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File 159422401242.gif - (217.70KB , 1200x900 , Shittier_Quest_Title_Screen.gif )
971752 No. 971752 ID: 689dc6

Get caught up with the situation here >>967250

When we last left our merry band of shitty lyluks they had just been captured by malicious band of meanluks and were taken away. Luckily they were only captured by meanluks and it is a well known fact that a lyluk can not ever kill another lyluk so they will be safe in the meanluks trunks. However, who knows what horrors the meanluks have in store for them, for meanluks are fond of bullying lyluks...
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No. 972381 ID: 0b9597

Of course we can't go! we still have migeluk waiting to be reunited! And all the other luks too!!

Let those who wish to leave do so, but we have a duty. A duty to rescue your fellow sisters-in-luk.
No. 972382 ID: eef20b

Stay and fight.
Also Beaconluk, how do Pilluks strong, beautiful legs taste like?
No. 972383 ID: c602b5

Do you see any trace of the chef here? Or any exit to the sewers? I personally think we shouldn't leave just yet, not until we tried saving at least one type of shitty lyluk each.
No. 972385 ID: 689dc6
File 159483906005.gif - (244.20KB , 1200x901 , beaconluk_mlems_mighty_thighs.gif )

:nexluk: "Go back to the sewers? But the only way back is the garbage chute and I don't want to get stuck down there again."
:pillukicon: "How exactly do you pervert spirits expect us to approach this heavily secured camp without getting caught?"
:beaconluk: "Mlem mlem." (Tastes like hot skin.)
:pillukicon: "Normally I'd tell you to stop but that actually feels pretty good. I think my legs might be over heating."
No. 972386 ID: 0b9597

Look aorund the place, see if you can't see what's inside the compound. Are the guardtowers looking outwards, inwards, or both for example.

Boy, this sure would be easier to plan around if you had some kinda map! shame you don't have a flying-luk with you.
No. 972387 ID: 0b9597

Also, there must be more than a single entrance.
also also, i bet you you get spotted by a guard pilluk can give them a good kick to kingdom come with those ultra legs of hers.
No. 972388 ID: 4ae243

hey bitluk, how tight does the security look around the camp? Any weaker points? What does your bitlylukian eye see?
No. 972396 ID: b1b4f3

Sewers tend to have an outlet. Maybe we can sneak back in that way. Look around for a river or something and search along the bank for an outlet.
No. 972405 ID: 689dc6
File 159484423863.jpg - (123.94KB , 1200x901 , camp_entrance_zooom.jpg )

:fishluk: "The outlet was those bars, to get out that way we'd need to cut through them."
(Oops too much)
No. 972406 ID: 689dc6
File 159484428901.jpg - (256.38KB , 1200x901 , camp_entrance.jpg )

:bitlukicon: (There we go)
(Got any ideas on how to get in guys?)
No. 972412 ID: b1b4f3

Well... yeah, that looks pretty secure. If you tried to get in you'd get caught and then locked up and we'd have to break out again somehow. We still don't have any cell keys so even if they didn't check your inventory we'd be trapped.

Maybe if you could steal a tank...
No. 972414 ID: 0b9597

Maybe... Maybe the lyluk pills could help?
Then again, you shouldn't mix your pills. who knows how it will react to the Creatine in your system.
No. 972415 ID: 4ae243

Only pilluk took the CREATINE though
We could get Beaconluk or Nexluk to take the lyluk pills. I am sure the BIGLUK can provide us with INSIGHT into the enemy's weak points.
No. 972823 ID: 689dc6
File 159526844645.jpg - (262.49KB , 1200x901 , party_tank_approach.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Well thats a better idea than any we've had so far, worth a try."
(The party sneaks up on the camp, using the tank as cover)
:nexluk: "None of you girls would happen to know how to drive one of these would you?"
No. 972824 ID: 689dc6
File 159526888216.jpg - (260.66KB , 1200x901 , party_tank_pills.jpg )

:pillukicon: "What kind of a question is that? Of course we don't."
:fishluk: "But how then will we use the tank?"
:pillukicon: "The pervert spirits reminded me of the ancient and wise lyluk I spoke to when I OD'd on these LYLUK PILLs. Theres only like 3 left in the bottle. I'm not sure thats enough to work on me, I got high tolerance."
:nexluk: "So you think one of us should take the LYLUK PILLS?"
:pillukicon: "Maybe, I'm not sure you guys can handle it, you might have a bad reaction."
(Who, if anyone, should take the last LYLUK PILLS?)
No. 972825 ID: a7fb18

let Beaconluk take the pills and obtain KNOWLEDGE OF TANK-DRIVING
Her skilled mlemmer will be best for using the tank's complicated controls
No. 972830 ID: 82211c

I second this. You need a nimble manipulator to operate advanced machinery, and the other lyluks are a bit stubby.
No. 972831 ID: 689dc6
File 159527462040.gif - (411.57KB , 1200x901 , beacoluk_pills_given.gif )

:pillukicon: "Okay, if you guys are sure. Here you go beaconluk."
No. 972832 ID: 689dc6
File 159527474216.gif - (585.52KB , 1200x901 , beaconluk_out.gif )

:beaconluk: "slurp"
:fishluk: "So, How do you feel?"
:pillukicon: "OH NO!"
No. 972833 ID: 689dc6
File 159527565006.gif - (390.97KB , 1200x901 , nexluk_cry.gif )

:pillukicon: "shhhhhh, I know it's tragic but can you keep it down? We're in a-"
:provicon: "Hey, did you just hear someones soul being ripped from their body and torn apart in front of them?"
:pillukicon: "Crap."
No. 972834 ID: 6e2112

No... it can't be... why wasn't I here sooner?

This is horrible, we can't lose a shitty lyluk this far into our mission! I don't know what to do now, I'm even starting to think it was a better idea turn tail and run away...
No. 972835 ID: 6e2112

But let's not lose more shitty lyluks, where is the guard's voice coming from? Hopefully not inside the tank, we could hide in there. Move the beaconluk's body too just in case.
No. 972836 ID: af24dc

Of course! Nexluk tears have healing powers!
No. 972838 ID: 689dc6
File 159527781779.gif - (247.18KB , 1200x901 , tank_x_ray.gif )

:pillukicon: "Oh god theres no way they didn't see us get into this tank we're so screwed!"
:fishluk: "What are we going to do? One of us is dead and we're trapped! We're finished!"
No. 972839 ID: 6e2112

Nexluk, keep dropping your tears into Beaconluk, she may wake up with them. Is the key of any use? And do any of you see a lock on that hatch? Fishluk should scavange for parts around the tank's interior.
No. 972840 ID: 689dc6
File 159527841118.png - (6.11KB , 435x433 , transition.png )

(Huh? Whats going on? What is this?)
No. 972841 ID: 689dc6
File 159527888031.jpg - (146.03KB , 1200x901 , beaconluk_trip.jpg )

:eyebig: "So did you get all that beaconluk? You understand what must be done right?"
:highbeac: "Yessiry I do indeedy dee see what i need to be to become free and glee."
:eyebig: "Okay, well I'm gonna send you back now because I can't take much more of this."
"Good luck beaconluk!"
No. 972842 ID: b1b4f3

Hey, are you the one true Lyluk?
No. 972844 ID: 689dc6
File 159528146038.jpg - (227.04KB , 1200x901 , beaconluk_awaken.jpg )

:nexluk: "Beaconluk! My tear really do have healing powers!"
:beaconluk: (mmmmmm, salty)
:pillukicon: "Beaconluk's back, thats great but we're still stuck in here and who knows what the guards outside are doing."
:beaconluk: "MLEM" (I have been told what to do, girls, it is finally time to COMBINE OUR SHITTY AURAS)
:nexluk: "Oh my~"
:bitlukicon: (Are you sure we're ready for it?)
No. 972845 ID: 6e2112

You have to do it girls, for science, for shitty lyuks, for mlems
No. 972846 ID: 6f080b

Do it, the Romans are not ready for the extreme shittyness of your combined shitty auras!
No. 972848 ID: b1b4f3

Well, good luck with the merging!
No. 972851 ID: 689dc6
File 159528383071.gif - (860.54KB , 1200x901 , aura_affects_the_tank.gif )

:Alltogether: "SHITTY AURAS COMBINE!!!!!!!!!!!!"
No. 972858 ID: 3f20cd

Begin Firing
No. 972859 ID: 3f20cd

At the enemys
No. 972860 ID: 094652

Just plow through the gates
No. 972872 ID: b1b4f3

Alright lock the hatch so if a guard climbs on the tank they can't get in. See if you can start shooting at the guards, and plow through the entrance... heck, see if you can plow through the wall of the high security part of the prison.
No. 972913 ID: 8ea091

oh god it's a shitty tank!
Careful it don't morph into another shitty lyluk when you unfuse.
No. 972957 ID: eb1fcc

transform into a shitty lyluk mecha and punch one of the guards
No. 973613 ID: 689dc6
File 159629512207.jpg - (364.35KB , 1200x901 , guard_shock.jpg )

:provicon: "G-guys? What the EVER LOVING FUCK HAPPENED TO OUR TANK?!"
:provicon::provicon: "Huh?"
No. 973614 ID: 689dc6
File 159629514515.jpg - (220.18KB , 1200x901 , guard_shock_2.jpg )

:provicon: "Oh- oh by mars left nut, what have they done to you baby?"
:provicon: "I don't understand, how could anyone do this to you?"
:provicon: "Hold me proventus..."
:provicon: "It's okay proventus, I'm right here..."
No. 973615 ID: 689dc6
File 159629519488.gif - (7.02MB , 1200x901 , tank_fire.gif )

:pillukicon: "Wow, this gun is suddenly much easier to understand than it was before! Why don't I just practice with those catatonic guards over there?"
:nexluk: "Did you hit them? Are we safe?"
:pillukicon: "I opened a hole in the gate! Nows our chance, bitluk! You're the only one small enough to fit in the driver seat, you have to be the one to steer us! Fishluk, you'll be her spotter."
:fishluk: "But I'm blind!"
No. 973616 ID: 689dc6
File 159629523501.gif - (687.01KB , 1200x901 , tank_full_speed_ahead.gif )

:pillukicon: "Full steam ahead bitluk!"
No. 973618 ID: 689dc6
File 159629553816.gif - (721.72KB , 1200x901 , tank_courtyard.gif )

:pillukicon: "Bitluk slow down! I can't shoot them if you're going so fast!"
:pillukicon: "Bitluk! What did you do!? The tank is unusable now!"
:nexluk: "Don't blame her. It was probably a limited time thing, or something like that."
No. 973619 ID: af24dc

Don't worry lyluks, see if you can salvage anything useful from the wrecked tank and the guards.
No. 973620 ID: 455dda

Well if the tank is done, it's better to get out of it asap
How does the perimeter look? Can you safely infiltrate the building again?
No. 973621 ID: 689dc6
File 159629685594.gif - (3.78MB , 1200x901 , tank_too_heavy.gif )

:fishluk: "What do you mean scavenge? We're lyluks not mechanical engineers."
:pillukicon: "Well, I suppose these spare tanks shells could come in handy."
:pillukicon: "Okay, get out and-"
:nexluk: "Girls? You felt that too right?"
No. 973626 ID: 689dc6
File 159629947584.gif - (534.21KB , 1200x901 , tank_escape.gif )

:fishluk: "But-"
:bitlukicon: *Zoop*
:nexluk: "I hope I don't slip!"
:beaconluk: *Sproing*
:pillukicon: "Wew, that actually wasn't too bad, I thought we were goners."
No. 973627 ID: b1b4f3

Nice, now let's find an entry point.
No. 973628 ID: 689dc6
File 159630438937.gif - (3.08MB , 1200x901 , tank_collapse.gif )

:pillukicon: "Entry point? You mean like-"
:fishluk: "Well that can't be good."
No. 973629 ID: 455dda

Take a look inside the hole!
I wonder if it leads into the meanluk caverns though
No. 973633 ID: 689dc6
File 159630712575.jpg - (166.77KB , 1200x901 , courtyard_hole.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Well would you look at that, it does lead straight down there."
:nexluk: "Why do you pervert spirits have to jinx everything?"
:fishluk: "Well, it's not like they can use the tank or get out of the hole, right?"
No. 973635 ID: 3f6e48

>meanluks: conglomerate on this intruder in such droves the combined shitty-aura creates a monstrous amalgamation of machine and luks and proceed to wreak havoc on the prison and the stupid guards who mistreat and insult you merely for existing
No. 973637 ID: b1b4f3

What if the meanluks escaped and waged war against your oppressors tho?

Aaaaanyway this isn't an entrance you can use. Is there a door somewhere...?
No. 973647 ID: 689dc6
File 159631769279.jpg - (241.10KB , 1200x901 , tank_meanluk_lair.jpg )

(You are now the Meanluks)
:meanluk: (Wage war against the surface? Is this the sign we have been waiting for mistressssssss?)
No. 973648 ID: 360387

By mistress, do you mean that blue, examplary totem of yours?
No. 973650 ID: 689dc6
File 159631924179.gif - (672.70KB , 1200x901 , camp_alarm.gif )

:eeye: "Yes, that is what she means interloper. I do not like it when nosy little buzzing flies violate my property. BEGONE!"
(You are now the Lyluk party, again)
:pillukicon: "Hello? HELLO? PERVERT SPIRITS? We got a problem here!"
:provicon: "Oh dear zeus what-"
:provicon: "Proventus, we worship jupiter."
:provicon: "Fuck off proventus, have can you even keep your lunch down with the stench wafting out of that hole?"
:provicon: "Watch your mouth proventus or we'll feed you to the cows. Now before we deal with these trouble makers lets just see what is down this hole..."
:provicon: "..."
:provicon: "Proventus"
:provicon: "Yes sir?"
:provicon: "Give me that flammenwerfer. NOW!"
No. 973651 ID: 360387

shitty lyluks, you should prepare, there are meanluks planning to come out from that hole the tank made soon. Hopefully when they fight these bovine brutes you all can hide away.
No. 973661 ID: 689dc6
File 159632215396.jpg - (241.66KB , 1200x901 , party_armory.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Phew, we made it. Lets hope those two keep each other busy for a long while."
No. 973662 ID: 360387

What is this, some kind of museum? Anyways, better rgab some of that armor, and anything else you can use.
No. 973664 ID: 8fab7a

Is.. is this a museum? Anything useful-seeming around? Other exits?
No. 973666 ID: b1b4f3

It's the armory! Holy smokes look at all these weapons. Can you actually use any of it though?

I don't suppose there are any keys, or crowbars...?
No. 973668 ID: 8768f8

You'd better prepare for what's coming.
For both protection and infiltration purposes, everyone should put on a helmet and a skirt (yes, even for Fishluk), and those strong enough to wear it should wear a body armor and one of those tiny swords.
No. 973969 ID: 689dc6
File 159672789166.jpg - (245.90KB , 1200x901 , party_armored.jpg )

(One fade to black later)
:pillukicon: "Thank goodness these ones aren't dirty and smelly like the last pair."
:nexluk: "Dammit, why do me and bitluk have to be so short? All the actual armor is too big for us!"
:pillukicon: "Don't worry girls, me and beaconluk will protect you with these sharp and dangerous swords!"
No. 973971 ID: 1060de

Looking good girls, time to explore!
Is this an isolated room or there's doors leading deeper into the building? We gotta find the prison and free more lyluks after all
No. 973974 ID: 689dc6
File 159673533188.jpg - (224.60KB , 1200x901 , party_mess_hall.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Hmmm, I wonder whats through this door?"
:lhomar: "Hello? Girls! Is that you? You're just in time, everyone ran out to find out what all that noise was."
:nexluk: "That was us! We found a tank outside and blew up some guards!"
:lhomar: "You? Killed the guards with a tank?"
:pillukicon: "Sadly no, the tank fell into the sewers and now the guards are trying to stop the meanluks from over running them."
:lhomar: "Meanluks? Should I leave? Sounds like this prison riot is getting a little bit dangerous for this humble cook."
No. 973975 ID: 370204

Is he offering more pies? If so, you'll need to eat them to get big and strong.
No. 973976 ID: 19da02

See if you can find a map or like, one of those things on the wall that shows were the fire exits are.
No. 973977 ID: 1060de

But ask politely this time, beaconluk. You don't want to get burned again
But yes, we have to get the chef to safety, I couldn't bear to see something happen to him
No. 973978 ID: 1ee1de

Tell him that it might be a good idea to consider leaving, yes. meanluks are notoriously dangerous in large numbers, and you'd never forgive yourself if you put your newfound friend in danger.
No. 973980 ID: 689dc6
File 159673708520.gif - (2.42MB , 1200x901 , big_alarm.gif )

:lhomar: "Really? All you can think about is MORE pie? You just had some not an hour ago!"
:alltogether: "Thanks for the grub!"
:lhomar: *sigh* "Okay fine, it's not like anyone else will eat it now."
(Suddenly a red alarm starts blaring)
:lhomar: "Well, I guess that answers that. Listens girls, I'll park my truck down the road a little bit. If you can save all your friends I'll give you a ride out of here."
:fishluk: "How long will you wait?"
:lhomar: "I'll stick around till sunset. The guards will have probably get the situation under control by then and if I stay any longer it'll look suspicious."
:pillukicon: "You wouldn't happen to have a map of this place would you? It'd help us find our friends."
:lhomar: "A map? Uhhhhhh... There might be one in one of the guard stations? I dunno, they didn't give the cook any maps."
No. 973983 ID: b1b4f3

Any idea where the guards keep the keys?
No. 973986 ID: 689dc6
File 159673963488.gif - (2.09MB , 1200x901 , party_alarm.gif )

:lhomar: "Probably the guard station too? Listen, I gotta go now or else the guards will start asking questions. Good luck girls."
:fishluk: "What a nice guy."
:nexluk: "Can we raid the kitchen? I'm starving."
No. 973990 ID: b1b4f3

No, we have a time limit. Guard station first.
No. 973991 ID: 689dc6
File 159674275346.gif - (2.19MB , 1200x901 , main_hallway.gif )

:nexluk: "AWWwwwwww"
:pillukicon: "C'mon girls, I think it's down this way. Maybe..."
No. 973992 ID: 689dc6
File 159674323909.gif - (2.41MB , 1200x901 , guard_booth_2.gif )

:pillukicon: "See, I told you so!"
:fishluk: "We never-"
:pillukicon: "Well, how do we even get into this thing?"
No. 973995 ID: eb1fcc

have beaconluk lick a hole through the cheap sugarglass they clearly borrowed as surplus from a local film studio
No. 973997 ID: 1060de

While beaconluk is mlemming, bitluk should check that first aid kit, maybe there's more LYLUK PILLS inside
No. 974003 ID: b1b4f3

Smash the glass with something heavy?
No. 974004 ID: 19da02

does pilluk still have legs strong enough to maybe kick the glass or jump headfirst into it so the helmet breaks the glass?
No. 974007 ID: 689dc6
File 159674847916.gif - (2.48MB , 1200x901 , booth_mlem.gif )

:beaconluk: "Mlem mlem mlem mlem."
:bitlukicon: (Theres some kind of pil-)
:pillukicon: "Hey! Let me see that. I'm the expert here."
"Yes! These are yet more rare and valuable LYLUK PILLS! Awww, but it's one of those annoying ones in boxes, it's gonna take me forever to transfer them over to the pill bottle."
:fishluk: "Sadly we lyluks have 0 STRENGTH and would be able to lift something heavy enough to break the glass."
:pillukicon: "Are you making fun of me?"
No. 974010 ID: 1060de

do it, pilluk you pussy
Who else would do it if not you?
No. 974011 ID: 1ee1de

Nexluk: achieve acceleration with your slippery form, proceed to smash through the glass at a solid-breaking, but survivable, speed.
No. 974012 ID: 1ee1de

Alternatively, look around for another entrance.
No. 974013 ID: b1b4f3

Well there is a door to the room, but it's probably locked... you can either go around and try the door or... cut the glass? You've got some metal objects, see if any of the leave a mark on the glass.
No. 974024 ID: f2d7ac

Is there a way in from the box the beaconluk is licking? maybe fishluk can enter there.
No. 974078 ID: 12b116

will our key open it?
No. 974369 ID: 689dc6
File 159724810145.gif - (2.54MB , 1200x901 , bitluk_cutting_glass.gif )

:pillukicon: "Yep, leaving a mark is about all that'll do."
No. 974370 ID: 689dc6
File 159724824194.gif - (2.71MB , 1200x901 , nexluk_slippery_floor.gif )

:nexluk: "Aaaahh nooooo, This tiled floor is too slippery! I can't build up any speed!"
:fishluk: "I don't think it's the floor thats the problem."
No. 974371 ID: 094652

>STR 0
Could be worse, you could be so weak you'd be motionless from the weight of your own feet-
Wait, how are you wearing heavy armor with STR 0?

>What do
Review your inventory while you circle around for the entrance to the security room.
No. 974372 ID: 689dc6
File 159724854921.gif - (2.51MB , 1200x901 , pilluk_pill_popping.gif )

:pillukicon: "Up yours pal. I'm just gonna transfer these LYLUK PILLS over to the bottle."
:nexluk: "But pilluk, theres so many! That'll take forever!"
:pillukicon: "Exactly! Think of how useful so many LYLUK PILLS will be!"
:pillukicon: "You mean the box I got the pills from?"
No. 974373 ID: 689dc6
File 159724943556.gif - (2.39MB , 1200x901 , party_security_door.gif )

:pillukicon: "Phew, that took a while, so what were we doing?"
:fishluk: "They want us to try the door."
:pillukicon: "The door? But it's a massive metal reinforced security door! Theres no way a lyluk could ever knock it down with our zero strength! How ever would we-"
:pillukicon: "Oh yeah right, I suppose we should check the key."
"Huh, well that makes sense, we did get it off the guard that was stationed here."
:bitlukicon: (Bitluk was really hoping that'd key would be able to free the trapped lyluks)
:pillukicon: "Also that one spirit does have a point, doesn't this armor feel kinda light to you girls?"
:fishluk: "Hmmm, Well the insides of the helmet are styrofoam but I thought that was just a modernization. Now that I'm checking, the outside feels like cheap plastic."
:nexluk: "Awwwww, we took the fake armor!"
:beaconluk: "Mlem" (I don't know about them but someone definitely wore my armor ;})
No. 974374 ID: 689dc6
File 159724955997.jpg - (235.51KB , 1200x901 , prison_map.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Well, here the map you wanted to see."
:nexluk: "Damn, I wish I could read."
:pillukicon: "Don't we all nexluk, Don't we all."
No. 974375 ID: 88ee90

Look around in the guard booth. are there any keys for the cell-doors around? (or buttons that says release all lyluks/open cells?)

Also, if there are any vents shout out to mige-luk in case she's in there.
No. 974376 ID: 689dc6
File 159725190719.jpg - (259.28KB , 1200x901 , party_guard_booth.jpg )

:pillukicon: "Nope, theres nothing like that, there is this screen showing a group of lyluks in full armor. Looks like we're not the only ones who got out."
:nexluk: "Is there any way to tell where they are so we can join up?"
No. 974378 ID: 689dc6
File 159725329238.gif - (490.57KB , 1200x901 , camera_control.gif )

:pillukicon: "Oops, I accidentally changed it, you spirits think you can get us back to the lyluks?"
No. 974379 ID: 12b116

Those are clearly you. See if there are any other buttons to change which camera is on the screen to maybe get a view of some of the other rooms.
No. 974380 ID: 88ee90

the lyluks were just yourselves, likely from a camera in the room. You just changed it to show a feed from every camera in the facility-floor you're on. Good job!
No. 974381 ID: 12b116

try "great oven"
No. 974386 ID: b1b4f3

No keys? Nuts. This is the ONLY guard booth.
...I just realized we never tried using the helmet key on any cell doors.

Why don't we uh, go do that. :I
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