
File 128650040414.png - (14.04KB , 600x450 , 122.png )

Skeleton? I-I thought I was regular sized!

"I'm talking about your tits~"

I'm not too thin...am I? Is that bad?

"Of course, you'd need some 'support'~"

N-no! My body's just fine!

"That's what you have me for. I'll gladly hold them up for you~"



I get too full to finish the robot, so I'll have to return later when I'm hungry again. My wounds heal as I chow down, and now I kind of wish I could take a shower and wash the blood out of my fur.
No. 240043 ID: 6547ec
File 128650041962.png - (10.53KB , 600x450 , 123.png )

I try to open the door to the control room, but it doesn't respond. I might need a key...or a higher level of STRENGTH.

I head to the SCIENCE ROOM. Unfortunately, this door is also locked. I see a dead body in the corner, and this worries me a little bit.
No. 240047 ID: 56dc25

Inspect body. Well, glance around the body first in case of sinister traps, but after that inspect body. Hope for keys.

If there are no keys, boost strength and start tearing down doors.
No. 240048 ID: d677cc

Looks like something went way wrong here.

Check body, check poster, check turret, attack science room door. :B
No. 240053 ID: 2563d4

Ride turret like a mechanical bull.

This is entirely a tactical decision which means it cannot fire at you unlike that other very dead person, in particular given that it appears to be currently aiming more-or-less your way.
No. 240054 ID: 9e5b05

Investigate dead body. Eat dead body after salvaging anything useful. Investigate gun. Eat casings. Upgrade Strength. Rip gun loose, look badass. Fret about weight. Debate binging. look at Nerv picture. Fret more about wait. Cry inside about weight insecurities. Life up poster, see what is under it. Lift up carpet, see what's under it. Eat carpet. Eat lights. Eat camera. Eat door.
No. 240081 ID: c16ebe

that's... bizarre.
It looks like a gun shot that guy up, where he then bled out on the floor. And then... someone inspected him and then walked away with bloody footprints? I'm not really sure what that would mean.

Look at the footprints and see if you can recognize them at all.
Also, I'd recommend examining the gun first, and make sure it's not going to fire at you if you step in range of it before examining the dead guy.
And another vote for strength.
No. 240118 ID: e40e60

That gun is probably the only object we've seen so far that can actually damage you. Tear it off its mounting and put it in the corner facing away from you.
No. 240171 ID: 135871

this, but don't forget to return for it once you have enough strength to wield it.
No. 240188 ID: 6547ec
File 128651078196.png - (11.54KB , 600x450 , 124.png )

I hear a loud beep as the gun turns to face me. The entire world seems to come to a stop, giving me one fleeting moment to react.

I'm too slow to dodge it. I can't take many hits.

I still have a LAPTOP and BROKEN GLASS in my inventoy.
No. 240189 ID: c59f60

No. 240192 ID: 1a99f0

the camera! that has to be how it can track you.
No. 240193 ID: 701a19

Roz: Boost her dodging ability!
Venji: Rush the gun and jump on top of it!
No. 240194 ID: c16ebe

That red light wasn't there before! Somebody's spying on us!

I'll second speed boost. Dodge right, throw the glass at the camera? Can you throw that precisely and hard?
Well, no real loss even if you can't. Guess it wouldn't hurt to try, but priority on dodging.

Alternatively, stop hallucinating that there is a gun trying to kill you XD
No. 240200 ID: 9406d6

Get shot. Die.
No. 240206 ID: fd6d7e

That's not a gun. It's a mirror! D:
No. 240207 ID: 9e5b05

No. 240216 ID: a09a03

Throw shard of glass with great speed at camera behind you.
No. 240229 ID: 135871

deflect the bullets with your massive bullet-proof tozol tits
No. 240230 ID: c6fa0a

I like the "blow up the camera" ideas.

If all else fails, EAT BULLETS. Literally.
No. 240234 ID: 9bd27f


Throw something to distract the gun's sensor (if that's how it works), then dive and roll forward to get underneath its fire. You should be able to destroy, or deactivate it once you're under it. If you get shot in the process, just eat part of the gun to regenerate.
No. 240254 ID: 0bd394

Pretend you are a matador. Use the lab coat.
No. 240265 ID: c2c011

Boost speed and dodge while throwing the laptop as a distraction!
No. 240279 ID: 2563d4

At that range you should be able to just vault onto the damn thing as per >>240053 .
No. 240284 ID: b0ef4c

since you seem to eat everything. eat the bullets. V:
No. 240291 ID: 67c611

Limbo + crabwalk to get underneath it
No. 240355 ID: 6547ec

Throw laptop.
No. 240359 ID: 6547ec
File 128657646458.png - (34.78KB , 600x450 , 125.png )

As if knowing precisely what I needed, Roz boosts my speed.
No. 240360 ID: 6547ec
File 128657648270.png - (13.02KB , 600x450 , 126.png )

I lunge the BROKEN GLASS at the camera and manage to catch it dead-on with a combination of enhanced speed and senses. Its lens shatters!
No. 240361 ID: 6547ec
File 128657650780.png - (10.38KB , 600x450 , 127.png )

I quickly lean out of the way of the bullets as the gun starts firing.

Would it be so bad if the gun killed me? For all I know all my friends and family are long dead. Do I even have anything to live for? Would anyone care if I died?

I hear a voice in my head.
"I care!"
No. 240362 ID: 6547ec
File 128657652228.png - (9.72KB , 600x450 , 128.png )

I do all of this in one huge 10 image action!

I dive under the bullets as the gun begins to power down, roll to the side in case it decides to shoot one last bullet, and jump at it with all my might. I ride that fucker like a mechanical bull.

A few beeps are heard and the gun powers the rest of the way down.
No. 240363 ID: 6547ec
File 12865765414.png - (11.13KB , 600x450 , 129.png )

I dismount the gun and fall to my hands and knees, the emotions of the event catching up to me.

"Are you okay?"

"I don't know. I don't think so."

"Hey, it's alright. You're still alive. I'm here with you. Everything's okay."

"I just... I need a minute."

"Take all the time you need. I'll sit here and enjoy the view~"

I'm not hungry.
No. 240364 ID: 6547ec
File 128657660393.png - (13.11KB , 600x450 , 130.png )

I manage to regain my composure after some time, but I still feel like a nervous wreck.

I take a look at the poster on the wall. I see a creature of a strange, yet familiar race.

It looks like this is advertising a movie or something. I dunno, he doesn't look all that dreamy to me. I don't quite see the appeal.
No. 240366 ID: 6547ec
File 128657665574.png - (13.94KB , 600x450 , 131.png )

I turn the dead body over and see yet another strange creature. It is covered in dried blood. There are several bullet wounds, and a larger wound in its abdomen that suggests something had stabbed it.
No. 240367 ID: a594b9

Get all from corpse.

Go storage.
No. 240377 ID: e40e60

I see bulging pockets.
No. 240382 ID: e40e60

Also pray that that brown stuff is just poorly colored blood
No. 240384 ID: fd6d7e

Get stab wound from creature. Upgrade heart scar.
No. 240392 ID: f52552

Boner acquired.
No. 240405 ID: 716eb0

>poorly colored
Dried blood = brown. Why do so few people know this?
No. 240413 ID: a09a03

Loot body. Aim gun turret at the locked door and try to make it fire.

(Drawing it unrealistically as dark red, even many hours after it should have turned brown, is more visually dramatic. It's like how movies show a double-oval to represent looking through binoculars...)
No. 240504 ID: c2c011

Stress out and comfort eat the gun. It's delicious various metals, you must eat it.

And really, you need to fill out that figure. You're so skinny it's almost sickening.
No. 240510 ID: b0ef4c

I agree with him. your a walking stick girl. you need some more fat. I suggest cooking the corpse and eating it for some delicious meats.
No. 240795 ID: a41aaf

Check under the huge conspicuous rug.
No. 240960 ID: 6547ec
File 128668098823.png - (9.09KB , 600x450 , 132.png )

I search through his pockets and find...

A card with his picture and a name. 'Dr. Jacob Fightmaster"...
Fightmaster? What kind of name is that? Anyway, I think it'll fit into the slot next to the door.

I also find an antidepressant called 'Counter-Depress' and a device that I don't quite recognize.

Finally, a few coins and a crumpled piece of paper.
No. 240961 ID: 6547ec
File 12866810152.png - (11.34KB , 600x450 , 133.png )

I move the rug, but don't find anything underneath. Aw, man. I was so hoping for a secret passage or a key, or maybe some dirt from a janitor being lazy on the job.
No. 240963 ID: 6547ec
File 128668104445.png - (7.50KB , 600x450 , 134.png )

I don't think I want to put that big thing in my mouth.

And I'm not hungry.

Why do you keep saying I'm skinny?
No. 240964 ID: 6547ec
File 12866810696.png - (9.34KB , 600x450 , 135.png )

Argh! Look-- I'm not that thin, okay!? I'm pretty average-sized! You don't see my ribs poking out or anything! If I keep eating I might even become chubby!

"I think it's the lab coat. It's taking off 10 pounds and you should remove it immediately~"

"You're not helping!"

"I'm serious~"

I head to the door and try the keycard. After beeping a couple of times, the door slides open. Success!
No. 240966 ID: 6547ec
File 128668108817.png - (18.14KB , 600x450 , 136.png )

I enter the room and see a large robot, a table with a weird device connected to a belt, and a bunch of other stuff that looks science-y.

There's a cupboard and a door leading to another room. I wonder if the keycard would work on it too?
No. 240968 ID: 135871

the robot is obviously evil, kill and eat it
No. 240969 ID: 2563d4

No. 240971 ID: fd6d7e

That's not a robot. It's a mirror! D:
No. 240972 ID: c59f60

examine belt thing and robot.
No. 240976 ID: a594b9

A LOCKER! Loot it.
No. 240979 ID: 620bfb

If we keep giving you a negative body image then you should down the counter-depress.
No. 240987 ID: 2563d4

"That's probably for Titzi", he said, totally not stealing suggestions from someone on IRC.
No. 240992 ID: c59f60

oh and un-crumple paper.
No. 241024 ID: e3f578

>'Dr. Jacob Fightmaster"... Fightmaster? What kind of name is that?

The name of a badass motherfucker that's who. Which means the thing that killed him probably is an even MORE badass motherfucker with the words stitched right on his wallet and his ID would say "Prof. Ivan Kilkrieg" or "S. L. Jackson"

You better watch out because a motherfucker is on the loose.
No. 241034 ID: b0ef4c

eat the robot.
No. 241059 ID: a09a03

Read the file.
No. 241061 ID: 0dfb3c

Hug Grasshopper!

All robots are named Grasshopper~
No. 241215 ID: c2c011

Take a pill of counterdepress to counter the depression you're feeling because you're so skinny for a... whatever you are.

Then it's time to examine the shit out of this place. Look for live wires or batteries.
No. 241377 ID: 1859c2

You're mean. :-(
No. 241378 ID: e40e60

Ignore this.
No. 242178 ID: 6547ec
File 128683428727.png - (18.00KB , 600x450 , 137.png )

I'm nowhere near hungry enough to eat an entire robot! But I snack on the metal rod I saw on the desk as I examine the machine. Urp. I'm starting to get kind of tired.

I can't really tell what this thing was built to do. Touching it makes me feel inappropriate for some reason.
No. 242179 ID: 6547ec
File 128683430699.png - (17.42KB , 600x450 , 138.png )

Okay now I really feel inappropriate.

Unfortunately, grasshopper doesn't respond.
No. 242180 ID: 6547ec
File 128683432455.png - (13.25KB , 600x450 , 139.png )

Stop. Just...stop. There's nothing wrong with me. I don't need breasts to look beautiful. I don't even know why I took this upgrade at all. It's stupid. This is stupid.

I don't need pills. I'm fine.
No. 242181 ID: 6547ec
File 128683434464.png - (11.01KB , 600x450 , 140.png )

This details the Anti-gravity Engine. It works by taking the force of gravity and...

...and that's how it can fly. That's pretty advanced and science-y! It looks like it was specifically designed for whatever Titzi is.

On the other side it talks about robotic limb attachments for...what are those? They kind of look like slugs.
No. 242182 ID: 6547ec
File 128683436054.png - (9.05KB , 600x450 , 141.png )

Speaking of robotic limbs, that's what I find in the closet! A couple of them look like they might function, but most of them appear broken.

There's definitely enough food in this place to last me a good while. Knowing there's no real rush makes me feel a little better.
No. 242184 ID: 6547ec
File 128683437616.png - (20.11KB , 600x450 , 142.png )

Looks like this is what I came here for. If I want to take it with me, I'll have to make room...or figure out what the mysterious third inventory slot is.

The bottom two slots are the coat pockets, obviously.
No. 242185 ID: 6547ec
File 128683439391.png - (68.95KB , 600x450 , 143.png )

I can't even imagine what that poor creature must have gone through.
No. 242187 ID: 2563d4

It's clearly Roz's inventory slot. Duh.

Discard the note since you've read it now. Give the counter-depress bottle to Roz since it should be a good size.
No. 242188 ID: 701a19

No. 242189 ID: dc80ab

well now the paper is useless so you can discard it.
No. 242222 ID: c71597

Fold the paper into a dashing hat and wear it so you look more dashing.
No. 242243 ID: cd7581

Paper Hattage is obviously the only way to go.
No. 242257 ID: a09a03

>or figure out what the mysterious third inventory slot is.
Place an item in it and see where it goes.

Ditch the crumpled paper and replace with the agrav. Take it and the limbs back to Titzi.
No. 242265 ID: e3f578

It's probably the gullet in your stomach. All the magical creatures have them for storage.
No. 242334 ID: 1854db

Maybe the third inventory slot is stuff you carry with your tails?

At any rate, ditch the paper. After checking the other side of it anyway.
No. 242360 ID: c16ebe

Become adept at tuning out particularly annoying voices
No. 242364 ID: 135871

can you hack the robot with your science skill?
No. 242392 ID: 3c0a8c


I'm gonna come out and try to counter-act some of the other voices.

I think you're beautiful just the way you are.

You don't need to change anything about yourself.

Now continue with your sciency endeavors like a true Venji!.
No. 242401 ID: 9a7a68

yeah, while it was funny the first time it's starting to grate on me too. seriously stop with the jokes about her body.
No. 242402 ID: 1854db

Venji, you are a beautiful lady. Now check out that weird machine in the corner, and head through the door to Science 2.
No. 242500 ID: 80bb9a

I'd just like to put it on record that I would bone Venji. So yeah, she's fine.
No. 242608 ID: f4963f
File 128692323244.jpg - (25.42KB , 300x400 , Christina.jpg )

Venji -
You are beautiful, no matter what they say.
No. 242660 ID: 4531bc

You shush. That's mean and untrue.

...how would you even know that about Venji, anyway!?
No. 242805 ID: 6547ec
File 128695204845.png - (12.79KB , 600x450 , 144.png )

I'm not really in the mood to wear the paper as a silly hat. I discard it onto the table and pick up the ANTI-GRAVITY BELT.

I don't know how to hack it. I thought this coat would make me know science, but I'm the same as before. What a shame.

No. 242806 ID: 6547ec
File 128695207341.png - (17.66KB , 600x450 , 145.png )

It looks like it was meant to rotate something really fast. Maybe a really big screw?

I decide to check out the other room before heading back to Titzi, since I'm here. I'd rather be alone for a moment anyway.
No. 242807 ID: 6547ec
File 128695209477.png - (13.52KB , 600x450 , 146.png )

Hmm. I see an empty shelf, a drawer with a flower pot on top of it, a hose for some reason, a drain (for the hose?), some blood on the floor, a weird light attached to a metal arm, and a--

A mirror...

I stare at myself for several moments.
No. 242808 ID: 6547ec
File 128695211144.png - (6.13KB , 600x450 , 147.png )

>You don't need to change anything about yourself.
No. 242809 ID: 6547ec
File 12869521388.png - (9.46KB , 600x450 , 148.png )

>Venji, you are a beautiful lady.
No. 242811 ID: 6547ec
File 128695215744.png - (8.96KB , 600x450 , 149.png )

>I think you're beautiful just the way you are.
No. 242812 ID: 6547ec
File 128695218954.png - (15.50KB , 600x450 , 150.png )

>You are beautiful, no matter what they say.
No. 242813 ID: 6547ec
File 128695221450.png - (13.61KB , 600x450 , 151.png )

I'm beautiful.

Venji will no longer acknowledge posts talking down to her about her body.
No. 242814 ID: 6547ec

Make out with miorroji.
No. 242815 ID: 1854db

No. 242816 ID: 0b2a05

How sweet~

No. 242817 ID: 444ebc

Roz's got our back pretty well with speed, so let's crank up those senses some more.

Now if we can just get Titzi to be happy with himself too.
No. 242818 ID: 135871

No. 242819 ID: e3f578

Make out with your mad self.

In other words kiss mirror
No. 242826 ID: c71597

Awesome, the plot worked perfectly.

Now go through a quickening, that makes you quicker. Possibly there should be lightning and stuff while you proclaim that you are the one.
No. 242829 ID: a09a03

No. 242832 ID: 3c0a8c

Way to go Venji!

Also: Speed seems like a good idea.
No. 242839 ID: a17cca

>Make out with your mad self.

>In other words kiss mirror

>Realize mirror is a doorway

>Freak outContinue.
No. 242844 ID: a09a03

Become less worried about personal appearance and more worried about bleeding chest wound.
No. 242847 ID: 701a19


Also: Senses.
No. 242848 ID: aa14c8

No. 242858 ID: c6fa0a

Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. I wanna see what you look like all hyped up on crack. :D

Also, no need to make out with mirror. You've got a depressed fuzzy green shark and creepy dreamworm for that. :D

No. 242880 ID: 2563d4

>Make out with miorroji.
She'll only steal your heart. DO HO HO.

>Now if we can just get Titzi to be happy with himself too.
We have druuugs for that.

Upgrade? Senses.
No. 242894 ID: b0ef4c

upgrade senses
No. 242911 ID: d677cc

Speed tiem.
No. 242932 ID: e40e60


(read the spoiler text)
No. 242939 ID: 2b2aa5


Just because everyone decided to sing Kumbaya and tell her that she's a special and unique flower doesn't mean she's magically thin. Bitch needs to lose a few pounds. She looks like she's about to go into hibernation.

Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away.
No. 242940 ID: e3f578

Even if she'll ignore sayings about her body she's still a fucking whore. She's got her own porn site and everything.
No. 242944 ID: c16ebe

Gonna vote for Senses.

Was the bizarre positioning of mirror-Venji just a limitation from wanting to draw Venji in the mirror but not being able to actually place it realistically? Or is there something weird going on with that mirror?

Another camera, but no threats around fortunately. Might break it anyways.
Point the hose at the drain (just in case it's acid or something stupid), turn it on, and see if water comes out.

Random observation: Dried blood with no markings spread around? So something died, dried up, and THEN was removed? ... that's kinda disturbing.

Protip: Stick to your guns and ignore those posts
No. 242951 ID: 4531bc

See, this is why we can't have funny little innocent jokes. People like you. You should feel bad.
No. 242960 ID: 2563d4

He really should. He is a bad person.
No. 242995 ID: e3f578

Relllllaaaaaaxxx I'm bad at jokes. That was a real bad joke. Everyone is a whore. Even Roz has a site you should look up Roz online and see how much of a whore he is. All he ever wanted was attention and that was the only way he got it until you pimped him away and became his friend.
No. 242996 ID: 2563d4

Speaking of Roz, he should see if he has a mirror-dreamyworm.
No. 243021 ID: 9e5b05

Venji you know I would never shatter your self image but I said, as any sensible person would, that you are too skinny. You are clearly skin and bone and you haven't had a proper meal all day and that it wasn't your breast that would make you beautiful is to develop a proper body weight to actually get you to a proper child bearing weight and fill you your bottom. Everyone else seems to be saying that you look beautiful being skinny and having some perverted dream-fish fill your breasts out, but what would I know.
No. 243022 ID: 9e5b05

Anyway, Venji dear, i would be careful. Last time you dealt with a mirror a demon came out of it and you had to punch it. It would be very bad for you, young lady, if that happened again!
No. 243050 ID: dad664

Become narcissistic.

Fall in love with yourself.
No. 243238 ID: f4963f

No. 243345 ID: 6547ec
File 128703705255.png - (13.43KB , 600x450 , 152.png )

A beautiful...jack of all trades, apparently. I feel my body grow swifter and more hardy.

Am I growing stronger, or regaining what I've lost? It's hard to say for sure.
No. 243346 ID: 6547ec
File 128703711864.png - (13.19KB , 600x450 , 153.png )

Who's pretty? You're pretty. Mmmm...

I give myself a tender kiss and notice Roz grinning like an idiot.

I feel more confident, but I'd rather fall in love with someone else!

I suddenly step back from the mirror...but nothing scary seems to happen. Looks like I'm safe for now.

Looks like it. Any inconsistencies with the mirror are probably nothing more than somebody being unable to draw.
No. 243347 ID: 6547ec
File 128703714730.png - (14.96KB , 600x450 , 154.png )

It's not bleeding anymore. My wounds have healed from all the overeating I've been doing. I'm really going to need a nap soon.

I smash the camera for good measure, and test out the hose. Once I confirm that it's just water, I wash myself down to get rid of the blood and make myself easier to draw more presentable.

The water's very cold!

I take a moment to dry, then put back on the lab coat and head to Titzi.
No. 243348 ID: 6547ec
File 128703718762.png - (12.84KB , 600x450 , 155.png )

I begin working on attaching the ANTI-GRAVITY BELT.

"You've returned," Titzi says, sounding surprised.


"You've returned."

"I told you I would, didn't I?"



"I don't get you. You don't even know me. What do you care if I die? Why are you helping me?"
No. 243349 ID: dad664


"I'm Batman."
No. 243350 ID: d677cc

"Why shouldn't I help you?"
No. 243352 ID: 1854db

Because he needs help. Because nobody else can help him. And because WE LOVE HIM it's not really a big deal. It's not like we're giving him our liver or anything.

Perhaps Titzi would like some Counter-Depress?
No. 243353 ID: 24a9bd

"Us shark fish gotta stick together."

Alternatively, you really, REALLY wanted to see a flying shark~
No. 243354 ID: fd6d7e

Blush deeply and say "I-I-I was hoping we could go for a swim sometime, maybe get a bite to eat?"
No. 243355 ID: 4643fd

"because i'm a good person."
No. 243358 ID: a09a03

Say "Ooh! Look at me! I have low self esteem so I think everyone wants me to die!" in a mocking tone.

Make jazz hands.
No. 243362 ID: 40cb26

If he has to ask, then it can't be explained. You'll just have to show him.
No. 243364 ID: 4531bc


or replace batman with VENJI.
No. 243365 ID: c6fa0a

>"What do you care if I die? Why are you helping me?"

Why wouldn't you? Titzi hasn't been super-mean to you or anything. And, I guess it helps that you're both probably some twisted experiments left to fend for themselves. Hell, it's almost like they took 2 different people and smooshed them together to make you.

And, of course, he's a fuzzy green shark-thing. That's soon going to be flying. Titzi is awesome. You have permission to girl-squee.
No. 243372 ID: e3f578

"What are you, some sort of cliche drama queen that's utterly convinced everyone is an abandoning dickwad? Come on, it's not even a zombie apocalypse."

and then titzi was a zombie shark
No. 243375 ID: c71597

You're helping it because you damn well feel like it. And there's not a single god damn fucking thing it can do to stop you.
No. 243390 ID: c16ebe

... who changed the bloodwriting on the wall? How did they change the bloodwriting on the wall?
Ask Titzi if there's writing on the wall, if there is, what it says. And if it's changed. Maybe he can be the voice of sanity as we try to ascertain what's real and what's our imagination! pfffft hahahahaha
No. 243398 ID: 3c0a8c

"I couldn't just leave you there. And I wouldn't leave a friend out to dry."

No. 243399 ID: 6547ec

"Roz and I are going to have dream babies together, and we need you to be a host for the eggs!"
No. 243400 ID: e40e60

No. 243406 ID: a41aaf

I wonder if the labcoat is giving the wrong impression?
No. 243408 ID: 1578e2

Because I have a thing for fish people!

Actually because I care about people and am genuinely a good person. (then hug)
No. 243415 ID: f1df52

>>Why help me?

Because it's right.
No. 243422 ID: 2563d4

Correct answer.

Acceptable alternative.
No. 243431 ID: f52552

I second this.
Because hugs.
No. 243440 ID: 8555c2

"I'm bored, lost, and looking for some company that isn't constantly staring at my breasts."
No. 243443 ID: 19dce0


This is also good.

You guys have a lot of good ideas.
No. 243999 ID: 6547ec
File 128719387597.png - (14.20KB , 600x450 , 156.png )

I wave my hands around as I taunt Titzi.

"Are you mocking me," Titzi says with a growl. "I'm going to bite you so hard."

"I'm saying you need to lighten up!"

"Hmph. You never answered my question."
No. 244000 ID: 6547ec
File 128719389016.png - (15.33KB , 600x450 , 157.png )

Wow," Titzi says. "I didn't expect that to be your motive."

"WHAT!? Baby I-I-I don't think I'm ready for that kind of commitment and I mean we haven't even what what"

I giggle. "You two are so gullible~"

"Don't scare me like that or at least let me tap that before doing so geez" Roz says rapidly.

"But the truth is you needed help, and I'm not the kind of person who will leave a friend out to dry. I'm helping you whether you like it or not!"
No. 244002 ID: 6547ec
File 128719390870.png - (18.29KB , 600x450 , 158.png )

There is a whirring noise as I activate the ANTI-GRAVITY BELT. Titzi floats up.

Augh this is too cute! I let out a squeal.


"I'm sorry you're just so adorable!"

Titzi grumbles, and then sighs. "You really aren't like the others, are you? You even look a little different..."
No. 244003 ID: 6547ec
File 128719394161.png - (12.27KB , 600x450 , 159.png )

I can't take it anymore! I hug Titzi.

"What are you doing I still don't like being touched argh damn it I will bite you so hard I swear stop it"

"I'm really glad you're okay."
No. 244004 ID: 6547ec
File 128719395535.png - (13.97KB , 600x450 , 160.png )

Titzi stops struggling. "...Thanks."

"Okay, you can stop hugging him now."

"Are you jealous~?" I tease.

"What? Don't be silly, babe. We just shouldn't be wasting time like this that's all."

"I think I heard one of them mention something about a hidden passage out of here," Titzi says. "It's not on any map, probably to stop people like us from escaping, but I'm sure there's a place where we can find out more."

"Are you hurting?" I ask. "We could also try to find some more healing supplies."

"Your first aid stopped a lot of my bleeding, but I do feel kind of weak. Thankfully, floating around isn't exactly taxing."

"Good great now stop hugging and let's go."

No. 244005 ID: 135871

can sharkboy eat to heal too? or is that just part of your freaky biology?
No. 244009 ID: 1854db

First thing's first. Ask Titzi what he can do, and what he eats.
No. 244022 ID: 2563d4

Honestly Roz, she did use the future tense. She can say that given an intent for tapping-related activities at any point yet to come.

It must be about time to GO DENNIS.
No. 244024 ID: f57857

Remind Tizi of his quest to save his clansmen from the Japanese.
No. 244071 ID: 6547ec

Scold Roz. So it's okay to literally jump into your nonexistant pants about five minutes after you meet, but the MOMENT you ask for a commitment, he chickens out?
No. 244108 ID: f57857

Yeah, tell that perv he isn't getting any action until he makes up his mind.
No. 244145 ID: c71597

Nice, you found a weapon to use against the perv. Now lets go check out the rest of this place before we leave. Nothing must be allowed to remain behind! Nothing useful atleast.
No. 244579 ID: 6547ec
File 128729516627.png - (11.46KB , 600x450 , 161.png )

"Why don't you just eat something?" I ask. "Maybe you can heal your wounds that way."

"Huh? I don't know about you, but I can't just eat something and stop bleeding."

"Oh. Well, I can."

"Sounds handy."

"You'd think so, but it's lead to some really confusing body-image issues. What do you eat, anyway?"

"I eat DELICIOUS MEATS, though I will settle for MEDIOCRE MEATS. Now that you mention it, I'm actually pretty hungry."

"Do you have any cool abilities?"

"Well, I can shoot a laser beam from my mouth, and I can bite people really, really hard. I can also breathe both water and air."
No. 244580 ID: 6547ec
File 128729518474.png - (20.03KB , 600x450 , 162.png )

"Oh, just like Roz. Speaking of, what the heck? You've hit on my constantly since we first met, but the moment I talk of commitment you chicken out?"

"I just don't know you well enough for that is all."

"But you know me well enough to 'tap that'."

"Hey, hey. There's a difference in casual sex and a life-long commitment, babe~"

"Oh, so it's casual with you, hmm? Then I guess you won't mind me going out with Titzy."

"No! I mean, yes. It's-- I don't want another dude stepping in on my territory!"

"Your territory? Given that you're in my body, I think it's the other way around."

"Oh really~ I don't mind letting you dom me then~" Roz's tone lowers. "But I really don't want another dude being a part of it."

"I'm not interested," Titzi says. "Besides..."
No. 244583 ID: 6547ec
File 128729519950.png - (16.61KB , 600x450 , 163.png )

"...I'm female."
No. 244584 ID: 6547ec
File 128729522351.png - (12.86KB , 600x450 , 164.png )

No. 244585 ID: 6547ec
File 128729523859.png - (13.91KB , 600x450 , 165.png )

No. 244586 ID: 135871

oh damn
No. 244591 ID: 6547ec
File 128729570284.png - (65.33KB , 600x450 , 166 part 1 end.png )

I think this is actually a good place to end this thread. The upcoming stuff will work better if I recover a bit of stamina first~
No. 244592 ID: 3c0a8c

I think the proper response to this would have to be :3c

No. 244598 ID: 1854db

Oh, apologize and say you had no way of knowing since you are unfamiliar with her species. Also gently chide Roz but I guess it wasn't particularly rude of him to say that.

Hmm. Have we seen any meat anywhere at all? Let's go back to Science 2 and search the containers there, then check that door we didn't go into coming out of LAB CONTROL. It says SPECONIA or something?
No. 244673 ID: 6547ec

Maaaan, don't talk about stamina in this thread. Really, now.
No. 244812 ID: c71597

Awesome. We still need another dude to keep Roz under leash though.
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