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File 164921918594.png - (24.05KB , 600x429 , MD Title.png )
1028352 No. 1028352 ID: 8483cf


NSFW 18+ for nudity and mild non-con (clothing damage).
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No. 1028353 ID: 8483cf
File 164921923671.png - (81.15KB , 835x1060 , MD1.png )

No. 1028354 ID: 8483cf
File 164921924873.png - (66.83KB , 784x781 , MD2.png )

No. 1028355 ID: 8483cf
File 164921926382.png - (65.74KB , 1000x1000 , MD3.png )

No. 1028357 ID: 8483cf
File 164921937017.png - (114.74KB , 1563x867 , MD4.png )

Serah is in a SITUATION. If she does not notice, it will become a PROBLEM.

Before each update, I will roll one die for each option and add +1 for each vote for that option. Highest # wins.

Suggest what happens for all options, not just the one you vote for.


No. 1028358 ID: 262068

Blissfully ignorant!
No. 1028362 ID: e51896

VOTE: 2 she fails to notice, and takes the boxes downstairs with the intention of taking it to the caravan outside the adventurers' guild.

Something on the stair rail catches on another thread of her clothes, but this time her shirt

if 1 wins. she only notices a tug of her lace, puts the box down, and fixes the lace without looking back, then continues on her way. but doesn't look behind to check the skirt situation.
No. 1028363 ID: 629f2e

1, Serah DOES notice.

Yeah that's right! My perma-SABOTAGE strat from 30 Updates or Less carries over here by sabotaging your ENF scenarios!

If Serah notices, then she tries to set down the boxes. Upon realizing that's only making it worse, she asks the unseen voice for assistance.

If she doesn't, then she carries the boxes out fully unaware that she's losing an inch of skirt material every 10 steps. If she leans over to set the boxes down though, she may notice that the lace holding her top has left her.
No. 1028364 ID: e5709d

Serah doesn't notice.
No. 1028365 ID: ce34ab

She can only be truly embarrassed if she notices, so she notices
No. 1028373 ID: f7f1cf

2. Can't have her notice too soon or she'll fix it. Let her be blissfully unaware until it's close to too late.
No. 1028374 ID: 8483cf

Reminder that we're using the 30 updates style system. Vote for your option, but remember to suggest what happens for both options.
No. 1028378 ID: f7f1cf

In that case, to add to my suggestion >>1028373

If 1. Wins, she notices, and runs back to get a different outfit... it's more revealing than her current outfit though.
No. 1028396 ID: 1236a5

Ignorance is bliss!
No. 1028424 ID: 62a2c4

rolled 6, 1 = 7

Rolling! I count 2 votes for noticing, and 5 votes for not.

1st die is noticing, 2nd die is not noticing.
No. 1028426 ID: 62a2c4

Serah notices!

6 plus 2= 8 notice
1 plus 5= 6 not notice
No. 1028494 ID: 1d4d1e

Another idea since Serah will notice: she calls Landi to fix it.

This could lead to the following SITUATIONS

- Somehow Landi makes it worse when trying to fix it without Serah realizing, but tries to save face by bluffing that Serah's all good

- Landi remembers the dare she had to do, and wants to get a lil' bit of revenge, so she fixes it, but tries to cause something in secret to put Serah in another wardrobe malfunction SITUATION

- Landi is asked to fix the skirt with magic. However, she already used up a lot of magic fulfilling Dotti's last favor (whatever it might be, maybe the fruit cake situation?) So she could only do a half-assed job at using magic, and leaving after she thinks she fixed it, but leading to another SITUATION for Serah later when that magic runs out.

Stuff like that, or come up with your own Landi caused wardrobe malfunction
No. 1028591 ID: 8483cf
File 164939493130.png - (223.83KB , 800x697 , MD5.png )

No. 1028594 ID: 8483cf
File 164939530318.png - (190.08KB , 905x872 , MD6.png )

Serah attempts to back up and free her stuck lacing and skirt, but the box is too heavy to hold with one arm. She tries to set the box down, but Rocio squeals at her that it's her boyfriend's classic vinyl collection and she can't set it down until it's on its protective puffy moving pad.

Serah asks for help, and Rocio offers to cut her free, but Serah just wants her to lace her corset back up a bit and free her skirt- no need to rip anything.

Rocio will now attempt to resolve the SITUATION. You, as spirits of luck both good and bad, can either vote to HELP Rocio and Serah, or SABOTAGE them in some way.

Vote for one, but suggest what happens for both. If you vote sabotage, you should be suggesting what happens for both help AND sabotage! The dice have no mercy.

HELP: d6

Suggest what happens in either case!
No. 1028597 ID: c92a02

Sabotage: free her from her skirt, and the corset snaps when restrung.
No. 1028598 ID: 8483cf

You should be suggesting what happens for BOTH help and sabotage!
No. 1028605 ID: e51896

Sabotage vote: Rocio uses her fairy dust magic summon something corrosive to dissolve the nail. It's slow reacting, so while the nail is in the process of slowly dissolving, she'll lace up Serah's corset...

HOWEVER, some of the excess corrosive fro her fairy dust magic to dissolve stuff also got on Serah's clothing, so now her outfit will slowly dissolve without her noticing for now as she continues carrying Mr. Armstrong's stuff..

Don't worry, the corrosive doesn't effect living things, just certain objects. Serah won't get hurt and won't notice.

If HELP wins: Rocio shows off how strong she by plucking the nail off with ease... along with the door frame. Whoops, ah well, her bf is famous enough to pay for repairs. Serah is free now. Rocio will fix the lace as well.
No. 1028606 ID: 262068


Help: Lace corset back up, try to piece skirt back together.
Sabotage: Thread skirt tatter through corset, say it's been fixed. Watch fireworks.
No. 1028613 ID: 629f2e

Donut has craftily forced me to play into his hand by invoking the terminology of HELP and SABOTAGE. As a pure SABO voter, I cannot SABOTAGE the quest if it means voting for HELP, so he wins this round.

I vote SABOTAGE! If it wins, Rocio does a quick and shitty job with the lace, basically just looping it through one loop on each side and tying it like you would shoelaces. With all the leftover slack, it barely makes a difference. As for the skirt, she flutters over to the nail and yanks it back, accidentally unraveling it further. Only then as she realizes her mistake does she just pull it off the nail, leaving a nice long thread trailing on the floor behind her.

If HELP wins though, Rocio will make a somewhat serious attempt to help. She'll still half-ass it, but with fewer downsides. She'll thread up the corset a little better than she otherwise would, and pull the thread straight off the nail without any flubs. She will still leave a decently lengthy thread trailing on the floor behind Serah though, ready to get caught on something else or stepped on.
No. 1028615 ID: e5709d

Sabotage: Serah attempts to put the boxes down anyway. Rocio goes nuts and starts screaming some deluded manifesto about the glory of The Spaiders and disgust at all 'Flies' who do not worship every reverberating note from these musical geniuses / city-state terrorists.

Landi resolves to make Serah cut ties with this lunatic as soon as godly possible.
No. 1028617 ID: e26f74

I Second this sugg
No. 1028629 ID: fc44b4

No. 1028648 ID: a30d17

rolled 5, 3 = 8

Rolling! There is 1 vote for HELP, and 6 votes for SABOTAGE.

1st die is HELP, 2nd die is SABOTAGE.
No. 1028650 ID: a30d17


5 roll + 1 vote= 6 HELP

3 roll + 6 votes= 9 SABOTAGE
No. 1028662 ID: 8483cf
File 164948156628.png - (250.09KB , 808x1105 , MD7.png )

Serah asks Rocio to free her skirt from the nail without ripping it. However, Rocio’s degree from Fairy College is in athletic management and she only took magic electives. She decides to just amp up a spell she uses to remove rust from gym equipment. It’s harmless to people, but very good at removing inorganic stuff. She summons her spell, flaps her wings as hard as she can and coats the nail in dissolving dust. Sure enough, the nail starts to shrink!

While she waits for the nail to dissolve, Rocio re-laces Serah’s corset all by herself with her awesome fitness fairy strength. Wow! Too bad she only actually bothers to tighten like four eyelets and just piles the rest of the lacing down the back of Serah’s corset. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to hold together until Serah gets the precious vinyl to the moving van.

Serah asks if Rocio’s done, and Rocio looks down to find that the dissolving spell’s done too good of a job. Oh dear. Rocio realizes that she’s been careless with the spell and just flapped dissolving dust not just on the nail, but all up the back of Serah’s outfit. It’s only a matter of UPDATES before Serah’s clothes dissolve further.

“Did you free my skirt without ripping it?” Serah asks worriedly.

“Yes,” Rocio says honestly.

Serah sighs in relief.

Rocio has an ETHICAL DILEMMA. Vote for one, but suggest what Rocio does for BOTH options!

1. TELL SERAH that her outfit is dissolving, but not terribly fast.
-Rocio can HELP Serah cover up if anyone sees her.
-Serah has a lower risk of dropping the PRECIOUS VINYL by surprise, but she will move slower and be more vulnerable to EMBARRASSMENT.
-This will take longer, so Serah might not be able to move both super-heavy boxes. If Serah leaves before moving is done, Rocio will have to tell her BOYFRIEND to cut his training short to help finish.
-Rocio can suggest jury-rigged outfits to Serah from random things or clothes in moving boxes, but Serah might not accept the outfit.

- If Serah doesn’t notice her outfit dissolving, Serah will move faster and Rocio will get to move both super heavy boxes of PRECIOUS VINYL.
- However, Serah will need to be DISTRACTED if she’s about to notice her outfit dissolving, especially on the second trip.
-It will be harder for Rocio to protect Serah’s modesty without Serah realizing something is wrong. Rocio will have to either be creative how she covers Serah up, or decide not to cover Serah up at all.

Serah is ½ of the way to the moving van on TRIP 1.

Serah might drop the vinyl if she is too EMBARRASSED.

Vote for one option, but suggest what happens for both!

No. 1028663 ID: 629f2e

On the one hand, Rocio should probably do the right thing and protect Serah's modesty. On the other hand, these boxes gotta get moved, and there'll be time to sort out her clothing later AFTER they're moved. It's not like they're gonna stop dissolving just because you tell her it's happening. So OBVIOUSLY Rocio chooses to NOT tell her, lest she disappoint her boyfriend. (Of course if Serah tells Mr. Armstrong what happened today, she's probably gonna end up in the doghouse later.)

If Rocio commits to this plan of not telling her, she immediately runs into a new SITUATION. The mailman arrives to drop off a package, and will need to be DISTRACTED from Serah's tush, lest he inform her. If that happens, the princess will probably blow up at her for not warning her, which means a second box staying inside and waiting for her boyfriend to move.

If Rocio DOES tell her, same scenario, different context. The mailman arrives to drop off a package, and Serah starts panicking that he'll notice and pleads for you to distract him somehow. If Rocio fails, she may drop the boxes trying to cover herself.
No. 1028673 ID: e51896


first, start thinking of a possible excuse for a future UPDATE for just in case you need to calm Serah down and keep her from running away from the job despite her outfit getting destroyed, and prevent her from getting upset or sad. Here's an idea: in a future update if she finds out how damaged her outfit is, we can tell her she isn't in her own world right now, therefore, her reputation has no meaning here, and her reputation will not be tarnished in her own world when she gets back since nobody here in Crust City is from her world... except you of course, but whatever. She won't face any consequences for being under-dressed, or nude. And let her know If she gets arrested by that jerk Zzander here, Armstrong can bail her out. So she should have nothing to worry about... (who knows, maybe the experience could awaken some kind of exhibitionism kink in Serah)

Vote: 2. Don't say anything. the sooner the vinyls get done, the lesser the risk it'll drop from her sudden embarrassment and the more likely she'll help with the second box. Can't let your old friend Landi down for making Serah upset after all, and whatever Serah doesn't know won't hurt her, right?

In order to distract her, if she says it's feeling a bit drafty, tell her she is right, it is getting a bit cold today. Should lessen her suspicion.

in order to cover her, you'll just use your GLOWING LIGHT to hide the parts of her outfit that is torn... for right now it looks like only her skirt has taken the most damage, so go right behind her... behind, and tell Serah you'll stick back... y'know... in case more nails come to attack her outfit! If she asks why you're so close to her ass, just say she needs a guard against the dreadful nails!! in other words, you'll be her CONVENIENT CENSORSHIP

We can tell her about her state of dress sometime during the 2nd trip after she picks up the 2nd heavy box, that way, she'll have no choice but to continue and then we can help her easier.

if 1 wins. let her know, and tell her you'll go up ahead and make sure the coast is clear, and give her the okay to move forward. and if it isn't, you'll order whoever is around the corner to get outta there with some excuse.
No. 1028677 ID: c92a02

Don't tell her, because either way the removal of clothing lets you cast Samson's Superb Strength builder: Get bigger and stronger (for moving boxes, of course), side effects may include hair growth and clothing stretching.
No. 1028682 ID: 66f68e

Vote: 1
I vote for tell Serah. I like the idea of her needing to move cautiously to try and cover up, which only gives more time for her outfit to fall apart. It also gives us more of an ENF situation, which is always fun (at least until the vinyls are in position). After the boxes are done, Serah might be able to whip up a mending potion quickly to save what's left of her modesty for the time being.

That does beg the question. If Rocio does athletics management, does she have any background in clothes mending for uniform maintenance? Maybe she can burn her magic out trying to undo the damage and end up in a tricky spot with her own clothes.

If Rocio chooses not to tell Serah, then she'll just have to come up with reasonable lies about what's going on around her while her clothes dissolve. If people catcall/wolf whistle, she'll have to insist it's because they're impressed with her strength (perhaps prompting her to stop and pose). Don't try to cover her up, it'll be too conspicuous if we're just floating by her butt all day.
No. 1028771 ID: 8483cf

rolled 5, 1 = 6

Rolling! There is 1 vote for TELL, and 3 votes for DON'T TELL.

1st die is TELL, 2nd die is DON'T TELL.
No. 1028772 ID: 8483cf

TELL wins!

5 roll + 1 vote= 6 TELL

1 roll + 3 votes= 4 DON'T TELL
No. 1028774 ID: e51896

To add to my tell idea, let out the inner trainer within you and let Serah know that as an adventurer, she has to take risks, and this is a perfect opportunity to practice her strength, and stealth in a risky environment with the consequences not being death, and as said before, let her know that what she does in this world has no consequences to her reputation in her world, so take the opportunity to train her strength and stealth.
No. 1028790 ID: 8483cf
File 164963629596.png - (33.04KB , 465x601 , MD8.png )

Rocio might want to get the two super heavy PRECIOUS VINYL boxes moved as fast as possible, but she can’t have Serah drop anything by surprise. That would be horrible.

“So about your skirt,” Rocio says. “I got it off the nail without ripping anything, but, ah… it got some of my dissolving dust on it. And I think I got some on the rest of your outfit.”


“Easy, easy!” Rocio says. “It’s not dissolving very fast. You’ve got plenty of time!”

“Plenty of time before what?!” Serah asks. “Rocio, help me! Oh my God, Rocio, I can’t set this down, help me cover up with your magic or something!”

“I don’t have any wardrobe magic,” Rocio says. “All I’ve got is cleaning spells and buff spells for speed and strength.”

“Then make me faster!” Serah says.

“I kind of wanted to save my dust for making you stronger in case you look like you’re gonna drop it,” Rocio says.

“That doesn’t matter,” Serah says. “Just keep me covered! Can’t you glow extra bright or something?”

“Well, yeah,” Rocio says. “But that takes dust too. And speed isn’t really great if, say, there’s a mailman standing in between you and the alley exit. Which is… right now.”

“Oh, no! Can he see me? Ahh!” Serah backpedals a few steps.

“Not yet,” Rocio says. “Come on, just power through it! He won’t care about it. You’re just gonna hop back to your world anyway, why are you waiting? There’s literally zero consequences for flashing your ass a bit.”

“I don’t care! Get him out of the way!” Serah huffs.
No. 1028791 ID: 8483cf
File 164963630643.png - (36.28KB , 702x852 , MD9.png )

Rocio and Serah are now in a SITUATION. How does Rocio distract the mailman? He has a lot of letters to sort through at the mailbox, and will probably even be there when Serah does a return trip from the Moving Van in the ALLEY.

- If Rocio successfully distracts the Mailman, Serah can go straight to the Moving Van if she is confident she won’t be spotted. If SABOTAGED, Serah is too EMBARRASSED to move this update.
- It takes Serah 1 UPDATE to run from back from the moving Van to the remaining box, but that’s not very STEALTHY.
- It takes Serah 2 UPDATES to carry a box from Rocio’s apartment to the Moving Van if she goes straight there.
- The Moving Van is in an alley partially visible from the street. The street is not busy right now, but that could change.
No. 1028792 ID: 8483cf
File 164963631970.png - (75.07KB , 884x695 , MD10.png )

Serah’s SKIRT will dissolve next update!

Skirt [1/2]
Corset Laces [1/1]
Corset [2/2]
Panties [1/1]
Shirt [2/2]

Boots [Not Dissolving]
Kneepads [Not Dissolving]

Vote to either HELP or SABOTAGE Rocio’s mailman distraction, and suggest what happens for both!
No. 1028795 ID: c92a02

Help: Rocio flashes the mailman. That takes even less dust!

Alt sabotage: the mailman drops their mail and turns around to bend over and collect it.
No. 1028805 ID: e51896

alright, from what I understand, It'll take one update to make it the rest of the way to the van, and then one update to make it back it back to Rocio's room if she decides to head straight back to Rocio's room (despite how unstealthy it'll be), and then another 2 updates to make it to the van with the last box(s). Overall, we got 4 updates to complete the job at the very least if things goes smoothly.

With that in mind, judging by the hp Serah's clothing has, we got 7 updates left until Serah gets naked (unless we find some cover for her)

That means it will take her 4 updates to finish the moving job completely getting the two boxes in, with 1 successful update bringing the first box in right now. if everything goes smoothly, we should be able to finish by update 6 the earliest, and fail if it becomes update 9 if too many PROBLEMS happen (unless we can find Serah some cover.)

That Said, if we fail too many times early on and Serah loses too much clothes, Serah might not want to continue after the first package is sent into the van, so we should probably get the first box in quick, That way, we'll have more of a chance to convince Serah to bring the second box down instead of running away and then get have Serah carry the second box but with more chances for sabotage.

So for now, I'm going to try to help Serah until we reach the second package so that there is a higher chance she'll get it done and not run away, afterwards, I'll be sabotaging once she starts bringing the second box down.

HELP VOTE: With your ATHLETICISM, fly fast right past the mailman, and steal your own mail addressed to you without saying anything and move towards the street exit. Have the mailman chase you there while Serah brings the package to the van. DON'T LET HIM TAKE YOUR MAIL until Serah manages to return to your room. It'll take two updates of distracting the mailman like this until Serah goes back.

food for thought, if we destroy Serah's boots, she'll probably walk slower, giving more chances for SABOTAGE so maybe we can say that some of the dissolving dust got on the floor BEHIND Serah too after Rocio used it, that way when she makes her way back to Rocio's room, she'll step on it, and should start dissolving during the second run.

SABOTAGE preference: Rocio thinks that ordering the Mailman to do PUSHUPS is the perfect distraction, he'll be too busy looking at the floor towards the mailboxes. so she orders him to "drop and give her 69" Her scary bossy attitude tends to have people do what she says...
Too bad the mailman took that the wrong way, and is now flirting with Rocio, having him stay put facing where Serah would be coming, thus not making Serah move forward. She might have to consider using FAIRY POWDER to blind him with a glow if that is the case (flashing him).
No. 1028808 ID: 1dadbc

HELP vote: use dissolving dust to sneakfully dissolve the mailman's bag, then when the mail falls down, sneakfully blow the mail towards the street exit using your wings as a fan to blow them. Then fly back, and alert the mailman that the mail is flying away! He'll be distracted going to the street exit trying to get the mail back.

If SABOTAGE wins: same thing, but it accidentally went towards the alleyway exit instead. Whoops. Serah might need to take the long way towards the street exit. And we'll have to make sure the coast is clear over there instead.
No. 1028810 ID: bb78f2

SABOTAGE: The mailman is too hot to distract and now Rocio is distracted by the mail man's hotness

The hottest mailman on earth.
No. 1028816 ID: d98cb8


It's much more fun when things go wrong! Let's see how close we can get Serah to being seen here! She'd better move faster~

No. 1028837 ID: 629f2e

Okay, the dice are doing a better job of SABOTAGING things than I am, so I'm going to change my tune for a bit and keep the perma-sabo over in 30 Updates where there are items and other factors to help balance things out.

I vote to HELP this time! (Feels dirty to type.) Rocio should distract the mailman by using one of her cleaning spells. She can polish the floor below him to make him fall over and drop his letters. He'll be so busy picking them up that he won't notice Serah go by.

...But if SABOTAGE wins, then Rocio makes a tactical blunder with this plan. The mailman falls to the ground, certainly, but he would NEVER drop a letter that has yet to be delivered! He has trained for all his life to be a mailman, and such a rookie mistake wouldn't befit a professional like him. Seriously, delivering anything in NEW CRUST CITY is tough. Anyone who has been doing it for years is like a martial arts master who has spent his whole life training.

So without the distraction of having to pick up the scattered mail, the mail man is now at the perfect height to catch a peek at Serah's clearly visible panties thanks to Rocio.
No. 1028864 ID: cc6f60

Help vote: Rocio doesn't get what the big deal is and decides to be honest with the mailman and tells him about Serah's situation, and asks him to be a gentleman and not look at Serah when she passes by. He actually complies.
Serah was going to get mad Rocio told him, but is flabbergasted that this plan actually worked.

Sabotage: Rocio offers to help the mailman deliver the mail so he can go away. However, once they are done, it turns out his route goes right towards Serah's direction! Rocio will need to figure out how to stop the mailman before he see's Serah around the corner, or cover Serah.
No. 1028957 ID: 8483cf

rolled 1, 2 = 3

Rolling! There are 5 votes for HELP, and 2 votes for SABOTAGE.

1st die is HELP, 2nd die is SABOTAGE.
No. 1028958 ID: 8483cf

HELP wins!

1 roll + 5 votes= 6 HELP

2 roll + 2 votes= 4 SABOTAGE
No. 1029103 ID: 8483cf
File 164981599623.png - (123.01KB , 1000x780 , MD11.png )

Rocio uses her ATHLETICISM to fly up really fast and DISTRACT the mailma… mailwo… mailbir... mail carrier by saying she has a very tiny address label. Serah sneaks by successfully, even though the mail carrier isn’t wearing pants and probably wouldn’t care that she isn’t either.

Serah’s SKIRT finishes dissolving! Her CORSET LACES will dissolve the next update.

Rocio flashes the mail carrier! She goes from VERY GLOWY to just KIND OF GLOWY.
No. 1029104 ID: 8483cf
File 164981604739.png - (227.33KB , 1000x780 , MD12.png )

Serah successfully sets box 1 of the PRECIOUS VINYL on its puffy moving pad in the Moving Van! She hides behind the already-loaded boxes in the Moving Van to avoid being seen. Unfortunately there are no clothes or towels or sheets loaded.

“These boxes are all kitchenware!” Serah says. “Rocio, I have to find something to cover up with, fast! I can’t walk around like this!”

“You’re fine,” Rocio says. “Come on, run back to my apartment as fast as you can! The faster you go, the less likely you’ll run into anyone on the stairwell. That mail carrier is probably gone by now. Run, run! Chop chop!”

Serah can now RUN back to Rocio’s apartment heedless of the noise, or she can be STEALTHY and take 2 updates but not be heard.

Skirt [0/2]
Corset Laces [1/1]
Corset [2/2]
Panties [1/1]
Shirt [2/2]

Boots [Not Dissolving]
Kneepads [Not Dissolving]

Vote HELP (d6) or SABOTAGE (d6), and describe what happens for both!
No. 1029114 ID: c92a02

Be stealthy. Clothing damage should be seen and not heard.
Sabotage: Still blind, the mailbird bumps into Serah, grasping his way along the wall.
If help, cast your buff spell so Serah can leap on top of the building to avoid being seen.
No. 1029135 ID: e51896

RUN! that way, Serah can make it back, and be more likely to continue the job instead of quitting and then we can spend the rest of the time SABOTAGING her until she's naked. Paitence is key.

HELP VOTE: Rocio will use the speed spell on Serah so She'll make it back unseen quickly (temporarily)(also losing some of her fairy dust, rocio should joing the enf fun somehow) but the following things happen: when she runs, she causes a lot of noise, and cause some of the floorboards to break, or knocks over things down by accident, breaking them and making a lot of noise in the process. Some people will come out to investigate and hire a repairman to make the second trip harder for Serah.

Also, Serah stepped on some of the dissolving dust Rocio left on the floor, she will move slower for the second trip once the boots dissolve.

Rocio will either give Serah Armstrong's sweatpants to continue the job, (but it'll be too big for Serah surprisingly and it'll fall off sometime during the second trip) or she lets Serah wear the window curtain as a long skirt (ot doesnt do too well) or it turns out the box we thought were vinyls were actually clothes, the second packages are actually vinyls. so Serah has no choice but to make the second trip

Sabotage: pretty much this for sabotage if it wins: >>1029114 either Pascoe is still too blinded to see Serah, having her waste an update to get her bearings and continue running before Pascoe notices, OR Pascoe see's Serah after bumping into her, but he doesnt give a shit on Serah's state of dress and talks casually to her and apologizes before leaving, confusing Serah, AND giving her confidence and a bit of courage from thr exchange from Pascoe not caring.
No. 1029153 ID: 629f2e


SABOTAGE VOTE: Serah starts running, when she sees the mail carrier starting to recover. In a panic, she demands Rocio flash him one more time, which the fairy agrees to. Except because Serah kept her eyes closed during the flash so as not to get blinded, she bumps into the birb and gets disoriented, going the wrong way and running towards the street instead of the house. Now she's caught behind a recovering courier and a sidewalk with people about to cross by.

If Help wins though: Serah starts running, and gets caught by the mail carrier. And the mail carrier... doesn't care. Yeah, maybe Taranis gave her the wrong impression of how horny birds can be, they don't care at all about Serah's panties being visible. Serah makes it back without suffering significant embarrassment.
No. 1029160 ID: f51f72

Sabotage vote, 1000x this: >>1029153 we got the important vinyl records out of the way, now let's prevent Serah from getting back to Rocio's apartment by any means necessary, and let her have an embarrassed naked adventure with Rocio trying to keep Serah from being seen.

For help, same thing as >>1029153 and >>1029135 because I can't think of a unique help suggestion
No. 1029177 ID: 0b02f3

I'm voting in my own quest in order to help make sure that poor 3.5-foot tall mail carrier doesn't get bowled over by a 6'7" Serah.

I vote HELP, where Pascoe notices Serah and remarks that he almost didn't recognize Lady Kensington, ally of Pascoenia, in her current state of dress... because she's wearing so much more than the bikini he last saw her in.

If SABOTAGE wins, I vote for any option that is kind to Pascoe and doesn't have Serah knocking him over like a fluffy bowling pin.
No. 1029178 ID: d98cb8

I vote SABOTAGE because it's more fun!

Let's see Serah try to sneak back and fail!
No. 1029182 ID: e51896

making a fix to my sabotage action (still voting help so that she can carry the package for the second trip, not allowing her to use her hands for cover): when I say she bumps into him, I don't mean literally, just stops when she gets in his line of sight.

and if Himitsu's idea wins (which is also another good idea that I support if sabotage wins) I'd say the same thing happens, but she doesn't ram into him, instead, she wasn't prepared for how bright the flash was, forgetting to close her eyes and probably turns away from the flash of light, becoming disoriented and faces the wrong direction towards the street as she runs.

Doing this because Donut doesn't want Pascoe to get hurt.
No. 1029225 ID: 8074b2

rolled 6, 6 = 12

Rolling! There are 2 votes for HELP, and 4 votes for SABOTAGE.

1st die is HELP, 2nd die is SABOTAGE.
No. 1029226 ID: 8074b2


6 roll + 2 votes= 8 HELP

6 roll + 4 votes= 10 SABOTAGE
No. 1029259 ID: 8483cf
File 164991422472.png - (57.41KB , 798x1044 , MD13.png )

“The mail carrier is still there,” Serah says from behind a box. She clutches her corset to her chest as her CORSET STRINGS slacken and dissolve into spaghetti. “I can’t go back upstairs, he’ll see me!”

“If he’s still there, I’ll flash him again,” Rocio says. “Don’t worry, there’s zero consequences for any wardrobe malfunctions when you pop back home, remember? The only reason I know you is ‘cause ‘a Landi. Now the faster we get back to the apartment, the faster I can find you some sweat pants. Now get outta that van and MOVE THOSE BUNS, Lady!”

That convinces Serah to glance out of the van, take a deep breath and dash out of the alley, the stops cold and peeks around the corner.

“What’re you waiting for?!” Rocio shouts. “He’s not even there, see? Cover your eyes if he is so you aren’t blinded when I flash him.”

Serah grits her teeth and dashes inside just as the mail carrier reappears around the corner. She shrieks and covers her eyes as Rocio zips in front of him. Serah’s eyes are almost covered when she realizes that the mail carrier is surprisingly familiar…

That’s not just a mail carrier. That’s the Ruler of Pascoenia!


Stunned by the fear that Pascoe might see her without pants, or horror of horrors, recognize her, Serah is blinded by Rocio’s flash too. She runs straight into the entryway of the apartment building, towards the STREET EXIT. She recovers her sight just in time to hear voices approaching the open front double window doors.
No. 1029260 ID: 8483cf
File 164991425261.png - (96.03KB , 884x820 , MD14.png )

Serah and Rocio are now stuck between the street exit to the sidewalk and the Ruler of Pascoenia, who is quickly recovering his sight!

Serah’s CORSET will begin to dissolve next update!

Skirt [0/2]
Corset Laces [0/1]
Corset [2/2]
Panties [1/1]
Shirt [2/2]

Boots [Not Dissolving]
Kneepads [Not Dissolving]

Rocio Glow: Sorta Dull

Serah has a PROBLEM! Vote HELP (d6) or SABOTAGE (d6), and describe what happens for both!
No. 1029263 ID: c92a02

Sabotage: Serah runs right into the lady coming down the street, and that dissolving dust gets on her too.
Otherwise, Pascoe "helps" her by extolling the virtues of pantslessness.
No. 1029264 ID: 629f2e



^ I like Polt's idea, but will propose my own just so that there's more to work with.

Before anything else though, I have a pretty good idea on how to make Serah more likely to make trip number 2:

Serah: "If you want me to go back out there like this, why don't you strip too? You're small, it's not like people will see you. And besides, you won't be coming back after your BF moves away from here, so what does it matter if a neighbor or two catches you? Nothing to worry about, right?"

Accepting makes Serah far more likely to come, at the risk of Rocio embarrassment.

Also, Donut will have to design a new fairy as her glow gets dimmer. Fun!

SABOTAGE: Serah is about to try and stealth past a dazed Pascoe back to the apartment, when someone passes by and notices her. She freezes in terror when they call her out, and recklessly sprints back. Embarrassment is high, and she'll be harder to convince to go back out there.

HELP: Serah puts aside some of her embarrassment, walks out, and apologizes to Pascoe for having Rocio stun him. After all, it would be bad to sour relations with the Ruler of Pascoenia. The bird accepts, and departs on good terms without even mentioning Serah's state of dress.
No. 1029354 ID: e51896

I was corrected and told that this is actually taking inside the building and Serah isn't outside. whoops. Going to make changes real quick and delete my previous post

so instead my support is himitsu's plans for help and sabotage, along with my plan and his plan combo to get Serah to continue working when she makes it back to Rocio's place (with some changes):

We might have to convince Serah to continue, So I suggest telling her to wear Armstrong's sweatpants, AND THEN use your buff magic so it fits her with her buff legs (but will eventually fall off when the spell is done and Serah isn't thicc anymore, with the pants being too big on her and eventually falling off during the trip. This might happen after the corset finishes dissolving. and before the panties start dissolving)
As far as the corset goes, Rocio can either give Serah some shoelace from Armstrong's old shoes to replace the corset lace, not realizing the corset is dissolving, or will tell Serah she is pretty sure only the corset will dissolve, as she believes none of it got on her shirt (even though it did) Plus, she'll let Serah know that in this world, Corsets are so last centuries ago, it's actually better not to wear a corset, most people just wear shirts around here anyway and it'd actually be more humiliating if she kept it the corset on.

And yes, add Himitsu's idea: Serah: "If you want me to go back out there like this, why don't you strip too? You're small, it's not like people will see you. And besides, you won't be coming back after your BF moves away from here, so what does it matter if a neighbor or two catches you? Nothing to worry about, right?" Rocio is only at sorta dull, and should be able to still cover her when she buffs Serah's legs. Plus, I think she loves a challenge.

Still going for help vote, supporting these help ideas: >>1029264 >>1029263

but if sabotage wins, I'm supporting Himitsu's idea of getting caught and called out by someone, BUT, even though they called Serah out, they are targeting Pascoe more because he not only is pantless, but underwearless! Pascoe doesn't understand the customs of this world's need for pants and has an argument with them.

hoping we'll still make it back to the apartment if sabotage wins.
No. 1029383 ID: 8483cf

rolled 1, 2 = 3

Rolling! There is 1 vote for HELP, and 2 votes for SABOTAGE.

1st die is HELP, 2nd die is SABOTAGE.
No. 1029384 ID: 8483cf


1 roll + 1 vote= 2 HELP

2 roll + 2 votes= 4 SABOTAGE
No. 1029388 ID: 8483cf
File 165007062747.png - (104.01KB , 652x967 , MD15.png )

“Oh, no…” Caught between Pascoe and imminent public exposure, Serah begins to panic. “Rocio, get me out of here!”

Rocio, thinking quickly, does what she does best: pump Serah up! She casts her buff spell on Serah’s legs, giving a preview of what a specific diet and Rocio-inspired workouts could give Serah! For a monthly fee, of course. It’s so effective her boots split down the sides and her kneepads fly off.

“Run, girl, run!” Rocio shouts, grabbing on to Serah’s hair. Serah bolts past Pascoe and races down the hallway, up the stairs and, to her complete and utter shock, passes an old woman in the hall!

“Why, I say!” the old woman says. “The youth of today. So shameful!”

Serah covers her rear end and sprints as fast as she can back to Rocio’s apartment, dives inside and slams the door shut. She’s so upset she doesn’t even notice her CORSET is starting to dissolve.

“That was a great pace!” Rocio says. “Come on, let’s get you some pants and keep it up!”

“She saw me!” Serah says, face buried in her hands.

“Oh, are you upset about her? Don’t be,” Rocio says. “She’s a prude. You got nothing to worry about. It doesn’t matter, remember? You’re leaving right after you help me move this big box (and any other smaller ones you wanna, of course). Now put on those sweat pants and get moving!”

“NO! If people seeing my butt isn’t that big a deal,” Serah fires back, “Why don’t you try it? You’re moving, too. No one’s gonna see you again.”

“I’m the face of CRUST CITY’S best workout program,” Rocio bristles. “I can’t fly around in public naked. Tight spandex, sure. But naked? I don’t want my viewers tuning in, imagining that just behind this glowy ball there’s a naked fairy! I can’t have those be my boyfriend’s viewers. He doesn’t need that audience!”

“No one’ll know as long as you’re still glowing.”

“Casting that spell made my glow DULL,” Rocio says with a flush. “You can see my silhouette, and I really don’t want to know what else is visible if I step in the wrong lighting, or if someone has sunglasses.”

Skirt [0/2]
Corset Laces [0/1]
Corset [1/2]
Panties [1/1]
Shirt [2/2]

Armstrong’s Sweat Pants [Fit snugly]
Boots [Split and torn; fell off running up the stairs]
Kneepads [Popped off in the entryway]

Rocio Glow: DULL (Silhouette visible, and body partly visible to people with sunglasses)

Rocio refuses to take anything off or cast any more spells because of her CELEBRITY SIDEKICK status.

How will Rocio convince Serah to help move the second box and final of PRECIOUS VINYL? If Rocio loses any more glow, she can’t cover Serah up anymore and will be PARTLY VISIBLE.

There is no dice roll this update. Your suggestions will affect what happens on the final stretch!
No. 1029390 ID: c92a02

She'll share the secret ingredient of Rocio's ultimate workout shake! (Hint: it's pixie dust.) And if that doesn't work she'll pinch Serah's cheeks until she does it.
No. 1029399 ID: e51896

The goal isn't just about how to convince Serah, rather, it's also how to convince Rocio to do what Serah says. Serah is more willing to go if Rocio decides to strip down.

How Serah can convince Rocio:

- Serah reminds Rocio She is tiny and hard to see anyways, and even if that wasn't the case, she still has plenty of light left to make her only barely noticeable, so even with the silhouette, people will have to squint in order to notice her, and even if they did, they'll just assume she's wearing tight spandex, not naked as they would think Rocio wouldn't do such a thing. I mean, she did admit to wearing it from time to time.

- Serah can suggest to use some colored markers or something on Rocio's wings to draw more circles and other shapes in different colors and so that people won't recognize the shapes and patterns on her wings to know it's her.

- Who is going to wear sunglasses inside a building? It's not even bright in here. Plus she can just hide behind the giant box if there is someone with sunglasses. There's 6 sides she can hide behind after all.

- Although she wouldn't want those types of people to be her audience, wouldn't she want to get more viewers interested if she shows off a bit of eye candy, and rake in more ₵A$H? And wouldn't she want to make Mr. Armstrong proud of her for getting more people around the city, or even the world to exercise and live healthier by tuning into their programs? Mention that you believe this is something Landi, her sorority sister would support.

- Most importantly, mention how Landi was brave enough to go naked in public places... on multiple occasions even! like that one time she streaked through town, or during that poker night, or most importantly, during a dare you had her do when visiting a FREAKING POWERFUL DRAGON! With that in mind, ask if Rocio is actually more chicken then Landi to not take that dare, because Landi would take ANY dare? Is Rocio that weak to back away from a CHALLENGE?


How Rocio can convince Serah:

- Rocio tempts Serah by asking wouldn't she'd want to try out those buff legs of hers that you worked hard to give her? Tell her to give them a test drive for awhile. Tell her to try out those thicc legs on by carrying that giant heavy box, you guarantee she will move much much faster to get the job done in no time and feel POWERFUL! Let her know the power rush will be well worth it!

- Going off of that, Rocio can tell her if she likes how strong those legs are, she can train Landi how to cast those awesome temporary buff spells like she used on Serah so her team can fight better back in her world and raise their rates of survival. Wouldn't she want to punch a Centaur in the face and knock them out cold thanks to Landi casting a buff spell on her arms??

- She can offer to babysit Dotti for a day... okay a week. FINE A MONTH! Rocio heard Landi saying Dotti is a handful, but Rocio thinks her and Armstrong's strict discipline towards her could make her better behaved, and it'll give Landi and co. a break from Dotti for awhile. Plus, she thinks Dotti will enjoy and all the sights and entertainment the city has to offer, and the city food around here especially :pizzid: (just don't tell Armstrong, he hates greasy unhealthy food). Plus, this vacation for her will help make her feel better after that whole incident with that dragon she heard about. (this will explain why there was Dotti's graffiti on one panel in 30 updates or less :P)

I think these are good, but I'll try to think of more ideas.
No. 1029400 ID: 629f2e

Alright, this is a toughie. We've already provided as much cover as we're capable of, and Rocio is being a total butthead and refusing to stand in solidarity. Those are a few big cards off the table, and we're still going to need to do some convincing.


Polt has a few good ideas of his own here, especially for Serah talking Rocio into streaking, but I'm gonna do my own breakdown. Let's look at the options that our current limitations leave us:

A: We could bribe her. What could we offer Serah that'll make potential embarrassment worth enduring?

B: We could give her some assurance. How could we make Serah feel confident that nobody else will see her?

C: We could guilt trip her. How can we emotionally manipulate Serah into doing this task without offering anything?

Pretend C doesn't exist, because there's a very low chance of success there. We're either bribing Serah, or giving her assurance that nobody else will see her.

Let's toss out some ideas for both categories!


-Agree that you owe Serah a few favors for this, which she can call in at any time by having Dotti summon her. She's an adventurer, surely she could see the use in having some buffs on hand (or a drill sergeant to make sure people are exercising)

-Promise to donate a few small parcels of fairy dust to Serah over the course of the month, which she may feel free to use for whatever she'd like (flight, potion making, etc.) She sure ain't getting that from Landi, she's all about that glow.

-Offer to order Serah a :pizzid: pizza! Everybody in New Crust City knows how good they are, it's the best pizza you'll ever have. (Armstrong must never know that she likes it. This is a shame she plans on taking to the grave. Or at least keep up until she can convince him that their Caesar Salad pizza is actually decently healthy, if treading the line of being a cheat item due to all the carbs from the dough.)


-Recruit Pascoe to watch Serah's back. She knows him, so he might be willing to do a favor for a pal, especially something simple like keeping watch for a couple minutes. Bringing him in will also give him the opportunity to let her know that he doesn't care about her indecency, lessening some of her worries.

-Fly up high and get a good overview of the situation, that way you'll see potential witnesses coming and can guide Serah to help her avoid them.

-Buff up Serah's arms on top of the leg buff, so that she can carry the boxes far more easily and make the trip faster.

Mix some combination of these and Polt's suggestions around to create a compelling case for Serah to make the second trip.
No. 1029419 ID: 4d5afe

Do an eye for an eye system. Tell her if she agrees to continue, then for every time someone spots Serah in a humiliating position, she is allowed to ask Landi to summon you to her world at any time to do any one DARE she wants. Can be anything from buffing her teammates in a fight, have you go streaking in her world without your glow, have you eat something weird, sing embarrassing songs, whatever. Only stipulation is that the dare can't be something that'll ruin your reputation in Crust City, but could ruin your reputation in Serah's world. Remind Serah you used to live in her world too, so you actually have more to lose than she does if she is caught again and you have to do another humiliating DARE in public since plenty of people from her world still knows who you are like Landi, or other faeries (even though you're not coming back to Serah's world). Let her know this is a opportunity of a lifetime because dares are more valuable than favors.

Sweeten the deal by telling her so far, she was caught by an old lady, so you owe her 1 DARE, but that is only if she finishes the job.
No. 1029462 ID: 8483cf
File 165014258004.png - (78.40KB , 1038x1285 , MD16.png )

Rocio feels pressured to get Serah moving fast. The faster she gets Serah moving again, the higher the odds of getting everything moved, and the happier Rocio’s boyfriend will be.

Rocio first tries to [Assure] Serah that she’ll fly ahead and scout for any wardrobe-destroying hazards like nails, and keep an eye out for people who might see her if she has another malfunction. Serah is still not convinced.

Next, Rocio offers a [Bribe] of a few favors. Landi, her sorority sister, can summon Rocio to help whatever needs an ATHLETIC fairy’s help! There’s lots of stuff Landi can’t do that Rocio can, like be a responsible adult. Plus Rocio’s the best tour guide ever for CRUST CITY, and Dotti would give anything for a tour of such a delicious place. Rocio even sweetens the deal by offering to add not just a favor, but a DARE for each time someone sees Serah in an embarrassing position, which will totally not happen anyway because Rocio is a super good lookout. DAREs are worth way more than favors, doesn’t she know?

Serah still doesn’t feel like Rocio has her best interests at heart here. She points out that Rocio is just looking to move stuff, and if she really wants Serah to be confident that Rocio is looking out for everyone, then she should strip too. If Rocio is really so much better than Landi, then why is Landi even BRAVER than she is? She’s got plenty of glow left and nobody wears sunglasses inside and that’s where most of the lifting is going to happen, so what’s her problem?

Well, that does it. A pair of tiny tight leggings suddenly hit Serah in the cheek, followed by a tank top, sports bra and teeny-tiny cheeky boyshorts. She still insists Serah use a marker to change her wing patterns so no one will recognize her. Serah obliges with the first marker she finds, and Rocio waits uncomfortably for Serah to finish. It feels WEIRD having someone grab and draw on her wings like that.

With that reassurance, Serah is ready to begin moving again. Her CORSET has dissolved, but her SHIRT appears to be fine since Rocio insists she didn’t get any dissolving dust on it. Neither girl notices that the waistband of Serah’s PANTIES is beginning to look a little threadbare…

Skirt [0/2]
Corset Laces [0/1]
Corset [0/2]
Panties [1/1]
Shirt [2/2]

Armstrong’s Sweat Pants [Fit snugly]
Rocio Glow: DULL

It will take Serah TWO UPDATES to get to the Moving Van if all goes well. Vote to HELP or SABOTAGE her, and suggest what happens for both!
No. 1029463 ID: c92a02

Sabotage: Too much friction from carrying those boxes will make her shirt slide right down! Luckily those boxes will still hide them, of course.
If the dice decide to help again, Serah feels better when Rocio sits down on something metal and forgets she took off everything. Cold!
No. 1029479 ID: 629f2e


The nails are still in the doorway, but Serah's far more cautious about them this time. Instead of carrying all the boxes at once and then trying to brave it, she first carries them out one at a time so that she can get past the frame. (>>1029463 If you want Rocio to sit on something metal btw, there are plenty of nails still there). This process ultimately wastes time, at the cost of making Serah feel safer.

If Help Wins: Serah decides that she really just wants this to be done, so she picks up the boxes and goes right past the doorframe. Though she does briefly pause to make Rocio check whether any threads got caught before proceeding this time.
No. 1029480 ID: e51896

(Edited, i originally suggested P.I. Zzander to show up, but I'd rather not stress out Serah too much about being arrested. I might suggest to have him show up downstairs or something though later)

SABOTAGE VOTE: There is no need for the Sabotage to get her clothing destroyed faster, the shirt is already going to be dissolving after the next update whether they realize it or not. Instead, my Sabotage idea is to WASTE TIME. It's more lewd if the clothing damage progresses slowly.

Here is what happens, they reach the hall, but find that the old lady is out in the hallway talking to either a janitor about what she witnessed

It seems like rumors are spreading about Serah, So they decide to take a different longer route to the stairs so the old lady and janitor dont see her, and have to be sneakier, making a 2 update trip into a 3 update trip. Serah will also have to try to be sneakier down this route because there is a higher risk running into more people down this new route towards the stairs especially after the rumors are spreading, and not run into the Janitor who now knows what happened with Serah. She'll be safe from them once she is downstairs. Rocio will convince Serah to take the longer route because her buff legs should help get the job done quick enough

(Serah will not yet realize her panties are gone, but does feel a little more comphier in her sweatpants after the panties vanished in her sweatpants)

Help idea: >>1029463 this.
No. 1029523 ID: 8483cf

rolled 5, 2 = 7

Rolling! There are 0 votes for HELP, and 3 votes for SABOTAGE.

1st die is HELP, 2nd die is SABOTAGE.
No. 1029525 ID: 8483cf

HELP and SABOTAGE are tied!

5 roll + 0 votes = 5 HELP

2 roll + 3 votes= 5 SABOTAGE
No. 1029531 ID: 8483cf
File 165022262341.png - (39.92KB , 793x863 , MD17.png )

Rocio scouts ahead and starts playing it safe. She can’t afford any mishaps, or she could end up exposed too! The old woman down the hall is harrumphing about indecency and lewdery.

“You! Fairy!” the old woman harrumphs harrumphily. “Tell Rocio and her visitor that I’m going to give them a piece of my mind if I see them again, see if I don’t!”

Rocio is very confident that her glow color and wing markings are a masterful disguise. “Like duh I’ll tell them!” Rocio says in her best (terrible) Landi impression. “You go, girl.”

Rocio flies back to Serah and tells her to take the LONG WAY around to avoid the old woman. Serah obliges and picks up the second and final super heavy box of PRECIOUS VINYL. Rocio helps Serah navigate the nails without issue. Success!

Without her corset, Serah’s shirt is sliding down a bit, and the buff spell is beginning to wear off. Rocio helpfully tugs Serah’s pants and shirt up whenever they start to slip. She doesn’t notice that Serah’s PANTIES have disappeared, but as long as she keeps holding those sweat pants up, it won’t matter.

Rocio and Serah are delayed by one update, but nothing bad happens. They’re both feeling great!

Skirt [0/2]
Corset Laces [0/1]
Corset [0/2]
Panties [0/1]
Shirt [2/2]

Armstrong’s Sweat Pants [Loose; Knot still tied]
Rocio Glow: DULL

It will still take Serah TWO UPDATES to get to the Moving Van if all goes well. Vote to HELP or SABOTAGE her, and suggest what happens for both on the LONG WAY around!
No. 1029533 ID: c92a02

Sabotage: Rocio's got to let go to protect herself from a splash of water.
Otherwise, taking the long way around allows them to be on the right side of an accident that blocks the short way.
No. 1029534 ID: 629f2e


The long way around should be to go around the apartment building follow the sidewalk, and then make a right into the alleyway with the truck.

Bumping into Pascoe earlier means Serah smells like mailman. So as they pass by a man walking several dogs, the creatures recognize the scent and pounce at it! Rocio has to buff herself up to keep Serah's sweatpants from being dragged down by the dogs pawing at her legs.

Thankfully, the dogwalker gets most of them under control and gets them away without too much issue. The end result? Rocio's glow has dimmed even further, but Serah remains dressed for the moment.

If HELP wins: Same setup, Serah passes by a dogwalker and reeks of postal service, the natural enemy of dogs everywhere. Thankfully however, they pay her no mind.

Because Rocio, who flew up close to Pascoe multiple times to blind him, and is about the size of a chew toy, is an even more interesting target!

The animals all focus on her, while Serah walks around them and continues towards her destination unbothered, save some slight pants slippage since Rocio is preoccupied flying away from the puppies. She eventually returns though, slobbered on, but not less glowy.
No. 1029537 ID: e51896

Help vote: the long way around is an elevator that is much further away. Rocio and Armstrong usually prefers to take the stairs.

The elevator stops once for another person to get on during the trip down (it's a stick man with a water bottle if you want to draw something simpler, or if you want, The Sweaty Kitty), but they Serah in her good mood kept her composure as long as Rocio keeps the pants up, even if a little nervous.

However, Rocio notices Serah's shirt getting a bit holey and thready, so Rocio doesn't tell Serah as she doesn't want the box to drop and they are sooo close, and it's nerve wracking on Rocio. Thankfully, Serah does not notice, as she is more focused on worrying about the stick man, and they make it down safely.

The stickman accidentally drops his water, splashing it on Rocio, losing her heart patternn, or the sweaty kitty wipes the sweat off her forehead, splahing it on rocio, losing her heart patterns

Sabotage idea: more people get on the elevator each floor, making the trip longer as they go down. Rocio will have to figure out how to not let Serah or anybody notice her shirt is vanishing on the way down... she still gets water splashed on her somehow by stickman or sweaty kitty.

My plans of actions:

for the next update, I propose something happens that will have Serah running as fast as she can as her sweatpants drops, and loses the rest of her shirt, like running away from a dog, and Rocio using the last of her magic to distract the dog with her brightness)

and then the last updates would be Serah and Rocio both trying to run or sneak away back to Rocio's apartment in the nude and without glow after the job is done.
No. 1029555 ID: 66f68e

Help Vote

Serah, determined to keep the Vinyl safe and confident in Rocio's ability to keep her covered in her new garb, doesn't pay the slightest bit of attention to her clothing situation.

Rocio, noticing that the sweat pants are getting loose, warns Serah and hoists them tight and reties the draw string extra tight to keep them on. The tightness in the crotch and rear caused by Rocio pulling them up super good combined with the fact that both girls are unaware that Serah's without panties, leads to the sweatpants riding up as Serah shuffles on with the crate. Neither girl notices the pronounced cameltoe, and Serah is only vaguely aware of a wedgie forming in the back. This will later lead to Serah asking Rocio to pick the cameltoe out, and Rocio feeling conflicted about touching her there.

If sabotage happens, Serah will start to feel a bit stiff in the shoulder, given she has to carry this box in a somewhat awkward position in order to keep her top on. Rocio will tell her to keep going while she massages the sore spots. Rocio will use a bit of her magic to make the massage more effective, diminishing her glow. Serah will keep walking and Rocio will "accidentally" step on the collar of this off-shoulder shirt trying to make it easier to keep position while she's having trouble flying, dragging it down from the back and popping Serah's breasts free from the top. Rocio's massage does the trick, however, and Serah doesn't drop the vinyls because her shoulders were relaxed when it happens.
No. 1029586 ID: 8483cf

rolled 6, 1 = 7

Rolling! There are 2 votes for HELP, and 2 votes for SABOTAGE.

1st die is HELP, 2nd die is SABOTAGE.
No. 1029587 ID: 8483cf

HELP wins in an overwhelming victory!

6 roll + 2 votes = 8 HELP

1 roll + 2 votes= 3 SABOTAGE
No. 1029682 ID: 8483cf
File 165033658102.png - (64.82KB , 852x1089 , MD18.png )

Rocio directs Serah to take the LONG WAY around via the sidewalk. Unfortunately, they run into two dogs that’re very interested in the familiar scent of mail carrier. They look at Serah, then Rocio, and of the two, only one of them is the approximate shape and size of their favorite fetch toy.

“Oh, no,” Rocio whimpers. She lets go of Serah’s sweatpants, ready to dodge the dogs at any moment. “Nice doggies…”

“What’s going on?” Serah asks. Her buff spell’s worn off, and her sweatpants are sliding lower on her hips with every step. “Rocio, are you okay? Um, could you help a little? Please?”

“Whoa there!” the dog walker says. He tries to keep the dogs under control. “Easy!”

“I’m a little busy here, Serah!” Rocio says. “Just keep going… nice doggies. Niiiice doggies.” One dog lunges at her, and she dodges nimbly. “Eep! Uh, I gotta go, Serah!”

The dogs break free and chase Rocio down the street, and the dog walker races after. Serah advances forward carefully, squeezing her thighs tight to keep her pants up.
No. 1029683 ID: 8483cf
File 165033659797.png - (32.36KB , 632x654 , MD19.png )

Rocio manages to disentangle herself from the dog situation and make her way back to Serah, slightly slobbery and shaken, but her remaining dust kept her safe. Her heart patterns are starting to run a little, but she hasn’t lost any glow. She feels great!

Serah sighs in relief when Rocio tugs her sweatpants up as high as they’ll go, tugs the string tight and re-ties the knot. Now she doesn’t have to keep pulling Serah’s pants up. Rocio feels so great about almost being done moving the super-heavy boxes that she doesn’t notice Serah’s SHIRT beginning to dissolve.

“We’re almost there!” Rocio says. “Just turn right and head all the way down the alley and you’ll be at the truck! It’s not gross, don’t worry about your feet. You’re fine!”

Skirt [0/2]
Corset Laces [0/1]
Corset [0/2]
Panties [0/1]
Shirt [1/2]

Armstrong’s Sweat Pants [Very tight!]
Rocio Glow: DULL

Choose who to SABOTAGE: Serah or Rocio! Serah will arrive at the Moving Van NEXT UPDATE, even if she is sabotaged. Vote to SABOTAGE Serah or Rocio, and suggest what happens for both!
No. 1029687 ID: c92a02

Sabotage Rocio: She's snared in a passing entomologist's stowed net. If Serah's sabotaged, she turns away to celebrate a job well done to find herself face to chest with the mailbird again!
No. 1029695 ID: e51896

SERAH SABOTAGE VOTE: It starts to rain, and Rocio, not wanting to get wet and have the rest of her hearts cleaned off panics and hides in Serah's sweatpants (not realizing she could have just gone under that box, it was a spur of the moment decision. It loosens Serah's pants a bit after she done this. Serah somehow doesn't notice that Rocio hid under there and loosened the pants because she was surprised by the sudden downpour.

Serah, not wanting to get drenched, decides to run the rest of the way to the moving van to get the job done faster, causing the pants to fall off, but she is too focused on getting to the moving van fast to notice, and the rain is distracting her a bit too. She makes it, puts the boxes in, shuts the trailer door...

And then realizes she is completely naked! and not only that, a stray cat is scurrying off with her sweat pants! Now she and Rocio will have to figure out a way to get back to the apartment without being seen.

Serah was insistent at first to get Rocio to go to the apartment and fetch her some more clothes, but Rocio says she'll need Serah's help to do that as she is too small to open doors, and fitting armstrong's large clothes can't fit through the doors. Serah will have to work up the courage to get back naked.

If Rocio is sabotaged: Rocio finally realizes that Serah's shirt is dissolving, and she has no time to alert her, and also doesn't want her boxes of vinyls dropped. Because right now: Theres a group of college students walking by! Just as they are about to turn there heads, Rocio panics and makes the ultimate sacrifice: She flashes them with the last bit of her fairy dust. It makes the students panic and run away, but now Rocio is completely exposed and out of magic!

It also rains at this moment too, making her lose her heart patterns as well.

(you're almost there, Donut! Go for it!)
No. 1029699 ID: 629f2e

If we sabotage Rocio, then Donut has to actually design Rocio. If we sabotage Serah, then we may get some nice reliable Serah cheesecake.

I'm going to say that we should SABOTAGE SERAH, because as fun as it would be to get a Rocio design, we'd probably get a better one if Donut has more than a day to work on one.

So if Serah is getting sabotaged: Eugene. Beyond being a pizza thief, he's also just a major asshole. Serah and Rocio see him ahead on the sidewalk trying to tie his shoes, but the laces are frayed to shit. They don't think anything of it. He notices them coming by, and "politely" steps out of the way with no malicious intent.

Unsurprisingly, there was malicious intent. The second they cross paths, he snatches the lace tying her pants and books it, yanking it out and pulling them down. The sole consolation is that this will just be differently inconvenient, as it's too fucking long to use for his shoes.

Serah books it for the moving truck, not even wasting the seconds standing exposed on the sidewalk to try and get her pants back up. The obvious question to follow: how will Serah get back to the apartment.

If Rocio gets sabotaged however: Same setup, except she recognizes Eugene. He's the asshole who "Borrowed" weights from her man and then fleeced them to fans who wanted authentic Armstrong merchandise, not even offering a penny in recompense. She sees the look in his eyes, she sees the frayed shoelaces, she knows what he's planning.

In an act of sacrifice, she expends her dust to polish the floor beneath his feet as they get near. He grabs at the lace to Serah's sweatpants, and doesn't even make it a single step before he falls flat on his ass and drops it. Serah runs for the alley at the sudden attempted theft, pants loosened but not dropped. Rocio simply hangs onto her shoulder for dear life, hoping her fake markings are still convincing enough.
No. 1029702 ID: 8483cf

I also vote to SABOTAGE Serah (because I am lazy and want to spend extra time on Rocio). I will abide by the dice if they betray me!

I won't be suggesting, because I want to steal from everyone else's ideas.
No. 1029724 ID: abaa91

Sabo Rocio. Because reasons.
No. 1029791 ID: a8e7a7

rolled 5, 2 = 7

Rolling! There are 3 votes for SABOTAGE SERAH, and 2 votes for SABOTAGE ROCIO.

1st die is SERAH, 2nd die is ROCIO.
No. 1029792 ID: a8e7a7

SERAH wins! Loses? Uh, IS SABOTAGED!

5 roll + 3 votes = 8 SERAH

2 roll + 2 votes= 4 ROCIO
No. 1030065 ID: 8483cf
File 165069927531.png - (125.26KB , 1300x1300 , MD20.png )

“You’re almost there!” Rocio says. “Just a little further!”

Unfortunately, between Serah and the Moving Van is Eugene, pizza thief and total douchebag. He spies the perfect fix for his shoelaces, and…
No. 1030066 ID: 8483cf
File 165069929635.png - (11.55KB , 496x413 , MD21.png )

“EUGENE, WHAT THE HELL!” Rocio shrieks. She swoops in to give him a piece of her mind.

Recognizing the voice of the bossiest fairy in CRUST CITY, Eugene flees!
No. 1030067 ID: 8483cf
File 165069930859.png - (7.02KB , 418x387 , MD22.png )

Without that critical string, Serah’s borrowed sweat pants fall straight to the ground. She freezes in place.

Serah realizes that even with her resistance, it’s very breezy today.

Very, very breezy.

Serah glances back over her shoulder and sees the worst sight in the world: absolutely nothing.

She bites her lip to keep from screaming, steps out of the sweatpants and books it as fast as she can run to the Moving Van!

Rocio, seeing the disaster about to unfold, breaks off the pursuit of Eugene and yells at Serah to be careful with the PRECIOUS VINYL!
No. 1030068 ID: 8483cf
File 165069932297.png - (98.27KB , 980x1030 , MD23.png )

Serah has just enough presence of mind to set the PRECIOUS VINYL down gently before slamming the van door shut.

MISSION SUCCESS! Rocio can now call for help moving the van to her new place. There are plenty of other people who can help move the lighter boxes later in the day.

Skirt [0/2]
Corset Laces [0/1]
Corset [0/2]
Panties [0/1]
Shirt [0/2]

Armstrong’s Sweat Pants [Abducted by Stray Cat]
Rocio Glow: DULL

Serah refuses to leave the back of the Moving Van. She tells Rocio to just go back to the apartment and call Landi on her cell phone so she can summon some clothes for Serah and take her home. Rocio’s cell phone is in her apartment with her own clothes.

The final update is the EPILOGUE. Suggest how the Moving Day ends!
No. 1030079 ID: 96c896

Everything goes as planned.
No. 1030080 ID: e51896


Suddenly, they feel a vibration in the van... wait a minute... awww shoot! Somehow, the moving van drivers somehow mistook Rocio's request to drive hers and Armstrong's stuff to the new place at 6pm instead of 6am like she wanted and is about to take off with them inside the van!

What's worse, Rocio actually doesnt know where Armstrong and her new place will be at as it was only Armstrong who picked out the place and got a look at it, not her. so if they drive off, Rocio wont know how to get back to her old place without her cellphone. So Serah will have to decide whether or not to stay hidden in the moving van and end up too far away from Rocio's apartment and get stranded naked, or work up the courage to jump out and risk exposing herself

She works up all the courage she has and jumps out before the van drives off with the intention of getting back to Rocio's apartment.

Then either she streaks back to the apartment getting caught by multiple people along the way making more dares for Rocio to go pay for later, or she finds herself face to face with a group of passerbys after she jumps out and freezes up, also causing more dares for Rocio.

In either scenerio, some people are raising eyebrows or looking away or insulting Serah, but the vast majority are actually... cheering for her and complimenting her gorgeous body, taking pictures too.

Serah is at first very embarrassed and humiliated, but after hearing all the cheers and compliments overshadow the jeers, she actually starts finding this exposure... exciting? Fun even? Her heart pounding is exhilerating, something she rarely feels. Not the same exhilaration she feels from fighting monsters, but an altogether special kind of exhileration she rarely gets to feel from being... free!

she thinks back about how Rocio said her actions dont matter here in this world, and thinking back to how much her family raised her to be a proper lady as daughter of the duke. Those strict disiplines and rectrictions she had to face made her feel trapped, but now, she actually starts feeling free from those chains, much more free than when she ran off to be an adventurer.

So whether she streaks or winds up getting seen by a crowd, she slowly stops covering herself, shows off her body, and enjoys the exhilierating freedom of nudity. Maybe even finding enjoyment from exhibitionism play... perhaps she might consider sneaking out in a town late at night naked when she gets back to her world for fun and stress relief

Her fun is cut short when Rocio calls Landi and sends Serah back, to which Serah is a little disappointed, but snaps out of it and heads off back to her world after getting dressed... but not before finding out Rocio's new place was just across the street the whole time... DAMMIT!
No. 1030081 ID: e5709d

Serah, pushed past the breaking point from the sheer humiliation, grabs Landi and Rocio and screams about how much they owe her.

They manage to pay it all back in one rowdy over-the-top 'housewarming party'. Serah may never be dry again.

Rocio somehow got the wrong address entirely and happened to move into a randomly empty apartment which was bought out by a rich asshole for tax purposes.

Serah then screams at said asshole out of reflex as her semi-magical abilities awaken from the sheer stress, causing the asshole to walk straight to the nearest courthouse to... do something.

Then Landi accidentally reveals she learned and forgot some kind of anti-gravity spell back in college and Serah chases Landi across the high-rise neighborhood.

While still naked.

Serah is thankful social media doesn't exist in her world.

Meanwhile, a new magical form of communication is being introduced to the Kensington House!
No. 1030089 ID: 2aa5f0

Rico quickly flies back to the house to grab the phone and a spare one piece swimsuit to try and help calm Sarah down by giving her something to wear while she waits for her ride. however someone see's rico returning to the van and heads over and calls out if they need any help moving trying to be a good Samaritan. This causes Sarah to panic and grab the swimsuit before rico can let go and in Sarah's haste to make herself decent before someone can see her she accidentally traps rico inside of the one piece before quickly putting it on before realizing what she's done trapping rico between the inside of the swimsuit and against her bare self. Before she can let rico out the individual comes around the corner and greats Sarah and ask if she needs any help moving anything. Then ask why Sarah is wearing a swimsuit, then when sarah says she's just waiting for someone to pick her up after a rough day the person decides to stay and make small talk with her until her ride comes as they sense sarah had a rough day and hope having someone to talk to will help her destress. Rico is still trapped inside the tight one piece swimsuit wedged up in Sarah's butt and is afraid to try and get out while someone is watching because of embarrassment just as Sarah is afraid to bring any attention to the fairy inside her swimwear while someone is nearby. Rico is then trapped there until Serah's ride finally comes to pick her up and the "helpful" individual finally leaves hoping that they helped take some of the stress out of serah's day.
No. 1030099 ID: 629f2e

Alright, epilogue!

I'm also going to suggest a happy ending for Serah, but I wanna go in a different direction than Polt. Let's keep it short and simple, the main chunk of the story is over, this is just a simple resolution.


Rocio flies back to get her cell phone, and calls Landi to send Serah home and get her dressed. This is the wrong order of operations, but fortunately Landi summons Serah to a private bedroom instead of the middle of town.

Now alone, Rocio goes to get dressed, but reaches a horrible realization as she does.

> Well, that does it. A pair of tiny tight leggings suddenly hit Serah in the cheek, followed by a tank top, sports bra and teeny-tiny cheeky boyshorts.

Rocio tossed her clothes to Serah.

Serah, with no ill-intention at the time, put the clothes in her pocket, for safe-keeping.

Those pants are now gone.

And just to bring it all home, the pizza she'd ordered before Serah arrived finally shows up (it's a caesar salad pizza, she's still healthy! And she would have shared it with Serah had it arrived on time). It's late, so Rocio won't have to pay, but that's not the kicker. No, the real upsetting part is that the deliveryman is wearing sunglasses.

Cue Rocio embarrassment and Jerry probably getting roped in on a quest to help deliver Rocio to her home in exchange for paying for the late pizza. A story for another day...

As for Serah... Well, she's in need of some new threads. You can end it on a paper doll, where people design the outfit she'll wear in LF thread 6. Or just show it off if you have a design in mind.
No. 1030111 ID: 8483cf
File 165074200380.png - (294.88KB , 1606x1426 , MD24.png )

Rocio, thankful to have the PRECIOUS VINYL loaded safely without any help from her boyfriend, is more than happy to help Serah out. She flies as fast as she can back to her apartment and calls Landi, letting her know to summon Serah back home. And make sure it’s somewhere private!

Rocio gives a big sigh of relief. Mission accomplished! She’s sure she can find something to wear in these boxes. Which one had her clothes, again?

There’s a knock at the door. Rocio ducks for cover. Is it her neighbor? Oh, no!


Pizza! Oh, lovely pizza! The sort-of-kind-of-healthy Caesar salad pizza that Armstrong must NEVER KNOW she loves! It’s really late, too late for Serah to enjoy, but who cares? It’s still pizza!

But… she can’t open the door naked. She can’t risk her reputation!

Rocio looks down at herself and her dim glow, just barely enough to cover her. Her fake markings are still there.

Ah, it’ll be fine. Rocio opens the door with her fitness fairy strength and jumps on the box eagerly.
No. 1030112 ID: 8483cf
File 165074201849.png - (230.07KB , 1606x1426 , MD25.png )

“I’ll be taking that!” she declares. “You’re late! That means it’s free~~~~”

The delivery guy says nothing. That means she’s right!

Well. Either she’s right, or he’s in shock.

Because he’s wearing sunglasses.

Rocio shrieks and zips behind the door.

Armstrong was right. Pizza might be tasty, but it always leads to SITUATIONS.

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