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File 145506414787.png - (18.07KB , 800x800 , 1.png )
700567 No. 700567 ID: dd338c

A note about this quest:
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/AsteroidQuest
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Lagotrope

This quest takes place immediately after Asteroid Part 5, and will potentially have NSFW content. See questdis note above for more.

Well, my second favorite mug is shattered and either on the floor or stuck on or in Rokoa's hand.

There's also a large puddle of coffee on the floor, and she's just letting her hand drip coffee.

"We, um, don't have a janitor."
"Then now's a good time to put up a help wanted sign, isn't it?"
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No. 700568 ID: dd338c
File 145506426619.png - (15.22KB , 800x800 , 2.png )

She's gone this long without murdering me, so it should be safe to assume that without a change in circumstances, if she was going to murder me, she would've done so by now. But I'm still afraid of her even if I know she's not just going to like, rip my head off and eat it or something psychotic while the CAI is watching us.

I think at this point I have a paranoia of Rokoa? Which is really kind of bad considering that I still like her and want to be with

"Whatever you're thinking about, you're overthinking about."
"Uh.... what should I be doing?"
"You want your first task? Alright. Impress me."
No. 700572 ID: 02422f

Are we still getting scared / horrid fascination empathy from Jessica outside the room, or has she fled?

>We, um, don't have a janitor.
That's a weird oversight in a place this size. What keeps it clean? Peer pressure? Agnes threats?

>light consequences, can be opted out of
That's gonna be a tall order if we get Kappi murdered

>Alright. Impress me.
On Jetalium Emperor difficulty? Oh my.

Well, you're not gonna be able to take her in a fight, which would be the short route to impressing her. That leaves either something you can arrange (setting up some kind of challenge, gesture, etc)., or some substantial way you can improve / change yourself in her eyes.

...maybe you need to find a way to eat her ear. Getting your own back when she's so far out of your league would be impressive. Maybe we need some kind of bet. She likes those!
No. 700574 ID: 211d83

Stand up, sweep her off her feet and give her a big kiss. (would be a good show of your newly acquired muscles)

Then ask her out on a date for valentines day.
No. 700575 ID: 7153cd

In spite of everything you put me through, I still want to be with you.
No. 700577 ID: 4546ab

Impress her with the skills you do have.

Quickly spin around and using your amazing computer skills book a romantic date for the two of you at the best place on the asteroid. Then simultaneously put out a hit on a guy while ordering yourself a new mug. The amazing display of multitasking will have her swooning in no time. (you are a computer guy right?)

And then flex so hard your shirt rips in half.
No. 700578 ID: 5ad4a7

Drop and give her two hundred.
No. 700581 ID: feac46

You can start by not being so afraid of her. She likes you. She is giving you every chance to succeed you just have to be willing to work for it.

So man up and prove that you can at least talk to her. Ask her on a date or something. Maybe doing stuff she likes? Like the gun range or teaching you knife fighting or whatever.
No. 700582 ID: 25273c

Drop your pants.

No, wait, you've probably impressed her on that front already, she knows what you have.

Punch her in the gut. Give her everything you got, reverse punch, twist the hips, get the leg into it, maximum effort.
No. 700585 ID: 25273c

Ooh, other idea:

Ask her if there's anything on the asteroid that she wants, that she hasn't been able to get. Something that she, with all her strength and skill and her hive and all that, couldn't get her hands on.

You'll get it for her.
No. 700586 ID: bb78f2

Well, even though I've been working out to be stronger, fighting still isn't one of my strengths, and considering Polo impressed you with her strengths, seperate from yours, that means I should...
Hack into your your bioarmor settings.
No. 700595 ID: dd338c
File 145507117894.png - (19.42KB , 800x800 , 3.png )

>Are we still getting scared / horrid fascination empathy from Jessica outside the room, or has she fled?
She just kept her rolling chair rolling until she was out of empathy range.

>That's a weird oversight in a place this size. What keeps it clean? Peer pressure? Agnes threats?
We all have our own workstations, and we're supposed to keep it clean.

So, um... I guess I have to clean it up.

>You might be able to impress her by mopping up the spill without trying to drink any of it like a disgusting dog
I don't want to do that! That's disgusting, and I mean, I've already had some coffee today.

Well, the first think I think I could impress her is to, uh, as really messed up as it sounds, beat her up in a fair fight. And, er, I can't do that, so that's really the first think I think I couldn't impress her with.

But I have gotten stronger!

>Flex so hard your shirt rips in half.
Not that much stronger.

>Drop and give her two hundred.
I can do... 50. Which I think is pretty good but not, uh, that impressive, not to her.

>Punch her in the gut.
I really don't think that will end up going well for me, even if I'd impress myself with my nerves! And stupidity!

Uh, but I think I can combine some kind of attack with a display of strength.

"Okay, then, even if you think Pilon's training is easy mode, I've still gotten way stronger!"

I duck down low to sweep her off her feet and pick her up to give her a kiss.

... she suddenly seems a lot bigger when I try and put my arm under her, but I think I can still do it!
No. 700596 ID: dd338c
File 145507121038.png - (17.66KB , 800x800 , 4.png )

Instead of letting me pick her up normally, she immediately kicks her feet out and falls backwards before I'm ready.

I'm sure I could lift her off the ground, but not break her fall when she just drops herself and puts all that momentum behind her weight!

She hits the ground and I topple forward.
No. 700600 ID: dd338c
File 145507132795.png - (16.51KB , 800x800 , 5.png )

"That wasn't fa-" I stop that sentence and get up before she puts me in a sleeper move or something and go to my computer.


"Okay, I just booked a romantic place at the best place on the asteroid and put a hit out on a guy in like 15 seconds! Good multitasking, right?"
"Kappi, if you can afford the king treatment at sector two, you can do better than putting 10 zeny on a guy with a huge bounty already."
"Erm... there's a really long wait list at this place, too, so... uh, that was kind of silly, I'll cancel that."
"And the bounty?"
"I can't cancel the bounty, but not a big loss, right?"
"Yeah, cept now someone's got a bounty of 105,010 zeny. I'm surprised they even let that chump change happen."
"Oh my god, this place costs tens of thousands just for a single meal?! Our turret costed like 10 grand!"
"You can find a shitty turret at any garage sale, you goof, it's different than imports from across the known galaxy."
"Ohhh... I might've panicked."
"Did I say there was a time limit? There's really not, other than the fact that if you take years to come up with something, it really won't be that impressive. I didn't mean you had to come up with something right now. Oh, there might be a time limit, cause Sakara's here to discuss whether or not I'm gonna be killing you rogues, so keep that in mind."
"Okay, um... you know, my ear kinda stings, what if I got you back for that and ate yours?"
"You wanna fight me for my ear?"
"Well not... I mean, I could yank it off if I take advantage of you letting your guard down?"
"That's not the worst idea. But it only counts if I'm awake."
"Because if it counts while I'm sleeping, I'm not sleeping with you."
"Oh right okay only while you're awake then. Uh, oh, another idea... is there anything on the asteroid that you want, that you haven't been able to get even with you beind you and you having a hive and all that?"
"Mm? Now you're thinking ambitiously. And you know... there is something like that, actually."
"What is it?"
"Not telling. If you want to get it for me, you've gotta find out what it is, because it's not just some trinket or hidden secret treasure. And if you do get it for me, then I'll be really impressed. Hell, doubly impressed, cause I'd be impressed if you found out what it was in the first place!"

>Hack into your your bioarmor settings.
That option is slowly increasing in viability even if I don't know the first thing about hacking into bioarmor.
No. 700610 ID: ee104b

Well, at least there is no time limit to that, but just the same I think we need to work faster. What would be impressive to Rokoa.. I can think of a few things but how viable they are is questionable...
Like...find a way off the asteroid, for two!
Has anyone ever escaped it before?
Or, how about trying to arrange some kind of meeting/communication with Polo, she might like that! Both of those sound daunting though.
No. 700611 ID: e1f641

>not telling

Gosh dangit. Can she give you a clue? Like... is it something that already exists, or would have to be caused to exist? Maybe you can play 20-questions, you ask and she gives yes or no answers. But like, just five or something, because she'll probably refuse the full 20. If you can get that concession out of her, that's good, but if not, would her friends be able to give you an idea what it is? I mean not her hive, they wouldn't help you, but maybe her non-neumono friends? She must have some. And she knows who your friends are, so... it'd be fair for you to know at least some of hers?

Even if she refuses, though, maybe you can find out who her friends are yourself. You're a haxxmaster, there are info services on the asteroid, and Rokoa is hardly miss stealthy. You can find out who her alien buddies are.

Then, as well as being able to ask them for clues on what Rokoa wants, you can also give Rokoa info about about how easy it is to find her friends. You could give her tips about hiding them better.

Also make a note to ask Pilon about it. His knowledge of Rokoa's desires might be out of date, though.
No. 700613 ID: 211d83

Can you at least give me a hint at what it might be? Also aim for hugs while asking so you can try to read her empathy.

As for the ear thing you just have to wait until you find her mystery item and then when she is shocked from you finding it you reach up from beside her and yank her ear off. (Totally romantic)

For the bio armor hacking go chat with Ben and the Cai and see if they can figure something out. Showing her you could disable someones suit like that would be rather impressive. Plus gives you a excuse to get her out of it.

The big one will be finding whatever she is looking for quickly. Can talk to Pilon and kids for ideas and see if you can get any hits of her empathy.

Ask her if she wants do do anything before you run off to launch operation Impress Rokoa.
No. 700616 ID: 5ad4a7

First thought is that stealth bioarmor that was claimed from Red but isn't being handed over. Or was that part of the negotiation today?

Hmmmmm... you could look into Rokoa's past. Maybe she's trying to find something she lost. Or a gun that's way outside of her pay grade. Or maybe it's simply what most everyone else wants: a way off the Asteroid.
No. 700617 ID: 02422f

Should have gone for the kiss anyways.

>If you want to get it for me, you've gotta find out what it is, because it's not just some trinket or hidden secret treasure. And if you do get it for me, then I'll be really impressed. Hell, doubly impressed, cause I'd be impressed if you found out what it was in the first place!
Um. If she won't tell you, that means step 1 is research. Either you need to question / talk to her in such a way that she lets something slip (verbally or emphatically), or you need to see what you can scrounge up digitally (look for intel on Rokoa, or a pattern in past places / targets / people she's gone after that don't make sense of fit her / her hive's normal policy?) and/or talk to people who know her well (Pilon maybe and... you don't have access to anyone else. The diplomat, maybe, but getting him to talk to you, much less tell you anything could be hard, and might mess up the negotiations).

>I could yank it off [Rokoa's ear] I take advantage of you letting your guard down?
Gonna need a surprise attack for that. Doubly hard without a jammer, and since she'll be on guard for it. We'd need her good and distracted. We totally should if we can. (You might want to grab a knife or something, just in case).

We could cash in favors with people (is Hok still on base?) to create a distraction, although it's less impressive getting people to do things for you. More impressive if you manipulate the situation with people (Kappi's the quartermaster, he's somewhat in a position to do that if he wants) instead of asking them, though that will annoy people at you.

...we should probably recruit Agnes' help, if possible. She's on cameras and controls, and much sneakier / more discrete than the CAI.
No. 700622 ID: f5e25e

We'd better be careful about the ear eventuality. Since she suggested it herself, it's possible she might try and bait us into going for it when she's actually fully prepared.
No. 700624 ID: dd338c
File 145507442331.png - (11.40KB , 800x800 , 6.png )

>Has anyone ever escaped from the asteroid?
Not that anyone knows. There's been some legends that some people who disappeared found a way off, but most likely they just went missing. It's not like the whole asteroid is constantly under watch though, so if there was a way out, it could be possible to evade detection.

I'm sure if I even found a lead on how to find a breakthrough on the research on how to get out though, a lot of people would be impressed.

>You can find out who her alien buddies are.
Maybe? I haven't wondered much about that, but it wouldn't surprise me if she really didn't. She has a hive, after all, and she doesn't really need alien friends. She probably at least has alien, uh, acquaintances. But maybe they are friends too? But either way, I really don't think it's a popular thing to advertise you're in good with Rokoa. Word about me is getting out I think, so I have to start watching myself and probably just never leave the trade hub.

I might be able to ask Hok or Tin about that sort of thing. Tin is a good information gatherer, and Hok is, well, he knows a lot about his enemies and all. He's not around right now, but I think he was returning anytime between now and the next few days, if I heard right?

Ben would be good to ask for... well, he would be the only person to ask about hacking a bioarmor. I mean, he's explicitly said he doesn't work with bioarmors before, buuuut he's also a huge liar and he might have just been busy with other stuff. Actually, the CAI might know about that, too, in fact, the CAI might be a good one to ask about anything, since even if they don't know the answer to is, they can do a lot of research fast.

Pilon would be good to ask about this secret thing that Rokoa wants. Other than... Rokoa herself.

And Agnes might be good for.... something.

>First thought is that stealth bioarmor that was claimed from Red but isn't being handed over.
I think she temporarily relented about getting a cut, but she might bring that topic back and I better change the mind topic before she realizes what I'm thinking about. But, more importantly, when she said there was something, she made it sound a lot more meaningful than just some loot that she regretted not picking up.

"Can we play a game of 20 questions about that secret thing? Except like, five questions, to make it more fair?" I add that last part since the first response was a mind blowing no."
"I'll give you three yes or no questions."
No. 700625 ID: 5ad4a7

One: Is it military equipment? Both hardware and software included.
if no,
Two: Is it a state of being?
if no,
Three: Is it a person?

If we get a yes answer to either of the first two questions then:
If military equipment:
Two: Is it software?
if no,
Three: Is it some kind of vehicle?

If it's a state of being:
Three: Is it escape from the asteroid?

If it's software:
Three: Is it a CAI?
No. 700627 ID: 211d83

Is it a object?

Is it a person?

Is it information?
No. 700628 ID: e1f641

Pay close attention to her empathy when you ask these questions:

1. Is it something that currently exists, right now, on or in the asteroid, in a form you could interact with if you were in the right place?

If the answer to that is yes, then

2a. Is it a living thing?

If no then

2b. Would you need a specific person or type of person to get it from?

If the answer to 2a is yes

3a. Will it, or whoever currently has power over it, object or be hostile to an attempt to "get it" for you?

If 2a's answer is no

3b. Is it something you want for your own personal reasons, moreso than being something that most people would think of as valuable?

If 2b's answer is yes or no then

3c/d. Is it something that any friends or acquaintances of yours outside your hive would know that you want?
No. 700629 ID: dd338c

Since these suggestions are more or less mutually exclusive to one another, this will be settled by voting for the set of questions:

(The numbers are in regards to the post number.)
No. 700630 ID: 88e46e

Ask if it's a duel with Polo afterward, maybe. Although that's a bit obvious and probably not realistically possible.
No. 700632 ID: dd338c
File 145507942294.png - (13.31KB , 800x800 , 7.png )

"Is it something that currently exists, right now, on or in the asteroid, in a form you could interact with if you were in the right place?"
"... no."

That question almost confused her, but I think it's just because she wasn't expecting such a, well, somewhat technical question. She still had to think about it, but she came to a thought that made her think it was a solid no.

"Would you need a specific person or type of person to get it from?"

That makes her think awhile, like she's not even sure.

"Nah, guess not. I might be able to find it myself. If someone did help me get it, then yeah, they'd have to be be a pretty specific kind of person."

It's hard to tell. She's definitely thinking of something conceptual, and maybe it's something that she can't really, uh, understand by herself, at least not easily. There was almost a thought that she had, but she intentionally blocked it out before I could grab it.

"Okay, thennn.... is it something that any friends or acquaintances of yours outside your hive would know that you want?"
"Nope. Well, if they did, then they've been doing their extra credit."

I think it's not even a well known idea inside of her own hive? Or maybe it is, I can't quite tell. But I do I think it's something that would involve some kind of personal soul searching. It's more something in depth to herself as a person, judging by how she thinks that this got way more philosophical and complicated than she intended.

"... are you impressed by something?"
"Pleasantly surprised you thought out those questions at all. There's a difference."
No. 700633 ID: 5ad4a7

Sounds like it's something like "peace". Her empathy being stuck like it is, she might get tired of it sometimes. Like being on a coffee high 24/7. It's not unpleasant, but if you stay like that long enough, you lose track of the baseline.

Even if that's not what she wants, maybe you can ask her what it's like to be at an elevated emotional state for so long?
No. 700635 ID: e1f641

Ok, so:
- something she could somehow get while on the asteroid
- something Kappi could theoretically get for her or help her get, but it would be impressive if he did
- something that doesn't currently exist on the asteroid in a form that can be interacted with
- something that she could find herself
-- implication: something that you can find
- someone else could find it for her or help her find it, but would have to be a specific type of person
-- this is somehow distinct from how Kappi could theoretically get it for her?
- something people wouldn't already know or easily realize Rokoa would want
-- possibly, not even her own hive
-- implication: Rokoa does not talk about this thing she wants, or even regularly think about it, or often behave like she wants it
-- Rokoa possibly has a hard time thinking about this thing
--- but it's still something that occurred to her right away when asked if there was something she wants
---- perhaps it's something she wants but doesn't fully know why, or doesn't think it's appropriate to want?
--- and still something someone could figure out she wants if they looked really closely at her or her history

The only thing that occurs to me right away is that she wants the answer to some sort of question she has.

Maybe ask: "It was implied, but just to be sure, this is something I could theoretically get for you, if I know what it was?"
No. 700636 ID: 02422f

>Pleasantly surprised you thought out those questions at all. There's a difference.
Hey, this stuff is important! (To you). Of course I'm gonna think it out. (Of course that means I care).

(Empathy given in parenthesis).

Besides, I'm getting better, but I don't think I'm going to impress you by taking you in a fight anytime soon. That means I have to be smart about it.
No. 700637 ID: e1f641

Tell her that, well, you really want to know more about her, so if you only get three questions of course you're going to want to get as much as you can. Especially if it means maybe being able to get something that could make her happier.

If you try guessing what it is, that probably counts as cheating, since it would technically be more yes or no questions and you could get more clues by listening to her empathy. So, for now, you'd better think of something more to do.

She came in here talking about how she heard you were trying to get stronger, right? Why not ask her to join you in the gym and give you advice while you try to show off your bod?
No. 700638 ID: 211d83

I think she is looking for something that she is missing emotionally.

We know she has grown distant from her hive but would never admit it out loud. But she must be feeling the stress. Maybe what she wants is the feeling of having a family again? One that is not estranged and distant? Or maybe she is after a purpose other than just wandering around the asteroid killing stuff?

By telling you she is hoping that you might help her find the answers she is after. Maybe she wants someone she can be with and care for. And she is hoping that you can become that person.

But while she might like you she cant see herself with anyone she does not respect. So she is waiting for you to prove yourself capable of standing along side her.
No. 700639 ID: 88e46e

"So, something emotional? Peace?" If yes, "Yeah, I can see how that would be impressive."
No. 700644 ID: e1f641

I'm actually wondering, now, if it's related to her hive. We know she didn't fit right with them to begin with, and we know there are at least some members of her hive that don't have what she seems to admire most - toughness, or courage. We've seen or heard of at least two crying in stressful situations, which I wouldn't have imagined from the warhive in Polo Quest (from Kappi's perspective, the hive he would have heard her describe in her account of Polo Quest's events). Maybe she sees her hive as declining, and what she wants to find is a way to stop that? That would be something she'd be uncomfortable wanting, since it's slightly edging towards rogue thoughts, but at the same time neumono do have to think about how to keep their hives strong, and it's natural to Rokoa especially to want the people she cares about to be strong.

Perhaps you should say to her: "If no-one knows about it, it sounds like something you keep to yourself. It's not something that you could get mad at me about, is it?"

And... what about you, Kappi? You're originally from the warhive, aren't you? Did you feel like they were changing, or declining or getting weaker or whatever, compared to what they had been before? I know this is a painful subject, but what was your experience of the warhive, before you went rogue? What was it about them that you ended up going rogue over?

I mean, you might not think of yourself as strong, either, but you are a guy who seems to really admire strength and toughness and courage and so on. I was thinking, maybe if Rokoa's hive had been losing some of that, that would have been a problem for you?
No. 700664 ID: 73c49c

Knowing Roaka it might be that she wants a fair fight with some one who can beat her. no tec no weapons, just good old tribal style fight. That or a rematch with Polo, but getting that will have to wait until we get off asteroid.
No. 700665 ID: 88e46e

The questions we asked make that incredibly unlikely. It's something conceptual, going from her empathy, and she said her hive doesn't know. Probably peace, fixing her hive, or leaving her hive. Her hive knows full well she wants the hive to change, but based on her personality I'm guessing they wouldn't suspect Rokoa wants a reason to leave. I'm guessing it's either that or peace.
No. 700698 ID: 308f99

Well that narrows down things a lot. Its not a object but some sort of personal emotional thing. Hopefully by hanging out with her more you will get some more clues. I am guessing it has something to do with her figuring out a way of dealing with her hive issues. But you should never bring that up. You don't really care if she is with her hive or goes rogue. You just want to be with her.

And that means spending more quality time with Rokoa. You need to find out what her interests are and what she likes to do in her off time.

We know she is a soldier but you want to find out her fluffy personal side. Did you ever interact with her much before you went rogue? Does she have a secret passion or a hobby? If you took her on a date would she prefer a museum or a firing range?
No. 700743 ID: e1f641

Say, you're supposed to be working right now, aren't you? I hope you were foresighted enough to talk to Tin about having "Rokoa Days", given how unpredictable it is that she turn up. Maybe she would let you call in sick, since she probably thinks you are sick somewhere in the brainmeats to want to get with Rokoa. Well, in either case, the CAI's got your back, buddy!

CAI: Engage Covering-Kappi's-Ass protocols, level 2! (Also begin sifting Rokoa surveillance resources for clues to her friends. She said they wouldn't know, but also implied they could if they tried hard! At the very least, they could help rule out what this mysterious thing isn't. Get stalking!)
No. 700921 ID: dd338c
File 145516391835.png - (18.19KB , 800x800 , 8.png )

"Is it p- "
"Stop. You spent your three."
"Oh..." I guess I have ideas now, at least, but she really just shut down any advancement on it for now. "Well, it was important to me, so of course I'd ask! And think about it. I can't fight that well or have super soldier capabilities, so, uh, I gotta use my head."
"Yeah, and even if you were a genius, there's no reason not to pick up your body."
"I still want to know about you! So I want to take you on a date, even if it's not a sector two thing."
"I'm listening."
"Uh... do you prefer a shooting range, or a museum?"
"Kappi. It's a date, not an errand, so don't treat it like some place that has to cater to me."

>You're originally from the warhive, aren't you? Did you feel like they were changing, or declining or getting weaker or whatever, compared to what they had been before?
Kind of? It's not like I thought they were declining, just changing. Which happens, hives change like people over time, and I didn't feel like I was changing as a person in the same direction they did.

It feels really distant. Not just the hive itself, but my memories of the hive. It's almost like some kind of past life, and the memories I have of the hive hardly even feel like they were my own memories.

It's not like remembering my time in my hive was even that painful, it's just... dim, and completly empty. I only recall it when something really forces me to, so there's a lot I don't even remember. I kind of remember Rokoa, but she wasn't around a lot of the time. I probably would have liked her if I didn't go rogue. I think.

>We know she is a soldier but you want to find out her fluffy personal side.
That's really tough! Even when we're in bed, it feels like she's, uh, armored, so to speak.

"Okay I've got to ask! What's it like being in your mood all the time?"
"Like being me."
"I'm serious, there's no one else that can hold this kind of empathy for long periods of time like they're permanently on an adrenaline high and hopped on coffee. You told me you once had an accident with your mother. How do you feel so intense and act this calm?"
"First off, that was no accident; mom impaled me on purpose. I don't remember that well. My memory around then got fucked up, and it took decades for me to remember it at all. Whatever, that wasn't the question. Point is, I either would keep my emotion in check, or die. Because if I let it run my body, I would run and fight everything in sight until I died, either from my opponents or from exhaustion."

"That's enough backstory. You gonna run off and investigate my mysterious secret you're so hung up on now, or hang out? 'Cause I know you don't feel like working anymore."

It's basically true, I've been training Jessica to take over for my job. My job is mostly just to keep an organic touch on what the CAI can do anyway; so I don't even do much necessary stuff now.

>CAI: Engage Covering-Kappi's-Ass protocols, level 2!
I'm pretty sure they're already investigating Rokoa whether or not I ask to, yeah.

"Okay, uh, we have a gym that you can use, like you know. And a firing range. Um... diners, even a little museum here if you-"
"Show some damn initiative already and tell me what you want to do, instead of trying to get me to pull you by your remaining ear someplace."

ahhhhh she's gonna judge me so hard on my choice
No. 700923 ID: 5ad4a7

GYM. She wants you strong, going there shows you are dedicated to your training.

But also museum because you're gonna need SOME downtime and every relationship requires compromise. Maybe she'll even like it! Or some of it.
No. 700924 ID: 4854ef

She will, but she's going to judge you worse if you don't have the balls to stand up to her and take her somewhere good without asking her all the time. She's poking you to act like you have some backbone!
No. 700925 ID: 211d83

Well take some initiative then. You were about to sweep her off her feet and carry her off for sexy makeouts a moment ago. So get back to doing that. Drag her off to your room for some sweet Kappi loving.

Then later you can come up with some awesome valentines date plans. Can put together all your earlier ideas to try and impress her.
No. 700926 ID: 62a880

Yes be the one to drag her off to the bedroom for once. Show her what you got.

If you can wear her out (ha ha) then you can sneak off and plot with Hok and the Cai to plan the perfect impress Rokoa plan.
No. 700928 ID: 9b5975

There's only one thing to do.

Watch Super-Team Space Hive 'Omega-Waveforce' - Legendary Allies of Unlimited Justice, of course! Didn't you tell Hok you wanted to watch it with Rokoa when he gave it to you? I bet Rokoa will love it. It's like 12 movies, so she won't be able to watch all of them with you on this visit, but that's good! It'll make her want to come back again even more!

Well, that's probably not the only thing you want to do. You want a little variety. And you will want to eat at some point...

Ok, here's what you do: say you're for sure going to keep thinking about that thing she wants, but you want to try do something to impress her now anyway, even just a little. You'll go to the gym together, you can try show off, she can give you tips, and you want to get stronger so you can keep up with her better! Maybe you will even manage to impress her, at least with your progress. You'll work out until you collapse, which you know with her telling you what to do probably won't take long. Then you'll both order some food to go back to your place, and watch an awesome action show together.
No. 700929 ID: b2db3f

I second leaning in and giving her a big old kiss. She just got here and its been awhile so why not pick up where you left off last time? I would say less biting this time around but she already ate your ear.

If you take her out to do something make sure its not just something that you think she would like. Take her out to something you want to do with her.

Want to go play some arcade games with her? Watch that show that Hok got you with her? Just wander around the station showing off all the stuff that has changed recently?

Don't try to guess what she wants just get out there and do stuff with her. Or to her.
No. 700930 ID: 02422f

>You gonna run off and investigate my mysterious secret you're so hung up on now, or hang out?
I can work on untangling your mysterious secret anytime, I can only work on untangling the mysteries of your heart while you're here. I'd be stupid to pick your secret over you.

>ahhhhh she's gonna judge me so hard on my choice
>museum or shooting range
Guns seem like the obvious choice for a murder-mono, but that's actually wrong. Rokoa actually remembers the pre-contact past more fondly than she does than modern ballistics. The museum has the potential for more emotional resonance.

(Plus if things do turn lewd, getting it on in a resume exhibit is a lot more fun a visual than in a sterile concrete shooting range).

Be bold, Kappi! Judging you means she's trying to figure you out. The worst thing she could do is not judge you- dismiss or not care.
No. 700931 ID: 9b5975

>Want to go play some arcade games with her?

Oh geeze they do have a game where she could literally play as herself. Gotta find out what she thinks of that.
No. 700932 ID: 88e46e

Yeah, the arcade games and movie sound good. Do something for yourself and have a good time for a change. Even if you want to suck up to Rokoa I doubt she wants you to obsess about her, love or not, and the movie's probably the sort of ridiculous stuff she enjoys anyway.
No. 700933 ID: 90f3c0

She wants you to be assertive and take her to do thing that you would actually enjoy. The arcade and nerd movies both sound like good choices, but also make a trip to the gym to show her that you've incorporated fitness into your lifestyle.
No. 700935 ID: dd338c
File 145516800611.png - (13.62KB , 800x800 , 9.png )

"Okay, first off, I panicked earlier and I missed my chance for that kiss, so please give me one!"

We don't kiss like aliens, but we do rub noses and cheeks. It's like kissing without making it look like we've been raking tongues across each other's faces. It's nice.
No. 700936 ID: dd338c
File 145516811204.png - (18.04KB , 800x800 , 10.png )

"Okay. The arcaaaa the gym." I say, before things go too far too early.
"I mean it, I want to take the training seriously! Besides, if you train me, I probably won't last all day, so we can do so - we will do some fun downtime things after that!" Oh geez I just meant to say things more definitively but I sounded like I was giving her an order but I think she's understanding what I meant.

I mean it's not a secret I'm gonna want do do stuff to her with her at some point, but it's really early in the day. If I do the gym, though, I'm probably going to get destroyed, so I want to be able to leave time today to relax.

I ask the CAI to bring Jess back in and do what she can. The CAI tells me that they'll leave us alone, but I have a feeling that we'll be watched. Not like that's special, since there's security everywhere anyway. We go to the Green Force headquarters where the gym is. Technically it's under their property, but really it's actually a pretty nice gym for a rather small force. It's got basically any normal equipment one would find at a gym, so it's more like the trade hub's gym; any employee can use it and Tin keeps it maintained, but the mercenary force has priority if they need to use it. At this time of day, though, it's completely empty.

"Show me if Pilon's still got a trainer in him, and show me what you've got. You start off like you're exercising by yourself, and I'll take over when you start doing it wrong."

There's a jammer in here, so I can't tell what she's thinking so well.
No. 700938 ID: 211d83

Honestly try to pretend she is not there. Just do what you would normally do and add a few extra reps to your exercises. No need to try and show off. Just work as hard as you can without pushing it to the point where you start to make mistakes.

If she can help you improve your workout that's great. Plus its another thing you can do together. Nothing like a workout partner to get your motivated.

Specially a big sexy workout partner in a skin tight suit.
No. 700939 ID: 62a880

Show her the best workout you have in you.

That being said dont do pushups until you throwup. Let her see the limits of what you can do without breaking yourself trying to impress her.
No. 700940 ID: 5ad4a7

Hrm, she said exercise like you were alone, so I guess that means not doing Pilon's training.

Stretch a little, then get some weights you can handle comfortably and start doing simple exercises for a warmup. Then put more weight on.
(I actually have no idea how to weight train so I'm guessing here)
No. 700942 ID: 9b5975

... I wonder why Green Force keeps a jammer in their gym.

Anyway, you want to show off your muscles and endurance, but Rokoa's also a pro and you don't want to seem like an idiot, either! So get yourself some water, then start off by getting yourself warmed up properly. In fact, you can take advantage of the jammer - once you've built up a convincing sweat, take your shirt off, "to keep cool". Try show her your endurance first with some cardio, there's probably less of a gap between you in that regard and it means you'll get a head start on recovering it for later when you switch to the weights.

Once you've shown her how long you can last, then you can go for showing off how much force you can put out.
No. 700943 ID: 02422f

Pilon's been keeping in shape longer than Rokoa's been alive, and her knew who you'd be trying to impress. Hopefully what he's taught you will hold up. Have faith in him, and in yourelf.

Do what he trained you do to, but push more.
No. 700944 ID: 87547f

Train Rokoa style. Break both your hands with a hammer and then punch a log until it snaps in half.

Then run 10 miles and wrestle a alligator to the death. And then you are warmed up and ready for the real workout.

Or you could start with some stretching and then work on some core exercises and then some weight training. Just remember if you push it to hard she will know if you have been slacking before this and make you keep up your new pace. So you better have not been slacking.
No. 700947 ID: dd338c
File 145517211357.png - (20.37KB , 800x800 , 11.png )

>I wonder why Green Force keeps a jammer in their gym.
I think it was at the request of trade hub neumono employees getting kind of self conscious about doing gym stuff in front of other neumono.

>Break both your hands with a hammer and then punch a log until it snaps in half.
It's like she'd want to do that, but if I did it she'd call me psychotic.

I'll have some faith in Pilon and not try to do my own kind of workout. I know that Pilon often had me start at a low weight and steadily increase the weight, so that's what I'll do here. I put weight on a barbell on an elevated rack and pull it off to do some squats, putting it back on after several reps to add on more weight, a little at a time.

It's basically impossible to act like Rokoa isn't around while she stares at me like this, but I try.

Sometimes I ended at 120, but today I ended at 140 pounds before my legs start shaking a little bit at the end of the set, so I put the barbell back on the rack and start leaving before my form starts suffering. Pilon really made sure my form was basically perfect, as he told me that Rokoa was a huge stickler for that.

That, and I do plan on doing cardio at some point.
No. 700948 ID: dd338c
File 145517233212.png - (19.21KB , 800x800 , 12.png )

"What? What did I do wrong?"
"You were doing perfectly. And then you quit at the first signs of shaking."
"I'm, uh, just going to another exercise - "
"After that few squats, I assume you mean you're going to do every damn exercise anyone's ever come up with. And if you want to get drunk, you don't go to a taste testing place. One hundred and sixty pounds. Ten more squats."

Well I thought Rokoa might not want me to break myself on the first exercise but I am pretty sure there is a 0 percent chance that this will end well or look good.
No. 700949 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 700951 ID: 88e46e

Well, do your best even when it's hard. No backing down, remember? This is what you got told, get going when it gets toughest.
No. 700952 ID: 9b5975

I think Rokoa will appreciate your effort more than she would you looking good. Go for 15 more squats.

I hear guys can manage to push a bit further if they have, like, a pretty girl sit on their chest while they lift, or the like. Something to do with the surge of testosterone, or maybe just that that basic urge to show off to a potential mate unlocks some of the instinctive limits. So, maybe try imagine Rokoa naked while you lift. She's right there, wearing a biosuit, so you shouldn't have much trouble picturing that. Forget pretending she isn't here now, dredge up all the passion and desire and love you have for her, set it aflame and use it to push yourself to the limit! Past the limit!!
No. 700953 ID: bb78f2

Rokoa, I'm doing this my way. Which means I do it the sciencey way, in addition to Pilon's help, I did research on body building techniques and pacing.

You idiot, don't bow down to her, that's exactly what she doesn't want. She WANTS you to stop.
No. 700954 ID: 73c49c

Don't quit just because it starts getting hard, you wont get Roaka that way. She wants to see you push your self past your comfort zone. So ether push your self up and past your limit or work up the courage to say "no, im going to train the smart way using science to get stronger.".
No. 700956 ID: 5ad4a7

...well, you should at least tell Rokoa you're worried about the workout making you unable to walk for an extended period, which would kindof ruin the date.
No. 700968 ID: 211d83

Her giving you pointers is exactly what we wanted. Do some more but don't just go rushing over there this instant. Get her advice first.

Ask her how far you should push it normally. Tell her that you were stopping because you did not want your form to slip up but are willing to try it her way. Is keeping proper form more important or do you want to make sure and push yourself out of your comfort zone in each set?
No. 700971 ID: 308f99

If her way of exercising gets better results then I would work on adding it to your routine. If not stay with your current workout. She is a expert on this sort of stuff but so is Pilon.

But you have to at least try her methods for a few workouts to check. Ask her to spot you and explain what you have been doing so far while racking some new weights. How you have been keeping your focus on perfect form and such.

Find out what she thinks of it and what she suggests you change.
No. 700973 ID: 3d2d5f

Well, you only improve by pushing yourself. But not so much that you break.

Push back, a little. Do more weight and reps- but not as many as she wants (half, maybe?). You're gonna have to impress her by standing up to her.

If she calls you on it: I know I'm not the best I could be, yet. If you want me to prove I care enough to do something stupid for you, I can, but I didn't think falling appart would impress anyone.

Thought: there's a jammer here. If she looms close enough supervising, we may have an opportunity to go her ear (maybe using one of the weight machines?).
No. 701066 ID: dd338c
File 145523593864.png - (22.73KB , 800x800 , 13.png )

"Can you give me pointers? Like what about my form? I'm worried it'll suffer!"
"It'll suffer if you give up as soon as it gets tough."
"Uh well it's a little physically implausible to keep it up with perfect form even if I can lift - "
"You idiot, that's why you're training to be better physically! If you can stand, you can keep them still."
"Pilon told me it's not necessary to train to failure, though, as long as - "
"As long as your faking a body or training babies like Pilon does! This isn't about kissing your biceps and it's only half about lifting a shitton of iron, it's also about telling your body to quit fuckin' whining. So quit whining."


I start thinking I'll try and fight back a little and insist on leaving room for me to be able to run some after, but I lose my nerve. I mean getting exercise was on my bucket list, so I shouldn't backtalk to the person motivating me. That's... kind of rationalizing it, but now that's how I feel!

>Forget pretending she isn't here now; maybe try imagine Rokoa naked while you lift.
I may as well if I'm basically doing all of this for her!

It's actually kind of embarrassing gawking like this while she's right there and staring back, and it's even more embarrassing that it's working. The thought of dropping the squats while she's looking back at me is... I do all ten and even do a couple more.
No. 701076 ID: 211d83

Nothing like having the person you are struggling for standing right there urging you on.

Well she proved that you can do it when you want to. Safety in training is good for humans and such but your a neumono. You can heal from any minor training injuries in a day or less.

So keep pushing it until you hit your limit. Will give you a bar to aim for later.
No. 701078 ID: 5ad4a7

Next exercise!
No. 701080 ID: ce9fab

Maybe you should do that when you are wrestl- NO BAD IDEA FORGET I said anything!
No. 701085 ID: 02422f

>It's actually kind of embarrassing gawking like this while she's right there and staring back
Having all these lewd thoughts when you cab't even use empathy to share them!

...I can't decide if that makes this a missed opportunity or if it's kind of kinky you have to tell each other what you're thinking with stares right now.
No. 701087 ID: 9b5975

Right, I think she isn't looking to actually get you to do perfect exercise right now, she wants to see how well you can push past the pain, how well you can demonstrate that you're the one that calls the shots over your body rather than it telling you what to do. Aside from that ability being something she values anyway, she probably also feels she needs to know how much you can master yourself before she can tell you the right workout for you.

So the best thing to do is to keep going, until your muscles literally aren't capable of listening to your brain any more. Keep it up! Just one more! And then just one more again! The pain in your limbs is nothing compared to the pain you've felt in your heart! Hearts. You know what I mean. If you had enough courage to tell Rokoa you loved her then you can manage this for sure! And keep up those baser urges, they're your ally right now! Advance from imagining nudity to remembering physicality! The blend of soft curves and hard muscle, pressed against you! The warmth of her body! The intensity of her passion, burning through her empathy, focused on you! You can feel all that again, but it's not entirely certain, and the likelihood and quantity all goes up the more you can tell your body to shut up and do what you say!!

CAI: Activate 80s workout montage music.
No. 701092 ID: 90f3c0

Try not to stare at her too much. You don't want to get an embarrassing boner in a public space.
No. 701095 ID: 9b5975

You won't get a boner, Kappi, your blood will be too busy with your muscles! That's why going for a run is one of the cures for an unwanted chubber. Even if you do somehow start stiffening up, it'll only impress her that you can pop one out while under so much stress. So keep it up! In both senses!
No. 701097 ID: 819d07

Yes use those thoughts to power your workout!

Think about bending her over that workbench and having your way with her. Focus on sexy thoughts to fight the burn!
No. 701098 ID: dd338c
File 145523954343.png - (18.19KB , 800x800 , 14.png )

The gym does play music a lot of the time, and some old vintage era kind of motivational music comes up. I wonder if that was the CAI.

>Next exercise
The first thing that comes to my mind that involves basically zero leg use: Pullups!

I'll wear out my arms on this, but it's not long before I have to feel the need for a few more by thinking of, er, baser urges, since I could really use the biological testosterone boost.

>blend of soft curves and hard muscle
>pressed against you
>intensity of passion
>lewd thoughts
No. 701102 ID: dd338c
File 145523972261.png - (16.98KB , 800x800 , 15.png )

"So does that boner give you super strength?"

>You don't want to get an embarrassing boner in a public space.
>You won't get a boner, Kappi, your blood will be too busy with your muscles!
Oh... I managed...

No. 701103 ID: bb78f2

It does.
No. 701105 ID: 211d83

These things happen when you work out.

Its not because I am having lewd thoughts to help focus on my workout or anything like that.

Ha ha.
No. 701106 ID: 5ad4a7

It's my motivation.
No. 701108 ID: 9b5975

Tell her you heard that guys can squeeze out a little more effort by thinking sexy thoughts, so you decided to give it a try. And it totally works. SO YES. IT DOES.

Heck, for neumono, physical power is a primal attraction for both sexes, right? It probably works for girls just as well as for guys. Maybe she should try it!
No. 701109 ID: 02422f

This isn't a public space. The door's closed and there's a jammer on and anyone in the base with any sense is avoiding Rokoa.

>"So does that boner give you super strength?"
No, my inspiration does. The boner's just a sign of appreciation.
No. 701110 ID: 819d07

Oh no its horribly distracting. Mind helping me with it?
No. 701123 ID: dd338c
File 145524445311.png - (16.30KB , 800x800 , 16.png )

"AND INSPIRATION. I mean my inspiration gives me strength and the thing is just a sign of appreciation and - "
"If it's all that, then you shouldn't be hiding it so desperately. Is that why you stopped doing a pullup?"

Ahhh I don't even know why I'm so embarrased when no one else is around but my arms are jelly now!
No. 701124 ID: dd338c
File 145524446550.png - (13.08KB , 800x800 , 17.png )

Well, they were, but after taking a few deep breaths, I'm able to pull myself back up and get my mind back together.

"So I mean looking at you kind of is giving me energy so I can do stuff and hey I mean it works both ways maybe so maybe you should try it?!"
"Are you asking me to imagine doing things to you?"
"Er I NO I mean it's totally distracting so you can totally help with it if - "
"You can't dick your way out of the training session. But you know what? I should be exercising too. Since the hub's pretty secure right now, I'm going to swap out of the bioarmor. Keep lifting, and I'll be back."
No. 701126 ID: dd338c
File 145524457072.png - (15.08KB , 800x800 , 18.png )

I basically try to murder myself on the weights for around 30 minutes, before Rokoa comes back and leads me to the treadmill. She makes some physical contact, and even if she doesn't ask anything, she agrees that I worked hard. That approval means enough to me to make me flustered again!

"Treadmill time. Keep it on this speed. I'm going to exercise during the time that you run, and I need a lot of exercise to maintain myself. So you better last."
No. 701127 ID: dd338c
File 145524459594.png - (21.23KB , 800x800 , 19.png )

I start running, and my legs already feel they're on fire before a single minute passes.

I can probably last a decent while. but it doesn't matter if I'm a neumono! If I stop now I already feel like I'd collapse, and if I run too long, I'm going to be a rubber log for the rest of the day. And that's going to make actual dating difficult. Maybe now I should fight back instead of overdoing everything.

On the other hand, Rokoa is really going at it. She's pushing weights around like she's saving orphans from being crushed by them, and grunting kind of loudly. Like, inappropriately so, and I would've thought that she's explicitly making noise at me, except she's probably got so little self consciousness that she'd still do what she does in a populated gym. It's basically the kind of thing that would bug me coming from anyone except for her, and I don't know how to feel about that.
No. 701128 ID: 211d83

Then tell her you are going rubber log. And if this was all you were doing today you would keep it up. But you want to do more stuff with her.

Honestly I bet you would be surprised at how much you have improved since you started exercising. Make sure you are in fact at your limit before giving up.
No. 701129 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah, time to object. While running. But do so by saying stuff like "I can't hold out much longer" or "I'm at my limit!"
No. 701130 ID: 5ad4a7

On the other hand maybe she'll carry you around all day. It'd be like exercise for her!
No. 701133 ID: 02422f

>It's basically the kind of thing that would bug me coming from anyone except for her, and I don't know how to feel about that.
Pretty sure you'd be bothered by most anyone else ripping your ear off, too.

(Not seeing a chance to go for hers yet, though).

>Maybe now I should fight back instead of overdoing everything.
Probably, yeah.

>Rokoa is really going at it
Maybe you should take a break for a turn watching her work it.
No. 701135 ID: ce9fab

Lol yes go stare at her judgingly like how she did you
No. 701136 ID: 9b5975

So she's going to exercise "during the time that run"? That is, she'll stop when you stop? Well, hmm. It'd be chancy whether she could wear herself out in the time you could manage even if you were fresh, I'd have thought. I don't think she really expects you to last her a full session of her own workout, now that you're already pretty wiped. Perhaps she just wants to work up a sweat to give herself an excuse to join you in the showers? Gotta have hope, Kappi!

Make sure to breathe properly, and take longer strides. If your legs are burning especially, try switch around and run backwards for a little while, it'll use some different muscles. I also notice that your treadmill has a side rail, there, and she never said anything about not using it. She might not notice if you do, if she's focused on what she's doing. Taking some of the weight off your legs will ease things a bit. Use all these methods, try and edge out a bit longer, but stop before you think you'll be 100% wiped out.

Don't worry too much, though. Even if your body ends up like a rubber log, the part of your body that's already like a rubber log seems to have an extra supply of endurance.
No. 701137 ID: 99a64d

Okay, on the one hand cardio kills your gains (maybe, I don't know Neumono biology that well) and you'll be needing that energy later, but on the other hand giving up after one minute of running is FUCKING PATHETIC (although that is going off human standards, which are pretty high when it comes to endurance) and whining about it now would definitely make Rokoa think less of you. So keep going! You're a Neumono, you can probably just eat a steak or something afterwards and be just fine. Think about it, everyone wants you to succeed, Rokoa wants you to succeed, Pilon wants you to succeed, the CAI wants you to succeed, Rocky Balboa wants you to succeed, but most of all you want to succeed!!
No. 701138 ID: 9b5975

... Say, is there enough room on that treadmill for you to run on all fours? That might alleviate the muscles you're currently using a bit.
No. 701143 ID: dd338c
File 145524817195.png - (16.03KB , 800x800 , 20.png )

I try to run at least for a few minutes, but then I start to try to mix it up for just a little longer by going for longer strides and making sure my breathing is even. Then I try running backwards, but that only buys seconds.

>Say, is there enough room on that treadmill for you to run on all fours?
I, uh... actually have a really hard time running on all fours, and I don't think there's room anyway.

Out of desperation, I use the side rails and have my arms keep my weight off my legs while Rokoa isn't looking.

"Ahh?! How'd you notice?!"
"Your steps got lighter and uneven, of course I looked! You call that exercise?!"
"I'm at my limit, Rokoa, and you just said I had to keep at this speed!"
"Haha, you motherfucker, if you were at your limit you'd have already dropped! You'd better be careful what you try and cheat me at. If you're gonna do that, you may as well stop!"
"There's more I want to do tonight anyway than recover from sore legs!"
".... ugh, fine. You didn't do half bad though, I suppose. I'm going to finish some pull ups, at least, so just hang out there, ya whiner."

She starts doing them where I did them, facing away from me. I don't think she can see me, and she seems focused on doing as many pullups as she can, as fast as she can. I wonder if I can sneak up on her between her grunts.
No. 701145 ID: 211d83

Time your steps to the grunts. Step forward once for each grunt. Once you get close watch for her tail.

Also gyms tend to have lots of mirrors. Can she see you in a reflection?

If you get close you can try for a ear or just admire the view. If you do go for a ear grab for it right as she pulls up and her pullup will help tear it off before she can react.
No. 701147 ID: 5ad4a7

I agree with this strategy, and to go for an ear.
Be sure to keep your breathing soft, and maybe also synched up with hers.

Of course, this isn't going to work. She is most likely baiting you, but you have to try.
No. 701149 ID: 9b5975

If you time your steps with her grunts, maybe. I'd assume you're still breathing pretty hard, though, and she might notice if that gets closer to her or if you're suddenly trying to control your breathing. Maybe if you can make your breathing just a bit quieter every time you move toward her, while keeping it the same pace, so she doesn't notice a change in loudness as you get closer?

You've probably also got a pretty strong scent now, from working out so much. She could probably smell you coming closer. But, if there's an open door or window somewhere in this place, or the AC's on (most gyms keep the space a bit cool), the air might be moving. If you can approach her from the direction that breeze is flowing towards, she just might not notice.
No. 701150 ID: 02422f

Even if you can't get anything, you can at least move someplace with a better view. :v

I'm not sure you're up to just pulling her ear off when you're all winded and at your limit. Anything around you you can use?
No. 701152 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh yeah, that's right. She'll notice she can't hear you recovering, and will expect you to be sneaking up on her.

The only way you'd manage it is if you can make it sound like you're still far away, OR if you catch your breath beforehand so she doesn't notice an abrupt change.
No. 701153 ID: dd338c
File 145524961056.png - (15.50KB , 800x800 , 21.png )

She doesn't keep her noise at even paces, but she kind of telegraphs when she's about to yank her body up, so I think I nail the timing down to put my feet down when she grunts. Even as tired as I am, since I quit early, I can still move and try and make my breathe quieter as I approach. I move slowly though, and she starts slowing her pullups as well. But, that just makes her try harder, and before I know it, I'm right under her. This area doesn't have mirrors, surprisingly, but she has her eyes closed anyway.

It looks like I made it. But was this plan ever viable? I don't think this plan was ever viable.
No. 701155 ID: 5ad4a7

Prepare to jump up. When she's on the downswing you can grab on and lift yourself up further. If you can just get a hand on her ear it might be possible to get it by letting the weight of your body yank it off, but most likely that's as far as you'll get.
No. 701156 ID: 9b5975

You just need to pick the right moment! Just as she's come down and about to pull up again, you jump up, grab her ear with one hand, push with the other hand on her shoulder, and yank it off. You can even tuck your legs up as you jump and plant them on the impressive shelf that her backside provides you.

She'll probably be impressed by you just being able to sneak up on her, even if you can't manage the actual separation.
No. 701157 ID: 211d83

She said it was fair game and this is the best chance you are likely to get. Even if you fail its worth a shot.

So ready your courage and the next time she goes down for a pull up grab a ear firmly just as she starts and tear that sucker off.

Grab it good and hard and pull from one side so it rips cleanly along the tear point. You wont be able to get a claw on there to start things so make sure you hold on tight as you can.

And if you do succeed stuff it in your mouth promptly and start chewing.
No. 701158 ID: 88e46e

Jump, grab ear with both hands, bite the base if you can. They're meant to tear off anyway, so let's see how badly this can go. Want to bet she's expecting you?
No. 701161 ID: 9b5975

Heck, if you think you can manage it, make it a full pounce. Jump up, grab her shoulders with both hands, plant your feet on her backside, grab her ear with your mouth and then tear it off by jumping back. Remember that she's hanging from a bar, so when you jump on her she'll swing a bit. Most likely, she'll also reflexively drop herself onto her feet again the moment she feels you on her.
No. 701162 ID: 02422f

>But was this plan ever viable? I don't think this plan was ever viable.
No, of course not. She's totally gonna punch you out of the air. Also I doubt you could yank it right off yourself, unarmed.

...maybe the CAI could help by noticing your sneaking and creating a distraction?
No. 701164 ID: 99a64d

of course the plan wasn't viable, that was a given, but you're going to try anyway, because she'd be dissapointed if you didn't.
No. 701165 ID: dd338c
File 145525254687.png - (21.02KB , 800x800 , 22.png )

I decide that since it's probably not going to work anyway, I'll do the most ambitious thing and make it into a full pounce. I grab Rokoa's shoulders and plant my feet as best as I can on her backside, trying to get it all at the same time as chomping down on her ear.

It's not reaaaally what I had for a romantic date but it definitely is breaking the monotony, and I'd do this all day before I went back to droning away at the console for 12 hours a day.

It's also kind of a clumsy attempt, but pretty good considering that I had trouble just keeping myself upright a minute ago! Her reaction is way faster than I thought, but it didn't seem like she expected me to attack in the way I did. She definitely knew I was there, but she thought that even if she let me get the first strike in, she could defend her ear.

And she's probably right. Before I get a chance to kick off, her hands reach behind her. One grabs the back of my head, hard, the other one is finding a grip around the back of my head or shoulder.

I'm also a little concerned that since she dropped the handlebar, she's falling to the ground, and is teetering backwards.
No. 701166 ID: 88e46e

...Why? She's not armored and the ears are pretty easy to detach. Unless I'm forgetting something significant it should go well until Rokoa inevitably fends him off.
No. 701167 ID: 5ad4a7

Throw your legs behind you to at least hit the ground first and attempt to shift her momentum away, so you don't get crushed under her.

Optimally you would use that to twist away and bring the ear with you, but I suspect you're just gonna get fully grabbed. Maybe you can use your hands and claws to cut at the thinnest part of the ear, like she did to you? Then you'd fully "have" the ear, even if you can't get away with it.
No. 701168 ID: 211d83

Ok despite her grip on your head she does not have any leverage with her hands behind her like that. But she is going to fall on you if you do not move fast.

Your legs are stronger than her hands. Even if she is crazy strong.

So bite down hard and push off off her butt as hard as you can. Should knock you free of her with ear in tow. Also should keep her from falling on you.

That or let your legs go limp and fall down faster than she is. Will fall out of her grip and can use your weight to pull the ear off.
No. 701169 ID: 3274e0

She's not grabbing you, she's holding you
If you don't worm your way out quick, you'll find yourself between a murder neumono and a hard place
No. 701170 ID: 02422f

>she's falling to the ground, and is teetering backwards
So she's trying to pin you / crush you with her weight.

Your best bet is to reach out and grab the vertical bar of the exercise equipment next to you, so you stay sort of up while Rokoa goes down. If you can keep a grip on the pole and her ear, she'll end up tearing her own ear off.

They can be grappled and grabbed in fights without coming off. They're relatively easy to remove, but they're still not, like, ripe fruit. It takes a little effort / mechanical advantage.
No. 701171 ID: 9b5975

That's a super awkward grip for her! She can stop you jumping off like originally planned, but she doesn't have the right angle on her fingers to stop you pulling away straight down. Pull your legs off or push them to either side of her, best you can manage, and use that grip you have under her arms to push yourself straight down, letting gravity give the assist.

Of course, then she'll fall on top of you... but you were planning to lift her completely earlier, she's not dropping from a big height, and pushing yourself down means it'll be the... softest part of her that lands on you. It's probably the best option anyway, and you can take it! Compared to the possible long-term boost of her esteem you might get for actually taking her ear, or part of it, it's totally worth it!
No. 701172 ID: 819d07

Reach over with your left hand and use a claw to tear her ear off like she did yours.

Then you just have to hork it down fast before she gets a good grip on you.
No. 701173 ID: 90f3c0

Whatever happen, don't release the ear! She'll probably try to crush you to knock you off, but just keep biting. There's no way she'll be able to pry your jaws off without giving you an opening to slice off her ear. You just need to get through the fall and you've got this.
No. 701190 ID: 99a64d

Quickly move to yank her ear off with your right hand.
No. 701222 ID: 4754ce

Don't question if it's normal to get a boner from grappling, either. Sometimes it just happens.
No. 701261 ID: 6879ec

>She's not dropping from a big height
I wouldn't underestimate the force of a heavy object falling from a meter's height, especially when Kappi will be landing with the force of both Rokoa's and Kappi's weight combined if he's still clinging to her when they land.
Even if it doesn't do any real damage, due to neumono resilience or softness or whatnot, it will certainly suck.
No. 701276 ID: 020b5e


It's not a pure one-meter drop, though. Rokoa dropped from the handlebars and is toppling backwards, but only from lack of balance. Her feet were under her and she would have landed on them, so her legs are absorbing a good bit of the momentum and impact. She's also bending herself over backwards and reaching with her arms to try and catch him, so if he pushes himself straight down, there's good chance some part of her upper body or arms will hit the floor and absorb some of the weight from her upper torso. Like, either she arches herself back to try and catch him and takes some of the fall herself with her arms or head, or she leads the way down with her hips and the support from her legs will make it more like she's rolling over him than falling directly.

The most he's likely to suffer is a cracked rib.


... I'm sure he'll be fine.
No. 701285 ID: dd338c
File 145531629489.png - (20.96KB , 800x800 , 23.png )

I let my feet fall off her and try to push myself down to at least be able to kick myself out of the way from her falling body. Her left hand rakes over my face and grabs at her ear to keep me from being able to rip it off. Her right hand didn't have a good grip on me, I thought, except that one of her fingers hooked under my tanktop sleeve and she's yanking it up.

Since I pushed down already, I reflexively decide to straighten my arms so that she just pulls the tanktop up without me getting pulled up with it.
No. 701286 ID: dd338c
File 145531630375.png - (26.18KB , 800x1100 , 24.png )

Damnit, even as I fall down and pull on her ear with just my mouth, it doesn't give! She gasps as I drop my weight on her ear, but she has a good grip on it so that I'm not putting any weight at the base of the ear. The middle is so thick that I couldn't tear it off that part with just a single bite.

I reach under her arm and try to claw off the base of her ear... and I have no idea where the perferation on the ear is, and I can't see because she pulled up my tanktop! I'm just poking my nail against her fur, and it's not like I keep my nails sharp! I think she landed on her feet, so at least she's not going to land on me with all of her weight, but I'm really off balance too.

My feet hit the ground, so I might be able to do something - except I also feel Rokoa's freed hand grab the lower part of my tail, and she's pushing backwards as she's still trying to get my to release my jaw by falling on me!
No. 701289 ID: 5ad4a7

Only one route to victory. Pull your tanktop down so you can see where the perforation is.
No. 701292 ID: 020b5e

Quick - tickle her!

Your left hand is in a fine position to get in under her arm and get to work on her sides. Tickling probably wouldn't work on her in full battle mode, but this is just playful roughhousing to her, and with the contact between you she can feel your empathy. So, she'll feel your intent to tickle her, and knowing that someone is trying to tickle you makes you more ticklish! She probably hasn't trained herself against tickles, since you can't tickle yourself and there aren't many people, even in her hive, who would try tickle the big scary Rokoa.

Hopefully, her reflexive reaction to being tickled will dislodge her hand from her ear. It might also mess up how she's trying to shift her own weight, giving you and opening to change the angle she's falling, now that you've got your grounding. You thought you'd be able to lift her, right? You're more tired now, but she's still got part of her weight on her feet, and it won't take much strength for you to deflect her weight to make her fall to the side.

I recommend trying to guide her to fall over to the right, since the position of her arms means she should have some of her weight angled that way already, and it'll mean she'll be falling in a direction that helps you pull on her ear. You just need to let your right shoulder and leg fall back while keeping your left leg and shoulder up firm under her left side. You can even grab her right arm with your right hand and push with your left (where your attempt to tickle her will have conveniently placed your hand against her ribs).

Use your opponent's weight against her, Kappi! She'll be impressed with your judo skills.
No. 701293 ID: 02422f

Last time we saw it, she had the plasma sword hidden in her other ear, so unless she switched, we're probably not at risk of Kappi accidentally triggering it and cutting his own head off and/or cutting the ear off.

Twist and/or shake your head? Like an alligator, or a dog, when they get their teeth into something. It'll increase the tension the ear is under.

Not sure if dropping to your knees would work- so the hand at your tail is suddenly pushing you in and down, instead of just in.

>Rokoa, grinning like an idiot, with her boyfriend's shirt off and a strong grip on the base of his tail as he chews on her ear
Pfffffffffff. At least someone is having fun.
No. 701294 ID: 308f99

She left her right ear exposed when she went for your tail. Keep your grip on the left one with your teeth and try to tear off the other one with your right hand. Rokoa will have to let go of your tail or risk loosing both ears.

Even with a good grip on your tail she has almost no leverage with her arm behind her back like that.

If she lets go of your tail to try and protect her right ear you can go back to trying to claw off the ear in your mouth.
No. 701302 ID: 90f3c0

Going for the unguarded ear is a good plan. Your right hand is in a good position, just slide is down the side of her head and grad is by the base. Then tear as hard as you can.
No. 701305 ID: 6879ec

'Rokoa' and 'grinning like an idiot' is redundant.
No. 701312 ID: 211d83

Quickly slide your right hand to the base of her now unguarded ear and rip and tear. With her pushing back on you and holding your butt you have perfect leverage to tear it right off even without a claw to start the tear.

If she gets her hand off your ass and back up to guard it in time then go back to work with your claws on the ear in your teeth.

Don't stop trying to chew off that other ear though.
No. 701332 ID: dd338c
File 145532292141.png - (18.26KB , 800x800 , 25.png )

I try to push down to throw her off to the side and prevent getting fallen on, but she wasn't just trying to hold me in with my tail. She manages to curve her arm up and pull me up off the floor by it instead! I'm kind of thankful that she put her hand up by the base and push on that rather than curving my spine badly.

I don't know any more! I start flailing around and kick her legs some on accident, then realize I can shake my head around while biting down. It's hard just to get my claw in there at all even with a point, so I let my hand slip and try to tickle Rokoa. She is ticklish, and her body reflexively tries to jerk around! But it's Rokoa, so she prevents anything like that, and keeps her holds and everything as it was. In fact, she stumbles back and catches her balance. I'm not sure why, but she decided that that wouldn't help! I mean, I already did decide that I'd do my best to keep my jaw clamped on her ear even if she fell on me, and maybe she thinks I can actually do it.

Oh, right! The other ear! I grab onto that with my free hand and yank with what strength I have left. Rokoa's head is yanked back with it, but it can only go so far, before I'm pulling on it hard!

Really hard!

As hard as I can!

It doesn't come off?! Wait, Rokoa's giving off empathy about it, she's locked the perforation? She can do that?! She doesn't even think I have the capability to pull it off even if she let me try! Damnit, she really was toying with me and was playing along. That isn't fair at all.
No. 701334 ID: bc76ea

If you jump backwards so you both land prone, her on her back and you on your stomach, the hand on your tail should lose its grip. Assuming she doesnt hold on and let the arm pop out of the socket of course.
No. 701335 ID: 5ad4a7

You know, you don't have to. You phrased it as you wanted to EAT her ear, not rip it off. So if you can bite even a little bit off her ear...

Well, that would probably hurt a lot more than ripping her ear off. On the other hand she's Rokoa, maybe she won't hold it against you.
No. 701336 ID: 47160d

You know what at the very least she looks like she is having fun
No. 701338 ID: 7ace16

Locked my ass. Put your fucking back into it.

This is your big chance. Give it all you got.
No. 701340 ID: 02422f

If your shirt was further off, you might be able to twist it around the ear to tourniquet it. Would take too long and Rokao has a hand in place to tear it before it gets far.

Not sure trying to perforate the other ear would help much. You've got less mechanical advantage on that side, and your claws aren't that sharp.

There's trying to upset things by throwing your weight so she stumbles / crashes into some piece of exerciser equipment. If she has to block or deflect or get hit by falling weights, that divides her attention / efforts, and a direct hit by something heavy could sever an ear.

...you've got hands on both ears, and there should be a plasma blade hidden in one of them. You might be able to feel it. The safety will be on, so you won't be able to turn it on by squeezing it from outside the ear, but if you can tear it out, you have a cutting weapon. And even if you can't, going for it again forces Rokoa to shift her attention and stop you getting it, giving you an opportunity to maybe get the ear off yourself.

Imagine her naked. And impressed. And with one ear. Isn't that hot? Lewd imagination gave you strength before.
No. 701342 ID: 020b5e

Huh. Hmm. Just locked on the right ear? She's been defending her left ear like it is vulnerable.

... Maybe if your strength isn't enough, her strength is.

If she's decided not to fall on you, then you're sort of in a stalemate - the only grip she's got on you is by your tail, so it's the only way she can pull you off her. Try to fight against it, pushing with your legs at whatever they can reach, yanking with your hands on the right ear and pushing on her side, and keeping your teeth on her left ear. You don't want her to pull you off without getting a piece of that ear - focus on that feeling, that you don't want to get pulled off her, don't want to lose, fight her pulling on your tail as strong as you can. It's even possible for her hand to slip off your tail, since the actual meat and bone underneath the fur tapers a bit, and the fur would tear out first before the whole thing popped out of your spine. Focus on that possibility, let it fill your mind and your empathy.

Then suddenly let go every bit of resistance except for your grip on one ear. I'm not sure which one would be better, depends on whether you think her left hand or the "lock" would be stronger. Your jaws are probably gripping more securely than your hand can, though, so I'd lean towards the left.
No. 701359 ID: dd338c
File 145532849575.png - (20.43KB , 800x800 , 26.png )

>You phrased it as you wanted to EAT her ear, not rip it off. So if you can bite even a little bit off her ear...
A little bit is better than nothing, but when I said eat her ear, I kind of meant take it from her. Like, claim ownership on it, and eating it is just sort of, well, proof of it.

>You know what at the very least she looks like she is having fun
She is!

I would be too, and I even am but I'm almost kind of desperate. I want her ear really badly for some reason. Well, it's not really so much her ear so much as her esteem, and maybe proof that I can fight her decently. I mean, even if she let me sneak up on her. Even after she's been doing squats and pushing iron constantly for a while. Even if she knows that she could get me off of her back if she really wanted to, but since this is just playful roughhousing she's trying to get me off of her without causing me harm.

Which I appreciate. A lot. Which is why I'm probably going to keep on ignoring the plasma sword in her ear. She has it attached to a tag that I can see at the bottom of her right ear, and if I really wanted to, I could pull that out and get the sword. I have a feeling that if I do that, Rokoa's willingness to use more, uh, excessive force is going to skyrocket.

So I try to yank even harder on the ear I have in my hand, and yank and shake my head around. I thought maybe I could suddenly release without warning and have her pull her own ear off, but then I still wouldn't have the ear, and also she can read most of my movements. I have to make her think, because she can do stuff like just stop pulling when I stop pulling. But that doesn't matter now, because she decides to end it all of a sudden.

Her right hand whips back up and grabs my neck. And not a clumsy grip like before. Even with my shirt around, this time she really manages to get a hard grip around my throat She's going to toss me over her head. I don't know how she plans on dealing with my hand on her ear, but she's going to let me keep the chunk ear I have in my mouth.
No. 701363 ID: 02422f

>I have a feeling that if I do that, Rokoa's willingness to use more, uh, excessive force is going to skyrocket.
Well, yes. You would be upping the ante, she'd call or raise for sure.

>She's going to toss me over her head. I don't know how she plans on dealing with my hand on her ear, but she's going to let me keep the chunk ear I have in my mouth.
Sounds like it's time for last ditch efforts. You're getting thrown, maybe you can take the ear with you.

Shrug your shirt up, twist and tighten it. Either hold it like a line, so maybe it cuts like a mandalin when you're thrown (if she throws you hard enough and you have the ear stretched tight enough, not easy), or just wrap it around the ear to try and tie / cut if off, pull it with you.
No. 701364 ID: 5ad4a7

Get both hands on an ear. Hang onto it for dear life, don't even bother biting anymore. When she tosses you, that will be the most force you can possibly exert on her ear.
No. 701367 ID: 8e9d4b

>maybe proof that I can fight her decently. I mean, even if she let me sneak up on her. Even after she's been doing squats and pushing iron constantly for a while. Even if she knows that she could get me off of her back if she really wanted to

You mean, even when you're far more exhausted than her? Even when she knew you were there? Even when she's the massive, hundred-plus-years old massive warrior-soldier, and your job is to sit in front of a screen all day? Kappi, you are doing great.

The "lock" on her right ear is probably so that, when she tries to pull out the sword, it comes by itself instead of taking the whole thing. So her left ear is the weaker one, and the only thing saving it is her left hand. I see two options: first, if you can time it right, release your jaw grip for just a second and bite down again lower. All the work you've been putting on the part you've been biting will have made it weaker, and if you grab a lower-down portion, then it might tear off at that point and you'll have a much bigger chunk of her ear to go home with, though still not all of it. That probably won't count as a win.

Second, again with timing, you reach and grab at her ear above where her hand is gripping, just as she pulls you over. With a strong enough grip, the pressure of your fingers coming up under the point where it's attached to her head will tear it off. Or, if you're not so confident in being able to grab that point with your hands... grab her shirt with one hand, I'd say your right, pull it close to you, and use the left to grab the corresponding ear. As she pulls you off, if you keep your grip, she'll pull her own shirt off. Since her ears are layered over the shirt, the shoulder strap will be yanked up under the point where they connect to her skull, and shear the ear off. It looks like there'll be just enough room for that to happen before it catches in the crook of her elbow.

Both variants of the second option would detach the ear but leave it in her hand. That might not count as a win, but you'd get a second chance to take from her.
No. 701370 ID: 4b06f5

It looks like she let go of her ear to do this. If you could put all your weight and grab her ear with both hands and keep your mouth solidly on it you might be able to take the chunk in your mouth off, and use that as leverage to tear the rest of the ear off. You might be able to do this as she throws you but if you throw your weight back and use your legs as leverage against her back you might be able to pull it off like that.
No. 701372 ID: 5ad4a7

...wait, if she's explicitly allowing you to keep the "chunk in your mouth", maybe all you need to do is grab on higher on her ear.
No. 701380 ID: 211d83

Yeah getting the plasma sword involved would be a bad idea. If she had a normal knife in there it would be fair game for trying to use it but plasma sword will just end with someone hurt.

That being said you do not give up until she has you thrown or pinned.

Grab the bottom of her top and pull it up over her face so she is in the same position as you. If you can get her arms entangled with her shirt will limit her mobility.

If she throws you you need to judo it up and roll with the throw as hard as you can while using both hands to grab at the ear and yank with all your might. Your whole weight will be enough to take her ear with you.
No. 701383 ID: dd338c
File 145533401638.png - (22.36KB , 800x800 , 27.png )

I don't want to release my jaw in the hopes I'll get lucky and find a better position to rip more of the ear off, and I really don't think I could pull off anything amazing with my shirt. Although, one thing that comes to mind is how tough it was to move my arms around when my tanktop was over my arms and face, and both of Rokoa's arms are up, now. I use my free left hand to grab the bottom of her shirt and start pulling it over her. It is way stretchier than I thought, but she may slip up or not have the ability to -
No. 701385 ID: 5ad4a7

So how does she taste?
No. 701386 ID: dd338c
File 145533422452.png - (22.20KB , 800x800 , 28.png )

Nope nope nevermind she's sending me over! All I can think of to do in time is grab her left ear with both of my hands and hang on with my teeth and hands.

I might have read her wrong? Or she changed her mind and is acting on impulse, but even though she sends me over, instead of just tossing me, she bends forward.

My back slams onto the ground, and I grit my teeth - I feel the ear separate!

But she also grabs both of my wrists and pulls them apart as soon as I hit the ground. Between the pull and her grip feeling like it's going to crack my bones, I can't hold my grip, and I couldn't think at all as I got sent to the floor instead of through the air. I must've given her left ear another yank, but it didn't do anything. Her ability to fight without communicating her movements long in advance is kind of scary in its own way, while she's constantly able to read what I do.

Partial success, I guess. Rokoa starts catching her breath and putting her shirt back down.
No. 701389 ID: 02422f

Poke her in the boob, while she hasn't had the chance to pull her shirt all the way down.

Then steal a kiss, while you've still got her ear in your mouth.
No. 701390 ID: 8e9d4b

Well, you've got a piece of her. You want to scarf it all down now, or save it to scrape the meat off and keep the fur and skin as a souvenir? While you think about that... time for the pillow talk, while you recover. Her strength is obvious, but a comment on how hard she is to read will probably be taken well. You should also ask her if she thinks you could have actually managed it at any point, there, and if so what you should have done.

Oh, and it looks like your shirt got ripped. Might as well take it off. You're both pretty sweaty, too. You should suggest the two of you visiting the showers, before you go stinking up the rest of the trade hub.
No. 701394 ID: 88e46e

Can you just use your legs/feet to grab the ear? It's probably important to at least try to secure it.
No. 701395 ID: 211d83

Good job. Got a partial victory out of it and you showed her that you can think on your feet when it counts. Enjoy that sweet mouthful of ear.

Probably best to quit while you are ahead. If you want to try again later you will need a even sneakier approach. Also sharpen a few of your claws if you get a free chance when she is not around. If you had at least one sharp claw you could have gotten it.

Most importantly you had fun and so did she. Go hit the showers together.
No. 701397 ID: 7ace16

Her ability to avoid telegraphing her empathy might be from years of fighting practice or something she started working on to even the odds against Polos silence.

Either way you did good. More practice and next time you just might get it all. Keeping a few claws sharp is a good idea though.
No. 701403 ID: dd338c
File 145533817998.png - (13.94KB , 800x800 , 29.png )

Keeping the skin and fur is kind of weird and tribal and macabre, and I think I'm too modern for that. I do, however, get a kiss from Rokoa while I still have the ear in my mouth.

"Eat it." she says after we break.

It's more tender than I thought considering I expected raw meat to be way tougher, but I guess it is an ear. The fur really doesn't help and next time I do this I'm gonna shave that off first, but other than that, it tastes good. Way better than expected. I go to cop a poke before her shirt goes back down, but she intercepts my hand and pins my wrists to the floor while I chew.

She keeps it that way until I manage to get it all down. As surprisingly good as it tasted, it is really weird, but Rokoa feels kind of funny while I chew and eat a part of her. Like it's a really intimate thing. I still think it's weird and and this is basically never going to leave the.... gym. At least not from me.
No. 701404 ID: dd338c
File 145533818688.png - (21.01KB , 800x800 , 30.png )

I get picked up once I swallow. My tanktop is basically in tatters, so I discard it.

"Uh... how do you fight without broadcasting what you're doing?"
"You just have to act off your raw instinct. Don't make conscious plans, just roll with the impulses. Train your reactions to not just be fast, but smart."
"Is there anything I could've done to get a whole ear?"
"Yeah. A long time ago if you started training, then you might've been able to rip off an ear when you got a hold on it."
"I mean, uh, as things were, like anything in the last minute? Like if I sharped my claws?"
"Maybe if you had sharper claws, longer claws, and were anywhere fuckin' close to the perforation line, which you weren't. But I've got no right to downtalk you. I underestimated you, and you surprised me. I just thought that you'd sneak up to me, leap up, lose your nerve and slightly tug on my ear out of fear of someone getting hurt."
"Ack, did it hurt, I bit it rig -"
"Shut the fuck up Kappi. I've got to hand it to you and maybe Pilon's training. Even if it was just play roughhousing, you took advantage of it, made it into a fun session, and you managed to take a piece off me. Thanks for taking it seriously. That means I'll take you more seriously. Which means I won't let you leap on my back like that so easily from now on."

I don't really know what to say. Up to this point, she only hung around me because I was at least somewhat entertaining to her, but now it feels like I have a little respect from her, too. Not much, it's faint, but that's way more than 0. Still, there's a big part of her that thinks 'Kappi, becoming a formidable warrior' is kind of a laughable thought, but probably not as much as I find it implausible.
No. 701410 ID: 5ad4a7

Yet, you taste bad. Maybe that's motivation enough to get you to stop eating and drinking poison?

Still not impressed though, I bet? Or if she is, what's your next task?

Oh right we gotta do more. Museum next?
No. 701414 ID: 99a64d

I've never believed in doing anything half-assed, I just don't exactly get a lot of chances to do much impressive in this place with my job and my physique. Soo... Museum?
No. 701415 ID: 8e9d4b

>but probably not as much as I find it implausible.

Defer to her experience, Kappi. You've got a chance. And more than enough years ahead to make it happen. That assumes you don't get killed at any point, of course, but every step you make along the way to being a warrior lowers the chance of that being the case, which is a nice bonus. You can do it!

>I don't really know what to say.

Let's hit those showers.

Then you'll need to take it easy the next little while, to recover a bit. Swing around the arcade to show her the game with her in it. On the way, you can find somewhere with some healthy but also good neumono food, and bring it home to cuddle up and watch your new awesome action series boxset together. Rokoa's probably open to taking things a little more slow and comfortable for a little while, now.
No. 701416 ID: 02422f

>Keeping the skin and fur is kind of weird and tribal and macabre
Preserving it would be weird, anyways.

>Like it's a really intimate thing.
Well, it is, sort of. You took a part of her and made it part of you.

Congrats, you've gone from "entertaining" to "has potential". Bask in that. (Worry about becoming a formidable warrior or anything else other than a quartermaster, later).

So... where we going?

I wouldn't doing an actual museum date after this silly stuff.
No. 701419 ID: 211d83

I might get a bit nervous because this is new to me. But I am not going to give up. If I have to go through hell to be with you you it will be worth it.

No more half assing stuff for me. Its whole assing it or nothing from now on.

That being said want to go get cleaned up? Have the rest of the day to have some more fun.
No. 701423 ID: dd338c
File 145534085183.png - (16.96KB , 800x800 , 31.png )

>I've never believed in doing anything half-assed
I'd like to be able to say this, but, uh, to say I've never believed this is a huge lie.

"Still not impressed, though?" I ask, while she carries me off.
"Surprised, but you would've had to take the whole damn ear without sneaking up on me to impress."
"Well... then I plan on it still!... what's next? Museum?"

She leans in close.

"You're kidding, right? You grinded up on me like that, bit my ears, you even nearly ripped my shirt open, so after you get my heart racing..."
No. 701424 ID: dd338c
File 145534085961.png - (22.91KB , 800x800 , 32.png )

"20 laps in the pool, idiot! You think you can pump me up and then call the workout over?! Wait for me in the spa or something when you're done, then we'll go do your plans!"

Damnit, it's like she learned how to go silent as far as reading her intentions are concerned!
No. 701425 ID: dd338c
File 145534086775.png - (15.20KB , 800x800 , 33.png )

Well, it's either swim, sink, or face Rokoa's disappointed wrath. I still manage since it's a small pool, and start climbing over the stone barrier into the spa, which was actually turned on already.

No. 701426 ID: 8e9d4b

Oh, there's someone else using the facilities after a-

>fur color

Is that Jessica?

Well, she has a right to enjoy a nice spa/jacuzzi as much as anyone. Move yourself along so you can get in without disturbing her. If she gets up, say hi and ask how she's doing.

If it's not Jessica, still do all those things but with less familiarity.
No. 701427 ID: 5ad4a7

Touch her nose. Let her know via empathy that Rokoa will be here in a moment so she'd better get moving if she doesn't want to be nearby.
No. 701430 ID: 02422f

Jammer's still up, or she would have probably run already.

Avoid her! Get behind her. See how long you can stay in the pool without her noticing you're here.
No. 701434 ID: 211d83

Yeah if that is Jess might want to let her know Rokoa is here.

Cough loudly or something.
No. 701435 ID: 88e46e

Pretty much this.
No. 701441 ID: dd338c
File 145534254675.png - (13.34KB , 800x800 , 34.png )

I try not to disturb her, so I get in from the other side quietly. Plus, when I think about it, I don't have a way to alert her without startling her. I doubt she can hear me under there.

She eventually pokes her head up and looks over, then turns around, goes wide eyed and tenses up as she sees me. I guess I startled her anyway.

>"Ffffffuck what are you doing?!"
"Hi Jessica, I'm just using the spa. Uh, Rokoa's gonna be here soon."
>"Are you two stalking me or something?"
"No, I - we - just wanted to get exercise. I didn't know you worked out, too."
>"I'm just here for the spa."
"Well, sorry for the intrusion! Uh, Rokoa's gonna be here in a little bit, so if you want to avoid her..."
>"Ugh, we're in a jammer, so I won't have to be with that empathy, so it's fine. Probably. It will be fine, right? I really don't want to have to get out of the spa just because of... her. And you and her got together. Apparently that's possible."
No. 701443 ID: c3110b

Suggest that there's time for a quickie before Rokoa gets back.
No. 701444 ID: 88e46e

"Hopefully, yeah. We're supposed to be doing what I want today, so I don't think she'll try starting too much trouble."
No. 701447 ID: 02422f

>And you and her got together. Apparently that's possible.
Trust me, I'm as surprised as anyone. And I think she sort of is too. ...and amused.

I mean. I know how she is, but she's not that bad, is she? (Talking about the neumono terror effect).

>It will be fine, right?
...I'm not sure if we should warn Jess that Rokoa will quite likely try and get amorous with you, and that she almost certainly will not want to be around for that. Or if we should just hope things will be okay and see if Jess has to make a quick exit or not.
No. 701448 ID: 211d83

Well I am hoping to make the arrangement permanent eventually but have to impress her enough first.

I know we might not make the most normal couple but the heart wants what it wants.

Hey before Rokoa gets back ask Jess about the questions you asked her when trying to figure out what she wanted. Maybe she has some ideas.
No. 701449 ID: 5ad4a7

Opposites attract, right?
No. 701450 ID: 7ace16

Start imagining all the things you could get up to in a hot tub with two sexy ladies.
No. 701453 ID: dd338c
File 145534436414.png - (12.70KB , 800x800 , 35.png )

"I think she's too focused on me."
>"Well, good."

>Suggest that there's time for a quickie before Rokoa gets back.
Sometimes I got the impression that she does like a lot of physical interaction, especially since she used to live in a jammer city, buuuut I can think of a few reasons to not get overly bold with her now.

>Start imagining all the things you could get up to in a hot tub with two sexy ladies
Ahhhh it's way too awkward to imagine stuff like that while Jess is here, especially since there is basically no way Jess would be okay with Rokoa like that!

"Are you doing well, though?"
>"Eh, pretty good. I mean, you know, I feel safer here than I basically ever did under the Zozu, not even minding the last week there, so it should be good. Okay, I'll bite. How'd you and Rokoa get together, anyway?"
"It's... well, it's not complicated, but I don't fully understand and it still surprises me. She makes me feel alive, so I got the nerve to approach her, and she thought I was entertaining enough to keep around."
>"Oh, that kind of relationship."
"Er, it's changing, though! If it were just me stumbling over my sentences and stuff, she would've left me a while ago, like when I started forming complete sentences reliably around her. So I'm working hard to be, well... I wouldn't say equals, but respected by her. I guess opposites attract, though, huh, even if you're not the first one to think that it's really not a normal couple."

>Rokoa's empathy isn't that bad, is it?
She's been asked to stay away from the central trade hub since a lot of neumono actually run from her.

>Ask Jess about the questions you asked her when trying to figure out what she wanted.
Ask her about what Rokoa could want? I really can't imagine that Jess would have a clue. She says she never really spoke to Rokoa, just crossed paths while Rokoa was helping rescue Pilon's team.

>"So it all started when her empathy resonated with yours, huh?"
"You sound disappointed?"
>"Nah, it's just... there's an alien I like, if you gotta know, and figured if you could get with someone like Rokoa, you'd have some pointers. Which was dumb to think, cause that's a whole different ballgame."
>"Fuckin' learn some manners, Kappi! Duh it's Itcher, but I said 'an alien' cause I don't want people talkin' when it's not even a thing."
No. 701455 ID: 5ad4a7

...find out how they see the world. How they think. Find ways to express yourself that mesh well with that viewpoint, but don't compromise yourself.
Maybe try to impress them somehow. Find out what they like, see if you want to do those things too.
No. 701458 ID: 211d83

Have you told him you are interested? Or have you not come out and said it.

Cause my empathy made Rokoa realize I was interested but I made sure to tell her that out loud.

So go talk to him. Its better to get rejected than limp along hoping what might have been.

He seems fond of you. Maybe all it would take is a little push to get things moving.
No. 701459 ID: 88e46e

This sort of thing. But the other problem is that he has Whiskers and Rokoa had no one when Kappi asked her out. Lakkat had just died and all, but she's kind of used to people dying. There isn't really anything Jessica can do about Itcher and Whisker being a sort of thing without ruining their friendship or feeling incredibly shitty about herself even if no one finds out.
No. 701460 ID: 02422f

>"So it all started when her empathy resonated with yours, huh?"
...I don't know if it's just empathy, honestly. I mean, if it was, I probably would have run away from her. Between her own thing, and being rogue from her hive, our empathy shouldn't click. And the was stuff happening in the gym, but with a jammer on, and we weren't even touching at first.

>Duh it's Itcher, but I said 'an alien' cause I don't want people talkin' when it's not even a thing.
Right, right, a hypothetical alien.

>you'd have some pointers
I don't know. With us, it was mostly me having the nerve to actually go and push for it. ...which sounds kind of trite as general relationship advice, but you're probably not risking your life if you ask your alien out. (Jess: Yes I am! Whiskers could have me killed or something!).

That and there's been changing myself. Trying to make myself better. Worthy of her, someone she can respect. I'm not sure how much that would be something you would have to worry about, except maybe that any relationship means accepting change.
No. 701469 ID: 99a64d

>She's been asked to stay away from the central trade hub since a lot of neumono actually run from her.
I would assume normal people would not enjoy reading the emotions of a violent psychopath. (I know that isn't technically what she is but close enough)

I'm probably not the best person to ask about this, I mean, I just went for it and the whole thing sorta happened from there. Does he know you're interested? Has he shown any signs of being attracted to aliens in the past?
No. 701477 ID: bb78f2

Well that Alien's not single though, and that's a significantly monogomous species anyway. That's difficult even without considering his individual tastes.
No. 701491 ID: 8e9d4b

>Nah, it's just... there's an alien I like, if you gotta know, and figured if you could get with someone like Rokoa, you'd have some pointers.

Well, it might be a different ballgame, but I'm sure Kappi has watched a lot of nerdy shows with interspecies relationships in them!

So, for a hypothetical alien, the trouble compared to neumono is that you can't be sure what you're thinking. Like, with Rokoa, it was unlikely, but if there was no possibility of Rokoa's attraction at all then Kappi would have sensed it right away. She'd have sensed his attraction and outright rejected it before he announced it, whereas instead what happened was that she sensed his attraction and sort of dared him to announce it.

The point being, with neumono, you don't have the problem of making your attraction official and then making things weird and awkward, because up until you do announce it then it's just an empathic feeling of your desire, which you can't control and is understood to be just a thing that can happen.

So, with aliens, there's a lot of research and guesswork.

The first thing to do would be to go down a checklist of whether they can even possibly be attracted to you. So, 1) Are they interested in your sex, 2) Are they interested in your species, and 3) Are they ok with multiple partners and if not do they already have one? And you have to find out that sort of thing by watching them, listening to them talk, maybe getting someone to discreetly ask them, et cetera. And if you want to get a little morally dubious you could like, ask the CAI to tell you their internet search history or something. Just the relevant details.

You've also got to consider the... basic incompatibilities. Neumono have some biological and psychological desires that aliens have trouble fulfilling. The, uh, physical issues can be overcome with creativity and some artificial assistance, but the mental/emotional needs are the larger issue. Like, what happens if you do get with him, it's all going fine, but then suddenly one day a neumono comes into your life who you get a real empathic connection with? If the alien's ok with multiple partners, it's not such a problem, but if they expect dedication then there's a problem. So again, it all hangs on the answers to those three questions. For someone like, say, Hok's friend Miss, you'd be good to go, but she's certainly not a common sort of person.

I don't know if Kappi actually knows about Itcher's situation with Whiskers, so I don't know if he'd be able to talk about that specifically.
No. 701518 ID: 8e9d4b

Oh, maybe Rokoa would have some advice? I mean, not from personal experience, she doesn't seem that into aliens, but she's been around a long time. I'm sure she's seen neumono get into relationships with non-neumono before, or knows some alien acquaintance of hers who can give a first-hand account. Probably a thing to do when courting anyone outside your species is to get advice from someone who's the same species as them, preferable the same culture or subculture as well.

Kappi could also offer to talk to... whoever Jessica's object of affection is, to probe a bit and see if he's interested. People have been trying to nudge Jess and Kappi together, so that'd be excuse enough to walk up and go "hey man if I did hypothetically get with Jess would that bother you". Though probably phrased more tactfully.

If we really wanted to get into the romantic comedy shenanigans, Kappi could even go to [the love interest] and say that he's interested in a prospective relationship with a [member of love interest's species], and ask advice. Though if [interest] asked "what are they like" and Kappi then had to describe someone with traits similar to [interest], [interest] would likely then either figure out what's really going on or start to think that Kappi's attracted to him.

... I see no potential problems with this plan.
No. 701533 ID: dd338c
File 145538681170.png - (17.14KB , 800x800 , 36.png )

"I want to say, uh, it's not just empathy between me and Rokoa. I still like her company a lot while under a jammer without touching. Well... do you know for sure if he's attracted to you?"
>"Maybe? As in I don't know."
"Would he be okay with multiple partners?"
>"Uh maybe not which is - wait a second why are you asking?"
"Well, what if you find a neumono that you really resonate with?"
>"Oh. Right. That's probably not going to happen, you know."
"It did with me and Roko-"
>"That's not normal!"
"Well, fair. But still! Neumono have other physical needs than aliens, so that's something to keep in mind. Have you at least told him you're interested?"
>"Yeah, but he always gives some dumb non-answer."
"... don't you sleep with each other anyway?"
>"Gh... yes, but that's not innuendo for something more, it's really just sleeping in the same bed."
"That's something that intimate partners kinda do!"
>"Yeah but if it we were really like that, he'd start getting friskier than he does! It's really just because we both like sharing a bed. Like at first that was just a spur of the moment thing, but then I started wanting to get comfier with him. All I can do is wiggle my back provocatively into him though without getting him to shove me off the bed. And of course I don't know what he ever thinks, because even when we do talk he always give noncommittal stuff! It's bullshit and I don't even know why I've come to like him. I mean, he has interest in some other belenos, maybe you know that, that he's chasing after. I'm just kind of the bedwarmer and co-worker."
"Um.... have you brought up how people are trying to get us to get together?"
>"Yeah. And I still can't read him! He's just like..." She turns her voice gruff to say "it ain't their place to say who you can and can't be with."
"I guess it's not, but I guess that doesn't tell you much either."
>"He isn't trying to push us together, and he isn't saying it's bad either! Like I said, noncommittal."
"Maybe if I ask him stuff, he'd be more forward to me?"
>"If you wanna go approach him... I'm not gonna ask you to do that, but you're welcome to if you think it might help. Anyway, sorry, I'm a little desperate for relationship advice."
"I can tell."
>"What's that supposed to mean."
"Er... I mean - I'm a rogue! I'm not the best person to ask about it - I mean, I'm like the worst possible one. My only real relationship experience is Rokoa, and only other experience is watching romantic shows"
>"Oh, good point. Well you actually had some decent points. Or topics."
No. 701534 ID: dd338c
File 145538685795.png - (21.21KB , 800x800 , 37.png )

>"Outta curiosity, does Rokoa mind if you get comfy with other girls?"
"As long as I'm not excluding her from anything, she's fine with that."
>"Speak of the devil."
"Hey. I leave you alone for 10 minutes and you're already with another girl?" Rokoa says to me while entering the spa.
>"You both know you're supposed to have a shower before entering the pool right?"
No. 701537 ID: 02422f

>"Outta curiosity, does Rokoa mind if you get comfy with other girls?"
That's... an interesting line of questioning. She's doesn't mean herself, does she? Itcher hasn't left her that pent up that she'd consider that, has he?

Did Rokoa bring changes of clothes with her, or does the trade hub just happen to have spares in her size?

>"You both know you're supposed to have a shower before entering the pool right?"
Whups. You totally forgot, and Rokoa probably doesn't care. ...sorry Jess!
No. 701539 ID: 8e9d4b

>"You both know you're supposed to have a shower before entering the pool right?"

You did have an intention to go to the showers! Then Rokoa threw you into the pool. So then there was really no point. Rokoa will have to answer for herself.

Speaking of Rokoa, you should introduce the two of them, they've met before but not, you know, met met. "Jess, you know who Rokoa is, Rokoa this is Jessica, my coworker who you met before. Briefly. She's desperate for romantic advice, as you can tell by her talking to me about it. Do you know anything about neumono women attracting alien guys? For example, completely at random, a belenosian?"
No. 701540 ID: 02422f

I wouldn't tell Rokoa about Jess wanting advice. Jess took a risk in trusting him enough to talk about that, it's kind of rude to just bring Rokoa into the discussion unprompted.
No. 701551 ID: 211d83

She was here before me and we got to talking. No idea if she is up for hot tub three ways.

You know Jess Rokoa might have some good advice for you.

Will have to remember to go chat with Itcher later and feel him out. Find out why he is so noncommittal.
No. 701555 ID: cee89f

"Rokoa, this is my (new) coworker Jessica, you've met. She's looking for advice on seducing Belenos."
No. 701562 ID: 91cfcf

It's really not something we're supposed to be blabbing about.

"Yeah, you know how popular I am with other neumono. And I was literally thrown in the pool, blame Rokoa."
No. 701564 ID: dd338c
File 145539505190.png - (12.54KB , 800x800 , 38.png )

>Did Rokoa bring changes of clothes with her, or does the trade hub just happen to have spares in her size?
I think I saw Rokoa bring a bag in, so she probably had a change of clothes.

>That's... an interesting line of questioning. She's doesn't mean herself, does she? Itcher hasn't left her that pent up that she'd consider that, has he?
I wish the jammer was down, honestly. Really, though, it's not like I'm the only guy neumono in the trade hub! I think Jessica could find someone if she was that bad off.

"Sorry, I forgot. Well, no, I would've remembered, but I got thrown in the pool, so I'm blaming Rokoa."
"And I just don't give a shit about that."
"Anyway, uh, Rokoa, this is Je-"
"We've met."
>"Sort of. Hi again."

I kind of get cold feet asking Rokoa if she has any advice, since bringing that up without Jessica's ok might be kind of bad.

It leaves an awkward silence, though, although Rokoa brings out some food and feeds me some. It tastes like health food.
No. 701566 ID: dd338c
File 145539511444.png - (18.09KB , 800x800 , 39.png )

Jessica breaks the silence again.

>"Thanks, by the way. I don't think I ever said that. I forget."
"I forgot too. No thanks anyways. Far as I was concerned, I was just kicking someone's ass."
>"Well it saved mine, so I'm still thankful for it!" Jessica says.
"So uh Rokoa might actually have some advice for you Jess?" I spilled it out anyway.
>"Urgh, wasn't gonna ask, but Rokoa, you know anything about seducing aliens?"
"You mean that accountant?"
>"Argh, does everyone know?"
"Yeah. Since you can't share empathy, just overcompensate with every other form of communication."
>"Like... talking."
>"And if that doesn't work?"
"Then either you suck at talking, or your empathy wouldn't have gone over well with him anyway and it wouldn't even matter."
>"Then do you - "
"Girl, how desperate are you? All my experience with aliens is business and killing. Only other stuff I do with our own kind. I'm not modern, you know. I've still got minor urges to dunk you underwater and keep you there. Technology feels like a recent thing, and weirds the hell out of me despite using it for so long." she says, pushing her back up against one of the spa jets.
No. 701575 ID: 02422f

>I think Jessica could find someone if she was that bad off.
Yes, but she asked about youuuuu.~

>I've still got minor urges to dunk you underwater and keep you there.
Try and fail not to imagine two gals in swimsuits water-wrestling right in front of you.

>Girl, how desperate are you?
...we might be about to find out.
No. 701576 ID: 91cfcf

Probably best to give Jessica a chance to answer before mentioning that she asked about the arrangement. Also that, iirc, it'd only be accepted when Rokoa was away and she'd judge whoever Kappi chose.
No. 701577 ID: 211d83

You need to find out why he is not willing to take that final step with you.

He obviously cares about you a lot. Maybe he is just scared? Is he still pining over that Whiskers girl? Cause unless he goes action hero and starts chasing after her I don't see that going anywhere.

Maybe he wants kids eventually? That could be a big thing.

I will try to talk with him later for you. Maybe I can get a clue what he is thinking.
No. 701581 ID: 8e9d4b

>she feeds you

Aw yeah, Kappi. You know a lady cares about you when she up and starts feeding you of her own volition.

Well, Jess, on the subject of technology, you could ask the CAI. It'd be pretty terrible to ask them to spy on him, but I'll bet you they're already spying on him. If you just ask them whether he's shown any interest in neumono girls, you'd hardly be prying at all. Not like you'd be telling them to give you an exact list of all his porn search terms though they might decide to give you those without being asked. I'm sure if you asked they'd also dredge what supply of internet the asteroid has to deliver you all the interspecies dating tips articles and books the galaxy can offer.

I suppose a question to ask is, since all of us here are in on exactly who she's after now, what's the break-down on her attraction to him? Does she really feel a strong romantic connection, or is it more the level of an intimate friendship that, if he were a neumono, would probably include sex by now? I mean, neumono seem to feel a need for intimate physical bonding in most close relationships, so perhaps she's feeling that lack. And does she belenosian guys desireable in general, or is it just him? If he did actually return her feelings, how would she feel on the multiple partners question, would she be ok with him also smooching up on belenosian girls?

And, like... sensitive question, Jessica, but how sure are you of your feelings? Because, from his perspective, he might be wondering whether you're attracted to him just out of, like, indebtedness or gratefulness or obligation, or even loneliness, which he might suspect if you haven't noticeably made other friends by now. Aliens generally aren't as casual about sex as neumono are, since they have all consequences and things, so they're raised with an idea to be totally certain their partner really wants it for the right reasons, with those "right reasons" being a lot more specific than they are for neumono. He probably feels an instinctive emotional reaction against any idea that he might be "taking advantage", even though logically it doesn't make any sense for him to feel that way.
No. 701583 ID: b2db3f

Sure she could find a guy in the trade hub but she does work with you and you are pretty cute. Are not a bad choice for a casual fling.

You got to at least try for the hot tub three way.
No. 701585 ID: 8e9d4b


Jessica was just at them both for dragging their sweat into the water, how do you think she is going to feel about the fifty hygiene regulations you'd violate with a hot tub three way? Don't do it Kappi.
No. 701586 ID: 5ad4a7

...has she tried asking him when he's drunk? Or directly confronting him about being noncommittal?
No. 701593 ID: bb78f2

Neumono sweat?
What about all the fucking fur?
No. 701595 ID: 02422f

Course they sweat! That's why they don't end up panting like dogs after every fight and/or chase scene.
No. 701596 ID: 45d69b

In the distant space future they have a crazy technology called pool filters and chlorine. So don't worry to much about the side effects of spa fucking. Just go for it if the opportunity arises.
No. 701597 ID: dd338c
File 145540047163.png - (15.04KB , 800x800 , 40.png )

>Try and fail not to imagine two gals in swimsuits water-wrestling right in front of you.
On second thought, I'm thankful for that jammer.

>"Pretty desperate, since you're making it your business."
"Well if you just need a fuck, go get a guy. Hell, just get up like you are now and start walking around in public, you'll find someone."
>"Haha, funny. And no, I'm picky! It's tough to find a guy that I either really connect with, or to find a guy just for a quick fuck that won't try to get attached to me for the long term."
"What, like Kappi?"
>"... yeah, like Kappi, cept it's awkward as hell while you're around. Should've approached him while I had the chance."
"Um, Jess, you said there was some other belenos he was chasing for?"
>"Yeah, but that's even more farfetched than you and Rokoa! And I mean, I don't care if he has other girls, but he might just be monogamous."
"What if he wants kids?"
>"We can find a surrogate mother. I wouldn't mind."
"Um... this is kind of a sensitive question, but how sure are you of your feelings? I kind of wonder if he thinks you're attracted to him out of gratefulness or loneliness or something."
>"Ugh, don't wonder that, that's one of the few things he's told me outright. I told him if that was the case then I would've gone away by now, cause it's not like I need to sleep in the same bed just to feel safe. Hell, I'm kind of okay with staying here even after being told that Rokoa here still has urges to beat me up or whatever."
"My only other ideas are to ask the CAI for help seeing what his tastes are, asking him while he's drunk, or just confronting him about his non committal answers."
No. 701600 ID: dd338c
File 145540052380.png - (10.76KB , 800x800 , 41.png )

Rokoa leans in while Jess isn't looking and grabs her hand.

"Yeah, all kinds of desperate."
No. 701601 ID: 211d83

Well I am sure Rokoa would be willing to loan out my services as long as she can watch. Or join in. Up to you if you want to have some fun with us.

Why not try all three? I will talk to him next time I see him and we can get the Cai to pry a bit to. If you can find out why he is being noncommittal it will give you something to work on.
No. 701603 ID: 45d69b

You are getting all the green lights you are going to get Kappi.
No. 701606 ID: 02422f

...why do I get the feeling that sweat in the water is going to be the cleanliness issues here shortly.

>find a guy just for a quick fuck that won't try to get attached to me for the long term
Like a threesome neumono pile with a couple far too involved in their own issues to get hung up on you?

(I don't see how the hell anyone but Rokoa is supposed to have the nerve to suggest this, though).

Uh, touch Rokoa yourself, and get an empathy chain going? Sort out these feelings.
No. 701607 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh right, forgot the most glaringly obvious hangup. What if he's against inter-species relationships?
No. 701608 ID: b412df

Can't really see what to do here, maybe Rokoa's going to judge us a bit here. Can't tell.

Aside from just sitting back and seeing what happens, physical contact for empathy seems like a good idea. (Does it conduct through individuals? Or just the one you're in contact with?)
No. 701610 ID: 8e9d4b

These two are probably going to have a little mental conversation about this. At some point you might get a pat-down for your opinion, too. I assume you're ok with having fun with Jess if she wants but aren't specifically interested beyond the basic physical attraction and friendliness. Just let yourself broadcast that and you'll probably be ok.

Green Force will probably give you a kicking if you have public sex in their generously open gym, though.

Tell her you'll have a talk with Itcher, and that she should ask the CAI. Getting him while he's drunk might not get y=her an answer that'll still apply when he's sober, and just confronting him straight-up might make things awkward with the guy she's living with.
No. 701613 ID: 87547f

Well I am up for helping out desperate friends if they are interested.

Grab a hand or two and see what sort of feelings are flying around.
No. 701620 ID: dd338c
File 145540819293.png - (16.09KB , 800x800 , 42.png )

>What if he's against inter-species relationships?
I think if he felt that strongly about it, he would've just said so by now.

I grab Rokoa's hand, too. Sensing someone through another is kind of tough, though, especially with Rokoa's filter going on.

"Uh well it's really up to you Jess if you want to do something about it!"
"She just gave all the green lights someone would give."
>"H-hold on! You'd prefer Rokoa anyway, though, while she's around?" Jessica asks. She wades over to me and puts her hand on my shoulder

I can't really hide that that's true, and that it really would just be for some intimate friendliness. But, at the same time, that second part is much of what she's looking for, as she's trying to avoid guys who are way more into her than she is into them. She also feels pleased that I'm not actively disinterested in her, either.

>"Hmm... okay. Not now, as much as I really want it, cause I don't want to be a weird third wheel sandwiching myself between two lovers just cause of my issues. When Rokoa goes off blowing stuff up though and I need some love, we can settle for each other as substitutes. Shit, that sounded fucked, I mean - "
"No no, I understand! I think that might work well! And it's kind of nice to know where we stand. Er, I'll talk to Itcher sometime, and maybe you can ask the CAI for help?"
>"Yeah, thanks, Kappi. And Rokoa."
No. 701622 ID: dd338c
File 145540821468.png - (17.15KB , 800x800 , 43.png )

Jessica gets up and heads to the dryers.

"What a fucked up girl."
"She doesn't tell me any details, but I think she's had a rough time lately."
"And now she's gone. So what's next? Arcade? Museum?"
No. 701623 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 701624 ID: 91cfcf

No. 701625 ID: 8e9d4b

Arcade! You don't have to stay there, but it got built properly since last time she was here and there's a game with her in it! She can play with herself!


... And then you should probably get some food.
No. 701626 ID: 211d83

Arcade sounds fun but we have never been to the museum. So lets go to the museum first.
No. 701627 ID: 02422f

Kappi's gone from being the unlovable rogue to having the start of a harem.

I'm half surprised Rokoa was as supportive as she was, there. (I guess she wanted to see how Kappi would handle it?).

No. 701628 ID: 5ea852

If the museum gets too boring, you can always switch to the arcade. The other way around is much tougher.
No. 701629 ID: dd338c
File 145541055348.png - (15.17KB , 800x800 , 44.png )

"How about the museum?"
"I didn't know you guys had a museum."
"It's kind of new, actually. I mean, the place isn't new, but it was a storehouse for old artifacts of the asteroid, but then the CAI helped turn it into a display for the public."

We get dry, and Rokoa hands me a meal from her pack. I ask if she wouldn't rather eat at someplace, but she insists that all the food we have around here is basically junk.

There's a miklik attendant at the front.

>"Hel...lo and welcome to the asteroid museum. It'll be 100 zeny for a day's admission to any attractions." he says. Rokoa pays him before I can react.

The attractions are all about the asteroid's past itself, since that's probably all that could be found to make a good museum out of, but there's different categories. There's sections for each the technology, the wildlife that was introduced, and the people.
No. 701630 ID: 211d83

Stuff lives here? Go see that first.
No. 701631 ID: 47160d

Do you find it at all odd she keeps feeding you?
No. 701634 ID: 5ad4a7

We shouldn't. She's expressed concern for his diet so it's normal she's giving him healthier food than he can get around here. Actually maybe we should bring that up with the CAI? Get a health-food restaurant open here.
No. 701635 ID: 02422f

The asteroid had space wildlife? Wasn't it basically a barren rock before people teraformed it?

Wildlife sounds the most interesting. People second most, but Rokoa probably already knows the major players already (although she might have amusing anecdotes / opinions that run counter to a neutral museum-ish presentation).
No. 701637 ID: 02422f

Well, it's a sign of affection. And she's probably used to carrying rations in the field, especially since scavenging quality food is less of an option on the asteroid than in a more natural environment.
No. 701638 ID: 91cfcf

>that was introduced
It sounds like people brought it here as part of terraforming.
No. 701646 ID: dd338c
File 145541479066.png - (12.97KB , 800x800 , 45.png )

>Do you find it at all odd she keeps feeding you?
Well considering how much flak she's given me for eating poorly, and her low opinion of the food here, not really no!

"Let's go check the wildlife. I didn't know there was much here." I suggest, and we enter the section.
"That's cause there's not." she says, gesturing to the skulls. "Just whatever cargo of live animals happened to fall down here and then escape. I know there's some kept as pets, though, but it's tough for an animal to live for long here."

I get that impression, here. The skulls and all that seem like animals that were recovered, with signs on the display explaining where their native habitat is, and speculation on how they got here.

"But, look, over here there are some live animals!"
"This museum is basically just a zoo, then."
"Well, maybe just this area."
"Wait a second, is that a flathead?"
No. 701647 ID: dd338c
File 145541479971.png - (16.31KB , 800x800 , 46.png )

"Holy shit, it is! I haven't seen these in decades."
"Why would someone bring... wait, its name is flathead?"
"Look at this, you got a better name?" she says, before catching my curiosity as to what it is. "Bastards that hang out in groups of 20 to 50 or so in the trees. They hunt by waiting for larger prey to go underneath them, then they just drop. I always wanted one as a pet."
"They're tameable?"
No. 701648 ID: 5ad4a7

I wonder what one would cost, then.
No. 701651 ID: 5ea852

So she wants one to have something to ambush her in her home?
No. 701652 ID: 02422f

That's... that's not a predator skull, is it?

>"They're tameable?"
Pff. Well if you really want something else to chew on you, maybe I could convince them to part with one.

Suggestion for Rokoa: Tap.
No. 701653 ID: 211d83

If you want one I bet I could get the Cai to look the other way. Or get you some eggs or babies from the next clutch.

Then you could set up some branches up by the ceiling in your room and have them falling on you whenever they want food. Food being your ears.
No. 701657 ID: 8e9d4b

Take a look at the plaque, see what it says about where they were found. Why would anyone want to take these into space?

Do not offer to get her one as a pet, you can't steal from your own museum and the cost for something so rare would be astronomical. I'd bet there are rich people on this asteroid who want these as exotic pets. Maybe fill a pit with them and throw their enemies in.
No. 701659 ID: dd338c
File 145541592162.png - (11.26KB , 800x800 , 47.png )

>That's... that's not a predator skull, is it?
No, this one had different teeth, and a lot more holes in its skull, and a weird beak thing at the end.

"Won't it ambush you in your home?.... do you want that?"
>"One is basically harmless on its own."

>Look at the plaque
It looks like they were being brought to a research facility of questionable repute for study. They come from the neumono homeworld, though.

Rokoa taps on the glass, of course. One of the flatheads leaps up and whacks the glass.

>"Rokoa no!" the CAI calls out, and puts its TV limb out.
"Oh, you guys. I want this thing."
>"Can you take care of them?"
>"They need a special diet and temperature."
>"We'll sell as many as you want if you want!"
>"But seriously they'll die if you don't have preparations."
"The fun just got killed. Nevermind."
No. 701660 ID: 211d83

Man for being a dangerous predator on the homeworld full of murder beasts they sure are delicate.

Oh ask the Cai if they make plush versions of these for the gift shop. Would make a nice gift for Rokoa.
No. 701661 ID: 5ad4a7

I wonder if they make little robots that can mimic creature behavior.

Let's check out the tech exhibit.
No. 701662 ID: 02422f

Silly idea for a future date: put one in a box and give it to Rokoa. She'll think it's funny and probably not kill it after it jumps at her.
No. 701663 ID: 8e9d4b

Quick, CAI, what other small cute dangerous things do you have to recommend?

Kappi: There's no jammer here, right? Are you keeping a figurative eye on how bored Rokoa is? For that matter, are you feeling interested yourself? If there are no other animals then go on to the people section. That section probably talks a lot about space pirates and bandits and stuff.
No. 701664 ID: 91cfcf

Find out if Rokoa is in the people section.
No. 701670 ID: dd338c
File 145541894914.png - (33.53KB , 800x800 , 48.png )

>Man for being a dangerous predator on the homeworld full of murder beasts they sure are delicate.
I think that's typical, actually. A lot of the mid-range predator creatures have been in relatively specific, sometimes stable environments for thousands and thousands of years and just can't cope with things slightly out of their habitat.

>Are you keeping a figurative eye on how bored Rokoa is?
Yes, definitely! This place held her attention well, although just for a short time, since I think it's time to move on.

"CAI could we get a plush of these?"
They give a few superfluous details in the answer including complimenting us on our looks, but the answer is yes. It also comes to my attention that I forgot to get a shirt to put on, but given that the trade hub really isn't higher society, I don't think anyone actually noticed. I'm still really self conscious about it, but Rokoa isn't going to let me leave for something like that.

We head over into the people section. Most of the exhibits are just like, scrap and panels of past pirates. There is a little exhibit on the original inhabitants, but almost nothing is known about them despite that they're the ones who set up the terraforming. There's speculation that they found out how to get out, among other theories, but it's all just guesses.

"I don't think there's much on here about you, is there?"
>"Most of this stuff in here is old as hell. Then again, look at this plate. I think I was at this base before it got blown up. Back then, there were less missile defenses, so..."

Before I know it, Rokoa starts going down memory lane as she starts recalling a lot of the stuff around here. There are a few mentions of her, but usually just in the explanations as to what happened to something.

She could probably go on for hours if I let her. Not like that's a problem, but there is other stuff to do, and it's getting close to 3 PM! She's also reminiscing about how her hive used to be before I was born a lot. I don't know how I feel about that.
No. 701674 ID: 5ad4a7

Well just ask what other stuff she wants to do today. Hmm... are there movies here?

Hey I bet there's t-shirts in the gift shop. All museums have a gift shop.
No. 701677 ID: 91cfcf

There's still the arcade and the movie.
No. 701678 ID: 8e9d4b

>It also comes to my attention that I forgot to get a shirt to put on

Don't worry, it just makes you look like you're her cute slave-boy, following her around so she has something to look at and to service her whenever she feels the need. You'd want a collar to complete the look, though. You can check for some in the hotel gift shop! Or just a shirt.

>She's also reminiscing about how her hive used to be before I was born a lot. I don't know how I feel about that.

Well, I know they're not your hive any more, but if she's talking about how they were in the past then she's talking about your ancestors, isn't she? It's still part of your heritage. If you can't remember it yourself, it's probably good to know it. And a lot of these stories are probably pretty cool anyway! You might enjoy them. Do you know who your parents were? Would she know? You could ask her about them, and your grandparents and such. Despite you being a rogue, does she think any similarities to any of your predecessors have passed down to you?

Let her reminisce for a while, but don't let her ramble on forever. Somewhere in her action stories there'll probably be a decent moment to mention the game over in the arcade. Then from there, you could bring back to your place to watch the movies Hok got you. And once you're at home, you'll be free to try to get more intimate, if you're feeling it.

Hmm. Rokoa's here with her hive's negotiator, right? So her time's up when the negotiations are over. They're probably dragging, but even if they're set to take multiple days, they'll probably pause at the end of working hours. Tin's working hours, most likely, though she could drag it out an extra hour if they have a hope of maybe resolving it. Then possibly her hivemate will call for her to either go home or to secure where they'll be staying. If you're really lucky, the negotiations will both go on until tomorrow and Rokoa's hivemate will decide to take care of herself, which would leave Rokoa to stay with you for the night. Not sure if you can count on it, though.
No. 701680 ID: 211d83

How does she feel when reminiscing about the old days? Better than normal?

Well find a chance to get her pointed in the direction of the arcade and she can keep up her stories as you head that way.
No. 701682 ID: 02422f

>She's also reminiscing about how her hive used to be before I was born a lot. I don't know how I feel about that.
Well, the hive back then was different wasn't it? Would have fit then, even if you didn't now?

>She could probably go on for hours if I let her.
Well, it's probably good to let her have her moment. She probably doesn't get to do this kind of thing with many people. But yeah, you'll have to interrupt at some point to do other things.
No. 701684 ID: dd338c
File 145542231183.png - (15.86KB , 800x800 , 49.png )

>How does she feel when reminiscing about the old days? Better than normal?
Not... really, actually. I mean, she's enjoying doing it, but there's a sense of longing and discomfort as she does so. There's a lot of mention of hivemates that I never knew about. Eventually we just sit down and I listen to her talk about war stories, usually how she was put farthest behind enemy lines despite never being the sneaky type.

I'd like to seem interested in my ancestors and even my direct parents, although I doubt anyone knows who my father is. I really don't, though, and it's kind of upsetting -

"No." Rokoa grabs my head.
"No getting all depressed rogue on me. I'm done talking about the old days. Let's go to the arcade."
"Okay. Uh, do you think there's any similarities between the old hive and me?"
"You're overly polite. No." She pauses. "I'm kidding. There were always respected outliers and support staff. You might've fit in back then."
".... gift shop?"
"Yeah, let's."
No. 701686 ID: dd338c
File 145542232948.png - (35.71KB , 800x800 , 50.png )

There's mostly trinkets of useless cargo salvaged from past crash sites that would never have sold for anything outside of a gift shop. I do start looking over the shirts, and it's more like the cleanout rack at a proper clothing store than a gift shop. Just a lot of random logos and brand names I've never heard of. Rokoa nabs one.

"Hey, look, this is a really good shirt!"


"Actually I'm serious, it feels like it's made of a really good fabric. But it is perfect for you."
No. 701687 ID: 5ad4a7

You *are* a huge nerd. Admit it. And you're getting HUGER.
No. 701688 ID: 211d83

Honestly that is a great shirt. Plus if she gets you a shirt you can buy something for her equally as silly.
No. 701689 ID: 8e9d4b

Embrace your destiny, Kappi.

Anyway, you can be a huge nerd on any topic. Rokoa's a huge fighting nerd, for example, and you can tell her so.
No. 701690 ID: 02422f

Take it. Nerd pride.

Ask her if she's getting ones that says "dates nerds" or "I'm with him."
No. 701692 ID: dd338c
File 145542346962.png - (28.28KB , 800x800 , 51.png )

"Okay, I'll take it! It's basically true."
"It's a good shirt so if you didn't wear it, I would."
".... you're a huge fighting nerd anyway!"
"Yeah that's why I'd wear it."

... it's too small on her, but that's... anyway, now I think I should look for a good shirt for her, she's still wearing her gym clothes, and she's gotten some stares. I know I saw some pretty weird shirts in there that I passed by since I was looking for one for me.

>Input suggestion for a shirt
No. 701694 ID: 211d83

Huge guts.

I'm with stupid.
No. 701695 ID: 02422f

>Input suggestion for a shirt
"I'm with stupid"

"Murder is for lovers"


"My fists are down there"
No. 701696 ID: 8e9d4b

"Even Huger Nerd"

[Symbol for danger of explosion]

[Queen of hearts card]

[Three wolf moon]

[Predator stripes shirt]
No. 701697 ID: 8e9d4b

[old-timey drinks ad billboard/poster, advertizing "red rum"]
No. 701698 ID: bb78f2

"Polo does it from behind" on the front and a knife on the back
No. 701699 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 701700 ID: 73c49c

a shirt with the movie poster image from one the the polo live action shows or cartoons, that has Rokoa and Polo on it.

[Slippery when wet] warning sign
[dangerous when wet] warning sign
[spontaneously combustible] warning sign
[oxidizer] warning sign
No. 701702 ID: 20a66e

Buy her the trademark Steve set
No. 701703 ID: a95462
File 145542649371.jpg - (16.99KB , 324x324 , doubleirony.jpg )

Here, this one.
No. 701709 ID: dd338c
File 145542742682.png - (11.76KB , 800x800 , 52.png )

There's so many bad shirts. I even saw a Polo shirt, but I think the movie and the game is going to be enough Polo for Rokoa.

No. 701711 ID: 02422f

I don't think Rokoa will end up wearing it, but could we see the Polo one?
No. 701718 ID: dd338c
File 145542978685.png - (22.93KB , 800x800 , 53.png )

Really though what kind of shirt even says the movie release date?

"Completely false." says Rokoa. "Polo would never smile."
No. 701720 ID: dd338c
File 145542989304.png - (49.77KB , 800x800 , 54.png )

"But here's one for you!" I say, holding it up to her.
"Hahaha, that is 90's as hell. Good."

We head off to the arcade. The CAI makes sure I'm taking her to see the game with her in it, so we immediately stop there, first. I insert the coins to activate Polo, then Rokoa puts hers in to activate... Rokoa.

"Oh, hold on, there's codex on the characters in the menu?"
"Fine, look up what I already told you about, nerd."
>"Rokoa, the legendary, invincible warrior!" Oh even the codex is spoken by an overdramatic narrator. "Once the nemesis of Polo, she became an invaluable ally! Despite her turn to good and justice, her bloodlust has never been sated."
No. 701721 ID: dd338c
File 145542990631.png - (28.03KB , 800x800 , 55.png )

"Yeah that's basically me. A real warrior of right and light. Why the hell am I using a knife and only a knife? Did I ever even use a knife in front of Polo? I might've licked one to fuck around with her. Is this her way of completely missing a joke? Whatever, let's play."

We do it, and it's actually not long before we have a bit of an audience. Even a few neumono hang out at the back, but I think there's something about seeing Rokoa play as Rokoa in a video game. I'm actually kind of nervous, but this is under the heavier security area, so I don't think any enemies of Rokoa would show up at this point.
No. 701722 ID: 211d83

Concentrate on the game. If she gets more points than you at a video game you will never live it up. The Cai will yell at you if anyone tries anything.
No. 701723 ID: 73c49c

focus on the game dude, even if Rokoa had enemy's here so what? they would need to be packing some really big and easy to see fire power to hurt her at all.
No. 701724 ID: 5ad4a7

What about enemies of you?
No. 701725 ID: 02422f

>Hahaha, that is 90's as hell
Wow, the 90s are still recognized in the distant future, by aliens. I guess it must have been a pretty pervasive cultural thing to have survived and been passed on.

>Is this her way of completely missing a joke?
I don't think she could have personally orchestrated all the media to have come out of her life, could she? Not every weird thing has to have her behind it.

>worried for Rokoa
You're in the middle of your own base, with your own security, paranoid Agnes scrutinizing everyone at the gates, and the CAI watching over. She's about as safe as she can be. And even if she does have an enemy here, I doubt they could have smuggled in something that could kill her in one hit.

Focus on the game. She's never gonna let you live it down if she beats you at something you're supposed to be good at, nerd. Play that Polo!
No. 701733 ID: dd338c
File 145543260643.png - (19.38KB , 800x800 , 56.png )

>What about enemies of you?
Uh... maybe more word is gonna get out after this. I guess I feel safer around Rokoa, though, so I should trust her to take care of herself.

>Wow, the 90s are still recognized in the distant future, by aliens.
I'm pretty sure she just meant like, nearly a century ago 90's. That was when a lot of neumono were really getting the hang of living in ultrahives. Even if big wars were happening at the same time, there were a lot of hives that were getting into the business side of things, including manufacturing a lot of stuff with, uh, a new kind of approach to existing goods and often a poor grasp of the english language.

Most of the imports to neumono homeworld were supplies and necessities, and a lot of the luxuries were made by neumono despite being new at it. So the neumono market was filled with things that aliens thought looked like they were made by people centuries in the past but with new technology, so the 80s to early 2nd warp century on Astreneus was considered some kind of retro haven.

So the 90's on Astreneus might've been similar to the 90's of some old, pre warp area, I don't know.

I stop worrying and focus on the game. I've played this one a bunch actually, and I've gotten good at this!

... and Rokoa is doing just as well?

"How are you good at this!?"

>"Holy shit is Rokoa gonna get the Rokoa high score?!" I hear someone in the audience yell.
>"She is, the runner up wasn't anywhere close to her at this stage!"
>"Well it makes sense, she is the original thing!"
>"Kappi might beat his own best, too!"
>"That's not how it works you nimrod."

"Are you guys fucking with me?! I'm mashing buttons at random!" Rokoa yells.
No. 701734 ID: 5ad4a7

Either the CAI is fudging her controls for her or she's lying.

Start looking at what she's pressing, occasionally. Does it match what's happening on the screen?
No. 701735 ID: 211d83

Ha ha that is awesome. I wonder if they programmed her character to cater to button mashers.

Or its programmed to recognize Rokoa and is set to give her the highest score so she will get a message from Polo?

Whatever just enjoy the moment. This date is going great so far. Relax and have fun.
No. 701737 ID: e50ea7

Focus on doing your best. You can ask the CAI later if it was interfering.
No. 701740 ID: 02422f

The knife clone must have been a playtester or otherwise involved in the dev process. I bet they literally just mapped the Rokoa-character's controls and combos to whatever button mashes she used. Which would make the controls instinctive / intuitive for Rokoa.

>"Are you guys fucking with me?! I'm mashing buttons at random!" Rokoa yells.
No you're doing well! ...somehow. Maybe the Rokoa character was designed with button mashing in mind?

>what do
Well, try to win. If Rokoa is magically good at this, maybe you can take the high score.
No. 701741 ID: 73c49c

Try and get your high score dude!
No. 701746 ID: fa9b55

Well she's probably spent more time in combat than you've been alive.. she's got that killer instinct.
No. 701750 ID: dd338c
File 145543523857.png - (42.18KB , 1200x800 , 57.png )

>Does her mashing match what's happening on the screen?
It's hard to tell since it's, well, mashing, but the amount of stuff that game-Rokoa is doing is matching up at least. It's not like she's holding the back button and moving forward.

Either way, I keep trying my best. We basically destroy the final boss and get the high score each. Despite that they're supposed to be balanced against one another, there's two seperate leaderboards for each Polo and Rokoa, and then the combined points for the third, team leaderboard. We both get number one in every regard. Me because I played this game a bunch, and Rokoa because... I don't know. It's not like beating people up in real life transfers over to beating up people in a game! Anyway, a few people even cheer for us, and my social anxiety is basically on maximum even if that was fun.

Rokoa had a good time too, which was more important, although I don't think she cares much to play the same game twice. There was no secret message to Rokoa for getting the high score, either. The arcade has actually gotten pretty big over the last couple of weeks, so there should be a good variety of stuff to play.
No. 701751 ID: 211d83

Dance dance revolution it up.

That or any other ridiculous physical games.
No. 701752 ID: 5ad4a7

Try one of those newfangled VR-Goggle games.
No. 701755 ID: bb78f2

Dance Dance IS a good choice.
I'd pay to see Rokoa try riding a mechanical bull, though.
No. 701759 ID: 73c49c

No. 701792 ID: a95462

Well, that's going to earn the hub a lot of money. When it gets out that the real Rokoa has the high score on playing Rokoa, every video game nerd on the asteroid will want to try and beat it, to claim "better than the real thing" status. And it looks like, to play her in the first place in this game, you need someone else playing Polo first, and the ability to get a Rokoa high score would depend partly on how well the Polo player does. There's gonna be cash pouring into this machine for weeks.

Sneaky CAI, I suspect.

I want to recommend Kappi become lord of the dance, but he's probably still tired from earlier. And Rokoa might crack one of the dance pads. What about one of those test-how-hard-you-punch games? Or something where she can do some shooting, maybe some sort of giant dinosaur hunt thing. Oh, or! Is there, like, a racing game, but a sort of destruction derby racing game? Or vehicular combat thing?
No. 701804 ID: b412df

I wouldn't worry about the integrity of the DDR machine, it's probably designed to handle heef so it can get the widest possible audience or something.

I'm going to put another vote towards dance, it's either going to be fun or amusing, depending on Kappi's dancing ability.
No. 701848 ID: dd338c
File 145547914831.png - (18.42KB , 800x800 , 58.png )

>How about a rousing game of Roy?
I think the CAI is still working through documentation before they can really start producing games on that scale! It's possible and technically illegal, though. Illegal because CAIs can, with the right tools, generate such software so fast and efficiently that it would basically destroy the job market since there's no way for big companies to compete the traditional way. Since that doesn't apply here, though, we just have to wait a little longer.

Oh, and VR isn't really to that level yet anyways.

"Oh, I think there's a dance dance revolution on the other side." There's also VR, but this time of day is popular for the arcade, so there's a decent line for the one good VR machine.
"That gonna break on me again?"
"No, this one is designed to.... again?"
"My hive has one. I've played it a little with the kids."
"Oh, well - hey, is that a punch machine?"
"Wait, are you still tired from that workout?"
"Who cares? Drop a token."

Rokoa takes a swing at the pad, accompanied by empathy that feels like she wants nothing more in life than to murder this pad.
No. 701849 ID: dd338c
File 145547916325.png - (44.40KB , 800x800 , 59.png )

"Fuckin' fluffers. When the hell was he here?"
"Who...? Wait, I think Hok mentioned him while he was doing a job."
"Of course Hok was involved."
"Who is fluffers? That score is... insane if he didn't cheat."
"Just some meatrack. He's actually a huge pushover as long as you don't get grabbed. Still didn't know he could punch like that, though."
No. 701850 ID: dd338c
File 145547917276.png - (33.71KB , 800x800 , 60.png )

We move on to the DDR machine. Rokoa wants me to join in, as it conveniently has two player mode.

"Did you seriously just choose 'easy?'
"Can you really do the hardest setting?!"
"Well enough! At least go medium!"

Rokoa hits the button for some random song, and some bubbly music sang by some cheery girl I've never heard before starts going. I last about 15 seconds before I have to hold the railing, and even then, my legs nearly refuse to move even when I don't have to push my weight up and down.

Rokoa does way better than I would've thought, but she's failing the song. And normally I can do the medium difficulty, in fact maybe even hard on this song, but only when my legs aren't melted butter! We both fail the song and get booted out to the menu.

No. 701852 ID: 3274e0

Put another dime in the jukebox, baby
No. 701856 ID: 02422f

RNA place might be Runa, one of the SoBs from Pilon's group (if someone's not making an earth-based genetics joke). Can't come up with anyone on the trade hub roster who would naturally abbreviate to LPO, though.

You heard the lady. Again!
No. 701858 ID: 90f3c0

Oh no, you've made a horrible mistake and turned your nerdy trip to the arcade into a test of physical endurance. It's too late to back out now, try harder.
No. 701861 ID: dd338c
File 145548198415.png - (16.63KB , 800x800 , 61.png )

I put in another token.

We do it again. We get an easier song, some kind of piano-guitar combo that's kinda catchy in a weird way, and we both do a lot better. Rokoa barely scrapes by, I just get an A rank.

"Fuckin' really?" Rokoa says. It wasn't because of the score, but something on her screen has her attention.

Hok is in first place at this song. I take a look through the menu's, and apparently this is Hok's one and only score.

"Uh..... I didn't see it either, why does Hok being first place bug you?"
"I don't... wait, no, I do know! It's because I can just see him slapping the panels down going 'wow what's so hard about this' and talking about how he has no idea why anyone has any trouble with this, cause he's a huge dumbass with a natural talent for the stupidest bullshit. Again! We're doing it again until I beat Hok!" She gets confirmation from me since, well, I kind of think she's right.

Rokoa barely passed that song, and Hok's score is, well, it's perfect. This version, to beat someone's original perfect score, you have to get a perfect twice in a row. Rokoa is pretty amped to get a flawless, but, trying to go from barely passing to a flawless song, even not a very hard one, is not going to be easy.
No. 701867 ID: 5ea852

Die trying.
No. 701869 ID: 5ad4a7

What if she used all four limbs tho
No. 701870 ID: 741634

Well, then get on all fours and use every limb you have. Including tail and head if needed.
No. 701872 ID: 90f3c0

This is pretty much an impossible task to accomplish in a single day, it's the sort of thing that takes a lot of practice. But keep trying anyway, if she's having fun
No. 701881 ID: 02422f

Exhausting yourselves when you're already worn trying to beat Hok's luck with skill you don't have yet seems like a fool's endeavor.

...I'm not sure how we get Rokoa to back off when her competitive nature has already been triggered, though.

Maybe you need to think of something that would be a better use of your date time she'd be willing to bail for. Or if you think of a way to cheat.
No. 701888 ID: a95462

Rokoa, knowing Hok, I bet that someone made some bet or something with him that he couldn't get the score, and so what he did was literally get down on his knees and hit the pads with his hands to cheat his way to perfection and achieve whatever crazy shenanigans he had going at that moment.
No. 701898 ID: 211d83

Join her on her pad and empathy it up to duo dance the song.
No. 701955 ID: dd338c
File 145549801560.png - (21.19KB , 800x800 , 62.png )

She already started before I could say another word, so I wait for the song to finish once again.

"Maybe getting on all fours?" I say. She's unsure, but she gives it a shot. Even as big as she is, she has to crane her neck awkwardly to see. In fact, it seems like the screen is tilted down quite a bit to prevent this from working.
No. 701956 ID: dd338c
File 145549802517.png - (60.21KB , 800x800 , 63.png )

She doesn't do much worse or better though, and gets back on her feet. She tries the same song a few more times. I'm only on there for moral support as she tries. At least she doesn't care how badly I do, so I can half ass this one.

"How about... if we both try? Each of us will take two arrows, and we can just focus on hitting them at the right time."
"I don't want to cheat to get this, Kappi!"
"You know, uh, I think there's a good chance Hok cheated, too."
"Yeah, but we don't know that for certain, so we have to assume it was legit!"

She tries another few times.

"Okay, let's see how we even do."

We kneel on the floor and start bapping the panels, but it turns out that, well, we're actually legitimately not good at the timing. It turns out that Rokoa's ability to move her feet quickly enough aren't the problem at all, it's just that getting a perfect five times per second for about three minutes is just too tough.

"Nevermind, I'm better with my feet! Just watch me!"
No. 701957 ID: dd338c
File 145549803570.png - (15.83KB , 800x800 , 64.png )

Several attempts later, Rokoa's still trying. For what's probably been about 55 minutes out of 60 minutes, Rokoa has been constantly jumping up and down, and it's starting to show.

"Are you okay? Honestly, Hok would probably think it's silly to try to beat him at this, not because he's so good, but because he knows that it's a really useless talent to have."
"Nuh uh... I stopped giving a shit about Hok after 10 minutes! But this..." She stops renavigating the same menus for a moment, to catch her breath. "This game is telling me that I've let my sense of timing and concentration slip. I can do better than this! Fuckin'.. too many nerds in here, it's hot as hell."
No. 701959 ID: 5ad4a7

Well, there are other ways to practice that sort of thing.
No. 701960 ID: 211d83

Is there a jammer in here? Maybe you can help her train by holding her waist and helping her concentrate on the rhythm instead of the hand eye coordination. No idea if you can give video game tips via empathy. Might be fun to try though.

If she is getting hot and flustered is probably time for a break. Can always try again after relaxing for a bit.

Anyplace around here were we can relax for a bit?
No. 701961 ID: 99a64d

C'mon, you've been at this for like an hour, you can always come back here later.
No. 701962 ID: 02422f

She's doing that thing she did with Polo again. Trying to prove she's the best even in contests she's not the best at.

Suggest that maybe she take a break then, to get away from (most) of the nerds, to cool down. Come back and crush it when she's at top form, or she's had the chance to whip her timing back into shape.

Hmm. Not sure what's cooling down to do, since we already did swimming. Sitting out under the romantic stars? ...oh wait the trade hub is on a subterranean level. There are no stars outside.
No. 701965 ID: a95462

>For what's probably been about 55 minutes out of 60 minutes, Rokoa has been constantly jumping up and down

That poor shirt.

I'd recommend she go back to just the gym top, but really, the difference that would make is marginal compared to her big furry snow neumono hide. Have you guys been drinking at all, like even just bottled water? You must be dehydrated as hell. Kappi, offer to get the lady a drink.

>This game is telling me that I've let my sense of timing and concentration slip

... Uh, Rokoa. Have you been trying to time yourself based on watching the arrows? This is a rhythm game. You time yourself with the music.

Also, how much money have you spent on this?
No. 701966 ID: ab0189

I wonder if you could double up and have one of you focus on the rhythm and the other one the arrows. Might be a fun experiment.

The fact she can do this well vs Hoks enhanced reflexes and being out of practice is impressive.
No. 701970 ID: a537da

If she wants to practice concentration and timing the CAI could probably whip something up for her and put it on a tablet or something. Either way there are diminishing returns for pushing herself in this way. Don't say it that way of course.
No. 701973 ID: fa9b55

Is she at risk of overheating?
No. 701978 ID: 8111b6

Maybe make a joke about her thinking nerds are hot.
No. 701993 ID: dd338c
File 145550568340.png - (18.74KB , 800x800 , 65.png )

>Also, how much money have you spent on this?
A lot, really, but Rokoa says this is chump change.

"Are you telling me you think nerds are hot?"
"Ha, very funny."
"But seriously do you want me to get you some water?"
"Yeah... yeah, please."

I go run off to the vending machine. She really needed it.

"Oof, thanks. Forgot my own damn advice to not forget about water and food."
"Maybe more of a break?"
"This is enough. Just a few more times, my legs are still holding me, then we can relax."
"There's other ways to practice timing, you know?"
"Yes, there's tons of ways, but no best way. This is a good way, so I want to focus on this one."
"Um, something I've noticed... are you timing yourself by watching the arrows?"
"What's wrong about it?"
"It's a rhythm game! You're supposed to hit them in time with the music."
"..... that explains why I'm shitty at this, my sense of rhythm is on slower music."
"I'm actually used to - wait, really? Nevermind, I'm used to this music. Also, we've been listening to the same track for an hour straight."
"And we're both sick of it."
"But what if we held hands while you tried again, and I'll focus on the music, and you just see which arrow has to be pressed and I'll broadcast the timing?"
"Worth a shot. Let's do it."
No. 701994 ID: dd338c
File 145550570089.png - (15.49KB , 800x800 , 66.png )

There's four more attempts. It takes us awhile to really understand each other with the empathy, but after a couple tries, Rokoa is able to read me and I'm able to focus on the music in a way that resonates with her.

She gets an SS rank.
No. 701995 ID: dd338c
File 145550579914.png - (23.39KB , 800x800 , 67.png )

There were just a handful of 'good's in there, and Rokoa drops down. Oh, god, she's really shaking, and if it were anyone else I would probably bring them to the hospital. If it were anyone else, this situation wouldn't be happening.

"Good enough? Please tell me that's good enough."
"You know it's not. I'm not moving the goal post." she huffs.
"It'll be here tomorrow."
"None of us know who and what is going to be here tomorrow, Kappi! But if it was my last day alive, I can think of better ways to spend it than perfecting this dance rhythm song. I can think of worse ways, too, for the record, but I'll give it a rest. Know of a good place to cool off?"

>Sitting out under the romantic stars?
The trade hub does poke out of the subterranean level a bit, and there is a glass shield in a few areas that we can look out from. It's not really the coolest area, but I think she mostly just needs rest right now, so anywhere that isn't hot will do.
No. 701997 ID: a95462

Now, I think, is the time to bring her back to your place and watch goofy but apparently based-on-real-life action sentai neumono movies.

Just don't tell her Hok got them for you.
No. 701998 ID: 88e46e

Watch the goofy movies.
No. 701999 ID: 02422f

The glass shield area is nice, or you could go watch something together. You got more goofy movies, right? (Like the neumono pre-contact aliens one).
No. 702001 ID: 211d83

Take her back to your place for silly movies.

Let her know that its great to have a never give up attitude but sometimes you only can win by stepping back for a bit to look at the big picture and revise your strategy.

Taking a break to recharge is not giving up.
No. 702004 ID: 5ad4a7

No lecturing the murder neumono.
No. 702006 ID: 99a64d

Yeah, she's almost six times your age, you very unlikely to bestow upon her any wisdom she hasn't heard before.
No. 702007 ID: dd338c
File 145550987043.png - (43.12KB , 800x800 , 68.png )

Rokoa starts drinking the rest of the water, and sits down against the wall.

"You know, uh, sometimes it's good to take a break and revise your strategy. Stopping isn't giving up."
"And how many times have you curled on your bed in pain going "ohhh nooo I really shouldn't have had that coffee?" Or "ohh I should really pay this bill right away this time so I don't forget later?"
"Okay, okay, I get it! I'm not wrong, though, am I?"
"No, you're not wrong. Just preaching to the choir. But let me tell you something else, Kappi, cause I'm the one who should be lecturing you. You're running the flat line of mediocrity if you do what's required or expected of you. Sure, you're better than someone who doesn't even do that much, but that just means you're not running in the negatives. Do every single extra mile you can. Not many people do, so by just doing a bit more every time, every time, you're already a league above everyone else. So do 10 extra miles and be the best. You ever tell me to quit when I'm not feeling like I put in the extra effort, and I'll turn the extra effort on you, got it?"
"G-got it."
I'm not sure what to say -

"Now this isn't a damn motivational pow wow session! Where are we going?"
"Let's just go back to my place, it should have good AC, and we can rest for the day."

We start heading back. She puts her hand on my head, but this time it's less some weird tribal thing about putting huge hands on small heads, and is half about just leaning on me. That's definitely good.

Her stomach growls loudly about halfway back.

"You been eating well?"
"Um... I've actually been eating at Pilon's, lately, since he's told me about how eating well is important."
"That's something we can agree on. So you got no food at your place?"

Damn, I was hoping to get back soon to watch that movie - oh, shoot, that movie! That box set! I forgot that it was in mint condition! Completely sealed! A collector's item!
No. 702008 ID: 5ad4a7

So the answer to food at your place is no, then. You gotta go to a restaurant. However you need to find one that actually has good food.

You shooouuuld find out if there's a non-collector's set available to watch. Going the extra mile doesn't mean needlessly unboxing mint-condition collectors items to show your date a good time.
No. 702009 ID: 88e46e

Do they sell non-mint condition copies of that around here? If so, might as well ask Rokoa what she thinks of destroying the value of a hugely nerdy item. If she's a fan of the idea, go ahead. If she dislikes throwing away something expensive, get a non-mint copy.

...Or just, you know, enjoy watching the movie. Do you even have an actual collection?
No. 702010 ID: 02422f

>So you got no food at your place?
I'm sure you could get the CAI to run some good food back for you. They're happy to facilitate shipping.

And bringing Rokoa to Pilon for a meal sounds like a bad idea.

>You're running the flat line of mediocrity if you do what's required or expected of you. Sure, you're better than someone who doesn't even do that much, but that just means you're not running in the negatives. Do every single extra mile you can. Not many people do, so by just doing a bit more every time, every time, you're already a league above everyone else. So do 10 extra miles and be the best. You ever tell me to quit when I'm not feeling like I put in the extra effort, and I'll turn the extra effort on you, got it?
Teasing: "Hey, I get you, I was just trying to save you the embarrassment of falling down in front of all those nerds, or having to have me carry you out of there."

>oh, shoot, that movie! That box set! I forgot that it was in mint condition! Completely sealed! A collector's item!
I never understood the point of keeping something unwatched.

Or don't we have fancy future scanners that can read it right though the box?
No. 702013 ID: fbe790


Well, pick up something to take out, then. There has to be some place that you can get something decent from. It'd probably be expensive to get good and healthy stuff that you can take home, but you're on a date.

Alternately, you could buy ingredients and cook for her when you get home. Or, let her relax somewhere for a while, and run over to Pilon's place to ask him for something you can pay him back for later. I would... not recommend bringing Rokoa around to visit Pilon.

>That box set! I forgot that it was in mint condition! Completely sealed! A collector's item!

Kappi, Hok got you that so you could enjoy it. You're not going to get as much pleasure out of just having it pristine on your shelf as you would watching it with Rokoa. The only other reason to keep it is if you think you'll find some rich nerd who'll pay a lot of money for it, but that's a pretty shitty thing to do with a gift, even if you made a big profit and paid Hok what he gave for it.
No. 702014 ID: 211d83

There has to be somewhere around here that makes neumono type meat apocalypse dishes. That or you could go grab some basics from the food mart and cook her up something.

As for the boxed set I don't suppose the Cai can track it down on asteroid netflix? A mint collectors set is nice but not if its the only copy you have. Would rather ruin the collectability and get to watch it with my girlfriend than have it sit on the shelf forever.

She does have a good point about doing your best. You are doing good with the exercise and stuff but if you really want to impress Rokoa you need to push it harder every day. A few months being sore constantly is a small price to pay for what you get.
No. 702015 ID: bb78f2

So ask the damn CAI to fire up a digital copy for you.
You know it's got a few good bootlegs around, of everything that's on the asteroid.
No. 702018 ID: fbe790

Actually, if you have the connections for the CAI to speak to you in your kitchen, they can instruct you and you could make some pretty good stuff?

For you carnivorous types, I would suggest maybe fried or roasted marrowbones, fried or grilled liver (make sure you don't overcook), poached gizzards, panfried hearts... there's plenty of stuff that other wussier races leave on the shelf that's super good for you. For some variety on the side, could try black pudding, haggis, maybe garnish with a fried egg.
No. 702025 ID: dd338c
File 145551446204.png - (16.33KB , 800x800 , 69.png )

>Do you even have an actual collection?
Yes! I think it was 12 movies? Definitely not to be watched in one go.

Well, not anymore.

>Don't we have fancy future scanners that can read it right though the box?
Well I'm sure the technology exists, but it's probably not in tv shows since someone could just walk down an isle and scan every movie in.

>Kappi, Hok got you that so you could enjoy it. You're not going to get as much pleasure out of just having it pristine on your shelf as you would watching it with Rokoa.
Okay, I guess Hok only got it because it was the only thing around, but I feel like I'm committing a terrible crime by opening. But thinking about Hok's intentions and enjoying it with Rokoa, I guess I'll open it.

"I'm pretty sure you won't like the food I have at my place." And won't like going to Pilons. "Do you want to go out to eat?"
"Not until a good place is built. You got grocery places?"
"Yeah, I was thinking in that case, I could go and cook you something. Actually, we can have the CAI shop for us - "

The CAI starts swooping its limb down.

"Fuck no, we're handpicking everything."

The CAI swoops back up.

"Wait, CAI! Do you happen to have the box set in storage that Hok gave me?"
>"No, we barely have anything!"
>"We were gonna talk to you about opening your box, because what's the point of it just sitting there?!"
>"The point is in novelty, like you wouldn't open up a museum display just to see what it felt like!"

"Well, I think I'm going to open it."
>"Thanks, let us borrow it when you're done!"
No. 702026 ID: dd338c
File 145551447666.png - (20.83KB , 800x800 , 70.png )

We enter the grocery store. It's basically the biggest supermarket the trade hub has, and it's been getting enough traffic to do well for itself.

"You know, back there... I get what you were saying, but I was trying to save you the embarrassment of falling down in front of all those arcade players! Or having me carry you out of there."
"Embarrassment? Did it look like I was blushing when I got on all fours and waved my ass around behind me? If I thought you were going to carry me out, I would've done another few rounds. By the way, you could've tried to yank my ear off again, I ate my words again and essentially let you sneak up on me once again, and this time even more burnt."
"Er... I didn't even think about it. I mean, there were so many people behind us, too! At least the gym wasn't populated."
"Yeah, woulda looked pretty weird, but what did I say about my ass?"
"Anyway, do you even know how to cook?"
"I've been learning a little bit lately. Uh, just stuff like, how to properly cook an egg, or what spices work on what meats and how long to cook them for..."
"That's barely a step above instant noodles! I'm cooking. You can learn from me.

Damnit, she keeps feeding me, but I want to change that around sometimes! Maybe I can insist, or come to a compromise and at least select the kind of food.


This might be something Rokoa would be into. There's a lot of super efficient farms on the asteroid so food isn't a huge issue, but it still is pretty expensive and animals especially are harvested in full, so we do see a lot of the, uh, out there ingredients.
No. 702029 ID: 99a64d

>oh, shoot, that movie! That box set! I forgot that it was in mint condition! Completely sealed! A collector's item!

Movies are meant to be watched, not kept in boxes! You dishonor the movie and its creators by keeping it sealed! You dishonor Hok by not enjoying it as he wanted you to! (not that he had much honor in the first place) When an object is created for a purpose it is most shameful to not use it for that purpose! You would not leave a CAI sealed in a box, would you? You must make good on the unspoken promise you made when you accepted that gift from Hok and view that corny filmography with your own two eyeballs!

But yeah, the CAI would almost certainly be willing to fetch y'all some food. Their favorite things are shipping and Rokoa (and hugs but that isn't relevant right now), this serves both of those.
No. 702031 ID: 5ad4a7

>missed another opportunity to get the ear
God DAMN it
You'd need a knife anyway though. Heyyy, you have knives in your kitchen, right? You can totally go for it there, assuming there's a jammer present so she can't intercept you as you're going for it.
Or maybe you can do it right in the store. If you pass by a knife.
No. 702033 ID: 99a64d

God dammit I knew I took too long typing that, Lagotrope is 2fast4me. Whatever, I'm leaving it up, maybe others can learn from my mistake.

Dude, get some hearts, that's like, super romantic.
No. 702035 ID: 211d83

Well Rokoa likes to go on about bad food everywhere but what exactly does that mean? You would think with a large population of Neumono on the asteroid there would be plenty of places that served your sort of specialized food.

Ok for a menu roast marrowbones make a great desert oddly enough. As for the misc organ meats Rokoa probably has a thousand and one ways to prepare them so why not get a range and have her teach you some new recipes.

As for learning to cook its simple. Just don't go out anymore or buy any prepackaged foods. In a month you will be a great cook or starve to death. And with how much you guys eat you will learn all the faster.

I am starting to see why Rokoa is pushing so hard for you to improve yourself. You were like a teenager just out of his parents house who did not know anything about the real world. All panicking about balancing your checkbook and learning how to live on your own. Some people never get over that stage and live life never improving themselves at all. If you keep this up in a few months you will be able to look back and be impressed with how far you have come. Never stop learning Kappi. Life is to short to get lazy.

Oh and tell her that you thought about going for a ear but were having to much fun to start a wrestling match in the arcade. Oh and while you are here get one of those safety sliding razors that are for opening bags and letters. Would be a perfect tool for slicing a ear off with out the threat of stabbing her or yourself in the process.
No. 702036 ID: fbe790
File 145551555615.jpg - (73.78KB , 640x425 , cover_smallplates7-1_52_online_jc.jpg )

>By the way, you could've tried to yank my ear off again, I ate my words again and essentially let you sneak up on me once again

Didn't she upgrade the terms?

>>701423 "you would've had to take the whole damn ear without sneaking up on me to impress".

So no more sneak attacks, only straight fights. I suppose taking her on when she's tired or intoxicated wouldn't count as sneaking, but I'd think something similar would apply. Besides, you were in public, lots of people were watching, they'd have gotten the wrong idea! And if you'd ended up in the same sort of struggle as in the gym you'd have wrecked the arcade machines.

>the, uh, out there ingredients.

They're organ meats, Kappi! If you don't eat veggies, they're how you get all your essential vitamins and minerals! Plus they have a different range of flavours and textures compared to regular muscle steaks, all of which can be delicious when prepared right.

Get to the butcher and pick up some of that good stuff. If you get marrowbones make sure the butcher cuts them up for you because you probably don't have the equipment to do it yourself.
No. 702037 ID: 02422f

>Ears again
I dunno, brawling in public is kind of different from wrestling in private. (Also what kind of challenge is it if she's already let herself get exhausted).
No. 702046 ID: ab0189


You want a zip gut hook tool. They probably have them in with the hunting supplies. They are designed for skinning big game and would be the best way to take a ear off.

Better than a knife cause you cant accidentally stab her in the face while wrestling. And she cant easily knock it out of your hands due to the finger holes.

I have put way to much thought into this.
No. 702052 ID: ce9af8

Heart is meat. Meat is good.
No. 702072 ID: 724af6

I would be against going for the ear again, for now, since things are starting to wind down, I would also be against upping the ante with a knife or similar. She's taking it more seriously now, remember.

Regarding food, you don't really know much, and you don't need to insist; just make suggestions and ask questions. If you hit upon something that's a good idea, she might go for it, use this as a learning oppertunity.
No. 702195 ID: dd338c
File 145558512186.png - (21.81KB , 800x800 , 71.png )

"Also, I do actually want to impress you by taking the ear, so I want to keep it sporting and not assault you when you overwork yourself."
"Good, then, if you don't think you need to take advantage of me when I'm impaired."

>Well Rokoa likes to go on about bad food everywhere but what exactly does that mean? You would think with a large population of Neumono on the asteroid there would be plenty of places that served your sort of specialized food.
Well there's lots of places! But I've been told fast food is generally junk food no matter the species, with the exception of a few chains that specialize in good food.

>If you don't eat veggies
I do though!

I don't think I can find anything really specialized like a zip gut hook tool, but I do find a box cutter that I think could snip Rokoa's ear.

"What about something with, uh, hearts? I hear those are good."
"They are."
"Bone marrow for desert?"
"Let's do it. I'll get other stuff, too."

Rokoa packs the cart and pays for everything. I've been saving up, but I can't really do what she does to get the money she has. She ends up getting some cooking supplies too, like pans and pots and stuff.

>"Hey, are you Rokoa? Man, you really saved our butts back at - "
"Empathy says I don't care, every time I kick someone's ass I'm saving another, but that's not the point."
>"O-oh, well.... that'll be 1980 zeny, please."
"Here we are."
>"Alright, I'll just give you your receipt and stop wasting your time, then. Register just takes a second to - "
"Holy shit don't explain every tiny detail like I've got you at gunpoint."

Although Rokoa's empathy seems to indicate that she does have him at gunpoint somehow?
No. 702197 ID: dd338c
File 145558522760.png - (27.23KB , 800x800 , 72.png )

We go back to my unit and start unpacking after I crank up the AC. I hope the trade hub will enter the modern era soon and my key will actually be an electronic panel where I can turn on the AC and stuff in advance. I've played so many games that seem futuristic but take place like 5 years ago. And came out 5 years ago so it's not like one of those stories that has a really optimistic outlook on how things will be in 15 years.

"Wait, how long are you going to stay here for?"
>"Couple of days, probably."
"How am I gonna eat everything that's here?"
"Because if you exercise as much as you should, you'll starve if you don't. So I'm going to start a big pot, and I expect it gone by tomorrow. And no, I'm not gonna cook naked, cause I don't want to get sauce out of my fur."

.... but if I -

"It's gonna dry up before you get a chance to lick it up, hornball."

Rokoa immediately starts the next sentence with teaching me how to cook. Too much teaching, too fast. I try, but she's really overestimating my preexisting knowledge, so she slows down and just focuses on the specific tasks by how to stuff the hearts, what oils to use on the pans, the temperature for the oven... it is a lot, still. We're both starving, so Rokoa feeds both of us a snack she picked up to hold us over.

"Things have to cook for a bit. Go pick a movie while I wash."
No. 702199 ID: dd338c
File 145558529755.png - (18.71KB , 800x800 , 73.png )

Well... this is it, then.


Goodbye, collector value. Rokoa still doesn't even acknowledge my pain about it.

There's 12 movies. The first six are actually the original movies in episodic form, so only the first one of the first half should be started with. Well, except the second one has a teamup with Polo. The 10th to 12th are a reboot and are more modern and, well, serious, while the first 6 have been said to be really goofy. The two inbetween... the 8th is titled "Omega Waveforce Vs. Polo", and the 9th is a holiday special. It doesn't even say which holiday. In fact it almost seems out of place like it was put in at the last minute.
No. 702202 ID: 88e46e

Interesting. The holiday should make for a good finale. First six, then 9-12, then 8, then 7. I assume the holiday special is meant to be 7th, not 9th, since 9-12 is the reboot.
No. 702204 ID: dd338c

Sorry, the reboot was supposed to start at the 10th, not 9th.
No. 702205 ID: 211d83

Guess start at the beginning?
No. 702206 ID: 5ad4a7

You've got the box cutter on you, right?

Pick up where you left off. If Rokoa ever starts laughing a lot at something, take the opening and go for the ear.

Actually maybe the holiday special would be best for that. Aren't they usually ridiculously goofy?
No. 702207 ID: f02a77

Okay, a little late to the party here; someone explain to me why we wanna cut this girl's ear off so badly, and why she's so okay with it? And why she cut our own ear off, supposedly?
No. 702208 ID: 02422f

>Although Rokoa's empathy seems to indicate that she does have him at gunpoint somehow?
Well she doesn't need a gun to start killing people. She's got them at fistpoint.

Cute fridge photo.

>while I wash
...we could go all slasher shower scene on her for her ear, but there's probably not a jammer in your quarters so she'd see it coming a mile away. Also if we attack a naked wet Rokoa we'll never get back before the food burns.

You gotta do the omega waveforce or the holiday special. Maximum silly.
No. 702210 ID: 02422f

Because it'll grow back, because she started this date by ripping back his ear (see the end of part five), because we're trying to impress a crazy warrior by besting her at something, and because the ears are an emergency detachable food source and giving / taking / eating / sharing them has complicated cultural implications, especially for someone old enough to have lived before first contact.
No. 702211 ID: f02a77

Oh okay. Thanks.
No. 702212 ID: fbe790

>Goodbye, collector value. Rokoa still doesn't even acknowledge my pain about it.

Rokoa isn't really someone who acknowledges pain at all, Kappi. In her worldview, pain is something you just accept and pushed through, so like... it'd be sort of insulting if she did acknowledge your pain? Because she things you can deal with it. Like, if she had felt you agonizing over this and deciding not to do it because of that, then her opinion of you would have gone down. She expects you to be able to deal with this, so like, that's sort of an appreciation, by her standards.

Anyway, after you're done enjoying these yourselves, you can let the CAI upload them and distribute them to other people. I expect the CAI includes a little "generously donated by" tagline to stuff they've put out there, so, hopefully this will counterbalance some of the enemies you pick up from associating with Rokoa, by making some people friendly to you.

The movies, I'm really curious about the Polo ones, but Rokoa might be getting sick of you always bringing up her Polo connection during your times together, by now? So I'd start with either the holiday special, if you just want to pick one, or at the beginning if you want to watch a couple. I feel like Rokoa would like the older, goofier stuff. Judging by her reaction to the t-shirt, she likes goofy nostalgic stuff. Don't know if you'd have time to binge watch them all. Maybe you can watch a few each day while she's here, if she's here a few days. Have you watched any of these before? Actually, has she? It sounds like the earlier ones might have come out before she got to the Asteroid.

>picture of Rokoa and Kappi on fridge

Aww. Hey, when did you get that?... Did you get the CAI to print out a still from a security tape or something?
No. 702217 ID: 88e46e

Ah, thanks for the correction. Start with the original, then the reboot, then the other two in whatever order. May have to split this up between a few days.
No. 702219 ID: 5ad4a7

As for why she took Kappi's, she was tasting him to find out if he was still drinking coffee and eating chocolate. Both of which are poisonous to Neumono.
No. 702238 ID: 99a64d

>Although Rokoa's empathy seems to indicate that she does have him at gunpoint somehow?
If you aren't working under the assumption that Rokoa is armed at all times then you are seriously underestimating her. We know for a fact that she always has a sword in her ear, and I wouldn't put it past her to have, like, guns hidden up her ass and grenades in her tits or something.

Rokoa should do a cooking show, she could be like a modern Gordon Ramsey, except less shoutey and more murdery.

I'd start with the holiday special, just to solve the mystery of what holiday it is.
No. 702274 ID: dd338c
File 145560052598.png - (18.27KB , 800x800 , 74.png )

>Where's that picture on the fridge come from?
Oh, on a previous visit, we had the CAI take a picture!

>Have you ever seen these movies before?
I haven't! I've only heard about them. Maybe Rokoa has, though... I'll ask when she's done.

>Rokoa should do a cooking show, she could be like a modern Gordon Ramsey, except less shoutey and more murdery.
Since the CAI's been going at a pretty heavy entertainment angle lately, we have the gear for it, and Rokoa really seems to like cooking, all we need is for Rokoa to actually be willing to go on a cooking show.

So it'll probably never happen.

>Rokoa might be sick of Polo based media
I don't think she's sick of that yet, but I do want to make sure it stays that way, too.

I'll settle on the very first movie and then the holiday special. It's not that late, so it may as well be two movies.

Maybe I can keep the box cutter close just in case. Rokoa is still feeling the effects of exhaustion, but by the time we get into the movie, I don't think that will be so bad. She'll probably be sore for several hours, but not on the verge of call the hospital bad. I mean, it would still be a sneak attack anyways to suddenly leap at her while she's distracted, but it'll be really hard to not broadcast my intention and really... go with my impulses without warning, as she said.

Since she's been lightly on guard with a bit of steady attention on my empathy and body, managing a sneak attack should be impressive enough!

But then again I'd have to constantly be looking out for an opportunity without constantly thinking of it, but... I want Rokoa to enjoy the movie too, and if she has to be on guard for sneak attacks, maybe that won't help. I have a feeling like the dance game event isn't as infrequent as I want to think, too, and she really has felt safe inside of the trade hub, so I want to give her an honest chance to relax for a few hours at least.

But there can be all of tonight for relaxing by sleep, and this may be my chance!

>We could go all slasher shower scene on her for her ear
I think she meant washing the dishes that she was done with. A shower will wait.

But! Now that I think about it, there is a jammer that goes on after 8 PM so that neumono in this complex can sleep and relax easier without strangers in their head.

If Rokoa takes a shower, then that'll give her the least amount of room to maneuver against me probably, and her being as sore as she should be at around that time will probably be the best balance of impressing her that I can fight well play-wrestle her and actually having a chance in hell.
No. 702281 ID: 02422f

>all we need is for Rokoa to actually be willing to go on a cooking show.
>So it'll probably never happen.
You just need to get her to lose a bet. She has a track record of being more competitive than she should be, at things she's not always the best at.

>movie ambush or shower
You'll miss out on the movie if you're watching for ambush opportunities the whole time! You ruined it's collector value, you owe it to the box set to enjoy it fully.

Also a shower ambush and possibly naked wrestling match is way funnier / sexier.

...and if you actually pull it off, getting blood all over the shower is way easier to clean up than getting it all over your couch.
No. 702286 ID: 1caa35

Are there any vents? You mightbe able to sneak up on her from them if there are. Because she's a lot bigger than you the best way to attack would be from above her. It would give you one clean shot at her ear if you could surprise her. Or you could try to make a situation where at least one of her arms is incapacitated.

Another idea is to try try it a couple of times and wear her down. You could also try to blind her (she probably wouldn't care that much) but I'm not sure if you want to go that far.
No. 702287 ID: 5ad4a7

Shower slasher plan is go.
No. 702294 ID: 99a64d

Showr slasher plan does sound better than the movie ambush plan, but doesn't the bathroom door lock?
No. 702298 ID: 90f3c0

She'll completely see the shower ambush coming, jammer or not. But it still seems like the best plan to go for the ear and not ruin the movie expedience. Plus you get to act out a horror movie cliche in real life, not many people can say they've done that on a date.
No. 702311 ID: 7c967b

Yeah, Nthing the shower cliché. The CAI will play appropriate music after you start.

Don't try anything of the sort during the movie, just enjoy the moment.
No. 702339 ID: df2ec0

Just keep your box cutter handy and if a opportunity comes up go for it. Planning and scheming is just going to get your empathy noticed sooner. So be prepared and go with your gut when a opening arrives.
No. 702340 ID: 208690

She said things have to cook for a bit, and the oven is involved... is she making some sort of stew? That would give you a good amount of time. And you do probably both need showers, you'd have chlorine left in your fur from the pool and you sweated it up again on the dance pad. How close is it to 8 PM now? It was "almost 3" at the museum, about an hour at the dance machine, if we assume another hour walking and shopping combined from after the museum and arcade, that would put it at about 5? Ok, forget doing it before dinner.

Perhaps you should take advantage of your native terrain. Can you discreetly ask the CAI to suggest to Rokoa that you each have a shower before settling in? Try food and one movie first, two if they're short enough to fit in. You can relax for those, then, and when it's nearly 8 the CAI can pop in to... like, tell you the hot water's ready to have a shower? Or that they'll be turning off the hot water for this section soon, so have a shower before it goes? If I recall, the residential areas around here were still being rebuilt recently, so there's an excuse for some jankiness and inconvenience to be around. In that case, if you're lucky, Rokoa will even interpret your emotional spike when you're reminded of your underhanded plan for a "oh no we need to wash up before it's too late" feeling.
No. 702351 ID: b8d57b

If he's doing the shower movie cliche, he has to do it naked. The advantages to her being naked versus him being clothed will be significant- there's less to grab on to if he sheds his clothes. She can fight in the nude, so can you.
No. 702363 ID: 55211e

D'you know what will impress her, taking the ear if a fight, through strength and skill, not through underhanded tricks not by sneaking and conniving NOT BY TAKING THE EASY ROUTE!
She sees something in you GODDAMMIT!
We'll work and persevere and though we won't ever match her we will become good enough to earn that ear and WIN her respect.
No. 702367 ID: 99a64d

Getting to the point where Kappi can do that would take literal DECADES.
No. 702377 ID: b412df

Yes, but at the same time she might not be concerned about us getting the ear, just as long as we make a solid attempt each time while getting better. I think she'd prefer us to make a solid attempt openly and fail, instead of springing at her ear whenever her guard is momentarily down. Then again, maybe I'm misinterpreting what Rokoa would want.

However if we are to go with the shower plan, then keep in mind that while Rokoa won't be able to easily manoeuvre, they'll be less space for you to escape from any holds / being pressed against any of the surfaces. And Rokoa still being sore won't be too huge of a advantage, since you worked out as well, so you'll be a bit sore as well.
No. 702379 ID: 55211e

So what you're saying is that because it will take to much time we should give up on any long term goals and go for the cheap and easy way.
no Kappi is a neumono he has the time and Rokoa seeing that we're going the hard route and not looking for compromise will already win us some points in her book.
we don't need instant gratification here, we can go for something long lasting.
and we choose to do this, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.
No. 702384 ID: 5ea852

Perhaps...Rokoa doesn't want you to get her ear on her own terms. Maybe she doesn't see a warrior neumono in you, but some sort of hunter or assassin?
Rationally speaking, you can't power through stuff like she does. But what you can do is turn her strengths and weaknesses against her.
I think that, as long it is caused by your own doing, she would accept any unfair advantage you gain over her. Like when a hunter stalks his prey to its exhaustion. Or when you besiege a fortress. Yes, Rokoa is exactly that - a fortress that seems impenetrable but can be taken.
No. 702387 ID: 208690

Yeah, I don't think Rokoa ever expects Kappi to beat her in a straight-up fight. Remember, she likened him to "respected outliers and support staff" in terms of how her hive used to be, not the warriors. And it's not like Rokoa only respects warrior skill, she just admires people trying to be the best they're capable of. That's why I think getting the CAI's help might be a decent idea - it's Kappi's job to wrangle them, he's a computer guy, it's his skillset at work.

I don't know if Kappi could know this, but remember, Rokoa's mother was attracted to her father for his strategic skill instead of being a big bruiser. And we know Rokoa had a thing with Lakkat, who was also a small technician-type dude, though it didn't work out, so obviously something more is needed. What I'm getting at is, being clever and cunning is at least part of what Rokoa likes. And as a practical matter, even if he did get in a fight with her, he would have to win by outmaneuvering her, rather than any advantage in strength or speed. The reason he did pretty well in the gym, for example, is because he secured an advantageous position where it was tricky for her to reach him. So he needs more of that, with his physical training more to offset his weaknesses rather than trying to become better than Rokoa. Because, you know, he can't, not in that department.
No. 702389 ID: bb78f2

Maybe a survival show where she tries to hunt, kill, AND cook wild game?
Not much wild game on the Asteroid, though.
No. 702396 ID: 99a64d

I think it's fairly obvious that Rokoa doesn't expect or even want kappi to face her in a straight-up fight, they both know he could never even come close to beating her that way. I mean, just look at Polo, she never once faced Rokoa in a straight fight, she abused every single advantage she could to beat her, and now they're basically soulmates (soulhates?).
No. 702514 ID: dd338c
File 145567574346.png - (19.14KB , 800x800 , 75.png )

>Are there any vents? You mightbe able to sneak up on her from them if there are.
Well, probably, but they're probably like a foot wide or something and dirty as heck.

I think I'll go for the shower scene. I guess I'm going for the thing where I have the smallest chance of winning but still a chance. Rokoa seems kind of okay with some cunning and underhandedness. Even though she's most fond of direct fights, there is a part of her that relents that certain circumstances call for other stuff. Like if a fighter was to fight another warrior but had no realistic chance of winning, then Rokoa might respect them more if they fought anyway, but if that fighter had kids and a hive or something that depended on their victory, then sacrificing their loved ones just for their own integrity is messed up. So eventually she knew that some neumono have strength in fighting smart or sneaky, not trading blows until one falls down.

So to get the max respect from Rokoa, I have to challenge myself as much as possible in it! The only real rule was to not take it while she's sleeping, but if I really needed that ear, I could, I dunno, tie up or otherwise pin her limbs while she slept, then wake her up, then take her ear. But then I would've won because of a betrayal of understanding and trust, not because I overpowered, outsmarted or outsneaked her. It's all about the process of taking her ear, not having it.

She's basically said today, though, that she's expecting me to take advantage of her low guard, although the spirit of that message can be broken by being too cheap about it. I think she kind of likes being on guard against me, but I still don't think the movie is the right time for it.

Maybe some day I can do it with less or no cheap tricks, and maybe even if an even, fair fight but for now, shower assault is on.

>Doesn't the bathroom have a lock?
Well, yes, but... this place isn't modern enough to let my keys control my house remotely, but it is modern enough that we use electronic keys, and I do have an override button for my place! Which is really questionable apparently? But I do, so the lock will do nothing.

>What time is it?
Barely past five.

>Is she making some sort of stew?
There's both a stew that'll take a while to cook, and a frying, uh, dish, that's going to be done pretty soon.

I start to message the CAI about this, but they have a questionable sense of privacy and I really don't need logs for them saying that I'm going to assault Rokoa and try to take her ear while she's in the shower.

I'll just load up the movie. Huh, this message... apparently, even the old ones were loosely based on real events. I wait on the couch for Rokoa, who catches up pretty quick.

"Here we are. The stew is slow cooking, it'll be done after the first movie. Hour and a half, right?"
"Er, have you seen these before?"
"I dunno. I saw a few, and every single OWF movie is an hour and a half or so. Long time ago though, so it's probly new to me anyway. Load it up!"
No. 702515 ID: dd338c
File 145567575668.png - (22.29KB , 800x800 , 76.png )

Rokoa and I snuggle in. I don't even care to think about shower ambushes right now. Which is convenient.

5 minutes later...

>"Ahah! Hahaha! Yes, it is I! They thought that I, the Empathy Emperor, could be caged for ten lifetimes?! I bet the buffoons thought they destroyed my antijammer fleet, as well! Black Crystal, get me in contact!"
>"Yes, Mistress! Will we be laying low?"
>"Low? Hahaha, right now they are sending the signals to the galaxy warning of my escape and return, there will be no hanging low! No, we will let them find us in the Nega Nebula, and see how they fare!"
No. 702516 ID: dd338c
File 145567582834.png - (61.89KB , 800x800 , 77.png )

30 minutes later...

>"What's wrong, Omega Wave Force?! You were supposed to be the best pilot team in the galaxy, but us, the Golden Visors, are easily trumping you!"
No. 702517 ID: dd338c
File 145567588276.png - (29.21KB , 800x800 , 78.png )

>"Fool's gold visors, more like! You nimrods, haven't you noticed that they aren't even in their ship?!" says the Emperor. Empress? Shouldn't she be called the Empress? I never thought about that.
>"What?! Then who is - "
>"No one! While you were busy with our autopilot AI, you failed to notice us sneak aboard! Now meet face to face justice, Golden Failures!"
No. 702518 ID: dd338c
File 145567591258.png - (20.10KB , 800x800 , 79.png )

Okay this is the cheesiest thing I've seen in years but it's so good.

"How the hell are the bad guys controlling their big robot while they're brawling face to face with Omega -
No. 702519 ID: dd338c
File 145567595107.png - (27.27KB , 800x800 , 80.png )

The Visor mecha starts stumbling around and crashing into buildings.

"Oh, good. Eat more, Kappi." Rokoa says.
No. 702520 ID: dd338c
File 145567597245.png - (17.69KB , 800x800 , 81.png )

The enemy robot stumbles around and then the OWF robot goes in and starts pounding it in the face!

Maybe there's a booklet out there with specs on the enemy robot that explain that its control room is like in its stomach and not its face.

Or maybe this movie made a pretty big mistake. I don't really care!

We watch the rest of the movie. It's a lot of nonstop battles and action and they actually manage to wrap a storyline around it all. I can see why they made like a million movies. I mean its budget was kinda cheap, the acting was hammed up by every actor, they couldn't decide whether or not to call the Empathy Emperor Master or Mistress, but it was all fun.

"Stew's almost done."

Oh geez I'm actually kind of full. And Rokoa actually got a little tired from that, she got way more into that movie than I thought she would.

Next up was holiday special, but maybe if I think about the most actiony one, I can make her more, uh, super into it before we wash up for the night?
No. 702523 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 702526 ID: 208690

>maybe if I think about the most actiony one, I can make her more, uh, super into it

Woah what kind of action were you thinking about, Kappi?

Anyway, don't queue up the most actiony one, because it probably has the least going on in other respects if they over-focused on the action. But bring out another actiony one from the original series, yeah.

Try not to eat too much, it'll make you lethargic and slow, but take some. If Rokoa thinks you're not taking enough then say she's been feeding you bits and pieces for ages and that she's so much bigger and stronger she clearly needs the majority. Plus you want to save some to put in the freezer, because it's probably better to spread it over several mid portions than to have one huge one?


Nooo, she has him right in the middle of a ready crusher grip! She'll sense his intent right away and he won't even be able to twist around enough to make it.
No. 702527 ID: 02422f

>Oh geez I'm actually kind of full.
Well stop snacking, then. At least with neumono that's the one time that excuse will be believable.

>Next up was holiday special, but maybe if I think about the most actiony one, I can make her more, uh, super into it before we wash up for the night?
If you get her all amped up, is she even gonna leave you alone for a shower ambush? Won't that make her sort of super into it anyways?

Nothing wrong with giving her what she likes, but from a meta-perspective, a goofy holiday special will be funnier for us suggestors than an action thing.
No. 702529 ID: 5ad4a7

>She'll sense his intent right away
I was hoping it could be more of an impulse. Like how Rokoa fights without giving herself away all the time.
No. 702530 ID: 88e46e

Holiday special time. And yeah, stop snacking.
No. 702538 ID: 99a64d

Wait, was the empathy emperor a good guy or a bad guy? I'm confused, neumono b movies are very important to me.

While the holiday special needs to be watched as soon as possible, it probably isn't actiony enough, just put in the second one. Don't complain about being full, just eat it, she'll have run it off of it by tommorow anyway.
No. 702542 ID: 38cb3f

No. 702552 ID: dd338c
File 145568354325.png - (12.69KB , 800x800 , 82.png )

>Wait, was the empathy emperor a good guy or a bad guy?
Bad guy! Her backstory is shrouded in mystery, but she's got predator like capabilities on a mass scale.

>Bite her e-
She clamps down on my body hard and now I can't move, before I even thought whether or not I should!

>And yeah, stop snacking.
That wasn't even snacking, that meal she prepped beforehand was a full meal!

"I'm, uh, kind of fu-"
"Oh no you aren't."
"I really can't eat any! Besides, you're way bigger and stronger, you have to have more to stay like that."
"That's why I made so much, fool."
"Still, just... I'll eat more before I go to bed, let me just spread it out more!"
"It'll get cold! But fine, you flattered me with how much you liked it, so I'll let you off the hook. Eat half of it now, half before bed."

I decide to put in the actiony one. She should be around long enough to watch the holiday special too, so I pop in the second in the original series and save the holiday for tomorrow.

It's also pretty solid. It'd kind of more of the same, but the soundtrack is pretty great and it seems like they blew most of their budget on the final sequence. A little bit into it, it reaches 8 PM, and the jammer goes on. Rokoa hugs me a bit tighter, and I settle into her lap more. This movie is a good one to end on a break anyway.

"You smell kind of nice, you know." says Rokoa, reaffirming her grip on me.
"E-eh? Oh, er, thanks, I mean, we're kinda... chlorine sweat."
"Whatever. You keep wanting to take a shower?"
No. 702554 ID: 5ad4a7

A shower would be nice, yeah.
No. 702557 ID: 208690


Well, Rokoa, there is the chlorine traces, you both got sweaty again with the dancing machine, and you know how uncomfortable and gross you can feel lying with all that on you through the night and in the morning? It can be pretty miserable. So how about you both have showers and then... well, perhaps you'll get sweaty again, but it'll be a bit more pleasant? Wink wink?
No. 702559 ID: 02422f

There's not gonna be a shower ambush if she takes your (unintentional) hint and drags you off for slippery when wet fun.
No. 702560 ID: 742a1e

>So it'll probably never happen.

You're not thinking big enough here. She won't appear on any cooking show that currently exists, because they're all pretty lame. Is there anyone you can contact about creating a new show where the recipes involve military grade plasma, or where the kitchen has a "splash zone" like you see at water attractions but for shrapnel?
No. 702561 ID: dd338c
File 145568450079.png - (13.86KB , 800x800 , 83.png )

"Well, we can't just go to sleep like this! All the chlorine overnight'll sink in and... you know.. so a shower would be nice? Get sweaty uh another way?"
"You gonna join me or something?"

>Cooking show
Yeah I mean there's a lot of potential here for one she just has to go at it at the right angle and then she'd totally one one as long as there's like weapons and animals live animals and stuff n things.
No. 702562 ID: 5ad4a7

>"You gonna join me or something?"

Hell yeah
No. 702563 ID: 208690

Yes, you want to join her. If your shower's big enough? If not, then (to your regret, but anticipation for later), you'll let her go first while you put away the plates and things.

If they get intimate, she'll likely put him in the more passive role, so she'll be straining herself more than him. If his skills are good enough (and I'm sure he's done plenty of research), then after they've both satisfied themselves, she could be... strongly affected enough to be unable to move again, after. Then, while she catches her breath and steadies her muscles lying on the floor of the shower, he goes to get her a towel, and when he gets back...
No. 702572 ID: dd338c
File 145568580513.png - (13.93KB , 800x800 , 84.png )

"Well, uh, my shower's a little small..."
"I've seen it. It is small, but it's not too small."
"Well uh obviously I do and will join you but first there's dishes and I'm actually a - I have a little room for food and... what I'm sssaying is if you start without me I'll join you that way you can actually have room to clean yourself and then I can go in and since I'm small I can - "
"I get it. Alright. I'm going to take a proper shower, so you know how long I'll take. Show up whenever, but do show up."
No. 702575 ID: dd338c
File 145568592035.png - (23.59KB , 800x800 , 85.png )

I... I actually did pretty well. Like really well actually. I think I actually managed to focus on the truths without thinking about other plans, so... if she thinks I'm up to no good, then she did a really good job just thinking that I was being nervous and everything. Which is fair because I was, but for multiple reasons.

I pack up the movies, and I hear the shower turn on in the bathroom. I thought I was going to sneak up on her in the bathroom, and that's still possible, but she is expecting me at some point so I can't completely blindside her, especially when I was imagining the door would be locked and I'd silently open it and run in.

Whatever the plan is, I need it.
No. 702577 ID: 5ad4a7

She's expecting you, maybe even expecting you to try to attack her, but she's not expecting you to have a knife. Keep it concealed as you enter the shower, like in the palm of your giant mitt. You won't even be sneaking up on her, you'd just be hiding a weapon. So long as she doesn't touch you, she won't sense your intent. Then you can go for a leap or a climb again, and if you can just get your hand up there you can cut off the ear.

Hell, if you can get her to pay attention to your erection she might even lean down for you and look away from your hands.

I'd be tempted to suggest you stab it into yourself behind your back somewhere to REALLY conceal it but you're probably not used enough to pain to deal with it and Rokoa would likely smell the blood too. Maybe you can tape it behind your head though?
No. 702578 ID: 5ad4a7

...considering the "extra mile" speech she gave you, maybe you can try going for BOTH EARS.
No. 702583 ID: 274e7f

Clear up the dishes while you think, so she can hear them clattering and know you're doing what you said you would.

So, two options: 1) The ambush and 2) The love bomb.

Option 1, you adapt but still go with the plan. Sneak and ambush. If the heat's hot enough you could have steam to obscure your entry, but it's likely insufficient, and chances are she won't turn her eyes away enough from the door for you to get her at that moment. Unless you can like... put on some catchy music to listen to "while you wash up", just loud enough for Rokoa to hear and... if she got into it she would start singing in the shower, and maybe close her eyes while doing that and also cover your entry with the sound of her own voice? Super unlikely. You could, though, bring in some extra towels? I know you use a big drying machine but like, floormats, to catch water when you step out? Bring those in to put down to catch the water from her bigger body, and you could hide a knife or something in them. You'd strip yourself down first, so that could create an illusion of openness that would make the possibility of something hidden in the towels slip her mind.

Option 2, you go in there and you make love to that giant warrior woman as hard and as well as you can manage. She's already much more depleted staminawise than you, and if I understand the roles and likely logistics of your intimate interactions then she'll be putting in a lot more effort than you, straining herself further. I'm sure you've done a lot of research on how to please a lady, Kappi, and if you can apply it right then you could overwhelm her senses, too, allowing you to recover more quickly when you're... both satisfied. Then you get up, breaking contact for a moment, offer to help her up, and you strike.

You can't overpower her in a violent physical contest, Kappi, but maybe, if you've still got the same vigor that let you rise above your weariness earlier, then maybe you can overpower her with a physical contest that's more... affectionate.
No. 702586 ID: 742a1e

As horrifying an idea as it is to sex someone into oblivion to have a better chance at cutting their ear off, I recognize that it's my human sensibilities talking. That might be the best plan you have, given that she probably doesn't think of you as the kind of person who would pull a move like that. Not to mention actually satisfying her would certainly win you some respect points.
No. 702591 ID: 5ad4a7

The main problem with trying to sex her into submission is that neumono sex does not involve a lot of movement.
A secondary problem is that Rokoa would be able to easily figure out what Kappi is trying to do, and turn the tables on him.
No. 702592 ID: 211d83

You don't have to try to sex her into submission or anything. Honestly you probably don't have the stamina to pull that off anyway.

I would suggest going in there with your box cutter and leaving it hidden in the towel rack. Then go enjoy yourself thoroughly and when both of you are enjoying the afterglow you strike if a opportunity arises.

Like say you help her towel off and grab the knife as you get a towel.

Any complex plans are going to get you thinking hard and noticed. So just keep your knife handy and don't think about it until you see a opening. Then strike without warning while you are not touching her.
No. 702593 ID: 274e7f


There's still a lot of muscular activity going on, and more in the case of the lady than the guy. Plus if there's not enough room in the shower for them to get into a posture on the ground then Rokoa, being taller, will have to pull Kappi up against her. As for her figuring him out, all he has to do is focus on making her happy, and given what else will be going on I doubt he'll have more room in his mind for anything besides that.

Also on reflection I think neumono probably do use towels as well as the body dryer, since running that thing must be expensive and it'd waste time not getting all the extra water you could off with an easier method first. So, Kappi can bring towels, since Rokoa probably needs more anyway, and hide a knife in them. Or some other useful object.
No. 702595 ID: 99a64d

This wouldn't work, too much physical contact, she'd notice something fishy almost immediately.

I'd reccomend keeping the knife concealed in one of your big 'ol oven mitt hands, then when you pull back the curtain don't enter immediately, wait for her to start moving and then pounce. Hopefully we can catch her off guard and off balance in a slippery shower this way.
No. 702601 ID: 742a1e

Alright, new plan. How hard would it be to detonate the shower without warning? I assume you have a stockpile of explosives saved up for exactly such an occasion, like any sane and reasonable sentient lifeform?

...Okay actually, the best plan will be the one you don't have to think about. So do what feels right and strike with a hidden blade when there's an opening.
No. 702613 ID: 90f3c0

While it's an amusing idea, your chances of beating Rokoa in a battle of stamina while keeping your intentions hidden are abysmal. She's probably expecting you to try and sneak in and ambush her from behind too.

You're best bet at actually surprising her is to walk in like you're going to join her in the shower, while concealing the knife in your hand. Let her make the first move. When she reaches out to touch you, slip past her grasp, jump up, and cut her ear off. She won't be expecting the bold head-on approach.
No. 702615 ID: 5ad4a7

Okay what if... two knives? Grab one from the kitchen to tape to your body somewhere out of view but also easy to reach with a casual movement, and try to hide the one you bought in your hand. Rokoa will most likely be able to spot a concealed knife in someone's hand due to years of military experience, but that would just be a diversion. If she calls you out on it you can drop the knife, then get a little closer and go for the "backup" knife.
No. 702631 ID: b412df

I'm still against using the knife, it doesn't really feel like play-wrestling when you bring a weapon, it feels like it's upping the ante to the point where it's not fun.

Regardless, since the jammer is on, and she's expecting us, our intent will only be given away via physical contact, which gives us more options. We could act normally to a point, then suddenly spring on her.

Another downside to bringing the knife, is that your can't really back out of the ear plan if she wants to do something with you in the shower. You're getting clean anyway, so...
No. 702632 ID: 4e3b40

Sex over the ear. While she's winded from sex, look for the perforation, and when you find it, memorize the location.
No. 702648 ID: df2ec0

I like the idea of using this as a ear scouting mission. You need to figure out where the best place to cut will be and what angle things will lock up at.

If you just keep throwing yourself at her you might get lucky but if you use this time to scout your objective you will have a better chance when you decide to strike.
No. 702652 ID: 78a3e5

Something to keep in mind is that if she gets a grip on you, you are basically done for. She can manhandle you easily. Sex will make you more tired than her if the last time was any indication, so attacking as soon as you can is probably the best idea. Definitely before she touches you. Your best bet might be to try and make her slip in the bathroom and attack her on the ground.

Another avenue you could go is to try and keep her hands busy while you attack. Throwing something that she would catch reflexively is one idea, but she would drop it quickly and it would only buy you a second or two. Unless you cover it in glue or something, then her hand would be out of the fight for a while.
No. 702680 ID: 87547f

Go to the kitchen and get a salad bowl. Then dump all your extra cooking oil into the bowl.

Then take the bowl and your box cutter into the bathroom and toss the oil over the shower door. Wait a few seconds until Rokoa is lying in a slippery heap and retrieve ear while she is to slippery to defend herself.

Note this will require you to extensively clean her afterwards. And your bathroom. And yourself. Maybe have sex while oiled up and then start cleaning afterwards cause otherwise its going to take all night.

Also you could use dish soap in place of oil for easier cleanup. Will not be as slippery though.
No. 702688 ID: e5797c


Yes use oil and trickery to subdue her. Got to keep her guessing so she cant figure out what you will try next.
No. 702694 ID: 5ad4a7

Oil and water don't mix. If you pour oil over someone who's already wet, they won't get oily.

Also I'm sure Rokoa is capable of fighting in slippery conditions.
No. 702695 ID: 742a1e

Flush the toilet before going in for the attack, so she's surprised by the water temperature changing
No. 702699 ID: 99a64d

Seriously guys? Sex, oil, changing the water temperature? That's what you think is going to affect Rokoa? She's slippery, in a cramped area, and somewhat off guard, we aren't going to improve these conditions by alerting her to our intentions prematurely. We need to just get in there and strike before she figures out what's happening.
No. 702704 ID: 02422f

Get a bottle of shampoo from the closet, empty it, and then cut out the back of the bottom to you have a knife hidden inside.

If we're showing up naked for sexy times, a hidden weapon ambush is pretty much the only opportunity you're going to get. And if you make like you're going to sudz her up, that will be your only chance to get close to her head before physical contact ruins it. And then go for the ear / acquire sexy ear-loofa.

Make sure it's after 8 and the jammer has come on before you enter.

Succeed or fail, expect this to get intense. She's gonna be really worked up after an attack.

Not trying isn't an option, and trying to tire her out with sex won't work (she has more enduance, she'd sense your plan, and it goes against what you said earlier about not wanting to hit her while she's tired / it's not fair).
No. 702733 ID: dd338c
File 145575688608.png - (14.34KB , 800x800 , 86.png )

I'll bring the box cutter alone, wrapped in some towels. I do have a bunch of those for drying off, especially since apartment dryers are usually small time as opposed to communal ones.

I don't want to bring two knives, though. I only have a box cutter, and bringing in a real knife to that fight is, well, it's too much.

I start doing dishes right away anyway, at least.

Let's see... first off, since we run hot, and hot water isn't tough here, she probably has enough to make a whole lot of steam. So... that might help?

Oh, I have a whole lot of cooking oil. I can put that in a big bowl and then toss it over! ... will that help? I don't know. I mean water and oil get all weird, and when I've got oil on my fingers it takes a lot of running water and rubbing to get it out, so... maybe.

I guess if I purposefully conserve my energy, I can wear down Rokoa when she starts, uh, doing things to me! Which is going to happen, I'm pretty sure! Okay, I'd be really optimistic to think I can outlast her, but things are a little different, now! As great, if kind of terrifying, as the last time I had with her in bed was, I wished I lasted longer. It's not like she was dissatisfied, but... it's more like she didn't expect a whole lot out of me back then.

But now! I've exercised a lot, and my stamina is way better than it used to be. Plus, Rokoa does move around a lot during sex, and it's not like she wasn't huffing a bit herself last time, even if she could have gone for hours more. I mean neumono don't really need to move at all, but moving around does make the process a lot more exciting, so, she does it a lot. Furthermore, I haven't had any release since her last visit! To say I've been a bit on edge is an understatement, and even though I'm sure she's caught onto that while we snuggled up, we both like to wait as long as possible to increase the payoff. But even considering she knows, she may not realize just how many rounds I've got in me. Lastly, it's a little embarrasing, but... some of my exercise was spent to hold myself tight against climaxing, so... I can make Rokoa work a lot harder for it than the last time. I, uh...... I've put way more effort in this line of thinking over the last couple weeks than I really intended.

And it might also against the not wanting to attack while she's tired.... wait, no it won't, it's fine if I'm the one who wears her down!

Which is still optimistic to think but I'm already reaching hard here!

>Sexing her to wear her down to attack is horrifying
Which is why this never leaves the room! Especially to none of my alien friends! I like to say it's like removing the end of a fingernail. A big one. A missing ear is like a hickey. I guess. It's fine. But I'm not going to miss with the knife, if there's a chance I might cut her head or something else, I won't even try.

Okay, on second thought, all of this is going to give away the possibility of an ambush! I can go in with a bunch of towels around my left arm, the cutter in the palm of my right, and the bowl of oils in my right hand. And just run in.
No. 702734 ID: dd338c
File 145575691222.png - (22.29KB , 800x800 , 87.png )

Alright I can do this. Just gonna... the shower curtain is really opaque, so I can hope she either is looking away or just can't see outside of the shower. I mean I hope so, because if she has the shower curtain open it means she's just standing there watching the door carefully, or spilling water all over the floor.

My feet will make basically no noise, neither will the door, since it's pretty new. I just gotta run in there, toss the bowl on her over the shower rod, reveal my knife - wait, if I'm just attacking, I don't really need the.... I'll have the towels just in case and push them to the side while I leap into the shower on her and... uh...

How much zeny worth of oil did I just pour into this -
No. 702735 ID: dd338c
File 145575693857.png - (110.28KB , 800x800 , 88.png )


No. 702736 ID: dd338c
File 145575699617.png - (164.61KB , 800x800 , 89.png )

I launch the bowl over the rod.


The 'i' in my name is slightly muffled by the sound of the shower curtain crumpling as it flies out at my side, with the outline of her hand on the middle of the curtain level with my face.

I am by the toilet, if I wanted to make the water cold.
No. 702738 ID: 211d83

Don't back down now its all or nothing buddy.

Flush the toilet to make her flinch and then tackle or push her while she is slipping around in there. If you can knock her over now she will fall into the tub and get more oil on her.

Then toss the curtain over her and hope you can find and grab a ear fast.

This whole thing is going to happen in seconds so just go with your gut and do your best.
No. 702741 ID: 02422f

>How much zeny worth of oil did I just pour into this -
Don't worry about how much you've spent on love. Love is priceless.

Especially since your bathroom is about to get trashed.

>I am by the toilet, if I wanted to make the water cold.
Kick out at the handle to make it flush while dodging in the opposite direction (low, towards the wall or edge of the tub). You flushing will orient her- she'll think you're at the toilet. So dodging away as you do it gives you a tiny advantage where you won't quite be where she's expecting.

If we're lucky, this gives you a chance to come at her from the side / below / behind as she charges out swinging.
No. 702742 ID: b412df


I'd rather that went sneak, then blitz, rather than pure blitz. Oh well.

>the outline of her hand on the middle of the curtain level with my face.
Is she slipping or reaching out to grab your head? If latter, dodge.

I don't think the making the water cold would do anything here, she's tough enough to not care, and you've already surprised her.

What I'd do is as soon as you can properly identify where her non-sword ear is (Dunno if it's always hard to tear, or just when she wills it, rather not risk it), and just go for it as quick as you can before she regains her bearings.

I'm still sticking with not using the knife / box cutting, getting it out might waste precious time here. But go with whatever impulse says, you've only got a short window of opportunity here.
No. 702756 ID: 91cff8

Don't overthink things. Dodge her attacks and knock her down while she is slippery. Then go for the ear.

Don't slow down or let up or she will gain her footing. You want her slipped and on the ground if possible.

Flush the toilet and when she goes for where you would be standing back up and grab her hand and yank. Then dodge to the side and straddle her back when she hits the ground. Quickly retrieve ear and celebrate victory.
No. 702759 ID: 274e7f

Ah, the shower curtain, grab it! Twist it up around her arm and you can use it for leverage without having to touch her directly. Use it to pull her off-balance, if the oil managed to splash across the bottom of the shower then she might not be able to resist without her feet slipping out from under her!
No. 702761 ID: 274e7f

You can use the curtain to try tie her up a bit, too. In fact, you could also throw the towels in her face to blind her, if you get the chance. The way you have them, just swinging your arm at her might work, and would let you keep a grip on the cutter.
No. 702762 ID: 825b5d

Maybe you can get soap in her eyes to try and slow her if you need to.
No. 702763 ID: 274e7f

Now I think of it, showers always have at least a lip at the bottom to stop the water getting out, right? And she shouldn't have much room to pull back. So, if you twist that shower curtain around her arm and then pull it away in a proper judo throw way (you should be able to set your feet against that same lip at the bottom of the shower), Rokoa will trip over and fall on her front.
No. 702767 ID: dd338c
File 145576115198.png - (118.40KB , 800x800 , 90.png )

I whap the toilet lever with my toe, and use my other leg to jump to the opposite side of the shower. The cold water won't do anything to her, but it may make her think I'm by the shower! And either she saw a glimpse of me to the right or fell for it, because she's stepping out of the shower on my right, while I'm at the left. I leap through the shower curtain, tossing the towels through the side of it at her, and will try and wrap her up in the curtain. I think I don't want to use the box cutter after all.

>Twist the shower curtain around her
I don't think I could've pulled it off the remaining hooks with just my hand! Or at least not fast enough.

First thing I notice on touching her arm is that she is not going to be that gentle. Second thing is that the oil got everywhere, and it's gonna be tough to step in the shower where oil didn't reach. Rokoa is stepped in some, and my tackling her is making her slide back and against the lubricated wall.

Instead of getting surprised or anything though, she puts her hand hands between me and her, and is gonna push me off even while slipping. But even if I can't see where exactly her ear is, I have a good idea of where it -

AGH the water's cold!
No. 702772 ID: 02422f

Kappi stop trying to run on impulse. You're bad at it, Rokoa's not, and your only chance of wining this is to actually use your cleverness and not impluse into something silly, like throwing away your only tools, or jumping right into her arms after greasing her up instead of trying to exploit that.

(If you still had the towel you could use it to blind her, or swing around, and the knife has obvious uses).

>what do
Left hand, reach out, grab something from the shower caddie under the faucet. Best is if we grab a bottle of shampoo or conditioner to dump in her face (blind / disorient her) although even if you get a bar of soap, we can still smear it / shove it in her mouth or something.

You need to slip off / around her before she just bear hugs you. Try and grab the towel with box cutter if you can, we might be able to use them still.
No. 702775 ID: 211d83

Kappi your instincts suck. Instead of getting her off balance so you could go for her ear while she was down you charged right into her arms. Plus you dropped your cutting tool right after you oiled up her head. Think before you act next time even if it lets her read you. You don't have warrior instincts yet.

Oh well use the shock of the cold water to disguise your empathy for the next bit. When she goes to push you off throw yourself away from her as she does it and latch on to one of her wrists and pull her along with you. But stay on your feet and turn the push into you dragging her out of the shower. Your feet are not oiled and hers are so should be able to keep your balance while she falls.

You need to get her on the ground with you above her if you want to get a chance at a ear. Otherwise she is just going to manhandle you with her beefy mitts. If you can get her to fall promptly jump on her back and get her head in a towel so you can keep a hold on it while going for a ear.
No. 702776 ID: b412df

Oh goody, she's smiling.

>AGH the water's cold!
You should have expected that Kappi, power through it.

I'd either use the walls and her body so move yourself out of the way of her shove, or try and make a grab of her ear.

The first might be a might more reliable, but if the latter succeeds, either you'll still be able to go for her ear, or it'll come off with the force of her own shove.
No. 702777 ID: 274e7f

>AGH the water's cold!

Yes but Rokoa's body is very warm so it balances out so don't think about it!!

If you can still feel her slipping, then her feet are about to slide out from under her and drop her on her butt. You can help that along by grabbing her arms and pulling up your feet to put your weight pushing down on her too - if you can, hook your feet behind her legs to pull them toward you, which will help her fall. Then you have to quickly pull the curtain across with one hand to bind her arms for a second, pull yourself up with your other hand around her head or the like, and go for that ear before she recovers! Use your teeth again, right at the base of the ear this time!
No. 702778 ID: dd338c

Changed the image at the last minute but didn't change the export; and so the wrong image was uploaded. Rokoa has a face full of towel.
No. 702779 ID: 742a1e

Use the shock of the cold water to fuel your determination to earn Rokoa's respect and hide your cleverness from her empathy like >>702775 suggested. Then you'll be working off a plan, but she'll assume you're still fighting impulsively and counter you incorrectly. She probably thinks she has the upper hand here, and you can use that against her.
No. 702782 ID: 274e7f

Remember, her left ear is the vulnerable one.
No. 702795 ID: 5ad4a7

Grab the ear, then. Pull yourself up to it, get your jaw up near the top. Bite that sucker off.
No. 702797 ID: 02422f

Okay, if she's already blind, grabbing soap or shampoo to dump in her face don't matter.

What you need to do is move out of where she can grapple you easy, try to get access to her ear, and shove her / push her / yank on the curtain to make her slip. You can brace off fixtures and walls as necessary.

Also, suck it up and use the box cutter. Unless you were sharpening your teeth and claws in the kitchen, it's the only way you're getting her ear off.
No. 702798 ID: dd338c
File 145576416989.png - (105.46KB , 800x800 , 91.png )

Well, I still have the box cutter in my left palm, but I did sharpen one of my claws while in the kitchen, too, so it should at least be able to cut. With my free hand, I grab Rokoa's wrist that she's pushing with.

Her other hand yanks back and snaps the towels off her face, while she pulls in with the wrist I have a grab on. I hook my foot up on the lip of the shower, and she slides at it, starting to trip over it. I think she expected me to do something else. She manages to pull me back with her though in my effort to pull her down, and I'm kind of struggling to find my own footing!
No. 702802 ID: 5ad4a7

Keep trying to get her to fall over. Just before she hits the floor, go for the ear and try to cut it! With whatever you can get there, your nail the box cutter, whatever.
No. 702804 ID: 10c902

Forget the footing! Push your left hand into the back of her head, you'll pull yourself up and slam her face down into the floor. Then you'll be in a perfect position to grab that ear and slice it off before she can get back up!
No. 702805 ID: 02422f

Snap your right arm out strait and as far from your body as possible while kicking off from the wall / bathtub with your foot to add to Rokoa's moment and pull her off balance / turn her dive-dash into a fall. You don't need to keep your balance if you've put yourself on her back again.

When you land, scissor your legs around her and/or use them to try and twist up the curtain around her, while you use tooth and claw and knife to get that damn ear off.

If you do get it off, claim it as a loofah.
No. 702806 ID: 211d83

You have the wall right behind you. Shove off from the wall with your left arm and foot while pushing your right hand father to your right. If you do it properly you will pivot your body behind hers. The end goal being you landing on top of her when she hits the ground.

If you can get into that position you will have a short period of time to pop a claw out and slice off her left ear. Make sure to grip her body tight with your legs so she cant spin and throw you off easily.
No. 702814 ID: dd338c
File 145576595129.png - (119.19KB , 800x800 , 92.png )

I push off the corner of the lip and wall to put myself going over her, and to get her to really fall by shoving my right hand forward more - which is good, because she was leaning down and letting herself fall straight, and would've just ended up on her knees!

My push gets her really moving, and I also had to plant my foot down before I had any chance of grabbing her head with my left hand and doing anything with it. I was really off balance.

Annnnd shit she twisted her hand back onto my forearm and grabbed it, pulling me forward before I had the chance to straighten myself out enough to grab her head! That pull twists my body away from her and I completely whiff any kind of left hand grab on the back of her head. I mean it would've been hard since I still have the cutter in my left hand anyway, but she is gonna hit the floor on her front. Or maybe just her side facing me. Probably carrying me with her.
No. 702821 ID: 211d83

Ok use her grip on you to help regain your footing and get your feet up against the wall. Then push off from the wall while diving/spinning over her back while pulling her arm with you.

If she keeps the grip on you it will force her arm behind her and you will be on top of her with her right arm pinned.

If you can pull that off you might be able to grab her left ear with your free hand and get a claw in there.
No. 702822 ID: 742a1e

Could jabbing the blade into Rokoa's wrist cause her hand to snap open, letting you land hard on her back from the fall and get a grip on the ear with teeth or claws?
No. 702823 ID: 5ad4a7

...she's got a grip on you, it's over already unless you can twist out of it. If you can do that, and then try to hop on her back, it'll take a second before she can grab you from behind and pull you away. In that time you can try for a cut on one of the ears.

It's tempting to try to cut her hand to get her to let go but there's no way that will actually help. It's Rokoa after all.
No. 702824 ID: 02422f

You could let yourself fall or dive forward onto her back, and twist her arm behind her back, pinning in under you. She's stronger than you, but she's not in a good position to use that strength.

Also you need to flip that box cutter out already and make a move for her ear asap.
No. 702825 ID: 91cff8


Do this but first let go of her arm and spin your wrist the other way before gripping it again. Will let you have control of the grapple when you get her arm behind her back.
No. 702826 ID: 10c902

It looks like she doesn't have long enough fingers to get them fully around your arm, so with a bit of effort you should be able to pop yourself out of her grip, especially if she's gotten any oil on it. It looks like she has you below the elbow, in which case you should be able to turn right, and if she has you at or above the elbow you should be able to push out of her grip just by bending your arm. Twist around and push/pull her arm to her forward and your right, getting your left foot or knee up on her arm, maybe into her armpit or on her shoulder, to help you push and get free. Then you'll have your grip on her arm and your leg pushing in where it meet her body, a pretty good subduing pose. Or would be, if you were larger, but it should give you some time. It should also push her forward more and maybe get her more on her front than her side. Then you get your knee onto her shoulder, pull her arm in under yours to get it locked tight, and reach her ear with your other hand.
No. 702836 ID: dd338c
File 145576815906.png - (28.33KB , 800x800 , 93.png )

>Could jabbing the blade into Rokoa's wrist cause her hand to snap open, letting you land hard on her back from the fall and get a grip on the ear with teeth or claws?
No, she's too on edge, too on adrenaline to let that affect her!

My feet get their footing and get up on the wall, and I at least get the box cutter blade out anyway.

I want to push my feet forward to jump onto her back, but she's not trying to pull me forward anymore. She's trying to pull me down, and that got her to land on her side, not her back. I can keep my legs firm and hold myself up while she pulls down with way too much strength, but the moment that I try and jump forward or do much else than push hard down on the ground, I'm going to topple straight down. I try and yank myself free and think of a bunch of ideas to pin her arm behind her back that seem like they would work if I were just a little bit stronger and little bit faster.

She caught herself somewhat with her left hand to help her land on her side, and is slowly getting up now, lifting herself up more using me than pushing herself up. She's moving carefully since she's slippery in a lot of places, but there isn't enough on her hands to even twist around! And the only alternative I saw was to let myself fall! Damn. Damnit. Damnit. I don't think I can win this one after all. I mean it was a low chance anyway but I still got my hopes up.
No. 702841 ID: 10c902

There's still a chance, Kappi! Embrace every shred of desire for herr approval you have, every inch of need to really impress her, throw sanity to the wind, and dislocate your arm to throw yourself over, and get your other arm and your teeth in range to take her ear!

Even if you don't manage to get her ear, she'll love it!!
No. 702847 ID: 02422f

Kick her in the boob. It's wide open. It'll distract her, she can't really brace herself, and she's slippery enough it should make her slip.

And yeah, dislocate your arm if you have to to get at the ear.
No. 702851 ID: 211d83

Again with the giving up before its over. You don't give up until you are pinned or have a ear. Even if the chances are low you still try your best until the end.

If this were a actual match you could go all hardcore and chop your own arm off to get out of her grip but that would be silly for this.

Drop the box cutter and reach for the shower head right next to you with your left hand. Is looks like its on a hose end for spraying but even if its not you should be able to turn it to aim at her. Then use it to soak her hand and your arm. Then spray her in the face a bit to distract her and try to wriggle around with the added lubrication.

Could also pass the box cutter to your right hand before you spray so you keep it on hand.
No. 702852 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah. That'd be the extra mile alright.
No. 702868 ID: 91cff8

Even if you fail still try. Push forward and attempt the arm lock anyways. Better to give it a shot and fail then never tey.

Also the shower spray idea might work to loosen her grip.
No. 702869 ID: 10c902

Or you could just palm strike or lever her fingers with your other hand to get yourself out of her grip. And since you'd be bringing your weight up under your left arm anyway, you could then use the momentum to drop your knee into her ribs. Which would also put you maybe within reach of the ear with one or both hands.

You should still be able to bend around your elbow, so you could also use her pull on you to get more strength into said rib-knee strike. Not sure how useful it is, though.
No. 702871 ID: 742a1e

No. 702873 ID: b2db3f

Do it slow then. Shuffle your feet forward so you are right up against her so you keep your balance. Then quickly step over her body and sit on her butt.

If you cant rotate your wrist in her grip you will have to try and lubricate it somehow. The silly way would be with your own blood via box cutter. The smart way would be by using the already spraying shower head.

Then go for the ear. No giving up halfway just because things look bad.
No. 702880 ID: 3025fa

Just do this.
There is absolutely no way this can fail.
No. 702883 ID: 10c902
File 145577128992.png - (68.21KB , 800x500 , dislocationstation.png )

On second though, you should twist and dislocate, rather than throw yourself over.

You don't need your elbow any time soon.
No. 702885 ID: dd338c
File 145577146123.png - (253.65KB , 1200x1200 , 94.png )

I would be really tempted to dislocate my shoulder if it meant a chance at winning!

Except that I don't really know how to dislocate my shoulder at will, and the problem is that she's yanking down on me. She can still do that even without my shoulder in place, and even if I did manage it I would have to absolutely win, because if I didn't get the ear off right then, then I'd have a useless arm and really wouldn't last long at all. But! By the fact that I'm even willing to consider it, then I can at least hold her weight with a single foot just for an instant, and keep on trying otherwise!

I'm just in range of the showerhead, and I swap the cutter to my right hand and then grab the showerhead to spray on our hands. Just for a split second, I snap my forward foot to kick her in the boob, and that gets an oof out of her even if it was kind of an awkward and weak kick. I don't even think it changed the strength of her grip, but it did move her body and grip just barely enough that, combined with a desperate and better coordinated yank, I'm able to break my wrist free.

She kind of grabbed my foot with her other hand though and that's kind of bad.
No. 702887 ID: 5ad4a7

Kind of, yes, but now you're far more likely to be able to reach her ear. So go for it! She's going to pull your leg out from under you, so let her. Let your leg move, just focus on getting your upper body into position, to grab her ear and cut it off.
No. 702889 ID: 211d83

She has your foot but is not in a good position to yank you off your feet. Keep spraying her face and push your boob kicking leg over her then sit on her with your legs on either side.

Then take out your box cutter and go for a ear. If you cant get it open fast enough just use your sharpened claw and go for it fast as you can.
No. 702890 ID: 10c902

She's probably going to try pull your leg up, relative to her, which means out to your right. So you'll end up falling so you lie opposite how she's lying, and that's not good.

Twist yourself into a pigeon-toed stance and drop to your knees. That'll give you just a bit more time and some better positioning to go for her ear, but watch out for her right arm! Be mentally prepared to get elbowed in the side.
No. 702895 ID: 91cff8

Drop the shower head and kneel down fast before she can shove or lift your leg. Preferably with you straddling her. If you can do that she wont be able to yank you off your feet. Need to go for her ears now while you are still in a good position.
No. 702897 ID: 90f3c0

Fall on her before she can yank your leg out from under you. If you can get on top of her you have a better chance of reaching her ears.
No. 702899 ID: 10c902

Another possibility: be ready when she pulls your leg to throw your weight in the same direction (to your right, upwards relative to her), so she'll just move all of you up instead of toppling you over in the other direction. You'll still fall, most likely, but end up in a better position. You'll have to bring up your arms underneath her right one to deflect it away from you, because otherwise she'll use it to push you over.
No. 702901 ID: 02422f

That spay isn't going to be useful as a spray much longer- but you could loop the hoze around an arm to restrict her motion or give you a handhold, or around her knack to choke her. If it doesn't go that far, that would mean ripping it out of the wall
No. 702910 ID: dd338c
File 145577391997.png - (128.98KB , 800x800 , 95.png )

I use my left hand to push myself forward, and let my knees drop while she yanks my ankle to the right. Just as I start falling decently, Rokoa suddenly flops sideways - her right leg pushed on the ground, and herself on her back! I reflexively push myself back up just a little as I hesitate to drop on her like this. Her right hand pulld back to defend herself with, too.

Oh geez she's opened her eyes and is making eye contact with me even as I'm spraying shower water in her face.

>That spray isn't going to be useful as a spray much longer- but you could loop the hoze around an arm to restrict her motion or give you a handhold, or around her knack to choke her.
I mean that's an idea but this hose doesn't go much farther so -

>If it doesn't go that far, that would mean ripping it out of the wall
I mean that's an idea.
No. 702913 ID: 742a1e

I don't know about you, but I don't like where that paw is aiming.
No. 702914 ID: 99a64d

Keep falling and just rip the damn thing out of the wall, try to distract her arm with it. Don't hesitate to slam you knee into her stomach, her abs of steel are fully capable of supporting your weight. As long as your right arm stays free you should be able to get her ear with it.
No. 702915 ID: 211d83

Dang this is not a good position to be in. With her on her back like this she can bring her arms and legs against you.

You might be able to get out of her grip by stomping on her hand with your free foot. Then you could slide back a bit and stay out of her reach for a bit.

Then you would have to wait for her to try and get up and knock her off her feet via slippage. By spraying the floor right as she started to get up.

Or you could fall forward on top of her and make one quick grab cut for her ear before she could get a good grip on you.
No. 702918 ID: 5ad4a7

...maybe you can occupy her free hand with your other foot?
No. 702919 ID: 02422f

It sure looks like she's about to punch you in the dick or something, especially with that expression.

We might want to do something before that.

>I mean that's an idea.
Hey, she's making eye contact through the spray to the face. It's not stopping her, and you've made her as slippery when wet as she's gonna get.

Dropping to knee or crotch her in the face prevents an effective punch and puts us in position to wrap the hose around her head or arm if you can yank it off quick.
No. 702925 ID: 10c902

>I reflexively push myself back up just a little as I hesitate to drop on her like this

Good instinct, Kappi. You want to avoid the area where her arms and teeth are free to mess you up. Almost any venture into that frontal murderzone will end with her grabbing you with her right arm before you can achieve anything. On the other hand, I'm not sure you can get out of her grip on your leg.

Your other leg might be strong enough for you to plant your foot or knee onto her right arm and keep it down, particularly if you manage to get her upper arm and can grab her right forearm with your left hand. If at the same time you drop your right knee on her left arm, that'll leave you straddling her chest with your legs pinning her arms apart.

You might be too small to pull that off, but the only other plan I can come up with is for you to let yourself fall forward, pin her right arm with your knee and aim a punch for her mouth, or if you want to get fancy a knee drop to her solar plexus followed by a punch for her mouth. In that case, you'd be going for the suicide play and hoping you have just enough time to get her ear with your right arm while she's either grabbing you, punching you or chewing on your fist.

I don't think ripping the house out is going to help much, and you're probably not strong enough to actually manage it.

In any case, don't shy away from the eye contact. Letting your eyes move could give her more clues to your intentions.
No. 702944 ID: 73c49c

shes going for the dick grab, don't let that happen!
No. 702954 ID: 742a1e

If she does manage to get a grip on your third arm, start moving your hips and pretend you're enjoying it. She'll either by too dumbfounded to defend herself, or go into such a fit of rage the fight will be over instantly. Probably not the second one though.
No. 702998 ID: b412df

Hmm, so far it seems your success has been from trying to out manoeuvre, and being unpredictable.

She's got a hand on your foot, this is bad since you need to be able to move to stop whatever she's going to do with her other hand.
I wouldn't try a fake out from pretending to enjoy it, since she can read your empathy from physical contact.

You could let go of the shower head and grab her arm, that leaves you in the murder zone, but she's using both her hands, so you'll have a chance at her ear with the box cutter hand.

You could push off from the wall with your other leg and shower hand to reposition, but'll leave you vulnerable since she'll be partly in control of where you end up.
No. 703050 ID: 10c902

Another option: if you drop yourself to your butt and brace your back on the wall to push her away with your free leg, and then put both your hands to work on her hand, you might be able to get lever yourself free of her grip. You could use the boxcutter for leverage, though you'd likely stab either her or yourself in the doing.

Then, hopefully, she'll be tired enough and slippery enough for you to retake the advantage somehow before she can get up, maybe by grabbing the shower curtain to use again, or something else.

Anyway, give her a nice smile in return for hers, Kappi. You're having fun, aren't you?
No. 703116 ID: df2ec0

Kick her free hand with your free leg as fast as you can. Then you want to try and sit on her with both your knees on her arms. this will keep her from being able to push you off with her hands for a bit. Should give you a few moments free with her ears if you can pull it off.

Now you will be basically sitting on her face if it works so work fast.

She might try to yank you around by your foot when you do this so you need to just drop your weight on her all at once so she cant keep a grip on your leg.
No. 703139 ID: 742a1e

I'm going to second the smile. Smiling never hurts.
No. 703189 ID: dd338c
File 145584321330.png - (227.78KB , 1200x1200 , 96.png )

Okay, somehow, someway, I push myself forward to go right into her frontal murderzone. I don't wanna make a suicide play, though, so I go for pinning her arms down while dropping the showerhead.

I drop my weight on my grabbed leg and slam my knee onto her arm. Her grip kinda stays; it's a little weakened but I also removed much ability for me to twist out of it anymore.

My left foot connects onto her right upper arm, and it seems like she's able to push it off with that, but I already figured as much, so I manage to grab her forearm, but she's able to twist her elbow with enough power to make the grab awkward for both our hands there. Even so, she's having some trouble pushing me off with her arms as they are, as her previous exertion is catching up to her.

She also managed to get her right knee underneath my leg at the start of this.

I'm uh... I'm pretty glad I didn't freeze at the idea that she was going for my third arm, and instead she wasn't going for it. She is, however, starting to look at it pretty intently.

I try smiling back. I am enjoying this even if I'm just as determined for that ear as I was in the gym, but I think my smile comes off kinda wonky anyway.
No. 703190 ID: 02422f

>She is, however, starting to look at it pretty intently.
You see that smile? Stick your dick in it.

It's crazy enough to catch her off guard, and assuming she's not actually willing to bite your dick off for the sake of this contest (she's still holding back somewhat, and she's gonna want sexytimes after this fight resolves one way or another) that gives you enough of an opening to take an ear off.
No. 703197 ID: 5ad4a7

She's probably gonna try to roll now, to get on top of you. Anticipate the motion to successfully get the cutter on her ear and slice! Well, she might shake her head away so you'll have to grab at an ear to keep it steady. That means you'd let go of her arm which means she can either grab your arm or toss you... but if you go for the ear furthest from her free arm you can keep your arm out of reach.

You might want to try leaning to your right to make it harder for her to push against your center of gravity, too.
No. 703200 ID: 5ea852

I think it's time to initiate a battle erection.
No. 703201 ID: 10c902

>I am enjoying this even if I'm just as determined for that ear as I was in the gym, but I think my smile comes off kinda wonky anyway.

You've spent the day enjoying yourself with someone you love, you're having an exciting bout of playful wrestling to get your blood pumping, and soon afterward you're going to enjoy yourself in even more ways with the beautiful woman who's smiling up at you as we speak. Has it ever been better than this? Big smiles, Kappi!

Now, I'm pretty sure she's about to try and bring her left leg up underneath you to bump you up and off her, possibly landing your dick right on her face, so be ready to compensate your aim for that when you go for her ear. Which you should do now! One good slash with that cutter at the base of her ear will slice it off! Just watch out, because she might twist her face to the side to try stop you by trapping her ear under the side of her head. If you can, flip the cutter around so that you cut her ear from behind coming forward, with a pulling motion.

Be quick!
No. 703208 ID: 211d83

Eyes on the prize. Once you get that ear she will probably be happy to let you stick your dick all sorts of places.

Keep your center of gravity as low as you can so she cant toss you to one side by shifting her body. Try and get your leg over her knee so she cant try to push you off with it. Then reach out and slice her left ear off while keeping her from throwing you and you got this.
No. 703226 ID: 88e46e

Cut off the ear no matter what. Even if she threatens to bite off your dick or actually does it. Don't ever back down. Dicks grow back. Respect doesn't.
No. 703230 ID: dd338c
File 145584770131.png - (31.51KB , 800x800 , 97.png )

I go in harder - I try and drop more of my weight on her, not like there's much more, and my box cutting hand goes in for her left ear. I push farther, and I bump the bottom of her chin. It's distracting for the both of us, and it's just a little too awkward to go a little too farther, unfortunately.

She drops her grip on my right ankle, and curves her elbow inwards to hook around my knee on the floor. With a sharp squeeze of her arm, which I think had a bunch of oil on it, she's able to completely squeeze my knee up over her elbow, and grabs my hand!
No. 703231 ID: dd338c
File 145584771666.png - (24.01KB , 800x800 , 98.png )

I start to try to pull my left hand over to assist, but right as I do it, Rokoa grabs my leg that that still sorta pinning her right arm down, and yanks it up. It slips over the side, and I slip forward into -
No. 703232 ID: dd338c
File 145584774712.png - (11.19KB , 800x800 , 99.png )

No. 703235 ID: 5ad4a7

Focus! You almost have it! GET THAT EAR! Keep moving your left hand, take the cutter out of your right hand or wrestle her hand away, and finish the job!

She's not going to bite you, don't worry.
No. 703237 ID: 88e46e

I probably shouldn't be surprised that it's apparently actual sex and not threats of genital mutilation. Anyway, at least try to get your cutting hand out of her grip, like you'd have any luck. If that fails, have fun, there's probably nothing more you can do in this position. Don't think you can contort enough to bite her ear and all four limbs are apparently occupied.
No. 703240 ID: 211d83

Don't let her distract you. Now is the time to practice your ability to hold it in. You can relax and enjoy things in another 5 seconds.

You still have your left hand free. Grab her left ear with your left hand and pull it up over to your trapped right hand that still has the box cutter in it. Get the ear lined up and pull back and you should be able to cut it off.
No. 703242 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh wait I almost forgot about the sharpened nail. Use that if it's on your left hand, as it'd be quicker and harder for her to react to. If it's not, then you just have to grab the cutter with your left. She won't be able to defend against two weapons at once with her one free hand. Which means you have to make sure she only has that hand free. Keep your left leg pinning her arm!
No. 703245 ID: 88e46e

Yeah I actually did forget about the nail. Forget maybe giving in if your arm can't get free, definitely keep going with either hand.
No. 703247 ID: 02422f

Now this is a battle of endurance. She's gonna try to distract you, wear you down.

You can't be passive now, Kappi. Don't let her dominate you. You gotta fuck that face, keep her on the defensive.

Grab dem ears like handles, and then fly the handle right off her head. After cutting it off.
No. 703248 ID: fa9b55

If you dont keep going for that ear you may end up sleeping on the couch. Or outside. Like, on the surface.
No. 703252 ID: 10c902

The ear, Kappi! You weren't even at mast yet, the feelings shouldn't be that strong! I know how powerful you are down there, but you have to overcome! Think about how much you want her to respect you. Whatever she's doing to you now will pale in comparison to how you'll feel getting intimate when you can feel her empathy approving of you that much more!

Reach around with your left and pull the box cutter out of your right hand. Give a push of your hips in there to distract/disorient her and get that ear! Heck, if you're flexible enough, get your teeth down there. And keep being on guard for her to try and take control!
No. 703254 ID: 10c902

Actually, given the position of your leg... this is a chance to fasten onto her so hard she'll have no way to get you off! Uh, non-figuratively. Grab her head with your left hand and pull her towards you. If you're lucky, she'll think you're succumbing to your desires and just being forceful, but what you'll really do is hook your left leg in under behind her neck. Then she'll have that much harder a time knocking, pushing or pulling you off her. If you bend forward over her head, you'll block her right arm from getting in to help her, and you can then hook your left hand over to grab the cutter or her left ear.
No. 703258 ID: ccb6cb

Wrap your left leg around the back of her head trapping it between your thigh and dick. Clamp down hard even if you choke her a bit and get to cutting that ear off.
No. 703260 ID: 10c902


Clamping her head between his leg and his hips might make him pop out of her, if he pushes himself in under her chin, but he's still not totally hard so it shouldn't be a problem.

Looking close, I think we actually have a potential lose-lose on Rokoa, here! Her left hand is keeping Kappi's right arm at bay. Her right arm can either keep a grip on his hips to keep him pulled in against her OR go for his left hand. If she doesn't grab his left hand, he can use it to go for her left (unsecured) ear, and if she DOES grab his left hand then that leaves him free to pull his hips back, which will give him the space he needs to bend down and bite onto the base of the ear with his teeth.

You can do it, Kappi!
No. 703268 ID: 88e46e

Also, remember that even if she does bite your dick off, you need to keep going.
No. 703272 ID: f02a77

Uh now I'm not an expert on Neumono anatomy but I'm pretty sure having your dick chomped off would be crippling for a while.
No. 703274 ID: 88e46e

Not until the blood loss gets really bad. Sure, it'll hurt, but that's exactly what he'll need to endure.
No. 703280 ID: dd338c
File 145585388331.png - (113.83KB , 800x800 , 100.png )

At least I'm sure she won't do anything really bad with my dick in her mouth. The first time she joked aroundwith stuff like that and it was effective, but now I know that she wouldn't do something that extreme unless I really fuck up!

... maybe I should not have kicked her in the boob.

>If you dont keep going for that ear you may end up sleeping on the couch.
There's actually a little part of her that just wants me to give in so she can work me over, but I can't lie, there's a part of me that wants the same. Well, except... it's the first time I've been on top of her like this. She feels funny, too, like it's been ages since she's been put in this position, too, and is... a weird mix of confused and excited behind the fun feeling of play fighting like this. I mean I really enjoyed her intensity on top of me from before, but doing it like this makes me feel like she's treating me a little more seriously. So I can't help but fuck her face for a little while, and just remember that this is a battle of endurance now, and hold myself in.

But I haven't given up on her ear! I might have some trouble getting the cutter out of my hand, but I start to go for her right ear anyway. I roll my hips up to my left to keep my leg at least somewhat keeping her right arm away from my left hand, but she starts to reach for it anyway. Also, I really don't think one ear is more vulnerable than the other. She just defended her left ear more in the gym because that is what she felt like, and her right ear only got locked because of the way she tilted her head, the more I think about it.

At first I hover my hand to the side, then I get an idea. I swing my left leg behind her raised neck and clamp down on it, grabbing the back of her head with my hand. Once I do that, she doesn't try to grab it from over my leg.

I still don't think I can tear either of her ears off with just strength, I either need leverage, my claw, or the knife. And I can't bend down far enough to reach the base of her ear with my teeth. Still, I got a huge grip on her head with my leg, and she keeps on sucking on me even while she's squirming around trying to wiggle out of her position. I think that if I -

She managed to lift her legs up and get her toes under my shoulders. I did not think she could bend her legs like this.

No. 703283 ID: 88e46e

Think it'd be worth going for the eyes just to try and distract her? She could still figure out where you were with touch and empathy, but it might buy you some room. Probably going way too far and ruining the mood, though.

Lock your legs around her neck. It shouldn't be possible for her to rip you in half, and you'll have the advantage in leverage even if she's a lot stronger. She probably can eventually break your grip still, but hopefully not until after you've had enough of a chance to get her ear off.
No. 703284 ID: dd338c

Relatively minor text edit for the previous update; in the second paragraph below the greentext.
No. 703285 ID: 211d83

Its to late to relax and enjoy it now. She is having fun and so are you so keep going for the ear cause you can have normal sexy times later. Plus you are so close to victory.

Ok the feet thing would be really bad except they are completely covered in oil. If she tries to push you off they will slip pretty easily. Still make sure you get a good grip with your leg. Try turning your torso back and forth a bit to wriggle out of her feet grip.

You wont easily get your box cutter into play so grab her left ear with your free hand and get it folded inbetween her head and your foot. You want the tear point folded over so you can hit it with a claw just right.

Like how you would bend a rope in half and cut at the loop? That's what you want to do to her ear. Loop it and claw a bit on the weakpoint and you will be able to tear it the rest of the way.
No. 703290 ID: 10c902

Ok, her combined legs will be way stronger than your one around her neck, but they are the most tired-out portion of her body, so you should be able to hold from being kicked off for a moment, if you put your stomach and leg muscles into it. Push with all your strength for the reach to grab her left ear in your left hand, where her right hand can't reach. You should just be able to get your fingers in under the base, and you can use that to pull more of it up into your reach and get a proper grip. Not just a normal grip, twist it and get the length wrapped around, and dig your claws in! Grip on with all your strength! If she tries to kick you off, then she'll tear her own ear off for you!

And if she catches wise, and doesn't kick you off... well, you'll be pulling at a better angle, that ear was the one that got the most abuse already back in the gym, and you, Kappi, were so into this you seriously considered dislocating your own arm for a shot at victory. Embrace the adrenaline! Go crazy! Draw extra crazy through Rokoa's empathy if you have to, let it flow through you. Dredge up all your passion, blast through your sanity and your limits and pull that ear off with all your strength even if your muscles have to tear themselves off your bones to do it!
No. 703291 ID: 02422f

Wow she sure doubled herself up, huh.

...if you need a momentary distraction, you could smack your tail strait down. It should hit her right between the legs, and considered how you two are getting, that might buy you a second to do something. (Yank your arm free, make some other action).

>There's actually a little part of her that just wants me to give in so she can work me over
You won't regret it if you lose and she works you over (hell no you won't), but you will regret it if you give up instead of giving your all. And she'll be a little disappointed you caved, too. So yielding is a non-option.

>what do
Can't let her shove you off with her legs. Best bet might be to push down on her head or push down on her mouth- so if she pushed had enough with her legs to get you off, she'd have to hurt your dick ripping it out of her mouth. Assuming she's still unwilling to do that, you can hold your dick hostage to restrict her options.

You left hand is in positions to start using a claw or two on the ear.
No. 703314 ID: 90f3c0

Even with the oil, I don't think you can avoid getting thrown back by those massive legs. Hook your claw on your left hand around her ear. If she tries to kick you off, let her, and do your best to take the ear with you.
No. 703322 ID: 742a1e

This could work! If you've been training your reflexes enough, do it at the last second so she doesn't hold back her kick.
No. 703343 ID: 4754ce

Use your leverage to lift up and off of her if you can. Slap her in the face with your dick, aim for her eyes, do anything by moving your lower body so she loses her leg grip on your pits. You got this.
No. 703415 ID: df2ec0

Quick you need to shove your torso as far forward as you can before she can push you back with her feet. If you move fast the oil that is all over her feet should let you slip through.

Your crotch will be mashed into her face but you will have a chance to go for a ear if you work quickly.

Move forward and keep pinning her and get a hand on a ear fast. If you don't grab one now you are going to miss your chance.
No. 703537 ID: dd338c
File 145592510305.png - (117.29KB , 800x800 , 101.png )

I think fast and grab her left ear with my left hand, and bundle it in my hand. I'm still not sure where the tear point is! I don't think I can loop around and push directly on it without knowing where it is, so I just clench my fist around it, claws and all. The claws can't really drag through to cut, but they do help keep hold. I try and twist my torso around to yank myself loose from her feet, but I can't quite get it now. My tail bats between her folded legs, but it just tickles her!

I also take my first and push down on her muzzle, and feel her teeth poke down on my skin. It's not bad like this, but if she were to push me off, she'll, uh, I won't like it. But I don't think she'll shove me off like this.

And she doesn't.

>Use your leverage to lift up and off of her if you can.
She does, however, use, uh, her mouth, to pull me back in.

Her right hand, which wasn't doing much there, starts pushing down to roll herself backwards and me to tilt forward.
No. 703538 ID: 5ad4a7

If she finishes that movement she'll get out of the head lock. Kick at her right hand with your free leg. If you can get the cutter free before she escapes the head lock, you can finish this.
No. 703540 ID: 211d83

Yeah this is the home stretch. Put everything you have into freeing that hand before she can right herself.

Use your leg and your arm to pull as hard as you can so you can get the cutter over even for a instant to make a cut on that ear.
No. 703549 ID: b2db3f

Don't let her flip you forward. Keep balancing your weight on her so she cant toss you off either way. If she tries to push you one way then rock back a bit.

While balancing on her you need to free your right hand. Bash hers against the floor until she loses grip or if you can use your right foot to help. Just get your hand free for a second in this position and you will win.

If you cant stabilize or get the knife free go for the base of your ear with your teeth when she pushes you forward. If you can bite on then get thrown forward it should rip the ear off.
No. 703558 ID: 02422f

>My tail bats between her folded legs, but it just tickles her!
Tickling is something. One more distraction.

You really need to hit the ear with something, now. Either you need to get your knife and in there, or you need to lunge forward and use your teeth. (You could maybe throw the knife, but I don't see you catching it with your face, or a knife in your mouth being any more effective than shark teeth).
No. 703567 ID: 02422f

Oh hey! If she starts rolling up you could throw your right so she falls to her left / your right. On her arm. The one that's holding your knife hand out. If her weight forces the arm to bend, you've got your knife hand closer to the ear!
No. 703568 ID: dd338c
File 145592835965.png - (82.57KB , 800x800 , 102.png )

I can't quite push my box cutting hand towards her ear well, so to free it, I pull as hard as I can away while shoving my free foot on her forearm to push her hand away. She already had an iffy grip on it, and I've been yanking on it this whole time, so I manage to get it out! She felt her hand slipping, though, at the last second, completely lets go and cups her ear up to my own hand. She's ready to slide it up and down based on where I try to cut, but I can shove the box cutter down lower on her ear where it's not as guarded.

I mean I can do that, but then I'd only get about half of the ear! Her left is still in range of her right hand so I dunno if I want to go for that, and I'm just about unable to keep my balance any longer, so I may need to settle for just a larger portion, back off and maybe try again if I still want to, or figure out something risky and probably unlikely to succeed to get all of her ear.
No. 703570 ID: 5ad4a7

Slip the box cutter in between her head and her ear. Just slide it down to cut where it connects to her head.
No. 703572 ID: 88e46e

Yeah, >>703570 sounds doable. If not, then you've still got a sharp nail to try and get that big chunk of ear.
No. 703574 ID: 02422f

There's space between her fingers, and there's fluff. You could stab in between her finders and slash (You'd kind of have to do a twist and pull to cut across the ear from a slot like that) coupled with yanking to get her whole ear and not half, but if that doesn't work she's almost certainly get the knife.

Not sure what else you could do to give yourself an edge / distract her. ...lick her in the eye? Or go for the open nipple with your mouth.
No. 703575 ID: 211d83

Start humping to distract her.

Yeah lift your hand slightly and put the box cutter between her ear and her head. Then quickly slide it down to the base of the ear and cut. By shielding only the outside of the ear she left the underside unprotected.
No. 703580 ID: c7e697

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Besides nothing is stopping you from taking the other half once you have the bit you got in your hand.
No. 703582 ID: beef02

She's brought both her hands up, now! So she's stopped trying to roll back. Balance shouldn't be too much of a problem. If it is, then if you're flexible enough (and you both seem to be, neumono seem pretty bendy, makes sense with regeneration and so on), you can get your right leg up above her shoulder to push on the tiles and steady yourself.

Or... since you've got her left boob in front of your hip, you should have some space under her left arm. You can get a little more by turning your hips, your left side forward and the right back, without moving your dick too much. If you push your right heel in under there, you can use it to shove her arm up and away from her ear, since she's only pressing it and not gripping anything. If you flip the box cutter blade around and slash from the bottom side of her ear upwards, the same direction you'll be shoving her arm with your leg, you should be able to get it!
No. 703590 ID: beef02

Also: go for the gold, Kappi. Remember what Rokoa said about pushing yourself, not just doing what's adequate or expected? She'll appreciate you reaching as far as you can.

Also if this fails, there's the backup plan of tiring her out another way. But we're not thinking about that. Yet.
No. 703601 ID: dd338c
File 145593310751.png - (97.25KB , 800x800 , 103.png )

>Lick/bite her
If I could reach that far down with my mouth, I'd already have a mouth full of ear!

I squirm my hips around, inadvertently thrusting back and forth around, but the point is to get that box cutter between her ear and her face! I retract the blade just in case I get uncoordinated, but keep my thumb on the switch.

The box cutter slips between once I lift her ear up a bit - just a little bit - and she reflexively puts her thumb underneath her ear and slides it up to meet the blade.

And without her muzzle pointed and forced down, she extends her legs. They're aching and sore again after just a few hours rest, but they're good enough to throw me forward the rest of the way!

I keep my leg hold around her neck, but that jams my left hand and her ear between my stomach and her face, and my right hand gets caught by her ear or something and it's in a pile of fluff now. I can't maneuver the box cutter well at all!
No. 703604 ID: 1009ca

is it possble for you to flip over and bury your face into her sex?
No. 703608 ID: 88e46e

Get on her back and get back to cutting. Hey, think her tail would work in lieu of the ear? Not what she said and all, but should still be hard to take off.
No. 703609 ID: 5ad4a7

Well... she's technically still pinned. Stick your head down under your chest to get an eye on things and see if you can get anything done.
No. 703613 ID: 02422f

If can't tell where your arms are or what you're grabbing, try seeing what you pick up from her empathy.

Grab ear one handed, pull it taught across your tummy, and use your abs as a cutting board. Upside down. And blind.
No. 703614 ID: 4546ab

You still have her pinned so just slowly feel things out and slice at the base of the fluff.
No. 703617 ID: beef02

>And without her muzzle pointed and forced down, she extends her legs. They're aching and sore again after just a few hours rest, but they're good enough to throw me forward the rest of the way!

Woah, how did that happen? She had them set up to throw you backwards a minute ago, and I'd have thought the neumono leg structure would stop her from effectively getting her heels behind you. Is she gripping you with her toes or something?

Well, anyway. The trouble is, you're working blind. Focus on your dick, Kappi! Uh, on where it is, now what it's feeling. If you can feel her tongue and teeth than you know where her jaw is and how it's angled, and if you know that then you should know where the base of her ear is. Your right hand can't be caught by her ear because that ear is being pulled across by your other hand, remember? I'm pretty sure the "pile of fluff" you're feeling is her boob, if it's soft, or her arm if it's firm. Extend the blade again, wiggle it between your fingers to get more length to it, and try to cut across the side of her skull, erring high. Your sense of where your dick is and how it's being treated should give you an idea where to send it, at least enough to avoid stabbing her eye, and her empathy should guide you as well - her reaction to you poking her cheek or wherever should feel different from how it'll feel if you get close to her ear.

I'm sure she won't mind a few scratches on the side of her face if you miss a little.
No. 703628 ID: beef02

Heck, you don't even need to slash. Just poke/stab the base of her ear and it could weaken the connection enough to tear off. It should be hard for her to move her left hand around, too, since it should be trapped by your stomach as well.
No. 703632 ID: dd338c
File 145593648601.png - (80.21KB , 800x800 , 104.png )

>Hey, think her tail would work in lieu of the ear?
Uh, maybe kind of? But it takes longer to grow back and her balance would be thrown off way more with a missing tail than with a missing ear. Also... it's also way more painful, and even if Rokoa has learned to relish pain, I'd rather not.

>Is she gripping you with her toes or something?
Yeahh. That and I mean I mean before she just had to tilt her feet upwards to throw me off, but then she started tilting backwards and just has to push back.

I squirm around to try to feel things out, cause there's no way I can bend my head low and look right under. She's still working at me, and I hear a gag.

Shit, I can't get my shoulders free at all! I really want to avoid poking around at anything that isn't her ear with the box cutter, but I really want that ear, too! I extend the blade when I think that, chances are, my hand got caught in her ear because my cutter hooked around it.

I focus everything I've got into squeezing down on her head with my leg so she can't push me off, and all my arms to work. I think I can feel where her ear is! I pull my leg up to block her left hand, and her right hand just grabs my back and squeezes down ineffectually.

Nevermind it, I just start poking and jabbing at her ear with the box cutter. She starts grunting under me and starts thrashing her torso around a whole bunch. Not because she's in - well, she is in pain, but not because she's suffering, but because it's happening. I can only grab her empathy to know I'm cutting up her ear, and not really quite on the base, but even so, if I can just perforate it some in a spot, it should be able to be rippable!

I think I can do it! I think I can -
No. 703634 ID: dd338c
File 145593652923.png - (58.39KB , 800x800 , 105.png )

Oil or something gets under my leg and her head slips through my leg! I go skidding across the bathroom floor before I could cut it off!
No. 703635 ID: dd338c
File 145593654102.png - (58.01KB , 800x800 , 106.png )

.... oh. I never let go of it.
No. 703636 ID: 1009ca

No. 703637 ID: 5ad4a7

Stuff ear into mouth. Then find out if you have finally accomplished your first task.
No. 703638 ID: f02a77

Heeey, you did it! Without really meaning to do it, sure, but it still happened!

Would it be too premature to celebrate?
No. 703639 ID: 02422f

Stare at it, dumbstuck for a moment.

Then look up at a mountain of naked, aroused, and hopefully impressed Rokoa bearing down on you.

If any actual showering ever happens, the ear is now a loofah.

CAI: remotely turn off the water to Kappi's room when room starts flooding whatever's below.
No. 703640 ID: b412df

Congrats Kappi, you did it.

Now, Eat it, then look around and regain your bearings; what's Rokoa's expression like (Since you're no longer in direct contact, and there's a jammer on), and what was it you ended up slipping on?
No. 703642 ID: beef02

Congratulations! Victory is yours!! Take a bite, and let the intoxicating flames of conquest and accomplishment flow through you. A large grin would be appropriate. Perhaps even a gleeful laugh.

Very quickly check your dick for damage, then look at Rokoa because she's probably about to crush you. With affection. And her massive body.
No. 703655 ID: 88e46e

Briefly congratulate yourself, jam the ear into your mouth, and then assess Rokoa, your dick, and the room.
No. 703656 ID: 742a1e

Seconding this.

Also if you have any corny one-liners saved up, now is the time to use them.
No. 703658 ID: 99a64d

No. 703663 ID: dd338c
File 145594049160.png - (117.62KB , 800x800 , 107.png )

>Then look up at a mountain of naked, aroused, and hopefully impressed Rokoa bearing down on you.
Actually, she's just laying there. It got really quiet, actually. Just the sound of Rokoa's ragged breath behind the sound of -

Oh shit the shower's still spraying water everywhere!

Also I actually did it?!

Er, geez, Rokoa actually looks kind of... I really expected her to be bearing down on me. I have no idea how she's taking it.

"R-Rokoa? Are you okay?"

I stop hearing her breath for a moment, and then her body starts shaking a bit as I realize that she's starting to giggle loudly.

"You actually got my ear." She says after a second. "Well, close enough to all of it to count. I'm gonna need a second to soak that in, so you better come up with what your plan is with your victory over me. Or I'll decide for you."

I start to take a bite but... I kinda want to shave it first. Conveniently, we're in a bathroom. With fur shavers. Or maybe I really should just... much on it, fur and all? It wasn't terrible, just kinda not ideal.

Also my dick is fine. Except kinda distracting being, well, there.

>Also if you have any corny one-liners saved up, now is the time to use them.
I'm more wondering if we fell asleep and we're dream sharing right now somehow, because that's more likely than this!

No. 703664 ID: f02a77

Awesome, mission accomplished.

Think we should like, make sure nothing's broken, either in the room or in our date? She did fall out of the shower not too long ago.
No. 703665 ID: c3110b

What better way to celebrate your victory than to mount up on that enticing sight right there?
No. 703666 ID: 5ad4a7

Well I can think of one way to celebrate your victory. I mean look at dat ass. Go on, go get it. Also get some soap, you can have some clean sex.

You know if you're gonna shave the ear you may as well cook it too, and really appreciate it.

Part of my wants to go for the OTHER ear too but I don't think Rokoa will actually appreciate that. Taking both ears would be more of a sign of disrespect, wouldn't it?
No. 703670 ID: b412df

Just eat it as it is, you don't know how long it'll take Rokoa to decide what she wants to do.

Also, put the shower head back on the hook, so it's no longer spraying water all over the floor.

I'm curious as to what Rokoa's going to decide for us if we wait.

If I had to put a option forward, well you both still need a shower, there's time to do stuff before cleaning up, if you catch my drift.
No. 703672 ID: c3ab4c

Go put the ear in the fridge to prepare in a delicious manner later. Turn off the shower and then go claim your prize.

Might as well continue to get dirty before you clean up.
No. 703673 ID: beef02

You've got that box cutter, don't you? You could slice the ear open and peel the skin off with the fur. Probably easier and certainly more fitting to the mood than running a shaver. And then you can keep the skin.

As for Rokoa... build the anticipation a little. While you're working at her ear, walk up beside her and put your foot on her shoulder so you can feel her empathy, and so she knows that you're letting the tension grow a bit. You can turn off the shower, at that point, or just kick the shower head back into where the water will drain. Once you have the ear ready to eat, get back, get her to roll over, and use one hand to eat with while you get down between her legs. You'll reverse what happened in the gym earlier: instead of her pinning you down and making you eat her ear, you'll look down and watch her while you eat. You can use your free hand to start warming her up, though I doubt she needs it. Maybe get a bit of grinding in.

When you've swallowed the last bit... well, start getting to work. Take the chance to be on top and in control for once, because it's probably going to be rare. After one session, you can take a brief visit in the shower to actually get clean (while continuing to fool around), then the dryer (same), and finally get back to your bedroom.
No. 703675 ID: 02422f

Use the ear as an ass-smacker.
No. 703677 ID: 90f3c0

Obviously, there is only one thing you want from her at this point. Tell her you're going to clean the oil off each other first, them you'll finish this in the bedroom. And you will be the dominant one this time.
No. 703680 ID: c86932

Eat it now, fur and all. No time like the present
No. 703681 ID: 742a1e

This is it. You successfully gave a murderer action star crazy person a fantastic date, cuddled while watching a movie about her worst enemy, and managed to cut her fucking ear off as revenge. You shocked Rokoa into silence, the person who makes normal neumono run in fear just by existing before the jammers are turned on. Before you do anything, gain a level in confidence.

Eat the ear if you can, but don't let this moment pass. You told us earlier you've dreamed about this happening! Go over and fuck Rokoa into oblivion, and not for combat reasons. Just because you can.
No. 703682 ID: bb78f2

Dude man, you got to shave that ear and prepare that shit for later, maybe make it part of a side dish for your stew.

That's a tasty fucking ear, you fucking savor it and don't waste a bit of it.
No. 703686 ID: 88e46e

Yeah. To clarify my post, don't eat it, just keep it in your mouth to free up hands.
No. 703713 ID: dd338c
File 145594570753.png - (60.43KB , 800x800 , 108.png )

>Taking both ears would be more of a sign of disrespect, wouldn't it?
Well... I don't think so, not with her. She might take it to mean that I really want to establish dominance over her or something. But I'm so tired I don't think I could do it again without cheating. Plus, I think she's getting better at how to defend her ear in playfighting, too. Thinking about her empathy back there, I think that she had to stop herself from like punching my stomach or shoving her heel in my eye, so she was all over the place and didn't really get the hang of, well... play fighting for an ear.

"Um.. gonna eat some now, but I wanna save some for later. Like, just to cook it properly. And shave it."
"Good. But you better eat it in front of me." Rokoa says.

I cut off about a third of the ear off to eat now and put the other part on a towel. I start to skin my piece with the boxcutter to eat now, but... it's a boxcutter, and I have no skinning experience, and I still can't help but see the ear as a part of her rather than a big steak, so it's kinda weird. Really weird.

I step over at her side, turn off the water and put the showerhead back into the tub. My hearts are running fast, and I swear I think that Rokoa is going to suddenly spring off the ground, tackle me to the ground, and have her way with me. But when I turn, she's just waiting.

I put my foot on her shoulder to get her empathy.

Her hearts are running, too. She's as confused, aroused and surprised as I am, although she's definitely staying on the ground to wait for me rather than actually being shocked to the point of freezing. This would be the sort of thing that would give me like 10 levels in confidence, but at the same time, the moment I get confident has been the moment I get overconfident, in my experience.

No. 703714 ID: dd338c
File 145594572771.png - (63.83KB , 800x800 , 109.png )

She's deferring to me just because I beat her at playing around, and I really don't think this is going to happen often, so I make the most of it. I sit on her back and start eating her ear. Loudly. She shuts her eyes, breathes heavily, and quivers. She's loving this? No, she's loving that I'm appreciating my little victory, I guess. This is still way more intimate than I thought it would be!

I smack her butt with the remaining part of the ear, first.

She yelps loud, even though it didn't sting at all. This is probably the closest I'll ever get to Rokoa blushing. Which is not that close. Ah, geez. I'm trying to build up the anticipation, but it's driving me nuts as much as it is for her!

No. 703715 ID: dd338c
File 145594575189.png - (72.83KB , 800x800 , 110.png )

The ear is swallowed the rest of the way, and I slip back behind her and pick up her hips neither of us can really wait any longer. She helps and gets on her knees, and I nudge her waist over the shower stall so that I don't have to hold her up and she doesn't have to push her knees into the tiling.
No. 703717 ID: dd338c
File 145594586437.png - (26.95KB , 800x800 , 111.png )

I push in, and we both moan. She's still quivering. I mean, so am I, but she's outright shaking!

"Is s-something wrong?"
"Wrong?! Ahaha, this is scandalous, Kappi! Do you know how long it is since someone did me like this? I barely even remembered that this was a sex position! Do you know what my hive would think?! Aside from you being rogue."
"Are you supposed to be on top like by hive law or something?"
"The Queen didn't lay out the decree 'Rokoa's gotta be on top always', you idiot!" she says, as I start pushing and pulling inside of her. Mostly pulling, because she pulls on me back. "But my hive's changed, you know that. Even if I'm damn good at fighting, my hive thinks fighting is just good for a means to an end, but not so desirable a trait in itself. So I'm not top breed in the hive anymore." she says, and at my confusion, she clarifies. "Ergo, I'm not as desirable as I once was. So I always gotta take the initiative."

Wow. That's fucked up. More fucked up because she doesn't seem to think that's fucked up. Is that fucked up? I don't even know for a hive anymore.

No. 703722 ID: 5ad4a7

You know, she hasn't said it yet. Is she impressed?

I think you should make this a thing. Play fight for the ear, whoever wins gets to be on top. Now that you've learned how to REALLY exercise, you may be able to get strong enough to compensate for her getting better at play-fighting. You'll probably still have to use underhanded tactics and wear her out beforehand though.
No. 703724 ID: 02422f

>Wow. That's fucked up. More fucked up because she doesn't seem to think that's fucked up. Is that fucked up? I don't even know for a hive anymore.
No, even from a hive standard that's fucked up. Ideally, hivemates should be there for each other and helping them with their needs, not ignoring less desirables until they make an issue of it themselves.

And I mean seriously, if someone doesn't think she's hot just because being a warrior isn't the most important thing to them they're crazy.

But fuck that, they're idiots. You're going to enjoy this, and she is too.
No. 703726 ID: 88e46e

I'm fairly sure breed just means breeding, as in they don't want her to be a mother and don't otherwise want to fuck her. Possibly because of mental problems and distance from the rest of the hive, probably not because of her body.

Now's not the time to think about that, though. Enjoy yourselves and don't spoil a nice moment with fucked-up hive shit.
No. 703729 ID: beef02

It is crazy. Tell her, that doesn't make sense to you. This modern times! Civilization! We're all specialists now. And what's desirable is that someone can focus. That they're good at what they do, so that others can do what they're good at, so we all benefit more. Rokoa is a fighter. And she is in the running for the best. For your whole species.

That makes her beautiful.

She once told you that the other rogues she'd been with tried to make her go rogue. You think the opposite. She should stay in her hive. She should try become Queen of her hive. If they'd been more like her, you'd never have gone rogue.


(The italics are where you give emphasis. With your hips.)
No. 703732 ID: 742a1e

Huh. Part of me thinks you should comfort her somehow, but in a way that she won't absolutely fucking hate. Which is probably next to impossible. The closest thing I saw was a kind of joking thing where you make up a fake situation that's way worse than hers, but that was just in a human comedy movie about a guy who regrows his arm and this is way more serious. You have to say something though!

...Although remember that thing Rokoa mentioned wanting way earlier in the day? The concept that it takes a really specific type of person to give to her? It could be related to this, maybe. It's kind of cliche, but what if she was talking about "someone who understands her," "an equal," "love," or something like that?
No. 703733 ID: 211d83

Well then they are stupid for not wanting you as much as I do.
No. 703735 ID: b2db3f

Well I want you. From the moment I saw you I wanted you. You are the most desirable thing I have ever seen.

I will take the initiative any day of the week if it means I get to be with you.
No. 703737 ID: 02422f

I'd support that except for the last stuff. Telling her to be queen or that Kappi wouldn't have left just rings weird and uncomfortable.

(Though Kappi totally wouldn't want her to go rogue. Going rogue is the most terrible, painful thing, how could he ever want that for her?).

The first part sort of works as a callback to what she said to Kappi earlier- if he would have fit in as a respected nerd support type back in the day, whatever the hive is now, she should be liked as their nerd fighter type. (I mean, any modern hive of sufficient size will need soldiers / security, and if the hive doesn't do well by them, they're idiots).

I was talking about the emotional level, where it's pretty clear they're living up to for her. And she's pretty clearly talking about having to always be the one initiated sex / not being desirable enough for hivemates to seek her out. That's an entirely different unfulfilled from not having kids, which is a whole 'nother can of worms.
No. 703738 ID: dd338c
File 145594983769.png - (74.93KB , 800x800 , 112.png )

"What? If they don't care about warriors then that's one thing, but not liking your body? That's crazy. I mean it's modern times! I assumed your hive was getting on board, but that means people can specialize! They can do what they're good at, so the hive can be good at a lot of things, and you're the best at what you do! And you can tell how attracted I am to you! I mean, nevermind your body, you actually got me out of my rogue funk."
"You're preaching to the choir. I know all that."

>Part of me thinks you should comfort her somehow, but in a way that she won't absolutely fucking hate.
Just thinking of comforting her feels wrong, because she doesn't feel that she needs comforting! She's surprisingly okay with this fucked up revelation. I go at a different angle.

"Well, okay, but really, you'd make a good queen!" I can't help but thrust my hips in at the few key words, there, but that does get a weird empathy from her.
"Hmph, it wouldn't be my hive, then. And it's fine that they don't want to be in bed with me. They're my hive. They acknowledge my actions I do for them are helpful, and that's all I need to know I'm doing right."
"That's still concerning to me! In fact that's... really concerning."
"I've heard that before. Cept with less polite words, but whatever."
"From the previous rogues?" I ask.
"Yeah. They all thought it was fucked up. That's why they wanted me rogue."
"I don't want you rogue, though."
"That's - ah! - new."
"It's terrible and painful lots of the time, and depressing for the rest. How, and why, would I ever wish that on anyone, especially you?"
"... yes?"
"Kappi I told you to stop eating chocolate, not to ram it all down my throat. I need to call Jess up and give that girl all your chocolate. I know I smelled some in the kitchen."


No. 703739 ID: 02422f

Nu-uh. I beat you, so you're going sit there are take as much chocolate as I feel like cramming down your throat. I earned the right to be nice to you, even if I gotta beat it in through your thick hide.

At some point, when you've got her panting again, you need to bend over, and whisper in her abridged ear "you never said. Did I impress?".
No. 703741 ID: 5f1b8e

It's ok, Kappi, correcting your lifestyle is how she shows affection. I'll bet she just doesn't know what else to say to return what you said. She's not used to saying nice things to people!

Pull her back to the topic at hand, by using your hand to pull on her, by the tail, and shove yourself in there. Tell her that, with that last morsel she gave you, she's stuffed you too full of food to be able to eat any chocolate any more; and if she doesn't want you stuffing sweetness down her throat, you still fully intend to stuff her full in a different way. Full enough that, for the next few days, she's not going to be able to sit down or bend over without the weight behind her abs reminding her of you.

Make it reality, Kappi.
No. 703743 ID: 211d83

Wait are we talking about my actual stash of chocolate? Or is this some sort of reference to me sweet talking you?

If its actual chocolate I still have it because its expensive and hard to get so I am not throwing it away in case I can sell it or give it to someone or have a alien over that wants desert.

If its because of the sweet talking well forget it. I will be as romantic as I want with you. I am not going to hide my feelings or lie to you.

But I will shut up and get back to fucking now.
No. 703746 ID: 88e46e

Nah, you won and you love her, you'll be as sweet as you like. And the actual chocolate is too expensive to throw away.
No. 703749 ID: bb78f2

Girl, you know, I think maybe some red hot chocolate might be EXACTLY what you need sometimes. Melt that shit in the microwave, feel it on your skin.
No. 703750 ID: 88e46e

That's some Miracle Shell-like stuff, not actual chocolate, and from the sauce comments earlier I don't think it'd work great on fur. Plus Rokoa probably would think it was shitty food, not erotic anyway.
No. 703752 ID: 5f1b8e

Well, if you do decide to keep loading the sweetness... tell her you want her to be as happy as she can be, because she deserves it. She's a literal legend, and the world needs legends. Think how many kids there are across the stars who've played that game you did, who watched the movies, and think Rokoa is the coolest, that want to become even just a bit as strong as her. How many soldiers on this asteroid must push themselves that little bit harder, try to be even a bit better, so that they can maybe survive if they face her. And you - what you'd be like right now if not for her. The universe is a better place because she exists.
No. 703753 ID: 742a1e

Kappi, after taking the advice of the other commenters, your job is now to fuck Rokoa until she's no longer capable of messing with you.

We believe in you.

We believe in you, Kappi.
No. 703754 ID: c3ab4c

Fuck the sass out of her.
No. 703755 ID: dd338c
File 145595480997.png - (85.34KB , 800x800 , 113.png )