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File 134009170668.png - (149.47KB , 800x700 , 275.png )
424044 No. 424044 ID: a6008c

Wiki: http://www1.tgchan.org/wiki/Earth_Defense_Force
Discussion Thread: http://www1.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/331895.html

>Please do not post more than one suggestion per update! It makes it easier to parse the suggestions. If you have more to say about what's going on, please use the discussion thread! It makes it easier for me to update.
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No. 424045 ID: a6008c
File 134009171802.png - (200.15KB , 520x1301 , 276.png )

No. 424046 ID: a6008c
File 134009175869.png - (381.54KB , 800x700 , 277.png )

Later, back in Adventure City...

"Aaaahahahaa! Is that all you got, monkey?" I announce, flying high above Wrench Monkey and his futile struggles. "Your former employer hangs now over a vat of acid! The rope suspending him has been lit aflame at the far end, and it's only a matter of time before it burns his supports away! What do you think you can possibly do to stop me?" I call out, egging on newly arrived hero.

"Take your time, Greg. No need to rush, I'm sure you'll be fine." says the old man, suspended over a vat of not-actually-acid. I didn't tell him it was fake, so maybe he's just that carefree? Who knows.
No. 424047 ID: a6008c
File 134009180786.png - (432.07KB , 800x700 , 278.png )

Wrench Monkey is currently fighting my black knights, and doesn't care to respond to my tauntings right now. Perhaps I should have timed the delivery better, maybe before attacking him with black knights. In any case, I have Glenda on standby, and he's going to have to scale this office building to get up to me and his former employer... Hmm hmm hmm. I wonder how he's going to try and stop me...?
No. 424049 ID: 132b99

he seems like a direct kinda guy, once he gets his opening he will probably build stairs straight to the roof.
No. 424050 ID: a2fa74

"So! Cranky Kong! Will you be using ladders and girders to save Petunia here? I could always scrounge up some barrels and fireballs to complete the set! Or aren't you a fan of the classics?"
No. 424055 ID: 7bed5c

that is a long ass rope, maybe that's why.

Start making a bunch of obsidian darts to throw. When glenda comes out, teleport on top of her and throw out all of them in one big wall type thing.
Make sure you have a booming laugh.

If he can't react to that by, I dunno building a wall (or holding a board up) then he isn't meant for the hero business.
No. 424060 ID: 72d49b

I bet he can tell it's not acid. Proper acid would have his eyes watering.
No. 424066 ID: 7472ad

He threw his wrench at you before, so I expect him to throw your knight at you. Prepare to teleport away. If he starts building stairs to you again, meet him with an obsidian walkway.
No. 424071 ID: d5ee6f

Yes. We can't go too easy on him. This to be an honest battle or else he won't feel good about his last battle for good.
No. 424082 ID: 771d02

maybe burn the rope faster mid-battle and announce it to him to pressure him into trying harder.
No. 424091 ID: 0faf03

Has he used none of his construction type powers yet? You need to get a good idea of how he has upgraded them. Maybe make something like an obsidian field of razors and see how quickly and effectively he can build a bridge.
If he dawdles then consider setting the building on fire too.
No. 424179 ID: 431fa8

Your knights are being squandered at the moment- if he's too distracted to respond and you're not forcing anything more dramatic than hand to hand, then you're not earning FX.

Have them pull back a bit so that you can chat; dramatic conversations are the stuff of which FX is made. Position the knights so that Wrench Monkey won't be able to easily walk into the interior of the building (we need things to stay outside where we have space for flight, maneuver, and drama) and instead will be forced to start building up the outside, or better still will ignore the building entirely and try to engage you. That buys us time, burning down that rope and building tension. So demand his attention with a few shards of obsidian thrown his way while he's distracted, then follow up with some dialogue (dodging as necessary).

Our chatter here should not be simple taunts at Wrench Monkey directly- instead, attack his position as a hero and his decision to continue down that path, particularly as embodied in his decision to rescue his former employer, who rejected him directly explicitly because of his decision to become a hero. He's revealed emotional weakness and doubt; it's your duty as a proper villain to exploit it. The point of this job is to give Wrench Monkey a chance to stay hero or turn villain, after all; he gets to be the centerpiece as we push the dialogue onto being about him, why he does things, and if we play things right why he should turn his back on the world that turned its back on him first. The ultimate result of this tactic should either be your triumph as he emotionally cracks and falls to villainy, or his triumph as he rescues his employer with dramatic resolve and redeems himself as a hero while you rage at him for his foolish stubbornness on behalf of those who will never truly respect him.

Oh, and his employer doesn't get to offer responses here. Knock them out or gag them or something; they're only allowed to serve as McGuffin, not conversationalist. That is a matter for heroes and villains only.

Keep Glenda in reserve until such time as Wrench Monkey starts making his way up to the top of the building, at which point she can emerge from the ground and collapse his construction faster than he can react, bringing him tumbling back down. I trust that she's already prepared this whole building for collapse at an appropriately dramatic moment, of course.
No. 424193 ID: d5ee6f


"Oooh, ouch. Take your time. Good advice. If you had took your time before you wouldn't have been fired, would you? It's funny, even when his life is on the line he'd rather you didn't have powers."

"But don't worry, you'll be fine. It's not your life on the line. Did he say the same when he fired you? After all, you're a hero now. Surely you don't need construction work?"

"Are you even a hero? All I see right now is a man in a monkey suit he can't take off smacking my puppets around like he's got more muscles than brains. Is this all you can do?"
No. 426672 ID: a6008c
File 134079601878.png - (428.89KB , 800x700 , 279.png )

I prepare a set of shards to throw, and I warp down to him as one of my knights is tossed aside. With a gesture, I tell the knights to back off. "Come now, Cranky Kong. Is this all you've got? How do you think you're going to save the princess with just your muscles? Ladders and girders? Come on, I've got fireballs on hand. I could probably grab some barrels. You know. Complete the set."

Wrench Monkey is actually looking pretty good. My knights didn't even touch him, and he's taken down two of them already. "Very funny." He replies, relaxing slightly as the knights back off. "I didn't think you'd be a fan of the classics."

"And I didn't think you'd actually show up. You've never been a very good hero."
No. 426673 ID: a6008c
File 134079604890.png - (530.78KB , 800x700 , 280.png )

That hurt him, I can tell. He bares his teeth, and takes an offensive stance. "I'll destroy you."

"See? That's something a villain would say. Maybe you should change careers? You've been very good at that lately."
No. 426674 ID: a6008c
File 134079607285.png - (574.83KB , 800x700 , 281.png )

He charges. I throw my prepared shards, and then ready a teleport. Wrench Monkey blocks them with a sheet of metal pulled out of nowhere, and then I-

No. 426675 ID: a6008c
File 134079609315.png - (171.92KB , 800x700 , 282.png )

I turn to the right in surprise, just in time to take a blow to jaw.
No. 426676 ID: a6008c
File 134079612686.png - (310.66KB , 800x700 , 283.png )

I go reeling back, but teleport mid-reel, flailing backwards high above this new enemy.

"We will stop your evil ways, once and for all, Baron!" The EDF?!?

"What do you think you are doing here!?"

"Stopping your villainy!" Blue Ranger says, same as he's said everything else.

No. 426683 ID: a2fa74

"You're showing up at a one-on-one grudge match to steal the spotlight from a hero on his last chance to keep his cape? Damn, that's cold. I mean, damn!
Aren't these guys supposed to be your friends, Wrench? Why are they here screwing up your chance at redemption?"

Shake your head
"I don't think I have it in me to screw over my own allies like that.
Wait, I have an idea, I know exactly how to fix this.
Gimme just *one* minute here. Walter? Tend to the MacGuffin."
Teleport to Angel Frost. Tell her you need her to hold off the EDF so Wrench Monkey can have his showdown, then teleport back with her.

"Ok, perfect! Now we've got a hero fighting to redeem himself, some antihero Knights Templar enacting their own brand of justice no matter the cost to others, a hero fighting to protect the rematch her friend so desperately needs, and an anti-villain who has turned heroes against each other for fun and profit!
Ok, shall we continue?
*Ah-HEM* Your friends can't save you now, you babbling bonobo!"
No. 426689 ID: a3b384

Eh, work with it.

"HAHAHA, FOOLS! I have placed a curse upon this sorry excuse for a hero, one certain to bind his will and his power to me forever! He thinks to break it by challenging me, to prove himself not my lesser. If you want to take that one chance from him, then go right ahead... heroes. Surrendering his would be victory to you is the same as his defeat by me."

That gives a rationale to his impending flip in alliance, and keeps him from backing out on the terms of his deal by looking good in an alliance with them.
No. 426690 ID: 6768fc

>blue, white, pink
Wait, wait.
Where is green
check the hostage in case green is there
inb4 green became white

I like this. It's not the best thing we could say, but it can probably work out.

We are kind of in trouble here because it's going to come out one way or another that the acid was fake, so I think we need to up the ante. If they don't back off we might just have to set the entire place on fire. For now though "GLENDA!"
No. 426700 ID: e3f578

"I was having fun with Wrench Monkey here. It'd be fun destroying you, really, but you know, prior engagements. Stuff like that? Or are you here to help him? Haha, Wrench Monkey! Good show! Getting my rivals to attack me from behind while distracting me! That's devious!"
No. 426709 ID: 223190


don't reveal what you're doing eith Monkey- if he hears it, it'll be ruined. just obliterate them quickly. teleport behind blue and slash him with a sword, then teleport back away.
No. 426742 ID: d7e757

Ahahahahah, yes.

Something like this is perfect.
No. 426746 ID: e8be8d

No this is good. What you're doing is pointless unless someone can see Wrench Monkey shine or fail. Keep an eye open for surprises though and don't give away the fact that you set up this even together with Wrench Monkey. That's your hidden blackmail material for later!

"You won't be stopping anything today, EDF. Your pitiful attempt at intervention is futile! I thoughtfully prepared a secret weapon to take care of uninvited guests and meddlesome extras."
*Give them a creepy grin*
"For you however, I'll make an exception... I will eliminate you myself while my engine of destruction crushes that miserable ape! Walter, activate Glenda and target Wrench Monkey. Destroy at will!"

Then try to keep EDF busy while Glenda battles monkey boy. Start by throwing obsidian projectiles, then teleport away out of their sight to scan for Green. He's not rescuing the hostage now, is he? He can fly after all. Then strike them in the back with a cruel laugh as soon as they start moving to take on Glenda. Be like a cruel spectre of death. Play mind games with them. See if you can break their spirit.
No. 426751 ID: b85f8c

Tell them to go away, you can't fight them today. This is NOT their fight, stop interrupting. And who the hell's that white guy?
No. 426756 ID: 132b99

wait, can you call timeout?
No. 426763 ID: 89fdbb

"What the hell are you doing here? This is just rude. It's Wrench Monkey's fight. Are you insinuating that he's not capable of holding his own? Sure, the Earth Defense Farce may be a bunch of utter incompetents who only have a chance at surviving their own ineptitude in a three-on-one fight, but that doesn't mean Wrench Monkey is. In fact, he's easily as competent as a villain, albeit one far less mighty than the Baron Obsidian."
No. 426765 ID: dc6bf4

... Wrench Monkey knows it doesn't count if the EDF saves the day, right?

I mean, half this whole debacle is not just to avoid becoming our lackey, but to prove to the Hero Union that he is a competent hero and, hence, not be fired from the Hero Union.
If the EDF comes in and steals his spotlight, doesn't that sortof negate his whole role in that plan?

But, hey, you know, whatever works, right? When he inevitably gets fired anyway, we'll still be here with a job opening.
No. 426771 ID: cddaf1

Just ignore them. Straight-up pretend they aren't there, with the exception of teleporting out of the way of anything they throw at you. Blue will get so mad it will be hilarious. If Wrench Monkey wants be offended he can do it himself.

Anyway, go back to fighting Wrenchie. 'Port back closer to him, maybe try some swordfighting. Ooh, now's probably a decent time to have Glenda dig up under his feet while he's wrecking you at said melee! 'Standby' means directly underground, right? As for taunts, continue where you left off. "Yeah, it seems like this isn't your field of work, either. Once again, it's more important that a while group of incompetents does the jobs you should be able to handle yourself."
No. 426802 ID: cf49fc

Call a time out with Wrench, then bitch out the EDF for fucking up a pre-scheduled Nemesis battle between you and wrench for the fate of your souls.

Also, casually dodge Green's attack, he's pretty clearly behind you.
No. 427010 ID: d4f98d

Jesus, these fucking jackasses. It's like they have no sense of goddamn propriety.

What the fuck kind of hero suckerpunches a guy in a heated, one on one 'FATED BATTLE'?
No. 427076 ID: 425f82

No. 427279 ID: 431fa8

Well. Okay, that's annoying.

Do NOT reveal Glenda; she can't stand up against the kind of firepower that the EDF put out. Have her prepare to collapse the building with the hostage on top of it while burrowing beneath the structure unseen- none of the EDF will be able to stop the collapse once it's underway, but Wrench Monkey might; either he steals the show by saving the structure with his construction powers or we get to cackle about our triumph in collapsing the building before teleporting off, and either way the EDF doesn't win.

In line with this, have our knights pull back into the building and start climbing the floors- we can snag the hostage and teleport him into the building, where we'll be able to fight the EDF in a relatively confined environment and our knights might be able to actually engage them. This will also trap them in there when it collapses, hopefully.

Do not say anything to the EDF which would criticize them for their actions in interfering with a one-on-one, do not attempt a "time out" or anything resembling it, and generally don't try to use any motivations of our off-the-job self. We're working here, and that means that Baron Obsidian plays the villain role to the hilt and takes what comes. That said, we can have Walter drop off a note with Wrench Monkey when he has a moment during which he's not fighting- "What rude guests we have. I'm switching to improv- the scene is yours to steal, if you can. Those ingrates certainly don't deserve it. -Baron Obsidian" Conveniently, while he reads the note we'll hopefully have time to draw the EDF into the building and get them tangled up in there as Glenda collapses it.

Unfortunately, we do have to make a comment in response to the EDF because we have a reputation to uphold. Perhaps "Oh, please. You can't stop any crime worse than jaywalking."
No. 429864 ID: a6008c
File 134165024812.png - (445.91KB , 800x700 , 284.png )

I immediately look around. Green is nowhere to be seen. Huh.

I activate my new wrist communicator I got from Dr. G. "Glenda, move into position to attack Wrench Monkey, and wait for my signal. Knights, go deal with these EDF pests." I tap a button on top, and my new force field shield pops into existence. Time to go into full-on giant evil ham mode.
No. 429865 ID: a6008c
File 134165026767.png - (636.35KB , 800x700 , 285.png )

"AHAHAA! Fools! I have placed a curse upon this pitiful excuse for a hero, one that will bind his will to me should he fail to defeat me! He has but to beat me in a challenge, and you're going to interrupt his only chance? How incredibly foolish. But that's fine. I'm sure even a monkey would be able to defeat me before you could. You'd be hard pressed to stop any crime worse than jay walking."

"Whatever. I'll destroy you for what you did."

"...oh? And what did I do, exactly? Humiliate you, time after time? Stop your silly dreams of saving the world? Completely surpass your expectations?"
No. 429866 ID: a6008c
File 134165029037.png - (449.43KB , 800x700 , 286.png )

"You put Green into a coma. I won't forgive you."

"I did what."
No. 429867 ID: a6008c
File 134165030617.png - (747.65KB , 800x700 , 287.png )

Before I can process what he just said, Blue is running up the building already, and Pink and White are moving to intercept my knights before they get surrounded. Blue leaps off the building, diving straight at me at very high speeds, and I teleport away...
No. 429868 ID: a6008c
File 134165032228.png - (604.20KB , 800x700 , 288.png )

...just in time to find myself right next to metal shell, which explodes in front of me. I hold up my arms, my force shield protecting my face, but the shrapnel digs into my legs.

Wrench Monkey just shot me with some kind of junk bazooka, and he's loading up another shot. And Blue is looking ready to come up for another go. This is not looking good.
No. 429879 ID: e6888a

Hold the fuck up. Do they not get the healing benefits package?

Touhou it. Full bladespam, position yourself so you can see everyone at once. Blue SHOULD be forced to stop charging, since his own speed would increase the force of each blow, but he looks like he has an aura...

He's got a grudge, this is a serious encounter.
No. 429886 ID: a2fa74

"A coma? Well, that's no fun at all! How can I toy with you if you're not all here to enjoy it?
Maybe I should do something about that; give me something to lord over him.

Still, you could have waited. Putting your grudge before another's life? You're not heroes, you're thugs. I'm insulted."
Have Walter light the fuse at 1/4th of its current length. Adjusting the time for the number of people involved is hardly unsporting, all things considered; most villains would have just cut the rope said something about buffoonery and the price of hubris.

Also, make a note to visit Green in the hospital. A punch-clock villain is certainly allowed to show concern for his coworkers.

As far as tactics? Burn 1FX to grab one of the EDF and use them to bat the next junk rocket at their own team. Then break a molotov over WM's head.
No. 429890 ID: 68852c

who cares they attacked you first you were acting in self defense

just as you are now

kill these EDF fuckwits

blades, flames, Glenda, everything

go nuts
No. 429895 ID: 334456

We did what.

"Hold the phone, wait what? Like, seriously, a coma? I don't remember beating you guys THAT hard."

If they wanna push this, maybe we should send them to join their friend. Do wonders for our rep if we put our entire nemesis team into the hospital.
No. 429898 ID: 431fa8

Ahaha! Green is in a coma- do you know what this means? It means that we can steal his unconscious body and use villain-tech to brainwash him, then have him repaired into a minion! It'll be awesome. Yes, he'll inevitably turn on us eventually, but think of the drama and adventures to be had in the meantime.

In more immediate terms, it gives us an excuse to make fun of Pink for having healing powers too weak to keep her teammates intact, and Blue for being an incompetent leader who gets his men killed. We can laugh and say something like "Hah! Are you serious? One of the oh-so-great Earth Defense Force was truly taken out as easily as that, even with Pink's supposed healing prowess? Nice job, Blue. Leading your team to victory. Let's see if you do it again."

That takes a bit of time to say, of course, so we'll probably have to tele-dodge another time or two. Make sure that Blue doesn't hit us, or that if he does we catch the attack on our force field. If Wrench Monkey manages to hit us again while we successfully defend against Blue, then we can throw in a line that "Look at you, less effectual than the ape! At least he's managed to scratch me outside an ambush!"

Once we feel like we're really on the ropes or having difficulty keeping up the teleporting, instead of moving to a random point in the air on a dodge, teleport into the building- somewhere high up, where we can look down through a glass window onto the outside and see the heroes. It should take the heroes at least a few seconds to find us in the windows, which buys us a little breathing room.
No. 429934 ID: bdb3f8

Man, Blackwick is a punchclock villain. Hurting heroes so bad they don't get to go home and have their time off is way outside his previous operating scope. It don't feel right taunting them about that, much less trying to capitalize on it. This is like, Iron City level bullshit here. Those guys *actually* hate eachother. The EDF is just a nemesis with annoying timing and a penchant for drama. My vote is to stop attacking (though still defending of course) and be like "Shit you guys, really? That's awful. I didn't mean to hurt him that bad."

Speaking of which, isn't Green the one that went down to a single casual kick from a grocery store checkout boy? Maybe he really is just made of glass.
No. 429936 ID: 0eed4d

This. We should look into some way to help green after the fight
No. 429941 ID: d7e757

Agreed. We should be apologizing, but saying that they're free to attempt to defeat us.

Think about it - if Wrenchy manages to support them well enough, he might get hired in Green's place.

And then we can mindcontrol Green and set him against his old team for their 'betrayal'.

No. 429943 ID: eb277c

This is no good at all. Call a time-out. We need to see what's wrong with Green, get the details. Maybe there's something we can do to help.
No. 429947 ID: 252e1b


Don't do it! This will completely tank potential FX gains from this encounter! If you're going to be nice, do it off the clock, when you're not in the public eye.

The best way to do this is to to mock them and lie to them.

"Hah! Are you serious? One of the oh-so-great Earth Defense Force was truly taken out as easily as that, even with Pink's supposed healing prowess? And you didn't even figure out that there's an antidote? Nice job, Blue. Some leader you are. You do realize that if he's been out this long, you're dangerously close to the point of no return? You shouldn't be messing with me, you should be administering your friend a harmonically tuned vibraliterrto treatment on an obsidian slab!"

"You mean you don't even know how to administer a vibraliterrto treatment? Oh my, you are just precious. It's simple, you just rapidly vibrate the slab at its harmonic resonance frequency, which of course should be tuned to the injured party's height, while having Pink administer healing energy. I'll even make the slab for you. Here. Just shake it at 120 hertz while your friend is on it. You can do that right? Well if you can't, you can always place it on one of those vibrating beds for old people."

Then we give him a large slab of obsidian and let them go off to help their friend. Of course, there is no such thing as a vibraliterrto treatment, this is a lie to get them to go away and make them look dumb. We can actually help them later, if we want.
No. 429950 ID: b85f8c

Hey! HEY! No breaking character! We can say we are I dunno, surprised at our own strength, but we are not stopping the fight because we didn't know about Green. Heck, I think we should fucking GLOAT about it. We're a villan, let's act like it.

We need to continue this fight. Wrench Monkey is counting on us, and the mayor would probably get pissed too. We can't just stop.

Let's not just make shit up midfight that they KNOW isn't true. That will throw them off.

For battle plans let's get on the offense. Wrench Monkey's current weapon looks like it could have issues with friendly fire, so let's engage Blue in close range. Forcefield and obsidian sword.
No. 429954 ID: 6616f3

Try and keep White and Pink busy with the knights, they might be able to Megazord us if they get to work as a team.

If you get a second, ignore Blue magnificently and start dropping molotovs on Pink and White.

Not this.

We're RIGHT in the middle of our villainy, here. We can look into Green's condition later! I don't mind the villainous brainwashing. Buy a 2fx heal/mind-control circlet (not 'zombie puppet', think 'replace EDF with Blacwick in Green's esteem'), make him wear red and black. Maybe stick him in an Obsidian Knight-esque costume and miniboss him. It could be a whole big thing, and meshes nicely with our supposed curse on Monkey Wrench.

Plus, keep the EDF distracted from the Hollow Queen breakout, you KNOW they're going to show up there somehow otherwise.

That all said: Remember, these guys are overacting heroic hams. Green could just be sleeping.

Start rapidly teleporting to give yourself enough time to monologue:

"Seriously? I set him on FIRE, how do you end up in a coma from that? But hey, it looks like you weren't set back for long - you already found someone to replace him! White, how about you introduce yourself? Take a bow!"

"Speaking of, that was quite a cheap shot earlier, wasn't it Blue? I suppose I shall have to teach you something of manners. First we greet each other - that's this part here - then we inquire after news of recent events for a few minutes - oh that Green - and THEN the cheap shot, like so!"

Teleport gates take as long to create as the space to travel. Form a teleport gate near-instantly to your right, and the end-point is on the other side of Blue's head. Take your sword and pommel-punch him in the back of the head.

If things are looking too grim, set up one of your new teleport portals in the not-acid (set to spit out somewhere safer), Glenda the building, then while the heroes are wincing at your inhumanity, grab the hostage and declaim you're taking your stuff and going home.
No. 429996 ID: a3b384

Teleport next to Wrenchy, quietly tell him that if they win he isn't going to get much credit. Play along until we get rid of them, then we go one on one. Then we put an obsidian mask on him, as a mark of our "curse" taking hold.
No. 430015 ID: 107c3d

we could apologize and keep in in character, we just have to frame it right.

"I am sorry to hear about green, I do try to avoid permanently damaging interesting foes. I had assumed someone who would challenge me would be more durable."
No. 430169 ID: 0a59e8

It's true. We are trying to play the dapper villain, aren't we? I mean, we do tend to get swept up in the excitement, but we're still a villain with standards!
Ask if Green is okay, but do it in a chivalrously villainous way! Because we totally aren't in the market for killing our adversaries -- just showing them how lowly they are in comparison to Baron Obsidian.

It's a real shame Green's not around! He'll recover, right? He had a lot of style! What with being the only one of all of them that could fly.

... be sure you're flying when you say that.
No. 430181 ID: b85f8c

Oh, and we should probably burn an FX at an appropriate moment while fighting Blue.
No. 434320 ID: dd287a

Actually a rather good oppertunity to taunt wrench monkey, mention how he's apparantly too weak to take us on without the EDFs help, best case scenario, hero friction!
No. 435051 ID: b85f8c

Oooh ooh, ask what hospital Green is in. Say that maybe you could pay him a visit. You're sure that he could use the company, alone and vulnerable in that hospital bed...

Basically I want you to imply heavily that you wish to murder him.
No. 435077 ID: 210c2d
File 134288687751.jpg - (17.47KB , 400x428 , 1323844673004.jpg )

"What, your teammate is in a damn coma and you are here messing around with me? Pull yourself together man and reorganize your priorities"

If you can pull off a teleport/slap in the face I would suggest it.
"Seriously and you call me a monster? At least I know how to take care of my friends. Shut up and lets go find a healer"

This will be the most confusing thing he has ever encountered, allows us to sort of feel better about putting someone in a coma, and weakens the resolve of our nemesis/heroes.
Also if they don't accept out kind offer to 'go find healing for a friend in a coma' then we can still probably get more points for pointing out corruption in the hero's SHIELD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and him not trying to fix it.

Also if they get into the metaherorules saying that they have to beat us to be able to afford the healing then we can instead offer to make them villians and pay for it ourselves with the dosh we get for converting OUR NEMESIS to villainy. And it would totally count as a valid expense because we would be paying to heal up our new allies
No. 437306 ID: 54c7e5


I'm liking the idea of removing time for extra players.

"Well, with more people on the clock, looks like I'm going to have to step up the deadline."

I think Walter is better used bluffing the EDF with his ninja-ness though. Something along the lines of
"Walter, do something nice for Green at the Hospital."
"So, Earth Defense Force, you have a decision to make. Do you keep fighting me, with another, much more competent hero already here, or will you rush to your defenseless friend? He is completely at my mercy. No rush, just remember that Green can always get worse."

And just because we're classy like that, if they choose Green Walter will have just left flowers in a vase or something like that.
No. 437470 ID: 42c1c6

Offering to find a healer is a little too much.

Blue is pretty predictable. He's done nothing but run super fast and hit you... ever. Take advantage, teleport away as he's approaching, leaving some of those sharpened obsidian daggers behind as you go. You don't even have to throw them, just let him use his own speed to impale himself.

Monkey wrench we need to worry about though, he's gonna launch another shell at you. I'd say we should teleport in as he's about to fire, cover the bazooka with the shield and let it backfire in his face, but that's an FX kinda thing to do and we promised no FX for this fight.
No. 440466 ID: a6008c
File 134442028617.png - (199.10KB , 800x700 , 289.png )

"Hold up. Coma? How? I set the guy on FIRE. I wasn't trying to take him out. I thought you guys would have fireproof suits or something. I mean, fire is my thing, and I'm your main nemesis. Something's not adding up here." I teleport down behind my knights, on ground level with pink and white, with blue and Wrench still in my sight. My knights stick to a protective formation, to prevent more stray junk bazooka shots.

Pink speaks up first. "Baron, they ARE fireproof. I mean, that only means so much when you roast him inside of it. He got heat stroke. No burns or anything, though, I healed that. But he was out for a couple days and super dehydrated after."
No. 440467 ID: a6008c
File 134442030359.png - (155.97KB , 800x700 , 290.png )

"A couple days? So he's fine now?"

"Yeah. He's in the car, over there." She thumbs over her shoulder. "Blue won't let him fight because he's still a bit weak." Green waves at me when I look over at the car. I wave back.

"Hey! Don't tell HIM that!" Blue snaps. "He's the enemy!"

"He works at Pig'Ems. I am so scared." Ouch.

"Well, I am glad that he is well." I say, sidestepping Pink's quip. "Green has the most style out of all of you, even if he goes down like a paper crane in a hurricane. That said, Blue! Very rude, catching me off guard like that! It's just improper, interrupting like that." Oh, Wrench Monkey is making a break for the building. "You should at least let us know you're participating in the party. Like this, what we're doing here. Introduction stuff. This comes first. THEN come the surprise attacks, like so." I double tap my wrist remote.
No. 440468 ID: a6008c
File 134442031885.png - (346.30KB , 800x700 , 291.png )

Glenda pops out of the ground in front of Wrench Monkey, arms and drill in combat position! She drives Wrench Monkey back immediately. The EDF all turn in unison at the sudden sound of earth splitting open, and I take this moment to teleport behind Blue Ranger, swinging my sword heavily across my body.
No. 440469 ID: a6008c
File 134442034948.png - (290.74KB , 800x700 , 292.png )

Someone catches my hand. White Ranger walks right out of Blue Ranger's back, her hands on my arm, pushing my sword down and away. "Mmmmno. Sorry." She continues walking forward, pushing my hand up over my head. "Not today, tough guy."
No. 440471 ID: dd287a

Teleport 50 feet up with her attached to you, lets see if she can fly.
No. 440472 ID: bf54a8

well they learned SOMETHING it seems, and got a counter-teleporter. use other hand and punch them.
No. 440474 ID: b85f8c

She's way stronger than you and has an interesting method of teleportation. Well you have two hands and a fire aura. Flare up and summon another obsidian blade to stab her with. Teleporting her with us way up high would at least let us figure out how her teleport works though. Let's try it.
No. 440475 ID: 3023f7

DON'T LET HER TOUCH YOU! Switch on your full flame aura and grow some temporary obsidian armor (with spikes) on your arms and legs. Do a melee attack as you move keeping Whites mass between you and Blue. See if you can grow obsidian manacles around Blues feet as well so he can't interfere. Then teleport away to strike Pink instead. Remember to shield your face.

Not sure if she has some kind of ability to selectively become immaterial or if she can teleport using the bodies of others, but you'll have to figure out fast so a counter can be found.
No. 440480 ID: ac5c16

Well, I guess you could say she's "got his back"? HAHA!
No. 440499 ID: ce47da

teleport behind pink and cut her down.
No. 440503 ID: 431fa8

Flare our fire aura while growing an obsidian knife in our off hand and stabbing her in the face. Or the stomach, that would work too. Whatever's more convenient. Laugh as we do and comment that every day is teleporting smackdown day, and someone of her obvious talents should appreciate that.

She'll likely be able to teleport away if we drag her on a teleport with us, but it wouldn't hurt to try... and we should be able to make use of the fact that we have dumped a ridiculous amount of FX into teleportation range by teleporting, say, ten kilometers away (and fifty feet up, because why not) and leaving her there. Unless she also has a ten kilometer range on her abilities- and knows what direction to teleport in somehow- then that should neatly remove her from the battle while costing us only seconds of effort. Say something like "And if you want to stop me, let's see just how well your skills truly measure up against mine!" as we drop her off.

And when we pop back, do it right to a point where we can hit Blue in the back again- and this time, use a molotov so that if White pops out all she manages is to shower them both with fire.
No. 440507 ID: cf49fc

Yeah, switch on your fire shield. Sure, their suits are fireproof, but there's only so much they can do when you roast them inside of them! Then punch White in the head.
No. 440521 ID: 7472ad

They have a White Ranger before completing the full set?! I call shenanigans!

Teleport way up, turning on the fire aura and shaping a stabby implement in your other hand.
No. 440546 ID: 77f3f5

"So you don't want a sword fight? Far be it from me to deny a lady a reasonable request."

Make a finger gun with your other hand and point it at her head. Launch an obsidian spike from the tip of your index finger

"Bang! We'll have a gun fight."
No. 440557 ID: d67c45

How many knights do we have left? Only those three?

Order two of them to attack/distract the EDF while the third charges the EDF's car. In his haste to strike us, Blue has most likely forgotten to take the keys out of the ignition! MWHAHA!

If Green proves to be troublesome, send our Butler Ninja along to drive the car and have the knight incapacitate Green instead.

And if all else fails, smash their ride up.
No. 440584 ID: 54c7e5


We can't actually do that, we put a limiter on our teleportation abilities.

I think we took distance crafting and faster crafting? We could make a few obsidian daggers above White, they are still affected by gravity after being created. Either they let go of the sword and get out of the way of the daggers, or they get impaled.

"Bad move. Look up."
No. 440662 ID: e7c1ad

too bad for her
you can make swords nigh instantly

position your off hand so it points at her
raise an eyebrow
and make a sword/spike and ram it through her chest.
Following that, back off a bit, grab molotov and light the wick with flame aura.
Then chuck it at them.
No. 440678 ID: 72d49b

Left leg sweeping kick to her midsection to back her off a bit, then snap kick with the right leg to phase her for a moment. That may allow you to wrench your arm away, at which point a straight thrust with the sword should be advisable. If she maintains grip though, use it to pull her down to your knee and get that up in her gut. Meanwhile with your powers, flame up of course, and make some obsidian spikes fall on her, that should be at least enough to distract her, and may get her off of you a bit easier.
No. 440683 ID: 431fa8

Tch. Well, we can still put her a cool kilometer away, which isn't too bad. We definitely need to get rid of her or at least not spend too much time engaging her- if we're here more than a couple seconds, Blue will turn around and beat the hell out of us with his super-speed.

Relatively small knives of obsidian with nothing but the force of gravity behind them aren't going to do much damage to someone with heroic strength and durability. We could probably craft some nasty caltrops for Blue to step on when he charges us, though.
No. 441423 ID: 0d98c3

Sometimes I forget that we aren't here to win, we are here to be a giant, dapper, semi-evil ham.

How about this, give your knights the order to go beat on wrench monkey while he's already distracted with glenda (remember, he's why we are here.) Give white a burn with the quip "Careful, I'm too hot to handle" and flame aura up. Then... teleport to the seat next to green. Ask him how's he's doing. Make sure he's ok, shake his hand (as long as he doesn't try to shoot you, then burn him some more), and just generally be nice and cordial to him. When invariably blue comes charging along to your side of the car spike it shut with some obsidian (bonus points if you impale him while doing it). By then wrench monkey should've taken care of the knights but hopefully glenda will still be in one piece. At that point we teleport back to wrench monkey, and go from there. I'd suggest we teleport in above him and drop a chunk of obsidian on his head. A spiky chunk.
No. 441424 ID: 6616f3


No, this'll just let White repeat her trick. Instead, it looks like she's only half out of Blue's body. Is her bottom half somewhere around here? We could attack that.

Also, keep an eye out for her using your own body as a teleport gate; that seems like it would be even trickier/creepier than coming out of Blue's back.

Also, we can't let that Pig'Ems crack go by, can we? I can't think of anything clever off the top of my head, just "Don't underestimate a former wage-slave's hatred of upper management." Remind Pink about the guy hanging above the acid pit, here.

We need to get back into a properly villainous mindset, comments like Pink's and ours is going to drive down the awesomeness of the fight and thus our rewards.
No. 441426 ID: b85f8c

>She continues walking forward, pushing my hand up over my head.

She walked fully out of Blue's back.
No. 462782 ID: 72b600
File 135021585342.png - (221.01KB , 800x600 , 294.png )

"Well! Looks like his back's covered. But who's covering yours?" I create a knife of obsidian in my offhand, and go for an underhanded stab to her center mass. My knife effortlessly passes through her... Way too effortlessly. She winces, though, and lets out a hiss - I seem to have burned her, even if I didn't touch her.
No. 462783 ID: 72b600
File 135021587228.png - (246.35KB , 800x600 , 295.png )

For my trouble, she lets go of my arm and slams me in the neck with both hands, karate chop style. I feel an intense burst of pain and my body goes numb, and that's right about when I realize she is bad news.
No. 462784 ID: 72b600
File 135021588902.png - (209.79KB , 800x600 , 296.png )

Immediately after she finishes the chop, though, she backs off, and we both stagger away from each other. My fire aura seems to have repelled her, but I'm feeling that hit to my neck. Blue is moving in, and I decide that this isn't a battle I should be fighting right now.

I need to be somewhere else. Now.
No. 462786 ID: f2c20c

Without Green, do they have anyone that can fly? Teleport up into the air then start harassing them with sharp objects. Last time we were in the air, Wrench Monkey gave us trouble with that bazooka, but he's occupied now.

We have air superiority! Exploit it! Just watch out for Blue.
No. 462790 ID: 629257

Well... you don't have to win all the time. This might a good battle to let things go the other way... though it would suck to turn in the towel on this rather pathetic note. Teleport straight up and use Reignition. Be ready to avoid any incoming hostilities and take a quick evaluation of the battlefield.
No. 462799 ID: 4224e5

Right. We need some battlefield control. This ain't playtime. Teleport inside the building and start scattering molotovs like party favors.

I do hope it's evactuated.
No. 462800 ID: 4224e5

Oh, and if we have any, can we spend some FX to beef up our fire aura for the duration of the match?
No. 462820 ID: 1f256f

Yeah, no. We're not doing this. Teleport.
Either straight up and well above building level, or into the building itself, either way giving you time to reassess the situation and come up with a plan.
It doesn't even matter which, don't bother to think about your options, just pick one and go, maximum defense mode. Blue isn't going to wait around.

Losing can be profitable. In fact, we had a conversation with Mayor Bloodwick about this exact subject not so long ago.
But it's only worth doing if we lose awesomely, with maximum style. Right now we're getting double teamed by a guy who's way too eager, and another who likes to be inside people.

Playtime is definitely over. Creating some way to demobilize their little setup should be our maximum priority.
No. 462850 ID: 0c2247

Teleport up and signal for Walter to light the fuse much closer to the end. Then have him go ask Angel Frost if she's enjoying the fight, and if she would be interested in helping to hold-off the EDF so they don't steal Wrench Monkey's thunder. Hero-on-hero fights are always fun. (White might BE Angel Frost, so this would make things rather awkward for the EDF.)
Throw some molotovs around as a distraction.
"You EDF need to quit this blind meddling habit of yours. It's dangerous!
Not that you glory-blinded thugs care, but Wrench Monkey is laboring under a curse. If he fails to be a hero, then a hero he will no longer be. You fools are stealing his heroism; are you really so desperate for a rogues' gallery?"
No. 462955 ID: c8be92

Yeah, we could do that. I wouldn't recommend it though, since we can no longer buy FX with money. It is a much better use to get through this fight and buy the permanent upgrade.

I highly doubt that white is AngelFrost, completely different power-set. I agree with Walter lighting the rope much closer to the end, the Molotov idea, and the taunt, but bringing in another Hero will just make this waaaay to complex, plus I don't think she has any kind of super-speed or teleportation powers to get here quickly.

Now that I think about it, they did leave the car Green is in unguarded... throwing a Molotov under it could provide a great distraction. (cue green driving the car at us (I DID stay in the car))
No. 463134 ID: 42c1c6

Spending an FX to really wallop them would be good, maybe exploding in fire as we trigger that regen ability (assuming we haven't used it already), but I think we promised no FX for this fight.
No. 463480 ID: 460361

If we teleport up high enough in the air, will Blue still be able to jump at us?
No. 463916 ID: 72b600
File 135045094670.png - (525.93KB , 800x600 , 297.png )

I teleport into the building. I am not sticking around with this, they'll crush me right now. With this moment for a breather, I use Re-ignition. With a burst of flame, the throbbing crick in my neck fades away, and I regain my breath and mobility.
No. 463917 ID: 72b600
File 135045096242.png - (287.75KB , 800x600 , 298.png )

I sigh. This has not been going well. I pull out my molotovs, and get to work tossing them all over the place. The building begins to go up in smoke. About time I actually committed arson, instead of just threatening to. I've got my reputation as a fire-based villain to build on, you know.
No. 463919 ID: 72b600
File 135045099263.png - (257.25KB , 800x600 , 299.png )

I head over to a window and pull it open, looking out below. Looks like Glenda's getting smashed up by the EDF now - where did that monkey go? Hm. How to proceed...
No. 463924 ID: dd287a

No matter what happens, we need to rub it in wrench monkeys face that he couldn't face us down without the EDF's help, we gave him a chance to redeem himself, out of KINDNESS! now all people are going to say is 'The EDF rescued the Wrench Monkey from Baron Obsidian' infact make sure to tell him that's what people will say, and refer to him in full first name, this way, even if we lose, we sow discord between the EDF and monkeyman, and we can basically invalidate his victory over us if it comes to that.
No. 463929 ID: f2c20c

Where are your Knights? Check on them, then the hostage. Attack WM wherever he went off to. Try tossing something sharp at him and then teleporting to the other side of him for a double-pronged attack.
No. 463932 ID: ecfcdc

Send obsidian sword(s) flying at the EDF, then teleport up into the sky to get a better vantage point from which to detect Wrench Monkey.
No. 463934 ID: c8be92

Downvoting telling him that we'll spread it around. We are, after all, a gentleman villain, and gossip is the tool of the petty and common. Taunting him is the best idea though.

Yeah, Wrenchmonkey is probably rescuing his old boss right now. We should teleport up there, and walk slowly up to him. Assuming he's already rescued the hostage, taunting should commence, followed by a brush-off and leaving.

Can't forget to bring Glenda with up. GOOD THING WE CAN TELEPORT ONE ADDITIONAL PERSON, HUH.
No. 463936 ID: bf54a8

glenda isn't an FX construct so it/her destruction would be a costly blow
No. 463941 ID: 2a6580

>>463934 >>463936
Second! We actually paid for Glenda! With money! That we earned by getting our chest kicked in by a guy with girders for legs. Rescuing her/it/thing is a high priority!

Let's pop down there, grab her, and then pop back up to the hostage with Glenda to make sure there's nothing funny going on up there.
Then, once we have all our resources gathered together, we can totally reaffirm our position as the one in charge around here.
No. 463964 ID: 72b600
File 135046476776.png - (560.61KB , 800x600 , 300.png )

Since I don't see Wrench Monkey, some quick thinking makes it obvious that he must be going to free the hostage. Well well well. We can't have that.

I also can't have those rangers destroying Glenda. She was a bit expensive. I warp down by the rangers, put my hands on Glenda, and take her to the roof without a word. Pink shouts something, but I don't pay her any mind.
No. 463965 ID: 72b600
File 135046477894.png - (150.56KB , 800x600 , 301.png )

I get here just in time to see Wrench Monkey climbing up a ladder to the roof, hammer and nails in hand. It looks like he installed it while he climbed it. "Looks like you made it. Your boss doesn't have much time left, Monkey."

The building's on fire. Probably going to collapse. The fuse is burning down. The EDF is 10 stories below. If we're gonna have a showdown, now's the time.
No. 463967 ID: 4224e5

Weelllllll if the building is going to collapse then maybe a giant robot isn't the best choice of roof ornaments.
No. 463975 ID: 2a6580

This is what it comes down to, isn't it?
The rangers are on the street, the building's going up, and the fuse burning down. They can't possibly get here in time.

No more distractions.

Let's go!
Engage directly and don't let up! Teleport when he tries to wallop you, then teleport back! Swing full strength and reform broken swords! Force him back the way he came!
Oh, and have Glenda act as a final barrier, y'know, no need to have him slipping past.

No. 463978 ID: b1f8a0

Make sure that White Ranger isn't still partially phased inside Glenda, and didn't piggyback on your teleport somehow. Wouldn't do to have her saving the hostage while you're dealing with Wrench Monkey...
No. 463979 ID: 43b15d

do that thing where you teleport out of his attack and appear behind him and slash him. but be ready to dodge, since you're just gauging him right now.
No. 463983 ID: f2c20c

We can't. Blacwick can't turn while teleporting, so if we dodge an attack with it, we'll be facing the wrong way.
No. 463984 ID: f2c20c

First, ask Glenda if White is still invading her personal space. If she is, make an effort to toss White over the edge of the roof towards the rest of the EDF, going "Hey BLUE! CATCH!"

Second, how about a short monologue? "Glad you made it to the top, Monkey. How about we complete our duel? Your future hangs in the balance... as does your past."

Allow Wrench Monkey to drive you back to the fuse so that he steps on it, at which point you make an effort to re-light it, etc during the battle. Fighting over a fuse is a classic hero-villain act.
No. 463985 ID: 9718f3

Pink yelled "White!" and White was inside Glenda when you ported her. It is possible that White is still inside of Glenda and waiting to strike at your back while you aren't paying attention. When she inevitably does so, I support spending an FX to boost our fire aura really big right as she reaches us, hopefully blast her off the side of the building. All while not even turning to look at her and saying something like, "Don't interrupt, your turn will come soon enough."
No. 463989 ID: 0c2247

"Are you even sure you want to be a hero? These gloryhounds don't even respect you enough to let you fight your own battles. Your life hangs in the balance and their avarice would snatch even that from you.
And what of society? You don't match their happy little playset, and so they throw you away? If they're too blind to fit you in then they don't deserve you.

No, you could more good for people without society's rules. Villainous philanthropy is what you should be doing. Ignore the rules of society to help your fellow trash of it, at the expense of those who threw them away.
Like Habitat for Humanity, with more explosions."
No. 464003 ID: 4224e5

"So much potential, wasted. You can create a ten ladder in instants but you're surrounded by those who can teleport and fly. Don't you want to create something that lasts?"
No. 464004 ID: 4224e5

Also, blue could use the ladder. Beware that.
No. 464032 ID: 4224e5

Oh, and warn White not to drop through the floor since everything is on fire.
No. 464060 ID: c8be92

We still promised not to use any FX.

I'm liking this one. We should also let him know the fuse isn't his only problem anymore; that the building is about to collapse. "The deadline for this project is almost up."
No. 464065 ID: ecfcdc

As soon as he has both feet on the rooftop, charge him with the sword. We don't want to make him fall all the way down, but if he fell off the edge and caught himself, that would be fine.
No. 464106 ID: a5d914

Yeah White might be inside Glenda. Order Glenda to burrow down into the building, wreck things and run away if confronted. I assume the tank is fireproof. Also consider creating a teleportation portal under your feet that exits off the side of the building, into a mass of obsidian spikes or into the furnace far below. If White tries to surprise attack you from below then she'll get sent somewhere else.

"Wrench Monkey, have you ever wanted to rebuild the city? Make it better.. Less weak and flammable..."
No. 464142 ID: 42c1c6

How about we drive home the point that the EDF is stealing the show. Tell him they are here, upstaging him in what should be his moment of redemption. Tell him he'll be a laughing stock now, a hero who can't fight his own battles. Make it clear it's a shame that someone so skilled and capable is having their chance to reclaim their lost glory stolen by this bunch of fools.
No. 464439 ID: 72b600
File 135062925892.png - (176.54KB , 800x600 , 302.png )

I tap the side of Glenda. "White? Please don't interrupt. Oh, and you may want to stay inside. It's going to get hot. Glenda! Dig down until you reach the ground floor, please."

Glenda beeps with recognition.
No. 464440 ID: 72b600
File 135062930839.png - (294.36KB , 800x800 , 303.png )

As Glenda begins to drill downwards, I turn back to Wrench Monkey, blade at the ready, shield reactivated. He is carrying an oversized wrench and some kind of box thing. "This is it! The end of the line. The fuse is burning down. The building's on fire. Probably going to collapse. And the only thing between you and victory... is me."

"Yeah. Just you." He says, finally speaking. "I'll stop you, I'll save my boss, and I'll save the building."

"Really? Show me."
No. 464441 ID: 72b600
File 135062932537.png - (1.14MB , 800x3091 , 304.png )

He charges, his wrench swinging hard. I block it with my shield, my arm going numb under the force. If he hits this hard, this is going to be over in an instant.

I knock the wrench aside and make a wide swing with my blade, while at the same time he thrusts in with the black box. My sword digs into his shoulder as the box catches me in the gut.
Next thing I know, I'm being lifted into the air in a wide arc, my sword snapping off in his shoulder as I'm slammed back onto the roof. My armor cracks, and I cough violently as the box presses against my chest, the wind knocked out of me.

I'm stunned, unable to move. "I made this just for you." Wrench Monkey says. "It's something special."

No. 464442 ID: 72b600
File 135062933510.png - (262.16KB , 800x600 , 305.png )

After a long and very very painful moment, I pass out.
No. 464443 ID: bf54a8

uhh, wake up?
No. 464444 ID: 72b600
File 135062948077.png - (166.88KB , 800x600 , 306.png )

But not for long.

I come to after a moment, my body shaking and jittering. Wrench Monkey is walking away, towards his boss. I can barely move.

What was that? What WAS that? Just what was that!? Did he just hit me with a car battery!?
No. 464445 ID: bf54a8

whatever it was, it was effective even if just for a moment. shake it off and come at hm and tell him "never tun your back on the body"
No. 464446 ID: ecfcdc

Get up. Raise into the air on fire all dramatic. We want him to save the dude at the last moment, and it's not the last moment quite yet.

Yeah that's a good line.
No. 464447 ID: 4435b3

Great line, can we FX that shit?
No. 464448 ID: cddaf1

Welp, that seemed classy enough to call it his. Teleport to mid-air, take the classic defeated pose (draped in cape, clutching a shoulder), cackle out something bitter and haughty, (This isn't the last of me; the building is still on fire; if it weren't for the EDF etc etc.), hurl a shard of obsidian at the rope holding the bossman (bonus points if it's timed so Wrenchie jumps into the not-actually-acid), and teleport away.

--Okay, scratch the first part. Dramatically rising up in flames and opening with "Never turn your back on the body" is too good to pass up. Using the opportunity to cut the rope and run is still my favored plan, though.
No. 464452 ID: 985741

We said we wouldn't. Even if we are a villain, we're a villain of our word.

... but his back is turned. And there's nothing that says a villain can't stab a hero in the back.

... and, hey, you know what? If he can go on after that, even if we don't spend FX?
Then maybe he deserves that victory.

Let's put it all on this final blow.
No. 464454 ID: 629257

You're assuming we can function at all like this. He got his win I say, good for him. We already used up our reignition, and I don't think we can muster much of a dramatic speech right now. Luckily teleporting shouldn't need much motor control. Let's get away from here, do something about Glenda, and call it a day.

If we can manage to give some villainous dialogue before we leave all the better, but lets not get clobbered by EDF over it. Maybe a line about him not being able to beat us alone.
No. 464456 ID: f2c20c

I agree with making a last-ditch effort to stab him in the back. Only deliver the oneliner AFTER we land the blow, though.
No. 464457 ID: 985741

>>464452 >>464454

If he falls, he loses. Then he's ours. Because he made a stupid mistake, and that's all it takes in the end.

But if he keeps standing, if he keeps reaching for that goal, if he can still fight after that? He wins.
Because maybe he deserves it then.

> "Even when the other heroes showed up to prove they didn't need you, and even when the world was burning down around you, and even when the villain stabbed you in the back, you never lost sight of your goal."
> "You win, Wrench Monkey. You're a true hero, now."
No. 464463 ID: 4224e5

Stab him in the back? He's too tough for that. Throw a knife and cut the rope. IF we can get up.
No. 464464 ID: 4224e5

No, nevermind. That's not the villain I want Blacwick to be.
No. 464470 ID: 9e5f32

He just shut off our powers didn't he?
No. 464471 ID: 0c2247

It's not noble to stab somebody in the back, and if you're twitching then you're not going to be able to face him in combat.
Get up, teleport next to the vat, sit on the edge, and give him a slow clap.
"Congratulations! You've really upped your game. I daresay you were just that much more motivated; which begs the question of why you even want to be a hero at all."
Then give the speech about how the EDF are glory-whore dickbags and how society has treated him like crap.
Don't move to stop him, just let him free his ex-boss.

Be ready to burn an FX to get them both out of there if the building starts collapsing.
No. 464476 ID: a5d914

That might have been a heavy-duty leisure battery of some sort with a few capacitors and contacts on it so it delivers high voltage shocks. Fairly clever weapon if you're strong enough to wave one about casually. They tend to weigh a lot... Consider getting your body armor electrically insulated later on.

Don't cut the rope. That'll just get the boss wet after all. Let him save his boss, but take your time to focus on getting your strength back so you can teleport down to Glenda and focus on wrecking the building together with drill power and expanding obsidian wedges stuck into the foundation walls. Then mock EDF and leave. Perhaps tell Wrench Monkey that he needs to quit his pathetic job and focus on some real objectives.
No. 464485 ID: 34d817

Get our shit together. Make sure our powers are online. We need to be able to move and talk to make any kind of dramatic speech, and I really don't think that we're up for combat here at all. It's okay to look injured, though- in fact, it's even better for a "so you have defeated me" speech. All that's left is to decide on our best exit line. How about this?

"You were wonderful. Brutal. Vicious. Prepared. Unrelenting. You would have made a spectacular villain." Then cough with dramatic injury. "Perhaps one day, if you get sick of their hypocrisy and refusal to respect you, you still will. Goodbye, Wrench Monkey. It's your victory."

Then we teleport down, pick up Glenda, and teleport well away from the battle. Get White out of her- that's annoying, really- and seize the opportunity to inform her that the EDF are dicks for crashing Wrench Monkey's time in the spotlight, and you'd appreciate a little more professionalism from them in the future. Then be off. The EDF as a whole don't need a final scene; they were crashing this party and don't deserve one anyway.
No. 464486 ID: 2af822

teleport to the boss, snatch him away and flee with Glenda.
No. 464504 ID: 75e6f7

Remember to never use re-ignition early from now on unless it's vital to your continued usefulness, let it be your final burst mode. It will be more cinematic that way and will be more useful after you have been hit by something that overwhelms you.

I don't want to give up yet, but it would be in poor taste to keep struggling like a desperate man and then REALLY lose. Instead of a big speech, how about just, leaving an obsidian sword or something stuck in the floor and then getting glenda(after telling white to get out) and bugging out.

It lets him have his little moment of triumph, lets us escape and avoids awkward 'i have been defeated' speeches when we have been fighting with a handicap and most certainly will not be next time.
No. 464609 ID: 72b600
File 135070484708.png - (171.49KB , 800x600 , 307.png )

By the time I force myself to my feet, the fuse has been put out. Wrench Monkey's climbing up to get the hostage. I summon a new shard in hand. This isn't over, not just yet. I still have a chance.

Suddenly, Blue Ranger shouts out from behind me, having climbed up the ladder. "Wrench Monkey! Behind you!" Curses!
No. 464610 ID: 72b600
File 135070486303.png - (465.78KB , 800x1072 , 308.png )

I teleport next to him, shard in hand. "Never turn your back on the body!" I plunge it into his chest.

Wrench Monkey grits his teeth, and grabs me with his uninjured arm, pulling me up against his body. I can't move!

No. 464611 ID: 72b600
File 135070487408.png - (193.48KB , 800x600 , 309.png )

"...Am a Hero!"

He says, toppling forward, making sure I can't escape. We plunge underneath the acid - a horrible, deadly, inescapable situation!

Or it would be, if I couldn't teleport. And if the acid actually were acid, and not bubbly green soda. I don't teleport away until after we're both under.
No. 464612 ID: 72b600
File 135070488534.png - (166.46KB , 800x600 , 310.png )

I'm floating above the vat as he surfaces. I'm hurt. I can barely move. I'm done here. Time for a quick speech before I run.

"You are completely insane! That would have killed you if I'd actually got my hands on some acid! I will never understand you hero types. Suicidal, all of you."

"I'm... alive?" He says, confused.

"Yeah, you are, you nutjob. All these other heroes showed up, and they so sure you couldn't do it, but without you this would've been over. Even when the world burned around you and I stabbed you in the back, you still stuck through. You win, Wrench Monkey. You're a... You're a true hero."
No. 464613 ID: 72b600
File 135070490184.png - (184.98KB , 800x600 , 311.png )

His face lights up. The dark cloud that had been plaguing him lifts before my eyes, and he lets out a triumphant cheer. It's really stupid.

"...Okay, yeah, I am quite done here, thank you very much. Goodbye, Wrench Monkey. Enjoy your victory."

I teleport away, and go get Glenda. After making sure White isn't still hitching a ride, Glenda and I get out of here.

>Heist: Fixing A Wrench - Failure
>Gained: 7 FX and $13,000.
>Current FX: 8
>Current Funds: $16,600. Repairing Glenda will cost $2500.
>Current plans: See Ross about Prison Break Heist plans, then see Mayor and/or Dr. G for powerups. Then, Prison Break.

>Mayor's comments: "Yeah that was ok. You adapted pretty well under pressure, and that was a good loss. Your face when you got zapped was hilarious."
No. 464616 ID: f2c20c

I think we'd better get Fire Form... Proceed with our plans, though.
No. 464621 ID: ecfcdc

Well, next up see Ross I suppose. Although we're in no particular hurry, right? We could chill at home, get some food, whatever. Maybe get some sleep and see Ross tomorrow.

In the /dis/ we'd more or less agreed on obsidian form, but I think we should prioritize breathing in space higher than any form, since it would greatly facilitate our ability to explore and check out our moonbase, which we have all the other upgrades for.

In fact, if we get it now, then check out the moonbase before we do the jailbreak, we can evacuate Hollow Queen and any other imprisoned villains that we happen to meet directly to our moonbase. We just need to make sure we're capable of providing the requisite hospitality first, which might involve spending money depending on the current situation at the base.
No. 464627 ID: f2c20c

I thought we were going for fire form inside an obsidian shell?
No. 464632 ID: fe64b3

... Hey, now that we're done with the heist, why don't we get something nice from the bakery at Pig'Ems and send it to Green as a get well gift? His name was David, wasn't it?
"Sorry for almost boiling you. You're a pretty cool guy. Get Well Soon. - Blacwick"

A) Green is a pretty cool guy,
B) Pink made a crack about us working at Pig'Ems earlier and screw her, Pig'Ems is the best store, and,
C) Blue will go nuts trying to figure out if this is some sort of evil plot or something.
No. 464649 ID: 34d817

>Current plans: See Ross about Prison Break Heist plans
Come to think of it, weren't we scheduled to meet Ross three days ago (>>/questarch/404375)? What happened to delay that meeting?

In any case, don't see him until we've gotten over this little bout of electroshock and are generally capable of looking professional. The Baron Obsidian should not be meeting people at less than his best, particularly when he's attempting to secure their aid on ambitious projects.

>Gained: 7 FX and $13,000.
You know, I bet Debbie could give us rewards comparable to 7 FX and $13,000 for reinvigorating some guy's hero career out of what was basically the goodness of our heart. We should drop by and see her after we're no longer horribly injured. Or possibly while we're still horribly injured, if we feel like making a play to draw sympathy and get her to nurse us. Mmm.

>Current Funds: $16,600. Repairing Glenda will cost $2500.
We should also make a note to give Wrench Monkey a call within the next couple days- we have his contact information, right, since we arranged this battle?- tell him we were impressed by his car battery thing, and ask if he'd be willing to let us commission custom items (and maybe help build a base later, if we want one that isn't on the moon). As long as we're keeping things friendly outside of work it could be very useful to have someone with his skills willing to sell us gear, and he seemed like he was hurting for cash. If he has moral concerns over selling to villains, we can point out that it's probably more moral for our money to end up in heroic hands like his than to be given to one of the more crafty supervillain types we know.

I'm really inclined to amp up our Fire Aura so that it's hotter/more damaging to others who attack us. It would have saved our bacon on this mission if Blue and White took more serious injury when they touched us.

That said, the moonbase is more important- getting the needed teleportation and space-breathing for it comes first.

I approve of this.
No. 464668 ID: 629257

Let's give him a call later, ask if he wants to go out for drinks some time.

I was hoping for stylistic obsidian shards floating in a blazing body of flames. But whatever.

We can get a couple things. But aside from maybe taking our elemental form we should see what we can do with cash and mad science first.
No. 464670 ID: ecfcdc

Gnome says (in IRC) no moonbase until after the jailbreak, presumably due to the magnitude of what he has planned for it.

Wrench Monkey could work on our moonbase too, although we might have to do something about the "no air" problem first.

That was discussed too, but I think the majority favored outright solid obsidian. At any rate, it's a discussion for /questdis/.
No. 464678 ID: dd287a

I'd prefer we go for Obsidian form, Fire form is too elemental in nature for my tastes, it has too obvious an opposite.
No. 464679 ID: c31f72

I would like obsidian form. We'd be so damned shiny...
No. 464692 ID: f3a191

Lets talk to the mayor about that obsidian form and see what upgrades we can get for Glenda (or accompaniments).

Also, if you got the FX left over, buying a superweapon for the jail break would be good.
No. 464693 ID: 72b600
File 135071567941.png - (157.05KB , 450x450 , 305 Please Stop edition.png )

Please take all power chat to the discussion thread. We're not voting on powers or buying powers next. I do not want these posts here. Please stop.
No. 464700 ID: 974793

...I also enjoy this idea.
No. 464711 ID: 0c2247

>We should drop by and see (Debbie)
Yes, lets pay her a visit immediately. It would be nice to have her be the first person we tell about this being a productive encounter.

Also, ask her if she's interested in moonlighting as a villain for fun and profit. Mostly for things like causing some social disorder and keeping civilians out of the line of fire. Also, because Villains keep their powers when they retire.
Plus, if she's ever caught she can play the "undercover work" card to get out of trouble.

Tell her you're bringing this up now because there's a job coming up with some high-ranked villains, and you would like to have somebody you can trust helping you prevent casualties. In all honesty? Half the reason YOU are going is because it would probably wind up being a bloodbath otherwise, but what would really help is somebody who can quickly and effectively disable and restrain people without hurting them. That's not your powerset. Like, at all. She can do that, though.
No. 464712 ID: 4224e5

Hell yeah. Also send a note to wrench monkey "It's a shame, The Apeichtect could have cornered the villainous lair market. In a more heroic vein- have you considered building low income housing? Many charitable organizations do just that and depend entirely on volunteer labor."

Extra delicious irony- Blue turned Wrench Monkey down for the Red position, and Wrench Monkey is the one who finally took us out.

Oh, and if we see Debbie: CALL FIRST, teleport OUTSIDE HER HOME, and then KNOCK.
No. 464716 ID: a5d914

Get home and relax with some luxuries. Arrange that meeting with Ross as soon as you can. We need to see him to plan ahead a bit better anyway.
No. 464748 ID: 15255a

I would like to go on a date with Angel now.
No. 464792 ID: 72b600
File 135077606492.png - (109.24KB , 800x600 , 312.png )

I take a day too cool down and Reignite, after my ordeals with Wrench Monkey and the EDF. I make sure to send Green a loaf of nutbread, along with a get well soon card. Debbie and I meet up for lunch yesterday, too, which was nice. But it's back to business, now.

After I'd made plans with Wrench Monkey about that last heist, I'd called... Ross... and we'd replanned for a different meeting date. That day is today, and tomorrow is the intended date for the jail break with Delirium and Don Dice. After this meeting, I'll be going to stop by the mayor and/or Dr. G for supplies. But first, I'd like to see what I'm up against here.

"Ross" strikes me as strange, before I've even met him. No last name, no villainous name. He only goes by "Ross." And that seems so out of place. Dr. Gladius says he has some info on Iron City's prison, and that Ross has apparently been there before. Hopefully he'll know something useful.

I knock on the door to his apartment. A smallish place. Very ordinary.
No. 464794 ID: 72b600
File 135077608640.png - (129.67KB , 800x600 , 313.png )

A very unordinary man answers the door, in goggles, a scarf, an undershirt, and boxers. My eyes are immediately drawn to the horrific burn covering half his face and upper body. "Hm? Oh. Right. Today's that day you were coming. Supervillainy businessy stuff. One sec."

And he slams the door in my face.
No. 464795 ID: 72b600
File 135077609879.png - (231.77KB , 800x1000 , 314.png )

Ross comes back after a couple minutes, now in full villainous attire. He invites me inside, and has me sit down. He tells me to hold tight, and leaves me alone for a bit. I look around the room - it is a very normal, very clean living room, like something you'd find in an old lady's apartment. There's a doilie on the coffee table, and coasters are set out. There's tacky paintings of flowers on the walls. The only thing that really stands out is a big glass aquarium with a huge spider in it. The tank is labeled "LAMARR."

Ross returns with coffee, and sets the cup in front of me, before going off to stand next to the door. "So tell me, kid. You said something about the Iron City prison on the phone. What did you want to know?"
No. 464800 ID: f2c20c

Ask him what the security's like. Specifically, if there are teleportation wards on it. You were thinking of trying a jailbreak, and just teleporting them out would be the easiest way.

Compliment him on his spider. Also ask why he hasn't fixed his scars. Style points?
No. 464801 ID: ecfcdc

What's the security like?

Specifically, do they have measures to block teleportation, and if so, how does that work?
No. 464806 ID: 629257

We owe someone a jailbreak. We need to know how to go about it and what we're up against. Explain to him your own abilities and that of your allies. You assume there is a problem with just trying to teleport in and out of the place.

And compliment his fashion sense, that coat is fantastic.
No. 464857 ID: 15255a

everything you need to know to break someone out of there.
No. 464876 ID: 4a328b

If he can give us an idea of the layout of the place too, that'd be wonderful.
No. 464878 ID: fade01

What the staff security is like.
Schematics of the place along with where they would be keeping someone like the Queen.
What kind of automated defenses and power wards are there and examples of the kind of things that could break em.
How quickly you would expect hero response to an attempted jailbreak.
How did he get out of Prison.
No. 464879 ID: 34d817

In addition to layout, security, likely response time, and all that usual stuff- I'd be interested if he can give us a list of villains and/or others currently incarcerated, or at least name a few names. The breakout could be an excellent opportunity to free villains we have yet to meet and leave them owing us rather significant favors- and favors from capable villains are potentially invaluable.
No. 464885 ID: 4224e5

Rude. Don't ask about a dude's scars on the first date.

Anyways, yeah. Have there been jailbreaks before? Is this a thing that happens?
No. 464921 ID: dd287a

We assume there's a reason why we can't just teleport in and out? infact we should set ourselves little objectives, Our primary mission is to spring the Hollow Queen

Springing everyone else who happens to be in the same cell block would be a bonus, a mass breakout would be good for our cred, and the people we spring would owe us a favor.

Generally layout of the place, and knowledge of their defences would be good, patrol routes would be even greater.
No. 464925 ID: cddaf1

Ask if he knows if there's anyone we should make sure doesn't get out. Nothing worse than a prison break where that one guy in solitary starts killing everyone.

Uh, what else. Information on the warden and guards, layout, structural defenses. If we're not being too prideful to admit we have no idea what we're doing, ask if there's any kind of courtesy we have to observe for this sort of thing. Are we obligated to get into a fight with the Hero in charge of defenses, and if we win they let someone out? This is kind of society where jailbreaks are common enough there's probably a standard to follow.
No. 464985 ID: 6dc5a6

Ask him what a pack of cigarrettes is worth in prison. You know... for future reference.
No. 465029 ID: 0c2247

"Do the guards respawn like minions? Do you know who else is inside besides Hollow Queen?"
No. 465578 ID: 7859a1

The door says 316 in the first frame and 317 in the next.
No. 465579 ID: a416be
File 135102794924.png - (216.17KB , 800x600 , 315.png )

It sounds like he wants to get right down to business, so I take a sip of his coffee and get ready to... "Oh, wow. This coffee is fantastic."

"Thanks. It's a special blend. I mean, everyone has a special blend, so it's not that special, except this one's mine."

"It's good. I like your coat, too. Very stylish."

"I used to have a red one, but that got fried. And after that I had a brown one. Also fried. My grey and blue ones got destroyed too. Green suits me better anyway."

As long as we're thoroughly off topic, I decide to ask about something else that's bugging me. "By the by, I couldn't help but notice the scar. It's pretty easy to get that fixed, isn't it? Why do you keep it?"

"Oh, this?" He puts a hand on the side of his face. "You should've seen it when I got it! Taking a nuclear hand grenade to the face is pretty bad."


"Yeah. All my hair fell out too! And it ruined my old coat."

"...yeah that... that's pretty bad. That's really bad."

"Eh. It happens."

Well. That wasn't what I expected to hear.
No. 465580 ID: a416be
File 135102796477.png - (214.88KB , 800x600 , 316.png )

"...Well! Let's get down to business then."


I tell him how there's this friend I owe a big favor to, and she got herself locked up in Iron City's prison, so I need to break her out. I tell him about my teleportation and fire/obsidian powers. I mention that Delirium and Don Dice are coming with, and Delirium has poisons and Don Dice has minions and super strength.

Once I've told him what I have, I tell him what I'll need: I need to know what I'm up against. I need defenses and patrol routes. I need info on the warden and the guards. I need everything I need to know to break someone out.
No. 465581 ID: a416be
File 135102797902.png - (219.48KB , 1000x600 , 317.png )

Ross scratches his neck for a bit, then reaches into a pocket on the lower end of his jacket and pulls out a small sphere. He reaches into another pocket on his arm to pull out a pencil. It's right about now I notice every one of those green straps and stripes marks a pocket. Ross presses a button on the little sphere. Beep. His other hand twirls the pencil about idly. Beep. He tosses the orb lightly into the air. Beep.

"Alright, so. First thing. Iron City Prison is a sky fortress."

No. 465582 ID: a416be
File 135102799109.png - (471.43KB , 800x600 , 318.png )

The ball explodes into a brilliant sphere of green light, expanding terrifyingly quickly... but only for a moment. Ross catches the exploding sphere with his left hand, and forces it to... stop exploding, I guess. He begins toying with the field of green light.

"Now. The thing about sky fortresses is that they float. You can't walk there. Or drive there. Or hop the fence."

Ross compresses the field into a donut, then starts poking holes and drawing lines on it with his pencil, using the tool to fine-tune his reshaping.

"So you'll need some kind of transport. A helicopter or battleblimp would work best. Maybe a plane, if you don't mind crashing. I wouldn't recommend crashing. It hurts."

When he's not poking or adjusting it, he's continually spinning the 'map' he's piecing together, usually slow, sometimes fast. He's toying with it.

"And of course, you can't teleport in either. Or out. Not since the Temporal-Spatial Compression Field got installed, anyway. Baldy McTimelord's still upset about that."
No. 465583 ID: a416be
File 135102800330.png - (273.75KB , 613x485 , 319.png )

"Now, the layout's not too complicated, really. It's got this big hover ring, but that just has the parts for making it fly. You probably want to ignore those, if you don't want to colony drop the city."

He spins the field, and blows up the middle section, poking more holes and drawing more lines through it with his pencil. Bit by bit, it's coming together.

"Prisoners are kept in this big middle section. As a National level supervillain prison, normal convicts never see this place. There's maybe a dozen prisoners at any time, tops, but every single one's a super villain."

He spins it around a couple dozen times really fast, then punches a hole right through the edge, ripping off a chunk of the field. He starts using the chunk to make an interior.

"Each cell's custom made, but that takes a couple weeks. Until then, they're held in generic anti-super cells, which are found in a cluster here in the center."
No. 465584 ID: a416be
File 135102801823.png - (656.37KB , 800x600 , 320.png )

Ross blows up the middle area, zooming in on it to an extreme degree. Suddenly he's inside the diagram, the field coating the walls and furniture in green. I feel the field gluing me against the couch.

"Right in the middle of those cells, here, this is the Warden's Office. He keeps a close eye on the newcomers until they get their own holding cell. All this empty space? Hallways and cells. You'll find that person somewhere around..."

He waves his arms, making a vague gesture at all of it.

"...here. I mean, that probably doesn't sound useful, but honestly, your friend could be anywhere. The entire complex's layout shifts daily. There's only a couple hallways and 3 floors, though, so finding your way around isn't the trouble. The trouble is finding exactly who you want quickly. The trouble is also getting out once you've found them. It's a hefty hop down."

Ross suddenly pokes at the warden's office vigorously with his pencil.

"And also this guy. He's probably the biggest trouble. The Warden. His name's Inevitable, but that's all I got. Sorry I can't get you a picture. Never met him! Don't really want to. But you'll recognize him as soon as you see him, because he's the only guy not behind bars."

He pulls and tweaks at the office, poking it and messing with it until it's an indecipherable mess.

"His first week in office, he fired all the guards and personnel. That was five years ago. The entire place is run by him and him alone now. Not sure how he does it, but there hasn't been a successful jailbreak since. Not sure I want to know how he does it. I am pretty sure you're going to find out, though."
No. 465585 ID: a416be
File 135102803678.png - (264.41KB , 800x600 , 321.png )

Ross shrinks the diagram back to a reasonable size. "You following all this so far?"

I nod appreciatively, taking it all in. It feels like it's finally my turn to get a word in edgewise. "...So you're telling me Lord Inevitable is the only guard? Do other Heroes respond to break ins or break outs?"

"Yeah, it's just him. I mean, theoretically, Iron City's heroes are on hand. And they're kinda rough. But I don't think he's ever called for help from them."

"Don't they have any other defenses?"

"...Gravity?" He says, confused. "That seems like a big one."

"...Okay. Do you have a list of who's currently being held in there?"

"Nope! Not a list, anyway."

"Are there any big names in there? Anyone I shouldn't let out?"

"The whole place is full of big names. But I've never been that interested in people? I mean. You should let Midas rot in there, but that's just cause I don't like the guy. He's a jerk." He thinks a moment, then suddenly remembers something. "Oh! And there's this pumpkin headed girl they finally caught. I've heard she's pretty bad news. Should probably let her stay in a while. And uhhh, I mentioned him before, but Baldy McTimelord's in there. I kinda like him, so if you see him tell him I said hi."

"Baldy McTimelord?"

"Oh. Right. That's... not actually his name. I mean, it should be, it's better than... than... you know, I'm not sure I actually know his name. It's not important. He's been there a while though, so I'm not surprised if you hadn't heard of him. It's hard to stay relevant in prison."
No. 465586 ID: a416be
File 135102804797.png - (136.88KB , 800x600 , 322.png )

Suddenly, the floating diagram flashes a blinding white, blinks a couple times, and then the orb falls to the table. We're startled off of the current conversation. "Oh! Right. Those have a time limit."

We both look at the orb as it rolls to a stop on the coffee table.

"...Do you want it? I have more."

"What is it?"

"Force field grenade. My own design. They're unique because you can use one grenade... twice!" Ross seems oddly proud of this fact, and points out that there's a second button on the grenade, as of yet unpushed.

"You detonated a grenade in the middle of your living room."

"It wasn't the first time."

It looks like Ross lost his train of thought. This gives me a pretty good overview of what's going on - now is the time to ask about specifics.
No. 465591 ID: 4224e5

How far does the teleport ward extend? Does it move? I'm thinking we outfit Glenda with some forcefield armor- general armor, but specifically to protect her from falling- and upgraded force or heat drills and then just drop straight down onto it. Then we drill through walls until we either find the blocking device and/or Pumpkin Queen then teleport out or burrow out the bottom. We can fly after all. Bring parachutes for any new friends we meet.
No. 465592 ID: 4224e5

Oh, and ask why she's bad news. Also if he knows any good gossipmongers who would know more.
No. 465593 ID: bf54a8

is the temporal generator thing the only thing preventing teleportation? obviously the cells themselves have anti-teleport if they need to contain a teleporting villain. but anyway, get that obsideon form before this. once you land you wont be able to fight via teleportation so you will need to brute force it.
No. 465594 ID: e3f578

Why does the government lock up its own employees for doing their jobs? Especially in such a high security prison, or is this prison privately funded by a form of hero faction of the government or by the heroes themselves that pitch in funds?
Is it just that well, we gotta lock you up because that might make some really cool jail break encounters
No. 465595 ID: 4224e5

And yes we want more. We wanna load up on superweapons.
No. 465596 ID: 629257

Hey, we aren't one to be turning down free grenades! But ask on what the blast radius is on that thing first. And how much it would be to buy more.

So... no teleporting. That really gives us a problem, as its a huge part of our offense and defense. We might need that flight speed upgrade after all. Assuming we can even get in to begin with.

...Wait a minute. Teleporting might be handy here after all. Ask if the Iron City prison has any defenses from, say, a giant aimed rock thrown on it from near orbit. He said no defenses so I'm assuming if we craft a huge, aerodynamic chunk of obsidian from space and hurl it into it we won't get shot at by asteroid busting lasers on the way down.

Also ask how he knows this much about the place, if he wishes to share.
No. 465597 ID: 0c2247

"Can't use FX to overpower the field and teleport in or out, I assume, but do you know what would happen if I brought along one end of a gate?
Where's the field generator? Could we take that out?
If you want to come along we could try to break-out Baldy McTimelord as well; would anybody else be interested in joining this escapade?

How well can the system detect bombs? Specifically, how real would a decoy have to be for the warden to believe we seriously intend to destroy the anti-gravity ring?"
No. 465598 ID: 4a328b

Take the grenade, with thanks.

So you can't teleport around while you're inside either, right? This could be a problem for us given that that's our fighting style...

Ask what the generic cells are like

Ask how he got out since he's apparently been there before

...maybe we should just drop the damn thing, make heroes catch it before it hits the city...
No. 465600 ID: 032b31

that spider should have a spin off adaptation quest
No. 465610 ID: f2c20c

What are the walls made out of? Can you teleport between locations inside the complex? Are the anti-super cells hackable? Has anyone escaped since the Warden took over? If the place is inescapable then maaaaaaaybe we should cancel the jailbreak plan and stay away from the place.

I'm betting that the Warden is his own personal army. He has clone powers, that's why he doesn't need guards. He is his own guards!
No. 465619 ID: 1d5de7

ask him about each inmate he mentioned, and why he said the things he did about them. also compliment his superpower. I dunno what it is, but if he can squeeze an explosion in (and survive several others), he must be pretty awesome.
No. 465744 ID: ecfcdc

Well, we should ask our boss at Pig'Ems about Warden/Inevitable, since he's far more interested in villains than Ross apparently is, and we can ask the boss about those other names too. On that premise, we should see if we can get more actual names out of Ross. Other than that though, do confirm whether we need flight to move about inside the building itself, because I'm not sure Hollow Queen can fly and I'm sure some or all incidental rescues might not as well.

See if he has any idea where the temporal dampener is, and/or what it looks like, since destroying it would make extraction easier and could allow Baldy McTimelord (what ever his real name might be) to aid us substantially. And also, you know, it allows is to dodge shit and be reasonably competent in combat.

Oh, and accept Ross' force field grenade. You never know when something like that could come in handy.

>Has anyone escaped since the Warden took over?
>His first week in office, he fired all the guards and personnel. That was five years ago. The entire place is run by him and him alone now. Not sure how he does it, but there hasn't been a successful jailbreak since.
>there hasn't been a successful jailbreak since.

No canceling our plans though. Just because it hasn't been done doesn't mean it can't be done. That just means we need to make sure we've planned well, and we have a good plan for getting the hell out of dodge if things go all pear shaped.

Further discussion in /questdis/.
No. 465785 ID: 2cc35e

What are the prison's outer defenses like?
Could we, say, stick a cannon on whatever dirigible we use to get up there, and have Walter fire it? Would that make a distraction?
Or would it get shot down so fast it wouldn't even be worth consideration?
No. 465811 ID: dd287a

If there's only one guard,we can't rely on quickly getting in, grabbing our girl, and getting out, that warden is undoubtedly a supreme badass, ask if a mass breakout would be a viable tactic to cover for who your really after, or are these custom designed cells an utter bitch to open in the first place?
No. 465826 ID: 214bf9

We will need more information on the Temporal-Spatial Compression Field, if we can disable it that will be a very important edge.
No. 465830 ID: a5d914

How about a stealthy insertion? Like radar and sensor proof gliders or something? A way to take out the compression field would be key. What are McTimelords powers? If the field is broken how useful is he going to be? What else would be needed to break down the cells and security measures? Maybe just a heavy-duty cutting laser for breaching walls and doors...

I would recommend rigging a mix of decoy and real bombs on the gravity ring when you attack. It's a good threat and a distraction. Explode one bomb that doesn't cause any real damage and threaten to explode the rest if you have to. Does Ross know how previous jailbreak attempts have gone and what foiled them? Why does he know all this stuff about the jail then? Did he help build the place or was he in prison there?

I suspect the warden either has some power that lets him function like multiple people. That or he drains the life/power of those around him, keeping supervillains repressed by weakening them.

Accept the grenade, but use an obsidian gate to drop it off somewhere safe for now. There could be a tracking device in it or something. That's the oldest trick in the book.
No. 466044 ID: cddaf1

Make sure to get some clarification on whether this grenade kills things or protects things using forcefields before taking it. I mean, take it either way, but it's kind of important to know what to throw it at.

Okay, so... Queenie's still probably in the newcomer's cells? It hasn't been that long, has it? Being at the center and next to the Warden, that means we should probably make our plan to gather up any other prisoners further out. Baldy McTimelord, at least.

Getting out shouldn't be a problem: we can fly and teleport as soon as we get far enough away, so there's no reason we shouldn't take the easy way out of just jumping. Getting in is harder, I don't think we can use the front door (if there even is one), so we'll have to make an entrance. Glenda might work for that, she is a drill bot. I'm not sure she's suited for the dynamic high speed collision we should be going for, though. Maybe we could get something more specialized from Dr. G, or Don Dice has an airplane or something we can use. What are we actually spending our money on? We have to blow at least $6500 on this ($4000 if repairing Glenda counts).
No. 466045 ID: bf54a8

well any cell other then the mixed one would be specifically designed to counteract the powers of the villain it contains. so a torch wouldn't be able to cut open any fire power villain cells but we could cut through an ice villains cell like butter.
No. 467506 ID: 99199c

Why would Ross be tracking us? :/
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