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File 127835525852.jpg - (97.38KB , 720x458 , Golem Northern Mountains.jpg )
203684 No. 203684 ID: a76809

[ First Thread http://www3.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/83524.html ]
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[ Wiki Page: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Golem_Quest ]


Vimes, leader of the Watchmen, an independent mercenary group replete with golems of all sorts and other colorful characters, has come to pay me a visit. Vimes has had many questions for me, among them:

--Why I have a knight of the Order of Harmonious Discord here at the Arcanoworks (Referencing Reinhardt),
--How I know about the mage (Weinsho, to the north) that Vimes and his companions hunt,
--What specifics I may have that I am willing to share concerning this mage (All I have said thus far has been about the Core Being released near Trekel),
--An explanation as to why I keep leaving the Arcanoworks when Lord Brigadier General Quinton ceded it to my command (I do leave very frequently to pursue other endeavors),
--How I showed up within minutes of a Domintus attack on the opposite side of the state (I felt a vague sense of impending death and the release of souls, but I know not how to say that without revealing my true nature as a sapient Soul Grave)
--And why there is a man floating over my walls challenging me to a fight.

Which brings me to my next issue, besides speaking with Vimes: Eisenhardt, who I only yesterday had a vicious battle with that resulted in massive damage to my lands and nearly destroyed me, has had his legs re-grafted to his body, and systemic nerve damage recovered (which he seems to believe has restored lost magical power to him, a prospect I do not look forward to testing at the moment), is hovering over the Arcanoworks' walls, challenging me to round two of our bout, still seeking to destroy my Soul Grave (and thankfully still laboring under the assumption I am in fact a mage in some distant location controlling the form, the cover I use with every person I meet, to avoid discovery).

The reason these issues are pressing to me, beyond their intrinsic importance, is the fact that based on information garnered from Reinhardt, Eisenhardt, and other sources, I have deduced that Dulu, a foe that has continued to plague me even after I slew him in a new form of metal, is to the North-and I fear he will be-or already is-attacking the Premen of the Drazken Clan that were the first to join my cause, and the only collective of individuals to know that I am self-willed, and still chose to exalt me.

With Eisenhardt, Vimes and nearly everyone else in the Arcanoworks attending to my words, I consider...

What should I say or do?
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No. 203694 ID: 6c9d14

Tell Eisenhardt that round two will have to wait, as you have guests. You should probably bug a staff member to make some tea or something, we're practically swimming in guests oh my where are my manners
No. 203695 ID: c4af24

ok lets get crackin

>Why I have a knight of the Order of Harmonious Discord here at the Arcanoworks (Referencing Reinhardt),

Mention something about a cursory visit, or maybe say it was about getting acquainted.

>How I know about the mage (Weinsho, to the north) that Vimes and his companions hunt

we apparently foiled his nasty plans and he wants us dead now. hes made that part quite clear.

>What specifics I may have that I am willing to share concerning this mage (All I have said thus far has been about the Core Being released near Trekel),

well he has many apprentices and doesn't seem to care about innocent bystanders

>An explanation as to why I keep leaving the Arcanoworks when Lord Brigadier General Quinton ceded it to my command

we have things to do, people to take care of! and besides, he left in in charge of a remote controlled golem, the "controller" isn't even there, seems kind of silly to have to stay around when technically we "aren't even there"

>How I showed up within minutes of a Domintus attack on the opposite side of the state (I felt a vague sense of impending death and the release of souls, but I know not how to say that without revealing my true nature as a sapient Soul Grave)

hmm well there are different ways to go about this...Mordre could say he felt something brewing, or "saw" something, giving false info that Mage Mordre is a seer of some kind, or we could say we got the information from elsewhere. We could say one of our "maids" is an untrained seer, but i dont know enough about sightseeing in this universe to know how plausible this would be, also i dont know if adding more to our "maids" would help anything...bleh

>And why there is a man floating over my walls challenging me to a fight

"ah, he is Mage Eisenhardt, a most exemplary fighter, who I have an honor-bound agreement with towards dueling for past trangressions against each other..."
eh im not good at coming up with dialouge, someone help D:

(lol bang if you like him so much why dontcha fight him. no, wait....)
No. 203697 ID: e31d52

>--Why I have a knight of the Order of Harmonious Discord here at the Arcanoworks (Referencing Reinhardt),

As I understand it, my recent actions cause something of an upheaval. I beleive it was a matter of simple protocol and nothing serious.

>--How I know about the mage (Weinsho, to the north) that Vimes and his companions hunt,

He has something personal against me. I myself saw a whole village murdered to send a simple message to me. Someone who does something like that warrants investigating, so I sent my best men to do so.

>--What specifics I may have that I am willing to share concerning this mage (All I have said thus far has been about the Core Being released near Trekel),

((I'm leaving this up to our real manipulators))

>--An explanation as to why I keep leaving the Arcanoworks when Lord Brigadier General Quinton ceded it to my command (I do leave very frequently to pursue other endeavors),

This golem is both my voicepeice and my greatest single weapon. Thus, when a problem arises, I prefer to take care of it in 'person' as it were, rather than risking the valuable lives of my men and women. I would happily stay, were there not so many matters requiring my attention. I'm hoping to see that this place becomes self-sufficient in the future, enough that I may help the State as much as possible without losing this outpost.

>--How I showed up within minutes of a Domintus attack on the opposite side of the state (I felt a vague sense of impending death and the release of souls, but I know not how to say that without revealing my true nature as a sapient Soul Grave)

I am capable of interfacing with this golem from a distance longer than the size of the State itself. Do not underestimate my information network.

>--And why there is a man floating over my walls challenging me to a fight.

I got on his bad side by slaying his apprentice because said apprentice as about to lay seige to a whole city. We're settling it this way because this is what he desires.

So many issues, so many problems...
No. 203699 ID: 1e9d01

Hmm, maybe we can turn Vimes' questions to our advantage?

If we can get Eisenhardt to suspect that our mage persona lives near where the Domintus attack took place, he might run off over there, seeking to kill our flesh instead of risking another near-fatal battle with the golem.

Perhaps if we whispered our answers to Vimes in order to pretend to try to keep Eisenhardt from hearing (he has been evidenced to have very sharp hearing, so he will hear it anyway)... we should answer as such:
"I knew the Dominitus were attacking because I have some holdings near there, and a scout alerted me to the location of their camp."

I'm not sure what to say to his other queries.
No. 203715 ID: 2aaaf1

"Come down Eisenhardt, we still have much to discuss. The rematch can wait just a little longer can't it? I cannot be rude to my guests just because you've got ants in your pantaloons. I'd give Bang and Keddic a crack at you, but I need you here, now please. Yes this concerns you, I- just- OH SOD IT, WOULD YOU GIVE IT A REST FOR NOW?"

"Now, to answer your questions, Sir Vimes. The Knight you see here is Reinhardt, he has been sent by his order to assess me. I don't blame them for being suspicious of an old geezer like me being in control of a Soul Grave. The reason I was present to stop the Domintus stikeforce is directly tied to how I control this Soul Grave. You see, from my controls I can view the memories of this Soul Grave, and more importantly, the scant and fleeting memories of those it consumes for fuel. In addition, one of the innate abilities of a Soul Grave is it's beyond human sensory functions; in short, it can percieve death, or rather, the potential for it. My golem detected such a potential building on the soil of the state, and I put two and two together and concluded that people of the state were dying, or about to die. I acted accordingly and found myself face to face with the Disciples of Domintus. It is a combination of this sensory ability and the need to gain allies within the state that vacates me from the Arcanoworks so often. Trade routes between villages and outposts must be made, defenses against foes of the state must be constructed, and I've got enough mobility to accomplish such things and so I do as much as I can with the time I am given. As to the mage you seek, and the man floating about my walls, they are connected. It is a long and complicated story that I'd be happy to tell once HE DECIDES TO JOIN OUR CONVERSATION!"

No. 203717 ID: 0099f4

>[No Pristine Soul]

Yaaaarghhhhfuck! I spent like 20 minutes thinking/typing/editing that.

Okay, okay.... I think I can salvage the situation, just let me try something:

Elaborating further on previous predictions/deductions.
Weishiro. Our greatest enemy for the time being. War hero and a mage of great skill ... but that does not stop him from using underhanded techniques like deceit, lies and trap... But we shouldn't mistake him for a typical dumb villain or a crook and underestimate him. The man in question was a highly respected Mortal Coil member and an archmage. No matter your character and natural disposition for magic you do not gain such power in arcane arts without being tremendously intellectual. He's a very smart man and probably has a lifetime or two of experience to learn from.
Weishiro likes traps and other unsavory machinations, but I doubt he would have ever as been successful as he's now if he never thought ahead and didn't have several back-up plans ready all the time. A man in his position cannot afford not to be foresightful... think of him like a chess-player: a good player always thinks dozens steps ahead and works out several ways that the enemy can respond and base his plan of attack on them, a bad one will act fast without thinking too much.

What I am trying to say is that Weishiro could be leading us to trap. We take our most powerful members and ourself to go North leaving Arcaneworks vulnerable and Weishiro attacks it with his army of mages and other combatants he has in employ. It might just as well be that Logrks message is part of this trap: Dulus orders might have been to "molest" our holdings but not downright destroy it so that they can send us a message asking us to come there.
Weishiro is a powerful and smart mage, he has no doubt extensive library on magic and other things, he is also a soul mage to boot and add to that fact that Dulu has premen ancestry I think it's safe to bet that Weishiro knows about shaman magic and techniques like soul-dreaming and how it can be used to communicate. So luring us in does not sound so far fetched.

We should leave sufficient force behind to protect Arcane works or for some help while we are out (Blue Knight, Vimes, Reinhardt.... Eisenhardt?)
No. 203719 ID: 86745d

*Sigh* I knew I should have mentioned the Dulu thing earlier. Not sure why I didn't, I blame my birthday distracting me.

"Would you pardon me a moment,
WELL EISENHARDT, I seems that after your rest you are rearing to continue our battle; While I have not had the same benefit, I am not so tired as to refuse you."

Time to at least LOOK like you are pulling out the stops. Draw from the world magic source in the farm and the Leyline and turn the Nexus to amplify your Magnetomancy also see if you can use the blood iron content in your body as a booster. Anchor yourself to every piece of metal in the Arcanoworks then use all that stored energy to repel Eisendhart with all your strength.

Put on "Angry Face Mordre".
No. 203721 ID: 86745d

I will make up for this oversight.
No. 203729 ID: c00244

>--Why I have a knight of the Order of Harmonious Discord here at the Arcanoworks (Referencing Reinhardt),
Well, it would be rather rude to tell him to leave...

>--How I know about the mage (Weinsho, to the north) that Vimes and his companions hunt,
We've encountered his servants on several occasions; it is from their words and documents that we learned of him. Details can be provided on request.

>--What specifics I may have that I am willing to share concerning this mage (All I have said thus far has been about the Core Being released near Trekel),
Well, it would be rather polite if they'd be willing to share some specifics of their own, but given that most of what we know is on the table.

>--An explanation as to why I keep leaving the Arcanoworks when Lord Brigadier General Quinton ceded it to my command (I do leave very frequently to pursue other endeavors),
Because the purpose of taking over the Arcanoworks was to use it as a base from which we could restore stability to the region, not to squat in it and let chaos reign elsewhere. It was left in our command with the express understanding that we would not spend all of our time here, but would inform the State of those occasions on which other affairs occupied us.

>--How I showed up within minutes of a Domintus attack on the opposite side of the state (I felt a vague sense of impending death and the release of souls, but I know not how to say that without revealing my true nature as a sapient Soul Grave)
Suffice to say that we received information to the effect that there would be trouble there before long from a source that we had no reason to distrust. (The fact that this source was our own senses, rather than another being, should go unmentioned.)

>--And why there is a man floating over my walls challenging me to a fight.
Oh, he's sworn to see my golem destroyed and me slain. A rather unfortunate business, really.

>The reason I was present to stop the Domintus stikeforce is directly tied to how I control this Soul Grave. You see, from my controls I can view the memories of this Soul Grave, and more importantly, the scant and fleeting memories of those it consumes for fuel. In addition, one of the innate abilities of a Soul Grave is it's beyond human sensory functions; in short, it can percieve death, or rather, the potential for it.
Do not make this claim. Be vague enough about how we knew about it that we reveal nothing; ultimately, Vimes doesn't have cause to pry into the matter indefinitely and should be willing to let it pass.

>Eisenhardt wants to kill us
Well... while I'm not particularly inclined to take him on again- it was highly dangerous the first time, after all- it would at least get him out of the way if we can successfully deal with him. I'd agree to fight him, but elsewhere, since we would strongly prefer that this fortress and those within it remain unharmed by the conflict. It would be cordial of him to wait, at least a while, for us to deal with a few other matters; would he mind?
No. 203734 ID: e7740e

I think we may also wish to mention to Vimes that Eisenhardt is allied with Wiensho.
No. 203735 ID: 5f0943

>Why I have a knight of the Order of Harmonious Discord here at the Arcanoworks (Referencing Reinhardt),

He is here to check up on some rumors and such (I don't know how to specify it properly)

>How I know about the mage (Weinsho, to the north) that Vimes and his companions hunt

We have encountered several underlings of his, none of them who had any good intentions.

>What specifics I may have that I am willing to share concerning this mage (All I have said thus far has been about the Core Being released near Trekel),

He's got a lot of apprentices, a veritable army of underlings, doesn't care about collateral damage and it is highly likely that he is a soul mage.

>An explanation as to why I keep leaving the Arcanoworks when Lord Brigadier General Quinton ceded it to my command

We use the golem to solve 'problems' when they appear. It is also troublesome for us to directly interface with the arcanoworks and work on projects there, given the golem, so we mostly just give directions and orders to how things goes.

>How I showed up within minutes of a Domintus attack on the opposite side of the state (I felt a vague sense of impending death and the release of souls, but I know not how to say that without revealing my true nature as a sapient Soul Grave)

hmm... this one's tricky. We could try to pin it on a reliable information network, and skilled scouts.

>And why there is a man floating over my walls challenging me to a fight

We killed his apprentice turned bandit-king who was going to attack a city. And no one really likes loosing apprentices.
No. 203736 ID: f4e4f9

Alright then.

To Eisenhardt:

"WHile nothing weighs as heavy on my mind as our potential rematch, I'm afraid I must ask you if we may hold it off for a time, as at least half a dozen pressing emergencies have just been made apparent to me that I simply must attend to, not least of which is the idea that Weinsho may be pressing an attack on my companion's homes, in addition to the fact that with the advent of my new guests, collateral damage would be simply intolerable. I just finished repairing the fields. So, please, in the spirit of mutual respect (and the fact that you've not only been healed, but arguably upgraded), do you think we could hold this off for a time? In the meantime, please avail yourself of this facility's hospitality...or wait until I've sated Captain Vime's curiosity, if you wish to discuss this more."

To Vimes:

>Why I have a knight of the Order of Harmonious Discord here at the Arcanoworks (Referencing Reinhardt)

"Sir Reinhardt is here investigating a matter concerning myself at the behest of his Order. Said matter is somewhat personal, to both of us, but beyond that you'd have to ask him. I would count it a personal favor if you did not, however, as it is somewhat...embarrassing."

>An explanation as to why I keep leaving the Arcanoworks when Lord Brigadier General Quinton ceded it to my command (I do leave very frequently to pursue other endeavors)

"Well, I can give you an answer, but I'm not certain that our noble Lord Brigadier General Quinton will like it. As was made very clear to me, possession of the Arcanoworks was left with me under the condition that I assisted the State in a number of military endeavours, and I was required to inform him when I left. I have done so, and every instance of me vacating the Arcanoworks for an extended period has been with the express purpose of either securing supplies for its running, investigating potential anomalies in the area, or as was the case with this most recent venture, heading off an invasion of the borders. As I and my followers have made sure to maintain proper order in the area, begun supplying the facility, and indeed engaged aggressors of the populace without even being asked, I fail to see Lord Quinton's issue with my excursions...thus far. In addition, my apprentice, Arkus here, is using his talents to construct a simple recall system that can be used to alert me when my presence is required, assuming my golem is not already here at the facility."

>How I showed up within minutes of a Domintus attack on the opposite side of the state (I felt a vague sense of impending death and the release of souls, but I know not how to say that without revealing my true nature as a sapient Soul Grave)

"Well, my family has had a seer or two in its distant past, and its one of the few talents I have that comes naturally to me...in fits. I felt a vague sense of violence and fear looming from the border area, and decided to sortie myself and some of my allies. Rather wish I had brought an full army, now that I think about it, but hey, I didn't know for absolute certain that it was necessary."


"Any good mage worth his name would have at least some spies in the more volatile regions of Zakrath. I recieved word of military movement through the area, and went to head it off."

>How I know about the mage (Weinsho, to the north) that Vimes and his companions hunt

"As for how I know about your goals, it was a simple matter of deduction. You are quite popular among civilian population of the state, and word of the locations that held your interest, as well as a vague idea of what manner of person/persons you sought, reached me. After that, it was a matter of putting the pieces in place."

>What specifics I may have that I am willing to share concerning this mage (All I have said thus far has been about the Core Being released near Trekel)

"That, I think, should wait for at least a moment or two. A number of odd reports from my scouts and some...well timed attacks on my caravan's...leads me to believe that he may have some means of magically spying on me."
No. 203738 ID: f4e4f9

Oh, yes, nearly forgot:

>And why there is a man floating over my walls challenging me to a fight.

"Oh, and regarding my spirited colleague up there...well, in my line of work, you get sometimes are forced to butt heads with other powerful individuals over matters. Mage Eisenhardt is one of those instances. We just finished our initial duel a bit ago, and after we ended it a draw, I had my healers graft his legs back on and repair some systemic nerve damage whilst my Golem reattached its limbs and repaired all the high-velocity impact damage. Seems he's ready for round two. I think he'll be reasonable about it, though."
No. 203771 ID: 503c99


Do you honestly think he will be reasonable about it, after what he just announced he might just attack as soon as we get close.
No. 203779 ID: a76809

I turn to Eisenhardt first, hoping to placate him before I need to worry about answering Vime's questions.

"While nothing weighs as heavy on my mind as our potential rematch, I'm afraid I must ask you if we may hold it off for a time, As at least half a dozen pressing emergencies have just been made apparent to me, The likes of which I simply must attend to, Not least of which is the idea that Weinsho may be pressing an attack on my companion's homes, In addition to the fact that with the advent of my new guests, collateral damage would be simply intolerable. I just finished repairing the fields. So, please, in the spirit of mutual respect- Or, barring that, courtesy for having been healed, do you think we could hold this off for a time? In the meantime, please avail yourself of this facility's hospitality... Or wait until I've sated Captain Vime's curiosity, if you wish to discuss this more."

>"...Oh, very well. I suppose I shall wait for now..."

As Eisenhardt responds, he simply hovers in place, still several feet above a section of wall, the collection of magical energy coalescing into magnetic fields about his form weakening as he cocks his head to wait, muttering to himself. I turn my attention back to Vimes, and start trying to work through his questions as swiftly as possible, still thinking of my plan to return to the north.

"I shall do my best to answer your queries, let me see... Ah, the Paradox Knight. Well, it would quite obviously be rude to just tell him to leave, but more specifically, As I understand it, my recent actions cause something of an upheaval. I believe it was a matter of simple protocol and nothing serious, something of that sort, Though he seems inclined to simply observe and make little to no comment. Said matter is somewhat personal, to both of us, but beyond that you'd have to ask him. I would count it a personal favor if you did not, however, as it is somewhat...embarrassing."

Vimes looks to Reinhardt, his eyes narrowing, but offers no comment to my response, and I continue before he can decide if he wishes to say more.

"As to my frequent excursions from Kyogrock Arcanoworks here.... Well, I can give you an answer, but I'm not certain that our noble Lord Brigadier General Quinton will like it. As was made very clear to me, possession of the Arcanoworks was left with me under the condition, That I assisted the State in a number of military endeavors, and I was required to inform him when I left. I have done so, and every instance of me vacating the Arcanoworks for an extended period of time, Has been with the express purpose of either securing supplies for its running or operations, Investigating potential anomalies in the area, or as was the case with this most recent venture, Heading off an invasion of the borders. As I and my followers have made sure to maintain proper order in the area, Begun supplying the facility, and indeed engaged aggressors of the populace without even being asked, I fail to see Lord Quinton's issue with my excursions...thus far. In addition, my apprentice, Arkus here, Is using his talents to construct a simple recall system that can be used to alert me, As to when my presence is required, assuming my golem is not already here at the facility. We have things to do, people to take care of! and besides, he left it in charge of a remote controlled golem, The one actually controlling the golem isn't even there, so barring Quinton having meant this golem is responsible, It seems kind of silly to have to stay around when technically I'm never 'here'"

I see a flicker of a grin on Vimes face, that quickly vanishes as the one called Nobby speaks with a portly man, and both are glared at until they lapse back into silence, as I move on to my next topic.

"As to my abrupt presence on the State's eastern borders, and the repulsion of the Domintus forces, I am capable of interfacing with this golem from a distance longer than the size of the State itself. Do not underestimate my information network. Suffice to say that we received information to the effect that there would be trouble there before long, From a source that I have had no reason to distrust in all my prior dealings."

Once more, Vimes stares, but this time his face is set into a frown, and I press on, looking to answer all his queries as swiftly as possible.

"As to the mage you spoke of-by the way, I'll out and say it, if they are Weinsho, The individual over there who challenged me is an acquaintance of his-"

At my words Vime's frown vanishes as he turns again to regard Eisenhardt, along with the whole of his group save for the one called Nobby, who seems quite content to giggle as he picks at a scab on his arm-

"Anyway, I apparently foiled a plan or two of his, and he wants me dead now-made that part quite clear. Well, my information largely comes from interactions with his servants from several events: Details can be provided on request, though I ask that such requests be delayed for the moment. As to how I knew the one you seek is one and the same, you are held in high opinion by the populace, Vimes, And so once I learned of your general task, it was a matter of putting the pieces together. Ah, as to information that I could share now, I have several deductions, and testimonials: Namely, that he has many apprentices, a veritable army of underlings, and I suspect he is a Soul Mage."

I tap the side of my head as if in thought, feeling that with so many eyes on me I should emulate the behavior appropriate of one trying to recall a plethora of questions and data, rather than simply being able to answer everything without pause or issue. Vimes, for his part, no longer seems inclined to attempt to stop my speech, instead jotting down notes onto a grubby journal as he listens to what I say.

"..Well, as to Eisenhardt there popping up to challenge me, the answer is simple: I slew his apprentice who was preparing to aggress a nearby city, Hletwa of Duras, At the head of a bandit army complete with artillery. It eventually came to be that I agreed to face him in a duel, which we already had a round of- And as you can see, he is most anxious to return to it. ...Ah, I believe that was everything, yes?"

"Question: Could you be more specific about these sources of information that lead you to the eastern part of the state?"

I lean in a bit closer, and speak in a conspiratorial whisper, recalling Arkus' mention that Eisenhardt demonstrated impeccable hearing.

"Well, if you must know, I have holdings near there, and a scout informed me of the Domintus movements: I extrapolated from there, and moved my Soul Grave towards that end. Is that sufficient answer?"

Before Vimes can respond, I sense a great shift in the magnetic fields about Eisenhardt, as metal pours from his stone and crystal abode to pool beneath his platform as he crouches, the air rippling about him, and in a clap of thunder he is gone, vanishing into the east. It would seem my ruse worked, and he inferred my own position to be close to the state's eastern border-though how long such a distraction shall last, I cannot say. ...And there is the issue of what to do should I encounter him elsewhere, where he might not be so concerned about collateral damage.

"...Huh. I'm going to guess, from how closely you observed his passing, that what you just said was for his benefit, then? Making your foe leave, all that? Well, I don't mind, not my immediate concern... but you gave rather interesting answers to my questions, and I'll be speaking with the personnel here, to corroborate what you've said. I'll be here for some time, I imagine, to make sure I get the story right, so if as you said you have business elsewhere, go ahead and leave, I'll send a runner to Quinton myself."

It would seem I have caught something of a break: Vimes has no more questions for me, Eisenhardt has been mislead, and may be out of my 'hair' for some time, and I am now free to travel back to Mordreden in the north: Even better, I noted Arkus running back into the central tower when I took over the introductions, and he has returned with a pair of ruby-topped robs in his care, the 'danger-rods' he spoke of, as well as three Skyfall-runed rounds for my cannon. ...On the other hand, the fact Vimes shall remain and 'question' my followers concerns me, but I wonder what I can do about that....

What should I say or do?
If I am to set off for the north-lands, should I take anyone with me, and if so, who?
[Please recall that Mordre, Bang, Keddic and Moss are by far the fastest of this group, anyone else included would increase travel time.]
And what kinds of things should I bring with my on my return to Mordreden?
No. 203788 ID: 5f0943

I don't think travel time should be compromised, If we take just Bang, Keddic and Moss, and leaving Oggroth, Ugrok and the other premen behind would probably be sufficient for defense against most potential attacks.

Though alternatively we could leave either Bang or Keddic behind too, but it's late and I'm unable to come up with any good reasons why that would be necessary.
No. 203789 ID: 0a8e03


bring Bang Moss all the premen and ask Keddik if he would mind staying and keeping an eye on things. get some men working on that mine and see if some of the milita could start patrols to and around the towns suplying us (have lord Dregas or Dirkin organise it)

as for goods bring hand cannon (20-50 if we can spare them) a few dozen lightning guns with a few charge packs each and metal weapons (iron and steel) as the premen seem to have mainly copper.
No. 203792 ID: 5f0943

I think the Premen have a bronze mine... which doesn't really make any logical sense considering bronze is an alloy of copper and tin.

I bronze naturally occurring in this setting or this mine an oddity?
No. 203796 ID: 0a8e03

bronze or copper, they will still be happy to get a bunch of iron/steel weapons and those weapons will give them an edge on the other tribes
No. 203797 ID: 8d4eef

it works by when a soul grave eats metal any excess somehow teleports somewhere. meaning that you may also fine steel already underground.
No. 203801 ID: c4af24

well we still have yet to completely explore the mines ourselves, and there were hints somewhere of something magical, and >>203797 states one theory.

didn't we already send people to the mine? or am i crazy...but that patrol thing sounds like a good idea.

sure travel time woul be faster, but this IS the Premen's home we are talking about, i think they would reaaally want to go. If we inform them of the situation, i think they wouldn't mind speeding it up a bit, they're made of tough stuff.
So we can bring the Premen, Bang if he wants, Keddic can stay or go, his choice, would Dame Valiria like to come? also if anyone else volunteers to come, i don't see why not. but leave the regular units at base.
if we must, we can tell the Premen to follow at an increased pace while we run ahead to check.

as to what to bring with, the runed rounds and the rod are all i can think of at the moment
No. 203808 ID: 2aaaf1

Returning to Mordreden is of utmost importance now that we are certain that Dulu will be in the area. What we should do before departing is prepare several things: we must take with us several gallons of the morphic steel, enough to give to Del Roga to reforge the armors of Oggroth and Ugrokk with and a little extra for his own purposes. We'll pitch the idea to Del Roga that it was his armor that saved our men, and with a superior quality of metal combined with his craftsmanship, he could make something really noteworthy. We should also bring the blood cloak and several togas so Mingsk and the Drazken shaman can look them over. We should take one of the communication rods and leave Arkus here with the other. We should also tell Moss to stay put, he is strong, fast, and diligent, and the Arcanoworks will need all the muscle it can get in our brief absence. If possible, drag the leyline under the Arcanoworks so everyone can benefit from it, if you lack that kind of control currently, then rig the surrounding terrain up with geomancy-landmines. If Eisenhardt tries to tap it upon his return, BOOM. If you decide to do this, tell everyone.

Our party for travelling to Mordreden should be:
Mordre, Keddic, Bang, Oggroth, Ugrokk, all the other premen, and Jojo. The rest of our comrades should remain here and be on defensive mode all the time.
No. 203822 ID: 86745d

Battle team: Keddic, Bang, Moss.... and Jojo. (We are seriously going to have to make a vehicle for this stuff, or learn magic teleportation. Is there anyway you could whip up a nice metal chair for Jojo and carry it, with magnetomancy as a stabilizer? It will slow you down a bit but I don't think that old frail Jojo would be able to handle the shock of the travel otherwise). Explain to everyone what is going on, the Premen will no doubt wish to return with you but you must tell them that you need them to stay here and take care of the Arcanoworks. Soap it up. Before you leave have JoJo try to alert Lorgk as to Dulu's approach and your return.

Leave your current complement of AG rounds with Arkus and store the Skyfall in the areas on your back, you should be able to regen those rounds by the tome you get there and you will have a good amount of Skyfall when you return.

Bring the Danger rod and employ it every hour( or 1/2 hour). Also, a few blood togas and hand cannons. Ensure that you bring two high quality ones for Lorgk, maybe also a morphic sword. No matter how buddy buddy we are, can't show up in what is considered another mans place without a gift (I wish we knew what that lightning sword did). Keep your eyes open along the way, don't walk into an ambush because of your determination.

Same people in charge as last time but promote Dregas to a General. This way we have a trifecta, A mage of magic stuff, a rouge/bandit for military ventures and a noble for all things noble.

Tell Jezebel that you would like her to work on an electricity powered mass transportation vehicle for moving overland, preferably with armaments and armour.

That's all I can think of for now.
No. 203823 ID: 1e9d01

I have a proposition. We steal Del Roga's axe. Give it to Weinsho, and that is half of the trouble we caused reversed. He seeks to serve a greater good? Let us join him.

Also voting we take only the fastest strike team. Leave the premen behind for now.
No. 203825 ID: 0a8e03

i think we can take the premen with us, vimes will be hanging around the arkanoworks along with his golem troop
No. 203826 ID: 0a8e03

fairly sure Dregas is a poor leader
No. 203829 ID: 503c99

As the Premen know what exactly you are, which is to say a illegal sentient golem, they either have to be brought with us or reminded not to mention that part.
No. 203839 ID: 86745d

First off Why steal the axe, second of all, why give it to Wensho? It is Eisenhardt who desires it.

Upon further inspection, it seems that you are right kind sir/madam. He is a poor leader but and excellent businessman. Maybe we should just formally put him in charge of trade then, no?
No. 203853 ID: c00244

Make sure that we bring that magic-negating sword with us. If we do end up fighting Dulu, who absorbs magic and then uses to it magically empower his form, it could be extraordinarily useful. Have we tested that sword's effect on a small amount of morphic metal, by the way? We should do so before departure, so that we have an idea what to expect.

I am inclined to say that we should leave either Keddic or Bang here to train our troops, but I suppose that can be handled by Dame Valiria for now.

I'd say that we should take the Premen, but... even as our fastest standard troops, they'd still likely slow us to half speed, if not even less. No way in hell can anyone not magically powered support anything resembling a 40mph sustained run over rough terrain, or even half that. If we want a fast response, we move out with only our fast response squad.

...unless we use Magnetomancy. It might take a bit of practice to get working properly, but if we're running ahead of them, could we possibly use metal armor parts to boost others' run speed? If we can maintain, say, 3/4 speed while doing so, I'd bring Ugrokk and his whole Premen squad. If not, well, screw it; we'll go with just the four fastest.
No. 203870 ID: c4af24

seems we all have slightly differing ideas. would everyone be amenable to having the fastest head up ahead of the Premen, while they follow behind as quickly as they can? They can bring along whatever items we choose to give to the guys at Mordreden, like the ones >>203822 listed
No. 203883 ID: 0a8e03

that could work, load the premen with varrious trade goods and presents.(weapons, magic stuff, unfamilar food, cloths and anything elst the premen want to bring) mordre and the others can speed ahead clear and mark the way and reach the mounts quick enough to deal with anything urgent.

probaly be a good ide for mordre to carry some sample gifts with us in case the premen are slowed down by the goods
No. 203888 ID: c00244

My concern for this is that our Premen will end up taking weeks to arrive, while we show up, deal with whatever issues have presented themselves, and are ready to return to the more fast-moving action in the State in a matter of days.

That said, perhaps I'm looking at this the wrong way: We know that Weinsho has outposts to the north, and the premen are in that general direction. Also, he has numerous mages working for him, and we still need another skin for Kyorto. After dealing with any threat that Dulu poses, we might well spend a fair bit of time smashing his holdings and expanding the influence of our premen over other clans. For that sort of project, we'd want to bring enough of our advanced weaponry here that we can arm our premen forces very well- stacks of Jezebel's stuff, morphic guns, and so forth. That would call for a full-on escort with one or more wagons, which in turn requires a significant military force to protect it.
No. 203894 ID: 0a8e03

if we mark and clear a path we would be slowed down by mabey a day or two (would be longer but the sable executioner can easily clear trees) but we would greatly speed the premen convoy and start the road that will someday connect our lands.

basicaly cut down trees and shove large stones out of the way.
No. 203907 ID: 2aaaf1

Therein lies the biggest problem for us. A beeline from the Azelhaedran state to the Frostbacks takes us straight through the cursed lands of our home. Now ordinarily this poses no problem, we travel through the cursed forest all the damn time. However, the forest has been known to do some VOODOO. ASS. SHIT. Making paths where none should exist, setting abominations on passerby, and generally being CREEPY AS FUCK. Now if we go into the forest swinging our claw all willy nilly, the forest could pull some bullshit like growing entire rows of trees we cut down mere seconds ago, or sending anti-moss creatures against our men, this don't affect us much cause we're a Soul Grave, but some of our fleshy companions may not be as hardy in the face of such supernatural shenanigans. We need to find a way to make the forest our bitch first, methinks freeing Kyorto might be the easiest way of doing such.
No. 203909 ID: 86745d

Well, the more daring option would be to attack now that Dulu is gone. Wenshio obviously puts a lot of faith in him, probably his greatest creation.
Hey if we do enough damage, he might call Dulu back to stop us.

I am not seriously considering this, but it is always fun to play with your options. If we find that we would never make it in time to stop Dulu, then this becomes an option for me though.
No. 203911 ID: 45be60

...you know, Jojo is the only person we know who CAN teleport. It's part of his dream magic package. We don't need to rig up any carrying contraption for him at least.

I dunno about all this concern over people finding out about our secret from the premen. It would be SO EASY explain how we lied to the primitives to impress them and make them worship us. Of course, we would want to make sure THEY are not going to be overly upset by this maneuver. I think we should probably bring it up next time we get a chance.
No. 203930 ID: 6c9d14

Give Jojo a message, tell him to warn what'shisface, Lorgk? I never remember the premen names. Anyways, tell him to warn them about Dulu.
No. 203974 ID: a76809

>Bunch of differing posts, mix and matching to try to get a decent melange of suggestions. Mmm, suggestion melange.. now I'm hungry for some sort of jelly or marmalade.

I set the Arcanoworks into a flurry of activity, as I try to plot how best to deal with my coming travel to the north. I contemplate going light, and only bringing Bang, and Keddic, to achieve maximum velocity and minimum travel time.... but this thought comes to clash with my concern for the Premen warriors with me: Ultimately, while they were, barring Ugrokk and Oggroth, rejected suitors of the Drazken clan, they will likely wish to see home again, as only some of their number have been able to visit the northern mountains in the past, and only then for brief sojourns: Likewise, if Weinsho has holdings to the north, I could use as much help as possible, not to mention the potential issues with this Goran the Magic Eater individual. But bringing more would reduce our travel speed considerably, even if the faster of us took time to clear a direct trail straight to Mordreden. There is also the issue of wishing to bring hand-cannons, blood togas and other magical equipment to the north, and any significant amount would require a baggage train all it's own. A multitude of different travel arrangements swirl through my head, before I finally hit upon a combination that seems ideal:

--First, I will ask Jojo to dream-walk back to Mordreden, which will take but a single night, and inform them of my impending arrival, as well as appraise the Drazken clan of the nature of those who shall come with me, and orders to keep an eye out for a pair of humans, both wearing red robes.
--Second, I will send Bang and Keddic ahead with a detailed description of Mordreden and the proposed path, to arrive as swiftly as possible (fully garbed in blood togas).
--Third, I will load up the Premen here at the Arcanoworks with an assortment of goods, Abaeloth's crystal sword, some fifty hand-cannons, five blood togas, the blood cloak, five of the blood-stealing swords, fully half of the conventional morphic weapons I possess (which have been sitting unused in the arcanoworks) and several of Jezebel's inventions, namely lightning guns with charge packs, and WASP spears. One of the pair of Danger-Rods will be included in this set.
--Fourth, I shall lead the Premen in marching north to join up with Jojo, Bang, and Keddic, staying ahead of their group to trail-blaze and clear obstacles so that as direct a path as possible can be taken, and employing Magnetomancy to do what I can to pull them along behind me to accelerate their travel speed.

In theory, this will allow some hi-potency fighters to be at the disposal of the Drazken clan as swiftly as possible, complete with someone to perform introductions (Jojo), while I ensure the larger force follows as closely on the heels of the first as possible. Due to the considerable distances involved, it is my estimation that, assuming Keddic and Bang can travel no swifter than my current maximum speed of 40 miles per hour (I have no guarantee they are not swifter), will take some three to four days to arrive, depending on terrain involved (as we are taking a direct route, rather than retracing steps back through Duras and then swinging to go north through the ruins I was discovered in). For myself and the Premen I shall be escorting as an arms caravan, my hope is we can arrive in the north somewhere within seven to ten days, and I shall inform them of my desire to move swiftly. Hopefully the additional exercise and calisthenic exertion they have been undergoing shall behoove them.

I spend another minute or so considering my established plan, and ultimately decide that while it is possible there is room for improvement, the combination of Lorgk's request for my return, in addition to Dulu's presence to the north, leaves me little time to wait and plot out a more optimized approach: I shall proceed with the plan I have hatched, and leave the Arcanoworks in Arkus' hands, with Derkin and Dregas to help him run it, along with Dame Valiria and Reinhardt as important individuals. As I shout out orders and get my plan set into motion, Jojo drifting off to sleep at my request and simply fading from view to bring word of my impending arrival to Mordreden, I send Bang and Keddic racing off after directly pointing to a distant mountain peak barely visible on the horizon I recall as being just by the location of Mordreden. Lastly, I bid farewell to Arkus and the rest of the Arcanoworks personnel, and extend a warm welcome and farewell to Vimes and his Watchmen, as the laden Premen (Oggroth on foot, with Hairy Steaks loaded with packs) follow behind me, my Will lashing out to grasp their armor and pull them along, speeding their march as we move to try to catch the vanishing figures of Bang and Keddic. I order Moss to stay behind, and while the creature does not follow, it shoots me a petulant look that makes me wonder how obedient the thing shall be.

And without any further issue, Our march proceeds, onwards to the northwest, towards Mordreden.

>Okay, here is how this will work: There are going to be several things happening in several places, and between the following choices there will be the potentiality to deal with just about any of these events directly, but it will not be possible to do so with all upcoming events. So, given the following brief descriptions, and what has thus far been revealed over the course of the story, pick which path you feel would be the best to focus on. There will be options to change which major path is focused on, but they will be spaced out, so be aware. (And no, I will not tell you when those options will arise beforehand.
[Three choices exist, vote for the one desired]

--MORDRE: Will comprise dealing with Oggroth and his disturbing dreams, and any threats encountered to the slower moving party transporting weapons to the north.
>Possible Perspective Shifts: Oggroth, Ugrokk

--JOJO: Will deal with informing the Drazken clan as to Mordre's approach and that of his human servants, as well as assessing the state of Mordreden.
>Possible Perspective Shifts: Lorgk, Mingsk (Eventually Bang/Keddic)

--ARKUS: Will deal with running the Arcanoworks for an extended time lacking Mordre's presence as well as the majority of his most potent followers, as well as preventing the inquisitive Watchmen from learning to much. Also includes potentially dealing with Reinhardt and issues involving the Paradox Knights.
>Possible Perspective Shifts: Derkin, Dregas, Dame Valiria, Ulzrick, Ellorika, Vespinto

No. 203979 ID: 6c9d14

I vote Arkus, for more discworld.

Also because butts.
No. 203980 ID: e31d52

Jojo, mainly because we haven't been with him recently.
No. 203983 ID: c00244

The chance to get inside this man's head should not be passed up. While Arkus will likely have a great deal of fun- and I do hope that he sends a message that Mordre is gone off to the State, amongst other things- I'd rather see into Jojo's head and switch to him later. Besides, there are doubtless a large number of accumulated things to deal with in the north which will be interesting to uncover.

It's a close thing, though.
No. 203984 ID: 6c9d14

Vimes said he'd send a runner.
No. 203990 ID: 2aaaf1

Jojo, we gotta prepare Mordreden for the trials ahead.
No. 203996 ID: 86745d

Jojo, he is new and I have high hopes for our professor Xavier.
No. 204018 ID: 903f16

Helping Oggroth with his dreams would be the main reason for selecting this, because I have no doubt even on auto pilot Mordre can effectively defend the caravan from any threats. We can put this one on hold until the next prospective shift though, it doesn't seem like his dreams will simply stop and leave us unable to complete that storyline.
This would be valuable for it's scouting purposes, as we would be getting the information on the current happenings in the Drakzen Clan straight from the tap. It'd also allow us to give Lorgk more intel than Jojo would probably give, and elaborate in case Lorgk doesn't understand. Not to mention following JoJo just sounds awesome and so far he's the companion we've spent the least time with.
I think this is one of the most tempting options simply because of the range of people we may get to follow and the benefits of guiding Arkus to prevent interference by the Watchmen. Now that I think about it calling him over right before we left has caused us far more grief than we needed, even if he's potentially awesome. Anyway, The Paradox Knight situation sounds like it'll ocur later down the line or when a certain sequence of actions is initiated.

With those thoughts in mind I think we should go with JoJo first. Pending any new information from the JoJo persepctive shift, then I'd suggest Arkus after him, and Mordre last.
No. 204156 ID: e2ed7d

Two things before I start: Why did we not go with the team rocket response? Because that was brilliant. Second, Sending bang and Keddic strikes me as a incredibly bad idea as they think our warriors are alchemical fighters rather then an entire people of live in the mountains and I really have no idea how we're gonna bullshit that.
Anyway, on with suggestions:

I'm mostly agreeing with this for this reason: We need to build a suitable ruse - or explanation - so when the humans arrive we have something we can run with.
I personally want to stay with Arkus: There is a lot to do here at home, such as trying to convince a Paradox Night to ally with us, get the Watch to ally with us, Convince Eisenhardt to not be angry, actually run the heart of our empire, and deal with whatever backstabbing idea that our Mage friend has up his sleeve - sending DULU to the north is a diversionary tactic if I've ever seen one before.
No. 204183 ID: c4af24
File 127843981270.png - (835.16KB , 972x1004 , scan0002.png )

jojo or arkus. maaaaan this is a tough choice

bonus picture for bob <3
No. 204184 ID: 2aaaf1

I don't think Bang and Keddic really give much of a fuck. We can just play it off as, "Come now men, you REALLY think those state officials will let me use an illegal immigrant army? My men are strong and proud, they follow me for glory and honor, I would not deprive them of the opportunity. Besides, once I help the leader of their clan wipe out a greedy and powerful rival, not only will our manpower increase exponentially, I don't think the state will object to having a few thousand of these guys at their service. I also think there are some combat magic users in their clan that you two especially would like to meet. And technically, after that battle with Abeloth, Oggroth sort of counts as a life golem due to some of my new enchantments. So can you cover for them, please?"
No. 204193 ID: 3e168c

I must say that you do have a point about the Keddic-Bang thing, but I don't think that they would give much of a shit. probably a tiny one, but not bombing the toilet.
No. 204194 ID: f4e4f9

No. 204196 ID: f4e4f9

Also, dunno if someone else mentioned it, but:

Vimes comment on his Golems "mimicking human behaviour"? Bullshit. Calling it now.
No. 204208 ID: d3dfb8

No. 204212 ID: 716eb0

No. 204217 ID: 6c9d14

Agreed. I have a feeling that he'd be relatively fine if we revealed ourself.
No. 204221 ID: f4e4f9

Indeed, but lets not test it just yet until we've confirmed it completely.
No. 204244 ID: a76809
File 127845178713.jpg - (541.50KB , 857x1200 , Godorukk Representative of Goran The Magic Eater.jpg )


...........................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: JOJO...........................................................

[DAY 112]

I awake to the frigid air I grew up in, the frost covered and treacherous mountains I called my home for so long before journeying to the south. I thought in the warmer climate I would find the weak, and the soft, and while I did encounter many who would fit such a description, those who relied on others, I believe I have begun to understand them: Rather than having a caste system, where one is a maker, a warrior, or a shaman, and few ever stray from these core duties, anyone can fill any roll, with most starting out as a maker, and only becoming a warrior when a need arises and a chieftain demands it of them. Beyond that, I cannot question that I saw those possessing of strength, of drive, and the grit to endure without imploring others for aid. ...In particular, I admit being most impressed with the one called Eisenhardt, who challenged chieftain Mordre: A single warrior, alone, challenging a chieftain in a seat of power, with not a whit of fear. Moreover, after fighting the chieftain to a standstill, endured half a day of waking dream healing, a torturous process, with naught but a grimace, where I have seen veteran warriors howl when forced to endure such. I firmly believe that the worth of one can be determined by their enemies, and having Eisenhardt as a foe has made chieftain Mordre rise considerably in my eyes.

I shiver, my body having grown somewhat used to the warmth of the lowlands, and rise in the early chill, casting about to gain my bearings. I had noted that Lorgk, Mingsk, Sugro, and Delro, the only ones I knew to any degree of familiarity within the Drazken Clan to have not been slumbering when I trekked across the field of dreams, and so I resorted to following the dreams of the collective clan: It is a dangerous act, to be sure, but my chieftain asked it of, me, and I would not complain over something so trivial as having to take an unorthodox, potentially lethal path as this. If Mordre fell short of my expectations, were evidencing weakness, perhaps I would leave, but the metal chieftain has shown naught but an implacable strength in battle and a cunning, manipulative mind in the dealings expected of a leader, and so my service remains his.

About my form, I detect shapes that I assume to be slumbering Premen-

And am disabused of this notion as I hear several groaning in pain, and smell the acrid scent of blood, the stench of opened bellies, and the whimpers of those unable to master their pain. As my eyes become accustomed to the light, I realize I reside in a tent replete with the wounded, some dying, some not, but dozens are present... and more than half of their number are makers. ....This concerns me. It is true, should a clan be deemed worthy of being annihilated, the makers would die along with the warriors and shaman, but I doubt such could be the case now: Something has happened, and it is my duty to learn what. I float into the air, my Id, my Dreaming mind, manifesting the unseen vestiges of my body, whole and powerful, about my broken form, and I march outside on legs unbroken, even as my true body floats along, pulled by the strength of existence I have put in my imagined form. As I exit the tent, I see two warriors let their hands fly to their weapons, but one recognizes me, and barks out a welcome even as he moves a hand to stop his comrade. At the noise, several heads turn my way-among them, Mingsk's, who trots over to greet me.

"Jojo, not seen for some time. ...Is chief-"
>"Chieftain Mordre is coming, with considerable military might, though I am the first to arrive, due to distances involved."
"...Hah, there is that, then."
>"What has happened, in this, Mordreden, the home of the Drazken Clan?"
"...What you saw in that tent is the result of our mines, which we have had to shut. Continued to harvest with abandon, the bronze and rubies.... and in those tunnels, there lurked something that was not expected. It slew makers without pause, and felled warriors as well. Only with the effort of shamans and War Chieftain Lorgk, along with some veteran Warriors, was the tide of death turned back, and the fallen retrieved... but the mines remain shut."
>"Truly? And that-"
"No, that is not why you see such concern in the camp, though it contributes, to be sure. ...We have a visitor, whom Chieftain Lorgk speaks to, even now... an emissary from the Gorkin Clan."
>"A representative of Goran the Magic Eater?"
"The same."
>"Then let us waste no time, Chieftain Mordre will wish to know of this, and I have much to discuss with you and Lorgk alike."
"Aye, it is assumed that there is much to speak on."

I follow Mingsk, noting that while the walls of Mordreden are now built up, laced with stone, replete with wood supports, a far better defensive measure than last I had seen, several igloos have been collapsed, and the one leading to the mines is surrounded by two dozen warriors, fully half their number veterans, hands near their weapons at all times. As we make our way through the camp, I hear conversation, recognizing one of the speakers of Lorgk-as well as the periodic cries of a bird. As we round a last igloo, in between tents, near the sole opening in the walls of Mordreden, I see Lorgk, covered in Yeti hides and bearing several bronze trinkets studded with gems and inscribed with a few stark runes, leaning on his black-and-red sword, now lined along it's whole length with primal looking gems, their scarlet glow clear even in the bright morning light. Before him stands a masked and hooded individual, ritualistic scarring covering his legs and one of his arms, an old raven perched on his shoulder as he hefts a staff topped with a substantial chunk of obsidian. The two seem to be arguing, and I listen in as Mingsk puts his arm before me, stopping us from approaching any farther.

"Over-Chieftain Goran, The Eater of Magic, will not take your refusal kindly."
>"And Godorukk has seen our wounded, seen the collapsed mines. No tribute could be be paid, regardless of views."
"Been shown some wounded makers, some corpses, nothing more."
>"Godorukk doubts the word of a chieftain?"
"Chieftain? This small holding is not worthy of such a lofty title, and only those Over-Chieftain Goran deems worthy may claim such a title. This land-"
>"Was under Goran's sway when the yetis here yet lived. This land was reclaimed by the Drazken Clan by right of strength, and there is nothing we could give... even if such was desired."
>"....There will be a final chance tomorrow.... do not push off this chance to be Over-Chieftain Goran's friend so lightly."

And with that, Godorukk, representative of Goran the Magic Eater, departs, and Mingsk removes his hand and urges me onwards to the chieftain. Upon noting my presence, he inclines his head, and addresses me.

"Does the presence of Jojo mean Mordre has heard our claim, and is heeding our request for aid? There are troubles to be dealt with, and the metal warrior-metal chieftain, could mean much towards both issues, the mines and... Goran's attention."

What should I say or do?
Do I have any questions for Lorgk or Mingsk?
And how should I tell them about the coming pair of human warriors, Bang and Keddic?
No. 204254 ID: c4af24
File 127845242444.png - (894.03KB , 784x762 , jojo0001.png )


well shit this looks bad.

Hmm inform Lorgk that Mordre and others are on their way. Perhaps representative Godorukk could be swayed to delay his decision until Mordre arrives? its worth a try...

also we have to warn about the possiblity of Dulu/mages/etc possible being in the area.
No. 204271 ID: f4e4f9

"Indeed. Events in the southern lands provided potent distractions, and had to be dealt with before help could be sent. Many in those lands far stronger than I'd thought possible.

Mordre moves now to aid with the suitors he claimed as his cadre, as well as warriors Oggroth and Uggrok. However, limited by their speed. Two southerners, Bang and Keddic, have been sent ahead and should be here to help with defenses, and will arrive in three to four days, wearing cloaks of blood. Both are very capable warriors. Chieftain Mordre and his warriors, perhaps a week.

You recieved the weapons sent, yes?"

Begin moving to heal and request a more thorough debriefing on what exactly has transpired. I get the feeling we've gotten just a barebones assessment at the moment.
No. 204274 ID: 70eb65

Time to go back to roots... I doubt Lorgk cares for formalities in a situation such as this so just cut to the chase
"Chieftain Mordre is on his way back as we speak, though it will be roughly 3 days before he arrives. He suspects that a man of metal, Dulu, is approaching to attack this place. He is much smaller than the chieftain but is extremly skilled in combat. He has sent 2 capable warriors to assist you until his arrival. They are huu-mans called Magnum Bang and Keddic and will be wrapped in blood red robes."
Wait for reaction
Ask him about the situation with the Magic Eater and the creature they encountered.

So Jojo, what do you think about the magic eater? Why does he have that name? Is he a Preman?
What do you think about your new apprentice?
What do you think about Arkus?
How old are you anyway?
No. 204275 ID: d3dfb8

We should suggest to Lorgk the possibility of Chieftain Mordre challenging the might of Goran. Mordre would gladly challenge Goran to one on one combat. Test the mettle of men and whatnot.
No. 204276 ID: 2aaaf1

"The situation seems grim, Chieftain Logrk. Another obstacle heads our way as we speak. An enemy of Mordre will soon be upon us, a metal warrior named Dulu. While he was living, Dulu was known as the golemslayer, and took it upon himself to try his hand at felling Mordre, a venture that ended him. But, a powerful mage binded him to a new body of shifting metal, and set him upon Mordre once more, by striking here. Mordre has foreseen such a problem and moves with much haste to aid you, he brings powerful weapons to arm the Drazken. Mordre's arrival will be heralded by two warriors in red garbs, they possess a great strength that will be essential in repelling the numerous invaders that assault you. Preparations must be made, for when Chieftain Mordre comes, there will be much fighting to do. I will tend to the wounded and do what I can to help them. If there is anything the clan requires of me, ask."
No. 204280 ID: d3dfb8

So Jojo, why did you leave your previous clan?
What do you think of Lorgk?
What do you think of Mingsk?
No. 204281 ID: d3dfb8

also we should indicate the mountain that mordre pointed bang and keddic to as a place to watch for said uberhumans
No. 204283 ID: 6c9d14

Mention that Mordre is bringing the Premen force he has, with a bunch of weapons and stuff, and that he sent two powerful humans ahead of the main ground, Bang and Keddic, and give the descriptions for both. Mention that Mordre will be several days behind Keddic and Bang.
No. 204284 ID: 903f16

I wouldn't know how to say something in Jojo's voice, but he definitely needs to mention that both Keddic and Magnum Bang will be arriving very shortly. They are men loyal to Chieften Mordre who are both very capable warriors and will be visible from afar as they will be wearing bright red cloaks. When they arrive they should be treated with the respect due to warriors of their stature, especially ones that may prove vital in dealing with the current situation. After them will be Mordre's Caravan, containing many valueable weapons and supplies within. With Mordre will be the Oggroth, astride his new massive mount, Ugrokk, and the suitors now made elite warriors. Mordre has since the last battle picked up several new tricks, do not specifically mention what they are, but reassure Lorgk that his travels have made him far stronger. His travels South have also opened up a new supply line for the Drakzen clan, food will not be an issue and whatever weapons they recieve today can be produced in a ready supply. Finally warn him that there may yet be more danger as one of Mordre's enemies is known to be in the area searching for the tribe. His name is Dulu and his soul occupies a small tomb golem adorned with many blades, if he is found do not attempt to attack him or alert him. If he attacks do not use magic to fight him, he will only grow stronger from it.

Proceed to ask Lorgk about what exactly Goran's emissary wanted from our clan. Ask what is known of the Goran clan at this moment in time. Has their power waned or waxed since Mordre's last visit? Then ask Mingsk and Surgo what they know about Goran's abilities (if we do not already know of them our self) and how best we could explain them. See if they have made any progress on any projects we left them (we did ask them to work on a magic language right?).

Also, I take it we didn't bring Gialgorra's two agricultural inventions? It might have been helpful to maximize whatever output of crops we can grow in the mountains. We might even want to look out for some hearty breeds of crops the next time we're in the states so they won't need to be entirely dependent on the crops from our outposts when the clan grows larger.
No. 204286 ID: b14128

Ask for more details about the mine, and if there have been any other troubles they've been dealing with.
No. 204293 ID: f4e4f9

As for directly challenging Goran, it probably wouldn't be wise to do that until we've found out a little more about him. Besides, thats more Mordre's call than Jojo's, right?
No. 204296 ID: 70eb65

I keep seeing Goran as a sentient golem or a badass human mage.
On that topic, somebody should try to deduce what Goran is and/or his capabilities (other than the fact that he can "eat magic", of course, unless you are going to explain why he can do so).
No. 204299 ID: f4e4f9

The only instances I can think of magic being eaten would be regarding golems, and since Goran is apparently over a century old, I wouldn't be surprised if he did turn out to be something of the sort.
No. 204301 ID: f4e4f9

Specifically, Life Golems like Moss (may be), or gem enhanced golems like Silicanthos and Dulu.
No. 204305 ID: 70eb65

Now put it in Pristine getting form.
No. 204311 ID: 903f16

You know eating magic is a very broad category. It could encompass all sorts of things. As Emba mentioned it may even be something we've already seen. Though I wouldn't be so hasty to go in with any assumptions on his abilities just yet. Imagine for instance he is simply a normal Premen, uses ritualistically carved rune scars or tattoos to create his effect. He could have rare metals, gems, or perhaps even bits of the anti magical rock placed into the scars for added effect. Look at what body runes have done for Magnum Bang, he's practically got Wolverine's healing factor going on.

There's also the prospect of it being some secret Premen Shaman magic taken to an extreme level. As evidenced my Eisenhardt's reaction to Jojo's healing, the Premen are pushing the boundaries on magical fields humans aren't even touching yet. Think about how old Eisenhardt is and what his years of specialization got him power wise. Imagine if he had say twenty more years of practice under his belt and he had the fortitude of a Premen. That could be Goran, but instead of magnetomancy and geomancy he could be going for a perfected form of magic nullification or redirection.
No. 204321 ID: 0099f4

Why not agree with them so that they don't bother the clan till Mordre&co arrive to kick everyones asses?
No. 204336 ID: c00244

>I float into the air, my Id, my Dreaming mind, manifesting the unseen vestiges of my body, whole and powerful, about my broken form, and I march outside on legs unbroken, even as my true body floats along, pulled by the strength of existence I have put in my imagined form.
Hmm. What are the limits of this ability? Jojo imagines himself whole and unbroken... but could he imagine himself otherwise? Not merely a strong premen as he might have been, but as something else, as wild and powerful as his imagination can envision? For example, could he alter his dreaming self to have massive wings to propel himself through the air? And what else can he do with this power- can his dreaming form grasp and move objects, and make them move in reality? If so, could his dreaming self be made stronger and larger in size, a warrior on par with say Ugrokk, and thereby act with great strength and speed?
No. 204348 ID: 2aaaf1

Perhaps the power of Souldreaming could be pushed even further than merely projecting Jojo's dream of himself. Maybe, with enough magic fuel and focus, Jojo could alter the world around him to his liking. Jojo could imagine his enemies growing weaker by the second, and it would affect the waking world. Entire landmasses could be simply created out of nothingness, PLANETS EVEN with a complete mastery of Souldreaming. A goal for Jojo to pursue should be seeking out other Souldreamers. All this time, Jojo has walked alone, one would assume any other Souldreamers walk a similar path of solitude. Perhaps if the existing Souldreamers could be brought together, they could create a place they truely belong.
No. 204352 ID: 7155cf

Kinda thinking big arn't we? It is true that they can make something out of nothing, but it is very energy consuming. I expect this is why Jojo makes his legs as they are rather than just granting himself new legs.
No. 204353 ID: 7155cf

Just look at the amount of effort required for dream - healing, I would think that at least half the planet would have to be asleep just to create a relatively large island...

I feel like I should elaborate more on my train of thought, but I'm watching TV so eh.
No. 204374 ID: e2ed7d

We need to impress the need to uphold the Lie to Bang and Keddic. Bang seems to favor Brutal Honesty and Keddic favors Straight Honesty and I half doubt either would enjoy the lie they've been told, what with Mordre being an Anathema to All Life. Chieftain Mordre is a mage who is able to control his metal body from a great distance and, if push comes to shove, the Suitors are altered via powerful magics. Also, warn Lorgk and Mingsk - and have it circulated - that these Supreme Warriors can not speak or understand Premen, but regarding the Lie do not be too lax. Keddic is smart, smarter then he might seem at first, and Bang can make deductive leaps that break physics.

Once that is out of the way, ask how many casualties there are and if there are any other problems. I'd suggest helping, but I'm not sure if that's you're style. I know you've been healing a lot when you were in the warm country, so trying to get everyone on their feet might be good. After all, if they are injured, they can't help themselves do anything.

Also, another question, did anyone see the Balrog? Ask what it looked like, if it had wings or not, and how it attacked. If you get a chance, relay this back to anyone traveling with Mordre. Maybe even Arkus, he might like to know how tricks are going.

Question: Can you bring anyone with you, Jojo? And just how do you imagine your ID? Is he buff, is he like twelve feet tall and covered with muscles, or is he just you with legs? I mean, lets not try for wings just yet, but we could certainly try for bulking us out. I mean, punching someone and having them expect a weakling but dreampunch with the force of Bang? Yeah, that would be awesome.

Erm, the reason we left the farming invention is because that's what's giving us the high yield for food.
No. 204385 ID: a76809

I did not leave my prior clan, I was cast out. When the chieftain came to me, begging for his son to be healed, already having proven himself weak, no true leader, I rejected him, and let his son die so that I could continue healing the warriors of the clan, rather than the spoiled whelp the weakling leader muled for. And for my choice, I was forced to leave, and wander the mountains alone, which brought me, eventually, to the Drazken clan. Compared to my prior leader, Lorgk has demonstrated an admirable mindset: The well-being of the clan, above all else. This simple maxim seems to guide his every action, and I respect him for it. Mingsk is more egotistical, prone to looking to improving his own standing, but has no compunction with putting in the effort, the work needed to do so, and labors to improve himself through his own actions, his own choices. I can hardly fault him for such behavior.

The one known as Goran The Magic Eater is known to me. Premen centuries old, able to prolong life, gain great size, by feasting on magic, body ablates it's force, mouth can consume it, fuel further growth, more strength. Able to 'smell' magic, hunt it like a fleeing prey, from miles distant, and hunger ever drives this one to seek more magic. ...Apprentice Ulzrick would likely be appetizing to Goran, and has proven an apt pupil... but concern exists, over wholeness of body: None can command Soul Dreaming, without some form of price, crippled limbs, broken body.... or broken mind. As training progresses, Ulzrick has spoken to self aloud more than once, and such instances will increase, if training persists: The price of mastering Souldreaming is making malady worse, and for those whom have a curse of the mind... this can end in a manner even I must pity. The one who serves Chieftain Mordre directly, the human Arkus, babbles like a child, but has a keen mind, and pushes hard, driven to learn, as swiftly as possible: For this alone I would call him worthy of respect, even if found personally irritating. Then, at some seventy years of age, it is found many of the younger ones are deemed irritating.

"Indeed. Events in the southern lands provided potent distractions, and had to be dealt with before help could be sent. Many in those lands far stronger than was thought possible, even if many more proved soft and weak. Mordre moves now to aid with the suitors he claimed as his cadre, as well as warriors Oggroth The Mountain, Ugrokk the Tall. However, limited by their speed, in terms of how swiftly arrival shall occur. Two southerners, Bang and Keddic, have been sent ahead, should be here to help with defenses, will arrive in three to four days, wearing cloaks of blood. Both are capable warriors. Chieftain Mordre and his warriors, perhaps a week, maybe more for their own arrival, complete with more arms to bring to bear on threats. You received the weapons sent earlier, yes?"
>"It is so. The.... iron tubes, the... hand-cans-"
>"The Hand-cannons have been used, their function is now known. These warriors in red, garbed in blood, what makes them strong?"
"One seems unable to take conventional harm, body repairing itself, and able to strike with force to crack stone, shatter bone, warp metal, no challenge to great to avoid head on contest."
>"The other?"
"Swordsmen, blood harder than bronze, a weapon in itself, armed with potent blades."
>"The weapons brought?"
"Five-tens more of hand-cannons, weapons that can change size for concealment with wicked edges, The means to hurl lightning at foes, cloaks to make blood a means to reflect harm back upon the attacker, strange spears... many weapons, all in the possession of the slower group."
"Orders from Chieftain Mordre, to warn Drazken Clan of threat in the area."
>"Speak of this threat."
"A metal warrior, smaller than the metal chieftain, but deadly swift, able to feast on magic with whole form, armed with potent blades: A warrior by the name of Dulu, once made of flesh, carrying Premen blood, but slain by Mordre and re-housed in this form of metal, far more potent than before."
>"...Recommended approach?"
"Avoid magic, as in feasting gains immediate strength of arms, Mordre brings weapons that should prove useful against such a foe."
"Speak more on the mines, what issue is it that assails the clan?"
>"Miners kept going, desire for more goods great, to make clan strong swiftly, but went too deep, and found... creatures. Each seemed different, a form of chaos, madness, seeking bloodshed, largely bipedal, but refusing speech. Potent foes, and enough we sealed the cave. No effort has been made to breach the seal, it is thought the creatures do not seek exit to the world above... or cannot seek it on their own. Information is limited, this is all that is known."
"And Godorukk? The Gorkin Clan? What aims exist there?"
>"Yetis that stole land from ancestors paied tribute, in metal and gems, to Goran, to exist peacefully, not resisting the old wretch's grasp. With them gone, and word of mine's prosperity finally reaching Goran, tribute is sought from us, in the same form. It is good, in this respect, that mines collapsed, as no intention exists of paying the tribute: The yetis could not flourish even with decades to their use, from the greatness of the tribute desired. Such is the death of growth. Would rather fight, resist, prove own worth, than bow and cower before one such as Goran... and a desire exists to face the legendary warrior, the destroyer of lore. Win or die, tales would be spread, of bold resistance, and to win... the clan would live in legend for centuries, and gain prestige and power alike."
"There is a reason Goran has ruled for so long."
>"Aye. Powerful, no denying this truth, but even the mighty may fall."
"...On subject of Gorkin clan..."
"Could tribute be paid, for short term?"
"Perhaps payment should be given, to buy time for Mordre's arrival, for pair of warriors, for weapons... and see how things stand then, to face down Goran with Chieftain Mordre here."
>"...It is something to consider, but would be preferred that an alternative be found. Such an act, while recognized as cunning... it sits ill with warrior blood."
"So it does. ...Ah, a thought."
"Chieftain Mordre maintains a ruse in the lowlands, as all would deem him foe should he not: Among those laboring under this false belief are the two warriors coming here."
>"...The nature of this false belief?"
"That Chieftain Mordre is not self-willed, instead a false body, controlled from afar by an aged shaman."
>"..Your view on this?"
"...It is suggested that the ruse be maintained where necessary, partly for the strength of the warriors, and partly due to use Mordre serves to the clan."
>"Your words are wise, old one. I shall heed them, and insure that none betray the chieftain Mordre's secret."

The degree of what may be brought from dream to reality is limited only by will, imagination, by scope of dreams... but trying to mold something too great rebounds, sending Souldreamers form into the dreams, never to return. strong legs, strong arms, a body free of frailty, this is simple to imagine, with years of experience, something easily maintained. Wings could be possible, flight possible, but new, alien, difficult to maintain: Energy would be sapped more swiftly, as if healing without pause. To craft something wholly new, something that never existed, has no base, is hardest of all, the greatest act known of being making weapons drawn from the mind, frequently taking the dreamer's life in the process, sending them back to the Dream as payment for making something wholly dream completely real. The few that succeeded, and remained real, avoided the death of sinking forevermore into the dream, were those with iron will, with a clear focus on what was desired.
[This translates to: If you want Jojo to flat out Dream something real, it becomes more likely to succeed the more people that draw a picture of what is desired, complete with descriptions of all pertinent details. This only goes so far, so do not expect Jojo to just dream a golem into existence: An enchanted weapon, or a piece of armor, however, could be possible... note the COULD. This also does not guarantee success would not cast Jojo to the dreams anyway, so... be cautious with this possible use of his powers.]

I consider the state of affairs here in Mordreden, with the sun already rising to it's zenith overhead, and wonder:

What should I do?
Should I advise Lorgk to accede to Godorukk's demands for tribute, or do I have an alternative plan?
Should I speak with Mingsk and the rest of the Drazken shaman on some subject?
Or should I do something else?
No. 204390 ID: e2ed7d

Ulzrick Madness would get worse...and half his madness is he can see us. Boys and girls, we just found our Deadpool. CONTINUE TRAINING!
No. 204391 ID: e2ed7d

Mhm. Did these deep creatures have -beards-?
No. 204393 ID: e2ed7d

I, personally, would not sway him one way or the other. Cunning but unlike a warrior or strong but dangerous. Both have their flaws, and both have their strengths. I we could think up a third way, it might be best...might not, too. A idea: Find some way to give tribute and then blame it on the messenger - but this would still be tribute, and not like a warrior. Oh well.

But heal, to strengthen the Clan, and check on up the Shamen. What have they done with language and universal magic theory?
No. 204394 ID: d3dfb8

Is Godorukk alone? How does he communicate with the rest of the Gorkin Clan? How far away is the nearest Gorkin Clan army/village?

We could kill the messenger/messengers and it might take Goran longer to realize/send an army than it would for Chieftain Mordre to arrive.
No. 204398 ID: e31d52
File 127847479138.jpg - (19.92KB , 640x512 , Excalibur.jpg )

>[This translates to: If you want Jojo to flat out Dream something real, it becomes more likely to succeed the more people that draw a picture of what is desired, complete with descriptions of all pertinent details. This only goes so far, so do not expect Jojo to just dream a golem into existence: An enchanted weapon, or a piece of armor, however, could be possible... note the COULD. This also does not guarantee success would not cast Jojo to the dreams anyway, so... be cautious with this possible use of his powers.]

No. 204399 ID: b14128

They sound more like demons than dwarves.
No. 204401 ID: 45be60
File 127847603958.jpg - (509.12KB , 800x900 , swordofomens.jpg )


pot. kettle.
No. 204402 ID: c00244

>The few that succeeded, and remained real, avoided the death of sinking forevermore into the dream, were those with iron will, with a clear focus on what was desired.
Okay. While we have faith in Jojo's will and focus, this ability is, in my opinion, too dangerous to use. It might be reasonable, however, to be willing to use it in an emergency. Jojo can begin thinking of an item of mighty potency now, envisioning it daily in his dreams, thinking out every detail of its appearance and properties over the course of weeks and months on end. If and when he ever is in dire straits, it will be as easy as reaching out and grasping a construct long held in his mind.

This ties into how he described his ability to achieve flight-
>new, alien, difficult to maintain
Basically, as with so many other forms of magic, practice makes both perfect and effortless. Would those wings be so hard to hold onto if Jojo had spent the last decade or two dreaming of himself with wings? There are no guarantees, obviously, but I think not.

As for what item to begin to envision... everyone and their cousin seems to obsess over magical swords and armor. Personally, I'd go with a staff, a solid length of twisted black metal set with a veritable stream of gems of breathtaking clarity flowing down from one of even greater size and perfection at the top; the perfect tool for any mage needing the power to extract themselves from desperate straits.

He begins to craft the image in his mind today, holding it in his dream's hands, and we the players draw it when we find the time. We may never call on it; he may never feel that his mental grasp on it is solid enough to make the attempt. But perhaps, in time, Jojo will decide that his staff really is there, held firmly in the hand of his healthy, strong body, and we will find that it is true.
No. 204403 ID: 7155cf


Hell no. We are not gonna pay crap. Even if this goes bad, I don't think they will be able to mobilize before Mordre gets here, at the very least Bang and Keddic.
Giving in once means that they won, if even only for a short period. Stand tall and stick to your guns swords. They stood up to Mordre when he was right in front of the, about to end it all, don't let them break your spirit.

Speaking objectively: Deception is a regular practice in war and if skillfully employed can win a war without you or your men lifting a finger, however, this directly goes against the Preman code of conduct. Strength bought in battle is the cornerstone of the Preman hierarchy, if word gets spread that such methods were used, it would stick with the Drazken name for as long as Lorgk was the leader. Best for everyone here in terms of moral, chance of support and moving with heritage would be to reject the tribute demands and prepare to defend yourselves.
The only way this changes is if the clan as a whole wishes to give in, I don't see Lorgk as a man who would ask them anyway so ya.

Other matters:
First off, secure a place of lodging and sustenance. Talk to Mingsk about advances in magic since you left and then tend to the wounded. If you can, periodically check the dreams of Keddic and Bang and point them in the right direction.
No. 204404 ID: c4af24

i kind of wish the mines could be entered, so representative Godorukk could somehow be persuaded into the mines...to "inspect" the tribute...bah

in a more 'fuck you' state of mind, you could always ask why you would pay tribute to Goran when you are already allied with someone different, but that seems a bit antagonistic...

healing the wounded seems to be a good idea in any case

bah i cant think, i will just go back to being a draw-whore
No. 204406 ID: e31d52

>Okay. While we have faith in Jojo's will and focus, this ability is, in my opinion, too dangerous to use. It might be reasonable, however, to be willing to use it in an emergency. Jojo can begin thinking of an item of mighty potency now, envisioning it daily in his dreams, thinking out every detail of its appearance and properties over the course of weeks and months on end. If and when he ever is in dire straits, it will be as easy as reaching out and grasping a construct long held in his mind.

I like this idea.
No. 204428 ID: 732129


Bang and Keddic won't be sleeping on the road. They'll be making the best speed possible.
No. 204430 ID: f4e4f9

If I recall the discussion thread correctly, the creatures in the minds are similar to Core Beings in nature, though less...world-endingly powerful. Basically faceless abominations that dwell within the deepest corners of the world.

Not a fun thing.
No. 204434 ID: 08aa7e

wait.. then wouldn't moss be their natural predator? only thing stopping him from eating a core being is how much raw power they have. if these are much weaker then he can overcome them.
No. 204435 ID: f4e4f9

THey're still strong enough to fuck up Lorgk and Mingsk.
No. 204535 ID: e2ed7d

Yes, but this is Moss we're talking about. He's a horse-sided plant-monster that eats worldmotes for breakfast - if he's coming, it would be good.

And, as badass as Lorgk and Mingsk are, we've kinda trained the Suitors to a higher level badassery and Moss is just a beast.
No. 204536 ID: 7155cf

So DF demons then. Gotcha.
No. 204541 ID: e31d52

How about this: We leave the mine to the magic-eater. Pack up and just go. find a place nearby, some cave or something.

Wait a couple of months.

Come back.

Reclaim mine with Mordre, Bang, etc.
No. 204549 ID: aef515

What? A month? It's not gonna take a Month for Bang and Keddic to get here and it's not gonna take a Month for Mordre.
No. 204552 ID: e31d52

The timeframes there are for the Magic-eaters clan to die a lot to the demons and kill them back, softening both.

Once they have killed one another off enough, we move in, and slay them en masse.
No. 204555 ID: 2aaaf1

>Magic-eater's clan
>Gorkin Clan
>5000 Premen
No. 204561 ID: 5f0943

I doubt that Goran would field every warrior he has against one target all at once.
No. 204562 ID: 2579e0

After all the effort we put in to reclaiming the mine I don't think the Premen would be willing to pack up and leave their recently reclaimed ancestral home and then have to re-reclaim it from the Goran Clan.

And then there is this >>204555
So IF (and by if I mean a snowball's chance in hell) we did abandon our mine to the Goran Clan they would probably reinforce and supply it to a far greater extent then the Yetis did. Even with the mines infested with those Demon/chaos-things they'll send as many warriors as it takes to claim it in the name of the Goran Clan.
No. 204569 ID: e31d52

The point I'm making is that we have a chance to divide Goran's forces, even a bit. A two-front assault will weaken him, even if it is just a little.

I do see your points, however. I think the easiest way to deal with Goran himself. is to call him out to mano-a-mano with Mordre.

I'm curious if he can eat soulfire.
No. 204590 ID: d3dfb8

I'm curious if he can eat sword.
No. 204595 ID: df7322

No. 204600 ID: 5f0943


And what about artillery shell? I've yet to meet one who can eat artillery shell.
No. 204615 ID: a76809

[Drawings you yourself do not make do not count for this, to clarify, for rather obvious reasons.]

A thought occurs to me.

"Chieftain Lorgk, is Godorukk alone?"
>"Came at head of some twenty warriors. They wait outside walls of Mordreden when Godorukk speaks with us."
"Was mention made of how long the trip here took? Or if Souldreamers serve Goran?"
>"The trip was mentioned to take some two weeks.... no mention was made of Souldreaming, it is known as rare."
>"A thought occurs to elder Jojo?"
"Yes. There exists an alternative, to paying tribute for a time and thus weakening the tribe until Mordre arrives, or simply refusing and waging war now."
>"This being?"
"Kill Godorukk and escorts when returning tomorrow: It will take time for Goran to learn of this, and time to move armies thereafter. Time enough for Mordre to arrive, with potent warriors, and weapons for the clan."
>"...This is understood, but the Gorkin clan has considerable numbers."
"And Goran rules through strength, yes?"
>"As all War Chieftains should, yes."
"Then on Goran's arrival, Mordre could challenge: Much strength has been gained in the lowlands, enough there is confidence Mordre could win."
>"Does the iron warrior-"
"Now forged of a metal far stronger, ripe with the blood of a thousand thousand fallen, possessing new arms, a gaze of greater strength, a sword of similar size... it was witnessed that Chieftain Mordre faced one that can shift the veins of the world, command the earth and metal of it's structure alike with such potency that mountains tremble, and fought such to a standstill."
>"..Considerable strength indeed. So it is proposed to slay the messenger, and await Mordre's arrival, then have Mordre challenge Goran to a duel?"
"I present an alternative approach, nothing more. Lorgk is the war chieftain, not Jojo."
>"Still... your plan is an apt one, equal parts strength, and cunning use of time. Should no new alternative be presented, such a path shall be followed on the morrow."
"Then I shall attend to the wounded. Could one of the shaman enlighten me, on the specifics of what has transpired, so that I may better inform the metal chieftain upon its arrival?"
>"Aye. Mingsk, stay with Jojo while healing is done, answers questions as possible."

Mingsk bows his head in acknowledgment of Lorgk's command as he shows me back to the tent that I manifested in, where I begin working to pull the wounds of the fallen into the Dream, and pull back into the real whole and unbroken forms in exchange. As I work upon those closest to death, stabilizing them, I ask my first question of Mingsk.

"What has been done, with magical language, and unified magical theory?"
>"On the language, most of shamanry of the Drazken clan, and that contributed by those that joined from elsewhere, has been codified. We still labor to render the language more efficient in this respect, as in several manners it becomes quite cumbersome, but in three tens of days, it is hoped that the whole of the Drazken Clan's shamanic knowledge-barring Jojo's own, of course-shall be fully able to be spoken of, purely in terms of magical concepts. Any student of the art should be able to speak on what we know, provided they learn the structure of this tongue we build."

As I make my way from patient to patient, picking the most optimal means to use my talents to maximize returns, Mingsk appraises me of their findings, giving me a crash course in what is known: Truly, they have made progress, and as I become more familiar with their concepts, terminology and linguistic structure, I feel confident I could tell both apprentice Ulzrick and apprentice Arkus much of our works, despite the existing language barrier.


As I finish laboring upon the last of those near to death but not yet dead, I turn to Mingsk, as I appraise those in the tent, looking for those who could be returned to functionality as easily as possible, noting the fading light filtering through the tent-flaps, and the growing chill.

"And on the Unified Magic Theory?"
>"...Progress has been slower on this. Knowledge scope is limited. It is hoped that once more communications open with lowlands, and the magics known there.. as well as knowledge of Souldreamers-is incorporated, more truths of fundamental nature can be revealed."
"But what is known now?"
>"...There is some similarity between World and Blood magic, by estimations made. Nature of relation is unknown, and conclusive proof of this connection has not yet been found, but all have come to same conclusion in Drazken clan shamans."
"What basis does this belief have?"
>"The... flow, or current, that pervades the rivers of World magic beneath the earth, flows in currents that can shift, but still bear resemblance to flowing nature of the source of Blood magic."
>"Theorized that World and Blood can harmonize well, amplify each other form, but that true harmonization can only occur directly tapping rivers of World magic, not just that which seeps to the surface naturally. Dangerous, difficult, so no conclusive tests yet."
"Hm. Other findings?"
>"Word magic likewise linked to World, but in different manner."
>"Without need to tap World magic, observed by several shaman-and tested, with results supporting belief-that use of Word magic can cause... ripples in nearest river of World magic."
"Explain nature of ripples."
>"Cannot. Still not fully understood, testing still in progress."

I mull over this information as I continue working, before my stomach begins to growl, and my questions take on a more pragmatic nature.

"Sustenance, lodging-"
>"Such can be provided. Whenever desired, tent immediately outside and to left, is now Jojo's."
"Food, water, both are desired currently, to maintain stamina for healing."
>"Shall return with both."

As Mingsk departs to get me some supplies, I consider the nature of my ability to manifest the stuff of Dreams directly, in particular in imagining my body whole. I consider my twisted, broken and useless legs, malformed and shrunken, and my spindly arms, only barely of real use: My imagined form, whole and hardy, was formed when I was younger, picturing myself the ideal Warrior, strong, durable, enduring. I can barely lift much more than a few pounds normally, but with the aid of my Dream form empowering myself, the invisible limbs I craft could possibly equal the strength of Lorgk, if not Oggroth. However, I have had few chances to use such potential martial strength, and so my direct combat experience is scant indeed, over the many years I have lived. Still, more than once I have felled a foe with a bone-breaking strike they could not conceive coming from such a twisted form. ...I consider, with the amount of powerful foes met in the lowland, and the coming threat of Goran, the possibility of adding wings to my form: More powerful muscles within my back, new skeletal structure, new ligaments, tendons anchoring on the outstretched limbs... the wings would have to be wide indeed, taut skin stretched wide across the wingspan... I shall need several days to work out how my normal, broken form could incorporate such wings, as my imagined hale form is far too bulky to be capable of natural flight, but my true form, so small and frail, would have the capacity, if only I can work out the specifics... and flight could prove more than passing useful.

I also feel it necessary to plan for a more... dire use of Dream manifestation. A staff, replete with gems to amplify and store magic, starts to form in my mind, the base the very heart of tree growing atop a river of World Magic, innately charged, each gem pristine, unmarred... this is as far as I go for now, building the basic image of a magic amplifying staff as I plot how to achieve flight, all while attending to patients. Mingsk returns, and as he pushes open the tent-flap, I see night has fallen outside, and decide that after eating (the fare dried mutton strips, a few roots, and water)m, I shall heal but two more of the dozens still upon the floor, before retiring to sleep. Noting my fatigued state, Mingsk makes no demands of my time, and my last bit of work passes without incident, before I make my way to the tent mentioned as mine. As I exit the repository for the wounded, several I restored to mobility who have awoken give me their thanks, which I brush off, simply moving to reach a place to rest.......

[DAY 113]

I awaken in the morning, having only been able to find apprentice Ulzrick in my slumber-the ones Bang and Keddic, they seem to be eschewing rest in their haste to arrive... and those Premen with chieftain Mordre did not seem to be asleep either, perhaps they marched throughout the night. My apprentice was made aware of what I could convey of Will-based shamanic magic, using what I recently learned of the Magic Language's growth, as well as assessed in his own efforts to learn more of Souldreaming. He still has crude, inefficient form, both for piercing the dreams of others, and for healing, but he makes headway, slowly but surely. As he is also training to be a warrior, as well as a conventional shaman (A 'mage' in the lowlands, I believe is the term) and one who can sneak about undetected, I do not expect truly swift learning, so I do not reprimand him for his slow progress.

As I eat some more strips of dried mutton, a goat's kidney left for me, several tubers and take a swig of water, I consider:

What should I do?
Do I have any plans that I should suggest to Lorgk before he kills the Gorkin clan representatives later today?
Do I have anything I wish to speak on with the Drazken shaman?
Do I wish to more personally inspect the collapsed mines, and the nature of the creatures still presumed to lurk within?
Or should I do something else?
No. 204618 ID: 9cf3aa

Tis' as I suspected then. World energy is the lifeblood of the world and Leylines their veins.

I propose that with the unification of the known magics, anything could be done. Blood, Rune, Soul, Word, World... a creative mix of these magics would likely enable a single man to change the face of the earth itself (not the entire planet of course, but on the scale of The Avatar surely).

Runes tattooed in blood, engineered to draw out the soul and place it in harmony with the earth, words of power chanted in a larger circle of power, all above a leyline... and done by a souldreamer, the mages most attuned with creation. Move mountains, stir oceans, gather the winds into a terrible storm. Some powerful stuff indeed.

In any case, I tend to think big, possibly too big.
No. 204619 ID: 9cf3aa

Go and converse with the shamans on magic type stuff and help out with healing again. We shouldn't really bother Lorgk unless he asks, no need to overstep ourselves.

You can ask the shamans about the abominations from the deep and see if you can feel them with magic.
No. 204622 ID: f4e4f9

Remember the bird. I don't trust it, and too many tales of animal familiars running through my mind makes me worry about Goddoruk's raven, if we go through with the assassination.
No. 204623 ID: f4e4f9

Also, maybe Jojo can shed some light on this: What the heck is Lorgk's sword made of?
No. 204634 ID: c00244

Speak to the makers on what they have done with the knowledge gleaned from Mordre's city, aside from reinforcing the walls. Many of them are doubtless creative and capable individuals; they've surely come up with some interesting ideas or plans... some of which might even be useful, if we've got a major war coming right up.

>As he is also training to be a warrior, as well as a conventional shaman (A 'mage' in the lowlands, I believe is the term) and one who can sneak about undetected, I do not expect truly swift learning, so I do not reprimand him for his slow progress.
In retrospect, we're probably crippling Ulzrick in all his disciplines by demanding a four-way multiclass. That's a ridiculous amount of cross-training. If he can pull it off successfully he will be incredibly capable (as well as thoroughly insane, if what Jojo says about his mind fracturing further is true), but until then he'll likely be only mediocre in all fields. Slightly concerning, but on the other hand it does say right on his statblock that he has difficulty maintaining long-term focus; perhaps it's best this way.

Actually, looking at Ulzrick's statblock (>>327811), it says that above all else he wants to find a new home where he can be accepted. It's not much, but if Jojo let him know that he knows about his schizophrenia and isn't going to hold it against him, it would likely mean a lot to the guy.
No. 204638 ID: 0a8e03

good point ravens are fairly smart and can be trained. advise the war chief to ensure the raven is killed.
No. 204646 ID: d3dfb8

or some crazy magic shit we've never seen before.
No. 204650 ID: e2ed7d

Jojo, a question: As the creation of wings and a dream-staff are both powerful magics, would it be possible to get stronger via training with your dreambody? With so many powerful foes, with the militia so strong, what if you joined them in their exercise? To train the mind as your dream body? Wouldn't that be something, eh?

I would focus on conveying the information that the Arcanoworks has come up with regarding both topics, and next time we dream give Arkus what we can tell him of this. And an idea: Help the Shaman start on Experimental Magic Theories. Not simply a unified theory, but study into untouched parts of what could be magic. Breath Magic, Body magic, and focus attempts to create new schools of magic - if you know the list that Arkus had, give those. If not, get thewm from Arkus - and an attempt to create a curriculum for, say, a chronoshaman.

I would advise against going into the mine, however you could dream youself into it - but be careful. Do not stay long, and leave if in danger.

ANd yeah, kill the bird first, then kill the man.

Oh! Idea: If we can find out Goddoruk reason for being with the Magic Eater. Yes, I know this might be a bad plan, but if we can convert him it could be useful. And another idea! When we kill him, find a way to preserve his soul? Mordre likes his snacks!
No. 204656 ID: e2ed7d

First, I wouldn't do the first one. There's already Premen maker either on his way, or soon with all that info and he's trained to translate it properly. If possible we could transport him up here.

And regards to Ulzrick we are turning him into Deadpool now - and if we increase his Souldreaming the most, we can train him by making him read quest threads.
No. 204670 ID: 716eb0

Don't get too hung up on D&D class distinctions. He is not "multiclassing," he is learning useful skills which will increase his overall usefullness and may be combined in interesting ways. Besides, in this setting, warrior/caster isn't a multiclass, it is a prestige class avaliable to mages and fighters alike.

I am totally fine with him not focusing entirely on Souldreaming anyway, because the more he branches out into other areas, the less insane he will end up. Mordre really needs to get back to teaching him Will magic.
No. 204675 ID: 3c77ec

I didn't actually mean multiclassing strictly in the D&D sense; it's just sort of snuck into my vocabulary as a word meaning "learning multiple disparate skills". The general point about spreading oneself thin stands in spite of the terminology used, I think.
No. 204715 ID: e4e9c3

I just thought of something. The patchwork beast that's been following Mordre... Wasn't there some mention of the bodies of the dead occasionally animating and chasing after their souls? And since the beast is both a patchwork, and growing, perhaps it is grabbing more bodies to chase the ever increasing amount of souls Mordre has consumed?

On another note, I think the core being in the North? South? ... field may be talking due to the proximity of the leyline. The world-being thing that hitched a lift in Mordre eariler might have seen it as another opening, and combined with the Core in an effort to get out and observe the world, as it wished to with us. It explains the speech, and the desperate urge to escape...

Anyway, all this has to wait till we get back to Mordre.
No. 204719 ID: 29ddd8

I agree with the first part, but Lenryt Dealt with the 'Caged One' for us.

On the other hand, she didn't seem to know about the core being in question, but she hardly tells us anything anyway and we have no reason to think she tells us the truth all the time.
No. 204762 ID: a76809

Chieftain Lorgk's sword... is a mystery. I would claim it made by a Souldreamer who never specified what metal it should be comprised of, and instead it simply became something like metal, an essence of metallic nature, but that does not quite seem to fit. The sword was Lorgk's sire's, and belonged to his sire, and his sire before him, and as far back as Lorgk's personal family tree could stretch, the sword was always there, a fixture around which every son was subsequently made to learn, and eventually inherit. It is possible that over years, decades, centuries, possibly millenia, that the sword, constantly in the possession of a particularly warlike band of Premen, associated with war, spilling blood, ending lives, being honed, sharpened, cared for, repaired, retooled, refit, again and again... that something happened. Perhaps it is possessed of the concept of blade, a sword in both the corporeal and metaphysical sense. I know it registers as present when I walk the Dream, something no non-living thing should do, which speaks of it's irregularity... possibly it is all of this, a sword forged of Dream, it's specifications left vague enough it did not fully bend to the rules of reality, steeped in history, use, death and life, nearly a living thing in it's own right-or perhaps it is none of these, and something wholly alien. I have tried investigating it in the past, and the thing has remained decidedly close-lipped, retaining it's secrets as it's own. All I know for certain is that it is old, has seen enough death to construct mountains out of the dead, seas out of the blood it has spilled, and it is linked to Lorgk's blood, his hereditary line, in some indelible fashion. I wonder if the gems affixed to it could have been added by any but Lorgk, as I doubt it would allow itself to shift by any hand but that of it's Wielder-and I fully mean to add weight to this word, for Lorgk has not once, not a single time, been seen in the dream bereft of this blade. I wonder though, what it's true nature, it's true worth could be, when it is so old, replete with it's own wealth of history that far exceeds that of it's current bearer. In a way, the blade interests me more than any other pursuit I have considered, simply for the fact it has so absolutely rejected my attempts to understand it.

I form my Dream body about myself, powerful yet largely metaphysical limbs propelling me towards Lorgk's igloo, where I offer comment to the chieftain, who I note has slept with his Sword close at hand, the rubies set along it's length in a single line having no fixtures, seeming to practically be sprouting from it's surface, as if always there, faint veins of red creeping out as if the rubies were some organic growth upon its form (that could not be natural, I know the gems to have been normal before, so why do they spread, immerse themselves in the blade so?), bereft of a hilt or any form of design, simple wrappings about the handle and nothing more. His eyes snap open at my approach, and I offer a though that occurred to me overnight, concerning his intention to attack the Gorkin emissary and guards.

"It is thought the bird that Godorukk carries, of wings so black, could be more than a simple pet: It is advised this bird dies, possibly even before it's master, to prevent unwittingly letting the proposed plan be dismantled by some enchanted creature carrying word faster than wished."
>"..You words shall be heeded, elder Jojo. The bird shall die, along with it's master, first and foremost: Those Hand-cannons sent by the metal chieftain shall be put to this task, the regular warriors slaughtered in fair combat thereafter."
"This is good, the decision should stay hidden for as long as possible in this manner."

I incline my head to the chieftain, again sparing a look for the sword in his hand-and note his grip tightening about it, muscles knotting reflexively as if to ward it from theft, triggered simply by my lingering gaze: Even if it's nature may note be known, to Lorgk or myself, it is clear that whatever else may come, Lorgk is certain, that his is HIS Sword. So long as he draws breath, I doubt any hand but his shall lay claim to it.

My next endeavor in the early morning is simple: I approach some of the makers, and ask to meet with whoever is responsible for building defenses, their own leader of sorts in the art of bastion-building. I am directed to Bokk, the female maker who returned from the lowlands not all that long ago (She is known for being fleet of foot, and is a capable tracker when gathering food), who tells me of the state of things.

"Much learned in lowlands, it is true, but resources scarce: Time is needed, to shape stone to squares, in lack of tools beyond those of bronze or bone make, beyond the few brought back: Even then, there is a lack of the means to make metal supports, the bones of true defenses from the south, in our home. For now, the walls are greater than any save those built over years with the aid of hundreds of hands in these mountains, but that is all that can be claimed for now. Supplies are needed, of wood, of metal, of tools, of forges, of all manner of building wonders from the south, before Mordreden can use all that was learned."
>"Plans for more violent defenses?"
"All about the walls, the snow is powder, a falsehood: Beneath lay sharpened stakes, spears of wood and stone alike, waiting to skewer the unwary: The outer surface of the walls is ice, smoothed of handholds, impossible to climb: One would have to leap some ten paces of spikes, and over a wall some eight paces tall, to avoid coming through the lone entrance, wide enough to allow but one Premen through at a time: It is not the best defense, but more than would be expected of a clan newly settled, much more."

I move on, considering what I could spend the day on.

I decide to speak with the Drazken shamans, and while away several hours using what I learned the prior day on the state of the Magic Language to try to impart some basics of the structure of Souldreaming to them, for incorporation into the tongue: Only some crude basics get added, before I hear the boom of cannons and the clash of metal, along with the roar of challenges. But by the time I and the other shamans move to the source, at the entrance of Mordreden, it is over: Lorgk stands over the fallen form of Godorukk and some five other warriors, his blade dripping blood-and among the dead, I note a bird, feathers dark as night, and know the potential familiar of the emissary to be dealt with. As some of the warriors are moved to the tent for the wounded, I deduce that while the shamans work to fully incorporate the concepts of Souldreaming I spoke on into the Magic Language, I shall labor to restore the wounded, and once more resign myself to the healing tents. Food is brought for me twice throughout the day, and thankfully none bother me as I concentrate on my craft, one by one restoring those injured to wholeness. As the day slowly passes, I reduce the number still awaiting treatment in the tent considerably, before retiring in the evening, hoping to accomplish some things in my slumber, in the land of Dream.

As I drift off to sleep, my mind wraps itself about my planned new form, that of a winged self, as well as the eventual goal of one day being ready to pull a staff fully formed from the Dream, to aid me in dire straits. I consider that the more different from my corporeal self a dream self is, the harder it is to both manifest and maintain, so the stronger I make my dream self, that which I manifest to move, the less time I can sustain it, the more taxing it's existence becomes. True, gaining familiarity with the crafting of a specific form reduces the strain, but always, the more different from the corporeal truth, the more draining the Dream form manifested, without exception.

Once asleep, I cast out into the Dream, seeking out the slumbering apprentice Arkus-
And find him.

I step into his dream, bringing with me lucidity which transforms his Id's indulgence in a desire for rutting with one of the other humans-the loud female, one of the three being trained in leadership and stealth alike back at the Arcanoworks-transforms into momentary shame as his Ego realizes my presence. Having stepped into dreams like this hundreds of times over the years, I patiently wait for his focus to fully shift to my own presence, before attempting to commune in the dream method of concepts.

To Arkus, I convey a desire to know of what categories of magic he knows in the lowlands.

To me, a collection of forms, specialized into different fields, with greater depth than I would have anticipated, is sent.

To Arkus, I convey the hypothesis of Word and World, of World and Blood, the linkages thought.

To me, surprise, and careful consideration.

To me, concern at the inquisitive visitors, the ones of Vime.

To Arkus, a desire to know of how great the risk is.

To me, an acknowledgment the danger is not yet great, but could grow.

A silence passes as Arkus has no more to convey, and with my own data both transmitted and collected, I depart from his dream, pulling with my departure the lucidity I brought, leaving the dreamer to descend back into primal indulgences, both of the mind and the perceived flesh.

I move back towards my body in the corporeal realm, and past, considering the blocked caves... a force exists, potent, shifting, ominous, within the earth... and I decide that I shall not plumb it's depths, investigate it's nature, so insidious does it feel. I return to slumber, taking advantage of sweet oblivion to gain simple rest before the morning.

[DAY 114]

Once more, I awaken in the early morning, frost hanging about my breath, as I draw a fur pelt about my form with my feeble arms.

What should I do today?
Should I speak more with the shamans about Souldreaming, to better see it defined and included in the Magic language?
Or should I speak with the shamans on Souldreaming for the Unified magic theory?
Or should I eschew speaking with the Shamans, and instead try to investigate chieftain Lorgk's sword in the more corporeal sense, and if so, how shall I phrase my request, given his attachment to the weapon?
Or should I simply attend to healing the remaining wounded?
Or is there some other pursuit I should follow?
No. 204773 ID: 29ddd8

Ok then. This is what you shall do Jojo.
Make a staff or have one made, not from dreams, a real staff. Bring it as close as possible to the item you envision, then when necessary, simply alter it. Out of this you gain a natural focus for your magics and a trump card for play in dire straights.

Lorgk's weapon... It would be interesting to examine it. I believe it would greatly help with the crafting of your own. I am not sure as to how you would approach him on this matter, but one thing is certain, he is a straight forward kind of guy and I don't think any great deal of 'Kissing up' would help your case.
If you decide to go for it, approach him and simply state your desire and give him a good reason, something that would appeal to his way of living.

Make the magic disciplines known to the other shamans and then get back to the wounded.

Tonight look for dreams of members of the Gorkin, make sure you ward your mind in case you meet with resistance. If that doesn't work out, check on Oggroth and see if you can help him out.
No. 204795 ID: 2aaaf1

Speak with the shamans, be as descriptive as you can when explaining your control over the craft. Sugggest to the shamans that meditation should be practiced as much as possible to hone concentration. Tell them to try reaching out to each other in dreams, if this can be accomplished, basics of Souldreaming can be grasped.

When you go to see Logrk next, politely speak the following: "Might I examine your sword a little close Chieftain Logrk? You need not let go of it, I merely wish to satisfy a curiosity that came to me. It is one of the only weapons I've ever noted to have such a strong presence in the world of dreams. You see, your blade bears a strong resemblence to the new form Chieftain Mordre now holds... and yet, it is completely different. In addition, it is connected to you and your entire ancestry by a bond I can barely percieve. I also notice the new additions to the blade, were those gems placed by your hand, Chieftain Logrk? I suspect the blade to be capable of growth through the slaying of foes. I believe you could benefit from learning the craft of Souldreaming, perhaps the true nature of the blade could be laid bare to you. The blade almost seems alive, similar to Mordre's new metal form as I mentioned earlier, perhaps it has dreams, memories, an existance beyond a simple sword. When Cheiftain Mordre did battle with the old shaman, I witnessed him unleash the potential of a sword Mordre had aquired in the Southern lands, I think a similar thing could be accomplished with proper training."
No. 204812 ID: a76809

>[Memo on Souldreaming being restricted to those physically of mentally 'broken' missed? And by memo, I mean consistent descriptor of such being a requisite to learn the craft, thus throwing out all the individuals you noted as being desired to learn it?]
No. 204816 ID: 8bbb45

modifying an existing things with dreams? sounds like a good idea to me, how possible is that?

trying to contact different people seems very important now. Like Mordre's group, to see where they are. And maybe check in with Ulzrick, see how he is doing, and to make sure he is keeping with practicing! (also to see how bad hes gotten im worried aaaaa)

i think healing should be a first priority, because talking can happen whenever, but healing is needed right at the moment to be useful, and to make sure everyone can get back to work to prepare for the eventual shitstorm that occurs when Goran hears of the slaughter of his messenger.

random thoughts...who was your family? did they die? any siblings? ever think of having a family? what did you want to do before you found souldreaming?
No. 204818 ID: 29ddd8

Just a heads up. Souldreaming in any form is exceedingly rare and whomever has the gift will be broken in some way, apparently proportional to their skill. So if the guy isn't crippled or crazy, don't really expect souldreaming skill of any kind.
At least this is what Ive gathered from Jojo.

Carry on.
No. 204833 ID: c00244

How possible... well, very, considering that it's the basic method that Jojo uses to heal people. That said, my impression was that to get magical dreamcrafted items, they'd have to be pulled out of nothing. If that is incorrect and he can gradually shift/enchant something just as good, well, I suppose that's a safer way to do it.
No. 204834 ID: 2aaaf1

I am aware of these things. I thought it was possible to manifest the ability by breaking one's self? Must a user of Souldreaming be broken from birth?
No. 204838 ID: a76809

[No, not from birth... but do you want Lorgk and most of the shaman to start manifesting broken bodies or minds just for the chance to learn it? Just looking to clarify.]
No. 204842 ID: d3dfb8

I certainly hope he doesn't want to. That would be silly.
No. 204851 ID: 2579e0

>"The... flow, or current, that pervades the rivers of World magic beneath the earth, flows in currents that can shift, but still bear resemblance to flowing nature of the source of Blood magic."

If Zakrath has "blood" then perhaps it also has a soul? O.o
No. 204856 ID: 2aaaf1

Well the detrimental effects of Souldreaming can be told to go fuck itself if the user is awesome enough so that is a factor to consider. But no, I do not wish to "break" them in right now. Perhaps Jojo could make a "Souldreaming for the mentally stable" guide so people can understand the different concepts behind Souldreaming?
No. 204857 ID: d3dfb8

The Caged One?
No. 204860 ID: a594b9

Healing first. Then let's maybe approach Lorgk. Say something like this:

"Lorgk, did you know your sword is visible during souldreaming? I am very curious about it. Could you tell me more of its history?"

After he talks about it and grows more relaxed on the topic you might have a better chance of asking for permission to examine it without getting an angry response.
No. 204881 ID: b14128

Hrmm... Jojo? Do you have any idea why Souldreaming's users need to be crippled or damaged in some way?

As for Lorgk's blade, I say you should approach him, inform him of your wish to investigate the blade, and ask for permission to try and uncover its secrets, before asking any questions. It is, afterall, HIS sword. Remember the weight placed upon him being its wielder: He would be an important part of any investigation into it because of his bond with it.

...That... Is a very interesting theory. Huh.

On a related note, on the connection between Word and World magic... ...Perhaps Word magic is knowing the 'Language' of Zakrath, of the world itself? Like, the Word magic 'Spell' for lighting a fire is the primal, 'base' word for the very concept of flame? A word of power? With the 'ripples' in the magic being the side effect of them being used? (This is all just guess-work and speculation. Still, let's try getting some more theories on the Word-World magic connection out here.)
No. 204914 ID: e2ed7d

First: Healing.
Second: Souldreaming, and whatever you picked up from Arkus, to add to the Unified Theory of Magic.
Third: Suggest Experimental Magic. This will be pushing boundaries and making changes as best that a Shaman can.
Fourth: If you have time and energy, ask about why we can see the sword in our dreams. Ask about if it was Dreamforged, and if so how or what happened to the dreamer. Suggest, and only suggest, some of the upgrades you know that Mordre has used.

And was there no way to preserve the soul of the messenger? Actually, is there anyway you can make sure it's still there? I have this worrying feeling that he could have fled, like Dulu.
No. 204997 ID: 29ddd8

Call me crazy, but If I had a legendary Weapon Passed down in my family for generations, I don't think I would want anyone knowing of its secrets other than myself unless there was a very good reason. I" just want to know" is not one of those reasons.
No. 205014 ID: 26c05b

Right, which is why we tell him what we know so he can upgrade and ask about making a second one because who doesn't want two awesome weapons?
No. 205022 ID: 29ddd8

Good Point.
No. 205033 ID: 26c05b

And we break out the point of, if we know how it was made and the dangers behind it, we could make twelve swords, one for each of Mordre's Knights. Think of it, Arkus! I round table!
No. 205063 ID: a76809

[I am curious where you got this notion the detrimental cost of learning Souldreaming could be ignored, but to clarify: No, it can't. If Jojo were to try to heal his body, it would cost him his Souldreaming ability. If Ulzrick tried to heal his mind, the same would happen. This is a potent ability, but it's cost is intrinsic to it's function. Also, one cannot begin learning it without being, in some way, broken of mind or body to begin with (not from birth, but must predate learning the craft) in addition to having a teacher.]

My family cast me out when it was known I would grow up malformed, too weak to be a warrior or maker. I had to steal scraps from my old home, and subsist on what little I could scavenge, until my burning imagination and crippled body gave birth to my talents in Souldreaming. Upon gaining some measure of competency in the craft, I was once more given a home within my old clan, and my parents, my family tried to claim me again, to bask in the growing prestige my rare ability attracted. It was then I started to hate those who relied on others, recognizing that they wanted nothing of the hardship it took to hoist myself from my beleaguered origins, only of the bounty that I earned through surviving, and forcing myself to thrive in what was thought to be a death sentence. ...I cannot have a family myself, my body too broken, too much not working, and now too old... perhaps this built upon my earlier rejection, for why I find weakness, relying on others a... sin, in and of itself, I know not. ...Before Souldreaming, I had hopes to be a Warrior, one proud and strong like Lorgk, but... well, life took me on a different path.

I decide to give myself a foundation for constructing a staff of dreams, and claim a piece of aged wood, largely straight, and begin handling it, slowly shifting bits and pieces of it into and out of the Dream as I make it smoother, better sealed, and less prone to rot. I stop before I invest enough energy that it would impede my efforts to heal the wounded later today, and appraise what is now an unnaturally smooth staff, untouched by file or any other smoothing device, and consider my next action. Satisfied that I at least have a base to work with now, I decide that establishing the true core of my eventual staff of Dreams is sufficient for now, and move on to new pursuits.

I spend the morning hours speaking in great detail with the Drazken shamans, imparting on them every bit of concept I can think of governing the force of Souldreaming: There are limits, as only so much can be understood without being a caster of the art oneself, but they seem confident that given some time, they can at least get a crude groundwork built on the subject, so that as the language evolves, all that would be needed is for those of the art to fine-tune the equations and grammatical structure of the Magic Language, within the field of Souldreaming. I spend the rest of the time until noon, when the sun stands at it's zenith overhead, imparting the generalities of lowland magic I received from apprentice Arkus, eventually being told that the Drazken clan shaman shall have much to work with, and being asked if I could attend to the wounded. With my information imparted, and that location next on my list anyway, I begin to move towards the healing tents. As I consume another meal (this time awaiting me in the tents) and set to work, time passes by without me having much concern for it's flow, flitting from patient to patient. And so it goes, fixing broken bones, re-splicing severed veins and nerves, re-knitting skin and restoring vitality...

Until a commotion breaks out, and one of the guards about the tent for wounded, now housing a scant half dozen forms for me to labor over, pokes his head in.

"What is it?"
>"Elder Jojo, a metal warrior is seen approaching. Bearing swords, looks to be-"
"Made of metal, yes. Are gems seen on it's form?"
>"Jewels of blue are noted."

So. Dulu, then. I sigh under the setting sun's waning light.

What should I tell Lorgk before Dulu arrives? And should I be present for the meet?
Or anything of pertinence towards this meeting that I should address?
No. 205068 ID: 26c05b

Tell Lorgk, but lets not act hastily. We don't know what he wants and, to our knowledge, he doesn't know about us. Be ready for attack, but do not start one ourselves. Meet him outside the walls, if he comes closer. Go with any shaman and just listen, watch.

No. 205069 ID: f4e4f9

Yes, you should definately be present. If we do this right, we may be able to convince Dulu to just be patient until Mordre arrives.

Assuming he is amenable to speak:

"So, you have arrived as Chieftain Mordre said. And what is you're purpose here, Warrior Dulu?"
No. 205070 ID: 45be60

Has Dulu ever seen you, Jojo? He is unlikely to just attack straight away, and while he is talking it would be best if Dulu has no knowledge that any messengers have been sent warning about him. Heck, maybe start by asking if he is *another* emissary of your metal benefactor.

Hmmm, even if Dulu himself has not seen you, you have been seen in the aftermath of battle with forces he was allied with, and Eisenhardt would certainly be able to recognize you with even a vague description later. A crippled premen floating above the ground healing the wounded is simply too distinctive. Jojo, you have a staff to lean on now, could you set your real feet upon the ground when he arrives, and pretend to be nothing more spectacular than an aging, crippled adviser?

In any event, it seems unlikely that the metal warrior marching across the landscape is ignorant of your association with Mordre. If nothing else, the name of the settlement gives it away. So feigning total ignorance is probably only going to make him mad. Our goals here are to tell him nothing important, and to not engage him in a fight if we can avoid it. Dulu is likely here to try and find the (imaginary) location where Mordre the Mage lives. Lorgk knows the basics of the ruse regarding the Metal Chieften, so that saves time. If Dulu asks, he needs to keep his story as close to the truth as he can while still leaving room for Mordre to be a mage in a distant land. He is a competent leader, and knows what happened then better than you, so leave the actual story concoction to him.
No. 205073 ID: a594b9

Dulu might not have any knowledge of which Premen clan Mordre leads... HEY, we could even send him over to Goran! Tell him that they serve Mordre, and hahahaha, both delay Dulu's assault and eliminate the rival clan!

We should act as if we don't know who Mordre is at first, then when he describes the Soul Grave we can tell him that we spotted one assisting Goran's clan.
No. 205076 ID: 903f16

I'm just going to throw this idea out there, Dulu still wants to duel Mordre in an honorable battle. We might be able to use that in some way to sate his appetite for battle and prevent the clan from his assault if we promise him that. It might not work, but it's a viable bargaining chip at least.
No. 205081 ID: 26c05b

Let us not lie. Dulu hates subterfuge, so lets not make him angry. However, letting him assume we don't know Mordre personally is a good idea. But don't immediately start asking questions ro such. Find out what he wants to know. If he knows that this is Mordreden, say yes. If he is looking for Mordre, invite him in for seal jerky. Be friendly. Honey attracts flies, sticks them up, and makes them docile.
No. 205086 ID: 0a8e03

if i remember right dulu hates people breaking their word and only dislikes subterfuge
No. 205089 ID: f4e4f9

Thats just semantics.
No. 205106 ID: 0a8e03

let me rephrase that then.
he dont like sneaky shit but will tear off your head and shove it whare the sun dont shine if you break your word when it concerns him.
No. 205135 ID: 6ef727

Oh hell no guys. I don't think you should hold the idea of conversing with the man in high regard. If he just want to fight, he knows where to find Mordre, He was SENT, and Wenshio won't be forgiving his so easily this time. He was going to deal with him harshly last time, probably end him, but he didn't because Eisendhart put in a word for him.

As for fooling him ans to the location of Mordre's clan, that is pretty much out too. Hm being here means that Wenshio knows about it or he was directed here. The Drazken are famos for their growth rate, pretty hard to miss the signs of quality workmanship. The only thing that could invalidate this is his approaching stance. It would be hard to tell since he is a golem now, but if he looks more inquisitive that anything else that there is a chance he wants directions.

Best defence I can think of right now would either be Strike first-strike early or feign ignorance (about his motives)and prepare to strike.
Only other thing I could think of is a rolling retreat, get women, children, wounded out now and retreat fight your way to a better place (if one exists).

If you can lure him into the mines somehow you can trap him in there. This is the plan with the highest chance of survival to me.

We need a good plan, stat.
No. 205224 ID: a76809
File 127865658671.jpg - (802.52KB , 2333x2594 , Dulu The Golemslayer Golemslain Golemforged.jpg )

I make my way to the opening in the walls about Mordreden, meeting Lorgk and Mingsk alike, switching to using my staff to support myself as I do what I can to support my weight with my stunted, twisted legs: It is painful, but tolerable. However, there is little chance I shall be able to move in this fashion: Standing, even with the aid of a staff to support my weight, to lean on, is a difficult enough prospect in and of itself. Lorgk eyes my new position askance, but makes no comment as he steps forth, taking center point as what I can only assume is Dulu approaches, eight eyes gleaming balefully through the frigid air. As the form draws closer, Lorgk shouts out his challenge, a simple demand that would not be eyed askance by any Premen.

"HALT! What business brings the metal warrior to our clan?"
>"...Home, clan-stead of Drazken?"
"That is so."
>"metal warrior, larger than self... known here?"
"Is mention made of metal warrior Mordre?"
>"...That is so."
"That one is known."
>"Duty... to demand end of.. partnership... alliance... service.. to Mordre."
"Demand? What right to demand?"
>"...Right... of strength... own, and that of... master."
"Master of metal warrior demands such?"
>"Master of Dulu.. demands such, yes."
"Strength held highly enough to exceed whole clan? Self viewed as strong enough to impose will?"
>"Not strong enough to impose will... but strong enough... to slay all..."

At these words, Lo9rgk hisses, his hands tightening about his Sword's haft-

And Dulu's set of eight eyes, every last one, locks upon the sword, before continuing.

>"..Desire... not to... fight.... slaying Premen... not preferred."
"Then why the threat?"
>"Duty clear... master... holds power over Dulu, choice not own to make."

As Lorgk stalls, I see my chance, and interject, hoping my presented image as a hobbled elder, nothing more, shall support my anonymity.

"So either break ties with Mordre, or face metal warrior Dulu, one who feels own strength is great enough to be true threat? One that does not want to slay those of mountain blood?"
"Could alternative exist?"
>"Must bring word of success, something of worth from mountains... not as a choice, but as... necessity. CANNOT leave mountains without paying service to master..."
"But could alternative exist?"
"Not slaying clan, waiting, eventually facing down metal warrior Mordre... such could serve, yes?"
>"...Aye, such could serve."
"Could else serve?"
>"Something that could serve master, only such, a service of equal or greater value, could take place of presented task."

Again Dulu eyes Lorgk's sword askance, and this time the chieftain catches it.

Hmm... so, waiting for Mordre could serve, to buy time... but Keddic and Bang arriving could skew this arrangement, indeed it could, and those two are supposed to arrive first, well before chieftain Mordre... If a true alternative could be grasped, something that Dulu could do that would be just as valuable to master as cutting of Mordre's support in this clan, could be devised, such could serve as well.... hmm.

What should I do?
Should I settle on suggesting Dulu waits for Mordre, to settle his debt in person, despite the risks that come?
Or should I come up with an alternative, and if so, what?
Or should I leave the remainder of this exchange to Lorgk and Mingsk?
No. 205232 ID: a594b9

Inform him of the THINGS in the mines. Perhaps his master would be interested in their nature.
No. 205236 ID: e31d52

This might just work, by golly.
No. 205237 ID: f4e4f9

I already know what might suffice, but he ain't getting Lorgk's sword.


"You speak of it not being your choice. You act then against your own judgement and will?"

"How so, then, does your master control you? What sway does he hold, over your soul and body?"

"If another alternative is acceptable, what then, does master of Dulu value?"

Depending on his answer, suggest that, if he awaits Mordre, you could use Souldreaming to possibly get a sense of what kind of hold Weinsho has over Dulu. Assuming it's some kind of enchantment or spell placed onto his body, Mordre could potentially dispell it with the Immortal Genocide.

If it's something ingrained into Dulu's soul, perhaps you could do something about it. If not, Mordre could also more firmly anchor Dulu's soul to his own body using Inverter.
No. 205239 ID: e31d52

>Free long time nemesis from horrible enslavement
>Gain awesome buddy

No. 205281 ID: cfe489

"We do not wish to break bonds with Mordre. However neither do we wish to be slaughtered. I have heard of your strength and know you to be capable of following through with your claims. Mordre is already journeying up to the mountains, as we requested his help with some other problems. If you will wait he should be here within the week. Two of his men have been sent ahead to meet us before he arrives, they call themselves Keddic and Magnum Bang. Perhaps they will bring further information on Mordre for you."

"From the way you speak you do not seem to enjoy working for your master. Would some way out of your service of him be a possible solution? If we cannot provide such a solution Mordre may be able to help. That is, if you can convince him you are worthy of his help."
No. 205307 ID: e7740e

Wierd... He seems to know of the sword's strangeness and power. Did he know about it himself due to his Premen blood, or did his master tell him, I wonder? If the latter, perhaps we may be able to find out more about the blade? (Also: Yeah, no way in hell he's getting the sword.)

Anyway, by the way he speaks... It seems as if every word is being forced. Or forced out of him, perhaps. He is not a willing participant in this... Let's try to seek some way to turn that to our advantage.
No. 205315 ID: 26c05b

Lets also include something like "The Mage Mordre gave aid to the Clan with his metal warrior with a show of strength against the Yeti. We can not break our word, even under threat of death. Can Dulu, not strong enough to impose will, say which his master wants?"

A suggestion, too: We could have Dulu try to form an alliance with Goran and then the Premen, Mordre and Bang and Keddic just go in and stomp on the Magic Eater.
No. 205316 ID: 26c05b

What I'm thinking is that his mother might have been from this tribe and he's heard stories of this sword.
No. 205328 ID: 5ccac3

Pssst. Dulu is pretending not to be free willed and kinda dumb. How much of this is a result of some punishment and how much is faking remains to be seen, but speaking to him like he has a soul and personality of his own at this point seems kinda silly. I don't disagree with the sentiments, just the approach.

Or perhaps he has some sort of ability to sense magical strangeness radiating from items. Apparently this ability is no more difficult than being moderately adept at some form of magic. It seems fairly common in the setting, and the sword is unique enough to attract attention. It may even register on some sort of heroic foe detection in its own right, if it shows up in the dreamscape.

Anyway, I can't think of a great deal that would be appropriate for Jojo to say here, he is not the lead negotiator of the conversation after all, just an adviser.
No. 205342 ID: 26c05b

First: How do we know he's just pretending? I half agree, however, that we should not act as if he's a actual person, and go on about the lack of will. If we anger him enough, he might be able to break free, haha, as the bars of his mental prison bend and twist with his brezerker strength. However, if he does demonstrate or forceably say he was once a person, once a Premen, act shocked and offer assistance.

And second: Where are you getting the fact that being able to read the magic of an object is common? Because I honesty can't remember that happening before.
No. 205344 ID: f4e4f9

He's not pretending, he's speaking Premen. He even specified, "Master of DULU", when we referred to him as metal warrior. Such individuality and capacity for reasoning probably wouldn't be there if he wasn't self-willed.

So either he's not pretending, or he's really, REALLY bad at acting.
No. 205411 ID: a76809

I consider the creatures within the mines... amoprhpous, mutated, deadly.... in many ways, similar to both the tales of World Nightmares (Core Beings, as called in the lowlands) and yet at the same time, lesser in strength (else how could the Drazken clan, headed by a capable war chieftain or no, repell them?). I also consider that, to my understanding from apprentice Arkus and chieftain Mordre, the foe, the master of Dulu, the one called Weinsho, was the one who researched... Core Beings, to have his work stolen by apprentices... this would seem to indicate an interest in their function. So, if the creatures that assaulted are miners are, in fact, similar to World Nightmares....

"An alternative is considered."
>"...Propose... alternative."
"Master of Dulu, does this one have interest in beings from beneath the earth?"
>"...Speak of... Core Beings?"
"Core Being, World Nightmare... related, but not the same."
"Was not the one to find them, Lorgk, several other warriors and makers, found the creatures, many wounded, many dead from discovery... but seem to be more numerous, less potent examples of the being you mention."

Dulu's gaze once more turns to Lorgk-and more specifically his Sword, yet again-before he responds.

>"Will... Lorgk... speak on what was found?"

As Chieftain Lorgk begins to give blunt, concise reports on the nature of the creatures encountered, their strength, their apprant mindless rage and dedication to slaughter and naught else, their inability-or unwillingness-to attempt to exit the mines once debris obstructed the exit, seems to intrigue the metal warrior, but his gaze stays locked upon Lorgk's sword, the whole of the explanation.

It seems clear he is at the least severely curious about the chieftain's blade (A sentiment I can heartily share), if not outright desirous of it. However, given how protective the chieftain is of his ancestral heirloom, I find it doubtful he would part with it in any manner but death or eventually passing it on to his own progeny. As Dulu asks several halting questions, his grasp of Premen clearly not as great as it could be (He did spend much of his life in the lowlands, perhaps his talent at the tongue degraded from lack of use?), I consider the nature of his phrasing. He serves Weinsho, this seemed conclusively proven to chieftain Mordre, and I have little reason to doubt this belief... but he speaks now as if he is bound to his will in a manner that did not seem apparent in earlier encounters. Granted, I myself was not present for such exchanges, but I would assume Mordre or Keddic would have mentioned, if this one's very will was slaved to his master. As Lorgk's report on the nature of the creatures in the mine concludes, I interject again, noting with some alarm my legs are growing watery, even with the aid of my staff to support my feeble weight.

"You speak of it not being your choice. You act then against your own judgment and will?"
>"...Actions must follow master's will. Resisted once, for own ends... was nearly unmade. The death of a soul... far worse fate, then death of the flesh."
"How so, then, does your master control you? What sway does he hold, over your soul and body?"
>"...Master forged new form of metal, housed soul within it... this form, this existence is of master's crafting... and this one's master can unmake it, this has been proven."
"If another alternative is acceptable, what then, does master of Dulu value?"
>"..The creatures in mines could be of worth, would need to investigate..... Besting ...warrior Mordre could serve this function... as well. ...Chieftain's sword-"
>"..As Chieftain says, sword not offered, but such a weapon would suffice... as well, for master. Master desires that Mordre's power be diminished. Accomplished through lack of clan.. to back him... through gains in own strength... any would suffice, such that balance of power... shifts in master's favor. ..It is preference of this one to not slay Premen.... leaves sour taste in.... well, it is mis-liked."
"Dulu know of Souldreaming?"
>"...From lore... as child, Souldreaming is known."
"Souldreamer within the clan, could look at Soul, seek out hold master has."
>"Free will truly restored?"
"Possible. Guarantee cannot be made, Soul magic rare, but chance exists."
>"...Aware that succeed or fail, could not return to master empty handed."
"Why return if successful?"
>"Soul and body alike bound to master. Souldreaming could free soul, but body is... fluid, shifting: Souldreaming could not permanently free.... corporeal... from."
"How certainty gained, if Souldreaming only known of through lore, not experience?"

And for a moment, Dulu's form shifts, melts and blurs, runes by the dozens revealing themselves, shifting, changing as limbs warp and the body alters-before snapping back to its original form, the runes once more subsumed beneath the metal's surface.

>"Body... generates... and regenerates... bindings in form, so master knows where Dulu is, can call this one... can unmake this one. Souldreaming... it can effect changes, yes, but in passive.... state, there ARE no runes, no bindings to unmake. And when damaged, when threatened, runes.... multiply? ...No, self-propagate. Souldreaming potent, but always mentioned... as time consuming... body is made for speed... runes could not be completely.... eradicated... before regeneration... kicks in."
"Hm... but the soul-"
>"Aye... the soul... could be freed, one of two bindings... removed, if Souldreamer capable enough... in craft. ...Or so is hope."

I consider Dulu's words, and the demand of myself working directly upon a soul can have... I believe myself capable of the action, but would be incapable of normal pursuits for at least a day if attempted-working directly upon a soul, to change it's structure, is truly draining. ...But mostly, I consider his awareness of the Sword. ...He cannot see into the Dream, this I am confident of, so how did he identify it's irregular nature so swiftly? Can he sense metals in a manner similar to chieftain Mordre, and noted it's lack of specific nature? Or.... does his nature as a soul, now housed in a new body, allow him to perceive something of the Sword's nature? Perhaps this is related to it's presence within the Dream... or perhaps not. ...Far too much about this weapon is not understood.

Lorgk looks from Dulu to me, considering my words and his alike, before seeming to come to a conclusion. He turns back to the metal warrior, and offers another of his blunt, direct questions.

"If metal warrior was allowed free entry to home of the clan, could oath be given that violence would not be offered, unless offered against metal warrior first by one of the clan?"
>"For the short term, yes, but must meet master's demands within certain time frame, so-"
"Would oath be possible to inform clan of impending threat of metal warrior before such time comes?"
>"....Yes. This fits within bindings on own form, such oaths could be given."
"Then speak them."
>"This one, warrior Dulu, vows to offer no harm to the clan unless offered harm first, for as long as hospitality offered, and when bindings by master threaten to break this, shall inform clan immediately, before forced to break word by bindings."
"...Then enter our home."

As Dulu bows his head, skirting as widely about Lorgk and his Sword as possible, I consider what could be done with the remainder of this day:

For immediate concerns, should I continue relying on my own flesh solely for mobility, or should I return to using my dream form?
Should Dulu be brought to the mines, and granted entry to inspect the creatures within?
Should I drain my remaining energy considerably to attempt removing the binding on his soul, one of the two chaining him?
Should I attempt to speak with Dulu more in private?
Or should I do something else?
No. 205418 ID: e31d52

There's little reason to let him into the mines unless Weinsho could somehow make the creatures within even stronger and free them from the mines. If Dulu can destroy the demons inside, or if Weinsho is happy knowing more about them, perhaps with a body sample to dissect, then there's no reason not to let him rip and tear in there. Mutual benefit.

Hrrm... The fact that the runes of the binding are around Dulu's PHYSICAL form is telling. It gives me an idea.

Step one: We free Dulu's Soul.

Step two: We gather several skins of already-slain premen, or those dead of old age, or the like, as we are doing for Kyorto.

Step three: We have Kyorto pull the soul from the Small Tomb and revive Dulu as she plans to revive herself.

Step four: We band together with Dulu to slay Weinsho. Then we have an awesome duel with him.
No. 205419 ID: e31d52

>Little reason not to
No. 205427 ID: 6ef727

Resume to using the Dream form. The ruse is useful but not worth damaging yourself more. Maybe you could augment your standing position with dream strength instead of floating? Not to say that you should restore your legs, just that you could 'wrap' the dream legs around your existing ones to make it appear that you can walk. Something to consider.

Now as for Dulu... After freeing his soul, could you move it to another form? Another, temporary body? If so, we can free him both body and soul and provide him with a new form to his liking later. If you can, just let him promise to ally with you guys instead of Wenshio. Of course, the claim could be made that freedom is not being granted, just a different manner of slavery offered, but that can be argued. In any case, Mordre won't unmake hm just because he didn't complete a task.

Time limit. Unless Wenshio can track him, he wouldn't know that he is here yet, so we can expect at least two days before the timer starts ticking, it is likely more but better safe than sorry. Go talk to Dulu privately and propose the above idea, if he agrees tell him that you will begin the soul freedom tomorrow and the body the day after (to give time for crafting of a temp, if it would need more time to be crafted then tell his the estimated amount). After that, finish tending to the wounded and prepare yourself for the work ahead.
No. 205449 ID: 8bbb45

I know Mordre is now capable of making life golems using souls/inverter/etc, but im wondering if it can make a golem from a pile of corpses, instead of just a dying body. If this is possible, then Mordre could make Dulu a new body himself, would just need Dulu's soul+corpsepile, right? We could even see if those demon-things leave corpses, and use those if they do.
It'd be cool if it could actually happen...
No. 205458 ID: 0a8e03

anything freeing dulu in more than spirit is beyond us. as mordre or jojo. mordre might mannage it once he gets a good grasp of soul magic, but there are nowhare near enough soulmages availible for him to eat. unless mordre finds a few rune masters to eat or gets another boon from the loli cosmic horror i cant see anyway to free dulu's body.
No. 205471 ID: e31d52

No. 205474 ID: 0a8e03

Kyorto-innaccesable and seems to be some sort of illusion mage, she may use her soul to power it but that does not mean she can effect other souls.
No. 205475 ID: d3dfb8

Jojo can dream them off, the problem is they regenerate faster than he can get rid of them.
Mordre could use his magic stealer to stop them for a time while Jojo gets rid of them as quickly as possible.

not big on the whole life golem thing, it could potentially take fucktons of souls. But that would be pretty cool. Of course, Dulu wouldn't much enjoy being dead... again.

Wrapping dream legs around normal legs? genius.
Weinsho can track his position, Dulu said it right out.

Why not free Dulu's soul. We'll see what happens from there.

Maybe perspective switch over to Lorgk?
No. 205505 ID: a76809

[How do you plan to move Dulu's soul? It is bound into the Small Tomb Weinsho crafted, and short of destroying this corporeal shell (which Dulu may object to), Mordre has no means to safely move souls, just consume or burn them (barring them being unbound, free-floating souls, hence the need to destroy the body).]

I suggest to Lorgk that Dulu be allowed into the mines, if the metal warrior can accept being sealed in with the creatures until he can gain clearance enough to exit without endangering the village built around the mine with escaping creatures. Lorgk nods at my suggestion, and puts the question to Dulu. The metal warrior's head tilts nearly upside down, it's absurdly limber neck contorting in an eye-bending fashion, as consideration is paid to the offer, and a response is give.

"Such could be agreed to, if a ...sturdy bag could be provided: If entering, samples would need to be... gathered, for bringing to the master of this one."

Finding this request more than passing fair, a well-stitched and sealed hide sack is procured, and given to Dulu, who hangs it about his waist, as the metal warrior hefts a sword in each hand, approaching the collapsed mine. At Lorgk's orders, several makers, with a wealth of armed and ready warriors, cluster about part of the rubble, and set to heaving a stone free. The moment light begins to shine into the collapsed tunnel, the howls and cries of ravenous beasts within explodes outwards-even as Dulu's form sinuously slips into the opening, blades already dancing, and as the stone is thrown back into place, arcs of blood, from black to red to blue, spray forth, evidence of Dulu's contest against the beasts. Lorgk and the warriors and makers alike stay about the pile of rubble, awaiting evidence Dulu has cleared the area about the entrance so that the warrior can be allowed to exit once more, as I consider what to do, still standing by the gates, my legs watery from the strain of supporting my own frail weight.

I resume using my Dream form to support myself, breathing a slow sigh of relief as I no longer need to rely upon my twisted and broken limbs, and let the sound of furious howling and slicing flesh, resounding through the pile of rubble, fade into the background as I consider my next action. While yes, I do feel confident I could repair Dulu's soul, undo the bindings worked into it's structure, I do not know how the soul itself could be moved from it's metal housing: The re-grafting of a soul is an act I do not understand, though from Mordre's descriptions, the dead soul trapped in the ruins south of here might possess such knowledge. Hm... the binding in the corporeal form, that which resets and repairs itself, which I must admit does seem immune to the potent yet admittedly slow and time consuming craft of Souldreaming. ....Still, if one of the bindings could be undone, that would not only seem to ingratiate this Dulu (as what free-willed being would not chafe under such restraints and threats?), but potentially make his own efforts to gain freedom more likely to succeed.

Hm.... The dead one to the south... Kyorto, I believe was the name given, could well have input on this... alternatively, I witnessed chieftain Mordre perform some interesting tricks with that left hand of his: Among them, the ability to... slow... foes, to steal time.... I may not be able to exceed the normal regeneration rate, but... if it were sufficiently rendered lethargic, it's time stolen... it could be possible.

As I consider this, I note that the sounds of violence within the mines have abated, and as I turn to consider this, I likewise note the sun to have almost completely vanished from the sky, night setting in-as a sharp rapping knock resounds against the rubble.

"Those nearest the.... entrance, have been slain. Outdistanced others. Exit desired... expediently."

Lorgk sniffs speculatively at the air as he and those about him listen intently, and seems to be satisfied with Dulu's words: At his gruff command, the very stone moved before is moved again, and Dulu slips out, a full eight arms festooning his sides, a cleaver clutched in each, a blood-drenched sack at his side, heavy with trophies. The rock is allowed to fall back into place, as Dulu's taller, ten-limbed form is eyed with a great deal of wariness, which the metal warrior pays no mind to, as he inspects the contents of his bag.

"...Interesting... hearts that still beat, heads with eyes that still track... do death and life not hold the same.... meaning, to those in the cave?"
>"You slew some?"
"..No. I wounded, I cut parts... normally needed to live, but they kept moving, kept screaming. Resorted to traveling deeper into mines, drawing them after, before using.... swiftness to outpace, return to opening before beasts."
>"Could not slay them?"
"Did not seem.... inclined to die."
>"Strange, Sword felled some, did not rise."
"...Your Sword-"
>"Is MINE."
"..So it is."

With the night darkening, and the few still injured in the tents not in immediate risk of death or crippling, I decide that, as Mordre expressed an interest in Dulu, and this one has proven himself more than capable, as well as possessed of Premen sensibilities of forthrightness, to offer my Soul-healing, here and now.

"...If metal warrior desires, this one can begin working to free the soul."
>"There is nothing that can be ...offered in exchange for this-"
"All that is asked, is to adhere to given word-"
>"Would do so anyway."
"And to, when Mordre arrives, not attack immediately."
>"Give a reason, or offer may have to be ...rejected."
"With Mordre's aid, Souldreaming may outpace rune regeneration. No guarantee, but attempt can be made."
>"...If, on Mordre's arrival, oath can be given, that no harm, or... attempt at harm, shall be made on form during this, then.... word is given."
"This will be communicated to Mordre."

And so I escort Dulu into the healing tent, and slip into the Dream as the metal frame seats itself before me, and cast myself into his Soul.

.................................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: LORGK.................................................................

Jojo has taken it upon himself to heal the dead warrior's soul, to try to restore some sense of freedom.... I do not know how I feel about this, but from the wealth of body parts taken, and lack of any injury sustained facing the numerous beasts now lurking in the mines (who I once more hear howling about the collapse entrance), I doubt it could be faced without great loss to the tribe, so I welcome his attempt to find an alternative to such bloodshed: It is my duty as chieftain to see the tribe prosper, and such death would ill serve us, with the inevitable clash against the Gorkin Clan looming.

The night is young, and I feel no fatigue: I decide to go with a hunting patrol, to appraise their capabilities. It seems to encourage them to greater heights, when I participate, as well as giving me the chance to see how they do at acting independently, a valuable trait in warriors and makers alike, in specific circumstances. For an hour or so, we follow the trail of some mountain goats, before a spear is placed through three of their number, and we set to returning our bounty to the camp-

When two warriors, garbed in brilliant red, become visible in the distance. ...Are these the ones mentioned by Jojo? ...Hrm, they were mentioned to only barely understand Premen.... how should this be approached?

What should I say or do?
No. 205512 ID: e31d52

First of all, how long has the sword been in the family?

And second, consider: Dulu was once a Premen, or of premen blood. In fact, he may hail from either this or any other tribe. This is probably why he doesn't wish to resort to killing people here, maker or warrior: He's sentimental.

Dulu is also a great foe of Mordre's, an eternal rival since we met him, and the feeling is probably mutual. They probably carry a great deal of respect for one another.

About the Magic Eater... how does he deal with those not of premen born?

Should control of the mines return to your hands, and they reclaimed, would you pay the tribute then? How much would it have been?
No. 205514 ID: d3dfb8

Walk over to them alone.
No. 205515 ID: e31d52

These two are likely Bang and Keddic.

They are awesome, and probably equal in might to Mordre.
No. 205516 ID: d3dfb8

Also what do you know of your sword?
Both Jojo and Dulu seem to be extremely curious about it, as well as it seeming to be the only thing capable of killing those things in the mines so far.
No. 205518 ID: a594b9

Meet them outside the gates, where Dulu cannot see them; try to communicate that they should not attack Dulu at this point.
No. 205520 ID: 6ef727

Dulu desires your sword. What makes it so special anyway?

What of the magic eater? Why is he called that and just how powerful is he? Do you think that your clan could face them without the help of Mordre?

Genius. Seconded. (Sheath sword first)
After these beckon them to follow you and lead them to Jojo, he will know what to do.

P.S One of them is wearing a scarf, his brofist will hurt.
No. 205524 ID: 6ef727

Ah right Dulu, new plan, meet em outside and send for Jojo.
No. 205527 ID: 716eb0

They have come here to aid you, but they do not know precisely where the villiage is located. The language barrier is an annoyance, but one that can be worked around for the moment at least. Acknowledge their presence, but maintain a respectful distance. Pointing is a universal enough signal, make it known that they should follow you back to the gates.
No. 205528 ID: 6ef727

Interesting fact, pointing is universal yes, but not all people point with their hands, some tribes have been known to point with their chin. Carry on.
No. 205531 ID: f4e4f9

Excellent. All is going well so far. This could yield great benefits.

Hmm...we might be able to convince Dulu to aid us if the assassination goes pear-
shaped and Goran launches an early attack.


Keddic could take Bang's brofist. Lorgk took siege-fist punches from Mordre. He'll be fine.

After introductions, motion for them to follow. Handsigns are nearly universal for simple things, anyways.
No. 205541 ID: 8bbb45

moving Dulu's soul is something i have been unable to figure out, i must admit >.>

Ok Lorgk, hold your weapon in a non-threatening manner, and draw attention to yourself by raising one hand, open palmed, in greeting. an open palm means friend, hello, and stop. should convey what you want just nicely
No. 205575 ID: a76809

[Questions of: What do you know of the sword, or what makes it special, will largely not be answered, since they are too vague: Try more specific questions, to ascertain details of the item. Further, to understand it will require piecing together it's analysis from Lorgk's family exposure, Souldreamers, and other interested parties, to fully understand what this weapon truly is. This also means figuring it out before it is conventionally revealed can net a Pristine Soul.]

The Sword, MY Sword, has been in the family for long enough that it would be more accurate to question how long the family has been attached to the Sword: From either perspective, the answer is simple: Long enough that it predates any history passed down through the lines: It has always been there, a fixture of my ancestors, and eventually, a fixture of my own descendants. In all likelihood, it predates the very Drazken Clan itself, which has roamed these mountains since time immemorial, one of the few old clans to persist through all the hardships and conflict that our home encompasses. All I know is that so long as it is cared for, it's handle re-wrapped, it's edge honed, it does not rust, does not warp, does not wear... it simple is, and continues to be, no matter how forcefully used. ...It is the only piece of equipment that survived my contest against Mordre, prior to our 'understanding'. Then again, it's implacable durability is hardly a surprise, for something that unfailingly endured heavy use by hundreds of hands over the span of time, without ever losing it's shape, or needing to be reforged.... though I wonder if it even could BE reforged, no amount of heat has ever caused it to even glow, or grow warm at all. When I was a child, not fully understanding the worth of this item, I stuck it into a bonfire, and saw my father pull it from the smoldering pit hours later, the wrappings burned away, but the blade still cool to the touch. ...The only thing that ever makes the blade cease being perpetually chilled is the warmth of it's bearer, of which it has only one at a time: It was only when my father, growing frail with age, bequeathed it to me, that I finally found it's haft warm when I gripped it, at all other times having retained the chil of the mountains, no matter the environ or conditions.

...Hm. The one called Dulu, now being treated by Jojo, so like, and unlike chieftain Mordre: A warrior forged of metal, yes, but... there is a lack of that basic agelessness that seemed to pervade Mordre: Dulu still feels... transient, subject to the flow of time, like any being of flesh: Perhaps a leftover of having once been alive? And his reticence to harm Premen.... it is very likely that, when still of the flesh, he himself was of Premen stock, but separated from his homeland, long enough that returning gives him a sentimental crutch when facing those who share his blood: Why else would a warrior be averse to fighting an entire peoples, rather than a specific clan, or caste? Still, a capable warrior, to so easily navigate the mines, infested with monsters as they are now, those creatures, those... devils of the deep. ...But his own excursion made me more aware of something that floated on the edge of my consciousness when I fought the beasts myself: I was the only one to truly wound them, to lay some low enough they did not rise again, and from Dulu's words, he believes my Sword could be responsible. I heft my nameless blade, considering what this could mean: I only know it as a tool so heavily linked with my line that relinquishing it is a concept of pure anathema, something so repugnant I cannot bear to even consider it.... but beyond it's supernatural durability, it's ageless nature when cared for, could it have other, deeper properties? It seems quite possible, with a weapon so old, that much of it's nature is either forgotten, or never was fully known to begin with. Still, I was able to affix some thirteen rubies to each side of the blade's length, with tiny runes carved into each gem's face, each labored over by one of the Drazken Shaman prior to my efforts to graft the gems to mine Sword. I asked for a means to more firmly bind the sword to my personage, to bring more of it's strength to bear, and now, it seems to feast on blood when cleaving through flesh, to draw it into it's own form, gaining not a whit of weight in the process, though even the shamans who runed the gems could not say what purpose this serves, the runes originally intended to make the blade more destructive, something that has failed to manifest: It continues to be, it's edge keen, subtly slicing through anything I bring it against, the same as it always has.

I likewise consider Goran the Magic Eater, and my mind searches for any information on how the 'Over-chieftain' deals with non-Premen... and I cannot recall anything, the mountains having largely been devoid of outside influence for the whole of my life.... though considering Goran's impressive age, it is possible he has had to deal with outsiders before, and I simply have not heard of it.

I wave for the hunters with me to continue on to the clan-stead, as I approach the two scarlet-garbed individuals-noting one, the smaller of the two, but still larger than the only human I have seen (Mordre's servant, Arkus) to have a length of red cloth wrapped about his neck, that flutters..... in the opposite direction of the wind, it's size and shaping constantly shifting. The two note my steady approach, my weapon stowed at my side, and stop in the snow, frost painting their forms (the larger of the two looking to be growing out a beard, with short golden hair festooning his face). As I approach, I offer my fist forth, which the larger of the two tenses slightly at, possibly interpreting it as a threat, but the smaller one merely bears his teeth, and snaps forth his own fist, so much smaller than mine, to impact my own, and-

-And I nearly lose my balance, just barely avoiding slipping as my body is pushed back, despite my greater bulk, my knuckles popping from the unexpectedly heavy impact. The little one frowns for a moment before grinning again, and drawing back his arm once more-

To be stopped by the larger, golden-haired one, and the two quickly exchange words in a tongue I do not know.

[Translated for readers, does not mean Lorgk can understand this.]

>[That is enough, Bang. We aren't looking to start a fight, this was clearly a greeting.]
>[But the big guy can take it, I just want to give him a more proper greeting, you know, a show of respect for strength!]
>[You mean you wish to see how hard you can strike him, before either his arm breaks, or you knock him from his feet.]
>[Right, that's what I said.]
>[Bang, Restrain yourself, just this once: He could be part of the group we are to meet, and that would be a poor greeting.]
>[Aw, but I just want to have some fun-]
>[Your definition of fun frequently involves grievous bodily harm to others, possibly their death.]
>['Snot my fault if they can't take a punch..]
>[In the case that you simply strike someone unprovoked, yes, yes it is.]

I recall Elder Jojo's mention of language being an issue, and resolve to communicate my desire for the two (who must be the Keddic and Bang that were spoken of) to follow me. I point at the two of them, halting their conversation, and gesture towards myself, before sweeping my hand and chin alike to point back towards where Mordreden resides, and begin marching back. A flurry of snow is kicked up behind me, and the two land on either side of me, surprising me with their nimbleness. I grin, noting their comprehension of my meaning, and break out into a steady jog-which they easily match. I once more accelerate, full-on sprinting through the snow, bounding across the rocks-and again note they match my pace. I quickly pass by the makers and warriors I had been hunting with earlier, and come to a stop before Mordreden. I turn to my new followers, sweeping my hand towards the settlement, and speak it's name aloud, before gesturing at myself, and speaking my own name. The two seem to recognize something in the settlement's name, and grasp my meaning, the smaller one gesturing to himself and saying a long string of words containing the word 'Bang', while the larger one likewise utters a long string, beginning with the word 'Keddic'. These are, without a doubt, the ones I was sent to find.

At this point, the smaller one, whose stomach rumbles loud enough I briefly wonder if an avalanche is impending, furrows his brow, before carefully uttering a single Premen word:


...Ah yes, Jojo had mentioned they had some limited grasp of our tongue. ...Perhaps communication is possible after all. I consider the lateness of the night, and note that it is likely, to be accurate, early morning now, rather than late night.

[DAY 115]

What should I say or do?
No. 205596 ID: 903f16

Well the first thing you need to do is feed them, they've been traveling non-stop for quite a while now and could probably use a good meal. Bring out a great deal of whatever excess food the clan has at the moment for their meal, the small one will eat far more than his frame would lead you to believe.

It'd also be best to deal with Dulu situation as soon as you can and prevent any misunderstandings. You could attempt to inform Dulu as to their arrival and mention they as of yet do not know he is there. Ask him to translate a phrase for you into common that could let them know he is there peacefully, practice the phrase multiple times to make sure you have it. If Dulu is unavailable due to him undergoing the soul mending then say the words peace, truce, deal, and safe repeatedly and gauge their understanding of them. If they seem to get the gist of what you mean say them again and follow it by saying Dulu. That should get the general message across to them. There's also the possibility of using Jojo to communicate it to them while they rest, but he's unavailable right now and he might not be done by the time they sleep.
No. 205610 ID: 26c05b


Also, we have food. Get food! Something meat. Then go get a shaman and try out our universal language of magic on Keddic and see if we can translate: 'Welcome', 'Mine Filled With Deep Spawn', 'Dear God Do Not Attack Dulu', 'Thank You For Help', 'How Can You Defend Us' and 'Wanna Wrassle?'

Also, start getting your Premen Trained by these guys. I have a feeling that those Suitors have had some badass trainers while they've been in the lowlands. If possible, compliment the beard.
No. 205634 ID: e31d52

Consider: Sometimes the only thing that can harm something of a great nature is something of equal nature... that is to say, perhaps your blade is linked with these creatures or those similar.

At any rate, extend traditional premen hospitality. See if you can teach them a bit of the tongue while you explain the situation.
No. 205664 ID: 2aaaf1

Consider having them train with the shamen, I'm sure both parties could benefit from a trading of techniques, or at least the a general rundown on how to hone their respective styles of combat magic better.
A good idea once we've managed to convince them that Dulu isn't a threat(yet), is to have Dulu act as a translator. He speaks Premen and Common Tongue with relative ease, and it'd shave off some of Jojo's workload.

On an unrelated note: I've noticed something wierd about Mordre and this mine, and I think I see a connection here, but I'm not quite sure. What we know so far as fact- Bronze does not naturally occur, therefore the mine is out of place here. Nothing happened to Mordre when he consumed bronze from the mine. This is related because somewhere in the discussion thread it was stated that strange stuff will happen if Mordre eats metals left behind by other Soul Graves, but "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIAL" will happen if he comes across a metal he was once composed of and consumes it. Now, I'd -LIKE- to speculate that we were a fucking huge bronze colossus and this mine is a testament to our former glory, but... that does not explain Mordre's state of being when he was found at the beginning of the quest. And it sure as hell does not explain the horrors of the deep dwelling within, unless Mordre was a Mobile Core Being Penitentiary station.
No. 205752 ID: e31d52

Expanding on this...

There's two possible explanations about why your sword is the only thing that can kill these things.
Explanation One: In times long past, before the mountain you mine from was even there, there once sat a great daemon city, of bronze, festooned with rubies. These creatures attacked and harrassed the premen, who, while strong, face the issue you do now: No matter how many cuts or how many seperation s were upon their bodies, they would not fall. Therefore, a Souldreamer, or perhaps a group of souldreamers, devised a solution. Together, they made a weapon of concepts: A sword of ideas and thought, a sword that was the idea of a blade, the thought of killing, the essense of slicing. This blade hewed not only the beings it bit, but their very life force itself, the thing that let them keep moving despite being destroyed. Since it was made in such a way that caused a souldreamer to be lost, it could very well be a part of that dreamer remains in the blade, tending it, caring for it. And it could be that this is the heat you felt when you grasped the blade.

Second explanation: The Sword once, before it was your family's, belonged to the vile daemons themselves. Beings such as they are, unkillable by normal means, this blade of their own design proved to be their undoing, as your ancestor hacked and hewed his way though thousands of them, driving them back into their vile cities of bronze and ruby. He then formed a clan around it, to watch it with the Sword in hand. The demons were forgotten, as was the nature of the blade, over time.

With this in mind, it is especially pertinent you DO NOT give the sword to anyone, not even Mordre, unless you die without an heir. Explanation 1 might cause it to be unmade should another attempt to even grasp it not of your lineage, and explanation 2 makes it far too important to ever leave your clan.

No. 205757 ID: 6ef727

At first I thought that the blade was made out of Necronostrium, but the times don't match up.

Call me crazy (yet again) but I kind of feel that this sword is kind of an 'Avatar' of Blades kind of deal.

Consider this scenario: An ancient Preman warrior fogres a blade, a simple blade, he cannot even afford a handle or sheath, however, he cares for it as if it was the greatest blade in the world. He and the blade see many battles together and in the end he hands the blade on to his son. Now the amount of effort he put into this blade, combined with all the trials it no doubt went through (cutting through people, blocking magic sometimes, the works) his strong emotion is somehow Engraved in the blade. In simple terms, a fragment of his soul/will is stored in it.
This scenario repeats (minus the forging of course) many times, passed down from generation to generation. Over time, the blade would develop a magic power of its own. This is currently shown in the strong sense of possession it invoke sin the wielder and the heat when passed on.
The heat is the fragment of the soul of the past wielder being engraved in the sword, the sense of ownership of all the past owners is translated to the new wielder as well, so much so that it becomes apart of him, this is evidenced by the sword being in the dream world with him, this is how he sees himself, he and his sword, one and the same, an extension of himself.
This also explains why the sword seems to be 'growing' the rubies as well. It is shaping itself to the desires of the user, so it can truly become 'his sword' in every way.

Sorry about grammar errors and stuff like that, I have been up all night, it is currently 5am here and I am just putting in a word before I go to sleep. Hope it is worth it.

(Now back to in character stuff)
Have people bring them food, lots of it. If the punch is any indication, he must eat as much as Oggroth... well maybe that is a stretch. Then send for Jojo if he is not currently meeting Dulu so that we can sort this out. Jojo was with Mordre, he should know these guys.
No. 205769 ID: 0a8e03


small problem with that theory, the blade would be heavily battered from use if not broken long before it could get anywhere near unbreakable magic sword
No. 205803 ID: 6ef727

Yes, but there is nothing to say that it hasn't been reforged several times, just not in any living memory. Lorgk has already said that the sword is so ancient that it would be more accurate to wonder how long the family has been attached to the sword.
The sword doesn't have to passed on to an heir with this theory, just someone whom the previous person deems worthy, it just so happens that after a while, it started being passed down to worthy heirs.
No. 205813 ID: 0a8e03

reforgeing it would likely release any charge of magic that has built up. thus preventing it from becoming a mistery magic sword.
No. 205819 ID: a76809

[Nope But..]
>[Mobile Core Being Penitentiary Station is an AWESOME idea. Gonna have to steal that.]

I call for food, for the warriors who have arrived at chieftain Mordre's behest to be fed, largely on heartier foods such as dried meats, as well as kidneys and livers, as the distance they traveled was considerable, assuming they came form the same place which the earlier returning parties came from, and took substantially longer to arrive from. I am surprised by how ravenous the smaller one is, and even at this early time, the little one consumes massive amounts of food. Those warriors and makers alike curious about our guests have little issue seeing the larger of the two as a warrior, as large as most Premen and carrying no less than three swords on his person, and replete with both scars and ropy muscle, but the smaller of the two seems to attract some ire, not just for being small enough they have trouble believing he could be a warrior of worth, but also for the sheer amount of food he eats (we are somewhat limited in supplies, as it is, and his feasting does little to change that in a positive manner). However, their ire turns to confusion as one of the more provocative warriors, Deg, tries to stop... Bang from eating a particular piece of dried meat-and is thrown off his feet by the sheer force of the little one's arm moving. The others seem ready to take this as being an act of offense, but at Deg's own insistence, none aggress the warrior. Instead, a full three cluster around him, seated on the packed snow and dirt, and at once all try to hold down his rising arm-and all three are completely ignored, Bang eating at the same pace as before, making them look as weak as children. At the guileless grin the little warrior gives them, the warriors seem to accept his strength, and allow the meal to pass without further incident.

With the two warriors now fed, my attention turns to a very different focus: How to keep the peace, with Dulu and some more personal warriors of Mordre within my camp. Noting that they at least knew the Premen word for 'food' I start trying to test what they know, to hopefully convey to them the peace existing at the moment. They seem content to exchange words with me, and after some time in the predawn twilight, I manage to discover enough terms they grasp to speak on what is important.


At this name, both stop conversing, and immediately focus on what I say. Ah, they do know him.

"Dulu here. In Mordreden."

Bang looks excited, and begins to rise, while Keddic puts a hand on his shoulder, noting my expression indicating I have more to say.

"Dulu not fight, not now. Agree to peace, for now. Not fight Dulu."

Again Bang looks ready to object, but after a flurry of words from Keddic, he subsides, and both nod to me in comprehension. ...Good, that is cleared up then.

Noting the fatigue on their faces, I direct both to one of the communal tents, where they bed down to get some rest before the sun rises. Myself, I stay up a while longer, considering many things.

...I think upon my Sword, and its lethal nature to the demons in the caves, which avoided death by any other hands. This ability to harm them seems core to it's function, and theories begin to run through my mind. Chiefly, I try to conjoin it's long history, its ability to harm what others could not, and the interest a Souldreamer has had with it, into some sort of cohesive explanation. Chiefly, it seems highly likely, considering these mines to have been held by the Drazken clan before the yetis stole them, that my Sword was once within the caves, belonging to the demons that dwell within. True, those we encountered did not seem inclined to speech, but they could simply be implacable foes... and beyond that, it is my understanding that Bronze is not at all a naturally occurring ore, and the depth of the mines themselves makes me wonder what could be down in the depths... perhaps a... settlement, a tribe of these deamons lives within. This could well be one of their own weapons, claimed by an ancestor to be turned against them. ...Hm, I also know Souldreamers to be capable of crafting items from the Dream, that place their power stems from... perhaps it was Dreamt into existence? ...Hm, but that would make it impossible for it to have belonged to the demons before... But the use of Souldreaming to create such a blade would explain Jojo's interest nicely.... ah, perhaps both can be possible: It was once a weapon of the deeps, belonging to this potential tribe of demons, claimed long ago, and... re-purposed, augmented, by a Souldreamer, into something that of the Drazken clan, that of my family line could use.

...What's more, over the years, the countless users, all attached to the Sword... their care, their use, their attachment could have... put something of themselves into the blade. A... piece of their existence, their will to fight, to see the clan as a whole, and the family line in specific, thrive and continue... perhaps this blade, that has passed through the hands of so many ancestors, has taken with it tiny fragments of them, amassed over the years.... this would explain well why it seems only able to accept change from it's wielders... and why even I must admit myself at times to be nearly irrationally protective of the weapon. Hmmm....

[Good bits of collective deduction, now get a prediction about the future concerning this sword going, and PRISTINE SOUL]

I look about, note the night patrols to be proceeding smoothly, and make my way towards the igloo I reside within, replete with yeti pelts in its interior, and to the Maker I claimed as mine, Yulgett, having noted her strength, her hardiness, hoping such could be passed on to the next generation, ensuring the line stays strong. There is not much time left until the sun rises again... but it is enough.


The morning comes, and I disentangle myself from Yulgett, and make my way out into the common-grounds. I note that the guards about the tent of wounded shake their heads, Dulu and Jojo still within, and the two warriors likewise seem asleep still (with several curious makers not currently attending to tasks peering in to get a glimpse of the fighters sent by the metal chieftain), and consider:

What should be done on this day?
No. 205856 ID: 8bbb45

ok i fucking d'awwwed

back on course, you should go see what progress has been made with the Dulu predicament, also to inform Jojo of the arrival of Keddick and Bang

as for the sword...going out on a limb here but, if it continues to draw power from the souls of those who weild it, would it eventually be possible to somehow summon those souls using the sword? or in terms of the demons, i feel it will probably be used to banish/smite them all. it probably needs to be more specific but i cant think of anything else
No. 205860 ID: 2aaaf1

So Logrk, how far back can you remember your family tree? Men, women, aunts, uncles, brothers? I ask this because I have a theory to test: the sword has fragments of it's past owners or so we think, right? So, next time you find yourself fighting a worthy opponent, call out the names of those who wielded the blade before you- better yet, if you remember any of their battlecries do that too. I predict that the blade will become more responsive and deadly because the previous wielders will lend their power and possibly their experience to you. And even if that don't work, there isn't much that you can't solve with a good bout of screaming the name of your ancestors while flying into a bloody frenzy.

As to what should be done with this time... scouting. Take the fastest of the warriors, and examine your borders like a hawk, return when you think all the newcomers have awoken. Goran will send retaliation, this is inevitable. But, whether the Drazken are prepared for such an assault or not is entirely dependent on you.
No. 205877 ID: 6ef727

[High fives How do I shot trip?]
Fuck Yea! I leave this to you sir.

Im gonna go think... and stuff.
No. 205881 ID: e31d52

First priority: Dulu, is he okay?

Second priority: Bang/Keddic/Jojo?

Third: Are you confident that you would, with assistance, be able to clear out the mines with that sword of yours?
No. 205885 ID: a594b9

Obviously the sword is like a Small Tomb. It's got a Heroic Soul in it, kindof. More like a Chimeric Soul really. Mordre will probably be able to see and speak to that soul; in fact, Dulu probably can but chooses not to, since it could be seen as disrespectful.

I think Mordre might be able to use his Soul Infusion technique to make the sword EVEN STRONGER! YES!
No. 205889 ID: 6ef727

uhhhh... probably not. Mordre could detect that it was special, but nothing more than that. I think the same is for Dulu, probably a bit more intense because of Wenshio being such a talented soul mage. I think Dulu simply wants it, just like Mordre did back then.

Predictions... I either need more sleep or less.
No. 205905 ID: ccbfaf

Yes, check on Dulu, and the Human Warriors. Then get together any warriors. The ire towards this Bang might be migrated by a solid fight. And if these two have been training the suitors, a crash course of training is in order.

And a question: Do you have any scouts, along with Makers, Shaman and Warriors? A caste of scouts would be very cunning, able to identify threats from outside the tribe and quietly deal with them, or bring down the rage of your warriors when they are weakest.

As for your sword...it seems timeless, does it not? Maybe it is made from metal that is timeless? Deep inside that mine might be some kind of Orichalcum removed from time.

Other then that, check the walls and be a chief, like a boss.
No. 206018 ID: a76809

...I am Lorgk, son of Gort, son of Dorn, son of Delarg, son of Mork, son of Kron, son of Garm, son of Gork, son of Broley... Beyond that, I do not know my family history with certainty. I was the youngest of three, but the only one to survive childhood, my brothers Horn and Frag dying before... as to non-direct lineage family members, only a few are known to me, for having done enough legends persisted of these individuals. There was Dellack of the Iron fist, whom's legends prompted me to try to emulate his focus on pugilism, to the point he eschewed weapons in war... there was Dirg The Sly, a warrior that could best any foe by prying open the cracks in their mind and breaking their focus: Coupled with his evasive and defensive style, he found a way to turn words themselves to weapons, as the legends go.... Leyrog the Strong... some eight generations back, if I recall, was the only female chieftain I have heard of, and came from my line... but of all of them, the one that stands out the most, is the one said to have both founded my family line and the clan, though lore is vague at best, considering the amount of time involved: Draz The Destroyer, a Premen who, as lore goes, could crack mountains with his fists, could cause avalanches with his cries, and slew a warrior that was, if my interpretation goes correctly, was very similar to Goran the Magic Eater: Known to be as large as a mountain, feasting on the powers of shamans, shrugging off spells directed his way with ease... this is part of why I feel so ready to face Goran: It is a chance for me to emulate the greatest name in the Drazken clan's history... or die trying.

>Mordre could infuse more souls into the Sword to empower it
[Works as a Prediction: No Moment of Inspiration shall be listed now, since those only occur as Mordre considers it, but for future reference, as all conditions are met:]

I go to check first on Dulu and Jojo alike... to find both still motionless in the tent for the wounded. I call out to both, but neither respond: I see Jojo's chest moving with a deep, steady rhythm, and know him to still be alive: Dulu, for his part, does not move even slightly, as still as stone. I decide that it would be inopportune to try to physically interact with them: For Dulu, this could be perceived as a threat in his trance-like state, and for Jojo, it could threaten his focus. I leave them to their craft, and instead go to the tent that several makers cluster around, seeking out Bang and Keddic. Both still slumber, but as I call out their names, both rise with an alacrity that impresses me: Keddic packing some ground herb into a pipe and snorting a bit of fire from his mouth to set it to smoldering as he puffs away, Bang springing to his feet, fists clenched... before relaxing as he sees no immediate threat. I hear murmurs traveling through the makers clustered about the tent, and send them on their way as I rouse several of the warriors within, splitting them into three groups. Once split into three groups of a score, I point Keddic and Bang each to respective groups, as I join the third: To the Premen, I give simple orders, and assume that the two humans will be able to grasp what is planned.

"Shall scout the area, make sure none of the Gorkin Clan are about, that none have yet learned of our choice, not until chieftain Mordre arrives. Each group patrol different areas. Understood?"

As I am faced with a uniform affirmative response, we set out, Bang and Keddic alike running along amiably with the other warriors, as our three groups move beyond the clan-stead's walls, and begin our separate patrols.

As Mordreden and the other two groups fade into the distance, I continue to appraise the area, noting that some snowfall has obscured the blood spilled by slaying the Gorkin representatives, and that their bodies are already safely butchered, their bones in the process of being stripped and cleaned, ready to be made into more tools and armor: This will mean that a scout from the Gorkin clan would not, under normal circumstances, be able to deduce what happened, and would likely stop in the village first. If so, we could slay them as well... or, if Elder Jojo can come up with a genuinely good reason, we could attempt... subterfuge, but I find the prospect less than enjoyable.

Several hours pass, and nothing of note is seen.... until one of the warriors, festooned with yeti bone and hide alike to mark veteran status, grunts to gain attention: Something was seen to our left flank, higher up one of the many mountain faces in the area. We start moving to investigate, and a goat starts to spring along the craggy bluff. Several of the warriors relax, but the one that attracted attention seems unsure.

Should we continue investigating the mountainside, or move on in our patrol?
No. 206037 ID: ccbfaf

If we have to, Keddic. I know Falcon'll say 'Bang', but I like the Scion of the House of Harksburton. However, Lorgk, I would wish to stay with you and find out what that was up the mountains.
No. 206042 ID: ee8200

If the goat is running or otherwise moving quickly, somebody or something may have spooked it. Move to investigate, just to be safe.
No. 206043 ID: ac47e7

For all you Warhammer 40k fans out there you know what I'm talking about....

>Gork & Mork
Well I think I figured out what their battle cries were....


Hmmm.... Did he die from a "freak accident" when playing with the other childern?

Investigate the disturbance on the mountain, have trust in your veteran warrior and be aware that things are not as they appear, and I suspect it is either a Goran spy or that CRAZY abomination-thing that keeps following Mordre.

Oh and the next time you are in the heat of battle scream WAAAAAAAGH, Gork & Mork will smile down on you with their brutal cunning and cunning brutality...
No. 206045 ID: 903f16

Investigate that mountain, it's better to be sure that it's nothing than to find out later we allowed a spy or maybe one of Weinsho's other minions. Perspective shift into Keddic because I like the guy and he probably has some interesting thoughts on this place and their combat magic techniques.
No. 206046 ID: 8bbb45

as much as i like Bang, i say switch to Keddic.

also, investigating more wouldnt hurt, you ARE scouting for unusual things
No. 206057 ID: 6ef727

HECK YEA BANG!!!!!!!!!!

*Looks up*
Fine, Keddic. Been missing the ol' boy anyway. Maybe I can think up a way to make 'Strength of the Soul' safe to use.
No. 206058 ID: ccbfaf

What? No Rogal Dorn, Wall Of The Imperium?

Anyway, I would love to see how Dirg The Sly fought.
No. 206059 ID: 6ef727

Last words to Lorgk, check it out, the man is a veteran, he know what he is doing. Trust your men.

Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death.
It is essential to seek out enemy agents who have come to conduct espionage against you and to bribe them to serve you. Give them instructions and care for them. Thus doubled agents are recruited and used.
Sun Tzu Aka.
No. 206060 ID: ccbfaf

Sorry, you're just too easy to call some days. In all honesty, as much as I wanna hang out in Keddic and be the blood-ancestor of the coolest character, I think it might be a good idea to actually take care of Bang. I'm worrying about him - we stop his fights, and that's what he lives for. I don't want Bang, one of the second most awesome characters we know, to turn on us.
No. 206062 ID: ccbfaf

"Sun Tzu said that - and I think he knows a little more about fighting than you do, pal; because HE INVENTED IT!" When the premen ask you who the hell Sun Tzu is, tell them he was the man who invented fighting, like you just said.
No. 206065 ID: ee8200

On that topic, randomly, I wonder if somebody like Sun Tzu and/or his work 'The Art of War' exists here... The Land of Dragons is pretty much the orient, so it's possible.
No. 206105 ID: ccbfaf

'The Manuel of Strength, Written by Keddic Harksburton' doesn't really lead itself to badass quotes, or chipped English due to translation.
No. 206119 ID: a76809

[Actually, yes. The [b]Heavenly Dragon Emperor Mu, who ruled over the Land of Dragons in days past, published a book of tactics, entitled" The ways of the dragon It also encompasses several aspects of Mass Connections' function, viewed from a conceptual level, that have been incorporated in some form or other, into many of the more capable schools of the art.]

To my understanding, Dirg the Sly fought... somewhat like Ugrokk, in that he focused less on impact, and more on redirection of force, coupled with a hardy body. Throws, locks and such, to exploit a foe made rash with choice words, this is how he was described to me. Not the swiftest way to settle a fight, and poorly suited to mass combat, but in duels he was deadly, just for his ability to render even the most cunning of warrior little more than a mindless berserker, easily trapped.

I decide to investigate anyway, and motion for the warriors with me to fan out, as we move to appraise the mountainside more thoroughly. If there is something to be found, we shall locate it. As we move, I wonder, if the two sent north with us, Bang and Keddic, are learning of the mountains during this excursion, to be of better use when hostilities inevitably begin. I can only hope they learn swiftly....

..................................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: KEDDIC..................................................................

I have been running with the Premen group for some time, gaining some degree of familiarity with the area, a useful thing considering we are eventually going to be fighting here... but the fact that Dulu is already in the camp, and under some manner of non-aggression agreement, is concerning. True, from my own dealings with him, I suspect he will keep his word, but the why of it plagues me: He has no love for Mordre or his associates, and only through offering something of worth to him, his staff, was an agreement reached before. ...I am troubled, when I consider what could have been offered to the warrior this time, to gain such compliance... those tribals I know with Mordre, Oggroth, Ugrokk and the rest of the lads seem alright sorts, but I do not know these ones here, so far removed from proper civilization...

It could just be the old soldier in me, but some part of me wonders if they may have offered something that would hurt Mordre in the long term, in exchange for short term safety. Granted, I have nothing to base this assumption on... but there is nothing to disprove it either, thus far I have slept, eaten, and patrolled with these tribals, with barely a word shared-granted, this is largely due to the language barrier, but still it concerns me. ...Hopefully, Jojo can answer some questions when I return, to clear this up: He seems a dab hand at picking up tongues, and between his knowledge of Premen and what little I know of his own tongue, we can hold a fair conversation.

..I also must admit myself more than passing intrigued by this... Lorgk, I think he gave his name as, the fellow leading here. He seems strong, a good trait in a leader, and his blood sings, quite possibly with some form of passive Blood combat magic... I would not be surprised, but to find something similar to the Way of the Harksburton here in the mountains is certainly a surprise. ...But more than that, his sword.... something about it attracts my attention, though when I appraised Bang of it, he seemed oblivious to any such attraction. Not only did the rubies along it's length look decidedly organic, in the manner they were grafted to the blade, the pitted metal it is formed of... I cannot place it, not even slightly. And considering that I have seen weapons of all forms of metals, including Blue, Red, Black and Runed Steel or all sorts, even a few pieces of Necronostrium and a piece of Lortoxite or two, beyond that of Gialgorra's drill bearing golem, and it didn't feel the faintest bit similar to any of it. I almost want to say it isn't metal at all, but that seems pure twaddle, considering it bears evidence of having been sharpened, and otherwise beaten into a specific shape long ago. Even the Proud Lion, an aged blade forged of steel made from the carbon of trees growing above leylines and laced with the Blood Iron of members of my family line to strengthen it, a potent weapon any warrior would be proud to have... feels... hollow, transient in comparison, and it bothers me that I cannot nail down the why of this feeling.

I am shaken out of my considerations as I note what I took for a patch of snow shifting, some fifteen hundred feet to our left flank, in the opposite direction as the chilling wind.... none of those I travel with seem to have noticed it, but I am certain it was something. ...Hm, and with the language barrier, I have some trouble considering how I would even communicate my potential find to them..... as it is, they seem content to keep traveling, casting about for anything suspicious.

What should I say or do?
No. 206127 ID: 2aaaf1

Let a small stream of blood run down your leg, be ready to spike it through the moving patch of snow when it comes closer. Keep walking, try to make eye contact with the warriors and let them know something is up.
No. 206138 ID: a594b9

Just go "Hey." and gesture over to the place you saw it. We shall investigate it.
No. 206188 ID: d3dfb8
File 127883008748.gif - (262B , 32x32 , SgtCosgrove.gif )

*cough cough* what?
No. 206194 ID: 903f16

Say "Here, now" and motion for them to follow. From our previous conversation we know those words at least and they should get our message across. Try to stay close to the snow and blend in as best you can and have everyone do likewise to avoid being seen by your quarry until it's time to strike.
No. 206244 ID: 6ef727

Stop. Whistle, beckon and move in stealthy. (I have a horrible feeling that this is a trap, but it would be an awful lot of trouble for someone to set a trap that only high level scouts could fall into)
No. 206266 ID: ccbfaf

Try a bird call, not a whistle, but I like this one the most.
No. 206364 ID: a76809
File 127888260280.png - (1.89MB , 1228x1701 , Scarred Yeti.png )

I whistle to gain attention, and the whole of the pack around me slows, turning my way in appraisal. I indicate with my chin the place where I still see the blob of white that shifted, and sift through my head for the appropriate Premen word. ...Hm, how about-no, maybe-no... ah.

"There, now."

As I begin moving, paying heed to stealth, I note with some relief they seem to have picked up on my intent, and move quietly to follow. As we fan out, moving up the mountainside, my thoughts again turn to just how the Premen got Dulu to divert his likely purpose here of ending their allegiance to Mordre... as well as the fact that upon the dawn of this day, Bang and I were hurried out of the village, and sent on our way in patrols. A paranoid man would call that an act to hide something in the village, as Jojo should be there, and we should have met him, but not a trace of the individual has been seen. ...For that matter, no trace of Dulu has been seen. There just isn't enough data to form meaningful conclusions right now, but I'll be damned if I don't at least plan for worst case scenarios: 'Tis a gentleman's duty to be ready at all times, and thus be able to appear unflappable!

My musings are broken, when, some hundred feet from the mound in question, it shifts, rising to resolve into... a hairy mass of white fur, a scar festooning it's bare chest. It raises it's hands with an open stance, looking to mean no harm... but strange symbols dance around it's body, flitting through the air as if made of glimmers of fire, even as the Premen ring about it, weapons coming to hand and shouts echoing between them. The furred form looks to me after trying to speak to the Premen, and the symbols start to shift again.

What should I do?
No. 206369 ID: e31d52

Kill it now.

I'm serious. Mordre slayed a whole tribe of these bastards to cement the Premen's hold on their ancestral mine.

There's only one reason why'd they show up now.
No. 206370 ID: d3dfb8

Say hi. Ask if it speaks common.
No. 206373 ID: 2aaaf1

Point to the symbols floating about the yeti, tap your head with that same finger, run the finger across your throat.

"You try anything funny, you die."

If the symbols stay where they are, tell the premen to assume a neutral stance. Remember Young Keddic, Yeti are sneaky little bastards, but this one might be the exception- keyword: MIGHT.
No. 206377 ID: a594b9

Keddic, isn't it obvious? Jojo is using Souldreaming on Dulu. Perhaps he is trying to aid Dulu's freedom.

The yeti? Approach it. Knock it out if possible. We'll bring it back to base.
No. 206389 ID: f4e4f9

Yeti magic. A similar effect happened with the soulfire that passively appeared from Mordre's eyes...a form of soul magic.

Hmm...strange, though, that the symbols would appear now without some sort of ambient soul-energy to give them visible form...I wonder.

The yeti that Mordre slew were but one tribe. It would be somewhat unfair to treat all yeti as the same. Somewhat. Still, keep a ready stance, and don't let down your guard.

Don't discount the possibility of others being in the area. Motion to your surroundings to one of the premen, trying to indicate you want him to scout the immediate area...in case there are more. To the Scarred Yeti, test a few basic premen words, to see if it has any understanding of their language. THen try the same in your own tongue, if nothing comes from it.
No. 206422 ID: 330d16

Better safe than sorry. The premen obviously seem agitated by it, prepare The Way of the Harksburton so that you can move instantaneously if needs be.

Watch closely, if hostilities begin, disable it with a few, quick blood lances through its limbs.

[It is interesting that they would show up now, they may also be at risk from the magic eater and have come to seek alliance. Though unlikely, it would be sad to squander and opportunity like this.]

P.S If it feels like your in trouble, switch places with it and cut its head off.
No. 206425 ID: f4e4f9

Just saying, hold off on violence.
No. 206428 ID: f4e4f9

Also, swapping places would put keddic in the path of reacting Premen soldiers. I wouldn't recommend it.
No. 206431 ID: 330d16

[Get in character guys, Keddic does not know that stuff.]
No. 206432 ID: 330d16

[Nor can we use Crazy as an explanation as with... that other guy.]
No. 206435 ID: 330d16

Yea i Know, but I think taking a sword blow to his super durable body is much less of a threat than a spell that can potentially screw your soul.
No. 206489 ID: 45be60

All these thoughts of violence are useful. You must plan for every eventuality, even if the yeti never gives you cause to enact them.
No. 206607 ID: a76809

...I suppose it is possible Jojo is using that strange form of magic he possesses to somehow work on Dulu, to mold or reshape him in some way... but that seems more than something of a stretch, to simply assume that. And even then, how did he get Dulu to agree to such? For that matter, how would he even SPEAK with Dulu? As far as I know, the guy just speaks common, though obviously that doesn't preclude him knowing more tongues than that. ...Granted, the very fact the tribals have spoken with him would suggest he does indeed know their tongue... hm.

I call out with a harsh bellow, drawing all attention to myself, and point to my eyes, then to the surrounding landscape, before squaring myself to face the hairy creature myself: The tribals seem to pick up on this, or at least some do, and mutter to their comrades, their eyes already tracking over the mountainside: If we spotted this one, what guarantee is there that others are not nearby? This thought seems to come to rest in my companions' minds as well, and shortly they start fanning out, two staying behind with me, arranged so that we form a triangle about the furred being. The symbols swirling about it's head worry me, and so I endeavor to communicate. ..There is a chance it understands common, after all.

"You try anything funny, you die."

To accentuate my words, I motion first to the dancing symbols about it's form, and then to my own brow, before drawing a thumb across my neck. The comprehension of the specific diction I used may escape the creature, but it should understand a threat to stay peaceable, lest it face reprisals. My assumption seems to bear out, as it looks to react to my pantomime.

For it's part, the creature does not move, bare it's teeth, or in fact react in any manner at all, it's legs still straight, it's arms still raised as if in supplication, the dancing symbols wafting around it's head. It glances towards the Premen fanning about the mountainside and shakes it's shaggy head, before peering at the two still brandishing weapons at it: The creature seems to draw some conclusion, and sighs heavily as it shifts it's gaze back to me. With a cautious, measured slowness, it moves a hand into the snarl of symbols dancing about it's own brow, and gently wafts a single, flickering sigil forward, which flutters across the distance between us. It says something in a garbled tongue I do not recognize, something that does not match what little I know of the tongue of these tribals Mordre has gained the service of, but the tone is clear: It seems to be begging.

The lone symbol floats slowly, effervescent, flitting across the crisp air, drifting towards my face at a slow, steady pace. I eye it askance, my hand twitching towards the hilt of the Proud Lion jutting forth from over my shoulder, but the white furred being implores me with it's body language to not act... does it think I shall simply sit here and let it's magic reach me?

The rune, still fitfully sputtering and glowing, has crossed half the distance between us. Thus far, the tribals scouring the immediate area have turned up nothing, but considering that they hunt white furred creatures in a landscape covered in snow... that is hardly surprising.

What should I do, should I allow it to reach me, or should I act to prevent such... perhaps violently?
No. 206609 ID: 8bbb45

avoid it, but do not react violently. just give it a questioning look of some kind, perhaps while pointing at the rune
No. 206610 ID: 330d16

[Crap, we never actually found out what those things do.]
I find myself wanting to trust these guys, but no.
Those symbols were created when we confronted him. They are likely aggressive in nature.
If my earlier assumption is correct however, he may be an envoy trying to send a message or magically bridge the language barrier. When we first arrived, that happened to Mordre, and despite him having not eaten any Yeti as yet, he could understand their tongue, so this very well may be a comm. spell.

Arggg, truthfully, I think the betrayal last time was the wish of the Yeti leader/elder and not the clan as a whole... *Sigh*

Difficult decisions...
Take the hit, if he dies Mordre will take sweet revenge and turn Keddic into a life golem a la Pristine soul+IG.
No. 206613 ID: 903f16

Let it connect. It seems peaceful enough and it's attempts at communication make me believe it wants to attempt diplomacy. I'm willing to wager it's an emissary from a nearby Yeti tribe, perhaps one sent to talk with us about Goran.
No. 206625 ID: 2aaaf1

Well, keep your hand on the Proud Lion but don't strike. Reach out to it with your free hand, use great caution when doing so. Look at the other two warriors with you and then gesture at the symbol, see what their reactions are.
No. 206652 ID: a594b9

Allow it to reach you. Short of mind control (which I'm going to bet is impossible) there's no way the yeti could think attacking you would result in anything but death for the individual.
No. 206673 ID: f4e4f9

...I suspect...the rune may be a form of attempt to communicate, magically. Is Bang there? If so, tell him to...incapacitate you if something dangerous seems to happen.
No. 206697 ID: 330d16

Pk, everyone saying 'Take the hit' is kinda weirding me out, making it seem more and more that there will be horrible, horrible consequences....
Keddic is gonna die isn't he.....
No. 206714 ID: fc0d34

Keddic, die from a single rune? BAH. You've no manly spark.

Walk into the rune.
No. 206715 ID: d3dfb8

Punch the rune. Punch it with your face.
No. 206864 ID: 2c9d1f

I wouldn't trust it. These things are pretty shifty.

I recommend you dodge the rune and just bring this yeti back as a captive. You can let it try its rune on Bang, if it harms him then you can just rip the flesh with the rune on straight off him. He'll regenerate.
No. 206981 ID: af8569

Haha! Keddic, my boy, be strong. Clearly this furry thing is using magic on us. However, these tribals have not yet attacked! So, despite all reason, I feel we should not either. Perhaps this thing wishes to talk, or something similar. HOWEVER! IF THE ALCHEMICAL WARRIORS MOVE TO ATTACK, AS A PROPER GUEST YOU SHOULD JOIN THEM! TO BASH THIS FOE'S HEAD IN! HOWEVER, LET A WARRIOR GET IN THE LAST SHOT, TIS A GENTLEMANLY THING TO DO! If they do not attack, we should remain curious and friendly, as a proper Gentleman but as a guest, take our cues from the Tribals. Be angry when they are, be friendly when they are.
No. 207064 ID: a76809

[Avoid accepting rune not enough support]

I glance to the left and right, appraising the tribals on either side of the furred creature. They see the rune, and it's intended target. They seem distrustful, but not enraged by it: It is more that they are curiously wary.... perhaps they suspect there is a communication rune? Their expressions are hard to read, too much racial hatred masking a proper fix.

Regrettably, Bang is not here, his group somewhere completely different, so I cannot let him face the rune, or otherwise rely on his presence... and something about the tribal's gaze makes me think curiosity is a bigger presence than the detraction of possible threat. I go for it, stepping into the rune, simply letting it slap into my forehead, a grin cavalierly painting my face, the image of the confident explorer gracing these frigid mountains, Old Bessie smoldering with a packed bowl before my face, it's warming wreathing it's approach. The rune sizzles and surges, electricity splurging s snaking circuit through my nerves, my mind.... and thoughts come to me. The white furred, scar-chested individual is of an ancient, sapient and sentient race existing on these mountains, the Yetis. I gain a sense of a similar age, a presence on the mountains comparable to millenia, a solidarity that dates back. Alright, fair enough, but...

And then the creature murmurs, and it's shuffling, shifting groan, like the wind sweeping a dusty attic with a tumble of heavy snow on a still day, a deep, goraning house, replete with age, sagged as the backdrop to this sound.... it was rumble, whisper, and muted cacophony, a melange of sound I doubt the human throat could replicate.... and I understand it'.s sense, what it conveys.

The Scarred yeti basically says alright then sirrah, you seem like a respectable chap, perhaps you could persuade these jolly fellows to relax their spears a bit?

I say something back that generally means now hold on there gentleman, I can't speak their tongue, but in stilted pittances. Be forewarned, I couldn't begin to convey a message. But, if you can give me a good reason, I might be persuaded to see what I can do. So, speak, and we shall see, eh? ...Why do my words sound so off? ...Ah, a translator of some sort? Perhaps it is conveying my words into its tongue, that explains why I feel a bit... second party to my one conversation...

The scarred Yeti shuffles something from his gurgling throat that means Alright chap, it's like this. ...Oh, this is the Drazken clan, is it not? These tribals are part of that, oh, what was it called, Mordreden... bound to a metal chieftain, in parts, yes? A... Mordre? Was this correct?

Alright, alright, you have the right people, I assure him. Don't know about that clan name there, but the Mordreden name, that's the village, and these fellows do follow a metal captain of sorts, I suppose.

So the scarred yeti says that basically, there is this big lout of a tribal, some crazy blighter that can eat magic, preserved his life into the hundreds, tall as a hill, whose got just about every Premen tribe around under them.

What, all the surrounding tribe I question.

Just about, he generally says. And so, this daft dab hand at conquering and consuming of things magical, this Goran fellow wants a tax from the tribals, on account of their mine.

What mine, I respond?

Well, the one in the village, he responds, a bit confused.

I think on it, and recollect, that yeah, there could have been a mine, most possibly. The collapsed rubble I saw before we went out had bloodstains on it and looked to cover an opening into the mountain, if sufficient mass of stone was moved. And so, supposing this possible, I say, this mine being present....

Then the tribals here, who once took the mines from some people that controlled the mines before, would have to continue paying the tax that those others paid, alright, postulates the scarred yeti. And that those I represent want to help avoid the trouble that is going to come, when that bugger comes a knockin', about some missing representatives, you catch my drift?

...Hm. This individual proposes that the tribals killed some representatives... and I did see some humanoid meat in the supplies igloo, no mistake. I don't care if they practice cannibalism, but they're close enough I'd rather not unless I must, and so I was happy to see they only gave me goat... though Bang, who noticed the flesh, cared not, and feasted when his request for some to supplement his (in his mind) meager meal was met, and commented on it being good... I don't doubt it, I've had to partake of humanoid flesh before, and I admit that once putting aside what it is, decent spices can make it taste quite nice, and on it's one, can cure into some wonderful jerky. But personally, not one of my preferences.

So... what do I think of this Yeti's story?
And what should I do about my opinion? The tribals on either side of the yeti are looking at my throat movements in concern, and are moving closer to the shaggy humanoid. What action should I take?
No. 207065 ID: e31d52


Yetis are problematic. They may be trying to take the mine back, as Mordre took it from them and gave it to the drazken...

Then again...


No. 207076 ID: a594b9

I don't think they'd WANT the mine back anymore, due to the things in it. However, there's no way the Yetis are doing this out of the kindness of their own hearts. Ask what they want in return.

Oh yeah, and apparently you're speaking Yeti right now which is making the Premen nervous. Motion for everyone to stay put, but don't try to speak to them right now.
No. 207084 ID: 45be60

y u do dis?
No. 207207 ID: af8569

Harrumph? Lets see if I understand this yeti folk. He is offering his help to defeat a great beastie who will try and extort money from these tribals that your friend Mordre protects. Pah! Ask him how he thinks he can help! You are Keddic Harksburton, the Fourth Heir of the Harksburton Line! With you is Magnum Bang The Human Dynamo, Annihilator Of Armies, Smasher Of Sieges, Cracker Of Castles! And the Mage Mordre, The Golem Master and Sword and Shield of the State, journeys swiftly towards you, along with the powerful alchemical warriors you helped train, the massive Mountain of Oggroth and the skill and stealth of Ugrokk the Tall! WHO WOULD YOU FEAR AND WHO WOULD HELP YOU FIGHT THIS BEAST, THIS YETI TREMBLES BEFORE!?
No. 207252 ID: 47a9f4

well what he says all seems pretty accurate to me

before we make a descision on anything, try an communicate to the premen to back off a bit, but to keep watch elsewhere, in case of an ambush from another point. like point to the surrounding area or something.
after that, we can continue to converse with the yeti, to get more information and to see just how truthful/sincere he is being
No. 207299 ID: 298d97

Called it.
Don't talk to the Premen yet, I don't think they would understand until this conversation is over. The nature of the communication seem to me that he as allowed you to speak via magic for a time and the reason it seems so weird to you is that you are translating your own words (now in yeti language) back to human so you can hear what you just said.

Instead just wave them down i.e hold up a hand to stop them if they look like they will attack.
Tell the Yeti that you will allow him to live for now pending the validation of his words, but until then, he has to come with you and remain in custody.

After rebuttal and stuff, tell him that the conversation is over and try to talk normally again. You can bind his arms with a blood rope if you can find nothing else.
No. 207434 ID: a76809

Finding myself interested enough in what the yeti is saying to want to hear more, and guessing this spell of theirs to possibly convert my method of speech into the yeti tongue, I try to motion to the tribals to stop, to wait, putting up palms and shaking my head. They seem confused and suspicious, but they stop advancing, even while the rest of the tribals keep coming the mountainside. I incline my head at the scarred yeti, urging him to continue.

I say something like okay, so let's say that's all true, why would we want your help? I'm a fair hand at warcraft myself, got some friends capable in the craft, and the metal chieftain you mentioned is no slouch himself. What makes you think we need your help?

Well hold on now the yeti counters, we don't want anything for helping. We happen to dislike this Goran fellow in general, as he's a right racist bastard, given us lots of trouble-us being the yeti people as a whole.

Well, I counter, if he's trouble for the yeti people as a whole, why were the fellows you claim possessed these mines before? And why no hostilities over the claiming, or a want for something in exchange for aid?

See, that's the kicker. Those yeti who were here before, he ponderously explains, those were some separatists, wanted to cut a deal, live peaceably, not resist... bunch of buffoons, if you ask me. Anyway, we have no grudge since they already were outcasts in our eyes, and rather vocally abrasive ones at that. And we don't want anything for giving aid, because getting rid of Goran makes life easier for us.

Alright, I allow, so let's say you are being considerate, and all of this is true: What makes you think your help is even needed? I imagine you'd want something at SOME point-so what makes you worth that inevitability?

Well, the yeti allows, ok so we might not look askance at a bit of land if that Goran fellow's group gets bested and dissolved-but I'd wager some ten tribes of one hundred fifty, two hundred yet apiece could make for a sizable contribution to a war party... and the blending with the snow part could help, I suspect.

..Alright, I allow, you have a fair explanation there, pending it's truthfulness, but you're going to have to remain in the custody of these tribals, and convince them: On that note, I ruminate, I'll need to be able to speak with them again.

This can be accepted, and done, intones the yeti, and a new glyph floats over to settle upon my head, shifting the surging patterns of energy coursing through my form.

"...Right, testing... ah, a proper dialect again!"

With my tongue once more under my control, I turn to the tribals again, who are still hefting their weapons at the scarred yeti with whom I've been conversing, and through a combination of pantomime and guttural utterances in their tongue using the few words I know, I seem to communicate the yeti's professed desire to negotiate an alliance against some fellow called Goran. They recognize the name, this I am sure of, but they seem resistant to the idea of allowing the yeti into their little village. What's more, unless I miss my mark, they seem to suggest that trusting yetis is bad... or that yetis make for poor deals? Something about wondering if I'm under some form of mind control... bah, these tribals have a fair bit of racial hatred of their own, that's for sure... then again, I DID have some magic affect my perceptions to enable the conversation: From an outsider perspective, I guess I can see how that might look a bit compromising. Well, given the situation, I can hardly blame them, but....

What should I do?
Should I continue arguing with the tribals, to possibly get the yeti brought back to the village to discuss this alliance?
Or should I not push my luck with them, and tell the yeti to leave, and abandon this exchange?
Or should I do something else?
[This decision, whatever it may be, shall be final, want to get the plot moving]
No. 207439 ID: a594b9

How about we hold him outside the village? Like, make a quick shelter or something outside the walls. Low risk for betrayal, but a good chance of further talks and possibly working out a deal.
No. 207450 ID: 298d97

Bind the Yeti, with something strong. Strongest you can think of. Indicate that no matter what they think, if it is something that can benefit the tribe, Lorgk and Mordre will have to decide.
Their names should make it clear to them your meaning.

In any case, don't take him into the village. Accompany two of the tribals back to the village so you may report to Lorgk, but wait outside a good distance away. He should be out now, but you can wait. The rest of the party should continue with scouting.

While there, offer to converse with him again. Light up ol' Betsy and ask him certain things...like his name, more about Goran and his forces, more about the Yeti, etc. maybe you can even learn how to do the speech spell.

Keep way of the Harksburton up and monitor your energy for any undue/strange energy fluctuations that you can't attribute to the speech spell. If he tries to pull anything (e.g. mind control), punch his soul out break the connection by frigging with your energy flow via mass connection.
No. 207451 ID: 45be60

his offer is too good to pass up out of hand. Really need some way to communicate better. Either let him stay outside the villiage, or let them claim him as a "prisoner" for now.
No. 207454 ID: 298d97

err, that was vague in some places, sorry.

1. Indicate to the Premen the thing about Mordre and Lorgk.

After that, I refer to the Yeti
No. 207533 ID: 47a9f4

restrain/escort the yeti back to Mordreden, but keep him guarded outside. do you know of any way to negate magic, to keep prisoners and such from using it to escape/attack?

if the yeti stays alive long enough, Mordre can talk to it if no one else can get anything
No. 207542 ID: c00244

If the yeti doesn't like the idea of being bound and dragged back to a village full of premen who might well immediately kill and eat him, he can just leave and you'll bring up the matter to the premen yourself. They can have their shamans check you out for mind control when you get back, if it'll make them feel better.
No. 207585 ID: f4e4f9

Explain that you will allow for the ceasefire, but the final decision will need to be accepted by your companions, Mordre chiefly, as these premen are primarily his allies. But you will do what you can to assure no harm comes to the yeti in the waiting.
No. 208079 ID: a76809

I take off the travel pack strapped to my back, alongside the loops for holding the Proud Lion, and rummage about, pulling out a length of rope, some fifty feet in length. I take some time to carefully tie the yeti's hands behind his back, then bind his arms to his sides, and even loop lengths of rope about his fingers, completely immobilizing his upper limbs, and finishing off the ensemble with some interlocking knots to hold it firm, with some ten feet of rope left over as lead. With the yeti safely rendered a prisoner, the tribals seem less inclined to point spears at him, and after appraising their current state, finding that none of them have found further yetis hidden amongst the snowy mountainsides, they start forming up, grumbling amongst themselves in their tongue, too swiftly for me to make out what they say. Eventually several seem inclined to come over and kill the yeti, drawing blades to be done with it, but I step in their way, saying the names I hope will make them reconsider.

"Jojo, Lorgk, Mordre."

Some of their compatriots sigh, and simply pat the more militant members on the shoulders, letting the subject drop, while leading back towards the village, myself and my prisoner/emissary in tow. The journey back takes time, and with the prolonged searching that this mountainside was subjected to, the sun is waning, it's light fading, the stark snow slowly turning a soft gray in the spreading gloom. Our return finds both Lorgk and Bang's groups already back, and Mordreden replete with torches lighting it's walls and interior alike. Upon seeing the nature of my prisoner, shouts of alarm laced with hate spread through the camp, and Lorgk comes to investigate, along with Bang... who eyes the yeti with some interest.

"Oh, captured one of those hairy buggers then? Met a few on our patrol, and I have to say, they have some right nasty magic, and are damned good at getting the drop on you. How'd you manage to capture one alive, then?"

"Actually, he is a prisoner only as a formality, this one seems inclined to offer aid in a joint effort against another... Goran, I believe his name was."

Bang may look surprised at this remark, that the yeti came without ill intent, but his surprise is nothing compared to Lorgk's, when I utter the name of Goran. The tribal chieftain, who was on the brink of drawing his sword, frowns in consideration, before beckoning for me to lead my prisoner into the village proper, an order I follow with some measure of satisfaction: Finally, someone willing to put aside their mistrust of the yetis for a moment, to listen to this proposal.

As I lead the scarred yeti through the gap in the walls, I see him grin.

The ropes fall from his body, what I had thought secure knots unraveling with ease, revealing themselves to be a sham, a facade of security... how had I mis-tied them?

As the scarred yeti's arms raise, a rune explodes from my forehead, a surge of weariness cascading through my form, and wafting into the yeti's outstretched hand, which promptly clenches about the magic glyph.

The walls, of ice, stone and wood, surrounding the village, tremble, shiver.

Stone cracks, ice sublimates, and wood ignites, the thick bastion warding the residents from the outside world unmade in the blink of an eye, even as the tribals start to react in horror.

Confusion streaking through my wearied frame, I turn to regard the yeti, the question plaguing my mind written across my face: Why?

In answer, naught but a smirk is given, as the scarred yeti, a rune on each palm blazing, claps his hands together as if in prayer, and vanishes in a flash of shifting, noxious fumes and light-

And in the distance, the howls of scores, hundreds of yetis, the groaning, rumbling, keening ululation echoing about, even as my body once more is drained of power, and consciousness fades away. I don't understand: This final thought paints my fading awareness......


No. 208090 ID: a594b9

Let's go with ?????
No. 208109 ID: 0a8e03

So...Yeti genocide?
No. 208110 ID: 445c48



No. 208114 ID: 47a9f4


uhhhh Bang and Lorgk can handle themselves, i say ?????
No. 208116 ID: af8569


But yeah, Go with ???. Wreck Yeti Shit. If we are Yeti, still wreck yeti shit.
No. 208120 ID: af8569

Until they understand the rage of Mordre and a gentleman's agreement broken!
No. 208129 ID: 45be60

nope. That their one and only second chance. Now, the only recourse for the yeti race is to be very very far away from anything we touch. Genocide order is now in effect, and Mordre does not forget, ever.
No. 208174 ID: 298d97

As soon as I reached teh part about the smirk, my mind went 'Perspective shift to Bang, punch his head inside out.'

This is exactly why I said to meet him outside... *sigh*

I still want to shift to Bang, these guys could use an AVALANCHE PUNCH to the everything, however, I am intrigued by this ???? prospect (though I think he just means other there)
... screw it, BANG!
No. 208175 ID: 298d97

No. 208197 ID: 2aaaf1

In other news, yeti are born with a mental defect that causes them to perform self-destructive acts, such as: BETRAYING EVERYONE. The only known cure for this illness is death and/or a severe ass beating.
No. 208199 ID: c80b83

No. 208203 ID: 298d97

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No. 208286 ID: a76809

?????? CHOSEN


My mind, my essence, finally rises out of the miasmic mist pervading my being, my soul cleansing itself of a chain most insidious and foul: A binding upon my existence has been broken, and I feel a bit closer to life, just from the process. The old Premen before me, possessed of an awesome power... he worked a magic upon Soul, in a means that seemed to completely evade it's function... but how? Blood magic could not have been worked so covertly for the power needed to crack what was done to me, Will could not reach such a force unless I sit before a mountain master the likes of which I can scarce fathom existing, And no magic amplifiers are present on the old one's form... and yet all the same, he used no magic of Soul, not of any form to resonate with my own, representing a comprehensive example of Weinsho's craft, as good of an example as any of what Soul magic ought to look like..

My reverie is rent asunder, my ponderous moment of elated existence, shattered by a sound that stirs my soul, some part of my once-premen being resonating: Ah, I recall this sound, from nights of yesteryear, still within the wandering group my mother was part of: This, is the war-cry of the yeti. ...They are attacking the village. The village that I was ordered to separate from Mordre by any means, the village that houses this old one who brought me halfway to freedom, the village where I shall not only meet Mordre again, but face the option of either vengeance, or gaining full freedom... is under attack by a foe my soul and it's ancestry cries out against in outrage.

At this, I finally move, the layers of frost built over my chilled metal body shattering, rolling off my rising lithe frame like a personal avalanche, heralding the violence I intend to do. I check all eight cleaver on their jointing holsters, before hefting my staff, the octagonal shaft of runed metal I have grown accustomed to, and with a flash of light, I dash out into the dusk, a gargantuan maul now drawn back with but one arm, it's joints twisting to ludicrous extremes as my other hand starts pulling free a cleaver, whipping it to a terminal velocity as I land in the bedlam all about the grounds.

I see madness. Premen fighting all about the village proper, it's walls simply gone, the attackers gaining entry with laughable ease. I see the chieftain, his weapon pulling at the web-work of spirit woven betwixt my corporeal shell and my true soul, my only vestige of mortality, and the swarm of yeti setting into him: His blade cleaves through weapons, bones, and armor with the ease it does flesh, spilling entrails and dropping severed body parts on the ground with ease, steam rising as hot blood and gore meats the packed snow and chill air... but oddly enough, it's blade itself elicits no spray of blood, no matter how swiftly swung, and neither does it lose it's original dull gleam, no wetness accompanying it's brutal path through flesh and blood. Again I wonder at this weapon that slew the monsters of the caves, that seemed to know not death.

My left hand, clutching a cleaver, arcs through the air to take the top two inches off the skull of a yeti about to attack a premen mother with her child, still trying to make it to the relative safety of the igloos, as I see just how many warriors Lorgk must face. Some fifty yeti by the looks of it have eyes only for the chieftain, and several have strange runes floating about their shuffling, shaking forms, out of Lorgk's reach on the far side of the sea of bodies pressing about him. I see the tiny but turbulent warrior with the red scarf ripping yetis apart over the prone form of... Keddic, unwounded but also unconscious.

In the camp proper, I take stalk of the total yeti disposition: There seem to be some four hundred of the furred monsters pressed into the village, and less than half as many defenders. What's more, at least seven yetis replete with floating free-form runes orbiting their forms pervade the battlefield, three about Lorgk, three about the equally pressed Bang and prone Keddic....

...And one more, a scar across his chest, appraising the mines, almost absentmindedly striking down the Premen that near him with runes of fire and thunder, bringing calamitous rune to those that dare face his touch.

The scarred yeti is nearly on the opposite side of the battlefield/village as I, while Lorgk and Bang/Keddic, are both to my left, Lorgk being closer, while what look to be the maker huts are being besieged to my right. ...And directly behind me is the unguarded tent I just exited, with the equally immobile Jojo, who has not budged besides rhythmically breathing since my awakening.

What should I do, and what priorities do I have in this scenario?
No. 208304 ID: a594b9

Yell at Jojo to wake the fuck up. Now, you are a magic eater, so kill the Yeti Shamans. Make sure to get Bang some space so that Keddic's body can be recovered, so that Bang is free to just rocket throughout the battlefield.
No. 208306 ID: 445c48

Hey, what's up with the staff? Those runes? Anything special they do other than morphing? And why are you so attached to it, anyways?

What do you think of Eisenhardt? Of Mordre? Keddic?

How do you expand, anyways, what're the mechanics surrounding THAT anyways?
No. 208313 ID: e31d52




No. 208325 ID: af8569

I feel your Premen blood rage. Let us do it justice. Your speed, you preternatural senses, were born for this. Destroy the yeti magic users. Leap from one to the other, wielding cleaver and our staff to decimate them.

However, return the kindness of Jojo and that gentlemanly Keddic - focus on freeing this Bang's fury by slaughtering the yeti attacking the prone form of Keddic before you bound about in gleeful murder but be wary of any attacks to Jojo, Keddic or even the Premen makers for what sort of man or beast kills the innocent?
No. 208342 ID: 47a9f4

jojo has done alright by you, so slaying enemies near you should be a good start.

i know not what nefarious plot the scarred yeti is hatching near that mine, but it cannot be good. might even be something to do with the previous yeti owners...
No. 208345 ID: 445c48

Also, shout for the little guy's name.
No. 208357 ID: 732129

The powerful Yeti shaman intends to free the demons from the mine. You cannot allow this. Make your way to him with all haste, and kill him as quickly as you can.
No. 208362 ID: 445c48

Do you have any sort of ranged abilities? You know, like how Mordre can shoot blades, and beams from his eyes.
No. 208371 ID: d3dfb8

Whip a cleaver at the back of that scarred yeti's head. Shout "Bang, bring Keddic here!" Bang can then protect the igloo while you fuck some yetis.

This way we can accomplish three things. Fuck up that yeti's day, protect Jojo, and save Keddic.
No. 208390 ID: 298d97

rolled 28 = 28

Oh how quickly you all forget.

Turn the staff into its bow form and skewer the Yeti with the runes floating around them.

Hmm, with your current form, I believe you are the perfect match for the Yeti commander, but the village needs to be defended.

Sheath the staff after the skewering and set into the Yeti that are passing the old position of the walls. Clear out all you pass on the way. We need to stop the inflow of yeti for now, the warriors can deal with the ones already inside.

Focus on making them have to slow down. I recommend filling the way with so many bodies that they have to go around it, then rinse and repeat until they have no option but to go over it. Win like Spartans and Chinese mixed together.

More orders to follow.

[Beginning countdown: 3]
[1d100 not related to current post]
No. 208409 ID: 45be60

You know how you keep them from attacking the tent and finding Jojo? You make it look like it's already been done. Knock down a support or two on your way to wherever, let it be half collapsed. They can set it up again later.
No. 208412 ID: c00244

Lorgk and Bang are capable warriors. While the yeti chief, high sorcerer, or whatever the hell he is makes a tempting target, your priority has to be to protect those who cannot fight for themselves- Jojo and the makers. They will be slaughtered without your aid.
No. 208452 ID: f4e4f9

I sorely regret my suggestion to trust the yeti. A mistake that will not be made again.

The Yeti Chief doesn't know whats in the cave. The fool will unleash doom upon Mordreden at this rate.
No. 208462 ID: 831db2

Hey guys what did I miss?

Transform your staff into a bow and provide covering fire for Bang, Keddic, and Lorgk. Target the shamans and any warrior that gets too close with your bow. In the mean time use your six cleavers (assuming you need two arms to use the bow) and set into the enemy assaulting the Makers.
No. 208465 ID: f4e4f9

Oh, not much, just the signed extinction warrant of Yeti-kind.
No. 208478 ID: af8569

As a wise man once said: "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, watch out I'm huge!" I believe we should enforce this statement with slaughter and soul eating.
No. 208545 ID: d3dfb8

So Dulu, what is your opinion of Mordre?
Any weaknesses you've noticed?
Do you have any preference toward fighting Mordre or being freed?
Any opinion on Keddic and Bang?
No. 208636 ID: 5fd8f5

Wasn't expecting that particular ending. I laughed.
No. 208696 ID: a76809

I yell a word of caution, loud and carrying in the din of battle, directly back into the tent I just exited... but Jojo's only response is a slow groan, and to slump further to the ground: Whatever he did for me, whatever magic he used, it has drained him, to the point he is just as incapacitated as Keddic. Hmm....

The staff is a weapon I was gifted nearly a year ago, when I first entered service with Weinsho and Eisenhardt, at the time still a being of flesh and bone. Beyond morphing (from the default staff form to a hammer, a shield, a bow, a spiked chain, and room for some four other possible forms yet to be encoded into it's magics), the staff is nearly invincible, forged of Morphic steel in a manner far more potent than conventional objects of the material, my own form not exempt from this. The full extent of the runes seemed to puzzle even Weinsho's researchers, who could not determine why so many runes with no observable purpose or function festoon it's form. I am attached to this weapon, beyond the obvious reasons of a hyper-durable, shape-shifting and highly adaptive weapon taking up so little encumbrance, but also because I have, since gaining it, used this staff to destroy no less than twelve golems, and I was able to face off against Mordre's Soul Grave singly and survive, in our first encounter. Further, the shield form has been proven to be able to ward off the intense power of both Mordre's flame constructs, and the beams that emit from his golem's eyes alike: A useful thing to have, when future conflict seems inevitable.

Of Eisenhardt, I think naught but of how I respect him: A mage blending Arcane and Combat magic, specialized into war and combat, who eschews the politicking and backstabbing deceit that seems to plague most mages of high standing. ..I begrudgingly admit Mordre to have so far shown himself likewise outside of the purview of deceit, which does little to excuse my death at his hands. Of Keddic, I find myself considering him much like myself, a man of talent, interested in the pursuit of combat and self improvement therein, as well as serving a mage that seems to have plans that dwarf his own scale... perhaps the commonalities betwixt our positions are to blame, but I find it somewhat distressing, to think of him simply dying without a fight.

My expansion is simple in concept, if not in terms of how it is encoded. The runes flitting through my form, besides binding me to Weinsho, allow magical energy I absorb to be directly converted into mass of a temporary nature, fueling the creation of more morphic steel. Beyond that, I know little of it's mechanics, having never delved into the workings of arcane magic too deeply.

...Returning to the subject of Mordre, several things stood out as weaknesses from both of our prior encounters, and from Weinsho's briefing seem to persist: Mordre seems to have little in the way of indirect magic, causing some mundane harm fueled by a magical source: His fire constructs are magical in nature, so is the beam he can emit from the golem's eyes, and all the magic he has cast through his golem has been direct as well: With my form warded so, the only result that I foresee is my own augmentation to a fully limbed state as I close the distance, eating his magic. Beyond that, the second flaw is simple: The golem's bulk. Lacking unnatural flexibility from the metal form he commands (like that I possess) if I get close enough I should have little trouble evading any mundane attempt at harming me, by sheer dint of flexibility and prescience combined. If the mage expects a third contest to go the same as the last, he shall be sorely mistaken.

As to a preference... I honestly could not say. Regaining my freedom is a momentous though to consider, one that haunts my mind, taunting me at all times... but to gain vengeance most righteous upon the one that slew me.... that holds an appeal all it's own. We shall have to see.

[Reminder: Dulu's default state is TWO arms, the full eight only appear when sufficiently having feasted on magic.]

I find myself holding a bow instead of a maul, and whip my other hand out to send the cleaver it bears whistling through the air towards the lone yeti shaman near the mines, even as I draw back the massive bow's string, an ethereal arrow materializing as I let the string go, an apparition of metal howling through the air to strike one of the yeti shaman about Keddic and the scarfed on low in the back, even as I take advantage of his attention shifting to me to call out to Keddic's accomplice.

"Get the Harksburton over here, and guard this tent! Jojo is prone within as well!"

Looking about to argue for a brief moment, the scarfed on simply sighs, hefting Keddic like a sack of flour and leaping across the span of the battlefield, a foolish yeti pressing too close grabbing onto his leg and being brought along for the ride-until mid-flight the scarfed warrior quite literally kicks the yeti's head (and most of his middle torso) off, the bloodied corpse falling away. As The scarfed one lands beside me, he says a simple thing as he ferries Keddic into the tent Jojo resides in.

"This isn't over, and you WILL fight me again."

My soul smiles at the fierceness of this warrior, even as I note the cleaver I threw at the yeti shaman outside the mines.... has not left my hand. What? I know I threw it... appraising the shaman shows a smirk painting his face before he turns back to the mines, raising his hands as symbols slowly spring into existence about him.

Knowing Lorgk to be a potent warrior, I turn my attention to the tents of the makers, the non-combatants taking a heavy beating in this chaotic exchange. I find myself gladdened that the two shaman that had been watching Keddic and his compatriot turn their attention my way-and more importantly, their magic. Runes fly across the battlefield, and I make no effort to dodge them.... and find myself with four arms, which are now split between manning my staff-turned bow, and a pair of cleavers.

Raining death form a distance upon those yetis nearest the makers, I start carving a path towards them... as I note that the two shaman that had targeted me no move to aggress Lorgk, who is starting to show strain as the weight of numbers continues to rise about him. While his situation grows grim, I note the makers starting to drop as more and more yetis pour into their midst, even as I carve a path towards them... and all the while the lone shaman keeps gathering power.

What should I do?
No. 208699 ID: f0641c

Use your ranged capabilities to support Lorgk while pushing towards the makers with all speed. Though the yeti chief shaman is doubtless highly dangerous, he's not directly threatening the lives of the tribe... yet. If you divert yourself to assault him, the makers will be slaughtered.

Targeting the shamans around Lorgk might draw their attention- and spells- toward you, strengthening you further while providing the premen leader with some relief. Aside from that... have you got any sort of mass-combat oriented capabilities? Anything which would let you kill these yetis more than one or two at a time would be damned nice.
No. 208700 ID: e31d52

>What? I know I threw it... appraising the shaman shows a smirk painting his face before he turns back to the mines, raising his hands as symbols slowly spring into existence about him.

Motherfucking time magic.

You'll have to take him by complete and total surprise unless.

oh, fuck me, they work like discworld yeti, don't they.
No. 208701 ID: d3dfb8

You have 8 eyes for a reason, could you rotate a pair to the back of your head so you can fire your staffbow at the shamans aggressing Lorgk?
If so than continue to fight the yeti attacking the helpless while relieving Lorgk of some pressure. Once you've killed 4 or so of the shamans turn your bow to the scarred asshat. Those unknown runes have a purpose.

The scarred yeti is probably either going to release the demons in the mines or send them back for when they reopen the mines for their own use. The latter is rather silly as it could be done later, but both suggest he has some means of controlling them. Also LOL chronomancy.

So what do you think of Lorgk's sword? Any interesting observations? Can you think of a reason it absorbs all the blood it touches?
No. 208702 ID: d3dfb8

how exactly do discworld yeti work?
No. 208706 ID: e31d52

Time shenanigans that work like vidya quicksaves.
No. 208707 ID: 45be60

Thrice damned "it did not happen" powers.

Their intention is to destroy the town, so I would postulate that he is going to open the mines, knowing full well what is down there. If he succeeds, anything else you may have done to protect the premen will have been for nothing.

on the discworld, yeti are the only creature who gets to play with savestates. You can kill one, and within a timespan of under a minute they will come back and their dead body will disappear. There is little evidence to suggest that this is a trait of ALL yeti, but it is possible this one can do it.
No. 208708 ID: ee8200


Unless anyone has any better theories, let's just go with this. If we keep up with the attacks on him, we -should- be able to keep his chronomancy in check, keep him from progressing beyond his 'quicksave'. Keep up with the cleaver throwing, Dulu. Anyway, Bang should keep Jojo and Keddic protected, go and help Lorgk. He's one of the tribe's leaders, and a powerful warrior, his loss would be disasterous. Let's free him up so he can rally the other premen and go on the offense.
No. 208709 ID: f4e4f9


The Scarred Yeti possesses the ability to screw with Perceptions. He made Keddic believe he'd securely tied the knots, and made you believe you threw the cleaver. The reason your magic eating doesn't affect it is because some branches of yeti magic are related to soul magic, which you can't absorb. THis mucking about with perceptions would seem to be a type related to that branch.

So then, open fire upon the yeti Shaman aggressing Lorgk. Magic users are always priority targets, ESPECIALLY in a shamanistic society like the Yeti's, in whose case the Shamans are also the leaders. Destroying the Shaman should also serve to degrade the Yeti Morale, as they will lose their equalizing factor against our combat magic practitioners. If you are skillful enough to fire on the move, do so while moving to aid the premen makers and laying into the yeti about you with your other hands.

We'd need to do some heavy hitting to take out the Scarred Yeti with his abilities. As it is, perhaps an indirect attack will not get his attention.

Hmm...the cave is built into a mountain. I would recommend collapsing the cliff-face above the scarred yeti...were it not for the risk of an avalanche...(Goddamn it, whose idea was it to build the stupid town next to an avalanche zone? Whoever it was, they need to be beaten).
No. 208711 ID: f4e4f9

Or time travel. God, I hope not, though.
No. 208713 ID: f4e4f9

How the hell would he know about the creatures, though? I suspect theres something in the mines he wants access to.
No. 208714 ID: d3dfb8

A tribe leader without a tribe is just a man. Besides we are capable of helping both the makers and Lorgk.
The thrown cleaver is a good idea, as long as he is quicksaving we wont run out of cleavers and every time he quicksaves ha loses a little time charging whatever it is he needs to control the demons.

So, I want to >>208701 while continuing to throw cleavers at that asshat.

It's too bad this is Dulu and wouldn't much enjoy the thought of yelling extremely offensive things to distract an opponent. Maybe someone else will do it. Not that those stupid yeti would understand anyway.
No. 208716 ID: 298d97

rolled 56 = 56

Hmmm, [srs face]

*Protect the village
*Assist Lorgk
*Stop the enemy shaman
*Stop the inflow of Yeti
*Stop the Yeti Leader (Lone Yeti)

Hmmmm, Run towards Lorgk's position. On the way, take a few potshots at the lone yeti and focus on his reaction. We have to see if we can identify how he is stopping you and if he can do the same to magic.

After a few shots at him, change aim to the Yeti shamans surrounding Lorgk, take them out.

At close range, switch bow aim to anyone getting too close to an igloo or hut or fleeing person, a set of eyes should cover dedication for that. Ease some of the pressure off of Lorgk, I think they want his sword and if their first arrival is any indication, once they have it, the keeper (if not all other than the leader) will disappear.

This is my observation. The fact that they are going after Lorgk in such huge numbers indicates that they wish to acquire his blade. The Yeti leader wishes to open the cave.
Due to recent deductions, I present that they wish to use the sword to acquire something in the cave. Weather it is to use as a weapon or to use as a key, the sword is needed for this.

No. 208718 ID: 45be60

I am going to say this one more time, in case you missed it.
Open mines = nigh unkillable monsters running around everywhere = everybody dead = nothing else we did mattered.

In the absence of a brilliant plan to close the hole again, preventing it from being opened is job one.
No. 208719 ID: ee8200

...Randomly... And I -know- nobody is going to like this option... I wonder if we should retreat for now. It's just a suggestion, but... We're -seriously- outnumbered right now. And Mordre is going to be arriving soon with reinforcements and resources. We could retreat, regroup, wait for Mordre to arrive so our side's power is bolstered, and then counterattack. What do you guys think?
No. 208720 ID: 298d97

Ah yes, I see your point.

I didn't really think that they would open a literal hole to hell just to kill us all as they seem to have enough power to do so without using that and it would be very hard for them to reclaim it afterward. Then again, there are many pieces to this puzzle that are yet missing. Let us see the result.

As for closing the cave again in case things go Defcon? I think a BIB BANG KICK will do the trick. (hey that rhymed)
No. 208721 ID: 482f1b

First things first, kill the King Yeti and wear his skin as a hat!
No. 208751 ID: af8569

Yeah, this and killing the Scared One strike me as being 'good ideas', but we should also protect the Makers...

Oh woe.
No. 208758 ID: ac9744

... We need that crystal sword. It cuts through magic, right? So we use the sword to sever the yeti's magical "it did not happen" thing and kill him permanent-like.
No. 209163 ID: a76809

rolled 11, 12, 12, 2, 6 = 43

[Rolling for, in order: Lorgk, Makers, Warriors, Jojo, Keddic (Last two need at least 20 points to awaken)]

[Because Dulu totally knows about that weapon.... oh wait, no he doesn't.]

[Dulu does not have mass-combat capabilities, his form was made primarily to be a hero-killer in function, with an anti-magic focus, specifically for destroying Mordre's Soul Grave (IE Mordre itself)]
Ultimately, while I find the scarred yeti shaman to be a clear and obvious threat, the death of the makers would.. well, unmake this tribe, doom it to rotting away even if the battle is won. However, all the same without it's leader (and the Sword he bears which I begin to suspect is desired by the invading yeti) the tribe is likewise doomed, as it will have no recourse but to serve Mordre even if it survives, and in such a circumstance I may be forced to kill them no matter how this plays out under Weinsho's orders. To prevent this, I prioritize as follows:

-a pair of eyes on the bars that make up my visage zip about, now facing out of the back of my head, as my top pair of arms fold in a conventionally impossible manner to bring the bow to bear behind my back, angled to deliver it's materializing shafts raining down upon a new target even as I set into the yetis about the makers with my pair of clutched cleavers. With careful aim, waiting for a moment where I can be still to fire the shot precisely and avoid the mass of premen interspersed throughout the here and there of my proposed target, I let loose my flying fury, a metal shaft blazing through the air on a collision course with the skull of one of the yeti shaman agressing Lorgk-but one of the other four shaman casting at the chieftain sees it coming, and moves to cover his comrade, dancing symbols interposing themselves between my intended harm and potential target, unraveling the shaft of transient metal into a flickering, writhing bundle of coiled light, which hurtles back towards me, even as it's caster is disemboweled by Lorgk for daring to look away from his more proximal foe. I purposefully jump into the path of the blazing bolt of magic, and as it impacts me, my body writhes again, and a third pair of arms manifest, which I promptly turn towards pulling free another set of cleavers, now laying about me with four blades, even as behind my back my re-oriented set of eyes guides my back-firing bow, which I continue to devote to harrying the foes near Lorgk, no longer catching the shaman off guard, but most assuredly claiming lives and providing distractions enough Lorgk gains back some lost ground, no longer so close to simply being overwhelmed with numbers.

The makers, at first looking fearful at my metal frame dancing amongst them, blades flashing amidst their hectic press of bodies, they grasp my intent, my exclusive targeting of yetis, the precision with which I both choose my targets and move my body to take blows intended for premen flesh: the fear, the uncertainty that painted faces a moment ago simply washes away, a kernel of hope, a seed of resolve sprouts in their minds, fire in their belly, as they see that even with their chieftain occupied, the warriors hard-pressed, they are not abandoned, not forgotten. I am a whirlwind of steely death, dancing amongst them, scything down any yeti foolish enough to come close. And all the while, mid leap or during the brief moments I brace myself, unwavering shafts of metal appear upon my bow and lance out to the benefit of Lorgk, even as Jojo and Keddic, along with the few wounded yet in the tent, are all guarded by the scarfed human. I feel hope suffusing the premen, even as uncertainty seems to spread amongst the yeti.

But not all is well: I note with concern that the mass of runes, growing in size and number, swirling about the scarred yeti shaman are now slowly drifting towards the collapsed cave entrance... from which a fell beat exudes, as if thousands of fists were beating upon the final wall blocking their freedom. ...Such a threat is too great to ignore, and now that I have six arms at my disposal, I believe I can address this without risking my lack of attention towards Lorgk or the makers. ...The manner in which he evaded my earlier attempt to harm him is still unknown to me, and so I aim to correct that: I swivel a second set of eyes about, and set a pair of arms to chucking the cleavers they hold at the scarred yeti, focusing on what he does. The paired blades tumble through the air, hurtling towards his back, just about to impact-

And are in my hands again, no transit time observed, or recoil from traveling back at speed. It is as if I never threw them... or so I would think, if my gaze had not noted that a few of the glyphs surrounding the scarred yeti flickered out of existence during this... 'rewind' that affected only my attack. Following the chain of logic to it's conclusion, I once more chuck the blades, and pull free an extra set still hanging on my sides and send them hurtling in the wake of the first-and once more runes floating in the air disappear in time with the magic that unmakes recent events for my aggression directed towards this particular caster-and all the while I note myself absorbing no magic from his actions.... as well as his collection of runes evidencing a slow but sure net gain in total number: Unless I can absorb further magic and get to a full eight limbs, and devote four arms to this endeavor, I am fighting a losing battle: And if I free up either of my other existing pairs of arms, I either will run into issues with Lorgk facing the threat of being overwhelmed in his lone fight, or the makers taking grievous fatalities without my influence. Throughout this all I note the scarfed warrior cracking his knuckles so loudly the snow beneath his feet shifts as he grinds his teeth in impotent rage, knowing that Keddic and Jojo both need protection, but clearly longing to join the battle.

What should I say or do?
[Remember Dulu can speak Common and Premen]
No. 209164 ID: e31d52

The makers.

No. 209167 ID: a594b9

Hey, maybe the Warriors can relieve Bang of his duty! Also, are there any Premen shaman around? Have them cast shit on you!
No. 209170 ID: d3dfb8

Shoot yourself with your bow.

Order the premen warriors to move toward Jojo/Keddic's Igloo. Sure that will put them in more danger, but it will allow Bang to get back in the fight. Then with Bang's help the warriors can defeat the majority of the Yeti aggressing them and accost another target. Possibly helping relieve Lorgk or help defend the makers.
In any case no one should approach the scarred yeti but you or Lorgk.

Because it probably does.
Stupid cave demons.
No. 209171 ID: 445c48

Throw Bang at the Scarred Yeti. Get some Nearby warriors to protect the tent.
No. 209173 ID: af8569


Ok, maybe we can do two things at once. Use your bow and preternatural reflexes, take aim at the yeti's around Lorgk and then back to the scared one. One, then the other, one then the other.

Move into the yeti warriors attacking the unarmed makers. Decimate them. Cleavers to heads, throats, anything to take them down as quickly as possible.

Dulu, could you get the warriors and Bang to work together? Bang might be able to turn the tide, but we need to protect Jojo and Keddic - which if you and Bang work together on, with your many eyes and senses can direct Bang like a mace.
No. 209175 ID: 2aaaf1


"BANG! Make sure the makers are not harmed as they migrate to the entrance of the mine!"

[Jojo ;_;]
No. 209178 ID: f4e4f9


Also, fuck, JOJO. How to mitigate the threat to Jojo while simultaneously making defending the Premen Makers easier, while ALSO freeing up someone to harrass the Scarred Yeti...

I'm going to agree with 2aaaf1 Two separate groups are whats forcing us to overextend our fighters: If we can merge the two parties requiring defense, we can free up bang or ourself to pressure the scarred yeti.

It's probably not good form for Makers to take up arms in Premen society, but when faced with the possibility of destruction, I doubt Lorgk will care. It will also keep bodies between the Yeti and Jojo and Keddic.
No. 209181 ID: a594b9

You guys realize that Keddic and Jojo's rolls are just "Roll to wake up" not "Roll to not die" right?
No. 209192 ID: af8569

I know. But the '2' makes me worried
No. 209198 ID: 8c3fcd

rolled 19 = 19

Bang is a force unmatched by any other. Dulu witnessed some of this in their first encounter so he should know.

Flip backwards towards the tent (or dash as the case may be... just get there quickly). When you reach Bang, say this
"Tag out"
Then simply focus all but two arms and a set of eyes on the Yeti leader; Bang will take care of stuff.

In other words, switch out with Bang. Use two arms to protect the igloo and everything else to hit that Yeti.

[I would suggest that you hit yourself with a few arrows, but that seems unfair and the Yeti might figure out your secret]

No. 209212 ID: c19edf

[okay falcon, what exactly are you fucking rolling for?]
No. 209213 ID: af8569

...Falcon, if this is the first attempt at one of those 'super secret' moves from the Keddic vault you came up with, I seriously fucking hope you didn't just kill the badass gentleman, because I will be pissed.
No. 209217 ID: d3dfb8

[Whatever falcon is doing, nothing good can come of it. But that's why we love him.]
[You go girl.]
No. 209219 ID: 45be60

I agree, Bang's talents are being wasted at the moment. We need to get him in the fight. The idea of making this battle less spread out has merit too. See if you can't shepherd the makers over to the tent where Jojo and Bang are holed up. More juicy targets for the yeti means more juicy targets for Bang.

Is Keddic still on the ground with the Warriors or what?
No. 209220 ID: 8c3fcd

[Oh, this is bad, very bad indeed. But no need to worry, if it fails, nothing to worry about, just the end of the world... joking, joking]
No. 209224 ID: a76809

[I am tempted to go with this just so you feel bad when the premen makers, as non-trained warriors, die by the BOATLOAD trying to kill the lead yeti shaman and not focusing all their attention on not dying to the yeti all around them, the scarred yeti who has been bitchslapping veteran warriors and ignoring Dulu without much difficulty. And then having Dulu regret the fact he pretty much fucked the entire Drazken clan by getting their non-combatants killed, and losing his chance at personal freedom, and the possibility [For Mordre] of recruiting him. Thankfully, the makers are not so fucktarded dumb as to listen to this order (and essentially put themselves in the place of civilians thinking it is a good idea to throw rocks at a tank), so it is a moot point. Seriously though, I don't see how you thought non-combatants, getting their asses handed to them by normal warriors (hence why they need your help), would be well spent against the enemy leader, when the survival of the makers is of paramount importance to the clan as a whole. And in case you say 'but they would be throwing stuff, not close enough to be hurt' or some such, sure, maybe, but that is time and focus NOT put on the yetis all around them actively trying to kill them, so even if the scarred yeti does nothing, they would STILL get curbstomped by the OTHER yetis all around them. Thankfully this is not a majority opinion.]

I see the Premen shamans still boiling out of their tent, several in the midst of gathering energies of all sorts, arguing over how to spend their efforts, and call out a simple, carrying command, plans rolling in my mind at the potential difference I could make with the magic of dozens of shaman flowing through my form.

"Drazken Shaman! Magic on me, form matter not! Just cast!"

I see some of their number looking ready to question this command, either for clarification or out of suspicion, but the one they defer to, who has been eying my works amongst the premen makers, protecting the non-combatants from the raiding yeti as best I can, silences them with a roar of his own, and in short order has all but a few of the group, evidencing varied forms of combat magic and fighting off the encroaching yeti, start pacing and chanting, magic welling about their forms as they work on a group ritual, it's form rough, unrefined.... and above all, potent.

As the Drazken shaman pool their energy, chanting and channeling in turn, I roar out a command to the nearest group of warriors I see, even as I devote my fury to cleaving through as many yeti about the makers as I can.

"Get the Makers to the tent, Elder Jojo is within, needs guarding!"

Not all hear my words, and of those who do, fewer still listen: But it is enough, some ten warriors making their way through the maker populace, building their own individual retinues as makers, finding themselves freed from assault, cling to the warriors that are duty-bound to ward them from harm, slowly merging together into a tide heading towards the tent. The yetis continue to try to break their momentum again and again, but betwixt my whirling blades (with a pair of arms still devoted to whipping cleavers towards the scarred yeti, to at the very least slow down whatever he attempts), and the lack of magical support to their attacks, the yeti cannot stop the living tide, which washes past me, claiming most of the makers still standing, and shepherding them all into the relative safety of the tent containing Jojo and Keddic-

And as the ten warriors take up position outside of it, I see others of their number, veteran and conventional alike, making their way towards the tent, knowing it to now house their most vulnerable clan-mates, as the rest of their number is split between moving towards the scarred yeti, and moving to support Lorgk: Due to the difference in numbers and the scarred yeti's strange abilities, neither attempt is going well.

But with Keddic and Jojo now fairly well warded....


A particularly large yeti that happened to bull straight over the falling corpses of a pair of premen warriors that fell to his might finds himself being torn limb from limb by the comparatively diminutive form, a wild, ecstatic grin painting his face as yeti innards paint his body, the little warrior exulting in the bloodshed. As he flings the dying pieces out into the yeti numbers, I see him slam a foot into the ground, shifting rock and snow alike to build himself a brace, against which he crouches, his whole body tensing, his scarf swirling madly in the air, arms outstretched and fists clenched.


With a clap of thunder and a blast of snow flitting through the air from a calamitous impact, the scarfed one disappears, and yetis in the direction he faced die.


I perceive the warrior blurring through the air, moving with such speed, such raw force, his body tears gory paths through all in it's way, his outstretched arms becoming blunted blades, scything through the yeti ranks, the toga he wears now practically glowing a brilliant scarlet hue. And so one of Mordre's servants once more joins the fray, even as I localize the dependents and wounded. Now...

I turn my attention (barring my bow, which still sends bolt after bolt of materializing metal jetting towards those pressing Lorgk, preserving his stalemate against a veritable horde of yetis complete with no less than five shamans, wisely keeping their distance after the last of them was disemboweled by the Premen chieftain) fully towards the scarred yeti shaman, all four free arms throwing my eight cleavers in succession, constantly moving to reclaim the weapons as they reappear upon my personage-while I am still not harming the yeti I face, his smirk grows brittle, as the runes he crafts in the air about him now cease to grow in number, being expended warding off my attacks as swiftly as he makes them.... but still not enough to overpower. I need more.

And that is what the Drazken shaman give me.

Some twenty shamans, their power pooled and without restraint, chanting filling the air, raise their arms in unison-and lower them to point at me as they let out a brassy collective cry.

A bolt of writhing, seething power, lightning and coursing river, gout of flame and blast of wind all rolled together and bleached of all color, blasts across the landscape, it's touch warping the few yeti unfortunate enough to stand in it's path, their bodies growing and twisting before exploding from being subjected to so much sheer magic without purpose-

And slams into me. In the barest of instants, upon the moment of first contact, I feel my final pair of limbs sprout, now fully 'armed'-but the power continues to swell, and my form, now fully manifesting it's additional limbs, starts to put the power to its other use.

Weinsho made me to be able to convert magic into matter, a costly, inefficient thing that was built into my structure to take advantage of my personal fighting styles: But once fully manifested, the energy must go SOMEWHERE... and that somewhere, is into the very metal I am made of, into each and every particulant.

My steely gray form blossoms with color, first a sullen red as the snow beneath my feat melts-and then a brilliant yellow glow, molten metal held together by the magic that binds it and the properties of the material itself, gouts of steam obscuring my form, even as my perception of time shifts and warps, as I am energized in every sense of the word.


My body echoes with my greatness.

The world sings my praise, the very stone beneath my feet beginning to melt, as if in genuflection to my superior form, as I see the smirk on the scarred yeti's face begin to die by inches, as Lorgk comes within a hair's breadth of being overwhelmed. Bang, fighting without reserve, is once more attracting attention-as a further wave of invading yeti approaches, zeroing in on his form, containing no less than six more yetis cloaked in floating symbols. Thankfully, I see no others waiting in the distance, no matter where my eyes dart.

What is my priority, facing down the scarred yeti, or aiding Lorgk more directly?
Or do I have a different plan in mind?
No. 209226 ID: 445c48

Oh jeeze, the advice we gave to overload was terrible.
No. 209228 ID: a594b9

Aid Lorgk directly. Keep throwing cleavers at the scarred one until Lorgk is safe. Also, consider aiding Bang a bit; the yeti shamans might actually manage to land a spell on him, and that would be bad.
No. 209229 ID: 8c3fcd


[now we know that overloading him was a horrible idea and Mordre should not attempt it unless he can split the world in half]

Bang can handle everything, worst case scenario, he inadvertently starts an avalanche.

No. 209231 ID: 445c48

Shout at Magnum Bang. "Bang! Help Lorgk!"
No. 209232 ID: d3dfb8


Give a command to the premen shamans to stop the six new yeti shamans. Tell the premen warriors to leave the scarred one and help Lorgk.
No. 209233 ID: d3dfb8

Naw bro, Bang is busy slaughtering yeti.
No. 209234 ID: 45be60

You no longer need to be in three places at once. You can aid Lorgk simply by moving closer to him, even while keeping your attention on the scarred one. If you move closer to him you can use your staff to deal death in wide swings, not one arrow at a time, and you are impossible to ignore. Do not become embroiled in their melee though. Do not let them surround you. If they move toward you, dance away. Control the distance. String them out, and if they turn away to return to the crush around Lorgk, show them the error of their ways.

But always, your eyes, your attention, your focus, is on the scarred yeti. Dulu, you know what you are for. You could wade through the combat of these mundane warriors and helpless spellcasters unhindered, but you are a master of slaying champions. If Lorgk is truly fit to lead the clan, your simple distraction will be enough.
No. 209242 ID: f4e4f9

My recommendation is thus: Switch your weapons targets: Move to aid Lorgk, but instead of using your to assist him, fight with your cleavers. If you can just give him breathing room, you can change his stalemate into actual momentum. And gaining momentum in a fight is the key to turning it into a crushing victory.

Meanwhile, use your Arrows (and two cleavers, thrown/returned, etc) to keep harrassment up on the Scarred Yeti. With your new OH GOD ITS HOT form, you're more suited in melee anyway.

Oh, and keep two eyes on the maker/jojo/keddic group at all times.
No. 209249 ID: bcb7e0

You can absorb magic. The yeti group is casting magic.

Hug Scarred One.
No. 209258 ID: a594b9

Can't harass the scarred yeti with the bow; it's magic and he'll just neutralize it like the other Yetis did instead of reversing time.

Come on people, why are you rushing to the scarred yeti now that we have enough cleavers to just lock him down? HE IS NOT A THREAT. Lorgk however, is IN TROUBLE!
No. 209268 ID: 445c48

Yes, but his slaughter can be...directed in Lorgk's general direction.
No. 209274 ID: af8569


This, combined, is a good plan. Kill your way to Lorgk, direct your bow towards the Scared One, and call for Bang to join you and Lorgk in slaughtering these yeti's. Eyes upon the scared one, with one set always on the tent containing Jojo and Keddic, another set on Bang, and one last set watching the yetis around Lorgk.

Dulu, how does the title 'Golemfreed' sound to you? And as you defend these premen, do you know the linage of your blood, where from was your mother's Clan?
No. 209277 ID: e67080

So, Dulu, why did you ever become a Golemslayer in the first place? seems like an... inventive sort of career.

Was it to impress a girl? I bet it was you sly dog.
No. 209281 ID: 8c3fcd

rolled 27 = 27

Wait, wait wait. Did you just say not a threat?
That is like saying you have beaten the boss because you neutralized 1 barrier out of 3... or somn like that. My analogies get really weird with this quest.

[Forgot my horrible roll: 0]
No. 209308 ID: 47a9f4

i dont know if this is just silly or awesome, but it would be great if it worked.we'd have to get close though...

if Bang went after the Yeti shamans while Dulu was still firing arrows at them, i'd probably result in more dead yeti shamans.
No. 209313 ID: af8569

Please stop rolling. Please. I don't care what you were trying to do, but it I seriously hope it isn't something important because the last time Bob told us to stop giving him useless rolls.

We will attempt to hug after we deal with the yeti's around Lorgk
No. 209436 ID: 445c48

So, Dulu, in your opinion, what are some weaknesses with this body?
No. 209505 ID: 384e1f

As you wish sir.
No. 209566 ID: 6164e0
File 127943501077.png - (431.56KB , 506x823 , Yeti golem.png )

I became a golemslayer because it was not just a means to prove my strength to the human populace in which I was forced to exist, but also to prove the strength of my own existence to myself. Beyond that, the pay was good too, and I could hardly object to that.

My reliance on melee contact and lack of effective mass-combat capabilities are my biggest current weakness: As it is, I feel confident I could best near anyone in direct physical confrontation… well, barring Aurockoth, or maybe Jak Stryfe. Beyond this lack of effective ranged combat, or mass combat… I am not aware of any flaws: My form is durable, swift, strong, and able to grow in strength as magically inclined foes grow weaker.

My body surges, liquid and flowing, lethality in motion, the stone melting beneath my steps, the snow steaming near my very presence only evidencing the increased heat of my altered form: The true change is speed. Bang’s riotous rampage, once nearly blurred enough I could only perceive it via prescience rather than visually tracking it, now seems to flow at a snail’s crawl. I step into the space between instants, my form seeming to melt a path free of the normal flow of time, and with a clap of thunder I vanish from the flow of sound, entering a world of perfect silence as my blades whirl about me, arrows continuing to rain like divine judgment upon the warriors about Lorgk even as the blades in my hands are split between being endless hurled at the scarred yeti in my unflagging attempts to prevent his magic, and carving a path through the yeti betwixt myself and the warriors making their way towards Lorgk’s side. I move between the tick of time, flitting through the gaps between one second and the next, the ground behind me tearing itself apart as those bodies I cut, fatally wounding and leaving to fall in my wake, are blasted away by the sheer force of my passage. The song of my passing, a song supersonic in nature, devastates all I pass, even as my blades whirl so fast as to be noting more than blurs to the common eye, dozens of yetis falling in between the beats of a heart, my world operating on a wholly different scale of time.

In the time it takes some forty yeti to fall away dead, blasted away by the shock-wave that dogs my steps, the scarred yeti’s smirk starts to break, as he seems to regard me with far greater interest. The runes he administers over cease moving forward, and begin condensing into a single point, as my blades, moving past the speeds of visual perception, continue to claim lives as herald to my calamitous passing. I make my way to Lorgk, my blades sweeping into one of the five shaman about him, even as a bolt picks off a yeti warrior getting too close to overwhelming the defenders of the tents with his brutal assault. None on this battlefield, friend or foe can match me, my aid coming to Lorgk’s side practically destroying the resolve of the yeti nearby, their fear and hesitation singing to my enhanced form. Lorgk does not pause to marvel at my changed state, he instead capitalizes in the shift of battle, his blade whipping about in a plethora of vicious curving arcs, slicing through flesh and bone with equal ease. I move to aggress the shaman around Lorgk, to cement his lead, when I note something strange: The runes about the scarred yeti are taking a humanoid shape.

The moment this thought occurs to me, the runes take solid form… and before the Scarred yeti, as if a guard to ward him from my intended harm now that I have secured Lorgk’s safety… and what’s more, the being feels eerily familiar. Where I am now eleven feet tall, the other is ten, shorter but thicker, yet still sporting some eight arms, holding a set of four heavy spears in sturdy double-handed grips. While not glowing as fiercely as my own form does, the veins of liquid metal hissing across it’s ruddy red form, as if in testament to a greater internal heat, continue to writhe and swirl, reminding me of the Harksburton’s highly controllable blood based fighting style… As I turn to square myself, I note three things:

The Scarred yeti is reduced to nearly no runes floating about his person, and is clutching his head as he tries to rebuild his reservoir, keeping an eye on me even as he labors.

The apparent metal golem that has appeared leaps forth, it’s molten metal shroud stabbing into the earth to provide better acceleration and stability as it shifts it’s course in a dazzling and confusing pattern closing on me, my mind screaming of danger coming from a multitude of forward facing directions.

And the scarfed one turns to look at the scarred yeti and my approaching foe with interest.

As it is, my body is still multitasking, hurling cleavers at the scarred yeti, clutching a bow that can shift into a myriad of forms, and directly smiting any yetis in range: Perhaps I could wholly devote myself in all my current tranced glory to a singular task, something that would hold no resistance to my awesome might.

What should I say or do?
No. 209569 ID: d3dfb8

Rape. That. Golem.

You are a golem slayer. It is your purpose.
Who is Jak Stryfe? What do you know about him?

[switch to Bang]
Also what do you know of Jak Stryfe?
No. 209570 ID: a594b9

Kill the scarred shaman, while his runes are weak! NOW! You can dodge this silly golem.
No. 209572 ID: 384e1f


[Shift to Bang]
Sup bro. Go kick some Scarred Yeti ass.
No. 209576 ID: f4e4f9


>my mind screaming of danger coming from a multitude of forward facing directions.

>The apparent metal golem that has appeared leaps forth, it’s molten metal shroud stabbing into the earth to provide better acceleration and stability as it shifts it’s course in a dazzling and confusing pattern closing on me

>While not glowing as fiercely as my own form does, the veins of liquid metal hissing across it’s ruddy red form, as if in testament to a greater internal heat, continue to writhe and swirl, reminding me of the Harksburton’s highly controllable blood based fighting style

Do not underestimate this situation. A furnace golem such as this is NOT an opponent to take lightly, especially given the fact that your are already superheated. Additional applied heat will only bring you closer to melting.

(Also, regarding the terms I quoted above)

It's a trap. The metal thats going into the earth isn't just being used to speed it up. THe multi-pronged "danger sense" from your presience suggests as much.

Watch for attacks from below the surface. Dodge and evade, look for weaknesses, and test it's defensive capabilities with your Staff-bow. We can use that to judge (Was capable of putting a hole clean through Mordre's form, a far more massive target).
No. 209577 ID: f4e4f9

ALso: No more Keddic/Jojo wakeup rolls?
No. 209602 ID: 445c48

Who the hell is Jak Stryfe?
No. 209603 ID: 445c48

Perhaps instead of a "Ok, if it rolls over this, they wake" they were "Ok, they're out for this long" kind of rolls, if you know what I mean.
No. 209644 ID: 15bad2

ahem. Let's not mention Mordre, I don't want to put the lovely idea of 'I WILL BREAK HIM' in our fine half-preman's head.

Anyway, you are fast as lighting and fire. You are as cunning as the earth. You can see beyond sight. You are Dulu, GOLEMSLAYER, GOLEMSLAIN, GOLEMFORGED AND SOON GOLEMFREED! No mere mockery will defeat you! Leap around the mirror of yourself to strike at the Scared One. While you are airborne, strike with your bow to any Yeti yet standing and scream your song to them.
When you land beside the scared one, hug that poor bastard.
No. 209725 ID: a76809

rolled 11, 17, 9, 16, 20 = 73

[Hah, knew I forgot something.]
No. 209745 ID: 45be60

time to wake up kids!
No. 209748 ID: d6ec33

No. 209756 ID: d6ec33

[Question: Are we missing two rolls, or just one?]
No. 209781 ID: a76809
File 12794888735.jpg - (238.86KB , 800x1131 , Jak Stryfe The Golemslayer.jpg )

[Just one, rolls every other post]

[Nope, Jojo's still out, as 2+16 < 20, the score needed to wake up]

Jak Stryfe is the self-proclaimed king of golem hunting and golem slaying. With more than a thousand known kills to his name, the only reason he is less well known as a dangerous individual than Aurockoth is because his rise to notoriety occurred after the fall of the Mosmordren Empire, and so he has had no chance to square off against a Soul Grave, as the God of Blades has. However, he bears Lortoxite armor runed to absorb thermal and kinetic energy, storing it in hexagonal diamonds embedded in his armor (I swear I heard Weinsho call them Lonsdaleite when I spoke of the possibility of hiring him), which can then be converted into energy discharges, from what I have been told. So, beyond unbreakable, custom-fit armor with runing inbuilt to widen the protective coverage of his gear, he bears a pair of swords, one forged of Lortoxite the same as his armor, and according to the tales I have heard possessed by the spirit of a great beast, a potent soul that ravages his foes... and his other blade is nothing less then the one-time blade of the emperor of the Mosmordren Empire, a Necronostrium sword that can writhe and shift it's shape for unnatural attack angles and striking at distant foes. As if this all was not enough, he apparently has a Small Tomb servant, as large as a dog, lightning fast and festooned with wings of blades and rending claws.

But ultimately, no matter how great his gear may potentially make him, it is his own self that makes him so deadly. He is a natural magic sensor, a particularly talented one, so illusion magic is all but useless against him, and not only does he have the appropriate paperwork in every nation to employ Blood magic as he sees fit, the same as the Harksburtons, but I suspect him to have learned of Soul magic as well, as after happening upon the Caemlo Repository, he vanished for several months, to return with new and devastating skills, not the least of which being able to craft some sort of faux-golems from his own blood and crystal from the earth, effectively able to make his own armies on the spot. If he and Aurockoth were to meet.... well, to my knowledge there are standing betting pools in many higher societal circles (and some less high) about who would win such a match-up.

[Jojo: 18/20 (2 more needed to wake)]
[Keddic: 26/20 WAKING]

Lorgk's abrupt gain in momentum thanks to my glorious influence leads him ever farther into the yeti numbers, his Sword, a weapon of a caliber even my wondrously enhanced form must respect, claiming another two yeti shaman lives along with a dozen more of their soldiers, his untamed and unflinching ferocity buying him room to move, to breath, inch by inch, foot by foot, until only his sword breaches the gap he has created, constantly flitting out to claim life after life. I note this with a set of eyes even as I dash forth, moving to meet the golem summoned by the yeti leader-

Even as my crystallized intelligence pinpoints the nature of my forewarning: Even with four spears questing for my form, expertly handled or no, that would not explain the sheer wealth of danger I sense. Coupling this with the liquid metal flowing about my foe's form, hissing as it drips to the ground, writhing as it does. The rest of the attack, barring the four spears-comes from the ground.

As this thought occurs to me I leap to the side, the melting snow and heated stone beneath my blazing feat cratering under my tremendous impact-and revealing dozens of molten metal tendrils sprouting like javelins made of vines from where my feet trod moments ago-and slash into the air after my form. I bolt from my bow strikes down two getting closest to me, as sweeps of my swords take another four down, but two strands manage to wrap around my legs even as I devote four of my six dancing blades (no longer able to spare attention to fling projectiles at the scarred yeti) to fending off the spears stabbing forth from the golem I face (I can perceive it's veins of metal running into the earth, like roots that follow it's path)... and while it's blows are thankfully less adaptable or flexible... they are MUCH stronger: Each blow is pushed by a pair of arms, and trying to simply block them gets me nowhere: I am forced to do what I can to instead deflect them, redirecting the calamitous force being thrown my way-

But even as sublime as my form may be, so suffused with magic, I do not manage to free my foot from the molten metal's grasp, not in time to prevent it's reforming into a shackle on my leg, constantly weaving in new strands to strengthen it's existence, persisting despite it's contact with my magic-consuming existence-and draws taut, slamming my still air-borne form down to the ground. The blow sends up a gout of rapidly melting snow, but does me little harm, my durable and elastic form absorbing the impact-but I use the rebound to dance away nonetheless, as my body screams of incoming danger, all four spearheads slamming into the ground where I had been-and turning the earth to molten stone-can they transmit even further heat into a target? This thought occupies my transcendent mind as I sweep a cleaver through the metal binding my leg, and dance back, keeping my feet moving to swiftly to be caught by the endless series of liquid metal tendrils dancing for my form... but all I accomplish is running away, the scarred yeti gaining time to once more build up a reservoir of runes without molestation, even if he does so at a much reduced pace from before. The few bolts I send flying from my bow towards the golem before me manage to make contact, but cause only minor dents: Some sort of magic seems to enhance it's structure, to such an extent that without using something to drain that magic away, I may not be able to appreciably harm it. ...How did such a potent golem simply get brought to this battlefield? Even Weinsho would need weeks to make a construct as potent as this seems to be, and I know of no place where the resources to make such as this could be found, here in the lands of my birth. A strident cry cuts across the battlefield, drawing my attention.


An explosion of gore heralds the scarfed human's surge skyward, before he plunges back to the earth with a riotous impact, laughing exultantly as he continues to rend his foes asunder, piece by piece. As I continue to dart about the battlefield, cutting down any yeti I near (their total numbers slowly dropping, but still greater than the premen by far), considering how to attack this golem I face, I appraise the status of the other players on this battlefield.

-Lorgk is cutting a brutal path through the yeti like an implacable tide of steel, slowly surging forth in his quest to reach the scarred yeti and plunge his sword into the enemy leader's heart.
-The scarfed human is facing the recent wave of yeti coming into the village alone-and slowly, but surely, winning, a look of pure bliss etched into his blood-covered features.
-The Premen warriors are starting to lose ground in their fight to defend the makers-or were, until several groups of makers, armed with nothing more than hunting spears, rush to fill the gaps, fighting side by side with the warriors to keep the tents safe.
-Ultimately, even this proves insufficient, as a particularly dense wave of yetis breach these defenses, cutting a path into the tent-to be ejected, impaled on spidery thin spears of blood, as the heavily muscled frame of the fourth Harksburton heir climbs free, rage painting his re-awakened face as he holds his family sword in a white knuckled grip, a pipe clenched in his teeth already smoking away.
-My mind screams of threats coming from the front, where the golem I face stands, as well as from beneath my feet, where the tendrils continue to quest for me every time I alight upon the earth-and from above, though I know not what prompts this sense of danger.

What should I do?
How should I approach fighting this golem I battle, or should I choose a new priority?
[Further, Perspective can, at this time, be switched to Keddic, if desired. Bang and Lorgk are not possible choices at this juncture.]
No. 209787 ID: d6ec33


Anyway I vote staying with Dulu and start hopping towards the Scared One. Focus on getting rid of the Scared Yeti, it would rout the other Yeti's and allow us to focus on this golem, if the golem stays standing after it's summoner falls.

Are their any special properties of your liquid form that could help? If you pour some of that Magma onto the doppelganger, could you find some way to control him?

Dulu, why did you allow those innocent people to be killed in Berluut?

Dulu, do you not know your family line, like every great Preman leader?

Dulu, when did you join with Weinsho?

[Mordre, panic. A man named Jak Stryfe is most likely hunting you, and he seems very impossible to beat.]
No. 209801 ID: 643c0e

>Can take multiple forms
>Even Wenshio's people couldn't decipher it.

Hey Dulu, I'm gonna help you out man, try turning the staff into Armour. If that doesn't work then keep on peppering the scarred Yeti with hits from the bow and two cleavers.

If you want to help yourself fight this Golem, bring the fight into enemy territory. Run/Jump towards a group of yeti. It will either be limited in it's strategy or kill Yeti for you. if it does the latter then you can use that to your advantage.

As for the threat from the top, that is probably from falling globs of molten metal.
No. 209809 ID: 445c48

Switch to Keddic. Vengenace must be had! The Yeti broke his worrd!
No. 209810 ID: d3dfb8

Jump up and over the opposing golem. Somersault mid air and hit it in the back of the head with your Staff's hammer form. Use your cleavers to defend from his spears and leave the scarred one to your allies.

What do you know of Weinsho and his holdings?

[Let's switch to Keddic]

Start making your way over to the scarred yeti, that bastard fucked with the wrong gentleman. As you make your way across the battlefield quest your blood out to eviscerate any yeti foolish enough to dare challenge the mighty fourth Harksburton.
No. 209811 ID: f4e4f9



Convert your Bow to a shield. Divert your full attention to taking down this golem. Dodge when you can, and keep your shield between you and whatever percieved threats accost you that you can't evade easily.

You're cleavers dispell magic (or channel the dispelling effect of your body), as I recall Keddic and Bang losing use of their magic when struck. Your runestaff seems to bear a similar function as Mordre lost magnetomantic control of his projectiles when you struck them with the staff.

Thus, Ginsu this motherfucker. Employ your cleavers to ruin it's control of his tendrils, hack them off when they grip you. ALWAYS BE SHIFTING YOUR FOOTING, lest the ground you occupy become the source of an attack. Also, keep an eye skyward.

Finally, yell out to Keddic: "HARKSBURTON! The Scarred one intends to free the demons in the mines. Stop him!"

Then, Switch perception to Keddic.
No. 209822 ID: f4e4f9

To keddic (Assuming the switch goes through):

A gentleman's trust, shattered. But focus your rage, don't let it rule your actions. The Scarred yeti has demonstrated effective magics...

Well, first things, reinforce the makers and warriors being assaulted by the yeti. They've broken through the line once, lets make sure it doesn't happen again. Lash out with the Proud Lion, into the front ranks of the yeti wave. Give them reason to pause.

Then, for the scarred yeti, lets deal with it's protections:

Coat your blade in blood, and launch it with a tendril connecting it to you. When it nears the yeti, erupt it with numerous lances of blood toward the scarred one. Like your sanguine maelstrom, only each needle eruption focused towards one target, instead of an area.

No. 209910 ID: a594b9

I agree with using the shield, and switching to Keddic.
No. 210008 ID: a76809
File 127951471019.png - (590.32KB , 700x525 , Cleavers Evolve.png )

>Are their any special properties of your liquid form that could help? If you pour some of that Magma onto the doppelganger, could you find some way to control him?
My own form is only under my control so long as it is a cohesive whole: If I try to separate pieces from myself, they will become naught more than lumps of Morphic steel upon the ground. However, in my Over Limit Trance state, my body gains much more alacritous reforming, to the point that I can lengthen limbs, reaching farther than I otherwise would, and perform other, minor to moderate rapid body changes, as long as I stay aware of the fact my total mass does not change during this state. And even beyond that, the heat my body exudes is a byproduct of a fully magically charged form, whereas my foe seems to be built around the principles of manipulating and generating heat: Against such a foe, it would be wise to not get into a direct contest on their greatest strength.

>Dulu, why did you allow those innocent people to be killed in Berluut?
..Balboa's actions were in poor form, to my mind. However, he was still a fellow employee of Weinsho, and my task at the time was to protect him. Even after I arrived at the devastated scene, where once a village had stood, that did not change the fact I had accepted a duty to protect Balboa... and as his life was extinguished, and his soul claimed by Mordre's Soul Grave, I think the matter is over, as he surely has been made to pay penance for his act. For my own part, I only bore witness to the aftermath of his attack, and tried (and failed) to protect him from Mordre's wrath.

>Dulu, do you not know your family line, like every great Preman leader?
My mother was not from an established clan: She was from a group of dispossessed Premen that had no place to call home, no proper clan name, and made their way through life by preying on those humans that ventured too far north with their caravans, as well as yetis and on occasion other premen. My mother and her compatriots were not kind, but they had their own code of honor: However, within that was no interest in the past, in the accomplishments of one's fore-bearers, only in the power of the here and now.

>Dulu, when did you join with Weinsho?
The very first time I worked with Weinsho was more than a decade ago, though at that point it was just individual jobs, frequently more than a year apart: I did not become placed upon his retainer, and become a regular employee of his, until... I suppose it's been three years now. Only in the recent year and a half have I had constant ventures to pursue for him, many of which were in Duras, preparing with Eisenhardt's apprentice Verther to sack the city of Hletwa while the army was sufficiently distant for us to strike and leave before their return.

I decide to go back on the offensive, changing course the next moment I touch down, the wake of ruptured air trailing behind me making an abrupt right turn as I shift from circling the conjured golem to dashing straight towards it, noting my immense speed to still be insufficient for my foe to lose track of me as a bed of spears bristles, stabbing forth to greet me.

With a flash of light, I shift my bow into a shield, my brilliance leading me to use it not just to block the incoming thrusts (their thermal capabilities strike me as similar to that of Mordre's eye-beam attack, and so the shield that stood against one should stand against this), but to do so at an angle, four spear points scraping against the tilted shield, sending my forward momentum into a vicious spin as I continue over the golem's head-shifting the shield again, this time, into a maul. I take advantage of my centripetal force, bringing the hammer down to slam into my foe's metal visage as I pass it by, sending the golem crashing into the mountainside with an impact that throws up a cloud of melting snow and steam, while cratering the ground beneath-and adding a rather disturbing rumble to the mountain itself. As I land upon the ground, I note no sense of danger from beneath, but the danger I feel from above intensifies to blinding levels: My gaze sweeps upwards, noting what appear to be javelins hissing through the air towards my present location. My enhanced form has no issue dodging their approach, and as they slam into the ground I note them boring a path cleanly through the stone underfoot, vaporizing everything in their path.... but the liquid metal that threatened to ensnare my feet seems no longer present. Perhaps this most recent impact-

As this thought courses through my head, the pile of rubble within the crate I violently placed my foe within shifts and roils, before the dripping from rises, hefting it's weapons as it drips more molten metal onto the ground... and I note it's head to only be minimally deformed. ....Hm, an exceptionally tough one, then. What solution can my unparalleled self come up with?

I consider the staff-turned-hammer in my grasp, and it's morphic nature: More specifically, I note it's possession of four forms, but eight sides... along with enough unexplained runes upon it's surface to hide a wealth of secrets. I do not recall how it's four pre-set forms were discovered or encoded, never questioning their existence... but now that I am made of Morphic steel, I feel more... related to the material of my prized weapon... and a thought occurs to me: Why would this flexible weapon be restricted to... well, weapons? Could it not hold a different form, armor perhaps? I wonder... and then I know, my being filled with certainty in my persumption-

And my staff responds.

The staff flashes-and is gone.

My body is filled with an alien, yet paradoxically familiar presence, an other within my structure, flowing about me-flowing through me.

And into my cleavers, made of the same material as my form, an extension of my existence-and now repository for the transformed presence of the staff.

Each of my eight cleavers flashes-and each, instead of being a simple cleaver of unadorned morphic steal... is something else. Along each blade's center, a row of interlocked teeth appear... and each of the eight blades rumbles, a sense of hunger resonating from my armaments with my own form as I grasp them, the blades shivering. In truth, not what I expected... but as each of the eight fanged mouths open, gnashing at the air within my grasp, a sense of hunger pervading my form-

As a bestial maw opens upon my chest, and a roar I did not know I wished to let out echoes through the battleground, as I rush forth to meet my foe again.

................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: KEDDIC................................................

My body feels off. I am numb, my consciousness flicker, fleeting... but rage sustains my mind, puts fire in my veins....

I was betrayed, deceived. A gentleman's agreement was given, and broken, by... where is he? WHERE IS HE!?

My gave sweeps back and forth across the battlefield, and I see him: The scarred yeti that toyed with my trust, that played with my mind, surrounded by runes flitting through the air-

And Bang facing a mass of yeti outside the village, even as... as DULU faces down another golem, a fanged maw adorning his chest and gaping wide, even as a full set of eight blades, each split down their length and festooned with wicked fangs, all roar out a challenge that reminds me of nothing more than groaning metal and a predator on the prowl, glowing with the heat of the forge as he moves faster than even Bang... and his foe is just as swift.

I know not what has happened in this battlefield... but with a glance back to see the huddled forms of children, the old, and Jojo being guarded in the tent I had occupied, I know that nothing can be more important...

Than my gentlemanly vengeance.

With some hundred feet separating us and a veritable wall of white furred yetis in between us, it will take me some time to reach my foe... but this matters not to me, as I unsheathe one of my pair of blood-stealing swords, and with both the proud lion and it in hand, I charge forth-to have a group of five yeti blocking my way.


A dozen tendrils of blood erupt from my body, impaling those foes daring to stand between myself and my foe, and taking root in their transfixed bodies to toss them aside as I start to build speed.

Another few yeti rise to stop me, and finally the smirking form of the scarred yeti turns to note my approach. I coat both blades in blood, and as the yeti near me, I slash into their bellies, erupting cascading beds of sanguine spikes, tearing them apart without even caring to look at them, my eyes only for my foe.

As his smirk begins to fade, I build speed to a jog-and note a wobble in my legs. Is my ability to sense how heavily I am using my blood in combat lessened in my wearied state? ....Ultimately it will not stop me from claiming vengeance, but it may color my approach.

I am sixty feet away from my foe, with some thirty yeti still between us.

How should I most expeditiously reach my foe and deliver my wrath, considering the current limitations I operate under (20 foot Proud lion translocation distance max, 30 and change feet distance for a blood spike, wearied, drained state)?
No. 210016 ID: e31d52

I wonder...

Your blood, can it be used to...




No. 210029 ID: d6ec33


Well, Keddic, it seems you have finally awoken. Then it is time to let these beasts FEEL THE ANGER OF THE HARKSBURTON LINE! Pour forth your blood into armor, fueled by rage, and festooned with cruel spikes with a will to slay any foe, any yeti in our path - WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON: LION'S MANE! - AND WE CHARGE TOWARD THE OATH BREAKER!

Mhm, an idea Young Keddic! OUR WAY IS BLOOD, and in that blood we find strength! Yet, could you control another's blood after impaling him upon a blood-red lance of HARKSBURTON FURY? Or, if such a task is impossible to you for now, could your body's natural defense be used to attack as well? We Harksburtons know well the differences between the bloods and a pure-white lance that would devour all it touched seems...fitting to SMITE THAT OATH BREAKER.
No. 210033 ID: d6ec33


We are not Sanguinius, as awesome as that would be. We can try again, when Keddic becomes a bloodgolem and we play GolemQuestInSpace

No. 210043 ID: e31d52

Doesn't hurt to try!
No. 210046 ID: a594b9

I think you should start grabbing fallen weapons and slinging them at the Scarred one, then execute a TELEKILL on him once you're within 20 feet.
No. 210048 ID: d3dfb8

[Actually it does, draining his magical reserves when he is already extremely fatigued.]

So Keddic, what do you know of Jak Stryfe?

Proceed slowly carefully and deliberately toward your betrayer. You don't want to wear yourself out and this way you get to watch him squirm. Savor his agony.
No. 210051 ID: d3dfb8

Also Keddic, have you been able to learn anything of Bang's combat magic from listening to him teach the recruits?
No. 210056 ID: ad6ebf

This would probably take more blood than Keddic has in him, because you need huge wings to lift something as heavy as a human.... Also, I wouldn't want to try this unless he is in absolute pristine condition... But you may have something here. Could he do something simlar, but with legs? Spider legs from his back, greatly increasing mobility and useful for striking...

"Way of the Harksburton: Bloodcrawler" perhaps?
No. 210057 ID: f4e4f9

Well, thanks, Bob. Now I have to try my hand at a rendition of Feral-Trance Dulu. You bastard.

Keddic: Damnitall, yes we need vengeance...but remember, REMEMBER, we owe the citizens of Mordreden. Vengeance must be had, I agree, but we must not forget that their safety falls in part to us, now, as our trust in the Yeti helped bring this to pass...

Which means, of course, that we cannot bypass the yeti before us: That would give them a straight shot to the women and children. All of them must die.

Draw your blood-drinker sword as well. I trust you have your Blood Toga with you, given that you just now came back from a patrol? Excellent, that will make this even better. They know not what your toga does.

Use your blades, extended by your 20 foot blood tendrils. Leap amongst the yeti, and whip the blades about, a fan of death and destruction reaching from one blade to the other.

No. 210066 ID: f4e4f9

Hmm...what to do about the weariness...I wonder...

OF COURSE: KEddic, recall that Bang uses the blood in his toga to also store additional magic power! As a practitioner of blood magic, do you think you could potentially tap the vitae within your own cloak to a similar effect, to rejuvenate yourself, if even only somewhat?
No. 210067 ID: f4e4f9

I would recommend against delaying this. We need to finish the scarred one before he can finish whatever he's trying to do with the mine.
No. 210077 ID: e31d52

No. 210089 ID: 2aaaf1

Use your bloody grapple to grab a nearby yeti, reel him back in and punch his head in. Use the bloody grapple to commandeer the bloodstream of the corpse, and whip the dead body back into the crowd with the grapple still attached. When the body impacts it's former comrades, violently force the remaining blood in the yeti's body out and explode the corpse causing as much collateral damage as you can among the yeti group. Use the explosion to transition into a following bloody grapple that will place you at ground zero of the carnage.

No. 210092 ID: 0466d2


I like it. Though I do feel sorry for Mordre.

Keddic my boy. Good to see you awake. Now to show that rapscallion who's who. Ill let the people who are awake handle that, but meanwhile I have a way for you to use the soul rape and kill Aurockoth.

Your blade is forged in a way that it includes the blood of the previous Harksburtons in it, you could even say.. it contains their very will/life.
This is how it works, get the sword in your opponent (in this case Aurockoth) and then start up mass connection with him, using the sword as a medium. Then use your will + the will of your predecessors to simply separate his soul from his body. Win.

This tech will likely only work against people whom the Harksburtos harbor strong feelings. So it might only work against Aurockoth. You can pass it down as the Aurockoth killing move in case you don't get to do it. good part is that the more you lose, the stronger it gets.

Proposed names:

Other names are in the works.

You can possibly use it against this Yeti guy, but i wouldn't recommend it unless your family believed in gentleman's agreements the whole way through. In other words, if your predecessors would feel the same way you do in your current situation, this move is your trump card.
No. 210095 ID: e31d52

No. 210096 ID: f4e4f9

Why? We're working to recruit dulu anyway.
No. 210133 ID: d6ec33

Yes, but if that doesn't work, we're dead.
No. 210142 ID: 0a8e03

we will probally have to fight him fist
No. 210178 ID: f4e4f9

Again, why?
No. 210179 ID: f4e4f9

Let me clarify: Dulu's info on Mordre is rather outdated. Of Mordre's capabilities, he knows nothing of:

-Composition of Blootz Steel
-Geomantic and Pyromantic abilities
-Chronal Banditry
-Chaos Edge (Oblivion Edge+Inverter)
-Temporal Armor (Oblivion Edge+Chronal Banditry)
-Pristine Soul usage
-Other Inverter combos we haven't tried

Saying "mordre loses" is horribly premature and defeatist, and I'm curious where it comes from?

ANd I think we'd have already failed in one of our tasks if it comes to a fight.
No. 210183 ID: d6ec33

Personally, I'm just a bit worried because we bound his greatest weapon to him and we don't know what that does.
No. 210186 ID: d3dfb8

Except that we can counter that easily with the IG's secondary function. Dulu being a close combat specialist it shouldn't be hard to hit him with it.
No. 210187 ID: d6ec33

Actually, the best best is the primary function but I don't know how useful that would actually be.
No. 210286 ID: a76809

Jak Stryfe.... a man worthy of respect, in my books. If anyone could be claimed a prodigy in the arts of golemslaying and dueling, it would be him. In honesty, I suspect the reason Gialgorra added a stipulation to his offer for people to come test his scientific Steam Golem (that of needing a golem of your own, and having it do the fighting) was just to prevent Jak from facing it, as he is quite fond of large tournaments and arenas. Likely this fascination of his has something to do with his relative lack of fame, comparable to Aurockoth (or the Dragons in their homeland to the south), and his drive to earn new fame however he can. I have met the man before once, and he lamented not being able to participate in the war against the Mosmordren empire and being able to make a name for himself therein. Granted, I wouldn't have minded having equipment as potent as his during the war... but even without it, his economy of motion is absurd. I watched him appear to simply walk through a hail of arrows (a Pomumancer with an affinity for archery, constantly splitting their arrows until they became a one-woman army, in terms of ranged firepower) when caught by a bounty hunter at a bathhouse, dodging arrows with a hair's breadth to spare without any observable concern, before striking his foe but once, bare-handed. ....Her corpse shattered the tree that she had been drawing from behind her in it's recoil from his attack... and that was with no magical items of any sort to aid him. In honesty, I think that there is much I could learn from him despite his relative youthfulness (being nearly a decade younger than I, of comparable age to Arkus, if not younger), but he has never shown an interest in taking pupils... not exactly surprising, as the same could be said for the Dragons to the south, and indeed all the Combat Magic Masters of these lands, or at least, the true masters.

I have been learning what I can from Bang, and while it is true I can regenerate from harm to my own body more swiftly now than before, it is only of restorative use yet, nowhere near the potency needed to ...weaponize healing as Bang has. Still, it does mean I need not devote quite as much energy to hardening blood within my knuckles, as I can repair minor fractures to the bones themselves in minutes, so comparative to before, I can strike with greater force. More time and chances to put what I learn into practice will be needed before I could come anywhere near what Bang does... and even then I wonder. Never before have I seen the restorative arts turned into weapons, and to have the result be a warrior as devastating as Bang... well, I constantly find myself re-surprised by him.

...Perhaps it is the wooziness talking, but an idea occurs to me... an idea so brilliant I wonder if it is simply stupid: Wings of Blood. But, even in pristine condition, I wonder if such a ting would be possible: To support my weight, rather expansive wings would be needed, and I simply don't have enough bloo.... wait.

...My toga's soaked in blood, and I've had it long enough for it's sense of ownership to reset and attach to me.... does this extend to the blood in it?

Rather than spending time thinking about the safety or efficiency of this scheme, I look to the yetis before me, rushing to attack the tent replete with the wounded, the non-combatants... and onward, to the scarred yeti before them. My mind is made up for me, then. I cast out my Will into the blood suffused the toga I bear, and set my mind, my heart, my soul to commanding that which dwells within the cloth.... and it stirs. As the yetis nearest me bear down with their weapons, the toga turns stark white as a torrent of blood scythes out, slashing those nearest to me to ribbons, even as it anchors itself upon my back, supplemented by my own blood as wings dozens of feet wide unfurl from my back-

And beat.


The paper-thin yet iron-strong wings gracing my back propel me into the sky higher than my leap alone ever could, and eyes all across the battlefield are drawn to my form, a warrior garbed in a robe pure white, adorned with wings of blood, a sword in each hand and rage painting my visage.


But as I begin to soar over the collection of yeti that had been bearing down on me, I realize that without my presence, they shall have a largely unmolested path straight to the tents from whence I came: This cannot stand. My wings beat down even as they warp under my will, lances of blood rocketing earthwards.


The ground rumbles under my assault, yetis falling like leaves before my vicious reaping. Even as I feel satisfaction at my act, I note that the strike is not without cost, my wings of blood gone, my form propelled through the air by momentum alone now-but it is enough.

With a thud I slam to the earth, my legs absorbing the impact with blood like iron supporting them from within, rising to stare the scarred yeti in the eyes from some ten feet distance. While he may not be able to understand what I say, I utter simple words to him as Bang continues to merrily slaughter his way though his personal yeti army, and Dulu, now molten and bestial, begins to literally tear and bite apart the golem he faces, with sword and torso-maw alike.

"You deceived me, and reneged on a gentleman's agreement: We shall have words."

As the scarred yeti affixes me with a gaze far colder and more calculating than previously adorned his face, I note Lorgk almost finished cutting a path through the yeti on the far side of the scarred yeti, his eyes locked on my foe-even as the runes gathering about the shaman's form intensify-

And the Premen shaman, having been chanting, draw their words to a crescendo as they raise their arms in unison.

What should I do?
Should I try to slay the yeti shaman outright, and if so, how should I do it?
Or should I try to buy time for either Lorgk's approach or the Premen shaman's action?
Or should I do something else?
No. 210288 ID: e36a0e

I think that trying to tear out someone's spine via said someone's nostril is a good distraction even if you fail in your endeavor.

Try to kill the Yeti, but don't overextend youself - this is a very dangerous enemy.
No. 210291 ID: d3dfb8

Remember Abaeloth? Hamstring then Telekill.

Also we should consider having Mage Mordre train you in magnetomancy, that way you can retrieve your blade from across the battlefield.

[People should suggest other courses of action incase telekill doesn't work, him having soul magic and all.]
No. 210296 ID: d6ec33


Keddic! Strike true, strike swift, strike hard! Draw back The Proud Lion to cut down this foe! Coat the blade in the potent bodily defenses of the Harksburton Line -
"Sir! When a Gentleman Agrees, his Word is LAW! You have fouled my honor, the honor of THE HARKSBURTON LINE, and attacked those I have SWORN AS A GENTLEMAN TO DEFEND! You have forfeit the glory of a Duel as you are a Coward, a Liar, a Bounder and NO GENTLEMAN! TO YOU I SAY GOOD DAY AND DIE!"

When the white blood eats through his magical and physical protection and gouges into his flesh, dissolving it like all the ills of the blood we then pour our Righteous blood into his! We will take his blood as ours, let it vibrate, let it destroy him from the inside out, not unlike the SANGUINE MAELSTROM! "WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON: BLOODY ROAR!!!!

As that CAD! turns to a shower of blood, face the yeti's, roaring challenge!
"YOU! YOU ALL! You have willfully attacked innocence through a betrayal of a Gentleman's Trust! YOU LIVES ARE FORFEIT! Throw yourselves upon our mercy and you may yet live! Or pursue your present course and face obliteration! What has been inflicted to us we shall return one hundred fold, to you, to your families, TO YOUR INNOCENCE!"
No. 210297 ID: e31d52

"Clearly you lack a weapon. Let us battle like true gentlemen. On the feild of pugilism."

Place your sword into the ground beside you.

Then grin madly and kick his ass with blood-spiked knuckles!
No. 210301 ID: 400f00

Lets appraise the battlefield, then, shall we?

He's yet to see that we can transpose ourselves through a form of soul magic (don't kid yourself, Keddic, thats exactly what your Proud Lion's swap is). However, I'm concerned about the Drazken shaman's efforts. They've had alot of time to build up their ritual magic, and we don't know what their target may be. Perhaps the Scarred Yeti?

For gods sake, don't ditch your weapons. Thats just not wise.

Either way, form a ring, 10 feet in radius, around yourself and the Yeti, with the blood from the Toga. Keep a small tendril connecting it to you. From it, if the Yeti approaches the ring of blood, spear him from it.


From their, abuse his sense of coordination and targeting by spacial swapping him.
No. 210311 ID: 2aaaf1

Say Keddic, you know that trick you use to breathe small puffs of flame and such? Do that to the Proud Lion. Or if you prefer, coat your fists in blood and fire and face this fiend MAN TO MAN!

Take your pick-



Now, let's see if HE likes things exploding out of HIS forehead.
No. 210314 ID: a594b9

Hmm... Aid the Premen Shaman. Lorgk can handle himself.

I would suggest a Telekill but the Shaman might send off something nasty at the Scarred Yeti and that would result in you getting hit!
No. 210315 ID: 445c48

If there are any other yetis nearby, try to kill them to refill your toga.
No. 210363 ID: 5fd8f5

Throw Proud Lion straight up into the air, then swap places with the yeti. Watch and laugh as he's split in half by a falling sword!
No. 210374 ID: 445c48

Telekill again, maybe.
No. 210581 ID: a76809
File 127968963821.jpg - (160.83KB , 1026x1013 , Scarred Yeti left you a present.jpg )

[Sadly, Keddic only learned that as a means of lighting his pipe LIKE A BOSS, so it's not very combat applicable. Amplifiers or extensive practice would be needed to push that into the realm of lethality.]



I let blood flow freely from my ankles, a thin circle swiftly spreading to encompass myself and the scarred yeti I stalk, an act he views with disdain, raising a hand as runes start to flit towards his palm, some baleful energy coalescing about his limb. I heft the blood-stealing sword in one hand as I focus energy into the Proud Lion, building on the powers of Mass Connection as I reach out to secure the yeti's form and lock it to my own for a body transposition even as Lorgk cuts his way free of the last of the yetis before him, his eyes sweeping to the collapsed mines, where a mass of runes still waft. As the scarred yeti begins to frown, I reach out to his form, even as I send the blood-stealing sword into a vicious spinning arc, set to fall straight back into my skull-that is, if I intended to be here for more than a moment.


The world warps and blurs, and I stand now where once the yeti stood, even as I trigger the circle of blood to skewer the yeti. I blink in confusion, as the sanguine lances, upon reaching his hide, abruptly cease to be, once more simple blood pooled in a ring about us, as if never sent at all... likewise, the spinning blade I threw draws but a single trickle of blood from initial impact before it is once more spinning in the air above his form, and the yeti has time aplenty to dodge aside... and this combined move has left me fatigued enough I cannot pursue him as swiftly as I would like. ...And yet, despite his almost perfect rejection of my attack, confusion, shock, and rage paint his face, far in excess of what I would expect, considering how well he weathered this assault.

Then Lorgk leaps forth from his flank and with a sweep of his sword cleaves the scarred yeti's arm neatly from his body, giving him something to be enraged about.

Lorgk's form abruptly vanishes, reappearing back in the midst of the yetis he carved a path out of moments ago... but his sword still remains by the now wounded yeti, who still misses the arm. As the yeti howls, the hairs on my neck stand as power surges at my back, where the tribal shaman are-

And the yeti, through a pained scowl, smiles....

And vanishes, leaving only his severed limb behind.

A bolt raw, undulating power and harm, malicious intent made solid, snakes through the air where the scarred (and now one-armed) yeti once stood....

And slams into the rubble blocking off the mines, blasting them asunder, revealing the darkened maw of the mountainside.....

And with it, a cacophony of hungry howls and ravenous roars resound, eerily echoing about from within the caves deeps... as the sounds of scrabbling limbs begin to build.

Lorgk scrambles free of the yeti to reclaim his sword, and his face goes stony as he regards the now open cave, glancing to me, before shouting something to the tribal shaman, and something else to Dulu, who I note is now standing above an inert mass of rent metal, howling his might to the twilight, the battle having raged for long enough for midnight to approach.

[DAY 116]

And as Bang deals such damage to the last set of yeti reinforcements they finally begin fleeing, with the tribal village still choked with the furred beasts, both alive and dead, with Jojo and the non-combatants trapped within a tent amidst a sea of malicious furred mongrels.....

Monsters of the deep start to boil out of the caves. Slick, pitted metal forms replete with wicked spikes and shifting prisms hovering about them pulse with an organic vitality as overly muscled and wide-mouthed horned demons boil forth about them, and along the ground oozes a purple mass of ravenous maws, all streaking forth with an almost mindless intensity-and already, some twenty are visible total.

What should I do?
[OPTION: Perspective shift to Lorgk or Dulu possible. Bang cannot be shifted to until he rejoins the main battle.]
No. 210586 ID: e31d52

No. 210587 ID: e31d52

Switch to Dulu:

No. 210589 ID: 445c48

No. 210592 ID: d3dfb8

Keddic, you need to reseal that cave!
Make a MIGHTY LEAP over the demons and start closing it off. Start an avalanche/rockslide if you have to.
No. 210594 ID: a594b9

Keddic: Just hang back for a bit and recover your strength while you aid the premen. Dulu and Lorgk should be the ones fighting these things. They're unkillable and have unknown abilities. Make sure you get your blood back in your body, too!

Switch to Lorgk because he's the one that knows the most about fighting these things. Dulu fought them too, but he's currently (nigh)invincible so he doesn't really need our advice.
No. 210595 ID: f4e4f9

Actually, the Premen shaman did.

Fucking failures, the lot of them.

Keddic, leave the deepspawn to Dulu and Lorgk for the moment. Give Bang the shout mentioned in >>210586 and then go and protect the Premen and Jojo amidst the tents.

Then, perspective switch to Lorgk.

Finally, BOB, ware r dem WAKEUP ROLLZ?
No. 210610 ID: e31d52

>Fucking failures, the lot of them.

Because your target suddenly teleporting, twice, is easy to correct for!
No. 210622 ID: f4e4f9

No, because firing big explosive spells near something you don't want to see damaged is retarded.

The premen shaman made the mistake of targetting big, doomy, explosive spells near/around the entrance of the cave. It's like blasting a flamethrower at some guys fighting near a bunch of oil barrels, and the oil barrels are what you're trying to defend.

Admittedly, they can be forgiven for the fact that their target was teleporting, but it was in a large part their mistake in the first place for using the wrong type of spell on the wrong target (also, they've been in the fight long enough to know that single, large attacks fail hardcore against Scarredyeti McTrollingface)
No. 210625 ID: f4e4f9

Ah, well, either way, blame is not what everyone should focus one. What we do, on the other hand, is.

If we perspective shift to Lorgk, I suggest the following: Lorgk's weapon is the most surefire way to actually put these creature's down. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE for the Deepspawn that don't have stable forms, such as the roiling masses of jaws. If the Drazken shaman blast apart the ones with actual bodies, and Dulu likewise ginsu's the ones with definite forms, they're STILL technically going to be incapacitated, if not completely dead.

As such, I believe Lorgk should prioritize such:

Roiling mouth's foremost when applicable.
Then the ones with actual bodies.
Then the ones maimed by Keddic/Bang/Dulu/SHaman.
No. 210663 ID: d6ec33

Well, if we hadn't tried to Telekill, it might have worked. But oh well.

Orders: Dulu wipes up the remaining Yeti's and then goes to help killing the Deepspawn. Bang, BRING DOWN THE MINE! Keddic, HOWL INTO THE NIGHT! WE HAVE BEEN WRONGED, AND OUR VENGEANCE WAS TAKING FROM US!

And one last question, Keddic: Is it possible for you to attack with, well, white blood cells? And is it possible to subvert someone else's blood that you've killed with a lance of blood so you use less of your own blood?
And Keddic, your pyromancer skills. Where did you learn them, and can you use that to influence the WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON? Because if your blood can actually burn, it would be the a heart of The Harksburton Way.
No. 210664 ID: d6ec33

Oh, yes. Keddic, you should also hustle back to the tent holding Jojo and the injured to hold back any Yeti's - those bastards - that Dulu doesn't immediately wipe out and those oncoming deepspawn.

[And to everyone playing: Who wants to bet that the next time we see Yeti's they'll be honest-to-goodness good guys, and Bob is chuckling that we'll kill 'em all?]
No. 210721 ID: c623bb

Lorgk has my vote

cave-in tiiiime~

[we could always just avoid the yetis until we have someone in our party who is capable of those mind-rune-things that allow psychic connections or somesuch, then we would actually know for once]
No. 210757 ID: 716eb0

[nope. too late. Twice betrayed means never trust a yeti, no matter how compelling his arguments, how dire your need, or how potent your mind control.]
No. 210762 ID: d6ec33

[Bob, you are truly a great story teller. I just hope you don't kill anyone too important.]
No. 210764 ID: e31d52

[Besides, think of it this way: Guilt free souls~]
No. 210766 ID: d6ec33

Yeti souls? Well, yeah they're guilt free. I think anyone we have taken the soul of as guilt free. One of our friends and hero's dying? Yeah, I'd still guilt over that.
No. 210767 ID: c26c01

not really, hero souls don't get digested. i can only wonder at what powers bang or keddic would give if we ate them.
No. 210770 ID: 445c48

If we get there in time. Basically let's try not to die.
No. 210798 ID: e31d52


[In fact it's why we ate Ozmand, IIRC.]
No. 210833 ID: db91ed

I wouldn't guilt over 'we just eat Keddic', but more 'Keddic just died and we could have saved him!' guilt. And remember, with eating heroes we don't get all their powers and tricks, just one of them. If we eat Bang we might get his healing factor and if we eat Keddic we might improve our blood control. That would be about it.
No. 210839 ID: db91ed


Mordre's thoughts should not be left alone. It immediately starts planning on how to eat Mordre's best friends.
No. 210905 ID: a76809
File 127977363420.jpg - (22.11KB , 556x383 , The White Treasure.jpg )


[Two things: Not waking up before this possible event that has happened changes things, and monsters from the deep are not a great thing to have around when in a weakened state, still in the Dream. ....Translating for Author Ego, I forgot, but it thematically fits, so roll with it, Jojo is out, having a very special blend of nightmare, and how he handles it is directly related to how this outbreak is dealt with.]

[Strictly speaking, it wasn't a single potent attack, so much as some several hundred individual spells of different formats all woven into a single lump, under the hypothesis that perception plays into his power, so an attack that looks singular but is multitudinous in nature could prove effective at bypassing his defenses, and if not, it could flood him with so many attacks he can't reject them all.]

>White blood cell
[Couple things: White blood cells are only known of and discussed by those HIGHLY proficient in both Blood combat magic and healing magic, a rare combo, and Keddic's healing profficiency is nowhere near the level needed to identify this subtype of the general mass of Blood. As such, he wouldn't know how to find this, not without guidance. Then there is the issue of ratio between white blood cells and total blood mass. There just aren't enough white blood cells in his body for them to be usable exclusively for any scale function. However, if you could solve these issues, making Keddic aware of their existence, and getting him to somehow harvest a bunch of white blood cells and/or get his own blood hyper-infused with white blood cells some way, then some sort of white blood cell specific Blood combat magic could become possible, and because of this need for such exacting collective requirements, this would be a potentially new subset of blood combat magic, of high value. Like, 'breadth of knowledge lets total depth grow' translates to greater power, bringing Blood magic closer to Soul magic in potency and ability to resist Soul magic due to said potency.]


>Taking over blood.
Hmm...certainly, I did draw blood from the blood toga, and convert it to my use... but it was free of ownership, and partly mine from association and magical preservation by my own vestments, 'aged' blood, so to speak. Could I commandeer the blood of the freshly fallen? ...I think I just might, and the gains that could be made from that seem quite impressive to me. They also make me think of Mordre's apprentice Arkus... I swore I saw him working on diagrams, algorithms, designs and equations for some sort of Blood magic stuff, with some rather impressive compendium of runes, and a document detailing the human skull, and the breastbone. With him luckily gaining knowledge in the category, I suspect on order of Mordre, I would be a poor guest to not avail myself. I do believe I stumbled upon a gift Mordre had plotted and assigned as study to his student before the old man could spare time to help him... If I can work with Arkus soon enough, and covertly, I might be able to surprise the old fellow by turning his planned gift into a stand-up chance for me to help his apprentice really get a chance to shine, show some real stand-up mage work, solid quality, if I work with him on it. I do have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of Blood magic as a whole, as part of traditions past down the Harksburton line for generations: It could be put to use to paying back Mordre for all the fun I've had under his care, all these exciting events to get the blood boiling, not a hint of boredom, and even news on Aurockoth, to give me the drive to learn faster: I couldn't be happier, thought Thus far, I've only told Bang, as he seems to appreciate a good fight... if a bit overmuch, for my tastes.

So, some sort of skeletal runes that I could heal over with what little I've learned from bang {enough, for just a bit of skin, no more, as skull, tooth and breastbone runes would have... and I'd have some amplification/alterations of the most hardy sort, nearly impossible to negate for any length of time without constant attention... much like Bang displayed on his teeth, and confided his whole body is graced with. And look at what he has accomplished with Curatiomancy, the art of healing, with a solid bit of runing and just a scarf (and now one of Mordre's wondrous gifts, the blood toga, such a useful thing... though the cloak has held great interest to both of us, as we suspect it could be worn OVER a toga-and be even more potent to begin with! With that much room for blood to age while serving as a passive shield, one would be practically secure against all but the most outrageous corporeal attacks, much of their head likewise sheltered by a high, stiff collar, and look rather dashing, in my opinion. I shall have to ask after that-though I imagine Bang wants to use it just as bad, and has refrained only because it is not his. If I borrow it, I might have to work out some deal with him for using it.

>Setting Keddic blood on fire for some reason
[NO. He does not breath magically charged flame, he creates the conditions in his throat to create flame, converting the contents of the lungs into air-flammable gases, that when breathed out combust. He would at best just set his blood on fire mundanely, for no gain other than OW MY FUCKING BLOOD BURNED AWAY, and potentially greater losses, if used intravenously, from ABSURD pain and self-cauterizing wounds. Bad stuff.]

...This... this isn't good. We need some serious firepower here to stop this outbreak, and we need to seal up the breach as swiftly as possible. ...And I know someone who could serve most admirably in both of these endeavors.


I see a scarfed and blood-drenched from atop a mound of pulped and maimed yeti forms on the outskirts of the village turn to look at me quizzically-and look beyond to the horrors pouring out of the cave. ...And grin.


As I see Bang getting bogged down beneath a final desperate wave of yetis outside the town proper, I realize a more direct approach may be called for. As the tribals and yeti alike on either side of the cave entrance unlucky enough to be closest start to fight and ultimately die at the hands of these monsters (the shifting puddle of maws flowing over them, the muscled freaks sprouting new limbs upon command to simply crush and break anything they can reach, and the organic metal... or crystal forms getting crystals to float about their foes before laying a hand upon them and reducing them to ash), I see Dulu discarding the broken form of what once was a golem, and dashing forth with a speed I would have thought only Bang's direct leaps could reach, a thunderclap following in his wake... and the broken pieces of his foe fading into nothingness behind him. As Dulu rushes forth, I see Lorgk calling out to the tribals nearest him, forming a line as he unflinchingly rushes forth to meet these threats, largely ignoring the remaining yeti now as he works towards the more pressing threat. My own choice of action is simple: With the brief breather I was afforded by this recent series of events, I am recuperated enough I charge myself with magic and leap forth, bounding over the landscape towards the top of the open cave, and begin appraising it for some means of easy collapse, my own magical skills being geared more towards fighting softer targets than bedrock. How can I be most effective here? This thought occupies me as I witness Lorgk and Dulu alike colliding with the seething mass of monsters, devils from the deep.

.................................................PERSPECTIVE SHIFT:LORGK....................................................

I watch the glowing, fiercely hot and... surprisingly ravenous Dulu, festooned with swords with mouths filled with teeth of steel and a belly of fangs. He tears through nine, nine of the monsters, some five of the muscled freaks, and four of the metal/crystal ones, jaws working and worrying at flesh so swiftly the regeneration and apparent immortality cannot prevent their complete neutralization, unable to form fully enough to even act. With just his influence, the first wave has been nearly cut in two.

For my own part, I bound towards a pair of writhing masses of mouths already aggressing some of my tribesmen, pleased as I pass by a yeti falling beneath the teeth of another, trusting the one called Bang, soon arriving, to be able to supplement the capabilities of the Veteran warriors behind me. The tide must be both choked and thrown back, split forces are risky but ultimately could bring a quicker, easier victory, if we can keep up enough pressure. I see Keddic appraising the rock above the cave as well as the field, and while I hold some anger at him for what happened (if not as much as I feel at Mingsk and his compatriots), but the situation must be dealt with, all recognize this. At least the beasts are indiscriminate in their targeting, and their appearance and vicious assault are giving the remaining yetis, already beleaguered, pause: Further incentive for those that remain to flee-something I would allow, with so much already at danger, and their elder already fled.

My blade cleaves into the mass of mouths nearest my rushing form, and the beast writhes madly, a cacophony of agony escaping its many orifices. The two nearest it immediately shift attention to me and flow my way, including the other one aggressing the clan mates I rushed to the aid of. I stab and twist, hack and cut, slash and thrust a flurry of vicious, vivisecting blows, dealing the one I struck such a deadly series of blows it dies before it's companions can rush to it's aid, an act taking fully two seconds and some twenty rapid blows, as swiftly as I could move. My breathing is somewhat heavier, for a brief moment, as my iron constitution re-stabilizes, and I try to lead the other two swarming masses back, exposing their backs to my clan mates-

And realize I am backpedaling into one of the hyper-muscled ones bearing great fangs and horns alike, with hair like knives coating it's forearms. A trio of fists pull back, the beast at least thrice my size.

What should I do?
No. 210922 ID: e31d52

Wait until the last moment, then leap up onto its arm. Use that platform to decapitate it.

These things can be slain only by your blade, so let's make use of that. Go for killshots.
No. 210939 ID: 45be60

>as my iron constitution re-stabilizes
...still wanting a stat block for the dude we are controlling.
No. 210940 ID: a594b9

Backflip and bisect it.
No. 210941 ID: db91ed

Damn, I had one last statement to Keddic - I meant that if you impale your foe upon your blood, can you then use that blood to strengthen yourself? But the White Lion...Yes, this is good Keddic. This is good.


Lorgk, cut off it's hands. Then take off it's head. Your blade is strong enough, and your will iron.
No. 210945 ID: bb677b

Do not leap onto it's arms. Hair like knives, remember?

Slide between its legs and take them off at the knee as you pass.

I wonder if the ravenous mouths will bother eating their wounded? Hmm...something to consider.
No. 210947 ID: 445c48

>Jump on its arm!
>hair like knives coating it's forearms

This doesn't seem like a good idea.
No. 210949 ID: efb8a9

[That "...Interesting." worries me. Just sayin'.]
No. 210950 ID: 445c48

[inb4 Mordre killed all the premen and ate their souls]
No. 210952 ID: db91ed

Bob is good at worry. I just hope the EATEVERYTHING doesn't happen. Because I like the premen. We just can't idle too much and wonder how tasty Arkus might be.
No. 210962 ID: a594b9

[yeah it's almost like a Soul Grave wants to eat everything it possibly can. Gee, I wonder if some outside force is responsible for Mordre being different? Or, inside?]
No. 211043 ID: c623bb
File 127981522258.png - (2.13MB , 842x1157 , keddic3.png )

im gone for two days and this happens? noooo bad thoughts!!
well at least not having a computer gives time for other stuff

so we are back to Lorgk...

Maybe you can duck between its legs and cut in in half in the process?
No. 211139 ID: 81a9af

Hey, quick question Lorgk. Did you see Mordre and the wagon train of suitors coming up the mountain when you were out paroling?
No. 211144 ID: a76809
File 127985560287.jpg - (248.87KB , 1528x997 , Devilish Demon Duo Descends AKA The Double Ds.jpg )

[Ownership issues, if he needs magic to make taking the blood of the freshly dead his own, then he would need even more to take blood from the living. One thing at a time.]


I dash straight towards the massive beast looking to pummel me with arms like stone, rife with hair like knives, leaning back heavily, relying upon my flexibility and nimbleness to carry me under the meteoric blows swung my way-

And with a snicker-snack, my blade cleaves hands from two of the arms, the stumps spewing ichor in my wake, even as I drop down lower, letting my momentum slide me across the snow. Even as the beast above me begins to reel in pain, it lifts a leg to stomp me flat-

And my blade scythes out, lopping off the supporting leg at the ankle, as I slide past it's toppling form. As the monster scrabbles on the ground, I leap towards it's form, and with a single slice, severe its head from its neck, ending it's life save for the post-death twitching its body is wont to do. With two of the demons dead at my hands, I am drawing even more attention from those still alive-and more pour out of the tunnels. The pair of shifting masses, replete with maws and fangs aplenty, swarm over their fallen brethren and the monster I just slew without any regard, drawn to me, though whether in recognition of a threat or under some order, I could not say. Dulu is coated in half-cooked gore and innards, yet no matter how he slices those nine he renders immobile do not die, and I wonder if I can work my way over to him to slay those he stalled, even as I regretfully note the few monsters to have passed me by to slowly be pushing back the Drazken defensive line, their general immortality too great for even the talented veteran warriors behind me. They are dying, my clan mates, and I cannot spare a moment to help them, lest even more of these monsters pour forth to obliterate us all.

I dart forward, slashing into their flesh as swiftly as I can, before darting back out of their grasp-and almost stumbling into one of the metal and crystal monsters, who is already floating crystals about my form. As a hand reaches forth to touch me, a droning, whining heat building in the air around me, I amputate the offending limb as I once more dart away-

To note that beyond some ten more assorted demons the same as those already on the field, just two more have stepped forth from the caves. At their back, a mass of dozens more monsters wait, while the two simply step forward. Both are humanoid, one beige and crested with fangs and fringes all about his body, eyes like the heart of winter blazing as he glares at my form and Dulu’s alike, while the other, its body brightly colored and festooned with hundreds of tiny screaming heads turns to appraise Keddic above the cave, as well as the Drazken shaman, worriedly chanting as they build another spell, under my orders to do what they can to undo the harm they wrought-

And speaks

”¿ʇı ʎɐןs pןnoɥs sn ɟo ɥɔıɥʍ 'os ˙buıʇsǝɹǝʇuı ˙sʇuɐʌɹǝs ɹno ɟo ǝɯos uıɐןs sɐɥ ʇɐɥʇ ǝuo ǝɥʇ sı ʇɐɥʇ 'ǝɹǝɥʇ ǝuo ʇɐɥʇ”

˙˙˙sɹɐǝq ʇı uodɐǝʍ ǝɥʇ ʇnq ˙˙˙ʎɥʇɹoʍ ʎןɹɐןnɔıʇɹɐd ʞooן ʇou sǝop ʇı

¿ı pןnoɥs ɹo 'ʇı ʎɐןs noʎ ןןıʍ 'ןןǝʍ˙˙˙ ˙uoısɹnɔuı ǝɥʇ ɟo pǝuɹɐǝן ǝʍ uǝɥʍ 'sʇnoɔs ɹno ʍǝןs ʇɐɥʇ ǝuo ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ sı ssǝnb ʎɯ ˙ʇsǝɹǝʇuı ɹnoʎ ʞɐǝd ʇɥbıɯ ʇɐɥʇ ʇɥbnoɥʇ ı ˙pǝǝpuı

The two affix me with a gaze like that of a cruel child considering an insect, wondering how best to squash it-

As the beige one begins walking towards me, holding out an arm that abruptly blossoms with fangs until he almost looks to carry a fanged club, as the more brightly colored demon continues to look on.

While both are humanoid, each are as tall as Ugrokk, and nearly as wide as Oggroth: I doubt my strength could match theirs… and the fact they speak, and seem to hold some sort of sway over the other creatures worries me, even as I wonder if slaying them could bring this to a close.

What should I do?
No. 211150 ID: d3dfb8

Ideally we want to bye time for that puny human to come to our aid. Beyond being able to close the save fairly easily a should be able to keep about as many demons busy as Dulu. Hopefully once the cave is resealed they wont make attempts to open it. Then we will be able to wait for Mordre and he will fix all our problems.
No. 211154 ID: f4e4f9


Relay orders to Dulu, and through Dulu, to Keddic.

Both Dulu and Keddic are tailor made in their chosen fields of combat to overwhelm opponents through confusion and misdirection in their attacks. Use that to test this creature and the two of them may be able to force an opening with your help, and lay the finishing blow.
No. 211155 ID: c623bb
File 127985923080.png - (1.63MB , 907x1210 , scan0004.png )

is there a way to communicate with them? i wonder if they wpuld understand out language...

"halt! i ask of thee, why transgress against me and my tribe? what have we done to incure such violence?" or somesuch....

hopefully dulu will continue to assault the demons outside the mine, so we can focus on these two bad boys.
No. 211156 ID: 81a9af

Mhm. The time for talk has ended I feel - and I guess they yearn for our sword that has slain so many. If you feel you are too weak, Lorgk...maybe dying would be a suitable escape.

But if you are strong enough, wise enough, cunning enough, we could end both their lives. If they are bigger then you, you are smaller. So begin the battle where are wars at won - at the feet. Slice at the foes legs, remove his legs and he won't be able to move. Dance out of the way, towards Dulu. This Preman Blooded Man of Metal seems to handily be tearing this demons to shreds, so we should kill the nine he faces while Dulu helps us deal with this new threat.

No. 211157 ID: f4e4f9

SCRATCH THAT. Don't disturb Keddic, forgot he was working on the cave. Call out to Dulu to aggress the fanged one, instead.

Keep the one with the screaming faces' attention off of Keddic. Throw the arm you just amputated at it, perhaps.
No. 211158 ID: 81a9af

Actually...actually, I have something that sounds awesome but might just get our hero killed. I hope Bang decides to break these guy's faces first - if we kill 'em, we might not have to break the mine. Maybe.

Anyway, the idea is this: Lorgk, shake your head, pointing your sword to the one eyeballing Keddic. Traw your thumb across your neck and then point down to the ground in front of you. "No. Both of you." You will need large balls, as well as skill, bravery, and speed. Very, very, very large balls.
No. 211162 ID: a594b9

Incursion? Perhaps we can persuade these folks to make peace. We leave the mine alone, and they don't kill us.

In fact if we vacate the settlement, and move somewhere else (perhaps kill some FUCKING YETIS and take their land) maybe they'll kill Goran when he decides to come see what's going on.
No. 211170 ID: 2aaaf1

[I have a question, Logrk. Where the hell is Delro? Shouldn't he be over here helping you defend the damn clan? I get that he's the PEACE chieftain, but uh... you live in a mountain full of traitorous yeti, greedy servants of Goran, and FUCKING DEMONS- The ability to KICK ASS is a prerequisite for making sure shit stays peaceful.]

Time to pull out some ancient ass whoop! Draw your thumb across the blade and let it feed on your blood. Maybe your sword will recognize this ancient enemy and insight from your ancestors will be offered to combat these monsters? Regardless of what happens, move to engage the fanged demon, avoid the club at all costs. Instead, strike at the body and the other arm when you can, use your speed to keep it on the defensive while you launch barrages of sword stikes at undefended areas on the demon. You've got this Logrk, Mordre and Bang hit harder than these fools, show them that their "immortality" is but a cheap trick before the bloody blade of the Drazken.
No. 211174 ID: f4e4f9
File 127986420922.png - (1.41MB , 846x1045 , Fanglord_Dulu.png )

Hey, Glue, I have a question:

Is it just me, or is the hardest part of drawing dulu figuring out what the hell to do with his 8 arms?
No. 211229 ID: c623bb

[i just have problems drawing him in general, gaaaaah]
No. 211230 ID: 81a9af

Clearly Dulu must always be playing the accordion with one set of arms.
No. 211237 ID: d3dfb8

[Dulu shall be the BEST ONE MAN BAND]
No. 211307 ID: f4e4f9

Wait. I can't believe I forgot this...

Doesn't Keddic have the other Chained Twin of Gavrock?
No. 211368 ID: 445c48

That's right.
Also, didn't we ship up some handcannons to the premen before? Where are those? Those should help closing the cave.

Or making it bigger. I don't know what
No. 211383 ID: 81a9af

Yeah, wow. Why didn't we think of this?
No. 211399 ID: c623bb
File 12799391627.png - (1.14MB , 958x1150 , duluthemagicalmusicmeister.png )

he shall conquer the world with his amazing music skills!

closing the cave with these seems like a good option. also, do the premen have any lore on demons, and maybe ways to trap them or keep them at bay?
No. 211409 ID: d3dfb8

Dear god Glue, that is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Uploading that to the wiki.
No. 211411 ID: 81a9af

Eight eyed troll face so makes it.

Ahem. Yeah, constant cannon fire should make a cave in easier, and do some damage to the demons. Keddic should just aim down and fire that boulder sized round into the mouth.

God, why did we not think of this?
No. 211412 ID: a76809

[Peace chieftain is actually drawn from Maker population, and is a non-combatant, hence the ‘Peace’ part of their title.]


As I consider how best to approach this situation, an interesting event takes place. A momentous roar, one of outrage and pain, cascades across the battlefield-and is abruptly silenced. I turn to encompass its source in my gaze-

And see that Dulu has.... has killed one of the beasts. Despite the horrendous regeneration they have evidenced from all harm but that bestowed by my blade, he seems to have found a solution all his own: He simply... ate one. His molten metal maw festooning his chest tearing and gnawing away, melting, rending, burning and tearing away, and... gulping down his foe, until it was no more. He feasted upon it's form faster than it could regenerate, even while maintaining horrendous harm upon the eight he aggresses with his toothy cleavers. ...Truly, it is well I gained his oath to do no harm in our village... for I do not know if such a vicious and terrible foe could be repelled, were he to turn on us.

I am not the only one to have noticed his raw display of strength, and his proof that the incredible regenerative abilities of these monsters does indeed have a limit, if one pushes hard enough. As Dulu roars a challenge to the sky, another pair of monsters assaulting him and having their flesh seared on contact with his form, the fang and crest adorned monster with eyes of piercing periwinkle turns from approaching me, appraising Dulu much more closely, before calling back to his compatriot, the demon of the screaming faces still at the cave entrance.

” ¡ʇɥbıɟ oʇ ǝuıɯ sı ǝɹıɟ puɐ buɐɟ ɟo ɹǝʇsɐɯ ןɐʇǝɯ sıɥʇ 'pɹoʍs ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ ǝuo ǝɥʇ ǝʌɐɥ uɐɔ noʎ 'ɯnɹbɹop˙˙ ¿ʇɥbıǝ ɹǝɥʇouɐ uʍop buıʞɔoן ǝןıɥʍ 'sɹoıɹɹɐʍ ɹno ɟo ǝuo ǝʇɐ ǝɥ 'ǝɹoɯ uǝʌǝ ¿ǝɯ ǝʞıן ʇsnظ 'sbuɐɟ ɟo ɹǝʇsɐɯ sı puɐ 'ɥɔnoʇ ɐ ɥʇıʍ suɹnq ʇɐɥʇ ɹoıɹɹɐʍ ɐ ˙ǝpɐןq ןɐıɔǝds ǝןʇʇıן ʎʞuıp ǝɯos uɐɥʇ ǝɹoɯ ʇsǝɹǝʇuı ʎɯ sʞɐǝd ʇɐɥʇ ʍou”

The one of screaming faces turns from considering Keddic upon the top of the cave’s mouth, and nonchalantly shrugs at his compatriot, already stalking towards Dulu, sprouting a second club of spikes grown from his own flesh, the ridges on his body multiplying and lining his body with hundreds of vicious edges, as his eyes begin to emit a nearly solid baleful blue light, wafting in his wake.

”¿ɥo˙˙˙ ˙uǝɥʇ pɹoʍs ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ ǝuo ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝɹɐɔ ǝʞɐʇ ןן,ı ssǝnb ı ˙npɹoɥʞ ǝuo ʇɐɥʇ ɥʇıʍ unɟ ǝʌɐɥ ˙ǝuıɟ 'ǝuıɟ”

The shaman, under Mingsk’s guidance, send a blast of energy rocketing towards the demon of screaming faces, who raises a hand, and-

His hand morphs into a face, blossoms in size to a scale hundreds of times it’s original, and…. And eats the spell, snapping it out of the air and chewing on it hungrily as it subsides, shrinking and returning to the form of a hand.

” ˙ʇı oʇ ʇǝb pןnoɥs ı ǝsoddns ı 'ןןǝʍ˙˙˙˙ ˙ǝuo ʇɐɥʇ oʇ ɹoʌɐןɟ ǝɔıu ɐ”

After his display of gluttonous defense, the creature starts to lean forward, nearly falling over, before it kicks the ground, a staccato erupting from it’s legs-

And crosses the distance between us in the blink of an eye, a hand reaching for my face, another for my sword.

[Chained Twin of Gavrock and Hand-cannons remembered. Was wondering how long that would take.]

As the hand reaches for me, a trio of thunderclaps echo across the landscape, and the hand reaching for my face is flung aside, two spikes of metal lodged in its form, already being feasted on by the multitude of mouths adorning the demon’s form, even as the other hand closes about my blade-

And is drawn back with a hiss of sizzling flesh, the stink of cooked meat wafting through the air, my Sword burning at a touch. The demon’s face writhes in shock for a brief moment, as I see Keddic pulling a small device from his belt, and driving the Proud Lion’s blade behind a cluster of rocks as he braces himself. I hear the yowl of monsters to my right, and my peripheral vision reveals a pair of crystal and metal horrors charging me-

Before a red streak slams into them with enough force to drive the whole lot of them into the mountain-and on impact, I perceive the blur to be the scarf bearing human, a mad grin painting his face as he tears into the beasts, ignoring their regeneration-

As they in turn tear into him, wounds opening on their body when they strike his toga, and… clearly harming the human, but his body seems to heal as swiftly as theirs, if not swifter. ….Chieftain Mordre truly has found potent warriors to the south…

But none of this matters, in the face of a single thing: I have a foe before me, one swift enough to have moved some fifty feet with me barely noting it, momentarily distracted by the timely aid of several of my clan mates, finally mobilizing with the hand-cannons sent by Mordre earlier. My foe is within range of my sword, half again my height and at least four times my weight, and the hundreds of faces on his form wildly roll their eyes and gnash their teeth, drooling as if in anticipation of feasting on me.

What should I do?
[More in-depth plans will have higher chances of success.]
No. 211414 ID: a594b9

Alright. Immediately strike at his legs. Eliminate his ability to move at speed. He will strike at you in anger, so cut off the offending limb as you simultaneously dodge, moving around his form. Bring the blade back up, cutting his torso.

Keep moving, fighting defensively, countering all his attacks by slicing up whatever he tries to hit you with, then using that resulting opening to hit his legs or body. Don't ever take your feet off the ground; that makes your path predictable and this enemy won't go down easy.
No. 211415 ID: a594b9

That's not a trollface. That's an awesomeface.
No. 211418 ID: 81a9af

Do we get a late bonus for One-Dulu-Band?


"Defend the injured!" As good as killing these bastards = no more demons, we don't know if that would work, so calling for the Premen to use the Handcannons defensively is better then possibly wasting shots on our foe. Also, we want him to ourselves.

Twist the blade and push it forward to slice into the hand that touched the blade, cutting off the fingers and hand. Twist the sword again, horizontal to your body. Push up, slicing that arm in half. I do not think that you will be able to reach the shoulder without over extending yourself so twist the blade again while catching the falling half of the arm, grasping the bone. Push the blade down and forward into the gut of the thing, forcing the blade down as jagged as you can. Jab forward, slicing into one foot as you wrench the blade free, moving behind the monster. Use it's arm you claimed as a shield, raking it's mouthy flesh across itself.

"How do you like the flavor of that, Dorqrum?" You will spit at him, pressing the assault from the rear, slicing into the back of his legs, twisting and raking into the back of his knees and legs.

If possible, and I know this might be hard, lead him to the cavern opening.
No. 211420 ID: f4e4f9
File 127994266142.png - (681.22KB , 642x864 , keddic_annoyed.png )

The speed is something that needs to be fixed. Strength, toughness, even MAGIC EATING can be compensated for, but Speed is just a giant FUCK YOU in combat.

So take this opportunity, and remove a leg. If he tries to get a bite out of you, then recall what you did when Mordre engulfed you with flames? Shed whatever bit of clothing he gets a hold of.

[Included is image of Keddic post-catastrophe. Guess why he's upset.]
No. 211422 ID: e31d52

Man Lorgk is good at simply hewing off limbs.

It's either nothing or WHOOPS THERE GOES AN ARM
No. 211426 ID: 81a9af

Wow, it's later then I thought.
No. 211441 ID: 0a8e03

its possible the speed was powered by the shamens spell a bit like dulu.
No. 211531 ID: 445c48

Shouldn't that be triple Dulu bonus, or does it not count when he's a one man band?
No. 211548 ID: a76809

I act swiftly, my sword darting up and biting off the fingers of the hand that sizzled against its side, and as I see my foe reacting to this, I immediately reverse the blade, stepping forward and bringing it arcing through the nearest leg, a diagonal hewing straight through the knee. The faces screaming upon the severed leg spasm, vomiting a glowing substance, that tingles and surges with power as it splashes on my passing feet-the creature's blood seems to be solid magic, or so it feels to the touch... could such be possible?

As I dodge on by, refusing to stay still long enough for a counterstrike, I narrowly note some seven faces on my foes chest erupting forward, teeth gnashing at the air, diverted both by my deceiving move and the unbalancing influence of being deprived a limb... or so it seems, until the severed bone within the leg juts out, stabbing into the ground like a spike, it's edges growing subtle and serrated in turn. The leg-turned blade lands on the ground and immediately is brought back up, slashing at me even as mouths blossom forth. The gaping maws I manage to avoid, but the blade gouges my side, his lethal new appendage tearing through my midsection, before leaping back. Doggedly, I pursue them, and cleave through the leg bone again, surprising my foe by staying close so shortly after being wounded. With the fire in my side straining my breathing and dulling my arm as my lifeblood slowly drains onto the ground, agony threatening to break my concentration, I am gratified to find a second strike cleaves the leg bone cleanly off, and it's subsequent regeneration is significantly slimmer-and A chunk is taken from my left shoulder, as one of the more enterprising mouths from the remaining fully formed legs snatches a chunk of my flesh, adding a new level of torment I must push through to maintain true focus. I find myself wishing I had taken Mingsk up on his offer to instruct me in some of the ways of shamanism, and it's combat magic forms, relying only on my trained body and discipline to fight....

And my Sword. which slashes out, and catches a hand rising to point at me, even as another swath of skin is shredded from my torso, this time by a raking set of jaws I leap away from a scant bit late, as I watch the hand, on the same side as the twice-severed leg, become replaced with a stark bone claw, in place of a face covered, gnarled fist, the offending limb likewise spewing solidified magic from the mouths adorning it's surface. More of it splashes on me, this time on my chest and legs alike, more energy sizzling in contact with my flesh. I reflect on Mingsk's words, wondering if this power could be used. I would have to guess at it's form, in terms of what type of magical fuel it would qualify as (methinks blood, but I am unsure)... and from that, I would need to try to tap it, with a specific goal in mind, such as enforcing bones, restoring flesh, or speeding one's arm-Mingsk said that a strong enough will, enough determination can make combat magic simply work, so long as the target of the change remains ones own body.

My foe and I both dance back, opening space, both considering our wounds, and that of our foes.

My opponent is clearly favoring his right side, with a spindly thin bladed barb of bone serving as a peg-leg, and a vicious looking claw taking the place of a hand, the whole limbs presented with redoubled numbers of faces crowded about it's flesh, mouths writhing. My own form streams blood freely, from belly, from shoulder, from side alike, and I know this fight to be limited in scope, if I am to avoid passing to unwilling slumber due to loss of blood. My foe and I both appraise the battlefield, taking a moment to collect our wills again.

The scarf bearing man seems to be content to pound the monsters he tackled into the cliff side, burying all three of them under rubble that eventually grows still, before pulling himself free with a please look, dusting off the grit and stone clinging to his form, adjusting his much more torn clothes as he leaps straight onto one of the piles of shifting mouths, coming to the aid of the clan mates fighting alongside me.

The Yeti have finally fled, their numbers so grievously dwindled, and the threats in this camp so profuse, that despite their earlier advantage they are retreating. Many are cut down while they run by premen and monster alike, and I take some measure of satisfaction from their deaths and departure alike-though I very much hope I can destroy their leader, the one who ultimately lead to this cave being opened.

Keddic shouts some orders to the clan members bearing hand-cannons, before slapping his head and irking out some simple words. He requests them to shoot the cave entrance with him, holding up the tiny device in his hands. The warriors look to me questioningly, and seeing my occupied state, decide to follow Keddic's plan, lining up their weapons as Keddic swings his cannon into place, his eyes going distant as he focuses.

Dulu and the crested and fanged devil whirl about, Dulu still having his swords feast on demons at will, but their jaws clamped about the bodies, their lacerated forms now serving as impromptu clubs that he batters his foe with. For his part, the beige monster continues to skewer forms, able to sprout spikes or expand ridges at rapid speeds and perforating everything his clubs strike hundreds of times over: Dulu is forcing the monster to wound it's own comrades in it's defense, and is even still managing to avoid solid blows to its own form as it lets grievous injuries accumulate on the living weapons, their regeneration failing in the face of this combined abuse.

Mingsk looks to be preparing an invoking ritual, to empower an individual: I suspect the target to be myself, even as I note the few monsters unaccounted for as slowly chewing through the Drazken lines, shrugging off the wounds inflicted on them.

What should I do?
What magic do I suspect to power the essence splashed on my form (Word/World/Will/Blood/Soul), and what kind of body amplification or alteration would I try to turn it to, assuming my guess is right?
No. 211559 ID: f4e4f9

World. The creatures of the deep are related to Core Beings, World Nightmares. Such beings draw power from Leylines, are tied intrinsicly to the depths of planet you all stand upon.

It is World magic.

And what use to put it to? Speed. Speed the very essence of your warrior spirit. Speed to boost the recovery of your wounds, speed to magnify the swiftness of your strikes, speed to let you finish this and move to the aid of your people with the utmost haste. Your very blade boils the flesh of these fiends, makes them scream in agony. You need not inflict more harm in any single strike.
No. 211560 ID: a594b9

Considering the way these things speak, I'm going to guess Word. Use it to heal your wounds and armor your body so that you are harder to injure.
No. 211561 ID: d3dfb8

Keep an eye out for sneak attacks from his left side, if he is favoring his right he might be trying to lure you into a false sense of security then BAM SUCKERPUNCH.

About the magic, I'm going to let someone who is smarter than I figure it out [try not to just say what you think it is on a hunch, say why you think it might be that type and if you have no real arguments to add don't say anything]. If we do try to figure it out I vote for regeneration.
No. 211577 ID: 45be60
File 127995816017.png - (30.38KB , 744x1052 , a simple tool which will not be denied.png )

[This was supposed to go BEFORE the last update, but most of it still applies]
Your blade may be magical. It is certainly special. But it is not its strange material is made of, or it's origin story lost to the mists of time which give it the power to kill these beasts. It is the only thing on this mountain which can harm these things because it is an ancestral blade. It is a well know fact that the spirit of the warrior is absorbed by his weapon through long years of use. Whatever your sword was before, and it was certainly something unique to start with, it has, over countless generations, been imbued with the hues and tones of the spirit of each past wielder, just as your own body and soul have been shaped by all those same ancestors. Its power is fueled by the most potent magic there is: the very souls of the mighty. They have all wished for it to cut, to maim, to kill. And so it does, without regard to what stands in its way. A simple tool, but with the weight of generation upon generation of strong souls behind it, willing it to function as it should, in the face of armor and magic alike.

The trick is getting it where it belongs without losing the rest of you.

The beast's minions appear to be creatures of world magic, it seems likely that the masters are as well. That said, the blood of a creature embodying unrestrained world magic is probably a hybrid power source. (Bob's insistence on new and interesting font choices for every otherworldly character aside, Word is the LEAST likely option, as no words were spoken about, over, or near the magical monster blood.) Hampering his incredible speed was a good place to start, but you need more, to avoid another hit. Increase your reflexes and fight defensively, but with control.

Let him push you backward, think he is winning, while you move closer to Keddic. You have seen Keddic perform a power which these beasts have no knowledge of. Step back to Keddic's side, and say to him, simply, using words he will understand, "put him here." Hold your sword aloft, above Keddic's head, so that were the beast standing in the same place, your black ancestral blade would be buried inside it, burning the abomination's core to oblivion even as you rip it out the long way. Keddic should get the message, and then hopefully it will be so.
No. 211586 ID: a594b9

Well, if it's not Word, I would suggest that the other alternative is Soul. Your sword is infused with the ambition of everyone that wields it. That develops the strength of the soul... and so, it cuts the souls of those it strikes.
No. 211606 ID: 7f3ffd


I agree that this is world magic. These things came from the deep parts of the earth, and seem to be made of magic, or at least have it twisting through their form, suffusing themselves with it.

Reinforce yourself with rapid healing, like that of the creatures you fight, perhaps even faster.
No. 211609 ID: f4e4f9

actually...yeah, I'll echo this.
No. 211616 ID: 903f16

I'd wager this magic to be some sort of mixture between world and blood magics. It has all the qualities of blood aside from the actual composition, but it shares qualities with world due the strange nature of the creatures it's coming from. Of course if we're being bound to one of the main fuel types and no composites I'll toss my vote into world magic. If we happen to get this right I say go for regenerative magic to heal our wounds. Once we've done that tell Mingsk to redirect his spell towards Bang and in turn tell Bang to help the weakening Drakzen line.
No. 211629 ID: 445c48

So, your sword. It is imprinted with all those who have wielded it before. I wonder if you could draw on their strength in a more... direct way? Probably need magic training though this is just thinking aloud I should go to the discussion thread.
No. 212000 ID: c4f405

I go away for a few days and this happens....
I have so many things I want to comment on, but I'll just leave it be and simply say... this.
No. 212030 ID: e67080

Lorgk, you must look beyond just the essence that I agree that is mostly world magic.

You carry with yourself not just a weapon, but THE weapon of both your ancestors and your people. A blade that carries the intent, will, and possibly due to its task as a weapon the sheer soul of what drove those to fight in the past, and for you now as its current wielder. This is a fight for your clan, your people, everything this blade stands for... it has not failed them before, and it will not fail them now. Call to it, call to your ancestors, call the every drop of blood spilled, every bit of fear instilled at the sight of this blade, and know what you must do.

As for the magic, focus on regeneration of your body, followed by not somuch yourself, but see if you can infuse the power into your sword as a part of yourself. It has seen more war and experiance, it seems a prudent thing to trust.

As for what you must do, sizing up the opponent is fine, but you are more mortal than this thing seems to be. As such, you must make this a quick bout before you bleed too much.

Your advantage however is the sheer arrogance of this fighter. A man or creature that has never known fear due to sheer power and pride does not truely know how to fight, only how to bully and pressure. It is time to use this to your advantage. Although much faster than you, it is as ifyou are fighting but a young warrior. They may see all your movements, but if they cannot see how it works, they cannot defend. Strike directly and full frontally as a diversion, that is what this foe is used to. He will not fear that atack, however he will not expect the knowledge that comes from experience. Strike in as many forms that you know how, feint, sunder his most immediate weaponry, and then when he is now totally off guard, strike for a more harm inducing attack.

After this, although he may be faster than you, that does not imply necessarily a greater maneuverability. Change your stance after the swing to move towards his side instead of his front, strike again at this opening.

It is also risky, but also consider that if the maws are not so lethal as to be impermeable, this is likely an opponent who would not be used to extreme close quarters combat, where due to his size your swings can still be effective, but a traditional weapon does not work on a smaller opponent.
No. 212033 ID: 81a9af

Welcome back
No. 212036 ID: 2aaaf1

[You know a thought just hit me. What if Goran's heritage isn't just that of a Premen? This demon eats magic like Goran is attributed to, perhaps these demons are the source of Goran's immense power. Maybe he managed to best some of these monsters and imbibed their essence, and in doing so, became more that a simple Premen. Upon his bodily conversion to assimilate these demonic powers, he must have gained their immortality, and a hunger that rules his every action. Tl;dr- No Goran, you are the demons.]
No. 212068 ID: c4f405


Thanks. Nice to be back.
No. 212204 ID: a76809

I have been told my Sword does indeed have some powers to be called on, beyond it’s intrinsic durability and capability of bringing death to all forms of life, but that the how of bringing that power to be has been lost, dozens of generations ago. It has something to do with the Name of the sword, and without this information, without the true moniker, the core title of this blade, I cannot access any of its power, beyond that which suffuses it now. This is why I mounted the thirteen rubies on each flat of the blade, in the hopes that a magical amplifier would allow me to draw on some of that withheld power without it’s name being known, but such has not proven to be the case.

I turn my will-no, my Will, towards commanding the power that has splashed upon my form, presuming it to be World, and commanding it to grant me power, in the form of speed, and heightened regeneration. But the power reacts sluggishly, it’s effect muted, my wounds only barely writhing, my sense of time hardly impacted…. I feel that I may be largely right on the power source involved, but that I am missing something, to fully tap it. What could it be?

This thought occupies my mind as I see my foe take note of the incomplete combat magic I am attempting, and using his sheltered back leg, now a flimsy-looking spike, as something of a springboard, to leap forth towards me again, tapping out a staccato beat on the stone underfoot as the mouths on his front-facing side explode forth, gnashing their teeth. Whether it is due to losing the flesh of his leg, and having the bone within reduced to such a state, or it is due to my marginally enhanced senses from this ramshackle magic, I can now perceive my opponent moving towards me as a shifting, writhing blur, where before his sudden charge was beyond my perception. My Sword rises instinctively, cleaving through the most aggressive face approaching me, showering me with even more of this otherworldly blood, as I lunge to the side-

And am rewarded with a narrow slash to my forearm, testament to the simple fact that even though I have been enhanced somewhat, and my foe weakened, he still has greater speed, and more angles to attack from: I shall need more power to avoid taking such exchanges, and with my apparently limited regeneration, I do not think I could survive taking this fight into such a realm.

As I dance back, opening space as the monster spins about on his good leg, the bone spike carving a furrow in the stone as it rakes across its surface, a thought occurs to me: Could not the spattered, ethereal blood upon my form draw power from more than one source? Certainly, my thought there is World magic within it seems accurate, but something more seems to lurk there… and I suspect it to be Blood magic. With this new method of approaching the power festooning my flesh, I again try to command it-

And the world shifts. My side, my arm, my shoulder and my belly start to itch and writhe, muscles scrabbling to re-knit itself, blood vessels rejoining, flesh regenerating. Time slows further still, and the lashing claw hand that darts towards my face, bones lengthening and striving for my flesh, become easily dodged, my limber body flexing away from the blow, even as I bring my blade sweeping up above me, taking the offending arm off at the elbow, before the few faces orienting towards me can explode forth, and they likewise vomit forth that glowing energy that courses through these creature’s veins, a blend of World and Blood magic so dense it sizzles in the air.

I bring my blade leaping towards the monster’s head, springing forth in the hopes of ending this swiftly, knowing the external source I have commandeered to power my Combat magic is limited, already burning itself off of my form as I expend its power, but my foe again proves himself wary, faces festooning his remaining undamaged leg driving into the ground and propelling him away in a vicious leap. I am rewarded by severing another six faces from its form, their ichor likewise spilling on me, but nothing more, as the severed arm becomes a bone spike the same as his leg, as my foe lands on the ground some sixty feet away, mouths on his back exploding forth to bite and rend at some nearby clan mates, feasting on their forms in an instant. Flesh starts to flow back over the exposed bone of leg and arm alike, and three new faces emerge from his flesh-my foe seems capable of turning death into a power source… in a manner disturbingly similar to how Dulu is able to feast on magic.

On that note, my glance to the side reveals the eight monsters Dulu had transformed into fleshy clubs and directed at the beige monster he battles have been ripped to such pathetic states that the metal warrior has thrown them into the burning pit in his belly the same as the other, outright melting and feasting on their fallen forms to decisively end their lives with overwhelming bodily harm. With no buffer between his dancing cleavers, their metal jaws open wide, and his foe, Dulu’s strikes grow even swifter, and start to slip past his foes guard on occasion, unable to rend through the spikes or subtly edged crests, but flensing flesh all the same when able to avoid the hardier parts of his foe’s form. The fight is slowly turning his way.

Mingsk and the shaman throw a spell past my back, which slams into one of the remaining monsters outside the tunnels, it’s hyper-muscled form growing still, and coated in frost, as ice spreads from the snow beneath it’s feet upwards, locking it’s form in place. Beneath the ice I see it’s flesh turning gray, taking on the appearance of stone, as the whole mass starts to vibrate-and shatter, stone and ice alike falling to the ground in an explosion of released ichor, it’s glow rapidly fading. The Drazken shaman seem to have found a way to kill these things-but from their beleaguered state, the cost of such a spell is potent indeed: If more of these monsters leave the cave, either on their own or under the order of the pair Dulu and I fight, the shaman would not be able to handle them all. As it is, those remaining outside are slowly being bested, by shaman and scarfed human alike (his body now surrounded by floating iron spikes, likely part of whatever enhancement the shaman had been preparing for me, redirected into his form.

And lastly, A riotous crack of thunder echoes across the mountainside, snow shifting underfoot, as a massive orb of metal slams into the cave ceiling at the end of a chain at Keddic’s command, while he levers his blade with all his might, shouting out to the premen armed with Hand-cannons. Their supporting fire to the cave walls start a rumbling rampage of collapsing stone, and some half the cave entrance becomes sealed off-but there is still a passageway there, something Keddic and his supporting shooters are already looking to remedy.

Upon this calamitous maneuver, the fang and crest covered monster facing Dulu grits his teeth, and with a roar explodes, scything bone ridges and piercing spikes blossoming from his every surface, forcing Dulu back, his form now sporting several gouges and cuts despite it’s superheated metal state. But rather than pressing the advantage, the beige devil with eyes as cold as an icy grave sprints towards the cave opening. While he does so, my own foe’s body erupts in a tangle of screaming, writhing faces, that bury themselves into the ground, dozens of the mutated horrors burrowing into the mountainside, as my foe locks his gaze upon me.

What should I do?
And do I have any guesses as to what my Sword’s true Name could be?
No. 212208 ID: e31d52

>And do I have any guesses as to what my Sword’s true Name could be?

Coated in the blood of thousands of demons, forged by some of the first races, a sword that lives on death and drinks the lifeblood of those it bites...

Transending History, and the World...

Soul Edge.
No. 212211 ID: 81a9af

I almost wanna guess it's name is 'Sword', but I doubt that's right. If it's not, then cry out the linage of the sword. Each name would give the sword power and, if my guess is right, it's true name may be the names of every warrior to hold it, or Draz itself. So call! Lorgk-Gort-Dorn-Delarg-Mork-Kron-Garm-Gork-Broley-Dellack-Dirg-Leyrog-Draz!

Anyway, what is Bang doing?

I'm gonna say try to cut out those eyes while he's looking at you - but try to remember where those things burrowed into. We need to burn those out later.
"You have lost! The yeti that seek to control you have fled and will be cut down like dogs. Your immortal monsters are slain by magic, by sword, and by endless hunger. The tide turns, beast. Come end your life on my Sword!"

Someone give us a better description of how we're gonna kick it's ass too, I seem to be sucking at that.

It's good to have you. Maybe you can come up with some kind of badassery for Lorgk to use?
No. 212212 ID: 81a9af

It is a tale of swords and souls eternally retold!
No. 212215 ID: c4f405

Swords true name? I think Drazken or Draz would be appropriate seeing as the founders name was Draz and the clan itself is called Drazken. Also If you know the name of the founders mate, you could try that if she was super powerful.

Time to bust something no one would expect, mostly because it probably cant be done by normal folk.

Dash towards him in a wide zig-zag (more like a quick, loping run than a dash). Expect one of these things:
1)All those faces to erupt from the ground to try and eat you
2)Ripping huge boulders out of the mountainside to chuck at you
3)Some sort of initial speed enhancement from him(launching off, blah blah)
4)All your clansmen (and Keddic) to be raped by the attack in 1) rather than yourself

Here is the attack part. When you get in sword range make a big slash downwards, he is going to dodge that and likely try to counterattack. Allow your blade to slam into the ground from the first slah and then hop up on the handle. Then jump off, while still holding the handle and spincut!
No. 212217 ID: a594b9

The sword's name is Truth, I think. Soul Edge sounds likely too.
No. 212218 ID: e67080

All things considered, this sword is a weapon that breaks through seemingly any armor or foe. its the essence of a Weapon. I think its name would just basically be Weapon, or some variation thereof.
No. 212220 ID: 2aaaf1

Legacy of the Mountain-blooded
No. 212250 ID: f4e4f9

Dulu is fast: As fast or faster than Bang, right now. He is also an intelligent fighter. He knows what he must do. We'd have no hope of catching the Beige Devil. The foe before us must first be ended.

Beware strikes from the sub-surface. This creature feeds on damn-near anything, it looks like, and those faces could be eating their way, either to you...or to reopen a new entrance to the cave systems beneath you.

The Khordu is Dulu's to stop. Dorgrum is yours.
No. 212253 ID: f4e4f9

As to how to go about your attack:

Use your boosted speed to close the distance, again being wary of the ground. Leap if you must. He knows you're employing combat magic to boost your reflexes and regeneration...lets see if he's figured out how fast you're now capable of moving. Aim for a sweeping blow to his body, to maximise blood spray. A delicious coincidence, if ever there was one: He and his ilk attempt to feed on our people, and we, in turn, feed upon their own essence.
No. 212314 ID: e31d52

you mean Wepon?
No. 212315 ID: 1c8dc2

fighting is not my forte, but i have a tiny idea on the sword... it is a creation of many questions, but the thing we ARE certain of is its ability to slay, kill, end, etc, things that have life or something resembling such, so perhaps it is simply Death, or End. (or perhaps some other variation of these two, like Ender, Slayer, Flayer, Killer, etc. there are too many variations for me to feel comfortable just listing them all, as the first two are my favorite guesses.)
No. 212358 ID: 445c48

It's not one of those swords with a flowing inscription and gold hilt, I'm not sure the name would be anything too fancy. Something more... practical, workman-like.
No. 212389 ID: ee8200

Guys, remember, the sword possibly predates the Drazken clan. See >>205575

I lean towards Soul Edge, and the more simplistic names. For another guess to its name, perhaps... True Edge, or something similar?
No. 212408 ID: 445c48

Soul Calibur?
No. 212409 ID: a76809

I begin to dash forward, as my mind races… the sword I bear, it dates back as far back as the history of my clan does… as far back as the earliest legends, like that of Draz the destroyer, my earliest ancestor, it’s name must have something to do with him, and his desire to see the clan prosper, after his own passing…. But even beyond that, its name feels woven into its nature, as a final arbiter, an absolute pinnacle of the art of ending, of cleaving a life asunder…..

As these thoughts flow and swirl in my mind, I see the scarf bearing human, having been the recipient of Mingsk and the shaman’s magic boosting exultantly laughing, his body pieced dozens of times over by transparent crystals, blood madly boiling within, his veins raging and rippling across his flesh as his blows continue to impact and damage, well after his fist or foot leaves his foe… ah, this is the True Blow, an old spell of the Drazken clan shaman, madly setting blood wild in the body, infusing additional magic to its pulse so that attacks take on a time distorted existence: A strike that lasts just a fraction of a second now extends, impacts cascading torrentially for dozens of time they normally would… a single blow able to fell things normally untouchable….

And the name comes to me in a flash, named in the fashion of other relics of our clan, named after the only one I could imagine being its original owner…. True Edge, Legacy Of Draz!.

The name comes to mind and lips at the same time, a muttered afterthought even as I spring into motion-but the blade sings for me, a resonance like hundreds of whispers flooding through my body, as if ancestors wished to give me guidance of a more direct sort… and out of this reassuring babble, a lone, strident voice blares forth.

Best Dorgrum, kill the warrior of the deep, prove the strength of the surface walkers

And with these thoughts, these words, comes a sense of knowing, of knowledge gained without need to observe or analyze: My foe is an ancient warrior, as timeless as he is immortal, by the name of Dorgrum. The warrior Dulu faces, the beige one, is fleeing not to withdraw from the fight, but to prevent the cave from being resealed, and possesses the moniker Khordu. Memories of crossing blades with them twice in the past flit into my mind, the times hazy, but always on these ancestral grounds of the Drazken clan, once upon the mountain surface, and one more in the caves. No matter how grievously struck, how mortally wounded, they returned, they persisted, they survived…. But every time, the blade cut more deeply, stole away more power, denied them more of their essence…..

And this day, as I dash forward ever faster, I feel that today will be the day they are deprived of their very existence. Such is the will of the sword, the True Edge, Legacy of Draz, heart and soul of this clan, as the ground beneath me rumbles.

Howling faces erupt from the ground, gnashing teeth and slathering tongues questing for my flesh. One manages to close about my foot for the briefest instant, stripping away flesh and scouring bone, before I draw the now mangled limb out, and proceed on through the pain. Dozens erupt near me, and all save a spare few are cut down, spraying me with more of the glowing ichor that flows through the veins of my foe, redoubling my magical empowerment, my speed increasing, the alacrity of my regeneration amplifying, my foot regrowing with every pounding step.

As I approach my foe, still locked to the ground by the scores of extended fleshy tendrils, I hear another calamitous report from the cave’s vicinity, as several things happen at once. Dulu catches up to Khordu in a riotous rumble of tumbling bodies, blades, spikes and crests flashing in a whirling blaze, the devil prevented from ever reaching the cave entrance. Tendrils covered in faces explode at several points from the ground, claiming lives of premen warriors fighting to hold back the remaining monsters, as Keddic and the ten hand-cannon-touting Warriors once more barrage the Cliffside, a cacophonous cascade of rock rampaging over the remaining opening, sealing it off with a decided thud.

The results are immediate. The few monsters outside of the cave howl as their bodies begin to dissolve and degenerate, disintegrating into gooey puddles in seconds. Khordu, who had been turning his forced grapple with Dulu to his advantage, abruptly disengages and retreats, the spikes and crests on his body slowly starting to recede, as Dulu warily nurses a new collection of rents, tears and gouges to his heated metal form. My own foe, Dogrum, grimaces at my speedy approach, wrenching his arm free from the ground-

As a lone face on his body, just at his throat, sprouts forth, and begins to speak, in a tongue I understand, as his own throat moves in harmony.

I surrender. Please put away your sword. Let Khordu and I reside in a sealed area, and we shall negotiate on any subject you desire.
˙ǝɹısǝp noʎ ʇɔǝظqns ʎuɐ uo ǝʇɐıʇobǝu ןןɐɥs ǝʍ puɐ 'ɐǝɹɐ pǝןɐǝs ɐ uı ǝpısǝɹ ı puɐ npɹoɥʞ ʇǝן ˙pɹoʍs ɹnoʎ ʎɐʍɐ ʇnd ǝsɐǝןd ˙ɹǝpuǝɹɹns ı

The blade in my hand, now only bare feet away from my foe’s neck, starts to scream for blood, for finishing a foe already twice escaped… as my own thoughts turn to re-opening the mines, possibly re-gaining their use, and with them the greatest resource the Drazken clan has. A glance to Khordu and Dulu shows the beige demon likewise putting up his arms aas his spikes recede, Dulu warily looking from his foe to me, looking for how to handle this change of situation, the proper response for a Premen guest fighting in his host’s home. Again a single voice echoes above the others whispering since I realized the Name of True Edge, Legacy of Draz, commanding my obedience.

A potent pair of warriors stand before you! Slay them, complete what was begun, and prove your might!

What should I say or do?
[Vote on whether to take surrender and negotiate, or kill and sate voices of the sword]
[Should Perspective Shift be to Bang or Keddic next?]
No. 212413 ID: 33882a

If we don't kill them now, they'll probably return for our descendants. Besides, we've seen enough treachery today from a false surrender. End this.
No. 212414 ID: e31d52

Kill it. We were merciful with the Yeti in bringing them here, and look where it got us.

One other thing: Tell your sword that YOU are in fucking charge here.
No. 212416 ID: 445c48

You HAVE proven your might. You've hacked off bits of them, won the battle against both yeti and monster, closed the path through their reinforcements come by, etc etc. You've clearly won. Striking down a foe who has surrendered does not prove your might at all.

What would prove it is resisting the bloodlust, and negotiating, accepting their capitulation, winning back the mine, and finally dealing with these bastards on your terms.

I've no silver tongue, but I believe I've got the gist of my message across. Maybe someone else can refine this a bit more, but that's how I feel.

Also Bang because Bang is awesome and we need to talk wardrobe.
No. 212419 ID: 445c48

Oh, and remember the FUCKING YETIS THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS I HATE EVERY ONE OF THEM, Keep them heavily guarded in a secure location while you negotiate.
No. 212421 ID: 33882a

"You would raise your hands the moment that you risk death? Your ageless nature has been far too kind to you. It is time you learned what we all risk in combat. Don't you dare surrender."
No. 212422 ID: a594b9

The sword was made to end their lives. Of course it wants to kill them. HOWEVER, if you do, there's not much chance of reopening the mines; the demons will just keep swarming out again I imagine with nobody to tell them otherwise. Plus, negotiations may work here. These fellows have been VERY straightforward. Just fight fight kill kill, not tricky talking at all.

Let them surrender. Ask them what, exactly they are! Possibly offer to give them the opportunity to fight the Magic Eater, if they like fighting in general.
No. 212424 ID: f4e4f9


I concur. Dorgrum and Khordu, if what you say is true, have been attacking and attempting to bring harm to your people, to any of the surface-worlders, for generations. They cannot be trusted.

Mercy is for those worthy, deserving of it. That these two have evidently been repelled before, yet still chose to make war, to bring harm to your people in the now, evidences their nature. Whats more, they tell YOU, the victor, to put away your weapons? Stinks of TRAP. Don't do that.


You do not obey the whims of a weapon, no matter how treasured. It must be demonstrated that YOU are the master, here, or it sets an ill precedent. True Edge may bear the wills of past Drazken leaders...but YOU, Lorgk, are the leader of the now. It is YOUR will, not the blades, that dictates the future of the Drazken. THAT, in itself, is a form of strength altogether.

So, before you decide to finish them, bear these thoughts to your blade:

"What might is there in rending apart a foe already beaten? What glory, what future for my people? Do you have no wisdom to impart in this matter, only a desire to kill?"

To Dorgrum and Khordu:

"You have killed my people. You have ravaged my clan in the past, not just now. You haunt us for generations. And now, with my blade at your throat, you dare to TELL ME to disarm, to show mercy in the face of ATROCITY?"

Rest your blade just above his neck, just shy of cleaving off his head, and utter:

"Oh, speak quickly, Dorgrum of the Deep. Tell me why I should give you the chance, or how you even THINK I could trust that which you say. My blade screams to me to end you at last...

...and I thus far find little reason not to."

ALl the while BE ALERT TO THE STATE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. I don't want him trying to attack us, or Khordu trying something to open the cave (assuming he even can), and I sure as hell don't want to let our magic blood fuel wear off.
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Remember, we are the dominant ones right now. We set the pace of negotiations, not them. We dictate the terms, not them. We're in charge. They're begging for their lives.