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File 133016879498.png - (9.03KB , 700x700 , title.png )
11257 No. 11257 ID: d6af4f
A place for pictures that have nowhere else to go.
Expand all images
No. 11258 ID: d6af4f
File 133016888720.png - (137.35KB , 948x900 , 1-1.png )
And opening with the stream requests.
No. 11259 ID: d6af4f
File 133016890402.png - (171.05KB , 900x900 , 1-2.png )
No. 11260 ID: d6af4f
File 133016897085.png - (108.20KB , 900x729 , 1-3.png )
Probably not canon.
No. 11261 ID: d6af4f
File 133016899466.png - (107.80KB , 900x937 , 1-4.png )
No. 11262 ID: d6af4f
File 133016900827.png - (81.29KB , 767x900 , 1-5.png )
No. 11263 ID: d6af4f
File 133016909383.png - (278.30KB , 561x1000 , 1-6.png )
No. 11264 ID: d6af4f
File 133016911451.png - (95.14KB , 1200x532 , 1-7.png )
4x canon
No. 11265 ID: d6af4f
File 133016919233.png - (136.17KB , 1000x884 , 1-8.png )
No. 11266 ID: d6af4f
File 133016928572.png - (209.21KB , 557x1000 , 1-10.png )
This was supposed to come sooner but I kept forgetting about it.

1-9 is in Fanart IX.
No. 11267 ID: 2f7168
thanks for posting these !
No. 11268 ID: 1854db
All of the canon.

Who's that with their horn stuck in the ground?
No. 11271 ID: c6ec33
Galliard, the unluckiest unicron~
No. 11305 ID: 89c7f5
I like your art... with the tentacles.

No. 11431 ID: d6af4f
File 133079152742.png - (132.38KB , 1000x469 , 2-1.png )
Next batch from a request stream.
No. 11432 ID: d6af4f
File 133079157661.png - (150.53KB , 769x1000 , 2-2.png )
No. 11433 ID: d6af4f
File 133079159358.png - (165.00KB , 1000x1000 , 2-3.png )
No. 11434 ID: d6af4f
File 133079161290.png - (173.84KB , 1000x1000 , 2-4.png )
No. 11436 ID: d6af4f
File 133079166607.png - (217.54KB , 1000x1000 , 2-5.png )
The request is just what it looks like.
No. 11444 ID: 2f7168
no matter who loses, everyone wins. great work again !
No. 11458 ID: 2d6aed

Hahah, these are great!
No. 11460 ID: 1854db
Bleh. Hypnotism has no place in porn. You can't hypnotize people against their will. Or make them do big things they normally wouldn't do.
No. 11462 ID: 70f410
with porn hypnotism, you can
No. 11464 ID: 94ed3e
100% canon t. hanx lagochee
No. 11487 ID: d6af4f
File 133094233833.png - (99.03KB , 622x1000 , danceoff.png )
Happy birthday, LD
No. 11490 ID: 94ed3e
All dance-offs must be pants-off, it is required. But who is she in a fierce dance-off with?
No. 11501 ID: d6af4f
File 133098403912.png - (124.77KB , 774x1000 , baoddanceoff.png )
True, can't have a real danceoff with only one person.
No. 11507 ID: d6af4f
File 133100217204.png - (89.82KB , 683x826 , chloedanceoff.png )
No. 11512 ID: d6af4f
File 133100982158.png - (87.81KB , 586x1100 , demedanceoff.png )
No. 11514 ID: d6af4f
File 133101858103.png - (102.96KB , 766x900 , eidanceoff.png )
No. 11516 ID: d6af4f
File 133102400729.png - (81.89KB , 637x1000 , flailsbreakerdanceoff.png )
No. 11517 ID: d6af4f
File 133102630340.png - (71.45KB , 713x1000 , geppadanceoff.png )
No. 11525 ID: 1963d1
So hey, buddy! How's that DDL for the strip poker thing coming?
That's an appropriate thing to ask in an art thread right?
No. 11526 ID: d6af4f
File 133108517735.png - (71.29KB , 542x1020 , hiltdanceoff.png )
I'm totally hard at work on the DLL and literally nothing else is getting in the way.
No. 11529 ID: ce4a4d
This dance-off is amazing and you should feel free to continue doing it.
No. 11531 ID: d6af4f
File 133108899272.png - (81.94KB , 757x1010 , imlidanceoff.png )
No. 11532 ID: d6af4f
File 133109153695.png - (51.74KB , 443x950 , jaydanceoff.png )
No. 11536 ID: d6af4f
File 133109556130.png - (99.76KB , 726x1020 , kaneladanceoff.png )
No. 11540 ID: d6af4f
File 133110412576.png - (111.04KB , 916x1000 , liamdanceoff.png )
No. 11545 ID: d6af4f
File 133111192661.png - (107.76KB , 601x1000 , mintdanceoff.png )
No. 11574 ID: d6af4f
File 133130946349.png - (82.32KB , 1000x769 , narusdanceoff.png )
No. 11575 ID: d6af4f
File 133130987073.png - (84.90KB , 749x950 , orendanceoff.png )
No. 11579 ID: d6af4f
File 133131178075.png - (116.88KB , 829x1050 , penjidanceoff.png )
P is for Penji who dances differently.
No. 11581 ID: d6af4f
File 133131566220.png - (106.12KB , 990x990 , quinnquoddledanceoff.png )
Q is for Quoddles on a Queasy Quinn
No. 11582 ID: d6af4f
File 133131721459.png - (72.01KB , 523x1000 , rhyndanceoff.png )
R is for Rhyn who doesn't dance and is no friend of mine.
No. 11600 ID: d6af4f
File 133133472355.png - (105.35KB , 1090x891 , sazvgaodanceoff.png )
No. 11605 ID: d6af4f
File 133133973723.png - (88.44KB , 601x1000 , torydanceoff.png )
T is for Tory except as a girl because of science
No. 11610 ID: d6af4f
File 133135054390.png - (86.43KB , 578x1000 , uglukdanceoff.png )
U is for Ugluk who is a monster and hackisacks kobolds.
No. 11612 ID: d6af4f
File 133135195452.png - (76.25KB , 807x1020 , vendanceoff.png )
No. 11616 ID: d6af4f
File 133135657928.png - (70.91KB , 458x1090 , wesfumodanceoff.png )
No. 11619 ID: d6af4f
File 133135947457.png - (107.72KB , 873x1000 , xixryxixdanceoff.png )
X is for Xix Ryxix But a Girl, a completely legitimate quest character.
No. 11620 ID: d6af4f
File 133136110352.png - (102.09KB , 856x1050 , yisidanceoff.png )
No. 11621 ID: d6af4f
File 133136232622.png - (96.30KB , 659x1000 , zanedanceoff.png )
and Z is for Zane who insists those aren't pants.
No. 11622 ID: d6af4f
File 133136241305.png - (76.02KB , 753x1000 , jinikidanceoff.png )
Have a bonus Jiniki - Shela - something I can't draw right.
No. 11623 ID: ce4a4d
File 133136542215.jpg - (69.37KB , 500x500 , applause.jpg )
...sorry, I meant to hold all applause until the end. Again, jolly good show.
No. 11626 ID: f5e4b4
Great job! :D
No. 11640 ID: f7ae22
The bestest dance-off.
No. 12930 ID: c811c4
File 133676397957.png - (210.79KB , 1000x1000 , 3-1.png )
I have actually been meaning to spoiler the porn. For some reason.
No. 12932 ID: c811c4
File 133676432881.png - (33.67KB , 900x900 , 3-2.png )
No. 12934 ID: c811c4
File 133677992885.png - (35.87KB , 900x955 , 3-3.png )
It is jacket lizard porn.
No. 12937 ID: c811c4
File 133679829908.png - (34.68KB , 900x900 , 3-4.png )
She has nuts because she is a squirrel have I ever said I'm imaginative because I hope not
No. 13014 ID: 5c94e7
Is it wrong that I prefer these softcore pieces over the hardcore smut?

They're so much more cute and wholesome instead of being completely sexual.
It's like choosing between Neapolitan ice cream or plain chocolate.
No. 13027 ID: c811c4
I'm just glad to know that I haven't drawn so much hardcore smut that I've turned incapable of drawing plain little clean/suggestive things.
No. 13028 ID: a83682
I certainly prefer them to the hardcore smut!
No. 13029 ID: 726d50
Pornmouse is now known as clean/suggestivemouse
No. 13037 ID: 1963d1
I respectfully disagree.
No. 13451 ID: c811c4
File 133920824869.png - (23.21KB , 800x1000 , 3-5.png )
These are some Bite Quest spoilers.
No. 13454 ID: f7ae22
Spikesby will never be able to have his ice cream ;n;
No. 13459 ID: 0006f5
theyre posting chocolate dicks !!
No. 13475 ID: 7a2594
Do you take requests my good sir?

A snake with the head of Bill Cosby would be simply smashing!
No. 13477 ID: c811c4
Fraid I don't, there are a frillion images I have to complete as it is, and only so much time.
No. 14037 ID: 44b4ea
File 134198849924.png - (254.78KB , 736x1100 , comm120708-1.png )
Since these aren't going on my FA, may as well dump a few commissions from the other night here.

It is mostly porn, and they are all 1 hour commissions.
No. 14038 ID: 44b4ea
File 134198856423.jpg - (160.91KB , 1050x1050 , comm120708-2.jpg )
Specifically dude-porn.
No. 14039 ID: 44b4ea
File 134198867406.png - (127.13KB , 667x1100 , comm120708-3.png )
This one actually was a half-hour.
No. 14040 ID: 44b4ea
File 134198876440.png - (510.42KB , 798x1200 , comm120710-1.png )
The halfway point of the previous picture's nude version.
No. 14065 ID: 34b761
Lago have I ever mentioned how much I love you as a quest author and artist?

cause I fuckin love you as a quest author and artist.

like, seriously. I think you're third behind Weaver and Reaver as my favorite ever of all time.
No. 14068 ID: 44b4ea
File 134206099404.png - (12.16KB , 700x700 , 3rdplace.png )

But really, I'm quite flattered from hearing those things, thank you very much.
No. 14071 ID: f7ae22
No. 14074 ID: 8ffedb
Your quests are currently the main reason I show up. Also you update fast enough to keep me happy, so thanks!
No. 14075 ID: 886a4d
You have first place in my book, if that counts for anything.
No. 14090 ID: 44b4ea
Oh man, you guys are warming my heart.
No. 14104 ID: 72dd1c
One of those artists left the site, the other never updates, so you win by process of elimination.
No. 14128 ID: 0b8bca
I, too, think Lago is the bestest ever. Second only to Slinkoboy.
No. 14251 ID: 34b761
Adorable art! you are by far my favorite active quest author and are running my favorite active quests. I just have a special place for Ruby and Mudy quest so I don't think anyone new can beat them. You come closest though!
No. 14453 ID: f09b71
File 134385136631.png - (1.40MB , 1180x1180 , lazuhrek.png )
No. 14455 ID: 0006f5
No. 14460 ID: 5db224
File 134387948963.png - (98.26KB , 500x500 )

View animation
No. 14461 ID: 1f8505

Most excellent!
No. 14467 ID: b85f8c
Oh god. I don't think you're supposed to be able to see their eyesockets, just their brows. That's kinda creepy. I think Jungle Lazurek (no h) do tend to have differences in fur coloration that make apparent where there eyes are... Strange that she's white- that's an unusual color for a Jungle. Part Mountain perhaps?
No. 14469 ID: bb730e
This is awesome and i request more.
No. 14472 ID: f09b71
File 134391722867.jpg - (362.43KB , 1180x1180 , lazurek-2.jpg )
Part mountain, yeah. I could have sworn that even the wiki had the H not 2 days ago, but I suppose the fact that 'lazuhrek' will still get to the right page could confuse me enough.

Anyway, the eye socket thing was mentioned even before this, so here is an update/alternate version.
No. 14473 ID: b804ee
File 134391766671.png - (82.74KB , 500x500 )
Thanks for the compliment guys. Here's another thing. I hate erasing in shiipainter.

View animation
No. 14474 ID: b85f8c
Awesome, that's much better. I do like the use of fishnets to push down the fluff and accentuate her curves.
No. 14475 ID: d6a5fd
I just like fishnets.
No. 14479 ID: 50b072
actually, Aggeia is the only one I've drawn so far with the "eyespots."

the "h" was something that wasn't originally in the name, I just ended up adding it in when I got around to Aggeia showing up in JQ. I really have no idea where it came from... Anyway, looks great, those fishnets must be straining and ready to burst from holding in all that fluff
No. 14480 ID: f09b71
At least I can take comfort that the h wasn't some illfound construct of my imagination. Anywho, glad to have gotten your approval.
No. 14494 ID: f09b71
File 134402480928.png - (268.16KB , 1050x915 , 3-6.png )
I spent far too little time on this considering the amount of time it took me to get off my ass and do it.
No. 14495 ID: 0006f5
but it is done ! and looking extra fancy
No. 14499 ID: f09b71
File 134404366305.jpg - (368.50KB , 1150x1035 , gnollseeker.jpg )
Hourly gnoll commission.
No. 14500 ID: a889e6
Gnolls gnolling gnolls!
Not gnolling you!
No. 14501 ID: f09b71
File 134404926148.jpg - (272.15KB , 1150x983 , alisonisocomm.jpg )
Canon not implied.
No. 14502 ID: f7ae22
It's not implied because it's confirmed, obv.
No. 14505 ID: f09b71
File 134405555446.jpg - (248.78KB , 1050x1050 , seeker2.jpg )
More gnollings, this time remembering the spoiler tags.
No. 14506 ID: a889e6
Remembering them so hard.
No. 14509 ID: c6ec33
I'm surprised it took this long, honestly. :V

But the results are VERY nice. :D

Please excuse my perversion, but my curiosity is getting the better of me - if Alison had the proper equipment, where would it be located? On an actual snake, it would be near the end of the tail-like body. However, she wears a loincloth in a more human location...
No. 14510 ID: ca06ba
Ohmyyes. =D

...so does Alison get more red when she's, uh, excited? Because from the chest day pic she's moved from salmon-ish to full on lobster here. It's like a full body blush!

I suppose his partner having a full-body mood ring makes Iso's job easier.

Considering their nature, I'd assume it would be wherever she wanted to put it.
No. 14511 ID: e3f578
This kobold is dressed up like an assassin
Did she fail and this is just gnolls being gnolls about this sort of thing
No. 14512 ID: f09b71
The bad part is is that that is the second attempt at remembering.

Like 14510 says, wherever Alison would want to place it.

I found that the chestday picture was rather painfully bright, so I messed around and figured maybe a deeper red would be better, such as http://tgchan.org/kusaba/moo/src/134267748863.png

Who knows I just draw things and things happen, the porn has no story that I'm aware of
No. 14513 ID: b85f8c
It's Trout's kobold, obv.
No. 14515 ID: 6a4b78

Nice pics, specially the Alison and Iso one :D
No. 14516 ID: 160ec1
Seeker's first time


Seeker is a Bioware protagonist. He's going for the Harem ending.
No. 14518 ID: f09b71
File 134411048589.png - (898.13KB , 1050x1050 , lazuhrke.png )
More of a 2+ hour job on this one.
No. 14519 ID: d6c330
My favorite part is how absolutely ecstatic they both look.

Is that blue stuff fuzz or little rubbery frills? (I'm pretty sure I'm looking at porn wrong if this is what catches my attention, but oh well).
No. 14520 ID: f09b71
It is Lohrke parts.

From the http://tgchan.org/wiki/Lohrke
"The bottom of their feet and tail is lined with hundreds of tiny fibers that excrete a sticky mucous, allowing Lohrke to walk almost effortlessly along cavern walls and ceilings."
No. 14543 ID: f09b71
File 134432177184.png - (964.84KB , 840x1400 , recluse.png )
Alison X Recluse this time around. Canonically questionable.
No. 14544 ID: b85f8c
Wait. Is she sleeping?
No. 14545 ID: f09b71
Like a rock.
No. 14546 ID: b85f8c
Yeah, that's highly questionable!

I mean, he's biting her tit. You don't sleep through that, nor having a dick in your mouth for more than a second.

Sleep fetish is silly.
No. 14548 ID: f09b71
File 134432966167.png - (551.74KB , 1100x774 , hokxkappi.png )
Fetishes are silly in general.

Speaking of silly, there are at least 3 silly things about this hok x kappi.
No. 14553 ID: b85f8c
1) The size of Hok's dick
2) Hok's face
3) Hok likes to do it with most of his clothes still on apparently

Wait is he really that short compared to Kappi? Or is he kneeling?
No. 14558 ID: d6c330
Oh, Kappi. You never get to be the dominant one, do you.
No. 14559 ID: a5fa72

While rarer than most, there are a lot of conditions that are exceptions to your blanket statement. This doesn't even include ones where people are vulnerable during their sleep.

So yes, it's silly, but not impossible. I'm not going to touch you ragging on the other one, but are you going to make scoffing at others' kinks or ideas a habit?
No. 14562 ID: f09b71
File 134436673322.png - (901.40KB , 1050x1050 , seeker3.png )
He's kneeling.

In the meanwhile, reuploading more tail-fixes.
No. 14563 ID: f09b71
File 134436682546.png - (735.75KB , 1150x862 , seeker4.png )
Just reuploading the same things.
No. 14564 ID: 160ec1

1) The fluffyness of Kappi's tail

2) The shinyness of Hok's hat

3) Hok's expression.

I can't see anything else silly about it!
No. 14566 ID: b85f8c
Sexsomnia causes you to basically rape people if they're in the same bed with you, not the other way around. I'm sure it's quite possible to molest someone in their sleep to a degree, but restricting their airways or causing pain will wake them up, I guarantee it.

Yes, I'm gonna keep pointing out silliness. I'm not saying people are wrong for having these fetishes, but I've noticed that some people seem to present impossible things as if they're possible in real life and I feel compelled to correct that.

Funny, I feel compelled to stop you from doing it.
No. 14567 ID: d6c330
Well, except for the fact there's no way that's happening in the real world. I'm not sure Alison needs to breathe, at all. And if that bed's in a safe zone, it's not possible for Recluse to actually be hurting her. We also never actually got around to testing what it takes to wake someone up, we just inferred from Recluse seeking out privacy to sleep that it was possible. Heck, logically, if any of the contestants knows how far you can push a sleeping person without waking them up, I'd expect it to be him.

Not that it's not silly, of course.

Speaking of silly, I'll jump on this bandwagon.
3 silly things:

1)One of the hat flaps is rather oversized.
2)Rokoa apparently scarred Kappi enough to change his gender and species preference.
3)I think that bed is huge.
No. 14568 ID: 58396a
Lagotrope is definitely a favorite, and some of these latest commissions are really nicely done :D
No. 14569 ID: a5fa72

Sexsomnia is a single example. Pointing out the non-relation in one disorder does not make you right. It is not impossible, it does happen in real life.
No. 14570 ID: 3b9af0
> I've noticed that some people seem to present impossible things as if they're possible in real life and I feel compelled to correct that.

I'd suggest doing more research before you correct people in threads and act smug about it. You just come off as entitled and misinformed most of the time. I've seen you littering other peoples' art and threads with your "corrections" as you are calling them. You're usually just being wrong and/or rude.
No. 14572 ID: 997ce7
Is it just me or does it look like Alison's boobs are ticklish?
No. 14575 ID: b85f8c
>red text
Um, that's not a very clear message. Are you telling me to not point out things like this or to be more polite or what? I'm not trying to stir up drama here.

The article you linked only spoke of sexsomnia, and that's the only sex-related sleeping disorder I'm aware of. What others are there that could apply here? And what is it that you're saying happens in real life? Forcing a sleeping person to give you a blowjob? Or biting someone's tit without waking them up? I have said that I'm sure you can molest people when they're asleep. I'm not saying that's impossible. Full on sex I would guess would wake up almost everyone, but I don't claim that's strictly impossible either.

Okay yeah those are good points. I forgot that Alison doesn't need to breathe, and in a safe zone the bite might not wake her up, as it would at most make her uncomfortable. I retract that criticism of the improbability of the situation! Recluse's willingness to do such a thing is I suppose the only real issue with it.

I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong about stuff like this elsewhere. Go ahead and tell me when I am; I won't be offended. You're... not talking about art technique though right? I really hope I haven't been giving bad advice.
No. 14584 ID: 58396a

I can't help but read HYPERSEXOMANIA constantly.

It doesn't help that Lagotrope is now Ears.

(slip roofies, fuck tom....?)
No. 14590 ID: b33427
You're not the only one; I thought so as well. It brought a smile to my face to imagine that Alison is giggling the entire time Iso's up there.
No. 14592 ID: 997ce7
Actually, now that I think of it, Iso looks pretty ticklish too.

...Sex = tickling. This is so canon now.
No. 14593 ID: 997ce7
Genital/erogenous zone tickling specifically
No. 14594 ID: d6c330
Welp. That's it then. Next time it's reasonable, we suggest tickling in the quest thread.

>Recluse's willingness to do such a thing is I suppose the only real issue with it
The participation of the participants is usually the biggest hurdle for the suspension of disbelief for any kind of rule34 anyways.
No. 14599 ID: a5fa72

I wrote the story out for it, Lago told me it was believable & legit. I trust the author!
No. 14600 ID: f09b71
File 134449221773.png - (635.40KB , 1100x1100 , awkwardtimes.png )
Freaky alien sex.
No. 14602 ID: ba1062
Is... Is that an egg? Do Neumono have an inverted reproductive system?
No. 14604 ID: 04fa21
They might not have gametes at all! Just something like the fusion of two blobs of flesh, remember what Rokoa said about cutting Neumono in half.
No. 14611 ID: f09b71
No, the females still make the egg. Without going into more lavish detail than anyone asked for, the male makes a gel-like ball that is effectively a condensed, solid spermball. I forgot the proper sciency term offhand. Anyways, the female sucks it out, and can keep it in storage. Either to digest it as a nutrient, or to hold it to fertilize an egg immediately or well after the sex act had already been performed. It's up to the female, so contraception/birth control (for actual birth control, rather than hormone balance) isn't necessary.

Maybe I'll write all the sordid details later depending on demand for something I would normally imagine there is not a lot of. 'Spermball' is not a term I ever thought I would write.
No. 14615 ID: d6c330
...and Mikliks apparently have a sperm-cloud, kind of the opposite of a sperm-ball. :p

>more sordid details
Offhand, I'm not sure what would be needed. We already know the incubation period, about the voluntary / optional conception, slightly different material transfer method, and what the dongs in question look like. That's prettymuch alien biology 101, unless you've hidden something else paralytically weird from us (chestburster baby delivery relying on neumono healing factor).

I suppose there are some details (litter size? age of maturity, etc), but it seems to me most of the questions left would be social, not biological (attitudes and norms about sex would have to be different if the whole hive can hear it. And if the consequences are optional. Then there's the matter of child rearing- are fathers involved at all? Some of Rokoa's answers, and Polos flashback imply maybe not. Then of course, the mandatory questions about same sex relations. We know they're aware of the possibility, but not much else. Etc). Still, that's kind of the stuff I'd rather see picked up naturally in the story than dumped out in spoilers.

(Actually, I think it's becoming clear I already have too many sordid details, not too few. Love your work, Lago).
No. 14616 ID: a9298b
sucks it out? so basically no reason for intercourse then? is that even a thing for neumono?
No. 14617 ID: b85f8c
The hat stays on, I see.
No. 14619 ID: f09b71
>[Details] picked up naturally in the story [rather] than dumped out in spoilers
And normally I'd agree, but a lot of this stuff likely would never see the light of day in quest proper, though that mostly applies to the real sordid details. The other stuff like child rearing would have more place in a story, so no harm in saving that info. And thank you for the love.

For intercourse involving actual procreation, the vagina does the sucking. Freaky alien sex etc.

No. 14620 ID: b85f8c
So how does the sperm cloud thing work? It reminds me of spores...
No. 14621 ID: e3f578
Is there a reason Hok is male instead of female since he can do both? IS this what mikliks do for foreplay with other species? Go same gender before moving onto Tab A -> Slot A? (or is the metaphor supposed to be Tab A goes into Slot B, and then is anal Slot C? And the metaphor gets ALL sorts of messed up once your introduce transforming hermaphrodites)
No. 14625 ID: 997ce7
I imagine that in the case of oral, it's automatically digested, but what happens with anal/handjobs and the like?
No. 14626 ID: f09b71
>Is there a reason Hok is male instead of female
No, there really isn't, just arbitrary decision.

Mikliks are more like plants, so the spermcloud I would call pollen. And instead of getting pregnant, baby miklik's are grown from eggseeds. Also the dick can detach and be like a male anglerfish. Again, sparing the sordid details, this time because I forgot.

Nothing, really. Probably the equivelant of a human dick getting squeezed, but not making any friction up/down.
No. 14629 ID: b85f8c
>detachable penis
So they just take it off and stick it right on the girl so they can make babies whenever she wants without him even needing to be there?

Laziest reproduction ever.
No. 14630 ID: ba1062
If that's the case then could a Miklik reproduce via selfcest?
No. 14631 ID: f09b71
But still more action than most other plants receive.

Yes, but it ends up having similar effects to human inbreeding, so only if they want miklik boys that ain't right.
No. 14634 ID: b85f8c
Oh, so the detached gonads produce genes of the same type as whoever it's attached to? I expected them to keep producing the original owner's genes.
No. 14635 ID: bf54a8
what? no that was a response to fucking yourself.
No. 14636 ID: b85f8c
Whoops! Must've hovered over the wrong link or something.
No. 14733 ID: f09b71
File 134509981341.png - (539.02KB , 1100x994 , scaleneamiel.png )
Scalene x Amiel, 1h commission
No. 15445 ID: 7e908a
File 134897607807.png - (643.19KB , 1160x939 , storyseekeronbed.png )
Questionable canonity, but with this quest who knows what'll happen.

1.5 hour commission this time.
No. 15446 ID: c6ec33
Try to get out of the no-sex rule NOW, Story Seeker. :V

... I find lizards in maid outfits strangely appealing. :(

And for 1.5 hours, that's really nice! :D

I still need to commission you. Where/how are you taking them nowadays? Do you still stream?
No. 15447 ID: 7e908a
You can generally just contact me over IRC. In fact I am streaming right now (as of time of posting.)
No. 15449 ID: 7e908a
File 134898577910.png - (531.89KB , 1175x727 , xazrozVIEW.png )
Gay bird sex, hour commission
No. 15452 ID: f2c20c

Yay for new stuff!
No. 15454 ID: 7e908a
File 134899656073.png - (539.81KB , 1190x830 , leffyrangangbangVIEW.png )
A Leffyran getting gangbanged. 2 hours on this one because posing
No. 15455 ID: c6ec33
I do so enjoy the vaguely worried expression on bird-dude...
No. 15458 ID: 7e7609
That's my favorite thing in the image. That and the inexplicable hat.
No. 15459 ID: 7e908a
File 134900539353.png - (609.02KB , 807x1000 , SSdrakecuddles.png )
Story Seeker and the Drake go cuddling. 1h commission.
No. 15472 ID: c6ec33
The cutest ;___:
No. 15473 ID: 0c7cf8

I can't decide which one I like more... Though I guess the one with SS because of how it relates to the quest. Also because maid outfit.
No. 15476 ID: c74c7d

No. 15477 ID: 58396a

It seems leferrans come in two flavors: stick up the ass and sexual frustrations, or dick up the ass and sexual anticipations.

... Also big balls, it seems, but that's another matter for the Biology class~
No. 15478 ID: 7e908a
File 134908705549.png - (508.48KB , 1200x574 , polorokoapostdueltime.png )
Somewhere in a parallel universe, Polo, after winning her duel, decides to relish her victory.

1.5 hour commission.
No. 15480 ID: 7e908a
File 134911447075.png - (671.23KB , 896x1200 , storyseekertownrunVIEW.png )
A continuation of

1.5 hour comm
No. 15481 ID: 58396a

Frighteningly, I can almost see Rokoa enjoying that. Somehow.
No. 15482 ID: c99cad

Frankly I'm more concerned with how many alternate dimensions he had to delve to find one where Polo is a sexual fiend.

Far too many to count by conventional means I'm certain.
No. 15485 ID: f2c20c
Oh god, is that Clunker holding the leash?
No. 15487 ID: 86c3a7
Enjoying it? She's submitting to it. Those bonds do not look sufficient to hold her. She's taking it because she lost, and that means Polo gets to do what she wants, be that spare her, kill her, rip off an ear to keep as a trophy blanket, or, um, this.

But yeah, definitely enjoying it too. She also seems to find it hilarious.

Hmm. We would have has to start controlling her, earlier, I think. That, and steer the emotional build up in chapter 2 away from anger and towards something else.
No. 15493 ID: 0c7cf8
Thank you based Lagotrope and Anon who commissioned this.

I have never HNNNGed harder.
No. 15494 ID: c74c7d

And there will be more of this... just not now.
No. 15510 ID: 240dbb
Can't wait. If I had cash to spare I'd commission somthing as well.
No. 15512 ID: 7e908a
File 134934205320.png - (759.90KB , 1150x911 , SSdrakeVIEW.png )
< 1
No. 15513 ID: f2c20c
This is what would happen if we hadn't had Clunker help her with food duties, I imagine.
No. 15538 ID: 7e908a
File 134947691196.png - (659.06KB , 1150x1150 , storyseekerpt3VIEW.png )
Part 3 of story seeker shenanigans.
1.5 hour comm
No. 15541 ID: 86c3a7
...he's really not using this groundhog day loop to his best advantage.
No. 15544 ID: f2c20c
Whoa, dude's raking in the cash.
No. 15550 ID: a9298b
that's just like, your opinion, man
No. 15551 ID: 27a240
Only thing that would make this better is a veiw of what his other hand is up to back there. Loved this set.
No. 15638 ID: f09b71
File 134993840179.png - (888.27KB , 1200x1029 , AlisonArbiterIso.png )
1 hour (or so) commission.
No. 15661 ID: e3f578
IS that genital dentata? Poor Iso!
No. 15668 ID: 0dbe97
What? No, that.... huh.
No. 15673 ID: f2c20c
That would be wetness. It would be less confusing if it were horizontal wavy lines instead of jagged mostly-vertical ones.
No. 15785 ID: c4e5c2
File 135062634030.png - (539.34KB , 1200x781 , giantXthreestripesVIEW.png )
Another in the series of may-or-may-not-be-canon.

1 hour commission
No. 15792 ID: c4e5c2
File 135063558406.png - (884.83KB , 1100x1100 , rokoaghostdicksVIEW.png )
The description was literally Rokoa and the attack of the ghost dicks. And behold.
No. 15793 ID: f2c20c
What with everything being red already, I can't tell if that's blood. I hope it isn't :/ On the other hand she could just be a virgin... but that seems unlikely- wait. Did we ever see any male tribals?! Do Neumono even have hymens?
No. 15794 ID: c4e5c2
There were male tribals, yes, and they don't have hymens.

But lastly, no, that isn't blood.
No. 15795 ID: 16ac41
Woo woo woo woo!
No. 15796 ID: f2c20c
No. 15802 ID: e3f578
reverse ghost blowjob
No. 15824 ID: bf54a8
man, predator/neumono hybrids would be exceedingly dangerous neumono killers. i mean, strength and regen powers of a neumono and even a weaker hive link control power would let them basically stunlock anyone near them and then beat the crap out of them. like a reverse-polo.
No. 15830 ID: f2c20c
It would certainly make for an effective soldier. I bet there would be some conflict over who gets to raise the kid, though. Consider that Three Stripes and the tribals are effectively research prisoners...

On the other hand, Giant can just decide not to be impregnated. In her situation it would be a risky move I don't think she would take.
No. 15945 ID: c4e5c2
File 135113735205.png - (948.92KB , 1071x1160 , AlisonCorruptorVIEW.png )
1.5 hour commission of horrifying snake dicks
No. 15948 ID: b3dd38
No. 15952 ID: 44f93b
Hey, where'd his fangs go?

>horrifying snake dicks
Actually, I think they're kinda cute.

Really, though, I'm glad to see a picture where Corruptor's happy. There were always too few of those. It always made me kind of sad how bummed he generally was, and that in the end we made it worse instead of helping. We never even got to take him to that party!
No. 15956 ID: f2c20c
Yeah, he's kindof a tragic character, in the end. He can't help who he is, but everyone is getting punished just because he exists.
No. 16001 ID: 2be549
Horrifying indeed. If that one reaches up to her breasts, then that other one...?
No. 16009 ID: f2c20c
If it's accurate to real snakes, it's orientated the other direction and is bending up a bit to get into her, so it wouldn't be the whole thing... but that's only a few inches difference at most I guess.

On the other hand, it's not like Alison needs to have many organs, since this is a simulation. Who knows how things are set up in there?
No. 16011 ID: fd1b58

Even if we assume it's bent a little for proper orientation, that still would reach WELL up into her Sternum, In fact, I would be surprised if it wasn't right next to it's brother up there.

One thing is for damn certain however, is that Iso and the Arbiter will have a HELL of a time trying to top that.
No. 16012 ID: 44f93b
...why should we assume they're both the same size?
No. 16013 ID: f2c20c
From what I can tell it should wind up topping out just below her boobs. Where her hand is is approximately the 'base', so compare how far apart that is from where the other one makes its way up there. It would intrude upon where her lungs are at most, but that's only if she has any. She might not, since she doesn't need to breathe underwater.

...this conversation is very silly. Regardless, they're probably fooling around in a safe zone. If she can take the whole thing in a safe zone, she's fine.
No. 16014 ID: bf54a8
how do we even know its going upward and not downward into the larger snake body area?
No. 16084 ID: ac5ae6
Probably wouldn't be as tight, and where's the fun in that?
No. 16094 ID: a5478c
So I've had a sudden thought on >>14611

Can neumono spermballs be eaten as food by non-neumono?
No. 16095 ID: bf54a8
i can't think of a race that would fine them good tasting.
No. 16096 ID: c4e5c2
It's not poisonous/toxic or anything, so it could be eated by anyone in general. But as >>16095 implied, I can't think of any races that would generally WANT to. But hell, in some cultures, testes are a delicacy, so hence my liberal use of the word 'generally'.
No. 16097 ID: 735f4f
Its all in the branding. If we can come up with a catchy name and packaging can sell them at a premium to stupid tourists and rich people.
No. 16100 ID: beeca1
"Rocky Mountain Oysters"
"Rokoa Mountain Oysters".
No. 16101 ID: e3f578
Reminds me of sarcastaball from South Park.
Eventually, someone would ruin the horrific secret because they've eaten neumono cumballs before.
No. 16103 ID: b3dd38
File 135190233546.png - (598.48KB , 1100x1100 , awkwardtimesb2.png )
Speaking of delicious Neumono spermatophoroids, have a slightly fixed-up version of the image that prompted the discussion

The colours aren't supposed to be different, but it couldn't be avoided.
No. 16108 ID: f2c20c
The colors look the same to me.
No. 16110 ID: 3338b5
If you toggle back and forth between the two, you can see the background purple on the wall is slightly lighter now. And since the spermbubble is semitransparent and Kappi's leg is now behind it, the color's different there too.

Who cares about the colors though. The fun bit is flipping back and forth and watching the magic Kappi torso expansion and contraction. Whee!~
No. 16247 ID: 425b9d
hnnnngh even in porn neumono's are adorbs
No. 16277 ID: f2c20c
Hey Lagotrope, when are we gonna see freaky alien sex featuring Belenosians, Yich Eaters, and Yomi?
No. 16279 ID: c4e5c2
Until either someone pays me, or never, whichever comes first.
No. 16282 ID: f2c20c
What abooouuuut just describing it? I am interested in finding out if they are comparatively weird. I mean, we've got spore-based reproduction and sperm packet weirdness. Surely all the other races don't have humanlike reproductive systems!
No. 16283 ID: 70c0f2
...you could always take it to ITQ and see if any of the characters are willing to be as forthcoming as Pilon was with regards to our sex ed.
No. 16304 ID: c6ec33
You rang?
No. 16312 ID: 85bd72

Belenosians and Yomi i'm all for, but Yich Eaters? Something about that is just .. wrong. Intensely wrong.
No. 16432 ID: 35d27b
bah..... keep trying to draw a neumono, I can (kinda) do the face okay, but I not drawn for several years, plus using a tablet is screwing everything up..... I need a scanner, pencil & paper.....
No. 16434 ID: cef479

Ironically, I managed to sketch up a Neunomo myself a few days ago. I dunno if I really want to put it up or anything though, since it's an oc and this isn't my own thread.
No. 16464 ID: c4e5c2
File 135372731187.png - (883.80KB , 1180x1124 , storyseekerpt4VIEW.png )
I certainly would not mind seeing it posted here, actually. Perhaps fittingly as the top words say, 'A place for pictures that have nowhere else to go.'

In other news, 4th commission of Story Seeker and received shenanigans.
No. 16468 ID: 997ce7
So if they have what looks like latex, do they have vibrators or is that just a regular ol' artificial phallus?
No. 16469 ID: c4e5c2
I'm sure one of them can enchant inanimate objects with a shake spell
No. 16485 ID: c4e5c2
File 135375365947.png - (519.56KB , 1200x773 , ItcherJessicaVIEW.png )
Another entry in the questionable canonity list
No. 16489 ID: cef479
File 135380596626.jpg - (504.16KB , 2256x2784 , _LieToMe_.jpg )
Apologizing right now for the fact that it's sketched out on lined paper because I know that's a serious art no-no. And if the size is way too big or something.
No. 16490 ID: cef479
Apologizing for forgetting to put my name on the post too.
No. 16493 ID: 1e9d01
No. 16495 ID: 997ce7
I choose to believe that you meant to say "unquestionable" and an autocorrection program changed it to "questionable" due to faulty programming. I also choose to believe this of all the previous pictures in that series.
No. 16496 ID: 75037b

>questionable canonity

That's a funny joke Lago.
No. 16510 ID: c4e5c2
File 135392540916.png - (852.71KB , 1150x1150 , ItcherJessica2nudeVIEW.png )
That is all kind of adorable.

Another Jess/Itcher commission
No. 16511 ID: c4e5c2
File 135392547980.png - (914.30KB , 1150x1150 , ItcherJessica2clothesVIEW.png )
Same thing but with the overjacket and fedora.
No. 16513 ID: 75037b
Y'know for an accountant Itcher is in insanely good shape.
No. 16515 ID: cef479

Yeah, sorry about that.
No. 16516 ID: 48de7f
Unless that's intended, there's no penetration. Either Itcher's butt is a bit low or Jess is positioned a bit high. Or a bit of both
No. 16517 ID: 5bf190
Or maybe his species has prehensile dicks and he can just snake it up between them and slip it in. Or it has a joint in it. Or maybe he has no dick and his body vibrates for her pleasure while he sweats his genetic material across his lower underbelly and massages it in. Open your miiind, maaaannn!
No. 16518 ID: f2c20c
Double nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
No. 16519 ID: b33427
Yeah, he is in oddly good shape. Figure he'd be thin 'cause quite a few of his meals are of the alcohol based variety, but that doesn't explain the muscle. Though the best explanation is Lago just uses this body type by default.

They probably haven't gotten that far yet, and Itcher is just getting Jess in position against the wall. That look on Itcher's face is from the exertion of picking Jess up, sinc neumono are generally pretty heavy for their size.

...Or it's something weird like that. That's always a possibility.

What's your problem?
No. 16520 ID: 70c0f2
>What's your problem?
Obviously he or she ships the other side of the love triangle.

Or is disappointed Itcher didn't opt for the threesome.
No. 16522 ID: c4e5c2
File 135398217556.png - (816.26KB , 1150x1150 , ItcherJessica2fixclothesVIEW.png )
You're sorry it was adorable? It's a good thing.

Update because all that was correct, Itcher's butt was too low. It was a clumsy effort in the size difference, because as it is, Jessica's way too tall compared to how she should be now. But it looks better like that rather than Itcher's torso being way too elongated (and missing the groins).

As for the body type, it's intentional. He just doesn't let himself go, worried about appearances and all that.
No. 16523 ID: c4e5c2
File 135398229019.png - (5.49MB , 3000x3000 , ItcherJessica2fixnudeFULL.png )
And no, nothing real strange about belenos reproduction.

These fix updates for pictures with 2 versions sure make me feel like I'm spamming up my own thread though.
No. 16524 ID: f2c20c
The former, but the second option would be interesting as well.
No. 16527 ID: 70c0f2
Lordy, that one is huge.
No. 16529 ID: a5478c
loving dat high resolution
No. 16530 ID: c4e5c2
File 135398640096.png - (825.98KB , 1150x1150 , ItcherJessica2fixnudeVIEW.png )
I'm making all the mistakes, I meant to upload the VIEW.

Spammin' my thread
No. 16534 ID: b33427
And on top of whatever he did to keep up his appearances, he used to haul around those gold bars most every day while counting them. That's a workout right there.
No. 16542 ID: a00410
These two are just too cute of a couple. They really should end up together. Their care about each other so much and are the closest friends. Friends that have been sleeping in the same bed for weeks. They actually have the foundation for a real, lasting relationship. Unlike Icher and some Karmen Sadiago type. She might like him. But Jess is something a lot more real. Species aside.
No. 16545 ID: b6edd6
>Spammin' my thread
We are used to that by now :V
No. 16556 ID: c4e5c2
File 135417732711.png - (822.24KB , 1150x1150 , SSzirkalaVIEW.png )
Story Seeker/Zirkala, 1 hour commission
No. 16558 ID: f2c20c
SS seems greener than normal.
No. 16559 ID: 70c0f2
Huh. I thought the height difference was more pronounced? Although, I suppose with all the polymorphing and illusion wearing in their quest, it really doesn't matter much.
No. 16791 ID: c4e5c2
File 135536021497.png - (661.15KB , 1200x896 , storyseekerpt5VIEW.png )
And part 5 of SS's homosexual shenanigans
1.75 hour commission
No. 16792 ID: beeca1

Wait, homosexual? Wut? Up until now it's just seemed like straight-up femdom, given the crowd of gobbo girls and the oh-so-mysterious silhouette having boobs.
No. 16794 ID: c74c7d

It's still femdom if she whores him out to guys. Quite extreme femdom but still.
No. 16795 ID: beeca1
Yeah, I was asking about the series as a whole being called SS's homosexual shenanigans.
No. 16796 ID: c4e5c2
That new part unlocked a new title, if partially misleading on the whole.

I wasn't really thinking about my choice of words, admittedly.
No. 16797 ID: e3f578
I feel sorry for his prostate
that is not a phrase someone ever thinks they would ever say
No. 16799 ID: c69ce6
I don't have much to say but I'd like to voice my aproval. Thanks lago!
No. 16835 ID: c4e5c2
File 135563745237.png - (802.46KB , 1120x1120 , VilnProvesAPoint.png )
Viln said it was impossible. Polo tests against this hypothesis, but Viln is proving correct.

1 hour commission. Spoilered because I remembered spoilers.
No. 16836 ID: b33427
Oh, lordy... I don't know why, but Viln and Polo's expressions here, taken together, crack me up.
No. 16837 ID: beeca1
"Heh. Knew it."

"Fine you were right now stop smirking"
No. 16839 ID: e3f578
that isn't proving anything, there's only a few inches more to go
I wasn't aware balls deep is what's considered fitting, but Polo can take it, she's achieved far more improbable actions.
No. 16841 ID: 3d518e
...I only just now realized the reason why Viln and Vern were purple was because of the camouflage, not because their fur was different.
No. 16842 ID: 450660
No. 16843 ID: 8b9215
Neumono have great healing abilities. Viln could make it "fit".
No. 16844 ID: ec6d4c
Hmm. Part of me is surprised commissionverse Polo decided to jump her lizard slave but never took a swing at crazyface or cuddly-ears-and-eyes. :V

Let's not start taking Red's approach, here. That's a dark place.
No. 16870 ID: beeca1
So I was searching e621 for "stockings" and I found out someone posted SS's shenanigans there. Currently pending approval and tagged as unknown artist, it seems.

No. 16935 ID: 8d5f3a
yannow I'm sharing that to my furfags...... be happy none this shit between me & my friends gets on e621 or even FA (god FAaaaaaaaaargh)
No. 16936 ID: 8d5f3a
also before others insenuate, I havn't even saved, I like the pics, but not saved, go find somebody else to blame >:(
No. 16937 ID: 8d5f3a
I note my housemate denies me posting stuff (same person here, broken comp & replying to myself)
No. 16938 ID: 8d5f3a
still can't get over this.... "what do you want...... you can regenerate so if you don't choose, I will"
No. 16941 ID: d6ae01
Please don't spam the boards with multiple posts over a short period of time. TGchan moves more slowly than sites like 4chan, so there's no rush in making one big post to convey your thoughts.
No. 17050 ID: c4e5c2
File 135718584009.png - (862.00KB , 1150x1035 , seekerXlookerVIEW.png )
Seeker and Looker

Commission, 1.5 hours
No. 17052 ID: bf54a8
but can YOU see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?
No. 17062 ID: f2c20c
1.5 hours on a shaded, colored image, with all those goddamn tattoos? Are you a fucking WIZARD?!
No. 17063 ID: a00410
yes. just yes. I was doing so coloring work yesterday that was about 1/10 as complicated and it took me 2 hours. And was of coarse about a 1/10 as good... but but WOW.
No. 17067 ID: c4e5c2
File 135726327655.png - (525.68KB , 1150x1150 , KorliKappiVIEW.png )
Happy birthday Toast.

1 hour commission
No. 17069 ID: c4e5c2
File 135726549169.png - (378.44KB , 1150x1150 , KarriKappiVIEW.png )
The first attempt at the previous commission. This is why I don't often do commissions without supervision, lest I end up doing the completely incorrect character.

To be fair, between not timing the sketch and forgetting the timer on a few other occasions, it was probably more like 2 hours.
No. 17070 ID: 51f375
Hmm. Looks like commissionverse Korli's been hitting the growth hormones. :V

Still, nice to see her getting some love. Poor girl didn't get much screentime with us spending all our time hanging in caves with our lizard-slaves, and she's currently running for her life, or worse.
No. 17071 ID: c4e5c2
File 135727283161.png - (247.21KB , 760x1100 , SkynVIEW.png )
Happy birthday Rottel

1 hour or so commission
No. 17072 ID: c6ec33

All of my boners. :C
No. 17075 ID: c4e5c2
File 135728140470.png - (311.95KB , 1160x633 , NokzanyaClearVIEW.png )
Nokizanya and Clear

1 hour commisson
No. 17120 ID: c4e5c2
File 135755249062.png - (401.05KB , 1150x772 , SeekerLookerBathVIEW.png )
Tonight, I remember spoilers on a nsfw drawing, even if it is a tame form of nsfw. And unnecessary.
No. 17186 ID: 4224e5
his dick changed color from the last time
No. 17187 ID: beeca1
Yeah, it's clean now
No. 17191 ID: c267d1
I am very indecisive about canon dong colour.
No. 17198 ID: 450660

Size, however..... ;D
No. 17716 ID: a5478c
I don't frequent IRC so I don't know if this has been answered, but why is all this great art not going on Lago's FA?
No. 17718 ID: c4e5c2
It might be a bit silly, but even if the Lago/FA name identities are no longer a secret, I still treat them as grossly different enough to the point that I don't like crossposting between them much. Sort of like if I showed up to dinner in my underwear and went to bed fully clothed. I guess.
No. 17719 ID: a5478c
Makes sense, though you could always make an alt account for tgchan stuff.
No. 17720 ID: 735f4f
Nothing wrong with keeping stuff separate.
No. 17721 ID: d87442
I always sort of wondered that myself. Makes sense though.
No. 17731 ID: c4e5c2
Yes, but at best it would just be what shows up here, so there really would not be any difference aside from me having to upload everything twice.
No. 17779 ID: a5478c
I cannot get neumono sperm off my mind!

Does the penis make a sound when it ejaculates? How much force goes into it? Can it be weaponized?
No. 17780 ID: 636d38
now I can't get the image of a nude male neumono running around blasting people with his dong going "pew pew pew!"

..... a hipthrust per shot adds +5 penetration to the projectile spermatozoid
No. 17781 ID: b3dd38
The ball comes out as a longish tube that relaxes into a ball shape, and it has to be sucked out deliberately

But this imagery you have just presented us with is fantastic
No. 17795 ID: 57a559
I wonder how neumono bukakes would even work
No. 17798 ID: 997ce7
What with the fur and giant ovenmitt flippers, I wonder how masturbation works. I'm sure they could do it humanstyle, but it'd be a lot more uncomfortable, no?

And bukkake seems like it wouldn't work unless you used some very uncomfortable machinery or made it much less interesting by changing cumshots to cumdrips.
No. 17799 ID: 5bf190
File 136131798764.jpg - (488.62KB , 800x600 , ball_pit.jpg )
>how neumono bukakes would even work
No. 17800 ID: 361ea3

I have the biggest frown on my face right now.

Why would you do this.
No. 17803 ID: 997ce7
I too am outraged at the lack of goo. Orgasms aren't this neat; this inaccuracy is *highly* offensive.
No. 17804 ID: 57a559
Those ball things are full of tiny moving microscopic organisms regardless. It's pretty apt. Bring disease and all sorts of nasty business. Fluids EVERYWHERE.
No. 17805 ID: c92d04
I haven't felt this way since looking at BiteQuest's art. Horror, disgust, and unnatural fascination.
No. 17806 ID: 997ce7
I wonder if sperm count as organisms. Given that they can't reproduce on their own I am fairly sure they don't.

Rather pedantic of me, I admit, but we're sorta discussing science.

Back on topic, since neumono vaginas can apparently act as vacuums, I wonder what new sex acts they are capable of.

...And now I wonder if any of those crazy science hives ever tried grafting a dick and/or implanting testicles onto a female. I'd be willing to bet a few bucks the conflicting hormones and memories would drive the sciencehive neumono insane if he wasn't already.
No. 17808 ID: 9ee360
I'm pretty sure the host body attacks and rebuilds transplanted material according to it's own genetic patterns. That's why Polo's skin grafts went back to her natural fur color eventually. The Pilon-parts got overwritten.

So if you grafted on the wrong set of sex organs, the body would just cannibalize 'em.

Memory transfer might happen, provided memories are actually stored there. Which seems unlikely. The male parts are too close to the surface (ITQ says memory is stored deeper in) and the female parts grow back between kids (it would be silly to store data in the one place nature actually intended them to lose and grow back).
No. 17809 ID: 450660

To add to the discussion:

Hey Lagotrope! If a neumono were grafted with the wrong kind of tissue in the wrong place (ex: ear tissues grafted to leg tissues), would those NEW tissues be assimilated regardless, or would the body reject/cannibalize them?


To not entirely add to the discussion, it'd be quite handy were Lagotrope to provide us with a set of nude frontal models for both male and female neumono.

... we already seem to have several models for position and emissions, as it is, but no real reference for appearance!
No. 17811 ID: c4e5c2
There aren't really any secret hidden freaky deaky alien surprises under the clothes in http://tgchan.org/wiki/File:NeumonoReference.png

Except that the male neumono don't have testes, so that's one. Or at least not the dangly-bits type, just an internal organ that makes the ball pit as pictured above.

As for grafting chunks from neumono A to neumono B, neumono B would be able to use those bits and they would function, but slowly be cannibized nonetheless, as the neumono tries to restore its body to its regular passive state.

In Polo's case, Pilon's fur that was grafted onto her was fully alive and everything, but Polo's body did give it her more natural pigmentation and shedded much of the extra length. But if something hypothetically was blocking her body's ability to see what her body was 'supposed' to look like, then it would just continue to try Pilon's fur as native, and she would have a tuft of mismatched fur from then on that would heal.

So in short, an attempt is made to assimilate it, but then it is gradually cannibalized whether or not assimilation is successful.
No. 17815 ID: 9ee360
>But if something hypothetically was blocking her body's ability to see what her body was 'supposed' to look like
I can only assume that there's some kind of drugs or nano-tech that actually does this, and we're eventually going to encounter freaky stitched together franken-mono the salikai have whipped up.
No. 17821 ID: 450660

That. Is. Awesome.

The assimilation part, that is. I really love how much depth you've put into all of your alien critters.

The whole internalized testes thing makes sense in retrospect, considering it'd be a lot easier to maintain and repair internal organ(s) than deal with external testes -- from a regeneration standpoint.

But that makes me curious: was there anything specific that had you choose as such? From what I can recall, the evolution of external testes improved sperm competition during mating, and lessened the likelihood of damage to the testes from movement. (I can't quite speak on the effects on spermatogenesis or promiscuity of a species)
No. 17822 ID: c4e5c2
Thank you, and no, there wasn't really anything specific that made me choose internal testes other than 'it makes more sense to me' for reasons you mentioned. I'm rather surprised about external ones being less susceptible to moving around. They really aren't in a hard to hit spot at all, and I imagine being under some actual flesh would help. I could be wrong, I definitely have little to no info on the evolution of that kind of thing.
No. 17823 ID: 450660

I'd actually gotten curious and researched it some a while back. Mostly it seems to be linked to increased sperm competition, but I think I can give you a reasonable analogy as to why it is better off ... for the most part.

Let's take a water balloon and encase it in some nice, soft foam, kind of like the stuff in a pillow or really comfy couch. At rest, the balloon is quite fine, and even if you squeeze the foam a bit, the balloon can deform a little without too much worry. However, if you strike the foam or put it under great pressure, that exact same force will be imparted upon and through the balloon, eventually rupturing it.

As I understand, the evolution of external testes would have prevented harm from such scenarios, as all of our internal organs are surprisingly susceptible to rupture and damage due to blunt force trauma, which moves through our bodies in a wave, until it hits the vacuous places of organs.

It's kind of how when if you get smacked in the arm or leg quite hard, you might not end up with a bruise, but the bone may ache for a time.
No. 17824 ID: 9ee360
I thought the whole external thing was for temperature regulation reasons (ie, the little guys like it cooler).
No. 17825 ID: b3dd38
Isn't the natural Neumono environment kind of rough? That was also part of it.
No. 17839 ID: c4e5c2
Yeah, that would also contribute to having protection as a priority, even if they could regenerate it.
No. 17853 ID: c4e5c2
File 136161520278.png - (647.42KB , 1159x1000 , seekerlookerbath2VIEW.png )
Seeker x Looker continuation
1 hour commission
No. 17856 ID: c4e5c2
File 136165917374.png - (493.34KB , 900x1125 , MerikhArauVIEW.png )
No. 17857 ID: dcee26
I'm surprised the roof of the building is high enough for her. o.o
No. 17865 ID: c4e5c2
File 136173344843.png - (616.28KB , 1200x884 , SSMuoMinciVIEW.png )
Fixed version

Story Seeker/Minci/Muo doing questionably off-screen canon things
1 hour commission
No. 17866 ID: beeca1
Yay pastels

That really is excellent though
No. 17876 ID: 0bc91c
I love it how you do all of the fan-art/rule 34 for us.
No. 17886 ID: c4e5c2
File 136186789375.gif - (12.84KB , 121x195 , lookerIcon.gif )
UnSe style Looker

My pleasure, but to be fair, they are commissioned works that are paid for by others.
No. 17887 ID: d87442
Oh gosh. That is way neat. I love how you've started doing the sort of pixel-y animations starting with thread 7. Do you think you'd do commissions of those sometime?
No. 17888 ID: 450660

I love your little animated stuff! I really need to get up to date on UnSe...
No. 17890 ID: c4e5c2
Thanks thanks.

Yes, actually, I forgot to say that this one WAS a commission.
No. 17891 ID: d87442
Well neat.. How much would you say there abouts? Because I'm seriously considering it.
No. 17892 ID: c4e5c2
Standard wages, and that one took an hour, so 10 bucks. It probably won't take an hour to do again, but it does depend largely on the complexity of the character and all.
No. 17903 ID: 450660

Amazingly affordable!
No. 17904 ID: c4e5c2
File 136195598975.png - (730.83KB , 1150x861 , seekerlookerloloriVIEW.png )
Seeker x Looker x Lolori

1.5 hour commission
No. 17905 ID: c4e5c2
File 136195611325.png - (656.93KB , 1150x861 , seekerlookerloloriCLEANVIEW.png )
Clean(er) version of the above
No. 17919 ID: 450660

Seeker doesn't quite run dry, does he? (But can BritishHat confirm?)
No. 17994 ID: 5f0010
He's got a CON score of 22. He isn't running out any time soon.
No. 17998 ID: 57a559
Are there official tabletop rules for sexual encounters for like what dice you roll, what stats go where for what, and is there an actual skill set for these sorts of things? (DnD, Pathfinder, ShadowRun, etc. No actual fetish games where sex was part of the mission statement of the game, just an option in a solution in those regular, well-known RPGs)
No. 18000 ID: beeca1
Yes. There's the Book of Erotic Fantasy for 3.5e D&D. It's worth pirating off of 4shared or equivalent and reading for sheer bile fascination.

It is widely considered to be fairly terrible, mostly because they tried using poorly-manipulated photos of real people, and also because anything fetishy is automatically Evil.

Plus, it tries to complicate things with a new stat Comeliness when Charisma works perfectly well.

Some of the spells aren't terrible, and there's a weapon enhancement that makes people orgasm when you hit them, which is always funny. The mechanics for how long you last are also workable. Repeat trials and volume aren't covered from what little I remember, but those shouldn't be too hard to extrapolate.

There's also eXXXalted for Exalted, but that is mostly a joke and doesn't go into any real detail. I remember hearing a rumor that they would make it into an actual book if their Alchemicals book sold enough copies, but that ship's almost certainly long since sailed.
No. 18006 ID: c6ec33
GURPS has legit "Sex Appeal" and "Erotic Art" skills which you can roll on. That's all that I can think of? :C
No. 18019 ID: c4e5c2
File 136243740119.png - (784.81KB , 1200x877 , lazurekdomVIEW.png )
3.5 hour commission
No. 18021 ID: 450660

Maybe I should get bored and make a system for /quest/ that has all the flavor of a tabletop, and twice the sexy (role save vs. arousal!).
No. 18028 ID: beeca1
Pathfinder already has unnatural lust, alter self, and polymorph any object. Plus philters of love.

I think we're good.
No. 18029 ID: beeca1
Oh, and there are two spells to "awaken" an animal and then make it anthro for all the furries out there.
No. 18035 ID: 450660
Oh shit I forgot about those. Combine that with a modified "Grease" spell, and, well...
No. 18045 ID: 65449b
You don't need a sexy tabletop, just uninhibited players.
No. 18048 ID: 57a559
what have I done? lagotrope I'm so sorry
No. 18056 ID: c4e5c2
Yeah thanks Dirtbag for filling my drawthread with smutty discussion, this place is usually so classy.
No. 18059 ID: 57a559
No everyone's nerding it up! It's becoming a tg thread!
Not that your smut isn't classy at all though! Or your class isn't smutty, I don't know what I'm saying I'm just embarrassing myself.
No. 18075 ID: 5bf190

FUNFAX: The Book of Erotic Fantasy is almost exactly a copy of the Guide to Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, a fan production towards the same purpose. And where it was changed, it was made worse.
No. 18076 ID: beeca1
Like I wouldn't have jumped at the chance to discuss tabletop erotica. You just managed to get there before I suggested using Gloves of Shaping to make bone and similar materials permeable to Story Seeker's hands and "handheld tools".

If anyone doesn't feel like looking those up:

These soft leather gloves are constantly encrusted with clay between the fingers and allow the reshaping of otherwise durable materials. The wearer can shape objects with hardness 8 or lower (stone, wood, leather, and so on) as if it were soft clay. While it's possible to rapidly make crude shapes (shaping roughly 1 cubic foot of material per round), creating fine detail or moving parts requires additional time and an appropriate Craft check, at the GM's discretion.

So yeah, since apparently mortal!Zirkala didn't count for Lichloved, here's a way to bone bones.
No. 18091 ID: c92d04
At this rate Story Seeker's going to ascend to demigodhood with all the unnatural acts he's performed. Let us hope neither Aboleth nor Atropal show up, as things would get sticky...
No. 18092 ID: a00410
I don't know if I should cry, or be intrigued.
No. 18401 ID: c4e5c2
File 136408172130.gif - (14.16KB , 150x223 , tozolUnseSprite.gif )
An hour commission that took longer than an hour due to extra personal time spent learning how to do tails.

Because tozzle tails.
No. 18403 ID: c4e5c2
File 136410702463.png - (239.96KB , 1100x869 , alisonKaltsVIEW.png )
Non-canon adventures of if Kalt was inside UnSe and Alison got a dick from the shopkeep.

1 hour commission
No. 18513 ID: c4e5c2
File 136521790251.png - (514.15KB , 1200x744 , footVIEW.png )
Feet fetishy commission

2.75 hours
No. 18525 ID: 450660
Posting here so as not to horribly disrupt the /questdis/ thread:

So I was thinking about the hallucinogenic gas while catching up on Polo's latest adventures, as well as that one hilarious mental fantasy of Polo slapping Rokoa on the ass.

Combined with the "shared dream" events of the hallucination "School", which made everything seem real until reality kicked in -- like Pilon trying to eat food -- would it be possible for Polo or Rokoa to somehow think they are in lesbians with one another?

And if so ... just how would that work out? I imagine it'd be pretty fun to see.
No. 18526 ID: beeca1
Rokoa's already in lesbians with Polo, someone asked her if she'd do Polo and she said yes.

To get Polo to return the sentiment, it'd probably have to be a pretty awful nightmare.

Probably one where they married and had kids somehow and Rokoa is a typical 50's housewife.
No. 18527 ID: 735f4f
Wait so the creepy smile would be from taking Vicodin all day while baking cakes at home while Polo was at the office?
No. 18528 ID: beeca1
File 136539657672.jpg - (37.33KB , 340x219 , drunkpills.jpg )

Yes. Coffee cakes, of course.

I am now imagining Polo with a pinstripe suit, slacks, and a tie, watch and briefcase.

Rokoa would wear a cute little bowtie, red dress with striped cuffs and collar, and an apron. The image would describe her pretty accurately.

...I wonder what kind of strapon Polo would use on Rokoa, because clearly Polo would be riding Rokoa a la Intermission.
No. 18532 ID: 431b3a

This is the best alternate universe ever.
No. 18534 ID: beeca1
Glad you like it. I am currently planning out Mono Corp, Polo's workplace.

If I am able to afford a tablet, which will probably be the biggest obstacle, then I will probably actually attempt to do a quest about this universe this summer when I have more free time, and when I will hopefully have enough saved up to get said tablet.

If I can't get one, I will try to do it as a text quest anyway, but I get the feeling that imagery would be an important part of the quest. Mostly because of the outfits.
No. 18541 ID: 450660

I am okay with this.
No. 18543 ID: 077cef

What about the alternate universe where the neumono managed to civilize themselves pre-contact because a bunch of warhives joined into an ultrahive to enforce peace and cooperation, basically becoming a big police force, so Polo and Rokoa are cops with Rokoa being the crazy loose cannon who gets results and Polo's her straightwoman partner, and they get into crazy crimefighting shenanigans with explosions and car chases, and Rokoa's Queen is the police chief who calls them in to shout at them and demand they turn in their badges?
No. 18544 ID: c4e5c2
File 136553803246.png - (463.28KB , 1200x1129 , ketzabanglesVIEW.png )
1 hour commission
No. 18546 ID: 9ddf68
neat what's this from then
No. 18547 ID: c4e5c2
It is a large alien putting bangles on a Ketza. That is all I know, the Ketza is Slinko's character, I don't actually know what the big character is from.
No. 18548 ID: 735f4f
Aww its cute.
No. 18549 ID: b3dd38
I'll just leave this here
No. 18574 ID: c4e5c2
File 136581674597.png - (11.51KB , 700x700 , korlionlesbiangas.png )
Okay I am pretty sure if we caused lesbianism between anyone it would be a completely accidental side-effect, because I am pretty sure we did not design actual for real lesbian gas.
No. 18575 ID: 997ce7
You so totally did.
No. 18576 ID: d6ef5d
So... not a gay bomb, you're saying? :V


(Huh, would you lookit that. /draw/ doesn't allow embeds. Phooey. I have to use a link, like an animal).
No. 18577 ID: 735f4f
With all the crazy stuff your hive has invented that can only be used against your own species I refuse to believe you never stumbled upon some sort of Neumono Aphrodisiac or the like.

I know humans spent centuries working on that sort of stuff and most of the advances were accidental.
No. 18580 ID: 431b3a

Yep, lesbian gas confirmed.
No. 18581 ID: 450660

Korli definitely never kissed a girl and certainly did not get some kind of enjoyment out of it. Nope.

And she was most assuredly not involved with the team researching the gas, either.
No. 18583 ID: 997ce7
Completely true. She licked the girl in question, though.

<insert joke about how we're "not sure" about whether it was upstairs or downstairs here>
No. 18831 ID: c4e5c2
File 136747518011.png - (21.60KB , 700x800 , lolori.png )
No. 18832 ID: 9e3a44
A+ would lolo again
No. 18845 ID: cf3199
Lagotrope you are the BEST. Thank you very much for this Lolo!
No. 18894 ID: c3663c
File 136806649199.png - (831.43KB , 1150x1150 , VikramRanveigVIEW.png )
1.5 hour commission
No. 18895 ID: 9ddf68
nice work, truth be told with polo quest and the three strips intermission going on I thought you would be getting sick of drawing neumono by this point, don't get me wrong or anything just thinking out loud here.
No. 18896 ID: c3663c
A lot of people amongst you do think that after I draw a lot of something, I would get sick of it. Coincidentally, a lot of people are wrong.
No. 18897 ID: 1c68f7

just out of curiosity, do you draw regular homosapiens? like hot girls?
No. 18900 ID: c3663c
Infrequently, but yes
No. 18910 ID: d6ef5d
Neumono being... normal? Without any evil plans, deadly danger, weirdness, caves, asteroids, or monsters?

Those poor fuzzballs. Obviously something terrible is about to befall that beachfront tourist town.
No. 18911 ID: f40f76
I find neumono are actually pretty high on the fun-to-draw scale, when you've gotten used to them.
No. 18931 ID: c51b3b
yeah I been trying to draw them (neumono) & tho I still fail at actually doing anything respectable that I don't end up deleting it, things like the hands are pritty fun because they're pritty exaggerated whilst being fairly simple
No. 18999 ID: c3663c
File 136851463754.png - (825.81KB , 1100x1100 , lazureklohrke2VIEW.png )
~2 hour commission, lazurek/lohrke bdsm
No. 19000 ID: c3663c
File 136851471544.png - (690.39KB , 1200x851 , ketzafeatherfondle2VIEW.png )
1 hour commission. Fluff gets fondled.
No. 19002 ID: c3663c
File 136851483106.png - (295.89KB , 1200x850 , ketzafeatherfondleAttempt.png )
The first attempt, failed due to confusion of who was bigger than who.

This also serves to show that my sketches can be relatively messy.
No. 19007 ID: f2c20c
Touch fluffy everything.
No. 19009 ID: 735f4f
Should be a follow up with everyone slightly smoking due to a static buildup explosion.
No. 19245 ID: f29aa1
Is Lagotrope a "Forever DM" kind of guy?

I'm not certain where to ask this, due to how many Lagotrope quest related threads there are, which is what inspired me to ask it.
No. 19247 ID: 19b3c3
>Forever DM
Depends on what that means. If you're asking if he keeps quests running forever without ending them, the answer is no. He plans to complete them, they just all end up being huge, and they get in each others' way since he's running multiples at once.

If you're asking if he's ever actually going to be able to stop questing? Well. Um. We'll see!
No. 19262 ID: f29aa1
>If you're asking if he's ever actually going to be able to stop questing? Well. Um. We'll see!

Yeah, that's the one.
It worries me, as I know a guy who is a Forever DM for his tabletop group, and others he meets online. He likes it, but it wears him out when everyone he meets insists he would make the best DM, and are right.

Gotta wonder what it is about Lagotrope that makes him quest so much.
No. 19264 ID: 5337ed
It's his love of boats.
No. 19266 ID: 8b47a3

He does seem to steadily produce stable shipping lanes in his quests.
No. 19387 ID: 3d556d
So... Who's looking forward to attempt 2 of this after Polo's Rokoa infection takes hold?
No. 19395 ID: 01531c
>after Polo's Rokoa infection
What Rokoa infection? She never injected herself.
No. 19397 ID: 3d556d
Polo got hit by one of the Rokoa darts at the end of Poloquest 2.
No. 19399 ID: 01531c
She cut her ear off immediately. Rokoa's brain-matter was trapped by the ear-fat, preventing immediate infusion into the bloodstream.
No. 19400 ID: 19b3c3
Wrong person, wrong injury, wrong part of the body, and wrong thread.

If you're not up to date with the quest threads, follow the links in the wiki and get reading. If you want to argue about what actually happened, take it to /questdis/, not /draw/.
No. 19425 ID: f8b37f
thank you
No. 19995 ID: d38f67
File 137446072060.png - (63.60KB , 2000x1400 , rokoaref.png )
In the interest of staying on model some day (also a bet with britishhat) I am going to make basic neumono ref sheets. Polo was going to come first but I did not like how it was coming out. Then I didn't like how Rokoa was coming out but then I restarted and powered through it in the interest of getting something done.
No. 19996 ID: 67bfa9
I tried doing model sheets for my characters and got frustrated and gave up
No. 19998 ID: c95833
...are her hands really supposed to be bigger than her head?

Eh, maybe it's the angle. Neumono faces always look kind of weird to me when the camera angle is dead on forward.
No. 20001 ID: beeca1
Eh, my hand fully outspread is about the size of my face, and neumono do have giant oven mitt hands.
No. 20005 ID: d38f67
Standard neumono outstretched hands are about as big as the head, but Rokoa's are bigger.

As for frontal view looking strange, I think that has to do more with my lack of practice/experience with drawing frontal angles, rather than frontal being an unflattering angle for them.
No. 20126 ID: d38f67
File 137563876762.png - (14.55KB , 2000x700 , polorefSFW.png )
It is taking me a inordinate amount of time to complete these.
No. 20127 ID: d38f67
File 137563878958.png - (14.61KB , 2000x700 , polorefNSFW.png )
No. 20128 ID: d38f67
File 137564594184.png - (37.17KB , 2000x700 , PilonSFW.png )
No. 20129 ID: d38f67
File 137564596814.png - (37.36KB , 2000x700 , PilonNSFW.png )
No. 20130 ID: d38f67
File 137564601444.png - (37.49KB , 2000x700 , PilonBoner.png )
Due to given up/lost bets, each male will have a boner version.
No. 20131 ID: 2fc3e9
Once you go black, you never go back.

And I am inordinately amused by Polo's expression, especially since I imagine that they are all posing at each other.
No. 20132 ID: 1b8510
Are the height lines feet?

Also that angle on Pilon suggests he needs an entry in >>/questdis/22942
No. 20133 ID: d38f67
Each line is about 1.15 feet.

In other words they were completely arbitrary and I wish I thought about them for 2 seconds.
No. 20134 ID: 0046c5
Well I mean I don't think it'd be too much of a hassle to quick-resize the height lines, but at the same time as long as you know what the unit actually IS it doesn't really matter.
No. 20135 ID: d38f67
File 137565375530.png - (22.80KB , 2000x700 , KappiSFW.png )
Yes it isn't much trouble to resize the lines themselves, but then I'd have to resave all the different things and reupload them for consistency, and that's just 5 too many minutes to do.

Now, last of the batch.
No. 20136 ID: d38f67
File 137565378972.png - (20.42KB , 2000x700 , KappiNSFW.png )
No. 20137 ID: d38f67
File 137565381749.png - (20.48KB , 2000x700 , KappiBoner.png )
No. 20141 ID: c23ab0

what is thisidon'teven
No. 20142 ID: d38f67
Lost bets are powerful things.
No. 20144 ID: b5df96
Gotta say so far Pilon's looks the most natural. And the transparency is definitely an improvement over the amputations.

The boners are just silly though, especially as the only angle they show up on is dead forward.
No. 20145 ID: d38f67
The transparency was an idea I thought of too late. Maybe I'll go back and do them for Rokoa/Polo.

And again, lost bets are powerful. They were silly though, since the positions in question are not really adequate for it.
No. 20147 ID: 450660
You know, these ref sheets are kinda cool. Give a better sense of the body. I'll admit though, that considering everything we know about neumono stuff, it seems a little silly (yet oddly cute) for them to have always exposed, floppy dicks.
No. 20148 ID: c23ab0

It was the anatomy that was throwing me. It makes more sense now that I re-read the ITQ thing.
No. 20151 ID: e15bdc
90º boners confirmed?
No. 20153 ID: d38f67
No. 20155 ID: b3dd38
90º? That's pretty hot.
No. 20156 ID: 7b07ee
I like my men like I like my angles: neither acute nor obtuse.
No. 20158 ID: 87584b
My estimate would be that neumono hips are tilted away a bit compared to humans, so the tails + butts would be up, boners would point lower and there'd be less hint of the ladies' bits from the front view. But that doesn't quite match the images, I admit.
No. 20195 ID: 450660

Actually, it could make sense. With a wider area (and the fact that female pelvises don't have that frontal portion), neumono stance could account for a longer vulva and vestibule, which might match the wide set of the hips to ease mating and egg laying.

But that's just what I'd say makes sense~
No. 20211 ID: d38f67
File 137662299088.png - (458.12KB , 1100x1071 , PoloRelaxingVIEW.png )
A commission of polo relaxing for once.

Despite her claims, she is not doing a good job of convincing anyone she is not obsessed with coffee cake.
No. 20212 ID: 9ddf68
is... is she smiling?
No. 20213 ID: beeca1
She looks like she's chewing while smiling, yeah.
No. 20214 ID: d87442
Aw, that's cute. :3

Also coffee cake is totally a great thing so I can't blame her.
No. 20215 ID: 41690e
On the one hand, it's rather great to see Polo actually getting to relax and enjoy herself. Although it's kind of sad her life is crazy enough it takes a commission to get it to happen. But then again, it's pretty cool someone was willing to make that commission.

And dessert forks are comically undersized enough without putting one in even tiny neumono mitts.
No. 20238 ID: 57a559
Reminds me of Commander Shepard on the Citadel in ME3. The concept at least. Tough woman finally gets to relax in sci-fi metropolis.
No. 20239 ID: e97f9d
No. 20396 ID: d38f67
File 137817251507.png - (473.53KB , 1200x1012 , icecreamVIEW.png )
Ice cream commission

~One hour
No. 20418 ID: d38f67
File 137833830924.png - (48.22KB , 900x900 , Motorboat.png )
In a probably alternate universe where Polo does inappropriate things, Katzati gets motorboated instead of going to sleep.

Done because I haven't drawn something that wasn't quest or commission related in months.
No. 20421 ID: 07e3a8
Okay, my immediate reaction is just laughter. That's great.

Interrupted by the realization Katz still has two arms. (Not that this should matter in an alternate naughty-verse, but still).

Also, it's kind of nice seeing something naughty drawn in the same style as the quest, instead of your fancier commission-style.
No. 20422 ID: 735f4f
Aww so cute. Love your alt universe stuff.
No. 20423 ID: 8a2d6f
I was just thinking how awesome something like this would be.

And then it happened.

Thank you, Lagotrope. You are the best.
No. 20428 ID: 761017
>I haven't drawn something that wasn't quest or commission related in months.
What do you do for a living?
No. 20430 ID: d38f67
I work for an engineering firm, why do you ask?
No. 20432 ID: 0041fc
I wonder if Rokoa's still in Polo in the altverse.
No. 20433 ID: a89ecf

Thinking of it, I imagine this Polo actually did slap Rokoa on the ass and suggest they split Pilon, that one time.
No. 20435 ID: bc8d67
Oh, man, this is super. Naughty, funny, cute, and the expressions are great. And after what happened to her in-quest it's nice to see Katzati laughing, despite it being non-canon. Lagotrope, you're really the best.

Now I'm hoping at some point Jukashi adds Inappropriate Polo to at least one of his PolokoaCon images.
No. 20437 ID: 57a559
Universe Prime, appropriate and true Polo actually did slap Rokoa on the ass, how could you possibly forget?
No. 20438 ID: d38f67
I think I should've just made it less subtle, but no, the actual Polo did not slap Rokoa's butt, she only thought of it for one moment, and regretted thinking it the next.
No. 20442 ID: 07e3a8
Of course. Naturally though, being inside naughty-Polo's head, the mental 'battle' has taken a rather different form.
No. 20443 ID: 5869f6
I'd pay to watch that.
I'd pay LOTS.
No. 20444 ID: 57a559
Didn't notice the white gradiant outline the first read around

What a world it must be for me to have actually thought Polo did that
No. 20631 ID: d38f67
File 137987785747.png - (524.83KB , 953x1000 , pomirelationsVIEW.png )
1 hour commission of pomi sex
No. 20632 ID: 07e3a8
I am a terrible Pomi-racist and cannot tell if those are supposed to be Pomi we should recognize or not.
No. 20633 ID: d38f67
No, they're nameless Pomi
No. 20634 ID: a57f17
How often do pomi die of heart attacks mid-orgasm?
No. 20635 ID: d38f67
Never, unless they have a heart condition, or the orgasm is just too mindblowing for them. Which is probably also never.
No. 20637 ID: d38f67
File 137989313807.png - (167.82KB , 900x1125 , KorlaRef.png )
Neumono OC ref commission

Spoilered for nude futa
No. 20638 ID: d7b1a7
No. 20662 ID: e15bdc
I'm pretty curious about the relative sizes of Giant, Three Stripes and Katzati now. Giant is bigger than Rokoa, right?
No. 20663 ID: f45380
Yes, Giant is bigger than Rokoa. ...or she was, anyways. She may not be, now that the growth hormones are starting to wear off.
No. 20665 ID: 7329f2
I'm not sure about this, but I think that sometime during the 3 Stripes Intermission it was said that the size increase was permanent, but the steroids weren't.
No. 20666 ID: 7bbaae
Yeah, she'll stay as big as she is, but not as strong.
No. 20667 ID: 7bbaae
Is that possible for neumono? I mean, it's a mutation, right? And Neumono tend not to have genetic mutations?

...kinda makes me wonder how evolution worked for them. At the very least it must've slowed down considerably once regeneration was bred in.
No. 20668 ID: f45380
>Is that possible for neumono?
Well, via grafting, yes. >>17811 Via actually being born that way? Who knows.

Not sure anything's been said about how mutation resistant the species is. (Less prone than mikliks, but so's everybody). And regeneration wouldn't necessarily be effective against mutations- after all, regeneration basically just aggressively and rapidly corrects the body to match the genetic template. When the template changes... well. Then you're out of luck.

Lukratsa did say they treat cancer surgically. Regeneration can't stop the mutant cells, but it can replace what parts get cut out.
No. 20669 ID: 7329f2
Why would evolution slow down with regeneration? Regeneration doesn't affect genes. Genes affect regeneration.

And all that's been said of neumono genetic defects is that it takes a few generations of incest before they show up. Nothing's been confirmed or denied about them happening through any other way; we do know that they can get cancer and that the treatment is usually to remove the organ and let it regenerate if it's something like Lukratsa's lung, though.
No. 20670 ID: 7329f2
And now I remember why I actually came here- neumono have internal testicles, no? Are they placed somewhere where you could jab them fairly easily, like the kidneys, or are they placed similarly to the prostate?
No. 20671 ID: 7bbaae
I was thinking the regeneration would counteract mutations by basically "healing" them but yeah this guy >>20668 outlined the flaw in that thinking.
No. 20676 ID: 5bf190

I think that sort of thing is usually a hormonal problem or a chromosome abnormality rather than a straight-up genetic mutation, though it could be theoretically.

Given freaky neumono biology, it could be something else. Contamination by the mother's cells or by remnants of a vanishing twin could result in chimerism, with natural neumono regeneration only serving to "even out" the abnormalities into something more functional.
No. 20710 ID: dcd676
The character is meant to be born purely male, with the secondary sexual characteristics in place with the usual implants you see humans use for the same purpose. There's a bit more about the whole hormone therapy aspect, but she's biologically male with no actual girly bits.
No. 20711 ID: 5bf190

Well, that solves it, though then you have to put it forward in time to where they've figured out how to make such modifications stick. Or in the polokoa universe, where they've done it already.

Though, once you've reached that point, there are probably much more effective and realistic scifi medical options.
No. 20713 ID: 7bbaae
Considering modern boob jobs are just silicone implants I think they'd work fine in neumono.
No. 20714 ID: 58c621

I think neumono eventually reject any foreign object, though? And, given that their regeneration is so strong, a little hormone therapy would probably make them grow real boobs.
No. 20715 ID: f45380
Regeneration is the main problem, yes. Neumono do heal around foreign objects regeneration can't break down (see Rokoa's plasma sword, or Jessica's hidden data) so it's probably workable, but their regeneration is still aggressive enough I expect that cosmetic modifications are still challenging.

You would have to be picky with materials and design- you want things that feel natural, hold up under the body's assault, and don't get healed over in a ball of scar tissue or inside a cyst or something.

And once you get into hormones treatment verus regeneration and biochemistry that's a whole 'nother mess.

Of course, complicated don't mean undoable. Working out the kinks and details is probably keeping a team from a biomedically inclined science hive interested and entertained, and seems within the reach of Asteroidverse tech.
No. 20846 ID: d38f67
File 138102249311.png - (482.20KB , 800x1200 , JessicaStorySeekerVIEW.png )
A commission involving SS, this time far more unlikely to be canon.

~2.33 hours
No. 20862 ID: d38f67
File 138110948044.png - (663.95KB , 900x1200 , VikramRanveig2VIEW.png )
Neumono commission,
~40 minutes
No. 20870 ID: d38f67
File 138111997439.png - (54.64KB , 1641x1347 , VikramRanveigRef.png )
And a couple neumono refs

This time each line is actually a foot rather than 1.15 feet
No. 20954 ID: d38f67
File 138163200863.png - (16.24KB , 1011x431 , KorliRef.png )
A naked Korli ref
No. 21057 ID: d38f67
File 138283732420.png - (435.56KB , 1100x942 , RedPandaVIEW.png )
1 hour commission
No. 21071 ID: f83b2b
only one person would commission that picture.
No. 21072 ID: 735f4f
There should be a "story seeker bondage adventure" fund we can all chip into for updates to the series.
No. 21073 ID: d38f67
File 138301497895.png - (428.49KB , 1100x865 , DasakiLeffyranVIEW.png )
~1 hour commission
Nevrean/leferran sexings of a homosexual category
No. 21081 ID: 53548a
maybe Numbers can throw in that $200 he got paid for his poker program
No. 21082 ID: abffe3
Huh, I'd actually do that.
No. 21083 ID: 7bbaae
I think he refunded that since it's pretty obvious now it's never gonna be finished.
No. 21086 ID: 5869f6
More people should draw leferran.

Also: Happy Spook-O'-Ween to my favorate #1 artist, Lagotrope! Good luck with updates man!
No. 22116 ID: d470e9
File 139200150304.png - (24.39KB , 1000x800 , Threesomebet.png )
A not very canon threesome, drawn by the powers of a lost bet.
One of them invited themselves.
No. 22117 ID: a87e3a
This is amazing.
No. 22119 ID: 067034
hahahahahhahahahhahahahahaha no it didn't get refunded
No. 22120 ID: 4a20fa
>the powers of a lost bet
I guess Rokoa won at strip poker again.
No. 22122 ID: b386b4
>One of them invited themselves.

Pilon's log
3 hours since Polo and Rokoa returned.

I fear my carpet ruse will not hold much longer.
No. 22126 ID: 4a75fa
Polo's really regretting that punchline now.

(And I love that her response is basically annoyed, grumpy resignation).
No. 22129 ID: beeca1
You know, considering that Rokoa isn't wearing a strap-on for Polo, I'm fairly sure that Polo herself is the interloper. I'm sure she sees stopping Rokoa from breeding again as a worthy enough goal to make this sacrifice.
No. 22133 ID: 5bf190

I like Pilon's expression. Like, he wasn't expecting Rokoa? But he's not entirely surprised.
No. 22186 ID: d470e9
File 139270507356.png - (17.58KB , 800x800 , Threesomebday.png )
And again, for hat's b-day this time. Nearly the same picture, except in Pilon's PoV.

Did you know that PoV is difficult.
No. 22190 ID: 240524
File 139276845249.png - (3.02KB , 800x800 , polopov.png )
>Did you know that PoV is difficult.

That I do. I couldn't tell you how much I struggled with this.
No. 22191 ID: 5e9f8f
No. 22204 ID: 4a20fa
No. 22350 ID: 53548a
How's this porn? I don't see any naughty bits. :(
No. 22404 ID: 41beef
It's porn because Polo was enjoying Pilon's pylon before Rokoa decided to pile-on.
No. 22405 ID: 57a559
You know they could just be cuddling in the nude
I mean, I bet Pilon's fur is ridiculously soft
You can't enjoy it fully if you have clothes on.

Polo's a little too short to reach that far down from that position anyway.
No. 22406 ID: a97618
>Polo's a little too short to reach that far down from that position anyway.
Allow me to make the obvious retort that all of Pilon's other endowments are absurdly oversized.
No. 22408 ID: 0ee153
I wonder whether having ridiculously oversized internal testicles is uncomfortable.
No. 22411 ID: 240524

What would be more uncomfortable would be having a small pile of those gel/sperm balls built up that you had to store.
No. 22441 ID: d470e9
File 139503016166.png - (2.22KB , 100x100 , Gnollsprite.png )
Sprite commission for http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mcwatt/
No. 22527 ID: d470e9
File 139612662744.png - (535.84KB , 1100x1023 , FenTrainingVIEW.png )
1 hour commission of Fen training naked

Kip says training naked is most effective.
- A questionable source
No. 22877 ID: 742a1e
Based Lagotrope! You and your quests never fail to amaze.

I don't know if you're seen this but I found a forum where some people made you a pretty enjoyable tribute quest. It only lasted a few updates, but in that time a CAI convinced Old Man Henderson to fill his car up with McDonald's honey dip packets after urging him to flee a swarm of invisible bees. Lots of quest jokes in the submissions.

No. 23038 ID: d470e9
File 139914747395.png - (495.89KB , 1000x1100 , RokoaPoloVIEW.png )
A non-canon, hour commission of improbable events

Nope, I hadn't seen that one. I'll give it a read when I get some time.
No. 23055 ID: 579bf0
>A non-canon, hour commission of improbable events

It is certainly very improbable that Polo could reach Rokoa's neck from down there.
No. 23056 ID: d470e9
Yes I had to curve Rokoa upwards to make that feasible. Looking at it again, it seems to have been lost during linework/shading. Please stop looking now.
No. 23057 ID: a95b2e
Of course that's non-cannon. I don't see how things could possibly have gotten that far without violence. They should both be sporting bite and claw marks. Hell, Polo would be using Rokoa's severed ear as a blanket by the aftermath.
No. 23061 ID: d470e9
File 139923260330.png - (372.02KB , 1050x708 , SekaniKatzati1VIEW.png )
A commission of Sekani and Katzati
No. 23066 ID: d470e9
File 139923298892.png - (358.21KB , 1050x716 , SekaniKatzati2VIEW.png )
It was a two parter
No. 23069 ID: a95b2e
As cute as that is, I'm really wondering how she's not crushing him to death.
No. 23070 ID: d470e9
I have only read somewhat into Tezakia quest thus far, but I am assuming that anything called 'majibeast' can survive Katzati's weight.
No. 23078 ID: af2f93
Doing all sorts of combos, but you've never drawn human on nonhuman stuff it seems.
Katzati always looks super cuddly. I can see why she's used has bed by her hive sometimes.
No. 23085 ID: ca65e6
Yay for cuddles!
No. 23097 ID: d470e9
File 139942823116.png - (920.80KB , 1280x754 , GnollCultVIEW.png )
A longer commission of Looker getting gnolled by many gnolls.
No. 23098 ID: d470e9
File 139942825469.png - (972.51KB , 1280x754 , GnollCultcumVIEW.png )
Also with cum version
No. 23099 ID: ceae76
Hella awesome, gosh dang. Those gnolls don't gnow who they're gnollin' with.
No. 23375 ID: d470e9
File 140168593979.png - (384.35KB , 1100x1100 , PoloRokoaAftermathVIEW.png )
An aftermath of
to be slightly more canon-realistic yet still probably not actually canon.

~45 minute commission
No. 23376 ID: d470e9
File 140168615573.png - (343.85KB , 1100x1100 , PilonPoloVIEW.png )
And another ~45 minute commission of Polo x Pilon, very possibly on the same bed.
No. 23383 ID: 4a20fa
After consultation by a shadowy collective of wizened experts, we have come to a revelatory hypothesis as to the nature of the superflous grey mass at the core of this scene:

...that's a severed ear, isn't it.
No. 23384 ID: 0ee153
Yeah, looks like Rokoa's left.
No. 23390 ID: 9de468
I am honestly surprised the bedsheets aren't completely stained red by this point.
No. 23399 ID: c7a241
File 140180309586.jpg - (17.01KB , 600x466 , theNextMorning.jpg )
I almost feel like I should apologize for this.

Sorry, Polo.
No. 23401 ID: 0ee153
This is great. I can see why Polo is embarrassed, though. She's frying the ear with the fur still on. I mean, who does that?
No. 23407 ID: cc08c7
Not sure wether to post them here or the fanart page but I've been drawing Neumono again, mostly unsure because they're non-canon as hell.
No. 23408 ID: 0ee153
Generally fanart, but I think I remember one guy posting a steampunk neumono here.
No. 23409 ID: d470e9
Non-lago drawn neumonos are more than welcome here. Posting in fanart doesn't mean you can't post it here, as well. It's somewhat redundant, but hardly one many would call spamming the board up.

In short, post in whichever or both threads you want to post in.
No. 23410 ID: cc08c7

Okay thanks, I just wasn't sure because I remember posting something kinda like this here a long time ago (it's the one really grey image on the horrible lined paper) and I really didn't want to be a pest about it.
No. 23411 ID: cc08c7
File 140193552402.jpg - (79.07KB , 861x1200 , Nullmono.jpg )
First one, Neumono attempting to experiment with a really goofy looking suit that makes "empty spaces" or pocket dimensions around him. Thankfully this one is free of paper lines.
No. 23412 ID: cc08c7
File 140193558639.jpg - (77.09KB , 819x1158 , Bellhop.jpg )
And second one, Neumono bellhop. Suitcase may or may not contain a gun.
No. 23574 ID: 9382f5
Hey Lago, how does one get ahold of you? I've got some things I wanna send you because wow woah you're pretty cool
No. 23575 ID: d470e9
Obviously here isn't too bad of a place, but I can be found on the tgchan IRC for private messages. Or skype under the same name, usually.
No. 23577 ID: cc08c7
I'm really super sorry, I know the pics were pretty bad. I'll try to do something at least kinda acceptable next time I promise.
No. 23578 ID: 2d9b28
I did not think they were bad.
No. 23579 ID: d470e9
What? No, no one said that. They're adorable and I don't know what you're apologizing for.
No. 23581 ID: dc4b80

I thought both of those pics were very cute.
No. 23592 ID: a36601
Yep, they are pretty nice.
No. 23641 ID: d470e9
File 140382604301.png - (445.08KB , 1029x1200 , SeekerLoloriSizeVIEW.png )
The gnoll gets a potion of getting bigger, the kobold gets a potion of getting smaller, and neither know what do. That is the goings ons of this picture.

~1 hr commission
No. 23642 ID: dc4b80

It's like gift of the magi but I think they got confused as to which potion was which.
No. 23786 ID: d470e9
File 140469285935.png - (311.22KB , 997x1200 , PoloAzPilonVIEW.png )
Another hourly commission
No. 23790 ID: d43849
The look of indifferent and then actual indignance make this amazing.

Also amazingly timed since I was considering asking Az to get naked in the ITQ: Neumono thread. I still might.
No. 23791 ID: dc4b80

I like how Polo is enough of a celebrity now to just demand men at a whim.
No. 23794 ID: 5b6107
File 140470627883.png - (218.19KB , 450x1350 , ohjeez.png )
I'm sorry.
No. 23795 ID: dc4b80

At this rate she is never going to get laid.
No. 23797 ID: d43849
No. 23808 ID: 4a20fa
You're not, nor should you be.
No. 23828 ID: 94c0d7
By this logic, we need someone larger than Az. Who is still a Neumono. Cause we already confirmed Voklits to be too big for Polo.
No. 23829 ID: 0ee153
I think Az is the biggest neumono out of the ones whose height have been confirmed. Other warhive leaders might be comparable sizes, what with the empathy affecting biology thing. Sealock isn't really a warhive and Polo's queen is pretty short compared to Az.

So far, the only similarly tall neumono I can remember are Giant and maybe Rokoa's queen. Wrong sex, but I'm sure there are ways around that. Did Rokoa's old snow hive have a queen or a king? I can't remember if Rikora was the queen or not.
No. 23870 ID: 53548a
But we saw his dong in the strip poker game and it wasn't that big (nor black).

*ruins joke*
No. 23886 ID: 638a22
Scroll up through some of the other smut, and the color is consistent, though. Even in the refsheet. Whether a neumono gets pink or dark skin comes down to if the you've got the snowhive gene on or off, anyways. He's pretty obviously a snowhiver, so the coloration makes sense.

If he's pink in the poker game it's probably an art error.
No. 25924 ID: 602cd8
File 141956298599.png - (310.76KB , 1200x823 , LookerVRokoa.png )
A couple months ago I told Hat I'd draw him a thing for doing a favor.

So now for christmas I actually did what I told him I'd do.

Looker versus Rokoa, while nude for reasons that aren't established.
No. 25925 ID: 742b4a
Looker looks kinda squashed there.
No. 25927 ID: 602cd8
Too much neumono drawing, the damage is done and all anatomy will be stocky forever
No. 25931 ID: e34da4
All is neumono, and finally polo quest will continue
No. 25935 ID: 602cd8
File 141963058349.png - (477.97KB , 1757x1205 , LookerVRokoa2.png )
Tried to patch together a fix. Not perfect, but less neumognoll anatomy.
No. 26306 ID: 602cd8
File 142293922699.png - (123.87KB , 1247x1300 , BirdHunting.png )
Polo goes bird hunting before she was any good at throwing anything, and before she knew what kind of birds occasionally land at her home town.

Done as a patreon reward.
No. 26307 ID: 602cd8
File 142293963409.png - (79.19KB , 1437x1359 , SalikaiBaseLewds.png )
Meanwhile in the pornverse, Polo gets captured at the salikai base and, expecting a fate worse than death, is treated to experiments that she might still say is worse than death because sometimes exaggeration.

And this one was also a patreon reward - thanks very much, everyone.
No. 26383 ID: 977dc4
I wonder if they ever completed the mission.
No. 26476 ID: 602cd8
File 142527896393.png - (339.50KB , 1200x1200 , LawyerGnoll.png )
Patreon reward batch incoming.

This is a space gnoll lawyer drawn for an earth lawyer dog, apparently.

I was told, to quote: "takin' his junk&trunk (his family jewels and scepter (his peaches and tree)) out"

I really hope that was not a literal statement, otherwise I have made a mistake.
No. 26477 ID: 602cd8
File 142527899451.png - (52.00KB , 800x800 , PoloxPilonXmasLewds.png )
Polo in an elf costume getting it on with Pilon.
No. 26478 ID: 602cd8
File 142527901666.png - (47.26KB , 1284x854 , BelenosSimSpeedrunStrats.png )
Loviro had said that, at least once, a jetal he sent out to learn about the world came back with money in their fishnets.

This Alison thought that was a good idea. Sort of like how it was a good idea to start drawing with a binary tool on a larger than intended canvas.
No. 26481 ID: 5db52c
Alison, you forgot the fishnets. C'mon, you got the fashion sense, you should have been all over this!
No. 26492 ID: 602cd8
File 142543275699.png - (30.86KB , 1000x1200 , ProblemSolving.png )
Cause of and solution to several problems.
No. 26493 ID: d958ad
*Shadow of the Colossus music plays*
No. 26495 ID: 2f4b71
>What? Just a regular Rokoa?
>You guys are really running out of ideas
No. 26497 ID: 0d8ff4
At a glance i thought this was Rokoa about to jump out of a window and elbowdrop someone, to which the caption would still be 100% appropriate.
No. 26498 ID: 602cd8
File 142553236333.png - (303.64KB , 1000x800 , PoloMovie.png )
Despite the many negotiations required to get Polo to show up, Lukratsa insisted on how important it was for Polo to be well dressed.
No. 26500 ID: 5db52c
>insists Polo shows up dressed up
>doesn't dress up herself
>no one in the crowd looks dressed up
It looks like the prankster was pranked.
No. 26502 ID: bb78f2
This almost looks like the opening to parasite eve.

New salikai weapon will probably be revealed during the premier, using the crowd's mitochondria to set all the neumono on fire save Polo because her Mitocondria's mixed with Rokoa's and her's are just too badass to ignite her entire body.
No. 26603 ID: 602cd8
File 142767133333.png - (31.95KB , 900x1019 , RamellaPoloDinnerDate.png )
Potentially if unlikely canon for the not canon quest.

Although alternate universes can be considered canon in their own internal respect, now that I think about it.
No. 26604 ID: 602cd8
File 142767139954.png - (64.48KB , 1200x1200 , SalikaiBaseLewds2.png )
A continuation of
In which efforts are strengthened, yet remain unsuccessful.
No. 26605 ID: 602cd8
File 142767148484.png - (25.26KB , 900x900 , ProblemSolving2.png )
A continuation of
Of which it turns out to take place in the pornverse.
No. 26606 ID: 1a4c53
this makes me happy
No. 26607 ID: 0ee153
Should I be concerned that Ramella has begun her transformation into Polo with her left foot?
No. 26609 ID: 5db52c
That seems a remarkably good way to get shot in the boob.
No. 26610 ID: 602cd8

No, the transformation has receded and her foot is back to normal.

Polo's trigger care is well practiced at all times. Unless you meant Polo deciding to shoot intentionally, in which case she can probably hit a better target.
No. 26642 ID: 602cd8
File 142828582402.png - (62.06KB , 900x1200 , BukkakeRelatedAccidents.png )
No. 26643 ID: 0ee153
Oh man, that's great. I actually laughed. Is that Lukratsa sans sunglasses or what?
No. 26644 ID: 602cd8
Nah, it's Vivili, which is also a character who happened to show up in ITQ/BTE first.
No. 26645 ID: 0ee153
Oh, the brothel hive's queen? Yeah, does look more like her now that I look at it. I'm honestly impressed you've managed to make an entire cast of stocky furballs look distinct from each other.

Also, is it just me or does her dialogue not match her usual ITQ self? Must be really annoyed.
No. 26646 ID: d90668

I had no idea where you would go with the prompt but you blew it out of the park as always. Two thumbs up.
No. 26647 ID: 602cd8
>Also, is it just me or does her dialogue not match her usual ITQ self? Must be really annoyed.
Not pictured: The few hours beforehand in which she has to sit around waiting for a gelball to occasionally get launched at her.
No. 26648 ID: 964f20
You should run a pornverse Polo quest for shits and giggles.
No. 26649 ID: 0ee153
I don't see how that would be funny after five minutes.
No. 26658 ID: b3dd38
don't underestimate Lago
No. 26660 ID: d90668
The trick is to not run a porno quest but a quest in the pornoverse. Big difference.

In one sex is the focus of the quest. In the other it just runs rampant in the background and is not the primary focus of the story.
No. 26663 ID: bb78f2
I can't help but easily feel that this could be easily solved by having a BUNCH of dudes at once, instead of a single dude orgasming over and over. Just ouch, if he had balls, they would be aching.

Look, they're ALL the same color! Kappi shoots out purple, this guy blue, let's get a few red and yellow and orange guys in the mix!
Who is directing this? And the set design is a cave? Where is the pit! Those spermballs are just grossly piling up between her crotch. She's out of character for the porno, where's that legendary cheesy neumono dialogue that neumono film is known for? It would be 50x cheesier since it's also a porno!

Honestly, the guys running this porno just don't know what they're doing. I can't wait for The Hub to finally build it's own film studio so the CAI start directing its own line of porno films.

Actually, this might actually be in the canon universe if that's Vivili, shooting a real porno.
No. 26664 ID: b3dd38
File 142868701971.jpg - (38.56KB , 603x542 , awkwardtimes2crop.jpg )
Kappi's are blue. They're all bluish! Although, maybe if the guy ate some weird chemicals...
No. 26665 ID: bb78f2
Oh I was remembering the purple background instead of the ball, weird.
No. 26706 ID: 602cd8
File 142898403700.png - (286.45KB , 800x800 , ReflectionsOfPastMistakes.png )
No. 26707 ID: bd8b82
starwolf: "i can't let you do that starfix!"
No. 26708 ID: 92b4c6
good a+
No. 26820 ID: 86b099
File 143053515039.png - (184.16KB , 1900x1300 , SealockBeach.png )
A couple of patreons coincidentally asked for polo not being a huge grump.

So first, Polo, before her first mission, enjoying herself with her hive.
No. 26821 ID: 86b099
File 143053531020.png - (351.10KB , 1000x1000 , Polosfuckface.png )
And a more lewd one.

While modern, Polo doesn't care much to go outside of her hive for sex, and tends to minimize talks of any sex activities to people outside of her hive as well. Within her hive, though, she tends to open up and lets herself enjoy it as much as anyone. Even if it means she ends up with a doofy face. While she tends to do this sort of thing in moderation, after her first mission, when she thought them dead for awhile, she was likely susceptible to feel particularly affectionate to her hive (as well as the hive towards her.)

Hence this is not absolute confirmed canon but it not completely unreasonable to believe this sort of thing happened, even with that expression.
No. 26822 ID: 0ee153
Lagotrope to win a MacArthur Fellowship when?
No. 26844 ID: d877ce

Obviously, the truth is that she suppresses her sexuality outside her hive because she makes ridiculous sex faces when she lets herself go. Whoever'd been with her would never be able to interact with her without suppressing giggles again. Might even be part of what tipped Rakae off about the fake message from the CAI. Polo could never act like such a cool cucumber to people who know her Terrible Secret.

Makes me imagine, after Polo's been revealed and gotten famous again, some neumono tabloid reporter snapping a chance photo through a window, and her having a crazy comedy shenanigans adventure trying to steal it back before it gets to the presses.
No. 26846 ID: 140972
You may have made the room a bit too small: I just can't picture where the neumono kissing her neck can possibly be, since there's no room at all between the piece of furniture and the wall...

Other than that, great drawing.
No. 26847 ID: 6879ec
It all makes perfect sense now
No. 26848 ID: 86b099
Although I can sort of see there being just enough room, I can also see where you're coming from. Although it might be a bit much to redo the room layout, I have added some more of the kissing one poking out from the dresser/nightstand to imply some kind of workable, corner-shunned pose.
No. 26849 ID: 140972
It's perfect now, thanks!!
No. 26850 ID: e114bc
Her right thigh really worries me.
No. 26851 ID: 86b099
Yeahhh I do know what you're talking about; it definitely looked more structured before I added the guy's legs. After that it does look more pushed out than it actually is, so unfortunately so you'll just have to take my word that her thigh is in fact connected to her hip.
No. 26852 ID: 86b099
File 143059408754.png - (568.36KB , 1400x816 , NCOSniper.png )
While sneaking through the salikai's base, Polo stumbles on the NCO Arkot and Sniper Rokoa who turns out to be a couple in a completely healthy relationship of equal footing.

This is back in the noncanon pornverse, in what should be a 0% chance anyone thought otherwise.

I also wanted to practice some 3 point perspective and angle things slightly differently, and I ended up going overboard with this one. Oh well.
No. 26853 ID: 0ee153
File 143059591992.png - (351.91KB , 1000x1000 , Polo's fuckface.png )
Found the old version, might as well post for comparison purposes.
No. 26856 ID: 809713
Suddenly not blowing him up has tactical value. Two valuable enemy units are now preoccupied instead of responding to the infiltration.

First arkot lewds. You're breaking down barriers, little dude.
No. 26863 ID: 6879ec
Waait a minute.
Does this mean normalverse Polo is more likely to make lewd faces during sex than pornverse polo?
No. 26868 ID: 86b099
Nooot really, it's just that up to this point (to my recollection?) there hasn't been lewds of a Polo with her own hive, where the sex is on a more fulfilling level than 'and now there is a dick in me.'
No. 26874 ID: 140972
I'd bet pornverse Polo can look just as goofy when she's actually having sex instead of, you know, being raped.
No. 26875 ID: d7be02

Everyone consents in the pornverse, friend! They just sometimes pretend not to. Real reluctance doesn't go beyond "guys come on I'm supposed to be working", or equivalent. It's no more than an inconvenience.

Also I wonder if neumono might mentally process sexual abuse differently than humans do, what with their different psychological makeup visavis individuality, self image, reproductive arrangements and body disposability, et cetera, but that's a much heavier conversation.
No. 26881 ID: 86b099
File 143070108535.png - (34.86KB , 800x1200 , AnnoHide.png )
Anno, wondering where the nearest shopkeep is so he can find better clothes to hide inconvenience-boners.
No. 26882 ID: 67c35f
More like convenience boners. p.s. gj Lago
No. 26890 ID: bb78f2
So do we know that guy?

I'm always interested in (potentially) canon sexual characterization! Very interesting.
Polo's got the BEAST in her.

Man, considering the size of Polo in the picture, despite the fact everything looks larger and they seem more like normal size neumono, we should realize that both of these are actually incredibly small since they seem to be of camparable size. There IS another dork as small as Polo in her hive.
No. 27140 ID: dd338c
File 143322035737.png - (610.79KB , 1224x1052 , KorlisUltrahiveAdventures.png )
Backstory to this one: Korli had an upbringing that had a laundry list of things she wasn't allowed to do, a footnote for things she could do, and another laundry list of things she had to do.

When she escaped from the salikai, she was held in custody for awhile by the ultrahive, but she was released soon after to start living normally.

With that, she learned that she could do just about anything and everything she ever imagined. And considering that her job was to imagine things, this was a lot.

What resulted would be making up for a life of no fun allowed by binging on about every vice in the book, often multiple at the same time.

Hence, this picture is also not-confirmed-canon but theoretically could be.

No, it was just a random hivemate of Polo.
No. 27141 ID: dd338c
File 143322058985.png - (55.74KB , 800x800 , ReclusePrivacy.png )
Sort of a prequel to

Recluse hides in the furthest corners to assure privacy and seclusion, but Alison does not understand why anyone would ever want that.
No. 27142 ID: e114bc
Oh my god this could be canon. He just sortof hides it with his robe when it happens... It's so big and bulky nobody could ever notice.
No. 27143 ID: fd8fad
Oh gosh that sure is a thing, I need to remember to catch up with reading your quests
No. 27144 ID: bfb318
The best canon
No. 27170 ID: dd338c
File 143348214907.png - (641.69KB , 1250x1563 , StorySeekerInANutshell.png )
In his defense, it IS a good idea.
No. 27171 ID: 94f7ee
Well. It would be my first response, too. Question is who will pass out first.

Also that is pretty good.
No. 27172 ID: 0d8ff4
I'll be honest: I enjoy seeing storyseeker get laid more than I ought to.
No. 27176 ID: ab7529
"You didn't actually answer my question, you know! That was a description, not a name."

Backup escape plan: turn slimeform. Hide inside.
No. 27177 ID: 91cfcf
He didn't ask for a name, though. And the inside is generally the deadly bit.
No. 27178 ID: f4f747

Depends on the method. If it was just exposure to poisons or having his soul sucked out something it'd probably have already happened, so I'd assume she just means she kills him the normal way, by violence. Bite his head off and suchlike.

That or she's just joking. The kind of ladies Story meets, I'd expect him to meet one with that kind of sense of humor eventually.
No. 27471 ID: dd338c
File 143563839994.png - (608.96KB , 1286x2330 , KorliMakesMorePoorDecisions.png )
Finishing this month's patreon requests. Better almost late than actually late.

First up: Korli may be a macrophile, who knows.
No. 27472 ID: dd338c
File 143563873926.png - (40.70KB , 1000x1000 , ThreeStripesCatchesPolo.png )
Next content, more pornverse: Early Polo-Quest Three Stripes manages to catch Polo after she injures some of his slaves. He wants Polo to make up for it by making him another, but without being able to get past her silence, he just has to try filling her with as much genetic material as he can and hope that works fine before letting her go.

He will later apologize for his actions, but this being the pornverse with all its attention to realism, Polo probably secretly enjoyed it.
No. 27473 ID: dd338c
File 143563903312.png - (133.59KB , 2000x2800 , PennNightmare.png )
More pornverse/lewds, and also more Lagotrope drawing with the binary tool on way too fuckhuge a canvas, and only noticing when it was time to resize.

Penn's hallucination of Roxie being captured continues to haunt her in her dream, and Penn's got to choose where Roxie will be sent off to.

That's all for tonight, but not all for this month.
No. 27474 ID: e114bc
Aren't they smaller than that tho?
No. 27475 ID: 0ee153
Yes and they don't exist with neumono either. Your point?
No. 27489 ID: bb78f2
Is the nightmare drawing entirely pornverse? Would Penn never have a nightmare of that? Seems potentially canon that a nightmare would occur. Or is that canonverse Penn dreaming of the pornverse?
No. 27490 ID: ab7529
It falls solidly in the epitiomous "questionably canonical" category.
No. 27492 ID: ec4f0c
My instinct suggests that pornverse Penn is identical to canon Penn, only instead of being paralyzed by awkwardness, she gets paralyzed by having perverted thoughts that make her glasses steam up.

If such is so, canon Penn probably has roughly the same nightmare, only less sexual.
No. 27493 ID: dd338c
Yes it could also be considered in the "has not and will not be addressed in canon, but would not be such an unrealistic stretch to be."

I judged based on given measurements - but it's also worth keeping in mind that Korli is pretty short.
No. 27494 ID: 518b46
The setting is probably gonna get a mild reboot/overhaul whenever I get around to bringing it back for anything and this is a likely change
No. 27552 ID: dd338c
File 143600498735.png - (65.21KB , 1200x1070 , PoloPicnic.png )
Polo puts on a picnic for Mother's day before she took her sniper rifle and murdered fun.
No. 27553 ID: dd338c
File 143600546984.png - (83.58KB , 1100x1100 , BilesMoi.png )
I like to think that Biles challenged Moi to a game of hide and seek knowing he could find her after realizing that A) Her suit isn't perfect and B)Her suit can't do much about collected dust and dirt that she gathers rolling around for extended periods.

And then they had sex because.
No. 27917 ID: dd338c
File 144031993698.png - (394.99KB , 1960x1760 , QiurillSweater.png )
Meanwhile, for something completely different, and I quote, "I guess when I get in the mood for some silly light fetish wear, I'd try those out."
No. 27922 ID: d90668

I like the shading on this one.
No. 27947 ID: f8b4f5
I like the breasts on this one.
No. 28240 ID: dd338c
File 144396996818.png - (319.64KB , 1200x832 , Glamour.png )
Modest spoiler fanart for Undertale. I, too, have played this.
No. 28248 ID: 6879ec
Oohhhh yeeees
No. 28331 ID: 72bec4
I suppose that pic could count as spoilers.
So. Who's your favorite Chara cter?
No. 28333 ID: dd338c
That's tough, I really like just about every character, and a lot would make it to the top.

But I want to say Sans.

I'm also usually (or try to be) tight on spoilering even the most minor stuff, just because I personally like to go into something absolutely cold. Example, I had to consider whether or not to spoiler Sans' name.
No. 31271 ID: d1f5f1
File 147424994324.gif - (5.37KB , 113x106 , CheeseWalk.gif )
A quick, janky animation of how Cheese walks.
No. 31298 ID: a6e54c
such grace, such poise, such elegance
No. 31299 ID: 91ee5f
From how often she complains about her tail being too big and heavy, I thought she would be dragging it on the ground instead of holding it up in the air.
No. 31300 ID: d1f5f1
She can hold it up for a short time, and does so when she needs to get somewhere fast.

If I were to do a second animation it would be how she walks when she's dragging her tail.
No. 31331 ID: 41d365
What about an animation concerning how squishy her butt is?
No. 31332 ID: 211d83

That should be a thing.
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