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File 163643643899.png - (47.63KB , 1280x720 , 000.png )
1014571 No. 1014571 ID: e51896

This quest where you gotta help a Pizza deliver guy deliver a pizza in 30 updates, or less… Or sabotage his efforts!


Message from PEA: This quest is mainly created to help kick me outta my long hiatus and gain the motivation to get back into making my main quest Enclosed Curtains again. With that in mind, this quest will very stupid, so plz don’t take this quest seriously. Just enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the destination. The art style might change as I want to also use the quest to practice my art skills and experiment with new art styles and find out what I’m most comfortable with. I will try to update once every few days but once a week the latest will try to be the requirement. I have a rough work schedule, so plz bear with me.

The quest will be cut into 3 sections, a prologue, the 30 update countdown, and then an epilogue. Right now, we’ll be going through the prologue before we start the countdown. Sometime before we begin the countdown, I will explain the rules. But as of now, the prologue will just introduce characters and this world, and getting yourselves prepared for the pizza guy’s next delivery.

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No. 1014572 ID: e51896
File 163643650794.png - (55.93KB , 1280x720 , 001.png )

ANTEATER: 30 Updates. 30 looooong fuckin’ updates. That’s all it takes, and yet you got here in 50 updates… you do realize I’m not paying for these now, right?
ANTEATER: Seriously, if I knew you were this INCOMPETANT, and IRRESPONSIBLE, I would have just walked… Not run, or drive mind you, but WALKED to pick up my pizza and back.
ANTEATER: And that goes without sayin’ how out of fuckin’ shape I am too!
ANTEATER: But noooooooo… I had to use common sense and call your sorry ass over here to deliver our pizza so I can tend to my daughter’s needs to keep her happy on her birthday.
ANTEATER: But just listen to that…

The Anteater points behind him towards the other room in his apartment with his thumb.

ANTEATER: Because of your lollygagging, I now have to deal with a crying starving daughter and her friends throwing things in a tantrum because our meal did not arrive when it was supposed to.

The sounds of screaming laughter, and bangs from what sounds like a videogame can be heard from the other room.

ANTEATER: This was supposed to be a simple and memorable birthday for my daughter, the daughter I can only see on weekends before she has to go back to my bitchy ex-wife.
ANTEATER: And now I have to deal with the consequences of your incompetence.
ANTEATER: And don’t think I won’t be calling your boss about this. Irresponsible DEADBEATS like you don’t deserve to keep their job.
ANTEATER: You’ve single handedly ruined an innocent girl’s birthday. Fuck you. Now get outta my sight!

No. 1014573 ID: e51896
File 163643653444.png - (41.20KB , 1280x720 , 002.png )

No. 1014574 ID: e51896
File 163643655176.png - (32.66KB , 1280x720 , 003.png )

*click click*
No. 1014575 ID: e51896
File 163643657734.png - (47.66KB , 1280x720 , 004.png )

Hey, so who the fuck is this delivery guy anyway?

Also, unrelated to this quest but… what is your favorite pizza topping?

No. 1014578 ID: 8483cf

It's happenniiiiiiing

This dude's name is Jeff Le Booshki


Always protect your pepperonis
No. 1014579 ID: e7c7d3

Craigly Dangson

No. 1014580 ID: ce39da

Rodney sounds right. Also: Bacon.
No. 1014583 ID: afe7de

His name is Geraldo, son of Heraldo, daughter of Mycaldo, heir to the Geraldan throne. But people call him Jerry.

Fav topping: EXTRA CHEEZE
No. 1014587 ID: d63ea8

Ricardo maybe?

Also extra cheddar cheese.
No. 1014589 ID: c92a02

Why, it's former child star Al "Smoky Goldtooth" Paisano!
Live cicadas, why do you ask?
No. 1014592 ID: 629f2e

I'm down with Jerry.

Fave topping is bacon.
No. 1014593 ID: 73aaab


No. 1014594 ID: 3e7c34

His name is Travis Geraldo Horowitz. But for some reason his friends call him Jeff, something about a mixup with name tags and it just stuck.

As for his favorite pizza topping it’s hard to go wrong with meat. Any will do really. Bacon, Sausage, Pepperoni, Ham. But god help you if anchovies are found on that pie! Fuck anchovies to the N-th dimension and beyond.
No. 1014597 ID: 6f9ed3


Fave pizza topping is Three Hams, even though you can never remember which varieties of ham are used.
No. 1014598 ID: f23762

They know you by the nickname of Spicy Pepperoni dude because of one pizza delivery that you had to bring to an open pool party.

As for my favorite topping, it would be broccoli.
No. 1014599 ID: f23762

Also, let's speedrun the shit out of this quest.

No. 1014781 ID: e51896
File 163661161111.png - (45.99KB , 1280x720 , 005.png )

Great job, a few of you guessed his name right. I’m impressed!

This dude’s name is Geraldo Le Booshki, but most people just call him Jerry. He is at the age of 26 and has been working at a draining dead end job as a pizza delivery man at his uncle Ricardo’s restaurant :pizzid: in the heart of Crust City for about a year now.

Jerry hates his job so much. He is overworked by his uncle rushing and pushing him while berating him for not being a “team player”. He also has to deal with an annoying smug coworker that makes him feel inferior, and Crust City is a pretty crazy and dangerous place to be delivering pizza in. The torment is enough for Jerry to despise pizza altogether… well, okay, that’s not entirely true, he actually loves the taste of pizza, and :pizzid: is actually the best tasting pizza he’s ever had as much as he hates to admit, but his experience working at :pizzid: had made him grow to despise pizza out of principal and swear off eating pizza altogether.

Why doesn’t he quit? Well, it’s because there are no other jobs out there willing to pay enough to move out of his uncle’s home and make a living, especially with his crippling student loans to worry about.

When he was a little younger, he took acting classes at Crust City’s art college in hopes to become a movie star and relive his acting career when he was a forgotten child actor (most known for his role as Smoky Goldtooth in a terrible movie… that is, if anyone remembers that movie… what was it called again? Even Jerry forgot.) He has wasted the last four years chasing that dead dream looking for jobs in acting since college and his father Heraldo finally got fed up. So in an attempt to get Jerry to find a “real job” and stop being “lazy”, Heraldo kicked Jerry out, and forced him to move to live with his uncle Ricardo in order to work for his famous :pizzid: restaurant.

As Jerry is about to head out, he hears the anteater through the door yelling “HEY, WHO WANTS FREE PIZZA?! followed by the sounds of cheers. Probably said that loud enough to make sure Jerry heard as insult to injury, especially since he put so much emphasis on the word free pizza. Jerry just sighs, shrugs, and leaves the apartment building.

As he drives back on his moped to the :pizzid: restaurant, he begins brainstorming an excuse for his uncle as to why he was so late with this pizza delivery. But what could he use as an excuse?

It was rush hour? No, that doesn’t begin until another few updates…

Construction or police road blocks? But what if his uncle decides to check after work or call someone to confirm his excuse?

Whatever excuse he needs to come up with, he knows it has to be really really good, because he’s been late with pizza deliveries more often than he should in the past, and usually it’s due to unbelievable reasons, so he has to think of more tame fictional excuses that sound more believable than what actually happened during his pizza routes.
No. 1014783 ID: e51896
File 163661197842.png - (60.01KB , 1280x720 , 006.png )

And just his luck, he made it back to :pizzid: in just one update. Why couldn’t he get that luck when delivering that pizza earlier? Jerry curses his luck and plot convenience...

He parks the moped and after he removes his helmet and faces the :pizzid: building, and groans as he sees who’s at the entrance.

It’s his smug coworker GERBERA, dancing in the popular :pizzid: mascot “THE ZA” costume. Why are they here already? Wasn’t they supposed to have some kind of long important interview with uncle Ricardo about something? Jerry was hoping he would be able to get back before that interview ended.

Gerbera is :pizzid:’s newest hire who started 6 months ago after the previous worker and Jerry’s best friend ANTONIO DEVARARA got involved in a FATAL PROBLEM. Jerry really doesn’t like talking to Gerbera, as Gerbera is always talking about themself, how great their life is, their accomplishments, able to handle anything life throws at them, and often makes Jerry’s uncle Ricardo proud of them. Jerry sometimes feels that Gerbera is actively trying to make him feel inferior.

Jerry notices that Gerbera is dancing a little more enthusiastic than normal. He wonders what that is about, but then again, he also wonders how Gerbera is able to dance at all in such a ridiculous humiliating stuffy hot suit with hecklers throwing stuff at them from time to time. He also has a bad feeling if he asks Gerbera about why their so happy today

Regardless, that’s none of his business. He needs to figure out this SITUATION on how he can enter the :pizzid: building to see his uncle without Gerbera noticing and causing a PROBLEM and wasting an UPDATE.

-In this quest during the countdown section, in almost all updates Jerry will encounter a SITUATION.
-During that SITUATION, suggestors can either vote to HELP Jerry out of the SITUATION, and suggest how he can get out of the situation, or suggestors can vote to SABOTAGE the situation, and suggest how he’ll be SABOTAGED.
-Even if you cast your vote to HELP Jerry, you are allowed also suggest an idea to SABOTAGE, just in case your HELP vote did not win (though it will not be counted as a SABOTAGE vote).
- likewise, even if you cast your vote to SABOTAGE Jerry, you can also suggest an idea on how to HELP Jerry in case your SABOTAGE vote did not win (though it will not be counted as a HELP vote).
-You cannot suggest an idea on how to kill Jerry unless otherwise stated
-after enough time have passed, I will tally up the votes and add those numbers to two 3-sided dices, one dice for HELPING Jerry, and another for SABOTAGING Jerry. The dice with the highest number, wins.
- for example, if HELP gets 5 votes, and SABOTAGE gets 3, I will roll a D3 + 5votes for Help, and roll a D3 + 3votes for SABOTAGE, and the highest number will determine if Jerry gets out of a SITUATION, or if the SITUATION becomes a PROBLEM, and will pick suggestors’ ideas as to how Jerry will get out of the SITUATION, or how he ends up in a PROBLEM
- When SABOTAGE ins, the SITUATION becomes a PROBLEM. When this occurs, Jerry will have to waste one update trying to get out of the PROBLEM.
- Sometimes, another SITUATION can occur while Jerry is having a PROBLEM, in which another vote will occur where he can escape the PROBLEM and continue on his way to his destination, or have another UPDATE wasted.

With that out of the way, please vote whether or not you want to HELP Jerry find a way to enter the :pizzid: building without Gerbera noticing him, or SABOTAGE Jerry’s efforts and have Gerbera spot him. Also, suggest how Jerry gets past and/or gets spotted by Gerbera. Be as creative as you can!

ALSO, you should probably start thinking of a very good excuse to Jerry’s uncle. Just sayin’

>why do you ask (about fav toppings)?
No. 1014784 ID: 8483cf

Gerb must be avoided at all costs. Gerb will take away valuable seconds that can be used to get $$TIPZ$$

Clearly Jerry must parkour from the scooter to the top of the adjacent building, then enter via rooftop.

No. 1014785 ID: c92a02

Wait for the sun to go down so that her shift ends and she goes home. You're timed in updates, not minutes.
No. 1014786 ID: afe7de

I was originally gonna vote to sabotage but this is literally too good to pass up. I vote the next pizza delivery takes multiple days to deliver but since it’s under 30 updates it still counts even if the pizza is moldy by the end lmao
No. 1014787 ID: f23762

Why try to avoid your coworker, say hell to him but also say that you are in a hurry but would gladly hang with him after your shift is over. If he is adamant about wasting your time and is really persistent on it then just do the three-step process, step one tell him I warned you, step two remove his glasses, and finally step three curb stomp his smug smile. The enjoyment of the three-step process is left up to your discretion.
No. 1014790 ID: 629f2e

We're not on an order yes, so let's SABOTAGE Jerry's efforts.

Gerbara notices him, but due to sunlight reflecting off his shades she doesn't realize it's Jerry. So, treating him like any other customer, she gives the customary greeting of a hug and telling him to taste their pizza while he's being pressed into the pizza costume (Naturally, the pizza costume is made of the same ingredients their normal meals are, why wouldn't it be?).
No. 1014803 ID: d63ea8

>Student loans.
Oof, that's rough buddy.

I'm tempted to both HELP and SABOTAGE in this situation.

I imagine Jerry has cultivated a bit of a grim, standoffish aura, working a deadend job that gets you constantly yelled at. So cranking that up to eleven would exude big "don't talk to me" energy.

Unfortunately Gerebara can't see that due to the aforementioned sun, and Jerry can't get away since the door to the :pizzid: building has one of those really annoying handles that makes it really hard to tell if it's a PUSH or a PULL door. (It's probably a fire/safety hazard.)
No. 1014805 ID: 76fa74

Avoid her, we do not need this crap today.
No. 1014808 ID: ce39da

Just walk by without reacting to anything he says; pretend not to notice him. Refusing to be engaged isn't hard.
No. 1014832 ID: 34dfce

Sabotaging this shit.

Nothing happens with Gerbera, however; as Jerry is about to walk inside two black sedans whip around the corner, people in suits lean out the windows with submachine guns, with the one in front screaming
"Luigi Capatolli sends his regards! Rattle 'em boys!"
Following that, the men open up, absolutely devastating the frontage of the store. Both Jerry and Gerb hit the deck and get covered in glass and debris, but the men were trying to send a message, not (deliberately) kill people, so they weren't shot directly at.
No. 1014896 ID: e51896

rolled 2, 6 = 8

Just a small one, I think instead of rolling a 3 sided dice, I'll roll six sided dice. Afterwards, I'll add in the number of votes from HELP and SABOTAGE. I figure it might make things more interesting. If it doesn't work well, and if there are complaints, I'll rework it.


Message from PEA: OKAY, so I counted six votes for HELP and four votes for SABOTAGE.

Once the six sided dices are rolled, I will add the votes to the results. the first dice will be HELP, the second dice will be SABOTAGE

No. 1014897 ID: e51896

Message from PEA: And SABOTAGE WINS this time with 8 HELP POINTS < 10 SABOTAGE POINTS. The votes are locked in and you can no longer vote, BUT you can still suggest ideas on what will happen. If you previously suggested an idea for how Jerry gets HELP, you can still suggest an idea for how Jerry gets SABOTAGED with how Gerbera spots Jerry, and I'll pick one with the most votes, and/or whichever is most interesting and zany

I'll try to get the update done this weekend

No. 1014908 ID: f23762

Since peace is not an option and we will be wasting time with this person then I propose to propose to him. That or suplex him in order to establish the pecking order, after all, you are a field agent while he is a mear mascot wearer and he should show you respect.
No. 1014921 ID: 8483cf

The parkour maneuver fails, and Jerry lands atop Gerb. The awkwardness leads to a long-winded story about Gerb's chiropractor.
No. 1015200 ID: e51896
File 163695219410.png - (168.94KB , 1280x720 , 007.png )

>wait for the sun to go down, when Gerbera’s shift ends

Jerry would love to just use an UPDATE to wait it out, but that would mean that his shift would end too, and then he’ll probably get into bigger trouble with his uncle for missing future pizza delivery calls, and then it would risk the quest ending too early, and we wouldn’t want that to happen… do we?

>Completely ignore Gerbera

Jerry keeps his head towards the goal, trying not to make eye contact with Gerbera and choosing to not respond to anything that they say.

Jerry puts his hand on the door handle, and attempts to push it open… but it won’t budge as he forgot it was a door he had to pull instead of push. The stress must have caused him to forget, as he was hoping that pushing would get him in the building faster.

Meanwhile, Gerbera hears the sound of Jerry’s poor attempt at opening doors and turns to see who it is. Jerry’s sunglasses is casting a large glare from the bright sun covering his face, and causing Gerbera to not notice who it is, but they assume it’s a customer.

GERBERA: Hey there!

Ah nuts, Gerbera spotted Jerry. He attempts to push the door open again in a panic, but his nerves is making him forget again that it’s a door he has to pull. He fumbles to open the door until finally pulling it open slightly, when suddenly, his body suddenly feels a lot more tighter and constricted.
No. 1015201 ID: e51896
File 163695220848.png - (53.38KB , 1280x720 , 008.png )

Oh no! Gerbera has gone for the offensive and has put Jerry into a submissive holding bear hug! Jerry can’t breathe and thinks he felt something crack... and feels a little bit slimy from the cheese of the costume.

GERBERA: Welcome to :pizzid: ! thank you so much for coming!

Jerry attempts to explain to Gerbera he isn’t a customer, but all that can come out of his lungs are coughs and barely a wheeze of a whisper

GERBERA: I’m THE ZA! World famous :pizzid: mascot, and we love it when you come to eat my species!

Gerbera finally let’s go of Jerry

GERBERA: Please try our new BBQ Blob pizza! Made with, cheese, bacon, sausage, onions and a lot of spicy BBQ sauce!

Jerry not taking in Gerbera’s words adjusts his sunglasses, crooked from the hug, and catches his breath.

with the glare vanishing from Jerry fixing his sunglasses, Gerbera lets out a playful gasp

[b]GERBERA: Wait, you’re not a customer, your Jerry! Hah hah hah!
No. 1015202 ID: e51896
File 163695223221.png - (46.07KB , 1280x720 , 009.png )

As he mumbles and grumbles, Jerry is about to grab the door again, but Gerbera grabs Jerry’s arm with his leafy arms

GERBERA: Hey, guess what, some amazing news just happened to me!

Jerry sighs and shrugs as he reluctantly asks what happened.

GERBERA: Go on... guess!

Jerry, defeated decides to play along, and asks if their so-called admirer SNOWPEA the bumblebee is finally dating them.

GERBERA: Nooooooo, but it might happen soon after she hears the good news!

Jerry asks if Gerbera found a new job somewhere far, far away from CRUST CITY, with a bit of hope in his voice.

GERBERA: Nuh uh, but you’re cloooooooose!

Jerry, figuring he’s satisfied Gerbera’s guessing game long enough, and proving Gerbera’s superiority over him, finally admits he gives up, and asks what the news is, hoping Gerbera can finally get to the point and he can go into the building

Gerbera steps closer to Jerry, and whispers.

GERBERA: Now keep this on the down low, but I was just recently promoted to deliver pizza starting tomorrow! Isn’t that great!

Jerry responds with a slow clap, as he rolls his eyes behind the shades.

GERBERA: Thanks Jerry! Man, oh man, I’m so excited about this. I worked so very hard to attempt to climb my way up the corporate ladder, and the boss has finally acknowledged my efforts!
GERBERA: Though… I wonder… if I’m going to be delivering pizzas now, then… who is going to wear THE ZA costume and attract customers… hmmmmmmm…

Jerry has a sinking feeling as to what that statement could pertain. But snaps out of it as he has a more important thing to deal with, thinking of an excuse to tell his uncle. Sadly, he wasn’t able to talk to his uncle this update, but he believes that the PROBLEM with Gerbera wasting his time can be easily dealt with by the next update, and can enter the building by then.

How does Jerry leave Gerbera? (please note this is not a sabotage, or help, just explain how he tactically ends the conversation and gets out of this PROBLEM, be creative)

ALSO, what excuse does he have for his uncle for being so late with his latest delivery? Please think of an excuse for Jerry to tell his uncle, and explain what actually happened during his delivery if his excuse is a lie

No. 1015203 ID: afe7de

He points behind Gerbera and says that there's a real customer there (it turns out there totally is!) and you open the door, escaping inside.

As for excuses, well he can't explain that he was actually isekaid into another world of plush characters and got to participate in a sort of election that he won and used his powers of winning to get back only to deliver the pizza late. He bemoans how they only ate candy and paper meat but the paper meat was kind of like tofu and full of protein so he couldn't complain.

So instead he just says that a guy asked him out on a date and he lost track of time because you like wish fulfulment lies.
No. 1015204 ID: 8483cf

How to gracefully get away from Gerb: Point at random passers-by in the street and suggest Gerb rank all of them, from 1 to 5, for five minutes for suitable successors so Gerb can choose a WORTHY SUCCESSOR.

As for the excuse, tell a half-truth: the customers were difficult, and they wanted to take extra time to complain about how terrible their lives were.
No. 1015209 ID: 629f2e

Escape Gerbara by letting out a puff of cigarette smoke at their glasses. When they takes them off to wipe them down, silently slip into the restaurant. Perfect getaway.

You don't think your boss will buy that you got wrongly profiled as a murder suspect, and that you had to investigate and defend yourself in court because nobody else was foolish enough to stand trial against Prosecutor Purr Feckt and her perfect trial record. Thankfully you got off on mistrial, because apparently the best prosecutor in the country doesn't understand discovery law, and how the defense needs to be aware of what evidence and witnesses will be present at a hearing.

Shift the blame. You were given the wrong address, because the customer had apparently moved recently and gave you the home he used to live at. If anything, you should be lauded for wrangling the new address out of his previous neighbors and getting them their pizza.
No. 1015212 ID: 02905d

Just wish your associate good luck on their first day. It’s a shit job but someone has to do it nice thing they are working so hard for everyone.

Tell uncle the half truth, the customer was being rude and you had to put up with it for longer than you would have wanted to but sadly had to take one for the team.
No. 1015516 ID: f23762

I actually changed my opinion on this person, he is a little ray of sunshine and that smile must be protected. Threaten him with kindness and tell him that you are in a hurry to earn some cash but you would like to talk to him after work hovers are over.
No. 1016093 ID: e51896
File 163781801096.png - (52.26KB , 1280x720 , 010.png )

Saying Jerry has had his fill of Gerbera is an understatement, just spending one update talking with them makes him feel bloated, and he thinks another update with the smug flower will make him burst. So, Jerry chooses to use the ol’ “Made Ya Look!” tactic.

He tells Gerbera that seeing as they will be working as a delivery flower tomorrow, a WORTHY SUCCESSOR must be found to take their place to act as “THE ZA” Immediately.

GERBERA: Ohhhhhhh, Great idea! But how do I decide?

As Jerry puts his hand on the door, pushing it but forgetting to pull it again, he suggests that Gerbera for the next five minutes rank all the random passer-bys they find from 1 to 5 as suitable successors, then from there decide who is most worthy enough to become “THE ZA”.

Jerry then suggests they should start with the customer that is walking towards them, pointing behind Gerbera without looking as he eyes the door.

Turns out, there really was a customer heading towards them! It seems to be a sentient blob made of custard of some sort slithering it’s way over.

GERBERA: OH! Welcome to :pizzid:! thank you so much for coming!
GERBERA: I’m THE ZA! World famous :pizzid: mascot, and we love it when you come to eat my species!
GERBERA: Say, can I get your name, sir?
GERBERA: Mer, got it. And what will your order be?
MER: Deep dish pizza… lots of sauce… to bathe in…
GERBERA: Oooooh! Custard pizza! we’ll get your order ready in 30 updates…
MER: *Happy slurpy sounds*
GERBERA: Hey, wait a minute, I just realized, haha! Get this!
GERBERA: You’re a custard, and your name is Mer, and you’re ordering from us. I guess you could say that you’re a… CUSTARDM-

Figuring out he needs to pull the door, Jerry quickly enters the building and slams the door shut to save himself from cringing over the stupidest pun ever.
No. 1016094 ID: e51896
File 163781802523.png - (71.83KB , 1280x720 , 011.png )

The steamy aroma of tasty pizza wafts through Jerry’s nose upon entering, reminding him his hatred of pizza despite wanting to grab a slice. Jerry’s eyes then trail over to uncle Ricardo leaning his arm on the receptionist counter, quickly drumming his fingers rhythmically as he gives Jerry the familiar tired look of disappointment.

RICARDO: WellJerry,you’elate.That’stheseventhtimeinarow!Andfrankly,I’vehadenoughofit.

Ricardo tends to speak really fast, saying everything he needs to say after only one breath. It’s quite hard to keep up with what he says with how fast he speaks, but Jerry has gotten used to it. He thinks Ricardo said something about how the customer called to complain about Jerry being late, and it’s the seventh time in a row he’s late.

Wanting to get his uncle’s complaints over with, Jerry quickly thinks up an excuse. He can’t tell Ricardo what actually happened during his delivery as it was unbelievable.

I mean, seriously, who is going to believe that Jerry was arrested by the “great” P.I. ZZANDER for attempted murder by trying to “forcefully” deliver a pizza to someone who has severe food allergy to the toppings (all because the address Jerry was given was wrong), then had to sit in trial and defend himself against Prosecutor PURR FECKT the cat since no defense attorney in their right mind would fight against her perfect record, and then as punishment after being found guilty became imprisoned in another quest full of plushies called STUFFIES and had to win a weird popularity election which he needed to win if he wanted to gain a magic power to escape by teaching the STUFFIES how to make a COOKIE PIZZA?

Instead, he explains to his uncle that the customer was being rude, and he had to take one for the team by putting up with him talking about his terrible life.

Message from PEA: Character design and concept for PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR ZZANDER was created by CrossTheLine! Thanks so much, dude.
His wiki page: https://questden.org/wiki/CrossTheLine
His quest Last Trace: https://questden.org/wiki/Last_Trace
Go on, take a read!

This quest is going to have characters that I asked my friends to make. I will credit them whenever they show up, and at the end of the quest. Thanks again, all of you!

No. 1016095 ID: e51896
File 163781805156.png - (73.14KB , 1280x720 , 012.png )

Uncle Ricardo just slowly facepalms and rubs his fingers upon his temple, with a frustrated sigh.

RICARDO: Thatstilldoesn’texplainwhyyouwerelatedeliveringthecutomer’spizza!
RICARDO: Thecustomercalledtocomplainaboutit!

Oh right, that may explain why Jerry was late getting back to the restaurant, but he was still late with the customer’s order, and wasn’t paid for the delivery because of it. Jerry attempts to explain again by telling his uncle that the address was wrong as it was the customer’s old address, but should at least be given credit for finding out where the new address was at from the current residence there.

Ricardo looks at the address from the computer and groans.

RICARDO: Letmeguess…youreadtheaddressupside-down,
RICARDO: AndwenttotheOLIUOIUOLEE,1addressinsteadof1337Onion,170…didn’tyou?

Jerry is confused by what Ricardo just said... Did He really looked at the address he was given by his uncle upside-down before he started this delivery? He pulls out the notebook paper he was given earlier from his HAMMERSPACIAL DIMENSION and reads that indeed, the address he was given was 1337 Onion, 170… not OLI UOIUO LEE, 1… whoops. Why in the world is there even a street called OLI UOIUO LEE on the GPS in the first place?! what kind of word is UOIUO anyways?!?!?

Jerry tries to apologize for this honest mistake, but Ricardo disappointment lingers.

RICARDO: Youknow,partofhavingresponsibilitymeanshavingcommonsense.
RICARDO: Forinstance,whywouldIwritetheaddressonanotebookpaperthatisupside-down?
RICARDO: Yougottauseyourhead…Well,itdoesn’tmatteranyway.

As Ricardo complains about Jerry’s lack of common sense and responsibilities, one thing Jerry notices is that Ricardo isn’t as angry as he usually is when he screws up a delivery, and it gives him some bad vibes as to what this could mean. Something must be up, so he decides to ask why he isn’t as angry about this.

RICARDO: Well,it’sbecauseIthoughtofasimplesolutiontofinallygetyoutolearnresponsibility.
RICARDO: Listen,normallyIwouldhavefiredyourassbynow,
RICARDO: Butbecauseyou’remybrother’sson,yourfatherwouldbedeeplyupsetwithmeifIdidthat.
RICARDO: SoIthoughtofanalternative:IwillinsteadbeswitchingyourpositiontomascotdutystartingTOMORROW
RICARDO: Youwillbeinchargeofwearing“THEZA”Costumeandattractcustomersinfrontofthebuilding
RICARDO: Meanwhile,Gerberawillbeswitchingwithyoutoworkindelivery!
RICARDO: Thatlittleflowerhasproventhemselfwiththeirdedicationtoearnthatposition
RICARDO: andIfindnoreasonwhyIshouldletyoucontinueholdingdeliveryresponsibilityifyoucan’tmakedeliveriesontime.

OH FUCK! From what Jerry understood, he’s getting demoted to Gerbera’s job to wear a heavy hot costume all day and dance in the hot sun?! He cannot let that happen. Not only wearing “THE ZA” mascot costume will leave him tired and burnt out, but it’s also going to be humiliating. He remembers that Gerbera would often get taunted and litter thrown at them by delinquents. And since there is a giant hole in the costume where one would put their face through, everyone will know that he is wearing the humiliating costume without any way to hide his identity.

Jerry tries to beg and plea to not let this happen as he cannot let his reputation as "THE COOL GUY" diminish. He explains that he’s given it his all out there, but PROBLEMS keep messing him up

RICARDO: GettingdistractedbyyourstonerbuddiesisNOTaproblem.That’sjustalackoffocus…
RICARDO: You'realwaysmakingexcusesthattheybecomemeaningless...

Jerry is offended, he doesn’t get distracted by his stoner friends, he’s merely just spending a small amount of time with them to relive stress during the hectic work he does.

Ricardo thinks for a bit, and after seeing Jerry still genuinely begging him not to demote him, he gives a nod.

RICARDO: Hmm…maybethisiswhatyouneededtogetyourassingear…
RICARDO: Learningtheconsequencesfornotbeingateamplayer…
RICARDO: Alright,TellyouwhatJerry,beforeyourshiftends,ifyoucanshowmethatyoucandeliveryournextpizzasuccessfully
RICARDO: I’llallowyoutocontinuedeliveringpizzas.
RICARDO: ButthiswillbeyourLASTchance…

Jerry breathes a sigh of relief; it seems like Ricardo will give him one more chance to deliver a pizza successfully if he wants to avoid wearing “THE ZA” coustume. Ricardo is hoping that after Jerry learned the consequences of failure, he’ll be more dedicated to get the job done, and show actual responsibility to his job.

RICARDO: Thoughhonestly,Idon’tseewhyyou’recomplaining,didn’tyouwanttobeanactor?
RICARDO: Playingasamascotformewouldbegoodpracticeforthatcareerpathandgetyournameoutthere,
Ricardo: wouldn’tit?

Frustrated, Jerry argues that dancing around in a mascot costume is NOT acting, that’s just making a fool out of oneself and will no way help his dream in becoming an actor.

RICARDO: Idon’tseethedifference…
No. 1016096 ID: e51896
File 163781806375.png - (38.21KB , 1280x720 , 013.png )

Before the argument can continue, the phone rings… most likely a customer wanting to have a pizza delivered to them.

This is it! Jerry’s chance to prove himself he is capable at his job.

[i][b]THE PHONE IS RINGING, someone should probably go answer that… but first, can you guys suggesting do me a favor and please explain who is calling on the other end with a little bit of CHARACTER CREATION?

Please give a description of who the customer is by filling out the following:

(OPTIONALLY, you can also draw a picture of what the character looks like!)

Also, please explain the LOCATION of where they are calling from. It could be anywhere you want as long as it is within Crust City. Just do not suggest the location is close by or far away (like saying it is right next door to the :pizzid: restaurant, or in outer space or something. Can’t have the quest end too early, and keep this fair.
No. 1016097 ID: afe7de

Species: He’s a hand
Gender: Hand
Personality: Angry
Appearance: The man is a right hand that likes to sit on the right armrest of a chair, he has a cyborg BODY for the rest of him but that’s not important as every shot he’s in should just be of his hand.
Occupation: Handym- I mean accountant. He CRUNCHES some NUMBERS


He lives in the most obvious place a hand would live, the OBSERVATORY. It’s where he works with the other LIMBS, each with their own robo suit. It’s a pizza for all of them, his BROTHERS and SISTERS. They all work there.

Also i imagine he sounds like the claw from inspector gadget
No. 1016098 ID: 01e0c8

NAME: Rachael
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: college student

The location is at a college dorm.

She was dared by her friends to recieve the pizza from the pizza delivery man... NAKED! Can she do it, or will her nerves prevent that?
No. 1016100 ID: c0a638

NAME: Pomidori Qiveli
SPECIES: Pizzamtsvane
GENDER: Man's man
DESCRIPTION OF APPEARANCE: Loooooong yellow tube with red polka dots, with white facepaint.
OCCUPATION: Physics professor at clown college.
Location: The inner keep of Castle Clownliostro where they're hosting the graduation ceremony for this year's clownlumni.
No. 1016106 ID: 629f2e


Honestly, this is about what I was thinking so tossing support on this. Cute shy bunny girl experimenting with exhibitionism on a dare.
No. 1016109 ID: 094652

Name: Fuschia Fishwish Angles
Species: Musicat
Gender: Female
Personality: Flitty
Description: An AI housed in a hardlight-projector. Her favorite appearance is a catgirl made of glowing hardlights that purr when touched.
Occupation: Data analyst
Is buying pizza for a friend. Won't say who or why.
No. 1016146 ID: 8483cf

Bnyny... Bnunny.. Byunny...

No. 1016242 ID: afe7de

Adjusting my vote to bnnuyyy!!! because bnnuuy
No. 1016254 ID: a90ed6

This for closet pervert bun!
No. 1016405 ID: 2de4fd

slut p.unny
No. 1016411 ID: e51896
File 163826833239.png - (49.97KB , 1280x720 , 014.png )


Meanwhile, about 5 minutes earlier, which for some reason is also one update later as well (wrap your head around that, eggheads), a GIRL’S NIGHT OUT WITH A PUMPKIN PARTY is in full swing (during the day). It’s a celebration of getting through another year of college and welcoming the beginning of summer break within a dorm room!

3 young women and a pumpkin are spinning one of the empty beer bottles on the floor as they are gathered in a circle around it, sitting in anticipation for where the beer bottle will stop and point at. Shortly after it revolves a few times, a geeky bnuuy nervously gasps as it stops to point at her.

???: AW SHIT, looks like the new girl Rachael is the victim this turn!
RACHAEL: Uh, umm… I… errr… I… I suppose I am…
???: Hey, Charisse! Don’t be so intense with how you talk to my friend. it’s her first time at one of these get togethers… Rachael, are you alright?

Rachael looks at her friend speaking out to her, a squirrel name Kaia, and she gains a bit of comfort from seeing the concern on her face.

RACHAEL: F… fine. I’ll be fine… I MEAN, I AM fine! IAMFINE!!!

Kaia puts her hand on Rachael’s shoulder, lowering her tenseness

KAIA: Heeeey, it’s alright Rachael, you don’t have to play this game. If you want, we can exit this party and go somewhere else to celebrate, like a movie, bowling, or just chill back at our dorm room and show off yo-

Kaia catches herself and stops before she reveals something she wasn’t supposed to, which Charisse the kangaroo tilts her head at.

CHARISSE: Reveal… what exactly?
KAIA: errrrrr… her collection of… comic books! She likes to read them with me.
CHARISSE: Pffft… Who still reads comic books these days?

Charisse raises an eyebrow at this, and is thoughtful for a brief moment before Kaia speaks up.

KAIA: HEY! I happen to like reading comic books too!
PUMPKIN: Do mangas count as comics? Cause I’m guilty of that too.
CHARISSE: Awww, Jackie, you as well?
KAIA: The pumpkin has spoken!

Rachael takes a deep breath, and calms herself

RACHAEL: Sorry, I’m alright… it was my decision to join this game with you all, and I… I’ll stick to it to the bitter end!
CHARISSE: …Forget it, just… lets just spin the bottle again and see who’s turn it’s going to be to question the victim.

No. 1016412 ID: e51896
File 163826834922.png - (64.54KB , 1280x720 , 015.png )

The bottle spins again. Rachael crosses her fingers hoping it will land on her best friend Kaia since she trusts her to not make her say or do anything too humiliating.

Unfortunately, it lands on Charisse the kangaroo.

JACKIE: *sigh* I wanted it to be my turn…
KAIA: Now Charisse, remember to go easy on Rachael, we’re trying to build her confidence up, remember?
CHARISSE:: Yeah, yeah… Okay, Rachael, TRUTH, OR DARE?

Rachael takes a moment to think of her options.

Rachael was a Junior in Crust City’s art college MARINATION UNIVERSITY, about to become a senior this upcoming semester. She is majoring in animation, as cartoons are her passion.
She is however a nervous introvert who often has trouble expressing herself, but has recently decided that she wants to come out of her shell before her college years are over and form connections with new friends, and not waste the last year of college hiding away in her dorm. Her best friend and dorm-mate, Kaia, agreed to help by bringing Rachael to meet her group of friends to help the bnuuy become more confident in herself, and make new friends at one of their end of the semester parties.

She figures that since these girls don’t know her well, they might not know well enough to ask her for specific secrets they picked up on that she’d be forced to reveal. So she makes her decision.

RACHAEL: Umm… okay, TRUTH!
CHARISSE: OKAY! I’m super curious to know… What is it you like to show off to your friend Kaia?

EXCEPT THAT! Rachael tenses up over the question, which immediately follows by a retort from Kaia.

KAIA: Hey… we just established it was her comic book collection, remember?
CHARISSE: Come on, cut the bullcrap. It’s super obvious by your hesitation earlier, and Rachael correcting herself that you’re both hiding something… so tell me what it is!?
JACKIE: Probably something lewd…
KAIA: Huh? What was that, Jackie?
JACKIE: … Probably some veggie food…
CHARISSE: Hey, what’s so embarrassing about veggies?
JACKIE: As a pumpkin from the plant species, I find certain vegetables to be very alluring if you know what I mean…
JACKIE: If you want to know more, try asking when the bottle chooses me!

Defeated, Kaia looks over at Rachael.

KAIA: Sorry Rachael…

Jackie raises her arm for attention

JACKIE: you know… She could still choose the dare option if she can’t handle the truth…
CHARISSE: WHAT?! Come oooooon, Jackie. Why you gotta bring that up! She has a dark secret just waiting to be unveiled! We gotta know what it is!
JACKIE: Truths are boring tho…
KAIA: *Ahem* Charisse, you’re overdoing it. Remember, we’re trying to go easy on Rachael and build her confidence.
CHARISSE: overdoing it? Fine, fine…

No. 1016413 ID: e51896
File 163826836874.png - (48.69KB , 1280x720 , 016.png )

Rachael at all costs cannot let anybody know about her creepy obsession with CRUST CITY’S very own famous movie actor and successful farmer of all pizza toppings: STEPHAN STUFFLE. She has a hidden room in her dorm that displays a large shrine and statue of the hunk, as well as a huge collection of his movies, and a collection of one of each topping he grows from his farm all which she keeps in a freezer and locked in a safe to keep from expiring for as long as possible. If these potential new friends knew of her shrine, and her obsession, she thinks it is highly likely that they will see her as an insane creep. So, without another second wasted, she gives her new answer.

CHARISSE: Ugh… fiiiine. But there will be consequences. For your dare, you have to order a pizza, and then afterwards, receive the pizza from the deliver man… COMPLETELY NAKED!
Jackie: Oh… wow!

Rachael is shocked from the sound of that dare. Is Charisse crazy?! She can’t do something like that, it’s way too perverted and completely out of her character…
But then again… can she? Thinking further, she considers the alternative and how she must not let anyone know about her shrine at all costs. and just thinking of the thrill of the dare does make her heart beat faster, which feels kinda… amazing? WHAT? no! Rachael tries to discard such thoughts. She’s no exhibitionist!

Kaia glares at Charisse.

KAIA: WHAT!? Charisse, I’ve had enough. I’ve asked you twice to go easy on Rachael and you’re just making things worse for her!
CHARISSE: But I did make it easier, that truth option is now looking like an easier choice, doesn’t it? Now she’s sure to have more confidence in choosing that instead of my outrageous dare!
KAIA: YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT! Ugh… Rachael, I’m sorry so about this, let’s just go back home.
CHARISSE: Awwww, you told me how much you were looking forward to this party half the previous semester, Kaia. And now you’re leaving? Laaaaaaaaame.
KAIA: …Sorry, but my best friend Rachael comes first
CHARISSE: I mean, I don’t know what the big deal is, we’ve done a lot more embarrassing truths or dares in previous parties, like streaking through the dorm halls, eating weird stuff
CHARISSE: Or revealing search histories.
CHARISSE: Plus, whether it is a dare or a truth, it’s not like we’re going to take pictures or tell anyone, that’s like… breaking the code of conduct of GIRLS NIGHT OUT!
CHARISSE:Oh yeah! WITH A PUMPKIN… sorry about that.
JACKIE: Hey, not taking sides here, But, what if the pizza deliverer takes pictures? What if they start spreading rumors about Rachael?
CHARISSE: Then we obviously threaten to get them fired by calling their boss! and if that don’t work, we beat the shit outta them and destroy their phone! Us kangaroos have a pretty nasty deadly kick after all!
CHARISSE: But still, the dare is pretty risky… which is why I’d recommend going with the truth option!

Kaia gets up from the floor and grabs Rachael’s arm

KAIA: No. We’re out. We’ll talk and plan another GIRLS NIGHT OUT WITH A PUMPKIN sometime tomorrow, but right now, I need to care for my friend’s feelings. Laters…

Rachael pulls her arm away from Kaia, surprising her.

RACHAEL: It’s… it’s fine Kaia.
KAIA: What? Rachael, are you sure? You don’t have to put up with Charisse’s bullshit.
RACHAEL: But… ummm… I know I’m scared b-but, I don’t want to ruin this party that you were looking forward to on my account by leaving with me.
RACHAEL: And… well, I also asked to come to this party to build confidence… so…
KAIA: …Are you absolutely sure about this?
RACHAEL: I mean, umm… uh… you’ve been through some more e-embarrassing truths or dares than me, right?
KAIA: I, uh… I guess that’s true, but…
RACHAEL: Then d-despite my fears… I’m staying

Rachael couldn’t believe what came out of her mouth. Was she really doing this to build confidence? Or was it because she didn’t want to disappoint her best friend by having her miss this party with her? Or maybe it’s… something else? Nononono, it’s definitely the first two.

CHARISSE: Alright then, so tell us… what are you and Kaia hiding?
RACHAEL: I… uhhh… ummm… I n-never said anything about choosing Truth.
Jackie: whoa!… lewd…
KAIA: Wha- what the!? Rachael… Y…you don’t have to do this…
RACHAEL: It’ll… It’ll be fine… I think. After all, you all did say you’d protect me if anything happens…
KAIA: I… I mean, that’s true… but…
CHARISSE: shoot, and I wanted to see what that secret was too Okaaaay, fine. Rachael has made her choice, so she’s doing the dare… I was craving a pizza anyway

Charisse pulls out her purse, and takes out a coupon for :pizzid: Pizzeria, then tosses it to Rachael.

CHARISSE: Go ahead and give them a ring, Rachael… you can pick the toppings, and I’ll pay after you tell me the price. It’s only fair…
No. 1016414 ID: e51896
File 163826838418.png - (76.99KB , 1280x720 , 017.png )

Rachael catches the business card and pulls out her cell. She pauses a little bit as she takes another deep breath, She really is going to go through with this… a small part of her is loudly telling her she could just leave… but no, she made her decision to get out more and gain confidence, make connections and new bonds, and have fun before she wastes away the rest of her college years. And this is the most courageous thing she can think of to keep her secret while doing this. And exposing herself might be the best way to gain confidence… right? it does sound exciting… Wait, no. Stop thinking that.

KAIA: Remember, you can skip out any time while you wait for pizza. We won’t judge… right ladies?

Jackie gives a thumbs up with her leafy hand while Charisse just shrugs

Rachael nods. With that bit of assurance, she gains the willpower to dial the number.


Back at the present time in :pizzid: Pizzeria, Jerry grabs the ringing phone before Ricardo can answer.

RICARDO: ShowinginitiativeIsee…Ilikethat.gladyou'rebeingmoreseriousaboutthis.

That wasn’t it. Jerry wasn’t meaning to show initiative, he just would rather not have the customer try to understand what his uncle is saying on the phone with his fast talking and waste everyone’s time, get a better idea where the customer will be at so he can prepare himself for the upcoming journey, and not read the address wrong again.

Jerry thanks the customer for calling over the phone and asks for their name, location, and phone number. A soft spoken, and shaky female voice is on the other line

RACHAEL: H-Hi… I’m Rae…

Rachael suddenly catches herself. Best not give her real name, especially with what she is about to do

Rachael: I mean, I’m Ramona! I’m located… I’m located at the dorms of MARINATION UNIVERSITY… room number 721

Jerry writes down her info and pauses briefly as he recognizes that college name. That’s the same college he went to for acting classes. Would be nice to see how it changed over the years. He then asks Ramona for her order.

Suddenly, Rachael freezes up. She was so caught up with thinking about the dare that she forgot to think about what pizza she wants.

Jerry is slightly annoyed that the customer was not ready for the order, but silently awaits regardless.

KAIA: I knew it… Come on, let’s go home to calm your nerves.
RACHAEL: *gasps*

Rachael covers the phone with her paw to not let the pizza delivery man hear.

RACHAEL: nonononono, it’s just that, I just can’t decide what to order!
RACHAEL: This was just so sudden...
CHARISSE: Then just get a cheese pizza, you doof!
RACHAEL: But… but not many people order something as quick and simple and inexpensive as cheese... what if the delivery person gets suspicious of that order and figures out what is going to happen?
CHARISSE: Come on… you’re overthinking it…
JACKIE: order peppers! Hot peppers!
KAIA: Hey! This is RACHAEL’S order, she gets to choose the toppings
KAIA: It’s alright Rachael, just think about what toppings you like most. Remember, Charisse is paying.
CHARISSE: just… don’t go overboard, got it?
KAIA: Charisse, you promised me you were going to make Rachael feel comfortable, so suck it up!
CHARISSE: Fine, fine. I’m a kangaroo of my word. I'll shut up and go grab the bathrobe from my room...

No. 1016415 ID: e51896
File 163826840107.png - (32.78KB , 1280x720 , 018.png )

PAPER DOLL TIME, PIZZA EDITION! Please draw and customize what kind of pizza Rachael will order on the pizza peel! Add whatever you want and write a description of the kind of toppings and stuff it has on and/or in the pizza! Do not worry if it makes no sense or if the toppings are absurd, Rachael is a pretty nervous bnuuy and could potentially just order the first ridiculous things that come to mind without thinking, or you can just add regular toppings.

Don’t feel like drawing the pizza? Don't have time to draw a pizza? you could also just write down what kind of pizza and toppings Rachael wants.

Be creative and have fun coming up with a pizza!

No. 1016417 ID: 3292e2
File 163826972497.png - (590.24KB , 1280x720 , 163826840107.png )

Here you go no need to thank me, just doing my job
No. 1016423 ID: 629f2e
File 163829089117.png - (44.50KB , 1280x720 , PizzaMonstrosity.png )

RACHAEL: C-Can I get a bone-in pizza w-w-with- um- p-pepperoni, and pineapple, and stuffed bone, stuffed pepperonis, and a fruit punch center?
JERRY: A number four, got it.

No. 1016424 ID: 6c227a
File 163829099886.png - (327.84KB , 1280x720 , nonepizza.png )

None pizza with left beef
No. 1016426 ID: 0838d6

I hate this but I also think that this kind of pizza would make for comedy gold in terms of delivery.

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