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File 163210578065.png - (119.52KB , 687x549 , CR_Title.png )
1011088 No. 1011088 ID: 8483cf

//Clothing Repair\\
NSFW 18+ Warning: This quest includes nudity and mild elements of non-con (clothing damage). Reader discretion advised.

Adventuring has never been safer! Healing spells and trinkets of mage armor are cheap, powerful and plentiful. Unfortunately, spells that protect clothing are still very, very expensive, and it didn’t take long for monsters to figure out new ways to drive off adventurers.

As a newly minted journeyman seamstress just opening up her own shop, you must propose clothes that fit your adventurer’s skills, protect them against dangers, fit their budget, flatter their sense of style, and protect their modesty. Public nudity is highly illegal!
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No. 1011089 ID: 8483cf
File 163210581975.png - (149.36KB , 361x913 , CR_1.png )

My own shop! My very own tailor’s shop!

I’ve picked the perfect city, right at the crossroads for adventurers and carriages of hobnobbing high society. I’ve picked the perfect landlord, who’s got beds upstairs and a nice big storefront downstairs. I’ve trained my skills for years and bought the perfect tools that’ll let me imbue cloth and leather with any one of dozens of mass-produced enchantments! I even have a blacksmith neighbor down the street to get help on heavy-duty projects!

All I need is a name. I’ve brainstormed so many, but I’m not sure if any of them are that good. I hope one of them is good… or maybe I should think of something else.

-A Cut Above
-A Stitch in Time
-Altered Fates
-Dress Express
-Decency Delivered
-Fix it Fast!!!
-Sew Simple
-The Naked Seam
-The Cutting Edge

Or maybe I should just put my name on the sign! Should it be my full name? Or just my first name? I’m so excited, I can’t even remember if my name will fit on the sign!
No. 1011090 ID: 8483cf
File 163210583910.png - (155.15KB , 489x778 , CR_2.png )

I put on my tailor’s apron. It’s so heavy and reassuring, full of tools and protective spells against magical recoil. I can’t cast spells myself, but I work with enough toxic materials and bottled spells (they’re called distillations, but nobody uses that terminology anymore). Magic has come a long way: it lights our lamps and lets us communicate over long distances, but clothing is where the real innovation’s taking place, and it’s so exciting!

I pause and look at my own outfit. It’s casual wear- very comfy and modern, but hardly adventuring gear or suitable for high society. I should think about the image I give to my customers.

Should I wear:
- Something traditional and professional, like a seamstress’s dress?
- Something fancy, with expensive fabrics and daring hemlines?
- Something to appeal to nobles and high society, with lots of frills? Or I could dress like one of their servants or maids?
- Or I could wear this casual outfit. I’m just going to put my apron over anything I use anyway, why bother dressing up?

Choose your name, your store’s name, and your working outfit.
No. 1011091 ID: e51896

Your name is Taylor

wear something professional. Going too fancy or too noble might make adventures think your place is only for the rich and scare them off. wearing an apron over your regular clothes makes it look like you're not taking this job seriously.
No. 1011092 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, and your place is called CLOTHES CALL
No. 1011093 ID: 9b127b

I'd say wear something that shows of your tailoring skill, ideally you want to earn some big clients and you don't want to look too cheap

for name you are Teresa "Terry" MacTavish
and your shop's name is "Decency Delivered"
No. 1011094 ID: 1f63c8

A Stitch in Time is my pick for store name. It expresses the speed of our work, while not making us appear as a purely budget store as something like Sew Simple might.

I like this outfit, let's stick with it.

And on the subject of our name... I mean it's gotta be Taylor, right? Too perfect.

I'm going with Sou Taylor for a full name, because I like Ace Attorney-level puns.
No. 1011095 ID: c92a02

Genevieve Smith, of Make it Sew. Dress like a maid - as long as you actually keep the front of your store nice and tidy!
No. 1011096 ID: e51896

One last thing: clean your place up! you've got paper all over the floor
No. 1011098 ID: 841189

Your name is Saiorse Byrne.

Adventurous Apparel (subheader: tailoring, repair, and fashion accessories) is the shop name. (I also like A Stitch in time)

Look professional, but not too prim and gaudy. Dont want to turn off the adventurers.
No. 1011116 ID: 96c896

It's already been established your name is Taylor.

The shop's name can be "Make it Sew".
No. 1011140 ID: afe7de

The Naked Seam
and your Casual clothes, but you should wear your specially made ones that show off your TECHNICAL SKILL. they're casual and very comfy that on initial inspection looks mundane, but with closer inspection shows excellent seamwork and design with embroidery on it. People who truly pay attention will take notice and feel the energy in your work!
No. 1011146 ID: 094652

Stacey Stencil

Give it a mysterious brand: cwsN.
(Cotton Wool Silk Nylon)

Wear something that is technically legal but shows a lot of curves.
No. 1011164 ID: 8d14f2

Wear nothing but an apron. Your job is to fix the clothing of people's clothes that tore apart and they'll probably be naked. Wearing nothing underneath your apron will make them less uncomfortable with their nudity.

Dont worry, your store is private property that you open to the public, so you wont get in trouble for public nudity. And even if you did, youre not naked, youre wearing your apron!
No. 1011206 ID: 8483cf
File 163219270385.png - (117.10KB , 624x481 , CR_3.png )

So many options for my shop’s name! It’s such an important decision. I have trouble deciding between:

-A Stitch in Time
-Make it Sew

I don’t want to put my name on the sign. Saiorse Taylor MacTavish is very, um, prone to mispronunciation, shall we say? I’ll just go with one of those two shop names.

While I think it over, I also ponder my outfit. These casual clothes are so comfy and some of my better work! The stitching is top notch. If I want to wear it, I don’t think anyone will complain, and those who have keen eyes will probably appreciate the little details.


This is the first time I’ve been allowed to set up shop by myself, with no one watching over my shoulder.

I look left. I look right. The shop’s windows are shuttered, and no one’s upstairs.

I could go naked under the apron if I wanted to…

No! What am I thinking? I have to be professional, not perverted! Professional, Saiorse! You’re a professional!

I hurry into the changing booth and whip the curtains closed because I am a PRO FES SHUN AL.
No. 1011207 ID: 8483cf
File 163219272249.png - (147.83KB , 562x1035 , CR_4.png )

I open the curtains open once I’m done changing into my gift to myself once I graduated. It’s my journeyman’s dress, and it is so pretty!

But it’s not quite finished. It’s a little plain. I tell myself that I’ll just be wearing my apron over it, but I can’t help but think I can accessorize a little bit.

Suggest one of the two shop names, and also some accessories for Saiorse’s work dress (remember she’ll be wearing the apron!). You may post or link images for accessory references if you want.
No. 1011208 ID: c92a02

Pearl necklace, and add some lace around the hem. Make Make it Sew, so.
No. 1011210 ID: 1f63c8

Sticking by A Stitch in Time!

Your dress makes me think of the ocean, so how about a sun inspired necklace to represent the horizon?
No. 1011211 ID: 5a6c7f

Thimbles! One for each finger!
And makeup! Like lipstick, eyeliner,
No. 1011212 ID: afe7de

Make it Sew, but instead of a necklace what about a brooch or like a clip or pin on the shirt, I like the Sun idea!
No. 1011252 ID: f8fa51

A Stitch in Time

I agree that the dress is a bit plain if you weren't wearing the apron over it. Some embroidery would probably work well, but I don't have any ideas for a design.
No. 1011273 ID: ce39da

A Stitch In Time

Detached sleeve cuffs (in a matching color to the dress) are the most visible, what with your apron covering the center. Maybe a dark blue ribbon choker for accent, with a hair ribbon to match.
No. 1011322 ID: 8483cf
File 163228150415.png - (201.72KB , 595x1107 , CR_5.png )

It’s decided. I shall call my shop A Stitch in Time!

Now that I’m the face of the operation, appearances are important! It’s just me minding the shop, so I should put in extra effort to look good!

Does that mean I might actually have to put on makeup?

I groan. Then I immediately wince- my master can’t hear me complaining, or he’ll make me work twice as hard!


It’s just me here. There’s no one to complain about me complaining! Ha!

I groan extra-loud and give a mighty UGGGGHHHHHH

I’m terrible with makeup. I don’t know how to do my eyebrows, or eyelashes, or do foundation, or anything. I just get it everywhere and it’s horrible.

Maybe I just don’t need makeup. Maybe everyone will focus on my clothes and not my face! Yeah!

I’ve got plenty of fabric. I should show off my stitching with some detachable sleeves! I can take them off when I get hot, and it lets me show off how good my stay-ups are when it’s cold!

Next I spend hours stitching in my best floral lace to my underskirts. It looks great! I top it all off with a ribbon choker and tie the extra around my hair bun.

I should accessorize, maybe with a necklace or a brooch. But those are doodads I didn’t have the money for starting out. I’m nearly broke after spending the money my old master loaned me.

I even spent most of the parting gift from my family. I know just how hard they for that money, and it pained me to spend it. Mum, dad, sisters and brothers way back home… I’ll do you proud!

My landlord is giving me a break on my first month’s rent. Should I go out and buy makeup or accessories with the little money I have left? If I buy makeup, I’ll have enough for food for a week, but if I go out and buy accessories, I might not even have that.
No. 1011323 ID: c92a02

You can't eat makeup. You look fine.
No. 1011324 ID: 1f63c8

Go all out! Makeup and accessories. The better an image you can put front and center, the more likely people will be to stop by your shop, and then you'll have plenty of food money. Besides, it's the beginning of your quest, what better time to be a little reckless?
No. 1011326 ID: 96c896

Stitch in Time is fucking corny as hell, Make it Sew is at least original.
No. 1011335 ID: ce39da

Wordplay's still better than an outright pun. Nobody will take you seriously if you do that.

Meanwhile, I doubt accessories will help your brand enough to justify going hungry, and you said it yourself that you're terrible at applying your own makeup. This is all you'll need as uniforms go for now.
No. 1011348 ID: afe7de

People come to you for CLOTHES not for you to be super pretty. You can get makeup later, food is more important, what if it takes a while to get business or you get an order that takes longer then a week to complete but pays well!!?!?
No. 1011390 ID: 8483cf
File 163236260557.png - (179.04KB , 595x586 , CR_6.png )

I could go all-out and make myself look pretty with makeup and accessories, but that would mean I’d be almost broke. I’d be living off scraps until some money came in, and there’s no guarantee I’d be able to sell anything soon.

No money would mean I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any local cooking! It’s half the reason I came to the province of Liguria. Busalla may be only a moderately sized town, but it’s at the crossroads of so many adventuring paths, trade routes through the mountains, and between two provincial capitals, there has to be more than a few great chefs waiting to serve high society and hungry adventurers!

I can’t wait to eat all the foods in il Settentrione, especially the famous pizza!

I’m jolted out of my sweet and savory dreams by a knock at the door. A customer? Already? Before I’ve even made a sign? What luck!

I dash to the door and throw it open. “Welcome, welcome!” I beam. “Congratulations on being the first customer at A Stitch in Time!

I look up, and up, and up… well! My first customer is one of the wild kin- a gazelle! She is appropriately tall. And skinny. And wearing a loose-fitting robe and rope, with no coin purse to be seen.

“Uh… hello!” the gazelle girl says. “Thank you for the welcome! Blessings on your shop.”

I glow. She’s so nice! “Come in, come in! We’re not really open yet, but I can make an exception just for you.”

“Are you sure?” the gazelle girl says. “I’m not really a customer.”

“Then you can browse all you like!” I say. “Tell all your friends about A Stitch in Time! Opening soon!”

I grab her by the wrist and tug her inside with a clip-clop of hooves. She’s tall, and her horns are even taller, but the door is extra-large sized. I think it might have been designed for centaurs at one point. It sure made unloading bales of fabric easy!

She looks around at the fabric and leathers and tools and tables for enchanting clothes. It’s a lot to take in, I know.

“I’m Saiorse, by the way! Nice to meet you!” I shake her hand eagerly. “What do you think of the shop?”

“I’m Elaine,” she says with a slight pause. She looks to the strewn papers and my discarded clothes on the floor. “It’s a little mess- I mean, it’s very nice.”

“Thanks!” I beam, kicking my pants under a sewing table. “See anything you like? Can I convince you to come back with two or three or ten of your friends?”

“Well…” Elaine hesitates. “I like everything here, but, well, I can’t pay you for it. Or own it. I kind of just took my vow of poverty.”

“Oh,” I blink. “Well, that does kind of limit our options.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Elaine shrugs. “But attachment to the material is detachment from the spiritual! No matter how nice the material is.”
No. 1011391 ID: 8483cf
File 163236266190.png - (104.25KB , 348x996 , CR_7.png )

“So what brings you here?” I ask, a little wind leaving my sails.

“I’m collecting donations for my monastery,” Elaine says. “Oh! I forgot to ask you for donations! Would you like to donate to the Way of the Wayfinders? We protect travelers, nobles and merchants passing through the mountains, and we’re prohibited from owning anything of value ourselves, so you know your goods are safe with us watching over them!”

“That’s a very noble goal,” I say. “But I don’t plan on taking any trips soon. I’m a little short on Lira myself right now, too. I just set up shop.”

“Oh! You don’t have to give money,” Elaine says. “We’re happy to take food or scraps of unused fabric you have lying around, or any clothes that don’t sell. We tend to need to repair our robes with whatever we have on hand.”

I ponder. I do have a few scraps of fabric from my dress and sleeves, but I can usually use them myself. Every square inch of fabric is wasted money. But if I don’t give them a donation, they might think I’m stingy. First impressions are important in a community.

Elaine sees me pondering. “It’s okay if you don’t have anything!” she says hurriedly. “It’s completely fine.” She hesitates again. “But…”

I cock my head to the side.

“Well… I didn’t expect to run into a seamstress or tailor today,” Elaine says. “And my first mission is coming up. Um…”

I lean forward.

“Do you have anything that you can do for me to make my robes a little stronger, so they don’t tear if someone grabs on to me?” Elaine asks sheepishly. “Or maybe you could loan me a few sewing tools? I don’t want to spend the entire trip in my underwear if someone gets a lucky grab on me. The stronger monks don’t get hit at all, but this will be my first time guarding a caravan, so I’m a little nervous.”

“But you don’t have anything to pay me with?” I confirm.

Elaine nods. “We’re technically not allowed to own anything of value, but there are exceptions, sometimes,” she stares at the reinforced fabric with a longing look, trying to justify something to herself.

Well, this is a dilemma. I could reinforce her robes, but she can’t pay me. I could give her sewing tools, and it sounds like she’s allowed to accept, but they would be of limited value if she doesn’t have fabric to work with, or if her robes get damaged beyond repair.

Should I just give her order a donation of Lira (for the good of the community, of course) and send her on her way?
No. 1011392 ID: 9e9505

Reinforce her robes. It's just material costs, it's a nice 'donation' and it'll get an example of your work out and about. Just ask her to mention your shop if it ends up coming in handy.
No. 1011393 ID: c92a02

Maker her a nice tough cloak! It's simple, and it's an ablative layer that'll go before the robe does. Or you could make a corset that'll be an extra layer concealed by the robe. Ask for a favor: Anyone loses their cover on this caravan trip, and she sends them to you, see?
No. 1011395 ID: 1f63c8


Agree with this. Forget reinforcing her robes, let's give her a layer to wear below. Even if she gets unluckily grabbed then, her modesty will be retained.
No. 1011398 ID: 094652

Do some practice work on her robes. Favors have their worth.
No. 1011412 ID: e51896

Reinforce it. Make sure she tells others she got it reinforced from your tailor shop... but tell her not to tell others you did this as a freebie of course
No. 1011426 ID: 96c896

Reinforce it. Also make sure to clean up the place before you open.
No. 1011427 ID: f8fa51

Don't forget that you're in debt. There's no shame in not donating if you can't handle it yourself. But if reinforcing her robe won't put you out of business, let's do it.
No. 1011456 ID: 8483cf
File 163244663571.png - (46.35KB , 377x298 , CR_8.png )

First impressions are important. I should try and fit in with the community- they love their monks, and I saw some people giving donations of food and Lira earlier. For me, I guess my donation can be a little advertisement, too!

I’ve got plenty of basic stiff fabrics. All I need to do is properly size a few cuts to Elaine’s robes, make sure the fit is good so she can move freely, and all’s well!

“I’d be happy to donate my services, and some reinforced fabric, too!” I say proudly. “I’ll make sure your robes are nice and strong for a fighting monk like you!”

“Thank you!” Elaine says. “I’ll be sure to tell everyone about your generosity.”

I smile. Perfect! “Okay! Let’s get to work. May I have your robes, please?”

“Of course!” Elaine reaches for the laces on her robe, the pauses, realizing she’s standing in the middle of a shop. “Oh! Um. Where are the changing stalls?”

I point in the back corner. “They’re over there, but we’re technically closed,” I say. “You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.”

Apparently, she wants to. She slides the curtains closed.

I go and grab some stiff fabric and get set up. A few seconds later, Elaine kicks her robe out from under the changing stall. “Here you go!”

I pick it up and realize something. I don’t have any spare clothes for her, not even a robe. Normally, adventurers have more than one set of clothes, but a monk with a vow of poverty, on the other hand, does not.

“I can get you a blanket if you want!” I call out. “Sorry I don’t have anything for you. I’m still setting up shop.”

“It’s okay,” Elaine says from behind the curtain. “I’d just get fur and hair all over it. I’ll wait in here. Patiently.”

“If you insist,” I say. “I just need to take your measurements, and I’ll be done as quickly as I can.”

“Oh! Right. Measurements. Of course. Um, come on in.”
No. 1011457 ID: 8483cf
File 163244666579.png - (281.31KB , 692x1424 , CR_9.png )

Elaine opens the curtains and I see that we’ve got problems.

True to her vow of poverty, her underwear is literally worse than worthless. She only has a long strip of fabric as a chest binding and a loincloth made of twisted-together scraps. It hurts to look at.

More than that, I can’t get accurate measurements if she’s bound her bust. Her robes just won’t fit if she wears anything other than that- and even worse, a properly tailored robe would be obscene if she took the bindings off.

Elaine looks at my downcast expression and glances down at herself self-consciously. “Um. Is something wrong?”

Yes. Everything is wrong. She desperately needs new clothes from top to bottom. But her budget is literally nonexistent, and she has taken a vow of poverty. I push the thought from my mind. I need to be a PRO FES SHUN AL and do the job I’ve been asked to do.

“I can’t take proper measurements if you’re all wrapped up,” I say, pointing at her chest bindings.

Elaine grabs the curtains reflexively. “Um… maybe we can skip measurements. Can’t you just reinforce the robes as they are? They’re a little loose, but they fit. They’re fine! Seriously.”
No. 1011458 ID: 8483cf
File 163244668183.png - (150.45KB , 826x631 , CR_10.png )

I frown. Everything about Elaine’s outfit is driving me crazy. She’s asking me to give her a substandard product- but she obviously doesn’t want to take her chest bindings off. Technically, she’s right- I don’t have to take measurements if the fit doesn’t have to be 100% to her body.

I could be PROFESSIONAL, do as she says and guarantee she’ll recommend me to everyone,

I could be PUSHY and PERFECTIONISTIC by insisting she get a proper fit, despite how much she wants to keep her chest bindings on,

I could be PRIDEFUL and insist she get rid of those rags and wear something that will make my shop look good, despite the lost profits (I won’t go bankrupt, but it’ll hurt- I AM in debt),

And I could be PLAYFUL and lighten the mood.

Or I could combine them all and get creative.

Your suggestions will help determine Saiorse’s personality. How much free stuff is she really willing to give away in the name of a high-quality product? Does she insist on getting proper measurements, or is “good enough” good enough if it means putting Elaine at ease?
No. 1011459 ID: 1f63c8

I think we should push for her to take off the binding. Peoper measurements are important, and poverty or not that just isn't acceptable. To coerce her into accepting, why don't we promise to craft her a proper bra/corset/whatever would best suit her. Nothing fancy of course, as this is pro bono, but something stronger, more comfortable, and more appealing to look at than that scrap.
No. 1011461 ID: 96c896

She doesn't have to completely take off the binding. She can just loosen it, and keep it covered. Compromise! Then you can get a proper measurement while she keeps her modesty.
No. 1011462 ID: cdabe3

Insist that we take proper measurements. Offer to take a loss on the clothes, the reputation you gain from a satisfied customer should drive sales up to make up for the loss.

Even though she’s taken a vow of poverty, comfortable underwear is a matter of hygiene and safety, since she’ll be able to stay cleaner and more productive with properly fitted clothes. You don’t need to sell anything *excessive,* just something durable and practical.

Finally, you *are* running a business: what she leaves the store wearing is a reflection on your business. It’s important she leave both with a product of yours on her body and a smile on her face.
No. 1011463 ID: 094652

Ask about the binding. Unless there's a serious medical condition involved, binding the chest for long periods of time is unhealthy. As your good deed for the day (no charity because your budget is in the red), you're willing to help her accustom to a bra that can support her chest without appearing slattern. And yes that is possible.
No. 1011464 ID: 9b127b

insists that you can't in good conscious allow her to wear such unhealthy and un-hygienic under garments. and state that it is your civic duty to provide her with decent quality underwear.
No. 1011469 ID: 894419

be Prideful but take the edge off with some playful banter.
No. 1011471 ID: 8483cf
File 163245649911.png - (190.09KB , 826x631 , CR_11.png )

“Proper fitting is important,” I urge. “You can’t fight your best if you’re getting tripped by your robes, and you can’t stay in good health if you don’t take care of what’s underneath them.”

“What does that mean?”

“Um…” now it’s my turn to be sheepish. “I’m not sure your underwear is healthy or hygenic. I can’t in good conscience not bring up what’s going on downstairs,” I try, making an attempt to be playful.

“Unhygenic?” Elaine flushes. “I’m perfectly hygenic!” She lifts the front of her loincloth. “See? Squeaky clean!”

“Uh,” I do a double-take. “Very clean. I can see that.” I shake my head. “Well, at the very least, please let me make you something for your chest that isn’t so tight. I don’t think that’s healthy to keep your boobs bound up for too long.”

“My bindings are fine,” Elaine says. “I’ll gladly put up with a little discomfort to keep covered up. And I can’t afford a bra anyway.”

“Bras don’t have to show off your chest,” I say. “And I’m willing to do the bra pro bono too. Please, could you at least try one? You don’t have to keep it if you don’t want. I promise you’ll feel ten times better with a proper fit.”

Elaine puts a hand to her chest. “…I guess it is a little stifling at times. But you have to keep it simple. Nothing slattern! I don’t want to show off my boobs, okay?”

“Simple and plain. Got it,” I say. “I’ll think of something.”

My PRIDE swells and I grab my measuring tape. Elaine looks down at herself and sighs. “The knot is in the back. Give me a minute, it takes some effort to undo. Sorry…”

Elaine struggles with her bindings, giving me some time to think.

She’s still very protective of her chest, and not very comfortable showing it off. Should I compromise and let her hold them over herself while I measure around them? I don’t want to make her too uncomfortable.

Also, should I try and convince her to replace the loincloth too?
No. 1011472 ID: e51896

Let her hold it over herself, dont convince her to get a new loincloth either. We want to have her send a good word about us to others, so comfort is key.
No. 1011473 ID: 1f63c8

Offer to let her keep some cover, but make it clear that working around her hands will make the interaction take longer than it needs to, and that you're a PRO FESH UN L who sees this stuff all the time and isn't phased by it. If she still prefers it that way, then let her do it.

As for the loincloth, I think we may want to drop the matter for now. There doesn't seem to be any practical need to replace it at the moment, and she clearly isn't interested in appearance. Do a good job on her robes and bra though, and she'll come back when she eventually does need it replaced.
No. 1011474 ID: 9b127b

when you sell her a bra, give her the panties. as part of a matched set.
they're valueless, since you can't sell them without the bra
No. 1011475 ID: cdabe3

… is she wearing underwear under her underwear??
No. 1011476 ID: 96c896

Let her keep the loincloth, it's functional and people probably won't see it.
No. 1011481 ID: 094652

Recommend she get a pair of boy shorts.

And explain to her that public nudity is illegal by royal decree, superseding most minor infractions. Therefore, the kingdom is obligated to give free underclothes to the poor for the explicit purpose of ensuring they follow the law - and since the essential underclothes are free, it technically does not break the vow of poverty.

No accessories, lowest-cost materials, open-source blueprints, and take what is publicly available because the alternative is to seriously break the law. Simple.
No. 1011488 ID: f8fa51

Don't push her. Making sure she's comfortable is important since you're doing this for her. I'm sure you can come up with some kind of sports bra that will work for her.
No. 1011491 ID: c92a02

No to both.
No. 1011501 ID: 66f68e

She can't hold her breasts with her hands, it'll distort their shape. If we're determined to give her chest support that truly will be supportive for her in an active environment, we need to have a good idea of the shape of her breasts in their resting form.

That said, if she wants you could probably take the measurements while she uses her hands to cover her nipples, at least.
No. 1011511 ID: 8483cf
File 163253493460.png - (306.59KB , 893x1314 , CR_12.png )

I decide not to be too PUSHY and not insist on swapping out the loincloth. It’s a ragged thing, and looks to be made from twisting two scraps of cloth into a belt, stitching in a “hygenic” (i.e. cute-patterened) scrap to the crotch and flap and running it through the crotch, all secured around her tail.

If Elaine is really worried about someone grabbing something, she should be worried about that one critical knot atop her tail. But she didn’t bring it up, so I won’t worry her about it. To get to the loincloth, someone would have to get through her robe first or flip it up. If I do a good job, Elaine’s weak spot will be perfectly protected!

My PRIDE’s satisfied that she’ll be wearing a well-tailored robe and something other than that stifling chest binding. It’s a sure thing that she’ll recommend my shop!

I look over to Elaine, who finally undoes the knot of her chest bindings. In an incredible release of tension, the whole thing whips loose. Her breasts explode outward and she gives a deep sigh of utter relief.

She quickly cups her hands to her chest just as her bindings fall away. She looks down and flushes.

“You can keep covered up if you want,” I say, putting on a PROFESSIONAL air. “But really- you’ve got nothing I haven’t seen before. I’ve been doing this for years.”

That’s technically a lie. I haven’t seen a tuft of chest fluff like Elaine’s. This is the first time I’ve seen one at all, actually. Should I bring it up? No, probably not. Unless I can be playful and lighten the mood, I don’t think I want to draw attention to her chest carpet.

“Thank you,” Elaine says, holding her hands to her chest. “I’ll just, um… stand here, then. Just tell me what to do.”

“Just hold the measuring tape where I tell you to, and try to let your breasts hang naturally. Try to stand up straight, too.”

Elaine nods and stiffens up, keeping her hands glued to her chest. I grab a footstool to get up to where I’m comfortable measuring her.

As I take her measurements, I brainstorm ideas for how to give her the support she needs. She obviously wants to minimize her bust. I have a few cups large enough to mold into minimizer bras, but her chest fluff would pop out the cleavage. Would she mind? Again, I’m not sure whether to ask her if she plans to trim her chest fluff. It’s a silly question, but it absolutely affects whether she’ll be comfortable showing even a hint of cleavage.

She sees me looking at her tuft of hair and flushes deeper. “I’m sorry. I must look like a mess. I haven’t really been… you know. I’ve just been cramming it in my bindings and not trimming it. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize,” I say. “Seen it all before,” I lie again.

I could go all-out and give her the cutting edge of clothing technology- the sports bra. The sports bra would be incredibly comfortable, but it would wear out over time- I'm not sure how quickly, it's new technology. But it would also be incredibly expensive for me to give, and the materials are special-order.

The safest option is to give her a vest and sew padding into the bust. I could even tighten it around her chest to minimize her bust. It would maximize coverage, but it would be sweaty and only a moderate upgrade from her bindings in terms of support. It would absolutely be healthier long-term, though, and she wouldn’t have to worry about her fluff poking out.

Or I could give her a concealing corset. It would be horrible for flexibility, but I could soften the material. However, since she’ll be in a fight, it would be the most durable option.

What style of underwear should I propose? Should I just come out and recommend she trim her chest fluff? She’s obviously embarrassed by it.
No. 1011512 ID: c92a02

Go with the corset for fighting. While it's nothing to be ashamed of, she may want to shave the tuft for comfort under the corset.
No. 1011513 ID: 894419

It pains me conceal or reduce any part of elaine, but the corset is probably the best option
No. 1011514 ID: 96c896

If the sports bra is expensive then she can't have it at all due to her vow of poverty.
Concealing corset would affect her combat performance, which is again a no-go, even if it's more durable.

Gotta go with the minimizer bra or the padded vest. Ask her opinion on that. Main difference seems to be how well it would hide her fluff? Though maybe the minimizer bra is cheaper?
It sounds like she would trim her fluff if it was visible so it shouldn't be an issue.
No. 1011519 ID: 629f2e

Corset's the key. The flexibility is a trade-off, but it'll make a greater difference than the vest would. Sweating under your robes is uncomfortable, and while the vest would still be better than those original bindings it's something we should aim to prevent. Doing away with that problem will result in a much more noticeable immediate raise in comfort. Stick to a softer material to diminish the flexibility con, and this is the best option.

Not counting the Sports Bra of course, but we just barely got the go-ahead to do this. Do you really think she's gonna want to wait for a special order?
No. 1011523 ID: 094652

Use scrap-waste chainmail padding for a combination of cost-efficiency and defense. That way, everyone who stares at her bust will notice you stuffed her bra with an ugly misshapen armor and think less of it.
No. 1011526 ID: f8fa51

Go with the vest. Try and be playful about the chest fluff, say you think it's cute.
No. 1011562 ID: 8483cf
File 163260408860.png - (178.21KB , 694x934 , CR_13.png )

I review my options for Elaine.

The Sports Bra is perfect for her. It’s super comfortable, absorbs sweat, and even lets her keep/conceal her chest fluff if she wants. However, it’s too expensive to give away for free and materials have to be mail-ordered. Elaine can’t own one anyway; she’s taken a vow of poverty.

The minimizer bra is better for Elaine than her chest bindings, and will make her happy by, well, minimizing her bust. However, it’s less comfortable than the vest and Sports Bra. It’s the cheapest option, though! She’d probably have to trim or shave her chest fluff for this one.

The corset is the most durable option I have for her, and will hold together even if it’s hit by a fireball. Great for defense if she wants to prioritize protecting her modesty- nothing else I have comes close for last-line defense. However, the corset is the worst option in terms of comfort and flexibility, even without stiffening bones in the design. I can make a sport corset that’s more flexible and comfortable than a heavy-duty corset, and it’s still more comfortable than her chest bindings- but it’ll still take her some getting used to, is restrictive, and I wouldn’t recommend she wear it daily. She’d probably have to shave or trim her chest fluff for it to fit best. Also, it would show some cleavage, but not too much.

Finally, the vest option is the most comfortable one I have available and lets her hide her chest fluff, but I’d be jury-rigging a pale imitation of a Sports Bra. I’m not very practiced at the techniques for making them, so the vest wouldn’t be as durable. And the newly invented Sports Bra isn’t known for being long-lasting.

I finish taking Elaine’s measurements and give her a run-down of the options. When I describe the vest-bra, she seems ambivalent about the advantages of having a comfortable fit- but then, she has been wearing bindings.

I bring up the corset, and she seems to like the idea of having her last line of defense being her strongest.

“For the corset, you might want to trim or shave your tuft,” I say quickly. “But just between us? I think your fluff is really cute!”

“O-oh!” Elaine flushes and stares at her unkempt chest carpet. “Um… w-well. I… ah… I’ll… um…”

“Moving on,” I say, letting her trail off somewhat gracefully, “We could also do a minimizer bra. It’s the option that’ll take me the least work, but I don’t mind spending extra effort to give you a good product.”

“Wait, wait, I’m sorry,” Elaine says, overwhelmed. “You’re being so generous, and I’m not helping. I’m not used to any of this. I thought that taking a vow of poverty would make things easier, not harder.”

“If taking a vow of poverty was easy, everyone would do it,” I say warmly. “It’s very selfless of you.”

“Thank you,” Elaine smiles, then sighs. “I guess the real problem is my chest. Ugh! I wish I didn’t have to deal with… with… these. I just wish I could take them off and put them in a drawer somewhere until I need them. Which is never!”

“Detachable boobs!” I slap a hand to my forehead dramatically. “Elaine, your idea’s revolutionary! It’ll change everything in tailoring! First order of business: can I borrow your boobs?”

Elaine giggles. “You can have them! I’ll take yours. Or maybe I’ll just have no boobs at all!”

I gasp. “We could walk around topless and nobody would care!”

“The dream!”

Elaine seems happier! I should try being more playful with her.

“While I work on your idea,” I say with a laugh, “Do you have a preference for a bra, a corset, or a vest?”

Elaine shuffles her hooves with a nervous clip-clop on the hardwood. “Um… I’m not that good at dodging yet, so I really like the corset, for missions, but… for day-to-day stuff, I’ll be happy with anything that lets me forget my boobs exist.”

“Is that your clever way of asking for more donations?” I tease.

“No! No, you don’t have to! I can’t accept any more of your generosity,” Elaine says. “That, and… um… I’d feel weird owning a bunch of new clothes right after taking my vow.”

Now this is a dilemma. Elaine clearly needs more than one set of underwear and that loincloth is a disaster waiting to happen but she can’t own too many nice things (exceptions to a vow of poverty have to stop somewhere). Plus she’s just not comfortable accepting too much generosity, and I can’t afford to give away too much in the first place.

My issues are:

1. Do I give her a durable corset for her journey, or a weak but comfier and more flexible supporting vest-bra?
2. Should I try and convince her to accept more clothes? How can I sell her on it?
No. 1011563 ID: 894419

There is a simple option here that allows Elaine to pay you back for additional clothing, and maintain her vow of poverty by never acquiring a single coin to give you. She can work it off by working for us! We could use her for modelling, for showing off styles to new customers, and probably for odd jobs too! Everybody wins!
No. 1011564 ID: 894419

Also yes, if it comes down to choosing one or the other, definitely the corset.
No. 1011565 ID: c5d2fe

...mmmm...nah, I think this is a good point to let it ride. Give her the corset; ideally she shouldn't be front-lining anyway even if she's guarding, right?

Give her the corset for now, and try to convince her simply to COME BACK to report on how well it held up and what she thinks of it after she's had it for a bit.

We can then take the opportunity to sell her or perhaps a friend she's made on the vest-bra if we want. Free of charge.

Why free? Because if we work this well enough, we might be able to get a serious promotional boost out of having the Wayfinders sport our wares, provided they're willing to tell people about us.
No. 1011567 ID: c92a02

Durable corset, and no. Restrain yourself and remember that you are giving what you can, but no further. Else you'll end up being the one depending on charity, and that's less than tenable in your position!
No. 1011571 ID: 5195a1

Just the corset I suppose, and you can’t be too generous, remember, delicious foods await you.
No. 1011572 ID: 629f2e

Stick with the durable corset, and wrap up the "sale". Don't worry about selling her on anything else, just let her know that she's free to come back here in the future if she's desperate, whether because her clothes get destroyed or she simply craves something more comfortable.
No. 1011604 ID: 8483cf
File 163265108075.png - (270.96KB , 803x1365 , CR_14.png )

I doubt Elaine would accept more free clothes right now, and I can’t afford to give away too much either. I briefly consider offering her an exchange of goods for services- maybe she can model my clothes for me? She wouldn’t technically own the clothes- they’d be my work, so she wouldn’t have to worry about her vow. Mannequins only go so far, and she’d definitely stand out in a crowd. However, I decide to table that idea until I can actually afford to ask for more help.

In the meantime, I should focus on making Elaine happy. If she likes my work, that’s a huge boost for my business! As an initiate monk with the Wayfinders, she’ll be traveling with merchants and high society: people with lots of money to spend, and more likely to trust Elaine’s recommendation since she’ll be guarding them.

I decide to make her a semi-flexible corset with a modern two-piece busk so she can take it on and off herself. It’ll be a very durable option, and she’ll definitely be more comfortable than she was in her chest binding (though that’s not saying much). Her modesty is safe with this!

I give Elaine a cloak to cover up with and get to work on reinforcing her robes and making the corset. We talk as I work, and I learn more about Elaine’s life as an initiate. Her parents passed away on an especially harsh journey with the Wayfinders when she was very young. To make amends, that the Wayfinders raised her as a live-in member of the monastery. She grew up with a steady stream of new faces treating her like a little princess.

Soon she was demanding to be taken along on the Wayfinders’ travels. They all turned her down, saying it was too dangerous. Elaine swore she’d join them one day, and now that she’s taken her vow of poverty, she’s ready to venture out on shorter journeys. Eventually she hopes to be a worldwide traveler if she proves herself to be a smart, strong and selfless. She has a lot of work and danger ahead of her!

I finish reinforcing her robes, making sure the splits in the sides go high enough for her to kick and run freely. For decency, I add some tight buttons along the splits so she doesn’t have to worry about showing too much thigh or the robes fluttering open outside of a battle.

Finally, I finish adjusting one of my corsets to Elaine’s size and making it more flexible. Her chest tuft is puffing out between the cups, which hurts the fit a little bit, but it still works well enough to confirm the fit.

“It’s wonderful!” Elaine gushes. “I can’t believe it fits so well. I can actually breathe!” She puffs out her cheeks and blows a raspberry.

“I’m glad you like it,” I say. “Just be sure to come back if you need any adjustments, or if you want anything else.”

“Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Elaine bows deeply. Her huge mass of hair falls forward in an unruly mess around her face, and she pushes it back quickly. “Um. Oops!”

She puts on her newly reinforced robes and thanks me again. I tell her it’s nothing, and wish her the best of luck on her first journey… and also ask her to consider mentioning A Stitch in Time to anyone who needs clothing repair!

I wave her goodbye. I hope she comes back happy!

Wow. What a day. I’ve already had a customer, and I haven’t even opened my shop. I should probably clean up, but I’m just so hungry…

Oh! It’s just about dinner time!

Busalla is only a moderately sized town, but no matter how small, we’re still in Liguria, and the food is great!

Should I go to the Osteria, the small, casual bar favored by the locals?

The Taverna, the bigger bar popular with adventurers and travelers?

The small Trattoria, run by the family who’s lived here for generations and serves secret recipes with local ingredients?

The Rosticceria, with delicious, delicious meats?

The Enoteca, the wine bar with some small appetizers and tapas?

Or the Pizzeria, serving the legendary Pizza with wine, salads and pasta?

Or I could grab some raw nuts or vegetables from the local market for some quick energy, skip dinner and prioritize cleaning up, but… that wouldn’t let me go out and eat delicious food, cooked with love and care!
No. 1011611 ID: 4a7485

Get some Za from the pizzeria. Get it delivered
No. 1011623 ID: c92a02

Head to the Taverna and meet some clientele.
No. 1011657 ID: 629f2e

Taverna! Seems like a good place to run into business opportunities, and bar food is great for celebrations.
No. 1011664 ID: 96c896

Tavern, advertise a bit.
No. 1011704 ID: 8483cf
File 163271774304.png - (149.97KB , 551x519 , CR_15.png )

My first visit to the adventurers' bar! I'm so excited! And hungry!

I can't wait! I can't wait! I'm dreaming of all the big, strong adventurers weighed down with money I'll meet at La Taverna!

I throw the door open, spread my arms wide and bask in the awesome adventuring air! Pub drinks! Pub food! It smells like home, but ten times tastier!

"I love it! I love it all!" I declare to the tavern.

Who's here? Did anyone notice me? Do they like me?
No. 1011708 ID: c92a02

Moth lady, they did notice you, and they like your outfit. They really like it.
Gnome barbarian, she hasn't noticed you because the table's in the way.
The tavern bard noticed and seems friendly enough.
No. 1011709 ID: e51896

a lot of people just turned their heads, give you a weird look, and just go back to whatever they were doing, others just ignored you, one person (a male jackalope) got shocked by your sudden appearance and is catching their breath, but a small few went "YEAH!" or "WOOOO!"

one of the customers who catches your attention is a bee who seems like a fighter, sitting at the counter in front of a bartender. She seems busy looking at some paperwork, looking at a list of materials she needs. Maybe some clothes? we should strike a conversation and find out.
No. 1011710 ID: e51896

as far as the moth lady goes, she heard rumors of a fancy new restaurant opening up, something called "A Stitch in Time" and is wondering if Saiorse is the chef based off the tailor uniform she has on.
No. 1011711 ID: 629f2e

Yeah you're on a fast track to feeding a cute moth girl.

I'm also gonna suggest a male kobold playing card games with a half-elf and a human, dressed very pitifully. Clearly someone in need of new threads, but not one with any eye for what looks presentable. He's noticed you, and his only observation was that your dress makes you look like you have a fat butt.
No. 1011712 ID: 873930

They are playing strip poker
No. 1011803 ID: afe7de

A moth lady, she noticed your tasty clothes and heads over to you to get a nibble, asking if thats a free sample as she picks up the hem of your dress
No. 1011825 ID: 094652

There's a bar fight, and the healers are exasperated immediately regenerating crippled limbs just for the patients to get back into the fight.

And a bat girl and moth girl are kissing while the bat's upside down.
No. 1011827 ID: c5d2fe

...I got nothing to add, but why a moth girl when that wouldn't much help us in terms of money or showcasing our wares? It'd just be food to her, which isn't great in the long run for advertisement.

(Also I'm gonna be That Guy and mention that adult moths don't eat clothes, it's just a couple types of moth larvae, but this is magic n' shit so it doesn't really matter, I just wanted to point it out.)
No. 1011994 ID: 8483cf
File 163297639505.png - (453.33KB , 986x1365 , CR_16.png )

“WOO!” a human shouts back at me, waving his mug and spilling some beer on the floor. He’s playing cards with a fuzzy kobold who looks like an adorable pupper and a half-elf woman wearing glasses. They’re all in ragged clothes that could use a tailor’s help. Like me! Have I found my first paying customers? I hope so!

The tavern bard waves at me. I wave back. Hi! He looks really nice! And handsome. I wonder if he’s single?

In the front of the tavern, I notice a moth woman is eyeing my dress very intently. She’s very noticeable. And long.

There’s a gnome barbarian a few tables over, at least I think so, because all I can see of her is a leather helm with the word BLOOD stitched in it, so it’s a safe guess.

The rest of the tavern ignores me and carries on with their conversations.

I skip over to the bar and prop my elbows on the countertop and bounce on my heels until the bartender notices me. “Hi! I’m Saiorse, I’m a tailor and I’m hungry! Got any Ricotta?”

“Welcome, and no,” the bartender says. He’s a skinny human with sun-bleached hair and a deep tan. As he talks, he fills a mug of beer without even looking at the taps. “We’ve got plenty of garlic bread and sliced tomatoes for appetizers, though.”

“I’ll take them!” I say with a big smile.

“You’re in a good mood,” says the bartender. He slides the frothing mug down the bar, where it comes to rest in front of a bumblebee woman writing something in a notebook. “Can I get you something to drink, too?”

“Do you have any cream ales?” I ask, mouth watering. I love the caramel flavors so much!

“I think we’ve got some hiding somewhere,” he says. “Let me go check.”

I let out a happy sigh. This place is the best!

“Did you say you were a tailor?” a soft voice asks behind me.

I spin around and look up… and up… and up at the moth woman. She is longgggggg. But she’s a little nervous for some reason. Well, nothing a little friendliness can’t solve!

“I am!” I say with a big smile. “I’m Saiorse MacTavish, and A Stitch in Time is just about to open up for business!”

“Oh! Oh, how wonderful. My name is Tineola,” she says, placing two of her four hands together in delight. “I had heard there was a new brasserie in town.”

“Yes, I sell bras,” I say. “I just served a monk of the Wayfinders a corset and robes earlier today! Are you looking to buy some clothes?”

“Why, that would be delightful,” she says. “Um… did you prepare this dress yourself, by any chance? It’s quite a feast.”
No. 1011995 ID: 8483cf
File 163297640616.png - (157.20KB , 717x989 , CR_17.png )

“Aw, shucks! My work outfit? A feast for the eyes? You’re too kind!” I say with barely concealed pride. I show off the lace on my underskirts. “Look! Here’s a free sample of what I can make for you if you want!”

“Oh my…” Tineola’s eyes go wide as she stares at the lace.

“Got your cream ale!” the bartender calls out.

“That’s me!” I spin around and grab the ale with both hands.

Suddenly I feel my dress being lifted up.

Huh?!! I want to slap the offending hand away, but I’m holding the beer. I freeze up.

Tineola’s tugging on the lace of my underskirts hard, and I’m suddenly showing off a lot more of my work than I’d intended to.

Is she about to eat my dress?! WHAT?!

I realize my terrible misunderstanding.

Ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo

Do I:

A: Stop her as soon and as forcefully as I can, which will protect my modesty and my dress?
B: Politely stop her, which might save my dress, but will show off WAY more of my work to the tavern than I’m comfortable with?
C: Set down the mug and tear off the lace from my dress, which will protect my modesty but sacrifice all the hard work I’ve put into it?
D: Don’t stop her, but try and cover up somehow? She’s guaranteed to visit my store and probably buy lots of “food” if I do that, but I’ll be putting on a show that I am NOT happy with.
No. 1011996 ID: c92a02

B. This one's a floor model, be gentle with it Tina!
No. 1011999 ID: e51896

C. As much as clothing damage is fun, That dress is an important gift to you from yourself, and you need to look PRO FES SHUN AL for customers.

But the lace was something you added to it. Save your dress by giving her the lace. Plus it will guarantee the moth coming to your shop later.
No. 1012000 ID: 96c896

B! Your modesty is less important than a potential sale!
No. 1012001 ID: 629f2e

B. C is tempting of course, because it would mean you don't have to draw the lace anymore, but a polite correction with only mild showing is your best choice.
No. 1012002 ID: d724fd

B. Be sure to tell her you meant she can have a free sample at your shop not here, that way we can tempt her to come to our shop... we'll need to make some lace when we get back unfortunately, but at least we won't upset the customer too much.
No. 1012003 ID: 9b127b

D, let hungry moth eat
No. 1012013 ID: f8fa51

B. It'll be embarrassing, but so would spilling your bear all over yourself and getting into a fight.
No. 1012015 ID: 094652

Just say "You rip it, you buy it."
If she retorts with "Ooh, a sale on coutier slaves! How much?" respond with "YOUR SOUL."
No. 1012024 ID: db8f8f

C. Well, you said it’s okay! However unintentionally.
No. 1012026 ID: dcec50

D. Let's see where that goes~
No. 1012030 ID: 91a5ee

D. We got more clothes at the shop.
No. 1012093 ID: 0838d6

Tell her she'll have to pay, if she does, then C, if she doesen't then B, if people see the insides they might just come to your store because you're cute!
No. 1012173 ID: 8483cf
File 163314627570.png - (318.64KB , 686x1487 , CR_18.png )

Play it cool, Saiorse. Play it cool, don’t drop the beer or scare off the customer, and just grin and bear it. It’ll pay off later. I hope.

I straighten up and clear my throat. “Excuse me?”

Tineola keeps tugging on my dress, examine the lacework with big, hungry eyes. I try not to make a scene and make things worse, or think about how many people might notice the show I’m putting on.

“Excuse me? Tineola?” I glance back at her and clear my throat even louder. I have to get her attention, fast, before the whole bar’s first impression of me is my butt. “I’m off the clock right now. Drop by my store for samples later, please!”

Tineola snaps out of it and immediately drops my skirts. “Oh! How presumptuous of me- the drink must be going to my head already. How mortifyingly ill-behaved I’ve been.”

“I-it’s no big deal,” I say hefting my mug and pretending nothing is wrong. “My work is very eye-catching, I know. I’ll be happy to serve you tomorrow.”

“Of course,” Tineola says. “Please allow me to make it up to you then.”

“Great!” I give a big smile. She likes my work, that’s all that matters. Nothing else matters! “See you then!”

I remove myself from the situation, ignore the wolf whistle from one of the tables as I pass, grab a seat on the other end of the tavern, slam my mug down and bury my head in my hands.


I take a sip of the ale.

Rich, sweet caramel and toasted vanilla fill my world.


I wait for my garlic bread and tomatoes, pretending the last few minutes didn’t happen, and keeping my eyes glued to my mug. I listen to the tavern bard, and glance up a few times at him. He doesn’t make eye contact, thankfully.

Halfway through a song, I notice there’s someone trying to get my attention.

Who’s there?

A. The girl gnome barbarian
B. The half-elf woman in ragged clothes
C. The WOOOOOOO human dude in ragged clothes
D. The pupper male kobold
E. Other
No. 1012174 ID: fd4d13


B. Somebody in ragged clothes is a potential customer, and you just gave away some free work before coming out for dinner. Might be a chance to get back in the black.
No. 1012175 ID: 094652

E) A priestess from the rivals of the Wayfinders, THE CHURCH OF THE ROTTED BLOOD.
She begins harassing you with filthy lucre for a better dress than what you gave Elaine.
No. 1012176 ID: 96c896

D. Turns out he's the party face. Because of his cute face.
No. 1012177 ID: 060ced

E the Bee next to you.
No. 1012180 ID: 629f2e


D, because too much discussion went into kobolds behind the scenes for this pupper to not even show up.
No. 1012183 ID: 9b127b

D) sounds cute!

or possibly C) I think it's important to get a male customer so you don't get pigeon holed into only making clothes for women
No. 1012189 ID: 2aa5f0

>B. The half-elf woman in ragged clothes
>C. The WOOOOOOO human dude in ragged clothes

either or really
No. 1012190 ID: c92a02

The gnomebarian!
No. 1012243 ID: ce39da

D: Gooooood pupper.
No. 1012266 ID: f8fa51

No. 1013015 ID: 8483cf
File 163442780194.png - (273.39KB , 698x1355 , CR_19.png )

There’s a kobold waving at me.

And he’s shirtless. And in ragged, short pants.

Very shooooort pants.

I stare just a little too long before I check myself. My eyes whip up to meet his, and I thankfully don’t linger on the fact that I can’t see his nipples. Where are the nipples

“Ah! Hi!” I say, trying to play it off like I was daydreaming. Which I was!

The pupper kobold raises his hands disarmingly. “I didn’t mean to startle you. It’s just, well…”

He sighs and holds out the ragged shirt he was wearing just a minute ago. “This just gave up the ghost, and I couldn’t help but notice you saying that you ran a tailoring shop.”

I flush. He totally saw the show I was putting on earlier.

“When is the soonest you might be opening?” He stares at his defeated shirt.

My heart’s beating so hard. I have a customer! And he’s cute! Really, really cute! C’mon, Saiorse, be professional… be professional… but he’s so cute!

“Garlic bread n’ tomatoes!” the bartender drops the plate on my table and I nearly jump out of my seat.

What do I do?!

Choose one or more. If you choose to flirt, how aggressive will you be?

A. Forget the food and drink, and drag him to my shop right now!
B. Share my food with him
C. Tell him to come back when the shop is ready to open and isn’t messy
D. Flirt with him [Insert pick-up line here]
E. Try and get his entire adventuring party to buy clothes from me (but then I won’t have him all to myself!)
F. Other
No. 1013017 ID: c92a02

Aggressively devour garlic bread.
E. You can come in the morning after a good night's rest. Don't mind the shop's looks, we're still setting up. How new is he to adventuring?
No. 1013018 ID: 629f2e


Test the waters with flirting, don't go too hard as that might scare him off. See how he takes to it, and push harder or let off on it based on how he responds.

No force on the face of this planet will pull you away from this meal though, so A's off the table. Share a bit of your food with him to aid your flirting efforts, and tell him you can help him out as soon as you're finished eating. He might choose to sit with you and chat until you're done, giving you more time to flirt. If he goes back to his friends instead, probably a good sign he isn't interested.
No. 1013022 ID: 9a6aad

B. Share my food with him
C. Tell him to come back when the shop is ready to open and isn’t messy
E. Ask what happened to his old shirt
No. 1013023 ID: 9b127b

Flirt! talk about his tattered pants suggestively
No. 1013025 ID: 094652

Do you need a better handbag, or improvements to your bag of handling? Our underwear is tailor-made not to chafe with fur! And for discerning customers we have levitating breastplates, they can even stop a dragon headbutt flat!"
No. 1013029 ID: f8fa51

D. Flirty with moderate aggression. Ramp up gradually from small talk (reply to his question about your opening hours as an opener) and make your interest clear but don't come out and say "hey, wanna fuck?" At least not yet.
No. 1013034 ID: 96c896

C. Because that's the honest answer.
E. Because you need the business.
No. 1015747 ID: 8483cf
File 163754798526.png - (101.40KB , 900x619 , CR_20.png )

He’s a cute customer, and there’s food in front of me… what do I do? I’m nervous, but I’m also hungry. I have to decide what’s most important in life!

Wait. What kind of question is that?!

I pick up a slice of tomato’d garlic bread and blow on the piping hot dish, just a little suggestively. “Do you want some?”

Pupper kobold nods. “Yes, please! Thanks.”

“Help yourself!” I take a bite and wink. “And no, I don’t make that offer to just any cute, topless guys at bars.”

He looks at me, then gets flustered and looks anywhere but at my chest. He’s nervous- nooooo! Does that mean he thinks I’m hot? Or am I making him uncomfortable? Is it because I flashed my ass at him earlier?


I aggressively devour my garlic bread to bury all embarrassment in cheesy deliciousness.

“So…” the pupper Kobold clears his throat. “I’m Celyn.”

“Saiorse,” I say. “Nife ‘oo meet ‘oo.” I swallow. “Um… you wanted to know when my shop opened, right?”

Celyn nods.

“We open tomorrow,” I say, “And you’d be my first paying customers! I’d be more than happy to help fix up your shirt. And pants. And anyone else in need of A Stitch In Time can come along too. Bring ‘em all! I’m just by the blacksmith’s smithy.”

“Thank you,” Celyn says, taking a bite of garlic bread. “I’ll drop by first thing in the morning.”

He gets up and walks back to his table hurriedly. He says something, and then his entire adventuring party laughs uproariously.

I drink my beer and bury my head in my hands.


I spend the rest of my meal stewing in self-consciousness. I just get a basic sandwich, nothing special, so I can scarf it down and disappear as quickly as I can before I get laughed at again.

There’s always tomorrow, there’s customers coming tomorrow, things will be better tomorrow …

Because I’ve left the bar earlier than the evening crowd, I have some time left before bed. I don’t really feel like being social, not after my experience at the bar. Should I:

A. Go back to my shop/lodgings and clean up? [This is draining, and Saiorse will wake up tired]
B. Visit the town square with a beautiful fountain and lights
C. Dip my toes in the Scrivia river running through town
D. Go to sleep early
E. Other
No. 1015748 ID: e51896

I would usually say A, buuuuut

C. Lets go for a swim skinny dipping?
No. 1015749 ID: 629f2e

Let's do C. It sounds nice and relaxing, and we may run into an aquatic race while there who would be interesting to design for.
No. 1015751 ID: c92a02

Visit the town square. Maybe someone shares your attraction to bright glowing orbs and stagnant water.
No. 1015766 ID: 5ac277


Big day tomorrow after all.
No. 1015769 ID: 676f44

C. You need to calm down.

(No, no skinny dipping!)
No. 1016203 ID: 8483cf
File 163796901881.png - (245.06KB , 901x1198 , CR_21.png )

I’m a little tipsy from the cream ale, and don’t want to bump into anyone who might have seen me at the Taverna. I just want to relax, calm down, and clear my head so tomorrow can be a great opening day for A Stitch in Time. A trip to the river is just what I need!

The Scrivia river runs through Busalla. It isn’t very deep or fast, so there’s not much shipping going up or downriver- but it’s very clean!

I head to a secluded brick embankment I found when I first moved in. There are a few buildings built around the top of the brick wall, so there’s no easy way to get here unless you know how to sneak in, and it’s very well hidden by a bend in the river. It’s like my own little slice of solitude!

I kick off my flats and stockings. The sun’s setting, but the evening is still warm.

The water is nice. Really nice.

A devious idea crosses my mind. Maybe I could clear my head from my earlier embarrassment by having a little fun? Granted I don’t know Busalla very well, but maybe I could take a chance on this nice little secluded portion of the river- and it is a work night, so there’s even less risk…

A. Play it safe and just relax with my toes in the water.
B. Swim in my underwear. Not illegal, but not very comfy on the walk home.
C. Go skinny dipping! Very risky (and very illegal), but very fun.
No. 1016204 ID: 629f2e

C, go skinny dipping. It may be dangerous, but that just makes it all the more rewarding. Plus, meta knowledge that the worst case scenario is realistically not going to be arrest, as then the quest stops happening before Donut does all the things he wants to do with it.
No. 1016205 ID: c0a638

B. Just go commando on the walk home.
No. 1016206 ID: 3edd02

B. If its too uncomfortable for walking home just take your underwear off for that.
No. 1016207 ID: 96c896

Yeah, B.
No. 1016212 ID: e51896

This version of B

I'd say C, but I think it makes more sense for Saiorse to have to gain the courage to do something like that first. B is a good starting point. (after all, she did consider naked apron for work, so she wouldn't be above doing B)
No. 1016216 ID: ca2950


Defy the horny police and dodge horny jail in a grand display that you avoid having anyone see.
No. 1016219 ID: 676f44

I'm the sort to play it safe, but considering A is unlikely to win much, I'll throw my support behind B.
No. 1016235 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1016247 ID: f8fa51


Might as well get your reputation as the local exhibitionist established early.
No. 1016277 ID: 8483cf
File 163805083221.png - (80.55KB , 688x924 , CR_22.png )

I give a furtive glance around. There’s nobody here, and no windows on the brick buildings surrounding the little bend in the river. This is a hidden corner of Busalla. My little secret.

I could have some fun and go skinny dipping…

But the thought of getting caught is just too much to bear. No matter how secluded this bend in the river is, it’s still inside the town! I don’t want anyone to think of me as THAT NAKED GIRL. I can’t risk it!

But I still want to jump in. The air is warm, I’m still a little tipsy, and the river is nice and cool. It’s perfect!

I shuck my dress and underskirts, untie my hair and give a small giggle. Nobody can tell me what to do here- this is my place!

I don’t hold back. I jump feet-first in the slow-moving river and let it wash my worries away.

It’s heavenly.

A few minutes of floating later, I notice something shimmering underwater, close to the end of the bend in the river. It’s not a bottle- it’s far too bright, even when covered by sediment. Is it enchanted glass? Did someone lose it in the river?

I swim over to get a better look, sticking close to the brick walls. I’m getting near the edge of my secluded little spot, and if I go further, I might be visible from the riverbanks around the bend in the river.

If I wanted to dive for it, I’d have to swim to the middle of the river and dive as deep as I can. I’d really have to push my limits.

Should I risk it to try and get close enough to dive down for the oddly shiny glass?
No. 1016278 ID: 629f2e

We gotta get that glass. Dive for it, and then swim back to your secluded space.
No. 1016279 ID: 0838d6

Dive for it, realize it's just a shiny rock, keep it anyway.
No. 1016280 ID: 5024e5

Get the shiny!
No. 1016281 ID: e51896

Might as well get it.
If anyone spots you, you can use it as a chance to show that you're "underwear" is water proof, thus coming up with the concept for the two-piece swimsuit that you're planning on making and selling. Best way to gain more customers!
No. 1016282 ID: 96c896

Get the shiny thing. Don't drown.
No. 1016288 ID: 8483cf
File 163805923752.png - (29.00KB , 814x895 , CR_23.png )

My curiosity DEMANDS I get the shiny!

I cautiously swim out over the spot it’s submerged at. I’m around the bend in the river- and outside my secret spot- so if anyone is walking along the riverbank, they might be able to see my hair above the waterline, but hopefully not much else unless they get close. Thankfully there’s no one right now.

Good enough for me! I take a deep breath and plunge! I just have to remember to not drown. That’s all I have to do. Don’t drown…

I abort mission and swim back to the surface. I take a minute to tread water and catch my breath. Wow, that’s really deep… Well, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And if that doesn’t work, try harder!

I take a deep breath, flip upside-down and swim with all my might. My hands scrape the riverbed, and I search with muddied vision for the shiny thing. My chest burns. I’m almost out of air.

Where is it? I can’t find it. I can’t find it!

I’m gonna drown! NONONONO

NO-wait! I can kick off the bottom of the river! Yeah! I orient myself quickly and launch upwards like a catapult. I burst above the surface of the water and gasp, coughing and hacking. That was close!

Can I really do this? Is the shiny worth it? It might just be a rock. My heart is beating fast, and the cool river water is even cooler with the icy touch of terror.

No, Saiorse! Be brave and grab the shiny rock! I steel my resolve, breathe deep once more, flip and dive, dive, dive!

I open my eyes and plunge right for the spot I saw the shimmering at earlier, but the sediment I kicked up is blinding me. I’M BLIND! AHHHH

No! Be calm! You’ve still got air… just a little bit of air. I trust that I’ve found the spot and just start fumbling with my fingers. Please, please, please…

This is taking too long! Far too long! I fumble faster, faster, faster- there’s something smooth and glassy! I’ve found it!

I grab it and kick off the bottom as hard as I can once more, shooting straight up, the prize in my hand! I burst above the surface of the water, coughing and gasping and hacking and coughing and feeling AWESOME!

I swim to the brick riverbank and grab ahold, heart pounding but full of triumph. I’m exhausted, but it was so worth it. I hold up my prize. It’s definitely enchanted glass! It’s perfectly sheen and without a scratch, and there are some kinds of dials and buttons on the tiny chain dangling from the lens.

As I examine my prize, I realize something feels off. The river is definitely colder than I remember it being.

Wait a minute...


I look around desperately for any tell-tale signs of purple in the river, but there’s nothing. Nothing! I don’t even know when I lost them- probably when I was kicking off the riverbed. They could be all the way at the bottom buried in sediment, or even worse, floating downstream somewhere.

I blow bubbles in frustration. My one comfort is that there wasn’t anyone to see that.
No. 1016289 ID: 8483cf
File 163805925657.png - (5.14KB , 391x350 , CR_24.png )

I swim as quietly and stealthily as I can back to my secret spot in the river, double check that there’s nobody around (good!) and climb out as quickly as I can and jury-rig a towel out of my stockings, so I’m just dry enough to cover myself and not soak my dress.

I finally calm down now that I’m safe. I let out a long, tired sigh. This thing had better be worth the trouble.

I pop it over my left eye and test a few of the buttons and dials. What kind of enchantments are on this thing?

One of them is a zoom lens. Nice! I try another one. It doesn’t appear to do anything at first, but my question is immediately answered when I look at my shoes and stockings.

They’ve completely disappeared.

I twist the dial, and they fade back in.

Very handy for getting measurements without hassle with dressing rooms… but also very lewd. This power must be used responsibly! Fortunately I am a VERY responsible girl.

What do the other dials and buttons do?
No. 1016290 ID: 5024e5

-A spyglass of enlarge/reduce, meant for quick adjustments of clothing. Be careful not to combine with the x-ray function...
-A color scanner. You can use it to compare fabric colors in any light and get a perfect match.
-An aura reader to detect people's emotions.
-Mustache projector. Because a monocle wouldn't look complete without a fancy handlebar moustache. Top hat sold separately.
No. 1016293 ID: e51896

One of the buttons lets you see ghosts of the dead that had not crossed to the afterlife to reincarnate for one reason or the other (because of lingering regrets? Or maybe just don't want to leave this planet yet?)
Unfortunately, you find out a whole bunch of ghosts witnessed you earlier if their smirks and laughter is anything to go by.

downside is you can't hear them, but they can hear you. You'll have to have them play charades to understand them.

One of the ghosts looks concerned about you instead of laughing at you like the others and decides to follow you, (maybe it can be our guardian spirit?)
No. 1016297 ID: 629f2e


True Sight - Allows the wearer to see through illusions. Also allows sight of invisible creatures and objects.

Magical Sight - Allows the wearer to see magical energy for the purposes of detecting magical items. All creatures capable of using magic will be lit up by this lens. In the hands of a someone not studied in magic, only helpful for detecting the presence of magic.

Thief Vision - A weakened form of the X-Ray enchantment that is perfect for seeing inside bags or pockets. Could be used to detect thieves, seeing unpaid for merchandise in their possession, or for thieves scouting out potential targets.

Reflection Scout - Pairs with a single reflective surface of your choice, selected surface can later be changed. Allows the wearer to see through the paired reflection if its view is not interrupted for any reason (destruction of the surface, an absence of light, magical interference, etc.).
No. 1016299 ID: 96c896

Lens modes:
Color Preview/ Hue Modification
Extraspectral Vision (normal colors desaturate a bit to give visibility to UV/IR markings. Should be easy to tell this is working since some birds and flowers would look different, and the IR portion would let Saiorse spot hidden animals)
Inner Sight (can see soul auras, chakras, mana flows, etc around living beings. useful for recommending magical items or telling when a customer is lying)

There's another mode on this thing that doesn't seem to do anything, but when you turn it on you feel... watched. (it's ghost sight. but ghosts are attracted to those that can see them... that is why the monocle was thrown in the river.)
No. 1016303 ID: 094652

Has a magic micro-portal function. Unfortunately, you don't have the other lens... yet.
No. 1016327 ID: 894419

Measurement Module The lens can get you the exact distance between any two visible points, useful for measuring heights!

Color Mode Allows you to alter and compare colors that you can see with perfect accuracy

Introductions Mode You can see the full birth name of anyone targeted by the lens.
No. 1016344 ID: 8483cf
File 163813701165.png - (154.86KB , 765x1163 , CR_25.png )

I’m mostly dry, but my bra is still soaked through. It’d be an absolute disaster wearing it home- it’d bleed right through my dress. I check to make sure the coast is clear, then slip my bra off as quickly as I can and put my dress on.

I take a few more minutes to mess around with the enchanted lens and figure out what the buttons do. Upon close inspection, the casing appears to be modular and detachable- there might even be a paired lens out there somewhere, meant for use in a different frame.

I press one button, and a few visual indicators pop up in my vision, including something like a gauge of magical energy. It looks like the lens is fully charged up, but it’s ever so slowly ticking down. My guess is there’s a limited amount of energy, and it has to recharge somehow. Maybe sunlight?

Here are the abilities I’m able to figure out at the moment:

1. Telescopic zoom. Can be combined with any feature.
2. X-ray vision (Doesn’t work on my skin, thank gooness. I can turn it up and down for various levels of clothing transparency. Can also be set to only peek into specific items of clothing- maybe for decency, or to search specific bags?)
3. Hue adjustment (Can be set for specific items of clothing. I can see what different colors of fabric would look like on a client! Hooray!)
4. Aura View (I am very orange right now, with some pink and red. As my emotions change, so does my color! I need to practice with this one to figure out what else it does.)


Saoirse doesn’t know it, but the single lens also has the following settings:
- Socialite Mode (Shows birth name of target, can be upgraded to show additional info)
- True Sight (See through illusions, invisibility, and see in both magical and nonmagical darkness)
- Detect Magic (Works on magical creatures and items alike)
- Reflection Scout (Can sync with a reflective surface to act as a toggle-able security camera)
- Shapeshifter’s Unveiling (Can see true form of suspicious shapeshifters)
- Can be upgraded and even paired with another sibling lens. Where might it be?


- Request an aura check, truesight, or other effects when Saiorse is using the lens or has it handy. Uses lens energy.
- Test out and vote on various outfits and color schemes for customers. Make sure to suggest specific combos, and I will shade them and post them! Does not use much energy at all.
- Suggest that Saiorse peek under people’s clothes. Purely for professional purposes, of course! Suggest using it at opportune moments, but beware! Saiorse might not be able to remain professional, and could get flustered.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

I’m tempted to try out the lens right now, but, well… I’m very obviously not wearing underwear, and it’s very obvious that I’ve just gotten done swimming. Even worse, I’ll have to carry my bra and stockings, making it even MORE obvious unless I leave them here and let them dry out overnight.

Still, the temptation to try out the lens right now is pretty strong…

Should I walk home on a street, leave my wet bra, stockings and stupidly hot pink garter belt here and get a chance to test out the lens, or should I just go home through the back alleys ASAP and do my best to avoid anyone seeing me like this?
No. 1016346 ID: 9b127b

walk home on the street and test out the lens
No. 1016347 ID: 629f2e

Back alley blitz! Take your underwear and go through the back alleys to make your way home. Even if you get caught, the worst that happens is you get slightly embarrassed by someone knowing you're going commando and maybe seeing the type of underwear you wear. You don't want some creepy guy who probably reads quests to steal your underwear, and taking the possibly crowded street is just begging for an inconvenient gust of wind to blow your dress up in front of everyone. The alleys are your best bet rn.
No. 1016349 ID: e51896

Careful, back alleys tend to have thugs and thieves and criminals hiding there since not a lot of people really goes through there. Not to mention it is getting pretty late in the day close to night making the risk more riskier. You could get mugged

Just leave behind the underwear garterbelt and underwear, and take to the streets. Try to stay far away from others to make it less obvious.

Also, consider waiting until it gets darker before heading out so you'll stand out less when it's slightly dark out.
No. 1016350 ID: aba9fd

Yeah definitely go on the streets, alley seems like a bad move when you just got something valuable. Way too high a chance things go wrong. On the streets just play it safe on the walk home, plus you can test out the lens without fear of some alley gremlin snatching it.
No. 1016351 ID: e26749

Take the back alleys and head home. What a haul!
No. 1016352 ID: 96c896

You could just wait a bit to dry off. Soak up the sun.
No. 1016353 ID: 9d9545

Go through the back alleys
No. 1016355 ID: 894419

Yeah, enjoy the daylight!
No. 1016356 ID: 8483cf
File 163814872499.png - (26.93KB , 723x828 , CR_26.png )

If A Stitch in Time is my pride and joy, this place will be my peace and solitude. I soak in the sun and let my thoughts drift away.

Soon my hair, dress and detachable dress-sleeves are just dry enough to be presentable. I tie my hair back up in a mostly-presentable bun. My stockings and bra are still soaked, but I hang them and my garter belt on some vines growing in the brick. It’s like a whole wall of clothes hangers! I’ll come back for them tomorrow once they’re nice and air-dried. I can’t bring myself to wear the stupid garter belt again, especially if I don’t have to, so I leave that too.

I slip on my flats and primp myself just enough to be presentable, and secure my newfound treasure over my eye. The tiny, almost invisible chain winds around my ear and can magically extend down my dress-sleeve, ending in the palm of my hand. I press one button and it zips back up- the buttons and dials merge into lens casing itself. Neat!

It’s getting dark, but the lens lets me see in perfect clarity. I climb out of my space of solitude and squeeze carefully through the entrance between the buildings, making sure not to get any dirt or grime on my work clothes. I carefully pop through the exit, making sure no one can see me leave. It’s my hideout- gotta keep the entrance secret!

And just like that, I’m trying to act perfectly normal as I walk down the streets of Busalla. I can do that. Right?

I overhear conversations as I pass. There are a few adventurers headed from La Taverna and other restaurants that showed up after I left, apparently.

A arctic fox-girl wearing a thin pink dress is boasting about how much more powerful she is than a beleaguered wizard woman.

“You ran out of magic missiles so fast! Bet you wish you had some fox spirit blood, huh? Jealous? I bet you are!”

“Not really,” the wizard says. “If fox spirit ancestry is the reason you don’t know how to cast a Endure Elements and have to run around in pajamas just to function in the heat, I’ll pass.”

“I knew you were jealous,” the fox says. “But, uh, maybe I can go shopping for some better clothes.”

“And shoes,” the wizard adds.

“And shoes.”
No. 1016357 ID: 8483cf
File 163814904470.png - (131.88KB , 888x673 , CR_27.png )

Following them are a motley collection of adventurers headed back to their inn. There’s no fully-equipped guild outpost here beyond a few beds, so the inns get a lot of business.

Should I try the lens? Should I let them keep some decency?

My heart pounds. I could turn it all the way up and no one would know… but I might get flustered, and people might be able to tell if (and where) I’m staring.

The adventurers are:

- Green Fairy Girl
- Big, Buff Fighter, Human Guy
- Cool Bard, Human Guy
- Feline Rogue Girl twirling a knife
- Astral Sorcerer Arctic Fox Girl
- Beleaguered Wizard Human Girl

I won’t get as flustered if I peek at the girls, or keep things professional and just test the lens’s features.

But I’m very, very tempted to peek at the guys. But would that be right? Maybe just a little… it’s so tempting!

Or I could just ignore them and wait for someone else to come by, if I'm not brave enough to try it right now.

Choose up to 3 of the above, and how specifically Saiorse should test the lens. Or you can propose a new person/persons to test the lens on. Choosing fewer people to test the lens on will result in Saiorse being less flustered, and she is less likely to be noticed.
No. 1016358 ID: c92a02

Try the X-ray(true-sight) on the green fairy girl, and the aura on the wizard girl.
No. 1016359 ID: e51896

Test it on fairy, try to see past the fairy dust before you attempt to see through her clothes next...

But find out she is not wearing anything behind her fairy dust, even if you're not using the lens to see through clothing

Then lets advertise our service to the artic fox.
No. 1016361 ID: 629f2e

Okay, let's break this down.

Right off the bat, Arctic Fox, Knife Cat, and Green Fairy are the three girls I'm picking, no contest. The real question is the best way to test out our different lens modes.

I think Knife Cat and the Green Fairy will give you the widest gap in results (fairy is very magic, cat seems not magic, and "astral sorcerer" seems somewhere in the middle), so you should try out all the buttons and switches you couldn't figure out on those two. On Knife Cat specifically, you should also try out the scalability of your X-Ray vision. She's the rogue, she probably has the sweetest loot. She if you can scope it out. If she's loaded, she'd be a valuable customer. (You get to be a little greedy, you worked for free earlier).

You can do the same for the Arctic Fox girl, but I'm gonna be honest and just say that I want to try the X-Ray vision on her. We gotta do it on one of them at least, and I already put the helpful things on the other two. It doesn't see through skin, so set it to max and pray it doesn't see through fur either. Unless Saiorse is into that kind of thing.
No. 1016362 ID: 2a4f85

Gotta get the x ray on Knife Cat, Aura on Astral fox, and maybe get the zoom on this beleaguered wizard girl, she got any nice styles on?
No. 1016363 ID: 96c896

Try the buttons that did nothing before.
Do not use x-ray to make anyone naked. Test it out on one of the girls.
Try out aura sight just to see the pretty colors in a crowded room like this.
No. 1016386 ID: 9b127b

X-ray and zoom on fairy! for science . . .

also taje a peek at the nude bodies of blue fox and bard, also for science
No. 1016594 ID: 8483cf
File 163850680113.gif - (429.79KB , 691x949 , CR_28.gif )

I glance at the guys and finger my lens in anticipation…

But no! I must resist. I am a PRO FE SHUN AL. Peeping isn’t right, no matter how low the odds are of me getting caught, and no matter how much I want to do it!


Still, there are plenty of ways to test my lens guilt-free! I should focus things that aren’t naked guys. Like giant balls! Balls of light! Not guy balls.

I zoom in on the green fairy trailing the bard. She’s happily reciting the flowers she saw on the way to Busalla- she must be really into nature.

For the longest time, I just assumed fairies were little glowy balls of magic and hyperactivity. But now, maybe this lens will give me a chance to see what’s really going on!

I click an unknown button, and I’m surprised to see text floating above the fairy in easily legible letters- Zinnia. That must be her name!

I zoom in and click the second unknown button- and Zinnia’s glow fades away, revealing a cute little redhead. Like me! She’s wearing a tiny strapless dress that’s too small for her- I guess fairies can hold on to clothes longer when they assume nobody can see their outfit.

I wonder what else this thing will show me? I click another unknown button, and Zinnia’s green glow erupts into a vivid garden of vines, flowers and fluttering petals. It surrounds her like a protective shield. As I watch, some petals flutter to the ground and burst into tiny sparkles, lighting up the cobblestones and leaving them warm with greenery. It’s mesmerizing- and if my guess is right, those cobblestones are going to have grass growing between them soon. I’m literally seeing magic!
No. 1016595 ID: 8483cf
File 163850682493.gif - (197.61KB , 1562x1502 , CR_29.gif )

I excitedly turn my gaze to the wizard and astral sorcerer, and I’m not disappointed. Their auras aren’t as powerful or outgoing, but they’re still obviously magical. The wizard’s ruby aura is angular and methodical. It catches and refracts itself, projecting tiny glimmers of mana in tight, focused lines following her line of focus- all pointed toward the astral sorcerer, whose aura sparkles and shines with a warm, glowing blue boreal backdrop.

I take a quick peek at their names: the wizard is Samantha Stevens, and the sorcerer is Naomi von Minga.

“C’mon, Sammy!” says Naomi. “Can we hit just one more bar tonight? I haven’t had wine this good in forever!”

“You just promised to go shopping for new clothes,” Samantha says. “Do you really think you can afford to go bar hopping and gear up?”

“Of course we can! I’m gonna get every guy at the bar to buy me a drink. Just look at this face!” Naomi smiles. “You can’t say no to this.”

“Practice makes all things possible,” Samantha sighs. “What if we run into a crowd of people who mistake you for a fox spirit again? I don’t have enough spells to bail us out again.”

“Busalla’s a friendly town. I don’t have to worry here!” Naomi says, but her expression dours slightly. “At least, I think so. Maybe. Let me know if they start sharpening the pitchforks so I can get a head start.”

“If our strategy is to run, I’d rather you have shoes first,” Samantha says.

“Fair. First thing in the morning, like you said, we’re going shopping. We don’t have a lot of time, though, so let’s just hit the first place we find.”

They’re shopping! And they’re in a hurry! Frantically, I wonder if I have anything pre-cut for Naomi’s size, and any shoes I can fit her paws in. What’re her sizes?! I hit the x-ray button and zoom in- and her dress fades away, leaving her standing there in her underwear. It’s a surreal sight, but nobody’s taking notice of me or her- so I quickly check her out and confirm that yes, I should be able to fit her. Thankfully, the lens strips only her dress away, leaving the wizard decent.

I briefly consider offering my services in person, but I’m the only seamstress in town, and my open-for-fitting sign is hanging (even if it hasn’t had the name affixed yet). They’ll find their way to me soon enough in the morning. No need to reveal that I was eavesdropping on them…
No. 1016596 ID: 8483cf
File 163850684502.png - (129.85KB , 460x843 , CR_30.png )

In terms of customers, though, maybe I should be focused on the big moneybags. Fighters probably have more business at the blacksmith than at my place, but the bards always like a good outfit! Or maybe the feline rogue is loaded. I could definitely check if she’s carrying a lot of cash…

I look around for the rogue and use my low-light vision to pick her out. She’s still twirling her knife, but she’s distracted by a display of weaponry in a shop we’re passing by. I nervously twist a dial on my lens- and suddenly everything she’s wearing disappears. Absolutely everything.

She stands on her tip-toes to look at the knife at the top of the display. I stifle a giggle.

She has a heart on her butt!

I’m not sure if I can take her seriously if I see her come into my shop.

The cat’s ears twitch, and she moves as if to turn around. I my heart jumps out of my chest and I practically sprint home, hoping she didn’t notice me. I move quickly enough to put the wizard and sorcerer fox between me and her. Please don’t knife me, please don’t knife me, please don’t knife me…

Thankfully, I peel off from the group soon enough, and I slip into A Stitch in Time without any issues.

What a day it’s been. I’m exhausted, poorer, and less dignified than when I started- but I’ve found a magical item that’s probably worth ten times my monthly rent, or more. If I have to, I can sell it. It’s a comforting thought.

I head to bed absolutely beat, but ready for another full day ahead of me.


Tomorrow’s First Customer is:

1. Naomi von Minga, Astral Sorcerer
2. Celyn, a cute pupper Kobold
3. Zinnia, a fairy
No. 1016597 ID: c92a02

No. 1016598 ID: e51896

Naomi is a good start.
No. 1016599 ID: 629f2e

I'm gonna say Zinnia, because you'll be drawing Dotti for Secret Santa already and I'm sure you'd appreciate having some variety between pieces.
No. 1016600 ID: 9b127b

2: Celyn
No. 1016601 ID: 894419

No. 1016604 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1016613 ID: f8fa51

No. 1016642 ID: 676f44

Naomi. They were serious.
No. 1016643 ID: 676f44

Naomi. They were serious.
No. 1016652 ID: 85e7b1

No. 1016653 ID: 66f68e

No. 1016658 ID: 2a24a2

No. 1016659 ID: 629f2e

I'm gonna swap my vote to Celyn because pupbold (also because the last vote tied things again, and he was my second choice anyways).
No. 1016711 ID: d8b784

No. 1017140 ID: 8483cf
File 163929468368.png - (155.01KB , 900x900 , CR_31.png )

I wake up just as the sun crests the horizon.

It’s my first day!

I leap out of bed, careful not to trip over my laundry. Thankfully I was smart enough to hang my work uniform so it doesn’t get wrinkled- that would take a little work to fix, and there’s so much to do!

I hurry downstairs and shove wood in the stove, then strike the flint to kindling and pray it catches. A few tries do it, and I hurry upstairs to get properly dressed, freshen up and do my hair. When I’m done, the stove is nice and hot- perfect for making breakfast. Step 1: Don’t set the place on fire: complete!

I make myself some delightful tea, eggs and buttered toast. I splurged a few days ago and picked up some honey to flavor the tea. It was expensive, but so worth it! I finish breakfast ready and energized. So energized, in fact, that I feel ready to start cleaning my shop up. Might as well get it done while I’m in such a good mood!

I’m about halfway done cleaning when I hear a knock at the door. It’s before any other businesses to be open- who could be asking for me so early?

I open the door and do a double take.

It’s the cute pupper Celyn from last night who I very awkwardly flirted with. Easy, girl. Easy! You can do this- even though he is most definitely not wearing a shirt!

You can do it, Saiorse! You can handle a topless cutie first thing in the morning!

“Um … Hi!” I say, master of conversation that I am.

“Um … Hello,” Celyn says.

We both stand in awkward silence for far too long.

“Do you want to come in? You must be, uh, cold,” I say, finally finding my manners, and most definitely not wondering where his nipples are.

“Yes, thank you,” Celyn says.

I let him in and check outside. His party isn’t here- he’s come all by himself so early in the morning.

“I’m not really open for business yet,” I say, scratching my neck over of the half-cleaned-up-store around me, “But I’m happy to help you if you don’t mind the mess. I’m just happy you found the shop- all I have outside is a generic needle and thread sign. I need to put the name out there. A Stitch in Time.

“It’s a good name,” Celyn says, shuffling his feet. “Um… I’m sorry about last night. I’m not the best at conversation. My party was encouraging me to … well, let’s ignore what they were saying.

I am so very, very curious, and so very, very embarrassed, but I don’t press. For now. “It’s fine! Everything’s fine. You’re fine. Except for your shirt. And pants. I can fix those!”

Celyn stares at the floor, obviously embarrassed by something. “I’m sure you can, but I have an … interesting problem. I was really hoping you could help me with it.

“I’m a druid, and I’m responsible for keeping my party’s defenses up. I carry a lot of enchanted berries, and they’re very powerful- and very tasty, too. So … I’m the first to get attacked by wild animals. Every time.”

“Ooooooohhh,” I say, looking at his shredded shorts. “Do you have a scent-proof bag?”

“Yes,” Celyn says, “But it doesn’t do me much good when I have to open it up and enchant the berries every day or so, and I can’t stop the animals from going after me. The berry smell gets everywhere. Um, I’m a member of the Circle of Dreams- do you know our customs?”

I nod, and he gives a sigh of relief. I think for a moment. I know his circle’s rules- his clothes and armor need to be as close to their natural forms as possible, no manufactured materials or refined metal. The lighter, the better, so he be nimble in a fight, like dreams themselves.

If the berry smell gets everywhere, then everything he’s wearing needs to be cleaned regularly. Even what he’s wearing now.

I have decisions to make.

What should I suggest to keep the berry scent off his clothes?
1. Cover the scent up with ______________
2. Make the clothing scent-resistant by __________________
3. Sell him cleaning agents
4. Other: _____________

Should I be thorough and ask him to get rid of everything berry-scented he’s wearing now?
A. Yes! Everything must go!
B. Yes, but he can keep the underwear.
C. No, he can get rid of his clothes later, or wash them on his own time.

What clothes should I suggest for Celyn, a druid healer?
I. Robes
II. Padded Armor
III. Leather Armor
IV. Vest and shorts
V. Other
No. 1017141 ID: c92a02

Cover the scent up with: marigolds, for a smell that wards animals but not people. He can ditch the clothes later. Padded armor to better resist animal attacks.
No. 1017142 ID: 96c896

Armor that's as close to its natural form as possible would probably involve layered hide and furs. Or dragonscale, but I doubt that's within his price range. I feel like other sources of animal scales would be too heavy to work as a full suit, but maybe just in vital spots...

I feel like he'd need to either apply a dangerous animal's scent to his clothing to scare off attackers, or splurge on an anti-scent enchantment...

So basically:
1 or 2 depending on his budget and how much he would dislike his clothes smelling like an animal
B because that's professional and probably JUST lewd enough to be enjoyable without scaring him off.
V: some sort of tough animal hide/leather(is leather better or worse for him? It's processed, but definitely more protective for sure) armor, reinforced with scales over vital spots. You can make it look nice with fur in places.
No. 1017143 ID: 9b127b

1: cover up the scent, something unappetizing to wild animals

A: everything must go! look how tattered and ratty his clothes are, better to start fresh.

II: padded armor, if he's going to be attacked he should be well defended
No. 1017144 ID: 629f2e

4: Let's teach Celyn a few common remedies for removing the scent from clothing instead of making him something special. A bit of baking soda or Sandalwood in his clothing bag will leave his clothes with a nice neutral scent. If he only carries one outfit at a time, then a natural air freshener or cologne of some sort could overpower the berry scent with something that won't attract animals. A bottle of lavender oil could probably do the trick, with the added bonus of helping him rest at night!

B: Though the scent can be treated, those pants are shredded. We shouldn't let him walk out in rags, so we should encourage him to get rid of them. He can keep the underwear as long as they aren't in bad condition. (Though if we're feeling frisky, looking through a single layer shouldn't take up too much of our monocle's energy :wink::wink:)

II: Padded armor is the way to go. Cloth is far closer to the plants they originally were than leather is to a cow. It'll fit his circle's beliefs nicely, and make for a happy customer!
No. 1017184 ID: 8483cf
File 163934588708.png - (148.30KB , 661x1181 , CR_32.png )

“I have just the trick for you,” I say. “There’s plenty of ways to clean clothing in the field, and if you have spares, I have some powders and sandalwood to keep the scent neutral. If you can grow specific plants, you might even be able to cover up the scent!”

“As for new clothes…” I look Celyn up and down. “I have a padded gambeson in your size. Combined with your enchantments, it’ll stand up to wild animals no problem.”

“Good,” Celyn says, and he lets out a breath of relief. “My party is calling me the chew toy. I don’t mind the teasing, but the awkward part is they’re usually right.”

“Oh, dear,” I say. “Well, first things first: let’s get you something to wear. Then I can teach you how to de-berry your clothes.” I point to the changing stall. “You can hop in there and get rid of those ragged shorts.” My heart beats a little faster. “Do you mind if I take a few measurements when you’re ready?”

Celyn glances down at himself, obviously wondering what kind of measurements I’ll be taking that require his pants to be off- but he brushes the question aside and nods.

“Great!” I give him a big smile. “Your headband is probably fine, but the flowers are wilting- they’d need replacing soon anyway. I could make you something special if you want.”

“I’ll grow a new one,” Celyn says shyly. He takes off his headband and rubs the flowers nervously between his fingers. “Thanks, though.” He glances at the door to the shop.

“We’re not open yet. It’s locked,” I say. “Nobody’s gonna barge in, if you want to just take them off right here.”

Celyn still heads for the changing stall. Just like Elaine, he undresses with the curtains closed, then opens them when he’s done. I guess privacy is important when undressing, but not when they’re undressed, if that makes any sense.

He pulls back the curtains, and OH SWEET MERCY he’s standing there in nothing but a jock strap and collar.

I am a PRO FES SHUN AL and only do a single double take.

I grab my measuring tape and quickly take his measurements, being as professional as I can despite the fact that he is incredibly cute and oh my goodness look at that butt.

“Celyn?” I do my best to keep my voice level. “Could you lift your tail for me, please? I have to get your inseam.”

He lifts his tail. I have to remind myself to keep measuring.

I finish, and he just kind of stands there, still holding his tail like an obedient puppy. I am SORELY tempted to see what else I can get him to do.

But that would be unprofessional.

Should I have a little playful fun and get Celyn to follow my commands?
1. Yes! Have lots of fun with it!
2. Yes, but only order him to pose for armor measurements. It’s not really necessary, though, but maybe he’s used to following orders?
3. No, don’t order him to do anything- it’s not needed.

What should I talk with him about to make him comfy?
A. His druidic circle
B. His adventuring party
C. His current quest
D. Busalla and the local town
E. Delicious food
No. 1017185 ID: e51896

C (to figure out what kind of outfit to make him that could fit his quest.)
No. 1017187 ID: 094652


And ask if he would like to purchase armor-patching lessons.
No. 1017189 ID: c92a02

2. Talk about the DROODS.
No. 1017190 ID: 629f2e

2 C and D!
No. 1017191 ID: 894419

2, A&C
No. 1017193 ID: 9b127b

use monocle to take a peak at his goods

Discuss his adventuring party
No. 1017200 ID: 676f44

We TRY to be profeshunal, but we know the sordid and lewd truth about ourselves.

We can only resist for so long...

2. Get him in a few extended (and sexy) poses. Call them being for 'extra measurements for all athletic situations'. Because frankly, the only chewing that should happen is you on your lip- or maybe that butt- NO.

Talk about C (and maybe swoon over whatever it is he's doing because MY GOD HE'S CUTE)
No. 1017212 ID: 2a24a2

2C and I second using the monocle to peek at the goods
No. 1017240 ID: d40a27

No. 1017344 ID: 8483cf
File 163946506864.png - (112.33KB , 674x1270 , CR_33.png )

Celyn is still holding his tail up and waiting for more directions. In my apprenticeship, I’ve never seen someone present themselves for so long.

No! Don’t stare, Saiorse! You have a job to do!

“You can stop now,” I say. He lets go and his tail immediately plasters between his legs, but stands at attention (but not like that).

He’s ready to take direction, and my instincts tell me to give it to him.

“Let’s make sure the padding doesn’t chafe,” I say. “Celyn, please stand with your arms out.” He raises his arms at once, and I measure his wingspan. “Thank you. Now show me your arms’ range of motion.”

“Like this?” He windmills his arms.

I smile. “Yes, like that. Good!”

He smiles back and I absolutely melt oh my goodness he is so CUTE

I order him through a few more poses, enough to get into a rhythm and for me to get plenty of measurements. He’s loosening up a lot and getting steadily less self-conscious with every direction I give, and just like that we’re making small talk. It’s the complete opposite of last night at the bar.

He tells me about how his circle has asked him to check up on the local wildlife. The animals have been growing agitated and extremely aggressive lately, and it’s not clear why. Celyn’s been trying to commune with the local fairies to see what the matter is, but they’ve been hard to find.

“I ran into a fairy last night,” I say, directing him into another pose, slightly more risqué. “She was green, with pink triangle-teardrop markings on her wings.”

“Green fairy… hmmm…” Celyn takes the pose without hesitation. I bite my lip at Celyn’s display and give him a thumbs-up, then turn around and fan myself. It’s getting hot in here.

“Oh!” Celyn says. “I saw her last night, too. Her name was Clover.”

That’s weird; I thought her name was Zinnia. Was my lens wrong? I take it out of my apron pocket and pop it over my eye. I’m shocked to see how little power it has left. Does it still work? Was it malfunctioning yesterday?

I should test it. Just to make sure. Right! It’s only practical.

I glance over my shoulder. Celyn is relaxing against the shelving, perfectly calm and content, practically presenting his package for inspection.

“Clover’s not helping me very much,” he says. “I tried to ask about the local fairies, but she’s too shy to talk to anyone but her adventuring companion.”

I quickly click the button to take a peek under that jockstrap and nearly faint.

Every inch of him is perfect. I quickly turn off the lens as quickly as I can, but not before I confirm that yes, it’s correctly displaying his name as Celyn of Everspring.

There’s no going back from what I’ve seen. I need Celyn. I need him real bad.

Flirting with him the way I did last night didn’t work. I have to try again! But how? How do I ask him out? Or should I just tackle him right here and… no! I have a job to do!

How should I act to get Celyn to like me back?
1. Polite and professional! I should ask him out once we’re done.
2. Assertive and bold! Order him to come back to my shop later and bring flowers, ‘cause it’s a date!
3. Coy and flirtatious: It’s getting hot in here! (it really is, I can’t handle it)
4. Other
No. 1017345 ID: 629f2e

We're not cool enough to be coy about this, and while we tout ourselves as PRO FESH UN AL, that's debatable as well. I say we take an assertive stance here and just say what we want: Him on a date with us. So that's a vote for 2 from me, be bold!
No. 1017346 ID: c92a02

No. 1017347 ID: 96c896

2. He wants to be told what to do. So take charge.
No. 1017353 ID: 676f44


"I'm glad you've loosened up so much! ...do you think you've loosened up enough to keep me company tonight? I think you have."
No. 1017361 ID: d3da60

B, and you got a different name because the monocle gave you the fairy's true fey name! Thats powerful!
No. 1017364 ID: a2493c

"by the way, just in case there's any room for doubt: yes, I am flirting with you while I work. do with that as you will~!"
No. 1017714 ID: c92a02

Prepare some lace. Feeling fancy and looking lavish too.
No. 1017715 ID: 8483cf
File 163981739781.png - (111.87KB , 1040x531 , CR_34.png )

Celyn’s clearly most comfortable when he’s being told what to do. I can’t leave any room for doubt! I have to make it clear I’m interested in him, and tell him how to step up and wow me back!

But I can’t flirt with him now, not when he’s standing there in his underwear. I need to do my job, and THEN flirt as hard as I can!

I make more small talk with him, and Celyn tells me about his adventuring party. When he asked around about who was interested in going into the mountains, he found a human warrior (Giuseppe Giovanni Giorgio) and half-elf bard (Cierce Cormorant).

Giuseppe is making good money from a local land speculator by bringing in proof he’s managing the aggressive animal problem (e.g. ears and heads). Cierce is trying to find any remains of what might have been an elven settlement from a thousand years ago, before the war between humans and elves.

While Celyn talks, I pour my focus into tailoring a set of padded armor for him, and making sure the materials are as close to natural as possible. That means the fastenings are a little weaker than metal buttons, but I put enough of them down the front that it shouldn’t matter.

Celyn watches as I work and his tail is wagging and it is just TOO CUTE. Everything about him is just so happy and eager and I need him like I need air. I distract myself by telling him all about how to de-scent his armor and how much cleaning reagents to use, and to keep other outfits from getting berry’d.

Somehow, I finish my work without swooning. It’s simple: no decoration, no frills; just sleeves and leggings, and extra padding over the naughty bits. It’ll stand up to a good gnawing and slashing, no problem. Of course, if he’s fighting against swords and spears, those might do some damage to his clothes, but his protection spells will keep him safe, just like every other adventurer.

“Does the armor fit okay?” I ask.

“It’s great!” Celyn beams. “It’s so free! Those extra poses really must have helped.”

“They did!” I giggle.

“How much do I owe you?”

“Well… Let’s see!” Now’s the perfect time to flirt! I pull out a quill and paper to add up the prices, and lick the quill tip just a little lewdly before dipping it in the inkwell. “Here’s the price of the armor and fitting, and here’s the price for the reagents. And here is a quick reminder of how to clean up that berry scent. And here are my favorite kinds of flowers!”

“Flowers?” Celyn looks at me all confused like.

“Uh-huh!” I give him what I think are bedroom eyes that I really hope isn’t me looking stupid. “Those are very important because if you want to give pretty girls gifts when you visit their shops, you can give them a nice big druid bouquet!” I lean forward and look him deep in the eyes. “And yes, in case there’s any room for doubt … Yes, I am flirting with you right now. Do with that as you will~!”

“O-oh!” Celyn’s tail wags exactly three times before he catches himself and clears his throat. “I’m going to be out of town for the next few days, but… hypothetically…. Do you like getting flowers on Fridays? Maybe this Friday specifically?”

“I love Friday flowers.” I give him my biggest smile. “It’s a date!”

Celyn is smiling back and my heart, it’s MELTING

He pays me and I don’t even count the money cause really who needs money when you have cute boys

“See you Friday!” I call after him dreamily.

“Friday!” he echoes back, and steps outside the door in his padded armor that fits so well I am so PROUD.

Everything is nice. Better than nice. Everything is great. I glide over to make lunch on the stove and am just so very, very happy that everything is so great. I have some time to myself to do things other than giggle with glee over my date.

What should I while I wait for a new customer?

A. Finish cleaning up the shop floor
B. Paint the shop’s name on the sign, so it’s properly decorated with A Stitch in Time
C. Prepare some lace for if Tineola drops by for food
D. Brainstorm ideas for how to increase sales, how to handle more than one customer at a time, and scale up my business, including hiring assistants
No. 1017716 ID: 96c896

A. Then B.
No. 1017718 ID: a2493c

We can do C while we do A, presumably we have some lace samples already pre-made.
No. 1017722 ID: 629f2e

A and then B. If Tineola stops by, she can wait and make a bit of conversation while we prepare lace.
No. 1017886 ID: 1102dd

A first, and then C. Branding can wait.
No. 1017954 ID: 676f44

Gonna say A and B.
No. 1018047 ID: 8483cf
File 164015480326.png - (116.99KB , 640x1002 , CR_35.png )

I groan at the prospect of finishing the clean-up work. It’s boring. It’s agonizing. It’s dull. It’s also necessary if I want to put on a professional appearance.

It takes a while (mostly because I keep getting distracted and daydreaming), but I finish my clean-up. Hooraaaaaay.

Still, there’s no one dropping by. Maybe I need to make my sign more visible? I grab a set of leftover paints and a brush from the last tenant, take down the sign for a bit, and get to work painting the name on. Branding is important!

I’m almost done when there’s a tug on my sleeve.

“Excuse me. Pardon me. Are you the tailor I have just been so kindly reminded that I have, in fact, promised to visit first thing five hours ago?”

I turn around and there’s an arctic fox spirit- no, an arctic fox girl – standing there in what appears to be a light pink shift. She swooshes her tail idly, giving a peek of a drop seat for her tail in back. It’s not a shift- she’s actually wearing pajamas in the middle of the street, confirming what I overheard last night. If my lens was right, her name’s Naomi.

“That’s me!” I say. “Can I help you?”

“Yep!” she responds. “But hey- are you looking to make that sign really pop? I can make it sparkle! For a small, small discount on some clothes, of course!”

“I’ll think about it,” I say. “I’m a little short on cash right now. It’s my first day open.”

Naomi shrugs. “Your choice. But I don’t make this offer to every shopkeeper out there! You’d be super special. It’ll really bring in business, or my name’s not Naomi von Minga! You can tell how trustworthy I am because of the von Minga.”

I’m not sure how trustworthy she is, or what the von Minga means, but I consider her offer anyway. I open the door and lead her in. “So what brings you here?”

“I’ve been told I need shoes. And actual clothes for this unbearably hot weather you’ve got here.”

“It’s not even that hot,” I say. “Um, are you sure it isn’t… you know…”

“My fur? No, I never considered the possibility that all this fur was contributing to it.” Naomi rolls her eyes. “Of course it’s my fur.” She hops up on a bench and fans herself. “Whoof! You probably had the stove going for lunch, didn’t you? It’s a sauna in here.”

“Um. I did,” I say, unexpectedly flustered. I can’t lose a customer just because it’s too hot in here!

“Ugh,” Naomi flaps her skirts.

How do I offer to cool Naomi down?
A. Keep the door and windows propped open extra wide.
B. Grab a clipboard or something else and try to cool her down by fanning her.
C. Get her some nice ice-cold drinks.
D. Offer to lock the door and windows to let her strip down while she shops.
E. Other
No. 1018048 ID: c92a02

Let's shutter the blinds so she can shop in comfort, and the buff.
No. 1018050 ID: 9b127b

C & D
No. 1018051 ID: e51896

D "anyway, i wasn't going to ask if your fur was making you hot, i was thinking more your dress . Even though it's not that hot out, it isn't winter or autumn, and you are wearing a long sleeved dress over your furcoat... ummm. Since youre already getting new clothes, you could remove what you have on now until we get you something lighter to wear. i'll lock the store up and get you some water."
No. 1018053 ID: 96c896

C: Get her a glass of water. With ice!
No. 1018056 ID: d47474

No. 1018057 ID: 9a2966

E - Oh! You have mass-produced enchantments don't you? Are any of them related to heat protection, and do you have a sampler item she could try on while you get ready? Give it to her to wear if so or maybe you can whip up something quick-like! It'd be like a test of what you could offer her!

D - A nice cool drink might also do wonders, she could be a bit dehydrated from the heat (or yesterday's drinking... probably yesterday's drinking).

Anyway, it should be useful from time to time to keep a bead on the customer's mood so you know if what you're doing is working... so check Naomi's aura! How is she feeling? This could be a great opportunity to identify what color matches 'annoyed' - and possibly which is 'pleased', if you can ease her heat problem a bit.
No. 1018059 ID: 629f2e

C and D. We were going to have to ask her to strip to take her measurements anyways. Get her some nice cold water or whatever else you've got, and hopwfully it'll be enough.
No. 1018060 ID: a2493c

c and d.

also, if she's offering to enchant our sign into an eye catching neon for a discount, we absolutely NEED to take that. that will draw in so many customers, god damn

as for preemptive cooling ideas, mesh air vents are always smart.
No. 1018104 ID: 8483cf
File 164021029236.png - (95.30KB , 650x596 , CR_36.png )

I have to cool Naomi down, or else she’ll walk out the door and I’m gonna lose a customer- a customer that can make my sign glow and blink and sparkle! That is NOT OKAY.

I briefly consider opening the door and windows as wide as they’ll go, but that would take time, and it would be bad for privacy. I wish I could give her an enchanted t-shirt or something with an endure elements enchantment, but all the mass-produced enchantments affect the clothes themselves, not the wearer. They’re mostly strengthening, stiffening, or resistance spells, with a few fun ones that don’t do much but look fancy. The dozens of mass-produced enchantments I have aren’t really “smart” spells (the kind that ramp up or down based on the user or the environment); they’re meant to cast during the stitching process, be always-on, and last for a good amount of time without needing to recharge, usually six months or so.

If I’m going to keep Naomi here, I need to let her cool off as fast as possible.

“Well…” I give her a shrug. “I wasn’t actually going to ask about your fur. Summer’s just starting, and you’re wearing a long sleeved-outfit.”

Naomi glances down at her arms and frowns slightly.

“You don’t have to keep that on,” I say. “It’s fine if you want to take it off while we find something lighter to wear. I could lock the door to give you privacy while you shop.”

“You sure?” Naomi asks hesitantly. “You might lose customers, locking the door on your first day open. Weren’t you short on cash?”

“I can’t really serve more than one customer at a time anyway,” I say. “Why don’t I get you some ice water while I’m at it?”

Naomi’s ears perk up at the mention of a cold drink. “Yeah, that’s good!” She bites her lip, considering her options. “If it’s just me…” She sighs. “All right. Go ahead and lock that door. Give me the VIP treatment!”

Naomi’s eyes follow me as I lock up and check that the shutters are tight. The moment I give her the thumbs-up, she undoes her pajamas’ drop seat shucks them over her head. She has short, vivid ice-blue fur on her belly and chest. Her upper arms and legs are lined with light blue streaks, some of which end in vivid turquoise highlights, the same color as her chest.

“Whoo!” she says, fanning herself with a hand. “Still pretty hot, but that drink’ll help. Ugh!”

Naomi’s tugging on her bra straps uncomfortably. Well, if she’s not going to propose it, then I’ll be the one to say it.

“Um…” I scratch my neck. I hope this doesn’t sound awkward. “You can go au naturel if you want.”

“Huh?” Naomi’s tail swishes in indecision. “Really? Is that okay?”

“It’s fine,” I say.

Naomi glances at the door, then down at herself, then throws caution (and her underwear) to the wind.

“Oh, yeah,” she says. “That’s way better.”

Aaaand she’s definitely a natural pink.

I quickly look away and busy myself getting some chilled water and ice from the icebox.
No. 1018105 ID: 8483cf
File 164021032189.png - (315.00KB , 804x1355 , CR_37.png )

I come back with the drink. Naomi is still getting used to the idea of walking around a shop in the buff; her ears are flat to her head and her fluffy tail is plastered between her legs. I’m feeling confident I can lighten the mood, though; I had practice with Elaine and, I got Celyn comfortable eventually. I’m sure I can pep Naomi up.

“Here you go! One ice water for the VIP,” I smile. She swipes the glass out of my hands and gulps the water down with gusto. I guess arctic foxes don’t get brain freeze.

“Good! Good!” she says, licking her chops. She thrusts it back towards me. “Another!”

“Three more, coming up. Let me know if you see any styles you like while you’re waiting.”

I grab two additional glasses and by the time I’m done filling them up she’s started browsing. That’s a good sign.

“I’ll leave your water here.” I set the glasses down on a workbench.

“Yes!” Naomi says, downing her second as quick as she can. She stretches out and swishes her tail back and forth. “This feels real nice.”

“I’m happy you’re comfy! You said you wanted shoes, right? And I’m presuming a lighter outfit, too?”

Naomi nods. “Yeah. Sort of.”

“Sort of?”

“You mentioned I was wearing long sleeves,” she says, reaching for a third glass. “You see these patterns on my arms? They’re personal. And they change sometimes, when the heavens change houses. I don’t exactly go around showing my patterns off.”

“So you prefer something that covers up your patterns,” I note.

“Yeah.” Naomi holds the cold glass to her chest and looks down at herself. “And let’s be 100% clear up front: on top of that, I’m not okay with any outfit that shows even a peek of my tummy.” She points at the turquoise starting below her collarbone. “So there’s the job. Think you can handle it?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I say. “May I take your measurements?”

“Go for it,” Naomi says, holding her arms out.

I take Naomi’s measurements and ponder my options. This is going to be tough. She obviously wants to keep her long sleeves, and showing her midriff is absolutely out of the question.
No. 1018106 ID: 8483cf
File 164021033672.png - (76.64KB , 408x568 , CR_38.png )

“Tail up, please,” I say, and she lifts obligingly. Her turquoise pattern continues between her legs, but I note that it doesn’t extend to her inner thighs. A leotard might work if she could be convinced to show the patterns on her legs. She’s a 28C, so I can design the leotard to fit her bust without a problem.

She wears a dress right now, so people can already see glimpses of the patterns on her lower thighs if she moves around too much. Maybe she can be convinced to show a little more in the name of keeping cool? If not, mesh vents would help- but I have to make sure the vents don’t allow any glimpses of turquoise. It would mean having a little bit more of an under-layer, and that increases the price. If I’m going to give her a discount on that, I can’t make it too big.

If I want to make a deal with her, I could use my lens to sense her aura and figure out how much she’s willing to haggle on the discount. That would for sure drain my lens’s power, and I don’t know how to recharge it.

What base layer should I propose to keep Naomi cool?
1. None
2. Regular underwear
3. Breathable leotard and panties underneath
4. Other

Should I prioritize cooling or coverage in outfit design?
A. Maximum cool; she could get heatstroke if we don’t go lightweight!
B. Lightweight materials with okay coverage, but some potential for peeks of patterns, such as a loose skirt.
C. Keep everything covered by default, including arms and thighs, but have option to remove portions.
D. Maximum coverage; I can sew more vents in, and maybe invest in cooling enchantments later, but she’ll love me for following directions and maximizing durability in combat. Expensive: good for my profits, too!

Should I use the last of my lens’s energy to get a better deal on enchanting my sign with neon?
I. Yes, use the lens and negotiate the best deal/discount for me.
II. Don’t use the lens, but negotiate the sign for a discount on Naomi’s clothes.
III. Don’t use the lens, and don’t take her offer to enchant the sign.
No. 1018109 ID: c92a02

Breathable leotard, and D. Removable portions have the problem of coming off when you don't want them to, vents are an interesting challenge and look cool to boot!
Use the lens to get your sign bejazzled.
No. 1018118 ID: 094652

How about some silk robes? Each piece can be taken off in seconds, but together they make a tasteful, wholesome - well, sort-of-wholesome-not-really - ensemble. Yes.
Maximum coverage but she can take off whatever is too hot. (And of course, if she loses armor pieces you can sell her replacements. Especially handy if she wants to tease her suitors with articles of collectible clothing.)

Haggle without the magic lens - she might detect it.
No. 1018135 ID: a2493c

3 and D, just bear in mind the discount. Try to keep it above materials costs at the very least, and we're gonna need to avoid too many more discounts moving forward.

As for using the lens, yeah, we should go for that.
No. 1018166 ID: 9a2966

3- It sounds like she'd want it for privacy, despite the complications even a breathable added layer would give involving heat. There's also secondary benefits to a secondary layer - as an adventurer she's liable to get her outer clothing gets compromised at SOME point and having a layer of underwear will then keep her in the fight rather than be busy covering up (at least that's what you can sell it as).

She may wish to invest in those cooling enchantments in the future, to be honest. Sounds like it'd be worth it to her, at least for summertime clothes, or if she travels to even warmer climes. And if she'd be investing in cooling enchantments anyway...

D - Recommend the full package.

II - With such a hefty purchase, she will for sure need the discount, and we'd want her coming back for those cooling enchantments so we shouldn't gouge her. Also, even if she's low on cash she can repay you with the "A Stitch in Time" sign (how long will that last, by the way?) which should hopefully pay quick dividends... and you could also ask for her help with recharging the lens!

She is a magic-user, after all! Even if she doesn't know how herself, someone of that community that she knows (her wizard friend) might know how or can find out for you. Favors for favors, yeah? Granted, that doesn't pay as many bills, but it might get you another contact and an additional opportunity for a sale (if you can convince them to drop by and pitch them something).
No. 1018199 ID: 629f2e

3, it's a little more expensive so make sure you don't give her too nice of a discount on it. Better haggling should make this alright.

Gonna have to agree with the majority and say D here. She's made it clear that she wants her markings covered, so we should give her exactly what she's asked for. We can split the top and bottom since we're doing a leotard, which will cover the tummy for her, to allow for some airflow in the outfit. It wouldn't be a ton, but it's better than nothing. Also, if we're doing shoes, maybe sandals? About the same brethability as flip flops but far less likely to just lose them.

I, use the lens to negotiate. Even if she catches you with her magic know-how, as long as you don't have any pervy X-Ray modes on you aren't doing anything wrong (and she's already naked, so that wouldn't really matter). When you're done haggling though, maybe ask if she knows how to recharge your monocle. Who knows, if any magic user can do it then you could make a deal with her or someone else to give a discount on your wares for free recharges whenever they stop by.
No. 1018240 ID: 96a9a8

You can have air circulation while covering everything by utilizing layers. As in, loose cloth covering openings that allow hot air to escape. Perhaps that's what a vent is. Definitely recommend an optimal solution despite the cost. She seems unwilling to compromise on coverage so that's the priority.

2, D, II
No. 1018272 ID: e51896

2, D, I
No. 1018281 ID: 8483cf
File 164037226575.png - (14.26KB , 680x417 , CR_39.png )

It’s my first day, so for now, the customer is always right!

I put on my lens as surreptitiously as I can and start sifting through my fabrics, describing the options to Naomi and gauging her aura’s baseline. It brightens every time I mention vents and full coverage, and doesn’t seem to dim at all whenever I bring up difficulty or price. She doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about price too much (or at least not enough to affect her mood) and she definitely wants a cooler outfit that keeps her markings 100% covered, even if they move around. She also knows how difficult that is, and she responds well to my confidence in recommending it. She also likes the idea of sandals. Success!

I recommend her a breathable leotard with built-in bust support, but mention that she should still wear panties underneath. She nods approvingly- above all else, she absolutely wants to keep her icy blue tummy concealed.

All of my recommendations make her happy- right up until I tell her how long an outfit with mesh vents will take to make.

“Three days?!” Naomi’s aura sours, turning from a vivid blue to a dour navy. “I can’t roast for three days! I need to go out and adventure! I can’t wait around here and be bored for three whole days! That’s costing me money! Lots of money!”

With my lens (which Naomi still hasn’t noticed as magical), I can see her aura darken on the things she actually cares about: being hot, and being bored. She’s not actually concerned about money or adventuring; she might not even have a job lined up. Her real issue is the time it’ll take me to make the outfit. I can work with that.

“How about I work late?” I say. “If I start right now and work as hard as I can, it’ll be done in two days.”

Naomi pouts. Her aura’s still dour. I need to sweeten the deal.

“Or, if that’s not fast enough, I can make it a high-priority VIP job! If you’re willing to pay extra, I’ll go from sunup to sundown, and I’ll work on your outfit- and only your outfit- until it’s done. That way I can guarantee no distractions, and I’ll have it done by tomorrow evening!”

“That’s still a day of sitting around doing nothing!” Naomi says. “You’d better give me a big discount for that. No extra fee for VIP.”

She’s not actually looking for a discount- she’s just bored. If I give her something to do, I think she’ll take the deal.

“I can’t give you a big discount on such an important VIP project,” I say. “But how about you take a little time to enchant my sign? I might bring the rate down to normal if you do that. And I’ll have the sandals done today, so you can at least go out adventuring in your paja- I mean, regular clothes.”

Naomi’s aura is still sour. She might not take the deal unless I can guarantee she’ll be cool tomorrow, and give her something to do when she’s done with the sign. I have to make this sale! This is BIG MONEY. I’m about to get what is essentially a free neon sign and a major high-quality sale (but I’ll be working hard for a day and a half to do it).

It pains me to do it, but I could guarantee the sale at this price if I tell Naomi about my secret swimming place. It would cool her down and she’d probably have lots of fun- but then it wouldn’t be my own personal secret hideaway anymore.

Should I guarantee the awesome sale and free sign by telling Naomi about my secret swimming place?
No. 1018282 ID: 629f2e

Share the swimming location. It probably isn't really a secret anyways, locals definitely found it before you, and would we really be upset to find Naomi there in either a swimsuit or underwear? Just ask her to keep it secret. She won't, but if she's trying she might at least tell fewer people than she would otherwise.
No. 1018283 ID: 1cd9cd

Yeah, makes sense to me
No. 1018284 ID: 9b127b

tell her!
No. 1018288 ID: c92a02

Nah, don't mix business and pleasure. She'll have to freeroam to discover that secret. Can you give her a quest to retrieve fifty bear asses or something?
No. 1018289 ID: 96a9a8

Reveal the deets
No. 1018290 ID: 8483cf
File 164038053601.png - (124.35KB , 644x816 , CR_40.png )

I could probably make the sale (and get the sign) without telling Naomi about my secret swimming spot, but the way she’s acting, she just might walk away in a huff, realize she still needs a new outfit, then come back with her more-responsible wizard friend who cares about money. I have to close the deal now, and make Naomi happy enough to defend the price!

Naomi’s insistence on how trustworthy she is makes me suspicious. I’m pretty sure she’ll let the secret slip to the adventuring crowd, and my spot won’t be secret for long. But worst-case, the swimming spot might get popular. Maybe I could start selling swimsuits?

I prrrroooooobably won’t need to make them as sturdy as my other outfits…

“You drive a hard bargain,” I say, and put on a show of lowering my voice and leaning close. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Yeah! I’m great at keeping secrets,” Naomi says eagerly. “Tell me! What is it?”

“Only if you promise to keep it to yourself,” I say solemnly.

“I promise!”

“Good! There’s a hidden riverbank about fifteen minutes’ walk from here,” I whisper. “There’s brick walls sealing it off from the streets everywhere but one little gap, and the river bends just right so no one can see you take a dip. It’s perfect to cool off in privacy.”

“Really?” Naomi’s eyes go wide. “How do I get there?”

I give her the directions to the gap between buildings, and where to look for the hole in the brick walls to climb down to the riverbank. She takes it all in eagerly.

“That should let you cool off tomorrow while you wait,” I say. “Between that and the sign, time will fly! You’ll have a new outfit before you know it.”

“Yeah!” Naomi gives me a big smile. “I can’t wait! Let’s do it! How much was it again?”

I tell her, and she agrees to the price without batting an eye and I am absolutely STOKED FOR THIS

“It’s a deal!” I immediately start pulling out soles and start fitting Naomi’s new sandals. “No time to waste. Do you mind if I give you details for how I’d like the sign to look? And what colors to use?”

Naomi nods and listens closely. We get through the fitting and adjusting and describing, and when we’re done, Naomi leaves in her pajamas with a nice new pair of sandals, carrying my sign over her shoulder to work on it first thing tomorrow.

As for me, I’ve got a long day and a half of highly paid work to do!
No. 1018291 ID: 8483cf
File 164038056211.png - (119.52KB , 687x549 , CR_Title.png )

CLOTHING REPAIR will now take a break!

There will be a brief timeskip for the local adventurers to go adventuring, and for Saiorse to work on Naomi’s outfit and build up extra lace and food for Tineola, and other necessary restocking after her first few customers.

While we wait for this to finish, CLOTHING REPAIR will update with glimpses of what the adventurers are doing in the meantime.

Feel free to suggest which adventurers we see and what they’re doing!

No. 1018294 ID: c92a02

Let's see how long Tineola takes to realize her invisibility enchantment has some strings attached.
No. 1018295 ID: 9a2966

The Wizard Samantha Stevens, her shopping complete, peacefully reading a book and drinking chilled lemonade in a tavern - until a giddy Naomi drops by, chugs her drink and asks to borrow a change of swimwear - something fully-body, please! Or maybe an illusion spell could do. Samantha's not using her spells on anything now anyway, right? Riiiiight?
No. 1018308 ID: a2493c

a completely normal middle-aged salaryman who is totally not suspect or out of place in this high-fantasy setting, and DEFINITELY not asking for very surreptitious modifications to his suit for hazy and unsettling reasons
No. 1018412 ID: e51896

Knife cat, she will be on a adventure... or maybe she is an assassin and was sent to kill someone. But whatever happened, she failed and her clothes are ruined, causing her to think about visiting our place
No. 1018477 ID: 629f2e

Gonna suggest we peek in on Elaine, and see just how well her mission is going. If her robes get damaged and the corset comes out, maybe she'll return our kindness by telling people where she got it from. Of course, she'd probably rush to explain why a monk with a vow of poverty is wearing something so high quality and expensive looking. The idea of being seen as not taking her vow seriously is far worse than a spot of clothing damage.
No. 1032058 ID: 8483cf
File 165240965594.png - (9.32KB , 416x352 , CR_41.png )

One exhausting all-nighter (and all day-er) later, Naomi’s outfit is done. I’m absolutely exhausted, but it’s worth every moment when I see that big bag of gold Lira jingling and jangling.

I open it up and carefully set aside this month’s rent, my first month’s repayment to my master for the loan he gave me to start the shop, the cost for resupplying my for materials, some money for groceries, and…

It’s still a good amount of money left over.

This pile of gold is pure profit, and I haven’t even finished my first week in Busalla.


I wipe my eyes and sniffle. I’m gonna make it. I’m really gonna make it!

I place each gold coin in my pouch and wobble unsteadily to the stairs, but I can’t make it, instead passing out in a strewn pile of lycra.
No. 1032059 ID: 8483cf
File 165240967036.png - (52.03KB , 857x466 , CR_42.png )

I blearily wake up the next day, still in my work outfit. I’ll need to clean it.

Or not.

I don’t have to work a single day this month if I don’t feel like it.

I giggle. This is a nice feeling.

I roll around on the shop floor and toss my work clothes in every direction, reveling in my complete freedom. Then I fall asleep again, this time in a pile of nylon.

I wake back up at noon, slowly this time, and wander over to the kitchen for some food.

I see my sketchbook lying there. I munch on some bread and cheese and doodle ideas for my sign, getting absorbed in the possibilities.

I settle on this one!

Happy with my work, I find some casual clothes and spend an evening back at La Taverna, hoping Celyn is still here. He’s not. In fact, it’s pretty dead tonight. Oh, well.
No. 1032061 ID: 8483cf
File 165240986550.png - (83.05KB , 472x911 , CR_43.png )

The next day, I wake up a little late and decide to spend a little more energy refining my shop’s brand. I’m still in my nightie, but I open the door and take a look at what I can place in the windowsill.

And of COURSE that’s the moment a sheep girl barges in and asks if I’m the proprietor of this fine establishment.

“Aaah!” I let out a yelp and cover myself. “Y-yes! But can you come back later? Maybe when-”

“Not an option,” the sheep says. “I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that I’ll get arrested if those bloody Censors see me again without some clothes on.”

“Okay, okay!” I wince. “Come in. Let me get dressed at least.”

“Dressed?” the sheep’s eyes narrow. “It’s eleven o’clock. That Wayfinder girl had better be right about you.”

She’s mad. Real mad. But she’s basically being forced to buy something from me, so it’s a guaranteed sale.

How should I treat her?
1. Ask her to please wait while I make myself decent and do my hair up a little. Someone else might come in while we’re working or after she’s done, and I can’t have it get out that I stay in my nightie all day.
2. Ask her to have a look around and sneak into the changing stall and put on the first thing I have in my size.
3. Apologize profusely for my state of dress and just serve her in my nightie.
No. 1032066 ID: e5709d

3 - She wants a rush job, you'll get to charge her extra for a rush job.
No. 1032067 ID: 96c896

2. You'll be advertising your own clothes that way!
No. 1032071 ID: 629f2e

2, because if you do 3 then UNDENIABLY somebody else will walk in while you're helping her, and you'll never have a chance to get dressed.
No. 1032072 ID: c92a02

2, Everything you've designed is surely a hit. Right?
Right away if she doesn't want to shear everything else, it's clear she's going to want loose clothes that are good on top of thick wool. Got any bellydancer outfits?
No. 1032073 ID: abaa91

2. She's not going to give this up, and hopefully you've got more than a little fashion sense- as long as it fits you should be good to go.
No. 1032076 ID: b3d1bf

No. 1032115 ID: 798908

could offer her a sketchpad and have her doodle some ideas for what she wants to wear while you get something on.
No. 1032204 ID: 8483cf
File 165254395828.png - (197.24KB , 944x1129 , CR_44.png )

“Um, it’s nice to meet you,” I say, guiding her inside and hastily shutting the door behind. “I’m Saiorse.”

“Lamisa,” the sheep says, glancing around at the mess I’ve made in the last two days. “What a pigsty…”

“Um, I’m very sorry for the mess,” I say. “I just had a big order, and-“

“Yeah, yeah,” Lamisa interrupts. “Just tell me where there’s something in here that’ll make those Censors happy and won’t boil me alive.

I point Lamisa in the direction of some loose wrap dresses made of light fabric. Her hooves stomp loudly on the wood floor despite her small size. I quickly grab a blouse and skirt, slip into the changing stall and whip the curtain closed, shucking my nightie as fast as I can and trying to make myself look somewhat professional in thirty seconds or less. The blouse and skirt aren’t tailored to me- they’re loose and a little big, but they’ll do for now. Thankfully there’s a spare pair of pantyhose lying around too. I do up my hair in a rush. I throw open the curtain and hide my nightie under a table. Pretty good for less than a minute!

I find that Lamisa has abandoned her search for clothes. Instead, she’s standing with her arms crossed and tapping her hoof impatiently.

“Took you long enough,” she says. “Look, I don’t care what it is. I don’t want clothes anyway. Just give me something cheap that won’t get me arrested, and I’ll be on my merry way. Busalla can rot for all I care.”

“Are you sure?” I ask softly. “I know the Censors can be strict, but…”

“I paid for a permit- to wear my own wool, mind you -and the Church is still threatening to arrest me!” she huffs. “It’s all a big scam.”

“I’m sorry the Church isn’t being fair,” I say. “Um… maybe you can get a refund?”

“Fat chance,” Lamisa says. “And now I have to roast all day in this stupid heat in a stupid dress I have to pay for with more money.”

“I used to help my brothers shear wool back home,” I offer. “If it’s really that uncomfortable, I can-“

“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?!” Lamisa interjects. “Free wool and a tidy profit off a cheap dress. The Censors are really helping your business, aren’t they?”

I can tell I’m getting nowhere with her. I glance at the ground. “I was going to offer you a discount,” I mumble.

“This isn’t fair,” Lamisa says, ignoring me. “All I wanted to do was go to market, and I can’t even do that without getting fleeced.”

Lamisa is really upset, and I haven’t made a good first impression. I don’t know how she really feels about the idea of shearing some wool off to make clothes more comfortable- it sounds like she can still wear it outside Busalla where the local Censors are more lenient.

How should I deal with Lamisa?
1. Maybe she’s most upset about all the money she’s losing? Give her a nice outfit for free in exchange for her wool- it’s high-quality and I can make it into something comfy later. I can charge extra for “locally sourced ovine wool,” too.
2. Perhaps she’s most upset by feeling judged and singled out by the local Censors. I could make her an outfit that just BARELY passes decency standards, as a way of thumbing her nose at the Church.
3. Or maybe she really likes her wool, and is upset at the idea of giving it up. I could try and make her something comfy and cheap, like she asked.
4. Other
No. 1032207 ID: 629f2e

Tempting as 1 is, I think 2 is the way to go here. Lamisa complained about having to roast in a dress, so an outfit with less material would suit her well I imagine. Plus, Censors are terrible horrible people who sell bullshit permits and then don't respect them, so fuck their rules.
No. 1032212 ID: 0838d6

2. Less material = less heat = more pissing off the censors.

Though uh, doing that mayyyyy cause you problems later since if she really likes it, she absolutely will advertise your services.

On the other hand she's already in a pissy mood, was recommended to come here, and will likely leave in a bad mood anyway, blaming you and your store, bringing you bad press.

Doing nothing also invites the same but worse problem, and as far as I know you don't have any connections to the clergy to get that permit verified.

Its a lose/lose/lose situation so 2 at least means she'll spend the least on the last amount of clothes and can get out of your hair the fastest at least until she calms down.

I'd also even suggest being more pro-fe-shun-al with her. Cut out the smalltalk, she thinks because you werent prepared and your shop is a mess that you're not a professional, prove it by stepping up your game even if you are a bit tired.

(side note, maybe use some of those funds to hire a weekly maid, yknow, just to make your life easier)
No. 1032229 ID: 96c896

2. Also tell her you can give her a fair price on any wool she is willing to sell.
No. 1032236 ID: c92a02

3. She'd be singled out further if her outfit was toying with the decency standards, and you'd be bringing scrutiny on the tailor who made them too. Perhaps she'll come around on the clothing instead if it's comfy, or you could suggest making it with utility in mind - when you don't want to get your wool dirty with slime or ichor.
No. 1032240 ID: 798908

3 for this exact reason.
No. 1032241 ID: e51896

Actually yeah, changing my vote to 3. It was what she asked for, and the customer is mostly right. I think thats how the saying goes
No. 1032268 ID: 8483cf
File 165257671072.png - (81.93KB , 843x616 , CR_45.png )

I cut the small talk. Lamisa wants to complain? Fine. But she obviously doesn’t care about my sympathy.

“The Church might not have treated you fairly,” I agree, “But I will. I wouldn’t be taking your wool for free; if you feel like selling any, I’ll give you a fair price and help shear it if you want.”

“Pass,” Lamisa refuses, but her resolve wavers at the mention of a fair price. She shakes her big poofy head and huffs.

I realize that while I still have a guaranteed sale, Lamisa is probably not going to have anything good to say about my shop.

Maybe if I get her angry against the right people, that would save my reputation. The Church of Censorship is responsible for Lamisa’s problems, not me! I could make her an outfit that lets her thumb her nose at the Church. Petty revenge is so marketable!

Unfortunately, that would probably just get Lamisa targeted even harder by the Church, and maybe even get me on their radar, too. I don’t want to be known by the Church as a ne’er-sew-well responsible for lascivious lambwear!

No, I need to be PRO FE SHUN AL and give the customer what she’s ordered: something quick, cheap and safe from the long brush of the Censors. To be 100% decent, clothing has to always cover the naughty bits and cleavage, and for races with fur or wool, no skin can be showing from your collarbone to your knees (except for upper arm to hand). A light dress would be the safest bet, but the most inconvenient and would look like she’s wearing a tent (plus the cheap fabric doesn’t breathe at ALL).

Wait. If I’m going to design something to fit her properly, how big should I assume her measurements are? How much of that top is fluff? What if she’s faking her cleavage and padding her bust? If I ask her about it, will she get even angrier? What if I do it covertly while I’m measuring her other dimensions? Or does it not matter because the clothes will loose on her anyway?

I suddenly regret using up all my x-ray monocle’s charge the other day.

What kind of cheap clothes should I give to guarantee Lamisa is decent? Should I take her actual measurements?
No. 1032271 ID: e51896

I don't think we need underwear, the fleece can work for that.

I'm thinking a poncho might work, it has opening on the sides that allows for plenty of breathing room, and we can probably get something large enough that reaches the knees. the fleece can look like she's wearing pants from the sides

and yes, her sides will be revealing skin especially around the belly area. maybe we can find some light wrappings for the belly, much like how Elaine had before we gave her the corset? or maybe we can figure out another solution
No. 1032272 ID: 96c896

Actual measurements. She wants clothes, you get her proper fitting clothes. No cutting corners.

...you know, you could get her a short dress since her wool covers below the waist. A sundress maybe.
No. 1032274 ID: c92a02

No cleavage? Dang, this police state is the worst.
Make sure her measurements are correct. It should be at least a two piece so she can roll it up when the censors aren't looking and air herself out. Can the top hang down like a tent to overlap with the top of a skirt, which doesn't have to be very long at all since her wool's got that covered?
No. 1032275 ID: 629f2e
File 165257993565.png - (33.59KB , 1000x1000 , Lamisa Outfit suggestion.png )

Great minds think alike!

We should try to leave as much of her wool showing as we can, and leave room for it to breathe. A cowl that goes down to about where her nipples are should work for a top, and a high-waisted skirt starting right where her chest-wool ends down juuuuust low enough to cover her nethers when she's walking should be good. The belt on the skirt is important to keep it from slipping down and exposing any hints of skin, lest the censors get uppity.

And of course, if the outfit gets too warm, it's easy to air out.
No. 1032278 ID: 629f2e


Forgot to add, but I'm against getting exact measurements. The clothes I suggested drape loosely over her, and belts are adjustable. There's no need for them if this is what we go with, and she doesn't seem like she's looking for her clothes to fit perfectly. Speed over specificity.
No. 1032279 ID: e51896

support this if not poncho

but yeah, no need for measurements. make this a quick order for her, she doesn't seem to want to be here.
No. 1032293 ID: 12b116

This is a good solution
No. 1032362 ID: 8483cf
File 165265243513.png - (145.15KB , 901x1233 , CR_46.png )

I decide against taking all but Lamisa’s bare minimum measurements. She’s not here because she wants a perfect fit; she just needs something right now to make her “decent” in the eyes of the Censors. I don’t want to make her feel awkward by measuring under her wool, no matter how curious I am.

I decide to make her a two-piece poncho outfit that lets her keep cool and play it safe with the censors. It’s a little jury-rigged; the belt for the skirt isn’t as comfortable as some other options, but it’s the fastest option I have.

Lamisa doesn’t comment on her outfit. She just reaches into her wool and pulls out a pouch of coins. I give her the price (materials plus the bare minimum markup for time spent). She scowls, but doesn’t object, and leaves immediately.

I close the door gently behind her and wipe my brow. I hope she doesn’t hate me.

I look around and see the mess of the last few days. It sucks. Maybe I should just hire a maid to clean up after me… I have the money, that’s for sure!

Yeah. Why clean things up myself, which is ZERO fun, when I can get someone else to do it better than me, and faster too? I could be making clothes or lace. I’ll come out ahead, money wise! Yeah! But I do like having that extra money, too, and a maid won’t be here 24/7 like I will be. Maybe I could have them come more often than once a week? Maybe I should check if there’s anyone who’d be willing to clean for me in exchange for clothes or something. Elaine, perhaps? No, she’s traveling too often to rely on her for that kind of work…

I look down at myself. I’m still wearing the un-tailored blouse and skirt.

I also need to figure out how to charge my lens. There’s no mages’ guild here, so I’ll have to rely on a passing adventurer to teach me how to charge my lens. Maybe Naomi or her friend Samantha could help? They’re adventuring right now, though…

Should I go look for a maid?
1. Yes, and hire them to come more than once a week
2. Yes, but only once a week
3. No, I should be disciplined and clean my own shop

Should I ask for help from adventurers in charging my lens?
1. Yes, and show them the lens
2. Yes, but don’t tell them it’s a powerful x-ray lens
3. No, wait for Naomi and Samantha to come back

What should I wear when I’m running my errands?
1. Something Professional
2. Something Casual
3. Something Cute
No. 1032363 ID: 899c9f

Be disciplined and clean up your own casa!
Do ask about charging up your definitely not a powerful artifact monocle though.
Wear something casual on your errands.
No. 1032364 ID: e51896

Should I go look for a maid?

2. At least until we get our bearings with starting out. Having a maid work once a week can help us get situated until we can determine how much money we'll be making weekly to budget, how much cleaning will be, how dirty the place will get each week, and practice cleaning on our own so we can figure out if we actually need a maid down the line, or try to do it ourself. Consider spending an hour practice cleaning the shop on your own after each work day on your own tho while maid does deep cleaning

Should I ask for help from adventurers in charging my lens?

3. Patience is more rewarding, plus I'd rather have someone we trust look into it than have a total stranger either try to steal it from us later, or squeal on us if they figure something out about the monocole.

What should I wear when I’m running my errands?

2. It's just errands, and we don't want our EX-PEN-SUVE PRO-FES-SHUN-AL outfit to get dirty or damaged when we're off duty and doing errands.
And cute outfit is for when we aren't doing errands or working and want to find a date. we're not looking to hook up with someone when doing errands right now.*
No. 1032365 ID: afe7de

2/3/2 (or are we picking one action to do right now? Cause if we are, then getting the maid first I think should be a priority)
No. 1032367 ID: e5709d

2) You should not waste your money on eye candy maids, and you aren't entitled to train the maids into learning fabric organization. But having a seasoned maid clean the areas you wouldn't normally think about, or find nasty smells that you can't recognize, will help maintain the overall health and appearance of your store while cutting costs to a minimum.

3) The less people know about that thing, the less likely it will get stolen. It's worth more than your entire shop and you cannot risk losing it in any way, even for early-game profits.

3) You cannot wear better clothing than your prospective customers or they'll think you're a hobby elitist. Pique their interest with bohemian deviancy and they'll come up with their own requests.
No. 1032370 ID: 629f2e

2, 3, 3

Hire a maid once a week, because you need cleaners to keep this place tidy you lazy person you, but you're not filthy stinkin' rich.

When it comes to magical artifacts of some significant worth, it's best to be clandestine with details. Stick with the people you have some trust in for now, and expand your list of people worth asking only if they fail.

Wear something cute. You deserve to look cute!
No. 1032371 ID: 96c896

2, 3, 2.
No. 1032374 ID: e51896

Actually, I'm starting to think 3 for what to wear, then we can show off the cute clothes customers could be wearing if they shop at our store. Advertise while we do errands!
No. 1032395 ID: 894419

Seems like the most optimal set of choices
No. 1032414 ID: abaa91

Actually, 2, 3, 3. Like some of the others say, to advertise our own work.
No. 1032417 ID: 8b62f4

No. 1038678 ID: 8483cf
File 165829538193.png - (96.04KB , 498x498 , CR_47.png )

I’m not too proud to admit that I need help. But not too much! Just enough. I’ll look around for someone to come in once a week. A maid would be nice, but I don’t think there are any actual maid services in Busalla. I’ll just pay someone who’s really good at cleaning. Or maybe someone who wants to start a maid service? I wonder if they’ll accept payment in maid clothing…

Anyway! I also need help charging my lens, but that’s a lewd lens. I don’t want it getting out what that lens can do. I’ve got no idea how much it’s worth, either, so the less I tell people about, the better odds that it won’t disappear on me. I’ll wait for Naomi to come back and bring her wizard friend Samamtha to look at it.

As for my outfit, I know JUST what to wear. These SUPER CUTE KNEE HIGH SOCKS I MADE MYSELF! I throw on a cute outfit that doesn’t require a horrible neon garter belt like the one that Tineola showed EVERYONE at La Taverna and they think my fashion sense is HORRIBLE UGHHHHH I should burn that horrible garter belt into tiny ashes. Or wait, that’s dumb. I should just let Tineola eat it.

…Wait, where is my garter belt? I took it off at the secret swimming spot along with my bra and a pair of work stockings, and left them to hang on the vines. And… then I left them there the day before Naomi gave me that huge project.


I’ve left my underwear out there for DAYS?!


Okay, it’s fine. It’s fine. Easy, girl. You’re a very well-paid seamstress and it’s totally understandable to forget unimportant things like underwear at a secret swimming spot. No one will find it. Unless they’re a local. Or Naomi, who I told about the spot. Or an adventurer Naomi might tell. And even if someone does go there, no one will realize that it’s my underwear.

Unless they recognize that horrible neon garter belt and put two and two together.

Oh this is awwwwwkward

What should I do?
1. Hurry to the secret swimming spot and get my underwear back
2. Hurry faster to the secret swimming spot and get my underwear back
3. Dash madly to the secret swimming spot and get my underwear back
4. Proceed calmly and NOT run frantically because that would be very visible but I should probably go now now now now hurry to the secret swimming spot and get my underwear back
No. 1038680 ID: e51896

uhhhhhh, you're wearing a white shirt. Running will make you sweat... sweat will make that shirt see-thru. Learn from a certain kitty's mistake.

4 or 1

and yet, part of me wants to see it happen with 3
No. 1038681 ID: 899c9f

Hurry faster! Tineola will be drawn to that garterbelt like a moth to a flame!
No. 1038682 ID: 262068


#3. Break the sound barrier while sprinting to the swimming spot.
No. 1038683 ID: 15c72a

No. 1038688 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1038693 ID: 629f2e

4, it's been there for days already, a few minutes more won't make much difference.
No. 1038694 ID: e5709d

It's just underwear, leave it be. You have money to make.
No. 1038713 ID: 66f68e

What's the town's statute on exposure that isn't nudity? You're wearing white and if that becomes see through, does that violate the HIGHLY illegal public nudity laws?

I say 4 as well. Being nonchalant means not making a scene, which would be good in case you run into people who know you. Taking your time also means you might find some potential customers.
No. 1038714 ID: 0e6456

3, you need to be there and back before anyone even knows you’re gone!
No. 1038727 ID: fe7de6

I can support going fast... only IF Saiorse decides to wear exercise clothes to run instead of her white shirt.
No. 1038837 ID: 8483cf
File 165844909542.png - (33.18KB , 750x1200 , CR_48.png )

I head straight for the door and throw it open. This is UNACCEPTABLE that my unmentionables have been hanging out in public for DAYS and I need to go get them RIGHT NOW so people don’t think I leave stuff just lying around, I need to be professional and-


Professionals probably wear bras under white blouses in public.

I close the door.

Maybe, just maybe, I should slow down a little and think things through. Yeah. Everything’s been sitting out for days, a few extra minutes won’t change anything. But I definitely need to worry about my appearance, if I want people to think they can rely on me for theirs.

I put on some underwear and a cami, actually grabbing a handbag for my errands this time. Even if my blouse turns a little transparent, nothing will be showing.

Everything is going fine, Saiorse. Just take it easy and relax. With that in mind, I head out the door and make my way to the secret swimming spot as casual as can be.

It’s early afternoon, and the sun is hot.

Is there anyone at the Secret Swimming Spot when I arrive?
1. No
2. Yes, Naomi
3. Yes, an adventurer Naomi told about the spot
4. Yes (other)

Are my stockings, garter belt and bra still hanging from the vines?
A. Yes
B. No
No. 1038838 ID: 15c72a

2, A.
No. 1038840 ID: e5709d

2, B
No. 1038841 ID: 629f2e

3, B
No. 1038851 ID: 899c9f

No. 1038856 ID: f99917

A. Yes. Give her a break. Buuuuut...

4. It's about to be eaten by Tineola. OH NO!

or 3.
No. 1038978 ID: 398700

3: Yes, one of the adventurers.
A: Yes, but they're in use by the adventurer.
No. 1042085 ID: 8483cf
File 166172641547.png - (15.29KB , 500x500 , CR_49.png )

I arrive at the Secret Swimming Spot to find Elaine, my first (non-paying) customer, dipping her hooves in the water. I bet Naomi told her about this spot, so I can’t count on it being totally secret anymore. Oh, well. It’s still nice to have a little secluded spot that takes some real effort to find.

I glance at the vines where I left my underthings. They’re safe and sound! Hooray!

I clear my throat and quietly announce myself with a quiet hello. I don’t want to spook her.

“Oh!” Elaine jolts upright and looks over her shoulder, eyes wide. “Um… I… It’s you. Ah… hello.”

“It’s Saiorse. Elaine, right?”

“Y-yes,” she says. “Um… did you want to go swimming?”

“I’m just here to pick up some laundry,” I say lightheartedly.

“Oh, those are yours? I was wondering…” Elaine sighs. “Never mind.”

Something is clearly bothering her. I try and steer the conversation to something she’ll obviously like.

“Did the corset I made you fit?”

“Yes,” Elaine says. “Very well, and it was very sturdy. Your reinforced robes helped me out on my first mission, too. Thank you.”

“Happy to be of service!” I glow with pride. “Did the mission go well?”

“Ah…” Elaine sighs again. “Everyone says it was a complete success. My clients, the Censors, are very happy with me. I helped get some very valuable cargo to some very needy people. But…”


“I just…” Elaine stares at her reflection in the river for a moment before continuing. “I don’t know how to feel about them. About the Censors, I mean. How people can swear to do and serve one thing, but act completely the opposite. And then some people you think are jerks turn out to be okay, but… they’re still jerks, but less of a jerk, and… they took vows, and I took vows, but they judge me without knowing me, and… I’m sorry, I’m rambling, and you must be so confused.”

“It’s okay,” I say. “It’s good to get it off your chest. I don’t know what it’s like to take a vow as important as a vow of poverty or celibacy, but I can say that no one has the right to judge you like that. It isn’t fair.”

Elaine kicks her hooves in the water. She seems to feel a little better.

I collect my things and fold them up as tiny as I can into my errand bag. As I turn to leave, Elaine calls out with a question.

“Um… if I were to ask you for something, then, you wouldn’t judge me either, would you? Please don’t tell anyone.”

“I’m sworn to secrecy and non-judging,” I say solemnly.

“Then…” Elaine scrunches up her face. “Would you… if it’s not too much trouble… I can’t really offer anything, but… I… I’d just like to wear something nice. Something that makes me look like I… like I hadn’t taken my vow.”

I let out a high-pitched squeal and quickly cover my mouth. Elaine looks at me, shocked.

“Of course you can!” I say. “You can try on whatever you want! I’d love to help! Our little secret. I promise.”

Elaine glances around nervously, but excitement lights up in her eyes. “You can’t tell anyone.

“I double swear. In fact, I vow not to tell anyone. It’s that serious.”

“Good,” Elaine smiles. “Ah… do you really mean you’ll let me try on anything?”

“Yep, anything!”

“Okay,” Elaine says. “Um… I’m just thinking about a few things, but… do you have anything like… um… I I’ve always wanted to see how a few things just… just fit, you know?”

What kinds of clothes does Elaine want to try on? Do I have them in stock, or do I have to make some myself?
No. 1042086 ID: e51896

She throws a curveball and wants to wear goth clothes!

You'll have to make them tho.
No. 1042087 ID: 629f2e

Let Elaine try something cute, and totally not practical. Like a brightly colored sundress. Or maybe something casual, like a tanktop and jeans.

You definitely have things like these in stock, though you'll have to make some adjustments to let them fit her.
No. 1042088 ID: 899c9f

This. Or you have some of the pieces, but they're a little tight around the waist.
No. 1042104 ID: e5709d

>How people can swear to do and serve one thing, but act completely the opposite
"... Oh, darling. It's because nobody cares to ask.
Most don't find it 'polite', even if it might be necessary, to frequently ask questions about a priest's faith, or a politician's maturity, or a soldier's courage. So, all the bad people hide their flaws by joining up, and then it turns out they're good at climbing the ranks without believing in anything."

>Vow of poverty sucks
"... You know, I wonder if there's a vow that's even more painful, but far healthier and happier."
[Vow of Charity]
You swear an oath to give away everything - even the very robes on your back - to anyone in need. You may not hold onto any form of wealth for more than a month (and based on digestion, you must consume or surrender food even faster).
(Note: Augmentations count as material possessions, unless they merely mitigate the effects of a crippling wound without enhancing the user in any way whatsoever.)

Guy clothes! You know, since she's just trying things on.
No. 1042107 ID: 398700

We ABSOLUTELY have to get her full-on Corpsepaint Goth
No. 1042112 ID: 1f6946

Give her socks but put a lot of emphasis on them as the main part of the getup!
No. 1042119 ID: e51896

Now that I think about it, since Elaine wants to try on the clothes we have, maybe we can ask if she wants to try modeling now and then. We did think about it before. The only thing is that right now, she doesn't want to be judged. But perhaps this can be a stepping stone to let her try on outfits without our judgement, and then later, we can ease into letting a friend or two visit and see her in the outfits we design until Elaine is more comfortable to model and show off our clothing to potential customers. Plus, she's not going to be owning them, just showing them off.
No. 1043510 ID: 8483cf
File 166292771885.png - (50.81KB , 500x500 , CR_50.png )

“This is our secret,” Elaine whispers. “Just… do you have anything… dark and elegant?”

“Lots!” I say. “Anything specific?”

Elaine fidgets for a minute. “I can’t describe it that well. I’d… I’d like to wear something cute, with lace, and tons of detailed etching, and… and it would be shapely, too.”

Elaine’s just described literally the opposite of what she’s been wearing her entire life and I LOVE IT.

“Can do!” I pump my arms in the air. “You want dark, cute and frilly? You got it!”

Elaine grips her hands together tight and stares straight at the ground, and it’s super obvious she’s fighting to keep a smile off her face. She’s not even allowing herself to show excitement about fancy clothes. She is STARVING for fashion and refuses to even acknowledge it.

Guess it’s my job to break her of that habit!

“Why stop there?” I say. “How about seeing yourself in something super poufy and floofy, like a spaghetti-strap dress with a billion petticoats? Oh! I know! I’ve got some ankle socks that are just to DIE for! And how about some nice comfy jeans? Or even skinny jeans! I love jeans. Great excuse to show off your butt, AND they’ve got POCKETS!”

Elaine is biting her lip so hard I’m afraid for her a little bit. I step close and lean down next to her.

“I promise you’re gonna look great and feel great, too. You wanna know a secret?”

Elaine nods.

“The secret is…” I whisper in her ear. “I think your vow of poverty is really unfair, and I would never tell anyone about what you wear or do or wish, ‘cause a girl’s gotta dream.”

Totally out of the blue, Elaine reaches up and gives me a huge hug with her big long arms and I have to dodge one of her horns from stabbing my face but that’s totally okay.

“Thank you,” Elaine says after a long moment. She lets go, and I’m very grateful I didn’t sneeze when my face was right in her hair.

I sit down next to her and we both stare at the water for a minute. I take a moment to appreciate how well things have gone today. I got a customer (even if she was an angy sheep that didn’t really appreciate my work). I got my underthings back. And I even got, maybe, a new friend.

I don’t really have to do anything other than run a few errands, but those can wait. It’s afternoon, and the day is hot.

Should I:

1. Offer to take Elaine back to my shop RIGHT NOW and let her try on stuff
2. Finish running my errands and look for a maid
3. Ask Elaine if she wants to go swimming
No. 1043511 ID: e51896

2. Your a PRO FES SHUN AL, you gotta get your chores done, and find a maid! but ask her when a good time for her to come over for modeling would be.

I really want 3, but we just became her friend, and I feel offering that is too forward.

1 is my second choice, but I think we really gotta prioritize getting a maid to help clean our place first.
No. 1043512 ID: 515982

3. You're already here! Might as well. Finish up your errands and look for a maid tomorrow.
No. 1043513 ID: 894419

Errands first, elaine can come in discreetly this evening
No. 1043528 ID: 629f2e

2, those errands are important, and shouldn't be ignored.

3 would be fun, but let's be real you did NOT bring a swimsuit. You need at least one more level in your friendship with Elaine before you can suggest stripping down to your underwear and swimming together.
No. 1043554 ID: 8483cf
File 166295475555.png - (34.03KB , 500x450 , CR_51.png )

It would be fun (and daring!) to go swimming with Elaine, but neither of us have swimsuits. I don’t think Elaine would be comfortable enough to strip down and jump in with me, at least not right now.

And as much as I’d love to spend the rest of the day playing dress-up with my favorite cowzelle monk girl, my shop is, and I quote my angy sheep customer on this, a total pigsty. That needs fixing. Plus I need to see if Samantha and/or Naomi are back from adventuring so I can ask them about charging my lens.

I have errands, which sucks, but at least I have money to run those errands, which is so much better than my situation when I first opened up shop. Hooray!

I gather up my hanging underthings and stuff them in my errand bag and invite Elaine to drop by my shop any time, even after hours, if she wants to be stealthy about it. That’d give me a good excuse to have the door locked for privacy, too. She nods eagerly.

“Can I come over in two days? Saturday night?” she asks. “Sorry to intrude on your weekend…”

“Sure thing!” I say. “I’ve got a date tomorrow, so two days from now is perfect.”

“Oh, how wonderful!” Elaine says. “Um, may I ask…?”

“I’m getting flowers from the cutest druid guy with the most adorable eyes and floppiest ears and he smells- uh, he looks great,” I gush. “He’s Celyn. Have you met him?”

“Yes!” Elaine says. “I ran into him on my travels this week. He’s the kindest person in his adventuring party. I’m sure you’ll get along very well.”

I give Elaine a goodbye for now and head out on my errands. I’m all smiles. Things are going GREAT!


Halfway through my grocery shopping in the small Busalla marketplace, I spy a very tired wizard. I clear my throat and make myself presentable as I can.

“Hello? Miss Stevens?”

Without even looking at me, Samantha lets out a long, tired sigh. “What did she do this time?”

“Wha?” I nervously tug at a strand of hair. “I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Oh,” Samantha says, straightening up a bit. “Force of habit. Shall we start over?”

“Sure!” I beam. Samantha withers at my sunny disposition, so I tone it down somewhat. “I’m Saiorse MacTavish. Your companion visited my seamstress’s shop about five days ago.”

”A Stich in Time,” Samantha says. “So you’re the one who so thoroughly drained my stipend for the month.”

“Um…” I scratch the back of my neck, hoping I’m not about to get asked for a refund. “Naomi seemed to like her outfit. Did it hold up well?”

“It did,” Samantha says, and now it’s my turn to relax a little. “Your work is exceptional. Honestly, whatever seamstress sorcery you used in making that outfit has kept Naomi calmer, cooler and more comfortable than she has ever been in this climate. I understand why your fee is so exorbitant.”

“Uh… thank you?” I smile. “Um, actually, I was hoping to ask for your help, too, if you don’t mind. I have something that needs some wizardly examination, and a bit of discretion.”

“I can appreciate the value of discretion,” Samantha says, “Unlike some people. You’re wise to come directly to me.”

“I’m willing to pay,” I say quickly.

“No charge for a bit of advice,” Samantha says. “Since she first stopped by your shop, every day at noon exactly, Naomi has asked me to casting illusory swimwear on her, and then disappears for hours. She hasn’t said why, but it’s easy to guess… and now, my afternoons here have been much less stressful. Honestly, I’d have paid you even more than Naomi’s outfit just for that. Anything that keeps Naomi out of trouble in Busalla… It’s the first town she hasn’t been ejected from in a long time. It’s worth the effort to keep things this way. I appreciate your assistance.”

What luck!

“Let’s go back to my shop,” I say. “It’s just a few minutes away.”
No. 1043555 ID: 8483cf
File 166295477117.png - (28.64KB , 500x500 , CR_52.png )

I take Samantha to A Stitch in Time and make sure to lock the door securely behind us, close the shutters. Only then do I show her the lens and describe a few basic functions, leaving out the x-ray features. She doesn’t need to know about those.

“One moment.” Samantha stares at the lens, conjures a ring of diagnostic runes, and they all light up a solid, glimmering gold. “Saiorse, this… this is beyond a masterwork. How in the world did you come to own such a finely enchanted lens?”

“Someone threw it off a bridge,” I say, realizing how ridiculous it sounds. “I swear! I found it buried in the muck of the river running through town.”

“I can’t imagine why anyone would part with it willingly. Oh, dear. Let me check…” Samantha spins her projected runes and ticks off each one carefully. “Ah, it’s not cursed. Good. But still, there are so many layers of spells cast upon each other, I can’t fathom where to begin in assessing what it’s fully capable of. This lens is incredibly valuable; far more valuable than this shop and everything in it. I highly recommend you keep this in a secure location.”

“I kind of guessed that,” I say, shuffling my feet. “But as nice as it is, I can’t get it to charge up again.”

“It’s missing a similarly attuned mana source,” Samantha says. “For something like this, I would imagine its original owner had a lens case with a gem to convert ambient energy, perhaps solar, into usable mana. Without attunement, you can’t recharge it.”

“So it’s dead, then,” I say glumly.

“I didn’t say that,” Samantha says. “I can locate a suitable gem and attune it to the lens, given a day or so. I can even set it to charge off of ambient heat, if you like; all you’d have to do is set the case on top of a stove if you really needed to charge it quickly, but simple sunlight or even a summer’s day should provide enough mana to keep it topped off with light use.”

“You’d really do that for free?” I ask.

“I said I’d diagnose your problem,” Samantha says. “If you’d like me to provide a suitable charging case, I’d ask for reimbursement of materials and the value of my time spent on the project.”

“Of course,” I say quickly. “How much would it be for just a quick fix?”

“A small amount of Lira. But I’m capable of much more, and… something makes me suspect you have enough to splurge a little.”

I smile. It’s true.

Should I ask Samantha for:

1: A Quick Fix. Charges the lens slowly.
- Will cost a little; about two outfits’ profits
2. A Good Charging Case that has options for fast charging, like stovetop heat absorption
- Will cost about four outfits’ profits
3. Custom enchantments on the lens case, like concealment and other anti-theft features
- Suggest special features. Will cost at least six regular outfits’ profit, plus more for extra features.

(The money I made off Naomi’s outfit is worth about nine or ten full outfits’ profit, enough to pay all my expenses this month, including rent and food. Anything I spend here will take away from that.)
No. 1043556 ID: 515982

Holy cow, that was quite the stipend! Go for the fast charging option, you'll be using this item heavily to speed up dress fitting and therefore greatly increase profits. You should make more profits before committing to custom features however.
No. 1043563 ID: 894419

Option 2, lets not go wildly overboard here.
No. 1043566 ID: 629f2e

Option 3. Make an investment now so that you don't blow your money on something that'll just be stolen or lost later.

More than anything else: Tracking. Make it so that you can track down the lens using the case, even if it requires the aid of a wizard to do so. That way if it's stolen, you can get it back later.

Theft prevention would also be good, but consider that if it's something Samantha can think of, it's probably something an expert thief knows to expect and get around.
No. 1043574 ID: e5709d

Option 3 - You want this thing attuned to you. It needs to fold into a slit on the side of your head, Adam Jensen style.
This is the most precious thing you own and it will be worth ten outfits to ensure your family keeps it as an heirloom forever.
No. 1043576 ID: e51896

2. Just 2.
No. 1043582 ID: 8483cf
File 166296401512.png - (20.69KB , 212x179 , CR_53.png )

"Wait! Wait wait wait!" I say. "You say I can attune the lens to something that provides mana, right? Like a gem?"

"Yes," Samantha says, though she's somewhat wary.

"So what if you attune the lens to me? No need for a charging case."

"I don't recommend it," Samantha says, "But it could work. Attunement is a delicate thing, and magic users usually choose gems because they're so predictable in how they channel energy when finely cut. If I were to attune the lens to you, you yourself would need to be in harmony with not just the workings of the lens, but your own core mana in order to regulate the flow. For me to help set things up for you would be a sensitive and difficult process, and requires a level of intimacy that few are willing to share. Not to mention that you'd be the one providing mana to the lens, and you'd need to be trained to cut off the flow if it gets dangerous to you."

"And it would cost money," I say.

"It would cost money," Samantha agrees, "But I'm willing to give you a discount, if only because no one else has ever allowed me to practice that particular skill, for reasons I have already mentioned."

Oh. So she'd be doing it for the first time.

"Another question!" I ask. "What about if I just charge the gem with my own body heat, and keep the lens hidden on me all the time? Like in my hair bun, or someplace else?"

"It would charge much more slowly than on a stove," Samantha says. "I know a few witches who charge their gems on their persons by sewing gems into their clothing in, ah, strategic places."

Should I ask Samantha to attune the lens to me? Should I do it in addition to getting a lens case? Should I try and conceal the lens case on my person somehow, and charge it there?
No. 1043583 ID: 515982

No. Look inside yourself, attune with your inner feelings, and understand that you would drain yourself to a husk abusing the X-ray function.
No. 1043586 ID: 5499f4

I think we can still pick options, so I'm going to vote 3, I like it being able to meld with you and anti theft ideas.
No. 1043587 ID: e51896

Still sticking by my 2 vote
No. 1043588 ID: e5709d

Okay, attunement is off the table for now.
However, we should have this thing registered to a safe - enchant the lens so it teleports when dropped through a one-way portal into your personal vault.
No. 1043591 ID: 15c72a

3, get some sort of anti-theft enchantment on it. It's worth more than your shop, you really need to prevent it being stolen.
No. 1043596 ID: 629f2e


Sticking with my original vote.
No. 1043637 ID: 8483cf
File 166303790410.png - (38.99KB , 300x300 , CR_55.png )

I really like having immediate financial security, but I like having my ultra-fancy lens even more. If worst comes to worst, I can try and sell it. I can’t sell what’s been stolen.

Plus, I could use my lens to boost my earnings. I have to protect it! I had to deal with an angry Lamisa without being able to take her measurements, and that was stressful enough that I don’t feel like doing it again unless I absolutely have to. As for attuning it to myself…

“Attuning the lens to my own energy sounds dangerous,” I say truthfully.

“A wise decision,” Samantha says. “It takes training to control your own core mana. If you aren’t careful, you could use too much without knowing it.”

Or I could use too much and absolutely know it. Sigh…

Samantha and I come up with some anti-theft features that will deter any crimes of opportunity. They won’t stop a determined and knowledgeable thief, but I don’t realistically have any options that would. That’s where the tracker spell comes in!

My lens case will have:
-Quick Charging via ambient energy, e.g. heat or strong sunlight. Lens case cannot overheat, even if placed directly on stove element;
-Quick-Stick spell to attach lens case to most any surface, and will only un-stick in response to my touch. Can be fooled by a determined and knowledgeable thief, but they’ll need special skills;
-Chameleon spell to blend in with surface it’s attached to; and
-A slim design easy to fit in tiny pants pockets or inside bra

Samantha also promises to cast a spell on both the lens and case that will allow any competent magic-user with my specific secret passcode to track either one down if they’re stolen. It’s a simple spell, but quite unbreakable (unless I remove it or reprogram another, different passcode).

“I’ll come by tomorrow and work on your lens case here,” Samantha says. “In the meantime, I’ll find a suitable gem from my collection. Ah… do you have a workbench that is slightly cleaner?”

“Sorry.” I shuffle my feet. “I was going to hire a maid to help out with that. Do you know anyone local?”

Samantha considers for a moment, then nods. “Yes, I believe I know a few people who can help. Clover and her siblings are local fairies trying to scrape together some money and favors to put their sister through Fairy College. Clover herself isn’t exactly cut out for adventuring, I’m afraid, but she and her siblings are always ready to do odd jobs.”

“Great! How many siblings does Clover have?”

“A few.”



Nickname: What name do they use in public?
True Name: What name do they know instinctively, and never share?
Gender & Sex: How do they identify? What’s up their skirt/pants?
Colors: List glow color, hair color, and skin color. Glow and skin are usually similar, but can be different.
Wings: Describe wing shape, size, number, and if they have color splotches or patterns (can be natural or dyed). Four wings is average.
Silhouette: Pick one adjective to describe what shape of body silhouette they have (slim, curvy, stacked, beefcake, shortstack, etc.)
Personality: Pick five adjectives.
No. 1043638 ID: 515982

Nickname: Lily
True name: Lilivane Trefoile Fidgetwing
Lime green glow, light green skin, pink hair.
Wings: Two large wings with rounded edges and sharp points at the top (like a lily pad), two smaller wings rounding out the circle at the bottom.
Silhouette: Curvy (she's like a watermelon, except where she's like a lily.)
Personality: Relaxed, soothing, laid-back, steady, doting.
No. 1043639 ID: 629f2e

Nickname: Snake

True Name: Lux

Gender & Sex: Male

-Glow: A bold ocean blue
-Hair: A light desaturated blue
-Skin: A pale white skintone

Wings: Two average-sized wings with a bit of flourish to their shape. Detailed with golden tips

Silhouette: Beanpole

Personality: Proud, Diligent, Considerate, Formal, Patronizing
No. 1043640 ID: e51896

I'm fine with whatever

But I want this fairy to have bat shaped wings
No. 1043662 ID: 398700

name: alecksi, despoiler of worlds and trodder upon graves
true name: grimble segsymanne
gender: male
purple glow, blue skin, unnervingly red hair.
silhouette: effete
personality: gloomy, upbeat, omenous, mischievous, bloodyminded
No. 1043667 ID: e5709d

Nickname: Suck-This-Down
True Name: Parlina Glimwitter
Gender & Sex: Gender-Fluid, Intersex (Haz both, but boy parts are sterile)
Colors: Gray, Violet, Tan. List glow color, hair color, and skin color. Glow and skin are usually similar, but can be different.
Wings: Poodle Moth, Small, 6 Wings, tattered with dyed puzzle pieces.
Silhouette: Stacked.
Personality: Aggressive, Lustful, Playful, Intelligent, Foolish.
No. 1043676 ID: 9b127b

this sounds like a funny fairy
No. 1043715 ID: 073707

Ill support this too, it fits the bat wing shaped fairy wing idea I have. (Wings are still white, still a fairy after all. 4 of them, with eye patterns on them maybe)
No. 1043728 ID: abaa91

Backing this.
No. 1090129 ID: fc100b
File 171462210662.png - (68.34KB , 500x458 , CR_56.png )

“Clover has two siblings living near Busalla,” Samantha says. “Lily and Alecksi. If you want their help, it’s available… but Alecksi, is a tad dramatic. Prepare yourself appropriately.”

“I’ll keep it in mind,” I nod. “Thank you for all your help. It’s wonderful to have someone as knowledgeable as you to help point me in the right direction. I feel so lucky you and Naomi are here right when I got A Stitch In Time started.”

The weary-eyed wizard lets out a long, deep sigh. “I’m not used to hearing that. It feels odd. Most of the time…” Her head droops. “I just keep us moving from place to place before we wear out our welcome.”

It’s obvious that tiredness runs bone-deep. I really, really want to help her relax and know she’s always welcome in my shop, even if Naomi can be a handful. There’s no frown a good wardrobe upgrade can’t turn upside down!

Should I try my sales pitch on Samantha? Maybe she would like a new outfit!

1. Yes, she needs relaxing nightwear! She’ll be so cozy!
2. Yes, she needs something sexy and glamorous to feel like a million bucks! She’ll positively glow!
3. Yes, she needs something else!
4. No, I’ve gone this far without trying to sell her on anything, she’ll appreciate me not trying.
No. 1090133 ID: aa9ce9

4, Out of respect for all she's done for you, you'll spare her from the upsell. Doing it now might make your previous kind words seem disingenuous anyways. Feel free to politely let her know that your doors are always welcome to her in the future.
No. 1090135 ID: 2f41db

4. Is the right choice.

If youre feeling brave and especially sympathetic you could volunteer to watch over her charge for an hour or so while she sneaks in an hour of much needed sleep or rest.
No. 1090137 ID: ab46e9

Also agree that 4 is the moral choice. Heck, you can just say exactly what you want. "You're always welcome in my shop, even if Naomi can be a handful."
No. 1090138 ID: 4c750c


Double agreed. Possibly offer for her to look around and see if she likes something, but DO NOT push for a sale or recommend anything! Whether or not said offer is made, 4 for sure!
No. 1090140 ID: 4c750c

>volunteer to watch over her charge for an hour or so

This IS Naomi we’re talking about. Make sure to consider how much of a handful she was being in your shop for just a few minutes. She’s fine when she’s happy, but the second she’s bored or upset, she’ll be putting on the pressure pretty hard. You’d have to be feeling *extra* brave, imo
No. 1090141 ID: a7a180

Nah, she deserves something for herself too. Cozy nightwear to match her friend's comfort!
No. 1090143 ID: 5ebd37

yet more agreeing with 4, no one wants to be sold to, especially not by a friend.
No. 1090148 ID: 5f2278

4. Only 4. Dont offer to watch over naomi. Karma and Helping others is good, but you cant neglect self health.
No. 1090152 ID: 273c18


And don't offer to help assist where you have no experience.
No. 1090157 ID: 92c262

On the topic of Naomi: Not now. You get more acquainted with what that entails before you make an offer that dangerous.
No. 1090179 ID: fc100b
File 171471211347.png - (60.62KB , 900x700 , CR_57.png )

Maybe it’s best not to push Samantha into a sale. I’ve already drained her month’s “stipend” according to her, and I don’t want her to think all of this friendliness wasn’t genuine. It was! But I can still sell stuff while being genuinely friendly.

I get the feeling she really, really wants time away from Naomi. I handled the hyperactive half-fox well enough the last time she was here. Maybe I could get some brownie points with Samantha if I take the technicolor terror off her hands for a bit longer?

Buuuuuuuuuuut then again, do I feel like keeping that girl around so much valuable merchandise for longer than I absolutely have to?

“You’re always welcome here,” I say with a bob of my head. “Even if Naomi can be a bit of a handful. Please, drop by any time.”

“I’ll be back in two days,” Samantha says. “I’m praying Naomi will be entertained by her noontime escapades. The longer she’s distracted by whatever it is she’s doing with her illusory swimwear, the more time I’ll have to focus on this lens.”

I wave Samantha goodbye, and my magical lens with her, at least for the next two days. I sincerely hope she doesn’t figure out there’s an x-ray spell buried in it…

Oh! I think I see a green glowing fairy down Busalla’s main street! They’re ducking into the Enoteca! I quickly lock up my shop and hurry to find Zinnia. I mean, Clover. I need a maid so my shop can be presentable for customers! Soon enough I catch up with Clover and her bard companion in the wine bar. It’s just me and them in the wine bar, and they’re heading toward a small secluded table with a curtain that can slide shut. Isn’t it little early in the afternoon to be drinking?

“This is a pleasant surprise,” says the bard. Clover ducks behind his head, suddenly nervous for some reason.

“Hello!” I give a quick curtsy. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.”

“No worries. My fairy companion is a tad shy. Clover, this is the new seamstress in town. We met her a few days ago at the tavern.”


Oh yeah he was the bard performing that night. Which means… did they see it?

“The girl with the garishly neon garter belt, next to Tineola?”

“Oh! Yes, I remember.”


“That was made from leftover scraps!” I hurriedly say. “I have much better taste than that when it comes to-“

“Easy, easy,” the bard laughs. “I believe you.”


“So, other than my roguish good looks, what brings you here?” he asks. “The name’s Duran, by the way. He reaches out and gives the back of my hand a kiss.

“Oh! I’m, um, I’m Shirley! I mean, Saiorse!” I blush furiously, even more off-kilter than I was a second ago. “Actually, I’m here to, um, ask Clover for some assistance with cleaning my shop, if that’s okay.”

Clover peeks out from behind her friend’s slicked-back hair. “You want my help? Me?”

“Of course she does,” Duran says, smiling widely. “Word must have gotten around about how reliable you and your siblings are.”

Zinnia’s glow brightens.

“I’d like to help you businessgirls out,” Duran says. “Saiorse, right? What do you say I offer to pay on your behalf for Clover’s first cleaning? To get everything off on the right foot here in Busalla.”

“You’d do that for me?” I smile. How generous!

“Well, it’s not just for you. It’s in all our adventurers’ best interest to have a clean clothier in town. And…” he gives a devilish grin. “If you like, I’ll pay for another of Clover’s cleanings. As many as you like, even.”



“What’s the catch?” I ask, suddenly suspicious.

Duran pulls out a pair of dice and shakes them in his palm. “Fancy a roll of the dice? Every time you win, I’ll pay for one of Zinnia’s cleaning sessions. Of course, things won’t truly be fun unless you decide to stake something of your own against that.”

“…How do I know those dice aren’t loaded?”

“Good question. I know a certain feline who plays with loaded dice,” Duran smirks, “But mine are fair. If I knew for certain I was going to win at craps, there’d be no thrill in it, would there? You can even ask Clover. Fairies don’t lie.”

Somehow, this bard seems trustworthy, at least compared to the cat he mentioned.

Should I gamble? The odds will be fair in this game of street craps, and I can be the shooter if I want.

1. Yes, go for more free cleaning!
2. No, one is enough.

If I do gamble, what should I put up as stakes?
A. Money. I have very little now that I’ve spent most Naomi’s outfit profit on my lens and groceries.
B. Merchandise. I have plenty of that, but I’ll lose out on the material cost and profit.
C. Other
No. 1090180 ID: 92c262

1B, merch over money, because you can't buy dinner with a dress.

I'd also support 1C, betting the clothes right off your back. Be daring, take risks, live to regret them.
No. 1090181 ID: 273c18

1B, but don't play too much.
No. 1090182 ID: eb0a9c

1B, bet a combat model that's out of season.
No. 1090185 ID: 0d1c28

this seems like a good choice
No. 1090186 ID: 5ebd37

1B wager something distinctive, something that people will see, admire, and know came from your shop.
No. 1090189 ID: 9fdc4a


Actually, no. We've been playing it safe for awhile.

1. If only to gain his friendship in this fun game. But be sure to only gamble with what your willing to lose.

B. How about if we lose, he gets one outfit made for him free of charge
No. 1090190 ID: a7a180

I am gambling, and don't call me Shirley!
1A. It's only a small amount anyways. Consider it your payment for the cleaning if you lose.
No. 1090192 ID: 2f41db


But only once.
Win or lose.
Its just for fun.

If you win,
gracious in victory.
Give him the horrible clothing item he mentioned as recompense.

If he wins
Depending on his reaction

If good natured view this as a chance to advertise with him as your charming far travelled model and do your best work ever.

If hes a dick, make something from offcuts for a cheeky payback. Maybe a hat that makes his head look like a big floppy dong.
No. 1090193 ID: 4c750c

1C! I wouldn’t try to game him for like a bajillion cleanings, but just one or two more couldn’t hurt. Play till you lose, and wager either those garters he mentioned, or if you’re feeling particularly bold, your panties? Possibly both!

Would be fun if she offered him the choice of either her panties or her garter, and he’s just like “Hmmm… let’s do both~” and is hard set on it. Those extra cleanings up till we lose once would be so worth!
No. 1090211 ID: acea83

1C, strip poker time!
No. 1090270 ID: fc100b

rolled 3, 3 = 6

Come out roll for Saiorse: 7 wins, 11 wins; 2 loses, 3 loses, 12 loses. Any other number sets the point, which Saiorse must hit to win. A 7 beyond the come out roll loses; this can take a while, so no rolls beyond the come out roll will be done via the dice function here, but will still be rolled off-site.
No. 1090326 ID: fc100b
File 171486911015.png - (19.50KB , 537x600 , CR_58.png )

Should I risk it?

I feel like I shouldn’t be gambling when my business is just starting up. What if I go broke because I bet too much? I couldn’t bear the shame of closing up just because I threw it away on a roll of the dice. If I do take Durand up on this deal, I can’t risk more than I can afford to lose. That means no money, not with the little I have left over.

But no matter what I do, I’ll need to pay Clover for her cleaning services… and she probably won’t accept payment in merchandise. The way I see it, this is an opportunity to, worst case, convert some of my materials into cleaning services. Since the odds are fair, and I can put equal value merchandise/seamstress services on the line against the free cleanings, I should end up giving Duran some clothes, and he’ll pay for the same amount in cleaning.

As weird as it sounds, it actually makes sense to gamble with him.

“I’ll do it!” I lean forward and hold out my hand for the dice. “I’ll stake my merchandise equal to the value of one of Clover’s cleanings. How does this game work, exactly?”

“How exciting! I love to see you have the spirit of an adventurer, too.” Duran smiles warmly and hands the dice over. “You’ll go first. If you roll a seven or eleven on the first roll of your turn, then you win that round instantly. If you roll a two, three or twelve, you lose that round instantly. If you roll any other number, you keep rolling until you hit that number again and win, or roll a seven and lose.”

Simple enough. I roll the dice, and… it’s a six. “That’s good, right?”

“Sure is. Six is the point, so you win if you roll it again. Careful not to roll the big bad seven!” Duran says.

I gulp. Is my heart pounding?

I roll a nine. Nothing happens- no win, no lose. Five. I gulp. Another nine. My heart is beating harder. And then…

“Six!” I jolt in my seat. “Whoo! I win!” Duran claps for me, his smile still as broad as when he started.

“Let’s go again!”

It’s Duran’s turn. He rolls an eight, which isn’t a win or a lose. He shakes the dice for good luck, and… immediately rolls a seven. He loses. That means I win another round of free cleaning! “Yes!”

“Someone’s having fun,” Duran chuckles.

“Again!” I grab the dice and roll. “Eleven. Um… what does that mean?”

“It means you won three times in a row,” Clover says.

“I won again?” I look over to Duran, and he’s shaking his head and chuckling. “You’re not upset?”

“Why would I be?” Duran asks. “If I win, I get some lovely clothes from a lovely seamstress. If I lose, Clover and her siblings get honest work, and I get to see your shop sparkle. It’s a win-win.”

“And a win-win-win for me!” I think of reaching for the dice again, but it isn’t my turn. Are my hands shaking? Oh, this is fun.

No! Bad Saiorse! Quit while you’re ahead! Four free cleanings is plenty!

But how many more could I get? I still haven’t given anything up...

“You don’t have to keep going if you don’t want to,” Duran says. “I’m always up for a friendly wager. Challenge me whenever you like.”

“Thank you,” I say, leaning back in my seat and let out a deep sigh. I feel like I’ve just run a race. “For being such a good sport, I mean.”

“This is nothing,” Duran says. “I’ve played against some real tough customers. I’ve been lucky to walk out with the shirt off my back, betting against Casey.”

“Who’s Casey?”

“You might have seen her around town. She’s the tabby cat in the studded leather vest.”

“Oh, I didn’t know her name.” I didn’t catch it through my lens…

“Well, it’s definitely not her real name. I think she goes through an alias for every town she’s in. She’s like a fairy.”

“Casey is not like a fairy,” Clover mutters. “She’s an evil liar.”

“She’s catfolk,” Duran says, as if that explains everything. “Well, that was fun, Saiorse. It’s good to know who’s lucky around here. If you want to come along to the tavern and play cards tonight, I’d do well to have you on my team. What do you say?”

My date with Celyn is tomorrow, so I’m free tonight. Should I take Duran up on his offer to go out and enjoy some evening entertainment with the seedier side of Busalla?

1. Yes, let’s meet some shady characters!
2. No, let’s ask Clover to clean my shop tonight so I’m ready for my date tomorrow and can show it off when Celyn stops by!
3. Other
No. 1090327 ID: a7a180

No thank you, I need to let this winning streak percolate for a bit. I'll spot you another time, though! Once I've sewn up more of a safety net...
No. 1090328 ID: c5529d

1, to raise our friendship with him. As long as you don't drink or gamble money and it is just a fun game of cards, I don't see why not. You're broke after all, until your next sale.

We just have to have our date with Celyn somewhere that isn't our place so he doesn't see our mess!
No. 1090329 ID: 273c18

1 if you're not playing for real money.
Otherwise 2, tell him you can't gamble too much when you've only just started your business. Gotta save up some emergency funds!
No. 1090330 ID: ab46e9

Backing >>1090327
No. 1090331 ID: 92c262

1, Have fun! There'll be plenty of sensible business decisions to make later, tonight you should just go and enjoy yourself.
No. 1090334 ID: eb0a9c

2) Bad Saorise! That way lies Decadence, not Legacy!
You'll end up screwing your mind so badly that no amount of wealth will heal the madness festering in your mind! That madness is what powers everything wrong with all of civilization!
Well, that and starvation.
You were really lucky just now! Don't push it.
No. 1090340 ID: 4c750c


Seconding this! Maybe jokingly ask if it’s he’s still trying to get clothes from you, via strip poker~ NOTE: This action could be a Flirt, and therefore suggting said action is retracted if you are not wanting to do a Flirt with Duran
No. 1090345 ID: 5ebd37

1) if its not your own money at risk, or just to hang out.
No. 1090361 ID: 2f41db

3. Other.

Offer to turn the dice game into a drinking game.
If you win on your rolls, the other players have to take a shot.
If you lose, you have to take two.

Keep the fun going and the excitement of the dice rolling but turn the stakes into something everyone enjoys.

Until the hangover.
Or the inevitable drunken switch to strip craps.
No. 1092282 ID: 9f8647
File 171729792236.png - (28.93KB , 617x785 , CR_59.png )

I know I shouldn’t push my luck further than I have already, especially not with money, but I’m on fire tonight! I have a whole day before my date, why not relax with Duran and Clover? They’ll keep me safe if anything goes sour, I’m sure of it. They’re nice people, and if anything bad happens to me, he won’t be able to play dice with me anymore, and he’d be sad about that.

“I don’t feel comfortable betting money, not when I’m just starting my business,” I say to Duran, “But I’d enjoy playing cards with you. Is there any way I can just join for a bit?”

“The party is on!” Duran smiles and claps his hands. “I’ll stake you, don’t worry.”

“What if you lose?” Clover asks. “Do we have the money to pay Casey for more than two buy-ins?”

“With Saiorse’s luck, we won’t need to worry about that at all,” Duran says confidently. I hope he’s right…

Duran, Clover and I head to La Taverna, spirits high. We enter and see a certain tabby sitting in the back of the tavern, shuffling

“Oh, Duran, you brought me a present,” the tabby cat purrs, giving me a wicked smirk. “Look at this sweet thing. I could just eat her up.”

My heart skips a beat.

“Be nice, Casey. This is Saiorse,” Duran says, pulling me up a chair and placing some silver coins on the table. “I’m staking her tonight.”

“Boring!” Casey tosses her head to one side. “It’s not a real game if she’s not risking anything.”

“The money’s the same,” Duran says. “What’s the difference to you?”

“Because it’s your money,” she says, as if that makes any sense. “No, I’m not playing for money tonight. I want something better from you, little miss wandering eye.”

“W-what?!” I squirm in my seat.

“If I win a hand of cards against you,” Casey says, “Then I get to ask you a question, and you have to answer it… and if I think you’re lying, or aren’t telling me everything, then I get to punish you.”

“Today we’re supposed to be playing team games,” Duran insists. “Casey, don’t be a child. It’s not sporting to pick on the new girl.”

“Come on, seamstress,” Casey grins, ignoring Duran. “Play with me. If you win, you’ll have more money than you know what to do with.”

My heart is pounding. Do I have a choice? Do I turn this cat down and hide behind Duran?

1. Yes, turn her down. This is crazy!
2. No, don’t piss her off. She’s scary!
No. 1092283 ID: a7a180

Accept her offer, your customer service answers all of your clients' concerns.
No. 1092285 ID: c6ae21

1, Too many bad vibes there. Her request is too specific, so there's no shot it isn't something you'd wanna avoid. Add in the fact that she probably cheats (I am judging this book explicitly by its cover, she looks like she cheats at cards), and that's just a whole situation you'd be better of staying away from.
No. 1092287 ID: ab46e9

1: It's not a matter of 'hiding', it's having the confidence to choose not to do something. Sincerely. You're here to play cards, not whatever this game she wants to play is. If she can't deal with that, that's a HER problem.
No. 1092289 ID: 4c750c

Her games are too malicious-fairy-like in nature for my taste. She wants to steal your name or something!

Buuuuut I also really really wanna know what question this kitty has in mind that will let her steal your name or something. You could always refuse the question once it comes up and hide behind Duran. Promise you’ll answer any question within reason so she can’t hold any malicious fairy contract against you! Then her unreasonable question will be null and void~
No. 1092290 ID: c5529d

hmmm, called you a wandering eye, she probably knows you've been checking her out the other day

and she seems to already know you are the town's seamstress. Interesting. Was she spying on you?

It's probably a bad idea, but to add some spice to the story, I'll go with 2. Can't appear weak in front of her, especially if you are going to be attending future game nights with this group and seeing her often. Gotta appear confident to gain her respect.
No. 1092291 ID: eb0a9c

1) This smells like a con. Casey, claiming she just wants to waste money and doesn't care if she wins. Duran, who's pretending to be the voice of reason after repeatedly losing against you to undermine his own role. They're enticing you into thinking they don't take life seriously. But if they take life seriously, accepting their offer means you're screwed.
Turn it down. Show some business sense, you'll find reasonable gambles later.
No. 1092292 ID: 2f41db

Nothing proprietary, nothing detrimental to your fledgling business.
Any punishment comparative to information requested. Same parameters of refusal as above.

But, be honourable.
Question for a question.
Dont take cash, however much you want it.

Plus, if she is a cheat, lower financial stakes may lead her to decide to play clean.
Anything else is fine.
No. 1092294 ID: 273c18

No. 1092295 ID: 5ebd37

2 as long as it isn't about a client, you're a professional and would never betray that trust.

She seems like she knows you were looking at her but maybe not about your lens. If she asks admit you were imagining her naked to protect your real secret.

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