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File 136736210613.png - (24.91KB , 700x700 , 1.png )
508227 No. 508227 ID: c4e5c2

Three Stripes wakes up but he doesn't move at all because everyone else is still asleep and that would be rude.

It has been about several sun cycles since Silent got Three Stripes out of his new old home and a lot more suns since Three Stripes got out of his old old home. The more Three Stripes moves the less he feels like he understands anything. But he is here now and he has had a lot of time to spend with his neumono friends that he still tries not to eat or control.

Which is weird because a few times a few strange neumono entered this area from somewhere and told Three Stripes he might have to control neumono. Three Stripes thinks? He doesn't understand that either, except that his friends did not like the strange neumono very much.
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No. 508228 ID: f2c20c

How were they strange?
No. 508229 ID: ffcb7c

You're right, let your friends sleep.
Do you think your friends didn't like the strangers because they were strangers or because they were mean?
No. 508230 ID: bf54a8

well if your friends don't like them then you don't like them. simple as that.
No. 508233 ID: 509e51

Have you seen Silent or her friends at all since then?
No. 508234 ID: 735f4f

Well that does not sound very fun. Make sure not to make the strange neumono angry but be very careful doing anything for them. If they try to force you to do anything pretend to go along with it until you can make sure your tribe is safe.
No. 508242 ID: d6ef5d

>a few strange neumono entered this area from somewhere and told Three Stripes he might have to control neumono
What hive were they from? What did they feel like? Were they from Silent's hive? The ultrahive big hive thing Silent's hive is friends with?

...how much time do neumono from Silent's hive or the other hives spend with you, anyways? Does anyone besides Silent come in without jammers?

And there are two reasons someone might want you to control someone. One reason is because there's a neumono doing something dangerous or bad, and they want your help to stop them, so they don't have to stop them with a fight or hurt or something bad.

The other reason is the opposite- because someone wants to do something bad and is trying to get you to do it. You know, a bad trick.

It's confusing, but you should try to tell the difference!

We don't know if the ultrahive wants to use three stripes for something, or if bug compromised people are trying to use him. We need to be wary of that.

Also, hey, how are we on the language front? You can speak with Giant and your tribe, but you still don't know the words the other neumono use, right? What about your friends- has anyone in the tribe picked up English?
No. 508253 ID: 5bf190

Unless I've read his "sun cycles" wrong, this is before the current Polo Quest, and only a little while after the whole original thing. Or even during the last bit of it - this might be the period in which Rokoa and Polo are recovering.
No. 508258 ID: 9e1727

You're right; It would be rude to jar your friends awake. May as well cuddle up, doze for a while longer and think about stuff.

So, how well have things been for you and your adopted hive since you came here? Anything else happening other than the strange neumono showing up? What's the mood been like amongst you all? Still training with Giant to not be such a colossal wimp in a fight? Had a shared dream with your neumono friends yet? Tried going silent like Silent does, sneak up and surprise them?

In what way were the strange neumono strange? Were they silent like Silent, or was it that other way that silences everything nearby? Or were they not silent and just felt weird? Did they come in here those few times just to tell you that you might have to control neumono or did they do other things while in here?

Did your friends not like the strange neumono because they were strangers or 'cause they were strange? Was it 'cause they were acting mean or rude, or was it 'cause they were saying you might have to do stuff that you don't want to do?

Have you made it clear to the strange neumono that you don't want to control neumono anymore? Said that you like neumono that aren't controlled much more than ones that are; They're way better friends this way.

You might control some neumono for the strange neumono, if it's not for so long they can't recover, but first you want to understand why they want you to do that. All they'd have to do is send one of their own without silencing and then you could sense what their intent is and be sure they're not going to use you in a bad way.
No. 508272 ID: c4e5c2
File 136737955778.png - (19.01KB , 700x700 , 2.png )

>Have you seen Silent or her friends at all since then?
Three Stripes hasn't at all, he hope she still visit sometime but is also worried that Three Stripes' friends won't like Silent.

The strangers weren't mean at all, if Three Stripes is honest he thinks that it was the tribals who were mean because they were trying to intimidate the strangers to go backwards. Which feels wrong because it was the strangers that Three Stripes thinks put everyone inside here where it seems safe and we don't have to fight for food. We hadn't seen them and they left us alone for a few suns and then they came back. Three Stripes might be supposed to not like them either because his friends don't but he doesn't understand why. He calls them strangers because they were silent too because of those weird metal things that make everything silent.

Giant gets up and gets on Three Stripes' back. She thinks it is time for food gathering, so we go.

Three Stripes has still gotten exercise but there is nothing to fight here. Giant is not so sure about that so she is always on edge when food time comes, especially since her spear was taken from her and there is nothing to fight with anymore. In fact everyone was moved around a lot before being put in here and looked at a lot by the strangers and Three Stripes has no idea what that was about but maybe that's why Giant and the others don't like the strangers.
No. 508273 ID: c4e5c2
File 136737959015.png - (18.69KB , 700x517 , 3.png )

The metal dings and the food comes out and we all start eating stuff. Three Stripes still has difficulty eating not neumono. Three Stripes either changes his mood or goes silent when he starts looking funny at them because he does not want them to know that his favorite meat is them because Three Stripes is pretty sure that neumono normally don't want to be eaten.

>Language barrier
Three Stripes does not know the strange neumono's language! This makes it difficult because they are always silent.

>Have Have you made it clear to the strange neumono that you don't want to control neumono anymore?
Three Stripes doesn't know how to do this while they are all silent.

He does know that he is still hungry.
No. 508276 ID: f2c20c

Was there not enough food to go around? See if there is more. Maybe ask your buddies if they can spare a bit since you're still hungry.
No. 508279 ID: c4e5c2
File 136738081993.png - (20.40KB , 700x700 , 4.png )

Three Stripes conveys that he is out of meat and that he is still hungry. The others think about it for a moment and start getting a little worried for some reason but also agitated. They tell Three Stripes that he has been eating more lately and eats more than anyone except Giant and that if he wants to find more food he has to find more food dingers.

Except everyone has looked so hard and we're in a really tiny place and we've only found one food dinger.
No. 508280 ID: 735f4f

Are you missing something in your diet maybe? Without delicious neomono maybe you are not getting enough nutrition.

That or you are growing or pregnant. And pretty sure that last one isn't a option.
No. 508281 ID: d6ef5d

>He does know that he is still hungry.
...is there more food? You'd think if the group is splitting up portions by size, that'd you be getting enough.

Or if the stranger neumono put food in the food dinger, you'd think they'd make sure there was enough.

...unless they're not giving you enough food on purpose? Maybe that's what they meant when they said you might have to control neumono! It's a test! They want to see if you'll eat your friends when you get hungry! And if they told your friends about the neumono eating, maybe that's why they're agitated!

>eating more
Are you going through a growth spurt or something? I thought you were all grown up.

Did you do the weird controlling training you didn't like with Silent already?
No. 508282 ID: f2c20c

Well I'll be the first to point out here that eating bits of your friends just won't work. They'd need to eat more to replace their missing bits, so basically it would be like a meat loan.

We should go looking around. In the worst case scenario you should just try to stop eating as much and get used to being hungry. Why are you eating more than you used to, anyway?
No. 508284 ID: 32e092

Next time the strangers show up, try to indicate with gestures that you need more food. Maybe go bang on whatever door they come in through.
No. 508285 ID: 57a559

Cool didn't know predators could go silent too!
Maybe Silent is actually a predator like you! It makes so much sense.

But yeah, okay, we're goign to need to get more food... maybe breakout of this dump? No fighting is good but starving is worse. Maybe the strange neumono are making neumono substitute for you? Or ask your friends to share your concerns to the strange ones next time they come. They've probably got a translator for them, so you speak to your friends, they speak to the strange translator and everything is hunky dory.

Because the food rations they're supplying simply isn't enough for a predator on a non-neumono diet, they're definitely going to have to start getting better foods more suited to you.\

oh god
Three, bro, are you actually a sis? Oh my god that's actually a possibility. I thought about clones before but artificial pregnancy is very possible if your a lady! I just realized we never asked about your gender before! Or have we? I don't know!
No. 508292 ID: 9ddf68

well you could go look for more dingers, I mean you most likely won't find anything but at least it could distract you long enough to forget that your still hungry... at least for now.
No. 508308 ID: f2c20c

Hang on, if you don't know the strange neumono's language, and they were jammed how did you know they were saying you might have to control neumono?
No. 508309 ID: 9e1727

There any reason you or your friends can see or think of as to why you've been eating more? You're not exercising more than before, right? Not growing, are you? Not any wider, taller, longer, or fatter? If you have more muscle than before, maybe it's 'cause of that?

If you've been eating more lately, where has your greater portion come from? Are you taking more from the others, or has there been slightly more food coming in from the dinger? 'Cause if it's the former then it's no wonder why they're agitated at this development.

There is the possibility you're eating more 'cause the food doesn't contain, or doesn't contain enough of, something you'd usually get from eating neumono. Unfortunately the only way to test this theory is to eat neumono, which pretty much won't happen here without breaking your "no control" rule... Though...

Perhaps you could make a deal with your neumono friends to trade your share of the dinger food for less than that food's mass in ears and other bits? Could you even bend your "no control" rule just long enough to deaden their pain when you bite those bits off? However, this idea sounds like it'd really risk them not being your friends anymore, so file it away for later for in case there's no other option left.

For now investigate the food dinger. If it's anything like the ones back from where Giant came from, the food comes to it from elsewhere via tubes. So you just have to follow the tubes to the food. Start by digging around it's base to see if there's anything that way, then climb the dinger if digging doesn't get you anywhere.

...Uh. While it would seem impossible at first, you don't actually know everything about your species' reproductive biology, do you? For all you know your species turns self-inseminating hermaphroditic under these conditions. So categorize it under "improbable" until further notice.
No. 508328 ID: d6ef5d

>Could you even bend your "no control" rule just long enough to deaden their pain when you bite those bits off?
Pretty sure he explained before he has to pretty much completely dominate a neumono to be able to eat parts of them without causing pain. And since he doesn't want to control his buddies, or hurt anyone... kinda stuck.

>So you just have to follow the tubes to the food. Start by digging around it's base to see if there's anything that way, then climb the dinger if digging doesn't get you anywhere.
That's an idea! Or if any of the neumono are small enough, they could try following the tube from the inside to where the food comes from.
No. 508359 ID: d77024

> Pregnant

Oh please yes, babby Three Stripes might just be the cutest thing.
No. 508373 ID: c4e5c2
File 136743642899.png - (16.42KB , 700x700 , 5.png )

>Are you pregnant
What noooooooo.

Three Stripes doesn't think so. But Three Stripes also doesn't know why he is still so hungry. He hopes it is not because he is supposed to eat his friends.

Three Stripes was given more than his normal share so that is probably why the others are all agitated. He won't keep on asking though so he goes off alone and looks around for a new dinger but really doesn't find one so he goes back to the first that he does know exists. Giant still doesn't like Three Stripes wandering off alone but there is nothing around so Three Stripes insists it is okay.

He nudges it and tries to open the thing and digs around and then it dings again. It made new food and that is new.
No. 508375 ID: 76b151

well, take enough to fill up on then spread the rest around.
No. 508376 ID: 7d5520

Well take it back and share, if you've been taking more than your fair share than you should repay them by sharing this.
No. 508377 ID: 1d8777

Well that's good at least.

Are you sure you're not getting bigger? You look bigger. That might be a problem.
No. 508378 ID: d6ef5d

Take food! Eat some, and share some with your friends. Food should make them less agitated, right!

...if you take the food out, and close and open the door, dose the dinger make more food?
No. 508379 ID: 5bf190

Maybe the food they give you is like rabbit or something, and by itself it lacks some essential factor that Predators need?

Three Stripes, do you feel hungry for any particular kind of taste, rather than just neumono? Like, do you want something that's juicier or fattier or that otherwise feels a particular way on your tongue?
No. 508380 ID: 735f4f

Make sure you share with your friends. Its not nice to go get more food and keep it all to yourself.
No. 508389 ID: 9e1727

More food! Nice! ...Uh, just be a little cautious about it. Sniff and look it all over and give it a taste to see if it's any different. But if it checks out eat your share and take the rest to your buddies.

...Actually, before heading back, take the food out, close the dinger, and try some of the things you did right before the dinger delivered the food. Maybe you'll hit on the one that'll make it make more food. Then you'd have so much extra food you could eat 'till you're not hungry anymore and still have enough for your friends! That'd be great!

It's possible that you're more hungry not because, or not just because, the food you're eating is lacking in "neumono-ness." It could be your body is reacting to what appears to it to be a complete lack of neumono around by shifting towards making you a better lone hunter; Putting on muscle and making you bigger, stronger and tougher. That'd make sense for a Predator that's in a situation where it unable to capture neumono for a long time.
No. 508397 ID: 78c6ea

Did you ...ask if your friends want to be eaten? The answer may surprise you.
No. 508398 ID: 57a559

Well, you do have the power to make them feel really good. And probably dull the pain.
Maybe... maybe just the ears? You don't have to eat them right off themselves, just give them full control and will, but make them really fucking high as a kite so removing parts of the ears don't hurt.

Besides, neumono hate their ear sizes sometimes I'm pretty sure. They just keep getting in the way. Feeding them to you lets those oversized ears actually have a use.
No. 508399 ID: 735f4f

I would not ask about eating anyone. It would make your friends upset and unless you are about to starve its not worth it.
No. 508400 ID: bf54a8

those ears are fat reserves so they don't need to be eating every minutes or starve.
No. 508401 ID: d6ef5d

Neumono eating cannot be done with light control.

>Three Stripes doesn't want to eat any part of these neumono because he would need to control them to make sure that eating them is painless and nice. If he ate them normally it would be so very painful for them and Three Stripes is willing to give up neumono food for that.

And yeah. A little hungry isn't the point where you ask that.
No. 508402 ID: f2c20c

I think your friends, from that worried reaction, already know you kindof want to eat them. I mean, you're a Predator. They expect that from you.

So tell at least Giant that you don't want to, because they wouldn't like it, and you don't have to.
No. 508411 ID: 735f4f

Pretty sure the only reason they accepted us is because they don't know about how predators work. They view us as a big stupid neumono not as the worst racial enemy they have.
No. 508413 ID: d6ef5d

Yeah, I don't think they knew. They might know now, if the stranger neumono told them (even if English has become the language of choice, there still have to be people who know the old tribal language(s). That's likely how the ultrahive is communicating, especially if they come in silenced by jammers).

But that's not something I would think Three Stripes should choose to bring up, unless it becomes a problem.
No. 508414 ID: 57a559

Okay since asking is off the table...
You know I wonder how humans would taste.
Ask for humans or another type of alien to eat.
Broaden your diet a little 3 stripes! Oooooh, maybe a moton or salikai!
No. 508432 ID: c4e5c2
File 136747109537.png - (20.97KB , 700x700 , 6.png )

Three Stripes takes it back and eats a bit himself and everyone is really happy with Three Stripes. They are also confused though because that has never happened and wants to know what Three Stripes did but Three Stripes doesn't really know.

Three Stripes' stomach is full but he still feels hungry. He does not know how to try and talk to the strangers and he hasn't seen the strangers talk to friends so Three Stripes doesn't know if they speak the same words. Three Stripes will try to speak to the strangers because he knows a few words but not many.

>Have you asked if the neumono don't want to be eaten?
... Three Stripes hasn't! He just kind of assumed. But he doesn't have the nerve to ask!

He does ask though if they have ever seen anything like him and they say no they haven't. Maybe that is why they aren't like regular neumono that try and run whenever I meet. Except the strangers don't anymore and...

There is a noise coming from a ways and Three Stripes knows this means that strangers are coming inside. Three Stripes' friends' good mood suddenly goes away and they're going to start trying to defend Giant or something.
No. 508433 ID: 9ddf68

what's the stranger's empathy feel like, or do they have it were you can't feel it right now? Well if it is the strangers this could be your chance to try and tell them about your hunger problems.
No. 508434 ID: f2c20c

So from the few words you know, you figured out they were saying you might have to control neumono? Or was it nonverbal communication like with Silent that one time?

Do you know enough words to tell them you're full but still hungry? I think that is important. It's like you can't live without eating neumono meat. It's a depressing thought. Would you rather starve to death rather than eat your new friends? You should try to ask the strange neumono for help with this hunger problem.
No. 508435 ID: bf54a8

if you can communicate then something like "stomach full, still hungry" would be simple enough to send the message. does sound like you are missing something in your diet.
No. 508444 ID: c4e5c2
File 136747833688.png - (27.64KB , 700x700 , 7.png )

Three Stripes doesn't know if he can ask about food with silent neumono, because he doesn't sense anyone. He doesn't understand many of their words but they use shiny diagrams that Three Stripes can understand but he can't make them back so it's unfair.

He follows friends to go look at where they are and that isn't a neumono at all. It is alone. Friends are confused because they were expecting neumono. But he wears the funny clothing so Three Stripes starts patting his stomach and opening his mouth to try and show he cannot eat right anymore and he conveys this and friends are worried and confused.

He keeps his hands up for some reason but then his metal thing starts showing images of Three Stripes and the funny looking thing and friends, but then funny looking thing and Three Stripes start moving away and friends don't follow.
No. 508445 ID: 32e092

His hands being up is a gesture of submission. He wants you to follow. Maybe he knows about the food problem and will take you to better food! You should be sure to tell your friends that it is okay before leaving.
No. 508446 ID: bf54a8

stare at him for a minute. then sigh in exasperation. be really grumpy but agree to go with him. would probably use more dangerous method later if you don't
No. 508448 ID: 78c6ea

Those creatures use their hands like mouths, so when they hold them up it's like closing your mouth and is less of a threat posture.
No. 508452 ID: f2c20c

Tell your friends that this one wants you to follow by yourself... and that it might be a good idea for you to do so. Tell them not to worry about you.

I'm starting to think that the strange neumono are going to want you to control neumono that aren't their friends.
No. 508455 ID: 1683c6

When the strangers come and make everything silent, has three stripes ever come in contact with one of his friends?
Could three stripes hear them then?
No. 508456 ID: d6ef5d

>Three Stripes' stomach is full but he still feels hungry.
Aw. We're missing some kind of dietary requirement. Something in the food you used to eat you aren't getting anymore. Either from neumono, or those mushrooms, I guess.

>Three Stripes' friends' good mood suddenly goes away and they're going to start trying to defend Giant or something.
Doy. That old tribal hive attitude. Old style neumono have a hard time getting along with others.

>Funny creature
Look, it's a sheep! How funny!

Hands up is a sign of nonviolent intent. He's showing he doesn't have any weapons, and he can't hurt you with anything. Respond with a Vaota- that's your way of saying the same thing. Hopefully they've learned that word from you, or Silent told them, or something.

Then calm your friends down. This sheep person doesn't seem dangerous, and wants you to come with him. You're going to go see what he wants, okay? You'll be okay, and you'll be back. (Goodbye hugs?).

Then go with the sheep thing. Maybe we can ask for a glass thing of our own? (Point to the glass thing, point to yourself, mime putting it on?). ...that or you could try drawing pictures on the ground since you don't have a glass thing to make pictures. Like you did with silent that one time.
No. 508463 ID: 57a559

Hey new food!
Eat the sheep! Share with friends!

Okay, not really, but you should lick him to see how he tastes. But hide it as friendship licking instead of trying out how he tastes kind of lick. I mean, aren't you curious?
No. 508467 ID: 9ddf68

um, have sheep ever come by before that you have seen or is this a first?
No. 508478 ID: 9e1727

Look back to your friends and tell them that you think this horned not-neumono is here to lead you out of here, without them. Your friends are probably not going to like that, and will move to threaten the not-neumono, so right away tell them that you are going to go with him.

Your friends are going to think you shouldn't go, so you're going to have to give them a reason for your actions, without revealing your hunger for their flesh. Tell them that you've been getting hungrier and hungrier, even when you eat, and even now when you're full. You don't know why, and you don't know how to stop it, but you do know you're not going to find a solution in here. That if there's a solution, you're going to have to go out there.

Then engage in much hugging and reassurance of your friends that you'll be alright before reluctantly leaving.

So, before, when the strange neumono came in here, were there any non-neumono with them? Ones like or not like this one with the horns?
No. 508486 ID: c4e5c2
File 136753551358.png - (20.35KB , 700x700 , 8.png )

>Those creatures use their hands like mouths, so when they hold them up it's like closing your mouth and is less of a threat posture.
That is sort of weird but so is this thing so Three Stripes will assume he is trying to not be dangerous. Three Stripes has never seen anything like this before.

>When the strangers come and make everything silent, could three stripes hear them then?
Mostly yes but there was one time when they got their metal thing close and then everything went silent and Three Stripes didn't like that much and neither did friends.

Three Stripes tells his friends he might have to go alone but Giant says she is not going to let Three Stripes because of what happened last time. Three Stripes says it is important though because he is not eating well and he doesn't know when he'll be back. Giant eventually lets Three Stripes go and everyone gives him goodbye and
No. 508487 ID: c4e5c2
File 136753552149.png - (17.48KB , 700x700 , 9.png )

The weird horn thing leads Three Stripes to the opposite corner and that wasn't far at all. Three Stripes licks him to sense what he tastes like. Not very good. He is nice though because he stays still to let Three Stripes find out.
No. 508488 ID: c4e5c2
File 136753553278.png - (14.66KB , 700x700 , 10.png )

Three Stripes backs away and the horn person's metal thing starts showing images again. It shows Three Stripes eating neumono and doing well. Then it shows Three Stripes eating other things and showing Three Stripes dying and that is mean.

Then it shows strangers trying to get close to Giant and being pushed away. Then it shows the strangers trying to get close to Giant, and Three Stripes is around this time and Giant is not pushing them away because Three Stripes is controlling them. Then the strangers put something on Giant's arm and then take that something away and leave Giant alone. Then the horn thing asks if Three Stripes understands, because Three Stripes knows that word.
No. 508489 ID: 76b151

ask why. thats important.
No. 508490 ID: 1d8777


It looks like he's suggesting that you might not be able to survive without eating neumono meat, which could be a problem.

Also, they're trying to ... I guess check up on Giant and the other neumono but she's unwilling to cooperate, and he wants you to help them with that too.
No. 508491 ID: af8414

I don't trust their motives for the last thing. Say you don't understand.
No. 508492 ID: d6ef5d

>she is not going to let Three Stripes because of what happened last time
Wait, what bad thing happened last time? Does she mean when you got poked in the eye?

Can you draw? On the ground?

The first part seems to be asking why you don't want to eat your friends, because it seems to think you have to.

Draw a neumono head. Fill it with all kinds of interesting squiggles and symbols and things. Then draw yourself controlling it. Erase all the interesting things in the neumono head, and replace them with a boring, regular series of lines. Then draw you being sad. (Ie, you don't like to control the neumono because it makes them into boring pets instead of interesting people).

Then for the second part. He's making a request for you to control giant so they can do something to her. Redraw his picture, but change it- cross out your controlling her, and change it to you talking to her.

Then try to ask why the thing they want to put on her is important. Do you know how to draw a question mark yet?
No. 508493 ID: bf54a8

they want some of giant's blood. but she is too powerful to just take it. and yes it seems that you die if you don't eat some neumono meat.

try to say use the metal thing on you in front of giant so she can see it isn't a threat.
No. 508494 ID: f2c20c

He's saying you can't live without eating neumono. As in, you will basically starve to death even if you have other food. Which is what we suspected.

He's also saying he wants you to control Giant so they can do some sort of test on her. I think you should tell him we understand but you refuse to control her. Maybe you can point at the controlling Giant part and shake your head.

If you just don't get it, tell him you don't understand.
No. 508495 ID: 32e092

Lick his face to show appreciation for them caring.
No. 508500 ID: 9e1727

Respond that you do understand, and you don't like it one bit; Especially the second part. You don't want to control your friends, even for a little bit. Then they'd be angry and fearful of you and wouldn't be your friends anymore once they realized what you did to them.

Show the horn thing that you don't want to control Giant or the others by pointing at her image of being controlled and shaking your head. Point to her image of being not controlled and pantomime talking to show you'll speak to her to convince her to let the strangers near. After all, if all they want to do is put a thing on her arm and then take it away, that doesn't look so bad.

As for the first part: You don't like that you have to eat neumono to survive, but its something you suspected was true once your hunger set in. However, it doesn't mean you have to control your friends to eat them. If you tell them that you need to eat neumono to not starve, they might willingly let you eat a bit of them, even with the pain. You may not even need much neumono to not be hungry anymore, meaning you'd only need to eat a little bit of them occasionally.
No. 508502 ID: 5bf190

Draw an X on the picture of you eating your neumono friends, make sure you point at them and then at the picture first so they know who you mean. That way they'll know you understand them but they won't think you want to do as they say because if you just nod that's what they might think. Then if they give you something to draw with draw you eating other neumono (maybe point away from your friends and then at that picture?) and put a question mark next to it. Also draw neumono eating food like mushrooms and things and then you eating the same food the neumono eat. If there's something that neumono have in them that needs to be in you then you should just be able to get it from where the neumono get it, because if it's something you need it doesn't make much sense if the neumono can make it themselves and you can't.

Maybe draw a picture of all of you and your friends sleeping and them doing the thing with Giant while she's asleep?
No. 508503 ID: 735f4f

Yeah looks like you are missing something vital that only eating neumono will fix. But once you start controlling your friends there is really no going back. They want you to help them get some sort of device onto giant. Hope its not filled with mind control bugs.
No. 508512 ID: e87e80

Are these mathematicians studying you or what? Where are the biologists? Why can't they just examine what exactly your body is low on?
These are some pretty incompetent researchers.

What other foods than neumono pals did you eat before coming here?
No. 508519 ID: 57a559

You should try and ask somehow for already practically braindead neumono or neumono they tried rescuing from predators but couldn't recover from their hypnotized state. You don't want to accidentally render giant and the rest permanently under your spell. They're far too unique friends, they weren't even all that scared of you when you first showed up and were all honest and not controlling of them.

Then again, you could try and practice with them with their permission, hone your art. Maybe you can do really cool stuff like four stripes did. Maybe you CAN get them high without having to take full control if you have enough practice! I mean, shit, you remember how cool four stripes was with his guys? He probably bragged to you about it with how shitty of a person he was, maybe even told you how to do the cool stuff. Dared you.

Third option: Try to ask for spare neumono parts. Their hive probably loses limbs all the time, probably parts that are completely useless for reattachment or whatever. Just shoot them down the tube like the other food. I understand there's a language barrier, but there must be some way to get the requests across.
No. 508520 ID: bf54a8

humans can't produce vitamin C. like every other animal CAN. is why we get scurvy. eating the livers of animals works because liver is high in C.
No. 508521 ID: c4e5c2
File 136754363575.png - (15.25KB , 700x700 , 11.png )

>What other foods than neumono pals did you eat before coming here?
Three Stripes has only eaten some kind of meat that all tastes the same around friends, but before friends and Silent came Three Stripes only ate neumono inside of the cave and fed them mushrooms.

Three Stripes makes a drawing of Giant and a lot of interesting symbols and stuff. And then Three Stripes controls Giant and it all goes away and Giant is not interesting anymore, so then he draws Three Stripes talking to Giant and letting horn person put a metal thing on Giant's arm. Horn person says maybe.

The next thing Three Stripes draws is horn person showing the metal thing to Giant to make pictures but then horn person looks nervous about that, so Three Stripes draws him eating friends, and then a big X over it to show he won't do that. There is no response but it looks like he might be thinking and Three Stripes can't tell. So Three Stripes tries to draw pictures to show that he might want to eat other neumono meat if some is around but he doesn't know and maybe he shouldn't draw that because it might be misunderstood.

Horn person takes a deep breath and then takes out that metal thing like in the pictures and starts moving it closer to Three Stripes and that makes Three Stripes nervous because it is metal and metal things do things.
No. 508522 ID: f2c20c

Let him use it. Then you can tell Giant what it does, so she will be forewarned.
No. 508523 ID: bf54a8

well it showed that giant was okay after the metal thing. i don't think it will do something horrible. probably a pinch though. need a blood sample to see what you are missing.
No. 508524 ID: 735f4f

Well its a medical probe if they are part of the non infiltrated hive or could be a box of burrowing mind control droids if they are.

Either way you are in there power and if we don't find a solution you are going to starve to death. So let him do his thing but be prepared for anything.
No. 508525 ID: d6ef5d

You never ate any mushrooms yourself? Like, even as a snack while waiting for the neumono parts to grow back?

> it is metal and metal things do things
That's probably why the sheep wanted you to control Giant. It does something, and he's afraid of Giant. She's big and scary and strong, and might be angry if the metal thing did something!

He's showing it to you because you're less scary than Giant. If you're going to talk Giant into letting him use it, you'll have to see what it does.

So calm your fear and nervousness and see what happens.

...you don't sense anything from the thing, right? No empathy? (Please don't let it be a shot full of mind control bugs).
No. 508526 ID: af8414

Draw a big ole question mark
No. 508532 ID: c4e5c2
File 136754767154.png - (19.82KB , 700x700 , 12.png )

The metal is cold and it pushes against Three Stripes' arm but nothing happens and

uh something feels weird in Three Stripes arm.
No. 508533 ID: c4e5c2
File 136754768814.png - (20.04KB , 700x700 , 13.png )

It's inside it's inside it's

it's taking blood it's taking blood it's taking blood
No. 508534 ID: f2c20c

Whine at him.
No. 508535 ID: 9654ee

Whine and tear up, and otherwise be cute, but don't jerk away or try to get it out, that'll just make it hurt more, and this is so they can find out if you are healthy or not, besides the aforementioned not-eating-Neumono stuff.
No. 508536 ID: d6ef5d

Calm down! Remember the pictures, he's going to take it out in a minute! And it's a little thing, it can't take much blood. There's no room!

And I mean, you've been hurt worse than this before and been okay, right? You must have been cut or injured at some point. And you used to eat whole parts off your old neumono pet-buddies, and they were okay! Losing a little blood should be okay.

Don't panic don't panic don't panic.

And don't hurt the sheep thing either! It's clearly scared you might do something crazy now, and you're a lot bigger and stronger than he is. That's why he's afraid to do this to Giant without you controlling her- she's a lot scarier than you, and he's just a funny little horned sheep thing.
No. 508539 ID: 57a559

It's cool Three Stripes. Maybe it's just a trade, blood for food? You know what trade means right? It doesn't look all that vicious, that little metal thing. Just blood.
No. 508540 ID: c4e5c2
File 136754929759.png - (16.51KB , 700x700 , 14.png )

Three Stripes whines loudly and tries to tell him to stop and he looks scared too for some reason but he does stop.
No. 508541 ID: c4e5c2
File 136754931585.png - (20.82KB , 700x700 , 15.png )

Giant heard Three Stripes' whine and is rushing to him and starts chasing the horn person that starts running away with the metal thing.
No. 508542 ID: 76b151

heh, oops. Get in Giants way to let the thing escape.
No. 508544 ID: d6ef5d

Vaota! Vaota!

Get in Giant's way, don't let her hurt the sheep thing! He only hurt you a little, and he's trying to help. She'll do a lot worse, and he looks fragile!
No. 508545 ID: f2c20c

Emit some peace and try to tell Giant to stop.

Don't let her kill the guy or anything.
No. 508547 ID: af8414

Haha just watch what happens, lick your arm if it's sore.
No. 508549 ID: 735f4f

Try to let Giant know he was just trying to help.
No. 508551 ID: bf54a8

explain to giant that he was trying to find what you need inside that you used to get by eating people.
No. 508553 ID: 9ddf68

why do I find this so funny?

I say try and tell Giant you're fine but I'm not to sure she's going to stop... and I'm sure she's going to be mad at you when she's done chasing the sheep around

Right now I'm picturing this happening well Benny hill is playing
No. 508554 ID: d6ef5d

We could also show Giant the 'wound', and that you were just being a wuss, really, you're fine.

I would refrain from actual control though unless the sheep thing's life is in danger (like, Giant has him already and is going for the kill).

ix-nay on the eating eople-pay!
No. 508559 ID: 04b86a

Tell Giant that you were more surprised than hurt and that he is trying to find a way to help you with your eating problem.
No. 508571 ID: 9e1727

Aw, really, what the horned thing did wasn't that bad! He was just helping by showing you what the metal thing did. And now Giant is involved and thinks he hurt you and is going to try and really hurt him, and he doesn't deserve that.

Block Giant's path to the horned thing and keep blocking it until he gets away. Tell Giant the whole time that you're alright, and that he didn't do anything bad to you. That he was actually trying to help you, and that you were just startled by what he did and you're a big wimp for whining about it.

Oh! Here's an idea: The metal thing looked easy enough to use, so maybe the strangers could leave the metal thing and Giant could use it on herself. Then they wouldn't have to come in here to do it and she wouldn't get all territorial and chase them off. Shame it's too late to tell this idea to the horned thing now.
No. 508574 ID: 2f4b71

Theory: The meat Three-stripes was eating at the Salikai base may have been cloned/cultured Neumono flesh. The sampling device may not just be blood, but taking a biopsy in order to grow more meat for Three-stripes.
No. 508589 ID: d77024

No no! Stop her! Hug her!
No. 508591 ID: d6ef5d

If they were just going to clone or culture meat for him (assuming the outside world has even figured out that tech) why would they need a sample from Giant? You'd think any neumono would work.
No. 508592 ID: 76b151

my guess is that predators specifically need neumino brain cells to live. It would explain why they can't just inject neutrients into the food or give pills.
No. 508670 ID: c4e5c2
File 136769024485.png - (16.90KB , 700x700 , 16.png )

Three Stripes yells Voata and emits peace for Giant, telling her that he is alright and was just surprised. She glares at the horn person but believes Three Stripes and tells him to tell her what went on and if he is hiding anything then she will bite him.
No. 508672 ID: d6ef5d

...tell her everything.
No. 508673 ID: 1ead8d

Don't hide anything, then! Tell her you think they want to take your blood so they can figure out why you're still hungry no matter how much you eat, and they want to take some of her blood so they can figure out something about her maybe, and they wanted you to help them persuade her to let them do that. And tell her everything else.

I think they want a sample from her to figure out how the salikai were making neumono grow really big. Korli mentioned growth hormones at some point, I think? And some other aspect of the process that lets them make as many queen-type neumono as they want.
No. 508674 ID: 9ddf68

well tell her everything about your encounter with the sheep, including that he didn't taste very good, she does kinda of know about you mind control thing you do but you told her that you can't do that anymore so if you want you could keep going with that or you could risk telling her that no you can still control them at a moments notice if you felt like it. your choice.
No. 508675 ID: d6ef5d

...how does giant get those teeth to stay in her ears, anyways? By pushing them in from the other side?

Which also includes:

You're pretty sure the outsider nuemono are trying to help and learn something from us, and they're the ones putting the food in the dingers anyways, since we left the Salikai place and the mountain in their noisy metal bird thing and the Salikai guys aren't around anymore to make the dingers work.
No. 508679 ID: c4e5c2
File 136769374851.png - (21.54KB , 700x700 , 17.png )

>How does giant get those teeth to stay in her ears?
Giant pushes them through her whole ear and Three Stripes thinks it must be painful but she does it anyway and then they just sort of stay there.

Three Stripes says that he is pretty sure that the strangers are the ones putting the food in the dinger even though he has never seen them do it but it sort of makes sense because Three Stripes doesn't think that meat makes itself. Three Stripes doesn't really understand what they are trying to do but Three Stripes trusts Silent and Silent said that they were going to take care of Three Stripes and friends even if they wanted to take Three Stripes' blood. Three Stripes thinks that they are going to try to understand things like why Giant is giant and why Three Stripes has to eat neumono or else he'll die because neumono are the most delicious and the horn person tastes bad.

Three Stripes blurted out that last part and he didn't mean to yet and Giant asks what this was about needing to eat neumono so Three Stripes explains that he really didn't want to eat or control neumono anymore. Giant says to stop being silly about controlling because she still thinks that Three Stripes can't do that.

Giant hits Three Stripes a little but it doesn't hurt.

She says that Three Stripes is an idiot and should have said something about eating neumono earlier and starts taking teeth out of her ears.
No. 508680 ID: 76b151

She is going to give you her ears. I wonder if this will help...
No. 508681 ID: b7169d


Well the pictures "Horn guy" showed did show the exact same thing, it showed him eating an ear and being healthy.
No. 508684 ID: 9ddf68

I know we need to do this to live but I'm still kinda hesitant to do so.
No. 508686 ID: f2c20c

Tell her you are very grateful, and you didn't think she would like it because it hurts, and normally you make it not hurt but that would require a lot of the controlling thing. If she really just doesn't believe you, you could prove it. Only if she gives you permission though.

Can you do a little bit of control to make it not hurt as much when she gives you her ear, without any lasting effect on her mind? Wait until all the teeth are out, of course.
No. 508687 ID: bf54a8

tell her that if you go nuts she can beat you up to stop you.
No. 508690 ID: bdb3f8

Whine again. Tell her you don't want to hurt friends because then they won't be friends any more.
No. 508691 ID: bf54a8

tell her if she wants proof just point you at another hive that is made of nothing but assholes.
No. 508695 ID: d6ef5d

Um. Um. Um. Be excited and confused and worried and grateful at the same time.

>Three Stripes is an idiot and should have said something about eating neumono earlier
He didn't know! He went a long time without eating neumono and didn't get the weird hunger that wouldn't go away until just a little while ago! And he thought it might make his friends afraid or not like him like the other nuemono who always come in with the things that make them silent to hide from him. ...and he doesn't want want to hurt anyone.
No. 508696 ID: af8414

Gratefully accept delicious ear

Don't push the fact that you totally can control neumono 'cause it really doesn't matter right now
No. 508697 ID: d6772a

remember to say thank you!
No. 508701 ID: 9e1727

She... She's going to let you eat her? Willingly? With no controlling? And her ear, where she has to take out all those teeth she fought so hard to collect? ...You might just cry with joy that you have a friend that would do such for you.

Turn into a sun-like radiant ball of gratitude and happiness at having the very bestest friend ever, combined with relief that even though she now knows about you needing to eat neumono she didn't turn against you and reluctance to cause your friend pain. Start blabbering out all of this, have your limited vocabulary trip you up, and end up saying "thank you" over and over.

...So. How are you two going to do this with the least amount of pain for her? She going to cut the ear off with a tooth? Or plainly rip it off? Or are you going to take it into your mouth and bite it off?
No. 508706 ID: c4e5c2
File 136769977542.png - (21.30KB , 700x700 , 18.png )

Oh geez oh geez oh geez Three Stripes doesn't know what to think about this because it seems like Giant is going to hurt herself and maybe Three Stripes should dim the pain just a little this time and Three Stripes asks Giant if she is really going to take her ear off but she is already showing that she is and Three Stripes starts stamping the ground for some reason and Giant is amused and

And now Three Stripes smells the blood and he is trying to be calm and cool about this and is trying to not eat Giant right now and it feels like he hasn't eaten in weeks and then Three Stripes tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her and Giant says that this is nothing and Three Stripes says there should be a better way than
No. 508707 ID: c4e5c2
File 136769978776.png - (19.89KB , 700x700 , 19.png )

Giant rips and throws her ear at Three Stripes and Giant is the best and he makes sure that Giant knows that Three Stripes thinks that she is the best.
No. 508709 ID: bf54a8

chew, swallow, do not succumb do bloodlust, do not collect $200.
No. 508710 ID: eb682d

Eat it slowly, try to control yourself.
No. 508712 ID: af8414

No. 508715 ID: 735f4f

Man giant is the best friend.
No. 508717 ID: d6ef5d

Eat Giant the awesome ear as slow as you can, because who knows when you will get another.

When done, hug Giant, because giant is the best. And then maybe we can try to explain some of this >>508695 stuff later about why you didn't do anything.

>sheep-thing and everyone else watching via hidden science-camera
Try not to be freaked out too much. :V
No. 508718 ID: 6ecdc4

Calm down and just eat then thank giant relentlessly
No. 508725 ID: c4e5c2
File 136770632393.png - (19.38KB , 700x700 , 20.png )

Three Stripes calmly eats the ear and then the ear is gone and Three Stripes feels a lot better and hugs Giant and explains that he was afraid friends wouldn't be friends anymore if they realized that Three Stripes had to eat neumono.

Giant says friends wouldn't be friends if they can't sacrifice an ear every once in awhile to save an ally and

Three Stripes has to be careful not to accidentally control Giant with too much gratitude but he makes sure that she is the best all the way home.
No. 508726 ID: c4e5c2
File 136770638747.png - (27.29KB , 700x700 , 21.png )

No one comes again to bother Three Stripes and friends until night comes and the light is dim and then the door to the exit sounds off again and everyone is alerted but no neumono are sensed but Crown says that she smells a neumono so there must be the silent box.
No. 508728 ID: 57a559

Get up, be ready to protect your bros.
For some reason I don't like this!
No. 508729 ID: bf54a8

be ready to break the silent box if you have to. maybe let the others know about it
No. 508736 ID: 355bb6

Do they ever come at night because if not I got a bad feeling about this. Be ready to protect your friends if it comes to that but unless it looks like they are going to hurt your friends don't attack first incase they're actually here for a good reason
No. 508738 ID: d6ef5d

Well, a silent box, or Silent.

Do we go see who it is, or do we wait for them to come to us?

Art error: Giant's left ear is intact. And Crown's (or whatever that one's name is) looks damaged
No. 508746 ID: c4e5c2
File 136770896510.png - (13.95KB , 700x700 , 22.png )

Art error: It is supposed to be Giant's right ear that is taken off.

Three Stripes also ate Crown's ear because she offered and Three Stripes couldn't refuse.

He gets up and goes over and the rest of everyone follows behind to investigate and it is silent and the other neumono are weirded out and start to growl but Three Stripes tells Giant that she met Silent already and that she was the one inside of the metal while riding on top of Toothy because they were playing a game Three Stripes thinks. Giant does not really like it but will say that if it is a friend of Three Stripes then she guesses that Giant won't fight her as long as she doesn't try and live here.
No. 508747 ID: bf54a8

say hi.
No. 508750 ID: beeca1

No. 508751 ID: 32e092

Hugs! All of the hugs! Flailing, gallumphing, dangerously enthusiastic hugs!
No. 508753 ID: d6ef5d

Engage hugs!

...and broadcast coffee-cake emotions. :V

After that, try and find out what Silent is doing here, and what she has in that big pack of stuff (it's not a silence-box, since she doesn't need one!), and that Giant says she can visit so long as she doesn't try to move it.
No. 508755 ID: 57a559

That's not Silent
Smell her, lick her friendly like to be sure
Maybe I'm just being paranoid. There's something off. Maybe it's her feet or the lighting but... hmm.
No. 508756 ID: 76b151

I agree, something seems slightly off. I can't pinpoint what though.
No. 508767 ID: bf54a8

say coffee cake.
No. 508776 ID: af8414

Disregard paranoia hug Silent
No. 508779 ID: 17675d

Ask if silent is ok
No. 508788 ID: c4e5c2
File 136771458206.png - (18.45KB , 700x700 , 23.png )

Three Stripes goes to hug and lick and get a closer look at Silent and it tastes and looks like Silent and so Three Stripes doesn't think anything is wrong. Giant comes over and picks Silent up and Crown looks through the bag and realizes there is no silence box and so Giant asks why Silent is broken and so tiny and it bugs her and Three Stripes says she isn't broken she is just like that and there is nothing wrong with it.
No. 508789 ID: bf54a8

ask if silent wanted to visit or if she wants something.
No. 508791 ID: 735f4f

Yeah find out why she is visiting you.
No. 508792 ID: f2c20c

Ask her what the occasion is.
No. 508794 ID: d6ef5d

Silent isn't tiny, you're just Giant! Not all neumono can be big.

And Silent isn't broken. She just knows how to make her empathy shut up when she wants to. She can turn it back on when she wants, and unlike the silent boxes, she can still hear! And unlike the boxes, it doesn't mess with any else's empathy, either.
No. 508801 ID: d77024

Tell Giant to stop manhandling (neumonohandling?) Silent. It ain't genteel.
No. 508807 ID: fb5167

Greet Silent, and be happy she's here, and ask what's new with her and whatnot?
Oh and maybe mention to Giant that she doesn't like being picked up. Even if she is one of the smallest neumomo you've ever seen.
No. 508809 ID: af8414

Silent can totally stand up for herself, we should just watch.
No. 508810 ID: 1ead8d

Silent is just able to pretend that she sleeping or something, she can hear you even if you can't hear her, so maybe ask her to go not silent for a moment so they know she's ok and she's not up to anything mean.

Who knows why she's tiny, maybe she never ate enough?
No. 508811 ID: f2c20c

Is Crown digging around in her backpack? So rude.
No. 508815 ID: 9e1727

Put your front paw under Silent's feet to hold her up while asking Giant to put her down, 'cause Silent doesn't look like she likes being picked up.

Then tell Silent you were worried she wouldn't or something had happened to her, and then be all glad that Silent has come to visit and ask her where she's been and how she's doing and what she's been doing and just all the questions. Especially how long she's going to be here, 'cause you'd really like Silent to live here but Giant would really not and that's alright 'cause Silent is here now for awhile. Nose around in Silent's bag while doing that to see and smell if she brought anything neat.

Art error with Giant's left ear again.
No. 508836 ID: 9ddf68

ask silent what she has been up to lately.
No. 508876 ID: c3663c
File 136778990784.png - (14.34KB , 700x700 , 24.png )

Three Stripes conveys to Giant that maybe she should let Silent down and Giant shrugs and guesses so but she is going to keep an eye on Silent and Three Stripes is okay with that. Three Stripes asks Silent why she came and doesn't think she can understand Three Stripes' words so he conveys it.

Silent brought in a metal picture sheet and speaks some words to it and starts showing Silent holding a ball up. Then Three Stripes controls Silent and makes her drop the ball. Then Three Stripes stops controlling Silent, and Silent picks the ball up again and Three Stripes makes her drop it again and this repeats a lot and each time Silent is able to hold onto the ball longer even though picture Three Stripes is trying to make her drop it.
No. 508877 ID: d6ef5d

Silent wants you to control her? How... weird!

...I guess it's sort of like what you do with Giant? She trains you so you won't be a wimp in a fight, and Silent wants you to train her mind so she won't be a wimp if someone tries to fight her that way.

But why would she even need to worry about mind-fighting? She's Silent, she can avoid the whole thing! Unless there's something out there that can get past silence? You don't know.

...you guess you can do that, though you're not sure you want to. Is Silent sure? This feels weird.

...if and when you get control of Silent? Don't just make her drop the ball. Make her do something silly, like backflips and cartwheels, before you let her go. Because she can totally do neat stuff like that, but is usually too serious to fool around.
No. 508878 ID: 78c6ea

I think she's teasing you. You can't make her drop the ball because she's Silent so she's going to hold it no matter what!
No. 508879 ID: 251f10

Ask if she really means it or if she is joking, because you don't find this very funny. Truth be told it makes you a little uneasy
No. 508880 ID: 04b86a

She... thinks you controlling her for a little bit over and over will make her harder to control? Express doubt that that works that way.
No. 508883 ID: 57a559

She wants to have a better ability to resist against your kind's mind control, probably like how she trained for being Silent. Just in case she's caught off guard by Four Stripes or another Stripe. Do you have a problem with that?

I wonder if Mama Stripes is alive? She might catch her off guard! And I bet she's even more powerful than you or Four!
No. 508884 ID: af8414

You don't do that anymore, Silent!
No. 508885 ID: d6ef5d

>Make her do something silly, like backflips and cartwheels
...and pirouette! Make her pirouette!
No. 508888 ID: 9e1727

...Uh. Silent wants you to control her? Is she serious? ...Of course she's serious; She's Silent. Um... But, still... Ask Silent to not be silent for a moment so you'll know for sure she's seriously serious about this. If she is then you guess you'll do it. But she has to take plenty of rests so you don't end up messing her mind up on accident.

Dang, this still makes you uneasy. You don't like to control neumono anymore... But if she wants to be controlled, then maybe it's okay as long as it's only for a little bit.

You're trying really hard not to treat neumono like your playthings, so no making Silent do silly things... Even though she is too serious all the time and could stand to loosen up a bit. But that's something she shouldn't be forced to do. ...But what you could do is have her throw the ball for you to catch, if that wouldn't be too much harder than making her drop it.
No. 508891 ID: e0f734

Wow, I think Silent wants you to play a game with her!
No. 508892 ID: f2c20c

Express concern about the controlling thing. Is she sure? We'll do it if she's sure. It sounds like she wants to do this so other Predators can't control her.

I think we should try to play it straight and just try to make her drop the ball, then once she gets better at that, we start trying to make her do other things with it. Once she's pretty resistant no matter what weird things we try to make her do with the ball, we can introduce a distraction. Have Giant poke her or something while she does it.
No. 508906 ID: 8c9410

Well if Silent wants to play she wants to play. Maybe do it somewhere a little more private, so you don't weird out your friends?
No. 508916 ID: bf54a8

also you get to show giant that you can totally make people do things.
No. 509101 ID: c3663c
File 136794622123.png - (11.50KB , 700x700 , 25.png )

Three Stripes lets her know that he feels very uneasy about this and also is pretty sure it doesn't work that way because once he gets a feel for a neumono, they actually become easier to control and Silent should just be Silent anyway.

Silent then says more words to the metal and pictures show up with Three Stripes denying to control Silent, so Silent shrugs and then goes off and then another predator gets her and controls her and eats her so Three Stripes guesses he will control her even if he thought she can just go silent whenever.

Three Stripes says okay and so Silent goes Unsilent and Three Stripes' friends are kind of spooked but Silent starts looking for her ball.
No. 509102 ID: c3663c
File 136794624734.png - (14.22KB , 700x700 , 26.png )

Crown popped it.
No. 509103 ID: 1d8777

Give Crown the saddest expression you can muster.
No. 509104 ID: 9ddf68

then just give silent a rock or something to do the same thing, I mean you're in a cave there has to be some rocks laying around here somewhere.
No. 509105 ID: 729fd8

that was the meanest mean thing a meanie could do
No. 509106 ID: d6ef5d

>pretty sure it doesn't work that way because once he gets a feel for a neumono, they actually become easier to control
Maybe it works both ways? If a neumono got a feel for a predator, if they knew his tricks, they could avoid them better? I mean, people can fight each other to get better at fighting! Maybe you just never gave any neumono a chance to fight back and practice!

I mean, how would you know? The pet neumono were too well trained to fight back, and aside from them you only controlled silent's friends (Grumpy and Scared-of-hugs) and Toothy like one time each!

>crown popped the ball
Crown, that's not food!

...no big deal, though. There's got to be all kinds of other things she could hold for the test. Anything in her pack, rocks, a stick, whatever. (Or instead, you could just make her do something silly when she loses a match. I mean, this is sort of a game, right?).

>Silent not silent
...now that you can hear her, did she notice the ears? She's not, um, bothered by that, right? You didn't make them do that, really!
No. 509108 ID: c3663c
File 136794782713.png - (12.99KB , 700x700 , 27.png )

Silent doesn't actually care that much but Three Stripes pouts at crown. Silent will just hold a rock because she doesn't think it actually matters what the object is, she just wants to have Three Stripes make her drop it.

Three Stripes wonders if Silent noticed that Three Stripes ate a couple of ears but she doesn't really seem to think about that so Three Stripes doesn't know.

Silent asks Three Stripes to start and so Three Stripes does and silent lasts about 15 seconds before Three Stripes thinks he can make her drop the rock now. Giant and the others are kind of confused and wondering what Three Stripes is doing because they haven't felt Three Stripes do a controlling empathy before and don't know what to expect.
No. 509109 ID: d6ef5d

Aw, Silent is kind of cute when she makes that struggling face!

Now that you're in Silent's head, do you notice anything different about her? Maybe why she can go silent and other neumono can't? Is there like a switch somewhere? (But don't throw it! If you made Silent go silent while she was controlled, she might get stuck or something bad).

Drop the rock? And then let her go. (Save making her do silly stuff for a few rounds in).
No. 509110 ID: 729fd8

no mercy! make her drop it! it's the only way for her to get better
No. 509111 ID: 9ddf68

just make her drop it as this seems to be freaking your friends out a little. If you can find a nice quit spot in the cave to do this then you can make her do silly things. I think if you did that in front of your friends they would freak out even more.
No. 509112 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, and if possible, you may want to only control her enough to get the drop each time, instead of going for getting her fully pacified. Neumono kind of stop thinking normally in that state, and if Silent's crazy idea about learning how to fight off control is gonna work, you should try and let her be aware for as much of the process as possible.
No. 509113 ID: c3663c
File 136795037002.png - (15.98KB , 700x700 , 28.png )

Three Stripes makes Silent drop the ball and then stops controlling Silent to be safe. Silent recovers fine and isn't a pacified neumono and she conveys that Three Stripes did well, and to stop controlling her once he succeeds.

So she picks the ball up again and then drops it after about the same amount of time again. Giant asks what Three Stripes is doing because she is confused.
No. 509114 ID: d6ef5d

Three Stripes is playing a game where he makes Silent drop the ball rock!

...it's not a very good game though, since Three Stipes isn't sure Silent can win, and games where one person win all the time get boring.

Three Stripes told Giant he could make neumono do things!
No. 509115 ID: d87442

This smells like science to me. But what kind of science, I wonder!

Either that or Silent is just being silly. Because who picks up rocks just to put them down again really.
No. 509116 ID: bf54a8

tell silent that giant doesn't believe you can make neumonos do things because you never had a reason to since getting here.
No. 509117 ID: 729fd8

tell her you're helping her train.
No. 509118 ID: c3663c
File 136795187538.png - (14.39KB , 700x700 , 29.png )

Three Stripes explains he is playing a game to make Silent drop the ball although he doesn't think Silent can win without going silent because he can control any neumono like he said and he just doesn't want to anymore but will for Silent because it might be important apparently. He also tells Silent that his friends don't know that he can control other neumono.

Giant picks up Silent's rock and says prove it.
No. 509120 ID: d6ef5d


Wait, this might be a better game now! Maybe they can't beat you, but with more neumono it can be a competition against each other to see who holds out longer!
No. 509121 ID: 735f4f

Go ahead and show her but be very careful.
No. 509122 ID: 729fd8

say that you'd really really rather not. she's your friend and that'd feel wrong.
No. 509124 ID: cfb919


You've told her before and she didn't beleive you. The whole mind control thing has to be brought out in the open to your little buddies sooner or later, so it might as well be now.

If worse comes to worse you might have to be separated from them though.
No. 509125 ID: eaf2f5

Okay! Make silent grab the rock from Giants hand and drop it.
No. 509126 ID: 1d8777

Be super reluctant about it, but I don't know if Giant is gonna let you say no.
No. 509127 ID: af8414

Hahah yes.
Giant might get mad at us if we straight up control her, so we gotta make it clear that we haven't done that to her before and won't unless she straight up asks like Silent did.
No. 509128 ID: 9ddf68

give it a try just be ready to stop as soon as the rock is out of her hands or she tells you to stop.
No. 509130 ID: 5cab2e

Make it a game for everyone! Prizes for whoever lasts longest! But what will the prizes be? Ask Silent if she has anything.

I wouldn't say no directly to Giant if I were you because I think she'd be insulted by people trying not to hurt her. You did control your friends for a little while once and let them go and they didn't seem to mind, but they were the smaller friends and not Giant so they were used to not being in charge. But she should be able to tell that you don't mean anything bad.
No. 509133 ID: 57a559

Make Silent and Giant hug instead
No. 509136 ID: fd7000

Well I was going to say friends don't control friends (except Silent because she is weird) but the idea of turning it into a game is too much fun to pass up.
No. 509138 ID: 2f4b71

Make Giant throw the rock up in the air and catch it. She'll know what you can do, but can still save face to the rest of the tribe that she didn't drop the rock.
No. 509139 ID: f2c20c

I think we'd better take her seriously. Just ask her to promise she won't be mad at you, first.
No. 509140 ID: bf54a8

actually this could be good! make it so your friends CAN'T be controlled by you, then you don't have to worry about ever doing it by accident.
No. 509151 ID: d6ef5d

Funny, but it doesn't prove Silent isn't just pretending with Three Stripes. ...and I'm not sure if that would do anything except get her swatted away by Giant.
No. 510355 ID: c3663c
File 136847443764.png - (26.60KB , 700x700 , 30.png )

Three Stripes makes Giant promise that she won't get mad if he controls her to prove it and Giant says he can't and Three Stripes makes her promise anyway and she does.

Three Stripes says it will be a game and whoever can last the longest at the end of the game will get a prize and asks Silent if she has any prizes.

Silent says she brought some food.

Crown is eating it.

Giant says that Crown will stop eating Silent's food if Silent wins even though Giant thinks this is silly, but Crown will get all of Silent's food if Giant win even though she thinks this is pointless. Crown says that Three Stripes did do something weird when they met but he stopped and never did it again, but Crown knows he can but wants to fight Silent because she doesn't like Silent. Crown says that she'll join in the game too and that if she wins she gets to fight Silent and promises that she won't hurt Silent much but still wants to fight to show Silent whos boss because she thinks that Silent is smug and annoying and uh oh Three Stripes friends' can be really violent sometimes but Silent doesn't seem scared or even annoyed by it and Three Stripes thinks that Silent thinks that Silent could use exercise by fighting or something so maybe it is okay.
No. 510358 ID: 735f4f

Ok have them all get a rock or something and line up and see who drops it the fastest. Make sure to turn off your control the second they do though. In short bursts should not hurt them.
No. 510359 ID: 001618

sure that could work, just give everyone a rock and see who wins, and don't go easy on anyone just keep going until everyone has droped there rock then stop and see who wants to go again.
No. 510360 ID: f2c20c

Hrm. This seems okay, if Silent agrees to it.
No. 510363 ID: d6ef5d

Looks like Silent is certainly getting her training! It should be okay though. Getting stronger is what she wants, and playing this game with you and/or fighting Crown would help. And if she loses her food Silent can always get more food later with her other friends outside. And maybe your friends will stop feeling they have something to prove if they beat her. Or maybe they'll respect her if she wins! Either way, everything should work out, right?

Still, convey Crown's terms to Silent, since they don't speak the same language and you can communicate better with Silent than your friends can.

Tell everyone playing to grab a rock and get ready. Then get to work and making them drop rocks. You'll have to work on all of them at once, since we don't have a good way to time them doing it one at a time.

Play fair, don't try and go easy (or hard) on anyone in particular to try and control who wins.
No. 510367 ID: c3663c
File 136847699623.png - (12.95KB , 700x700 , 31.png )

Three Stripes makes sure that Silent knows what everyone is agreeing to and all of that and everyone agrees so everyone picks up a rock and waits for Three Stripes to do things.


Three Stripes forgot that it is really hard to control really different neumono at the same time because hivemates are always similar but Silent and the rest are totally different! In fact, Three Stripes has had almost no practice doing this. He doesn't know if he can. He can kind of try to convey a controlling happy medium but it might not be happy enough and he can also try and flicker between them and it is complicated.
No. 510369 ID: 772c81

Oh boy, difficult uses of skills. Well, start practicing controlling different neumino then. Go for a happy medium first, then. Experimentation and all.
No. 510372 ID: 735f4f

Maybe try controlling just Giant and Crown first so they know you can. Then experiment with all 3 at once. But let them know you are just getting back into practice.
No. 510373 ID: d6ef5d

Trying doing a happy medium or the flicker trick. I mean, they're practicing and you get to practice too! Maybe you'll get better.

If that doesn't work, explain you can't do them all at once without cheating and choosing to focus on one person at a time (choosing who wins) because they're too different to do at the same time. In that case, instead switch to doing them one at a time, and having someone count how long it takes (either have one of the tribal hivemates count aloud, or I'm sure Silent has a metal time-counting thing).
No. 510375 ID: bf54a8

do an omni-pulse. just on all frequencies emit "DROP THE ROCK"
No. 510376 ID: 719e49

Hrrm... Happy might be flickering and hard to do...
What if three strips just focused on 'drop the rock?'
Depending on how we do this, we could get Three Stripes good enough to be a tactical aid-Think Schellor Battlemind-style combat, with Three Stripes and other predators facilitating this.
No. 510377 ID: 57a559

Ask Silent for a timer, or ask one of the other hive members here to count elephants each time he says elephant completely he puts a marker on the ground.
No. 510378 ID: f2c20c

I think a happy medium could work for this. Make it an endurance race. It'll take longer, but that's actually better for a race since there's more time between rocks dropping.

Also, if the graphical representation of that stuff means anything, try two of the Giant-hive frequencies overlayed upon eachother, but offset by a beat. Silent's wave is very close in half of the spots, and almost opposite in the other spots. So if you have two waves overlayed like that then both parties are served by one overlay consistently. Like a <><><><> instead of a -_-_-_-_.
No. 510380 ID: 001618

do you need to do happy, couldn't you try and use fear instead. I mean if you can get them scared enough they might just drop the rock and run, or failing that you could start off with unpleasant emotions and then switch to nicer emotions so they will grab on to the nicer empathy link and therefor making them easier to control. kinda a carrot and stick method if you would.
No. 510382 ID: 5d5cf8

I'm sure you can do it, Three Stripes! We believe in you! I bet there are all sorts of cool things you can do!

Try take control of Giant and Crown first (without telling them to drop the rock), then make them think more like Silent, then control Silent, then tell them all to drop the rocks at the same time. Or if it would be easier, do it the other way around and control Silent so that you can make her like them and then control them all at once.

It looks like Silent is sort of nearly half thinking like them, they all have that dip that's nearly the same at about the four lengths in, so if you can slow Silent down/stretch her out a little so the dips match up then maybe you can use that?
No. 510383 ID: eaf2f5

A happy medium sounds fairer since silent has had some experience with being controlled.

Any other way of affecting the neumonos... Rhythm? (Beat?Pulse??) Like tapping your foot or swaying your body to a certain rhythm?
No. 510392 ID: bdb3f8

Try the medium approach. Learning to resist is easier when you aren't taking the full force anyway. Try to drag them all into having the same wavelength first, Polo's thought patterns go a little faster than your other friends. Then focus on the parts where the patterns are the most similar, and relax when they differ. Just focus on getting a feel for it at first, and practice mediating between the differing hive patterns. Command can come once you have that under control.
No. 510394 ID: bdb3f8
File 136848317670.png - (4.82KB , 474x104 , waves.png )

That's a fair point. Wavelength adjusted, that approach gets super close and would probably get everybody dropping stuff very quickly. I still like learning to mediate between disparate thought patterns as a useful skill though.
No. 510397 ID: bf54a8

woah cool
No. 510425 ID: 77b987
File 136849171540.png - (2.77KB , 551x113 , wave thingy.png )

Have image manipulation program check.
Spent so long learning to use program that someone else beat you to posting an image that explains everything and is better than yours... check.

Well I spent too long working on this so I am going to leave it here anyway. Enjoy.
No. 510668 ID: c3663c
File 136856708454.png - (17.97KB , 700x700 , 32.png )

This is

this is difficult and it is really weird having Three Stripes controling with in and out and it would be so much easier if he made silent match the wavelength of Giant and Crown and maybe that is a good idea because then Silent would be part of Giant hive and everyone would be friends but

But Three Stripes is remembering why he stopped trying to control and so he is not comfortable doing that so he just waits until someone drops the rock and

And Giant's wavelength is doing something weird it is hiccuping when Three Stripes tries to control and she is not getting controlled at all but Three Stripes won't change things to be fair and so Crown drops her rock first and then Silent drops hers and

Maybe Giant is right and Three Stripes can't control her but she did realize Crown wasn't in control so Giant realizes that Three Stripes wasn't lying but that is weird and it isn't like Toothy resisting Three Stripes it is more like Giant is dodging Three Stripes' controls.

Giant tells Crown that she can keep eating Silent's food. Silent is okay with this and Three Stripes thinks that she has plenty of food back at her home and just asks Three Stripes to keep on controlling and releasing her until she can hold up against Three Stripes.
No. 510678 ID: 719e49

Wait, hiccuping? Hoooold it.
Message Silent that Giant's pattern was acting weird, that it started hiccuping when you tried to control her.
Also mention that controlling Neumono from multiple hives is very hard, and with Giant hiccuping and you and Crown being from different hives it wasn't easy, but maybe with more practice you could do it properly.
No. 510684 ID: 9ddf68

tell silent about giant's control hiccuping and see if she can make anything out about that
No. 510687 ID: d6ef5d

>it would be so much easier if he made silent match the wavelength of Giant and Crown
But if you changed her, then Silent wouldn't be Silent anymore! She'd be someone different, and she probably wouldn't be happy about that. Unless you made her be happy, but then you're deciding how she feels about things and you've made her into a pet instead of a person and that would be sad.

>Giant dodging
Compliment Giant- she's a strong fighter with her mind, too! You didn't even know neumono could do whatever it is she did and dodge your attempts to control them.

>Keep rock training Silent?
I guess. I'd like to figure out what Giant was doing, though. If you (or Giant) could teach her mental hiccup trick to Silent, that would make her harder to control. That would help her with whatever thing she's worried about she doesn't think silence works on (maybe she's worried about a predator that can touch her? Or something different that uses empathy you haven't seen? There are a lot of monsters out there, and lots of metal things. If they can make a silent box, maybe there's a control box?).
No. 510696 ID: 78c6ea

I don't know how strong you want Silent to get. She's kind of scary. Just think how strong you will be getting though, if you practice controlling in and out!

It would be really funny if you made Silent a member of Giant hive. Just saying.
No. 510716 ID: 57ce27

Well if you could make Silent part of Giant's hive for only a little while and then she could still go back to being Silent that would be fun, but if it's something that lasts a long time then no, that's mean.

Tell Silent about the hiccuping, maybe that will help her do what she wants to do?
No. 510723 ID: c3663c
File 136857300828.png - (15.22KB , 700x700 , 33.png )

Three Stripes tells Silent about Giant hiccups and Silent gets it and starts talking again into her metal thing and Three Stripes also says controlling neumono from different hives is difficult and silent talks more in the picture box. While she does that Three Stripes is sure to compliment Giant on her mind power or something even though he doesn't know how she does that. Giant says she didn't notice but everyone else did and said it was strange but doesn't worry about it.

So Three Stripes keeps on training Silent and doesn't think Silent is doing much better at all but keeps insisting.

Eventually Silent decides to go and says that she will be back soon anyway or that's what Three Stripes thinks she says and he hopes he is right.
No. 510724 ID: c3663c
File 136857301959.png - (18.69KB , 700x700 , 34.png )

The next day Three Stripes is feeling much better and after everyone gets food and things the door opens again but it is not silent this time. It is that horn person and there are three neumono in the same hive and feel scared of Three Stripes for some reason.

Horn person shows the metal box with pictures again and says that these neumono are bad and were going to be killed but they decided that they want Three Stripes to try something. The neumono are going to run around a lot until they can't run anymore, and then Three Stripes is supposed to control them and make them keep running and not stop until horn person says to.
No. 510728 ID: af8414

They're...bad? So you can make them zombies and it'd be ok?
No. 510735 ID: d6ef5d

Geeze, they've moved on to experiments with prisoners? Not liking where this is going. I suppose if three stripes doesn't cooperate they might be executed anyways, but I don't see how it makes sense for him to be comfortable with this.

Tell the sheep you don't feel comfortable with this. You don't like controlling neumono anymore, and only did it with Silent and Giant and Crown because they asked you to try on them. These neumono aren't asking this time, the sheep is!

And forcing neumono to run when they're too tired to run sounds bad. That could hurt them!

...and how to you even know they're bad? Do they feel bad, or mean? Afraid just means they know you can control them, and it sort of makes sense they wouldn't want to be controlled or eaten.

Can you use empathy (without control) to try and tell the neumono it's okay, and not to be afraid? Maybe ask them if this is really what they want?
No. 510738 ID: 735f4f

Do you recognize the hive? Try to ask why they want you to do this. If you can do it without hurting them its ok but this seems like a way of breaking them down much faster.

But if they really are bad neumono it would be nice to have some around for a steady ear supply.
No. 510741 ID: 78c6ea

You could force them to be your friends, ignore the horn man, and then just cuddle. That would make Giant mad though and she's scary.
No. 510746 ID: bf54a8

tell him you really are not comfortable with this.
No. 510750 ID: c3663c
File 136857444845.png - (12.46KB , 700x700 , 35.png )

Three Stripes is not anywhere close to comfortable with this and he lets everyone know this and only did it on Silent and Giant and Crown because they asked and Three Stripes thinks that if he forces them to run it could hurt them and the horn guy says that there is a risk but it is extremely small and they will probably be fine.

They don't seem bad but it is hard to tell and maybe they did do bad things before but they aren't doing bad things now but the horn person explains with the pictures that these neumono volunteered because if they do well here they won't be punished as badly so they aren't being forced and the neumono empathy agrees with this so maybe it isn't that bad even though Three Stripes still doesn't like it. He lets them know with empathy that he won't try to harm them except apparently he is supposed to because they are volunteers or something and

Horn guy says that everyone just wants to know more about how predators work so he wants to know how far a neumono can be forced to run and he will be sure to tell Three Stripes to stop controlling them before they might get hurt too much or when they collapse and he promises that they'll be fine. And even better because if they do this then they won't be dead like their original punishment would make them. Horn guy also says that this shouldn't take that long so they won't be zombified or broken or anything, and if Three Stripes does it right then the science hive will show their appreciation by giving Three Stripes their ears.
No. 510753 ID: af8414

Prizes all around!
Make sure Giant knows what's goin' down (she's the queen after all) but this definitely sounds like a good deal, Three Stripes.
No. 510758 ID: 78c6ea

These horn guys sure are good at experimenting.
No. 510759 ID: f2c20c

Gosh. Alright, let's do it.
No. 510770 ID: 735f4f

Go ahead then. Neumono's are pretty tough so they should be fine. Just be careful with them.
No. 510773 ID: d6ef5d

Well, um. If the neumono told you that they want you to do this, and they aren't afraid of you anymore, and no one will be hurt, and it might stop the blue neumono from being killed, (and you might get more ears!) you guess you can do it. Those are all sort of good things.

Though you still think this is weird and everything would be a lot easier if people would just let you not use your powers. They make everything complicated and confusing.

Watch the neumono tire themselves out until it's time for you to make them run, I guess.

You're not supposed to stop until the horn guy says, but if you get to the point where you're worried about the neumono being hurt, or feel like they might become stuck as zombies or something, you should stop early and tell him why. You're going to be feeling their minds, he's just watching. You'll know before him if they're in real danger.

If Giant or any of the others come by you can explain the outsiders are having you play another weird game where you make tired neumono run around. They're still trying to figure out how you do your thing or something.
No. 510800 ID: 57ce27

You know Three Stripes these people are very smart and maybe that's why they have all their fun stuff and cool things to play with. Maybe you should try to be smart too, if you're smarter then you'll be able to help your friends better if anything bad is going to happen. You get smarter by learning things. You should learn things that they don't know you have learned, then you will be safer and your friends will be safer.

So you should do what this guy is saying and make them run but while you are making them run make sure they don't feel bad while they're doing it and then see if you can turn off the bit of them that remembers things for a long time, leave the short-time remembering on but turn the long-time remembering off, maybe it won't work and if it will interfere with what they're asking for don't do it but if you can it would be good to be able to figure out how to make neumono forget things.

Also lick the horn guy.
No. 510804 ID: d6ef5d

>mess with long term memory

Whether they did bad things or not it's not three stripe's place to try and take memories away. That's bad and terrible and mean. That's not playing a game to try and learn how your powers work anymore, that's deciding other people's lives for them and making them into pets again.

I mean, yes, logically reprogramming could be used as an extreme form of criminal rehabilitation, but I think three stripes is terribly reluctant to do anything permanent to neumono's mind's anymore.
No. 510811 ID: 57ce27


Oh no no, not like that! The only thing messing with would be, like, just turning off the "record" button for a while. And then when they're done we turn it back on. It's only temporary! All that'll happen is that they won't remember the running around, they won't want to remember that anyway. It'll even make it less tedious. Though that won't be a problem since they'll be being controlled during that anyway and Three Stripes won't let them suffer. But they might want to not remember being controlled? I don't know. I don't think they'll mind much more than they mind already.
No. 510813 ID: d6ef5d

Oh. Hm. I think neumono have a hard time remembering what happens to them when they're fully controlled, anyways. Rakae and Rikek Scared-of-hugs and Grumpy certainly did.
No. 510824 ID: 57ce27


Well, we want to start small, then try work up to complicated things, like helping neumono do mind tricks, remembering things they've forgotten or helping neumono who have gone crazy, that would a super nice thing to do that would make more neumono like Three Stripes and not be so afraid of him. Then he can have more friends!

Hmm. I wonder if they have any neumono that used to be other predator's pets. Three Stripes could ask and say he wants to see if he can make their brains work like other neumono do, like they used to. They'd probably not be able to get memories back or anything but maybe they could start thinking straight and being their own people again.
No. 510881 ID: 9ddf68

how do neumono comment crimes anyway, I mean wouldn't there empathy they give off tip all other neumono in the area off that "hey these guys are about to do a crime"? I'm just saying I think this sounds a little fishy, maybe they are just lying to us so we will control them so they can learn from it. But if they want to see how we control neumono shouldn't they also watch us when we are playing with silent?

Anyway I guess we can do this but we should probably ask Giant first as my fear is that Giant's hive will start to fear us if we use this power to much. So tell Giant what you are going to do and if we do get ears from them then we don't have to keep bugging Giant and Crown about ears whenever we get hungry, which I know she said it is ok for hivemates to give an ear form [bold]time to time[/bold] but not [bold]all the time[/bold]. We don't want to become nuisance after all.
No. 510887 ID: eaa372

Try and see if you can synchronize these guys to the same wavelength as your neumono friends, more friends are always nice. Maybe broadcast these neumono your uneasiness with what horns is asking you to do. A more longterm project could be to see if you can adjust the wavelength of other neumono to dodge around like Giant's wavelength.
No. 510891 ID: d6ef5d

Ambitious, but I think physic therapy, rehabilitation, or reconstruction are well beyond what three stripes can do, for the moment. And he currently doesn't really want to use his powers anyways. Might be something he could work up to long term, though.

The blue neumono wouldn't be agreeing with him if he was lying.

And anywhere you have law, you'll have crime, even if it's harder to hide it. And as we've seen before, neumono can hide things from each other, it's just easier or harder depending on what they're hiding, what they're thinking about, and how well the neumono actually know each other's empathy. It's not seamless mind-reading, after all.

For instance- Jess keeping things from her torturer, and Polo talked about leaders in the ultrahive having to keep secrets all the time, including the cover up of her death.

No. Three Stripes is reluctant to control at all even when asked- we're not even going to consider doing something as serious as hacking or altering their minds on a whim. He doesn't do that anymore. Some nuemono are different from each other, and that's okay! It would be mean and sad to force them all to be the same. And they're not his pets for him to be making that kind of decision.
No. 510898 ID: 735f4f

I think Three stripes would be fine controlling some neumono as long as everyone is ok with it. But is enjoying having thinking friends and does not want to jeopardize that.

So go ahead and help the goat find out more about your powers and maybe later we can experiment some more if they want us to.

Its good to know giant is probably immune to your empathy because it lets you have a friendship based on mutual respect rather than having her worry about your abilities.

Also if any other predators bother your new family she can help you protect them.
No. 510937 ID: 7003a8

If they're ok with it then it's ok, and if it helps stop predators like four-stripes from hurting nuemono then it's good.
If it's ok to do it and it's a good thing then you should do it.
Ask giant to watch. She is resistant but not the others, and if a bad predator comes she should know what the control is like.

They're more likely to encounter somebody with predator-like technology, but as far as Giant is concerned the difference is academic.
No. 510977 ID: 7eb072

Tell Giant about this and ask her what she wants you to do, also secretly ask her about learning things in secret so that you can do more than they think you can and see if she wants you to.
No. 511010 ID: c3663c
File 136865273347.png - (27.43KB , 700x700 , 36.png )

Giant is okay with other neumono as long as Three Stripes thinks so and so long as they don't make their homes here or anything so as long as they get in and get out then Giant and the hive will tolerate it. She is also okay with Three Stripes controlling whatever neumono aren't in her own hive because she doesn't care about neumono like these greenblue ones.

So Three Stripes will reluctantly accept the deal even though he still makes sure that everyone knows that he does not really like doing this but will because food and maybe it isn't so bad.

Neumono don't really remember being controlled to well. Three Stripes means to say that they sort of remember what happened usually if it just happened for a little bit but Three Stripes will make sure that they won't suffer even if what he is about to do might hurt. He won't do much though and still doesn't want to change these neumono into Gianthive buddies even if he can but he doesn't even know that.

So all the neumono start running around and get tired but then Three Stripes makes them run more. Horn guy says to keep their pace up and if they collapse or slow down too much then to stop controlling them. One of them drops and Three Stripes is really worried but horn guy says that they'll be fine and a strange metal box neumono comes in and takes one away.
No. 511011 ID: c3663c
File 136865274798.png - (19.36KB , 700x700 , 37.png )

Eventually everyone drops after a long time and horn guy says that Three Stripes did a good thing but Three Stripes doesn't feel good.

But he guesses that the food that horn guy gives him cheers him up a little but these ears are tiny and small like Silent but they are still good.

Horn guy asks if Three Stripes would like to help more neumono with more picture box pictures.
No. 511014 ID: 735f4f

If its ok with giant sure.
No. 511017 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Flap ears, green and purple. Different science hive out there. They don't have the rescued pinkie-hivers working on this project. Guess they're still busy spilling everything they know about the salikai and helping reverse engineer their armor and weapons designs.

...do different neumono taste different?

>Horn guy asks if Three Stripes would like to help more neumono with more picture box pictures.
Sure, you guess! Playing with pictures is interesting, and it's nicer than control games / experiments.

Ask if they'll tell you later if the blue neumono wake up okay after being run past the point of exhaustion.
No. 511030 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, and don't forget to thank horn guy for the ears!
No. 511036 ID: 57a559

Tell Giant that you think her ears look really nice short like that, if she chooses to get rid of the other ear for symmetry, she should try to tie them together in the back. It might look really good! Don't ties the ears into knots, more like sowed/pierced together with teeth.
No. 511045 ID: af8414

I dunno, this is an awful lot all at once and you're still not really happy with doing it. Maybe later.
No. 511056 ID: 9e1727

Well, if it's more neumono like the last bunch, and they volunteered like them, then you'll keep going. After all, if they'll be killed otherwise then it'll be alright to do what you're doing. Though, "help" is an odd term for the horn guy to use. Maybe you're misunderstanding the picture box a bit there.

But then where will Giant put her trophy teeth? Maybe make a necklace instead?
No. 511058 ID: 9ddf68

Tell him to ask Giant since this is her land he is treading upon
No. 511069 ID: c3663c
File 136866102339.png - (16.66KB , 700x700 , 38.png )

Three Stripes tells the horn person that he guesses he will even though he is uncomfortable and maybe he should ask Giant and then Three Stripes tells giant that maybe she could tie her ears back in a bow or something or actually Three Stripes means with a bow not together like a bow or

Giant says she gets it but does not want to so Three Stripes just eats his ears and neumono always taste different.

Three Stripes goes back to hugging his neumono buddies that hug Three Stripes on their own free will but then doors open again.

It was only a little bit of time but horn guy comes back.
No. 511070 ID: c3663c
File 39-Experiment3Slides.swf - (21.00KB , 700x700 )

He shows more pictures.

Press the right arrow key to advance through pictures.
No. 511076 ID: 735f4f

So they want you to make two neumono from different hives love each other? You could try and see if it works.
No. 511078 ID: d6ef5d

...wait, he wants us to make neumono who don't like each other like each other?

Or rather, make neumono who want to like each other, but don't like each other, like each other? (The middle image kind of muddles it).

...and do they mean just like, or do they actually mean the happy lovey baby neumono making stuff that hearts sometimes mean?

You're not so sure about that. Changing the neumono patterns isn't something you're sure you can do, and you're not sure if you do it if that's good, or it will wear off, or if it'll make them zombies. And um. You're not sure you should be making neumono do... stuff.
No. 511079 ID: bf54a8

i think them WANTING to like eachother is important. like they like eachother MOST of the way but the lack of being hive mates makes it hard. so merging their patterns so they can empathy eachother would be fine. but if they hate eachother then it's bad.
No. 511080 ID: 735f4f

Well if they have a Romeo and Juliet lying around somewhere we could try it out.
No. 511082 ID: 9ddf68

... think they might be trying to see if they can use you to merge Giant's hive with another hive somewhere down the line, or is that just paranoia?

either way I gueeeesss we could try, but only if the two neumono want to be together... or at least see if we can make them want to be together. (by that I mean we aren't forcing them to feel something that was never there in the first place and they don't want to feel it either)
No. 511084 ID: 76b151

I wonder if they are talking about Rogues.
No. 511086 ID: d6ef5d

>Giant does not want to
Sorry for the silly suggestions, Giant! Three Stripes doesn't have ears to play with (except for eating), so sometimes he gets ideas.

Oh, maybe! Although, you'd think they'd have made the being cut out of the hive more clear (maybe showing connections breaking, or colors changing, for the empathy).

...does Three Stripes even know what rogues are, though? I'm not sure he's ever met one, and it's not like the pet neumono could have chose to leave.
No. 511098 ID: f2c20c

Ask for clarification. They want to love eachother? If so, then this is okay. It will make them happy, and you're the only one that can help them.
No. 511172 ID: 73a0c6

But if you force two of them to love each other then they really may just be super unhappy because they'll love someone theyre not interested in and that would be bad

I wanna eat the horn guy
No. 511196 ID: cd0e60
File 136871616205.png - (9.93KB , 1108x320 , wavelengthsbeep.png )

If they want to love each other but can't but you can help them then that would be a good thing. More friends is good. I don't think neumono really have a concept of romantic love as such so hearts probably represent generic love. If this was followed up on you could help rogues be adopted by new hives, or help minihives integrate with larger ones, and things like that.

I wonder if you can make different hives into a bigger hive while leaving them still sort of seperate? Like, a big venn diagram, with like one science hive and one war hive say, and a big broad hyperhive encompassing both of them. Perhaps if you synched up their brain rhythms, and add a sort of regular "tick" that keeps the rhythm harmonized, and also adds a common element while leaving them mostly different?

Like this, maybe.
No. 511211 ID: ca6df3

that is so creepy, refuse and look at him weird for even suggesting it
No. 511251 ID: c3663c
File 136876052959.png - (18.52KB , 700x700 , 40.png )

Three Stripes doesn't think he likes this much either but Three Stripes knows what a rogue is for some reason so maybe that are these and Three Stripes licks Horn and he still tastes bad and then asks Horn to show him the neumono just to see but he doesn't promise anything because he doesn't know if he wants to and so the two neumono come into the place and Three Stripes can feel them. He thinks they are rogues because they are lonely but they are also a little afraid of Three Stripes and Three Stripes tells them with empathy that he won't hurt them and for some reason that makes them more wary.

Three Stripes tries to sense what they want and apparently they want to like each other but can't much because their empathy gets in the way and is too foreign to each other and that is sad.

Three Stripes can fix this and make them synchronized but it takes a long time like a whole day or something. Three Stripes draws a picture of the moon going up then back down before he can do it but he still isn't comfortable with it but the neumono tell him that they are willing to chance it even though there is a chance they think that they won't be healthy after I try it even though Three Stripes said he won't hurt them but they really want to try and
No. 511252 ID: 76b151

If they want you to be a therapist I think you should go for it. Maybe start asking for additional payment with the ears. Do you understand the meaning of money?
No. 511253 ID: c51b3b

well if they're all up for it, I say go for it, you can bring these two seperate hearts into one! for added bonus, see if horn guy can simulate night sky & full moon to set the mood
No. 511254 ID: 735f4f

Awww if you could help them out that would be great. Make sure to ask which tribe they want there empathy to end up in. If that's even a option.

Also if this works out you will need a doctors office and your own nameplate. Three Stripes MD (Monster doctor).
No. 511256 ID: f2c20c

Can you do it in phases, giving them rest periods so that they don't get overwhelmed, to reduce the risk?
No. 511257 ID: 57a559

oh god Three Stripes I can barely understand you is something wrong?
Your head isn't making sense at all! Are you panicking? Have you become unhealthy?
No. 511258 ID: 01254d


Three Stripes DH (Definitely Hungry)
No. 511260 ID: d6ef5d

Aw, the poor rogue neumono are lonely and want someone to be together with so bad they want you to do it even though they think there's a risk they might not be okay afterwards! It's so... sad!

They need hugs. Group hug, now.

I think we should agree to try. Before you start trying to synchronize their empathy, you should spend time studying them. Try to understand their empathy as well as possible before you change anything. Then we want to take the best parts of both of them to try and make the synchronized empathy- and to try to find a good combination that takes as few modifications as possible.

Don't rush anything. Do the job slow, and right. Do the best that you can.

Also- make sure in your study that you take time to memorize their empathy as they are now. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can try to turn them back to what they started as.
No. 511262 ID: 9ddf68

where the hell is the horned guy finding all of these people? well since they do seem to want this I guess we can give it a try, just be careful not to turn them into zombies.
No. 511266 ID: 9e1727

That they came to you, and asked for this despite the risks, says much about how desperately they want to be "in-tune" with each other and no longer lonely. You'll do it, but not without precautions and you'll take your time to do it as right as you can. They're putting their trust in you, and you're to do your best to show it wasn't misplaced. If you pull this off, then it'll be the first net positive for neumono your abilities have ever done, and that would be and feel so great.

You're going to need absolutely no distractions while you do this, so ask if they could get enough silencer boxes to place around and create a bubble with just you three in it.

Tell Giant what you're going to try to do, that you need nothing to interrupt or distract you, and you're not going to be with her or your friends for a day. You probably should also eat enough before starting so you don't get hungry midway through as well, as well as taking care of certain other things that would be distracting.

Would physical contact between you three make it slightly easier to sense their empathic patterns and manipulate them? You laying down and them holding hands or hugging while you hold them? (Yay, cuddles!) Even if it wouldn't help the process, you all should do it anyway, since it's going to be rather long to stand or even sit.
No. 511271 ID: d6ef5d

Three Stripes doesn't need to ask for ears. It's always nice (really nice great and awesome!) if neumono want to give them to him, but Giant and his friends give him enough now that he doesn't get weird extra hunger that doesn't go away and he won't die. And it would feel bad and mean to take advantage of the rogues' loneliness and desperation to make them give him their ears. Like bulling. Although if everything works fine and they were grateful afterwards Three Stripes would be very happy if they decided to share.
No. 511277 ID: 78c6ea

Three Stripes, if you can do this you will be fed meat forever and ever.
No. 511286 ID: 38600e

Worth the effort. This is a difficult but Good thing.
No. 511296 ID: cf49fc

Dr. Three Stripes: Psychic Marriage Counselor and Freelance Coroner.

...This MIGHT end well. I think it might be worth it, but you should stop if they start to become Pacified.
No. 511309 ID: b9bc16

Do you have to do it over a whole day at once? It might be more healthy to make some adjustments, then let them live for a bit on their own and adapt to it, then make more adjustments, let them adapt, and repeat until they have what they want.
No. 511340 ID: c3663c
File 136882443936.png - (11.96KB , 700x700 , 41.png )

>Do you have to do it over a whole day at once?
Three Stripes thinks so because if he takes a break then they will just revert back to normal and nothing will be done at all so Three Stripes has to go and do it all at once so he says he will do it and tells Giant he is going to earn his food and makes sure he will get ears out of this. So Giant says he better come back and of course Three Stripes will come back so he goes in a corner with the lonely neumono and starts sitting with them and getting them to like each other and change them forever which Three Stripes said he wouldn't do anymore but more than not wanting to do that anymore he wants to help so he will.
No. 511341 ID: c3663c
File 136882446289.png - (14.80KB , 700x700 , 42.png )

A lot of time passes and Three Stripes works really hard and it is working but that is not a surprise. Three Stripes whines for the horn guy and says that they don't look very responsive and the Horn guy shows pictures that that is normal and that the neumono will be slow and dumb for a little while but then once a few days pass then they will be good again.

He hopes. But Horn says that Three Stripes is doing well even though Three Stripes doesn't know how Horn would know that. Three Stripes thinks he is done and at the least the two neumono seem to really like each other so that works but they are kind of not responding much when Three Stripes pokes them and Horn says that he will let Three Stripes know when they recover.
No. 511342 ID: 35edd4

Well, now you'll learn if you can trust this guy. If you see them recovered soon, then all is well.
No. 511343 ID: bf54a8

ask to have them come see you when they do. if you can see that they can move around and do things by themselves again you would be happy.
No. 511346 ID: d6ef5d

Well, I guess this was sort of like surgery? And surgery takes time to heal. You kind of moved pieces of their minds around, so it sort of makes sense it might take them time to be fully healed. Just like when neumono get body parts hurt.

...and it usually takes days and days of control for a neumono to get stuck pacified and become a pet, right? So they'll get better, you hope.

I guess the only thing to do now is watch over them and hope they get better in the next few days. You could take care of them, or you could let Horn take them to the outsider neumono. So long as they tell you what happens to them, and the other neumono watch their empathy and they promise to get you if they need more help or something goes wrong. You've never done something like this before, and you're not sure if it will stick! Or if they'll come back to check in if everything is okay, because you'd like to see that.

...what about the bluegreen neumono from before? Did they wake up okay after running until they fell over?
No. 511350 ID: 735f4f

Well you did your best and hopefully in a few days they will come out of it and be much happier.

Make sure they keep them close so you can check in on them while they are recovering. Then you can help out if you are needed.

Did you make one of them match the other or are they basically a new tribe now?
No. 511353 ID: 9ddf68

ask him how does he know that's how it works, if they knew that's how it works then why are they making you do things they already know. (just trying to see if he actually means it or is just saying things to make us feel better)
No. 511360 ID: 57a559

Ask Horn if he helped train Four Stripes or got his hands on other people like yourself or got the information in other ways.
No. 511364 ID: 26c5e0

Maybe ask if Silent can tell you when they recover or if they don't recover, you can trust Silent. Or ask if you can see them again when they're better so you can be sure.
No. 511367 ID: d6ef5d

I don't think it's a matter of not trusting horns so much as Three Stripes realizing horns doesn't actually have a way to know it's going to be okay.
No. 511419 ID: c3663c
File 136884768585.png - (17.37KB , 700x700 , 43.png )

>Did you make one of them match the other or are they basically a new tribe now?
They are a new tribe Three Stripes' guesses because he thinks it might be more risky to completely change one neumono a lot than if both neumono were changed a little so that is what he did.

Three Stripes says he can take care of them but Horn says that the other neumono will take care of these two and want to monitor them anyway and will tell Three Stripes when they recover and Three Stripes says he will want to see them and Horn says he will ask about that. Three Stripes wants to ask if Horn has ever seen or talked with a predator before but does not know how to ask that so Three Stripes asks about the blue green neumono he made run around and Horn says that they are fine and just resting and they will be sore for awhile but they are healthy.

Three Stripes plays and hugs Giant for the rest of the day but then Silent comes back again and that is good but she wants to train more and Three Stripes has been breaking his own rules a lot today.

Giant says that she was not expecting Silent to come back so soon and does not like the idea of her coming every night.
No. 511421 ID: 57a559

She both spared and saved your guys' lives from the salikai, it's the least Three Stripes could do for her.
No. 511425 ID: 735f4f

Let silent know about giants issues with her. Maybe we can set something up so she will not mind so much.
No. 511427 ID: d6ef5d

>better if both neumono were changed a little because less risky
It's also better because you can try to build a better (mini) hive, using the best qualities of each instead of just one! Also, the neumono might feel weird later if it all came from one of them- like you said that one was better. So some of each was best.

>breaking rules a lot today
Well, you're pretty sure unlike the running or the rogue fixing, there's not chance you're going to hurt Silent doing this. And you know, if it works, maybe it'll help keep her safe from whatever thing she's trying to protect her from. So it's not really bad.

>she was not expecting Silent to come back so soon and does not like the idea of her coming every night
Well, training is a thing that needs to be done regularly, right? At least, if Silent's idea is even going to work.

...maybe there's something Silent could do to make Giant feel better about coming around regularly?
No. 511429 ID: f2c20c

I think we should change the rules a bit. Like, don't control neumono for selfish reasons.

Ask why Giant is bothered by it. Is it a territory thing?
No. 511436 ID: c3663c
File 136885199169.png - (11.26KB , 700x700 , 44.png )

Three Stripes is okay with doing this with Silent but he asks Giant if she minds because it is a territory thing and Giant says yes and that she doesn't want Silent to be getting comfortable around here. Three Stripes asks what would made Giant feel better about having Silent around and Giant might be willing to let her come by if she brings more food for Giant and maybe let Crown fight her since Crown is still annoyed at Silent.

Three Stripes empathizes that with Silent and Silent is okay with that as long as Crown does not hurt her enough to do lasting damage.
No. 511437 ID: f2c20c

No. 511438 ID: bf54a8

... what's lasting damage for neumono? uh... loss of more then one limb?
No. 511440 ID: d6ef5d

Poor Polo just can't escape from people wanting to duel her.

Well, Three Stripes doesn't really like the sound of fighting, but if Crown and Silent both want to, and neither is going to really hurt the other if they win, you guess it's okay? You don't know why your friends can't all just get along. *sulk*

...what kind of fight?
No. 511448 ID: 735f4f

Hmm this might be good for silent. She can learn from you and maybe practice her fighting with crown.
No. 511450 ID: d6ef5d

In a one on one fight Silent is in trouble because she's so much smaller than Crown. But she's pretty fast, and if she goes Silent, she can hear Crown's empathy while hiding hers, which gives her an edge. She's probably still gonna get beaten up but... might impress them a little.
No. 511451 ID: 9ddf68

well if silent is ok with this then sure why not, I mean she was with toothy for a while so she's probably use to this kind of thing. side note, ask her what she knows of the horned guy.
No. 511467 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and let's make sure they agree on exactly what "lasting damage" means, and that Queen will stop the fight if it starts going too far.
No. 511468 ID: f2c20c

...hang on, I just realized that Giant may be regenerating faster than normal. We should make sure that her opinion of how fast people regenerate is the same as Silent's.
No. 511501 ID: 9e1727

Ask Crown if she's fine with Silent staying silent for the fight, and maybe armed with a knife, 'cause otherwise it's going to be an awfully one-sided fight.

Hey, maybe Silent could bring not just more food for Giant, but different tasting food? It'll be a nice change from the same tasting meat she and all your friends have been eating every day. (And maybe their ears will taste different if they eat different tasting things.)
No. 511505 ID: d88482

or the two of you could just step outside for the training.
No. 511538 ID: 26c5e0

No Three Stripes, Giant, you primitives, you need to learn to haggle! Have Silent fight Crown AND have her bring tribute for Giant every time she comes. Then your friends will be happier and Polo won't mind because she can probably content them with toothbrushes and soft toilet paper.

Especially since, if Silent manages to actually win, I don't think it'll do anything to help put everyone at ease. On the other hand, we do want them to respect Silent. Hmm.
No. 511542 ID: af8414

Polo has to fight Crown AND bring tribute.
No. 511543 ID: d6ef5d

Wait, wait. Crown's crown is made of Moton feathers right? And it's been handed down to her. So if Polo could show she fought one of the birds and lived, could that be worth some respect? (Maybe they keep some of the eggshell?).

Or what if Polo gave them reproductions of the pictures Rikek took of those cave paintings about the hunt? They might appreciate that- those records were probably put there by their ancestors. It's their history. They might even be able read them!

...although Three Stripes doesn't know any of this. :p He might have know Silent had a big bird egg in her old spire camp, and he might be able to put that together with Crown's story, and guess they were the same kind of bird, maybe? Although it would be up to Polo to figure out what to do with that information.
No. 511550 ID: c3663c
File 136890023136.png - (22.36KB , 700x700 , 45.png )

Three Stripes asks if maybe Three Stripes and Silent should go somewhere else then and then Giant gets agitated and says that Three Stripes isn't allowed to leave them and so Three Stripes makes sure that Crown won't hurt Silent too much and that everything will be able to be regenerated within one day and so Crown and Silent fight and Silent stays Silent and it still doesn't go very well.
No. 511552 ID: c3663c
File 46-ExperimentSlide4.swf - (3.57KB , 700x700 )

But Silent gets up and Crown is fine with that much and so Silent picks up a rock and Three Stripes makes her drop it a lot while Giant and Crown and everyone eats Silent's food.

Three Stripes asks about the horn guy and Silent says that he is interested in Three Stripes and that he wants to know more about Three Stripes and predators and reminds Three Stripes to be nice to him.

Silent also has her metal picture box and it beeps and it starts showing something and Silent isn't actually asking Three Stripes to do it but the pictures make it look like Three Stripes is supposed to do more anyway.

Press the right arrow key to advance slides.
No. 511554 ID: 735f4f

So now they want to have you derogue a rogue? Should be worth a shot.
No. 511555 ID: 76b151

Hmm I don't know about that. I know Rogues are generally miserable without a hive but what if the reason they changed how they feel is because they no longer believe in what the hive stands for?

If thats true then changing them would be wrong. It'd be paramount to brainwashing.

Before we actually agree we should see if the neumino actually wants to rejoin their old hive.
No. 511560 ID: d6ef5d

Lick Silent because she got beat up and she's hurt and you want her to get better. :V

Maybe tell Silent about Crown's crown? Maybe if she knew how Crown was impressed by the special bird thing Silent could find a way to get Crown to like her.

...you know what they're asking, but you're not sure if that's right. Even if you could probably do it.

Rogues go rogue because they don't fit with or accept part of what makes the hive the hive. You'd have to force them to. And then... they wouldn't be them anymore exactly, would they? I mean, maybe they wouldn't be lonely anymore, but if being together was really more important to them than leaving, they wouldn't have left. It's not like with the other two, who never had a chance to be together at all.

Also, if you're fixing a rogue, it's more dangerous than what you did to those two. You're not making two neumono meet in the middle, you're changing one neumono all the way a lot to be the same as the others.

(...unless maybe they want help preventing someone from going rogue rather than de-rogue-ing them? The picture didn't make it all the way to the sad face, this time. That's... slightly less sketchy).

And you don't think it's a good idea to try permanently changing more neumono patterns until you're sure the two lonely neumono come out okay.

Silent, why does everyone want Three Stripes to use his powers now? When you met her and her friends and then Giant and your other friends and discovered neumono could be not-pets and different and interesting and didn't like being controlled you thought it would be a good not to do things to them anymore. Now everyone wants Three Stripes to do stuff to them! It's weird.
No. 511561 ID: 9ddf68

ask silent why they keep wanting you to change neumonos? and again only if the rouge neumono wants us to change them.
No. 511563 ID: c3663c
File 136890450036.png - (14.43KB , 700x700 , 46.png )

Three Stripes licks Silent and empathizes at her that she wants to know if the rogue neumono wants to go back into the hive and Silent speaks into the picture box and then words show up and Silent says that yes the neumono does want to go back into that hive because even though he felt too detached with them to stay with them he still loved them and the hive wants to have him back but it feels wrong to have him back with that detachment so he can't and that is not good and so he wants Three Stripes to repair him because he thinks he is broken.

Three Stripes then asks silent why all of a sudden everyone wants Three Stripes to do predator things because he spent his life thinking neumono don't really like that but then he decides not to do it anymore and now everyone wants him to and Silent makes a lot of pictures and it is hard to understand but eventually Three Stripes gets it and Silent says that his decision shows that being a predator doesn't mean pacifying every neumono and so Three Stripes proved that and so other neumono now think that Three Stripes and maybe other predators can be good and maybe Three Stripes doesn't understand but he will see the neumono.

Even though Silent didn't ask for this she thanks Three Stripes anyway for some reason and after some more time spent making her drop rocks she leaves and says she will be back later.
No. 511564 ID: c3663c
File 136890450896.png - (14.78KB , 700x700 , 47.png )

So the next day some neumono come and oh geez it is awkward and Three Stripes thinks it will take a long time to fix the rogue and he tells horn guy that he wants to be sure the other neumono he changed will be okay before doing this because Three Stripes is not confident but the horn guy says that those two are improving mentally and that is a good sign because if they wouldn't recover entirely than they wouldn't be improving at all so it should be fine and he says Three Stripes can take his time with these groups and to align the center neumono's empathy with the other two hivemates behind him.
No. 511565 ID: cff2a9

ask about making the hive like the rogue.
No. 511567 ID: d6ef5d

I'm still reluctant to do anything before we're sure the first two are okay (I mean, really, what's the rush?), but if we can really take our time, maybe they'll be better and we'll be sure before we get too far?

First step should be checking with the neumono. Make sure they really want this, and they understand what they're asking because you've only done something like this once before and you're not sure if it worked all the way yet.

Second step is studying the problem. This is different from before. You made two neumono meet in the middle. Now, you have to move one neumono all the way to match the other two. That's harder and maybe more dangerous. So try and figure out what is different- what about him couldn't work with the others? What are the key changes from the others? Those are the parts you either need to change, or make him okay with. Ideally, you only have to change the parts that really didn't work and made him go rogue and the rest will work out- you don't have to change everything.
No. 511568 ID: 9ddf68

might as well ask horned how many of these things he has lined up so we can get an idea of how long we are going to be doing this kind of thing. Anyways yeah lets get started, same rules as before, no distractions and let us just power through this.
No. 511569 ID: ca6df3

didn't you 'pull' the two towards eachother because changing just one fully towards another is riskier? isn't this the same thing only that you're 'pulling' the one guy fully towards a group?
No. 511573 ID: 735f4f

Good job Three stripes you probably just managed to single handedly save your species from extinction.

Go ahead and try to align the rogue with his hive. Make sure you are changing him to be like them and not the other way around. You could probably do it the other way but then the whole hive would have to be here.

But let them know if they want you to be pulling a lot of all-nighters you will need a raise. Giant does not like it when you are not around to cuddle.
No. 511575 ID: 57a559

Well if they weren't going to breed you before they are now. You have tame genes Three Stripes. You probably don't know what that means but I don't know how I can convey this to you. Okay, I think this is how it can go. Three Stripes they think your kids will be nice-to-neumono babies instead of mean babies like Four Stripes. This is what we call Animal Husbandry.

We're going to take this very slowly. We're probably going to do this a lot more and faster each time with other rogues. I suggest just pushing his alignments subtly towards the hive's each day. Enough where there will be change for him so he doesn't revert back to his original state because of what you said with the couple earlier. Maybe you don't need to go all the way anyway, maybe enough similarities imposed onto him will be enough.
No. 511582 ID: 26c5e0

Ok Three Stripes what you want to do is get them to make a thing we call a "disclaimer" where basically they write this thing down for you that says you will do your best but that it is possible for bad things to happen and that if bad things happen it's not your fault so long as you tried your best and they can't get mad at you about it, or at least that they can be mad so long as they don't try anything to hurt you or your friends because of it. And then you make a mark on it like a pawprint maybe to show you understand and they make a mark on it to show they understand and then later if something bad happens and they get upset you can say that they knew it could happen and they agreed not to be mean to you because of it.

Also you should ask them for a "lawyer" it is someone who makes sure people don't get mad at you when they shouldn't be getting mad at you, someone who has learned all the agreements people have made before and how they agree things and how to say things the right way to make that happen. Though it's possible that only neumono can have lawyers so in that case you ask for a lawyer for Giant and that will work because you are one of her tribe and belong to her like your other friends do.

Also you need some face-time with this guy who wants to change so that you can personally ask if he's really sure he wants to do this and if he knows that it will change him and that maybe some day the thing that made him a rogue in the first place might come back because if there was something that made him a rogue in the first place there's no reason it can't just happen again.
No. 511618 ID: f2c20c

Taking a longer amount of time means a greater risk, doesn't it? Tell them this, and give them an estimate of how long it will take, exactly. Also tell them how long it usually takes for a controlled neumono to turn into a pet. Also, what's keeping the rogue from going rogue again after this?

This seems very risky and possibly pointless, but we will do it if they insist. I feel like this will probably not end well though...
No. 511640 ID: 9e1727

Would moving this rogue's empathic pattern back in line with his hive's in stages be safer than doing it all in one go? Say, push it a quarter of the way and solidify it, let him to recover until he's at full mental faculties, then repeat until he's all the way? It'd take longer, but would it be safer? Do you even know? Because if you don't, then maybe you should try it that way first.
No. 511773 ID: fd7000

A neumono goes rouge because he has different ideological views than the rest of his hive. forcing a rouge to stop being different is forcing him to never change his mind or grow up. If you are altering peoples brains because they don't think things the same thing as you you are opening the way for an incredible level of intolerance and xenophobia.

I don't think you should do this at all and at a minimum you should refuse until you see how the last two people you tried to help turned out.
No. 511775 ID: d6ef5d

Not... necessarily.

I mean, the difference between coercive brainwashing and psychiatric help kind of depends on perception. What's critical isn't just that the rogue feels he cannot fit in but the fact that he considers himself broken. That's a big distinction- the neumono doesn't feel as if it's he, himself who doesn't fit in, but that there's some mental defect inside of him that's causing the problem. He's divorced his sense of self from the problem. He doesn't see it as asking Three Stripes to change him- he wants Three Stripes to fix the defect that changed him in the first place.

That's very different from how, say, Pilon or even Kappi talked about going rogue. For better or worse, they acknowledged the incompatibility as a part of their self, rather than a separate defect.
No. 511776 ID: 735f4f

From what we have seen sometimes its not just a matter of different viewpoints and such. It would be like if after years living with your family you suddenly could not stand to be around them anymore. Different members of a hive do not all think exactly the same. They can disagree on stuff and have arguments.

Sure sometimes people go rogue because they no longer feel the same way as there hive. But at least humans and other species can just be quiet and put up with stuff they don't like.

It would be like getting kicked out of your family one day because you did not like green beans and everyone else did.
No. 512241 ID: c3663c
File 136937742421.png - (21.75KB , 700x700 , 48.png )

Three Stripes asks how many times Three Stripes is going to have to change neumono and the horn guy says that he doesn't know. Three Stripes guesses he will do this.

But what if

Three Stripes starts drawing on the ground.

what if
stay with Three Stripes
what if instead of moving the rogue to the hive
Three Stripes moves the hive to the rogue?

They don't like that. Three Stripes will get the rogue to be friendly with his hive but he will still want payment and they say they will sacrified more ears and Three Stripes is okay with that.

But before Three Stripes begins he makes everyone promise that they won't be mad at Three Stripes if he breaks a neumono because even if he tries his best he isn't sure and the horn guy says that everyone knows the risks already and that at no point were they planning on holding it against him and so he will do it. Three Stripes tells them he thinks it takes a week for a neumono to be pacified but it can vary so he isn't sure, but he has to keep them around for a day or two and he will try to do it slowly and carefully just in case.
No. 512243 ID: c3663c
File 136937744216.png - (20.83KB , 700x700 , 49.png )

So he starts working and a few hours in Giant is displeased because now it feels like Three Stripes is doing nothing all day but spending time with other neumono and she knows that it is work but she is getting jealous and the rogue and hive neumono are getting kind of scared of Giant and asking if they should leave.
No. 512245 ID: bf54a8

tell giant it's annoying yes but you are doing this to help her hive the most.
No. 512246 ID: 9ddf68

well lets hope this doesn't become to big of a thing. This crap isn't easy to do and takes a long freaking time to boot. Oh well no point in bitching about it now lets get this thing started, oh and if horned guy is still here can you ask him to give you some forewarning in the future for when he wants you to do this kinda thing, it would be a lot better then just showing up and telling us to do stuff that makes you uncomfortable to do.
No. 512247 ID: f2c20c

Come on baby don't be like that, you know you're Three Stripes' main squeeze.

Does she want to stay with you while you work? Or you could make it up to her somehow? Like, I dunno, ask the horned guy for something she'd like? Maybe some soldier training or something? A sparring partner, maybe?
No. 512248 ID: 9ddf68

also tell horn guy that he should probably run things by Giant as well since this is her home and he is kinda invading it a lot with even asking. Another reason why he should give us forewarning so we can schedule this crap to maximum time with Giant and work.
No. 512249 ID: 735f4f

Aww she is jealous. You have a keeper there three stripes. Make sure you get her some jewelry or something and extra snuggles.

Not really sure how to make giant happy with you having to spend lots of time to fix the other neumono. Maybe if you can get something that would benefit the tribe?
No. 512250 ID: 19b3c3

>move the hive to the rogue
Well. The biggest problem with that is there's going to be a lot more hive than rogue. Instead of messing with one person and putting him at risk, three stripes would have to mess with a lot of people (longer and harder to do) and put them all at risk.

>won't hold it against him
...honestly, I was more worried about the rogue's safety than anyone getting mad.

>three stripes spending all his time with other neumono
Tell Giant it's like when she went away that one time to do stuff with the other tribe leaders. She had to do Giant stuff, and to make sure people got food.

Well, now you have to do three stripes stuff! These neumono have an empathy problem, and you feel bad for them and think you're the only one who can help them with your control thing. And you made sure you're getting food (ears) for your work, and if outsiders pay food for stuff that's okay, right?

Hug giant and tell her you are sorry, and you will make sure you spend time with her and your friends. You won't spend all your time with outsiders. Set up a schedule or something. (So like maybe, we're working on the rogue and his hive in the morning, hanging with friends in the afternoon, and training with Silent at night before going back with friends for hanging out and sleeping at night).
No. 512251 ID: f2c20c

Benefit the tribe...? Hey, we could take payment other than neumono ears.
No. 512275 ID: 256f3d

Since you should probably start this empathic merge session over again because you were distracted, tell the two neumono to leave and rest until the rogue is completely recovered before coming back to try again. Then you'll have time to be with Giant so she doesn't feel so jealous and you talk with her about this stuff and work something out.

Nuzzle Giant and tell her you're really sorry for spending all this time away from her and the others. You promise you'll spread your time with other neumono out some more, starting right now, but you're not going to stop doing this. You can work out a schedule with the horn guy later.

While you're with Giant and your friends bring up getting horn guy to do stuff other than giving you ears for what you're doing here. Like stuff for Giant and her hive. Is there anything they'd like that you could to ask the horn guy for?
No. 512276 ID: f2c20c

I suppose it is also possible that Giant could just hang out with Three Stripes while he's working.
No. 512302 ID: 735f4f

Anytime your girlfriend gets jealous over you spending time with people it means you are not giving her enough love. You need to take her out someplace nice give her lots of sexy back rubs and then put on some mood music. Then do what comes naturally.

Problem is I am not sure if Three stripes has any clue about that last bit. Eh Giant can teach him.
No. 512309 ID: c3663c
File 136942825771.png - (16.85KB , 700x700 , 50.png )

Three Stripes asks about the time that Giant had to go and fight other giants to get food and all of that and says that this is like that because he is getting neumono ears but he will be sure to ask for more food except that recently more food is coming through so that has not been an issue and Giant says that she did not think about it like that and so since the food givers think Three Stripes is important she will accept it.

Giant comes over and tells the other neumono to move over and lies on top of Three Stripes and glares at the other neumono and they are uneasy but it does not hurt Three Stripes' ability to change the rogue back so he keeps on working. Three Stripes promises that he will spend more time with giant and friends when he is done here.
No. 512310 ID: c3663c
File 136942826642.png - (21.41KB , 700x700 , 51.png )

The horn person comes back and Three Stripes is not done and horn person says that that is fine and that he is just checking up on the rogue to give a quick him a look and shines a light in his eye or something and that looks kind of mean but the rogue doesn't seem to mind so it is okay. Three Stripes starts empathizing through the rogue to tell the horn guy to give Three Stripes some warning about what neumono need help so that Three Stripes can tell whether or not to do it. And that he is tromping around on Giant's home and that he should be more respectful about it.

Horn person says that that is alright, and since the other neumono Three Stripes has worked on so far appear to be doing well there are quite a few neumono who want Three Stripes' help, but Three Stripes can pick and choose what neumono he would like to help. Three Stripes asks if his payment can be more food for giant's friends and horn guy says that they look well fed and they shouldn't overeat and then his picture box shows giant getting fat and giant is offended and sort of wants to punch horn guy.

Horn guy says that he needs to talk with giant anyway because her blood tests came back and asks that Three Stripes be with them so that Giant does not punch Horn. But Three Stripes doesn't want to interrupt his work right now and Horn says it is kind of important but will go talk to giant alone if Three Stripes and Giant promise that Giant won't punch Horn.
No. 512311 ID: f2c20c

We can't interrupt the work here. Surely we can get Giant to promise not to hurt the horn guy?

Ask Giant what she might want other than more food. Maybe Horn has some ideas of stuff she might like? Exercise equipment maybe?
No. 512313 ID: 19b3c3

>too much food would just make them fat
Hum. That's right. A little rude, but yes, there's a point past where more food wouldn't actually help anyone!

Maybe you should ask your friends later if there's anything else they'd like you to try and get for your work helping people. I mean, this stuff seems pretty important to the outsiders. So long as you don't ask for something crazy, like your own mountaintop castle or piles and piles of treasure, you'd probably get it.

>Giant offended
He meant that too much food would just be silly and make people fat. He wasn't actually calling you fat. It's three stripe's fault for not thinking before asking for more food than we need.

>lots of neumono want Three Stripes help
Really? Lots? Um. But he can really only work on a small number at a time, and he can't spend all his time helping outsider neumono because then his friends will miss him!

Which means there are going to be neumono waiting around for help and that is sad.

...also it would be nice to know that this kind of long-term empathy correction will even stick before we make the treatment wide spread. What if it wears off, or their are side effects or consequences? You'd really like to make sure it's safe before doing a lot of people. (Sheesh, science hivers and Belnos. Guess the clinical trials get skipped over when you're dealing with virtual mad scientists).

>talk to Giant
Could it maybe wait until after we're done with this session with the rogue? I mean, it's not so important that Giant would be in danger if we waited to talk about it, right?

No offense horn guy, but you kind of annoy Giant sometimes, and you have the disadvantage of not being able to sense when you're doing it.
No. 512315 ID: 9ddf68

well if we stop now we'll have to start over from the beginning so unless he wants to have the conversion right here I don't think we can go with him.

You should still tell him though it would be nice to set up a schedule still, so you can at least prepare ahead of time. I mean I bet horned wouldn't like it if we came to him while he was eating or something and told him to stop so he could shine lights into peoples eyes for a few hours without any warning.
No. 512318 ID: 051cc4

Tell him you would not be able to stop Giant punching him even if you were there and tell her that he has something to tell her that might make her want to punch him, also that if she does punch him she should punch him lightly because horn guys are very weak and they can't grow things back like neumono can.

If your friends don't need food, maybe you can ask for them to start on the way to being taught how to use all these shiny magic gadgets?
No. 512322 ID: 735f4f

They can talk here if you can concentrate on the others. Besides if something is up with Giant you will want to know if there are any problems.

You should have enough food now so see if you can get other things for your friends. Like some jungle gyms or a bowflex for giant. Stuff that would be fun and helpful now that you are all cooped up here.
No. 512325 ID: c3663c
File 136943319312.png - (16.39KB , 700x700 , 52.png )

Three Stripes says that it will take a lot longer if he interuppted it now so he tells Giant that horn guy was saying that too much food is silly and Giant says that is stupid and Three Stripes has never starved before and to get more food if he can. So Three Stripes says okay and Horn says okay and will give more food and Three Stripes tells Horn that he can just tell Giant stuff right here but horn does not think so while the rogue and people are around. So Three Stripes and Giant promise that Giant won't punch very hard if she punches at all and so he and Giant go off and start talking and then later Giant comes back and she is very annoyed and horn guy left and Giant says that she didn't punch horn guy at all.

So Three Stripes finishes working on the rogue for a long time and finally finishes and gets to spend time with his hive and he is tired but asks if Giant and the others would like to learn how to use the metal box things and Giant does not think that she wants to but will try it to find out because metal things are powerful. So Three Stripes will ask for things next time.
No. 512326 ID: c3663c
File 53.swf - (9.61KB , 700x700 )

Horn comes back and says that there are some more jobs that Three Stripes can do if he wants to but he doesn't have to and he doesn't have to do it right away anyway, but people would appreciate it a lot. And they are willing to pay a lot so Three Stripes can ask for a lot of stuff if he wants.

The pictures start showing up.

This one looks really sad.

Press the right arrow key to advance frames.
No. 512327 ID: c3663c
File 54.swf - (14.87KB , 700x700 )

Three Stripes doesn't think he likes the look of this one either.
No. 512328 ID: c3663c
File 55.swf - (7.39KB , 700x700 )

All of these are uncomfortable!
No. 512329 ID: 735f4f

Ask Giant what horn guy wanted to talk about first. As for the others looks like they want to try and see if you can fix all sorts of mental problems.

Depression from loosing a loved one might be hard. You could try but that sort of seems like it could backfire. Want to make them happy again but not remove the memories of there loved one.

The food addiction one seems like it probably would not be to hard.

The making a new tribe out of a bunch of rogues could be interesting but might be really hard.
No. 512330 ID: bf54a8

1 seems to be... force someone to stop being unhappy that someone they loved died.
2 is... make someone that can't stop eating... cookies? to stop eating cookies.
and 3 is make 4 different hive peoples like eachother.

of those 2 seems easiest.
No. 512331 ID: c51b3b

yeah 2 seems the easiest at this current stage but also seems the more.... morally lenient?
No. 512334 ID: af8414

Let's spend some time with Giant for now! We've worked a loooot
No. 512335 ID: ca6df3

don't do the first one. ever. it's not right.
the second one is a form of behavior therapy, do that one.
also ask about the third one, are all 4 rouges? are you supposed to create a new hive? that might be ok.
No. 512336 ID: 735f4f

Making someone not be unhappy could end up being really complicated and they might benefit more from traditional therapy. But would be interesting to see if you could do it.

The food one you could solve by making them dislike that type of food or somehow reduce there cravings for that food.

And the last one with making a new tribe should be ok if you could find a nice middle ground for the different empathy's to bond.
No. 512340 ID: 051cc4

For the first one, ask if this was recent or if it's been going on for years, if the sadness hasn't gone away in like a decade then something is wrong and you could fix it.

The second one seems like it would be helpful! So long as you make it clear you can put away the craving as it is now but it can still start up again the way it did before. Also are they really addicted to cookies or is this a translation for Three Stripes' benefit? If there's more than a psychological addiction in play then you might not be able to cure it fully, only help.

If three is a group of rogues who want to become one hive, that's ok, or maybe try that over-hive idea from >>511196? But it looks like it would be really complicated and hard to do either way, so you might want to explain that you don't want to do things like that until you've had more practice doing all these weird things you didn't do so much before.
No. 512342 ID: 19b3c3

What did the horn guy want to talk to Giant about? She's okay, right?

>metal box thing learning
How hard can it be? The other neumono figured out how to use them, after all. And it might be interesting for your friends to learn new things.

>what task?
Um. Won't we need to see the rogue again? I thought that was gonna be a multi-session thing. And I'm still very reluctant to take on new cases until we've seen the first few come out okay. We still don't know if the lonely neumono or the rogue are going to be okay!

Okay so... one is helping someone get over the grief of death? Like antidepressants? But... everybody has to get over that kind of thing! Is this especially bad? Like chronic, debilitating depression? And exactly how we might 'fix' that problem is complicated. I mean, there are coping mechanisms for grief, but making them forget, or removing it entirely, is kind of wrong.

Two looks like fixing an addiction. That's not really a bad thing, although I'm not sure why they need empathy hacking to detox someone, unless it's some kind of really bad science-future drug they can't break. (Please tell me it's not literally an eating disorder).

Three is... making a whole new hive out of a bunch of different rogues? That... sounds like the hardest and most complicated thing you've tried yet! We probably shouldn't try that, yet. Not sure we can do that, or that it would be safe, yet. Maybe someday, though. Helping a lot of lonely neumono might be a good thing.
No. 512379 ID: b7169d

Actually allowing some people to get over someone's loss is very much needed in some cases, if their kind are very empathetic as it is, it might be hard for them to get over it and cause them major issues later in life.
No. 512383 ID: 256f3d

Of these, the second one looks like the best one to choose, since it looks like you're supposed to help a neumono recover from a deep addiction to something, whether its a food or something else. It must be really bad and there isn't any other option if that neumono is coming to you.

As for what to ask for for doing this stuff, asking for a metal glass box for Giant and instruction on how to use it would be an okay start, but there are other things you could ask for benefit Giant and the tribe. Like asking for someone who could teach them at least how to understand the language Horn and the other neumono use, and then Giant could teach you some of that. Giant probably would want that so she'll know what they're saying when they don't use the metal glass box things.

Later on ask Giant what Horn told her that annoyed her so much. There isn't anything wrong with her, or that puts her health in danger, right?
No. 512384 ID: 76b151

I think we should do both #1 and #2. Helping someone get over grief while letting them remember their loved one is one of the best things a therapist can do. And well eating dis orders aren't as a life-changing threat we can still do something about it.

The 4 peopole of differetn hives want to become a single one sounds hella dificult. You might want to wait on that.
No. 512398 ID: f2c20c

The first one... they want you to make someone stop being sad even though their loved one is dead. That seems wrong and unnatural.

The second one... they want you to fix someone's addiction to cookies. That seems fine. Sure, let's do it. It'll also demonstrate to Giant what happens when someone eats too much- I expect that they are pretty fat!

The third one... they want you to make a bunch of different neumono into one hive? That seems very difficult, and the more difficult the change the greater the risks. Also, do they even want it to happen? I think we need more details there.
No. 512441 ID: 5a5dd4

I am pretty sure the cookies are not actually cookies, but a metaphor for some variety of drug that would be difficult to explain to three stripes via pictographs. I doubt we'll get a fat, jolly neumono to cuddle with.

Either way, it is definitely an addiction of some sort, and I think that's probably the least morally questionable thing here.

I mean, fixing an addiction could save the dude's life if it's serious enough. The other two things are really more a matter of comfort or convenience. Not to say that depression can't be a serious issue, but eh.

Voting #2.
No. 512460 ID: c3663c
File 136950358391.png - (13.41KB , 700x700 , 53.png )

Three Stripes will wait on number three because he has no idea if the others are healthy and that one is really hard and number one seems weird because people die a lot and Three Stripes' oldest friends are all dead but Three Stripes doesn't know if he would want a predator predator to make Three Stripes not sad. Three Stripes was better when he found new friends and maybe that is what the sad neumono needs, new friends.

Three Stripes says that he will do the second one now, and the first, and maybe the third if he is confident later. Horn guy asks if Three Stripes will be careful with number one, because she wants to be happy when remembering the dead person, so not to remove memories. Three Stripes says yes and has decided he will help her and won't even control her to do so and he will just be her friend. Three Stripes does not think that horn understands and horn says he will bring the second neumono out first.

Three Stripes thinks that maybe they aren't cookies but it definitely looked like food and she might be really fat and Three Stripes doesn't know if that is a bad thing unless she has to move fast and he is confused andhas to just see and he will cuddle with her and try not to eat her a lot even though she probably has the best ears and
No. 512461 ID: c3663c
File 136950359733.png - (17.35KB , 700x700 , 54.png )


that neumono doesn't eat anything at all
No. 512462 ID: c3663c
File 136950360809.png - (10.25KB , 700x700 , 55.png )

what is that

three stripes couldn't eat that
No. 512463 ID: 735f4f

Well that is not what we expected. You need to fix him up so he can be fat and tasty later. Try to ask what happened to him.
No. 512464 ID: 1d8777

So... he's got pica?
No. 512465 ID: 735f4f

Wait I remember now if a neumono eats only junk food like cookies then they don't get the protein they need and will slowly waste away.

So he is addicted to sugary food and is not getting the right stuff he needs. Sort of like your ear problem.
No. 512466 ID: 0afcc7

Yup, it's drugs.

Or possibly an eating disorder.

But probably drugs.

I'm sure Horn knows the physiological aspects of this need fixing as well as the psychological but just make sure.
No. 512467 ID: bf54a8

tell horn to get normal food. step one is make him eat something normal.
No. 512475 ID: ae5b1b

mmh... It might be necessary to not only restore feelings for normal food, but also diminish feelings connected with the drug or junk-food.

You will probably sense something strange as if addicted it will long for the drug/food. However, to determine what part represents the thing to diminish, it might be necessary to bring the addicting stuff into its eye-sight, so you can sense an intensified feelings-part you could remember to diminish...
No. 512476 ID: b7169d


To Neumomo an eating disorder with Sugary Foods could possibly count as drugs.
No. 512479 ID: 19b3c3

Oh, she's wasting away! She was eating food that wasn't any good for her!

Like, you were eating meat, but you felt bad because you weren't eating any neumono and you need to eat neumono, right? And you tried to eat more meat and it didn't help and you still felt hungry? It must be like that!

You remember that your old neumono buddies were okay eating the mushrooms, but your new neumono buddies are a lot better eating meat? She must have been eating something even less good for neumono than the mushrooms.

Hoe does her empathy feel? And um, if she's wasting away on the bad food, why didn't she just eat the good food? I mean, you were afraid the neumono wouldn't like you if you ate them, but a neumono shouldn't have that problem with normal food.

Note to self: be careful how much coffee cake we let Polo have. D=

Also, remember to ask Giant about what horn guy wanted to talk about later. She's gonna be okay, right?
No. 512480 ID: 888df6

Oh man they look really sad and tired and like they need a hug.
No. 512483 ID: 19b3c3

Oh, also, why is there a guard neumono with metal stuff? You sort of understood that with the bluegreen neumono because they were supposedly bad or dangerous although you never really saw that, but this neumono doesn't look like she could hurt anyone! She can barely stand up.

And um, if and when we fix her, horn guy should probably take her outside to eat. Giant and the others would probably get upset if you gave her food from your supply. Even if purple here does look like she knows what it's like to starve.
No. 512488 ID: 78c6ea

It should be fine if you just make her happy when she's eating the good meat. Maybe the rest will take care of itself. You're really good at making your friends happy!
No. 512489 ID: 9ddf68

ok so we just have to make it so they like normal food more then junk food, have you ever tried something like that before? also the last few neumono we 'controlled' were more or less healthy but this one not so much, do you think that means he will be more likely to 'brake' when we try to fix him or won't really matter.
No. 512494 ID: f2c20c

Ask what the heck, yo. What are they having trouble with? Tell them you thought they were eating too much but it looks like they aren't eating anything. Tell her if she was losing weight to avoid being appetizing to you it sure worked.

But yeah, she shouldn't worry we can probably help!
No. 512503 ID: af8414

Cookies are code for DRUGS

Ok, so curing ADDICTION, just of a different kind than we thought.
No. 512536 ID: 256f3d

Oh, dear. She's just fur and skin and bones! She has to be the thinnest neumono you've ever seen. And she also looks like she hasn't slept in forever. She looks like she's about to fall over, she's so thin! What does she feel like? She can't emphatically feel any better than she looks, can she?

Hurry over to her so she doesn't have to walk much farther and can rest against you. You want to hug her tight so she feels better, but she looks so weak you fear you might break something if you do that. Just radiate concern and worry for her and that you're going to help and make her better as soon as you know what's wrong with her.

You don't understand what's wrong with her. The pictures showed her eating, yet she's so thin. Was she eating things that aren't right for neumono, like you were eating things not right for predators? But why would she keep eating the wrong things when there is plenty of right neumono food out there? And why couldn't she at least eat both? This doesn't make sense to you. Maybe Horn could explain it to you if he's around?
No. 512597 ID: c3663c
File 136954776293.png - (26.51KB , 700x700 , 56.png )

Three Stripes draws to tell Horn to get some food and Horn goes off to get it then comes back with normal food but the neumono thinks that she is not hungry at all and that isn't right and she feels awful in general and wants something really badly. Horn shows on his picture box that he is about to bring out something and that Three Stripes should control her from taking it and then Horn takes it out and it is definitely not food because it is a needly tube or something and oh geez the neumono goes crazy and starts shouting and really wants that but Three Stripes thinks that is the problem so he starts controlling and


and it is really tough! It is like trying to control Giant or Toothy and she can overpower Three Stripes and one of the metal box neumono tackle her and stop her from getting to it and talks to Horn and so Horn just keeps telling Three Stripes to keep trying to get her to not get the tube and Three Stripes is confused because it isn't working but he thinks he can do it but it is not going to be as easy as Three Stripes thought it would be.
No. 512598 ID: 9ddf68

you can do it just keep trying, just keep adjusting your empathy until you find something that can calm the neumono down, maybe try and trick her that she is full or that she hates that food if you can.
No. 512599 ID: bf54a8

endorphins! pump it full of happy thoughts and things.not just "don't want it" give it some other emotions.
No. 512600 ID: 78c6ea

Maybe you don't need to stop her exact movements. Just make her feel calm by sending her the calm feelings like you do your friends (but not too much) and if you can also make her afraid of the syringe so she won't try to get it.
No. 512604 ID: 19b3c3

Oh geeze. She's a druggie, all right.

She wants the stuff in the tube so bad she doesn't even want to eat anymore! It's bad stuff. It's making her sick.

Um. Do you need to do this with the needle-thing right in front of her? Now that you know the problem is, can't you work on making her not want it even if it's not there? Then she wouldn't be hurting herself trying to get to it while the metal wearing neumono tries to hold her back. Or does having the object of the desire right there make it easier because the problem stands out in her mind?

...or if you have to do it with the needle in the room, maybe you could have giant sit on her or something. She's a lot bigger and stronger than the metal neumono. (Although, now you guess you understand why he was here).

>Hard to do
Okay, the important thing to do is to be careful here. Because the easiest way to stop the neumono from wanting it would be to pacify her completely, which isn't good. It doesn't help to change her from a slave of the drug to your pet!

It might also be good not to focus just on the not-wanting. Start off by calming her down. Get her to relax, and stop fighting so you can work on her. Semi-pacify her or something. You don't have much choice- she'll hurt herself otherwise.

To make her not-want the bad thing, try tying the impulse to want it with other bad things in her head. Tie it to existing fears and shames and stuff so she doesn't want to want it.

And try to dredge up happy stuff. Help to to remember when she was happy and not sick, when she ate food like she should and didn't use the bad tube thing. Tie happy feelings to eating and being normal again.

(Also, just in case she actually gets to it, I hope they used an empty syringe, or one full of saline or knock out drugs or something. Actually giving her a chance to get to the drugs would be dumb).
No. 512605 ID: 78c6ea


What if Giant wants it though? Then there'll be two!!
No. 512607 ID: 19b3c3

Why would Giant want it? She wouldn't want something that would make her skinny and sick.
No. 512609 ID: c31f72

No! Bad druggie neumono. Spank it for being a bad neumono.
No. 512615 ID: 256f3d

To you it looks like her hunger has been messed up so she desperately wants this needle tube instead of normal food like she should when she's obviously starving. So instead of suppressing that intense feeling of want for the tube, swap the tube out for eating normal food in her mind so she hungers for the right thing.

Pick up some of the normal food Horn brought in and stand next to him while holding it where she can see it. Then start shifting the food and the tube around in her mind until she wants the food instead of the tube, then hand the food over.

Yes, it's most likely not the best thing to do, but it sounds something like an idea Three Stripes would come up with from what he knows.
No. 512624 ID: f29aa1


The neumono wants the drug above anything else. We cannot make the neumono dislike it, but we can make the neumono become apathetic towards it.

It may be the easy way.
No. 512626 ID: f2c20c

Make the effort, and indicate that you are trying but it is difficult because she is resistant to control.

Would physical contact work?
No. 512628 ID: c45c03

Ok Three Stripes, what happens is this needle thing makes her feel good, but only the first few times she takes it, then it does nothing but when she's NOT taking it she feels terrible. So she has to take it just to feel normal instead of terrible and to feel good she needs to take more, but then that only works for a little as well until it goes bad again and then she feels even MORE terrible when she should be normal.

Now the thing is this is probably mostly working on a deeper level than you're used to, I mean normally you control a neumono from the things that they think about and decide they do, but your pets still have reflexes and things they do automatically without you, like eat when they're hungry and sleep when they're tired, right? This thing is kind of working at the same level, she probably thinks she needs to stop and has decided to stop if she can but she can't stop herself because it's too strong. It's sort of like the feeling you got when Giant took off her ear and it felt like you hadn't eaten in weeks and it was really hard to not eat your neumono friends for a moment (though you were really cool and strong and you didn't). She feels like that about this but even worse and she is not as strong as you and it would not be good for her to take even though she feels like she needs it.

If I remember, you usually control by adding peace and love feelings, right? Instead of adding peace and love feelings like you usually do you need to take the needy feeling away and just make her feel normal. If you can make her not want it any more completely that would be great, but if you can just block her from wanting it for a long time and get her to eat she should get better as well eventually.
No. 512640 ID: 82b704

Do your best to give her a strong good happy feeling, that should help stop her from trying to fight you. It'll help take the place of the drug, hopefully.
No. 512641 ID: af8414

Sit on her.
No. 512642 ID: 57a559

Okay man just spam good feels into her
Don't control her
Remember back when Silent was first encountered and you guys spamed conflicting feels to fuck her and her friend up? I don't know it could also have been Dead and Four doing it but you can do that too.

Spam good feels bro. Spam a mother's lullaby or something.
No. 512643 ID: c3663c
File 136958986597.png - (20.26KB , 700x700 , 57.png )

Three Stripes flickers between making her calm and making her happy and trying to get the

but then she might be happy from seeing the drugs but

but that is okay for now because Three Stripes can fix things later and just wants her calm for now and eventually understands things better and will now work from more angles because normally only one or two angles are needed but now Three Stripes will have to do some bad things that he doesn't like so he starts making her associate the needle thing with really bad things like fear and stuff and maybe not too much because she shouldn't break when she just sees the needle things.

But eventually he gets her to turn around and deny the needle thing and that is good and so Three Stripes makes her feel really happy to do so and Three Stripes means really happy like he is afraid he is going to pacify her by making her too happy but this is tough and she has to calm down and Three Stripes has to make her calm down and he will go easy after a moment and

and so some time passes and the box neumono still stays around but Three Stripes gets Giant to sit on her. The food comes in and Three Stripes tries to swap the feeling of good food and needles too and

maybe he is doing too much at once but he cannot do too little and things are complicated.
No. 512644 ID: c3663c
File 136958987998.png - (15.68KB , 700x700 , 58.png )

But some time passes and

Three Stripes thinks that she is not going to want the needles anymore but he had to change her so much that he doesn't know if she is going to go back to being normal and not pacified and Three Stripes is afraid he did not do a good job. Horn guy asks if he should take her back to let her get some rest or if Three Stripes wants to keep her with Three Stripes.
No. 512646 ID: 1d8777

Maybe, uh... maybe you should keep her here for now.
No. 512647 ID: 735f4f

How long did you have to work on her? Maybe keep her around to see how she does but stop using your empathy on her? Should know whats up after a few days if your tribe can stand to have her around.

However it turns out you did your best with something new and no one is going to blame you if it goes wrong. They new the risks and once you get more practice doing complex things you should get better at them.
No. 512649 ID: 57a559

I want to give her up to see how her condition transpires from now on. Keeping her isn't going to do much, we either end up pacifying her for certain by keeping her too long or she just stays like this until she's eventually tested again which means we stay in the unknown for longer while putting her at more risk for complete pacification.
No. 512650 ID: 19b3c3

Oh no. Did we break purple? D=

I think maybe we did too many things. Like, we should have tried one thing and then seen if it worked instead of trying all the things (the fear association, the happiness, the calming, the good association with eating...). Next time we try to help someone hard we should do things in steps and not all at once.

Um. Is unpacifying a neumono a thing Three Stripes can even do? There's sort of a part of them that goes to sleep when they get pacified, right? Could you like, poke that part, and see if it wakes up?

Or, uh, could we do a rollback? Pull up who she was before this happened to her?

...although maybe we shouldn't do more things until we're sure we have to. See if she wakes up, first. Maybe we should let her rest. Does she have hivemates? Maybe spending time around their empathy might make hers start up again?

Be sure to tell horn what the problem was. That she wanted the needle so bad it made her hard to control her like Giant or Toothy (if nothing else, the scientists will be interested that drugs can mess with the predator's capacity to control). And that you had to change so much you don't know what will happen and you are worried and sad.
No. 512654 ID: 82b704

Yeah we should keep her here for a day. Too many drastic changes too quickly. There are probably a number of significant things that need to be addressed still to make sure she heals the right way.

That doesn't mean she shouldn't rest, though. Let's make her comfortable as possible while we work on her. And lets work slowly, not so intense. My worry is that the trauma and changes can leave her sorta unstable inside so we need to strengthen her.
No. 512656 ID: c45c03

Hmm, let her hang around but don't make her any more pacified or do any more empathy to her. Maybe... Giant is really strong, right? Maybe if this neumono hangs around with Giant and her hive she will get stronger as well.
No. 512659 ID: c3663c
File 136959391117.png - (16.15KB , 700x700 , 59.png )

>Is unpacifying a neumono a thing Three Stripes can even do?
Three Stripes doesn't know! When he had pacified buddies he was fine with that and has never tried to unpacify them and it seems like it would be really hard and like he is making a neumono from scratch and that is hard and Three Stripes will just let her rest.

So he tells horn guy that Three Stripes will take care of purple and asks Giant if she minds if Purple stays around and Giant doesn't like it but she is not annoyed much by it either and so Three Stripes thinks that Giant is getting used to having other neumono around a lot and as long as they don't bug meal times or things then she is okay with it and Three Stripes tries to tell Horn the Three Stripes had a really tough time because her want of the needle was so strong and Horn says that is fine, no one is going to blame Three Stripes if this failed, to just do his best and that is what Three Stripes will do except he is not going to try controlling her more because he doesn't want to overdo it even though he already maybe did kind of.

So a day passes and not even Silent comes back this time and everyone just lets Three Stripes focus on her and purple is sort of getting better but there is a sense of guilt like she's done horrible things and now she feels horrible and Three Stripes doesn't know if Three Stripes should change that.
No. 512660 ID: 095c28

no, you shouldn't. comfort her if you can, but not by manipulation. that's something that needs to be healed by time.
No. 512662 ID: 735f4f

No that's a normal part of the process. The fact that she can feel guilt over what she did is a great sign. That means she remembers what happened and is not pacified. Also she will probably be feeling some physical pains due to the bad stuff she was eating.

Don't worry about making her feel better it might make things worse.
No. 512663 ID: 82b704

Communicate the ideas of her problem as a disease she couldn't control, of her hivemates forgiving the trouble she caused and of everyone being happy that things are better. Not much more you can do about that, the rest just takes time.
No. 512664 ID: 19b3c3

Guilt is good! Guilt means she's not pacified! She has to be able to think and stuff to feel bad about what she did.

I don't think you should try to change her anymore. You changed the really bad thing there was no other way to fix- wanting the needle stuff so bad it was killing her. Normal bad feelings can be worked with the normal way- by talking (or empathy talking) and being nice.

Radiate happiness that are happy she is all right! And let her know it was not her fault the bad needle thing mad her do bad things, because that was really strong. Even you had a hard time with it, and you're supposed to be able to control neumono! You're just happy she is okay again, and you're sure her friends will be more happy that she is okay and want to see her better than be upset about any bad things she did.

Happy lick her.

Maybe ask if she is feeling hungry now.
No. 512672 ID: af8414

Don't mess with that you might accidentally pacify her, just let her come back.
No. 512701 ID: f2c20c

Ask her how she feels.
No. 512712 ID: c3663c
File 136960587919.png - (22.10KB , 700x700 , 60.png )

Three Stripes broadcasts happiness but he makes sure not to control her and make her feel the same and just lets her know that he is because she is feeling on her own and that means that she is recovering Three Stripes hopes and asks how she is feeling and she is kind of in a weird mood but she feels better and actually enjoys Three Stripes licking her but she is still not very good.

Three Stripes' hive comes and decides to cuddle with Three Stripes anyway and things are weird with the other neumono around but it is okay.

But then horn guy comes later and says that he is going to take Purple back because


Three Stripes doesn't understand what Horn or the pictures are trying to say but he is insisting even though Three Stripes is not comfortable letting purple leave when she is still uneasy and unhealthy and unthings.
No. 512713 ID: bf54a8

she is better. not much more you can do.
No. 512714 ID: 735f4f

You have done all you can for now. She needs food and medicine and rest. They can use the metal things to help fix that.
No. 512715 ID: 9ddf68

well I don't know shit about neumono physiology But I think that is a picture of a neumono's stomach and they say she needs to eat or something... just a guess.
No. 512716 ID: 19b3c3

Is that a picture of a stomach on horn's picture thing? Maybe they're worried because she hasn't eaten anything? I mean, purple was all skin and bones and weak and tired when you met her, and it's been like a day and a half and she still hasn't eaten, right? How long can a neumono go without eating or drinking?

Even if you fixed the want for the bad needle thing in her head that was making her crazy and sick, it won't help if she gets sick from not eating anything! You helped her sick head, let them help her sick body.

Does she have friends or a hive that horn is going to take her to? Because you think she shouldn't be alone. She needs friends and support to help her get better.

Let horn take purple. Tell purple you want her to get better and eat, okay? And not to feel bad about anything the bad needle thing made her do- her friends will want to see her get better not be sad. And she can come back and visit you later if she wants to, but she needs to go with horn now because of health stuff that's kind of too complicated for you to understand.

>after purple goes
Thanks Giant for for putting up with her, and letting you help the sick neumono.

...and when you get a chance, ask about what Horn wanted with her. Horn doesn't think she's sick too, does he? She's okay, right?
No. 512717 ID: c45c03

I can't tell what that picture is either, Three Stripes. A stomach maybe? Do they want to feed her?

Well, if she's better enough to have feelings on her own then you should talk to her and Horn should talk to her and if she thinks she should go then she should go.

This is getting kind of stressful I think, meeting all these new neumono and then having to see them go so soon! You should ask Horn if you can take a day's break so you can rest your special predator brain meats and be with your hive, I foresee trouble maybe if you don't. This doesn't include Silent though, she will probably only come for a short time next time and she is also your friend and your things with her aren't the same as with Horn.
No. 512720 ID: 19b3c3

Yeah, a bit of a break and time with your friends for a little while would be good. That was a long one.

Next time when we see horn we can ask him how the lonely neumono and purple are doing.
No. 512755 ID: 256f3d

Oh, geez, Horn hasn't insisted you do anything before so this must be serious. Okay, you trust Horn enough that if he insists that Purple has to leave that he has good reason to insist and that it'll be in Purple's best interests. You'll let Horn take Purple out of here.

Has Purple eaten or drank anything while she's been with you? Or even desired to? Have you asked her? Because if she hasn't and doesn't think she does then it may be that her body is as messed up as her mind was before, and Horn is taking her so that can be fixed so she can drink and eat again and get better. You've done what you can for her mind, so let him can do what he can for the rest of her.

Ask Giant if she could carry Purple to the exit, since she's in no state to walk, and go with them to the exit. Also ask Giant if she has any idea what Horn's pictures mean, or what Purple's weird mood is. Oh, is Purple lucid enough that she can understand what Horn is saying and translate for you? Don't force her if she isn't, though.

Before she leaves tell Purple to eat and drink and do whatever Horn and the others want her to do so she gets better and you hope she'll come back and visit then. Then ask Horn to let you know how she's doing, and to perhaps to bring a neumono to help him explain complex stuff next time.

After Purple leaves make sure to let Giant know you're super thankful for her and the rest of the hive putting up with all this. She's even more of a best buddy than before and you didn't think that was possible and you're going to take a day to rest with her and the hive.
No. 512756 ID: 19b3c3

>perhaps to bring a neumono to help him explain complex stuff
Noooo, we don't want to make horn feel like he's doing a bad job just because he's not a neumono or something! He doesn't have empathy, but he does pretty good with the pictures and he seems like a nice even if a little different.
No. 512757 ID: f2c20c

Alright. Her staying was more for our sake anyway... but weird mood sounds worrying, actually. I wonder if we changed her too much.

Can we ask Giant what the thing about her blood was about?
No. 512760 ID: 888df6

Okay I don't really understand why but it seems important so it should be okay but only if purple comes back to visit later so we know she's okay for sure and didn't break her.

And that reminds me that we still haven't seen those others ones again, even though we wanted to. Maybe we shouldn't trust horn guy so much, but then Silent seems to so I don't know.
No. 512761 ID: af8414

It's our pet druggie keep it!
No. 512796 ID: 5869f6

We should give her back because purple seems quite tired. but maybe after we rest we can ask to see the others we helped to see if we did good enough?
No. 512801 ID: 5869f6

Give Giant hugs, big hugs.
No. 512879 ID: 13fdbb

horn guy knows best. but tell him she still needs recovery and you think it's best if she's returned to you after.
No. 512894 ID: 82b704

Probably has to do with getting over the needle thing. You helped her mind but the body may still need more treatment. It'll help her to be with her own hive, in any case.
No. 512927 ID: c3663c
File 136968363728.png - (15.94KB , 700x700 , 61.png )

Three Stripes tries to tell Horn to take care of Purple and everything and will trust Horn and so Horn takes her and she has eaten and drank while around Three Stripes so she shouldn't be starving and Three Stripes tells Horn to tell Three Stripes how Purple is later and get her to visit and

Three Stripes forgot to ask Giant what the horn guy said to her and it agitates her and says that she is probably not going to be as strong or as big after a few months because she is not taking the salikai food and that is weird. Three Stripes gives her a hug because she will still be Giant to Three Stripes.

Three Stripes is uneasy about Purple still because he is worried that he still broke her and she didn't seem to be doing that well even if she ate and
No. 512928 ID: c3663c
File 136968364975.png - (14.67KB , 700x700 , 62.png )

And then one of the green neumono from the first time Horn had Three Stripes do things comes back and she is kind of in a weird mood but not a bad mood and is broadcasting thanks to Three Stripes for doing what he did even though it seemed kind of bad to make her run around a lot.
No. 512929 ID: 9ddf68

huh, well then might as well ask why she came here then.
No. 512930 ID: f2c20c

Uhm. Weird mood again? Could you describe why the mood is "weird"?

Tell her she's quite welcome and you're glad to be of use, though you're not sure why you were told to do it.
No. 512935 ID: 19b3c3

>worried about Purple
...well, there will be other neumono right? They'll watch her empathy, and help her? And they'll bring her back if she gets worse, you hope. Or if she gets better, because that would be even better.

>Giant will not be as giant without salikai food
Why are there so many kinds of food things now? You need neumono in your food to not die. Purple needed not to need the needle thing to eat. Giant needs to eat salikai food to stay big?

You never knew food was so complicated!

It's okay, Giant, you're still a strong person even without salikai stuff. Three stripes couldn't even control you! And even if you get a little smaller, small people can still be strong. Even silent, and she's like the tiniest neumono you ever saw. ...not that Giant could even get silent-small, even if she didn't eat for a long long time.

>a bluegreen neumono is back
Uh, hello! Three stripes is glad to see you are okay, and is sorry he had to make you run and stuff, but is glad you weren't punished to death or anything.

What's up? Is there another thing they want you to do, or is she just here to visit?
No. 512936 ID: 735f4f

Aww poor Giant. You should talk to horns and see if he can get her some stuff to exercise with. Maybe try and get her spear back. That would make her happy.
No. 512940 ID: 5869f6

Maybe if Giant has things to exercise with she will be tougher and stronger? Sometimes muscle and exercise is better than size alone even though it is weird. Like as in three stripes cannot always win against smaller neumono even though he is sometimes bigger.
No. 512944 ID: af8414

So Giant won't be Giant, but she'll still be healthy and stuff, right? Right?
No. 512949 ID: 5869f6

The thought that Giant might get sick from not eating Salikai meat is very worrying! But maybe if we do good enough the science people will give her more if you ask? As a reward?
No. 513021 ID: 267017

It sounds like the salikai were using the giant neumono queens to test different growth hormones for making giant warriors. That's why they had them fight each other. Without the hormones, Giant is going to shrink back down to her "default" size, whatever her genes say that should be.

Three Stripes, you should encourage your hive friends to learn the metal box magics and the things that go with it. That way they can replace Giant's strength with another kind of strength, and as well it will mean that if anything happens to you they can get food and things for themselves if no-one wants to just give them any anymore. It will be good for them to be able to do that even if you are ok forever.
No. 513033 ID: 19b3c3

Hey wait. Funny thought. If there was something in Giant's food making her bigger, does that mean you eating Giant's ear is going to make you bigger?
No. 513075 ID: 256f3d

Give Greenie a lick a on the head and let her know you're glad she came to visit and that she's not upset with you for what you did before. Though, you're puzzled why she'd thank you for forcing her to run until she collapsed. Ask her why she's thanking you for doing that.

She's also got that weird mood you can't identify. Does it feel like the same weird mood Purple had? Ask Giant if she can sense it and if she knows what it is, and also tell Greenie that about it and ask if she knows what it is.

>Giant not so giant eventually
Aw, she's not going to take that well. So much of her is tied up in being the biggest and strongest. How about suggesting to her that she can still be stronger than almost all other neumono, even without the salikai's food. It'll just take a lot of exercise and working at it harder than before.

...Though, if the salikai's food makes neumono bigger and stronger, and Giant's hive were all eating nothing but that food before, wouldn't that mean that they all are going to be not so big or strong as well? Better mention that to Giant.
No. 513127 ID: c3663c
File 136977215512.png - (15.45KB , 700x700 , 63.png )

Giant is there so Three Stripes asks if everyone else is not going to be as big and strong as they were if they aren't eating salikai food but Giant says that she was the only one given the special salikai food that she was and that only the queens of each hive would have it and that is why Giant is giant and the other neumono are small.

But Green is around and Three Stripes got distracted by all these weird kinds of food so he turns back to Green and Three Stripes licks Green and conveys that he is happy that she came back and that she is not upset and she is only in a weird mood because she doesn't feel that much at ease with Three Stripes and licking doesn't help even though Three Stripes doesn't understand why but he stops and eventually Green seems a little more comfortable around him but there is nothing else weird about her mood.

She also has something for Three Stripes and it isn't from her but she is delivering it for someone else so Three Stripes takes it and it is a thing and it has markings that think are words but Three Stripes can't hear the worlds but it folds and so Three Stripes will unfold and
No. 513128 ID: c3663c
File 136977217028.png - (13.53KB , 700x700 , 64.png )

No. 513130 ID: b6f985

No. 513132 ID: 1d8777

I think this means that the two neumono who wanted to be able to love each other have turned out okay.
No. 513134 ID: bf54a8

do a happy dance
No. 513135 ID: f2c20c

Aww, it's the couple we helped! Show it to Giant! Explain what we did for them if she wasn't aware. Also thank Green for delivering it, we're gonna treasure this. Ask her what the writing reads.
No. 513137 ID: 19b3c3

The lonely neumono are okay! And not lonely anymore and sent you a thank you picture? That's great! And it's a happy picture and you can't read the words but there are shouting marks at the end so that must be really good right?!

Thank Green for the card and show it off to Giant and be really happy. You got a thank you picture!

>Giant is giant
And Giant will always be giant at heart, even if she gets smaller.
No. 513145 ID: 35edd4

Hopefully this won't lead to cardiovascular issues.
No. 513186 ID: 5869f6

That is good that they are so thankful for your help!
No. 513284 ID: 256f3d

Awww, the lonely rogue couple made this to show their thanks for what you did. Which means what you did worked! They're not lonely or rogues anymore! You really helped! You did good! Yay!

Radiate joy like the sun at this and excitedly ask Green to tell you what the words on it mean. You're going to cherish this always and make a little safe spot in the grass to keep it.

You kinda wish the couple were here in person to give their thanks, but they probably have good reasons they couldn't. You'll hope they come to visit so you can act out this picture. For now you'll hug Giant in their stead.

When I read this I imagined Three Stripes doing the happy Snoopy dance and that just made me smile.
No. 513286 ID: 9ddf68

thank green for giving this to you and let her be on her way, unless she wants to stick around for a bit. her choice really.

Giant will always be Giant to you no matter what size she is.
No. 513312 ID: 2eac65

Wait, didn't she give you part of her ear?
No. 513318 ID: 19b3c3

No, the (non-pinkie) science hive gave us some green and purple ears. It would have been a little mean to ask for ears after we'd worked the bluegreen neumono to exhaustion anyways.

All we need now is word that the other rogue and purple turn out all right.
No. 513332 ID: c3663c
File 136984469509.png - (20.07KB , 700x700 , 65.png )

Three Stripes doesn't know how to dance anyway but he does it anyway and asks what the unfoldy thing says and Blue-Greeny says that it says thank you and Three Stripes is happy and Bluegreen says she is going to go now and Three Stripes thanks her for everything and so she goes and
No. 513333 ID: c3663c
File 136984470387.png - (14.32KB , 700x700 , 66.png )

Three Stripes hugs Giant and hopes that Purple and the rogue are alright and then horn comes back and asks if Three Stripes is willing to do any of the other things but also that a new thing came up and pictures show up and explain that another predator broke a neumono and Horn wants Three Stripes to fix that neumono and unbreak it and

Three Stripes doesn't know if that is possible.
No. 513334 ID: 363015

Now is the time to find out. Tell Horn of your doubts but that you'll try an o the other things too. I think we should do the other things first, because we don't know how long trying to unbreak someone is going to take.
No. 513335 ID: f2c20c

It might be possible but you'd need to get much better at precision manipulation first. Let's do it after the other two tasks.

I think next we can try to comfort the depressed neumono, then the four rogues into one hive. I wonder if it would be best to do them all at once or two at a time, or what? Splitting a task into multiple less difficult tasks is usually a good strategy.
No. 513336 ID: 19b3c3

Is horn okay? He looks tired, and has lines around his eyes.

An idea to suggest for horn: the next time they have someone really hard to help, like purple, maybe you could meet a hivemate first? So you get used to or better at working with their empathy first so the hard person will be easier.

I wouldn't be opposed to trying to help the depressed neumono, or the broken one. Unless it's been too long since you took a break to be with your buddies (not sure if there was a break between purple and bluegreen).

Although, this time I think you should try to take small steps. We might have done too much too fast with purple.

If we try to fix the broken one, I think you should be looking for a way to try and wake up or put back together the neumono inside rather than build a whole new one. Try to wake up the sleeping part, or find the pieces and put them back together.
No. 513341 ID: 19b3c3

Oh! And did we ever ask for things for Giant and your other friends? Giant said they might want to try some of the metal things. And it would give your friends something to do when you're busy trying to help a neumono.
No. 513343 ID: 9b1b58

This looks like a good time to take a break and spend time with your hive, I think it looks like Horn could use a break too! You want to try helping the broken neumono next but they will not get more broken after a day and it would help to know how the other neumono you helped did so that if anything went wrong with them you can think how to do it better. Also if you're going to try unbreak a neumono you should be rested up completely first.

Also remember to ask about getting your hive some teaching about metal things, if Giant has decided on that yet, because I think you forgot to ask the last time?
No. 513344 ID: 57a559

Was it four stripes? Or is it New Stripes?
No. 513347 ID: 1d8777

Wait, do they have another predator somewhere?
No. 513351 ID: 735f4f

You have done a great job on everything so far Three stripes. If anyone can fix a broken neumono its you. But I would work on the other two cases first. Will get you more practice and maybe give you some ideas on how to fix pacification.

The more you use your abilities to do new stuff the better you will get. Practicing and trying new things will make you better at it.

Also try to get your hive set up with some metal learning things. Will give them something fun to do while you are busy fixing people.
No. 513356 ID: 19b3c3

I'm less sure about syncing 4 different neumono. I mean, we did it with the lonely neumono, but with every body you add it's going to be a harder problem. Finding the middle ground to bring them all too is going to be more complicated, and there's going to be more changes to be made, and at the same time.

...also, it kind of seems the least pressing. Crippling depression and brain-death versus a pending hive.
No. 513384 ID: 095c28

tell him it pretty much means remaking that neumono. you probably can't do that, but you can maybe create an unholy simulacrum of the original if you knew them well enough.

or you could try without remaking anything and find out if it's possible but don't get your hopes up.
No. 513389 ID: 735f4f

It all depends on how deep the pacified neumono's memories and personality are buried. If you override there system with enough happy thoughts long enough there conscious mind either gets erased or just sort of shuts off.

There might still be something buried deep down that you could bring back. We wont know until you try.
No. 513390 ID: af8414

Can we spend some time with giant and the hive first? We've been doing a lot lately and just found out that thing.

And yeah we'll try all the things eventually.
No. 513415 ID: c3663c
File 136985811153.png - (16.46KB , 700x700 , 67.png )

Three Stripes finally remembers to ask Horn to get metal things and things for Giant and friends and then asks why Horn looks so tired and Horn sort of maybe understands what Three Stripes asks but he says through the pictures that that he is fine and

and then thanks Three Stripes for asking or at least that is what Three Stripes thinks since it is the same markings that was the thank you on the foldy thing and Three Stripes says that he guesses he will try for the other two but only later because he has been working a lot lately and Horn says that Three Stripes has earned a break and so that is fine and he will be back later with metal things and things. He asks Three Stripes to think about which neumono or neumonos he would like to see next when he is ready so Three Stripes will have to think about which to do next while is he covered in buddies.
No. 513418 ID: 19b3c3

Well. If we think about this in terms of who needs our help the most... The depressed neumono is going to be sad until we help her. The broken neumono will stay broken until we help it, which is sad, but it's not like it's really suffering, and pacified neumono should be okay as long as someone takes care of it. And the four neumono who want to make a hive will be okay until we help them. Being a rogue is sad, but not dangerous by itself.

In terms of difficulty, I'd guess the hive-making would require the most work, since we're adjusting four to match at once. Helping the depressed and broken one will probably require more time, and subtle manipulation, because we'd have to slowly try and help the depressed one not be sad without changing anything else, or try and see if we can find something in the broken on to wake up, of if there are pieces to put back together. We'd have to be careful and slow.

I'd want to help depressed or broken.
No. 513419 ID: 1d8777

Agreeing with this.

Also when Horn comes back you should ask if they have another predator captive somewhere or if this one got broken some other way.
No. 513420 ID: 9ddf68

I say depressed Neumono just because she was here first, that and she would be simpler (i think) then trying to get for rouges to become a hive.
No. 513421 ID: f2c20c

Realize that if Giant gets smaller there's less of a chance of any sex happening, though that doesn't seem to be a big deal for you, does it?

I think we should help the depressed neumono next, then test our skills on the quadruple-rogue problem. For the depressed neumono, I'm thinking we could just condition his mind to feel LESS sadness when he thinks about how much he misses her, and feel more happy when he remembers the good times.
No. 513485 ID: 5869f6

Hurm, We should help sad. But HOW to do it seems to be the challenge in of itself.
No. 513535 ID: f29aa1

>Realize that if Giant gets smaller there's less of a chance of any sex happening

No. 513968 ID: d38f67
File 137014521160.png - (18.46KB , 700x700 , 68.png )

Horn comes back and so Three Stripes says that he will see the sad neumono and see what it is like because he can do something but he doesn't know what so he will see her and Horn brings her in and

and the pictures were not lying and it agitates Giant because she does not like sad feels around her home and there is lots of that from this one but it is not like really intense sad it is more like she has been sad for a really long time and that is all she knows now and that is not good and she is not even afraid or anything of Three Stripes and Three Stripes doesn't like people being afraid of him but this is even worse because it is because she doesn't care.
No. 513972 ID: 735f4f

Oh man she has it bad. Its one thing to be sad for awhile after the death of a loved one but for her to be this depressed is not good.

Start off small trying to just make her a bit happier and see what happens. You might need to try several methods before finding the right combination.
No. 513973 ID: 14f16b

Ok, yeah something's gone wrong, this is more than regular sads. It's like she was too sad for too long and now all her non-sad muscles have atrophied. You should start off trying to make her feel other things in small ways and slowly build up. Like when you trained your old neumono buddies or when Giant trained you, only with feelings.
No. 513975 ID: f2c20c

Okay, ask her to tell you about her dead mate. While doing that, just make her feel happy. Not a huge amount, just a normal amount.

It's okay for her to feel sad when thinking of how he is dead though. You should try to make her feel calm when not thinking about him. Basically try to reorient her emotions towards a healthier state.
No. 513977 ID: 19b3c3

Oh hey, purple eyes. Nifty.

If Giant and the others are bothered by her, maybe take her over to the other side of the room or whatever, give them some space.

Start out simple, just greet her, try to be nice, see if you can cheer her up the normal way at all.

If that doesn't work, you'll have to move on to doing control stuff. Remember not to do a lot of things at once like with purple. Go slow, do one thing at a time, and wait to see what happens. You don't want to risk breaking her by doing too much.

Start small. If he problem is that sad is all she knows... could you maybe bring up some happy memories? Bring some of the happy times to the surface to break free of the funk? That seems like it would be safer and less damaging than trying to remove the sad directly.
No. 513978 ID: fd7000

We need to get her feeling again even if just for just a short time. If she doesn't respond with happiness try another emotion even negative ones like anger. Any emotion that disrupts the permasad will get her on the path to healing.
No. 514028 ID: f29aa1

OH, this one is simple!

Slam a huge needle of emotional 'shock' and 'awe' to loosen up that apathy-depression. Use this god-complex as a tool to hand down a 'divine command' of redemption and repurpose.
No. 514039 ID: bc8d67

Alright, first and foremost, this time don't try to do everything at once like with Purple. Take it nice and easy and try and get to know her and get a feel of her mind before doing anything. Then when you do try changing things, do it one at a time and see if they work or not before doing more.

Start out by giving her a tight hug and a lick on the back of the head to see if that gets any emotion out of her other than apathetic sadness. If you can get any feeling other than that, it'll give you something to pull on if it comes to altering her later.

Then ask her to tell about herself, and about who she lost. You want her to tell you of the best and the worst times, from before the sadness came. Doesn't matter if you don't know the words, it just matters that she remembers them for you.

You can also try to see if you can make her scared or uncomfortable or to react in any way by bringing her over to Giant and your friends. Being close to Giant and her hive when they don't want you there would usually be enough to make most neumono flee, so maybe it'll make her respond somehow.
No. 514073 ID: d38f67
File 137019254337.png - (14.49KB , 700x700 , 69.png )

This sad neumono doesn't even really care how agitated Giant is and so Three Stripes moves to another place so that Giant doesn't have to feel the sad and Three Stripes starts working and takes it really slow and before he even has her feel happy he just hugs her and licks her. And and actually she feels like that is a good thing and that is good and maybe this will be easy and

and then she is reminded of her good buddy and then gets really sad again and oh no she is crying and this is bad and Three Stripes tries to calm her down and asks to tell Three Stripes about that buddy she is thinking of but then Three Stripes realizes that is a bad idea now maybe because she is remembering him and she can't stop being sad when thinking about him but can't stop thinking about him.
No. 514075 ID: f2c20c

Not that slow. You need to use control to make her happy. You have to overpower her emotions, at least until her emotions weaken so that she can manage them by herself.

I guess it's like... our only real tool is a hammer, we just have to learn where to hit and how hard to get the best results. Trying to use the hammer without any power behind it doesn't do anything at all.
No. 514078 ID: 9ddf68

ask her to remember her buddy then try and change all her sad thoughts to happy ones, so instead of having her be sad that he isn't here anymore have her be glad to know that she knew him. Also ask her to try and focus on the moment they were together and happy and try to amp up the happy feelings she felt during those times. The goal her is just to make it when ever she remembers the guy she will feel content and happy to have spent time with him instead of feeling sad because he's gone.
No. 514081 ID: 19b3c3

Don't force her to be happy, just yet.

Can you change the focus of her thoughts? She's thinking about her buddy, but instead of thinking about how much she misses him, could you make her think about how much fun and happiness she had with him? Maybe make her realize he wouldn't want her to be like this?
No. 514098 ID: 5bdf8a

Uh ok the thing about crying is that normally the sadness-stuff in your brain comes out in your tears so that you become less sad, so if she's crying you should let her do that, after a while it should make her feel a bit better at least for a little while. And you need to learn how she is thinking about her buddy and the way her mind is working or not working, so say you're sorry but you still need her to talk about it and you need to pay close attention to how she feels when she's doing that so you can figure out what's wrong. Maybe ask about times she was happy with her buddy or even times when she was angry or had other feelings with them? Try to get her to feel other things along with the sadness and we can try build up those feelings without sadness.
No. 514104 ID: c23ab0

She can't stop being sad when thinking about him. That's what you have to change. You don't have to make her happy in general, just when she thinks about him. Dead buddies can be remembered with fondness instead of grief, if you push things the right way.

In fact it would be more effective if you made her sad until she thought about him and then happy. That might be mean though.
No. 514108 ID: af8414

What we need to help her do is be able to be reminded of her deceased loved one without it provoking such a visceral reaction. Right now it's an emotional wound that's not healing; apathy forms over the pain of loss like a scab, but it keeps ripping open like a fresh wound.

I think we need to give the memory a feeling of distance, of time that's passed and acceptance of it. These kind of events leave scars, but they shouldn't be ones that are debilitating like this.
No. 514135 ID: d38f67
File 137021253563.png - (18.08KB , 700x700 , 70.png )

Three Stripes thinks he gets this. Three Stripes will get her to continually think about him periodically and when she does, Three Stripes will sort of kind of control her and

It is tough to do but Three Stripes controls her in a way that lets her still try to resist if she wants to so that Three Stripes can stop if she doesn't want Three Stripes to make her feel happy. But she doesn't mind and wants to feel happy but hasn't been able to because he is dead and Three Stripes knows how that can be but he makes her feel happy and it feels wrong but she wants it to be like this and when Three Stripes thinks to her that he can make the memories more distant she really really does not like that and almost screams at Three Stripes but Three Stripes makes her not scream and so Three Stripes will just stick to the plan and makes her feel happy and

and a lot of time passes and horn comes by to feed us and we eat and we keep going. Three Stripes slowly sort of lets her keep thinking about him and talking about him even though Three Stripes doesn't know her words and she is happy now and that would be it but

but she is still crying even though she is happy when she thinks about her buddy.
No. 514137 ID: f2c20c

Ask her if she is okay, that you don't know what is wrong now. Get some input from her about where to go from here.
No. 514139 ID: ef34de

Sounds like progress to me, if not outright success. Depends how much it sticks. Let her rest and ease off on the control, see where her thoughts lead her now.
No. 514140 ID: 735f4f

Well seems like we have made some good progress so far. She might just need time at this point or might need a bit more help. Try to see which one it is.
No. 514143 ID: 19b3c3

Hum. Complicated.

Time to asses, I think. It's one thing if she's still sad or in mourning, but have we made any progress? Like, she didn't care about anything before. Have we got her unstuck? Can she care or feel about other things? Is she capable of feeling other emotions?

Would regular cheering up work at this point? Just hug her and broadcast understanding? Let her cry it out and move on? I mean, it's okay to cry, so long as you don't do it forever. You've had neumono buddies die, and Dead Stripes died, and all that was sad, but you can't be sad all the time! And her buddy wouldn't want her to be sad.

If she's still stuck, and unresponsive to a normal therapeutic approach, we may have to consider trying to tone down the sadness head on.
No. 514144 ID: c23ab0

Don't you cry when you're happy? Maybe you haven't been happy enough before, but it totally happens.

These guys sure have a lot of problems.
No. 514146 ID: b93170

Ask if she is alright
No. 514303 ID: 01531c

>but she is still crying even though she is happy when she thinks about her buddy.

That's hardwired chronic depression, probably something she already had a genetic predisposition towards. Her brain won't/can't release the appropriate correcting chemicals when given the appropriate stimuli.

I think that you've done all you can, now she needs drugs.
No. 514305 ID: f2c20c

What? That is not how depression works. Happy = not sad. Chronic depression means you're sad a majority of the time.
No. 514326 ID: e86335

Emotions are kinda weird. You can be happy and sad at the same time. And an overload of any emotion can cause crying, not just sadness. I think the problem isn't so much that she's sad, it's that everything she experiences reminds her of her buddy and she can't stop thinking about him. Like a sort of constant loop in her head.

>"Hey, would you like to donate your spare clothes to charity?"
>"My only spare clothes are the clothes MY JOHNNY LEFT BEHIND, SOB SOB SOB"

>"Your favourite sitcom is on."
>"Oh this is a good episode, I once WATCHED THAT ONE WITH JOHNNY, BOO HOO HOO"

>"Oh no, the reactor is overloading! Hit the kill switch!"

>"Please ,just take deep, calming breaths."

That sort of thing. We want to leave her able to think of her buddy sometimes, but make it so she can think of other things without thinking of him all the time.
No. 514328 ID: 5869f6

This seems to be the best i can think of as well.
No. 514482 ID: ea4b0b

incorrectimundo, actually. Common misconception, tho. Depression is actually more of an ABSENCE of emotion, not sadness at all just a sort of PIT OF EMPTY where emotions should be, usually caused by an overload of strong emotions causing them to "shut off" as a sort of safety measure.

And a bit off topic here, but we might wanna ask about getting some formal education going so we can read the neumono language somewhat.

And finally, to Three stripes: you might wanna calm down a bit. What you are doing is good work, even if it seems like something bad you are doing yo.
They are trying to repurposse your abilities to be used for good instead of just outright braindraining the lil' guys.
Think of yourself as a medicine or bandage, but for empathy instead of the body.
Doubting yourself isnt gonna lead to much good goin' on, just keep trucking and read situations as they come.
Actually slightly shocked nobody called on this stuff near the start, yo.
No. 514493 ID: 76b151

Actually that has been mentioned. Several times. Look at the therapist comments.
No. 514741 ID: d38f67
File 137047874320.png - (14.80KB , 700x700 , 71.png )

>Don't you cry when you're happy?
Three Stripes has before but this might not be one of those times but

Three Stripes tries to find out what is wrong and maybe she is better but she is hard to read and Three Stripes doesn't understand and then he tests an idea that maybe she can't stop thinking about her buddy so Three Stripes asks her to stop and now she definitely can't.

Three Stripes waits patiently but she actually can't stop thinking and

that might be the problem actually so Three Stripes keeps hugging her and tries to get her to think about the outside world and things and gradually she does and she is iffy because Three Stripes has to control her slightly but he still lets her complain so it isn't much control. It is taken slowly and a little at a time and that her buddy is big but the world is bigger and has more than just her buddy and Three Stripes can't show her because he is in a tiny little place compared to the caves but she believes Three Stripes because she has seen a lot.

It takes a lot longer than Three Stripes thought it would be maybe she will be okay. She thinks she might be okay at least at the moment and thanks Three Stripes.
No. 514744 ID: 9ddf68

so you want to keep trying or do you want to give her some time to see if she can get better on her own now and come back if she is still having problems.

God we've turning into a psychologist and without the 8+ years of schooling.
No. 514748 ID: 19b3c3

Keep her under observation for a little while longer. Just do something with her. Make sure she feels like she's in a better place for now, and that she's stable after the changes, at least.

If she feels okay, and like she's not stuck on anything, or going to fall apart, you can let her go. Tell her you know it's sad to lose buddies who mean a lot to you, and it's okay to feel sad but it is possible to feel good again. And she can come see you again if things get bad again or if she just wants to visit.

Then we trust that Horn and the other outside neumono will keep an eye on her for us, beacuse we can't keep her in here forever.
No. 514750 ID: f2c20c

Ask her if she wants to stop now. We can continue and have her practice thinking or not thinking about her buddy, or we could stop for today and have her see if this was enough. She can always come back for further treatment!

I suspect that she still has issues, but she may be able to handle them on her own or with her hive's help, now that they're not overwhelming.
No. 514873 ID: 5869f6

Thank god we didn't fuck this up somehow.

Somehow, anyways.
No. 514883 ID: d38f67
File 137056880482.png - (11.67KB , 700x700 , 72.png )

Three Stripes conveys asking her if she would like to go now or if she wants to stick around because Three Stripes will not push her away because he is always afraid of breaking a neumono when he changes them like this and

and she says that she does not want to go so Three Stripes lies back down and stays with her.

Three Stripes makes sure he is not controlling her at all and she is feeling better and after awhile Three Stripes is maybe confident she will be okay.
No. 514884 ID: d38f67
File 137056881364.png - (14.63KB , 700x700 , 73.png )

.... she still does not want to leave and Three Stripes asks if maybe she should go back to her hive or something and she says no.

She wants to be with Three Stripes now.
No. 514888 ID: bf54a8

oh i see, she is predisposed to being incredibly clingy. she NEEDED that guy. and now she NEEDS you. get horn and try to convey that to her that other guy was like the needle for the skinny one. she NEEDS a person instead of needles though.
No. 514889 ID: f2c20c

Tell her that your hive will have to accept her for that to happen. Also, why?
No. 514890 ID: 9ddf68

... So I think we should try and give her to horn and explain the situation and if this becomes a huge problem then we can try and make her slightly more independent but not today seeing as I would like to give them a brake every now and then so we don't brake any neumono.
No. 514898 ID: 735f4f

Well you don't mind more friends if Giant does not mind but for that to work you would probably have to make her part of the hive.

You should tell her that you will always be her friend but she should go out and make new friends to. If she wants to stay after meeting some new people that's ok but she needs to do that before making a big choice like that.
No. 514901 ID: d38f67
File 137057168206.png - (13.90KB , 700x700 , 74.png )

Three Stripes says that if she stays here then she will have to be accepted by the hive and uh, Three Stripes is going to be honest, he doesn't think that they will get along.

But she says that Three Stripes can make her fit in, but Three Stripes knows that would do a lot of changing and doesn't think Giant will like Three Stripes forcing a person into the hive anyway.

Maybe horn should be brought but then as soon as Three Stripes says he is getting horn, sad neumono suddenly starts getting really sad and thinks that Three Stripes is trying to force her away and Three Stripes is quick to say that is not at all what is going on asks what is going on and she says she just wants someone that will be with her and Three Stripes says there are more neumono out there and oh no she is starting to not believe that Three Stripes isn't trying to abandon her and

and this is tough and she really wants to stay and

and she is asking what being a predator's slave is like and if she was a slave if she could stay because she

she is kind of not right at all and Three Stripes couldn't have done well at all and she is desperate and not right
No. 514906 ID: f2c20c

Uh. I think that she has always been not right. That is why she couldn't get over her buddy's death, and then couldn't stop thinking about it. This isn't your fault.

Tell her in great detail what it is like to be a predator slave. A Predator controls the neumono so it has no will of its own, and bites limbs off of them occasionally while ensuring the neumono gets food. Eventually the neumono's brain breaks under the constant control, and even without the predator around they are just mindless slaves. Then tell her no. That she can visit you if she wants but fixing her was your job and you are not going to get in a personal relationship with her because of the job.

She will probably become upset. Control her if you must to keep her from harming you or herself, and immediately seek out Horns (with her in tow) to tell him that she had mental problems you were not aware of and that led to her latching onto you as a replacement for her boyfriend.
No. 514910 ID: c23ab0

They're not happy or anything. They taste good and rub you but that's about it. They're kind of stupid. Um. They don't know what it's like either because they don't know anything. You have to do all the thinking for them, and finding food, and strategy, and medicine and Wow, predator slaves was a dumb idea.
No. 514915 ID: f29aa1

We need to have Horn bring a Jammer.

Do you notice how fluently she's communing with Three Stripes? I think she might have hyper-empathy, turning the empathic-"links" into empathic-"chains".
No. 514917 ID: 735f4f

Ask her what she thinks being your slave would be like. Once she tells you let her know about your former friends. About how it all works and how its probably more permanent than she thinks.

Don't worry about making mistakes on this one Three stripes. Some problems are not as easy to fix as others. Honestly not sure if it would be better to be miserable all the time or live your life so happy you are not really there anymore.

But let her know whatever the choice that you would need to talk to giant and horns before doing anything like that. Also that you would rather have her as a friend than a slave.

Even though you really don't want to enslave any neumono anymore it is a last ditch option for her. But only if she has plenty of time to think about it and you are comfortable with it. And of course we cant fix her any other way.
No. 514919 ID: 19b3c3

Oh. We didn't fix her at all. We just got her fixated on three stripes instead of her dead buddy. We moved the hang up laterally.

And honey, I know you don't want to be alone, but you don't want to be forced into another hive, and you don't want to be pacified and broken either. (And three stripes doesn't want to do that to anyone, if he can help it). You want to go back to your friends, your family, your hive. You've gotta have people who care.

Now that it's not attached to her buddy? Now that it's attached to you? You need to do something about that dependence. Make it so staying with you isn't the most important thing in the world to her anymore. It'll be hard, and she won't want you to do it, but you have to. Then she'll be free to be herself again.
No. 514923 ID: f29aa1

> what being a predator's slave is like
It's like a Neumono-B-grade horror flick.
Your soul gets obliterated and your corpse becomes a zombie.
I'm assuming that there is a Horror-scene in the Neumono film industry that uses the 'unknown/ancient/demonic horrors' of Predators and Salikai as common antagonists.
No. 514925 ID: 19b3c3

>explain to her what being a slave is like
Um. I'm not sure reason and logic will work at this point, guys. She's gotten fixated- she's flat out saying she'd prefer to have herself fundamentally rebuilt or permanently broken than have to leave Three Stripes. It's an irrational dependance- we displaced her fixation on the dead buddy (I'm so fixated on him I don't care about anything now that he's dead) to Three Stripes (I don't care about anything but staying with you, so I'll be sort of okay as long as I can do that, and I'll do anything to stay).

I think trying to remove or suppress the fixation is what we want to try to do. It's even safer to do so now than it was before- since it's aimed at Three Stripes and not her buddy, we don't have to damage his memory to mess with the fixation. She might end up not liking Three Stripes afterwards... but she should be free to make her own choices and live her life.

(The challenge may come in why she's fixated. There are several things that can cause that kind of dependence, and if we need to address the root cause, we need more information to choose the right treatment).

And remember Three Stripes- she's telling you she wants this, but it isn't really what she wants. She's just desperate and afraid and lonely and needs you to finish fixing her so she can be free.
No. 514927 ID: 9ddf68

being a slave is not fun

anyways ask her if she has anyone else outside of here that she is friends with and IF she says yes then ask her how sad they would be if she became a slave, plus a lot of people would get mad at you because they told you not to make anymore slaves. keep trying to find Horned while you talk to her

If she is still a problem after you find horned try to make her more independent so she isn't so clingy.
No. 514929 ID: f2c20c

I'd like to note that we already fixed one obsession effectively. The druggie. Once we get the go-ahead from Horns we can replicate that treatment.
No. 514953 ID: cf49fc

Damn. Turns out that this one just really sucks at dealing with loss. She's not dealing with her grief, she's just displacing it with obsession. I got nothin', since lithium probably doesn't work on Neumono.
No. 514957 ID: ea4b0b

I think it might be a good idea to work on her posessiveness next. Tell her the full extent of how horrible the zombification process is, and BE EXPLICIT ABOUT IT.
and be persistant! She may say things like "I dont care do it anyhow" and the like, and we cant let that happen. When it does though (and it likely she will try to use that) make it explicit that to be healthy she needs to learn to spread her love instead of focusing it so thoroughly on one person, otherwise this is just gonna happen again and again.
No. 514959 ID: c23ab0

Maybe you should emphasize just how much trouble you'll get into if you go back to that old stuff again!
No. 514965 ID: dedb42

Is there anything about her empathic link that is very different or more intense than other's as >>514915 suggests?

Ask her to tell you about her friends, hivemates and family.
No. 514969 ID: 74f81a

This might be a side effect of what we were doing. She feels super horrible, we make her feel not horrible, it makes sense she starts to associate us with not-horribleness. As well as telling her how bad it is to be a slave, you should tell her how sad it makes you, since non-slave neumono are more free and interesting and don't need taking care of all the time, and having neumono buddies who like you without being controlled is so super good and if you had slaves they could all stop liking you. And also though you don't mean to offend her she has only met you a little while ago and you think she only likes you because you made her feel better, and that also makes you sad and you think she is not able to make big decisions well right now. Maybe if you could be sure she likes you just for you it would be ok but you don't know how she'd prove that. Maybe if she agrees to go and live with her hive and try to be happy on her own for like a year or something and then if she still wants to she can come back, if everyone says she really did try and was ok while she was away.

If that doesn't work maybe you could make her start thinking of her hive, try pulling up happy memories from before she was with her special friend or that have nothing to do with him? And if nothing else works maybe you could just put her to sleep and go tell Horn all about this and ask what her hive wants.

Oh, hold on! We have a predator slave handy actually, don't we? Horn was asking if we could fix one. You could tell her about that and that you could show her if you ask Horn to bring them in (also you could use this as a chance to let Horn know how this is going sort of not so good).
No. 514997 ID: 5869f6

(Is it bad if i actually WANT to see a Neumono Horror movie?)
No. 515261 ID: d38f67
File 137070852386.png - (13.91KB , 700x700 , 75.png )

>Is there anything about her empathic link that is very different or more intense?
Sad's empathy is kind of not special.

Being a slave is not good and Three Stripes has to bite limbs off even though he makes sure they don't feel pain from it and

Being a slave is not good and Three Stripes doesn't want dumb pets for himself because they only feel happy when Three Stripes tells them to be happy and so they are happy all the time but

Being a slave is not good and Three Stripes is pretty sure that she doesn't really want that because she has friends and family and a hive and slaves are boring and Three Stripes doesn't want them anymore anyways. She says she has not felt good ever since he died and just wants things to be simple and easy and Three Stripes can understand that but believes that she can feel better and is going to do another thing and feels awful but Three Stripes is going to make her not be attached to Three Stripes and tries to make her have a desire to go see the world that maybe Three Stripes thinks will be a temporary thing that he can do to make her seek new things and

Three Stripes really has no idea what he is doing anymore. He calls Horn and fixes the sad neumono's like of Three Stripes and Three Stripes can't believe he just made a neumono like him less and that is awful and Horn says that they will take her and see how things go and Three Stripes draws pictures that Sad was asking to be a slave and maybe Horn should show Sad a broken neumono and Horn says he will take care of it.
No. 515262 ID: 735f4f

I think she will be alright for now. You got her over the worst of it and hopefully spending time with friends and family will fix the rest.
No. 515264 ID: 19b3c3

It's okay, Three Stripes. You did what you could.

At least now Melancholy wants things, even if they're crazy things like staying with you forever even as a slave. That's a step in the right direction. Wanting crazy things is better than not caring about anything. Maybe if she sees her friends and hive and stuff she'll start wanting more normal stuff and less crazy stuff? (And they could always bring her back if she doesn't improve).

Um. And horn? Make sure someone keeps an eye on her. We're not sure what she's going to do, or how she's going to cope. (It would really suck if we snapped her out of completely apathetic depression just enough to make her turn actively suicidal at our rejection).

Go chill with your buddies, Three Stripes. That was a hard one. Maybe play a game, since they don't have anything to hunt here. Or if they got their metal things already, see if they learned any tricks!
No. 515269 ID: f2c20c

You did your best. Tell Horn you want to talk to Giant about what you just did before you try to fix the braindead Neumono. I think you need some reassurance about the choice you made. So, give us like, 10 minutes or something.
No. 515294 ID: 735f4f

I think this one took a day or two so we need a weekend off to relax.
No. 515302 ID: 9ddf68

well that was tougher then I thought it was going to be, lets head over to giant for now and hang around her and her hive for the rest of the day, we need some happy emotions to be around after that I believe and don't worry she'll be alright with time.
No. 515303 ID: 19b3c3

I just hope horn has good news the next time we see him. Hopefully she acclimates well, and we're still waiting to hear how the rogue we retuned and purple kicking her habit turned are doing.
No. 515589 ID: d38f67
File 137079820945.png - (14.00KB , 700x700 , 76.png )

Three Stripes tries to tell horn to keep an eye on her and then goes to cuddle and he doesn't know why Melancholy was so hard and might still be so hard and all and then he is worried about the rogue and Purple and doesn't want to do anything right now and then Silent comes back and asks for training. Three Stripes is not really in the mood though because he is always working.
No. 515591 ID: 735f4f

Ask her if she would play with you instead. Tell her you have had a hard day and ask what she thinks about the sad neumono. Also tell her she should train with more than just rock dropping because other predators wont be that nice.
No. 515593 ID: b14973

tell her about sad, maybe silent will have ideas.
No. 515597 ID: faef41

Broadcast "exhausted". Then tell her about Sad, because telling people difficult things sometimes makes them better.
No. 515599 ID: 9ddf68

just tell her you're not in the mood and then if she ask tell her why
No. 515617 ID: bb0338

Hey, Could Three-Stripes control Silent even when she's silent? Going silent just made it hard to find the pattern that worked, but we already know the pattern to use on her! Maybe try it to see if it works-Silent probably would want to know about that weakness!
No. 515620 ID: 95f4ae

Well Three Stripes, I know you feel like you're not in the mood, but that's because you're worried and you can't stop thinking about things going wrong, will having more time to just think and worry be really what you want? Maybe you would be better doing something busy so you can not think about those things for a while.

Or maybe you should ask Silent how Purple and rogue are doing, Silent gives the straight dope, then you could be sure about things and stop worrying. Also you could ask her to be not silent and cuddle for a while because you never really got to do much of that with her before. Maybe you should tell her about your problems but if you do you should ask how she's doing as well because that is fair and friends should know how their friends are doing.
No. 515621 ID: f2c20c

You should probably do it anyway though. This is rather important to her.

Maybe she can spar with Crown first, then you ca do the empathic training?
No. 515625 ID: 35edd4

[Note: this is an "up-front" post, because I'm not sure there'll be time to post when Three Stripes goes to sleep next, so please consider it pre-written for that occasion]

[Note: I feel us voices have told Three Stripes things to do and things to feel somewhat out of our sense of morality without really explaining the why of it. So this is a proposal for a dream for Three Stripes that might help resolve some of his internal confusion]

In your dream, there's a predator. He lives in a cave, like yours, and occasionally Neumono wander in and he mindcontrols them and chews on them for a bit but it's okay because they're happy even so. And he has a beautiful mate and she's strong and smart and they have a lot of happy children. And occasionally a neumono wanders off into the caves a bit but then they get worried and look for him and they find him and bring him back and he's happy again and so they're happy because things are good. And occasionally his mate gets attacked or hurt and then he gets REALLY worried and he goes look for her and he finds her and helps her and they go back to being happy.

On the whole, they're having a pretty good life.

So one day something weird comes into their cave. It's a huge beast! With a huge maw! And weird eyes. And it walks on all fours because it's so huge. But then it looks at him and he understand that it's a friend and he feels super happy, as happy as he's never felt before because he's found a huge friend and now everything is great forever. And his mate is happy too but a bit worried but then the beast does something and she gets really happy and their children get happy too that everything is okay again. So they share their food because they have plenty, and even though the beast eats a lot they're happy.

(That beast is a superpredator. A predator that feeds on other predators.)

So one day his mate wanders off in a confusion and falls into a big hole and breaks something and can't move. And normally he'd be really worried and go look for her but he's feeling so happy that he doesn't even really notice. So she lies there and she is bleeding and she's confused and a bit happy but mostly confused. And then she dies. But it's okay because he's happy.

(Isn't this wrong? Shouldn't he have gone looking .. )

So then the beast eats a lot of the neumono and they're starting to run low so he'd go looking for more but he isn't worried because he's so happy with his huge friend. And occasionally one of his children is gone but he doesn't even really notice because every day is just as happy as the last so he doesn't think about it too hard. He doesn't think very much anymore.

(Are you feeling uneasy? Is there something really wrong here? ..)

And then one day they're almost of neumono so the big friend starts chewing on his arm. But it's okay because he's feeling so happy that he can be helpful to his big friend. And it all feels wrong to you because nothing is okay, nothing is _good_, but he's happy, right? So when did "happy" stop meaning "good"?


But don't worry, Three Stripes. Sleep easy now. Remember that there isn't really such a thing as a superpredator.

There's just you.
No. 515673 ID: d38f67
File 137081256192.png - (19.10KB , 700x700 , 77.png )

>Control Silent while she is Silent
No it is impossible because Three Stripes has to feel how her empathy keeps changing with her emotions and everything and if he cannot sense her her cannot control her.

But he says that he is exhausted and tells her about Melancholy and that he is tried and that he would rather play with Silent and wants to know how Rogue and Purple are doing.

Silent says she doesn't know how they are doing or how to help Melancholy and that she doesn't have time to play and that sounds wrong and Silent is not Silent and she says that it is important to her and Three Stripes throughts so. She sits down and starts waiting for Three Stripes to be less exhausted and she is not planning on going away and that agitates Crown and Crown is going to fight her because Silent just walked up to Giant and Three Stripes without any care or anything.

And maybe Silent could spar with Crown if she wants to except that Crown is actually kind of mad and Silent is a little bit concerned starts backing away but Crown is still getting up and she really does not like Silent at all and that is kind of getting in the way of the rest of the hive and they are starting to not like Silent either.
No. 515674 ID: f2c20c

Tell Silent that she had start paying more respect to your hive if she wants more training. No offense. Suggest that she brings an offering of food each time she comes for training. Perhaps something special each time.

Since she is agitating our hive she can't have this training for free anymore.
No. 515675 ID: 9ccb59

Tell her you have a headache.
No. 515680 ID: 735f4f

You should let them know that silent was the one to make sure they all got saved at the spire and that if not for her they would have probably got killed when the war hive blew everything up.

Remember that she is trying to train so the bad people that caged you and the other hives don't keep doing bad things. Imagine if one day she got hurt and could not be silent for awhile. Then another predator like Four stripes could hurt her really bad. And if she cant fight them then they might be able to hurt your friends eventually.

So try to let them know that silent is a special type of fighter that is working to protect them from ever having to worry about the Salikai again.
No. 515693 ID: e31ca1

Yeah, we should be putting the pressure on silent, not the hive. She is getting this for free, you know!
No. 515701 ID: 57a559

Crown, enough, she saved our lives. Stop hatin' on strangers. At most their just curious about everything here. Please calm down. All she wants to do is just talk to me and ask me an occasional favor. She's one of our friends, if you'll let her.
No. 515717 ID: 95f4ae

You all owe Silent a lot (though that might be part of the problem) and you should be clear that you're not going to stop helping her (eventually), but you should say to Silent that maybe she needs to learn to deal with other people better and one of those ways would be to show more respect for your hive and their space.

The problem I think is that Silent seems weird and small and weak and so your friends think she should act smaller and quieter than she is but because Silent is smart and quick and knows all about metal things she thinks she is better and more important than your friends, and Crown can tell that she does and that is what makes her mad. Perhaps you could explain this to them and ask what they think to try to work it out?

I can see three fixes:
1) Silent starts being more respectful and shows she doesn't think herself superior (hard for neumono, she would have to actually think that way).
2) Crown/your hive learns more so that Silent thinks better of them and/or they understand why Silent thinks she's better.
3) Silent shows why she thinks she's better somehow; maybe a spearthrowing competition if her good aim carries over to that, or some sort of sneaky hiding competition.
No. 515722 ID: 5869f6

A competition seems to be a good way to help Silent prove her worth to the Hive. Of course, if that doesn't work. An offering may be another effective course of action.
No. 515742 ID: 19b3c3

Guys guys guys! Don't fight Silent, okay?! She's kind of strange and sure she was a little rude right now, but she's your friend and she helped save you when toothy and the war hive tried to fight you, and she protected you from the bad thing that hunts things that eat the glowing fruit by breaking the glowing fruit, and she helped all of us get away from the Salikai place when the war hive came to fight and she's your friend.

Please? Three Stripes is tired and stressed and he likes all his neumono buddies, and maybe it's not his place to judge but he thinks maybe neumono choose to fight too easy. He doesn't want anyone fighting over him please?

C'mon Crown, you even have something in common with Silent! She fought one of those big bird things too!
No. 515750 ID: af8414

Let Crown do her thing, you don't really want to do the Silent Training thing right now.
No. 515818 ID: 01531c

I wonder if three stripes could make a 'no hard feelings' aura, so that Crown beats Silent around, and then settles down?
No. 515929 ID: 996c90


Letting Crown fight Silent isn't going to solve the underlying problem, I think. It's a basic pecking order thing, I reckon: Crown thinks Silent is uppity and needs putting in her place, and hence the traditional brawl, which in normal primitive circumstances would set who's top dog (or neumono). But Silent doesn't care about if she's beaten in close combat, she still thinks of herself highly because she's a civilized trained soldier and these are a bunch of savages. So the first beatdown didn't work the way Crown thought it should and now she's mad. There's a disconnect because Silent and Crown are judging themselves by different standards and both think they should be higher on the ladder than the other. In Crown's case, she doesn't know why Silent would think that way, so her instinct is to continue trying to resolve it using the old-fashioned method. However, since neumono can't lie to each other, Silent's never going to be convinced by punches to the face and the only resolution from Crown's perspective will be to drive her away or kill her.

Also Crown may have some issues with hierarchy since she got the crown but Giant got to be Queen.
No. 515993 ID: f2c20c

That is a very good analysis.
No. 516118 ID: d38f67
File 137091667960.png - (21.31KB , 900x700 , 78.png )

Three Stripes jumps inbetween them and accidentally tosses a few other neumono off of the cuddle pile too but tells Crown and Silent to stop fighting because Three Stripes thinks that they are very different neumono and are just misunderstanding each other.

Three Stripes tells crown that she is strong and that she has defeated a moton before because Silent told him and she was not lying although Crown does not believe Three Stripes so he says that she probably saved their lives and then tells Silent that maybe she shouldn't be rude and to maybe not be acting superior and

Silent goes unsilent so that she shows her confusion and that she is not thinking of herself as superior and Three Stripes tells Crown that and Crown says that if Silent felt that way then Silent would not have gotten so far into their territory without an offering and Three Stripes passes that on and Silent says that she did bring an offering. Food and a few metal toys for the neumono to play with.

Three Stripes asks if she can always bring an offering and Silent says yes she will always bring food at the very least.

But Three Stripes says that he still doesn't really want to train her right now. Silent gets some more distance but does not like that answer and she is being very persistent and maybe Three Stripes will train her but he says he is doing it for free and he doesn't want to do it for free and wants Silent to give her something if he is doing something he doesn't want to do and

No. 516119 ID: d38f67
File 137091669707.png - (9.99KB , 700x700 , 79.png )

Silent started feeling something and then went Silent but Three Stripes saw what it was. Silent thinks that we owe her and that our lives are easy because of her and that she is indignant that we would ask more and that she did so much and that we are treating her like an inconvenience she thinks.

Three Stripes doesn't know how to feel about that but the rest of the hive did not catch it before she went silent so they are not mad but Three Stripes is pretty sure that Silent had a good reason for going Silent again.
No. 516121 ID: 735f4f

Well to be fair she did go out of her way to make sure you and your tribe got out of the spire before everything bad happened. And now you have a nice place to live and plenty of food whenever you want it.

I know you are helping the other sad neumono and that's a lot of work but Silent really needs your help to keep everyone safe. And you are the only one she can ask. All she needs is a bit of training and you don't have to do anything odd or sad to help her.

Maybe say you will train with her but to check with horns next time so she does not come right after you spent a few days with a sad neumono.
No. 516122 ID: 37aa84

She's unaware of how stressful this situation is for the tribe. Sure they're having food provided for them but look at the lose of freedom. They don't even have the choice of going out to hunt for themselves, something they've always done. So now they are getting restless and feel powerless. We should get her alone and see if we can explain the situation since I doubt she herself would like to be treated like a helpless child even if it meant having her needs provided for her.
No. 516123 ID: f2c20c

I think we need to talk to Silent in private. Explain to her that what you've been doing is not easy. That you're constantly worried about doing the wrong thing while changing how our patients' brains work. That nobody knows any of the long term consequences of what you're doing. You don't even know if you're doing it right. She has no idea what you're going through right now. That is not to say that it's not going to improve. Tell her you realize that with more experience you can get more confident that you're doing more good than harm. Right now though, it's not easy. It's really hard on you. You will still help her, and she is right that you personally have nothing to even ask her for. You're sorry for demanding anything from her.

As for the others, they don't even REALIZE their lives are easy now. They are still acting like they could starve at any minute. If she can help with making them realize they aren't in danger anymore, you'd be grateful.
No. 516127 ID: 19b3c3

Um. Silent is kind of right. She did do a lot for you. She helped you a bunch of times, and learned to be your friend instead of just shooting you with the metal things when you tried to pacify her friends! And if it weren't for her, you and your friends wouldn't be in this nice place where your friends don't have to fight for food, and where you get the chance to try and help people. She has done a lot already, and training her is kind of easy in comparison.

First up patch things up with the hive. Look, Silent says she will always bring stuff to be allowed in our territory. And, this place is nicer than the salikai place, right? There's more food, and they don't make you fight for food, and there are less rules? Even if she's an outsider, doesn't she get some consideration because she helped us get to this home?

Then patch things up with Silent. You're sorry you treated her like an inconvenience, and asked for stuff you didn't need. You don't really need stuff, just asking for things has been an easy way to keep your buddies happy about things that make them uncomfortable. And you're glad she's done a lot for you, and you will help her because you know training is important to her, and you wouldn't want bad things to happen to her for not doing it, and because it's really not hard for you to play the rock dropping game compared to changing neumono. You're sorry you said no before, you were just stressed out because you had a hard time trying to help Sad.

After the training- has Silent gotten any better? After Giant you know it's possible for neumono to make it hard for you to control, but is Silent figuring it out?

>Crown does not believe
Maybe also later ask Silent if she kept a feather or anything that Crown would believe.
No. 516128 ID: 9ddf68

Well if that's how she feels about it then fine let's train I guess it's a problem for us to try and keep our friends happy seeing how everyone else wants us to make sure everyone else is happy but hey, as long as everyone else can be happy who cares right? if you do tell her this try and do it in private.
No. 516130 ID: 735f4f

Yeah before the tribe had hunting and the occasional Queen fight to worry about. But at least they knew it would keep them fed. Now they are somewhere new and have no idea if the food will keep coming or if whoever brings it is just as bad as the Salikai.

They went from test subjects/cannon fodder for the Salikai to basically being a accessory to Three stripes. Eventually the ultra hive and the researchers will work something out but for now its all brand new ground.
No. 516134 ID: 57a559

Tell Polo you totally get that and agree, but diplomacy with tribals simply doesn't work that way because you've taken them from identical research station A to research station B headed by other people that won't give Giant super juices. If anything, they think you've taken their home and cool food from them, and could at any moment betray them if you wish because that's how it was with the Salikai. They see you as taking a lot and giving a little, and that your continuing to take more by using a member of their hive for training, Three Stripes.

The trades are just to make them more comfortable with you and the other hives and horn, because face it, these guys are rightfully paranoid. You've changed everything. There's no fighting for food or territory, there's no outlet for pent up aggression (the paranoia doesn't help for this at all), and they don't have big ecosystems to travel and explore as they wish, they're at your hive's mercy to come and go anywhere.
No. 516236 ID: a3e14e

This is no good, what Silent says is true and it's sad that that's the way she's thinking. You should pull her into a big hug to show that you still like her and also to make sure she doesn't get away while you're explaining because I think she does that sometimes.

Also I wonder if you should let yourself get mad at Crown if she doesn't believe you, that is disrespectful to you and in this hive you have to show that you're strong, it is like that time they thought you were just a pet and Giant said she would hit sense into them. You should pull Crown in for a hug too and lie on top of her so that you can tell them both what's what.

With Crown you need to get a bit forceful and tell her that she should believe you when you say things because you have never lied to her and not believing you means she thinks you are either mean or stupid and you are not either of those things and she is mean for thinking them when you are working hard for the people who give you all food, then that she has no idea how strong Silent is and what she did and how she got hurt but was still nice enough to save you all. And then with Silent you need to make it clear why your hive is acting the way they are and that they don't understand it's because of Silent that their lives are easy though you're trying to tell them, also that you are really grateful to Silent and just tell her about everything you've did that has made you feel tired and sad and you can use your empathy to show her exactly how it is making you feel so she understands.
No. 517334 ID: d38f67
File 137141625071.png - (13.48KB , 700x700 , 80.png )

Three Stripes gets Silent to come with him to talk in private and tells Giant that he will be right back and set things straight with Silent and maybe Crown will still fight her and so Silent and Three Stripes goes away into a corner.

Three Stripes asks questions and Silent says that there was a moton feather retrieved from the topside that she can bring. Three Stripes says that is good and says that Silent is right that she has done a lot and Three Stripes is thankful and very sorry because he doesn't think Silent is an inconvenience and is very glad to see her, but the hive is still stressed because even though they have food and everything they still have no room and the salikai place was big and this place is small and they don't have a choice to hunt for themselves and they're still at this other strange hive's mercy and everything has changed and Three Stripes wonders if Silent would like it if she was treated like a baby who had her needs taken care of her.

Silent does not know if she would mind it as much, but she also admits that she did not think about it like that. She says that Three Stripes is doing very important work though, and if he does very good things then he will earn bigger places for the hives and the hives will be allowed to hunt things slowly if they want to, but Three Stripes is going to be kept very safe. She still would like to have training though and wonders why Three Stripes gets so tired from doing what Silent said he used to do all day but Three Stripes didn't do it all day since broken neumono don't need much upkeep and so

Silent understands and will come back later.
No. 517335 ID: d38f67
File 137141625853.png - (22.50KB , 800x700 , 81.png )

Three Stripes is given a few days of a break before Horn comes back with the four neumono that Three Stripes is supposed to combine into a single hive and Horn says that Three Stripes should use the blue one as the normal neumono and combine the other three to be like the blue one to make a new hive. Three Stripes thinks he can do that if he has a lot of time but

but Three Stripes doesn't think that the neumono really want to do this and they are not forced but they are doing it because they feel like they have to.
No. 517336 ID: f2c20c

Ask them why they feel that way. They need to be sure about doing this- this isn't something you can reverse easily.
No. 517340 ID: 735f4f

Well if they are all rogues then its this or be potentially alone forever. They want to be part of a hive but are scared that they will lose what they are now.

Let them know that you will change them only as much as you have to and if they have any questions to ask them now.

Make sure to comfort and reassure them that you wont do anything to harm them and if they don't want to do this they can stop any time.
No. 517341 ID: 9f7acd

Them not wanting to and us not knowing why would only make it harder to do. Ask for an explanation.
No. 517342 ID: 19b3c3

I still think the next time Silent 'not respecting' the tribe's territory come up you should point out she helped you guys get to this place in the first place. (Although framing that as "so isn't she a friend?" and not "she has a hold over you" is the tricky bit. The hive feels too much like they're trapped and dependent on outsiders as it is).

>four guys
...tell Horn you thin you think you could do it, but you're sorry, you don't think you should.

These neumono may have said yes, and may even let you do it, but you can tell that deep down, they don't really want to. So because they don't need your help because they're not sick or broken, and because they don't really want it, you're not going to change them.

And you won't consider doing it to them and then undoing it either, because making those kinds of changes just to test it isn't right.

And if these neumono are only doing this to avoid a punishment or death like the bluegreen neumono, Three Stripes wants it to be clear they shouldn't be punished. They tried. It's not their fault he's saying no.

...and um. Sorry if this gets you in trouble with any of the outsider neumono, Horn.
No. 517345 ID: 5869f6

Seems strange that they feel that way
But why?
We should ask if this is truly what they want because it doesn't really feel right if
if they don't want to do this
No. 517442 ID: 9ddf68

ask them why they feel like they have to do this and ask horn why the blue one?
No. 517497 ID: 01531c

> but they are doing it because they feel like they have to.
They must all be rogues, and they don't really like each other as friends. They probably think they need to be in SOME hive, or risk being shivved by a random war hiver.
No. 517561 ID: 37aa84

If that were the case wouldn't we do like we did with the two that wanted to like each other and set them to some median wavelength? Here we were asked use the blue one as the base to set the other too.
No. 517562 ID: 19b3c3

The significant difference between these guys and the two lonely rogues was the first two wanted to be able to be together.

These guys likely subject to some kind of external pressure- maybe the ultrahive is pressuring them, or maybe there's enough of a social or cultural pressure telling them they need a hive they're willing to try this even if they don't really want to be different people, or maybe surviving on their own is hard enough that they've convinced themselves they need the support of a hive, or the support the ultrahive has offered them for going through with the experiment.

Interpersonal, social, cultural and economic pressures are not good reasons to do this. There are other, easier, less drastic ways to resolve those. They shouldn't feel like they have to submit to psychic brain surgery.

...heck, if they have a more mundane problem, Three Stripes might be able to fix is by throwing his weight around a little. We haven't asked for much from the ultrahive yet, and we're the only predator they have to do business with.
No. 517563 ID: beeca1

Ask them if they're doing this because someone is threatening them.
No. 517571 ID: 058fbe

I think you should hold off on this, three stripes, but be gentle about it. First, ask how long they've been rogues; if they've only been rogues a short time, it's possible that they'll adapt to it themselves after a while and are just still in a sore spot. Also, ask what happened so far with the rogue that you put back in his hive. If he's any less than 100%, you can justify waiting to see what happens with him, since this will be the same sort of thing but worse.
No. 517572 ID: 19b3c3

Oh. And the other thing Three Stripes may have to emphasize: (depending on their reason for thinking they have to do this)

He knows hive-buddies are special, but there's no reason other neumono can't be friends and help each other out if that's all they're looking for. He's seen it! Like Silent has friends from other hives, and the outsiders aren't all from the same hive but they work together.
No. 517717 ID: d38f67
File 137152864689.png - (10.96KB , 700x700 , 82.png )

Three Stripes asks them if they are doing this because they are being threatened to and they say yes and Three Stripes says that is awful and Horn says that the non-blue neumono have done awful things and are here to be better neumono like the blue neumono. That is said through pictures so the neumono don't see that message but Three Stripes gets more feels for what is going on and the three not-blue neumono feel like they should do it or are made to do it or something but don't really want to.
No. 517719 ID: 735f4f

Find out what sort of awful things they have done first.

Tell horns this makes you uncomfortable and you do not like changing neumono unless they really want you to.

But if its like the first group of bad neumono that volunteered so they would not face the death penalty then it should not be to bad. You would be saving there lives and learning how to fix neumono better.
No. 517721 ID: f2c20c

Ah, you're right. If they would be put to death if Three Stripes didn't do this, then he may as well. If they would just go to prison instead, then he should refuse and ask for the zombified patient next.

I mean, so far he's been changing Neumono to help them. This isn't helping them, this is a punishment.
No. 517722 ID: 19b3c3

(Geeze, they're throwing forcible criminal rehabilitation at us when there's someone with a broken mind waiting on treatment? Geeze.)

...tell horn you don't think you can do this.

You're willing to help neumono who want you to help them. Or who are sick or broken in some way and really need your help.

These three neumono shouldn't feel like they need Three Stripes to change them to be good people if they want to be good people! They just need to choose to stop doing bad things. If Three Stripes, a predator could chose to stop controlling nuemono and eating them and be nice, then these three can certainly choose to not do whatever bad things they were doing and be nice.

(...might want to use empathy to really drive that home to the three neumono. You chose to stop controlling and eating people. There's a predator in front of them, not eating and controlling them because he chose to be nice. []They[] can certainly get past whatever little things get them in trouble in comparison).

Now, if they have a problem like purple had where they can't stop doing a bad thing, you'll help. Or if they decide they really want to join a hive, you'll help. But you can't force them to be nice just because. That's not right.
No. 517723 ID: 19b3c3

Except the major difference there is before the bluegreen neumono were only forced to let you make them really tired, and they got better from that after sleeping. They accepted discomfort in exchange for their lives. That's mean, but no one was permanently hurt.

These guys shouldn't be forced to undergo permanent personality altering brain surgery just because they committed crimes.

>If they would be put to death if Three Stripes didn't do this
If that's the case, I still don't think Three Stripes should cave. He should raise a huff.

It's not right for the outsider neumono to use the threat of death to force him to do not right things to other neumono, and he doesn't like being treated this way. He's not going to help them with anything if they keep trying to bully him by threatening people!
No. 517725 ID: 5869f6

This doesn't feel like the right thing to do
That they have to do this to not be punished
Not right at all
No. 517728 ID: c23ab0

How would making them all the same hive stop anyone from doing horrible things? They'd just not do horrible things to the blue guy and do it to everyone else. There's something wrong with this situation.
No. 517741 ID: 5869f6

Something IS wrong here but what?
Can't seem to figure it out but
But it HAS to be important
No. 517768 ID: 888df6

I am in complete agreement.
No. 517796 ID: 591152

yeah, you shouldn't permanently change someone that doesn't want to be changed.
No. 517834 ID: 9ccb59

>If that's the case, I still don't think Three Stripes should cave.
Allowing people to die just so you can cling to moral superiority is evil.
No. 517835 ID: 19b3c3

I'm not saying he should allow them to die.

I'm saying he should put his foot down and say that's unacceptable. Refuse to alter them, and strongarm the ultrahive into not killing them.

We're the only predator they've got, and they need our cooperation. We have leverage. And we've barely been getting room and board for our services- we got credit we haven't cashed yet.
No. 517914 ID: 5dd9ff

We need to be tactful, though. We may be the only predator they have, but it's only been a few days. Given public opinion, bureaucracy and so on, there's not too much stopping them from putting a stop on this experiment. If we refuse something, we have to make it clear that we don't think it's a good idea for everyone involved, not just us saying so because we say so.
No. 517915 ID: 735f4f

Oh I know what you could do. They don't like whats happening but are going along with it to avoid a horrible punishment.

So tell them if they have death sentences already and they don't want you to change them you can just eat them right here. (This is just pretending you really would not eat them).

Then lick one of them and sort of nibble on his ear while acting hungry. They should show there true feelings fast enough then. Will let you know if they really want this or not.

Make sure you wink to horns first though so he knows you are just playing.
No. 517926 ID: d38f67
File 137160099734.png - (15.26KB , 700x700 , 83.png )

Something is wrong but Three Stripes doesn't know and he would do it if they would die otherwise but if they would die otherwise then Three Stripes doesn't think that they would be so hesitant to do this and so he tells them and horn that Three Stripes isn't going to do this until they make up their mind because Three Stripes doesn't want to make neumono regret things. The neumono then convey that they are not going to die but they are going to be punished and whether to change or not is something that they are not sure about and

Horn says that he will take them back to decide later if it is something they will do since Three Stripes is too uncomfortable about it right now. Horn also says that there is nothing else for Silent to do today and also Silent is not going to come tonight apparently so Three Stripes will have nothing to do. Silent is doing okay at resisting Three Stripes but he is not sure if she will ever be good enough to resist him like Toothy.

Three Stripes could go cuddle but they do an awful lot of cuddling all day and maybe they should play a game instead or something but Three Stripes doesn't know.
No. 517929 ID: ede0b4

Is right. If we can choose to go against our very nature then they can learn to act right. We
should find what they did either way
No. 517933 ID: 19b3c3

Offer some encouragement to the neumono as they leave.

Tell the three neumono if they're ever sure they want three stripes to help them join a hive, he will help them. But that is a big decision, and they shouldn't feel forced.

And if they want to just be nice and stop doing bad things, they can do that on their own! Three stripes chose to be nice to neumono, so can they!

>questions for horn
How about the people we helped before? Is the rogue fixed? Are purple and sad doing any better? What about the broken neumono we haven't seen yet, is he or she okay? We're still willing to try and help that one, later.

>other stuff to do?
We could try playing tag again. Or, if Silent brought any balls that haven't been popped, you could play a ball game! With teams and catching and throwing!

Or if the outsiders ever gave your buddies metal things, you could see if your buddies have learned how to do anything neat with them yet.

>Silent is doing okay at resisting Three Stripes
So she's gotten a little better then? Too bad she can't ask Giant how she does her thing.
No. 517934 ID: f2c20c

Can't we help the zombified neumono?
No. 517935 ID: 735f4f

Go check on Giant. Maybe she has some ideas for fun stuff to do. And you can see if she needs any cheering up after getting smaller news.
No. 517936 ID: 735f4f

Or you could try to remember how Toothy resisted you and try to show Silent how she did it.
No. 517997 ID: c23ab0


Zombified neumono are mindless automatons. There's nothing left to help, just a bunch of tasty meat moving around at your command. If you open up their heads you'll probably find a big burn mark on their brain. The only way to 'help' them is to keep them fed, warm, and not eat them all in one sitting.
No. 517999 ID: 735f4f

With the zombie we don't know until we try. Might be a mind deep down asleep somewhere.
No. 518003 ID: f2c20c

They obviously don't agree with that, since they wanted Three Stripes to try.
No. 518056 ID: f29aa1

Let's train a little with Giant. She can resist you, but it's different than Silent's form of resistance. Three Stripes can give her some praise on that, and try to figure out what's different. Maybe Giant is already Accustomed to Three Stripe's natural empathy?

Oh, try to demand Horn to have an audio translator made so that the Tribals and Horn/Silent can communicate.
No. 518059 ID: 1cf1cd


I have a brilliant plan! Form a dance troupe!
No. 518065 ID: 5dd9ff

I would ask about the predator-broken neumono, but if not then how about you and your neumono buddies do some language learning?

Maybe you can even figure out a way to help them do that, like putting just a little touch on their minds so that they focus better?
No. 518246 ID: bc8d67

You've already rested for a few days, didn't train with Silent, and then put off the task with the four neumono until the three decide for sure if they want to do it. You really shouldn't play or cuddle now, since that'll look like you're dodging work and mooching. Best do at least something for Horn now.

Ask Horn to bring in the predator-broken neumono so you could get a feel of it, but that you probably won't start trying to restore it. Also ask for two members of the broken neumono's hive to come in as well - preferably ones that were real close to the broken neumono. Having their empathic pattern to compare to the broken one may help you, somehow. Oh, and ask how long the broken neumono was held under the control of the predator that broke it, just so you have an idea how broken it'll be.

Perhaps you could show Giant and your friends the broken neumono and tell them that this is what happens to a neumono that is controlled for too long by your kind.
No. 518253 ID: 01531c

I think I know how to 'fix' Predator-Slaved Neumono.

Inject the Predator Slave with any other neumono's grey matter, it should assimilate the host fairly quickly, and in the process repair the damage done by being Predator-Slaved.

Alt. method: neumono A hugs neumono B, and Three Stripes uses Neumono A as a template to rebroadcast into Neumono B to overwrite.
No. 518254 ID: 19b3c3

I have no objection to three stripes doing something besides predator-work or cuddling for a few hours. Those are the only two things we've done for days, and Three Stripes and the hive could stand to have a little fun and get some exercise. There's more to life than work or sleep!

(And I kind of expect the broken neumono is unavailable at the moment if the haven't offered him or her).

>Perhaps you could show Giant and your friends the broken neumono and tell them that this is what happens to a neumono that is controlled for too long by your kind.
...why? What are we trying to say with that? This is why you should be scared of me? Hey, look what a jerk I could be, but I'm not? I mean, it seems to come off as either intimidation or douchiness. :/

Injecting brain matter would work, in the sense you'd have two sapient neumono at the end. But you aren't fixing anything- you're overwriting the broken one with a clone! (And if the Salikai aren't growing 'blanks' for cloning from tissue samples, having four stripes completely wipe someone is how they got a blank to make Niam).

Assuming of course anyone outside mad-science land knows how to extract a viable brain tissue sample, keep it alive, and implant it without it dying or getting rejected biologically prematurely.

I think we'd need to examine the broken neumono before deciding on a course of treatment. Three Stripes has never tried to reverse pacification before! If we're lucky, there's something left to work with. Like, there are broken pieces we can put back together. Or a part of the neumono mind that went to sleep and can't wake up, but we could chose to switch back on.

Or maybe >>517997 is right and everything that was there before is destroyed forever. We won't know until we try.
No. 518259 ID: bc8d67

Er... Yeah, you're right about not showing Giant and friends the broken neumono. It was supposed to be to show why Three Stripes never wants to control neumono that way again, but it could be read otherwise. Though, if Giant or the others asks whats with the broken neumono on their own, Three Stripes should tell them the truth.
No. 518306 ID: 01531c

>Three Stripes has never tried reverse pacification before!

Are suggesting... Aggressivication?
That mean that Three Stripes should try to make the slave as angry and violent as possible, and try to resonate the 'Ambition' neural pathways to coax them back into action.

He will need to give the neumono an empathic "Idea" to be Ambitious/Angry about.
If we give him the idea of 'I Hate Rocks', and then release control, we'll know if it works or not if he mindlessly keeps attacking rocks.

At that point Three Stripes can coax intelligent behavior into him while he attacks the rocks. He can empathically nudge him the idea to "try that stick, it's better for DESTROYING THE ROCK MENACE", and when he does, give a small jolt of Joy when a rock breaks, or a jolt of Frustration if the stick breaks, at which point we can suggest to him other things, like "try yelling to drive fear into their EVIL ROCK HEARTS".

Rinse and repeat for a couple of hours, retraining him survival behaviors like "that feeling is dehydration, drink that water to recover your ROCK DEVASTATION PROWESS."
No. 518351 ID: 5869f6

No. 518361 ID: 19b3c3

...never tried to reverse pacification. To.

Jeeze, you forget one little word and suddenly we're talking about programming autonomous organic hate machines!

Silliness aside, the idea of trying to snap a pacified neumono out of it by giving them a driving motivation that requires them to start acting and thinking independently again is interesting. Although again, it's all speculative until we see what we have to deal with here.

Yes, I agree Three Stripes should be honest.
No. 518491 ID: d38f67
File 137183016148.png - (12.42KB , 700x700 , 84.png )

Three Stripes tells the neumono that he will help them if they want and they say thanks sort of but then Three Stripes also tells horn that he is available for doing some other thing like the zombie neumono and maybe Horn should get a metal box thing that translates words or something. He doesn't know if they can do that but maybe, and he will bring in the pacified neumono.

Horn says that if Three Stripes can get Giant and the hive to talk with other neumono then they will be able to make word box and so he leaves and Three Stripes talks to hive and

she is surprisingly protective of words! She says that their language is their's and other neumono can't have it. And they won't abandon their language either and don't want to learn a new one. Three Stripes doesn't feel like pushing it so he waits for Horn to get the broken neumono.
No. 518492 ID: d38f67
File 137183017023.png - (13.09KB , 700x700 , 85.png )

Horn gets him and Three Stripes moves away from Giant to work in private at first without bugging her and there is no empathy and that is definitely a broken neumono. Horn says that the purple neumono is doing better and might see Three Stripes soon and Three Stripes asks if he can see other hivemates for this one but horn makes pictures that say that the rest of the hive disappeared and this one was just recovered after many years and kept around for study.

Three Stripes gets him to come to Three Stripes and this is nostalgic for Three Stripes but he searches for a way to reverse it and

and a lot of time passes and

Three Stripes doesn't think the old neumono is there anymore. He might be able to make a neumono from scratch though but he doesn't know if he will be okay once Three Stripes is not around to tell him to be okay.

And making him from scratch sounds like cheating and is bad but Three Stripes thinks that maybe that is better than being broken maybe.
No. 518496 ID: 9f7acd

Are you sure nothing is there? I mean, there is a difference between something being absent and something being undetectable. But I guess we're taken enough time to check for that... tell Horn that this one is simply empty with nothing to fix. He may want you to try to create him from scratch so they can study that but it is a different request than fixing him so they need to ask.

I wonder if a more recently broken one would have something left to fix because maybe the broken parts take a while to go away. If Horn has one like that we could try again probably.
No. 518498 ID: 57a559

You sure you can't just jumpstart his brain a little? Get more neurons firing up in there? Maybe once the brain gets going it will try to heal itself and you won't have to do anything.

Wait, so, how does she expect to communicate with them and help hive relations? Through Three Stripes? That's a lot of work for Three Stripes!
No. 518500 ID: 1cf691

Well the neumono is already broke so i don't see any harm in trying to making a new one from scratch.
No. 518502 ID: 735f4f

So you cant find any consciousness there but can you tell if he has any memories?

Neumono memories seem to have a lot of leeway with how there distributed neural network works. Not to metagame but we know Polo got a huge amount of Rokoa's memories from a tiny dart contact. That means they are very densely packed and might backup in some sort of dna component.

If you can find any of his old memories you might be able to make a new framework mind and let it reconnect with its old memories. Then even if you had to make him a new person to start he would eventually remember who he was.
No. 518504 ID: 19b3c3

...I still think you should play a game with your friends later! Nothing but sleep and work isn't good for anybody. And having some fun and an excuse to exert themselves might relieve some of your buddies' tension about being cooped up.

>She is surprisingly protective of words! She says that their language is their's and other neumono can't have it.
Well, Three Stripes guesses he can understand if Giant doesn't want to give their words to others. But what's wrong with learning some of the outsider words? Wouldn't it be useful to know what they're saying, sometimes? Or to make them understand what you tell them?

>Three Stripes doesn't think the old neumono is there anymore.
As in the personality isn't there, anymore?

What is there though? Are there any memories, maybe? They might still be there, somewhere, the neumono just doesn't care or know to look at them because he's broken. People are kind of shaped by what happens to us- maybe if you could get the neumono to play through or relieve old memories in his head, they could shape him again, and make someone sort of like the old one?

What about the part of the neumono that makes it... autonomous? That makes it do things by itself? Can you find that? Because if you can't fix that part, it won't matter if you make a new person from scratch or not, they won't be okay without you making them do things. In fact, if you made a new person without fixing that part, it would be really bad because he would pretty much fall apart without you. And breaking is worse than being already broken.

Is it possible to kind of make a neumono's hive status... open ended? Because if you fix this guy, he's not going to have a hive to go home to. It would be nice if he was sort of open to being able to join a hive if he wanted to. Not stuck as a hive of one or a de facto rogue.
No. 518510 ID: 3cbb02

Hmm, that's kind of odd. When Silent took some broken neumono that had been with you (or was it Four Stripes? I can't recall), they smiled stupidly when they were on their own, but this one is just... blank.

Let's think about this. When a predator breaks a neumono, what they do is remove the part that acts on its own and replace it with whatever they put in themselves. Their consciousness, basically, the will and volition. Buuut there's a lot more to a person than that! It's like taking an engine out of a car and putting in another kind of motive force, but all the wheels and steering and brakes and such are still in place. I mean, a predator doesn't want to have to put too much effort into controlling their pets, even if they can, so they probably leave things like how to walk and run, how to make simple tools, et cetera. Like, Three Stripes' old buddies knew how to make baskets, but probably Three Stripes didn't learn to make baskets himself, nor individually controlled his neumono through the process of making them. There's no need to put so much effort in when all the predator wants is for them to obey; natural Predators are, we heard from the sailikai, usually lazy with their powers and don't do everything that they could do, so it's likely that breaking a neumono is done along the path of least resistance. Anything that doesn't interfere with obedience is probably left alone.

So, that means that a broken neumono still has motor skills and what we would call "muscle memory". So for example if Three Stripes broke a war hive neumono that neumono would probably still know how to fight, and instead of controlling them completely to aim and fire and dodge they would just send a single "fight" message and let the neumono's instincts do the job. And if that's true, maybe other kinds of memory are untouched as well! Language, say.

Three Stripes, try make the broken neumono say something. Don't tell them what to say exactly, just give them a desire to express something: make them want to say what colour you are, let's start with that. Then listen to see what language they say it in. I'd bet it's whatever their original language was (or possibly predator language, but then we can try again to make them say something predator language wouldn't have words for).

Then you can try other things, like "sing a song" or "make food" and see what details they fill in on their own.
No. 518591 ID: f2c20c

Inform Horn that it is irreversible but you may be able to make a completely new personality for him. Then ask if he wants you to do that, but warn him that you're not sure it'll stick, either.
No. 518647 ID: 01531c

>Three Stripes, try make the broken neumono say something. Don't tell them what to say exactly, just give them a desire to express something: make them want to say what colour you are, let's start with that. Then listen to see what language they say it in.

I second this! It should give us a point of reference!

Also, have Horn make sure everything is being recorded to figure out later!
No. 518857 ID: d38f67
File 137195293207.png - (14.08KB , 700x700 , 86.png )

Three Stripes tries to see if he has memory but he doesn't think he can do that at all and he's never tried but he can't.

>Other broken neumono smiled on their own
That is probably because Three Stripes made sure that his broken neumono were happy all the time but this one did not have a happy predator and but maybe that means that means that there is something neutral in this broken neumono that still exists and Three Stripes can shape.

But also maybe he knows how to do things and just doesn't have any wish to do them and so he does nothing. Three Stripes makes him say any words and doesn't specify which words and the broken neumono starts saying something in a language that Three Stripes has never heard before but it is something.

Three Stripes tells Horn about it and that Three Stripes will try to make him from scratch but it may not work and Horn says just to do his best as usual and then has Three Stripes make the neumono talk again by a metal box thing.
No. 518858 ID: d38f67
File 137195294059.png - (11.75KB , 700x700 , 87.png )

Horn asks Three Stripes to continue doing his best and maybe Three Stripes can do this after all and Horn leaves and then Giant comes by and asks who the weird broken neumono is.
No. 518860 ID: f2c20c

Tell her you don't know who he used to be but it's your current job to try to make him functional again, and if she wants to help she sure can.

Ask the grey neumono to introduce himself. Maybe ask him to draw something in the dirt. Keep making him do creative things or open orders so he has to think for himself. Never tell him to do anything that has a clear result. Make him flex those brain muscles.
No. 518862 ID: 57a559

I think Giant has a crush~
No. 518866 ID: 19b3c3

Tell Giant you don't know! He's someone the outsider neumono found a long time ago, and he was broken when they found him.

...and, um. When it happened, he would have been broken by another predator. This is why even though the outsiders have been asking you to help people you're sometimes reluctant to use your abilities. Because predators can hurt neumono.

You're trying to see if there's a way you can unbreak him. You're not sure if you can, though.

>never tried to check a neumono's memory
Is "remember" a thing you can use empathy to tell him to do? Or could you tell him to dream about his past when he goes to sleep?

Well that worked! He's got to remember some things, if he knows words. They're not our words or the outsider's words though. Does Giant recognize them?

Maybe after he's talked a bit, you could try getting him to do something else, again without being specific. Try to get him to do something he used to know how to do.
No. 518868 ID: 735f4f

Tell her this is a neumono that another predator was controlling for many years.

Let her know after awhile of being controlled all the time they just stop thinking for themselves and you are trying to fix that.

Show her what you have found out so far and ask if she has any ideas for you to try.

Also make sure to mention this is why you don't use your powers like this anymore. You had to before because you would die if you did not but now you have good friends and its much better this way.
No. 518871 ID: b99cb6

Honestly? Right now it's nobody at all. It used to be someone and we're trying to find them again. Command the broken one to try to say his name. If that doesn't work... I dunno, let Giant name him if she wants.
No. 518872 ID: 19b3c3

Oh, and hey, Giant's ear is halfway grown back!

>Ask the grey neumono to introduce himself.
Oh yeah, that's a good idea. You'd at least get a name that way.
No. 518880 ID: d26e0c

Truth time! Just got to think how to phrase it...

Ok, first say you're happy she asked because it will show why it's good she's immune to being controlled and also explain why you practice with Silent.

Then... You know how Three Stripes can control neumono that aren't you, Giant? Predators normally do that to neumono when they want to eat them or part of them and another predator controlled this one too hard and for too long and it sort of pushed his mind out permanently so now he's empty and can't do things on his own, and Three Stripes is trying to fix him. And it is probably best if you tell her that you once did that too to survive because she will find out anyway and you have been trying to tell her this sort of thing before. You would like to train the rest of the hive like you do with Silent so they would be safe from predators, but that is up to Giant.

I wonder, if he remembers his language (and is not just spouting gibberish), how many more of his memories are intact? Maybe all the factual information is still there and just not used. If you figured out how to understand him you could just make him start listing the circumstances and events of his life up until he was broken. From that you could figure out what kind of person he was and keep that in mind when you're rebuilding him, so at least you'd end up with someone sort of like who he used to be, and he would at least have access to old-him's skills and to the memories, even if they're shorn, I suspect, of any emotional significance. Aside from that, it just looks like he needs to have his own desires again, functioning independently of predator input. You'd need to start with biological needs, food, water, safety, and then next for a neumono I guess you'd make him want to be a good part of a hive, so he's not a sociopath. Maybe yours would do? You could ask Giant.

If his intellect still works, other desires would probably flow down from all those, once he starts weighing options and seeing long-term vs. short-term and such.
No. 518891 ID: 735f4f

If his memories are still all there we have a good chance of bringing him back one way or another.

So we can either make a new mind and hope it reconnects to the memories and fixes him or try to wake him up if there is anything there to wake up. Maybe try suggesting complicated stuff to do but very simple commands.

Like give him some paper to write with and say write about your mother. Or tell him to act like his favorite person. Stuff that he has to think on his own to do.
No. 518907 ID: d38f67
File 137196541114.png - (14.21KB , 700x700 , 88.png )

Three Stripes tells Giant that this is a broken neumono and then conveys complex things to show that when a neumono is under the predator's effect for too long then they break like this one does and doesn't do anything.

Giant asks if Silent was also under a predator for too long and Three Stripes says no she is just really weird and special. Giant says that there is something wrong with her but Three Stripes defends silent and says that Giant is also special because she does not even need to try to resist Three Stripes because Giant is so strong she doesn't even need to try like Toothy did.

Three Stripes also says that he used to do this breaking thing with others but he prefers Giant and the hive the way that they are even if he could control Giant. Giant is sort of indifferent to that but of course she doesn't mind so that is good.

Giant and the hive comes around to poke the broken neumono now and again and Three Stripes gets him to share his name which is 'Jral' or something and Three Stripes tells him to write it and he writes something but Three Stripes realizes he is writing gibberish and doesn't know how to write which is good because Three Stripes doesn't know how to read.

But Three Stripes is able to get Jral to draw all of his memories and they are there and so the more Three Stripes does this the more he thinks he can fix this neumono. It might take a really long time but Horn says that that is fine because even if it takes months then it will be worth it because Horn thinks that if Three Stripes can do it to one neumono then he can do it to ten neumono at once and Horn seems to think highly of Three Stripes but maybe it is true and so Three Stripes

Horn said months and that is a very long time.
No. 518908 ID: f2c20c

Well, I mean, it's not like you'll be doing nothing but working on this one neumono, right? They'll have other jobs for you to keep things interesting? It taking a long time isn't a bad thing, so long as it gets done. This is after all the first time anyone's done this. It's an accomplishment no matter what.

It doesn't seem like doing this bits at a time will make it take longer in total, since any progress will stay progress. His mind won't degrade since he's not exposed to hostile Predators or anything.
No. 518910 ID: 19b3c3

>Something wrong with Silent
It's just a weird trick she knows how to do, that's all! If the silly metal boxes can do it, why can't she?

And she's a good person. She helped you with Toothy, and the sleeping poison bulb, and she bandaged your eye that one time, and she helped you guys get away from the salikai and find this place, and before Three Stripes met your tribe, she was one of the first neumono to be nice to you!

You don't really understand why she wants to practice resting control if she can just go silent, but you help her because she's a friend.

>Giant is indifferent, doesn't mind
For once the insular and self absorbed nature of their hive works in our favor! They don't care what Three Stripes did to others.

>there are memories there
>might take months, should work
So the basic treatment plan is just to have him keep doing things from his memories and remembering stuff until all the old memories slowly remake him into a person? I guess that works.

I would also suggest trying to tell him to replay memories when he dreams, if you can do that. That way, he's still working when he sleeps, and should be done faster. (And from what we've seen in Polo Quest, I think having him do dreamstuff should be doable).

How much work does Jral take for Three Stripes to work with? He's easy because he's pacified, right? It doesn't take a lot of effort like Purple, right?

...if it's going to take months, the best thing would really be if he stayed, so you could kind of work on and off with him, assuming he doesn't take much effort. You should ask Giant if she has a problem with him staying, even if it's for a long while. You know he's not one of the hive, but it's not like he's intruding or showing disrespect, because he's broken. He doesn't know any better, and can't make choices for himself. He'll leave when he gets his empathy back.

>Ten at once
...is Horn just thinking big, or do they really have ten more of these guys sitting around? Because that seems like a lot, right now!
No. 518911 ID: 04b86a

Hey, what if we pacify a neumono long enough that they aren't permanently pacified but still take a short while to recover? Watching the recovery process might give Three Stripes a few ideas on how to fix Jral.
No. 518912 ID: 76b151

That involves mental torture.

So no. Gonna have to really downvote that.
No. 518913 ID: 735f4f

Well he said months you just said a long time.

Also if you work at it for awhile you might get better as you go and learn tricks that will make it go faster. Also once he is farther along he might start to fix himself and just need time.

I would say for now just have him around while you do other stuff. If giant and the others do not mind you can slowly work on him a bit every day.

Ask horns if he has any other jobs you can work on and check with giant if its ok to keep the grey guy around. Then work on him when you are bored and have off time.
No. 518915 ID: c23ab0


Technically being pacified feels really really good, but yeah. No risking the thinkingness of our friends!

Be careful about Horn, Three Stripes. I don't think he knows how to snuggle with his buddies and just relax. He just keeps coming with more and more work. If he gets too excited he might ask you to do all sorts of work, even the really hard stuff!
No. 518916 ID: 19b3c3

...yeah. I mean, theoretically, getting more data might make it easier or faster, but it's not right to hurt someone or put them at serious risk for that.

Also, if Jral is going to be a sort of side project you work slowly on, and not something you focus really hard on at once like some of the others, that means you will have a chance to spend time with your buddies! (Really, a game of some kind needs to break out before they go stir crazy).
No. 518922 ID: 04b86a

I wouldn't really classify that as torture. I mean, there has to be suffering for it to be that, right? Look at it this way, we can probably get some interesting data from a recovery time of a few hours. The time spent pacified for that should fall well short of the amount needed for it to be permanent. We can help out a neumono who's going to be punished, possibly with death, and since we're pretty sure it's completely safe it shouldn't be too difficult to find a neumono that's certain they're okay with it. Even if a recovery of a few hours leaves them too intact at the start to really help with fixing Jral, we might be able to figure out how to speed up the recovery of neumono we work on.

Come to think of it, a lot of the time our help has a long recovery time anyway. We might be able to kill two birds with one stone (I can't help but feel that is a horrible analogy, given what we're talking about) and just study one of the projects Munick is already going to give us.
No. 518942 ID: d38f67
File 137199747568.png - (20.84KB , 700x700 , 89.png )

Three Stripes guesses that he doesn't have to work on Jral all the time and can just cuddle with Giant while doing it but that assumes

Three Stripes asks Giant if Jral can stay around and Giant says he is weird and creeps her out but guesses he can stay for now but that might change and Three Stripes thanks and hugs Giant and so Three Stripes starts working.

The next day comes and Horn brings in two neumono and it is the thin one and the sad one and the thin one is not thin at all anymore but the sad one is sort of sad but better but not good. The thin one wants to thank Three Stripes and says that she would give an ear but her ear might be poisonous and the sad one says she is better bu