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Last Trace by CrossTheLine
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Something something sidelined super soldier seeks self-actualization.

A young delinquent soldier in a lonely facility ends up having a swarm of nanomachines injected into her, supposedly intent on keeping her bound to the place. When she discovers that it was actually a ploy to enable her escape, she fights through her superiors in an attempt to seize her own freedom.

Stats.png Argine's equipment is tracked on the wiki.
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The protagonist, a young soldier in the facility. Seems to be disliked by many of her superiors.



Blue-coloured engineer who's one of Argine's few friends. Lanky and unassuming, a little meek. Comes into her own when it comes to technology.



Argine's handler and instructor. Cold-hearted and stern, was responsible for injecting Argine with the SAI.



The facility's medic and supporter of Argine's. Her face is always hidden behind a mask.


The Splintered Artificial Intelligence that currently resides in Argine's body. A digital ball of multiple personalities that provides the young soldier with advice and reprimands, supposedly intended to keep track of her wherever she goes. AKA - You, the suggestors!


  • Parasginia: A unique type of ability possessed by capable individuals, developed following an event of significant emotional turmoil.
  • Gadget: Engineered technology used to support a soldier's performance and abilities.


  • Argine - Ignition Complex: Allows her to combine multiple gadgets together into unique effects.
  • Nanoweaver - ???: The ability to deconstruct objects into 'threads'.



  • The Sound and The Fury: Twin Revolvers that Argine made. Coloured like the battle armour of two of her idolized heroes.
  • Creirwy D-3: Shotgun provided by Diagram. Supposedly named after a princess from one of Diagram's storybooks.


  • Beam Unit: Shoulder-mounted Laser armament.
  • Explosive Discs (3): Standard-issue explosive. Can be stuck to surfaces and detonated akin to plastic explosives, or thrown similar to grenades.
  • Barrier Generator: Protective gadget that forms a rigid barrier upon being deployed. Can be placed for portable cover, or held like a proper shield.
  • Pitch Prefect: Wrist-mounted tar bomb launcher. Has been modified so that its projectiles can be detonated mid-air.
  • Blink Capacitor: Short-ranged intangibility and teleportation on a cooldown. Can't teleport through walls or to places Argine does not have Line of Sight to.

Deck of the Storyteller

The effects are as follows -

Solburst - Upon use, a heatwave will emerge centered on Argine, staggering enemies and vaporizing ballistic projectiles coming towards you, as well as disrupting other types of projectiles.

Frozeneye - Upon use, this card slows Argine's perception down, allowing for you to better exploit weakpoints or avoiding specific kinds of attacks. Useful for precision, whether offensive or defensive.

Breezecycle - Upon use, card is consumed and can be used to refill limited-use gadgets like the Explosive Discs, or to swap out one of Argine's four gadgets entirely, also allowing the swapping of sub-gadgets.

Briarspirit - Upon use, can either serve as a temporary barrier or a health recovery effect.

Voidsplit - Upon use, lets Argine take three actions in one turn.

Echoscribe - Upon use, creates a single-use copy of any gadget Argine has seen, even unobtained gadgets. Copied gadgets cannot have any sub-effects slotted into it.

Card Count

  • Solburst - 3
  • Frozeneye - 3
  • Breezecycle - 3
  • Briarspirit - 3
  • Voidsplit - 3
  • Echoscribe - 5



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