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File 130285918958.png - (109.40KB , 700x500 , 208.png )
296874 No. 296874 ID: 5d54a5

Wiki: http://www1.tgchan.org/wiki/Earth_Defense_Force
Discussion Thread: http://www1.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/331895.html

>Please do not post more than one suggestion per update please. It makes it easier to parse the suggestions. If you have more to say about what's going on, please use the discussion thread!
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No. 296875 ID: 5d54a5
File 130285920140.png - (59.96KB , 700x500 , 209.png )

...My everything hurts.

I wake up, but everything is hard to make out. I hear some sounds, I see light, but it's impossible to make out specifics. I only wish the pain was as muffled as the sights and sounds are.

My chest feels like it's been torn apart, and my insides are being stabbed. My left wrist is snapped, my right hand is cut to the bone. How I threw obsidian shards with it, I have no idea. It hurts to breathe. It hurts to move. But I'm alive. I can breathe, and I can move, although whether or not I should is up for a doctor to decide.
No. 296876 ID: 5d54a5
File 130285921314.png - (202.50KB , 700x500 , 210.png )

I open my eyes, the room around me finally spinning into focus as they grow used to light again. The sounds are coming into focus, and I hear a voice in the next room over, singing about... something.

...Where am I?
No. 296879 ID: 8c73c8

if i had to guess, i would say in the apartment of one of your villian allies.

call your ninja and ask him what happened.
No. 296884 ID: 15b51b

Stand up and examine source of singing.
No. 296889 ID: 40cb26

I see a bra, there is singing in the bathroom and the place looks trashy. Must be Deliriums place. She patched you up which is nice and all and you should thank her but YOU HAVE A DATE hopefully you aren't late for. Check if you can move around first. Summon Walter and ask him for the time and current situation, and perhaps arrange for him to relay a message to your date apologizing for being late if you are.

If you have to get to the date wounded that's fine, but you should at least clean up a little first. And thank Delirium I guess.
No. 296890 ID: 00d3d5

Grab your stuff, thank Delerium through the door, then teleport to the Mayor's office.
We're going to pick up our paycheck, get some new powers, then teleport to Angel Frost and collapse on the floor in front of her.
She's probably heard about our run-in with Law Legs by now, but even without that kind of dramatic reveal it would still be a classic entrance.
No. 296893 ID: cf244d

You're in somebody's room. Due to the last thing you remember, probably either Delirium or Hollow Queen. The fact that there's a bra laying on the floor and singing going on makes me guess Delirium, but you never know.
Call out and see who's there. We should find out how much time has passed so we know if you'll be able to make it to the date or not. If not, I suppose you'll have to write an apology letter. Your hands are fucked but I imagine you'll be able to dictate to Walter. Even if you are able to make it, it would probably be better to rig some sort of splints and maybe a chest brace first.

Anything besides the date (which we've committed to) should wait on our health Even getting payed is less important for now.
No. 296913 ID: c71597

Probably in Deliriums apartment. Where you should stay. You could be suffering all sorts of internal injuries after a fight like that. And one of your hands is rather badly cut up, so you know there might have been quite an extensive blood loss. Without adrenalin keeping you going you're probably not going to be able to do much in the following days.

So just keep lying there and try to call out to get the attention of the singing one. They should come to check in on you and then you can get answers to many of your questions.
No. 296951 ID: 8bc1ac

Is flying or teleporting easier on your injuries than walking? Can you stick with those for a while?
No. 296955 ID: f6360f

Do not move at the moment; you're hurt and movement+injuries is often bad. Call up Walter and get a report on what's happened; thank whoever's taken you and treated your wounds. You will owe them a favor, and Baron Obsidian must take such things seriously. Hollow Queen saved your ass when Law Legs was about to kill you, but you'd given her teleport evac from just about the same thing earlier in the fight so you're even there, at least.

>If not, I suppose you'll have to write an apology letter.
And send flowers. Flowers are traditional.
No. 296958 ID: 2bdeb9

See if you can't craft an obsidian cane to help you stand. It might take some work, but you've got nothing but time right now.
No. 296993 ID: f50f53

Better to stay still and recover for a little. Do get Walter to ask him about any news. Ask him to deliver an apology and perhaps a flower or something from you.
No. 297026 ID: a5dbe5

This is the best idea. Yeeeees. Make the top hollow, store some lava in it so it glows... Stylish.
No. 297028 ID: ee1442

... you don't actually mean that whole "store lava in it" thing, right?
No. 297029 ID: d3dfb8

And now we have to acquire Lava based powers.
No. 297082 ID: 9029dd

Wait, rest.
Call Walter, get updates, send your apologies, then rest some more.
No. 297083 ID: 07416a

We can rest and call Walter at our house. Thank Delirium and go. She seems potentially rapehappy.
No. 297131 ID: 980ade

Call Walter and ask what's the time. If you can still teleport to the date then do so. Preferably making an obsidian cane so it would be easier to stay up. Might hurt a lot but goddamit, you're still a gentleman and a baron. Toughen up.

If it's too late teleport home anyway. It seems this is Delirium's home. And you don't want villiany drugs in your blood.

Just saiyan.
No. 297143 ID: eab1be

Agreed, we should leave. But we should also leave a thank-you note. We are a gentleman, after all.
No. 297153 ID: dd8d7c

I don´t think we should leave without thanking our caretaker verbally, if only to learn the fate of our comrades and the course of the battle after were our. Simply leaving would be just kinda rude. Especially considering that we AREN´T sure that this is Deliriums hideout. Could be Queenies for all we know. I actually think it is.

After all, it was her idea to begin with, bringing a rookie such as us into this combat.

Oh, and when I´m already posting, that pink thing on the floor ain´t no bra. It´s leftover bandages, from when our wounds were tended too.
No. 297157 ID: d6ae01

Lie there and try not to bleed on anything that isn't already red or crusty brown. Stuff'll start to make sense when it's good and ready.
No. 297175 ID: b00bec

Voting no on the cane. Standing up at all would be a terrible idea, even if he did have a usable hand to hold the cane in.

Instead get Walter to bring a wheelchair, or maybe a sedan-chair for the knights to carry.
It might be a good idea apologize for your abrupt departure in person, too. Even if this is Delirium's apartment, you're probably safe: she did patch you up very nicely while you were out. Ask her for some painkillers (she probably has some great ones) and take half as many as she suggests.
No. 297913 ID: 1addad

I suggest if your trying to get delerium's attention that you face away from any doors when you do it - it looks like she's gotten undressed and is currently singing in the shower.

You are a classy gent and that means showing ultimate respect to the ladies, even one as batshit crazy as Delerium. As much as the others might want to see crazy supervillain boobs, stay classy blackwick
No. 298283 ID: 7979e6

as a classy gentleman, we would NEVER miss a date, even if we are severely injured, up and at em Baron! we'll be going on that date, and whats more, we'll be hiding the fact we're injured from angel frost if we can get away with it you're proud! your noble! and your a classy villionous bastard! we have real emotion in this gig now, not just fun and a paycheck, sending an apology letter on such a bad excuse as an injury would be an insult to such a classy lady.
No. 298369 ID: 00d3d5

...UNLESS he stumbles into her apartment and collapses on the floor.
That's the sort of top-notch drama that starts heroes on the path to villainy, since she knows you don't do any real harm.
No. 298503 ID: 5d54a5
File 130354625215.png - (208.75KB , 700x500 , 211.png )

I check the clock on the stand ahead of me. Currently, it's 6pm. I'd told Angel Frost I would pick her up to go to the movies at 7.

I consider gathering my things and just teleporting out of here, but I can't leave without saying a word of thanks. With some pain, I force myself into a sitting position, and call out to whoever's there. "H-heey!"

The singing stops.
No. 298504 ID: 5d54a5
File 130354627493.png - (197.86KB , 700x500 , 212.png )

The top of the door opens. "Oh hey there! You're awakey-wake!" Delirium says, peeking out at me. "Eeheheheh! I was worried for a minute there! How ya feelin'?"

"...Like I had a brick wall dropped on my chest."

"Well gee, that sounds like it hurts! Well, you just sit tight, I'm almost done makin' these muffins! But don't actually sit. That's bad for the blood flow. Lie down, lie down!" And then she pops out of sight, leaving the top of the door open. She keeps talking, though I can't hear a word of it from here.
No. 298505 ID: cf244d

Well, say something like
"Thank you for this. I apologize for leaving so quickly, but I have an immanent obligation".
Too much talk will get you nowhere.
Although maybe make some quick splints for your left wrist first, if it's not adequately splinted already. If you can't figure it out, err on the side of not fucking with it too much. Wrists are tricky.
No. 298507 ID: 2bdeb9

I don't think we're going to make it to our date.

Call Walter. Write a little note and tell him to deliver it, and the jewel, to Angel Frost, with our sincerest apologies. "Sorry I couldn't make it. Massive internal hemorrhaging. Please accept this as my apology. Love, Blacwick." Or some other such thing. Maybe throw a flower in there, too. Or a muffin?

Do you think Debbie likes muffins?
No. 298508 ID: 1854db

Lie down again, and ask her what the current date is. It's *possible* that we were out for an entire day. Also tell her that you have a date at 7, and you don't plan to miss it, even in your current condition. Ask her if she has any painkillers.
No. 298510 ID: d3dfb8

... I don't think Delirium is someone we want to be accepting painkillers from.
Have Walter pick us up some of the strongest he can get.
No. 298511 ID: d3dfb8

Also, should we deem it necessary to cancel or delay our date with the lovely Debbie, we should deliver the message personally.
No. 298516 ID: 5d54a5
File 130354942976.png - (193.36KB , 700x500 , 213.png )

"You need to speak up, I can't hear you." I shout.

"Oh! Sorry, Wicky! As I was-"

"What day is it?" I ask, before she goes back to... I don't even know what she was talking about, I couldn't hear her. "Oh! It's still the parade day. I caught you, and it was really cool, but you were hurt, so I walked home. And now here you are! And I am making muffins."

"Yeah, I got that." Well, I could still make my date, if I pushed myself. "Do you have any painkillers?"

She laughs, a little maniacally. "Silly Wicky, what do you think the muffins are for!?"

...Well that's disconcerting. I seem to have two options here.

Option A: Go to the date. I can disregard my wounds, bid Delirium farewell (although maybe after getting a painkiller muffin, jesus this hurts), and head off to meet Angel Frost. Or,

Option B: Send Walter to cancel for me. I can write a note for Walter to give to Debbie, and he can deliver it with the scepter. I believe I have a reasonable excuse for cancelling on a date this evening.

Both of these options seem like they could go poorly, but if handled right, either one of them could turn out just fine, too. Hmm... I'll need to think on this.

I would appreciate if you bolded your choice for easier reading while browsing the suggestions.
No. 298518 ID: 1854db

Alright here's the plan. We let her decide. Send her a note telling her the situation and ask her to respond via Walter. Tell her you got beat all up to shit and are about to be given mysterious painkiller muffins. They may or may not have side effects that would ruin the date, and besides you're going to be in bad shape. Tell her we can still make the date if she wants us to, and it might turn out okay even with our condition.
No. 298521 ID: 0bd0b0

A. These painkillers sound odd but you don't want to leave your lady hanging. If you fail, at least you will fail without giving up.
No. 298522 ID: 00d3d5

"Thanks Delirium, you're a life saver.
Wait, I need a clear head tonight. Will that be a problem?"

Making an impressive dramatic entrance is grand and all, but there's more dramatic potential in showing up bloodied and beaten. Plus it establishes that the Baron Obsidian does NOT break a promise to a lady. Ever.
Lets go for Option A: Go to the date.
No. 298523 ID: 667cad

Here's another vote for Option C. Be careful to avoid wording the note to sound like you're trying to worm your way out of the date, just explain the situation as honestly and concisely as possible. Maybe make note of any alternate date activities you would be okay with (which include... uh... a picnic? You can do that while lying down and not moving, right?)

Also, note that you have not yet thanked Delirium. Don't forget that. You're a gentleman.
No. 298524 ID: d4f98d

Here's a clue:
Canceling a Date that you asked for is NEVER
Reasonably excused. Unless you literally can't walk or are comatose, it will be your fault, and she will read SOMETHING into it. Maybe not a dealbreaker, but with the sour note things left off on last time, I wouldn't risk it.

ON that note, be damn careful about anything Delirium offers you. Thanks are definitely in order, even an exchanging of cards. She may be a little loopy, but when shit goes down, Delirium's got your back.

Whatever happens, you're making that date. Perhaps give a call to say you may end up looking a little ragged, and that you'll explain during dinner.
No. 298525 ID: d4f98d

Oh, and to be clear: Option A, basically, is my vote.
No. 298527 ID: cf244d

Option A
You may have to spend a bit longer healing afterward.
But you said you'd be there, and thus you must make every effort to do so. If you hadn't been conscious, it would have been unavoidable, but you can make it, so you should. It may be somewhat short, which would probably be good. We can go be as gentlemanly as can be, and sit in the theater with her for a bit. We should certainly beg off of anything beyond the date we originally agreed to. But the lady is unlikely to request it of us, when apprised of our health situation, and in light of said situation she may even see fit to request that we see to our own health first.
Certainly we allow her the ability to say "no, you're not fit to be out and about". But implying that Blackwick is not fully prepared to fulfill his word is not a thing that should happen. No man who can't keep his word is worthy of associating with a lady, much less holding the title of "Baron". Unless Angel Frost tells Blackwick not to, he should do exactly what he said he would, and take her out.

Also, having Walter take the note isn't really much more strenuous than teleporting there and doing it in person.

On a somewhat different note:
Those muffins probably contain narcotics. Since Blackwick apparently wants painkillers (and chest wounds can be quite uncomfortable, so I can't really blame him) narcotics in general should not be passed up. But Delirium secrets her own, and her superdrugs could be quite potent. We should be certain that the drug won't disable us, and prevent us from doing the date. If it makes us a bit out of it, that's fine (it's just a movie date, that doesn't require a whole ton of attention) but we don't want to be high off our ass for our date.

And since a lot of folks apparently don't know how:
To bold, put tags around it like <b>this is bold</b> as per HTML
Except use square brackets like this [ ] instead of the normal brackets.
No. 298529 ID: 0bd0b0

One should also read the FAQ, where all of this information is already contained.

No. 298531 ID: 1854db

Alright since it looks like option A is going to win, we should at least warn her first via Walter that we got into a bit of trouble.
No. 298533 ID: 2bdeb9

I think I'm going to go for Option C.
Because asking Debbie what she wants to do seems like the most reasonable thing. Not making decisions for her and such.

But, hey, hey, hey. If it turns out we go on the date anyway, let's leave our card for Delirium. She seems... nice. Well, nice for a villain. She's certainly trying to be nice, anyway.
No. 298534 ID: 40cb26

I vote Option A, but realize that it would be a shitty date. We are not going to cancel and especially not via Walter but we are going to show up and talk to her. We bring Walter along to help us do things, maybe send him ahead depending on where Angel was to meet us. He can carry the scepter when we offer it to her, after a bit of whatever drama comes up. How Angel responds to everything we can't really know yet, she may call it short so we can take care of ourselves - or she may elect to stop the date to tend to us herself. I can't say that's a bad thing at all even without painkiller muffins.

Inform our host that we have a promise to keep. A muffin would be appreciated if it wouldn't knock you out. I'm sure we can trust her enough to be honest about the effects.

...Eat half a muffin, save the rest for later.
No. 298537 ID: 980ade

A obviously

Also: Don't eat the whole muffin. Leave like a half for later. Her drugs are supposed to be extremely potent ;P
No. 298538 ID: 9ce970

I guess go with Option A

You ARE going to be tripping balls from those muffins though. Don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise. That's why you want to send Walther ahead to warn Debbie that you might be a bit out of it due to the painkillers after taking some serious hits in the battle earlier in the day, but you're not one to cancel a date after she has (presumably) already spent effort getting ready.

Also have Walter suggest that you could make it a date in the park, seaside or somewhere a bit secluded in general. Then she won't be TOO embarrassed if you start dozing off or freaking out from invisible spiders.

Make sure you thank Delirium though. Even though she is rather crazy and has tentacles she's been really nice to you. Maybe give her a hug and some praise for her efforts before you go?
No. 298546 ID: c2c011

Option B, or well C works as well. But you're in no state to go on a date. You're very badly injured. Just because you have a baseline healing power from being a villain doesn't mean you should disregard common sense when it comes to dealing with injuries. And one of those common sense things is to not just dope yourself up on painkillers and continue like it's nothing. That can have a lasting effect even if you have some healing mojo. You need to rest and recover, not go on dates, because if you do then there is a high chance that you will collapse in the middle of the thing.
No. 298553 ID: 19d681

Agreed. While it may seem chivalrous and "proper" to go through with the date, your body is not in any state to do much besides recover. A healing factor is only as good as it is fast and I doubt yours will repair enough damage to leave you cognizant enough to go out. The date should be fun for both of you. The dramatic "I got shot so I'm gonna bleed on your couch but I made it" isn't logical.

I do think that you should explain the situation in person (What do I say for that? C?). A note via butler-ninja isn't going to cut it.
No. 298555 ID: 4a3736

Option A!
No. 298556 ID: 07416a

OPTION A: Suboption, teleport to wherever you're meeting her and then dramatically collapse.
No. 298557 ID: d6ae01

A gentleman does not allow his butler to deliver the bad news. He cancels in person if it really comes to that. Perfectly acceptable to let Walter go scouting for you, but any actual messages need to come from your own bleeding lips.
No. 298562 ID: 5b7180

If you could manage to walk around after this, then yea, I would say go on the date, but it looks like you are in serous pain just by sitting up so it would be wise to recover and make it up later with a super awesome date. (one that isn't planned on the same day a heist is)
No. 298572 ID: 252e1b

Option B: Send Walter to cancel for me.

You'll kill yourself otherwise.
No. 298600 ID: 1d35a3

Option C, if only to warn her about our injured and woozy state.
No. 298603 ID: d3dfb8

Option A
No. 298606 ID: 644ca1

Option A
As I said before, we won't miss this date for anything, we already messed up the last one. And the Baron doesn't go down on his word.
No. 298617 ID: 5b95eb

I think we should have bought regeneration.
No. 298706 ID: 7979e6

Option A

No. 298737 ID: 40957d

Option A, but be careful not to overexert yourself. Law Legs was no joke.
No. 298751 ID: 330059

Option A

Also, mention to Delirium that you have a date at 7. My intuition says she'll find this fact cute, and somehow Delirium's affections is a good thing.
No. 298758 ID: 0750cb

Option A.

Always the best option. Our regen should take care of everything in a few hours, anyways.
No. 298818 ID: 0d095c

Option A
No. 298841 ID: d4f98d

Not all of it. Broken bones can take weeks to fully heal. Our regen should shorten that to days, but hopefully, with a few hours, the wounds will at least be manageable.
No. 298853 ID: b46135

Option A
Make the effort to show up and be honest about what happened to you.
No. 298968 ID: 5d54a5
File 130369307354.png - (176.88KB , 700x500 , 214.png )

I force myself to my feet. Thankfully, I have no injuries to speak of below the waist, so I can walk just fine. The hard part was getting to my feet at all. I feel unsteady, and I hurt quite a bit, but I'm going to see Angel Frost. I'll describe the situation to her, and let her decide what to do from here. I'm not going to have Walter do anything except maybe come with me in case I fall over or something.

In the meantime, I should figure out what I'm doing with Delirium here. I need to thank her for her help, and maybe for the muffins. I might need to tell her where I'm going. I should definitely exchange villain cards with her, she seems surprisingly reliable, outside of her... loopiness. And I should-
No. 298969 ID: 5d54a5
File 130369309748.png - (195.32KB , 700x500 , 215.png )

Delirium bursts in with a pan of muffins! "All done, Wicky!" She seems to be wearing nothing but underwear and an apron.

"These muffins should help ya with... Hey! You should be lying down, what are you doing up? That's not good for you at all!"
No. 298971 ID: 8c73c8

explain you already had a plan before joining in on this outing and you really do not want to miss it, regardless of your state of well being. you will take a muffin though. and exchange cards.
No. 298973 ID: 4a3736

Is she in her undies under that apron?
No. 298975 ID: 40cb26

"Thank you so much, but I have a promise to keep. I'll be fine, promise." Thank her for her help, exchange cards grab a muffin and say you'll see her again soon. Be a most awesome gentleman about it, even if she ain't no lady.

What she always wears around the house, is my guess. We're just lucky she is wearing anything under the apron.
No. 298977 ID: 07416a

Ask her what's in the muffin. Also, exchange cards and port away.
No. 298979 ID: 314aaa

>She seems to be wearing nothing but underwear and an apron.

Resist temptation wiky, those tentacles would do horrible things
I'm joking

Then port home for a quick freshen up.
No. 298984 ID: 5b95eb

Be sure to thank her for her hospitality and assistance in making sure you didn't die, etc etc
No. 298985 ID: 00d3d5

"Sorry. I owe you my thanks, and I really do hate to run off, but I've got a date tonight and standing a lady up would cause me far worse injury."

Offer her your card "Queen and Blood are a bit too intense for my taste, but you're a joy to work with. Breaking character for a moment, did everybody get out alright? Will Mana be ok?"
No. 298987 ID: 903f16

This woman is a gem, a crazy, crazy, gem. If we were less of a gentleman and far less sane I would we should try something, but we're not. Anyway, thank her and explain the situation, excluding the date part. Grab a muffin on your way out, but do not eat it right away. We'll wait until we're outside and ask Walter to eat some first and report what he feels. I'm fairly certain she wouldn't give us a muffin that could kill us.
No. 298997 ID: 980ade

I support this action :D
No. 298999 ID: 5d54a5
File 130369955212.png - (140.79KB , 700x500 , 216.png )

"Sorry, but I can't rest right now. I owe you my thanks, and I really do hate to run off, but I've got a date tonight and standing a lady up would cause me far worse injury."

"Oh! A date? That's adorable!" She drops the muffins to the floor and clutches her hands together. "And pretty cool, really! I was really hoping you could stay for a few days and we could, like, get high on the couch and watch TV and it would have been so cute but okay! Eehehee! You're probably gonna bleed everywhere! I hope you have fun! But... Er."
No. 299000 ID: 5d54a5
File 130369957924.png - (162.54KB , 700x500 , 217.png )

She gives me a look. "...you're going to a date in that?" She gestures to my lack of shirt and my bright pink bandages and my armored legs.

"What? No! Of course not. I was going to go home first and change."

"With a broken wrist and a bandaged hand."


"Wicky, sweety, are you sure you don't need help with that? You're a bit underdressed."

No. 299001 ID: 5d54a5
File 130369959945.png - (8.06KB , 252x180 , 218.png )

Before I decide to do anything else, however, I trade cards with her.

Delirium: Ephemeral Euphoria. Real Name: Sarah Peregrine.

When asked about her muffins, she says "they are made of chocolate" and does not elaborate.
No. 299003 ID: 07416a

We do have a butler. Let him butle.
No. 299004 ID: eab1be

Yeah, really. This falls well within Walter's purview. Inform her that while her concern is appreciated, we already have all the assistance we could need with little details.
No. 299006 ID: adfa55

"She's a hero I'm trying to get to switch teams and I don't know her that well yet. I think it'd be pretty risky to accept the help of a woman as attractive as you with my wardrobe if she's the jealous kind. I was planning on getting Walter to help me if I needed it."
No. 299007 ID: adfa55

....And damnit, we're turning down the hot chick in an apron and underwear who just invited us to a five day date on her couch. So close to the perfect woman. *cries*
No. 299009 ID: 00d3d5

Turn your head to the side "Walter."
Turn back to Delirium.
If Walter doesn't show up then say "Well, that does seem to pose an awkward problem. I guess I'll ask my knights for help; I couldn't impose on you further."
If Walter DOES show up then say "I'll manage, but thank you."

In either case, smile and say "I might take you up on your offer sometime, though. By the way, how is everybody else? Will Mana be alright?"

Next stop: Home. Get minion help for dressing (both you and your wounds) and preparations for the date.
No. 299011 ID: cf244d

Let her know that you planned to just have your butler assist you.
Do convey that you would be totally cool with hanging out. And of course, you really won't be doing much else for a little bit while you heal. Just not right now, because you have somewhere you need to be.
No. 299012 ID: 2bdeb9

There will be other chances. Look, we got her phone number! It's a bunch of X's but still.
Maybe we can go out on a lighthearted heist with her some other time, just the two of us.
No. 299017 ID: d3dfb8

Tell her if you're free you'll come back afterward, it's better to be with someone who can help if you get an infection.
No. 299020 ID: 0750cb

No. 299022 ID: 07416a

No. 299026 ID: 40cb26

Remind her you have a butler, call him and have him grab your removed armor for you. Ask her if the muffin will make you sleepy, she should be honest enough about that.
No. 299035 ID: 07416a

Sleepiness is the least the the side effects the muffin will cause.
No. 299050 ID: 314aaa

The tentacles man, the tentacles *muttermutter*

In any case, I hate to disappoint, but call walter and have him help you out.
No. 299055 ID: 5d54a5
File 130370590568.png - (151.92KB , 700x500 , 219.png )

"Thanks for the offer, but I have Walter to help me. I'm sure he's up to the task."

"Oh! I remember him! He's so tiny. So tiny. I'll go get a bag for these muffins!" Delirium picks the tray up off the floor and runs off to the kitchen.

I raise my voice so she can hear me from the next room over. "I really do appreciate all of this! You're a gem, you know that? I'd be quite happy to work with you again some time."

"Aww, you're so nice! That's really sweet, to say." She says, back with a bag of chocolate muffins. "We can totally work again together sometime together, if you want! It would be so fun."

"Yes, I agree. Hollow Queen and Blood Knight seem a bit too intense for my tastes, but at least I made one villainous friend today."

"Eeheehee! Yes! Me too. That makes me happy. Hey! I already have all this medicine and stuff pulled out. If you wanna crash here for a few days, I'll still have a bed open for ya!"

"I think I would like that." I smile.

"Hooray! I mean, I don't need all this medicine, I got away unhurt today, but I already pulled it out and it would be so dumb to put it away now."

"Completely unhurt? Okay, that is pretty impressive. It was crazy out there. How is everyone else, anyway? Is Mana alright? Hollow Queen?"

"Yeah I think so. Mana should be fine, she's been wrecked before. Usually not by me though. She kicks my ass! Eeheheheee. Queenie really saved me there. And uh... I dunno! About the Queen, I mean! After I caught you, I walked back home. I didn't stay to see how it ended. Maybe I shoulda? Huh. Well I am sure it will be on TV."

"I'm sure it will." I nod. "Well, I will see you later, Sarah."

"Sure thing James! I'm gonna go make pasta, I'm hungry."

"Hahaa, okay. Oh! Before I go... these muffins."

"They're chocolate!"

"Yes, I know. Will they make me sleepy? Or hallucinate? Can you at least say that much?"

"They really shouldn't, unless you're like, super allergic to chocolate."

"...Okay. Thanks. Farewell!" And I teleport out.
No. 299057 ID: 5d54a5
File 130370591781.png - (115.53KB , 700x500 , 220.png )

I arrive at my apartment, armed with a bag of 4 muffins and a lot of pain in my arms and chest. I have Walter on hand, and after getting dressed in something presentable and slinging up one arm, it is now 6:45. I have 15 minutes to plan my grand entrance. Or I guess what movie we're going to see. Or maybe eat. Or maybe drive my car to her place instead of picking her up via teleportation. I'm not sure what I need to do right now.
No. 299062 ID: 1854db

Eat one of the magical painkiller chocolate muffins. We... probably should've asked how many we were supposed to eat at once. Oh well, just one for now. I wonder how quickly they start working?

Also, let's drive the car over, but have Walter doing the- wait can he reach the pedals? Shit. May have to teleport, since using a steering wheel one-handed is not safe.
No. 299066 ID: 15b51b

Sell that scepter so we have tons of cash.

That way we'll be able to devote our whole paycheck to FX.
No. 299068 ID: 8c73c8

what? no.

if you think you can then drive.
No. 299069 ID: 314aaa

Treat them like normal muffins for the time being.

Rent a nice car, let Walter Chauffeur you around.
More time to interact, less chance of you wrecking by driving yourself , be sort of classy, etc.
No. 299070 ID: e3f578

Uhh use the car. Let's keep it normal and nonflashy for the romance part of your life unless your job starts interfering again.
List the movies. You already went to a restaurant last date.
No. 299071 ID: 5d54a5

>List the movies
No. 299074 ID: 00d3d5

You're in no condition to drive, so have Walter drive your car over to her place.
Teleport over to a fast food joint and buy a quick meal - just something that can hold you for an hour or two - then teleport to her place.

This date isn't a job, so be a bit more James and a bit less Baron Obsidian.
Work will inevitably come up in conversation, and while it's a fine topic it doesn't really help you to get to know her.
No. 299075 ID: f6360f

Take your car. You can't reliably carry others with you when you teleport, which means that you can't very well expect to use that as your method of transportation for a date. In the future, perhaps.

Really, I would play this like a relatively normal person for now. You frankly have not given her that great of experiences with you when you've been in super-powered villain mode, so stick to the basics; take her out to a normal movie/dinner, be normally charming. Know where you're going to go in advance, because that's what one does before going on a date. Make sure you know the times for movies in several different genres, but pick something for your initial suggestion that you think would appeal to her based upon what we know of her personality. Which is... that she loves faeries and likes being a hero. Someone help me out here.

Eat no more than a quarter-muffin right now. We don't know how strong they are or if they'll have side effects like knocking you out. If you're not feeling it in fifteen minutes after you've driven to her place, take another quarter-muffin, but no more than that. Going on dates while more than lightly drugged is not a good thing.
No. 299076 ID: 2bdeb9

Don't eat any muffins. Keep them for your date. You can share them! Give warnings as necessary.
If you can drive, go ahead and do so. Otherwise it may be easier to just teleport. You really shouldn't move that arm! Be prepared to explain your injuries.

Go see Sue Quest.
No. 299079 ID: 4a3736

Avoid Bob flicks. They go on for far too long, remember the four-hour monster that Golem Part One was? Ugh. Try something light and funny, maybe a little romantic - I hear that there's a new Dive movie out, or hell, Dungeon Denizens is an adorable little comedy.
No. 299080 ID: 8c73c8

go see the new aberration
No. 299081 ID: 1854db

Some possibilities, for a somewhat romantic movie-
Ruby Quest
Beneath a Steel Sky
Tezakia Quest

Drew the Lich would be a very topical movie.
No. 299083 ID: e3f578

Man, let's see a Brom flick. Quest for No Name. Has action, romance, fantasy, fuck yeah.
Or go with the classic Ruby Quest. Horror movies get girls cuddly bro.
No. 299087 ID: cf244d

Eat one of them cupcakes, I'm sure you can use the painkillers.

My first instinct is Dive, since I reckon you'd like the protagonist, and it's a very good movie.
But it's a bit long, and maybe too dark for a date.
Plessy Quest is good. It's short enough that it might seem like a cop out, though.
Sourg Rapes might be good for turning her to villainy, but it seems a bit early in your relationship for that sort of thing.
Why not watch Earth Defense Force?

Oh wait, never mind. See a Brom movie. They're great for this.
No. 299088 ID: 1854db

>Brom quest
Oh man why did I not think of that sooner? Those movies have the BEST romance. Kinda steamy sometimes though... That might give her the wrong idea. Maybe you can go for one of the less risque ones.
No. 299090 ID: 00d3d5

I'm torn between Quest With No Name and Eivr.
Dio is a good analog of a superhero, but Oren is in a wonderfully thick stew of cop, western, comedy, and romance genres.

I'm leaning towards Oren, but either works. Ruby Quest is also a solid contender.
No. 299091 ID: 07416a

Oh yeah, watch the first Oren.
No. 299093 ID: adfa55

>Why not watch Earth Defense Force?
Warning, incipient recursion cascade paradox potential. Paradox minimization advised.
No. 299095 ID: 6930ef

Shit you guys, He should go see Rebirth Quest.
Hal up in this motherfucker.
No. 299100 ID: cf244d

Really we should let her choose. Just show up with some ideas, and find out which she'd like to see.
No. 299104 ID: 5d54a5
File 130371705790.png - (134.26KB , 700x500 , 221.png )

Walter is a bit too short to drive, but he can navigate. I get one of the knights a hat, and he drives.

I teleport myself a hamburger from some cheap fast food place, paying for it normally, and eat that fast, along with one of the muffins. All I've had to eat today was some toast, so I am still pretty hungry, but that's okay. After eating the muffin, I feel a little more confident, and the pain feels a little less immediate, but it's not a very big change. A little hard to notice the change, actually.

I pick her up as normal, moments after 7. She's a little freaked out about my arm, but I calm her down and say it's fine, I'll be fine. I mean, it hurts, but it'll be fine. We're watching a movie, not scaling a mountain, right? I manage to calm her down, and we head off. She seems impressed by Walter, and thinks he is "so cute."

We get to the movies, and after some debate, end up seeing one called "Movie with No Name." It sounds fun and quirky, and the front picture implies there'll be some romance so hey. We check it out.
No. 299105 ID: 5d54a5
File 130371706879.png - (98.68KB , 700x500 , 222.png )

...It is actually really good! It was well paced and well written and both of us adored it. The weird name had me worried it'd be some kind of experimental strangeness, but it's a good thing we took a stab at it anyway. Debbie says Leah was a real bitch, and liked how it ended. I have to agree.

I still feel pretty sore. I'm not sure those muffins actually did ANYTHING, but I still have 3 of them. Maybe they really were just chocolate muffins. Now with the movie over, we head back to my car. I need things to talk about, and to decide if I'm taking her home straight away or what. I don't think she quite knows the extent of my injuries; I told her about the incident but didn't show anything, or whine about the pain. It hurts, but it is barely bearable.
No. 299106 ID: 8c73c8

maybe she put all the drugs into one muffin instead of spreading them out. seems like something she would do.

ask her what she has been up to.
No. 299107 ID: cf244d

Don't invite her to do anything else in particular. You could use bed rest.
Just talk about the movie to start with, and let the conversation flow however it goes.
No. 299110 ID: 8bc1ac

You could ssk her about how she got into the hero-ing thing. That's probably an interesting story. It's only fair to talk about yourself and how the EDF are dicks, too. Does she know them personally, being a fellow hero? Like, heroes generally work together more than villains. Do they have a monthly "Heroes of Adventure City" meeting or anything?
No. 299111 ID: e3f578

Home will do. It's been a busy day. Can't wait for tomorrow and see the mayor's response. And maybe ask how they manage to power all this shit and why there's a suitable market for it, not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

She's probably been a hero for a while and knows the scope, ask her. Less chance of pissing off our boss by asking too many questions again. Maybe there's a crazy conspiracy behind everything and joke about it. Maybe your father was murdered by the mayor to cover it up then do a weird MENTOK THE MIND TAKER bwoooo-uuuuu-OOOOH to try and get her to laugh.
No. 299113 ID: 07416a

Ask her if she wants dinner. Go with her choice of restaurant, unless you know a great little place, then drive her home. Have Walter retrieve the scepter then present it to her at her doorstep. If it's well received, go in for a kiss.
No. 299115 ID: 73d9db

Well, obviously you should give her the jewel you've been holding for almost two chapters now. That's sure to get a conversation going.

Also, share muffins.
No. 299116 ID: 40cb26

On one hand it's probably nicer for her if you didn't talk business, on the other hand you have that scepter and the business matters are actually rather important. She will see the news soon enough and it does us no good to avoid most of the subject now.

Tell her you'd like to see the news with her about what happened in Iron City since you missed the end of all that. The conversation will flow pretty naturally from there as I'm sure she'll comment on it. Explain a more on bit on the lead up to the event first so she'll have a proper context going into it.

The question "What do you feel about me being a villain?" must come up after this. Everything else you say depends on her response.
No. 299117 ID: 8c73c8

oh, this is a good one, with with it. maybe snack on another another muffin.
No. 299118 ID: e3f578

let's not share the drugged muffins to an unknowing woman. Now if she wants some "special" muffins we can make them when we get home another time, then we can totally chill out. Blacwick was an underachiever before this, the bastard must have some history with "special baked" goods.
No. 299119 ID: f6360f

Thus far you've seen a movie and it seems like she's enjoying herself. You are not in any fit state to pursue this date much further, though; begin making preparations to end it gracefully, and plan to give her your prepared gift on the next date- because, unfortunately, you're probably not able to accept so much as a thank-you embrace at the moment. Major gifts should be given when you're at your best.

Do not talk about hero-ing or any other form of work. Talk about the movie, and go from there to other movies that you've seen and what you thought of them, that sort of thing; your objective is simply to be normal and charming. Either take her right home, or to someplace relatively quick to eat at (but not fast food) so that you don't have to spend too much longer up and about while seriously injured. Make sure that the date ends with her feeling like you were nice and worth going on another date with; promise to call and quietly plan to give her your gift on your next date, to take place sometime when you're not horribly injured.
No. 299122 ID: 00d3d5

Ask Walter to get you some proper pain medication. Maybe some oxycodone or something.

Next, take Debbie to dinner. Something a few steps up from fast food, but not a sit-down restaurant. A Panera Bread or something.

Now is a good chance to sit down and talk. At some point you should ask what kind of pay heroes get. Also, how business has been - if she starts talking about heroing, then let her talk but eventually say you meant her store.

Once the meal is over, ask if she would like to go home and watch the news over a cup of tea. Mention that you don't know what happened after Law Legs broke your ribs, and you want to make sure nobody was seriously hurt since that was a large part of the reason why you were involved.
Also tell her that you miiight have had to kick a few cancer orphans, but in your defense you needed to get them out of the blast zone.

Go to her place, have tea, watch the news. If she seems content at that point, then once the story is over you can give her the scepter.
No. 299123 ID: 314aaa

Talk, flirt, don't give her any of your muffins.
They are medicinal and should only be taken if your doctor says you can (we are your doctor).

Let your feet lead; parks are usually nice.
No. 299134 ID: 980ade


Those are good ideas ;D
No. 299135 ID: 1854db

Eat another muffin. Maybe two; but be careful now. If that 'confidence' boost gets bigger only eat a second muffin. Delirium didn't know you had a girlfriend when she made the muffins- she might've been planning to seduce you during the time you spent there.

Ask her what she's been up to. If she asks what you've been up to, say you had a big brawl with some other supervillains against a group of heroes off in another city and made a new friend.

Ask what her job is like. Talk about your job. Discuss hobbies, and interests- favorite food, places you go around town, websites, comics, books.
No. 299285 ID: eab1be

Don't touch the muffins. Not while you're around people.

As for the date... don't strain yourself, even a little. You're not invincible, and you've got nothing to prove just yet. You made it to the date. Awesome, go you. For now, see if you can settle with a little conversation. Ask her about why she became a hero, that should get things started.

Give her her present before you take her home, but make it clear that it is completely unrelated to your injuries. No need to confuse the girl - we're not that kind of villain. Do let her know that you'd like to do a more better date when you're not halfway crippled.
No. 299830 ID: 1addad

Yeah, avoid the muffins for now.

Of course, there might have been some hallucinogenic drugs in those muffins and we COULD still be at Delerium's place zonked out like a zombie. She IS crazy as hell and thinks we're cute.
No. 300343 ID: 842a40
File 130414443720.png - (155.34KB , 700x500 , 223 copy.png )

After much deliberation over my injuries and my hunger, we decide to go get dinner, because she's actually pretty hungry too. It is almost 10pm now. I decide it hurts more to stand, so we find a sit-down restaurant, but try to find a cheaper one. I decide not to eat any of the muffins, and in fact, not even mention them, since we're going to get food anyway. On the way there, I decide to talk about this whole supervillainy/superheroing thing.

"...and so after that EDF fiasco, I went to the mayor and he explained all this stuff to me, and now here I am, a month later and loving the new job. How'd you become a hero, anyway?"

"Wait, back up. The mayor gives you guys your FX and stuff?" Debbie sounds surprised.

"Yeah. Doesn't he give you your powers too?"

"No, we get ours from the police commissioner."

"Oh, huh. I guess that makes sense."

"So supervillains are funded by the government too, huh...? I always wondered where you guys got your powers from. I bet there's some sort of evil conspiracy. Do villains have, like, monthly meetings or something, to plan this stuff?"

"What? No!" I was going to ask that. "I've met, like, 4 villains total. Do you guys have hero meetings?"

"No, but we can always ask the Commissioner for contact information. He's pretty big on cooperation and teamwork and stuff. Sometimes he makes us work together for things, but usually we're on our own to figure things out."

"Interesting. So hey! How did you get your heroing job? I'm told that inheritance cases don't happen much, but nobody tells me the normal way of things."

"Well, I've always loved magic and fairies and all that dark, mysterious stuff. So I applied for a superhero position every time there was an opening, because I wanted to be a fairy sooo bad, and on my third run through I got picked! Openings don't come up very often at all. There's about one per year. Really, if I could, I'd rather just have the powers and not do the heroing thing. It's kind of a pain, but it needs to be done if I want to keep my powers. And I do love the flying, and the magic. It's a lot of fun."
No. 300344 ID: 842a40
File 130414445307.png - (166.72KB , 700x500 , 224 copy.png )

At about this time we found a Denny's, and decided to stop there. A busboy says a waiter will be with us in a moment, and I look up to see a TV playing CSN. How exceedingly convenient.
No. 300345 ID: 842a40
File 130414452594.png - (239.32KB , 700x500 , 225.png )

"...And in today's top news story, an attack was staged on Iron City's superhero parade! Known for it's particularly brutal stance against supervillainy, it seems strange that a new face would make a showing here! And not just a showing, but he almost went toe to toe with the infamous Law Legs, the very same champion who has in the past defeated the tyrannical Grand Finale singlehandedly! This new scumbag must really be something else."

"Our reporters fled the scene after being harrassed by Iron City's infamous meth addict Delirium, and as a result we were unable to get a picture of the new villain in action, or really, any solid information at all about the attack. Field reporters are useless, I tell you. But according to spectators, this class act seems to be going by the name of 'Baron Wiki.' The exalted Law Legs chose not to comment on the newbie, but judging by his name, we think he's probably some kind of huge nerd."

"In the aftermath of the combat, some no name from Adventure City got thrown in jail afterwards, but no one really cares. There hasn't been a good villain from Adventure City since Blackwing kicked the bucket. Corneria's Blood Knight and the previously mentioned Delirium of Iron City were also present, but managed to escape once again. As usual, Happy Time was useless in all things related to being a super hero."

"Up next, windows! Could they be the new doors? A report on the frequency of defenestration in today's society. Stay tuned to Circle Seven News, with your ace reporter, Tom Fantastic!"
No. 300346 ID: 842a40
File 130414453798.png - (179.99KB , 700x500 , 226.png )

Our waiter walked up during the report, and he drops the menus. "Hah! You got more spotlight than the Queen did." Debbie laughs, hugging my arm. "Good job!"

The waiter suddenly shouts at us. "Y-you! It's you!" Do I know this guy...? He seems familiar, but entirely forgettable.
No. 300348 ID: 5eea01

It's the monkey dude! Tell him that you're not here on business and there's no cause for alarm.
No. 300352 ID: 8c73c8

it's wrench monkey! tell him to calm down, you just want o eat, you are too hurt to try anything anyway.
also, we need teleport capacity so we can spring the queen. iron city seems ruthless to villains.
No. 300354 ID: fdab7a

It's that guy! Say hi. After all, he was our first real venture down this road we're on, so you may as well be polite. Ask him how things are going. Make it clear that you are not going to smash him in the head with a guitar, if he seems to get any ideas to the contrary.

I mean not that you're even in any shape to do so because come on seriously. You are here for delicious food.
No. 300356 ID: d3dfb8

Oh hello Wrench Guy.
Been a while, how are you doing buddy? Have a seat.
Say, how'd you like to have a fight for old times sake sometime?
No. 300358 ID: f5fe2f

Tell him you're not doing business. Getting in fights when going to restaurants with Debbie shouldn't become a habit. And you're really not fit to fight anyway.

Don't tell him that last bit.
No. 300366 ID: 259738

We aren't on the clock right now. We are enjoying a meal. No need to start anything.

We should look into springing the Hollow Queen, but not until after we get an idea of how the place holding her is set up. Would be unfortunate to go in planning a teleport extraction only to find that it is shielded against teleportation and we didn't take the upgrade necessary to break through.
No. 300369 ID: 07416a

Say hi, ask him about hiring his construction services out later. Not right now, but exchange phone numbers. We've got a damaged moon base to retrofit.

Also, ask about the pay grade for heroes. They seem like they got a dick deal.
No. 300371 ID: 40cb26

"Well if it isn't my old friend? Come over here, talk for a minute, how ya been?"

We should just call up the news place and give them an "insider tip". Or if we can talk amicably with our monkey friend maybe we can get him to do it for us, as the hero who first fought the Baron. Get him some good reputation you know?
No. 300373 ID: f6360f

"Hey! Fancy seeing you here! How's it going? Don't worry, I'm not working right now." Smile and be friendly. "I guess I should probably introduce myself- we didn't really get a chance to trade real names, eh? I'm James, James Blacwick."

If you get a chance, introduce Debbie. She might know her co-worker, but it can't hurt to build connections. Then order food, because you really are here for food.

If he proves stubborn and wants to attack you, politely ask him to stop. Something like "Look, I'm still hurting from working earlier, I'm not doing anything villainous here, and I just want a nice date with a lovely girl. Are you really that determined to ruin my evening?" Hopefully Debbie will stand up for you.

>"Hah! You got more spotlight than the Queen did." Debbie laughs, hugging my arm. "Good job!"
Awesome. This girl is a treasure.
No. 300377 ID: 73d9db

Hey, Magilla! You dropped your thing.
We need a table. Hey, if they're all full, maybe he can build us one! Haaaaaa, I kid.
I'm kindof surprised he works here. Figured he'd be in repairs or construction or something. Maybe ask him about that. But mostly we are here for our date.

> Hollow Queen Behind Bars
Poor Queenie. She was nice enough to take a hit for us, too! We should totally bust her out. Y'know. As soon as we get working limbs again.

> I bet there's some sort of evil conspiracy.
Note to self: Find conspiracy. Join it.

> Really, if I could, I'd rather just have the powers and not do the heroing thing.
DINGDINGDING. Tell her she should consider being a villain. Don't, like, hard sell it, just put the idea in her head. We're a pretty civil villain, after all. Maybe tell her a little about it. Maybe get some more info on what heroing is like.

It's pretty easy. You go out, commit a crime, fight some heroes, get FX. As far as we're aware you don't even have to do anything, but you do get paid by the encounter so there's incentive to go out and beat heroes.

Some villains like Hollow Queen and Blood Knight seem pretty serious about it, but there's no rule that says you have to hurt people. That's what we're doing. Messing up concerts. Helping out other villains. Uh. Trashing.. stores. ...
That last... one... didn't go so hot.

Anyway the point is you don't have to be evil unless you want to be. You do have to be kindof a jerk, though. She should think about it!

We could take her to see the mayor sometime and she could ask questions and if she doesn't like it she can say no. But it's something to consider.
No. 300379 ID: 07416a

Imagine how many people he'd put out of a job alone. The construction unions would never allow him to work with him. If you want to rebut, go to the discussion thread.
No. 300383 ID: 00d3d5

"Oh, hey, WM. No worries, I'm off the clock."
Wave your good hand dismissively
"I thought you'd be a mechanic or a carpenter, but with my day job I'm hardly one to talk.
Err... I would introduce you two, but I don't know your name.
Table for two, please."

Once you're seated, get back to the conversation "Heroes don't get to keep their powers when they retire? Strange, villains do. Barring a contract breach, I mean. Maybe you could talk to the chief about that?"
No. 300389 ID: 5b95eb

I think it's a bit early in the relationship to start the whole "Switch sides, it's better over here" thing.

Third date at least.
No. 300393 ID: 8bc1ac

Say hi to Grease Monkey. Or was that it? Something like that. It's nice to see him again. You're here on a date, and he's on the job, so you shouldn't waste any time with smalltalk, though. Order up a grand slam or something.

Go back to your conversation with Debbie. She likes magic, eh? So, is she into like, fantasy novels? Movies, games, anything like that? What were your hobbies, anyway? You were a loner, you had to spend time doing something like reading or following television or on the internet or something.

Once both of you finish eating, bring her back to her place, and then present the wand there.

We're at Denny's. We're clearly not here for delicious food.
No. 300398 ID: 644ca1

Make sure Wrench Monkey knows we are not here for trouble and that a fight in there probably would cause a lot of damage to the place.

We DON'T want this date to end like the last one, no matter how awesome that fight was.

>Really, if I could, I'd rather just have the powers and not do the heroing thing.
Whoa, looks like we have hit the jackpot, but let's take this slow. No sudden "Hey want to switch sides?" on the second date. But I guess we could let it slip that villains get paid more.

>There hasn't been a good villain from Adventure City since Blackwing kicked the bucket.
Well I guess that is about to change then. To bad they got your name all wrong.

Also I'm all for busting out Hollow Queen later, she invited us to one hell of a fight and saved us in the end.
No. 300399 ID: c71597

First hero whose ass you kicked. He was quite forgetable, only managed to hit you in the face with a wrench, not that big a deal on the whole. Just tell him that you're not signing any autographs right now.

Hmm, so Queen ended up in the slammer, guess Law Legs was too much for her. We should probably try to break her out if she can't get out herself, and if we have to do it then we should see if the Don wants in on it and get Delerium to help as well.

But you're going to need to heal before that. You're in no shape to do anything spectacular for the coming days.

After that breaking out thing it might be a nice idea to show that news anchor why you don't talk shit about supervillains. A little kidnapping, severe beating and a fight against a hero trying to come to the rescue might be fun.
No. 300405 ID: 18743a

Agreed on starting out subtle with Debbie.

It may prove helpful to give her a copy of The Snow Queen, by Hans Christian Anderson... given the nature of her powers and such.

No. 300408 ID: b89151

I think messing with the news is a bad idea. It's better to work with them. Like hook the news station up with an exclusive or clue them in before a dramatic encounter so they get some good footage or something. If you get on their BAD side you'll just have your name misspelled and mispronounced even more as they slake you in the press, but if you get them to like you then you could become a celebrity villain rather quickly.

Also Tom Fantastic has a colored jacket. Is he possibly a hero or villain himself?

Just play things down with Wrench Monkey or whatever his real name is. If he's all upset that you defeated him once then point out that the cute little Debbie beat you up too, but you don't hold that against her, in fact you're getting along really well.
No. 300409 ID: 483bc6

Play it cool. Both in response to the news guy misspelling your name (though it might be nice to sometime stylishly pop in and inform him of the correct spelling), and to Wrench Monkey. Tell him you're just here for a dinner and ask him for a menu.
No. 300438 ID: 471738

Well, obviously, once we're a little patched up, we need to swing on down to CSN and pop up on live TV and announce who we are at large. And also correct the name thing.

And after that, we should see about getting Hollow Queen out. we kind of owe her for some things.
No. 300461 ID: 6a9fdc

After the date, we need to stop by the Mayor's office and grab our paycheck (and any upgrades we may wish to purchase) before running off and doing anything else.
No. 300463 ID: b00bec

One of the bystanders at the parade should have had the foresight to get some cellphone footage of your epic speech, that you could anonymously submit to the news networks. Later when you have a giant viewscreen in your moon base you can hijack their signal to announce that you're holding the world hostage, but not yet.
If there's no footage, a polite, handwritten note stamped with your seal, explaining the misunderstanding, would also do. (But hey, Baron Wiki isn't so bad. You could reinvent yourself as The Evil Anyone Can Edit!)

And then you have to meet up with Delirium and bust out Hollow Queen, because that's just what friends do.
No. 300507 ID: 980ade

I like the idea of us politely explaining who Blackwick is in a handwritten note.

He is a baron, he needs style instead of just kidnapping someone like a ruffian.
No. 300593 ID: 0d095c

Yes, send them a handwritten note. If they screw it up again, take everyone at their HQ hostage and teleport anyone you dislike into low orbit. ON LIVE TELEVISION.
No. 300848 ID: d4f98d

Sending them a handwritten note just seems like begging for attention. The baron does not beg. Let our actions speak for us.

Also, +1 For busting out the Hollow Queen. She was a bro.
No. 300855 ID: 07416a

No note.
No. 300861 ID: 43d730

No. 300922 ID: 00d3d5

Plotting and planning goes here:
No. 301169 ID: 7979e6

PLAY IT COOL MAN, remenice infact, he is afterall, the guy you beat on your first day.

also I have to agree telepot capacity would be useful, if only so we're not blowing fx everytime we want to take a passenger
No. 301201 ID: 45be60

So did anyone else notice the part where the busboy has a bloody zombie bite out of his head? I mean I know other distracting stuff happened there, but really, I'm curious what that's about. It can't be up to the local health code standard, makes me wonder what ELSE is going on back there in the kitchen. I hope the food here is okay.
No. 302737 ID: 4bfc98

ask her what do heroes get for their work
No. 302902 ID: 5d54a5
File 130499748208.png - (191.74KB , 700x500 , 227.png )

"...Oh! Right, I know you! You're that Wrench guy." I say, suddenly recalling my first heist. Man, that seems like forever ago. "I didn't think you'd be working here, of all places. A table for two, please. How's it going?"

"...You. You." He clenches his fists. Oh boy. I can't see this going well. I take a step back, in case I need to defend myself...
No. 302903 ID: 5d54a5
File 130499756765.png - (166.27KB , 700x500 , 228.png )

...but the man suddenly falls to his knees, and grabs at my shirt, his eyes full of tears. "You... you gotta help me..."

He starts explaining how he's never managed to win a fight, and he got kicked out of his construction job for putting everyone else out of work, and how he's gonna get fired from his super hero job if he fails to stop another villain, and he can't even get other heroes to respect him any more, and none of the heroes want to help him, and now I'm on the news and the big time and I just gotta let him win a fight or else he's done, and he is so sick of these terrible terrible minimum wage jobs but no one else will hire a guy who can't even get a job at the only thing he's good at, and all he's ever wanted was to be a really good builder but he can't even have that anymore and everything is going wrong and this isn't what he wanted and it's just so terrible, so I just gotta let him stop a heist I do, I just gotta.

The rest of the restaurant is silent, as everyone watches all of this unfold. I can feel the eyes of the entire restaurant watching. It is extremely awkward.
No. 302904 ID: e41ad5

Tell him that you will fight him. But he will EARN his fucking victory - He has one week to prepare. If he wins, well, good for him, that's awesome!

If he loses? We will hire him as a lackey, so he can build and/or extend our space base or another base here.
No. 302905 ID: 07416a

Have you thought about switching sides? Lots of lairs need repairs and construction... And you don't have to fight crime to keep your powers!
No. 302906 ID: eab1be

Yes! Uh... maybe two weeks. I mean we are pretty well banged up right now and while it might be good for him, we don't need to set back our recovery any. But this is a nice win/win for him, and it sure couldn't hurt to have a nice lair for until we can get to the moon.
No. 302907 ID: 1854db

Ask him if he considered becoming a villain. That'd be a pretty good origin story for one! His skillset might work there too, I mean... if you're good at building things, surely you'd be good at deconstruction, right? Though something like that could be very high profile which could get him into some very serious trouble... Or y'know... he could work under us. Be an official minion. It depends on what he's willing to do.

On the other hand... uh... well, we should ask if this kind of thing is fine. I mean, is it ALLOWED for us to throw a fight? Would it ruin our reputation? If it's fine, then sure, we can do it. But it'll have to look good, dammit. We'll want to plan it out carefully. Or hell, if he can fight off our minions we could just plan a heist while we're injured, and we we do not personally fight him. He could foil our heist just by beating our minions. That would be relatively fair. It'd be a handicap match.
No. 302908 ID: 07416a

Oh, and how'd he like to work on THE MOON!
No. 302910 ID: 8bc1ac

Who does this guy think he is? Breaking down and begging at your feet? How pathetic. And is he really asking you to throw a fight? Sully your own reputation for some random schmuck?

Shake him off. Summon your fire aura and costume and show him how a real man should act. A real man doesn't just brush off a slight like this. Put this simian back in his proper place by kicking his ass.

Or by getting your ass kicked. I mean, Blacwick's not really in a condition for a fight right now. But that's the beauty of it! We get to look classy and be awesome and not actually have to intentionally lose, and Wrench Monkey gets his victory!
No. 302912 ID: f6360f

We're not going to throw a fight, particularly against someone who hasn't performed well against others- think what it would do to our budding reputation! The only match we've lost so far has been against our girlfriend, and that was because we were more interested in flirting than fighting. But... ask him if he wants to be a villain. Because not only does it pay better, his skillset is frankly better suited for it; villains are all about preparing the ground on which they'll be fighting, setting up all kinds of nasty traps for the heroes, and then cleverly laughing as they fall into one after another. A little bit of work, and he could be a fantastic villain.

Give him our card and tell him to call us later if he wants to talk about it, but unfortunately we're in the company of a lady at the moment and it would be rude to ignore her to talk business.
No. 302916 ID: 40cb26

Tell him to get up and listen in closely to you. You don't want to make any more of a scene by speaking loudly. Say this quietly to him: "A handout now won't make you any more of a hero, and me letting you win doesn't do me any favors either. But you know what? I can help you. Work with me, for me, as a fellow villain. Think of all the bases that must be built, the traps and the defenses... you can do what you do best. And villainy pays better. You don't even have to be evil, I'm not. Really."

"But if you want that first you must prove yourself to me. Get up and show me you can do at least this job properly."
No. 302918 ID: 727294

... I feel sorry for him.

Do this: >>302904
We can't just let him win. That would be dishonorable. How pathetic would that be, if he has to beg some villain to take the fall for him? That wouldn't MEAN anything. Have some pride, Wrench Monkey! Stand up for yourself!

But... we'll go easy on him. He has two weeks to prepare... and... we promise not to use any FX. That'll seem like a major handicap. In many ways, it IS a major handicap. That'll give him a chance. And if we can't beat him without FX, then we really suck.

But he's asking us to put the reputation of Baron Obsidian on the line. That's not something we can take lightly. So, if he loses... if he loses even after we let him prepare, even after we hold back the FX, if he STILL loses, from that day on, he works for us. That means immediate defection. From that day on, you are no longer be a hero, Wrench Monkey. But we'll take care of you. You'll bunk with us.

Can you do that, Wrench Monkey? Can you win when it really matters? Really matters? Can you win when your very title as a hero is on the line?
No. 302919 ID: f5fe2f

This is the best idea.

"I am not without sympathy for your plight. I've worked a minimum wage dead end job before. But a victory is meaningless if given like a favor. I'll give you a fortnight to prepare, and I'll fight you without the aid of my minions. That's as much an advantage as I can fairly give you, without turning it into a farce. If you win, you may request of me a single boon (subject to limitations at my discretion, of course). If you lose, you must work for me, renovating my moonbase... on starting wages!"

We should draw a contract up, requiring him to work for a minimum of one year, with the potential for continued employment and raises after that year is complete. It's a fair wager, and he wins either way. If we lose, it wouldn't be a huge deal, but we don't really need to lose.
No. 302942 ID: aca0e0

Ignore the fact that he just broke down and treat it as if he issued you a challenge in an honorable manner. Accept and arrange to fight him after your arm is healed (which shouldn't take long, no?).

If he wins the challenge, he'll probably want to stay on the side he's currently on.

If he loses, but does well, offer him a job as a top henchman.

His reputation in his current job will be shot, he'll have a grudge against his former colleagues, and he'll remember the Baron as someone who treated him with respect.
No. 302950 ID: d4f98d

Remember: This is our date. The planning can be done later.

Instead of setting the terms now, say the following:

"Tell you what: I'm slightly strapped for time right now, but I want you to meet me at this address tomorrow at noon sharp. There, we can discuss a proposition I'll have for you. Agreed?

In the mean time -"

Grab him by the shoulder and help lift him back to his feet

"- Stand up straight, stop your crying, and look tough, eh? I remember our first fight, and I'm damn sure you're better than this."

Given address should be anywhere you can meet up, such as in front of your workplace
No. 302955 ID: e3f578

They fire heroes? Seriously? When City Halls employs us and pays for both lost and won fights?

Oh my god, suggest villainy. Or tell him to accept a job as a corporate mascot or find a way to make a deal with union workers. You know what, let's beat the shit out of the union guys and have him save them or some shit. Or hell, tell him get fired as a super hero, lose the power and looks and get another job in construction. He certainly has experience and knowhow. You know, fuck, he could also work as a nightclub bouncer and a hero too. Or maybe work as a private contractor. Fuck there's tons of options.

I mean I guess we could use him as a lackey but he'd lose his self-respect, as little as he has already. And all the preparation in the world isn't going to mean jack shit because he sucks. His powers work best as a support member of a team. Maybe have Fairy Girlfriend team up with him and they both can have a go at you. Sounds like a fun challenge, and she's a damn good super hero at that two so he'll definitely come out on the winning side.
No. 302957 ID: 2222da

First, help him up and get him to stop blubbering.

Then, tell him to start his own construction business as a private contractor. That way, he's not putting anyone out of work but competitors. Union may be unhappy with him, but cross that bridge when you get to it. Ask for more detail about his skills, too. Can he build specialty buildings, such as vaults, labs, etc? I bet there's a bunch of villains/heroes that could like an upgrade to their moon-base/undersea dome/backyard shed/cardboard-box.
No. 302972 ID: c71597

Let this guy beat us? Nope, not ever no way no chance. He can cry and blubber all he want. We're finally building a name for ourselves and we're not going to let this guy beat us just so he can stay a hero.

We could however, offer to introduce him to the mayor.
No. 302988 ID: c16fb3

Let him beat us? No
Offer him a fair fight with time to prepare? Yes
Offer him a Job? Yes
Suggest to him to go start his own business? Yes.
No. 302989 ID: 2283d6

I'd say this guy should get a job as a villain. C'mon, rejected by all the good guys, unable to get a job at what he likes and is good at, this guy has angsty villain written all over him. Ask him for his card so you can broach the subject where everyone isn't watching.
No. 303335 ID: 6a9fdc

Well, the entire restaurant is watching, so this is a great opportunity to make a good impression.
No. 303362 ID: 263430

We could take him under our wing and get him a head start as an independent contractor at the same time.
1. Offer a fair fight in a few weeks, as others have suggested
2. Set up a typical abandoned-warehouse lair, furnish it reasonably nicely
3. Stage the fight in our lair, be sure to cause lots of collateral damage
4. Defeat Wrench Monkey handily, offer him mercy if he can repair the place and maybe add a few extra laser turrets and lava pits
5. While he's working, open his eyes to all the opportunities a career in villainy could offer
6. Fight other heroes in our brand new lair, word of how awesome it is gets out
8. Profit!
No. 303441 ID: f0e3ae

Throwing a fight? Out of generosity and pity? to a hero? is this a joke?

Definitely convert him to the dark-side... but really, not now. Seriously you have a date and you can not let it get ruined. Your number one goal right now is to prevent this date from being ruined... So play it cool, and postpone him until tomorrow while getting him to stop crying (and embarrassing you and your cute date)

Here is what you do. say "I actually have some ideas that I think can help you, why don't you call me tomorrow *pull out your card, pull him up* and we can meet up and discuss them, ok?" then to back to your date.

Then meet him up tomorrow and convert him to villainy. As a bonus, he can actually build super-villain lairs; impressive fortresses of doom that get destroyed on a regular basis and need rebuilding often. Actually, he could charge other villains money for building their fortresses of doom, and use that money to buy FX to upgrade his powers... with enough upgrades he wouldn't lose that often either. Oh, and introduce him to your villain buddies as someone who specializes in construction and can build lairs.

PS. with how often and how badly you get injured you totally need healing factor, actual passive regeneration that occurs even if you are unconscious and dying; and no, don't tie it to the fire aura, make it a passive ability.

It could very well save your life. I mean, the heroes are chopping limbs, stabbing with knives, etc... if all you can do before passing out is teleport to a safehouse and pass out, that could be the difference between waking up fully healed and not waking up ever.

And after the date stop by the mayor to get the power, then stop by the reporter on the news to give an interview so they get your name right... and your picture (in costume).
No. 303446 ID: eb825b


No. 303801 ID: cf65c1

Yes, this.
No. 303892 ID: 6a9fdc

This seems beneficial all around.
No. 303920 ID: 5b95eb

This sounds about right. Speaking of money, you have to remember to go get paid tomorrow, or whenever.
No. 304159 ID: f0e3ae

one minor correction.
If the healing factor is not powerful enough to make you look uninjured tonight, then go see the reporter tomorrow. We don't want to look beat up for the news.
No. 304778 ID: 7979e6

don't ruin ones date, go with the suggestion to make him contact you about it on the morrow
No. 304813 ID: 9e8735

I dunno, i reckon helping the guy will make us look good in front of the girl.

Naturally by helping i dont mean we should throw the fight, what i mean is picking that guy up off his feet, giving a rousing speech and then having an awesome dinner with our gal as if we do that kind of thing all the time to people in need.
No. 304977 ID: 5d54a5
File 130570255984.png - (116.76KB , 800x600 , 229.png )

I get down on one knee, and clap a hand on his shoulder. "Is that what you really want?"


"Do you really think anything will change if I just throw the fight? Do you really think anyone would respect you if you couldn't win without rigging the match? I don't think so. A victory is meaningless if you didn't earn it. Come on, Stand up. You're better than this."
No. 304978 ID: 5d54a5
File 130570258913.png - (128.89KB , 800x600 , 230.png )

I pull him to his feet, and hand him my card. "Call me tomorrow. I'll figure out a heist by then, and tell you when and where. You have a week to prepare for me, and I won't use any FX. If you STILL can't win, with that much handicap... well, you'll have to serve as my lackey. Your powers might be useful."


"Take it or leave it. I'm only giving you one shot. Can you do that, Wrench Monkey? Can you win when it matters? With everything on the line? Your job, your powers, your life..."
No. 304979 ID: 5d54a5
File 130570260518.png - (214.01KB , 800x600 , 231.png )

I walk on past him, leaving him to think things through. "...I guess we'll just have to find out. C'mon, Debbie, let's grab a table." She lingers a moment, looking at Wrench Monkey worriedly, but not sure what to say. "Umm... Well, okay..."

We go sit down, and he just stands there, stunned for a while, before shuffling off to go see some of his other customers. We get a different waiter, and take our orders. I have a bit more time with Debbie before the night is over, so I could probably talk about a few more things.
No. 304980 ID: f5fe2f

When you sit down, don't be still acting all villainous. The poor fellow has been driven so far that he lost hold of his dignity, and nothing could be more tragic than that. Now that you are no longer in his view, you need not maintain your dastardly facade and thus you may act appropriately saddened. You may comment on the tragedy to Debbie. She seems like she doesn't wholly understand what you're doing with him. She doesn't need to, exactly, and delving into full explanation would likely be excessive, but mentioning it may allow her understanding and would thus be kind of you. Do mention that you hope he can pull a win, but if not you'll be sure you can employ him doing what he loves for a fair wage, which is still a whole lot better than he's getting now. Past that, let Debbie steer the conversation. If you are suitably effected by Wrench Monkey's plight, she will likely try to cheer you up or something.
No. 304982 ID: e911d6

Suggest that she team up with him to fight us during the showdown.

On the one hand, it'll let us measure our progress, on the other, it'll give him a reasonable chance of success and possibly get her to like us more due to our 'subtle influencing' to help his situation.
No. 304983 ID: 8bc1ac

Re-suggesting talking about nerdy hobbies and stuff. Seriously, what did you even do living alone with a boring job and no friends?
No. 304985 ID: 40cb26

She saw a different side of you just now so do not avoid the subject. It would be a seed of doubt that we can't let grow. Ask her what she thought of that and what she thinks you should have done or what she would do in his place. Discuss how you think he can't be much of a hero with his skills, and would do better on your side. And then discuss heroism and villainy itself, those who are good and evil and those who just act it out for a buck... it's all a roundabout way to asking her to join you as a villain. Being blunt here won't help, you need to finesse the idea right into her own head and let her make the conclusion herself.

She needs to want to do this. Just don't make the decision too urgent.

The problem here is she'd quite likely kick our butts. And he needs to do this himself or it will mean nothing.
No. 304986 ID: d4f98d

Agreed. Something like "You seem concerned. Don't worry, I do have a plan. One way or another, I intend this to work out to his benefit. Trust me."
No. 304987 ID: f6360f

>Suggest that she team up with him to fight us during the showdown.
Hell no. That won't bring Wrench Monkey any respect if he wins either; they'll just credit Angel Frost with doing all the work. He has to do it on his own.

Also, while I would not be opposed to fighting Angel Frost again, it would preferably not be very soon. She's pretty badass and we're still ramping up towards mid tier; our great achievement against Law Legs that brought us such praise on TV was merely surviving more than thirty seconds and looking good doing it.

A quick comment of "Poor guy," or something to that effect, should set the proper mood for your conversation with Debbie. The fiery villain persona that demands everyone grab respect with their own hands, fight their way to the top, and seize the world/don't let go can be dropped now that we're not talking to Wrench Monkey anymore. That really was the nicest thing that we could reasonably do for him. Even if he loses, he'll make a much better villain than hero anyway.

Anyway, turn conversation with Debbie to other things. It seems like you talk about hero work a lot with her- go for something else. Does she have any hobbies? Books she's reading or TV shows she's following? How did she end up at a deli, anyway? Try to have an enjoyable conversation wherein you're charming and friendly, make a joke or two, and generally remind her of what a great guy you are to hang out with. As things wrap up, drive her home and maybe leave off with plans to see her a couple days from now. You can give her a certain gift then, when you'll hopefully be healed up.
No. 305067 ID: cf65c1

"What a downer, if you have any suggestions or advice I'm all ears... but otherwise I understand completely if you'd rather talk about something less depressing."
No. 305089 ID: 77c458

I approve
No. 314942 ID: a6008c
File 130846295996.png - (107.86KB , 800x600 , 232.png )

"Don't worry." I say as we sit down. "One way or another, I'll make sure this works out for him."

And then we have dinner and Walter drives her home and drives me home and I pass out. I think it went well! Much more importantly...
No. 314943 ID: a6008c
File 130846298492.png - (92.82KB , 700x500 , 233.png )

...I need to visit the mayor.

"Hmmm... Six."


"Six FX."

"WHAT!? I'm only getting 6 FX for all that? Seriously?"

"Yep. For the encounter with Mana and Happy Time, I'm paying you 6 FX and 1500 dollars."

"This is BULLSHIT! I gave that epic speech, and Law Legs cracked my ribs, and broke my wrist, and I did all those taunts, and Happy Time couldn't even TOUCH me, and all I'm getting is-"
No. 314944 ID: a6008c
File 130846301354.png - (320.42KB , 800x600 , 234.png )

"QUIET, BOY." The mayor shouts, and I am instantly very very quiet. I've never seen the mayor yell before. Not like that, at least. He pauses for a moment, glaring at me, and when he is satisfied I'm done complaining, he continues.

"...As I was saying. For the encounter with Mana and Happy Time, I'm paying you 6 FX and 1500 dollars. And, for the encounter with Law Legs, I am paying you 10 FX, and 20,000 dollars."

"...wait, seriously!?"

"In sum: 16 FX, and 21,500 dollars. Don't spend it all in once place now."

No. 314946 ID: a6008c
File 130846303826.png - (137.07KB , 800x600 , 235.png )

"You were pretty darn good out there, kid. Far exceeded my expectations. I mean, you went toe to toe with Law Legs, of all people! Good job. And on the topic of toes, you may just follow in your father's footsteps yet. And on the topic of footsteps, you're officially on the national radar now. There's people out there who know potential when they see it, and you stood up to a National hero. That draws some eyes, kid. On the topic of eyes, watch your back out there."

"Man, I'm gonna buy so many FX..."

"Ahah! Hah. Right, about that. You're old contract is expired now. You've gotten too good for the old Adventure City contract. So we're gonna have to bump you up to the National Villain contract."

"I really hope you actually let me see this one."

"I'd rather not. It's more fun to tell you shit as I write it down."

"Wait, what? Have you been-"

"No, of course not. That's stupid, you're stupid. Let's ignore that old contract and talk about this new one..."
No. 314947 ID: a6008c
File 130846305586.png - (151.18KB , 800x600 , 236.png )

The basics of my new contract are simple enough. I can't spend cash to buy FX anymore - the mayor told me that that was a safety net to allow new supervillains to quickly build up a base supply of powers to work with, and is taken away as we improve so we can't literally melt down Fort Knox into superpowers. Incidentally, I was apparently supposed to rob a bank by now, but that opportunity is lost to me. I guess that's a thing every new villain does at some point. I could still do it just for the cash, though. Cash is always nice, even when it doesn't buy superpowers.

However, I still do have a means to get more FX. But now, I have to do it by negotiating "drawbacks" with the mayor, such as weaknesses, limits on power capability, and narrowing a power's focus. He gives me a couple examples of drawbacks I could take to get a few more FX:

-Instant Limit: Putting a limiter on how far I can teleport in a short amount of time. As he puts it, "do you really need to teleport halfway across the planet in the middle of a fight?" I'd get 1 FX back for every "level" of teleportation barred to me in a single minute of charging. Essentially, it would add a 1 minute charge time to all of my teleports above a certain attempted distance, which isn't too bad.

-Bane: I could take some sort of weakness that saps my powers. How many FX I get out of this seems to vary based on how strong the bane is, and how common it is. He says the upper limit I could get for this is 10 FX, for something common that completely paralyzes my powers. He offers "being submerged in water" as a reasonable example, although adds that it would make more sense if that Bane only took away my fire aura. Having Water negate my fire aura would be worth 3 FX.

-Weakness: Similar to Bane, but instead of weakening me, this would be something that hurts me more than usual. Much like Banes, these give a pretty meaty FX return, usually ranging from 3 FX for a rare attack type, and up to 10 FX for something more common.

I am not sure why I would take a Weakness or a Bane, but hey, I guess if it's thematic. I can propose any kind of drawback I can imagine, he says, but if it's boring he can veto it, or in his words, "mess with it until it's interesting." I don't know if I want to know what that means. In addition, this is apparently where my theme from my first contract matters. I can't buy drawbacks that don't fit with my "theme," as judged by Mayor Bloodwick. "A fire and rock guy like you can't be Weak to fire. That'd be weird and slightly suicidal. Are you suicidal? I hope so, suicidal villains can do awesome things."

Also my pay rate is significantly more variable, but I'll get at least $5000 per heist, to a maximum of $50,000 per heist. Later contracts will raise both of those price constraints. All in all, this seems like a really good deal, and I like being a supervillain. Since the alternative seems to be "stop being a supervillain and lose all your powers," I sign on the dotted line, and my new contract is now immediately in effect!
No. 314948 ID: a6008c
File 130846306710.png - (6.91KB , 252x180 , 237.png )

Oh, and the mayor mentions, almost as an afterthought, that half of my paycheck still needs to go towards planning/funding my next heist, or else my contract is under threat of being revoked. Eesh... without the ability to spend money on FX, that might get hard to reach.

He says a lot of people who first get their second contract have that problem, and provides me with a card. Apparently, this is the location of the Supervillain Superstore that the mayor mentioned a long time ago. "Villainy General."

I have 16 FX to spend on powers, and I can take drawbacks to gain more. I have $21,500 in my bank account, $11,250 of which needs to go towards my next act of supervillainy.

...Welp, time to go shopping. I ask the mayor about Obsidian Shaping upgrades, and he gives me the following:
No. 314949 ID: a6008c
File 130846309199.png - (271.41KB , 800x600 , 238.png )

--Faster Creation: This would let me make larger obsidian objects in less time. The general quality still wouldn't improve without putting effort into shaping it, but a single rank of this would be enough to make a spare obsidian sword on the fly, at which point I could stop worrying about strengthening my swords and just make a new one each time it snaps. Two ranks would let me make two swords at once, or something of similar size. This is one of those exponential growth rate upgrades, where it doubles every time I take it. However, the things I make would mostly be jagged lumps without...

--Intricacy: Allows me to shape the obsidian as I make it, as well as making it easier for me to shape and in general making me a better sculptor. This is probably going to be a must have for general shenanigans outside of making pointy rocks. Only really needs to be taken once, but a second time would allow for intricate details and simple machinery, and a third time would allow me to make fully functioning mechanisms, such as a pulley or a wheel-and-axle. Obsidian robots! Not sure how feasible they would be with how brittle and sharp obsidian is, but it's worth thinking about.

--Distance Shaping: Right now, I create obsidian in my hands. This would let me make it farther away, allowing for tricks such as obsidian spikes jutting from the ground, or pointy patches of ground that would hurt to step on and pop tires. This only costs 2 FX to purchase, and nets me a range of 10 meters per upgrade. It seems like my new contract allows for greater FX cost flexibility.

--Lava Manipulation: Or any other kind of material manipulation, really. As a power add-on, I could only make Obsidian or Lava at any given moment, not both, but otherwise this would basically let me buy an entire new power with its own upgrade tree for 3 FX. The mayor tells me it is "less like lava and more like liquid fire," however, because actual magma is extremely lethal and all sorts of beyond my capability to control right now. My Distance Shaping and Faster Creation upgrades would apply to both Lava and Obsidian manipulation, but the other Obsidian Shaping upgrades listed here only apply to solid materials.

--Durability: Allows me to make my obsidian significantly less brittle, so it doesn't crack so easily. A single rank of this would basically prevent it from being destroyed through normal means, although enough super strength could still snap it. A rank of this would let me use my Obsidian Shaping as a Deflection type defense. This is the exact opposite of...

--Shattering: Allows my obsidian to shatter more easily and more violenty. Obsidian made with this property is more prone to breaking, and it really hurts for anyone near it when it does. A rank of this would let me use my Obsidian Shaping as a Deflection type counter attack.
No. 314950 ID: a6008c
File 130846311126.png - (316.17KB , 800x600 , 239.png )

I asked the mayor if that last one would hurt me, too, and he said "well duh, of course it would," before suggesting...

Obsidian Body (6 FX): Would let me turn my body into Obsidian at will. This would grant me immunity to any side effects of my own obsidian, as well as granting me greater toughness overall. This would be an on/off all or nothing similar to Angel Frost's Fairy Form, without some improvements, which he says he can list for me if I decide on buying this. "It's not important if you don't. I just thought it would be neat if you did the same sort of thing as your dad. And, you'd be so damn shiny."

Some of the upgrades I could give to this power would overlap with my fire aura upgrade options, and some would not. He also mentions that combined with my Obsidian Shaping/Sculpting power, this could let me reattach, regrow, or resculpt broken body parts, allowing for a strange kind of self-healing power.

He says if I take a power like this, I can never take other body-element powers, so I should think on it carefully. Fire or Shadow might also be good choices, with my theme being what it is.
No. 314951 ID: a6008c
File 130846312514.png - (135.07KB , 800x600 , 240.png )

In response to some of the other ideas I had, the Mayor gives the following responses:

Walter: Upgrading Walter with a personality and no other abilities would be 3 FX. It would make him significantly more capable by itself. Further Walter abilities would need to be negotiated, but in general, Minions can be given powers for 1 FX per minion, but can not upgrade powers beyond the base level.

Second Wind: A healing power that would only target you and is only useable once per day. The normal Heal power costs 6 FX, but with the above drawbacks, we could buy it at the base level for 2 FX. At base level, this heals all superficial wounds, can heal one moderate wound entirely, or can stabilize a severe wound. Second Wind can be upgraded to heal more wounds at once (3 FX), to heal more severe wounds (3 FX), or to heal other, specific problems, such as poisons, diseases, or unconsciousness (3 FX per recovery option). In the case of unconsciousness, your Second Wind power would activate the moment you lose consciousness, healing whatever wounds it has the power to do so and also reviving you.

Paragon Powerset: The Paragon Powerset is the powers you got just for becoming a supervillain, and includes: Endurance, Reflexes, and Faster Recovery. Improving any one of those powers costs 3 FX. Improving Endurance effectively doubles the amount of punishment your body can take. Improving Reflexes improves your reaction time by a marginal amount. Faster Recovery improves your body's natural ability to heal itself, but not the need for medical attention. A Regeneration power would allow us to no longer need to ever visit a doctor, because we'd eventually heal on our own.
No. 314952 ID: a6008c
File 130846314191.png - (214.27KB , 800x600 , 241.png )

Teleportation Gates: An improvement upon your Teleportation power that would allow you to bring others with you. The time to create a gate is as long as it takes you to teleport the distance the gate would travel. This costs 3 FX, and would allow you to set up 1 pair of connected gates at once. Each time you take this power, the number of gate pairs you can create doubles. They last as long as necessary, but I could save some FX by giving them a time limit.

Microport: Would allow you to control your teleport more finely, allowing for changes in physical orientation via teleport. This would enable a variety of teleportation based stunts, such as teleporting into a different position to instantaneously dodge an attack without actually moving, and to more finely control the exact destination of your teleport.

Summon Smoke: Of the thick and dark variety. This would let me create a cover for escaping. For 6 FX, I would be able to create a thick cloud around me that obscures all vision, including my own, and it would cover a decently large area. There are a lot of possible upgrades for this power.

...Well. There is a lot to consider here. I'd best take my time and think on all of these options.

There are a ton of options for powering up here and I expect everyone to have a ton of ideas. So! To make this more simple: I would like every suggestion before the next update to simply be a readout of where you want FX to be spent. Reasoning and discussion on what powers sound cool should be taken to the /dis/ thread. If you want to suggest a power not listed here, you can still describe it here in this thread.

So, to repeat: just looking for FX loadouts right now. Link to the discussion thread is in the OP.

No. 314957 ID: e4fed5

Six on fire body, three on Walter, three on lava control, two on faster creation, two on second wind.
No. 314960 ID: a6008c
File 130846428186.png - (72.60KB , 800x600 , 242.png )


It has come to my attention the wiki link in the OP is borked. Use this one.
No. 314965 ID: 835a2d

>SIX ON FIRE BODY. (6 so far)

>THREE ON MINIPORT. (9 so far)



>THREE ON LAVA SHAPING (All 16 spent.)


No. 314973 ID: fdab7a

Alright, let's see what we got. Starting with 16 FX...
Teleport Instant Limit, +2 FX (18)
Obsidian Body: -6 FX (12)
Faster Creation: -3 FX (9)
Durability: -3 FX (6)
Lava Manipulation: -3 FX (3)
Walter Upgrade: -3 FX (That's all, folks!)
No. 314981 ID: d4d2eb
File 130846652668.jpg - (533.94KB , 566x800 , 24357 - one_piece portgas_d_ace.jpg )

OKAY. You need to spend 6 FX on FIRE BODY, and here's why:
First off, fire is INTANGIBLE. It's all well and good to say you can regrow limbs, but what's even better is being able to regrow limbs while never needing to. People try to punch us and fwip fwip fwip their fist just went right through us and now they're on fire. With an ability to manipulate and produce fire, we can reform any limbs that might be broken or lost, becoming all but untouchable!

Besides that, it'll allow us to neatly cover most of the defensive attributes in EDF, as listed here: >>/questdis/345675
We can use our fire aura to Dampen attacks, teleport to Macro Dodge, upgrade our teleport to Deflect attacks, become insubstantial to Micro Dodge, and... and... maybe get a big suit of Obsidian Armor to act as a Sponge?
Imagine how cool that would be. Fire Lord Baron Obsidian, the Living Flame encased in a suit of black armor. Armor filled with fire.

Which brings me to my last point: Fire is awesome. Look at that picture of miniflameBlacwick. Look at this guy I'm tacking onto my post. Isn't he awesome? You want to be awesome, don't you? LET'S GRAB FIRE BODY.


Oh, other points. 16 FX, huh? Well, 10 if we grab Fire Body.
Grab that "Second Wind" power while you're at it, too. That seems pretty great. Then Upgrade Walter so he has a personality. 5 Left...


Oh, right! Upgrade Teleport once, why don't ya? Then we'd finally be able to teleport to the Moon... after 11 hours of charging... just as soon as we gain the ability to breathe in space.
Why not downgrade Teleport to level 3, so that we can teleport 1000 meters at will, but anything after that takes an extra minute to charge. That's way more distance than we'll ever need for anything anyway, right? That'll give us an extra point back, so that we have 3 FX remaining. Just enough for...

FIRE MANIPULATION, which, incidently, is a thing we've been saying we'd get eventually since the very beginning. It'll go great with our Fire Body, and we'll finally have all the powers we started out to get! A fitting victory for the new, Nation-level villain, Fire Lord Baron Obsidian!

So, that's...
> Fire Body: 6 FX
> Walter's Personality: 3 FX
> "Second Wind": 2 FX
> "Teleport Commute": 2 FX
> Fire Manipulation: 3 FX
No. 314982 ID: bd2a40

Do we still have access to the older upgrades like taking another person with us when teleporting, fire aura upgrades, teleport distance to recharge time, etc?

All this new stuff is nice and fancy, but some of the old stuff might be good too.
No. 314984 ID: a6008c
File 130846685681.png - (68.84KB , 576x720 , Black Wick copy.png )

Of course you do, that didn't go away. These are just new things you can also do (and most of them were considered in the /dis/ thread at one point or another, I am just expanding upon them).

Also current powers.
No. 314985 ID: 835a2d


>>>>>>>So, to repeat: just looking for FX loadouts right now. Link to the discussion thread is in the OP.
No. 314989 ID: 40cb26

Taking a bit from these...

>Teleportation Gates: -3 FX
>Teleport Instant Limit, +2 FX
15 FX

>Faster Creation: -3 FX
>Durability: -3 FX
>Distance Shaping: -2 FX
7 FX

>Second Wind: -2 FX
5 FX

>Flame Body: -6 FX
>Fire Manipulation: -3 FX
>Water Bane (Fire Aura + Flame Body) +(4-6?) FX
Leaving between two, one or no FX, depending on the drawback cost.
No. 314990 ID: d6ae01

Can we postpone spending all our FX until we get an idea of what kind of toys we have available to our budget? I'd hate to, for example, blow FX on healing and then find that medpacks are half-off today, or find some really cool armor just after we got stoneskin going.
No. 314998 ID: cddaf1

Walter Upgrade, 3 FX. He should stay almost as mute as he was, though. Ninjas and Butlers both have holding their tongue as part of their job description.
Fire Body, 6 FX.
Teleport Capacity, 3 FX.
Second Wind, 2 FX.

Either save the last two, or upgrade teleport distance a rank with a limit on that one.
No. 314999 ID: 5b95eb

Ask if Villainy General has a website.
No. 315005 ID: d4f98d

I like this one.
No. 315008 ID: 07416a

I agree with questdis >>348021

-Teleport Range (3FX) for moon plan
-Breathe in Space (3FX) for moon plan
-Ninja medic (2FX) for healing/doctoring
-Teleport Capacity (3FX) because we'll want it regardless of Gates
-Walter Upgrade (3FX) so he's awesome
-Distance Shaping (2FX) for obsidian shenanigans.
No. 315009 ID: c1524b

Wow, that's a lot of options here. I think we should make good use of some obsidian synergies here:

6: Obsidian Body, as a starting ground for everything else.
?: Durability, which functions like better armor while in obsidian form, as well as affecting any other creations.
?: Faster Creation, a must-have - healing wounds while in obsidian form
?: Intricacy, to create arm-shields, arm-lances and other nifty stuff on the fly. Think T1000 from "Terminator 2".
2: Distance Shaping for all kinds of handy tricks.

3: Teleport Range, to finally be able to visit the moon base.

Drawbacks: water sounds logical. It kills candle light at least. However, simply being splashed with water doesn't shut you down. The fire aura is cancelled for a minute maybe, but that's it. To really block your superpowers you'll have to get completely submerged in water. And just to ensure you don't drown the first time you get locked in an underwater cage, let's make it clear that only your personal powers (teleportation, creation, fire aura, etc.) are negated. Walter can still come to your rescue, as can your knight minions. How much FX does that net us?

Paragon Powerset: Endurance is very low-priority if Durability is available, Fast Recovery can be substituted by Faster Creation. This works with the assumption that we spend most of the encounter in the obsidian form, that is. Reflexes could help though. Again, we'll get back on that later.
No. 315011 ID: 980ade

I agree with this one too.
No. 315012 ID: 234c26


-Teleport Range (3FX) for moon plan
-Breathe in Space (3FX) for moon plan
-Ninja medic (2FX) for healing/doctoring
-Teleport Capacity (3FX) because we'll want it regardless of Gates
-Walter Upgrade (3FX) so he's awesome
-Distance Shaping (2FX) for obsidian shenanigans.

No weaknesses, banes, or restrictions on any powers for the moment. We aren't so desperate for FX that we need to be limiting ourselves.
No. 315014 ID: e3f578

Don't forget about asking about why the government finances heroes and villains unless it's a conspiracy that could get him killed for asking. If so, ask him to respond in a manner that wont get him assassinated.

Walter Upgrade (3FX): Personality
Obsidian Body (6FX)
Lava Manipulation (3FX)
No. 315018 ID: 696a6d

Yurp. Stick with the plan, no drawbacks.
No. 315023 ID: 835a2d


Switching vote from



No. 315025 ID: c53c36

Also for this. The body upgrades can still be done later and with healing minion we don´t have a immedeate need for second wind, especially considering Monkey is our next hero.

On a side note, will the new contract also raise our FX per combat rate? I mean we get more money, more FX would be a logical assumption.
No. 315026 ID: 5b95eb

Smoke Body (-6 FX)
Teleport Range (-3FX)
Ninja medic (-2FX)
Teleport capacity (-3 FX)
Fire Manipulation (-3 FX)
Instant Limitx2 (+2 FX)
No. 315031 ID: 1854db

First. I'd like to talk about Fire Body vs Obsidian Body.

Obsidian Body is great, it's more durable than flesh, immune to obsidian effects, we can shapeshift it and create new limbs for ourself for a weird healing thing.

Fire Body is evasive, flitting around and changing shape rapidly. If we get Fire Manipulation we can do some healing stuff too. Also we can get an obsidian shell to have a sort of fake Obsidian Body that we can TELEPORT OUT OF and maybe even have it keep fighting after we leave it if we get something like remote obsidian control.

So Obsidian Body is tanking and Fire Body is evasive, and we'd need to buy a new power to heal Fire Body. I had an idea for Lava Body but that's almost directly comparable to Fire Body aside from a stylistic choice. Also we'd need to buy Lava Creation instead of Fire Manipulation.

Also, disadvantages. Instant Limit is an obvious choice here. We really do not need to go more than 100 meters in an instant teleport. So let's go Instant Limit x1. Available FX 17.
I also like the idea of weakness/bane. Bane: Submerged in water, disables Fire Aura and Fire Body. Available FX 23. I'm requesting info on how much FX Weakness: Ice would give us.

I'm gonna go with Fire Body here. Fire Body + Obsidian Armor seems best.
6 FX. Total: 6 FX.
Teleportation Gates. With this, we can move lots of shit to the moon at once without needing a bunch of capacity upgrades. Also, this can be used for extraction fairly well, and we've shown that we kindof need that. Let's not mention the kinds of portal shenanigans we might be able to pull off (though it's not actually thaaaat useful in combat)
3 FX, total: 9 FX.
Fire Manipulation, so that we have fireballs and can heal/shift our Fire Body.
3 FX, total: 12 FX.
Distance Shaping, for shenanigans!
2 FX, total: 14 FX.
Faster Creation, so we can do all sorts of things better.
3 FX, total: 17 FX.
Durability, so that our shit don't break, and we can make a suit of obsidian armor that we can shape.
3 FX, total: 20 FX.
3 FX, total: 23 FX.
No. 315036 ID: c2c011

I like this one. Would like to switch out the Walter upgrade for better Strength though. So it would be:
Alright, let's see what we got. Starting with 16 FX...
Teleport Instant Limit, +2 FX (18)
Obsidian Body: -6 FX (12)
Faster Creation: -3 FX (9)
Durability: -3 FX (6)
Lava Manipulation: -3 FX (3)
Strength upgrade: FX cost not known.
If it's too expensive to buy for 3 FX then I would suggest going for the microport power. That one seems like it could be very useful.
No. 315038 ID: 644ca1

Voting for sticking to the plan without drawbacks, these are the ones we need right now. Also I think we could use an extra on teleporter range.

Teleport Rangex2 (6FX)
Breathe in Space (3FX)
Teleport Capacity (3FX)
Walter Upgrade (3FX)

No drawbacks
No. 315039 ID: c1524b

>I'm requesting info on how much FX Weakness: Ice would give us.
Ooh, supporting that. Delicious, delicious irony.
No. 315045 ID: 00d3d5

Agreed on all counts.

Drawbacks suck, and we don't know if we can get rid of them once we get them.

These new powers are interesting, but we need to stick to the plan if we're going to get anything done. We can discuss plans for the next batch of FX, but going all over the place doesn't help here.
No. 315050 ID: 980ade

We shouldn't get a body changing power right now, maybe the next time we get FX. Right now we should get all of the powers that would allow us to reach our COOL MOON BASE (with WINGS).

Which means going with this: >>/questdis/348021

And a medic ninja butler. Because we need to someone to take care of our wounds.

IF we DO get a obsidian/flame form because most of us will want it I would go for FIRE. Because it's more awesome. And we can craft armor out of obsidian. Why would we make our whole body out of it?

Then of course I would support this idea: >>315031
(And the Ice weakness idea is just great. Ohohoh.)
No. 315060 ID: fa6e8d

I'm gonna go with Fire body, because an incorporeal form would make fights much easier, or at least add another option.
Also, weakness to ICE would be deliciously ironic.
No. 315070 ID: f0e3ae

No drawbacks..
Microport (16FX-3=13)
Fire Aura Defense Strength x2 (13-6=7FX)
Fire Aura Offense Strength x2 (7-6=1FX)
No. 315075 ID: c2d0f1


Save that for next time.
No. 315084 ID: 07416a

Yes, this. Obsidian body if we go for one.
No. 315105 ID: fdab7a

Okay, okay. Given the chatter over on /questdis/, I have changed my mind about some of these. Specifically, Obsidian Body -> Flame Body, and Lava Manipulation -> Fire Manipulation. Everything else stays the same.

But only because Reka makes being made of fire inside obsidian armor look just so dang cool.
No. 315144 ID: 40cb26

I'm still for all of this, but modifying what to get now:

>Teleportation Gates: -3 FX
>Faster Creation: -3 FX
>Durability: -3 FX
>Distance Shaping: -2 FX
>Second Wind: -2 FX
>Fire Manipulation: -3 FX

Teleportation gains fantastic utility, obsidian allows all kinds of new shenanigans, healing when we need it most and we finally get true fire powers beyond our aura. 16 FX total.

We then find out more about the Obsidian and Flame forms and their pros, cons and options, and if weaknesses etc can be reversed later on. We then can plan future upgrades with that in mind.
No. 315306 ID: 45be60

Postpone decision on forms for now.
I support LARGE quantities of water and/or wind disabling our fire powers (and only fire powers) as a weakness. Candles go out, but there is more to a candlestick than the fire.

One rank of each:
Teleport Capacity (3 FX)
Walter Upgrade (6 FX)
Teleport Range (9 FX)
Survive in Space (12 FX)
Paragon Reflexes (15 FX) would be my preference, but Microteleport would be fine too. It looks like they would accomplish pretty much the same result.

Save 1 FX for inevitable emergency.
No. 315349 ID: f5fe2f

>3FX for teleport range upgrade
>3FX for Breath in Space
>3FX for Portals.
Then we are good to go to the moon. That's the most important thing. After that's taken care of:
>3FX for Faster Obsidian Creation
>3FX for increased obsidian Intricacy

I don't think we should go for a body upgrade, either now or in the near future, but if we do I want:
>Obsidian Body
No. 315352 ID: cd63e9

I'd like to point out if we take one rank transportation and portals without a time limit we could start living on our moon base. just spend 10 hours setting up the portal set and connect our apartment and our moon base. this would let us viably live in our moon base for 5 fx. (assuming we take the limit on the next rank of tel-port) failing to gain access to our moon base would suck so hard.
No. 315379 ID: 45be60

Hmmm, the new guy has a point, provided we are sure there is air inside the moon base.
No. 315408 ID: cd63e9

if there's no air it will become obvious once the portal opens, assuming gas can freely move throgh the portal.
No. 315415 ID: 45be60

Unfortunately that is not how the portals work
No. 315426 ID: 80afd3

That is how video game portals work.

The only thing we should be worried about in this case is unauthorized access when we're not at home. That's a pretty huge secutiry hole if they can only close by our command. And if we close them right after us the point of portals is kind of lost.
No. 315753 ID: 5aac32

Should go in questdis.

Anyway, my votes.

Portals - 3
Capability - 3
Range - 3

Fire Aura:
Don't buy breathing in space yet, but hold 3 points and check the moonbase first.

Obsidian Manipulation:
Faster Creation - 3

No weaknesses yet.
No. 315908 ID: d391ba

I say we go overboard with shaping and teleporting

teleport capacity (3fx)
controlled teleportation(3fx)
distance shaping (3fx)
Shaping speed (3fx)
intricate shaping(3fx)

My thinking is this. The obsidian shaping abilities all play off of each other. We get speed and distance then we have a real weapon, we add control to that, we get to have a real weapon, AND we get to do all sorts of theatric things, just like we love.
No. 315916 ID: f1fc5a

I'd hold back on the space breathing/survival power if the Moon base can be initially investigated with a bought space suit.

Teleportation Gates - 3FX
Teleport Range w/ instant limit - 2FX
Faster Creation - 3FX
Improved Reflexes - 3FX
Creation Durability or Intricacy - 3FX
No. 318420 ID: a6008c
File 130920400783.png - (76.42KB , 576x720 , 243.png )

After much debate and setting things aside for later, I settle on the following upgrades:

Water Bane: Fire Aura (-3 FX). If I am completely submerged in Water, my Fire Aura shuts off. So, I can't fly or burn things underwater right now. I see no possible way this could hinder me in the immediate future!

Walter Upgrade (3 FX). Walter is now a witty, reserved, competent butler figure! Hooray.

Teleport Range w/ Instant Limit (2 FX). I now now can teleport up to 10,000 meters per second, and it would take me 10 hours to get to the moon, or 4 hours to get to the Villainy General store...

Teleport Gates (3 FX). ...And if I want to make the return trip easier, I can set up a portal! Probably shouldn't do that moon base trip though, until I get the Breathe in Space aura upgrade, first. This power allows me to create obsidian gates while I teleport, and permanently bind the beginning and end point of my teleportation together, until I dismiss it or one of the obsidian gates is destroyed.

Teleport Capacity (3 FX). I spent 2 FX on this last battle. Even though Gates drastically decrease my need for teleportation capacity, this is still useful if I don't want to leave an easy way for enemies to follow me, but I need to take more than just myself.

Faster Creation (3 FX). I can now create obsidian twice as quickly as I used to! I can make a full length longsword in an instant...

Distance Shaping (2 FX). ...And I can do it up to 10 meters away! Each time I take this upgrade, the distance I can Distance Shape will double - 20 meters, 40 meters, 80 meters, 160 meters, etc. Created obsidian is still subject to gravity.

Reignition (Second Wind) (2 FX). I can heal a severe wound in an instant! Or heal some moderate wounds. This is only useable once per day, but...
No. 318421 ID: a6008c
File 130920402370.png - (236.80KB , 800x600 , 244.png )

SCHWAA! My arm is healed! My ribs are still cracked and my wrist is still sore, but I can use my left arm again. I'll just use this power again tomorrow and I should be basically okay! Fantastic.

I have 1 FX remaining. I'll save it for emergencies.

I think that solves all my immediate problems. Next on the to do list, I have a few options. And I have about 10,000$ I need to spend on my next heist.

Option 1: Visit Villainy General.
Option 2: Come up with a plan of attack for breaking Hollow Queen out of jail.
Option 3: Go plan out that challenge with Wrench Monkey for next week.

In your suggestions, please suggest which of option 2 and 3 we're going to focus on first, and whether we should get to planning them before or after Option 1.
No. 318422 ID: a6008c
File 130920422811.png - (89.71KB , 700x500 , ITQAdvice.png )

>Teleport Range w/ Instant Limit (2 FX). I now now can teleport up to 10,000 meters per second, and it would take me 10 hours to get to the moon, or 4 hours to get to the Villainy General store...

Half an hour. It takes half an hour to get to Villainy General.
No. 318423 ID: b1f0e2

1. visit villainy general followed by

Also... Why would you break her out of jail? she is a dangerous psychopath and you will make too many enemies and tie yourself with too many dangerous psychos.

I would prefer to rob a bank or something.
No. 318424 ID: 1854db


We can break Hollow Queen out any time. We have a strict time limit for Wrench Monkey's big test. Start some preliminary planning while charging to get to Villany General. Then when we get there we can get some ideas on what kind of stuff we could use for the heist thing. I mean there's no reason we can't just hang out there for a while to plan.
No. 318428 ID: e3f578

hey blacwick so how exactly DO you charge anyway? Does it have to deal with focus or is it like stretching a metaphorical muscle for a while and is it tiring or an effort to charge? Is it like Steam where you can stop charging and start charging from the point you left off later if you don't use up what you currently charged?
No. 318429 ID: 252e1b


Because jailbreaks are awesome and the Hollow Queen is awesome and when you add the Baron to it you get an awesome sandwich.

So we're going to go do that.
No. 318432 ID: 835a2d

>Three, before one

So we know what we'll need to buy.
No. 318436 ID: cddaf1

Wrench Monkey's a more pressing engagement, and the prison break's the bigger job, anyway. Even if we could plan and execute it in a week, it would still be dumb to go fight Wrench Monkey the next day. Besides, the FX from that and his help will probably be useful, too.

Of course, heading over to the shop should be our priority now, and depending on what we can buy we might have to change our priorities some. Maybe there's like a starter's prison break set on sale or something.
No. 318438 ID: 0d095c


Also, when we have a couple of spare hours, go check out the Moon Base. I mean, we have the Address. Just Google it.
No. 318439 ID: 07416a

Good business. We can cut ties with her after, but right now she's a compatriot. We don't leave our partners hanging.
No. 318442 ID: b1f0e2

You know what, you should first ask the mayor about converting heroes to the dark side.

Am I the only one who is concerned about the meta of the whole thing? The mayor just hands out superpowers or takes them away to "villains", the police chief does the same for heroes (and under totally different set of rules).

HOW do they award and take away powers? Is it a technology or magic of some sort? can we acquire / steal it and award ourselves powers that cannot be taken away? WHY are they awarding people powers? There are ton of unanswered questions here that are critical to our survival.
No. 318445 ID: f5fe2f

Let's check out the store. Planning can occur in the discussion thread. We need to know what sort of things are available to us.
No. 318450 ID: 40cb26

Guys, we're agreed to take a call from Wrench Monkey today, and set up the engagement for him a week later. We don't know when he is calling or what we're doing, so we need to get that prepared first. We make the plan now, then as we wait for him to ring us up we figure out how what we can about Hollow Queens prison situation and how to deal with it. And only then do we go shopping, knowing what we need to get for the prison break and wrench monkey encounters.

In short go 3, 2 and then 1.
No. 318452 ID: 07416a

Right. Plan first, figure out what resources we have second.

No. 318469 ID: 259738

1 first, because we don't know what is available for purchase yet. Then 3, because that is a little more immediate. Then 2.
No. 318473 ID: 40cb26

No u. Really now, pay more attention. First we make a plan for what we do about Wrench Monkey. The stuff we buy won't make a big difference for that plan, and it isn't like we're going to share the details with him. We only need the place time and intent. After settling on that, we find out all we can about where the queen is, what the place is like, and about making jailbreaks in general. Maybe give the Don a ring about that. Then when we go shopping we know what we are shopping for. The planning for the jailbreak doesn't actually come together until that point.
No. 318476 ID: 45be60

so what you guys are actually saying is 1, 3, 1 again, then start thinking about 2. I mean it's not like going to the store is a single use plan. Stop fighting about it.

So what are we doing for the fight with monkeywrech? turning a skyscraper into a giant candle?
No. 318482 ID: c2c011

Numero Uno. We go visit the villain store and see what they have so we can plot and plan.
No. 318491 ID: 980ade

3 then 2 then 1.

We plan both the fight and the jailbreak (although we will probably do it much later) and then we go to the shop.

Because a shop like this will either have the things that we need for the plan we come up with or we can ask them to get us a rarer item for a higher price.
No. 318536 ID: 234c26

3, then 1, then 2.

Whatever plans we come up with for use against Wrench Monkey should not be dependent upon freshly purchased whatevers; they should rely on our basic prowess to pull off, with any Villainy General purchases helpful but not critical. Because of this, 1 can wait until after 3.
No. 318617 ID: e7030d

3, 1, 2.

2's going to be the most effort because we'll have to contact and coordinate allies.
No. 318917 ID: 2afc9c

I say 1. This is because I want to move on to 2 which will probably be encounter, which means Blacwick needs to spend half his money on it.

Also spend some of that remaining $10000 on nice stuff. Some quality everyday clothing, some villainous clothing, a top hat, your favourite comics, a top quality designer haircut, accessories and anything else. You've just moved up to the top class so you need to up your game. Also get a portable rebreather for your villainy work. Never know when you'll fight in a burning building or in a cloud of poison gas.
No. 318932 ID: 5aac32

1. There's a contractual obligation to burn money, and it'll be easier to do so once prices're known.
No. 319656 ID: eab1be

Option 1 is first. Maybe spend just a little preliminary time to figure out where you'd be at for option 2 - we're talking ten, maybe fifteen minutes on Google, just to see where she is and whether it's a day resort or an oubliette - but option 1 is first. You can't plan something like this without knowing what your tools are.

Option 3 can come later, since it's basically win/win and there's less that can go horribly wrong. Maybe not nothing, but less.
No. 319694 ID: 6e7723

3 then 1 then 2
No. 338575 ID: a6008c
File 131296406694.png - (145.23KB , 800x600 , 245.png )

An alarm sounds. A doctor stops fiddling with the computer mainframe. He looks to the side, and pulls out a pocket computer. A monitor displays an intruder, flying above the base. "Hmm." The monitor displays a man in black and red, a man on fire. A new face, but not one unfamiliar to the doctor.

"Gorbo!" He shouts, and a large metal contraption stirs. "Go greet our... guest." He begins to put away his tools.


He adjusts his monocle, and smiles.
No. 338576 ID: a6008c
File 131296408308.png - (204.27KB , 800x600 , 246.png )

I arrive at the island of Villainy General, teleporting in from afar. The island is small, less than a mile across, and is covered in thick, dense green foliage. I've determined I'll set up for the battle with Wrench Monkey first, but right now, it is a matter of deciding WHAT exactly that battle will be. And what, exactly, I can spend 10,000$ on for it.

I fly in close, checking out the area for signs of potential villainous stores, but don't see anything through the foliage. After determining it impossible to see from above, I go to the ground for some exploring.
No. 338577 ID: a6008c
File 131296410148.png - (383.08KB , 800x600 , 247.png )

Hopefully I find it soon, I hate walking. I feel very out of place down here... I wonder if there's anything in particular I should keep an eye out for. Some kind of lever, or a sign? I'm not sure what a Villainy General store looks like, honestly.
No. 338578 ID: 7e3141

Incoming from behind, sir.
No. 338581 ID: 00d3d5

Red glowing thing behind you.

Pay for somebody's wedding or other major event just so you'll have something to crash. As a bonus, if any other heroes show up you can tell them to get lost since you're the host so it's all legal.
That will really piss them off, by the way.
No. 338585 ID: f5fe2f

There's a yellow dot of potential significance to the left. Try checking that out. Otherwise, you could try starting fires and seeing if that helps anything. It would likely smoke out the store owner, at least.
No. 338593 ID: 1854db

If they don't advertise where it is, it's quite likely they will send someone to show you where it is after detecting your presence and identifying you.

Expect to be either grabbed or gabbed at.
No. 338629 ID: 0d095c

Behind you. Look at the Red Dot.
No. 338639 ID: c2c011

Red glowy eye looking at you from behind, get your flame shield on and be prepared to dodge from an incoming atttack.
No. 338652 ID: 3fd4fb

Flame on and use a quick teleport a short distance forward from your current location, and turn to see the potential threat behind you.
No. 338738 ID: b109cf

Presumably the island opens up to reveal a hidden base or something. Look for unnatural patches, downtrodden paths and general signs of human activity.

Buy at least some kind of weapon so you can be a bigger threat. Maybe a gauntlet or an ornate staff. You could order something that works with your powers. Your fire can heat steam and you have no shortage of obsidian... A gauntlet that propels obsidian stakes or other ammunition using steam pressure when punching or at range would be cool. Especially if it can shoot jets of steam or fire. Maybe a weapon that charges up heat and expels a wave of fire? You could also get your suit upgraded to mark II.

For your next conflict perhaps you could continue your grey agenda and target some publically disliked buildings (perhaps even ask the mayor if he has any he hates) with a superweapon that would be nigh unstoppable like lava streams or giant battering rams, forcing wrench monkey to either construct defenses or (shock!) improve the buildings.
No. 338822 ID: cddaf1

Extend a warm thank you for the prompt and excellent welcoming service. Biting sarcasm may be applied as necessary.
No. 382781 ID: 72b600
File 132772821458.png - (591.47KB , 800x600 , 248.png )

I hear a sound, and teleport forward, weapon drawn! A giant robot gorilla stands where I was just a moment ago. He looks confused.
No. 382783 ID: 72b600
File 132772822463.png - (224.50KB , 800x600 , 249.png )

"MASTER, GORBO SMASHED TOO GOOD! HE GONE!" A booming, simplistic voice echoes out from the robot, without it moving its mouth.

"He's right in front of you, Gorbo. Just stand still." The voice of an elderly man speaks up. It also sounds like it's coming from the robot.


"Ahem, yes. You. Welcome to my island. Who are you, and what are you doing here?"
No. 382788 ID: a2fa74

"Baron Obsidian, and staring down a giant robot gorilla instead of throwing money around.
This IS the island for Villainy General, isn't it?"
No. 382789 ID: a11f90

I was told that this island was the location of an establishment where one could procure supplies. Is this correct?
No. 382790 ID: cddaf1

The most dramatic and pompous bow you can manage. "James Blacwick, the Baron Obsidian, at your service. I was informed there was a market located here, specialized for the needs of supervillains. I was hoping to browse their wares and locate something to assist in my next villainous act. Being that this is your island, would you be capable of directing me to this stockhouse, assuming it exists?"
He's the one with the giant robot, so you've got to be at least somewhat deferential, but play up the pretentious as possible angle, too.
No. 382808 ID: 1854db

Yeah, ham it up!
No. 382839 ID: f354ab

"I have a giant monkey to defeat - not this one - and I need something stylish but not excessive in the realm of $10,000.

I want to give the poor brute a chance, or it wouldn't be sporting."

I'm thinking maybe a bank heist for the Monkey Wrench showdown, something traditional and not too complicated. And a good way to build a nest egg for the Hollow Queen job. We can teleport gate the money out and then have a good old knock-down drag-out brawl with the big fella, win or lose.
No. 382851 ID: 807ed3


I like your 'let's get shit done right away' attitude.
No. 382933 ID: 72d49b

"I am Blackwick, the Baron Obsidian. I doubt you've heard of me all the way out here, but I've heard that this is a place where I might be able to pick up some very useful things for a price."

>at your service
Don't say this, just in case he takes it seriously.

That seems like a good kind of thing to say after the introductions are concluded.
No. 383119 ID: 067619

Display the CARD you got for Villainy General. That should prove that you were legitimately introducted. At some point also ask if this guy knows anything about your father. He might have been a customer.
No. 383754 ID: c0e69a

Ask if he has the blueprints for the prison Hollow Queen is being held in.
No. 384733 ID: 72b600
File 132851929074.png - (257.75KB , 800x600 , 250.png )

"Baron Obsidian." I whip out a small white business card, holding it up for Gorbo to see. "This IS the island for Villainy General, isn't it? I'd rather "

"...Yes, you're in the right place. Gorbo! Show the man to the door." "YES MASTER."
No. 384734 ID: 72b600
File 132851930425.png - (378.65KB , 800x600 , 251.png )

He takes me to a random rock somewhere in the center of the island, and shows me a secret door. I enter, and then Gorbo follows me.
No. 384735 ID: 72b600
File 132851932717.png - (102.50KB , 800x600 , 252.png )

It is an elevator.
No. 384736 ID: 72b600
File 132851933964.png - (252.94KB , 800x600 , 253.png )

When the elevator eventually stops, I find myself at the center of a large lobby. Pictures line the walls, with prices listed below them. An elderly man with a monocle sits in an extremely fancy chair behind a counter, with glass display cases next to him showing off some of his wares. He clears his voice as I enter.

"Welcome! To Villainy General. I trust Gorbo has treated you well. I am Doctor Gregory Gladius, the inventor of the majority of what you'll find for sale here, and I take custom orders as well. Now, Baron, what exactly are you looking for? Supervillainy is my specialty."

"Right now, I have plans for a pair of heists. I'm trying to set up some sort of rivalry type encounter with a hero who has been pretty down on his luck lately. I don't want to completely destroy him, so I'm just looking for something stylish to base the heist around. And, I'm trying to bust an ally out of Iron City's prison. If you have information, or a map, I'd be interested in buying. I've got a limit of about 20k to spend, if that narrows things down."

"Well, let's see what we have." Dr. Gladius pulls out a computer tablet, and begins entering some figures. "Let's see now... you want something flashy to base an encounter on, and you want a map and some information on the Iron City prison. Is that correct?"

"Yeah. That's about right."

"Very good. I have an informant from Iron City I could get you in contact with for a small fee, plus whatever it is he'll ask of you. He's been to prison plenty of times, I'm certain he knows a trick or two. So now it just comes down to... something flashy. What are you looking for in particulr, Black Wick?" The doctor asks with a questioning eye.
No. 384737 ID: 72b600

>I'd rather "

Yeah ignore that, I failed to fully delete a sentence while editing. Woops.
No. 384738 ID: fcf88e

Hmmmm... we need a pretty good set up. Something classy, yet a good method of drawing attention and making a bit of cash too. We were thinking of robbing a bank, but why go the normal way of busting through the safe door when you can go through the ceiling?

My idea, a medieval style stone tower with some sort of device inside it to cut a hole right into the safe room where they keep the cash. Making a actual stone tower would take a while, would be hard to move and also expensive, so perhaps using a lighter material that looks like it or some how attach a layer of obsidian to the outside to give it that personal flair. Maybe some torches for the dramatic lighting, pods for a dramatic entry of our knights. Flight/thrusters could be a good idea just so we can lift off in it once the fight is over and also to get there.
No. 384744 ID: 86fe4d

something that'll let you crash right through the fucking ceiling of a bank together with your knights, who'll be assigned to crowd control while you rob the shit out of the vault(s). maybe something that'll help you carry your loot out of there along with your minions.
No. 384750 ID: cddaf1

"Well, my plan is to destroy some offices with a personal connection to this hero. Something to aid in their destruction, but slowly and controlled enough that he could do something about it would work. I did promise to give him a fighting chance, and I'm not sure he'd be able to react to ordinary demolitions in time. Perhaps some sort of quake machine? Or a series of them that could be hidden throughout the building?"
No. 384765 ID: 40cb26

Our abilities involve rock fire and teleportation and his involve strength and building things. It is too easy for us to bypass him and anything he might create, so there needs to be a goal that undermines my advantage so a meaningful conflict can take place. I'm thinking a theme of creation against destruction here, somehow.

Beyond that it has to be epic enough for him to be redeemed as a hero should he prove the victor, important enough that he accept being our servant should he lose, and flashy enough to not make us look lame after only just advancing to the next tier of villainy.
No. 384809 ID: 76c597

Get something that tunnels (a vehicle with a drill on the front is traditional). Perhaps an eruption/volcano effect motif to be more spectacular?
No. 384813 ID: 72d49b

Well, let's run all our ideas by him and see what he thinks. We should ask for a volcano bomb or other volcano creating device. If we get a giant mantle-piercing volcano gun that we can mount at our moonbase and remotely cause volcanoes that would be awesome. Might count for the "2fx per use" superweapon rules though, would be kind of overpowered otherwise unless it needed an expensive single-use laser battery.

We should run the "fuck up the dude's old job" plan by this guy too, I think that's the best one we've got for the Wrench Monkey fight so far.
No. 384917 ID: f70e5e

I think a volcano is a bit much, ideally it would be something that causes buildings to collapse slowly. I like the earth quake generator idea myself, but if that's too expensive how about something that takes bites out of the support structure of the building
No. 385015 ID: 76c597

Changed my mind in support of the mini-volcano idea. Do have it just spew out regular fire and flaming rocks, though. Lava is cool, but hot ash clouds kill people.

Fire and rocks would give Monkey something to build ramparts/defend against without accidentally killing a large swathe of the city. We could even invite Debbie as hero backup, since she seemed worried about the poor mook, and with her cold powers things are less likely to turn deadly.

If he beats the volcano, then we could move on to Stage 2: Obsidian creation versus construction powers.
No. 385035 ID: 307b84

Hey he called you Black Wick when you introduced yourself as Baron Obsidian. Maybe you should hint that you noticed by going something like: "I never gave you my name. I take it you've heard of me then?"

An alternative plan would maybe be something mixing the breakout with the Wrenchmonkey encounter. Like some kind of device that breaks down concrete (Concrete Disintegrator Beam Cannon?), meaning Wrenchmonkey has to divide time between rebuilding the prison and fighting of Blacwick and his minions. It wouldn't necessarily have to be used on the prison though. Could make for an interesting city conflict.
No. 389536 ID: 7bc1dc
File 133052327887.png - (165.59KB , 545x491 , 254.png )

"...I introduced myself as Baron Obsidian, not Black Wick. You've heard of me?"

"Hell no. I can't keep up with upcoming heroes and villains anymore, I retired from that business a while back." He waves a hand dismissively. "I looked you up in the villainy databases while I was waiting for Gorbo to bring you here. If you'd been some kind of imposter, I'd have to have had Gorbo eliminate you." "GORBO SMASH?" "No Gorbo, that won't be necessary. He's definitely the real Baron Obsidian." "YES MASTER. GORBO NOT SMASH." Dr. Gladius stands up, resting his weight heavily on a cane, and begins to walk around the desk. "Very good, Gorbo." He suddenly turns back to me. "You really resemble your father. He was quite a bit more... something, than you are, though. Dark? Yes. He was a lot more dark."

"Dark?" He knew my father! It takes me a moment to process that.

"Yes. His hair was blacker than midnight, and the man was dreadfully dreary. Other than that, you look the same as he did the first time he entered my shop, almost 20 years ago. He bought a pair of antimatter missiles. Used them to raid a military base, I believe. but I'm getting off track. You're not here to talk about your father, are you? Tell me, Baron, what did you need for your encounter? I don't like to repeat myself. The world almost ended last time I had to ask someone the same thing over and over." He frowns, clearly remembering whatever it was that THAT incident involved.
No. 389537 ID: 7bc1dc
File 133052328820.png - (274.61KB , 800x800 , 255.png )

Well, I'd certainly like to talk about dad, but he's right. I came here looking to buy. Let's get that done first, and I can steer the conversation back to dad later. Dr. Gladius is certainly easy enough to get talking. "I need something effective enough for this hero I'm up against to really be redeemed if he defeats me, meaningful enough that he'll willingly serve me should he lose, and flashy enough to make sure I don't look lame during my first heist as a National level villain. My opponent's powers are construction based, so I'm going for a destruction versus construction sort of vibe. I haven't decided if I'm hitting his old work place or a bank yet, but I'm thinking I'll want some kind of big, flashy set piece."

"Alright. I can do a set piece. You're a baron, yes? Perhaps a tower of some kind? I do love dark, imposing towers."

"A tower would probably work. I was thinking something like a miniature volcano or maybe a giant fireball cannon, myself. Perhaps a drill. I haven't narrowed down the specifics."

"I can tell. I have a drill tank lying around, and I could certainly make a fireball cannon of some sort. Those sound more within your price range than a tower, anyway, especially if it needs it's own transportation."
No. 389538 ID: 7bc1dc
File 133052329879.png - (165.29KB , 1000x600 , 256.png )

He gives me the following prices, and says I that I can expect his contact to want some cash out of me too. The price of Dr. G telling us how to contact the informant is included in the prices:

--$30,600: The Tower. A 3 story black stone tower. We'd need to find our own way to bring it places. This'll take about 4 days to build, and he'll throw in a free force field for it. Force fields are his specialty, he tells you. He practically invented them, with how pitiful the old EDL's force fields were before he revolutionized the field, but they ignored his advancements in military technology. Those fools! They must have rued the day, after- oh. Sorry, he says, he got off topic. You probably weren't even born yet when that happened. The Tower will require a payment plan to purchase, and if you want him to include weaponry and mobility, he can throw those on there too, since you'll be paying over time for it anyway.

--$25,600: The Volcano Maker. A theoretical drilling device about as big as Gorbo. This machine drills into the ground and pulls up the rock around it, creating a small volcano. Once set up, it continues to pull up rocks from below and flings them out the top of the volcano, but not before setting them on fire! A chaotic and potentially reuseable device, although it takes a ton of fuel and is potentially really dangerous. Dr. G, as a genius, tells you he can have this device designed and built within 5 days. No! 3 days, and you'll be doing the field testing for him. This will also require a payment plan.

--$16,600: The Fireball Cannon. A simple, stupidly big cannon that fires great balls of fire the size of small cars. Dr. G tells you he, surprisingly, doesn't work with fire often, and will need to build one of these for you. It should be all about the lasers and the force fields and the antimatter explosives in this business, he says. It's a shame how much villainy has deviated from it's scientific roots. The Fireball Cannon will take about 2 days to build.

--$10,600: Glenda. An old drilling tank Dr. G had built back in his prime. She's gathering dust these days, but she'd helped him in a couple of heists and then helped him create this underground shop around 25 years ago. She hasn't done a lot since then. Glenda has her own AI, is a tank, and has a giant drill on a mobile, rotating torso section. Not much else to be said about her.
No. 389539 ID: e3f578

>Tank with AI
:3 hell yeah get the tank
To get him talking about your father again, ask him about family themes that heroes and villains go for sometimes in case you ever get the desire for a tribute based theme of an encounter in the future, and if there's a spiritual and/or psychic hero/villain in the database he'd know that could make an (rival [if villain]) encounter awkward by doing one of those weird as hell, mess with your head type things, bringing up the dead from your past.
Maybe ask a professional question about why does the government pay to have heroes and villains fight each other, not to look a fun gift horse in the mouth but you can't help but be curious.
This all can be asked during a more detailed tour or test drive of the drill tank.
No. 389543 ID: cddaf1

Well, the Tower is out because while it's admittedly neat, it's stupid expensive, kind of useless, and we're potentially getting our own personal construction guy soon.

Glenda is out for being Dr. G's robot. Having him construct something for us is one thing, but taking his old hand me downs is something else entirely. We're our own villain, we don't need to ride his discarded coattails.

The Fireball Cannon is probably a really nice investment, on the other hand. Having a way to shoot giant bursts of fire would do wonders for our admittedly lacking offense, especially if we can manage to get it somewhat maneuverable (either by boosting our teleport capacity, or maybe some kind of gate upgrade to keep in front of it? Just imagine being able to launch it through our cape.) At the very least, it would make an effective siege weapon.

However, I'm throwing my support behind the Volcano Maker. Random mass destruction seemed to be about the limit of our planning for our next heist, so that's not even a drawback. Dropping that in the middle of a building and fighting with Wrench Monkey while he tries to stop it and limit the damage sounds like a fun idea. I'm a little worried about going into debt, but whatever, we have to take risks.
No. 389547 ID: 46c430

I say Glenda or the fireball cannon, easier to transport and reuse. Plus Glenda has some utility usage, unlike most of the other options. Ask what Glenda's AI is like, though.
No. 389548 ID: 7979e6

Fireball cannon seems good, volcano maker if the cost of the fuel can be added to our "spend half your money on your next heist" thing, we need to have some money leftover after this to get those prison plans though.
No. 389555 ID: a2fa74

Glenda and the fireball cannon. Ask if you can get the fireball cannon in a size better suited for an Obsidian Gate hidden in your cloak. That way you can keep the cannon somewhere safe and use it to shoot fireballs out of your cloak. Also, you could use the gate as an escape route - you move backwards through the gate, your cloak follows you, the gate falls to the ground and shatters.

Ask how much he would charge to put Glenda's AI core in a separate device and have her control her body remotely. That way we can just build a new body if she gets destroyed.
No. 389557 ID: ed57e8

how about a bomb that LOOKS super deadly, like spikes and a big LCD clock on it. be used in the wrench monkey thing.
No. 389558 ID: d1f1b7

Get Glenda and see if there are any improvements available.
No. 389570 ID: 701671

get the tank
No. 389572 ID: ce0cf7

Get Glenda but get some upgrades for her, like that force field he was mentioning and a new paint job to match your theme. Dark purple obsidian looking plating with red magama trails around joint segments.
Finally, rocket boosters so she can fly into the action zone and fly out if escape is needed.
Get him to give her a once over before purchase if ya can.
No. 389574 ID: e1fb71

Glenda with an added force field. we can throw stuff like knives from inside the field to the outside, right?
No. 389579 ID: 40cb26

I'm leaning towards the fireball cannon, it's in theme both for us and our encounter. Plus when it comes to super weapons I want something that we're less in danger of ourselves. That volcano is very likely to cause a problem if we are distracted while teleporting around. Ask him if he can throw a force field into it as well for not too much.

Glenda would be nice to have if we were digging out a base or something, with wrenchy building the area behind her as she digs. And if we have her maybe her AI can be adapted to other tasks. Like targeting our future super weapons.
No. 389587 ID: fcf88e

Glenda seems like a good choice. The volcano maker can be costly, the fireball cannon while handy, is pretty much a one trick pony, and the Tower takes too much time and money.

Not only that, but we could customize her a bit. Give her some better, theme fitting armor, maybe a red eye, perhaps a pair of Tower shields with mini force field generators for cost and defense.
No. 389641 ID: e4a136


Glenda. Then use her to repeatedly wreck monkey's buildings.

Also a series of paranoia-inducing tunnels, letting the hero build barriers as Knights and Ninjas stalk him through the tunnel...

It'd be like a dungeon crawl. Hell yeah.
No. 389706 ID: 7bc1dc
File 133060942938.png - (245.46KB , 800x600 , 257.png )

After a bit of talking, I decide to buy GLENDA! Dr. Gladius mentions that it's important to note that she is a demolitions robot designed for taking out buildings and making tunnels, and is not designed nor appropriately equipped for direct combat. In addition, even though she's called a tank, there isn't actually anywhere inside of her to sit.

Taking this into consideration, you ask if she could get a force field installed. Or maybe force field shields, on her arms! And a dark, purple-black paint job. And rockets, to fly with! He tells us she's already black and purple for her color scheme, but sure, he can do the rest. The extra modifications will run you $7000 or so, is that alright? Sure! That's alright.

He says to come back and pick her up in 3 days. If there isn't anything else you need, he'll get you that contact information for his old accomplice, and then you can be on your merry way.

>Blacwick has $4000 left.
No. 389708 ID: e1fb71

I miss Angel.
No. 389712 ID: 431fa8

Has he got any kind of personal sensor suite for sale? Preferably something small and stylish that would let us easily keep track of our allies and enemies (and bystanders, I suppose) in a moderate radius, including through walls and what have you.
No. 389713 ID: cddaf1

Ugh, can we at least get Dr. G's emblem painted over? It's bad enough we're resorting to using his old abandoned ideas wholesale, do we really have to be advertising it?

Anyway, I guess we can just set her loose to drill through things wherever we decide to attack. Are we committed to Wrench Monkey's old employers yet? We've got a few days to burn, see if you can dig up some info on them. Other things to take care of, potentially: Talk to the Doc's contact, hang out with Delirium, get Mr. Bewick's opinion on the Iron City fiasco, look into getting Don Dice's aid in the upcoming jailbreak. Otherwise there's nothing major for us to deal with until we're facing off with Wrench Monkey.
No. 389714 ID: ed57e8

think a bomb that LOOKS nasty but is rather weak would be good. have the employers in a obsidian cage next to it. wrench monkey needs to prevent them from getting bombed. if he fails we open a portal under it sending it across the street right before it goes off. and say "they are dead, you failed"
No. 389715 ID: 7c31d2

ask if minions would keep bought upgrades when they respawn, if they do ask about power armour for our ninja butler
No. 389716 ID: ed57e8

power armor is slow and powerful 9 times out of ten. the opposite of ninja
No. 389718 ID: 307b84

Nice. Also ask if Dr. Gladius makes personal force fields. Like a wearable full body one that lessens incoming attacks (letting you mock the police without fear of being shot) or a one-directional shield type to let you block more powerful attacks.

Maybe instead of power armour what about a muscle suit?

Before doing any heists put Glenda to practical use by having it dig out room for some underground facilities in remote and hidden locations. They could be almost anywhere with your teleporting abilities. Then you can use them as potential base building sites later on. I mean having a base is good, but having backup bases is excellent.
No. 389737 ID: a7cf98

Get some fireworks.
Eeeevil fireworks.
No. 389739 ID: f70e5e

ask him if GLENDA's AI is truly self aware or not. if it is we need to take steps to make sure it gets out ok if its chaises gets destroyed.
No. 389742 ID: 40cb26

...Can our portals transport something this big? I'd imagine he can deliver if need be, but it would be nice to move this thing around ourselves. Much more effective tactics that way, especially for removing it from the scene intact.

Is that his emblem, or just Glendas? Sure we can replace it either way, but I'd like to use our own symbol. Which we don't have yet. So it can wait.

Agreed. Having an AI backup handy is good even if it isn't sentient though, and will save us money if we have need of one later.
No. 389743 ID: 76c597

Maybe a bracer that creates a force shield on our off-arm, so we can sword-n-shield.

Also, if Glenda can demolish buildings, can she excavate under one WITHOUT damaging it? We could stand to have a lair-type add-on to our apartment. A super villain renting an apartment is slightly lame.
No. 389749 ID: 40cb26

Best thing is to have her almost demolish a building, or several buildings, with no visible damage and then suddenly CRASH.
No. 389751 ID: 13f847

While he's making modifications to Glenda get him to install a kick-ass sound system.
Also at some point we should hang out with Delirium like we promised.
No. 389758 ID: ce0cf7

Got three days? Go hang out with Delirium.
No. 389768 ID: 1854db

Oh yeah, we did say we'd hang out.
No. 389846 ID: bb0c2f

>install a kick-ass sound system
A sweet ass-boombox!
No. 389886 ID: 40cb26

After meeting with the contact and arranging the breakout, of course. We might involve her with it too, who knows? Although I think the mobster is a better bet there.
No. 389945 ID: 6616f3

This is Iron City. We could use all the help we can get.
No. 389948 ID: 6f9630

Well, why not combine these two to make to make a block party. Entrance fee: All of your money and valuables. And you can't not come. Delirium will provide some chemical and culinary entertainment while you provide the music and host the event.
No. 404374 ID: 72b600
File 133531314350.png - (186.11KB , 800x533 , 258.png )

I ask him to remove that G symbol while he's at it, and also install a kickass stereo system, and Dr. G says he can obviously make those things happen. I then ask the good doctor if he is capable of making personal force fields. He is offended that I would think something so simple would be beneath him, and wonders if I had thought the great Dr. Gregory Gladius foolish enough to talk to supervillains in person while defenseless. I tell him I did not mean anything like that at all, I just wanted a forcefield arm shield that I could maybe deflect attacks with. He says oh. Yes. He can get me one of those, with no issue.

A small fee is added to my bill, and Dr. G says he can have the arm-shield ready in no time at all. You can pick it up tomorrow, or wait until you also pick up the tank. It makes no difference to someone as magnanimous as Dr. Gladius.

>Blacwick has $3400.
No. 404375 ID: 72b600
File 133531315918.png - (128.98KB , 800x600 , 259.png )

With that out of the way, I begin to plan for my heists for the next couple days.

I decide to kidnap Wrench Monkey's former employers, and set up some kind of elaborate not-really-a-death trap for them. I give Wrench Monkey a time and a place, 5 days from now, somewhere in the middle of Adventure City.

Next, I need a plan to free Hollow Queen from the Iron City prison in 7 days. I call up Don Dice, and he says he'll help. He tells me he owes her a favor. I call up Dr. G's contact, who is apparently an old intern of his. Goes by "Ross" - he doesn't even seem to have a supervillain name he goes by. Ross says he'll meet me, sure, and we set up a time in 2 days. I still don't have a plan for the jailbreak, but I need more info first anyway. I'll make a plan after I meet Ross. Everything is starting to fall into place.

Finally, after a full day of running around all over the place, calling everyone, buying superweapons, and generally getting everything perfectly ready, I decide to take Delirium up on her offer and pay her a visit. I've got nowhere to be until my meeting with Ross in two days, and I need to invite her to go help bust out Hollow Queen anyway, since I suspect I will need all the help I can get.
No. 404376 ID: 72b600
File 133531317355.png - (288.47KB , 800x600 , 260.png )

I teleport back to the room I left from, and immediately hear something slamming behind me. Startled, I turn around-
No. 404377 ID: 72b600
File 133531318777.png - (295.95KB , 800x600 , 261.png )

No. 404378 ID: b9749e
File 133531320222.png - (325.71KB , 800x600 , 262.png )

-just in time to find myself slammed into the far wall, staring down a pistol.

"...Oh... Hi Wicky. I didn't think you were actually coming back."
No. 404379 ID: 72b600
File 133531321812.png - (220.19KB , 800x600 , 263.png )

Delirium drops her aim, and her tentacles release me. With a sigh of relief, I drop to the floor.

"...I'll just go kill myself now." She says.
No. 404381 ID: 7d7f79

"Wait, are you serious? I hope not, I don't know you that well but I can't figure out why you would want to do that."
No. 404382 ID: b85f8c

"Before you do, wanna help me bust Hollow Queen out of jail?"
No. 404383 ID: a2fa74

Say "Off your meds?" with a smile.
"Sorry, I forgot to have Walter give you a heads up first. That was rude of me.
Did I come at a bad time? Is everything ok?"

We also need to schedule our next date with Angel Frost. Think she'll be free the day after the Wrench Monkey fight?
Oh, we should ask Angel Frost if she'd be interested in registering as our Nemesis. If she can get that done before the breakout we can consider inviting her to come along and make things more interesting (And profitable).
No. 404384 ID: 72d49b

"I'll have to avoid surprising you in the future, that was quite impressive. Why wouldn't I come back? I did say that I would. I can certainly leave if I'm inconveniencing you, though."
No. 404385 ID: a0ccfb

Nah, don't do that, Deli! It's totally understandable.
Someone teleports into your house. Could've been a hero. In retrospect, not our brightest moment. Pretty admirable, the way you just leapt right into action. Wouldn't have thought you were that on the ball.
Next time we'll just teleport outside the front door and knock.

Anyway, we just got done dumping off our FX, got some errands done, don't have anything to do for at least a couple days. Figured we'd take you up on that offer.
If you weren't serious, we can be out of your hair in a second.
Like literally a second.
Teleporting is so rad.
No. 404398 ID: 99c568

it kinda served us right, didn't it? let's just hang out before mentioning the queen.
No. 404438 ID: 3af16b


This is a fine post except for "Wouldn't have thought you were that on the ball." Delete that and it's perfect.
No. 404467 ID: 7d7f79

Hmmm, second this.
No. 404483 ID: db91c0

Wow, very bipolar?

Ask her if she still wants to hang out, listen to music and drink some cocktails or whatever. Might be an idea to give her some room first to hide away that chest of stuff... Like excuse yourself saying you're going to change to casual clothes, do so and come back in 5-10 minutes. This time outside her door.
No. 404605 ID: d5ee6f

No. 404696 ID: 72d49b

Guys I'm pretty sure "I'll go kill myself now" is not meant to be taken literally. It's a figure of speech meaning she's embarrassed.
No. 404700 ID: 431fa8

Yeah, I'll back this.

Although I'll also note that we don't know if having a supervillain teleport onto her doorstep might be bad for any civilian cover that she's still maintaining. Might want to check.
No. 404793 ID: a2fa74

We have Walter. We can send him along in advance of us to announce our arrival and make sure the entry zone is secure.
No. 404803 ID: d5ee6f

Theory: She found out about our girlfriend and is feeling embarrassed.
No. 404805 ID: aa3641

No. 404820 ID: c71597

Ask her where she got that awesome Luger and if she has a C96 to go with it? Oh yeah, and if she wants in on the heist.
No. 404883 ID: 76c597

When she crashes, she crashes hard.

This girl needs muffins, stat.
No. 409339 ID: 72b600
File 133638675795.png - (224.47KB , 800x600 , 264.png )

I quickly try to cover up for her reaction. "No, no, don't do that! It's totally understandable." I take a more confident pose. "Someone teleports into your house, possibly a hero. In retrospect, not my brightest moment. Pretty quick reaction time, there! Nice leap into action, I didn't expect that at all. I'll be sure to send Walter in advance next time, and also to use the door."

She sighs as she walks back to her desk, setting her Luger down on the table as I talk to her, but I notice she does smile faintly at my praise of her abilities. "I'd appreciate if you did that." She says, collapsing into her chair.
No. 409340 ID: b9749e
File 133638677330.png - (214.36KB , 800x600 , 265.png )

"Sorry I busted in so suddenly. If I'm being a bother, I can be out of your hair in just a second. Literally, a second. Teleporting is so rad."

She laughs softly, and says "If you want to, I mean, er, no. Wait. Just... I'd... really like to hang out, yes. And... okay, this is bothering me, why the armor?"

I look down at myself and realize that I am, in fact, still wearing my armor. Huh. "...I didn't realize I was still in it. I've been running around doing business all day, and it slipped my mined completely. I should... I should probably go change."

"That would be good."

"I'll be back in 15 minutes or so."

No. 409341 ID: b9749e
File 133638678648.png - (351.70KB , 800x600 , 266.png )

"...Okay." I say, to empty air, a little stunned by what just happened.

>You are now Delirium.

Name: Brook Swansen
Age: 28
Education: Chemistry PhD
Occupation: Drug Refinement Chemist

If I had to describe myself in a word, I'd say: anxious. I get nervous over every little thing, but especially people. It's been crippling, and I've never been able to keep friends, and stopped trying to before I made it through college. A relationship wasn't even worth thinking about.

That is, until I got my powers. My Deliria Dose makes all my cares fade away, and life gets so much easier. The negative side effects don't even seem to apply to me at all, and if I refine it, they don't apply to other people either. I've been selling the refined doses for cash, but I can't refine them if I'm not sober, and it's so hard to deal with life without my dose. It's so hard.

And now this hottie rookie is showing up in 15 minutes to hang out for possible a couple days? Is that a thing? Is this real? I am so very very sober right now, this can't be true. Do people actually like me high? They certainly don't like me sober.

No. 409342 ID: 72b600
File 133638679764.png - (339.70KB , 800x600 , 267.png )


>Note: I'd like the Delirium stuff to go relatively quickly, because Blacwick has a busy schedule ahead of himself, full of cool things to get to. So, in addition to advising Delirium on how to prep, please also suggest how they're going to spend their couple of free days. Specify if you're suggesting to Delirium or Blacwick for that bit.
No. 409343 ID: d4f98d

I vote being Delirium for a bit.
No. 409364 ID: a2fa74

He's taken, so don't worry about it like a date.

See how well things go when you're sober. It'd be nice to have a friend who'll stick by you even when you're sober. You can dose yourself tomorrow, if you want.

As far as what to do? You could help him learn how to be a proper villain. Or go to a SCA fair and have non-villainous fun in costume.
No. 409368 ID: c71597

Well you can start out sober, see how that goes. Then I guess you can just chill, maybe get a few drinks, play some games, talk about heists and stuff. Who knows, maybe something else will happen as well when you're all relaxed and having fun~.
No. 409389 ID: a2853b

Show Blackwiki how to untraceably alter his article on Wikipedia, IIRC they got his name wrong.
Show Blackwookie your chemistry lab, what you do for a living and such, see if he's got any interest in chemistry and science.
Have Blackwick try out little bits of various refined drugs, LCD, marijuana, etc, with the explanation of getting him used to dealing with the affects from future mind-altering opponents. Record everything.
Show Blackwhitey the kitchen, what you have in stock and what shouldn't be used if he decides to cook something.
Show Blackwick how to use various medical supplies so he can take better care of himself and others.
Inform blackwick that you have clinically diagnosed chronic depression, so you apologize for your behavior.
No. 409410 ID: 6d6017

tentacle rape him.
No. 409423 ID: 68ff50

He was mildly to moderately alarmed by the prospects of a woman with apparent lack of self-control and tentacles, and possibly still is. It's not that hard to read that body language since you recognize it from other people.
He does seem to genuinely care about your wellbeing though and could probably use a hand working out the details of busting out Hollow Queen and all his other schemes. Somehow this guy has fifty projects on the go; a potent blend of common sense, luck, and ability to judge his opponents' limitations has been keeping him going this far but that may run dry at some point. He could use a hand with keeping all that straight and planned and learning more of the details of the hero and villain landscape. He's also pretty enough you'd want to position yourself as friend with benefits or even future girlfriend if his thing with the hero-girl falls through, although you think he might be conflicted about seeing someone behind her back since he's got that whole nobility thing going.
Overall, there's a very good chance he'd like sober you better than you when you're high, and he liked you like that well enough.
This a good starting list for things to do, but you should definitely work on the plan to break out Hollow Queen since you want in on it. Since you're a villainess you also may want to pencil in a possible fight with his hero girl over him since catfights like that are popular, although you shouldn't try to break up his thing with her. Maybe a challenge to try and demand friends-with-benefits rights to her boyfriend? If you won that privilege maybe he'd let you have it....
No. 409433 ID: 5e3d1a

What's in that large box you slammed shut when Blackwick appeared? Perhaps you should hide it tastefully under a tablecloth or something. Either way tidy up slightly, get on your casual dress, lay out some cushions, put some music on, aim for a night of superhero TV/movies and some takeout with wine perhaps. If you're missing anything then you have someone who can teleport to get it. Blackwick would probably love to show off his powers.

At some point you may want to confide that the name given on your card was fake too, just in case. In fact you might want to tell him a lot of things, like how your powers work to counter your anxiety, that you find him incredibly attractive and that he can stay all night if he wants to (hint). If you get bored take a tropical instant holiday and go swimming, or see if he wants to experiment with substances.

Don't take any Deliria Dose without asking Blackwick. Like how someone would ask "Is it ok if I smoke?". Give him the choice of who he wants to spend his time with. Try to sell it nicely, like he can get the shy, timid Brook or the outgoing and happy Delirium.
No. 409434 ID: cf49fc

Don't worry. Blackwick's a great, classically-evil guy. Sure he seems to have a thing with that frost chick, but since when have hero/villain relationships ever worked out? Especially since Angel's only dating him to "redeem" him.

Honestly, if you just try to be his friend, help him out repeatedly, trust him enough to show his your real personality, and keep hitting on him, you'll end up with him wrapped in your soothing arms.

Just try to handle life with him sober. Your high-personality is waaaaaaaaaay too laid back to make a move on him.
No. 409435 ID: 4094de

Prep some sexy underwear. This is important.
No. 409445 ID: cf49fc

DANGIT ELEPHANT. Well, at least we know what the next fanart will be...
No. 409496 ID: 77de12

Obviously the most rational thing to do would be to clean everything he might see. You don't have any dirty dishes in the sink, do you?
No. 409567 ID: 09e5bf

To Prep:
Clean house, at least the important spots.

To do:
Try hanging out with him sober. He seems to like you.

Go out and do something that prompts interaction with him. Good examples would be: Visit a museum, go to the park, go out to eat, play games, find an activity like skydiving or climbing. A movie or play could work, but only because he's staying for an extended time, since while the movie or play is going on, you're not really spending time together so much as you are spending it next to each other.

Also see if he wants help with his plans, since you are a smart young lady.

If he likes cooking, or is not adverse to it, try cooking a meal or baking a snack together.

See if he has practical medical skills, and show him the ropes if need be.
No. 409658 ID: 29d040

Okay. Calm down, Brook. You said it yourself: Wicky's clearly a rookie (albit a fairly awesome one), and he seems super excited about this whole villainy thing. Clearly he's not one of those super serious or dismally dour villains. Hell, he might even be doing this for fun.
Maybe he's one of those rich prettyboys who don't have enough to do. Or maybe he's an anarchist. What was that speech he went on about before he challenged Law Legs?
Probably not important.

Anyway. He's probably just looking to make some friends. You were nice to him. You guys included him in a heist. You totally helped him out when he was in danger of getting his lungs kicked in. Also, Queenie's in jail and Blood Knight is scary as fuck. FUCK. Fuck Blood Knight is scary.

He had fun. He thinks you're fun. You'll have fun!
Just let him pick what to do. Guys always think they have to take charge, anyway. In case of an emergency, think of some safe, easy things you can do together. Like watching movies. Everyone likes movies! It's just the kind that varies.

Go ahead and be honest about the chem thing; you can go crazy if need be, but give it a shot without at first. He seems like a pretty understanding guy.
No. 409662 ID: d5ee6f

Remember: Baking is chemistry for hungry people. A good activity is going out and making some brownies or something.
No. 409698 ID: efd9df

We should dose up. No-one likes a sourpuss and he doesnt really know us like this. We don't want him to think anything is wrong, because then we'd have to explain.

Seriously though, we should dose up. We hate ourself when we're sober and he's going to hate us too. He's so nice to us and its not fair to dump our problems on his lap.
No. 409744 ID: 76c597

Prepare two Deliria Doses, just in case the date/not date looks to be going south and you need to escape reality, or the rookie looks interested in that thing you do.

What calms you down besides your Dose? Baking muffins? You should bake muffins. If you start cleaning and shit, you'll end up working yourself into a frenzy and he'll pop back in and you'll be all crazy and then he'll probably never be your friend.

Plus, dude likes your muffins. And you looked pretty cute in that apron.

The villain thing is good, you've got something in common! If you get super nervous and can't think of anything to say, talk about villain stuff. How'd you meet Queenie?
No. 410317 ID: 431fa8

>...suggest how they're going to spend their couple of free days. Specify if you're suggesting to Delirium or Blacwick for that bit.
Blacwick: Make sure that when you get your arm-shield, it doesn't look like a funny transparent shimmery blue thing. You're black and red, stone and flame- it has to fit your motif. It's a good bet that the force field can be colored black at no significant cost increase, if nothing else.

Spend some time hanging out with Delirium and talking about her- both her experiences as a villain and her life outside of that. Learning more about the business is always good, and she probably has some great stories. It would be good to learn more about the heroes and villains of the area, as well, since you'll be working on a job here soon.

Also be willing to share your own experiences, of course. She seems nice and there's little reason to hide.

Going out and doing various fun activities- restaurants, movies, hiking, whatever you guys happen to like- is fine, but since Delirium has a nonstandard physique due to her powers she may or may not like being out in public. Try to be sensitive to that.

Also, learn her real name and call her by it, if you can. It's more friendly and signifies that you're not working.
No. 410662 ID: b9749e
File 133681320447.png - (214.78KB , 800x600 , 268.png )

I immediately get to work on putting away my chemistry equipment before Blacwick arrives, and I lock up my strong chest and put it away. Thoughts and worries already begin to flood my mind.

>Show Blackwiki how to untraceably alter his article on Wikipedia, IIRC they got his name wrong.
I don't know how to do that. Why would I know how to do that? Wikipedia isn't a valid source for anything. I mean, yeah, those news guys got his name wrong and that's probably my fault for getting the reporter hopped up like that, and maybe I should apologize to him for that, oh man I've ruined his national exposure forever what is wrong with me argh I'm terrible. How could I possibly make it up to him? I guess I could-

>Have Blackwick try out little bits of various refined drugs, LCD, marijuana, etc, with the explanation of getting him used to dealing with the affects from future mind-altering opponents. Record everything.
Except I don't have any of those! I mean, I could make them. I know how, and picking up the supplies would be easier than most heists. But I don't have any on hand. Why would I want them? Except marijuana, most illegal drugs really mess you up. My refined Deliria Dose has no long term side effects, it's in the power. If he really wants to get high, we could probably use that, but is that really all I have going for me? Good drugs?

No. 410663 ID: b9749e
File 133681326687.png - (184.89KB , 800x600 , 269.png )

>Show Blackwhitey the kitchen, what you have in stock and what shouldn't be used if he decides to cook something. If he likes cooking, or is not adverse to it, try cooking a meal or baking a snack together.
No one goes in my kitchen. Nope. I go lock the kitchen door. Both of them.

>Inform blackwick that you have clinically diagnosed chronic depression, so you apologize for your behavior.
I don't have clinically diagnosed chronic depression. Why would I think I had that? I don't have that. I do have clinically diagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I'm not all sad and unmotivated all the time for no reason, I just find literally everything stressful. It really wears me out. Do I need to apologize for being worn out? I mean he had a broken arm yesterday and all I did was not sleep because I was thinking about spiders. Should I apologize? I should probably-

>Tentacle rape him
Wait, no, not that. I should not do that. My arms aren't even built for that. The tips on all of them are far too wide, and sticking pointy things or entire hands inside of someone unprepared is just asking for trouble. Maybe if I get more tentacles, I could get a pair more adapted for that kind of insertion, but I really don't see why I'd want or need that. If anything, another pair of hands would be great. More hands are always useful.
No. 410664 ID: b9749e
File 133681328556.png - (171.58KB , 800x600 , 270.png )

I begin to pace around the room, trying to think of what else I need to do. I tend to keep the place pretty clean, except my kitchen and nope. Not going there right now. Downstairs should be in perfect condition, since I cleaned it last night. So now I wait? What am I supposed to do? Argh this is eating me up. Should I just...?

>No. Don't take any Deliria Dose without asking Blackwick. Like how someone would ask "Is it ok if I smoke?".
That's only polite! I can't just hit up out of the blue... well. No. I totally can. He doesn't own me! I can do what I want! I'm my own woman. Although maybe I should-

>Give him the choice of who he wants to spend his time with. Try to sell it nicely, like he can get the shy, timid Brook or the outgoing and happy Delirium.
...except the shy, timid me isn't all that shy or timid! What am I even thinking, I'm just stressed out and bad at dealing with everything when I'm sober. I guess I'll try and deal with this myself. I'm a big hotshot supervillain, right? Right! I can do this. I'll be fine. I just have to stay calm, and think things through, and I'll just-

>Prepare two Deliria Doses, just in case the date/not date looks to be going south and you need to escape reality, or the rookie looks interested in that thing you do.
That should be fine, right? I'll just... have a dose on hand, for him. If he wants to too. Yep. Absolutely not an excuse to also fry my stress away. Not at all.

>What calms you down besides your Dose?
Sleeping. Working. It helps when I can work on something that requires close attention, such as my chemistry, cleaning up, or sudokus. Helps me focus my thoughts away from the rest of the world. I do a lot of sudokus when I'm sober.
No. 410665 ID: b9749e
File 133681329968.png - (191.72KB , 800x600 , 271.png )

>He's dating someone else
ARGH WHY WOULD I THINK THAT NOOOOOO but of course he is, why wouldn't he be? He's cool, daring, cute, slightly stupid. He's the kind of guy that stupid girls everywhere fall for. Stupid girls like me. ARGH WHY WHAT DID HE EVEN DOOOO I hate everything, this shouldn't be happening.

Well, I mean. I guess I don't know for sure that he has a girlfriend. He could totally be free and not taken and I am just making things up! That's absolutely the truth. Yep. I really hope so anyway. Oh who am I kidding, it's not like anyone would ever want to-
No. 410666 ID: b9749e
File 133681332276.png - (194.04KB , 800x600 , 272.png )

Knock knock

Oh, that's him, he's back, and I am still wearing my labcoat and probably smell like chemicals and this is going to go so badly. Well, too late now. Argh I want a nap and we haven't even done anything yet. How am I possibly going to deal with this?


>NOTE: Next update will be a montage of how the next couple days go, and then we'll finally move out of this buildup phase and into the Wrench Monkey heist. Please suggest appropriately. If you have more questions for Delirium/more talk into her psyche, feel free to ask her questions directly in the EDF Questdis thread, and I will have her answer them separately. She's fun to write for.
No. 410674 ID: 72d49b

Nothing stupid about falling for a cute and charming guy. That's just human.
And he clearly doesn't have a girlfriend, if he did he wouldn't be spending time at an other girl's house. So that's one less thing to worry about.

Hang out and talk at first. Not too awkwardly if you can help it. Talk about life, the universe, any subject and anything that comes to mind at all. Talk a bit about work, there's the Wrench Monkey heist and the jailbreak coming up, and I'm sure Delirium has a thing or two planned out as well. Movies are good clean fun, and not to presumptuous, so get a couple of those. You're both villains, so you can do some villainy things, like spar with each other. Do be careful of collateral damage though.

Blackwick, feel free to indulge in her "dose" minimally, after being assured about the lack of harmful side effects. But also use your obsidian shaping. People, and women especially, always have little problems around the house that need fixing, and a man who's good at making things can fix most little problems. Glasswork in particular might be useful, she works with drugs so presumably she does fancy chemistry using all manner of strange hollow glass devices, and would be down for having more for that ever strange mad science type things she could be doing.

Oh, and Blackwick: Be sexy and emit pheromones, nothing mellows a girl out more than that. And she needs some mellowing, anyone could see that.
No. 410681 ID: 5c94e7

Blackwick, apply villainous skill and strength to shoulder/neck/back massage. Or have your ninja butler do it for you.
No. 410721 ID: b85f8c

He outright said he had a date last time he was here. So he's dating someone. Act appropriately. Whether that means trying to steal him or keeping your distance.
No. 410725 ID: c71597

Dating and dating, they have gone out to one date, and she's quite an ice queen if you know what I'm saying.
No. 410748 ID: 5e3d1a

Well he just went on a date. If he's coming over here to hang out with another woman (you) then it probably didn't go very well. So forget about movies or traditional 'date' ideas. Stay and do casual stuff in your home comfort zone at first. If it goes well then you could move on to other things. Like going over to his place or making a trip to a secluded exotic location. You shouldn't give the slightest fuck about whether or not he has a girlfriend anyway. You're a villain. You're 100% allowed to steal cute, sexy men. You're a bad girl and he's likely to be into that.

Also see if you can come up with any good villainous plans together. Try to propose some ideas and share stories of things you have done. Have you ever thought of making your refined drug transmittable through the skin or as an odorless gas so you can drug people without them noticing? Like drug a company board meeting and take over the company (briefly at least) while they're too happy to care? You could maybe do some chemistry together, maybe just make something explosive or flammable. That would come in handy, right? He has a fire thing going.
No. 410754 ID: 252e1b

Ask him about his dad and all that! That'll be a good ten minute conversation right there. Since he's visiting for a couple of days you'll need to prepare a place for him to rest (~unless he's sharing your bed~). Play games, go out and see the sights, enjoy yourselves! You're young and have superpowers!
No. 410957 ID: cb0cc3

See suggestions in >>410317 for Blacwick.

Delirium should relax, not worry too much, and if she needs to take drugs to feel functional then just take the drugs.
No. 411132 ID: 6616f3

Can Delirium pass? With the tentacles and all... didn't she wrap up the tentacles somehow and just look kinda roly-poly when Blacwick first met her?

If so, then we're free to do whatever. We don't want to spend 2-3 days cooped up in her apartment (or do we? 'Roly poly' Delirium looked pretty soft and comfy, we could curl up on the couch together), so we can wander around the city as we like.

If we get really desperate for something to do, we could give Don Dice a call, do a little villainous planning together (you know, impress Blacwick with our shrewd eye for detail and extensive villainous experience... we have those things, right?) for that other heist.
No. 411144 ID: a2fa74

Go see the new superhero film everybody's talking about.
No. 423863 ID: a6008c
File 134005433199.png - (263.67KB , 800x700 , 273.png )

>You shouldn't give the slightest fuck about whether or not he has a girlfriend anyway. You're a villain. You're 100% allowed to steal cute, sexy men. You're a bad girl and he's likely to be into that.
Yeah, that's how it is! I'm a supervillainess, I can do whatever I want to. It comes with the contract! I mean, I shouldn't be stupid about it, but I'm probably awesome. I can do this.

>Stay here and do casual stuff in your home comfort zone at first. If it goes well then you could move on to other things.
I'll just take it one step at a time. It'll be... okay. I'll be fine!
No. 423864 ID: a6008c
File 134005436766.png - (255.44KB , 800x600 , 274.png )

Journal entry X/X/20XX

Wicky and I ended up spending the not-really-a-weekend doing some pretty mundane sorts of things but... I think he likes me! We got out and had pizza at a local restaurant, and I showed him around Iron City. We spent some time planning on how we're going to break Hollow Queen out of the Iron City Prison with Don Dice, and talked a bit about work together outside of that, but not too much. The highlight of the weekend was when we cuddled up on the couch and watched some movies and... Eeheehee, ~it's a secret~

I ended up having to take a dose not long after he arrived, because I had a panic attack. I mean, not a big one, but it happened, and I think it worked out okay! I feel okay now anyway, and he didn't get too judgmental about watching me stab myself with my stinger. He got really flustered and a bit worried though! It was cute. I was sad to see him leave a little bit ago, but I know I'll be seeing him in a couple more days! I need to get ready for that break out with the Queen.
No. 423865 ID: 0faf03

Fortunately you have time to get your sexy jailbreak clothing ready.
No. 423881 ID: a2fa74

Sounds like things went well!

Baron: I hope that 'Eeheehee ~secret~' isn't something that would upset Angel Frost. Your reputation depends on you being noble and a gentleman; keep that in mind.
No. 423936 ID: a3b384

It's great to be feeling better, but don't let yourself depend on it too much. Who knows what he'll do or be with tomorrow, he could get killed like he almost did last time. Besides he probably won't want someone who is too dependent on him. Take your good feelings and try to fix your self-medication problem with them and to better yourself in general.

Also figure out how to drug up an entire prison complex at once.
No. 423946 ID: 6616f3

I suppose that depends on what noble he's emulating. He is a villainous noble, after all.
No. 424010 ID: d5ee6f

Go to Villainy General! You might need to ask the Baron for a ride. Pick up some cool tricks! Needle minigun, needle caltrops, can you aerosol it?
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