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File 127793044464.png - (105.35KB , 512x512 , intro5.png )
201444 No. 201444 ID: c3735a

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No. 201446 ID: c3735a
File 127793050313.png - (101.85KB , 512x512 , 156.png )

Shit shit shit.
By holy spirits, that was way too close.
No. 201447 ID: c2c011

Running for your life from an evil superscientist and his friends? I would suggest you leave whatever you stole behind and run faster. But since you're not going to leave it just run faster, alot faster. Or hide better.
No. 201451 ID: 813e57

oh hi.
No. 201454 ID: d6cb21

So you got out. Good for you. You know what else?

No. 201458 ID: c3735a
File 127793152563.png - (100.74KB , 512x512 , 157.png )

What are you talking about? We just got in!
I am no thief! Please don't accuse me like that honored Holy Spirits.
No. 201459 ID: 6a5a08

Who might you be? A Hero? Darn.
No. 201481 ID: 030624

Where are we.Who are you.And the hell are you ranig from?
No. 201484 ID: 6a5a08

They appear to be... a half-undead and a cowboy?
No. 201485 ID: c4c313

OK looks like you're in his tower. Its weakness is actually at the lowest level. Something called a "Void engine". If you can break it you'll likely destroy him and his tower. The golems that took out the rest of your party are well armed, but autonomous. They probably aren't as smart at strategizing as he is. Plus they were a last minute deal so they're probably duct taped together.
No. 201488 ID: 6a5a08

Traitor. Have you no sense of loyalty?
No. 201491 ID: c3735a
File 127793414342.png - (91.06KB , 512x512 , 158.png )

What tower? We succesfully got into his fortress where he keeps his flying things like that giant metal mantaray!
Hero? Me? I am not sure about it. But my friends are heroes, atleast that I what I think. The old man is very exprienced, and that chick ain't bad either.
No. 201492 ID: 25c9bc

[are you even sure we are the same set of voices?]
No. 201496 ID: 6a5a08

[We got disconnected form Tory, Mr. Ordinary Guy McNot-Hero Heroton summoning us through time and space with the words "holy spirits" is a logical explanation in my books.]

Alright, guess we have to help you Mr. Guy.... But first, explain the current situation please.
No. 201508 ID: c2c011

Did you have any soldit plan of attack or was it just the good old "Try to burst in and save the day!" approach?

Because this doesn't really seem all that thought out.
No. 201513 ID: c3735a
File 12779353194.png - (198.20KB , 512x512 , 159.png )

Two months ago, owner of this fortress attacked our capital with a giant, flying metallic mantaray. It was disasterous. City burned down almost completely. Half of the population died. Almost all of the royal family died. The army is crippled by attack, so they haven't organized attack yet! It is unknown why he attacked.

And yeah, we do have a plan! He threatened to attack again, so we decided to sneak in, destroy his weaponry and kill him! So, we sneaked in. We almost got noticed by his metal golems that patrol the outside areas.
No. 201515 ID: 6a5a08

He attacked because your jerk Hero friends killed his dragon. D:

Anyway, his robots self-destruct at the sound of Beethoven's 5th symphony. Gather an entire party of Bards and you should be fine.
No. 201516 ID: b79cb0

if you could not beat the golems he commands, what makes you so sure you can best the man himself?
No. 201525 ID: c2c011

Oh that little thing. How many did he get? 25000? Or did he manage to get up to 50000?

Anyway, you're in pretty deep shit right now. Unless you either got some heavy explosives or some magical stuff with you, you don't really have a very big chance on damaging his equipment.
No. 201527 ID: a594b9

Okay, where can you go from here? Give us an idea of your surroundings.
No. 201541 ID: c3735a
File 127793929353.png - (188.73KB , 512x512 , 160.png )

70000. It was a large city.
The hole next to us takes us to balcony. From there we might be able to sneak to down and get inside the mantaray.
We do have explosives, and the chick knows some black arts. Scary stuff.
No. 201545 ID: d6b892

sounds like a plan. make sure you stay out of site, all golems are linked to eachother. so if one sees you they will ALL know.
No. 201547 ID: c4c313
File 127794121274.png - (559.38KB , 640x400 , manta.png )




Knowledge on his manta ray is not forthcoming, but we do have this diagram. The two barrels on each side fire metal cannisters of gunpowder, highly explosive. Whatever engines it uses, destroying the outtake vents on the back would prevent them from breathing, which will prevent it from flying. The fuel it consumes to fly will be highly explosive as well, but possibly shielded by thick armor. Beware however, for if you destroy his mega manta, he will no doubt know that you are in his tower. And his vengeance is both swift and effective.

One more warning, beware the owner's allies. It seems you took care of the dragon already, but besides his own creations, the owner is allied with a powerful necromancer whose eyes are obscured by mask and a multitude of glass lenses. He was also formerly allied with a group called "New Soviet Union" who made his weapons much more powerful. A suitcase he had from them burned down an entire town, after which the necromancer stole any bodies left.

Also beware an ogre, not exactly his ally, but a vicious monster to whomever encounters her, will tear you limb from limb as soon as look at you. The owner has an amazing ability to annoy her though, so if you get him between you and her, she'll likely pause to dismember him long enough for you to make yourself scarce.

Finally there is an organist who... we're really not sure what he does. Plays musical accompaniment I guess. He likes Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor.
No. 201785 ID: 4ffd67
File 12779964338.png - (92.01KB , 512x512 , 162.png )

It is huge! Getting down might be hard. I have rope which we could use to climb down from the bridge.

Then there is a door ahead, which we could use, but I am not sure about security past that.
I can see two golems patrolling around the mantaray, but they do not seem to notice us.
No. 201788 ID: c2c011

You want to stay out of sight from the golems. They're linked together, what one sees or knows will soon be known to everyone of them.

Your best bet is probably to use the rope to get down inside the golems patrol perimitter, set the bombs and then climb back out again before they blow.
No. 201812 ID: 732129

What's your name anyway, youngster?
No. 201816 ID: 5f7279

remember: Not all is as it seems.

This may be a man who has found out that the royal family is the cause of the apocalypse or something

Or he could just be a standard baddie

Remember to stay on your toes and continually stay alert. Learn as much as you can. And it is likely better to capture this man alive...
No. 201854 ID: 76768e
File 127801875812.png - (77.93KB , 512x512 , 163.png )

My name is Tzlerr from Hiowedo-family. She is Werat from Fediesig-family. And the old dude is
Barton Cordell Middleton. What a mouthful of a name.
>"Are you going down or do I have to kick you down?"
She is not very friendly.
No. 201856 ID: 76768e
File 12780188568.png - (18.38KB , 512x512 , 164.png )

I think we are going to make it.
Anyway, it seems that this beast has way too thick armour for explosives have to any effect from outside.
We probably
No. 201858 ID: 76768e
File 127801890681.png - (25.91KB , 512x512 , 165.png )

No. 201860 ID: 527951

oh crap.... get ready to fight.
[i think this is the cyborg guy we designed]
No. 201861 ID: c4c313


CRAP IT'S THE FUZZ! I mean... the evil minion! You might be able to fool it. Say that you're official awesome bomber cleaning crew. Master Tory has ordered you make his bomber sparkling clean inside and out and you wouldn't want to disobey Master Tory's orders, now would you?
No. 201862 ID: c4c313

If it is the cyborg guy we're cool because only the golems are linked together. The man you seek would never trust him enough to let him into his communication network. Plus the guy would probably be singing loudly over the com all the time. You need to attack his cyborg weakpoint, the one place that Master Tory could not bring himself to augment.
No. 201863 ID: 6a5a08

Watch out, Tory may or may not have given him a laser targeted chaingun.

Also you're screwed unless you have some sort of magic or RPG.
No. 201875 ID: c2c011

Your best bet here is probably lie credibly like a bastard while the chick gets some magic ready. Because this fucker is going to be tough as fucking hell otherwise.
No. 201915 ID: 76768e
File 127803003467.png - (98.81KB , 512x512 , 166.png )

"Eh! We are here to clean! Master Tori's orders you see."
>"Where is your cleaning-equipment then?! You bitches are here to sabotage his grand work!"
"We are not!"
>"Yes you are!"

Well, that does not take us anywhere. He seems to be ready to attack any second now.
No. 201916 ID: 660111

you need to attack first then, looks like you aren't talking your way out of this. only other option is surrender, don't think you would do that.
No. 201939 ID: c4c313

No. 201941 ID: d3dfb8

No. 201943 ID: f21281

No. 201944 ID: 6a5a08

No. 201947 ID: 5f7279

... or is it... I don't remember...
No. 201971 ID: 5a2e05

Let's not risk it! No going for his nads!
No. 202034 ID: 732129


Say this, exactly: "We're trying out a new cleaning thing the Master made. It's tiny, but he says it will either clean the entire bomber, or make our genitals fall off, which is why he didn't want to try it himself. You better put a couple of walls between you and us, if you don't want to risk it. For us, this is a chance at a pardon from the Master!"
No. 202159 ID: c2c011

Shoot him in the nonmetal part of his face! And hope to god the chick has her magic ready to go.
No. 202166 ID: 9d46d6
File 127807265436.png - (79.96KB , 512x512 , 167.png )

>"I will not fail Master Tory! I will dispatch these intruders at once!"
No. 202167 ID: 9d46d6
File 127807268684.png - (13.57KB , 512x512 , 168.png )

That worked well.
No. 202168 ID: c2c011

He didn't wear a cup or something? Damn he was a fucking retard.

Well lets get on with it, get inside the metal manta and place your bombs, light the fuse and then get the fuck out of there.
No. 202181 ID: 732129


Maybe he went with the double dick option?
No. 202211 ID: 5a2e05

Well, it's not a drill.
No. 202236 ID: 64e437
File 12780976249.png - (34.08KB , 512x512 , 169.png )

>"Hey HEY! I haave noot dealt you with yeet!"
Barton will deal with him, we will go to set the explosives.
>"Seriously Tzlerr, first thing you do is kick his dick. What has possessed you to do so?"
Blah blah blah, Werat complains. Typical of her.
So, it seems that we cannot access the mantaray from up here. If we drop down, golems might notice us.
No. 202238 ID: 7324e7

watch their patrol path a bit and drop down right behind one
No. 202322 ID: c4c313

We are holy spirits, not to be questioned in our wisdom! Anyway it worked, didn't it?
No. 202339 ID: 732129


Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ah hahahahahaa...
No. 202419 ID: 67c611

Ok, ok time to form a strategy. I need to know what you guys are.

A. 3 man suicide run to do as much damage as possible.
B. 3 man assassination team to kill evil genius.
C. 3 man advance strike force to disable as much stuff as possible before a larger force attacks.
D. 3 man delaying action to buy time for army to recover.

Please tell me it isn't "A".
No. 202633 ID: 732129

Hey I have a question. Why aren't you stealing the manta ray instead of blowing it up? Tory will be able to build another if you give him time, but if you steal the manta ray, your researchers will be able to discover its secrets!
No. 202640 ID: 3ff6f1
File 12781638332.png - (58.67KB , 512x512 , 170.png )

Well, little bit of A, mostly C and D and probably B too.

Great idea!
But we still have to get in...

>"Any good plans? Don't say that we should just rush in, idiot. Remember what happened when we did than in Bal'Ijoh."
No. 202642 ID: c2c011

You're probably gonna have to go beneath it or try to blow your way into the cockpit. But that would set off alarms. Best bet is probably try to find the entry on the underside.
No. 202643 ID: 6a5a08

but a hole in the top and fast rope in like Elite Rainbow Six Anti-Terrorists.
No. 202649 ID: 67c611

If you are stalling you don't have to destroy the Manta, you only have to cripple it so it can't be used for a while. I suggest putting any explosives in the engine exhausts or outlets. That will make it impossible to use for a good while and be much easier than destroying it entirely.

Did you see anything else on the way here that might be a good target?
No. 202653 ID: 732129

If stealing it is the goal, you will need to get inside. There should be access hatches near the front of the manta.
No. 202704 ID: 138fcc
File 127818691064.png - (35.28KB , 512x512 , 171.png )

Well. There are no golems in sight. And for other targets, I don't know. There is large stuff, some stuff that hasn't been completed ( from what I can see. They just look unfinished ). There a large metal cylinder saying "NAPALM" near.
No. 202705 ID: 138fcc
File 127818710574.png - (56.02KB , 512x512 , 172.png )

Ah, I found some kind of a hatch.
No. 202709 ID: f8a708

you have any way to break open a door? it looks locked.
No. 202712 ID: 732129


NAPALM is a sticky, viscous goo that burns at high temperatures.


He put a code lock on the hatch. Get some fine powder from your powder horn and blow it on the buttons. The ones that the powder sticks to are the ones that are involved in the code.
No. 202745 ID: 138fcc
File 12781936759.png - (88.07KB , 512x512 , 173.png )

I knew I had use for this stuff!

It only sticks on "1" and "ENTER". This will be ea
>"Hey shitface, a golem is coming! Hide!"
Oh shit.
No. 202746 ID: 138fcc
File 127819386135.png - (90.84KB , 512x512 , 174.png )


Well. It seems that we went unnoticed. Heh.
No. 202748 ID: f8a708

it didn't see you but since the napalm wasn't where it was supposed be their look out lvl has gone up.
No. 202784 ID: 732129

All 1's for the code then. That's pretty sloppy of Tory, but not unexpected. He does tend to be lax about little things like that.

Since he had the munitions in the hanger bay, including the napalm cans, I'd say they were getting ready to sortie again. The manta ray could be ready to go, or it could need to be fueled up before it is ready to go anywhere. We'll be able to tell once we're in the control station, the cockpit, of the manta.
No. 203024 ID: 29a826
File 12782449997.png - (171.22KB , 512x512 , 175.png )


We are in. There is nobody inside. This place just feels rushed and unfinished. So, what now?
No. 203025 ID: c2c011

Open the WC door and take a dump there. You're possibly going into combat soon and then it's good to have empty bowels and an empty bladder. I mean gutwounds where you get shit into the stomach cavity leads to very nasty death.

But if that's not for you then place a small charge in the exposed gears then head on to the door down the corridor and see what's behind it.
No. 203199 ID: 00fa58
File 127827238080.png - (185.17KB , 512x512 , 176.png )

How the hell do you use this thing? This button makes water come down the hole and...
Oh. I get it now.

Also, there are shitty jokes written on wall.
No. 203201 ID: 00fa58
File 127827250863.png - (46.35KB , 512x512 , 177.png )

I would rather place the charge somewhere else. I cannot detonate them one by one.

We opened the door and came here. I have no idea what is purpose of this room.
No. 203202 ID: c2c011

Well of course there are shitty jokes on the wall, it's a place where you shit after all.

Ok, enough with enjoying the luxuries of your enemy. Time to set some bombs. Start with exposed moving parts.
No. 203203 ID: 6a5a08

Right "Sister of LAMER sukz and cant get me caus im an evil overlord now- luv Tory" on the wall. Trust me here, it'll help your cause.
No. 203204 ID: c2c011

Looks like it might be a munitions storage. Check out what that thing next to the number 1 tube is.
No. 203234 ID: 6c667f

actually, best place would be the bomb bay. find the room where it keeps the things it dropped on the town.
No. 203236 ID: 4531bc

Write write right.
No. 203238 ID: 2a8081

Break the tubes and move on.
No. 203242 ID: 00fa58
File 127828078685.png - (54.85KB , 512x512 , 178.png )

I cannot break them, they are made out of some kind of metal.

This room seems to be something important. This large thing is suspended in air.
No. 203243 ID: 6c667f

that really does look important. cover it in bombs.
No. 203244 ID: c4c313

Important for washing clothes maybe. Why would you put bombs on a souped up washboard?
No. 203245 ID: c2c011

Seems like a promising spot. Set some bombs.
No. 203593 ID: 432539
File 127833078689.png - (64.04KB , 512x512 , 180.png )

I put the bombs on it. I have no idea what it is, but it must be important if you say so. I took very long fuse ( two minutes ).

So, what now?
No. 203597 ID: 732129


Since you're not stealing the manta, you should get out before that bomb blows.
No. 203615 ID: c2c011

Light the fuse, drop a few more bombs randomly along the way with lit fuses and get the fuck out of there.
No. 203654 ID: 5e31f9
File 127834864292.png - (31.52KB , 512x512 , 181.png )

The hull of the mantaray should protect us from the explosion. It also seems that Barton has already dealt with the guy.

So, we still will hide behind some crates and metal plates to protect ourselves from the blast.
No. 203656 ID: 5e31f9
File 127834867038.png - (15.81KB , 512x512 , 182.png )

Well, it went more better than I expe
No. 203657 ID: 5e31f9
File 127834871448.png - (28.15KB , 512x512 , 183.png )

No. 203659 ID: 1e9d01

Well, there goes the manta. It should be a bit more fun now to conquer these miserable fools.

We can't let it be THAT easy for Tory now can we?
No. 203662 ID: c2c011

Huh, guess that thing must have been the napalm bomb storage or something then. Did you survive only horribly burnt now? If that's the case we happen to know someone that could patch you up. Price might be a bit too steep for you though.
No. 203663 ID: 6a5a08

Survive the burning inferno and be saved by the very ones you looked to destroy.

Become the mighty Dark Hater, a mutant cyborg seeking revenge on those who sent you on a suicide minion.
No. 203669 ID: 5e31f9
File 127835152512.png - (92.39KB , 512x512 , 184.png )


I am still alive. It hurts so much...
The whole place is in flames.
No. 203670 ID: 1e9d01

We told you to get away from there. Why didn't you think that planting a bomb on a bigger bomb wouldn't cause a huge explosion?

Well regardless you're kinda fucked now. See if anyone else survived and maybe you guys can still escape.
No. 203671 ID: c2c011

Napalm kind of does that, clings to your skin and just keeps on burning. But you took out the metalmanta and went out like big god damn heroes. So good for you.

If you still feel like having a chance at survival I would suggest making your way out of the burning areas. If you're lucky you will get out from this with only horrible burns that are likely to leave you crippled for live, if the infection doesn't kill you. So, make your escape and think happy thoughts.
No. 203676 ID: 6a5a08

And you could always betray Tory later.
No. 203680 ID: 732129


Tory won't forgive them. He is in no way benevolent.

Here is what you need to do. There is a doctor who lives with Tory, who has a magic potion that will heal you in three hours. It is green, and he uses syringes to inject it into the body.

You need to steal that potion and use it, and then find a place to hide while you heal. It will make you hungry, so you may need to steal food and water too.

Once you're healthy, we'll figure out a way to get you out of here. Can you do that?
No. 203687 ID: 5e31f9
File 127835613144.png - (91.64KB , 512x512 , 185.png )

I am... Fine. I am not dying. I am luckily not completely in flames. It just

>"Hey shitface, are you alright? I warned you about the backbag. You were too late to get behind my barrier... "

She is safe and healthy I guess. It seems that I had worst injuries.
No. 203689 ID: 1e9d01

Ah, she's a necromancer? Wait, are you guys evil?
No. 203691 ID: c4c313

Exclaim in a very high and panicked voice that you are most certainly not alright.

Look on the bright side. At least you didn't rely on the suffering of lost souls bound in cruel tormented servitude to yourself to protect you from the blast. Oh wait, that's kind of what we are... never mind!
No. 203692 ID: 6a5a08

I just realized how similar you are to Tory's group.
Tory = You: You were carrying and obviously knew how to operate the bomb, so I'm assuming you are an engineer, similar to Tory's building robotic minions.

Sister of Pain = Werat: Hates your guts, obviously know magic of some sort. Dark kind from the look of her barrier.

Doc = Barton: Mysterious guy whose face is never seen, but who is obviously powerful, being capable of defeating strong foes off screen.

Organist = ???: Obvious solution to this: You must have your mage revive Keyboard Cat into your party.
No. 203747 ID: c2c011

Ask her to help you get up so you can make good on your escape. This place will likely be crawling with enemies soon. And you don't want to get captured.
No. 203764 ID: c2c011

There should be several ways out. If nothing else you did just blow a hole in the mountainside.

Other than that you can just look around for any place with a sign that says "EXIT" or really anything. Any door that leads away from the burning room is a good door.
No. 203766 ID: 6a5a08

Walk out the giant gaping hole made by the explosion.
If there isn't one, wander around stealthily and hope you find an elevator.
No. 203767 ID: 699c5b
File 127836940991.png - (104.02KB , 512x512 , 186.png )

No, we are not evil. I am not sure about her, but our intentions are good.

"I'm not al.. righ... t!"
>"Shitface, you look really shitty. We probably have to get out now. I hope you won't die before we can get some professional help."
>"Yes, they will be here soon. I am pretty sure they will send someone stronger than that man wearing metallic armor was."

So... Out? I don't know the way.
No. 203769 ID: 0cbecb

from the looks of it you made a way out.
No. 203772 ID: 699c5b
File 12783706176.png - (53.72KB , 512x512 , 187.png )

After we bandaged his wounds, boy fell unconscious.
It should not be hard to get out. There is a massive gaping hole in the mountain.

Hmmm..? What is that?
No. 203776 ID: 699c5b
File 127837076549.png - (17.41KB , 512x512 , 188.png )

"S T O P"

No. 203777 ID: 732129


Hey I know that face! That's Tory! Tell him the orb guys say hello!
No. 203780 ID: 6f717f

[we are not the orb, we are supposed to be some other group of voices]

look around, do you see any golems around? if not then you can probably just rush past him. if you do then better stop or he may use them on you.
No. 203786 ID: 699c5b
File 127837245858.png - (17.69KB , 512x512 , 189.png )

"Now, tonight's venture into the world of tomorrow, a most unusual story about "A Lo --- I S E E that YOU have destroyed some of M Y propertY. What a waste. So much planning and building, WASTED!--- eep bothering me when I am trying to make world MORE awesome with power of SCIENCE! It M I G H T have --- Well. I hate you for what you did. Now that you -Hey, please turn the tape now."

No. 203793 ID: 6a5a08

Tory... you recorded this speech about your destroyed megamanta on tape... before it was destroyed? What does that say about your confidence?
No. 203795 ID: 8d4eef

... i think it's a golem dressed up to look like a person. get some light on it.
No. 203800 ID: c2c011

Oh crap, that's probably some horrible boobytrapped golem. Shoot it now before it can get any closer!
No. 203802 ID: 699c5b
File 127837598848.png - (44.96KB , 512x512 , 190.png )

>"::please wait::"

>"H E L L O. My n a m e is Tory's Double Mark 01, also known as model TD-01. I HAVE been a s s i g n e d to distract you and terminate all living from area."

No. 203803 ID: c2c011

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. Run like fucking hell while shooting the head.
No. 203805 ID: 699c5b
File 127837612189.png - (34.16KB , 512x512 , 191_withtext.png )


No. 203806 ID: 713d7f

oh man, it has a gun in it's face. you had better be able to fight it as a group.
No. 203821 ID: 1e9d01

What kind of abilities do you guys have? Tell us, so we can better assist you!
No. 203836 ID: c4c313

255 lvl we are so boned
No. 203837 ID: 6a5a08

Have one of you sacrifice themselves heroically. He'll gain exp and level up to Level 0.
No. 203843 ID: c4c313



...that's brilliant

No seriously, Tory would never leave a level counter lower than the highest it could possibly go because of his ego. So something in the robot's programming really is set to 255, and it has to be in a single byte otherwise Tory would have bumped it up to 65535 or 4294967295. If you can get that byte to increment, then the robot should self destruct itself back down to 0!
No. 203845 ID: 620bfb

That's just crazy enough to work. Or to get you killed. If it works, great. If it doesn't, this thing would've killed you anyway since it's level 255. So really there's nothing to lose.
No. 204048 ID: 699c5b
File 12784071403.png - (47.94KB , 512x512 , 192.png )

Tzlerr had many tools to help our way, Werat can control beyond death and I can handle weapons.
What?! I am not going to sacrifice anyone!
No. 204052 ID: 699c5b
File 127840723110.png - (72.64KB , 512x512 , 193.png )

UH, better hide. I think we can defeat this enemy.
It might just take a lot of work.
No. 204056 ID: 6a5a08

Crap, he used my Nemesis Chaingun idea after all.

Alright, run into the facility, find Tory's tank. Then we play the organ to FIRE THE CHICKEN LAZORS! and turn that thing into a baby chicken.
No. 204082 ID: c2c011

How many of those guns do you have with you? Because this thing is likely going to take more than one shot to go down and I can't help to notice you appear to have a smoothbore, not very good accuracy on those.

Hmm, the "brain" is unlikely to be in the head of this thing. Your best bet is probably to disable the weapons systems and then just run. Aim for the arm above the chaingun and the machinegun head.
No. 204094 ID: 6a224f
File 127842017126.png - (48.08KB , 512x512 , 194.png )

>Alright, run into the facility, find Tory's tank. Then we play the organ to FIRE THE CHICKEN LAZORS! and turn that thing into a baby chicken.

There should be useable weapons somewhere. My weapons do not seem to have great effect on it.

I have some sort of an idea. I'll try to get it to chase me while Werat has time to su
Blast! It is getting close!
No. 204100 ID: c2c011

Throw back a grenade or two to slow it down.
No. 204101 ID: 6a5a08

Dodge while shooting down the machine gun barrel.
No. 204105 ID: 732129

If you have anything corrosive, or even just conductive, now is the time to use it against that gun. And gunner. I know how Tory is, and I'm willing to bet he decided to be cheap about weather-proofing it.

Even a very fine powder may work, to gun up to works of that weapon.
No. 204112 ID: a6008c

Be sure to use as much cover as possible during your flight. That gun would make swiss cheese out of you.
No. 204135 ID: f5711e
File 127843289454.png - (35.36KB , 512x512 , 195a.png )

Tzlerr had all tools in his bag. I am not sure where his bag is right now. It's probably burning somewhere.

Ops, here we go. That thing is fast.
No. 204136 ID: f5711e
File 127843304354.png - (26.51KB , 512x512 , 196.png )

Ugh. I managed knocked that thing towards the crates.
"PDC! Do n o t touch~ ♥"

It changed its trajectory and smashed into a wall. Strange.
No. 204153 ID: c2c011

It's probably preparing for a rebound. Prepare to cut it down as it comes flying towards you. And hope that it can't aim well while flying through the air.
No. 204165 ID: afae2a

The crates seem to contain something that's important. The robot saw it contained "PDC" and decided to hit the wall instead.
No. 204168 ID: 6a5a08

Shoot the crates!
No. 204257 ID: c4c313

Put your back to the crates! It'll have to hold off its attack then!

PDC... PDC... pretty damn combustible, portable destruction cannon, post-dated checques...
No. 204258 ID: 08aa7e

yes, the crates. if it cannot risk damage to it then it will have to abandon the attack.
No. 204292 ID: 308fe1
File 127845617023.png - (50.75KB , 512x512 , 197.png )

The thing seems to be unaffected.

I shoot one of the crates. It seems that all it have is just screws. Ordinary screws. Not world-destroying kind.

>"Plea s e REFRAIN f r o m touching TORY's p r i v a t e property."

It might attack any moment now.
No. 204310 ID: a594b9

Grab the screws and throw them at it. Likely it will avoid the screws at any cost; use that to your advantage.
No. 204585 ID: 46c0af
File 127852728015.png - (33.88KB , 512x512 , Megapause.png )

Pausing for some time. Suggestions are still welcome.
No. 208453 ID: 99ffa5
File 127919332545.png - (130.35KB , 512x512 , 198.png )

I throw the screws, it d
No. 208455 ID: 99ffa5
File 127919337398.png - (49.07KB , 512x512 , 199.png )

Wait. The spinning thing is slowing down.
No. 208456 ID: 99ffa5
File 127919340653.png - (39.30KB , 512x512 , 200.png )

>"Transmisson incoming! Please stand by!"
No. 208458 ID: 99ffa5
File 127919352668.png - (64.73KB , 512x512 , 201.png )

Something is coming down. I have no idea what it is.
No. 208459 ID: 99ffa5
File 127919361169.png - (315.63KB , 512x512 , 202.png )

An image of a person appears.
>"Hello ladies and gentleman! How are you today?"

Is he the one behind this?
No. 208461 ID: c2c011

In a way. But don't do anything stupid now. Don't do any of that stupid screaming or shouting about how he's going to pay for all the lives he took or something like that, it's only going to make him laugh and think less of you.

Instead just hear him out. Moments ago you were about to be decapitated in a hail of bullets, now you're still breathing. Keep him talking while you prepare a way out of getting shoot at by the golem.
No. 208476 ID: 620bfb

Could be better.
No. 208510 ID: 99ffa5
File 127921455015.png - (75.56KB , 512x512 , I_mad.png )

"Could be better. You don't have to happen any drinks around?"
>"Well, I had some quality-alcohol in the lower floors of that facility. Good to know you are doing okay, because I AM MAD.
>WHY THE FUCK! YOU JUST WALTZ INSIDE PAST MY GOLEMS AND DECIDE 'Oh this looks good place to place a bomb. It won't explode and kill us all and set the whole place on fire.' IT IS BAD THAT I ALREADY LOST MEGAMANTA, BUT NOOOOO~, THE FIRE IS REACHING THE GODDAMN CHE-"
>"Disregard that."

Crazy as a cuckoo. What should I do?
No. 208513 ID: c4c313

He's a bit of a simpleton. He doesn't understand why you were blowing up his stuff, even though he was blowing up your stuff. If you can get him on your side he'll stop blowing you up, though he might try to cyber-augment the shit out of you.

...tell him you weren't blowing up the Manta. You just gave it a deep cleaning. That's your job after all.
No. 208514 ID: c2c011

Tell him that you were just looking for work and decided that a demonstration of you skills would be the best way to go about it.
No. 208529 ID: 99ffa5
File 127921933738.png - (50.65KB , 512x512 , 203.png )

"We deep-cleaned it. Want to hire us to deep-clean more?"
>"Fuck you too."
>"I don't want to even try to put out fires. I have too volatile stuff down there."
>"Oh look at the time! I am afraid I must go! Any last worms- I mean words?"
No. 208530 ID: c2c011

Tell him you fucked his dragon and it was good.

Then get in close and rip that golem a new one. Can't let it use its superior firepower.
No. 208531 ID: 6a5a08

Tell Tory the voices say hi.
No. 208541 ID: a16841

Ask him what the safest way out of this place is.
No. 208542 ID: a6e87d

this... will shatter him... I think...
No. 208543 ID: a16841

Either that or if could turn off the killer robots.
No. 208601 ID: 99ffa5
File 127923081032.png - (99.47KB , 512x512 , 204.png )

"How do we get out or how do we turn off the killer-robots?"
>"Bah. Do you think I would tell you? Well, good bye, ta-ta, farewell et cetera. I hope you all burn in hell you have created. TD-01! Remove Property Damage Control and kill these fools."
Image disappears.
>"Removing PDC... Please wait."

Ah, it seems that Werat has summoned something useful. Should we try to fight or should we just flee?
No. 208602 ID: a594b9

He said there was volatile stuff down here, and the fire's spreading. RUN! The whole place is going to explode.
No. 208603 ID: 6a5a08

Run, don't wanna be around if the place goes kaboom. He did say there was unstable stuff around.
No. 208605 ID: c2c011

Let whatever Werat summoned die while you make your escape. This place is liable to burn even more or explode even more in the very near future.
No. 208704 ID: 620bfb

Both. Let the summoned thing cover your escape.
No. 208786 ID: 99ffa5
File 127928365983.png - (81.16KB , 512x512 , 205.png )

Yes, it is too dangerous here. We must leave.
I think we can go by foot from now on. Demon will take care of that golem-thing.
"STOP. You are N O T authorized to use t h a t exit."

No. 208787 ID: 99ffa5
File 127928373422.png - (122.88KB , 512x512 , 206.png )


Wait did it just kill the demon?
No. 208788 ID: 99ffa5
File 127928377483.png - (31.08KB , 512x512 , 207.png )

I think we can hide in the woods. We should have eno
No. 208789 ID: 99ffa5
File 127928380965.png - (53.73KB , 512x512 , 208.png )

No. 208790 ID: 9560c6

the first one didn't teach you, NEVER STOP RUNNING!
No. 208791 ID: c2c011

Yes it did. You really should have tried to go for the "Just looking for work." line.

Wow, fucker must have had some really heavy duty explosives stashed away there. Well I guess that will teach him that you make sure that your ammunition stores can't set off a chain reaction that blows up a fucking mountain.
No. 208792 ID: 6a5a08

And then the planet collapsed into the Void.
No. 208798 ID: 99ffa5
File 127928765773.png - (59.10KB , 512x512 , 209.png )

Well, we are all alive.
Tzlerr is recovering and I think I have broken my leg. Anyway, we are alive. I think we were somewhat lucky.
I don't know where in the hell that golem disappeared.

>"So. What are we going to do now?"
"I guess we should head back for capital."
>"It is getting cold! Could you give me more of your cloak?"
"Get your own cloak, kid."
>"Well, I think I am going to leave now. I cannot stand shitface complaining the whole trip."
>"Well fuck you too. My name is Tzlerr, stop calling me shitface."
>"No deal, shitface."
>"Stop that!"
"Quiet down!"

This will be one long trip.

[ END ]
/Please leave your feedback in Tory's Tower-thread in Quest-discussion. I will continue Tory's Tower in few days./
No. 208825 ID: c4c313

Congratulations. You performed just as much destruction as Master Tory in his megamanta. Xom would be proud.
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