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File 162714397998.png - (273.85KB , 500x500 , C3_000.png )
1006261 No. 1006261 ID: afe7de

The world is ending, you don’t have to put it on your own shoulders, but you chose to anyway because if you don’t, who will?

CATALYST PART 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/986604.html
CATALYST PART 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/993796.html
CATALYST INTERMISSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1001663.html

WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/m/Edmango


AUTHORS NOTE: This quest will contain 18+ content including violence, sexual content, angry characters, and more. Reader discretion is advised
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No. 1006262 ID: afe7de
File 162714401128.png - (15.20KB , 500x500 , C3_001.png )

If you already know the story, feel free to skip the panels stating RECAP, it’s just for those needing to catch up. It’s about 6 months of nearly daily updates, so don’t feel bad if you need a refresher. It’s also seperated into PART 1, 2, and 2.5, so you can read a specific section if you forgot what happened. You’ll get a lot of extra details that I missed in here, but the recaps more just a general overview so that you can hop right in without any prior knowledge.

CATALYST begins the morning of Wednesday May 18 in the year 2029. It’s a day like any other with our protagonist CATHERINE ALEXANDER (known by CAT for short) being driven into the town of LYST. He’s a plucky young man at the age of 25 who, for all intents and purposes, seems like a normal guy. The night before he AWAKENED to a superpower, something not too uncommon in society, but rather rare anyway. His power is to AWAKEN powers in others, although he can’t control exactly what powers he gives them, instead this is done by the AUDIENCE, you, the viewers.

Cat meets a wide variety of citizens on his journey through the city, searching for a job as he’s EXTREMELY BROKE, but not SADDLED WITH DEBT. He meets ISABELLA DALTON who recommends he visit the city hall for other jobs and eventually Cat settles into a job as a postal worker working under the rude, Half scarred, but seemingly COOL WILLAMINA HADLEE. It’s a small town, if you include the outskirts the population probably barely reaches 80 if that, so delivering mail is easy. He goes through his rounds meeting various kin of note.

ORIEL WALPOLE is the proprietor of the HAPLESS STONE, the place Cat chooses to rent a bed for the night. She likes to wear unbuttoned shirts and no bra. ANDREA BOREALIS is one of the town’s COPS, she doesent need to sleep and you find out she is AWAKENED with the power of increased stamina and lack of sleep. GENA is a mouse that lives up in the apartments, friends with WILLAMINA.

Cat eventually winds up at the RUFFLED HAUNCH brothel and meets Nail, an effeminate Catboy that tries to get you to pay for his services, unfortunately you’re broke, so you pass for now. After a day of work, you’re paid and you meet Andrea’s sister, ADRIANA BOREALIS. She’s also a cop, likes to smoke, and is a triplet to ANDREA, with their third being a mercinary in the country of WEST FLUXTOPA, a desolate wasteland that was destroyed in the third world war.

After waffling about for a bit it’s here where you test your power for the first time. On a roach in your pack, it turns out it’s the same roach you awakened previously. Your power also allows you to UPGRADE the existing power of others, so you do so on the roach, unlocking Telapthy in it. After a short freak out you learn about an underground roach kingdom in your hometown of DONJON, the dungeon city and headquarters to the HEROES GUILD. You take some notes, get your bearings, and head out to a DATE with WILLAMINA, it’s not really a date at first, more you just trying to get to know someone, but it slowly turns into one and you get to know eachother.

It’s here you learn of the the details behind WILLAMINA’S scars. She was in a terrible fire 10 years ago, losing her family and being adopted by the DALTONS. There’s beef between her and Isabella but the exact details are unclear. The night ends with you forming a nascant bond with her, but discovering an injured badger in the woods. The cops are called in and you eventually split up but at the last moment you decide to head back and try AWAKENING the badger, it works and the badger is fully healed, the implications of the exact nature of your power are unclear at this point, only that it has much more depth than you realized.

You head to the LIBARBY, a library in anything but name, meet a unicorn, and a very well endowed elf woman with 2 eyes on the side of her face rather than the normal distribution. You snoop on the fire and learn some more, TREY and GRUK, the town’s doctor and masseuse rescued her, and she saw eyes. The mystery deepens and you get to work, exploring the rest of the town as you do. You meet a tinker in the library named Rupert, he seems nice. You get a new uniform, and you meet the Mayor, Willamina’s current mother, she makes jerky and when you touch her, testing for powers, you get shocked.

You surprise the elf woman, whose name is MISS IRAPHENA and start to get the idea that she has some sort of precognitive ability, but it doesent work on you for some reason. The mystery deepens. You meet MAPLE and TONI briefly, Toni shocks you as you try to scan him for powers, but doesn’t actually hurt you, more threatens if anything whilst masking it in humor. You head to the clinic to drop off a package and meet KAZU, you remember him as the KID BROTHER to your EX GIRLFRIEND NIPHA. Well, you were more fuck buddies and friends with benefits, but it would be a lie to say you had no romantic interest in her. He’s interning for a medschool degree here in LYST.

You then meet CANNIE DALTON, sister to ISABELLA, Cannie just wants to fight and Isabella tries to get her to calm down. You notice the symbol of an eye on her arm, you later find out it’s the symbol of the NUNITUS GUILD, an information guild with potentially sinister motives. You get a SLUSHEE, meeting BOBBY SLURPS, a hippo-like kin who loves slushees. And then head back, giving WILLAMINA one of your slushees at the end of the day. You play cards with WILLAMINA whilst waiting for dinnertime and Will eventually ends up inviting you to POKER NIGHT on SUNDAY.

You find out about some CLUBS in town, notably the RATIOLATRY group meetings, they’re essentially a low tier religious cult that believes in simulation theory, only the proof they use is the overlay Awakened have and the ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM. But it’s not actually that popular.

You eventually have a tense dinner where you’re coerced to reveal portions of your power to ISABELLA, CANNIE, and IRAPHENA, but in the process get to test them for powers. Your heart drops as you see Isabella’s she was covering herself with a shock charm of some kind, similar to her mom’s you suspect. But she has something called a DEMONIC FLAME SPIRIT and the INCARNATION OF FLAME which sends red flags flying through your head. You just thought she was a chipper young girl with a hangup about Willamina, but the story goes much deeper. A debate happens, you dont reveal much, you reminisce about THE INCIDENT, a moment in your past where you lost your family due to a dungeon break, and eventually you go to sleep without much fanfare.

This is when things take a darker twist and the stakes are raised. You awake to a dream of an auction where you get awesome artifacts, are given a distinct advantage in the bidding, and eventually get a few things. Notably an amulet that lets you see the description of artifacts and spirits, and a slave. Oh, and you find out the world is going to end with a massive demon war and freak the fuck out for a bit.

The next day goes by quickly, you meet Gruk, he’s a healer and masseuse. Andrea tries to seduce you and you dodge her, much to her dissapointment, but not until you snap a hot pic of her ass. Iraphena tries to grill you on the auction and you decide on some sort of trade. But what scares you is that she’s fairly strong in terms of artifacts, can read your emotions, and has weapons. You understand that she’s been around the block and has gone dungeon diving a few times, but you can’t trust her yet. You let out some frustrations at that and leave, dissapointed. You spend most of the night at the bar, goofing off, meeting new kin, finding out about the estate fire and Will’s past from a Flower Person, and eventually cave in and fight off CANNIE. You win the fight, albeit barely and after she was already tired, but it’s a win nonetheless, so she tells you some of her and Willamina’s backstory before it’s time to have a night time dinner with Willamina. You can read that full bit here:

No. 1006263 ID: afe7de
File 162714404457.png - (16.00KB , 500x500 , C3_002.png )

You have dinner and decide WILLAMINA is the one to awaken, you give her powers after an emotional sequence where she tells you that she knows you’ve been snooping around. She gets ICE and STORM powers, which you later find out is a bit more than her predecessors had. It also tells you a little bit about AWAKENED powers being somewhat HEREDITARY, as she’s a third generation AWAKENED at this point. The two of you makeout but don’t have sex due to your hesitation and the power dynamic that just developed. She has some goodies coming later by way of inheritence, so there’s a big day ahead of the two of you.

You then meet your slave, MINT, a beast-kin cat who can transform into a human sized cat, anthro cat, and small cat at will. You’ve already got a lot on your plate, but she provides context, explaining that fallen angels will come after the demon war and mop up, enslaving whoever they can. You don’t know how long you have until it happens, it can be anywhere between 9 months to 4 years, but the time pressure is starting to grate against you.

You’re put in charge of the post office today as MINT and WILLAMINA get to know eachother. WILLAMINA’S a part of your inner circle now, so it’s only natural. As you run the store, TREY sees you and immediately books it, leaving his package. You’re unsure why he would do this, but assume it might be because he was one of the surgeons that gave you a dick when you were 18. Did I mention Cat’s F to M Trans? Yeah he got a super cool custom dick that gets you high and can change shapes. It was a whole THING you can read about here:


Anyway, Isabella’s Demonic flame spirit waltzes in, and you try your best not to look at it or give away anything, you think you succeeded, but its unclear. It bothers you that it looks like an angel and not a demon and you’re not sure what the system uses to classify these things or give them their names.

And then the ANDREA gives you a blowjob. And then GENA pops in and competes with Andrea to give you a blowjob. You get them both high with your spunk, as well as getting high yourself and kind of goof off for an hour, a few kin come in and you help them, but it’s mostly good vibes and you bond with the two of them post orgasm.

You find out that Nail has a ring that lets him store stuff, similar to the one you’re about to get rid of, that is owned by the proprietor of the RUFFLED HAUNCH. Her name is LAVERNE LYST, one of the descendent's of the town’s founders. The other living descendant is NICKY DALTON, CANNIE, ISABELLA, and WILLAMINA’s mom.

Unfortunately the good vibes can only last so long and I want to make characters show emotion, so you’re introduced to a disguised Heroes League representative. He says his name is LIMINAL AXAM HIRO, But you immediately realize it’s an anagram for MAXAMILLIAN, the dead brother to Willamina, and your demon eye amulet lets you see through the disguise immediately. He’s kind to you, strong, and has a lot of artifacts. But until you reveal your power, and only because he knew your brother, he didn’t even know you had one. He can’t get a read on you, and doesen’t see your artifacts either. It’s at this point you’re starting to wonder if you’re under some sort of PROTECTION. It’s almost like your INVISIBLE to certain effects, maybe it comes with the power, maybe it’s something else. The mystery. Deepens.

You get a picture of your bro and Maxamillian, which only further confirms your theories. Apparently they were close. He hands you a book, it’s a book on casting the spell MAGIC MISSILE, but takes someone that’s PRETTY SMART to do it. You’ll probably be able to figure it out given some time. You scan him for powers and he’s got an arguably overpowered amount of them. 4 powers and it gives you a ton of achievement points. You start to wonder if HE’S the protagonist when your perspective switches to Willamina.


You learn a bit more about Will, read some of her texts, and find out that she’s got good FORTITUDE, and COOL, but everything else is kind of middling. She’s buddies with CANNIE, GENA, and ANDREA, but most of the town doesen’t like her. WILLAMINA assumes this is the work of ISABELLA, but it could also be her BAD ATTITUDE that contributes a lot to it.

You see Isabella run off crying, have a tense session with Liminal where your composure breaks and there’s a lot of yelling. Cat’s silent throughout most of it, you get some extra items out of him due to coersion and kick him out of the post office. You feel like Cat’s been hiding something throughout this whole deal, but he promises to share at a later date. You have a big plannign session, discuss logistics of making a base of operations and eventually look through your items, you’ve gotten quite a lot of loot, a letter from your Grandpa, and just a ton of lore dump. For a fuller understanding, feel free to read through here for a few panels to get the gist of it, but I’ll summarize too!


Basically the note shoes that there’s a box with info just for Willamina on it, you listen to it and learn about the end of the world. It’s bad. Demons come, but they don’t really break the world, just 30%. Then Angels come and wipe out another 40%, then the rest get enslaved by fallen angels or worse, then other alien species basically come and reclaim the planet as their own as it’s basically defenseless at that point. It’s a pessimistic view of the world, Saba met a demon that wanted to train the humans so they wouldn’t fall to the same fate, but there was a betrayal, Angels came early and infiltrated, eliminating Saba’s Wife and Husband, but he left gifts. A vehicle that can let you rest and is pretty defensible. A weapon for Willamina that’s based off of her Grandmother’s. A locked fairy in a ball, a pretty big inter-spatial ring, a coin that can let someone awaken a second time, and a dungeon, specially made to train up a group of 4-8 so that they can defend themselves against the assassins that will likely be hunting you and your companions down.

You’re upset. Not just that all this is happening, not just that cat was right about it, but because it all seems so hopeless. But you steel yourself, believing it’s your drive, nay, your duty, no, your DESTINY. To SAVE THE WORLD, or at least Midland. Supply lists are made via Mint, you visit your family and have a nice dinner, you invite Cannie over and let your mom know you’re planning on taking a breather from work and life and go travelling. You’re not sure who you’re bringing yet on this “trip” But it will be to the dungeon, not just around the world.


Our perspective switches back. Cat is mentally exhausted, and things are draining on him. It doesen’t help that Iraphena has your brother’s lost ring on the table in front of you either. You claim it as yours, using your family photo as evidence and take it. You trade for some other objects, and offer your appraisal skills since apparently that’s a pretty strong skillset to have that pays well, and get a few things. You get a magic shotgun, a phantom dagger, a pair of cool boots, a tension suit that basically turns you into a power ranger. You give up your coiling ring, never figuring out what special thing it did, and activate the ring, to find your brother, now a SPIRIT OF HOPE, inside it.

It’s a tearful reuinion, you learn a bit of his backstory, learn the specifics of the Incident and your messed up past, learn about KARMA, this weird soul energy that exists, and form a spirit contract with him. Callan is tied to you now, and you gain a small amount of HOPE powers from it. And then, Cannie comes, and it sucked.

You have a very long, very tense, very stressful argument with Cannie, explaining what you know and that you want her help. Unfortunately, a lot of this information clashes with her world views and understandings, especially the part where the organization she cherishes so much is actually responsible for so much evil in the world. She lashes out at you as you talk about Isabella and your theories. She lashes out again when you talk about Willamina’s sister being alive and having come today. You’re pinned to the ground and Cannie argues with you, wanting to know your end game that, quite frankly, you’ve had almost no time to consider. You give your lifes story, you say what you’re trying to do, you say why you’ve done what you wanted in town, explain how your life was hard, and how you just want to give people powers, have them not kill you or betray you, and you know, maybe live a better life than before.

She lays off a bit but you go it at more intensely. You were already at your breaking point and this was the straw that broke your back. The voices and ideas in your head want you to reconsile but at this point you just cant. You try to get Cannie to explain her point of view, but she just replies with platitudes, statements of your inadiquacies, your timidness, your lack of conviction, and she leaves, tearing up her nunitus armband as she goes out. You’ve been broken, Willamina’s comforting you, but, you just can’t focus on it because, as much as she was hurting you, there were things she was right on. You get more conviction, a stronger goal, a better idea of yourself and feel HOPE. It’s the first time your power upgraded without your input and Callan gains a temporary corporeal form, able to meet Willamina.

The night ends as you shed your inhibitions and restraints and you have pretty rad sex with Willamina. Though you imagine sex with ANDREA tomorrow will be more BESTIAL in nature given her intensity. You rest for the night. The deed done and a reprieve gained. What you wouldn’t kill for a hyperbolic time chamber of some sort to have time to just… process.
No. 1006264 ID: afe7de
File 162714409308.png - (12.62KB , 500x500 , C3_003.png )

This intermission is a lot of fluff and worldbuilding, It stars ANDREA and GENA, goofball extraordinaires as they watch tv, movies, games, and weird programming. A news article talks about the gene clinic that Andrea and Cat went to having someone make superpower creation pills using the genetic material of it’s patients, this doesent bother our heroes because they don’t know about Cat’s power.

This is a campy horror flick starring a washed out actor at the height of his career before it came crashing down. There’s twists, turns, and explosions. It’s also the first published film to have an instance of someone awakening to a power in it, so it has historical value in that sense.

PABE - Feat Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid
Next up is a wrestling inspired awakened bloodsport, two competitors fight it out on a sealed stage using their powers until one is left standing. It’s a skunk versus a spider, and a tense battle. The star of this show is the daughter of the hero in the movie BRAIN WORMS 5 Gena and Andrea make a bet which Andrea loses, causing her to eat a YELLOW. The ending also features an off screen moment showing an Awakened that communicates through toys and puppets inviting our hero to the Heroes League.

She declines, deciding instead of returning to the circuit, to chose her own path, who knows if that path will intersect with our heroes in the future. There’s a music video about a moth singer from Wano, a shady commercial about a lawyer whose lyrics are definitely not cribbed from a popular commercial from when I the narrator was a kid, and a brief moment of self indulgence where we explore part of my LUST QUEST lore in a goofy videogame.

This is a somewhat monster hunter meets Pokemon spoof about a group of 4 heroes fighting against plant monsters that’s probably racist to the Vegi-Kin, but no one really worries about that kind of thing. They fight big plant,s do some crazy stuff, imply a lot of cool weaponry exists and bosses with giant eyeballs as weak points exist, and eventually kill it, leaving a tiny budding plantimal that’s ripe for product placement and toy sales.

The two of you then order a pizza, carrots and broccoli of course. And play a definitely not foreshadowing in any way at all game of GREAT LARCENY MOTORCARS VI. You go nude, do crimes, and fight a flying car piloted by an awakened. It’s a tense battle, you try to exploit the game only for it to get more intense, and you meet someone who can make poles pop out of the ground to entrap you. It ends with yours and Gena’s death in game, which you’re not too upset about. The show you were going to watch got canceled, so you just goof oof, and talk some hot gossip in the town. Of note is the Lyst-Y-Mart thief hiding in the forest, and some more backstory on MYRIAD a mercenary living in the ruins of West Fluxtopa that is also a triplet of ANDREA’S.

This is all character development and math. So much math. A red eyed beast-kin (?) lady coerces Andrea and Gena to do MATH PROBLEMS. It somehow works. Andrea tries to brute force some problems, gets horny, wants to be degraded, waters herself off, and eventually the two of them succeed in solving the problems and get a phone number, it’s one time use, should save them from a pickle, but they have no idea what they’d even use it for. After all, They aren’t privy to major plot points at this time.

The segment ends with Andrea alone at night. Her melancholy at the world leaving her to her own devices is strong. She just wants to sleep or have others around her when she’s awake, this forced distancing time really just hurts her. So she goes home to jerk off for a few hours and head to the RATIOLATRY meeting tomorrow morning.

And that’s the story so far! Now, back to the quest!
No. 1006265 ID: afe7de
File 162714410311.png - (45.11KB , 500x500 , C3_004.png )

It’s darkness all around you. You’re falling. In the distance are stars, you’re sure one of them is your home, Faunus. You feel someone is watching you, but you can’t see from where. It’s cold. You wake up.

It’s SUNDAY MAY 22, 2029, about 9:35AM. You feel like shit. Not because you didn’t rest. You probably had the best rest of the past few weeks in bed. But because you don’t want to get up, the ills and stresses of reality are coming back to you now that you’re not in the cold, sweet nothingness of unconsciousness. Though, it wasn’t a nothingness this time was it? You have a vague memory. A memory of falling.

You look to your side. Willamina’s there. She’s asleep. You can see her breathing gently, the occasional snore sneaking by. She tosses and turns in bed a lot, but so do you, so you eventually ended up in a tangled knot together that somehow worked for the two of you. You can hear the sound of static coming from the room, you look over and see the TV. You hit a button on a nearby controller, changing the channel to something, anything, at a low volume for background noise that’s not THAT.
No. 1006266 ID: afe7de
File 162714411785.png - (12.77KB , 500x500 , C3_005.png )

You flip to a news channel, a PSA is on, you only briefly give it any attention.

A new study shows that consuming certain cold sugary products produced from the LYLUK BRAND in excess may cause periods of delusion and paranoia. It affects certain demographics, namely Hippo Beast-Kin more than others.

On screen is an older man who looks similar to Bobby Slurps. You briefly wonder if Bobby is the only of his kin that has that REALITY DISTORTION ability. And what it means if he’s constantly drinking those SLUSHEES. You’ve been drinking them since you were a kid and It’s never been a problem, so you shrug it aside and stare at the cieling.

You just want to keep sleeping. Just a bit longer. You’re sure you could do it. You don’t really have anything planned until 12PM with ANDREA. You were going to have a picnic, and probably lots of sex. Though she said not to worry, that it wouldn’t be too intense. You were also planning on convincing her to join you on the Dungeon run. There’s that RATIOLATRY meeting you could go to, but is it really worth it? You’ll probably catch it halfway through or near the tail end. You let out a sigh, you REALLY don’t want to get out of bed. It’s nice right now, like a dream where if you blink it’ll be gone, never to return, ethereal forever.

What do you do?

AUTHORS NOTE: Welcome back y’all! CATALYST is back. That recap took longer then I expected to write, there was just a lot of ground to cover. I only really went over like the general large points that I thought were important, skipping over the granular details of specific items that weren’t too important. Feel free to skim through the other threads if you want more context. Here’s the current inventory/item list if you’re interested:


Thanks for reading, glad to be back to the main plot!

No. 1006268 ID: 6519cb

You need some incentive to get you out of bed.

Breakfast! Let's see what's good to eat.
Too bad we don't know enough of Will's likes yet to surprise her with a breakfast in bed.
No. 1006273 ID: e51896

Good to see you again, Cat. Happy SUNDAY MAY 22 2029… Goddess it’s hot. Cat only has long sleeved hoodies and turtlenecks? That is not good for this weather. Just go topless today. Also, is Callan back yet? We should call him over before someone like Isabella or her spirit sees him or something, at least until Cat gets dressed... Maybe we can talk more about karma today?

For now, my idea is: Wait for Willamina to wake up, Cafuné her when she wakes up since Cannie said Willamina loves that. check your comm for updates or messages. afterwards, get dressed (no shirt today, too hot), eat, shower.

We can see Rex, Callan, and Mint afterwards and see how they're doing and let them know today is a fun day, let them goof off. If Mint complains, aggressively tell her that’s an order, (she seems to like being treated like that) she can survive one day to have fun, We got like, what? 4 years?. Maybe also tell her to keep her awakened power a secret for now. warn Mint of animals burning so she doesn't get burned while fucking animals during her free time in her cat form. Maybe we'll learn of that clinic thing from Rex if we ask him what he saw on the news yesterday? if not him, then Andrea later And we can find out a little more of Karma from Callan too.

If we have time after, we can probably give Rex's roach army powers, and go to the second half of RATIOLATRY (so we can meet Random)

Normally, I’d say, read that Libarby book, or study that Magic Dart Body Cultivation Manual to begin learning that OP move, or read more of Saba’s journal
Fuck it. Yesterday was a fucking day, today is a fuck all day. Cat is overly stressed, if he gets any more stressed, he’ll suffer from depression, so he should spend this entire day for FUN! Make new friends as well strengthen bonds with ones we met for potential dungeon mates, maybe even awake some people. We can do that productive shit MONDAY. Forget about dungeon crawling and the apocalypse for today

If we do anything productive, we could go to the post office and collect that package Trey was delivering and see what is inside with the phantom dagger so we don’t destroy the box or check the address to see where it is going (we might find Tina this way, though I don’t know if Cat saw the news yesterday about that clinic or recognizes Trey quite yet to make that connection, we should talk to Rex about what he saw on the news last night first if Cat hasn’t so he might have a clue),
get a progress report on the things we ordered Mint to buy (incubator, Slushee machine, supply list)
schedule a doctor’s checkup with Trey on MONDAY (we have his business card) best to see if we’re healthy enough to go on such an adventure.
And maybe we can give some of Rex’s roach friends a power to help us level up?

Ideas for fun (we don’t have to do all these, they’re just some ideas in no particular order):

Mandatory: date with Andrea! Maybe we can play a game like truth or dare game at the park during picnic? She seems to like being submissive and degraded, so maybe some humiliating dares might get her off. (don’t talk about the dungeon crawling or our power until after our date or sex, would spoil the mood if we tell her early)

Check your COMM for messages (also, you now have 5 BUX in the bank since it is SUNDAY and your phone got charged 5 BUX in the bank.)

Visit that RATIOLATRY meeting for a laugh if it is before 9am (meet Random, see Andrea early)

Visit the forest, see if we can find Forest Girl. (if we get lost, we can use our comm’s map system to guide us back to Lyst)
Meet Laverne at the Brothel

Talk to people at the bar, maybe listen to some rumors from Oriel, become friends with her enough for her to be a potential dungeonmate? She is related to Marth after all... would be cool if two offsprings of the legendary heroes were together. Also maybe meet the cook

Find that wine glass head girl and raptor

Visit town outskirts, see what they have for fun over there (though we can do that when we go visit Bobby for Poker tonight)

Visit community center, see who runs that place.

buy stuff at the mart, get more condoms for Andrea (though she is modded to not have children if I remember, and we might need some Bux from Willamina, we have no BUX right now…) Maybe we can meet the manager there?

Challenge Cannie for a rematch??? We’ve got some unfinished business after how she treated us, revenge!!! (actually, I’m sure she’ll enjoy the fight enough to forget about yesterday)

Eat at friendly bean, meet the person who runs that place (Tony said she’s a pretty face)

Find out if anyone new has entered town (though I’m pretty sure all the new people like Nipha and Zarah won’t appear until MONDAY)

Doodle on Cat Note, maybe visit Libarby and use the computers to start a website to draw some comics for people to see.

Maybe see if Iraphena’s elf-dragon slave Krasla is around?

… meditate? What if Cat had a past life? Doubt it, but who knows, maybe he can make a mind palace or some shit in case he dies within the next few years and has something for his next life... He'll probably need to meditate once a day though.

give some people that we trust powers
No. 1006276 ID: 9a2966

Extend the precious moment for, oh, about five minutes, then mentally get yourself ready and raring to go. The date with Andrea, you hope, should go well regardless of how the pitch goes. She's... uh, quite eager and you hope to end up pleasing her in at least that regard. You're also interested in talking more to her about her POWERS - how would upgrading them even work out when it's a passive thing?

Do a comms check, get breakfast, and touch base with your cohort (WILL, CALLAN, MINT and REX) about their plans for the day. I think Callan and Rex are the only ones without concrete plans? (Mint was at the brothel and has Tinker stuff to work on, Will's gonna convince Gena to join.) If so, tell Callan you want him to accompany Will, since there's a possibility Isabella's top has blown from recent events and you want that other spirit kept in check a bit - and you can see it, while Will can't, so there's that.

Maybe he can figure out what that thing's fucking deal is?

Rex, hmm... he's been through a bit, so he can be free to pick who he wants to go with - or if he just wants to chill with a sugar cube and keep an eye on the Winnabago he can do that!

Also: Don't worry too much about thing you can't do a lot about. Cannie, Isabella, Miss Iraphena, Max - you'll face these people and their matters as they come. If you can get ahead of their situations and troubles somehow, great. If they come to a head, so be it. You've got a plan now, a goal to work towards.

Finally, here's a repeat MINT INVENTION SUGGESTION:

Spend the CRYSTAL on a DEFENSIVE ENERGY SHIELD invention. Mint did mention the LAST BASTION of her world was kept safe thanks to an ENERGY SHIELD that held up until, like, an actual ARMY of FALLEN ANGELS attacked long after the invasion stage, so even a WEAKER version of that sounds like SOME SERIOUS DEFENSIVE BEEF. She probably knows some of the specs and could even collaborate with other Tinkers on setting up a town-sized version of it for Lyst - or scale it down for the Winnabago.

If the big version is made and the control device given to someone in town that could be trusted, it would have a really good DEFENSE in case of outside danger, like from monsters being spawned by a DUNGEON BREAK or an angry bunch of heroes, or demons or angels or whatever. It'd give people time to organize, to call for help, maybe for you to return from your dungeon explorations and make a difference.
No. 1006289 ID: e51896

Hmmm, I'm pretty nervous letting Callan follow Will, people who are bounded with a spirit can see other spirits, and if Isabella sees Callan, it might not be good, especially if she has been spying on Willamina often. Maybe at most we can let Willamina borrow our demon eye amulet instead while we hide Callan in our stomach for awhile? She has a high enough cool stat to keep her composure if she see's that spirit. Not like we'll need the amulet today, our team is supposed to spend time having fun anyway.

We should try to keep Callan hidden from Isabella until she leaves back to the city this Tuesday (probably dont have to keep him in our stomach all the time though)
No. 1006387 ID: afe7de
File 162729181186.png - (81.05KB , 500x500 , C3_006.png )

> 5 More minutes
You continue you lay there, you don’t really look at your phone or the TV or anything. You just sort of zone in and out of consciousness for a little bit. Eventually you’ve spent too much time awake and you feel you’ve reached your threshold. Time to get up you guess. It’s at this point that you realize just how SWEATY you are. You wander over to the thermostat and turn on the COOL AIR. It’ll chill the place while you SHOWER. You snag the last of your clean clothes, you’ll need to wash the rest later, and head inside. It’s a small, standing shower. She’s got some PINK scented shampoo, conditioner, and soap. You use it to clean your body. The cold water is sobering. There’s a brief moment where you lay against the shower, not quite doing anything, just daydreaming about what it’d be like to just be a normal postal worker in a new town, what it was a few days ago.

> Breakfast
And after a moment you’re done. You brush your teeth and pass by Will again, she’s still out like a light. You put on a pair of boyshorts and pants and head to the kitchen. In the kitchen there’s a bunch of assorted foodstuffs. You find some EGGS, BACON, TOAST, and JUICY RED AIOLI. You decide to make some simple breakfast sandwiches. You’ve been alone for a while, so cooking simple stuff hasn’t ever been a real issue. You season them just the way you like it and leave them on the stove to cook while you boil some water, Willamina doesen’t have a COFFEE MAKER, but has the INSTANT STUFF, along with some TEAS. You hate to resort to it, but it’s a CAFFEINE DAY and you know it.
No. 1006388 ID: afe7de
File 162729184111.png - (9.37KB , 500x500 , C3_007.png )

> Check Phone
There’s only one message and it’s from ANDREA. She’s given you a GPS Pin of a spot in the Park for you to meet her at NOON. It’s around 10AM when you finish breakfast and everything. You make yourself some Coffee, two scoops of sugar and some milk, and bring over the breakfast to Willamina. She’s stirring and you hold the food out for her. She snags a strip of BACON and sits up.

Willamina: What time is it?
You: Like 10
Willamina: Ughhhhh, why are you up so earlyyyyyy
Willamina: *MUNCH MUNCH*
You: We fell asleep at like 9 Last night
Willamina: It was more like 10, Ughhh, I guess that’s okay. That Coffee?

You hand her some and she takes a sip, her expression is that of disgust for a moment.

Willamina: Blugh. Can I get one without any SUGAR, COFFEE should be BITTER.

You go and pour her another cup, handing it to her. The two of you eat breakfast in bed, it’s a quiet moment. Not awkward, but quiet. The two of you eventually finish your meals, satisfied and sit there for a bit.

Willamina: What’s on the docket for today?
You: Date with Andrea at noon, but that’s about it. Oh and POKER NIGHT.
Willamina: Hmm yeah, hope that goes well, she could certainly use a win.
Willamina: Wanna talk about yesterday? Feeling any better?

No. 1006389 ID: 96c896

>feeling any better?
Yeah, guess so.

Oh, gotta Awaken Nicky today.
No. 1006394 ID: e51896

Tell Willamina you feel a little better, you already had a good cry yesterday... However, you're still STRESSED AS FUCK. You NEED to recharge, you spent the past few days worrying, getting a lot of work done, and having a lot of things happen all at once since you've awakened to the point of it being overwhelming that you desperately need a day to not worry about any responsibilities, just have fun today and meet new people and strengthen bonds with the ones we already met.

We can worry about doing anything productive like risking our secret to others by awakening anyone tomorrow, (though you will awaken somebody if an opportunity arrives)

Ask if she wants to talk to our buddies Mint Callan and Rex to remind them to take the day off, and get a progress report on any items mint or the mart has gotten from our orders, and if she wants to borrow your demon eye amulet for today.

But other than that you were thinking about that RATIOLATRY meeting, but youre not sure when that ends.

Before doing all that though, talk about what you both watched on tv yesterday. It wasnt much since you both fell asleep early, but... yeah.

Tell her she has permission to let her know Gena of your power if she goes see her to either awaken her with that dagger we got from the heroes rep, or if gena wants to get awakened by our touch. But let Willamina know you want the main focus of everyone to be to goof off today.
No. 1006396 ID: 9db570

Yeah, talk about yesterday, our frustrations, and fears and what is to come. It's good to finally have someone to talk to about your feelings. Mention a little (not a lot) about our troubled past, only stopping immediately when you catch yourself partially mention the dark room...
No. 1006409 ID: 094652

"Well. My brother came back from the dead, your brother came back from the dead, and we could change the world while we're saving most of it. Hell, we could change the universe if it doesn't drive us crazy, first.

So I guess... I'm tired, Willamina. But it's not a 'lay-down-and-die' tired, more like an 'afterglow-after-surviving-a-war-and-then-screwing-your-wife' tired."

Actually, you should probably prepare before you awaken Nicky. Because if she awakens to a mind-reading power and learns exactly what Isabella has done... well...
No. 1006412 ID: 97e6bd

I personally think we should awaken Nicky until tomorrow (Monday) after Cat is mentally recharged after today considering what he been through imho. We've got time.

But we can at most talk a tiny bit about preparations about awakening her, like using an artifact, or if we decide to reveal our power, discuss how Will can introduce Cat's power and convince her to keep it a secret since they're family. but really, we shouldnt talk too much about it to get Cat anxious with how stressed he is already. Maybe Will can ease his worries about it for now at the very least, as well as other things he's worried about.

Speaking of Nicky, maybe Will can check her comm. Maybe Nicky has some updates on how that papermill contract preparation is going and if she found people to protect the town and deliver mail while we're on vacation.
No. 1006445 ID: afa6f6

>>How we feel?
Pretty base level i'd say. Not super bad or depressed, but not super good or optimistic either. Definitely more in line with leaving tomorrow problems for tomorrow, and focusing on what we can accomplish today right now.
Hows Willamina doing, yesterday wasnt easy for her either.
No. 1006627 ID: afe7de
File 162755224299.png - (9.84KB , 500x500 , C3_008.png )

> Feeling better
You: I’m feeling a little better. Just decompressing and laying next to you helped.

She punches you in the shoulder giving you an OKAY hand gesture.

Willamina: No problem.
Willamina: The SEX was fun too.
You: Yeah it was.
You: I don’t want to really do anything too intense today.
You: Sans the ANDREA sex, just, like. No power nonsense, secrets, anxiety, the works.
You: I’ll still talk to ANDREA about it all, but I’ll keep it light.
You: And you can tell Gena about me if you want to get that out of the way today.
You: Oh right and there’s Nicky, guess we have to empower her too.
Willamina: That can wait for a day if you want. Or we can use the LIGHTNING GOD BOOK
You: What about you?
Willamina: Me? Still kinda REELING from it all. It’s a lot to take in.
Willamina: I knew CANNIE had some RAGE in her, but I haven’t seen her go to this extent in a long time.
Willamina: And she’s the kind of girl who won’t really uh. APOLOGIZE for this.
Willamina: I know you said you want her to REDEEM herself, but uh, she probably won’t in the way you want?
Willamina: It’s a core part of her character to be like that. I’d still like you to consider it
Willamina: She could REDEEM herself in combat?
Willamina: She IS still my SISTER after all.

No. 1006628 ID: afe7de
File 162755225056.png - (10.14KB , 500x500 , C3_009.png )

You’re silent at that. You’re still seething about that particular sore. You decide to file it away and ignore the statement. It’s not healthy, but you want to relax and not dangle more stresses on your cranium. Willamina lets you know she’s going to talk to MINT and ROACH, let them relax or do whatever they want for the day. You talk briefly about the TV you watched yesterday. You saw this movie BRAIN WORMS 5, it was kinda campy, but neat all the same. Then WILLAMINA put on this cooking show CAESAR’S KITCHEN and you kind of zoned out after the first episode, passing out and only hearing bits of it as you were in and out of consciousness.

You briefly think about your past. You kind of laid out your own personal history yesterday when CANNIE coerced you. You briefly thought about your attempts at- You know what, you skip that train of thought. You weren’t in a good place then and you don’t think you’ll ever be that low again. Eventually the conversation kind of falls into a lull. It’s a bit too late to go to the RADIOLATRY MEETING, so you pass on that. It’s hot as the two of you leave Will’s room. The city’s being hit by a HEAT WAVE right now. Willamina takes a quick shower after she notices that, puts on a new tank top and a pair of short shorts.

Willamina: Oh right, we should get you some CLOTHES and some BUX. Let’s head over to the LYST-Y-MART
Willamina: Let you deposit some BUX into your ATM.
You: Oh yeah, I do kinda need new clothes. I only have like 3 pairs and all of it is long sleeves and pants.
You: Thanks.
Willamina: NO PROB.

No. 1006629 ID: afe7de
File 162755225743.png - (7.97KB , 500x500 , C3_010.png )

The walk to the LYST-Y-MART is hot, then Willamina realizes she has ice powers and the area around you is not only colder, but there’s a slight breeze. There’s a wide variety of clothes to pick from here. Willamina asks for your sizes, which you give, and goes off to get you something SNAZZY for POKER NIGHT. You’re left to your own devices to search for clothes now. You should probably get a CASUAL OUTFIT for warm weather like this, and maybe some other things for fun. What do you get?

AUTHORS NOTE: Paper Doll time! Feel free to come up with cool outfits, the setting is pseudo modern day, so try to keep it in a similar vein as that, but I’m also interested in more wild interpretations. I’ll pick the coolest ones and add em to your repertoire (or maybe even add them all to an occasional rotation if they’re all thematic.)
No. 1006632 ID: e586c6

-More condoms (to help avoid blue balls for vacation time)
-MIND AS ONE TECHNIQUE book (Callan might like this considering his talk on KARMA, so it's more of a gift for him. We might have to turn the pages for him to read though, seems like we could get it done in a day though, but it seems... complicated) (might learn something about meditation and on preventing our mind from getting controlled by an awakened user maybe)
-Make sure Willamina picks up her order for the heat resistant COMM. Should be here by now
-I also wonder if we can pick up whatever mint ordered (incubator, slushee machine). Mint probably needs to do that herself though, unless maybe we can get her on COMM

Hey, we might be able to meet the manager of this place since he's here until 3pm, and if we're really lucky, we might spot and meetthat forest girl before she tries to steal something again.

Note to self: bring Callan back to you after shopping is done maybe
No. 1006633 ID: e51896
File 162755926616.png - (11.67KB , 500x500 , clothes.png )

denim shorts with belt
BRAIN WORMS hat (originally was going to have an Eye of Horus symbol, but ended up with BRAIN WORMS)
Sunglasses (good for hiding some of your emotions and keeping a poker face, plus that sun is BRIGHT)

Nothing too crazy.
No. 1006643 ID: fcc355
File 162757382820.png - (14.39KB , 308x439 , unknown.png )

No. 1006652 ID: 1fe299

Plantimals Wanoga, it has chapters that hasn't happened yet in the Wanomay. We can show this to Andrea during the date, though we have to make sure to let her know in Wano culture, they read panels and speech bubbles bottom to top instead of top to bottom so she doesnt get confused.
No. 1006657 ID: 634643

I vote for the bikini.
No. 1006666 ID: c5d2fe

This minus hat.
No. 1006667 ID: 8233ee
File 162758686999.png - (37.60KB , 500x500 , 34A16813-297C-4F0F-9725-38A9E7794BFF.png )

Clothes: the Friday night VR chat fit
No. 1006670 ID: 309e75

Support on this one. I like the shades.
No. 1006679 ID: 7f716e
File 162759097058.png - (12.81KB , 500x500 , Untitled.png )

How about something original?
No. 1006682 ID: e51896
File 162759162468.png - (10.98KB , 500x500 , clothes (no hat).png )

I did one without the hat for fun since someone wanted it without the hat and I wanted to see how it would look. (I personally prefer him having the Brain Worms hat just to see how people in town would react)

If Cat participates in Questden's BEACH DAY, I want to see him wear this bikini at that event.
No. 1006685 ID: a2493c
File 162759232909.png - (10.41KB , 500x500 , a hidden surprise.png )

A serious suggestion, with a bonus contingency plan
No. 1006687 ID: 2b3343
File 162759268844.png - (24.17KB , 700x500 , clthes.png )

Keeping clothes light for the heat wave. Ugly Hawaiian shirt optional for cooler nights.
No. 1006690 ID: 2b1560
File 162759362471.png - (8.08KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

No. 1006693 ID: 8233ee

Clothes aside, I vote we wear this face all day no matter what wins.
No. 1006694 ID: 610067

This one can be our Villains Alliance outfit for when we go dungeon crawling or have to fight the Heroes League
No. 1006719 ID: 3a3ec3
File 162762699935.png - (18.07KB , 500x500 , 1st outfit sug.png )

Can tuck the pants in to the boots when dungeon crawling
No. 1006786 ID: 4a7485

Something to consider: give Willamina our demon eye amulet to borrow before we split up so that when she sees Gena and talks about us, she'll be able to withhold info if Isabella is spying on her with her spirit (plus we can see her spirit with our spirit of hope power)

Perhaps Willamina can talk to Gena about it in the Winnebago since it repels spirits.
No. 1006788 ID: e7c7d3

Nothing but a straw hat
No. 1006839 ID: e51896
File 162771856350.png - (11.24KB , 500x500 , strawhat.png )

like this? (not my vote, just drew this for fun)
No. 1006841 ID: e7c7d3

No. 1006844 ID: afe7de
File 162772375832.png - (137.26KB , 500x500 , C3_011.png )

> Shop for stuff
You end up buying the following non clothing related items. You get a few larger boxes of condoms, you don’t have the whole sub-dermal implant to prevent pregnancy. Might be good to get, but this is a stopgap measure for that, you think Gena will probably suggest that for all of you at the local clinic if you’re planning to go dungeon crawling. A surprise baby is kind of no joke on a dungeon run. You try looking around for some books, maybe one on meditation but don’t find anything. You instead get a PLANTIMALS MANGO, it’s just some fun light reading. Something to take your mind off of things, It’s a voucher that you can download on your COMM to get the whole series. Keeping physical books in marts and shops is not that cost effective in a small town like this, especially when there’s as good a library as there is. Mint’s ordered a ton of supplies, they’re not here yet, but they’ll be delivered to WILLAMINA’S house, so you don't have to worry about it.

> Clothing Time
There’s a pretty good variety of clothes. You get a STRAW HAT and a BRAIN WORMS HAT just for the sake of having something different to wear. You’re feeling price conscious since you don't like spending a ton by nature, but Willamina eventually sees this and assures you it’s okay to splurge a little on some clothes. Especially since you don’t know what’s going to get destroyed. You eventually decide on a wide variety of clothes. You’ve got some casual sleepwear, a programmer’s favorite set. A shirt with a pretty cool BAND LOGO on it, it’s of your favorite band. You know, that one band, with the kin and the guitar. It’s just so good and they perform across the country. You know the name, they’re that really cool one.

You also get a kind of leather outfit with short shorts and gloves and some large boots. It seems like good DUNGEON DIVING GEAR since you don’t have any actual armor. You’re not sure how to go about getting that without being too obvious. You’ll probably have to MAKE YOUR OWN, or FIND SOME in the dungeon. At least until you get strong enough to be able to defend against ASSASSINS you’ll be wearing NORMAL CLOTHES in there. You also get a BIKINI and a set of SWIMWEAR on WILLAMINA’S REQUEST. It’s a bit skimpy and kind of reminds you of WHEN YOU WERE A GIRL. You don’t particularly like it, but she’s paying so you don’t complain. You also get a pair of TRUNKS that are much more your style. There was a lso a lot of NEW SHOES you got too, some for trekking through mud, some for casual wear, and some with STEEL TOED BOOTS. You’ve basically purchased all the clothes that appealed to you (and were suggested) So you’ll be wearing them periodically on your day to day. It’s nice to have some variety.

You decide to wear a set of FLIP FLOPS, SHORT SHORTS, SPORTS BRA, BRAIN WORMS HAT, HAWAIIAN SHIRT, and some SUNGLASSES as you pay and leave the store. It’ll help beat the heat you think. It’s not the most STYLISH thing you could wear, but it is IRONIC and KINDA DUMB in a way you think makes you look like a 40 year old dad. This gets Willamina and yourself both laugh. It’s 11 by the time you’re done shopping. You’ve got an hour to kill before you need to head to the meeting point, what do you do?
No. 1006852 ID: e51896

did Willamina remember to pick up her new heat resistant COMM she ordered yesterday while we were clothes shopping? it said it would arrive today at the LYST-Y-MART at 8AM here: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/993796.html#998202

>A shirt with a pretty cool BAND LOGO on it, it’s of your favorite band. You know, that one band, with the kin and the guitar. It’s just so good and they perform across the country. You know the name, they’re that really cool one.

Is it the one with that one poodle moth? I think she released that new single WATCHER... IDEA: we should right now go on our music streaming app on our COMM, SNOOTIFY and listen to her songs right now on speaker with Willamina as we walk... if we can tolerate the ads where they're all like "WANNA REST FROM OUR STUPID ADS?! yatta yatta TAP HERE WATCH SHIT, 30 MINUTES OF AD FREE MUSIC, YEAH! WE'RE SERIOUS! blah blah."


what do?

We've never been to the town square before, so I say investigate the TOWN SQUARE with Willamina and hang out over there. See what cool things they have there, and if there are any people to talk to and chill with (like someone we haven't met before, or someone we already met, or maybe someone will arrive at the BUS STOP near the town square).

Secondary choice: take a nice relaxing stroll in the forest with Willamina, maybe find that forest girl. Or maybe that BADGER

Maybe talk about letting Willamina borrow your demon eye amulet for today since you can see Isabella's spirit with Callan's power while she can see the spirit with your amulet to avoid saying things we wouldn't want Isabella hearing.
No. 1006867 ID: 05c161

Head to the Libraby and community center.

That way, we can talk to that very cute unicorn Xana (I really want to befriend her), see who runs the community center (there was no one manning the desk the last time we were there, maybe they are there now), and maybe run into Andrea and Random coming out of their Ratiolatry meeting since it took place at the community center, we can head to the park with Andrea once we meet her there.
No. 1006870 ID: b78c95

I was going to say to make an appointment for later today with Gruk for a massage, but I'm not sure how long Andrea will keep us for. Maybe after the date is finished, we can call the clinic and schedule an appointment for a massage later in the evening or tomorrow, depending what time it is after Andrea is done with us

Or we can probably go there right now and get a half hour massage and be back by the time we need to see Andrea. Might want to call and see if there is an opening for a massage right now
No. 1007087 ID: afe7de
File 162798539229.png - (12.45KB , 500x500 , C3_012.png )

> Examine the TOWN SQUARE
You and WILLAMINA walk to the TOWN SQUARE, you only really saw it in passing before. When you were heading to and fro with your job, err former job. So you decide to take a look. There’s a statue of a dragon in a business jacket with a top hat posing, of note they have a cat-like tail and pair of ears. He’s also holding a flower. The statue is made of BRONZE and appears to be maintained frequently. There’s a few benches nearby and some nice flowers. You head over to the statue and give it’s plaque a read.

ARTHURIUS LYST - Founder of the town of LYST was born in 1844 and founded this town and the textile factory it was originally known for in 1869. He was a great man that died at the age of 66 and brought the town into it’s own. It’s always been a small town, it’s purpose to allow kin a safe haven to walk freely and without clothing, although this was amended to be a night-time rule only due to some complaints. He will be forever missed and his family forever honored for their generosity and welcoming nature.

You suppose this guy is the original owner of the RUFFLED HAUNCH, and LAVERNE LYST is the heir to the name, not that it seems like she owns the town. It’s more of a mayor situation you think. Still pretty cool.

> Willamina Checkup
You check with Willamina if she’s got her new COMM and everything. She nods and shows it to you, it’s sleek and a fiery red. She chucks it at the floor pretty hard and it’s still intact.

Willamina: SEE? Pretty FUCKIN neat!

You think about letting Willamina borrow your DEMON EYE AMULET, but decide to pass on it, for the first part, you don’t have the coiling ring anymore, this means you don’t have any weapons. Not that you’re expecting to get in a fight, but if you do, knowing if your opponent has an artifact seems like a pretty good idea. Plus Willamina can defend herself with her own powers, you cant.

You also think about getting a massage, but still lack money, so you ask Willamina if you could get some spending money. She baps herself on the head and after a few minutes of getting your banking info you’re now 2000 BUX richer, that should pay for pretty much any expense you might have in town.

Willamina: Let me know if you need more.
Willamina: At this point money that small is a drop in the BUCKET
Willamina: Plus like, you’re the main REASON we even have the money soooo.
You: Thanks Will.
You: I think I wanna check out the LIBARBY again
You: Or maybe the COMMUNITY CENTER before going to meet up with Andrea.
Willamina: Sounds good, I’m probably gonna go bother GENA for a bit, we’ve been texting

No. 1007088 ID: afe7de
File 162798543115.png - (11.78KB , 500x500 , C3_013.png )

> Libarby time
You give a call to the massage parlor, but they’re fully booked for the day, so after a moments banter you put away your phone and say your goodbyes for now. The two of you split off and you head to the LIBARBY. It’s as grand as you remember. XANA is at the desk again, typing away on her laptop. She gives you a smile as you enter, but she gets back to typing. You’re not sure if its her makeup or just general vibe but she is fairly cute. Maybe its your hormones being kick started after going so long with out intimacy. You walk up to the unicorn and greet her.

You: Heya Xana, mornin’
Xana: Welcome Cat! How can I help you this morning?

No. 1007089 ID: 094652

Wanna bet this guy had some skeletons in the closet? You and Willamina certainly do.

"I'm on my daily schedule - investigate where I'm not supposed to, work on saving the world, get laid twice."

To speed things up, act as a page-turner for Callan so you both read a book at a time. It's annoying, but there are few disabilities more debilitating than being dead.
No. 1007095 ID: e51896

Operation BOND WITH XANA ENOUGH TO POTENTIALLY AWAKEN HER WITHOUT HAVING HER REVEAL OUR SECRET POWER is a go! (B.W.X.E.T.P.A.H.W.H.H.R.O.S.P. for short.) We already know she does not have a power when we brushed our hand over her.

"Well, it's my day off, so I wanted to use this day for stress management, and use my free time to to really get to know the residents of LYST... so... willing to take a lunch break to chat? At least until I am to go to the park with Andrea?

If she is able to take a break to talk and bond with us:

As you talk to her, use your demon eye amulet to examine her bracelets and other accessories she has, maybe they're artifacts?

offer her your second bag of sweets to start out with, Rex has jerkys now, and I think we still have plenty of sweets in the first bag if Rex wants some later.

She has a sticker of SHOCKER on her laptop, maybe you can talk about how Shocker saved your life on a few occasions, almost like he was your guardian ang- actually just guardian, and was even lovers with your brother Callan at one point, who was also a hero! You look up to him and his heroic deeds sooo much

You can also talk about the Tinker’s Society sticker she has on her laptop, and ask how she is connected to it. Mention how you wanted to be a tinker, but the college you went to only really wanted people who awakened as you couldn't keep up with kin with awakened tinker powers. You're over it though.

ask about her life here on Lyst, her backstory, and what she thinks of other people, such as people in the Ruffled Haunch like Nail, Pazuru, Hyun, Iraphena, and Laverne, as well as other people in town.

Finally, ask if she can have any power, what would it be... assuming she hasn't awakened yet (we already know she hasn't)

MAYBE from there, we can decide to awaken her or not if we find her to be trustworthy enough.

If she doesn't want to talk or is too busy, perhaps we can probably see if they offer books on meditation maybe we'll find the mysterious MIND AS ONE TECHNIQUE book ... though we'll have to return the book we currently have even though we haven't finished it yet if we decide to check out a book on meditation (maybe we can download it in our COMM later) Figuring out this KARMA thing might be important if Cat dies.

Either that, or take e-learning classes and see if there are any quick 30 minute classes we can take before our date with Andrea. Maybe we'll find something interesting to learn can help with dungeon crawling, like common monsters we may come across.

When we're done, maybe we'll come across Andrea and Random and Andrea can physically drag us to the park
No. 1007105 ID: e51896

Actually, forget what I said about the e-learning course on monsters, that might be stress inducing. this day is supposed to be dedicated to lower stress.
No. 1007108 ID: 0f012d

“I could use a friend!” Direct and friendly.
No. 1007110 ID: a90ed6

Pretty much this.

If she is too busy to take a break to talk, ask when her days off are. Mention we know we can just talk to her at the Ruffled Haunch, but you'd rather get to know her when she isn't working.
No. 1007111 ID: 0fae41

Do you want to awaken the power to grant wishes? Because I could really use a wish right now wish right now wish right now.
No. 1007174 ID: afe7de
File 162807600222.png - (84.65KB , 500x500 , C3_014.png )

You: I could use a friend!
Xana: Having trouble with the kin in town? They’re usually friendly?
You: It’s not that, I mean, they are friendly but its like.
You: Things’ve been intense lately and I just want like no stress chill ya know?
You: I heard you worked at the RUFFLED HAUNCH, but I’d rather try to get to know people when they’re not at work
Xana: Well technically I’m at work right now, but I get your point.
Xana: Well not work, this is more like community service.
Xana: It’s quiet and I can share my knowhow.
You: Seems pretty chill
Xana: It is!

The two of you have light banter and discuss likes and dislikes. You give her a once over and see there’s no artifacts. She’s normal still. You briefly talk about TINKERS and share your frustrations, she shares a similar story, trying to get into DONJON U to be a tinker but being denied. She’s trying to take online classes to learn it, but it’s a difficult process.

You: I’m over it now, but wasn’t at the time for a while.
You: At least I can live vicariously through my tinker friend,
Xana: It’s not really the same, I wish I had that kind of ability to be able to just make things
Xana: Doesen’t even need to be something crazy, just MUNDANE TINKERING to make basic useful stuff y’know would be nice
Xana: You ever notice how most kin get TINKER abilities but most are like combat based or have applications toward it
Xana: It’d be nice for someone to just have like… lifestyle applications.

Eventually the conversation reaches a lull. It’s still around 30 minutes to the DATE, so you say your goodbyes and head over to the COMMUNITY CENTER. There are some kin dawdling about as you enter, remnants of the RATIOLATRY GROUP MEETING you think. There’s still no one at the front desk, but you wander in and notice theres a pamphlet on the floor, you pick it up.

Our premise is simple, there is as high a likelihood of us existing in a simulation. This used to be called SIMULATION THEORY, however upon the advent of THE AWAKENED, an overlay was brought before our very eyes. One like we’ve seen in movies, games, and television. Of course some went insane with this original discovery, whilst others came to terms with it. RATIOLATRY’S name came from a foreign word RATIO for logic, reason, and judgement. LATRY is for the worship of, we worship the system that we exist in, seeking to understand it. In other words, we worship the LOGIC of something we call THE SYSTEM. Unlike other religions, this is less of a blind belief and more of an academic pursuit. Worship through UNDERSTANDING. The idea was posited once by SABA HADLEE, famed founder of the HEROES LEAGUE, he was not a full believer, but his studies were the foundation for our knowledge today.

The rest is kind of rambling, saying that BONDS between others are important. Respect for others doubly so, and that even if this is a simulation, It’s probably impossible to break out of it, so you should live your best life. The back has a note that says if you’ve awakened and discovered something new to feel free to discuss it with other RATIOLATRISTS, sharing this knowledge can lead to enlightenment and potential discoveries of hidden systems. You get the feeling RATIOLATRISTS are more a bunch of really excited nerds from this pamphlet, but propaganda usually paints these things in their own favorable light.
No. 1007176 ID: afe7de
File 162807610693.png - (57.67KB , 500x500 , C3_015.png )

You look up and see ANDREA talking to SOME GUY, he’s short and kind of chubby with an eyepatch and strips of hair that are in a few different colors. You decide to head over and say hello.

???: And that’s why I think the ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM is stupid
Andrea: I can’t say I disagree, but research data seems to indicate
Andrea: that it more or less reflects the ACTUAL desires if you look at psychological analysis
???: But that’s bullshit, why would say, an accountant with a teleporting power
???: Get an hint to cause mass hysteria with their power. It’s stupid.
Andrea: Random, maybe he’s like I dunno secretly a sociopath? Post criminal analysis and interviews have shown that-
Random: Nah, there’s no way to know it wasnt coerced.
Random: Plus, if the system is all knowing is it doing that to GROOM us into that kind of person
Random: Or were we inevitably always going to corrupt with it?

Andrea looks over and gives you a smile, waving you to come closer.

Andrea: This is RANDOM. He’s a chill dude. We were just talking about some specifics of how the SYSTEM works.
Random: The SYSTEM, if you don’t know, is an overlay that a kin sees when they AWAKEN.
Random: And it’s basically what we “Worship” for lack of a better term
Random: Seeking understanding is more the thing but I digress.
Random: What’s your name?

The man sticks out his hand, you take it, shaking it.

You: Cat, new in town.
Random: Nice to meet you Cat Newinton.
Random: Ah, are you the same Cat she’s been faffing about?
Andrea: The same one.
Random: Uh huh.

He eyes you over, taking a walk around you and getting close before going back to his leaning perch. He nods.

You: Uhhh, everything okay there?
Random: Well… at least he smells nice.
Andrea: Yeah because I’m seeking your approval on guys I flirt with.
Random: You should, I have good opinions.
Andrea: Hmmm STRONG opinions maybe? Good? I dunno.

No. 1007184 ID: e51896

"thanks, I used PINK scented soap today"

Tell Random you heard about him from Ca- a beast kin in town. Ask him about his night work and what it's like.
I think if we want to be friends with him, he would want to have intellectual discussions and theories.

I kind of want to tell him about the time Andrea had x2/x3 high mods as a case study, and how she felt like she traveled to another reality where people were trying to control her body in a civil war, and had even heard voices in her head suggesting her to do stuff, like some kind of interactive group storytelling, and ask in what ways that incident plays into the "simulation", like if we're actually being controlled by outside forces secretly... or if they were just hallucinations.
but maybe we should first whisper or text Andrea to ask permission to talk about that. It's only polite as she might not be comfortable with sharing that.

talk about something we learned from that book we read, like about natural and induced awakening and how it fits in the "simulation". Have a discussion about how how people get powers in different ways, like through trauma or from their environment, through lotteries like from just waking up one day with powers, or genetically like being born from a parent with powers usually awakening at age 8, or induced by an skill book. Wonder if for people who awaken with powers if it could actually be that their dreams are inducing these powers.

And What if all powers are actually induced and there is actually outside forces that is inducing awakenings on people in ways that would fit the narrative best in the "simulation" as he calls it? maybe this might inspire Andrea to mention about what she saw on the news on illegal power capsules from that clinic she went to and how they induce awakening
No. 1007191 ID: 46d081

I remember there was a note that listed MONDAY at 1PM on the outskirts of town with some gibberish text on it. We already took a picture of it, but I'm wondering if that note is still there or if it was taken down. I wonder if using our demon eye amulet on the text will translate that gibberish for us, whether it be on our comm, or physically here.

Ask Andrea who runs the desk here, it always seems to be empty.
No. 1007194 ID: 71201a

>He eyes you over, taking a walk around you and getting close before going back to his leaning perch. He nods.

Probably has an awakened power, or he has an artifact (his eyepatch?) that was scanning us or something. Probably the former considering he is a worshipper.

He's most likely an observant fellow, so lets not scan him with our awakened power or use our amulet to scan him. He might get suspicious.


I feel from here we can ask specific things such as, who founded RATIOLATRY? How did it form 50 years ago considering people started awakening 40 years ago? How did they come to find out about the system 50 years ago?

And you heard of a group forming from RATIOLATRY which worship something called [THE BOX] theory that spun off from [THE SYSTEM], something about what lies outside of the system? but you couldn't find much info about it online as theres been accidents related to that group.
No. 1007205 ID: 0fae41

Did you sense any powers when you shook hands?
Worship's a funny word indeed, especially if it's so ominous. Does the System ever talk back to you? Does it ever deal out punishments, or only achievements?
No. 1007210 ID: afa6f6

>>He's most likely an observant fellow, so lets not scan him with our awakened power or use our amulet to scan him. He might get suspicious.

Why not, Scanning is the power we've been telling everyone we have anyway. Might as well spread it around. That only makes the deception more believeable.

Ask him about what he was talking about before, are there a lot of people who get achievement hints for things that are out of character or violent?
No. 1007221 ID: 2f2bf5

That reminds me, wasn't Flicker from the PABE segment given achievement hints that she found disturbing, one of the hints being to give people seizures with her light powers or something?
It makes me wonder what the implications could be for Flicker's future if what Andrea said about a person's inner desires in relation to what a person's achievements could be is true...

"Anyway, sorry for inturrupting your conversation, mind if I listen in or jump in the conversation?"
No. 1007233 ID: afa6f6

The theory im backing, based one what we know about angels and how they attack awakened people, and how Awakenings seem to happen a bit before they show up, its that the System, if there is such a thing, is trying to get the awakened people as combat ready and used to/capable of violence as possible before they show up. Its possible that people with already explicitly combat focused powers may not get such incongruous hints because theyre already set up to be combatants, or they just dont notices for the same reason. It might just stick out more for the people with non-combat powers, because it requires them to be much more creative and vicious with their usage.
The fact that what we've seen of Cat's and Willamina's achievements not being like that kind of gave me the idea. Cat's power doesn't need to be combat capable because he makes OTHERS combat capable, and Will's is already that way so the achievements seem less weird.
Or, It could be that people that Cat awakens just dont have that problem because theyre not part of the system that way? Maybe?
No. 1007235 ID: 094652

Occam's Razor: The demon overlord responsible for giving Faunus superpowers is an asshole.
No. 1007254 ID: e51896

I think I'm personally on team "don't scan him", only because of Tony's warnings earlier about our actions when we scanned him and how other kin might not appreciate what we are doing. Willamina's mother Nicky is already suspicious of us when we did that to her. Plus, Cat did start to worry that maybe even if he is lying about his powers by by lying that it is to scan people, the story of scanning in itself might also be dangerous if the wrong people found out especially since we implied we improved it when at Iraphena's place.

Also, if too many Kin found out our powers is to scan people, they might worry we may scan them in conversations and invade their privacy and might be hesitant to hang out with us making bonding a lot more harder.

Plus us scanning him might be seen as very rude if Random does have methods of finding out if Cat is using his powers to scan him if he wants to keep things private.

And the way he was looking at us, and with how interesting that eyepatch looks, I feel he does have methods to know if Cat is scanning him.

If we do scan Random, probably only scan him when he is focused on Andrea when they're talking, maybe the sunglasses will even help conceal his emotions and where he is looking. But even then, I'm hesitant. (I don't think we need to touch him to scan him for powers anymore since we upgraded our power to work at 1m) At most, we can ask Andrea if he has powers after we're done talking with him in our attempt to make friends with him.
No. 1007265 ID: afa6f6

That is a much better reason not to, but, if were worried about his reaction, we could just ask him if hes okay with it, and then not do it if he isnt.
No. 1007275 ID: 5ba456

I'm not sure these theories actually conflict. I mean, if the idea is to give everyone powers in order to make the fight for demon king more interesting, making them better at combat seems like a clear goal. And demons being assholes is like, a given.
No. 1007278 ID: 357dad

Hmm... my personal thoughts right now is that we know Cat has some kind of weird ability that is blocking people from seeing certain aspects about him (like Iraphena's not being able to predict Cat's actions, or Liminal not seeing his artifacts with his glass scanner). I personally want to take advantage of Cat's weird ability and keep our cards close to our chest as much as we can from strangers, especially since Cat already asked Iraphena not to spread information about his "scanning ability" around.

Random is a complete stranger to us, we dont really know much about him except he is opinionated (inturrupted Andrea when she tried to counter argument him and andrea said he has strong opinions) runs a night business Cannie works for, leads this small group of RATIOLATRY members (not sure what alliance RATIOLATRY is yet), and apparently Andrea relies on him for his approval for people she is dating. We're not too sure what his motives are or what he might do if we told him or asked if we can scan him just yet.

That said, I kind of want to get to know the man and try to form a bond with him if possible before we decide about asking to scan him or not.

Another idea: we can ask if everyone in the RATIOLATRY group is an awakened, and from there, maybe he might reveal if he's awakened or not and what it might be. Otherwise, we can ask Andrea later
No. 1007280 ID: 50af53

If we really wanted to know the power we could also just ask? It won't be a sure way to tell what he's got but most the time people seem pretty proud of their powers.

Didn't we also get the ability to use the scan ability at range in hopes it would be stealthier? I can't remember if we grabbed that or not.
No. 1007281 ID: 96c896

If we're worried about him having some kind of scanning ability just ask him.
No. 1007293 ID: 5c3c5f

"You were staring at me pretty hard there, was that an ultra cool awakened power you were doing?"
No. 1007301 ID: a2493c

you know just building off the discussion, what if it's not that thought through? It seems like whoever "designed" the system was more designing it for branching paths. Achievements don't seem to be fully tied to a core personality trait, with sociopathic and socially beneficial actions being kinda represented in equal-measure.

If we assume that this is a designed system, it seems like what a nerd would put together in an afternoon to account for player choice in a video game, more to encourage playing with the systems they've invented in new ways than as encouragement to be evil or good in any real sense.

Basically, whatever thought went into achievements couldn't have been founded on ANY morality except as it relates to the consequences of your superpower.
No. 1007306 ID: afe7de
File 162823832252.png - (46.00KB , 500x500 , C3_016.png )

You: Uhh, You were staring pretty hard there for a sec, you using a power?
Random: Me? Nah. Just trying to size you up, you could probably take me in a fight if it came down to it.
Random: Maybe not if I used my POWER, but y’know.

> Build up the lie
You’re already exposed, no real reason to hide it at this point, might as well keep up with the scan lie to build up a rapport if they have powers.

You: Oh, you have one? I’ve got one too, but it’s kind of uhhh, unique.
Andrea: OH?
You: Yeah, like I can touch you and tell if you’ve got a power.
You: I don’t really want to be a human metal detector though.
Random: Huh, that’s really specific. I guess the achievements are like scan x kin or whatever.
You: Basically.
Andrea: So that’s what NICKY was talking about, she was worried you were MIND CONTROLLING the KIN around town or something
You: Uh, whoops, yeah, not doing that.
Random: Here, do me, see what it says, I mean you already know I have one but you never know.
You: Yeah uh sure.

You grab his hand and scan him, you’re kind of glad he’s being reasonable and didn't assume you automatically scanned him when you shook his hand.


You take another look at him, using your DEA to see if you spot anything, it doesn't look like he’s wearing any artifacts, and the eye-patch is normal, a bit WANOMAY-ISH if you ask yourself. You glaze over the prompt for a moment before responding.
No. 1007308 ID: afe7de
File 162823841132.png - (81.87KB , 500x500 , C3_017.png )

You: Yeah, you’ve got a power, mind if I ask what it is?
Random: Yeah, I can basically make a space as if it was a vacuum, like no gravity.
Random: I make some money by making this place an anti-grav chamber sometimes.
Random: She’s got one too, though its more a BANE towards her existence then anything.
You: I think Adrianna mentioned something about that, but like, is it okay to just volunteer that info away
Random: She doesen’t mind it!
Andrea: I actually do RANDAL, it’s not exactly a secret but y’know
Random: I’m sure he’ll be fine.
Andrea: I just have basically infinite stamina and cant sleep, that’s the power, big whoop.
You: And that’s why your sex drive is crazy?
Andrea: I really don’t have much else to do, exercising does only enough up to a point.
Random: Well we’re all weirdies under the SYSTEM after all.
You: speaking of that, I read a thing that said the religion was founded like 50 years ago, but awakened came in 40, how?
Random: It used to be called SIMULATION THEORY, but the believers of that converted.
Random: SABA HADLEE technically founded the school of thought in a book, and that became kind of the founding text.
Random: He called it “[UNDERSTANDING] OUR WORLD” if you wanna read it, it has some cool insights.
You: And what’s this [THE BOX] stuff I read about.
Random: We don’t talk about that here.

His attitude does a complete 180, he’s extremely serious in that moment. You feel slightly threatned by his presence in that moment, but a few seconds later he’s back to normal. Andrea’s normally aloof attitude kind of slides off for a moment as she tries to shift the conversation topic.

Andrea: Aaaaanyway, glad you two got to meet, you hear about what his job is? Go on Random, tell him.
Random: Oh yeah, I work at a coroners, I scoop out eyeballs from corpses for eye transplants.
Random: Gruesome job really.
Random: But the turnover rate is so high that the pay is good enough to stay.
You: Oh yeah I think Can- I mean a Beast-Kin I know mentioned that.
Random: Cannie? Yeah, we work together.
Random: We’re also in the FIGHT CLUB.
Random: If ya need work we’re always looking for new blood.
Random: It’s 4 days on, 3 days off, 4 hour days on SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY, and TUESDAY.
Random: You can work longer hours, thats usually requested, but I wouldn’t,
Random: getting desensitized to that kinda thing can usually mess with your head.
You: Yeah uh, thanks, I’ll think about it.
Andrea: Well, pleasure as always Random now shoo, shoo, go on.
Random: Yeah yeah, have fun with your new boytoy or whatever, maybe this one will last longer than a day.
Andrea: HEY! Don’t scare him… please.
Random: Hit me up if you want to talk shop, I probably know loads more then you do about the whole powers thing.

Random walks off, leaving the two of you near a table with some snacks and drinks, you go to reach over to one when ANDREA baps it out of your hand, you give a confused look to her. You also take an actual look at her instead of glazing over, she’s got her ears in a bow on top of her head, it’s kind of cute, but also makes you question if they’re being crushed by the bow or something. She’s also wearing a shirt that says REAL GOOD BUTTF*CKER, this feels very on brand. You’re not sure what it’s from.

Andrea: Nah, Nah, Nah, I made us a picnic! No early samples!
You: Oh, thanks!
Andrea: And uh, sorry about him, we’re just uhhh really familiar, he rambles on and on
Andrea: And can be kind of assholish.
Andrea: But enough of that!
Andrea: It’s almost time we were supposed to meet anyway, need to do anything before we start the date?
Andrea: Or Uh, I guess we can keep talking to Random if you want um…

No. 1007317 ID: e51896

Well, I can think of one thing to do before we leave... *Hugs/kisses Andrea*

She doesn't wanna talk about Random right now, so get goin. (At most, ask for Random's number from her, but thats it)

On the way to the picnic, maybe we should mention how she probably shouldn't let people interrupt her counter arguments in a debate like that one and be more assertive when it comes to stuff like that, you think she actually had a really good point there about achievement hints in relationship to a person's psyche when talking to Random, and would have like to have heard what she was going to say before he interrupted her. You think she has really good ideas, you just think she should speak up more and not let people interrupt her, because otherwise, her ideas might stay locked up to never enlighten people and waste away.

On the way to the park, maybe we'll come across something or someone interesting...
No. 1007318 ID: 094652

"You're cute when you're exhausted."

Immediately walk out and let Andrea follow you.
No. 1007320 ID: ca86a5

Show her your complete Plantimals Mango collection on your COMM on the way to the park

And then walk into a pole as you're both paying too much attention on the Mango.
No. 1007324 ID: ce39da

Note to self; RANDOM would likely be super interested in Saba's extended texts we just received, and there are probably loads of puzzles and traps his ANTIGRAVITY AURA power straight up invalidates.

"Hey, Random, you mentioned Saba himself wasn't a true believer? Why do you think that was? That is, did he come to a different conclusion than your founders?"
No. 1007328 ID: 0b9edb

Random probably knows less than he thinks, but it would be useful to hear what the public understanding of powers is. For now though, let’s go have a picnic. No rush to get there!
No. 1007331 ID: e51896

Wanted to add, I think it'll be pretty funny if we somehow manage to give Andrea a really good time, that she completely forgets to have sex with us during the date. Maybe we can make that our short term goal? It'd be a goal that has no consequences in failing at and more of a fun thing to try to accomplish.

Also, use your DEA on her bow, just for fun.
No. 1007339 ID: a2493c

eh, we lived in the city, "asshole" was the default flavor, even the nice ones slotted into the "funny asshole" category, lol.
No. 1007346 ID: 78c706

Game plan: all of our attention during this date should be solely on Andrea, dont get distracted by other things or kins or our COMM. all duscussions should be about her. Poor girl wants attention.

Tell her you want to see her stamina in action by having a race with her to the park for our picnic!

Random already left.
No. 1007358 ID: ce14e6

Date starts now. That means don't go off to chat to Random.
No. 1007363 ID: afe7de
File 162832657436.png - (121.08KB , 500x500 , C3_018.png )

You decide to bother Random later, you can just get his contact info from Andrea if you really want to talk to him. You instead give Andrea a big old hug and a firm pat on the butt to help calm her nerves. She seems less frazzled now and grips you a little tightly, sniffing kind of deeply before letting go.

You: I lived in the city for a while, “asshole” was the default flavor
You: Even the nice ones slotted into the “funny asshole” category.
You: But anyway, you’re kinda cute when you’re frazzled, c’mon, lets go!
Andrea: Buh, haha, yeah, lets!
You: Oh yeah, I got this collection of a MANGO I read a long time ago, it’s called PLANTIMALS and-
Andrea: You watch the Wanomay? Its pretty good!
Andrea: Me and GENA watched it last night and-

You’re both briefly interrupted by two equally spaced poles that appear out of nowhere and clip the both of you. After your daze wears off you hear the familiar cackling of KAZU as you wander off. You look back, yep, it’s two light poles that were placed very close to each other. Why they were put there when one would suffice you might never know. The train of thought is lost and you notice ANDREA has at some point picked up a backpack that pings your DEA.

HANDY PACK VERSION II - a backpack designed after a similar Faunus brand with minor inter-spatial properties. Reduces the weight by half and increases the storage space inside by about 1.25x.
(DEA - This is a mass produced model based off of a similar design that can be found in certain dungeons)

She must have your lunch goods in there, you suppose it’s not all that weird for her to have a minor artifact like this since she has loads of money. You can tell that for some reason Andrea is a little nervous. You’d imagine she’s done this kind of thing before, and that she was fairly confident in her advances the other day, so you wonder if somethings wrong.
No. 1007364 ID: afe7de
File 162832658733.png - (64.72KB , 500x500 , C3_019.png )

You: Hey Andrea, you okay? You seem uh… A bit skittish.
Andrea: Huh? I’m fine, totally fine, hahaha, very fine, definitely not because I haven't been on a date date in forever, nope.
You: Ah, so this is a DATE and not just a hookup huh?
Andrea: Uhhhh did I say that hahahahahaah.
You: By the way, why did you let him interrupt you like that?
Andrea: who? Random?
You: Yeah, you had a good point about achievement hints and their psyche, I wanted to hear about it.
Andrea: Oh that? It’s just my dumb speculation, Im not that smart so it’s probably not that good.
You: I still wanna hear it.
Andrea: Well basically its my theory that kin that get those prompts are typically kin that just need a minor push
Andrea: Powers and the system are basically just that push, you see it in normal interactions
Andrea: The invention of weapons, etc. Power corrupts.
Andrea: This is more like… incentive?
You: Hm, well I certainly know there are a few that power doesn’t corrupt
Andrea: Yeah, well there are exceptions of course, but not everyone’s a beacon of morality.
Andrea: If I believed everyone was good then I probably wouldn’t have become a cop.

As you get her talking and show interest she seems to be completely back to normal. You assume she was nervous you’d treat her different after meeting Random. Andrea is taking you to a specific location in the forest for your date, you’ve got some time before you get there, what do you talk about on your way?

A. What does dating mean to Andrea
B. Reveal your true power
C. Mango and Wanomay
D. Other (user suggestion)

No. 1007366 ID: 96c896

Make a mental note to check back tomorrow to see if those are still there.

>cheevos are a push
Yes... that makes sense. Pushing people into using their powers in impactful ways, whether it be for evil or good. Whoever's behind the System might have some interest in brewing drama and action. (because that's how Karma is generated...)

Also, C.
No. 1007367 ID: ce14e6

Let's not start too heavy. C (Mango and Wanomay), then once you're used to each other and relaxed you can move to heavier topics if you want.
No. 1007370 ID: afa6f6

C. Mango and Wanomay
D: Lets talk about food. She put this picnic together, did she cook it all herself? What kind of food does she like, etc?
No. 1007371 ID: 094652

D) "So... I found a ghost."
No. 1007372 ID: ce39da

Ooh, as slow-rolling heavier topics go, this actually seems like a good one to start with, as it can still be played off as innocent and unrelated to any theoretical nonsense.
No. 1007379 ID: e51896


and lets channel Cat's inner dork

"Wait a minute... I just realized what you said... THERE'S A WANOMAY OF PLANTIMALS NOW?!"

(Cat doesn't know because throughout his years living in the city since the incident, he never had cable or internet connection. He just read the mango many years before the Wanomay adaption came out.)

We can also talk about what else she watched yesterday night. we saw brain worms and became a fan, but fell asleep during Caesar's Kitchen
No. 1007385 ID: 0fae41

A, or C. Failing to keep up with her stamina's a matter of when, not if, so is she looking to enjoy just the short term benefits of dating? Does she tend to avoid repeat dates?
No. 1007386 ID: e51896

I actually had an idea of how we can reveal our power if sex happens, we can upgrade her during sex, and maybe her upgrade is that she can give other people she touches stamina, enough for Cat to keep up with her.

Though as I said previously, my goal is to give Andrea a genuinely great time during our date that she forgets about having sex with Cat, and we reveal our power after or towards the end of date, or middle of our date, depending how things goes.
No. 1007394 ID: afa6f6

I dont think changing a part of another person fundamentally, as a surprise, is something we should do, or that it would go over well.
Andrea is cool definitely in the top three coolest people we've met in town so far. We should just talk about it honestly when the time seems right.
After that, we can ask if she wants us to try mutating her ability or what.
No. 1007478 ID: afe7de
File 162849845799.png - (80.16KB , 500x500 , C3_020.png )

> Upgrade during sex
You really would rather not. You’ve been doing a pretty good job of only consensually powering up kin. You think you’re going to keep that up for now. Plus you just want to be honest with Andrea if it does come down to it, she’s one of the top 3 people you’ve met in the city after all.

> Talk about MANGO and WANOMAY
You decide to have a small conversation about various shows and Wano comics you’ve read. It’s been a while for you since You’ve kept up with recent stuff, so you’re just into old school things like MOBILE STEED CALVARY: FOR GREAT JOUSTICE. You talk about how cool it is that they all pilot horse mecha and nerd out a bit about how the horse is the most mechanically sound shape in that setting which is why they’re used for everything.

Andrea on the other hand thinks its incredibly dumb, they’d only be useful for combat and carrying stuff, not for mining operations or anything that could happen in space. It’s a dumb and lighthearted conversation which is kind of what you’ve been needing. The convo eventually bumps back to PLANTIMALS, you talk about how you read it once as a kid and thought it’d be nice to reread it.

Andrea: You know there’s a WANOMAY now right?
Andrea: YEAH!
You: Well fuck I should download it before the trip
Andrea: Trip?
You: Ah, we can talk about it later, was going to be something I was going to bring up anyway.

Andrea shares one of her favorite WANOMAY, GLUTES AND GLORY, you havent heard of it but its a show where the characters fight using their rumps and rears. Some characters can do mountain shattering techniques with just their butts and thighs, it’s quite impressive. You haven’t heard of it but it sounds absurd in the way that only WANOMAY can usually be. She says it’s the prequel to another show BUSTS AND BEAUTIES which you have heard of, you didnt realize it but they’re similar concepts, only this one focuses on BREASTS and CHESTS. There’s the fabled FLATLANDS and BUSTOPIA that battle it out over which is better, flat chests or bountiful ones. You have to admit you cried in a few scenes because they somehow wrapped a pretty deep and fulfilling character arc in it. You also talk about BRAIN WORMS, you’ve got the hat on, you’ve been a fan of the series for a while even if there are some PROBLEMATIC and PLOT HOLEY problems with it. Andrea agrees, she just saw the 5th one and shares her mixed review.

> Food talk
You: So what’re we eating?
Andrea: It’s a surprise!
Andrea: Wait you’re not allergic to anything are you?
You: Nah, used to be to pollen but I outgrew it.
Andrea: Good, great even!
You: You make it yourself?
Andrea: I uhh… yes. But I know how to cook!
Andrea: I’ve been up a lot and I consume more energy so I need to eat more than other kin.
You: Well I’m looking forward to it then!

No. 1007479 ID: afe7de
File 162849847857.png - (112.20KB , 500x500 , C3_021.png )

Eventually you start to come to an upwards climb, its only a little bit of a hike and you’ve been walking for about 20 minutes before you come up to a clearing. There’s a very small ledge that looks over what appears to be a lake in about 5 minutes of walking distance. To the side there are two trees side by side, a few stumps at sitting height, a single turned over log, and many pleasant smelling flowers. You bend over and sniff a few. You’re in a good mood today so you pop one over your ear in your hair. Andrea’s taking stuff out of her bag, there’s some drinks, some stami-liquors, a few stacked boxes that are neatly tied, what appears to be a big bundle of rope of some kind, some blankets, and a couple other things you can’t see. She really squeezed all the room she could out of that bag.

You help her get all the stuff set up. The ropes were a HAMMOCK that she places between the two trees. She puts the blanket under the shade of the two trees, and eventually you have a nice resting spot. The area is actually cooler than you expected and the view from this particular spot is nice.

Andrea: I like to come here sometimes
Andrea: It’s really pretty at night too, not many kin come by this way because the lake is so close and they miss it.
Andrea: Though there’s this DEER that likes to pop by and sit near us,
Andrea: so if you see her don’t freak out or anything, she’s a friend!
You: Wow, you put in a lot of effort for this
You: I uh, wasn’t expecting this.
Andrea: Well its like… you know, a date. I gotta show off my good points.
Andrea: I cant just like. Uh…
Andrea: This is gonna sound stupid but like-
You: What, no, I promise I won’t think it’s stupid, I like talking with you
Andrea: I dunno, it’s really dumb
Andrea: But uhhh. So like. Uh. It’s like. There’s been a shift in LYST since you came.
Andrea: Like stuff’s going in motion when it’s been relatively still for so long.
Andrea: And like. I like you, so-
Andrea: And my INTUITION is just SCREAMING at me that my feelings are important and I should uh try one more time
Andrea: Ah! Im babbling! Here have some of this, its my homemade potato and carrot pot-pie!
Andrea: I also have some sammies here with some real good JUICY REDS in em.

The food is actually pretty good. You weren’t going in with low expectations but you were still pleasantly surprised. There’s this really savory sauce that she put on top of the sandwiches that feels pretty good on your tongue. She gives you some YELLOW-ORANGE JUICE, it’s fresh and still kind of cold which really hits the spot on this really hot day. You take off your over shirt just to cool off a little. Andrea’s also taken off her top and is in a SPORTS BRA, you look a little closer and think you see tiny rabbits fucking on them. You notice piled along with the other stuff in the bag there’s another box, it looks like a board game of some kind, there’s a few birds floating by, their occasional cooing adding to the ambiance. This is more relaxing then you imagined, even though you’re both pretty sweaty from the heat, though Andrea seems to be sweatier from nerves then anything. What happens next on the date?

A. Play a board game with Andrea
B. Go for a skinny dip in the lake
C. Cuddle in the hammock and talk feelings
D. Reveal your power and invite her on the trip
No. 1007481 ID: 6519cb

No. 1007482 ID: 96c896

C. Make sure you're on the same table.
No. 1007487 ID: e51896

Leaning more towards A since I'd think it would make more sense to play a board game before we rest on the hammock. Have a fun time with her to make her happier before we cuddle.

Though I'm fine with C too
No. 1007493 ID: eaa5e7

Futilely attempt to play the board game while cuddling in the hammock.

When it inevitably fails, talk feelings or make out. Whichever feels more appropriate.
No. 1007496 ID: ce39da

She brought a board game, and she brought a hammock - I would be loath to waste either.

Ask if there's time for both with change; if so, do A. If not, skip ahead to C. The latter seems like a good, semi-heavy discussion you can segue into D from.
No. 1007497 ID: ca4f24

A, The game she brought is SORRY FORGIVE ME
No. 1007500 ID: c68cde

B or C.
No. 1007530 ID: 28a3cf

C. Andrea clearly has some stuff she wants to talk about, so let's give her a chance to do that.
No. 1007548 ID: 094652

A) She brought her edition of "Paw of Prophecy", a modular card game adventure. Cards are laid out on a map and the player moves their game piece on these cards to reveal events and treasure. The gimmick is that the Game Master decides how the player performs skill checks - video games, board games, duck-duck-goose, tag, old maid, all kinds of games can fit into the narrative.

Andrea will likely choose sex challenges.
No. 1007553 ID: 89e85a

No. 1007562 ID: afe7de
File 162858327807.png - (90.78KB , 500x500 , C3_022.png )

> Cuddle and Board game
The two of you finish up what you’re eating and feel satisfied. If you want more there’s still some left, but she closes the lids and slides them over, grabbing the small box and motioning for you to join her on the hammock. You do so, Andrea kind of nuzzling in under you as you get on first. You were a bit worried it’d be too hot for your bods to touch, but even though you’re both sweating, her fur insulates the heat enough that its just a normal level of comfort, not even all that sticky really. You’ve been relaxing for a little while and the sun is slowly moving on the horizon. The box she pulls out is a board game called FORGIVE ME. It’s an icebreaker game with a bunch of cards that involves choosing between two things and asking the other player if they would FORGIVE YOU for doing that.

Andrea: I’ll go first. Oh goddess these two are terrible. Uhhhhhhhh.
Andrea: You catch me taking a dump on your carpet, do you forgive me.
You: PFFF Hahahahaa, WHAT?
Andrea: You heard the card!
You: Uhhhh I dunno, probably if you cleaned it up.
Andrea: I like to imagine it was either out of spite or because I was locked in the house like that THE SAMS game.
You: So you’re saying you wouldn’t clean it up?
Andrea: Probably not.
You: Then No I don’t forgive you.
Andrea: Damn.
You: Okay, my turn, lets see.

You see two options but there’s one that sticks out to you. So you ask that one since it kind of actually did happen.

You: I hit on your twin sister thinking it was you, do you forgive me?
Andrea: PAH, yeah, of course, we look too much alike, specially in our cop gear.
Andrea: Wait, are you asking cause this DID happen or?
You: I uhhh, umm, it’s what it says on the card, but uhh, yeah it did.
Andrea: HAH, nice one ya dingus.
Andrea: My turn, I bought you a WHITE CHOCOLATE cupcake for your birth instead of a VANILLA one
Andrea: You ate it thinking it was VANILLA, do you forgive me?

No. 1007563 ID: afe7de
File 162858329727.png - (83.22KB , 500x500 , C3_023.png )

She’s giving you the biggest of puppy dog eyes, which kind of works given her huge black eyes. This one’s pretty innocuous, so you answer truthfully.

You: Yeah, it’s my fault I didn’t ask anyway, no reason to get pupset.
Andrea: *snicker* you part dog or something, oh right, you are, hahahah.
You: Seemed like you had a thing you wanted to talk about?
Andrea: Oh, yeah, it’s uh… FEELINGZ, so I get if you don’t want to uh.
You: Sure, we’re already snuggling, seems appropriate.

She kind of nuzzles in deeper and looks at you.

Andrea: I kind of uhh, have a weird track record with dudes.
You: What do you mean?
Andrea: Like uhhh, I’m intimidating. Too strong, too much stamina, a cop, too much money.
Andrea: So guys get weird with me.
Andrea: I’m mostly into dudes romantically, but like none really like me that way after getting to know me.
Andrea: I’m not saying this to guilt you, just.
Andrea: I like you is all, I thought I wanted a quick fuck but then like we got high and you treated me like a person
Andrea: Like how the girls do and it made me nostalgic.
You: Ah, so you’re worried I’m going to treat you different after sex?
Andrea: Basically. Then you’d just be another potential fuck buddy and I’d still be lonely.
Andrea: I’m a hopeless romantic that has to settle with just sex.
You: You ever try those online dating apps or sites?
Andrea: *raspberry noise*
Andrea: Those suuuuck, long distance suuuucks, commuting across the planet for that suuuucks
Andrea: I have the money for it but like, they never last very long for me because I’m an in person kinda gal.
Andrea: And the few I met overseas are MONOGAMOUS, and I’m not down with that backwards train.
Andrea: I just would rather you know in the beginning what I would like from this
Andrea: And if you’re not looking for that right now can you tell me?
Andrea: I can’t just sleep away the depression, so the earlier I dash my hopes on that the better.
Andrea: I hope I’m not ruining the date.
You: No, it’s nice to get this out in the open I think.
Andrea: We can keep playing if you want, we haven't finished the first date even.

You think on this for a moment, you’re into all kinds of kin, and ANDREA seems pretty great from a lot of fronts, there’s also WILLAMINA, though you’re not sure what she’s looking for in a relationship yet, or even if she wants one and just wants a friend and casual sex. You could always just go for the casual sex with ANDREA, but you can tell she wants more emotional depth to a relationship. Do you even WANT a relationship? You know that you DEFINITELY want BONDS, genuine ones. And you hope regardless that ANDREA can become one.

You think she’d like a response to her question, but you can avoid answering, hold off, or reply at any time. Please also suggest some wacky, serious, or sexual questions (and answers if you feel so inclined) to be given to either ANDREA or CAT. You can also suggest personal questions to ask in between rounds of the game.
No. 1007564 ID: 96c896

Oh, a serious date thing? Yeah alright. Uh, just, there's a lot to do related to this vacation thing so you're not sure how much time you can dedicate to her.

Did you check her powers yet to see how you can upgrade them? I wonder if there's some hidden potential we can unlock to make her something more than an endurance fighter.
No. 1007565 ID: afe7de

You never have gotten prompts as to HOW to upgrade an ability just that you can make the level go up for a cost. There's a chance for MUTATIONS, but you only ever got the one on roach.

For reference, her costs were:

Level [1] Sleepless
Unable to Upgrade.

Level [3] Vigor
Cost [3 Energy]

No. 1007566 ID: afa6f6

Huh, I dont think Cat is really sure one way or the other about a serious relationship right now, but he'd be open to the idea, and I dont think any of the things she mentioned would bother him.
Cat should suggest they continue the date and feel things out, and see if she still feels the same way by the end of the day, and they'll go from there, one day at a time. But that he likes her and wouldn't mind seeing where it goes, just that there's a lot of changes happening recently so things could get chaotic. Andrea seems like shes really got her life together and stable right now, and well, we're probably going to decidedly NOT be that for a good while. We can explain more about that near the end of the date.

Speaking of conversations we're going to have to have, I think it might help to spread that out a bit throughout the night. Im thinking we start with Willamina wanting to start a company, like, an anti hero company(hmm, gotta write that down, Anti-hero company), and the dungeon under the mansion and that invitation, and second go over Cat's power secret maybe the whole ghost brother thing, and then if that goes over well, we can think about the whole end of the world thing. If its not a necessary explanation for the other stuff, we might save that last one for when everyone's together.
No. 1007567 ID: e51896

hmm... before I wanna answer Andrea's question, I kind of want to know a little bit about Cat's Wingkin Ex-Girlfriend. Why'd she break up with him? Or was it Cat who broke up with her? How did the heartbreak effect Cat? What was Cat looking for from that date? Things like that to consider. (DON'T talk to Andrea about Cat's ex, it is always rude to talk about one's ex during a date. Just think about her for a bit and how it effected him back then)

As for personal questions, Maybe Cat can ask about something that was plaguing his mind yesterday, something about how a beastkin last night (he don't wanna say Cannie's name, he's still hurt about her) calling him a parasite. Maybe even though he knows he is taking steps to not be one, he still has his fears about becoming one, and how he doesn't want to take advantage of Andrea like ask for her money like she offered yesterday, or use her just for sex and want to treat her like a person. Really, Cat doesn't want to take advantage of anyone.
No. 1007569 ID: f8fa51

First off, we've already established monogamy is an aberration here and Andrea isn't here for it. So we don't need to think in terms of who we like "best".

Do we want a relationship? Yes, absolutely I think we're looking for a relationship. With Andrea? Tentatively yes, but keep in mind this is your first date. She seems really cool, and you're seeing sides of her on this date that you haven't seen yet, but what you've seen is good.

But there's something else she needs to know. As she's noticed, there's something major up with you, and you're still tossing up how to tell her. But you're definitely going to be travelling soon, busy, and you don't know when or if it'll be over. That may be a good time to segue into some or all of the details, but even if you don't tell her in detail yet, she needs to know that much if she's going to shoot for a relationship.
No. 1007570 ID: 96c896


Well, she said she's very strong... how strong? Has she tried sparring with Cannie?
No. 1007572 ID: 357e90

A serious relationship would be amazing, honestly. Cat craves anything that can bring normalcy right now.
However, we have baggage. Our life will soon be crazy and dangerous.
Finish the game, but then tell her you've been hiding your true power. You wanted to tell her about it anyway, but if we're gonna be in a relationship with her, she deserves to know going in.
No. 1007576 ID: ce39da

"Honestly, if anyone's worried about things getting weird between us, it's me. You're... not wrong about my arrival being special, even if most of what I learned about my part in it came after I moved out here to Lyst..."

If we're slow-rolling topics, start with Willamina's inheritance, possibly including the dungeon.

"By the way, I hope you're not resenting those MONOGAMOUS people you mentioned - I mean, it's not my cup of tea, either, but I get how the idea of taking a vow to dedicate your EVERYTHING to a single partner can be beautiful in its own way, as long as you aren't forcing other people to do the same."
No. 1007581 ID: f3d9ed

"I stole your clothes while you were out skinny dipping and you're miles from home. Do you forgive me?"
Either Cat or Andrea asks that question during the game. I can't decide.
No. 1007594 ID: 4ae8e7

I push you off a cliff for an achievement. Do you forgive me?
I leave cookie dough in your hot car and it explodes, and now the smell is everywhere. Do you forgive me?
A bond is fine too.
No. 1007639 ID: afe7de
File 162866708369.png - (123.59KB , 500x500 , C3_024.png )

> Your Ex
You remember your first REAL ex, the one you couldn't get out of your head. She was a wing-kin, passionate, a party animal even. Being near her was like a drug, and she was so soft. And then there was the actual HARD drugs. Honestly if you hadn’t ended up in the hospital you probably would have stuck with her for better or worse. Apparently she’s a popular indie musician back in DONJON now. You still have moments where you look up her social media and think about messaging her. All it would take is just that one message and you’re sure she’d take you back into that lifestyle. It wouldn’t be the same of course, but the temptation never leaves the edges of your thoughts.

You shake your head from your reverie, no, you don’t want to be like them. Don’t want THAT kind of stress again. What she did broke not just your heart but you too in some ways. NIPHA really helped you get out of that slump, heavens, if she wasn’t there you’d probably be in that dark- You shake your head again. Andrea’s looking at you quizzically and you can sense a hint of concern.

You: Sorry, just reminiscing.
Andrea: About what?
You: A past life? One that was only a few years ago?
You: Sigh.
You: I think, yeah I’m looking for a relationship, something normal

She perks up at that, she’s trying really hard to not look excited by that but you can tell that’s what she wanted to hear.

You: But uhh, I’ve got baggage, and I’m also worried things could get weird between us because of it.
Andrea: I dunno, I’m pretty weeeird
Andrea: I did that whole high mod test thing remember
You: Yeah, but uh, let’s keep the date going.
You: Feel things out, see if we really click ya know?
Andrea: Sure, Sure! Yes!
Andrea: Honestly I’m just relieved you even said you were slightly interested.
You: Alright, my turn.
You: I push you off a cliff for an ACHIEVEMENT. Do you forgive me?
Andrea: How big a cliff we talking here? Cause that cliff is tiny.
You: Lets assume its a big cliff? Maybe there’s water at the bottom?
Andrea: Easy forgive, ACHIEVEMENTS are hard to even come by and there’s so many ways to survive that
Andrea: My turn, I stole your clothes while you were out skinny dipping and you’re miles from home. Do you forgive me?
You: Hmm
You: Hmmmmmmm
Andrea: Cmoonnn its just clothes, plus most of us are okay with casual nudity
You: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
You: Nope, I dont. In my fictional scenario you left me with nothing in the middle of the woods
You: That’s fucked.
Andrea: Dang. Tough crowd. I was gonna do it too.

You sweat a little bit more at that, good thing you replied no to that or SHE PROBABLY WOULD HAVE DONE THAT. You take that lull in the game and pop another question at her.

You: So you said you were strong? Like how strong?
Andrea: Well, if we had a scale of ATHLETIC to POWERFUL I would be somewhere in between the two.
Andrea: But it’s my STAMINA that lets me go for a long time that makes it noteworthy.
Andrea: I can outlast Cannie in a fight, but she can overpower me if she’s not tired.

There it is, that name that now causes a knot to form in your stomach, you’re reminded of her words last night and your expression can’t help but falter.

Andrea: Ah, you uh… Don’t like strong girls.
Andrea: I uh I’m sor-
You: Nonononono
You: It’s not that I uh.
You: She uh, a certain BEAST-KIN called me a parasite last night.
You: And even though I KNOW im taking steps to not be one, I’m still afraid it might happen
You: I don’t want to take advantage of people like that and it just still stings.
Andrea: That’s fucked, why’d she call you that?
Andrea: You just got here and even got a job and everything.
Andrea: You’re contributing to LYST and you don’t even know the place.
You: It’s uh, let’s save that convo for end-of-date talk, it’s kind of heavy.
Andrea: Sure, I’ll lend you a big floppy ear when you’re ready.

No. 1007640 ID: afe7de
File 162866710132.png - (10.32KB , 500x500 , C3_025.png )

She flashes you a smile that just kind of melts you a little bit, no judgement, just eagerness. You’d be lying if you said it didn't tug at a few heartstrings in a way that WILLAMINA’S doesn’t.

Andrea: So what are you into anyway? Like not just sex stuff but like aesthetics too.
Andrea: I won’t judge if you say you’re into scarred chicks or something.
You: Hah
You: I guess I’m really into Kin, like their fluffy chests, their musk, it’s just-

You kinda lean in and get a big ol sniff of Andrea. She smells like PURPLE today, she chuckles and tickles you a bit whilst also giving you a couple sniffs in your sweatier areas. She calls you a FURRY and you guess that’s not too far off the mark, being called a KINNY is stupid and most people know it.

Andrea: Good to know I fall in with your TASTES haha.

You keep playing for a little bit before you feel the card game has run it’s course. The two of you kind of chat about random things, likes and dislikes. She’s mostly into violent entertainment, Wanomay and Live action as well. She also watches her fair share of PORN with GENA, she’s somewhat of an enthusiast. You imagine as an enthusiast she’s probably starred in her own flicks at one point. For her being sexual is kind of a BIG DEAL in her life, she talks about it with a kind of FANATICISM you’d imagine comes from someone whose religious. You ask her if she’s upset at those MONOGAMOUS people she was talking to and kind of dismisses it, she claims to not want to force anyone to follow her views, but you can tell she’s really not comfortable with the idea.

Andrea: It’s not even that I can’t GET INTO the idea you know?
Andrea: Maybe if I find someone perfect or that can duplicate it’d be a different story but its like.
Andrea: So many of those kin are just so… JEALOUS?
Andrea: You can’t even talk to other kin without getting them in a rage, even for platonic stuff.
You: Yeah I’ve met a few people like that, can’t control their JEALOUSY, wanting CONTROL over their partner.
Andrea: Yeah, it’s shit like that I can’t forgive,
Andrea: so I kind of have a blanket no monogamous members of my group deal.
Andrea: I’m willing to have exceptions, but so far none of the exceptions have really given me trust.

You think about how Andrea has mentioned a few times that she’s not smart, it seems like she actually is, just for things that are typically not considered academic. It’s more for SOCIAL and INTERPERSONAL things that she actually pierces the veil for from what you’re gleaning. Before you notice it’s been several hours, Andrea’s not been pushing for sex the whole time and as far as you can tell she’s been actually just having a genuine good time with you. You could say the same for yourself. The stress you’ve built up is kind of slowly melting throughout the date. You imagine sex is still on her mind, but she hasn't slipped you any aphrodisiacs nor has she brought it up, instead taking the time to figure YOU out. It looks like Andrea has one or two more things planned for the date, what happens next?

A. Go for a SKINNY DIP in the LAKE
B. A big old DEER appears
C. ? ? ? ?
No. 1007644 ID: e51896

C can either be really good or really bad

not taking that risk

B, the deer shows up.
No. 1007645 ID: f8fa51

A. It'll be a good time.
No. 1007646 ID: c7a617

D, badger shows up

Or the forest lady we heard about

Maybe both?
No. 1007647 ID: 031458

But I don't see why they all can't happen at once lol.
No. 1007649 ID: 094652

B) And they're doing an Awakened-assisted moonwalk!
No. 1007652 ID: e7c7d3

I like the return of the badger
No. 1007654 ID: 0fae41

No. 1007670 ID: 6519cb

Sounds like a good time for A now.
No. 1007671 ID: 96c896

Oh we're not voting for the mystery option?

B, then.
No. 1007693 ID: e13b1d

Did we check of Kazu has a power? Maybe he can create lamp posts.

+1 to Badger coming back. It gives us a good conversation piece to go into our power.
No. 1007709 ID: e51896

If possible, I would like to alter my vote a bit to have both Deer and Badger show up. Theyre friends
No. 1007714 ID: 094652

More than friends
No. 1007724 ID: afe7de
File 162877123926.png - (53.70KB , 500x500 , C3_026.png )

Andrea starts to put away some of the food, you take out an extra sammy and start chowing down on that one. Even though the day is it, It’s kind of nice. You hear some rustling from a set of nearby bushes that calls your attention. After a few moments you see a DEER pop up, well actually that’s not accurate. It’s a DOE, no horns, and something else that catches your attention is her face. She has SIX EYES. You’re quite caught off guard by this, you wish your DEA could scan living things and not just artifacts because boy would you love to know more about this creature. It looks at you and ANDREA before wandering to the middle of the clearing and taking a seat. It’s eyes are locked onto you, but you’re not scared or intimidated, more intrigued if anything. Suddenly another rustle in the bush occurs. A badger, slightly larger than normal pops out. You recognize it, the size might have increased, but its the same badger you powered up before. It wanders out of the forest, notices you two, and backs away slowly back into the forest.

Andrea: Oh wow, I haven’t seen you before, bye animal friend!
Andrea: We can go lay with the DEER if you like, she’s real friendly.

You’re getting a strong urge to pet the deer. You also don’t really feel any threats coming from it. If Andrea’s been around it as long as she’s implied, then it’s probably HARMLESS. Or at least has no reason to harm the two of you. You look into the forest behind where they came in, where the badger left from, you think you see a very small path.

A. Lay with and pet the SIX EYED DOE
B. Head into the forest
C. Skinny dip
No. 1007725 ID: 094652

Pet the deer and check for Awakened powers.
No. 1007742 ID: e51896

I wonder why Andrea didn't mention the six eyes, that is like, a HUGE detail to leave out...
WAIT, remove your demon eye amulet for a moment, see if it still has six eyes afterwards. Somethings weird here.

D. Remove your demon eye amulet, see what happens.

if it still has six eyes after doing that, then

A, pet it. probably don't scan it, animals have weird instincts and we might scare it off if we use powers. Especially one with six eyes

(wonder if the OVERMIND has something to do with this)
No. 1007752 ID: e13b1d

This, except after checking out the deer follow the badger. Invite Andrea along, tell her the badger is a friend.
No. 1007757 ID: 0fae41

B. Both are highly unique animals.
No. 1007770 ID: 96c896

No. 1007815 ID: afe7de
File 162883262246.png - (9.44KB , 500x500 , C3_027.png )

> Remove your amulet
You sort of do a quick and easy motion of removing your amulet, wondering if something changes. Nothing does. The deer is still there, still a deer, but still with 6 eyes. You put it back on and move with ANDREA towards it.

You: Weird question, how many eyes do you see on the DOE?
Andrea: You’re right that is weird, there’s about 4362 on the deer.

You pause and look at her, questioning your sanity for the briefest moments.

You: Come again.
Andrea: There’s 2. Sorry, I thought that read better as a joke.
Andrea: Silly questions get silly answers and all that.

She heads toward it and lies down near it, beckoning you. Normally you’d be overwhelmed with a sense of DREAD at something like this, but it doesen’t come to you. You’re INSTINCTS don’t scream for you to run, and the urge to pet it is still there. So you head near it and do so. The DOE is soft, incredibly soft. Softer than the softest thing you’ve ever touched, softer then thigh fur. But not uncomfortably soft. There’s the faint scent of GRASS in the air. The doe moves its head towards you and your hand, like it’s asking to be pet, so you do so. Its eyes give you a pleased expression.

You: So to me this DOE has 6 eyes.
Andrea: Thats… weird.
You: Think it means anything?
Andrea: I dunno, but I always feel calmer when I’m near her.

No. 1007816 ID: afe7de
File 162883264214.png - (3.36KB , 500x500 , C3_028.png )

You notice then, that you do feel irrationally calm, almost like… almost like the intense stresses of your day are just melting away. You feel so relaxed that you could probably take a nap. There’s one thing you can tell for certain about this doe. It’s definitely awakened, you don’t need to use your power to tell that, something is going on here. You heard of animals naturally awakening, this must be one that did. You hypothesize something and look over your body at the bruises left from when Cannie crashed her leg down on your chest. There’s not even a scratch. You hypothesize something else, pricking your finger to draw blood and the wound slowly seals, good as new. The DOE licks you and Andrea giggles at the sight. It’s kind of nice to just enjoy this moment and not have a crazy intense feeling of dread on you. Time passes like this, no words are really shared between you and Andrea, it’s silence, but the good kind of silence.

Suddenly its dark out, you look around, it’s nowhere. You’re wearing a weird scarf-like thing you don’t recognize. But it’s not just dark, you’re floating, or falling. It’s hard to tell. You look in the distance to see the DOE, it’s frolicking, there’s several animals following it and a girl riding atop the DOE. She’s got fairly bushy hair but you can’t make out details from this distance. A flash of light from your periphery gathers your attention. You turn to look at it, a group of individuals are running, there’s panic in their expressions. They seem familiar, one has your hair, another has rabbit ears, and the last is scarred, but it’s strange, you can’t name the figures at this moment. Your attention is drawn to another scene. You try to look at it and all you see is [RED], almost like its censored. You look up for some reason and see a pair of eyes. You feel like you’ve seen them before. It’s got almost a MOTHERLY feel to it, but you don’t quite understand why it is you feel that way about it. You don’t dream too often so this is a surreal experience for you, and the fact that you feel CALM and aren’t terrified adds to this. A whisper of a voice can be heard in your ear, it says:

Voice: May your passion incite change.

And like that you’re awake again. You’re not sure how long has passed but you actually fell asleep for a bit, the DOE is gone and you can see the sun cresting over the horizon.
No. 1007817 ID: afe7de
File 162883265528.png - (12.52KB , 500x500 , C3_029.png )

Andrea: Well you kinda passed out there.
You: How long was I out?
Andrea: A few hours, you feeling okay?
You: I actually feel like I’ve slept for the first time in years.

It’s true, you’re reinvigorated like you’ve never been before, or unlike what you’ve remembered in your lifetime. You check your COMM, it’s about 6:27PM, You know poker night is at 10PM, an update from WILLAMINA lets you know to meet her at her place at 9:30PM. You can see Andrea fidgeting slightly and she rubs her ears a bit.

Andrea: So uh, this probably went on a bit later then you expected.
You: No, really, I had a great time. Just, wow, time flew.

She bites her lip a bit and kind of leans in close, you were already laying on her but she runs a finger across your chest and leans in close to your ear.

Andrea: So we don’t have to if you don’t wanna but umm.
Andrea: Could you just really shove your cock deep inside me.
Andrea: Just stir up my insides like your dick is an egg beater?
Andrea: Release just so many loads I get bloated and we get crazy high?

You know ANDREA has mods in so she won’t get pregnant, you don’t have that mod, but you also have condoms if you’re worried about that kind of thing. The path through the forest is gone, and there’s still more than enough light out for you to have some fun before you should head back. But you’ve also got to bring up the things you wanted to talk about and everything just got ahead of you.
No. 1007819 ID: 96c896

Magic deer with a healing/calming aura, huh?

>the path through the forest is gone
Damn it did we miss the chance to speak to the forest lady again? She always shows up when we're busy with something else.

>fuck the bunny?
Fuck the bunny.
But also yeah you should tell her about your true power. Hmm. Here's an idea: tell her you have a big secret-- that there's more to your power than you've told people. Does she wanna know before, or after you pump her belly full of spunk?
No. 1007820 ID: 094652

... You know, how hard would it be for Set to settle down and have a family despite being a demon lord? Come to think of it, what do you and Callan remember about your mom?

>Bunny Sex
Let's make it a game.
Cat will run naked through the woods and Andrea will catch up to take a blowjob. The catch is that you keep walking and Andrea isn't allowed to breathe unless she stops sucking and has to do three laps around a tree before she can chase Cat again. If Cat cums, Andrea has thirty seconds to stuff her vagina and get Cat to cum again.

If she can get Cat to cum eight times total, they'll go straight to Andrea's house and screw the night away.
No. 1007822 ID: e51896

realize Andrea already stripped you... while you were asleep. guess you're already set for sex.

Ask her if you and her can have slow passionate sex together with her instead of going rough and quick. there was actually something really important you wanted to tell her and you feel now that you're finally stress free, you're ready to talk to her about yourself while you have sex with her. Take it to the hammock, or the lake. Tell her you both can go rough and faster after you get the emotional baggage and your secrets off your chest. But right now, you want this to go slow as you pour your heart out to her.
No. 1007823 ID: f8fa51

Remind Andrea that you still have some really heavy shit to share that probably shouldn't wait too long, but also that it will definitely spoil the mood. If she really wants to, we can make like rabbits and then talk serious stuff afterwards.
No. 1007826 ID: ce39da

Agreed. If she wants to skip to the heavy stuff, I honestly don't know whether to start with the dungeon or the apocalypse, but if you only get out two of the topics, it should be those (with the obvious "swear to secrecy" caveat).
No. 1007829 ID: 6d7aa6

Hmmm... i think we can spread some of the discussion out, some parts that wont spoil the mood for sex, and then talk about the heavy stuff after sex while we're high, but tell her to keep it all a secret.

So like, before sex, tell her start by telling her about your power, and how you awakened Willamina, and how her inheritence she got from Saba gave her information about having a way to make her stronger with a training regime he built that she was going to invite people for traibing during vacation. We are planning on invitinf Andrea to this vacation to make her stronger as well.

After sex, tell her about what you learned from Saba's inheritence (the Apocalypse, assassins that might go after Willamina, the training regime Saba built is actually a man made dungeon that could really hurt us, more details about what Cannie told you, angels and demons)
No. 1007837 ID: f5f452

Wait... it might be very unlikely, but I have a small feeling, what if something about that deer just caused Cat to awaken to a third power? I know that when Cat awakens someone, their wounds heal, they sometimes have a weird vision, and people sometimes awaken to a power after waking from a sleep... what if that dream was a that vision of a sign to him awakening to a power, and Cat being healed was just a process of being awakened?

As I said, most likely he didnt, but One way to find out: check your status screen, see if you have a new awakened power.
No. 1007838 ID: e13b1d

No. 1007865 ID: 2657c5

Hey, what if after Cat and Andrea's date ends after Cat reveals his power and fucks, we switch perspectives to Willamina and rewind to the point where Cat and Will split up so we can see how she interacts with Gena and how she reveals Cat's power to her?
No. 1007866 ID: afe7de
File 162892605808.png - (10.38KB , 500x500 , C3_030.png )

> Don’t forget the important convo!
You: I’m down, but uh I DID have something important to talk about and it will kill the mood
Andrea: It’s really hard to kill my buzz when it’s up, so you’re probably referring to yours.
Andrea: How about a bit now and a bit later?
You: Uhhh, sure, I’ll give something lighter.
You: I’ll gloss over most of the details just for the sake of mood but, here’s 3 things.
You: One, my power is actually to Awaken others and improve their skills
Andrea: Halt, hold on, gears… spinning… in… head.
Andrea: Okay, and you did Willamina, right?
You: Yup. That’s 2.
Andrea: Huh, can you like… Turn off powers? Like, ones relating to not being able to sleep.
Andrea: Ohgodpleasetellmeyoucandothat
You: There’s like, MUTATIONS that happen sometimes but I can’t control it.
You: Heck I cant control what anyone gets!
Andrea: But like what if you upgraded my sleeplessness, is that a thing?
You: It says [UNABLE TO UPGRADE] sorry.
You: There’s upgrades that cost A LOT of achievement points to revoke one that I gave someone but-
You: None for just outright removal
Andrea: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
You: Sorry.
Andrea: You better fuck me gingerly for a bit to apologize. I want affection now.

Andrea does a little pout that’s very cute. It’s obviously over-exaggerated, you feel like sharing more than that at this moment will probably kill the mood further and you do actually want to have sex with her, so you decide to hold off on the rest until later.

You: I think I’ll save the rest for later, imagine a scale from 1-10, that was like a 3 compared to the rest.
Andrea: Goddess fuck, well alright.
Andrea: Now c’mon, quick before you get stuck in your head and full of anxiety.

She yanks you from your laying position, flipping you around with a swift motion that surprises you because she definitely does not have a good angle to grip you from to flip you without being pretty strong. You guess she is STRONG after all. She pulls you into a deep kiss. Her breath smells of PINKS, a nice fleshy sweet kind of taste that swirls around, you’re caught off guard for a second but adjust yourself and put your own flair to the orchestra of sensation. Andrea pops off her bow and her ears droop to the side, one landing on your head softly before flopping off. You separate for a moment to take a deep breath, your top is off, and so is hers. You genuinely didn’t notice when she took them off. As a matter of fact…

> Andrea removed your clothes already
You’re not wearing any clothes! You could have sworn you were wearing them when you woke up, but then again you didn’t look down to check, but she also offered to not have sex, which you assume means they would have been on. You’re going to assume Andrea also has some kind of CLOTHES REMOVING MAGIC, or she’s just that good at distraction while you were making out. A sort of SLEIGHT OF HAND that works solely towards sexual conquests. You dismiss it since you’re having a good time. She looks hungry, ravenous, and in deep, deep desire. You touch her cheek and she quivers with excitement. You go in for another kiss, this time slower, more time taken to savor the experience. Your lips smack against each-other gingerly as you feel her grind up against you, her arms exploring your back with gentle touches. You’re already aroused, and so is she, you briefly remember that you both have arousal mods, hers is on her saliva and pheromones, yours in your musk. It’s a pleasing cocktail of pleasure that’s tickling that part of your brain to let it know it’s okay to enjoy this.
No. 1007869 ID: afe7de
File 162892637386.png - (34.73KB , 500x500 , C3_031.png )

You part, breathing heavily, desire quaking in your eyes. Andrea asks if you can make your cock have a knot, you do so happily as she gently stimulates your member and your rather large balls. She pushes you down and starts to give it a few smooches, licks, and nibbles that only serve to send tingles down your spine. In a moment she has your shaft completely down your throat, knot and all. And her throat, goddess her throat, if you didn’t have that stamina mod, you’d be hard pressed to have not climaxed at that exact moment, you have no idea what’s going on there, but apparently all the stops have been pulled from the other day, and her TONGUE. There’s a POP as she pulls herself off of your cock.

Andrea: Shiiiit you didnt cum from that???
Andrea: Gotta step up my gaaaaame then!
Andrea: Fuck I’d have you facefuck me till I pass out but I really fucking need this.

Andrea pushes you off gently and spreads open her legs, you didn’t notice before but it’s nearly an absolute fountain down there. You bend over and give her soaked lips a lick, you feel her tense as a light squirt sprays your face and you hear her quivering orgasm.

Andrea: F-f-f-fffuck, I forgot about how double arousal mods interact
Andrea: Please, goddess, phew, one sec.
Andrea: Okay, Okay.

She reaches out her arms to you in a welcoming gesture, you embrace her, your cock slapping against her wet vagina. Yeah, you don’t need lube for this job. You begin grinding ever so slowly against her clitoris. You can feel Andrea clench with each stroke, she pulls you tighter as you rub against her, and without nearly any fanfare your cock is balls deep. There’s a pause where you feel everything go silent, the two of you look at eachother, a bestial lust reflected in her eyes, then everything goes white. Pleasure assaults your senses. Your cock engorges and Andrea’s Vagina pulsates and constricts, attempting to absorb every last drop of your thick white seed. You feel like your cock is being milked and the both of you are quivering with your orgasm, holding eachother tight. There’s even a moment when a slight tear comes out of both of you. Andrea’s biting your neck and you’re doing the same.

And then the HIGH hits you and it’s like a second orgasm. A sense of euphoria lasting longer then that brief moment of nutting settles on your mind. You thought you were calm before? You feel like you’ve hit a state of sexual zen.

Andrea: Oh System thank you for this blessed nut.
You: Heh, the system?
Andrea: Well without it we wouldn’t have had mods like this
Andrea: They’re tinker made you know?
You: I. Ahhh, Did not.

No. 1007870 ID: afe7de
File 162892638481.png - (16.53KB , 500x500 , C3_032.png )

What follows is a blur, but in a different way from how sex with Willamina was a blur. You would describe sex with Willamina to be theatrical almost, like you were both putting on an enjoyable show, you can’t remember most of it but you had a good time. This, this is like a sexual buffet. There are moments when you break into roleplay, chasing eachother around and pouncing like it’s some sort of game. Other moments when it’s oddly quiet and you cuddle, moving your cock through your mods whilst she strokes it with hers. There’s a lot of moments where you stare into each-others eyes, and a surprising amount of gentle sex. There are of course moments when you almost question your sanity with the speed and pleasure that you’re going at, but you’re not so concerned. The CALM, the DATE, and this feeling of FREEDOM you have right now eliminates any remaining stress you might have had. There is a moment when you even break into tears and ANDREA joins you, it’s not from sadness, but from happiness, and much to your surprise, there’s no real degradation play this time. You’re not sure how much time has passed until you stop, you’re both breathing heavily, andrea, much less than you, but her moans of ecstasy still come occasionally. Andrea’s belly is lightly engorged with cum, she burps a few times in satisfaction.

Andrea: So like I, heheh. I, heheh.
You: hehehe, got the giggles?
Andrea: Pffff hahaha, yeah. I. Heh. Like sex isn’t THAT satisfying regularly
Andrea: No one can keep up right?
Andrea: And honestly I could go for a session about as long as that and then some
Andrea: But like. THAT, THAT was satisfying.
You: Yeah, just, I didn’t even know our mods could interact like that.
Andrea: I forgot they could
Andrea: And this is just sooooooo much more cum then I’m used to.
You: They don’t have cum mods at the haunch?
Andrea: Not really
Andrea: I mean Nail can a little, but he’s always tapped out by Leshanna

You look to your side, comm conveniently near your most recent fuck-spot. It’s 8:47, you should head back soon. You notice you’re still very much knotted to Andrea, and you’re also spooning. You could easily remove it, but as you start to do it Andrea pulls you closer.

Andrea: just a little longerrrrr, I love this feeling.
Andrea: I know its late, but let me have thisssss 5 more minutes?
You: Wanna talk about the serious stuff after?
Andrea: Sure, while we walk. It’s a little dark but I have a good light.

You wait out the remaining minutes, staring at each other, gently kissing occasionally, you give her a few licks and are not rewarded with fur on your tongue, she grooms hersefl well. Sometimes you feel Andrea quiver and clench with another orgasm, she’s certainly doing something to your member down there, but you’re sexed out so its more or less out of sexual sensation. You brush your hand over her ears, they’re soft, and also coated in cum, you forgot that you fucked her ears at one point, it was hotter then it should have been. Eventually you pull out, the floodgates opened as cum starts flowing from her pussy. Andrea lays there for a moment, reveling in the process whilst you sit up and watch. After a bit it’s over and she pulls out some moist towelettes, the two of you clean off as best as you can, a shower definitely in order before poker night, and head down the trail. You get the feeling your high will wear off by the time POKER NIGHT starts, so that should quell any anxiety from before the event.

How do you invite Andrea on the trip?
No. 1007873 ID: 094652

Ask if she wants to do something epic, violent, nerve-wracking, and society-defiling.
No. 1007874 ID: 8483cf

Tell her it's Plantimals but with fewer puns.
No. 1007875 ID: 96c896

Well first, get the big thing out of the way. There's a big ass war coming in a matter of years. An apocalyptic war between Angels and Demons, and everyone else is going to get caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately, the Hero Association has been infiltrated by Angels, so you can't count on their help.
Then tell her there's hope. You're going to get strong enough to protect everyone you can, first by getting a core group of loyal friends strong enough to protect YOU, then afterwards building an army of Awakened via your power. That means doing dungeon runs, starting with an easy dungeon first, and that leads into...
Inviting her into your dungeon party.

You can tell her the specifics about the Hadlee Estate once she agrees, and when you get her back to Willamina. Probably shouldn't bring up Isabella yet. Might want to wait until Isabella leaves, even.
No. 1007877 ID: e51896

for comedic relief: Realize too late in your high that you both have been absentmindedly just carrying your clothes as you walk back to town instead of wearing them, and you run into Fivin accidentally giving the poor guy a show... again.



Pretty much this. Maybe tell her that the dungeon you're talking about is one that Saba secretly built with the sole purpose of training Willamina and her friends so that she can be protected from assassins. Also, talk about how with Andrea being a cop and all, her sense of justice in wanting to protect people could be helpful for the team.

And yeah, say that it will be like Plantimals. When Andrea asks "With puns?" get confused because the Mango doesn't have any puns in it at all (the dub just takes liberties and the Mango is more faithful to the original vision of the artist, and Cat has only read the Mango)

But yeah, leave Isabella and Max out of the conversation... though I have a feeling Andrea is going to ask about the animals burning, she was planning on asking cat about it during the intermission with the Mizz Es section.

And yeah, add that your power is what Cannie was talking about when she called you a parasite, she accused that we were using our power over Willamina to get what you want, along with artifacts and other things

But also tell her to keep all this, including your powers are secret... shhhhhh!

Oh! we should like, ask Andrea if she wants her vigor power upgraded as long as we tell her that her vigor is something different from sleepless, just so we can potentially help the progress with any potential achievements we might have and make our powers stronger.

First ask for a description of what Vigor actually is so we don't mess her up before we decide to upgrade her, and what potential upgrades she can get from vigor with her achievement points at the achievement store so we can get a better idea about what will happen if we upgrade her. We'll decide from there if we want to upgrade her if she consents

No. 1007879 ID: afa6f6

Feel the need to point out, since Andrea asked about it, That one of the Achievement Upgrades Cat opened up last night was the ability to force a power to mutate for half its cost, and it doesnt specify that its a power he's given. We also have enough points to purchase it now.

Major points to bring up, in no particular order:
-The Hero League has been secretly infiltrated and corrupted by an insidious force, and several members have apparently been replaced by imposters.
-The infiltrators are connected to a guild from the city, apparently the same one Cannie and Iraphena, and Isabella worked for.
-This was apparently done by Angels, who are setting up for the apocalypse, where after the demons come in to fight over kingship, the angels will kill all awakened individuals they can find as well as anyone else in their way.
-Saba knew about this and was working against it before getting betrayed from the infiltrators in the League, and then later murdered in the fire.
-Saba created a dungeon under the mansion as a training ground, that he left to his heir.
-Cat, Willamena, maybe Gena, and Andrea, if she wants to, are going to check it out, and explore to get ready for the coming fights and probable assassins.
-Cat's brother is a ghost
-I dont know if we should tell her about the Demon Fire Spirit now, because she might try and arrest her or something.
No. 1007880 ID: afa6f6

Oh, we should probably mention Cannie didnt like Cat being the bearer of bad news, so she reacted violently, in both the emotional and physical sense so, she aint coming.
No. 1007888 ID: e51896

At most, I want to consider Willamina's feelings on this and personally dont want to say that part to Andrea considering Willamina loves Cannie like a sister and best friend after knowing her throughout most her life and really wants us to consider having Cannie join. She probably wont be too happy with us if we went around saying Cannie cant come with us to others. It may damage our bond with Willamina a bit if we did that. It'd be like hearing our best friend telling someone our sibling that we love cant come with us to an event because of an argument they had. Willamina sees something in Cannie that Cat isn't seeing right now as she has known her most her life.

forming bonds are important, it's a drive we set for Cat to make him stronger towards his goals, and I dont want Isabella or Nunitus to corrupt Cannie if we refuse her joining us to protect Willamina and making her a new enemy against us for life because of it and even risk her revealing our true power to nuntius as she wrongfully thinks she is trying to save Willamina from Cat's quote-unquote "corruption". She's already worried our powers might become strong enough to mind control people. Cannie really does wanna join us to protect Willamina after all just like us. Plus she is the most knowledgable about dungeons and can perhaps save us with her knowledge of traps and monsters. Her problem is that she is a bit too overprotective of Willamina to the point of paranoia that we need to fix.

Being angry at Cannie is fine, it's justified. I'm not saying I agree with her actions, her hurting Cat was a bit too far, and i know some see her as the worst character in Catalyst, but i personally find her interesting and Im really really hoping we can at least try to make room to try to give Cat and Cannie another chance to mend bridges before the trip, or come to a compromise with her, and find the good in her. I see her actions were more of a uncontrollabe emotional outburst after having the STRESS of everything she believed in come crashing down all at once on her, and fears we were using those bad news as a way to manipulate her and Willamina (I see Cannie's stressful outburst kinda like how Chi in Shards had an angry outburst in shards after accumulated too much stress against Shimon).

I still see good in her as a character, she's not evil, just that she is a bit too overprotective of Willamina. I really want Cannie to come along, but if in the end she doesn't, I dont want to go around telling others she cant come, that would probably break Willamina's heart if we did that without considering giving Cannie another chance like Willamina really wants us to

Instead, I'd say we can go into details with Andrea about how Cannie hurt Cat and called him a parasite and how he doesnt know how he can forgive her for doing something like that to him, maybe mention how he doesnt understand what Willamina sees in her. Maybe Andrea will give us some insight about Cannie we haven't considered?
No. 1007893 ID: afa6f6

I really just meant Cannie isnt coming with us this time, and judging by the last conversation we had I dont think she intended to anyway. Even if she did, I wouldn't go into a dungeon with her anyway. She made it pretty clear she doesnt place much value on anyones lives except her immediate family, which is just, not something you say to someone who might have to trust their back to you in a dangerous situation. Until she does something that makes us believe thats not the case, I think I think the mansion itself is as far as i'd go with her. And whats she did and said was more then "a bit much" in my opinion.
I dont hate her or anything, I just dont think we can trust her, at least not in this specific circumstance.
No. 1007894 ID: 132451

Support on just carrying our clothes and coming across Fivin when we get back into town.
No. 1007905 ID: 9ce839

We did it bois. Waiting for 4 mont-, I mean, a whole day was totally worth it.
No. 1007979 ID: afe7de
File 162902488781.png - (4.71KB , 500x500 , C3_033.png )

Andrea’s flashlight lights up the path, you use your COMM for some extra light. The moons are out and it’s not too dark, the light is comforting and makes your way back to town easier. There’s a lull as you try to figure out where to start, you want to do a better job then you did last night.

> Big things and conspiracies first
You: So what do you know about the coming war?
Andrea: The Demon War? The one about the demon king or something like that?
You: Wait you know about that?
Andrea: Ratiolatry has some connections, so I understand the basics.
Andrea: And I only really know that it’s a thing happening between the demons in their towers.
Andrea: Some kin theorize it’s responsible for our powers too but I’m unsure.

You then elaborate about the angels and their role in the war. Andrea goes from cheery as normal to shocked. She presses you for details that you share, eventually disclosing what you know about the Heroes League. She stops in the middle of the forest to look at you.

Andrea: So we’re just fucked? Like completely and totally?
Andrea: I mean we joke about the corruption in the League but we all kind of expected them to… I dunno
Andrea: Actually come through when it mattered?
Andrea: I find this a little hard to believe.
You: Yeah, well, I kind of uh, like I guess was told some of this directly by more than one source.
You: First from an Auction
Andrea: Wait seriously, you’re newly awakened and you ACTUALLY got in one?!?!
Andrea: Fuck, im jealous.
You: How do you-?
You: Apparently you’re the most informed person here sans Iraphena
Andrea: Random talks a lot of shit, most of its from him, for all his boasting he does actually know a lot.
Andrea: So is she source two?
You: Yeah, more or less
You: And the third, most realistic one comes from Wills inheritance.
You: It basically spelled the whole thing out.
You: Have you talked about this with anyone? Like the stuff you know?
Andrea: Not really, It’d incite panic, or cause someone to question their reality and lash out.
Andrea: Just other Ratioligists really.

It’s then that you talk about your plan, what the vacation is truly for. It’s supposed to be a road trip, but it’s actually to train in a dungeon made by SABA HADLEE. You plan to use it to get a core group of strong members, strong enough to protect themselves from potential assassinations or otherwise, strong enough to protect YOU and your power. And you mention wanting her to join. She seems to only now get the gravity of just what your power can do. But even then it appears connecting things together takes her a bit longer than normal for larger logistical things. Either way, she isn’t looking at you any differently then before, not with greed, but with the same general affectionate lust that you’ve grown to recognize.
No. 1007980 ID: afe7de
File 162902492096.png - (52.20KB , 500x500 , C3_034.png )

Andrea: Is that even a question?
Andrea: Of course I’ll fucking join!
Andrea: High or no high, protect and serve is kind of my thing.
Andrea: Plus my only friends are doing it too?
Andrea: You know how some kin say don’t jump off a cliff if your friends are doing it?
Andrea: Nah, I do because these friends, my true friends, they would do the same for me.
Andrea: Also there’s like bungee cords so it’d be fun!
You: There’s other stuff, like the guild that infiltrated the league being a bigger deal then we expected
You: And potential assasinations on Willamina
You: Two other conspiracies which I honestly want to hold off on for now.
You: My brother’s a ghost, I could call him here so you could talk to him briefly?
Andrea: Woah a ghost? I uh. Is it weird that I’ve always wanted to see a ghost?

You summon Callan with a thought and a few moments later he flies in from the city. He looks at the two of you, stifles a chuckle that you don’t quite get and then you materialize him and have him do introductions.

Callan: Yo, I’m his brother, Callan. Used to be an S ranked hero before death.
Andrea: Nice to meet you, your brother is a wonderful kin.
Callan: Haha, thanks he’s a trooper, been through a lot these last few days.
Callan: Looks like he’s feeling better now though.

The group of you talk for a bit and you try to catch Andrea up on most things, leaving out the whole Isabella and Max situations for now, as those tended to be the most frustrating topics to broach. After a while Callan dissipates and lets you know he’s going to head off, he was watching something interesting that he’ll fill you in on tomorrow. And like that he’s gone. The two of you continue your conversation, you’ve shared the most important details so she’s gotten a good enough view of the picture.

Andrea: So is this why you were so stressed?
You: Yeah, basically.
You: That and when I tried to tell Cannie she went nuclear.
Andrea: Wait she went nuclear at that?
Andrea: That doesen’t make sense?
Andrea: I get that it’s hard to swallow, but calling you a… Parasite was it? That seems unrelated?

You explain the situation to Andrea, surprising even yourself, it’s easier to talk about. Maybe it’s the high, maybe its because you’re calm, but you’ve got a clearer head about it now. Andrea has an expression on her face that you can’t quite read, something in between anger and pity. You don’t mention Nunitus yet, preferring a debrief with everyone in the know for that part.

Andrea: So she assaulted you.
You: I uh, kind of?
Andrea: No “Kind of” she attacked you, pinned you down and kicked you because you said something that scared her.
Andrea: She’s always had a temper but that’s physical and psychological abuse.
You: And Will still wants to take her with us to the dungeon.
You: And I’m scared that the moment I become a nuisance
You: Or the moment she sees a problem that could be solved with my death
You: She’ll do it.
Andrea: Now, I know you don’t have the best view of her, but I doubt she’d go that far.

No. 1007981 ID: afe7de
File 162902493193.png - (6.59KB , 500x500 , C3_035.png )

Moments of last night flash in your mind as you remember her words of retaliation and vitriol. They’re clear to you now, as clear as it was last night and it sends a shiver down your spine. You could make any number of realistic justifications about your stance just now, but you don’t feel the need to waste time with it.

You: I could justify it further and explain more of the night but that wouldn’t do it justice.
You: It’s more a FEELING that if she did this now
You: What if there were higher stakes?
You: No, theres a fundamental difference there that needs to be overcome.
You: Future dialogs where something she disagrees with will be met with similar violence
You: What if we have to make a choice and we do so by leader or democratically
You: How do we know she’ll cooperate.
Andrea: I guess. You don’t. She was never good at working with other kin you know.
Andrea: You probably know about nunitus right? Her old guild?
You: Yeah, that’s another rabbit hole.
Andrea: Heh, well my orifice or not, and seriously don’t talk about this, it was in the police database.
Andrea: I read that she was discharged because she CUT OFF another kin’s arm before being detained.
You: Holy shit
Andrea: The report has other fluff there, citing increasing frequency of arguments
Andrea: But that happened around the time-line of her heading back here, when she left.
You: Police report in a dungeon?
Andrea: That’s the thing, it wasn’t in a dungeon, it was in a public place.

She then goes off to list several other moments of her altercations in the past. Apparently she’s been arrested a few times in LYST, but was swiftly released as they were only minor altercations. You wonder where Andrea is going with this, because this is definitely giving you MORE reasons to not want her in. She even suggests locking her up for a night since she assaulted you, but doubts that’ll do much, since you seem to be going to bat for her out of a desire to appease Willamina and fear of her revealing your power.

Andrea: Basically thats my way of saying that this, this is the nail in the coffin for ME, personally.
Andrea: I don’t think she’d kill you. Maim you? Definitely.
Andrea: Cutting off a limb’s not off the table either.
Andrea: And for those reasons, along with it sounding like she
Andrea: Hasn't actually attended the anger management classes we recommended
Andrea: My votes for not only not empowering her, but not bringing her along.
You: I’m not sure I want to put my foot down on this though
You: Willamina seems to think bringing her is the smartest move, what with her knowledge and experience and strength.
Andrea: And to that I say what about MINT? Yeah she lacks in strength, but you said she’s been in DUNGEONS before
Andrea: Thats knowledge and experience right there, and YOU PLUS ME should equal about 1 CANNIE in terms of strength
Andrea: After all you beat her in a fight
You: When she was TIRED.
Andrea: Have a little more FAITH in yourself CAT.
Andrea: and to top it all off, remember what I said earlier, about powers giving that PUSH
Andrea: With her personality archetype, no matter the power, I can see it going bad

You think this over, Andrea may be a bit ditzy, but she’s trained in combat, even if its just police work. She knows about TEAMWORK, and group dynamics, and runs on INTUITION. Ultimately powering her up is on you, and taking her with you is a group decision. There is no RIGHT OR WRONG answer when it comes to this, and Andrea is just another opinion to add to your thoughts. Part of you wants to believe there’s good in her, in CANNIE, that her actions were of an emotional outburst from so much STRESS piling on at once. From a fear and weakness that you were manipulating. You want to HOPE that this isn’t the case, and you feel [1 HOPE ENERGY] leave your body from that mental declaration. You’re not sure what it just did, it was involuntary. You’re startled from your reverie as Andrea speaks up.
No. 1007982 ID: afe7de
File 162902494231.png - (20.56KB , 500x500 , C3_036.png )

Andrea: Hey Cat?
You: Hmm?
Andrea: You’re not a parasite.
Andrea: You’re TRYING to do the right thing.
Andrea: You’re also reflecting on what you’ve said and done.
Andrea: And you’re coming clean at the first opportunity it’s safe to or you’re certain.
Andrea: And I think that counts a lot.
You: Okay, like you’re really supportive, what gives?
Andrea: What do you mean?
You: You mentioned having relationship troubles?
You: But you’re like crazy reasonable.
You: As long as it wasn’t something crazy I don’t see how you couldn’t hold on to a boyfriend
Andrea: I dunno, I guess I used to be really attracted to uh, PROBLEMATIC kin.
Andrea: And I’d join in on their unhealthy lifestyle or enable it.
Andrea: Or I’d try to fix them.
Andrea: It took me a long time to kind of learn how to not do that kind of thing
Andrea: How to not obsess, which is hard when you have the time I have.

You take a deep breath and continue your march towards town. The rest of the conversation just light dialog, talking about leaving work temporarily or permanently. Andrea’s already planning on booking a few months off for this. She also nods in agreement towards your leaving of work, though you weren’t really a big cog in the machine to begin with. You think to bring up mutations as an ACHIEVEMENT POINT PURCHASE, but hold off for now, a lot was covered today. And you still haven’t told her everything, you say as much and she’s understanding. Eventually you reach the town, and FIVIN just so happens to be walking by, whistling the LYST-Y-MART tune. He stops in his path and looks at you. His face turning a deep, deep read as he points and sputters at the two of you. You both look down and realize that you actually weren’t wearing clothes this whole time. Just sort of carrying them instead, the high certainly took effect, making you not notice. The two of you bust out laughing, Andrea falls over and grabs her gut.

Fivin: I-I-I-I know you CAN do this at night, bb-b-b-ut
You: Hahaha, sorry Fivin, we totally forgot.

He’s covering his eyes, or at least one eye, his other eye is staring very intently at your penis, you catch where his eyes are landing and he covers his face, running off into the distance. You help Andrea up and head back. You pass by a few other kin who give the two of you some looks but otherwise keep their eyes to themselves as if nothing was wrong. And eventually you’re back at Willamina’s house. You see Willamina with her legs propped up on a hedge outside, she’s taking a nap.

Andrea: We could totally pop into her shower together, scrub each-other off
Andrea: WINK WINK ;)
You: But I’ve got poker night soon.
Andrea: It’ll be faster if I help you ya know.

Poker night is in 40 minutes, what do you do?
No. 1007986 ID: 094652

Quick shower, then prepare your poker strategy.
No. 1007987 ID: f8fa51

Meta-game knowledge that we'll arrive at the poker game without issue aside, there's no possible way that showering with Andrea will be faster. Still, 40 minutes should be enough... and you're already pretty worn out, so it's not like things can get too crazy in there.
No. 1007989 ID: e51896

Even though Willamina is right there, text her and tell her you are in the shower inside with Andrea, and to come get you when it's time to go. That way she knows where you are and can come get you if you take too long.

Yeah, shower with her. Also during shower ask if Andrea wants to have her Vigor upgraded, and what her achievement upgrades she can get in the store are so we don't, like, upgrade her to an upgrade she doesn't want. Tell her it has nothing to do with upgrading sleepless as her vigor and sleepless are two different things. It is, kind of our thing we have to do in CATALYST after all, give people powers, and upgrade them. Gotta reach our quota of giving people powers and stuff... by their consent of course.

Afterwards, just hug her, and thank her because she made you the happiest you have ever been in a very, very long time. It's okay to cry. Tell her You think you'd like to start a relationship with her.

Then, lets maybe do a perspective switch with Willamina and go back in time to where she hangs out with Gena.
No. 1007991 ID: ce39da

Oh, come to think of it, you haven't used any power charges today. We don't want to disturb Willamina, so we should inquire with Andrea, Rex, Mint, and (if here) Gina tonight, doing Willamina tomorrow.

(Before that and the inevitable shower scene resolve, though...)

No. 1007994 ID: 7ba1be

Support on asking if she wants us to upgrade

And perspective change to the past for fun Willamina and Gena shenanigans, and revealing Cat's power to her and invitation for training at vacation.
No. 1007995 ID: 96c896

Sure, shower with Andrea.
No. 1007997 ID: 6519cb

But try not to have sex this time, or it will definitely take too long.
No. 1008024 ID: cb4403

Im sure a liiiiittle bit of sexplay is fine as long as we text Willamina where we are since she is now nearby to pick us up, and she understands Andrea. Plus she did say Andrea needed a win. Let the poor girl have a little fun. But yeah, we're mainly here to clean for the most part
No. 1008111 ID: e13b1d

I'm starting to think if anyone can be trusted with the Lightning God power, it's Andrea.
No. 1008112 ID: 8483cf

Lightning doesn't sleep.
No. 1008114 ID: f3d9ed

I think it only works on someone who is not awakened yet though. I'd save it.
No. 1008159 ID: e13b1d

I think we can find ways to get around that, eventually. Either it was an artifact we saw, or an Achievement.
No. 1008300 ID: afe7de
File 162936371752.png - (76.06KB , 500x500 , C3_037.png )

> Shower with Andrea
You decide to shoot Willamina a short text letting her know that you and Andrea are inside taking a quick shower. She’ll get it whenever her alarm or whatever wakes her up from her nap. The two of you strip and head to the shower, its small but not too small for the two of you. Much to your surprise there isn’t any sex that goes on. Instead she gives you a half wash half massage that feels pretty nice. The high is close to wearing off, but all in all its been a good day.

You think about how giving Andrea the LIGHTNING GOD TECHNIQUE might be a good idea, but she’s already awakened, so it won’t work on her. You spent a lot of time caressing each other earlier and its nice to have a less erotic skinship time with another kin. Eventually you finish and give Andrea a BIG HUG as thanks. She’s made you really happy today. You shed a few tears earlier so they don't come to you now, but it meant something to you. You exit the shower and put on the outfit Willamina arranged for you as Andrea puts on your outfit from earlier as a joke. There’s some light smooching as she departs and gives you a big ol peace sign with her fingers. Willamina said Andrea needed a win, so you think this counts.
No. 1008301 ID: afe7de
File 162936373983.png - (62.82KB , 500x500 , C3_038.png )

> Willamina’s Perspective
Hours in the past, but not many.

Cat just left on his date so you’re alone at town square. You look to your COMM and your TEXTS.

You: So like, remember when I said if I could get something that could let you do a thing I would?
Gena: What thing? ( ◥◣_◢◤ )
Gena: Are we talking like the BIG THING that was just a pipe dream thing
Gena: Or like the little popular thing
You: The FORMER.
Gena: Shut up. Nowai. ( ╥ω╥ )
You: Yawai.
Gena: No joke. I’ll drop what I’m doing rn.
Gena: Andrea’s off today though so I dont wanna get arrested bc its not night.
Gena: (◕д◕✿)
You: Lemme finish stuffs w/ Meow boy first
Gena: Does he meow during sex
Gena: This is important information
You: I mean, some of the moans sound like that
You: but like if you get down to it a lot of moans sound like that
You: Guy moans, which is also a surprise, since most just like… grunt?
Gena: Yes I will add this to my tentative fanfic. (づ ◕‿◕ )づ
Gena: PA~
Gena: TI~
Gena: EN~
Gena: T~
You: Hold your tenta-penises he just left
Gena: *impatience levels rising*
You: You gotta b patient for this one, its the one you wanted
Gena: Stfu no.
Gena: Okay. F~I~N~E.
Gena: I will just fuck myself and wait patiently. Ⴚტ◕‿◕ტჂ

Gena’s very excited. You talked once about what kind of powers she’d like. She always wanted something that would make her better with her hands, daggers, things like that. She talked about becoming some kind of weird SCISSOR ROGUE as a joke once, able to cut anything with her scissors from the shadow. She’d need to find a weapon like that, but at least the skill-set is in that dagger. You’ve got it with you. You haven't EXACTLY promised to give it to her, you could just wait and have Cat awaken her. But also this is the kind of thing she always wanted.

It’s about 11:30, You don’t REALLY have anything you need to do today other then handle GENA. You could go mess around with MINT and ROACH, see how they are in logistics planning. There’s also dealing with CANNIE. You don’t really know what you want to do in that situation. Last night was… A blur, in more ways then one, powers, sex, a living dead brother, betrayals, backstabbing bitches that deserve to be shot, oh and your sister choke slamming your new friend to the ground. You’re good with stress, or at least managing it, but this. This just SUCKS.

You look to your phone and see a notification, you’ve got a massage scheduled today. You forgot that you set all these up in advance. Might want to talk to GRUK and let him know you won’t be needing em anymore.

What do you do?

AUTHORS NOTE: Hey all! I posted about this in the discord, but I feel like I kind of dropped the ball on this quest a bit and escalated things too quickly with the whole apocalypse. There are a few things I feel could have been addressed slightly differently in hindsight that bloated what I originally wanted to be a medium length 4/5 thread quest. Heck my idea with the INTERMISSION was to try and sort of go about seeing if I could mess with some things and make it work better, but I feel I added too much bloat. So I’m interested in any and all suggestions about ways you think CATALYST could be made better. I got a few ideas, one of which is to end the story post Dungeon, with PLOT having happened to show you did stall the apocalypse. Then I can take what I learned here and make something better that, if it does escalate, you will have ample time to adjust to and ways to handle it that won’t take 10 threads.

So a quick summary of things I think I did wrong are:

Cat’s power not being anonymous - this made it so you couldn't just power up people and mess with stuff
Escalating in response to you not powering up anyone - This punished you for doing the reasonable thing and trying to build up bonds and rapport. I think that this was my biggest mistake, instead of introducing a small time villain or something and keeping it about making bonds with other kin, I took the pressure, dialed it up to 11, but then made it something that would require way too long to actually resolve for the pace and length I wanted to go for.

There’s probably more I could have done better at, but because of the way I’ve written this I can see myself reaching burnout on CATALYST in 1.5-2 threads. I’m not at burnout for writing quests, I dont think I will be for a while because I really enjoy making them. But instead of letting it reach burnout in 1.5ish threads then having it peter off and lose quality I want to use the uniqueness of this medium and you as the audience. I want to make CATALYST better, or GREAT for 1 last thread, finish it up, and then maybe leave it open for a reboot or a new project.

So to reiterate. I want thoughts on things I can do to make CATALYST better, or thoughts on a good way to wrap the end of this thread up as a “conclusion.”

In the meantime this thread will continue as normal, so if you dont see anything wrong or have no big picture suggestions you can also just continue suggesting as normal. I just wanted to be transparent about my intentions and feelings, but don’t want to just abandon a quest. It means something to me to have something “Finish” and I don’t think CATALYST is too far gone to just cut and end at this very moment.

Feel free to suggest ideas here or on the QUESTDISHREAD. Or even PM me on discord, I’m down to listen to ideas and I’ve gotten a few that seem interesting, but haven't put my foot down on any yet.

No. 1008302 ID: e51896

Go see mint and Rex. Rex was already told to take the day off, but Mint probably wasn't given the memo, best to let her know. She's going to complain I'm sure, so we'll have to be stern with her. Oh, Gotta know if Mint got the incubator sent to her. See what Rex watched last night too on his little tablet. Maybe get more information of the Overmind from him, like what they look like?

As far as Grunk goes, he's probably going to be sad that we're not going to see him anymore for a massage considering he is sad about Max's "death". Maybe for now let him know we're cancelling our appointments because we're going on vacation, and we'll get some massages every once in a while when we get back.
No. 1008303 ID: 96c896

Go to Gruk's appointment and get a massage anyway, cuz massages are nice, and you're stressed. Tell him you don't really need them anymore though.
Maybe you can try to gauge his interest in joining a dungeon run as the party healer.

But yeah, have Gena come over and hand over the dagger. It's yours, you don't need Cat's permission, and he was supportive of the idea anyway.
No. 1008313 ID: a2493c

while you see these as mistakes, they've kinda established the quest as more of an emotional intrigue plot than a simple sex romp and that's playing as a strength right now. notably, I think what you're seeing as a "punishment" was some very effective humanizing characterization. her flipping out like that felt real, and while I don't like her for it as a person as a character ot really fleshes her out as, if not a villain, an antagonist.

I'd say your biggest challenge now is managing a good tonal pattern, the tv intermission kinda lost me since it was leaping too hard into non-plot but the discussion and catharsis with All Cops Are Bunny drew me right back in.

what is working best right now is grounded characterization and the sense of danger we're up against, it actually feels incredibly balanced out against how outright broken our power is.

have the main character start slowly adapting to the stress, keep tension an average rather than letting it fully dispel, and keep up consequences for bad tactical decisions. Cat's got a good arc laid put for him here, don't rush it and don't be afraid to poke fun at it.
No. 1008349 ID: f8fa51

Go to Gruk. Might as well get one last massage while you explain as much of the situation to him as you want to. Then you can invite Gena over for her roguening.

The real problem, as I see it, is not about whether the resultant quest is good (at this point I'm pretty sure I'll read whatever Edmango wants to write), but the fact that it will result in a longer quest than Edmango wants to run.

To that end, if we assume we can't tie off all these plot threads in the intended length of the thread, I think what needs to happen is we need to figure out where a good stopping point is and aim for that. Tie off just enough of the plot that Cat's story feels resolved even if Edmango never gets back to it without having to worry about everything.
No. 1008392 ID: afe7de
File 162944297942.png - (12.56KB , 500x500 , C3_039.png )

> Massage
You decide to get a massage anyway, it was part of your stress relief ritual to do this, and it might be a good idea to cancel future appointments while you’re at it. You take a walk to the clinic, Kazu looks up from his comm but rolls his eyes when he sees you and points over to Gruk. You pass by him without a word, your silent agreement still going on. You got into an argument once over something very stupid and whined that he would have better luck actually talking about things if he didn't talk for 10 years before saying anything meaningful. He didn’t appreciate it, so you share only the minimum amount of words needed to set up appointments and ignore each-other when you can. You guess you COULD put up with his shit if you wanted to get some juicy goss on CAT back before he came to LYST, but you’ll decide after the massage.

Gruk’s office is the same as you remember it, a massage chair, his little desk in the corner, a cabinet full of oils and various things. He smiles as you come in and pours some oil into his room mister. It gives the room an herbal and calming smell. You both agreed on something LAVENDER-LIKE a long time ago and it’s become a part of the process. You look to Gruk and notice what he’s wearing. It’s that shirt. That goddess damned shirt. You hate that shirt with a furious passion, all the eyes over it. You once asked him about the shirt and he just gushed about it for a while, something about a keepsake from his family. Something about being old and sentimental value. You didn’t have it in your heart to tell him it bothered you so much, but you’re on your back for the massages anyway, so you dont have to actively look at it and are willing to ignore it.

Gruk: Ahhhh, Willy! Wel-come Wel-come! I heard yuh got ahhhh Power!
Gruk: Yourrrr family would be prrrroud
You: HEYA Gruk, yeah. I’m sure they’d be pleased as a PINK.
You: This’ll probably be my last appointment for a while though.
Gruk: Oh? Wellll, we can talk morrrre while I rubbb you down.

He pulls out the longer table typically used for deep tissue massages and full body ones. You strip and get on it, he covers you with the traditional towel, pulls it out and gets to work. You’re surpised it doesen’t feel more TENDER. Normally there’s a bit of pain to the massage but a lot more relaxation. This is just pure relaxation. You can actually FEEL his touches to your scarred body. A light glow comes from his hands as he rubs you down, slicking you with a small amount of oil that seeps in and gives you a slightly warm sensation.

Gruk: Ssso, tell me. How are youuu? How’ssss thattt new boy?
You: CAT? He’s great. A little uh, stressed is definitely the right word.
You: Too much all at ONCE.
Gruk: Welll, send him over for a massssssage, I’m sure eye can help.
You: You ever think of TRAVELING Gruk?
Gruk: No. Nottt really.
Gruk: I’m toooo old.
You: Not even a short trip?
Gruk: Then whooo would take care of the older kin?
Gruk: Their tiiiirrred bonessss and bodiesss
You: You know that’s not your RESPONSIBILITY right?
Gruk: I knowwww.

You talk about various different topics, eventually you remember to shoot Gena a message letting her know you’re getting a massage. She calls you a Clit tease and you laugh in response. You tell Gruk you’re planning on leaving and he gets a little sad. He’s rubbing your ass as you see a slightly sad expression on his face.

Gruk: Butt What about the paiiiin?
Gruk: Do we neeeed to get you ssssome paiiiin medsss?
You: Ah, see, when I got my powers the pain VANISHED too.
You: Honestly this is the best massage I’ve ever GOTTEN because I can actually FEEL it.
Gruk: I’m ssssso happy for you Willy! Thisss newssss is great!

Gena texts you, letting you know she’ll be waiting at your place or in front of the clinic. She mentions how she’s totally not impatient and is just going out for a walk near you and how it’d be funny if she bumped into you is all. You can imagine it now, Gena sprinting across town in a tired huff, sweating and panting. Splayed out on the ground outside of the clinic. It’s happened at least once before when she’s been in a mood or had something she’s really wanted to talk about.

After chatting with Gruk some more you get the idea he probably won’t be interested in joining you unless you were to share some specifics or even secrets. You trust him, but don’t particularly trust KAZU over there, more for stupid grudge reasons then actual reasonable ones, which you internally acknowledge and then immediately crumple and throw in a trash bin in the corner to ignore for another day.

Do you try convincing Gruk more (how?), talk about something, or finish the massage and find Gena in some most likely hilarious position outside waiting for you, you could also bother Kazu as much as you loath how he just talks on and on.
No. 1008395 ID: 96c896

Yeah go ahead and spill some of the details. He might be interested in being the party healer because he likes being helpful, and this is certainly something he can help with.
No. 1008401 ID: e51896

One thing I am thinking, what if when Cat awakens Nipha, he gives her a healing power? that way if something bad happens in Lyst while we are gone, the town will have Gruk heal kin while Nipha can be our healer. Willamina was kind of worried about the town not having a healer while we're gone earlier.

we should definitely get Cat to upgrade Gruk's power beforehand whether we bring him along or not, if only to potentially save a life whether he stays here, or comes with us. His healing powers suck at the moment.

I'd say the best place to talk about inviting him along to our trip or not as well as upgrading him is at the party tomorrow.

So yeah, for now, tell him that you're planning a trip somewhere to do something important and would like to invite him, but have him sleep on it until the party that Gena is planning tomorrow where we can give him more details. We can decide with Cat from there whether to bring him along or not, and upgrade him. The clinic is probably not the best place to talk about this kind of thing. Also ask how Trey is doing.

I guess we can talk to Kazu a bit, and bury the hatchet. We do need to be better friends with the people we are trying to save, especially since we're not that popular with everyone in Lyst. Plus, we did tell Cat we would talk to him here: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/986604.html#989977 can't break a promise. Lets get some CAT BACKSTORY (just be sure if it gets overwhelming to text Gena "HELP, KAZU WON'T SHUT UP AND LET ME LEAVE!" or something so she can barge in and save you.)
No. 1008415 ID: 6c457c

Might be difficult to ask, but ask what the eyes represent.

As for how to convince him, tell him to keep this secret even from Kazu as you want to suprise everyone when you return, but you want to get stronger with your new powers, and want to train your body and practice using your powers with intense training this vacation so that people dont pity you with your scars. You think having Gruk come along will be helpful after a long day of training or if you get hurt, and maybe even help strengthen Gruk's healing abilities with potentially getting achievements for helping us. Tell him to think about it, he doesnt have to decide now and we'll talk more details about the training regime at our awakening party tomorrow.

And yeah, talk to Kazu
No. 1008419 ID: ce39da

I'd be apprehensive about telling Gruk anything, even without factoring in Kazu. Do ask what the actual significance of that shirt is before you spill anything - as in, what it actually means to his family beyond the heirloom factor - because anything that might even be remotely tied to Nunitus or the night of the incident should be sending up red flags; if not Gruk himself, then at least regarding those he might be talking to.

But yeah, do talk to Kazu - he's probably a super nice guy if you can get past his ability to talk about nothing for minutes on end. (I'm sure he cares about what he's saying, even if nobody else does.) Hell, depending on what Cat's plans are, Kazu might even be a dungeoneering candidate; it's best not to be enemies with someone you might be entrusting your life to. Do be ready to text Gina to come and extract you if you find out you can't handle it, though.
No. 1008423 ID: f99917

Pretty much this, not that we dont trust Gruk, but yeah.
No. 1008462 ID: afe7de
File 162952786590.png - (46.71KB , 500x500 , C3_040.png )

> Don’t give the full details
You have concerns about that eye shirt, and you think today’s the day to bite the bullet and ask for some more specifics. You bring it up and he begins his short tale.

The shirt’s around 50 years old and came from his FATHER. It’s been fixed and washed and redyed a few times, but was made of a rather good cloth material that made it last this long. Looking at it closely you can see stitches and spots where new cloth was applied. It’s a very well done job that you have to actually look quite deeply at to find out more. The shirt symbolizes the many seeing eyes of the GODDESS. In their version of mythology the goddess watches most high profile individuals like the MEGAFAUNA and COUNTRY LEADERS. But some eyes, the smaller ones wander and watch the smaller, less significant individuals. He remarks that some kin find this gaze to be haunting, but he finds it comforting, knowing that someone, something is there, watching. Even if it does nothing, that it’s still there judging. It makes him want to do good for goods sake and good in the hopes that others that are watched will also do good and be infected by his acts. The shirt used to be a robe, but was damaged beyond repair and was re-purposed into a shirt instead by his late mother a few decades ago.

His religion is a bit of an offshoot of most natural ones. He remarks that he hopes his mother is also watching and that when one of his family passes they illustrate another eye for them, that they’re joining the WATCHFUL EYES of the goddess so to speak. He points to one particular eye, his mother’s eye. You still find the shirt haunting to look at and after hearing that don’t have it in your heart to say anything about it. You thank Gruk for the massage and he says he’ll see you tomorrow. OH right the party, you almost forgot about that. You say you’ll see him then and walk off.
No. 1008463 ID: afe7de
File 162952787713.png - (65.06KB , 500x500 , C3_041.png )

> Talk to KAZU
You text Gena to let her know you’re going to have a quick word with Kazu and that you might need her to rescue you in a bit. She just sends you a million crying emoji. You have to admit there’s a part of you that revels in this cat and mouse game you’re playing with her. Teasing her just ever so much. She gets off on it too, hence her exaggerated responses. You take a deep breath and walk up to the counter, he looks at you and tilts his head.

You: Just wanted to cancel my appointments for the next while.
Kazu: K.
You: So uhhh I heard you know CAT.
Kazu: Yup.
You: What was he like? Back then?
Kazu: Okay I guess.

You’re getting nowhere, you know what he wants, his expression blank as you talk to him. You take another deep breath.

You: I’m sorry I WHINED about your talking.
Kazu: Uh Huh?
You: And I’m sorry I said you don’t say anything meaningful.
You: I’m SURE you do, you just talk a lot and I get annoyed easily at that.
Kazu: Eh, fair enough.
Kazu: You know, I wasn’t REALLY mad.
Kazu: More just seeing how long it would take for you to come around to the old Zu!

And there it is, his posturing, full of himself attitude that will talk for years, back and available to you. You probably only have enough time to hear one of his stories about Cat. He presents the following options to you, each he says are meaningful in their own way and involve Cat in some respect. He says that he was kind of young when some of the stuff happened, so it might not be that useful. You’ll do your best to pick the one you think will get you the most juicy goss from someone who literally can’t keep their mouth shut if you paid them, and would only do it out of spite.

A. First Meeting
B. The bus and the thing
C. Nipha’s Pet Project
D. Gideon the Wing-Kin
E. Videogames
No. 1008466 ID: e51896

We already know a bit about Gideon and Cat's drug addiction with her (Willamina doesn't, but we as an audience knows) We probably don't need to go further on that.

And videogames is probably about Lustquest, the stuff Nipha's bf Rudy worked on (if that is him who worked on that in-universe)

I'd like to say B. The bus and the thing sounds the most interesting.

secondary C. Nipha's pet project (may or may not be about how Nipha got Cat back on track with some parts of his life though)

Willamina can jokingly tell Kazu that Cat kinda snooped into her business, so she is making it even between her and Cat by finding the juiciest bit of trivia on him and to not leave out any details...
No. 1008467 ID: e51896

(oh yeah, and when Gena gets here, be sure to take her into the Winnebago before we talk about stuff. It's ghost proof after all, and we can tell Mint there to take the day off as well.)
No. 1008468 ID: 094652

>Fascist Goddess
My worst nightmare. Erm, your worst nightmare... too.

Think about it. According to Gruk's religion, the purpose of the afterlife is to turn the universe into a spiritual surveillance state. Also, you know angels are genocidal dicks.

A or B, 50-50.
No. 1008469 ID: dfbac0

I would avoid A and B, as they seem the most interesting, and also give the least information, so they're probably not actually anything big.
It just seems that's how he is, ropes you in with an interesting name, and tells a normal story.
I would say E, as although it looks simple at first, we've never heard of Cat playing video games before, if it's about games he played then it's good info for getting him a gift. It's also possible that he may let more information loose when talking about casual things.
Also, just because it's such a mundane title, it makes me think there's at least a 10% chance of it being something crazy like how Cat entered a magical videogame or something.
No. 1008474 ID: 6519cb

I vote B.
No. 1008477 ID: c9d7db

B could be good too, tho
No. 1008487 ID: c92a02

Tell us about Gideon.
No. 1008538 ID: afe7de
File 162961879575.png - (10.38KB , 500x500 , C3_042.png )

> The Bus and the Thing
You pick this topic because it kind of sounds interesting. Like what story about a Bus could be impactful. Kazu begins a long and drawn out story. It goes on for quite a while and it’s hard to kind of parse everything. So rather then recounting the whole conversation in your head, you’re going to summarize it.

He regales you with the tale of how Cat met Nipha. He says it’s secondhand, but that Nipha likes to talk about it sometimes. They were on a bus, on opposite sides of a bus right. Cat was wearing this hoodie, had a weird haircut. And was sitting next to a kin that Nipha would later recognize as Gideon. Nipha got on and saw him, but didn’t really pay him any mind and sat across from him. A bit later the bus gets in an accident and tips over. Everyone’s freaking out and crying, so Nipha jumps to it and starts helping kin off the bus. She was always too kind for her own good in some regards, but then too selfish in others Kazu remarks.

Cat’s pinned under a bus seat with that girl, but he’s trying to get them out. Eventually Nipha helps get Gideon out at Cat’s insistence. Anyway, after that Nipha tries to go back but Cat limps off the bus, managing to have squeezed his way off, passing out on the road. Nipha went to help him but was stopped by the Wing-Kin, and a few days later she bumps into him again, turns out they lived next to each-other in nearby apartments in the more run down part of town, so they started hanging out. Though he says when he first met cat there was this whole thing with a bucket of pudding, a PINE YELLOW, and a mana pistol that-

You’re starting to lose interest. The story is interesting and it seems like it could give you some minor glimpses into Cat, but he just tells the stories so dryly. And even condensing the story down into that passage above is reducing it to 1/10 its size. You need an evac. You text Gena for assistance and a few moments later she busts down the door in a dramatic flair.

Kazu: GAH!
You: Huh?

She dashes in and grabs you, trying to pull you out of the store, but she’s NOT THAT STRONG, so you just go with her. But Kazu gets out of the counter and walks towards the two of you. You take the moment to notice that part of her hair isnt straightened, and she’s also got it in a new style. Did she get a haircut, or is it a wig? Is that hair she had before her natural hair. You could of course ask, but you like this little mystery and don’t want to pierce the veil too much.

Kazu: Oh heya Gena, y’know its my break time I could share a smoke and chill with you guys for a bit.

Oh no, it’s happening again. He’s not getting the hint! You’re concerned about what to do next when Gena speaks up.
No. 1008539 ID: afe7de
File 162961880308.png - (80.24KB , 500x500 , C3_043.png )

Gena: It’s girl talk time. Willy here has some important stuff to talk to me about.
Kazu: I love secrets AND girl talk! OOOH, gimme gimme!
Gena: Nah, it’s private
Kazu: But I barely see you anymore…
Gena: Ughhhhh Kazu you’re killing me here.
Gena: I already explained to you. If yer not willing to compromise it’s still a no.

Kazu then pouts as the two of you wander off. You give gina THE LOOK indicating that you want to know more. She sighs.

Gena: I gave him a blowjob so good he cried and so I cuddled him to try to comfort him
Gena: And he got too attached and won’t calm the fuck down about it
Gena: He also is the kind of guy that wants to be monogamous and I’m not
Gena: Or at least accept that I didn’t wanna be monogamous, but he couldnt or wouldn't
Gena: So I told him if he couldnt stop being clingy then I wouldn’t do shit with him
Gena: Especially since I don’t want solo commitment right now and sex with Andrea is way too good?
You: But you and KAZU, eww.
Gena: If you can get past his literal incapability of shutting up, or are patient
Gena: Which I am by the way, even though I seem impatient right now
Gena: Then he’s alright. I mean he’s a med school student, he can’t be DUMB if he’s like that.
You: He said his SISTER rescued Cat’s Ex and maybe had a part in helping him too from a BUS once
Gena: Uhhhh Nipha right? That was her name?
You: I think so. YEAH.
Gena: Yeah he doesen’t shut up about his COOL OLDER SISTER.
Gena: I never met the cat, but I’m sure she’s not THAT great.

It is in that moment that Gena bumps into a pole, there’s a loud CLANG as her head impacts it. You can hear a distant laughter but when you turn around you see no one. Seriously, this town and it’s random poles need to have something done about it. That or you need to watch your step more often. The conversation’s been derailed, but you’ll think back on the Cat from that story later. Gena’s here. The two of you walk to the Winnebago, planning to be safe from prying eyes inside. Gena OOOHS and AHHHS as she sees the shiny new vehicle. There are some packages outside, you assume them to be MINT’S ORDERS. The two of you head inside. It’s the same as before for the most part, but off in the far back corner you see Mint, there’s papers scattered about and she’s on her COMM using it like a laptop again. You can hear the tapping of the desk as she works. She doesn’t notice you come in.
No. 1008541 ID: 96c896

Say hey Mint what's hangin.
Waste no time in getting that dagger out for Gena.
No. 1008545 ID: 094652

"Time to stuff a mouse into a cat~"

Also, ask Gena what kind of power she hopes she'll get.
No. 1008547 ID: ce39da

Maybe don't pull out what looks like a weapon in a public area.

Take her to the RV first. You got some heavy shit to share (and make sure she knows that going in)... but you're giving her the item first - explain how it works, she might get weirded out otherwise - because your teasing does have limits, and it'd be good for her to be able to protect herself even if she's not game.

Actually, maybe explain the upcoming apocalypse first and how Angels will kill any Awakened who aren't Light affinity. Not that the survivors of this will fare much better at this rate, but still.
No. 1008549 ID: e51896

Grab one of the papers, what is Mint working on?

Whatever the case, order Mint to take the day off and there are packages for her. If she complains, explain to her that stress management is super important to work efficiently. Be stern about it. In fact, show her some porn on her computer, like onlyFaunus, Gena's page specifically. Let her know that onlyFaunus is taking down pornographic materials next month, so savor what she can.

Also let Mint know she can watch television in your home , or read that dart magic book as a relaxing activity (that way when Mint watches tv, Callan will watch it too since he said he saw something interesting on television to Cat)

With Gena, let her look around the Winnebago, though keep her away from Rex if he's still here. make some small talk as she looks around like asking her what she and Andrea watched last night. You watched Brainworms, and then wanted to show Cat a classic episode of your favorite show CAESAR’S KITCHEN, so you missed out on some shows you usually watch and would like updates.

Afterwards, we can explain to Gena the item that will awaken Gena is a dagger for some reason. Let her know what power it will unlock within her, but also let her know about Cat and how he awakened you and he can do the same to Gena to awaken her to her natural power if she changes her mind about the dagger's power and waits until tomorrow at the party... though the power from Cat will be random. Be sure to let her know you'd like Cat's power to be kept secret.

After Gena decides what to do, we can talk about the vacation in more detail and what is going on with the war, Saba's inheritance, and stuff.

Telling her about the apocalypse and our training regime after we give the dagger will show that even if she doesn't want to go with us, we still want to awaken her regardless because she's our friend.
No. 1008574 ID: d92af0

so like does someone in this town have a power based around inconveniently placed objects(poles?) causing head trauma or what
No. 1008583 ID: e13b1d

It's been Kazu there every time.
No. 1008594 ID: e51896

I like to think it's Liminal, he has warp powers, at least on Cat, Andrea, and Gena.

after all, if he is Max, he used to pull pranks with his warp powers as a kid https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/993796.html#998017

And we did see a lookalike of Liminal in the GTA parody in the intermission using poles as weapons.
No. 1008612 ID: afe7de
File 162971023237.png - (52.57KB , 500x500 , C3_044.png )

You greet MINT in the corner as she’s startled out of her work. GENA goes to look around the RV while you chat her up.

You: Heya Mint what’s HANGING.
Mint: Logistics, planning, getting used to this internet thing.
Mint: It’s like a local network for trading and info
Mint: We had this on a smaller scale, but never for trading like this.
Mint: Teleporters were always difficult and expensive technologies
Mint: and ground routes were inaccessible after I was born.
You: Maybe you should take a little BREAK. There are some packages out there too.
Mint: Ah, what I ordered. Good. There’s a lot still coming.
Mint: I’m staying within budget.
You: Mint. You should take a BREAK. Manage your stress.
Mint: You all can de-stress, I need to figure out logistics. She joining us?
You: Yes, probably, I dont know I need to ask and this is part of it.
You: Please, just chill, Have you seen PORN yet?
Mint: Porn? What’s that?

You proceed to introduce MINT to the world of INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY, she’s curious, but actually seems bored after a bit. She cites that she can’t fuck these kin so it doesn't matter that much to her. You eventually put your foot down and order her to take at least half the day off. Go out, take a walk, meet other kin, not just stew on things. You look to the paperwork scattered about, a lot of it is various designs for inker made objects. One of which looks like some sort of large shield. But you’re not technical so you really don’t get what the rest of them are for. Eventually you get MINT to relent and she says she’ll go after she finishes the last of her planning and blueprinting.

It’s at this point that GENA walks over.

Gena: Yo. Whose this and why’s she freakin out?
Mint: I’m PLANNING, not freaking out.
Gena: Planning what?
You: Something we need to TALK about. But first let’s get down to what I texted you about.

You move Gena over to the bedroom, she oohs at it again, awed by the space and amount of beds. You sit down and she joins you. You wave your hand and the dagger comes out. Gena’s staring with her eyes open.

You: So uh, first off. I’ve got this THING.
Gena: You got an inter-spatial ring???!?!
Gena: Damn. I’ve only read about those.
You: I got more than that. THIS. This dagger I have in my hand can give you powers.
You: Specifically it gives bladed weapon mastery, stealth, lockpicking and the works.
Gena: But? I’m sensing a huge butt.
You: Well there’s context, weird and scary CONTEXT but also cool context.
Gena: Hit me, be brief, or long I don’t care.
You: Well CAT can give powers, but it’s random, or maybe its what you were meant to have.
You: I got ice powers from him, which started all this.
Gena: Thats uhhh. Are we safe here, are there like bugs? Ghosts? Will we get killed if we talk about this?
Gena: I believe you just uhhh, damn he must be very good at keeping that a secret to not be in some cell somewhere
You: Yeah it was a very recent POWER acquisition for him.
You: But anyway, you can have either this or his power, but there’s other stuff.
Gena: like that cat out there planning some stuff?

You give Gena a very brief description about how Angels will hunt down kin with powers, and how the apocalypse is upcoming. She gulps but has this look that seems like half nervousness and half excitement. You mention you’re planning on doing something to get stronger with a group and that you want her to join, Gena pauses and looks down at her paws for a second.

Gena: Like. You know this is kind of a dream for me, just like for you right?
Gena: Though if this is real and all happening, damn.
Gena: Those Ratiolatrists. They had it right and we were fools.
Gena: Yeah, I’ll take the dagger, fuck whatever I was MEANT to have, I WANT this powerset.
Gena: It’s as close as what I’ve wanted anyway.
You: Sure, and you don’t have to come if you don’t WANT, but we’d appreciate it.
Gena: Like HEAVEN I’m not going with you? You couldn’t keep me from coming if you tied me up and threw me in a lake
Gena: I’d haunt your ass and come anyway.

No. 1008613 ID: afe7de
File 162971024553.png - (64.50KB , 500x500 , C3_045.png )

A tense breath you were holding has just been released. You didn’t realize you were holding it or that you were tense. You guess a part of you was worried she’d reject the offer. You hand her the dagger and afte ra moment let her know to drip some blood on it, she does and the dagger turns to dust and the dust vanishes. A blue glow suffuses Gena’s skull for a brief moment before dissipating. Then Gena goes limp. Then Gena spasms. You’re confused but after a moment it stops and she jumps right up.

Gena: Sorry Sorry!
Gena: I just felt… A lot of information enter my head at once so I fell limp just so I could let it.
Gena: It would have hurt a lot more if I didn’t.
You: You sure you’re OKAY?
Gena: Oh yeah, totally, better then ever.
Gena: The UI stuff is weird, mental controls
Gena: Fuck it’s like a goddessdamned game.
Gena: Dammit I should have joined Andrea when went to her meetings I’m so behind on this info.
Gena: Okay, Okay. Okay. Okay.
You: OKAY?
Gena: Okay.

Gena heads out and starts talking with Mint who just finished cleaning up and shutting off her Comm. Gena then begins grilling her and you about basically anything useful. The stuff with Saba, the stuff with the Angels, the stuff with Isabella, the stuff with Max, Items, the dungeon, the works. She starts cursing a lot and grabs some papers and starts jotting some things down.

Gena: Fuck, Alright Alright. Sure. Fine. Fuck.
Gena: Okay so what its me, you, Cat, Andrea, Mint, and who else? Cannie?
You: She uh actually went kind of NUCLEAR yesterday after we told her and got pissed at Cat
Gena: Okay, writing her off.
You: HEY!
Gena: You know I love her too but like if she’s going to freak out at this and you know she’s not going to apologize
Gena: Then I think its best we just don’t put it on our plate.
Gena: I dunno who the leader is, you? Cat? Either way if you want her in, that’s on you to fix the issue.
Gena: I’m with Mint on us taking a week for logistics and then going. Let’s hold a temporary blank spot for her and wait.
You: Ugh, FINE, I’ll talk to her EVENTUALLY.
You: If she doesent talk to us FIRST anyway.
You: I was already planning on doing THAT.
Gena: Okay, we’re missing a healer but that pin could work.
Gena: You came from Gruks, we get a yay or nay?
You: Mostly Nay, but I didn’t give full details.
Gena: Okay cool. Fuck.
Gena: Anyone else planned?
You: Well Cat talked about Nipha potentially JOINING, or at the least him powering her up.
Gena: Kazu’s sister? Whatever, fine, he’s empowering kin so she gets a slot.

You get her to calm down and get out of her manic fit, splitting her from Mint and getting her to breathe deeply. There’s something… Off about her panic, her FERVOR. You can feel that she’s excited but panicked at the same time. You tell her to just take the day to go and experiment with her power, relax, that you all can talk about this tomorrow or the day after. Have a party, be normal, then deal with all this fucked up shit. She calms down and relents.

Gena: Guess I gotta make everyone combat gear right?
Gena: Well I got Cat’s measurements, and yours and Andreas, and myself. I’ll need Mints and whoever elses.
Gena: and Materials. Hey can we order stuff for that?
Mint: Already ordered.
You: Just take some time and stew on this. I just gave you a lot to process.
Gena: Can get why Cannie’d freak out, well, not the response she had in the end but still
Gena: Fuck and you just want me to stew on this?
Gena: I get you want me to have a clear head but this is a lot.
Gena: I have so many questions.
You: Later, just. Take some deep breaths. I’ve got poker night then we’ve got the party tomorrow. Let’s just…
You: Let’s plan to get real deep into it after that.
Gena: Fuck right? And your mom and Gruk and other kin were coming
You: JUST, don’t worry about EVERYTHING right now. Think this over, jerk off a bit and then come back tomorrow
Gena: Sleep on it?
Gena: Fine, Goddess fine, Yeah, I’ll probably just be a neurotic mess until It sinks in.

You get her to calm down again and send everyone off from the Winnebago. You tell them to meet back later, either TOMORROW AT NOON or THE DAY AFTER ANY TIME. But to take some time to decompress and just mentally acclimate to everything. You want them to be at this with a clear head. The apocalypse isn’t tomorrow. Early preparation is good, but managing mental states is also important. Mint’s probably been at it all night. You’re alone again. You think about SMOKING, never did it, but imagine this is the kind of stress that could get you to do it. You Sigh and wander around town aimlessly. You could have stayed with Gena but you know she’d just have endless questions and want to figure it all out now. That’s why you sent her off. You’re sure she’s just going to be at home researching what she can in the meantime, it’s usually more productive for her that way. You’ve got some free time for the rest of the day. Now the question is what to do with it?
No. 1008616 ID: e51896

Ruffled Haunch time! It's like the only place we haven't visited yet in this quest. That sounds like a good place to decompress.

or lets chill out at the Hapless Stone to listen to rumors from Oriel on what is happening in town and chill.
No. 1008617 ID: 1f0bd0

Ghosts? Bugs? We got both!
Go to the libarby and find something to read. Ok’d fashioned escapism!
No. 1008620 ID: ce39da

Libarby seems good. Maybe Gena has the right idea with research, and we can unwind a little at the same time as long as we aren't too break-neck with our pace.
No. 1008627 ID: 89f644

I think if we do go to the libarby, we should read something fun to clear Willamina's head over something to research that could potentially heighten Willamina' stress level, especially since she was considering picking up smoking which we dont want her to do. This is supposed to be our fun day after all. Maybe something like the tabloids to laugh at, or a graphic novel
No. 1008657 ID: afe7de
File 162979522384.png - (16.05KB , 500x500 , C3_046.png )

> Libarby
You decide to head to the Libarby. It’s a SWELTERING hot day today, but you just chill the air near you to make things just right. After walking for a little bit it gets hot again, you feel your phone heating up too. So you turn down the temperature even more. It’s a bit of a drain on your power, but it’s easily maintainable. You imagine now that this is ISABELLA’S SPIRIT and feel smug at ruining it’s plans to ruin your day.

The Libarby is also hot, but with your temperature reduction it’s less so. Xana’s there and she gives you a friendly nod as you walk in. You decide to head over to the TABLOIDS section to see if anything new or weird his happening. The Celebrity mags are typically garish and stupid, this is why you find them to be a good release. It’s nonsensical, guilt-free fun. Well, as fun as SCANDALS can be. Plus you’re never sure which headlines are real or not. There are headlines like the following:


The rest of the titles don’t really speak to you. You also flip through the graphic novels section. Quite a few of them have been checked out but you look at the e-book listing too. These are the following ones you find:

BRAIN WORMS - Comic anthology
PABE SMUTWORKS - Licensed smut fanfic of actual PABE fighters (You’ve read this 20 times)
REINCARNATED AS A MAID SEMPAI - You’ve also read this around 10 times
DON’T READ THIS BOOK - A horror comic

You could probably spend the day reading through some of these, but you also spy out of the corner of your eye the SURVIVAL section and notice a few books on WILDERNESS SURVIVAL, SPELUNKING, and LONG TERM UNDERGROUND TRAVELING. This section isn’t as popular in LYST as it is in DONJON, but you could probably access anything in a similar vein if you felt like researching this. Not that you need it with the WINNEBAGO and all. And your nearly endless supply of water, and ability to purchase rations and store them in an inter-spatial ring.

What do you read? (feel free to suggest other headlines or books too)
No. 1008658 ID: 96c896

That AI story sounds interesting, see if you can get a legitimate article on it.
The PABE Fighter retiring is definitely real news, find out who it is.

Are there any achievements you can grind out?
No. 1008662 ID: ce39da

Hey, wasn’t Lemmy’s actual dAUgHtA a PABE fighter - that Flicker character? Maybe she’s the one retiring? Two Chavowits stories in one news day might be connected somehow. That’s what RANDOM might say, anyway.

*reads both*

Fuck, now you’re in a BRAIN WORMS mood. Or PABE SMUT. Or both. Definitely both.
No. 1008666 ID: aeba78

Okay, so now that we know Isabella's spirit is probably following us right now (phone heating up, things getting hotter) I vote we NOT look into anything related to dungeons or survival, at least not until Isabella leaves town or we have Cat with us to confirm there is a spirit with us or not. We don't want to be giving any hints to them to figure out what we're doing in our vacation time and letting Nunitus know.

Support on checking into the PABE article (wonder if Skidder, your favorite spider fighter, has something to do with it)
and the Lenny Chavowitz article. (Why doesnt that guy just give up show business already???)

After that, look into the the PABE Smut (so we can see what other fighters there are) and BRAIN WORMS.

Also, lets see who else is in the Libarby that we can talk to.
No. 1008669 ID: e51896

I cannot decide, they're all good!

I'll just say I'll support not looking into the survival stuff just yet, at least until we can confirm whether we are being spied on or not. We can always just download it on our phone another day before the trip.
No. 1008670 ID: 05240c

Read about spelunking, Lemmy, and friendly dungeons.
No. 1008673 ID: 6c227a

Have a brief pang of concern that if the world does end, you won't be able to buy rations at the store any more.
No. 1008689 ID: 7324a0

PABE smut. Maybe some of the content could be ENF clothing damage received in the ring?
No. 1008841 ID: afe7de
File 163005563459.png - (21.61KB , 500x500 , C3_047.png )

> Achievements?
You’ve still yet to get one, so the window is still closed. Though you’ve only had the power for like… barely a day and a half. The most you’ve done is throw the snowball and do some minor temperature adjustment. Maybe you need to do something more significant? Either way, It’s not really on your mind right now.

You skim through the article, but a certain section pops out to you more then the rest.

After defeating SKIDDER in the ring, popular fighter FLICKER, AKA KELSEY CHAVOWITS, has decided to retire and not take up the HEROES LEAGUE offer to join them. Kelsey has refused all forms of interviews but her agent has informed us that she might make a return in a few years should the moons align correctly. Kelsey was reportedly seen having a breakdown mid-fight with SKIDDER, could these things be related. She’s a bit young to be going through menopause so perhaps she was on her period. No one knows why she had such an emotional and irrational change of mind. Some experts speculate-

You think that’s enough from that article. The author was starting to get misogynistic and that’s not your jam. Interesting that SKIDDER lost a fight. He’s your favorite spider PABE fighter after all. Even more shocking that the loss was to FLICKER. You never really liked her, she acted too much like a “HERO” and given what you’ve learned about the heroes league that bothers you more then you’d think. Though your feelings turn around a bit on her and SKIDDER. You think a bit more highly of her for rejecting the Hero’s League’s offer, and a bit less of SKIDDER now that you know.

Another article, this one is shorter though.

LEMMY, popularly known for his work in the cult classic BRAIN WORMS, has announced that he’s planning on trying to produce a brand new, unrelated film. He says it’s been in the works and will go back to the roots being a SMALL INDEPENDENT FILM without the big budget. It’s his hopes that doing so will bring this series back to it’s roots and prevent a repeat of what happened to the brain worms franchise. Will his alcoholism get in the way with yet another performance? Or will he put down the sauce just long enough to bring us another masterpiece? Only time will tell.

You know that the series went on for 10+ Films, but only were really good for the first few, with a spike at the 5th, and a slow, steady decline at the 6th onward. You seriously wonder when this guy is going to give up on show-business. He’s ruined all of his contacts and there are even videos of public arguments between him and his DAUGHTAH. You’re not hopeful for his new performance, but if its good you’ll give it a watch. You wonder if there’s any relation with two CHAVOWITS being in the tabloids today but just shrug it off as a coincidence. Time to check out some comics.
No. 1008842 ID: afe7de
File 163005565058.png - (8.40KB , 500x500 , C3_048.png )

You check this one out and add it to your digital library. So you can read the first omnibus physically, and the rest online if you can’t make it back. Might make for some good reading when you’re in the dungeon and something to read today while you hang around.

The story follows the original protagonist of the BRAIN WORMS anthology. HEESH ASH. The BRAIN WORMS movies have an entirely different canon that branched off starting the 3rd movie when Lemmy started stealing the limelight. You think it’s a cooler story, and it avoids most of the supernatural elements the movies went into, instead supplementing it with pseudo science. The INFECTED end up getting powers later on, but the LIVING don’t. The comic was known to frequently kill off beloved characters, so you’re excited to give it a read.

Now THIS, THIS is a book. Probably your favorite piece of literature that you keep tucked in a corner somewhere. You’ve got all the books that were ever made of this digitally and physically. They made around 5 SMUTWORKS. The actors and actresses were really gung-ho about it and leaned into it in their performances IRL. So it didn’t come as too much of a shock when they allowed writers to use their personas in CLOTHING DAMAGE and POWER FANTASY FUCKING scenarios. Just holding this book, the first issue, just sends a shiver down your spine and a heat to your loins. You take a quick look around. No one’s nearby. There’s just the Libarbian and a few other kin wandering the Libarby. You could sneak off to a corner and… just for a quick moment… You don’t think anyone would notice. You have done it before…

Do you sneak off to a quiet corner? Or do you go do something else?

If this happens I’m gonna roll a die to see if you get caught. Feel free to suggest who catches you!
No. 1008843 ID: 094652

No. You're a millionaire. With OP superpowered friends.

Wait until you can recruit the real PABE members into your bed.
No. 1008845 ID: 5b33d4

Sneak off. Do it.
No. 1008851 ID: e51896

If it was Cat, I'd say no.

But this is Willamina. She's so COOL, she be confident enough to do it. And if she's caught, her coolness can talk her out of trouble. And this will be good training for dungeon exploration! Work on our stealth!

And if someone catches her... Who else but Fivin? It's a running gag at this point, so Fivin is my main choice

(secondary choice is someone from the Ruffled Haunch we havent met yet, third choice Iraphena, but only because she predicted Willamina here.)
No. 1008852 ID: 38de5d

Sneak off to the corner.

Maple if she's caught.
No. 1008873 ID: 50af53

The only person you could truly be embarrassed y being caught by. Your adopted mother.
No. 1008906 ID: afe7de
File 163014218660.png - (31.03KB , 500x500 , C3_049.png )

> Do it
You head off to a tucked away nook of the LIBARBY. It’s a cute and cozy little corner built into the wall, a nice cushion with an adjustable light. There’s a curtain, you pull it partially, but not all the way either, part of the excitement comes from the POTENTIAL to be seen. It’s partially obscured, so if someone DOES come by they might not realize what’s happening at first. You flip through the pages, reading a comic about EL SECRETO and a fighter called OBSCURA. She can go invisible, but still makes a shadow when she steps. The beginning is as you remember it. The two battling, EL SECRETO gaining the advantage, their clothes slowly being torn apart. Eventually EL SECRETO’S hard cock is revealed and with a flash he whips OBSCURA in the face. Her invisibility fades. She quivers in excitement as the rest of her clothes are torn off. At one point OBSCURA tries to remove his mask but then his signature catchphrase comes up.


You begin rubbing yourself in excitement, already moist from the tense build up and character development. You blush slightly and your breathing becomes heavy, but you don’t let out a moan. You flip through more stories and masturbate for a while, coming a few times, but this next one. Oh this next one will be a treat for you in mind and soul. It’s too bad you hear footsteps coming around the corner. If you could just… Almost…

Fivin turns the corner and sees you. You climax instantly and shudder a bit. Letting out a brief moan of pleasure. Fivin looks confused and wanders towards you. He can’t see below your waist, and you absentmindedly bring up your soaked hand and give him a wave, before realizing and dropping it back down. You hope he didn’t see that.

Fivin: Oh heya Willamina. Nicky wanted me to let you know when I saw you about the-
Fivin: *SNIFF* *SNIFF*
Fivin: What’s that smell?
You: About the what?
Fivin: Nevermind, uhhh yeah.
Fivin: Nicky said she got the paperwork sorted out, it’s ready for you whenever tomorrow.
Fivin: Left it in the Office.
Fivin: And your 3 months vacation pay also will be paid out on FRIDAY.
Fivin: It’s linked to the payroll system so you just gotta wait.
You: Cool, I’m in no hurry about that one though, I have enough saved up now.

No. 1008907 ID: afe7de
File 163014220686.png - (10.04KB , 500x500 , C3_050.png )

Fivin takes a look at what you’re reading and blushes. That’s what he gets for being snoopy. He turns away and coughs and in that moment you wipe your hand enough so it’s not visibly wet. You also take a look at what he’s holding. You can’t quite read what the title is, something about -PNOSIS? You’re really bad at those anagrams and word puzzles though, so you don’t think about it too hard, you’re too COOL to worry about anything other than playing off your totally-not-jerk-off-session.

Fivin: Yeah, that issues just too uhhhh
Fivin: Yeah, or uh, too many p-p-puss- V-v-vaginoes for my like.
You: Oh you don’t like CAT GIRLS do ya?
Fivin: Anywayyyyyy. Oh, and she’ll tell you later probably but there’s 3 AWAKENED she’s looking into.
Fivin: 2 are planning on coming into the city on MONDAY or TUESDAY.
Fivin: The thirds a big IF, the fact that they even replied is kind of amazing.
You: Oh uh, thanks FIVEY.
Fivin: Hey… Only Nicky calls me that…
Fivin: Anyway, nice seeing you, have a good day WILLA!

He rushes away, you think hoping he got a one up on you with a doofy nickname. Willa’s kind of dumb, but you’ve heard worse. Goddess the one that called you Wilco got punched in the face. You think his name was RANDOM, eh, maybe it was RANDY. You only met him the one time and he couldn't pronounce your name and weren’t sure if it was a joke. You briefly wonder if one of the AWAKENED TOWN GUARDS, as you’re calling them in your head, is FLICKER. That would be kind of cool. You check to see if you left a mess, you didn’t everything localized to your panties and shorts, and walk to the front, checking out your books. It’s getting a little late, time flies when you’re jerking off as ANDREA would say.

You’re feeling a bit sleepy, so you head home to your front porch and decide that now’s the time for a nap. You don’t really dream all that often, but you are relaxed, so maybe you’ll have a brief 5 minute dream that’s transient and that you’ll not remember on waking. Who knows?

What do you dream about?

A. A raven
B. A fairy
C. Other (suggest away, or even combinations of things)
No. 1008908 ID: 6519cb

No. 1008909 ID: 094652

C) Dream about the would-be final panel of a graveyard quest.
Get it completely wrong.
No. 1008910 ID: f8fa51

Oh damn, that's good.
No. 1008913 ID: e51896

Why is Willamina dreaming about CHI (Saba) from SHARDS???
No. 1008914 ID: ce39da

No. 1008916 ID: 12b4ae

A, and with a little bit of a special guest: Set those eyes: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1006261.html#1007816
No. 1008925 ID: 12b4ae

>Why is Willamina dreaming about CHI (Saba) from SHARDS???

Probably this dream is set up as a way for Saba to finally say goodbye to one of his only living family members since he never got to do that due to his sudden death, but is only able to do it as Chi.
No. 1008926 ID: c92a02

No. 1008949 ID: 031458

That cross in the sky is really neat, actually
No. 1008957 ID: e51896

Maybe if that Raven is Chi, maybe she can tell Willamina to come to DIMENSION 18-Q when she dies, and ask the guardians if she can go to that destination when she reaches the afterlife.
No. 1008969 ID: afe7de
File 163022109317.png - (201.95KB , 500x500 , C3_051.png )

Sleep comes quickly to you. At first it’s the normal darkness that you’re used to. Then a thick fog. You’re wandering through the fog and you feel yourself change. Your hands are no longer these weird human-fleshy tubes. They’re feathered and white. Well, half white, half black. The scarring on your body takes on a white tinge. Soon, before you realize it, you’re flying with those wings. The mist is seemingly endless, with nothing in sight. You fly through it though, reveling in the freedom that only a bird can have. You let out a KAW, and another KAW sounds out near you.
No. 1008970 ID: afe7de
File 163022111725.png - (153.61KB , 500x500 , C3_052.png )

> A Raven
Something visualizes in the mist, it’s a WING-KIN that looks like a raven. They seem shocked as you approach and fly around them. You can only KAW at them, and it’s now that you realize that you’re actually BIRD-SIZED. And you CAN’T TALK. You flutter up to the WING-KIN and land on their outstretched hand. They speak, but their language is incomprehensible to you. It ALMOST sounds like ENGLISH, but not really. It’s PHONETIC of some kind, but doesn't mash up with what you know. You take a closer look at them. They’re wearing a ridiculous pink WIZARDS HAT and have some seriously BLACK EYES. They’re also nude, but that’s a common Wing-Kin thing you think.

The Wing-Kin’s expression of CONFUSION changes to one of CURIOSITY. You greet the kin, but all that comes out is chirping and kaws. They greet you back, or give what you assume to be a greeting. A level of fanaticism you recognize to belong to most geniuses like your GRANDPA comes to mind in their expression. Like they’re calculating the endless meaning in your actions or existence or other nerd shit. You could fuck with them a little bit, or try to genuinely communicate, but it’s going to take some CREATIVITY either way.
No. 1008974 ID: e51896

We gotta give Willamina and Saba a heartwarming closure by wishing each other goodbye, and maybe Chi can help Willamina by giving her the destination name to her universe so Willamina can be reborn possibly as Chi's offspring or something when she reincarnates


best way to communicate is with your FEATHERS

Pluck as many of your FEATHERS off your body as you can with your beak and/or talons, and arrange the feathers on the floor to spell out the words "WILLAMINA III" with an arrow pointed at you on the floor... or maybe just "WILL III"

Maybe Chi will pluck some of her own feathers to help us do this faster? whatever the case, once we finish trying to reveal who we are, Hopefully she'll [UNDERSTAND]
No. 1008975 ID: dfbac0

Well if we plan to communicate perhaps we should do some charades or somethi-
Or well...
Chirp Chirp Chirp Chirp. Chirp. Chirp Tweet Chirp Chirp. Tweet Tweet Tweet. [Pause] Chirp Chirp Tweet Chirp. Chirp Tweet Chirp. Chirp Chirp. Chirp. Tweet Chirp. Tweet Chirp Chirp. Tweet Chirp Tweet Chirp Tweet Tweet.
And so on...
(.... . .-.. .-.. --- / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. -.-.-- / .-- .... .- - .----. ... / .-- .. - .... / - .... . / .-- . .. .-. -.. / .-- .. --.. .- .-. -.. / .... .- - ..--..)
(Didn't want to do the whole thing in chirps and tweets...)
No. 1008977 ID: f8fa51

Willamena probably doesn't know morse code, and has no reason to expect that Chi does if she's speaking a completely alien language. Willamena also isn't enough of a nerd to try to establish mutual understanding from first principles by starting with prime numbers or anything.

However, I like the feathers plan.
No. 1008978 ID: 094652

Just make tracks on the ground that form distinct words and symbols, especially arrows if you can't comprehend normal speech in this mode. Draw as much as you can remember, followed by an arrow or pointer, and then sit down where it's pointing.
No. 1008979 ID: a9fe9e

>>1008974 this.
Feathers plan is a go! Just arranging the feathers in our name should suffice to reveal to her who we are.
No. 1008981 ID: 088b5b

see if you can't write on the ground before you start ripping your feathers out
No. 1008986 ID: d2cb69

you can probably get that you're sapient across pretty easily by doing some charades. maybe start with some grand wizardy motions, them gesture to your ears and shrug to highlight the lack of understanding here
No. 1008988 ID: c92a02

Roll over and ask for belly rubs.
No. 1008998 ID: 2f6ee3

Try posing your body to make letters. W: wings angled up. I: stand straight. L: one wing to the side, one up. A: both wings angled down. M: both wings straight down. N: one wing up, one wing down, angled body.
With those, you can spell WILLAMINA III.
No. 1009004 ID: f02064

Write your name with your plucked feathers.

If you can't do it on the ground due to it being too foggy or something, arrange your plucked feathers on the wingkin's wing to spell your name. A wingkin's wingspan seems large enough to have us do so in comparison to our size and our small feathers. After all, their wingspan need to be big in order to fly their human sized bodies, plus she is holding us right now with her outstretched arm to allow us to do this....

or maybe we can remove that pink hat, have it land on her wings, then step on the middle of the hat to flatten it and write our name on it, though she might get upset about that.

Either way We might need to shorten our name to fit it all, like "WILLA III" (you took inspiration from Fivin for that nickname)

Whatever we do, give her a couple feathers as a gift for good measure, both a black and white feather.
No. 1009022 ID: e51896

Just thought of something: is it possible to pull a feather or two on our forehead slightly down over our right eye just like how our hair covers our right hollow eyehole in our human form to make us look more like ourself?
No. 1009026 ID: 6519cb

Ooh, I like this idea.
No. 1009027 ID: 2f6ee3

That's pretty good.
No. 1009030 ID: a9fe9e

Definetly this! Perhaps Chi's [understanding] will help her figure out it's Saba's granddaughter by wearing our feathers like that and help us in our journey in some way.
No. 1009037 ID: 031458

We have cold powers.
This is some sort of... Dream? Mental Space?
Write english with big snowflakes.
No. 1009051 ID: e51896

Support on also using a little bit of snow power to summon snowflakes as well if it is possible. I don't think we are able to use it to write letters, but if we use an awakened power in front of Chi, it might help her [understand] we're Willamina III and not William, and we're still in Saba's old universe with our inherited awakened power we got from our mother, and grandmother.
No. 1009730 ID: afe7de
File 163105117739.png - (149.88KB , 500x500 , C3_053.png )

> Cover one eye with a feather, to match your disfigured human form
You only vaguely remember your humanity in this dream-scape, you were never really good at LUCID DREAMING, but you feel the desire to COMMUNICATE with the being. Even if you fail to do so, at least it will have been one of your WEIRDER dreams. You shifts some feathers around your face to cover up one of your eyes and flap about. The WING-KIN says a few words but looks even more confused. Gesturing back behind them. They poke at you and you KAW and peck back.

> Morse Code
You don’t know Morse code! That’s some NERD SHIT if you ever heard of it.

> Pluck feathers
That didn’t work, okay, maybe another tactic? What if you plucked some feathers out? You try your best to grab one with your wings but it’s innefectual, so you try to PREEN and PLUCK out a feather. It’s hard to do at first, but your body naturally knows the motions as you sort of bleed into your new raven-like form. The first gets plucked out and it HURTS. You cry out in pain and the world starts to fade out and back in. It takes you a moment to be back in the dream. The Wing Kin is floating a bit of a distance away, but comes towards you. They look concerned and confused. You pluck out 3 more feathers, this time doing your best not to hurt yourself, but the pain reaches a point where you aren’t willing to pluck anymore.

At this point the Wing-Kin isn’t saying anything, but they’re looking around. You feel that you’re slightly moving in a direction. It feels like levitation or floating. You never noticed the WING-KIN using their legs, so you guess that’s how they move around this place, they’re probably taking you somewhere, but you don’t really care. You spell out a W, and then a 3 With the 4 feathers. It’s your last attempt at communication. You thought about using some ICE or SNOW but it’s too late for that now, you’re committed to this bit.
No. 1009731 ID: afe7de
File 163105118616.png - (64.65KB , 500x500 , C3_054.png )

The movement stops and you see the WING-Kin stare at you with a larger amount of intensity. It’s at this moment you feel something strange. Like a clawing at the back of your mind. That clawing sensation turns to bubbling. You barely notice the WING-KIN take a step back from you, you’re just floating there now. There’s shouting, you think it’s in ACTUAL ENGLISH, but you’re too disoriented to fully make it out.

????: -ANT BE-
????: -ME KIND OF-
????: -ER ME? FIGHT IT-
????: -E EVEN IS PER-

You’re losing sensation in your body for some reason. Your head is moving uncontrollably, you see a see a sparrow flying directly at you and reach out to it. You’re starting to return to the same inky blackness that constantly fills your dreams-capes, but a sensation sticks with you. A sensation of LONGING, the desire to INVITE others to join the same state. You can’t tell what’s going on anymore in the dream-scape, or if that’s where you even are.

And like a flash, you’re awake. You look around and its evening. You can only really vaguely recall your dream. Something about a WING-KIN you think? But like most dreams the details start to drift further and further away the more awake you become until you only remember that you had a dream, which in itself is strange given how often you DON’T have one. You check your COMM, It’s 9:30 On the dot. Well if there’s one good thing about your sleep cycles its that you seem to always awake at JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT without a timer. There’s also a TEXT from CAT. Looks like hes taking a shower with Andrea inside. Well if he’s already here, there’s no need to rush it, getting to Bobby’s house is only a 15 minute walk anyway. You pop inside and hear them just about to finish the shower. You decide it’s time to pull a little PRANK. You pop into the nearby cupboard and hide.

What kind of prank do you pull on these two goofs?
No. 1009732 ID: c92a02

Freeze the countertop with a thin layer of ice so everything goes sliding.
No. 1009738 ID: 629f2e


Freeze the floor so that they go sliding. They probably won't get hurt, and it's worth the risk for comedy.
No. 1009758 ID: 5232cd

Blow Cat's hair into a funny shape, and mess up Andrea's fur.
No. 1009760 ID: ce39da

Naw, tripping concussions are no joke. Just dropping the local temperature and moving some air around should be prank enough for two people getting out of the shower still a little wet.
No. 1009762 ID: f8fa51

Absolutely no slipping in the shower. People can die that way. Really, people can die from slipping just about anywhere, and even if they're "only" injured, that's a terrible sort of prank.

Turning the shower-water cold would be a mean-spirited sort of prank, but better than slipping.
No. 1009796 ID: e51896

Freeze the towels. HA! Now the towels will be too frozen to use! good luck drying off, losers!

Also cool down Cat's poker clothes you set out for him. He thought he'd get warm from putting on clothes? NOPE!

But then you'll hug him to warm him up. You're not THAT cruel.

Who knows, we might just get an achievement for making someone shiver.

Also, ask Andrea if she wants her powers upgraded as an apology. Gotta strengthen Cat's awakened power after all.
No. 1009816 ID: 094652

Blow some cool wind around their extremities until they get horny.
No. 1009835 ID: 4f1cc6

oh the frozen towels are a good one, that'll be great
No. 1009844 ID: 173ed8

Freeze those towels solid! Splash water on it first if you need to.
No. 1010465 ID: afe7de
File 163157865955.png - (16.00KB , 500x500 , C3_055.png )

> FREEZE towels
> MAke things a little CHILLIER

You lean out of the cupboard and look towards the TOWEL RACK, they're chatting and the water's stopping soon. You'll have to act fast, so you stick out your hand and expend some ENERGY to FREEZE the towels. They only have a bit of ambient moisture from the hot STEAM, so it will only be so effective, but it's enough you think. You also spend some more ENERGY to whisk away the hot air as they leave, it's COLD. You can hear a few SHRIEKS from ANDREA and a few giggles, followed by a SHRIEK from CAT. You're barely able to contain yourself as they walk out the room, you hear them smooching and Andrea mumbling about how you should give her a hug for warmth because of this DAMNED COLD TOWEL and DAMNED COLD HOUSE.

You fall out of the cupboard laughing and see Andrea giving Cat a PEACE SIGN. The two of them narrow their eyes at you, look at eachother knowingly and pick you up, tossing you on your bed. In a moment they're tickling you, which is a brand new sensation because now you can actually feel it and holy shit it's a mix of PAIN and LAUGHTER and you're crying and laughing and cry UNCLE a few times until they relent.

ANDREA gives you a wink as she heads out and CAT'S laughing his ass off like you were earlier. The sock is on the other paw as it were. You take a quick shower, don your POKER NIGHT outfit, and lead CAT out to BOBBY'S place.

Do you chat about anything before POKER NIGHT starts?
No. 1010469 ID: 96c896

Willamina gotta ask how the date went.
Also mention how she had a dream and that's weird because she normally doesn't.
No. 1010486 ID: 208562

Cat talks about his date, told andrea everything about what we're planning, how he met a weird deer with 6 eyes that andrea couldn't see which put him to sleep giving him the most weirdest yet most peaceful dream he ever had, something about red eyes and visions while in space too. Also, walked home naked for some reason.

Willamina talks about kazu mentioning cat's bus incident, told everything to gena (shes on board) Nicky finding some people to protect the town which we might meet during the paperwork signing, and our dream... something about birds? No idea.

Cat should suggest driving the winnebago to Bobby's, but Will thinks it'll be more fun to sneak home naked if they lose.
No. 1010507 ID: d0ebbe

Ask Cat more details about Nipha. Find out she is always bottomless.
No. 1010572 ID: f25cae

Ask Cat if after Poker if he wants to end this awesome day spending the night sleeping at the Ruffled Haunch.
No. 1010573 ID: 629f2e

A simple review on both of your chats would be fine I think. After that, poker time!
No. 1010608 ID: 71201a

Support on inviting Cat to sleep at the Ruffled Haunch after Poker.
No. 1010746 ID: afe7de
File 163177479277.png - (14.73KB , 500x500 , C3_056.png )

You head back inside, grabbing your POLAROID CAMERA, then you pop by the LYST-Y-MART and get just a bunch of SLUSHEES, 5 each, you're going to need them for later.

You: SooooOOOoo
Cat: Sooooooo?
You: Howd it GOOOOOO?
Cat: Oh! That.
Cat: Good, I think. She's on board with everything, was'nt that scared about it all
Cat: Didn't freak out over my power which is weird
Cat: Wants to keep us all safe and-
You: Cat YOU absolute DOLT I mean the date
Cat: Oh that, yeah, it was fine. Great even.
Cat: We spent most of it like... Doing DATE things.
Cat: Walk in the forest, find a chill spot, played a dumb little board game
You: That FORGIVE ME game?
Cat: Yeah that one!
Cat: She made some really good food, I think it was a veggie pot pie
Cat: And like a bunch of these great sammies.
You: They're called SANDWICHES Cat, c'mon not you too!
Cat: I always called em SAMMIES tho.
You: Fucking city kin.
You: So HOW'D fucking hold up? You keep up?
Cat: I could for a while, past what I thought I could actually.
Cat: And hours later when we finished and I thought she was done.
Cat: I was limp and tired but she was still raring, a few STAMI-LIQUORS (and hours) in.
Cat: But she stopped cause I think she got I was done.
You: Eh, better then MOST kin can even get.
You: I bet she was actually SATISFIED for once.
Cat: I hope so. it was good.

Cat: Oh and I met the deer! Errr Doe? But like it's weird it had 6 eyes and she couldn't see it.
You: No, it has 2 eyes. What? You think it has extra eyes or some shit?
You: Or was it amulet shenanegans?
Cat: I took it off and there were 6 eyes still!
Cat: and like I took a NAP on it and felt the best I ever had, like all my stress, GONE!
Cat: Bruises, gone!
Cat: Also had a weird as fuck dream and I don't dream that often.

You: Actually I had a dream too. Something about a BIRD?
You: I can't really remember.
Cat: I remember like... Eyes?
Cat: And a voice, something about passing? change?
You: Dreams are weird.
Cat: Yup.

Cat: So why are we walking there, why not take the WINNEBAGO
You: So we can have the glorious WALK OF SHAME, DUH!
Cat: But I already did that today!!!
You: What were you so HIGH you forgot to put on clothes!
Cat: Actually... Yes...

No. 1010747 ID: afe7de
File 163177480731.png - (9.98KB , 500x500 , C3_058b.png )

You burst into a raucus laughter, you don't know why it's funny to you, but it is. It takes a moment for you to regain composure and a tear comes out of your eye.

You: Phew, haha, yeah well. We'll see what happens. We're splitting total clothes tonight so that'll be a thing.
Cat: What, I don't get a seat at the table?
You: It's shared. I got this slot because BOBBY knows I'm the fucking best.
You: I'm just letting you in because It'll be fun, I hope Landi's there.
You: You'll get a KICK outta her!
You: Speaking of, hold my ring.
Cat: Why can't you just wear it?
You: Continuity.
Cat: What?
You: Nevermind.

Cat: So how was your day?
You: Oh, you know, jerking off in the LIBARBY, hopefully there's a new GUARD coming to town.
Cat: So is EXHIBITIONISM a big thing in this town or?
You: I mean to SOME kin I guess.
You: Gena's DOWN but panicked but she'll be fine after she analyzes everything.
You: Took a GOOD nap
You: Oh, and KAZU talked about that time on the BUS where you met his SIS
You: And this WING-KIN tha-
Cat: Let's not talk about her.
You: well I heard it was this chick named GID-
Cat: So NIPHA'S a super cool girl huh
Cat: Saving a bunch of kin. Really admirable.

You guess he really doesen't want to talk about that girl. Weird since he drew them in his notebook. You wanted to ask more about NIPHA anyway, seems like a good segway.

You: Uh, Huh. Yeah. She's coming to town soon isnt she?
Cat: TOMORROW! It's exciting! She's one of the few kin outside of LYST
Cat: That I actually trust. Well she went a long ways to making that happen.
Cat: But she's great, so you know that LAW that passed for WING-KIN like decades ago?
You: The one where they don't have to wear clothing?
You: I think it had something to do with it getting in the way of their feathers
You: and being real uncomfortable if it wasnt just a vest or a skirt or something
Cat: Yeah that one! So Nipha's like a long hair CAT right.
Cat: She found a LOOPHOLE in the system that lets her get away with not wearing PANTS
Cat: Went real deep into court, you can't see anything down there and she fought 3 LAWYERS
Cat: Eventually using that law and getting it applied to BEAST-KIN with certain fur amounts
Cat: She's got a PERMIT and everything it's so funny to see her fuck with the cops
You: Wait, so she NEVER wears pants!?!?!
You: NEVER??? I'm so fucking jealous these GODDESS DAMNED PURITANS
You: Saying we should "PROTECT THE CHILDREN" And can't go PANTSLESS
You: I remember reading STORIES about when this town was a fully nudist colony!!!
You: You know that 40 years ago Midland passed a law that EVERYONE had to don CLOTHES,
You: you had to designate ZONES, but they couldnt enforce it past 8PM
Cat: Didn't know you cared that much?
You: Okay, imagine literally every day it's always fucking hot and my phone overheats right?
You: You'd wanna declothe after that too!
You: Wait that was that fucking BITCH'S FAULT!!!!!
Cat: Anyway, she's kind of a KINMANITARIAN, helps out when she can
Cat: But also like gets OBSESSIONS and PROJECTS
Cat: And ABANDONS other things to pursue it
Cat: Pretty sure I can get THIS WHOLE THING
Cat: To become her next big project and she's fucking BRILLIANT
Cat: When she puts her mind to shit.
You: She good in a scrap? Or like... Potentially good?
Cat: I learned some of the basics from her, but uhhhh
Cat: I think she started to learn the SWORD a few years back
Cat: Never an actual ADVENTURER, but always wanted to be
You: I can RESPECT that. Might mean she's on better FOOTING then us?
Cat: Oh and I guess RUDY is good too. He's a TINKER but he never talked about his creations.
Cat: I think he was trying to make a ROBOT or AI or something at one point, I wonder how that went.
You: So you're DOING YOUR THING to her?
Cat: Yeah, I owe it to her.
Cat: I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her.
You: ...
You: You KNOW I want to hear more right?
Cat: Maybe another day, I'm in too good a mood to ruin it.
You: Damn TEASE.
Cat: I mean I did just spend a WHOLE DAY with ANDREA.

You grumble under your breath, not really upset at cat who winks at you. You eventually reach BOBBY'S place. It's a quaint little HOUSE at the edge of town. Apparently it's got a BEDROOM with a KITCHEN UNIT and a STUDIO. He greets you outside and WILLAMINA hands him just a TON of SLUSHEES. You head inside but overhear a conversation between BOBBY and CAT.

Bobby: Hey. You seem like a guy with... CONNECTIONS. Am I right?
Cat: Uhhhhh, I dunno.
Cat: Wasn't there that news article about that?
Bobby: I dunno, BUT! IT's really good.
Bobby: Do me a solid, I uhhh. Can't get it for reasons.
Cat: Uh Huh.
Bobby: I heard you wanted ARTIFACTS right. I got one I don't use.
Bobby: just get me that and It's yours.

You don't *REALLY* care about that artifact, it's just a dumb mirror you could never get to work, and he couldn't either. You wait inside and take a glug of some water. Another minute passes before CAT waltzes in, excited after placing an ORDER ONLINE. He says that he's going to get an ARTIFACT tomorrow but you roll your eyes.

The two of you walk into the room, it's dimly lit and a few other participants are there. CAT'S HIGH has fully worn off and you can tell his confidence is dropping with every step he takes. You pat him on your back and pull your your POLAROID CAMERA, snapping a pic just out of range of the group. And then... The game begins.


AUTHORS NOTE: Did I forget to mention that POKER NIGHT was a canon thing that happened on QUESTDEN? Well it is. Yup, that happened. Now we fast forward to POSTGAME.
No. 1010748 ID: afe7de
File 163177482010.png - (10.36KB , 500x500 , C3_059.png )

The two of you head out into the street, fully nude. You managed to only TIE ONCE that whole game, and barely got any clothes. You store the following items in WILLAMINA'S RING:


The last is in Cat's Hand. He holds an iridescent ring that's shimmering and studded with a variety of RED GEMS.

You: So that's a COCK RING right?
Cat: Yeah. But I'm pretty tuckered out right now. It's been a long day.
You: Was gonna say LET'S go to the HAUNCH
You: But I could probably get your exhaustion after ANDREA.
You: What does your AMULET say?

THE ASSLANTEAN ORICHALCUM RING OF VIRILITY - A Magically crafted phallus ring created for the people of ASSLANTIS. Increases HEALTH, STAMINA, and FERTILITY. Protects the wearer from EXHAUSTION and DISEASE. It has an extremely PLEASENT AND STIMULATING TEXTURE from the detailing on its surfaces. It RESIZES to fit the wearer when applied phallically.
(DEA - While it prevents PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, it does not prevent MENTAL EXHAUSTION. It's FIRTILITY improvements are MAGICAL in nature, but CONTRACEPTIVES are as effective as they NORMALLY ARE, (yes I had to look this up, you're welcome))

You: So you're going to become the new ENERGIZER BUNNY huh?
Cat: Huh. I guess that means I'll be able to KEEP UP???
Cat: Imagine Andrea's surprise if I could keep up with her for a whole day??
You: YOU might wanna BE CAREFUL, I imagine she might abduct you for a week if she found that out.
You: Sex all day every day until she got literal years of backlogged sex out of the way.

You see CAT visibly sweat, there's a tinge of excitement but also a very palpable FEAR there. Goddess, fucking with him is so easy. You don't DOUBT that ANDREA would do something like that, but it'd be purely consensual, she likes the degrading thing, but isn't really into noncon. At least you don't think. There's a bit of a back and forth with you and Cat as he tries to get you to store it but you think he should wear it. He eventually relents and slides it on remarking that it "Feels rather comfortable actually" it resizes and fits his dick rather easily.

You think you could convince him to head to the HAUNCH still, but it might take a good argument. But it is NEARLY MIDNIGHT, and CAT does have his meeting with NIPHA tomorrow, it might be a better idea to head to bed.
No. 1010756 ID: f8fa51

You're not going to be able to put a convincing argument together when are aren't really sure it's a good idea yourself. Let's just go to bed (to actually sleep in).
No. 1010757 ID: e51896

Can't forget we also got 50 ACHIEVEMENT POINTS for awakening someone outside our dimension. Nice!

Anyway, tough choice. it's probably a better idea to head home and rest up since we got much to do tomorrow: plan things with our group, meet with a bunch of newcomers (Rudy, Nipha, guard(s), maybe Zarah though nothing said she'll show up or not tomorrow), meet with Nicky on the papermill contract and awaken her, get that mirror artifact from Bobby, and of course Willamina's awakening party

On the other hand, we'd miss out on meeting kin we haven't met before if we don't go to the Ruffled Haunch, like the priest girl Nails mentioned, Pazuru, Hyun, and Laverne...

After thinking hard about it, it's probably best to just head home, put cat's clothes in the wash, ask how Mint's and Rex's day off went, and go to bed... Maybe invite Mint to sleep over with us too, I think she could use the company

Maybe we can go to the Ruffled Haunch after Willamina's awakening party tomorrow instead? it might not be as busy there since they called for a stormy night tomorrow and we can just drive the Winnebago there to protecc us from rain.

speaking of which, it's getting a bit windy. They called for a cloudy windy day, and then a stormy night tomorrow so it must be starting. Let's head home and catch up with Rex and Mint. Try not to be seen by too many kin, hide behind stuff if you have to.
No. 1010758 ID: 094652

Test. Ring. Now.
No. 1010759 ID: c5008a

Agreed. Gotta go test how good its exhaustion protection is.

Suggest Cat to go streaking with you and see how much energy he'll have after you both reach your destination

Alternatively, we could use the ring as an argument to go to the ruffled haunch since it'll prevent him from being tired and let us test out its power.
No. 1010775 ID: 96c896

Go to bed.
That ring is pretty good! You can use it with physical training! Though... does it prevent damage from overuse of muscles?
No. 1010778 ID: 8c941b

Give Cat permission to take a pic of you on his comm so he can continue growing his NUDES COLLECTION.

>Bobby: I heard you wanted ARTIFACTS right

Seems like Iraphena or Isabella is going around telling people about Cat wanting artifacts. Rude. Not sure what is there to gain from letting others know.

Ask Cat if he wants your company tonight in bed, or if he wants some alone time, and if he wants to sleep in your home or in the Winnebago.
No. 1010824 ID: 8895af

Maybe Iraphena genuinely wants to help Cat and told others about him wanting artifacts because he's been forming friendships with kins in town and her powers told her that people would help him get artifacts if she spread rumors about Cat.
No. 1011244 ID: afe7de
File 163221381893.png - (17.01KB , 500x500 , C3_060.png )

> Go to bed
You decide it's probably better to get some rest tonight. Tomorrow's going to be a big day, what with MINT, RUDY, the GUARDS, the PAPER MILL, it's going to be a BUSY ASS DAY. Oh, and lets not forget your PARTY. The HAUNCH will be there tomorrow if you really wanna go, plus you're fairly SATISFIED for today.

You: You should take a PIC to CELEBRATE!
You: Pictures are a great way to REMEMBER OCCASIONS!
Cat: You don't care that we're naked?
You: Pshhh why should that matter?

Cat takes a pic, remarking how everyone in this town seems to enjoy that hobby and he's getting a SLOWLY GROWING NUDES COLLECTION. He snaps a pic, and you snap one back! He’s totally nervous and blushing and gives you a PEACE sign. You notice that it's starting to get just a bit WINDY and CLOUDY right now which turns your kind of neutral walk home without clothes into a BRISK one. The cold tickles your nipples giving you GOOSEBUMPS and causing them to become erect. The same happens to CAT. you both shiver slightly and you toss an idea out there.

You: RACE ya home? It's like we're STREAKING through the night?!?!
Cat: But if it's legal is it really STREAKING?
Cat: You won't really SHOCK anyone that way.
You: AWWW where's your sense of FUN and ADVENTURE, Don't get so caught up on SPECIFICS!

No. 1011245 ID: afe7de
File 163221382898.png - (11.27KB , 500x500 , C3_061.png )

And so the two of you dash home, there's a few other KIN waltzing around without clothes. It's SUNDAY NIGHT and you see MAPLE walking around in the buff and holy shit her cock is huge and it's not even erect. You notice CAT staring at her and she gives him a wink, that causes him to get a bit of an erection and she does like a gesture which is two fingers and her tongue licking between them. Everyone chuckles as you eventually reach your place. The two of you pop inside, Cat tosses some CLOTHES into your LAUNDRY MACHINE, and the two of you sit down.

You ask CAT how he's holding up. You're a little TUCKERED OUT from the run. He seems perfectly fine, GREAT even. Didn't even break a sweat. Mint walks in too with REX on her shoulder. You toss ALMAS UNIFORM at Mint and she takes it, commenting that it's of rather GOOD QUALITY, but has a few UNRECOGNIZABLE INSIGNIAS on them. She doesen't comment on how you are both naked, but instead lets you know that her day was BORING, VERY BORING, she went out for a walk in town, met a few RANDOM KIN, no one special. She says that MAPLE is kind of nice, treated her to DINNER.

TONI snuck up on her at the DINER so she GUT PUNCHED HIM and he just gave her a THUMBS UP when she asked if he was okay. You get a BIG LAUGH at out of that one. He's a little shit sometimes so it's good for him to get his comeuppance. Roach said he's just been watching the NEWS and random SHOWS, there's a lot of CRIME DRAMAS he's been getting into.

It's the end of the day and everyone's tuckered out, what do you do for sleeping arrangements?

A. Sleep in seperate beds
B. You and Cat together
C. Cat and Mint together
D. You and Mint together
E. All of you in one big snuggle pile

You get the feeling you could convince CAT to get over some of his hangups with MINT today, he's in a good mood today after all, but you have no idea if there will be UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES in the morning.
No. 1011260 ID: e51896

I just remembered that there was also some kind of mysterious flyer at the community center that had a time, date, and address scheduled for Monday 1pm in the outskirts of town. https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/986604.html#990097

If we're not too busy, we can check that out. But if we estimate we won't have time (I assume we won't have time), lets probably send Mint over at that address at 1pm to check that out for us while Rex checks the forest to chat with the animals for information with a roach friend as backup, maybe he'll find the forest girl...

or we can have Rex spy on that meeting with another roach at 1pm to be more stealthy while Mint prepares things with Rudy and Rupert for turning the papermill into a tinker workshop, and then read the Magic Dart Body Cultivation Manual for the rest of the day to teach Cat later (though that can probably probably be done between monday until the time "vacation" starts.

regardless, let's ask Mint and Rex on their opinion on this, and we'll ask Rex and Callan what they saw on tv tomorrow.

As for what to do with sleeping arrangements...

C, or D whichever Cat is more comfortable with as long as Mint gets snuggles. More towards C since Willamina mentioned she was pretty satisfied. Whichever we choose, Mint deserves some attention since she said she's been bored, and Cat needs to be comfortable with Mint if we want this team to stay strong (we'll whisper this to Cat to convince him). Plus we can't have Mint feeling bad like this when everyone else had a good day. Let Cat spend time with Mint, and if he feels uncomfortable, you'll take his place to show there's nothing to worry about.

Make sure he removes the cock ring so he doesn't spend all night awake though. Whatever we choose, tell Cat you won't judge with whatever we might do with Mint tonight in the Winnebago. Plus we got stamina liquor if we feel tuckered out tomorrow, and Cat has his cock ring. If sex happens, try to make it quick and/or not too rough so we all get proper sleep.

We can probably choose E, but it's probably best if one of us is able to wake up early enough to wake the other person.
No. 1011261 ID: ce39da

B or D, possibly E. Do strike up a conversation about how Cat feels about Mint - you're aware of the weirdness surrounding the power dynamic, but Mint does seem to genuinely want to fuck him. Or just anybody.
No. 1011262 ID: e51896

To add to my post, I just remembered that Mint has her cat form, we could have Rex spy on that meeting we found on the flyer while Mint in her cat form investigates the forest and talk to animals there for info, and find forest girl. That is assuming she can talk to wild animals in her cat form. maybe not, Rex was able to talk to the badger, but only through telepathy.
No. 1011263 ID: f8fa51

Why not E?
No. 1011264 ID: f8fa51

And getting cat to loosen up around Mint is probably a good idea if you're going to be working as a team in a highly stressful environment, so that's a yes to trying that.
No. 1011265 ID: 97e6bd

No. 1011274 ID: e51896

Changing my vote a bit,

As I said before, either C or D

But forget about E.
No. 1011281 ID: 1f63c8

Let's just ask Cat what they're fine with. We can try to help him get more comfortable about Mint, but if he's too against it then we let it go.
No. 1011282 ID: 094652

No. 1011284 ID: 96c896

Also tell Cat if he's really worried about the consent thing he needs to realize that she can refuse implied requests. Like if he just asks her if she wants to do a silly dance, she can say no, right? Same if he asks if she wants to fuck him. He can also order her to tell him if he's making her uncomfortable.
Also, the power dynamic is only really an issue if he requests sex. I mean, the issue is if she refuses sex, then there's an implied risk of reprisal due to the imbalance of power, right? If she's the one that always requests it, then there's nothing to worry about. Cat just needs to try not to expect it from her.

Oh, and has Cat used up his power for today? He should upgrade someone if he has energy left.
No. 1011329 ID: dfbac0

Being comfortable in the presence of another person makes you associate comfort with them and increases your bond.
No. 1011356 ID: e13b1d

C, in cat form. Wake up to classic cat on face.
No. 1011357 ID: 235c53

Oh yeah, if Mint has the incubator from the order, put egg in incubator
No. 1011765 ID: afe7de
File 163279460163.png - (13.18KB , 500x500 , C3_062.png )

> Cat and Mint together
You suggest Cat and Mint sleep in the same bed and Cat's a little hesitant. He eyes Mint over and you look at her as well. She has that look in her eye, that ruffle to her fur. Cat's NAKED right now and you can tell that MINT is a bit AROUSED, not from the nudity, but from CAT'S SMELL. She'll probably hump his leg all night or something. Which you think would probably be hilarious.

Cat feels hesitant about it but you decide to put your foot down on the issue.

You: So like Cat, what's the deal, do you hate MINT or something?
Cat: What? No.
You: So then like what's up with all this HESITATION about her?
Cat: Well the power dynamic is weird and it's like she's a slave and like
You: Okay but like... we've PROVEN you can just ASK her her opinion right?
Cat: Yeah but, it's all coerced under this weird power structure of magic bullshit
You: Okay but like... If she ASKS to do a thing that's HER asking not the MAGIC. It's not MIND CONTROL. It's not mind control right?
Mint: About as much mind control as a shock collar is
Mint: If this one do something against your rules,
Mint: Only if I do something incredibly igregous or try to actively or passively kill you
Mint: Will this one be harmed or eradicated.
You: SEE, so WHAT'S the problem?
You: You gave her AUTONOMY, so she can say NO, even if she has this weird masochism thing going
Mint: This lowly peon appreciates being allowed her fetishes.
You: The only ISSUE and that's if we make it a big deal, is if you request sex and force it if she REFUSES!
You: Just like... don't expect it? Like how PEOPLE shouldn't expect sex from others just cause they gave them a SLUSHEE or whatever.

Cat looks thoughtful at that, it looks like he didn't consider that and was more focused on the whole SLAVE thing over her autonomy. You imagine if this kept up for much longer it might lead to him treating her WORSE then if this was discussed.

You: So, we good?
Cat: Uh, yeah. Sorry Mint.

No. 1011767 ID: afe7de
File 163279468682.png - (14.97KB , 500x500 , C3_063.png )

She just shrugs

You: Now go sleep together or something I don't care if you have sex
You: but I expect you to stop fretting over this frankly STUPID issue by tomorrow
You: And Like. If you DON'T WANT TO have sex with her, just SAY SO
You: Don't use the SLAVE THING as an excuse
Mint: Do you... Not want to have sex with me?
Cat: What? No I think you're hot, wait that's not the point!

You chuckle and get Mint to join in on it, you really do enjoy making Cat flustered, and it's so easy too. He's flushing at JUST that.

> Cat power use?
It's a new day so his power did reset, but you were going to have him save it for MOM tomorrow.

> Incubate the egg
When you head inside the WINNEBAGO there's actually a lot of boxes there now that she brought in. It looks like she just moved the supplies inside but actually did what you said and took some time off. Each of them are labeled. There's some called DRY RATIONS, INSTANT FOODS, STAMI-LIQUORS, and there's even that SLUSHEE MACHINE and some SLUSHEE MIX too. There's also lots of other stuff but eventually you find the INCUBATOR among some GLASS SUPPLIES you assume to be a part of REX'S ENCLOSURE. You head over to an empty CUBBY HOLE and plug in the INCUBATOR and pop the LUCKY EGG into it. It's got a nice cushion and is properly sized for the rather large egg. It wiggles a bit as you place it down in a way you assume means that it's pleased. You wonder how it would have felt if it was chucked in the freezer, or if you just ate it, but respect CAT'S wishes in incubating it. You walk past the BEDROOM and see CAT thoroughly passed out, mint wrapped tightly around his LEG with a satisfied grin on her face.

Feeling like your job is done, you head to bed, thoroughly passing out after the goings on of today.
No. 1011768 ID: afe7de
File 163279469607.png - (13.20KB , 500x500 , C3_064.png )

[MONDAY, MAY 23, 2029]

A WOMAN dashes down the roads leading into LYST. Her feet streak across the asphalt as if she were skating. The glow coming off her NEW HOVERBOOTS is subtle, but increases in intensity as she attempts to move faster. She jumps on the guard rails simulating a grind with no friction and continues to slide down the road. Cars drive by but she easily jumps over or on them, her feet never really touching them, even as they HONK at the obvious distraction that she is on the road. A MANIC SMILE crosses her face as she does this. She's moving a bit slower then the vehicles, but her maneuverability means it's easy for her to grab onto one of the faster ones and boost herself forward.

Your name is NIPHA RONDALPHUS, but you don't really use your last name because some kin freak out when they find out you're ROYALTY to a long dead HISTORICAL FAMILY. You're TECHNICALLY a PRINCESS, but with no land, no political power, and nothing that really associates with it, it doesn't matter or effect you. You're fairly SWIFT as an individual and are good with THE SWORD, but you can't just carry that out in the open, so you have to use a shitty TELESCOPING one that you keep in your WEIGHT REDUCTION bag. But this town is relatively safe so you doubt it'll be an issue.

You think about how you left RUDY a note this morning, telling him you headed off early to LYST. You could have taken the bus and gotten here faster but you were just so hyped about these NEW HOVERBOOTS you had to give them a test ride. You’d apologize to the guy whose car’s MANA BATTERIES you janked on your way down here to refuel them, but it was LIMINAL, and you really can’t resist fucking him over. Always so SMUG, HOLIER THAN THEE, and incredibly brutal to criminals in the way almost all HL member act recently. They haven’t done much for the world as of late and your goodwill with the HL has already run dry. Either way, no one saw you, and your CAT LIKE SENSES didn’t tell you if SOMETHING ELSE was watching, so it’s no fur off your cheek.

You text CAT, your old pal, that you’re in town and to hit you up when he’s awake. It’s early enough that he’s probably still asleep. You’ve got some time to kill before RUDY gets here and you GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. You could visit YOUR BROTHER while you wait, or do something else. You could also take a walk through the park and THINK ABOUT THINGS. There’s no rush, or you would say that if a THUNDERSTORM wasn’t going to kick in in the late afternoon. You reach the edge of town and power down your HOVERBOOTS. Dust scatters as you do and some gets on your fur. You raise up your hand and wipe some of the dust off.

What do you do?
No. 1011769 ID: eedbeb

find kazu. beat him up for being a nerd in a show of sisterly love
No. 1011771 ID: 2aef11

Get coffee! Or pancakes!
No. 1011773 ID: 629f2e

Get coffee and pancakes!
No. 1011774 ID: c92a02

Find and visit this 'Ruffled Haunch' of noted repute.
No. 1011775 ID: 96c896

Go noogie your brother.
No. 1011778 ID: 094652

Mail a glitter bomb at the post office.
No. 1011779 ID: ae43bf

Pancakes and coffee at the hapless stone. Lets introduce ourself to whatever people is there.
No. 1011795 ID: 75331e

Call Kazu, tell him to get his ass over to the Hapless Stone, or Friendly Bean for pancakes right now! Tell him you'll pay, but only on the condition he keeps everything he says under 10 seconds. And yes, noogie him when he shows up.

go bother the other customers while you wait for Kazu and breakfast to be served. Maybe we'll hear some juicy rumors about the town.
No. 1011801 ID: e51896

to add to my post, if we go to the Hapless stone, as soon as you enter: throw the door open, spread your arms wide and bask in the awesome small town air, and declare "I love it! I love it all!" see who notices you.

just like this: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1011088.html#1011704 ;p
No. 1011821 ID: a2493c

go do some Jet Set Radio shit to the local cop shop, this totally won't have consequences later!
No. 1012392 ID: afe7de
File 163339554006.png - (16.68KB , 500x500 , C3_065.png )

> Coffee and Pancakes
You were always a WAFFLES AND JUICE kind of gal, but today feels like a COFFEE and PANCAKES kind of deal. You wonder if they have PEANUT BUTTER AND LONG YELLOW STUFFED PANCAKES at the FRIENDLY BEAN. Your bro talks about it a lot since it's right across from his workplace.

Speaking of, you text KAZU, inviting him to breakfast, telling him if he's late he'll get a gut punch instead of the regular shoulder punch. What he doesen't know is that you're actually going to noogie him this time regardless. You just love showing him some SISTERLY AFFECTION to your nerdy brother.

> Do a sick grind on the Police Station
Goddess yes you want to so fucking hard. You look longingly off in the distance and see a relatively small building that you assume to be the POLICE STATION. But you have to scope the place out first. See what would fly, maybe figure out the cops patrols, it's a small town after all, so it shouldn't be TOO HARD. You see an attractive BUNNY COP walking around outside the station, chatting up various citizens. It would just be so easy to... And your COMM beeps, signalling a reply from KAZU.

KAZU: Yeah sure, be there in like 30, I have to finish some paperwork. You know that-

The line of text he sends could not have taken less then 3 minutes to write, even with how fast this guy texts. You skip down to the reply option of it and just reply that he should spend less time typing these messages and more time finishing his work so he can hang out!!!

> Glitter bomb someone
You walk past the post office, there's a sign in front that says TEMPORARILY CLOSED, BACK TOMORROW. Huh, weird, you think to yourself. And then curse your bad luck, you could have mailed the empty MANA BATTERY back to LIMINAL in a GLITTER BOMB package and it would have been HILARIOUS you imagine. You even know a good way to hide any fingerprints or evidence that it was you, just use a few proxy addresses RUDY made and BAM. DONE.
No. 1012393 ID: afe7de
File 163339558904.png - (13.71KB , 500x500 , C3_066.png )

Toni: Oh hey, ANOTHER new FELINE face! Welcome to LYST!
Toni: I've got a deal on triple stuffed LONG YELLOW pancakes today.
You: Yeah, can I get that with some PEANUT BUTTER too?
Toni: You got it, Coffee?
You: Yeah, oh and KAZU'S coming, so whatever he likes to have
Toni: Oh, are you his SISTER? I can see the resemblance, he talks up a STORM about you
Toni: Also like infinite rumors too.
Toni: So tell me, is it true?
You: Is what true? He says so many things I stopped trying to keep track like 10 years ago.

What rumor is he talking about? is it true? And what do you talk about while you wait for your BROTHER?
No. 1012395 ID: 629f2e


It's probably that overblown rumor about the time you threw a creep off the roof of a four story building. It was technically true, but they landed on the roof of a neighboring three story structure, so it's less cool than it sounds.

Naturally, the first thing you talk about is embarrassing stuff that has happened to your brother. Like the time he tried to confess his love to a crush and dropped the beautifully poetic line "You're face is good, good face." Or maybe that time he forgot to pack pants for a week long vacation and ended up tearing his one pair on the first fucking day. Anything that makes for a great story.
No. 1012396 ID: dfbac0

If we're talking about rumors from Kazu then just let Toni know that any rumors that make you seem like the coolest person alive are mostly true if blown out of proportion and any rumors that make you seem like a dunce aren't true, Kazu makes that stuff up to sound like the smart sibling when he's really not. He doesn't even know the difference between push and pull doors half the time.
No. 1012401 ID: c92a02

You mean that time realized the PABE fighter with the flame powers was just walking around naked under all those flames and became so embarrassed he refuses to watch it anymore? Yes. Also, you might have been lying about how naked she actually was.
No. 1012407 ID: ce39da

Supposedly, Nipha punched an up-and-coming rockstar in the crotch - on stage - for something that happened to an acquaintance. GIDEON was her name.

True or not, talk inevitably turns to the acquaintance mentioned above, who also happens to be your main reason for coming; CAT.
No. 1012411 ID: 96c896

"Is it true Cat has ligma?" (this is just a LIGMA BALLS joke)
"Is it true you're a really good kisser?" (yes. Demonstrate.)
No. 1012437 ID: e51896

"Is it true you are THE shocker's sidekick?"

it's false for the most part. Kazu misundertood Nipha and thought she became Shocker's most trusted sidekick when in reality she just helped Shocker that one time save Cat's life that one day... you're not going to go into that though, too personal to talk about without Cat's permission, and too mentally exhausting to think about.

but yeah, we ask about how Cat is doing since we haven't talk to him in a long time and find it odd he just up and left the city to live in Lyst. (maybe Toni can show some texts and pics he and cat has been sending each other)

Also ask about anything interesting going on in town recently, see who else is at the friendly bean too, Maybe Toni can introduce us to the owner of this place, he did say she was pretty nice.
No. 1012448 ID: 9a2966

>Is it true?
Yes, you DO know how to do that yoyo and pineapple party trick, but it's not nearly as complicated as everyone makes it out to be and you don't actually have to be naked.

>wat do while wait for brudder
Lounge. And see if you can attract someone's attention.
No. 1012771 ID: afe7de
File 163400150482.png - (16.99KB , 500x500 , C3_067.png )

> You threw a guy off a 4 story building
You: Oh that, I just threw em onto a 3 story building, he was FIIIIIIIINE
You: He deserved the broken arm he got from it anyway

> That you’re shocker’s sidekick
You: Not true, we just happened to be in the same place at the same time like twice
You: And we both just… HELPED OUT the kin that were there
You: One of those times was how I met CAT.

> Yoyo and Pine Yellow party trick
You: I never understood what the BIG DEAL about that trick was
You: It’s not nearly that complicated and you don’t even NEED to be naked to do it
You: Though it does help, I guess.

> Crotch punched a rockstar
You: You’re damn right I did
You: Fuck that bitch Gideon and her god complex
You: Should be glad I didn’t come at her with a sword
You: She’s ruined more kin’s lives then you know

Toni seems especially interested in the last one but also slightly intimidated by you and how aggressive that last line of dialogue was. You notice this and decide to tone it down a bit, no need to get heated over that now anyway.

> Embarrassing story time
You: My turn to share some HOT GOSS about my little pipsqueak bro

You share stories about your brother. Mots of them are really doofy and show just how much of a goober he is. One time he just tried to confess to his crush and said “YOUR FACE IS A GOOD FACE” only he screamed it at her because he was so nervous. Another time he forgot to pack extra pants on a trip and tore his on the first day.

Toni get a good chuckle of your stories but you continue, reminiscing in the nostalgia. You talk about how GULLIBLE he is and how you convinced him that that one PABE fighter that was always on fire was actually naked under the flames and now he gets secondhand embarrassment anytime he watches her fight.

You: He also can’t tell the difference between PUSH and PULL doors even when it’s LABELED
Toni: Pffff oh yeah I’ve noticed that, he’s crashed into the door a few times before.

> Talk about CAT while you wait
After spreading the gossip about your brother, which you think he rightfully deserves given he spreads tons of rumors about you all the time, you decide to talk about your old squeeze, your bosom fuck buddy.

You: So how’s CAT been, you met em yet?
Toni: Oh he’s a bit on the snoopier side, what with his…

Toni looks side to side, making sure no one’s listening

Toni: Powers
You: No. You’re shitting me.
You: You’re telling me he won the fucking magic lottery
You: Well, knowing his history, it kinda came way too fucking late
Toni: He was trying to be all hush hush about it, but it’s kind of obvious
Toni: That and it doesen’t help that SOMEONE ELSE has already been spreading rumors about it around town
Toni: So he kind of had to give up the goat
You: Who’s spreading rumors?
Toni: Well you didn’t hear it from me, but there’s a certain BEAST-KIN in town that’s not too fond of him
Toni: And the lass he’s keeping company with lately.
You: So whose this chick?
Toni: Well, when I say spreading rumors I mean more she’s playing the field, planting seeds of doubt
Toni: She’s leaving town tomorrow anyway, I expect it to blow over and no one to care much
Toni: She kind of already used her clout to make life hard on the one girl
Toni: That also awakened recently too!
You: Dude can you use names I don’t know anyone here
Toni: But it’s more fun to try to puzzle it all out don’t you think?
You: No, no it’s not. I mean I guess I can just ask CAT later
You: But I’d like to know whose giving him a hard time
Toni: So you can crotch punch them?
You: So I can crotch punch them, sure, whatever.

No. 1012772 ID: afe7de
File 163400151838.png - (15.60KB , 500x500 , C3_068.png )

You don’t think you’ll crotch punch them, but you’ll definitely try to catch them out in the middle of the night and do some risk analysis if they’re acting too too malicious. If it’s safe you might scare them a bit. You tend to have a bit of a GUARDIAN ANGEL streak for CAT, though maybe if the situation isn’t that bad you’ll let it be. Though maybe now that he has powers it might be easier on him. You wonder what he got, hopefully he got some sort of TINKER power, he’s been really horny for them for a long time. Though you think if that was the case he’d have texted you. So something to keep under wraps? Fuck you’re jealous. Two awakenings in town in the span of a short period? Maybe the power lottery will hit you next, at least you hope it does.

You look out the window to see a familiar face walking towards the DINER. Toni’s also vanished, both ignoring your desire to know the WHOS of the situation, but also cooking some food behind the counter. You frown a bit, but decide now’s the perfect time. You get in position behind the door, in it’s blind spot. Kazu walks in and looks to the side opposite of you, it’s in that moment that you grab him and give him a big ol noogie. You really grind into his scalp and he yelps in shock.


You prop him over your shoulder and then set him down gingerly in his seat a few moments later. He’s in a bit of a daze and tries to un-ruffle his hair for a moment before pouting.

Kazu: Nice to see you too sis
You: How’s it hanging shrimp?
Kazu: Well you see-

He goes on a 10 minute rant about what he’s been doing lately. But you’re used to this by now and know what to tune in and out from his tirades. The long and short of it is that he’s been doing fine, work is slow here, but it’s good experience because his mentor TREY is an EXCELLENT DOCTOR and a LICENSED SURGEON. Why he’s in the town is something Kazu hasn’t been able to extract, but he’s fairly certain he used to work for a MOD CLINIC as he does offer MODDING SERVICES here in town, though they’re not advertised and are only really offered to individuals that inquire about it. He doesn’t want the town swarming with new kin wanting his services and just wants to live a lax life. Your food arrives at this point and he continues on as the two of you eat.

He also briefly talks about the rumors in town. How CAT has been a little SNOOPY lately about WILLAMINA and has buddied up to her real fast. How WILLAMINA just AWAKENED to some ICE AND WIND POWERS. Of note he does not mention anything about CAT’S POWERS, you don’t bring it up either and wonder if TONI was lying to you about it being an open rumor as this chatterbox would DEFINITELY have said something about it. Other then that he says that the town SLUT, ANDREA has been really horning after CAT to which you smile, glad that he’s got SOMEONE interested in him again. All in all it seems like CAT is in a better place and that’s all you really hoped for.

You ask him how his romance life has been going and he suddenly shuts up, his sentences are short and he says that there was THIS ONE MOUSE GIRL that he’s into, but she’s uh, not into his lifestyle. You roll your eyes at him, you never got his obsession with MONOGAMY, such a small number of kin even practice it, but it’s his choice after all. You pat him on the shoulder and say he’ll find someone he vibes with eventually.

KAZU knows a lot about the town and events going on, he takes a long time to explain anything though, so you can ask him A FEW QUESTIONS before he has to get back to work. Is there anything that you want to know about LYST, or it’s KIN?
No. 1012776 ID: ce39da

"So, have Willamena or Audrey had any trouble with rumors or harassment? Toni here's offering some rather enticing suggestions about someone giving CAT and one of them a bit of trouble recently."
No. 1012779 ID: 96c896

Ask what the cool places are to go here in Lyst.
No. 1012780 ID: 25e6ce

Ask about anything interesting going on in town, and if there is a good place for Rudy to start his tinker work.
Maybe Kazu might mention that Fivin told him that Willamina is buying an old papermill and turning it into a tinker workshop that Rudy could use, and also how there are some awakeners coming to protect this town for some reason, which is weird because this town is peaceful and might be getting some locals concerned something might be up. He also heard one of the guards is supposedly a big deal and bets Nipha that it could be Shocker.

Oh yeah, and he heard some people mention they saw Cat walking around naked with Andrea.
No. 1012804 ID: e51896

Ask about Rupert, he's the main reason why Rudy wanted to come to the Lyst in the first place and you want to get a better idea of who he is.
Maybe also ask about any other important kin you should be aware of (so that you can assert your dominance over later)

Take a selfie with Kazu to send to Cat before he leaves. Maybe also think about why you haven't spoken to Cat for about 6 years as you do so. (Maybe texting cat the other day and saying it's been 6 years since they last spoke was an over exaggeration, since it felt like 6 years)
No. 1012817 ID: f4315b

To save a trip to the community center, ask Kazu about any clubs or activities happening today. If there is time before or after Rudy comes to town, you want to make an awesome first impression in town, and amaze everyone in an activity to get people realizing how great you are.

Also, show off the hover boots to Kazu, talk about how even though it breaks your vow to always be bottomless, the boots are an exception as they allow you to do rad tricks.


Suddenly realize despite its functionality, Rudy just made these boots as an evil ploy to trick you into wearing something under the waist. Begin formulating a prank to pull on him when he arrives in town.
No. 1013127 ID: afe7de
File 163460738422.png - (11.60KB , 500x500 , C3_069.png )

> Harrassment?
You mention that you've heard that someone's been harassing CAT lately. He gives you a long winded explanation how he’s heard inklings from the townies about CAT BEING A GOLD DIGGER, among other things, but he's been doing your best to put out counters to that when out and about.

Mostly because he actually knows CAT and is confused how such aggressive rumors could pop out so soon after his arrival. KAZU doesn't know the source of the rumor, so you mention TONI saying some sort of BEAST-KIN was the source and he just shrugs saying that a lot of the kin in town fit that description. He’d love to chat with the GOSSIPY GUS because DRAMA is fun for him, but not when it’s someone his friends care about. You look to the counter but TONI is nowhere to be seen.

> Cool Places?
He tells you that THE LAKE is a pretty swell establishment, but other then that the only real attraction of the town is the RUFFLED HAUNCH. He goes into various sort of vague details about it, it's clear he's been there more often then he's willing to admit, probably spending more money then he’s willing to admit.

You bet he just TALKS to the prostitutes instead of actually fucking them, not that there's anything wrong with that, but you can't imagine how much money you could make if you let him pay you to listen to him talk. MILLIONS? BILLIONS? You could charge per word and feed a small country.

> Clubs/Activities
He briefly mentions that the SWIMMING club is pretty cool, it's not actually swimming but a room where an AWAKENED uses their ANTIGRAV powers to make it as if you could swim in the whole room for an hour.

Other then that he's hardcore into BATTLEBLADE like before, but he whines about how they put a shock collar on him to get him to stop talking when he goes on for too long. Now that makes you bust a gut. In fact you laugh so hard the Lizard-man across the room leaves, but you don't care. You wonder why you didn't think of this solution earlier.

He also mentions the "PRON" CLUB, it's good for discussing nsfw content and other stuff and his trivia knowledge related to the topic means he's actually got quite a few people to discuss things with there. Especially when it comes to the more... Taboo topics, and given his medical background he can actually offer tips for the... less sanitary fetishes.
No. 1013128 ID: afe7de
File 163460739727.png - (11.92KB , 500x500 , C3_070.png )

> Rupert
You ask about RUPERT, you don't know much about the goat, but RUDY'S been in contact with him for a long time. KAZU mentions he was discharged in the past for something, but that NICKY hired him to be a librarian and gave him some space, but that he promised not to talk about it.

Now this intrigues you, he never wants to hold info back, so they must be blackmailing him with, and it must be JUICY. You eye your brother suspiciously but he just gives you that glassy eyed stare he sometimes has.

> Your boots!
You show off your sick kicks, their sleek design, awesome usability. But Kazu just giggles at it. You ask him why he's not impressed and he instead remarks:

Kazu: So he finally got you to wear something below the waist huh?
Nipha: What? No? These are like actually super useful and cool and...

You pause for a moment, despite their functionality, Rudy could have just made these boots to trick you into wearing something UNDER the waist. They do go up pretty high, almost nearing Thigh-Highs in length. He also spent a long time making them breathable and comfortable. You decide to do the petty thing and think of a good prank to pull on him when he arrives to town. It's the right thing to do and is only fair. Maybe you can emphasize that you want them to reveal as much fur as possible later and he'll make some modifications. Or maybe you're over-reacting and it's not a big deal. Nope, definitely the former, maybe you'll make him eat you out until he passes out again as revenge. You'll think on it.

It's at that moment that Kazu's phone buzzes and he says that he's gotta go, rushing out. But not before you catch him and take a quick selfie! Gotta keep a picture of him around, and it has to be SPONTANEOUS, really capture the fear in his eyes you know. You also make the background real dark and add some quick and sloppy text to remember the occasion by, a simple <3 you bro works for this.

After he leaves you pay the check and glare at TONI who pretends to be innocent. You also get a message.

Cat: AWAKE! I was tired sorry!
Cat: Meet at the Friendly Bean? I'm hungry.
You: Already there.
Cat: Nice, can I bring a friend?
You: Idgaf
Cat: Be there in a few!

You've got a few minutes to kill so you prop up your legs on the table, TONI looks like he's going to say something, but you don't budge, staring him down.

This is your big chance to make a COOL impression on him, you haven't seen him in years after all. He claims he was just busy, but that guy really worked himself to death from what RUDY totally hacked and found out, turns out the guy just kept going to dead end jobs and working himself to just not THINK about shit. You gave him his space after he recovered from THE INCIDENT, well not that THE INCIDENT, but the other one, we'll call this one THE NIGHTMARE because well it felt like one to him. The one with GIDEON, that BITCH. He wasnt too happy after you gave him a piece of your mind, and you can really only help so much, that kinda stuff takes TIME to recover from

Who shows up with CAT to brunch, and how do you greet them.
No. 1013144 ID: 96c896

Hmm, an appropriate prank would be to give Rudy a wedgie. Or depants him. Both related to clothes worn below the waist.

>who shows up to lunch
I feel like Willamina would really want to meet Kazu.

>something cool to do
Uh, I can't think of anything cool you can do when you're meeting him in here? Ask Toni for advice. (and hopefully Toni doesn't use an illusion to make you look uncool instead)
No. 1013145 ID: 629f2e

Hard agree with the top response on revenge prank. It's simple, yet meaningful.

It's gotta be Willamina, because you need to meet Willamina.

Creep up behind and give them both a friendly slap on the shoulder, before pulling them into a cool hug.
No. 1013152 ID: b15969

>you prop up your legs on the table, TONI looks like he's going to say something, but you don't budge, staring him down.

Gena said Toni is into beans, right? Probably that is why he is staring at Nipha with her legs on the table. To get his attention and make things awkward for him, slowly remove the boots and show off the beans while giving him a smirk. See how he reacts. (Maybe doing this will prevent him from doing his illusionary powers)

Mint comes with Cat (rex is in his pocket). Willamina is meeting with Nicky and couldn't come.
No. 1013164 ID: e51896

HOW TO PRANK RUDY: Depantsing him sounds good. If he's gonna trick us into wearing something below the waist, he's gotta in return know how it feels to be without pants out in public. Don't knock it till ya try it. Get Cat in on this prank. Tell him to wait for Rudy at the Bus stop while we'll wait on the roof of a building. When Rudy arrives, Cat will distract him with greetings and conversations while we will quietly descend from the roof behind him with our hover boots and pull his pants down.

I think Toni's intention was more wanting to tell Nipha to get her legs off the table since it's impolite, but is too scared to say anything after hearing about Nipha punching Gideon in the crotch. But I do find the idea of teasing Toni like that funny as Nipha is in the perfect position to do it. If Toni starts staring, tease him by glaring at him and say "whataya starin' at? my eyes are up here, tiger!" (wink afterwards to show you're kinda kidding)

WHAT FRIEND SHOWS UP:: I support Willamina coming. She needs to let Nipha know about her buying the papermill and turning it into a tinker workshop so Nipha can text Rudy about it. I think Mint is too busy preparing things for the dungeon and rex might be out in the forest looking for info.

HOW TO GREET THEM: Noogie Cat just like you did on Kazu... but turn it into a big ol' tight hug that almost suffocates Cat. Tell this dork how much you missed him the past 6 years. Then Fistbump Willamina and introduce yourself to her.
No. 1013166 ID: c92a02

Mint arrives, and you perform the traditional catfolk greeting of hissing and clawing at each other.
No. 1013168 ID: 094652

This but you immediately perform stretch dance moves afterwards.
Then have a nap contest.
No. 1013170 ID: 7018ac

Mint comes with Cat, just so Nipha can meet another cat with a guy named Cat. (Plus Cat needs to learn to be more comfortable around Mint by having her with him for this.)

Nipha attempts to rub her nose on Mint's nose, as cats do when they greet each other.
No. 1013172 ID: 9a2966

No. 1013182 ID: a3b7b5

Aphin shows up and you have clone makeouts.
No. 1013314 ID: f8fa51

I think there's only a handful of friends Cat's made in this town that he would want to bring to meet his old friend. So my vote is for any of willamina, Mint, Gena, and/or Andrea.
No. 1013599 ID: afe7de
File 163521481704.png - (8.86KB , 500x500 , C3_071.png )

> Willamina and Mint
You look out the window and see Cat wandering over with two girls in tow. One’s another cat in a cool looking JUMPSUIT with some BLUES and lots of BLACK. Reminds you of some sorta SCI-FI show you watched once with starship captains, like an officer uniform or something, is she some kind of cosplayer? She looks really serious for some reason. The other girl looks seriously fucked up, like half her body got burned. You kind of wince at that, imagining the pain she must’ve felt. But she’s smiling and acting pretty boisterously from the looks of it so she must be over it or it happened a long time ago.

The thing that strikes you as odd though is the presence Cat carries as he walks towards you. Like he’s full of a bit more CONFIDENCE then normal. He’d always slouch and look down, and while he is slouching a tad, he’s keeping his head up a bit more. Looks like leaving the city WAS the right call after all. A subtle smile creaks across your face as you see that, knowing he’s better now.

> Noogie and Hugs
They look to be in a heated discussion about something, but that dies down as they enter. You wave Cat over enthusiastically and as he gets closer you dash out and give him a noogie, it’s lighter then the one you gave KAZU, but still as forceful as you normally would do. He chuckles.

Cat: Heya NIPHA I missed ya.
You: I missed ya too ya goober, gimme a hug!

The two of your embrace for a bit, properly this time, you lift him up and as is tradition, crack his back while you’re at it. He gives off a brief moan of pleasure as you set him down and are seated. You turn your attention to the other two and introduce yourself.

You: I’m NIPHA, nice to meet ya.
Willamina: WILLAMINA, charmed.
Mint: This lowly one is MINT, pleasure to meet you new MISTRESS.

You guess she’s really into hardcore roleplay. You give CAT a LOOK, the kind that implies “so this is what you’re into now?” and WILLAMINA coughs, trying to hold in a chuckle. CAT seems a little flustered, but just waves his hand off. The three of them order some food, you’re still full, but you order a SMALL RED MILKSHAKE so you can have something in your mouth while they eat.

Willamina: So what brings ya to town? This place is pretty sparse after all, CAT mentioned RUPERT right?
You: Oh yeah, that, me and RUDY were looking to settle down in the area.
You: RUDY has a new project but the problem lies in the POWER SUPPLY
You: He needs a good TINKER who can help STABILIZE some of his more… chaotic problems
Cat: Wasn’t his focus in AI or something? What could he need unstable power for?
You: He’s branched out and has worked on other stuff like these HOVERBOOTS
You: Which are so sick by the way, I ate shit so many times figuring out how to use em
You: but FUCK if it’s not cool as hell

No. 1013600 ID: afe7de
File 163521483605.png - (11.94KB , 500x500 , C3_072.png )

Mint looks under the table at the boots and lets out a gasp, you feel the feline frisking you under the table.

You: Woah, down girl, at least ask before ya go down on me!
Mint: No, this, I haven’t seen this kind of detail since…
Mint: Nevermind.
Cat: You uh, alright there Mint?
Mint: Fine. Perfect. Wonderful Master.
Mint: This… RUDY person, they’re coming here soon yes?
You: Uh yeah, later today. He’s gotta pack up his little bots and stuff.
Mint: Good, yes. I’m also a tinker, just admiring his… work.
You: Aw shit really? Well he’ll definitely be interested in chatting you up.

You’re still confused as to why she got so obsessed over the boots in that moment, but decide to ignore the feeling for now. Cat mentions wanting to show you the WINNEBAGO when he’s done and you immediately get excited. You remember reading a NEWS ARTICLE on this car, the famous dungeon exploring vehicle by the famed SABA HADLEE.

You: But wait, how’d you get it?
Willamina: He’s my gramps and I’m the sole inheritor, or at least the presumed sole inheritor.
You: Well shit that’s fucking badass, is it as cool as the articles say?
Willamina: If GENA was here, her response would be something like
Willamina: It’s so fucking cool I get moist thinking about it, but I’m not that into cars.
You: Well what’re we waiting for! Oh right food.

You have time to grill them for more juicy deets, but for a brief moment you see CAT staring off into space, but like he’s focusing on something in space. You turn around only to notice nothing there. But your CAT LIKE SENSES tell you that there is in fact SOMETHING THERE, but it’s not hostile, must be a ghost or your imagination.

What do you talk about while they eat?

A. Mint’s Roleplay
B. The Paper Mill
C. Cat’s budding harem
D. Skip to the Winnebago
E. Other
No. 1013601 ID: c92a02

A, C, and can you join either one.
No. 1013602 ID: 9164c5

Hmm... best keep things on the down low in case it's Isabella's ghost. Keep business talk like Mint's roleplay (risking revealing she's a slave) and the papermill (keep it a suprise to everyone in town for later including the spirit) until we go to the winnebago.

C. Talk about his harem, learn about Gena, and Andrea.


E. Talk about asking them to help you prank Rudy.

If we want, we can bring up the mysterious flyer at the community center that Cat took a picture of, but maybe until we reach the winnebago
No. 1013605 ID: 96c896

No. 1013606 ID: 629f2e

C and A are musts.

If you wanna delve into E, there's the above idea on recruiting fellow pranksters, getting straight into some fun with your friend. >>1013602

You should also consider asking Cat about that beast-kin who isn't fond of Cat. Gotta know who they are before you accidentally treat them decently.
No. 1013610 ID: 094652

B, C. Making comics all day with a paper mill is kinda stale. How about designing new forms of clothing and armor made with high-density carbon paper?
No. 1013642 ID: f8fa51

A and C. Really tease him about it. You must make Cat blush brighter than the fucking sun.
No. 1013649 ID: dfbac0

E: He seems to be wearing some new bling. Does that ring seem familiar to you?
Otherwise, A.
No. 1013652 ID: 12197a

I highly doubt it's Isabella's spirit. Cat would have looked really nervous or at least slightly nervous if it was that angel since he was sweating bullets the first time he saw her, considering that spirit can summon fires, and Cat was also nervous after seeing Liminal's spirit.
I believe it's just Cat's bro and he was talking to Cat about something, which explains Cat's staring. Maybe he's reminding Cat about needing to talk to him about what he saw on television yesterday for example, or talking about Nipha. The cause for alarm would be if it gets hotter.

A and C. Tease him about the sci-fi roleplaying and ask to join his little harem since you also heard about his relation with Andrea. Also E to convince them to help you prank Rudy
No. 1014061 ID: afe7de
File 163582118133.png - (11.65KB , 500x500 , C3_073.png )

You get a mischievous smile on your face as you look over CAT whose eating some sort of burger and fries. He takes a bite out of one and notices your expression and you think you see a bead of sweat come on his forehead as he anticipates what you could possibly do or say.

You: So you building up a HAREM now CAT? I know you talked a little about that years ago.
Cat: Uhhh I uhh, no, uh, I mean I don’t know?
Willamina: HEY! It’s MY harem.
Willamina: Well technically it’s NO ONE’S harem but details DETAILS.
Cat: I dunno, I haven't really considered it? Everythings just uhhhh a lot?
Mint: Master and Mistress have weird hangups
Mint: Won’t even let me go mumble mumble forest mumble …
You: Well hey, if you’re happy that’s what counts right
You: I hope you’re at least a little LESS STRESSED.
Cat: NOPE! Still just as stressed, probably more stressed?

You frown at that, you could always count on him to at least be transparent about it, but it sucks to hear.

You: Well I’m here, so maybe things’ll be better. This place seems NICE, ya know.
You: Could be good to get some FRESH, NON SMOGGY AIR.

You: So what’s up with this chick?

You point to MINT, she’s barely touching her food, and seems to keep her head on a swivel. Not in an aggressive manner, but in an ALERT manner.

Mint: There’s nothing to it. I’m Master and Mistresses Humble servant.
You: So is it like a PET-PLAY kinda thing? She like get degraded all the time? Lick your toes or?

You see CAT grow VERY RED as you start to go into the intricacies of whatever sexual fantasies you’re imagining in the moment. He’s shaking his head wildly and is red as a… well… JUICY RED. Willamina is laughing her ass off in that moment and you think you see a single tear come out.

Cat: It’s not like that no, I mean it could be I mean I don’t know
Willamina: Oh yeah she loves being treated like that, 95% sure she gets off on it
You: Surprising yer like that in public though?
You: I mean I do some ROLEPLAY sometimes, but like getting into character like that the whole day sounds exhausting.
Mint: It’s not a character. That’s just how this one acts.

Your face scrunches up in that moment, maybe she was raised in a REALLY STRICT household. Heaven, maybe she was even a slave over in the wastes of WEST FLUXTOPA, you heard about SOME SHIT happening there. It’s entirely possible. You decide not to dig too deep into it as they finish their meals.
No. 1014062 ID: afe7de
File 163582119787.png - (11.08KB , 500x500 , C3_074.png )

The meal is finished and you pay for everyone, you’ve got money to spare so when WILLAMINA tries to foot the bill you hold her off, saying that you were the one inviting him out, so it’s only right you pay. The four of you head out, you keep your head high and take a deep breath of the freshly afternoon air. The walk to the WINNEBAGO is fairly short, just around the corner and up a few houses. You spatially map things out in your mind and realize you’re on the opposite side of the POST OFFICE, weird, but okay. And then you see it, this badass black chunky thing. It’s TOUGH and there’s nary a scratch on it. You sigh with regret as you’ve never AWAKENED, so dungeon dives are probably a big NO NO. You’ll probably never get to use it for its intended purposes, but damn if it isn’t cool.

They invite you inside, which you happily oblige them in and you notice something. Well it’s more like you FEEL something, the AIR inside this place is different. Not stagnant, you’d even call it SEPARATE. It gives you pause, you wonder if there’s some SPACIAL ENHANCEMENT going on in here. But the feeling’s gone in a moment and replaced with EXCITEMENT as you run around the place, looking at every nook and cranny before being gestured to have a seat at the table. CAT has a more SERIOUS expression on his face this time around. MINT’S off on a corner typing away on her COMM and WILLAMINA’s beside CAT.

Cat: So uh, we’ve got uh something to talk to you about.
Willamina: Should I take the lead?
Cat: No, no, we can both say parts of it, I think I have a better handle on it now then the other day.
You: So uh, I know you get attached to other kin fairly easily but don’t tell me…
You: You’re getting married into this harem after like uhhh a week, however long you’ve been here?
You: Do I need to beat the snot out of you and tell you to be patient?
Cat: What NOnNononoONonNoonono
Willamina: I like the cut of this girls gib, good sense of humor

You TRUST CAT a lot, maybe it’s something about POWERS? Oh goddess does he know a way to get you powers, oh please let it be that. You’re trying really hard to hold in the potential excitement from something like this, but your tail, normally pretty stationary is swaying fiercely and your ears are perked up as high as they could possibly be.

What do CAT and WILLAMINA tell YOU?
No. 1014070 ID: 629f2e

Okay, we've learned from our mistakes and won't dump this all on her at once. Let's narrow it down to two points.

1: Cat has a power to Awaken people, and will gladly use it on you if you want it.

2: The end of the world is coming, and they're working to try and stop it. Just blow by that point casually, don't make it sound scary or give a date, they're just letting you know that it's a thing.
No. 1014080 ID: e51896

Pretty much this. but to add on, they should also let Nipha know about the LIGHTNING GOD TECHNIQUE book to let her know her options (unless we decide to give it to Nicky if we don't want her to know Cat's true power)

3. Talk about the PAPERMILL and turning it into a tinker workshop, and getting her to convince Rudy to help by build stuff to help protect the town and ourselves for dungeon exploring and when the apocalypse happens. They'll mention they are going to see Nicky about buying the building either after we're done talking, or after Rudy shows up.

4. mum's the word. They tell Nipha to keep all this a secret, only talk about planning and Cat's powers inside the Winnebago, it is spirit proof. Right now, the fake story Nipha should go with is that Cat's power is that he can touch people and find out if they have a power or not.

5. They introduce Nipha to REX and CALLAN (Callan here can explain to Cat what he saw on television yesterday)


But the most important thing, after they explain everything, Nipha asks the following: how did Cat get his powers. Look very closely at how he reacts. (I have a suspicion personally that Cat might not have just got his powers randomly)
No. 1014081 ID: ce39da

Yeah, dunno what the full list will be, but the suspicions surrounding Isabella, Max, and the estate fire are off the table; maybe Willamena or Cannie could open up later, but right now those are strictly not Nipha's problems.

Yes to the AWAKENING and the END OF THE WORLD topics, though - and do warn her about the ANGELIC THREAT before you finalize anything. They know she'll probably accept anyway, but telling her the downside to COOL POWERS before she gets them is just good manners. They should make sure to emphasize that SABA HADLEE is the source for the "End" and "Angel" parts, so she doesn't think they've just gone collectively cuckoo and started a doomsday cult.

Alternative to the power Awakening, they do have a LIGHTNING GOD BOOK, though they're holding out for someone who's on the fence - Nipha could choose to wait for a response there before deciding if she wants.
No. 1014082 ID: a2493c

trying to blow casually past "the end of the world" is a really bad idea, -1 to that.

I think instead we should be as clinical about as we can and lead with us having the start of a plan to stop it, perhaps a "there's a faction trying to end the world, and we're trying to put a stop to that."
No. 1014084 ID: 094652

Cat: "I managed to resurrect the dead! I've never been so happy in my entire life! One time deal, though, but so worth it."
Willamina: "My grandfather discovered the awful truth: Heaven is corrupt and they ruled West Fluxtopia. They're also controlling the Heroes' League, among others."
No. 1014085 ID: 96c896

I think Cat+Wil should tell Nipha about his Power, and their plans to do a dungeon run to get strong enough to defend the town from anyone that tries to capture him for his ability, like for instance the corrupt Hero's League.

I'm not sure how we'd bring up Nunitus, Liminal, the angels/demons, or the apocalypse without mentioning the others. I guess the apocalypse could be mentioned without the conspiracy stuff? That seems reasonable. Nipha isn't the kind of person to abandon Cat if the world is in danger, but might get worried Cat is delusional if he starts going on about conspiracy stuff.
No. 1014091 ID: b5c538

It's exactly that. Kitties intuition. It's like you you can tell the future or some shit.
No. 1014102 ID: e24cf5

That you have to fight to the death with Mint to claim your place in this harem. Also, you aren’t leaving this Winnebago without superpowers.
No. 1014530 ID: afe7de
File 163642283738.png - (9.92KB , 500x500 , C3_075.png )

There’s this BRIEF moment where you can tell CAT was going to open up with a joke, he does this thing with a smile and his right eye crinkles before he stops and looks at WILLAMINA before continuing. He states that he’s going to try to be casual about it, having… MIXED RESULTS in the past few days with an extremely CLINICAL approach and an ALL ENCOMPASSING APPROACH.

He tells you two things primarily. The first, that he AWAKENED fairly recently, the day before he left the city. It was the impetus for him leaving. And his power is that he can AWAKEN OTHERS. You’re practically bouncing in your seat. This is literally a dream come true. You’ve literally had dreams of this kind of shit happening. It’s haunted you most of your life and made you depressed but now it’s happening and you just can’t control yourself and you let out a long and slowly increasing in volume scream of excitement.

You catch yourself midway through and motion for them to continue, you got too excited. They then move on to some BAD NEWS, that the end of the world is coming and that they want to at least ATTEMPT to stop it. Willamina cuts in and mentions that no, they WILL stop it. They briefly mention how the HL is corrupted and is trying to expedite the process. This quirks an eyebrow from you, but first you ask CAT a question.

You: Okay, I believe you 100%
You: BUT, what was it like?!?! Awakening? The experience?
You: We only speculated when we were younger, did you feel anything weird?
You: I imagine getting this kinda power must’ve been real intense.

You see Cat’s expression kind of hitch there for a moment. Willamina looks at him too, curious. He pauses for a moment, opens his mouth a few times, and closes it again before speaking, almost like he’s picking his words carefully.

Cat: Here’s the thing. I was taking a piss right.
Cat: And uhhhhhh yeah then a little later I had the power.
Cat: Yup that’s what happened.

You and WILLAMINA both squint your eyes at him, knowing that there’s definitely more to this story then he’s letting on. You press him briefly.

You: So were you like visited by something or someone and got it or?
Cat: No, nothing like that, uhhh it’s really embarrassing I just don’t want to talk about it
You: I bet you ate shit and pissed all over yourself or something

You hear Mint in the back corner chuff for a moment, holding back a snicker. Willamina’s got this look on CAT as he waves the conversation forward. They continue to introduce REX and then a SPIRIT manifests in that spot you just FELT something in. But wait you recognize this guy.

You: CALLAN? Like the BUBBLE guy? Wait no, more importantly!
You: Like secretly dated SHOCKER kind of Callan?
Callan: Well it wasn’t really a secret and it happened like when we were in school but yeah
Cat: Nipha did you write… fanfic of my brother… and SHOCKER?
You: I will neither confirm nor deny the facts of what I did as a horny kid.
You: You have to admit, you never talked about your bro, so like I didn't know,
You: I just thought the similar last name was-

No. 1014531 ID: afe7de
File 163642285401.png - (11.03KB , 500x500 , C3_076.png )

It takes you a moment to calm down over one of your childhood crushes being here but after a moment you’re cool and collected. Callan’s laughing a bit too hard over the situation and CAT just looks embarrassed. You see Willamina motion over and she asks you if you could send her that fanfic later for no reason in particular.

You also say hi to REX whose a cockroach and assume this was just a test AWAKENENING done by CAT, but he seems pretty rad for a roach. Also a bit too intelligent for a roach. You’d be lying if you didnt say it unnerved you. There’s suddenly silence in the room as you think inwardly. RUDY has access to a lot of INFORMATION given his predilection of messing with that AI NANNETE of his. Maybe NANNETE and RUDY already knew and coming here was a part of some sort of PLAN? You shoot him a text telling him to come to where you are ASAP.

You: Come to [ADDRESS] ASAP, I’m in the Winnebago parked on the driveway
Rudy: Something happen?
You: Yup.
Rudy: Be there in 30, got everything packed anyway.
You: Also did you make the boots so you could get me to wear something under the waist
Rudy: Uhhh, im going through a tunnel, losing connection hahaha

You close your COMM and continue, mentioning RUDY will be here in 30, and will probably have something to say about this whole situation. CAT and WILLAMINA continue, mentioning they’re buying the PAPER MILL to turn into a WORKSHOP for TINKERS so that they can develop GADGETS for a DUNGEONCRAWL they have planned out and designed by SABA. This certainly makes some things easier for you since RUDY was just going to buy that place anyway. You’d be SURPRISED by the dungeon but at this point you just want a power and are trying not to let your IMPATIENCE show, but it’s very hard.

You can tell that there’s probably conspiracies and other weird shit involved that they’re holding back on, which is totally fair, it’d probably get too overwhelming to dive into more, so after a few moments you ask the question you have become too impatient to ask.

You: Sooooooo, can I get a power
You: You gotta realize that you’re basically edging me at this point and I WILL come when I get one
You: I’m THAT fucking excited.
Cat: Uh no thoughts on the rest?
Willamina: Not WORRIED about the apocalypse?
You: RUDY probably knows something about this and was planning
You: This is a bit LARGE SCALE even for me, I’m used to smaller things
You: Take it one step at a time y’know?
You: Cat’s not stupid and I trust he wouldn’t even bring this up if there wasn’t something in the works
You: I’m down for this ride.
Cat: You know like we could all die right?
You: Which only really amounts to petty grievances
You: Over a pretty big corporation that practically is its own government at this point
You: And like, we’ll all die in the end CAT.
You: At least I can do it doing something that matters way more then whatever I’m doing now?
You: Plus if I can get strong enough to fuck up those HL shits it’s worth it.

At this point it feels like you’re riding on a train a few tracks over and are trying to make it switch gears so you can latch on to theirs, so there’s a little bit of a disconnect as you change gears. But the overall result seems to be satisfactory, so you ask about the awakening process. Cat tells you he needs to TOUCH you in order to give you a power and that thinking about the kind of power you want tends to help the process a bit. You ask if touching specific places has different effects on the powers, even asking if jerking her off to give it to her does anything, fucking her? At this point you’re just messing with him and he stutters claiming that he really doesn’t know.

What kind of POWER does NIPHA want? And how does CAT TOUCH HER to give her the power?
No. 1014534 ID: 629f2e

Nipha wants something cool. Preferably something that isn't purely good for combat, but that she can use to kick ass if she wants. Something she can just casually make use of in day to day life. On top of all of that: It should be something straightforward and easy to understand.

To toss out a few straight up suggestions:

DETONATE: The user can combust matter on contact. The strength of the explosion is relative to the quantity of targeted matter. The user cannot be harmed by their own blasts.

EXTREME SPEED: The user can move significantly faster while holding their breath. Their perception of time slows down while using this ability.

GAMBLER'S FALLACY: The user's luck becomes significantly more predictable, allowing the user to tell in advance when things will or will not work out for them.

As for how Cat is going to administer this new power... Look, Nipha isn't wearing pants, it's all I can think of. Slap that ass. Touch the butt.
No. 1014542 ID: ed588f

Reminder, we could give Nipha the OP LIGHTNING GOD TECHNIQUE HANDBOOK, make her a THUNDERCAT. Wanted to originally give it to Cannie, but after hearing of her anger management issues and ripping a kin's arm out, probably would be best for her to take anger management classes first

But we should also consider giving it to Nicky if we want to keep Cat's power a secret and want her to protect the town with an OP awakened power.

But I had a few ideas for powers, some of which is similar to Cat's power

Enigmatic Inhibitor

Basically the opposite of Cat's power

-Can spend energy to erase a nearby AWAKENED Target’s power TEMPORARILY. More energy used, the longer the target can't use powers
-Cannot be used on yourself

This will be useful against assassins

If leveled up, it gains more upgrades such as

-Can spend energy to erase an AWAKENED Target’s power PERMANENTLY.
-can spend energy to decrease a power’s level by 1 to a minimum of 1
-targets effected by Enigmatic Inhibitor can still be awakened on their own with either a new power, or their old power through normal means, including through Arcane Catalyst.

Esoteric Impetus

Basically, just like Arcane Catalyst, but instead of giving people awakened powers, Nipha can give people an [INNATE SKILL]

-Can spend energy to give a target an INNATE SKILL
-Can spend energy to increase an INNATE SKILL'S level by 1 to a maximum of ???
-Can't be used on yourself
-Targets can only get one INNATE SKILL

Let's give Willamina or Cat an innate skill (Cat might already have one tho if Iraphena can't detect him)

Internal radar

-have an passive internal map and radar that detects and pinpoints the presence and location of nearby people or monsters or spirits or traps
-Can spend energy detect where exactly someone or something is located when you think of them either by name or appearance. Even works on spirits.

This will be best for detecting spies, and to help protect us from monsters. Nipha does have her cat senses, lets take advantage of that.

Healing purrs

-use energy to heal people who are in proximity of your purrs.
-works more effectively if cuddling someone while purring
-can also work on healing poisons and diseases

We have the Phoenix pinion to heal tho, so we might not need this.
No. 1014543 ID: ed588f

Oh yeah, and slap dat ass
No. 1014564 ID: 094652

Nipha can now steal a portion of a target's soul, called an Aspect.
Aspects can be injected into Nipha or someone she touches. This will either create/strengthen a version of the aspect in the target, or weaken the aspect.
Stealing Aspects is temporary and they will eventually return to the soul they belong to, unless somehow destroyed.
While aspects are spiritual in nature, special techniques and power combinations can allow a complete genetic transfer / copy of physical characteristics.

Second choice is Esoteric Impetus
No. 1014576 ID: c92a02

Amazon Prime: The hornier Nipha gets, the bigger and stronger she gets. Her secret? She's always horny, Callan.
Cat: Touch the boob.
No. 1014591 ID: ce39da

SPEED QUEEN: NIPHA is a cat in the know - she'd know to go for a HIGH CONCEPT power that lets her do a lot of different things. Basically, she can CONTROL MOLECULAR MOVEMENT. With this, she can propel stuff (including herself) forward at astonishing speeds, light fires and boil blood through micro-vibrations, create molecularly inert space shields, disassemble matter and turn one element into another before reassembling into something else; the sky's the limit... even if she doesn't start in the sky quite yet. While TERRIFYINGLY POWERFUL at a high level, this power is probably UNDERWHELMING at the lower end, but lucky you, CAT can help alleviate that unexpected hiccup.

Tender butt petting.
No. 1014605 ID: 9a2966

>Power Desire - something versatile
STRANGER THAN FICTION: Nipha can make her fantasies come true!

That is, by concentrating on a mental image she can manifest fictional characters as Figments of Imagination (yes, even weird horny fanfic ones). The Energy invested equals the Figment's duration and 'uses', in that a character with powers or outlandish abilities has to spend energy at a significant mark-up in order to achieve the same effects. A Figment with no more energy will fade away.

Nipha can blow her load all at once on getting some OP Gary Stu to do a single powerful task ('stop that train, Superkinman') or she can keep a less powerful Figment around for longer doing less exhausting tasks ('be my bodyguard, Hunk Of My Dreams'). As long as Nipha has Energy she can keep 'investing' in the fantasy of the Figment, potentially making them more effective and stronger when used. A strong mental image of the subject - or emotional attachment - can help offset power costs.

While Figments will listen to Nipha, they have difficulty acting 'out of character' to their archetype. Stronger characters tend to have stronger agency, to the point where investing TOO MUCH into a powerful Figment over a longer duration may have unanticipated side effects, like experiencing "Character Growth". The power is Stranger Than Fiction, after all.

>Power Desire - something weird and excitable
Booty Shaker / Quake Maker / Natural Vibrator: Vibration powers! By being close (short range, a few meters), Nipha can wave her paws and make targets start vibrating at frequencies that can potentially start to tear objects apart (like an earthquake), create strong buzzing or keening noises (like vibrations running through glass structures), or be able to shift something large along the ground by sheer oscillatory movement (like how an unstable washing machine might wander the fuck around).

Living things can spend effort to resist this effect (Awakened, etc. more so), though it can be exhausting to counter. Nipha herself seems to take no harm from making parts of herself vibrate.

She feels she could also use it to make a fucking badass mono-molecular knife, since by by vibrating the molecules of an edge (or her claws) she'll be able to shear through atomic bonds. Badass! That's actually what she'd want it for, even if it's an upgraded thing. Well, that and she thinks she'd be able to use it to power, like, a dynamo or something and could use that to self-power Tinker tools. Also? Vibration powers probably has some fun fucking uses in bed.

Vibration powers are underrated.

>Power Desire - something weird and pawerful
Paw'n Punch: Nipha can deal disproportionate damage and KO any entity by landing even the weakest of paw punches to a 'Weak Pawnt' of theirs. She has an innate sense for what that Weak Pawnt is and can see it as a paw-print on their body.

Any entity KO'd in this manner is stunned or unconscious until they take additional damage, are revived, or sufficient time has passed for them to wake.

Greater beings (Awakened, Spirits, Demons, Angels, etc.) can resist this somewhat or disguise their Weak Pawnts, but the harder they're actually struck in their Weak Pawnt the more they'll be hurting, so if they're already pretty tapped they might just go out like a light anyway. Finding or getting at a Weak Pawnt can be a challenge in itself (a 15-feet boss golem's weak point being on a small protruding square at the top of their head that only pops up once the golem has been weakened enough, for example).

A Weak Pawnt can only be struck once a day (upgradable) and Nipha can only use Paw'n Punch a few times a day (upgradable).

As a cherry on top, for every worthy opponent (i.e. stronger than her) that Nipha has successfully Paw'n Punched, Nipha's STATS will increase according to the nature of the opponent (+ENDURANCE for taking out the strong golem, for example), enabling her to challenge ever stronger opponents and grow in combat.

Nipha wants this one badly because it is an elite killer. A pawer that can humble heroes.

>How does Cat give the power
Cat finally gets over himself and gives her a hug and a friendly noogie for being both such an overexcitable spaz and such a good sport about all of this, it's honestly a huge relief to him how well she's taking this.

And maybe he touches her butt too, why not, it's a nice butt.
No. 1014627 ID: f8fa51

Booty shaker for power.
Cat tries to get her back for the teasing by giving it to her with a grope.
No. 1014631 ID: 96c896

I kinda want a power where she can slow down time based on how fast she's moving.
No. 1014655 ID: 8ce3fa

he touches her by picking her nose
No. 1014656 ID: 094652

I changed my mind, secondary vote to Paw'n Punch.
No. 1014657 ID: afa6f6

>What kind of Power?
Well, from what we've seen so far, Nipha is a Kin of action, so any power she wants will definitely be an active power, rather than a passive one. She seem jump in and tackle problems head on, especially if it's on behalf of others, so she'd probably appreciate a power that at leas seems simple initially, and maybe one with an effect that can help people she likes as well as hurt people she doesnt. She really seems like she like to mix it up too, so it would probably be a combat power. I can see her desiring a Superman(kin) or similar powerset.

So, I'll suggest a version of a power submitted in the discussion thread:
(Supercharger):The user can use energy to amplify and increase one of their own physical traits or abilities at a time, or those of a nearby target, making them faster, stronger, more hardy, etc. The degree of amplification raises with higher energy investment, and as the ability level increases, the cost efficiency, as well as the fine control and types of effects that can be amped increase.

Choosing this because it would allow her to be a great frontline powerhouse, which we dont really have yet, as well as being versatile and letting her help others as well. I can see it maybe evolving into a pseudo healing ability down the line as well by allowing it to amplify natural healing ability.

If no one likes that, >>1014591
andSPEED QUEEN seem like a good mix of power and versatility for her, nice work.

>What Touch?
Smack dat azz, And barring that, Handholding, fingers interlocked, while maintaining eye contact!
No. 1014661 ID: c749d0

Paw'n Punch for BEANS!
No. 1014676 ID: b5c538

Boop da snoot
No. 1015267 ID: afe7de
File 163702457315.png - (13.28KB , 500x500 , C3_077.png )

Cat starts to wander over to you as you contemplate what kind of power you want. Definitely something SIMPLE but that might have MULTIPLE USES. You kind of like to GET IN THE MIX, so something that lets you front line would be good too. You think it’d be hilarious to be able to just waltz up to an opponent and give em a GENTLE BOOP and KO them instantly. But it could also be cool to be able to VIBRATE HARDCORE. OOOh, you even think about a power where you hold your breath and can move faster, as well as your perceptions speeding up to match. A little tickle in the back of your brain says a power the INVERSE of CAT’S might be really powerful, but you get a very strong feeling that there will be a HEAVY COST if you desire that power, it’s such a strong feeling your CAT LIKE INSTINCTS try to push away from the thought, giving you a more innate desire towards that one GENTLE BOOP power.

You turn around and wiggle your ass at CAT, in your favorite PRESENTING HINDQUARTERS pose, hoping he does something naughty as he reaches over and GRABS your ASS. You quiver with excitement but there’s a LULL, a final moment of pause before you start to feel anything.

What do you really want? (if you’re indecisive, pick 2, first gets 2 votes, second gets 1)

A. Paw’n Punch
- Can detect a WEAK PAWNT on ANY ENTITY that will be visible as a PAW PRINT on their body to you alone
- Allows a disproportionate amount of damage to be dealt by touching that spot with your hand or feet paws
- Can only be used once per day

B. Booty Shaker
- Can wave their paws to cause VIBRATIONS at various frequencies on objects and entities
- Future upgrades can allow you to control the way they vibrate
- Entities can spend effort to resist this effect

C. Extreme Speed
- Can move at increasing speeds based off of how long you’ve held your breath
- Your perception adjusts so that you can move normally while you are sped up, as if time was slowed

D. Gamblers Fallacy
- You can now predict, bank, and expend your own luck
- However this is GAMBLING and there may be UNFORSEEN CONSEQUENCES depending on how you abuse this

E. Ẹ̴͝n̶̥̔i̸͙̔g̷̥͆m̶̥͑a̴̮͑ṫ̶͍i̵̯̚ć̸̱ ̸̲̌I̶͍͂n̵̳̾ẖ̶͑ī̶̙b̷͓̚i̵̖͐t̶͙͝o̷͉̐r̶̨̉
- D̶̳̄O̵͍̐N̸͖̐'̴̜̄T̷͕̿ ̷̮̿P̶̦̀I̴̯͐C̸̙̀K̴͙̽ ̵̕ͅT̴̟̒H̸̬͠I̶̬͘S̶̢̕,̴̖̉ ̷̛̺D̶̳̄O̵͍̐N̸͖̐'̴̜̄T̷͕̿ ̷̮̿P̶̦̀I̴̯͐C̸̙̀K̴͙̽ ̵̕ͅT̴̟̒H̸̬͠I̶̬͘S̶̢̕,̴̖̉ ̷̛̺D̶̳̄O̵͍̐N̸͖̐'̴̜̄T̷͕̿ ̷̮̿P̶̦̀I̴̯͐C̸̙̀K̴͙̽ ̵̕ͅT̴̟̒H̸̬͠I̶̬͘S̶̢̕,̴̖̉ ̷̛̺D̶̳̄O̵͍̐N̸͖̐'̴̜̄T̷͕̿ ̷̮̿P̶̦̀I̴̯͐C̸̙̀K̴͙̽ ̵̕ͅT̴̟̒H̸̬͠I̶̬͘S̶̢̕,̴̖̉ ̷̛̺D̶̳̄O̵͍̐N̸͖̐'̴̜̄T̷͕̿ ̷̮̿P̶̦̀I̴̯͐C̸̙̀K̴͙̽ ̵̕ͅT̴̟̒H̸̬͠I̶̬͘S̶̢̕,̴̖̉ ̷̛̺D̶̳̄O̵͍̐N̸͖̐'̴̜̄T̷͕̿ ̷̮̿P̶̦̀I̴̯͐C̸̙̀K̴͙̽ ̵̕ͅT̴̟̒H̸̬͠I̶̬͘S̶̢̕,̴̖̉ ̷̛̺
- A price must be paid
- Your CAT LIKE INSTINCTS strongly suggest you NOT even THINK about this

No. 1015271 ID: 629f2e

Extreme Speed is my top choice, with Gambler's Fallacy as my second fave.

Don't pick E.
No. 1015273 ID: 96c896

Extreme Speed, or Paw'n Punch
No. 1015280 ID: 8483cf

Extreme Speed for epic grindz
No. 1015283 ID: a2493c

E for me, partly because someone doesn't want us to have it and is meddling in our head to prevent it and partly because I'm a sucker for a bad idea.

Otherwise, C, if only because we can abuse it to pants the entire town in an afternoon.
No. 1015287 ID: 094652

No. 1015313 ID: 16566a

A, although the potential for abusing B with sexytimes makes it a strong contender
No. 1015317 ID: e51896

A as first choice for BOOPS
B for intense hypnotic booty shaking.
No. 1015322 ID: f8fa51

Well, with that position, how could it be anything but BOOTY SHAKER?

Cat should hopefully go for the bait, too.
No. 1015323 ID: c92a02

Booty shaker, because holding your breath sounds annoying and A is too limited use.
No. 1015329 ID: d43396

C and B
No. 1015346 ID: dfbac0

No. 1015349 ID: 5378af

I say go with A, it just seems pretty strong
No. 1015353 ID: 30b9f6

The disturbing thing about E is that we know there's a power stealer out there, and if they could end up stealing the power to negate Cat's gifted powers... mmm. We might just be in for a bad time.

I'mma say A, for great boopening! Could lead to some interesting alphpaw strikes - and be a heck of a card to keep in reserve against a sudden stronk enemy appearing. It's not like Nipha would be without a plan B in the form of gadgets either, considering who she's hanging with.

Lowkey b should it get more support. Do like the idea of the booty shakin'. Maybe make it change from 'wave paws' to 'wave booty'?
No. 1015359 ID: ce39da

First B, then C; these seem like good powers with a lot of applications without much heavy drawback. Putting B first because the limits of what it can accomplish with a single charge are its only drawback.
No. 1015361 ID: afa6f6

B and c
No. 1015433 ID: f32c9a

Wag your tail slowly and in an enticing manner towards Willamina. Try and get her to stroke the tail, she can't resist. It isn't fair that only Cat gets to touch you.
No. 1015814 ID: afe7de
File 163763026350.png - (161.54KB , 500x500 , C3_078.png )

You wag your tail slowly and enticingly towards Willamina in such a way that she can’t resist. She’s stroking your tail while Cat grabs your ass. This is good. There’s another moment of pause when you’re concerned that nothing is going to happen when you feel a warming sensation from Cat’s touch reach out and stroke your mind. Your breathing becomes heavy as you feel what can only be described as a PIERCING MIGRAINE. Your vision turns SPOTTY and suddenly you’re not in the Winnebago anymore.

You’re not bent over, instead you’re standing up in a vacant, white, expanse. You shout out a HELLO only to be greeted with silence even from your own throat. It’s only after a short moment that you actually see the blurry outlines of many, many beings. They’re all indistinct, but your CAT-LIKE senses are still functioning and you can see a vague COLOR. There are SKY BLUES, YELLOWS, BRIGHT REDS, and even a small amount of PURPLE AURAS scattered about. You feel a sense of comfort as you look at them, but get the feeling of LONGING when you imagine them gazing at you. But there’s one color above all else that you stare at, whose form starts to solidify.

You see what appears to be a GREEN CAT with a heaven defying green aura, if it were your size, it would be half your height. But instead it feels almost as large as the sun, with a matching intensity. It looks at you and you can’t tell if the smile is MISCHEVOUS, HOSTILE, or SATISFIED. It holds up two of it’s digits with that same smile and you hear what can only be described as millions of kin taking a knee at once. It then puts a finger to it’s lips, miming a “SHHH” gesture.

You see two streaks of light come from the auras around you. One a fierce YELLOW with small wisps of GREEN, the other a soft and somber GREEN that seems shaky. They pierce through your body with a force that wakes you from this vision.

And now you’re back in the room, back with that headache, a soft blue glow suffusing your head and ass. CAT takes a step back and it takes you a moment to focus your vision and steady your mind with all the new information you feel inside. You notice a prompt in front of you.
No. 1015815 ID: afe7de
File 163763030047.png - (12.87KB , 500x500 , C3_079.png )


Age: 28

You have been gifted the following boons, colloquially known as POWERS:

The user has gained 10 ENERGY to be expended on uses of their abilities
- Recharges at a rate of 1 Energy every 30 minutes

The user can move at increasing speeds based off of the length that they have held their breath
Their perception adjusts so that they can move NORMALLY whilst sped up, as if time was slowed
- Your body has been adjusted so that you can hold your breath for 30 + (10x level) seconds
- Each use of this power, no matter the length, uses up [2 ENERGY]

Can wave their limbs to cause VIBRATIONS at various frequencies on OBJECTS and ENTITIES
Targets can attempt to RESIST these vibrations
- Currently at it’s most effective when the [BOOTY] is used to cause the VIBRATIONS
- Each use of this power, no matter the length, uses up [1 ENERGY]
- Vibrations will continue until the user stops moving the limb used to cause the VIBRATION
- Targets will vibrate at the rate at which you currently are SHAKING your limb
- It becomes increasingly more exhausting to use the longer it is maintained
- However, exhaustion caused this way is immediately wiped as soon as the motion stops
- Intensity multiples exponentially per level increase


The prompt then vanishes and the headache subsides. You now intuitively understand your powers, but take a moment to try to remember that VISION you just had. It’s FADING FAST when CAT speaks up.

Cat: It worked right?
Cat: I mean it soaked all my energy for the day so it had to have worked right?
Willamina: Of course it worked! There was the blue glow and everything
Willamina: Hey did you see anything WEIRD?
Willamina: I have this VAGUE MEMORY but can’t QUITE put my finger on it
Willamina: Like, the HARDER I think about it the MORE I forget?

No. 1015819 ID: 96c896

Tell them you are sworn to secrecy. Make a note to research your family's history regarding cat deities.

Also you know you gotta try this shit out, right? How subtle can you make the vibrations? You could vibrate Cat at some harmless frequency/amplitude to demonstrate.
No. 1015827 ID: e51896

Huh, Cat used up all his energy? I guess he can't awaken Nicky today unless we give her the Lightning God technique book, or wait until one of the days before the dungeon exploration.

Tell Cat his nickname [GREAT AWAKENER] is awesome, but not as awesome as your egotistical nickname you were given: "Heir to the Throne". You're genuine about it.

look at Cat's shirt and tell her you're supposed to tell no one when it comes to the visions.

Try out powers. Vibrate Cat's dick, and Willamina's pussy and breasts a tiny bit to give them a pleasurable sensation. We'll test our extreme speed to de-pants Rudy when he gets here.

What's next? before Rudy arrives, lets talk to that fairy and make a deal.
No. 1015859 ID: 094652

Get a green pen and draw a giant cat shushing you, along with some rainbows. That's all you understood and it's not that revealing of information anyway.

"Do the words 'may your passion incite change' mean anything to you? Anyways, let's test this power out!"

Be their personal dildo for the rest of the day. As gratitude.
No. 1015866 ID: afa6f6

OH... I didnt realize two powers were a possibility.
Or how those two power interact with each other. SO now Nipha can vibrate things by moving, increase the vibration based on how fast she moves and ALSO accelerate her movements with her other power.
Thats...very good.
No. 1015870 ID: 629f2e

Yeah, all of this sounds nice.
No. 1015880 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, don't tell Cat and Willamina about our extreme speed until we use it to depants Rudy. It'll be funnier that way if we confuse them first as to what happened.
No. 1015884 ID: ce39da

Oh. Oh yeah. Alone, these powers have potential, but together? Holy crap, that could be LETHAL if you put everything you can into it. I'm talking "Makima vs. Gun Demon contractors" levels of shit-your-pants danger if upgraded and purposefully applied.

"Isn't it bad luck to say what your wish is?"
No. 1015886 ID: e51896

yeah, imagine Nipha using her extreme speed to vibrate at intense speeds, we're talking earthquakes here, lol.
No. 1015946 ID: 84df78

Hell yeah! Tell you mine if you tell me yours.
No. 1017349 ID: afe7de
File 163946707131.gif - (88.75KB , 500x500 , C3_80.gif )

You: You ever get a moment where you see something you think you weren’t supposed to
You: And your psyche tries to get you to forget or not talk about it
Cat: Yes. You know I have, yes.
Willamina: No, not really
You: Cool so let’s just say I’m not supposed to talk about it, sorry

Willamina shrugs, curious, but seemingly not concerned.

You: But hold up mr [THE GREAT AWAKENER]
Cat: Ugh don’t remind me-
You: What a great nickname!
Cat: Wuh?
You: Finally getting some self confidence to call yourself [GREAT]!
Cat: I didn’t pick it though!
You: Either way it’s a good step for you.
You: Not as great as MINE though
You: HEIR TO THE THRONE, I bet it says that shit on my birth certificate
Cat: Oh right weren’t you royalty, weird
Willamina: Wait you’re ROYALTY? Like a lord or something?
You: Eh, I don’t like talking about it too much but we’ll be together a while
You: Just heir to the FLUXTOPAN MONARCHY, technically first in line but like
Willamina: Uh are you heir to the LITERALLY destroyed continent?
You: Yup, and I dooooooon’t caaaaaaaaare
You: They’re all fucking garbage, all treated me like shit
You: Literally shipped me half way across the world
You: And then killed themselves leaving me as the heir
You: Fuck West Fluxtopa
You: Fuck the lot of the royalty
You: I hope the living citizens rise up on their own and don’t take shit

There’s a pause as Willamina processes this, she looks like she’s about to say something, pauses, then starts again.

Willamina: You know Gena’s from WEST FLUXTOPA, left before all the shit went down
You: Oh shit really, well uh, don’t tell her please
You: Seriously anyone who finds out I’m from there gets… weird
Willamina: Well ACTUALLY she hates the monarchy there and their policies
You: Oh? Good, then it should be fine I guess
Cat: We can keep it secret unless you bring it up organically
You: That’d be dope.
You: Anyway, let’s test test these bad puppies out!

You get up and aim your ass generally in WILLAMINA and CAT’S direction before you start to shake it, slowly at first, but then with a larger frequency. It takes you a moment to kind of get the motions going, not really knowing how to do this, but it comes more naturally then you thought it would. You vibrate and both of them look at you funny before they fidget a little bit and blush.

Willamina: Are you… VIBRATING my tits?
Cat: And my dick?

You’re starting to sweat a little bit, so you decide to hold your breath at the same time and time starts to slow for you, your friends words slowing and slurring. You don’t go to extreme speeds but you do speed up a little bit, just to see, and after around 30 seconds you stop, taking a deep breath and your exhaustion from moments ago fades as you feel [3 ENERGY] leave your pool. You only did the motions lightly, but you basically confirm your theory that you could vibrate even things you CAN’T see directly but know the location of. You think you could use this offensively to get kin to drop their weapons, and that it could get way more intense then what you have now. You also think you could use this power easily to get someone’s pants or panties to drop. Shirts might be harder though.
No. 1017350 ID: afe7de
File 163946710206.png - (99.58KB , 500x500 , C3_081.png )

Your focus returns to your companions and they’re both flushed, your objective was arousal and you think it worked. You offer them a honk of your ass if they’re interested and they both give you a nice firm grasp before you step away and are seated again, leaving them flustered, you hear Cat mumble something about how you were always a tease. Willamina then elbows him and says that she knows he’s into that, otherwise how could he stand ANDREA at all.

Now that that’s out of the way you try to think of what to do next, RUDY won’t be here for another 20 minutes or so, but then WILLAMINA suggests something.

Willamina: What if we talked to the FAIRY now?
Cat: Huh? You sure?
Willamina: Yeah, I mean we got time to kill, Mint’s here
Willamina: Nipha can just vibe at him if he tries to flee
You: Yes, my ass is now a vibe machine
Cat: Well, yeah you can just use the artifact to suck him back in right?
Willamina: Yeah I just say return while holding it
You: Let’s talk to the bitch then!

Seeing no objection WILLAMINA pops the STASIS SPHERE out of her ring and tosses it on the table. It opens, a beam of light bringing the creature out as the sphere returns to her hand.

The being in front of you is bright. No, bright would be an understatement, it’s like looking into a light bulb after your pupils were dilated, but only on a small spot of your vision. Its… unnerving almost. The only thing you can see are 4 pairs of slightly onyx wings that sparkle with a relatively beautiful sheen. The creature is mid conversation as it pops out. You can vaguely make out it’s eyes but can tell that they’re closed, not having noticed the environment they’re in.

???: The last time SABA, you’re not a hot chick, and you won’t let me bang WILLAMINA
???: I mean CONTRACT her, so why should I let you use the DUNGEON huh?
???: My EMPLOYERS wouldn’t necessarily be happy that you chuckle fucks got a hold of one of these
???: Not that it matters, since my current employer is dead
???: You killed a smoking hot lady you know, 57th in line is a big deal!
???: Yeah I mean we killed around 12,459-ish of your kin but like sacrifices are necessary!

There’s a pause as the creature waits for a response. No one says anything for a moment, attempting to process exactly what was just said.

???: A HA has my mental acuity finally rendered you speechless you absolute beta!
???: I’ll wait, I’ll let you gather your thoughts, go on, bask in my glow, do it, it’s glorious.

The creature shines ever so slightly brighter as the room lulls in silence. You look around and no one really knows how to react to the situation.

What is this male fairy’s name?
And how does everyone react?

AUTHORS NOTE: You’ve now reached the free form segment where anyone can say anything, do anything or ask any questions. Nipha is prepared to VIBE at it to cause it to slow down and WILLAMINA can cause it to RETURN at any moment, so you have no need to worry about any form of retaliation.
No. 1017351 ID: e51896

His name is Sunshine. Since Landi's from Lazy Fairy's real name is Moonsine, his name is Sunshine.
No. 1017352 ID: 676f44

...y'know what sure. Seconding Sunshine. Oh, wait. Or maybe.

No. 1017355 ID: 629f2e

I'm rooting for his name being something stupidly normal, like Lenny. Call the fairy Lenny.

Willamina reacts by creating a small wind current and knocking him into the wall. Nipha laughs. Cat tries to get things on track and starts asking Lenny questions.
No. 1017357 ID: 8483cf

Adonis! Befitting his lordly demeanor. And self-absorbed and ladies' man personality.

And thirding "Sunshine" if Adonis isn't his thing.

Cat attempts to remain impassive. Willamina laughs at him and calls him an idiot. Nipha makes it very obvious she is not wearing pants.
No. 1017358 ID: 676f44

Wait I got ANOTHER idea. Apollo!
No. 1017359 ID: 6c227a

Willamina is all deadpan "you wanna do WHAT to Willamina?"
No. 1017360 ID: c92a02

His name is Dys.
Dys Nuts.

Willamina, get the spray bottle.
No. 1017392 ID: ce39da

Nipha, who isn't as acutely aware of the Hadlee family tree: "Pfft, you wanna do WHAT to Willamena?"

Willamena: Realize he's prolly talking about your grandma, not you, but he is walking right into this gag, may as well do it: "You wanna do WHAT to me? Say that again, SLOWLY. I want to make sure I didn't mishear... stud." Flaunt your scars as you accentuate that last word.

Cat: Go and get Mint if she's not already in the room and paying attention; she wants to be here for this.

And yeah, SUNSHINE sounds good, but he prefers to go by RAY.
No. 1017399 ID: 9a2966

Willemina: "Literally everyone you knew is dead and it's been thousands of years, the demon wars are over, but nobody, like, won. They're having a second go around, but nobody's sponsoring you anymore. Your dungeon just got, like, forgotten? This Saba must've done something. I think I'm, like, his distant blood descendant or something, since I found all of this shit in a time-preserving extra-dimensional space ring that opened when I got blood all over it."

She walks up and strokes him over his tiny, tiny chest, and tries to sound intrigued by this self-absorbed thing's rant.

"Aw, don't be sad, maybe the tried to erase your history because you were too great. Say... if you tell me about the glorious ancient history of the demon wars and your no doubt magnificent role in it, I'll let you have sex with me or something. We're very into having sex with tiny great people these days, I'm starting to feel good just from the look of you, and the sound of your voice. If I could just listen to it for a while longer, it'd put me into a real proper mood."

Everyone else: Shuuuut uuuuup and try not to laugh, cry and/or laughcry. This is going to end terribly, but it doesn't matter, because honestly, this guy deserves an epic prank and then some, from the sound of it.
No. 1017407 ID: 094652

Sir Conundrum "Quizwing" Dragonspan, Fairy-At-Arms of Her Majestic Salutations

Nipha: "As First In Line to the throne, I hereby declare The Lord and Lady Haydee Absolved Of All Charges and Crimes Against The Realm.
Bow, little traitor. Bow so deeply your knees play footsockball with your head."

Cat: "Good News: Saba's dead. Bad News: He took half your country with him."
Willamina: "Don't lie, honey. The whole country ceased to exist."
No. 1017416 ID: 50af53

Is it. Blind?
No. 1017933 ID: afe7de
File 164005278046.png - (12.14KB , 500x500 , C3_082.png )

There’s a pregnant pause that fills the room as you all look to each-other, unsure how to proceed. You wonder if the creature is blind, but realize it’s eyes are just closed in arrogance. Mint is already in the room, but she’s just silently observing in the background. It seems like no one is going to speak up, so you decide to take the plunge and be the first to say something.

You: Pffft, you wanna do WHAT to Willamina?
Willamina: You wanna do WHAT to me? Say that again…
Willamina: SLOWLY… I want to make sure I didn’t mishear that…
Willamina: STUD.

Willamina then takes a provocative pose which she uses to flaunt her scars on the last word. Both you and Cat have trouble not breaking out into laughter in that moment but Willamina eyes the two of you to play along. It’s only then that the fairy in front of you opens his eyes and turns to Willamina, there’s a momentary pause as he turns to Willamina before he speaks.

???: Woah WILLAMINA is that you? Did you get HOTTER somehow?
???: It’s like you took the definition of hot and got a bit too CRISPY
???: Though you do kind of smell like BACON now.
???: Wait and you want a contract now, fuckin hell yeah

The fairy flits about and zooms around Willamina with incredulous speed before going back onto the table and looking around the room.

???: WOAH where did all these HOT MOMMAS come from?!?!
???: Saba I didn’t know you had this fine of a harem
???: I just thought it was you and that shitheel Marth
???: Though this football head over there has some feminine enough traits
???: I GUESS they’re a good enough addition since you’re not EXCLUSIVELY into ladies
???: Uh Saba? You there? Normally you’d have tried to shoot me by now?

The fairy looks around the room again, this time in a more discerning manner before a literal question mark manifests above the creature’s head.

???: Wait a fluffing second, where the FUCK am I?
???: Who the FUCK are all of you decently attractive extras?
???: And why aren’t you all BOWING under the presence of SUNSHINE
???: the RAY of light formerly shining solely upon her lordship miss Dragonspan?

You guess this guy’s name is SUNSHINE? He is pretty bright, but this attitude is starting to rub at you a little bit. It’s not the compliments that bother you, but the backhand that comes nearly a moment after. You’re about to say something when Willamina speaks up again, a smirk on her face she’s trying fairly hard to control.
No. 1017934 ID: afe7de
File 164005279972.png - (86.45KB , 500x500 , C3_083.png )

Willamina: Literally everyone you knew is dead and its been thousands of years.
Willamina: The demon wars are over, but like nobody won
Willamina: They’re having a second go around but it’s a free for all
Willamina: I think your dungeon was like… forgotten? I’m Saba’s wayyy distant blood descendant, Willamina.
Willamina: Actually found you in a ring that I smeared my blood on
Sunshine: That… That’s impossible, how did you survive the Angels?
Sunshine: Furthermore why would they run a second round here, the mana should have been depleted
Sunshine: No what no, how why what?
Sunshine: I have no connection, I can’t siphon mana from the vents…

Willamina then wanders over to the slightly frightened fairy and pokes out a finger, stroking his tiny chest before continuing.

Willamina: Aw, don’t be sad, maybe they tried to erase your history because you’re too great?
Sunshine: Uh, I mean I am pretty badass
Willamina: Say… If you tell me about the GLORIOUS ancient history of the DEMON WARS
Willamina: And your no doubt magnificent role in it, I’ll let you have sex with me or something
Willamina: We’re very into having sex with tiny great kin these days
You: I’m starting to feel good just from looking at you *purr*
Willamina: Mmmm yes and the sound of your voice, if I could listen to it for just a while longerrr
Willamina: It’d put me in a real proper mood.
You: Did I mention I’m also not wearing pants.

You caught on to what Willamina was pulling and you give your best sexy eyes in tandem with Willamina to the fairy who at first was shocked and worried, but now is being flirted with. His vaguely visible form darts between looking at the two of you and Cat’s covering part of his face trying his hardest not to burst into laughter, you even think you see a single tear forming.

Sunshine: Sex… with a tiny person like me
Sunshine: AND TWO of you want deez nuts?
Sunshine: About DAMN TIME I got some needed respect for how KNOWLEDGEABLE and TOTALLY POWERFUL I WAS
Sunshine: I mean AM!
Sunshine: We can talk contracts later after that but yeah sure what do you wanna know!!?!?!?

This fairy seems to have been completely duped by your ruse, you’re almost shocked by how easy it was. All it took was some slight stroking of the ego and it was done. You get the feeling you could ask about a few different topics before he’ll try to redeem his sexual reward.

What do you ask about?

A. Why the demon war happens
B. The current demon king
C. Mana vents
D. Miss Dragonspan the 57th in line for the throne
E. Dungeon Fairies and their roles in this
F. Fairy Contracts
G. Other - Suggest something else

No. 1017935 ID: 96c896

A,C. Most of the other topics seem irrelevant, and we can ask about contracts when it comes time to make one.
No. 1017936 ID: 094652

ACEDB(FORMER, remember he thinks the demon king is either retired or dead)F and what happens when you die?
No. 1017937 ID: 629f2e

A and C seem like the most important topics, but I'd like to hear what he has to say on E as well.
No. 1017938 ID: 8483cf

A and F

No. 1017939 ID: c92a02

C, D & F. Did you do something to prevent him from drawing on mana vents? Maybe it's because we're in a dimensional pocket?
No. 1017950 ID: 138b64

A, C and F.
The demon wars cant be just about deciding the new king or queen, right?

And yeah, ask about contract.
No. 1017961 ID: 138b64

Also, if Sunshine finds out that he's being gaslighted and we're lying to him about the situation of the world, just show him pics of Landi
No. 1017987 ID: 25006c

Stuff that fairy so far up your mana vent that he doesn’t come out for another thousand years.
No. 1019356 ID: afe7de
File 164125786967.png - (38.83KB , 500x500 , C3_084.png )

You decide to ask about the history of the demon wars and why it happens.

Sunshine: Oh that?
Sunshine: Well it’s tradition mostly, but also there’s a reason behind it.
Sunshine: See the demons are under some restrictions
Sunshine: Or I guess were under some, given our circumstances
Sunshine: The long and short of it is that demons aren’t immortal
Sunshine: And becoming a demon king basically increases your lifespan by 1000 years
Sunshine: But it takes a fuck ton of mana to do that
Sunshine: And the best way to do that is to kill the excess weaker demons
Sunshine: But the demon world is a BIG place, ruled by the 72 lords with the king in charge
Sunshine: King is just a label it’s not a males only job
Sunshine: So, we pick a planet, terraform it slightly, and use that as the place we duke it out
Willamina: Why not pick an empty planet then?
Sunshine: Oh, it’s to give some lucky mortals a chance to ascend from their forever poor stature
Sunshine: We found this specific [REDACTED] and saw that this planet was low enough tier to work
Sunshine: Well not WE but upper management

You… couldn’t quite hear what he just said. It sounded like static to you, and it looks like he didn’t notice that none of you could understand it, strange. The only person in the room who seemed like they could get it was CAT. You’ll have to ask him later about it.

Willamina: But then there’s the angels too?
Sunshine: Oh yeah those fucks
Sunshine: They just follow us whenever demons leave the realm
Sunshine: They’re like automated bots that try to clean shit up
Sunshine: At first we left the mortals alone but they just killed them too
Sunshine: We felt kinda bad so we let them access the mana vents too
Sunshine: Plus some mortals have been crafty and even beat the system
Sunshine: Turned into a demon, and entered the race
Sunshine: One particular mortal NEARLY won out over all the others and got 3rd ranked
Sunshine: That was the last one now that you mention it
Sunshine: Anywho, she’s a pretty rad jackal and I will literally never say anything bad about her
Sunshine: Not because I’m afraid and have been extorted by her, nope.
Sunshine: Anyway, It’s because demons are beings of CHAOS
Sunshine: You just get higher quality products out of it if the natives participate
Sunshine: After all, the morally righteous are truly just the ones who kill everyone else faster
Sunshine: And can solidify their rule.

There’s a pause at the drop of this information, you look over to MINT who was pretending to be passive in this dialog but she’s visibly shaken. You can hear her mumble something about being stuck in time for a thousand years. She shudders.

Cat: So what about MANA VENTS, you talked about those a bit?
Nipha: Yeah, what’re those
Sunshine: Well they have another name, but it’s convenient for us to call them that
Sunshine: Basically the CORE of a planet is just a big hunk of energy
Sunshine: I’m talking historical energy like the life force of the planet
Sunshine: There’s another name but we can’t really say it in this [REDACTED]
Sunshine: Well I can’t for various reasons, not because I’m not all powerful
Sunshine: But it’s a restriction placed on… higher level beings that aren’t spirits

Sunshine points to Callan, whom you cannot see, but Cat acknowledges to everyone.

Sunshine: Ask this floaty fuck about it
Sunshine: Spirits break through some stupid rules but can only talk to like a small number of kin
Sunshine: Cause they’re spirits
Sunshine: Huh, you look familiar actually
Sunshine: …
Sunshine: Probably my imagination.
Sunshine: But yeah we access the vent, siphon the energy for all the teleporting and shenanegans
Sunshine: That energy gets poured back into the populous in various forms
Sunshine: Then you get rather banal powers
Sunshine: We’ve revamped the system a few thousand years ago so you can upgrade powers
Sunshine: There’s barely an extra drain and demons can use it too, so it’s a win win.
Willamina: So for clarification, all these powers and menus and stuff… those are coming from…
Willamina: From Faunus, our planet?
Sunshine: Yup!
Sunshine: Some planets talk to some kin and coordinate but others don’t care
Sunshine: Depends on how the [REDACTED] feel about what’s going on or if they have multiple domains
Sunshine: Usually the war ends and the planet’s lifespan is cut in half but, hey
Sunshine: The survivors become higher level beings in this life, so it’s whatever.
Willamina: But what do they look like?
Sunshine: Technically nothing?
Sunshine: I guess if you want to get technical a dungeon is like…
Sunshine: It’s like a flap for the vent?
Sunshine: Seriously since I can’t feel any vents this is a big problem for everyone

You’re getting sick of that static noise and wonder if it’s possible to intuit or interpret that. Cat seems to have figured out a few points but isn’t saying anything as he’s waiting for Sunshine to finish. You wonder if this place is dimensionally isolated though, Rudy talked about mana vents to you before briefly before you found the explanation so boring you just snogged him into silence. Something about dimensional isolation blocking access to the vents causing stagnation but also allowing for pure mana to be blah blah blah boooooring. Mana just gives us powers and refills us is all you really need to know.
No. 1019358 ID: afe7de
File 164125792610.png - (93.51KB , 500x500 , C3_085.png )

Willamina: So what’s this about some… contracts?
Willamina: I’m very beautiful and very smart so I know a thing or two about regular ones
Sunshine: Ah yeah, bacon bits, contracts are super awesome and amazing
Sunshine: So your simple minds can comprehend this amazing procedure I’ll give a brief explination
Sunshine: We basically link mana or energy pools based on the contract
Sunshine: You become a battery for me to do cool shit
Sunshine: I give you access to reality warping capabilities
Sunshine: I’ve got 3 domains past dungeon management I’m good at
Sunshine: Sight-Based Divination
Sunshine: Stuff like being able to see through clothes, detect magic, scanning etc
Nipha: Wait are you looking at us all naked right now?
Sunshine: Honey, Babydoll, Puss Puss, yes, of course I look at everyone naked
Sunshine: All of the time.
Sunshine: It takes practically NO mana because I’m that good at it
Sunshine: But I’m being polite and not scanning your artifacts because I’m in a-
Sunshine: Because I’m friendly! Definitely that!
Sunshine: Totally a cool ball of light!

There’s a part of the room that shifts uncomfortably at that, but then you all kind of stop and don’t feel that worried about it.

Sunshine: Speaking of light, that’s my second domain, Light and Heat, or the SUN I guess.
Sunshine: I had such a dim spark back in the day, but now I can absolutely BLIND everyone

He radiates with a large intensity, actually blinding everyone in the room for a moment before reverting to normal. He chuckles for a moment before continuing.

Sunshine: Chicks love it when you can be bright
Willamina: Ow, I need sunglasses
Sunshine: Sunglasses should be illegal!
Sunshine: Anyway the last one is the most boring
Sunshine: I can make physical illusions
Sunshine: So I can make my cock WHATEVER I want and feel with it too
Sunshine: I used to go around in the dungeon and make an avatar
Sunshine: I’d give adventurers “Quests”
Sunshine: Have them do weird and stupid tasks
Sunshine: Than reward them with relatively useless crap
Sunshine: They’d go NUTS over it
Sunshine: Got laid a lot from doing that

You think for a moment and realize that this guy, this fairy, thinks that the ability to create physical illusions that can replicate sensation is his least interesting power. You want to stomp your feet and object about how that’s literally the best power in his skill-set but pause and realize you shouldn’t over-inflate his ego. Not until you figure out what you can get out of this.

Sunshine: But yeah, I can have up to 3 contracts up at a time
Sunshine: The contract can be BROAD, meaning on each of the domains
Sunshine: OR it can be STRICT, meaning on just one
Sunshine: The tighter it is, the stronger your draw on my power is
Sunshine: But there’s nothing wrong with having a broader range of low level spells
Nipha: What about conditions?
Sunshine: Oh right those

He briefly goes into the main details of the contract. Stating its a contract of adhesion made by the demon world that even he can’t fuck with.

A. Both parties shall contribute self-generated mana to a shared mana repository
- Said repository shall consist of 125% of both parties’ maximum stored mana potential
B. Magical forces that would affect the contracted under normal conditions shall instead affect Sunshine
- This effect only works if the contracted and Sunshine are within range
C. Physical forces that would affect sunshine under normal conditions shall instead affect the contractor
- This effect only works if the contracted and Sunshine are within range
D. The contracted gains access to spells of the specific domain based off of their energy pool
- The contracted can request [x] uses of spells from Sunshine a day, increasing with their energy pool
- Sunshine can request [x] favors from the contracted a day where [x] is equal to spells requested
- Favors are defined as commands that the grantor must attempt to the best of their ability
- Violation of these requests from either party shall result in a reduced mana pool
- Each violation increases the duration of the reduction
E. This agreement lasts for 1 cycle [8 years]
- This agreement can be reinstated at the end of its current cycle and only then can it’s terms be tweaked
- This contract can only be terminated by both parties agreement or a failure to renew at the end of the cycle
F. Violations of said agreement shall result in the following
- Both parties mana repository maximum shall be cut in half
- Both parties natural mana gain shall be cut in half
G. All other terms contained herin shall be defined as set out in the Uniform Fairy Code, as ammended

You think it’s kind of cool, but don’t really want that contract right now. Your FELINE SENSES say that it doesn't fit you, and you trust your gut.

Sunshine: I’m gonna be using my favors for lots of sex
Sunshine: Lots of letting me chill in between your breasts
Sunshine: Sexual spelunking
Sunshine: Oh and good food
Sunshine: Ahhhh, make sure you use a lot of spells!
Sunshine: I mean losing the dungeon sucks, but hey I’ll get a vacation out of it
Sunshine: At least until I can figure out how to shift [REDACTED] and get myself a new dungeon

This little sprite of light has no idea what he’s getting himself into. You ALMOST feel bad for him. Almost. You remind yourself he’s responsible for quite a few deaths and is rather cavalier about it. Rudy should be arriving any moment now, and you gotta deal with this guy before you open the door and he finds out this was all an elaborate ruse.

What do you do now?
No. 1019360 ID: 094652

Remove clause C, you do not want to let Sunshine throw himself into traffic and voodoo you to death.

.5[x] favors

Five cycles.

Other than that sign it up.
No. 1019361 ID: 629f2e

Drop the ruse first. If we sign a contract of any kind under false terms, Sunshine will abuse his favors to inconvenience us out of spite until he's free from it. Not super helpful like that.

Talk to Cat and Willamina about what they want, and if either of them want to make a contract with it (you've already expressed that you don't). Can they both make contracts with Sunshine? Maybe Cat could make a STRICT contract to get his Light and Heat domain, letting him pair up with Willamina's Icy powers.

Willamina could also consider taking either a STRICT contract in the Sight or Physical Illusion domains (though if Cat isn't interested in the Light and Fire, she could totally rock both sides of the temperature spectrum), or just get a BROAD contract.

Push Cat harder since his powers don't really mean shit in a fight rn, but let them choose for themselves.

(Personally, my exact preferences would be Cat and Willamina both signing strict contracts on separate domains, but if only one can then Willamina should go for a BROAD one)
No. 1019365 ID: f8fa51

Willamina should try to get a contract. The physical illusions and sight-based divination are the most interesting. Paying for it with sex is whatever, just hope he knows how to use it.
No. 1019371 ID: 8483cf

Bold of you to assume contracts formed on the basis of deception are voidable in whatever jurisdiction Sunshine uses...

Willamina sign it!

The physical forces acting on something as small as Sunshine are way, WAY smaller than those that affect Willamina. Similar to how an ant can fall dozens of stories and be fine, the amount of force that is actually transferred to Sunshine is very small.
No. 1019387 ID: 96c896

Willamina should take the contract. Go all-in on illusion powers. We've already got divination covered for the most part thanks to Cat's artifact, and light/heat is just a generic power boost.

Willamina could get tips from TONI on how to use it effectively. Or even train with him. I really doubt TONI is interested in dungeon-delving and he'd be good for defending the town so it's fine if he stays out of the group.
No. 1019392 ID: 9a2966

Wow. That's an infodump and a half in exchange for a prank. Tricking this guy seems to have been worth it! Though it's probably time to let the curtain drop and take a bow - you'd never be able to maintain the ruse in the long run, after all. Don't make it too mocking though, he seems as much a product of his society - of this whole messed-up situation - as a vain, ego-inflated ass.

Ease him down, finger-pat him on the back, tell him you haven't got much real sympathy for him - what with tricking other mortals into their deaths for fun and profit and all - but if he's up for adventure and climbing back up the power rung, you're not gonna be as nasty - or as opposed to sexy funtimes - as ol' Saba was. You get that there was a grudge between them - on account of what happened, and well, THIS WHOLE END OF THE WORLD THING. Anyway, welcome to team mostly-mortal, demon war's still raging. You're late to the party, but you're here to kick ass and take names and you've got stuff for days from Saba's old caches, so you expect you'll make a dent or something. Maybe more than one.

Ah, yeah, Saba and original Willemina passed years ago. It has been SOME time. Just not as much as was claimed. Him being rediscovered by accident was pretty much true, though. Asshole Heroes' League kept Willemina the Younger's inheritance away from her until she Awakened. He know anything about those guys?

(Obviously one should be VERY careful about what secrets are revealed around 'im. Like Cat's Power-granting Power. He does have a loose mouth and seems easy to trick, after all!)

>The situation
And sheez, yeah, from everything he's revealed this really is like a whole dimensional conspiracy thing - heck, not even conspiracy, just... regular-ass exploitative bullshit taken to a logical extreme. There's societies out there who exist and benefit off of emptying worlds of mana and meaning - one at a time, it seems? Mint's world must've been the last. Or one of the last. She's not that old, after all.

It also means demons really are, well, more like people than you thought? They just upgrade themselves and their powers over time, with every world event, since they can attend multiple ones. They can keep it going for as long as they keep winning the Kingship or immortality-like rewards (probably a real benefit to be a long-lived race in the first place). And the Angels... are an extremist clean-up crew who chase the demons around? Hm. Probably way more to it than that. Especially with that static thing that kept popping up - that's not sus at all.

Anyway, mortals can become demons, so it's as much empowerment as a sort of a recruitment thing for them too, in a way. As long as you play along. Whoof, which some definitely would want to. "What other choice is there?" style. Well... nuts to that. Heck to that! Though it'd be an incredibly uphill battle: even if the demons are somehow repulsed or beaten, you'd have the angels to square off against and the world might still end up half gone to shit.

Hrm. Wonder if there's any way or benefit to stopping the mana leakage? If the Dungeons are vents, destroying dungeons seems like it'd be beneficial for the world at large - or its lifespan - although it might reduce the power-uppy-ness of things... or maybe it'd make other vents more powerful, build pressure towards those? No idea how dungeon works, gotta be some metaphysical bull in there, so who knows?

Seems like there could be a bit of a catch 22, too. Even if local mortals try to stop the dungeons and to some degree succeeds, that leaves fewer vents, which may mean less saturation of local mana for the dungeon-less area, and the vents that remain probably get a stronger flow through them, empowering those areas and those in and around them. It's just a theory, but that might be why it's so hard or next to impossible to actually fully stop the demons - some of them will benefit either way.

That, and the sad fact demons have hundereds of years and worlds to build their powers and arsenal to become formidable with. At least if they don't win the Kingship they'll get old and die eventually, but this is one messed-up contest they've got going.

Disturbed that there's no limit to harming one another in this contract through deliberately self-inflicting magical of physical harm next to the recipient... but otherwise this doesn't seem too bad? Can things be amended into it, or is it ironclad? Another amendment could be to keep the secrets of the other, so they can't sell 'em out, yeah?

Oooh. Hey! Yannow who this twerp might be a good fit for? Andrea. Several reasons.

She's got a sense of justice so wouldn't put up with him doing shitty stuff. She's tireless and horny most of the time, so would probably happily put up with sex trades for his requests (lean into it, even, as free sex for magic powers is, uh, kind of a great deal for her?). This would give Andrea access to 1-3 magic powers that she'd otherwise never get, too (unless through an item or Cat picks the upgrade that'd allow him to give people second powers). That power that grants physical illusions is, like, equivalent to free sex mods, too, no wonder Nipha's so enamored there.

Finally, if Andrea lost her mana capacity, heck, she'd probably not care that much? Like, if losing her mana weakens her Awakening and gives her a chance at sleeping like a normal person, she might actually be tempted by the possibility? Sucks for li'l ol' SUNSHINE here (but hey, he also made his bed killing other people for fun and profit), but her breaking the contract could actually be a SURPRISE THREAT to keep him in line, since he'd lose his own precious strength from it. At least for the cycle, which... let's be honest, is probably the extent of you guys' ability to affect the coming conflict.

But yeah, that's a thing to hold over him, if you really had to, after all: who'd voluntarily reduce their mana pool?! Well. Someone who's not benefiting THAT much from their powers, that's who! Which is something you'd actually have to be wary of SUNSHINE pulling in reverse - he could SELL OUT and REDUCE HIS OWN AND THE CONTRACTEE'S MAGIC POWER in EXCHANGE FOR BIG BIG DEMON FAVORS at a CRUCIAL POINT. So... better that he contracts someone who won't be even threatened or too much affected by it. Just emphasize the sex aspect of contracting Andrea and he'd probably be into it enough not to realize any potential drawbacks like that.

Plus, as long as you have the orb set to him, he can be sucked right back into it (uh... without really noticing, apparently, given how he appeared). Or be made to sell another dark secret of the universe in exchange for being let go from that particular threat (not that I think we should give up that card, but it's an option).

Ooooh, an option: If he gets angry and upset you can suck him back in at the appropriate time and then return to this conversation later when Andrea has been brought onboard. You could all then just pop back in his view wearing lingerie 'n shit and say it's time for his 'reward', as promised. Then just have a grand ol' sex party to get him to realize the benefits of - and form a contract with - Andrea.
No. 1019394 ID: 3439d7

Remember, if he gets upset with us, show him the Landi lewds!

I also wonder if Flicker the skunk can see through Sunshines's blinding light. Part of her powers stated she cant be blinded by the light.
No. 1019452 ID: 076735

I agree with dropping the 'prank'. If we're going to contract, best play our cards straight.
No. 1019472 ID: 0577ca

The contract is for Willamina, but what if you just did a one off trade of a favor for a spell right now? A little bit of tit for cat. Er, tat.
No. 1020649 ID: afe7de
File 164248371421.png - (47.16KB , 500x500 , C3_086.png )

As much as you want to keep this up, you think it’s best to come clean. You get the feeling not doing so will cause some rather… unpleasant results should you contract with him. You quirk your eyebrows to the others in the room and gesture that you should probably wrap it up. Willamina sighs very loudly, unholy shit this woman is sighing like the universe is ending and she’s resigned herself to it. Nice. Willamina gets up and pats the little sprite on the back before continuing

Willamina: Okay, time to come clean
Willamina: So time HAS passed, just not as much as you think
Willamina: Some more than 10 years, no idea how long you were there
Willamina: The war’s still going on
You: Though prophets say the apex is coming soon
Cat: Yeah, too soon
Sunshine: What?

The expression on his face is blank and of shock, but you think the shock is more from you actually revealing the ruse, rather than that he was duped. He gathers himself after a moment and continues.

Sunshine: You’re lucky you’re both hot and honest
Sunshine: Fuck, fine, okay I guess from your perspective I deserved that
Sunshine: Well played
Sunshine: Still doesen’t explain why we can’t access the vents
Sunshine: Which means I got no Mana, which means I still need to contract
Sunshine: My first favor’s gonna be a prank though, one to get back at y’all!!!

You see him flit around the room, slightly more energized from agitation, but think that coming clean was the right call. Just as he’s about to say something else, Cat points to Willamina’s ring and she gets a smug look on her face.

Willamina: I dunno, I WAS going to introduce you to another fairy
Sunshine: A who what now? Did someone beat another dungeon?
Willamina: Yes, but they’re not from that
Willamina: They’re actually from a poker game we play in
Willamina: She’s got a smoking hot adventurer and is really shiny
Willamina: Hold on I’ve got a pic here.

Willamina pulls out some of the photos from poker night of Landi before putting them on the table in front of Sunshine. He flits around them for a bit before nodding and glowing brightly.

Sunshine: Yo this sprite’s a slut, she turned off her magic just to get some pictures
Sunshine: I can respect a bitch that is willing to be vulnerable
Willamina: She said your 8 wings sounded hot
Sunshine: Wait she thinks my wings are hot?
Sunshine: Hmmm, this may come as a surprise to you…
Sunshine: But I’m bad at flirting with fairies
You: Didn’t you just say you decided to be the shiniest so you’d be irresistible?
Sunshine: Hey, the OUTSIDE is easy, but the INSIDE is hard
Sunshine: Though I wouldn’t mind SWAPPING MANA with her if you catch my drift
Willamina: We’ve got some saucier pics too, but I’m keeping those close to reward you if you’re good
Sunshine: I’ll be good! Just general fairy pranks honest!!!
Sunshine: So long as my needs are satisfied of course!
Willamina: She also loves drinking, I heard she was a party girl
Sunshine: Oh fuck yeah, someone actually on my level, I can’t sleep without some MOONSHINE
Sunshine: Do they still make that here?
You: Uh yeah, I think Rudy keeps a few jugs in storage because they’re from an old college friend
Sunshine: Heaven yeah! I tell you, that’s one thing I love about this planet, good mana enriched booze.
Sunshine: And if it doesn't work out with her we can just be party bros, I’ll take it… I’m not desperate…

It looks like Sunshine’s completely forgotten about any form of subterfuge and is fully distracted thinking about Landi. You see Willamina chuckling to herself, you’re not sure what about though, maybe it’s an inside joke.
No. 1020650 ID: afe7de
File 164248373836.png - (14.77KB , 500x500 , C3_087.png )

Willamina hashes out some details and realizes the contract isn’t adjustable, not at least until 8 years have passed. She says that she’ll think on this, but then lights up mentioning that ANDREA might do well to benefit from a contract. She’s absolutely sex obsessed and has no real powers other than lack of sleep. You nod and say that they’re a match made in hell.

WILLAMINA has formed a contract with SUNSHINE
- She has opted for a STRICT contract towards the domain of PHYSICAL ILLUSIONS
- It will take some time to train it’s proper use, but she’s excited by the prospective power boost

Cat also attempts to form a contract but Sunshine shakes his head and speaks in a high pitched, annoying voice that seems to be mocking Cat.

Sunshine: I wanna form a contract with you… PTHBBT
Sunshine: NOPE
Sunshine: I don’t contract with guys!
Cat: UGHHH The ONE TIME being a girl would have benefited me!
Willamina: There, there Cat.
Willamina: We’ve got another friend to introduce you to later, ANDREA
Willamina: She’s a total slut so you can get your cravings through her
Willamina: If she’s even interested
Cat: I’d bet money on it, 10 bux right here
Willamina: Call.

Just as you’re about to get in on this bet your COMM buzzes, you check the message and it appears that RUDY is about to arrive. Since a contract’s been signed there’s no real worry about Sunshine fleeing and doing something drastic.

You: Rudy’s here
Cat: Oh, should we let him in, or meet him outside?
You: Have you seen his ride before?
Cat: Uh… No, it’s been years remember?
You: Oh, right, well it’s nothing special, I see it nearly every day anyway

Willamina’s celebration is happening in a few hours.
What do you do?

A. Invite Rudy inside
B. Head outside to meet Rudy
C. Call over someone else on one of your Comms
- You could call over Gena, Andrea, or anyone else you feel like talking to
D. Ready a prank on Rudy
- Work together with everyone else to come up with a plan of action
- Rudy will definitely look like a weenie
- You’re 95% confident he won’t see through this one
No. 1020652 ID: 0764c5

A, meet him inside, Isabella's spirit or spies might be outside, we need to talk to him about the heavy stuff, and about us signing a contract to the paper mill with Nicky for him to use inside the spirit proof vehicle

Also D nothing much, just let him be distracted, then use your extreme speed to depants Rudy. Good way to reveal to everyone your second power since they only know youe vibraton skill.
No. 1020654 ID: 629f2e

D, the opportunity calls for it.

Test out your EXTREME SPEED with a hit and run depantsing. Try to wrap it up fast enough he doesn't even realize it's happened.

Simple, effective, and let's you show off your new powers.
No. 1020656 ID: 8483cf

This, and have fun with it! There's only so many opportunities we have to mess with people, better to enjoy it as much as possible now.
No. 1020657 ID: 3a2387

Get him A inside.

Prank revenge for clothing boots is for later.
No. 1020779 ID: c92a02

D. Just tackle him and yell 'Pranked!'
No. 1021898 ID: 0838d6
File 164365607693.png - (8.98KB , 500x500 , C3_088.png )

AUTHORS NOTE: After proving his worth by making the art for PQ, I've decided to capture Tippler and release him into the koi pond at my compound. Don't worry there's internet access in the pond. Panel images will now be drawn by him while I occasionally splice in my own, which means a more frequent update pace. Enjoy!

You text Rudy with the intention of getting him to come inside the Winnebago. There's no real reason to show off the airship, plus they'll see it in a little anyway, you bet their shocked faces will be worth the wait. You can feel your prankish energy surging as you plan to bamboozle and surprise both parties.

But now for the main conundrum, how to prank him. After a moment of contemplation you've got it. You get Cat and Willamina together and are going to have them let him inside after you give them the signal. You're going to use your [EXTREME SPEED] when it's at its peak so you can quickly depants him, without him noticing and then tackle him, yelling PRANKED! It's a two-pronged maneuver that HAS to work.

The two lead Rudy inside, you peek at him around your hiding place and see that he's wearing a hoodie with sleeves that are just slightly too long for his arms, and a pair of warm looking jeans. You eye his belt, just barely visible, it's loose, just like you know he keeps it. Your target has been acquired, so you signal Cat to get his attention, and he does so.

You hold your breath and activate your power. At first, it looks like nothing is happening, but then you notice things get a little... weird, almost like someone hit the bullet-time feature in reality. Everyone's limbs kind of... smudge as they move, it's a weird sensation. 10 seconds pass and things are starting to slow down more and more. After around 20 seconds you can see that the incremental gains of the slowness is decreasing, it seems like it takes a bit to kick in fully, but after a while the time you’re at maintains a constant state.
No. 1021900 ID: 0838d6
File 164365613022.png - (11.72KB , 500x500 , C3_089.png )

You try moving around a bit, and feel like you're moving through water, is this the air around you? You don't think twice, you step over, pull down his pants, chuckle at his undies, they're boxers with a bunch of WANOMAY eyes on them, and step back into the shadows. You can hear his OH SHIT in super slow motion as you release your held breath. You didn’t exactly time it but it felt like you gained around 40 extra seconds, maybe longer, maybe less? With a smirk you get his attention, as he looks like he's about to trip over himself. He turns around.

You: Hey Rudy!
Rudy: Wh-How?!

You pounce on him, landing gracefully on his chest as he hits his head on the ground. You hear him yelp a bit, but know it's nothing serious, his hair is SERIOUSLY POOFY, so it probably only stung a bit. Cat and Willamina both can’t stop laughing, so you take the chance to whisper a few words to him.

Rudy: Was *ow* your urgent thing an urgent need to prank me
You: That’s part of it, but no
You: You know about the apocalypse right?
Rudy: Uhhhhhhh

He suddenly looks quite guilty and you can see his eyes shifting around the Winnebago before settling back on you.

Rudy: Yeah, I was going to talk about it eventually but uhhh
Rudy: I was trying to get Nanette to actually verify the shit
Rudy: I don’t have access to anyone prescient so it’s kind of hard to go off hearsay
You: Is that also why we’re moving to this small town, and you’ve redoubled your tinker efforts?

No. 1021901 ID: 0838d6
File 164365614704.png - (10.52KB , 500x500 , C3_090.png )

Rudy: Listen, man, I’m no doomsday apocalypse theorist
Rudy: But I think a small town factory would be a good place for me to make weird shit
Rudy: And also it’s kind of out of the way from the nearest large city center
Rudy: So two birds one stone?

You get a grin on your face, one that Rudy knows means that there will be consequences later, sexy consequences. You turn around and look at your companions.

You: Okay, he’s here, and knows some stuff I guess
Rudy: *MPHH*
You: Oh right, we need him to talk.
Cat: Pfff
Willamina: HAH, okay, ahh, needed a good chuckle.

Willamina and Cat have finally stopped their chuckling, and head over, pushing you off of Rudy. You pull up his pants and give his ass a firm smack before gesturing to a nearby seat. He grumbles a bit before being seated.

Rudy: Okay so what’s the ACTUAL situation?
Cat: Angels and demons are fighting, demons are just like… if capitalism was more extreme?
Mint: Fracking the planet for magic and also having internal conflicts
Willamina: Angels are bad, apocalypse soon, demons are bad but… less somehow?
Sunshine: Hey! We are an important part of the [REDACTED] ecosystem!
Willamina: Oh we have a former dungeon fairy now, say hi Sunshine
Sunshine: HI SUNSHINE!
Sunshine: Your hair sucks!
Cat: That’s Mint and Willamina, oh and Rex is over there in the atrium
Cat: He’s a telepathic roach
You: Oh, and they found a power leveling dungeon
Rudy: Huh… Did I wake up in a videogame today?
Rudy: Did I just walk into the protagonist's party or something?
You: Yup!
Rudy: That was a joke…

No. 1021902 ID: 0838d6
File 164365622724.png - (295.27KB , 500x500 , C3_091.png )

Rudy: Uuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhh
Rudy: Slams his head on the desk
Willamina: Did he just say “slams his head on the desk”
Rudy: Yes because I didn’t want to actually do it
Rudy: Okay, Okay, fuck.
Rudy: Flufffffffffffffffffff
Rudy: Okay.
Rudy: And you’re having a party in like an hour?
Willamina: Yup!
Rudy: I’m going to have to get wasted tonight fuck this
Rudy: I’m gonna have NANNETE run some searches for info to see if I can learn more

He takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes before putting them back on

Rudy: So I’m NOT going in the dungeon, I’m a tinker, mostly support
Rudy: But I’ll work with Mint over there and talk to Rupert, I was going to hire him anyway
Rudy: But now things are more urgent
You: Hey! Don’t replace me with another catgirl!
Rudy: I could NEVER replace you, you balance out my energy levels.
You: *pouts*
Rudy: Plus I’m always busy, so it’s hard to even FIND another kin around

Rudy is onboard with your plans and can provide support. His fields of expertise are AI, enchantment, and programming. He says the name for his skill has something to do with RUNES, but that it’s extremely limited and has an INSANE power draw.

You’ve got an hour to go before Willamina’s party, what do you do (pick 2)?

A. CAT wants to go talk to BOBBY SLURPS
- Your POV will switch to Cat
B. WILLAMINA wants to go see NICKY
- Your POV will switch to Willamina
C. RUDY wants to go see RUPERT
- Why would you want to see things from Rudy’s Pov?
D. NIPHA wants to do some SICK TRICKS out in town
- You’ll remain in Nipha’s POV
- Suggest a character for her to bump into!

E. SUNSHINE wants to call in a favor and you get the feeling it might be a ride
- Your POV will switch to Sunshine
F. REX is feeling excited to be a part of things again
- Your POV will switch to Rex
- You have no idea what will happen

G. ANDREA is off at work
- Your POV will switch to Andrea
- Is something happening at the Police station?

H. GENA is on her computer doing several things at once
- Your POV will switch to GENA
- Is something happening online?

- Suggest a character to do something and with who

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Here’s a free time segment so you can go interact with or do whatever you want with characters around town. Feel free to send characters to different places! I’ll select the top two and have those be the things you go see next!

After these two little vignettes we will be back to Cat’s POV for the party!

No. 1021904 ID: 629f2e

E and G. Don't wanna pass up a chance to be Sunshine for a bit, and bunny.
No. 1021906 ID: 2bbf61

Get some R&R with Rex and Rudy.
No. 1021907 ID: ce39da

Calling in one of Sunshine’s favors now in a safe environment (E) might be prudent.

Meanwhile, having something happen with Gena online (H) would be interesting - seems like the remote-play shenanigans she and Andrea have gotten up to have yet to be properly explored. (Maybe getting one of the King candidates as a patron so soon could end up getting the attention of one of the others.)

Fun interactions abound in both scenes, but also with the opportunity to get two characters some more broader-scope lore-drops.
No. 1021913 ID: 094652

You are now Isabella
Meditating until Cannie messes up your divine focus.
No. 1021921 ID: c92a02

E,F. Be smug as a bug.
No. 1021930 ID: 94a774

Mainly B Willamina for CONTRACT SIGNING and MEETING THE TOWN GUARDS. Lets make a good impression on them.

F Rex. Lets go spying again. Im thinking
Spy on that one club activity we found on a flyer with giberish text the other day with the adress in the outskirts of town. Maybe that is still going on and we can look into it.
Otherwise, either the brothel, or the forest to see what those places are like as we havent been there. Be careful, it's raining soon!
No. 1021967 ID: e51896

To add to my Rex vote, he should be able to get to that mysterious address we found at the community center easily since he can hitch a ride on Cat on his way to Bobby's at the outskirts of town, investigate the address, and meet up with Cat at Bobby's place by the time both of them are done. Even if whatever club activity that was is over, we may find clues.
No. 1021968 ID: 9a2966

B and F. Will and Rex.
No. 1021971 ID: 8483cf

E and B. I have it on good authority that Sunshine has X-ray clothing vision, we gotta use and abuse!
No. 1021985 ID: 34dfce

>fluff (as a swear)

Am I looking to far into this, or would other characters in-universe think that was kind of weird?
(probably nothing, but it was subtly implied in shards and plushquest that this and plushquest share their settings. Idk if this is important or not...)
No. 1022005 ID: c7a01b

B, E
No. 1022131 ID: f7a161
File 164384139599.png - (12.60KB , 500x500 , 63C79C26-A2A2-4E66-BBF6-6FC64E86A2DD.png )

AUTHORS NOTE: There will be a runoff vote at the end of the current POV to decide who you’ll follow next

Your name is SUNSHINE and you've lost your dungeon. Normally you'd be incredibly pissed off that not only have you been bamboozled and absolutely FUCKED, but that you also lost your dungeon. Fortunately the completely scarred but still not completely ugly Willamina was around to tell you all the right things to make you forget about the fact that you're going to be wading around in the massive pile of feces that is this planet.

Sure, the people are fine, but it's no mana dense paradise like your dungeon. You'll also have to cut back on the murder, mortals kind of hate it when you do that. At least you’re so skilled at your divination skills you can see pretty much everyone naked at all times.

You can tell these chucklefucks and bodacious babes are just ACHING, DYING, and are ABSOLUTELY MOIST at the idea of you showing off your powers, but first, a quick game of HOT OR NOT. You look around the room, you've got a basic idea of who everyone is at this point.

- Also every time you look at him you feel like someone’s looking back
- Honestly she’s hotter with the outfit on
- MMMM and she SMELLS like bacon, how does she do it?
- You don’t really have a thing for furries but she carries herself in J U S T the right way
- A gross boy, at least he’s got some latent mana, probably has weird dreams
- You’ve gotta be careful on this one, don’t be the ultimate sleaze, just be like a moderate sleaze

Seems accurate.
No. 1022132 ID: f7a161
File 164384147432.png - (10.76KB , 500x500 , 897004F9-D257-4B1E-B2C1-9AAE33C557BC.png )

Looks like everyone's going their own ways. You'll admit, your short attention span means you only really paid attention to the women. It's a FLAW of yours, but what others call a flaw you call a QUIRK. Willamina heads out of the vehicle shaped prison and you suddenly feel the mana SWELL around you, reminding you very directly that you were just LIED TO. You also notice that this was Saba’s old “rust bucket” as he lovingly called it. You never saw the inside before now.

You're about to say something when she speaks up instead. Her voice is husky and carries a stern-ness to it, with her volume rising and falling at seemingly random. But dammit something about her appearance sparkles to you and so you ignore that tiny screaming voice inside of you to listen to the nakedly perceived babe.

Willamina: So, HANDSOME, mind giving me a demonstration
Willamina: Just so I can know what we’re WORKING with here?
You: Of cooooooourse!
You: Allow me to blind and dazzle you with my sheer prowess!

You can think of a few pretty badass things to do right now, but this is a town in the land of the mortals so you have to keep it at least 50% more low key than normal, don’t want to draw the WRONG ATTENTION. Plus, the cooler your performance, the more you feel like you could get away with your planned UPCOMING PUNISHMENT for these mortals, gotta teach her at least a minor lesson.


- Look for any strange mana signatures in the area
- You can sense a few interesting things NEARBY, you’ve got no idea what they could be.
- You can sense something in the distance to the SOUTH-WEST, you think it’s in a forest?
- You can sense something in the distance to the NORTH-WEST, it feels familiar.
- Pick one to look into

- Make things warmer
You: I can make things warmer
Willamina: Pass
You: Fireball, Flare???
Willamina: Cool but not right now
You: Uh okay
- Make an avatar or manifest something
- You can make an illusion of a body that lasts 8 hours
- You can make 3 of these day with your current pool of energy
- This body can be up to 7 feet tall and be any form you like
- You don’t like to manifest fur, it takes too much effort and cuts the time you can manifest in half.
- If you do this, what kind of body do you make yourself?

- I could always improvise or combine powers

No. 1022133 ID: 93ba79

Well first, take stock of the surroundings. Where are you and how many witnesses could be there?
No. 1022134 ID: 47c782

C: Avatar! Time to flex on these mortals. Let's become SWOLE
No. 1022135 ID: f452e3

A - familiar feeling to the NW.
No. 1022136 ID: 629f2e

C, Sunshine should mirror Willamina, making a body like hers but with the scarred and normal sides flipped.

In true fairy fashion however, he bungles it up by forgetting to make clothes. Kind of hard to remember something you can't see.
No. 1022141 ID: c92a02

C. Make a real long tall beanpole of an elf, in your signature toga. Can elves have eyes places other than on the one side of their face? Must have been a while since you've seen one.
No. 1022147 ID: 96c896

C, make yourself into a GigaChad. If someone asks who you are or where you came from, refuse to explain.
No. 1022148 ID: 094652

Detet Magoo, NW
No. 1022149 ID: 92f8ea

D, you use you illusions to make willamina appear naked in front of people, get petty revenge outta the way

C. Disguise yourself as [STEVE]!
Or disguise as a leprechaun.
No. 1022153 ID: e51896

C. We need a disguise asap, be weird if people saw a fairy.

Few avatar ideas:
I like the idea of an elf. But have a a beanie and a bowtie! Chicks dig the bowtie! (Can be lean and tall like the previous suggestor mentioned, or short, as long as we got the beanie and bowtie.)

Or a floral kin venus flytrap. Dont see much of those

Or a paperling living origmai, Just pretend you're an origami robot made by Rudy if anyone asks as an alibi. Intimidate or threaten to attack if people try to pet you.

But maybe we can also manifest an illusion of a paperling after we create our avatar to act as our robotic pet.
No. 1022353 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, if you choose an elf avatar, use the name RAYMOND (to mirror Raelynn from lazy fairy)
No. 1022375 ID: 0838d6
File 164400913403.png - (12.07KB , 500x500 , C3_94.png )

That tingling magic sensation that's barely flickering to the NORTHWEST is easy to ignore, there's always strange signatures like that out there in the wild, and you find it best to ignore the fuck out of them unless they get too close. So you focus your efforts on a badass Illusion. Some form you can use to waltz around town and only attract the minimal amount of glances and alluring looks. But what's in vogue? What will absolutely moisten the luscious lower lips of everyone within a 2 mile radius?

You think hard and go deep into your psyche, normally you'd immediately go for a CHAD-LIKE and swole body but those are only popular with a specific crowd. You've got it, ELVES! They're a bit EXOTIC, got that weird eye thing going on, so it won't be weird if someone senses your gaze.

You look around, no one's in the immediate area, but you duck towards a small alcove and begin. First with a ball, then stacking various tubes and other shapes of light together, before you get a lightly toned bronze elf with three eyes on the right side of his face. Their hair is light lavender and pokes out of a black beanie you manifested.

You NEARLY forgot to manifest clothes, but your desire to impress so as to get away with your future shenanigans overrides your forgetfulness this time. So you manifest another toga, but with a bow tie clipped to it as well. You don’t worry about your dick at the moment, making it small, you can make it grow at will and everyone knows that it’s the growers who win in the end, not the showers. You fly into the body and begin to move it.

Willamina Claps in excitement as you show off your new form with a flourish.
No. 1022376 ID: 0838d6
File 164400920025.png - (11.96KB , 500x500 , C3_95.png )

Willamina then takes you on a walk around the town, letting you get the lay of the land. It’s a quaint and tiny place this Lyst, much more a hamlet. And holy shit that lady has a massive dick. You look to your left and can’t help but stare at the woman Willamina identifies as Maple. She completely ignores Willamina and instead licks her lips while she looks at you and walks by.

- She’s also probably a TOP or a POWER BOTTOM
- Dat cake is really what saved her rating

Your momentary distraction has you walk face-first into a pole, iit doesn't hurt because it hits your physical illusion and you have it’s pain receptors turned off. You’re very confused and notice that you actually veered off to the right slightly, smack dab into the pole when you were moving forward. Did someone distort the space, or make an extremely realistic illusion disturbed your senses? One your passive sight couldn’t see? You quirk an eyebrow at a chuckling Willamina.

Willamina: Gotta watch out for those poles heheh
You: This happen a lot?
Willamina: All the time actually
You: Hmm

There must be someone who's rather BORED around this trash heap, and who can blame them! You bet you’ll get along fabulously. You’ll need to collect some data on how to properly implement your revenge plot.

Willamina: Well since we’ll be together for a while is there anything you want to see or do?
Willamina: Or do you want to wander around on your own?

Wait, she's giving you autonomy and not trying to ride your ass like a bitch on a leash, damn, you almost feel bad for your revenge plot. Almost. Gotta gather more info before THE PLAN is in place, and it can’t be TOO COMPLICATED because your attention span demands it.

You’ve got [1 FAVOR] and can try to redeem it at any time, but you’ve got to make sure you don’t cross her bottom line. Having her reject the favor is VERY BAD for you.

A. Go somewhere with Willamina
A1. Go to the Police Station
- Meet Andrea, you heard she’s incredibly horny and quite hot
- You’re not super into furries but you are into chicks that know how to fuck

A2. Go to Nicky’s
- Meet Willamina’s Mom
- Having sex with her mom would be pretty good revenge
- You could ask Willamina to give her a GOOD IMPRESSION of you as your [1 FAVOR]
- You could call yourself a motherfucker if you succeed

A3. Investigate the Pole situation
- Maybe if you figure out who did it you can swap goss
- Maybe Willamina could point you to someone who's always nearby when it happens.

B. Split off from her
A1. Go to a random spot in town
- You’ll encounter someone new
- You can also pick to go bother someone specific

B2. Head to the brothel
- Willamina gave you some BUX
- It has been a while since you got your dick wet

B3. Spy on someone you’ve met
- You could have the Illusion follow Willamina but actually be somewhere else
- It’s hard to focus on two things at once, so there’s a 30% chance she might figure it out
- You’ll expend more of your energy but will be Invisible for the duration

No. 1022377 ID: c92a02

A2 or B1, and don't call in the favor. Surely your natural charm will suffice.
No. 1022379 ID: 629f2e

A2, Go fuck her mom and make her give you a solid recommendation for a favor. Her mom's hot, this is like half revenge, half lusting for that sexy milf action.
No. 1022381 ID: 094652

A2 is three parts sacrilegious and five parts legal. Do it.
No. 1022382 ID: ce39da

I actually have a BAD FEELING about approaching Willamena’s family, as funny as doing her mom would be.

My vote is on A3, personally.
No. 1022383 ID: 96c896

A2 or A3. Use favor if meeting her mom.
No. 1022386 ID: 7b9d09

A2, use favor for good impression, meet Nicky, get hit on by Fivin (to your dismay) meet the town guards if they are there (might find some hotties to hit on), and wait for Will to sign the contract so you can hit on Nicky.
No. 1022387 ID: 5cadd6

A1 actually sounds a bit intriguing. Who doesn’t love a little fucking around with (or fucking of) the authorities?
No. 1022396 ID: c92a02

Andrea is a good fit for Sunshine, but. Once they start fucking they won't have time to do anything else the rest of the day.
No. 1022414 ID: 8483cf

No. 1022627 ID: afe7de
File 164419254794.png - (11.17KB , 500x500 , C3_96.png )

You know exactly what gets under a bitches skin like scarabs, fucking their mom. Whoever spawned bacon bits over here must be pretty high quality too, so you’d be lying if you didn’t say the thought of it got you a bit excited.

Willamina: So, wanna come see my mom, it’s just dumb paperwork and meeting some folks
Sunshine: I’ve got nothing better to do, was planning on following you anyway
Sunshine: I can’t just get a general overview of the town and it’s populous anymore
Sunshine: Plus if there are any frea- uh I mean uhh Awakened, yeah that’s the term…
Sunshine: … Awakened around, being around you would be better
Willamina: Well she’s a nice woman, so don’t be rude to her
Sunshine: Me? Rude? To a Woman? Is she hot?

Willamina rolls her eyes at you as the two of you walk down the street. It’s a bit weird using these pseudo legs to walk around when you could just make the illusion fly, but when in Rome, act as the Romans right?

The town’s not as hustle and bustle as you’d have expected at this time of day. You think it’s a little before mortals get out of their jobs, so they’re still cooped up in buildings. You glance around and see a few random citizens, rating them.

Hot, Not, Not, Very not, Unholy Shit so not, Kinda hot, it’s all you can do to keep your attention span from flinging itself around the room like a rock in a tumbler. It’s hard to not be focusing on hundreds of things at once like you’re used to.
No. 1022628 ID: afe7de
File 164419256046.png - (8.79KB , 500x500 , C3_97.png )

You enter one of the larger buildings and see a rather effeminate kobold sitting at the front desk. He greets Willamina first and then stares at you, oh goddess, you know that stare, this guys into you. Let’s hear him out before you pass judgment.

Fivin: Hi uhhhhh Willamina and uhhhhhh
Willamina: This is SUNSHINE, say hi
Fivin: H-h-h-hey there um handsome
Sunshine: Uh, yeah, hey there.

He’s eying you like a slab of meat, examining the cuts of your toned body. You flex a little bit and he lets out an EEP of excitement so you let out a little smirk. You give him a once over, effeminate body, check, chest wrap, now that’s interesting, it’s just to give a sense of something on the chest you imagine since kobolds are notoriously flat chested. Cross dressing? You shrug, briefly look down and see that this man is also hiding an erection, but it isn’t a large one. Almost adorable in a way. You roll your eyes.

- He’s cute, cuter than most furries you guess, but the lack of breasts is a bit of a turn off
- You just need a good throat, tongue, and cute face to give head after all

He fiddles with his pants under the desk, attempting to push down the erection, okay it’s a bit adorable, nostalgic even, it reminds you of… Yeah you don’t want to be sad today, time to move on. Your eyes gloss over the table he’s at and you spy a book on HYPNOSIS, which makes you quirk an eye as he slowly puts it under his desk, this guy’s a bit kinky.

The two of them chat for a bit when you feel a kind of dense mana signature from the other room, it seems like there’s two, no, three individuals in there. One’s a powerful kin, the other’s just barely passable, and the third is… hmm they must have an anti-divination artifact. Not that it stops you from seeing past their clothes if you try. Fivin gestures for Willamina to head into the room and motions for you to stay behind and get to know Fivin. You pout.

You: Aww, I thought I could get to meet your Mom
Fivin: Oh Nicky? She’s wonderful, I can tell you all about her!
Fivin: Well if.. I mean.. If you want to know…
Fivin: And maybe tell me what kind of flowers you like…
Willamina: See, Fiveys got you covered! I’ll be back!

No. 1022629 ID: afe7de
File 164419257499.png - (10.86KB , 500x500 , C3_98.png )

She sets off and it’s just the two of you for a moment. There’s silence for a moment as Fivin looks nervous and like he’s going to sweat. Wait, can Kobolds sweat? Unfortunately, before the conversation can begin, another person enters the premises. The man is bald with rounded sunglasses. He’s got a pair of handcuffs in his pocket and an artifact on him. It’s a keychain with a weird L symbol on it. You’d have to spend energy to know more, but it looks like a dumb keychain to you. You take a moment to do a once over, yeah, this is very easy.

- Is like the definition of a man
- Probably is a secret agent or some shit

As you make this assessment, he looks at you and gets that gleam in his eye that you register as him using some low level divination ability. Hmm, maybe this guy isn’t as bad as you thought. Before you can open your mouth to lambaste him though, he quirks an eyebrow at you and speaks.

???: Don’t kid yourself, you couldn’t get with this even if you wanted it.
You and Fivin: PFFFFT

The two of you do a spit take, wait can this guy read minds? Looks like it’s only surface level thoughts though, and he’s not responding to your current thoughts so it’s only when he meets someone? What kind of powers are they giving out these days?!?

You: *Cough* Not interested anyway, can I help you?
???: Hmmm, is this the place? Haven’t been to Lyst in a while. Ah, name’s Joseph Vasquez
Fivin: Oh! You’re here for the interview!
Joseph: Yeah, sorry I’m late, there was a pileup on the road
Joseph: Something about a fire at a nearby diner?
Joseph: Some HL rep was there to fix it though, talk about too convenient…

An HL rep nearby? Oh right they’re not the “good guys” anymore, what a headache. Hmm, though with this fuck here you might be able to get in on that meeting… But Fivin could also give you some info to maximize my chances of banging Will’s mom… Decisions decisions…

A. Bring Joseph to Nicky
- You’ll get to meet her and make your first impression
- You’ll get to see these other “guards” and maybe offer an opinion
- If you chose to do this, what do you talk to Joseph about as you walk to the meeting room?

B. Stay and talk to Fivin
- This guy’s probably got the good deets on Nicky
- Will improve your chances of impressing Nicky
- Might also make this guy fall madly in love with you
- If you chose this, pick something you want to know about Nicky
- You can also ask him questions about the town he might know

C. Other
- Do something else
- You could spend energy to figure out just what Joseph can do
- 20% chance he’ll notice

No. 1022630 ID: c92a02

A. Talk about the weird stuff happening around town. Used to be a quiet place, didn't it?
No. 1022636 ID: 629f2e

A, I want to see the other guards damnit. We don't need Fivin's help winning over Nicky, not when we have all this natural charisma. Plus, the dude's clearly into us, and we aren't returning the affection. It'd be rude to lead him on.

You could talk to Joseph about his shitty divination while you go in to get a better grasp on it. That or why he wants the job.
No. 1022638 ID: ce39da

{B} is tempting, but having this guy seriously fall for you could end up being a huge headache. {C}'s sub-option is a hard pass - not gonna take a spin on the RNG machine while the mind-reader is present.

{A}, obviously. You need to get a word in with Willamena at some point if you want her """blessing""" to do her mom.
No. 1022639 ID: e51896

A, time to make our impression and rate more people! Ask Joseph about his time in Lyst since he's been here before.
No. 1022647 ID: 96c896

I'll suggest using energy to see what that keyring does, regardless of where you go next.
No. 1022653 ID: 8483cf

A. No need to have Fivin following us around all day. We've got priorities!
No. 1022789 ID: 0838d6
File 164435202102.png - (13.64KB , 500x500 , C3_99.png )

You don't want to lead this guy on, you have a feeling it will cause you PROBLEMS down the line, so you quickly make the decision to help this bald fuck out.

You: I can take you to them, they're around the corner
Joseph: I can go there myself
You: Please, allow me.

You reiterate, firmly, and he shrugs. You glance over at Fivin and he looks like he wants to interject, but the combination of yours and Joseph's raw masculinity has him quaking and probably near a climax. You shuffle away, not wanting to see that. Time to talk some goss.

You: So what's this about the weird stuff in town?
Joseph: Just got here?
You: In a manner of speaking.
Joseph: Weird way to put that...
Joseph: Yeah, lots of FIRES, BURNED CREATURES
Joseph: Cryptid sightings
You: Cryptids?
Joseph: Weird creatures that are probably myths
Joseph: Or just some idiot in a costume
Joseph: So many idiots in costumes
Joseph: Saw the job offer, always wanted to check out the town
You: Ah yes, two birds one stone

He nods and you open the door for him, taking a quick scan of the room and proceeding to rate everyone.