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File 12782092752.png - (14.24KB , 600x600 , TQ565.png )
202825 No. 202825 ID: 8bdb6a

Thread 1: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/79880.html
Thread 2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/94645.html
Thread 3: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/103192.html
Thread 4: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/120515.html
Thread 5: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/141320.html
Thread 6: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/160101.html
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No. 202827 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127820951657.png - (14.07KB , 500x500 , TQ566.png )

Mitzi and I make our way through the darkened lab. Though it's powered down, there's enough lingering heat sources for me to navigate by infrared even in pitch black. The panic room's surroundings are lit by meager emergency lights, and by the flickering lines of a broken monitor.
No. 202828 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127820969189.png - (7.94KB , 500x500 , TQ567.png )

The area smells like blood, but everything in Biology does. At least here there's a visible source.

As we approach, the camera in the corner rotates to track us, and a screen flickers to life opposite the malfunctioning one, displaying nothing.
No. 202830 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127820985536.png - (21.17KB , 500x500 , TQ568.png )

"Marcus and Mitzi Tibur, I presume," says a voice from a pair of speakers.
No. 202832 ID: f21281

Look down at your breasts, then look up again, then cup your breasts and look angry.

"Do I LOOK like a man to you?!"
No. 202833 ID: 1e9d01

"Who's asking?"
No. 202835 ID: 6cad19

No, we are not getting them to figure out who we actually are.
No. 202840 ID: 1cf642

Shoot the working camera.
No. 202842 ID: 1e9d01

...guys, let's let them think Penji is Marcus for now. It is to our advantage if they think she has a different skillset than she actually does.
No. 202843 ID: e973f4

Don't say who you are! Jeez!
No. 202844 ID: 0f5309

too late. it already saw us. shooting it will just place us in the clearly hostile zone and this guy in the panic room seems cut off from the rest of the place

fine, sounds like a good enough reason.
No. 202846 ID: 0f5309

oh wait "why do you ask? got orders to shoot to kill if you see us? well if you don't shoot first we wont shoot you"
No. 202847 ID: 19a433

I'm with this guy, I don't think we should be so quick to reveal our identity
No. 202848 ID: c4c313

Just let the people on the speakers talk. Less information we give them the better. I guess they really do think they got the tozol whose strong point seems to be resisting distorted space caused by scanners and displacer bombs.
No. 202874 ID: 701a19

Keep quiet. Signal for Mitzi to say something like "Who wants to know?"
No. 202885 ID: c5ce35

I dunno, if we turn out to be someone else than the speaker assumed, he might react with hostility.
No. 202903 ID: c4c313


And that's why we're going to keep quiet
No. 202911 ID: 3297aa

Keep quiet, let Mitzi do the talking. Even better, nobody talk, the less this person knows the better. Like >>202848 said, they might keep talking.
No. 202950 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12782233918.png - (22.21KB , 500x500 , TQ569.png )

I give Mitzi a surprised look. It's not too hard to fake.

"Ho-o-ow'd you know?" she asks.

"Active tozols control their heat signature," says the voice. "Though. The mechanism for that is still poorly understood. Perhaps it takes time to generate the necessary materials. But this is quite secondary to the fact that Tethys has been brain dead for forty years."

"Ah," Mitzi says, to fill the silence. "Pretty good, though, huh?"

"Oh, I'm confident it will suit your purposes," he replies. "Dress up as such a high priority target that they'd never suspect it's a trick. Grab their attention, then melt away as something else. Somewhere else."

"So who are you?" I ask. It's not like he'll recognize my voice.

"Haven't we met? Were you Yong? Or Matthei?" He asks. "What I really want to know is what you're doing here. Whatever you've done out there, and it WAS you, wasn't it, you finished it hours ago. What do you want with me? Cooperation under threat of violence? I have supplies for weeks, and those guns won't penetrate this door."
No. 202954 ID: 1cf642

Shoot out the camera. Get Mitzi to open the door.
No. 202955 ID: 701a19

Ok, you can talk.
"I'll be honest. At this point we just want to get out of here without drawing attention back to ourselves."
No. 202961 ID: c4c313

You know, it is possible that we're Marcus. Maybe he hid inside our tube and the tozol biomachinery just sucked him in to make a brain. What a pleasant thought!


Sounds good. Seems this guy's pinned down just as much as we are, not one of the people sending shock troops after us.
No. 202963 ID: aa4289

'well i had to come get mitzi, regardless of what you do we will never be the monsters you are trying to create. besides, i'm not an active hostile, don't shoot and i wont kill you. simple as that really.'
No. 202971 ID: f21281

"Ah yes, I remember those two. They were quite delicious."

Put on your most charming toothy grin, then laugh.

"But seriously, I've never heard of them. Bit of amnesia on the brain."
No. 202972 ID: e973f4

If nothing else, do a charming toothy grin. For fun.
No. 202985 ID: 4c7b39

"Look. We've both been shot at, exploded on multiple times, nearly torn to pieces, nearly microwaved to death, and to top it off, I've been stabbed. I could take all of that, but I'd rather just, y'no, talk for a moment before the cycle begins again.
No. 202986 ID: c5ce35

Make it clear you'd be thrilled to find at least one other person besides Mitzi who doesn't want you dead, and that you have no intent on changing that.
No. 203023 ID: c2c011

Ask Mitzi to start looking around for airvents or other ways in. The damn plce is probably airtight as well as built to resist the things they keep locked up here. But looking won't hurt.

Tell the guy in the room that you simply want to know all that he knows about ways out of the facility and the method they used to make Mitzi and you into what you are. If he cooperates then you will bring him along with you out, if he doesn't, don't really specify what will happen, just say it will be nasty and let his imagination handle the rest.
No. 203178 ID: 1e9d01

Tell him you were just testing your disguise, and since he's cut off from the rest of the facility it's not much of a risk to take. Ask him what else he knows about Tethys.
No. 203195 ID: badf27

Drop the charade. Explain that you are indeed a Tozol, and your name is Penji. Explain further that you don't really know shit about what's going on, and that you are under the impression that normal Tozols are mindless killing machines. Express that for whatever reason you are different. Tell him all these things, and then if he insists you're Marcus, make out with Mitzi.

Because he'd never do that.
No. 203210 ID: 783063

Let's play along as Marcus for now. But let him know that if he's not going to be trying to kill you like everyone else, you're not going to mess with him. You're just trying to get to safety.
No. 203224 ID: d560d6


Move on. The panic room probably has some degree of comms to the rest of the base, and that probably means more security are on the way. (Mitzi and Marcus were in the HS wing after all.)
No. 203312 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127828790298.png - (9.07KB , 500x500 , TQ570.png )

"I've been getting chased, blown up, shot, and stabbed," I say. "I only want to leave."

"And you think I'd help you?" the voice asks.

"We can talk, at least," I say. "You still haven't told me who you are."

The intact screen resolves into a video of a human.

"Harold Qillig," he says. "I'd be happy to stall you for as long as you like."

>The panic room probably has some degree of comms to the rest of the base
As far as we can tell, this entire section has been cut off from the rest of the base. It's hard to believe that they'd not have troops here already, if they have any idea what Marcus has been doing.
No. 203316 ID: 6c667f

ask him why he works here and what assurance they gave him that he wont be the subject of the next genetic experiment.
No. 203320 ID: d560d6


Complement him on his fetching novelty tie.

After all, at least half of us seem to be trying to prove that we're a civilized sophont, not a completely indiscriminate killing machine.
No. 203324 ID: 88fc9a

Tell him "I found that sketch you made of Tethys. What are your feelings towards the Tozol?"
No. 203328 ID: 54af1f

Ask him what's going on down here, and if the government is crazy enough to think the diplomats will let them get away with having 2 live Tozol.
No. 203329 ID: 476456

"so clearly this is some sort of facility where you're trying to engineer some sort of biogenic supersoldier using me, and kidnapped engineering students. uhhh what do you need one for exactly?"
No. 203340 ID: c2c011

Ask him what they did to you (Marcus, let him keep up that assumption for a while longer) and Mitzi to turn you into what you are now.

Also hint that if he helps you get out then you will help him out as well.
No. 203379 ID: c4c313

Try to suppress a giggle. This was the guy who watched you for forty years, and he just gave up like last week when you woke up. Too bad that sketch got toasted in the security passage or you could totally awesomeface him while holding it up.
No. 203380 ID: 9f4050

i thought we just left it because it had no purpose anymore?
No. 203399 ID: c4c313

If you're leaving and he still hasn't figured it out, say casually over your shoulder "Oh by the way, the kill switch didn't work."


Well, obviously it does! Oh well, hindsight. I ain't going all the way back there.
No. 203435 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127830338385.png - (8.99KB , 500x500 , TQ571.png )

"Why are you people making supersoldiers?" I ask. "What do you need them for?"
"Are you trying to seem stupid?" he asks. "Or do you merely want my opinion on the obvious utility of nigh-unstoppable living weapons?"
"I think I already know your opinion about those," I say "I found the sketch you made of Tethys."
"Sketch?" he asks. "Oh. Silvis. He was fond of drawing creatures. Especially Tethys. Strange fellow. Too well connected for any of us to terminate."
"Terminate? As in, make into the next test subject?"
"As in fire," he says. "My superiors collect subjects from the global population based on mental and biological suitability, and the ability to make them disappear. Surely you know this by now."
"My mind's not what it should be," I say. "What did you do to us?"
"Spliced you with Valcien, as they say," he says. "Of course, to call the fundamental reengineering which took place, in vivo, I might add, a 'splice' is practically an insult. Limbs, bones, organs, brain. Every cell of your body has been completely redesigned. The fact that your mind continues to function at all, in emulation of the human you were, is a testament to our success."
No. 203439 ID: e973f4

This guy is kind of a prick and I think he's probably not going to do anything for you besides waste as much time as you let him. 3:

Buuuuut I guess he is revealing a few things to us, although mostly just to sound smug.
No. 203442 ID: e4e9c3

Keep him talking, to find out what he knows. But keep an eye open for possible threats. Doors slamming shut, traps, incoming hostiles, etc.

Incidentally, I bet one of those load displacer thingys could get into the panic room...
No. 203444 ID: 1e9d01

"Tell me about Second Lieutenant Tadeu Ruben."
No. 203448 ID: 9f4050

something tells me Silvis would be the only one who may actually help you. if he was fond of you then he may want to help.
No. 203466 ID: c4c313


Yeah assuming Marcus didn't make a meal of him. Not a shaky assumption, that. Still, it is disappointing to find that the only survivor was not the one to draw such an adorable sketch of Penji.

Tell him that's impossible! You couldn't program a valcien to act like a human. Even if you could, how would you get it to think like one? By seeming shocked, but not belligerent, it will prompt him to spill more information. Though frankly we haven't heard anything that would get us out of here. Just some stuff that would seriously disturb Mitzi. Is Mitzi okay, by the way?
No. 203472 ID: 1e9d01

Ask him what, exactly made him think you did anything to this sector anyway.
No. 203569 ID: c2c011

Hmmm, interesting. Ask him for specifics, how did they manage the redesign. Have to find out what kind of method they used.

Other than that ask him where Silvis might be and what he knows about Second Lieutenant Tadeu Ruben.
No. 203577 ID: 54af1f

He's a scientist, getting him talking about his field shouldn't be hard.

Ask him about the diplomats and Tozol
No. 203596 ID: 88fc9a

Perhaps we should state "We're still human!"?
No. 203642 ID: 9618e3

Say you would have preferred being able to wake up the real Tethys but you figured making Q5 think it was awake was the next best way to cover your escape.
No. 203646 ID: e973f4

I like it!
No. 203649 ID: 54af1f

I'd actually be all for proving we're a real Tozol. I think that'd get him talking, and scared.
No. 203744 ID: 54af1f

Ask him about this facilities relationship with the diplomats and what exactly they are and what their power is.
No. 203751 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127836692166.png - (10.20KB , 500x500 , TQ572.png )

"I'm still human," I say.
"No. You aren't," he says. "Look at you. You could be Tethys back from the dead, for all I know. You've replicated every last detail, aside from that silly eyepatch."
"Nice tie," I reply.
"Thank you."
"What about the Diplomats?" I ask. "What happens if they find out you have live tozols here? Never mind things like me and Mitzi."
"How do you think we've kept the secret?" he asks. "They'd see it as a betrayal. No one would be safe. Not even the whistleblower."
"Why do they care so much?" I ask.
"They've been destroying tozols for centuries," he says. "Try as they might to keep their motives hidden, that much is obvious. Whatever you're doing here..."
No. 203753 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127836699882.png - (14.29KB , 500x500 , TQ573.png )

"What makes you think I'm doing anything?" I ask, trying not to react to the rest.
"The announcements? The misinformation? The communications outage? The jabberwocks?" he says. "And now you standing here? Whatever you're doing here, I hope you haven't gone mad enough to try calling the Diplomats. If, by some chance, you succeed, the entire planet will suffer for your petty revenge."
No. 203754 ID: c2c011

Oh, looks like he does have a slightly weak spot after all. Tell him that if he helps you out you won't contact the diplomats, but if he doesn't, well who knows what might happen.
No. 203756 ID: 54af1f

>No. You aren't," he says. "Look at you. You could be Tethys back from the dead, for all I know.

"Funny you should say that" and then smile and show your Tozol teeth and watch him freak out.
No. 203757 ID: 701a19

"Then here's my offer. Help us escape and we'll just leave. Steal a ship, head off planet, never come back.
Otherwise, we're going to signal the diplomats and try to get off-planet before they arrive.
We're not going to be your lab rats again, and if we're going to die then we're taking as many hostiles with us as possible.
No. 203758 ID: 0cbecb

well, so far it seems the average human is a complete asshole so i am not so sure it would be that big of a loss.
No. 203759 ID: e973f4

"Poor planet."
No. 203761 ID: f21281

"Any idea -why- they've been on a genocidal campaign?

Furthermore, what makes you think they wouldn't be able to scan your super-soldier end-product and not find the tell-tale signs of Tozol in their gene sequence?

Wait a minute. Are you trying to create the ultimate soldier to fight the Diplomats by combining various traits from the most dangerous and resilient alien species known to man?"
No. 203785 ID: badf27

Alright, give up the Marcus charade. This guy's a douche and we need to put the fear of god into him.

Take off the eyepatch and... uhh... fuck, do something tozol-y. What can you do that Quadrant Five didn't know you could do?
No. 203787 ID: badf27

Wait yes.

Tell him that the killswitch didn't work.
No. 203790 ID: badf27

I seriously doubt that showing the teeth would freak him out. It would seem that Marcus is a shape shifter and can replicate anyone, and maybe anything, possibly down to the DNA level.
No. 203798 ID: 54af1f


I doubt he can really precisely replicate a Tozol, if they're precursor kill machines. Telling him the kill switch didn't work might be good though. There must be something physically you can pull that's Tozol that Marcus couldn't though, maybe tear some of the wall off or something.
No. 203799 ID: 54af1f

Also, ask what the Jabberwocks are.
No. 203804 ID: d560d6

>This guy's a douche and we need to put the fear of god into him.

Unfortunately, pretty much everything we know came from computers and safes that Marcus could quite plausibly gotten in to, what with channeling the spirit of MacGyver.

I mean, you could recite his journal entries verbatim if you can remember them, or ask him about his old girlfriend's pet, but it's hardly proof.

Not that I'm entirely sure what we'd gain from this except convincing him to not open that door.
No. 203838 ID: c4c313


What the hell have you been doing, Marcus?

You're not going to contact the Diplomats. You just want to learn about the Diplomats. What they are. What they're after. Why they're here, and what the heck they've got against dear sweet loving creatures such as tozols. ...but mostly get somewhere safe.

Pretend you're still trying to convince him that you're the tozol. Ask him what a tozol could do that Marcus would never be capable of. Then do it. :]
No. 203846 ID: c4c313


Sorry, the last two blurbs were directed towards Penji.
No. 203856 ID: e3f578

"Personally, I could go for a nice meal about now. Something gormet. Revenge can wait and be in any form, but a superconductor is always delicious."
No. 203872 ID: 783063

Ask him what his place is in all this. Is he going to tell the others where we are and who (he thinks) we are? Is he going to tell us anything useful or help us get out? And is there even anything we could do to make him change his mind about it one way or the other?
No. 203923 ID: c4c313


We already asked that. He said no, and he didn't trust us, and he was going to do nothing but sit there and stall us as long as possible.
No. 203950 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12783932474.png - (10.28KB , 500x500 , TQ574.png )

"Help us escape," I say. "And we'll just leave. Steal a ship, head off planet, never come back. Otherwise, yeah. I'll fuck this whole world."
"Or," Qillig replies, with a pause. "We recapture or kill you, and resume the work. This damage will make officials unhappy with the project, but I think it also offers a tantalizing glimpse of what can be accomplished, once we get your kind under control."
"Our kind?" Mitzi interjects. "How many like us have you made?"
"Out of over a hundred attempts, three survivors, and only you two show real promise. But we finally have an idea of how to do it. Work slowly, replacing only segments at a time, allowing the brain to work out the changes over months, and incorporate its new substrate. Well, that and accounting for the mechanical aptitude you two display."
"What?" Mitzi says.
"You two were both in the top percentile for engineering test scores," he continues. "And it IS genetic. Make no mistake. Probably designer genes in your ancestry. Or you're natural outliers, like me. It's more than knowledge and practice. It's a function of your mind, to understand your work. Machines. Circutry. We believe that's why you are able to survive the process and modify your own body, on the fly, subconsciously, in spite of your lack of biological learning. Incredible. Unfortunate that the rest of your kin went into hiding after your disappearances."
No. 203952 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127839334922.png - (18.11KB , 500x500 , TQ575.png )

"Unfortunate," says Mitzi.
"With a more stable pool of personnel to draw on, we could build on this."
"Unfortunate?" says Mitzi.
"Please," says Qillig. "We've spent years stumbling around in the dark, waiting for our processes to slowly, tentatively, fail. I spent most of my work days for over a year just staring at Tethys's corpse floating in a tube, waiting for you two to surface from your drug-addled chrysalis."
"UNFORTUNATE?!" shouts Mitzi.
"Marcus. Control her," says Qillig, sounding bored.
No. 203953 ID: e31d52

"How about no, asshole?"
No. 203954 ID: a76809

Funny thing: You aren't speaking to Marcus.

And we will find you.
No. 203955 ID: f4963f

Rip a panel off the monitor and eat it. He should get that you're not Marcus then.

Grin the entire time.
No. 203956 ID: c4c313


Awesome, Mitzi! He just admitted that your folks are safe! They can't so much as touch them, much as they'd like to use your brains to revive the Valcien species for some bizarre reason.

Er, are you okay Mitzi? You're looking kind of... we're just going to back away slowly now, okay?
No. 203957 ID: 6faf8a

I be sure to tell Marcus he should consider it, when I see him.
No. 203959 ID: 701a19

Shoot the camera so he can't see shit, then see if you're strong enough to rip that saferoom open.
No. 203961 ID: e2d0a6

How about we don't play our cards early
No. 203963 ID: 1e9d01

"I'm not Marcus."

Destroy the camera and start work on getting that door open.
No. 203966 ID: ed3816

Do this, and then shit a pistol. He'll get the message loud and clear.
No. 203968 ID: a513df


"Mitzi, don't give the asshole the satisfaction of seeing you lose your temper. He basically just said the rest of your family is safe, focus on that."
No. 203969 ID: 660412

"You were oggling me naked in a tube all that time? What would you say is my best feature? Is it my ass? I bet it's my ass. You strike me as an ass man. I'm partial to my ears, myself. Oh, and fuck you."

Should we consider cracking this egg?
No. 203972 ID: e973f4

No. 203973 ID: 476456

No. 203982 ID: badf27


Do this. Seriously, you should really let fly that you're not Marcus. I'd also encourage Mitzi to flip her shit, if you find the time. This fuckface seems to think he can boss you around and I'm really fucking sick of this Marcus charade.
No. 203989 ID: 55e935

Since we're pulling the curtain on us being Tethys, throw in a comment on that Marcus has already escaped. That ought to give him the heebie-jeebies and for all we know, it's true.
No. 204037 ID: 1cf642

"Mitzi, get the door. Quillig, Tethys is coming to fuck you up. And my name is Penji now. Surprise."
No. 204085 ID: 8b7db1

On one hand, stopping the conversation without learning more could be bad. But on the other hand... the guy is a dick, and probably won't end up giving us the kind of information we need anymore.

But first, calm Mitzi down. Then I would prefer a way of revealing that we are the Tozol without stating so. Something like "Marcus? I don't see a Marcus here. Do you?" The expression on his face should be priceless.
No. 204103 ID: 7e2f1b

No. 204123 ID: d560d6

>And we will find you.

We already found him. He's right there.

Let's not try to tough-talk him like we're an INT 3 brawler. He'll just use SARCASM against us.
No. 204154 ID: 4531bc

we might not want to tip our hand. For all we know, he's worked some sort of command switch into our brains as well.
No. 204177 ID: f21281

"No, I don't think I will. I like it when she's feisty.

Now, you want to know what's really unfortunate? That you and your ilk have created so much. That you've come so far. You've advanced your scientific knowledge of biology and medicine beyond what your weak-bodied race could ever dream of. You've built something wonderful and magnificent...and I'm going to tear it down to the ground, with you and your disgusting species roasting on spits over the burning rubble. I thought I could forgive and forget. Maybe you were just misguided. That you weren't all self-centered greedy little meatbags. What a fool I was. I was wrong...dead wrong. You don't care for anyone or anything, not even your own brethren, willing to sacrifice them for your own personal gain. It should be Humanity the Diplomats are exterminating, not the Tozol. Disgusting blight upon the Universe, you are.

My name is not Marcus. My name is Penji. But you'd know me as something entirely else...and you should know. You watched me slumber for forty years. This is your first and only warning. Run. Run and hide, because the monsters are coming."
No. 204256 ID: c4c313


:( Haters gonna hate.
No. 204263 ID: 67e8ff


Love it. Print it. Run it.
No. 204269 ID: 5eabae

Sounds much too extreme to me. I think it's better to get him as a tentative ally than a frightened, defended, and important enemy.
No. 204278 ID: c4c313


You can say this as long as you bust into laughter and tell him "You should have seen the look on your face!" Mindless stereotyping and vengeance is bad, but making fun of it is always relavent. :]
No. 204279 ID: 701a19

Why are you people wasting time goading him? Trying to provoke him doesn't work if he's got a blast door protecting him, and even trying it makes Penji look like a whiny little brat.

Again, just shoot the camera to take-out his vision, then try to force the door. If it fails, then you just leave and hope the bomb takes-out his life support and causes him to die a slow agonizing death.
No. 204312 ID: a594b9

Hey. Mitzi likes being human and her family is still human. Let's not threaten genocide unless she knows already that we wouldn't do it.
No. 204324 ID: c4c313


Seven-of-1 has a good point.
No. 204498 ID: badf27

How droll. I think he'd just laugh in our faces and continue calling us Marcus.
No. 204573 ID: f21281
File 127852446493.jpg - (46.83KB , 450x340 , opinion.jpg )

No. 204580 ID: 88fc9a

We could let him think we're Marcus and still tell him the Tozol tank was empty when we looked... Might put the fear of God in the bastard.
No. 204599 ID: badf27

No, I really am fucking sick of this Marcus act. It's doing nothing productive and the guy thinks he can boss Marcus around to some degree.
No. 204604 ID: e3f578

Bitch thinks he can boss anyone around to some degree. He's completely safe and there's nothing trying to change that unless... you know Penji changes that.
No. 204702 ID: badf27

Alright, I'm well fucking sick of this. Either this guy is going to help us or he isn't, but he has to know that we are indeed the real deal and not Marcus. Here's the list of things to do.

Tell him we're a Tozol and make him believe it.
Ask him if he's going to tell us a way out.
Ask where Hyperion is located.
Ask what the average Tozol behavior is, and we can try to figure out on our own why we're different. I bank it on having our brain obliterated at least half way.
Finally, ask what happened to Silvis, as it seems like he might be predisposed to helping us.
No. 204716 ID: 9f36e6

he wont belive we are not marcus. marcus himself must have released us to ease his escape.

its possible marcus already left as any of the wounded soldiers we provided. if we can convince him we are not marcus, we would put marcus in danger but its certain the menance of the soldiers on us would diminish.

im sure i dont want to put a burden on marcus considering he may have a half way to kill qill as far as i know.
No. 204756 ID: 4531bc

How about we tell him when we're face-to-face with him, so he doesn't have time to prepare any elaborate countermeasures?

you can pretend to turn on Mitzi, smash the camera in your 'rage,' and then give her a biiig hug. :D
No. 204806 ID: 29ddd8

Hmmm, how about we do this bit(>>204177) and then add something about seeing how long it takes for him to go nuts before we rip the camera out?
No. 205113 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127864474318.png - (8.89KB , 500x500 , TQ576.png )

"No," I say. Something in my voice makes Mitzi freeze. "You don't even understand what kind of an enemy you've made. You've had forty years and you still don't understand."
"Forty..." he says, trailing off.
No. 205114 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127864482138.png - (17.44KB , 500x500 , TQ577.png )

Before he says anything else, I rip the screen off the wall and throw it into the camera with enough force to smash them into a cloud of shrapnel and sparking debris.

If he still has working speakers, he doesn't use them.
No. 205116 ID: badf27

. . .Well!
Moving along, then. This area seems to be rather disconnected from Quadrant Five as a whole.

I think our choices are to sit down, rest a little, and try to glean some useful information from the laptop(which we have been completely ignoring, mind), or we can keep moving and risk some sort of horrid threat coming upon us.

By the way, you handled that quite well, Penji. We certainly couldn't figure out what the hell to do.
No. 205120 ID: f21281

Penji: Plot demise of Qillig and the successive acquirement of his snazzy tie.
No. 205122 ID: e3f578

it will make an excellant mantle piece to show off to all your tozol buddies once you get back home.
No. 205125 ID: d560d6

At this point it would seem handy to link back to the map from the previous thread: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/127146992262.png (Facility-wide one: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/127233712986.png )

I believe we've now been everywhere except Artifacts? Cronos (the male Tozol who was not Hyperion; less comatose, more dead) was apparently stored there.
No. 205128 ID: 35c8d5

let's leave now. nothing left to look for in here. let's head for the tech lab next, take the entrance made by the displacer.
No. 205133 ID: a594b9

I don't suppose we can get that door open...?
No. 205139 ID: 6ef727

Naw man, we can't ruin a move like that by trying to get in and failing. We gots to let him sweat it out.

Maybe if we had fixed the Muscles to full already....
No. 205148 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127864883617.png - (12.02KB , 500x500 , TQ578.png )

>Plot demise of Qillig
This isn't so much 'plotting' as 'prying open a door,' but I'll give it a shot.

Oh man, this thing does not want to open.

"I don't suppose you can beat the lock?" I ask.

"Seems like it'd be pretty specifically designed to resist that," she says. "It's not like a security door where I just have to make it think we're authorized, or just fire up a poorly protected motor."

"You can try, though," I say.

"Well, I can try anything," she says. "I can try learning to fly, for all the good it'll do."

"You're half made of starship," I say. "Who says you can't?"

She doesn't respond. I feel I can get this door open, but it could take half an hour or more, if I have to peel it open layer by layer. She might be able to hack it, or I could have her peruse the database for info. Or we could just leave.
No. 205150 ID: 1cf642

>I can get this door open.
>She might be able to hack it.
do both
No. 205151 ID: 8ce2bf

Have Mitzi try and locate stored counter suppress while you Tozol out on the door.
No. 205153 ID: badf27

Worst case scenario: Qillig is gone by the time we get in.

Best case scenario: He's there, along with a few injectors of Counter-Suppress, and we can beat the answers out of him.

I say go for it on the Hacking path first, as things in this hellhole seem to be designed rather illogically. It may well be poorly protected from hacking and well protected from physical force. If Mitzi thinks it's just too hard, crack that fucker open.
No. 205155 ID: f4963f

Is the time we spend getting this bastard worth more than the time we save getting out of this facility?
No. 205156 ID: a594b9

Probably not worth it. Let's check out the other areas first.

...I kindof want to get that panel inspected some more so we can find out when the surprise happens but I have a feeling that Marcus will tell us when that happens anyway.

Let's check out the main lab now. Maybe Mitzi can look up some stuff on the laptop. Like Ophian or that toothy thing we saw in the tube. We saw that back in HS3 too, didn't we?
No. 205158 ID: f21281

We don't have a half-hour.

Everything has a structural weak-point. And you seem to be able to devour conventional metals.

Try eating the hinges and locks off the damn thing.
No. 205159 ID: 35c8d5

those are on the other side.
No. 205162 ID: c4c313
File 127865111233.jpg - (14.82KB , 369x295 , LEAVEHAROLDQUILLIGALONE.jpg )

No. 205163 ID: 783063

Peel off the first layer, just to show that you could. Then leave.
No. 205164 ID: 911d56

How about sealing it? Make it his tomb.
No. 205176 ID: 701a19

If Mitzi eats his brain then we suddenly have all the knowledge he had.
Including all the information we need to escape.
We could have Mitzi try to hack the door, we could send her back to figure out the timing on that bomb, or we could have her investigate the other areas looking for supplies.
Since Marcus and Mitzi both doubt hacking isn't an option, I'd say send her out to explore for supplies. If she runs into trouble then she's to head right back here.
Judging by the size of the tank and the distribution of the room I'm pretty certain that the bomb will take out the data center, but not much else. We don't want Mitzi in there when it goes off, but we could navigate through the debris pretty easily.
No. 205201 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127865469099.png - (19.94KB , 500x500 , TQ579.png )

We both get to work trying to get inside. The crowbar very quickly bends into uselessness, so I start digging at the armor plating with my bare hands. I keep thinking of what Qillig said. It makes the work easier. I don't know if I share the full spectrum of emotions that humans have, but I know all about anger.

Mitzi and I work silently. We aren't really cooperating. It's more of a race to see who can beat the door first. A very slow race.

Still, Mitzi thinks that if I can get through the outer door, she'll have more luck. I didn't even know there were multiple doors...

My eye's healing about as quickly as it can, so I resume improving my other eye, and fixing the flaws in my muscles.
No. 205203 ID: f21281

Sample armor plating and report on its palatability.
No. 205204 ID: c4c313

I have nothing against Dr. Quillig yet. That he goes along with this project willingly is enough reason to end him, but he's not high on your priority list. Getting out is high on your priority list. Getting safe. He's locked himself in the panic room, which is designed to keep out everything and then some. Even if you're a tozol and a half it's a waste of time to try to peel him out of that sardine can. It's not the "remote controlled kill drone" room. It's the panic room. The only thing in there is going to be Quillig, emergency supplies, water, and... a radio...

Oh shit you gotta get in there. He's probably communicating that the tozol is still alive to mission control right now! I bet he's got a direct line to the top!
No. 205205 ID: 701a19

No. 205208 ID: f4963f

For that matter: Assess viability of eating through the door.
No. 205214 ID: a594b9

...no, he's isolated from the rest of the facility. Otherwise he'd already know Penji is out.
No. 205216 ID: 6faf8a

Penji, I want you to understand something, Tozols might not 'get' this but, if he knows that you're coming through the door, and he can't get out...

He'll just kill himself, he will shoot himself from fear of what you will do to him, and simply to spite you and Mitzi.

Also, he specifically mentioned a comm outage, radio isn't going to be penetrating these walls.
No. 205229 ID: f80af7

That is, if he has the means to do so. I believe he didn't even have the time to get a gun when running away.
No. 205231 ID: c4c313


Okay, so why the hell are we bothering with him? We're not gonna save him, are we?
No. 205240 ID: fdaabb

You've started it.
Might as well finish it.
Break a bone when you get to him, then loot his hidey hole.

Maybe chit-chat with Mitzi to pass the time. What the first thing she wants to do when she gets out is, or some other topic along those lines.
No. 205302 ID: d24dca

its a trap. stop wasting time, the soldiers are on the way.

what do you see in the surrounding?
No. 205303 ID: c2c011

Yeah take a bite out of the armor and see if it's any good.

Then get back to ripping and tearing. Once you have enough of it off to let you get some proper leverage with your hands and legs you can probably speed up the process of ripping out chunks. Or maybe even bending it outward.
No. 205314 ID: d560d6

Oh god, not again. inb4 hanging about in the same place chasing after straws once more turns out to be a really bad idea.

Go on, let's sunk cost fallacy it properly, then. You've started digging, so you may as well finish.
No. 205325 ID: 620bfb

This is a huge waste of time.
No. 205331 ID: 197650

No. 205363 ID: 9618e3

We can't just keep stumbling around Q5 randomly and waiting to be attacked. We need enough info to make a plan and Quillig's brain might provide us with one.
No. 205372 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12786941002.png - (14.25KB , 500x500 , TQ580.png )

Mitzi disables a defensive layer, saving me from a nasty shock. I keep digging through the armor, yanking out ceramics, wrenching apart metal, until my heart is pounding, and I learn that I can sweat.

As I tear a hole through the outer door, I catch a scent in the air. Growing stronger. It's... a pheromone, I think. An odd one, if so. Alien, maybe. Not mine, either. I have no idea what it might mean.
No. 205380 ID: d560d6


I'm tempted to say that Marcus rigged something to draw the beasties to head here when their cages sprung, but I have no idea how he'd get it INSIDE the door, or how this'd actually work unless he's the damn oracle and knew you'd rip it open.
No. 205381 ID: c2c011

Hurry things up if you can. That Phermone is probably stage one in the release all beasts plan. Chances are it's gonna get them properly pissed off and raging, but their cell doors won't open yet, so they're gonna be stuck and pissed like fucking hell and then the cell doors open.

So hurry things up if you can.
No. 205383 ID: f21281

Is it affecting your senses, causing a rise in any hormones?

Keep alert, I would say. I don't really remember the full extent of your current capabilities, but try to keep up a "radar" of sorts and keep pinging the area every now and then for anything that is not where it's supposed to be.

Also, the metal scraps you're tearing off. Eat some. Eaaaaaat iiiiiiiiit. Delicious metal you must omnomnom.
No. 205384 ID: 00b231

oh god from where is it coming? if it is from the room, forget it. marcus has/is quill.
No. 205386 ID: 6faf8a

I'd say that whatever it is, probably not in our best interest to hang around here kill someone who isn't a threat to us 'right now.'

I doubt there is going to be anything of great worth in there and he's already told us a most useful piece of information: We can't let 'the diplomats' know we exist.

Which kinda works in our favor becasue it means that they won't just set off a system wide alert if we do escape the facility for fear that the diplomats will enact a purge and burn.
No. 205387 ID: 88fc9a

Get on the defensive. Ready any weapon you still have and get into a good position.
No. 205390 ID: f4963f

No. 205392 ID: 54af1f


Arm up. The timer on the release of those aliens just hit zero.
No. 205394 ID: e3f578

scowl into the darkness, the grue will vanish.
No. 205405 ID: 716eb0

It might be a defence targeted at Mitzi and Marcus too. In any event, pheremones are always intended to alter behavior patterns, so watch for such things.
No. 205436 ID: c4c313

For the love of god Quillig is trapped in the panic room. He doesn't know how to enable the communications. He probably can't even open this door. (You should focus on the hooks that are holding it closed by the way.) You won't be able to get any useful information about him. Why are you letting him stall you?


>> Not mine, either

No. 205437 ID: a594b9

Tell Mitzi that something's coming. Stop tearing up the door and investigate. We don't want to get cornered by whatever it is.
No. 205460 ID: 6547ec

Check on Mitzi. Her biology's at least as confusing as your own, and even she doesn't know what turns her on any more. You wouldn't have noticed the pheromone if it wasn't important.
No. 205557 ID: 9d6ab5

Aren't you feeling so hot and sweaty~? But srs, pheromones can make things agressive and we might not want to hang around where we can get cornered. If it feels dangerous, leave the sector.
No. 205578 ID: 701a19

What's wrong with you?
He won't TELL them anything, but Mitzi just can rip it all from his mind. This is vitally important.

Penji, give Mitzi a sniff. If it's not her, then take a break from destroying the door to investigate.
No. 205582 ID: 8e2486

just tear a hole in the door and get in the panic room too, duh.
No. 205668 ID: 7f1921

A panic room in a facility like this probably has more defenses than just solid stopping power. I say alert Mitzi and try to focus on what might be coming.
No. 205673 ID: c4c313


I guess you have a small point there. But, considering his department basically stared at Penji for 40 years, I really don't know how much of what he knows is going to be helpful. Unless Penji wants to know how to amputate herself and hook herself up to monitoring machinery?

Well, I have my doubts but I could be wrong. Besides I bet the look on his face will be hilarious!

Penji: "Hey Quillig, surprise!!" :D
Quillig: *blown head off with a magnum 15 minutes ago*
No. 205722 ID: 7a28df

More like he is pointing a magnum at just that space

or more likely a rocket launcher
No. 205745 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127875067289.png - (14.42KB , 500x500 , TQ581.png )

I stop digging and turn my attention toward the lab surroundings. We're in a large room, empty save for some equipment, cabinets, and work surfaces along the far wall. There's four exits, plus the panic room. They all lead to more labs, though we can make a beeline to the hallway leading out, through one of them.

"What is it?" Mitzi whispers, kneeling alongside me.

"I smell something," I whisper back. "Some kind of pheromone. Getting stronger."


"Something alien," I say. "Qillig mentioned something called jabberwocks. I think your brother's timer might be reaching zero."

"Oh," she says. "Then shouldn't we be running?"
No. 205748 ID: a594b9

Okay, let's go. Fast but stealthy.
No. 205749 ID: f21281

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves,
did gire and gimble in the wabe.
All mimsy were the borogoves, and the momeraths outgrabe.

"Beware the Jabberwock my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jub-jub bird and shun, the frumious Bandersnatch!"

He took his vorpal sword in hand, long time the manxome foe he sought.
So rested he by the Tum-tum tree, and stood awhile in thought.

And as in uffish thought he stood, the Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
came whiffling through the tulgey wood, and burbled as it came!

One-two, one-two! And through and through, the vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head, he went gallumphing back.

"And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay!"
He chortled in his joy.

Twas brilling, and the slithy toves,
did gire and gimble in the wabe.
All mimsy were the borogoves, and the momeraths outgrabe...

No. 205750 ID: 8e2486

lock the doors into this area and keep working. they would most likely take the open doors then the closed ones. and letting them go out ahead of you would make a nice distraction.
No. 205754 ID: 45be60

You do have a vorpal blade right? or at least a winxy pistol?
No. 205758 ID: 701a19

Also, you're nearly finished, and the potential gains from Mitzi eating his brain are too significant to pass-up.
No. 205759 ID: 9d6ab5

Ask about jaberwocks, quickly, and leave the Biology sector if that is indeed the safest thing to do. We want these things to cause trouble for them, not us, so let's avoid encountering the jaberwocks.
No. 205764 ID: 54af1f


Yeah, let's get out of here.
No. 205767 ID: 701a19

Leave the biology sector where nobody knows you are right into the arms of the guards who have access to weaponry designed specifically to kill Tozols?
Penji, this is a low-sec lab. Everything here is less dangerous than you are. Unless those are Tozol pheromones they aren't going to affect you, and chemical-based combat is a trait common to creatures that are sorely lacking in physical capabilities.

If Mitzi doesn't think she can hack the door then have her go on lookout, but getting information from this guy is very high priority.
No. 205768 ID: d560d6

>"Then shouldn't we be running?"

Where would one run TO, though? Presumably these pheromones are going to be spread in other places too, so as to cause general chaos. And being in FRONT of the general chaos just means the same old brunt of defences, only now we can't backpedal because of a following wave of beasties.

You either want to pick through the aftermath, where you only have to deal with who or whatever survived, or you want to be sneaky-dashing through the frenzy while everyone's distracted. Getting a head start seems counterproductive.
No. 205770 ID: c2c011

You need this guy for information. And if you get in you will get a good chokepoint that you can defend, and he has supplies in there that could be useful.

Pick up the pace with the digging and ask Mitzi to keep an eye out for anything odd coming your way.
No. 205771 ID: 9618e3

Keep working on the door. This is going to sound extreme but the chance of Quillig killing himself before we get into the panic room is a risk worth taking. Information is the resource we lack most critically right now. We know so little about what's going on now it should be impossible for Quillig to not know something that could help us.
No. 205809 ID: c4c313


Choke point, yes. Even a damaged door can be a good one if your rifle is pointed through the hole. On the other hand if the smart monsters (the humans) wise up to our location, then no shielding on the planet is going to stop a load displacer, and this time they'll know to keep shooting. It's a good place to be cornered, but being cornered at all is still likely to end in ruin.
No. 205810 ID: 538af1

we aren't going to defend against the humans, just against the monster things. why get in front of a stampede when you can get behind it?
No. 205838 ID: 8ce2bf

Let's stick with getting to Qillig, we're already so close.
No. 205887 ID: c1c607

Aks Mitzi how close she is to opening the door. If she's no where close, tell her to forget about it and be on the lookout instead. If it's the other way around, you be on the lookout.
Either way, we've spent too long working on this door to give up now.
No. 205896 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12787958419.png - (17.88KB , 500x500 , TQ582.png )

>Keep working on the door.
I continue, at a more frantic pace. Minutes slip by.
No. 205897 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127879604444.png - (15.42KB , 500x500 , TQ583_WHO_COULD_HAVE_PREDICTED.png )

Suddenly, monsters attack.

All the doors, save the one to the panic room, open, and six-eyed creatures emerge from the darkness. Floor and wall panels begin denting inward, filling the room with a cacophony of banging and screeching metal.
No. 205900 ID: 8ce2bf

Shoot monsters in the mouth with your bullet gun.
No. 205901 ID: 701a19

Shoot any that come to close. If they come FAR too close then tear them apart.
You don't need to kill them all, just give show of force strong enough to convince them that you're the opposite of a tasty snack.
No. 205902 ID: 940a91

have mitzi cover cover you with the gun while you finish this. mitzi could probably kill them by getting on it's bac and digging her tendrils through their eyes and into their brain.
No. 205904 ID: a594b9

Perhaps we should try luring our enemies to our enemies.

Start a fighting retreat. Get them to follow you out, locate some soldiers, and try to get them to fight eachother while we go somewhere else. Like, for instance, the elevators which are probably safe to approach now since Marcus' entire plan focuses on getting an escape route open!
No. 205906 ID: e3f578

I think the guy (I forgot if it confirmed it was Marcus or not. Lots of stuff and posts jumble the info in my brain) who engineered this to happen had intended Quillig's death in the first place, seeing as these monsters seem to be so concentrated for this room. Then again that's a seem so, ehh, we'll find out after fighting this thing.

I'm curious about finding if these monsters are hostile to us yet. Let's be on the safe side and take most evasive action to get the fuck out. If you have no means of escape, look for the biggest strongest monster and play rodeo with him so he rams the door. It's how these big doors work. TO get monsters to ram into them.
No. 205908 ID: c4c313

Ah what the hell.

No. 205912 ID: 1cf642

This is just the kind of stress relief that you two need. Go and tear up those unlucky basters with your claws. Use there bodies as clubs if they start to surround you. You'll feel better when there all in tiny pieces.
No. 205936 ID: d560d6

Oh, so the pheremones probably *were* localised, unless there were more beasties than we thought.

I suppose the one bit of good news is that you smashed Qillig's camera/screen, so he can't point and laugh.
No. 205938 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127880037164.png - (26.05KB , 500x500 , TQ584.png )

>Shoot any that come to close.
We stand our ground. These things are much faster than they look. By the time I finish telling Mitzi not to shoot until they get close, they're here.
FMJ just bounces off their forward surfaces. My pistol's AP rounds put holes in them, as do sabots, but they aren't going down!

>Go and tear up those unlucky basters with your claws.
Their claws are much bigger!

>This is just the kind of stress relief that you two need.
Fuck you!
No. 205939 ID: a594b9

Hey you know how I said to run? Yeah, maybe we should start doing that.
No. 205941 ID: 701a19

Do they have acid blood? They better damn well not have acid blood.
Run to the stasis room.
No. 205944 ID: c4c313


Good job going for their eyes, but they're not large enough to be the creature's primary sense. It probably will continue successfully attacking blind, and considering the pheremones probably has an excellent sense of smell.

Three possible weaknesses: if they're built like alligators then all their jaw muscles are for closing it tight, so if you hold the mouth closed you can wrassle with 'em. Might not work so well because alligators don't have claws to attack with. Secondly, if they move that fast then their joints must be under a lot of stress. Shoot guns that work at their shoulders and you might be able to disable their claws. Thirdly, these jabberwocks are horny as hell. Suck them off and they'll love you long time!
No. 205945 ID: badf27

Run away, we don't have the resources to fight these guys. Run towards some place where there may be someone to fight them--it's better to have the strike teams know you're alive, and continue BEING alive, than to be eviscerated by these stupid fucking wall-lurkers.
No. 205946 ID: e3f578

You're on top of the fucker, shoot him in the eye and fucking barrel-roll off of that motherfucker.
No. 205947 ID: 940a91

penji: grab the top of it's jaw with hands, bottom jaw with feet and push apart.
mitzi: jump into it's mouth and turn into a whirling mass of razor tentacles.
No. 205948 ID: c4c313


Marcus is on the side that doesn't waste time trying to get in the panic room when they know monsters are about to attack. Anyway yes, an expedient retreat might be wise at this point, since we didn't make it into the panic room in time.
No. 205950 ID: 54af1f


Kick it away from the wall! It's gonna bite Mitzi.
No. 205956 ID: d560d6

>unless there were more beasties than we thought.

Whoops, we saw some in the storage tubes as well. :3c


It appears to have a lot more mass than Penji. Probably better to just keep sticking bullets in it until Mitzi can extricate herself. THEN leg it.
No. 205959 ID: e973f4

Get out the way and run. I don't think they're interested in you two specifically.


Well, they might be now. But they're almost certainly more interested in wherever the pheromone is coming from.
No. 205961 ID: 1cf642

OK... where not likely to kill them.. at all. there is a slim chance in hell if we run they won't follow. Slim is better then dead, let run. Try to escape out any door they are not coming in, or pin are selves against the wall and let them pass, hell maneuver around the to get out. Just fucking leave! they are all going to the panic room door so let them have it.
No. 205967 ID: 701a19

Penji, grab Mitzi and run to where the pheromones are weak or nonexistent. Stasis is probably a good bet.
No. 205968 ID: a594b9

Hey, let's see if we can get away through the holes they're making? The most likely place for them to NOT be is where they came from.
No. 205969 ID: 54af1f

We saw one in Stasis, lets get out of the biolab section all together.
No. 205975 ID: 8ce2bf

Go visit your buddy the space shark and take a relaxing swim. Maybe Mitzi can look something up on Jabberwocks on the way there since she's faster than you.
No. 206016 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12788066481.png - (16.81KB , 500x500 , TQ585.png )

I get slashed a few times as I manage to get us out of our little deathtrap. We start running, but they're right on our heels. I count five of the creatures.

>Mitzi is faster than you
I've gotten quicker since then. I'm keeping ahead of her, but it's not a straight line. We're dodging and weaving.
>consider pheromones
I don't know, but if I had to guess, judging from circulation, I'd say that they're all throughout the Biology section.
>go to stasis
Are you sure? There's at least one there, and it's right next to Live Storage, where we saw twenty more.

I keep shooting while we rush for the exit to try and keep them at bay. Mitzi screams.

"It's got my arm!" she shrieks. "Heeeelp!"
No. 206017 ID: 940a91

grab it's jaws and try to pry them and tell her to change the shape of her arm to get it out.
No. 206019 ID: a594b9

I think Artifacts might be a safer option.

Also GODDAMN IT save Mitzi. Like, rip open that thing's mouth! Drop the rifle if necessary!
No. 206020 ID: 8ce2bf

Jam the rifle in its mouth and pry it open while firing.
No. 206021 ID: 701a19

Fuck the rifle. Save Mitzi!
New plan: Get the fuck out of here.
No. 206023 ID: 54af1f

Kill it with a crowbar!
No. 206032 ID: d560d6


Mitzi seems to like your feet.

That thing looks like it's got far too much jaw muscle mass to wrestle, considering the difficulty you had with the tank dude. If the pistol's loaded, AP rounds into the head again until it gets discouraged.
No. 206035 ID: c2c011

Rip that fuckers jaw off and get Mitzi out of there.

Then just get out of the biology department. Find a sturdy door and get that between yourself and these things.
No. 206036 ID: d560d6

>Then just get out of the biology department. Find a sturdy door and get that between yourself and these things.

Given >>205125 , Chemistry 2 is north of Biology Research where we are. It might have emergency showers to get any surface-residual pheremone off us, and give us a chance to lay low for a moment.

(Obviously there's a decontamination section on that map, but I think that's quite a distance away and probably past horrible amounts of security that it'd be better to let the rabid horde slam into first.)
No. 206039 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127881026240.png - (11.85KB , 500x500 , TQ586.png )

"Mitzi!" I yell. "Try shifting the mass out!"

I rush at the monster, the jabberwock, I guess, firing at point blank.

>Jam the rifle in its mouth
This proves unnecessary. It chomps my rifle in half, very nearly getting my hand as well. Mitzi scrambles away from it.

"Where's your gun?" I snap,

"It ate mine, too!'

Are they disarming us on purpose? Or just going after heat sources?
No. 206040 ID: 940a91

let it have the gun, keep going.
No. 206041 ID: d560d6

>It chomps my rifle in half

Plenty more where that came from. Keep running.

I don't think we upgraded thermal camo, but since Mitzi's with us anyway that's kind of beside the point. Don't suppose we've got any flares, or anything in the lab that looks like it could be made to catch fire on the run?
No. 206044 ID: f21281

No. 206048 ID: 701a19

They laid ambushes in the hopes you would enter their cells. There's a good chance they ARE disarming you.
No. 206050 ID: a594b9

Maybe they just eat metal. Or they're trained to disarm enemies? Like really big dogs. The one in the tank didn't have HOSTILE written on it, y'know. Perhaps they're supposed to take orders, too? Tell them to SIT or STAY.
No. 206051 ID: 54af1f

Punch it in the skull and run like hell.
No. 206055 ID: a594b9

...we should keep running btw. See if you can order them to go away though. Maybe even throw a flashbang or something.
No. 206067 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127881428949.png - (15.20KB , 500x500 , TQ587.png )

>Don't suppose we've got any flares, or anything in the lab that looks like it could be made to catch fire on the run?
I don't know what any of this stuff does. The only heat producing gadget I've got on me is a flashbang, and that only lasts a moment. I don't think grenades count.

I leave what's left of the rifle. The others circled around behind us while we were slowed, so we jump.
No. 206068 ID: 6ef727

Toss a flash bang in its mouth and keep on trucking.
No. 206069 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127881460117.png - (14.64KB , 500x500 , TQ588_claws_that_catch.png )

One of them catches me in midair. Its claws punch through my skin, sinking into muscle, yanking me down. Its sickle toe slashes at me, scratching my spinal plates.

I cry out. Not from pain, though there's plenty of that, but to let Mitzi know. She's clear of them, now. She can get away, at least for awhile.
No. 206070 ID: badf27

Uh, I guess use the flashbang. Fuck, I don't know. Climb up on top of the Valcien tank? They probably couldn't climb that...?
No. 206073 ID: 197650

Flashbangs frequently rip apart your ear drums, concidering you have 4 ears and theyre far more sensetive, I would suggest against that.
No. 206074 ID: 1cf642

we can try to use the flash bang to escape before the thing before it eats penji. Then run to stasis where we might be able to kill these things. there is a lot of electrical equipment in that room if we clime up on the tank and shoot out the glass. there might be enough water to flood the room and electrocute these big fucks. though this plan does hold a lot of maybes to it we could help out by ripping some long wires out of the stasis containers that are everywhere. This is all i can come up with. though these thing might be able to clime so we might actual need the flash bang right before we plan to get out of the waters way when we break the glass. If penji could get away without using the flasher it would probably be better off in the end game.
No. 206075 ID: 6ef727

Ok then, just toss a normal grenade in its mouth and hold it shut.

That or kick it in the throat...hard...a lot.
No. 206076 ID: 6a5a08

That claw looks an awful lot like a facehugger.
No. 206077 ID: 197650

This thing has a lot of eyes, tiny too. I think that suggests poor eyesight, meaning they rely on some other way to find their prey. Now what they use is the question, and other than that, how can we use that against them?
The skin is hard and flat, suggesting it doesnt feel the air move around him like a spider does.
I think the most likely candidate it smell, possibly through the tongue like a snake. Meaning we have to confuse it with some sense of smell, and overpowering odor perhaps?
No. 206078 ID: a594b9

Flashbang and run.
No. 206079 ID: 54af1f

Swing around and pistol shot it in the face to get it off you, then run again.
No. 206082 ID: 54af1f

Actually yeah, Flash bang it in the face and run away from this section. Do not go to the Stasis room because it is FULL OF ALIEN HORRORS.
No. 206085 ID: 61faa9

Flashbang and GTFO of the biolabs for God's sake.
No. 206086 ID: badf27

Wait fuck I'm a little behind.

No, do NOT use the flashbang. It will break your ears and maybe your tails too.
No. 206087 ID: 54af1f

Who cares we're dead if we don't. Flashbang and run!
No. 206104 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127882039834.png - (17.13KB , 500x500 , TQ589.png )

I scramble for the flashbang, and struggle to keep the jabberwock from tearing out my guts. Its claws dig and dig at the muscles in my back. My blindsight can feel Mitzi behind me, frozen, neither moving to help, nor moving to escape. Soon, she'll be able to do neither.

I hear laughter.

"Stupid, shortsighted, pointless, petty revenge, in the face of looming disaster," he says. "This is your drive? This is your tactical acumen? This is the function of neurology men have wasted lifetimes trying to decrypt?"

I yank the pin from the weapon.

"You were wrong," he says. "I know all I need about what you are."
No. 206106 ID: a594b9

Shut your eyes, throw the flashbang and yell for Mitzi to run. Close your ears if you can.
No. 206109 ID: badf27


uhh is there any way to cover your ears

or shove the flashbang deep into that thing's gullet

jesus fuck what is happening
No. 206111 ID: a594b9

Hmm, I wonder what would happen if we shoved it in its mouth. Would the others try to attack it?
No. 206120 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127882188066.png - (16.25KB , 500x500 , TQ590.png )

There is flash. There is bang. There is a tremendous burst of infrared.
No. 206122 ID: e17ed5

use tail sense, they are unaffected by sound and light!
No. 206123 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127882229872.png - (20.77KB , 500x500 , TQ591.png )

The jabberwocks recoil, one of them ripping a long gash through my flesh in the process. I stumble to my feet. I'm still tired from digging through the panic room's outer door, and these wounds slowing me down.

Mitzi is still behind me, and still hasn't moved or said anything.

"You're almost like a person," Qillig continues. "How disappointing."
No. 206124 ID: abb30a

"I am a person, you silly billy."
No. 206125 ID: a594b9

Grab Mitzi and RUN! Just fucking CARRY HER if you're faster than she is!
No. 206126 ID: f21281

"Trust me, the feeling's mutual."
No. 206128 ID: e17ed5

'well i spent 40 years bathing in poison dumbass. half my systems are down. they will be up soon. my heart channels? the suppress took that down. maybe if you didn't dope me up it wouldn't have taken this long to heal?
No. 206129 ID: 6834bc

>Mitzi is still behind me, and still hasn't moved or said anything

Make sure she's alone and still alive. If Qillig is holding her hostage that's just bullshit.
No. 206131 ID: a594b9

Don't say anything! He's just taunting you, making you waste time!
No. 206132 ID: badf27

Punch Mitzi in the face.

Not too hard, though. Just hard enough to rule out some sort of ridiculous possession.
No. 206133 ID: 61faa9

Grab Mitzi, run. Don't waste processor cycles talking to him.
No. 206134 ID: c4c313

Heh, well at least Quillig won't be interested in us after this. Uh, but that means we die. Okay, new plan, use your heat channels to suppress your body's temperature signature to hide from the, shit wait those haven't healed yet. Okay, go out the back way, crap there is no back way. Get a big gun... dammit. We are so screwed. Penji, I am so sorry.
No. 206135 ID: e973f4

Ignore Qillig. Not the time.
No. 206136 ID: 6faf8a

I like this.
No. 206140 ID: badf27


Do this, and also punch Mitzi in the face lightly to check that she's not controlled somehow.
No. 206143 ID: 61faa9

Don't waste time shaking/punching/pinching Mitzi. We are in a room full of alien killing machines, and only two of them are us. Grab her and run.
No. 206174 ID: f4963f

Mitzi's in shock. Just grab her and run.

And say this.
No. 206191 ID: 4531bc

"Revenge? You're certainly quick to make assumptions.Is that why you sicced these things on me?"
No. 206192 ID: a594b9

No, this was one of the things Marcus's SURPRISE activated. Mitzi was supposed to use the confusion caused by them being released to escape.
No. 206212 ID: c2c011

Ok, there is something you need to get done now. Very important right now.

Focus on making sure you don't emit any heat at all. It's something you should be able to do, and if these things go after heat sources then not emitting any heat would be a good thing.

But that's not a certain thing, so move back and grab Mitzi and get out of the room. And ignore Qillig, it was more than petty revenge back there, he will find that out eventually.
No. 206220 ID: 54af1f

Don't waste time, pick Mitzi up and run away with her out of this area.
No. 206224 ID: d560d6

Good man, Qillig.

And for the love of Pete, don't try to quip back. If nothing else you've just had horrible chest injuries and need that breath for running.
No. 206228 ID: f1f0f0

Run! You don't have to outrun the monsters, you only have to outrn Mitzi!
No. 206229 ID: d560d6


If nothing else, letting our only ally with engineering skills get mauled will very rapidly backfire in a facility full of things to hack.
No. 206325 ID: 197650

they will be stunned for 5 seconds or so, if they are hypersensetive, they will be stunned for longer, use this window of oppertunity to run like hell and find a door to lock behind you, you can concider throwing a frag grenade at them, or toss one behind you to further disorientate them, if not hurt them.
No. 206497 ID: 8b7db1

This is a good thing to say.

But a better thing to do is RUN. Man, how come I wasn't here when this was updated before. This is a VERY BAD situation for you to be in. It would be best if you RAN.
No. 207351 ID: 94a923

Time to leave. Get out of Bio Research and run for Tech Research. Hope that other monsters already went down the corridor and are attacking the guards so you can use them as cover. Be sure to kill any guard that sees you so he can't report you. If the guards aren't being attacked just break through them and hope the monsters following you finish them off.
No. 207352 ID: f21281

Penji: Poke your quest author in the side until he updates again :U
No. 207376 ID: e973f4

Hey Penji. When you get the opportunity (i.e. once you've run away a bunch), try and put some thick metal doors between you and these things. Preferably, like, six.
No. 207380 ID: 298d97

"Funny, I could say the same about you"*grin*
Leave, lock door, return later.

anybody have the current map?
No. 207688 ID: b36407

Ignore the human's insults for now. Mitzi and you need to get behind some serious steel, i.e. blast doors. Get out of bio research... where would some weapons be? Tech research seems like a good hunch.

tl;dr run like a mutherfucker.
No. 209050 ID: 9bd27f

Agreeing with >>206224

Worry less about looking cool, vengeance, and other distractions. Try to get out alive first, and keep your promise to get Mitzi out alive too.

Also remind yourself, Qillig is almost certainly not the one ultimately in charge of the whole operation, so even if he's knowledgeable, he's just a goon in the end, or at best, one of many executives. Risking your life to get him is just pointless.

Take your moment of respite, and use it to get some distance and barriers between you and the Jabberwocks. Remember to grab Mitzi on your way out.
No. 209503 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12794303412.png - (20.28KB , 500x500 , TQ592.png )

I'm tempted to say something back, but decide against it. The sound of Qillig's voice seems to have distracted the disoriented creatures.

I back quickly towards the door. My free hand quietly snags a grenade. I pull the pin and cook it off.
No. 209512 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127943082995.png - (30.61KB , 500x500 , TQ593.png )

Blast and fragmentation scatters the jabberwocks, but they seem more surprised than hurt.

I break into a full run.
No. 209522 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127943116160.png - (15.25KB , 500x500 , TQ594.png )

Mitzi and I charge into the twisting hallways. I close the way behind me, and hear the sound of powerful, alien flesh and bone hitting the metal, denting and bending the door in its frame.

"We should get to stasis," I say.

"Stasis?!" shrieks Mitzi. "There's more there! And that's right next to the cells! There's probably more there than anywhere else!"

"I know that!" I shout. I'm filled with a deep and sudden confusion.

"Why would we want to go there?!" she yells.

"I... I don't know!" I reply. What else can I say? The voices told me to?

Mitzi goes silent, then starts screaming.

We're currently running towards the center of the biology section. From there, we can either head towards a specific room, or out of the place entirely.
No. 209525 ID: 701a19

Head to the point where you have to decide what route to take, then sniff the air to get an idea of how heavy the pheromones are. If they're weaker, then head for Stasis. If they're the same or stronger, then leave.
No. 209527 ID: a594b9

I think we might want to just get the hell out. Get some thicker walls between us and them.
No. 209533 ID: e973f4

Get out of Bio entirely. I don't think we should even consider returning here unless either these things are mostly dispersed or we gain access to much better firepower.

Although it'd really suck to have to leave Niraem here. :/

But for now just get out of Bio out out out out out.
No. 209559 ID: c4c313




We can't save the fuck out of Niraem anyway, not until we get a few gallon drums full of CS. It'd be nice to ride him out of this dump, but at our current capabilities the best we can do is a return mission after getting out, finding the Diplomats, and wringing them out over a barrel to get the CS to save him with. I agree though. Get out of Bio the fuck now. It's high past time to make a break for Engineering.
No. 209562 ID: e973f4

Yeah, like I said, that's for in the future if possible, and would only be possible with things we don't have like a large amount of C-S and massive firepower. :V
No. 209563 ID: 0b2a05

Get the hell out of there, you can't help anyone if you're dead, least of all yourselves.
No. 209571 ID: badf27

No. 209573 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127943641621.png - (13.51KB , 500x500 , TQ595.png )

"We are leaving the area!" I shout.

"Finally! Christ!" Mitzi shouts. "What is wrong with you?!"

I don't have an answer. It feels good to run. I'm pulling ahead, but only because she's the one opening the doors. We're breaking forty miles per hour between stops.

"Fucking answer me!" she says. "Are you fucking stupid?!"

"I'm not the one yelling where enemies can hear."

"No, you're just the one who decided we should stay here and get eaten!"
No. 209574 ID: a594b9

Say that you'll tell her when it's safer.
No. 209575 ID: a594b9

>Find the diplomats
You do realize the Diplomats want to kill all the Tozols right? Also if we tell them that humanity was keeping their research on Penji and Hyperion secret, they're going to destroy the Earth. Talking to the Diplomats about this is not a good idea.
No. 209580 ID: e31d52

"I panicked, okay?! I can't make all the decisions here! You feel like something's wrong, speak the fuck up! Now keep moving!"
No. 209581 ID: c2c011

Tell her that you will explain later. For now just concentrate on running to a safe spot.
No. 209584 ID: e973f4

Supporting this. Y'know, maybe "politely" remind her that until a very short time ago indeed your brain was completely fried. :V
No. 209589 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127944037854.png - (24.38KB , 500x500 , TQ596.png )

"I'm sorry!" I say. "I panicked!"

"I thought you were some kind of... of..."

"Whatever I used to be was shot in the head!" I say. "Shit! Jump!"

We narrowly manage to leap over a jabberwock that crashed into the hallway ahead of us. Surrendering to reflex, I unload my weapon into its limb joints to slow it down. At such close range, the API rounds easily penetrate.
No. 209592 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127944068442.png - (16.52KB , 500x500 , TQ597.png )

We leave the wounded creature behind. It doesn't roar. It doesn't make a sound, except through movement. None of them do.

This means there's yet more of them scattered through the area, and that was my last magazine.

We need to think about where we're going next. I am... feeling less than inclined to follow the impulses I get from you, but I don't know what to do!

I try to calm down. I just need to put more thought into what I'm doing.
What am I doing? We're almost to the bio lab's exit. Where am I going? And, this time around, why?
No. 209593 ID: e31d52



No. 209594 ID: 701a19

The area map showed a storage section nearby. We don't know what is inside, but we are in need of resources.
When you leave, turn RIGHT.
No. 209596 ID: a594b9

The jabberwocks are part of Marcus's plan to get Mitzi out of here... so let's head towards the facility's exit. The jabberwocks seem to have been mostly heading towards Tech Research. I think perhaps they are meant to cause chaos in that section, distracting Security so that Mitzi can get through.

On the other hand we could really use whatever stuff they've got lying around Tech Research. Perhaps the jabberwocks were sent in that direction to bust the place open so that the delicious weapons inside could be collected.

If we knew WHY the jabberwocks were released we would know exactly where to go.

Where else is there? Can we get a map?
No. 209597 ID: e31d52

Good. Excellent. Thinking for yourself is great. But, er, now's not really the time to be thinking too hard.

Instinct, Penji. Instinct. Aside from 'away' where does it tell you to go? You still have those awesome supersoldier abilities, they just aren't... active, so to speak, not something you can snap your fingers and activate.

If you can't think of anything, ask Mitzi. If she can't? Well, then I leave it in the hands of my fellow impulses. I'm not smart enough for specific guidance.
No. 209599 ID: c1c607

What was the point of Marcus' trap, again? To release monsters into a presumably empty lab section? Probably not. He probably scattered the pheromones everywhere he went.

Are you still able to detect it by smell? If so, get out of bio and turn to wherever there's less of it. Do note that the exit is possibly swarming with humans or Jabberdudes, or both, so be cautious when approaching it. Use your blindsight.
No. 209600 ID: c1c607

Oh, almost forgot! Hey sweet-tits, where's your lil' duffle bag? You lost it, haven't you.

Oh well, no worries. Whatever's on you right now should suffice. That said, what do you have on you?
No. 209608 ID: 3d7a30
File 127944984941.jpg - (169.55KB , 800x565 , tozol quest map.jpg )

Dear Penji,

I seems that things just haven't been working out between us and you. Maybe we need to spend some time apart, get away from the familiar routine of us, decide what we really want out of life. Sorry to drop this on you without warning, but we've thought about it and we really think it's for the best. Take care of yourself,

The Voices.

Seriously, though...

This section is full of jabberwocks. Each one is capable of killing us. We need to leave, right now.

please see the handy map to explain our situation.

As to what do do next - our goal is to get out of this complex. Lift/exit looks mighty tempting, but it's probably still locked down. Not to mention guarded by guards with guns. Probably really big guns.

In order to unlock lift/exit we need to get to security. But there are probably lots of guards there as well. It would be suicide to go there without better armaments.

We should go to technology/research. Maybe we can find something in there we can use as WEPN. At the very least we can recuperate and do some healing.
No. 209612 ID: a594b9

Hmmm... no, we can't go to Security in our current state. We're still full of Suppress and low on supplies... If the Jabberwocks are heading to Tech Research then lacking any other hints from Marcus we should go to somewhere low-risk, close by, yet near the jabberwocks' apparent destination so we can recover and analyze the situation. Wait, what if they store Counter-suppress in there? That's a good reason to go there!

I'm retracting my earlier split vote between Exit and Tech and voting for Stores.
No. 209615 ID: d560d6

Let's not head away from the exit. Every single time we've hung back it's burnt us. You're not going go find weapons in a research lab. You're going to find benches covered in gear studying weird and interesting physical phenomena which can one day maybe be weaponised into something reliable and portable enough to be practical.

Security makes a deal of sense, since it's going to be at its weakest now, with the forces occupied trying to stop Jabberwocks wrecking everything. And Engineering is on the way.
No. 209619 ID: 3d7a30

I still vote for Tech Research but Engineering would be good as well
No. 209625 ID: 54af1f

Ok. We're very low on ammo. We need to reload up. Let's go into the tech lab and find some more stuff.

Try to not act crazy to reassure Mitzi. Don't listen to us if we tell you to do dumb things.
No. 209676 ID: e973f4

>"Where am I going?"
Not biology!

Because biology is full of monsters!

But seriously I'm not sure where else in the facility you ought to go, excepting that going backwards is probably not reasonable. :V
No. 209695 ID: 384e1f

It would be a good idea to get to the vehicle bay as a long term goal, but for now, I say engineering.
The Jabberwoks respond to sound. When that guy spoke over the intercom, it freaked them out because they didn't see the man it was coming from.
If you get to engineering, you can mask your sound with that of the machines and maybe even find an intercom so you can incapacitate them. Plus it likely has weapons.
No. 209712 ID: dad664

Just tell her about us already. I mean geeze, no one else we talk to even acknowledges us to anyone they know.

Just pass it off as maybe being natural to Tozol biology. A Hive Consciousness that's capable of taking a situation, rationalizing the hell out of it, and coming to a group consensus in a split second.
No. 209761 ID: b36407

We don't want you to die, Penji, honest. Do you think that third smell is Marcus? If so, follow it.

In any case, leaving is the best option, but if the exit is still locked down then we will need to re-arm and get some more Counter, probably.

What if Marcus planned on using the jaberwocks to clear out security and/or the exit of guards? It's a possibility, but first Penji you need to heal before taking on anything like that.
No. 209762 ID: 54af1f


Yes we are. We might even find our weapon.

Also, why would we think Jabberwocks are heading there?
No. 210000 ID: 61faa9

Security will be full of guns, many with people attached, but is unlikely to contain Counter-Suppress. Stores may have C-S, but is less likely to have guns. It will, however, have lots of boring junk to slow us down searching.

I'm honestly undecided.
No. 210025 ID: 8b261a

i vote for stores!
No. 210156 ID: 383547

>Chemisty 1
>Chemistry 2
>Counter and Suppress are chemicals
>Counter makes us more powerful

One of the chemistry sections seems to be our best bet, as they're likely to be full of useful shit and probably are lightly guarded if they are guarded at all.
No. 210159 ID: a14ff9

Tech or Stores, whatever turns out to be more convenient once you reach them.
No. 210162 ID: 701a19

Producing CS in small batches as-needed is highly inefficient.
If CS is produced here, then there should be some in storage.
If CS is not produced here, then it would obviously be kept in storage.
In either case our best chance to find some is in storage. The one to your right is further from security, meaning that there is a lower chance of being spotted.
No. 210279 ID: c4c313

It's fairly impossible for Suppress and Counter-Suppress to be produced here, since you've already discovered that the Diplomats are the only ones who can provide the substances, that they have a tight hold on its secrets, and they're not running this facility.
No. 210321 ID: 38738e

Ah, a good point! Stores MIGHT have Counter, but I highly doubt it has weapons. Those would probably be in Security. Even with guard running around fighting the Jabberwocks, however, there might be too many troops in Security for us to take on in our current state.

So in short more Counter needs to be found and/or we need to find somewhere to plan out an assault on Security. Maybe the data we downloaded could be of use. But, duh, first things first, get somewhere we can hold up for now and heal.
No. 210466 ID: 5a2987

I think we should be trying to find an exit. The jabberwocks must be distracting the security forces to some degree, we need to get out of here at this point.
No. 210467 ID: c2c011

Tech research probably contains some interesting stuff. And based on what they're researching here the place probably has some pretty hefty doors to make sure no accidents with their experiments go wrong.
No. 212045 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128003659222.png - (8.25KB , 500x500 , TQ598.png )

We make it back to the entrance to the biolab. The crater still has water pooled at the bottom, but the flow's long since stopped, so there's no steam to hide us.

I stop and peer around the corner with my blindsight. There's a signature. A large one, not moving very much, but with enough mass that my tails can feel it through the steel, as well as the air.

"What is it?" Mitzi whispers.

"One of the tank-bots, I think. Must've left it to keep watch."
No. 212047 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128003679651.png - (16.76KB , 500x500 , TQ599.png )

>what do you have on you?
Mitzi still has the backpack. It has the stuff we found in HS3. Tools, duct tape, computer storage, that sort of thing. I have a pistol but no pistol rounds, and sixty rifle rounds but no rifle. My only working weapons, not counting hand to hand or thrown scraps, are two frag grenades.

>Instinct, Penji. Instinct. Aside from 'away' where does it tell you to go?
It... doesn't. But it is does say that I need more weaponry. A lot.

>We should go to technology/research. Maybe we can find something in there we can use as a weapon.
That makes sense.

>Stores will have C-S
Maybe so, but C-S doesn't provide instantaneous benefit. Weapons do. It can be second.

"Mitzi," I whisper. "We need to get to Tech research. Fast."

"Fuck that," she replies. "You go do that. I'm not getting shot. I'm going back. Find an airtight place. Hide until the bombs go off."

"We didn't find any bombs."

"Marcus didn't grab those explosives for fun," she whispers. "I think he's giving these critters more ways out. I think it's soon."
No. 212048 ID: 701a19

Can you tell which way it's facing?
No. 212050 ID: 701a19

Sit and rest.
Tell Mitzi that pain has been clouding your mind and you need to take a few minutes to calm down and collect your focus. Apologize for making poor judgement calls.
No. 212051 ID: c4c313

Is it... moving? If it's just sitting there you can practically chill right around the corner and it'll never notice.

How is your eye doing? I know it's been a total of maybe 5 or 10 minutes, but has the bleeding stopped?

What you could do is wait for one of those... jabberwock things to come charging out, then slap it towards the bot who will (hopefully) distract it while you go charging off to Tech to get a gun. I don't know if Mitzi would be okay with that plan though. Normally I wouldn't suggest splitting up, but Mitzi has a point. She can probably go chill it in the airtight tank and brofist with the space whale, while what you need is a gun. A big gun. Different directions, those.

Hey here's a crazy idea have Mitzi jump on one of those Jabberwock things hack into its peabrain and ride the thing like a mechanical bull.
No. 212052 ID: badf27

Uh oh, looks like Mitzi wants to leave you.
Tell her that you do not want to be "just friends".

No but seriously you should probably make a hasty apology and explain that you'd like to sit down and rest and clear your mind because of the immense pain you are in(you can fib here and say that you've been in extreme pain since waking up and that it has only been getting worse since you've been shot and all that--it's only a half-lie, since you DID say that you became aware of a huge pain after your first dose of Counter, right?) for the sympathy vote, but that it'll have to wait a bit longer so that the imminent danger of those fucking jabberwocks is less imminent.
No. 212054 ID: a594b9

She has a point. Where can we hide...? An airtight space would probably be... one of the High Security areas, or possibly in a lab.

Hey what do you know? That Displacer blast knocked a hole into the labs near us. That's the closest change of scenery we have, and there's likely going to be some clean rooms in there with airlocks.
No. 212055 ID: badf27

In addition...
Maybe you should take this opportunity to ask some things about Marcus. We don't even know what the fuck, but apparently since he's her brother and all, she would. Well, we know he's a shapeshifter, but that's it.
No. 212078 ID: cf5e15

Is that you shaped piece of metal still in the crater, or did you take it with you? If you had that you could use it as a shield, rush the tank, and flip it up on it's side like you did the first one.
No. 212115 ID: c1c607

Tell her the trouble with hiding in some cubbyhole is that once you're found, it's game over.
Besides, she couldn't tell if her hiding place sits next to a room full of explosives. Say that the bombs could be hidden anywhere, so staying in one spot would be as useless as moving around.

Now, as to what to do. The guard-bot is trouble. While it can't detect you on radar, it still has visuals. Also it can detect Mitzi. Probably already did. This is a bit of a pickle.
No. 212120 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128004628296.png - (16.80KB , 500x500 , TQ600.png )

>How is your eye doing? I know it's been a total of maybe 5 or 10 minutes
It's been over an hour, but it's not ready, yet.

"I'm sorry," I say. "I've been in a lot of pain..."

"Bullshit," she hisses, just barely staying quiet. "You didn't mention pain, before. You didn't mention your brain being broken. You just told me to trust you."

"I'm doing the best I can," I say.

"Fine," she says. "Great. Whatever. I'm glad. I'm going back to find a hiding place. You can follow me or not."
No. 212125 ID: badf27

Okay, she's not going to be cooperative. It sucks to see her go, but I have to admit we haven't exactly been up-front with her.

You could grab her and try to explain, but I think she'd probably attack.

So she can fuck off. She'll get killed, we lose an ally, but maybe she'll distract something on her way out.

Tell her you're sorry to see her go.
No. 212126 ID: a594b9

Looks like we lost Mitzi. She's too pissed at us right now to overlook her quite reasonable fear of being eaten or shot.

Tell her you'll come back and find her after your brain feels less broken and you've got more weapons. Tell her to stay safe.
No. 212127 ID: c1c607

Welp, I see no better (immediate) option. Gonna have to see what she has in mind.

I think it's high time we tearfully reveal how a Tozol's mind consists of a lot of consciousnesses, contrary to the single-threaded human mind.

All in favor say aye.
No. 212133 ID: 3d7a30

*sigh* why didn't I get up earlier?

This is a Quest. We are the Heroes/Protagonists. We are meant to Do Stuff. Hiding somewhere and passively waiting is a Recipe For Disaster.

Tell Mitzi that we're stronger together. We have complementary skills. Whatever mistakes have been made in the past, our best chance of survival is to stick together.

Then try to get her focussed on the immediate task: that is, to destroy the guard bot, sooner rather than later.
No. 212136 ID: 0b2a05

Apologize to Mitzi, remind her how well you work together, but if she still doesn't want to come... go with her.
No. 212139 ID: 45be60

I am curious to know what her later plans are. Hiding is not a long term solution. "I can't do this without you, I need your help. But more than that... I don't want to be alone. I have all these skills, but only a few hours of experiences to go with them. You are the only friend I ever had. I'm sorry. I think its a mistake, but you have stuck with me so far. We can do things your way for a while."

Being a leader does not always mean being right. It does mean knowing how to keep your team from self-destructing. Besides, if you can actually manage to stay out of combat for a little while, it would probably do you a lot of good. And in the likely event that something goes horribly wrong, maybe she will listen to you again.
No. 212148 ID: a594b9

I don't think we're going to get anywhere by apologizing over and over. Sorry isn't enough.
No. 212151 ID: c71597

Actually it's probably a decent idea to follow her. You could both use some downtime and relax a bit as well as heal up.
No. 212156 ID: 3d7a30

I have to reiterate that following Mitzi is a terribly bad idea. We shouldn't be handing the initiative to anyone else - no matter how pissed off they are.

She'd only find us somewhere to hide. We'd be stuck there for who knows how long. Think about it. What would we talk about?

Remind her that we promised we'd get her out of there. And going forward is the best way to do it.

Now, we gotta go kill that guard bot thing.
No. 212158 ID: c1c607

>Kill the guard-bot.

How? We're nearly weaponless, and the tank is somewhere down the hallway. It would start shooting shells from the moment it sees us up until we manage to get to grenade range.
No, tackling it currently is suicidal.

The obvious choices here are either following Mitzi, or blindly trying to outrun the bot.
No. 212159 ID: d560d6

I reiterate: losing the engineering-skilled ally in a facility with lots of doors and such we've had to hack would be a very bad tactical decision, regardless of how much /quest/ does/does not want to play lesbian interspecies matchmaker.

Follow, ask if she has any idea where you might find a door STRONG enough. After all, these things have been ripping through most of the facility.
No. 212161 ID: 701a19

Never Split The Party.
You need her skills to get out of here, so stick with her.
No. 212177 ID: 99ffa5
File 128006822133.png - (132.15KB , 1024x680 , Everything_can_go_wrong.png )

Let's not take risks with the tank.
Anyway, do not lose Mitzi. We really need her with us.
Follow her if you need to.
No. 212178 ID: bffa2a

Apologize for not living up to her expectations of an infallible killing machine and just being you. But ask her to at least come with you for a while and seek a hiding place where you can come back and get her should you live through our gross incompetence. Tell you'll try to keep your promise if she still wants you to.

Who knows, mayby she'll change her mind after the adrealine stops flowing again. And this way we'll know her exact location. She might just be scared and you're no longer the indestructible monster that she hoped you were.
No. 212185 ID: 54af1f


"At least tell me where you're going so we can meet up again."
No. 212196 ID: 1ccfc6

oh hey, its TP's quest! i wonder how it is goiWHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED AROUND HERE?

say to mitzi that the pain is actualy emotional. we were both angry at that Q guy because of what he did, and that pain really did blinded our judgement. also comment on how fine her calls have been even tho her heart got shot.

we should not split. ask her for a few minutes to find at least AP ammo for the gun and something that could pose as armor. give her the rifle ammo since its likely she can throw it at their mouth to explode there.

you should look worried. without tazer tits, your effectiveness to breaking doors is reduced to chewing them, without tube gurl, mitzi's battle prowess is reduced to begging and feeding.

lastly, make a vowel with her to leave the emotional baggage behind. we need to find out marcus while escaping to find out what the fuck is going on and ask the diplomats to glass the planet while giving them info to hunt down Q but not the whole human species.
No. 212222 ID: c13222

Best to follow her. Where Marcus' doings are concerned, she'd have a much better idea than you, or us, so if she says he's rigged things to blow we don't want be running around not knowing where these things are. Besides, you need her, and she needs you, though she's not in a fit state to appreciate it right now.

You're not going to be able to convince her of anything, I think, in any case. It'll be easier for both of you to find a safe spot with you both looking. You both need some rest, time to gather your thoughts, get the emotions down to acceptable levels.
No. 212223 ID: a594b9

ERGH. Less excuses, more shutting up about it.
No. 212224 ID: 4c4bc4

OK. She no longer trusts you. so do this. Follow her quietly and wait until she calms down or asks about it then tell her about us.
It is the only way and make sure you say that we have been giving bad advice recently, because we have.
Some of the more active voices need to think before they type...
No. 212231 ID: 5ff464

Aight, fuck it. Follow Mitzi and let somebody else make a few decisions for a change.
No. 212232 ID: 61faa9

Go to the tech lab.

Before going apologise, and then point out that you two are still safer together. There's no guarantee she'll find another safe room, or that she won't be found, or that she'll survive the bombs, and you are still a very capable killing machine. But you need her help to analyse the stuff there. The two of you are far more capable together.
No. 212233 ID: 61faa9

And don't tell her you're hearing voices! Do you WANT her to think you're delusional as well as just stupid?
No. 212236 ID: 54af1f

We haven't even got a gun. We need to find a weapon before we go anywhere with Mitzi.
No. 212280 ID: dad664

"And what are you going to do after everything goes to hell? Providing that he hasn't put the bombs someplace strategic enough that it reduces this entire place to sub-atomic dust? We didn't see the bombs anywhere, and there certainly didn't seem like enough on that Valcien to blow this place to kingdom come. So if he really wants to do some damage, he'd probably want to put them somewhere which would make a big enough boom to set off an even BIGGER boom.

Yeah, I may be a little quirked right now, but hell, woman, I'm the closest thing you have to an ally and a friend right now. In the grand scheme of things, I think a schizophrenic amnesiac Tozol in a facility full of flesh-hungry alien beasts offers a better chance for survival than hiding in a closet waiting for everything to explode around you."

Man, sometimes I wish we were a virus or something. Then we could infect Mitzi and pick her brain for a bit.
No. 212382 ID: 240e67

Do not reveal our existence to her. That would be bad.

I don't think we should go hide, but if we don't go with her I'm sure she will die. So go with her anyway.
No. 212388 ID: b36407

We need to regain Mitzi's trust. I think some full honesty is in order right now: tell her what's going on with you. Be upfront, express the honest desire to keep out promise to get her out of here safely. We want to keep our promise to her.
No. 212393 ID: 9e1d1b

"I understand and I'm sorry. Do you want some help finding a safe place to hide, or would you rather find one without m-...
...on your own?"

Y'know what they say. If you love something, let it go.

Maybe we won't have to hold back if we don't have to worry about Mitzi's safety. We can come back for her when we're Super-Penji, all countered-up and healed.

Also, with the way we were digging through that saferoom door, maybe we can start taking walls as 'just suggestions'?
No. 212402 ID: c4c313


Look, I'm not lying. I'm in pain right now. I just don't show it very well. It's not important. You go hide. Do whatever you can to keep yourself safe. Get out of here if you can.

Me I'm only 67% the tozol I can be without suitable weaponry to ply my talents on. I need to get into tech research, to find a gun. A really big gun. You don't need to do that as much as me; I'm willing to take the risk alone.

Just remember when you're out there that they had you once, and they can have you again if you let them. They had both of us...
No. 212599 ID: 2ea108

"Fine. We'll rendezvous at (X) in (Y) minutes if possible, or at (X2) in (Y2) hours if not possible. If neither is possible, well, I'm glad we didn't have to go it alone this far. Take care."
No. 212700 ID: 1cf642

"I can't do this without you. If you're not going I'm not going."
No. 212762 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128021481738.png - (18.58KB , 500x500 , TQ601.png )

"You sure?" I ask.

She doesn't reply.

>I don't think we should go hide
Hell no, we shouldn't.
>We need to find a weapon before we go anywhere with Mitzi.
Definitely. I need a gun. Or even a good, solid blunt object.
>Follow Mitzi and let somebody else make a few decisions for a change.
I don't want to! I've wasted so much time already.

"Good luck," I say as she leaves.
No. 212763 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128021484961.png - (7.13KB , 500x500 , TQ602.png )

I consider the guard robot, estimating the distance, and ready a grenade.

>Hiding somewhere and passively waiting is a recipe for disaster.
Definitely. You think these guys only have so many guards? This place is secret, but how important will that secret be when the jabberwocks roam free? How long before the humans bring in whole infantry units to pacify the place?
>No, tackling it currently is suicidal.
No, it isn't. If my throw is good, I can blind its sensors with fragments and use a piece of wall as a shield while I run to Tech Research.
>We want to keep our promise to her.
No. 212764 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128021491062.png - (6.66KB , 500x500 , TQ603.png )

>We promised we'd get her out of here.

Damn it. Damn you.
No. 212765 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128021510288.png - (12.67KB , 500x500 , TQ604.png )

I follow her without a word. We quietly prowl the storage rooms. She finds a row of meat lockers. All are active. All have been emptied, and one's been refilled with what I can only guess is jabberwock shit.

We sneak into an empty one, nearest the blowing heat exchangers that will make our scent hard to localize. The refrigeration unit and thick, insulated walls should mask both our heat and noise, but I don't have anything to do or anything to say.

We're now relatively hidden, and relatively safe, but I feel defeated. And cold.
No. 212767 ID: e31d52

inb4 hug mitzi for warmth.

Seriously, there's nothing we can say to her.
No. 212771 ID: a594b9

Hey, a hook. We can use that for a weapon.

Ask if her arm is healing ok.
No. 212772 ID: 701a19

Yes there is.


Is there anything in there that you could use to create a thermal buffer? Cardboard boxes would do it, sure, but if you can tell us what materials are on hand then we might be able to rig up something to stem the heat loss.

Or did you mean completely empty?
No. 212778 ID: 283fa9

Okay, I'm not sure if this voice will be heard, and I'm not sure when the best time to do this would be, but <b>apologize to her</b>.

Mainly, apologize for your/our actions at the gate. Frankly, we let our emotions get the better of us. You/we wanted to rip that smug bastards head off for Mitzi. You/we wanted to make him PAY. You/we knew the monsters were coming, and thought there was enough time to get through the door before they arrived. And you/we were wrong.

Apologize for that.
No. 212780 ID: c1c607

Aww, look at you being all selfless.
I don't suppose you'll freeze to death with all the metal plating covering your vital organs? That would be a total bummer.
I'd ask you to chew off the base of the metal hook, (so you could use it as a weapon) but I don't think that's appropriate to the mood.
Honestly, I can't think of anything worth saying. May you recap your health status for us, please?
No. 212788 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12802205165.png - (12.71KB , 500x500 , TQ605.png )

"I'm sorry," I say, again. "I thought we had enough time. I really wanted to kill that guy."
"Me too," she says. "But... I should've thought it through. Even if we did kill him. So what?"
"You could've hacked his brain," I say.
"Right. Almost managed to forget they don't gotta cooperate," she says. "Shit. Maybe if I learn how to actually find out useful stuff with that."
"So, I guess I'm in charge, now?" she says. "I don't know what the fuck to do next, but neither do you."

>Hey, a hook. We can use that for a weapon.
Good idea. But I don't want to make that much noise, yet.
>May you recap your health status for us, please?
Eye will be ready soon. The claw wounds have all closed up, but there's some underlying damage to my muscles and breasts that will take longer to heal. Not that I actually need tits. The rest of my healing is still devoted to primary senses and speed.
I still don't know why we made speed the lowest priority. We've put less healing into it than anything else. And if we'd put any less into it, I'd be dead right now. I appreciate that we wanted to focus on all my senses, so I can see threats coming, but that's not useful unless I actually take steps to avoid them.
No. 212789 ID: e31d52

Yeah, speed would be AWESOME. How long do you estimate we have in here? Could we throw all we got behind it and improve?
No. 212790 ID: 701a19

Ask if she wants to see just how incompatible Tozol minds are.
No. 212793 ID: c1c607

Lowest priority? Last I checked it was around the same as your primary senses.
Well, no use talking about it before you find more dope.

So... next stop: awkward-silence-ville?
No. 212795 ID: 445c48

Kiss her.
No. 212796 ID: c4c313

As an experienced veteran JRPG player, I can say that you should always prioritize speed.

No. 212806 ID: d560d6

>I still don't know why we made speed the lowest priority.

Well, for one thing, unless we're about to start giving Tozol piggy-back rides, going faster than Mitzi is only partially helpful. Unless you mean reflexes.

If Mitzi doesn't look ready to get going again, at least try to use this time looking up whatever it was people wanted to stop and fiddle with in the laptop for that we haven't already found the hard way. I don't suppose it has a summary of tech research projects that would indicate how likely you are to find usable weaponry there?
No. 212811 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128022512442.png - (10.96KB , 500x500 , TQ606.png )

>How long do you estimate we have in here?
Not sure. Get the Jabberwocks psyched, then let them out. How long's that? Ten minutes? An hour? How long after that happens do we stay here?
>you should always prioritize speed.
If I'm really a goddamn alien war drone, I should probably start acting like it.

I've finally got time to think about what that means. On some level, finding out I'm some kind of living weapon system feels... natural. Like being reminded of something I already knew. But, it's also really strange. Like it isn't me. I don't feel like a robot. I don't even feel like a soldier. I don't know who my superiors are, or what my orders are.

Actually, it seems strange and unnatural that I don't know what my orders are.

>next stop: awkward-silence-ville?
>Ask if she wants to see just how incompatible Tozol minds are
Are you sure?
No. 212815 ID: c1c607

I just had a thought. A crazy thought, maybe, but a thought nonetheless.

You can allow Mitzi to, uh, connect with you. With your brain.
She's an engineer, and you were engineered at some point. Maybe she would find some faulty wiring. Maybe she would find things you didn't know existed. If not, at least she gets some practice out of it.
No. 212816 ID: c71597

It could be a decent bonding experiance. And let her learn just why you acted like you did.

In fact the abscence of order probably has something to do with that. Without any clear superior with orders to follow you have taken our suggestions more like orders than the simple suggestions they are.
No. 212817 ID: e31d52

Ah, there's the rub! You may be an awesome supersoldier, but that's the thing: you're a soldier, not a commando! Of course you're not nearly as effective as everyone is scared of you thinks you should be. You're running without orders, and thus are less effective.


you need someone who can give you orders.

And there's only one sane and trustworthy person here.

Can you tell where I'm going with this?
No. 212818 ID: 783063

Of course, the downside would be that she might hear US.
No. 212819 ID: 6547ec

>sane and trustworthy person
I'm sorry, but you've stumped me here.

Melding with Mitzi should be... interesting, at least. She doesn't have any kind of military mind, but apparently neither do we. What the hell, go for it.
No. 212831 ID: 54af1f


No, don't connect to her brain, it killed that guy. Go find yourself a gun. Say you'll be right back and head to the tech lab.
No. 212832 ID: 5a2e05

Let her melt a few more minds so she has full or at least better control over whatever it is she does. At this point it probably wouldn't end well.
No. 212833 ID: 61faa9

No do not let her meld with our brain. Do not do it. DO NOT DO IT. It is a thing which is not done, because it has no known benefits to us and has been fatal 100% of the time.

You need a gun. Go find one and then come back, if she won't come with. Maybe she's calmed down now. You can reason with her.
No. 212835 ID: d93589

mind meld is a bad idea. we need to stay hidden and there will definitively be pain involved.

>Not that I actually need tits.
oh wow. lets ignore breeding a army for now.

we should have smalltalk. stuff like where to go after we leave, what we could buy, how we could run for presidency, where we could find a safe planet to have babies, how is the latest movie of star wars, etc.
No. 212838 ID: 54af1f

Look guys. The last time we saw Mitzi meld with some other guy he got fucked up real bad. If it works, then we'll get fucked up real bad. If it doesn't work then we gain nothing.

If we're gonna get Mitzi out of here we need some more stuff. Weapons for instance and CS. We should leave Mitzi to hide and sneak off to tech lab to find more guns and so on.
No. 212839 ID: a594b9

I don't think either of you should be in charge all the time. There are things both you and Mitzi understand in different amounts. When making plans for our next move, it should be a discussion, not just one person barking out orders. In battle, you lead. In safety, detailed conversations. When on the move, talk simple and quick.

On matters pertaining to Marcus, she is probably the expert. We don't know him. We don't know what he's capable of or what he would want or what he would do.

Ask if Mitzi is cold. You don't have to snuggle, obviously... you could just sit back to back and still get better heat conservation. How cold is this meat locker, anyway? Also, ask her more about her brother. What is he like?
No. 212864 ID: de3bb2

Yea, no mindmelding. Having her stick tendrils into your noggin is bad, no matter how sturdy you are.
Mitzi anticipated an explosion, didn't she? Ask her how long she thinks it'll be.
Coming all this way and freezing to death is definitely not a good way to go.
No. 212867 ID: a594b9

>fatal 100% of the time
Actually, the guy lived. Also, she's only done it once, aside from the Valcien who also lived. So you could say it's been fatal 0% of the time.

Um, but we still shouldn't do it. Tozols are supposed to be immune, and that could really fuck Mitzi over unless she has good enough control to pull out before anything happens.
No. 212868 ID: e973f4

Mindmeldwhatever is a dumb idea, don't do it.

Check out the laptop that you guys should still have, as long as you're going to stay holed up somewhere. :V
No. 212874 ID: 4b2fbb

Well... you've probably been written off as dead by now by your people, so standing orders from them are probably voided. You could consider Mitzi your C.O. for a little while?

And don't mind-meld with Mitzi. For all we know, incompatible could mean 'one or the other winds up as a vegetable'.

The laptop might be nice if we have it. We could spend some time learning about Mitzi's skills. Apart from the ones she grew up with.

Maybe offer to help her practice with 'em? Dunno how you'd do that, but hey, it's the thought that counts.
No. 212877 ID: 1cf642

+1 to mindmeld
No. 212923 ID: 4b2fbb

It's quiet. Things have been a bit awkward. Perhaps talk about that kiss, since you've found privacy and semi-safety.
No. 212927 ID: 714b9c

Maybe you should run through some unarmed fighting practice while you're waiting. The ol' punch-kick-block-throw? Also claw, most likely. You probably still have muscle memory from being trained, that or it was genetically coded into you; it might be useful to give Mitzi a little crash course while you wait.

It'd keep you warm, too.

On the subject of orders, you probably have some sort of basic "if all else fails" command hidden somewhere inside you. Most likely, to team up with allies and find your way back to the main group; which you've essentially been doing already.
No. 212962 ID: 3d7a30

We've all cooled down a bit. Good. Hopefully Mitzi has had a chance to reflect on our current situation.

can we (tactfully) suggest to her that hiding here until the jabberwocks come and eat us is a bad idea?

can we further suggest that we tackle that guardbot and get to somewhere that isn't here (tech research would be ideal).

As has been mentioned before, we could use frag grenades to damage its sensors. Furthermore, there is a big pit in the floor. If we could lure/induce it into the pit, we'd find it much easier to tip it over and then damage its vulnerable undersides.
No. 213081 ID: 38738e

Explain to Mitzi your dilemma, i.e. the fact you seem to be the kind to take orders. I cannot be sure whether or not telling her about "us" is a good idea or not, but being dishonest is dumb. Comrades do not lie to each other.

I'm wary to do the "mindmeld" NOW when Mitzi probably doesn't have enough control over it yet.

As for the weapons... conference with Mitzi. Problem-solving (even if it's just talking) is always a good way for those stuck in hairy situations to feel better, to feel more focused.
No. 213389 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128037811870.png - (8.84KB , 500x500 , TQ607.png )

>you need someone who can give you orders.
Isn't that your job? Or am I doing this wrong?
>Make a thermal barrier
There's not a damn thing in here but ice and metal and us. I wish I still had that labcoat.
>We've all cooled down a bit.
... Heh.

"How long do you figure we have?" I ask.
"Ten minutes until the blast. Educated guess. Figure we'd stick around a half an hour after it blew."
"Could be an hour," I say. "Should we huddle for warmth? Or are you still mad?"
"Maybe both."
"Maybe," I reply. "I was also thinking. About what you said a minute ago."
No. 213390 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128037819493.png - (11.20KB , 500x500 , TQ608.png )

"About trying to forget?"
"About the mind-hack thing, yeah," I say. "I was thinking you should practice on me."
"What?" she says. "Are you fucking serious?"
No. 213391 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128037828911.png - (9.05KB , 500x500 , TQ609.png )

"Murphy's balls. Why?" she asks. "Is this really the time to practice shit like that?"
"Maybe my brain is broken," I say. "Maybe you can fix it."
"I don't think I'm rated to service space weasel brains."
"Worked with the valcien."
"I'm made of the same stuff as it, I think," she says. "You're something different."
"Maybe I'm designed for it."
"Buuut maybe not," she says. "Maybe you're built to resist that, for all we know."
No. 213393 ID: e973f4


No. 213399 ID: 4c7b39

Keep the eyepatch. Frankly, it looks awesome on you and the no-eye thing kinda creeps me out.
No. 213401 ID: 0b2a05

You don't need to be given orders, you just need some time to get used to that. We're here to help you.

Cuddle up with her a little and wait. Tell her she's the one that would do it, if she doesn't want to, she doesn't have to.
No. 213407 ID: e3f578

If you want to continue on the practice mind probing route, suggest to her it would be a very constructive use of the time we'll have hiding in here of an incredibly useful ability.

If not, try and uhh... make small talk. Not all that constructive but hey, you got downtime. The tough part would be what to talk about, you've seem to have forgotten you personal interests be they games, fighting, eating superconductors while watching your favorite soap operas and curled up all comfy on the couch but Mitzi might have some cool subjects to talk about.
No. 213413 ID: e31d52

Also, seriously speaking here, have we got any spare healing energy to throw at speed or whaterver?
No. 213418 ID: 476456

Take a look at her arm, she might not heal as well as you.
No. 213422 ID: a594b9

Shit that's right we do still have that. Open it up and look up the Jabberwocks, as well as whatever that fourth thing was in HS3. Phanes? Or was it Ophion? Whichever one wasn't Marcus.

Also, do not mind meld now; Tozols are indeed probably designed to be resistant to psionics. The Valcien didn't even try to link with you, remember?
No. 213425 ID: 1cf642

"You're part Valcien. How do they fight? What do they use as weapons?" + laptop
Huddle for warmth.
No. 213459 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128038677153.png - (13.81KB , 500x500 , TQ610.png )

Deciding against the mind-link idea, for now, we open up the laptop.

We look up Phanes. Another attempt at a Valcien splice, but along different lines. A different mix. Different techniques. Mitzi knew him, but only as a dim memory of a voice named David Cerikin. A voice that grew more pained by the week. More desperate. Less rational. Louder, even after they soundproofed the ventilation. Until, finally, they took him away. She never saw him. Not with her eyes.

"Jesus God," she hisses. "I know this thing! I have nightmares about it."
No. 213461 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12803868178.png - (19.87KB , 500x500 , TQ611.png )

No. 213463 ID: 476456

Sweet zombie jesus
No. 213465 ID: a594b9

How about you just look up "Valcien" next? Just to get a good idea of what Mitzi will be able to do, eventually.
No. 213466 ID: e31d52

I really hope that's not jesus.
No. 213479 ID: 236eea

It's the Space Messiah.
No. 213491 ID: c71597

Ouch, that looks fucking painful.

See if you can find any information about that guy that was in the testtube and took out your eye.
No. 213537 ID: 54af1f

We should raid something for weapons before we start doing anything.
No. 213538 ID: d560d6

I suppose it might be worth looking up Jabberwocks just in case it happens to list some useful but non-obvious behavioural trait, weakness, or something.
No. 213549 ID: c5ce35

>>Isn't that your job? Or am I doing this wrong?

Well, unless we're your ancestor spirits or something, we're you, so that rules that out.
No. 213556 ID: e973f4

This could be helpful!

Seriously it'd be nice to know if there was some trick to these things. And if not, I mean... not like you have much else better to do while you're sitting in the freezer.
No. 213568 ID: b36407

Hmmm, maybe look up more info on the layout of this facility, Counter-Suppress (and where it's stored), weapons being tested at this facility (that we could steal), etc. And Space-shark info too, why not. Also! Look up info on what kind of hostiles we might encounter: robots, soldiers, aliens, etc.
No. 213570 ID: c1c607

(Put your arm around her shoulders. Chicks love that shit.)

Didn't we go through this routine once before, while downloading the info very info we're browsing currently?

Although, it would be really nice if you could find out if Tech Research is even worth going to.
No. 213572 ID: c4c313


However you can indeed give yourself orders so that does not rule us out! We kind of suck at orders though, and I think some of us are trying to get you killed. As to the question of a superior, uh... you should make one! It's always handy to have something else designed by ourselves telling us what to do. No idea how at the moment though, so you just have to grin and bear it. It's clear that whatever superior you would have would definitely order you to get the hell out of here. Or blow it up. But more likely the former.

If Mitzi doesn't want to hack your brain, you might spend some time telling her what you've learned about yourself. It seems like certain things are really bothering her, enough that she almost dumped you back there, important to give her an idea what's really going on.

My suggestion is to tell her that you don't show pain the same way she does. When you get hurt, you get quiet, calm, focused. It must be frustrating to her, because since you are not spasming or screaming, she can't tell how much pain you're in. It makes it harder for her to trust you when you say you are in pain. Also tell her you didn't mention about your brain, because you thought she knew after seeing the picture of you when they first brought you here.

I guess you should kind of y'know, tell her your feelings about being a goddamn alien war droneliving weapons system. How you don't have any reason to think this is true, but you're still worried that healing might be changing you, wake something nasty up that you don't like about yourself. That this whole getting shot at situation is bothering you less and less, and you're not sure if that's a good thing. How you just kind of wish you knew what you were supposed to be doing, but at the same time you're afraid that it'll be something bad. That you're scared and alone and OH GOD HUG MITZI
No. 213577 ID: dad664

Well I think we wanted you to use the laptop to look up if Valcien mind-melding was compatible with Tozol physiology.

If you have a search engine function available to you, try looking for "valcien tozol compatibility"
No. 213690 ID: a14ff9

- Jabberwocks (capabilities and weaknesses)
- Quadrant 5 (what would be stored in each area? Look for CS, weapons and exits)
- Q5 emergency procedures (what would happen if an experiment got loose? What happens in each part of the base and what's the timescale for a lockdown/sweep?)
No. 214036 ID: 6242d2

Two topics:
1) You don't actually need breasts right now. Or if you are going to grow back breasts, just, like, fill them with light foam that doesn't take any time or energy to grow back. I mean, they're purely decorative at this point so go hog wild on the decor if you're going to have them at all.

2) If you're going to try and escape through a horde of jabberwock - which isn't really the best plan in the world given how badly even a single jabberwock could fuck you up royal - you need to work out just how you're going to do that.

The fundamental rule of warfare is deception. Be strong where the enemy thinks you are weak. (Right now you ARE weak, so you doubly can't afford to get in to a scrap with anything, let alone a motherfucking jabberwock.)

So how can you deceive your way past the jabberwock?

One option is EVASION. Find a route to the exit that the jabberwocks can't use, such as ventilation shafts, utility corridors, or any place narrow or gangly enough that truck-sized quadrupeds can't navigate. The downside of this plan is that you're most likely to encounter enemy soldiers coming in along the same route; the bright side is that I'm pretty sure Mitzi can, like, grow cilia and slither through tight corridors like a goddamn sexual torpedo, which will make any enemy soldiers you encounter at a profound disadvantage in the 'not being killed or assimilated by a valcien hybrid' department.

Another option is CAMOUFLAGE. Using the laptop, learn about the senses and sensory limitations of jabberwocks to see if there's some way you can become imperceptible to them, or otherwise prevent them from being able to detect you and attack you.

A third option is DIPLOMACY. See if Mitzi can jam her tentacles in to one of the orifices of a jabberwock and either communicate with it to negotiate an alliance, or just take over it's mind so you can ride it (LIKE A MECHANICAL BULL) to the exit.

3) You should have violent sex with Mitzi immediately, just lock tongues and fuck each other like rabid monsters. o.o
No. 214037 ID: 6242d2

Also, let's consider what other options we have available to us right now, and not jump on the first option we have. We have some time to argue amongst ourself.
No. 214038 ID: 6242d2

Two more notes:
1) Can we stop worrying about establishing a deep emotional relationship with Mitzi until we're out of the death-dungeon?

I believe this node of your brain is damaged, Penji! You may not want to take all of my advice seriously. See how far down Mitzi's throat your tongue will go.
No. 214431 ID: 4c7b39

They just saw proof that there can be an abomination against god. I don't think that they would want to sex each other up right now. Besides, if they did do it, they might end up with some weird horror/cold fetish. This may sound awesome, but it'll make life when they get out of here kinda suck in terms of a love life.

Secondly, I like boobs. Stop trying to hack hers off. And when push comes to shove, it's a bit easier to negotiate when you have something fascinating for people to look at and it helps give off a brief "I'm harmless" reflex, and though diplomacy and harmlessness seems to be at an all time low here, I'd like to at least consider it an option.

Thirdly, please do >>213690 . It does seem to make sense. And, uh. It'll get your minds off of "lumpy" there, at the very least.

Fourthly, Do tell Mitzi that you appreciate her hanging around you. That being said, staying here won't save you two. If the laptop finds a goal to get to, odds are you're gonna need her help to hack in. Waiting around here hoping God himself will save her will only manage to get her back in her cell or dead. If the Jabberwocks don't find her, the Military will.

Finally, I may be a tad bit under sleep deprivation. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt.
No. 214578 ID: 2131c2

Wait a tic, that ventilation shaft idea is a good one. Your in a cooler, it's got something that's pumping in cold air. I find they are usually pretty big on coolers too, so you could probably fit. It might just lead outside the cooler, but it could potentially lead to a central ventilation system, which would be an excellent way to sneak past the jabberwocks, maybe past the security bot, or at least close enough to get the drop on it.

And I'm betting Mitzi could use some reassurance right now. Seeing that can't possibly make her feel good about what has been done to her.
No. 214589 ID: dad664

Oh, durr. I just realized something.

Penji, you're in a freezer. The device which makes everything cold is 99% of the time there inside the freezer it's cooling. Should look like a big box up at the top of one of the walls with some fans in it. Smash it and it'll quit keeping everything cold, which means you two wont freeze to death.

On the other hand it also means you two wont have to cling to each other and share body warmth, so it's a bit of a double-edge sword.
No. 214590 ID: 526102

Well, you could still cuddle if you wanted to~
No. 214636 ID: d560d6

>Also, let's consider what other options we have available to us right now
Well, we've yet to get around to this:
>Burst in to tears from tension, fear, anxiety, and existential horror!
>Tempting! Maybe later.
No. 214654 ID: c4c313


They're keeping cold to conceal their heat signatures from the Jabberwocks.
No. 215221 ID: 5211e2

While you're sitting here and doing nothing much but freeze your fuzzy rear off, perhaps we could ponder something peculiar.
You've been in a tank for the last forty-odd years, before which you were recovered from a Tozol spaceship wreck with a bullet put through your head.

Your brain never healed properly during those forty years, then one day you wake up right as this giant mess goes off.
On top of this, you know all sorts of things a Tozol is improbable to know; Human technology, human language, even basic mannerisms.
Unless your creators endowed you with a massive genetic-or-whatever-it-really-is database that includes information on humans, just how can you know these things?
Penji, what do you make of this? What do your instincts tell you?
No. 215303 ID: c4c313


My guess is Marcus went to hide in her tank and then she just sucked him into the hole in her head and used his human space whale goo stuff for making repairs. That would explain the mysterious information about humanity. But we can't tell for sure until we find Hyperion and um... get him out of his coma...

Plus Test Pattern's human so give him a break it's hard to depict someone being sympathetic, yet totally alien from humanity.
No. 215359 ID: c00244

As long as you're looking at information, try to find any general information available on this facility, or its construction. Unlikely to have much, but anything might help.

If you're willing to spend precious minutes attempting to tear your way through high-power ceramics into an armored panic room, what about jumping onto the ceiling and attempting to tear your way upwards into whatever the hell is above you? The map was labeled "level 3". With luck, there won't be that much structure/dirt/concrete/whatever between your current position and level 2, and it's doubtful that it will be nearly as heavy in construction.

Sanity check this idea before attempting it, but if it might work... well, it would be a step closer to getting out of here.
No. 215422 ID: 5d514f

You two need cheering up. Look up kittens. Maybe cross-reference with yarn. Bunnies would be another good candidate. Hopefully some sneaky researcher hid some in the stuff you downloaded.
No. 215461 ID: 445c48

Just wanted to point out
>Isn't that your job?

No, our job is to bicker among ourselves and also try to make lesbians.
No. 215511 ID: d560d6

>No, our job is to bicker among ourselves and also try to make lesbians.

No, that's just our core competency.
No. 216074 ID: d560d6

Solve IRC debates
Look up "Tozol Reproduction"
No. 216534 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128134166335.png - (13.86KB , 500x500 , TQ612.png )

>Look up Jabberwocks (capabilities and weaknesses)
Mitzi sifts through medical files. There's a lot here.

Jabberwocks are considered an extreme ecological hazard, and a significant military one. They're sneaky. They cooperate. They see in infrared as well as normal light. Each pair of eyes is tuned to a different part of the spectrum, though with some overlap. They have a frightfully quick and efficient metabolism, totally unalike most life forms in known space, which is what the facility was researching.
Also, there's only supposed to be ten in the whole facility.

>How about you just look up "Valcien" next?
Valcien shapeshifting doesn't scale. The bigger they get, the less they can alter themselves on short notice. And they can get very, very big. It's not just the size, though. Valcien grow more solid components inside the protean substrate. Durable frames, armor plates, reactionless engines, brains... even things like beam weapons and force field projectors.

Many are psionic. Maybe all of them, though the humans aren't sure. Apparently, no species is known to be universally psionic.
No. 216560 ID: 701a19

Clearly, we just need to steal a large oxygen tank and have Mitzi develop a reactionless engine. Then you can ride her to some other planet.

Any more info on you, Tozols, or Mitzi?

No, not really, but that would be awesome.
No. 216593 ID: c2c011

Hmm, interesting. See what you can find on the project to create Mitzi.
No. 216645 ID: d560d6

>Crazy fast metabolism.
>Also, there's only supposed to be ten in the whole facility.
>Sure we saw more than that.

Oh no. 2 jabberwock, man. 2 jabberwock.

How long did this take? Mitzi's estimate to the blast was only ten minutes, and that was before we started faffing with the laptop.
No. 217429 ID: a594b9

I suggest looking up a more detailed overview of the complex. If you can find a list of projects, we'll know exactly what to look for in each area.
No. 218517 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128185325473.png - (10.44KB , 616x565 , TQ613.png )

>I suggest looking up a more detailed overview of the complex.
Mitzi quickly does some data mining. Enough to make some educated guesses.

Vehicle Bay stores craft for the facility. Offloading new specimens and so on. It doesn't hold alien spaceships or warplanes. It does mean there's big doors out of here, but we already knew they brought the valcien inside.

Tech Research looks promising. That's where they study most of the alien devices they've recovered. The most dangerous stuff is kept far away, but there's a few things from the Athelhom event. Actual devices, not just wreckage. Mitzi doesn't find specifics, but I doubt me and a bunch of other tozols were carrying around farm equipment and filing cabinets.

The Chemistry labs are where they do keep wreckage. It's where they study metals and chemicals and shit (probably including actual shit) and learn how to make useful compounds. If anywhere in Quadrant Five can synthesize C-S, it'd be there. I have no idea how long it'd take, though. They could have a machine ready to go, or it could take days, assuming we can even figure it out.
No. 218518 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128185333182.png - (24.11KB , 739x565 , TQ614.png )

Engineering's where they build stuff, or try to. The rest of the facility researches how things work, how to make compounds, alloys, gadgets, and then Engineering tries to put them together. That means anything we find there is likely to be only partly built. If Mitzi's really an engineering savant like Qillig said, maybe she can build something useful. Of course, if the cameras actually work in these places, we'll have minutes, not hours.

Mitzi can't find anything about the other High Security zones, but we know that's where they keep their most secret and most dangerous subjects.

All we can find about Stores (at least, without spending an hour) is basic, uninteresting stuff. Lots of food, lab equipment, scanners, clothes, spare parts, chemicals, computers, pipes, armor, and ammunition. No weapons, and no word either way on C-S.

Offices are self explanatory. Lots of places to hide and information to steal, but that's about it. Mitzi says it's 'predawn on a Sunday,' which means there's probably nobody there.

Waste Processing pulls up some disposal procedures. Short version: trying to crawl through a small pipe full of ash and burnt sewage isn't my idea of a good time. I'm not too proud to escape that way, but if they screen it more than once, we're screwed.
No. 218524 ID: dad664

C-S is always a good thing. But if we can't get to Chemistry, some hi-tech gadgetry wouldn't hurt either.
No. 218525 ID: a594b9

The AI said, as if it were fact, that you CAN'T escape. I am going to assume that they screen their garbage more than once. That's the kind of escape route they would be sure to seal. They're not actually stupid, just too wrapped up in their own self superiority to realize that they're fucking with shit they shouldn't be.

Tech Research is still a good target, but... you said there's armor and weapons in Storage? We could pop in there real quick to get rearmed back to the point we were before. Low risk, decent reward.

Granted, we are going to be stuck in here until the bombs go off (or until Mitzi decides to trust us again, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon) so...

Look up um... Life Support. The type of life support needed here should give us an idea of where the facility is exactly. Or you could just look up the location of the facility directly! The history of the complex itself could be an interesting read...
No. 218535 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128186173536.png - (17.15KB , 500x500 , TQ615.png )

Rumbling explosions shake the walls, showering us with flecks of ice. My right eye reflexively peels open, not fully repaired, but functional.

"Hope that worked," Mitzi whispers.

>if we can't get to Chemistry, some hi-tech gadgetry wouldn't hurt either.
I think we can get there, probably through a bunch of new holes in this section, but Tech Research is closer.
>you said there's armor and weapons in Storage?
I said no weapons. There should be armor and ammunition, though.

I decided to go to Tech before, though I'm amenable to reason. The real trick is getting Mitzi's ass in gear. That is, unless it's smarter to stay put...
No. 218536 ID: e31d52

Which of you is faster and better at evasion? That one should go and get at least armor, maybe some weapons. If you both go, you should go in different ways to different places: even if there's a shitload of jabbers, there's a finite number of them and less chasing each person is a good thing.
No. 218537 ID: 6547ec

If you can find somewhere safe that Mitzi can hole up and still have some sort of contact, that'd be tops. However, with no secure comm equipment, that's not really happening.

There might be something you can use in either research or engineering. Walkie-talkies seem like the sort of thing you'd find in storage. Mitzi's some sort of genius, she can work something out from there.

Yeah, hit up technology research, with a side-trip to the stores.
No. 218538 ID: c1c607

Don't forget the metal hook. It's a good weapon/ration.
No. 218541 ID: c2c011

Probably time to move out. And Tech sounds like a very good idea, you can probably reach stores from there as well. That way you can get some sweet ass weaponry and then grab some new armour to replace the stuff that has been busted.

After which you can sneak over to the other High Security area and see if the people there would be willing to help you escape in return for freedom. And we ask them this before we let them out. And we still keep a long way between them and us.
No. 218549 ID: a594b9

I think we should stick with Tech Research. They will eventually figure out that you've survived the Displacer, and when they do they're going to lock up all the Tozol artifacts in high security.

I'm not sure how to get Mitzi moving... but if you ask me, Security is going to swarm the area immediately after the jabberwocks are dead. We won't have a large window of opportunity- it might be best if we left slightly before the jabberwocks are done leaving. Like, in 5-10 minutes. Explain to Mitzi your (our) reasoning.
No. 218556 ID: 54af1f


Let's go to technology. Tell Mitzi if we're gonna get out of here we need weapons, so we should hit the tech labs on the way out.
No. 218559 ID: d560d6

Ask Mitzi if she thinks all the bombs were set to go off at once, or if there's going to be another wave.

And, yeah, if TR is going to have actual finished, usable weapons, that's a good place to go.
No. 218565 ID: 1cf642

We badly need killing implements.
No. 218572 ID: 3d7a30

No no no we should not stay put. We must use this diversion to our advantage.

yes to tech research and look for weapons. However there is the mild inconvenience of a robot guarding the corridor.

Check to see if it's moved off. If not then we really need to kill the thing. We still have 2 frag grenades. I think, with newly regained binocular vision, Penji can throw grenades accurately enough to destroy its sensors.

Can we please try and get Mitzi motivated, and convinced of the necessity to destroy the thing? We should tell her we need her help (which is kind of true)
No. 218573 ID: 3234dd

Hey I just realized something. Vehicle bay? Why walk out of here, when you can drive!
No. 218574 ID: 3d7a30

re: motivating Mitzi. We should appeal to her intelligence. Tell her our reasons for wanting to move now and get to Tech Research.
No. 218637 ID: 55e935

Vehicle bay, right. Remember that we'd need to get off this planet after our escape, just as they implied. I get the feeling that our only ticket out is eventually freeing the Valcien once we get the resources and the know-how.
No. 218651 ID: 93ebff

Offer to go to tech while she stays here, safe in the freezer. You can do recon, then report back to her. If that robot just so happens to get destroyed during said recon, that's just how things go in hostile territory.
No. 218683 ID: 1cf642

<Penji> "How long do you figure we have?" I ask.
<Mitzi> "Ten minutes until the blast. Educated guess. Figure we'd stick around a half an hour after it blew."

Listen to the woman. We wait half an hour.
No. 218740 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128192896945.png - (11.83KB , 500x500 , TQ616.png )

I hear distant, staccato popping. Gunshots.

"We're wasting time," I say.
"I'd say we're spending it," she says. "On not getting eaten. Good investment. High dividends."
"I'll go for Tech Research. Got to be useful things there," I say. "You head for Storage for more armor, ammo, and kit."
"Y'know, if you're cold, you can just say so."
"We'll be together most of the way there," I continue. "Split up at that main hallway. Meet up ten minutes later."
No. 218742 ID: badf27

I don't like that idea...

How about letting her make the decision on where you two go? Tell her that you'd like to go to Tech Storage ASAP.

Also, lovingly caress your reformed eye in appreciation of your restored depth perception.

...While Mitzi is not looking.
No. 218743 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128192923097.png - (11.11KB , 500x500 , TQ617.png )

"I get why you want to hurry," she says. "Totally understand. But we need to wait until these guys have beaten the piss out of each other."
"Too optimistic," I say. "I'll go alone, then."
"Don't be like that," she says. "You don't have to prove anything. Just... do the safe thing, for once."
"I'll come back," I say. "Half an hour. You weren't planning on leaving until then, anyway."
Mitzi goes quiet for awhile.
"Good luck," she says.
No. 218744 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12819294039.png - (14.69KB , 500x500 , TQ618.png )

The hallways here are quiet, but the distant gunfire grows more frantic. The airflows have all changed. There's definitely multiple breaches in the section. More ways out. Should I leave Bio the way we came in, or try and find a shorter route? Fast, or sneaky?
No. 218745 ID: 560fa2

Fast. We've already got a distraction, no need to add to what's already there.
No. 218746 ID: 6547ec

Go the quietest way. We still hypothetically have the element of surprise on our side, and the longer we keep that the better.
No. 218747 ID: badf27

Sneaky. We should hope that Qillig hasn't squealed to the rest of the fucking facility that you're still kicking. Or that he remains cocky and thinks you're dead. Either way, we should operate on the assumption that they don't know that you're still alive.

By the way, can we get a rundown on your current general health? Bullet wounds anywhere? How's your tail?
No. 218752 ID: 383547

Sneaky. We can keep from getting injured or killed if we're careful.

If we go fast we might just run into a hallway full of bullets or Jabbawocks and that would be bad.
No. 218753 ID: a594b9

Sneaky. We are very vulnerable right now.
No. 218754 ID: 45be60

You are on a timer, even if it is self-imposed. If you are not back, Mitzi might come looking for you and then you might never find her. You are already invisible to trackers, the guards are busy, and who knows how you hide from a jabberwock. You can be sneaky while it is convenient, but if it comes to dashing across a hallway or taking five minutes to go around, you don't have the time to waste.
No. 218798 ID: c2c011

Go a shorter route. We already know they have a bot guarding the way you first used. If you take a more recent route then they're not as likely to discover you. Make sure you stay well away from any Jabberwocks though. If there are new routes it's probably because they made them.
No. 218809 ID: b36407

I say it's probably prudent to get what we can find, then regroup with Mitzi quickly. There is power in numbers, even if it's just the two of you. So I vote Fast route, but do try to avoid the Jaberwocks if possible. Maybe we can snag some weapons from downed soldiers on the way?
No. 218812 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128195344214.png - (10.44KB , 500x500 , TQ619.png )

>Go a shorter route
I creep around and avoid what movement I sense. I have to backtrack a few times, but I'm not detected. In the meantime, I can hear alarms blaring outside of Bio.

I'm closer to Tech Research, now. I was hoping I'd find a hole blasted straight into it, but I don't think there is one. Any bright ideas, or should I resort to the main hallways?
No. 218813 ID: c2c011

How thick do you think the walls are? Because if you can get through them in less than 10 minutes then do so.

Otherwise you're probably gonna have to prowl the main hallways.
No. 218816 ID: a594b9

Hmm, if alarms are blaring, we might actually be able to bust open a wall without attracting attention. The alarms will cover the noise of the wall breaking.
No. 218820 ID: 54af1f

Use your slinky weasel powers to sneak through an air vent
No. 218828 ID: d560d6

TR is next to bio, and the main hallways, north and south, whichever end you are, run straight past both. It probably contains security drawn by the alarms who'd have easy line-of-sight to you. Try the wall, but if you're not getting anywhere within a couple of minutes let's cut our losses and change tactic this time.
No. 218870 ID: 3d7a30

what can you hear? Alarms blaring outside Bio and no gunshots probably means there's no-one there and it's safe to go straight to Tech Research. But check first. And look out for that guard robot. In an ideal world the Jabberwocks will have taken care of it.
No. 218871 ID: d560d6

Hang on, we have tails for this.

Blindsense the main corridor. Be sure not to moon any security dudes.
No. 218872 ID: 3d7a30


tails is kind of what I meant but yeah.
No. 218883 ID: 7b5606

Find nearest soldier or scientist, then introduce to the wonders of xenophilia.
No. 218964 ID: 701a19

Hey, have the beasties left the area?
If they're all gone, then you might have a shot at Q-bert.
No. 218967 ID: 4531bc

Freeze time, then explore the area.
Subsequently, crush HS3 with a large Steamroller.
No. 219010 ID: c00244

You might consider making a small, hopefully subtle hole to observe the area outside the vents before deciding to move. If in doubt, keep going for a while longer. Regardless of if this was a good idea or not, you decided to try it and at this point whenever you drop out of the vents it'll be in largely unknown territory with hostiles likely to be in proximity. Better try to make sure it's at least the unknown hostile territory that you generally wanted to be in.
No. 219011 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128203080017.png - (9.73KB , 500x500 , TQ620.png )

>Use your slinky weasel powers to sneak through an air vent
Does that actually work? Won't there be a ton of grilles and filters? And security partitions? And fan mountings?

>The alarms will cover the noise
No. 219013 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128203081541.png - (8.17KB , 500x500 , TQ621.png )

This was a lot smoother in theory. I'm making a racket by smashing through everything in my way and stuffing the wreckage into branching ducts. Still, I'm making progress. I've gone past a few cameras, I think, but they were unpowered like the rest.

The way's getting even narrower. Airflows are too restricted for my blindsight to work, and there's no nearby vents. I'm not certain if I've made it into Tech Research, or if I'm still in Bio, or somewhere in between. I can keep going until I find something, or maybe just smash my way out and hope for the best.
No. 219015 ID: c1c607

The fridge you hid in was close to Tech Research, if the map is to be believed. On top of that, you've gotten even closer just before the air duct adventure.
I think it's safe to say you're in TR now, unless you're overestimating distance.

Bust through the duct and see where you are. You can always crawl into another one if we've not yet reached our destination.
No. 219041 ID: a594b9

Poke a small hole and look out.
No. 219043 ID: 1cf642

Punch a hole out and look around.
No. 219045 ID: c2c011

Yeah, make a peeking hole and see what's going on. Although it will probably not be as helpful as a large sign saying "Tech Research!", but if it's a hallway that you don't think you have been in before then you're possibly there and it's time to bust out.
No. 219052 ID: a2a3e0

Smash a truck-sized hole and gawk around like a crazy bitch.
No. 219068 ID: d560d6

Oh god why are we in the vents everyone in a five mile radius can probably hear them rattling.

Poke a small hole and stick your tails out because it will hurt less when they get shot to tatters than losing an eye again.
No. 219070 ID: 08ce05


Ceiling Tozol is watching you masturbate.
No. 219142 ID: 54af1f

punch a small hole and look through yeah. It still looks wide enough for you to fit though.
No. 219149 ID: e63755

On the bright side now we're somewhere else and hopefully it's better than the last place we were.
No. 219367 ID: 2ea108

The important thing is that Jabberwock don't fit in here.
No. 219609 ID: badf27

Looks like you're at the end of the line. Punch a hole and peer out. Stick some tails out if you can.
No. 219708 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128220163332.png - (13.07KB , 500x500 , TQ622.png )

I rip through a few layers of metal between me and relatively open air.

Sensing no immediate movement, I put my tails through to get a sense of the room. It's big, dominated by some kind of large, irregular object and some smaller ones. Quite a drop to the floor. I don't hear/sense any moving cameras.
No. 219710 ID: badf27


I think it'd be worth sticking your head through now, just to make sure there's not any fixed-position cameras.
No. 219711 ID: a594b9

You're definitely in tech research now. That looks like a huge goddamn vehicle with a bunch of stairs leading up to it. However... if you drop out now, how will we get back?

Stick your head out and see if you can see how much further the vent leads, and if you can see a way to get back up to it for the return trip.
No. 219721 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128220341191.png - (14.51KB , 500x500 , TQ623.png )

Yes. It's a medium dropship. Invoker-class.

There's some kind of sensors or cameras, but they're all pointed at the craft. In fact, most everything in the room is pointed at it, in one way or another.

>see if you can see how much further the vent leads
It's embedded in the ceiling, but it can definitely take me to the next room.
No. 219725 ID: badf27



How the fuck do you know so much about that ship?
No. 219729 ID: a594b9

Alright let's just drop down now. The vent is way too fucking narrow for us to get to the next room if this place is as big as it seems. We're going to have to figure out a way back up to the vent...

Wait, I already have an idea. You could peel a long strip of metal out, or just plan pull the vent down. Like a metal rope back up, hehe.
No. 219731 ID: 6547ec

That ship is awesome, but it doesn't really seem to have any obvious use quite yet. Keep moving.
No. 219733 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128220489523.png - (10.33KB , 500x500 , TQ624.png )

>How the fuck do you know so much about that ship?
I don't know how I know anything. I remember objects, names, concepts, but no specific memories. It's frustrating.
However, I think I remember what the inside of one looks like.

>You could peel a long strip of metal out, or just plan pull the vent down
Possible, but would take a very long time. Way too long, if I'm intending to return to Mitzi soon.

>Keep moving.
Drop down and try to find a way out, or continue through the ducting?
No. 219737 ID: 6547ec

Sensors are pointing away from the door, you're invisible to a lot of what they'll be looking for. Drop on down and let's go.
No. 219740 ID: a594b9

Yep, downwards and onwards!
No. 219749 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12822088432.png - (9.94KB , 500x500 , TQ625.png )

>Drop on down
It's quite a drop. I hurt my right ankle. Nothing serious, but it'll slow me down.

I'd like to investigate the dropship, though if it was flyable, they probably wouldn't be keeping it underground.

There's half a dozen doors, split between (assuming up on the map is north) the north, west, and south walls. There's an aircraft-sized something on the east wall. Tracks or seams running up the wall. Could be a door, or a mechanism of some kind.

I still have the high-security keycard, as well as Qillig's ID. I left the other ID card I found with Mitzi.
No. 219754 ID: a594b9

Go west. Follow the vent.
No. 219761 ID: c2c011

The dropship has probably been stripped of anything useful.

Go check what the thing on the east wall is.
No. 219774 ID: 54af1f

Check inside the dropships quickly then move on.
No. 219790 ID: 1cf642

If all the sensors in the room are pointed at the dropship there must be something important about it. Investigate the dropship further.
No. 219798 ID: 028f80

Move west. Ignore the dropship. We don't have time and we don't really want to risk those sensors being working and monitored.
No. 219814 ID: 3d7a30

did we go up when we were crawling through the tunnels, or have we just dropped down to a lower level in the complex? If the latter is the case then we will have difficulty getting back up to Mitzi
No. 219826 ID: dad664

Investigate Dropship. Might not have fuel, but it might have a few things left over that the humans thought were trivial to remove.

If we're really lucky it has a hidden weapons locker.
No. 219835 ID: 09b0cb

Eat or otherwise disable stuff pointing at dropship. THEN you can investigate. It might still work. Might be an escape method.

Also, look for guns.
No. 219855 ID: d560d6

How long have we been gone so far? Hopefully being supersoldiery means you can make a reasonable estimate.

Now we've lost height and wounded an ankle, and intend to be carrying weaponry on our return, getting back is going to take longer than getting here.

(Sage for editing and seasoning.)
No. 219856 ID: 3d7a30

No to getting sidetracked. We should focus on doing what we came here to do which is 1) determine if we are indeed in Tech Research which seems quite likely, 2) obtaining weapons and 3) rejoining Mitzi.

We should not succumb to mission creep by messing with the dropship. It is not going anywhere. We can always come back and look at it later. Let's try some of those doors. Keep moving west.
No. 219859 ID: 3234dd

We should focus on what we came here to HOLY CRAP CAN THAT SHIP GET YOU OFF-PLANET

Seriously though, drop-ship, intended for atmospheric entry and (maybe) exit, but certainly they don't name interstellar transports "drop ships". Looks like a red herring; go find something actually helpful, like guns.

We can always come back for it if we learn that the tozzizzle mothership is up there in orbit waiting for us for 40 years.
No. 220043 ID: c5ce35

If anything, the dropship might give us more memories/knowledge just by looking at it some more. So go for it.
No. 220297 ID: 9d6ab5

You don't have time for the ship right now, do >>219754
No. 220358 ID: 27e02d

>Seemingly intact
>First genuine piece of tozol technology we've seen

Let's investigate! Only thing we can lose is a little bit of time.
No. 220420 ID: 3234dd


Second piece of Tozol technology we've seen. Still, this one is much bigger and shinier...
No. 220490 ID: 27e02d

And less attractive, eh?
No. 220503 ID: 701a19

Penji, they couldn't figure out you simple medical tool or nutrient bars. How the fuck would they be able to figure out a spaceship?
No. 220854 ID: 6547ec

Man, worry about the space ship once we can convince the walking space ship to come out of the freezer. We're on a tight schedule right now to find something we can use IMMEDIATELY. Keep moving in the general direction of the stores.
No. 221007 ID: b36407

((Is it a Tozol ship? If NOT, then ignore it.))

Quickly "case the joint" as they say in the movies: does it seem likely the ship is monitored by security cameras, or just be sensors? If my security sensors, then maybe avoid for now. If not, take a quick look at it.

Our priority, however, should still be weapons, then being sneaky, then acquiring other stuff like C.S. We have limited time to return to Mitzi though. Do you remember anything about this class of vessel?

Also, what exits to this room are there?
No. 221012 ID: e31d52

>does it seem likely the ship is monitored by security cameras,

>everything in the room is pointed at it
No. 222342 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128280845921.png - (15.67KB , 500x500 , TQ626.png )

>have we dropped down to a lower level in the complex?
Yeah. We're a story below where I left Mitzi, give or take.
>How long have we been gone so far?
Bit over ten minutes, I think. I've been moving pretty fast. My speed is helping.

>disable stuff pointing at dropship
The control console was left powered up and unlocked. They must've left in a hurry. I wonder why anyone was here at all. No obvious clues present themselves.
I disable the cameras and then spend a minute throwing scraps of metal to disable anything that still looks suspicious.
No. 222343 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128280873929.png - (26.98KB , 500x500 , TQ627.png )

Entering the ship isn't difficult. Everything's unlocked. The doors are powered. Panels lay open, displaying damaged and missing components. Our... this dropship is built with a lot of redundancy, but there's no way it's flying. No armor, weapons, or tools, either.

The cockpit has three crew stations. There's a subtle hum that begins only as I enter. That's what I'd hear if the craft were intact. Computers detecting a tozol. Feet exerting pressure, body transparent to scanners, that sort of thing.

Standing here feels... safe. More than familiar. Routine, somehow. Like I can just take a seat in the passenger compartment, close my eyes, and soon I'll be home.
It's a hollow sensation. Synapses responding to obsolete stimuli, decades old. The ghost of whoever I used to be.
No. 222348 ID: 6547ec

Check the glove compartment.
No. 222349 ID: e31d52

What, no fuzzy dice?
No. 222366 ID: c8a206

You'll have plenty of time for nostalgia later.
Are there any secret hidden gun compartments in Tozol ships, that could not be found/opened by human hands no matter what? 'Cause if not, the humans probably removed it.

Another thing. Are the ship's guns operational? Would be super convenient to aim at the east wall and let loose, you know.
No. 222379 ID: d560d6

>[Been gone a] bit over ten minutes, I think.
>Spend a minute
>No armor, weapons, or tools, either.
Right, that's almost half our time gone, a harder journey back, and still nothing to show for it. Leave the dropship and move on. West.
No. 222380 ID: d677cc

Okay, if you know where there'd be a spare something-you-can-shoot-with in here, then take it; otherwise, we don't have that much time and it's going to take you longer to get back with your ankle messed up.
No. 222384 ID: 54af1f

See if you can get the computer to activate. It might tell you what your name used to be and stuff.
No. 222405 ID: f4963f

So... 11 minutes out of 30 used. That's not so bad, really - it's just good that we're keeping track.

Also, remember that we smashed all the gratings and partitions in the airvent. If we could climb the wall and get back in there (allowing that the walls are indeed climbable, but I think we could make handholds on short notice), the trip back will probably be a bit shorter.

If you can get the ship's computers to activate, that would be interesting. It might have information. About us.
No. 222406 ID: e40e60

Sit down in the pilot's seat for a moment, see if you know how to fly it. If not, you have 5 minutes before turning back.
No. 222407 ID: 3234dd


Oh wow, no wonder you're feeling nostalgic. Those pedals are the first place so far that your feet actually fit! Whee!
No. 222432 ID: 3d7a30

it's probably worth spending a few moments checking the computer but after that can we please get moving and find some weapons? Bear in mind that we've still got to find some way of getting back up to the higher level.

If we're late getting back then Mitzi may possibly decide Penji is a chronically unreliable flake and go off somewhere on her own.
No. 222540 ID: 1cf642

Take a seat in the pilot's chair and perform the startup sequence. See if the computer still works.

Failing that find anything on the dropship edible or suitable as a club. Remember the dropship is edible.
No. 222541 ID: e40e60

We are not eating one of the most valuable objects in the building.
No. 222579 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128288865633.png - (27.49KB , 500x500 , TQ628.png )

I like spaceships, but I don't think I could eat a whole one.

Security scans me. Biometrics, footprint, handprint. Retina scan fails, perhaps because I've replaced both of mine, but it lets me in anyway. Screens power on, information sliding across the surfaces, graphical readouts and text in the utility language. I trust in my reflexes, my memories. I... don't think I'm a pilot, but I can navigate the computer. Maybe I was rated for ground crew?
If maintenance was my job, no wonder this thing's falling apart.

I'm not certain what to try asking it.
No. 222580 ID: dad664

No. 222581 ID: e3f578

Do your tails go in anywhere, they look like cords that are ample for the hooking up.
No. 222582 ID: dad664

I'd say that spoiler thing behind her is for that. Probably some kind of sensor matrix which detects how they move and responds aptly.
No. 222583 ID: a594b9

How about basic information? The mission of the squad, and what caused the explosion/crash?
No. 222595 ID: f4963f

No. 222597 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128289401871.png - (28.35KB , 500x500 , TQ629.png )

An authorization code pops into my mind, and the computer opens up.
The dropship's called the Cloud Breaker, based from the frigate Zeal Like Madness.
If you meant me, I'm not on the crew roster. I just satisfy the security program.
Information flickers in front of me faster than I can read it. I slow it down. The interface is made for someone with faster eyes and a faster brain than mine. This is going to give me a headache, but we are in a hurry.
There's a general knowledge database! It's very small, and scrubbed for opsec, unfortunately, but that's better than deciphering human research.
Uncertain. Equipment's present, at least. I start a diagnostic. It'll take a minute. I can do other things in the meantime.
Weapons are gone. Engines are mostly broken and the fuel tanks are empty. If there's something of value here other than the computer, I haven't thought of it.
>The mission of the squad, and what caused the explosion/crash?
The Cloud Breaker had thirty one crew and embarked at last count. Mission was... to stand by? That's weird. Remain hidden at all costs. Then, there was a recall order logged. Enemy presence in orbit. Diplomats suspected. The crew abandoned the dropship and exfiltrated on foot towards the Zeal, which was hidden under a lake. A few minutes later, the point defense computer logged a massive explosion in that direction, plus two smaller ones.
Good guess. I can feel the shape of the hangar via blindsight right now.
No. 222603 ID: a594b9

No weapons? Not much reason to stay here.
No. 222604 ID: 1ef13c


Hoo boy... That was Astholm, wasn't it?
No. 222608 ID: d387b8

Fucking Diplomats. That's not very diplomatic at all!

As much as I'd love learning all that could be learned here, we're on a timer. Lets get outa here, southwards.
No. 222610 ID: badf27

Shit. Athelhom...
Yeah, check if there's any concealed weapons compartments that you might get some kind of great weaponry from. Barring that, some kind of supplies. Really, anything helps. Is the subspace radio done with its diagnostic?
No. 222660 ID: 1cf642

Ask the computer for a readout of any emergency supplies or equipment still on board the ship.
No. 222670 ID: e40e60

And if you have any extra time, check the next room.
No. 222671 ID: f4963f

Wait for the radio diagnostic to finish. If it's functioning, that might be worth telling Mitzi.

How are we for time? My count is 12 out of 30 minutes.
No. 222672 ID: c3d27e

As unlikely as it is we will find fuel for this, do a diagnostic on the engine once the one on the radio is done. If it could be fixed we should know about that.
No. 222674 ID: d560d6

>It'll take a minute.
Literally? Once it's done, leave.
No. 222681 ID: 54af1f

Wait for the radio and check for hidden supplies. Also check engine and fuel status. Can this thing still fly? Because there must have been a way to get it in here, that implies a big door.
No. 222682 ID: dad664

Hm. Well, here's a possible scenario to chew on then.

You were part of a covert surveillance operation on Earth. Maybe part of the crew of the Zeal. Maybe part of another dropship. Probably the latter. Your species is at war with the Diplomats, and when they were detected, you were told to evac to your main ship to launch off and gtfo...but they found you and blew your ship to smithereens. The first two were probably to annihilate two other dropships. The last huge one was the destruction of the Zeal itself.

If a Dropship has a crew of about 31, then there's one of two possibilities. A) You're the lone survivor (Hyperion Excluded) of a hostile attack, or B) There's more of your kind out there, -somewhere-.

My suggestion? If the radio is up, don't go calling for anyone. See if it can just passively scan for active signals that are Tozol in origin. Maybe even able to hone in on them. But be warned, it could also be a trap set by the Diplomats to dig out any survivors and to eliminate them.
No. 222815 ID: c3d27e

Even if there are tozol signals found, who say Penji wants to go back to them? Self determination is a gift, I'd say it'd be a bad thing for her to be just a weapon.
No. 222818 ID: f94672
File 128297409045.png - (71.49KB , 400x350 , tozolclip.png )

No. 222823 ID: e40e60

From the looks of it, she was just a normal person. Besides, it's been over 40 years so the chance of actually picking up anything worthwhile are slim.

No. 222834 ID: 3416ec


Go away, Clippy. You're never helpful in ANY universe.
No. 222835 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128297852910.png - (13.99KB , 500x500 , TQ630.png )

I lock, but don't power down, the ship's computer.

I double-check the area for anything weird or hidden. The humans have had this thing for forty years. It seems unlikely that they'd miss very much, but it's at least worth a look.

Right in the cockpit, at the Flight Engineer's station, there's a handle that seems out of the ordinary.
No. 222837 ID: 476456

Pull it of course.

actually check what its labled first.
No. 222838 ID: 3416ec


Is that a sword? Please be a sword.

Pick up that sword.
No. 222839 ID: 6547ec

There is an adventure here. Do you adventure?

Yes, pull the hell out of that lever. It's either going to recline your seat, or do something cool. ...Though reclining IS pretty cool.
No. 222840 ID: 701a19

Wait for subspace radio diagnostics to be done, then call for a pickup. Identify yourself by the ship.
Only pull that AFTER you're finished with the radio. It would really suck if that were a self-destruct trigger.
No. 222843 ID: a594b9

That's not a lever. It's a chainsword.
No. 222845 ID: f4963f

Whatever it is, I'm sure it's edible.

You know what to do.
No. 222848 ID: 20914f

Congratulations, you have found the legendary Lost Sabre of Billy Barty.

Go forth and defend the Lollipop Guild with all your might.
No. 222853 ID: badf27

ALL SIGNS POINT TO MELEE WEAPON. Pick it up, maybe it's a chainsword or some kind of directed energy cutting device.
No. 222856 ID: badf27


Shit, if that's some kind of self-destruct, or a trap alarm lever or something installed by Quadrant 5...
No. 222858 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128298017268.png - (22.89KB , 500x500 , TQ631.png )

It's stuck pretty firmly, so I give it a good yank, and the whole object pops right off.

>Please be a sword.
Kinda small for a sword. I'm not ruling out anything, yet.
No. 222860 ID: badf27

Any activation studs or anything on it? A power source? Can you give the metal a lick and see if it's something Tozol-made?
No. 222861 ID: 1a99f0

maybe it's like a key or something. are there any holes it will fit in?
No. 222867 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128298240228.png - (12.25KB , 500x500 , TQ632.png )

>Any activation studs or anything on it?
I find a button, unlocking the scabbard and revealing a narrow blade, tapering and triangular. A mercy-giver.
It's heavier than it looks. Several times heavier than steel, I'd guess. Probably collapsium. Very durable.

I remember that it's possible to key gadgets to tozol biology, if there's a physical connection. A human pressing that button would have accomplished nothing, and he wouldn't have been strong enough to yank it free of the chair. It must have seemed like another part of the dropship.
No. 222868 ID: badf27


...Does "collapsium" mean that it doesn't obey the laws of conservation of mass and you can change its size?

Also did you lock out the subspace radio scan or did you just try to go do productive things while it did its work?
No. 222869 ID: f4963f

How good is its penetration? Do you think its length will give you an advantage? It may not have much girth, but its sheer mass should give you a lot of force behind your thrusts, won't it?
No. 222871 ID: 283fa9

...metal that collapses?

Anyway, if it's dense, might be durable. Usable as a pry, outside of obvious stabby stabby potential.
No. 222874 ID: 283fa9

...metal that collapses?

Anyway, if it's dense, might be durable. Usable as a pry, outside of obvious stabby stabby potential.
No. 222876 ID: 97cb33

give the inside of the ship a rub down. maybe a hidden compartment that only tozols can open is around?
No. 222877 ID: a594b9

Excellent. We found a decent weapon. It's not a GUN, sure... but still, now when we get back to Mitzi we won't be empty-handed.

Wait a little longer for the ship's computer to finish... then let's go and see if we can find a map of this area. Or anything interesting, really. Take the exit directly under the vent.
No. 222882 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128298435452.png - (16.02KB , 500x500 , TQ633.png )

>metal that collapses?
No. It's already collapsed, so to speak. Very dense.
>Does "collapsium" mean that it doesn't obey the laws of conservation of mass and you can change its size?
No, but I can traverse the blade ninety degrees through the guard. Put my whole forearm behind a stab.
I'll have to ask Mitzi where a jabberwock keeps its brainstem.

What now? I could stay and poke around, or try the comms, but I bet there's more to this section of the facility than I have time to explore.
No. 222883 ID: 6547ec

Unless there's a fully-functional plasma cutter sitting around, you're not going to find any better doodads in here; that looks like the grand prize. Keep moving before someone realizes that all the sensors around the ship have been sabotaged.
No. 222884 ID: 97cb33

give the inside of the ship a rub down for any tozol only buttons.
No. 222887 ID: 701a19


Also, send off a comm message on a secure channel identifying the ship and requesting an extraction.
No. 222888 ID: badf27

Open the door in the room a little then run back to the ship and do a rubdown for any Tozol-only buttons anywhere. Then sit in the seat for a minute, and use the blindsight extender thing(is there a name for it? Some Tozol-name? We're not privy to it) to see if anything is hiding in there while you try to send off a communication requesting backup of some sort.
No. 222889 ID: a594b9

HEY, the ship has sensors; check out the green stuff on the window! Maybe we can get it to find shit for us.

...actually nevermind, using active sensors could reveal our presence. Let's just go. BTW, I thought of a way to get back up to the vent. Get those longass cables the cameras were attached to, and make a longerass cable so you can attach it to the hook and throw it up to grapple the vent. Viola, we can climb back up.
No. 222890 ID: a594b9

If we're going to use the comms, we should contact that trapped Valcien's fleet.
No. 222908 ID: 54af1f

Let's check the rest of the facility. I think this thing is busted up. We can come back and check out whether the comms work after we checked the rest of the area.
No. 222919 ID: 701a19

Oh, hey, yea! Do that!
No. 222926 ID: d560d6

The cable rope is probably worth trying. Don't forget to get the results of the radio diagnostics, but otherwise I think it's time to move. Guess we'll just have to rely on downed security for projectile weapons.
No. 222929 ID: d84ae8

Lets not try communicating with anyone through this ship. Who knows who might be listening, ya'know?
No. 222938 ID: b36407

I say we move on. While this is an excellent find, we need to keep moving: find a gun, figure out how organized security is (because if the jabberwocks present a big enough distraction, we may be able to slip out with Mitzi in tow), and look for signs of Mitzi's brother... all in about 20 minutes. Sneaky and fast is the name of the game then.

And more C-S of course.
No. 222956 ID: e40e60

Wait for the diagnostic to finish, then go back. We're running a little low on time.
No. 223270 ID: 3d7a30

how about this: use stabby thing to cut convenient hand- and foot-holds so we can climb back up to the ceiling. Then make our way back to Mitzi and tell her that we've found a way to tech research and it appears to be deserted and full of cool useful stuff.
No. 226703 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128374897659.png - (24.53KB , 700x700 , TQ634.png )

>HEY, the ship has sensors
I don't know which sensors the humans can detect and which ones they can't. I can go active with the ship's blindsight, I bet. At least briefly, at low power.

There's ... quite a bunch of rooms in here. The ones to the north and south seem to have more signs of heavy equipment. Probably. Could just be the acoustics. This ship wasn't really made to work underground.
No. 226711 ID: 67c611

Return to Mitzi.
No. 226714 ID: f4963f

How much time do we have left before we need to return, Penji? Last count I had was about 11-12 minutes. If you think you can be in one of those rooms and out in three minutes or less, go for it.

Otherwise, climb right back up to that air duct and creep your way back to Mitzi.
No. 226730 ID: e40e60

Was starting to think this quest was dead
We only have enough time for one or two rooms. Let's go south and check out that big room.
No. 226764 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128375707236.png - (11.61KB , 600x500 , TQ635.png )

>Go south and check out that big room.
My keycard lets me pass.

I saw a security camera in the room across the hall to the west, but none in here. It wasn't angled to see me.

The room is dominated by a large machine with a hatch on top. There's also several smaller, safe-like containers.
No. 226766 ID: 97cb33

with your new stabber do you think you can get those safes open REALLY fast?
No. 226767 ID: 701a19

They've got warnings up all over the place around that machine. Obviously, you need to investigate that first.
If that's fuel for the ship's FTL systems then you can just grab Mitzi and warp out of here.
No. 226772 ID: a594b9

hmmm. Maybe we'd better leave that hatch alone. Quickly check if you can open the smaller containers.
No. 226780 ID: f4963f

With your super-strength and that blade, it shouldn't be too hard to get into the smaller countainers. Take a peek into those bfore you look at the big obvious death hatch.
No. 226782 ID: badf27

You see any cameras? They active? If not, go try to jimmy open one of the safes with your mercy-giver.
No. 226790 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12837608533.png - (15.84KB , 500x500 , TQ636.png )

>They've got warnings up all over the place around that machine. Obviously, you need to investigate that first.
>Maybe we'd better leave that hatch alone.

I compromise and try the control console.

Some kind of artifact undergoing a multi-tier composite analysis.

"Brief: 565-8 is one of only two intact Ath-565's, AKA: 'Weasel Bars' that we were able to recover from Athelhom. Recent breakthroughs in xenobiology (see attached notes) offer the possibility that we may finally be able to replicate Tozol biometric keys and activate or even reverse engineer this device. Regardless, it has yet to undergo a complete analysis since we upgraded the composite object mapper."

>How much time do we have left before we need to return?
We're probably around halfway to the 30 minute limit.
No. 226792 ID: f4963f

>Requires Tozol Biometric Keys
Steal the FUCK out of these weasel rods.
No. 226793 ID: 97cb33

FUCK YEAH! tozol only object! steal the fuck out of it!
No. 226794 ID: badf27


I wonder what it is. A tool? A candy bar? Whatever it is, if it was recovered from Athelhom and needs tozol biometrics then it's something you should totally be stealing.

...Uh, watch out for some kind of alarm though.
No. 226813 ID: c71597

Leave the weasel bar for now. Rip open the other safes instead and see what's in those. Then you can grab the weasely bar and maybe download some info before you head back to Mitzi.
No. 226836 ID: badf27

No, you get the weasel bar, and you get it right now.
No. 226847 ID: 67c611

Disable/turn off the machine and take the weasel bar.
No. 226922 ID: f1df52

I bet it's another candy bar. You already had one, so leave.
No. 226932 ID: e40e60

We'll come back for it. Let's head back for now.
No. 226943 ID: dad664

Well...what are you waiting for?

Rev up those attached notes, because I'm ready to see them!
No. 227235 ID: d560d6

As curious as a Weasel Bar may sound, give that big safe a quick poke first. Not being covered in warning signs, it's less likely to start screaming safety alarms when cracked open, which is something to defer until you're leaving.
No. 227258 ID: 56dc25

What would you do for a Klondike Weasel Bar? Would you, perhaps, risk the fury of an entire secret high-security military base for its delicious goodness?
No. 227285 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128383545341.png - (10.74KB , 500x500 , TQ637.png )

>Rev up those attached notes
"...Under these circumstances, cytokine samples were observed to include 19 hypothetical proteins and 21 with unknown function. Via RT-RCR, we can..."

Blah blah, cytokine samples. Blah blah, highly refined endocrine system blah blah auxiliary nerves providing additional internal channels of communication in tozol physiology...

I unlock the machine.
No. 227286 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128383552590.png - (13.92KB , 500x500 , TQ638.png )

I fish out a metal bar about half a meter long. It grips firmly in my hand. It has a good, solid weight.

Memories trickle back. 'Weasel bar' isn't a bad term. We just called them wrecking bars, but it shouldn't share a moniker with human garbage.

Now if I could just remember how to set it.
No. 227287 ID: 5bd740

No. 227288 ID: 3416ec


Set it and forget it! Like a Ronco Rotisserie!
No. 227289 ID: 97cb33

so what is it? a hi-tech crowbar?
No. 227291 ID: 67c611

Pry open some of the safe-like containers. Do what comes naturally.
No. 227292 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128383632742.png - (7.25KB , 500x500 , TQ639.png )

No. 227293 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128383634785.png - (11.93KB , 500x500 , TQ640.png )

>so what is it? a hi-tech crowbar?
No. 227294 ID: 67c611

No. 227295 ID: f4963f

Pry open a safe. You know you want to.
No. 227296 ID: 476456

shouldnt share a moniker,huh?
No. 227298 ID: 97cb33

pry some safes. man, the science guys must feel stupid. trying so fucking hard to reverse engineer a crowbar.
No. 227299 ID: 6a17b0

So... Can it make different heads? Like instead of a crowbar head, something like a tire iron's lug wrench?
No. 227300 ID: 6a17b0

Wonder if they found some weasel tape too?
No. 227301 ID: f52552

So next up we need to collect the HI-TECH BLUDGEONY CANESHOVEL, and the LASER SCALPEL.
Already have syringes and something resembling a gaff hook.
Then we can get the GEMSTONE ARMS achievement.
No. 227305 ID: badf27


Okay if it's thought activated, go ahead and imagine an axe. A nice one, you decide how many heads.
No. 227307 ID: 3416ec


No. 227308 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128383903320.png - (12.65KB , 500x500 , TQ641.png )

>So... Can it make different heads? Like instead of a crowbar head, something like a tire iron's lug wrench?
It's a durable shape-memory polyalloy. Somewhere around a hundred preset shapes. Can resize some, too.
No. 227310 ID: f4963f

So basically, the multitool of the gods.

Now this, this is useful.
No. 227311 ID: 97cb33

fuck yeah. let's go break open them safes.
No. 227312 ID: 8bdb6a
File 12838393823.png - (12.95KB , 500x500 , TQ642.png )

>imagine an axe
It really is my birthday.
No. 227313 ID: f6b553

This is the best day ever. EVER.

We have a weapon, a supermultitool, and stuff. We can totes get out now. :DD
No. 227316 ID: 56dc25

Awesome. That'll be useful. For now, though, keep moving instead of experimenting with it- you're short on time, and if what you've encountered so far is any indication there will probably be even more useful objects in this area. Go for the safes, then on to another room.
No. 227321 ID: 67c611

Break open safe-like things.
No. 227326 ID: e3f578

Okay now a rocket launcher! :3
No. 227329 ID: d677cc


But, well, time time time time. Get a move on.
No. 227331 ID: a70435


This will be fun. Remember to jab it into something, then change it's shape.
No. 227369 ID: badf27

I don't think we have enough time to pry open all of the safes in there. If you can remember a better shaped crowbar than the one we've already seen, think it up and then try prying open the big, more square-shaped safe in the middle of the room--if it doesn't look promising then just bug out of there and get back to Mitzi.
No. 227392 ID: a594b9

I think we should just go back now.
No. 227401 ID: e40e60

I second that.
No. 227410 ID: d560d6

Yeah, big safe, last one, don't spend more than a minute on it.
No. 227412 ID: 38738e

I agree. Give it a quick test, then head back to Mitzi.

I don't think it can turn into a super-bazooka or ultra-sword, though.
No. 227443 ID: c71597

Holy shit that's sweet. Now lets get to work on those safes. You could probably also try to use that spike punch thingy to help with getting them open.
No. 227462 ID: 3d7a30

Penji, has anyone complemented you recently on your sexy smile.

Also, let's be getting back now.
No. 227514 ID: e40e60

Attempt to force the biggest safe. If that takes more than a couple minutes, give up and go back.
No. 230653 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128443985082.png - (11.75KB , 600x500 , TQ643.png )

>Attempt to force the biggest safe.
No problem. A minute of noisy work and I'm in.
No. 230654 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128443986956.png - (19.89KB , 500x500 , TQ644.png )

Inside are shelves brandishing recovered equipment, mounted like trophies.
The far wall holds helmets, every one sporting holes. One of them is just shrapnel that's been loosely pieced together. The most intact looking one is much too large for me.
To the sides is mostly just wreckage, but a few pieces of gear look more intact than the others.
No. 230656 ID: e31d52

Lower right dead ahead, is that YOUR helmet?

No. 230657 ID: 6547ec

>more intact than others

Well, best start to cobblin'. You might even be able to put some otherwise-too-big gear over top what you have, if it won't hurt your mobility too much.
No. 230658 ID: ff0a7c

Lick them.
No. 230661 ID: 3416ec

Salvage as much as you can. Equip all possible gear.

No. 230662 ID: a594b9

I see they kept your helmet.

What kinda shit they got here that's useful?
No. 230665 ID: 6a17b0

Agreed. So long as it won't take more than a minute, cobble together some shit (I hope you Tozols made interchangeability a must-have for your tech.)
No. 230672 ID: 9406d6

No. 230676 ID: f4963f

No. 230680 ID: 8bdb6a
File 128444143658.png - (16.46KB , 500x500 , TQ645.png )

>is that YOUR helmet?
It fits, in more ways than one.
Hole in the back, too.

>reclaim your helmet
The helmets are all very badly damaged, but if you insist.
No. 230683 ID: 8e18cd


I don't think wearing this is a good idea. Nevertheless it answers some questions on when you were killed. There are 6 helmets here and we only know about Hyperion.

I wonder where the other 4 tozols are
No. 230685 ID: ff0a7c

No, just leave it, what good is a cumbersome helmet if it's got a gaping hole in it. Look around a bit more, do you see any containers or anything else useful?
No. 230687 ID: e31d52

Well, fine, if it's not so great as a helmet, eat the damn thing.
No. 230689 ID: ff0a7c

Or lick it; taste your essence
No. 230690 ID: 754124

It protects adequately from one side.
No. 230691 ID: 3416ec


I'm more concerned about the origin of that gaping blast hole in the helmet.
No. 230692 ID: f1df52

Does the helmet restrict your senses in any way?
If so, it was meant not to and is broken, so discard it.
No. 230695 ID: dad664

You can eat metal (I think). You have a shapeshifting metal rod that can become nearly any tool you think of.

It's time for some jury-rigging, darlin'. See what you can salvage to repair the things that are moderately damaged.
No. 230696 ID: 660412

Leave it.
Also, leave a note. 'you guys suck.' with arrow pointing to your helmet.

Anything look more functional?
No. 230697 ID: a594b9


Is there really nothing here worth salvaging?
No. 230709 ID: f4963f

Leave the helmet to its grave, warrior.

Return to Mitzi once more.
No. 230710 ID: badf27

I really think you should grab the helmet. You can ditch it later if you feel like it, but I like it. Left rack, top shelf, though: That metal shard is quite small compared to the rest. Take it as a snack(are we bothering you with EAT METAL, EAT EAT METAL?) but don't try to eat it right now.

Did the helmet have any computerized features or was it a purely protective piece? Anything operational?

Time to head back to Mitzi. You've gotten quite a haul.

Bottom left of the center rack. Are those... PAULDRONS?
No. 230725 ID: f57857

They are not 10x bigger than what we really require, they are useless.
No. 230727 ID: c71597

Skip it, damn thing has been way to damaged to be of any greater use. It's just scrap metal now.

Open the other two safes as well and check if there's anything intact in them. Probably not but it doesn't hurt to make sure.
No. 230734 ID: 67c611

Continue popping safes. Give us loot descriptions and time elapsed. I'm sure Mitzi will understand if we are a few minutes late.
No. 230747 ID: d560d6

Oh hey, your right eye is protected. You know, the one you just recently got stabbed in. Only ditch that thing if it's somehow getting in the way.

Get back to Mizti.
No. 230749 ID: e5f4e3

Must've been a big gun that took you down, considering the size of that hole.
No. 230769 ID: 55c88b

Get the stuff and then start getting the ship ready for take off, we are gonig to need to be ready to move out.
No. 230771 ID: e40e60

See if anything there fits you and is still in usable shape.
No. 230830 ID: 3d7a30


we already established that the ship had empty tanks and nonfunctional engines
No. 230831 ID: 3d7a30

let's get back to Mitzi now. This stuff will still be here when we get back
No. 230837 ID: 6a17b0

I'm betting 80mm tank gun.

OR if humanity has technologically moved forwards, a railgun.
No. 230838 ID: 56dc25

We might have time for one more room...

...do we have time for one more room? How're we doing?
No. 230917 ID: 38738e

How are we on time?

Any salvageable equipment in here?
No. 230939 ID: 476456

hmm..that almost looks like a flight helmet.
No. 231777 ID: 4cdabb
File 12848604833.png - (10.61KB , 500x500 , TQ646.png )

>Are those... PAULDRONS?
It's a helmet that's been cleanly bisected, right down the middle.
>Does the helmet restrict your senses in any way?
The visor's gone opaque to infrared. Probably warped by heat.
>How are we on time?
Five more minutes before I definitely gotta leave. Plus however much time Mitzi gives past what we agreed on. Can't really guess that.
>Any salvageable equipment in here?
The most promising pieces are two anti-tank grenades and a weapon power pack, but they're damaged. After forty years with cracked cases, they're probably inert.
No. 231778 ID: 4cdabb
File 128486063149.png - (8.89KB , 500x500 , TQ647.png )

>Open the other two safes
I start with the southern one, which looks the most promising because it's got the biggest warning on it.

Beneath the outer door is a card reader, a big unlocking mechanism, and a more detailed warning:
DO NOT open blast pit without authorization and procedural instruction
Don explosion-resistant suits, located in lockers, prior to opening
ALL samples must be returned to blast pit or authorized, reinforced experiment module before exiting lab
(this means you)"
No. 231779 ID: e40e60

>anti-armor grenades
>both of our enemies are armored


Okay let's head back
No. 231780 ID: badf27

Yeah no. Head back, we can maybe bust the visor off the helmet later. Gogogo.
No. 231781 ID: 175f4a

i think that means this room may have active tozol made bombs. can only wonder what a demo-charge would do.
No. 231782 ID: 67c611

Let's not open that one yet. Continue breaking open containers until you hit the time limit.
No. 231785 ID: 175f4a

seriously, why you guys being scared? we found inert grenades in the other safe, this vault probably contains usable grenades. i don't know about you, but i think a tozol grenade could probably blow up a jabberwock.
No. 231787 ID: e40e60

Or it doesn't contain any explosives at all. Explosives generally aren't left in the blast pit, they're left in storage.
No. 231791 ID: d560d6

>The visor's gone opaque to infrared.
The visor only covers one eye. If you end up seeing anything only-infrared, then you can take it off for stereoscopic vision. And as an added bonus, pirate eyepatch effect should make it even easier to see then.
>Five more minutes
Someone's rationalising to spend longer playing with Tozol toys.
>ALL samples must be returned to blast pit or authorized, reinforced experiment module before exiting lab
Sounds like ones they're currently studying would be in there.

I don't remember having an appropriate card, and that thing looks like more than a five minute job. Go make your sensor cable climbing rope.
No. 231793 ID: f4963f

Are there any lockers nearby, four-ears? If you can find a blast suit, I don't see why we shouldn't do this.
No. 231794 ID: 3416ec

Attempt to fashion old grenades into an Explosive Penetrator.
No. 231797 ID: a594b9

Open it!
No. 231799 ID: 6a17b0


Also agreed.
No. 231803 ID: 4cdabb
File 128486695553.png - (11.39KB , 600x500 , TQ648.png )

>Are there any lockers nearby, four-ears?
Yeah. In the corner. To the right is some first aid and anti-contamination gear and stuff. To the left is probably what it's talking about.
No. 231804 ID: 4cdabb
File 128486713221.png - (12.98KB , 500x500 , TQ649.png )

No. 231805 ID: badf27

No ignore them you don't have the right kind of legs you have to GO, goddamn
No. 231809 ID: 6e565d

Ok, take a quick look, but only to see if you recognize anything. If you do grab it and skedaddle. If you don't just abscond back to Mitzi already. She's probably getting worried.
No. 231812 ID: 67c611

If there is nothing left to break open besides the explosive box, return to Mitzi.
No. 231813 ID: 383006

Oh god take the fucking explosives and armor what the fuck. Especially the explosives. I'm voting for the explosives 5 times.
No. 231826 ID: 4cdabb
File 128487043078.png - (11.58KB , 600x500 , TQ650.png )

>No ignore them
If you insist.

>GO, goddamn
Go where? Get back to Mitzi early? Guess it couldn't hurt, if we don't want any of this stuff.

>If there is nothing left to break open besides the explosive box
There's one last one. North corner of the room.
No. 231827 ID: 4cdabb
File 128487050685.png - (7.35KB , 500x500 , TQ651.png )

Inside is another power pack, looking intact, and a device I don't recognize.
No. 231828 ID: e973f4

I thought you said it'd probably take you longer to get back than it took you to get here since you messed up your leg on the way in and stuff. But ok.
No. 231829 ID: dad664

Examine the FUCK out of those things.
No. 231831 ID: 67c611

Take power pack. Examine other device.
No. 231838 ID: 4cdabb
File 128487228778.png - (11.96KB , 500x500 , TQ652.png )

>I thought you said it'd probably take you longer to get back than it took you to get here since you messed up your leg
That's not what I said. On the way here I had to wander around to find my way, then bash through a ton of fan mountings.
No. 231839 ID: dad664

Man, that helmet is bitchin'. We need to find you one that's intact, along with the matching armor somehow.
No. 231840 ID: e973f4

Aight then.
No. 231841 ID: 4531bc

take the suit, hold it front of you as a shield, possible cut holes so that you can fit in it, and OPEN THAT BOX!
No. 231842 ID: f1df52

Take both items with you and go back.
No. 231843