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File 161709152432.png - (245.77KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_title_card_part_two.png )
993796 No. 993796 ID: afe7de

A big thanks to Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid for the Title card art!

CATALYST PART 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/986604.html

WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134892.html


Authors Commentary: This Quest contains 18+ content including violence, sexual content, and more. Reader discretion is advised.
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No. 993797 ID: afe7de
File 161709155387.png - (14.54KB , 500x500 , C2_001.png )

The pasta Willamina’s made you was good. Damn good. The garlic bread was even better, it felt like you went into heaven as it slowly melted down your throat. You both kind of just stared at eachother during the whole meal, chuckling and gorging yourself. You shared a little bit about eachother too.

You learned that Willamina actually is an amateur chef, she learned how to cook from Nicky. She’s just lazy and doesen’t like to cook unless she’s got company over. And you shared how you got into a fight with Cannie earlier and won. Willamina was very impressed by that considering she’s sparred with Cannie a few times over the years and has never won once.
No. 993799 ID: afe7de
File 161709164605.png - (15.79KB , 500x500 , C2_002.png )

This was when you broke out the Wine bottle and poured some for the two of you.

Willamina: Ahhh, WINE always tastes good paired with PASTA.

You: Damn straight, I haven’t had Italian food this good since I was a kid.

Do you:

A. Look around the room and talk about the stuff in her place.
B. Talk about your powers.
C. Talk about Isabella.
D. Other. (Describe what you say)

No. 993800 ID: eb1fcc

A or C, lets discuss the powers after at least a little bit of revelry.
No. 993802 ID: e51896

Isabella might be a sore subject to bring up. It's date time! it should be all about you, and Willamina. Lets avoid C for now.

I'm good with either A, or B

A if we want to find a good place to lead into B by looking around the room, like the pictures she has hanging on the wire, or the picture on the wall (might be her family). We might be able to talk about Cat and Willamina's past first before leading into talking about our powers, just to build a little bit more connection between the two characters first.

B if we want to get our secret off our chest asap. But I think if we go with B now, we should ask her about the Libarby book you let her read as a good place to lead into talking about your powers.

I'm leaning towards A more
No. 993803 ID: 595f9c

A and then after, B

Ask if you can look over at the pictures. If that is her family photo on the wall, maybe you can show her your family photo that you keep in your wallet afterwards.
No. 993804 ID: 094652

D) Tell her that you have received a Skill Book, and you may have access to new skill books and powers very soon.
No. 993806 ID: 01d4f3

Use A to segue into B.
It's also a good excuse to walk around and check for spying bugs.

We can trust Willamina, but our secrets are heavy and dangerous. It's like we live in another world from her. It's frankly amazing were taking it all so we'll.

Before we just blab on about ourselves she deserves to know the gravity of the situation.

Also ping roach about his location.
No. 993809 ID: 9a2966

Do A, but let it segue into B. Once you've gotten to know her a little bit more, just stop prevaricating and get started. Open up by mentioning that you've, uh, kept something from her. To be fair, you've also kept it from pretty much everyone, and for good reason.

First things first: you Awakened less than a week ago.

You got something significant, too. You moved to Lyst so you could get a handle on it in private, but the nature of the power means you need certain people to use it on - people to trust. And, well, for other reasons you'll get into, you think you need to start using your power sooner rather than later, as there's an opportunity cost if you just sit on it like a dummy.

If she's willing to hear you out and promise to keep the secret, you'll let her in on the details. Like, as the first one to get to know all of this stuff - at least intentionally! Miss Iraphena clued in that you had a power and cornered you into revealing so - Cannie and Isabella were also there at the time, oops - but you mislead them as to the exact nature of what you can do.

She willing to bend an ear? Or if not, she can bail from this topic and just know for now that you've Awakened into some tricky Deal With It shit. You know she's got some past traumas and you'll totally respect it if she'd want to stay entirely outta Awakening shenanigans for the nonce. That goes even after the deets-reveal, though you hope she'd keep your secret regardless.
No. 993818 ID: 894419

A (I'm curious about the polaroid streamer), to segue into B.
No. 993883 ID: 9f8373

A and

Particularly talk about photography, you don't know much, but you enjoy hearing someone's whose into it talk about it.
No. 993907 ID: f8fa51

No. 993934 ID: 0fae41

A. Summon more of the room into being with your beholding gaze!
No. 993979 ID: afe7de
File 161717816790.png - (11.07KB , 500x500 , C2_003.png )

> Look around the room and talk about the stuff in her place.
You decide to look around the room a bit while chatting with Willamina about various topics. The first thing to draw your eyes are the pictures hanging from a wire running along the entire room. There’s a LOT of them. You turn around and look at the ones closest to you and see some photos of Cannie sitting on a log, Cannie sleeping near that tree from the park, and a nice selfie of her outside some sort of gathering. There are also various photos of different places in town, some photos of different citizens. And one photo of Bobby Slurps passed out on the sidewalk covered in like 3 different SLUSHEES .

You: Uhm… I like these photos you’ve taken. And it looks like you and Cannie get along pretty well.

Willamina: Yeah, we’re really CLOSE, have been since we were kids really. If you can get past her thick-HEADED-ness over certain things she’s actually pretty cool.

You: You mean like her desire to fight people all the time?

Willamina: That’s one thing yeah. Plus she’s FAMILY, I wanna make sure I have photos of her in case something BAD happens again.
No. 993980 ID: afe7de
File 161717817859.png - (15.32KB , 500x500 , C2_004.png )

You point to the photo directly behind Willamina

You: Speaking of family, is that them over there?

Willamina: Yeah, it’s FUNNY, we ordered that painting a few months before the fire but there was a delay and it only ACTUALLY got here like 2 months after the fire. So it’s actually one of the ONLY remaining pictures I have of them.

You pull your family photo out of your wallet and hand it over to Willamina.

You: This is the only photo I have left of my family too. Everything else was destroyed, if I didn't always keep it in my wallet I wouldn’t even have this left.

Willamina: It’s AMAZING how one thing can happen and just flip your life UPSIDE down.

The two of you continue talking about the various photos in the room and Will’s love of photography. It’s nice to hear her enthusiasm about the different photos. Maybe you can take some more time looking through the rest of them later. By the time this conversation has started dying down you’ve run out of wine. You’re feeling a little BUZZED, it makes you feel a little nicer and relaxed.
No. 993981 ID: afe7de
File 161717824210.png - (13.06KB , 500x500 , C2_005.png )

Willamina: Aw DAMN, hold on I have more in the fridge.

Cat: Oh, I’ll get it. Wanted to use the Bathroom anyway.

You head up to the restroom and do your business, washing your hands and heading to the fridge. After closing the fridge you notice another photo, this one is a selfie of Willamina and someone you don’t recognize. There’s a big old lipstick smooch on it though and that gets your attention. You head back to the table and pour some for the both of you.

Cat: Here it is, whose that on the fridge?

Willamina: That’s ZARAH! We met like a little less than a month ago at the Romance FESTIVAL. She’s blind but we hit it off pretty much INSTANTLY. She’s got cool scars like me too.

Cat: She looks kinda badass.

Willamina: I’ll INTRODUCE you to her the next time she comes to down. She’s got like dark mutilation superpowers, so maybe you can talk shop.
No. 993982 ID: afe7de
File 161717825595.png - (11.11KB , 500x500 , C2_006.png )

You took a look around the place while you were up and didn’t really notice anything out of the ordinary when you were examining things. Even the picture frame which you thought was dubious turned out to just be a picture frame. Willamina’s house is nice. It’s full of memories, and gives you a little bit of a sad feeling that she’s also lost so much. But you also feel a sense of camaraderie from it too.

Willamina: You know, Me, Cannie, Isabella, and Max used to talk about one day Awakening and becoming heroes and conquering dungeons. But only Max ever Awakened.

Willamina: I forgot about it until I read that book you lent me this morning.

This is it, it’s time for the BIG DECISION Do you tell her? If so, how do you do it?
No. 993983 ID: 12ecef

Tell her. Tell her Iraphena extorted the fact that you have a power out of you, but she only knows that you can sense the powers of others. You can do more. Tell Willamina if she wants to awaken, you can awaken her.

Oh also fill her in on the fact the world is ending, Isabella has insane fire powers, Iraphena considered having you killed, and someone in the woods has been watching you at night. Probably do that after you awaken her though, so you don't sound like you've gone insane.
No. 993984 ID: eb1fcc

yes, and I suggest the sledgehammer approach. For the funnies, you see.

"So, good segue point actually. See, I can _awaken_ people. Was kinda just waiting to get a good read on you before I told you though, since it's uh... kind of one of those "get abducted by the government" superpowers. So uh, please keep it on the down low."

"Also, yes, that's an offer. Let's talk shop."
No. 993986 ID: 6c227a

Welp, you are being observed by the local wildlife again. Maybe keep it down till we figure out what that is about? Be nice if they are just friends of that badger, but we do also know about one animal-based information network.
No. 993987 ID: 031458

Hmm. Stray cat and a roach watching through the window?
Close those curtains. Close ALL the curtains.

Willamina, I trust you, so I'm about to share a huge secret with you. It'll get out eventually, but if it happens too quickly it'll put me and even the town at large in danger. Once you're confident the place is secure lower your voice to a whisper and get close. I can awaken- and strengthen superpowers. What kind of future do you want to live? I'll Make it possible.
No. 993989 ID: e51896

I think that is actually roach and mint out the window. Well, they can't hear you from outside. Best to close the curtains for a little privacy anyway,

Since this is a big moment, ask if you and she can sit down for a moment somewhere after closing the curtains. On the topic of awakening, there's a very heavy weight that has been burdening you since before you arrived at Lyst that you wanted to get off your chest to someone you fully trust and talk to about and help ease your burden.

Then pretty much tell her that you awoke less than a week ago before coming here, and it is a power that if people knew about, especially government officials, they would try to keep you for themselves,

your power is that you can awaken others, and upgrade their existing powers. It's something you feel you can greatly help people with, but also something that people can take advantage over you with, and that thought scares you deeply, especially the stress you have been feeling from certain people in town with their suspicions of your power over you. You wanted to tell Willamina about it before your secret is found out through more sinister means.

Then apologize for not telling her sooner.

>Oh also fill her in on the fact the world is ending, Isabella has insane fire powers, Iraphena considered having you killed, and someone in the woods has been watching you at night. Probably do that after you awaken her though, so you don't sound like you've gone insane.

(I wouldn't tell her about the apocalypse, or Isabella's fire powers, and murder attempts, at least not tonight, Isabella did put her trust not to tell anyone after all, and she could potentially tell our secret to others if we do that. I feel this is too much to unload in one night. Telling her about our power is a huge enough bombshell as it is)

If Willamina shows any worries about you... give her headpats to ease those worries like Cannie told you.
No. 993991 ID: 53560f

Hold on, let’s deal with our watcher before we talk shop. For all we know, that could be overmind watching through the window. Just shoo them off or something and close the blinds.
No. 993992 ID: 7bd48e

Close curtains, take the conversation to another room, discuss your powers and ask if she wants to be awakened.
No. 993993 ID: 9a2966

>Roach (?) and cat silhouette in the background
...Did roach come by Mint? Eh, if it's them it's them. They're probably waiting on your date to finish.

>Only Max ever got powers, segue
Anyway, let's go for it. It's a poor opening considering her trauma, but at least it's been years and she's the one who brought the topic up.

>Tell her?
Yes. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and say there's something you haven't been entirely forthright about. And that you apologize for the absolute head-whammy you're about to inflict on her - you have a hard time wanting to spoil this rather nice date with the conversation - but... well, you've got a lot on your chest and she's been nice enough to warrant trust.

>How much?
Share the fact you Awakened recently. The doozy that is the nature of your power (can give 1 power of variable strength and influence its exact nature | can upgrade others' powers, and thus sense if others have powers | which is limited to only so many / so strong a day), explaining why you'd want that secret kept.

Share the fact Miss Iraphena bullied you into revealing you were Awakened, but you somehow managed to mislead her (and Cannie and Isabella who were there) as to the exact nature of it - they think it's a detection-based power. That you got Favors and Questions in exchange for letting that flawed knowledge go to someone else - probably some bigwig in Nunitus - a thing you'd hoped to avoid, really, by coming to a small town like Lyst. You just wanted to explore the nature and limits of your Arcane Catalyst in relative peace without becoming, like, something for nations and guilds to fight over.

So... well, straight talk, if she wants to cut ties from here on to stay the hell outta alla this business, that's an option on her end. But you can offer her something she's wanted, and far more control and input over what it could be than pretty much anyone's had. At least to your knowledge.

Honestly, you also planned to move more slowly - Lyst seems like a nice town to live in, and you wanted to empower people you got to know well and could hopefully trust - but then something cropped up and it turns out not making good use of your power could incur... an opportunity cost, you might say?

Go on to talk about the 27th demon auction dream, showcase the coiling ring as one of the things you bid on, mention the fucked-upness of, well, owning a slave now apparently??? Seriously. Share the fact these demons are gonna have a throwdown over who's to be the next demon king eventually - soon-ish - is the curveball that more than anything has you spilling your gut to someone you think you can trust. Mention the Achievement aspect of the System, how you got points to UPGRADE your already broken power.

>Don't tell
Do not (yet) mention anything involving your investigations into the mansion fire.
Do not (yet) mention Miss Iraphena was at the auction.
Do not (yet) reveal what you know about Isabella's powers.
Do not (yet) reveal anything about Roach (or Mint's secret ability to turn into a Cat).

Some of that is meddling with privacy, some of it is knowledge that might become a danger to her (and you) if shared and the last is aces up your sleeve.
No. 993994 ID: 7bd48e

Mainly this, though the demon auction might be a bit much for Willamina to take in. I'd say demon auction can probably be a discussion for another day
No. 994003 ID: 3d14a4

Ping roach. See if it is.
No. 994022 ID: b1b4f3

Oh hey is that Mint out there with Roach? Maybe you can invite them inside.

Tell Willamina you haven't been completely honest with her, but you trust her enough to tell her your secret. You said you didn't have a power, but you do. You have two of them. The power to Upgrade powers, which also lets you see someone's powers without upgrading anything, and... the power to Awaken. But you don't get to pick what the target gets.
Now, before you Awaken her you need to get her to promise she won't immediately start throwing around whatever power she gets. She should keep it secret until it's needed, since... well, that seems to be the norm around here, and it'll look suspicious if she suddenly shows off her powers after you arrived in town. You also want her help, because you have good reason to believe Nunitus is secretly an evil organization, and Iraphena's already onto you. Iraphena can't use her precognition on you which helps, and means she won't know Willamina has powers until she uses them since that was a direct action on your part, but Iraphena's boss will send supers to capture you if things go bad.
No. 994038 ID: f8fa51

Yeah, if that's not Roach, you'll want to close the curtains before having this conversation.

But you will have this conversation, yeah. You need at least one confidant that you're not terrified of and lying to, at any rate.
No. 994039 ID: f96c5c

I dont think roach can be contacted if he is that far away, and through the window.

Lets ask to move to another room as theres something you wanna tell her.
No. 994047 ID: 094652

Tell her about your day.

Explain first and foremost that you've been lying to everyone because you feel like a bloated golden goose stuffed with eggs up to your chest. You suspect that the Incident ensured you'd be chosen, but it took eight years for the full clusterfrack to bloom.

When she asks what you're talking about, show her your Lightning skill book, then talk about the Demon King and his half-assed revelations. Explain that you received the right to acquire multiple high-tier dungeon items, powers included. You're allowed to go back to the Dream Auction three times and then -

The reason why metahumans got powers is so they'd be interesting in the metapocalypse.

Lastly, you found a heap of loose evidence pointing at Isabella, but you also found loose evidence that suggests she wasn't fully in control of her actions. But you need to know here and now if you can trust Willamina.

The book is a gift, but it isn't the only skill book you can acquire. If Willamina wants to confront Isabella now, you'll support her. But you'll walk away for good if she attacks first.
No. 994048 ID: 9f8373

Mostly for this. Just changes to general tone and one yes/no on what to discuss.

Yes on awakened recently, were not honest on meeting because it’s new to you even. Yes on: General who knows you have a power in its not-complete capacity. No on discussing the demon auction for now in addition to the other no’s here except for Roach.

I think it should be added that you have tested it, and indeed made a new roach friend which is how you discovered your powers. Definitely focus on the she can opt-out, but that honestly, you have been waiting since you had this power emerge to try it on someone. However, you are extremely aware of the risk of awakening someone who might do something bad with it and have been paranoid. You know that it's something she’s wanted, you are convinced she is a good person, and you would like to help her realize one of her possible dreams if she’s still interested. If not, then just ask she doesn’t tell anyone, make a cheesy overdramatic bow, and promise you’ll continue excellent deliveries.
No. 994056 ID: ce39da

Tell her about your power, but see how she handles it before you drop any other bombshells (the number of which has been increasing at an alarming rate). We don't want to overwhelm her all at once.
No. 994109 ID: afe7de
File 161726399855.png - (15.56KB , 500x500 , C2_007.png )

> Close the curtains
> Offer to move to another room
You turn around just in time to see a cat and a small bundle of bugs walking away into a nearby alley. Huh, weird. You close the curtains just to be safe. Then you turn around and point to the couch, you considered moving to another room, but the couch is probably a better place. The two of you head there and sit on the couch, you get kind of close to each other and Willamina pokes a button next to her causing some mood lighting and lo-fi hip hop starts playing.

Willamina: You look like you have SOMETHING on your mind… Whats up?

> Tell her
You: So uh, about that book. I actually got it because I was researching how traditional Awakenings happen. To be blunt this might get a little heavy… But I wanted to talk to someone I could trust and well. I sense a decent bond between us because we’ve both gone through some pretty rough shit.

Willamina: Go ahead, no judgment. I’ll LISTEN.

You give a weak smile to that and for a moment are really grateful for her response.

You: So I Awakened the night before I came to town. And well, Miss Iraphena knew that I did and coerced me into revealing what I can do. I didn’t lie, but I omitted what I could fully do because I wasn’t really fond of how aggressive she and Isabella were being. And the reason she knew that I was one is that I’m a blind spot in her Powers. She’s one too, with what seems to be a pretty powerful precognition ability.

Willamina takes a sip from her wine glass and continues looking at you, making a rotating gesture with her free hand.

Willamina: Go ON, So far this doesent SEEM that heavy, JUST really shitty and manipulative.

You: Well, here’s the heavy part. My Power is that I can Awaken people and upgrade their Awakened powers.
No. 994110 ID: afe7de
File 161726401014.png - (9.82KB , 500x500 , C2_008.png )

You see Willamina’s pupils dilate a bit as she tries to remain calm, she takes another steadying sip of wine.

Willamina: BULLSHIT. There’s no way that’s a REAL thing. Do you know how many people would KILL or worse to get a hold of a power or even that power?!?

You: That’s why I left the big city before anyone had a chance to try to capture me and make me their power slave. It’s limited in scope of how much I can do in a specific day, but refreshes at midnight. And, well, I know this is unbelievable, so here, watch this.

You start pulling out random objects from your ring, eventually settling on the Lightning God technique book. You can tell Willamina is interested because she stops drinking and is leaning more towards you in awe.

You: Because of this, something happened and I was able to get a hold of some artifacts, this. Is a skill book, and I know what power will come out of it too.

Willamina grips a hold of your arm roughly and you drop the wine glass you were just holding, but she doesn’t seem to care.

Willamina: You better NOT be fucking with me right now. Did you come to me, KNOWING that the ONE condition to getting my inheritance back is for me to be an AWAKENED, the power doesn’t matter, but they took EVERYTHING. Don’t lie to me Cat.
No. 994111 ID: afe7de
File 161726402355.png - (12.34KB , 500x500 , C2_009.png )

Tears start falling from her cheeks as she gets close to you, she’s upset and angry, but the glint in her eyes shows that there’s some hope too.

Willamina: I KNOW you’ve been snooping around in my business, about the FIRE, I’m not an IDIOT.

You: I uh… No, I didn’t know that. But I… I have been snooping. It’s just… something’s not right about the whole situation. And I just… I wanted to know if you’d be trustworthy enough for me to share this with.

You’re on the verge of tears too, and they start coming, you’re both shaking.

You: I… Ever since the INCIDENT, the dungeon break, I lost everything, friends, family, connections. Do you know how hard it is to make a genuine connection with anyone in the big city? They’re all Ice cold, standoffish, and elitist. I made ONE or TWO good friends, but work and life separated me from them. They only care about what you can do for them. I… I was sick of it and just wanted to move away. And then I was told that you weren’t good people but then I meet you and you’re actually pretty fucking cool and we’ve both lost so much and actually get along and can share these things.

Willamina embraces you as the both of you weep, you return the embrace, sobbing and coughing. She’s warm and smells lightly of a fruity perfume, PINK flavor you think? After ten minutes or so the sobbing and shaking subsides and you feel a little better, like a lot of the weight and stress you’ve been carrying around the last few days has left your shoulders. Willamina grabs a box of tissues and hands you some, the both of you blow your noses and clear the snot.

You: I… If this is too much we can stop. This never happened and I just go back to being a courier.

You start to move to get up but Willamina puts a hand on your leg to stop you.

Willamina: I want to AWAKEN. If you do this for me I will FOREVER be in your debt. We can use the inheritance to help PROTECT ourselves. Though uh, having some actual muscle like CANNIE would be a good idea, I… sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.
No. 994115 ID: afe7de
File 161726413022.png - (24.89KB , 500x500 , C2_010.png )

She takes a deep breath, gets up and bows at the waist to you.

Willamina: PLEASE Awaken me.

Do you Awaken her? If you do, what Power does she awaken to? OR Do you use the Skill book?
You have 6 ENERGY to spend, you can also suggest more than one power, the cost will be determined by the complexity and strength of the power. If a power is too strong but is very popular then restrictions will be placed on it to reduce the cost. In short, Have fun and give her a power you think is neat!
No. 994121 ID: e51896

Willamina and Cat are pretty similar to each other in many ways. Maybe Willamina’s power can be something similar to Cat’s power as well:

Enigmatic Inhibitor

-Can spend energy to erase an AWAKENED Target’s power permanently.
-can spend energy to decrease a power’s level by 1 to a minimum of 1
-cannot be used on yourself
-targets effected by Enigmatic Inhibitor can still be awakened on their own with either a new power, or their old power through normal means, including through Arcane Catalyst.

This power I feel will be very useful when the Apocalypse happens. If the apocalypse is anything like THE INCIDENT, we may need Willamina for damage control when multiple people awaken and cause mayhem. Plus if we make a mistake and give someone a power that they abuse or we don’t like, Willamina can get rid of it, and Cat can give them a new power
No. 994122 ID: 094652

Get Roach to scan her thoughts right now. If she even considers stabbing Isabella in the face, you need to discuss that now.

> I will be in your debt forever.
"Can I get that in writing?
Whatever happens... here. The skill book is yours. It's a gift. You don't owe me if you use this only."

>Power Type
Empath - Can absorb or project physical and mental sensations from others. At higher levels, allows the user to briefly copy the powers of others, Awakened or Non-Awakened, but with an inefficient energy cost.
No. 994123 ID: e7c7d3

Awaken her, give her the power to summon capybara minions
No. 994125 ID: 12ecef

"I'm going to be real, I came here expecting to awaken you, so that's what I'm going to do."

A Mile In My Shoes!

Willamina gains the ability to hijack the sense of other people, or project her senses into their minds. For example she can force someone to feel any physical sensations she is feeling (pain, temperature, etc.) or allow them to see through her eyes.

Similarly, by focusing on a person she can piggyback on their senses undetected, feeling what they feel and seeing through their eyes.

To use the ability she has to know the approximate position of the person she is targeting when she begins using the power but doesn't require line of sight.

Some reasonable drawbacks to balance this out if its too OP are:

Willamina loses access to her corresponding senses while piggybacking on someone else's senses or projecting her sensations onto someone else; so she can't see through her own eyes while seeing through someone else's.

Maybe stick like a 20 meter range limit on that too, or give the ability a limited runtime like 4 hours of shared/projected senses per day.
No. 994131 ID: 9fdfd3

Use your power rather than the skill book.
But before that, ask her to promise you she won't rush anywhere headfirst, because that's a sure-fire way to get oneself killed.
No. 994132 ID: 031458

Save the book, awaken normally.

True Flame Manipulation: Can Extinguish, enhance, sustain, and manipulate fire within a radius, innate immunity to fire and heat.

At higher levels, radius increases and more arcane uses become availiable, fire minions, plasma control, heat rays, ect..
No. 994133 ID: 53560f

I’m just gonna list a couple ideas I have because I can’t decide on just one. If one or more get picked then that’s pretty cool.

Power nullification: can prevent or cancel the use of powers within range.
Bastion: a protective aura around the user that provides damage resistance and a weak soothing effect to any in range while active.
Blizzard: combination of ice and wind powers since she mentioned wanting either at the bar that one time.
No. 994136 ID: e85a08

May as well aim high.

Meta Icon: Can copy, store, and use others' powers. Maybe just one at a time to start.
No. 994140 ID: 19da02

This one seems the most useful
No. 994141 ID: ce39da

Use the power, use all 6 points; we know enough now that Level 5 (even if 6 points is enough to boost it that far) is nowhere near the upper limits of this world.

Er, but do warn her that we (Cat) can't control what power she gets (even if we (the suggestors) can).

White Album: Can drop the temperature in a radius around her really far really fast, even freezing stuff solid after a few moments, and can form ice crystals on the surface of stuff to varying degrees (based on the humidity). (There's definitely a cold-resistance/-immunity "necessary secondary power," or else the aura simply doesn't touch her body.) Unknown whether 6 points is enough to include an "ice armor" sub-power (and we're almost certainly a ways off from getting the "Gently Weeps" frozen air crystal field add-on).
No. 994145 ID: 9a2966


As in, hold on and think things through. Nobody with a heart would've denied Willemina an Awakening after all of that, but you've still got all the recent complicating factors of your life to consider. So let's.


Get Will's promise she won't showcase her new power to anyone, or call on her inheritance immediately (gosh, you really had no idea about that). It'll probably be a good idea for her to get a handle on her new power first anyway, plus Miss Iraphena will see changes coming and will likely be informed by Will's change in (future) fortunes once that is set in stone. This is to delay, deflect or at least mitigate suspicions that Cat caused her awakening.

Case in point, if Willemina shows up with a cool new power IMMEDIATELY after the two of you had a date that's SUPER suspicious instead of it just being VERY suspicious. You don't know how spy-ish Miss Iraphena's power is, but she'll probably catch on to Will's change in fortunes sooner rather than later.


So no overt gratitude or protections. If she could build up a decent base of operations here in Lyst where you might feel safer exercising your power more openly that's a start - but you don't think someone new to the scene really COULD protect you if it got out exactly what kind of power you have. Keeping things secret for a while until you build up enough friends - and newly Awakened - to become more than just an inconvenience to grab feels like your best bet.

Point 1.1: Using the Skill book you have is a SUPER good way of deflecting from the above concerns - you can just say you bid on it and gave it to Will when Iraphena reacts. Whether it's a skillset Will would want is another matter, and it does have the downside of probably taking time to skill up. Which leads me on to...


By all means, come up with ideas for her, but she should have some influence on the final pick, no?

Point 2.1: Based on your intel, the SKILLBOOK will probably give her a stronger skill than anything you can grant or upgrade at the moment. The strongest skill you could grant would be like, yea in the region of a little more than half as strong. If she wants to become STRONG in one thing, the book can be hers (or does she think Cannie would love it rather - it's definitely a martial arts thing).


Straight fightin', defense and utility powers may be VERY useful considering what's to come, but also meta-aware powers like power nullification, demon exorcism, power changing powers, UNIQUE STUFF THAT CAN GRANT US ACHIVEMENT POINTS, etc. This is where it would've been useful to reveal to her the full monty of your problems so a more informed decision about her choice of power could be made, but... ah well. One thing at a time.

If Will takes our advice, we should lean towards suggesting she take something that might be useful in the coming months and years.


A will to fly made manifest. Trainable - increases in strength of imagination and willpower can increase effect of power. May be able to grant flight to others - or force it on them (although this shall, obviously, be harder the harder something wants NOT to fly).

Method and comfort of flight is limited to user's imagination and the current effort of will tied into the power (i.e. can conjure wings, but also planes, helicopters, surfboards, just levitate, whatever comes to mind).


Will's Power:
A will to defend made manifest. Grants an aura of resistance to effects of magics and powers around user - aura can be adjusted in size (and thus strength). Super effective against mind-influencing powers! Exposure to a power over time can harden user's will against it.

If user has other Powers that can be affected by feats of will, this power passively increases them.


Catalytic Convergence:
A skill like few others. User can combine the effects of multiple nearby Power-users' powers to produce unique combo effects. This effect is easier to pull off if the power has been affected by an Arcane Catalyst (i.e. made or upgraded by Cat).


Lastly, note also the absolute whatchawhawhoWHAT of her being ABLE to get her family's fortunes back simply by Awakening - that sounds like something that comes with serious caveats! And attention! You should ask her for details on this. Sounds like her family's got some pretty deep roots in the Heroes' league and this could be their way of forcing recruitment on her should she actually be lucky enough to Awaken, which there is a certain? Which... eeh, if she wanna get tied up with 'em, please please keep you out of the details. You're not super fond of the way they do things - and neither, it sounds, should she be.

What was Max's power, by the way?
No. 994146 ID: 9a2966

Just a headsup: Cat definitely knows they can influence the nature of the power - they did so with Hazel the Badger, after all!
No. 994147 ID: 9a2966

Also re: Will-of-Wings, I meant "grant temporary flight to others". They won't get their own flight power and are just borrowing an aspect of the W-o-W.
No. 994152 ID: eb1fcc

so what, we're not going to give her something to let her cope with the pain of existing here?

like I'm all for a clever superpower, but uh, maybe lets tie that into her whole "long-suffering burn victim" issue at least a little bit, maybe some kind of healing factor or pain-o-mancy like that one guy suggested
No. 994161 ID: 9a2966

Well, yeah, but it's also a big decision and something tells me healing powers ain't the most... attractive option of all to her. Even if not being in pain would help her everyday life, she's A) somewhat used to it by now and B) has access to Gruk.

Whom we could empower, too. He already has relevant healing powers, occupies that niche in town and seems like a pretty good guy besides! We could alternatively give someone else a more specific healer-ish power that can help with, y'know, burn scars and nerve damage. Which might be needed. There was that Awakening book - it mentioned a body's self-image was tied to healing.

>Some awakenings have even been known to cure diseases and heal life-long scars, but if the scars have too much of a mental footprint in the person’s life, they may remain, stuff like lost eyes are less likely to come back as well.
So not all self-regenerative powers or quick-fix healing-power paths may actually help. Pain-o-mancy sounds like something that might do it, though... and also be somewhat cruel and/or terrifying to use on others in an offensive manner. Or, uh, be something that pulls on a body's pain to perform feats of magic.

... might want to specify how the power would work.
No. 994162 ID: 19da02

Ed said in the dicksword that any power will remove her constant pain but not heal her scars.
No. 994166 ID: 031458

Willamina has expressed interest in three types powers:

CRYOKINESIS for the purpose of FIGHTING FIRES - Definitely due to her trauma

WIND MANIPULATION for the purposes of FLIGHT - Probably just because it's cool


I am of the opinion that we should grant a WIND, COLD, FLIGHT, or any power that can be used to FIGHT FIRES to Willamina. We can then work to get GRUK in on this so we can UPGRADE his power to end Willamina's pain.

I see suggestions for EXTRASENSORY, POWER LEECH, and POWER DISRUPTIVE here. Those seem rather... Meta? It would make more sense to put those on an ANIMAL or SLAVE.
No. 994191 ID: f23268

Whatever powers you give her, do so by giving her headpats, Cannie says Will really loves that... and it turns her on. It may lead into sex if we're lucky. This moment would be extra special if we awaken her during sex, and it felt like that was what she thought you were planning to do initially when she turned on the lofi and mood lighting
No. 994195 ID: b1b4f3

Hell yes. Awaken her, don't use the book. That book is ridiculously powerful, so something we'd want to put on someone who literally cannot betray us (Mint) and it's not really of a type she expressed interest in anyway.

Control and creation of wind and/or ice. Flight via wind power! Extinguish fire with ice! Use wind to launch hailstones at your enemies!

Alternatively, we could do something weird with the cold/wind concept:
Entropic Exchange
The ability to control the transfer of thermal energy from one place to another.
Can make things hot or cold at will, but something else has to get cold or hot at the same time. Much easier to equalize temperature between two objects, though-- this makes it good at extinguishing fires or melting ice. Also, can fairly easily prevent an object's temperature from changing, which means one could spend time to build up heat or cold in an object to be dumped later in a combat situation. Like charging batteries. Limitation: The power does not work very well when targeting people directly- much easier to target objects they're carrying/wearing. Though it's not too difficult to bring someone's temperature closer to "normal", or insulate them. Alternate/additional limitation: power manifests as two beams of energy, one from each hand.

The ability to control, but not create, ice. Better get that freezer running.
Ice controlled in this manner can absorb far more heat before melting, and retains this quality for some time after the user stops manipulating it.
No. 994211 ID: e51896

We can do that, make sure she consents to it as we do it, take things slow and look for any signs that she may be comfortable, or uncomfortable with you two getting laid.

But yeah, headpats to awaken her even if it doesn't lead anywhere regardless.
No. 994273 ID: f32394

I don't think Willamina can agree to secrecy though, nor should we want her too, now.

She is heir to a fortune upon awakening, and will likely become our benefactor.

We can keep other people we awaken silent for a time, but not Willamina.
No. 994276 ID: 9a2966

Clarification: I did not mean secrecy for her - at least not in the long term! Just not to immediately march out there - right after the date - and say she got a power, and to come up with alternative circumstances under which she got them.

People CAN put two and two together, y'know, and we're already on Isabella and Iraphena's radar.
No. 994288 ID: 031458

She'll probably wait till tomorrow anyway. It's well into the evening.

Even is she did suddenly run into the street though, no one has been awakened by us before, nor is this a common power.

What I'm saying is one person awakening around us isn't a big deal, so long as it's not explicitly told to be us who did it.

A single instance does not a pattern make.

I agree that we should come up with a cover story together.
No. 994290 ID: 8a8155

A twofold power: turn flesh to stone (and back), and stoneshaping. Stone won’t burn.
No. 994299 ID: eb1fcc

actually that might be the exact BEST way for her to make the reveal, given how important that is to her

like, straight up, how ELSE do you respond to suddenly getting a superpower? It would make it easy to build a story for it too, like THE POWER OF LOVE or something goofy but emotional to that effect.

Plus, we're banking on people with _precognitive powers_ not having the wherewithal to tell when someone has a power. That's a bad bet.
No. 994300 ID: f8fa51

The only reason we had not to awaken her was secrecy. Since we've shared our secret, of course we're going to awaken her. However, I was of the impression we didn't get to choose her powers?
No. 994302 ID: b1b4f3

Cat doesn't get to choose exactly what power it is. Suggesters can decide on something that Cat doesn't really want or wasn't planning on.
No. 994304 ID: 9f8373

Best argument for book: LIGHTNING GOD WILLAMINA! I mean, thats just really cool.

Unfortunately, what she wanted was ice, wind, or flying. I like ice the most, and so I propose ICE BARRIERS: The ability to conjure sheets of (mostly protective) ice on herself, the environment, or others [less temperature manipulation than sheer creation, but it is still ice]. Ice can be shaped to protect certain parts (e.g. arm bracer or a shield shape). Improvements over time can include distance to create, size, and density. Although not directly offensive (e.g. its not spikey) Other uses could include trapping people in ice, making barriers, or surrounding someone in ice to either protect them or keep them in a space.
No. 994351 ID: 5cb622

You dont want Willamina to see you all that differently now that she knows about you.

Affirm this by playfully saying "You know, a simple 'HEY, give me a power, you PRICK!' would have sufficed', then awaken her by applying headpats.
No. 994363 ID: 250e64

I'm going to go with something a little wacky as a multi-part power that hopefully feels cohesive, references her history and plays into her look.

SCAR ISSUE: Willamina can absorb energy (e.g. fire, electricity, lasers, sunlight), storing it in something that resembles her scar tissue. She can manipulate this matter, moving it around her body, even making extra limbs and such if she builds up a lot. She can use the stored energy as fuel to giver herself a physical boost or shoot lasers.

As a side effect of the energy absorption, it can be used to put out fires!
No. 994370 ID: 6c227a

I mean the scar angle is not an angle I would be excited about, but I was thinking something like that. Absorb incoming energy, (heat, lasers, powers) store it in some sort of internal battery, release it in the same form. Sorta similar to >>994136 only less likely to be too powerful for us to pull off.

Failing that, I'd absolutely suggest giving her a second power of fire resistance along with whatever else she gets, and seeing if we can play the angle that she actually awakened years ago, but was too traumatized by the fire to actually prove she was awakened for the inheritance.
No. 994391 ID: afe7de
File 161735251983.png - (17.79KB , 500x500 , C2_011.png )

> Come up with a cover story
You think briefly about this but realize it would be pointless, heck it would probably be a bigger problem if you tried to help her come up with a reason she awakened. You remember a line from Awakenings and their impact on Metahumans

Awakenings are unpredictable, sometimes they can be induced by trauma, sometimes they’re complete lotteries, other times they are artificially induced using artifacts, but we believe them to be the next step in the evolution of metahumanity.

It’s probably best if she just says she just randomly Awakened or it happened in her sleep.

> Awaken Her
You don’t want Willamina to treat you all that differently now that she knows this. You give her a headpat as you respond:

You: You know, a simple “HEY, give me a power, you PRICK!” would have sufficed.

She looks up at you and smiles, you use your power. A blue glow begins to suffuse Willamina, radiating out from her head is a rather large halo. Her status window appears.

Name: Willamina Hadlee III
Age: 24
ICE (1) - Upgrade? [2]
The user has some resistance towards the cold.
The user can freeze liquids including ambient moisture in the air and manipulate it to a minor extent.

STORM (2)- Upgrade? [2]
The user has some resistance to wind.
The user can generate winds of varying intensities and shapes from their body

You hear Willamina breathe heavily as you rub her scalp and the halo begins to dissipate.

You: Uh, feel anything different.

Willamina: I UH. Was that a vision? I swear that looked like my great grandma… Yeah. Um. Thanks, Great Awakener. GOD, did you pick that name? It’s awful.

You: I really didnt. I wish there was a way to get rid of that or maybe change what it told you.
No. 994392 ID: afe7de
File 161735252825.png - (8.86KB , 500x500 , C2_012.png )

Willamina: Wait a second.

Willamina gets up and starts moving around, she hops in place, twirls around, bends over, flexes her arms, massages her face and scars, and sits back down next to you.

Willamina: I… I can’t feel any PAIN. I… THERE’S NO MORE PAIN!!! Nothing HURTS Anymore!?!?!?!
No. 994393 ID: afe7de
File 161735253470.png - (7.86KB , 500x500 , C2_013.png )

She begins laughing and bouncing about in her seat and suddenly embraces you, giving you a huge smooch and shoving her tongue way into your unsuspecting mouth. She tastes of PINK flavor too. And her smell is very appealing at this moment. You’re flailing about in confusion a little bit before you put your arm around her and enjoy the kiss.
No. 994394 ID: afe7de
File 161735254852.png - (7.25KB , 500x500 , C2_014.png )

She pulls you close and scratches your head with one of her hands before releasing, a line of saliva trailing from her mouth to yours.

Willamina: You… You didn’t LIE. Thank you.

You hiccup from the surprise and give a small giggle.

You: Ha ha, um yeah. I uh, meant what I said.
No. 994397 ID: e51896

Ask her for a demonstration of her powers. see if she can freeze her wine at all.
No. 994399 ID: 53560f

So, what’s the plan for tonight now?
Go out and show off your cool new powers to whoever’s at the bar right now? Maybe dress up like some kinda nondescript movie ice princess too?
Come on, how do you plan to celebrate?
No. 994403 ID: 68053e

>the ONE condition to getting my inheritance back is for me to be an AWAKENED, the power doesn’t matter, but they took EVERYTHING.
That smells like motive. Who is "they"?
No. 994404 ID: c5d2fe

...Can we just enjoy the moment with her for a bit? Kiss, hug, be pleasant.
No. 994405 ID: e51896

It was stated before by Aeglos >the entire inheritance to the Hadlee Clan was actually slated to go to the Heroes Guild upon death of their major members.

The guild is who Willamina was referring to.

We could see about having makouts with Willamina, lightly pull her on us on the couch and see if she'll accept? This is a special occasion after all (If she does, we should remember to wear a condom if it escalates further)

Also tell her she should still visit Gruk despite being healed, he'd appreciate the company.
No. 994407 ID: 031458

Before you forget...
If you have energy left expend it to upgrade her powers, it's late anyway.

Anyway, was that the only kiss you had or do you have a stash of them hidden somewhere?
No. 994421 ID: 094652

>Pork Time?
Back away for now. You don't want her to offer sex for favors or as some form of gratitude unless you're absolutely sure she wants it. You've seen enough couples in the city break down because they over-depended on each other.
But I guess you're in a relationship now.

>Enhance Powers
Not yet. Give her time to accustom to her powers. Besides, if the auditor has a power analysis ability, they'll notice the suspiciously high levels.
However, Roach has had some time to practice. Give him a level or two, and give his other roach bodies some levels to see what happens.
No. 994430 ID: f94934

Yeah, this.
No. 994431 ID: ce39da

Yeah, I'm voting to back off on the sexy stuff; you're both too emotionally vulnerable for that right now. (Actually, does it count as "taking advantage" if it's going both ways?)

"I uh... do have some other stuff I'd like to talk about unless you think this is enough for tonight."

If she presses you: "So, you're not wrong about my investigating the estate fire, but you were mistaken about my goal in doing so. It was honestly just morbid curiosity - a local whodunnit plopped in my lap, so to speak.

"You know how most powers have 'necessary sub-powers' that aren't very apparent unless you stop to think about it? Like how most speedsters also have super resilience that allows them to withstand their own G-forces. Well... I have a necessary sub-power that tells me what powers I can upgrade or if they're eligible for an awakening by having no prior powers. I, uh... was using that to snoop out the park arsonist's identity."

"I can't stress enough that I only have a likely suspect for the estate fire, and I'm not comfortable telling you until I've dispelled all room for doubt. They have fire powers - ones that imply evil influence at that. After talking with someone close to them, I also know they have a plausible motive and that their alibi (at least as far as she tells it) sucks, though I'll need to try verifying it anyway. They referred this character witness to an organization associated with at least one of the kinds of eyes you drew for Aeglos Wood, the reporter, shortly after the incident. However, there are still a few details that need clearing up; what power their close relative might be hiding (since theirs is implied to be hereditary); your rescuer's strange desire for anonymity at the time, even though it wound up being an open secret; the fact that the supposed starting spots for the fires suggested a premeditated assault rather than an in-the-moment outcome to a botched confrontation; and finally, the question of whether you remember such a confrontation taking place if the suspect did this for the reasons I think they did."
No. 994433 ID: b017dd

I think it might be fine with it, it felt like she was setting the mood up for it by turning on the mood lighting, and music when we asked to sit on the couch before we told her anyway, and I think she may be fine with us doing it considering how she was open to it in the romance fest.

But i agree on not upgrading for now
No. 994447 ID: b1b4f3

Did you use all 6 energy on that? Doesn't seem like a great result... oh well, we can dump more energy into her tomorrow I guess. Or use it immediately if you held back for some reason.

Also maybe you should make out some more.
No. 994470 ID: 9a2966

>It’s probably best if she just says she just randomly Awakened or it happened in her sleep.
Exactly the cover story I wanted, with a delay, making it not have happened after direct interaction with Cat. 's all.

>No pain
Wow, huh... how'd her pain completely disappear? Nothing in her powers states that's a passive ffect. Do Awakened in general have a higher tolerance? Or maybe there's an unknown passive to her power. Does the Demon Eye Amulet work on Awakened people and give more details than your upgrade interface?

>Great Awakener
Huh, so there IS a vision thing going on. Halo over the head, seeing her grandmother... weird, getting' 'holy' vibes here, but the demons who pulled you into their auction suggest this was their shindig. Maybe they weren't so alone about setting up alla this Awakening stuff...

Anyway, I GUESS this moment is too pure to ruin with further questions and whatnot. Ask her what she'd like to do now.
No. 994471 ID: 9fdfd3

>Willamina: I… I can’t feel any PAIN. I… THERE’S NO MORE PAIN!!! Nothing HURTS Anymore!?!?!?!
Tell her she should somehow make sure she's still capable of feeling pain, at least in the un-scarred areas, because if not, she may be in for some nasty surprises. This is the kind of gotcha one would rather know of in advance.
No. 994484 ID: da89f3

Make out more, afterwards, ask to see a demonstration of her powers


As far as asking about the fire goes, I wouldn't tell her our progress of what we uncovered like about finding a likely suspect, and what we uncovered from Aeglos, would spoil the moment right now. but we should try to fish for more information once we are done celebrating

I think though, if we want to get information on her past, the most important thing to do right now is apologize for looking into her past without her permission, and then ask for permission to continue looking into the estate fire before you continue the investigation! it was kind of shitty weve been nosey about her behind her back. just let her know you want to give her closure as what happened to her was unfair, and are beginning to connect some of the dots with what you found in your search but you still have ways to go and need more info.

Maybe from there she will be willing to give her testimony on what happened.

But before we ask of her past, lets just enjoy ourselves for this moment. She hasnt been this happy in a very long time after all.
No. 994489 ID: d6408c

We were vetting her to see if we could trust her with our greatest secret. We then shared that in turn. There is nothing to apologize for.
No. 994506 ID: 9f8373

More making out and power demonstrations seem like a good way to go.
No. 994549 ID: 851736

We probably dont need to apologize, but we should still ask permission to continue our investigation, it is only fair for her.
No. 994556 ID: 3ed3c3

So, uh... Ice Storm? Hail? Blizzard? What's a good super name?
Also, wanna bang?
No. 994566 ID: ca2950

Bang Willamena
No. 994589 ID: afe7de
File 161743849609.png - (8.92KB , 500x500 , C2_015.png )

> Guess you’re in a relationship now.
You don't think that’s how relationships work, you gotta have a talk about it, you don’t like to jump to conclusions. Plus you and most other people aren’t really monogamous. This is only your second date after all.

> Energy check
You used up all of your energy to do that, it looks like you spent 4 Energy getting STORM to Level 2 and 2 Energy getting Ice to level 1.

> Enjoy the moment with Willamina. Kiss, hug, be pleasant
You kind of just want to enjoy the moment with Willamina for a bit, she seems genuinely happy and this is a nice moment. You can save talking about power testing and the apocalypse for later. Willamina leans into you, one hand on your lap, rubbing it sensually as she leans into you and rubs her cheek against yours.
No. 994590 ID: afe7de
File 161743850729.png - (11.63KB , 500x500 , C2_016.png )

You give her head and cheeks a few smooches as she pushes you down passionately and mounts you. She bends down and the two of you begin to make out again. This time is a bit slower and less forceful than before. Willamina’s hands explore your hair and entwine with your free hand. She’s griding against you and it feels pleasant.
No. 994591 ID: afe7de
File 161743852489.png - (11.39KB , 500x500 , C2_017.png )

You reach down and grab her ass, she gives a light squeak and then bites down on your neck. You’re expecting a soft supple rump but instead it feels like a sack of clammy sand, you’re not sure how to feel about this but your hormones are making you feel so good so it doesn't bother you that much. You continue to grope and caress her, even giving Willamina a smack to the ass or two. And now you’ve gotten a few hickeys on your neck.

The heat’s starting to die down and you look in each-others eyes, Willamina rubs her head against you, nuzzling you. She seems really calm now. You’re still a bit HORNY, but some of the voices in your head are telling you not to try to have sex right now, so you don’t push further.

You: Wanna go to the bar and show off your new powers?

Willamina: HELL. YES.
No. 994592 ID: afe7de
File 161743853843.png - (13.43KB , 500x500 , C2_018.png )


The crowd goes silent and turns to face her. Willamina then raises a hand and makes snowflakes in the air, scattering them around the room.

Willamina: I got Ice powers BITCHES!!!

About half of the bar goes back to drinking and the other half hoots and hollers. The rest of the night goes by pretty quickly and eventually it’s nearing midnight and you decide to split from Willamina and head to bed, she does the same, waving you off as you head upstairs.
No. 994593 ID: afe7de
File 161743855007.png - (8.30KB , 500x500 , C2_019.png )

You head into your room and see a cat sitting on the windowsil right next to your roach encampment. It appears they’re talking to each-other.

Sitting Cat: I get what you’re saying, but we still have to wait for Catherine.

Sitting Cat: Sorry, “Cat,” Yes I know but we shouldn’t ruin their date. It could be he’s making an ally.

You head over to the counter and they seem to finally notice you.

You: Umm. Hello?

Sitting Cat: Hello Master, This lowly one is named Mint. You can confirm this in your status window by looking up the contracts window.

You do so and using the demon eyes you focus on the contract and can notice a line connecting the two of you if you focus REALLY HARD on the notification.


Mint: And I suppose you’ll be wanting a rundown of what I can do and have questions. What do you want to know?
No. 994595 ID: f94934

Oh, I want to know everything!

But I also want you to know something, I know you're a "slave" and all but I want to make it clear, I have on intention of forcing you to do anything. I want equals and allies, not meat-shields and servants.
No. 994596 ID: e51896

Looks like you got a new slave pet... ask her to please not call herself lowly... Wait, that was an order, sorry, your still questioning your morals about owning a slave. Ask her to please not call herself lowly only if she wants to

Tell Mint you were told she can transform into a cat, but if she is going to show you her humanoid form... um... she should borrow some of your clothes first before transforming... if she wants

Lay on bed, grab your COMM and look at texts while you talk to roach. "I think I saw you two outside the window. Sorry I couldn't talk then. Hope you like the gifts I got you, roach. I take it you have some bad news? I assume involving Isabella?"

Might want to warn Mint, roach, roach, roach, and roach, that there are animals getting burned in the park, and you recommend they be careful especially at night.

Maybe ask Mint if she wants to be petted... in her cat form of course!
No. 994597 ID: e51896

Also, Check if you got new achievements for awakening Willamina!
No. 994599 ID: 8f86b1

Hello Mint! It is good to meet you. I'm glad to have another friend to weather the coming storm with.
I must know though, HOW did you manage to get auctioned off at the demon auction?

After that, ROACH: Your Report, please.

Also, I suggest using the skill book on mint tonight or tomorrow.
No. 994602 ID: 094652

Having a non-awakened slave may have advantages we're not aware of. Ultimately, you should leave it up to Mint to decide if she wants a power, a skill book, or wants to be left alone for now.

... Well, maybe not the last one. Ask if you can pet the kitty.
No. 994605 ID: 8f86b1


I don't get y'all's idea of consent with a slave. We can be 'nice', we can treat her with dignity, but she is our slave. Aside from "Your contract it's hereby null and void, you are now free." No course of action we take with her is 'Good' or 'Moral'. Merely keeping her here is exploitation, no choice we give her is freedom, only a cruel illusion of it.

We all know why we took a slave. So we'd have someone we could entrust with awesome power, for our own benefit.

Don't delude yourselves into thinking you can do the right thing here without being willing to make a sacrifice.

I for one do not believe it wise to waste our resources before the coming apocalypse, and therefore think we should continue to retain her contract, even if doing so is evil.
No. 994606 ID: 9a2966

>Goes straight to the bar with Cat
Really wanted the power reveal to have no direct connection to Cat, but ah well, youthful exuberance, etc. Guess the first one's a freebie anyway, it's any AFTER this one that're gonna start becoming increasingly susp.

>Making an ally
More like making a friend - or more! You haven't exactly shared everything with her yet, though. It felt a bit much for a first date. That includes the existence of the two of them - which works out, since you'd like to have a few aces up your sleeve, at least for now.

>lowly one
>she will be willing to DIE for you

Feel fucking uncomfortable for a moment, then resolve to be nice to this individual over whom you have the implicit power of life and death. Greet her, say well met. Tell her you're new to the idea of being a slave master and the self-denigrating attitude sounds sorta crummy. She can refer to herself - and you - freely, and preferably informally. Ideally, you'd like to do something about her enslaved state, but you recognize there's a few serious obstacles to that becoming the case. Still, your stance is that you'd like her to find whatever freedoms and pleasures she can while being in your service. Basically, you'd like to treat her more like a... valued employee? She's definitely gonna get SOMETHING out of this. You'll work on exactly what later - and she's free to offer input as to what she'd like.

>implanted backstory
Anyway, you're very curious as to your supposed relationship now. You guess in public her humanoid form should be treated according to the backstory the demons came up with, as they APPARENTLY ADJUSTED REALITY OR EVERYONE'S PERCEPTION OF IT to pigeonhole her into your past. So, with that in mind... who is 'Mint', the backstory?

>slew of other questions
And who is Mint, the slave - what's her real backstory, how'd she end up a slave? What can she do and what does she know? More specifically, what can she tell you concerning the auction she was procured from, the beings behind it and this whole 'demon king contest' thing? How does her transformation powers work? (Do you have to buy clothes for her?)

>watdo with Mint?
... and what are you gonna do with her, plan-wise? You haven't exactly got a high-paying job at the moment, though there are cash favors you could snag from Miss Iraphena, or you could even sell one of your artifacts for massive moolah, though you'd prefer to keep as many of those as you can given what's coming. To conserve on those you're tempted to put her to work in town somewhere (maybe the Lyst-y-Mart?) so the two of you can combine your pay-power to move to a two-bedroom apartment, though you're not sure what the Mart job is paying.

Other than getting a job, she could do some more sleuthin' about town for you in either of her forms, though she'd be a bit more obvious than Detective Roach over here and both Miss Iraphena and CROW might be on the lookout for Cat-Mint. Not so much Iraphena if you just tell her, you guess.

>Detective Roach
Thank Roach for the day's sleuthin'. You got them some of the stuff they wanted, still looking for a nice plant, but if they've any additional requests they're free to lay 'em on you. It sounded like they'd had an eventful day? If it's anything important or time-sensitive they'd like to share, please go ahead.

By the way, how'd they find Mint - or the reverse?

Also, share with both of them how your day went.

Oh yes! And you need to check your achievements at some point. Maybe after all of the talking is over.

>Idea: hatching the Lucky Egg
Thought. Could we put Cat-Mint on egg-warming duty if we've got nothing better for her to do?
No. 994607 ID: ce39da

The demon auctioneer also implied that freeing her is actually pretty dang hard, and we don't even know where to start on that front. It almost certainly isn't as simple as waving your arms and going: "I command you to be free."

... Do check to see if the Lightning God book is still there (and functional). I'm not sure what benefit there is to withholding powers from someone who literally can't disobey us (no matter how uncomfortable we are with that whole situation).

Do get each other up to speed before you actually follow through with anything, though.
No. 994609 ID: 9a2966

>We all know why we took her as a slave.

>and... you are now in the emancipation business, for a plenitude of reasons

Look it up, then let's get into those reasons.

For one, the demons might've worked a confidentiality clause into their slave binding magics, such as preventing her from revealing anything (or to lie about anything) she knows about the demons, what with having lived as their slave for who knows how long. We can't trust anything she says completely unless we're sure we're not running up against that, and that means freeing her in order to verify. As far as getting true intel on the demons go, there's a potential for a freed Mint to be an asset.

For two, a slave may not display a whole lotta initiative and might not have a whole lot of stake in a fight. It depends on the nature of her instilled slavishness and what sort of will she is able to muster. We'll see on that end, but I have a sneaking suspicion she'll be hella - pun intended - interested in not going back to being a slave if she's actually freed - and the demons ARE still coming to punk this world, so interests will hopefully align and we'd still have an empowered and capable individual to aid us.

For three, it seems likely that the demons keep slaves (well, they certainly have them on offer) and if they attack, their slaves will likely be part of that attack too. Figuring out if we can Awaken powers that can free these slaves actually seems like a beneficial tactical advantage to have.

For four, it's the right thing to do.

For five, it's the RIGHT thing to do.

Anyway, I see where you're coming from but I don't wholly buy into the idea that there is no way to be a good person here and that we should lean into hardening Cat's heart. Demons gonna demon don't mean we gotta be like a demon too (even if we might literally end up there thanks to the Ring of the Phoenix). It surely is possible to treat Mint right - or better, at least - and part of that involves exploring emancipation options and part of it involves turning this master-slave relationship into something healthier and more reciprocal.
No. 994610 ID: e6a906

Tell Roach you awoke Willamina and she said she will protect you in return.

Ask when you first awakened Roach if he had a vision. Willamina saw a vision of her great grandmother and you're interested in knowing if he saw something.
No. 994611 ID: 094652

We know that.
But the deed is done and our conscience, while heavy, is still existent. We don't have the strength to free her right off the bat, but we can offer her small freedoms and trust, and try to build it up until we feel safe breaking our contract to give her a real life.
Maybe we'll fail to appeal to better nature. Maybe Cat cannot release the bond, or releasing the bond will have dire consequences. But we have to try, while we still can.
No. 994615 ID: 031458

This is me

We could in that case command her to determine her own fate with as little regard to us as possible unless we command otherwise, and then never command otherwise.

1- That's a reach. Even if they had reason to do such a thing, there is no reason that it couldn't be it's own unrelated curse.

2-I concur that any reciprocation they offer would indeed probably be spirited, but they need not lend us their sword, nor give us anything at all. Emancipation means we are owed NOTHING, not even a thank you.

3- Might be worth exploring, but the ability to break powerful magical contracts will surely either:
Come with a steep cost.
Or attract the attention of forces far beyond our means to deal with.

4/5 - I agree. But the only thing separating a victim and a survivor in an apocalypse is power. Nothing quite concentrates power into one person like slaves.
High-Minded though you may be, I find your idea of emancipation naïve at best. Foolhardy otherwise.

>or better, at least
Modify the relationship from one of a slave to that of an indentured servant perhaps?
We could guarantee some rights, perhaps guarantee release after the threat of apocalypse has passed... Though I question the value of promises that mature AFTER the apocalypse.
No. 994620 ID: b1b4f3

Alright so, ask how exactly the contract works. What happens if she doesn't want to do something you tell her to do? Or if she thinks it's a bad idea? Is she allowed to hesitate or object? Are orders followed literally, or based on intent?
What counts as an order? Is it possible to accidentally give her one?

Does she have any idea how it might be possible to free her?

Lastly, how does she feel about becoming a THUNDER CAT?
No. 994622 ID: e51896

Maybe we can wait a bit on the skill book? I've been considering giving that book to Cannie once we become better friends with her.
No. 994626 ID: 0fae41

Well, first of all: How are you? Then tell us about yourself, yes.
No. 994724 ID: afe7de
File 161750602402.png - (7.43KB , 500x500 , C2_019b.png )

> Achievements?
You pop open your achievement window and are greeted by a new notification:

Achievement “Awaken 3 different species of creatures” has been unlocked. +10
Achievement “Granted 2 Powers to a creature” has been unlocked. +5

And there’s a new hint available too:
Awaken 10 total creatures. 3/10

Your new achievement total is 30/140

You also double check the contents of your ring, you made sure to snag everything you pulled out earlier and it’s all there.
No. 994725 ID: afe7de
File 161750603631.png - (6.56KB , 500x500 , C2_020.png )

> Your feelings on slavery
You’re pretty conflicted about this. A cage is a cage is a cage after all. And attempting to promise something like freedom even if you don’t know its possible could be getting her hopes up a bit too high. You’re also in a precarious situation where you need allies you can 100% trust to not stab you in the back. You definitely WANT to free her if you can, but other parts of you are definitely making you think this is a bad idea and that you should keep the contract even if its questionable right now for the sake of the long term.

> Ask Mint some questions
You decide to start by asking Mint some questions. You’re guessing that Roach has something urgent to tell you, but want to get formalities out of the way with your new slave. Thinking about it that way still makes you uncomfortable, but this is the unfortunate reality that you live in.

You: So uh before we begin, is there any limitations on what you can talk about? Can you give opinions, object or hesitate, will you be forced to follow what I say literally or the intent of what I say, etc?

Mint: I only have the limitations you place on me Master. As this is a soul binding contract I can’t hide anything from you even if I wanted to.

Mint: I’ll be following your orders as you define them at the limits that you express, so if you want me to be literal I’ll be literal, but um, I’m only a kin, so don’t expect perfection. I’m no automaton.
No. 994727 ID: afe7de
File 161750605273.png - (8.61KB , 500x500 , C2_021.png )

You: Uh, this might be a weird question but do you want to be pet?

Mint: Yes, I like being scratched behind the ears and at the base of my tail.

Mint heads over to you and sits on your lap as you begin to stroke her. She purrs relaxingly as she continues to talk.

You: So slavery, how does this work? Can it be undone, are the limitations lax? What happens if I die, etc.

Mint: Slave contracts are managed by some demon, some say it’s the actual demon king himself, others say it’s one of the 72 demon lords, I don’t actually know. So if a slave breaks their contract or inflicts lethal harm to their master their soul is forfeit to the contract and is eradicated, resulting in instant death.

Mint: Upon your true death my contract becomes forfeit and the next assigned owner that you decide will control me. If no new owner has been decided by then then I will be in a flux state where if I do not return to the demons I will be killed in a similar manner after a certain period of time.

You: Fuck, alright. I guess if we can find and eliminate this demon lord then maybe the contract will be nullified?

Mint: Its… A possibility, but I don’t know. I was told some demon out there could nullify contracts but I wasn’t given the specifics, I think it was false hope given to the newly captured.
No. 994728 ID: afe7de
File 161750606391.png - (8.88KB , 500x500 , C2_022.png )

> Transforming?
You: Transforming, how does that work? Do you need clothes? What happens to the stuff you’re holding?

Mint gets up from your lap and transforms in front of you becoming a short woman, probably about 1.3 meters in height. At her hip is some sort of box, but you can’t really tell what it is from this angle. She turns back to normal and gets back into your lap, urging you to continue petting her.

Mint: As you can tell, I keep my clothing, they even let me keep my tools so there’s a saving grace in that. I don’t need new clothes, they’re held in some sort of extra dimensional space when I’m transformed. I just like being this size. Also getting fucked at this size feels hecking good.

You: Uh what was that?

Mint: Don’t worry about it.
No. 994729 ID: afe7de
File 161750607508.png - (7.42KB , 500x500 , C2_023.png )

> Implanted Backstory?
You: So what’s your cover story? I was told reality would adjust for your presence but I don't know much about this.

Mint: We’re former college friends, I moved out to Lyst similarly to you. If someone asks I just say I live on the outskirts of town at a motel until we figure out what’s going to happen. In truth I’m under your care.

> Actual Backstory?
You: So uh, What’s your story, how’d you become a slave and what can you do?

Mint: I’m from another world, one that was ravaged by demons and angels and monsters. My clan was a group of tinkers that made and sold magitech that we researched. I worked as a maid for a time and as an amateur inventor in my spare time. According to your world’s standards I would be considered a [RANK 3] Tinker Generalist. But my main job was in administration.

Mint: All of my clan can beast shape, turning from a more humanoid form to a more bestial form. It’s our [INNATE SKILL]. I can also turn into a larger, ridable cat form.

Mint: I became a slave when an army of fallen angels came and subjugated my people. We weren’t strong enough. The world had already ended and more than 70% of the land was flooded with monsters. We were only able to stay around for so long due to our magitech. Well it was either consent to slavery or be wiped out and I chose the former.
No. 994730 ID: afe7de
File 161750608898.png - (6.10KB , 500x500 , C2_024.png )

You: Phew, okay, thats a lot. Um… Please give me some time to process that. I’ll be up front about this. I’m not really comfortable with the slave owning business, so my current plan is to treat you like an indentured servant that has rights and an allowance. It’s not the best compromise, but I want to also at least treat you nicely.

Mint gets up and sits across from you, giving you a glare

Mint: I’m going to be a little blunt here, but that’s not the best attitude to take in this situation. Your world will end soon, regardless of how you treat me. While I am technically a person I lost my rights as one and became a tool. Use me to further your own goals and ensure you and yours do not get enslaved or killed in the same matter as my home planet.

Mint: That kind of attitude can only come from someone who has been spoiled and that hasnt lived with the harsh realities of a world under constant strife. I would even encourage you to get MORE slaves that can protect your livelihood.

Mint: You can of course say I’m effectively free and send me on my way, we’ll still have the slave contract and I won’t be able to go against you. But I will literally just go on dungeon runs and gain power so I can fight against the demons, angels, and monsters that will descend on this planet.
No. 994731 ID: afe7de
File 161750609713.png - (5.47KB , 500x500 , C2_025.png )

You’re not sure how to respond to that and the room goes silent for a moment. You look to roach and he tilts his head at you.

You: So Roach, what happened with you?


You: Uh, how?

No. 994732 ID: afe7de
File 161750610932.png - (8.48KB , 500x500 , C2_026.png )



No. 994737 ID: 8483cf

No. 994738 ID: e7c7d3

>Also getting fucked at this size feels hecking good.
A cat is fine too.

Oh dear, it sounds like Isabella has gone off the deep end for a while now. Still, probably be best to call it a night
No. 994739 ID: 0fae41

Rideable cat form? Like a tiger? Please show me. That's even more cat to pet... Also, is there any tinkering you can do with magical items?
So that's how Isabella's demon power works, she's got an imaginary friend. The shrine could be a caricature of Willamina herself or a demon that happens to resemble her.
Also Roach has a good point, we should get more wings for the hive. We could add a few flies in the short term, they should last at least a week or two.
We should probably sleep then.
No. 994740 ID: 3ed3c3

...Wow okay.
So Isabella is 100% cracked, she has a demon on her side, she's Iraphena's superior, and she's aware she's being observed. Not good.
But she's unaware that Willamina is Awakened, she doesn't know the full extent of our powers, she doesn't know that we're on to her, and she's making a lot of mistakes. Very good.
Thank Roach as much as possible, and prepare for some shuteye.
No. 994741 ID: e7c7d3

Also, calling the other person on the other side of the call as "my love" imply she's taking orders from Max? Is max behind all this? Just using Isabella and Iraphena to get back at Willamina for scorning him
No. 994742 ID: e51896

That's messed up.

Keep in mind I could be wrong, but from what it sounds like, Isabella is probably referring to us as the newcomer, and I think she somehow knows we're investigating the estate fire. It seems like also Iraphena doesn't want Isabella stopping us investigating the estate fire. Could she be protecting us?

She is probably keeping an eye on Willamina to make sure she doesn't awaken, and report to whoever is on the phone if she ever does (could be Max back from the grave, a new lover, he faked his death, or his ghost.) (It probably was a bad idea to have Willamina announce her powers at the bar, but what's done is done.)

and it looks like her power Demonic Flame Spirit is a separate entity that burned roach, and has been burning other animals. (My guess is that the reason why Isabella has been burning animals is because she is dealing with the overmind's animals spying on her or something.)

Are cockroaches face supposed to look like that? anyway, Lets look at our texts for now before bed, we've missed a lot. But we will need to have a serious discussion with Willamina tomorrow, first thing in the morning. We'll probably need to introduce her to roach in order to get her to understand the situation better as proof.
No. 994745 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, well, Iraphena's lawyer contacts might have some ideas.

WELP sounds like the demonic fire spirit ability is a separate entity she can talk to. I'm guessing she sent it to burn the estate, so she'd have an alibi.
Also, Max is still alive??? ...that would explain some of the weird things about the event. The Hero's Guild could have taken the chance to fake his death, maybe also the deaths of the other people there.
If that's who Isabella is talking to on the phone, then... the Hero's Guild is working with Nunitus? I guess that wouldn't be too unreasonable since Nunitus is pretty secretive. We can no longer be sure Isabella killed anyone that day. Willamina getting burned might've been on purpose. ...oh hell, what if Max knew about the inheritance clause for the death of all major members, and decided his family needed to die so that the Hero's Guild could get ALL the money instead of just partial support?
Well, there's another possible sequence of events. Maybe Max faked his death using the fires then split with the Hero's Guild for some reason, and Isabella used Nunitus to track him down since she didn't confirm his death; or maybe she asked Iraphena if there was a way to bring Max back to life only to find out that Max was still alive. Max took the opportunity to... start using Isabella as a tool? Is Max a villain? Or does he think Isabella is a good person? That direction of potential events just makes things more complicated...
Also haha this is fucked, Iraphena isn't Isabella's boss at all? It's the other way around. That means... Iraphena was going over Isabella's head when she called Overmind? Or the command structure is very loose in Nunitus. Or... Isabella was lying to Max on the phone about being Iraphena's boss?

Well, shit's all fucked up. We can't fight Isabella's fire spirit if we can't see it. Mint would basically have to take Isabella out before the fire spirit can attack. Also I have no idea if Willamina is in more danger now, or less. ...well, there's one small mercy, we know the fire spirit isn't that strong. It's burning animals but they don't always die? Fighting it would suck but wouldn't be instantly lethal.

Give Mint the lightning god book right now. See how much energy it would take to upgrade her, and how much it takes to upgrade Roach right now. Maybe we should give Roach a real name?

Hell, if possible I'd like to go into the forest right now instead of sleeping, and try to contact the forest lady. She can help, and we really need help.

It's also time for Cat to strongly reconsider his vow of silence considering Isabella's powers. We didn't actually promise anything to anyone! So far we've been doing it out of politeness, but now we know for sure she's up to no good. She's about to get "hands-on".
I want to warn Willamina somehow but I don't know what to say. "Watch out some invisible thing might throw fire at you"? "Isabella's fucking nuts wait you knew that already"? "Max might be alive and hates you"? The options aren't good!

Was she watching TV? Or videos on her phone? It's that or the fire spirit but that seems kindof strange for an interaction with the fire spirit.
No. 994746 ID: e4e6e7

...That's scary if true. I do believe we have our first bad guy. Somebody should tell Will that she's at risk. Maybe set a trap, before Will gets hit.

Roach is tough to kill. Would that work with other creatures? Would that work with PEOPLE? Would that work with creatures you give powers? Would that work with people with powers? Roach with more upgrades could prove to be very powerful. Without upgrades... it could still lead a swarm. You officially have motive to raise/breed roaches.
No. 994748 ID: e6a906

I wonder if we should hand Mint the book, and have her pose as Willamina's adopted pet to protect her from Isabella...
No. 994751 ID: f5efea

Real talk. We need to start building our allies up and getting some contingencies in place for an inevitable conflict. I'm talking counter-surveillance, so we know when we're being targeted for a move. I'm talking small armies of Roach-likes. I'm talking people who know about the stakes at play, and willing to defend us should it come down to it.

Cat is sober enough about all this that she should take the lead on planning.
No. 994755 ID: b1b4f3

Cat needs protection too! We only have one bodyguard to go around... and we might be better off in the long run sending Mint to a dungeon run, Upgrading Willamina as much as possible, and getting some stronger gadgets and magic items for self-defense against Isabella.

...I wonder if we can use a Favor from Iraphena to get her to protect Cat and Willamina from Isabella? Like, she should be able to precog Isabella going out to kill Willamina and warn her, and possibly be able to tell if Isabella is going to get in a fight with someone she can't predict (Cat). In the end the method of her helping us is up to her though. Maybe she could pull some strings and get Isabella out of town earlier than planned? Iraphena might wonder why we're concerned about it, and we can truthfully say that the story we got from Cannie makes us think Isabella is a psycho.

Alternatively we can get a 5k favor, buy that property, and turn it into a fortress that Isabella would have to assault to get to us. Willamina could stay there too.
No. 994771 ID: f94934

Wakeup REAL early tomorrow and go talk to willamina about this stuff as soon as possible. If Isabella finds out she sounds liable to just snap and straight up murder someone and/or multiple people.

Also new crack pot theory:
Max survived the fire, faking his own death somehow. He orchestrated the whole ordeal and intentionally spared willamina by manipulating isabella into doing his dirty work by promising her his affection. In reality he probably still has eyes for his sister alone and plans to use isabella to get whatever he wants then dispose of her or "save" willamina from her to win back her affection. Iraphena probably works for her under some kind of duress, or whoever they both work for has some kind of semi-workable plan to save the world and iraphena has decided the ends justify the means. Or she's just a greedy bastard and is on the side that benefits her the most materially.
No. 994777 ID: e71563

We need to inform Willamina NOW.
Check if she's still in the bar. If so, pull her aside. Otherwise, call her and meet Mint and Roach + a couple bodies outside and BOOK IT to Willamina's place.

It is also worth asking Mint if she knows how much time it takes to use a skill book. We may need to use ours very soon.
No. 994780 ID: 094652

We have concrete evidence that Isabella is a threat; even if she isn't responsible for the fire and the burnings and all the other murders, she's mentally ill and has a psychotic separate entity that loves to burn others to death. I was hesitant about telling Willamina because she might impulsively attack Isabella without a full investigation, but now it would be self-defense.

>Mint wants to grind
Your orders are to do whatever you want until the next demon auction.
Your designated master is Willamina Haydee. If I die, make sure she knows everything."

"Please don't make that face, Snopes."
No. 994792 ID: e6a906

Maybe we should text Willamina and tell her we need to talk about this tomorrow morning?
No. 994812 ID: 9a2966

Thank Roach for its literal sacrifice and apologize you got their main body killed - Isabella was more messed-up than you anticipated - then have a quick think.

This is indeed a lot at once. So, put all slave and world-ending related topics aside to focus on the matter approaching critical mass - Isabella, Willamina and the truth of the Hadlee mansion fire. Thanks to Roach's selfless sleuthing we've assembled enough pieces to have an initial go at putting the puzzle together.

>Disclaimer: variants and other possibilities certainly exist
The burning of the mansion and its aftermath, whether accidental or premeditated, required the cooperation of two individuals: Maximillian and Isabella.

We still don't know what power Max was sitting on, but he may have Awakened to one that was MENTAL in nature. He may have gotten SMARTER and more MANIPULATIVE as a result of it. Based on Cannie's story, his attitude grew distant and cold shortly after confessing to (and being rebuffed by) Willamina, a shift which both that event and his recent Awakening into a different mindset could explain. A mental awakening might certainly have made him stop acting like the youth he was and begin to lay plans of his own. Especially if he - much as Cat did - discovered the truth of the upcoming demonic invasion and preparing for that began to take priority. Possibly his family was an obstacle both to his incestuous love and to those preparations.

Thus, he could have leveraged Isabella's obsession with him (and own Awakening) into an advantage by getting her to burn down the Hadlee Mansion and getting her to continue to work with him (dangling the carrot of his love in front of her all the while). He either knew about or faked the Hadlees' will to give him another lever with which to monitor Willamina's status - possibly he got the Heroes' League help to set it all up! After all, his family was already a financial backer of the Walpoles (founders of the Heroes' League, I believe) and the League stood to benefit somewhat by absorbing those resources.

He could even have lied that he wanted to pretend to be dead to 'protect' what was left of his family from whatever VILLAIN burned the place down - they'd CLEARLY been after HIM, after all! And not letting Willamina have a hint of access to any of those resources until she Awakened meant she'd be protected from further villainous interests.

Then he proceeded to both work with the Heroes' League and Nunitus, playing a long game. The main link to Max-Nunitus involvement is Isabella becoming a Nunitus player - able to get her non-Awakened sister an in - and setting herself up as the superior of Iraphena (a public Nunitus member), as well as EYES being a very big component of Willamina's trauma back during the mansion fire, while also being Nunitus' main motif. That could admittedly be a red herring... though it also feels weird that all the Nunitus leads back after the mansion fire just up and vanished.

Like someone knew ahead of time which leads Aeglos was investigating - which could point to Iraphena's involvement in the cover-up.

Whaddye think? If any of this is true, we're dangerously close to knocking a conspiracy cabal over, with the attendant attention that'll bring. Speaking of which...

Roach's spying - we keep a terrarium of roaches, figuring out who sent a roach to spy on Isabella won't exactly be rocket science - and our recent publicly revealed presence at Will's Awakening are both things that could trigger Isabella/Max/Nunitus to spy on and confront Cat. With Miss Iraphena tracking Willamina's potential awakening status they could straight up know Cat is the likely 'trigger' here (even if that doesn't reveal the Arcane Catalyst power) since he is the only new element Iraphena can't keep track of.

It's relatively simple. Do we ACT NOW or WAIT AND SEE?

Waiting may be safe as houses, ish. Sure, it could put Will at risk of being targeted or manipulated (we have NO idea how Isabella will react to her sudden Awakening, but I suspect it won't be a positive reaction) - and Cat might find themselves under increased surveillance by Nunitus... but neither of those are like 100% given. As long as we keep cool and don't reveal that Cat knows Isabella is messed up and talking to 'Max' on the phone we should be... pretty safe in their mind still, if an annoyance to deal with and clearly someone to bully into cooperativeness.

BUT... I do not like the idea of giving Isabella - or her 'love' - the initiative here. We should be ABLE to stop Isabella, The Incarnation of Flame, and her demonic flame spirit, if need be, and we should ensure Willamina doesn't get manipulated or abused further. To do that we need to first AWAKEN MINT.

SPEND 30 POINTS TO RAISE YOUR POWER CAP to 3/9 BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND IMMEDIATELY AWAKEN MINT WITH THE BONUS 3 POINTS! After midnight we can spend another 9 points - your whole wad for the day - to UPGRADE MINT'S POWER - or however much you can manage (spending any leftovers on upgrading Roach's powers as thanks for their selfless service).

The Awakening should definitely be put towards protecting you and yours and give Mint something to work with for dungeon runs. The exact nature should be suggested on by all as normal, though the one I'd like to propose is one that would at least allow Mint to sense and fight (seal / banish / exorcise) spiritual and otherworldly entities. A shrine-maiden 'Miko' power, for example, allowing her to fight back against Isabella AND the type of entities who fucked over her world.

For aid, you could leverage what you know of the town's residents. Dr. Trey and Gruk are both Awakened who'd probably come to your side if you intimate Will's under threat (although you don't know their loyalties as far as the situation with Max / Nunitus / League is concerned). You've got Trey's number at least - and he might also be in the bar still, and thus approachable, if drunk.

Toni the Illusionist might be, if not trustworthy or at all approached so far, someone we can call in as a 'dude, I'll owe you a big favor it you help me out here' last minute wildcard.

Cannie could get called in to shout at her sister for being a dummy - but I don't have much hope she'll be able, as a non-awakened, to DO much other than lean on her the slightest bit.

Either she or you could be in danger. An Awakened Mint can only protect you both if you're together - and if this situation is to come to a head soon, you might as well kick the cabal fully over and get her to help play the cards that end up on YOUR side.
No. 994878 ID: afe7de
File 161760032202.png - (10.24KB , 500x500 , C2_027.png )

> Get some rest
You think about awakening mint and the implications of all the info you just learned and suddenly get just so extremely tired. It looks like that Stamina Liquor is wearing off right about now and your adrenaline is dying off. It’s probably better that you figure out what you’re going to do about this whole situation after a night of rest so you don’t make any rash decisions. You’re not used to this kind of high intensity stuff. You strip and head to bed, Mint joins you, snuggling up on your pillow beside your head.

You: I think I’m going to rest for now, this is just a lot to take in. Just… We’ll talk in the morning.
No. 994881 ID: afe7de
File 161760044335.png - (24.47KB , 500x500 , C2_028.png )

> Check your Texts
You cover yourself with the sheets and pull out your comm, deciding to take a look at all the messages you’ve been ignoring for the past few hours.

Cannie: Good fight, you beat me fair and square. LMK when you wanna go again.

Nipha: Yeah Kazu really broke out of his shell.
Nipha: Rudy’s made these cool little spider robots that do all our housework for us and he uses to make gadgets, they’re pretty cool.
Nipha: You’ll get to see one of them when we head over.
Nipha: Oh and my new hoverboots.
Nipha: I’ll shoot you a text when I get there MONDAY.

Willamina: 🧊💕🧊

SPAM LIKELY: Ratiolatry isn’t as scary as you might think, come down to Lyst’s Ratiolatry group meeting this sunday at 9AM at the Community center!
SPAM LIKELY: Tired of your old penis? We at Beast-Kin’s Phallus emporium can offer you a brand new cock of any species you like, increase the virility and potency of your seed or even make it prehensile, all at a low low cost of $99 a month, [CLICK HERE] for more details!

God these dumb spam texts are back again, guess moving to a new area has gotten your number put on a few lists. At least they aren’t calling you and leaving voice-mails.
No. 994882 ID: afe7de
File 161760045258.png - (25.81KB , 500x500 , C2_029.png )

> Warn Willamina
Hearing this information has got you on edge even more and you feel that you should at least say something to Willamina.

To Willamina you reply: I might just be paranoid but be careful tonight okay? Talk to you in the morning.

You then put your phone on the charger and curl up into a ball, letting the sweet, dark embrace of sleep consume you. You don’t dream, but you feel a soul-crushing weight pressing down on your stomach the whole night. Your left leg constantly cramps and your right shoulder is in pain. Not to mention your back is killing you. It might be a good idea to buy some painkillers. You wake up the next morning and look at your COMM. It’s SATURDAY MORNING at 9:30AM. You feel more TIRED than usual. You’ll probably be fine in an hour or so. But you’re most likely still in pain from the fight yesterday. You sluggishly drag yourself through the shower and bathroom, lazily performing your morning routine before dressing, and popping back in the room. You grab your COMM, no new messages, but you hear the telltale sounds of a stomach growling coming from Mint.
No. 994883 ID: 0fae41

Get some Cat food, and food for the cat too.
Is the libarby open to return your book?
No. 994884 ID: b1b4f3

Talk to mint about awakening. Ask her what kind of power she'd like most if she awakened. Then text Cannie to ask her what kind of powers she'd want most.

Get some food for Mint. What does she want from the bar?

Use a favor to get 5k, with the intent to buy that property. Also tell Iraphena you heard from Cannie about how fucked up Isabella is and you're kindof worried now; can she protect you? Would she even be able to predict Isabella attacking you? Oh she should be able to protect Willamina at least, could she do that for a favor?
Oh right today is when we check out potential item trades, too.

Do we have to work today?
No. 994889 ID: 8483cf

Time to begin Operation: Delegation. Bring Mint up to speed on who is important to you, who can be trusted, and if she feels comfy about helping plan defenses.
No. 994894 ID: cb6eac

Things are going to start moving very quickly today. We need to go to Willamina's place straight after breakfast to better inform her. Over breakfast though we should discuss with mint if she feels better suited to the Lightning god power, or if she believes it might be a better idea to awaken her normally.
No. 994898 ID: e51896

I find it kind of eerie that we didn't get new texts. Lets eat... food for us will be free, but we may need to pay for Mint's food.

We are taking roach with us today. We might need him to help us talk to Willamina.

Too bad our days off isnt on saturday. At least we got sun and mon off. Potential plans after work: talk to Willamina about her inheritage (she mentioned she can use it to protect you and her), we can also talk to Iraphena and look into artifacts she has after work, but also, we could consider going to the remains of the hadlee estate after work.

During breakfast, talk to Oriel, mention about being happy for Willamina, and ask about Trey on how it felt like he's been making efforts to avoid you even though you've never introduced yourself to him and ask if he is like that to everyone. Also look into your phone about Ratiolatry.
No. 994907 ID: 9a2966

As far as options for food goes, you'll have breakfast at Oriel's, but I'm wondering if it isn't smarter to just hand Mint some money and have her buy some herself. She could join you in-person at Oriel's and you can do the 'official' meet-n-greet in public, or she can sneak off to the Lyst-y-Mart and buy whatever she needs for herself.

Both Roach and Mint will need marching orders for the day. We might want Mint to hang around for protection - as an Awakened! - for the time being, especially if we're gonna dump some more shattering revelations on Will or if we encounter Isabella.

Roach could... spy on someone less dangerous? I'm wondering if we shouldn't just give Roach some time off to shake off the loss of their primary body. He should be careful as well around town now, especially since Isabella's flame spirit might be on guard against spy bugs, or might even actively seek them out for extermination. Basically, they should be careful not to go anywhere 'alone' - and maybe not even be all collected in the terrarium either.

And here's an idea: if you could keep a roach with you - in safe, air-permeable bag or something - Roach would only need to transfer their consciousness over to you in order to talk. If the range of the hive mind is wider than the range of the telepathy that might be an easier way to get in touch. Might not be comfortable for the bug in question - though roaches are pretty durable!

I still feel like we should spend our achievement points on enabling a more powerful awakening for Mint.

Then again, saving up for checking the power use history of Awakened might still be smart and could give us more information. We'd get a lot more context on how their powers work, for one. Imagine looking at Iraphena's uses - it'd be like looking through someone's browser search history for clues.

Anyway, deal with breakfast, deal with Awakening Mint, then consider whether going to Will before the job begins.
No. 994952 ID: 0c5bfb

Im thinking we bring roach along to introduce to Willamina at work,

Mint should consider working at the friendly bean, or Ruffled haunch. She might be able to get more info and get money through there.

One thing to consider is giving Willamina your phoenix ring in case Isabella attempts murder
No. 994955 ID: ce39da

We should check to see if Gadgetry already counts as Mint being "Awakened" before attempting anything with her. If it doesn't count, then we should definitely talk to her about whether we should use our power or the lightning god book - her preference. Being a practicality-minded catgirl, she'd likely recommend that we use the book on her and save the points for upgrading Willamena.

Whatever we end up deciding on, it'd be best to do it now rather than later; we want to have more power on our side by the time Isabella decides to spring her attack.
No. 994957 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, it occurs to me we should probably find out how law enforcement handles capturing supers. Do they have magic shackles or something that neutralize powers?
No. 995011 ID: afe7de
File 161769232307.png - (10.31KB , 500x500 , C2_030b.png )

> Return book
You haven't finished it yet! Though you guess you could go to the Libarby later to check out a different book.

> How does law enforcement handle Supes
You remember them using these strange foam guns on supes to contain them, but in most cases they send another supe after them if they cant be contained or controlled. You’re not actually sure what happens after they’re captured. You guess they’re jailed or something.

> Look up Radiolatry
That spam message is on your mind so you do a quick PAWNGLE search Radiolatry. They're a religion that started out as a cult around 50 years ago, they generally believe that we live in a machine or are in a simulation of some sort, with the advent of the internet you could see people sprouting up with theories but this only really came to prominance when the first individuals started awakening. When people could start seeing their status windows and collect artifacts that granted powers they took this as evidence of their theory and began worshipping what they called [THE SYSTEM] that managed our universe.

Then you've found some news articles of individuals going out into crowds, shouting "LOG OUT" and using teleportation based powers to incite mass hysteria, these events were apparently caused by extremists of the group. A few of them were caught due to security camera footage but were let off on minor sentences due to the nature of their "pranks."

There's a seperate group that spun off from Radiolatrists that believes in something called [THE BOX] theory, but the articles on it are sparse, something about what lies outside of [THE SYSTEM]. Apparently accidents keep happening to worshippers of this specific theory so not much else is known about it.
No. 995012 ID: afe7de
File 161769233437.png - (12.23KB , 500x500 , C2_031.png )

> Have breakfast with Mint
You look up from your phone and realize you're at a table with a now kin form Mint, food freshly placed in front of you. Huh, you must've gotten too focused on that news article and didn't realize what you were doing. Oriel is staring at you expectantly, it looks like she asked you a question.

You: Huh, uh, could you repeat that?

Oriel: Sure shugah, I asked if you were gonna introduce me to yer friend?

You: Oh, yeah. This is Mint. She's an old friend from my early College days.

Oriel: Hi, I’m Oriel Walpole, you know, like the famous Marth Walpole, one of the founders of the Heroes League?

Mint: I'm uh, I don't know much about the Heroes guild sorry.

Oriel sighs and is about to step away when you speak up.

You: Cool how Willamina awakened huh?

Oriel: Oh yeah! It's stellar. Kind of jealous if I'm being honest. I'm in my 30s and haven't awakened yet. SIGH Maybe one day...

You: Hey, if it can happen to her it can happen to any of us. Anywho, just one more question. Did I uh... offend Trey or something? I get the feeling he's avoiding me.

Oriel: Oh that, nah, well its not YOU per se. More like he just avoids City folk. Anyone from the big city and he just avoids them like the plague for some reason. I'm sure you could have an actual conversation with him if you scheduled a checkup though.

Now that she mentions it, you havent really gotten a good look at his face, just profile shots and looks from his back. Maybe he's someone who used to be important in the city? You speculate a little bit as you bite into the toast prepared before you. Mint on the other hand has nearly finished her meal in record time. It looks like she was starving. You give her half of your meal, you’re not that hungry anyway and she gets back to eating.

You: Thanks, do I owe you for the breakfast?

Oriel: Nah, the room comes with food enough for two visitors so it's alright.

Oriel heads off back into the kitchen and it's just you and Mint. You feel something in your pocket though and when you poke your hand in there you get a resounding "HEY, WATCH IT." Looks like you took Roach with you too.
No. 995013 ID: afe7de
File 161769236186.png - (7.92KB , 500x500 , C2_032.png )

You start going over the situation with Mint, and then take a moment to check to see if mint has a Power, when you mention that you're about to do that she instead mentions you could just look at her status window, confused you do just that.

Mint Bubastis
Age: 39
Innate Skill:
This creature can morph their body into bestial forms related to their race and back at will.

Turns out because you OWN her you can see her relevant information and her Innate Skill, Neat! You then quietly explain your power to her through roach and she gives you an incredulous look.

Mint: Alright, no, with a power like that, hmm. Okay, a lot more might be possible then I was thinking. Maybe you won't be a good for nothing master.

You give her an eyeroll and suggest awakening her through your power or through the book and she stops you.

Mint: If I had to pick I'd go with using your power, maybe spend your Achievement points to give yourself a larger pool only because then I'd potentially get a power more suited to me and my style. Lightning sounds great and all, but I'd prefer to hope for a potential stealth power or an actual specialization in Tinkering or something. I’d actually caution against that one you’ve been eying, the history one. In all likelihood it’s probably there to waste your points and would just tell you the date and times of the power use and not what it was used for, at least it seemed to function that way in my world.

Mint: I'll caution you though. ANGELS have a vendetta against awakened without the light attribute, they'll leave civilians alone, but 9 times out of 10 when a conflict arose with ANGELS, DEMONS, KIN and I guess HUMANS, they would almost always indiscriminately slaughter the awakened as well.

You ponder this, right now pure fighting power is kind of needed, you might encounter angels at some point, but with your power you can probably have the numbers to support you if this happens. Though now that you're thinking of logistics the most important thing to deal with right now has popped up. Money.
No. 995014 ID: afe7de
File 161769237498.png - (10.84KB , 500x500 , C2_033.png )

You: So now we get to the meat of the problem. I'm broke. So that means you'll probably need to get a job Mint, that way we can afford an apartment or something. There's openings at the Lyst-Y-Mart and the Ruffled Haunch, or you could go to the city hall and figure it out.

Mint: That would put us behind schedule. Couldn't you just sell one of your more useless artifacts so we could gain the capital needed. I might not know a lot about this world but I'm sure there's some guild or auctionhouse or something that would be willing to trade for the item. Or maybe wait for Willamina to get her inheritance and use that as starting funds?


Mint: What would be great is if we could find a dungeon in this town.

You: Arent... Aren't dungeons crazy huge and run by Demons and Fairies?

Mint: That's not the only kind of dungeon out there. There are some naturally formed hidden dungeons, and if you get a dungeon core you can even MAKE ones. If I had time and BUX I could make a device that could measure the ambient mana in the region and use that to track down a hidden site. I'm SURE there's at least one somewhere in a 10 kilometer radius of us, especially if this is an Auction site.

Mint: But you don't look like a fighter so it would probably be hard for you. Though if we could get you to experience a GROWTH that might change, I wouldn’t be surprised if you never experienced a GROWTH by the looks of you.
No. 995015 ID: 031458

Mint, I've been awakened for almost a week.
So no, I haven't. Please, enlighten me.

Ask what artifact your holding would be the easiest for mint to recreate it you had the resources.

Also consider that bux probably won't be a problem if you successfully Navigate Willamina through the coming fire and she receives her inheritance. Though in that case you should use your favors on bux to get started.
No. 995017 ID: 62e901

Well, besides growth, there's gadgets. How much do those cost? Somebody's probably made power armor, but that also probably costs a lot, if they sell it at all. Though if they do, it might be worth it to lose 1 artifact for the survivability it offers.
No. 995025 ID: e51896

hmm, if we sell an artifact, we could probably sell the Coiling Ring and use our backpack again to carry stuff. We should grab our backpack before work in that case. But I also vote waiting on Willamina's inheritance.

How much does the paper mill cost? does Oriel know?

Also ask for a good idea on what Mint can do while you are at work. You were thinking you could introduce her and roach to Willamina and help explain the situation with, or maybe have her pose as her house cat to protect Willamina if we do awaken Mint with a power to protect her, or having her get a job regardless if only to listen in on people. But she's been having really good ideas so far, that I'd like to hear what she would do during your time at work.

But I think for now, we should awaken Mint. I was thinking of awakening her to the power I wanted to give Willamina, Enigmatic Inhibitor >>994121 though stealth or tinkering sounds important too.
No. 995026 ID: 0fae41

You should probably trade one of those favors for bux outright. It’s simply a necessity at this point and will let mint begin work on a dungeon finder ASAP.
No. 995032 ID: 9a2966

Huh. I had forgotten that Oriel was a Walpole. Descendant of Marth Walpole, master energy swordsman and Heroes League founder.

Note to self: see about awakening someone who can give other Awakened a light aspect. Or banish angels for the crime of being alignment pricks. Secondary note: anyone you Awaken will have a bullseye painted on their back if/when angels show up. Tertiary note: Mint was a demon slave, so this could be straight up bull or some skewed perspective stuff.

>Upgrade your basic power so you can make more powerful Awakened
Agreed - slot those 30 points into your awakening capacity. Re: the 'power history use' expense trap... aw man, that is disappoint. Still POTENTIALLY useful, mind. Just not as handy as hoped.

>Spend a Favor on cash
Probably the wise move and we really should've done it yesterday. You can do it later today as you have the artifact trade lined up after work. Mint could come along for that, couldn't she? Her opinion or advice on what kind of artifacts might be valuable could be useful - and it's not like Iraphena won't see her about town soon enough anyway and she can put two and two together when she discovers you're hanging together.

Give Mint the overview of how the auction went, what you snagged and what Iraphena wanted. Mention the utility of the Demon Eye Amulet and the Ring of the Phoenix and how you want to keep those two in particular. The skill book, lucky egg and coiling ring are 'sort of want to have' but also expendables. Note that Roach could also keep you two in mental touch, allowing you to converse between yourself silently.

Mint herself is not for trade.

... sounds like a mid to long-term plan, honestly. A dungeon of your own would give your group more than a fucking leg up, that's for sure, and given your timeline you'll probably need it. If it's a useful place to train newbie Awakened that's a real score, too.

Still got them obligations.

Aeglos told us the place cost a song and a dance - at 4000.
No. 995037 ID: 094652

Well, they're not complete crackpots, the nature of the status screens would imply you live in a Meta-RPG of some kind.
They might get more followers if they re-branded though. Radio comes from another age entirely.
>[The Box] Radio-theorists have accidents
Other than the typical silencing, cult theorists are expected to have a high fatality rate from their experiments. It's kind of a pity, science of any kind should be both supported and regulated, even from cultists.
>Supes disappear to 'jail'
Yeah this just screams metahuman experimentation. How else are they going to keep a world of supervillains in check 24-7?

So it appears that having a higher energy pool when awakening someone increases the potential array of superpowers, with more useful powers like clairvoyance requiring a higher energy pool. Well dang, maybe we should have waited before giving Willamina her power.
>Angels will kill anyone not aligned with the Light and in their way
>Wants a tinkering power
"I'll see what I can do. You'll need to wait until I increase my max energy, how long are you willing to wait?"
>Sell an artifact
"No, every artifact we show off or sell garners heat from our potential rivals. If we suddenly gain wealth from someone other than our rivals, just after heiress Willamina awakened (with something other than what they know we have) and received her family's 8-year standing fortune, they're going to connect the dots. We have an advantage by keeping my power obscure."
>Why complicate this? Just use a favor.
"I don't know if your world was chaotic or orderly, but here things are a semi-oppressive mess. Right now, everyone powerful thinks we deserve to be poor, and they'll start staring at us if we aren't. We have to earn wealth in a way they'll never understand. It was never fair or reasonable, it's just what kind of scum has naturally thrived."
>What do
"I'll keep building a network and finding influential/skilled people we can trust, trading power for wealth. Roach continues spying, you start researching. When the time comes to fight, we need half the town informed, and prepared, and on our side."
No. 995050 ID: b1b4f3

Slam 30 points into max energy. We should have done that before awakening Willamina.
Use a 5k Favor, buy the property. This won't be suspicious, you can say you and Mint pooled your funds.

Hmm, when Nipha gets here you'll definitely want a space for her. Is she awakened?

Text Cannie and ask her what kind of power she'd want most if she Awakened. She's the next best target for the book right now. ...maybe the Mayor would work? Since she's been helping Willamina and we can give the book to her without revealing Cat's power? Plus she seems to be amused by the shock gadget. Unless of course she was helping Willamina on Max's behest, and isn't actually loyal to her. I think we need to ask Willamina about what people in town we can trust.
No. 995067 ID: 9a2966

I don't think we should get in touch with the Mayor this weekend. Maybe on monday? Would probably need to talk to her to get the permission to buy the paper mill anyway. We can try to present Mint as a tinker from the Big City who wants a place to set up a workshop and the paper mill place sounds like a potential fixer-upper. Should also probably LOOK at the place before we buy it.

One more thing - can Mint explain this 'light-aspect' angel thing a little better?
No. 995073 ID: 27e0fa

We'll introduce Willamina to Mint and Roach today before work.

Im wondering if we should save that favor for something else if we are patient about Willamina's inheritance.

Whatever the case, the papermill does sound good for privacy but we'll be further from town if we lived there in case emergencies happen that needs us there asap, and it is suspiciously cheap. Meanwhile living in the apartments will give us people to hang out with, and bring us closer to town, but the privacy might be bad, and living space might be smaller...

Id say we need to check both places before making a final decision
No. 995074 ID: 0d245d

Additional issue with that paper mill outside of town, it sounds like a pretty flammable place for you to be holing up in, and you're dealing with a fanatic who's clearly displayed their willingness to burn things down.
No. 995082 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and let's try not to speak secrets out loud too much in case Aeglos is listening. We don't know how he'd react to finding out about Cat's power.

That's something we can easily fix, if it's even true. It's not made out of paper, you know. It's likely a concrete building.
No. 995091 ID: 0fae41

Clearly we just need to do a controlled burn to get rid of all the flammable residue.
No. 995107 ID: b1b4f3

That could work but it'd damage all the wiring and a bunch of other shit we'd have to replace. Probably better to just rent a pressure washer and hose down all the walls. And make sure it's got a fire extinguishing system.
No. 995141 ID: afe7de
File 161778147893.png - (7.30KB , 500x500 , C2_034.png )

> Growth?
You: What’s this “GROWTH” thing you’re talking about?

Mint: You mean you don’t know? Uh, how to explain it. It’s like… most kin where I came from had it around twice in their lives. The sensation is like of opening your eyes and seeing a beautiful landscape for the first time. Your body improves dramatically and you feel a qualitative change in it, like being reborn? Its like… something about the accumulation of life experience. Kin usually experience it more often when fighting monsters. Like, how can you not know about something so basic, you have dungeons and monsters and stuff here, do your kin not share information or something?

You: This is just the first I'm hearing of it. I guess that’s another motivation to go on dungeon runs, does it affect awakened powers too?

Mint: It varies from kin to kin but usually it has some effect on it, it’s one of the easier ways to get stronger after all.
No. 995142 ID: afe7de
File 161778148934.png - (7.58KB , 500x500 , C2_035.png )

> Light aspect thing?
You: Can you explain what you mean by this ‘light aspect’ angel thing a bit more.

Mint: So everyone’s got a base element affinity, mine has been neutral for the longest while with a slight leaning towards DARK. It’s not something you’d find in your status window because it only really is important for mages and tinkers to an extent. Basically your elemental affinity indicates what aspect of magic you’d be good at casting. Some people speculate it also is a representation of your temperament but that’s a philosophical debate in itself. Anyway, awakening kind of supercharges your aspect, making it easier to do stuff in that domain, like if someone awakened to a wind power, they’d be YELLOW aligned, Ice or water would be BLUE, etc. You can have more than one aspect, and there are 6, well TECHNICALLY 8 aspects.

Mint: Anyway, back to your question. Angels can see your aspect, well, they can see mana and if you’re awakened you kind of glow to them, so if you aren’t of the right element they just see you as a demon. Or so our research has shown.
No. 995144 ID: afe7de
File 161778152288.png - (43.45KB , 500x500 , C2_036.png )

Mint: Oh, and because you probably definitely don’t know this. You don’t need a specific power to cast magic, it’s just WAY EASIER if you have one. For example.

Mint creates some harmless sparks around her paws and they dissipate relatively quickly.

You: Woah could you teach me some magic!?!?!?

Mint: Um, yes Master. Of course. But maybe you should get ready for work, that is if you still want to do that. And umm, if your aptitude isnt good and you’re INTELLIGENCE is too low you won’t be able to learn any. I’m not calling you stupid master, I’d never do that, but um. If you can’t learn it then you just might be…

She gives you a smirk and you take that as a personal challenge to take up later.

> Upgrade your base power
You decide to pump your Achievement points into upgrading your ENERGY TOTAL. It increases to 9 and you’re left with an empty Achievement point bank. Your energy total is sitting at a nice 9/9 so you finish up your meal and head back up to your room with Mint. You close the blinds and pick up your backpack, moving roach to it.

> Awaken Mint
You’ve been thinking about this for a little bit but there’s very few downsides to Awakening her right here and now and she might prove to be a very important asset.

Do you Awaken Mint? If so, what power does she get? Feel free to use the Book instead if you prefer. You can always put this off till later.
No. 995145 ID: 6c227a

so like... Tinker is a POWER but it is also a skill set about building stuff, so some people can do it at a basic level even without being awoken? She said she'd like a specialization in tinker, and I am not sure if that is a thing that we can DO or if it's like, something else.
No. 995148 ID: e51896

Awaken her to either Enigmatic Inhibitor >>994121 (hopefully dungeons will have monsters we can delete abilities from in dungeons to level it up)

or for stealth:

Out of Body Experience

- Anytime you sleep, instead of having a dream, you can choose to have the dream version of yourself have an out of body experience in the real world to travel within a 5(maybe 10 mile) radius from your body. (or maybe the amount of miles it takes to travel through half of the town of Lyst at least)
- Can travel into other people's dreams by entering their mind
- The dream version of yourself can only be seen by other people who are dreaming (unless someone who is awake has an artifact that lets them see them)
- Warning: going too far from your body can make you lose connection to your dream version, making you unable to dream or have an out of body experience again until you are close enough your dream version of yourself again.
- Warning: any pain you receive when visiting another person's dream can cause temporary pain to your physical body when you awaken.



-Can spend energy to cast invisibility on your body
-cannot be used with an innate skill (like transforming into a cat and being invisible at the same time)
-items and equipment cannot be invisible as well

or for tinkering:

Mental Craft

-Any object you can imagine that you want to craft, you get a list of materials in your mind needed to craft, or repair said object, and where exactly to get the materials needed to build it nearby.
-Once you get the materials needed, instead of needing to build it, your mind merges the materials you gather together, and forms it into the object you want to craft instantly
-the more complex the object you want to make, the more energy it takes
No. 995150 ID: e51896

I also want to introduce Mint and Roach to Willamina at work. Roach can even talk to her a little bit and we can explain the situation. Though should we introduce Mint in her cat form, or humanoid form?

I'm thinking introduce Willamina to Mint in her cat form for now if Willamina is going to help deliver the mail with us today, just so that Mint can follow her around at a safe distance to make sure nothing bad happens, like if Isabella starts harassing Willamina for example, Mint can become humanoid and ask Willamina to follow her to the post office as she is looking for Cat and get her out of there since Isabella won't do anything to Willamina with a witness nearby.
No. 995151 ID: 6c227a

I say tinker, and also a low key stealth power like:

Cloak of Static - By an act of will about as difficult as holding a fist, the cat can cause surveilance equipment pointed at her to glitch out in a plausible but not necessarily subtle way, and also render herself similarly undetectable to unusual enhanced or power-based senses. Normal mundane vision, hearing, etc remain unaffected, so it becomes a fair game of hide and seek.
No. 995152 ID: e51896

Forgot to mention for out of body experience ability, you can phase through walls, and levitate to some extent.
No. 995153 ID: 9a2966

We've already seen one Tinker power - Rupert, the goat fellow in the Libarby has the "Tinker: Stabilization" power. If we take a leaf out of that, we can probably offer her any amount of interesting Tinker specialties (should tell Mint about Rupert and the tinkerin' club, by the way, she might be interested in using it for fun / new world socialization practice).

>Magic can be cast without powers
Doesn't surprise me, actually. Powers seem like, well, shortcuts to do amazing things, but don't necessarily confer SKILL, GROWTH or CREATIVITY with the power (as evidenced by the fact that if you have a power you can get 'stuck' with it).

>Job, still want to do that
For now, yes, you want to use the job as your cover. It's a good excuse to get out, socialize and get to know the townsfolk, too.

>Awaken Mint
Assuming it can be done privately, then yes (due to the whole glowing thing and whatnot). I'd maintain her getting a power that can be useful in facing off against Isabella if need be, as well as going on dungeon runs.

As such, and given her tinker experience and suggestion she is an INTELLIGENT woman, I suggest giving her the Tinker: Substitution ability. Let Mint be able to cobble together anything from anything. Missing the Unicorn Horn core for your magitech rainbow-lasergun? Fuck, duct tape on a candy cane instead, it'll be fine. It's practically cheating.
No. 995154 ID: 9a2966

Also, pump in the whole 9 yards / points - or however much you can! If there are leftovers (i.e. you can't increase a particular power strength partially) can go to giving Roach a li'l boost.
No. 995155 ID: e51896

I have a feeling we might need to use any leftover points we have to awaken another person, just in case. If we can't find anybody, we'll wait until tonight to upgrade roach, or maybe give his buddies a power.
No. 995167 ID: ce39da

Dump 5 points into >>995153's idea, save the remaining 4 for upgrading Willamena's Ice aspect as soon as we get to work; we want her as jacked as possible in the event that Isabella targets her.
No. 995170 ID: 094652

>Growth is like leveling up, but once or twice
You'll need to grow like nine times if you want to survive an apoocalypse.

You definitely need to learn magic. If you can focus on one specific spell, you'll have a cover for your power in case Isabella decides to out your ability or something. Try learning magic dedicated to scanning power signatures - and how to disrupt them.

>Awaken Mint?
Awaken her when she finds a dungeon and gets the appropriate gear and authorization. For now, upgrade Roach and awaken animals in the wilderness to earn the druid's trust.
No. 995174 ID: 76bc11

With her affinity for dark element, perhaps a power to refract light around herself would fit. This can be extended to refracting all sorts of EM energy around oneself - yep, force fields.
No. 995180 ID: 031458

I want to see more of mints abilities in action before awakening her.
Put it off till later.

We need to trick out Willamina's ice powers so we have some method of defence against her fire power, though even so her demon power will be rough to deal with.
No. 995187 ID: b1b4f3

Rudy's coming on Monday with Nipha. He's a Tinker, so making Mint a Tinker will be redundant. Unless multiple Tinkers can work on the same project to pool their "powers" and make something more powerful than they could make on their own? Then it'd be good. I'd argue we should make her a MagiTech tinker in that case.

Anyway, Mint wants some kinda stealth power, so how about we make her a Ninja?
Agility boost plus an observation-nullifying ability that works best when someone doesn't know where you are. As in, you just hide normally and people overlook you far more than they should. At high levels, can hide in plain sight and also move slowly without attracting attention. Its one weakness is that you have to break line of sight with someone before it starts working, so the 360 degree vision spear would be a counter to it. Magical detection items/abilities are harder to nullify, as well, but not impossible.
No. 995238 ID: 0fae41

Granting powers specifically to counter Isabella is a bit narrow sighted but even a generalist power should her into consideration. I propose she gets:
-NINE LIVES: Precognitive teleports out of danger when she's about to take a felling blow or critical hit. She'll know when her luck's run out, but it will recharge with time.
-CAT'S EYES: some sort of otherworldly vision that will let her perceive Isabella's imaginary friend, and perhaps sense other things of demonic origin - like magic items.
Soon she'll be abusing every one of her powers and running wild, and that's good for both of us!
No. 995265 ID: 9263d2

If we give her a tinker power, give her your shitty multitool, maybe she can make it better
No. 995295 ID: afe7de
File 161786859143.png - (17.51KB , 500x500 , C2_037.png )

> Awaken Her
You: Let’s awaken you and see how it goes.

You reach over and give her a headpat/scratch and a familiar blue glow beings to suffuse Mint’s body, eventually radiating out from her head as a large halo. You feel the loss of 6 ENERGY as a small notification appears before being replaced with her Status Window.


Name: Mint Bubastis
Age: 39
The user can fabricate or alter existing devices beyond normal means.
This allows the user to jury-rig their devices using similar, lower quality, resources at hand at the cost of having the devices be more likely to break down. This can be offset by reducing the effectiveness of the device.

ASSIMILATION (1) - Upgrade [4]
The user can passively assimilate with things including their surroundings, higher levels allow for deeper levels of assimilation.

Innate Skill:
This creature can morph their body into bestial forms related to their race and back at will.

You: Huh, it looks like your skills as a Tinker were… Consolidated? It jumped to 4 in one go.

Mint: UGH hold on, headache. UGh, Great Awakener. Master I hope you didn’t pick that name, a little egotistical if you ask me.

You: UGHHHH I get the feeling literally everyone is going to be saying that. I hope I can unlock an upgrade that lets me change that shit eventually.

Another notification also appears in front of you:

Achievement: “Consolodated Upgrade” Has been unlocked. +15 Achievement Points.
No. 995296 ID: afe7de
File 161786860646.png - (11.00KB , 500x500 , C2_038.png )

You get the feeling that you’ll probably be running out of these easy to get achievements soon, but it’s nice to see your pool get replenished a bit.

Mint: Okay, I’m better now. Huh, I got two powers. Neat. It’s weird, it’s like I got information crammed into my brain I didn't have before and I can actualize some of my projects a bit better now. Too bad we’re still broke.

You: Hopefully we can fix that with Will’s inheritance. Oh, and two more things. We’ve got another tinker coming to town this MONDAY I think, so that’ll be a good time to talk shop.

Mint: And the second thing?

You: There’s a tinker in town, Rupert. He’s in the Libarby and has a focus on “Stabilization” whatever that means, I uh, I havent mentioned this yet but keep my power secret obviously, and he doesn't know that I know. But maybe after we figure out what we’re doing today you might want to chat with him. You suddenly flash back to the other morning when you met him.

> Rupert: Well there isn't really a club per say, more like I have a workshop that I live out of and encourage any aspiring tinkers to come by and swap ideas and make cool gadgets. I have a small budget set aside for anyone who's too broke but can come up with a good blueprint.

Hmmm, that might be a good use of Mint’s time today actually, maybe you should get her to work on that mana detecting device if he can spare the budget for Mint. You ready yourself to head to work, deciding to introduce Mint and Roach to Willamina and then figure out what she’s going to do for the rest of the day.
No. 995297 ID: afe7de
File 161786861810.png - (9.36KB , 500x500 , C2_039.png )

You head over to the post office, this time making TRIPLE SURE you don’t bump into that pole and enter the building. It’s 10AM and she’s already at the desk sorting mail. She looks exhausted but filled with energy at the same time.

You: Uhh, you okay Will?

Willamina: WHAT? Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Just, I was too excited to sleep last night. Like, POWERS, you know, so crazy! I called the Heroes league last night, they’re sending a REPRESENTATIVE sometime today, probably in the late afternoon to confirm my powers. They say if I’m telling the truth they’ll have the situation with my INHERITANCE squared away by this evening, so It was kind of hard to sleep for that reason too. But the STRANGEST thing happened last night. My phone overheated while I was browsing the net and like the battery melted. I even tried using my ice to cool it down but it still happened, SUPER WEIRD. So I’m probably gonna stop by the Lyst-Y-Mart and pick up a new phone TODAY.

You can tell that even though she’s fatigued, she’s mentally full of so much energy she’s nearly bouncing around. She continues to talk and eventually looks right behind you, being surprised

Willamina: Anyway, today’s gonna be different PRICK, you’ll be manning the counter and I’ll be making DELIVERIES once we sort this mail. UHH, HUH? Whose your FRIEND, I didn't see her there?
No. 995298 ID: 9a2966

Hand Will your second stamina liquor and resolve to thank and repay Andrea later on - they really came in handy during a rough patch.

Consider the unpleasant prospect of the demonic flame spirit hanging around, invisibly, spying on Will, even now.

>Who's your friend
Introduce Mint. Officially she's a college buddy, fellow wannabe tinkerer and overall cool lady.

Unofficially? She's here to help you SAVE THE WORLD or some shit. She's also property.

Like, yes, you did say both of those right. Shit got weird fast after you Awakened. Like, real hell-bound handbasket express stuff. Anyway, it turns out having your kind of power MAY come with some caveats! Who knew?

Or having Awakened to powers at all really, except not everyone gets to know that? Look, you will discuss it in more detail later, you really want to let her in on things as you understand them, but she sounds real tuckered out, you both have jobs to do and there's no RUSH on anything yet. 's just... she should be aware things will get messy in the future. And that she should be careful. Don't let anyone or anything get under her skin today, m'kay? You don't think her COMM getting messed up was a coincidence.

Oh! You have one other buddy, too. (Nudge Roach to introduce themselves.) Maybe you'll have them stick with her today, they could help fill her in on some things while she does the rounds.

(Mentally tell Roach to not reveal the Isabella-Max stuff to her yet - it'll ruin her day for sure - but to keep an eye out for trouble on Will's behalf. And if she gets like, kidnapped or something, to try to track where they take her and to get back to you, although holy shit if something like that goes down. Don't risk their own life! Worst case you'll approach someone else and give them tracking powers.)

Anyway, she shouldn't worry too much about YOUR shit now - cuz' today's her day, alright? Just focus on getting her power proved and approved!
No. 995299 ID: 9a2966

>at the cost of having the devices be more likely to break down
certainly sounds like something it'd be useful to have someone with a Tinkerer: Stabilization specialty around for, so that's a neat potential synergy to look into. Might mean we'd want to recruit Rupert, which means investigating HIS background and relative trustworthiness.
No. 995304 ID: e51896

The only concern is that he might have close connections with Iraphena since she helps budgets for his workshop.

What do? We got a lot of things we need Mint and Roach to do, so sorry if this is too much:

First, give Willamina your last Stamina Liqour.

Then, introduce Willamina to Mint, then Roach (before you show her roach, tell her that you have a cockroach that you awakened to speak to people telepathically in your bag so she doesnt freak out.)

I'm kind of worried for Willamina. Maybe we can ask if she can give Mint a tour of the town today while she is delivering mail, and Mint can fill her in on what is happening. that way if they run across Isabella, she would be less likely to try anything if there is a witness.

But if Willamina refuses to have Mint follow her today, Mint should use her cat form to follow Willamina in a safe distance, and if Willamina runs across Isabella and she starts harassing Willamina, Mint can go to her humanoid form and intervene by asking Willamina to take her to the post office, that way Isabella will be less likely to do something.

We can also ask if roach can hide in her hat and tell her that roach can telepathically tell her everything we know so far. We might need to have roach tell her about Isablella and what we found out about her when he spied on her, but make it clear to Willamina to keep it a secret that she now knows of her fire abilities. It might be most important that she knows this sooner rather than later. If she doesnt let Roach come with her, roach can let her know about Isabella right now.

Also, if Willamina allows Mint to tour with her today, ask if Mint can also speak to Rupert briefly about his workshop if they come across him.
No. 995305 ID: ce39da

> Phone overheating ends in a small defeat.
We need to make Willamena’s ice powers stronger, clearly. If you saved any power energy from awakening Mint, use it on that now.

Do explain that the other people in the room are in the know to begin with, of course - you’ve awakened them, too.
No. 995306 ID: 9a2966

I considered having Mint follow Will too, but the thing here is that if something actually serious happens, Mint isn't really gonna be able to help on her own - she needs time and resources first to create devices that can help - and spending her time with Rupert first things first seems like a good way for some of that to take place (and getting a bead on any nearby dungeon seems important too).

I'd ixnay on the 'can awaken others'-ay as much as possible while there's a potential for Isabella's demonic flame spirit to be hanging about - Isabella's supposed to be keeping an eye on Will, which is why I consider that an elevated risk particularly now that she's been Awakened.

That's the reason why I expressed things so vaguely in the above suggestion and why I suggested Roach do some of the filling-in - telepathy should be harder to listen in on (could be wrong here, but it's a safer bet).

At any rate, the two things I think can help Will in a Serious Situation is A) if we empower her more or B) if we get other people to help her (by empowering them or warning them Will's in trouble) - otherwise you and Mint are pretty vanilla mortal still (Although Mint has a battle cat form! Then again, that's still not much protection from, say, being lit on fire.).

And if it's not a serious situation, well... Will's an adult and she's got powers now, so she'll hopefully be fine? Unless taking out her phone was tactical rather than petty, I think Isabella's mostly gonna stick to trying to jinx and sabotage her harder at worst. Maybe light some of her mail on fire, stuff like that.
No. 995307 ID: ac3918

You can be sure the phone exploded *before* Will could read our text. She needs to be warned that she's potentially in danger.
No. 995314 ID: e51896

Good points, if it is true a demon spirit has been spying on Willamina and still is, then a worrying thought is that it would mean Isabella now knows about our real power to awaken people if that demon spirit saw us awaken Willamina during their spying.

And since Roach was caught spying on isabella by her, that would mean that if we show Willamina Roach now, the demon spirit will alert Isabella and she will be able to connect the dots and realize Cat was the one spying on her through Roach yesterday!

Hopefully the phone burning incident was just Isabella running to Willamina's house to burn her phone after somebody at the bar called her about it and not a demon spirit that is spying on Willamina 24/7,
but if a spirit is spying on Willamina constantly is true, my strategy now will be to have to hold off on showing Willamina Roach but instead still ask Willamina to give Mint a tour of the town while she works and asking if they can make a pitstop to talk to Rupert about joining his club of course. Next give Mint your backpack which contains Roach and have him from inside the backpack pretend to be Mint communicating telepathically with Willamina, telling her it is Mint's awakened power to not suprise her too much, and let her know secretly what is going on and tell her to stay silent, and eventually reveal to her it isnt actually Mint communicating with her, but Roach instead. Isabella I feel wont do anything if there is a witness like Mint near Willamina if she plans to do anything serious.

We might need to really consider seeing if one of the artifacts miss Iraphena has can see invisible demon spirits that we can trade for...
No. 995318 ID: 094652

"Willa, I have more secrets that are even more disturbing and you need to know them, but I'm afraid you'll have a meltdown if I spill them all at once.
So pick one of the following creepypasta punchlines:
- Her Love is More Than a 'Splosion
- How to Min-Max Your Relationships
- It's The End of the World As We Know It and I (Don't) Feel Fine"
No. 995321 ID: 49d925

I really wonder if her fatigue is really excitement, or if it is actually stress from trauma due to her phone burning. Regardless, give her your stamina drink.

Lets see about upgrading Willamina's power a bit just for safety
No. 995331 ID: 031458

Mint here is someone I trust.

There's a lot I need to explain to you, too much to go into now.

I have reason to believe however, that your phone was no coincidence. You may be in danger. I'd go to the police but my source though reliable, wouldn't exactly hold up in court.
I know it's weird ask, but would you let my friend here escort you on your route today? Put her in a uniform. Say she's a new Trainee.
It'd make me feel a lot better.

Upgrade our Max Power to 10 right quick, and Upgrade Willamina's Ice power 2 Levels if possible, otherwise upgrade them 1-1

Give Mint our gun. Tell her she can do whatever she needs to with it.
No. 995334 ID: b1b4f3

Isabella broke her phone. Petty bitch. Oh well at least we know Isabella's not gonna kill her over this. We're pretty sure at this point that the fire spirit can be used to spy, though, and... well, it's probably hanging around Willamina and will be tormenting her, so we can't talk about any big secrets with her until we've dealt with Isabella or at least have some way of confirming if the fire spirit is around.
Introduce Mint using her cover story. That should keep Willamina from talking about any big secrets in front of Mint.
Ask her if Max had an ice-type power too.

See if you can Upgrade her ice power. We've got some spare points and obviously it can't counter Isabella's spirit yet. The phone melting thing might have been an attempt to gauge Isabella's power, even. Thankfully doing this in front of Mint will keep her from talking about it and potentially blowing your cover to the spirit.

Send Cannie a text asking her what kind of powers she'd want if she was Awakened.
Get a 5k favor. Yes, I am going to suggest this every update until we have money.
Wasn't Iraphena supposed to send us a list of trade items?
No. 995336 ID: 9a2966

Spirit probably isn't out spying 24/7. We know for a fact it at some point hung around with Isabella at the house long enough to detect and burn Roach 1.0. It was also in the park, burning animals, some time BEFORE Will and you arrived there that evening.

We're not even 100 % sure that its range can take it far away from Isabella (though odds are the range of a semi-autonomous entity is at least somewhat better than our measly 1 meter).

The main fear is whether surveillance was stepped up due to Will's Awakening. It certainly must've gotten close enough yesterday to overheat her COMM.

The implicit threat of invisible spirit was actually why I was interested in Awakening a miko-like spiritual strength / spirit binding ability in Mint earlier, before she made it clear it might be better to lean into her tinker side.

Speaking of which, if we do manage to get a mana detection device out of Mint's tinkering in Rupert's workshop today, perhaps it could be made to detect spirits as well?
No. 995401 ID: afe7de
File 161794765036.png - (15.00KB , 500x500 , C2_040.png )

> Give Willamina the Stamina Liquor
You pop your remaining Stamina Liquor out of your ring and hand it to Willamina, thinking she could use it more than you at this point. She takes it gladly and CHUGS the thing.

Willamina: THANKS, I should at least have some energy for the rest of the day now.

> Introduce Mint but use her cover story
You: This is Mint, I knew her from college and she had a similar idea as me, moving out to Lyst to get away from the city. There's UH, a bit more backstory to it than that but we should REALLY save that for when we're able to take a breather and stress out over other stuff. Let’s just say she’s a VERY trustworthy kin.

Mint: It's a pleasure to meet you Mistress Willamina.

Willamina: Aw HELLS yeah, I can dig being called Mistress. And Let me guess, you have 3 other REALLY big important things to discuss.

You: Uhh, approximately yeah. Some of them bleed into the other but yeah, wait, how'd you know.

Willamina: LUCKY guess?
No. 995402 ID: afe7de
File 161794766006.png - (30.01KB , 500x500 , C2_041.png )

> Upgrade Willamina
You: Would you mind if we uh, went somewhere private for a moment.

Willamina: WOW, you HORN DOG you, wanting some HANKY PANKY this early in the morning. Can't get enough of these burnt HAMS over here?

You immediately flush and flail your arms around in a gesture of denial, a chuckle escapes Mint's mouth in the process.

You: N-n-n-n-not what I m-m-m-meant, I uh was uh referring to uh. Doing more of uh, what we did yesterday uh.

Willamina: WHAT, that's what I said, while I'd LOVE to grind and smooch some more, we got to sort this MAIL and deliver it, there's a lot today.

Mint: Wow Master, you had me in bed all night after you got naughty with her, and you want MORE? How salacious.

Willamina: And I thought I was the HORNY one of us two.
No. 995403 ID: afe7de
File 161794767872.png - (108.98KB , 500x500 , C2_042.png )

Willamina and Mint both burst into a fit of laughter at that as you feel yourself shrink into a ball from ebarrasment. Well at least they're getting along well enough. You're not comfortable upgrading Willamina in this room with the open windows and potential spirit floating around, and you don't want to bring up Upgrading specifically for the same reason, so you hold back on it for now.

> Text Cannie
You instead pull out your COMM and shoot a quick text to Cannie in the hopes to distract yourself.

You: Hey Cannie, just a weird, totally out there question, but if you could Awaken to any power you wanted, what would it be? I'll tell you mine first, I'd wanna be a Tinker! I wanted to go to college for it but they basically kicked me out because I didnt awaken.

Looks like you also have a message from Miss Iraphena.

Miss Iraphena: Managed to scrounge together 5 items instead of 3, rather not send pics rn, come by after work if you're interested. REALLY want that ring you're wearing, so I might offer 2 for it.

You pocket your phone and get back up, looks like the two were chatting while you were wallowing.

Mint: Is Mistress some kind of famed warrior? Those burns must be from an epic battle. Or maybe you have flame powers?

Willamina: Ice actually, the SCARS are from an accident like 10 years ago. Is our resident FLIRT back in action?

You: Yeah. Yeah. Let’s get to sorting already.

Mint goes to sit in a corner while the two of you get to work sorting mail, you finish a little while later and Willamina packs up her gear, getting ready to head out. You put on your postal worker outfit and sit at the front desk.

You: Oh, Mint. I forgot you were there…

Willamina: WHAT? Phew holy shit you scared the goddess out of me.

Mint: I uh just sat here the whole time.

Looks like Mint was practicing her power, you didn't even notice her there, maybe she revealed her presence as she saw you were finishing up. Seems like a convenient power.
No. 995404 ID: afe7de
File 161794768625.png - (12.80KB , 500x500 , C2_043.png )

> Mint should meet with Rupert
You: Yeah, uh, I’ve got work, so I guess you should go do whatever for the day. Maybe stop by the Libarby and talk to Rupert about working on that device we were talking about. And if you get a chance maybe look into the Apartments, see how good they are and the abandoned paper mill, see if it’s actually worth it. Try to be back by uhh… 4 or 5? Ugh, this would be easier if you had a COMM.

Mint: I will do as the lecherous Master wishes.

Willamina: Well look at Mr. BOSSY over here, how about she tags along with me, I can show her to the PLACES and point her towards the mill.

You: Good idea, do that. Maybe catch her up to speed on the more important things using our buddy here, please introduce him at some point. Just uh, please don’t talk about my theories on the fire starter, that’s a conversation I’d rather have with Will myself.

Willamina: You’re friends with a BACKPACK? Well who am I to judge, I used to be the same way about my DOLLS. Bye.

Mint gives you a bow and heads out of the place. It’s 12PM right now, you’ve got a few hours of work ahead of you. Who walks into the Post Office first?

A. Isabella
B. Trey
C. Someone you haven’t met yet
D. Other Pick whoever you want!

No. 995405 ID: e16acb

No. 995406 ID: e51896

B. Trey is the first person. However, he walks in, takes one glance at you, then he leaves immediately before you or he says anything.

It would be very scary if Isabella came in later. Just for the creepiness factor, lets have her walk in later today.

but we should also vote to have a new person walk in later

Also sure hope Andrea doesn't walk in looking for action today *TEMPTING FATE*
No. 995407 ID: b1b4f3

A. Let's get this over with.

If she kills us, we can immediately go to the cops. Murder is still murder, even if the victim comes back to life.
No. 995411 ID: 2d5a01

A. If we gotta come across Isabella, might as well be now when Willamina and Mint is already gone a fair distance. Whatever messed up shit she tells you, just jokingly say "ma'am, this is a post office" But tell her you didnt reveal anything about her power to her if she confronts you, so you dont know what the big deal is.

Also take some time to sneak some reads into your book, we gotta finish it. Maybe also text some people, like Toni. Ask if he wanted to talk to you the other day, he was giving you looks during the group dinner... send him a silly shitpost pic of yourself also, like a picture of you about to eat your COMM with the phrase: POV: You're delicious! We could use some cheering up from him to prepare for whats to come.
No. 995415 ID: 9a2966


... what's up, Doc?
No. 995418 ID: 864e49

No. 995426 ID: 094652

The auditor is early today
No. 995431 ID: 8a51ec

Trey, we really should've talked to him more but that bonus was too great a risk.

...Maybe Toni later, though it probably wouldn't go well.
No. 995438 ID: d7407b

Isabella. Such a nice girl.
No. 995441 ID: 031458

Bobby Slurps
No. 995459 ID: 52d35a

If Isabella shows up anytime today, get your water ready to calm your nerves (and to stay cool if she heats anything up). Most importantly: Secretly Set your COMM to record the conversation you'll have with her, and hide it in your pocket (assuming the COMM has an app to record audio)

Try to steer conversations to things unrelated to Willamina to keep yourself from revealing anything and to help play dumb, like talking about winning against her sister in a fight.
No. 995460 ID: ce39da

Isabella visiting now might be bad for us personally... but it might also mean she's not out there assaulting Will.

... No, that's a false dichotomy; she has all day to do one followed by the other.

B: Trey
No. 995510 ID: afe7de
File 161803791476.png - (13.71KB , 500x500 , C2_044.png )

> Trey
Around 30 minutes of you doodling in your CAT NOTE later the door chimes as someone enters the room. It’s Trey! You look up and lock eyes with the man, you know, actually looking at him straight up for the first time gives you the strange impression that you’ve met or seen him before. But you’re not sure where. You get up to try to greet him, and maybe check his power while you’re at it.
No. 995511 ID: afe7de
File 161803792356.png - (33.87KB , 500x500 , C2_045.png )

Before you make it a few steps he drops what he was holding and backs out of the door. You’re confused so head over to the front door and pick up what he dropped. It’s a small box for prepaid post delivery. Guess he was dropping off a package to be delivered. You read the shipping label and it appears to be addressed to one Inspector McFair in the Big City. You put the box in your pile of outgoing mail and get back to chilling. Looking under the desk you find a book of SUDOKU puzzles. You’re bored so you pick a HARD difficulty one, this’ll probably keep you preoccupied throughout the day.
No. 995512 ID: afe7de
File 161803793123.png - (76.40KB , 500x500 , C2_046.png )

You keep yourself distracted and occasionally look up finding no one entering the store. Eventually you see Isabella walk by, not entering. But a few moments later you see a blurry form phase through the wall. You focus and your demon eye amulet gives you a better idea of what you’re looking at. It’s some kind of… Angel? You can see its lips move but no words come out. It’s scanning the room and hasn’t locked it’s eyes on you yet.
No. 995513 ID: b1b4f3

"Aren't you a bit early?"
No. 995516 ID: 0a75ae

No. 995517 ID: e51896

Is that Isabella's Demonic Flame Spirit? but then why would it label it as an angel? and also, Roach wasn't able to see it, so how can you?

Try not to make eye contact and pretend you don't see it. If it notices that you can see it, it might alert Isabella.

but try this: quickly turn on your audio recording on your phone. Maybe someday, you might be able to find someone who can hear spirits and you can play it to them to see what that spirit is saying.

While you're recording audio, send
Toni a shitpost as >>995411 mentioned earlier to make it look like you don't notice it, and maybe get your water bottle out under the counter from your ring, just in case.
No. 995518 ID: 0fae41

Don't look at her! If she knows you can see her, there goes the element of surprise. Focus very hard on the card rack.
No. 995520 ID: afa6f6

This, trying not to provoke it sounds good.
No. 995521 ID: 8d4bb7

Idea to get the flame spirit out:
Text Andrea, tell her 'Willamina is away and Im bored, could use a show right about now. Bring potions!' That should get her here quick enough to scare the spirit away before it does something.

...though it might make more problems arise with Andrea trying to fuck us and scare away customers. (I'm not committed to this suggestion, it was more of a joke. Only use this at your own risk!)

Just put away your cat book for now so it doesnt burn and keep your eyes off the spooky ghost. At least now we'll know if we're being spied on by Isabella or not. Im assuming the amulet is letting us see Isabella's spirit. (We may need to consider giving Willamina the amulet if thats the case, despite how helpful it is to us.
No. 995525 ID: 031458

Isabella is Iraphena's boss, so she PROBABLY knows you were at the auction. If she does not, she knows if your "detector" power, as you told it. Seeing the demon isn't a huge stretch.
If say straight up greet it in a friendly, non-chalant way
No. 995536 ID: 9461b5

Care to do a test?

Take off the amulet.
Re-equip it.

I suspect it'll disappear while the amulet is removed.
No. 995544 ID: bbc160

Pretend you don't notice it but don't let it out of your sight.
No. 995545 ID: ce39da

Try not to crack up at how goofy Isabella's flame spirit looks.

Text Iraphena: "Hey, did you give Isabella the OK to be a gigantic creep around me? I don't feel safe." "Seriously, one of my sources literally overheard her expressing a desire to go behind your back vise-a-vise hurting us." "If you let her escalate, and shit goes south, you can kiss that trade session goodbye."

It's entirely possible we could still salvage our relationship with Iraphena even if things escalate with Isabella because I kind of doubt they're necessarily 100% buddies here.

> Trey avoiding us, a city folk.
> Stays anonymous in the papers even when it's not a secret locally.
It's confirmed; Trey, perhaps unrelated to the incident, had a history in the big city - one that means he doesn't want anyone from the city to find him and point it out.
> Investigators in the Hadlee estate incident.
He was either fortunate when the investigators came into town, or he already has an understanding with the Heroes' Association. If it's the latter, then it's most likely that he's in a super version of witness protection. Do you know if "Dr. Trey" brings up any memory of outed supers? The fact that he withheld his name from the papers means it isn't entirely a fake name. (We'd probably need to research this.)


> Isabella standing over Willamena can't kill her for some reason.
> Trey carried Willamena out, never mentions seeing Isabella (or anyone else for that matter).
> Max(?) still in contact with Isabella.
Did... Did Max pull a switcharoo with Dr. Trey? Is the real Dr. Trey buried with the Hadlees as Max? Add the Hadlee portrait to your list of revisiting research... and we might need to grill Willamena on what happened that night now more than ever.
No. 995546 ID: c50829


>I kind of doubt they're necessarily 100% buddies here.

Agreed, one possibility I suspect could be that Iraphena is a slave to Isabella just like Mint is a slave to us.

I'd personally hold off on texting Iraphena though personally, Isabella isn't directly being a creep towards us and is doing it indirectly using her flame spirit, probably thinking we cant see it. Texting Iraphena to tell Isabella to stop may reveal to Isabella we saw her flame spirit and find us suspicious. and we probably dont want to reveal we've been spying on Isabella without getting a full story between their relationship, even if we assume their relationship isnt all 100% good. Best to keep our cards close to our chest for now until we get more info on their relationship.

>It's confirmed; Trey, perhaps unrelated to the incident, had a history in the big city - one that means he doesn't want anyone from the city to find him and point it out.

That makes sense. We should probably look into who he really is and try to remember where we may have seen him before.

Idea: Maybe Kazu knows who Trey was if we text him and tell him Trey looks familiar, then ask if Trey was a big shot in the city or something since Kazu was from the city like us.
No. 995550 ID: 9a2966

Mint said the remnants of her world was overcome by a buncha fallen angels and she was sold at a demon auction. There might be a distinction between demonic spirits, fallen angels, actual angels and straight up demons, but it seems fairly obvious they've gotta be related in some way.

>Lips moving, can't hear anything
I'm betting she can talk to Isabella and that Isabella can hear her regardless of distance. Maybe that's why Isabella was laughing to herself when Roach was spying on her? Sounds like they have a good relationship in that case. Isabella showing up nearby may also indicate the spirit's range isn't SUPER good, though. Hard to say for sure, as the spirit might've just been with her coincidentally and split off to spy when she saw Cat was in the post office by themselves.

Anyway, do not reveal you know she's there. Likely she's been around you before and you've previously shown no indication you noticed! Revealing that you can see her now might verify that we bought the Demon Eye Amulet, too (if Iraphena and Isabella suspects its actual use case), although we could definitely pretend it's because you upgraded your power's utility with achievement points.

Anyway, pretending to stay ignorant of her presence A) gives us an opportunity to potentially feed misinformation to Isabella and whoever she is with and B) an opportunity to see what the spirit DOES around people.

>Tips for spying casually back on her
'Bored' poker face it up, gaze idly at things around inside, walk and stretch your legs from time to time, check out the postcards, occupy your hands with the Sudoku or your notebook.

>Tips for feeding misinformation
Doodle misleading things into your notebook! Like, spread in art and keywords that Isabella already knows about or will soon verify to be true - such as you know being Mint's Master, or the demon auction items you plan on trading - with basic misinformation about your own power and what you actually know, such as you still needing to touch people and only getting a sense of number of powers and (possibly) their relative strength.

You could try combining any number of doodles and surrounding commentary, like so:

[doodle of grabby hands] - Detect-touching. Strong. Strength is relative? Knowledge = power? Workshop better-sounding name... (implied to be you, emphasizes that your power is detection based and you need to touch things for it to work)

[doodle of eyes] - TWO! Sees futures??? No clue! Strong + mid. (refers to Iraphena)

[doodle of hand about to poke a panic-wide eye] - Hands beat future sight? ...why? (refers to Iraphena's powers not working on you - suggesting that it's a mystery to you as well as to why might relax them)

[doodle of dat-ass] - TWO! No clue! No clue! Both strong! (refers to Isabella and strokes her / the spirit's ego)

[doodle of glasses] - THREE!! Minor healing? Pain reduction? Unnatural masseuse expertise??? Mid-to-weak. Ask for appointment when less cash-strapped. (refers to Gruk)

[doodle of postman's cap] - TWO! Ice! No pain! Both weak-ish? Cool awakening, though! (Refers to Will, and misleads on the nature of her second and stronger power - and lets us learn what the spirit thinks of terrible puns)

[doodle of stethoscope] - To do: order appointment, shake hands. Last lead on old mystery fire... (Refers to Trey, the doctor, and suggests you're nearing the end of your rope on the mansion fire investigation)

[doodle of Randolph with a crown] - KING of the AUCTION - and more! Way to throw a guy in at the deep end, dude! (refers to the auction and the things you were told)

[doodle of a book, a ring and a stylized cat face] - Sell or keep? Should have bought more stuff. (refers to your auction purchases and misleads as to how many you actually got)


>Engaging with the spirit
I don't advice it, but if we DO end up engaging with the spirit, I strongly suggest we play into what Isabella already believes to have revealed about our powers... and that we don't obviously tie her to Isabella.

If the spirit gets close enough - say while we're doodling in the notebook, to check on what we're doodling - just suddenly yawn and stretch and accidentally TOUCH her - at which point you go all "Whuh? Was someone there?" and stare myopically in the spirit's direction, acting confused. Acting no further on it will probably make the spirit more cautious about coming close to you, which'll make it easier to avoid being spied on in the future!

Or you can pretend you can now suddenly see her fully (from the power of your DETECT-TOUCHING) and engage by being like "...an angel? First demons, now fucking flaming angels? ...I mean. Hello?" This plays into pretending to not know the exact nature of Isabella's powers, which is arguably something she doesn't want revealed.

... also, if we do engage, try figure out where the fire extinguisher in this room is before-hand. Y'know. Just in case.
No. 995553 ID: e51896

If we decide to give the spirit false information on our notebook, There could be a chance that Iraphena might be secretly protecting us from Isabella and did not tell her we were at an auction, so maybe we can leave out the last two on the list (randolph, and our artifacts)
No. 995560 ID: 9a2966

Hey, that's intel as well! If the spirit seems particularly surprised at the mention of either of those, we know Iraphena's keeping info from Isabella. I doubt she's THAT secretive, though, especially if Isabella being her boss is fo' reals true.

Honestly if Lyst is an 'auction site' as Mint called it, then I suspect some Awakened could be hanging about town hoping to become a part of the next one (like Iraphena and CROW). And there could be more empowered items around here than elsewhere.

Remember that the awakenings have been going on for like 50 years now. Two of the families involved in the founding of the Heroes' League (Hadlee and Walpole) apparently hails from here. There's HISTORY in Lyst, sounds like.
No. 995562 ID: 63cfb3

Wait, wait, wait.

Is it possible Isabella believes that Will was supposed to be here?
Might this be a quiet attempt to kill?
If so... uh, I hope you have some type of fire suppressor close by.
No. 995564 ID: e51896

Oh! just got an idea maybe:

If we are going to throw them false information on our notembook, and if Isabella is going to try to sabotage Willamina's chance at getting her inheritance back, why don't we trick Isabella and her spirit by making them think Willamina isn't going to get her inheritance despite being awakened.

Write something like: 'Willamina not getting her inheritance despite being awakened? Maybe the hero's league spent it all? investigate this later.' on the cat notebook. should keep Isabella from pulling tricks to ruin Willamina's inheritance for awhile.
No. 995566 ID: 9a2966

Eh, too obvious a lie when it's revealed later - today - that the REPRESENTATIVE already came to town to verify her Awakening. Sabotage should be subtler, like:

"HL REP coming to verify Will's Awakening. Be witness if here on MONDAY?"

Since beelining out to a podunk town on a saturday afternoon doesn't exactly sound reasonable - and tomorrow's the classic day off - this makes it seem like you think the rep will be here on Monday - which would be a valid assumption for Cat to make if Will didn't state the exact time (and you weren't being spied on when Will told you that!).

We're then just transferring 'your' assumption to Isabella, who'll later learn the rep actually came today, and curse her luck. It's not like she can admit she spied on you either!

Honestly, if she's still spying on Will, she might catch the rep meeting with Will anyway, so this tiny bit of sabotage may not matter.
No. 995567 ID: e51896

Good idea, I like making them think it might be Monday better. Anything to make sure Willamina can secure her inheritance without making it look like our lying is obvious.
No. 995593 ID: 094652

>Implication: Isabella's DEMONIC FLAME SPIRIT is an angel slave
This would explain so much.

Don't make eye contact, watch porn on your phone.
No. 995605 ID: afe7de
File 161812333349.png - (69.61KB , 500x500 , C2_047.png )

> Do not provoke her, don’t make eye contact, get water bottle.

You’re pretty nervous and you think that’s Isabella’s Demonic Flame Spirit. Strange it would appear as an angel-like figure. She’s even got a halo of flames. You as casually and slowly as possible pull out your water bottle from under the table and take a sip, setting it on the counter. When you place it there the spirit snaps their head in your direction.

You attempt to casually flip to a different page in your CAT NOTE but fumble a little bit as the spirit floats towards you, it might just be you but the room feels like it’s getting a little warmer. You’ve got to remain COOL so you take a deep breath.
No. 995607 ID: afe7de
File 161812342078.png - (18.42KB , 500x500 , C2_048.png )

> doodle misleading notes in your notebook
You SUCCESSFULY remain cool under the mounting pressure and heat. You distract yourself by drawing in the CAT NOTE and make a few doodles followed by some notes.

Iraphena’s eyes - “Sees Future? Questions?? Mid-Strong.”
Isabella’s Ass - “No clue! Strong!”
Postmans Cap - “Ice! No pain! Weak. Cool though!”
Willamina - “HL REP verifying Will’s Awakening. MONDAY? TUESDAY? Adjust plans around this.”

The spirit is making the room hotter, it felt cooler when you were writing about Isabella’s ass, VERY HOT when you wrote about Will’s Cap, and SWELTERING HOT when you mentioned the Heroes League Rep. You can’t tell what expressions she’s making without giving away that you can see her at this range.

All of a sudden you see a large rod-like light begin to form around the spirit’s hand. Is that? Is that a SWORD? You continue trying to remain calm and start fidgeting with your Amulet when the sword stabs straight through the corner of your notebook, you accidentally yank the amulet off at the same time and the spirit vanishes from your sight. It’s still hot, but you can’t see the spirit anymore. You look at the notebook again and notice the corner is now singed, worried the corner is going to set aflame you pour some of your water on it in a panic and wave your notebook around trying to make sure it isn't lit.
No. 995608 ID: afe7de
File 161812342960.png - (9.32KB , 500x500 , C2_049.png )

You’re pretty RATTLED from that experience but get back to your seat and put the notebook down. You also re-fix the amulet to your ankle and catch a sight of the spirit laughing and pointing at you, at least that’s what you assume since you still can’t hear anything coming from them. You continue to try to ignore them as she grabs her sword and licks it with her surprisingly long tongue. Suddenly her attention is drawn outdoors, her sword dissapears, and she dashes through the wall, vanishing. You let out a gasp, you didn’t realize you were holding your breath the whole time. How were you NOT supposed to pay attention to her now that you can see them. You’ve sweat through your turtleneck so you strip that off and borrow a replacement tee shirt from the place you got your uniform from, hopefully Willamina won’t mind. You then don your vest and hat again, waiting for the next customer, storing your CAT NOTE into your ring for safety’s sake.
No. 995609 ID: afe7de
File 161812343785.png - (13.59KB , 500x500 , C2_050.png )

> Text Andrea
> Tempting Fate
You gave her your number but, surprisingly from how thirsty she’s been acting you haven’t gotten a text from her yet, so you actually can’t text her. Even if you did, you feel like it would be a little risky, pushing away the rest of your customers. You’re not sure how you would handle it if she just-

Andrea: Well Heloooo Handsome.

Oh shit.
No. 995610 ID: 0fae41

Wow! Anybody take you up on those clothes yet?
No. 995611 ID: 8483cf

You know what, what the hell. Ask her if she's into sailing, because we're looking to get three sheets to the wind tonight.
No. 995614 ID: e7c7d3

"Ma'am, this is the post office not the grocer, so I can't help you with those massive melons. However, if you have a slot needs stuffing, then we may be able to offer some assistance."
No. 995619 ID: b1b4f3

Well so much for hiding that you can see it. I don't think that the attempt at misinformation is going to work either considering Isabella is in contact with Max, who is almost certainly working with the Hero's Guild. If anything, what we did just backfired and let Isabella know we are tried to feed her misinformation, which could lead her to conclude that Cat is onto her, which will escalate things further.

Logically we should tell her that Isabella has fire powers and shit.
Also let her know that you don't have any plans tonight so she can have you after work. Or until the next customer, but that'll be awkward.
No. 995620 ID: 1a8a7f

>successfully kept his cool
That was a success...? Let’s hope. Bad that the amulet got exposed though. Or at least she probably saw you doing something with something tied around your legs. Maybe swap its location later.

This thing’s a bit of a bully, too. Perhaps bored, getting its jollies where it can.

“... oh my. I really should have kept those liquors on me, shouldn’t I? I mean... hello Andrea! How can I help?”

This woman delights in trying to get you to not do your job.
No. 995622 ID: 2f65b2

I think she was only laughing at our reaction to our notebook being burnt. I think we managed to trick her. That said, we should continue playing dumb. It might be too risky to reveal Isabella's flame spirit this soon which could cause her to do something drastic.

I dont think we have time tonight to get some action with Andrea, since we have Willamina's inheritence and looking into Iraphena's artifacts this evening, and maybe check with Cannie about a late night job, but maybe we can plan to meet her tomorrow since we have the entire Sunday off (with strip poker the only thing planned). We can ask if she wants to meet at the Ruffled Haunch or at the park like someone once suggested sometime tomorrow.
No. 995631 ID: ce39da

"You know, if you approach me like this when I'm not on the clock, you'd probably have a lot more luck. Just a tip."

Work and pleasure must remain separate, and we must make that clear to Andrea.
No. 995642 ID: b57dff

Well, that proves you have to have the amulet to see the spirit.
So, if it were to, say, go after Willa, she'd be helpless. Hate to say it, but it'd probably be best to give the amulet to her til she gets what's due to her.
...This sure would be a good time to take the rest of the day off. Such a shame ya fell a bit ill. I'd say text Will, but hers it busted, so just leave a letter. We'll have the kitty drop off the amulet with Will. Oooooorrrr, we could have them cover the rest of the shift...
No. 995645 ID: e51896

Stay professional. Theres a time an place for everything, and we have no stamina potions. Cant get Willamina mad, especially when we have that inheritance coming up. (Plus I want to potentially meet new people we havent met yet that might come in.)

Take her mail. Maybe we can ask a little bit aabout the third sister Myriad, say that you heard from Adriana that she is actually a part of triplets?
No. 995650 ID: 86aaf2

"Please please PLEASE come on to me when I'm not on the clock? I am actually okay with hookups when my time is my own!"
No. 995656 ID: ad2fd0

Take mail, ask on update on wild animals burning, keep flirting to a minimal (though maybe ask if she is doing anything tomorrow night, we can probably meet her after poker.)
No. 995662 ID: b1b4f3

Well, okay, if we fooled her that's fine.
We should still tell the cops though. We have a source for the information now! We can just show them the amulet, tell them it lets you see stuff, and say Isabella walked by then the fire spirit immediately showed up. The cops won't tell anyone who their source is, it's safe.
No. 995669 ID: ac3918

This. Well, if she broaches the subject.
No. 995671 ID: ad2fd0

I think the things that worry me most about telling Andrea about Isabella is what kind of connections Isabella might have that could protect her, like her status as the mayor's daughter could help get her off the hook for example (her mother had the same static Isabella did when we tried testing her for powers, which may or may not mean she too has a demon spirit, and could be working closely together with Isabella because of that.)
That, and the possibility that if she could manage to convince the cops she is innocent, and that her flame spirit has no connections with the estate fire or the wild animals burning. she can easily trace the anonymous person who told Andrea towards us since we are pretty much the only person who knows Isabella has a power (besides Iraphena) and will double down on getting in our way. I think of we want to accuse Isabella, we'll need to dig up more proof other than the fact she has a flame spirit with her.

Though I wouldn't be opposed to telling Willamina about Isabella, we really should be more honest with her since she is most likely to get attacked by her, especially if roach is speaking to Willamina about what we know.
No. 995676 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and spend a 5k favor.
No. 995677 ID: 8a51ec

Whoa whoa whoa, we're not really gonna bang Andrea before getting to third base with Willamina, are we? Have some goddamn faith Arthur. Let her know about Willamina, and if that's not enough... uh... would she consider a threesome?
No. 995682 ID: 830459


Also, tell her that there's plenty of space under the counter if she can keep quiet.
No. 995683 ID: 6c227a

I am as in favor of waiting for Willamina as the next person, because we are at a relationship moment with her right now, but in general this town and her specifically are pretty casual about this sort of thing. I'm down to bunny in principle at a later time. Besides, at this point, playing hard to get and keeping Andrea wanting more is a fun game and like, I promise you have been more prominent in her brain lately than you would have been if you'd just banged her first chance you got. Just look how bad she wants you. There is probably not much further she can really escalate, but the "I'm on the clock, I'll fuck you inside-out later" approach could keep us going.

Just be sure you have the stamina to deliver when you finally do hook up.
No. 995757 ID: b1b4f3

I mean, we can just text Willamina and ask if it's ok to hook up with Andrea-- wait shit Willamina doesn't have a PHONE anymore
No. 995760 ID: ca2950

It is important that you bang that rabbit... for plot reasons.
No. 995770 ID: 228277

Go over to the door, switch the open sign to closed, and get to bangin'
No. 995772 ID: e51896

If we're really going to get some action with her, at least set an alarm for when she has to leave, especially before 3 since we know Willamina will be back at around 4.

But plz, don't set the open sign to close if we decide on doing this, we'll definitely get in trouble that way.
No. 995775 ID: 8483cf

While I'm all for some healthy sexy fun times, this rabbit needs to go to horny jail to think about her crimes.
No. 995776 ID: 894419

Take a deep breath and center yourself. You've lived a good life, always tried to do the right thing. Dying here via secondary bleeding caused by pelvic isn't the worst way a good man can die in the grand scheme of things. There is no reason to fear the inevitable.
No. 995777 ID: afe7de
File 161820725882.png - (10.76KB , 500x500 , C2_051.png )

> Flirt with her
You: … oh my. I uh… really should have kept those liquors on me, shouldn’t I? I mean… Hello Andrea! How can I help you?

Andrea heads over to the counter and pulls out a STAMINA LIQUOR from her back pocket placing it on the table along with her letters. She gives you a big ol’ wink.

Andrea: I’ve got you covered.

> Narc on Isabella
You don’t have enough evidence for that and are worried if you reveal the Demon Eye Amulet that she might confiscate it. It has too much utility for them not to, or at least to try to borrow it all the time, which could leave you and Willamina vulnerable. Andrea starts messing around with the bottle and uses a more seductive voice to speak to you.

Andrea: I’ve got a few… parcels that your… dexterous fingers could help me out with. You wouldn’t happen to have any… stamps I could lick just alllll overrr and put on these letters would you? You know, my tongue is just sooo wet that it makes the job easy.
No. 995778 ID: afe7de
File 161820727704.png - (7.42KB , 500x500 , C2_052.png )

> Horny levels rising
> Do your job
You: You know, if you approach me like this when I’m not on the clock, you’d probably have a lot more luck.

Andrea: But it’s so much more FUN if you know you’re not supposed to be doing it.

You shuffle around your desk, trying not to show her that you do have a hard on right now and are feeling pretty aroused. Not nutting in the past few days has got you a little HORNY, but you still want to be a good employee. You pull out a swatch of stamps and put it on the table, she hands over 2 BUX for the stamps and then proceeds to lasciviously lick the stamps as her eyes lustfully glaze over you. Eventually she places them on the letters and wipes her mouth, a little bit of drool remaining on the table.
No. 995779 ID: afe7de
File 161820728695.png - (10.11KB , 500x500 , C2_053.png )

> Make plans for tomorrow
You: Please please PLEASE come onto me when im not on the clock? I’m actually okay with hookups when my time is my own!

Andrea pouts and uses her big beady eyes in an attempt to act cutesy and innocent.

Andrea: I came to visit you on my day off and all, how about you reward me by spending some A~L~O~N~E T~I~M~E with me tonight?

You: I uh, I’m a bit busy tonight, but maybe tomorrow we could like go to the park or the Ruffled Haunch or something.

Andrea lights up at that, like REALLY lights up, she almost becomes radiant.

Andrea: R-r-r-r-really?!?!? No take backs, can’t have you going back on your word to a-a-a-a woman of the law. Now all that’s left is to seal the promise with a ceremonial kiss. There’s j-u-s-t enough space under that counter for me to fit after all.

Do you accept Andrea’s offer? You’re still on the clock.
No. 995780 ID: b1b4f3

Fuck it why not. Blowjob won't stop you from doing your job if someone comes in, it'll just be awkward.
No. 995781 ID: ac3918

No under-the-counter transactions, you just KNOW someone's bound to walk in.
No. 995783 ID: 8483cf

Ceremonial kiss huh? Do I look like a sucker? Because one of us does...
No. 995784 ID: cdabe3

Oh god just fuck her rabbit hole under the table >:3c
No. 995785 ID: 0fae41

That's the point!
No. 995786 ID: 830459

Imagine doing something other than long-term planned sex in a missionary position for the purpose of procreation.
Also, "tomorrow" would be like, one to two chapters away based on the current level of min-maxing...

Accept her offer. It's fine, no one would notice even if they did walk in.
No. 995788 ID: 228277

Indeed, we actually do want the risk of getting caught, otherwise it wouldnt be exciting. We need to work on raising our stealth, and lower our horniness after all, and exhibitionism play is the best way. (Speaking of, we should totally do it in the park instead of the Ruffled Haunch tomorrow! Yay exhibitionism!)

And I vote the person who will walk in on us is somebody who is either really close friends with Willamina, like Gruk or Cannie, or someone who is a big deal like the mayor herself or even the person who is dealing with Willamina's inheritence... (or if even the hero Shocker, but what are the odds of that happening?)

(Bobby Slurpps entering will also be a good contender though)
No. 995790 ID: ca2950

Get that risky blowjob. What's the point of a non-risky blowjob anyway?
No. 995804 ID: e51896

My main vote is against it and would rather not let Willamina down if she finds out what we were doing, she has been respecting us for putting in good work after all. Plus, I think holding out until tomorrow will make us feel really good when we finally let it out in Andrea

If we do this however, then we will need to prepare ourselves first.

Important to remember that we have a pretty bad cool stat after all, so acting like nothing is going on towards an inevitable customer will be very difficult.

So instead, we will need to use our intelligence to think up excuses and get our water bottle ready for drinking if we start thinking we might be acting and looking weird for the customer. We can explain to the customer that this is your first time working behind the desk instead of delivering the mail, so you're very nervous and antsy about screwing up, and drink water to pretend to calm your nerves.

Second, come up with some safe words, and code words. Let Andrea know that this is your first time participating in a form of public sex, so you're very nervous about getting caught and would like to use some safe words during the blowjob to ease you into exhibitionism like for if you two decide to screw in the park for example... (even if this town is alright with public nudity.)
we'll use One code word to go faster and help us finish up quicker,
one safe word to go slower as to help control our composure towards a customer
one safe word to temporarily stop if it is too much to handle in front of a customer
and one safe word to completely stop if things get far too risky.

finally, set up an alarm on your COMM to let her know when it is time to leave so that we can get ready to clean up our mess before another customer arrives after the next one. maybe set it for 30 minutes just in case (though logic says we'll be able to finish up much earlier than that, the alarm is for just in case) (If it goes off while a customer is here, we'll let the customer know that the alarm is to alert you to snack time, and start eating some sweets.)(Let Andrea know not to get up from under the desk until the customer leaves when the alarm goes off.)
No. 995805 ID: d8e21f

Just pull on her ears if you want her to go faster or slower, there’s no time to set up a punch clock to suck cock.

Hell, upgrade her powers while she’s at it since she’ll be touching you anyway.
No. 995809 ID: 228277

Agreed, it'll be weird to just blurt out random safe words at a customer.
Maybe Tap shoulder once for faster, two for slower, three to temporarily stop, continously tap to emergency stop.
No. 995825 ID: 6c227a

wait wait wait

Ask how she KNOWS there is room for her under the counter
No. 995828 ID: ce39da

"To be fair, a woman of the law should not be encouraging such irresponsible behavior - it might even be possible for me to report you for that kind of nonsense, you know. Just take the W and have fun with someone else for now. You'll find my word alone is as good as gold...bond."
No. 995834 ID: 2b3343

Come on guys, we're a professional.

We should have no problem doing our job while getting our dick sucked.

Just go for it.
No. 995844 ID: 9a2966

Sigh, smile, tell her that she'd best not get A HEAD of herself here, sacred promise or not.

... you do owe her a bit, though. Those stamina liquors really came in handy, today and yesterday. You were gonna buy replacements before meeting her again, but, well, here she is already.

So what the hell. If she's so down for it, get down for it!

... but you'll only buckle up for the full ride tomorrow, damnit! You've still got a work ethic and you're not normally this pervy despite what some say, it's just - holy moley, you haven't ever had someone aim this hard for you either!

Even if she's just excited to boink someone new, you're a little flattered, to be honest! and intimidated
No. 995849 ID: b1b4f3

Why would we waste energy upgrading a terrible ability, and at the same time expose Cat's ability to the cops, who would definitely try their best to convince him to spend all his energy on them?
No. 995879 ID: eb1fcc

hahaha oh shit she's done this for our girl will before ain't she
No. 995891 ID: b0655a

Willamina said the courier outfit we are wearing used to belong to her old partner from 5 years ago before he left for the city. He probably got some action with Andrea.
No. 995893 ID: b0655a

Also, since Andrea has done this before here, ask for tips on how to not get caught if a customer arrives.
No. 995902 ID: 094652

"Just so we're clear, from this point onwards I fully intend to communicate with you in vulgar, debasing language because every overt signal you've displayed, including written public messages on your clothing, indicates that you want it. tl;dr, let me know if you want me to talk cheesy and dirty."
No. 995921 ID: afe7de
File 161830031399.png - (36.85KB , 500x500 , C2_054.png )

> It's risky BJ time
> Horny levels rising
You: A Ceremonial Kiss huh? Do I look like a sucker? Because one of us does...

She giggles and wiggles her eyebrows at you as she saunters on over around the counter plating a firm paw on your chest, pushing you slightly aside as she glides her digits down your chest giving a light bop to your crotch. Damn, it's nice to have someone so very excited for you. You're insanely flattered since well... no one's chased you THIS HARD before. Even if it's just pure lust the feeling is pretty good. Even if you are a BIT intimidated by her overt sexuality.

Andrea: Here, some motivation to get our little buddy up and ready.
No. 995925 ID: afe7de
File 161830038867.png - (25.92KB , 500x500 , C2_055.png )

Andrea lifts up her shirt and lightly slips down her shorts, giving you a good look at everything, her chest looks soft and you feel an intense desire to shove your face in her fluffy chest. It's been a reflex for you for a long time with your fetish for soft things like fur and feathers but you hold back that urge for now. One thing that catches your eye is that she has a womb tattoo with the words HORNY JAIL written out. You let out a snicker at the pun and in a surprise attack Andrea slips forward and drops her shirt over your head, shoving her chest in your face.

It's blissfully soft but unfortunately your COOL fails you in this moment and you're unable to do anything to manipulate the situation in any direction, not that it bothers you as you stutter and fluster with nonsense words. You can feel the press of your member against the inside of your pants. She's doing a very good job of pressing your buttons. And she smells of a nice, earthy GREEN. Not your favorite, but it mak es a potent combination against your senses. She squeezes you a bit in a hug and lets off a breathy moan.
No. 995926 ID: afe7de
File 161830041202.png - (9.17KB , 500x500 , C2_056.png )

She pulls her shirt off of you and gives you a wink before popping down underneath the front desk. You feel her slide the chair over to her, conveniently placing you in a seemingly innocuous position to the outside viewer while you can look down and get a face-full of what she's doing. And what she's doing is rubbing her face against your crotch, staring at your face.

> How do you already KNOW there’s room for you under here?
You: So uh, how did you already know there’s room for you under here already?

Andrea: Wouldn’t you like to know. ;3

> Dirty talk?
You: Uh, so you seem REALLY into this, do you want me to be really vulgar and debasing. I’m no good at it bu-


She whips her head up to the top and grabs the zipper in her buck teeth, huh, you didnt notice them before. She pulls your zipper down in one fell swoop.
No. 995927 ID: afe7de
File 161830042204.png - (59.38KB , 500x500 , C2_057.png )

- 7 years ago -
No. 995929 ID: afe7de
File 161830078951.png - (9.54KB , 500x500 , C2_058.png )

Guess it’s time. You’re finally going through with it, you pull up your medical sheet and do a last confirmation. You’re getting top surgery for sure, but as for the rest…

Please note penis customization WILL have an effect on your stats, you might even be able to do stuff better than you could before!

You have 4 Points, spend it however you want
You get to pick the PENIS TYPE from this list:
Human (+1 pts)
Canine (+0 pts)
Feline (+0 pts)
Equine (+0 pts)
Delphoid (+0 pts)
Hemipenis (+0 pts)
Prehensile (-1 pts)

You get to pick the LENGTH from this list:
Short (+1 pts)
Normal (+0 pts)
Large (-1 pts)
Massive (-2 pts)

You can pick a PENALTY if you want to gain an extra point, but only one:
No Balls - Provides +1 pts and removes your balls, but where does the semen come from now…?
Can’t Jizz - Provides +1 pts, you can no longer jizz, but you can still orgasm!
Easy - Provides +1 pts, you’re super easy to arouse at the consequence of getting distracted more easily from Flirting.
Blue Balls - Provides +1 pts, if you don’t have sex every 3-5 days you suffer penalties to your skill rolls.

And finally Pick from this list of PERKS, each perk costs 1 point, and if something is picked twice it’s effect is improved:
Arousing Musk - Your musk is lightly arousing to people who like your smell, be careful! Most effective on Beast-Kin.
Big Balls - Your balls are larger than normal, and more sensitive!
Flavor - Your cock and semen have a flavor you decide upon. You can change it nightly.
High - You feel a sense of extreme sense of euphoria when you orgasm and those who drink your cum feel the same. Don’t get addicted!
Ice Cold - Your Horniness rises much more slowly than before and you get aroused slower, but your erection lasts longer.
Knot - If you don't have a knot, now you do! And if you already have one, now you have two!
Lots of Jizz - You'll cum a LOT with this, leading to a nice filled sensation to your partners.
Multicock - You've got more than one cock, you can get this multiple times.
Noise - Your cock can make noises and SFX that it naturally couldnt, you can even have it say words, but they come out a little weird…
Oviposition - Your jizz comes out as little egg sacs filled with cum, they burst after a little while leaving a warming sensation.
Pussy - You've got a pussy still, you just couldn't part with it after the transition.
Sensitivity - You're a quick shot, but as a trade off you can have multiple orgasms and stay hard post nut easier!
Shape changing - Your cock can change girth and length at will, the longer it is, the thinner it is and vice versa. You can also make it ribbed and provide other minor changes.
Sheath - If you didn’t have a sheath before you get one now, comes in SLIT form and SHEATHE form.
Speed - You can pump harder, faster. Rabbits especially like this one!
Stamina - You go a lot longer in bed and remain harder longer!
Stretchy - Your cock and ass are more flexible allowing for deeper penetration, sounding, and with practice even penis to penis penetration!
Subdermal Implant - You've got an implant to prevent your seed from impregnating anyone (or getting yourself pregnant if you have a pussy). You can always get this removed.
Tongue - Your cock gains a sense of taste and naturally produces lubricant when aroused like a tongue. You can turn off this sense of taste at will.
Tough - Your cock is harder but less sensitive
Virility - You always cum a decent load, even after you just came. Careful of combining with Lots of Jizz!

No. 995930 ID: 1d109c

Prehensile -1
Large -1
no balls +1

Multicock -1
Multicock -1
Shape changing -1

Just imagine three giant tentacle dicks that can reach out and grab things!
No. 995936 ID: e51896

Human (+1 pts) or Canine (0 points, we are part Jackal after all)

Normal length (0)

no penalty


Pussy (so we can mate with both genders!)


Shape changing (i feel will be a good combo with stretchy I think)

Ice Cold (can't have that horniness meter get in the way)

and if we go with human dick for that extra point instead of jackal:

No. 995937 ID: ca2950

Small +1
Hemipene 0
No balls +1
No. 995938 ID: b0655a

Rather not go too crazy. I prefer something normal



Ice cold
No. 995939 ID: f8fa51

Human (+1)
Large (-1)
Blue Balls (+1)
Pussy (-1)
Lots of Jizz (-1)
High (-1)
Stamina (-1)
Arousing Musk (-1)
No. 995940 ID: b448f0

Blue Balls
Shape Changing

This penis is designed to give our partners the MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ORGASMS
No. 995941 ID: 1a8a7f

Canine (duh)
Normal (always be ‘just right’)
Blue Balls (for reasons described below)
Knot (double knot was honestly an administrative mistake, but double knotting was worth it enough not to sue even if it leaves you frequently blue balled)
Arousing Musk
No. 995943 ID: 830459

Human +1
Large -1
Easy +1

5 points. It would be useful if we could save these points or get a different type of perks for them, because it feels like we're being forced to get all these unnecessary bonuses. But if we can't, then...
Arousing Musk - Strategic advantage
Sensitivity - Goes well with Virility
Subdermal Implant - Fun without worries
Virility - Goes well with Sensitivity
Big Balls - Goes logically with Large; Alternate choice here would be Speed

In other words, don't get anything weird like an animal penis on a human.
No. 995944 ID: 82a182

Seconding this one.
No. 995945 ID: 12b116

Normal sized
Delphoid (prehensile? -1 point)
No Balls
Slit (sheath)
Ice Cold
No. 995949 ID: 5a76c0

There is a clear optimal dong design here.

Big Balls
And either High and Lotsa Jizz or Lotsa Jizz x2.
No. 995951 ID: 4950ab

The only thing I'd want to consider swapping out from this one is Musk for Stamina.
No. 995959 ID: afa6f6

Human (+1 pts)
Large (-1 pts)
-Arousing Musk
-Lots of Jizz.
-Shape changing
No. 995960 ID: f0f78a

Large -1
Prehensile -1
Multicock -1
Pussy -1
No Balls +1
Noise +1

Now you can fuck yourself and your partner at the same time and put on amusing puppet shows on the down time.
No. 995963 ID: e85a08

Delphoid (+0 pts)

Large (-1 pts)

No Balls

Arousing Musk
Sheathe - SLIT form
Subdermal Implant
No. 995965 ID: 7f1230

If Cat is biologically related to his Jackal parent, then
Canine, normal, musk, ice cold, knot, virility,
otherwise no vote
No. 995969 ID: 88de73

Normal, prehensile, no balls, slit, virility, ice cold, speed.
No. 995978 ID: 1f3395

Human (+1 pts)
Normal (+0 pts)
Blue Balls - Provides +1 pts, if you don’t have sex every 3-5 days you suffer penalties to your skill rolls.
Arousing Musk - Your musk is lightly arousing to people who like your smell, be careful! Most effective on Beast-Kin.
Big Balls - Your balls are larger than normal, and more sensitive!
High - You feel a sense of extreme sense of euphoria when you orgasm and those who drink your cum feel the same. Don’t get addicted!
Shape changing - Your cock can change girth and length at will, the longer it is, the thinner it is and vice versa. You can also make it ribbed and provide other minor changes.
Stamina - You go a lot longer in bed and remain harder longer!
Virility - You always cum a decent load, even after you just came. Careful of combining with Lots of Jizz!
No. 995979 ID: 2b3343

Massive (-2 pts)

Blue Balls

Subdermal Implant
Shape changing
No. 995983 ID: 831303

this seems to be pretty rife for shenanigans
i like it
No. 995986 ID: 85038e

No. 995987 ID: 7b8730


I like this one too.
No. 995988 ID: 19da02

No balls
Sheath (slit)
Shape Changing
No. 996000 ID: 4d4f11

I like Arousing musk, lots of jizz, big balls, and virility!! The others don't even matter!!
No. 996006 ID: b1b4f3


Blue Balls

Shape changing
Shape changing
Subdermal Implant
Lots of Jizz

What kind of dick is it? Any kind you want, baby.
No. 996012 ID: 4874ce

No. 996024 ID: 217b17

Sure, lets roll with this
No. 996026 ID: a1b263

I think we can all agree we want to see eventual Cat-tanukification. Judging by the fat cum suggestions. So let's just go all in.

So in that vein,

Blue balls
Big balls x2
Taste (honey)
Alluring musk
Shape change?

MAAAAYBE pussy. Up to general consensus.
No. 996039 ID: 864e49

Canine or Delphoid


Blue Balls

Lots of Jizz
Shape changing
No. 996044 ID: 0fae41

No Balls
Multicock x1
Also they're green.
No. 996047 ID: 80125e

No. 996054 ID: 6c227a

I'm with >>995951 >>995943 and >>995938
Cat just wanted to be a guy, not have a hyper-customized designer penis.

Human +1
Large -1
Arousing Musk (may as well make sure they like yer dick, but this is the one I would trade out first)
Subdermal Implant

My reading is that stamina+sensitive would cancel out to a fairly normal time-to-orgasm, but being ready to go again immediately
No. 996055 ID: eb1fcc

+1 for a knot because you're all blind or cowards
No. 996061 ID: 86aaf2

delphoid +0
prehensile -1
large -1
no balls +1
easy +1
shape changing -1
sheathe - slit -1
pussy -1
subdermal implant -1
No. 996063 ID: 5b7e10

Human +1
Short +1
Blue Balls +1
High x2
Lots of Jizz
Subdermal Implant
Flavor (Peaches)

Ok but imagine, You can cum lots, taste your cum, and get QuAdRuPlE HiGh!!! twice on cumming and twice on tasting your cum with your tongue dick. Also what if the dick was like studded, maybe cat got piercings?
No. 996066 ID: 9f8373

No. 996077 ID: b1b4f3

Second dick suggestion:


Sheath(slit) (balls are internal with a slit, right?)
Shape Changing

Closest we can get to dragon dick.
No. 996084 ID: 0fae41

Instead of a dick, why not get a FROG TONGUE?
No Balls/Can't Jizz
Shapechanging x2
Noise. Ribbit.
No. 996095 ID: 275bde

Soooo. How did we get the BUX for this operation?
No. 996096 ID: 031458

The bank of Thisaintamericadontworryaboutit.
No. 996100 ID: 0fae41

Our family was killed in a dungeon outbreak.
No. 996127 ID: f93930

My vote's on this one
No. 996129 ID: afe7de
File 161838542822.png - (8.81KB , 500x500 , C2_059.png )

> How did you get the BUX for this operation?
You think back to THE INCIDENT, well, that was about a year ago. Your parents weren’t insured against monster attacks and were living paycheck to paycheck, so you only really had a few months of rent worth of money left by them. But your awesome big bro Callan, Goddess rest his soul, had a life insurance policy in case he died to a monster since he was a dungeon crawler. It was written in his will that his savings and the insurance was to go to you on his death. He wanted to surprise you on your 18th birthday (that’s today!) with the money for you to get your transition surgery.

He went the extra mile and was willing to let you get all the bells and whistles you were super interested in. The rest of the money is enough to pay for your first year of COLLEGE, since he also knew you wanted to be a tinker. You really miss them. But, you can only move forward. You’re super excited to learn basic tinker stuff and maybe Awaken to be one. Too bad it took a year to get this all sorted out, the Big City’s infrastructure was basically destroyed in the attack.

Anyway, today’s supposed to be a happy day, can’t go crying today, you promised him you wouldn't cry on your birthdays. You’ve narrowed down your decision to 6 choices, there’s so many customization options, you’re super excited.
No. 996130 ID: afe7de
File 161838544289.png - (5.98KB , 500x500 , C2_060.png )

A. The Meat Bat

Arousing Musk
Subdermal Implant
Big balls

This one’s a safe choice, nothing too crazy, but nothing really interesting about it either. You’re not too interested in it, but maybe it’s better to just have a “safe” cock.
No. 996131 ID: afe7de
File 161838545387.png - (5.21KB , 500x500 , C2_061.png )

B. The 2K9

Blue Balls
Arousing Musk

Double knot seems like it was originally an administrative mistake but it became popular by word of mouth. You’re interested in it because it reminds you of your Jackal Heritage a bit. It comes with a sheathe since it’s a Canine cock.
No. 996132 ID: afe7de
File 161838547199.png - (7.40KB , 500x500 , C2_062.png )

C. The Mile High

Blue Balls
Arousing Musk
Big Balls
Shape changing

This one’s probably the one you’re most interested in, you like the idea of being able to get a really good natural high when you nut and share that with your partner.
No. 996133 ID: afe7de
File 161838548243.png - (8.71KB , 500x500 , C2_063.png )

D. The Go Fuck Yourself Combo

No balls
Shape Changing

Now this is starting to get into the strange territory. But you have to admit, the idea of being able to secretly fuck yourself whenever you want is an attractive one. And even though you’re transitioning, you’re kind of attached to your pussy.
No. 996137 ID: afe7de
File 161838558018.png - (25.73KB , 500x500 , C2_064.png )

E. The Grabbler

No Balls
Multicock x2
Shape changing

Popular for lazy people who want to watch movies in bed but not use their arms, this lets your three cocks reach out and grab things, they can also twirl together to make a pretty massive dong.
No. 996138 ID: afe7de
File 161838559570.png - (6.96KB , 500x500 , C2_065.png )

F. The Tanuki

Blue Balls
Big Balls x2
Taste (AMBER) Honey
Alluring Musk
Shape changing
Lots of Jizz

Apparently this one is based on an old folk tale from the Wano continent. There was a specific breed of beast-kin that was a raccoon dog that died out hundreds of years ago. They apparently had massive balls and were famed for getting drunk and manipulating their balls into different shapes to impersonate humans. It costs the same but apparently there’s some side effects.
No. 996139 ID: afe7de
File 161838562736.png - (10.91KB , 500x500 , C2_066.png )

You hear a knock at the door and in comes one of your surgeons, apparently it takes two surgeons to get these specific jobs done.

Doctor: Hey there uhh… Cat. We’re about ready for you, oh, and I checked with our supplies and that HIGH implant you brought us does work, so we can include it at no extra charge to whatever you’re getting. But the Flavor mod you had was discontinued for wearing off after a few months and making them taste like sour milk, so we can’t in good conscience let you use it, so we’ve reimbursed you for it.

You give a silent thank you to your big bro for buying that HIGH MOD ahead of time just in case they were sold out, he definitely knew you well...

What Cock do you get?

A. The Meat Bat
B. The 2K9
C. The Mile High
D. The Go Fuck yourself Combo.
E. The Grabbler
F. The Tanuki

And what’re some dirty talking lines you give to Andrea ?
No. 996140 ID: 1d109c

No. 996141 ID: b1b4f3

C, use your free High mod there ofc but instead of High x2 get a double dose of Shape Changing.
No. 996142 ID: f8fa51

D is hot, but lacks stamina, which both B and C have. Still, there's ways to make up for that.

So D with the HIGH mod, although I'd still like to trade out shapeshifting for stamina if possible.

For dirty talk, I can only think of cringy shit: "Oh yeah, take it." "You like that?" Maybe "How's it taste, you slut?"
No. 996145 ID: e51896

C, our bro got that HIGH MOD for us after all

otherwise, B, or A.

for Andrea, can't think of dirty talk, but since our COOL Stat is abysmal and we can't act cool towards a customer, lets use our intelligence plan some safe words/actions with her like it was mentioned before: >>995804 >>995805 >>995809

and ask for tips on how to not get caught like >>995893 mentioned. You're not used to doing any sort of exhibitionism before after all, so some tips to help you get used to it would help.
No. 996148 ID: 830459

A or C. But mostly A.

Tell Andrea to please be gentle and caring... because her slutty mouth better get a good taste of your juicy meat if she wants to feel what's going to come crashing into her womb tomorrow.
No. 996149 ID: 82a182

C or A
No. 996150 ID: 8042df

I say C, it's a good choice!
No. 996151 ID: 864e49

D. Can we add High to this?
C. because High is free can we get this in Canine?

>Dirty talk
My I've never seen a whore more eager to choke on a cock, how can I deny such a slutty face?
No. 996153 ID: e85a08

C with large instead of the free HIGH

>dirty talk
I bet a slut like you is already dripping wet and can't keep her hands off herself, huh?
No. 996154 ID: 1a8a7f

B it.

Or at least add Canine to C if High is free.
No. 996155 ID: 12b116

Grabbler is literally the only reasonable choice.
No. 996161 ID: 0fae41

Guess E is the closest.
No. 996162 ID: 1f3395

C with canine instead of double high
No. 996163 ID: f93930

Let's just go 2x High
No. 996164 ID: c223a4

c with canine sounds good if we're part jackal
No. 996165 ID: 692a53

G: leave now and create a time paradox. Invest the money instead so you have BUX now.
Or E since that’s not happening
No. 996169 ID: e0f68b

The Tanuki is the best one. F
No. 996170 ID: 031458

I can dig the C
No. 996171 ID: 9a2966

Surprised no-one's spotted it yet (actually I'm not surprised, not with what's going on), but that totally looks like Doctor Trey there, which probably adequately answers the mystery of why he doesn't particularly feel like talking to us.

>Dirty talk
Well, if you're inexperienced, just stick to the truth but modify the tone. Say you can't believe what a lusty, needy police-bun she is, but if she's going to cream herself just from the taste of your dick, you'll happily allow her to quench her outrageous thirst... though she gotta know. You don't got no garden-variety carrot and it's not regular ol' juice you're serving.

Add a few appreciative moans and 'fuck yeah', 'suck harder', 'lusty beast, give it your all' and 'you're so needy, I'm gonna stuff you 'till you burst tomorrow evening, it'll be criminal, I'll fucking go to jail from how much you're gonna come and then you can fuck me whenever you want'.

Y'know, as you nervously eye the entrance.
No. 996178 ID: 2b3343

C. It won't scare anyone away, and has some interesting features.
No. 996185 ID: 6c227a

I still like A best, but I'd accept B or C without much grumbling. I'd like them more if they didn't come with Blue Balls attached.
No. 996190 ID: 1f4fe1

If you can save a point from the high module and get a canine one instead of human, then C's looking pretty sweet. If not, B's pretty good too.
No. 996192 ID: 3a102c

could always use the saved point on C to toss the blue balls penalty
No. 996193 ID: 031458

More like we spotted it, but as this is back in time, there's nothing to address, yet.
No. 996208 ID: 5241b7

Agreed F is best
No. 996209 ID: eb1fcc

B is the obvious choice, since we can slap that high mod right in there no charge
No. 996210 ID: eb1fcc

and to follow up on my own post, two words:
Oral Knotting
No. 996238 ID: 037256

Do F, it is the best choice after all
No. 996241 ID: cdabe3

No. 996255 ID: 037256

F is the best I think even if it isn't canine... Maybe we can add the knot later
No. 996265 ID: 9f8373

C, but since the high is free, remove blue balls
No. 996278 ID: 412a26

F isn't bad since D is doomed
No. 996287 ID: 11d286

this tbh
No. 996290 ID: afe7de
File 161847729256.png - (12.34KB , 500x500 , C2_067.png )

> C… but
You decide to go with the Mile High, but you check with the doc if you can make some changes.

You: So uh, Because I’ve got the extra High mod I was wondering if we could exchange the one that comes in the Mile High with making it a Canine dong.

Doctor: Hmmm, well we’re actually all out of pure Canine Cocks. We’ve got some 2K9s on ice, getting one of those on the Mile High is out of your price range I’m afraid. But let me propose an alternative. Since we’re already reimbursing you for the discontinued flavor mod, how about we take the money you would have gotten from that and spend it on an extra shape change mod. Doubling up on that mod lets you basically make your cock into whatever you feel like with some practice.

Doctor: So if you really want to make it a dog cock with the knot and everything it would just take like a month of practice. Given more time I’m sure you could figure out how to make it swell up when you climax too. The color wouldn’t be the same, and you wouldn’t have a sheathe, but it’d provide you with some flexibility for your partners.

You: I’m uh… surprised I’m getting reimbursed that much from the flavor mod.

Doctor: Well it was actually purchased from us and was a mistake on the manufacturer’s end that we were partially responsible for. Plus the actual tech behind changing the flavor of your sperm actually is a recent development, so it costs more than the other mods. If it wasn't purchased directly from us it’d be a different story but our company prides itself in customer retention and reimbursement for faulty products.
No. 996291 ID: afe7de
File 161847733313.png - (13.37KB , 500x500 , C2_068.png )

You: Uh, then yeah. Um sure. It’s my birthday, I guess it’s okay to splurge on this since I don’t want to have to change it later. But I have another question. What about the High mods, how will having two affect it?

The doctor goes on a pretty long explanation about the whole thing, some of it goes over your head. You can read the full explination here:

To summarize, here are the key points, these metrics are based on how much you will cum on average which is 3 fl oz.
It’s a natural high that lowers Anxiety, stress, and depression, providing a sense of euphoria.
YOU will feel a 1.7x intensity high on cumming that lasts around 30 minutes.
The TAKER will feel a 1.5x intensity high that lasts around 40 minutes if they eat or are injected with all of your cum.
Drinking all of your cum while orgasming will provide a 2x intensity high that lasts around 1 hour.

Here’s some metagame knowledge too, your COOL/FORTITUDE/SKILL stats will improve during the cum high, but your INT/POWER/SPEED stats will drop

Your questions over you decide to agree to the terms provided by The Doctor, you look over your cock’s specifications one more time before signing off on it:

Blue Balls
Arousing Musk
Big Balls
High x2
Shape changing x2

Whelp, you’re excited for your new cock, you head over to the operating table and lie down, getting a glance at your two surgeons in their scrubs before they put you under anesthetic and you drift off to dream-land.
No. 996292 ID: afe7de
File 161847742277.png - (62.59KB , 500x500 , C2_068b.png )

No. 996293 ID: afe7de
File 161847746003.png - (11.91KB , 500x500 , C2_069.png )

She manages to pull your underwear down enough that your cock and balls come flopping out on her face. You can spot a twinkle in her eyes. As she takes deep whiffs of your cock.

Andrea: OHHHH SHIT YOUR COCK SMELLS SO GOOD. You had some work done didn’t you?

You: Uhh, haha, yeah. *AHEM* *AHEM* I uh I mean. I can’t believe what a lusty, needy police-bun you are. If you’re going to cream yourself just from the smell of my dick, I’ll happily allow you to quench your outrageous thirst… Though you’ve got to know. I don’t have a garden variety carrot and it’s not regular ol juice I’m serving.

Andrea: MMMM~ You even smell pent up. This lusty bun NEEDS a taste of your carrot juice.

She begins to go down on you sucking on your sensitive balls gives you a rush of excitement and pleasure. She’s refusing to use her hands, licking your shaft and coating it her her saliva. You feel an unfamiliar arousing tingle in your loins as she does this.

No. 996294 ID: afe7de
File 161847748672.png - (10.04KB , 500x500 , C2_070.png )

Andrea: You’re not the only one with some M~O~D~S. Come on, I’m your personal cock sleeve, treat me like one!

Andrea’s open mouth is taunting you, it looks like she wants you to make the first move. You try your best to be COOL in this moment… and it’s a SUCCESS.

You: I’ve never seen a whore more eager to choke on a cock, how can I deny such a slutty face?

No. 996295 ID: afe7de
File 161847752386.png - (21.29KB , 500x500 , C2_071.png )

So in a surprising twist you find the courage to grab her head, place your rod on her lips, and shove your cock balls deep into her throat. The sensation is pure bliss, you can feel her throat pulsing against your member and contracting as if she was trying to suck you in deeper, maybe she has a throat mod? Her tongue pops out of her mouth, locked to your crotch and she begins licking your balls in a surprising manner as she doesn't have much room to stick it out. Honestly, if you didn’t get that STAMINA mod when you were younger, you’d probably have nutted just now.

You feel like you could probably change your cock once during this session, you consider if you want to change it’s shape into something else, maybe give it a knot to mess with her. You know, come to think of it, she doesn't seem to be choking, and it’s been around 50 seconds, you pull out and she takes a deep breath, gasping, but not coughing. She wipes your saliva coated cock against her face, getting herself soaked in the process. You can’t see below her neck, but you think you can hear some squelching noises. She breathes heavily towards you.


> Safe words? Signals? Anything?
You: Uhh So should we have a safe word or like a signal or?

Andrea: *HIC* *BURP* Oh, excuse me. Uh, probably no words since people could hear that. Unless you want our code word for when you’re about to cum to be saying “You slut” which would be HILARIOUS to whoever you were talking to.

You: Maybe I can like tug on your ears or tap you or something.

Andrea rolls her eyes before thinking and then responding, she licks and sucks your balls for a moment before popping back out and continuing.

Andrea: Just go with the flow, be rough if you want, push me off if there’s an emergency, unless you’re hiding a knot in there in which case uhh just drag me around. Honestly I’m down for whatever. If you want me to speed up or something just yank on my ears really hard, don’t worry it feels good. Honestly even if you asked me to slow down I’d pr~o~bably just speed up instead.

> Mention your High mod

You: There’s one mod I should mention, I’ve got a double-

Andrea: Don’t tell me, lets keep it a surprise! Now call me your little fuck gremlin and let’s keep this going I’m soaking the floor over here!

No. 996296 ID: afe7de
File 161847757132.png - (11.67KB , 500x500 , C2_072b.png )

You reposition yourself in your seat to be a little more comfortable and Andrea pulls you closer. She sucks on your head and starts going to town with a purpose. She gives out a few squeaks but is doing her best to keep as silent as possible. You’re getting close to nutting and say as much when the door rings and opens, you look up, surprised. It’s Gena. Andrea stops for a moment to catch her breath, you hope that Gena can’t hear it as you feebly wave at her and she walks up to your desk. You glance down and see Andrea give you a mischievous smile, rubbing her face against your cock, teasing you and stalling your orgasm.

Gena: Aww, did I miss Willy?

Feel free to suggest cock changes as well as dialog. Andrea’s going to mess with you, so feel free to also include dialogs of you fucking up.
No. 996299 ID: eb1fcc

consider: we are going to be cursing randomly as she does things with her tongue

also consider: the Willamena Experience:tm: as it stands is getting cursed out in casual conversation.

further information: We are naturally dorky and will flub any attempt to be aggressive in ways that will soften most verbal blows.

Solution to the current predicament:
"You just FUCKING missed her, but I can give you the full COCKDAMNED experience if you want!"
No. 996302 ID: 8d14f2

"Actually, My Willie is out getting hea... *gasp* I MEAN Willamina is outside getting ahead of her schedule with delivering mail early and will be back at around four... please cum!... I MEAN!... wait yeah nevermind that works, come in.

If she asks what is wrong, say

"Sorry, it's my first time working at the desk and I'm really nervous!"

If she asks for measurements for your new outfit, tell her

"Can't right now, I'm hard right now... Atwork! Hard at work right now! and I cant get distracted in case another customer shows up, I can't let Willamina down after all on my first time working the desk, but maybe you I and Willamina can get together tomorrow for food and help me get my uniform ready, yeah?"
No. 996306 ID: e51896

Be careful, you have Arousing Musk! Since she is probably a beastkin, if you cum and Gena smells you, who knows what she might do.

We might need her to stay a healthy distance away from you. Tell her: Trey walked in earlier with a nice package... err... a parcel! and just dropped his pack... his mail on the floor in order to hurry off somewhere. If she wants, she can drop her package on the floor too and try to catch up with Willamina quicker. Should probably be near the mall by now. You'll even pay for her parcel if she does that to make things quicker, on the house! (hopefully it is below 10 BUX, or maybe Andrea can pay for it if we asked nicely. Otherwise, we'll just ask Willamina to take some money out of what we'll earn to pay for it when we get paid today)

Hold out until after she leaves so she doesn't get a whiff of Arousing Musk. Maybe consider shapeshifting the thickness of your cock so that Andrea has no choice but to slow down since it'll be larger for her mouth?
No. 996310 ID: 1a8a7f

Some combo of these two seems good. Be careful about making plans though, you’ve already promised yourself away to Andrea for part of tomorrow.

I wouldn’t worry too much. Musk’s not mind control, just a pleasant and alluring scent for those already positively inclined. It’s also focused on the groin region, so any whiff she catches should be weak.
No. 996323 ID: e51896

If we are not going to suggest her to drop her package off at the door like Trey did, We should at least let her deliver what she wants for free to make up for how weird we may be acting towards her by offering to pay for her parcel. Plus it'll be a nice thing to do for her. Just say 'since she's Willamina's friend, it is on the house today.' she will be less likely ask too many questions, at most thinking 'Cat is certainly acting weird... but who cares, I got to send my mail for free today!' (We'll let Willamina know and she can take the money off our pay today if we cant afford it with our current BUX.)
No. 996346 ID: f8fa51

Sorry, Willamena's out doing deliveries. Is there anything I can help you with?
No. 996370 ID: 031458

rolled 16 = 16

Don't mind me, just rolling a d20 to see how cool we can play it off should we cum while talking to this person.
No. 996375 ID: 0fae41

I got your willy right here, if ya knowwhatImean.
No. 996435 ID: afe7de
File 161855467408.png - (10.78KB , 500x500 , C2_073.png )

> Time check
It's 1:30 PM, Will should be finishing her route at around 4PM, probably with Mint in tow.

> Give her the Willamina Experience(tm) cursing and all
That could maybe give you a bit of an outlet in this situation since Andrea paused temporarily and it's driving you NUTS. You're finding it easier to be COOL in this moment since the pressure's not on, so you do your best Will impression.

You: You just F-FUCKING missed her, haha. Willie is getting head... *gasp* I MEANT Willamina is delivering mail today, we S-S-SWAPPED jobs today... p-please cum! I mean! Wait yeah nevermind that works. Come by then if you wanna see her.

Gena: Heh, Nice Willy impression. You're being a bit more breathy with it then I would though. Maybe add more shouts that are expletives if you’re talking to someone she doesn't really care about.

Gena: But yeah, she was supposed to text me this morning and she never got back to me so I wanted to check on her. If she's on her route she probably won't be there until 2:30, so I've got an hour to kill.
No. 996437 ID: afe7de
File 161855477430.png - (36.85KB , 500x500 , C2_074.png )

She turns around and pulls her dress against her legs, hopping up on the table facing towards the door. A bead of sweat starts to form on your brow when you realize she's probably not going to leave anytime soon without you explicitly kicking her out. Andrea takes this time to give you a smirk and begins tonguing your balls. It's arousing as fuck and feels good but damnit you were so close to cumming and now its just a distant dream, you bet if you got a second Big Balls mod back oh so many years ago you could probably CUM just from this stimulation. You cough a bit to cover the quiet slobbering noises. Gena tilts her head slightly in your direction and smirks.

You: Umm, h-h-her phone's battery melted last night, so she's GETTING a-a new one today. Anything important she wanted to talk a-b-bout?

Gena: Again? That’s like the 5th one this year. She should really get a different phone brand. I wanted to find out when she was free so we could throw her a party for her Awakening!!!

A bump from under the table causes you both to jump, looks like that surprised Andrea, luckily nothing got bit.

You: Hahahah, sorry, uh I bumped uhh into something yeah.

Gena: Aaanyway, me and Cannie are like the only ones who really throw her a birthday party, so I thought it'd be nice if we did something similar maybe MONDAY NIGHT if you’re free, she’s only had nothing but nice things to say about you, so I think it’d make her happy to have you there.

Andrea starts pumping your cock again, she’s doing SOMETHING with her tongue, almost feels like she’s coiling it around your cock. You kind of trail off for a moment and Gena sniffs the air for a bit, looking confused continuing.

Gena: Oh, and we're supposed to get you measured for a uniform soon. I left my measuring tools at home though. Should I go back and get it so we can do it now?
No. 996438 ID: afe7de
File 161855478792.png - (10.51KB , 500x500 , C2_075.png )

You: Uh. I’m hard right now… atwork!! Hard a-a-a-t work right now! Can’t get distracted in case another customer shows up. I-I-I dont want to let Willamina down after all on my first day at the desk. But maybe you, I and Willamina can get together tomorrow for Lunch and help me get my- *YIP*

Andrea bit you! You guess she didn’t like you making plans for Lunch. Gena sniffs the air with her eyes closed and leans in more towards your direction.

Gena: Are you okay? You’re acting a bit weird. You know, mice have a pretty good sense of smell and something under the desk smells good, but I can’t help but feel like there’s something I’m missing here…

You: Sorry! I-It’s just my first time doing this and I’m really nervous! Ha, hahah.
No. 996439 ID: afe7de
File 161855480181.png - (15.22KB , 500x500 , C2_076.png )

Gena plops back down onto the floor and turns around to face you. You’re sweating bullets and Andrea’s picking up the pace, you try to subtly tap her to get her to stop but she just increases her speed, so you increase your cock’s girth just to slow her down and it’s successful in reducing the speed, but it has the unintended side effect of making a bit of a SHLORP noise. Gena’s ears twitch in response and she gives you a sly smile.

Gena: Hey Caaaaat. What’re you hiiiiiding there Caaaaat?

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck does she know? Goddess you can’t think straight, this is a rush. Maybe you could distract her and talk about your tattoos, you’re not sure what to do.
No. 996441 ID: e51896

"One moment Gena!"

We are going to pretend what she smells is hardboiled egg with our lucky egg!

Reach behind Andrea so she doesn't see, use your coiling ring to bring out your duct tape, and the lucky egg, then place the egg on the middle of the roll of duct tape (on the hole) and place it on the desk to show it to her.

Tell her it is hard! Hardboiled egg! just got done cocking... COOKING it and you're waiting for it to cool down! Don't have a plate, so I'm using my duct tape.
No. 996444 ID: e51896

you had it under your desk because you didn't want to have customers see you eating ou.... eat during your work shift. the sound you heard was my mouth making slurping sounds from anticipation to eat it! Please don't tell Willamina.
No. 996445 ID: e7c7d3

A monster. Don't worry though, the police are handling it surprisingly well.
No. 996446 ID: 82a182

Answer that a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.
No. 996448 ID: b1b4f3

She knows.
Just say it's Angela.
No. 996450 ID: 098194

I like the egg idea, if Andrea asks where it came from later, tell her that it was behind her the whole time, she was just too focused on your cock to notice.
No. 996451 ID: 894419

No ones gonna believe you, but say this
No. 996453 ID: 5f4030

This. Let’s get it.
No. 996460 ID: 68a897

Oh that's just the last remnants of my work ethic being sucked out of me. Absolutely nothing to worry about.
No. 996462 ID: 830459

Tell her that you're busy filling some buns with cream. AuroraBorealisMeme.jpg. And if she gets any closer, some might get on her face.

Then, if she gets closer: Pull your dick out of Andrea's mouth and cum over Gena's face.

Tell her that you warned her.
High x2 to the rescue!
No. 996464 ID: 12b116

Just say you're getting your cock sucked under the counter and ask if she wants to help.
No. 996479 ID: 8a51ec

Okay, Gena clearly already knows, so no need to bullshit out of it. What we should do is express relief that she reacted... "positively", with this being only our second time meeting her and all.
No. 996507 ID: e7c7d3

make sure to tell her that it's not Will, be fore she peeks
No. 996508 ID: 460e5a

Showing the lucky egg is too risky, people! It is a magic item that we want to keep a secret. Plus Gena might want to stay and have you prove to her it is a hardboiled egg and demand you eat it which we dont want to do since we instead want to incubate it (plus eating a raw egg? Ew)

Just sigh sadly, and reveal the truth. Explain that Andrea was just way too forceful the past few days that it got to the point where your will broke and you had to give in or else Andrea would try to bully you into getting with her harder. Tell Gena that you will do anything to make up for being a bad worker and have her not tell anyone, especially not Willamina. 
No. 996518 ID: 9a2966

You're not hiding your Willy - uh, you mean Will - under there or a--ah-anything! It's... uh...

>she seems intrigued
...it's actually Andrea, pulling out a-ah-ll the stops. And she's really good at this, damn her cute, fuzzy, floppy ears.

Drag yourself back a bit - bringing Andrea with you - for Geno to see and start petting Andrea's head as she suckles on your currently-enlarged dick. Really stroke those long ears to see if Andrea's into that. You definitely should be - soft things are a fetish of yours, after all!
No. 996533 ID: becd7c

If we do decide to reveal whats going on, and worst case scenerio, if she threatens to tattle on you or run out screaming, maybe we can... bribe to awaken her to keep her quiet? (Might heighten chance on her joining Andrea too) Cover Andrea's ears if you say that.


(Acts kind of like how spectator mode works in Online fps games, can look around the environment around you when you shut your eyes and vision can noclip through objects to see past them. Length is only 100 feet though)
No. 996564 ID: afe7de
File 161864677654.png - (8.26KB , 500x500 , C2_077b.png )

> The truth!
You come up with the idea of using the Lucky egg as a ruse but realize it’s too big and would raise more questions. So then you think of a joke about monsters and cops, and even about just whipping your dick out and cumming on her face to get her high (which you’re sure would not end poorly at all). No, you’ll just go with the truth.

You: SIGH… I’m f-f-filling some extremely horny buns with cream.

She squints her eyes, at least, you think that’s what she does, her hair makes it hard to tell. And leans forward a little bit before speaking.

Gena: So you’re telling me there’s an Andrea Borealis, at this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the town, localized entirely under your desk.
No. 996565 ID: afe7de
File 161864685091.png - (7.87KB , 500x500 , C2_078b.png )

You: Yes…

You shrink into your chair embarrassed when Andrea pops your cock out of her mouth, gagging and taking some deep breaths.

Andrea: Dammit, now I have to share…

You’re confused at this response but Gena speaks up, the smile on her face widening and her ears twitching.

Gena: May I see? I promise I only bite a l~i~t~t~l~e

You: HUH? I’m relieved you’re reacting… positively but you want to join?

Gena: Oh, you can bet I’m going to be taking lots of photos of this SLUT too for my onlyFaunus.

She slaps her hand down on the table. And Andrea bumps her head on the desk but just starts going at your cock even harder, you think she’s trying to get you to cum before Gena gets back there. You’re insanely flattered, extremely confused and aroused and are having a hard time thinking. This shit’s straight out of a porno, is it just this town? Did you suddenly become more attractive because you awakened? Is it the postal workers uniform?
No. 996566 ID: afe7de
File 161864689704.png - (10.42KB , 500x500 , C2_079.png )

You: O~oh~ohh, uh, suuure?

Gena slides around the counter and pulls out her COMM, snapping a photo of the now, seemingly embarrassed Andrea who’s flipping Gena the bird. You give her fuzzy, floppy ears a stroke with your free hand, she slows down and starts moaning. You then give them a tug and pull her to the base of your still enlarged cock, she gags a bit and spittles going a little ahegao faced before sliding off and making room for Gena. Gena pulls out a pillow you didn’t see before from one of the nearby cubby holes and plops it down next to Andrea while she takes a seat, sniffing your cock and pushing back Andrea to get a good sniff of it. You’re surprised there’s even room for the two of them under here.

Gena: Uh, This is w~a~y too thick for me. I probably could barely even fit the head in my mouth…

You: Oh, uh, one sec, I did that to slow her down. One sec.

You reshape your cock back to normal, you also note that you’re DRIPPING precum. You’re probably going to cum very soon.

Gena: Mods? Nice. Wait is that why it smells so damn good.

Andrea: I know right. You better not steal all the juice… I’ve been hard at work!

You: I uh, I can go multiple times pretty easy.

Andrea: In that case…
No. 996567 ID: afe7de
File 161864690712.png - (34.46KB , 500x500 , C2_080.png )

You feel a piercing glare from both of them and notice their eerie smiles. You probably shouldn’t have said that.
No. 996568 ID: afe7de
File 161864694871.png - (10.17KB , 500x500 , C2_081.png )

In a surprise twist, Andrea uses her hands, grabs your cock and Gena’s head and with a forceful thrust she’s balls deep on your cock, you can see a few surprised tears and eyes rolling back to her head from Gena. There’s also a pretty loud SPLASH under the table, you look down and a puddle has formed underneath Gena. Andrea’s sucking your balls the whole time. Andrea pulls her off and you can hear a coughing and sputtering Gena. Damn her throat was tight, it’s a different sensation to Andrea’s throat for sure, not as suction-y, but it has a lot more pressure to it. Eventually Gena sputters back and the two glare at eachother and start fighting over your cock. All the while Gena’s taking selfies with your dick, she even shoves the COMM underneath hers and Andrea’s legs, but you can’t see that far down since your bodies are in the way.

Andrea: What’s a TRAMP like you doing in a place like this ANYWAY?

Gena: I was here to see WILLIE, but looks like I found a WILLY instead. Got a problem with it ya damn WHORE?
No. 996569 ID: afe7de
File 161864699188.png - (13.10KB , 500x500 , C2_082.png )

She slaps Andrea’s ass and you hear a moan and quiver. They’re both sucking your shaft at it’s sides now and are pushing and shoving each other off trying to have their mouth on your head as much as they can without the other stopping them. The actual act itself isn’t that much more stimulating physically, but mentally you’re very intimidated and aroused.

Andrea: How do you think the town would react if they knew you were such a PERV Gina? Do you think they’d freak out at your fake innocence bullshit?

Gena: HEY! I have an a~e~s~t~h~e~t~i~c unlike someone who wears a fucking KNOT ME shirt. At least I don’t have the LOOSEST LEGS in town.

Andrea: Oh yeah, says the girl who got one whiff of a cock and came to suck it?

Gena: I’ve been pent up, busy, and he was HONEST that something was happening under here. If he lied I would have buggered off and told Will later.

Andrea: Fucking NARC.

Gena: Hey, I reward good boys.
No. 996570 ID: afe7de
File 161864703539.png - (13.10KB , 500x500 , C2_083.png )

She gives you a wink and you can hear some squelching underneath the table and Andrea is shaking with a really pleased look on her face. Gena pulls out a soaked hand and rubs it all in Andrea’s face.

Gena: Look at that, that’s how wet you are, only a fucking SHAMELESS STRUMPET would immediately take off her panties just to blow someone.

Andrea: Hnnnf fuuuuuck. Welll…. Hngggg, At least I didnt cum just by sucking on his cock once, look at the mess you made, are you even wearing panties?

Gena: Do I look like the kind of lass that would wear panties? STOCKINGS are what’s in these days.

You: uh, s-s-should I close the store I don’t think we can hide this if you two are arguing…


Gena: Yeah, come on, read the mood.

You: Uh, LADIES PLEASE, put those SLUTTY mouths to work on the task at hand and SHUT IT. Was that assertive enough, im sorry…

They both murmur about how this is better but could use some work. So they both make their way to the head of your cock and start making out on it. Now this you can get behind. You’re starting to feel the onset of your PRE-HIGH coming on, that usually means you’re ready to burst. You’ll probably cum in about a minute, hopefully no one walks in while it happens.

Who walks in at this exact moment? You can also vote that no one walks in and everything goes smoothly. Majority vote wins!

And how do you cum?
A. You cum on both of their faces
B. You cum on both of their open maws
C. You cum in one girl’s mouth (which one?)
D. You cum on one girl’s face (which one?)
E. You cum on the roof of the desk.
F. You cum all over yourself.

No. 996572 ID: b1b4f3

No one walks in.

C, Andrea. She's first, Gena can earn hers if she sticks around.
Actually, you should tell Andrea to share the load.
No. 996575 ID: e51896

I really want to say it would be hilarious if TONI walks in with his crafty illusions to pull a prank on you after witnessing this moment, keheheheh

or Nail (haven't seen much of him, and he'd be most understanding of what is going on

But nah, we'll go with nobody coming in, have this go smoothly

(either of those three really with nobody being my main vote)

as for the choices, we don't want people smelling us, so hard NO on E, and F. Probably go with C, in Gena's mouth, (letting them both share means some of our sperm will end up in parts of the floor/desk, best to have one girl take it all. Andrea might have a high mod on her too which will mess her up Plus we can tease Andrea a bit more until tomorrow if we choose Gena, get Andrea to want us more if we don't give her any :P)
No. 996576 ID: b1b4f3

and don't forget to check your phone. that message could be important.
No. 996577 ID: e51896

Good catch, I missed that. check that text. It is probably Cannie responding about what power she would want.
We should also get Gena's number. And Andrea's too (she got our number, but we didn't get hers)

Ask if they both would like to stay to surprise Willamina when she returns... though it may take a couple hours.
No. 996578 ID: 864e49

Either Kazu or Nail walk in.

While attempting B you also get a little of A.
And then they clean each other and make out 0wO
No. 996579 ID: 9a2966

Andrea’s the one been asking for (and working for) it the hardest, so do C. You can do Gena next, but then you really need to wrap thi-

Iraphena walks in. She then just laughs and mumbles about how she didn’t need her visions to see that one coming.

She then wonders if there’s space for one more under there, and you’re really starting to wonder at what point you left reality and/or when will you wake up?

What else is there to do but say yes and hope this blows over before Will is expected to return?

(Don’t worry Cat, you just accidentally’d into the three biggest pervs in town.)
No. 996582 ID: bd6753

No one walks in, I think that is enough risk and excitement for now.

In Andrea's mouth, let Gena record a video to compensate. (Though probably request not to share it to anyone, let it be for her eyes only)

(Though imagine if we had a G option: run out the post office and release your load out there... though Cat might not be cool enough to do that)
No. 996583 ID: 3637bf

Nobody walks in, its been a stressful enough day.
No. 996585 ID: cdabe3

No. 996587 ID: 864e49

Fucking meme at us.
No. 996588 ID: 6f22fe

You notice that Fire Daemon is back, you didn't see her enter.
She's watching and masturbating furiously.
No. 996589 ID: e7c7d3

Trey tries coming back.

Adriana comes in, just checking in, doing the rounds on patrol

A. Full disclosure, I want to then see them lick it off of each other
No. 996596 ID: 830459

>steamed hams
lmao, even though she wasn't fooled, things somehow still worked out quite favorably

C+A (or C+B)

You cum in Andrea's mouth, but then Gena really wants those pictures, so she steals your dick in the middle of nutting, making you shoot over Andrea at first and then over Gena's face too. Of course, this is before they discover your High mod...

I'll vote for someone walking in. Whether it's Adriana, or Kazu, or Nail, it don't matter, altho I feel it would be funnier if it was a male hehe
No. 996597 ID: e7c7d3

And yeah, check phone
No. 996598 ID: 9f1e2b

Mainly nobody.

Though it would be hilariously awkward if Cat's ex (mentioned https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/986604.html#988675) shows up at this moment (just passing through Lyst looking for directions towards a different town)

C (andrea)
No. 996611 ID: f7b1ac

No. 996621 ID: 6c85e8

Nobody, and C andrea!
No. 996627 ID: f8fa51

This scene is complicated enough as is. Nobody walks in, only cum in horny buns.
No. 996633 ID: 0fae41

Mint, B.
No. 996640 ID: eb1fcc

Morgan Freeman, face of god, is the man who walks in right as you bust a fat intoxicating nut in the face of two furries beneath your desk.
No. 996642 ID: e51896

you know what, yeah, I'm changing my vote >>996575
to either be nobody, or Cat's ex to walk in (leaning towards Cat's ex), depending on which has more votes. The situation is already highly improbable, and having his ex walk in will add to that and make things uncomfortable in a fun way. (plus new character introduction!)

Also changing my vote to B
No. 996648 ID: 031458

No. 996662 ID: c5d2fe

We're fine. No one's coming.
No. 996665 ID: 094652

This, but as the South Park Taco Guy who narrates your embarrassing cum-fart.
No. 996667 ID: 6c227a

cum in rabbit's mouth, don't make her share. She put in the hard work on this one.
No. 996670 ID: afe7de
File 161872828179.png - (21.17KB , 500x500 , C2_084.png )

You’re mostly looking at the girls under the desk, keeping one eye on the door at all times, but it looks like you’re in the clear for now. Gena starts to suck on the head of your wang when Andrea grabs her head and does another forceful balls-deep shove. Gena stays there a moment, her throat pulsating. You feel a fog starting to grow on your mind and a light giddy feeling. Andrea then looks in your direction and pulls Gena off. The feeling dissipates a little bit. Dammit, you were so close. Gena’s glaring at Andrea now but eventually recovers her cool.

Andrea then orally mounts your cock and hands you one of her ears. You rub it forcefully and scratch at the base of where her ears meet her head. It’s an extremely pleasant sensation for both of you as you hear her almost purr in excitement. It’s in this moment that Gena does the same thing Andrea did to her, shoving her face balls deep on your cock, you’re at your limit, Andrea’s throat starts to squeeze pretty hard on your cock, like it’s trying to pull it in deeper down your throat. Her eyes look like she’s smiling, like she expected this outcome as you begin your nut.

No. 996671 ID: afe7de
File 161872835116.png - (11.99KB , 500x500 , C2_085.png )

> Andrea’s mouth
The pleasure is overwhelming as you go slightly limp and moan that you’re coming. The first spurt goes into Andrea’s throat but Gena is trying to force Andrea off. You hear Andrea moan, it looks like she felt the dry orgasm from your cum.

Gena: God dammit, you and your NUT SENSE, you’re gonna share some with me if you want it or not. Here CAT, you record.

She tosses her COMM at you and you fumble about to try to get a good angle when the second spurt hits the roof of Andrea’s mouth with the third dribbling down her tongue as your cock leaves her mouth with a loud pop.

No. 996672 ID: afe7de
File 161872839468.png - (46.93KB , 500x500 , C2_086.png )

Your fourth and fifth spurts come out rapid fire and are split between the two girls, covering their maws and snouts. Your HIGH is increasing in intensity with each SPURT and the last one is a bit on the weaker end of fluid as Gena manages to get her mouth on your head, sucking out as much as the greedy little mouse can. Which is actually a decent bit more since the rest dribbles out. You can feel her body quiver through your cock as she has her light orgasm. You haven’t had a good NUT in like a year after all. Why did you stop masturbating or having sex? You forget.

As the HIGH fully settles on your mind you feel like you could do more than you could before.

For finally getting rid of your blue balls after the past while, your STATS have returned to normal, you’ll find that you’re a little COOLER, a little TOUGHER, and a little more SKILLFUL. The high is balancing it out, so you’ll only feel the changes when it wears off. You also feel a little bit more POWERFUL and this isn’t being effected by the high.

Goddess you need to remember to cum more often. Your cock twitches as you enjoy the afterglow of your post-nut high.
No. 996673 ID: afe7de
File 161872841290.png - (44.85KB , 500x500 , C2_087.png )

Gena: YOU TRAMP, SLUT, HOOKER, uhhh CALL GIRL, UGH. You took all the good NUT.

Andrea: Hehehehehe. Oh noooo, there’s some left on our faces, here’ let me get that for you…

She begins to lick the cum off of Gena’s face and after getting most of it off, taunts her by showing off her winnings on her tongue.
No. 996674 ID: afe7de
File 161872844366.png - (20.39KB , 500x500 , C2_088.png )

Gena retaliates by grabbing Andrea’s face and sucking on her tongue, sneakily taking Andrea’s winnings. Gena then licks the rest of your mess off of Andrea’s face, but Andrea does the same thing, stealing the nut off of her tongue. A large amount of saliva is dripping between the two. Gena does a peace sign and you take a picture of the two before handing back her COMM.

Your cock was getting a little limp as you were cumming, but this sight you’re rock hard again. You could probably go at least 4 more times with little to no effort due to your Stamina and Virility mods, but you’re not sure you want to let the two of them know that or you’d be here all day.

The two girls lean against your legs, cock between the two of their heads, it looks like the HIGH is just hitting them too. Andrea’s is probably more intense since she got that majority of your load.

Andrea: MMmmmmmm, yeahhhhh, that’s the stufff. Fuckkkkk, you were holding out on me, you should have railed me the second we met Cat.

Gena: Ohhhh, he hehe *BURP* *HIC* hm. Hah. Ahhh, dammit, why’d y~o~u take soo much Andyyyyy. Hehehe. You need to learn to share when you find these things.

You rub the two girls ears and gently thrust your cock between their cheeks. Hnggg they’re so soft. You didn’t realize you missed this so much. They limply smooch your cock and balls with a hungry look in their eyes.

Gena: I’m still t~h~i~r~s~t~y

Andrea: M~e too.

The two use both of their hands to stroke your cock while sucking your balls, it looks like they’re pushing past the initial high and aren’t satisfied. They’re probably going to be giggly and giddy for the next 15-20 minutes, you did cum a lot more than normal since its been a while.

No. 996675 ID: afe7de
File 161872851818.png - (29.76KB , 500x500 , C2_089.png )

You decide to check your phone since you saw a few texts come in.

Cannie: Ehh, I havent thought about it in a long time. When I was a pup I wanted to have powers like Max, something like teleportation.
Cannie: But as I got older I thought that Lightning powers would be much cooler, eventually being able to move at the speed of lightning, shooting lightning bolts like some god, etc.
Cannie: Plus if anyone ever had a heart attack or their heart stopped I could act as a defibrillator. That would come in more useful then you’d think with the stuff I deal with.

Toni just sent you a picture of his toe beans, they’re kind of cute.

Willamina: New phone, who dis? Heheheheh. Got Mint a COMM. Her number is xxx-xxx-xxxx

?Mint?: Your humble slave now has a communication device. This one is surprised that communication devices cost anything at all. This one is also surprised our written language is the same, strange. Will probably be researching any logical consistencies I have while chatting with W.

Huh, Mint has a Comm now, that’ll make things easier, looks like they got it like 2 minutes ago. You wonder just what exactly they’ve been talking about. Your luck was pretty good and no one’s shown up yet.

Do you:

A. Try to cum as fast as you can to satisfy the two
B. Let them keep suckling and focus on work You can focus a little better now that you’ve nut, but you’re still high!
C. Hang out with the girls until the high wears off.
D. Say fuck work and take them to the bathroom to fuck their brains out as fast as possible.
E. Skip past the rest and get on with the plot.
F. Other

And who shows up next? This time it’ll be decided randomly from all the suggestions! (you can suggest no one)
No. 996676 ID: 0fae41

Iraphena, just hanging out in the post office.
No. 996677 ID: 8483cf

Just a reminder that Andrea was already sex crazy before she got high off Cat's load. So. Uh. We might have problems going forward.

A: Cum and bring them down with some petting I guess?

Also let's have some Oriel!
No. 996681 ID: fb89c5

B, and how about Fivin?
No. 996683 ID: fb89c5

oh, and don't forget to clean up after. Of all the things to make your boss do "clean your cum off the underside of her desk" isn't one you want hanging over you.
No. 996689 ID: f7b1ac

F. Seeing Toni's beans gives you an idea

Ask Gena and Andrea to give you a footjob. Just so you can discover if they have beans or not.

Cannie will get our lightning book.

Cat's ex sounds interesting... either her or maybe Nail! He is someone we havent seen in a while since near the beginning.

Clean up afterwards
No. 996692 ID: fd1757

Darth Vader shows up next!
No. 996694 ID: fb89c5

Changing my vote (and also my VPN so ID may differ) to C
No. 996699 ID: eb1fcc

still suggesting morgan freeman, with the caveat it's not actually him but a hallucination brought on by our intoxicating druggo nut
No. 996702 ID: e51896

C, That's enough excitement. lets clean up, and ride this high off and chill out with Andrea and Gena. suggest that they stay until Willamina comes back to surprise her. Ask Gena and Andrea what powers they would like to have, make scheduled plans with when to meet Andrea tomorrow, and when to meet Gena on Monday for outfit measurements (or Sunday if Andrea will allow it, she's not going to have us all day... is she?) Give Mint a confirmation her Comm is workin'

E or A is my second and third choice

Hard no on D.

as >>996598 suggested, the person who comes in is...

Cat's ex bird girlfriend, she's just passing by Lyst because she got lost while trying to go to the next town over, and is looking for directions, and as luck would have it, she entered the post office you're working in. Things get awkward between you two (regardless of Gena and Andrea playing with your cock or not).

Lets introduce this character, and learn about Cat's mysterious past!
No. 996703 ID: 864e49

B or D
Maple or Nail
No. 996704 ID: b1b4f3

C. Cmon girls you gotta get back to work. That was lovely though.

Guess Cannie's getting the book. I bet she'll be excited.
Text Mint back and tell her you're thinking of giving the lightning god book to Cannie. She has a good heart, and you can do this without revealing your ability to her, but you're not sure how to prevent her from immediately trying to join back up with Nunitus. Not without telling her about Isabella's powerset and also that she's Iraphena's boss.
I feel like you should reply to Toni. He showed you his beans, please respond. Send him a silly photo or a hand emoji (gotta touch the beanz) or... something.

>who's up next?
Cuphead lady!
No. 996706 ID: eb1fcc

oh shit I got the triple-dub sex number combo now it HAS to happen
No. 996708 ID: 377056

I want this
No. 996713 ID: f8fa51

B, and how about Xana. We don't know much about her yet, but just enough hints to raise some questions.
No. 996714 ID: 9a2966

>Girth snapping Gena's collar
Hot damn.

>"You should've railed me the moment you met, Cat."
Tell Andrea sorry, but, uh, you've got double High mods, you needed the time to settle into town and not everyone responds well when the high wears off. Depends on how sore they're feeling and whether you disclaimer'd your mods - which you now generally try to do, at least in situations where sexy girls don't literally start fighting over the right to eat your dick, holy shit.

Regardless... perhaps just do one at a time, ladies, and end on an even score? That should settle any quibbles. The other can, uh, take pictures and chat meanwhile, maybe?

(and help cover for you if someone else enters the office)

I kind of want to F in a combo of B (one sucks, then swaps) and C (one chats, then swaps), with a visit from Xana.

And we do know she works at the Ruffled Haunch as its most popular girl! So this place suddenly having turned into a porn scene isn't going to be shocking to her sensibilities. She might even offer constructive feedback.

>If some variation of C is picked.
Anyway, where'd they get their mods - the Big City? You lucked into some money way back, but how'd they end up with theirs?

>Max teleports, Cannie wants lightning powers
Eesh. Max has/had teleportation powers? That does making it fucking weird - and unlikely - that he died in a fire. 's almost too convenient that Cannie wants lightning-specific powers too. Did Iraphena tell her? It'd suck if they were conspiring to get you to give up one of your items for free. Then again, the demons might've known Cannie was a-wantin' some lightning powers when they included the item into the auction.
No. 996716 ID: 506f7b

C. The sooner we can ride off this high, the better. Though maybe ask Gena if she can flash you and you can snap some nudes of her on your comm.

We can probably talk about that with Mint when she gets back instead of texting her, with Isabella using her flame spirit to spy on us, and was intending to use it to spy on Willamina here in the office, theres a chance she can use the spirit to spy on mint's COMM if she intends on following Willamina. But yes! Text Toni a pic.

Who shows up? Nail
No. 996780 ID: d09be1

C, clean yourselves first
No. 996867 ID: 818286

D!! I think we should at least fuck the mouse. That would give her something over the slutbunny
No. 996886 ID: afe7de
File 161882144570.png - (9.17KB , 500x500 , C2_090.png )

> C. Hang out with the girls
You give the heads of the two girls some pats and rub your cock on their facial fur to dry it off before stowing it away in your pants, you think you’re done for now, there’s a group “awww c’mon, just one more nut” that you chose to ignore. You take a swig of your water and hand the bottle over to the two girls who proceed to empty it.

You: Alright ladies, that’s enough for now. Let’s just enjoy the high and clean up. Gotta at least pretend to be professional.

Andrea: Grumble Grumble, I wanted another nut or three. Hnggg, if I weren’t high and feeling good I’d tear those pants off right now…

Gena: HEY! At least you got most of the nut, I barely got sloppy seconds! Thanks for the snack C~a~t.

You roll out of the desk and let the two girls get out, taking a look at the floor below. It’s SOAKED. Gena made a small puddle of juices surrounding the pillow she was sitting on but the pillow itself is absolutely saturated in mouse musk and juices. You take a look over to Gena and notice that her dress doesn't seem to be wet, she must be experienced in this kind of thing. She pops over to the back room as you turn to look at Andrea.

Andrea’s side on the other hand has a massive puddle, her panties are fully soaked on the floor all the way through and now that she’s moved you notice it’s got the strong smell of PINK. You turn to your left to see Andrea bending over provocatively, pulling up her shorts, but she leaves them only half-way up before she bends over and picks up the soaked panties, tossing them on your face.
No. 996887 ID: afe7de
File 161882150080.png - (12.74KB , 500x500 , C2_091.png )

Andrea: H~e~r~e, a little present

The smell is intoxicating and before you lose your reasoning after smelling your FAVORITE FLAVOR, you pretend to put them in your back pocket but store it in your ring. You guess nows a good time to see if the ring just stores things by freezing them in time, or if it’ll dry off after a while. Gena takes this time to return with a towel and starts wiping down the mess. Andrea’s just rubbing her pussy right in front of you with her eyes closed.

Gena: Oh yeah Andrea, don’t help or anything, just keep jilling off over there I guess… FUCKIN SLOOT.

The two girls are both humming some tune you don’t recognize, it sounds like a Wano Cartoon, but you haven’t watched Wanomay a few months, been too busy. You kind of hum along as they clean up and continue to enjoy the high. Everyone’s in good spirits.
No. 996888 ID: afe7de
File 161882152232.png - (15.24KB , 500x500 , C2_092.png )

You: So Gena, mind if I snap a pic of ya like this?

Gena: Ohhhh ye~aahhhh. Like I’m one of your slutty Wano maids or something, just lift up my skirt a little so you can get a pic of my soaked gooch. Make sure you send it to m~e~e too! I’ll send ya both some of the clips I took later after I edit them.

You do so and get a nice view of her tiny ass and pussy, you think you see a little extra slit there too, but its kind of hard to tell, she’s got a soaked little bush. You grab your COMM and take a few commemorative photos and then give her ass a nice firm slap as she quivers and juices the floor a bit more. Andrea takes this moment to stop rubbing herself and gestures for you to come closer, she pulls up her shorts, the interior of which is soaked, but the exterior looks dry and motions for you to snap a pic.
No. 996889 ID: afe7de
File 161882154723.png - (25.26KB , 500x500 , C2_093.png )

Andrea: O~oooh, get one of me too, just look at how wet you made meeee. Hee Hee

You get a picture of Andrea’s glistening pussy. Now that you think about it, you’re starting to collect nudes from quite a few people in town. Cannie, Andrea, and now Gena. Might as well ask whoever you fuck going forward if they’re down for you to take a nude or two, that seems like a fun side-objective. Gena finishes cleaning up and takes the pillow back, she wipes down her crotch, hands it to Andrea who does the same, then she heads to the back and you hear a door open and shut and after a few moments it opens and shuts again with Gena returning.

Gena: I just shoved the wet stuff into Will’s laundry, she won’t notice. It’s not like she can smell or anything.

Andrea: Oh right, I forgot about that.

You guess her sense of smell was ruined by the fire, she doesn't have a nose after all. Maybe it was fixed when she awakened, it probably wasnt though. You motion the two over to the booth at the side of the room that you and Will played cards on the other day and you all take your seats.
No. 996890 ID: afe7de
File 161882159432.png - (18.16KB , 500x500 , C2_094b.png )

> “You should’ve railed me the moment we met, Cat”
You: Oh yeah, sorry, I’ve got double high mods, and not everyone is super keen on them or when it wears off. I tried to give a disclaimer but you didn’t wanna hear it, and then two extremely sexy girls were fighting over the right to eat my dick, holy shit this really happened.

Gena and Andrea: H~e~e Hee, don’t worry about it.

You: So where’d you guys get your mods? I came into some money cause of um… Well I came into some money and was able to get the surgery in the Big City like uhh 7 years ago.

Gena: Oh, I only have two, ones a Subdermal Implant. Medical science has advanced in the last 5 years so they’ve become super cheap, it’s a great form of birth control that’s easy to renew and completely stops periods. God I used to have the worst cramps. You can actually get one at the Doc’s office. I heard Trey used to be a big time Surgeon in the city before he moved down here, so he’s licensed in that kinda stuff. The second one’s a double prehensile tentadick. I just watched soooo much Wano Porn growing up when I probably shouldn’t have and really wanted one. What’s cool about it is that my fur covers up the slit, and I can keep it in there even if I’m fully erect due to a sub-mod since they’re thin but long, so if I don’t want anyone to know, no one will ever find out I secretly have 2 cocks!

Andrea: Oh shit have you ever tried fucking yourself?

Gena: Why do you think I don’t wear panties?

The group chuckles at that, goddess it’s nice to be amongst actually cool people, fuck the big city.
No. 996891 ID: afe7de
File 161882161184.png - (44.97KB , 500x500 , C2_095.png )

Andrea: And as for me, I’ve been a cop for a while, and I work 24 hour shifts 5 days a week because I have crazy high stamina and am physically incapable of sleeping. Like I can go into a sleep-like meditative trance for a few hours if I really feel like it, but I get bored of that easily unless I’m cuddling. Anyway, I’ve made bank. I’ve got like what, a couple Million BUX in the bank, so I splurged on mods like uhhh 12 years ago in the Big City, they were pretty expensive back then.

Andrea lists out her mods like a shopping catalogue:

Nut Sense - Can sense when their partner’s getting close to orgasming
Flavor - Smells and Tastes like PINK Peaches
Shape changing throat pussy and ass - can manipulate her genitals slightly, mainly used to make an intense sucking sensation
Ear Oriface - You can fuck her ears, something about pocket dimensions? She’s not sure on the exact science but damn does it feel good
Subdermal implant - Prevents pregnancy and periods!
Extra sensitivity - More sensitive, easier to orgasm
Arousing saliva - Gives wherever it touches on her partner the tingles that lightly arouse them
Arousing Pheromones - Her sweat, Musk, and smell exudes sex appeal, but only when you’re horny. It only lightly arouses people, and it’s easy to dismiss it’s effects.
Drunk - Drinking a significant amount of their juices produces a drunk effect similar to the high debuff, you’ve got to be dedicated to do it though or you’ll only get BUZZED.
Denial Gland - A salivary gland that can be activated to increases her partner’s pleasure but stops them from cumming, she can use all of it at once to delay an orgasm by 30 minutes or spread it out and delay the orgasm by a longer period of time.
Lots-o-jill - You produce moisture from your pussy at an accelerated rate, and when you cum, you can spray lots of love juices if you’re hydrated!
Stretchy x3 - You can take pretty much anything in you. Want to take a horsecock the size of an elephant trunk? Go for it!
And more she can’t remember

Andrea: Honestly I got pretty much everything on the list that I could fit together, goddess, some 15/20+ mods, I can’t even remember them all.
No. 996892 ID: afe7de
File 161882163446.png - (18.47KB , 500x500 , C2_096.png )

You and Gena: Daaamn, that’s a lot of mods!!!!

Andrea: Haha, yeah. I even got this one mod that lets me engorge my clitoris so it acts like a small to medium length penis, it can even ejaculate! But only if I want it to. It’s the quickest way to get drunk off my juice if you’re into that. It cost a lot, but my sex life has never been better. The only thing I didn’t get was a high mod because I’ve figured out this way to masturbate that lets me get like continuous repeating orgasms and it kind of simulates the effect. And like, I wanted to be able to have sex with people that had high mods, you know? Don’t wanna go over the legal limit and have bad trips, not after last time. Also, like no one has a drunk mod because they take drinking like wayyyy too much to actually do anything, I think of it as a reward for anyone willing to go down on me for that long, ya know.

You: Oh yeah, the doc I had told me about it, something about like lots of jizz in each hole and x2/x3 high mods basically causing hallucinations?

Andrea: Yep, I was a part of the original case study, since my ears also count, we tried ass, pussy, both ears, and mouth. Like, I disassociated pretty hard. Ughh, I can still remember the hallucinations, it was like a jumped into another reality where my entire being was a faction of individuals and other people were the same and we were having a civil war over who would remain in control of my body. The voices were the worst part, couldn’t tell what was real or not, some were sweet, some were hostile, a lot of them wanted me to stay in the drug-state saying it was the real reality and I only just woke up. They restrained me and eventually I came to. Never going that far again, let me tell you, took a year-long break from high mod sex after that. But they did help pay for some therapy and give me a stipend as thanks for participating in the test.

Gena: Damn, it’s crazy hearing about that actually happening, I only read about it.

Andrea: Yup, when you’re hypersexual like me, you like to test your limits. They tried to diagnose me as a Nymphomaniac but then I proved that I wasn’t uncontrollably compulsive to sex by stopping for a few months and still putting myself in situations where sex was easy. Then I got this cop job and well, considering I only have weekends off I dont really have much of a social life outside of work. It’s work, work, work, work, work, fuck, fuck, repeat. At least I can watch my Wano Cartoons on the job when I’m on call.

Gena: So it’s not that your sex crazy it’s just that you’re really pent up from working crazy hours?

Andrea: Can’t it be both. I just like sex, the intimacy, the affection, the release, the attention. I mean I could quit work and do whatever, I’ve got tons of money saved up, like 3 MIL or something, not bragging, I’ve worked hard for it, but I’m kinda waiting until I figure out if there’s something cool I wanna do or invest in. I mean, I donate like 1/2 of my yearly earnings to charities for sex workers and the Ruffled Haunch so they can help downtrodden kin, and this town’s got good people so I’m not really too worried and I’ve still got tons left over. So, I guess I’m saying if any of y’all need money and can convince me you can just ask I guess. I’m not gonna just give it away, but I'm always interested in listening to ideas and investing if it seems worth it. Hmm Hmmm Especially you, you handsome man. I’ll be your s~u~g~a~r momma. Well, if you can please me in bed anyway.

You blush harder then you already are and cover your face, the two of them lightly chuckle. That gives you something to consider going forward, though you’ll have to talk with her about it when you’re not high, it could be the high talking and she’s not actually serious.

Andrea: Plus I don’t really care about having kids right now. Though I have enough saved up that I could quit my job and dedicate myself to it if I really wanted to. But I wouldn’t want to curse them with potentially having this sleepless body too.

You: I dunno, that could be seen as a pretty big boon, you could become a scientist and dedicate all your time to researching and curing world hunger or something. I’m sure lots of people would kill for not having to sleep.

Andrea: Kin say that, but like ACTUALLY having it like that I can tell you shit gets boring fast, especially when everyone you know is asleep for 8 hours a day while you’re over there twiddling your thumbs bored. Also, like, I’m not smart. I’m not STUPID by any means, but like I really suck at academia for whatever reason. I actually became a cop because I like fighting a wee bit, I’m street smart, and protecting people’s a sweet gig. I thought about joining a guild and going dungeon hunting once, but eh, I never had enough motivation to do that. Wow is this the high, I just feel really good and open right now. It’s a nostalgic feeling really. Sorry for gabbing so hard, Gena what about you? You talk for a bit.

You head into the back room and grab some cups of water, bringing it back for the three of you to drink.

Gena: Yeah, I l~i~k~e it a lot. I get so pent up just working on my crazy detailed lolita dresses and other commissions that I lose track of stuff. I mean, I’ve got an OnlyFaunus so I’ve got extra income coming in from that cause there are so many pervs out there who just love short, petite, mouse gfs like me in lolita garb. But at least I’ve got a hobby I really like that’s bringing in the dough. Andy I already offered the last time we hung out, but if you ever need an outfit I’m yer gal.

Andrea: Haha, you know you’re the first person I think of when it comes to clothes, with my capital I’d rather have custom made shit then any mass produced thing online. Well except for Wano Cartoon Merch. Ooooooh, we should make some cosplay maybe. Find a con in the next few months, take some time off and buy a bunch of cool shit.

Gena: HELL YEAH, that’s what I’m talking about.

You: Goddess, you’re making me wanna watch Wanomay again. Maybe if I get some free time.

Gena: HAhA, oh damn, you guys might think this is funny, so there’s this one human that commissioned me to make her a bodysuit right, but get this, she wanted a helmet that was like simulating like a wolf head. She called it a fursuit.
No. 996893 ID: afe7de
File 161882165045.png - (16.65KB , 500x500 , C2_097.png )

You all get a good laugh out of that.

Gena: Like with the money they could have saved from buying that they could start on some gene therapy to get an actual wolf’s head. But whatever, I took the money and made the outfit, that basically paid for my rent for like half a year. Oh, Right, gimme yer number Cat.

You give her your number and receive a text a few seconds later from her, you also send her both of the nudes you took a few minutes ago. She gives you a thumbs up in return. Andrea then fumbles to text you, with a grabby hands emoji asking for the nudes, you comply. The high’s about halfway done but you’re happy everyone’s having a good time, not everyone reacts so well to it after all. You pull out your family photo.

You: Ya know, I thought about getting gene therapy to go full jackal, my Mom and Bro were Jackals. My parents were against it though, they were very positive about my body and any changes I wanted to make, heck they were supportive of me transitioning too. But in the end I just got tattoos of jackals and my family’s names instead, it was more about my bond to them then actually wanting to be a jackal.

Gena: Wow, That’s great! I’m glad your parents were so supportive of you. I grew up in West Fluxtopa and they were VERY anti-trans. Well they were racist, speciesist, elitist fucks that flew too close to the sun and destroyed our continent, but also that. Couldn’t be happier to be out of that hell hole and get my cocks, let me tell you. Gotta thank Midland for offering citizenship to anyone requesting Amnesty from that place.

You: Yeah, they were really shitty, but damn if I’m not gonna miss their tea, used to have their imported tea when I was a kid.

Gena: Eh, It’s not like you can’t get that shit from East Fluxtopa, though their exports aren’t as strong and its probably more expensive.

Andrea: My third twin is actually in the wastelands of West Fluxtopa. Adriana doesent like that she’s there since it’s a war torn non-country. Personally I think it’s kind of cool she’s running around being a merc over there. But she’s probably doing some pretty morally gray shit, you know, fighting warlords, taking on hits, etc. It’s about as lawless as a dungeon over there, not to mention it’s overrun by monsters too. I heard Toni’s from West Fluxtopa too, but it’s kind of hard to get him to talk about the past, I’d bet money he was at ground zero with how dodgy he can be about it.
No. 996894 ID: afe7de
File 161882166665.png - (11.45KB , 500x500 , C2_098.png )

You: Speaking of Toni, he’s been sending me random pictures, he seems to be a goof.

Gena: Oh yeah he is, here, snap him a pic of my foot paws, he’ll love that.

She lifts up her leg and you snap Toni a pic of her paw pads. She’s got beans!
No. 996898 ID: afe7de
File 161882361473.png - (21.83KB , 500x500 , C2_099.png )

> Fivin Walks in
At that moment Fivin walks in and gets just a FULL view of Gena’s fluffy pussy since she decided to lift up one leg and spread the other wide. He stutters and drops the packages, covering his eyes with his hands.

Fivin: G-g-g-g-gina! You’re n-n-ot w-w-w p-p-p-

You all look at each other and realize the situation and burst into laughter, this ones even more raucous then before. Gena lowers her legs. Eventually Fivin bends over and picks up the packages before wandering over to the group.

Gena: Pff, hahaha, I hope you liked the free show, hahahahaha. Oh gawddess my gut. Phew, sorry Fivin, I know you don’t like girls.

Fivin: You should really wear panties Gena.

Gena: N~E~V~E~R!!!

You, Andrea, and Gena laugh again. Good times, good times. You wipe a tear off your eye, its been a while since you’ve laughed this hard.

What do you do? Feel free to suggest conversation topics as well for when you’re done doing your job.
No. 996899 ID: e51896

As an apology for him getting a view of Gena, offer to pay for his packages, on the house. If it is more than 10 bux, we'll ask Willamina take that money off of our pay for today.

Ask Fivin how Nicky is doing, like if he knows when and how she became mayor of this awesome town. Also ask him to tell Nicky thanks for the jerky. (get his number too because why not).

We can probably ask what he's delivering if he doesn't mind us asking.
No. 996901 ID: f8fa51

Don't need to be paying for things when a simple apology will do fine. I'm sure it was just a bit of a shock.

Say hi, sorry about that. We haven't had much chance to chat. We were just discussing fandoms and hobbies. What do you like to do in your free time?
No. 996903 ID: e7c7d3

Process the package like a good employee. Apologize and ask if anything in the package was fragile.

Ask what a pretty, young 'bold is doing in a town like this? If there's a rebuttal of "what do you mean, 'a town like this?'" Just wave towards Andrea and Gena
No. 996922 ID: 87a628

Ask Fivin "wait, i thought this town was legally alright with public nudity?"
But yeah apologize and take the packages, ask if anything was fragile
No. 996933 ID: b1b4f3

Time to do your job! After you're done, tell Fivin you're happy to handle his package any time.
No. 996940 ID: 6b648e

We could potentially ask Andrea to use some pf her money to buy the Paper mill, and open up a tinker workshop and keep running for Mint and Rupert to hold the club in, and make stuff in. then we can use Willamina's inhertience to buy a place at the apartments. We can talk to Andrea later about the tinker workshop idea when her high passes later, or tomorrow.

Ask how fivin came to work for the mayor, and thank him for recommending the post office to work in.
No. 996950 ID: 9a2966

Wow. Lots of immigrants in town, sounds like!

Well, anyway, since we've got a nice little group together keep the talk going. Process the package, tease Fivin' by asking him if he'd be more or less abashed if that had been - say - Nail in a dress sans shorts.

Bring up the topic of Lyst's history to the gang. When you came here you actually had no idea the place was, well... sorta storied? What with the connection to the Walpoles (Marth Walpole, founder) and Hadlees (financial contributors?). Although you do wonder how those founders would react to the way things've turned out.

Could also hop onto the topic of the Mayor. How'd she get so good at makin' jerky - and how long has she actually BEEN the mayor of Lyst?
No. 996954 ID: 094652

Agreed, we almost cashed in a favor for a paltry sum when we can just request an investment from Andrea. Mint and Roach can build up a gadget factory, giving you a cover for your artifact collection, and since Andrea doesn't really care about money you can give her new sex toys to minimize her dividends and generally screw around in preparation for the apocalypse. And since the building will be under the registry of a cop, you just need to pass regular drug tests and the public won't suspect a thing.
No. 996980 ID: e51896

Good idea

If we want to get Rupert in on this, Lets see about texting mint to get his comm number.

Maybe text "awesome! Can't wait to see your new comm, bet it's better than mine, lol. If you haven't met Rupert yet, can you get his comm number? I Want to talk to him. If you already met him, dont worry about it, we'll get it tomorrow :)
No. 997003 ID: c377cb

This sounds pretty fun
No. 997009 ID: afe7de
File 161891044020.png - (13.20KB , 500x500 , C2_100.png )

Authors Note: I’m in the process of finalizing some stuff, but here’s some notes going forward. The BIG CITY will from now on be known as DONJON, there is also a small rival town near list called FAUST. Once I have the new time-line finalized I’ll let you all know the in-game date which will be useful going forward.

> Apologize for Gena Flashing him.

You sputter for a bit and cough, finishing up your water before inspecting the packages, looks like it’s a few packages of different sizes. You grab them and bring them over to the counter so you can start processing them. Fivin follows you.

You: Sorry about that Fivin. We were talking about fandoms, hobbies, and I wanted a picture of her toe beans to send to Toni. Anything fragile in these?

Fivin: Uh n-n-no sir. It’s just paperwork and other odds and ends. Gotta send over some stuff to Donjon’s City Council. And uh. It’s fine sir.

You: Uh, you don’t need to sir me, we’re probably the same age anyway.

Fivin: I’m 21, and uh, if it’s alright with you, I’d rather show you the respect you’re due while you’re on the clock.

You: Fair enough. And uh I thought this town was legally alright with public nudity?
No. 997010 ID: afe7de
File 161891045669.png - (7.91KB , 500x500 , C2_101.png )

Fivin: Hmm, how to explain… Yes and No. Basically anyone working for the city needs to be dressed appropriately on the job. Food service, town hall, postal workers, police, etc. Need to wear proper attire.

Fivin: The Park and nearby Lake are both always nudist friendly zones. And so is the town after dark, so around 8PM also fully becomes a nudist friendly zone. Unless you’re working food service. Oriel hates that rule.

Fivin: She skirts that rule a little bit at times, but it doesn't hurt anyone so we don’t really enforce it too hard. Gawdess I remember one time she just wore furry pasties to work and it looked like she didn’t have nipples, she argued her case and so she does that from time to time now.

Andrea: And I’m not gonna arrest her for it!

That gets a chuckle from the room as he continues.

Fivin: But this town was founded on inclusivity and open-ness, one of our founders wanted kin and people to wear whatever they wanted within reason. The rule’s lifted on the first Sunday of every month and we have a big party down by the lake. It’s been tradition since the town’s founding around 150 years ago.

Fivin: So yeah during daylight hours it’s not a fully nudist friendly zone, it used to be until like 40 years ago Midland had a law passed about public nudity during daylight hours in non designated zones. But we’re lax enough on it that you could get away with it if you just claimed you were walking to/from your house and the park or something.

Fivin: And I kinda freaked out cause there’s a difference between seeing someone nude and getting flashed? One’s got more… sexual connotations? I don’t really like to participate in those events anyway…
No. 997011 ID: afe7de
File 161891048447.png - (14.63KB , 500x500 , C2_102.png )

Gena: And he’s only got bedroom eyes for a certain MILF and BOYS! Hehehe.

You finish handling the packages and put them off to the side to be shipped off with the next pickup, billing Fivin 10 BUX for the group of packages. He pays.

You: Thanks for suggesting the job for me by the way, it’s a nice gig.

Fivin: That’s quite alright sir, I think Willamina’s needed the help for a bit. Just, you know, not many people want to move to a town thats kind of in the middle of nowhere with not much to do.

You head back to the table and take a seat gesturing to Fivin to have one if he wants. He remains standing.

Fivin: Sorry, I have to run some more errands for Mrs. Dalton, so I can only chat for another minute or so.

> Ask about Lyst’s history
> How long as Nicky been the mayor
You: Mind if I ask about the history of the town a little bit? And how long Nicky has been mayor?

Fivin: Sure, I’ll give you the abridged version.

Andrea: I can help a little since I’ve been here a while too.

Fivin: Basically Lyst was a Mill Town that was founded around 150 years ago by a kin named Arthur Lyst. It focused on textiles and supplied the nearby towns of Faust and Donjon. But then it went under around 100 years ago and was expanded into a paper mill.

Andrea: The Daltons are actually the closest decendants to the Lysts if I remember correctly.

Fivin: Yup, though most of the Lysts moved away from the town when the Textile mill went under.

Andrea: But yeah then accidents started happening at the paper mill like 20 years ago, advances in tech made it obsolete without investing too much in it, blah blah blah, it closed down 15 years ago, and now is abandoned. I thought about buying the mill and the land around it since it’s so cheap, but I have literally nothing to do with it so I’d rather spend the BUX on charity or someone’s startup or save.

Gena: I heard it’s H~A~U~N~T~E~D and that the spooky ghosties will come and murder anyone who overstays their welcome.

Andrea: I distinctly remember The little Hadlees and Daltons spending a lot of time there before the fire and none of them were ever injured when they left.

Gena: Whose to say they weren’t C~U~R~S~E~D by something there and that’s why Max is… You know I just realized how fucked up that was and am really glad Willy isnt here, sorry.

You were going to interject and ask about the Walpoles and Hadlees but you feel like you’d better hold off for now.
No. 997012 ID: afe7de
File 161891051003.png - (11.50KB , 500x500 , C2_103.png )

Fivin eyerolls and starts moving to walk out.

Fivin: Looks like you kin have got this. But yeah, Nicky became the mayor 25 years ago after her wife died. Laura was the original mayor, but uhm. It’s not really my place to talk about that. I gotta go. Thanks for your work Cat, Andrea, and Gena.

And there Fivin goes, he was probably a little uncomfortable.

You: Did we uh, mess up.

Andrea: Nah, we’re fine. He just doesent like to talk the goss about his big ol crush Nicky, well he mostly likes guys. But I remember when he was just 13, coming to Lyst, only to find out his uncle had died and he had no family. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the person who gave you a job and a place to live at that age, even if you’re not inta gurls HIC.

Gena: Wow, that’s so sad, I didn’t know that.

Andrea: OOPS, I UH, I didnt say that. Please don’t tell anyone.

You: Your secret’s safe with me.

Gena: ditto.

The high’s about 2/3 of the way done, it should be wearing off soon on the girls, but yours will probably last an extra 10 minutes past theirs. A friendly bell chimes as your next guest enters. This time It’s Nail.
No. 997013 ID: afe7de
File 161891052253.png - (14.42KB , 500x500 , C2_104.png )

Nail: Oh, Hiya… errrr uhhm, sorry I forgot your name.

Andrea: It’s Cat.

Gena: Hiiiiiii Nail! We’re high!

Nail: OOhhh, Hi Andy, Hi Gena. I’ll talk to you both in a sexond.
No. 997014 ID: afe7de
File 161891055815.png - (6.21KB , 500x500 , C2_105.png )

Nail walks up to you and hands you a slip, looks like there’s a package that needs to be signed for. You head to the back room and find the package, it’s kind of big so you put it on a dolly and wheel it over to him.

You: Uh, this is kind of big, need me to roll this somewhere?

Nail: Nah, I got it!
No. 997015 ID: afe7de
File 161891057901.png - (6.25KB , 500x500 , C2_106.png )

Nail then reaches over to the box and it vanishes. You’re extremely confused, so you do a power check and scan your demon eye over his body. He heads over to Andrea and Gena and they start gabbing.

Your power check results in finding out he has NO POWER. But you notice he has a pinky ring that does come up with a result.

Interspacial Ring [MASS PRODUCTION VARIANT II] - Can store up to 2 different objects each of which can be up to 1 cubic meter in size.

Huh, maybe your ring is special? Since it’s not called a generic inter-spacial ring? But the Demon Eye amulet didn’t say anything about it. You scan your ring again.

Coiling Ring - An inter-spatial ring, can store 1 cubic meter of objects.

Maybe it was a part of a set and they could combine, you think about the act of coiling, it’s a series of loops or spirals right? The ring looks like an snake eating itself, maybe it needs to be fed something? You wish your Amulet would give more information. The idea of smashing the lucky egg against your ring or your amulet comes to mind, but you shake it off and eventually return your attention to the people near you.

Nail: So, you coming by tonight Andrea? It’s always a pleasure to see you.

Andrea: Hmmmmmmmm… I’m thinking about it. Trying to convince Mr biggus dickus over there to dick me down.

Gena: Yeah dude, like he hangs dong. Can even make it change shape slightly. Smells good, gets you high.

Nail: Ahhhh, so that’s why you’re all so blushy and giddy. Dammit if I got here sooner I could have had some too…
No. 997022 ID: e51896

Ask about the ruffled haunch, its history, does he own it, or somebody else? Who else works there?

You also heard Leshanna Iraphena donates a lot of money into that place (and other places) and remember him mentioning telling you to see him at the Ruffled Haunch when he's not with Leshanna. Ask about Iraphena's donation habits, and Nail's connection and history with Iraphena as well.

Ask if they're open all day, might come over there, or at the park with Andrea tomorrow depending on what time it is open.
No. 997023 ID: f8fa51

I guess that's another kin to throw in the "interested" column, but your social calendar hasn't gotten any less full in the past 30 minutes so that's as far as that thought'll go for now.

But, you can still chat! Let's think of some small talk. We've gone over hobbies and a bit of geek culture with Gena and Andrea already, so how about...

"Fivin was just telling me about the lake parties. Are there any other local cultural events coming up I should be prepared for?"
No. 997028 ID: f8a83a

Tell Nail that if you and Andra goes to the Ruffled Haunch tomorrow, maybe he can get some action from you... and help you deal with Andrea, if ya know what i mean *wink*

Agreed, best to keep it in your pants for now, gotta get rid of this high before the auditor and Willamina show up after all.
No. 997033 ID: b1b4f3

Tell them you can change it more than just slightly.

>coiling ring is different from hers, might eat things
I bet if you got a ring like hers, you could feed it to the coiling ring to increase its capacity. Hmm, or you could try feeding it energy? See if testing it with Upgrade works. Oh, try that on the demon eye amulet too once you can do it without anyone seeing it.

Ask her how expensive her ring is.
No. 997055 ID: 6c227a

I mean, she just did it in front of you. Ask how she got so good at hiding packages *eyebrow waggle*
No. 997059 ID: 0eb11f

Upgrading it with our power has to be the best idea to try.

Probably do it when we're alone though, our power gives off a bright halo

Ask when the haunch opens and closes, something we will need to know beforehand since we have poker night with Willamina at Bobby's house tomorrow night, so we can figure out if we want to go to the haunch with Andrea, or go somewhere else with her like the park once we figure out the time.
No. 997069 ID: eb1fcc

ay, we're free for more after work
No. 997088 ID: 0b4dd6

Probably not, we got Willamina's inheritence to make sure goes smoothly, possible visit to Iraphena for the artifacts, and maybe that job with Cannie tonight.

But we got plenty o time tomorrow. Let be patient.
No. 997114 ID: 864e49

MASS PRODUCTION implies that his ring is commercially manufactured and he bought it. The difference with our ring is that we can store any number of objects so long as there combined space dose not exceed 1 cubic meter.

Also why are we hiding our ring? The existence of Artifacts is common knowledge and our brother was a delver, we can just say he found them/they were his. Same with the book if Cannie asks.


>poker night with Willamina at Bobby's house
Oh so that explains the strip poker quest.
No. 997116 ID: afe7de
File 161899549280.png - (12.62KB , 500x500 , C2_107.png )

Authors Note: Today’s date in game is SATURDAY MAY 21 2029 and time will be referred to more specifically going forward.

> Upgrade the ring or Amulet
You can’t do that, looks like the target has to be a sentient creature. Maybe if you can hatch the Lucky Egg you might be able to awaken whatever comes out of that.

> You can change it more than slightly.
You: I can change it quite a bit actually. If I wanted I could turn it into whatever kind of cock I wanted technically.

Nail: Oh shit you too? Leshanna and Laverne paid for my mods as an 18th birthday gift a year ago. Now I can control my dicks size at will! Among other things. I think I got it up to 20 inches long once, but it gets kind of unweildy at that point.

Nail: Gotta say, it’s a great feeling to be a cute lil effeminate catboi that can just slap a fucker around with her cock. Hehehe.

Gena: Damn, if you tried to fuck me with that monster it’d comedically pop out my mouth or something! That or like I’d have to use my whole body or something. Hmm actually that sounds like it could be a lot of fun…
No. 997117 ID: afe7de
File 161899551029.png - (8.25KB , 500x500 , C2_108.png )

> Ask about the ring
You: So Nail, how are you so good at… hiding packages.

You wiggle your eyebrows at them. And while everyone gives a little chuckle you notice Andrea squint her eyes at you a little bit.

Nail: Ah, this ol’ thing? No idea! I just use it to pick up the larger packages that don't get delivered right to our door. It’s a loaner from Laverne, so you’d have to ask her.

Gena: Cmmoonnnnnn Cat, we could all go have some fun at the Haunch after work. You’ve left me horny and unsatisfied, take responsibility!

Andrea: Such a shame Cat’s working, AND busy tonight. Huh. Wouldn’t happen to wanna change your mind? C’monnnnn, pleaassssseeeee. I’m sure you can ditch whatever yer doing tonight?
No. 997118 ID: afe7de
File 161899552861.png - (8.16KB , 500x500 , C2_109.png )

> You’re busy tonight
You think about all the things you have to deal with tonight, the inheritance, Iraphena and the items, maybe the job with cannie, potential magic learning with mint, coming up with a long term plan, explaining just how fucked everything is to Willamina, Isabella. It’d be nice if you could just drop it all and go have a wild fun night of fucking (And probably the day after too), but it’s not in the cards today.

You: Ughhhhh, don’t you think I want to? Ive just, there’s a lot going on right now that I cant really talk about. Tomorrow, please. Maybe we can do stuff at the Haunch.

Andrea: SIGH Let’s not pressure him anymore ladies. But hey, Cat, if you do need some cash to get you started, since from what I’ve heard around the block is you’re broke, just let me know. I’ll of course expect about an hour of your time a day for a little while, but y’ cant get nothing for free. ;3

Nail: UUUGHHHH Why was I a minor for so long, so many problems get solved when you can just fuck people for money.

Looks like the high is wearing off of Andrea and Gena. They’re still a little red, but it should taper off fully in a few minutes. Yours on the other hand is still going strong but’ll wear off soon. At least the high is keeping you from feeling too bad about this missed opportunity. They’ll be around town still, you’re sure this won’t be the only chance you get for this sorta thing. You attempt to move the conversation forward slightly.

You: So uh, about the Ruffled haunch.

Nail: Hm?
No. 997119 ID: afe7de
File 161899556837.png - (115.69KB , 500x500 , C2_110.png )

You: Can you let me know a little bit more about how it works, maybe Miss Iraphena’s relationship with it?

Nail: Not much to tell really. It’s a brothel, been open since 2014 as a community for sex workers and as a bordello. Before that it was the old Lyst families home, but seeing as Nicky and Leshanna are the only remaining blood relatives of the Lysts in town, Laverne inherited the property, and in an attempt to get enough BUX to renovate it changed it to a bordello.

Nail: Leshanna donates so Laverne can offer free therapy and services to anyone who really needs it, and so any beaten or battered or sexually abused kin can have a place to recover. Really she’s a lifesaver. It’s kind of nice to have that kind of support.

Nail: Though we do have another anonymous donor, we keep trying to figure out who it is but they just keep claiming they don’t want special treatment.

Andrea then quietly gives you a shhh gesture, you assume she doesent want you to let Nail know.

Nail: Oh and we’re open 10AM-2AM. The sex workers just rotate shifts, sometimes there’s no one on call or everyone’s busy, but there’s almost always someone on call between 6PM and MIDNIGHT.

Gena: How many kin work there?

Nail: Uh, so there’s me, Xana, uh, there’s that one priest girl, Pazuru, Hyun, and sometimes new kin stop by and work with us for a little bit. But there’s 5 employed members, 6 if you count Laverne since she does offer her services, just barely anyone takes her up on it cause she’s so big y’know.

Nail: OOH, but if you like group play stuff, every wednesday we have this hole in the wall event where you can fuck anyone while their ass is hanging out of these holes. Someone saw it in a porno once and it’s kind of popular.

Your group murmurs and chats about random stuff for a little longer before the conversation lulls.

Gena: Phew, well, that was fun, but we should probably get out of your hair soon Cat.

Andrea: Yeah, can’t be tempting you like an apple from eden all day or you’ll lose your sanity.

Looks like your high wearing off now. Is there anything you want to talk about or do, you get the feeling the next person to come through the door is going to be important. You also feel a little COOLER, more SKILLFUL, and TOUGHER, your stats are back to normal!
No. 997125 ID: e51896

The next person is most likely going to be the auditor. It is important to be prepared, so keep whatever closing conversations brief.

Ask Andrea what time and place she wants to meet you tomorrow so you can prepare yourself, like buy stamina potions, and sex toys if you can find them.

As for the place, you're thinking the haunch since we've never been there before, but if she is daring, maybe we could try somewhere a bit more public (park, forest, etc.)

mention a little to Andrea that you have an investment idea for a tinker workshop, maybe one that can make some sex toys for her from time to time, but you'll discuss more with her about it during your meetup with her tomorrow if she is interested. Don't want to give out too much details since you're still a bit high after all.
No. 997127 ID: aeb455

Ask andrea if meeting you at the Haunch at 12pm in the afternoon tomorrow sounds great for her. You tend to wake up late.

Prepare for your next customer.
No. 997131 ID: e7c7d3

Oh man, Xana? The hot library unicorn? She works at the haunch too? New goal for this suggestor!

Take note of shadow next to you. That Gena or Mint?
No. 997132 ID: aeb455

Pretty sure it gena. She's been sitting next to us the whole time: >>996892
No. 997170 ID: b1b4f3

>money from Andrea comes with an agreement to fuck her on the regular
Of course it's not free. No idea why anyone thought it'd be. Ask exactly how much she's willing to give you in exchange for those services. You were thinking of buying the paper mill property.

>Laverne is big
How big we talkin' here?
No. 997178 ID: 9a2966

Did we ever power-check Gena? I forget.

Say it's been nice chatting with them all - you should hang more often and, uh, other things as well.

Flag her down for a private convo before she leaves. Say that while rumors of you being SKINT are (somewhat) exaggerated, you could actually use a Nail-style problem resolution cash infusions. Like, you have project ideas. It's not like dropping out of college due to not Awakening as a proper tinker managed to crush ALL of your hopes and dreams! People can, after all, learn to do that shit without. Heck, even magic's possible to just LEARN you've, uh, HEARD.

Maybe that could be something for her to spend all those spare waking hours on, eh? Fucking MAGIC. Or FUCKING magic, if that's even a thing, haha.

Anyway, the main reason your hopes are way up of late is that a, uh, close college buddy - name of Mint - dropped by, and she's actually a decent Tinker. She wanted to get a fresh start from the Big City as well, so the two of you basically decided to look at your options and see if you could pool resources to maybe get something going here.

Honestly you're seriously STARTING to come around to the idea of snapping up that old paper mill to maybe renovate into a Tinker's workshop and cool kin hangout spot. Bit out of the way maybe, but with Tinker inventions sometimes blowing up in your face privacy is a PRO. Mint went with Will on her rounds to check on it today actually - and to talk shop with Rupert about HIS workshop. Hopefully they'll get along like a house on fi--- a house that is really chill and cool with things.

Main point here being you might honestly seriously yes actually take Andrea up on sponsorship on a, uh, FAVOR for FAVOR basis - whatever that's worth to her. You do need to see how some other things shake out - Willamina sounded pretty enthused about maybe lending some support now that she's likely got some manner of inheritance coming in, so it comes down to what your needs end up at in terms of material, refurbishing, amenities and so on. Heck, even Miss Iraphena was interested in offering some tit-for-tat. Non-literal tit, you just HAPPEN to have some HEIRLOOMS she was interested in. That's one of the things you're off to deal with this evening and why you had to put a hard cap on the foolin' around - though the foolin' that did happen went way beyond your expectations. Uh. Thanks. It was good to let off some steam.

Anyway, hookup tomorrow should still be on, as promised! She's working during the day, right? When and where should you prepare to, ah, well, get wrung? You'd be up for visiting the Haunch, or go wherever. But pillows or something soft to be sounds like it'd be a definite plus.
No. 997196 ID: 4b3ed5

I'd say we just tell her all that tomorrow, but tell her for now that we have some plan brewing regarding a huge workshop that can make very helpful things for the town, and you'll let her know more tomorrow.

Best not talk about this when high, as Cat previously mentioned >>996892 plus, gotta prepare for the important visitor.
No. 997220 ID: 6e8c51

Wait, ask Gena before she leaves of she can invite Gruk to the party on monday. He's done so much for Willamina so it could be a good idea to bring him over too. (Maybe Trey too)
No. 997231 ID: afe7de
File 161907075217.png - (7.43KB , 500x500 , C2_111.png )

> Power Check
You do a quick check on both Gena and Nail, the results are negative, they both HAVE NO POWERS.

> Ask some last minute questions!
You: I haven’t met Laverne, how big is she? We talking like just really tall or?

Nail: She mentioned something about having MEGAFAUNA blood in her. Shes like 8 feet tall, give or take a foot. Whenever you come by you’ll notice we have really tall ceilings, apparently it used to run in the family more often.

You: Huh, that probably explains the priest girl.

Nail: Yeah, she worships her basically, kind of makes me uncomfortable, but I’m not one to complain.

Gena: Psst, lemme pass, I need to use the bathroom so Imma head out first.
No. 997232 ID: afe7de
File 161907077651.png - (12.61KB , 500x500 , C2_112.png )

You pop out of the seat and let Gena get by you, but in a surprise twist she gets up on her tippy toes, just barely tall enough to reach you and gives you a SMOOCH on the cheek. You sputter and are surprised by the sudden affection. Andrea’s stuck in the seat with Nail but is trying to get out.

Gena: Later cutie, give Willy a good dicking when she’s ready~

You: Oh wait maybe invite Gruk or Trey to the thing on MONDAY.

Gena: Was already planning on it!
No. 997233 ID: afe7de
File 161907079650.png - (13.41KB , 500x500 , C2_113.png )

Andrea is finally able to shove Nail out of the way, Nail’s just laughing as Gena just skips out the door. She comes up to you, grabs your arm and gives you a smooch on the other side. Before walking back and getting Nail up off the floor, you’re just giddy at the situation.

Nail: I don’t just give out my smooches for free, where I come from they’re a hot commodity! In my country SMOOCHES were the currency! Hahahahah. Later uhhhh Cat, yes that was your name.

Nail gives Andrea a smack on the ass and whispers something that causes her to go a little red. Nail then walks out of the post office just leaving you and Andrea. She’s sorta rocking in place, leaning towards the door, not sure if she should leave yet.

Andrea: Sooooo uhhh where/when do you wanna hang tomorrow? I know I’m kinda pushy but you seem to be genuinely busy and I appreciate you taking time out to do this so I can be reasonable and only take a little bit of your time or a whole lot of your time. I don’t wanna like uhhh, nevermind. Tomorrow’s my other day off and I have stuff in the morning, so I’m good after 11AM.

You: Hmmm, well I like to sleep in so I probably won’t be ready to do stuff until NOON tomorrow, I like my sleep, but we can meet wherever at that time.

Andrea: O~k~a~y. You won’t have to worry about food or stamina liquors, I’ve got all that covered. I’ll come up with a cool plan for our d~a~t~e tomorrow. Been a while since I’ve had one of those.
No. 997234 ID: afe7de
File 161907081531.png - (11.16KB , 500x500 , C2_114.png )

> Sex toys and Liqors?
You: Before you go, I was curious, where do you get your stamina liquors? And is there a place to buy sex toys here too?

Andrea: Oh yeah, I get all of that from the Haunch. They have this little gift shop and sex toy store attached to the place, it’s super cute. It was a request I made when I made a big donation some years back.

You: Why didn’t nail bring that up earlier then? I feel like that’d be a good advertising point.

Andrea: *SHRUG* She probable forgot. She’s a little ditzy.

> Andrea funding and your plans
You’re kind of in a flux state with the plans. You’re not sure if you’re going to make it a workshop, a home base, a training ground, hangout spot, all of the above? You’ll need a place to test everyone’s powers and a place to make things. But one thing you know is that most brand new tinker devices take DAYS to WEEKS to build. Not to mention supplies, space, and BUX. And if they’re crazy complicated it can even take MONTHS. And with Mint’s power, they might be more volatile and harder to sell. All of this really depends on how Willamina’s inheritance plays out, if you can convince Rupert, maybe even Rudy and Nipha when they get here, if it’s going to be anything like Willamina implied, she’s going to help out with funding and plans. You still have to tell her about the apocalypse and everything. There’s also the favors and artifacts from Miss Iraphena, which you’re less interested in cashing out for now that you actually have ways to get money. You know, thinking about it, there might eventually come a point where you and Willamina will probably have to quit your jobs. Maybe Andrea if you can snag her into this too. Mint said she was good at administration, if you end up building an organization she might become even more useful. But this is all just speculation at this point. Andrea looks at you with her head tilted before giving you a rough headpat and taking off.

Andrea: Later Cat. Try not to stress over it too bad, I’ll make sure you have a good time tomorrow, it won’t just be sex, dont worry!
No. 997238 ID: f8fa51

A real date... sounds nice, actually. I'm looking forward to it! I can head by your place?
No. 997239 ID: afe7de
File 161907101897.png - (101.45KB , 500x500 , C2_115c.png )

Andrea leaves and you’re left alone with your thoughts, you shake your head and clean up the leftover water cups, heading into the back room to toss them. You refill your water bottle and notice a nearly discarded bottle of smell neutralizer. It’s covered in dust and cobwebs but you give it a dust, shake and a sniff and it looks like it’s not expired. You spray the front desk and under-side once over just in case your musk was still lingering so it doesn't offend anyone. Your sweater is also dry and no longer feels damp with sweat, so you switch back into it and put on your uniform proper. Making sure to actually remember to wear your hat, you didn’t notice but it fell off multiple times during the blowjob.

Time passes and you get a random customer, but they don’t come in, they just shove their mail through a mail slot you didnt notice before. You pick it up and sort it as normal. It’s 3:15 when your next customer actually arrives, they’re outside the door talking to someone. As a matter of fact he’s a little blurry, like, you can see what he looks like, but its almost like you’re looking at him through your peripheral vision and can’t quite get a good look at him. You rub your eyes and squint, tilting your head as they walk in. They hold the door open fully, looking side to side and you notice directly behind him there’s someone, they say something but no words actually come out. You look down and they’re floating?
No. 997240 ID: afe7de
File 161907104933.png - (96.51KB , 500x500 , C2_116.png )

Something’s off. Is that another spirit? You focus on using your demon eye amulet and it gives you a little bit of eye strain but you’re able to make out the actual appearance of the man you recognize as not being a beast-kin anymore, but the door closes and you don’t get a good look at whatever that was behind him. Is Isabella’s spirit acting up again? Was he talking to it? Confusion is completely on your face as the man approaches you. His voice is deep, masculine, and surprisingly soothing.

Man: Hmmmm, you’re not Willamina. She was supposed to be working here today. She hasn’t answered her messages though. Ah, where are my manners.
No. 997243 ID: afe7de
File 161907125121.png - (17.17KB , 500x500 , C2_117.png )

The man pulls out a badge and his ID. It’s the appearance you can see when you stop focusing so hard on your amulet.

AGE: 26


The Badge says something in Latin you think, something about Awakening and protection. Featuring a sword glowing with energy stabbing through an eye supposedly symbolizing a monster core. The top of the badge has the Tinker’s logo as well.

Liminal: Liminal Axam Hiro. [A] Rank hero with the heroes guild. I was sent to ascertain the validity of Willamina’s Awakening.
No. 997245 ID: f8fa51

So, either this person is who he says he is and got that picture while using the disguise, in which case there isn't a problem, or he's lying, in which case there's a big fucking problem. I can think of one way to easily confirm his identity before you kick up a stink about this: What's his power?
No. 997246 ID: b1b4f3

Rings. Identify them. Also the earring. ...the text on his ID looks a bit off, can you focus on that?

That's him on the right.
Oh god, LIMINAL AXAM is even an anagram of his name. Maxamillian.

Text Willamina. Tell her the hero's guild rep is here, but he's MAX. Ask her what Max's power was, this is really fucked.

Excuse me a second I need to panic for a minute before coming up with a plan.
No. 997247 ID: 0fae41

You're a big guy to come out to this small town. Do you have a power that helps identify powers or something?
No. 997249 ID: f8fa51

Oh fuck is right. What do we even do about this? The real problem we have is that confronting this conspiracy directly is just going to get us burnt to a cinders. How do we get enough people on our side to prevent that before it gets that far, seeing as we already seen pretty fucking close?
No. 997252 ID: b1b4f3

I think he's got an Angelic Ice Spirit because of course he fucking does.

Ok so, he's an A rank hero which means he's extremely powerful. Fucking up his plans will either result in a quick death and some excuse made up by the Hero Association to avoid getting prosecuted(or he just hides the body so nobody knows he killed you), or he'll make Cat's life miserable in some other way and there's nothing we can do to fight it considering the H-A will likely back him up. Therefore, it's in our best interest to passively gather information without revealing what we know, until we can conclusively pin him and Isabella to something that will get them both out of our hair permanently.

Instead of telling Willamina that it's Max, just tell her the hero rep's here and she might be surprised at who it is. Keeping her in the dark is important because there's NO FUCKING WAY she's gonna be able to hide this knowledge so soon after finding out.

Tell "Liminal" that Willamina's phone's battery melted last night, which is why she missed his messages. Just out of nowhere, and cooling it down with her power didn't work. Sounds like sabotage to you considering it's happened to her rather frequently. Maybe someone with a remotely activated power is messing with her?
No. 997254 ID: eb1fcc

"Bit crass sending family for that, innit?"

then just kind of stare at 'em.
No. 997255 ID: b1b4f3

Ugh I just thought of a potential way for Max to be a good guy. He might want Willamina to get the entire inheritance, because he loves her and blames himself for the fire. He doesn't want people to look into the estate fire too much because they might find out he's not dead.
So after the fire he assumes a new identity and becomes a hero (there are a lot of potential motives for him becoming a hero, haha). He keeps in contact with Isabella because she's obsessed with him which means she'll keep his secret, and she'll tell him if Willamina awakens or finds a way to fake being awakened, at which point he swoops in and makes sure she gets everything. Maybe he even reveals himself to her afterwards, because at that point it's a done deal, right?

If that's true, we can tell him that Isabella's been up to no good and possibly caused the fire, in which case he'll be able to handle her for us. That would, honestly, be the optimal outcome. Especially since Isabella is likely planning on killing Will. Maybe she's trying that right this very instant.

Instead of texting Willamina, call her on the phone. If she doesn't pick up, tell Liminal that you think Willamina's in trouble, Isabella-shaped trouble.
No. 997256 ID: 031458

Realize you've been staying suspiciously this whole time.
I'm new, Willamina's been cycling me through all the duties and today I'm here. Sorry I'm staring it's just you look familiar. You two know each other right? I'd swear you were in some of the photos she showed me.
Or maybe I'm just tripping.
Anyway, she actually shouldn't be long. I imagine she'd be almost done with her route by now.
No. 997257 ID: c016f5


Stay frosty, don’t get overly flustered (a bit is fine). Just kind of blink at ‘em and say well met. Offer a hand to shake, don’t expect him to since Isabella made sure he ‘knows’ how your power ‘works’, but it’ll be a great excuse to act uncomfortable at his Big City elitist attitude if he declines.

Tell him the truth as you know it - he could have lie-detection things if he’s really here as an assessor of the Heroes’ League - that Will is out on a post run, will be back around 4, and yeah she did Awaken yesterday evening - he’s the evaluator, right? Her phone overheated in the middle of the night, though, even her new ice power couldn’t stop it. Apparently a regular thing for her? Loses one every few months from the sound of it.

Lean sort of conspiratorially forward over the counter and say that’s not the only thing in town that has gotten overly warmed up of late, too. Animals have been found burned - alive, but hurtin’, scorch marks probably indicating power use. He can check with the Lyst PD. You think something weird is going on, to be honest. Does he know about the Hadlee estate fire? You’re new here, but you’re worried there’s a connection between old pyro events and new.

Essentially make it seem like you’re entrusting a authority figure with your worries, while catching his own response to it.

While you talk, power sense. Armlet check rings, earring and the ID too, why not, could be a faker thing.

...haha, what if we tricked ‘em so well that Max is here as a fake inspector while the real inspector is also arriving?
No. 997258 ID: b1b4f3

I think what happened with the estate fire is this: his spirit protected him from the burning building but it's unable to produce physical force so he was stuck somewhere until the fire burnt enough to let him get out, at which point everyone but Willamina was already dead. Either he then got Willamina out and forced the others present to swear secrecy, or someone got Willamina to safety before he got out, and he was able to sneak away without being spotted. After that he met up with Isabella and announced his plan to let Willamina have all the inheritance money because OBVIOUSLY she'd awaken from such a traumatic event right? Isabella got him the disguise earring(?) somehow (was she already in Nunitus at that point? did she beg Iraphena for help?) which then he used to join the heroes' association with and start his new life. Possibly with something else that let him fake having a Bound Weapon power, because otherwise the H-A would be suspicious about him having the same power as Max. Maybe he fakes that power via clever use of the spirit? Or maybe the H-A didn't know what power he had so he didn't need to fake anything, and that's his primary like Isabella's incarnation of fire power is her primary.
He likely has no idea who caused the fire, and probably blames the League. I wonder if Isabella knew Max had a power that would protect him from the fire? In that case the fire could've been a plan to make him the only survivor, which she would then comfort and get him to fall in love with her etc.

Anyway, after Willamina came out of the coma and wasn't awakened he was stuck in a tough spot. If he revealed he survived, he would get all the inheritance, but the H-A would probably pressure him into using it for their ends instead of helping Willamina. So he waited, and had Isabella keep him updated, and here we are now.
No. 997259 ID: b1b4f3

This is a good plan.
No. 997267 ID: e51896

lets do pretty much this, but no power search. If toni was able to figure out what you were doing, I'd imagine a rank A hero guild member would know what you're up to.

afterwards, offer him to take a seat where you, Gena, and Andrea was sitting to wait in. Offer a lighter if he smokes, or give him cards to play solitaire to pass the time.

I'm thinking this a little bit too, he did really love his sister after all, and I don't think he has any motive to hurt her. It is probably best if we just not make any hints that we know his identity and pretend nothing is wrong to respect his privacy. but probably don't mention Isabella. I want to believe that what Cannie said about Isabella being sidetracked and being too late to stop the fire to be true. I don't think she has a motive to hurt Max's entire family and make him sad, and Isabella seems to blame Willamina for the fire for some reason. I don't think she'll hurt Willamina if Mint is with her to witness it anyway. Otherwise, we would have gotten a text from Mint telling us Willamina is in trouble. And it would probably piss off Max if Isabella hurt her.
but yeah, we can call Willamina or Mint and let her know the guy's here.

>someone got Willamina to safety before he got out

Trey and Gruk got her to safety. Good on them.
Also, Cannie mentioned Max had teleportation, so he could have escaped that way.

overall, lets pretty much respect the man's privacy.
No. 997268 ID: 49ce3c

Things will go smoothly if we keep things brief and to the point.

Just simply say "Willamina is out delivering mail and will be back at around 4. Im sorry on behalf of Willamina, her phone overheated, so she couldnt answer, but she has a new phone now if you want to text her. You can sit over there while you wait."

Nothing more needs to be said or done.
No. 997269 ID: 53560f

“She’s currently out on deliveries right now but she should be coming back sometime soon, if you wait here a moment I can get my phone from the back and message her that you’re here.”
If he allows us to head into the back of the shop then text mint to slow will down until we size this guy up some more.
No. 997285 ID: 773d69

Thank goodness our cool stat rose. I do not think he's going to hurt Willamina. Perhaps he genuinely wants to give her the inheritance. I think the worse he'll do is try to not let Willamina have her fortune. (Though I wonder why the spirit with him didn't come in with).

"Oh, my mistake, I thought Willamina said you were coming tuesday or in two days looks like what she meant was today" (we'll say this in case Isabella told him we tried to trick her flame spirit and help us play dumb)

Let him know Willamina will be here shortly in an hour. Her phone's battery burned last night... again, but she got a new phone a few hours ago, so he can call her if he wants. In the meantime, he can take a seat if he wants.

If he asks why your nervous, just say it is usually an honor to have a high rank hero here, and it's exciting.

Don't try to fish for information on the fire from him, dont check his power either. lets act professional. I dont think calling mint to delay Willamina's return may be a good idea, might be best to just let Willamina get here on time without being late so this can go professionally.

Text Willamina the represenative is here and ask if you can be a witness to the contract signing for her inheritence. If he wants to talk to Willamina privately and wont allow it later, willamina could then insist you come with, or we can have roach spy on them.
No. 997334 ID: b7452d


He should know of her phone overheating 5 times this year and animals burning. He seemed confused of willamina having her phone unanswered which means He doesnt know Isabella is doing that and never told her to.

Will said she is someone who backstabs when most convenient to her, shes going against his wishes like how she said shes going against Iraphena's wishes to keep hands off Cat.
No. 997356 ID: afe7de
File 161916767156.png - (8.63KB , 500x500 , C2_118.png )

> Is that Max?
You only really saw that photo for the briefest of moments, so you don’t have the best of memories, but you could swear his true form reminds you of what Willamina’s older brother looked like. You try to keep your COMPOSURE, to keep your COOL. You don’t fail, but you’re not successful either. At best you’re going to be a bit awkward and nervous throughout this whole exchange. Liminal has been eying you from the moment he entered the building and it’s making you nervous. There’s no way you’re going to be able to confront him about potentially being Max during this exchange unless he brings it up first. Goddess, his disguise looks familiar though, you can’t quite place it. He’s just so IMPOSING, but you get a sense of SAFETY from him, the name’s kind of familliar too... At least you can look at him without him feeling blurry anymore.

You: I Uh, sorry im staring, its just. You look familiar and it’s kind of intimidating seeing an A rank hero in the flesh.

The man sighs and rubs his hand through his hair, placing his badge on the counter. You take that moment to scan the badge and get an interesting result.

Adventurer’s Badge - Tied to the System imprint of a certain individual. When deceased this copy and any duplicates will display as such at the bottom.

Liminal: Yeah, I get that a lot more than you’d expect. When the Grand-daughter to one of the founders of the Heroes League Awakens it’s kind of a big deal. Anything I can do to make you more comfortable so we can chat for a bit, I get my answers, see Willmina and you get me out of your hair?

You: Maybe uh, yeah let’s just have a seat. Want some water, tea maybe? We have a filter thingy back here.

Liminal: Sure, yeah. Tea in whatever you’ve got.
No. 997357 ID: afe7de
File 161916774148.png - (35.76KB , 500x500 , C2_119.png )

> Text Will/Mint
You head to the back room and pour yourself a cup of water, getting a hot cup and putting a little GREEN tea bag inside of it. You can hear Liminal shuffling over to the table and taking a seat. You take this moment to pull out your COMM and shoot out two brief messages.

To Willamina: HL rep is here. Will keep him at the Office for you. If you’re ok with it can I be a witness to your inheritance signing stuff?
To Mint: Got yer message. Glad you have a Comm. Keep an eye out for Isabella just in case.

You pocket the Comm and bring over your cups to the man, taking a seat yourself. He blows on the cup and takes a drink and sighs.

Liminal: Ahhh, what a nostalgic flavor.

You: I texted Will, she should be here in a little. See her phone battery melted last night and she only just got her new phone, so she probably hasn't had a chance to look at all her messages. Apparently this is a thing that happens monthly to her.
No. 997358 ID: afe7de
File 161916779836.png - (8.79KB , 500x500 , C2_120.png )

You notice the man tense up at that and could swear you saw a vein pop up on his forehead, but it vanishes just as quickly as it came. It’s hard to get sensory information of both faces at once but you NOTICE that minor facial change wasn't replicated on the disguised face.

Liminal: I see, that’s a shame. Well, once she gets her inheritance, if this is indeed accurate, we can talk with her about getting a fireproof phone so this kind of thing doesn't happen again. Stupid question, you don’t have to answer or anything, but any other weird fire related things happen around town.

You: Actually, me and Willamina were walking through the park the other day and we found a burned badger. Apparently this happened like once a day since then. Though you should probably talk to LPD for some more information on that.

The man looks at you with a glare. You’re not sure what part of your explanation caused it, but after a few moments he looks backwards, taps three times, rather loudly, on the top of his chair, and looks back at you.

Liminal: Thanks for the tip, if I have some free time I’ll check it out. Probably some irresponsible and irrational arsonist who can’t seem to understand common decency.

Before you can respond you receive a text from Willamina.
From Willamina: Be there in 25, almost done with the Route, sure you can watch. Mint’s headed out to the Paper mill, should be back like 30 min after 4.

You: She says she’ll be here in 25. That's about 3 rounds of dialogue
No. 997359 ID: afe7de
File 161916784072.png - (7.30KB , 500x500 , C2_121.png )

The man makes a sweeping gesture with his hands before crossing his fingers and lying his elbows on the table. You decide to take this moment to scan his two rings and earring.

Earring of Forgetful Disguise - Provides a disguise to the user’s flesh, changing it’s texture, shape, color, etc. It can even make you look like a new race within reason. It also provides a minor disorienting effect making it easier to forget the individual and harder to recognize them if you aren’t focusing. (DA: You’re immune to this as long as you’re using me!)
Inter-spacial Ring [MK V] - Can store/retrieve objects within it’s 5 cubic meter space.
Ring of Shock - Prevents touch based abilities from being used on the bearer by administering a light shock in retaliation. Can be forced through, but will cause you to suffer significant damage and the target will be aware of your attempt.

He notices you eying his items before coughing.

You: Uh, sorry. I was just wondering which of your artifacts could check for powers or something, since the power on your badge was Bonded Weapon.

Liminal: Well if you stick around you’ll be able to see it in action. It’s just a piece of glass. So what can you tell me about her Awakening?

You: I was with her when she awakened actually, we got excited and headed over to the bar to celebrate and share the good news. Ice powers.

Liminal: Ah, so you’re one of the town’s newcomers I heard about you in our initial inquiry to LPD about the event, just to verify it did happen and who was there, we still need to physically ver. I’ll admit I’m a bit fuzzy with names at times, started with a “C” or was it an “M”?

You: Cat. Cat Alexander.
No. 997360 ID: afe7de
File 161916789552.png - (8.40KB , 500x500 , C2_122.png )

The man stops sipping his tea and gets wide eyed at you. He then begins to meticulously look over you, eyeing your ring and staring at your head.

Liminal: No shit, I should’ve recognized the ring, you’re Callan’s kid sister, uh, brother now from the looks of it. Fuck I’m so sorry. He was genuinely one of my favorite people, he was my mentor. I saw when… You probably don’t remember, I think you were unconscious.

The man seems to be shedding a tear whilst looking at you reminiscently. You feel emotions beginning to swell too.
No. 997363 ID: 30b9f6

>Max was Callan's teammate
...whatever demon assigned you your power had a fucking field day, I can tell. Must be laughing their ass off still.

Judging by his reaction to Isabella's shenanigans and this, it seems safe to say that whatever coldness he developed towards Willamina Max has a heart and the situation around him and the Hadlee fire may be even more complicated than we thought. Doesn't mean it's safe to spill the beans to him or anything, though. We should continue to pursue a semi-covert investigation into the matter until such a time our cover is blown or sharing some trust seems the only viable way forward.

>Ring of sparky power touch
Isabella and Nicky have these as well, then. And that means you've inadvertently 'proven' to them you have a touch power - for good and ill. Glad you admitted to it, but went with the misleading option when Iraphena and Isabella confronted you about it.

>Should've recognized the ring
Does this mean the demons' in-universe lore explanation for your recent acquaintances have you inheriting the ring from Callan? Or did Callan have a similar ring? Might want to look into whether the latter was the case.

>Was Callan's teammate
Hm. Dungeon Break was nine years ago. Fire was ten. He couldn't have known Callan that long. Unless he teamed up prior to the Hadlee mansion fire, which he could have, since he Awakened prior to receiving the membership to the Heroes' League.

Guess Callan left an impression on him if he's still feeling it nine years later.

>What now?
Sit down, let the shock wash over you and hopefully trickle out. Tell them you don't really remember them, but you're grateful for their sympathy. Callan was very dear to you too, and you miss him and the rest of your family so much.

You still remember him coming back home to brag about his first foray into the dungeon. Hff... talk about something else, yeah? floor 15, right? Is that far? Is the dungeon really under control these days?
No. 997364 ID: e51896

remember that his disguise is not showing his tears probably, don't bring up him looking sad. I think Liminal might actually be alright. His anger earlier seems to be probably more towards Isabella. (also, he said he recognized our ring, as in our coiling ring? was this something our brother owned and then somehow ended up in the demon auction??? How the fuck did that end up in there??? In that case, we need to keep that ring as a keepsake! Iraphena cannot have it!)

I think since Cat is a sibling to Callan, Cat can be more trusting between Cat and Callan. We can build that trust more through talking about Callan.

take out your photo and reminisce to build trust with Liminal.

talk about his last moments on how he saved your life instead of his own, how you lost all your family and friends from THE INCIDENT, and fended for yourself for 8 years in the bad part of the city alone. Moving to Lyst was probably the moment you actually felt genuinely happy in a long time and meeting someone like Willamina who went through something similar losing everything has been helping you cope with the trauma.

ask about the missions and dungeons explorations he went on with Callan, a bit about Callan's ring (there are still some mysteries we still don't know about that Liminal can tell us about) but most important: ask about how and when he met your brother.

Dungeon break was 8 years ago, I believe. Not nine.
No. 997372 ID: ce39da

"Wait, you mean you knew my brother?" This is a point of connection that we must seize - a door he's slightly opened up to us that we must jam our foot into.

... Even if he was in some way complicit in the Hadlee estate incident, he's clearly not all bad... Plus, it's clear that he's not fully aware of just how much Isabella has been tormenting his beloved sister.
No. 997374 ID: c016f5

Actually, does he have any pictures of Callan? You were only left with one.
No. 997381 ID: b1b4f3

Well that's a relief, Max is a good person after all, and apparently knows Isabella's powers. I think we have very solidly turned the tables against her, though it's more like she turned the tables against herself really.
Hmm, I guess this means he has some reason to believe Isabella didn't cause the fire? We must be missing some important information.

>just a piece of glass
SHIT, that thing's gonna be a scanning device. You absolutely cannot be in the same room when he uses it.

>Will and Mint split up
Well, considering Max knows Isabella's powers I really doubt there's any chance of her attacking Willamina at this point (since she absolutely cannot get away with it) so it should be fine for her. Maybe dangerous for Mint though...
Well, there is one possible way Willamina could get attacked. Willamina could have hired some goons. Max wouldn't be able to pin an indirect attack on her as easily since Willamina's now a Big Deal and would be on the League's radar.

>he was at the dungeon break
Time for emotional bonding!
Afterwards ask which ring he meant. If he meant the Phoenix Ring, then... your brother's still alive, but a demon. He must've gotten hit by the 30% chance and went into hiding because of course you can't just claim to be the same person after that.
No. 997403 ID: 6c19fd

>If he meant the Phoenix Ring...

I wonder if Cat is still wearing that ring on his toe from before he spoke with Iraphena to hide it. In which case, Liminal is probably referring to the coiling ring since the phoenix ring would be in cat's shoe where Liminal cant see it. (Depends on what Edmango says though, Is Cat wearing the ring of phoenix on his hand, or is it still hidden on his foot? It never said he switched it back on his hand.)

And as far as the scanner goes, we may have to leave depending on how it scans, though... maybe if we form a strong enough trust with him now, especially since he now knows we're Callan's brother, maybe he'll be willing to keep our power a secret from everyone if we told him since he'd probably want to protect us after finding out who we are. That said Let's see how things go as we talk about Callan and our past a bit, and decide whether to tell him the truth of our power and Will's awakening our third round of dialogue, and other things.

Maybe trade comm numbers? Would be nice to have someone who knew our brother to speak to for emotional support, but maybe wait until the third round of dialogue to decide.

For now, yeah, reminisce on your brother, no matter how painful remembering might be.
No. 997437 ID: afe7de
File 161922242719.png - (8.55KB , 500x500 , C2_123.png )

> Are you still wearing the phoenix ring?
It’s still on your toe, you never had a chance or reason to move it.

> When was the dungeon break
It was 8 years ago, and the Hadlee house fire was 10 years ago.

> Is he actually crying?
He’s crying both in his disguised and undisguised form, it seems to be genuine.

This is too much, you’re doing your best to remain composed but you FAIL And start tearing up. You don’t think he has a reason to lie about having been mentored by your bro. You do remember him working with the Neophytes starting 5 or so years back before the INCIDENT, so it’s possible this happened around then. You’re trying to recall, you actually did have a ring that was a keepsake from Callan, but…

You: It’s not the same ring. This is a new one I got, the one I got from big bro SNIFF some vile people took it. It was like 6 years ago, they left me beaten, battered, with a broken arm, and left for dead. If Shocker hadn’t come around… Never could figure out what the ring did anyway. I just assumed it was a normal ring, but it was the last thing I had left of my family, so it still hurt.

You: Sorry if I dont remember you. I can remember faces and flashes of the day, but his last moments, him saving me instead of himself, just hurts to remember their dead bo-

Liminal: Shh, shh, it’s okay Cat. We don’t have to talk about that day.

You sob and wipe your tears and snot away. But try to put on a brave face. You pull out your family photo.

You: No, it’s fine. We can talk about big bro, I just… I miss him and my family so much. You wouldn’t happen to have