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File 143061950734.png - (141.17KB , 700x500 , Discussion.png )
90788 No. 90788 ID: 8f7720

Talk about the quest!

Do it now!
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No. 90790 ID: 60700b

I do wonder just how far it is between domes, on average, and how big each is.
No. 90792 ID: bd8b82

so sweet-t and star are boyfriend and girlfriend, right? they do it yet?
No. 90794 ID: fe8c0a

sso, how often will this be updated? is it a schedule, or just when Larro feels like updating?

On-topic, approximately how many people live in the dome? Out of these, how many are Heros/villians/vigilantes etc?

Are powers hereditary?

Does Star have any boxing skills?
No. 90797 ID: 2a196a

>Saisai in the background
That's just cruel.
No. 90812 ID: 60700b

Maybe so, but I'm pretty sure Sweet-T would have rejected a rock biased solely on the fact it's something that can be picked up off the ground.
No. 90813 ID: 60700b

Then again, she may not reject it biased on that exact reason, but I'm still certain she will loudly reject it as a weapon.
No. 90880 ID: 660db0

Actually, I believe it's same universe like 50 - 60 years in the future and Rena's retired.
No. 90881 ID: 60700b

Again, the quest author has made no mention of it in this quest, or the disc thread, so your theory is just as unconfirmed as mine.
No. 90882 ID: fa5f0f



Is Hero Quest: Shining Star and Hero Quest Rena set in the same universe? If so, do they share the same dome? Seems unlikely, if 'Dome 7' is one of the numbered domes.Further than that, how far in time has it been since Rena's quest? Is Ms. Fortune a magical girl? I saw a 7 as her focus, or hairclip‎ Shii

That's like a bajillion questions.
Yes they are set in the same universe.
No they do not take place in the same dome.
It's been about 60-70 years.
She was one but quit a few years ago.
No. 90883 ID: 8f7720

guys, pls. The first quest has like no bearing on this one.
No. 90884 ID: 60700b

Sorry for causing and/or prolonging any drama
No. 90885 ID: 660db0

>so your theory is just as unconfirmed as mine.
No. 90886 ID: 60700b

The Quest Author has spoken and if you want to keep this up, I am going to side with whatever the Quest Author says on it, because I don't want to risk killing what looks like an exciting and entertaining quest.
No. 90887 ID: 660db0

>I am going to side with whatever the Quest Author says on it
Which is >>638238
No. 90888 ID: 60700b

Yet the author said differently on >>638242
So that argument is invalid.
No. 90889 ID: 660db0

He meant no baring as in the fact that all the characters are retired, it's like 60 - 70 years later, and we're in a completely different dome.
It's still the same universe and those characters still existed.
No. 90890 ID: 60700b

That is one possible interpretation.
No. 90891 ID: 660db0

Seems like the more likely one if you take into account as to what was said on his Ask.FM.
No. 90892 ID: 60700b

Maybe, but I'm waiting for him to say it here or the disc thread.
No. 90893 ID: bd8b82

the point larro was saying was that yes this is the same universe but it DOESN'T MATTER. we will never run into any of the old characters because they live in a different dome.
No. 90927 ID: 60700b

Something that just occurred to me, if Sweet-T turns into a gun, does she magically create the ammo for it, or does she need a separate ammo stock?
No. 90946 ID: 1f1146

so, anyone who knows care to answer >>90794 at least the first question?
No. 91046 ID: b283c9

Is there going to be a low-class punmaster villain that just pisses everyone off, but somehow hasn't died yet?
No. 91130 ID: 8f7720

Each of them are roughly as big as New York City and are days and days of travel apart from one another.

Star doesn't kiss and tell.

It's whenever I have time.

There are a few million people in the dome and only a couple of hundred belong in each of the Associations with an even smaller amount in the Vigil.

Powers can be passed down.

He's pretty good at fighting without weapons. When your hands are immune to damage you learn how to use em.


She would reject a rock cause it's not that awesome of a weapon.

No. 91239 ID: b5b419


His name should be the "Master Baiter."
No. 91257 ID: 8f7720
File 143218467907.png - (75.06KB , 700x500 , Sweet T is not pleased.png )

No. 91288 ID: ad7bba

No need to get tes-t.
No. 91296 ID: 164c83

Wow, did someone just try to Mary-Sue themself into Larro's Quest, as 'master baiter?'
No. 102312 ID: 79a07e

Hoodie Quest. I like Ava. She seems nice, down to earth, cool.
Shame we might have to puppet her to keep ourselves alive.
No. 102894 ID: 9e365d

Feels like we had to get Dues ex Machina'd out of that situation because we couldn't think of any good enough ideas.
No. 102900 ID: 3663d3

naw, it was a 'supposed to lose' boss fight situation at worst. the ass beam probably knocked her loose and we flew off like team rocket, and the hoods managed to secure us.
even in a low power state the hoodie probably makes ava immune to falling.
No. 103472 ID: b70770
File 147350007491.png - (437.80KB , 1000x1000 , Aisha cooling off.png )

Aisha cooling off after a hard day of work.
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