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File 162191634958.png - (12.94KB , 500x500 , C2_5_000.png )
1001663 No. 1001663 ID: afe7de

There’s going to be guest artists and writers in this thread, so they’ll be credited as they come up, with a final credits at the end of the thread.

CATALYST PART 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/986604.html
CATALYST PART 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/993796.html

WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134892.html


Author’s Commentary: This Quest contains 18+ content including violence, sexual content, angry characters, and more. Reader discretion is advised.
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No. 1001665 ID: afe7de
File 162191638188.png - (8.71KB , 500x500 , C2_5_001.png )

Your name is ANDREA BOREALIS and your nearly limitless sex drive has been sated for the day. It’s SATURDAY May 21, 2029, you and Gena both had a good time at the brothel and decided that since you were done, you could have a nice ladies night and watch some random TV and WANOMAY shows. It’s become a bit of a habit for you to watch the latest Wano cartoons late at night while you’re on duty, enough that you PICKED UP THE LANGUAGE. You can’t read or write it, but if you heard someone speaking Wano, you could understand most of it.

You’re not very INTELLIGENT, you did pretty poorly in school if you’re being honest, but you are STREET SMART. You are also fairly TOUGH and POWERFUL, which most kin wouldn’t assume at first glance from your thin frame. It’s just a shame that you CAN’T SLEEP due to your powers. And it’s even more of a pain because you have SUPERKIN levels of stamina. As a result you have a higher than average SPEED, you’re like really fucking fast because you can run at a full sprint without stopping for unbelievable amounts of time. It really comes in handy when chasing down suspects that run from you while you’re on the job as a COP. At first you were frustrated that they moved you and your sister out of the city and to this little town, but it’s grown on you.
No. 1001666 ID: afe7de
File 162191640245.png - (13.54KB , 500x500 , C2_5_002.png )

Kin tend to call you a SLUT, STRUMPET, WHORE, THE VILLAGE BICYCLE, and other things but it doesen’t really bother you. You just like to have sex and aren’t too picky, it’s one of the best ways to burn your ridiculous energy that you’ve found that also feels good. You’re pretty excited to spend some time with Cat tomorrow, new kin to town are always interesting. Plus his musk smells FUCKING AWESOME and you’re excited to fuck someone with half as many mods as you have. Who knows, maybe he can keep up with you and will want something more? You’ve kind of let go of hope for that kind of thing since it tends to INTIMIDATE GUYS, but you’d at least like to be as close to one guy as you are with Gena or Will.

You enter Gena’s apartment, it’s right next door to yours. The inside is pretty clean, you pass by an open bedroom that’s just filled with cloth, fabrics, faux fur, and other sewing equipment, it’s her workshop that she spends most of her time in. You pass by another room, This one is set up more like a studio, it’s where she films her ONLYFAUNUS videos, there’s a rather large bed and some pillows and towels, a lighting setup, some cameras, and various toys. You can see another room down the hall which you know to be her bedroom. The two of you eventually settle in the living room where a massive flat-screen TV and stereo system is setup. This room is filled with random figurines, pillows, a rather large couch, and other random things Gena has collected over the years. Gena makes some popcorn and blends up some PURPLE SLUSHEES with various BLUE and RED fruits. Eventually the preperation is complete and the two of you cuddle up together under a blanket. There’s A FEW SHOWS you want to watch, but they aren’t coming on until later, you flip through the channels, expecting to find something to tide you over.

What do they watch for now?

Feel free to get creative, it can be a movie, a trailer, a commercial, a news program, a random wanomay, or what have you. I’ll take the initial suggestion and make something out of it, then you’ll decide what happens next! If you’re not sure what to suggest, just suggest a TYPE and GENRE like “Movie Trailer” and “Horror” I’ll pick the most popular suggestion or in the event of a tie, select the one I’m most interested in. Andrea and Gena will occasionally pipe in with their own quips and thoughts.
No. 1001668 ID: 0fae41

A trailer for a small town horror flick: A Little Town Called Socksweat.
No. 1001670 ID: e51896

News about the wastelands of West Fluxtopa and how the damage control is going over there. Our sister Myriad is over there as a merc, probably best to find out news about how things are to get an idea of how she is doing surviving... not that you'll see her on the news, but it's good to have some info on the state of things and if things are getting worse or better or the same.
No. 1001671 ID: e7c7d3

Watch Brain Worms 5: Returning Crisis, it's the fifth in the series of campy horror films. The brain worms are just zombies with even less make-up on, and the third movie didn't even have those. 5 is most famous for having the lowest budget of the lot. Take a drink every time washed-out actor Lemmy Chavowitz says the phrase "I don't care about brain worms, she's my daughtah!"
No. 1001673 ID: 6c227a

compelling, but what if we watched one of those eighty year old monster movies with the laughably bad rubber suits that the trailers insist will have you fainting in the aisles? Vampire Eyes of Westerheim only has like a 68 minute run time, it's not even a huge time commitment.
No. 1001674 ID: 8483cf

Put on some trash TV you just use as background noise and don't really pay attention to.

Fluxtopia's Funniest Home Videos!
No. 1001676 ID: eb1fcc

Australia's Funniest Home Invasions is always a riot, I hear this season someone rigged up a buzz-saw that shoots fire to their back-door and nearly cauterivivisected their aunt because she forgot the deactivation code
No. 1001686 ID: f8fa51

One of those "gritty" hero shows where the protagonist bemoans that they awoke to a really "weak" power but uses it creatively and wins the day. In reality their power is actually pretty good and they underutilise it.
No. 1001687 ID: 094652

"Starless Sea" - A smash-hit horror-romance movie about dead merchants and pirates sailing in their wooden ships through the galaxy and past the edge of deep space to an inescapable, near-eternal oblivion. You're not sure why many of the superhero guilds endorse this video; reviews generally and cryptically say it "captures a fantasy version of a future we see others fear, where they dread themselves becoming the inevitable cast, and what one would do under such romantically morbid circumstances".

"Star Pores" - a parody of "Starless Sea" [spoiler]Think Spaceballs but with barely PG-13 softcore porn[/note] where the response to the above is "treat the afterlife like a neverending hentai with science fantasy battles against living fetishes to conquest". The superhero guilds spent millions trying to subtly ban this one, but the sheer popularity with famous guild members meant they'd have to shoot themselves in the foot.

News articles from Poontoob:

Intelligent Life found on Jupiter, Donjon
Researchers have discovered a species of cockroach that displays limited intelligence in the district known as "Jupiter" of Donjon City. Reports show that specimens can be trained to perform toddler-level skills and have abnormally heightened senses giving them perspectives almost human in nature. In a surprising display of accountability, The Heroes' Guild has publicly admitted responsibility for creating this species of intelligent insect. However, they claim that all senior researchers involved were incapacitated in an incident involving the cockroaches, and most of the information has been scrubbed. Lobbyists for the Heroes' Guild are advocating for the assessment of this species for second class citizenship. This has caused arguments between various communities who range between 'full rights for near-sapient beings' and 'kill these spies with fire'.

Nuntius launches controversial self-shocking app
Nuntius' new COMM App, "Be1", actively and intentionally causes an electric shock on the user. Attempts to recall the app have been pushed against with light threats that followers and members of Nuntius will be banned if they do not install and maintain the updates of the app. When pressed for comment, Nuntius representative Belinel Sundries smiled and said "this is as it should be". Investigators are baffled as to the PR-damaging move that could destroy guild membership.

Gene Therapy Clinic Found Guilty of Selling Power Weapons to Terrorists and Mass Identity Fraud
A company-crushing scandal involving the gene therapy clinic in Ulstebury, Donjon has been publicly released. The facility "PX-Become" has been revealed to analyze and copy the powers of awakened through a process called "Soul-Calling"; this process is entirely performed by an Awakened working in the facility, where any cell tissue removed from the surgical procedure is preserved and used to create single-use consumables that grant temporary powers of the unwitting awakened donor. These "Power Packages" were sold on the black market for use as temporary powers that could then be used to perform, and frame Awakened for, various violent crimes. Interrogation has revealed that it is possible that those who Awakened after surgery can still have their flesh used to create consumables, though the process and time to completion is still not fully researched. If you are an Awakened and have used a gene therapy clinic in the past fifteen years, even if you Awakened after your last usage, please register your power usage with your local government office.
No. 1001691 ID: 8946ae

cheesy old horror flicks for sure, that one channel that does a 24/7 grindhouse format is always good fun.
No. 1001708 ID: b840d5

An infomercial Andrea filmed for a treadmill is on. She ran on the treadmill the entire video while talking nonstop.
No. 1001715 ID: 9a2966

This actually sounds interesting, especially if it causes a discussion between Gena and Andrea about the ways in which her power is underutilized or secretly OP.
No. 1001717 ID: 031458

A strange show loosely defined as horror but really closer to interdimensional television.

It takes place from the perspective of a shadowy and powerful extra governmental organization that catalogs and imprisons extradimensional threats and oddities. Overall it tends to build tension by maintaining a clinical tone for most of the show, only for that tension to be broken by thrusting the voters into "On the ground" scenes at the end.
To the uninitiated the appeal of the show is absent. To those in the know, they can't look away.
No. 1001729 ID: afe7de
File 162198208360.png - (14.08KB , 500x500 , C2_5_003.png )

> News
Gena flips through the channels a bit, there are a few funny video compilation shows on, a gritty hero show, a parody show, and this one horror documentary show that other kin have been RAVING about online. You should probably check it out sometime. Eventually the two of you settle on a campy horror flick from 40 years ago that’s set to start in a few minutes. In the meantime it seems to be showcasing the evening news. The caption “GENE THERAPY CLINIC FOUND GUILTY OF SELLING POWER WEAPONS TO TERRORISTS” can be seen at the top while an extremely busty fox girl with a seductive voice reads the news.

Our top story today, a gene clinic in the Ulstebury district of Donjon has been found to be complicit in a company crushing scandal. The facility “PX-Become” originally provided general gene therapy, transition surgery, and body modification, but has instead been found to use the leftover genetic material from procedures to copy the powers of awakened and distill them into single use consumables. The suspected purpetrator of the event TINA CARTHOLEM was said to have taken one of these consumables and fled the premises with most of them. She is dangerous and still at large.

Andrea: Shiiiit. That’s where I went and got my mods all those years ago. Well, at least my power’s not all that useful if you distill it. Caffeine or a Stamina Liquor would probably have the same effect.
Gena: Shhh, there’s more.

No. 1001730 ID: afe7de
File 162198210624.png - (20.98KB , 500x500 , C2_5_004.png )

These “Power Capsules” were sold on the black market and were mostly used to frame Awakened for various crimes, since this news has been put to light, over 13 incarcerated Awakened individuals have been freed from prison and compensated for their loss due to this revelation. Interrogation with remaining members of the clinic has revealed that even those who Awakened after surgery can still have their flesh used to create consumables, however the materials left at the scene have been confiscated and subsequently destroyed. If you are an awakened and have used a gene therapy clinic in the past 15 years, even if you awakened after your last usage, please register your power with your local government office to prevent any potential future damages. This is Foxy Cox of CANINI NEWS signing off.

Gena: Well at least they destroyed the leftover stuff. Kinda shitty they’re STILL trying to enforce the whole carding of power users thing though.
Andrea: Eh, I had to do it as a cop, didn’t really lose anything from it.
Gena: Well I wouldn’t wanna do it, too much of a hassle, I don’t like the government knowing more about me then they already do. Considering how much data social media gets on me just from my browsing history alone, I’m not a big fan of it.
Andrea: So be like me, don’t use social media! Oooh, ooh, the movies starting!

No. 1001731 ID: afe7de
File 162198211646.png - (93.58KB , 500x500 , C2_5_005.png )

> Campy Horror Film
The two grab fistfuls of popcorn and shove it deep in their maws, the sound of slurping from their smoothies can be heard as an ominous tune starts playing. The camera pans through the ground and you see skeletons underneath, buried in their coffins, it starts panning higher and there’s an increasing number of worms in the ground squirming up towards the surface. Eventually the camera reaches the surface and you see two men, the young dog in a hood looks hesitant and speaks up.

Dog: Y’know. This might not be a good idea, we need the money, but if we stick around too long THEY might show up.

The other man, a cat with a large facial scar and completely missing ear barks at the dog.

Cat: Youse thinkses I dont know that? We digses him up, get the watch, and skeedaddle. Don Comachio promised us food and shelter for it, somefin about a familial heirloomb or some shit.

The dog raises his shovel and turn around, startled by a noise, but dismisses it. A clunk is heard as the two reach a coffin, after a bit more effort the Cat pries it open, and a flood of thick, sausage sized worms are wriggling about inside of it.

Dog: The fuck is th-
No. 1001732 ID: afe7de
File 162198213106.png - (102.19KB , 500x500 , C2_5_006.png )

Suddenly, a body buried underneath all the worms pops out and pounces on the Dog. The worms scatter in the air and many land on the Cat, he doesent pay attention as he tries to pull the corpse off of his partner.


Andrea: Hahahaha, these fucking idiots.

The acting is extremely poor in this scene as the Cat swings their shovel wildly, completely missing the corpse, tripping and falling instead in the coffin filled with worms. He screams as he is assaulted by these thick worms as they attempt to enter his various orifices. Muffled screams are heard as the camera pans up. A final shout is made by the Dog Mickey.

No. 1001733 ID: afe7de
File 162198214055.png - (103.44KB , 500x500 , C2_5_007.png )

The dog’s eyes turn red ominously and an explosion can be heard as the camera pans over the graveyard. The logo appears. “BRAIN WORMS 5: RETURNING CRISIS.”

Gena: I still never got why they didn’t pull out their guns.
Andrea: Gotta build up suspense, right? All that plot from the last 4 movies doesn't matter right?
No. 1001734 ID: afe7de
File 162198215070.png - (68.48KB , 500x500 , C2_5_008.png )

The camera fades to black and you are introduced to a youthful man in his 30s, he’s fit, strong, and wearing a padded suit that has been weathered away by constant alcohol spills and blood. His name is DON COMACHIO, played by actor Lemmy Chavowits and it’s the 5th year since the BRAIN WORMS have struck. You’ve secured a compound for yourself and your fellow survivors, you’ve even made an avenue for trade with them, offering your FIREARM PRODUCTION SERVICES for their ABUNDANT FOOD SUPPLIES. You basically produce bullets for them and they give you food.

You recently sent two troublemakers, Mickey and Mortimer, on a night run to get your pa’s old watch. He’s been dead for 10 years, so there’s little chance he’s been worm’d, but just in case you didn’t send your top men to do it. It’s been 12 hours since they went out, you’d be worried, but they mattered just that little to you. There hasn’t been a crisis in a few months and things have been stable.

What happens to add DRAMA and STRESS to the situation?

Rather than controlling one character specifically, you control the scene and the events, want the dog and cat from earlier to come back as super zombies? Sure! An insurgency from inside the compound threatens to take it over? Awesome, get creative and I’ll take the suggestions and warp em into something.

Oh, and feel free to say if you want Andrea and Gena to speak up MORE or LESS, They’ll be piping in every now and again as of right now, but thats open for audience manipulation.
No. 1001748 ID: c25c45

Little did Don know that the Brain Worms take about 5 years to fully mature. When an adult brainworm infects a living host, instead of becoming a shambling and zombielike wormhusk, they become cunning stealth predators with limited shapeshifting capabilities, even retaining slivers of the host's intelligence and personality.

Which is a shame since Mortimer and Micky were exposed to tons of the mature adult forms.

They turn up, quieter than usual and with what looks like every wormhusk in the region on their heels but otherwise not seeming hurt or distressed. The charade works long enough for them to kill the guards at the gates and open the compound up to the horde.
No. 1001757 ID: 0fae41

A capsule falls from the sky containing an apology from the aliens that released the brainworms by accident and a sample of a 'cure' to brainworms. Don wants to find someone with even a slim chance of reproducing and distributing the cure but everyone wants it RIGHT NOW.
No. 1001761 ID: 094652

General Script:
The infected in this movie are a hate group that worship an eldritch entity called the Devoured Eye, and are obsessed with purity of hatred. Unlike most horror monsters, they use conventional firearms to frame their targets for murder, and only target beings with a specific type of 'aura' that only they can see (heat vision style from their perspective). Tensions arise as some of the survivors' families join the cult while others lose family members and blame their neighbors.

Towards the end of the movie, it gets weirder and worse. Infected dedicate more of themselves to their god until they turn outright religiously-suicidal (against the Brain Worms' established instinct for preservation of the hive) and a tiny minority go rogue from the sheer insanity. The survivors themselves have visions about the Devoured Eye and the other cosmic horrors inhabiting the space between spaces. One of the survivors has a revelation about all religion, snaps completely, and goes on an anti-religious crusade of their own, burning down a church in the middle of mass and effectively discrediting the survivors' attempts to warn the public about the cult by painting them as domestic terrorists preying on a D&D group.

For the ending, the survivors successfully reveal the existence of the brain worms, but the damage is done. The broken masquerade lights the powder keg and the entire town devolves into a bloody turf war, even as the brain worms are driven completely extinct. The closing shot is of a hallucination the last survivor has of an angelic being walking through the chaos... that does a West Fluxtopian salute.
No. 1001762 ID: e7c7d3

The real monsters weren't the brain worm zombies, but kin themselves!
No. 1001764 ID: 96c896

OH SHIT OH FUCK that's the other doctor present at Cat's surgery! That means... if the doctor has his pill, and someone uses it, he'll know Cat's power. There's... nothing we can do about it. Aside from perhaps getting a Favor from Iraphena to deal with it without letting Nunitus know? She should have enough connections.

A dead body's found. A fresh one. There's a murderer!
No. 1001769 ID: e51896

At some point, the actor Lemmy Chavowits needs to awaken during a scene...

not now though, just at the right moment on a specifically good scene

for now, a jumpscare where you think it is a worm, but it is actually turns out to be a caterpillar.
No. 1001860 ID: afe7de
File 162208902761.png - (105.44KB , 500x500 , C2_5_009.png )

> A jumpscare
You look to the floor and see a HUGE WORM that you didn’t see before, you get so scared you scream and pull out your COLT PYTHON and fire haphazardly at it. The beast is slain, but upon further examination it just turns out to be a huge caterpillar instead. You swear you’re going to increase cleaning shifts around here so something like this doesn't happen again, what if it was a real BRAIN WORM. The camera follows you as you walk through the compound, stopping for 2 seconds on each of these minor side characters. They used to be important in the previous movies, but the camera focuses mostly on DON CAMACHIO.

Andrea: Kinda bullshit how all the other side characters are taking the backseat in this movie. I want that one buff bunny cop to get some more spotlight.
Gena: Yeah, it’s a bit dumb, Lenny probably let the fame from the other movies get to his head.

> Micky and Mortimer return
> A dead body is found
You eventually reach the outside of the compound and can see the central bonfire being lit. It smells of copper, burnt liver, and fur. Looks like someone died. You head to the fire and notice the two buffoons, looks like they made it back alright. You take a good look in their eyes, and for a split second you thought you saw them glowing red. Must’ve been your imagination.

You: Who died?
Mortimer: One of the guards. He was too far out when we were coming back and was swarmed by a few worm-husks. There’s a fucking wave of them out there, headed in this general direction.
No. 1001861 ID: afe7de
File 162208903759.png - (64.15KB , 500x500 , C2_5_010.png )

Mortimer tosses you your father’s watch. It’s cracked and coated in dried blood but you have a clockmaker on staff so it shouldn’t be too hard to fix. You pocket the device.

You: Thanks for that. Like we agreed, you’re welcome to the compound and the food we have. You’re one of us now.
Mickey: I’m feckin hungry. Let’s get some chow.

The two leave and you do a double take on the two. You could swear you see blood at the fringes of their sleeves, but you dismiss it, it’s probably nothing. You look out on the horizon. The compound is on a large hill. And it looks like there is a swarm about a half a days walk out heading in your general direction. You click your tongue and gather your troops, sieges never end well. But you’re more prepared for it then ever as long as NOTHING BAD HAPPENS. It takes a few hours but everyone’s prepared and ready for the siege, it looks like they’ll arrive tomorrow morning, so you all get some rest as quickly as possible.

Gena: Ugh, this is sooooo contrived.
Andrea: I know right. Just watch, he’s going to have like an army of brain husks on him from the inside and out, it’s gonna be a disaster.

The middle of the night comes and you hear screams and gunfire. But the husks weren’t supposed to arrive for a few more hours. You pull out your COLT PYTHON and prowl the hallways. There’s blood everywhere and a few corpses scattered about. You double tap them, making sure to hit the brains to prevent further reanimation. The sound of worms crawling and scratching fills the hallways as the music increases in intensity and a sense of dread is produced. Down the hallway you see bright glowing red eyes and then the sound of claws scraping against the ground, the being rushes down the hallway and you give chase.
No. 1001862 ID: afe7de
File 162208904941.png - (74.05KB , 500x500 , C2_5_011b.png )

The movie tries to build tension but it feels incredibly contrived. It’s quite dark and Lenny doesn't even try to go for a flashlight before he’s pounced upon by some unknown creature. It’s a fracas, there’s kicks and screams and gunfire until eventually a bloodied Lenny kicks the creature off, pushes off the ground and hops back up, landing a shot right between the eyes before saying his catch-phrase directly into the camera.

You: Camachio THIS.

> The brain worms have EVOLVED
BLAM! The creature is slain, a crack in the roof produces some moonlight and Lenny gets a good view of the creature, its… its… Micky? But he’s different…

You: My Goddess. The brain worms have EVOLVED?!?!?
No. 1001863 ID: afe7de
File 162208905781.png - (141.81KB , 500x500 , C2_5_012.png )

You rush through the corridors, picking up a crowbar on the way to your daughter’s room. When you enter you see your daughter, scared and in the corner, there are thick worms surrounding her and she has nowhere to go. But to your right you see the ARMADILLO SCIENTIST MARIDETH, and the BUNNY COP ANDARIA. They’re both firing at a clawed figure, probably Mortimer.


Daughterina: Save me Papa!
Andaria: DON, Stop this first, she can handle a few worms, this thing is VICIOUS!
Marideth: Mortimer, get a hold of yourself!!!!
Mortimer???: Heh heh, I bet you ladies taste EGGSELENT. I’ll deal with you in a moment DON.

You now have A CHOICE. Do you fight through the worms and rescue your daughter, letting one or both of your senior officers die, only Andaria is a real combatant, or do you rescue your senior officers, letting your daughter potentially get infected by the brain worms. There’s no known cure, and she could even turn into one of those clawed beasts, but your senior officers are essential to running this compound and inter-colonial negotiations, without them it will be incredibly difficult moving forward.

No. 1001864 ID: 0fae41

Save your daughter. You can always promote new officers.
No. 1001867 ID: e51896

You reach out to your daughter, pointing with your left arm to her and called out to her that you'll save her!

Your left arm has your father's watch, and upon reaching out for your daughter and pointing at her with your left arm and calling her name, you shoot out a small bright star shaped projectile, and it surrounds your daughter in a protective dome of light upon impact, shielding her and defeating the worms around her! It turns out your father's watch is a magical watch that can shoot beams of light to defeat the worms!

(in reality, this was the moment when actor Lemmy Chavowitz has first awakened and accidentally used his BLINDING LIGHT awakened ability on set. All the movie staff behind the scenes were freaking the fuck out because 40 years ago when this movie was filmed, was also the time when lots of people started awakening in the world, and awakening was relatively new at the time. Lemmy was noted as the first movie actor who has awakened. Thankfully his awakened ability doesn't actually hurt anyone and just shoots light projectiles that explode into a harmless domes of light)
No. 1001868 ID: e51896

Also, because the reactions of all the actors were so genuine of Lemmy's new awakened power (Lemmy included), the director decided to keep the scene in the movie and decided to change the story around to fit this new watch Deus Ex Machina moment. This was the only scene in the movie that actually actually had Golden Oscar Roscoe worthy acting
No. 1001869 ID: 2c3010

Tell your daughter to GET STOMPING while you save your officers. If she's yours, she'll pull through.
No. 1001871 ID: c25c45

Fight through to save daughter, only to find that it was a trap she was already an evolved wormhost!

It was really a breakout moment for Daughterina's actor cause she was seriously scary during the reveal
No. 1001886 ID: 094652

As morbid as it sounds, save your officers over your daughter. They trusted you, and you need party members with real experience if you want to take five steps past the front door in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Yell at your daughter to curl into a ball and cover her mouth. Then go to town on Morty.

"Hey Morty! Just so we're clear, I'm the one who plowed and ate your sister!"
"JK Morty you're fired."
No. 1001979 ID: afe7de
File 162218044312.png - (87.18KB , 500x500 , C2_5_013.png )

> Save your daughter
> But there’s a twist
You reach out to your daughter and another beloved catch-phrase comes out of you.

You: I don’t care about brain worms, she’s my daughtah!!!

When suddenly a blinding light flashes through the camera and every actor in the scene is in shock. A dome of light surrounds daughterina and the worms approaching her burn with an intensity, vanishing into dust. A quiet pan around the room focuses on each of the actors in their own states of shock. Everyone’s expressions are genuine. Daughterina is in awe, shock is in Mortimer’s face. Andaria’s eyes go wide and Marideth remains stoic. The camera catches a shot of you looking at your hands, questioning what you just did.

You: But what you DIDN’T KNOW was that MY FATHER’S WATCH has SUPERPOWERS. Hey MORTY, you’re fired.
No. 1001980 ID: afe7de
File 162218045346.png - (119.76KB , 500x500 , C2_5_014.png )

Mortimer is in shock and breaks character a bit wondering what the fuck is going on when you blast him in the dome. You did it, you saved your daughter and your senior officers, and now you’re even more bad-ass. The room is silent and you walk over to Daughterina, trying to pick her up and get her up on her paws.

Gena: You know, this was the first recorded incident of an awakening being filmed. Not the first awakening, but definitely the first movie star. S’ probably why this movie’s still popular even today, it’s got historical value.
Andrea: Yeah, I heard the reactions of everyone were so genuine that the entire shot after Lenny used his powers was kept in, it won them some awards just from the raw emotion of this one scene.
Gena: Oh yeah and the next one too, this movie may be cliche as all hell, but its got some good points.

No. 1001981 ID: afe7de
File 162218047464.png - (88.82KB , 500x500 , C2_5_015.png )

> Daughterina’s betrayal
Daughterina gets up but her eyes start to glow, in a panic you duck and she jumps over you. Her form begins shifting and her expression twists. The tension is palpable and you can feel some genuine goosebumps at the scene. Daughterina’s actress is really channeling her inner terror bouncing off of that previous scene. It was the breakout moment for her, really.

Daughterina: What’s the matter DADDY? If you love me, let me FEAST ON YOU!

You’re wracked with indecision as Marideth drags you out of the room, and Andaria fends her off.

Andaria: DON! We have to STOP HER. Something’s DIFFERENT About HER.


You could lock her in the room, it’s the safer option, maybe gives you an opportunity to study the new worm-husk evolutions. Or you could end her with your pistol and new powers. You could also disable her, shoot out her limbs and leave her here. Worm husks have never been able to REGENERATE before, and you’d still be able to keep your now wormonic daughter. It’s a tough call, but your officers trust your decision making.
No. 1001982 ID: 96c896

Contain her. Study her so you know your enemy, and maybe... maybe you'll find a way to save her.
Maybe she can learn to fight the influence of the worms on her own.
No. 1001985 ID: 0fae41

Shoot out her limbs. You're stupid, but you're not that stupid. But you're ultimately still holding the idiot ball.
No. 1001997 ID: e51896

Andaria should shoot her limbs out to disable her, against Don's protests. (Andrea is cheering!)

We can't lock her in the room as it will just give her the chance to escape through the window, and killing her will not give us a way to study Daughterino's mutation and the worms to figure out a way to cure people and stop the worms.

However, in a bit of body horror, minutes after her limbs were shot, Daughterino mutates even more into a more monstrous form... and a giant pulsating worm bursts out of the top of her head... it's the QUEEN WORM. More giant worms burst out of her body acting as tentacles to help her move, acting as new limbs to make up for the ones that got shot. Apparently she's been infected for much longer than you all thought.

She grabs and tears Don's left arm off with one of the giant worm tentacles to prevent him from using his father's watch again.
No. 1002002 ID: be4b98

Do nonlethal takedown, don't realise it didn't work until she has already escaped.
No. 1002017 ID: 094652

Don: "I'm not shooting my daughter in the face-"
>Daughter pounces on Don and shoves his gun in her face while her other hand claws at his neck
>Andaria shoots her in the back of her neck
Andaria: "Backdoor, bit-"
No. 1002067 ID: afe7de
File 162227145499.png - (80.81KB , 500x500 , C2_5_016.png )

> Hesitation
You: I’m not shooting my daughter in the face-

Daughterina pounces on you and shoves your gun in her face while the other hand raises up, getting ready to claw at your neck.

Andaria: Backdoor, b*t*h

> Contain her
> Disable her
Andaria shoots the arm getting ready to claw you, causing it to fall limp.

Andrea: WOOO, FUCK. HER. UP!
Gena: Hahahahahah.

You stop hesitating and shoot the other arm, kicking your daughter off, maybe you can find a way to help her, find a CURE. She’s just laughing and it’s unnerving you and your companions.

You: We can’t leave her here. Maybe put her in the prison?
Marideth: Goddess this is a shitshow, maybe we can find more about this situation, maybe she’s not all gone.
Daughterina: Oh bayybeeee I’ve been gone for SOOOOOO long Heheheheheheh. A RECKONING is COMING.
No. 1002068 ID: afe7de
File 162227146660.png - (162.57KB , 500x500 , C2_5_017.png )

Daughterina keeps saying vaguely threatening and terrifying things as you head down to the prison room, it’s a repurposed room made of reinforced glass, you think it was used for scientific research in the past, or housing. There are holes for breathing and it’s glass so you can see in inside it, but other than a pad on the floor there’s nothing in the room. You toss her in there and lock it. She shambles about and sits up, her limbs are disabled, but you can see her moving her fingers, she might not stay that way.

You: Fuuuuck. Is she regenerating?
Marideth: Remarkable, maybe we should cut off her limbs?
Andaria: We should seriously kill her. What is she evolves?

Gena: Shouldn’t have said that.
Andrea: Like seriously don’t tempt fate UGHHHH

Daughterina keeps laughing, it’s getting more and more maniacal, Worms start coming out of her mouth, filling the room, which is impressive considering how small she is. Eventually the glass wall is covered in worms and the three of you have no idea what to do.
No. 1002069 ID: afe7de
File 162227147918.png - (85.42KB , 500x500 , C2_5_018.png )

> She evolves
So you take a seat and watch. Andaria says she’s going to get a fire bomb, this shit is too weird and you don’t say anything. It’s your baby, your daughter, she’s going to be gone soon. And you’ll have an even bigger problem to deal with soon. If only all forms of long distance communication hadn’t been destroyed in the apocalypse. You heave a big sigh. The worms are starting to dissipate as Andaria comes back and you look inside seeing two Daughterinas.

Gena: You know, I heard that they did this so that they could give Daughterina’s sister a job.
Andrdrea: How is she wearing clothes though…

Daughterina 1: Let us out Daddy.
Daughterina 2: The world is already ours Daddy.
Daughterina 1: Join us Daddy. Just let the worms in.
Daughterina 1&2: Let us In Daddy, Let us in. It’s painless. And you’ll become… MORE.
Andaria: Don’t listen to her, this must be a trick, just another way to let the worms take over.
Marideth: What if she’s not. If they can do this, isn’t it only a matter of time before we’re overrun.
Marideth: At least if we do this voluntarily we’ll be the ones in control of the new world order.
Andaria: Marideth what the fuck?
Marideth: Think about it, Regeneration, maybe even powers? But whats the end goal? Can she eat? Does she need to eat? The husks have been around for this long and haven’t decayed contrary to modern scientist. Whose to say this isn’t the evolution.
Daughterina 2: Yesss, listen to the smart one.
Daughterina 1: If you agree now, we can convert everyone here. Who could stop us then? We make the weapons.
No. 1002071 ID: 094652

"Marideth, stop talking high treason or high noon will be the last thing you see. You want these worms' superpowers so bad? Fine. But you're doing the research and you're reverse-brainwashing one of the worm clusters.
Andaria, do a sweep of the base with security and the construction crew. I want every worm captured or incinerated and I want every hole plugged with solid concrete. I don't care how much damage it does to the base as long as we can sleep in it naked. Nobody gets to relax until we're sure that the worms have died of starvation.
Get Salabuchi over here. I hate the sick bastard for what he's done, but after seeing this? He's the only one who can keep my daughter under control. You hear that, you invertebrate limp-sausages? You have her memories, you know what he'll do to her, and you know he'll do twenty times as much to every last one of you!
Goddess, I need a nice barrel of powdered eggs. And make sure you soak all the food in EPS to kill any worm eggs! Yes that includes the chips! "
No. 1002074 ID: 0fae41

Pull out a second gun and SAVE THE WORLD from this regenerative menace.
No. 1002079 ID: e51896

After thinking long and hard about it, and arguing about saving his daughtah saying "I don't care about taking over the world, the apocalypse, or the brain worms, SHE'S MY DAUGHTAH...s!" Don finally realizes through interrogations that Marideth has FREAKIN' BEEN EXPERIMENTING ON HIS DAUGHTAH WITH THE WORMS BEHIND HIS BACK THE WHOLE TIME, even throughout the previous two movies!

The hints was all there, all to make Daughterina a powerful biological weapon to help Marideth take control of the world, helping her evolutions, and using this exact moment as the final driving force to convince you to take over the world! (would also explain why she was so stoic and not shocked when you used your watch's weird superpower, Daughterina wasn't harmed.)

You curse yourself for neglecting your daughter and letting Marideth do this as you were too focused on stopping the worms the whole time.

(Also, MariDEATH... seriously? this movie is so cheesy and on the nose with their hints)
No. 1002088 ID: e51896

Don puts Marideth at gunpoint and demands to cure his daughtah after what she's done to her, but Marideth just laughs and says it's already too late.

Seeing Marideth in trouble, the two daughterinas break out to save who they call their "mother" and their real parent, much to Don's dismay.
No. 1002098 ID: eb1fcc

what if the clothes are made out of worm silk or something? Aren't they like, distantly related to silkworms in the lore?

Anyhow we love our daughter but she's never been good at major life choices. Remember that fuckboy Geoff? The one that she later turned out to only be dating her to get at the food storage for his weird food fetish? Remind her of that while she's the thrall of an evil worm.
No. 1002110 ID: afe7de
File 162235513837.png - (83.61KB , 500x500 , C2_5_019.png )

> Marideth no, what?
You: Marideth: Stop talking High treason or high noon will be the last thing you see.
Marideth: But don, don’t you see, this is the future. She’s pretty much in control of her faculties, minus the y’know homicidal tendencies, but most kin are like that anyway!
Andaria: Most KIN don’t have claws and sharp teeth like that!
You: Get Salabuchi over here, I hate that sick bastard, but after seeing this? He’s the only one who can keep things under control.

You insult the worms, calling them limp sausages as Andaria heads out to snag Salabuchi. You enter an intense debate with Marideth when you realize something. She’s fighting really passionately to turn everyone into worms, something’s fishy here…

You: I don’t care about taking over the world, the apocalypse, or the brain worms, SHE’S MY DAUGHTAH…s!
No. 1002111 ID: afe7de
File 162235515825.png - (85.63KB , 500x500 , C2_5_020.png )

>Keep her at gunpoint
You pull out your gun and point it at her.

Gena: YEAH.
Gena: Just googled it, the Worms from this are based on some kind of silkworm, so they can make silk, so the “Canon” reason is they just made the clothes out of silk.

Marideth: You. What’re you doing?!?
You: You. You’ve been experimenting on her behind our backs haven’t you? Thought you had us all tricked, but this doesent add up. I neglected my daughter and let you take care of her for so long and you didn’t even respond when I did that light thingy. You’ve been doing this for the last 2 years!!??!?
Marideth: Hahah, what are you talking about don, you’re going nuts over there.
You: Cure. My. Daughtah.

Marideth is starting to sweat, you can’t tell if its because of the gun, or because she’s been caught. Maybe both. Suddenly her attitude changes and she just laughs.

Marideth: It’s already too late for them, you’re only option left is to join us.

You fire at her but she dodges and your twin daughters start pounding at the glass wall, it shakes and cracks start to form.

You: Oh shit.
Daughterina 1&2: Protect the MOTHER. Protect the QUEEN.

Gena: Why do these idiots always wait to the last minute dramatically, BAM, end it immediately, now it’s just gonna go bad
No. 1002112 ID: afe7de
File 162235517446.png - (63.07KB , 500x500 , C2_5_021.png )

Marideth points her finger at you and it extends several meters, it flies past your neck as you do a cartwheel to avoid it. The finger retracts as your two daugters(?) break free of their prison and grab Marideth, rushing out of the compound. You try to give chase but trip on an inconveniently placed crate. After getting up Andaria comes around the corner to meet you and you hear screams. “There’s no time” you shout as the two of you dash through the compound to the exterior, a load of bodies piled up in the courtyard. You point your finger and a blast of light heads towards them, but they dodge roll backwards, causing the projectile to miss entirely.

Andaria: Fuck. Everyone’s dead. Even Salabuchi.
You: We need to get to Fernshire, we need to warn them, but how.

Gena: see this is what I don’t get. They saw that the evolved husks were faster than them. Like the husks could obveously get there first. Their better option would be to just fuck off somewhere else. Go to another camp, there was that one in the third movie that started a war with them, they have guns, c’mon.
Andrea: It wouldn’t be a campy horror film if people used their brains Gena, don’t overanalyze it that much.
Gena pouts and grumbles, slurping on her slushee.

Marideth and the twins are both backing up slowly, Marideth opens the gate and you see a large mob of worm-husks shambling towards you. In a last ditch effort you try to reach out to your daughter.

You: Daughterina, come on! This isn’t you! Remember Geoff? That guy who turned out to only date you to eat food? Remember how you freaked out but only lightly bapped him on the head. You were kind and innocent, not a crazed murderer. Come on, Snap out of it Daughtah of mine! You have to fight the worm!

Daughterina 1 clutches her head and starts to convulse, Daughterina 2, stares you down, keeping an eye on your guns and standing in front of Marideth. The faintest of hope starts building up in you. But it’s immediately dashed as Daughterina 1 starts laughing and stares at you, Daughterina 2 joins in.

Daughterina 1&2: HAHA you really fell for it, what a chump. Daddy it’s over. Even with your power there’s no stopping this. You’re done.
Marideth: Just give up already. You’ve had a good run, it’s the worm’s time now.
Andaria: FUCK. Well. There’s always option D.
You: God DAMN IT. This isn’t over. I’ll find a way to fix you sweetie!

You fire a bolt of light at the horde and they stop in their tracks, almost scared to pass. So you take Andaria by the arm and run. Daughterina’s 1 & 2 both get up to follow but Marideth holds out her arms to stop them.
No. 1002113 ID: afe7de
File 162235519360.png - (94.57KB , 500x500 , C2_5_022.png )

Marideth: No. We know where they’re going anyway, just let the husks handle them. We have our own plans to go through with, isn’t that right?.

Marideth holds up several extremely thick worms, they’re normally a pinkish brown, but these are a deep blood red. She pockets them and walks through the crowd with the two girls. The light field dissipates and the camera fades, following our two heroes. The two head through the compound, dead bodies beginning to animate, but they’re still getting up so you have time to shoot them as you run. You head to the ammunition room and stock up, getting your survival equipment and armor. It takes only a minute because of how prepped you are. You close the door tight, lock it, and put heavy crates in front of it, no one should be able to get in now.

Andaria: Fuuuuuck, who’d have thought it would end like this. 3 years of work. Fucking Gone. Hundreds of kin, fucking dead. All from a sneak attack by the worms.
You: It’s not over yet. There’s still the sewers.
Andaria: You know how bad it is down there, we might have better luck just mowing through the husks.
You: We have to chance it. They could see us up there, plus, as long as you didn’t tell Marideth about the tunnel, we might be able to beat her to Fernshire. Mount a defensive.
Andaria: She knows. She was third in command after all.
You: Well fuckitty fuck fuck fuck.
Andaria: Hey, we’ve been together the longest. We got this.

Andrea: Same tbh.

You discuss some more but come to the same conclusion, you have to go in the sewers and and get to Fernshire before the trio do. So you pop a secret hatch in the back and head down. What follows is a series of quiet moments followed by jumpscares and intense, gory combat sequences with wormhusks in the sewers. You use your light powers and it’s easy to make it through. They’re the kind that showed up in the second movie, able to swim fast in water. You remember trying to get away by going on a yacht but they found you anyway. It’s a tough and grueling several hour hike but eventually you make it out of the sewers with Andaria, but the sight before your eyes shocks you.
No. 1002114 ID: afe7de
File 162235520499.png - (12.22KB , 500x500 , C2_5_023.png )

Fernshire is on fire, the wormhusks got here before you, and sitting just outside the cave is Marideth and one of your daughters. They’re bloody, but intact. The two look at you and laugh.

Marideth: It’s been a LONG time coming, but that’s it, you all are doomed. I’ve converted the leadership here and we destroyed the compound. And we’re going to do this. Over. And Over. And Over. Until everyone’s a husk and this is our planet. It’s great too, because we can use these.

She pulls out a thick and bulbous red Worm, wiggling it around in front of you.

Marideth: To not only convert kin to husks like us, but to also regenerate mostly intact wormhusks to their former glory. Well, except the ones who got their brains shot out. You’ve LOST. Give up and join us already. You’ll be my king on this conquest of earth.

You look around and realize that you are surrounded, you see glowing eyed versions of your former companions, and even some of your former enemies that you once thought dead. You give Andaria a look and she seems similarly helpless.

Gena: You know, like. How many movies actually go the corruption route.
Andrea: Like very few. He’s just gonna fucking whine and scream into the sky or some shit and it’ll cut to black.
Gena: Yeah then the next movie a helicopter will swoop in and save them or some shit and there’s this organization of Awakened or something.
Gena: Power versus power, who will win?
Andrea: Let’s at least finish it, maybe we’ll be surprised.

What do you do in your final moments?

A. Pull out a bomb, strong enough to destroy the city, and pull the trigger.
B. Fight until you can’t any longer.
C. Succumb and convert.
D. Scream hoplelessly to the sky with the text “To Be Concluded” appearing above you.
E. Other (user suggestion)

This decision will decide the end of the movie, and after it ends, the next segment will begin.
No. 1002115 ID: 0fae41

A. Kingdom come.
No. 1002117 ID: 96c896

A, but it's just the watch wrapped around a block of C4. Destroying the watch causes a huge explosion of light which kills the husks and not the heroes, but the light power won't be used in any sequels.
Hell, if we're going for a Glorious Good Ending the light explosion might cure the "smart" husks.
No. 1002118 ID: f8fa51

D, but they never made a sequel. This has made ripe soil in which fans have written their own endings.
No. 1002120 ID: 094652

"... I hope you knew what you were doing, dad... Andaria, I'm... I'm sorry..."

Fiddle with the watch's settings, half-remembering the 'overdrive' mode that would amplify your powers to suicidal levels.
The one that he claimed his cult claimed would bring to its victims "a century of unending, purposeless agony. Followed by actual judgement."

Scream in horror as what appears to be the light-aligned ghost of a giant brain worm erupts from the watch and devours everyone.

End credits.
No. 1002122 ID: 08df8b

Oooh, this but it only cures daughterina 1.
It also doesn't kill marideth or daughterina 2 but you only find that out in a post-credits jumpscare.
No. 1002129 ID: 886171

C. Let's go down the corruption route for once.
And then John was a Zombie.
No. 1002135 ID: 65c2ba



But The post credits scene is merideth and Daughterina 2 talking with Don's father from the beginning of the movie at the graveyard (they escaped the explosion). He asked them if Don took the watch as according to plan, which they confirm but tell him he exploded it.

He says it matters not, the first domino has already fallen. Then he explains that the watch has done its job at transferring most of its power back to the demon god of worm which has been hiding and sleeping within Don since his birth and all his life; and it is only a matter of time that the demon god of worms itself will awaken, and Don shall know his place as the demon god of worms.

After Daughterina 2 mentions Don's unwillingness, It ends with the father saying "I don't care if he doesn't want to rule the planet yet... HE'S MY SON!"
No. 1002188 ID: afe7de
File 162243069224.png - (151.61KB , 500x500 , C2_5_024.png )

> A
It’s over, You didn’t want to have it come to this, but it’s better to destroy the city then to let them go out into the wider world, conquering it all. You pull out a chunk of C4, your father’s watch tied around it and twist the top of it, setting it to ‘Overdrive’.

You: I hope you knew what you were doing dad, Andaria, I’m… I’m sorry…
Andaria: We had a good run, didn’t we.
Marideth: Hah, you think a simple bomb will be enough to stop us?

You slam the bomb down on the floor and with a beep you feel the ground shake, but instead of an explosion, the C4 gets sucked into the watch, and the watch starts glowing and vibrating, raising into the air, before anyone has a chance to respond, a large explosion of light detonates, the watch desintegrates and you see the form of a Large, multi-eyed brain-worm. It stares at you, and the world turns white. The world comes back into focus, you’re not sure how much time has passed, but the smart husks near you are all dead, their heads blown clean off. Andaria and you are intact, but you feel a bit strange. You look to see Daughterina on the ground, and the arms of a second Daughterina and the leg of Marideth on the ground. You can’t see the rest of their bodies.

Your daughter gets up, sees you, and rushes over to you, giving you a big hug. She’s back to normal. You lament the loss of Marideth, but Andaria gets up and gives you a hug too. At least you have each-other. You can rebuild. The camera zooms into your eye as the final scene and we see the same light worm in his eye. The scene fades in and the credits roll.

Andrea: Ah yes, deus ex machina to the rescue.
Gena: Uuuughhhhhhhh I’m so ready to watch some PABE, let’s at least watch the post credits scene. We still have a minute.

No. 1002189 ID: afe7de
File 162243070674.png - (114.20KB , 500x500 , C2_5_025.png )

The credits roll by as a somber song plays in the background, it’s attempting to be sad but the two of you don’t really feel that way about it. Eventually the camera fades back in and we see a graveyard. Daughterina 2 can be seen with stubs growing where her arms used to be, Marideth can be seen with a bone leg. And Don’s father, Don Comachio Sr. Can be seen fully recovered sitting on a gravestone. He’s got a thick red worm circling around his hand. An eerie song plays in the background.

Don Sr: Did he take the watch according to plan?
Marideth: Yes, but he detonated it.
Don Sr: It matters not, the first domino has already fallen. It’s transferred the power back to his demon worm.
Don Sr: It’s only a matter of time until he AWAKENS and becomes a god among the husks, even if he doesen’t know it yet.
Don Sr: Junior will know his place as a god among Husks and Kin.
Daughterina 2: He seems unwilling, what if he fights the worm’s influence?
Don Sr: I don’t care if he doesen’t want to rule the planet yet… He’s my Sohn!

The camera pans up and we see one of the moons, covered in worms, it turns red and laughter can be heard. A black screen comes up with some white text saying “5 - END”

Gena: I guess it makes sense that they’re gonna lean harder into the supernatural with the next one. Since the Awakening phenomena began during it’s filming. Heard this one did surprisingly well.
Andrea: It’s like campy in a good way, but soooo cliche. He’s got like a god worm and he’ll still be a kin and it just uuughhh.
Andrea: Not that I don’t like the whole, kin can get strong and surpass anything dialogue.
Gena: But like it’d be so much cooler if they focused on the husks going forward, their motivations and struggles, the memories left, blegh. Let’s just watch PABE.
Andrea: YEahhh! It’s the championship battle! I heard its between Flicker and Skidder, I’m ready to see some BLOOD!
Gena: Yeah, its nothing like that shitty wrestling we had before, they actually go at it pretty hard.

Authors Note: Stay tuned for the next segment. This one will be brought to you by another quester on the site! Should be posted later today or tomorrow.
No. 1002190 ID: e51896
File 162243352817.png - (12.58KB , 500x500 , 001.png )

Hello, I'm Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid and I'll be the guest quest author for this segment of the CATALYST intermission. I will be mainly writing it out while Edmango will be giving me advice, story information, and some directions while also writing quips for Andrea & Gena throughout this segment.
Depending on how this segment goes, it may even branch off into a CATALYST spinoff quest I might write with Edmango's permission that takes place in the setting of this televised segment at a later date. We shall see. In any case, please enjoy!

Gena changes the channel, the two finish up their popcorn and smoothies, making a second batch of smoothies but filling them with more alcohol. Both of the girls are vibrating with excitement. The PABE or Planetary Awakened Battle Entertainment logo is on screen

Everything you’ve built up in life has led up to this very moment…
No. 1002191 ID: e51896
File 162243353702.png - (13.66KB , 500x500 , 002.png )

Your name is FLICKER, and you’re a female skunk and an AWAKENED FIGHTER employed under the PLANETARY AWAKENED BATTLE ENTERTAINMENT (PABE), a televised entertainment company that aims to bring all the strongest awakened fighters around the planet together to fight in matches for all to watch and enjoy.

You’re currently standing in the corridor, behind the large closed doorway leading to your future. Beyond the door is the most important match of your entire life: the fight against the current champion Skidder for the PABE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT. This is a belt which decides who the STRONGEST AWAKENED FIGHTER ON THE PLANET is.

Normally, you’re a pretty CHILL and STOIC skunk... but…
No. 1002192 ID: e51896
File 162243354270.png - (14.48KB , 500x500 , 003.png )

Right now, you are racked with ANXIETY. your mind is just far too preoccupied with so many stressful thoughts burdening you with worry!

FIRST: This is the most important match of your life, one that you’ve trained your entire life for, one in which if you win, you will become the STRONGEST AWAKENED FIGHTER ON THE PLANET. It was a GOAL you’ve had even before you’ve awakened as a teenager when you watched PABE that you would one day become an awakened fighter in the company, and become a champion fans can look up to. No one will ever call you weak again!

SECOND: Whoever holds the PABE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT also determines which of the CEO members of PABE becomes the BOSS of the entire company. There are three members, each who run their own team & are the progeny of the founder, Douglass Tervo, who has gone missing.
There is Crab Tervo, a female crab who wants to run the company and her team of fighters with a standard for good morals and fair fights. You fight for her under her team called “THE KINSHIP”
Then there's Ren Tervo, a male lobster who encourages his fighters to fight dirty and win by any means necessary, even cheat. His team is called “THE GUILLOTINES”. Skidder fights for Ren as his champion, making Ren the current BOSS of PABE.
Finally Goo Tervo, the only son of Douglass not related by blood. He’s an adopted scorpion who wants to conserve Douglass’ original vision, ideals, and goals placed on the PABE before he went missing 9 years ago. He always hated the idea of the CEO forming teams and would rather have fighters fight for themselves and for their personal growth. Nonetheless, his team is simply called “UNIFY”
If you lose this match, you’ll let Crab down, and Ren’s reign of terror over the company will continue.

THIRD: In previous bouts with the current champion Skidder, you’ve only been losing because the champion has been cheating. To remedy this, Crab, and Goo have made a deal with Ren to become extra eyes for this match to ensure no cheating occurs. But Ren, the dirty coward that he is, decided that he’ll agree to it only on the condition that if you lose, you won’t be allowed to fight for the championship belt again, potentially shattering your dreams. All the SACRIFICES that DRIVES you to make it this far… breaking up with your boyfriend in order to focus more on fighting and getting stronger, getting your SCENT GLAND surgically removed so that you can use your powers better, cutting ties with… him... all that would be for nothing if you lose this match...

FOURTH: you’ve heard from the CEO that a representative from the Heroes League is here looking for strong recruits to join them and will be spectating the match very closely. Despite the shady things you’ve heard the Heroes League have been pulling recently, getting the chance to become a member of the Heroes League is still a ginormous deal and honor all the same. You’re unsure if you should even join or not should it come to it. You suppose it all depends on if you win or lose, and what you’d want to do with your future after the match… you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it as there is so much to consider.
No. 1002193 ID: e51896
File 162243356233.png - (47.43KB , 500x500 , 004.png )

It’s too much, you need to keep your mind off of these troubling thoughts plaguing your mind, so you decide to briefly review your Awakened abilities, and think about Skidder’s abilities to mentally prepare yourself for the match. You pull up your STATUS WINDOW

Name: Kelsey Chavowits
Age: 30
Energy: 100/100 (1 energy is recharged every 5 minutes)


Blinding Light (3)

- User can shoot a small bright star projectile upon snapping their left fingers and pointing at a target, exploding into a harmless bright dome of light upon hitting the targeted area.
- Amount of energy used determines how big the dome can be, and/or how bright it can get, ranging from dimly lighting a dark area, to being bright enough to temporarily blind someone, or hurt a person’s eyes from looking at it.
- When the target is a creature, the user, or a moving surface, the dome of light follows wherever they go.
- User can’t be blinded by light.

Shrouded Shadow (3)

- User can shoot a small dark star projectile upon snapping their right fingers and pointing at a target, exploding in a harmless dark dome of shadow upon hitting the targeted area
- Amount of energy used determines how big the dome can be, and how dark it can get, ranging from darkening a dark area, to being absolutely pitch black.
- When the target is a creature, the user, or a moving target, the dome of shadow follows wherever they go.
- User can see in the dark

While your powers don’t actually harm people, it does help keep you hidden, and can blind your opponents for a short while. You’ve also been able to upgrade these powers for a long time, but… a lot of the upgrades in the ACHIEVEMENT STORE that you can get seems… morally questionable. It doesn’t help that the hints you are getting for more achievements are also becoming kind of disturbing. You decided a long time ago that you’re strong enough without upgrading or getting anymore achievements for one lifetime.

You next think about what you know about Skidder.

He is a spider, and His awakened ability is SLIDE, allowing him to move anywhere without actually moving his feet as long as any part of his body is touching a surface, moving almost as if he is sliding and at varying speeds. This extends to glancing blows SLIDING off of him, but they would still get caught on clothes. Direct hits can still hurt him like normal.

His sliding ability works really well whenever he pulls out his multiple limbs. Since he doesn’t need to use his legs to get around, he can easily use kicks as he slides around very easily, or even grab his opponent with all his limbs as he slides. His grabs are really hard to escape from, especially when he starts weaving his web around your body.

Speaking of which, he is also able to use his webs to slow his targets down. You’ll have to watch your step on where he shoots his sticky webs on the floor for example.

It’s no use, trying to assure yourself that things will be alright while comparing your skills to Skidder isn’t working. You just know your anxiety is just going to get the better of you, and you’ll probably slip up and make a mistake. Thinking of distractions to help block the negative thoughts just keep breaking down as those thoughts plow through into your mind. The high expectations of Crab, the SACRIFICES you made that could end up amounting to nothing, the match being a once in a lifetime opportunity, The Heroes League Representative studying your every move, the soothing acoustic music entering your ears…

Wait, what?
No. 1002194 ID: e51896
File 162243357283.png - (21.40KB , 500x500 , 005.png )

You turn to find where the source of where the music is coming from, and what you find is enough to almost make you squeal like a fangirl!

It’s El Secreto! He is a dwarf luchador known for his crazy acrobatics, and is one of the most legendary AWAKENED FIGHTERS in the PABE, and he’s just standing there, playing music on his guitar... for you!
He’s been in the company for around 25 years and during his prime, he had been undefeated for 7 years since he first began. And throughout his career, he has not once used his awakened power, even against the stronger fighters, making his power a mystery. Some wonder if he is awakened at all which makes him a huge inspiration to unawakened fans… though you know that isn’t the case since only fighters who are awakened are only allowed in PABE.
He’s getting on in age, but you’re sure he can still kick your ass if he wants to. Hell, he can even kick Skidder’s ass for the belt, but he has since insisted that he no longer wants to fight for the title and would rather let younger generations have their time in the spotlight.

You: E-e-e-e-el Secreto?! W-w-w-w-what are you doing here?!?

Gena: Kinda cool for him to show up for moral support, he doesn't really do that too often.
Andrea: Yeah I used to watch his fights, he was a fucking badass.

Oh shit, you’re stuttering is slipping through! You mainly try to speak with as few words as possible as to not reveal your speech impediment to the public. Being a woman with few words works with your GIMMICK as being the mysterious STOIC fighter anyway.

But you don’t think the stuttering matters too much, because you are face to face with freakin’ El Secreto! The stuttering could be warranted and seen as a result of being so shocked to see such a legendary fighter meeting you!

El Secreto: You seemed very apprehensive before your big match, Señorita. So I decided to serenade you with some music before the match to keep you at ease!

The sound of the music makes you feel like your entire body is getting a massage, with a pleasant tingling feeling coursing through your entire body. You feel your ANXIETY level lower to a more CALM state. The effectiveness of the music makes you wonder if his guitar is actually an artifact of some sort...

El Secreto: There you go, Señorita, I can see you are less tense than you were a few seconds ago.

You think you are a lot more CALM and collected to ignore those bad thoughts, and think about a plan of action for the match.You consider the items you decided to bring with you for the match.

Each fighter is allowed 2 items of their choosing during matches, as long as it has been approved by the CEO. And while weapons and artifacts are allowed, HIGH QUALITY artifacts, and LETHAL weapons are FORBIDDEN, as they hold potential for being too OP and dangerous, leading to severe injury or death.

Any items that can restore any of your stats like STAMINA or ENERGY are also allowed, but unfortunately, you did not seem to have anything like that when you checked your storage. They seemed to have gone missing. You assume somebody from THE GUILLOTINES had stolen those from you before the match.

Andrea: What do you think she’s gonna bring this time?
Gena: Rumor has it she found some SLIDING BOOTS that she could use, they have a limit but should let her counter Skidder, but I also heard another rumor that Skidder found some sort of STUNNING THING.
Andrea: Probably just rumors, but who knows, maybe they’re true. We’ll see, maybe we should place some bets.
Gena: I’m down, let’s see what they’re bringing to the table first.

What two items will Flicker bring with her to the match? (can be any item you want except for a LETHAL weapon, HIGH QUALITY artifact, or RECOVERY items. LOW QUALITY artifacts and NON-LETHAL weapons are fine. Try to consider what can counteract Skidder’s fighting style and power, and what can help your own fighting style and abilities)
No. 1002195 ID: 0fae41

A Thunder Stick. It's basically a baton. On contact with a surface, it emits a loud boom and discharges electricity. It's slow to charge, but even a glancing blow is sure to be shocking.
The second item is a non-stick spray squirtgun. Anywhere you spray it is going to be super slippery. Turn his mobility against him!
No. 1002197 ID: 8483cf

MAGNET GLOVES. If you punch something and magnetize it, you can pull whatever you hit towards yourself- if it's lighter than you. If you hit a wall, you'll be the one pulled.
No. 1002198 ID: 27218a

Inkweaving Paint Gun
This strange paintball gun from another world has the power to imbue supernatural properties into the liquid used as paint ammo. The paint is extremely dense yet reaches high-velocity when in contact with air particles; it's like having fat clouds for ammo. The paint soaks into anything solid, preserving most of its properties but altering it to be submersible from any foreign materials with lower densities of paint, allowing users to 'swim' in the paint-soaked solid until their paint density is equal to or exceeds the material's paint density.
Hidden Function: With sufficient paint, dying while submersed causes the user to respawn at the nearest specialized paint station. (Kelsey has not discovered this function yet, especially since the nearest paint station is on another continent)
Current Ammunition: "Kelsey's fluids".

A bio-organic creature in the shape of a sniper scope. The scope is made of hypersensitive material that can calculate weather conditions and even the flow of gravity within a limited radius. When a user attunes their DNA to the device, the creature will telepathically connect itself to the nervous system of the user. When the bioscope is attuned to a weapon, it will develop a basic understanding of weapon mastery over time and will gain knowledge and exp along with the user. There is also a mod slot for adding cybernetics, Augmented Reality devices, or a secret compartment.
Hidden Function: Any light that passes through the scope is amplified. Same goes for any dark powers.
Kelsey has attached an aimbot-AI to the mod.
This bioscope is attuned to Kelsey's DNA and the Inkweaving Paintball Gun.
The Bioscope is named "Neon".
No. 1002218 ID: afa6f6

This looks like the perfect place to re suggest this one:
Sugar Cane: A vaguely crook shaped cane, colored white, with red stripes. Striking an enemy with it covers an area around the strike in a hard and surprisingly tough candy coating, making the area hard to move. Striking a non living surface twice quickly creates an extremely sticky and sugary gum-like substance that one can easily become stuck in. Both substance dissolve fairly quickly in water. Attracts bugs.
Hidden Effect: Both substances produced are safe to eat, but bad for your teeth. Can give a temporary boost to speed when eaten as well a bit of a adrenaline rush, but causes a negative crash when the effect ends and causes headaches.

Skidder sounds like a grappler, so being able to bind his limbs with a tap of this sounds great, and he wont be able to slide out of it. Speaking of sliding, the sticky gum trap should be good for stopping him doing that if used right as well, And it will make a fine bonking stick besides. The Sugar rush from eating some of the candy can be used as a last resort boost, as long as its timed correctly so she doesnt crash until after the match is over, or we could possibly trick slide into eating some himself to debuff him.

Golem Core Gauntlet:A single gauntlet, prominently affixed with a large spherical stone on the back of the hand. When activated, the gauntlet draws in any plentiful nearby loose material, such as dirt, rocks, pieces of metal, wood, garbage or whatever is around, and forms a large fully articulated arm composed of said material over the gauntleted arm. The wearer is able to easily control the arm by using their real arm, and the excess materials weight has no effect on them. The material can be dismissed via a simple command, but tends to make a bit of a mess.

This could also work as a defense against the webs, since we could just collect them into the arms mass, and it would make it easier to hit Skidder if we could get the arm big enough to just slap him with it. If he really does have a stunning artifact, this might help as a shield against that too. I was worried about a lack of material to compose the arm out of, but if you use it with the Can, you can just create candy to use with it, and it has the benefit of also making the arm sticky so we could use it to counter sliding if we clip him with it. We can also use it to reposition stuff by just accumulating it, then dismissing it onto the floor elsewhere.

Also considered suggesting the Slick Shield from the Discussion Thread to give Skidder a taste of his own medicine, but im not sure how useful it'd be outside of being hilarious
No. 1002263 ID: afe7de

Pulling a reference to a previously stated artifact in another thread with some tweaks.

HANDCUFF OF SILENCE - Whoever wears this handcuff is unable to use any innate abilities or awakened powers for a few minutes before the cuff magically teleports back to the owner's pocket.

Said to be a part of a pair of cuffs, the other cuff reduces the wearer's strength, and when combined, need to be removed and do not magically teleport off after a short time.

This could be a good item to mess with Skidder

And then a new item:

SLIPPERY SHOES - These shoes act as skates, allowing the user to glide along the floor. They can make sharp turns with ease, but have a problem slowing down after gathering too much momentum. The faster you go, the higher chance of a CRITICAL HIT, but the HARDER it becomes to hit your opponent.
No. 1002267 ID: 538994

Oh! Kelsey and Lenney has the same last name: Chavowits. I wonder if she is Lenny' niece, or maybe his irl daughtah


Pretty much a disco ball which can be used to shoot her light powers all over the room, especially if she uses enough power to make it bright enough to blind or hurt Skidder's eyes. Only thing special about it is that it can levitate in the air.
No. 1002306 ID: e51896
File 162252990556.png - (13.56KB , 500x500 , 006.png )

The items you decided to bring with you are…

MIRROR BALL - It’s a disco ball... that can float! Okay. You admit that it is nothing more than a mere disco ball for dance clubs, but for someone with a couple of certain awakened abilities like yourself, this is very useful! With its multiple mirrors, you should be able to shoot a light or dark projectile at it, and have it reflect into multiple projectiles instead of one while also reflecting back in random directions depending on where you shot the projectile at the ball from. Can be useful when you want to make more than one light or dark dome quickly for you to blind your enemy with or hide in the shadows or set up a trap in.
All you have to do is throw the disco ball up in the air, and the thing will float… but it’ll slowly lower. You’ll have to consider how high to throw it so it isn’t so high up it is easier to miss, or so low that it can lower to the point where Skidder can take it from you.

SUGAR CANE - It’s an inedible giant candy cane that is the actual size of a walking cane. While inedible, it tastes minty...err… not that you’ve licked it or anything.
Whenever you hit an enemy’s body part with it, it covers the body part in a really hard candy coating making it difficult for them to move in, such as their limbs. It doesn’t work on their mouths, nostrils, or eyes, so you don’t have to worry about suffocating or permanently blinding them. Granted, They can still move their limbs a little bit, but they’d be pretty stiff. The harder you hit the enemy, the harder the candy coating is. Skidder is pretty strong, so you’ll have to hit him pretty hard, otherwise he’ll break out of it. He’ll have a hard time sliding if you can hit his legs with it, and would have to rely on other body parts to slide around with.

you can’t cover non-living surfaces in a hard candy coating though… However, quickly hitting a non-living surface twice covers the surface in a sticky gum-like substance. The harder you hit a surface twice, the stickier it gets. It doesn’t seem to work on living people though. You can probably do something like hide the gum traps within your shadow domes, and try to lure him into them in the darkness, or blind him so he can’t see where he is going and he runs into the gum.

Both the hard candy, and gum substances can easily dissolve in water. You’ll have to hope Skidder didn’t bring water with him.

This artifact actually doesn’t belong to you. Your friend Gummy Puffy is letting you borrow it for this match. You’ll have to thank her later on. She told you a tip that if you hit yourself light enough, you can create a candy coating that is easy to remove from your body and eat so that you can gain a SUGAR RUSH, raising your speed. The only drawback is that when the rush ends, you’ll get a massive headache during your crash… oh, and possibly cavities. It is probably best to use it towards the end of the match using that sugar rush as that second wind.

With that, you think you are mentally prepared. You look over where El Secreto is standing, hoping to ask him some questions about the match, Skidder, and the HL Recruiter to ease your fears..

You: Thanks for the-

You pause mid sentence in shock!
No. 1002307 ID: e51896
File 162252992091.png - (17.22KB , 500x500 , 007.png )

El Secreto está desaparecido! Whaaaaat?! Where the fuck did he go???

Instead,you see that Crab, CEO member and leader of THE KINSHIP you’re a part of, has taken his place from where he was standing!

Crab: ★ Thanks for what? Ah! For showing up? Yay! Thanks, darling! You’re too kind! ★

You: Wha? Where's El Secreto? H-h-h-he was here just a second ago!

Crab: ★ Oh! You met El Secreto? WOW! How lucky! Weird how I didn’t see him on my way here, but whateves, too bad I missed him. He’s so much fun to talk to. ★

You: Is... his power teleportation? Invisibility?

Crab: ★ Nope! Aaaaaanyway, I’m here cause I noticed on the live feed you were looking pretty dang nervous, so I came to cheer you up! Seems you’re better now! What a relief! ★

Dang, was it that obvious you were nervous on television? Well, at least you are fine for now. You think as long as you focus on the here and now instead of the future, you’ll be able to stay CALM.

Crab: ★ Lemme tell you something daddy told me once, Flicker, whenever you feel ANXIOUS, just tell yourself it’s not ANXIETY you are feeling... ★

Crab does a little twirl.

Crab: ★ It’s EXCITEMENT! ★

You think about it… you doubt the validity of that statement, but you guess the feeling of ANXIETY and the feeling of EXCITEMENT does feel similar in some ways. You’ll have to keep that in mind the next time you feel ANXIOUS and see how that works out.

You hear the announcer outside the door, and cheers. It looks like they are introducing your match.

Crab: ★ It’s your time to shine! Literally! HAH! I’ll escort you to the ring since I’m already here if you don’t mind! ★

She skips over to the door and puts her claw on the handle, but turns over to you before she opens it. Her cheerful expression has now become more serious

Crab: ★ Just remember, whether you win or lose, or whatever choice you make, we members of THE KINSHIP, and your fans will support you all the way! ★

You: ... Thanks.

Crab opens the door and you proceed.
No. 1002308 ID: e51896
File 162252993183.png - (103.94KB , 500x500 , 008.png )

You're heading towards the arena from the entrance now with your theme song blasting through the arena, the overwhelming cheers from the crowd, the light show made specifically for you. It’s enough to raise your spirits. You start to feel PUMPED. The announcer is introducing you as the challenger as well as mentioning your known abilities, where you hail from, and your name.

Crab spared no expense to make your entrance as exceptional as possible. It involves shining enough bright lights on one side of the entire building, and using dark lights on the other side so that one half of the path from the entrance to the arena is lit while the other half is darkened. You light the dark side of the path with a light star projectile on your left finger while you darken the brightened side with a dark star projectile on your right finger. This light show always gives you chills. You wonder if your fans feel the same.

Crab is walking along the lit side of the path, pumping her claw-fist to get the entire crowd to chant your name. It dawns on you just how many people will be supporting you through this. You almost feel tears welling up but… no, you’re too stoic for that. Tears can wait until after you win! You easily bottle up that emotion.
No. 1002309 ID: e51896
File 162252994319.png - (21.27KB , 500x500 , 009.png )

You enter the reinforced glass concealment containing the fighting ring within.

The reinforced glass wall surrounding the ring had been invented and modified by a bunch of tinkers and those who awakened, and built with empowered artifact tools to give the glass its superpowered properties. The glass concealment was made to protect audiences from the outside from misfired projectiles from awakened moves and weapons, as well as negate certain stealth-based powers such as yours from the outside for audience and viewers at home to see the fight. Though anyone on the inside (like your opponent Skidder) won’t be able to see you with your stealth-based abilities.

It’s really amazing how much technology has evolved over the past 40 years thanks to awakening.

You're standing in the ring now, awaiting the champion. Crab is standing in support outside your side of the glass concealment, shouting encouraging words that you can barely hear over the crowd’s cheers. After a quick glance, you notice Goo sitting at the announcer table with the two announcers. So that’s where he’ll be observing for any cheating. You wonder what he has been and will be saying about you and Skidder to the audience watching at home as someone who is neutral between Skidder’s and your fight.
No. 1002310 ID: e51896
File 162252995813.png - (28.18KB , 500x500 , 010.png )

Skidder’s heavy metal theme song plays across the arena, immediately followed by the booing from the audience, and a sparkling firework show. Not long after, Skidder makes his way out the door’s entrance and begins making poses towards the crowd. Ren next makes his way out of the door next, and adjusts his tie as he taps Skidder’s shoulder to direct him to stop posing and get to the arena. Ren, despite his temper, has always been the most serious sibling compared to Crab’s bubbly personality and Goo’s doom and gloom attitude.
Ren then leads the flexing Skidder towards the arena as the announcer introduces Skidder as the champion. You notice Skidder isn’t showing off his sliding abilities as he makes his way towards the arena like he’s been doing the previous times you fought him. It looks like he is going to be taking this match very seriously this time around.
No. 1002311 ID: e51896
File 162252996741.png - (7.54KB , 500x500 , 011.png )

Skidder enters the arena and makes his way towards his side of the arena as he continues posing for the audience. After posing, Skidder looks you over and smirks as he decides to try to intimidate you with some harsh words

Skidder: Why don’t you just give it up already?! This is like, what? The sixth match we’ve had? ha! HA! ha! HA! No matter how hard you try, the result will always be the same, as long as you are cursed with those weakass powers you inherited from that useless shitstain of a sellout your has-been father is!

>Kelsey and Lenny Chavowits’ relation

Oh, he did NOT just compare you to your neglectful, sorry excuse of a father! All your life, you’ve built up resentment towards your father for wanting to focus more on his crumbling career as a quote-unquote “famous” movie star than focus on being a father figure for you throughout your life. He should have been there for you throughout your childhood and teenage years when he lost relevancy, but he wanted to save his sinking ship instead of jumping it and being there for you through the most important moments of your life. Hell, you think your birth to him was more of a publicity stunt to raise his popularity as he began to lose relevance throughout the years, even wanting to name you “Daughterina” to relive his glory days… You thank Goddess that your mother prevented that...

You always felt too weak to gain your father's attention and have always tried different ways to get him to notice you. You pretty much gave up on that when you became an adult and you have since cut all ties with him long ago, deciding to work to become the strongest fighter to prove to him and more importantly to yourself that you became strong without having your father to support you for most your life, and maybe somehow show him that this achievement was something you did on your own, and that he missed out on so much of your growth to become the strongest fighter because of him chasing his hopeless dream while dodging his responsibility as a father.

You glare at Skidder

You: This is not h-his power... This power has always been M-MINE! And I will humiliate you by defeating you with what you claim are w-weak powers!

Skidder just rolls his eyes as he goes back to posing for the crowd.

The announcer reveals to everyone what items Skidder and you brought to the match after you both pull them out of your inter-spatial equipment. There is a bit of strategy involved when it comes to items, especially artifacts: they announce what items you bring, but they don’t tell the fighters what the items do.

Skidder seems to have brought with him… some kind of SQUEAKY TOY, and a LASER POINTER?

Skidder: Look I'll even give you a handicap to compensate for your useless powers and use these TOYS instead of real artifacts ha! HA! ha! HA!

Who does he think you are? Some kind of pet? While it seems insulting, you consider that there has to be more to those items than meets the eye. You’ll have to be careful all the same... unless you end up in a humiliating defeat.
No. 1002312 ID: e51896
File 162252997759.png - (19.86KB , 500x500 , 012.png )

You get into your fighting stance, and the starting bell rings


Most characters have 2 action points to spend, an action point can be spent to do a thing like one of the following:

Using a Skill
Using an Item
Etc. Feel free to make up actions or skills for you to do.

You can double up on actions at no penalty, and some actions will give you bonuses to hit or avoid being hit or even to the damage you deal. At the end of every round you will also have a chance to gain Advantage and Disadvantage points, these must be spent IMMEDIATELY. Advantage points can be spent on the following

1 pt -
a minor effect like causing your enemy to stumble or bump into an object and be momentarily distracted, thus increasing your chance to hit them.
or you can add a small object related to the scene that would be advantageous to you or say that things are positioned in an advantageous way for you.
2 pts-
a moderate effect like causing them to drop their weapon or fall prone, thus causing them to have to spend an action to get it back.
or you can add a medium object related to the scene that would be advantageous to you, like a rusty knife or random tool.
Or you can force your opponent to take strain by taunting them or causing them to be uncomfortable or by stressing them out.

You'll never have more than 2 points to spend at a time, but you can spend it on 2 minor effects instead of one moderate effect if you like. But be careful, Disadvantage points have to be spent on an opposite effect, something that causes difficulty for your character or party, get creative, failing can be just as fun as succeeding!

Your opponents can gain Advantage and Disadvantage just like you can, but unlike you, your opponents have to choose what their advantages and disadvantages are before you act and choose yours, so you'll have that information before you act!

For the sake of simplicity, you can say to use your Blinding Light and Shrouded Shadow powers and don’t need to list an energy amount, your attack will be automatically interpreted and the appropriate amount will be used.

End Tutorial -

Andrea: Okay, I think I’m betting on Skidder, I just don’t see any way Flicker is going to win this one. She hasn’t won the last ones either.
Gena: I dunno, I think Flicker’s got a chance this time.
Andrea: You’ve lost this bet so many times hahahah, GAME ON. If I win. Hmmm… You have to give me a massage!
Gena: Hmm. Well if I win… You have to eat this YELLOW without using your hands! Peel and all!

No. 1002313 ID: 8483cf

Darkness! Use your action points to make as much darkness as possible so they dont have time to orient!
No. 1002315 ID: 094652

Confusion Fu!
Immediately drop on the floor and skid run while screaming! While you're doing that, subtly throw some darkness auras around the arena and coat your arms and legs in candy as armor, then finish up by placing darkness and flash while he's distracted!
No. 1002317 ID: afa6f6

I say start by Baiting Him. He seems t have an ego on him so it shouldn't be too hard.
Twirl the Sugar Cane around and point out that, Its rich for him of all people to try to dunk on someone else's powers. Ours may lack punch, but at least theyre cool to look at. His just make him look like a bad cgi animation. All those people arent just booing him because hes a cheating ass, its because hes a BORING cheating ass.

Then if he bites and comes close, drop a mid level dark star right in front of you and dodge when he gets close.

Im suspicious of those artifacts, so maybe we can at least get him to play a card right at the start so we can mitigate any surprises.
No. 1002319 ID: afe7de

Can you darken the whole floor and start stickying that, since you can see through the floor you’d have the advantage and could bait him into some traps?
No. 1002320 ID: 30b9f6

>Bell rings
Take the initiative. Use your new FIGHTING STYLE, the one you came up with for this match. People usually bring counters to your power, shadow or light. Sometimes both. But there's one thing that's hard to counter, even if you were to put light-resistance eyedrops or wear flash-resistant night-vision gear (or a mask doing the same, really)... the EFFECT of a rapidly shifting perspective.

A flash of black, a flash of light,
In repetition - dark and bright.
All motions stagger in the fight,
So trick 'em left, when you go right.

(Epileptic warnings? Quite.)

Use your STROBE-FIGHTING to give yourself an Advantage!

With the flicker of vision, your movements appear staggered, your form snap-shotting across the ring - and you've practiced HARD to change your moves' apparent direction in the heartbeat between the strobe-flickers. The snapshot effect also feels cinematic as fuck to observers. TAKE THAT DOUBTERS! You've turned the battlefield environment into one where you hold the advantage and it ALSO looks rad!

(of course, you can also use the DISCO BALL to enhance the effect to make it even STROBE-IER)
No. 1002347 ID: b6d8ec

One of those artifacts, the laser pointer, looks pretty similar to the one Iraphena had been offering to Cat. Maybe it's safe to assume it has the same powers?

Squeaky toy im not too sure.
No. 1002357 ID: afa6f6

It could be the same kind of Laser Pointer, but that would just make me all the more suspicious of the rubber duck.
Considering that the other side seems pretty dedicated to winning at any means necessary, I doubt they'd leave this fight to chance without packing something that will overwhelm us, no matter how assured they are of their victory.
No. 1002416 ID: e51896
File 162263089710.png - (20.92KB , 500x500 , 013.png )

>Strobe fighting
While it is possible for you to create a strobe light dome by fusing your two projectiles together as you shoot them at the same time, and have them explode into a rapid flashing dome, it has however been considered an illegal move by the CEO of PABE. PABE does not want to be held responsible for any epileptic seizures that may occur towards their fighters, the audiences, or the viewers at home during their program. Rightfully so! While it is cool to look at, you feel it’d be morally wrong to potentially cause seizures to anybody unless it was in self defense or against a dungeon monster… (it disturbs you that causing someone seizures with your powers is even a hint on your achievement list.)

Really, all PABE fighters must follow specific rules made for them and must put limits as to how powerful they are allowed to use their awakened abilities. For example, pulling illegal moves like hitting in the crotch or using a little more energy to use attacks that are stronger than the safe amount is not allowed. A fighter is not allowed to use a certain amount of energy to launch projectiles at bullet speed or break bones, summon a strong enough fireball at someone which causes higher degree of burn, or higher electrical shocks that are considered high voltage. For you, no strobe lights!

>Taunt him

You need to bait him over to you so you can get him right where you want him!

You bring out your SUGAR CANE, and give it a little twirl.

You: Funny you of all people would try to dunk on someone else's powers. M-m-mine may lack punch, but at least they’re cool to look at! Yours just makes you look like a bad CGI animation you see in b-bowling alleys. All those people aren’t just booing you because you're a cheating ass, it’s because you’re a BORING cheating ass.

Whew, you don’t taunt often since you have your speech impediment, but you managed to keep your stuttering to a minimum this time.
No. 1002417 ID: e51896
File 162263090510.gif - (192.36KB , 500x500 , 014.gif )


Success he is taking the bait and is coming at you while using his sliding powers. He’s even posing as he’s doing it.

>Darken the area!

You’ll next need to darken the area around you before he lands a hit, make it pitch black, and relatively big! You shoot a dark star projectile below you, using up 10 energy to make it pitch black, and 5 to make it big enough to fill up a large portion of your side of the ring, using up 15 ENERGY. You now have 85/100 ENERGY

He slides right into the shadow dome you are in and…
No. 1002418 ID: e51896
File 162263092096.png - (16.28KB , 500x500 , 015.png )

He fails to hit you, sliding right to the corner of the ring, and into the ring post. You think he took a hit from that!

While Skidder is STRONG and has great FORTITUDE, you are SPEEDY, STEALTHY in the shadows, and good at DODGING. Good thing he missed too, because it looked like he was going for a grapple... and you do NOT want to be caught in one of those moves. You’re still GREAT, while he still looks like he is in GOOD condition.

Gena: Hmm, darkening the floor, unexpected, I wonder what her game is?
Andrea: That cane looks familiar, have we seen a fighter use that before?
Gena: Maybe it’s Gummy’s? Kinda hard to tell. If it is, then maybe she’ll trap the floor or something.
Andrea: I hope her new tricks work.

It’s your turn, what do you do?
You gained [2] Advantage points this round! You MUST spend it now.

No. 1002419 ID: 094652

Dropkick that sucker so hard he falls prone, then bash him a few times with the candy cane!
No. 1002477 ID: afe7de

For the advantages, you TAUNT your foe. He's in a blind rage and heads directly towards you.

So you make a candy trap in between you and him that he gets stuck on, tripping, letting you get a clean hit on him!
No. 1002493 ID: 8483cf

This! Hopefully he can't slide away from the trap.
No. 1002505 ID: afa6f6

Use some advantage to toss your Disco Ball up above him while hes distracted. From that corner of the ring we should be able to bounce a light to cover that whole quadrant of the ring, or put our back to it and blind him if hes looking at us with the ball behind.
Use the remaining chance to give him a good whack with the Sugar Cane, in his...shoulder? The part where his arms meet his torso on the side, I dont know what thats called for multi-armed kin.
No. 1002506 ID: afa6f6

To be clear, I wanted to use the advantage to set up the disco ball above him without hi noticing. I figure even for kin, people probably still rarely look up.
No. 1002601 ID: e51896
File 162279864746.png - (11.11KB , 500x500 , 016.png )

As Skidder reorients himself after pulling himself off from the ring post you taunt again.

You: A-as I said, boring CGI anima-a-ation. Give your animators a better budget, you cheap fighter!

Skidder only responds in a raging scream as he starts charging after you.

So you take the opportunity to hit the floor near your feet with Gummy’s SUGAR CANE twice to materialize a sticky gum trap, all while laughing loudly so that Skidder can hear where you are in the blinding darkness to find you.
No. 1002602 ID: e51896
File 162279865879.png - (20.18KB , 500x500 , 017.png )

Success! You have stopped Skidder right in his tracks in the gum trap, tripping him up a little

Skidder: UGH! What? You can’t do things on your own so you have to rely on your friend’s toys to help you win?

Andrea: Nononono! C’mon!!!
Gena: He’s about get taken on the pain train!

Skidder proceeds to get himself back up, but it doesn’t help the fact that his feet are now stuck!


You have to be quick before he gets his bearings. You run up, make a jump, and dropkick him!

Sucess! You land a hit on him, having him take some damage. However, he does not fall back

You prepare to let gravity take you back to the floor, but… It doesn’t happen… something is wrong.
No. 1002603 ID: e51896
File 162279867841.png - (22.54KB , 500x500 , 018.png )

Oh fuck! He Grabbed you! He is squeezing your leg hard! It HURTS!

He is strong enough to hold you with just one arm, and he is raising you up in the air and upsidedown.

Skidder: I’m not the one trapped, YOU ARE! ha! HA! ha! HA!
Andrea: BOO YAH, Yer about to get flung around like a ragdoll!
Gena: C’mon Flicker, CMOONNNNNNNN.

Thankfully, because he was too busy keeping his balance, he only managed to just grab your leg for now. But you’ll need to figure out a way to escape before he grabs you with his other arms!

You are in GOOD condition. Skidder is in DECENT condition.

The shadow dome dissipates, it is no longer dark.

It’s your turn, what do you do?
You gained [1] Disadvantage point this round! You MUST spend it now.

How will you escape? And what will you do next after you escape? And if you can’t escape, what’s plan B?

No. 1002604 ID: 094652

"Aaa my panties"
Put a very luminescent light underneath your panties.
No. 1002607 ID: ba475e

Poke him in the sensitive back of the knee using the curve of the candy cane. Attack his balance further.
No. 1002609 ID: 50af53

Hit his many arms as well. If he has a hard time moving them he'll pack way less of a punch. Unless he gets you in a hold in which case that hold will be way harder to get out of.
No. 1002627 ID: abd1d9

This. Attacks his other arms with your cane, cover them in a hard candy coating so he doesnt grab you further
No. 1002743 ID: e51896
File 162296492332.png - (23.43KB , 500x500 , 019.png )

>Hit arms with SUGAR CANE

You realize that he is about to grab you with his other arms.
Before he gets the chance to put the rest of his hands on you, you SUCCESSFULLY swing the sugar cane against his two free right arms as hard as you can. His forearms are suddenly coated in hard candy
No. 1002744 ID: e51896
File 162296493156.png - (22.05KB , 500x500 , 020.png )

Since he can’t grab you effectively with some of his forearms being coated in hard candy, he instead takes advantage of his candy coated arms by using its hard surface to give extra power to his punch to fling you off his hand, and across the ring!
Your SUGAR CANE flies off your left hand, and out of the ring!
No. 1002745 ID: e51896
File 162296494501.png - (17.64KB , 500x500 , 021.png )

You are flown against the ringpost on the other side and you’re hurt badly, but you think you can keep fighting still. You pick yourself up, when you notice Skidder is materializing something from whatever Interspacial-equipment he has.
No. 1002746 ID: e51896
File 162296495654.png - (24.12KB , 500x500 , 022.png )

It appears to be a rubber ducky… is that the squeaky toy the announcer mentioned Skidder having?

Before you can process what Skidder’s game is, he starts squeezing it, producing squeaks out of the duck.

And while what you can hear from it is squeaks, the squeaking seems to be in a distinguishable language that you can somehow understand in your mind.

Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK (...Chavowits…)
Flicker:(w-whats going on? What are you doing, Skidder?)
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK ( You’re asking the right question, but asking the wrong person. You should be asking YOURSELF what you’re doing!)

What’s happening!? It seems it can read your mind!

Flicker: (What do you mean?! I’m beating Skidder for the championship belt to become the strongest awakened fighter on the planet! My lifelong dream!)
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK ( No, what you’re actually doing is following the same dark twisted paths your pathetic father Lenny took years ago )
Flicker: (Whu? What are you squeaking about?!
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK ([i] You mean you haven’t realized? Your father’s endless mindless search for fame, validation, attention... compared to your GOAL to become the champion… It’s all the same.
Flicker: (N...no, you’re wrong! I’m fighting to prove to myself that I’m not weak, that I’ve become a strong woman and made it so far in my life without needing my neglectful father in my life!)
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK (Quit lying to yourself, Kelsey CHAVOWITS! your GOAL to get the belt is nothing more than another ploy to get the attention you’ve been yearning for that you’ve never got from your father for so many years!)

The duck had put a lot of emphasis on your last name, trying to hammer in the idea that you’re more like your father than you want to realize. It is making you feel weird

Flicker: (I’m not looking for HIS attention, not anymore!)
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK! (Who said anything about HIS attention. Just like your father, you are looking for attention from your FANS!.)
Flicker: (Fuck off! I’m fighting to become an inspiration to them! To show that they can become strong despite having been dealt a bad hand in life! )
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK! ((And you think your father wasn’t the same way?)
Flicker: (S...Stop it… compared to my father who had his success handed to him, I’ve had to work hard to make it to where I am! Even make SACRIFICES to reach my goals!)
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK! ([And have those SACRIFICES made you happy?)
Flicker: (They were painful losses, but in the long run, it will! I just know it will! Especially when I win!)
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK! ([Just. Like. Your. Father. Be honest… do you really think your father neglecting you throughout your life wasn’t a difficult SACRIFICE for him to try to stay relevant in the movie industry on his part?)
Flicker: (His sacrifices were petty and selfish! Seriously, not paying any attention to his daughter for 30 YEARS?! And my sacrifices on the other hand were huge payment, but will be worth it in the end!)
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK! ([Get off your high horse, your sacrifices have hurt a lot of people too, not just yourself! Breaking up with your boyfriend broke his heart you know! And getting your scent gland surgically removed, taking away the very essence that makes you a true skunk? Do you remember how hard you cried when you made that sacrifice just so you can use your powers better without your scent giving away your stealth? You need to treat yourself and other people BETTER!)

Flicker: (I...I...)
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK! ([And cutting ties from your father… really? Him ignoring you most of your life is the same as you cutting ties with him in order to ignore him! Really, the red doesn't fall far from the tree!! If you weren’t like him like you claim you are, you would have been the bigger person, and tried harder to connect with him instead of abandoning him!)
Flicker: …
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK! ([Lemme ask you something, if you become champion, will you truly be happy? Face it, all that is going to happen is that you’ll have your time in the spotlight until you either lose the belt, or your age catches up with you and you lose relevance, and start desperately clinging on to any kind of hope for relevancy and attention from your fans! Then you’ll become like your father, wasting away trying to relive your glory days!)
Flicker: …no…
Rubber Ducky: SQUEAK! ([All those years of SACRIFICES that DRIVE you to get to the top will be for nothing, whether you win or lose. Realize that you've wasted your 20s trying to chase the same pointless goals as your father, and you have hurt yourself and others deeply to do so… Word of advice: quit before you start wasting your 30s, 40s, even your 70s making more SACRIFICES that hurts yourself and others, just like your father did!)
No. 1002747 ID: e51896
File 162296499231.png - (23.20KB , 500x500 , 023.png )

Suddenly, you’re not thinking through your mind to the SQUEAKY TOY anymore, and you start screaming in anger at it!


You refuse to believe what the duck is saying, but it has been making a lot of arguments that you couldn’t figure out a rebuttal to. Was it telling the truth? It can’t be! It would be devastating to know if it was the truth! You’re nothing like your horrible father!

You are really ANGRY right now, whatever that artifact did seems to have a knack for getting under your skin with whatever power it has.

You can’t think of doing anything other than to ATTACK Skidder. And while you feel your anger will make you more aggressive with your attacks, making them strong enough to most likely KO Skidder, FOR THE NEXT TURN, YOU CAN ONLY ATTACK SKIDDER! You cannot use any moves that are not attacks such as using your light or dark powers for example.

Unfortunately, because of your enraged state, you forgot that Skidder can easily counter your attacks at close range whether it be from grabbing you, or from simply punching you with his newly candy coated arms, landing a strong attack! It is most likely that once you attempt to run up and attack Skidder at close range, he will easily counter and finish you off!

If only you had some kind of projectile... It’s times like these that you wish your light or dark projectiles can actually harm people, otherwise this wouldn’t have been a problem.

Both of you are in BAD condition.


Gena: Flicker what are you DOING! Don’t just rush in there!
Andrea: But forreal if that ducky is some kinda taunting artifact that’s scary as shit.
Gena: Mind control’s always terrifying.

REMINDER: you can only attack due to the SQUEAKY TOY’s taunting power! And Skidder was most likely using that ducky to lure you close to him in order to counter any close range attacks you may pull with his finishing move. Try to think outside the box as to how to attack with these conditions in mind.

because nobody suggested what the disadvantage point would do, I decided to choose to make it so that you dropped the SUGAR CANE out of the ring.
No. 1002751 ID: 094652

Calm down, count to ten. Don't kill him.
He's using the duck to bully you. It isn't even for the berserk status, it's to mess with your head and bring you down to his level.
>Your father’s endless mindless search for fame, validation, attention
The key word there is 'mindless'; you were raised to believe that famous people can do great things and live a great life and get laid every day. Evidence has shown you this is partially true, partially false, and it depends on how you manage your benefits. You have an advantage towards getting famous rather than excessively rich or overly skilled. The difference is your father believes that fame is fame and everything is centered around fame; he can't think about anything else anymore.
>If you weren’t like him like you claim you are, you would have been the bigger person, and tried harder to connect with him instead of abandoning him!
Your father was a narcissist, a toxic personality. The longer you stayed with him, the more he could indoctrinate you into becoming as messed in the head as him. You screwed up, but not by leaving him; you didn't seek help, assign him a therapist in his old age. You should probably do that after today.

>Primary Strategy
You need to walk away. Now.
If you attack this muscle-brain head-on, it will validate all the doubts the Heroes' Guild has about you. Forget the fact that you'll lose the championship, because if you give in to bullying, if you almost kill him, it will prove that in the heat of a dungeon break you will snap and you will betray your party in some fashion.
Leave the ring and let the crowd learn how low Skidder sunk to get enjoyment.

>Secondary Strategy
Follow up with a dark aura, then shoot light into the Disco Ball until he closes all his eyes. Then hit him until he drops the duck.
Make sure you have the duck checked by the media so they know exactly how screwed up Skidder is. He could have just used a pheromone grenade like sane people.
No. 1002754 ID: afa6f6

Yeah, get a running start and then throw your Disco Ball straight at him. He's still stuck in the sticky trap, so follow it up with a running kick. Hopefully, even if he catches the ball, we can still kick it into his dumb face, and just kick his dumb face if he doesnt. We're still fast, dont give him the chance to react.

Btw, is our shadow dome still up?
No. 1002766 ID: 820483

Throw the mirror ball at him quick!
No. 1002794 ID: 8483cf

Throw the ball! Disco inferno!
No. 1002883 ID: e2ce85

Apply disco ball to face.
Apart from being an artifact, it's still a ball full of rectangular, cheaply glued on glass shards.
No. 1002936 ID: e51896
File 162323814649.png - (25.62KB , 500x500 , 024.png )

>Calm down

Normally you can calm down pretty easily, but this time, You can’t... Something about that SQUEAKY TOY’S squeaks has gotten so under your skin that you can’t think rationally right now. You can only think of nothing other than attacking Skidder. You suspect the artifact has powers that force even the most tranquil person into some kind of a blind rage mindset of attacking whoever is squeaking the toy.
Thankfully, You can’t understand the squeaks anymore, so you should be able to calm down after you let this aggression that built up in you out of your system. You think the toy might need time to recharge after it is used which is probably why it isn’t taunting you anymore.

>Don’t kill Skidder

You’re definitely angry, but you have enough sense to know that wanting to kill Skidder is going too far. You just want to hurt him to let out this aggression.

>shadow dome still up?
It vanished right around after the time you dropkicked Skidder earlier and before he grabbed you. Your shadow powers are very useful at hiding you thanks to your high STEALTH, but it requires you to drain your energy if you want to keep it running longer.

>Walk away
It might be because of the SQUEAKY TOY putting you in this state of mind, but you refuse to give up now, especially after you’ve made it this far! You might as well see this through to the end. But you make a mental note that after the match, you’ll need to seriously consider what you want to do with your life moving forward. As much as you hate to admit it, that damn toy gave you a reality check, even if it was only meant to taunt you.

>throw the MIRROR BALL at Skidder

You’re running towards Skidder, ready to finish him off with a strong attack. You've almost ignored all logic with the thought of attacking him with a strong close range melee attack, potentially allowing him to counter you, but an idea pops in your head.

You immediately pull out your favorite artifact, the MIRROR BALL instead, preparing to launch it at Skidder as a projectile to harm him. It’s now or never! You throw the MIRROR BALL as hard as you can…
No. 1002937 ID: e51896
File 162323815543.png - (20.41KB , 500x500 , 025.png )


POW! the ball SUCCESSFULLY hits Skidder right in the face! breaking his mask apart. Because of your enraged state, the attack is doubled!
The MIRROR BALL ricochets off Skidder's face and floats in the air.
Skidder falls backwards and his back hits the floor hard. Skidder doesn't move. Seeing as he's potentially been KO'd, the referee prevents you from making any followup attacks as he starts counting him out from one to ten.

Skidder still isn't moving…
Skidder is slowly attempting to pull himself up off the floor, now sitting in an upright position, but he's wobbly. He just needs to stand on his two feet to stay in the match
Skidder is trying to keep his balance as he attempts to stand… you're getting yourself prepared for a follow-up attack.
Skidder falls back on the floor right before he was able to stand successfully.

10! Skidder is KNOCKED OUT

Andrea: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK What rabbit shit is thisssss?!?!?!?!
Gena: Lemme get that YELLOW hehehehehe.
Gena proceeds to change the channel on the TV. But the camera swishes back, showing the moment after the fight.

No. 1002938 ID: e51896
File 162323816629.png - (18.88KB , 500x500 , 026.png )

It's over! The referee calls for the bell to ring to end the match and the crowd erupts in thunderous cheers. You've done it! You're now the CHAMPION! You collapse into a sitting position, so overwhelmed by what is happening that you're not entirely sure how to react.

The referee hands you the belt as you hold it close to your chest, while you see Skidder getting himself removed from the sticky gum trap with help from some of the PABE staff. you can hear Ren screaming angrily at Skidder, but you can't make out what they are arguing about.
Crab runs into the ring to meet you.

Crab: ★Flicker! Flicker!! Congratulations! You've finally done it! I knew deep down you could!★

Crab picks you up on your feet and embraces you into a hug then raises your arm holding the belt. You're still unsure how to feel and have been allowing Crab to drive your actions as you're lost in thought.

This is indeed a very momentous occasion for you… however…

You don't exactly feel happy about this accomplishment. Despite it being the one goal which you've trained most of your life for to accomplish, one that you’ve SACRIFICED so much to get to this very moment, this victory feels… hollow…

As you have been letting Crab take you through the motions, dragging you to each side of the ring as she raises your hand holding the belt for the audience to see instead of doing it yourself, All you can think of is what that SQUEAKY TOY had said to you. It put a lot of things into perspective about how you lived your life leading to this moment.

>Daddy issues

You wonder if there was anything you could have done to salvage any sort of relationship instead of cutting all ties with father to chase this dream, unknowingly making the same mistakes your father made in life in the process. you knew you needed to get away from him and his black hole of narcissism, but was it actually your responsibility to get him the help he needed to push him away from his mindset even though he showed very little to no responsibility in caring for you? If so, was there any way you could have tried harder to get him help through any kind of intervention?
Would he have even !wanted help? And is it too late to help him now in his 70s?

You think about the sacrifices you made that have hurt people like your ex, and including yourself. Can you really be happy about this victory if you had to make SACRIFICES that broke people's hearts to do this like your father did to you with his career, with no one close to celebrate your victory with? Do you deserve being a champion?
No. 1002939 ID: e51896
File 162323817530.png - (18.85KB , 500x500 , 027.png )

Before you know it, Crab has led you backstage, and stops over at a secluded quiet area away from the cameras and other people. She looks concerned.

Crab: ★Flicky, are you okay?★
You:... I… I'm fine…

Crab tilts her head.

Crab: ★You're crying... You have tears in your eyes and you're not smiling. Those aren't tears of joy despite accomplishing your lifelong dream, are they…?★

You don't say anything. Have you been crying? You figured what you've been feeling was a result of anger from what the duck said… but you now realize that what you are feeling is sadness after the rage faded. It’s amazing how Crab is able to pick up on people’s emotional state so easily like that even when you don't realize your own… It was nice of her to bring you somewhere away from the others..
Crab is now speaking quietly to you

Crab: ★It's okay Flicky, you can let it all out, we're somewhere private, I'm here for you if you need someone to listen and talk to. And it's okay if you want to take your time too...★

You wipe the tears off your eyes, refusing to bawl your eyes out. But there is still a wispy sadness in your voice.

You:... I… I don't deserve the belt... I don't even deserve to be part of THE KINSHIP... N-n-not after what I've done to achieve my goals!
Crab looks concerned.

Crab: ★eh? you… you didn't cheat did you?★

You shake your head in disagreement. You talk about everything Skidder's rubber ducky artifact told you, how you've abandoned your father, your lover, your friends, and your own happiness and losing your chances to actually live out your 20s to its fullest.

Crab is listening intently, nodding in understanding but isn't saying anything nor does she change expressions.

You: I c-c-c-couldn't think of anything to prove the artifact wrong. I can't live up to your expectations Crab. I'm a terrible person like my father was for abandoning people who loved me, and abandoning my own happiness for my selfish desires of wanting the attention I yearned for. I-I-I'm no better than my father.

Crab puts her claw on your shoulder

Crab: ★… From the looks of it, I assume you're feeling intense guilt and want to apologize for your choices, right?★

You nod in agreement

Crab: ★Then you're not a terrible person after all! Someone who is terrible would be someone who did horrible things unapologetically. You on the other hand regret your mistakes and want to apologize for them, correct?★

You: D-d-do I deserve forgiveness though?

Crab: ★hmmmm… let's find out. You said you even hurt yourself by abandoning your happiness and missing out on the important things in life… so maybe you should start by apologizing to yourself?★

You raise an eyebrow at the weird request, but you don't hesitate to follow her advice

You: um… I'm s-s-sorry… me… um… I should have treated you better… or me better… um… I'm sorry for missing out on many opportunities in my life, for r-r-rejecting people who loved me when I still needed them, for abandoning the important parts that made me who I am, thinking it will make me stronger...

This is awkward, you're talking to yourself. It's embarrassing, but Crab isn't judging.

Crab: ★So, do you forgive yourself? Look deep inside you for the answer★

You think a moment

You: I… feel like I can be forgiven… but I think I need to pay for what I've done before I can fully forgive myself.

Crab: ★In that case, try to redeem yourself! Get in touch with the people you left behind to apologize to, and try to focus more on living your life instead of focusing on finding validation. Maybe use those powers to help people instead of helping yourself too! You've already spent so much time to prove yourself coming this far long ago, now is your time to live!★

You don't know if redemption will be easy, but Crab is right. Now it is important to redeem yourself. And it is probably best to start at the root of the problem by getting your father the mental help he needs. You are considering maybe meeting with a therapist not only to help him, but maybe to get help for yourself as well… There was just too much to process with what that SQUEAKY TOY dredged out of the deepest depths of your mind which is making you rethink your life choices that you might want to consult a therapist about.

Crab: ★And for what it's worth, I think you still deserve the title. Sure you may have things to atone for, but you're not seeing the good things you've done. You became an inspiration to your fans, proved many fighters wrong for thinking that your light and dark powers were weak, and encouraged other fighters to work harder. Overall, you've worked so hard to make it this far, and no amount of the sacrifices you made can tell you otherwise★

You're starting to feel a little better. There is still much you need to think about, and what you want to do with your future, but you believe Crab has led you in the right direction to help make things right and come to terms with what you've done.

Crab: ★Just know that whatever it takes for you to find redemption, whether it means leaving PABE to join the Heroes League to save or help people, staying here to encourage the growth of PABE, or retiring altogether to find yourself with a new purpose in life, THE KINSHIP and I will all support your growth. Speaking of which, I believe the HL Rep wants to meet with you and Skidder now. Can't keep them waiting!★
No. 1002940 ID: e51896
File 162323819344.png - (15.64KB , 500x500 , 028.png )

Oh right, the Heroes league rep. You wonder how well you had performed for them. Were they ranking you? Did you screw up your reputation when you lost your cool during that ducky incident? Whatever the case, considering everything that you learned about yourself that you have to come to terms with, you wonder if the Heroes League will be an important next step in the next chapter of your life in helping you search for redemption after what you've done, and become physically and mentally stronger under them. Who knows, maybe you can fight against any corruption you heard about plaguing the Heroes League too.

You remember the CEO’s stances on the matter. Crab wants to support any decision you make and believes it would be a huge honor if someone from the PABE becomes a big-shot hero in the Heroes league, but also thinks you are such a valuable member of the team and the company that it would be very difficult to replace you. If you leave, your belt will be up for grabs in a tournament within your team THE KINSHIP instead of going back to Skidder, so you don’t have to worry about betraying Crab’s wishes of becoming the new boss of PABE.
Ren is more on the idea of getting you out of here, so he encouraged you to take the Heroes league’s offer should it come to it to help get more BUX from their sponsorships. Predictably, he discouraged Skidder, his most precious fighter from going.

Goo was the most worried, saying that having the Heroes League recruit PABE fighters goes against Douglass’ grand vision for the company. He tried to convince you and Skidder not to join should it come to it, and you could have sworn he was on the verge of tears as he pleaded with you. Though he’s always been known for being a bit of a crybaby, which always makes exchanges like those awkward.

The recruiters only came after PABE founder Douglass went missing and Crab and Ren decided to allow them to recruit fighters in exchange for their huge sponsorships despite Goo’s protests. Douglass apparently did not like the idea of his fighters being recruited away from his company.

You are led into the conference room. There is nobody filming here so you have privacy. Skidder is here resting on his chair as well, but the rep isn’t here. There appears to be a teddy bear in a suit sitting on the table

Skidder: YOU! About time you showed up, thief… not that it matters, the Hero’s League guy isn’t even here!

You: I won the belt fairly, I d-d-didn’t steal it… What’s with the bear? Another toy of yours?

Skidder starts flexing… as he does.

Skidder: HA! ha! HA! ha! You think I would keep such weak pathetic baby toys?!

You: ...Considering the duck...

Skidder: You’re just upset that you got riled up over my awesome artifact! Don’t blame me, blame Ren and Goo for approving it! HA! ha! HA! Ha!
You can understand Ren approving such an evil artifact… But Goo? That’s unexpected.

You sit down on the chair while Skidder flexes his muscles.

You: Did they say what time the meeting was?

Skidder: Pssh, course not. Honestly, I’m thinking about tearing that bear’s head off, and heading home.

???: Be advised that property damage is a criminal offense, my good sir.

You: W-who’s there?!
No. 1002941 ID: e51896
File 162323821097.png - (18.35KB , 500x500 , 029.png )

Suddenly, the teddy bear surprises both Skidder and you as it slowly stands up from where it is sitting. Its voice sounds like it is coming from an audio device from within the bear and seems to also sound like it is being modified by some voice changer.

Fluffyfuzz: Forgive me for surprising you both like that and not speaking out sooner, but I thought it would be polite to wait until everyone was here before I started. Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Fluffyfuzz, and I am speaking on behalf of my puppeteer, Marshall Willows…

Fluffyfuzz holds up a badge and ID containing the information of his puppeteer.
The photo is blacked out with a text that says “Confidential”

AGE: 32


Skidder: What's with this puppet show?! You think we’re children or something?

He flexes to intimidate the bear.

You: Again, you play with rubber duckies, Skidder…
Skidder: Shut it!

Fluffyfuzz just laughs.

You: So Marshall is keeping his identity secret?

Fluffyfuzz: Yes! Marshall’s position requires his appearance to be confidential, lest he risks having criminals figure out who or what to look out for. So he uses more safer options such as toys to puppeteer like myself from a distance to speak for him.

You suppose that makes sense, though it does seem like bad manners that Marshall wouldn’t show up in person.

Skidder: hmph, why send a person from within the shadows in the first place as a rep?

Fluffyfuzz: With how dangerous the world is getting with criminals having stronger awakened powers showing up, and with considerations that we are recruiting famous fighters like yourselves, it is beneficial for your safety that they send someone from the shadows like me to not draw too much attention towards you and I over a more well known hero.

Skidder: For our safety?! HA! ha! HA! ha! Do you know who you are talking to? I was a champion, I can handle ANY weaklings that threaten my life!

Fluffyfuzz: ...You’d be surprised. Anyway, I believe congratulations are in order for the two of you. You both performed exceptionally well! Skidder, your strength is impressive, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone hold a person upwards with just one arm like you did. And Flicker, I must say you were very creative with how you use your powers and artifacts together to make up for your disadvantages. And while I can see you both have a lot of room for improvement, I can say with confidence that you both have the making to someday become A, or even S ranked heroes if you work for us!

Skidder: DUDE! I’ve been CHAMPION, the belt proved that I was the strongest fighter on the planet. Shouldn’t we already be S ranked by the time we join?

Fluffyfuzz: PABE may have a goal to find the strongest awakened fighters on the planet, but overall, it’s only an entertainment company. It only encourages growth in strength in some fields, and follows strict rules that limit fighters from reaching their full potential. Meanwhile, a place like the heroes league seeks to take you past your limitations as you’re released from those restrictions. After all, criminals don't play by the rules like PABE does, so you are expected to adapt and push back those restrictions if you do decide to join us if you hope rescue people from any lawbreakers

You: and what exactly will we be d-doing if we join the Heroes League.

Fluffyfuzz: Specifically? Well, I'm sure you've seen the news of criminal activity on the rise, and with many of those criminals using powers to help them counteract us, or slip through our fingers...

Skidder: Yeah yeah, like that news report of some gene therapy clinic doctor selling Power Capsules to the black market using the powers to falsely accuse people of wrongdoing or something I saw hours ago… get to the point!

Fluffyfuzz: Exactly. What we are looking for is to increase our numbers of heroes that can act as effective bounty hunters within the Heroes league to help us capture criminals like the one you mentioned, Skidder. And with how dangerous some people's powers can get, sometimes to the point of even giving them the potential to become an overlord if someone wanted to, we will need all the assistance we can get to keep the peace in Midland… or even the entire world! Your strengths and abilities would make an excellent addition to the Heroes League to help keep the peace once you both break out of your limitations to become stronger.

Fluffyfuzz walks towards you, arm extended out towards you fishing for a handshake

Fluffyfuzz: So with you as the champion of PABE, I'll ask you first, Flicker… are you interested in joining the Heroes League? Are you willing to help maintain peace within FAUNUS against some of the most dangerous criminals out there and save the lives of many?

This is it, the BIG DECISION. There has been so very much to consider, especially now after everything you've learned you have to come to terms with yourself. You've right now been deeply considering starting a new chapter in your life, one in which you will try to find redemption for all the people you abandoned in your journey to become the PABE champion. But what is the best decision in helping you find redemption?

Earlier, you've been selfishly using your powers only for yourself to become the strongest fighter… but maybe if you join the league, you could instead use those powers to help save people's lives instead of using them to get attention like you have been doing… it would mean however giving up your title and leaving PABE, which would probably be a fitting end to that chapter of your life now that you accomplished that goal. You've started seeing that title as a symbolism of a hollow desperate desire for attention much like your father's fame. Maybe it's time to let go…

Or maybe you should stay with PABE and live out this success for as long as you can and see where it leads? Sure you will be carrying a symbol of false attention with you reminding you of the terrible things you did, but you also worked so very hard all throughout your 20s to get strong enough to be the best, and it would be kind of painful to quit after all you accomplished. you can at least still try to become a better person and selflessly encourage other fighters to get stronger with your position as champion if you stay at least...

You also think about Skidder. You assume he is going to make his decision based on what choice you make. If you stay with PABE, Would he want to join the HL if you decide to decline the offer in an attempt to get stronger than you, or would he want to stay in PABE for revenge against you in a future match? and If you join the HL, Would he see your leaving as an opportunity to try to win the belt back now that you would be out of the way? Or does he see you as a worthy enough rival to join the HL with you to try to one-up you?

You take deep breaths and give your answer...
Should you join the Heroes League?
No. 1002942 ID: d48428

Hmmm, yeah lets do it. I know that the Heroes league is corrupted by angels from Nunitus, but from a story telling perspective, after what we've learned about Flicker, I feel it'd make most sense for her to join the league.
No. 1002944 ID: 094652

No. FLICKER'S little mind-hacking artifact revealed a serious heap of mental instabilities and emotional weaknesses. You're not Heroes League material. In fact, you have a confession to make: you're pure supervillain material. Screw that.

You wish Flicker the best at his new job in the Heroes League - the best at getting himself humiliated and blacklisted, for being a potential supervillain and a miserable, self-absorbed manchild who would sooner murder a witness than admit he has been running away from his own self-loathing his whole life.

In fact, you'll do him one better: you'll stay the hell away from whatever career he pursues if he gives you full ownership of the RUBBER DUCK he used in the last match, and legal rights to use it on him whenever you want. Now.
No. 1003005 ID: afe7de

Join the HL, start a new life, maybe it'll be better? Or maybe itll be way worse and you'll go down as a villain? whooo knowwwws
No. 1003009 ID: afa6f6

Nah, You just inherited a responsibility as the champion and the representative of THE KINSHIP. You dont want to start off your new redemptive quest by abandoning the people who got you here in search of more redemption. You should stick around, get your head on straight, try to rebuild your bridges and come to terms with your issues before jumping into a new responsibility, at least for while.
Tell him you'll keep the offer in mind and take it seriously, but for now were not ready to join yet, if the offer doesn't have a time limit.
No. 1003010 ID: 96c896

Hold on, this is suspicious. You're being approached immediately after having a psychologically draining incident with a mind-altering artifact.

>Flicker, I must say you were very creative with how you use your powers and artifacts together to make up for your disadvantages. And while I can see you both have a lot of room for improvement, I can say with confidence that you both have the making to someday become A, or even S ranked heroes if you work for us!
Creative? I don't agree with that. It was pretty straightforward use of your artifacts and powers and you mostly got wrecked in return, until the final hit with the disco ball. You would've lost if Skidder had bothered to use his six arms to keep you grappled and in a submission hold.
Sounds like he's buttering you up.

Don't join these shady fucks. Become an independent bounty hunter instead.
No. 1003011 ID: 094652

Agreed, he didn't even use the laser pointer. Skidder is dumb muscle and you can clearly see that Fluffyfuzz Puppetmaster is focused on hiring the moron with no critical thinking skills, while you're a side objective.
No. 1003013 ID: 8483cf

This! Time to pay it forward!
No. 1003016 ID: 715a80

Support on being an independent bounty hunter! Leave PABE, and reject the Heroes League. Also, go DUNGEON CRAWLING

The heroes league is corrupted, and with Kelsey's current mental state, it probably isn't going to help if they start brainwashing poor Kelsey.

And staying in PABE is probably not going to do Kelsey any good either since all this will probably do is continue to deteriorate her mental state as she continues following her fathers footsteps for attention. Especially since she'll be holding that belt reminding her of who she hurt to win the belt.

Really, Kelsey needs to be alone for awhile to get her shit together. Being an independent bounty hunter would be a good way to do things at her own pace while she uses her powers to save others instead of using it for herself, and gives her time to focus on mending bridges with friends and family. Plus, dungeon crawling would be a good way to get stronger to save people from criminals and try to one up the Heroes League! Dungeons do help in making people stronger after all!

But lets just politely decline the offer. No sense in being aggresive towards the HL.
No. 1003017 ID: afe7de

Changing my vote, independent bounty hunter sounds way radder and could lead to some more interesting plot lines. What if her first job was a s the guardian of a nearby small town? Hmm????
No. 1003054 ID: 190e37

Join the Heroes’ league. A support network is invaluable, you should know that from your time in PABE.
No. 1003098 ID: fdc22d

author's note: thanks for suggesting, everyone. I have already written up the update last night after looking through everyone's suggestion and will be drawing and updating later tonight or tomorrow.

The upcoming update will be my last update for my intermission section with PABE, afterwards, the updates will switch back over to EDMANGO. I appreciate you all for participating and showing interest in Kelsey's story.

No. 1003145 ID: e51896
File 162340366266.png - (16.79KB , 500x500 , 030.png )

You: I… I…

You consider a lot of things… Are you mentally in the right mind to be joining the Heroes League right now? You thought after all these years ago after you cut ties with your father, you had gained a strong resolve, free from trying to earn his love to focus on yourself and only yourself. But… after that terrifying artifact went through the deepest recesses of your mind to dig out the guilt you’ve been subconsciously repressing, you realized that you might just be too mentally unstable, too emotionally weak for such huge responsibilities.

There was even a small part of you that really wanted to hurt Skidder to the point of breaking him which terrifies you. you’re scared that if you joined the Heroes League with your mental health the way it is, it might just become too much for you to handle, making you emotionally and mentally broken to the point of becoming some kind of supervillain, especially if the rumors of the Heroes League being corrupted is true…

You also think about PABE… Would you be able to continue on being a champion with the knowledge that you became one by making sacrifices that hurt yourself and others? And If you really are like your father like the artifact claimed you were, what if continuing your career in PABE as the champion only boosts your ego to narcissistic levels? What if after you lose your time in the spotlight, you start making desperate and humiliating attempts to recapture your glory days?

You’re not sure what to do anymore. PABE, or Heroes League? What is the best path for you on your road to recovery in the long run? Is there even anything else out there for you?

It was at that moment you realized there is an alternative third option.

>Work independently

What if you decided to work independently, do random jobs such as become someone’s bodyguard or even guard an entire quiet small town? Work as an independent bounty hunter? Go dungeon crawling to get stronger and find treasure?

Goddess, could that work out for you? Could this help you to come to terms with your issues in your path of redemption? Thinking further down this line of thinking, you realize that if you decide to work independently in the next chapter in your life, the only limits of expectations will be only the ones placed by yourself.

This could also be a good way to take the time you need to put yourself together. You really think you need to work alone for a while to do things at a more reasonable pace so you can focus on making things right with the friends and family you hurt, help people with your powers instead of using them for your selfish desires, and become strong on your own terms instead of the Heroes League’s terms through dungeon crawling on your own. And with you being a champion of Pabe at least once, finding work shouldn’t be… no, wait... you shouldn’t be thinking about your fame or using it to your advantage. That would be completely missing the point of this whole quest for redemption you placed for yourself in the first place.

With this epiphany, You suddenly feel your resolve become stronger. You make the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE

You: Thanks, but… t-t-there is a lot of things I need to come to terms with in my life right n-n-n-now before I can consider handling such r-r-r-responsibilities… As things stand, I’m n-n-n-not Heroes League material… Not yet at least… but maybe someday when I overcome my own issues, I’ll consider joining when I’m r-r-r-ready if the offer isn’t time limited.

At this point, you are so certain about your decision in the next chapter of your life that you do not care anymore that your stuttering speech impediment is obvious for them to hear.

Fluffyfuzz lowers his arm slowly, and gives a slow nod.

Fluffyfuzz: Expected... but understandable. You did just become champion after all, so it’s natural you’d want to experience being champion for a while. I shall respect your decision, Flicker.

You: That’s not it either… I've a-a-a-actually decided that after this meeting, I will meet with Crab immediately to announce my leave of absence from PABE for an undetermined amount of time.…

There is a long silence in the room. You think you hear Fluffyfuzz say something, but it sounds like his voice is far in the distance for some reason while Skidder just stares at you for a while when suddenly, you see Skidder’s stare turn into a glare and he finally pounds his fist on the table… hard.
No. 1003146 ID: e51896
File 162340367479.png - (14.65KB , 500x500 , 031.png )

Skidder: What… the… FUCK, Flicker?! I can understand not wanting to join the Heroes League, but to just GIVE UP on EVERYTHING YOU WORKED HARD FOR?!

You’re surprised. You thought Skidder of all people would make fun of you for quitting, and call you weak for not being able to cut it as champion before you even started. You did not expect him to get passionately angry about your decision.

You: I’m sorry, but this is something I need to do for the s-s-s-s-sake of my own health…

Skidder: WHAT ABOUT YOUR PRIDE FROM BEING CHAMPION?! Where is your HONOR for being offered a job at the HEROES LEAGUE?! What about our RIVALRY!? My rematch to win my BELT BACK!?!?!?!

You: I’m in a very dark place in my life right now, Skidder, and I-I-I-I need to find myself before I end up lost. I need to be stronger and come to terms with a lot of things...

Skidder rubs his forehead with his hand

Skidder: I cannot believe this… and to think I saw you as a worthy opponent… Well you know what, FINE! I’ve made my decision too. If you think you can become stronger by just leaving PABE and all you worked up to behind, going on this path of self discovery… Then I am leaving PABE as well to join the Heroes league and become stronger myself… And mark my words, once you get stronger by getting over your dumb personal issues and I finish training with the Heroes Lague to become even stronger with my powers and go past my limits, you and I shall meet again, and I will challenge and BEAT the everloving shit out of you back on the PABE arena, or wherever we may meet again!

You have no idea where this is coming from within Skidder. But he does seem passionate. There was only one phrase you can think of to say for this moment:

You: Challenge accepted.

Fluffyfuzz is clapping, though it is quiet due to his little plush paws being so soft.

Fluffyfuzz: Excellent, truly truly excellent! This is exactly why I LOVE watching Pabe! The drama! And the emotions that burst out of the fighters!

You shoot Fluffyfuzz a quick dirty look… so he's those kinds of fans that takes pleasure off of watching fighters’ personal problems.

Fluffyfuzz immediately rubs the back of his neck

Fluffyfuzz: *ahem* Excuse me, sorry about that. In any case, Skidder, I welcome you to the Heroes League. We will contact you with further information tomorrow on when your orientation will be once we schedule it. And please take this card, you’ll need it to let people know you are a new recruit when you come for orientation. Don’t lose it!

He shakes Skidder’s hand.

Skidder: Yeah, yeah, whateves.

Fluffyfuzz: And Flicker… I truly hope you find what you are looking for one day… but if you ever find yourself lost in your journey of self discovery and want to become a part of something bigger than yourself, our offer will always be open. Here is my COMM number if you ever change your mind. Just send a message, and I’ll get back to you whenever I’m not super duper busy, okay?

You just nod as you pocket the number given.

Fluffyfuzz: Well, that settles that. I believe our time here is up. Marshall will soon relinquish control over me and I’ll return back to a regular ol’ teddy bear again. With that in mind, please make your exit and don’t touch me once I’m a doll again, it’ll be a very… very bad idea…

Fluffyfuzz then collapses on the surface of the table very suddenly.
No. 1003147 ID: e51896
File 162340368517.png - (16.71KB , 500x500 , 032.png )

You and Skidder exit the conference room. You’re about to say something to Skidder, perhaps to confront him about his duck when Skidder turns his back on you, and pounds his fist on the wall hard, yelling “FUCK! ” at the top of his lungs, and quickly storms off away from you.

Well, that settles that. You are not going to be joining the Heroes League, and you have decided to retire from PABE for a while. You will be speaking to Crab about it very soon once you get your thoughts together.

You do feel a little sad about your decision, but that is greatly overshadowed by a great sense of freedom when you start thinking about your future. You realize that there are now so many opportunities that will open up for you once you work independently as an awakened user. You imagine what it would be like working as an awakened TOWNGUARD in a quiet small town for you to take plenty of time to get your thoughts together, and the kinds of people out there that might want someone with your powers to protect their lives as an awakened BODYGUARD. You also imagine what kinds of criminals you can stop if you become an independent awakened BOUNTY HUNTER, like capturing that GENE THERAPY CLINIC doctor you heard Skidder talk about. And there’s always being a DUNGEON CRAWLER! It’d be so rewarding to find new ARTIFACTS and treasure if you start exploring dungeons.

It is going to be very busy for you the next few days. First thing tomorrow morning, you will look into how you can work independently as an awakened TOWNGUARD or awakened BODYGUARD, or as an awakened BOUNTY HUNTER, and find out information about DUNGEON CRAWLING. You will also look into job openings! Maybe Crab even has connections with people who might need someone like you that you can ask about! Crab knows a lot of people, she always knows how to form bonds with so many people

Afterwards, you will also look into getting in touch with some of your friends, family, and your ex to apologize to, and look into getting help from a therapist for both you and your father’s mental health. It isn’t going to be easy, but you feel that this is the most important first step moving forward.

For now though, you want to enjoy yourself and relax for the rest of the night after you talk to Crab about your retirement before you think about packing up and think about your future. It is Saturday after all, which means tonight, that WANOMAY show Plantimals: WEED OUT THE WEAK will be airing. You hope you can catch it. You’re not really a huge fan of Wanomay cartoons, but your mother who is in her 50s and is a professional voice actress voices one of the characters in that show. You never miss a single episode so you can support her and listen to her voice every weekend.

You start to go search for Crab when suddenly, your COMM starts ringing. You pull out your phone and see who it is. You assume it is Gummy Puffy wishing you a congratu... oh...
No. 1003149 ID: e51896
File 162340510349.png - (40.26KB , 500x500 , 033.png )

It’s… him.... Your father… Why...? Why is that man calling now of all times? He never calls you, and you never called him for the past ten years. Is he calling you to wish you congratulations on being champion only because he wants to gloat over the fact that his daughter is champion and make your win all about him? Is he calling to apologize just so he can get back into your life only because you’ve become champion and wants to leech off your success? You don't know how he can even apologize when the only outcome you can think of happening in his apology is being too little, too late.

Ugh, no, you have to stop thinking like that. You already promised yourself that you would try to reconnect with your father and get him professional help.You just didn’t think it would happen this soon though and thought you’d have more time to be ready for this… You really should answer and talk to him, and you know that whatever you two will talk about is going to get really emotional. But seeing his name on your COMM trying to call you is also making you very hesitant. Some of your hatred towards your father is surfacing, and it is making you really want to decline the call.

Should you answer, or should you decline? You continue staring at your COMM in silence, trying to make a choice…

And after the fourth ring... you make your decision…

Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid here, I was the guest author for this section of the intermission. I wanted to thank you all for reading and participating in Kelsey’s story in this part of the intermission. I want to also thank EDMANGO as well for allowing me to tell my silly short story within the universe of CATALYST in the intermission.
This was sort of a test run for me as well to see how well I can create updates in a quicker speed, to see if potentially doing a spinoff quest of CATALYST that takes place within a fighting arena for Awakened users would be doable for me, and to find out if there would be enough interest for this type of story to be told. After making this short story, I have confidence that at some point in the future, I will be able to make a CATALYST spinoff quest that takes place in PABE with EDMANGO’s approval. Please look forward to that in the future!
we now return you to your regularly scheduled CATALYST quest already in progress

The camera switches back to Gena and Andrea, she’s got the yellow in her hand and is bringing it over to the table. Andrea looks towards it with resignation and mentally prepares herself.

They’ve got some time before the next show they wanted to watch comes on. What do you watch now?

EDMANGO: You’ll be watching a specific WANOMAY starting the 21st, so we can do several short things or one larger thing, Up to you all! Same as before, I’ll be taking an initial suggestion and making something out of it. It can be a movie, trailer, commercial, or whatever. If we even get enough ideas I could do a spattering of them by making one the main show and the others commercials. Same as before, if you can’t decide just give a TYPE and GENRE, but most of all, have fun!
No. 1003150 ID: e51896


A new video from Pop Idol Deena Cartwright, a poodle moth! Her singing voice is said to put anyone in a state of euphoria.



Lets test our knowledge of the world of CATALYST and see if we can learn new things about its history!

The game show is controversial in which it has the contestants doing embarrassing things if they get a question wrong.

if they answer a question right, they get BUX. If they get it wrong, they do a dare.

The easier the question, the less BUX contestants get when answered right, and the less humiliating the dare would be if answered wrong.

The harder the question, the more BUX contestants get when answered right and the more humiliating the dare would be if answered wrong

Hosted by an opossum
No. 1003154 ID: 094652

Last Chance Pilot Nosedive
A showcase of last year's pilot episodes of various cartoons, soap operas, and even video games, all of which didn't make the cut with executive producers.
The premise is simple; each pilot is edited by a new director and the original design team to be five minutes long, and can only add 30 seconds of new footage that summarizes what happens in the cut footage. Afterwards, viewers can vote online to support the premise and give it a second shot at life. The catch is that each minute, one of the judges will submit a criticism about any inherent problems with the core story, the characters' personalities, any political or extreme views that are not justified or villainized, i.e., anything bad that can be directly inferred from the pilot only. The judges get paid if the dying show doesn't get greenlit, so they are intentionally biased to oppose a fanbase that may be over positive and giving out likes from cheap thrills... unless the show is so good that the judges go in the opposite direction and outright endorse the pilot, which is usually enough to turn heads at the producers' offices.
There's a funny cartoon n-manifold waveform flying in an archaic airplane, which spirals out of control into a nosedive. You can guess what happens if the show gets greenlit or not.

Uki-Cutie Final Episode!
A 'World-Gone-Mad' anime about a little rabbit girl trying to live her daily life in a post-apocalypse giant-mecha warzone. You will see blood and gore fly as Titan pilots are forcefully mutated and burst into hideous abominations that burst out of their cockpits so violently they cause the Titan to explode. You will also see sexual molestation, betrayals from loving family members, and artistic displays of cannibalism and mad science. And almost none of this will be focused on as Uki is intentionally the main protagonist at all times. Uki's Awakened power is that she is completely impervious to outside forces, which is why she doesn't get killed by all the falling debris and radiation, but she still grows up despite her willful ignorance.
The last episode flips the script as Uki succumbs to cancer and her death causes a nuclear explosion that distributes clean renewable energy to everyone who survives, ending the war. The last surviving Pilot has a philosophical crisis about the virtue of Uki's Zen personality and the sinful ignorance that perpetuated the prevention of a solution to the endless war, as only her cruel and unusual death finally brought balance to the world. The very last scene is of a strange child who is implied to have the same powers as Uki, staring in the shadow of the pilot.
No. 1003162 ID: afa6f6

A commerical.: Local News is advertising indie punk rock groupDefi's next small concert. Theyre pretty popular and well known due to their vocal criticism of the Hero League actions and competence as well as the view tey have too much power and influence despite not having much oversight, and talk about it both in their music and interviews. Their stance has gotten them a lot of flak in the media, enough flak that it makes people suspicious that the League itself might be using their influence to try and discredit them, which actually only made the group more popular.
City management themselves quietly supports them due to half the group being awakened who can do security for their own shows, the local money they bring in, And the much lower occurrence of violence and rioting comparatively at their shows, mostly due to the aforementioned awakened in the group.
No. 1003165 ID: 8e4c26


Mix the music video, and commercial together. They adverise their upcoming concert, and play one of their music vids.

The music video is about the Heores League corruption, but it is told and visualized through hints and symbolism that doesn't outright say they are attacking the Heroes League, but smart people who really pay attention to the lyrics and visuals and put the pieces together know who they are attacking.
No. 1003167 ID: 18679e

Just the music video.
No. 1003200 ID: afe7de
File 162346926120.png - (6.89KB , 500x500 , C2_5_059.png )

Gena pulls up her COMM and starts recording, Andrea frowns as she bends over. It’s in a really awkward position and now she’s got her ass up. She opens her mouth wide and takes just a massive chunk out of the YELLOW. It’s sour. You can see tears forming her her eyes as she chews. She mumbles something while she swallows the first YELLOW chunk.

Andrea: GAH. Fucking HATE SOUR things. *SOB* UUUUGHHHHHH. I’ll have my vengance GENA!!!!

She takes the last half in her mouth, chews it and swallows, giving a large citrusy burp. She then licks the floor for good measure. She coughs a few times and wipes away the tears. There’s some gagging, but she runs to the kitchen and downs a glass of water before giving Gena the stink eye.

Gena: That’ll learn ya to bet against meeeeeeeee!!!!
Andrea: Blugh, we’ve got like an hour till Plantimals is on, what else do ya wanna watch.

The two of you scroll through the TV’s various channels. Gena’s got the best cable package in the world. It gets channels overseas too. You flip through a few and eventually end up on some Music Video channel.
No. 1003201 ID: afe7de
File 162346929477.png - (253.18KB , 500x500 , C2_5_060.png )

> Music video
The camera focuses on some legs walking down a runway, they’re covered in thigh highs. The camera slowly pans up and you see some very fluffy thighs poking out of those thigh highs. A miniskirt floats down, covering the sensitive bits of the singer. It’s dark from her waist up but you can tell that she has wings and antenna.

The lights flash on and we’re treated to a frontal view of the stage. A band sits in the back, ready to hit their instruments and there’s silence. We hear the twang of an electric guitar as the music starts to build up. Next is the drums, a tempo is added, you’re starting to get a feeling for the beat. A trumpet joins in and you’re now hearing a very ska-like tune whilst the camera focuses back on the singer. She’s an absolutely gorgeous poodle moth in a coat and when she begins to sing, you feel your stress melting away.

The fallen tower~
Our blissful ignorance~
Your Powers fail us~
As we open our EYYYYYEEEESS~

The guitar picks up and the music gains in intensity. The moth tosses her coat into the audience and the crowd goes wild. An overview of the stadium shows that it’s a concert and the audience members all have glow sticks of some kind.

Some have Awakened~
Others have shaken~
We’re feeling something~
No thanks to you~

Was once my boyfriend!
Now stalks me on the weekends!
Can’t take the hint!
We don’t need you anymore!

A screen above the stadium lights up and various images begin to scroll past, we see ruined cities, the flashing of these strange eye symbols. Images of men in business suits with Xs on their eyes appear next, they appear to be parody actors dressed like members of the Walpole family. The moth at center stage picks up her mike and starts a dance routine, the crowd is really feeling it now.
No. 1003202 ID: afe7de
File 162346931535.png - (81.02KB , 500x500 , C2_5_061.png )

I’ve gathered new friends!
With me til night’s end!
They’ll stalk you back!
Make you wish you hadn’t done that!

You think I’ll take it!
You think I’ll wither?
It’s just the beginning!
You’re just an insect!

The crowd chants in unison “AND YOURS”

We’ll work together~
Rebuild the tower~
No longer ignorant~
And opennnn ouuuuuuur EEEEYYYYYYYYYSSSS~

Confetti shoots out into the sky, there’s cheering as the camera fades to black. An announcer comes on announcing that Deena Cartwright’s hit single “WATCHER” is now in stores and online music apps and to check it out!

Gena: Woah, that was great!
Andrea: Yeah! She’s gotten better and better!
Andrea: Heard she started off a singer in Wano then came to Midland and became a massive hit.
Gena: Yeah, I heard they didn’t like her in Wano cause she had some anti League agenda.
Gena: You can hear it a bit in the song too, I think the boyfriend is a metaphor for the League.
Andrea: Yeah, they’re stricter about it there.
Andrea: But here she can sing and practice her activism and legally there’s not much they can do since she’s so popular.
Gena: Wanna watch another or something else?

A commercial is about to come on. What is it advertising?
No. 1003203 ID: e7c7d3

It's for that shady lawyer who's jingle comes up every commercial.

"Been in a crash~?
And you need that cash~?
Feign that broken neck~!
And we'll get you that cheque!"
No. 1003204 ID: 0fae41

WAKE-UP JUICE, the official HERO FUEL of the Heroes' League! It's got electrolytes!
No. 1003205 ID: e6a906

RATIOLATRY religion commercial


Relief effort commercial asking for donations for Fluxtopa... brought to you by the heroes league (they're actually using the donation money for themselves)
No. 1003210 ID: 094652

A commercial for a virtual vacation to another world. You pay a deposit for the drone and a fee for teleporting that drone through an Artifact-based gateway. Use your COMM to explore distant lands and obtain shiny souvenirs. But be warned, you'll lose everything on your journey if you don't get the drone back to safety in beast-infested lands with extreme environmental hazards! Brought to you by WorldS(e)RF: "We'll give the customer everything they deserve or their money back!"
WARNING: Specifically-marked areas will have major restrictions on Drone control; at any point when the drone is in these sectors, abilities will be restricted and a WorldSRF engineer will be legally allowed to take control of your drone for any reason. If the drone's core is damaged due to your actions, you will not get any money back on the deposit. There are no refunds on the initial teleportation fee.
Note that customers will not be held liable for any unforeseen illegal acts or unintentional acts of sedition performed by accident when in a marked area, but may be banned permanently. Any other instances of criminal activity (sedition, assault) outside of the marked area will be punished to the full extent of the law.
tl;dr: Pilot a drone in another world for a vacation.

In truth, WorldSRF is a corrupt megacorporation run by a vile Angel Faction known as the Enforcers. They believe that the caste system is a sacred institution and seek to reinstate it on as many worlds as possible. The worst part is that unlike most of their greed-filled minions, the angel leaders have fully bought into this twisted ideology; Their end-goal for FAUNUS post-apocalypse is to use all the money and influence they've built up (and will steal it from their own employees, who are unknowingly low-caste) to enslave specific targets for the sole purpose of ensuring that their ancestry decides their fate, and not the hard work and determination they put into working their way to the top. They will literally bribe the government with billions of BUX' worth in assets and threaten their brainwashed fanbase of suicide bombers, just to enslave the president because she happens to have ancestors who were cursed to have their bloodlines enslaved for all eternity.
WorldSRF is allowing customers to tour a world they've conquered so they can be brainwashed into believing the caste system somehow works, and openly hates revolutions of any kind. Also, they scam their customers out of the initial teleportation fee because the real drones are built on the resort planet's sweatshop factory.
tl;dr: Cruise Dicks.

No. 1003229 ID: 10211b


That lawyer is said to literally be a sociopath and is a professional manipulator as well, enough to make people think he has a brainwashing awakened power, but it has been proven that he does not have powers,

Im fact, he HATES awakened abilities. He is part of a group of activists that protests against the use of awakened abilities, trying to get governmemt to sign laws to restrict the use of awakened powers.

For species, maybe he's a tortoise
No. 1003266 ID: afe7de
File 162357854783.png - (75.64KB , 500x500 , C2_5_062.png )

> A shady lawyer’s firm
You see a closeup of something green, the camera pans out showing a tortoise sitting on a lillypad. A jingle starts playing.

Andrea: GOD noooo, this fucking jingle
Gena: Huh?
Andrea: You havent heard it?!!? Fuck we gotta watch now.

Been in a crash~?
And you need that cash~?
Feign that broken neck~!
And we’ll get you that cheque!

You see several flamingoes dancing in the background, sticking their legs in and out in large frilly dresses. The jingle continues to play in the background softly as the camera focuses on the older tortoise on the lillypad.

Wake: Hi there, I’m Wake Knee. If you’re ever in an accident or injury please give my number a call.

“877-WAKE-NOW” appears on the screen.

Wake: We’re here rain or shine, 24 hours a day, hell or high water. Monster wave or not to help you in your time of need.
Wake: We’re the number one law firm and we ALWAYS win your cases. That’s an indisputable fact.
Wake: So don’t delay and if you need help…

The jingle picks up in intensity and changes tunes, Wake starts singing along.





And with a trumpet blare the commercial is over.

Gena: Wow that was kind of catchy.
Andrea: Bluuuuuuuuughhhhhhhh
Andrea: I heard he’s a manipulative tool.
Andrea: And he’s anti Awakened rights.
Andrea: But I guess he has a good marketing team.

Another commercial is coming up. What’s this one advertising?

Sorry for the short one today, was my birthday!
No. 1003270 ID: e51896

A commercial for a game called Lust Quest.

This commercial only airs late at night due to it being more of a game for adults.
No. 1003276 ID: 094652

Video Game
Battle Royale Mecha "Closing World" Dungeon Crawler

The premise is as follows: Players either pick an "Apex Crusader", an awakened set of powers and skills, or a "Grum Pilot", who gets to use a giant mecha. They work in teams of three and go on adventures in miniature dungeons on the map, killing other teams they find. The catch is that dungeons closest to the ring of fire will generate the most loot while central players can install traps or markers in dungeons they have already cleared.

Showcase a pilot in a mini-mecha firing rockets at BDSM raiders in a cavern while an awakened Beast-kin spews globs of gelatin, all while a giant wall of fire trails behind them.

There's a competition to gain real superpowers from an artifact, with a 2,000 BUX entry fee.
No. 1003278 ID: afa6f6

Happy Birthday!

Also, for a commercial, How bout an infomercial from Conservationists?
Recent disasters as well as random animals Awakening and stray monsters have thrown ecosystems out of whack, and the various conservation societies are looking for donations and volunteers to help them work to get everything sorted out without significant harm coming to Kin or wildlife.
Theres also a part at the end with a number to call and report if youve seen any awakened wildlife in your area.
No. 1003280 ID: d09be1

I see what you did there

Commercial for Lyluk slushees. It is advertising a new Slushee: black

The black slushee is terrible, but gives you an outstanding temporary stat boosts for an entire day for all your stats if you manage to finish it. (Though you wont be happy if youre not used to the taste). Not many people can finish this drink though, it's an acquired taste really.

And they also mention the contest to figure out what the mysterious gray slushee flavor is is still going on. There is a secret artifact prize, or the opportunity to win a pet Lyluk for anyone who can guess what flavor it is, but nobody has guessed correctly for the past 13 years since the contest began. It raises the ??? Stat to those who drink it.
No. 1003301 ID: f8fa51

I like this idea, if Edmango doesn't think it's too self-indulgent.
No. 1003302 ID: afe7de
File 162365375444.png - (79.10KB , 500x500 , C2_5_063.png )

> Lust Quest Commercial
The camera fades in from black and you hear a deep and husky woman’s voice laughing. The eyes of a dragon appear on the screen as she says a few words.

Those fools have no idea what LUST I’ll bring upon this world.
The Aphrodesiac Idol.
The Crown’s Crystal.
All I’m missing is the Empathiquor and soon.
Soon. THEY’LL be mine again.


No. 1003303 ID: afe7de
File 162365377805.png - (60.74KB , 500x500 , C2_5_064.png )

A smooth jazz beat plays in the background as the camera pans out and you get an overview of a desert Oasis, there’s a town full of kin hustling and bustling about they’re playing various games and you can even hear the moans of intercourse from behind some buildings. You’re shown cuts of different characters doing different things. First is our protagonist. PROTA, they’re a Lust-Kin, a former beast-kin that awoke to magic powers one day. They can duplicate and change their bodies genitalia at will. They’re seen interacting at a bar with an extremely busty Cow girl. Everyone in the bar is drinking, but suddenly everyone turns aggressive and starts LUSTING eachother, fighting and groping and fucking. You see Prota surrounded before the camera shifts focus again.

This time It’s CACTMYN, she’s a spunky Cactus with a pollen allergy that has a serious case of WANDERLUST. Her potted plant is to the side and she’s buried in the middle of some kind of altar. There’s robed figures worshipping her and she’s frantically trying to dig herself out. A different narrator speaks up, his voice is soft and old.

The Lustival. A place of carnal desire and Lust. A perfect place to harness that energy.
No. 1003304 ID: afe7de
File 162365378987.png - (64.65KB , 500x500 , C2_5_065.png )

The next scene is of a Moth Insect-kin and Spider Insect-Kin drinking this strange blue liqor. The camera focuses on it before showing the two laughing. We see YOWIE spying on them in the distance, the same drink in her hand.

Oh what bliss it will be to harness that energy.

The last scene is of a robed man with large horns, he’s holding up an orb and a rift is forming behind him. MIZU approaches. She’s a large, buff pink wolf with a katana to her waist. She’s the only person you’ve seen so far with any form of actual weapon.

But what is bliss without a CHALLENGE.
So Come Kin. Let us have one final BOUT. Before I change the world!

No. 1003306 ID: afe7de
File 162365397514.png - (33.16KB , 500x500 , C2_5_066.png )

The rift opens wider and Large monsters with extremely sharp teeth and claws can be seen. Mizu pulls out her weapon and you can hear her mutter. “No, not here. Not this place.” And with a slice of her katana the Logo [LUST QUEST: THE LUSTIVAL] comes on screen. Out NOW!!

Gena: Whaaaaat?!?! No way, I thought he stopped working on it!
Andrea: Huh? Who?
Gena: Rudeus, the guy who made the Lust Quest games.
Gena: I heard he got some kinda Tinker power and stopped game dev for a while, but now it’s back!!!! WHOOOOOOO
Andrea: Huh, got a tinker power and still making games, that’s kinda neat!
Gena: Yeah, I thought he just gave up on making games, so this is great to me!
Gena: I’mma download it

Gena then goes on to explain the intricate lore of the lust quest games, about how they’re about each character following their own type of lust and the protagonist Prota whos collecting all of them in their magical fuck wagon. She talks about how the writing got a little heavy handed in the second one but the book was great. And about how there’s this overarching villain the Dragon Queen whose trying to collect ingredients to make something. Fans online have theorized that she’s trying to win back Prota’s love but it might be more sinister than that. She very much enjoys the gratuitous sexual content and thinks that the idea of solving problems through sex instead of fighting with weapons is pretty cool.

You can tell Gena’s really excited about this and has tons of ideas on how it could be an excellent game, or even an excellent… Quest. You have time before your WANOMAY, so she offers to show you some of the game if you’re interested.

Do you play some LUST QUEST: THE LUSTIVAL?

Or do you watch a documentary of some kind? (If so, what’s the documentary about?)
No. 1003307 ID: 0fae41

Alright, let's play the Lustival.
No. 1003309 ID: e51896

Sure lets play it to make Gena happy!

You both start playing it in the middle of a RATIOLATRY commercial, not really paying attention to it.

Ask if it is two player.
No. 1003321 ID: 094652

Yeah download the game
While you're waiting, there's a documentary on a recently discovered dangerous monster that is amazingly cute but extremely hazardous; the pumatose balloon (Argiotentus Balloonus)

This particular species can hold its breath for up to thirty minutes - or more accurately, can hold exorbitant amounts of water in its body while effectively suffocating for about thirty minutes. There are specialized secondary vein network in its body, which stay low-flow until water is poured through them, causing the pumatose balloon to inflate and even appear transparent in certain areas. It will do this willingly, without input from owners, causing it to waddle around with bulging eyes and cheeks until it finally releases its fluids. Scientific research has not determined why the pumatose balloon does this act in defiance of all regular land and sea survival tactics, mainly because the funding is so low for this low-priority monster.

The problem is, this particular beast has a dangerous habit of effectively drowning its owners by spewing water into their lungs while they sleep. Four people are already dead due to their poor choice in pet ownership. They are also strangely intelligent and will learn how to use basic faucets quickly, and can even recognize word association with water.

Strangely enough, they have trouble feeding themselves solid food, ignoring potential foodstuffs and defying the usual 'smell tests' that most pets perform, and need to be spoon-fed to survive. Theories for this behavior include a need to 'mark' their potential kills by spitting water over them.
No. 1003324 ID: f8fa51

Go for it. If she's that excited she should get to show it off.
No. 1003340 ID: 56ed87

Tell Gena you suck at video games, so you'll just watch her play it.
No. 1003358 ID: afe7de
File 162375337325.png - (11.77KB , 500x500 , C2_5_067.png )

> Have Gena show you LUST QUEST
The download is done in a few minutes, Gena has good Internet. She loads it up and the same commercial plays for the intro cut-scene, so Gena skips it and you’re thrust into the main menu. She starts a new profile and options are presented for her. Apparently in this game you can custom create your own kin. It’s much more in depth than the previous game. Gena’s excited and excitedly squeaks.

Gena: AAAAA this is great! They just had you playing Prota the protagonist before.
Gena: Now we can make our own Kin! AAAAA this’ll be great!
Andrea: Ughhhh you usually spend forever on character creation though.
Andrea: Since we’re just doing this for fun while we wait for Plantimals can we maybe not go too in depth, you can do it later.
Gena: Oh yeah, this seems like the kinda game I’ll do multiple playthroughs of.
Gena: Let’s just make you and play with that.
Andrea: Aw hell yeah, I wanna see a little me on the screen fucking kin!

Gena speeds through the character creation screen and eventually a kin that looks pretty much like Andrea in a hoodless adventurer’s poncho appears. The next screen asks you what your LUSTING style is. LUSTING is this universe’s form of COMBAT. There are three options, Gena reads them out to you.

Gena: First there’s PHYSICAL - You fight by touch and using toys on your opponents.
Gena: You get a bonus to the RED stat, your power.
Gena: There was this really goofy toy that’s like a pocket pussy mentioned in the novel.
Gena: Basically you fire it and it latches onto your target’s dick, forcibly jerking them off.
Gena: And this style lends itself to you groping and touching your opponents to get them to CLIMAX.
Gena: But you’re weaker to MAGIC attacks
Andrea: That sounds fun and a bit silly, what do you use lubes too and they have special properties? Hahahah
Gena: Actually Yes.
Andrea: …

Gena: Next there’s VISUAL/SENSORY - You fight by teasing and taunting your opponent.
Gena: You get a bonus to the YELLOW stat, your reflexes.
Gena: You get a lot of sexy dances with this style
Gena: It’s good for exhibitionists
Gena: But you’re weaker to PHYSICAL attacks
Gena: I think there’s also like pheromone and musk attacks but we’ll have to play and see.
Andrea: Huh, how can you get your opponents to CLIMAX by just visual stimulation alone?
Gena: Well you see it’s very complicated and there’s some deep lore explaining it all
Andrea: Everyone’s just extremely horny and on a hair pin trigger huh
Gena: Suspension of disbelief!!!!!

Gena: Kast there’s MAGIC - You fight by using your LUST energy.
Gena: You get a bonus to the BLACK stat, your Magic power
Gena: Basically you build up your LUST meter through combat, you’re easier to arouse
Gena: BUT you blast out your built up lustful energies in the form of a mini-climax
Gena: Each Mini climax reduces your HP meter
Gena: Mini-Climax too often and yer KO’d
Andrea: So why would you want to even do this style?
Gena: Well you’re a glass cannon basically, your lust spells are powerful against physical and visual foes
Gena: But only deal half damage to other mages.
Gena: You also take extra damage from other sources, but you can fire beams of energy that cause people to orgasm, so they have to come close!
Andrea: High risk, high reward, got it.

Gena: No matter what we chose, you can usually dip into other combat specialties, but since we’re probably only gonna do a short segment that’s going to be our fighting style for now.

What LUSTING style do you pick?
No. 1003359 ID: 094652

No. 1003364 ID: 0fae41

No. 1003367 ID: 735290

I feel this effects the kind of lusting style Andrea will have in her date tommorrow with Cat in some ways, correct?

No. 1003371 ID: 6c19fd

Visual/Sensory for pinups galore
No. 1003380 ID: 931d62

Physical is cute for her
No. 1003392 ID: f8fa51

Definitely go for YELLOW. YELLOW like the one you just ate Andrea.
No. 1003394 ID: 96c896

So PHYS is strong against VISUAL, weak to MAGIC.
VISUAL is strong against ???, weak to PHYS and MAGIC.
MAGIC is strong against PHYS and VISUAL, and resistant to MAGIC but that's just a wash.

Isn't MAGIC the clearly overpowered choice here, and VISUAL the weak one?
No. 1003484 ID: afe7de
File 162392393487.png - (83.84KB , 500x500 , C2_5_068.png )

Andrea: Let’s go with Visual, that should be fun!
Gena: Cool, cool, cool.

Gena selects that fighting style and the screen fades to black. You hear a trumpet laden fantasy intro as the camera pans over a few different locations. First is a lush forest, there are ruins scattered about and there’s a shrine to a deer-headed creature. The camera pans to an enclosure of tents, and a simple wooden chapel. The sign EXTATEM’S BROTHEL is hanging above, the picture of that same Deer-head on the sign.

Next is a mountain, many living ice sculptures can be seen moving about, the camera pans over a village, Wing-Kin can be seen chattering about. The last angle on this scene is that of a large tower in the center of a crater.

Next is an Oasis in the desert, there’s tons of hastily built wooden houses and structures, some brothels, this one with the head of a gator-mummy on it. The camera pans under the ground to a neon lit cavern city. There are several obsidian structures and one rather large castle, known as the Queen’s palace. Many kin can be seen dancing in the streets as music plays all around softly.

The camera pans once again to the Academy, It’s a phallic structure, towering up to the sky with two large orb-like structures on the bottom. To it’s side is a small town and the camera focuses on one particular location. CHESST, a chess themed brothel and drinkery.

Lastly the camera pans to a location central to all of these places, It’s an open clearing with some wooden structures put up. There’s a large spider-web near a tavern called THE RUFFLED HAUNCH. Eventually the camera finally reaches you, coming out of a bush in the forest.
No. 1003485 ID: afe7de
File 162392395096.png - (8.48KB , 500x500 , C2_5_069.png )

Your name is ANDREA THE ADVENTURER. You’re in crippling student debt after attending the Academy and learning how to become an adventurer, so much so that you’re completely out of SMOOCHES. The currency of this world. It’s based off of the price of a single kiss from the Queen. You’ve come to this place to participate in the BUTTLE ROYALE, it’s an event where you LUST against other kin for a prize. You can chose from getting an artifact, to getting tons of smooches, to getting all sorts of cool things. You can go it alone, or you can team up with up to 4 kin and battle it out to the end.

You’re skilled in VISUAL LUSTING, the art of making your foes CLIMAX with your teasing body alone. You’ve learned how to FLASH, TAUNT, SPREAD, and SEXY DANCE. It’s pretty effective. You can also GROPE if you get up real close, but you’re not very good at it yet. You could potentially learn NEW TECHNIQUES, but you’ve got to find someone willing to teach you, or take a lesson at the ACADEMY, and you’re still VERY BROKE.

You’re in a clearing. There’s a building with the name RUFFLED HAUNCH in front of you. It’s an INN, they serve food and have beds. The path behind you is blocked, not that you’d want to go back that way, there were a LOT of horny Aquans back there you just got done dealing with.

Beside the inn you see some kind of large WEB, there’s many things inside the web.

There are some random kin wandering about, some are sitting outside the Inn, there’s a QUEST BOARD posted up. You know that you can find JOBS here.

In the distance you see a CARAVAN, there’s a sign next to it that says TRIPS TO THE ACADEMY, 5 SMOOCHES.

To the WEST you see an opening in the forest, a sign is posted next to it. EXTATEM’S BROTHEL, WARNING, BANDITS SIGHTED.

To the EAST you see a long, winding path leading up to a mountain.

To the SOUTH you see a cavern entrance, there’s many colorful lights coming from it.

To the NORTH you see an open gate, kin are going through it. You know this to lead to the OASIS and LUSTIVAL GAMES.

What do you do?
No. 1003486 ID: e51896

We need smooches. I wonder if RUFFLED HAUNCH is hiring someone with our VISUAL LUSTING skills,

if not maybe EXTATEM’S BROTHEL is hiring...

Otherwise, quest board
No. 1003488 ID: f8fa51

Let's check the quest board.
No. 1003496 ID: 755453

To the brothel!
No. 1003501 ID: dabf33

Look things up on the WEB!
No. 1003529 ID: 094652

Check Lust, masturbate if above 33%

Head East
No. 1003553 ID: 03c8aa

Realize too late you're not in a private area when you do this and you get in a little trouble... whoops! (REPUTATION stats decreases but VISUAL/SENSORY exp increases though)
No. 1003560 ID: 9a2966

>Quest board
Get a JERB you BUN-BUM!
No. 1003591 ID: afe7de
File 162400129130.png - (16.40KB , 500x500 , C2_5_070.png )

> Quest Board
You head over to the quest board, the sound of chattering kin providing a nice and welcome background noise. It’s a rather well kept wooden board with a plaque on top of it that says OPEN REQUESTS. There are several pieces of parchment with requests nailed onto the board. You decide to take a look and find a few requests that peak your interest.

There’s a few papers stacked together and they appear to be related to the church of Extatem. First is a request to patrol for bandits, it pays a few SMOOCHES if you can locate where they are holed up so other kin can avoid them. Bonus pay if you KO the bandits, causing them to leave. There’s also another sheet that says the Head Acolyte could always use temporary Acolytes to assist in general worship. This pays smooches based on how much work you do. They mention they don’t have a lot of smooches but will offer their services to you for free during the festival as long as you help with a single task as an added incentive.

There’s another request for a guide down from the mountains, the path is a little perilous and its from someone named YOWIE, you see a headshot of them. They’re kind of cute. Another is a request for someone to come visit them, pays 5 SMOOCHES, they’re offering tea and snacks, also in the mountain.

There’s a request asking for someone to help with some SHADY business in the NIGHT CLUB CITY. By shady they mean dark, it’s dark and there’s neon lights, not illegal or anything. It pays 30 SMOOCHES.

There’s a paper here listing that a group called the BROTHEL BROS are traveling around to the 4 nearby brothels to rate and review them. They’re offering a reward to anyone able to beat them in a round of LUSTING in the form of new LUSTING techniques. It also lists where the 4 brothels are.
No. 1003592 ID: afe7de
File 162400130764.png - (17.79KB , 500x500 , C2_5_071.png )

There’s the GREEN brothel, Extatem’s brothel in the FOREST. They specialize in cozy and empathetic sex with the head acolyte able to use lust magic to give intense orgasms.
There’s the RED brothel in NIGHT CLUB CITY. They specialize in sexual meals, eating off of their sexy insect and lust kin. They also offer an all-you-can-fuck challenge that only the Queen and a few other kin can successfully navigate. There’s a prize at the end.
There’s the YELLOW brothel in the OASIS. They offer lewd dances and an environment that you can get high on catnip and relax in. This location has a lot of Kobold and Aquan employees. It’s the Brothel that sells its customer service and casual conversation more over the sex.
Lastly there’s the BLUE brothel near the ACADEMY. They call themselves STACKERS and primarily feature shortstacks and a neat futa-milk bar. It’s a casual drinking establishment where you can get lots of different flavors “On Tap” and the workers seem to never run out. You remember this place well as it was the second most popular drinking establishment aside from CHESST when you were a student at the ACADEMY.

There’s also a few requests for some vague stuff. One kin is asking you to win 4 prizes from the Lustival and show them to them for a reward. Another is advertising an artifact purchasing and exchange booth. And the last is a note from someone called DARK who says to come check out his web for cheap lubes and lewd accessories.

None of the other requests seem to speak out to you, but you do know that you can usually find more quests or tasks to take up for SMOOCHES if you head in a direction and talk to the kin there. You’re used to helping kin solve their HORNY PROBLEMS after all. You could also stop by one of the brothels, as an adventurer they could usually use your sexual skills in some capacity and it’s a good way to get a few SMOOCHES among other things. You also think you could probably convince the carriage driver to take you along if you offer your protective services from bandits, but you think you’ll only have a 50/50 shot of making it work.

What do you do?
No. 1003593 ID: 0fae41

Head up the mountain for some adventure and an easy first pay.
No. 1003594 ID: 96c896

Hmm, could you do the visit and then guide YOWIE down after?
No. 1003595 ID: e51896

Primary choice: Seeing as the GREEN BROTHEL has a pic of a Gena look-alike, lets head over there and offer our services for SMOOCHES.

secondary, visit the mountain.
No. 1003611 ID: 132451

Alright, lets go to Mt. Mounted. (very funny name there, Rudeus, har har har *rolls eyes*) we can get more done that way.

Lets not get too involved and lets not be afraid to do anything really crazy, we're just trying out the game after all, and Wanomay watching is happening soon
No. 1003650 ID: afe7de
File 162410704048.png - (10.14KB , 500x500 , C2_5_072.png )

> Go to the Mountains
You decide to head up the long winding path to the mountains. When you enter the path the screen goes black, and an icon of a mountain appears in the center. An icon of prota winking appears on the bottom right hand corner as well. It spins around in circles and some text appears, fading in and out a few times with different text.

You don’t level up traditionally in this game, instead, try to find drinks, abilities, and bonuses by talking to other kin and exploring.

You get different stat bonuses from sex with new partners, try to fuck em’ all!

You can rapidly smash the “A” button in certain spots or in front of other kin to start the Masturbation minigame, try it out!

Andrea: LMAO, you can just start jerking off in front of other kin, hahahahahaha
Gena: I’m sure there’s a mechanical benefit to it!
Andrea: Yeah, maybe some kin won’t join you unless you just jill all over them or something hahahahahaha
Gena: Probably! I wouldn’t put it past him.
Gena: Though I gave you the Clit-Dick option, so you could jerk off that way if you purposefully chose it
Andrea: Ah, just like real life.
Gena: What do you wanna do first?
Andrea: Let’s go have tea with that mountain person for some easy SMOOCHES and head over to YOWIE
Gena: Cool Cool Cool Cool.

The loading screen ends and you see the text “AQUILLO ISLAND - MT. MOUNTED” appear, this generates a chuckle out of the two of you. You wander around for a bit before eventually finding a little shack in the forest under the shade of a big tree, it’s in a crevice in the mountain and a little out of the way. You guess their home being so out of the way is why they put out a request. Though you can see a town in the distance, so why not put the offer there, curious. You approach the shack and speak a little loudly.
No. 1003651 ID: afe7de
File 162410707871.png - (13.49KB , 500x500 , C2_5_073.png )

You: UH HELLO! I’m here about the Request, something about Tea?

You hear some excited KAW-ing and the shuffling about of some items inside. A black crow exits the flap in the makeshift shack. She’s young but her face is marred with stress, you can tell she’s aged quite a bit from stress alone. She looks severely depressed, but smiles when you approaches, you feel it’s genuine.

Wicklow: Uhm, Hi… Oh, you’re an adventurer!
Wicklow: Don’t mess this up Wicklow…
Wicklow: Are you the friend my tea leaves told me I’d make today?
Wicklow: GAH, I mean uh. Are you here about the request?
Andrea: Yup, that’s me! Andrea the Adventurer
Wicklow: Horay!
Wicklow: Come in, come in!
Wicklow: I have some little cakes. But uhm…
Wicklow: I only have one Tea-cup, are you okay with sharing?
Wicklow: I, uh… the Kin in the nearby town say I’m cursed so I don’t get any visitors…
Wicklow: Please don’t go…

What do you do?
No. 1003657 ID: 094652

"Yes of course, I'd love to be paid to be given food and pleasant conversation.

... But that's not the real reason you placed a request, is it? If there is a curse, I may be able to help. We can discuss details after this lunch."
No. 1003664 ID: e51896

Stay, ask about curse.
Also ask if she wants to join you in helping someone climb down the mountain.
No. 1003679 ID: 8c941b

Definetly no red flags here. Go on in.
No. 1003681 ID: 96c896

She looks familiar, wasn't she in one of the Lust Quest games?
Go in, have a nice time. See if you can get her to relax and open up.
No. 1003682 ID: 9a2966

Tea and biscuits sounds good, but rather than JUST conversation, perhaps they'd like to exchange dance moves, too?

If they have trouble with conversations, showing one's feelings through the motions of one's body is an option - perhaps one that fits them better, too! You've learned all about THAT in school, after all.

Even if sensual dancing is not their personal cup of tea - pun intended - you'd be happy to at least give them a show while you're here. And this way one of you can spectate with tea and cookies while the other dances, so it solves two problems in one fell swoop!

Using the same cup should also be fine - why wouldn't it be? Smooches are literally a currency, so an indirect kiss should totally be a-ok.
No. 1003687 ID: 35f407

She seems lonely for so long. Lets use our visual lust to cheer her up, rapidly press A in front of her at some point. That might make her feel better.
No. 1003698 ID: f8fa51

Let's at least get to know her before masturbating in front of her.

Of course, sharing a cup isn't a problem! Spend some time hanging out and relaxing before you start asking difficult questions like "what's the real reason you asked me to come up here?"
No. 1003700 ID: 35f407

Perhaps, but this is kind of a throwaway save file to just try out the game, we're not too invested since Plantimals is on soon. Might as well go crazy with this.
No. 1003705 ID: f8fa51

You know what? I'm convinced. Let's introduce ourselves by masturbating.
No. 1003724 ID: afe7de
File 162418488378.png - (49.63KB , 500x500 , C2_5_074.png )

> Have tea
Andrea: Sharing’s okay! I’ll be giving an indirect kiss to a cute bird like yourself, that’ll make me happy.

She smiles and she visibly relaxes.

Wicklow: Come in Come in!!!!!

Gena: Y’know I think she was in the other game too.
Gena: I wonder if he changed her up any?

The inside is neat and tidy. There’s cloth draped from the ceiling to give it a nice and cozy feeling. You see a few little orbs of light on the cieling. They’re Lust Lights, taking in the ambient lustful energy of the world and producing a dim light. The two of you reach a little seating area. There are pillows on the floor and a tiny, decrepit table. You plop down on the seat and spread your legs wide. Wicklow then enters with a warm cup of tea a few moments later.

Gena: OOOH OOH, what if we just started jerking off right now!
Andrea: Don’t you wanna know the lore? Ask her about the curse!
Gena: What if we asked her about the curse… AND masturbated
Andrea: Lmao, would the game even let you do that?
Gena: Let’s find out!

You ask Wicklow about the curse as the two of you take turns sipping from the cup of tea and eating snacks. She says that she’s just been incredibly UNLUCKY most of her life, anyone she’s near is just worse off, so no one visits her. But she swears it hasnt happened in years. But she also mentions she hasnt seen much of anyone in years either.
No. 1003725 ID: afe7de
File 162418490526.png - (125.00KB , 500x500 , C2_5_075.png )

Gena then starts furiously mashing the A button, the camera zooms directly up to game Andrea’s crotch. A hand reaches over and starts playing with her clitoris. It’s moist in moments, a light moan can be heard as the conversation continues. Wicklow keeps talking, oblivious of your fooling around. She mentions going to town and kin throwing rocks at her, only barely able to get food because the store lady is nice.

Andrea: Maybe she can’t see you doing it, the table’s in the way after all.
Gena: Good idea, let me just do the, oh there’s a sexy dance option!

Gena starts inputting some other control options and game Andrea gets up and starts to do a seductive dance. She’s groping herself and talking, moans occasionally popping up. Wicklow’s conversational speed starts to slow as she’s enraptured by your sensual technique. You touch your lucious vaginal lips and with a squish get some juices on your hand. You perform your JUICY LICK, stunning Wicklow. She starts to rub herself a bit.

Wicklow: Oh… Adventurer

She’s staring at you. So you slide the teacups and snacks off the table gently and sit yourself on it, displaying your womanhood to the wing-kin in front of you. Your hips start gyrating as you tease your clitoris, you give your juices another lick and gesture for Wicklow to come closer, pointing to your crotch. She sound of mashing increases as player Andrea starts to FURIOUSLY MASTURBATE, juices are going everywhere and Wicklow is just breathing it all in. She gives your pussy a lick with her long tongue, and its just enough to send you into a mini-climax, squirting on Wicklow a little bit. Can’t go Full on CLIMAXING or you’ll be out for a little. Moments later and Wicklow climaxes, your visual assault on her was too much, her hips thrust up and her pussy is now held up in the sky. You give her pussy a wet smooch, infusing some of your LUSTFUL ENERGIES into it and she wakes up.

You gained 1 SMOOCHES as spoils!

Wicklow: Ah, Adventurer!
Andrea: Call me Andrea!
Wicklow: Ah, Andrea. N-n-n no one has ever done that for me before
Wicklow: The tea leaves said I’d make a friend today but I didnt expect to ACTUALLY make a friend today
Wicklow: The answer is YES! I’d love to go adventuring with you! Let me pack my stuff!
Andrea: Uh what?
Wicklow: I mean, that’s why you came here and did that right?!

Wicklow is skilled at CLUMSY GROPES, ACCIDENTAL FLASHES, and CRITICAL HITS, with a high crit rate, but has an overall low horniness (damage) output.
You can invite Wicklow to your party.

What do you do?
No. 1003730 ID: e51896

Invite her to the party, lets find Yowie next and climb the mountain down with them
No. 1003731 ID: f8fa51

Sure, let her come along. Onward, to the next quest! In which we help someone down a mountain.
No. 1003745 ID: da355f

Have her join for a while.

If I remeber, in one of the previous Lust Quest games, you could switch leaders. Lets switch from Andrea to Wicklow as leader for now.

Find Yowie. Have Wicklow's bad luck shine through by Using CLUMSY GROPES, or ACCIDENTAL FLASHES skill on Yowie when you find them.
No. 1003752 ID: e51896

No. 1003787 ID: afe7de
File 162427158923.png - (85.84KB , 500x500 , C2_5_076.png )

> Invite Wicklow
You decide to invite Wicklow to your party. She’s EXTATIC. You get the 5 SMOOCHES she promised you and she puts on a small bag, ready to follow you.

Gena: Hmm I remember you could switch leaders in the previous game, let’s see if we can just…

There’s a little noise as Wicklow is now at the front of the party. She’s leading the group and will be the main person in duologue going forward.

Gena: Wow this game is pretty neat, there’s a lot of emergent gameplay. I wonder how long it took to make this?!?
Andrea: Dunno, but it was hilarious that you could jerk off to get a new party member.
Andrea: We should play some more later, Plantimals is on in like 3 though.
Gena: Aw shit, leggoooooooo!

The game is paused and Gena flips the channel to the correct one. An advertisement for Mobile STEED Calvary: for great Joustice is on. It’s a mecha WANOMAY about horse mechs. It’s got like 10 series's behind it and is very popular. They had a spin-off where there were humanoid mechs only and nobody liked it. Eventually the PLANTIMALS theme starts to kick in.

Hello yes this is Donut, I’m writing this intermission, with Ed drawing the madness
Theme song is to the tune of Van Halen’s Panama
Let’s have some fun eh?

Jump back, what’s that sound?
Here it comes, thorns up, roots down
Hot sun, beats you down and makes them tough
Weed invaders, young crusaders: CAN YOU WHACK IT HARD ENOUGH?

Plantimals, Plantimah-als
Plantimals, Plantimah-ah-uh-ah-ah-als

Ain’t nothin’ like it, it’s a shining green sheen
Got a feel for our steel, keep the clippers’ blades clean
Hot sun, beats you down and makes them tough
Weed invaders, young crusaders: CAN YOU WHACK IT HARD ENOUGH?

Plantimals, Plantimah-als
Plantimals, Plantimah-ah-uh-ah-ah-als

No. 1003788 ID: afe7de
File 162427160463.png - (19.80KB , 500x500 , C2_5_077.png )

As the theme song ends the title is displayed and a deep voiced narrator begins to speak. Join us at the edge of civilization, where villages harvest sunlight to survive! But the sunlight also empowers the KUDZU KAIJU, who see the peaceful villages as meals!

Our heroes fight back the KUDZU with brawn, brains and wicked sick combo attacks! After every KUDZU is defeated, our heroes use the power of friendship to raise the seeds of the fallen KUDZU into friendly and collectible PLANTIMALS™.

Praise the sun!


How could it have come to this? How, how indeed could our heroes have been betrayed by DR. DASTARDLY WEEVIL so suddenly and utterly unexpectedly?!

With DR. WEEVIL’s sabotage, VIRIDIAN VILLAGE’s defenses are offline and the POWER PLANT is vulnerable to attack by the hungry forces of the KUDZU KAIJU!

While the friendly PLANTIMALS(™) get the villagers to safety, our heroes have held the line bravely, but soon the greatest KUDZU yet will test their mettle! Clippers will clip! Friendships will be tested! Flamethrowers will throw flames!

And will DOG ever get CAT to notice him?

We’re rooting for you, heroes!
No. 1003789 ID: afe7de
File 162427161750.png - (17.36KB , 500x500 , C2_5_078.png )

These are our heroes:

“Mow ‘em down!”
-Heavy weapons and melee specialist
-Bonus to using big guns at point blank range
-Bunnus to using big guns as melee weapons
-Penalty to morale when not smoking
-Somehow immune to explosions caused by friendly fire

She’s no one-trick peony.
-Explosives and light weapon specialist
-Can control lawnmower drones until they run out of batteries
-Bonus to clippers, pistols and other light weapons
-Cannot wield big guns
-Can identify weak points for massive damage

A late bloomer.
-No bonuses
-No penalties
-Part-time Irrigation and Plumbing Specialist

Dog Dog
He’s our best bud.
-Can be equipped with customizable war saddles for party members to ride and fire from
-Can be equipped with customizable helmets allowing breath and bite weapons
-Can dig holes and UPROOT rooted enemies
-Is a master strategist, but can’t talk when biting stuff
No. 1003790 ID: afe7de
File 162427162769.png - (28.72KB , 500x500 , C2_5_079.png )

VIRIDIAN VILLAGE is situated at the top of a perfectly picturesque and rocky half-buried turtle shell, soaking up all the sun it can. There are hedges of hedge trimmers laid out like barricades, all deactivated.

The distant rumbling of a KUDZU KAIJU causes the earth to quake ominously. Like all Kudzu, they can pop out of any soil at any time; the only thing keeping Viridian Village safe is the fact that it’s on top of an ancient turtle shell buried in the ground. It’s doubtless hungry for the POWER PLANT at the center of the village. Our heroes will need to defeat it and its minions all by themselves!

The smaller Kudzu begin to pop up from the soil around the turtle shell. They’re tumbleweed types that explode on contact, all rolling fast and spinning towards the village gates.

Dog: Everyone, romaine calm! Our automato’d defenses are down, but we still have our armory full of crazy sick-ass weapons and technology!

Lopper and Hose take aim with laser-aimed assault rifles loaded with incendiary rounds.

Lopper: Say aloe to my little friend!

Hose: It’s not perfect, but thistle do.

They let loose well-aimed bursts of bullets on the tumbleweeds, and the incendiary rounds set off the explosives inside each tiny hit Kudzu like firecrackers. The fire quickly spreads to the other tumbleweeds and sets them alight as well in a chain reaction of pippity-poppity booms.

Rake: This won’t hold forever, the fireproof cacti-types are probably coming soon!

Lopper: Where’s my gatling gauntlets that shoot bullets shaped like claws? I need to get up close and personal!

Hose: And my tri-barreled pistol that shoots different ammunition from each barrel and also has space for a grappling hook?

Dog: And my tail-mounted scythe that can spin at five hundred RPM and makes the sickest sound when I rev it up?

Rake: Those are all being repaired after our last fight! We have to use our AWESOME NEW GEAR AND WHACKER DRONES that’re TOTALLY UNTESTED! Maybe I’ll even get to use that drone that launches out of my lab and turns into a jetpack and lets me fly around like a total NERDY BADASS!

Rake: Rhodie, you’re the fastest PLANTIMAL here! We’ll hold the line here while you run and get our crazy cool weapons and tech too dangerous to be used by anyone other than us!

Rhodie is an adorable PLANTIMAL just released in stores, and looks like a cuter version of the sprinting Lioness Cactus Kudzu our heroes defeated last month. Rhodie gives a nod of her head and leafs into action!

No. 1003792 ID: f8fa51

Lopper: There is no better plant-managing tool than a chainsaw. There's nothing special about it, but Lopper-wielding-a-chainsaw will still sell figurines.

Hose: A double-pistol that has a whole body on each end of the grip, which you turn upside down to use the other end of.

Dog: A ball that explodes before bouncing back to you. "Catch this."

Rake: A pistol with a clipper bayonet that can be optionally launched.
No. 1003810 ID: e51896

Well yeah, we need that WHACKER DRONE that turns to a jetpack for rake

Lopper gets: a heavy CHAINSAW GUN... and by chainsaw, i mean the kind of chainsaw which chops things down. You rev it up to get the blades spinning for melee attacks, and can shoot the sharp edges of the spinning blade as a projectile like a regular chainsaw gun. We have 6 extra blades for reloading if all the sharp edges of the blade is shot off. Requires you to be strong to use though, like Lopper. You can even set the chainsaw on the ground, grab and tight, and let the spinning blades act as a wheel to let you ride for fast mobility. Hard to control though.

Rake gets: that WHACKER DRONE that turns to a jetpack, and a ridable LAWNMOWER DRONE. Also clippers

Hose gets: WEED KILLER SPRAY, attatched to a FIRE HOSE connected to a flying FIRE HYDRAN-T-GEA DRONE. Very poisonous though if swallowed, and might be corrosive, so be careful of where water droplets might drop on you, any of your allies or any of their items or equipment.

Dog gets: GARDEN GLOVES WITH CLAWS to help him dig and attack uprooted enemies quicker with quick reflexes, and a GAS MASK that sprays poisonous mist from the mouth by blowing
No. 1003815 ID: 2d89f7

Wasn't it mentioned that Flicker's mother voices one of the characters in this show? I wonder which character she is a voice actor for.

How about a giant tractor that can transform into a giant mech which requires all four of the heroes together to pilot? (Dog pilots the legs, Lopper pilots the arms, hose is the shooter, Rake controls the head and body for things like navigation and bending.) They only bring this tractor out if there is a kudzu that is ginormous, as big as a skyscraper

Gena and Andrea sometimes wonders why they dont bring this giant thing out all the time against all the kudzus though, no matter the size.
No. 1003816 ID: 094652

The Weird-Killer! It's a weed-killing fluid that grows like a weed! When exposed to air, the fluid bonds with nitrogen to grow, diffuses based on the non-nitrous gasses interfering with the growth process, and it strangles the weed competition! Except, it somehow dissolves in sunlight - very anti-weedian! They had to keep it in R&D after an unfortunate incident with a joker, a ball of Weird-Killer, and his lungs. UNTIL NOW! (unofficially, they scrapped future plans for it because it blew half the CGI animation budget. This season's animating team just has to crimp off public domain vines from the SAIence game engine. Fans think this gadget is stupid and undercuts the drama for an easy win, but the director has daddy issues related to this stuff)

The Rake-Mobile with Tiny Chainsaws Attached To Each Blade
(Why yes, the writers were trying to torch the franchise and run. One of them is still in a mental hospital after being forced to single-handedly animate each chainsaw in an entire rake-wheel, only to discover that their other colleagues were forced to make their own better versions)

The Chain with the Konji Plantimal!
A giant ball of chains that contains a plantimal inside! When it was used to choke the life out of the hostile plantimal, it brainwashed them with sex pheromones and rewrote their speech centers so they could understand people - while also forcing them to say their government-issued species name over and over. The gang would use it more often if it didn't constantly get wrecked by the other plantimals, so it usually stays at the base and plays with the kids there, mostly because they suck on its pistil for jelly. (For some reason, the [producer/lead writer/whatever] really wanted this. She said it "perfectly captured the nostalgia of a long-forgotten art-form, from a childhood that was almost dead". For what it's worth, it was a smash hit and now this disgusting brain-damaged child murderer is considered the adorable mascot of the team. They're planning to make a future franchise about five-year-old kids capturing and brainwashing wild monsters, and most of Donjon's elite are in on the investment. [producer/lead writer/whatever] is an angel)
No. 1003829 ID: 56a408

The Fertilizer Ray allows you to power up your Plantimals into Plantitans!
The Magna Fire Blaster turns the plants’ greatest ally into its greatest enemy, focusing sun beams into deadly lazers!
No. 1003838 ID: 19cc43

I like the idea of the producer or lead writer being an angel.
No. 1003885 ID: afe7de
File 162435513993.png - (15.20KB , 500x500 , C2_5_080.png )

RHODIE, the lovable Cacti-Lioness PLANTIMAL(™) arrives carrying:

-Motorized Extendable Clipper Bo Staff: Reach out and clip someone! The clippers at the end clip so fast they can’t even be seen. Can be turned off and planted in the ground to launch its wielder up like a superpowered pole vault.
-Double Trouble Pistol: To protect the world from devastation! This gun’s a wicked sick creation. Flip it over and fire again for twice the fun!
-Fertilizer Ray: Pick your favorite PLANTIMALS(™), give ‘em a good dose of transformation sequence, and watch them evolve to do battle in the name of friendship!
-Garden Gloves with Claws: Bonus to digging and super effective at uprooted foes!
-Exploding fris-ball: A ball holstered around Dog’s side. Dog can launch it with a spin of his body, and it explodes once it hits its target. The explosion is nice- but what’s nicer is that it also, turns into a giant frisbee with a razor’s edge, slicing and dicing as it returns straight back to Dog. Dog can command the frisbee to turn back into a ball and catch it, or just let it loop back like a boomerang, sending it right back to its target to explode again, and again, and again until it runs out of explosive fuel. Go fetch yourself!
-Clipper Derringer: Small, but packs a punch! Doesn’t count toward the character’s loadout limit.

Rhodie’s had to ask for help from FIG PIG, the hungriest PLANTIMAL(™) but also the best one to give belly rubs!

FIG PIG is carrying:

-Roto-Tiller Bladed Chainsaw Gun: A gun so big and badass you can ride it! Can shoot its long blades at targets, and comes with six extra blades because the toy designers really hated those foam guns that only came with the exact number of bullets you could shoot.
-Buzzsaw: It’s a massive yellow circular saw with black stripes, and buzzes like a bee. A really big, really angree bee. It also has a flamethrower on top just in case the blade gets stuck.
-Super secret container of WEIRD-KILLER: It’s labeled “too awesome to use.”

Following Rhodie and FIG PIG are:
-Jet-Whac Drone: A fan favorite! It has happy eyes. Can fly around the battlefield and always shows up just before moments of certain doom just in time for an awesome escape!
-Riding Mower Drone: A VROOMBA-styled drone with spinning spiky blades underneath its happy hover-frisbee body. Can be ridden for awesome dynamic entries!
-HYDRAN-T-GEA Drone: Fuels the WEED KILLER SPRAY and carries a POST-APUNKALYPTIC GAS MASK for its partner so no one can tell how generic they are! Also makes cosplay super easy.
-Rake-Cycle: An unbelievably cool motorcycle with chainsaws for wheels. Can be set on autopilot, but is most useful for giving bonuses to wheelie COMBO MOVES and launching off conveniently placed dirt ramps.

“Guys, watch out! The underground seismo-radar is going crazy!” Rake says, staring at a giant pocket-watch shaped radar that aggressively straddles the line between homage and plagiarism. “The readings are off the bales!”

Hose looks over the pile of weapons and decides to grab two of them. “Here they plum!”

Six nasty KUDZU erupt from the open field: two hard-shelled tortoise-like seedlings with PLANTLING GUNS, two nasty flying WHIRLYBIRDS that rain stinging nettles from the sky, and two beefy CHAMPION CACTI with giant fists and covered in needles (don’t let them get close!).

“Rhodie, Fig Pig! Fall back to safety and grab even more weapons for when the KUDZU KAIJU shows up. It always does!” Dog grits his teeth and draws his trusty sword in his teeth. “Chaaarggfff!”
No. 1003886 ID: afe7de
File 162435516124.png - (25.03KB , 500x500 , C2_5_081.png )

Combat will function a little differently than seen previously in CATALYST. You’ll have 4 characters to control, but two will act each turn. Once a character on your team has acted, they can’t act again until the rest of your team has made their moves. Each character can do an action and gets a movement. Using items costs an action or a movement. If both characters attack the same target, depending on their BOND LEVEL they will have a chance to do a COMBO MOVE dealing extra damage on top of their normal damage. If all of your Allies gang up on one enemy then there’s a possibility of doing a TEAM MOVE, a powerful all out attack that deals tons of damage.

Advantages and disadvantages won’t be a thing in this style of combat to reduce decision paralysis. After your members perform a move, your opponents will get a chance to move, where up to two lower level enemies will act, bouncing back and forth between you and them. BOSSES will take up both enemy actions to take their turn because they’re stronger than you.

Turns will cycle until both sides have acted fully and then it will repeat again. Some characters have special quirks that let them do extra things in combat, so experiment and have fun!

PLANTIMALS(™) is characterized by crazy ass weapons, crazy ass moves, and cool fight scenes, so feel free to get creative and try to do CRAZY STUFF like quadruple backflips and bisecting enemies by just pulling your blade out of your sheath slightly.

You can choose two weapons for each hero: a PRIMARY and a BACKUP, and one DRONE if available. Rake’s drone gets bonuses to maneuverability and COMBO MOVES. All guns can be used as melee weapons (and all melee weapons can be used as ranged weapons with insane combo moves), but only Lopper gets a bonus to using big guns at point-blank range.

Which drone does Rake control personally, and which does she send to aid her teammates? What weapons go to what hero as primary and secondary? Which two heroes attack first, and how do they do it?
No. 1003914 ID: e51896

Lopper gets
Drone: Rake-Cycle Drone
Primary: Roto-Tiller Bladed Chainsaw Gun
secondary: Buzzsaw

Rake gets
Drone: Jet-Whac Drone
Primary: Motorized Extendable Clipper Bo Staff
Secondary: Double Trouble Pistol

Hose gets:
Drone: HYDRAN-T-GEA Drone
Primary: super secret container of WEIRD-KILLER
Secondary: Fertilizer Ray
Bonus loadout slot: Clipper Derringer

Dog gets:
Drone: Riding Mower Drone (because animals riding Vroombas are funny
Primary: Exploding fris-ball
Secondary: Garden Gloves with Claws

To start, Rake will fly with the jet-whac drone and taunt and attack the WHIRLYBIRDS with the Motorized Extendable Clipper Bo Staff while Lopper will drive the Rake-Cycle Drone towards the TORTOISES on autopilot while standing on it with awesome balance and shoot the tortoises ahead of her to keep them from shooting Rake in the sky. When she gets close enough to the tortoises, pick up speed and drive past them (try not to run over them though, they might cause Lopper to crash)

Idea for team move: try to have Rake lure the WHIRLYBIRDS towards and above the tortoises with her taunts, or push them above the tortoises with her attacks so that when Lopper drives past the tortoises while she shoots at them and weakens them, the WHIRLYBIRDS can try to rain stinging nettles from the sky in an attempt to shoot at Lopper as Lopper drives past the Tortoises, but since Lopper will pick up speed after getting close to the tortoises, the nettles might miss Lopper and attack the Tortoises instead in their weakened state from the shooting. Afterwards, Rake can attack the Whirlybirds.
No. 1003933 ID: 731206

This, but give Clipper Derringer to Rake instead for the clipper bonus she has.

Gotta first power up Rhodie and fig pig ASAP with the fertilizer from Hose. Dog should throw the frisbee with its razor edges at the flying enemies. Say something like "go hedge" instead of "go fetch" though we're really stretching for puns at this point.

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