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File 143795905467.png - (87.89KB , 800x800 , PatreonThreadOP.png )
27683 No. 27683 ID: dd338c
In light of what is becoming a large draw thread, and what is going to be an expanding collection of patreon uploads, this will serve as an isolated thread specifically for my patreon rewards.

The 'P' could also stand for Porn.

This thread may not be 100% porn, but there's gonna be a whole lot of it, but hey, it's no secret that that's basically what /draw/ is all about.

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No. 27684 ID: dd338c
File 143795931950.png - (738.49KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page1.png )
Starting off the thread is a large(ish) comic for a large (no ish on that, it is legit huge) patron donation.
No. 27686 ID: dd338c
File 143795940274.png - (791.70KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page2.png )
Given the pornoverse is not a seriously considered place, I will completely ignore that this goes contrary to other pornoverse pictures.
No. 27688 ID: dd338c
File 143795960890.png - (835.62KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page3.png )
No. 27689 ID: dd338c
File 143795962124.png - (832.70KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page4.png )
That's it for now; but more pages will be coming in over the course of the week.

Obviously this is a comic, but if for reasons people feel inclined to have input/suggestions, then those will be loosely considered for the rest of the comic.
No. 27693 ID: 9eacfc
>I will completely ignore that this goes contrary to other pornoverse pictures.

Clearly, there are multiple pornoverses. The main timeline and Polokoa's timeline and Rokolo's all have pornoverse alternates. Unless Rokolo's counts as a pornoverse itself, but there's probably a version of it that's even moreso. Even this comic's dimension clearly isn't totally within the event horizon of Absolute Porn.

As for suggestions, all I can think of is telling Rakae and Rikek to come save Polo, and when they find out it's an agreement, offer to take part of Polo's duties to lighten her workload. But, it would take a bit longer before they managed to catch up.
No. 27699 ID: dd338c
File 143805601702.png - (647.70KB , 1200x1200 , RikekPoloRakae.png )
Way back when, when Rikek/Rakae/Polo were all a party and Polo wasn't throwing a major grumpathon.

Meanwhile Three Stripes is learning new things because he never knew that a tongue could get a girl neumono pregnant.
No. 27701 ID: dd338c
File 143805620386.png - (517.77KB , 1200x1200 , ShortsGoneBad.png )
Fen has never thought a boner could be so perilous, until now.
No. 27702 ID: dd338c
File 143805637638.png - (359.34KB , 1200x1200 , KorliVivilli.png )
Vivilli and Korli do a makeout scene.

Aside from the equipment in the shot, between the physical contact revealing Korli's empathy, and Korli's refusal to take her green-screen ruining goggles off, Vivilli is thinking that she's making everyone redo this shot as much as possible.
No. 27711 ID: dd338c
File 143812862844.png - (521.77KB , 1200x1200 , AmtsvaneKorliSpitroast.png )
Korli takes on the 50' amtsvane from before.

In my head she is thinking it would be nice if she could get her tongue unjammed.
No. 27716 ID: dd338c
File 143822766337.png - (484.00KB , 1200x926 , DungeonPastimes.png )
And now for something completely slightly different. Also gay.
No. 27717 ID: bd8b82
what's a little being split in half between friends?
No. 27724 ID: dd338c
File 143845173905.png - (766.16KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page5.png )
No. 27725 ID: dd338c
File 143845177189.png - (876.28KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page6.png )
No. 27740 ID: dd338c
File 143856745278.png - (647.73KB , 1200x1200 , XmaspornverseAgentPolo.png )
Of the Pornverse version of the christmasverse, and there's a story behind this one. To phrase it:

"Secret agent Polo from Christmas quest is on the trail of a nasty crime boss. She finds out one of his lieutenants has a thing for smaller neumono girls so she goes undercover as a street walking prostitute so she can ambush him after he picks her up and force his bosses location out of him. But unfortunately for her the goon turns out to be rather larger and tougher than she anticipated so she decides try and wear him out first so she can steal the info she needs."
No. 27741 ID: dd338c
File 143856763618.png - (530.39KB , 1200x1200 , PitQiurillJob.png )
And for this one; Qiurill and Pit meet.

Probably still in the pornverse, as even if Qiurill and Pit do meet up, Pit would most likely make it his solemn mission in advance to not have sex with Qiurill just to prove a point.
No. 27746 ID: 1d1f12
If Polo is such a convincing actor, I wonder why she didn't play herself in her movie.
No. 27753 ID: dd338c
File 143875499962.png - (948.58KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page7.png )
No. 27755 ID: dd338c
File 143875518919.png - (1.03MB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page8.png )
No. 27762 ID: c0d921

Convincing maybe, enthusiastic maybe not.


Cue Rikek actually being an overpowering love master.
No. 27765 ID: 904cc3
link to this patreon?
No. 27770 ID: dd338c
Now there's the sort of question that I think 'wow how did I not think to put that in the OP.'

So I changed the OP to have the URL, now.
No. 27777 ID: dd338c
File 143901021772.png - (929.15KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page9.png )
Now is where people might start taking bets on how many panels I get through before one of Polo's accessories is accidentally missing.
No. 27778 ID: dd338c
File 143901023841.png - (964.96KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page10.png )
No. 27782 ID: e114bc
>we're wander
No. 27783 ID: dd338c
>we're wander
we're fix
No. 27784 ID: dd338c
File 143904705094.png - (903.90KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page11.png )
No. 27792 ID: dd338c
File 143905646828.png - (938.21KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page12.png )
No. 27793 ID: 46df9e
Won't Rokoa cause a time paradox if she doesn't redress the prettiest Arkot?
No. 27794 ID: e114bc
The harness isn't visible on the strapon arkot, in both panels.
No. 27796 ID: ab7529
Nope. Pornverse. Different universe / timeline, no paradoxes will be caused by diverging from canon.
No. 27802 ID: dd338c
File 143914113914.png - (868.36KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page13.png )
Thus the bets are called off.

Although there are no promises this comic will imply different outcomes than canon (aside from the whole porn thing that is), in this case, no paradoxes will occur.
No. 27878 ID: dd338c
File 143976590399.png - (847.68KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page14.png )
Alright, final stretch here.
No. 27879 ID: dd338c
File 143976592597.png - (841.02KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page15.png )
No. 27880 ID: dd338c
File 143976594383.png - (871.95KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page16.png )
No. 27881 ID: dd338c
File 143976601855.png - (0.98MB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page17.png )
No. 27882 ID: dd338c
File 143976603470.png - (838.80KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page18.png )
No. 27883 ID: dd338c
File 143976612549.png - (959.62KB , 1250x2500 , Inter2-Page19.png )
And that's a wrap.
No. 27884 ID: e114bc
>that taser as as strong as I thought
No. 27886 ID: dd338c
Annnd fixed, thanks.
No. 27888 ID: e114bc
np, good comic.
No. 27981 ID: dd338c
File 144094778186.png - (1.70MB , 3000x2816 , RoxieBehind.png )
For those wondering: neumono anal doesn't actually work outside of foreplay; so you know that the ones who engage in it are kinky enough to consider anal to be foreplay.
No. 27982 ID: dd338c
File 144094787621.png - (590.37KB , 1200x1200 , PennNightmare2.png )
Still a dream sequence here, in which Penn's mind is exceptionally talented at tormenting Penn's mind.
No. 27984 ID: dd338c
File 144094846194.png - (583.26KB , 1250x1250 , StorySeekerStrip.png )
Of note is that Doify/Morgana is just noticing he's taking off his shorts; erections have gone unnoticed.
No. 27986 ID: 57a3c2
>anal as foreplay
I hope they think soapy dick-rubs are foreplay too, then, if they intend it to be fore anything else.

It says a lot about Morgana that she reacts that way to Story's nudity when drakes walk around totally naked all the time.

Anyway, good pics.
No. 27987 ID: 0ee153
If a good percentage of men can squeeze out the balls themselves, wouldn't anal work as well as masturbation?

To be fair, drakes generally don't have their genitalia flopping about externally.
No. 27992 ID: bb78f2
I know this is Penn's nightmare and she doesn't know, but a Fufa partaking in sex wouldn't really cum, right? Just like they don't really bleed, because it's all a part of them?

Is a Fufa capable of a form of orgasm?
No. 27995 ID: dd338c
Theoretically, a fufa could generate an organ to create biomatter that isn't made of fufa cells.

The Xmas fufa couldn't do this; but whether or not the canonical fufas knows or will know how to do such a thing is undetermined.

It's safe to say though that if canon fufas could generate biomatter, it wouldn't use it on extreme orgasm technique.
No. 27996 ID: d90668

Or say you could set a fufa in front of a tv running porn all day and give it a barrel of "biomatter" to use when needed.

The question is could it enjoy that sort of thing?
No. 27997 ID: e114bc
I expect they would use it to create a working brain then interface with it, becoming a REAL BOY!
No. 28001 ID: dd338c
>The question is could it enjoy that sort of thing?

In the same sense that they can know what happiness, sadness, curiosity and so forth are, but they can't really experience it like sapient beings can. Sort of like if an emotion could be put down on paper, and someone else then read it.
No. 28042 ID: dd338c
File 144168874788.png - (913.23KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page1.png )
Another pornverse comic. While the last one branched off from a point in the canon quest, this one branches off from the non canon Xmas thread, making this double non-canon.

No. 28043 ID: dd338c
File 144168876754.png - (748.56KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page2.png )
No. 28044 ID: dd338c
File 144168878122.png - (687.86KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page3.png )
No. 28045 ID: dd338c
File 144168879455.png - (614.44KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page4.png )
No. 28046 ID: dd338c
File 144168881339.png - (863.16KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page5.png )
No. 28047 ID: dd338c
File 144168883600.png - (792.44KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page6.png )
No. 28048 ID: dd338c
File 144168884981.png - (812.04KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page7.png )
No. 28050 ID: dd338c
File 144168892263.png - (716.57KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page8.png )
No. 28051 ID: dd338c
File 144168894199.png - (711.57KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page9.png )
No. 28052 ID: dd338c
File 144168895444.png - (595.05KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page10.png )
No. 28053 ID: dd338c
File 144168896972.png - (635.34KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page11.png )
No. 28054 ID: dd338c
File 144168898717.png - (710.10KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page12.png )
No. 28055 ID: dd338c
File 144168900062.png - (879.98KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page13.png )
No. 28056 ID: dd338c
File 144168903741.png - (1.02MB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page14.png )
I used the title "Relaxing" loosely.
No. 28057 ID: dd338c
File 144168905579.png - (965.96KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page15.png )
No. 28058 ID: dd338c
File 144168907747.png - (725.04KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page16.png )
No. 28059 ID: dd338c
File 144168923609.png - (860.50KB , 1250x2500 , XMasRelaxation-Page17.png )
And there's that. If you notice a drawing error (weird/missing shading gap, someone's missing an ear, etc) then feel welcome to post it and I will probably fix it.
No. 28060 ID: e114bc
Something seems odd about the speech bubbles in the sixth panel. Are those first two supposed to be Rokoa, rather than switching between the two?

Also the text bubbles are often a bit weird, like part of a letter is cut off here and there or a letter wasn't completely removed from a previous edit.
No. 28061 ID: be8232
Well, if you want corrections, Polo's missing her nipples in a few places. First and third panels here >>28043 , the fifth panel here >>28045 , and last panels here >>28050
and here >>28053 . I'd have assumed it was intentional, only you did draw them in other panels that were otherwise detailed to a similar level. As for shading gaps, there are a few behind Polo's arms and tail in a couple of the panels here >>28043 .

Errors aside, fun comic! The encounter with the voklit makes me wonder, what exactly is it in the gel balls male neumono produce that makes the girls have an orgasm? If it was a case that the girls evolved to react to something in what the guys made, rather than the guys evolving something to make the girls go off, then it might be some pretty basic chemical element of the genetic delivery. And that's something that would have been present pretty far back in the evolutionary line, so maybe the males of other neumono homeworld species would also have it?
No. 28062 ID: dd338c
Okay then, pages reuploaded, various mistakes fixed.

>Also the text bubbles are often a bit weird, like part of a letter is cut off here and there or a letter wasn't completely removed from a previous edit.
I completely forgot that clip/manga studio fucks up text sometimes.

>What exactly is it in the gel balls male neumono produce that makes the girls have an orgasm?
A coating around the ball itself.

>If it was a case that the girls evolved to react to something in what the guys made, rather than the guys evolving something to make the girls go off, then it might be some pretty basic chemical element of the genetic delivery.
Whether it was guys developing for the girls or girls developing for the guys is unconfirmed, but it's complex enough that there was a fair bit of genetic convolution involved, but simply enough that, to a degree, it can be artificially made.

>And that's something that would have been present pretty far back in the evolutionary line, so maybe the males of other neumono homeworld species would also have it?
It does go pretty far back, and there may be some species with at least similar things, yep.
No. 28067 ID: 78923e
Maybe it's just the site not loading the edit for me, but panel 6 here >>28048 still looks like it has the speech bubbles pointing to the wrong people, that the first two should be Rokoa's and joined, and the third left to Polo and not joined to any of the others. There are also a few speech bubbles in a few pages without tails, but mostly in panels with one focus character, so it's easy enough to figure who they belong to.

Also, uh, I noticed a few things I missed before! Sorry. It's not a drawing error, but in >>28050 Rokoa refers to Viln as "purple". He is in Polo Quest, but that was from being body painted with slugs? In another pornverse pic he was brown. But Christmas Quest wasn't in color, so maybe the brothel paints up their workers for effect.

What is an art error, though, is in >>28056 . Viln is missing a line on his head to mark where his mane starts, which looks odd. The panel before that looks a little like Korli's other ear could be visible, and a bit of her head behind her goggles, but it's more iffy. Also, third panel in >>28058 , is that supposed to be Korli's own hand behind her head? If it is, her thumb's in the wrong place and her shoulder's not right, so I think it's supposed to be Rokoa's. In which case, her arm is missing. The first panel in that page also has Korli's goggles absent.
No. 28068 ID: 4d8a68
On page 14, the line "Look, your agent buddy already looks like she needs more than just Voklit, huh?" has its speech ballon pointing to Polo despite that it cannot possibly be said by her.
No. 28069 ID: dd338c
And another round of fixes is up.
No. 28233 ID: dd338c
File 144393047805.png - (53.76KB , 1928x782 , NeumonoHeight.png )
Here's a diagram for the average (or median in some cases) neumono of each particular biome. They've been shown to vary significantly even within their own biome type even if they're considered purebred (somewhat of a misnomer; but at a certain point of ancestry and predominant hive type, a neumono can be considered purebred for samping purposes). Still, they still have some disparities of averages from one biome to another.

Below are more notes about the more major visual differences between each biome. Each gridline is 1', and all height measurements are while the neumono keep their knees and ankles at 90 degree angles.

Snow: Median of 5'
The largest and fluffiest. In relation to their body size, they are the stockiest, and have the largest hands, feet and ears. Their ears are almost always rounded.

Redgrass: Median of 4' 8"
More of their ears have flat bottoms, but they still have a rounded bias. Although being slightly shorter and moderately less stocky than snow neumono, they aren't as smaller as they might look due to shorter fur. They also have significantly larger claws.

Jungle/Forest: Median of 4' 1"
Still a slight bias towards rounded ears, but flatbottoms aren't uncommon.
Although any neumono purebred or otherwise can be bichromatic, jungle neumono have the highest occurrence of this.

Archipelago/Aquatic/Cerulean: Median of 3' 11"
Their fur is shortest in relation to their body, as well as being the shortest and thinnest. Their hands and feet are about as proportionately wide as a snow neumono, but remain flatter and therefore smaller in relation overall. They have a moderate bias towards flat ears, but round ears are not uncommon.
No. 28277 ID: dd338c
File 144427761736.png - (373.73KB , 1269x1022 , StorySeekerStrip2.png )
Gotta upload a batch.

A continuation of
In which Doify goes invisible to take a closer look at Story Seeker while he makes a sudden movement looking for her.
No. 28278 ID: dd338c
File 144427796551.png - (536.08KB , 1200x1147 , SSSandfin-GetComfy.png )
Sandfin/SS also got a request.
No. 28279 ID: dd338c
File 144427798758.png - (387.79KB , 1200x752 , SS-Sandfin.png )
Two requests, actually.
No. 28280 ID: dd338c
File 144427849324.png - (340.33KB , 1200x967 , EnluKexluk.png )
Also, Kexluk x Enlu
No. 28281 ID: dd338c
File 144427906920.png - (148.76KB , 2591x1491 , RamellaFreed.png )
And last for now, Ramella serves her time and is let out of prison. Polo is convinced to pick her up, just to find out the whole thing was all a trap to get her to go on a proper date.
No. 28294 ID: 977149
all the Ramella and Polo stuff is great, thank whoever requests that stuff for me
No. 28296 ID: 5ad4a7
That certainly is a complicated expression Polo is wearing there.
No. 28337 ID: af5b01

Does Enlu have feathers, or are those something else? I know feathers can be green, and it makes sense if the rest of her is, but... I dunno, guess it's not what I expected, when I was imagining them as feathers.

Further coloration questions: is it deliberate that she has a "sock" pattern on her left foot but not her right, or was the right leg just forgotten about, a bit, at that point? It kinda looks like it might have been, comparing it to the rest of her, if that's not too rude to say.
No. 28341 ID: dd338c
They are feathers; although I didn't draw them based on any actual real life feathers or anything, so liberties were taken.

Her lack of pattern symmetry on her feet was completely unintentional, though, so I've gone and fixed that, thanks.
No. 28546 ID: dd338c
File 144729160144.png - (70.57KB , 1200x1070 , HiveRebuild.png )
In an alternate universe where Polo's/Rakae's hive really was nuked. Instead of grieving over it forever, they inherit their hives' funds and go about rebuilding it by having a bunch of kids.
No. 28547 ID: 211d83

Oh god I love that Rakae is a housewife and Polo went off and got a office job to support the kids.

A nice little 50's nuclear family. Except for the part with them hunting down guys off screen so they can have tons of kids.

Polo comes home after a hard day at the office. Rakae asks how her day went "Well the project is late so lots of overtime. But I did fuck 3 guys on the way home so more kids will be on the way soon." "That is wonderful Polo. I managed to seduce the mailman the milkman and the plumber." Then they high five and take the kids out for ice cream.

Who would be the new queen I wonder?

And what would be the title of the tv show they made about it?
No. 28548 ID: b02c55

Looks like Polo isn't too used to ties. Also, that Pilon made a donation. Are there any other babydaddies we know?

And a stripey neumono! That's new. Is it a full thing, or something that some neumono have only when they're kids?
No. 28549 ID: 211d83

Wait a minute there. A stripy purple kid?

What colors add together to make purple? Red and blue.

And who do we know that has stripes like that?

So we can only conclude that Polo had a affair with Three Stripes.
No. 28551 ID: 12b273
>nuclear family
No. 28552 ID: 88e46e
I'm pretty sure it's slug camo.
No. 28553 ID: 5ad4a7
Wait, purple IS odd. Did she find a mythical cave neumono somewhere?
No. 28554 ID: eab55d

It's a rare colour, but there have been some ordinary neumono with purple fur. I think there was one passed out in the background in Asteroid Quest main, once.
No. 28556 ID: 12b273
>Are there any other babydaddies we know?
Yes, they all have defined and theoretically guessable paternity. It's time for...

Who's that neumono-spawn?

No. 28557 ID: 88e46e
Actually, if there's such advanced technology in the 'verse, with FTL, cybernetic implants, biological implants, and all that, wouldn't it be theoretically possible to take Rakae's or Polo's genes, switch a Y chromosome for an X chromosome, synthesize some sperm based off of that, and impregnate either one of them with that?
No. 28558 ID: 5ad4a7
Well I can spot Pilon's kid right there, and a Biles kid in the back. I'm thinking Rakek for the brown one behind polo, but idk who the brown one on the left is, or the green one.
No. 28562 ID: 12b273
Okay, it doesn't look like any futher guesses are forthcoming, so I'll just give the answers.

Pilon's SoB is eminently obvious. And yes, the one behind Polo is Rikek's. (Ding Ding!)

>So we can only conclude that Polo had a affair with Three Stripes.
>I'm pretty sure it's slug camo.
Both correct, sort of! (Ding!) It was left deliberately ambiguous if that one was a predamono hybrid or just painting themselves with imitation stripes. Polo ain't saying.

On the subject of Three Stripes, two adults is actually below the minimum membership needed for a hive to maintain cohesion, long term. So he would have to be involved in their lives in to some extent, to keep Polo's and Rakae's empathy from drifting apart before they got their numbers back to something self-stabilizing. (Either empathy tune ups on the heavy end, or just emulating the hive's background 'noise' as reinforcement on the low end). Could allow for the aforementioned affair, or a kid imitating 'uncle' Three Stripes.

>a Biles kid
Bzzt! The green one is actually Tirrik's. Assuming Polo and Rakae started rebuilding after the intermission, they'd not have even met Biles, yet. (And possibly won't- who knows if the inspection mission would even happen in this timeline, or if it does, if Polo would still go, with the kids to worry about). Also, Tirrik did show some interest, while Biles gave Polo a solid "eh" and went back to admiring Moi's behind when we raised the topic in-quest.

>idk who the brown one on the left is
The last kid, the one facefirst in Rakae's tailfuzz, is half science hiver. Probably the hardest to guess, since I didn't specify an exact father, and they didn't come out bright pink.

If you want to guess who has which mom- good luck, we didn't get into that. (And I suspect it wouldn't be a big deal to them, anyways).

tl;dr- Welcome to the Asteroidverse, where even the non-canon stuff has detailed backstory.

Yeah, purple's not common, but there was Glazgo in thread 2 >>/questarch/468667 and Luka slash Modern in the Three Stripes Intermission >>/questarch/524055
No. 28567 ID: 95de28
Kind of want to see a human with a neumono. Barely ever see some good old humanXnonhuman action anymore on this site.
No. 28573 ID: 88e46e
For Lagotrope's part, I think he's said he finds humans...unpleasant, iirc, to draw. Tried Enemy Quest?
No. 28575 ID: 12b273
Well, you're certainly free to throw money at Lago if you want to see to see him draw something specific.

>Barely ever see some good old humanXnonhuman action anymore on this site.
Just this week there was some (sort of) in Nanogoo 2. And Out in the Mountains.
No. 28758 ID: dd338c
File 144911596298.png - (852.58KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_001.png )
Incoming comic porn dump.

I could say this one's a bit darker than the other's have been, but it's also still very much a porn-centric comic story, so it probably shouldn't be taken too seriously to begin with.
No. 28760 ID: dd338c
File 144911600190.png - (834.31KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_002.png )
No. 28761 ID: dd338c
File 144911601045.png - (943.10KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_003.png )
No. 28762 ID: dd338c
File 144911602477.png - (903.62KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_004.png )
No. 28763 ID: dd338c
File 144911604105.png - (0.98MB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_005.png )
No. 28764 ID: dd338c
File 144911605749.png - (942.66KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_006.png )
No. 28765 ID: dd338c
File 144911607336.png - (0.96MB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_007.png )
No. 28767 ID: dd338c
File 144911611435.png - (965.98KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_008.png )
No. 28768 ID: dd338c
File 144911612607.png - (879.80KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_009.png )
No. 28769 ID: dd338c
File 144911613766.png - (679.01KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_010.png )
No. 28770 ID: dd338c
File 144911615063.png - (0.96MB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_011.png )
No. 28771 ID: dd338c
File 144911621608.png - (0.96MB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_012.png )
Also I feel inclined to clarify this is non canon even though I hope that is a smidge obvious.
No. 28773 ID: dd338c
File 144911625901.png - (845.62KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_013.png )
No. 28774 ID: dd338c
File 144911627198.png - (876.13KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_014.png )
No. 28775 ID: dd338c
File 144911628542.png - (1.05MB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_015.png )
No. 28776 ID: dd338c
File 144911630018.png - (1.14MB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_016.png )
No. 28777 ID: dd338c
File 144911632176.png - (924.23KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_017.png )
No. 28778 ID: dd338c
File 144911633366.png - (849.65KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_018.png )
No. 28779 ID: dd338c
File 144911635782.png - (667.91KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizard_019.png )
No. 28780 ID: dd338c
File 144911660522.png - (600.86KB , 1250x1250 , RoxieDaynightmare.png )
Then, a detailed rendition of that one part of the halloween thread in which Roxie vividly imagines what she might have left Penn to, alone in a locked room with two guys.

Alternatively, a detailed rendition of 5 seconds prior to door-based property damage.
No. 28781 ID: dd338c
File 144911672949.png - (388.32KB , 1652x1308 , RoxieDoubleteam.png )
And also Roxie getting it on with the murderhouse/buff/lasertag hive.

That's it for tonight; there'll be a few stragglers over the next couple of days, but tomorrow it's back to regular questing.
No. 28782 ID: aeacd0
This is a series of unfortunate events for SS, but a blessing for us.
Thank you, Lagotrope!
No. 28783 ID: 5ad4a7
I feel as though a comic like that should not be shared.
No. 28788 ID: 88e46e
Why? It's spoilered and he did say it was darker than the others. If you ignored that, read partway through, got offended, then continued reading, then it's entirely your fault.
No. 28789 ID: d37fb4
Another Lagotrope patreon comic, which means it's once again time for - sorry, Lago - errors!

Page 5, panel 5, missing bubble under Story's speech. Same again in page 6 panel 2 for "ya damn right", and a missing tail on the speech bubble that is there, as well as all three in the panel before. Maybe missing thought bubble trails in page 8's final panel, but that might be deliberate since Story's not in view. More missing speech tails in page 11, panel 4. Another missing thought bubble for story seeker in page 14, panel 3. Speech bubble tails missing again on page 17, panels 4 and 5. Thought bubble trail missing again on page 19, panel 2. That's it for speech/thought bubble errors.

Fortunately, there isn't much in the way of others. Page 11, panel 3, the lock on the cell door isn't shaded; and from about page 17 on, the shaman looses her snaggleteeth from earlier. There's also a minor shading error on her hand on page 18 panel 4. That should be all!


The spoiler tag was used, and there is a warning, so it seems entirely reasonable to me. It's also really not that different from the other comics earlier, except that Story is less blasé about it than the neumono were. And, even then, it's still clearly working on porn reality rules, so no real damage is being done.

It's also patreon-funded, so it is actually supposed to be shared, technically.
No. 28790 ID: 5ad4a7
Okay first off, everything NSFW is spoilered in this thread so it's not like that means much. Secondly, it's a whole 19 pages of it, and this is just part 1. It's a bit grueling for the subject matter, don't you think?
No. 28793 ID: 5ad4a7
Oh oops I forgot to mention that it was mainly the implications that disturbed me. I mean, the shaman had all that stuff available and the villagers were not particularly hesitant, so it's like this sort of thing has happened before.
No. 28794 ID: 211d83

Part 1 of 17. Each one darker than the last. Will it be the end for poor Story? Find out next month.

Someone should ask the Shaman in the BIT question thread if she just re-purposed the drugs she uses on a day to day basis or if she has a secret sex dungeon of her own. As for the magical dildo that was probably something she made for herself.

I mean the sleeping drug is fairly standard medicine. And the special bath water is probably just a mix of skin care products she sells to lizardfolk ladies. The make you horny drug would sell well to most anyone really. And the whole get you horny but unable to orgasm drug was probably just a failed experiment she made while trying to get the good stuff.

Lets be fair Story has infiltrated there village under false pretenses and is working with a lich to "kill" 3 of there citizens. If he succeeds in his quest then those ghouls are doomed and the Shaman will take the heat for everything.
No. 28795 ID: 5ad4a7
>If he succeeds in his quest then those ghouls are doomed and the Shaman will take the heat for everything.
Now I'm imagining the Shaman being punished by getting put through the same sort of stuff Story went through. It'd be poetic justice, wouldn't it.

I thought strong aphrodisiacs were hard to make in Story-verse? I mean, only Minci knew how to make a love potion.
No. 28796 ID: ef4949

Well the Shaman could be very skilled.

Or more likely its because the story takes place in the pornoverse where such potions are sold over the counter at every corner store.
No. 28797 ID: aeacd0
Powerful aphrodisiacs in the pornoverse are like chunks of kryptonite in a superman comic, or Starbucks coffee in New York City.
No. 28798 ID: 211d83
I think the Shaman is getting a bad rap here. I mean she did not set this stuff up. She got a order from the boss to go make sure the new girl was comfortable and available for sex all day.

I mean if not for her Story would be much worse off than just being a bit sore.

Even her punishments for Story trying to escape are pretty mild. Sure she spent all night getting him hot and bothered but then she made sure to bring in two attractive guys to help out afterwards.

Story should be happy he has someone as professional and skilled as her looking after him.
No. 28799 ID: dd338c
>Everything NSFW is spoilered in this thread
Unfortunately there's no way to tier how NSFW something is, and I prefer just spoilering all the nsfw stuff instead of trying to rate how nsfw a thing is. Probably just a safe bet that there's gonna be enough variety of stuff that any given person has a decent chance like some and dislike some.

But note that I do use the subject like to denote the comic strips, so if you don't like where one is going, you can keep rolling past it without missing when the comic is done and other images are uploaded.

If this were a normal quest, then I would take advantage of such implications. But, while it could receive at least a nod towards it, it's mostly just porn logic working. The answer to 'is sex appropriate atm' is yes always, alchemy experiments gone wrong are going to have sex based consequences, alchemy experiments gone right will also have sex based consequences will also have sex based consequences. If the story goes against that stuff, then it's probably more likely to do so for laughs/be contrary to usual cliches rather than be done because it's the actual logical thing. Ultimately, it shouldn't be thought of in the way a 'normal' story might, because the making of the story certainly wasn't done in the same way.

Also I'll probably say it in BTE too, but if I do an ITQ thing with pornverse characters it'll probably be in here, since while obviously I'm not keeping this stuff hidden away, I do want a certain barrier of separation between blatant pornverse stuff and normal (or spinoff) quest stuff.

Lastly, the revisions posted thus far should be complete.
No. 28800 ID: de7bc6
>panel 2 and 3
No. 28803 ID: bb78f2
>I do want a certain barrier of separation between blatant pornverse stuff and normal (or spinoff) quest stuff.

What will you do whenever you might fell like making a pornverse quest that may or may not have porn in it, but you feel like at least making a quest in a pornverse for experimentation or boredom's sake? Or I guess if someone actually commisions a pornverse quest from you, if it's even possible to commission a quest from you.
No. 28804 ID: 86cfc3
>if it's even possible to commission a quest from you
The highest tier(s) of his patreon could allow that (even if the platinum donor has been opting for comics).

Wherein Roxie opts to go the diplomatic route to win over the murderhive instead of just pap pap pap-ing them.

...well there's still a pap pap pap onomatopoeia, actually.
No. 28821 ID: dd338c
File 144944874239.png - (335.14KB , 3128x1164 , NeumonoTribal.png )
And here's various tribal ceremonial gear, some more practical than others, one per each biome and also cave as represented by mostly non-tribals.

Jungle neumono typically died the fastest from any biome, so one of the more common outfit themes was for neumono to gather various souvenirs from near deaths, or from neumono who died that helped them live on. The more the neumono had close calls that yielded an item that could be worn (such as teeth or leather from a certain creature, and the longer they lived, the more layered (and convoluted) their outfits would become. Since their outfits tended to be more of a collection of stories and anecdotes than actual clothing, jungle neumono were sometimes thought to have the worst sense of fashion.

Snow neumono ceremonial gear is often a display of strength and prosperity, which translates to using rare materials that stand out. It's meant to say that not just are they strong enough to not even bother hiding from other neumono and animals, but that they do well enough to find luxurious raw materials. Or sometimes just well crafted clothing and accessories that were taken from a hive before that. Hence, non hunting clothing is often gaudy.

Cerulean neumono were often isolated, and didn't feel much of a need to impress themselves or other hives. Most specialty clothing, then, was made for highly specific celebrations and events. The common theme was to represent their own island or set of islands, since cerulean neumono were more dependent on a specific tract of land moreso than the other biomes, which usually had more room to move within the biome itself. As a result, many neumono on islands wore outfits representing the island as a whole, usually in the form of wearing a little bit of everything the island had in wildlife and foliage.

Redgrass had a lot of overlap with snow neumono in terms of themes to look tough by, but while snow neumono were often more about saying 'don't bother attacking me unless you want to die', Redgrass was more aggressive with a mentality of 'stay out of my way or get attacked.' Leather is common in redgrass areas, but the more gaudy outfits would also include articles from slain monsters. The largest teeth would be kept, and some skulls could be worn, ultimately leading to the neumono wearing their hunting trophies. Whatever was seen to be more threatening was added, such as plain blood based warpaint or emphasized weaponry, leading to the redgrass tribal being the poster child for neumono heavy metal cover art.

Cave neumono (represented by Korli) would not have had had many tendencies/common themes like many of the other biomes might, although many of the raw materials available did overlap. Since there weren't true cave neumono (or at least no known presently live ones), cave neumono were other neumono of any other biome that were displaced, and found their current home so uninhabitable and dangerous that they had to live in caves, so their themes were typically branched off from their natural biome celebrations and rituals using raw materials from caverns, the most notable was a surplus of silk (while other biomes frequently had some silk equivalent as well, it was only frequently seen within caves.) Hence, many of those clothes turned out to be the most comfortable of any other biome, and by some means or another, were favored to have bioluminescence.
No. 28840 ID: 7b3142

I like to imagine that there's another camera or a balcony or something up to the top left, and Polo is looking at someone up there, maybe whichever historian or older hivemate of hers was the one who made the outfit, and she's going "seashell bra? really?"
No. 28841 ID: ea0ad9
Lucera is so teeny that he makes Polo look big, while Katzati just looks cute in that getup, like a giant arts-and-crafts painted teddy bear.

Wasn't Lucera supposed to be about the same height as Polo, though? Was he just wearing some sort of platform shoes?
No. 28843 ID: dd338c
Lucera was supposed to be marginally shorter than Polo, iirc.

>What will you do whenever you might fell like making a pornverse quest that may or may not have porn in it, but you feel like at least making a quest in a pornverse for experimentation or boredom's sake?
That's a question I've given some thought to varying levels of figuring anything out, but chances are it'll need to have some pretty specific criteria at least to start out as. Story/theme to be lighthearted, presentation to be rather silly/hard to take seriously, etc. I don't have a full answer to it, though.
No. 28853 ID: 563401
Silk production is actually rather interesting. On earth, silk is generally extracted from cocoons made by moth larvae. Originally, wild silk was taken from cocoons which had been vacated, but as the insect had torn its way out already, it was difficult to extract long strands. Farmed pupa could be killed before emerging and the silk of the cocoon unraveled carefully, producing longer threads that, once woven into fabric, were much stronger.

It's rather easy to imagine that the neumono would have been able to find really big cocoons, which would be easy to extract good threads from and make clothes with; but then, they'd have to hope that whatever came out of the cocoon wasn't still around.

They could try taming the giant venomous spider-moths, and teach them to make fabric. The trouble would be finding a neumono willing to try domesticating such a creature, who hasn't already gotten themselves killed.
No. 28880 ID: dd338c
File 145005152549.png - (851.07KB , 1200x981 , outofplace.png )
In which a kobold ends up in the asteroidverse and also a Pomi
No. 28882 ID: dd338c
File 145005162908.png - (400.24KB , 940x1200 , FenStrip.png )
Fen gets his money swindled/robbed/dropped down a grate and has to strip his way back to financial stability through people who are into barbarian dirt layers
No. 28884 ID: dd338c
File 145005444384.png - (332.99KB , 1100x624 , EnialClear.png )
And also Clear and an Enial performing spoilered actions with each other
No. 28900 ID: 5ad4a7
I wonder if he could claim to be some kind of pomi/belenos hybrid.
No. 28989 ID: dd338c
File 145187109415.png - (778.66KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_001.png )
It's a new comic time.

This time, it's what would happen (in the pornoverse) if Roxie got dragged down the murderhole without equipment to deal with it.
No. 28990 ID: dd338c
File 145187110723.png - (670.40KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_002.png )
No. 28991 ID: dd338c
File 145187112276.png - (956.10KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_003.png )
No. 28992 ID: dd338c
File 145187113628.png - (866.80KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_004.png )
No. 28993 ID: dd338c
File 145187115205.png - (814.77KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_005.png )
No. 28994 ID: dd338c
File 145187116400.png - (780.74KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_006.png )
No. 28995 ID: dd338c
File 145187118377.png - (804.76KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_007.png )
No. 28996 ID: dd338c
File 145187119424.png - (654.06KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_008.png )
No. 28997 ID: dd338c
File 145187121117.png - (723.27KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_009.png )
No. 28998 ID: dd338c
File 145187123608.png - (797.65KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_010.png )
No. 28999 ID: dd338c
File 145187125761.png - (884.92KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_011.png )
No. 29000 ID: dd338c
File 145187128319.png - (805.37KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_012.png )
No. 29001 ID: dd338c
File 145187132387.png - (792.38KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_013.png )
No. 29002 ID: dd338c
File 145187133451.png - (620.88KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_014.png )
No. 29003 ID: dd338c
File 145187136146.png - (777.89KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_015.png )
No. 29004 ID: dd338c
File 145187137803.png - (695.60KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_016.png )
No. 29005 ID: dd338c
File 145187139585.png - (642.39KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_017.png )
No. 29006 ID: dd338c
File 145187143192.png - (862.37KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_018.png )
No. 29007 ID: dd338c
File 145187145058.png - (739.44KB , 1250x2500 , RoxieHalloween_019.png )
No. 29009 ID: dd338c
File 145187177332.png - (63.20KB , 1250x1000 , PoloAz.png )
And then other rewards:

Polo x Az hidden love affair, in which Polo still has to pretend to be dead and sneaks into his office.
No. 29010 ID: dd338c
File 145187180996.png - (129.46KB , 1200x1200 , PoloSlaveHero.png )
Quote from the source to go alongside the actual image description:

"Okay, so the premise: (This is basically long winded alternate porn-history speculative fanfiction. Feel free to post it as the image description).

An alternate ending to the first porn comic. Polo never escapes (or ends up having to submit again), and somewhere along the way, the terms of the deal change, and the slavery becomes permanent instead of just until they escape the spire.

So Polo never gets deployed against the warhive, and gets used by the warhive against the salikai. The warhive doesn't have to fight a second front within their own flagship and gets to focus on storming the spire facility. This results in the salikai getting their butts royally handed to them this time around, instead of causing lots of mayhem and escaping with lots of stuff. Things never come to a head with the Red Queen who never has reason to issue a Polo-kill order or betray anyone. Sitting on a captured terrorist science base full of goodies, with data and leads on the rest of the planet's criminal underground, this leaves the warhive in a much stronger position to negotiate a ceasefire with and concessions from the ultrahive, keeping them from being summarily exiled off planet. They still go mercenary- just on better standing.

When the dust settles, Polo's left as the warhive's sex slave assassin. They still send her out to kill stuff (she's too useful for them *not* to, and there's grudging respect for their battle slave), but that's only half her mission now.

Rakae and Rikek, being less special, just ended up as regular sex slaves. They don't really seem to mind.

Sealock isn't exactly happy about this, but without Polo earning the same warhero fame she did in canon, and with the warhive in a much stronger position, they didn't have the political capital to get the ultrahive to do anything about it. They ended up cutting a deal to provide the warhive with logistics support, so they'd be able to post enough of their own around to keep their enslaved hivemates from going rogue.

Oh, and the science hive pretty much went from being salikai science slash horrible experiment slaves to being science slash sex slaves which they all agree is a massive improvement.

Polo is of course grumpy about all of this, but she'd be grumpy anyways. She's still doing her job, most everyone ended up on the same side, and her sex life is way better than it would be otherwise. Good end, right?"
No. 29011 ID: dd338c
File 145187187587.png - (876.63KB , 2956x2124 , RokoaPinup.png )
And lastly, a belated chrismas Rokoa pinup.
No. 29013 ID: a5478c
Holy crap that comic was way hotter than it had any right to be.
No. 29014 ID: 5ad4a7
Oh my god that was amazing.
Polo no you'll die

Things went better than expected.
No. 29030 ID: d0901a
Possibly my favorite of the comics so far! But with a new comic comes the terrible curse - the curse of corrections. If it's annoying that I do this, please say so, but judging by how it went with the previous comics, I'm going to go on with it.

So, welcome to Roxie Halloween: the Mystery of the Missing Stripes. And a few other things.

Page 3, panel 4, Roxie is missing all her stripes from the chest up, and her stomach stripes. Page 4, Roxie seems missing her tail stripes in all panels, there's a background line or something going through her ass in panel 2, and her loincloth straps aren't shaded. Page 5, panel 3, Roxie's missing her forehead and arm stripes, and forehead marks are missing in the last panel as well. Page 6 panel 8, forehead stripes again. Page 7, panel 1, Roxie's missing her stripes on her face, ears and arms, and missing her forehead stripes in the next panel as well (and a bit of a stripe has appeared on what looks like it's supposed to be Snowman's third finger). Fourth panel, no ear stripes on Roxie again. Page 8, panel 3, forehead stripes, panel 4 no stripes on Roxie at all. Nothing I spotted then for a while, until page 11, panel 6, no stripes on Roxie's tail. Panel 8 has a background line visible in one of Roxie's tail stripes. Panel 9, no tail stripes again. Page 12, panel 3, no stripes on Roxie, and panel 8, again, no stripes. Page 13, final panel, no forehead stripes. Page 14, panel 2, no leg or stomach stripes. Page 15, panel 5, no stripes. From there, a minor thing: page 16 and onwards, Roxie's crotch arrow has gotten a lot smaller than it was earlier. And finally for stripes, final panel of the whole comic, no cleavage arrow. It could be below her chest wrap, but it wasn't in earlier instances.

Then, for non-stripe-based corrections! Page 2, panels 4 and 5, Roxie gets grabbed with her assailant's left hand but next panel is pulled out with a right hand, judging by thumb position. Page 3, first panel, the first thought bubble is missing a bubble trail; second panel, "Snowman"'s left hand seems missing a thumb, and third panel that hand's thumb placement may be odd as well, it's hard to tell. Page 4, panels 3 and 4, his thumb is on the wrong side of his right hand, and somewhere along the way Roxie somehow flips from her ass facing forward to her ass facing back; it seems implied that this happens just before the final panel, since in panel 6 Roxie implies she can't see where they're going, and in that case panel 5's thumb placement is wrong as well (if she had been flipped before panel 5 it would be correct). Page 5, panel 2, I'm not sure what's going on with Snowman's shoulder, I think it's somehow confused with Roxie's butt/back; then, panels 7 and 8 are implied to be images of each of Roxie's hands, but both have the thumb on the same side, so either it's two shots of the same hand or one of them is wrong. Page 6, panel 9, Roxie's arm straps aren't shaded. Page 8, panels 3 and 4, the table isn't shaded the way it is on other pages. Page 9, panel 2, Roxie's ankle straps aren't shaded. Page 10, Yules springs round ears in panel 6 then goes back to square. Page 11, panel 8, Yules' sleeves disappear except for one unshaded cuff. Page 14, panel 1, unshaded patch under Roxie's boob and odd-shaded patch above her head. Page 15, panel 4, unshaded patch next to Roxie's head; final panel, Yules' sleeve isn't shaded. Yules' shirt disappears between there and page 16, could have happened off-panel but seems peculiar. Page 17, panel 3, it seems implied that Yules was supposed to cry out or something, for the snowmono to react to, since the last thing he said didn't seem like a "scream". I might be wrong. I think the line of Yules' jaw/Roxie's boob is missing, too, just above where Roxie's leg strap is, between his ear and her leg. Panel 5, Roxie's wrist strap rope is transparent to the background, with a floor line visible. Page 18, panel 5, there probably should be a bubble trail leading off to Roxie off-panel. Panel 8 maybe the slightly visible loincloths on the guys should be shaded, and there's an unshaded gap between the last two guys' ears. Final panel, looks like a small line missing under Roxie's ear/jaw lines, for her neck. Page 19, panel 4, a line and a bit of shading come into the top right corner from the previous panel.

Across the whole comic, there's a lot of variance as to whether a character's eyes are or aren't fully inked in, and the guy who comes in on page 9 is established as having slit pupils there and later on but goes through a brief fluctuation in panels 1 and 3 of page 10. Otherwise it's mostly characters having blacked-in eyes sometimes and just circles otherwise.

There's also a scattering of inconsistencies as to when the characters are using their various different fonts. I gather the use of different fonts is intended to indicate in-character speech and to clarify which empathic thoughts are from who, but it gets forgotten now and then. I'm not sure when exactly it was supposed to be used, so I can't say when it's correct or not.

I really didn't notice any of this on my first reading, and even after three or four times through, I only saw a couple. Most of these I didn't catch until I actively went looking for them. As I said, this is probably my favorite comic so far, lots of action and everyone pretty happy the whole way through. Good fun.

To complete my abject nerdery: by my estimate, Roxie's been stuffed with at least 12 loads of gel by the end and probably a lot more, though maybe half of those she swallowed rather than stowing them down below. She must have been starving, as she did claim at one point, if she's not got a bit of more weight on her by the end. She also has to have a lot of endurance in the muscles down there, but that's quite believable.

Really, Lago, good job! Again, sorry if you'd rather not get this sort of proofreading thing. I know you're busy enough as is without a list of finicky corrections.
No. 29031 ID: dd338c
>Possibly my favorite of the comics so far! But with a new comic comes the terrible curse - the curse of corrections. If it's annoying that I do this, please say so
On the contrary, it's more a curse of having to come depend on it as a QC check since I tend to get tunnel vision on stuff pretty fast, so thank you for all of this.

>There's also a scattering of inconsistencies as to when the characters are using their various different fonts. I gather the use of different fonts is intended to indicate in-character speech and to clarify which empathic thoughts are from who, but it gets forgotten now and then. I'm not sure when exactly it was supposed to be used, so I can't say when it's correct or not.
Damn, I forgot to say at the beginning that the special fonts without bubble borders were empathic, while internal thoughts just had the normal thought bubble; although since this was experimented with, this did end up a bit inconsistent I think.

>Roxie somehow flips from her ass facing forward to her ass facing back
Oh no.

That's not an error I can fix reasonable fast, unlike stripes and hand (neumono hand) funkiness. I'll just leave it as one implied fliparound, since thankfully she doesn't appear to be helicoptering around as he carries her. Confusing speech aside, the flip should occur only in the last panel. I think. Getting that in place was oddly difficult even while making it initially.

Otherwise though, everything should be addressed or fixed, thank you again.
No. 29033 ID: 0f2de7
Glad to be a help, then! If it's welcome, I'll keep on with it.

After all those corrections, there's just one or two little things left. It looks like you went through and fixed all the eyes, with a decision on what seems fully inked eyes for everyone except slit-pupil guy. If that is the intended case, though, then I feel I should point out that Roxie's eyes are still white circles through pages 1 and 2, as well as in Page 8's panel 3 (Snowman also has them in panel 5 there, maybe intentional for the o-face?), Page 10's panels 2 and 4, and page 14's panel 3. Yules is also white-eyed on page 16, panels 2, 3 and 7. Bonus: Page 16's final panel, there should probably be a stripe on Roxie's shin.

Roxie's white eyes in the first two pages could maybe make sense if neumono have reflecting eyes in the dark, like cats, but I don't recall that being mentioned anywhere else, and it needs some light source to reflect.

Back with page 4's ass-flip, if you want the flip to be implied to happen just before the final panel, then you could add a speech bubble to the panel before that where he says something like "Oh you want to see where we're going?" and then her being flipped around to face forward in the last panel would make some more sense. If you really wanted to work it you could add a little corner panel of Roxie being spun down/around, like just her face going :/ and her ears swinging, or something. However, if that's the moment of the flip (and the continuity from the panel 4 to 5 suggests it), then the ass-smacking in panel 5 would be from his left hand, and that would put his thumb on the wrong side (and raise questions as to where his head is if she's on his shoulder).

I also just noticed that in panel 2 of page 4, his loincloth is unshaded.
No. 29035 ID: 0f2de7
... Also a speech bubble tail missing on page 9, panel 6. And page 15 panel 5, Roxie's nips are unshaded. Same thing for one of them in 17 panel 2.
No. 29038 ID: dd338c
Alright, should be updated, thanks again.
No. 29204 ID: 99a64d
Your patreon has a typo.

>Unnatural Selection - A massive count of abstractly placed AIs are born into a system that pits them against one another to isolate out the smartest, resourceful, and frankly, luckiest of them.

You need the word most before resourceful.
No. 29205 ID: 15720c
You actually don't, if they're just looking to see who's resourceful. The "Most" of each category ends up winning, anyways.
No. 29290 ID: 99a64d
"the resourceful of them" isn't grammatically correct.
No. 29291 ID: 99a64d
(in this context at least)
No. 29295 ID: dd338c
Regardless, the word 'most' won't hurt anything, so I'll throw that in there, thanks.
No. 29297 ID: dd338c
File 145559434823.png - (46.75KB , 960x1200 , KorliXAz.png )
A smallish patreon dump inbound.

First up is Az and Korli getting around and going places.
No. 29298 ID: dd338c
File 145559443880.png - (46.23KB , 1200x912 , PoloSuit.png )
Answering the question what if Polo was a metroidvania game. And that metroidvania game was also a porn.
No. 29299 ID: dd338c
File 145559459841.png - (256.46KB , 1200x1400 , RokoaPilon.png )
Pilon and Rokoa, circa a long time ago.

Or the future if we want to be meta like that.
No. 29300 ID: dd338c
File 145559744122.png - (68.10KB , 1100x1100 , MossFen.png )
And also the pornverse scenario of when Moss goes to search through Fen's belongings in his house.
No. 29303 ID: 5ad4a7
Customs is so damn pushy these days...
No. 29306 ID: 02422f
File 145567216129.png - (71.02KB , 1200x912 , Lagometropornvania.png )
>what Polo would be like as a porny metroidvania
I don't think that's quite accurate.
No. 29307 ID: 211d83

And Polo learns the hard way that if you try a speed run without getting the morph ball first you are going to get fucked.
No. 29308 ID: dd338c
File 145568203455.png - (65.69KB , 1161x1172 , FrillsbyGallsby.png )
Frillsby and Gallsby doing the things that Frillsby and Gallsby do.
No. 29344 ID: 99a64d
are those thighs there on polo canon?
No. 29345 ID: 88e46e
Damn, I hope so.
No. 29347 ID: dd338c
Polo does has considerable thighs.
No. 29405 ID: dd338c
File 145661058262.png - (675.90KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_001.png )
Part 2 for Story Lizard, so refer to that before reading this. Or don't. Still very NSFW either way.

Going to be uploading the first four, and then as I finish them until all pages are done.
No. 29406 ID: dd338c
File 145661061361.png - (788.81KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_002.png )
No. 29407 ID: dd338c
File 145661063249.png - (775.19KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_003.png )
No. 29408 ID: dd338c
File 145661064473.png - (670.11KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_004.png )
No. 29410 ID: 5ad4a7
I think the dialogue balloons got mixed up in the bottom panel.
No. 29412 ID: 5ad4a7
>correct tattoo but on the wrong hip
Now that's just unfair. I suspect foul play.
No. 29413 ID: 211d83

In the actual quest we had some red herrings who had seen the tattoos and liked the design so got there own versions.
No. 29414 ID: dd338c
File 145661540188.png - (705.34KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_005.png )
I live for goofy porn faces.

Should be cleared up, thanks.
No. 29415 ID: dd338c
File 145661541549.png - (831.58KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_006.png )
No. 29417 ID: dd338c
File 145661625628.png - (869.47KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_007.png )
No. 29418 ID: dd338c
File 145661685024.png - (93.48KB , 800x800 , LizardShamanWAP1.png )
>Do you in fact run a horrible sex dungeon on the side and make a habit of selling passerby's into slavery? Or has the whole situation been blown out of proportion?
This whole situation was blown out of proportion, no doubt about that. Still, it's not like even an in-proportion sex slave is some kind of common happenstance. That being said, when we see the opportunity, we go for the opportunity, and slavery isn't some kind of sacred exception. And that's what happened here.

>If she just re-purposed the drugs she uses on a day to day basis or if she has a secret sex dungeon of her own.
It's not like I set out to study alchemy because of those benefits, ya know.

But like was mentioned, there's a lot of day to day potions like healing, scale care, mind altering substances and so on, and it doesn't take much to retool them into things for sex use. And hell, I'm always getting asked by girls and guys for potions of "enlargement", so there was regular sex potions to begin with!

I don't have a special sex dungeon made for just me. There's no need, since I got access to the real dungeon, and the only difference between a regular dungeon and a sex dungeon is what you do inside. And what you call it.
No. 29419 ID: 5ad4a7
>had sex with my,
Speech bubble issue, second panel.
No. 29426 ID: dd338c
File 145662273802.png - (786.52KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_008.png )
No. 29427 ID: dd338c
File 145662277860.png - (893.20KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_009.png )
No. 29428 ID: 02422f
>Uh, Boss you think there was a reason why those lizards didn't bang that girl? I mean, they all ran away with boners between their legs.
Inb4 the gnolls decide she's cursed and SS still doesn't get any relief.
No. 29429 ID: dd338c
File 145662476188.png - (854.24KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_010.png )
Good try.
No. 29430 ID: dd338c
File 145662477848.png - (689.41KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_011.png )
No. 29431 ID: dd338c
File 145663653823.png - (841.74KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_012.png )
No. 29432 ID: dd338c
File 145663655554.png - (895.14KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_013.png )
No. 29433 ID: 5ad4a7
Poor Kexluk. He has no idea.
No. 29434 ID: dd338c
File 145664738514.png - (772.44KB , 1250x2500 , StoryLizardPart2_014.png )
No. 29435 ID: 211d83
Needs one last panel with Story screaming Noooo dramatically at the sky.
No. 29436 ID: dd338c
File 145665420158.png - (92.89KB , 800x1200 , BonusPanel.png )
No. 29437 ID: 47160d
So then in this universe does SS just stay like that forever?
No. 29438 ID: 02422f
We'll probably find out in part 3.
No. 29439 ID: 211d83

There will be a sequel down the road where Story and Kex have to brave the horny monster filled wilds to get back home.

Also possibly a intermission in which Zirkala comes looking for Story and finds out what happened. And the Shaman learns a painful (not really) lesson on making sure to verify the identity of anyone you sell into slavery in case they are the personal friend/toy of the local lich.
No. 29440 ID: 0fc52c

Well, it's only my speculation, but Kexluk is a guy who fills his promises, so once that happens, SS will probably go back to Zirkala and she, in turn, will probably turn him back into male kobold form. Like even if he does decide he wants to stay she it'll be something like "Oh Story it's you what happened I'll undo that polymorph" before s/he gets the chance to explain or something. Though, it's odds on that he'll want to turn back anyway when all's said and done, once the mental effects aren't on. Knowing how SS's adventures go, though, he probably finds a way to go back to normal but pulls a combination of favours from people who like him to learn how to swap between male kobold and female lizard form whenever he likes.

Or some magic time shenanigans or slime splitting magic weirdness duplicates Story so that both versions of him continue existing and become a horny adventuring bard team.

Hell maybe this story ends with fem-Story being sent back in time to herself when she was himself and trying to tell him to bring Muo, but they both get distracted and get it on and she wears him out to the point of unconsciousness before she time-poofs to merge back into him and he ends up thinking the whole thing was an erotic dream, but subconsciously remembers to bring Muo and it all links back in.
No. 29442 ID: 91d53f
Or he could return his body to male kobold and leave his mind the same and then we get a gay arc.
*eyebrow waggle*
No. 29443 ID: dd338c
File 145678669458.png - (653.25KB , 1250x2500 , PoloSuit_001.png )
Porn comics can get pretty ridiculous but it can always be even moreso.
No. 29445 ID: dd338c
File 145678673829.png - (742.81KB , 1250x2500 , PoloSuit_002.png )
No. 29446 ID: dd338c
File 145678674586.png - (524.13KB , 1250x2500 , PoloSuit_003.png )
No. 29447 ID: dd338c
File 145678675403.png - (664.04KB , 1250x2500 , PoloSuit_004.png )
No. 29448 ID: dd338c
File 145678676159.png - (523.27KB , 1250x2500 , PoloSuit_005.png )
No. 29449 ID: 5ad4a7
Oh my god.
No. 29450 ID: 211d83

I am not sure if the sheer ridiculousness of this page can ever be topped.

But I hope someone does someday.
No. 29452 ID: 02422f
So irc got to talking, and we did some quick and dirty math to estimate how many balls that is.

Polo height = 104 cm (Given in I1-3)

Given that Polo is doubled over in page 1, panel 3, assume the box length is 1/2 Polo height, or 52 cm.

Assuming the box is a cube

Box Volume = (52 cm)^3 = 140608 cm^3.

Now the holes in the box are about 3/4 of the way up, so only 3/4 of the box gets filled

Relevant Volume = 3/4 * 140608 cm^3 = 105456 cm^3

If we assume the average gel ball diameter is 3 cm (per Lago, irc), then

Average gel ball Volume = 4/3 * pi * (1.5 cm)^3 = 14.13716694 cm^3

Number of balls = 105456 cm^3 / 14.13716694 cm^3 = 7459.486079

Now, rather than try to calculate Polo's volume, we assumed she takes up about half the space in the box and halved that. Then we took another 10% off the top for space wasted on the upper levels of the pile where there's not enough weight to deform the balls into packing more densely. This gives us our ballpark ballpit estimate.

Corrected ballpit estimate = (7459.486079 / 2) * 0.9 = 3356.768736

Assuming your average neumono male can put out 6 balls before going dry,

Minimum guys serviced = 3356.768736 / 6 = 559.461456
No. 29453 ID: 0fc52c

Page 1 makes it pretty clear the box is not a cube, and the space beneath the holes in the final panel compared to the first panels in page 1 makes it look like they come up more like halfway of the box's height.
No. 29455 ID: 02422f
>Page 1 makes it pretty clear the box is not a cube
It's a ballpark estimate. The error introduced by approximating a slightly irregular shape as regular isn't any greater than the compound error you'd get trying to estimate each individual dimension.

>the space beneath the holes in the final panel compared to the first panels in page 1 makes it look like they come up more like halfway of the box's height.
I used page 2 panel 3 and page 5 panel 6 as the refs for fill volume. Looking at how Polo is positioned in the box in 2-3, for her nose to be flush with the holes when her legs give out in 5-6, it would have to be approximately 3/4 full. The box does look only around half full in 5-4, but I'm assuming more fill by the last panel and/or displacement when Polo collapses into the pile.

Again though, it's a quick and dirty ballpark estimate. The answer is "3300-ish" and you could pretty easily move that around a few hundred or a thousand with different assumptions. (Honestly, how to approximate Polo's volume and uneven ball packing over layers are really much bigger factors in the final value and done more off the cuff than either point you raise).
No. 29456 ID: dd338c
File 145679753743.png - (74.13KB , 1200x1052 , HotTubTwosome.png )
Disregarding hygiene rules.
No. 29457 ID: dd338c
File 145679756106.png - (73.96KB , 1200x1200 , HotTubThreesome.png )
A lot.
No. 29458 ID: 0fc52c

For Story Lizard, all things I only noticed on deliberately searching for them:

Page 1, panel 4, the bed(?) Story is lying on is not shaded. Page 2, Panel 4, eyebrows missing (possibly deliberate?). Page 3, panel 5, "this moron" is lacking his head fin. Page 8, panel 1, Story's speech bubbles not linked and lacking any tail indicating direction, again potentially deliberate. Page 11 panel 1, top left gnoll could use some indication of his other leg behind them.

For Polosuit, again only on searching:

Page 1, panel 1, Polo is missing the shading square on her right shoulder that she has later; also page 1, panels 2 and 3, she has a belt that disappears for the rest of the comic. Page 3 panel 6, guy who just got off is missing his eyebrows. Page 4 panel 3, Polo is missing the line of her biosuit's collar around her neck (making her look naked except for the shading patches).

And then, I don't normally comment on the non-comic pictures but, uh, that second threesome comic, the spot that Jess is licking looks, uh... pretty seriously misplaced. Just erasing the line of the fold and leaving her tongue where it is would look better, I think?

I wouldn't usually comment on the quests, either, but in panel 121 of DaMN (>>/questarch/703927 if I've linked right), Kappi's arm is miscolored with Rokoa's fur color.

As before, I'm hoping I'm not causing any problems with this sort of proofreading commentary.
No. 29459 ID: dd338c
File 145680560164.png - (1.15MB , 1500x2000 , Luka.png )
Luka bonds after 'gianthive had taught her the games they play and that they were rough but left her in a good mood'.

Corrections are still appreciated, I will likely get to them tomorrow.

Except for the hot tub threesome. That is finished now. Because that was a pretty gnarly error.
No. 29462 ID: 6879ec
I think you're underguesstimating the box's volume.
Based on page 2, panel 3, the box's length looks like the length from Polo's head to below her butt, plus something like half of Polo's butt. The length from Polo's head to below her butt is about 70cm, based on >>20126, and her butt reaches about 15cm vertically. Thus, we get a length of about 78cm for the box.
The rectangle in the panel has a ratio of exactly 324:258, and so the height becomes approximately 62cm.
I tried using the ratio for the front from panels 1 and 2 on page 3, but applying those to the height we already have gave a severely different shape to what it's supposed to be, so I made up a number of 66cm, or a little below twice the width of both of Polo's legs when standing in a neutral pose.
Thus we have 0.78m*0.66m*0.62m=0.32m³
No. 29463 ID: 6879ec
Also, in your estimation you're assuming the balls will occupy ALL of the space up to the holes, which is pretty far from reality, even if the balls are fairly soft and malleable.
For equally-sized spheres, the fraction of the volume actually filled by the spheres can be anywhere below 74% (and as low as 5%), and randomly packed spheres will usually fill about 64%.
No. 29464 ID: 84256d
Given the perspective of the last few panels, it's also possible that the balls are mounded up towards the front of the box, particularly with Polo's legs as a partial barrier to them sliding back.
No. 29467 ID: 6abe1c


Why don't we just ask Lago how many cumballs there are?
No. 29468 ID: 36fdc2

That would spoil the fun.
No. 29469 ID: 02422f
...because Lago was involved in the irc discussion that resulted in the initial crude estimate? :V

(And also because getting readers to do the math is pretty much a feature of Lago-quests at this point).
No. 29470 ID: dd338c
And mostly because I have absolutely no idea, not having felt a sufficient need to do the math to draw it in.
No. 29471 ID: dd338c
File 145697618213.png - (175.74KB , 1200x1200 , Events.png )
Alison gains corruption and glitch powers, people get hugged as a result.
No. 29473 ID: 3f9dc0
alison's arms not purple?
No. 29474 ID: 5ad4a7
Alison has become... all-encompassing.
No. 29475 ID: 211d83

This is what happens when a program glitches out and has a memory leak. I just start hugging all your ram non stop.
No. 29763 ID: dd338c
File 145971721284.png - (813.88KB , 1250x2500 , PoloEar.png )
If Polo was also after Rokoa's ear.
No. 29769 ID: 5ad4a7
Swapping her ear with a sock is a grandiose idea.
No. 29797 ID: 595d54
If it matters terribly to you, anesthesia is the state of numbness and anesthetic is the chemical responsible for such a state.
No. 29798 ID: 8e8223

Well, if we're pointing out small things, most of the corrections from the last round were never done. None of it's really important, though.
No. 29800 ID: dd338c
Oh, shoot. It matters enough, but apparently it all slipped my mind.
No. 29841 ID: dd338c
Okay, correction from

And all the corrections from

SHOULD be done. My mistake on letting 29458 slip through the cracks. Let me know if something else is missing, or if, you know, I missed whole posts again.
No. 29844 ID: 6b555a

The panel of Dating a Murder Neumono that they linked there, where they said Kappi's arm was miscolored, still looks miscolored on the version I'm getting.
No. 29846 ID: dd338c
Whoops I got focused on the comics only. Now it should be fixed.
No. 29847 ID: dd338c
File 146033881372.png - (744.71KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_001.png )
Gonna upload the first half of this comic now.

A sequel to >>27684 in which Rokoa/Polo wander around the salikai base and porn happens to them.
No. 29848 ID: dd338c
File 146033894611.png - (965.01KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_002.png )
No. 29849 ID: dd338c
File 146033897704.png - (887.90KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_003.png )
I'm not sure why I like making Korli to be a huge villain in everything not-canon.
No. 29850 ID: dd338c
File 146033899769.png - (788.48KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_004.png )
No. 29851 ID: dd338c
File 146033901336.png - (795.52KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_005.png )
No. 29852 ID: dd338c
File 146033902265.png - (919.22KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_006.png )
No. 29853 ID: dd338c
File 146033905113.png - (664.20KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_007.png )
No. 29854 ID: dd338c
File 146033907342.png - (872.18KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_008.png )
No. 29856 ID: c57d8d
>I will now enjoy the sensation of your feelings as I perform sex on your body
This is the best porn line I've ever read in my life
No. 29857 ID: 5ad4a7
Not pomf? I'm disappointed in you, Lago.
Bioarmor tentacles. Classic pornmouse.
>I'm leaving you with another place, abandoned
This dialogue doesn't sound right. Also Rokoa acts like she doesn't know what's about to happen?
No. 29859 ID: dd338c
File 146035182902.png - (1.05MB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_009.png )
Okay fine I'm convinced, it's POMF now.

Here's a couple more pages tonight of Korli being a terrible person.
No. 29860 ID: dd338c
File 146035188281.png - (958.17KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_010.png )
No. 29861 ID: dd338c
File 146035192305.png - (854.22KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_011.png )
And by couple I mean 4.
No. 29862 ID: dd338c
File 146035195603.png - (803.73KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_012.png )
No. 29885 ID: dd338c
File 146050524543.png - (684.31KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_013.png )
No. 29886 ID: dd338c
File 146050526909.png - (933.40KB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_014.png )
No. 29888 ID: dd338c
File 146050545357.png - (0.99MB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_015.png )
No. 29890 ID: 5ad4a7
>unconscience one
No. 29891 ID: dd338c
File 146051801628.png - (1.05MB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_016.png )
Self confidence in ever using the right consc* is at an all time low.
No. 29893 ID: dd338c
File 146051817580.png - (1.09MB , 1250x2500 , RokoaPolo2_017.png )
No. 29906 ID: 211d83
These are just getting better and better. Keep up the good work.
No. 29907 ID: 5ad4a7
Fufa logic is always correct.
No. 29922 ID: dd338c
File 146084559385.png - (749.84KB , 1250x2500 , WendigoBros_001.png )
Also a mini-comic.

This one's pretty kinky, so mind that if you aren't into the following.

Tags: Significant size difference, (cum)inflation, freaky deaky neumono reproduction
No. 29923 ID: dd338c
File 146084561848.png - (842.53KB , 1250x2500 , WendigoBros_002.png )
No. 29924 ID: dd338c
File 146084564072.png - (929.93KB , 1250x2500 , WendigoBros_003.png )
No. 29925 ID: dd338c
File 146084567568.png - (834.02KB , 1250x2500 , WendigoBros_004.png )
No. 29926 ID: dd338c
File 146084570584.png - (801.80KB , 1250x2500 , WendigoBros_005.png )
No. 29927 ID: 211d83
So many warning tags for something so cute.

Wonder if you can get half wendigo pygmies?
No. 29928 ID: dd338c
Neumono origin story confirmed.
No. 29929 ID: 1ce022
Took me a moment to realize they were pygmies instead of the wendigos randomly being super huge, but that was just me failing to remember the context.

The kink elements came off as silly and cute, more than anything else. I liked it.
No. 29930 ID: dd338c
File 146085648518.png - (10.99KB , 800x800 , kappiwakesup.png )
Also, the aftermath to the previous comic.
No. 29934 ID: c55119
Hey Lago,

I apologize if this comes off a bit sappy, but I just want you to know. I have been a fan since asteroid quest first began, and I just want to say I'm awestruck at how your art has transformed. In particular I like how you draw faces for your characters; slightly cartoony but so incredibly expressive.

Thats all, gushing over.
No. 29936 ID: dd338c
No need for apologies; this is more than welcome and was a very nice thing to hear upon waking up. Thank you.
No. 29937 ID: 211d83

This would be way better with a picture of Rokoa waking up and looking confused.
No. 29938 ID: 595d54
Just color it grey and it works fine.
No. 29940 ID: dd338c
File 146096522062.png - (31.78KB , 1200x1000 , kappiwakesupalsorokoa.png )
Why not both.
No. 29942 ID: d5cd65

I think Rokoa said most shared dreaming is lucid, but it seems that's not always the case, huh?

The question is, which roles did each of them play? With access to each other's supply of sense-memory, it's possible that neumono could use shared dreaming to quite accurately experience things that their own bodies wouldn't normally permit. With his limited experience of dream sharing, perhaps Kappi's expression is from experiencing something from a perspective he never imagined he could.

Though, Rokoa seems to be a bit of a switch, and to have a little fetish for being manhandled so long as it's by someone who can legitimately overpower her, one way or another. I wouldn't put it past part of her mind to fantasize about being tiny.
No. 29955 ID: dd338c
I realized sometime through DaMN that it really did make Rokoa seem switchy, and since I didn't put DaMN in the context I should have, I'll just make an informal info dump here just so help clarify my thoughts on this. Rokoa thinks it's a bit on the boring side to win *all* the fights, and this concept largely translates to the bedroom, so if dom/sub play is in effect, she'd probably count as 98% dom.

In recent history, being a big fish in a little pond, she hasn't felt like she's gotten too much of a satisfactory challenge lately (which is subjective to what counts as one, but challenges like putting on ridiculous bioarmor is kind of bland, and trying to head on attack a squad is just stupid).

So that one on one physical contest with Kappi got to scratch an extremely neglected 2% itch Rokoa had. And although she fully believes she lost her ear fair and square to Kappi, there was a part of her rooting for him to win.
No. 29957 ID: d5cd65

That makes sense, within DaMN's context. She has also seemed pretty switchy across the porn comics, but they are of course set in the pornoverses, where I imagine everyone is actually a switch, even if they tell themselves otherwise.

And of course, favouring the dominating position a bit more doesn't necessarily mean that she can't enjoy others. Like, it's a plus, rather than lack of it being a minus.
No. 29959 ID: dd338c
Yes the going ons in the pornoverse are made to be porn-convenient, and the characters have had significant liberties applied to them for this purpose. In Rokoa's case, not putting up as much of a fight as she would canonically.
No. 29971 ID: dd338c
File 146112544872.png - (51.30KB , 1000x1000 , PilonXAz.png )
Speaking of non-canon, Pilon X Az.
No. 29984 ID: a107fd
Better way to estimate Polo's volume would be to find out her weight, including the suit, and then assume gel she's displacing has volume equivalent to an equal mass of water. Biomass can't drift much above or below a kilogram per liter without coming out of solution, and the mechanics of buoyancy are even more immutable.
No. 29985 ID: a107fd
Gel balls aren't perfect rigid uniform spheres. Malleability and variation in size both tend to tighten the packing, particularly if added one by one, jostled around, and then compressed when Polo goes limp.

...considering the geometric complexity and tricky xenobiological material-science involved, some super nerd with a gangbang fetish might well be working on this problem for their doctoral dissertation.
No. 29989 ID: 95de28
Ever thought of having humans and neumono fucking, Lago?
No. 29990 ID: 5ad4a7
What does "Blank (April pause)" mean?
No. 29991 ID: 211d83

It means he is not charging for April because he took the month off for Patreon stuff. Will resume charging backers at the beginning of May.
No. 29993 ID: dd338c
said, but it's back to 'per month' now as normal.

Thought about, yes. Done it, no (or at least not to my recollection).
No. 30006 ID: 91cfcf
>thought about humans fucking neumono
Oh my.
No. 30008 ID: add40f

I dunno, that position does look like it would obscure all of Pilon's non-feminine attributes.
No. 30009 ID: 595d54
Wasn't the empathy the problem Az had? Even a jammer can't stop physical contact transmitting it.
No. 30010 ID: add40f

There was an ITQ about it that I don't recall exactly, but I was pretty much joking anyway, since Pilon's in space/on an asteroid depending on when the picture would be.

Though, I suppose it's possible that the warhive could have made enough of an attempt at diplomacy at some point to have a member of their hive visit Az' ultrahive. They probably at least vaguely flirted with the idea of joining at least once. Or, equally, maybe Pilon could get his wish to go back home at some point in the future.
No. 30016 ID: 48703f
Comic corrections!

Polo Interlude 2:

Beginning on Page 2, Korli's goggles are inconsistently shaded. The idea seems that they should be shaded constantly, but they're unshaded in panels 3 and 5, then shaded again with Korli's underwear in panels 6 and 7. They remain shaded in page 3, but when she reappears on page 5 them and the straps of her top are unshaded. In her next appearances they're shaded again, on up to briefly on page 11 panel 5, when half of one of the eyepieces is unshaded along with one strap of her top. Her goggles are unshaded one more time on page 16, panel 3.

Going back to page 2, Korli doesn't have any tail on her top two speech bubbles in panel 1, and has a few distracting stray spots on her face. Panel 2, there's a little line missing next to her collar to separate her shirt from her jacket. In panel 5, Korli's speech bubbles are missing a tail. In panel 6, Rokoa doesn't have any handcuffs on and her arms/hands look weird; they aren't crossed over the way they were set up to be in panel 4, though in the next panel they're crossed again.

In page 3, panel 2, if Korli's got her arms positioned the way I think they're supposed to be, her thumbs are on the wrong sides of her hands.

Page 4, panel 1, Rokoa is missing tails on her speech bubbles. In panel 7, a triangle of space under Polo's right arm isn't shaded.

On to Page 8, panel 1, Rokoa's arm/boob(?) looks like it might be shaded differently from the bioarmor tone. In panel 4, Rokoa's arm is definitely not bioarmor shaded. In panel 5, the fufa-neumono's pupil is briefly not black.

Page 10, panel 2, Polo's bioarmor mask disappears off her snout and the front of her face and is back again two panels later.

Page 12, panel 1, Korli has no tail on her speech bubbles. In panels 2 and 6, the extra "darkness" shading effect covering the fufa's room is absent. It's gone again through page 14 and returns on page 15, though there seems to be another layer of darkness effect in panels 4 and 6, compared to the rest of the page. Something similar happens on page 16, panels 5 and 6. In panel 3 of page 16, Korli's visible eye isn't black.

Finally, on page 17, panels 3 and 5, Korli's pupils aren't black.

Wendigo Bros:

The wendigos' teeth are inconsistent overall, as they have snaggleteeth sometimes in the later pages but don't have them at all earlier.

Page 2, panel 1, there's an unshaded space under the further pygmy girl's snout. Panel 6 has another unshaded space under the girl's arm/above her tail. Page 4, panel 2, similar problem under the focal girl's left ear and left arm. Panel 3, again, under her right arm. There are a couple of little spots like that again in panel 5, above leftmost girl's ear and under rightmost girl's chin.

Finally, in page 5, one of the wendigos has a pygmy clutching around his neck who appears from nowhere and disappears next panel. Not an error so much as a mystery.

Pretty late with the proofreading this time, but hope it's still useful.
No. 30020 ID: dd338c
Yep, it's appreciated. Fixes should be in place, now, thank you.
No. 30161 ID: dd338c
File 146393399419.png - (43.83KB , 955x1200 , Cocksicle1.png )
Got to catch up on uploading some patreon things.
No. 30162 ID: dd338c
File 146393400669.png - (62.08KB , 1200x1200 , Cocksicle2.png )
No. 30163 ID: dd338c
File 146393403990.png - (55.55KB , 1040x1300 , Chains.png )
No. 30164 ID: dd338c
File 146393415395.png - (598.23KB , 1200x1200 , SSShow.png )
No. 30165 ID: dd338c
File 146393430579.png - (282.94KB , 800x800 , HokPlaysStarcraft.png )
In which Hok enters a game tournament in a failed attempt to show how silly it is to praise someone for being good at a game.
No. 30166 ID: 595d54
That uses what I assume is the zeny symbol, but then "dollars".
No. 30168 ID: 398fe1
God damn it Hok.
No. 30170 ID: dd338c
Whoops, fixed.
No. 30172 ID: dd338c
File 146395725162.png - (727.54KB , 1250x2500 , Confrontation_001.png )
In an alt universe where Fen contains dubious ethics.
No. 30173 ID: dd338c
File 146395726261.png - (865.74KB , 1250x2500 , Confrontation_002.png )
No. 30174 ID: dd338c
File 146395730710.png - (808.92KB , 1250x2500 , Confrontation_003.png )
No. 30175 ID: dd338c
File 146395731754.png - (632.19KB , 1250x2500 , Confrontation_004.png )
No. 30176 ID: dd338c
File 146395735138.png - (713.62KB , 1250x2500 , Confrontation_005.png )
No. 30177 ID: d96b7e
>Butts are not supposed to be this jiggly

The people of this world have my deepest condolences.
No. 30179 ID: 40beb7
Not many corrections this time!

Page 2, Panel 7, Fen's speech/Cheese's thought bubbles aren't linked up properly and are missing tails. Page 4, panel 1, Cheese asks why Fen was worried whether she was hurt, as if he had said something along those lines, but he didn't. And in Page 5, panel 5, Fen's "she's smiling" line seems like it should be a thought bubble rather than speech, since he's talking to himself.
No. 30180 ID: 398fe1
Hahaha oh god. I wonder if Croc is gonna do the same thing with her butt.
No. 30181 ID: 211d83

Perfect sequel idea material!

I mean Fen already talked to Croc a bunch so in the pornoverse he probably mentioned Cheese's big sexy butt to him. Who could resist?
No. 30182 ID: 40beb7

If we were dealing with creatures that didn't burst from the corpses of magical superbeasts instead of evolving, I'd say it'd be entirely logical for non-mammalian kobolds to be mostly butt fanciers. Who knows how it actually works, though. The different types seem to find it easy enough to be attracted to each other.
No. 30189 ID: 6879ec
>Thread end
Do you mean for that to have the possibility to be continued eventually, or is that the end?

I've gotta be honest, I've thought since the beginning that it was kind of a strange idea to use Belenosian interlude, something we used three whole threads to get through, as the basis for a short patreon-funded quest. We'd either have to do make it multiple threads, use the knowledge we gained during the canon quest to complete our objective in a much more efficient way, or we'd have to have a different, quicker-to-accomplish goal to work towards this time.
No. 30190 ID: dd338c
>Do you mean for that to have the possibility to be continued eventually
It's less a possibility and more confirmed that there are going to be more threads later on. The thread was quick to show that if it was going to be done in 1 part, the pacing would have to be much, much faster, but as it is, it will probably be about a 3-parter again.
No. 30191 ID: 211d83

As the patreon donator who funds the larger stuff this is the first (second) test porn quest. The first was when I noticed Valentines day coming and said "Hey why not make a cute valentines quest with whatever quest couple you feel like." And we got the fun Kappi date quest.

Back when the original Belenosian arc was running Loviro mentioned that one of his jetals once came back with money shoved in its fishnets after having been born only a day earlier. I thought the idea was entertaining and made a note of it in my big book of silly porn plots. (Which now has dozens and dozens of them just waiting to be made.) Lagotrope thought it would be a fun one to work on and here we are.

I realized shortly after the start of the quest that whoops this might take awhile to do properly. (Sorry for getting you stuck in another long Belenosian arc Lagotrope)

Lago could have rushed events but then it would have felt forced and we would miss out on lots of fun questing. So I told him that he is free to take as long as he needs and if it took a few months worth of monthly commissions then so be it. I would rather have a longer quest with some porn than just a short porn quest.

Anyways the next chapter should start sooner rather than later (depending on Lago's schedule). Probably after May's installment of the ongoing Polo and Rokoa spire pornoverse comic.

So that's the rambling condensed story behind things. If you have any questions let us know and feel free to donate a few bucks a month so Lago can eventually escape his day job and we can enjoy his quests full time.
No. 30234 ID: dd338c
File 146457296182.png - (841.83KB , 1400x1540 , Cowqet-AnneVIEW.png )
No. 30236 ID: dd338c
File 146457341381.png - (853.22KB , 1500x1317 , Kimankara.png )
Olen, upon thinking Fen is either a noble or directly at the side of one, thinks to proposition him on the diner's second floor. Fen accepts, but did not have the same activity in mind.
No. 30237 ID: dd338c
File 146457352084.png - (568.71KB , 1250x1250 , RakaePoloNightCuddle.png )
In the alternate universe where Polo's hive was nuked, previously at

Polo and Rakae catch an amount of time until the inevitable period when one of the many children wake up and request whatever babies need in the middle of the night by the accepted method of crying and screaming.
No. 30238 ID: dd338c
File 146457366669.png - (56.00KB , 1100x1100 , IsoRecluseFrot.png )
Iso and Recluse engaging in activities involving their acquired equipment in UnceUnse.
No. 30239 ID: dd338c
File 146457372334.png - (531.26KB , 1163x1200 , IsoXRecluse.png )
Iso and Recluse engage further.
No. 30247 ID: 8a7bc7
Well, I'm engaged in this.
No. 30349 ID: 91cfcf
Does anyone know where that comic with Qiurill, Pit, and Korli is? They used a temporary shrink ray on him.
No. 30350 ID: a075ba
Jukashi drew that one, so it's in his drawthread.

No. 30351 ID: 91cfcf
Oh, thanks. Bit weird that this made me realize the Asteroidverse counts as its own fandom at this point. I even heard about a short-lived fanquest on a different forum entirely.
No. 30404 ID: 15a025
No. 30405 ID: a075ba
I'm not sure if this is the one they meant, but there was this:

Strategic spaceship managing thing that featured neumono and Lohrke.
No. 30406 ID: 595d54
Nah, got linked partway through the old draw thread, it's dead now. Got deleted.
No. 30673 ID: d1f5f1
File 146925404368.png - (0.99MB , 1250x2500 , Experimentation_001.png )
This comic's content: Futa, guys, and return of the horrifying snake dicks.
No. 30674 ID: d1f5f1
File 146925405559.png - (1.12MB , 1250x2500 , Experimentation_002.png )
No. 30675 ID: d1f5f1
File 146925407334.png - (964.62KB , 1250x2500 , Experimentation_003.png )
No. 30676 ID: d1f5f1
File 146925408855.png - (1.07MB , 1250x2500 , Experimentation_004.png )
No. 30677 ID: d1f5f1
File 146925410837.png - (0.96MB , 1250x2500 , Experimentation_005.png )
No. 30678 ID: d1f5f1
File 146925414489.png - (71.07KB , 800x800 , Pologetsamovie.png )
No. 30680 ID: d1f5f1
File 146925421652.png - (41.47KB , 1050x1050 , RoxieSurf.png )
No. 30682 ID: d1f5f1
File 146929003179.png - (735.04KB , 1200x1500 , FenFence.png )
Where Fen has to convince the guards harder to let him into the fence.
No. 30683 ID: d41523
>Not cramming them both into the same hole
What are they? Casul?
No. 30684 ID: d1f5f1
File 146929353514.png - (55.60KB , 1000x1352 , RoxyPoV.png )
No. 30685 ID: 398fe1
Lol that last panel
No. 30690 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938629838.png - (833.41KB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_001.png )
Comic's content: Machines, buttstuff, probably a tag or two I'm forgetting.
No. 30691 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938631158.png - (862.06KB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_002.png )
No. 30692 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938632303.png - (1.03MB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_003.png )
No. 30693 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938633581.png - (827.35KB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_004.png )
No. 30694 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938634556.png - (1.00MB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_005.png )
No. 30695 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938635646.png - (929.36KB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_006.png )
No. 30696 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938637130.png - (0.97MB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_007.png )
No. 30697 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938638784.png - (934.44KB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_008.png )
No. 30698 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938640437.png - (0.97MB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_009.png )
No. 30701 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938646844.png - (0.98MB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_010.png )
No. 30702 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938647889.png - (861.96KB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_011.png )
No. 30703 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938648971.png - (888.66KB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_012.png )
No. 30704 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938651125.png - (1.00MB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_013.png )
No. 30705 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938652683.png - (920.60KB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_014.png )
No. 30706 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938653906.png - (0.99MB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_015.png )
No. 30707 ID: d1f5f1
File 146938656154.png - (0.98MB , 1250x2500 , PoloRokoa3_016.png )
No. 30728 ID: c441c1
Silly Rokoa you can never escape a porno.
No. 30731 ID: a445b2
It's corrections time again! Just for reference, when I say [character]'s left or right [something], I mean their right or left, not the viewer's. I think it's a bit more consistent that way.

For Experimentation:

- Page 1, Panel 1, Alison is missing the band of her top that goes around her ribcage, it should be visible under her arm. Speaking of her arm, in panels 1 and 2 of page 1, and possibly panel 2 of page 2, Alison has a set of bands/bandages around her upper left arm which is missing everywhere else. Back to page 1, panel 1 Iso has no eyebrows, it might just be loss of detail to being in the background but it's noticeable. So is Chief's(?) arms just behind him. It wouldn't matter but he's right where the line of the eye travels from Shopkeep to Alison. In panel 6 of Page 1, "Like I think this one is a saw?" doesn't have a speech bubble, though that could be an effect to make it read "quieter"? Like he's muttering it to himself or similar. And in the final panel of page 1, Alison has no eyebrows or eyelashes, she's a little funny-lookin' there. Same panel, Recluse's robe isn't shaded.

- Page 2, panel 1, one of the lines of the neck strap on alison's top isn't drawn, on her right side. Panel 3, the line from Recluse's cloak intruding onto his face is very noticeable, there are a few overreaching lines around but that one's really blatant since it's right at the intersection with a background character's face. Panel 6, it looks like a line of Alison's hip should be visible past her skirt/sash strap, from the way it's been drawn.

- Page 3, panel 2, some of the background shade should probably be visible in the space between Alison's body and her right arm. Her new dicks also seem to have twisted around a little. Panel 6, I'm not sure what's going on with Iso's butt. If that's supposed to be one of the spikes on his tail to the right of him then it probably should be in front, and it it's part of his clothes (since he seems to have a coat-tail or something on the other side) then he's missing his tail entirely. I'd assume the former only it looks like some of his pants are bunched up further down, below Alison's hand, the way they would be on a leg. Panel 7, I'm not sure what's supposed to be between Recluse's chest and Alison's tail, I would have assumed it's part of his robe from the way there are deformation lines on it, but it isn't shaded.

- Page 4, panel 2, Alison's body is kind of oddly proportioned, it would probably be better if she didn't have the black shadow sections cutting into her waist and making it look so thin, and if her bellybutton was aligned a bit differently, so it seemed more tilted down to put her hips under them rather than tilted forward to bring them away? Panel 3, the neck straps on Alison's top have a few lines missing.

- Page 5, all I have to comment on is the color of Alison's fluids. I get that they're shaded to make them stand out, but it looks strange! It seems like it'd be better if the dicks had been shaded the whole time instead, and that would have added variety elsewhere too, but, that would be more work. So, not so much an error as just a thought.

On to Polo Interlude 3!

- Page 1, since the first 4 panels are a silly flashback we'll ignore them. In panel 5, Rokoa's right arm should probably be some sort of visible behind her, a bit, since it's coming up to go behind her back. Maybe if you left the outer line of her back where it is and redrew the line of her spin and added another to mark a new back line? Unless that's supposed to be what's going on anyway, in which case maybe cut off part of the back/arm intersect arm towards her neck and like, add a little turnoff towards her shoulder or something. Panel 6, one of the background lines passes in front of Polo's tail fastener pole, up next to the first speech bubble's tail. Korli has has a bunch of thin lines on the outside of her right leg and above the crook of her right arm, I'd assume they would represent her shaking or something but they're not matched with any more elsewhere on her. The speech bubble positioning is a little weird, it's set up to read from top down and then right, while the normal way to read is from top right and then down. The first time I read it, I moved from Rokoa's opening line to the CAI first, and Polo's "Tell me about it" kinda lost as to where it was supposed to go relative to Korli's lines, too. You might move Rokoa's first bubble further left, and maybe move Polo's bubble up closer to where it should be? Aside from all that, I just want to comment that in those last two panels and several times through the whole comic, Rokoa has a thick line under her mouth that makes her look like she has black lips, which makes sense and I like it.

- Page 2, panel 1, Rokoa and Polo seem to have switched from their left hands being further up to their right hands being further up. Polo is missing her left eyebrow. In this first panel, both of their eyes are filled in, while two panels later they have white pupils. Polo and Rokoa both have light-colored eyes in their own quests so, to me, they generally look more like themselves with eyes that aren't filled in (Rokoa especially looks more crazy without the black fill, I think), but it's up to you which way you want to go. Moving completely to panel 4, Rokoa appears to have a pair of hands growing out of each other. Also, the order of the speech bubble is a bit weird! The eye naturally goes from "not until you have the points to get it back, rokoa" to "clearly we never told you[...]: straight away, even though after you've read them all, Polo's lines are clearly supposed to go between them. Maybe if you swapped the position of Polo's bubble with that of the CAI's third one, and changed the tails/links to go over/under each other, it would read more naturally?

It might help in the first two pages if all their restraints were shaded, the way the CAI's "arms" are in later pages.

- Page 3, eye inconsistence again, Rokoa's are filled in panel 7 but not in the rest of the page. In page 9 her left eye is missing a line under. Panel 10, she has no areola marks on her left boob, which looks odd only because her right one does have them. She could do with her right eyebrow, too. The score card in the last panel has Rokoa on the left and Polo on the right, in future panels with a score card it's the other way around. Maybe it's a different score card, since this one gives their full names and the others are just P and R?

This page is the first in which the CAI screen's arm is shaded, in this case just the arm where it was white before (aside from the "flashback" in the first page. It continues to be inconsistent through the comic what parts of the CAI's armature/screen are shaded or not.

- Page 4, the restraint arms which previously seemed mechanical, with sharps bends and squared ends and so on, are now tentacles, and continue to be for the rest of the comic. Probably too much work to make consistent through the whole thing, though. Fully shaded CAI screen this time.

- Page 5, panel one, the arm/tentacle with the button is shaded now, though it wasn't before. Panel 2, the CAI's screen has no internal square and is fully shaded, the other panels have it with a white screen. Panel 6, the polo on the screen is missing her nose. Panel 7, the visibility of the artificial dick under Rokoa, with the pose she's in, makes it look like her anatomy is really out of position, it might be better if the dick wasn't visible, or moved further back so only an edge of it were visible beside her left thigh, or it was somehow made apparent that her spine was curved forward more. Rokoa's eyes are mismatching again, filled in panel 3 and 4 but not in panel 7.

- Page 6, panel 1, the dick look like it's going straight up into a space that doesn't exist, it could do with being curved forward or something? It looks especially odd in contrast with the last panel of the previous page, since in that it looked very far forward and here it's really far back. Panel 4, I realize it needs to help emphasize the bulge in Rokoa's belly, but the right side of her pubic mound should probably be further right, if you want a sense of the dick's mass inside her? And maybe her left thigh should be overlapping the dick a bit to make it look more under her instead of in front of her, since her right leg looks like it's angled a bit forward. I feel like that's maybe getting kinda nitpicky, though. As is me mentioning the eyes again, probably. Unfilled for Rokoa and Polo until panel 7. CAI has consistent shaded arm/frame and white screen this page.

- Page 7, panel 4, a bit of the bed under Polo's right hand is shaded her color, not the bed's. Same between her left hand and her neck/ears. All filled-in eyes this page. All white CAI screen armature.

- Page 8, panel 5, Polo's left ear seems missing, and the tentacle around Rokoa's torso is unshaded. Final panel, button is unshaded despite both being shaded two panels previous. All filled eyes this time, too. CAI back to its most proper-looking white screen with all else shaded in panel 2, and just a white square in panel 3 but that's a little one so it's ok.

- Page 9, filled eyes again, and shaded/whitescreen CAI. Panel 5, there should probably be a line somewhere under Jorli's hand on the sidie of Rokoa's face, because it looks a little weird with just the blank space there. Final panel, the tentacle around Rokoa's torso seems gone, it doesn't come back until pane 7 of the next page. I'm not sure how the speech bubbles are supposed to be read; on first read I read all of Polo's and then Rokoa's, but on reflection, it seems like Rokoa's line should be after Polo's first two, then Polo's last line, then the speech bubble in the first panel of the next page should be Rokoa's?

- That would be the first thing on page 10, then, maybe, only then the "AHHH!!" seems odd. If it's not Rokoa, though, I'm not sure who's saying "You just think that, girl!", since it seems like it fits with the lines before and after. Filled eyes for page 10. The CAI's screen is shaded.

- Not much to see page 11, there's a little line next to the tip of Rokoa's tail that looks like it's outlining a space that should be shaded. Filled eyes once more, and all-white CAI screens/frames.

- Page 12, suddenly, Polo's eyes are unfilled again in panel 1! Otherwise all filled. CAI screen is shaded. I note this page is where extra shading starts to be used. Panel 5, Polo's left thigh looks like it's outer line is missing, making it look immense and fat. Her left arm looks a bit peculiar as well, like the line of her upper arm comes down too far.

- Page 13, panel 3, all the sex toys on the table are shaded despite having been white the last time we saw them, and the edge of one being white in panel 6. Panel 6 also has Rokoa's eye unfilled, though filled elsewhere on the page. Extra shading stops after this page.

- Page 14, all-white CAI this page. Panel 5 Rokoa's eyes are unfilled again, and she's missing her left eyebrow. Panels 7, 8 and 9, the wheel is spinning the opposite direction from how Rokoa spun it. Transposing "Gang bang" with "Aphrodesiac Overload" and flipping the position of the arrow in panels 7 and 8 would fix it.

- Page 15, nothing really to remark except that there are a lot of overlapping lines on the soldiers in panel 6. And that the eyes are all filled, of course, and the CAI is back to shaded frame/arm with white screen.

- Finally, page 16, panel 1, Rokoa's snout and visible nipple aren't shaded, and the soldier she's wrangling is missing any armor lines on his left leg. There are a few overlapping lines in that vicinity, too, while I'm there. Panel 2, a bit of Rokoa's arm should probably be visible. Panel 3, what I assume is a tentacle around Rokoa's right arm, beside her boob, is unshaded. Panel 4, I think a bit of Rokoa's ear under her chin is shaded with the tentacle shade. Panel 7, I think maybe part of Rokoa's right ear got mistaken for her finger? Since if it is her finger it's very big. The belt that I assume she looted is missing its upper line going back over her hip. Final panel, some of the explosion light from the previous panel is leaking into this one. Eyes are all filled, and the CAI in panels 1 and 3 are all white. Panel 4 it looks like under the general shading its arm is shaded and the screen/frame are white.

I think that's everything! Mostly nitpicky shading stuff, but a few other things in there. I hope I'm not fussing over too much!
No. 30855 ID: e6e9af
Oh man, that latest interlude was hilarious.
No. 30858 ID: d1f5f1
File 147061040664.png - (257.86KB , 1200x4300 , PoloConcentrate.png )
In which Polo trains with Three Stripes, but Gianthive thinks training is best done when there are stakes involved.

Thanks for your troubles - haven't gotten the time to go through doing the fixes yet, but I plan on it as I get to it.
No. 30939 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114016946.png - (45.02KB , 800x1200 , Enlargement14DaysOrLess.png )
This time it actually is a Mimiga.
No. 30940 ID: d1f5f1
File 147114024836.png - (46.90KB , 800x1200 , GiantPinup.png )
Pinup of Giant in a basic tribal getup.

Experimentation corrections are up, Interlude corrections will happen later.
No. 31003 ID: ca0c9d
That gives me the serious creeps knowing the context.
No. 31007 ID: 595d54
I don't. What's wrong with the flower petals?
No. 31009 ID: 3abd97
When ingested, the red flower drives a Mimiga insane, physically transforming him or her into a large, violent, mindless berserker.
No. 31010 ID: 595d54
So, what, it's a penis enlargement joke or is "ingest" used loosely? I still don't see what's the "serious creeps" there.
No. 31011 ID: 3abd97
>I still don't see what's the "serious creeps" there.
He's using life-ruining mind-breaking combat drugs as a masturbation aid. If you don't see how someone might find that creepy, uh, I'm really not sure how to explain that to you?
No. 31012 ID: a522e5

Judging by the filename, I'd say it's supposed to be more of a "male enhancement" joke rather than that he's being portrayed as somehow getting off on it.
No. 31013 ID: c0f910
he wants that monster dong
No. 31014 ID: cc08c7
"Sorry about that Sue, I seem to have dropped a condom for my MONSTER DONG."
No. 31015 ID: 398fe1
Well I mean you gotta rub it on like a cream if you want it to work, right?
No. 31016 ID: 595d54
Yeah, you honestly seem overly sensitive about an obvious joke, so I'm fine with not getting your problem. It's not even being used to masturbate.
No. 31017 ID: 3abd97
>overly sensitive
>your problem
I was explaining a perspective, after you specifically requested for it to be explained. I never claimed to be espousing it myself.

Honestly, I find the inability to comprehend a perspective or reaction different from your own far weirder than the subject of discussion. You don't need to agree with the way someone responds to something to understand how or why they reacted that way.

All I can say for sure is he's going to be in a world of hurt if he gets a blowjob anytime soon.
No. 31119 ID: 595d54
Hey, I heard Patreon was having a lot of problems to do with people's stuff getting removed. You alright?
No. 31120 ID: d1f5f1
I haven't heard anything about that, but I also don't have any posts that are hosted on patreon directly (it's all in this drawthread or are quests.)

So everything seems stable, for me.
No. 31152 ID: ca0c9d
Ummm. Yeah all that, and stuff.
No. 31219 ID: d1f5f1
File 147365508760.png - (424.23KB , 1000x1000 , SSxJerk1.png )
SS's polymorph wears out at an inconvenient time.
No. 31220 ID: d1f5f1
File 147365514596.png - (467.37KB , 1000x1000 , SSxJerk2.png )
It doesn't stop.
No. 31221 ID: c441c1
I thought he was in the vagina and his dick just fused with SS.
No. 31222 ID: e22b1d
I mean you already got started so might as well finish right?

So when we going to see what happens in the next chapter of Story's little gender adventure?
No. 31223 ID: 211d83

Now I want to see the story of the first mage that created this sort of polymorph spell and all the crazy accidents that happened during testing.

Polymorph test #57:

Things went horribly wrong today when the spell wore off mid intercourse. Subject A ended up with his dick jammed in the Subject B's dick and we had to use the last of my oil of slipperiness to get them unstuck. Neither of them are talking to me anymore. Will be modifying the spell to shift things into "safer" areas so it does not happen again.
No. 31344 ID: 8f7f3c
Hey Lago, is there any chance you might make a gay comic one of these times? Your gay stuff is superb too.
No. 31345 ID: 595d54
All of the art here was commissioned, so it depends on who pays him for what.
No. 31346 ID: d1f5f1
File 147490861171.png - (62.03KB , 1000x1000 , ItcherGoldActivities.png )
It is possible, but I wouldn't hold my breath over it.

Not sure, actually. There's not really a rigid schedule here.

Unrelatedly, pictured: Itcher didn't like leaving the gold room since it gave him peace and quiet, and he tended to take advantage of things that were not explicitly on the list of items he wasn't allowed to bring in.
No. 31347 ID: 44bc30

Is he cooking, or setting up a sauna?
No. 31348 ID: d1f5f1
The intention was cooking, but the result was both.
No. 31359 ID: 211d83

There is a silly gay comic or two on my list of comics to be commissioned. But no eta on when it might happen.

Got to get through some backlog of the current silly porn story lines first.

(signed the person who commissions the larger comic and quest stuff)
No. 31646 ID: bfb318
File 147751838033.png - (1.04MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_001.png )
Finally got around to the edits for Interlude 3. Fixed *almost* everything mentioned, aside from a few things that may have been more trouble than they were worth to fix (and anything on your list I managed to miss anyway.)

Now for something completely different with Rulekeeper and Glitcher.
No. 31647 ID: bfb318
File 147751840153.png - (1.17MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_002.png )
No. 31648 ID: bfb318
File 147751841423.png - (1.23MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_003.png )
No. 31649 ID: bfb318
File 147751842744.png - (1.15MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_004.png )
No. 31650 ID: bfb318
File 147751844582.png - (1.18MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_005.png )
No. 31651 ID: bfb318
File 147751845810.png - (928.19KB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_006.png )
No. 31652 ID: bfb318
File 147751847048.png - (1.12MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_007.png )
No. 31653 ID: bfb318
File 147751848653.png - (1.20MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_008.png )
No. 31654 ID: bfb318
File 147751850579.png - (1.14MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_009.png )
No. 31656 ID: bfb318
File 147751854816.png - (1.22MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_010.png )
No. 31657 ID: bfb318
File 147751857698.png - (1.01MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_011.png )
To be continued
No. 31661 ID: 398fe1
Is that 1,0 supposed to be 1.0?

Also this entire thing is just Glitcher, pls.
No. 31662 ID: bfb318
File 147754771906.png - (1.16MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_012.png )
No. 31663 ID: bfb318
File 147754773020.png - (956.01KB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_013.png )
No. 31664 ID: bfb318
File 147754774213.png - (919.10KB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_014.png )
No. 31665 ID: bfb318
File 147754778675.png - (770.53KB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_015.png )
No. 31666 ID: 398fe1
>aint no no tease the glitcher
>don't treat my like I'm perfect
Also Sevener's last sentence seems weird.
No. 31667 ID: bfb318
Yes, I changed it to 1.0

Fixed/Revised all this
No. 31669 ID: 1c8358
Dat Savage Sevener tease, tho!
Maybe if he weren't being such a spaz about it.
You fucked up glitcher!

Most of this is really cute though.
No. 31676 ID: bfb318
File 147763035489.png - (1.06MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_016.png )
No. 31677 ID: bfb318
File 147763037702.png - (0.98MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_017.png )
No. 31683 ID: bfb318
File 147771755922.png - (1.40MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_018.png )
No. 31684 ID: bfb318
File 147771758492.png - (1.62MB , 1250x2500 , WhatIsSexForAnyway_019.png )
No. 31686 ID: bfb318
File 147772419682.png - (219.28KB , 1250x1250 , Roxie-Rokoa.png )
A couple more patreon things as well:

First off, the implied happenings in the halloween thread of when Roxie went off into the woods.
No. 31687 ID: bfb318
File 147772423684.png - (56.79KB , 1050x1200 , NCO-SniperClone.png )
Then NCO Arkot and Sniper Clone Rokoa. If it isn't clear, NCO is getting his cape cleaned.
No. 31688 ID: 91ee5f
Waaaait, I thought Roxie had a ghost effect so how is Rokoa- oh, that's right Roxie wanted it. That's how Rokoa is able to touch her.

If you didn't specify that he was getting his cape cleaned, then I honestly would've thought Sniper Clone Rokoa was just petting him like a little kitten! XD
No. 31689 ID: f9a70c

I imagine the normal arkots get thrown into a giant washing machine en masse.
No. 31691 ID: 1ca9a4
That isn't from the Penn Roxie haloween thread is it? I don't remember woods from that.
No. 31694 ID: bfb318
No, it's from this years tgchan halloween thread in questdis.


Unlike last year's Penn/Roxie halloween, this one is aggressively non-canon.
No. 31695 ID: 91ee5f
>aggressively non-canon.
It's more or less the same thing as Rokoa beating your face in! That's how aggressive it is!
No. 31713 ID: db0da2
Is this what neumono ntr looks like? Is neumono ntr a thing? Is hive traitor porn the most degenerate form of neumono porn?
Can hives romance each other?
No. 31714 ID: bfb318
This isn't what it looks like, as Polo here is more or less held against her will.

Neumono don't really have dedicated partners, but many hives do have strong feelings about only having relations within one's own hive, and so cheating is possible with that in mind. The reasons why a neumono in such a hive would cheat are probably either convoluted or they're going rogue. In the latter case, rogues having sex in ways their (old) hive didn't like would be seen as pretty degenerate porn.

Hives can get a thing for each other, though, and while this sort of thing typically happens on a more individual basis, an entire hives can fancy another entire hive for just about any reason.
No. 31715 ID: bfb318
File 147788998249.png - (913.86KB , 1250x2500 , SS-Jerk_001.png )
There's been an attempt to give brief content tags to each of these comics so that people can decide whether or not they want to look at the comic without having to look at the comic.

So, better sometimes than never I guess.

Content: Dudes (mostly) everywhere, size difference, a guy with hips.
No. 31717 ID: bfb318
File 147789003199.png - (757.61KB , 1250x2500 , SS-Jerk_002.png )
No. 31718 ID: bfb318
File 147789004741.png - (759.37KB , 1250x2500 , SS-Jerk_003.png )
No. 31719 ID: bfb318
File 147789007037.png - (652.20KB , 1250x2500 , SS-Jerk_004.png )
No. 31720 ID: bfb318
File 147789008040.png - (623.95KB , 1250x2500 , SS-Jerk_005.png )
No. 31722 ID: 3abd97
>Is this what neumono ntr looks like?
That's not what I intended when I wrote it, at least. It's pretty much supposed to be pure enslavement / corruption fetish, where someone is put in a submissive role slash exposed to lots of sex, and finds themselves changed, accepting of, empowered by, and/or in a world of pleasures from their new circumstance. Held or not, Polo would have had to have accepted the terms of whatever new deal she got, and she's still there sticking to it / surrendering herself instead of trying to escape or rebel when they send her on missions (which should be within her capabilities if she really wanted to break her word / trust).

Theme-wise, it was inspired pretty heavily up by the female-polymoprh Story Seeker enslavement comic.

(It's also alt-history fetish, cause I love thinking about how little changes can propagate into bigger ones).

I expect Sealock is more upset by the fact someone else owns their hivemate (and their government allowed it) than by the fact she's having sex outside the hive (from the personal questions we've badgered people with in itq, opinions on exohive sex seems to differ a lot in different individuals and hives). I didn't bring Sealock into it for cheating-shaming, but because if they weren't involved then Polo and Rakae would go rogue from the separation, which makes the whole thing more dark-serious slavery than the somewhat silly thing I wanted it to be. Rikek is shit out of luck, though. Plus I liked the idea of weird circumstances getting the warhive and the military intelligence / modern management hive working together.

The closest I think we've seen to neumono ntr was >>27880 when Rokoa was taunting Polo for being jealous of Pilon fucking Rakae rather than her. ...although that's kind of a meta-example, since Polo's crush / attraction to Pilon isn't the same as being as in a relationship, and while Polo might have had first dibs in canon, she hadn't even met Pilon yet in that comic.

>Can hives romance each other?
>Hives can get a thing for each other
I do have this hope / aspiration that we basically get Sealock and the Science Hive to hook up when all is said and done. They seem to get along with each other, and calm, sanity minded buddies looking after them is just what the science hive needs.
No. 31724 ID: 91ee5f
So, this is pretty much the same thing as the Story Lizard comics, right? The only difference I can see is that Story Seeker isn't trapped as a female lizard when he becomes a sex slave.
No. 31725 ID: 595d54
It's an offshoot/continuation. Look at the first couple panels, he's female. The potion that made him female malfunctioned.
No. 31726 ID: 91ee5f
It can't be a continuation. If it was, then Story would still be a lizard girl and he'd be with Kexluk in the middle of the desert after Kexluk just rescued Fem Lizard Story.
No. 31727 ID: bfb318
They are separate in terms of timelines, that is to say, the events of each comic do not exist/apply to the other. But practically speaking, yes, the minicomic here was very similar with the main difference that SS was a guy.

It's also just a quick one-off; as I don't believe there are plans to continue it.
No. 31809 ID: bfb318
File 147839694634.png - (122.21KB , 1500x1500 , Tabloid.png )
After Polo is confirmed alive, the paparazzi and tabloids were quick to use her image.
No. 31810 ID: 398fe1
Would tabloids even exist in non-jammer cities?
No. 31811 ID: bfb318
To a degree yes, even if someone can feel everyone's harsh judgement as they take a tabloid up to a register.
No. 31812 ID: 15a025
>Which polo is the real polo
The shorter one obviously.
No. 31813 ID: 91ee5f
Suddenly, all of the businesses that print the tabloids have been found mysteriously burnt to the ground.

At least, that's what I think would happen.

My favorites of this picture are: "Top 50 photos of Polo not able to reach the top shelf!" and "Rokoa X Polo: More fact than fiction?"
No. 31814 ID: 3abd97
Bonus: the original prompt, and excuse as to how Polo came across all these tabloids about her at once, is that these are the tabloid rags her own hive has been collecting about her.

Because they find this hilarious / wonderful.
No. 31821 ID: 398fe1
Well I mean are there even any scandals that everyone doesn't know about already?
No. 31826 ID: 91cfcf
Oh, sure. Empathy isn't perfect, especially for strangers, and neumono have been shown to be able to stop themselves from thinking about stuff to give it away, like Rokoa did in Dating a Murder Neumono. If they were keeping it a secret, only people who were close enough to them emotionally would be able to understand the full thing, assuming they let it slip. A stranger would just know they were worried about something or had something bad or some more vague impression like that.
No. 31828 ID: 3abd97
There are also range limits, and being in a crowd with a lot of people (who aren't of your own hive) make it harder to pick useful details from specific individuals.

So yeah, it's not like every mono in a city automatically knows everything every other mono knows.

The bigger question might be how print media survived at all in the distant space future. We can probably assume a vastly cheaper printing / manufacturing process. And maybe neumono actually find print news more convenient than using going digital with the oven mitt hands. And likely smaller production runs targeting more niche markets- the very existence of hives sort of makes that easier than in other populations.
No. 31830 ID: bfb318
Neumono do get eye problems if they stare at computer screens for a long amount of time every day, so to mitigate that, they do need some different things to look at, and not everyone would have special monitor screens to minimize eye strain. Hence, books and other print media do have a market. Especially for the neumono uplifting programs, which often use regular books initially to teach them to read before simultaneously trying to teach them to use a computer and shove too much at once on them. Then, from this, neumono are at least introduced to the concept of having a collection of normal paper/hardback books, instead of a digital library.

Also, for specifically tabloids, they would still be found at brick and mortar stores, such as groceries. There would still be various products put in eye view of the customer, including bait products like tabloids.
No. 31888 ID: bfb318
File 147868931564.png - (778.65KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_001.png )
What follows is a comic that's been funded over the course of several months, hence the unusual size of it. Normally I would have waited until it finished, but I have been streaming this (most nights at https://picarto.tv/Lagotrope for those who may also want to see) and in the interest of watchers not being totally lost while streaming, I'm going to upload progress thus far tonight.

Content tags: Futa, size difference, questionable consent, neumono.
No. 31889 ID: bfb318
File 147868935686.png - (877.27KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_002.png )
No. 31890 ID: bfb318
File 147868936749.png - (919.06KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_003.png )
No. 31891 ID: bfb318
File 147868937841.png - (747.85KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_004.png )
No. 31892 ID: bfb318
File 147868940684.png - (0.98MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_005.png )
No. 31893 ID: bfb318
File 147868941805.png - (926.20KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_006.png )
No. 31894 ID: bfb318
File 147868943284.png - (774.52KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_007.png )
No. 31895 ID: bfb318
File 147868944563.png - (770.96KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_008.png )
No. 31896 ID: bfb318
File 147868946018.png - (678.49KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_009.png )
No. 31897 ID: bfb318
File 147868947455.png - (857.51KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_010.png )
No. 31898 ID: bfb318
File 147868948973.png - (1.04MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_011.png )
No. 31899 ID: bfb318
File 147868952397.png - (892.14KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_012.png )
No. 31900 ID: bfb318
File 147868954694.png - (0.99MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_013.png )
No. 31901 ID: bfb318
File 147868955815.png - (0.96MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_014.png )
No. 31902 ID: bfb318
File 147868957407.png - (1.01MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_015.png )
No. 31903 ID: bfb318
File 147868959743.png - (870.61KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_016.png )
No. 31904 ID: bfb318
File 147868962339.png - (1.02MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_017.png )
No. 31905 ID: bfb318
File 147868963974.png - (0.98MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_018.png )
No. 31906 ID: bfb318
File 147868965331.png - (960.15KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_019.png )
No. 31907 ID: bfb318
File 147868967282.png - (971.92KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_020.png )
No. 31908 ID: bfb318
File 147868968656.png - (854.73KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_021.png )
No. 31909 ID: bfb318
File 147868969798.png - (886.69KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_022.png )
No. 31910 ID: bfb318
File 147868971077.png - (835.56KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_023.png )
No. 31911 ID: bfb318
File 147868972597.png - (0.99MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_024.png )
No. 31912 ID: bfb318
File 147868975128.png - (931.97KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_025.png )
No. 31913 ID: bfb318
File 147868976878.png - (970.55KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_026.png )
No. 31914 ID: bfb318
File 147868978592.png - (963.07KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_027.png )
No. 31915 ID: bfb318
File 147868981341.png - (917.69KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_028.png )
No. 31916 ID: bfb318
File 147868983555.png - (777.75KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_029.png )
No. 31917 ID: bfb318
File 147868985256.png - (692.86KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_030.png )
No. 31918 ID: bfb318
File 147869006441.png - (1.05MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_031.png )
That's it for tonight; the remaining 5 pages are expected to be completed by the end of today. Or at least within 24 hours.
No. 31919 ID: 595d54
"I shouldn't be squeezing her like this! But we both want this?" is presumably a thought and not actual speech.

When Korli offers Rokoa the drug, she says "You I have some you can take". The first you is superfluous.

In the third panel, "Thinking amount more than slapping titties around". Amount is presumably about.

Last line of the last panel should have "busy" in it, maybe? "Ramella's kept her long enough to..."

First panel, "dammit if she didn't deserve a treat" should be doesn't, I think, to fit with the rest of the tense.
No. 31920 ID: 398fe1
>now that the jammer is off
Uh, it's ON though, that's why she's holding hands.

She said it's off when it's on, again.
No. 31923 ID: bfb318
File 147875299664.png - (822.41KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_032.png )
All fixed.

With that, the remaining 5 (plus as it turns out a bonus) pages.
No. 31924 ID: bfb318
File 147875301218.png - (798.36KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_033.png )
No. 31925 ID: bfb318
File 147875302457.png - (778.45KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_034.png )
No. 31926 ID: bfb318
File 147875303785.png - (808.05KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_035.png )
No. 31927 ID: bfb318
File 147875307153.png - (870.27KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_036.png )
This was going to be the final page, but...
No. 31928 ID: bfb318
File 147875309402.png - (798.23KB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_037.png )
It wasn't.
No. 31960 ID: df49f7
What a terrible night to have a curse - the curse of an over-eager amateur proofreader.

I still worry that I'm just being a bother doing this, but I'd trust you to come out and say if you'd like me to stop. I really wouldn't mind! If it wasn't clear from me being willing to read through all these closely to begin with, I think this is all good stuff.

Anyway, here's corrections for What is Sex For Anyway, Potion's Malfunction, and Death Ray. To avoid gunking up the thread with masses of text, this time I decided to just put it all in a pastebin:

No. 31961 ID: 211d83

(Am not Lago but one of the donators for the comics.)

I rather like that you take the time to help us proofread these.

I can't speak for Lago but I just wanted to thank you.
No. 31962 ID: bfb318
File 147891998298.png - (0.98MB , 1250x2500 , DeathRay_018-Alt.png )
I'll speak for Lago and say that it is appreciated, and thank you. Even if I'm not so quick on acting on the catches, I would rather fix them than just let the errors stand.

In other news, page 18 used to have Korli in the flashback panel, but some were confused at it talking about red. For posterity's sake, here's the old page 18:
No. 31979 ID: 47afc6
Page 36, there's a word missing between "the ship's AI" and "a life-threatening emergency".
No. 31980 ID: 47afc6
I mean 26.
No. 32044 ID: bfb318
File 147964603503.png - (1.68MB , 1500x2250 , Cover.png )
This is an older comic (right around when I started comic patreon rewards at all, actually). It's been delayed for too long, but now going to upload it (and chapter 2 will be following, next, as it is a long running piece.)

Content: A kobold falls in a portal, ends up traveling worlds and ends up on the asteroid. Hijinks ensue.

Also; additional reward slots were given to give this one a cover page (as an actual comic cover mock-up, too).
No. 32045 ID: bfb318
File 147964609683.png - (656.10KB , 1278x2426 , Bormac_001.png )
No. 32046 ID: bfb318
File 147964612159.png - (892.12KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_002.png )
No. 32047 ID: bfb318
File 147964613604.png - (884.91KB , 1250x3038 , Bormac_003.png )
No. 32048 ID: bfb318
File 147964615107.png - (526.32KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_004.png )
No. 32049 ID: bfb318
File 147964618577.png - (718.75KB , 1250x2502 , Bormac_005.png )
No. 32050 ID: bfb318
File 147964624191.png - (807.95KB , 1250x2502 , Bormac_006.png )
No. 32051 ID: bfb318
File 147964627436.png - (596.14KB , 1249x2502 , Bormac_007.png )
No. 32052 ID: bfb318
File 147964631575.png - (695.80KB , 1250x2502 , Bormac_008.png )
No. 32053 ID: bfb318
File 147964635041.png - (844.80KB , 1250x2502 , Bormac_009.png )
No. 32054 ID: bfb318
File 147964638219.png - (818.92KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_010.png )
No. 32055 ID: bfb318
File 147964641355.png - (613.28KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_011.png )
No. 32056 ID: bfb318
File 147964642454.png - (617.20KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_012.png )
No. 32057 ID: bfb318
File 147964644090.png - (719.90KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_013.png )
No. 32058 ID: bfb318
File 147964645231.png - (759.14KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_014.png )
No. 32059 ID: bfb318
File 147964645983.png - (617.64KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_015.png )
No. 32060 ID: bfb318
File 147964646717.png - (649.11KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_016.png )
No. 32061 ID: bfb318
File 147964647546.png - (755.81KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_017.png )
No. 32062 ID: bfb318
File 147964648380.png - (785.80KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_018.png )
No. 32063 ID: bfb318
File 147964649024.png - (791.85KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_019.png )
No. 32064 ID: bfb318
File 147964650534.png - (891.24KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_020.png )
No. 32065 ID: bfb318
File 147964651147.png - (886.47KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_021.png )
No. 32066 ID: bfb318
File 147964651807.png - (751.70KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_022.png )
No. 32067 ID: bfb318
File 147964652688.png - (563.87KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_023.png )
No. 32068 ID: bfb318
File 147964654177.png - (785.82KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_024.png )
No. 32069 ID: bfb318
File 147964656394.png - (670.06KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_025.png )
No. 32070 ID: bfb318
File 147964658672.png - (764.29KB , 1250x2500 , Bormac_026.png )
No. 32071 ID: bfb318
File 147964729662.png - (3.56KB , 1250x2500 , BackPageHolder.png )
As usual, corrections are welcome (especially since I believe the earlier comics had more errors on average? I could be wrong.)

Like the cover page, additional resources were put into making a back page mock-up as well.

For those who might be wondering - this comic is meant to be a scenario of what if a kobold dropped on the canonical asteroid. The main AQ cast will likely not show up (or make cameos at best), but it's likely that many of the minor details/characters/so on will be absorbed into canon. Which is in large part why the back page is taking some thought, since a meta page like that will be doubling as some world building on the matter.
No. 32072 ID: 398fe1
Some sketch lines are still visible in panel 5.
No. 32074 ID: 91ee5f
>canonical asteroid.
Now I feel bad for this guy. If he was scared getting here, he'd probably literally get scared to death if he rumors hears about Rokoa and the things she's been hit with and lived through.

And now I'm expecting rumors of this kobold showing up in Asteroid Quest. Like, "Have you heard the rumors of some weird looking pre-uplift Pomi running around with a spear?"
No. 32075 ID: 86b8eb

I think it's canon in that all the Asteroid details/characters are canon to "real" Asteroid Quest, not that AQ does canonically have a kobold with magical scrolls around. Like, this is an alternate timeline where the only thing different is that this kobold appeared.
No. 32104 ID: e6e9af
Incredible idea for new Porniverse:

Ass-Destroyed Quest.

Sexual hijinks in space, and after crash-landing on an asteroid that cannot be escaped by any reasonable means, Rokoa is fucking desperate for a good lay -- and to fuck up Polo's butt at all costs.
No. 32105 ID: 44359f

I think a name like that would go only with the absolutely cheesiest, most cliche-riddled porn story manageable. And like instead of actually having Rokoa and Polo you'd have attempted-but-not-quite lookalikes, and all the backgrounds would look like cheap sets, and the weapons would look like props and all the clothes and armor would be thin and skimpy.

That actually sounds pretty funny, but I don't think the joke would hold up by itself for long.
No. 32106 ID: 91ee5f
That actually sounds like a job for Lukratsa and Tammi.

Those two were introduced in ITQ/BTE as actors that play the parts of Polo (Lukratsa) and Rokoa (Tammi) in movies. So, I think that maybe it doesn't have to be set in the Pornoverse. It could be set in the canon Asteroidverse and Lukratsa and Tammi have been hired to do a porno.
No. 32107 ID: 384d90
I'm all for it if we'll be able to see Lukrasta's "grumpy Polo" face.
No. 32109 ID: 7446e9
I think it would have to be a pornverse anyway, because canon Polo wouldn't allow the use of her name and likeness for a porn movie, which means it would have to be underground, and I doubt canon Lukrasta would do underground porn. Pornverse Lukrasta on the other hand, definitely would.
No. 32110 ID: 44359f
Well, if you were willing to take up new characters (or non-central characters like the brothel hivers from ITQ), it might be neat to see an actual behind-the-scenes of a porn shoot in the canon AQ setting, interspersed with slices of the porn being shot itself. What's daily life like for the actors? What do they have going on in their lives, what wider events are leaking in? What relationships with each other and the rest of the crew do they have? How does having people of different species around influence things? It'd be interesting.

Maybe I just have a fetishistic attraction to worldbuilding and verisimilitude.
No. 32113 ID: 595d54
To be fair, they could have it be a parody. That should be legal, if their code of law is similar enough to ours.
No. 32114 ID: c0f910
Funny comic idea, porn or not porn would still be funny.
Neumonos visit Earth/a human majority area.
>Neumono not understanding humans/their culture
>Neumono, even the biggest, look adorable/cuddly to humans and are pretty short compared to humans
>human food/treats
>xenophiles from both groups
>and other shenanigans
No. 32117 ID: e6e9af

>Super hilarious low-budget porn montage.

I LOVE IT. And the best reasoning for Tammi and Lukratsa to be doing this? "You gotta start somewhere."
No. 32118 ID: 595d54
Do neumono even stigmatize porn like we do? They don't seem to give much of a shit about sex as a concept unless it's outside your hive or species.
No. 32119 ID: 44359f

Stigmatization of porn or not, you still need someone's permission to use their likeness, and Polo would disapprove on grump grounds. Also, we know that in AQ canon, Rokoa was concerned about intimate pictures of her getting public, because the last time it happened it resulted in an uptake of people erroneously thinking they could take her on.

So, there's enough grounds to employ parody. Some loose-concept, similar-but-not-quite-same-name thing that everyone knows is based on [thing] and will appeal to people who want porn of that thing but is legally distinct enough to not get in trouble.

Lack of stigmatization of porn would just mean it's not considered disreputable to have a lot of sex in a film, and would probably lead to it being higher quality in general. I think it was stated or implied in an earlyish ITQ at some point that a lot of neumono media has raunchy bits, and there's probably a large vague area of films/shows that have more focus on sex than their plot demands but do still have significantly more going on than just the sex. Like, for neumono, the "porn" in "porn movie" could be like the "action" in "action movie"?

There'd probably still be that part of the spectrum that's "95% of the runtime sex" porn, but I actually imagine that in the future that market would probably be covered by websites that provide shorter clips on demand, while the full-blown porn movie market would cater more to people who want some sort of narrative and/or characters with personality. And that could cover a range! Action porn movie, romance porn movie, comedy porn movie. This cheesy parody asteroid quest one could fall in to that latter category.

Really, the majority of neumono (that is, hive neumono) can generally get sex whenever they feel like it, so your straight-to-the-action wank fodder class of porn that just exists to get you off probably isn't actually much in demand! The neumono buying porn would likely be more made up of those that want to see a specific fictional scenario. Or specific non-fictional scenario? You might get neumono celebrities who put on shows for people who like them for who they are, not for a part they're playing.

I wouldn't put it past someone like Az to have put out a few special videos for his lady admirers to enjoy.
No. 32120 ID: 3abd97
Well, some hives are bigger prudes than others. Attitudes vary.

Would work in a pornverse, but in canon Lukratsa was an established action star before she ever landed her role in the Polo film and/or series (and/or cartoon, although odds are it wasn't the same actors doing the voice acting).
No. 32166 ID: df49f7
Alien Amongst Aliens corrections!

- Page 1, panel 3, There are three spaces around our falling hero that aren't shaded the right background gray; near the tip of his tail, near the base of his tail, and beside his leg. In panel 4 he may or may not have a similar unshaded section below his butt, and there are also some little dots of white in corners around the outside of the portal.
- Page 2, panel 1, the shaft of the spear doesn't continue under his chin.
- Page 3, panel 4, the pomi's cheek line is noticeably intruding on his beak. Panel 7, the protagonist is missing his nostrils.
- Page 6, panel 4, part of the map under the curl on the right is shaded. Panel 6, a line of grey is intruding into the panel below.
- Page 6, panels 1 and 2, the backpack is shaded, though elsewhere it's usually white.
- Page 13, panel 5, there's some of the window under the beeps that isn't shaded.
- Page 15, final panel, the two scrolls not being held are shaded, which looks a little odd when the one being held is.
- Page 16, final panel, the way the panel darkens makes me wonder if the scroll was supposed to be glowing.
- Page 19, panel 4, I assume the idea is that he doesn't know what a fridge is, in which case he should perhaps be saying "the what" instead of "a what", since "the fridge" was what she said.
- Page 20, panel 1, there's probably space for the speech bubbles to be moved around, so the kid's isn't read first. I assume it's not supposed to be.
- Page 24, panel 1, a background line goes over the computer screen, the mug is missing its side/handle lines on the top right, and the belenosian is drawn with a horn shape behind his lower jaw that he doesn't have anywhere else. Also, "anomalies" needs to switch an A for an O. In panel 6, there's the opposite problem in the second thought bubble, "anomaly" needs to replace the second O with an A. In that same panel, the Boss has some lines down the front of his suit implying a zip or something like all the other characters in this scene have, but nothing of the sort shows up on him again in either of the next two pages.
- Page 25, panel 4, Cassa has no mouth.
- Page 26, Cassa's cheek lines is intruding noticeably onto her nose. Panel 3, Boss' second speech bubble, I think he meant to say "business person", not just "business".
- Back page, ad 1, the background junk lines are absent behind Insane Jane's tail, so it looks like she has a white cutout behind her or something. Her first speech bubble uses the normal speech font while her next two use the ad text font. Ad 3, Green Thumb's sleeve isn't finished behind his hand.
No. 32210 ID: bfb318
File 148057438639.png - (53.58KB , 1000x1000 , LegsAlison-Iso.png )
In a cycle where Alison has legs, Iso is still not safe from affections.
No. 32211 ID: bfb318
File 148057448542.png - (62.05KB , 800x1200 , HakkaPlusSkuts.png )
No. 32212 ID: bfb318
File 148057449854.png - (45.37KB , 1250x750 , RokoaRedTopShortsPinup.png )
No. 32227 ID: f562b1
Did that Iso actually get genitals?
No. 32229 ID: 61c7b9
Eeeeee, I'm so happy to see my request here! Eeeee!
No. 32231 ID: 595d54
Yeah, in the stream his dong was visible at first but it looked too much like snanal if you could see it at that angle. So now it's hidden by Legison's butt.
No. 32295 ID: eda54c
No. 32313 ID: 49fe0f
Hey Lago, what program do use to draw with? And are there any tutorials you used or know of to cover the process you use, in terms of that program's brushes and masks and layering and so on?
No. 32315 ID: bfb318
Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio). I used to use SAI, as it was the snappiest program I could find that also had great stabilizing, but the lack of tools like text, shape, and a frillion others got me to look for alternatives.

The main documentation/guides only covers the absolute basics from what I saw (granted if that's what you need, then it's fine for that: http://my.smithmicro.com/manga-studio-ex-5-documentation.html ). Still, you can google up tutorials for specific things with decent luck. Usually video tutorials, which I find unfortunate. The perspective snap tool and the brushes/materials are probably the most necessary to be looked up; the former because not many programs have perspective snaps, the latter because clip studio deals with brushes in a particularly insane way.

For the most part though, the tools/layers/masking/filters/etc works in much of the way as most of the other drawing programs out there. Since I've used a bunch, my workflow ended up being a mix between what I picked up before I even touched clip studio, and what tends to work best with the quirks/specifics that it introduced. As a result, I can't really point to guides that explain my specific process without just pointing to guides that explain the tools in general. That's essentially how I learned, though, not just by going to random guides when I had no idea how a tool worked, but then experimenting with the tools inside of the program itself. That, and then looking at my workflow through a black and white filter while thinking 'there has to be a better way.'
No. 32318 ID: e043f2
Do you stream at all?
No. 32319 ID: 595d54
He streams pretty often, yeah, usually Patreon stuff or quest updates. They get announced in the IRC.
No. 32328 ID: bfb318
File 148159027577.png - (312.17KB , 1000x800 , MatronMalfunction.png )
Gnoll bandages are made out of sheep's wool and they are bad.
No. 32329 ID: bfb318
File 148159031506.png - (273.90KB , 1200x1200 , GlitcherRadmin1.png )
Glitcher attempts to hinder Radmin's incoming match, but he does not know Radmin that well.
No. 32330 ID: bfb318
File 148159035150.png - (30.42KB , 1000x1000 , RadminSweatermouse.png )
No. 32331 ID: 595d54
What a pristine, innocent scene.
No. 32332 ID: bfb318
File 148159038504.png - (87.16KB , 1000x1000 , GlitcherRadmin2.png )
Glitcher tries to ruin his date too, but he still doesn't know Radmin that well.
No. 32333 ID: 211d83

Sweatermouse's shocked expression is not because Radmin was hiding a hard on in his pants. But because her panties just exploded.
No. 32334 ID: 49f18e
this is really good, we need more clamp quest gnolls losing clothes
No. 32341 ID: bfb318
File 148164888396.png - (889.00KB , 1200x988 , Aradia-Rammom.png )
Having not read homestuck, there may be details here that I do not fully comprehend the significance of, if there's any.
No. 32342 ID: bfb318
File 148164894897.png - (112.17KB , 1500x1200 , S7-Band.png )
For a variety of reasons, Chief makes a band while in Stage 7.
No. 32361 ID: e043f2
Do you know around when he usually streams?
I don't really get on the IRC and I work third shift so I keep weird hours.
No. 32363 ID: 595d54
So does Lago, this is his job now, but if it's running then whenever it starts, it often continues through the evening, EST.
No. 32365 ID: bfb318
File 148195792503.png - (1.99MB , 3000x4500 , CoverCh2.png )
No. 32366 ID: bfb318
File 148195797943.png - (796.20KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_001.png )
No. 32367 ID: bfb318
File 148195798997.png - (815.12KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_002.png )
No. 32368 ID: bfb318
File 148195799872.png - (937.70KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_003.png )
No. 32369 ID: bfb318
File 148195801137.png - (836.62KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_004.png )
No. 32370 ID: bfb318
File 148195803652.png - (763.15KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_005.png )
No. 32371 ID: bfb318
File 148195804704.png - (802.45KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_006.png )
No. 32372 ID: bfb318
File 148195805766.png - (776.04KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_007.png )
No. 32373 ID: bfb318
File 148195806954.png - (783.58KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_008.png )
No. 32374 ID: bfb318
File 148195807933.png - (864.18KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_009.png )
No. 32375 ID: bfb318
File 148195809921.png - (855.64KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_010.png )
No. 32376 ID: bfb318
File 148195811098.png - (772.25KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_011.png )
No. 32377 ID: bfb318
File 148195812313.png - (700.70KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_012.png )
No. 32378 ID: bfb318
File 148195813575.png - (882.35KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_013.png )
No. 32379 ID: bfb318
File 148195815318.png - (718.44KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_014.png )
No. 32380 ID: bfb318
File 148195816519.png - (718.35KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_015.png )
No. 32381 ID: bfb318
File 148195817565.png - (821.90KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_016.png )
No. 32382 ID: bfb318
File 148195818848.png - (780.45KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_017.png )
No. 32383 ID: bfb318
File 148195819940.png - (637.05KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_018.png )
No. 32384 ID: bfb318
File 148195821098.png - (716.97KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_019.png )
No. 32385 ID: bfb318
File 148195822820.png - (677.92KB , 1250x2500 , Koboldventure_020.png )