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File 142885343434.png - (124.66KB , 600x600 , jukashidraws.png )
26669 No. 26669 ID: 7092c6
It's about time I had a thread for things I don't feel like putting elsewhere.

What, I already have a drawthread? Don't be silly, and definitely don't go looking for such a thing. That would be a really dumb thing to do. I think we are all quietly offended by such a suggestion and should forget it forever.
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No. 26670 ID: 7092c6
File 142885351841.png - (79.14KB , 500x500 , maollanudewip.png )
Here's a Maolla. I'm going to start off by dumping some old stuff, things some people have been shown but which I never properly stored anywhere.
No. 26671 ID: 7092c6
File 142885360238.png - (183.44KB , 700x800 , maollaporn.png )
Mostly pornish stuff, to be honest.

I was never really satisfied with this one, but I did show it to people, so I might as well put it up.
No. 26672 ID: 7092c6
File 142885367076.png - (321.32KB , 1000x750 , scelloreducators.png )
More scellor fucking, just character sketching this time. Perhaps these two will appear elsewhere some day?
No. 26673 ID: 7092c6
File 142885370489.png - (320.97KB , 800x890 , tozolinstruction.png )
Tozol sex education video.
No. 26674 ID: 7092c6
File 142885383988.png - (120.33KB , 500x600 , dapple.png )
The same tozol porn actress again, showing off the kind of extremely practical armor she wears on the job.
No. 26675 ID: 7092c6
File 142885391318.png - (477.46KB , 900x1100 , heimogenasketches.png )
More Will of the Undermind character sketching, from what was originally a warmup exercise. Heimogena, this time.
No. 26676 ID: 7092c6
File 142885398354.png - (133.53KB , 700x600 , strannerromanceOCs.png )
Filthy stranner OCs, with no clothes on.
No. 26678 ID: 7092c6
File 142885419209.png - (267.80KB , 800x800 , rokolostuffing.png )
More recent pictures, now.

Rokolo, having observed the pornoverse, made a bet with her CAI that it couldn't do a better job with her than its counterpart with Polo. So it decided to cheat a bit.

I mostly did this to practice the perspective.
No. 26680 ID: 7092c6
File 142885483134.png - (231.52KB , 1000x875 , dastricaxpredator.png )
A neumono hive was thinking of taking in predator, so Dastrica was called in to help negotiate the arrangement. The hive's representative and her began to get distracted with each other, however, so they decided to take a break and deal with those feelings before going on.

It was very rude of them to start playing without including Diamond Stripes! But clearly they just forgot, so he isn't mad. They can keep doing what they're doing and he'll join in in his own way.
No. 26681 ID: bd8b82
No. 26682 ID: 94f7ee
yay, jukashi arts. :>
No. 26720 ID: ba8629
Hey, nice. Several of these are new to me.

Even the throwaway OP pic has that silky smooth inking.

(Something something lame joke about Jyfriss being a pterok.)
No. 26721 ID: 296917
How's your hand these days?
No. 26722 ID: 241e41
I think we shouldn't keep bringing that up. It's not going to help. He knows we care about his well-being and wish the best for him, but there's a point where it stops being uplifting and instead just becomes a tedious and unpleasant reminder, and we've been past that point for a while now.

I know it may be presumptuous of me to speak on his behalf, but that's how the situation looks to me. If Jukashi has good news he's free to share it with us, but otherwise let's just leave that subject alone so we can talk about other things.
No. 26723 ID: 296917
Really? I thought it had been like, forever since anyone asked.
No. 26724 ID: c717e8

My arm is mostly fine, I seldom notice anything day-to-day, but I still get a dull twinge now and then. That's the way it's been for a long time. I have hopes in regards potential productivity but I haven't put it to any very strenuous test.

Now that I've said that somewhere that hopefully people will read it, I will also say that 241e41 there is right, I don't like when people bring it up. Please don't ask again.
No. 26725 ID: 60700b
Sorry for bringing it up one last time, but when I posted a video that I found to help with that kind of thing (which was 2 months ago, and thinking of you at the time, although it was worded to everyone ( >>/meep/26992 )), I was wondering if you saw it.

Please don't hurt me.
No. 26726 ID: 296917
Okay, sorry.
No. 26729 ID: 60700b
Also wanted to add I love your art and stories, Jukashi, even when I don't speak.
No. 26745 ID: 01555d
File 142938180978.png - (622.70KB , 1600x950 , incubi.png )
I wanted to practice different male body types for once, so I sketched up some incubuses. We've got Monstrous, Comfy, Classic and Girly. Monstrous needs more monstery shit on him, though.

I hadn't seen it, but I have now. I'll try it for a while.
No. 26753 ID: 60700b
Hope it helps, and unless you bring the subject up again, I wont talk of it.

I already think those have interesting designs as-is, but that's just me.
No. 26756 ID: bd8b82
Monstrous looks like some kind of... double dragon. :P
No. 26785 ID: fb17e6
literal trouser snake
No. 26944 ID: 4c4fc2
File 143132197770.png - (321.42KB , 950x855 , rokolopolokoapilonnsfw.png )
Neumono boob/geljob.
No. 26953 ID: 6879ec
Why's Pilon so uncomfortable?
No. 26954 ID: 79940c
Aryega described Polokoa's empathy as somewhat overwhelming, and kind of hard on sex partners. I can only imagine having the two of them makes it worse.

Or maybe it's having a shape-shifting smart weapon controlled by crazy people wrapped around his dick.

And for added pressure, getting it on with a CAI or two probably constitutes a record for number of partners at once.
No. 27023 ID: f6225e
Jukashi, will you ever continue Keychain of Creation?

Or at least draw some smut of it? :>
No. 27031 ID: 6d2810
File 143238062502.png - (133.00KB , 600x700 , donequicksonotperfect.png )
>Jukashi, will you ever continue Keychain of Creation?

I've never decided I won't, put it that way. But the comic won't be continuing where it left off any time soon. This is another question I've been asked a lot, so if anyone wants to ask it in the future, please just look at what I just said again because it'll be the exact same response. If I ever do continue Keychain, you'll probably hear about it.

>Or at least draw some smut of it?

Now why would I go doing that
No. 27043 ID: f6225e

Because smut is wonderful? And because the mystery of Secret's underpants has yet to be revealed?
No. 27044 ID: 0d8ff4
He literally just drew Secret and Marena naked.

Not that more wouldn't always be appreciated.
No. 27047 ID: fd8fad
Personally im looking foward to the day when there is more will of the undermind or scellor quests. :D
No. 27062 ID: 88f160

Because you said, years ago, that you would someday come back to KoC, and because I trust you, I will be there if you ever do.

If you DON'T, I will always miss it, but of course you don't owe me or any of your fans anything, so that ain't your problem.

So thanks for ever making the comic, with its gorgeous backgrounds and clear distillation of the Exalted lore and the very human characters on every side (especially for Misho. Misho, who amidst the grim grimness of Creation, still stands up and says that good is not just for babies and that even though doing what you think is right, not just expedient, will take its toll, it's still worth it in the end. I don't know what horrible secret undergirded his classic righteousness and frankly I'm fine imagining there wasn't any: I like to think his existence illustrated that saying that good is impossible is just as naïve as saying that good is always easy. And even if he was just as rotten as as the worst of them, well, that only makes him a bad example; I'd still be interested in seeing what becomes of him, and I thank you for putting the idea in my head to begin with. He's a nice little beacon of hope so far.)

(And also thanks for the smut. Nudity makes the world a better place.)

Just had to get that off my chest; now I'll shut up and leave you be. Good luck with whatever you do next.
No. 27076 ID: 108751
File 143262090618.png - (707.58KB , 1600x950 , succubi.png )
After >>26745 , I decided to do the same, but with succubuses. Monstrous, Comfy, Classic and Girly. And I came up with background for them.

In this setting, the cosmic struggle is between chaos and order: the former is associated with darkness, mystery, transition, movement and the organic, while order is the force of light, certainty, eternity, stasis and perfection. The tension between the two created and drives the mortal worlds. Mortal creatures are balanced between the two, while demons are born in the subworlds between the mortal plane and the primordial forces. Thus, they lean in one direction or the other - cacodemons are born on the border of chaos and tychodemons at the edge of order. However, they each still have elements of the opposite, and this causes a kind of distillation of the trace element, which causes odd contradictions. For example, though both kinds of demons can be summoned by mortals, only cacodemons can be bound to obey rules by the summoner. The two types of demons reflect each other in many ways: tychodemons of knowledge are matched by cacodemons of secrets, for example. Each type of demon is aligned with one aspect of order or chaos and they feel instinctively compelled to spread and promote it, as well as to fight against the opposite class of demon. However, either type of demon can be benevolent or malevolent.

Tychodemons of faith and fealty are matched by the cacodemons of love and lust, the succubi and incubi, or 'cubari' for short. Cubari form from primordial chaos as twins, one of each. The pair share the same pool of power, and the two are linked in various other magical ways, creating an ambiguity as to whether they are one entity or two. Despite that, they usually stay apart for safety: if one is killed, the other can sire or bear them as a child to bring them back to life. They are also born with particular traits, talents and a natural body type: although they are shapeshifters, shapes closer to their natural form are easiest for them and allow them to use their powers most freely. Twins may or may not be of the same 'type'. Incubi can take on female-like forms and succubi can take male-like forms, but they are bound to always retain the essential feature of their original sex. All demons retain one feature throughout any shapeshifting, but it varies from species to species.

I've considered doing a quest about an incubus summoned and bound to protect a magical artifact that could destroy the world - because the summoner didn't know how to summon any other kind of demon and they were desperate. The suggesters would have to help him use his powers of trickery and seduction to accomplish tasks that they aren't intended for at all, which I think could create interesting and amusing puzzle opportunities. Don't know when I'd ever get to do it, though.


Thanks! Especially for talking about what you like about Misho. I had always gotten the impression he was one of the less popular members of the cast, since people didn't talk about him as much as the others. I don't want to give anything away, but you can be assured there wasn't and isn't anything 'rotten' about Misho. In fact, it's kind of the opposite. Anyway, good to hear he has fans.
No. 27077 ID: 9ddf68
>I've considered doing a quest about an incubus summoned and bound to protect a magical artifact that could destroy the world
this sounds fun and I'd probably read it. So if you ever do decide to go through with it feel free to do so.
No. 27146 ID: d2c660
File 143329063141.png - (396.61KB , 1100x1000 , Rokoloboobs.png )
Part of the reason I made Rokolo so chesty is so that I could practice drawing huge boobs. So here's me doing that. And being silly.

Obviously there is no point being a time cop if you don't get to incorporate giant clocks into your ensemble.
No. 27147 ID: 063543
Rokolo is basically the best
No. 27148 ID: 0ee153
Reminder that Rokolo is literally a sexual predator and worse, a midget.
No. 27149 ID: fb17e6
The first I can forgive.
The second warrants ten years on the rack.
No. 27151 ID: 0d8ff4
Team Polokoa all the way.

Who doesn't love an egregiously large time peice?
No. 27153 ID: 830cee
Oh please why go with clocks when you can use a ton of period non-specific things like water clocks and gyroscopes.
No. 27191 ID: 88f160

"Opposite of rotten?" Well, now my curiosity's piqued. The first thing that comes to mind is "free of the Great Curse" but that can't be it...

I'm not surprised that Misho's not as discussed. It's drama and conflict and change that provides fodder for discussion, and Misho (and Ten), being much older than Marena or Secret, aren't going to face the same level of internal conflict as the others do, as they've had centuries/millennia to come to terms with who they are. (For example, you're not going to see Misho discover new ways to disappoint himself like Secret does on her bad days.) So Misho and Ten's conflicts stem from them dealing with extraordinary new circumstances or answering old doubts; they have altogether fewer issues to struggle with and those they do have they're not going to handle quickly. So because their stories are going to be inherently slower-paced, I wouldn't expect as much comic-to-comic discussion about them; it's when you look at the big picture that Misho really shines.

About the others I'd expect were less-discussed: Ten's still an enigma to me; he's practically made of secrets, and the only way to find out who's really underneath is for him to be forced to drop the mask and deal with a situation outside of his control and comfort zone. And I don't think that's happened at this point in the comic. And Karen's suffering from the double handicap of being mute and showing up late, and I only JUST realized that all the deleterious effects Karen's muteness had on her ability to participate as a character were exactly what the Silver Pact wanted to impose upon her! (Boy can I be thick!) She's got a few possible major core conflicts in her character concept, but she only just started standing up for herself, so I can't say for sure what she's made of under all that passivity just yet. These two plus Misho are overall more together or less open than Secret and Marena, respectively, so it takes longer to get what's going on with them, and so I'd expect the more 'exciting' characters to dominate live discussion.

Sorry if some of this is inaccurate - I'm basically going off of memory; it's been a while since I've reread the comic.

And also sorry for talking about writing so much in this art thread! To get back on topic and pay the art fee, I'll say that over in >>/moo/3786 I've colored >>27031. It's no substitute for the real thing, but I need the practice, and my KoC fanhood's been flaring up lately. So I hope you don't mind.
No. 27208 ID: ac3a29
>Sorry if some of this is inaccurate - I'm basically going off of memory; it's been a while since I've reread the comic.

No, that all seems pretty accurate! It's a decent estimation.

>To get back on topic and pay the art fee, I'll say that over in >>/moo/3786 I've colored >>27031.

Oh, hey! Wasn't expecting that. Kinda huge, but looks pretty good. If I'd known you were going to do this I'd have fixed up some of the more embarrassing parts of the sketch.
No. 27209 ID: 0ee153
Beside anything else, isn't that board supposed to be some sort of superduper secret? Last time I saw it linked a couple of guys flipped shit.

As for the KoC stuff, I always wondered whether Misho had been one of the mortals who inherited the God of Locks' powers pre-Exaltation. Being locked away might explain his missing memories and why Faffers still cares badly enough about the protagonists to keep sending valuable Abyssals after them. Secret wasn't apparently that valuable an asset to him and I'm guessing he needs the souls of one of the aforesaid mortals to make his new soulsteel key.
No. 27240 ID: bb8ccc
File 143416800556.png - (689.33KB , 1500x1200 , gymrokoas.png )
I drew this as practice with free-hand line drawing. It's not totally just straight to file for the whole pic: I put down the floor mat and wall lines underneath before most of it, so that's a bit of a perspective guide at least, and I used layers to make erasing overlaps easier. I also nudged and resized a few things a little. But the big thing is I drew it all without putting down any sketch roughs or positioning skeletons first, so everyone in the pic went straight from imagination to final lines. It doesn't look too bad for what it is.

I drew like this for some of the images early on in Polokoa Quest, and I was wondering about going back to it, since it's a lot faster.


Maybe. If some site moderator wants to edit those links out, I won't complain.
No. 27241 ID: 88f160
>superduper secret
Whoops! I thought it would be less rude to put it there than to post an image in somebody else's art thread. My apologies if that was still a faux pas. (If I ever do it again I'll use imgur or something.)

>Kinda huge
I know. But because downscaling an image is easy and upscaling one looks blech, I prefer to release images into the wild big enough that nobody sane is left wishing that they had them in a bigger size.

>If I'd known you were going to do this I'd have fixed up some of the more embarrassing parts of the sketch.
Oh, I didn't want to pester you, and it didn't bother me at all. But I'd be happy to try again if you've got anything else! :Y

Seriously, though, unless you don't want me to, I'll finish and color any KoC sketches you put out there. It may take a few weeks, as I'm super slowwwwww (this would be me working on that) and can't foresee how graduate school's gonna hammer me on any given week, but I'll do my best to get something presentable done.

Just letting you know so it won't come as a shock if there's a next time, and so you can stop me now if I'm out of line.
No. 27242 ID: 0ee153
I don't know either, it's why I asked.
No. 27246 ID: ab7529
Hehe. I like the tiny angry one in the corner, who must not have finished growing into her Rokoa-ness after being cloned.
No. 27247 ID: 2caec5

That's not a Rokoa, actually! There are two non-Rokoas in this picture. Well, one and a half. The one you refer to is a guy, and I made him up on the spot when I drew a line wrong for the stomach of the Rokoa clone next to him, which happened to make her look a bit pregnant. So I decided to go with it and gave her a little baby-daddy, trying to persuade her she doesn't need to do the extreme situps training or whatever crazy thing she's thinking of doing after the arm wrestling.

The Rokoa clones are a hive of themselves in Rokolo's timeline, and started adopting and having kids to eventually develop into a normal hive. So they've switched from original-Rokoa's policy of "no kids unless I meet a really exceptional guy" to "we want kids, better go looking for exceptional guys".

It was entirely spontaneous, so I don't know anything about him, but he looks like he's made of pretty stern stuff.

Sorry if the idea of an angry short Rokoa clone is more amusing/interesting. There are probably a few around, I just didn't draw any of the more unusual variant clones in this pic.
No. 27396 ID: bfbff9
File 143526433768.png - (329.26KB , 1150x700 , azinterrogation.png )
In Rokolo's timeline, she and her allies have a lot of enemies. You don't want to just kill them all, though: waste not, want not. As a result, she sometimes has interesting visitors, such as our favorite Ultraking, Az.

The Rokoa clones, however, are not always very hospitable.
No. 27397 ID: 38685c
idk that seems pretty hospitable to me
No. 27398 ID: b5b419
That's not the real Az, it's a doppleganger! The true Ultraking has explicitly trained himself to be able to fire spheres full of genetic materials at will for both reproduction and combat purposes.
No. 27411 ID: dbe554
..I had no idea you were the KoC comic creator! Your art has come a long way since then and I didn't even recognize it till now! Big fan!
No. 27571 ID: 0eb158
File 143616241660.png - (684.31KB , 1000x1000 , neumowendigos5.png )
The neumono fantasy genre has adapted a lot of things from neumono mythology for itself, including the use of wendigos to fill the positions that in human fantasy are taken by orcs, ogres and other big hungry monster people. Of course, neumono fantasy porn has done the same thing. Wendigos did actually exist, however, and in her universe, Rokolo used science to piece together scattered fragments of their genetic code to create an actual wendigo, who she called Igor.

He is not sure what to think of his race's appearances in neumono media. This particular piece of classic literature appears to contain several significant inaccuracies.
No. 27572 ID: 0eb158
File 143616253340.png - (726.99KB , 1000x1000 , neumowendigos4.png )
A version of the same pic without the speech bubbles, if anyone wants that.
No. 27575 ID: d90668

I think my favorite part of this is how confused he looks.
No. 27576 ID: e114bc
I think that's disapproval.

Um... what are the inaccuracies exactly?
No. 27593 ID: 7ee2dc
File 143659265696.png - (77.85KB , 500x500 , igorresponse.png )
>Um... what are the inaccuracies exactly?

“Shome not… shome. Sshome. Ssshsshsssome. Some. Some not bad. Sorry, teeth. Characters seeming not have insides sometimes, is normal. Porn is porn.”

“Igor, you speak what, 12 languages? Talk properly.”

“More, but language just memory. I speak good, people think smart wendigo, but no. Stupid wendigo. Better to not disappoint. Porn, now. Language not right for porn wendigos either. Writer has them speak like just angry neumono. Also had wendigos acting like neumono hive, territorial. Wendigos do not reject non-hive like neumono do, so not likely. Also, wendigos in porn have emotions too smooth. Wendigos shift feelings strongly, quickly. Calm feelings for calm time, fight feelings for fight time, sex feelings for sex times. Can seem to be different person, or so I am told. Seeming different people very common for wendigos! Also, wendigo in porn says, no experience of sex with neumono girl before. Not done it before, yes, but no experience, unlikely. Also, myself, would not threaten to eat girl I just had sex with. Very rude.”

“… That all?”


“… Go on, tell them.”

“… For accuracy, could have had dicks bigger. A little. Wendigos have thick tail, so, need reach. Need room for gel, too.”

“See, some people’d like that kind of info in advance.”

“Yes, I am told. But, porn. Can forgive, writer not met Igor, Igor kept secret. Igor is only wendigo alive. Just disturbs reading. Writer usually good, writes standard adventure comic also, same world, some same characters. Adds interest. Rokolo says, subtle philosophical commentary. In other comic, not in porn.”


“… Maybe in porn. Igor not smart as Rokolo, not near.”
No. 27594 ID: 92d17d
i wonder if that non-porn comic was porn that was bleached-pantied so it could sell or if he added porn to his non-porn comics so it would sell.

also if he did his research and chose to ignore it or if he just didn't know better.

might as well go all the way into this interconnected network of alt-universe rabbit holes. poor neumono girl getting spitroasted: what do you think about your author and about these inaccuracies?
No. 27595 ID: d90668

Igor you are a big fluffy nerd with giant cute eyes. I hope you never change.

So besides reading entertaining comic porn what do you do with your free time?

Did Rokolo make you for a specific reason or just to see what wendigos were like?

Also do you have any ladies you are interested in?
No. 27617 ID: 04c316
File 143693530438.png - (628.63KB , 1000x2237 , azcriawancomic2.png )
Years in the future of Polokoa's timeline, a young second-gen predamono woman named Criawan is raised by the brothel hive, aiming to put her abilities to good use. Before developing her specialities, though, she has to learn the basics, and takes her first job with one of the hive's favourite customers, Az.

Some small difficulty is encountered, but the ultraking knows how to push past it.
No. 27632 ID: a86bb3
File 143709319784.png - (392.54KB , 1000x800 , igorrokoas.png )
Some of the Rokoa clones volunteered to try making neumono-wendigo hybrids. The science hive would like to record everything about this important scientific investigation, but now that the subjects have started getting into it, they seem to have become less responsive.
No. 27641 ID: d90668

Silly science hive you know the Rokoa's are horrible at following proper scientific procedure! If you want information on cute half wendigo babies you are going to have to take things into your own hands. Or vaginas in this case.
No. 27642 ID: 9ddf68
>Alison in the back with a video camera
I find that funnier then I think I should.
No. 27694 ID: d91db5
File 143804190133.png - (461.03KB , 1188x1040 , katzatihelping.png )
Technically fanart, but I feel like it's too much straight-up porn to go in the fanart thread, so here it is.

During Polo Quest, Biles said he wasn't having any problem with being pent up, but that was because he could deal with it himself. What about the other two guys on the mission team? In a pornverse variant of Polo Quest, Katzati generously decides to help keep the whole team in top mental condition. But, Kort and Lucera are understandably embarrassed that they need that kind of service. During a brief moment when everyone else is away, however, things can be resolved.
No. 27695 ID: d91db5
File 143804211401.png - (231.51KB , 1000x875 , katzteensolid.png )
And more Katzati porn, this time with a young hivemate of hers, who's going through an awkward and stressful period. Helping him get some release is the least she'd do!
No. 27696 ID: d91db5
File 143804218154.png - (248.73KB , 1000x875 , katzteenseethrough.png )
The last pic again, with a transparency effect to see more.
No. 27703 ID: e114bc
WooOoooOOooo ghoooost neumonooooo
No. 27723 ID: 537edb

More fluffy tits and butts, please.
No. 27807 ID: 3ed7a1
File 143916959205.png - (1.34MB , 900x2500 , shrinkrayfull1.png )
Part one of three-part comic with Pit, Qiurill, Korli, and the sillier side of what mad science produces. Also sex. Quite a bit of it.
No. 27808 ID: 3ed7a1
File 143916967632.png - (1.25MB , 900x2819 , shrinkrayfull2.png )
Part two.
No. 27809 ID: 3ed7a1
File 143916977684.png - (1.42MB , 900x3000 , shrinkrayfull3.png )
And three.

This whole thing kind of ran away with me for a while.
No. 27813 ID: e114bc
Hahaha! That's great.
No. 28077 ID: 4e0ee1
File 144209472062.png - (1.44MB , 2000x2100 , profvondal3.png )
So, continuing my Asteroid trend, I noticed that belenosian ladies hadn't ever been participants in any porn. I decided to rectify this lack of appreciation myself, made an OC of my own to do so, and as occasionally happens, quickly got carried away.

Thus I came up with Professor Van Vondal, a scientist dedicated to the study of both reproductive biology and species mating habits both intra- and inter-.

Apparently, this means going on a quest to bone at least one dude from every sentient species she can find, which I have now crudely illustrated.
No. 28078 ID: 4e0ee1
File 144209477148.png - (192.72KB , 1000x700 , vondalpredator.png )
She hasn't been successful quite yet.

But don't give up, professor! Science needs you!
No. 28079 ID: 3663d3
>secret science box
okay that made me laugh.
No. 28080 ID: e114bc
What does that gigantic dick she's hugging belong to? Fufa? Wait, are advanced Fufa considered sapient? I think they would be...
No. 28081 ID: 149da0
No. 28092 ID: 8b718a
Hey hey, are those out-of-speech-bubble words supposed to be their empathy? Maybe I'm just looking too much into silly porn.
No. 28093 ID: e114bc
That was the impression I got too.
No. 28094 ID: 6d1502

It's their empathy, yeah.
No. 28249 ID: 69a105
File 144407840276.png - (469.80KB , 2000x1111 , exaltedladiesandgents.png )
Since I posted it on 4chan, might as well post it here as well. A lineup of Exalted, and one godblooded, guys and girls done to (in theory) practice drawing different body shapes.
No. 28265 ID: 063619
That's almost enough naked Exalted to get a party going!
No. 28952 ID: ad0f55
File 145101809237.png - (490.34KB , 1000x800 , maollamechmaid.png )
Sketch of Maolla as an impractically sexy mechanic, an alternative to the impractically sexy maid.
No. 28953 ID: ad0f55
File 145102329358.png - (376.59KB , 800x700 , maollamechbone.png )
And a follow up.
No. 28980 ID: c8c9a6
This might be the wrong thread but I didn't want to clutter up crotch day thread with more discussion. Lemme know if I should kill this post.

I'm just curious how exactly repopulation would work with just one female more than anything, was there anything you had planned there?
No. 28981 ID: 91cfcf
It's called inbreeding and waiting. Not exactly great, but it beats dying out.
No. 28982 ID: 74ea1e

It would have been up to the players to figure out tactics, but there would have been a few potential possibilities.

Mainly, it would have revolved around time. The rough minimum for a species to avoid inbreeding effects indefinitely is 500 mature genetically distinct individuals, which they would have more than enough of to begin with (that number is from the old 50/500 rule in regards species conservation. Recent estimates suggest you actually need a lot more than that for a species to be able to continue adapting to changes in the environment, but for a sentient tool-using species that shouldn't be as much an issue). From there, the lone-female problem is just a bottleneck, since if the males can only live long enough, then, the girls the first girl produces have plenty of mates to choose from, and their girls have plenty as well, et cetera, so long as you don't mind the age gap. Fathers could also mate with their own children's half-siblings who aren't related to them, and so on, so a lot of it would also just be an exercise in keeping track of who's related to who and deciding how distantly removed a cousin is acceptable to have kids with. So long as you can keep enough people alive and capable of reproduction long enough, it could be done, and that would be a lot of the "puzzle".

The females of the species the quest would have revolved around are longer-lived than the males, but the males aren't too short-lived either. There would have been questions of how much risk is to be taken with the limited population, how many people can you lose while taming the wilderness, how much do you risk the experienced older males who will die sooner of old age versus younger but less competent ones, et cetera. It would have been possible to salvage some stasis chambers from the ship's escape pods to preserve gene samples for later generations, but that would have taken away time and resources from other things, which would make that a decision to weigh options on as well, and so on. Eventually, rebuilding technologically would have unlocked medical treatments for longer lifespan, and towards the end of the game you could even develop genetic technology to add variance artificially. If you could last that long and get to that level quick enough.

As I said, a lot of keeping track of things, and the inbreeding was in an uncomfortable zone where it could either be not solvable or too easy to solve.

There would also have been attempts at social puzzles, trying to figure out whether to keep the species' old ideas of gender roles, what new ideas to try and promote, unrest about how controlled the breeding was, how much time the ladies have to spend making kids vs. their other duties, et cetera. See, the "wings" the girl has in that pic are actually sensor sails, they can pick up all sorts of information about radiation, magnetism, gravity and a bunch of other stuff. As things were in their species, females took jobs that that gave them advantages in, back-line leadership and research and, in the protagonist's case, navigation - her being a pilot is the reason she was out on a military ship, while almost all the species' ladies otherwise stayed on planets and stations. That's why she would be in the protagonist position, since she would be gathering a lot of info and the guys would all take her advice. So, there would be a question of how much that continues, how the next generations of ladies feel about what they're asked to do, whether the males end up becoming more deferential or less to the females, that sort of thing. All stuff I find interesting, but that I also feel I would have maybe been underqualified to tackle.

If you're curious, the males have energy collectors instead of sensor-sail wings. If they gather enough they can shoot it out of their hands.

I was kind of going to go for a little bit of a campy 80s scifi cartoon theme for some things. Just a little.
No. 29016 ID: a107fd
Sperm bank seems like it would need to have implausibly limited capacity, serious ongoing complications, and/or whopping opportunity costs to be anything other than an obvious do-this-first. Gene backup lets you send the old veterans on risky missions without shooting yourself in the foot strategically.

Although... that, in turn, implies a potential morale issue. Maybe the sperm bank is reasonably easy to set up and maintain from a purely technical standpoint, but participation is seen as the prelude to an indefinite series of suicide missions. Thus, only a small subset of males volunteer, and accepting them presents risks of congenital psychological instability.
No. 29036 ID: 5ad4a7
Simple solution, have the gene bank be mandatory for everyone.
No. 29037 ID: d4e1e3
Or opt out, if something is normalised and mistrust avoided you'll still get more than enough
No. 29043 ID: a107fd
Opt-in vs. opt-out is a much more significant distinction when the issue is (or is perceived as) a matter of petty inconvenience rather than life or death. The practical difference evaporates entirely when "failing to opt out" still requires taking highly specific actions, such as masturbating into a specimen jar.
No. 29116 ID: 421dad
I was thinking with Incubus Quest, it might actually be easier/flow better if, every time sex is involved but the results aren't actually significant, to just straight-up skip to afterwards. Don't even fade to black, just do one panel receiving the ">> Make with the sexy times" command with Incubus shrugging and saying okay, then the next panel he's got a cigarette, is moving on to the puzzle and the partner's pulling their clothes back on.

It might be sort of a huge cock-tease but it seems like it would be way less unwieldy than playing things out all the time.
No. 29123 ID: 019abb
Or it could be a study in cutaways, trying to ret it different each time: A chibi pic, a bed way panned out with hearts floating up from it, or a view of the next room with people complaining about the noise and/or more hearts coming out the walls...
No. 29286 ID: fbe790
File 145550980963.png - (607.63KB , 1440x1330 , asteroiddicks.png )
Asteroid stuff again.

I wanted to try draw pomi and belenos dicks based on Miss' description in BTE, included a neumono for comparison, and then ended up drawing a voklit as well.


Maybe! I think it's would be easy for me to slip up and have it become obnoxious after a while, though.
No. 29287 ID: fbe790
File 145551049630.png - (560.99KB , 1200x900 , bodymodders.png )
More Asteroid setting stuff, this time I wanted to have a go at what body modification enthusiasts could look like.

The belenosian lady has cybernetic limbs, probably deliberately more obvious than they could be, as well as extensive horn carving, and "tattoos" that are the result of freeze-branding, causing the fur to grow white. I imagine some of them are placed over scars where internal cyborg parts were installed. She also has piercings, ear notches, and is probably wearing cosmetic contact lenses.

The pomi guy has piercings and individually dyed scales, but less obviously has scale extensions, on the same principles as fake fingernails, enhancing the ridges over his eyes and on his jawline. The touches of gold on his back are also done in a similar fashion to fingernail art.

The neumono's work is pretty self-evident, just varieties of pushing foreign objects through his body. Through showing his outfit to Lago in IRC, I learned that aside from the phone in his hand, everything about his appearance was entirely possible pre-contact.

Perhaps they're all in a band.
No. 29288 ID: 5ad4a7
These all look fucking awesome.
No. 29292 ID: 01ed92
yeah, those are all pretty amazing. i'm really really fond of the belenosian, too. but i might be biased with my like of cybernetics. :V
No. 29304 ID: 4854ef
Wow those are pretty incredible.
No. 29339 ID: 7805cb
File 145602873677.png - (459.69KB , 1125x1000 , Rokolocentered.png )
Rokolo climbs a wall of dicks.

I did the sketch for this quite a while ago, wanting to try fit as many dudes as possible around a girl without overcrowding and blocking. When I went back to it, inspired by Dating A Murder Neumono, I took on a second aim of trying to get the genitals positioning right, because there are a terrible lot of artists who put the vagina regions too far forward or too high, or who don't put the penetration point back far enough. I think I might've gone too far in the other direction, though.

I really need to study anatomy more.
No. 29340 ID: 7805cb
File 145602881387.png - (256.59KB , 700x575 , scellorneumonocompetition.png )
And here's a scellor vs. neumono sketch I did for IRC purposes.
No. 29343 ID: 99a64d
They're aliens though so it's all good.
No. 29348 ID: 742a1e
You also need to continue drawing aliens happily receiving dicks, because you're really good at it!

And possibly pick back up the wendigo thing, with Rokolo attempting to produce accurate wendigo erotica for the sake of science and no other reasons.
No. 29684 ID: 421dad
Hey Jukashi, I wasn't really sure where to ask so this seemed like a vaguely acceptable place.

I'm running a light scifi game elsewhere, I was wondering if it would be okay by you to have a cameo of a scellor as an intergalactic visitor.
No. 29685 ID: 33c558

My general policy is that I have no issue with people using my created races and so on for things like that, so long as the person using them isn't pretending or allowing other people to assume that they're theirs. So long as that's the case I have no problem with it.
No. 29688 ID: 421dad
I will make sure to be explicit about their author, then. Thanks!
No. 29804 ID: c3a42f
File 146002915113.png - (115.11KB , 500x500 , wrath.png )
Tried something a bit different, possible ideas for a possible quest, at some point.
No. 29805 ID: c3a42f
File 146002919319.png - (79.79KB , 500x500 , treachery.png )
Something purposefully rough, stylistically.
No. 29806 ID: c3a42f
File 146002921165.png - (110.82KB , 500x500 , sloth.png )
No. 29807 ID: c3a42f
File 146002923203.png - (148.30KB , 500x500 , pride.png )
No. 29808 ID: c3a42f
File 146002925432.png - (108.74KB , 500x500 , fear.png )
No. 29809 ID: c3a42f
File 146002927432.png - (116.60KB , 500x500 , lust.png )
No. 29810 ID: c3a42f
File 146002932942.png - (118.10KB , 500x500 , cruelty.png )
Not sure how well a whole quest in this style would work, adding in backgrounds and so on. Maybe if they were murky, while the character colors were kept vibrant.
No. 29811 ID: 871825
With this pose and eye, Fear reminds me a bit of the witches from The Legend Of Zelda Oracle games. In the ending cutscene of an unlinked game, they appear in such a pose, eyeing the viewer.

>>29804 Wow, impressive.
No. 29817 ID: eaf326
Pretty cool. I've always liked these scribbly, dream sequence, hallucination sorta things.
No. 29819 ID: c3a42f
File 146008614652.png - (646.46KB , 1600x1200 , lustupgrades.png )

Never played those games! But, there is probably some subconscious influence from other zelda games in there.

To make a little clarification, those aren't specific characters so much as they are examples of a type. The idea is a theoretical demon quest, where demons are loosely arranged into different breeds by their primary sin. There are Seven Sins, of course, though I adjusted them to make them more distinct and to line up with a sort of stat system.

... I kinda want to get my ideas on this down, the ones I have so far. So, if anyone wants to listen to me ramble about theoretical quest systems, read on! Or if not, don't.

(Possible) Demon Quest Mechanics

Here's an image of our lust demon, as an example, and the effects of upgrading their stats. Starting off with a Lust demon, their Lust rating represents the demonic Charisma equivalent and grants them innate empathic/telepathic powers. They'd always need to have their Lust as their highest stat, but they can upgrade the others to gain those stats and abilities as well. It comes with a physical transformation, too. Lust (which also covers greed/gluttony) predisposes towards large hands and emphasis of the mouth/tongue, as well as the obvious sexual characteristics. With Wrath you get huge and swole and spikes, Treachery your body gets fluid and malleable, Sloth you get armor plating and maybe some insect characteristics, Pride gives you height and fancy horns and holes in your body for your infernal flame to leak out (and they're all huge snobs so they dress fancy), Fear you get huge/extra eyes and ears, and Cruelty gets you longer, slender edge-like features with extra arms. All the types get a kind of innate magic ("helltech" is constructing/crafting-type abilities), and Pride and Cruelty also combine as the main stats you need for learned magic spells. The MP-equivalent is soul threads, that you generate by indulging in your Sins or by collecting them from the environment. They'd likely also be lesser currency in the demon world, where such a concept is recognized.

Upgrades would be made by growing the strength of your demon soul, as apportioned among your Sins, with your stat points being Soul Pieces. You can get them by trading in soul threads in very large quantities, under specific difficult circumstances, or more easily by eating whole souls (mostly other demons, at least to begin) to get an amount of pieces depending on the strength of that soul. The idea I currently have is that the exact abilities you get at each stage would depend on what kind of soul pieces you used - pieces from sinful souls get you malevolent abilities, neutral soul pieces give more passive abilities, and virtuous souls give you benevolent abilities. As a demon, of course, finding virtuous souls to consume would be difficult.

And, if you did, angels might have something to say about it. Though it's not really relevant to who the quest protagonist would be, they get their own mirror Virtues as stats - Love instead of Lust, Justice for Wrath, Creativity for Treachery, Patience for Sloth, Temperance for Pride, Vigilance for Fear, and Reason for Cruelty. Mortal creatures just get the ordinary stats that the Sins/Virtues represent. Demons, mortals and angels all also have a stat that measures their long-term ability to stay coherent and driven and to endure crazy shit - Sanity for most mortals, while angels get Faith and demons get Hatred.


Most of the quest, if I ever actually did it instead of just daydreaming, would be set in hell. Which, in this setting, is a sort of cosmic landfill out in the darkness between the mortal realms, where the Creator dumped all the pieces of worlds They ended up not liking while They were making them. Later, when the souls of mortals started being sorted on their deaths, the best were brought into the heavens, the inoffensive were sent back to reincarnate, and the worst were cast out and ended up in the same interdimensional reject zone as leftover world-trash. Their filthy souls collected in the lowest pits, writhing half-conscious in the corrosive stew of their sinful selves, falling apart and melting together in turns until the strongest lingering fragments of minds pulled themselves together by sheer force of will and dragged themselves from the spiritual slurry as demons, vast armies of whom now wage war to destroy the heavens who cast them out or, failing that, to spite them by taking and corrupting mortals and their worlds into their own image.

So, the art style would be intended to represent that crude, rejected look, painted against a backdrop of the void. If the protagonist ever ended up getting somewhere besides hell, I might employ an art shift.
No. 29821 ID: 5ad4a7
>big monster hands
Lust best waifu confirmed.
No. 29822 ID: a22f87
sounds fun, I'd play it
No. 29831 ID: 75cce1
Cool idea, the only thing I'd change is some of the Virtues, mainly that instead of Creativity, you'd have Loyalty, just makes more thematic sense to me (I'd also argue changing Reason to Empathy for the same reason, but I could see how some people might file Empathy under Love, so I wouldn't mind keeping it as Reason).
No. 29832 ID: 635f0e

Well, it's sort of limited in that the Virtues need to match the same neutral stats as the Sins do. So, Treachery matches Agility because it implies a sense of not being held down or fixed to any given position, and Creativity (or "free spirit", a less catchy alternative I entertained for a while) has sort of the same connotations, while Loyalty doesn't. Similarly, both Reason and Cruelty can stand for Intelligence as the ability to find out how things work and to apply that knowledge, Reason for obvious reasons and Cruelty in a sense evoking invasiveness and torture and so on.

Basically, the Sins and Virtues are supposed to be corrupt/pure versions of each other, not opposites. Wrath is Justice without mercy, Sloth is Patience without action, Pride is Temperance (as in, holding oneself to standards) for ego's sake, Lust is tainted Love (woah-oh-OH-oh-ooh), et cetera.
No. 29899 ID: e0baed
More Keychain of Creation when?
No. 29900 ID: 1d9723

No. 29980 ID: 9f3a28
File 146121240715.png - (384.13KB , 1000x950 , poloclonespygmiesandigor.png )
As well as Rokoa clones, Rokolo actually has a small handful of Polo clones. It's a long story. Being clones, though, and not as suited to being cloned as Rokoa is, they can come out a little... different.

Not that that's what's going on here, though. More likely, Rokolo's CAI "accidentally" spilled the experimental gases again. And it seems that two of the Polos, along with some of Rokolo's pygmy hive, may have been more strongly affected due to their low body weight. Or maybe they're just perverts.

I actually had this as a sketch before the wendigo/pygmies comic Lago did, but seeing that inspired me to more with it. I still kinda half-assed the lines, though.
No. 30005 ID: 5bd748
File 146147956315.png - (252.66KB , 1100x825 , maollaquoddle.png )
So someone mentioned quoddles in IRC, I realized I had never actually drawn them being put to their intended purpose, and felt inspired to correct that.

And also I decided to try colored lines, I'm not sure why.
No. 30077 ID: 9c80a6
File 146267970059.png - (277.72KB , 950x675 , greengirlsandelemental.png )
A set of requests on IRC cumulatively piled into one picture, some green girls being inappropriately fondled by a sort of gooey licorice toffee elemental.
No. 30160 ID: 2a783e
File 146389089747.png - (756.54KB , 1400x1175 , wendigosketching.png )
I decided to sketch up some pictures of a lady wendigo, since they've been less represented. It turned out to be porn, of course.
No. 30169 ID: 398fe1
Nothing wrong with that.
No. 30171 ID: 4854ef
The big eyes just make them look absolutely adorable.
No. 30194 ID: c0aa1a
I recognize Maolla and one of the goblins from The Sword, but who are the middle two green girls?
No. 30203 ID: e043f2
I just wanted to tell you that your art is so good and I love when you post things.
No. 30204 ID: d1fde2
bottom one appears to be that sprite from Dive
No. 30270 ID: f063fe
File 146508381264.png - (441.30KB , 1000x1000 , furysketching.png )
A rare example of a spoiler image due to an actual spoiler, albeit a minor one, and for Keychain of Creation, not one of my quests. I decided to do a sketch of Five Waves' Fury, full moon lunar in service to the First and Forsaken Lion, and her Deadly Beastman Transformation, which is the minor spoiler element. The two forms are not to scale with each other; Fury has taken pretty much every DBT upgrade on offer, so it's like 15 feet tall.

Fun facts! Fury's skull bra is made from actual dragon-blooded skulls. She's collected more than that in the past, but was only recently given her armor, so she only has two so far that were prepared correctly for fitting into it. Each skull she collects of a different element, carefully taken from its owner in a bloody ritual to capture their lower soul, increases the powers her armor grants her!


Yes, the one at the bottom is the sprite girl from Dive Quest, Npoa. The elf is just a random green elf that I came up with! She's half dryad or something, I expect.


Glad to hear it!
No. 30272 ID: f063fe
File 146508660185.png - (420.61KB , 1500x700 , eldervampireladysketches2.png )
New character. A couple of inspirations went into her; foremost is that I saw a cool picture someone had done of a vampire dragoness character recently, and decided I wanted to try sketching up something along those lines myself.

Aside that... I played Soul Reaver 2 on my dreamcast when I was a young fellow, and followed the series after, and since then I've liked the idea of vampires slowly evolving/mutating into a more monstrous, predatory form over time. So that's what's happening here, a chart of a vampire lady's progress from young and pretty much human to an elder gargoyle bat dragon creature. Different vampire clans could turn into different kinds of monster. It presents a sort of vampiric life cycle, as growing physical power and mutation would prevent the older vampires from being able to freely walk among mortals, so they're encouraged to have younger vampire children to shepherd the prey for them. And to help when you go blind. Thermal vision and echolocation are a lot better for a nocturnal hunting lifestyle, but you still can't read!

It would also probably result in the old vampires getting pretty out of touch with mortal society. Gotta be pretty tough to be a fresh vampire fledgling, trying to explain to your big flappy monster grandma that this newfangled gunpowder nonsense isn't actually magic. This character is specifically intended to come across as elderly; there aren't enough old woman characters in central positions, in fiction in general, and I've wanted to come up with one. While, of course, continuing my obsession with weird fantasy creatures. Obviously there are tons of "actually 10000 years old" elves and so on, with vampires often being offenders in that area, but with this lady I actually tried to put in some touches of actually being a bit worn, physically. A little frailty, a couple of wrinkles, et cetera. It doesn't come across very clearly in sketch form, though.
No. 30273 ID: f063fe
File 146508711218.png - (320.80KB , 1000x800 , eldervampireladysketches3.png )
Then I tried to figure out how her underwear could work, and my sketching inevitably escalated. So, uh, spoilers for explicit elderly monster vampire nudity.

Vampire bats don't have four boobs, but some bat species do, and I wanted to make her look more inhuman. It's not like vampire bats have everything else I've given her, either, though I was somewhat inspired by them looking like they have huge lower lips.
No. 30274 ID: a107fd
So, where will the other three (four?) skulls go, once she's got them?
No. 30276 ID: 4854ef
You really don't see the sort of monstrous vampire type evolution, you typically have them either starting as it or being pretty. Though sometimes you'll see them devolve as they get hungrier.

I do enjoy this sort of look though to them, I have to admit the whole monstrous evolution thing is actually quite fascinating when you try and sketch out the full details on how it would work or even why they would evolve such methods.
No. 30277 ID: 935328
Reminds me of that Niku Drill hentai with a blind bat monster lady.
No. 30280 ID: 6879ec
>Soul Reaver 2
No. 30282 ID: 9855ab

Probably both shoulders and her belt.


Sorry, I meant Soul Reaver. I got confused because I remembered it was the second game in the series.
No. 30286 ID: c0aa1a
I always figured she was half-shark, and that head shape and fin are confirming that, but on the other hand the wings are throwing me off. Is there a DBT upgrade that grants wings no matter what the Lunar's base animal is?
No. 30287 ID: 9855ab

She's a shark totem Lunar, yes. There's a DBT upgrade that lets you ignore the limitation that your DBT's traits be all derived from your totem animal, though, and she has it. In-setting, it's disapproved of by lunar society, but guess who doesn't care about that?
No. 30289 ID: a107fd
Tangentially, do you go with the interpretation of Pureblood Lintha being vitriol-aspect DBs, or no?
No. 30304 ID: eaf326
File 146538201912.png - (6.25KB , 300x300 , TFS_213.png )
Oh hey, I remember her!

And the first part of that spoiler, actually...

Pretty sweet. I'm not a fan of vampires, but I do like dragons, so this counts as a large improvement in my book. I also like the idea of the character acting older than normal, with some visual cues to match. Having an old fashioned approach to vampire things might make her seem like a psychopathic murderer, though...

I think I might've seen the inspiration you mentioned. Zaggatar's work?
No. 30305 ID: d3fdbc

That's the one. As for psychopathy, my thinking might be that vampires in this setting (or at least, some clans of them) would consider themselves as necessary predators on mortals, preying on the weak and stupid and so on to make sure the species stays in good condition. So that's their excuse.


I think pureblooded Lintha would really be their own thing. Exalted-like, and about DB power level, but not really like DBs any more than Solars are like DBs.


I considered that you could even play them as a sci-fi thing, like the vampires are actually an alien race that reproduces by implanting a seed of themselves into you and its cells gradually displace your own as the new vampire grows inside you, until eventually you're dead and you have a creepy alien predator that stole your memories.

I think I'd go with fantasy with this, though. Fantasy and sci-fi can mix but I think for the other you'd want a setting that focuses on it more.
No. 30407 ID: 8b5b8f
Well, if she's only 15ft tall then she certainly hasn't taken all of them.
No. 30500 ID: 4dece0
File 146751987044.png - (271.93KB , 1000x1111 , itcherpoledancing.png )
Based on a question in BTE, I decided to do a sketch of Itcher pole dancing. I looked up videos of male pole dancing on youtube and paused at key moments to get references. I recommend it as an exercise, it's very good practice for drawing poses that you wouldn't normally think of!
No. 30501 ID: 4dece0
File 146752096272.png - (304.78KB , 1000x800 , scellorpair.png )
A pair of scellor, specifically a bonded pair, like Radde and Piyerra; scellor whose psychic patterns have become linked over time and strive to stay close to each other through multiple lives. These particular two like to choose bodies that resemble each other's when they reincarnate (not too difficult if they've already picked the same caste, since massive genetic tinkering has made scellor mostly pretty homogeneous), though they still keep to a wider scellor tradition that such pairs should choose to take opposite sexes. It's believed that doing so promotes a sense of balance and helps keep the two from growing too similar to each other.

Spoilered for nudity including a crudely sketched boner.
No. 30912 ID: 35830c
I hope someday we'll get to see Twin-Faced Hero Saulanna. And Askalaff, he's cute too.

... Ok, I really just want to see all the characters gender swapped, but I've got an excuse for the Lunars. :P

Also, in the lineup on >>28249
is that Saulanna's height before or after the boost at the end of the internal phase?
No. 31035 ID: 6c3c49
I'm not gonna beg for more Keychain, that would be silly, but could you at least update the text post on the site so people don't have to go on an Epic Quest to determine whether or not you're straight up dead?
No. 31323 ID: 3bad4c
Pretty sure if Jukashi died nobody would be paying for the hosting?
No. 31326 ID: 3abd97
He was alive and on irc just last week, so it's a reasonable bet he's still kicking.
No. 31330 ID: 91cfcf
Sites are cheap and can be paid for in advance.

I suggest you read the original post. tgchan's IRC is not readily accessible from Keychain of Creation, meaning it's difficult to learn about Jukashi on the actual comic site itself. That's what he's asking about.
No. 31339 ID: 44bc30
I'm not dead. I never paid for the hosting, it was very generously given to me by the person who ran the Exalted forum where it originally began, and has continued to be hosted through all the various shifts in who held which domain since then, also very generously.

As regards putting updated information on the site, well, to be honest... I've, uh, forgotten the login information.

I'm sure it's stored in the program I used to use to upload, though it's old and I'd have to dig in using some weird method or other to retrieve it, since my current OS doesn't support it any more. Alternately, I could just contact the current host to beg for the information, though then that would probably be some effort for them. Considering the bother that either of those options would be, I don't feel inclined to make the effort unless I have something more substantial to do with it than a mild "what I'm doing now" text update.
No. 31340 ID: 03e118
Heh heh heh, oh man, isn't it just the worst when you lock yourself out from your Keychain?
No. 31341 ID: 398fe1
But think of all the traffic it'd generate for tgchan!
No. 31536 ID: f4ebf4
Have you ever considered talking with any of the official White Wolf/Paradox/Onyx Path people about the legality of getting a print version of Keychain made up? I mean, some of the people who are currently in charge of producing Exalted are fans of yours, I think if any fan-work ever has a chance of getting produced, it's absolutely Keychain of Creation.
No. 31628 ID: a107fd
I've got an idea for adapting the premise of Incubus Quest to Exalted. PoV character would be a male neomah, summoner would be a dragonblooded who dropped out of the Heptagram right before the class on Abscissic Binding. So, knows how to banish, and how to lay a task binding, but only learned how to summon with thaumaturgy, years later, from the encrypted subtext of the blasphemous pornographic novel A Lover Clad In Blue. Overall setting would be the southwest of Creation, similar to how most of Keychain was in the northeast. Starting area would be a Guild caravan under siege, Doom Macguffin would be that can of soup from MoEP: Abyssals, and plot would consist of delivery to the Elemental Pole of Water and unsealing it at the moment of sunset on a particular auspicious day, which will, depending on who you ask, either allow the sun's light to cleanse it once and for all, or infect the dragon lines themselves and reanimate every fishbone in the entire ocean (any similarity to "the Heterodyne Boys and the Race to the West Pole is pure coincidence). Sensual skills neatly integrated with the Crane, Fainting Maiden, and Victorious Concession styles of supernatural martial arts, and spells like Impervious Sphere of Water, Lightning Spider, Spirit Sword, Summoning the Harvest, Violent Opening of Closed Portals, and even Flying Guillotine and Purifying Flames, will prove to be, if not useless (given a bit of creativity), at least frustratingly inefficient in most zombie apocalypse situations. Antagonists, apart from the obvious deathlord minions, unclaimed plague corpses, and the Green Lady, would likely include dune people, Autocthonians, and Lintha pirates.

Problem is, while I know the canon setting and the mechanics well enough, and feel I could manage the pacing of 'neomah charter business' when it comes up... I have drunk too deeply of postmodernism, and my narrativist-fu is weak. Your quests seem to have the opposite problem, and the original seed of this plot was yours anyway, so I'd like to get your input somehow, or even make it a fully collaborative project. Wasn't sure how else to contact you about this.
No. 31631 ID: 595d54
Hey, he might even get a chance to use that sexual combat subsystem he wrote.
No. 31658 ID: a107fd
You mean this?

If so, I have several objections to your statement. In no particular order:
*GURPS is very different from Exalted
*Exalted already has mechanics through which the impact of sex on other spheres of activity (time use, physical fatigue, emotional entanglements, etc) can be adequately represented
*I did not, and would not, call it "sexual combat" because that phrase has obvious connotations which I want nothing to do with
*lower bandwidth and frequency of interaction means that effective imageboard quests need to have fewer decisions per scene, relative to tabletop or other realtime games, and those decisions should be relatively complex. The system in question involves potentially dozens of rolls per scene, with corresponding minor decision points, and as such is poorly suited to the format.
*Jukashi thought (and I mostly agree) that Exalted's mechanics were too complex for Lunar Quest, and simplified them accordingly
*GURPS is very different from Exalted. Both systems track personal combat on a scale of seconds, but in Exalted 2e the baked-in assumption is that combatants will be taking some significant action only every three to seven seconds, while GURPS plays out each second as a separate round. GURPS is a lot more mechanically complex and fiddly.
*In the course of mashing up GURPS and Pathfinder for Pdn[T]tO, I simplified both systems, as shown here >>/questarch/717150 where a single roll represented a mix of situational awareness, tactical analysis, sniping, and snail-wrangling, which would by RAW in either system have to be resolved separately.

In conclusion, I sorta hope you were joking and that Jukashi-sempai notices me.
No. 31659 ID: 595d54
No, I mean the sexual combat system that Jukashi wrote for Exalted.
No. 31668 ID: a107fd
Oh! Sorry, didn't know about that. Link?
No. 31672 ID: 595d54
Eh, I came across it by accident. Part of a bunch of homebrew that got saved from forums going down, dunno if Jukashi is cool with it getting reposted.
No. 31674 ID: f9a70c
>Have you ever considered talking with any of the official White Wolf/Paradox/Onyx Path people about the legality of getting a print version of Keychain made up?

No. It would be a huge legal mess. In any case, when I was making KoC I made a conscious decision to not bother making any of the considerations that a comic that might get printed should get. The pages aren't a consistent size, the color selections are for a screen and not ink, and so on. I doubt there's enough demand to justify it, anyway.

>neomah quest

That's a lot of good thought! It could work. I don't think I'm the person to help make it work, though. I already have Exalted-related creative projects under my belt, and though I do obviously love the setting and take a lot of inspiration from it, I think I'd end up stretching the affection thin if I added another one. Plus, if I did slide another quest onto my plate, at this point I'd really like it to be something more original, of my own, since both my (theoretically) current quest and Lunar Quest are based off other people's settings.

I'd be very interested if you went ahead and followed those ideas, though. I have no problem with you taking the Incubus Quest idea and spinning it out into something yourself.

>sexual combat

Oh geeze, that was ages ago, I barely remember doing that. From what I can remember, it was hardly enough to call a "system", more a bunch of loose ideas for how it could possibly be made to function.
No. 31675 ID: 44d919
For the curious or nostalgic: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4y0UWJLcwy1RkowRTZGbW5IeUE/edit
No. 32200 ID: becd1a
Hi Jukashi! I read KoC about 4 months ago and have reread it twice since. I also read through Lunar Quest. I'm a huge fan of your Exalted stuff, is there any stuff by you besides what can be found on your tgchan page?
No. 32201 ID: becd1a

Secret was my favorite (Like I imagine 90% of fans) but I always loved Ten Winds and Misho too! I was honestly disappointed that we never got a chance to delve into Misho's Lunar Mate. Misho spent most of the story as the generic exposition spouter and team conscience, but when he shone, he *shone*. His battle against Flame was amazing.

I cried at Secret's backstory, and I showed it to people new to Exalted when I was first telling them about the system.
No. 32223 ID: 51aede
Hi there, I tried to read KoC again, but found that the website appears to be down. Is anyone else having this problem?
No. 32224 ID: 3abd97
Works fine for me.
No. 32226 ID: 1fadfa
It takes a few tries but the website isn't down. It's been a little buggy for me.
No. 32228 ID: 1fadfa
The God of the Beach actually cemented himself as my favorite minor character despite only being around for the final few strips.
No. 32238 ID: a107fd
>I don't think I'm the person to help make it work, though.

Fair enough.

...could I beg of you a single piece of art, for the start of the first thread, befitting your Cytherian role in the metanarrative? Specifically, the protagonist lounging around somewhere in Malfeas, just before responding to a summons. Possibly aboard the Engine Rising to the Wounded Sky, or somewhere on the Street of Gold Lanterns.
No. 32249 ID: 4863e5
>is there any stuff by you besides what can be found on your tgchan page?

Maybe one or two images on my FA page? I don't use it much. Aside from what I post here, my drawings are mostly done on paper, and generally in particularly unprofessional form on spare notepaper, used envelopes, et cetera.

>Misho spent most of the story as the generic exposition spouter and team conscience, but when he shone, he *shone*.

I'm glad! I generally got the impression that Misho was one of the less popular of the main group. He suffered a little from having to serve as a walking toolbox, in addition to the functions you rightly point out. As I think I've mentioned before, he was also sort of deliberately designed to not fit in with the world and the rest of the characters. One of his narrative functions was to help illustrate, for people not familiar with the setting or who needed reminding, how the world of the comic was in a fallen state despite the amount of heroic high magic shenanigans were still going on. The most obvious example was that page when I had him flashing back to how a place looked in the first age and then showing what it was now, but he did it in other ways as well.

He had a lot of jobs to do in the story, in other words, so it wasn't as easy to give him his moments for himself.

>The God of the Beach actually cemented himself as my favorite minor character despite only being around for the final few strips.

Minor spoiler: he doesn't actually have sole claim over beaches. He's technically God of where Land meets the Sea, and he doesn't get along very well with the God of where Sea meets the Land.


I have had an interest in drawing some crazy malfean architecture, but I have some work I'm actually doing for money that has to come first, and a lot of other back projects that I should have gotten a move on as well. So, I'm willing, but I can't honestly say I'd get it done any time soon.
No. 32250 ID: a107fd
Alright. Been taking time to plan things out, anyway, against my usual impulse to jump right in and then improvise. Should circumstances change, say if I had a crowd on Patreon pushing me to get on with things, how much money would we be talking about in order to jump to the head of the queue?
No. 32317 ID: 21fd95
Are there any good Exalted fanfics/comics/quests in existence besides KoC/Neverborn/Lunar Quest?
No. 32362 ID: 61c7b9
A Green Sun Illuminates The Void is pretty okay.

It's a Familiar Of Zero X Exalted Crossover Fic. Familiar of Zero's setting is a remnant of Marduk's worldbody drifting in the Wyld and the failure protagonist of that show ends up summoning an Infernal Exaltation and completely fucking up her world while berzerk Sidereal ronin and Shogunate Remnants do their best to terminate her ass.
No. 32621 ID: 3b5ae2
Epiphany's Righteous Steel is pretty epic as fanfics go:

I think it's based on a campaign in 1st ed Exalted.
The series got through 4 out of 5 planned books before it stalled 9 years ago, but stops with things relatively resolved; it's an OK read if you've got the time.
Note: Contains genderbending.

Bit of a spoiler, but it does slightly scratch the very specific itch that LunarQuest made me aware of, which I vaguely formulated to myself thus:
"Really, MORE fictional protagonists ought to metamorphose into multi-souled demonic entities halfway through the plot."
No. 32626 ID: 21fd95
>4 out of 5 books
>stalled 9 years ago

God damn being into fanfiction of Exalted is like being a god damn archaeologist.
No. 32640 ID: 61c7b9
Good thing for you Indivisible's coming out.

They share your pain. Oh well, at least we still have our lord and savior Jukashi, blessed be his name!
No. 32962 ID: cad57d
Psst, Jukashi, just a question about a pretty old pic:
I always assumed that Secret had yet to take her panties off, but it looks like there might actually be a suspicious extra line down there. So is that really her skin?
No. 33263 ID: 21fd95
So is there anything new on the Jukashi front? Anything that currently updates?
No. 33264 ID: 1226ae
I believe he is currently busy with college work, commissions, recuperation, illness, that sort of thing.
No. 33813 ID: 7c3831
As long as you're doing archaeology, FrivYeti's stuff is pretty good. http://www.thefreedomstone.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2462 And you can find lots of other Exalted fic on that message board.

For new stuff, you can look around the Onyx Path Exalted board: http://forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/main-category/exalted

Lastly, I'm considering doing some of my own Exalted fic. I'm not Jukashi and I can't draw and I'd probably do straight fiction rather than a quest, but if you had any ideas for stuff you wanted Exalted fic about, you could say so.
No. 34748 ID: 21fd95
So I hate to sound needy, but is Jukashi still alive?
No. 34751 ID: 17c2ee
No, he died in a tragic accident involving garlic bread, aglets, a hot spring, and three different types of alien. You and everyone else can stop asking now.
No. 34950 ID: c88e6d
He's just busy. Relax.
No. 34990 ID: fa4b71
This might not be the best time to ask, since he's busy, but maybe others have the question and would appreciate an answer to it on-record, too:

I know Jukashi at least has done commissions; how might one go about contacting him for such?
No. 34995 ID: c88e6d
I believe he has a FurAffinity.
No. 34996 ID: 91ee5f
You're not gonna have any better luck over there. He hasn't had any activity on there for over a year.
No. 36581 ID: f4ebf4
He also has a Hentai Foundry account, and he was just on it yesterday.
No. 36619 ID: 3ce125
Guys please don't stalk Jukashi.
No. 36621 ID: f4ebf4
One guy was trying to get in touch with him because he literally wanted to give Jukashi money for a commission.
No. 37358 ID: b5fb67

Maybe so, but don't go listing every single thing he does on here. We want Jukashi to come here and enjoy questing, not having to worry about every thing he's doing online getting posted here.
No. 38015 ID: 2939d2
File 152036347927.png - (111.18KB , 500x500 , 142885351841 colour.png )
Just coloured this Maolla in because. Hopefully I didn't mess it up!
No. 38017 ID: 2efe4b
Only one thing I can see: Maolla's underbelly color extends a bit into "landing strips" on the insides of her thighs and tail. You can see it in >>30005 and >>26671
No. 38735 ID: 153dbc
File 152534072174.png - (63.96KB , 1041x578 , Exalted Jukashi Ebon Dragon.png )
This is only tangentially related to the thread, but I figure this is where I have the best chances: I'm looking for a screenshot kind of like pic related, except it's Jukashi talking about how there's really only two endgames for Abyssals, facing the maw of Uncreation or being seared anew by the Unconquered Sun. Anyone have that in their folders please?
No. 39271 ID: d22dc0
Just read and enjoyed Keychain of creation, figured this was as good a place to say as any. Great work thumbs up really makes you wanna play exalted, huh?
No. 40977 ID: 0c3c2c
Even better, the Dragonblooded book for third edition is in redlines, so that means we'll have more variety in protagonists and antagonists in the Exalted community. Even better, Dragonblooded have really good charms now.
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