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File 142650039571.png - (116.59KB , 700x500 , 1.png )
629381 No. 629381 ID: 8f7720

"Hmmmm..." Psy-Gal taps her fingers on the table as she examines the sheets floating in front of her. "Well... Look, you guys got the powers but we just ain't looking for duo's at the moment. They're really not popular right now, ya know? No marketing. And D-Class is completely full so... No, I'm sorry. We just can't accepts ya in the Hero Association at this moment, sorry.

>She puts the papers down and writes a red X on one. She's about to mark the other when she pauses.

"Ya know what. Mistah Star, you wouldn't happen to be related ta Shooting Star, would ya? We might have room for just you. If ya change your hair, that is. Can't be havin' that."

"I... I can't just-"
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No. 629382 ID: 8f7720
File 142650050721.png - (122.30KB , 700x500 , 2.png )

>Star sits across from the woman, looking rather hurt at her comment. By his side is his loyal side-kick Sweet-T.
>She slams her fist down on the table.

"Fuck that!" She says.

Star: No Association Registered. Powers: Immune to all damage on arms from fingertips to 2 1/2 inches above the elbow. Note: Son of Shooting Star (deceased) the previous S-Class Rank 1

Sweet-T: No Association Registered. Powers: Can transform into Tier 2 Class Weapons. Weapons are cursed and will swiftly wither the hands of those wielding it. Note: Kind of a bitch. Do not hire.

>Star nods.

"Yeah. T and I are a team. You can't have one of us without the other."

>He nods at Sweet T and gives her a wink. She grins back at him.

"Well then," Psy-Gal says, "I guess you twos are excused then. Can you send the next two in."

>Sweet-T glares at Psy-Gal. Star can see the tips of her fingers turning into blades. He places a hand on her shoulder and shakes his head.

"Come on, T. Let's go."

"... Fine... We don't need this place." She hops off her chair and stomps off to the door. She swings the door open and points at Psy-Gal. "And you have dick sucking lips!"

>She slams the door behind her. Star sheepishly walks out, apologizing for his sidekick's attitude as he does.
No. 629383 ID: 8f7720
File 142650060891.png - (122.24KB , 700x500 , 3.png )

"Fuck, we really needed that place..." Sweet-T kicks a piece of debris down the street. The pair are walking down the streets of Dome 7, away from what they had hoped would be a new start on life.

"Yeah. I don't know... Maybe I can just change my hair and we can try again?"

"What!? No! No no no! You're hair is fucking awesome and if that Sucko-Gal can't see that then she can go fuck off!"

"Heh... Yeah... But we really did need this job. After that incident with Mall Security Job-"

"Which was NOT our fault."

"Right. After that we've been eating into our savings and... We got nothing. What are we gonna do for rent?"

>Sweet-T holds out her arm, gesturing to the entire dome.

"We got the whole place to check, Star! We're bound to find something somewhere!

"Yeah. Yeah, you're right. We just have to keep on looking."
No. 629384 ID: 8f7720
File 142650064434.png - (160.87KB , 700x500 , 4.png )

But... I really did want to be a Hero... Just like dad was...
We practiced every day for this moment and got shot down in a second.

I guess this place has enough heroes...

What do I do now?
No. 629385 ID: b9cef6

You could become wandering heros. If you're eating your savings you don't have anything to tie you down, and this market seems oversaturated with heroism.
I mean, take that bigass monster fight behind you. There's already a pair of heros fighting it!
If you don't want to wander, you could ask them how they became what looks like a successful duo after they're done. You could probably help by shooting it with your gunfriend.
No. 629389 ID: 9ddf68

So what is Hero Association and what do they do. I mean given the name I'd guess they're an agency that actually make sure hero's make money doing the hero thing while probably also handling things that could happen while heroing like covering medical bills and property damage. But do they have any more power then that, as in they also police the worlds heroes so if you two decide to go vigilante they'd be on your ass so hard you're head would spin or what?
No. 629390 ID: dfe0d5

I agree that this place might not have room for you, at least as heroes. Either look for a place that does need you or see what kind of non-hero work you can get around here until you can get your big break.
No. 629400 ID: ede152

Become vilians duh. Make them rue the day!
No. 629402 ID: 330ce5

Why not work the moral grey market, the kind of jobs people like heros are never comfortable with. Bounty hunting, kidnapping, bodyguarding and spying; these things are frowned upon but they don't make someone a villian.
No. 629405 ID: d3be40

It's important for a hero to know what they stand for. Guilds that don't care about that aren't good for your mental health; it's obvious that Psy-Gal didn't care about the fact that you two have a high level of synchronization, only that you could be used as a marketing ploy because your father was a hot-shot. She didn't ask if you wanted to be just like your father, or even what your father was LIKE.

For now, just go on some adventures. No need to surrender your dignity to an organization that will sell it for money and power and then blame YOU for its misdeeds - or worse, justify them in your name.

Say, how DID your father die, anyway? Epic shootout or a fatal disease?
No. 629418 ID: f75cf9

I'm fairly sure that's a flashback to his dad's heroing days.

Anyway yeah you two have sweet synergy but otherwise kinda lame powers so you can't let them split you up.

Say what were your dad's powers?
No. 629420 ID: bd8b82

power question.
something huge is charging you and civilians are behind you so you can't dodge, you hold out a hand to stop it, do your indestructible hands/forearms stop it or does your arm just break above that point?
No. 629423 ID: 330ce5

Follow up power question, what does tier 2 weapon mean and is there any way too increase one's power?
No. 629443 ID: 5db52c

Can you be unregistered heros, or vigilantes?

...or you could always moonlight as villains, and start knocking off D-rank heros until there's room for you to join up.
No. 629544 ID: d3be40

You could take the classic "Deep Green Cover" route: act as your own villain team but focus on systematically decomposing the crime syndicates and overlord power structures. Take over the villain hierarchy, but pay the mooks to goof off, have the mad scientists on standby or focused on designing non-applicable technology, and pit the villains against each other for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, be VERY conspicuous about publically doing things that the public should not do. Such as wanton rioting and looting. And do it in the most unattractive, disturbingly awkward way possible.
No. 629547 ID: d958ad

Hey, are Villains really that bad nowadays?
No. 629591 ID: 8f7720
File 142658104838.png - (151.03KB , 700x500 , 5.png )

Yeah, they're pretty bad.

>Help those two.

And steal their win? That's pretty uncool. Besides-

>He looks back. The woman has completely frozen the monster. The man punches the creature and it shatters into dozens of sparkling pieces.

I think they got it.

>The two high five. The man flies off while the woman uses ice to slide away.

Totally not jealous.
No. 629592 ID: 8f7720
File 142658174650.png - (108.34KB , 700x500 , 6.png )

What!? No! I could never even consider becoming a villain! That would be terrible! What would my father say if he found out!?

I had a job as mall security. I could take that back as a last resort. Sweet-T got fired from her last gig. Don't think she's getting that one back.

The Hero Association is where those with unique powers are able to use those powers to protect the city from those from the Villain Association or monsters. They get paid handsomely to help keep the place safe. Of course all that money comes from merchandise related to the Heroes. Police still have the power to arrest people and all that but police don't mean much of anything when they're trying to arrest someone that can spit out acid on them.

Also, if we tried to do hero work without a license they would strongly suggest that we cease such things.

Unregistered hero, no.




"What do you say we join the Vigil?"

".... Whaaaat!?"

"Yeah. Heroes said no. Let's go the vigilante route."

"Really!? Fuck yeah! Star, you are just awesome! Yeah, let's do it! What made you change your mind!?"

"Well... I figured we do need to make some money. It'll be good work til we can become official heroes."

"Maaan, even if they don't hire us we can become the best damn vigilante in the dome! Vigilante Duo, Sweet-T and Star! We got this!"

Heh. Well, she's excited about it.

>Star and an excited Sweet-T go downtown to register as official vigilantes. Downtown is rough, even with the Vigil nearby. The building will take in almost anyone. The pay is low but for those with powers it can be steady work.

I'm gonna be a Hero someday. Someway.

My dad? Killed in battle. It was an epic battle that tore apart the skies. The last punch ended up killing the two of them. They kept the Rank 1 spot empty for a year in his honor.

And here I am, his son, about to join the Vigils.

Super Strength, Flight, Invulnerability, and Energy Manipulation. He was really really good.

My hands will negate all damage. If I were dropped from a really high building and landed on my hands I would be a-okay.

Sweet-T's alternate forms are Tier 2. These are super-powerful and sentient weapons that amplify the wielder's abilities. So, like, I can't swing a sword to save my life. But when I'm wielding her I'm as good as King Arthur.
Weapons that Heroes and Villains used rank between Tiers 5-1. 5 is just about any old weapon with no powers. 4 is a weapon manifest by a power with no other special abilities. 3 is a magical or super high tech weapon. 2 is a step beyond that. These weapons tend to be sentient and are very powerful. It's rare to see someone below A-Rank wielding them. Now Tier 5... Those are weapons of legend. The best of the best use them and they are said to be completely unbreakable.

Right now there's no real way to make a weapon go up in tiers. None that I know of, anyway.

>He looks at Sweet-T who's practically skipping her way along to The Vigil.

Not that I even know much about how she can become a Tier 2 weapon in the first place.
No. 629595 ID: d958ad

>tier 5 is legendary
I think you mean Tier 1.
So uh, who started the Hero Association etc? When did the Vigil crop up? Ever hear of Saitama or Rena?
No. 629596 ID: bd8b82


psst, it says 1/3 up there, meaning this is a three part update

No. 629599 ID: 8f7720
File 142658404292.png - (129.82KB , 700x500 , 7.png )

Tier 1, right.
Hero Association's been around as long as I can remember. Don't know all the details on it.
The Vigils started up like 20 years back during The Surge. Buncha new Villains. HA just couldn't keep up so one of their A-Class, Ms. Fortune, decided to start up The Vigil. Not officially Heroes but enough to stop the new villains that sprung up. They've been sticking around since then with Ms. Fortune as their leader.

Speaking of which...
No. 629600 ID: 8f7720
File 142658430313.png - (78.60KB , 700x500 , 8.png )

>Miss Fortune looks at the duo's application for a moment before tossing it in the trash.

"Rejected." She says.


"What the fuck!?"

"I said re-ject-ed"

"Miss Fortune, we-"

"The Vigil never rejects someone!" Sweet-T is up again and doing her table pounding routine.

"Normally we don't. We're always looking for new Vigilantes to keep the city clean. However, according to your sheets the two of you are greener than a spring flower. I'm rejecting you for your own safety."

"Oh come on. We're strong. We can fight." Star says.

"I'm not saying you can not.I recognize your synergy and potential. But you have 0 practical experience. The Vigilante World would eat you alive. We are not the Hero Association. No healing, no special super suits, no safety. Do you really want something like that?"

>Star looks at Sweet-T.

>She nods.

Do I?
No. 629601 ID: bd8b82

yes. if need to take this chance, you can never get experience fighting crime if no one gives you a chance to fight crime. it's a catch 22. only way out is to take the risks.
No. 629607 ID: cf91e4

It seems like the only way you will get to be a hero.
You said you were in Dome 7, right? How hard is it to get to the other domes?(not sure how much good Rena did to make the outside world safe or whatever)

I wonder what happened to miss fortune's eye?
No. 629615 ID: 330ce5

We should go for it, if we back down we may show lack of commitment. We are doing this and we are giving our all and then some!
No. 629618 ID: d3be40

"No, but we don't have any other good options. We're in debt, I don't want to turn villain, going on dungeon crawls would be even more stupid, and-"

"ARE YOU @#$%ING BLIND?! We're gonna STARVE if we don't get a job!"

"T, I just said that."

No. 629620 ID: d958ad

...how else are you supposed to get experience?
No. 629623 ID: 948196

"if neither you or the hero society are willing to hire us there isn't really any way for us to get experience. I know this is dangerous, but I've wanted to protect people for as long as I can walk, and i'd be insulting my fathers memory if i gave up on my dream just because it was dangerous."
No. 629657 ID: 5db52c

Dumb question: how are we supposed to get experience if no one gives us a shot? You got a better idea?
No. 629809 ID: 60700b

How good is your grip?
If it's good enough, here is an idea on possible flight: have T turn into a dual-headed rocket hammer.

If she doesn't know what it is, explain a rocket hammer is one where the head is half rocket, half hammer, and a dual rocket hammer is with that on both ends.

Landing would either be using the rocket hammer to slow your descent, or letting go, flipping around and using your hands to land.
No. 629865 ID: 8f01e8

"Miz, Sweet-T and I can get the experience you want us to have here, with you and the other Vigilantes at least nominally watching our backs, or we can get it by having someone kick our unregistered asses during a bank robbery some time next week. I came here to apply because I'd prefer the former, but I'll abide by your decision either way."
No. 630071 ID: 8f7720
File 142684268838.png - (105.77KB , 700x500 , 9.png )

It's a pretty long day of travel to get to the other domes. Unless you got some sorta flying power or something.

"Miss Fortune, look, me and Sweet-T here want to get experience. The way I see it we can get it two ways. Either here helping you and the Vigilantes or having some super villain kick our unregistered asses while we try to stop a bank robbery. So... Yeah. I kinda do."

>Miss Fortune looks at Star then down at Sweet-T. She sees no hesitation in their eyes, only sheer determination.
>She scribbles something on their papers and hands it back to them.

"Alright," She says, "You two are in."

>Star takes the paper, hardly willing to believe what he sees. This might as well already be a hero license. Beside him, Sweet-T looks about ready to break into a dance.

"Now then," She reaches into her desk and pulls out a small tablet. "Let me lay down the rules."
No. 630075 ID: 8f7720
File 142684301381.png - (53.91KB , 700x500 , 10.png )

>She taps a few buttons on it and brings up a screen. There's a small list on it. She brings up a menu and types a bit more before handing one to Star and Sweet-T.

"These are the Guides. A list of all Villain activity going on in the dome. We have em all organized by rank there. Unlike the Hero Association we don't send the Vigilantes out to fight. Who you fight and when are completely up to you. Up top you can see two forms of currency we use here. One are Vigil Points. You get those by taking down bad guys and saving the day. Get enough of those and you can get some perks from our own R&D department. We don't have much and half of it is likely to explode but it's there if you need it. Below that is cold hard cash. We'll keep track of how much we owe you and you're welcome to withdraw it whenever you want.

>She scrolls through the list of Villains a bit.

"We got them from S to D Class here. I'm sure you know this but D-Class is the weakest and therefore pays the least. Easy work, though. S-Class is something we tend not to mess with too often. Now here's another thing. If a Hero is on the scene we're not allowed to interrupt. Only if it's completely clear that the Hero is about to lose. Second, we do not kill. Ever. You can hurt them as much as you want but if I find out you killed someone on the job I'll hunt your ass down myself. Got it?"

"Of course."

"Good. I think that about covers it. Unless you have any questions, that is."
No. 630085 ID: 6e4dd4

Can we get info on several D-class in one area? Or even better, get this info on the run somehow, so that if the first place we go is already occupied we can immediately go to the next instead of having to come back here first?
No. 630086 ID: 9ddf68

you said that we take a job whenever we want right? Is there a bounty board or something for us to look at or how exactly to we pick our assignments?
No. 630088 ID: 60700b

Question, If we start out at D, and then after some experience, found to be worth a higher rank, would our rank be changed?
No. 630090 ID: 88960e

>No killing
How far does Sweet-T's power stretch the definition of weapon? Can she make tools? The right medical device and/or equipment could be used to stabalize or save lives, and a lot of it could also be used as a weapon. (And her power means you'd be qualified to use it).

>Unless you have any questions, that is.
What's the protocol if a hero interrupts one of us? If we're all competing for the same jobs, that seems sort of inevitable.

Or what about intra-vigilante interruptions / assistance?
No. 630095 ID: bd8b82

as soon as you are both out the door give Sweet-T a celebratory kiss.
No. 630098 ID: d3be40

As vigilantes, what is the standard for public relations? Are you allowed to mutilate and torture villains in the dark? Or do you have corporate advertisements to fulfill as well?
No. 630099 ID: bd8b82

that question is pointless, we don't want to mutilate anyone.
No. 630121 ID: 8f7720
File 142688279791.png - (65.97KB , 700x500 , 11.png )

Such a thing is right here in my hands. I can flick through and pick Villains I want to stop. Tells me their name, powers, and location. The numbers constantly fluctuate so I know there's others taking these jobs.

This thing updates in real time. Let's me know if the crime is still going on or not.

"A few questions. If we start fighting D-Rank do we go up in rank eventually?"

"The Vigilante don't have a rank. You just joined but you're more than welcome to take on that S-Class if you're feeling suicidal. The only notable benefit is that if you take on higher profile targets the Hero Association may notice you or you'll get some public notice. We have a few Vigilante who are on par with A-Class Heroes in terms of popularity. This kind of notice will get you plenty of benefits outside of The Vigil."

Eh. Torture and stuff ain't my thing. If they're still fighting after I hurt em then I keep going but if they're done for the count I'm done. Ain't no point in fighting someone who can't fight back, you know?

Sweet-T can turn into any weapon she thinks is a weapon. So she could become a scalpel but not a syringe or a defibrillator. And she can be pretty stubborn about what she considers a weapon or not.

"So what if a Hero tries to move in on my fight?"

"Then you kindly tell them to fuck off. Unless you need help, that is. This also applies to fellow Vigilantes. Work with them if you want to be most know not to step in on someone's fight. It's not against the rules, per se but it is very rude."

"Alright. I think that's about it. Uhm... So do we just tap one of these names and go fight the Villain?"

"That's about it. Why not try out a D-Class?"

>Miss Fortune presses the D button and scrolls through a list of a few D-Class.

Night Watch: Villain Association D-Class Rank 123. Powers: Control of light. Can fire beams of energy out of his fingertips. Useless in a completely dark area.

Static: Villain Association D-Class Rank 76. Powers: Minor control over lightning, enhanced speed. Can deliver much more powerful bolts but inflicts self harm.

Quickdraw: Villain Association D-Class Rank 89. Powers: Unerring accuracy. Tier 5 weapons (regular guns).

Ragdoll: Villain Association D-Class Rank 23. Powers: Complete control over cloth that she is touching. If she uses cloth to touch other cloth her control of it extends.

No. 630124 ID: a19cd5

No. 630126 ID: 89941a

I'd probably say night watch or static.
No. 630130 ID: bd8b82

static. keep to one handed weapons, use other hand as shield to block bolts.
No. 630132 ID: 5db52c

>Sweet-T can turn into any weapon she thinks is a weapon.
So her limitations are largely perceptual. In order to increase her versatility / power you have to change the way she thinks.

...it strikes me that her power could get very dangerous around someone with mind control powers. If someone can dictate what she thinks a weapon is, she could, in theory, become literally anything. And there are things that exist that are dangerous enough in their own right without making a souped up rank 2 version of them.

I strongly suggest taking no missions against villains with mind powers, and to purchase Sweet-T some kind of anti-mind control protection in the future as a preventative measure.

>Rank Ds
...Ragdoll's power strikes me as absurdly exploitable, if used correctly. Especially if individual threads still count as fabric. (Possible tactics: snowball control over an area, remote operation via hidden control threads, control / domination via a zerg-like fabric 'creep' to operate over, espionage, automatic restraints of anyone clothed her network can contact. And that's before we even start throwing exotic materials into the fabric mix. Could do some cool things with complete control of spider silk, or mono-filaments).

Although if she's operation at rank D there are obviously limits on what she can apply her power to (what counts as fabric, processor / mental strain limits on how much she's controlling or at range?), or she's just not using her potential fully.

My curiosity says we go for her.
No. 630139 ID: b9cef6

Night Watch and Ragdoll sound like the ones least likely to have us end up Dead For Real. I mean, right now, we're just a kid with a good attitude and invincible arms. If we went up against that QuickDraw guy we'd just get shot and die. So, those two.
I assume we'll be able to grow some bullet resistance later.
Or buy body armor or something.
No. 630146 ID: a9753c

I suggest you fight Ragdoll, try to capture and convert her so that you can increase your squad.

Here are some strategies for fighting the others:

Night Watch: Sweet-T should transform into something very... disturbing, and highly noticeable. Punch him while he's distracted.

Static: Sweet-T should transform into a high-conductive weapon with a tail that can be used to ground electric bolts. With any luck, the idiot will keep firing at you and will deal no damage, and then use overcharged shots in an attempt to kill Sweet-T, only to end up overloading himself.

Quickdraw - Sweet-T should transform into a shield. With rusty nails. Rush the target, tackle him down, and stomp on her until he gives.
No. 630150 ID: bd8b82

course the balance is she destroys the hands of anyone that tries to use her weapon form, star is immune because his hands are completely and totally indestructible, this theoretical mind controller would be able to maybe get off one attack before losing their hands.
No. 630156 ID: 5db52c

The workarounds to that would be either to have her shift into a form that's plenty dangerous / deadly without a wielder (for example, any kind of bomb, anything radioactive, a gas, antimatter, a star, a black hole...), to have someone else with an invincibility power or telekinesis to wield her, or to just mind control Star too.
No. 630158 ID: 9ddf68

well they're all villains so I say go for the one that's the most active. I mean the whole point of this is to stop them from hurting people so if you can take down the ones that cause the most problems you'll be helping more people. Unless someone is committing a crime right now then try and stop them.

Also with sweet T, what does she consider a weapon? Anything bladed, clubs, guns both kinetic and laser? can she turn into a laser gun or even a flamethrower or what? I'm not asking for a list of everything she can turn into just a general idea like is she restricted to melee weapons only or can she go ranged?
No. 630166 ID: 8f01e8

So, sweet-T can't turn into a syringe, but what about a gun that shoots poison darts? Maybe loaded with really unconventional poison that happens to be medicinal in smaller doses?
No. 630168 ID: 13c4a5

let's go fight Night Watch.
No. 630178 ID: bd8b82

how about we stop trying to game the system and take things at face value?
No. 630209 ID: 8f7720
File 142692829167.png - (155.07KB , 700x500 , 12.png )

>What does Sweet-T consider a weapon?

Anything that shoots, stabs, or bludgeons. Like if the average person looks at someone walking towards them with it in hand they would think 'Yep, they're armed with a weapon.'

I try to get her to try new things but she calls them lame and refuses to. She also hates 'fantasy crap'. So no Warhammer of Orc Smiting. There's no negotiating with that girl sometimes.

>Star presses down on one of the buttons.


>The tablet alerts them that there are no heroes in the area and to act immediately. The Villain is terrorizing the populace.

"Oh! Uhm, I gotta go!" Star half stands up, waiting for a dismissal.

"Go, go. Good luck."

>Star grabs Sweet-T's hand and runs outside. The area had felt threatening before but now that the Vigilante has a goal in mind he is able to push all else out.

>His tablet beeps louder and louder as he gets closer to the target. Then it ceases.

>He sees Ragdoll. All around her the streets are covered in strips of cloth. They wrap around buildings, light posts, and even people. They grip the structures with unnatural strength. Star can see a tree cracking under the pressure.

>The Villain's head tilts to a dangerous angle that makes Star shudder.

"Are you a Hero?" She says.

"Nope. We're the Viglantes Star and Sweet-T. And you're under arrest!"

"Ah... I see... Perhaps it was too much to expect true Heroes to show up for my debut. Very well... Star, Sweet-T. You will not leave here alive...."
No. 630211 ID: 9ddf68

right, probably best to go ranged here since her powers can turn your costume against you. semi-auto rifle should be good for now. good range, good stopping power and less likely to have stray fire hit something or someone it shouldn't. Can always change it later if we need to as well.
No. 630212 ID: 8f7720
File 142692985943.png - (174.80KB , 700x500 , 13.png )

>Sweet-T holds out her hand.

"Ready, Star?"

"Hell yeah."

"Come on, then. Let's kick her ass!"

>Star grasps Sweet-T's hand. He can feel that now familiar pull as her very being grasps as his thoughts, searching for the one that will help her change into a weapon.

>Which weapon does he chose?
No. 630213 ID: 296917

Scissor blade. Let's cut some cloth.
No. 630214 ID: 89941a

Some sort of scissor chainsaw?
No. 630215 ID: bd8b82

he said no fantasy crap. and unless she watches anime i doubt she would want to.

regular sword would be fine. if it can be on fire that would be extra great. bladed on both sides. in fact, have the grip and cross-guard be bladed too, we can hold a sword like that and not hurt and she can't grab it cause all of it is sharp so the cloth cuts itself trying.
No. 630216 ID: 60700b

This with rubber bullets, so that we don't kill.
No. 630222 ID: b9cef6

Big ol' pair of shears.
Can T change form mid-battle?
No. 630223 ID: 4201a1

Time to go clock tower on the fool.
No. 630238 ID: 5db52c

Giant shears, or failing that some kind of sword, would work.

A flamethrower might be nice, but her cloth is wrapped around all kinds of stuff that's not fireproof. And you're not fireproof either.

Remember, you're wearing fabric. You can't let her, or her fabric, touch your clothes or she'll be able to control those too.
No. 630249 ID: a9753c


The long-range kind, not the "Video Game" kind. Shoot her until she panics, and then punch her in the face. After she falls unconscious, use your hand powers to put out the flames.
No. 630252 ID: 8f01e8

Length of chain covered in razor barbs, with a heavy ball on the end. Ideally, the whole thing is also on fire. Just sort of swing around in a circle while constantly moving toward Ragdoll. Anything she tries to hit you with gets tangled up and rapidly shredded/burned/corroded-by-Sweet-T's-aura.
No. 630261 ID: 13c4a5

A thin blade would be nice, but any weapon that is sharp and can be used quickly should do the trick.
No. 630262 ID: 696535

>Some variation of a pair of giant scissors
Go full-on sword. She would totally reject becoming a cutting utensil.
No. 630338 ID: 0f3813

Scissor Katars.
They are a real thing btw.
No. 630422 ID: a19cd5

A giant rocket-powered mace. The explosive three-in-one: use the turbine as a flamethrower, use the mace as a mace, and use both at once for batting practice.
No. 630807 ID: 8111b6

Here's an alternate suggestion. Baseball bat or perhaps a long staff. Maybe you could knock them out through the fabric, assuming there's actually a body. Plus, less chance of 'oops, I stabbed your vital organs'.
No. 630819 ID: a9753c

I got an idea! What about a highly-abrasive, heavily-splintered baseball bat?! See if Ragdoll can feel exactly how HORRIBLE Sweet-T treats fabrics and cloths!

If not, you can just apply the the "Cursed Weapons" effect and set them both on fire.
No. 631031 ID: a19cd5

seconding baseball bat since we were expressly told no weird shit and all of us immediately hopped to weird shit
No. 631247 ID: fbc59e

I think a Sword will do just fine, myself. >>630215
Something like this perhaps?
Ah, maybe with jagged edges because cloth.
No. 631249 ID: a19cd5

Favicon is up, by the way.
No. 631496 ID: 8f7720
File 142759478172.png - (91.06KB , 700x500 , 14.png )

Hey, I can always change the weapon mid-combat. No problem with that.

But for now...

>He focuses his mind on a weapon. Sweet-T sees it within her own and agrees. Her body lights up and she floats in the air. For a fraction of a second her entire form is broken down and reforged into a mighty weapon.
No. 631497 ID: 8f7720
File 142759489335.png - (142.49KB , 700x500 , 15.png )

>Star grasps Sweet-T by the handle. His partner is now a massive double-edged sword. Not only that but the handle and crossguard are also bladed. Attached to it is a length of rope with a spiked ball at the end of it.
>Anyone else trying to hold this would be sliced to bits, cursed, and find themselves unable to even lift it. But in Star's hands the weapon is the perfect fit.
No. 631498 ID: 8f7720
File 142759493647.png - (284.41KB , 700x500 , 16.png )

No. 631499 ID: 8f7720
File 142759512559.png - (278.08KB , 700x500 , 17.png )

>Star runs in, ready to dodge any cloth that is thrown his way. He is forced to duck and weave as different strips block his path or try to trip him up.

>The blade manages to slice through a few of the strips and clear the path to Ragdoll.

>Star swings his blade at her but it's blocked by several large strips of cloth. The blade pushes against them and burns but the cloths resist the damage.

"Impressive." Ragdoll says, "I see they really -did- send someone decent to fight me. Perhaps my debut won't be all that bad..."

Nnn... Not that many that can resist Sweet-T's edge. Is it possible she can control the density of the cloth?

Looks like a straight on attack might not work.
No. 631500 ID: 89941a

Perhaps a chainsaw? Rip and Tear.
No. 631501 ID: bd8b82

then pincer. throw the ball out wide so it comes at her from the side and sword from another. would need to focus on blocking two different weapon types at the same time. also try sliding the guard up so the cloth in pincered between the blade and bladed guard.
No. 631502 ID: 296917

Does a flamethrower work? That would splash around and get past her guard. I suspect she would be able to deflect bullets with extra-dense cloth, and the path of a bullet is easier to predict than a liquid.

An alternative would be some kind of... I don't know, gun that shoots swords? Grenade launcher?
No. 631509 ID: b9cef6

She probably can't use the cloth to defend herself if she's not actively paying attention to it. So do some witty banter and press against it, and then send the spiky ball to hit her from behind.
Also, question for later: how'd your mask get that crack?
No. 631518 ID: 7cb539

use the ball and chain attached to the hilt to hit her from the side.
No. 631519 ID: 8f01e8

Circle around. Make it seem like you're pressing the attack, probing for weaknesses in her close-in defense, while actually using other parts of the weapon to sever her connections to landscape and hostages. After she runs out of leverage, structural and emotional, the real fight is over.
No. 631520 ID: 5db52c

>Is it possible she can control the density of the cloth?
If she can manipulate individual threads with sufficient resolution, that would allow her to re-weave fabric into denser materials. She doesn't even need a separate or auxiliary power to alter / enhance the fabric, just sufficient control with her known power.

>Looks like a straight on attack might not work.
Wear her down? Work on keeping her trapped in one area, while you steadily cut down on her available cloth. Press forward hard when she's weak enough.
No. 631601 ID: f75cf9

>Is it possible she can control the density of the cloth?
I'd think the other likely answer is she somehow picked up some carbon fiber somewhere (or similarly tough cloth).

I think that's our hope, actually; it'd be tougher but in limited supply.

Hmm. How much control does Sweet-T have? Could you make say a cat-o-nine-tails that wraps itself around things to keep them out of the way?

...Actually, better idea, flashbang. Or, if Sweet-T will let you, a heavy air cannon; she can't block that.
No. 632542 ID: b27a55

She's sending threads in from behind, watch out!
No. 633017 ID: 8f7720
File 142823691579.png - (186.88KB , 700x500 , 18.png )

I didn't crack it. It used to be my dad's and it was pretty much all that was left after his battle. It's really tough to break, though, so no worries about it getting more damaged.

"Maybe... But I think it's time to put a wrap on this battle." Star says.

>He can feel Sweet-T groan.

"... Just fall already."

>Star notices the tendrils of cloth trying to get him from behind. He ducks and dodges all of them while slicing with his blade.

>Ragdoll keeps sending more sharpened strips but Star is able to parry them. The villain is so focused on attack him that she doesn't even noticed him swing Sweet-T's flail until it's too late.
No. 633018 ID: 8f7720
File 142823701040.png - (169.64KB , 700x500 , 19.png )

>The ball meets some resistance from some tenrils sent in at the last second but they're no match for the Tier-2 weapon.

>Sweet-T shreds through them as if they were made of tissue and connects with Ragdoll with a solid THUD. There is a terrible cracking sound and the woman is sent flying into a wall.

>Her web of fabric falters and drops, freeing the hostages and buildings.
No. 633019 ID: 8f7720
File 142823723226.png - (162.84KB , 700x500 , 20.png )

>Ragdoll rises, her bones making audible snapping sounds as she settles into a crouching position.

"Impressive," She says. Her voice is wet as a veritable waterfall of blood pours from her mouth. "Very impressive... I concede, Vigilante. Star, was it? You did well. But I will not be arrested."

"Holy shit, lady! Are you okay!?"

"Though I may be a D-Class I have pride. Only a Hero may arrest The Ragdoll."

"You're bleeding everywhere!"

"But perhaps one day you may earn the right to be my arch-rival."

"Seriously! Should I call 911!?"

"Until then..."

>She stands up and begins taking horrible jittery steps away, still leaving behind a trail of blood.
No. 633020 ID: bd8b82

stalking time. she'll probably pass out from boodloss then you can take her in.
No. 633023 ID: 9297f4

Use your sneak prowess and take her in when she collapses. Hopefully, they have a way to patch her up.
No. 633024 ID: 9ddf68

ok just follow her until she passes out and call someone to come pick her up. Seriously if she somehow still manages to put up a fight when help arrives see if you can't have T turn into a chain or something to tie her up in so she can get medical help. Can sweet T turn into a tranq gun or is that not a weapon in her mind?
No. 633029 ID: 8f01e8

Swap out the swordchucks for a squirt gun and hose Ragdoll down with some sort of nanotech smart glue that will tangle up her limbs and staunch the bleeding, but not attach to the pavement or otherwise inconvenience paramedics.

Point out that she's not in much of a position to make demands, then magnanimously offer to call your boss in to handle the formalities of surrender, provided Ragdoll agrees to accept medical care and rant about her own nefarious agenda until then.
No. 633035 ID: d3be40

Explain to Ragdoll that she's NOT a supervillain. If need be, insult her; "she's just a miserable pile of bleeding pride".

After her response, ask her why she became a supervillain, and use her motives to attempt to recruit her into the vigilantes.
No. 633037 ID: b9cef6

Just wait for her to fall over, then get her to a hospital or call an ambulance or something.
No. 633038 ID: 5db52c

>Only a Hero may arrest The Ragdoll.
I didn't hear word one about the authority to arrest people in our briefing. Not our job. We're just supposed to take down baddies, which we did.

She conceded, fight over, we're done. Now please let us help you not bleed to death, okay? (We're also not supposed to kill people).

...I don't suppose she can bandage herself with her power? Although that doesn't do much for the internal bleeding.

If she complains, villains get to hold heroes hostage by their moral code all the time. Stop complaining and enjoy it.
No. 633047 ID: 296917

DO call 911. You can't risk her dying, for multiple reasons.
No. 633049 ID: 89941a

Yeah.. stop her, have her lie down and call an ambulance or something.
No. 633249 ID: b2c9e1

Okay tazer her, It's for her own good, she'll probably die if you let her go,
No. 633256 ID: 330ce5

oh my, can Sweet T turn into some chains or something to bind Ragdoll as we get some help for her. Even if we are trying to help her we shouldn't drop our guard.
No. 633257 ID: 8f01e8

No taze. Theoretically nonlethal electrical shocks have been known to cause heart failure even in healthy-looking people.
No. 634040 ID: ed1a7e

No, seriously, just- just stop her. Sweet-T can call an ambulance while we nudge her to lie down or something, catch her when she trips over her own broken shins. Like, fucking hell, I don't know how to deal with someone who's dying.
No. 635414 ID: 8f7720
File 142950119472.png - (164.50KB , 700x500 , 21.png )

>Star drops Sweet-T. With a pomf she turns back into her normal self. Star tells her to call an ambulance while he attends to Ragdoll.

>The Villain is barely walking at this point but her powers keep her on her feet. Control over fabrics takes the place of her broken bones and torn ligaments.

>Star catches up with little effort.

"Do not come near, Vigilante Star." Ragdoll says

"No, seriously, come on. We gotta get you better or something."

"Touch me and I will kill you."

>He doesn't touch her but simply getting in her way is enough. Cops and medical workers come by to arrest and repair her. Her mask is removed as they try to keep her airway open. She glares at Star.

"You have made an enemy today, Vigilante Star."

No. 635415 ID: 8f7720
File 142950230279.png - (136.62KB , 700x500 , 22.png )


>Star and Sweet-T are walking down the block. Almost immediately after the battle ended the city returned back to normal. No one had been seriously wounded and those who had were compensated by the Hero Association.

"We fuckin' rule, Star!" Sweet-T is practically skipping down the street. The fight has her blood boiling and she's recanted each blow of the fight at least a dozen times.

"We do indeed. The lady didn't tell us what to do next, though. Are we supposed to report back or what?"

"Who cares! We kicked ass! We-"

>She's stopped mid-sentence by a small beeping noise. A robot approaches the pair with a piece of paper in hand.

"Vigilante Star and Sweet-T," It says, "I am The Aribiter. Congratulations on your first victory. Here is your check for $1,000"


>Sweet-T stares at it, wide-eyed.

"O-one thousand..." She wipes away some drool with her sleeve.

>Star takes the check. The little robot flies off.

This... Is more money than I've ever had at one time.

"Star," Sweet-T says. "What should we do with it?"
No. 635416 ID: bd8b82

grab sweet-t by the shoulders and before she can stop you give her a celebration kiss. then take her on a fancy date!
No. 635417 ID: 5db52c

First objective:

Do either of you have an actual bank account you can cash a check in? If not, you need to get one, asap.

Celebrate? Get something nice to eat?

Remember to save enough for rent. You said you needed rent money, earlier.
No. 635418 ID: 9ddf68

pay off any bill you two may have and pay for your rent. After that, see how much you have left and go from there.
No. 635419 ID: a19cd5

No. 635421 ID: 89941a

Squander it all on sweets first opportunity you get!
No. 635422 ID: 296917

This. Be responsible.
No. 635449 ID: 60700b

Yes, this is how you start a budget.
No. 635465 ID: 8f01e8

Start with the necessities of survival. Air, water, food, shelter. You're on a habitable planet, and that's quite a lot of cash for less than an hours' work, so get things squared away with your landlord and then eat whatever you want at the nicest restaurant that'll allow you inside in those clothes.

Speaking of which, next priority is doing your job better. Sweet-T doesn't seem like she could benefit much from further personal equipment, and the Vigilantes have good intel, but you're on foot, and Star's chest vitals seem to be as vulnerable as any random civilians' if somebody gets a lucky hit in. So, see what a couple hundred bucks can get you in terms of more comfortable/reinforced footwear and/or body armor. Probably not military grade stuff; look in sporting goods or wilderness-outfitter stores, assuming there isn't some sort of place catering specifically to low-end superheroes. Remember when shopping for new gear that the best stuff may not necessarily be the most expensive, but it's DEFINITELY not going to be the cheapest. Aim for simple, reliable complements to your existing style rather than trinkets with flashy features you don't completely understand.
No. 635472 ID: d3be40

Good idea.

Afterwards, buy some armor. You're not invincible yet. You may want to buy a few gadgets for situations where you and Sweet-T have been forcefully split up.
No. 635621 ID: 8111b6

Bills if they haven't been taken care of, food if you're running low.
You're still a bit early in the career to find out if you need gear. And if you do, some of it might be substitutable by your partner's abilities.

Maybe get yourselves a good meal out in celebration. ...but not too good. Maybe pizza?
No. 636074 ID: ed1a7e

Pssh, ya'll thinking small time. Star, imagine what you could do with that money, imagine everything you could possibly, ever do with $1000. Okay? Now, multiply that by 10.

Get an apartment? Now you can get the swankiest apartment in the city. Stuff your face? You could buy a restaurant and eat awesome food whenever you want. Go to the amusement park? You can rent the whole thing out! All you have to do, all that stands between you and your wildest dreams, is go to the horse races. Easy as pie. Sweet-T will love you for it, trust me.

Maybe also buy Ragdoll an apology cake, since you did kinda turn her internals to pulp. She could use a pick-me-up while she's in jail; this probably her first time getting locked up you know?
No. 636075 ID: 60700b

Pretty sure that money is supposed to last until the next villain is taken down by Star and Sweet-T.
No. 636211 ID: 5ed49f

Get new clothes and underwear.
No. 636333 ID: e4bceb

Go take care of the stuff you need the most - paying rent, your bills, buying food, all that.

Take the rest to the bank and start an account for emergencies. You might run into some villains on your way there, so that means even more cash!
No. 636396 ID: 4711ce

Spend it all on hookers and blow. You know you want to.
No. 637467 ID: 8f7720
File 143056028168.png - (183.85KB , 700x500 , 23.png )

"Ahahaha. Oh Star, that's a riot. Do tell me again how you managed to catch her off guard."

"Well, you see my dear it was quite simple. See, I realized that she would be distracted and, oh, here comes our main course."

>Plates with food they had never seen before are put on their table. Their contents are tiny, with only a mouthful of food, but for a hundred dollars a plate surely it must be the best?

>Star takes a sip of his wine and-
No. 637468 ID: 8f7720
File 143056040420.png - (106.10KB , 700x500 , 24.png )


"And after paying your overdraft fees, overdue fees, and base costs your change comes out to... $3.35." A pudgy man hands star his change. He looks at it.

I hate being a responsible adult.

"Hey, Star." Sweet-T says.

"Yeah, T?"

"You know that diner down the dome? The one run by the fat guy with one eye and no teeth? I think we might have just enough to get one burger from him. Wanna split it."

"Yeah, sure."
No. 637469 ID: 8f7720
File 143056073346.png - (70.42KB , 700x500 , 25.png )


>The duo sits at the diner and pick at a meager burger and fries.

"This burger fuckin' sucks."

"You don't have to eat it, you know."

"I'm hungry."

"You're..? You don't -need- food."

"Doesn't mean I can't feel hunger. That's fuckin' racist, Star."

"I wouldn't count it as an ethnicity."

"Are you gonna eat that or keep flapping your gums?"

"I thought you said it was horrible."

"Was pointing at the fries."

>Star slides her some more fries which she eagerly devours.

Well, it was nice being rich for a moment.
But still... If that's what I get from one D-Class...

>Star pulls out his tablet and taps away.
>The screen comes up showing the bounty available within the city. The numbers continuously change before his eyes with D-Class fluctuating the fastest.

Oh, what's this?

>The top corner is flashing. He presses it and it reveals a small list of items with a picture accompanying each and their price in Vigil Points. With the one point he has there are only a few meager options, half of them are very basic of very untested.
>He flips through them.

Huh... There's a few pieces of armor here. Some fancy tech.

Most of the good stuff is super expensive.

Should I bother buying something now? If so, what?
Or should I just go and do some more missions and accumulate points/money?
No. 637470 ID: bd8b82

any chest protection would be good. your arms and face are already good, but a body blow will still hurt.

also, now that your debt is kill the next battle will let you keep the bucks.
No. 637471 ID: 2a196a

Definitely go for some chest protection, if someone rips out your vitals or you get shot in the chest, having something to stop the blow would be useful. You should think of fixing up your mask, you'd look less disheveled that way, in my opinion.

Also, I've got a few questions.

Who founded your dome?

Does anyone named 'Rena the Rock' come to mind? Or 'Queen of the World'?

Do you have a map of the surrounding area and the other domes?

Who's currently the top S-ranking hero in your dome?

Is there anybody else like Sweet-T that can transform into a weapon or has similar abilities? I was thinking if you found someone like that, you could dual wield the two of them.
No. 637472 ID: bd8b82

except sweet-t has already shown able to be two weapons, she just needs them to be connected two swords connected by a wire will be fine.
No. 637475 ID: 772c81

I don't think we can actually get any equipment with 3.35

Perhaps take up working garbage can lids into functional chest protectors with the miraculous power of duct tape.
No. 637477 ID: 9ddf68

huh, the S class villain is gone it seems... or is that for S class gear?

Either way I say hold off on it for now and either call it a day and go back home now that the two of you won't be booted out or the power will suddenly turn off or if you still have some fight left in you maybe try for another D class.
No. 637488 ID: 660db0

>I think we might have just enough to get one burger from him. Wanna split it.
No Star, what are you doing. That could keep you and Sweet-T fed with Ramen for a few weeks! Hamburgers are too fancy for you guys right now.

Also, there use to be a hero from the days of Rena the Rock named Iced-T, are he and Sweet-T related. I think he had ice powers.
No. 637494 ID: 89941a

Your arms, legs and Sweet-T is all the armour you need! Besides, you just spent your last cash, didn't you?
No. 637505 ID: 60700b

Star's legs aren't invulnerable, just the arms.
No. 637506 ID: 809713

>Don't need food
>Still feels hungry
That's the worst super power. Sure, you won't ever starve, but if you don't eat, you'll feel yourself starving to death, without the sweet release of death ever sparing you.

...maybe if she gets hungry enough you can convince her a burger making machine is a weapon.

>Should I bother buying something now? If so, what?
I kind of doubt there's anything good on sale for 1 point. You should save up.

Although it wouldn't hurt to skim the list to see what's there. What's there in the vein of defense or emergency options?

Also, are these just your points, or the points you two share on a joint account? If they're Sweet-T's too, that means she gets some say in how they're spent. (Even if she can't use stuff while transformed).
No. 637515 ID: a9753c

Ragdoll had a low challenge level. Lots of potential in that girl, but she's obviously far from her full potential.

If a low-level challenge rating got you $1000, you may as well farm challenges until you have enough experience and equipment to take on the C-rankers.

Try a higher challenge level this time, though.
No. 637516 ID: 60700b

Try one more time to convince Sweet-T of power stunting (using powers in unconventional ways), like something she considers a weapon chained to a SWAT shield.
No. 637522 ID: bd8b82

also, now that you are refilled you can try another one.
No. 637536 ID: 89941a

He needs the legs to run away, duh.
No. 637554 ID: 60700b

But his legs can't outrun a bullet fired from a gun.

Would worldbuilding stuff and knowing what types of weapons are known in the world (beyond tiers) as well as anything else too cumbersome for the quest thread be something requiring a discussion thread?
No. 637558 ID: 660db0

The only weapon we need is a rock.
No. 637577 ID: 60700b

I really believe stuff like this should not be on the main quest thread.
No. 637715 ID: 8f7720

Ain't bothering me none.


No. 637954 ID: 660db0

Good thing you're not the one running the quest, then.

Makes me wonder if there was ever a pocket rock arms race, with people making rock based defenses and then trying to counter those with better pocket rocks.
No. 637957 ID: b9cef6

I believe he meant the better, more potent form of Rock: the musical kind.

There's probably some team of heroes that are also a band, isn't there.
No. 637963 ID: 660db0

Nope. I mean rock as the the kind you pick up off the ground.
Rena would frequently hit people in the face with them, it was her signature move.
No. 637966 ID: 9297f4

Learn the art of beating a motherfucker with another motherfucker. Or into the ground if another motherfucker isn't around.
No. 637974 ID: 60700b


Let's check the list of nearby D-class villains, maybe take a peek at the C-class.
No. 637986 ID: 660db0

Anyone who doubts it's an effective weapon in this universe is insane.
No. 638000 ID: 60700b

Why is it that people assume what they know is what everyone else knows?
No. 638008 ID: 60700b

Also, I suspect that this is an AU of the quest you reference where Rena doesn't exist and that rocks being used as a weapon is simply ludicrous. Unless, of course, the quest author says otherwise.
No. 638182 ID: 8f01e8

Wait, is Sweet-T limited to portable weapons, or could she transform into something like a self-propelled artillery cannon? Loaded with glue bombs for the nonlethal thing, of course.

Pick another fight, keep converting superpowers into cash until you're too tired to fight effectively. D-class, or maybe look through the available C-class villains for somebody with some flavor of regeneration or invulnerability so you can hold back less.
No. 638183 ID: e114bc

I agree with aiming for a C-class that has enough durability for us to not risk killing them.
No. 638294 ID: 665deb

You kids better keep it down in here or I'm turning this chan right around and driving off a cliff. BDA moved (on request) to Discussion thread here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/90788.html
No. 638295 ID: 60700b

Thanks, though I don't think the request came from me, though I think you should have added these ones as well: >>637577 >>637963 >>637986 >>638000 >>638008 Also, I don't know what BDA stands for.

I agree on asking Sweet-T on types of nonlethal weapons she would consider.
No. 640534 ID: 8f7720
File 143167362511.png - (95.10KB , 700x500 , 26.png )

>That's the worst super power. Sure, you won't ever starve, but if you don't eat, you'll feel yourself starving to death, without the sweet release of death ever sparing you.

It's not that it's a power. She doesn't even really feel hunger in the normal sense. She just can eat. Her body only needs fuel if she transforms a lot.

She's just had this thing about food ever since I met her.

That's a lot of questions. Okay, don't really remember the name of the dude who founded this place. that was almost two hundred years ago.

Heard of Rena, not the other one.

Not on hand.

Right now the S-Class Rank 1 is Moonlight Knight.

As far as we know Sweet-T is one of a kind.

We have these Vigilante Points we could spend

I probably should get some chest armor... But I think it would be better if I saved up.


"Hey, T."

"Mmm?" She says between a mouthful of food.

"Still not gonna go down the less lethal route? Something like pepper-spray would be handy."

"Yeah? Then go buy some. I told you, I ain't gonna turn into some punk weapon. Swords, knives, fucking sweet-ass guns. THOSE are weapons. You already know this, Star. Why are you asking about it?"

"Ah, well. Just an idea. Especially since we can't kill people. Not that we would in the first place but... I felt pretty bad about Ragdoll."

"Yeah. We should send her a get well cake or somethin'."

"Right. After we do one more mission."

"!!! Fuck yeah! Let's pick someone out!"

"Nothing hard. We just need some spending money."

No. 640544 ID: 8f7720
File 143167530110.png - (67.75KB , 700x500 , 27.png )

>Star flips through D-Class

Annoyounce: Villain Association D-Class Rank 125. Powers: Really annoying. Can cause the feeling of socks being wet, stepping on LEGO, or having an itch you can't scratch.

D-Lite: Villain Association D-Class Rank 69. Powers: Bondage based abilities. Tier 5 super strength, durability, and speed. Quite powerful. Would be in C-Class if the 69 position were not already taken.

Spotlight: Villain Association D-Class Rank 2. Powers: Removes the powers of others. Normal, otherwise.

Dark Blue Ranger: Villain Association D-Class Rank 12. Powers: Tier 5 strength and durability. Tier 5 weapons and gadgets as well. Sworn enemy of the Rainbow Rangers.

>Star takes a look at C-Class

Pumpqueen: Villain Association C-Class Rank 23. Powers: Halloween based weaponry. Minor reality bending. Do not eat any candy given by this one.
No. 640548 ID: aeadb9

D-Lite sounds good both in terms of quick cash and that she can take a hit so they're less likely to die from a good swing.
No. 640551 ID: 2a196a

Spotlight sounds like an easy victory/capture.
Even if she can remove your and Sweet-T's powers, you can still go the nonlethal route and use your fists.
No. 640552 ID: 90b08b

Go for Annoyounce. That monster must be stopped.
No. 640563 ID: b9cef6

>Power: Really agrivating
...Lets just pick this guy up after we fight a real villain. As in literally just pick him up and carry him to jail. He's a freebie.
Does Spotlight remove powers permanantly? If no, them all the way.
No. 640564 ID: 89941a

Pumpqueen. She doesn't seem too dangerous for a C-class. And reality bending is always fun.
No. 640709 ID: d3be40

Annoyounce: How did this guy get to a high rank? Maybe he ... wrong toes. Yeah, whatever. Feels like a trap.

D-Lite: C-Class ranker might be too hard. Speed + Strength is a strong combo, you might not be ready to face her. Especially if Sweet-T is liable to mouth-off her getup.

Spotlight: Weak. You might make an ally of this guy, but he doesn't have a partner, which says something.

Dark Blue Ranger: Sufficiently strong, but has a high rank and you can take him down.

Pumpqueen: High rank, but what happens if Sweet-T accidentally eats her candy (especially if "eating" also involves grinding candy up in weapon form)?

1 - Dark Blue Ranger, 2 - Spotlight, 3 - Annoyounce, 4 - Pumpqueen, 5 - D-Lite.

Earn money.
No. 640710 ID: 79940c

>I ain't gonna turn into some punk weapon.
What if you can think up non-punk non-lethal weapons? Like, uh, you could tase someone not quite to death with a lightning gun.

>Spotlight sounds like an easy victory/capture.
Except it boils down to a fight of two powerless normals against one powerless normal. And if spotlight is smart, they're prepared for that.

Seriously, all they need is a handgun to shoot surprised and suddenly overpowered capes.

>who pick
D-light seems like someone you can pound on without much fear of hurting them, and bondage is less effective against a shape-shifter. Even if you're immobilized, Sweet-T can adjust form to something that could get you out.
No. 640837 ID: 8a7ebd

how about some brass knuckles, a cop truncheon etc? dangerous but probably not lethal
No. 640884 ID: d3be40

Hm. Star's hands are impervious to harm. He could just grab some barbed wire or glass shards or equip excessively heavy gauntlets with sharp edges.
No. 641004 ID: 8f01e8

D-lite is probably going to be one of those types who enjoys being beaten up so much that it gets weird. So, accept that in advance, and prepare accordingly. Go for some sort of electrified tentacle-whip on the offense, and for defense, Star can do some "just don't throw me into the briar patch" thing about having his fingers bent backwards and broken. After the fight is over, politely explain that you weren't technically lying, anything capable of injuring your invulnerable hands really would have to be pretty scary.

Speaking of which, don't confront Spotlight without mundane armored gloves.
No. 647346 ID: 8f7720
File 143385630682.png - (95.54KB , 700x500 , 28.png )

"D-Lite. Let's take her on."

"Alright, let's do it!"

>Stay pays for his bill, rises to his feet, and adjusts his jacket.

This should be a piece of cake.

No. 647347 ID: 8f7720
File 143385670244.gif - (288.07KB , 700x500 , 29.gif )

>D-Lite is in the middle of a robbery. After stealing everything of value from the store the woman simply waited around, terrorizing any civilian who came by. For the most part, however... She seemed bored.

>Star and Sweet-T arrive at the scene. The duo doesn't take in the subtleties of the situation. They simply know that there is a Villain here and they have to defeat them.

>D-Lite smiles and places a hand on her hip. Her other hand holds a wicked and rather lewd looking whip.

"Vigilante?" She says, "Well, I suppose it's better than nothing. I'll try not to break you too fast~"
No. 647349 ID: 8f7720
File 143385729071.png - (130.63KB , 700x500 , 30.png )

"Ahahaha. Well, you know... I guess we can just let you off with a warning this time. I mean, it's not that big of a deal."
No. 647350 ID: 9297f4

Star, no, Sweet-T is right by you. Don't fall for her feminine wiles. BE A MAN. GIVE A BIG FISTING.
No. 647352 ID: 88960e

Sweet-T, you smack that boy upside the head. Even if you've got to jump to do it. He needs his head in the game.
No. 647354 ID: 89941a

Sweet-T, do the thing. Seriously, you can look way better than her and you know it.
No. 647356 ID: bd8b82

jeez, you have sweet-t, don't look at other women like that. just chage in, deflect the whip with a hand and knock her over.
No. 647379 ID: d3be40


She probably has the power to regenerate her beauty anyway.
No. 647399 ID: 9ddf68

T hit your boy to bring him back from stupid-ville.

As for a weapon... I'm thinking something ranged just because with this bitch's strength and speed getting in close might not be the smartest idea
No. 647405 ID: d4a543

Don't even dignify Star's foolishness with a verbal response, just remind him why you came here by switching to weapon mode.
No. 647424 ID: 2a196a

No. 647503 ID: b8ceae

Sweet-T: Punch him in the gut and tell him he's not allowed to flirt with other girls.
Then walk over, snatch her whip, and turn into an identical whip. She picks you up, her arms wither, you can arrest her your own damn self.
No. 647925 ID: d4a543

>walk over, snatch her whip, and turn into an identical whip.

Too tricky. Just tell her you gotta switch sides for a couple minutes to teach your partner a lesson about who he's supposed to flirt with. Then turn into a way awesomer whip than the one she's using now, and after she picks you up, wrap yourself around to entangle both her arms.

Well, maybe let her hit Star once or twice, but aim for his invulnerable parts.
No. 656779 ID: ed1a7e

Flirt with her.
No. 662529 ID: 8f7720
File 143963576121.png - (125.64KB , 700x500 , 31.png )

"Star? ... STAR!"

"Huw what-!?"

>Sweet-T gestures for him to get closer. When he kneels down she kicks him in the shin.

"Star! Get yer goddamn head out of your DICK! She's a bad guy! We're here to kick her ass, not lick it!"

"T, look, we really hurt that other one and she was doing more damage than this lady. I'm just saying maybe we can go easy on her."

"No. No no no no. Fuck you. I know exactly why you feel bad for this one and it ain't cause of some fucking altruistic shit."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Yes you do!"

"Then what is it?"
No. 662531 ID: 8f7720
File 143963605055.png - (45.30KB , 700x500 , 32.png )

No. 662533 ID: 8f7720
File 143963665601.png - (77.01KB , 700x500 , 33.png )

"But you know what, fine. Maybe we should give her a shot. I've been wrong before. Hey, lady, are you done stroking your murder boner? Ready to join the good guys?"
No. 662534 ID: 8f7720
File 143963670222.png - (78.84KB , 700x500 , 34.png )

"Welp, I guess not! So, Star, you gonna transform me into a weapon so we can kick ass or what?"
No. 662535 ID: 3663d3

yeah yeah, how bout a nailbat?
No. 662538 ID: 425719

Hmm, I'm torn between something that's big and heavy so she can't yank it away easily, and something that's nice and sharp to cut through the whip.

I know! A flanged mace would be perfect! Flaming head optional.
No. 662539 ID: fbc59e

turn into spiky gauntlets! No touchy for you Star!
No. 662540 ID: 2a196a

A flail, it's a flying ball of death attached to a stick by a chain. Spiked or just a plain blunt head will do if you're just trying to knock her out. If you can split Sweet-T into a flail or blunt weapon and a shield, that would be the perfect counter to D-Lite's whip.
No. 662541 ID: 7741ef

turn into a giant spiked dildobat. That way you can let star smack her around with an effigy of a dick so he can feel satisfied and you can brutally maim her.
No. 662544 ID: 3663d3

don't need a shield, can block attacks with his arms.
No. 662545 ID: 1cebc8

A chainsaw

with cow milking suction cups

that have ACID NEEDLES
No. 662552 ID: 2a196a

Doesn't mean the rest of Star's body won't be protected, shield's a second defence. There's only so much his arms can cover. Look at Sweet-T in the latest image, her arms are tied up. Do you seriously want that to happen?
No. 662558 ID: 60700b

Did Sweet-T get grabbed by the whip the villain is holding?

Uh oh.
No. 662559 ID: 34a64b

Star, grab Sweet-T! Sweet-T, become sword!
No. 662582 ID: 89941a

Turn into a spiked whip. Outwhip her!
No. 662634 ID: ab7529

Star, be lame:

She tied you up! That's not murder!

>thinking with your dick
Maybe you need to insist you go after some male villains, T.

>what transform
Sword cuts through bondage.

Has to be a wide-bladed sword so you can smack her with it instead of cutting her in half when you get close.
No. 662675 ID: 257e78

Sweet-T, Star has spaced out on you and so you need to handle things on your own. Turn into a hollow whip wrapped around the outside of D-lite's existing whip; burn her non-invulnerable hands. With luck, she'll enjoy the pain so much that she'll refuse to drop you until she's incapacitated.
No. 663041 ID: b9cef6

Spiked boxing gloves. Cartoonishly large ones! Have fun yanking those away, /d/iva.
No. 663661 ID: b8ceae

A cat-o-nine with extended lashes. Sticky lashes.
No. 665917 ID: 2a1897

No. 665920 ID: 8f7720
File 144100176229.png - (73.96KB , 700x500 , 35.png )

>Star places his hand on Sweet-T. She's immediately engulfed by a bright light.


>His wishes flood Sweet-T. But as he holds onto he can sense her emotions. Most strongly comes her feelings of irritation and envy.

>She changes-

No. 665921 ID: 8f7720
File 144100213513.png - (26.56KB , 700x500 , 36.png )



<Since you like thinking with your dick so much how about you fight with one?>

Sweet-T! Come on!

<Go on. Smack her across the ass with your dick.>

No. 665927 ID: 8f7720
File 144100252566.png - (53.54KB , 700x500 , 37.png )

>Star shakes Sweet-T a few times to get her to change back but his partner stubbornly hangs onto her current form.

"Come on! We need to fight!"

"Hey, sweetie, look... I can tell you're having a bit of trouble there. I'm just gonna go back to being a villain, okay? I'll see you later~"
No. 665928 ID: e114bc

No. 665929 ID: 9297f4

Dick slap.
No. 665930 ID: 2a1897


No. 665931 ID: 9ddf68

lady what the fuck did you do to my friend? This is something that would have her kick the shit out of anybody if they ever thought to try this, even as a joke. Again the fuck?
No. 665936 ID: b8ceae

"Wait, Sweet-T, you're jealous? I didn't know you wanted me like that!"

That should convince her to stop being a sex toy. Meanwhile, beat the villain in the face with the dildo.
No. 665943 ID: 5ffd12

Star, go ahead and slap her with that big floppy thing.
No. 665961 ID: a107fd

Keep in mind that is a Tier 2 Class dildo-bat. It's probably got micro-fractal pleasure nublets with vibratory harmonics that claw straight into a lady's spine and don't let go until she's writhing and gasping for more.

Flip Sweet-T down so you're wielding spetsnaz style, leap forward, and aim for cleavage. If you're gonna keep your eye on that target anyway, might as well make tactical use of it.
No. 665963 ID: 92a560

Stick your dick in her.
No. 665965 ID: 1cebc8

Wow. Sweet-T just humiliated herself on camera. Maybe she likes the attention, but you're not going to judge.

RIP HER TITS OFF!!! Remember, your hands are invincible so her augments won't be effective if you grapple her. Take a firm hold and kick her in the ribcage.
No. 665968 ID: 89941a


Fuck her up, Star!
No. 666009 ID: 2eeb65

Add "knocked out a dominatrix with my giant dick" to your resume.
No. 666011 ID: 2a196a

No. 666044 ID: bb78f2

Tell Obvious lies that you just thought defeating a sex themed villain with a dildo bat would be funny. We still have to arrest you, even if you don't think we're taking this seriously.
No. 666045 ID: 57dfcc

T, I'm really not comfortable committing sexual assault, here.
No. 666083 ID: ad936f

No. 666528 ID: 58018f

No. 666724 ID: ad7bba

So Star, what's it like knowing how to use a dick? I mean, now that you're holding onto Sweet-T and she's transformed, you intuitively understand how to use her form, right?

It must be so weird to suddenly know how to actually use a dick.
No. 666813 ID: 026c68

Let's beat her, but not in a way that gets us arrested for sexual assault, hmm?
No. 666911 ID: b8daf4

Stab her right between the tits.
No. 667071 ID: 026c68

See how she responds to your mighty "Political Issues"
No. 674922 ID: 8f7720
File 144402506681.png - (67.14KB , 700x500 , 38.png )

I can't just...

I won't use a goddamn....

Fuck, she's getting away..!

"Stop right there, criminal!"

>Star leaps forward and slaps the Villain with Sweet-T. The impact is loud and causes the dildo to shake in his hands. Or maybe the hit accidentally turned on one of the weapon's features?

>Either way it's strong enough to knock her glasses off and send her flying through the air.

Oh, right.

Still a Tier 2... Despite it's shape.

No. 674923 ID: 8f7720
File 144402519135.png - (61.94KB , 800x600 , 39.png )


>There's a flash. Star sees someone holding up a camera.

"Oh man, this is gonna be great. 'Local Hero Commits Sexual Assault Against Villain: Has The Hero Association Gone TOO FAR'? Hey, can you stand above her while holding Dilcalibur in the air?"


Oh god.

No no if Ms.Fortune sees this..!
No. 674924 ID: f8c5bf

There's only one option. You are going to have to cockslap the innocent bystander. There can be no witnesses!
No. 674927 ID: e114bc

Don't worry about it.
No. 674934 ID: bb78f2

Buddy, THIS is my partner who thought it would be funny to become a dick sword. I wanted a real sword, but she just HAD to be a dick sword.

Don't throw me under a bus. Please. This isn't sexual assault, this is me trying my best while with a sentient weapon person with her own mind. Don't make me out to be the bad guy here, or I SWEAR, I will not be a very happy person!
No. 674936 ID: 3009b4

>You are going to have to cockslap the innocent bystander. There can be no witnesses!

Obnoxious person with a camera? Not innocent. It's MURDER TIME!
No. 674937 ID: 2ccbb3

First, stick Sweet-T into D-Lite's mouth. Then clarify that you're not a hero by insulting the journalist with as much hurt as possible and throwing his camera into a random house.
No. 674942 ID: 6c33e3

this. -1 to assault on the press, holy fuck why are you guys so dumb
No. 674945 ID: 1b358e

Heroic pose!
No. 674947 ID: f938df

You're not even a Hero, Star. You're a vigilante, I wouldn't worry too much about Ms. Fortune being disappointed when you've already took care of TWO villains.
No. 674972 ID: 3663d3

say "whatever" sweet-t turns back to normal. you can claim it's been Photoshopped. how? when asked sweet-t becomes a sword with identical handle but actual sword blade. bam, everyone is forced to doubt the claims of dildo sword.
No. 674977 ID: 1e49d3

>hero association
hah, toss the dildo at the foiled villian and smash the camera
No. 674980 ID: 88960e

Yeah, sure lemme do a heroic pose....

Turn Sweet-T into an emp gun or something, fry camera without hurting reporter.
No. 674998 ID: 89941a

Nah, you should do a legitimate heroic pose. Make sure to correct ms. paparazzi that you're a vigilante and not a hero though.
No. 675000 ID: 2567f1

Tell him sure, get in close so he can catch your good side. Then break the camera.
No. 675005 ID: f977e0

good plan
No. 675027 ID: a107fd

Sweet-T, you need to shift into a highly- directional EMP generator before this little prank gets us both the wrong kind of publicity. You're okay with being a gun that only explodes electronic stuff, right?
No. 675062 ID: e5229b

Welp, time to turn into a neuralyzer and attack the paparazzi's memories. Make sure you delete the pictures while she is zoned out from being flashy thinged.
No. 675081 ID: 6e773d

She doesn't know you aren't technically a hero. Let them take the flak as repayment for rejecting you.
No. 675120 ID: f938df

Got an idea for you and Sweet-T, Star.
First, snatch her camera and when she tries to get it back, throw it to Sweet-T and have her throw it back and forth to bully her.
No. 675396 ID: 62e993

sweet T could claim that the villain influenced her?
No. 675450 ID: 2eeb65

Do what she says. Roll with it. Bad publicity is still publicity.

Let crime fear our name (because no one wants to be defeated in such a humiliating way, and have it published in the media to boot).
No. 676026 ID: 19fae5

Star, get offended. Ask if they'd like it if you insulted their partner. Then have Sweet-T turn back to normal and have Sweet-T get in some faces.

She's better at being tough then you.
No. 676119 ID: aeeef2

Claim you're doing a Saints Row reference.
No. 676120 ID: aeeef2

Claim you're doing a Saints Row reference.
No. 676141 ID: b5b419

remember, you're a vigilante, not a hero. Absurd tactics are more acceptable.
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