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File 161208023164.png - (13.52KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_001.png )
986604 No. 986604 ID: afe7de

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No. 986605 ID: afe7de
File 161208030243.png - (9.64KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_002.png )

You scrounged up just enough money to get this bus ticket out of the big city.

And you "Awakened" at the same time too, what luck!
No. 986606 ID: afe7de
File 161208044775.png - (8.59KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_003.png )

It's hard starting over, everyone was just so... STRONG in the big city, you doubt that your new POWER would have any effect there.

Not to mention if the League were to find out of your new power, you'd probably never escape their clutches...
No. 986607 ID: afe7de
File 161208059773.png - (9.32KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_004.png )

Woman: "You heading out of the big city too?"

You: "Huh, what? Yeah."

Woman: "Me too, I've got family in town, a sister."

You: "..."

Woman: "Say, what's your name?"
No. 986608 ID: 9ad7a0

Catherine. Cat for short.
No. 986609 ID: b1b4f3

No. 986611 ID: e51896

>>986608 I agree with Catherine

Last name is Alexander.

Wonder why a stranger is talking to you, but just shrug and listen the them while you look out the window.

If they ask why you are leaving, just say you're doing nothing more than going out exploring to see the world. Keep the conversation brief.
No. 986613 ID: 8483cf

No. 986614 ID: cdabe3

No. 986615 ID: f505e7

I like james as well
No. 986619 ID: afe7de
File 161208283619.png - (7.78KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_005_5.png )

You wonder briefly why she is talking to you, but after giving her a once over you come to the conclusion that she's probably just really excited to see her family or something.

You drag your attention away from the window begrudgingly

You: Oh, uh, The name's Cat

Woman: Well it sure is nice to meet you.

Woman: You heading to Lyst? It's a swell town with the most lovely of people!

You: Actually, yeah.

You: I was planning on staying there for a spell

Woman: Well shucks that's great! You should check out The Hapless Stone, it's a bed and boozery.

Woman: You can say Isabella sentcha and they’ll probably give you a discount for the first night.

That actually sounds like a good idea, though you're strapped for cash right now. You spent ALL of your savings just getting here.
No. 986620 ID: 894419

Tell her that actually sounds quite cozy, but you're strapped for cash. Unless she knows of some people desperately hiring for odd jobs, you'll be spending the night at the hostel.
No. 986621 ID: afe7de
File 161208419440.png - (10.51KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_006.png )

You: that sounds quite cozy, but I’m strapped for cash.

You: Unless… Do you know of anyone hiring for some odd jobs?

Isabella: Hmm, I’m not so sure, you can always ask my sis, or even go around town. I’m sure someone would need help, oh, except for… Willamina…

Isabella: She’s um… different, not a Powered or anything, I love Supers and all, but she’s just… not in a good place.

Isabella: Speaking of supers, I just LOVE them. I hope that I awaken one day, I mean most people don’t, or they awaken to some really lame power like being able to make sparkling lights pop up from their ears.

Isabella: I want a power like Gruk’s where he can restore your vitality by touch. He’s our amazing town masseuse by the way.

You: Um sure, I’ll ask around.
No. 986622 ID: 8483cf

Let's get hapless stoned!

I wonder how big this small town is. Everyone knows everyone, so we'd best be on your best behavior. Better come up with a good cover story that's mostly true- no secrets here.
No. 986623 ID: afe7de
File 161208530492.png - (24.54KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_007.png )

You think briefly about supers and your own power, with a small mental push you think the words “Status Window” and a small screen appears in front of you.

This is how you truly know you’ve awakened, when you can see your status window, and I’ve awakened with one weird power.

If I’m reading this correctly, I can force an awakening on someone, and they’ll get some sort of POWER >>(chosen through suggestion)

I already tried it this morning and awakened a roach, but it seemingly did nothing.

I’ve got to be careful though, this is the kind of power that could get me in deep trouble.
No. 986624 ID: f8fa51

Oh, now I can see why you think someone might want to get their paws on you for that power. That's actually kind of ridiculous.

Obviously, the first thing you should do is use it on the first person in town you met who desperately wants to awaken and just met you. That won't have any negative repercussions at all.
No. 986625 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, probably shouldn't immediately use it on Isabella then.
You'll probably want to team up with someone who can protect you and vet potential targets for awakening.

Ask her what other Awakened there are in town.
No. 986626 ID: 12b116

ask Isabella how much it's worth to her to awaken because you can absolutely hook her up. But it'll be random, so it could be like, the power to pee somebody else's pants or something.
No. 986629 ID: 8483cf

Ignore everyone above this.

Have we tested this power? Does it do anything visible when you use it? Does the target feel anything? Do they get granted knowledge of the power's limitations and strengths immediately?
No. 986631 ID: e85a08

Ask her what's the lamest power she's ever heard of.
No. 986634 ID: 270bc9

If it has any visible effects, hold off. If you can do it subtly though, give her something that she won't notice for awhile. She seems the friendly pure-hearted sort. Maybe something like the ability to calm peoples emotions when she's nearby? Or maybe the ability to learn an objects history by touching it?
No. 986635 ID: 2971b8

What's that? Instant best friend? Yes, please!
Hop over next to her and whisper

Can you keep a secret? I have a super power.
But it's VERY important that you pretend I don't. It'll be our little secret. Promise not to tell.

Once she promises her silence tell her what you can do, but frame the power up part like it takes time.

Then ask if she's ready to get powers.
No. 986642 ID: 2aa5f0

hmm, well I say see if you can't befriend your new friend here and maybe see if you can't mooch off her couch or something for a day or two while you get your feet under you.

Also neat power, definition would put you on someone's list if they found out you had such a power so probably best to try and keep that one hidden for awhile. Unless you could find someone who'd be willing to play bodyguard for you using a power like that will probably see you getting into far more trouble than getting out of it.
No. 986645 ID: b6e369

Dont tell anybody about your power. It is why you left the city in the first place.

Look around, is there anybody else in the bus? not that you're going to talk to them or anything, just so we know who else might be going your way.
No. 986649 ID: a9af05

Don't tell anyone about your power! You will draw attention to yourself and people will try to be friends with you in an attempt to get a power out of you, then ditch you once they get what they want.
No. 986651 ID: e51896

To add on, I'd say only use your powers on people you trust as you start your new life, mainly people you've been friends for for awhile, not on some stranger you met for the first time or not know too well. You're going to meet a lot of people, it is important to know who will be your friend, or who may be trying to just use you before you decide who to use your power on.
No. 986655 ID: ed37dc

Mum’s the word on your power. Do you know if using your power gives you away in any way, or could you get away with operating behind the scenes with literally no-one being the wiser? Also, can you power abilities up after you make them, or is its rating locked in after you first decide it? Do you already have a frame of reference for what the different power levels actually mean in practice, or do you still need to test that?

Either way, hold off on just granting powers to people on a whim, but don’t drop the conversation, either. Ask if Gruk is the only Awakened in town.
No. 986656 ID: 094652

Keep Awakening pets and become a beastmaster.

Ask Isabella about the effects of the environment and situation of the awakening having an effect on powers.
No. 986683 ID: afe7de
File 161212937322.png - (14.53KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_008.png )

That sounds like a bad idea, you shake away this thought, better to lie low for a bit and find someone I can trust.

You havent tested this on humanoids yet so you actually have no idea if the target will feel anything, though the roach you used it on before did glow ominously for a few seconds. And whenever someone awakens they can just think “status window” to see more details about the power, but the limitations of the power are something you’d have to actually test the power to find out.

You look around the bus, It’s actually empty sans the bus driver, yourself, and Isabella.

You: So, is Gruk the only Awakened in town?

Isabella: as far as I know, yeah! Most of the other awakened moved out to the big city to either train or join the Heroes League.

Isabella: I’m sure there’s one or two more powered in town who are keeping it hush hush though.

You: So what’s the LAMEST power you’ve ever heard of?

Isabella: Definitely the ability to sweat profusely on command, I once heard of this guy who tried to get a heroes license using that power, he used it to slide around the floor making it slick but tripped and fell face first into a barrel.

Isabella: I also heard that he also smelt pretty terrible, as a half beast-kin myself, I wouldnt want to be anywhere near that guy.


Sounds like we’re about to arrive, I probably have enough time to ask Isabella another question before we arrive and split off on our own ways.
No. 986684 ID: 12b116

Tell her it's always good to know somebody in a new town and make sure you get her number. Also tell her she's cute.
No. 986685 ID: aa4825

Thank her for the pleasant conversation, and promise to say hi to her again later. Nice to know someone so friendly.
No. 986686 ID: b6e369

How long are we planning on staying here before we hit the road again?

In any case, might as well ask if there is any warnings she can share about this town.
No. 986689 ID: c09f5e

>I’m sure there’s one or two more powered in town who are keeping it hush hush though.
Ask why she thinks that. It could just her small-town boredom talking (in fact that'd be best for you), but you can get some juicy gossip flowing. Have there been new arrivals in town, ahead of you?
No. 986690 ID: 8a51ec

Definitely get her number
No. 986692 ID: ce39da

Do people glow in general when they Awaken, or is the glowing definitely a sign that someone (read; you) did something screwy?

"You're sure, you say? It sounds like you have some theories."
No. 986701 ID: 2aa5f0

ask her if she wouldn't mind giving you a tour of the town since it's your first time here.
No. 986730 ID: afe7de
File 161216308228.png - (5.31KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_009.png )

You: Back to the hidden powered in town, do you have any theories?

She beams up and you swear her glasses flashed with a bright white light

Isabella: Well, you didnt hear it from me but… there’s Trey, he’s our town doctor, no idea why he stays though, maybe something to do with the mayor, maybe he’s hiding on the down low, but that’s irrelevant.

Isabella: I have a sneaking suspicion his peak physique is related, he might just have a power that multiplies his physical and mental capabilities, at least thats my theory. Also he’s smoking hot, don’t you ever feel suspicious that hot people are almost always awakened?

You make a mental note of this Trey fellow, might be one to be wary of going forward.

You hear the bus start to pull up to the stop and build up some courage.

You: It’s always good to know someone in a new town! Thanks for being so friendly.

You: And um… Could I get your number, you’re umm very cute

She chuckles, scribbles something down on a piece of paper and hands it to you

Isabella: It’s nice to meet you too cutie! Hit me up while I’m in town and maybe we can grab lunch or something, well once you figure out yer job situation.

You thank her and blush nervously as the bus arrives at it’s destination.
No. 986731 ID: afe7de
File 161216333795.png - (9.91KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_010.png )

You get off the bus and Isabella walks away, while she’s walking away you catch a glance at her ass, damn, you didn’t notice before but she’s wearing yoga pants and they cling to her rear with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.

You were hoping to stay in town for a little while, no idea how long. Definitely not leaving until you can get the hang of your power though. Maybe form a small group, something to protect yourself so you don’t have to be so scared of someone keeping you captive. Shit, you could have asked her other questions but… hehe butt.

I’m not sure, most Awakened are kind of secretive about how they awakened, I think the glow is definitely something related to my power. For all I know, when I use this power it HEALS them too, fat chance of that though.

I guess it’s time to explore the town for now, see about getting a job. You’ve got a few leads thanks to Isabella, you’re smack dab in the middle of town and from where you’re standing.

Where do you go?

A) Town Hall
B) Post Office
C) Tavern
D) The Park
E) Other
No. 986732 ID: e51896

Town hall might have information of the town, maybe a map. Lets go there.
No. 986733 ID: b1b4f3

Oh good idea.
No. 986734 ID: 8a51ec

The town hall should have everything we need to get our bearings, so that's an easy first destination
No. 986735 ID: 894419

Never in my life have I ever been compelled to pick up a travel guide pamphlet... but if there ever was a time its now. Got to town hall, hope they have a visitor center
No. 986745 ID: ce39da

So it's better to go to the masseuse than the doctor for anything but the direst medical needs; got it.

Yeah, Town Hall seems good, but I'd be wary of the mayor if he's in on whatever drama happens to be surrounding Dr. Trey.
No. 986873 ID: 5b7e10
File 161239453983.png - (6.65KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_012.png )

You head to the town hall, hoping to get a lay of the land and find some sort of map.

You are immediately greeted by a nice kobold fellow with long eyelashes.

???: Well hey there handsome. Welcome to Lyst, Population 50-something and one, including you. My name is Fivin!

Fivin: Hopefully you’re planning on staying here a spell, we could use some more people in town.

You: Um yeah, actually I came here looking for a map of the city and maybe some direction towards any jobs that were available?

Fivin: Ooooh, jobs??? Well I can sure point you in the direction of some of our residents that have been requesting some help.

Fivin: And I've got something else that can help you, here, take one of these travel guide pamphlets, it's got a map of the city on it as well as some points of interest!
No. 986874 ID: 5b7e10
File 161239588209.png - (49.51KB , 1000x1000 , Catalyst_011.png )

You look over the map of the city, and immediately a typo sticks out to you, you think the "Libarby" is supposed to read as library

Fivin: And before you ask, the original owner of the library called it that as a joke and now it's been a running gag in town.

You: ...

Fivin: Anywho, we've got 4 new job postings from around the town, im sure you can find more work by asking specific townsfolk if none of these stick out to you.

Fivin: There's a Lyst-y-mart clerk opening, they need someone to work early mornings and help restock the shelves.

Fivin: There's an opening at the post office as a courier, it's just Willamina and while she may be ornery, she could actually use the help.

Fivin: The friendly bean could use a dishwasher.

Fivin: And... well, the ruffled haunch could use a maid.

Fivin: You should head over to their respective locations and ask for the explicit details and pay, I'd imagine it'd be around 10-40 bux a day depending on the job.

Fivin: Oh! And if you're looking for a place to stay, the hapless stone should have some rooms, or you could head to the juicy goose apartments, they're a bit more expensive, but offer more space, people usually find roommates to go there. Oh and the ruffled haunch might have rooms on the cheap if you are looking for some company.
No. 986875 ID: 8a51ec

As much of an experience as being a maid must be, courier work is a much better choice if we plan on getting to know the townspeople
No. 986877 ID: fb7272

Courier seems like a great chance to learn the town.
No. 986879 ID: 094652

Go with courier. You can get your own mail while you look for cheap apartments.
No. 986881 ID: fe91ca

No. 986885 ID: ce39da

Not to sound paranoid, but the courier job does give us more options for pulling shenanigans on possible villains and/or investigators. Go with that.

(It’s not something we should do lightly, of course, considering the federal laws surrounding mail.)
No. 986891 ID: c09f5e

If you want to try out your powers in secret, it'd seems easy for people to think the source is more thing than person. Plenty of product and flickering lights to blame down at the Lyst-y-Mart...

Thank the clerk for his help. He's probably the one who made the map.
No. 986893 ID: cdabe3

ask the kobold for their number in case you have more questions later, since they seem to know their way around town
No. 986906 ID: afe7de
File 161243056284.png - (11.40KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_013.png )

> Courier Job

You: I think the courier job sounds like my bag of tea. It’ll help me get the lay of the land and meet all the interesting people of Lyst.

Fivin: I think Willamina could use the help, she runs herself ragged. Just um… don’t be off put by her aggressive demeanor, she means well, just in her own way.

Fivin checks the clock on his table

Fivin: It’s 11:00 AM right now, she usually starts her route at Noon, so you’ll definitely catch her at the post office before then.


You: Thanks for your help! Say, did you make the map of the city?

Fivin: Oh, no no no no no, gardening’s more my thing, I help maintain the park. That’s would be in the domain of our resident tech guru Xana.

Fivin: If you wanna meet her you can find her at the library during the day or at the Ruffled Haunch at night.
No. 986907 ID: afe7de
File 161243057469.png - (7.99KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_014.png )

You say goodbye to Fivin and head to the Post office. Well, better get work out of the way first, who knows, maybe if you finish early there’ll be time to bother some of the townsfolk, or take a nice walk around the park. You’re still itching to use your power, to find out it’s intricacies.

You think for a moment about tampering with the mail while you’re there, if the opportunity arises and it would fit your interests. It’s not a bad idea, but you’d like to lay low for at least a little bit and scrounge up some Bux before pulling off something like that.

You think for a moment about going back and asking the Kobold for their number, but push aside the thought, job first. Then we can go flirting around town.
No. 986908 ID: afe7de
File 161243059092.png - (6.97KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_015.png )

You arrive at the Post Office. A sign above the door showing an emblem of a bird’s wing cradling a letter with the text “POST” written underneath. It’s a quaint and charming little building that seems to fit the small town vibe. It’s got a booth to the side where you imagine customers could write letters or mess with their packages before taking it up to the front counter.

Woman: Hrm. A new GODS DAMNED visitor to town. Ah, and you’re a FUCKING human like me, that’s a pretty rare sight in these parts.

Woman: What can I do fer ya, PRICK?
No. 986911 ID: e51896

Eh, must be an uncontrollable tic she has. You don't let it bother you at all.

Talk to her normally and ignore those insults, she probably doesn't intend to say those. Ask if they are hiring.
No. 986912 ID: f86c05

Er hi yes, I'm here for the courier job... are you all right?
No. 986913 ID: b1b4f3

Tourette syndrome?
Inquire about the job.
No. 986914 ID: ebe235

Ah, the default counter-person-at-the-post-office attitude.
Some things never change.

Don't sweat the attitude, if you finish your first day acceptably and show up again tomorrow, she'll be your best friend.
No. 986917 ID: ce39da

If Tourette's does manifest as swearing (which it usually doesn't), it's generally only one swear that gets used over and over again with little to no variation.

This is probably just an inability to hold back her need to vent. However, it's the same result: she has nothing personally against us, so we shouldn't hold it against her. Honestly, it's more telling that she was immediately able to place us as a visitor. She has intimate familiarity with this town's population, and that shows she's attentive.

"You must be Willamena, right? I'm here about a job."
No. 986951 ID: c09f5e

Play off your new boss's temperament with a chipper smile. Given her workload, she might not take you seriously at first; make it clear you really are here for a job.
No. 986984 ID: f8fa51

If you take out all the swearing, she's still talking in whole sentences, and her meaning doesn't come across as unfriendly at all. If anything, the swears seem to be at odds with her tone otherwise. Be friendly, but not too chipper: You did just meet her after all.

Introduce yourself, ask if she's Willamina, say you're here for the job.
No. 986986 ID: afe7de
File 161250860720.png - (8.76KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_016.png )

You: I’m Cat. You must be uh Willamina, right? I heard you were looking for a courier.

Willamina: Aye, that’s me, WHAT? The facial scars and terrible back and SCREAMING from constant pain not give it away FUCKING enough?

Willamina: The job’s SIMPLE, even an IDIOT can do it, deliver the parcels I’ve sorted around town.

You: What’s the pay?

Willamina: 20 bux for today, do a good enough job and if I get no GODS DAMNED complaints and I’ll up that to 35 bux.

Willamina: And I Ain’t hiring no “ONE TIME” deal, works 5 days a week with Sunday and Mondays off.
No. 986987 ID: 094652

Not the best-paying work, but it shouldn't take more than a few hours... right?
Ask if you need to occasionally deliver outside of town.
Also, ask if she knows where the animals usually gather, so you can avoid them on duty. (Off-duty, you should find a nice, pliable kitty and zap em with free exp until one turns sentient.)
No. 986988 ID: 8483cf

I'm gonna assume we have GPS or something that lets us not get lost. Do we have a map? Seems important for this job.
No. 986989 ID: b1b4f3

Well that's a decent part time job... will it cover your expenses though?
No. 986990 ID: f96c5c

Dont worry, we have a map: >>986874

Ask about the hours, like what time does the shift start and end, and how fast does the mail need to be delivered, and the quickest routes that employees take usually, and routes that is not recommended to travel in for being too dangerous?

And also, ask if you can echange numbers with her in case if there is an accident or emergency, youre to sick to work, or she needs to call you to work an extra shift, or most importantly set up a date.
No. 986991 ID: f86c05

She seems like she could use a power that either leverages her pain or eases it. You should note that, if you like working with her we could probably help her out.
No. 986992 ID: 031458

Small town?
Pre sorted?
Easy money.

I'm In.
No. 987003 ID: ce39da

"Actually, I just knew you were the only worker in the post office. Anyway, I'll take the job either way, but I do have questions:
"What are the specific hours? Is there a recommended beat route I should take? Is there a mail truck, or is this all done on foot? Finally, is there a signing procedure I should know if I'm to hand a package directly to someone?"
No. 987011 ID: c09f5e

As long as that covers rent and food, that should be aOK with you. You should look up the rates at the inn Isabella recommended.
No. 987109 ID: afe7de
File 161264931646.png - (7.66KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_017.png )

You: I’ve got a few more questions.

Willamina: ugh, FINE, at least that means you’re taking this SOMEWHAT seriously.

You: Will I need to deliver outside of town?

Willamina: No, we’ve got a few people that live on the land outside, but they’ve got a PO Box.

You: Is there a place where Animals usually gather that I should steer clear of?

Willamina: WHAT? I mean there’s some FUCKING animals in the forest south of the park, and at night we have a RACCOON problem.

You: Is there any signing a procedure I should know if I’m to hand a package directly to someone?

Willamina: NAH, It’s a small town, no one steals mail here.

You: What are the hours?

Willamina: 11AM to 5PM, You start your route at 12, and WALK around town for a few hours, usually I finish up at 4PM, the extra hours are in case I NEED you to help me sort mail.

You: Can I get your number?

Willamina: HAH, you want MY NUMBER?!? What, you want to FUCK me all night long or something?!?!? You know what, SURE.

She hands you a business card with her number on the back

Willamina: So, you IN or what?

You think over what you’ve heard, the pay could be pretty good, from what you remember, most hotels only cost around 10 BUX a night, though since this is a small town it might cost more at the inn. I’m sure it won’t be hard to make a stop at the inn
No. 987111 ID: 12b116

Take it!

Give her finger guns to show how suave you are.
No. 987112 ID: 3ed3c3

Yeah, you're in.
Final question: Could you grab her some painkillers or something? She seems like she could use some.
No. 987113 ID: e51896

Eh, go for it. It will be a good way to meet up with many different people while you work, and as they said in the town hall, it is just her working at the post office. Might as well help her out by cutting her workload and join up.
No. 987116 ID: b1b4f3

Alright job sounds fine then.
No. 987118 ID: 8a51ec

No reason to refuse her offer at this point
Speaking of "at this point", it's probably time we made a mental note to screw everyone in town
No. 987119 ID: 8483cf

Sounds like a win-win. You see the town and meet new people, and get paid to do it.
No. 987122 ID: afe7de
File 161265198312.png - (8.42KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_018.png )

You: I’m as in as a package in a mail slot.

Willamina: GOOD. Here, your first day is EASY

Willamina hands you the satchel she had on the counter

Willamina: I’ll take the EAST Half of the city and you the WEST.

Willamina: that means you’ll be delivering to a few houses near here, the Hapless Stone, Police Department, Juicy goose Apartments, and the Ruffled Haunch.

Willamina: Once you’re done meet me back here for your PAY, and if I dont get ANY COMPLAINTS AT ALL by tomorrow I’ll up your daily pay and give you a SMALL bonus.

Willamina: Let it not be said that I dont REWARD good FUCKING work.

The mail’s already pre-sorted, so you can really start wherever you feel like. Where will you deliver first?
No. 987125 ID: e51896

Hapless stone first then. It is the closest, and we can look at prices for bedding. Be sure to let them know Isabella sent you for a discount.
No. 987127 ID: 8a51ec

Hapless Stone first for sure, one parts to figure out why mentioning Isabella sent us would earn us a discount and one parts to build up an appreciation for her as soon as possible
No. 987132 ID: 8483cf

Let's get stoned
No. 987136 ID: ce39da

Hapless stone.

"Oh, uh... do I get a uniform on my first day? If so, where do I change?"
No. 987137 ID: afe7de
File 161265926624.png - (6.07KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_019.png )

You leave your backpack behind the counter and pick up the mail satchel, heading out.


First stop, the Hapless Stone.
No. 987138 ID: afe7de
File 161265930845.png - (10.38KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_020.png )

The Hapless stone sits across the street from the post office, and a large amount of outdoor seating appears to be available. You head inside.

Cat Lady: WOAH, WOAH WOAH WOAH, Welcome to the Hapless Stone Bed and Boozery Newcomer!

You: Um hi! I’m Cat, and I’m helping Willamina out delivering the mail, speaking of which, here’s yours.

You: By the way, Isabella recommended I come here for a place to stay, I wanted to know how much it was?

Cat Lady: It’s 13 BUX a night, breakfast included, but since o’l Izzy recommended ya I’ll only charge ya 7 BUX for the first night.

You: Thanks Miss…

Oriel: Oriel Walpole, you know, like the famous hero Marth Walpole. One of the founders of the Heroes League, master energy swordsman.

Oriel: Anywho, thanks for the mail, Willamina ha’ been struggling for a while now.
No. 987139 ID: b7c700

Negotiation time. Tell Oriel you're new in town and don't have much money. Can she cut a deal for more than 1 night?
No. 987140 ID: b1b4f3

Ask about Willamina's injuries.
No. 987141 ID: e51896

13 bux, pretty steep compared to the 20 bux we get, but pretty decent if we get the 35 bux bonus, so probably affordable, especially if we do a good job and get that bonus cash by doing a good job.

Umm... Is she topless under that vest? Try not to address it and keep your eyes on her eyes as to not get her complaining about you to your new boss.

"Yeah, I felt sorry for her, so I'd thought I'd help out... how did she get that burnt mark on her face, and that back pain?"
No. 987142 ID: 894419

Yeah seems like her injury really bothers her, I didn't want to ask her about it in case it was a touchy subject. Do you know what happened? It must have been awful.
No. 987143 ID: 8a51ec

Oriel clearly knows more about what happened to Willamina than we do, so we should ask about it, and also compliment her necklace to gauge her subtlety awareness
No. 987144 ID: ce39da

"Glad to hear I've been of help. I'll be back to book a room after I clock out, but I need to get going, now."

Head to the Police Station next; familiarize yourself with the more obvious prying eyes of this town.
No. 987154 ID: afe7de
File 161266633960.png - (8.53KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_021.png )

Your eyes are drawn to Oriel’s chest, it’s definitely bare, one wrong move and you could get a full face of nippletown. Maybe she's wearing pasties underneath?

You dart your eyes back to her face and she gives you a sly smile, you're not sure if she noticed your ogling.
No. 987155 ID: afe7de
File 161266640712.png - (7.60KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_022.png )

You: Any chance you could cut a deal for more than one night? I’m new in town and plan on staying a while.

Oriel: Hmm. Nah. You’re cute and all but I gotta keep my business going somehow, I’ll give ya a discount on yer first drink of the night tonight though.

> Ask about Willamina’s Injuries
You: So um, It seemed like Willamina could really use the help, but I was wondering… What happened to her? She seems to be in way more than the normal amount of pain nearly constantly.

Oriel: Oh, hrmmm. Well It’s common knowledge to the townsfolk, but yer new here so I’ll give ya a pass.

Oriel: There was a wicked fire at her family estate a bit outside of town, the entire Hadlee Clan was wiped out, all except for her, if Gruk and Trey hadn’t been nearby she wouldn’t have even made it. And even Gruk’s Powers weren’t enough to heal the scarring. So as a kindness Nicky, that’s Isabella’s mother by the by, gave her a home in town and something to do. It’s kept her sane since well…

Oriel: It was such a traumatic event to everyone, we renamed the park to the Hadlee Memorial park.

You have time to ask one last question if you want before your conscience tells you that you should get back to work.
No. 987156 ID: e51896

Ask what "WP" on her necklace stands for.
No. 987160 ID: 8483cf

Ask about Trey and how nice a guy he seems. He's come up twice now, let's learn more.
No. 987161 ID: 8a51ec

"I noticed your ches- err, necklace has a 'WP' on it. What's it stand for?"
No. 987163 ID: ce39da

That might be too personal to get into for now.

"That's... good to know. Although she might be mad if she finds out I asked; do you think you can leave that out if she ever asks how I did?"

Then head to the police station.
No. 987169 ID: 894419

Well how can I turn down a discount on a drink and a place to sleep from such a beautiful women? I'll drop by tonight to book a room after my shift. Enjoy the aftenoon
No. 987173 ID: 094652

Wait, her chest size appears to fluctuate between panels. Ask if she has a power she's willing to discuss.

Also, place the package carefully and ask if 35 bux a day will be enough to get by.
No. 987174 ID: afe7de
File 161267305670.png - (7.71KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_023.png )

You: I noticed your ches- err, necklace has a ‘WP’ on it. What’s it stand for?

Oriel: It stands for Walpole, my family name, it’s a locket.

Well that was anti-climactic, let’s ask one more question.

You: So what’s the deal with Trey? I’ve heard a little bit about him from Isabella.

Oriel: Oh! Well he’s the town doctor, though Gruk sees more work than he does, usually handles the larger wounds which, come to think of it, doesent happen too often.

Oriel: But if you want any more info than that, you’ll have to buy a drink tonight.

You feel like you wont be getting any more answers out of her without buying a drink, so you clear your throat, wish her a good afternoon, and head off to the police station.
No. 987175 ID: afe7de
File 161267307778.png - (7.29KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_024.png )

Bunny Cop: Who are you? Did you eat Willamina and take her job from her?

You: uh, no. I’m Cat, new in town and took a job to help Willamina deliver mail.

Bunny Cop: Well that’s boring, give me your package then.
No. 987182 ID: e7c7d3

Okay sure, but where should we put the mail in the meantime?
No. 987183 ID: e51896

Whoops, we skipped over the 3 houses. Ah well, we'll get to those after we're done here.

don't be tempted to say "which package" with an eyebrow wiggle, that would cause trouble, especially on a police officer. We can't have complaints on our first day. So just give her the mail.
No. 987185 ID: 8a51ec

No. 987193 ID: b1b4f3

Must be pretty boring around here in general, huh?
No. 987194 ID: afe7de
File 161267723277.png - (8.14KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_025.png )

You: Must be pretty boring around here in general, huh?

Bunny Cop: Yep, it gets real lonesome, well, I could always visit the Ruffled Haunch to sate myself, but the most entertainment I get is newcomers like yourself popping into town.

You’re extremely tempted to say something suggestive to this cop, but your desire for a bonus wins the day this time…

You instead hand her the mail, a simple tubed parcel and smile as densely as you can muster.

Bunny Cop: Well you’re no fun…

You then duck out without another word, and as you are heading out you hear her mutter

Bunny Cop: I guess they dont want to check out these assets… Hmph…
No. 987195 ID: afe7de
File 161267724789.png - (7.28KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_026.png )

You quickly double back and drop off mail to the three houses you passed up, and then make your way to the Juicy Goose Apartments. Upon arrival you note that there’s three floors, so it seems like it could accommodate quite a few people, and unfortunately one package in your satchel says it has to be dropped off at 301, up a flight of stairs. As you reach the top of the staircase, not expecting this incline, you pause for a moment and the door in front of you, room 301, cracks open.

Mouse: Uhm, you’re not Willamina…

Mouse: Ah, you must be new to town…

Mouse: Uhm, I’m Gena, and that package is for me.
No. 987197 ID: b1b4f3

Damn, seems like there's a lot of horny folks in this town... is there a shortage of males to go around?

Hand it over and compliment her collar.
No. 987198 ID: c09f5e

>Well you’re no fun…
You're not boring, you're fun. The friends you totally have in the city totally agree you're fun.

... oh sorry, miss, here's your package.
No. 987199 ID: 8483cf

Give package. She seems shy. Say yes, you are new, and it's a pleasure to meet you, thanks. Maybe leave if Gena doesn't want to talk.
No. 987201 ID: 894419

Gena I presume? Delightful to meet you, here's your package.
No. 987204 ID: 864e49

Ya blew it.

And we have yet to meet a single guy so far.
Introductions then compliments.
No. 987214 ID: ce39da

"Got it in one; I'm Cat, and I'll be helping Willamena with deliveries starting today. Here's your package, ma'am."

We stay professional when we're on the clock, and this one doesn't seem receptive to chit-chat and compliments.

Ruffled Haunch is last on our route; then we can clock out and go back to compliment the police bunny.
No. 987283 ID: afe7de
File 161274507482.png - (7.18KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_027.png )

You're not boring, you're fun. The friends you totally have in the city totally agree you're fun.

You think back to the people you’ve met today, and that Kobold fellow was definitely a guy, at least, you think so.
No. 987284 ID: afe7de
File 161274508832.png - (9.95KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_028.png )

You: Got it in one; I'm Cat, and I'll be helping Willamena with deliveries starting today. Here's your package, ma'am.

She opens the door more and pops out, grabbing the package.

Gena: Umm, thanks. I hope you’re enjoying your stay here so far, and ah, Willamina’s great once you get to know her, she’s just really stressed.

You: That’s a nice collar!

Gena: Ah, Um… Yeah, I like them.

You could probably squeeze another question out before you head off to your final destination, since they seem more receptive now.
No. 987285 ID: ce39da

Let's not press our luck with anything raunchy on our first day while Willa's extra critical.

"Do you know what the rates for the apartments are? I'm assuming they're a better long-term residence than the Hapless Stone if I'm looking to live here?"
No. 987288 ID: 3ed3c3

"Have a good day!"
No. 987289 ID: 8a51ec

We should probably avoid saying anything that can be interpreted as insulting, just ask about the rates
No. 987290 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what the rent is like here.
Maybe you can get an apartment someday.
No. 987291 ID: afe7de
File 161274988120.png - (6.04KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_029.png )

You: Do you know what the rates for the apartments are? I'm assuming they're a better long-term residence than the Hapless Stone if I'm looking to live here?

Gena: Oh um. Yeah, the rooms are sound proofed, they allow pets of all kinds, and they charge weekly, it’s 150 BUX for a two Bedroom and 200 BUX for a three bedroom, so it’s kinda cheaper with room-mates.

You: Thanks! It’s a bit out of my price range for now, but I’ll consider it.

You: Have a good day!

Gena: You too. Tell Willamina to stop by sometimes still!

You head back down the staircase, just one more bundle of mail left, this time it’s for the Ruffled Haunch, so off we go!
No. 987295 ID: afe7de
File 161275027898.png - (9.16KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_030.png )

Popping out of the apartment complex you look to your right and there lies the largest building in town, The Ruffled Haunch, what strikes you first about it is the garden neatly maintained at the front, with small statues depicting a variety of the known races laying seductively on the ground or standing provocatively. You head to the big doors and knock.

Cat ???: OOOOH A PATRON, AND YOUR NEW. We’re usually busy at night so you caught us at a good time.

Cat ???: So what are ya into? Men? Women? Maybe something in between? Everything? Though, Xana’s at the library right now so you’d have to wait until later tonight for her.
No. 987296 ID: b1b4f3

HhhuhHHH?? It's a bordello!
Tell her you're the new courier actually, but to answer her question you're into everything pretty much. What's special about Xana?
No. 987297 ID: e51896

Hand over the mail. Mention that you are bisexual. Ask about the hours, and of course what her name is. Mention that the garden looks nice.
No. 987298 ID: 0fae41

Uhh... women? Gena mentioned something about staying here, with roommates. How does that work?
No. 987299 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, ask about the price of rooms so you can decide whether to stay at this place or the hapless stone
No. 987300 ID: 8a51ec

Deliver mail first, mention we're perpetually DTF with anyone anywhere second
No. 987313 ID: c5d2fe

"Pretty much anything as long as I deem it cute. But that's not what I'm here for right now." Introduce ourselves. Maybe ask about possible rates for a room.
No. 987314 ID: c09f5e

While you hand over your package, remember that you totally know what to do here because you totally have got past the door of cool places back in the city. Make that clear in a totally not awkward, insecure manner.

But seriously, you have in open mind to partners. Though you might like to put down roots rather than pick the fruit, if she understands.

You should assume that the fruit to be pricey given the class and care of its working girls. It has the approval of at least one cop.
No. 987316 ID: afe7de
File 161275915649.png - (7.63KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_031.png )


You hand over the mail to the effeminate cat in the dress in front of you.

You: Pretty much anything as long as I deem it cute. But that’s not what I’m here for right now.

You: I’m Cat! The new courier working with Willamina. The garden outside is pretty nice!

Cat ???: Thanks! Me and Fivin put special care into maintaining it weekly. I’m Nail, and did you say EVERYTHING even effeminite catboys in pretty dresses?

You: Uh um, yes.

Nail: Well it’s 5 BUX to rent the room for a bit and I charge 20 BUX for my… services.

You: What’s Special About Xana?

Nail: Oh, she’s just our resident girl, all the nerdy boys really love her.

You: What if I wanted to oh, say, rent a room for the night?

Nail: Hmm, well It’d be 10 BUX for the night on top of whatever services you want.

Nail: Oh, and if you just want to snuggle all night that’s 5 BUX for the night. Once we’re done with the other customers that is, and as long as we’re not already booked, and boy howdy, let me tell you that snuggle list usually gets filled up at night.

Do you want to ask any other questions before you head back to the Post Office for your pay?
No. 987318 ID: e51896

Tempting, but Hapless stone has food for free along with the room. But we'll be sure to visit. Mention that the police bun might show up later today for some fun.
No. 987319 ID: e7c7d3

Sounds like a nice place, need to go get cash first before you can get on the snuggle list though. Back to the post office
No. 987320 ID: 8a51ec

"Is there something I'm not aware of with everyone in town being so flirty? Not that I have any objections to it."
No. 987323 ID: c5d2fe

Nothing for now. Let's head back for that sweet sweet bonus.
No. 987327 ID: 3ed3c3

Boy, people sure are mighty friendly around here.
We'll take a raincheck on any fun being offered as we're new in town and still adjusting. We also need to finish the job and get paid. Business before pleasure, after all.
Though I guess for Nail and his lot, it's business with pleasure. Or is it the other way around?
No. 987334 ID: afe7de
File 161276523589.png - (7.70KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_032.png )

You: Is there something I’m not aware of with everyone in town being so flirty? Not that I have any objections to it or anything…

Nail: Not really, I mean, ever since people and animals started awakening everything was kind of put into perspective.

Nail: I mean why waste time worrying so hard about being prudish when a villain or monster with some rediculous power could literally come through and level your town.

Nail: Even though this town is relatively safe, the stuff withe Willamina kinda pushed that up a degree here especially.

Nail: Honestly one of the best things to happen to this country was the legalization of sex work and the work put into glorifying sexual stuff itself

Nail: It’s made some of the more problematic people calmer. But I’m just rambling at this point, you should stop by whenever you have the cash, and I’m not with Leshanna, I’m sure I could BLOW your mind.

You: Oh, I almost forgot, I talked to the police bun earlier, she might show up later today.

Nail: OOH BOY, you know, Andrea fucks like a rabbit, if stamina liquors weren’t a thing I don’t think ANYONE could keep up with her.
No. 987335 ID: afe7de
File 161276525688.png - (9.20KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_033.png )

Glancing at the clock next to you, you notice that its about 3PM, doing the full route would probably take you until 4/5PM without any stops, time to head back and get your pay. You keep your head down and walk past a few random townsfolk, no one you met earlier today as you are in thought, thinking about all the people you met today. And before you know it you’re back at the post office, Willamina appears to just be getting back herself.

Willamina: WHAT? Done already? Though I half expected you to be done a bit earlier than me, given I gave you the EASY route.

You: Sorry, I got excited meeting all the new people in town. Gena says you should drop by and see her every now and again.

Willamina: Ah, what a SWEETHEART. THANKS. Here’s yer pay for today.

Willamina: Tomorrow I’ll do the WEST side of town and you’ll do the EAST.

Willamina: That way I can check with everyone you FUCKING delivered to and see how you did.

Willamina: THANKS for your work, See you at 11AM SHARP tomorrow.

It’s about 3:15 PM now, you’ve got 20 BUX in your pocket and free time. What do you do?
No. 987336 ID: 3ed3c3

Time to relax.
No. 987338 ID: e51896

Either go to the community center and see what kind of events the town has scheduled, or go to the library.
No. 987339 ID: b1b4f3

Welll you could go back to that cop lady and flirt back now that you're off the clock.
No. 987341 ID: c09f5e

You did say you'd give ol' Isa a call after you got job and room. You met so many nice people.

And that's a reminder for a stop at the local mart for medicine and other necessities, in case things escalate.
No. 987343 ID: 9f5d29

ask your boss if she'd like to join you at for a drink at the hapless stone tonight, if she's feeling up to it. You got a discount on your first drink afterall!
No. 987346 ID: ce39da

Pop back into the police station for a quick comment now that you're off the clock, then it's time to go get a room at the Hapless Stone.
No. 987349 ID: 07ed53

Go to the hapless stone to rent a room and get your drink and stuff. Rabbit cop seems the best flirtation target. She was much less subtle than everyone else.
No. 987407 ID: afe7de
File 161285637743.png - (6.62KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_034.png )

You: Maybe you’d like to join me for a drink tonight at the Hapless Stone?

Willamina: WHAT? Well I was already going to be there. So MAYBE I’ll see YOU there.

She locks eyes with you and stares you down, you don’t break eye contact as you pick up your backpack and back out of the Post Office.
No. 987408 ID: afe7de
File 161285639851.png - (10.69KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_035.png )


You head on over to the Hapless Stone, thoughts of renting a room at the front of your mind when you spot a familliar lagomorph, quick, now’s your chance to say something flirty to her. What do you say?

A) Ever been with a Cat before?
B) Are you a parking ticket? Cause you've got fine written all over you!
C) I actually DO want to check out your assets.
D) Other
No. 987409 ID: 094652

"Hey officer! Trying to burn away your extra lung capacity?

But seriously, I'm having my first date with Isabella tonight. "
No. 987412 ID: 8a51ec

"I have a rabbit-related pickup line for you, it's not very good doe."
No. 987416 ID: 69f250

Obviously it can only be "Sorry to bother you ma'am, but it seems earlier today I forgot to deliver a package to you figured I'd drop by to give it to... you after hours".
No. 987418 ID: b1b4f3

C, tbh.
No. 987419 ID: cdabe3

do this with finger guns
No. 987420 ID: 1ba5ee

Open your package, flash her.
No. 987421 ID: 7e2680

"I'd love to woo you with some clever innuendo, but you're way too hot and I'm way too horny to think of anything."

Wink and shoot her finger guns.
No. 987423 ID: 864e49

>the ruffled haunch could use a maid.
>It's a bordello
Dodged a load there.

Room and Broad.

This is pretty good.
No. 987426 ID: ce39da

C: "Just wanted to pop by now that I'm off the clock to say yeah, you do have some fine assets. I didn't mean to insult you with my feigned indifference back there." Simple, straight to the point, professional, and we can probably dodge having to commit to anything without needing to spill that we already have a date.
No. 987459 ID: 9db570

WAIT! Before you start doing any pick up lines, call her by her first name, Andrea first! It would suck and be super awkward if this turned out she has a twin sister and this isnt Andrea or something!
No. 987467 ID: a65a32

Ooh, I like this one. Straight and to the point. The wink and finger guns may be going too far, though, I advise against them.
No. 987497 ID: afe7de
File 161294113679.png - (8.00KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_036.png )

You think for a moment about this, but the odds are so low, and you’re sure that Nail would have at least asked “which bunny cop” when you mentioned it. You’re going to go for it anyway. You muster up as much of your flirtatious courage as you can.

You: Sorry to bother you ma’am, but it seems earlier today I forgot to deliver a package to you. Figured I’d drop by to give it to you… after hours.
No. 987498 ID: afe7de
File 161294114991.png - (8.84KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_037.png )

Bunny Cop: …
No. 987499 ID: afe7de
File 161294119182.png - (8.74KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_038.png )

Bunny cop: So you’re the new Courier? My sister said you were dense as a brick, but I’d say given that performance you were slower than a glacier on Mars.

Bunny cop: Still, 7/10 for the creativity.
No. 987500 ID: afe7de
File 161294123720.png - (8.51KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_039.png )

You: …
No. 987501 ID: 094652

Great. You turned off twin dual busters. How is that a thing.

Follow up with a compliment to their figures and keep walking.
No. 987502 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, she has different eyes though.
Ask what's with that, does her sister have magic eyes?
No. 987503 ID: 8483cf

Sister thinks we're dense? She's 100% into us. Get the deets!
No. 987504 ID: cdabe3

no no no, she got you good with that burn, gotta respect that.
No. 987505 ID: e529cc

You must now develop a feverish paranoid belief that everyone has a twin or similar looking relative waiting to embarrass you at all times, truly you are cursed!

Still though, take the L gracefully and have a bit of a laugh.
No. 987510 ID: 864e49

Say nothing, leave.
We ain't hurtin' for choices so if the bunny girls wanna insult us we can leave em be.
If they wanna be friendly to us in the future they can come to us.
No. 987512 ID: 156101

No. 987513 ID: 9a2966

Damn. Here you finally work up some off-duty courage and... well. Ask if they're twins, or if your cursed human eyes just deceive you into thinking every lago looker alike.

Actually, what IS up with her sister's eyes? A power?
No. 987515 ID: 9a2966

Although, Gruk the masseuse was supposedly the only Awakened in town, so the sister's eyes must be that way for some other reason.
No. 987519 ID: ed00c7

Well damn, with burns like that you must not even need a lighter.
No. 987522 ID: e7c7d3

Why so sad? Twins! Think of the possibilities.... when we give them powers
No. 987525 ID: 8a51ec

On second thought, maybe we should consider taking Isabella up on her offer
No. 987526 ID: ce39da

"Sorry, stuff other people said gave me the impression there was only one bunny cop. I, uh... just wanted to stop by and compliment your sister now that I'm off the clock, as a sort of apology. She seemed put-down by my feigned ignorance earlier, and I just wanted to make up for it now that I don't need to act the professional anymore."
No. 987528 ID: 65fba3

Ah well, change the subject. Take the opportunity to ask about other people, like Oriel since we're going into the Hapless. Ask what Oriel likes, dislikes, if she has a twin and if she is an exhibitionist considering her revealing clothes
No. 987531 ID: eb1fcc

correct answer
No. 987534 ID: e51896

I probably wouldn't ask that last question since she is a cop and might get Oriel arrested for indecent exposure. We can probably find out Oriel's possible exhibitionism kink on our own.

No. 987535 ID: 0d6409

Do what the detective said, yeah you were off the mark but she’s being playful, not demeaning. Can’t have all your confidence disappear just because we’re talking to someone with experience, they probably get hit on all the time. Just take it in stride and don’t be a dork.
No. 987541 ID: 07ed53

"your sister was hitting on me really hard when I was on the clock, so I figured she'd be DTF."
No. 987555 ID: afe7de
File 161299385589.png - (8.10KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_040.png )

You try to take the burn in stride after being deflated for a moment, she didn’t mean any harm by it you think.

You: Sorry, stuff other people said gave me the impression there was only one bunny cop. I, uh... just wanted to stop by and compliment your sister now that I'm off the clock, as a sort of apology.

You: She seemed put-down by my uh… denseness earlier, and I just wanted to make up for it now that I don't need to act the professional anymore.

Bunny Cop: Oh yer fiiiiiiiine. Though for the record we’re triplets, but our sister is awakened and we don’t really talk about what Myriad does now…

Bunny Cop: Oh, and so we’re clear, I’m Adriana, my sister, the one with the pitch black eyes, she’s Andrea.

You: So are her eyes magic or something?

Adriana: Oh that? Nah, it’s not her eyes that are “magic”.
No. 987556 ID: afe7de
File 161299387002.png - (8.55KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_041.png )

Still feeling a bit deflated you say your goodbyes and head into the Hapless Stone proper

Oriel: Welcome back err Cat was it?

You: Yup! I’m actually here about renting a room for the night, I’ll probably be staying for a while until I can save up some BUX.

Oriel: Sure, here’s yer key It’s the first room up the staircase.

Oriel: Since yer staying for at while I’ll charge ya on FRIDAY nights. It’s WEDNESDAY today, so you’ve got a few days to scrounge up the cash.

You: Oh um, that actually helps, thanks.
No. 987557 ID: afe7de
File 161299388874.png - (9.84KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_042.png )

You head up to the room, it’s got a quaint cottage vibe to it with cute little plants on the windowsill. You take off your bag and lie on the bed for a moment, thinking about the people you met today.

Isabella was the first friendly face you saw in town, you’ve got her number too, might be worth giving her a call, there is a phone right next to the bed after all.

Fivin Had a lot of info about the town, you’ll probably be bumping into him whenever you head to town hall.

Then there’s Willamina, at first you were off put by her, but the more you hear about her, the more sad you feel, if only you could help her somehow, maybe she could be a good candidate to try your power on, guess we’ll find out after drinks tonight.

Oriel’s got a lot of info on the town and It’s residents, though you might have to bribe her by buying drinks, and your wallet’s pretty tight.

The Bunny Cops were also hot, but you feel there’s something more to Andrea, a hidden Power maybe, You mean, her sister implied something about her was magic? Or maybe you could give them a power, hmm.

Gena’s alright, though you wonder how they manage to afford that apartment, a roommate perhaps?

Lastly there’s Nail, you can’t say your heart wasnt fluttering at the sounds of his sweet and feminine voice. You briefly wonder how many people are working at the Ruffled Haunch
No. 987558 ID: afe7de
File 161299390229.png - (4.88KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_043.png )

You look over to the clock, it’s 4:45 PM now. Looks like you were in deep thought a bit longer than you expected, before you head back out to town you reach over to your backpack and look inside, time to doublecheck what you brought with you from the city.

What did Cat bring from the city?
No. 987559 ID: f8fa51

Your phone, tablet, three changes of clothes, chargers, a notebook and some pens, a bit of spending cash, a water bottle, and some snacks. You couldn't fit a towel in with all of that but you figure most places you'd stay at first would provide, and if you're going to be staying here more long-term you can probably buy one by the time you can move out of the hotel.
No. 987560 ID: 094652

A suitcase full of unlaundered BUX. You never meant to go this route, but it sort of fell into your hands at the exact moment you gained the superpower to give others superpowers.
No. 987561 ID: f8fa51

Oh, and toiletries, including soap, a toothbrush, a tiny tube of cheap toothpaste, pads, and a comb.
No. 987563 ID: 8a51ec

This about covers the basics, but nobody headed out of the big city would be caught dead without a harmonica
No. 987564 ID: ce39da

Aside from the bare necessities like clothes and toiletries, you have:
A gun - it was a necessity back in the city, and not really something you should just up and lose because you moved away.
A laptop to look stuff up, use social media, play games, and record findings. (Charger included.)
Binoculars - an impulse buy so you could watch suspicious people from afar. You want to know about potential threats before they know about you.
An unused burner phone, if you need to make a call to the police or the heroes' association.
And... is that a live roach crawling around in there? It can't be the same one you empowered... right?
No. 987566 ID: b1b4f3

Guns. It's entirely full of guns.
A few changes of clothes, video games, some sort of self-defense weapon.
No. 987567 ID: cdabe3

all of these

and your collection of novelty bullet vibrators
No. 987569 ID: 703acd

An old family photo of Cat's family back at home from years ago. Mother, father, and a sibling

Oh, I like the idea of that same roach we awakened hitchhiking in our bag.
No. 987578 ID: 86aaf2

Not a gun, but you DO have a few very small self-defense weapons of various sorts. And some weird utility knife/combination multitool thing with bits and bobs you can't even identify that you bought off the internet on a whim!
No. 987582 ID: bdcab6

bawdy comics, a bunch of loose Zimas, one pair of socks and some semi-clean clothes. Plus a phone with the wrong charger.
No. 987583 ID: 12b116

a brick
No. 987586 ID: 894419

I like all of this!
No. 987640 ID: c09f5e

I'd be surprised if guns back home were anything more than a deterrent, really. The strong powered would probably shrug those off. The weak and un-powered could probably die from those, and then you'd be a murderer...

Tasers and pepper sprays are much more cleaner.
No. 987643 ID: afe7de
File 161302838037.png - (11.89KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_044.png )

You upend your backpack and toss the contents onto your bed, taking stock you seem to have the following:

3 Sets of clothes - You kept your favorite turtlenecks, slacks, boyshorts, socks, and of course your trusty hoodie and sold the rest.
A family photo - It’s you, your Mom, Dad, and older Brother, it’s one of the only photos of you all together since the INCIDENT.
Your Wallet - You’ve got your bank card, pistol license, ID, and OH, looks like you have 3 BUX in there.
Your COMM - It can take pictures, videos, send texts, etc, and it has a holographic keyboard and screen attachment, you treat it like a personal terminal at times. You’ll need to save up 5 BUX to pay for your phone plan on SUNDAYS. You should be able to make a deposit to your bank at the Post Office. It’s a good thing the government mandated a universal cellular plan for it’s citizens since these things became essential utilities.
A notebook and pens - Sometimes you like the feel of paper more than your comm, you also keep your shitty doodles in here.
A water bottle - It’s almost empty, but you can just refill it.
A baggie of toiletries - Just some soap, toothbrush/paste, and a switchcomb.
A Recharging Mana Pistol - these things were neccesary back in the city, the only reason you didnt sell it was from sheer paranoia. It condenses mana from the air to fire nonlethal bullets that stun their targets. You’ve also experienced first hand that it tends to tear through clothing rather easily. It won’t do much against a tough skinned super, but it worked in stopping the unawakened where you used to live. It holds 16 rounds, with one round recharging around every hour.
And… is that a live roach crawling around in there? It can’t be the same one you empowered… right?
No. 987644 ID: 12b116

investigate the roach. Sniff it. Lick it.
No. 987645 ID: 8483cf

Appreciate how smart you are for carrying your pistol license.
No. 987646 ID: b1b4f3

OH GOD shoot the roach and flush it down the toilet.
No. 987647 ID: e51896

We don't talk about THE INCIDENT...

we got 23 bux so far, nice.

a clothing damage gun? also nice, but you said first hand experience? that's embarrassing. what happened?

anyway, go refill that water bottle, and lets see what they have at the mart
No. 987648 ID: e51896

but yeah, investigate the roach, maybe you'll figure out what power it has.
No. 987649 ID: 094652

give the roach another level for being such a good sport
No. 987651 ID: afe7de
File 161303008441.png - (6.14KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_045.png )

Now why would you go and do such a thing? It could be the roach you gave powers to on a whim. Plus you don’t want to ruin the bedsheets.

You take a closer look at the roach. For all intensive purposes it seems like a regular roach, but it’s staring at you, not scurrying about, or doing anything. Something’s definitely up here.

What power did you give the roach?
No. 987653 ID: e51896

Telepathy. It can read your mind, and anybody it links with can hear its thoughts.
No. 987654 ID: 8483cf

No. 987655 ID: e51896

Actually, this roach is the roach that has been giving you suggestions all day (it is us) HI!
No. 987656 ID: b1b4f3

Speed storage. It can store up energy by standing still, and spend that energy to move quickly.
No. 987657 ID: 094652

Hive Mind
It can transfer its thoughts to other roaches and its intelligence scales with the number of roaches in the hive
As its power level increases, it can increase the maximum distance between roaches and thus the maximum size of the hive (currently at like two inches)
As long as one roach connected to the hive mind lives, it will not die
However, to prevent fracturing, only one roach within the range may be 'conscious' at any time; connected roaches' bodies must be given commands, every other roach out of range falls into a coma until the conscious roach reconnects or is dead.
No. 987659 ID: 894419

It inherits the intelligence level of the humanoid closest to it, so right now it's pretty dumb.
No. 987660 ID: 12b116

this one
No. 987661 ID: 031458

It's perception had been expanded. It can now feel all the suffering of the world around it.
No. 987665 ID: c09f5e

Shape-shifting - can turn itself to different animals, intelligence to imitate convincingly increases with each level (up to human at max level)

You kinda thought it left you after it turned into a butterfly.
No. 987670 ID: f8fa51

It glows in the dark, and is immune to all forms of poison. It's also pretty resistant to physical trauma, but far from immune.
No. 987674 ID: 8a51ec

It's true!
No. 987680 ID: 53560f

Metamorphosis: as it nears the end of it’s natural lifespan it will undergo changes as it ascends to it’s planar form.
No. 987701 ID: e51896

Now that I think about it, lets mix telepathy with Hive Mind. All the roaches nearby are connected to this roach, and are giving suggestions to Cat, or anybody it is currently with through this roach.
No. 987714 ID: ce39da

Bug telepathy. It can't communicate with "higher lifeforms," but the level of coordination between the surrounding bugs shoots up by quite a bit.

Try boosting its level by 1 to see if it's "locked-in" when you first grant a power... unless you already know the answer to this.
No. 987792 ID: afe7de
File 161311238022.png - (12.39KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_046.png )

You focus on the roach and try to pull up it’s status window, if you gave it a power, you should be able to read it’s status.


Name: Drone 657R
Age: 45 Days
Power: Hive Mind (1)

This creature can transfer it’s thoughts to other creatures of a similar race.
As it’s power level increases, it can increase the maximum distance between the other creatures and thus the maximum size of the hive
As long as one creature connected to the hive mind lives, it will not die.
However, to prevent fracturing, only one creature within the hive may be “concious” at a time, controlling the other creatures.
Every creature in the hive outside of this range falls unconcious for a brief period until the creature reconnects to the hive or it is released from the hive.
Current Range: 1 Meter.

You were honestly surprised at the depth of the prompt you received and half expected it to be a lot vaguer, the even stranger thing was that this roach had a NAME. Well, seeing as how it’s been with you the whole time, it must have taken a liking to you, that or it knows you gave it this power, which is strange and implies some things, not that you could get any answers out of the thing.


You think briefly about this bug and about boosting it’s level by 1 and decide that it’s worth it. This little friend of yours actually stayed by you this whole time. Plus it would give you a better understanding about your own power too.
No. 987793 ID: afe7de
File 161311240957.png - (23.27KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_047.png )

You focus your mind on the roach, giving it a light tap with your finger, a soft blue glow surrounds it. You feel the loss of 2 ENERGY and you are greeted with a new prompt

Power “Hive Mind” Has been improved by [1] Level.

Range of hive has been increased to 2 Meters.


Power “Telepathy” has been added to Drone 657R

Power: Telepathy (1)

This creature can link it’s mind to a target, linked target’s surface thoughts can be read, and any target it links with can hear it’s surface thoughts.
Current range: 1 Meter

Achievements screen unlocked

Achievement “First Mutation” has been unlocked
No. 987794 ID: afe7de
File 161311242843.png - (7.08KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_048.png )


You: WHAT.
No. 987795 ID: 0fae41

There's no need to think in all caps, we can hear you just fine.
No. 987796 ID: b1b4f3

You now have a pet roach. Pretty easy to feed at least.
No. 987798 ID: 094652

Interesting, your power requires X energy to increase someone's level from X-1 to X.

Also, freak out because
No. 987799 ID: e51896

Tell him in return for granting him powers, please don't tell anyone about your powers to awaken people. Actually, it might be best if he only talks to you and other bugs.

Other than that, ask if he wants to journey with you.

Shall we go to the mart and window shop to see what things we can get to budget our money?
No. 987800 ID: e51896


No. 987806 ID: afe7de
File 161311556623.png - (9.12KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_049.png )






You: You. You had TRAINING!!! What, were all roaches in the city trained to be SPIES to some BUG SUPER or something.




You: Okay, okay, calming down… and could you stop screaming into my head.


No. 987807 ID: 8483cf

Wait, was this roach being controlled by another Awakened? Is someone spying on us?
No. 987808 ID: 0fae41

Well, we're a long way from the city. Try and gather an army by sweeping this room for pests. You get an army, we get a clean living space, it's a win-win.
No. 987809 ID: e51896

Might as well be the ambassador of humanity for the roaches to maintain peace between roachkind and mankind and not start a war. God dammit.
No. 987810 ID: 894419

Uh Roach, (can I call you Roach?) I can't really go back to the city right now. I'm sort of completely out of cash. Could you do a kingdom... here instead? I mean, I assume you were the only sapient roach right? You didn't have like a loving roach family I took you away from right? Please tell me you didn't have a loving roach family.
No. 987812 ID: c09f5e

Deep breaths, buddy. Deep breaths. Sure, your exit wasn't so clean off the record, and you'd have to find protection from whatever supervillain gets any ideas. But that takes time, and it's not now. Deep breaths.

You have at least one day. One day of normal life as a normal person. Tonight, you'll make friends, maybe even get a normal date (as unlikely as it is).

You'll deal with it when it comes.
No. 987814 ID: c09f5e

This is still good, too.
No. 987816 ID: 094652

"Yes, well, you are still quite literally an insect - for now. I can increase your powers up to 5 over time, but that's the best I can do; I can't awaken anything twice, so I can't give you any new powers directly.
Except I just made you a miniature hive mind. Tell you what - if you can find me some more cockroaches nearby, I'll give them powers and we can see if your hive will absorb those as well. You can also bring other animals here and I'll zap em.
And please don't go back to the city! The super who trained you will catch on if you steal more agents directly from them! We have to build your powers and an army if we want to take them down."
No. 987817 ID: 9a2966

Hey. Dude. Hey dude, chill. You appear to have accidentally made a friend. Possibly a friend for life. However long longest-lasting spy-roaches live. And you've learned more about your own power.

Say, yes, that is better and well met, and you're, um, happy to have given it its freedom, all disturbing implications aside. You're new to this 'Awakening' business, truth be told, and wasn't sure how it was going to pan out.

So you've come to this small town to... keep safe and test your limits in relative obscurity. If... if the drone wants to help you out a bit with settling in here and keeping you safe - not bodyguard duty or anything, just lay of the land stuff - you'd be happy to give it another boost later. As, yes, you can do that.

Not indefinitely, but let it know there's room for further empowerment, and the more you trust it the more inclined you'll be to give it that. In general you don't want to create 'baddies' by accident.

But first off, what's this business about an OVERMIND? Would it, they, know you did something to its drone, and follow you here?
No. 987818 ID: ce39da

‘You had a Roach kingdom you could go back to, yet you chose to take along with me?’

Meanwhile; experiment was a success. We learned a lot about our power: We can indeed power up a power after we’ve already awakened someone, but it still costs the full amount as though we wanted to grant a Lv.2 power from the start. I imagine that boosting by more than one level at once is even more costly. Also, increased levels usually just lead to increases in numerical values, but sometimes “mutations” leading to additional powers can occur. BTW, I’m assuming you do indeed have to physically touch someone to Awaken them? Also, did you start feeling different after Awakening, i.e. if you somehow missed the initial notification (like it happened in your sleep or something), would you still be able to tell that you’ve Awakened? Ask the same of the roach, as well as:

‘Er, by the way, were you just able to put together who awakened you based on empirical evidence, i.e. “he touched me, I glowed, Q.E.D.” or was there some instinct that told you it was me when you look at me?’
No. 987819 ID: 031458

This is no ordinary roach. It seems they are a ex-pat of some bizarre roach civilisation. Probably set up by a super villain.
Good thing the city has so many supers.

Anyway, NEAT a new friend. Though if y'all are gonna hang out they need to stay clean. Prepare a tiny bath in the sink.
No. 987823 ID: 86aaf2

The tiny bath should totally be in a saucer filled with slightly soapy water with a small amount of cloth for them to rub against, and another saucer full of non-soapy water for rinsing off. Take it from that coffee maker setup that all hotels have in each room.
No. 987825 ID: 8a51ec

We might want to be at least a little concerned that someone definitely heard us screaming about roach spies
No. 987895 ID: afe7de
File 161320544748.png - (7.35KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_051.png )

Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the implications of this roach you decide to take things one step at a time and ask your more pressing questions.

You: So you were being controlled by another Awakened? Was someone spying on us?


You: Do… do you think whoever sent you knows what happened?


You: Okay… Okay, so, what is this… OVERMIND?


You: Do you think she would follow us here?


You: Uh Roach, Can I call you Roach? I assume you were the only sapient roach right? You didn't have like a loving roach family I took you away from right? Please tell me you didn't have a loving roach family.

No. 987897 ID: afe7de
File 161320555101.png - (6.28KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_050.png )

You: So the entire city just had roaches that acted as a big information network. Damn. I wonder what for though…

You: You had a Roach Kingdom to go back to, yet you chose to tag along with me. Why?


You: Okay, umm… thanks.

You: Er, by the way, were you just able to put together who awakened you based on empirical evidence, i.e. “he touched me, I glowed, Q.E.D.” or was there some instinct that told you it was me when you look at me


You: Okay. Okay. So um, in return for granting you powers, please don’t tell anyone about my power to awaken creatures, and if you can help it try to only talk to other bugs, I cant imagine what someone would do if they found out that you were telepathic.


You: So um… Do you want to travel with me? Or like maybe start a kingdom in this town, Im honestly scared in settling down here and being kept safe, and the more friends I have the better.


You: Here’s a snack, how about just chilling in my backpack for now.

Roach heads into your backpack and you can hear quiet little sniffling noises in there, sounds like you made a new friend today, a very devoted and loyal friend that just wants to help because you freed him from mind control. Neat! Your freak out and Q/A session with Roach only took about 15 minutes, it’s 5PM now. Do you want to look at anything else on your bed, or head out to the town, Lyst-y-Mart sounds like a pretty good idea, if only so you can get some more snacks.
No. 987898 ID: b1b4f3

You'll want a terrarium or something to keep him in. *Is* it a male roach?
Also, you gotta come up with a better name. Hmm, drone 657r... looks like bsTr. Buster works for a male name, for sure.

No. 987899 ID: 8a51ec

Getting snacks at Lyst-y-Mart sounds good, we should also start making our mind up about who exactly we plan on spending the night with while we're at it
No. 987900 ID: 894419

Lyst-y-mart ho!
No. 987906 ID: e51896

Display family photo somewhere (unless you are trying to keep your family a secret and want to keep it in your bag to avoid anyone from coming in here and seeing it), read cat note and consider using it to write objectives and reminders, go window shopping.

Also, how much BUX is in your bank card? To help us budget, You might want to use the bank card ONLY to pay bills like phone and payments for staying at the hapless stone for example and use whatevers left for other things. Look for an ATM at the mart to deposit money in while youre there.

Fill up water bottle.
No. 987909 ID: 12b116

No. 987913 ID: ce39da

"To be clear, did the notification say anything about who I am besides 'the person who gave you powers?' What was the exact wording there?"

It sounds like you won't be able to hide the fact that someone's manually Awakening people, but you can hide your identity. Seeing as you're currently the new guy in town, I'd hold off on empowering peeps, at least until the timing is no longer suspicious.

Update your CAT NOTE with all this new info.
No. 987951 ID: afe7de
File 161326061474.png - (17.43KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_052.png )

You pull out your notebook lovingly called the “CAT NOTE” and flip to the “TASKS” page you had previously written before. You check off finding a job and place to stay for now, having completed those objectives. That still leaves finding a more permanent residence, someone you trust to use your power on, practice, and you scribble a new addition: FIND OUT IF OVERMIND IS A HERO OR VILLAIN. It seems important given you have one of her drones, not that you want to step on her toes or anything yet.

You also make general notes and observations about your powers today, namely that mutations can occur. What exactly causes that mutation is currently unknown though. You also make a note that it cost 2 points to level Hive mind from rank 1 to rank 2, all power costs might be different.

You put your family photo back in your wallet, best to keep it close by, in case you’re ever feeling sentimental. You think briefly about your bank account, it’s sitting at a lame 0 BUX, you did spend ALL of your savings getting here after all.

After putting your clothes and toiletries away in the bedside cabinet, you stuff the rest of your stuff in your bag and fill up your water bottle. Making sure to avoid hurting Roach you pause for a moment.

You: Hey Roach, did the notification of information you got tell you anything about who I am other than that I gave you the powers?


You: Um, could you call me Cat, that’s my name, and it didn’t tell you my name or anything, just that the umm “GREAT AWAKENER” did it?


You: Okay, thanks.
No. 987952 ID: afe7de
File 161326063894.png - (11.09KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_053.png )

You walk on over to the Lyst-Y-Mart, as you’re heading there you pass by several other townsfolk, walking to their homes, or headed to the Hapless Stone, probably done with their work days. The Lyst-Y-Mart is a wide, boxy building reminiscent of most supermarkets you remember from the big city. You head in, the chime of some tune you never heard before playing as you cross the electric sliding doors. The inside is spacious, with a section dedicated to general groceries and another section dedicated to general goods and clothes.

Peanut: Welcome to Lyst-y-Mart for all your grocer or general store needs. What can I get cha for?
No. 987954 ID: ce39da

Okay, how to tell if a bird is a dude or a lady: Are their feathers colorful and/or high contrast, or are they dull/muted? (Or do girl birds have boobs in this universe?)

“Just picking up some snackage.”
Think: ‘Got any preference, Roro?’
No. 987955 ID: 8a51ec

We should ask about snacks first before we start smalltalking him up, and probably condoms too all things considered
No. 987959 ID: e51896

First, ask if he has an ATM to deposit BUX in so that we can be sure we are budgeting for our phone, and for our place.

Next, lets check the prices for snacks (for roach. We can eat for free at the bar), hardware tools, condoms (XL size, even if it is true or not.)
No. 987966 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, sounds like if you wore a disguise you could Awaken someone without them knowing who you are. Though, the fact that a "mysterious person" started doing this just after you arrived in town makes it hard to truly go incognito.

Well, food's covered...
Check to see how much a terrarium would cost.
No. 987984 ID: afe7de
File 161326951260.png - (8.50KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_054.png )

You briefly think back to your time in school, where they taught you ways to identify the different “Kin” as they liked to be referred to as. Wing-kin in particular do tend to have different colorations, but you can usually tell their gender by their mass of plumage on their chest, or how females are just plain taller. You once dated a bird lass and her chest was so soft you frequently fell asleep on it. You shake your head and get your minds out of the gutter. You mentally ask Roach if he wants anything in particular


You pick up a pack of SWEETS from the counter.

You: And um… could I get one pack of um… condoms…

Peanut: Sure nuff stranger. That’ll be 2 BUX for the sweets and 4 BUX for the condoms. Anything else I can help ya with?

You: Two more questions. First, got an ATM?

Peanut: Yeppers, it’s in the back near the booze.

You: And um, you wouldn’t happen to have any terrariums would you? For like insects or lizards?

Peanut: Well uh, we do have ONE portable insect carrier, someone ordered it months ago but canceled their order last minute, so now we just have this on the shelf. It’s 10 BUX if you want it.

Peanut: But if yer wanting something bigger we could always order it for ya. Or ya could use some sort of online service or something like that, but they’d charge shipping and we won’t.
No. 987985 ID: b1b4f3

You don't got the funds to buy the terrarium today.
No. 987987 ID: e51896

We have 23 BUX.

Condoms are 4 bux
Sweets are 2 bux
terrerium is 10 bux

That'll leave us with 7 bux

Reminder that we will need 33 BUX on Friday for our stay at the Hapless Stone, and 5 BUX for Sunday for the phone.
No. 987989 ID: 8a51ec

I guess our budget is too tight for that terrarium, sorry Roach
No. 987990 ID: e51896

We can probably make it work. Maybe just get the snacks and the terrarium, but leave the condoms behind which will leave us with 11 BUX. It isn't like you are going to fuck someone early especially since you just got here in town, plus and they only have one left. Who knows when that might disappear.

But if we are not going to get the terrarium, and want to save money for maybe a drink with Willamina, maybe we can see what tools they have instead.
No. 987995 ID: 8a51ec

A terrarium is pretty overkill for the first day regardless, but I guess there's plenty more to do in bed that doesn't put our social life on the line
No. 987999 ID: 894419

Prolly want to hold off on the terrarium for now,I'm sure as long as your careful your backpack is fine for roach. We can grab luxuries when we're not destitute.
No. 988002 ID: b1b4f3

>33 bux on friday
Oh, I forgot we have to pay on fridays, not tonight.

Good point.

Let's just get a cardboard box or something for now.
No. 988011 ID: afe7de
File 161328248841.png - (6.18KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_055.png )

You get the SWEETS and CONDOMS for now, leaving you with 17 BUX. You think about heading to the ATM and depositing some money into your bank account, but resist the urge to do so for now, maybe after you get paid tomorrow.

You: Thanks for the stuff Peanut, I’ll probably be back when I have some more money to get that terrarium. Uh, could you maybe hold onto it for me for a few days?

Peanut: Sure can, what’s yer name. I’ll mark it down and keep it in the back for a few days before putting it back on the shelf.

You: Cat. Nice to meet you.

Peanut: Pleasure’s all mine, have a nice night!!!

You head out, noticing on a clock nearby that it’s 5:45PM, and its starting to get dark out. You should probably head on over to the Hapless Stone to meet up with Willamina.
No. 988012 ID: afe7de
File 161328250620.png - (8.57KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_056.png )

You see her, your employer, sitting at the bar. She’s going to town on a few beers already with a side of fries next to her. She’s wearing a dress that’s more revealing then you would have expected from her. She hasn’t noticed you yet.
No. 988014 ID: e51896

Already went through a few beers? Keep in mind she probably might be drunk then, so having a normal conversation with her might be difficult. Could be a chance to offer to walk her home later once you form a better relationship with her tonight, roads might be dangerous for someone in her state.

For now just greet both Willamina and Oriel and check what is on the menu so we can figure out what drink and food to buy.
No. 988015 ID: b1b4f3

Idea: Drink a whole lot with her, then Awaken her after she passes out. Then she'll have no idea you did it.
"Hey boss, you ready to get fucking DRUNK?"
No. 988016 ID: f8fa51

Sit down and say hellow before ordering something to eat. Skip the beer unless it's very cheap, it would be the easiest expense to cut right now.
No. 988019 ID: e51896


Wallet (contains bank card, pistol license, ID, and family photo)
A notebook and pens
A water bottle - Full.
A Recharging Mana Pistol

(not sure what Cat is wearing under those clothes, if anything at all)

STORAGE (or stuff at home)

Clothes (turtlenecks, slacks, boyshorts, socks, hoodie)


(whenever we spend/receive money or lose/receive new stuff, I will make another post with an updated list.)
No. 988020 ID: 8a51ec

This seems about right, we should be as frugal as possible until we have a reliable income
No. 988021 ID: afe7de
File 161328564366.png - (9.99KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_057.png )

You walk up and sit down beside Willamina, waving over Oriel. She drops a menu in front of you.

Oriel: First drink’ll be a GOOD one and for only 1 BUX sugar. Let me know when you know what you wanna order.

You nod and briefly look over the menu

MENU (costs have been abreviated for brevity, feel free to order at any time during this conversation)
BIG MEAL = 7 BUX (good for sharing)


and then look over to Willamina.

Willamina: Didn’t expect you to ACTUALLY to show up.

You: I’m still getting used to town, I stopped by the Mart for a snack.

Willamina: So how are you liking our QUAINT little town?
No. 988022 ID: b1b4f3

It's a lot... sexier than you expected.
No. 988025 ID: e51896

"First impressions so far: quiet, and people are a lot more friendlier here compared to the noisy, busy community I came from. It is a change I'll have to get used to, but a welcoming one"

lets see if we can establish a friendship with Willamina before we decide on a large meal to share with her (like the family nachos so she can dip her fries in the cheese) or regular meal in case things don't go well during our interactions with her.
But we can get the "A Good Drink" right now
No. 988026 ID: 894419

Of course I came, wouldn't miss it for the world. Town's quite nice so far, I think I'll like it here.

Anything you want? The meals on me tonight.
No. 988034 ID: 12b116

You should probably go dutch because she probably makes significantly more money than you. That being said, order equivalent to your hunger.

"You know, a lot friendlier than I expected, to be honest. Most people in the city are dickheads."
No. 988036 ID: ce39da

"Very easy to navigate. Also, the people here are friendly and, uh... a bit more forward than they are in the City."

Honestly, Willamena's relative lack of thirst makes her refreshing in comparison, if you're to be honest. Probably wise not to say this out loud, though.

No need to bring up who's paying just yet.

"Willamena, could you tell me what the extents of the Hapless Stone's 'good drinks' are? Like, are their craft beers separate from the cheaper 'beer' on the menu? What about spirits, cocktails, coffee, etcetera?" If their house drafts are separate from the cheap stuff, you'd be a fool not to try one at least once, considering it's supposed to be this place's specialty. If it isn't separate, order an old fashioned.

Either way, they'd pair well with a cheeseburger and onion rings - treat yourself for the first night. (Do make sure the server knows this is the food you're getting if/when you ask them for a draft recommendation.)
No. 988049 ID: eb1fcc

"A lot nicer. The city's rough."
No. 988093 ID: afe7de
File 161334681830.png - (9.83KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_058.png )

You: It’s nice, everyone’s been really friendly, much friendlier than back in the city. Most of them were really cold, and if you didn’t have a power you were looked down upon by those who did.

Willamina: Been to the city ONCE. Got mistaken for a Supe cause of my SCARS, people let me be. Got any friends back in the city?

You: Some, though I got the feeling they looked down on me for being a mundane, didn’t seem to care when I said I was leaving either.

You look at the menu, there’s a lot of drinks you dont recognize. Though you can tell that all of the beers cost the same at 2 BUX and all of the cocktails and spirits cost the same at 5 BUX. There’s no house beer on the menu that you can tell. But there is an alcoholic lemonade on tap that seems to be special to this bar, that one costs 2 BUX.

You: Got any drink reccomendations? Oriel said she’d give me a GOOD drink for 1 BUX.

Willamina: Go with the house Madras, she uses a special MANA INFUSED vodka that can get even supes plastered, and it’s DAMN good too.

You wave over Oriel and order a drink, letting her know that you’ll probably have decided on food by the time she gets back with it.

Willamina: So, you moved out of the city cause you felt like you didn’t BELONG? Tell me about yourself, what’d YOU DO before you came HERE?
No. 988094 ID: 8a51ec

We used to be the janitor for a crappy meat packing factory at one point, didn't last long after we found a health inspector bound and gagged in the janitor's closet when we came to work an hour early
No. 988098 ID: 094652

>"You didn't BELONG?"
"Worse. I belonged to something I hated, something damaging and cruel. When my brother... you know what, I don't want to talk about it.
My family thought I'd awaken. Hell, I believe I will be an awakened before I turn 25. But I saw what awakened do to others in the city, their former friends, their close family members, even other awakened, and I realized that I couldn't let myself go through psycho-puberty, even if it meant throwing away a good life. Heh, 'good'. Nothing good and pure left for me there.
I lost my path in life, but I've never felt more free. I guess we'll find out if that's actually a bad thing."
No. 988110 ID: b1b4f3

I really like this one.
No. 988111 ID: e51896

You were a lowly taxi driver after you couldn't cut it in college since most jobs people go to college for also required somebody to have specific awakened powers you don't have. The college staff recommended you to stop pursuing college because of that, but at least they gave you your money back. a white lie since it is technically the truth while you still never specifically say you have a power or not You're right now trying to pursue art as a hobby while living a more quiet life.
No. 988116 ID: 031458

I went to school for graphics design. I loved to doodle as a kid and figured a career in art would be fun.

20,000 bux of student loan debt later I got to discover that no, spending 60-80 hours a week making stupid ads for stupid people selling stupid stuff is not fun. The pay was decent, but the moment I was able pay off my debts I got the hell out.

Maybe I'll go freelance once I figure out a more permanent living situation. The whole starving artist thing, I dunno.
No. 988117 ID: 6093e4

The inspector thing was the wake-up call I needed, sold everything I had and decided to leave the city behind.
No. 988118 ID: e7c7d3

I do wonder if the inspector ever escaped that closet though...
No. 988129 ID: ce39da

“I mean, you shoulda seen the look on his face when I found him! Heck, you probably shoulda seen my face!”

Order an Old-Fashioned - it’s a spirit cocktail, but not one that usually comes in a huge volume - with a burger and onion rings. If she asks why not the Madras, explain that you aren’t really the “getting plastered” type. (After all, the last thing we want is to fire off our power in a drunken stupor - although doing it to someone who’s also blackout-drunk would be decent cover, the circumstances might end up being too obvious if we aren’t sober enough ourselves to properly arrange them.)
No. 988135 ID: afe7de
File 161336742629.png - (7.53KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_059.png )

Oriel drops by and hands you a drink, you thank her and then look over to Willamina.

You: Want to split a Family Nacho platter?

Willamina: Sure, I can dip my FRIES in them.

You order the chips and Oriel speeds off, shouting something into the kitchen.

You: So, as we were saying. Hmm. I had a few jobs, was going to college, wanted to become a tinker but got discouraged by the college staff because I wasnt an awakened at the time, so they refunded my tuition and I was a taxi driver for a bit.

You: So then I worked on projects in my spare time, but with no funding or blueprints or special power, that didn’t really go anywhere, and then I got a job as a janitor at a crappy meat packing factory, didn’t last long though.

YouI found a health inspector bound and gagged in the janitors closet when I came an hour early once, so I closed the door and walked away from the job.

Willamina: That’s FUCKED.

You: The last time I interfered in something like that they broke my arm, beat me, took my things, and left me for dead. The inspector thing was the was the wake up call I needed, sold everything I had and left the city behind.

Willamina: SHIT, is it really that bad in the city?

You: I lived in a bad part of town, it was all I could afford after…

You take a big glug of your drink. It tastes good, burns your throat a little bit. But the feeling reminds you that you’re still here, that things will eventually be okay.

You: You know, my family thought I’d awaken. That things would get better for us all, little good that did, they’re gone now.
No. 988136 ID: afe7de
File 161336743962.png - (6.72KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_060.png )

Willamina: Hey, it’s not all bad. You came to a new PLACE, got a new job, found a place to stay, and are surrounded by friendly PEOPLE.

Willamina is silent for a moment, she looks down and pauses before continuing.

Willamina: I used to think I would awaken too. Too LITTLE too late though, my family’s gone too.

Willamina: There was a fire, no one knows what caused it to this day, but I saw them BURNING, if Gruk and Trey hadn’t been nearby, I wouldn’t be here. That’s where these SCARS came from.

You: Sorry for both our losses. Sorry for being so depressing too.

Willamina: It’s cool, most people in town ALREADY know about it and the scars, just filling ya in.
No. 988137 ID: b1b4f3

So that bordello looks like a fun place, huh?
No. 988138 ID: e51896

Now lets brighten the mood a bit. First thank her for hiring you when you were in a tight spot, then tell her you'll do your best to not let her down as her new courier to lessen each other's burden.
No. 988139 ID: 8a51ec

"I already have my reasons to thank you, I really should return the favor sometime. No flirt intended."
No. 988143 ID: e85a08

Be glad she didn't catch you saying "wasn't an awakened at the time."
No. 988147 ID: c5d2fe

"S'all good. But hell, part of why I came here? Like you said, wipe the slate clean. Frankly it's already better. Good drinks, good company. Damn blessing, it is.
No. 988151 ID: 6093e4

this, then after a pause:

"So... if you could have awakened to anything you wanted, what would it have been?"
No. 988245 ID: afe7de
File 161345930532.png - (11.69KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_061.png )

Oriel pops by and drops a platter of nachos, you and Willamina thank her and keep talking.

You: Let’s brighten the mood a little bit. Thanks for hiring me by the way, hopefully I’ll lessen your burden.

Willamina: Hrmm, we’ll see how you do TOMORROW. Though the help is appreciated.

You: So that bordello seems like a fun place, there’s a few in the city but they were always really expensive and catered towards the Awakened.

Willamina: Yeah, quite a few of our towns RESIDENTS are regulars there, I dont THINK anyone who works there is an awakened.

Willamina: You’ll probably meet her on your route but there’s this this ELF chick named Leshanna that lives in town, she’s LOADED by the way, who almost exclusively BANKROLLS the brothel with her visits. Word of advice, DON’T piss her off.

You: Noted. Elves are a pretty rare sight, if I remember correctly don’t most of them live on another continent?

Willamina: Most of em yeah, and they have a larger population of awakened than most other races for some reason.

You: I remember reading up on that in my metahuman studies classes in grade school, something about genetic predisposition.

You both pause for a minute and think about this
No. 988246 ID: afe7de
File 161345934211.png - (7.71KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_062.png )

You: While we’re on the topic, let’s go with the tried and true question that everybody loves. If you could awaken to any power you wanted, what would it be?

Willamina: You know, ever since the ACCIDENT, I always thought it’d be useful to have SOME sort of Cryokinetic power, maybe prevent something like that from happening again, or heck, maybe some kinda WINDY power, then I could at least FLY or something.

Willamina: What about you?

You: Definitely something tinker related, I always wanted to be able to invent cool gadgets and use them, maybe help out the other non powered people and put out self defense items like the Mana Pistols, Foam Guns, and the like.

You: The amount of times I’ve seen situations where stuff like that would be useful and it wasnt around was uncountable back in the City.

Willamina: DIDN’T take you to be that much of a humanitarian.

You: Yeah especially after walking away from that janitor, but at least if I could make that stuff then maybe I could have stood up for myself you know?

Willamina: Yeah, the WORLD isn’t really fair with that kinda stuff.

The Nachos are pretty decent and you both are chowing down on them pretty hard.
No. 988247 ID: 894419

Yeah I suppose not, but maybe we'll start getting closer to fair sooner than later.

So, aside from sorting mail and hanging around here, what do you do with your free time Willamina?
No. 988248 ID: b1b4f3

What's fun to do around here?
No. 988249 ID: 094652

"Well, I figure we'll get what we want eventually, but we have to need it first. Or maybe things will always be cruel because the people who work the most to reach the top are also the second most mentally skewed.

These are good nachos."
No. 988257 ID: e51896

Ask that even though this town is peaceful, if there is still anything you should be wary of in town, especially when doing your rounds at delivering the mail.

But yeah, this >>988247 ask what she does for fun around town during her free time.
No. 988278 ID: e8e038

Okay, I gotta know.
Towns like this always have something at least a little fucked up about them.
What's the dirt?
No. 988308 ID: afe7de
File 161354563184.png - (7.61KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_063.png )

You: Well I figure we’ll get what we want eventually, but we have to need it first. Or maybe things will always be cruel because the people who work the most to reach the top are also the second most mentally skewed.

Willamina: Or we’ll reach the POWER SINGULARITY and just bite the dust. You know, it’s amazing we’ve only lost ONE continent since Awakened first showed up.

Willamina: Coulda sworn we’d destroy the planet instead, but hey, SMALL miracles.

You nod and have a few more nachos.

You: These are good nachos.

You: So, aside from sorting mail and hanging around here, what do you do with your free time Willamina?

Willamina: I like to take PHOTOGRAPHS.

She looks a little sad for a moment but then takes a drink from her beer, finishing it off and seems normal again.

You: Anything in particular you like to take photos of?

Willamina: Yeah, social GATHERINGS and big events are nice. I like it when we host stuff at the COMMUNITY center here. It’s lively, you know.

You both make some small talk and finish up the nachos, seems this date is winding down, it’s 7:30 PM now.
No. 988309 ID: eb5783

You have THE POWER, use it!
No. 988310 ID: b1b4f3

I think we should Awaken her. But we gotta make sure she won't spill the beans.
Ask her if she can keep a secret. It's something that you'll have to talk about in private though, not here.
No. 988311 ID: 094652

Go searching for a wild animal to give powers to, especially since you have a sentient telepathic cockroach who can translate.
No. 988312 ID: 8a51ec

I guess the subsequent sleepiness after having sex would be enough of a distraction to awaken her, let's start by asking if she was just kidding about that "all night long" thing
No. 988314 ID: e51896

I feel we should establish a better friendship with her first before deciding to give her powers (would be suspicious if people find out she suddenly got powers around the same day we arrived) or sex (kind of feel like having a sexual relationship with her would feel more satisfying and special if it was earned. Plus would be scummy if she is intoxicated and we asked for sex)

I'm curious as to how many of those bottles she drank. Maybe she drank less than what she bought after talking to you? take a glance at the bottles to find out.

If she looks drunk, maybe ask if she would like you to walk her home.

Most importantly, check the bill for your drink and meal.
No. 988316 ID: c5d2fe

Let's not go giving powers all willy-nilly just yet. This is still our 1st day of knowing her. We can establish a better friendship 1st.
No. 988318 ID: 894419

Offer to walk her home.

"Hey, thanks for coming out, it was a nice evening Willamina."

Then when you're somewhere nobody but you two are gonna see, awaken her. Also wink when you do, that's an essential step. The wink is critical.
No. 988320 ID: 9a2966

Handing out powers willy-nilly does seem silly. More something to do to someone in a moment of crisis in the hopes it might help. You can't exactly un-hand them, after all, so once the choice is made it's MADE.

Of course, you did come here to experiment with your Arcane Catalyst power, so you should get to it soon enough! But establishing a level of trust, or at least familiarity, with whoever you Awaken before you do so is definitely WISE! This talk with Willamina was good for that, she at least doesn't seem like a bad person, even if she's a bit groucho and downtrodden by life's more unfortunate circumstances. You want to ensure your chosen target aren't loons or people with an axe to grind before you hand them an axe (potentially a CONTINENT-splitting axe, at that).

Having them be well disposed towards you seems important as well. You have your own situation to consider, given that we now know that any you "Awaken" will definitely know for sure you're the one who gave them the power. Then there's, y'know, the moral ramifications of changing someone's life, particularly without their explicit say-so (maybe never do this, unless aforementioned crisis occurs).

Though... it also seems most people'd give an arm or a leg for a decent power - and as long as you're around it'd be upgradable~. Bet you that guy who could sweat profusely on command had a low power level and that if you could upgrade him he could, um, start to literally sweat bullets or something. Ah. On that thought, maybe be very careful about going whole hog on empowering someone all the way to level 5.

Willamina does seem like a potential candidate, for a turn-her-life-around chance. Sure, it sounds like she's got some ghosts from the ACCIDENT, but that doesn't necessarily mean she'd turn to douchevillainy given her apparent sentiments.

Anyway, those thoughts aside, asks her about what sort of GATHERINGS and COMMUNITY events tend to occur. You may not be the most social of butterflies, but you'd at least want to check in. (It'd also be a good place to check out other people to potentially empower.)

Ah... and, hey, here's a thing you should start doing, when you have the chance. Try to detect if people have a power already - start with with Will here, since you're both sitting down and close, just like how you did with Roach/Drone 657R (who, by the way, should probably get to name themselves if they don't want to keep their old designation). Do this since poor powers are generally something people may keep to themselves out of shame or simply no longer giving a crap once they know they haven't won the lottery... but considering you can upgrade these, they may not end up being so useless after all! And the gratitude of upgrading a 'useless' power into something more useful ought to be quite real, perhaps more so than giving someone a random power that doesn't align with their wants or interests.
No. 988322 ID: ce39da

Don't empower her on the spot, but yeah, she's definitely going on a list of good candidates. The notification tells the recipient it was 'that person' who gave the power, but not necessarily who they are. If you wear a costume, you might be able to hide your identity when you do the deed.

You'll also want to hold off on granting anything to more social people for a few days; having the mass-awakening start the night that you arrive would be incredibly suspicious.

Willamena seems nice, but you'll need to have more than two conversations to determine if she can be trusted with your secret.
No. 988485 ID: afe7de
File 161371784447.png - (8.80KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_064.png )

> How drunk is Willamina
You look at the bottles, it seems like she just had two beers, from your experience most people don’t get drunk from such a small amount of alchohol, though you are feeling a little TIPSY from your drink, this won’t impair your actions, but you do feel slightly warm and giddier than usual.

> Check the bill
You wave over Oriel and she charges you 8 BUX for the meal and drink, you begin to pull out your wallet when Willamina stops you and pays for the meal.

Willamina: I got today’s drinks and SNACKS. You’re still new in town and don’t have too much MONEY so I couldn’t in good conscience make you pay for it all. Just pay me back by doing a good job at work tomorrow ALRIGHT?

You: Uh, t-t-thanks.

Your mind wanders to your power for a moment, your conflicted and half of you is telling you to use your power on Willamina, the other half is telling you to hold off for now, but can she keep a secret, what will she do if she finds out this is your power, what if the power you give her ends up being something she doesent want, what if you end up giving her an ability that can destroy anther continent, what if you dont look COOL when you’re giving her powers?!?!?

Willamina: I’m gonna take a walk through the park before I head home. Wanna come with?
No. 988486 ID: 8483cf

She's a nice person! Do it!
No. 988487 ID: b1b4f3


>use power?!
Don't put out until the second date! Also maybe you should ask Isabella about her. She seemed to have a negative opinion, maybe you can find out why.
No. 988488 ID: 8a51ec

How could we say no to that face?
No. 988489 ID: e51896

Even though Willamina is paying for the food, should we leave a tip for Oriel? maybe 3 or 4 bux? Or is this country not into the custom of tip giving?

Yes, lets go to the park. Lets see how things go in the park before we decide on whether or not to awaken Willamina. We'll want to make this moment last as we get to know her more. But I think if we do decide to awaken her tonight, it should be towards the end of the date, and we should FIRST ask if she can keep a secret and tell her about our power so that we don't do it without her consent. (It is one of our tasks after all to find someone we can trust to talk about our power to after all... ROACH DOESN'T COUNT!) >>987951

Keep in mind that Hadlee park is named after her family clan name after they died. Don't be surprised if she gets a little melancholy. Don't bring it up unless she talks about it.

as for what to do on the way to the park, show some of your dumb doodles you drew on your CAT notes to give her a laugh... (except for those pages where you write your tasks... and those pages where you draw lewd stuff). Draw her as well. Maybe ask how long she's been working at the post office.
No. 988490 ID: 894419

"How could I refuse a smile like that!" also after a romantic walk in the city park is the perfect time awaken someone.
No. 988494 ID: 094652

You're both drunk, don't give powers to people in this state, especially in the heat of a moment. Look for animal test subjects.
No. 988509 ID: 031458

Hell yeah I do!
No. 988512 ID: 5c4463

Sure. Would be nice.

And let's show a teensy bit of restraint, huh? Especially considering she's plastered.
No. 988517 ID: 262bc7

Usually a good idea to go with the girl.
Avoid powers, too early to tell with her, she may have less obvious moral failures. So far, so good, though.

Or there's always the bad guy route. Use your powers to get a lot of loyal beasts. Use them to take over places. Rule as their god. You get the idea.
No. 988518 ID: 3ed3c3

A walk sounds lovely.
No. 988576 ID: eb5783

Walk to the park with her. Then trot out THE POWER.
No. 988578 ID: afe7de
File 161380683964.png - (12.34KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_065.png )

> Leave a tip
> Join her for a walk
You decide to leave a tip for Oriel, depositing 3 BUX on the counter. Grabbing your backpack you head out the front door with Willamina, deciding to join her on a short walk. The night is young and the moons are out. A gentle breeze caresses the both of you as you walk through a dirt path that snakes through the park. You pass by the Ruffled Haunch and can hear a few people outside drinking and chatting each other up. Eventually you pass them and head deeper into the park, barely saying a word to one another, it’s not a bad silence, just enjoying each other’s company and your own thoughts can be nice every now and again. Eventually Willamina speaks up.

Willamina: Thanks for spending some time with me today. Most PEOPLE, they kind of um, are PUT OFF by me, and I can be a little aggressive at times.

You: Pff. You’re not nearly as aggressive as people were back in the city. Though uh, if you dont mind me asking, I was wondering if there was something going on between you and Isabella. She seemed to have a negative opinion of you.

Willamina: She’s a BITCH, don’t trust her goody two shoes routine, she acts all sweet to you and then when it’s most CONVENIENT to you stabs you in the back. I’ve caught her on more than one occasion trash talking my family, my DEAD family.

Willamina: I swear, she SNEERED at me when she saw what happened to my house and family. Girl has to be a psychopath.

Willamina looks down at the ground and kicks a rock roughly.
No. 988579 ID: 8a51ec

"...That just sounds like she's the one who set the fire."
No. 988580 ID: b1b4f3

Now why would she do something like that?
...Isabella usually lives in the city, huh? Maybe it has something to do with that.
No. 988581 ID: 094652

>Who to trust
Remember, in Among Us if you see two idiots pointing fingers at each other over who they definitely saw the killer is, you should space them both. Applied here, don't give either of them powers, wait for them to show their true nature.

>Isabella is a psychopath
"Every other day I wish that someone would awaken with a power that can deal with psychopathy; a cure, a treatment, even recognizing who is on the psychopathic spectrum and why. But I'm willing to bet that the last person who awakened to that kind of power was hunted down under false charges, like any other threat to authoritarians in general."
No. 988582 ID: 3ed3c3

Huh. Honestly, I did get some weird vibes from her. Couldn't quite place it at the time, but if she's that kind of person, it's good to have a heads up.
No. 988585 ID: e7c7d3

I'd take what Willlamina is saying with a grain of salt. Personal feuds tend to make even the smallest slight much larger than they are.

Still, I'd change the subject to something more pleasant. Does she know about the gardening club in town?
No. 988587 ID: 66e77d

Go on the walk. Don't give her any powers though, it's only our first day here and we only met her today. Definitely pencil her in as a candidate, though
No. 988588 ID: 66e77d

Wait shit, guess I'm a little late. But yeah, don't give her any powers just yet. As for Isabella, just kinda nod to what she said and move the conversation onwards.
No. 988590 ID: e51896

"Yeah, I did find it odd that she would want to talk to me, a complete stranger, in the bus as we were heading to Lyst and was trying to be friendly, especially since we're both from the city, where people are a lot more distant. I just assumed it's because people in Lyst are a lot more open and social than in the city, but Isabella seemed to have acted a bit too forward when talking to me compared to others."

Find another rock. Try to kick it farther.
No. 988591 ID: 3dd954

Ask about Oriel's state of dress since we are not in the hapless stone anymore. are the authorities a lot more lax about public indencency? or is she just into exhibitionism play or something? (Not that you're complaining of course).
No. 988592 ID: ce39da

You'll probably want to put "investigate estate fire" on your to-do list. Something tells me there's more to this than just a few hurtful words, but even if there isn't, we should probably try to resolve this feud before giving either of the pair any powers.

"Weird. I've heard nothing but good things about your family from everyone else I've talked to. I wonder why Isabella would act so vindictive towards them?"

... With what we now know, the way Isabella was going on and on about wanting to get powers and 'become a hero' should be ringing alarm bells in hindsight. It's almost like she knew about our secret already.

In fact, put the fire on the backburner; note "Investigate Isabella (Knows about my power? Enemy of the family that fucking died in a fire?)" specifically. She... might be our first threat, depending on what she already knows.
No. 988626 ID: 894419

Yeah in hindsight, it definitely feels like she was fishing for a power from us... could she be the Overmind Roach used to work for? Something to keep in mind, it could always just be a bit of a rivalry between the two and nothing more.

Anyway, apologize for souring the mood, change the topic, and put your arm around her shoulder. "Willamina, this date is the nicest thing I've had in a long time, so don't thank me, I ought to be thanking you."
No. 988630 ID: e51896

Keep in mind she said she has a terrible back, and is in constant pain. Probably best not to put our arm over her shoulder (unless she is okay with it), but If we do decide to, best to be very careful.
No. 988631 ID: b1b4f3

Actually maybe we should steer the topic away. Ask if she has any friends in town.
No. 988634 ID: e51896

Updated some things


- Wallet (contains bank card, pistol license, ID, and family photo)
- COMM (Willamina's phone number, Isabella's phone number)
- A notebook and pens
- A water bottle - Full.
- A Recharging Mana Pistol
- Roach
- Sweet
- Condom

- Hoodie
- Slacks
- Shoes
- Socks
(not sure what Cat is wearing under those clothes, if anything at all)

STORAGE (or stuff at home)

- Clothes (turtlenecks, slacks, boyshorts, socks, hoodie)
- soap
- toothbrush/paste
- switchcomb



- Find a more permanent place to stay
- Find someone you trust to talk about your power
- practice using power
|_ Find out limiations
-Find out if OVERMIND is a hero or villain

unofficial tasks:
- Get a terrarium for Roach (10 BUX, deadline probably Saturday night)
- Pay for room at Hapless Stone (currently 7 BUX due Friday night, 33 BUX if we stay Thursady and Friday night)
- Pay for COMM bill (5 BUX due Sunday)
No. 988636 ID: fdd320

Huh. That’s odd, indeed. “The fuck?”, odd.

But stabbing in the back... the two of you were friends?

... well, you’ll take her words with a pinch of salt from here on. And maybe put on a knife vest. Metaphorically speaking.

Focus on Will, check if she has a power.
No. 988645 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if the "sneer" was her being happy that Williamina was still alive, and the "trash talking" was something like assuming the fire was due to negligence and her not keeping that to herself. A lot of conflicts are founded upon false assumptions.
No. 988655 ID: afe7de
File 161386889915.png - (11.39KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_066.png )

You take Willamina’s words into consideration and make a mental note to investigate the estate fire, it sounds like there’s more to this story but you dont want to press too hard on what seems to be a sensitive issue, maybe they were friends once and had some falling out? You also add investigate Isabella to to that list for good measure, she was oddly forward when you first met, and while most people DO want powers, you’ve lived in the city long enough to know that heroes aren’t really all they’re cracked up to be.

You do however take a moment to check Willamina with your power, you’re not sure if this’ll work, but you reach an arm to her shoulder to pat her gingerly and she smiles a little bit. No prompt or notification appears though when you try to see if she has a power, you instead focus on trying to upgrade an existing power if she has one and rather than a prompt, your mind is filled with the knowledge that she DOES NOT have a power that you can modify. Good to know you can check this, though it appears you have to be in physical contact with someone to do it. You kick a rock, it doesent go that far.

You: So I’m curious, what’s with Oriel’s outfit? One wrong move and she could uhm…

Willamina: Oh, her, well it attracts CUSTOMERS for one, and she also has kind of a history of being a NUDIST. Though that’s not REALLY my story to tell. Let’s just say this town is more LAX on public nudity than most.
No. 988656 ID: afe7de
File 161386891833.png - (9.71KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_067.png )

You nod and she leans into you a little bit as you continue walking, you pass by a few owls in the trees that just watch as you go by.

You: So, got any friends in town? Or maybe know of any cool clubs in town?

Willamina: A few friends, yeah. You met one, Gena, she’s a SEAMSTRESS, she actually made the dress I’m wearing. You’ll also meet Gruk TOMORROW, he’s super sweet, a bit dense, and has amazing fingers, I go to him a few TIMES weekly to reduce the pain. Oh, and there’s Nicky, the MAYOR, she gave me the job and place to live so I kind of owe her.

You hear her mutter something about how you have no idea how her children ended up the way they did with her as a mom.

Willamina: As for clubs hmm, well I know there’s the GARDENING club, that meets Tuesdays. There’s not enough people in town interested in PHOTOGRAPHY, so I could never get a club for that started. Oh but there is the FILM club, they meet Saturdays to watch whatever new and INTERESTING movie has come out since there’s no theater in town. Usually like half the town shows up for THAT and we all sit around the park on blankets.

You: I’d have just assumed everyone watches stuff digitally like back in the city.

Willamina: They do that too, but Nicky has good CONNECTIONS and can actually get new movies for us all to watch.

You’re both making your way to a clearing, there’s a tree in the middle of it and in the distance you can see some rustling in the bushes.
No. 988659 ID: b1b4f3

Ask her if there's wild animals here. Or maybe someone's fuckin' in the bushes.
No. 988660 ID: e51896

Hmm... Maybe offer if she would like to sit under the tree so you can both relax and you can show her some dumb pictures from your notebook you doodled for a little bit for a laugh, maybe offer to draw her too. (while being careful not to show her anything private of course. you can also write down those tasks while your at it.)

Meanwhile, as you open your bag, think to roach with its telepathy to go check out the rustling without being seen and report back to you what if finds out.
No. 988662 ID: e51896

new tasks added


- Wallet (contains bank card, pistol license, ID, and family photo)
- COMM (Willamina's phone number, Isabella's phone number)
- A notebook and pens
- A water bottle - Full.
- A Recharging Mana Pistol
- Roach
- Sweet
- Condom

- Hoodie
- Slacks
- Shoes
- Socks
(not sure what Cat is wearing under those clothes, if anything at all)

STORAGE (or stuff at home)

- Clothes (turtlenecks, slacks, boyshorts, socks, hoodie)
- soap
- toothbrush/paste
- switchcomb



- Find a more permanent place to stay
- Find someone you trust to talk about your power
- practice using power
|_ Find out limiations
-Find out if OVERMIND is a hero or villain
- Investigate the estate fire
- investigate Isabella

unofficial tasks/mental notes:
- Get a terrarium for Roach (10 BUX, deadline probably Saturday night)
- Pay for room at Hapless Stone (currently 7 BUX due Friday night, 33 BUX if we stay Thursady and Friday night)
- Pay for COMM bill (5 BUX due Sunday)
No. 988664 ID: ce39da

If someone's straight creepin', it's best to confront them directly.

"I can see you, you know."
No. 988669 ID: c5d2fe

I like this idea.
No. 988675 ID: afe7de
File 161388562060.png - (21.87KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_068.png )

You: Wanna sit under the tree and chill for a bit? I can show you some of my shitty doodles.

Willamina: Sure, that sounds fun.

You head over and sit down, opening your satchel, as you do you give a mental command to Roach to check out the bushes.


Roach, under the cover of night, shuffles on over to the bush. You pull out your notebook as Willamina sits down to your left, you quickly jot down your new objectives and flip the page before she notices what’s written on it. On the pages are a bunch of doodles.

You: Here are some of my favorite doodles, there’s a former bud of mine, her name was Nipha and she helped me when I was new to the city, but we kind of drifted apart. Oh, and this is Shocker, he’s a hero in the city, I met him on a few occasions, it’s rare to see a mouse hero that’s as successful as he is, has cool lightning powers. Then here’s a doodle of my Ex, she was really soft, Oh, and this is Dave, he helped me pawn my stuff off in the city.

You rattle off about some of the doodles in more details and Willamina listens with a slight smile on her face. You then doodle her on the bottom of the page and she chuckles when you write that she’s a “cool gal”

Willamina: You know this art isn’t HALF bad. Ever thought about making comics or STUFF like that?

You: Well I wanted to be a tinker originally so I learned to doodle so I could make concepts of stuff I wanted to make, but then that dream kind of died and I left that notebook with my old sketches behind in the city. Guess I could always try to do some shitty little comics and post em on the Net. Might give me something to do in my spare time.

It’s then when roach decides to slowly make his way back towards you, contacting you.


You mentally thank roach, nodding your head, the nod confuses Willamina for a moment as she tilts her head to look at you. You’re only now noticing but shes been inching closer to you ever so slightly.
No. 988676 ID: 094652

"Well, my last relationship was really fast, [] started dating me within a week of meeting her but after two months she grew bored, said I wasn't making the most of my life and left. She acted like it was my fault for not being inspired by her. I mean, I wish we got to know each other slower, she might have put more effort if she knew what my interests were, you know?"
AKA make a quick excuse to get her to leave while you androcles whatever soon-to-be-super-beast is limping in a bush.
No. 988677 ID: c09f5e

>You’re only now noticing but shes been inching closer to you ever so slightly.
"Hey, do you hear that?"
No. 988678 ID: 8a51ec

"Did you hear that rustling earlier? I assumed it was some animal, but now I'm curious."
No. 988679 ID: e51896

Never a good idea to talk about our ex to people you're dating. It shows them you haven't completely moved on from your previous lover which isn't a good sign, and impolite for your current date.

To not confuse her over you nodding randomly and give time to let Roach get back in the bag, follow up that nod with a "yeah, perhaps I should upload some comics. The library should have scanners to upload my stuff online, right?"

Then ask "Did you hear something? Sounded like rustling in the bushes..."
No. 988680 ID: b1b4f3

Wounded creature huh... definitely not safe to approach then, distressed/wounded animals tend to be unpredictable unless they're exhausted and have already given up. Can't even Awaken it to potentially help it without Williamina noticing the glow.
...how about you tell Roach to tell the creature to stay put and you'll help it later?

Meanwhile, I think Williamina is trying to get close to you. You could put your arm around her. Or... hold hands?
No. 988681 ID: afe7de
File 161389177615.png - (8.23KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_069.png )

You briefly think to talk about your ex and then immediately brush aside the thought

You put your hand down next to Willamina’s and her hand inches towards yours, your pinkies are touching and you feel like your face is flushing. The rustling in the bush continues, this time a little louder.

You: Hey do you hear that?

Willamina: Yeah, it’s probably a DEER or something.

You: I’m going to check it out real quick
No. 988682 ID: afe7de
File 161389179128.png - (8.38KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_070.png )

Willamina pouts, rolls her eyes and mutters something under hear breath. You pop your hand into your backpack and grab your COMM to use as a flashlight, it’s blue tint lighting the way.

You head over to the bush and move it out of the way, stepping forward and notice something’s a little odd here. First the ground is slightly singed, secondly the wounded creature is a badger and it’s BURNED. It keeps trying to get up and failing miserably, it looks like it’s in a decent amount of pain from the burn, but will probably heal up given a few days. You consider the idea of giving the badger a power, you do have the glow of your comm, so you doubt that Willamina would notice.
No. 988684 ID: b1b4f3

Burned... there's a fire user in this town. ...or the badger got burned by something in the environment?
Awaken it. Then it should be grateful enough for Roach to ask how it got burned, and relay that information to you.
No. 988686 ID: e85a08

Since it seems like Roach already started reading her thoughts, see if he knows if the badger knows who did this and if they're still nearby.
No. 988687 ID: 8a51ec

Awakening the badger is worth a shot, but now is the time to add checking if Isabella is a powered to our list of tasks
No. 988691 ID: e51896

Okay... I think I feel comfortable enough to show Willamina our power. Call her over, show her what you found, and ask if she can keep a secret and reveal your power by thinking of a power to heal the badger.
No. 988692 ID: 2aa5f0

not sure if you should awaken the badger... unless you're planning on making an animal team of supers to follow your command so you can take down bad guys without directly revealing your powers to the world. But I do think you should show Willamina and see if she has any idea what did this to the badger. Don't think you should show her your powers yet by the way. I mean you've only known her for less then a day at least wait until the third date before you turn her into a super... that or a life or death situation whatever comes across you first really.
No. 988693 ID: c5d2fe

I'm gonna be the debbie downer.

It's hurt. It'll limp off on its own. We don't need to do anything for it right now. It's a wild animal, it doesn't mean much of anything, really. Let's just go back and NOT RUIN THE MOMENT AGAIN.
No. 988695 ID: 894419

You're right its time. ITS BURNED. Willamina doesn't have a power, she's burned in a similar way. Her house is burnt down. Other people may have started that fire, possibly her rival Isabella.

Call Willamina over here, and show her.
No. 988697 ID: 094652

Just grab the badger and run off.
Give it points so it can heal before the scars turn permanent.
No. 988699 ID: cd99b9

I'm on the "no powers on the first date" side.
No. 988700 ID: e7c7d3

Awaken the badger. Have a menagerie of power! After all, I'd imagine the easiest supers to keep at our side will be animals.
No. 988702 ID: 5b5379

I say do it.
Because it'll probably be able to tell you who hurt it.
If it somehow missed who hurt it, well, you'll still figure out if the roach's loyalty applies to all beasts you give powers to. Which might raise issues. It'd be easy to abuse should that also occur with people.
No. 988704 ID: fdd320

Don't empower it, at least not yet! It's hurt, confused, scared, so might lash out with whatever it gets (unless it's a healing or pain tolerance power or something, but that's a roll of the dice). Best to see it gets some painkiller / feed it, generate some pseudo-goodwill, before doing an Awakening. It's probably too hurt to care for a snack or something right now, though.

Anyway, animals don't up and get burned by nothing, so this is - not to put too fine a point to it - susp as hell. There's that scorchmark below it, too, so whatever it was happened right here, in the middle of a public park. Was it a cruel trap of sorts that the badger wandered into? An Awakened that gets their jollies by burning living things and leaving them to suffer? Who the heck knows! But if the town even appears to have some sort of pyromaniac firebug (no offense, Roach) still around then keeping that fact from Will would seem like a suck deal.

Return to her, take her hand, look serious, say you had a nice time and you'd like to do this again sometime... but what's over there doesn't seem like something to ignore. This time.

Give her the details. Ask if the town has an animal shelter or a vet, or... something, that you could call. Badger'll probably be fine, doesn't look TOO bad, just hella painful, but her being burned outta nowhere? Might wanna call the police sisters, look for tracks or anything around the area. IF she wanna involve herself at all, that is?

... oh! Can Roach telepathically communicate with the badger and get an impression of what did the burninatin', or are animals outside the basic telepathy use case? Remember to pick them up as well. If you haven't already.
No. 988706 ID: 53560f

Let’s not give power to something that’s in too much pain to even stand, let alone control a power.
Call over Willemina saying there’s a burnt animal and ask if she knows how we could treat it.
No. 988727 ID: afe7de
File 161394682165.png - (9.46KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_071.png )

> Don’t awaken the badger
> Interrogate the badger
You have an internal debate about this but decide to not awaken the badger for now, instead you ask Roach to query the badger if they saw who did this.


You: Thanks Roach.

You head back over to Willamina and grab her hand gently, looking her dead in the eye.

You: This has been a really nice time and all, and I’d love to do this again, but um… but what’s over there isn’t something we should ignore.

You walk her over to the badger and show her, you can see a deep seated fear creeping up on her as she backs away slightly before taking several deep breaths and crouching down with you to look at the badger.

You: I think she’s going to be fine, it’ll just take some time to heal, but what I’m more concerned about is that she’s BURNED in the middle of this park.

Willamina: I REALLY hope this doesent imply what I think it implies.

You: That we have a pyromaniac in town? That this doesent look like a gasoline fire? That maybe whatever caused the fire at your estate was actually a person with powers?

Willamina: ALL of the ABOVE.

You: We should call the police
No. 988728 ID: afe7de
File 161394683547.png - (8.17KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_072.png )

Willamina nods as you take out your COMM and dial the cops, it takes a few rings before finally patching through

Andrea: Lyst Police Department, this is Andrea, what’s your emergency?

You: Um, there’s a burned animal in the middle of the park by the big oak tree, it doesent look like a gasoline fire, what should we do?

Willamina whispers to you that you should mention who is here.

You: Oh and um it’s me Cat and Willamina that found the thing, it looks like it’ll be fine, but um we’re a little spooked that there could have been a fire that burned down the park.

Andrea: Be right there

It takes a few minutes but Andrea eventually makes it to your location, it looks like she ran the whole distance. She brushes past the two of you and pulls out her COMM, taking pictures of the scene before pocketing it and looking at the both of you.

Andrea: Burns recent, maybe 30 or so minutes ago by the looks of the burned ground. Did either of you see anyone on your way through the park?

The two of you shake your heads.

Andrea: Well, let’s hope this is a one off thing. Thanks for reporting this. You okay Willamina?

Willamina nods, looking a bit distracted and Andrea reaches over and squeezes Willamina on the shoulder

Andrea: It’ll be okay Willamina.
No. 988732 ID: afe7de
File 161394691570.png - (4.33KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_073.png )

Andrea asks you a few more questions before letting you go and pulling out her COMM. You split off from the bunny cop, you can hear her talking on her COMM, probably to her sister as she shoos you both away. It’s a quiet walk through the rest of the park, Willamina’s hair covering her eye, she sticks close to you, but you can see her shaking. Eventually you reach the Post Office and she just stands there, looking at you.
No. 988734 ID: 8a51ec

Kissing is... an option, but I think we can settle for a hug to comfort Willamina.
No. 988741 ID: e51896

Ask if she wants you to spend the night with her, whether it be at your place or her place. She doesnt need to talk about anything if she doesnt feel comfortable, and doesnt have to do anything weird, but you'll be somebody to be there with her through this and will offer your support.

Otherwise, if she says she wants some space for now, tell her you'll understand, thank her, and be on your way.

Though a hug is fine regardless of what Will's answer might be.
No. 988743 ID: e7c7d3

Hug, thank her for the fun night, and "see you in the morning"
No. 988744 ID: b1b4f3

>tall being with ears
Well, that narrows it down a *little*. Certainly doesn't rule out Isabella, who arrived in town today surely by pure coincidence.

Give her a hug, ask if she's okay. Does she need someone to stay with her tonight?
No. 988745 ID: 97a962

Offer to spend the night with her.
No. 988746 ID: 4846e9

This. You don't mind staying over even if she just wants you on the couch so you're nearby.
No. 988749 ID: 12b116

second this. purely for emotional support and all. Also hug sure yeah.
No. 988752 ID: 031458

Hey, want me to stay at your place tonight so you don't gotta be alone all night?
No. 988754 ID: ce39da

"Er... Sorry if I ruined the night there. Will you be all right on your own?" Leave an implied offer open, but don't phrase it like you see an opportunity in her fright.
No. 988756 ID: c5d2fe

Good phrasing, but maybe something along the lines of 'Sorry about the end of that there...if I can make it up to you somehow, let me know.'
No. 988757 ID: afe7de
File 161395975216.png - (9.56KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_074.png )

>Hug her
You pull Willamina into an embrace, she doesn't resist, and pulls you a little closer. She buries her head into your neck and after a little while breaks the hug.

Willamina: Thanks. SORRY. It’s just… We were having a good time and this happens.

You: Will you be alright on your own?

She nods her head

Willamina: It’s fine. I’ll be fine in the morning. THANKS.

She punches you in the shoulder with a smirk.

Willamina: You BETTER not be late for work tomorrow you hear.

She heads inside and looks at you, a brief smile on her face before closing the door.

You pull out your COMM, it’s almost 9PM, are you going to call it for the night and head back to your room, or do something else. Remember you have work tomorrow at 11AM, and you like to sleep in and get around 8-10 HOURS of sleep.
No. 988768 ID: e51896

Yeah, as much as I want to stay up later, lets head to bed now so that we can wake up pretty early and have a morning walk in the east side of town and meet more people before work starts. That way when we go through our harder route tomorrow, we won't have to stop so much to talk to everyone and finish the hard route late, especially since Willamina did expect us to finish our route earlier when we did our easy route but didn't because we spoke to a lot of people. If we spoke to everyone during our work hours, we might not finish our work on time.

When you make it back to your room, go and feed Roach some of that sweet you bought.
No. 988769 ID: 8a51ec

We really should sleep on what happened tonight, also for the sake of more time to converse on the hard route tomorrow.
No. 988770 ID: 031458

Check and see if the badger is still there
No. 988776 ID: 094652

Go find the badger and give them healing powers
Waste of three points and permanent scars otherwise.
No. 988777 ID: ce39da

Head back to the Hapless Stone; close to turning in, but not quite. Ask Oriel if she's seen Isabella anywhere; you wanted to thank her for the discount, but you couldn't see her anywhere during dinner. If she says that Isabella just came in (or that she's still out at the moment), make a mental note and say you'll wait until morning. Nothing more.

Also, make a different mental note to greet package recipients for the first time with an offered handshake.

(Our investigation into possible suspects will be subtle and gradual.)
No. 988778 ID: b1b4f3

Can't we spend excess energy on boosting Roach further?
I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a badger buddy, if we can stay in contact with it somehow.
No. 988781 ID: 12b116

find badger for badger powers
No. 988787 ID: afe7de
File 161396403912.png - (7.30KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_075.png )

Against your better judgment you decide to head back to the badger, you walk through the park, following the path you went in but in reverse and eventually reach the bush the badger was near. No one is nearby, at least the moons are out tonight so it’s not too hard to see. She’s still there, looks like she moved a bit from last time.

You decide to give the badger powers, if only so you end up spending all of your daily points before they reset. But what power should you give them? You have 3 ENERGY left, so you decide to spend all of the points. A thought also comes to mind, earlier in the day you joked about if your power HEALS the things it awakens, maybe you should experiment with giving it a power other than healing.
No. 988790 ID: 894419

its power shall be: Physical resilience increases proportional to physical pain. The more pain it is feeling the more resistant to any and all physical trauma it becomes. Should both help it get back home and heal up, while being a mild enough boon that its not gonna become some sort of indestructible uber-badger.
No. 988791 ID: b1b4f3

Teleportation. With a cooldown depending on how much distance was traveled.
Specifically, it can teleport by burrowing through space.
No. 988796 ID: e51896

How about The power to become an anthro badger, and back to wild animal whenever it wants. That way, people wont know it was originally a wild animal and think it is a person that can become a wild animal, and people will be able to heal it instead of leaving it behind like andrea did.

Afterwards, we can bring her to Trey or Gruk to get healed since she wouldnt be considered a wild animal

(plus, we'll get a new neighbor for Lyst)
No. 988800 ID: ce39da

Voting for this. It'll probably mutate out the pain requirement for something else as it gets more powerful, on top of the expected efficiency boosts.

(This is both helpful and somewhat low profile.)
No. 988802 ID: e7c7d3

The power to make things sexy
No. 988803 ID: 8a51ec

This one sounds almost entirely pointless and has a weird underlying implication of wanting to bed this literal wild animal later.
No. 988808 ID: b1b4f3

Sexy by whose definition?
No. 988809 ID: 094652

Make sure you hide the glow and take the badger with you immediately.

One big Undo button on anything, in particular this burned arm. At higher levels this will allow the badger to rewind and replay memories as they occurred, with traumatizing memories staying clearer due to their deep storage.
No. 988810 ID: c5d2fe

Backing this one.
No. 988811 ID: 8483cf

Voting for this. Honey Badger don't care.
No. 988812 ID: e85a08

Masochist super badger is tempting, but how about growing extra limbs to become octo badger?
No. 988815 ID: afe7de
File 161397339143.png - (7.16KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_076.png )

The badger stops moving and stares at you as you slowly inch your hand towards her. You wonder what power it’ll get. You poke her and a blue glow begins to suffuse the creature. It radiates out from their head and forms a small halo. You pull up their status window while you’re in contact.

Name: Hazel
Age: 3 Years
Power: Physical Toughness [ 3 ]

This creature has some resistance against all forms of physical damage.
This resistance increases proportionally to physical pain the creature is currently suffering.
As it’s power level increases the amount of natural resistance it has as well as total physical trauma it can bear increases.

You: Huh, okay then.

You nod to yourself and note that it might not be an immediately useful power, but would help against predators if this badger ever got in a fight. You pay a bit more attention to the badger, hoping to see if any other changes happen and you notice the burns it has are receding and the badger is as good as new.

You: This is insane. I wish I Awakened before the INCIDENT… I could have helped them…

You’re lost in thought, staring through the badger for a few minutes before you notice that it’s staring at you silently. You stare back at it, eventually giving it a little wave. The badger then rushes off into the nearby brush, vanishing.
No. 988816 ID: afe7de
File 161397341883.png - (8.67KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_077.png )

You: well, there goes any chance of me taking it back with me. SIGH.

You walk back through the park, deciding to take your time. After a few minutes of walking someone passes you by, they appear to be in a bit of a rush and you notice that they’re a bit angry, stomping as they walk. They don’t notice as you tilt your head to catch a glimpse of their face.
No. 988817 ID: 094652

Just hold your breath and wait for them to pass.
No. 988818 ID: e51896

Can Roach read her thoughts as you both pass by without her knowing?

also, do you Recognize the eye on the armband? Maybe you can draw it later on the cat note

Besides seeing if roach could read her mind without knowing, it is Probably best to leave her alone.

Anyway, lets get to bed soon. Hopefully we can wake up early enough to meet some people before work despite going back to check on badger.
No. 988819 ID: b1b4f3

She looks tall...
Just mind your own business. Don't interact.
No. 988820 ID: b1b4f3

Something to think about: do Supers ever get stronger powers over time? Like, for example, could a healer suddenly be able to heal worse wounds?
We could boost the town healer tomorrow, on the condition of secrecy, and hope his stronger power heals Williamina, in which case we can Awaken her without needing an explanation for how her scars went away.
No. 988837 ID: 6e2528

Uh...Are you alright?
No. 988849 ID: ce39da

Leave her be, and be on your way once she passes. If she's our guy, she probably found out her power was discovered, and she doesn't know we've already effectively erased much of the physical evidence. If this is the case, she's probably in contact with someone who monitors police activity.

We officially have two suspects now. I bet we can find out more about this lady if we ask around, assuming we don't run into her on tomorrow's route. We only have to lie about where and/or when we saw her.
No. 988856 ID: 0fceea

We should follow her at least a little ways.
No. 988860 ID: 9a2966

Hm. Occulty girl. Seems like something really got her knickers in a twist. Bit early to presume involvement, and risky to confront direct, especially if she's happy enough to ignore you.

Then again, a tall being with ears on their head... this would fit the bill.

Could do a half-measure.

"Oh, hey, uh, sorry, excuse me?"

Move up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. Then do the power-sensing thing while you do. If she's not got any pyro powers that decreases the likelihood she's our perp.

"Is this the way towards the Lyst-Y-Mart? Uh, is it even still open? I'm new in town, thought I'd cut through the park, but, uh, city boy, lost my sense of direction when I went off into the bushes a bit. Sorry if this is a bad time."

Prepare to get your head bitten off (metaphorically) if she's in as bad a mood as she looks.

You could also confer with Roach to see if he'd be willing to do some sleuthing. Or is being put onto a Big Person the sort of risky business they'd rather avoid?

Another thought. The badger actually had a 'normal' name, Hazel. Maybe it's actually a pet, and leaving it out here, burnt and hurt, was intended as some sort of message?
No. 988902 ID: afe7de
File 161406670596.png - (5.73KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_078.png )

You hold your breath as the person passes you by, you think about reaching out and trying to see if she has a power but hold yourself back from the temptation, it’s the middle of the night and most people would be kind of wary if a random person just poked them in the middle of the park at night, if not give an extremely hostile reaction.

You do note however that they are pretty tall with ears on their head, could be the person we’re looking for. Maybe you’ll get a chance to ask around about them tomorrow.

You also think about Supes and their powers for a little bit on your walk back. From what you remember most Awakened have powers that are kind of static, they usually just find different applications for the powers. Some through practice or dedication end up manifesting secondary powers to supplement their original one, and others sometimes gain a power boost over years as if their power grows with them, but those are extremely rare cases and tend to become Supes of significant renown.
No. 988903 ID: afe7de
File 161406671852.png - (9.94KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_079.png )

You make it back to the Hapless Stone and head up to Oriel to ask a quick question.

You: Hey, so have you seen Isabella tonight? Didn’t see her during dinner and wanted to give my thanks.

Oriel: Nah, she probably had dinner at the Friendly Bean, she loves the food there, even though it’s mostly a coffee place.

You thank Oriel and head upstairs to your room. After putting down your satchel you pull out the bag of SWEETS and pop it open, giving one to Roach who happily chows down on it.


You then pull out your comm, it’s 10PM and you don’t have any texts. You sigh and shoot both Willamina and Isabella a text saying “Hey this is Cat! Just got a moment to myself to finally add your numbers to my Comm.” You also shoot Willamina a text saying “I wish you a sound sleep tonight, I had a good time all things considered.” After doing that you set your Comm on the bedside table. There’s a wireless charging dock there, so you slot your Comm into it, strip down to your undies and tuck into bed.
No. 988904 ID: afe7de
File 161406672826.png - (12.39KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_080.png )

You struggle at first to fall asleep, the days events flashing by your mind and interrupting what could have been a peaceful slumber. It’s a dreamless sleep for better or for worse. Eventually you fall asleep and all too soon you feel the sun peeking through the curtains on your eyes. You look at your comm, it’s 8:30AM.

You: Might as well wake up and get some breakfast…

You get up, grab your clothes and pop into the shower, it’s bare bones as far as showers go and it’s quickly over. After handling your morning routine you head downstairs. Oriel spots you and walks over to you.

Oriel: Want any breakfast shuga’?

You: Yeah, anything really, I’m starving.

She pops into the kitchen and in a few short minutes is already out with a batch of eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns. You dig in, it’s actually pretty good, you’re genuinely surprised by the quality, since most bed and breakfast places seem to only lazily handle the breakfast part. The eggs are scrambled and seasoned pretty well, and the toast has light garlic flakes on it. You finish the meal and look over to a clock on the wall. It’s 9AM now and you have a few hours before work, You probably have time to do TWO THINGS what do you do?
No. 988906 ID: 094652

Look for a backup job so you aren't thrown out on the street.
Search for the general store so you can buy a tent in case things get real bad.
No. 988908 ID: 9a2966

Reflect that you did quite well yesterday, actually. From navigating Willemina's initially prickly demeanor into a job and a pseudo-date, to making a new friend in Roach and exploring town, to doing a good deed for that badger - Hazel? - and learning a bit more about your powers. Not a bad first day!

Now go check out the Libarby! Checking out the selection would be nice, plus you could rummage the local newspaper(s) for news on the ESTATE FIRE.

Maybe you'll run into that Xana tech-gal Fivin mentioned, too.
No. 988909 ID: b1b4f3

You could ask Oriel about that woman you saw, and the armband.
Also possibly if Isabella and Williamina have some kind of history.

Ummm... has Roach found any other roaches to join the hivemind? You could give Roach a proper name.
No. 988914 ID: e51896

Lets go to the Libarby to get a Libarby card and see if they have past newspaler articles about this town, maybe something about the estate fire to get a better understanding (we can ask Oriel when the fire happened first). We can also check out any book that looks interesting, maybe something to study about super powers to get a better understanding about your own.

Second thing to do is head to the community center and see if they have any upcoming events you can attend.
No. 988915 ID: 8a51ec

We should ask Oriel about the lady with the eye armband first, and then go to the libarby to do some digging about the estate fire and anything else we might want to do there.
No. 988916 ID: 04d10e

Save a piece of food for Roach to enjoy
No. 988924 ID: ce39da

Familiarize yourself with whoever else is staying in the Hapless Stone. If she's here, be sure to catch Isabella before she heads out and thank her for the discount (while casually offering a handshake). (In fact, offer handshakes to every new person you formally meet, assuming you already confirmed with Roach that just calling up option menus to Awaken/Upgrade doesn't alert the target.)

Then head to the park and see if anyone else is snooping around the crime scene who shouldn't be.
No. 988929 ID: 07ed53

Ask Oriel about armband person and then going to the libarby sounds like a good idea.
No. 989018 ID: afe7de
File 161415620915.png - (9.66KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_081.png )

You look around and don’t spot Isabella, in fact you don't spot any other patrons, maybe its too early? Before you head out you decide to flag Oriel over and ask her a few questions.

You: Hey Oriel, I had a few questions if that’s alright.

Oriel: Shoot.

You describe the beast-kin that you briefly saw at the park last night making sure to point out the details that she’s pretty tall and has some colored streaks in her hair.

Oriel: Ohhhh, that’s Isabella’s sis Cannie. What about her?

You: Saw her last night when I was walking around the park and she seemed pretty upset.

Oriel: Oh that, you didn’t hear it from me, but she has a bit of a temper, but if you can get past that she’s alright I guess.

You: And she also had this symbol on her arm, uh is she a part of some sort of club or something like that?

You scribble the symbol you saw on Cannie’s arm into your notebook and show it to Oriel.

Oriel: Dunno, maybe ask her about it?

You: Thanks, last question. But uh do Willamina and Isabella have some kind of history, I get the feeling they might not be the best of friends.

Oriel: Well sum-one has been snooping around town huh. I may be a gossipy gus, but I won’t spoil the fun of hearing the FULL story from one of them, I’ll just say this. They used to be best friends and then there was a falling out a little after the fire.

You thank Oriel again and grab your satchel, heading out the front door.
No. 989020 ID: afe7de
File 161415635963.png - (14.39KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_082.png )

After a short walk you make it to the Libarby, it’s a pretty big building and appears to be attached to the Community Center. There’s an upstairs which looks to have a bunch of conference rooms. The front desk appears to be manned by a unicorn girl, and you can see in the back some sort of goat man stacking books on the shelves.
No. 989023 ID: e51896

check with unicorn so we can get a Libarby card, and ask where we can find some old news articles (we want to learn about the estate fire). Maybe we can also find a book about some studies on superpowers as well so it can help us understand our own powers as well.

Oh, and be sure to be quiet. shhhhh...
No. 989024 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, basically this.
Also may as well introduce yourself to the librarian.
No. 989026 ID: 9c48ac

Wow, fancy place.

Anyway, yep, introduce yourself to the libarbarian and find out if you need a libarby crard.
No. 989033 ID: 12b116

Go talk to the libarbian and see about getting a libarby card, and also see what kind of libarby programs and facilities they have. Like microfiche or a computer lab where homeless people try to masturbate.
No. 989074 ID: afe7de
File 161421166123.png - (11.80KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_083.png )

You head up to the unicorn lass and get a closer look at her terminal, on it are some stickers you recognize, one of the hero Shocker that you doodled in your notebook and the other is of the Tinker’s Society. She finishes typing something and looks up from her terminal.

Unicorn: Welcome to the Libarby, how can I help you today?

You: Hiya, the name’s Cat and I’m new in town, I was interested in finding out how I could get a Libarby card and I had a few questions.

Unicorn: Welcome to Lyst! I’m Xana, and I’ll just need to see your ID and we can add you to our system, get you a little keychain that works as a Libarby card and will let you access the terminals in back or the conference rooms.

You hand her your ID and she plugs it into her terminal. It takes a few moments before it beeps and she pulls out a a small keycard with a hole punched in it. She enters something on the keyboard and pops your ID out, handing you both items. As your hands brush over hers you use your power, and note that she DOES NOT have a power.

Xana: Here you go. All set. If you wanna check out a book all you gotta do is flag me or Rupert over there down and we’ve got an app on our COMMS that lets us check out your book. Now, I think you mentioned something about a few questions?

You: Umm yeah. I was wondering where I could find some old news articles, find out about the history of the town you know?

Xana: Sure, sure. We’ve been publishing a weekly digest of the goings on in the town online for the past few years, you can find those and the older paper ones archived in the database. Just access any terminal in the computer lab. It’s also where you’ll usually find me if I’m not manning the front desk.

You: That’s helpful, thanks! And uh do you have any books on powers.

Xana: Check out the Metahuman studies section, it’s by the history section, not too big since most people in town don’t have too big of an interest in the topic, but it should have a couple of the best-sellers and newest releases. We also offer e-book versions of most books here, so if you prefer a digital screen to a hardcover book there’s that option.

Xana explains then how to rent an e-book of any book in the Libarby that has that option, it involves a scannable barcode on the back that links you to a page where you scan your Libarby card.

You: That’s great. And uh, do you have any Libarby programs or stuff like that, I noticed the building is attached to the community center, so I assume there’s some sort of overlap there.

Xana: Well other than the clubs we also offer e-learning and classes for people wanting to learn a variety of topics. It costs around 40-100 BUX a course depending on what you want to learn, just talk to Rupert and he can get you set up for that kinda thing, he used to be an amateur tinker, so he’s dipped his toes in a lot of fields.

What do you do next?
No. 989075 ID: 8a51ec

No time to stare at formal shirt fun bags, we may not be better than that but we do have an estate fire to research.
No. 989076 ID: 12b116

oh no she's hot
No. 989077 ID: 4846e9

Its an emerging trend.
This, yeah.
No. 989078 ID: e7c7d3

"Are you one of the books here? Cause I definitely checking you out."

Bad pick up line aside, we definitely need to get with hot librarian lady! (Libarbian?)

Check out the fantasy sections well. Some light reading before bed would be good.
No. 989079 ID: b1b4f3

Eh I'm not into ponies. Go bookwards.
No. 989082 ID: 774442

Right, time to get some info on the estate fire that we can print out to read for later.

And thank Xana for designing the map, it really helped you out on you first day working as a carrier.

See if you can ask Rupert to find you a book to study about powers while you find some articles to print. That way, we can save more time before work
No. 989096 ID: 0fae41

You could use her help checking out the stacks. Let's do it behind the bookshelves.
No. 989099 ID: afe7de
File 161423043112.png - (10.22KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_084.png )

You do your best to not stare at her cleavage and hustle off to the Metahuman studies section. Man, what is it with the people in this town? Did everyone get the conventionally attractive genes. You mumble to yourself a little bit with your naughty thoughts and are caught off guard when someone bumps into you.

Elf Woman: Oh My… Hmm, a new face… I didn’t foresee that. Excuse me I have matters to attend to.

You: Oh umm, sorry miss

The woman straightens her dress and walks past you, walking out of the Libarby, you look to the ground absentmindedly and notice a book on the ground. “Awakenings and their impact on Metahumans.” You flip the cover and read the back, it looks like a book that talks about the history of known Awakenings, their affects on metahumans, and the powers that were associated with them. It looks like it even goes into some details about Powers themselves, applications, and growth. The book is written by Don Kwang, one of the foremost experts on Metahuman studies. You keep the book, saving yourself the trouble of heading to the Metahuman studies section and head straight to the Computer Lab.
No. 989100 ID: afe7de
File 161423044338.png - (8.89KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_085.png )

You reach the computer lab and it is devoid of people. You grab the first available computer and log in by scanning your Libarby card. It boots up and you notice a few options. E-book Database, News Archive, and Documentaries stand out the most. You open up the news archive and scroll through, you don’t find anything for a little while and then notice there’s a search feature. You search for “Fire” and “Hadlee Estate” and a few articles appear, they appear to have been written around 10 years ago.

Fire Destroys Hadlee Estate

Our hearts go out to the members of the Hadlee Clan who lost their lives in a fire today. The Hadlee estate has been burned to the ground with seven casualties and only one survivor, Willamina Hadlee. Investigators have noted that the entire family had gathered to celebrate the young Maximilian Hadlee’s successful entry into the big city’s Heroes League. Investigations into the origin of the fire indicate that it started from multiple locations in the house, one investigator that we interviewed had this to say.

Investigator: We have our top heroes looking into this and are unsure if this was an attack from within the family, or an assasination attempt. Maybe this was purely an accident, but due to the nature of the fire and the extensive destruction of the property we are unable to investigate farther.

The surviving member of the family was hospitalized in Lyst’s clinic, rescued by Gruk our town’s masseuse and another individual that prefers to remain anonymous. Willamina is expected to make a full recovery in 10 weeks with specialized attention by our town’s doctor and Gruk. The scars however will most likely be a permanent reminder of this day to her. She fell unconscious shortly after being hospitalized and remains unconscious at the time of publication.

The article continues on for a little but but nothing else of value was stated. You move onto the next article.
No. 989104 ID: afe7de
File 161423057020.png - (34.34KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_086.png )

Hadlee Estate survivor wakes

Willamina Hadlee has woken up today, 3 weeks after her initial hospitalization, it is with a great sigh of relief that she has come back to us. Unfortunately she appears to be suffering from severe nerve damage due to the burns and will likely be in pain for the rest of her life even with treatments. The town mayor Nicky Dalton has offered to take her in rather than let her be shipped off to a nearby orphanage. Nicky had this to say when we interviewed her:

Nicky: Our heart goes out to Willamina and her deceased family, she is one of us and we care deeply for her. She will be surrounded by a loving family, we cannot replace what she has lost, but we will do what we can for the poor teenager.

Willamina had trouble talking when we came to visit her and kept muttering to herself something about “eyes” and a figure wreathed in flame. We believe the young woman is in shock and has potentially hallucinated due to the pain as further investigations have determined that other than the family, no other persons were believed to be on the premises that fateful day.

And now the final article.
No. 989105 ID: afe7de
File 161423059207.png - (8.19KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_087.png )

Hadlee Memorial

3 Years have passed since that fateful day the Hadlee Clan was nearly wiped out, today a memorial has been erected in the town park to commemorate the loss of a family near and dear to us. Willamina has declined any interviews at this time, but we will still congratulate her on becoming the town’s new Postwoman. She has taken to the job like a fish to water and we all are offering her our support during this harsh time for her life.

The article then goes on to detail the achievements made by the Hadlee clan in their founding of Lyst as well as their financial support to local businesses. The last thing you notice is that the article mentions the Hadlee Clan’s ties to the Walpole’s, something about the Hadlees being financial backers for them to start the Heroes League. Your eyes begin to glaze over with all of the information.

It’s a lot to take in. But something feels off about these articles, you were told that Trey was one of the people who rescued Willamina, but he decided to remain anonymous in the article. And Willamina had an awakened sibling, but they weren’t able to do anything about the fire. That seems strange, and you’d think a representative of the Heroes guild would have been there for the event, that or another family member would have been awakened so at least one other person there should have survived. This will probably nag at you until you can figure out what is wrong in all of these details.

It’s about an hour before work, you probably have time to do ONE THING
No. 989108 ID: e51896

Hmm, so lets just go to work early. We have a harder route to attend to after all today, so working earlier might be able to give us more time to meet people during our route without wasting time...

Unless we want to go to the community center and see upcoming events or something.

but first and foremost, lets check out the book to borrow with Xana or Rupert, whoever is closer.
No. 989109 ID: 8a51ec

Aside from contemplating that precision irony-strike, we should ask Xana where whatever's left of the Hadlee Estate is to investigate later. Asking Willamina about this after last night would be... bad, but it's all we got.
No. 989110 ID: c5d2fe

Let's just get to work early. We've got a lot to consider. Essentially >>989108
No. 989111 ID: b1b4f3

Well, she's obviously got a future-sight power. Recently awakened, even, if she was just reading that book. Man, future sight would be REALLY useful for our purposes, I hope she turns out to be on our side.

>multiple locations in the house
Well, that's an obvious case of arson.
>unable to investigate further
This seems rather suspect. Fire forensics is a whole thing, and there are typically pieces of evidence that don't get burned.

Oh dear. Eyes like that armband?

>something seems off
Hmmm... what do you know about the Heroes guild? Could it be possible they've gone corrupt and ordered the assassination of this influential family?
Alternatively, they know exactly who did it, and want to keep that information secret so they can fight them more effectively, or it's some horrible truth like a secret league of supervillains they've basically lost to and can't stop, so they don't want to start a panic.

Sadly, it's going to be difficult to gather evidence from an event that long ago, like for instance a guest list. We'd have to ask Williamina for details about the day and she sure as fuck wouldn't like to think about it.

Let's start prepping for the worst. Find out how much it'd cost to get your own place. Like, renting an apartment at least. One that has decent security and isn't directly associated with Isabella or anyone else related to the estate fire. If you find out Isabella was involved, or her sister, you might have to move in a hurry.
No. 989113 ID: e51896

Also realize that elf woman's necklace had that same eye symbol as Cannie's armband.
No. 989114 ID: e51896

Added libarby keycard and libarby book to inventory


- Wallet (contains bank card, pistol license, ID, and family photo)
- COMM (Willamina's phone number, Isabella's phone number)
- A notebook and pens
- A water bottle - Full.
- A Recharging Mana Pistol
- Roach
- Sweet
- Condom
- Libarby Keycard
- Awakenings and their impact on Metahumans book.

- Hoodie
- Slacks
- Shoes
- Socks
(not sure what Cat is wearing under those clothes, if anything at all)

STORAGE (or stuff at home)

- Clothes (turtlenecks, slacks, boyshorts, socks, hoodie)
- soap
- toothbrush/paste
- switchcomb



- Find a more permanent place to stay
- Find someone you trust to talk about your power
- practice using power
|_ Find out limiations
-Find out if OVERMIND is a hero or villain
- Investigate the estate fire
- investigate Isabella

unofficial tasks/mental notes:
- Get a terrarium for Roach (10 BUX, deadline probably Saturday night)
- Pay for room at Hapless Stone (currently 7 BUX due Friday night, 33 BUX if we stay Thursady and Friday night)
- Pay for COMM bill (5 BUX due Sunday)
No. 989119 ID: f7ac65

Run to the mart, buy Willamina a gift, maybe sweets.
No. 989124 ID: ce39da

> Willamena saw "eyes."
> Bumped lady part of the Eye-Club.
> "Didn't foresee that..."


Play it cool, but you immediately need to find that lady and shake her hand, preferably before she leaves the libarby. The pretense is, "Hey, you dropped your book." That she didn't foresee us implies that there are holes in her foresight, and we know that, at least for now, we're in one of them. (Emphasis on 'least.') We NEED to take advantage of it, so we know exactly what the extent of this possibly villainous spy's cheat power is so that we can plan around it. (Judging by the book's subject (and thus her possible freshness), it's entirely possible we can get a handle on her limitations before even she does.)
No. 989136 ID: 9a2966

>Nerve damage, in pain the rest of her life
Oh jeez, no wonder Will's a regular grump. Poor woman.

>Will's brother had Awakened, family died in celebration of joining heroes guild
Well, that's... not great.

>Muttering elf, future-sight?
Very interesting. Might want to look into this Eye symbol as a separate thing... although, to be honest, it seems a little too obvious an answer? Feels easy to leap to conclusions here. Of course, we can safely put a 'susp' sign over anyone associated with the eye symbol, such as Cannie and the elf.

One does have to wonder, why WOULD a rich elf live out here in the boonies in the first place? If she actually has a power - such as future sight, implied by the 'didn't foresee that' comment - it feels like she should be in bigger leagues and certainly shouldn't be caught by surprise so easily. Maybe hers is a very weak power? Or maybe it's something else.

Either way, all you have to do to check is shake her hand at some point. And then... well, you're still stuck on what to do then, right? We need to learn more about the meaning of the eye symbol and the people wearing it. For all we know it's something Isabella's started to get at Will.

Hm. Same author each time? You could check your COMMS for their address to see if they're still around, which means you could ask more in-depth questions of them at a later date and maybe get some of the oddities squared. Alternatively... speak with TREY, the town doctor. Isabella conspiratorially indicated he might have a hidden power, so that's something to check up on as well.

Well, you're here, so strike up a conversation with Rupert, the dabbling Tinkerer, then cut off in half an hour or three quarters of an hour so you can get to the post office a bit early to see how Will's doing.

- Shake hands, check for Powers.
- Talk shop / interests. Is there a Tinker club, tinker-related social events or a hobby workshop around?
- Any recommended courses for someone looking to better themselves? You're actually sort of interested in self-defence stuff, on account of... stuff that happened in the big city.
- Talk town. Are Lyst folk a good lot?
- If he seems friendly enough, fish for info on the elf who just bumped into you and left. She usually that, uh... distracted?
No. 989137 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe her foresight only works to see actions of non-powered. Which means she should know now that we have a power, but not what it is.
No. 989173 ID: afe7de
File 161432531437.png - (11.43KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_088.png )

>Take down the name of the author of those articles
You mark down their name, they're called Aeglos Wood, it would probably be a good idea to ask Rupert or Xana about where you can meet him.

>Check out book and talk to Rupert
>Check Rupert for powers
Rupert is the closest to you, having made his way down the bookshelves as you were on the terminal. You head over and tap him on the shoulder and hold out your hand for a shake. He turns around and accepts with a smile and you try with your power to see if you could upgrade his existing power, a prompt appears.

Level [3] Tinker: Stabilization

Cost [5] Energy


Huh, you kind of dumbly stare in his direction as you ponder this notice, it looks like Tinkers are literally called Tinkers by whatever system controls your power, and they have specialties. You wish you understood exactly what stabilization means, but you can think about this more later. You break the handshake and can see a quizzical look on Rupert's face, it looks like he asked you something.

You: Um sorry could you repeat that?

Rupert: Ah, I said it's nice to see a new face around here. You looking to check out that book you're holding?

You nod and hand him the book, he takes his COMM and scans it, then scans your Libarby card.

Rupert: All set, anything else I can help you with?

You: Uh actually yes, I had a few questions.

You: I heard you were an amueter tinker, I used to want to be a tinker growing up, are there events or like a hobby workshop in town?
No. 989174 ID: afe7de
File 161432534068.png - (12.58KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_089.png )

His originally sleepy demeanor changes almost immediately as a great big smile appears on his snout.

Rupert: Well there isn't really a club per say, more like I have a workshop that I live out of and encourage any aspiring tinkers to come by and swap ideas and make cool gadgets. I have a small budget set aside for anyone who's too broke but can come up with a good blueprint.

The two of you talk shop for a minute and get into some technobabble, you also share your history of attempting to go to college to become a tinker but being shut down by the campus staff, which gets a resounding, "typical big city schmucks, think they know what's best for everyone." Eventually this line of dialogue dies down and you switch topics.

You: So uh, do you know anything about that elf woman that was just in here? She seemed a little distracted.

Rupert: You mean miss Iraphena? She's usually pretty on it, likes to sneak up on people, I don't think I've ever seen her get distracted actually, if I didn't know any better I would swear she was psychic. She donates a lot of the money that we get for the arts, literature and the brothel, it's where the budget for my workshop comes from actually. Oh, and she's smoking hot, like seriously. I mean have you checked out her ass... damn.

You look at the clock on the wall and notice that it's about 30 minutes till work and you wanted to arrive early, so you ask one more question.

You: Last question and then I have to go. Do you know how I could get in contact with an umm

You look through your notes for the name.

You: Aeglos Wood? I read some of their news articles and wanted to ask them a few questions.

Rupert: Oh him? Yeah. He lives on the outskirts of town, you can usually find them at the Hapless Stone on FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS, and SUNDAY evenings.
No. 989175 ID: afe7de
File 161432537982.png - (8.54KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_090.png )

> Head to work early
You take off from the Libarby and take some time to think as you walk. If you HAD to leave the inn, you'd need to save up some money to get an apartment, it costs around 150 BUX a week for a two bedroom. You also realize that you didn't notice the Elf woman's necklace had the same symbol that Cannie's armband did. Maybe they're connected somehow? And judging by Rupert's reaction, maybe she is PSYCHIC or at least has some amount of future vision, but maybe she can't see other Awakened with her sight? There's too many things you don't know at this point and more questions keep coming up. You're so distracted you end up walking into a pole right outside of the post office, luckily only one passerby saw you. Unluckily you can hear them cackling at you. You flush and head inside to see Willamina stacking some mail and neatly putting it in the satchel. She turns around as the bell chimes to denote your entrance.

Willamina: Oh, you're here FUCKIN early. Come help me ORGANIZE this, and then you can start your route. Anything you wanna know about it beforehand? There are some more prickly people on the EAST half of town, though they might be nicer to you cause you're NOT me.
No. 989177 ID: 8a51ec

Is there anyone in particular we should watch our tongue with, then? Also, tempting to ask about the eye symbol.
No. 989178 ID: c5d2fe

Heh, morning to you, too. Hope you had a decent sleep.

As for questions...eh, just if you got anyone in mind that's particularly ornery or not. Maybe if you got any tips about where to go first?
No. 989181 ID: b1b4f3

Ask her if she knows Rupert. He a good guy?
And does she know Isabella's sister?

Also yeah ask if there's anyone in the east part of town we gotta be careful with.

>150 bux a week for an apartment
Well, we're probably getting paid 35 bux a day and have a 5 day work week, so that's out of our price range unless we get a roommate and split the bill. Or find someone who needs one. Maybe we can look for ads about people who need a roommate.
No. 989184 ID: e51896

>And judging by Rupert's reaction, maybe she is PSYCHIC or at least has some amount of future vision, but maybe she can't see other Awakened with her sight?

Considering that Rupert is an awakened himself and seems to think she is psychic (probably using that power to sneak up on people, himself included), maybe we can deduce that it isn't a matter that she can't use her psychic power to see other awakened people. Maybe you're special in some way? In any case, lets not jump to conclusions and try to be careful.

What did the person laughing at you look like? Probably best to avoid that person for a while until they forget your face. Maybe ask Willamina what home that person lives in with a description of what they looked like so you can be sure to deliver mail there quicker than other homes to keep discussions there to a minimum & avoid awkwardness.

Otherwise, lets keep things professional at work and avoid talking about pleasure until after work, like the date yesterday or scheduling another date in the future.

Pretty much ask this >>989177 but probably don't ask about or show the eye symbol, especially since she seems to have some PTSD regarding her past like from seeing the burnt badger. That eye symbol may bring back bad memories. If we must ask about it though, we can ask if there is a cult in town since you saw a weird symbol on a couple people's accessories (don't need to mention it being an eye symbol, just say it is a weird symbol and you saw it on the elf woman's necklace and Cannie's armband)

But one question we could ask is this: pull out your map, and ask which houses belongs to whom, and then label their names down on the houses on the map >>986874 , so we can know of which houses to rush through, or spend a little longer on (like rushing through the intimidating elf woman's home, Isabella's family place to avoid Cannie if she is in a cult, or the home of that person who laughed at you, and spending a little longer at other friendlier people's homes like Peanut's place)
No. 989206 ID: ce39da

"Oh, um, is there a uniform I can wear? I can't believe I forgot to ask about that yesterday."

While you're getting changed, get out the book you checked out and look clairvoyance up in the index. Have Roach read it out to you to save time.
No. 989222 ID: 365234

Agreed, lets ask about a uniform, Cat will look so cool in one.
though lets ask while we help organize. Gotta show we are a good employee by prioritizing doing the tasks we are assigned.

(I assume Gena will have to make the uniform for us to fit into though since Willamina was the only carrier and might only have uniforms in her size. Not too sure about reading on the job though unless we know we can do it fast enough without getting in trouble. Gotta watch our time for the hard route after all)
No. 989231 ID: 894419

Give her a warm smile, and a friendly "sure thing".
No. 989297 ID: afe7de
File 161441389544.png - (9.31KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_091.png )

You give Willamina a warm smile and nod your head.

You: Sure thing.

You start to help Willamina separate some mail into piles, one for the EAST side of town and one for the WEST. As you do, you decide to engage in a little smalltalk and ask some questions.

You telepathically ask Roach if he could read the book you have and before you can even finish your sentence you get a response.


You mentally kick yourself for that oversight and decide it’s probably better if you aren’t distracted by it anyway.

You: Oh, um, is there a uniform I can wear? I can't believe I forgot to ask about that yesterday.

Willamina reaches under the table and eventually fishes out a vest and hat.

Willamina: Good catch. Yeah, you can use these for NOW. They were my old partner’s before he left the city. Can’t BELIEVE its been 5 years. Once we get you settled into the job and make sure you’re STAYING around for a while we’ll have Gena whip you up something like my UNIFORM. Don’t worry, It’ll come out of the Post’s budget, you wont have to PAY for it.

You put on the outfit and equip the satchel for the EAST half of town. You feel a little more official now.

You: So is there a specific path I should take on the route or?

Willamina: My best suggestion would be to head south and loop around the Libarby and community center, hitting those houses and heading north eventually ending at the Lyst-Y-Mart.
No. 989298 ID: afe7de
File 161441390540.png - (14.05KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_092.png )

You: Now that sorting the mail’s done, I wanted to ask, is there anyone in particular I should watch my tongue with?

Willamina: Hrm, yeah there’s a few. Miss Iraphena is a bit of an ornery one. She acts like a know it all, like she’s already heard what you’re going to say, so it feels a little demeaning. Just don’t say anything to piss her off and you should be fine.

Willamina: Then there’s Trey, I mean, he’s good people, but has anger management issues, just be straight to the point or he might get mad at you for wasting his time.

Willamina: Then there’s the clinic’s receptionist, uh, just ignore him. It’s really for the best.

Willamina: Then there’s Cannie just uh, hope you didn’t catch her on a bad day or she’ll try to fight you…

Willamina: Everyone else shouldn’t be a problem

You: alright, noted.

Willamina: THANKS to you coming in early we’ve got everything sorted a lot easier, you can start your route early today, it’ll PROBABLY take you the whole day to do it since it’s your first time and I imagine you’ll want to introduce YOURSELF. Just make it back by 4PM, got it PRICK?

She says the last line with a smirk and you nod.

You: See ya in a few hours!
No. 989300 ID: afe7de
File 161441409838.png - (11.09KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_093.png )

You head out and decide to go to the city hall first. After entering you notice Fivin chatting with a woman you don’t recognize.

Woman: Want some beef jerky? I made it last night?

Fivin: Oooh Nicky you KNOW I love your jerky, are you sure you don’t put drugs in it?

Nicky: Family secret.

Nicky winks at Fivin and they both giggle.
No. 989302 ID: b1b4f3

Got a delivery. Hey Fivin.
No. 989304 ID: e51896

Nicky? Ah, must be the mayor, and mother of Cannie and Isabella.

Keep things brief and professional. Say "Mail call!" and hand over the mail.

If they want small talk, just ask something simple like what movie she has coming up for the town to watch.

Fivin said Nicky put drugs in those beef jerky? If they offer you some, just take it to be polite, but don't eat it and say you'll save it for later, you had a big breakfast. You're on the job after all, and we don't wanna destroy our brain

When you're done with city hall, take a sip of your water to stay hydrated and ENERGIZED!
No. 989305 ID: b1b4f3

>I made it last night
Wait how do you make jerky that fast

Ask what kind of jerky it is. Beef? Chicken?
No. 989307 ID: 094652

Place package on the counter and conveniently brush the paws of both persons while you do.

"Well, I'm still here! Yay! Did they find that wounded badger yet?"
No. 989318 ID: ce39da

"Package for you lovelies. Thanks for the guidance yesterday, Fiver." Offer a handshake if you fail to touch him during this.

"And you must be madam mayor!" Definitely offer your hand to this one. "Name's Cat, technically your newest employee."

Accept jerky for the road if she offers, but if she has a power that makes the jerky suspect in any way, discreetly discard it after you leave.

"Man, the days sure are carefree if the head of local government can spend all those hours at the smoker~!"

But yeah, our 'niche' should be a counterpoint to Willamena; we're the laid-back, overly nice postman!

An addendum to Willamena's warnings: Don't even plan to say anything untoward to Iraphena. Not that we'll have reason to be prickly toward her since we already have a pretty good suspicion regarding what her deal is (which sort of takes the magic/uneasiness out of it). Not to mention the lack of possible factional history.

And overall, I think we should take the approach of not trying to antagonize anyone, at least as far as everyone else knows. We're everybody's friend. If Cannie wants to put up her dukes, be ready to reciprocate - she probably likes people more when they're ready to engage on her terms.
No. 989322 ID: c5d2fe

I like all this EXCEPT
"Man, the days sure are carefree if the head of local government can spend all those hours at the smoker~!"

That sounds really really condescending when you say it out loud.
No. 989323 ID: ce39da

Yeah, you're right. Maybe rephrase it as "Whoa, did you stay up all night watching the smoker or something? That's dedication right there."
No. 989335 ID: afe7de
File 161446287180.png - (8.60KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_094.png )

You: Package for you lovelies, thanks for the help yesterday Fivin, ended up getting a job working with Willamina.

The two of them continue to munch on the jerky, seemingly lost in the flavor before coming to and noticing you.

Both of them: Oh hi there!

Fivin reaches over and grabs your hand, shaking it intensely. You note that he DOES NOT have a power.

Fivin: That’s great news! Glad yer able to help her out. Willamina popped by yesterday to let us know the position’s been filled. Hope you’ll stick around for a bit.

You: And you must be madam mayor! Name’s Cat, technically your newest employee.

You reach your hand out to shake Nicky’s hand and she obliges after wiping her hand clean of the jerky, but you both feel a SHOCK from some static electricity. You don’t touch her long enough to check if she has a power.

Nicky: Welcome to Lyst! We could always use new citizens, and Willamina’s been doing that job for years now without help, so hopefully it eases the load off of her. Ah, I remember when she was just a teenager, still frightened at the world but willing to take risks and make her own money. Glad to have her around. It’s a shame ONE of my daughters can’t learn from her.

Nicky: Anyways, the name’s Nicky Dalton. Want some jerky for the road? If you like it enough you can always buy some on FRIDAYS at the Lyst-y-Mart. I usually make some throughout the week and sell the excess there for some pocket change. The beast-kin in town really love it.

You: Sure!

The mayor hands you a paper towel with pieces of jerky in it, there’s 3 helpings inside, probably so you can share it. You also try to brush her hand again but are met with the same static SHOCK.

Nicky: Wow, you must have an electric personality, HEH HEH HEH. Anyway, take care. Oh and Isabella says hi.
No. 989336 ID: afe7de
File 161446291560.png - (10.94KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_095.png )

You nod and head out of the City Hall. After searching through the bag you notice that there’s no mail for the community center or Libarby today, so you skip those buildings and head to the southernmost one. It’s a rather fancy house, looking to be two stories with some marble columns flanking the door. You peek to the side of the building and think you can see a pool back there. You find an ornate plate above the doorknob that says Iraphena Residence. You use the fancy doorknocker, It’s shaped like a biblical angel, tons of eyes and wings where two of the wings fold together to make the knocker. It takes a moment but you hear some muffled cursing and other words you can’t quite make out. Eventually Miss Iraphena comes up to the door and you hear her mutter to herself from the other side.

Miss Iraphena: First it’s that human at the Libarby and now this, am I losing it?

She then opens the door and she’s dressed in a towel that BARELY covers her body and is soaked.

Miss Iraphena: Oh, it’s you. You know, I used to be the person who sneaks up on people, but now you WALTZ into town and everything’s out of whack.

She looks down at you and finally notices you’re in a postal worker’s uniform.

Miss Iraphena: Oh, and you’re the new Courier too. Alright.

She holds out her hand, nearly letting the towel slip.
No. 989337 ID: 8483cf

Now, we're not supposed to piss her off, so naturally we should keep our distance.

And make her reach for the delivery. Just a little too far.
No. 989338 ID: 8a51ec

"I'm... sorry for interrupting what I assume was your shower. Here's your package."
Absolutely hand her that package in a way that lets us check if she has a power.
No. 989340 ID: 894419

Sounds like a plan
No. 989342 ID: e51896

Keep it professional and just quietly hand over her mail at a reasonable distance. Nothing more needs to be said. She has no reason to complain at us for just for doing our job.

Also, look around and see if there was a mailbox or mail slot for you to put that mail in for next time.

Do NOT touch her and see if she has a power. She probably doesn't want to be touched by someone who seems to be able to avoid her foretelling powers and able to sneak on her unintentionally.
No. 989343 ID: b1b4f3

Okay that can't be coincidence, she must have an electric power and is on guard. Alternatively, touching people who have a power you didn't grant gives you a static shock like that, like some kind of feedback loop.

Ask her about her necklace. Don't actually try to touch her that's weird in this context.
No. 989348 ID: c5d2fe

Let's let this one lie. Will take some gentle prying. Especially considering that last bit with the mayor makes me thing she's either got automated defenses or was warding you off. Can't be too timid, but she's also not really in a mood- interrupted during a shower is a bad time, and if we seem apologetic, we might be able to cozy up to her later and THEN plumb for info.
No. 989349 ID: e51896

Added bag with 3 helpings of beef jerky to inventory
Added Postal Vest and Postal Hat to equipment
Added an unofficial task/mental note


- Wallet (contains bank card, pistol license, ID, and family photo)
- COMM (Willamina's phone number, Isabella's phone number)
- A notebook and pens
- A water bottle - Full.
- A Recharging Mana Pistol
- Roach
- Sweet
- Condom
- Libarby Keycard
- Awakenings and their impact on Metahumans book.

- Postal Vest
- Postal Hat
- Hoodie
- Slacks
- Shoes
- Socks
- Undies (not sure what kind)

STORAGE (or stuff at home)

- Clothes (turtlenecks, slacks, boyshorts, socks, hoodie)
- soap
- toothbrush/paste
- switchcomb



- Find a more permanent place to stay
- Find someone you trust to talk about your power
- practice using power
|_ Find out limiations
-Find out if OVERMIND is a hero or villain
- Investigate the estate fire
- investigate Isabella

unofficial tasks/mental notes:
- Get a terrarium for Roach (10 BUX, deadline probably Saturday night)
- Pay for room at Hapless Stone (currently 7 BUX due Friday night, 33 BUX if we stay Thursady and Friday night)
- Pay for COMM bill (5 BUX due Sunday)
- Speak to Aeglos Wood at the Hapless Stone about Estate Fire on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening
No. 989351 ID: 12b116

Yeah she's clearly offput by her inability to foresee what we do. I think a "sorry to bother you," and a handing-off of the package is fine. Plus she's not nearly as cute as the libarbian unicorn.

I don't really think we should ask her about anything at the moment, because preventing her from going inside when she's only wearing a towel is pretty rude to be honest.
No. 989364 ID: ce39da

"Oh! Sorry to bother you, ma'am." Hand her the package. Let's not touch her until we know more academically about her class of powers - it's possible this iteration of clairvoyance only works on people she's touched. And anyway, we'd come off as incredibly creepy if she caught on to the will behind the "accidental" brush.
No. 989365 ID: b1b4f3

We literally bumped into her in the library.
No. 989367 ID: afe7de
File 161447470273.png - (12.93KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_096.png )

>Hand her the package
>Don’t touch her

You drop the package in her hand and she flips it over, examining it before chucking it over her shoulder into the room behind her. Then she turns her attention back to you and just stares at you, like she’s trying to stare through you.

You: I’m… sorry for interrupting your shower. I just wanted to introduce myself since I’m new in town and will be delivering mail with Willamina.

She continues to stare you down but then puts her hand on her head, wincing.

Miss Iraphena: Blank, uh, this makes no sense. Yeah well, welcome to town I guess. Can I get back to my shower now?

You: I actually had a question, what’s with that-

Miss Iraphena: Not in the mood to answer questions, pester me when I’m not busy.

She then slams the door in your face. You can hear grumbling on the other side of the door as her wet footsteps fade away.

You: -eye symbol on your necklace.
No. 989368 ID: afe7de
File 161447471928.png - (13.54KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_097.png )

You continue along your route, the next house has a nice garden in the front, you’d bet that this person is a part of the gardening club here with the way it’s maintained. You knock on the door of this normal looking house and get no response, so you turn around and notice someone popping up around the bushes heading towards you.

Cow: Howdy sugar, what can I do fer ya.
No. 989369 ID: 59305b

Postal delivery.
No. 989374 ID: 8a51ec

We're on the harder route now, any chitchat should be brief. The check-for-power handshake has proven useful so far though.
No. 989375 ID: e51896

Ask if this is her home, you have mail to deliver to this place. Also, nice garden! (can roach read her mind to see if this is her home or not? Probably too risky since she can hear Roach's thoughts as well)

Is that an ear tag on her ear? Does that mean somebody... owns her?

Maybe ask about what that ear tag is, it looks interesting.

After your done, drink some water, and double-time it to the next place.
No. 989377 ID: ce39da

Oof, yeah, we don't even need to touch Iraphena; she's unbelievably unsubtle when she's caught off-guard for probably the first time in a while. At this point, a vague power description probably won't even add much to what she already dropped in front of us.

"Hey, are you a..." Look at the name on the package. "Miss [Name]? I have a package for this house."

Be cordial regardless of her response.
No. 989378 ID: e51896

(Consider the possibility that Miss Iraphena might be the OVERMIND)

>>989374 yeah, probably best to keep things brief. But lets check the time on our COMM after this.
No. 989379 ID: b1b4f3

>Blank, uh, this makes no sense
It must not just be because you have a power, then. If that was the case, she wouldn't be so surprised, because the masseuse has a power and she would've had a similar experience with him. So I guess you're a psychic blank on top of the rest of your powerset.

Huh, is that a bulge or just an accidentally too-curved line?

Handshake seems fine here, introduce yourself and deliver mail.
No. 989380 ID: c5d2fe

Backing >>989377 more or less.

>>989375 I'm pretty sure that in this world, it's just an upper ear ring.
No. 989407 ID: afe7de
File 161448976858.png - (12.20KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_098.png )

You: Hey are you a… Miss Maple? I have a package for this house.

Maple: Yer darn tootin that’s me. Oh Lawd I hope it’s my new garden tool set, half of my old tools broke so I had to order some new ones.

You hand over the package, making sure to have your hand linger on hers for a moment, she DOES NOT have a power.

You: The name’s Cat. I just got into town and I’m gonna be helping Willamina out with the mail.

Maple: Well that’s swell, thanks for yer hard work darling. I’m gonna pop this sucker open and get back to my gardening. Y’all have a nice day ya year.
No. 989408 ID: afe7de
File 161448984375.png - (11.30KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_099.png )

She skips off back into her garden, you see her tear into that package and out pops a new set of gardening tools, huh, you think about the bag you’re carrying and how it doesn't FEEL heavy, but there’s a lot of mail in there. Maybe there’s some sort of enchantment on it? Either way it’s time to head to your next stop.

You pull out your COMM and check the time. It’s a little after 12:30PM. Oh, and it looks like you have new messages. Willamina just replied with a smiley face emoji. But Isabella sent a longer reply.

Isabella: Hey Cat! Hope you’re settling into town okay. I heard you got a job at the post office. Personally I would have taken the job at the Lyst-y-Mart or Friendly bean instead. Let me know when you wanna grab lunch if you’re still into that. L8rs.
No. 989409 ID: afe7de
File 161448988750.png - (13.51KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_100.png )

You pocket your comm and decide to head to the next spot while you think up a reply. You reach The Friendly Bean, it’s a quaint establishment that looks like an old timey diner, there’s even a spinning sign up at the top of the building with a dancing coffee bean. Once you step inside you notice a short tiger behind the counter, it looks like he’s standing on a stool and cooking something. He eventually turns around and slides a plate of food to someone. It’s then that he notices you. He hops over the counter, miraculously avoiding touching the table at all somehow. He then pulls out a little notepad and pen from his apron.

Tiger: Welcome to the Friendly Bean! First time here? Oh wait you’re the new postman, do we have any mail?
No. 989411 ID: 8483cf

Oh! Question: why is it called the Friendly Bean?
No. 989414 ID: e51896

Deliver that mail, ask if he has a spare menu to take with you in your inventory so that you can get an idea of what they serve here for later.

Drink water
No. 989416 ID: c5d2fe

"Seems like! Place looks nice!"

I have to confess I'm also curious.
No. 989417 ID: c5d2fe

Oh, and text Willamina back. Bitches love smiley faces.
No. 989422 ID: 8a51ec

"Snazzy bowtie, but yeah, here's your mail."
No. 989425 ID: e51896

We'll text her after work, she probably sent that text a long while ago before work and we just forgot to check. Gotta show we're responsible about work. We'll text when we're off the clock :)
No. 989431 ID: 894419

Hey nice to meet you! I'm cat, got a little bit of post for ya.
No. 989434 ID: afe7de
File 161449979527.png - (12.60KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_101.png )

You: Seems like! I’m cat, nice to meet you! Place looks nice!

You fumble around in your bag for a bit, this bundle of mail isn't coming out, so you decide on some small talk in the meantime.

You: Oh, Question: Why is it called the Friendly Bean?

Tiger: That’s easy, it’s cause the proprietor and founder is called Sabina, Bean for short.

You eventually grab the bundle of letters and hand it to the Tiger Lad. He takes it and places the bundle in his apron’s back pocket. He then puts down the notepad and reaches out a paw, which you shake. You reach out with your power and this time are greeted by a different type of notification.

Level [???] Cr??t? Il?u?io?s

Unable to Upgrade

The notification shocks you, but what shocks you a bit more is that the tiger’s grip on you tightens and he pulls you in to whisper into your ear.

Tiger: The name’s Toni. And this is just a SMALL tidbit, MOST people won’t be able to tell what you just did. And I’m relatively harmless, but I wouldn’t be so sure SOMEONE ELSE would be as kind. So maybe you buy dinner later here at the diner as payment for this advice.

You start to sweat as you stare deep into Toni’s eyes, they’re unshaking. And it might just be you, but the room feels ever so much more constricting than before, you don’t break eye contact but you could swear you see something in the corner of your vision. Then, just as quickly as it started, the feeling is gone and he bursts into a fit of cackling, the patrons at the diner don’t seem to notice or care. The cackling turns into full on laughter as he buckles over before catching his breath.

Toni: Oh man the look on your face just now was PRICELESS. I’m just fucking with ya.

He gives you a big toothy grin, you don’t feel any more comfortable.

Toni: But I wasn't joking about getting dinner here some time. The food’s not half bad and the lady that runs the place is pretty nice.
No. 989435 ID: afe7de
File 161449982466.png - (13.18KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_102.png )

He turns around and waves you off, hopping over the counter with the same ease as before and gets back to cooking. You take this as your exit and walk out of the restaurant. Shaken a bit, you decide to sit down on the curb for a second to gather your thoughts.

After a few minutes you gather your composure and head across the street to the clinic where you see two people smoking and chatting. One of them looks familliar.

Smoking Cat: So then she does an acrobatic flip off of this freaking airship and taps her boots and all of a sudden, WOOSH she’s fucking flying through the air, Cutlass in hand and fuckin stabs the dude.

Smoking Man: Uh Huh.

Smoking Cat: And I’m just sitting there on the building below in awe wondering how the fuck she did all that when her partner comes out of nowhere with a freaking mech suit that, get this, has a head that looks kind of like a spider. And BAM, the airship starts falling to this nearby field.

Smoking Cat: So then the two of them grab the Vault from the hole they made earlier and fly on out of there. I swear to god man, she looked JUST like my sister. So I get home and ask her where she’s been and notice she has a cut in the same place on her leg as the girl who was out there just a few hours ago. You know what she says?

Smoking Man: No idea.

Smoking Cat: She says she got in a scrape when she was riding her bike, but you don’t just get a cut on your leg like that. So Trey, that’s how I KNOW my sister is secretly a super.

Smoking Man: Sure Kazu, Sure.

You recognize the man on the right. It’s that guy who saw you hit the pole this morning.
No. 989437 ID: 8483cf

Toni the Tiger. Rrrrrrright. Definitely an alias.

Keep this guy at the VERY TOP of the list of people to not fuck with.
No. 989438 ID: e51896

Remember what Willamina said about the clinic, keep things straight to the point with Trey, and ignore whatever the receptionist says.

Just hand them the mail and be on your way. Kazu might tease you, but just ignore him like Willamina says. No need to touch them for powers either, not after that scare with Toni.
No. 989439 ID: b1b4f3

Create Illusions. That's a very powerful power in the right hands. But hey, that's our first fully confirmed power user. Let's... not even try the upgrade trick on the elf, or on Isabella's angry sister. Not until we've got enough gadgets to defend ourselves with.

Welp, try not to be too embarrassed. Say hi, give mail.
No. 989441 ID: e51896

Cr??t? Il?u?io?s

is probably
Crafty Illusions

Cat did see something in the corner of their eye when they shook Toni's hand. Maybe it also extends into hearing things too, like Cat's fear of people knowing his power.

(thanks Donut for helping me figure it out, assuming we did)

Create is also a valid answer
No. 989442 ID: 8a51ec

A mindfucker, eh? Better uphold that promise of payment later then, someone with a power like his is definitely a friend we want to have.
Pretty much, just give the mail and vamoose.
No. 989443 ID: eb1fcc

good thing we're too spooked from tony the tiger to give a shit about social death

hand your package to the guy shitposting about his sister
No. 989473 ID: ce39da

"Um, I have a package for the clinic. Am I interrupting something?"

I know you're shaking, but remember, you are the postman who smiles. Save the panic for the privacy of your room.

We fucked up with Toni earlier. My going theory is that people of a certain power level and up can see what we're pulling, which would make fishing for the firestarter considerably more dangerous, as Toni likely warned us. We might need to grill him later about what exactly happened (and find out if this can happen with anyone of a sufficiently high level).

Come to think of it; if we assume what he said wasn't just an abstract "play on our fears" construct, we can put together that he knows who some of the dangerous people in this town are.

However, we can't ignore the auditory illusion possibility. If we jumped straight to eliminating him, it could turn out that it was just a harmless prank that he happened to pull on the wrong guy.

Secondary theory; we're more resistant to powers than most people. It certainly gives him an empirical way of catching us out there (i.e., we reached out for his actual hand instead of the illusory one).
No. 989478 ID: 864e49

Not future sight, psychic powers, and we appear to be immune.

Is that a bulge I see, Hot.

Illusion powers it seems, and quite powerful too.
We shall keep an eye on this one.
No. 989480 ID: b1b4f3

She definitely has future sight, which falls under the umbrella of "psychic powers". She has a power that does multiple things, yo.

Also I guess since Toni didn't shock us, that means the mayor most likely has an electric power.
No. 989489 ID: afe7de
File 161455396282.png - (10.41KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_103.png )

You walk up to the pair and the smoking man you understand to be Trey tosses his finished cigarette on the ground, crushing it beneath his soles. He doesent seem to pay you much attention at all.

Trey: Alright finish your smoke and come back inside, I expect to see you there in 3.

Trey walks into the clinic and you can see him enter a back room. The other man, whom you now know to be Kazu looks over to you. Something about him seems oddly familiar though, like you’ve seen him before. You’re about to brush this thought off when he speaks up.

Kazu: Woah, no shit. Cat?! Is that you?

You: I uh, yeah that’s my name. How do you know me already? I just got in town yesterday.

Kazu: Dude don’t you recognize me? You fucked my sister for a good while and were over at the house all the time. God what was that like 5 years ago. Well then again back then I had a mullet and my eyebrows weren’t as thick, I was also a literal teen that hadn’t gone through a growth spurt. We used to play shitty video games together.

You think back for a moment and the memories come flooding back to you. Oh shit, this is Nipha’s kid brother, well, looks like he’s not a kid anymore. Nipha helped you out when you were new to the city and you sort of had a friends with benefits kind of deal going with her. She also had a LOT of friends with benefits she was spending time around, her only ACTUAL boyfriend was this guy called Rudy, he was some kind of tinker you think. You come back from your reminiscing and look back at Kazu. It’s apparent he hadn't stopped talking while you were flashing back.

Kazu: -and so I decided to get a medschool degree and they wanted me to do an internship to help round it out and the only opening was in this podunk little town. But hey I mean the brothel’s really nice here, and Trey’s helping me learn a lot.

You both hear a beeping, it’s coming from Kazu’s watch.

Kazu: Ah shit, gotta go back to work. Nice seeing you dude. I’ll text Nipha and let her know I saw ya. Oh, and try not to walk into any more poles ya hear.

He cackles as he crushes his spent cigarette under his foot. You decide to take this moment and hand him the mail which he takes with a sharp toothy grin before he walks back into the clinic. You can see him sit down and begin sorting through the mail on the other side of the glass.
No. 989490 ID: afe7de
File 161455397595.png - (15.47KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_104.png )

You stop by a few more houses but their residents appear to be out so you drop off their mail in front of their door and continue on. Eventually you reach the house directly opposite of the city hall and you notice two familiar beast-kin sitting on the porch chatting.

Isabella: You know you should really visit the city again sometime. It’s pretty cool, things have changed a LOT, and I’m sure there’s people there you could get into a good scrap with.

Cannie grunts and rolls her eyes, propping her legs up on a nearby step.

Cannie: You know I don’t want to leave, at least here I can be top dog at whatever I want. Over there I actually have to start giving a shit and trying.

Isabella: But you were the happiest you ever were for that one year you were in the city with me, you made a lot of good friends, heck I still see you wearing that armband for that over- whatever it was called, that guild.

Cannie: You’re thinking of the person who ran that guild, and I TOLD you not to say their name, it’s supposed to be this hush hush thing.

Cannie: I’m just… I don’t think they’d want me back.

Isabella: I KNOW you still text with some of them, you can’t pull that shit with me.

The two continue bickering for a little as you approach, lowering their volume until they acknowledge your presence and Isabella waves you over.
No. 989493 ID: 8a51ec

Sitting with your legs open with a skirt on? Scandalous, but focus on mail for now. Maybe we could indirectly get to know Cannie better by chatting up Isabella a bit.
Oh, and of course RED FUCKING ALERT about that eye symbol from here on out.
No. 989494 ID: e51896

Hand over the mail, thank Isabella for the help yesterday getting a room at a discount and all at the Hapless Stone. Isabella might want you to stay longer, but try to keep things brief. Remember that Willamina said she stabs people in the back when it is most convenient after warming up to people, probably a manipulator, but also consider that it could just be an overexagerration due to them being rivals. Keeping things brief but friendly might be best

Probably best not to try to touch them for now, especially not Cannie. Also, probably best not to ask about the armband, she seems sensitive about it and can beat you up for snooping. I think we got enough info from what we overheard for now. Only talk to Cannie if she talks to you.
No. 989500 ID: b1b4f3

...I wonder if Roach is why Iraphena's psychic powers don't work on you? Can't read someone's mind when it's already being read? Maybe her foresight works on the same wavelength which also means Roach is cloaking you.

Shit, I guess we know a bit more about who Overmind is now. She runs a guild, and that's their symbol. Cannie is probably still part of the guild, but got demoted to this backwoods location.
Hmm. If Overmind has a presence here that means there are probably a lot of mind-controlled animals here. The badger might have been injured because it was spying on someone who knew this as well. In that case Cannie probably found out about the injured badger and was sent to recover it so it could report who did it. You managed to intercept that information, so you let whoever did it get away with it. Maybe.
Iraphena might even be Overmind... but I guess she could just be here running this branch of the guild because she can communicate over long distances or whatever. Wait, wouldn't Roach know what Overmind looks like? Try asking.

As for these ladies, hand over the mail, introduce yourself to Cannie and ask what the armband is about.
No. 989525 ID: 8483cf

Make small talk. Ask for directions. Do anything to get a feel for them and learn more.
No. 989530 ID: c5d2fe

Backing this. Please, holy shit, do NOT ask about the armband right now. We can still do some personal investigation without walking straight up to the people likely involved and revealing we're getting too nosy.
No. 989546 ID: afe7de
File 161458013695.png - (13.93KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_105.png )

>>Hand over the mail and DO NOT check for powers
You give a polite tip of the hat to the two ladies and hand over the mail to the Dalton Residence

You: Heya Isabella, just here with the mail. This your sister?

Cannie: Hrmph, name’s Cannie. I heard you’re from the city, wanna go a few rounds? I’ll even let you use any weapons you have on you.

She gives you a sly grin, showing off her canines.

Isabella: Cannie be nice. I think Cat here’s just wanting to deliver our mail.

You: Yeah um, I’m kind of on the clock too. Don’t wanna make Willamina too mad by messing up my second day.

You notice Isabella’s nose scrunch up at the mention of Willamina, but in a few short moments she’s back to normal.

Cannie: Grrr FINE. Maybe I should just go for a fuckin walk.

Isabella: You enjoying the town? It’s not anything like the big city, so much quieter.

You: Yeah, I actually wanted to thank you, Oriel actually gave me a discount on the first day’s rent cause of you, so that helps a lot.

Isabella: No problem. Let me know if you ever wanna catch lunch/dinner at the Friendly Bean or something, I’ll even drag along Cannie so she doesen’t just stay cooped up in the house all the time.

Cannie: Yeah MOM, whatever you say.

The two look at eachother and start giggling a little bit.

Isabella: Anyway, go finish your route, sorry to distract you. I’m sure precious Willamina is waiting on you.

Cannie: You know, you should really let that go by now, it’s been YEARS.
No. 989547 ID: afe7de
File 161458016113.png - (8.98KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_106.png )

Isabella mumbles something incoherent towards Cannie and they both shoo you off. You walk away and drop off the packages at the next two houses without any issue. Your last stop is the Lyst-Y-Mart. You venture inside to hear that welcoming tune as the sliding doors open and notice Peanut manning the counter. You can hear some voices around the racks, it sounds like there’s other shoppers in here, and one of them sounds like they could be Adriana or Andrea, it’s hard to tell cause their voices are so similar.

You walk up to Peanut and he turns around, giving you a grin, or whatever approximates to a grin that a Wing-Kin can give.

Peanut: Well hey there Cat, you here for that insect carrier? Oh, wait I think I remember Willamina saying something about this hold on for a sec.

You can see peanut visibly thinking, he puts his hands to his head and massages it before holding up a feather and continuing

Peanut: A HA, you’re the new Postman, that’s why you’re dressed up all funny. Well do we have any mail today? Oh and do you want anything from the store while you’re here?
No. 989548 ID: 8483cf

Cannie keeps coming up. Definitely keep an eye on her.

I vote we buy a slurpee, because not everyone is so fortunate as to be able to buy one without going on an epic quest.

Also buy something nice for Isabella, if such a thing exists here.
No. 989549 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, I bet he has a "perfect recall" power. Handy for a shop owner but otherwise weak. Well, if he does it takes a bit to activate which means it's not even very good at what it does.

Let's buy the insect carrier.
No. 989553 ID: e51896

We'll hold off on the insect carrier for now, probably until after we pay our first bill to the Hapless Stone (buying it now would leave us with 4 bux). That terrarium isn't going anywhere until the end of Saturday.

I think we are fine without buying anything for now... except maybe a frozen carbonated drink (like a Slurpee). But you could ask if they have a department for tools you can look into later when you're off the clock.

oh yeah, hand over the mail too
No. 989555 ID: b1b4f3

We're about to get paid though...
No. 989569 ID: ce39da

Get the bug carrier; we're about to get paid, so we'll still be able to afford dinner tonight. Nothing else, though; we still need to save up for our first room payment.

Oh, text Isabella back and ask if she wants to do the Friendly Bean tonight. Two birds with one stone - er, no offense meant to Peanut here.

I thought we confirmed he did not have any powers when we were last here?
No. 989584 ID: db1188

This, get bug cage!

except lets not set up a date with Isabella, i dont wanna cheat on Willamina and ruin our relationship with her especially since Isabella is her rival (and we dont know how expensive the food will be for our budget)
No. 989676 ID: afe7de
File 161466920376.png - (12.92KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_107.png )

>Hand over the mail
>Get the terrarium
>Get a Slushee
You: Yep, here’s your mail, and I think I’ll take you up on that terrarium now. Oh, and I want to get a SLUSHEE, where’s the machine?

Peanut takes the mail and shoves it under the counter, then after hearing your request he points to the back of the store.

Peanut: SLUSHEE machine is in the back, I’ll go grab the insect carrier while you pour yourself some of that sweet frozen elixer. And the SLUSHEE’s on the house, consider it my welcome gift to you from the town. I’m personally a fan of the white flavor myself.

Peanut heads to the back room and shuffles around for a bit, you take this moment to head over to the SLUSHEE machine, looks like there’s a guy already there going to town on one.

Slushee Man: Mmm, god yes. I’ve been waiting so long for this. *SLURP* And there’s no weird shadow people here either. Oh! Didn’t see you there. If you’re taking SLUSHEE recommendations I’d suggest mixing some blue flavor with the red. The White flavor’s okay, but don’t mix all three together, you don’t wanna know what happens.

What SLUSHEE do you get?
No. 989677 ID: 8483cf

Oh no. Oh no no no. This is a little too much pressure for us right now. Big decisions require a lot of preparation, you know?

I think we should take a deep breath and not panic about this incredibly difficult choice
No. 989679 ID: 894419

This cat, I know the magnitude of the situation is probably getting to your head but take some deep breaths. You'll make it, its going to be alright.
No. 989680 ID: b1b4f3

No. 989683 ID: e51896

Be overdramatically overwhelmed by what SLUSHEE to get

also, once you decide, consider giving the SLUSHEE to Willamina as a gift, as well as some beef jerky.

(You get inspired of what drink to get after overhearing something Adriana or Andrea will say. That considered, I vote for red and white for pink flavor!)
No. 989684 ID: 7f716e

Slushee Man seems to really know his slushees. blue and red it is!
No. 989685 ID: 094652

Mix white with blue and think back to the best gourmet sandwich you've ever eaten.
No. 989686 ID: e51896

Changing my vote to mixing blue and red

still planning on giving it to Willamina
No. 989688 ID: f8fa51

Just get white. You've got two recommendations and no particular reason to trust any one more than the other, but you should try out the basic flavours on their own before mixing them anyway.
No. 989691 ID: 16fd81

This calls for careful slushie layering! A skill all city folk surely know!

Start with a small layer of blue, then put the straw in.
Dump a layer of red into the middle to mix, before tipping the cup slightly to gently place an unmixed layer of red on that.

Tip and gently top with white.

First sip will be blue, then comes the blue red. Then will come red which will gently fade to white by the time you get to it.
No. 989694 ID: 8a51ec

This is a rather difficult choice, but we should go with red and bl- wait, is that guy dressed like Linkara?
No. 989696 ID: ce39da

Just get white. Let's not mix unless we know each flavor intimately.
No. 989697 ID: 485a8d

"Accidentally" brush against the slushee lover, find out his power. Do not expect anything crazy like a minds eye ability to see or interact with the past or something.
No. 989716 ID: 894419

yes also this
No. 989724 ID: e9a73e

Nope. Let's heed the warnings for once.
No. 989726 ID: 8a51ec

The warnings from someone with illusion powers?
No. 989730 ID: b1b4f3

The warning was more along the lines of "don't try this against someone who's likely to get pissed at you"
No. 989760 ID: afe7de
File 161475830111.png - (12.98KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_108.png )

You’re overwhelmed by the choices set in front of you, there’s just too many possibilities when it comes to SLUSHEES like if you should try each individual flavor once or if you should just go straight for a combo. That’s like… 6 Different choices if you don’t count combining all flavors together. You decide not to do that at least for your first SLUSHEE experience. You agonize over this choice for like at least 20 seconds before deciding.
No. 989761 ID: afe7de
File 161475831562.png - (10.48KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_109.png )

You: Fuck it. I’ll just get two SLUSHEES.

The residual terror from Toni earlier today has finally been shaken off of you, so you brush against the Slushee Man, he doesent seem to care too much and you are greeted with a notification.

Level [4] Reality Distortion + MOD

Cost [10] Energy


You decide base purely off of the name not to piss this guy off. Huh, and there’s something new in there, you wonder what the “MOD” part means. You know, you’re starting to think either Isabella had bad info, or there’s more awakened in town then she thought. You get one SLUSHEE that’s just white flavor and one SLUSHEE that’s just Red and Blue Flavor. This elicits a thumbs up from the Slushee Man as you walk back to peanut and pay for everything.

Slushee Man: See ya around! Watch out for weird shadow people! Oh and Liches.
No. 989762 ID: afe7de
File 161475832850.png - (8.29KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_110.png )

You’re not quite sure what to make of that warning so you shrug and head back to the counter. Peanut notices you have two SLUSHEES but doesn't charge you for either of them. They’re only 1 BUX anyway. You stash the terrarium in your pack and let Roach know that it’s his new home. It looks like your deliveries for the day are done and you notice that it’s 3 PM, starting early really helped you streamline things even though you took the time to talk to nearly everyone you met. You head back to the Post office, Slushees in hand and notice Willamina reclining on the counter.

Willamina: How was the route, looks like you finished with some good time, makes tomorrow easier then.

She then looks to your hands and notices the SLUSHEES, perking up at the sight.

Willamina: Oooh, you got us SLUSHEES? Is one of those for me?
No. 989763 ID: 894419

Of course! Take your pick.
No. 989764 ID: b1b4f3

>bad info
She was straight up lying to you, dawg. There's only one Awakened in town that allows it to be public knowledge, so she was fibbing to respect the others' privacy. Probably.

Noooooo, miiiiiine. Clutch them protectively to your chest. Start drinkin' the white one.

Also tell her you were told that there were no Awakened in town aside from the masseuse but that's obviously wrong. She knows Iraphena is psychic right? Seems like everyone knows and they just don't want to say it outright. Does she know who else is Awakened? Or is that something you don't talk about around here?
No. 989768 ID: e51896

"yeah! Also beef jerky from Nicky. She gave me three. want one?"

Have her choose which flavor slushee she wants. Tell her you were suggested by a hippo looking man that mixing blue and red flavor together was supposedly really tasty.

Talk about route like she asked and be honest about it, specifically mention about how Miss Iraphena seemed annoyed you sneaked up on her even though it doesn't make sense since you knocked on her door to let her know of your arrival.

Ask if on your free day if she and you would like to go to the Friendly Bean sometime on Sunday or Monday
No. 989769 ID: e51896

Updated amount of BUX to 4
Updated Inventory (2 Slushees (white flavor, red and rlue flavor), Terrarium)
Updated unofficial tasks to delete the terrarium task (completed)


- Wallet (contains bank card, pistol license, ID, and family photo)
- COMM (Willamina's phone number, Isabella's phone number)
- A notebook and pens
- A water bottle - Full.
- A Recharging Mana Pistol
- Roach
- Sweet
- Condom
- Libarby Keycard
- Awakenings and their impact on Metahumans book.
- Beef Jerky x3
- Slushee x2 (red and blue flavor, white flavor)

- Postal Vest
- Postal Hat
- Hoodie
- Slacks
- Shoes
- Socks
- Undies (not sure what kind)

STORAGE (or stuff at home)

- Clothes (turtlenecks, slacks, boyshorts, socks, hoodie)
- soap
- toothbrush/paste
- switchcomb



- Find a more permanent place to stay
- Find someone you trust to talk about your power
- practice using power
|_ Find out limitations
-Find out if OVERMIND is a hero or villain
- Investigate the estate fire
- investigate Isabella

unofficial tasks/mental notes:
- Pay for room at Hapless Stone (currently 7 BUX due Friday night, 33 BUX if we stay Thursady and Friday night)
- Pay for COMM bill (5 BUX due Sunday)
- Speak to Aeglos Wood at the Hapless Stone about Estate Fire on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening
No. 989770 ID: eb1fcc

give her the red/blue combo
No. 989778 ID: 8a51ec

We should let Willamina make the choice, it'd just be rude if we ended up keeping the flavor she would've preferred for ourselves.
No. 989781 ID: 962eb6

Let her choose which drink
Offer a beef jerky
No. 989782 ID: 3ed3c3

We bring you the gift of cold, frosty, sugary refreshment and dehydrated meat products.
No. 989783 ID: ce39da

Let her choose, get paid.

"By the way, if I wanted to keep coming here early, is there an at-the-earliest time I can show up? I want to avoid making a mistake and end up standing around waiting for you to come to unlock the building or something."

If it is AT ALL possible for us to get to the day's unsorted packages before Willamena sees them, that'll open up tons of options for mail shenanigans - purely for future reference, of course.
No. 989883 ID: afe7de
File 161484511734.png - (9.55KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_111.png )

You: Yeah, take your pick! Also here’s some of Nicky’s beef jerky. Want one?

Willamina takes the white flavored slushy from you and begins to sip on it, she then reaches out a hand for the jerky and bites down on it too.

Willamina: You know, I’ve been having this JERKY since I was a teen, it’s only gotten better with time.

She munches on the jerky and makes little delighted moans, she’s clearly enjoying it. You disrobe your uniform and put it away, grabbing a seat and pulling it up to the opposite side of the desk. You finally take a sip of your SLUSHEE and holy shit it’s pretty good. Gotta thank that Slushee Man for the protip. The jerky’s also pretty amazing as well, you wonder what Nicky does to it that makes it so good. Maybe a specific marinade? Cool spices? Maybe mana infused cows that are slaughtered and used to make premium jerky?

You: And as for the route, it went fine I think. I met a lot of new people, one of which was a lot more intimidating then I thought he’d be, that Toni guy.

Willamina: You know he’s HARMLESS right? He talks a big game but if you bully him a little bit he actually becomes really SHY and defenseless. He’s a real masochist.

You: Huh, good to know. And uh Miss Iraphena seemed annoyed with me that I sneaked up on her even though I just knocked on her door.

Willamina: That doesent sound like her at all. WEIRD. She say anything specific?

You: Just that she used to be the person who sneaked up on people but now I’m in town and every thing’s out of whack? Not sure what to make of that.

You and Willamina both shrug at that and continue to slurp down the SLUSHEES.
No. 989885 ID: afe7de
File 161484529556.png - (9.38KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_112.png )

You: By the way, if I wanted to keep coming here early, is there an at-the-earliest time I can show up? I want to avoid making a mistake and end up standing around waiting for you to come to unlock the building or something.

Willamina: WHAT, I mean you could come in at 10:30AM if you wanted, help me sort mail and OUTGOING packages a little earlier, but I have a rough time sleeping so I tend to wake up LATE.

Willamina: Tomorrow you’ll be delivering mail to the WHOLE fuckin town, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to come in early. We’ll see how LONG it takes you and adjust from there.

Willamina: Here’s your pay, I didnt get any valid complaints from anyone on the WEST side of town and I expected more trouble from the East, so I’m GIVING ya 35 BUX. Good job PRICK.

You: I gotta ask, What was the invalid complaint?

Willamina: Oh, just Andrea being a DOOF, I already talked to Adriana and found out the story, but ANDREA was trying to make up this elaborate tale about how you came into the police station, WOOED her, and fucked her ears screaming about some sort of cannon.

You don’t have a response to that.

The chat with Willamina took a little while, you look at your COMM and note that its THURSDAY at 4:00 PM, work is done for the day and you have 39 BUX in your pockets.

What do you do with the rest of your day? You could stay and chill with Willamina for a bit, or head into town and do other things.
No. 989888 ID: e51896

Chill with Willamina. Ask if she is interested in going to the Friendly Bean on one of your free days (Sunday or Monday).

Mention how Kazu the clinic's receptionist was actually someone you knew back in the city, and warn her to be prepared to hear him spread rumors about you from when you were back in the city when she ever sees him again in the future or something.

After we're done chilling, lets check out that Community Center.
No. 989889 ID: b1b4f3

>not sure what to make of that
Uhhh what? Does her power come with the passive ability to keep people from realizing she's psychic? I'd guess scanning her would bypass it, but she would totally realize you did it.
Or did Cat just choose to avoid directly talking about her power, and other Awakened people in town?

Damn, Andrea horny. I guess if we want to bang somebody today we could go flirt with her.
Ask Williamina if she can keep a secret. Then show her your awesome psychic roach.
No. 989890 ID: e51896

Updated amount of BUX to 39
deleted Slushees (drank them with Willamina)
Lowered amount of jerky to 1 (ate the two with Willamina)
Removed Postal Vest and Postal Hat from equipment


- Wallet (contains bank card, pistol license, ID, and family photo)
- COMM (Willamina's phone number, Isabella's phone number)
- A notebook and pens
- A water bottle - Full.
- A Recharging Mana Pistol
- Roach
- Sweet
- Condom
- Libarby Keycard
- Awakenings and their impact on Metahumans book.
- Beef Jerky

- Hoodie
- Slacks
- Shoes
- Socks
- Undies (not sure what kind)

STORAGE (or stuff at home)

- Clothes (turtlenecks, slacks, boyshorts, socks, hoodie)
- soap
- toothbrush/paste
- switchcomb



- Find a more permanent place to stay
- Find someone you trust to talk about your power
- practice using power
|_ Find out limitations
-Find out if OVERMIND is a hero or villain
- Investigate the estate fire
- investigate Isabella

unofficial tasks/mental notes:
- Pay for room at Hapless Stone (currently 7 BUX due Friday night, 33 BUX if we stay Thursady and Friday night)
- Pay for COMM bill (5 BUX due Sunday)
- Speak to Aeglos Wood at the Hapless Stone about Estate Fire on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening
No. 989891 ID: b1b4f3

Also respond to Isabella's text. I think it would be ok to hang out with her tonight, maybe get her side of the story.
If we're not gonna do it we should at least tell her so.
No. 989892 ID: eb1fcc

what I'm making of that is that we can totally prank her and get away with it under the Cried Wolf principle, that's what

We should come up with something good, maybe we could actually build a dairy cannon and fire it at her as she leaves the house?
There's instructions for simple spud guns all over the internet, just load one up with yogurt and rig it with a tripwire to set it off by the door.
No. 989893 ID: 88f334

That would give us an excuse to talk to Toni later as well.
No. 989895 ID: af6828

I dont think i'd want to spend time with Isabella as I personally want to build our relationship with Willamina.

But if we do decide to hang with Isabella, I'd say in the text ask if she can bring two or three people with her to introduce to you simce you're new in town, just so that we can make it a group activity and not a date. That way we can get a better understanding of Isabella from what others say about her and help with our notebook task in investigating Isabella.

But all things considered, no hangout plz. I feel uncomfortable dating Isabella behind Willamina's back after we dated her.
No. 989896 ID: b1b4f3

Oh right the dating thing.
We should ask how comfortable people here are about dating multiple people.
No. 989901 ID: ce39da

I agree with the notion that we shouldn't see Isabella alone. Get her to bring Cannie along to the Friendly Bean, too - give her exactly what she wants: an opportunity for her sister to make connections.

In the meantime, let's head back to the Stone and read that book. Start with the introductory basics, then see if you can find anything on clairvoyance or psychic-type powers.
No. 989907 ID: 88f334

Yeah that's be cool

Maybe we could get into a scrap with Cabbie afterwords. A little throwdown is always fun.
No. 989912 ID: 9a2966

Chill with the Will.

Entry level topic: Town's still nice, but a tad bit stranger than you thought. Between the grumpy rich elf, Toni giving you a scare and Slushee Man with his warning about shadow people - and a lich? Well, it's been a day, at least. Heh, with all those omens, if this was the big city you'd actually be a little nervous.

(you say, slightly nervously)

Speaking of that last guy, he just a town fixture, or...?

Oh, and an acquaintance of yours from the city - Kazu - is interning under Trey. Small world, huh?
No. 989934 ID: 894419

Lets chill with Willamina, but make plans to say hello to Isabella later, maybe meet her at that restaurant/cafe she likes. She may not be a fan of our gal Willamina but I bet there's more to her side of the story.
No. 989977 ID: afe7de
File 161493445320.png - (8.95KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_113.png )

> Make plans with Isabella
While you have your COMM out you message Isabella asking if she wants to have dinner tonight at around 5:30 or 6, that should give you enough time for what you’re going to do next. You get a response within 30 seconds, She says sure and asks if it’s okay for her to invite Cannie. You agree and offer that if she wants to invite anyone else she’s free to, she replies with a simple “k” and you put your COMM away.

> Chill with the Will
Seeing as you’re already here, you decide to spend some more time with Willamina.

You: So, would you be interested in getting dinner at the Friendly Bean on our work weekend?

Willamina: Hmm, I’ll THINK about it. I didn’t have anything planned other than having a few drinks at the stone. I’ll let you know TOMORROW.

You nod and chat about other random stuff, eventually she pulls out a deck of cards and gestures to a nearby table. You both set up there and begin to play some poker, there’s no chips so it’s just for fun. But she does take out a notepad to keep track of imaginary funds.

You: So I actually talked to Kazu earlier today.

Willamina: Ughhhhh I HATE that guy, he just talks and talks and talks. I tried listening to him once and it sounded like he was MAKING up a story. I’d have expected him to be a writer not a DOCTOR-in-training.

You: Yeah, I didn’t expect him to go into the medical field either. Turns out I actually know him from the city.

Willamina: No SHIT?

You: Mhmm, though uh, since he’s a blabber mouth he might start gossiping about me from back when I was in the city.

Willamina: Well DAMN, guess I’ll have to listen then if I wanna get the juicy deets.
No. 989978 ID: afe7de
File 161493451671.png - (12.66KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_114.png )

You start sputtering and trying to get off this line of dialogue but Willamina needles you a bit and in doing so wins the hand, you were so distracted with the conversation you almost forgot you were playing. After trying to focus on the game, which you are currently losing, you decide to go back to chatting, trying to see if you can get her to slip up.

You: So uh, is Miss Iraphena an Awakened, or a psychic of some kind?

Willamina: PSHH, I dunno, MAYBE. But you know, it’s the strangest thing, I don’t actually think anyone’s actually ASKED her. She always seems to steer conversations her own way and then DIP before anyone can get a word in EDGEWISE.

You: is that like a thing, do people just like to be secretive about it or?

Willamina: I mean SOME people do, but then you’ll get someone like Gruk who LIVES off their power. Then I guess there’s that librarian guy, if you can count a TINKER as an Awakened?

You: I would.

Willamina: Then yeah, him too.

The two of you continue playing cards, you’re losing fairly badly. Willamina has a good poker face. You have a final gambit and decide to go ALL IN, she smirks and matches you.

You: So uh, about this Slushee man, he warned me about shadow people and a lich? If this was the big city I’d actually be a little nervous.

You: Speaking of that last guy, uh, is he just a town fixture or…?

Willamina displays her cards, she’s got a STRAIGHT. You don’t really know what you’re doing but you play your hand anyway, It’s a FLUSH. You fist pump and pantomime taking a pool of chips from the table. Willamina grumbles a little bit and marks down the exchange of imaginary BUX on a little notepad.

Willamina: Are you TALKING about Bobby? Bobby Slurps? Big trench coat and hat?

You: I uh, I think yeah.

Willamina: He’s an out of towner, well, he lives on the VERY outskirts of town. Sometimes he comes in at night, usually during the day. Almost always to get a SLUSHEE. He really knows his SLUSHEES. He once told me that if you drink one in a certain flavor combination it’s possible to gain temporary superpowers. Not that I believed him or anything.

Willamina: So then I asked him why he doesn't just get a SLUSHEE machine for his house and he said he tried but they kept breaking. Something about shadow people. Still haven’t seen any Shadow People though.

You’re having a good time with Willamina and there’s still plenty of time before 5:30, you’re behind a bit in terms of points, you could try taking the game more seriously, or just continue chatting with her , but what do you chat about?
No. 989982 ID: 545931

Take the game more seriously. Offer to make this strip poker if one loses enough points.
That way if you lose all your points, you can continue playing after stripping an article of clothing
No. 989985 ID: 12b116

offer to make it strip poker instead so nobody has to keep track of points :y
No. 989987 ID: f8fa51

I guess that's one way to make it interesting without lost cash.
No. 989988 ID: 8a51ec

We've been getting our ass handed to us so far, but strip poker would make it interesting.
No. 989994 ID: e51896

Only thing left to talk about our route is Miss Maple, and the Lyst-y-mart.

Ask about Miss Maple. Probably none of your business, but ask if she is... you know... >>989478 >>989379

Also talk about how you heard Adriana or Andrea at the Lyst-y-mart, though you didn't stay to see them. Ask if she heard anything about any of them them going to Lyst-y-mart to pick up something.

>Willamina: Oh, just Andrea being a DOOF, I already talked to Adriana and found out the story, but ANDREA was trying to make up this elaborate tale about how you came into the police station, WOOED her, and fucked her ears screaming about some sort of cannon.

Sounds like Andrea is very thirsty for us. It might be fun to play hard to get with her just to tease her a bit for fun.

The next time we see Andrea, we'll ask "do you want my meat?" in an almost suggestive way, and when she says yes... we give her our last BEEF JERKY.

As for strip poker, I mean... Willamina said this town is okay with public nudity >>988655 so... Yeah, lets suggest it (but suggest it in a classic Catty dorky nervous awkward way). Whoever loses, we win.
No. 989995 ID: ce39da

Will taking the game seriously bring it to an end quicker, or will it just draw things out? If the latter, don't.

"So, uh, is it true that Miss Iraphena funds the cabaret hostel? Does she know the people there or something?"
No. 989996 ID: c5d2fe

OK, so. Strip poker might sound cute, but has anyone considered that Will be a little bit self conscious considering her injuries?
No. 989998 ID: e51896


Willamina had said in the romance festival thread that she thinks her scars are cool (https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134801.html#134940)

though that is a fair point. Maybe suggest strip poker in a way that doesn't make her feel like she has to be forced to play strip poker if she doesn't want to.
No. 990001 ID: e51896

(Like maybe ask non directly, "what if this was strip poker?" For example)
No. 990005 ID: bb0e67

I think strip poker is really more of a day three activity. Probably with alcohol, but who knows.
No. 990013 ID: e9a73e

Yeah, may be a bit early for strip poker.
No. 990024 ID: afe7de
File 161501779450.png - (10.01KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_115.png )

You: So uh, haha wouldn’t it be funny if this was strip poker instead, hahahaha.

Willamina looks at you seriously, but you notice a smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth.

Willamina: HAH, flattery won’t win you this game. Though I do APPRECIATE the compliment that you’d like to see my BODY scars and all.

Willamina: Tell you what, DO great the next two days at WORK with no complaints from anyone, and then MAYBE I’ll invite you to the group strip poker SUNDAY night. We do it monthly so you’re in luck.

Willamina: BOBBY runs it, though uh, it sometimes gets whacky, there’s something weird about his HOUSE, or maybe he’s an awakened.

Willamina shrugs and then gives you a smile as she wins yet another hand, you never thought you were BAD at poker, but Willamina’s certainly making you feel like you are.

Willamina: Not that it MATTERS, we have a good time regardless.
No. 990025 ID: afe7de
File 161501780922.png - (8.25KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_116.png )

You: Alright! I’m game. I’ll be the best mailperson ever!

You stand up and strike a pose, it’s very dorky and not at all flattering but elicits a chuckle out of Willamina nonetheless. She takes the opportunity to show her cards and win another hand. You sit back down, dejected at the game a little bit but you can see that Willamina’s positively glowing.

You think back to earlier and Maple, you didn’t really think about it before, but now you’re remembering that she had a bulge in her pants. She probably has a dick you think, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Lots of ladies have dicks nowadays. Some might say TOO MANY but you’re into it all so it doesent bother you. You’d probably bet that in this town there’s at least 2 ladies with dicks, maybe 3 you’re not sure where this gut feeling is coming from, but it usually proves you right.

You: So, uh, is it true that Miss Iraphena funds the bordello? Does she know the people there or something?

Willamina: WHAT? Oh yeah, I mean the town’s always had a couple sex workers lurking around, then Laverne decided to turn the place into a nice COMMUNITY for the town’s sex workers like uhhh 15 years back.

Willamina: Some people have COME and gone since then, and then when Miss Iraphena came to town like uhh 10 or so YEARS ago she just started FUCKIN funneling money into the place so it could get renovated along with GETTING her house built.

Willamina: And uh, I heard she and Laverne go back quite a GODS DAMNED while, but I don’t know the full story about that, maybe ask her YOURSELF sometime.

You: Thanks for the info. Sorry for being so nosey.

Willamina: Eh, it’s FINE. You’re new to TOWN, just trying to wrap your head around the locals. I’ll forgive you this ONCE.

She says with a smirk as you win a hand you thought you’d lose. You notice its starting to get close to your dinner-date with Isabella and co. So you and Willamina end the game in a final round, betting it all. You still lose horribly, you might need to practice if you want to stand any chance at poker night this SUNDAY. Do you do anything or stop anywhere before heading to the diner?
No. 990027 ID: e51896

Lets go to the community center before heading to the diner. It is the only place we haven't visited yet aside from the town square, and we can see what upcoming events will be happening this month
No. 990028 ID: 8a51ec

We STILL don't currently know where exactly the Hadlee estate is, or where it was rather, and chances are Willamina can tell us before we head out.
No. 990029 ID: 8483cf

Go to the libarby and get a book on POKER. Study up so you don't get crushed!
No. 990030 ID: b1b4f3

Kindof sounds like she turned this place into her own little paradise.
Go to community center.
No. 990031 ID: e9a73e

Better to ask someone else though, don't bring up the painful memories, especially not as a parting shot.
No. 990033 ID: e51896

Agreed. Aeglos Wood the reporter of those articles might be the best person to ask about where the estate used to be. We can probably meet him tomorrow night at the Hapless Stone (or the weekend). We already asked Willamima a lot of nosey questions.
No. 990041 ID: dfbac0

We should go to the libarby, not only would it be good to study up with some books as it would be helpful to have more general knowledge or skills, but we could also run into the elf lady and try to get a read on her ability, if she has one.
No. 990055 ID: afe7de
File 161507660903.png - (9.99KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_117.png )

> Go to the Community Center
You’re torn between going to the Libarby and community center but decide to go to the latter. The front of the building is nice and simple, it reminds you a bit of the exterior of a gymnasium. The room you find yourself in as you walk in the doors looks like a receptionist’s room, you can see some double doors directly in front of you that looks like it leads to a wider gymnasium-like area. It’s attached to the Libarby and you can to the left a little door that you imagine leads to there. In front of you is a desk, no one is manning it at the moment, they probably stepped away to the bathroom or something, to the side you see a bulletin board that’s covered in posters and signs for events and the like.

You decide to investigate the bulletin board and see the following:


What other clubs do you see on the bulletin board?
No. 990056 ID: 8483cf

Fight club?
No. 990057 ID: f8fa51

There's almost certainly some kind of sport or athletics club, be it football, track and field, or what have you.
No. 990059 ID: 0fae41

A gunpla/plastic miniatures club where they argue back and forth about super power levels all day.
No. 990061 ID: e51896

A Religious & Spiritual Cult Group, (meets every SUNDAY MORNING at 9am) (what kinds of religion does this world have?)

Or a NATURE CLUB for hiking and camping and to try to be one with nature (meets every weekend at 10am every morning, could last all the way to afternoon, night, or next morning, depending on activity like camping overnight)

Also, are you sure no one is manning the desk? maybe they are just really smoll. Look over the counter really quick.
No. 990066 ID: ce39da

A sticky-note with nothing but a date, time, and address. You assume that's what they are, anyway, judging by the letter-spacing and format; the actual text is gibberish - probably a code.
No. 990071 ID: 12b116

DIY club! They've got a shop with tools and people will help you make a birdhouse or a fancy dildo or whatever.
No. 990072 ID: 094652

"Pron Club" - It's time to talk about the elephant in the room!
* All members of the club will tolerate any interests or stories discussed in the group and will not use this information against them for slander or in a court of law. This privilege will be revoked if the following rules are broken:
* Club will NOT tolerate antagonizing others with your interests; if anyone orders you to stop talking, you stop talking. Bullying may be grounds for calling an arrest. Note that by joining this club, you accept the risk of learning something you never wanted to know, but have the right to issue a cease and desist from hearing more about it within the club.
* IMPORTANT: By both law and club policy, you do NOT show pictures or movies in this club, you are limited to stories and discussion with group members. Not knowing how to describe your fetish in words will not be considered an excuse, we will direct you to chat forums on the internet for research.

Battleblade (Tabletop Roleplay) Club
* Legitimate Ranking-Certified (if you know what this means, you may squee now)
* Come and experience the joys of fantasy games before Video became a thing! Seduce monsters and slay noblemen! Pick a lock with a boulder! Dodge a healing spell, transform into a lamp, marry your lunch and eat your wife!
* Ranked quests will cost an entry fee, depending on your quest results you can earn fun prizes!

Swimming Club
* An awakened who wishes to remain anonymous has a power that allows them to maintain a virtual swimming pool
* Statistically shown to develop muscles as if swimming in a regular pool, without the possibility of drowning
* 8 BUX monthly membership, is only open at specific time periods
No. 990075 ID: 377cb4

Fight club!
Some one has ironically vandalized the flyer with "RULES 1&2!!!"
No. 990097 ID: afe7de
File 161508951243.png - (13.95KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_118.png )

You notice a few more clubs on the board they read as follows:

FIGHT CLUB, MEETS WEDNESDAYS AT 10PM, next to it is some scrawlings that say RULES 1 & 2!!!
RATIOLATRY (THE SYSTEM) GROUP MEETING, MEETS SUNDAYS AT 9AM, NEW APOSTLES WELCOME. There are little tabs with phone numbers written on them attached, one is removed.
BATTLEBLADE CLUB, MEETS FRIDAYS AT 7PM, Ranked quests cost an entry fee, but can award prizes!
“SWIMMING” CLUB, MEETS MONDAYS AT 7PM, 8 BUX monthly membership is written underneath

And there’s a final note hanging off to the side, it’s just got a Date, Time, and Address. It’s listed for MONDAY at 1PM on the outskirts of town. There’s text surrounding it in some kind of gibberish you can’t understand. You take a photo of it with your COMM just in case it gets taken down and then proceed to take a photo of the board just so you can reference back to it later.

You check over the desk and don’t find anyone there. It’s been a few minutes but they’re still not here. You shrug and head off to the diner.
No. 990098 ID: afe7de
File 161508952901.png - (14.31KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_119.png )

You walk into the Friendly Bean and it’s pretty lively. There’s the distinct smell of red flavored pie in the air, or maybe that’s a purple flavored cake, maybe they’re making it as a daily special? Regardless it smells pretty dang good. You look around the place and notice a few people you don’t recognize having a meal in the far off corner of the diner, you can’t really make out who they are though. After scanning for a bit though you notice Isabella waving you over to their table. Seated there you find Cannie as well, and are surprised when you see Miss Iraphena there too. You take a seat in the empty spot to Miss Iraphena’s right, she’s staring out the window and jumps when you sit down.

Miss Iraphena: Isabella, is this who you invited to dinner?

Isabella: YUP. Have you two met?

Miss Iraphena: Briefly… Well fine, welcome to town I guess.

You: Uh, thanks? Nice to be here, haha.

You awkwardly pick up the menu and look through it. What do you order and what do you talk about first?

The menu has anything you’d normally find at a diner so feel free to get creative.
No. 990099 ID: 8483cf

A double-double burger, protein style, chef's choice of leaves. Poutine to share with group, because they've never experienced TRUE unhealthiness.
No. 990104 ID: e51896

Whatever you order, do not order a drink. You have a water bottle, so you can save BUX without getting a drink

Also, keep talk of Willamina to a minimal. Could sour the mood. If Isabella brings her up on her own, just listen but don't make judgements

Just order food for yourself, no need to get something to share with, you're on a budget. Get the Lean Mean Bean Supreme Chili (just something to go with the name "Friendly Bean"

Talk about clubs, talk about how before coming here, you briefly checked what club activities the town has to offer. Ask what each one is about and See if they have recommendations.

Offer to have an arm wrestle with Cannie until food arrives. You'll most likely lose badly, but she'll probably appreciate the challenge I'm sure.
No. 990107 ID: b1b4f3

"So your armband and Iraphena's necklace match. What's that about?"
No. 990111 ID: 8a51ec

I agree with the notion of borglar, but lay off the poutine. We don't have the budget to share food right now.
No. 990120 ID: 031458

Wouldn't drinking the water bottle instead of asking for water be weird? Also, perhaps asking about obvious secret society can wait until after dinner?

Try the chicken fried steak. It is the universal litmas test for the diners overall quality the first time you go.
No. 990122 ID: e51896

>Wouldn't drinking the water bottle instead of asking for water be weird?

If ordering water at the Friendly Bean is free, then yeah, we'll order water. But if it costs BUX, we'll stick to our water bottle.
No. 990127 ID: c5d2fe

Seconding chicken fried steak.
No. 990136 ID: 0fae41

Ribs. They're the best first date food.
No. 990138 ID: afe7de
File 161510635320.png - (17.40KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_120.png )

Toni pops up a few seconds later, looks like he jumped from the counter to here. You wonder why no one seems to notice or point that out.

Toni: Well well well. Welcome back Cat, what can I get for ya.

> a double-double burger
> chicken fried steak
You’re torn between two equally good sounding options when something on the menu catches your eye. Ah, the perfect middle ground.

You: I’ll have the chicken double fried burger and a water.

Toni: Coming right up, the rest of you ready to order?

They agree, Cannie gets a steak, as rare as she can get it. Isabella gets a Ceaser salad with grilled chicken. Miss Iraphena, however, gets the same thing you do. They each also get a lemonade to drink. Toni then dashes off, hopping over the table with a cartwheel and gets started cooking your meals. You turn back to the table and everyone’s eyes are on you.

You: So uh… I was just at the community center before this, saw that there were a lot of clubs here in town. Got any recommendations?

They look at eachother then back to you and it looks like Isabella’s about to speak up, but Cannie cuts her off with a finger.

Cannie: Fight Club. It’s the only club in town that matters.

Isabella: I disagree, the Nature club’s pretty cool. We go hiking, sometimes camping, sometimes we take a bus to a nearby nature preserve.

Miss Iraphena: I’d argue that the BattleBlade Club is the cooler one, it costs a few BUX but you get cool prizes at the end of it.

Cannie: Pfff Nerd.

The three of them chuckle a bit at that. Toni then takes this moment to appear and drop off your drinks before vanishing again.

Cannie: So you’re from the big city huh? Ever get in any good scraps? Or did ya live in the cushy part of town and get raised by fancy rich folks?
No. 990140 ID: b1b4f3

Oh yeah you got hassled by some ruffians with lame powers before you got one of those self-defense weapons. They still won the next fight since it was 3v1 but you zapped a couple of them before they took you down and they lost their nerve from then on.
No. 990141 ID: 894419

I got in plenty of scraps, but I almost never won
No. 990143 ID: e51896

admittedly, I lived in that cushy part of town for most my life until... well... *drinks water to calm nerves* one thing lead to another and I ended up in the bad part of town for the later part of my life. Had to learn quickly to defend myself, especially after having a fair share of scraps against people trying to stiff me when I worked as a taxi driver for awhile even if I wasn't all that strong... worst job of my life, but hey, I'm still here. What kind of fights did you get into, Cannie?
No. 990148 ID: c5d2fe

Childhood was pretty nice. Nothing too fancy, but I had a nice house, square meals. School was okay. Was good.

All went to shit not long after I hit 17 though. Put it this way. I ain't good at fighting but I can take a beating. Happens enough times, you eventually learn how to literally roll with the punches.

I'd prefer to not talk about it further, if that's alright with you.
No. 990153 ID: eb1fcc


Big rule to live by, don't show your power level. You've won a couple fights, but you don't advertise it lest some upstart looking for recognition turns your face inside out for bragging rights.

That's a hard habit to break, and you probably shouldn't start now.
No. 990154 ID: 12b116

You remember one time you got kicked so hard in the kidney by a mugger than you peed blood for three days!
No. 990156 ID: 9a2966

Yup. Some shit went down, and then you had to Deal With It, which you did, but let's just say that stable life you had...? Tell Miss Iraphena to never try being a poor - 's no fun at all.

On that note you're really glad you got a job as soon as you got here, so again thank Isabella for the hot tippin' there.

Though, and you've been dancing around the topic in your head, but you've gotten the impression Will and her have some capital-H History? And while you're curious, you don't really particularly want to be the fulcrum of any feuds. And that's all you'll say on the matter, as the both of them seem nice.

>Taking beatings
And not to get Cassie's hopes up, but you're sorta interested in self-defense, so maybe you'll join her at this 'Fight Club' thing once, just to see how well you'd fare and maybe for the chance to improve your basics. You got jumped by thugs and even villainous minions a few times in the city, and that was never a fun time even if they usually knew better than to do more than mess you up a bit (gets the heroes after you faster, see?).
No. 990178 ID: 031458

I might know a little jiu jitsu.

(You know a lot of jiu jitsu, and were also on your highschool wrestling team, but she can find that out in the ring. It may have come in handy on the street in more than a few occasions.)
No. 990190 ID: 873930

I'd try not to bring up Isabella's sour relationship with Willamina, could get awkward for everyone and we dont want to come off as too nosey

But yeah, you'll think about looking into the fight club
No. 990191 ID: c5d2fe

Also backing not bringing up Willamina.
No. 990199 ID: ce39da

"Dunno how to answer that, really. What counts as 'meh' up in the city might be more than enough out here, you know? I was never bad per se - at least, not after I had to learn that stuff quickly. So yeah, maybe the fact that I was even able to take the few W's that I could in that place says something."
No. 990213 ID: dfbac0

In the big city, living in the bad areas, avoiding fights was an important skill, and sorry to disappoint but you've only had to resort to your fists once, it always pays to be prepared with a taser, and to end fights as quickly as possible, in real life a fight isn't some grand thing, it's for survival, and the quicker and less dramatic, the better. Drama isn't going to let you live, and it certainly won't put food on the table.
No. 990234 ID: afe7de
File 161516038458.png - (8.16KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_121.png )

You: I got into plenty of scraps, haven’t lived in the cushy part of town since uh… well…

You drink from your glass of water nervously

You: But yeah, I lived in the shadier part of town for about 8 years before I had enough and decided to leave the big city. Let’s just say try to never be poor Miss Iraphena, it’s not fun.

You: That’s not to say I’m GOOD at fighting or anything, just, you know, in a town where supes run around and think they’re hot stuff you have to learn this kinda stuff and get some sort of self defense weapon.

Cannie: So you DO have some kinda weapon, you don’t seem the kind to use a baton or blunt instrument, maybe a pistol I’m guessing. But you need to pass several exams and background checks for that sorta stuff. Too much effort for me, ya know.

The group then chats about self defense options for a bit, going on and on about the benefits to having a weapon but the lack of a need in this town since nothing really happens here. Isabella’s on the side of not needing weapons in town here, but finding that if you don’t have something in the big city you’re pretty stupid. Cannie of course is for any sort of blunt weapon or baton that’s easily portable. And Miss Iraphena says she doesn't need any weapons but doesn't elaborate as to why. Then, after a few moments Isabella speaks up.

Isabella: 8 Years ago? Isn’t that when the big dungeon break happened at the Big City? It caused a big spike in the Awakened numbers there, but a lot of people died.

Do you talk about THE INCIDENT?
No. 990235 ID: 0d6409

Take some risks, speak of THE INCIDENT.
No. 990236 ID: 0fae41

No, you don't like thinking about it. Change topics to, oh, who else is new in town.
No. 990238 ID: eb1fcc

do I smell....

fuck yeah, of course we talk about it we must exposit! for convenience of the narrative!
No. 990239 ID: e51896

As previously mentioned: >>987647
we don't talk about THE INCIDENT!
(could lead to some suspense if Cat keeps what happens to himself for a while. I'd feel it would make Cat as a character more interesting and engaging if he's still traumatized over it and have it be something for him to get over as the story progresses.)

Though we can elaborate on some things Cat witnessed (but not talk anything about his family). But get too nervous to indulge too much info.
No. 990240 ID: ce39da

Allude to THE INCIDENT, but don't get into detail; that ain't a Day 2 conversation.

Don't let the mood sour too much; change the subject.

"So, Cannie; Isabella tells me you might have an odd-job or two lined up. I already make enough now to not worry about the basics, but I wouldn't mind making a little extra on the side."