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File 140677274578.png - (50.75KB , 800x800 , QuestDisOP.png )
84312 No. 84312 ID: d470e9

For, as one could guess, discussing Fen Quest.

Some of you may know that Fen Quest was an intermission for Chee Quest. This may be a reboot, but other than that, it will have nothing to do with Cheelop. It will not even be part of the same universe, so the rules of cheeverse (what rules there were) will not apply.

To elaborate this, which requires heavy CheeQuest spoilers, Cheequest steamrolled into Fenquest near its ending, crushing any sort of proper ending. It was most likely my biggest mistake questing, and did play into my deciding to reboot it. Secondly, the reason why it doesn't take place in cheeverse is a matter of constraints. At the end of Cheequest, her world was effectively rebooted, promised by the gods to have it play out approximately the same, with the promise of Fen and Lily living happily ever after and so on. I'd rather not have that promise, among other things people could safely make assumptions about. Nor do I want to just redo it as-is while still in the chaos god's dream, if just because the looming threat of Chee inevitably crashing into Fen's life isn't something I want even if it occurred after the end.

I would much rather start on a clean slate.

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No. 84315 ID: c02e1e

Lets hope we don't get everyone eaten by a carp in the first 15 minutes.

Good to see Fen getting his own story. Chee quest was a fun romp but did get a but rushed at the end. Plus you have had plenty of practice telling stories since then.
No. 84319 ID: bb78f2

>Lets hope we don't get everyone eaten by a carp in the first 15 minutes.

I really am hoping crazy dwarf fortress stuff happens though.
Fear Vampire Spongeman!
No. 84321 ID: 24dc7a

>Fear Vampire Spongeman!
It is terrifying :V
No. 84349 ID: f05b47

Ooh, this is interesting. A sociologist could have a field day with this by comparing the choices people made in the first version compared to this one.

I'm sure it will be excellent on its own of course. If you don't mind me saying so, Lagotrope, your stories seem to work better when they're more simple and straightforward rather than sprawling and epic, so this seems like a good idea.
No. 84413 ID: bb78f2

Goddammit why couldn't he have been a wood noble
Fuck Vampire Spongemen, everyone agrees one thing about nobles
It is terrifying.
No. 84416 ID: dc4b80


Stealing a wood noble's girl is no fun. Fen is aiming for the stars.
No. 84449 ID: 0e5a5e

As a sociologist, I have no idea what I would do with this.
No. 84452 ID: d8a627

Yeaaah, considering Lily is already a noble, and not a slave, the whole story is already different, right from the getgo. Not really much to study.
No. 84454 ID: bb78f2

I think an anthropologist might be the better occupation to refer to, in the case we continued to hunt, fight, explore the tribe's traditions, etc.
But we're not, it's probably going to be a love story from now on, which means the tribe stuff is going to be focused on less.
No. 84456 ID: dc4b80

In the first quest Lord Shup was the initial aggressor by stealing away Fen's Fiance. And it was literally stealing not just her breaking up with Fen and choosing Shup.

Now the situation looks like it might be reversed. Fen will be trying to steal away Shup's fiance. Of course Shup will not like that idea and interfere but its not quite the same.

Should be interesting to see how things play out.
No. 84459 ID: d8a627

Well, do remember that Shup just stated
>And lastly... well, my wives may not wish to have anything to do with your kind, but that may not last for long, as my next soon-to-be has taken a surprising curiosity in those in the borderlands.
So, technically she's not his wife yet, and while Fen will probably steal her away, it'll probably be the breaks-up-with-him way, rather than gets kidnapped. Which might actually result in them duking it out in tribal territory, instead of the Northern Kingdom.
That, or Fen gets enslaved for his offense and ends up having to fight for his freedom and eventually becomes a noble, but I have yet to see a single reference to slavery in the thread, so it's more likely that they just forcibly conscript Neutrals, and are required by law to release them once they've served their time. Yeah, it's sort of like slavery, only they pay you for it and can only keep you for so long.
Hm. This is actually some good questioning. To the BTE thread!
No. 84461 ID: f05b47

Well, interactive narratives can act as simulations to see how people respond to certain stimuli and situations, albeit filtered through a casual, fictional environment. In this instance in particular, you could see how subtle shifts in a rebooted story influence peoples' decisions in different ways. I mean, I doubt you'd get any huge, groundbreaking insights from it or anything, but I always find it interesting to see people's reactions to stuff and their motives for their decisions. (Although I am jumping the gun a bit, seeing how the rebooted Fen Quest has barely started. I meant more when it was finished.)
No. 84753 ID: 0ee153

So, what's with people thinking Shup is a dickhead? He's despicable, resist the urge to punch him, which Fen didn't feel as far as I can see, etc. As far as I've seen the worst thing he's done is be condescending at the tribe and gently mock Fen after he started talking shit about Shup behind his back. Do people not like his face, was he a real asshole in the original Fen Quest, is it just because he's engaged to the girl the main character wants to fuck, or what? I read it ages ago, can't even remember if Shup was in it.
No. 84754 ID: d8a627

In the original quest, Shup initially seemed to be the bad guy, but it turns out he was trying to fix the problems that the real bad guy caused. An insane man painted magical pictures of four women, all of whom were in a horrible situation. Shup set out to find them, bring them to the Kingdom, and marry them all, giving them the best life they could. The first three wives went perfectly fine, and their paintings became happy as could be. Lily, however, had met Fen, and was in love with him. Furthermore, her portrait, while it did smile, it was a frightened smile, as the animated skeleton of a kobold (Chee) stood in the background. Despite Shup's best attempts to help Lily out, she still loved Fen, and Shup had know way of knowing about Chee nor saving Lily from her. Eventually, the painting somehow managed to destroy itself (Shup never found out the exact cause, just that he never did it himself, and that Lily never saw the portrait), and Fen took it upon himself to try and fix the image. He asked Cheelop to never harm Lily, and the skeleton vanished from the portrait, but it was otherwise unchanged. It wasn't until Shup finally stepped down and let Fen have Lily as his own wife that the portrait became fixed.

So, yes, Shup is supposed to be one of the better nobles, and people are just being weird. Yes, Old Shup kept his own King imprisoned, but he was trying to find a way to reveal that the false king was a false king. Simply bring the true King to the palace would not prove anything.
No. 84759 ID: 2fd516

I wonder if Fen has a chance in hell at getting Lily this time, or if the quest is going to switch focus to a different central conflict?
No. 84762 ID: e6e219

Fen had just as bad of odds in the original quest and he managed to get her back. The fun is trying to figure out how.

Last time he had to gain the blessing/curse of a warrior god. This time around who knows how it will end up but he will have to find some way of gaining power quickly to reach his goals.

But in a world where magic exists and gods sometimes take interest in mortal affairs his quest goes from impossible to just crazy difficult and horribly dangerous.

Luckily he is young and reckless enough to not realize how much fire he is playing with.
No. 84763 ID: 0ee153

>But in a world where magic exists and gods sometimes take interest in mortal affairs his quest goes from impossible to just crazy difficult and horribly dangerous.

>It will not even be part of the same universe, so the rules of cheeverse (what rules there were) will not apply.

So far, no evidence of gods existing or giving a shit, the only magic we've seen firsthand wasn't real, and the strongest magic we've heard of was making crops grow.
No. 84765 ID: dc4b80


True we can't count on anything being like it was in Chee quest. But if magic exists than there are probably gods around. And even if they rarely interfere when you are grasping at straws you will try anything once.

And I am sure there are mages who can do more than just grow crops.

If Fen does get any magical help along the way I have no doubt he will have to more than earn it.
No. 84781 ID: e6f4c6

I popped in to compliment lagotrope on the good art, consistent update speed, and good storywriting. Here's hoping the quality remains high.

I particularly like that he's just a country bumpkin and really acts like it. He's a peasant who dreams of seeing the world, and now he's got good motivation with Lily. I have to say though, that I hope this doesn't descend into the magical bandaid/maguffin school of writing, as works that take place in universes with magic so frequently do.
No. 84782 ID: dc4b80


Might have to go a bit into magical territory because Shup has it and Fen will need to go up against him some day. And any really powerful people we run into will have a trick up there sleeve or two. So Fen better find some of his own along the way.

I have to say that Lago's character writing has only improved along the years. He makes sure to filter all the suggestions through what the character would actually do. Makes his worlds come alive and has you sitting on the edge of your seat hoping that you just did not get the protagonist killed by missing a important clue.

I know in Polo quest I am constantly worried for her safety. If you can make someone worry about the characters in a story you are doing something right.
No. 84787 ID: 487455

>Fen will need to go up against [Shup] some day
That really depends on what Shup plans or doing, and how much he cares about Fen's interest in Lily. For instance, if Shup's marrying her for mostly political reasons, he may not give a damn if his n-th wife ends up with a consort.

Which is possibly the easiest route to success, if the cultural norms here allow that, and Fen would be satisfied with it. (Although I kind of suspect the answer the answer to both of those is nope).
No. 84788 ID: 0ee153

Well, her family was nothing special and she has no idea why he wants her, so I don't think it's politics.

Given that he has multiple wives, I'm guessing that having lovers and mistresses could be an open secret. Don't ask, don't tell, and as long as you keep it low-key all's well. I'm also guessing that any such lover would also have to be noble or very, very wealthy.
No. 84789 ID: 487455

>her family was nothing special and she has no idea why he wants her, so I don't think it's politics.
Ah, sorry, I was lumping "marrying her to support her extended family" as a political action. But you're correct that we don't really know what motivates that, on his end.
No. 84791 ID: 2fd516

We've been told he's a philanthropist so perhaps this is just more of that.
No. 84796 ID: fe4bfc

Shup is supposed to be a mage who somehow has become very powerful without having a innate ability for it. Fen should find out more from Lily about how he got that way.

She said it took 5 years of nothing but meditating to learn to use magic. And even then it was not a sure thing.

I do not see Shup sitting around doing nothing for years while being a high noble. So wondering if he somehow cheated and found a way to skip the meditation part. Could be he found a lost secret to the art or maybe something more sinister. Might be nothing but if there is a secret way to accelerate someones magical abilities it would be worth looking into.
No. 84800 ID: 0ee153

Given that Lily's ancestor was made a noble for being a mage, I'd find it more likely that he wasn't given his status until after he developed his powers, especially since Lily said nobility wasn't inherited.

I'm guessing he found immortality, rejuvenation, body-swapping; some way to stay young and he's actually 406 or something equally unusual.
No. 84801 ID: 2fd516

Personally I think he's probably worshiping a god of some sort in exchange for power. That's still a thing in the rebooted universe.
No. 84802 ID: 0ee153

Really? Because last time the gods were mentioned lots of people thought they were fake and miracles were just latent magic explosions. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm asking where you saw that because I didn't.
No. 84804 ID: 487455

>That's still a thing in the rebooted universe.
Still a thing in the rebooted Cheeverse? Yes. Still a thing in this universe? We don't know.
No. 97647 ID: b6178d

I guess this goes here, as I don't want to derail the main Fen quest/Behind The Ears thread with my ~opinions~.

Dear ID: 88e46e,

I was honestly trying to turn talking into a potential advantage somehow, so that we could end the fight before it begins, or escalates too far. Your kind words of criticism exasperated me a bit, as I'm aware I'm a verbose writer and did in fact try to keep the suggested 'spoken' sentences short. Short-ish. If you think you can pitch their message better or, if you don't think of talking as an option, can make actual fighting advice rather than merely snark, then I would love it if you did that. Just... don't just post to be mean and emphasize a point you've already made.

Look, I know full well this whole 'talk your combat opponent to death/surrender/reason' has limitations and will sometimes lead to nowhere good. I know that people writing long speech spiels in the middle of life-and-death do-or-die situations, whether to sound badass or clever or make some play at ~being friends~, is annoying and kind of pointless. That said, give the quest maker some credit. They'll make the pick of what goes and what doesn't in any given situation, and I imagine they'll be somewhat reasonable about it, otherwise your typical quest would end really quickly. Having a decent number of posted opinions and options for them to choose from cannot be such a bad thing, either. At the very least it shows that people are engaged in the quest's story (I am! This is why I buckle down and put far too much effort into posts sometimes).

While there's nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism, discouraging people from making suggestions by berating them, even if one feels their posts are filled with stupid and wrong (independent of the extent to which they actually are), feels... off. It does the quest a disservice. Could I ask you to not do it again?

That's all.

Excepting to say that Fen quest is good/interesting. Keep it up, Lago.
No. 97652 ID: b17b81

No personal offense to you man, but there's something about the way you write that kinda irks me. I'm not telling you stop talking, but I just feel like I have to say it for some reason.

Personally, I like the narrative feel that fen is kind of the quiet type. He's not story-seeker, and thus not the type to be overly-talkative, or even that he would have the ability to talk circles around someone. But, I feel that he has that way with combat. (natural skill and such) I really like this quest, and I really want to see how Lago handles the fight scenes.

(reminds me of the writing differences of legends of Drizzt vs wheel of time. I don't like that in Drizzt it writes out every step towards every attack; once you've done a move enough that you're comfortable with it, you don't think it, you just kind of ...do it. Muscle memory and all that. It bogs down the narration of the fight, halts attempts to get in the mindset of the character, and slows down the pacing of something that should be inherently fast and over quickly)
No. 97654 ID: 88e46e

I really don't care enough to read all of that especially since I'm fairly sure you're unhappy that I criticized you. So: you talk too much, enough that I feel justified pointing it out, and you still are.
No. 97659 ID: b6178d


TLDR; You keep solely posting 'criticisms' like that in-thread. Trust Lago to sort chaff out and spend your efforts on more worthwhile posts.


No offense taken. I word salad it up regularly, and it's a style I find hard to break with. Not helping me is the way posting is structured here: I literally can't see how large my posts are getting and there's no way to preview them that I know of.

I get your point about micromanaging combat narrative not being such a great idea (I often try for more general advice myself), and I'm with you on actually liking Fen being a mostly quiet guy. That said, I get vicarious joy out of seeing something I suggested, be it tactic or soundbyte, get picked up, and so when I post, I often post long. If my lengthy suggestions don't get heeded because they're out of character or wouldn't apply or even TLDR, then I accept that such is life.

Heck, that was the issue here. Quests can be amazingly open ended, and make it so that anyone can add practically any suggestion to them, within reason. I felt I was being reasonable. The other poster did not and took it upon themselves to call out those of us who had different ideas and opinions on the situation.

This was pointless, mean and ultimately doesn't serve the quest any good, since the author is the ultimate authority on what is and isn't bad. So I reached out and asked them to stop. If they can't be bothered, then I wasted my efforts, but at least I tried, and tried to be somewhat polite about it.
No. 97661 ID: 15720c

>I literally can't see how large my posts are getting and there's no way to preview them that I know of.
Try using that. It adds a preview button.
No. 97663 ID: 5ad4a7

There's a little triangle in the bottom right of the Message text field. Click and drag on that to resize the field, so as to be able to see more of the message at once. That will give you a better idea of how much text you just threw at the screen.
No. 97671 ID: b6178d


Thanks! Those are both really helpful options.
No. 97790 ID: 40c872

Please keep it up, this quest is by far my favorite!
No. 98548 ID: 15a025

Been really digging this quest. Found that listening this while reading has been oddly fitting.
No. 98626 ID: fe65ad

I dont know if sparing cheese is going to be the smartest thing to do considering all the broken trust.

Also holy crap, that update speed was phenomenal.
No. 98628 ID: 02422f

Pretty much the best time to recruit a spy is when they're completely broken down, and at the bottom of their barrel.
No. 98641 ID: 91ee5f

Now that we've got some crow friends, I'm just wondering: Am I the only one thinking we can turn Fen into Itachi Uchia? If we can get the crows to swarm around Fen so that he can quickly hide and then the crows fly away, it'll look like Fen turned into a bunch of crows and flew away! Sure it might not be a practical thing to do, but if we can do it just right, then it'll really scare the shit out of our enemies! XD
No. 98642 ID: 595d54

>Am I the only one thinking we can turn Fen into Itachi Uchia?
No. 98643 ID: 765d31


Unfortunately, outside the actual crow zones, the crows can't let themselves be seen. We'd have to campaign for crow rights first.
No. 98644 ID: 2f4b71

Eactly: even if he pulls the trick off successfully in the Crow Zone and convinces public opinion that he is some sort of crow avatar, that just means as soon as he leaves the crow zone he makes the crows liable for punishment under the rule of crows never leaving.
No. 98646 ID: 91ee5f

Well, when you guys put it like that, it does sound like a dumb thing to do. Sorry for making a stupid suggestion.
No. 98649 ID: 15a025

Still sounds like a funny idea if you ask me.
No. 99012 ID: 93244f
File 146025780686.png - (6.48KB , 256x256 , actuallyalittlefuckedhere.png )

This quest is full of magical facial expressions.
No. 99113 ID: 6e05f2
File 146057671196.png - (562.19KB , 768x1024 , FenQuest_Expressions.png )


No. 100186 ID: dba348
File 146532927334.png - (356.09KB , 512x1024 , Deadringers.png )

Separated at birth?
No. 100188 ID: d3fdbc


Farm girl has smaller ears and larger cheeks. She looks a bit stockier, too. In short, you're kobold racist. Report for sensitivity training.
No. 100284 ID: 8984ef

So was the whole shoot-blood-from-the-eye as the defense mechanism already planned, or was it put in because someone suggested it?
No. 100285 ID: dd338c

It was planned, and although it wasn't suggested in a 'it should be this' manner, it was called out pretty soon after Cheese said a defense maneuver existed.

If it weren't planned and I was basing it based on what people thought it might've been, it likely would have either still been that, or bloating up like a puffer fish.
No. 100300 ID: 91ee5f

>Or bloating up like a puffer fish.
Now I can't stop thinking about how differently Cheese's attempt to escape Jenth would've been if she had the puffer fish thing instead of blood from the eyes. It probably wouldn't have gone as well as it did though.
No. 100313 ID: 211d83


I was hoping for the puffer fish just because of the silly factor.
No. 101080 ID: 6c8091

So is every noble in Turtle's Hideaway a forest kobold? Are we ever gonna see a noble from the other races?
No. 101084 ID: 6c8091

FIELD. Not forest, I mean.
No. 101086 ID: a075ba

Krix is a gold in Turtle's Hideaway, but he's a mountain Kobold, and he's showing Turtle's Hideaway and Dragon's Fall mutations (fluff, and spikes upon spikes).

Apanya is a field kobold, but she's showing Fisher's Run mutations.
No. 101087 ID: dd338c

The turtle region is predominantly field kobolds (being their homeland), so most nobles (as noted, Krix is mountain) would be field.

Likewise, most nobles in fisher's run are oceanic, Poluputus are mainly mountains, and so forth for each region. Aside from the Goldyard and Erja Nokol, which do have more of a mix of kobolds.
No. 101089 ID: 11f3be

>Krix is a mountain kobold with field mutations.

Huh. I thought it was the other way around at first.

Wait, so is Gauche a field with mountain mutation and that's why he is so large with cute, itty-bitty feet?
No. 101092 ID: cc6431

To be honest, I'm not that sure who was supposed to be who among the gold nobles, there.
No. 101094 ID: dd338c

In hindsight, I understand the confusion, so I'll attempt to show/clarify that next update.

Gauche spent some time in the mountain range, but the field homeland lends itself to being somewhat large as well. The small feet, though, are purely genetic.
No. 101251 ID: 372d9f

Will the next chapter be from Moss' point of view, or are we going back to Fen?
No. 101252 ID: 372d9f
File 146799533037.png - (238.13KB , 784x784 , return of funny faces.png )

Also, more funny faces
No. 101258 ID: dd338c

Next chapter will be back to Fen.
No. 101263 ID: 91ee5f

Are we going to be going through Fen's training in the army or are we going to timeskip straight to his mission in Erja Nokol?
No. 101277 ID: dd338c

I'm not 100% decided yet, but currently I'm leaning to showing the gist of the army training via a montage/cutscene and going straight to Erja Nokol.
No. 101278 ID: a075ba

There might be room for a few decisions in a training montage, maybe what skills / activities of a few offered to focus on.
No. 101279 ID: 74efee


I guess maybe if they often take barbarians, there'd be some sort of catchup program, get him covered on basic stuff? Don't know if they'd care enough for that, though, where he's going.

Mostly I think Fen needs to get familiarity with leadership and tactics and large-scale war stuff. Fortress architecture and siege equipment and so on. Maybe a special course on fighting magic, though so far this time around magic seems to be something you don't do when you're actually in a fight personally, more something you do to tilt things in your favour beforehand with enchantments and so on.

Basically, he has four goals: 1) survive his army assignments, 2) steal the cloth, 3) succeed in the arena, 4) survive as a noble. So for 1 he needs the basics and to be generally good, for 2 he needs to be sneaky, for 3 he needs to be good at small-scale battles with a variety of strong opponents, and 4 he needs leadership and strategy.

So, I guess he should be aiming to get into an elite squad (might be easier with his gold noble killing reputation), get sent on stealthy sabotage and assassination missions, and try to become an officer.
No. 101281 ID: c441c1

This sounds like a good list of goals. Now the question is how to achieve them
No. 101294 ID: 91ee5f

Well first, Fen has to survive the hazing that all of the new recruits will get from the veterans. Or in Fen's case, he has to survive all of the special "hazing" that only he will receive because of his "high expectations" that Apanya was talking about.
No. 101299 ID: c441c1

In other words he has to get used to his superiors beating the shit out of him to push him above the rest.
No. 108595 ID: a43366

So since our biggest goal is to win name recognition and glory and everything while in the army, hopefully in a positive way rather than as 'Red Maw', our end goal is probably to kill the leader of the Tonguestones.

How do you think the best way to do that would be?

We first need to find him, have the weapons needed to fight him so preferably some kind of one-handed sword and a shield, and an exit strategy.

I think the best bet to find him would be to capture the next Red Tonguestone we find instead of killing them and interrogating them for some info. Then we could impersonate a Tonguestone (maybe finding a way to use the tonguestone that doesn't put a hole in our tongue) to approach him and escape.
No. 111328 ID: 91ee5f

To tell the truth or not tell the truth and get whipped? That is the question.
No. 111330 ID: f0f32d

Well since the truth is probably going to come out eventually, may as well tell it.
Explicitly hide Shup and Lily's identities, however. And by explicitly, I mean actually say we won't tell (and actually not tell), to protect their identity.
No. 111387 ID: 0b99d7

Poor Lily, couldn't possibly have expected all the crazy shenanigans Fen got involved with as a result of the dragoncloth.

Love this quest and it's world.
No. 112623 ID: 8041d8

Hi, there's a thing I don't get about Fen Quest: In thread 1, Shup calls the Northern Empire "Empire of the dragonslayers", yet I was under the impression it was founded by the Dragon Knights, who are all draconic kobolds, which means they were all born after the Dragon was slain!

Does this mean "the" Dragon wasn't the only dragon around?
No. 112628 ID: 262ceb


As well as there being "the" Dragon, other magical beasts may also be referred to generically as dragons? Or any immortal first-generation kobold may be referred to generically as Dragon Knights.

Or maybe some history confusing propaganda thing is going on and the original founders of the Empire were pre-dragon kobolds. Like maybe some previous kobolds, let's imagine them being noble suffering strong people wanting to bring peace and justice and et cetera to a land of division and slavery and suffering because that's a good story, band together and head off to kill this dragon, and call themselves "Dragon Knights" either as a name for their quest to kill the dragon or afterwards because they killed it. They do this so a bunch of fresh fully-formed draconic immortals pop out, and the dragonslayers adopt/train/raise them to help carve out the Empire. The draconics inherit the name "Dragon Knights" from the dragonslayers and over time people assume it's because they were born from the dragon, rather than the original reason. Something like that?

I like the image of some grizzled dragonslaying survivors being "parents" to a bunch of fresh fully-formed immortals. And it would make more sense of the dragon knight at the trial referring to himself as the emperor's "brother", if they had some parent figure they identified themselves with. I doubt all the immortals from a particular beast usually consider themselves siblings, so they'd need another reason.
No. 112629 ID: 3abd97

Unless we've been given a false history (which is possible, if you had a group of immortals managing long term propaganda) the draconic kobolds were the first ones to appear on the continent, so they wouldn't have had any mortal adopted parents they rescued.

Although that also means the first generation dragon knights would have discovered mortality the hard way, when their kids began inexplicably aging past their prime, getting sick, and dying. I'll bet that went a ways towards majorly fucking them up in the head.
No. 112635 ID: 262ceb


Perhaps dragonslayers that weren't kobolds at all, then? That'd be a bit scandalous. But if the kobolds and their non-kobold neighbours speak languages with the same roots it would support such an idea. Presumably the dragon had to be slain by someone, anyway, unless we assume the dragon just tripped on a rock and broke its neck or something. So then, if the dragon was slain by someone, then they would have been at hand when the first kobolds popped out.

Being "raised" by some badass dragonslayers would also explain them developing a culture of strength/combat idealism, why they would get the idea to go hunting down other magical beasts, and where they got the idea of a "Knight" from in the first place - the way their culture is set up, it's hard to explain the particulars why, but when I consider the idea that they were introduced to the idea of Knights from a foreign source (like being taught/trained by a knight from another race) and then adopted it for themselves, adding their own spin and interpretation over time, it feels like it makes more sense with what we've seen than the idea that they organically developed the concept themselves.

There's a lot of potential mystery to the origins of things in the FenQuest setting. Where did the magical beasts come from? Were they, at one point, really the only fantasy element of the setting? Where did the non-kobold races come from? Maybe once the world was all magical but the beasts at it all and kept it stored until they were killed? Since the oceans are so big, and there was at least one aquatic beast, isn't it very possible there are more? Could there have been a giant bird beast that flew away and could make birdbolds somewhere? Or some crazy worm or mole beast digging about underground? How hard is it to differentiate immortal kobolds from normal ones, could some have just disguised themselves and be wandering around being secret immortals to this day?

Tons of possibilities.
No. 115044 ID: c993e3

So when is the next thread starting
No. 115045 ID: 91ee5f

Later, whenever Lagotrope feels ready to start it.

Be patient.
No. 115046 ID: bfb318

Soonish (TM)
No. 115052 ID: 3abd97

After the current SS thread finishes.

Can't have two different kobold quests going at once, hat would be confusing!
No. 115098 ID: f66698

Both Fen quest and story seeker are some of my favorite quests that are still active.
No. 115706 ID: e8df53
File 150558165896.png - (312.68KB , 1000x883 , DameFrais.png )

This is just her default face at this point.
No. 115979 ID: 91ee5f

So, does anybody have any ideas and/or plans on how to get Fen outta this mess and back to his teammates?
No. 115984 ID: 3ce125

It's simple. We kill the ice worm.
No. 115986 ID: 91ee5f

Is it really that simple though? There could be something else we're not seeing and killing the creature that was following Fen might not solve anything.
No. 115987 ID: 33b7e7


Killing the ice worm is probably not simple, considering it is almost certainly a creature that was made by a necromancer. Beyond the simplest minions, which the worm clearly isn't, necromancers tend to make things that are very complicated to kill.

Like, for example, if you stab it, it might immediately start sucking up even more heat and sound to heal itself. For all we know, in fact, the previous cold spot we encountered was the result of another of these creatures being attacked by some scout group. If these necromancers hate the empire, things that get worse when you attack them would be a very appropriate and effective, given the empire's love of military solutions.
No. 116001 ID: 3ce125

Sheesh it's like you're saying it's harder to kill than the batman.
No. 116004 ID: 91ee5f

That's impossible and you know it. Nothing is harder to kill than Batman!

Besides, this creature might actually be making a safe zone and killing it would take away the safe zone. But there's no way to know for sure, since we know so little about it!

So we should learn as much as possible about this creature, so that we can discover weaknesses and exploit them. Just like Batman does!
No. 116025 ID: b60dfa

I wonder if it's maybe one of the ancient forest kobolds, just so old and mutated that it's went full circle in craziness and turned quirky instead of a voracious zombie thing.

Or maybe it's just a 'regular' mutant that got some really interesting alterations to itself.
No. 116067 ID: bb78f2

That worm is gonna tackle the undead dude and get him stuck to him unless undead dude has a plan for that.

I don't think we need to do anything. As soon as that undead dude is stuck to it, he'll either activate a worm countermeasure and destroy/disrupt the anomaly, or he'll do nothing to keep up the anomaly, but no longer be able to chase Fen, which should allow us to leave the anomaly anyway.

The undead is going to have to DODGE the worm, which really wants to touch that fire. Or maybe he won't stick or knows how to get unstuck. Who exactly knows, but I think we're in a good situation, as long as he doesn't dodge the worm perfectly.

Which still means lets just run.
No. 116068 ID: 3abd97

I don't think we have to worry too much about the undead chasing us having much of a plan, or fighting terribly smart since Garlic Soup released his direct control.
No. 116070 ID: 91ee5f

>Garlic Soup
I'm still wondering about the reason of why the mutants in Cheese's "family" all name themselves after a type of food.
No. 116071 ID: 3ce125

The problem is the other undead coming to kill Fen, not just the one guy we set on fire. I guess we might be able to get the ice worm to intercept all the other monsters, but that seems too easy.
No. 116187 ID: c9fd48

At least if we ever meet an Erja Nokol Kobold calling themselves Fizzy Drink, we'll know they're an impostor ;-)
No. 116189 ID: 91ee5f

You don't know that! That could be a legitimate name!
No. 116198 ID: 2a13fa

No, because Fizzy Drink does not legally qualify as a food!
No. 116216 ID: bfdaf0

Fizzy Drink is explicitly "NOT A FOOD". >>/quest/802605 (NSFW thread, safe post)
No. 116217 ID: 91ee5f

Ohhh, now I get the joke!
No. 116228 ID: 91ee5f

I'm hoping Fen has really good drawing skills. Because he's gonna need to draw pictures of all of these things to show everyone back at camp!

And if he can't draw, then hopefully there is someone that can draw back at camp and Fen is good at describing details!
No. 117262 ID: a633c6

Here's a thing on armor if anyone wants it: https://imgur.com/gallery/1iYye
No. 117263 ID: c88e6d

Aye, it's a really good reference, and I'm saving it for later.

Thank you greatly! Can I draw you anything in gratitude?
No. 117295 ID: a633c6

Could you please draw fen a one piece curiassier style breastplate, but lined in fur so he looks like Sixer in an armored pimp coat for maximum style, comfort and effectiveness?
No. 117299 ID: c88e6d
File 150924417187.png - (151.18KB , 1200x1200 , Fen Sixer.png )

Sure. Here ya go! Apologies for the hastiness of this scribble, I was experimenting with color and things went horribly wrong.
No. 117300 ID: a633c6

Awesome, thanks!
No. 117525 ID: bb78f2

Is Fen canonically demisexual? If so, awesome! Asexuals and demisexuals need more representation, even if in the context of his world he'll never learn what those words mean and that he would probably think a label would be useless to him.

Now I know we're still in part between two women trying to gauge his sexual interest right now, but you know, the signs of demisexuality HAVE been there since the beginning of the quest and is basically the inciting incident of the quest itself.
No. 117528 ID: 7fad5d

Fen canonically started his quest to bone Lily after looking at her exactly once.
No. 117532 ID: 3ce125

Well first off Demisexual doesn't really mean anything special. It just means "low sex drive". It's absolutely not unusual for romance to make you want to fuck someone. Or heck, some people could even be using the label to make themselves look more virtuous, as it's the opposite of wanting to sleep around.

Second off no. Fen just doesn't like women who sleep with the hero of the day, and he thinks Lily is incredibly beautiful. He hasn't met any other women in the quest who share Lily's "look", but I expect he'd think they were pretty as well.
No. 117537 ID: 33d4be


The trouble with making any calls like this about Fen is that we didn't really get to see a lot of his home culture and we might be applying assumptions to kobold culture in general. Like, yeah Fen hasn't seemed to be strongly affected by proximity/exposure to the opposite sex, but who else has? Holly didn't start blushing when Orjin stripped in front of her. When Orjin told everyone to strip down, there was some sense of embarrassment but it seemed more linked to clothes as a sign of being civilized, there was no sexual element to it. We saw a bunch of people bathing in a river pretty casually. There doesn't seem to be any big idea of modesty, generally speaking.

It also seems plausible that there might be a standard/ideal of not showing oneself to be easily "pushed", emotionally, outside permitted displays. Given the manipulative games in the upper levels of society, I would bet that it's even considered a sign of weakness to let yourself show attraction (or fear or so on) openly. And back with Fen's tribe, well they were a tribe and had the sense of casual familiarity that comes with a close insular community. So Fen wouldn't see someone running around naked and go "woah sexy thoughts", he'd go "hmm must be chilly", because sex and bodies and so on has just been normalized that way for him.

That doesn't mean he has a lower sex drive on any personal biological level, he just probably doesn't have the same conditioning to make a big deal about it that your standard english-speaking western human would. That conditioning does exist, you know? All the forced romances in movies subtly telling us that we're not really complete without a partner, the separations between the sexes making us think of each other as strange and alien and mysterious and untouchable, the way sex is hidden from us growing up so that we get this big revelation that makes us think it must be at the core of everything like stereotypical first-year college students with their subjects, et cetera. The way we think of sex isn't natural, we're weird about it, and kobolds might not be, at least not in the same way.

He's also just a naturally focused kind of guy, and doesn't seem to give away much of his emotional state in general, even in his inner monologue.
No. 117612 ID: c0641d

I think this might be a good theme for Fen’s story (at least the first two chapters): https://youtu.be/1dONxX9rifs

Anyways, I’m leaning on Fen being demisexual, myself. There’s not being turned on by the things cobalds of the empire should be turned on to, and then there’s not needing any sexual release for months on end, assuming he hasn’t been keeping his “private time” to when we’re not watching.

Finally, while he does insist the contrary, I’m thinking that if we do get Fen mixed up in some school of magic, it’ll be necromancy. Call it an odd hunch. (Seriously, this is just a hunch that I want to come true just a teeny bit.)
No. 117625 ID: 33d4be

>assuming he hasn’t been keeping his “private time” to when we’re not watching

I don't think that's a plausible assumption, given that very nearly all characters in all forms of media keep things like that "off-screen".
No. 117629 ID: c0641d

I’m not saying he would have done it on-screen either, but the point is that we have no evidence of sexual frustration in the slightest.
No. 117632 ID: c2051e

We have no evidence of Fen taking a dump either. Clearly, this implies that he has infinite volume in his digestive tract.
No. 117916 ID: 3ce125

People seem to be a bit out of practice controlling Fen in a combat situation. Too much mercy.
No. 117917 ID: 33d4be


Mercy is a tool to be used when appropriate and wise. You don't throw it away because you haven't found much use for it yet. Besides, remember sparing that kid? That turned out to be the right call.
No. 117919 ID: bb78f2

Eilop will probably die, leaving the mountain kobold without a spine as the only survivor.

I hardly see the disadvantage to this.

Not to mention how cruel it would have been for these guy's soul to be locked here. And you know, the fact that any dead body here might be an enemy later. So... yeah we might see the guy we killed later if we don't see his corpse get burned within an update or two. All in all, we did good.
No. 117922 ID: 0d45a9

We didn't go out of our way to spare them, we just stopped attacking them when they no longer posed a threat. That doesn't seem like mercy, just being pragmatic.
No. 117925 ID: 9d884b

Someone you spare could just as easily try to kill you again later with more help or a better plan. It works both ways.
No. 117926 ID: 9d884b

Especially with an outstanding reason for it (ei; a bounty).
No. 117948 ID: a5e143

I can readily picture the conversation between Zall and Veiza:
>"You're serious. Give up my helmet for this barbarian?"
"Well, are YOU going down there?"
No. 118008 ID: a363ac

No. 118013 ID: 3ce125

Signs point to meeting Cassa again, either as an undead or as a captive. Or an undead posing as a captive.
No. 118016 ID: c0641d

Yeah, I’m gonna need someone (Lagotrope?) to level with me; was Lady Cassa effectively screwed from the word “Go?” Like, could we have saved her if we were actually on the lookout for snipers instead of just telling everyone to be on guard for that?
No. 118017 ID: 91ee5f

And Padli, since we put his body on the worm and told it to carry him.
No. 118018 ID: 33d4be


I'm sure we could have saved her if, for example, we had outright threatened the guards into running faster, or anticipated that they would fall because they're too heavy and ordered them to throw Cassa to Fen.

Cassa may still be alive, though. A living wizard prisoner is probably much, much more useful than a dead one.
No. 118019 ID: 3ce125

It was impossible to spot any snipers since mana sense was useless and we couldn't see shit. The best we could've done is put a shield wall around her and we didn't have enough people for that.
No. 118024 ID: bb78f2

I'm confident the best way to have saved Cassa would have been to, at the briefing, suggest her wear armor like the rest if possible, to blend in with the other soldiers. The archers knew to attack her immediately since she was the source of magic protecting them because she's fancy.

However, that would have been dangerous, as they would have probably taken pot shots at everyone unless they had ONE piercing arrow to spend and couldn't risk it until confirmation of target. We could have been the one hit, or Aira, or Orjin.
No. 118026 ID: 33d4be


I'm pretty sure Fen mentioned that Cassa was wearing armour. However, it was probably still obvious that she was the one to aim for since she was in the middle, in the protected position. Maybe we should have suggested a decoy arrangement where someone else would be in the middle, disguised as her.
No. 118030 ID: c2051e

Only works if mana sense doesn't exist.
No. 118031 ID: 91ee5f

The enemy would've mana sensed her and shot her anyways.
No. 118032 ID: bb78f2

Mana sense is useless in that environment. Mana is everywhere. Both ally and enemy are mana blind from being overwhelmed.
No. 118033 ID: 1e7aa8

All of you guys discussing ways that we could have kept Cassa alive do raise some good points, but I would like to submit probably the biggest blunder.

Shields. Large, mountain kobold sized shields that her guards apparently lacked.
No. 118072 ID: 33d4be

Thinking about it, the main problem with people knowing about Fen's affection for Lily is that it could cause problems for her or Shup. If Fen can make it seem like it's just a one-sided crush from him, then that would be embarrassing for him, but probably not cause any real problems.

It's something to think about in case the Lily construct actually turns out to be safe and we can take her back to base, because we'd have to explain what she is and where she comes from. If we say "they tried to use some magic to make my worst nightmare real but my worst nightmare was this girl being in danger so this is all that happened" then it'll be pretty obvious that Fen has feelings for Lily. No-one has to know any more than that, though.

It's unlikely to be an issue, though, part because she might still be some sort of trap or secret monster or something, and part because whatever a construct is, it probably uses a lot of magic and doesn't last a long time.
No. 118077 ID: c0641d

Remember that they’ll be able to tell if we’re lying or even just omitting something. This is actually something I’ve been meaning to bring up when I learned truth wizards can detect that much when reading through the quest; if we’re going to omit personal stuff like that in the (possibly immediate in this case) future, we should be upfront about it. Plead the 5th up the wazoo! It’s more honest that way.

For example, rather than straight up lying about the nature of the “Nightmare” (the actual fear is that she doesn’t love us, not that she was in danger), we should say...
“The construct was meant to be my worst nightmare incarnate. And she was, even if only technically, and it backfired horribly. However, I will not disclose why that was, out of potential discomfort with admitting the personal story behind it, and I request that you keep the connection between us quiet.”
No. 118079 ID: c0641d

Also, while I am here, may I just say that Fen’s enrapturement with Lily might be the only clue I can find that can prove that Fen is not a sociopath? Not that it’s a bad thing! I think otherwise, the closest I’ve seen a quest hero get to being a true stone-cold pragmatic motherf***er is Polo (by the same creator, no less), and even she’s had some genuine emotional responses to things.
No. 118082 ID: 33d4be


Fen reacts emotionally to things by his actions, not his outward expression or tone. It's sort of harder to pick up on because he does those things "because we tell him to", so he seems emotionally inactive in himself, but in this quest the suggestions are Fen's own thoughts and impulses. Our feelings are his feelings, at least in terms of what actions he performs.

Anyway, being a sociopath is a lot more complicated than that. Sociopathy, according to the psychology today website, is associated with:

Superficial charm and good intelligence
Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking
Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations *
Untruthfulness and insincerity
Lack of remorse and shame ?
Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior ?
Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience
Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love
General poverty in major affective reactions ?
Specific loss of insight
Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations ?
Fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without ?
Suicide threats rarely carried out
Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated ?
Failure to follow any life plan

I marked the single one of those that I fely sure of with an asterisk (absence of nervousness) and aside from that all the others I could consider marking were questionable, mostly due to the possibility that Fen might not manifest certain traits as a "normal" person would but is doing so in his own way. For example, Fen doesn't show affection much in speech or body language or physical contact like hugs or handshaking or whatever but he does pay attention to the needs and desires of the people that he likes. He's not "unresponsive" in his relationships because he strives to return favours, the one about his sex life is hard to tell because he doesn't seem to have one currently, and so on.

Aside from that, Fen is not superficially charming, does think irrationally sometimes, is reliable, is honest, has good judgement and learns, is not egocentric and can love, has insight sometimes, does not make suicide threats and is following a life plan.
No. 118085 ID: 33d4be

Additionally, sociopaths do generally display emotion, which is the most visible symptom of any condition Fen may have, if he has one at all. Lack of visible emotional reactions or displays is called reduced affect display and can be associated with a variety of things, but the fact that Fen seems to have always had it (or his family and tribe acted like it wasn't unusual for him) narrows things down unless there was some sort of trauma that happened a long time before the story started. When it comes to things he could have been born with the list basically boils down to some kind of autism, but I'm not sure he really displays many other symptoms that couldn't be explained by him just being in a foreign place and culture. Fen doesn't really display any actual dislike for being close to people, just a sort of obliviousness, which rules out something like schizoid personality disorder.

Interestingly, reduced affect display can be a symptom of depersonalization disorder, which also has the effect of a person "seeing their life as if from the outside". However, depersonalization disorder is generally paired with a sense of derealization, the sense that your life or surroundings aren't meaningful or are hollow or unreal, which Fen doesn't display.

In any case, Fen isn't a human being and it would be a mistake to assume kobolds would have the same mental/social/emotional/personality disorders that a human might. Other kobolds do act like Fen is a little unusual but they don't seem to think his behavior is really weird or unheard of. It also hasn't really created any concrete disadvantage for him in his life, which is the general marker for having something that qualifies as a disorder.
No. 118087 ID: 91ee5f

You know what I miss? Funny Face Fen.

I think all of the funny faces he's ever made were in Thread 1. The only other time I can think of was this: >>/questarch/723373 , one time in Thread 3. I don't think Fen has ever made a funny face after that.
No. 118091 ID: bfdaf0

It's not bad, we got funny faces from other people in the quest.
No. 118093 ID: c0641d

Yeah, like that recent Aira smoosh face.

Thanks for the correction! Honestly, I was mostly basing the guess off of the romanticized sociopath; the logical robot who makes not friends, but useful allies, who can watch you bleed out without so much as an eye twitch, and is willing to do quite a bit in the name of winning whatever scenario they find themselves in.

But then, with all those question marks on that list, I take it sociopathy wasn’t the worst guess I could have made?

(BTW, does Depersonalization Disorder have to be paired with that nihilistic sense you mentioned?)
No. 118122 ID: 33d4be


I'm not really an expert, but from what I gather, referring to it as just depersonalization disorder is considered obsolete, and it is now to be called depersonalization-derealization disorder. So that says something for how separable they're considered to be.

Again, though, Fen is a kobold. Kobolds have souls made from the mushed-up mass of previously living kobold souls reincarnating in a patchwork way, so I can easily imagine that a kobold experiencing a sense of one or more sub-minds, operating and observing in a semi-detached way, may not be very rare. It seems like the sort of thing that could happen if you're stuffing multiple scraps of previous people into a new body.
No. 118180 ID: a0e836

Hi, I don't speak English natively, and one recent incident crossed the limits of my English comprehension: I don't understand whether the mana beast broke its crystal deliberately or by complete accident...
No. 118182 ID: 3abd97

You are not alone. We don't know if that was an accident, or a deliberate choice to sacrifice the crystal to stun Fen and Aira.

It's a mystery, for now.
No. 118203 ID: a0e836

Also, is anyone else reminded of a bat when seeing Aira in >>/quest/846441 ?
No. 118204 ID: 672aaa

she is the night
No. 118311 ID: 14dcbe

Anyone know why the quest is archived? Just out of curiosity.
No. 118312 ID: 3abd97

Because we completed the thread. Finishing the mission and the first pitched battle of this campaign makes for a good chapter break point.
No. 118313 ID: 33d4be


There's usually a big THREAD END title on the last post of Lago's quest chapters, though. It is a good point to end the chapter, but it seemed like maybe there'd be one more little bit of Fen's thoughts, or a few panels of him getting into bed, or that sort of thing.
No. 118318 ID: c2051e

well not this time
No. 118319 ID: 3abd97

Nov 24 12:04:31 <Lagotrope>Fen Quest Thread 5 End
No. 118320 ID: a363ac

nah Lago confirmed that this was the end of the thread in #tgchan.
No. 118321 ID: 33d4be


I'm not disputing it or anything, I'm just saying it's understandable that people who weren't on IRC could have made the mistake of thinking it wasn't quite over.
No. 118327 ID: bfb318

I forgot to put in 'thread 5 end' in the subject, yes. The thread break could have been a bit cleaner, but it would have taken a few updates of Fen just pondering and speculating on things. Instead, the thread's last batch of suggestions will be kept in mind for the beginning of next thread so that events can transition from one to the next.
No. 118382 ID: 004d02

K Thank you everyone, I was kinda lost because I don't have IRC on this machine.
No. 118472 ID: c0641d

If the Erja Nokol arc is going to be big enough that you can confidently say that it will have more than 2 acts (read; threads) then a fun idea for an intermediary (i.e. “Act 2”) story is to have us controlling a soldier (possibly a trusted friend and ally of Fen) who has to keep the fact that they are no longer technically among the living on the down-low.
No. 118484 ID: 1dfabb

Which is pretty much what's suspected of Lady Cassa, though it's also possible she was actually healed by falling through a blob of raw mana with an "active" healing cloth.
No. 118626 ID: 5b93d3

Noooo we know how this goes with Lagotrope, it's nested intermission arcs all the way down!
No. 122684 ID: 7fad5d

who necrobumped this

admit your shame
No. 122757 ID: d2e2ce

Well, since no one's owning up, I might as well provide an actual reason for this to be bumped. Here's the latest now-monthly poll- the preliminaries to decide once and for all who out of the major Fen Quest characters should be in Fen's harem.

This poll assumes you're up to date with Fen Quest or close to it, and CONTAINS UNMARKED SPOILERS FOR UP TO THE BEGINNING OF THREAD SIX.


Same as before, these are the preliminaries and you can vote for as many as you think should feature in the semifinals, where you can only pick one to move on to the finals, where again you can only pick one. The polls will run for twenty-four hours, plus however long I take to notice and make the next poll. For the preliminaries, if someone points out a character that I forgot to include, I'll add them and probably extend the timer a bit if there's a convincing argument.

The qualifications:
1) Fen can acceptably be in a romantic relationship with them. This excludes Fen himself (clones are separate characters even if we find one), Fen's relatives, and children, for example.
2) They are at least moderately important to the plot.
3) Fen spent a significant amount of tie interacting with them while the audience could observe it. This excludes many of the nobles from the time spent from Cheese's perspective as well as other important yet distant figures like the emperor and assorted dragon knights. Croc is included since from Cheese's perspective we saw that Fen spent a fair chunk of time working with him.

As usual, this isn't an official thing and there's no rewards or consequences for winners or losers, so there's no need to take it too seriously or manipulate the outcome.
No. 122758 ID: eeb7d9

Well that was fun!
No. 122773 ID: d2e2ce

And now the preliminaries are over, time for the semifinals and only voting for one at a time! Located here: https://goo.gl/forms/Pf2rDxYIxHGsvSuK2

Of the preliminaries, 10 made it into the semifinals, cementing their place in Fen's harem. Without further ado:

1. Aira, Fen's comrade in arms, with her 17 votes narrowly beating out...
2. Lily, since apparently vanilla is a popular flavor. 16 votes gives her a bit more of a lead beyond...
3. Holly, laying low as befits a possible ninja. She's got 14 votes, just ahead of...
4. Cheese, who learns that a big butt can't carry her to triumph. But 12 votes makes her the only other one with more than 10, since the next is...
5. Lily's simulacrum, the French vanilla one. 9 votes and she's got yet another tiny lead on...
6. Shup, the only confirmed male option and sitting pretty with 8 votes, staying out of the clusterfuck of a tie that ate...
7-10. Dame Frais of the poofy cheeks, the friendly ice worm, Cassa the wizard, and Momo the disgruntled ex. All at 7 votes, they managed to get into the official harem but they have the undivided scorn of all and sundry for not even being able to break free of a tie.

Next up, we decide which of these ten are actually blessed with Fen's lusts and affections, sifting out the ones added to his harem because of accidental innuendo. Watch this space!
No. 122780 ID: eeb7d9

You can't make this without this.

It's so fitting.
No. 122793 ID: d2e2ce

Final poll ready, go here to vote for Fen's wife: https://goo.gl/forms/JVw4kEChtsqgdcag2

And the results of the semifinals! These are Fen's favorites, the ones he actually meant to add to his harem.

1. Aira at 8 votes. The connoisseur of hugs, staying ahead of...
2. Shup at 7 votes. Everyone's favorite mithral noble, probably not just for lack of competition, safely ahead of...
3. Cheese and Lily at 5 votes. ANOTHER FUCKING TIE POLLS ARE FOR MAKING UP YOUR MIIIIIIIIIIIIIINDS but it's no surprise that these two are in the top four.

The rest only got one or two votes each, if any, so we'll be bidding them as much of a fond farewell as we can spare. So under the circumstances they can go cry alone in their corners as we debate who's most fit to be Fen's wife.
No. 122867 ID: d2e2ce

And the wife poll's finally over!

Aira is marrying Fen with eight votes, so they're going to have to find a tailor who can make dragoncloth into a dress.

Cheese rushed ahead at the last hour and narrowly got second with six votes.

Shup got five, and so he's third after sitting on second for a while.

And Lily only got two votes, so she's dead last.

There might still be hope, by the way- the dragon and turtle regions practice monogamy as far as official weddings go, but Goldyard customs include closed circles of two or more people.

Sorry for the delay, finals have been coming up on me.
No. 122869 ID: 6bcf97

Lily didn't win the Fen's harem competition because, obviously, the true destiny of the characters is to become part of HER harem.
No. 123049 ID: caf1de

know what would be awesome fen quest cept fen falls for shup instead of lily
No. 123051 ID: eeb7d9

...how? i mean it's a great idea, but how?
This needs an Comic.
No. 123092 ID: bfb318
File 152669913933.png - (11.77KB , 500x800 , Aira-PaperDoll.png )

For anyone to whom it concerns.
No. 123108 ID: e5c658

This was already considered according to Lagotrope. I don't remember if it's planned of not.
No. 123114 ID: bfb318

It's currently in the works as a comic.
No. 123115 ID: eeb7d9

Have i ever told you how awesome you are?
Because if didn't, i just want you to know, that you are really awesome.
No. 123125 ID: caf1de

please tell me it's not a porn comic well that would be awesome I'd want an actual if short story
No. 123126 ID: 7fad5d

You'd have to talk to the commissioner about that, I think.
No. 123132 ID: 09bde3

Heck I hope it is
No. 123135 ID: 91ee5f
File 152693164230.png - (66.41KB , 500x800 , 767DAB16-B143-4050-A2D2-24DA029B31D1.png )

Here is my terrible attempt at making custom armor for Aira.

I’m not good at drawing, so I hope someone else can improve this or make a better one.

When I made the helmet, I made it so that her ears could be folded down in the helmet. I didn’t want her ears to be sticking out, since they’re easy targets for getting grabbed, cut off, shot with a poison arrow, etc. And the mouth part is supposed to open up, like Fen’s helmet.
No. 123138 ID: eeb7d9

Well, since i can't find were one of the sketcha of Fen's armor is, i can't show you, but it has the same problem. Too many details for Lagotrope to draw and too many peaces in the armor. It's bouth inefective and really expensive to make and mantain. Someone solved this by making bigger plates to cover more space and making it more durable. If i remeber correctly that is. Can someone show that doodle i am talking about, if they still got it?
No. 123139 ID: 91ee5f

That’s why I said that I’m not good at drawing and I’m hoping someone else will either improve what I made or make something better.

>Sketches of Fen’s armor
All of those are halfway in Thread 5, somewhere around after we escaped from Garlic Soup and returned to camp.
No. 123144 ID: eeb7d9

>All of those are halfway in Thread 5.
Oooh, ok, well, there. If someone could do the same with Aria's armor, that would be great.
No. 123148 ID: b59fad

It's a bit trickier coming up with designs for Aira's armor, since we don't know as much about her fighting style as with Fen, or what type of fighting she should specialize in. She's a little scrawny, though, so her armour would probably need to be relatively lightweight.
No. 123153 ID: efa855
File 152697514393.png - (104.41KB , 664x759 , aira.png )

Based off a previous panel (Thread 2). I don't know helmets sorry.
No. 123154 ID: 5f3f48

I think any new armor design for Aira has to take her existing themes and aesthetic into account.

After all, as we're building knights here. Armor isn't just protection, it's a projection of image. That's the whole reason we have Fen visually owning the Red Maw nickname!

For example, look at Fen. He's been thematically consistent since he started picking outfits for himself. He favors practically, with a pallet of greens, browns, and greys. Has a very ranger sort of feel, with cloaks and hoods, although it also reminds me of a kind of post apocalyptic style (ragged cloaks over armor). This seems appropriate for his character. (His outfit at the start of the latest thread doesn't fit as well, since the white armor is a temporary loaner while he waits for his new gear to finish).

Now, consider the outfit Aira picked for herself as soon as we escaped pawndom. Bright white chainmail that looks like a full body jumpsuit, matching belt, and a bright red cape. Aira be stylin. It's got a very 80s fantasy pulp cover kind of feel. Any new design should try to be true to that. I feel like it's a really fun part of her character that as much trouble as she feels she has expressing herself verbally, she managed to be so expressive in her outfit.
No. 123155 ID: eeb7d9

Huh. I see what you mean, yeah. Now that you mentioned, It kind of reminds me of some of the armors you can find in Dragon's Dogma. Showy but practical, full of colorful capes.
No. 123159 ID: 91ee5f

That makes sense, I guess.

When I made this ugly thing: >>123135 , I was thinking about keeping her safe because of what happened to Fen (poisoned arrow to the foot) and what happened to Cassa (arrow to the head).
No. 123169 ID: 3abd97

Full coverage is probably the way to go, yes, no matter how that coverage looks.

Building off this, considering design features:

It's pretty easy to swap out her existing chain mail for a suit of plate mail. Ignoring the helm and cloth bits, I think >>123135 and >>123153 both have acceptable variants on that. Just gotta make it white to fit her existing pallet.

One important factor of helmet design: the ears. Most kobolds don't have visible ears (presumably they have little ear holes like lizards) but fuzzbolds have big honking ears. That means better hearing and an advantage to try to take advantage of and protect.

Assuming Aira's ears rotate or move to some degree to hear better (like a cat's) the armor over the ear will want to be something like a hollow cone that allows the ear to move around inside. Probably works like Fen's horn-covers, but bigger. You put on the ear-sheaths, then you slide the helm (with holes cut in it) over the ears. (Which mean's Aira's helm would make her look like she has two big horns sticking out to the sides).

There's a sliding scale of protection versus not impairing hearing there- the ear pieces could be solid metal cones, or have little holes like a colander, or the cone could be made of a metal grid or mesh.

I think we want to keep the red cape, and the sword-belt. Probably can hide a pack under the cape with supplies, same as Fen. Soldiers always need gear.

I'm not sure how heavily we can armor the tail. We just put more plate on Fen's big lizard tail, but I wonder if that's too heavy for a narrower tail that's mostly fluff like Aira's. (This is probably even worse for Oceanic kobolds, I doubt those little whip tails can hold much weight at all).
No. 123200 ID: b59fad
File 152713733219.png - (143.26KB , 900x800 , airapaperdoll.png )

Ok, so, for Aira, I figured first, she probably can't manage something as heavy as Fen can, second she has fur so you want to avoid a lot of pinchy mail and plate, and third she doesn't have Fen's money so what she ends up with will probably have to be cheaper.

So, I went for a thick gambeson-type padded coat and tail cover, with an added breastplate, greaves and bracers. Since it's mostly cloth it can be dyed, for a good striking colour (which can be easily dulled with some dirt), and if she's willing to take on some weight it'd be easy enough to add some extra protection underneath with the bonus of your enemy not being able to see the gaps in your armor: a scale or chain shirt/skirt would be a good choice, maybe just a bellyband and "loincloth" if you're cheap because mail is expensive. You could even just sew pockets to the inside of the coat and slip metal plates into them! I drew this one with its straps going up the middle but moving them over to overlap across the front is a possible option for extra protection down the front of the body. I also drew carrying her shield in the wrong hand for display purposes.

She'd have to wear something to avoid the aforesaid pinching, so adding the fur as well it could add up to something with a risk of overheating. You win some you lose some, though. It's a pretty modular kind of armor and she could get some protection just wearing the coat, helmet, gloves and some boots, so it'd be easy to build up piece by piece.
No. 123209 ID: eeb7d9

I am loving it. She does have a chainmail, so she can use it underneath this. This is exactly what i was thinking when i mentioned Dragon's Dogma.
The only thing that ticks me is the helmet. Not that is bad, far from it, but still, i feel that there is something wierd with it. It makes her head look more oval that it is. Looks like the helmet of Onion bro, from DS. Or Catarina's helmet, if you want to get tecnical.
No. 123211 ID: ee2d6e

What I'm hearing is that she should have a catarina helm.
No. 123212 ID: b59fad


Partly it was the angle her head was at that made it hard to make the helmet look fit to her better, especially in terms of the forward length of her face: if the view was from the side, it could be drawn to make how it's shaped more obvious. But the other thing is that, as mentioned with Fen's recent armor design, a helmet that fits the contours of a face with a snout like that wouldn't be as much protection as one that's more rounded. The rounded shape is harder to get a direct strike on or to grab on to. It's better to round it out and add internal padding for the empty spaces, so long as you don't block sight or hearing, of course.
No. 123213 ID: 56abba

I'm liking this but I'd extend the gambeson neckline up into the helmet.
No. 123215 ID: b59fad
File 152720703552.png - (34.48KB , 331x238 , airahelmet.png )

Now that I think of it, you could possibly add some sort of hinge/fastening arrangement to the helmet so that the front of it can flip upwards, which would allow her to fit it on better and maybe have some of the front hook under her snout (not depicted here, but this should give an idea of how it's attached).

Downsides: Less structural integrity (a good bash could knock the whole thing apart), probably a little less protection (but a touch more shock absorption?) and probably more expensive.
No. 123217 ID: deec6e

Loving the Airarmour talk and the current iteration. Lookin' cool, sounding good.
No. 123218 ID: 7fad5d

Clearly she needs a wedding dress. She did win the poll.
No. 123230 ID: eeb7d9

That is for the "Party ark", when we have to dance with aristocracy. When Fen becomes a noble he will have to do that kind of shit, and both him and Aira will hate it.

Not bad, but a one piece helmet works better for me. Besides, this one looks kind of heavy to be holding all that much part of the helmet. She would have to be holdding it with her hand all teh time, like that one helmet in monty python and the holy grail.

Best helmet in the game.
No. 123550 ID: ba5478
File 152866487938.png - (39.94KB , 500x800 , Aira Paperdoll Armor w eyes.png )

I figure since aira keeps getting harmed she should focus on defense. There'd be two layers for the armor with a cushioning material under each layer to help catch blows.

The helmet is three parts, the faceplate, the backplate, and the head plate for ears. They all get snapped on.

It doesn't have a lot of complicated mechanisms but it should help her get injured less.
No. 124963 ID: 4f1cbc

Lago's still alive, last saw him in #tgchan as recently as yesterday.
No. 124964 ID: bfb318

Alive technically, but my health recently dropped. I'm hoping it'll improve, but until then, I've been virtually unable to produce nearly anything lately, so I can't promise when updates will resume on any kind of regular basis.
No. 124977 ID: 91ee5f

Hope you get better soon!
No. 124995 ID: eeb7d9

Man, that sucks, to be sick i mean. Hope you get better soon!
No. 125118 ID: 2f83e5

Hope you get better
No. 125663 ID: 343e27

Hey, lago. Is it okay if I use characters from fen quest in the super-badass fan-fic I'm writing? As well as Guntax and Zirkala from story seeker? (I wasn't able to find an SS dis-Thread).
I know I'm absolutely just mooching off your creativity. But, hey, that's what fan-fiction's for no?
I promise they won't be used in any way that's disrespectful.

Many thanks and good health.
— Asa the Wizard
No. 125668 ID: bfb318

You probably couldn't find a SS dis-thread since one doesn't exist, which I'll probably make one when I get around to the next SS thread.

As for the actual question though of if you can include my characters in a fic, the answer is yes by all means, I've no problem with them being included in fanfics (or pictures or whatever). I'd only ask that you mention where said characters originated from (a link to the wiki threads for the respective quests would likely be simplest, but however works). You're free to implement/write them however you like, too, and while I'd say it wasn't even necessary to ask, thank you all the same for asking.
No. 125671 ID: 5c5aa2


Thanks. I'll be sure to give credit for everything I didn't invent myself. And try to do your characters justice.
No. 125676 ID: 2f83e5

Do you guys think after Erja Nokol Fen is going to have enough gold and status to become a nouble? The dream to take Lily away from Shup seems o far away.
Wonder what the next SS thread is going to be about.
No. 125677 ID: 91ee5f

>Wonder what the next SS thread is going to be about.
Obviously it’s going to be about more shenanigans.
No. 125678 ID: d5442a

Well I hope Story remembers to spend time with his timecycle friends. It would probably be a good idea to combine that with informing them a piece of order god has moved into the neighborhood, and also a dragon but he's kind of a wuss so it's not as important and maybe we'll find a way to bodyswap him with our drake friend because they both seem like they'd be happier that way but whoops that's a secret. Also he should see that portal stabilized and then use his money to have an inn built for that kobold he picked up because being right next to a permanent portal will make it mad profitable eventually, maybe he can make it his permanent bard base!

But seriously he needs to check in with all his friends who've only known him less than a week their time. Friendship is the most important thing.
No. 125682 ID: 214cda

That's cause it is. He's chosen a path with a 90% chance of failure (modified by the fact that he's a protagonist but still).

He's got some goblin friends to go exhaust whenever he's back and resettled in the lich's lair with his new friends.

Also goddesses of order to try and seduce, because the moral to life is you have to try.
No. 125685 ID: eeb7d9

>Do you guys think after Erja Nokol Fen is going to have enough gold and status to become a nouble? The dream to take Lily away from Shup seems o far away.
I can't say for sure, wasn't there a plan of participating in a arena to be a gladiator ot something?
I don't know how much time left Fen has to accomplish his goal.
No. 125686 ID: afdebc

Yeah, the plan is to go to the arena and win a noble title after we're done with our tour in the army.

And once we're a real noble we'll probably have military conflict, only this time Fen will be in charge. Hopefully we can convince any our old army buddies who are still alive to come work for Fen as officers and stuff- as soon as we have nobility, we're going to need people we can trust working for us if we want to hold onto it.
No. 125695 ID: 2f83e5

Yeah, the last time we saw them was int thr 4th thread I kinda miss them. Warning them about Reilqin is a good excuse.
Ah, yeah the tournament. I thought we weren't gonig to do that anymore. Wonder what is going to happend this time.
No. 125705 ID: 12875e
File 153825277937.jpg - (12.25KB , 200x200 , image.jpg )

Every time I see this Face, this is all I can think about: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=raNGeq3_DtM
No. 125710 ID: eeb7d9

I thought the same when you posted this. The artstyle changed a bit, no?
No. 125711 ID: fe30a1


It has indeed changed a great deal, for the better I might add. Not to say it was ever poor.
No. 125714 ID: 864e49

And yet a more fitting song for Fen would be
No. 125717 ID: eeb7d9

Ah, here it is, this is the one that i thought about when i saw this.
No. 125726 ID: 73ac1a

It's good to know that there are others who think like me.
No. 125728 ID: c42ffc


Oh right, you were wondering where I get my subterfuge skills. Well I said not to ask, but now you're curious. And curiosity without the knowledge to satiate it is one of the greatest cruelty's I know of.
So here goes.
I'm basically gonna sum it up as a LOT of study (I seriously recommend reading the works of Tzun Tzu) as well as training under an ex-GRU spetsnaz. (The spetsnaz bit helps)
I like to use words like subterfuge and irregular warfare, but in reality my technique is more of a "sweep the leg, Jonny", dirt in the eyes, hit them where it hurts, knife in the dark, slit the throat while they sleep, it's exeptable to leverage the family, kind of thing. In the words of previously mentioned spetsnz: "some walk into combat ready to do whatever it takes to achieve victory, those ones often walk away ashamed of their actions. And some walk into combat unwilling to use underhanded tactics, those ones don't walk away."
Well damn. This is why I didn't want people to ask, I'm rambling on as if you asked for my life's story.

Just remember my words. Because we want fen to be the one who walks away.
No. 125731 ID: b1b4f3

Is this a meme?
No. 125735 ID: eeb7d9

So you basically want to make a red beret out of Fen? That doesn't sound bad at all. He is starting to look like that, doing what he has to do, but not pushing the limits if he doesn't have to. The more reason for him to learn unarmed combat too.
No. 125738 ID: b1b4f3

Please don't take that post seriously. That's either copypasta or a literal madman's unasked for ramblings.
No. 125741 ID: eeb7d9

Doesn't really matter anyway, i wasn't actually expecting an answer, but like the idea for Fen tho. Besides, role playing is fun!
No. 125764 ID: cf8b5c

Actually that's kind of what fen is already.
He's displayed a good mind for tactics, he always plans before he takes action, his martial skills are no joke, and he's part of an elite team of 'special forces' that employs irregular small group tactics. Fen just might have to become the founder of the "red maw" assassin's sub-division, that wouldn't be a bad way to attain nobility actually. In fact, I do believe I'm going to suggest this.
No. 125765 ID: cf8b5c

If it is, I am unaware. As such you may have full meme rights, if you so wish.
No. 125766 ID: 7ffcd3

Well, my word my not be worth to you, but for what it's worth I didn't use copy and paste.

And we're all mad down here. After all, when has a sane mind ever produced something of true importance?
No. 125768 ID: d5442a

Just for future reference, you can link to multiple people in one post. You didn't need to post three times to respond to different people.
No. 125776 ID: eeb7d9

Maybe is for more enfasis?
No. 125786 ID: d5442a

Too high a post count can cause problems eventually, so it's usually polite not to needlessly make multiple posts when you could have made one.
No. 125788 ID: 6a317f

No. I just have this horrible tendency to (unintentionally) make things way more complex then they need to be. Though I'm flattered you might think it a purposeful writing technique.
Thank you. With this knowledge I'm one step closer to comprehending the universe.
No. 125830 ID: f1f83c

I don't know if anyone else has been wondering this as I have, but:
What species is lagotrope?
Generally I would assume human, but, really, that's just not feasible. I mean, what human do you know that can consistently produce more than five updates, including art, a day? Not to mention the fact that that he is currently juggling five (yes five) active stories at once!
My money's on him either being an advanced A.I. (With some sort of predictive analytic system, as it has been proven that he can predict the future), or a lizard person that is creating some of the most captivating stories on the Internet, so that when the lizard people take over, he'll have a loyal following. (him being lizard people also fits because I've never seen him brag, not once!)
Sometimes I regret reading his stories. They just set the bar for fiction way to high! Now very few pieces of literature can meet my newly acquired standards for story telling! Well, at least the witcher books still hold a candle.

My caustic wit aside. I really do want to thank you lagotrope! I've found few writers so entertaining as you, in fact, I do believe the list is shorter than ten! Your skills as a writer are extraordinary, not only do you seem to have mastered reader-driven plot (not at all easy) you also manage to some how produce quality in bulk! (I can barely finish a 3000 word chapter given an entire month!)
Sincere thanks, and may the path you walk bring you fulfillment.
No. 125832 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, I think the very top image right here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/27683.html , is what Lagotrope actually looks like.
No. 125836 ID: eeb7d9

So he would some kind of alien dog? That writes comics and Quests from his species? Yeah, i can totally buy that.
No. 125837 ID: c91631

You guys are all wrong, Lago's author avatar is Ears.
No. 125838 ID: eeb7d9

OH YEAH, now i remember, it's in his Patreon page right?
No. 125841 ID: be285a

It's actually the first image of his other drawthread: >>/draw/11257
No. 126603 ID: eeb7d9

Am i the only one that went from a "Wow i am really excited for the nest enemy attack" to a "shit fuck i am totally spooked right now"?Because i wasn't expecting to be so fucking thrilled from reading Fen Quest. Is not like we hadn't have moments of tension like this before, but this time it really caught me by surprise. This whole scene escalated really quickly.
No. 126604 ID: b1b4f3

Honestly I'm usually thinking the quest isn't moving fast enough.
No. 126608 ID: 10c408

Yes, because even though there was just an attempted attack doesn't mean there wasn't going to be more.

RIP Sir Hydril and his group. We gotta step up our observation game if we want to prevent causalities like this.
No. 126609 ID: b970b2

I'm not sure what there was to detect, Butterknife was being incredibly suspicious, but I didn't see anything solid pointing towards her intentions or mutant ability.

Granted I am trying to be more aware, I didn't notice the eye thing with Ghana before someone pointed it out.
No. 126610 ID: 91ee5f

To be honest, I think it was a 50/50 chance we could’ve caught Butterknife before she escaped or she would’ve killed us if we tried.

Fen said that he couldn’t detect any mana from her, so that makes me think that she was either trying to hide where she was so she could escape or whatever she did to kill everyone required her to use mana and she couldn’t do it again for a while.

Since we didn’t take a chance to try and catch her, we’ll never know if we would’ve caught her or if she would’ve killed us.
No. 126611 ID: eeb7d9

I knew there was going to be an attack, but not like this, and specially not to Hydril. I was sure that the assassins were going to attack Fen again at some point, not this. And it made me really nervious. It has been a while since a felt that we could actually die if we fucked up.
No. 126612 ID: bb78f2

This really may only could be interpreted as a warning of the threats we are facing. One of those things that we think we could have done something about, but really we could not.

We like to think we have full agency or control over what can happen in a quest, but the reality is we don't even have that here.

There are chains of events out of our reach, just because we rubbed up against this one didn't mean we really had a chance of affecting it, maybe it could affect US, but not the other way around. This is survivor's guilt we're feeling.
No. 126616 ID: 10c408

Hindsight being 20/20, here's what I believe the red flags were that we should have followed up on, in no particular order.

#1: we didn't check with Hydril, or anyone else for that matter, about the validity of Sir Impelus's emblem. We took her word that it was genuine and didn't fact-check this after it was shown.
#2: she begged us to leave/stay outside right after getting cleared by the front desk pawn.
#3: She also wanted us to wait outside when we first ran into her.
#4: we took her word on way too much stuff through the entire thing. Not only the inherent discrepancies with her mana but also that she's been delayed a lot by proving her identity to various other groups of guards. Something that would have been easily proven one way or the other by flagging down some guards.
#5: Fen himself mentions that she "could have swallowed something" while waiting around outside in the post just before butteknife coughs up whatever enchanted blade she had.
#6: we also went along with her request to stay outside during the whole thing.
No. 126617 ID: 298905

Even if we picked up on all that, I don't think there's much we could have added, apart from the slim possibility of talking her down somehow. She seemed entirely out of our league, combat-wise.

Though, now I think of it, I did notice Hydril and his pawns all weren't wearing armor, and Fen and company were. If we'd been wearing our helmets, maybe that could have slowed her down enough to do something, but we weren't. If she's that high-class enough an assassin I'd bet she has a magic sword, anyway, though.
No. 126619 ID: eeb7d9
File 154360641088.jpg - (3.57KB , 236x213 , spiderchart.jpg )

Hey, speaking of Fen's and co combat-level, wouldn't it be neat to have some sort of chart to see how much skill they have right now? Kinda like a spider chart? We can go and update it each time we see some kind of progress. Or to at least compare Fen's abilities with his companions. Just to pass time.
No. 126620 ID: 10c408

Only if the control group for expressing/comparing skill levels is portrayed as X# of cats.
No. 126622 ID: b1b4f3

Considering how high the skill ceiling is, it'll have to be a logarithmic scale or something.
No. 126627 ID: e1d580

No. 126628 ID: eeb7d9

What would that be?
No. 126633 ID: c0641d

Looking back at the hints provided by Zizi and Butterknife, and taking the interpretation of one >>912697 into account, part of me suspects that what happened to them (along with possibly Lord Shup, if we consider his suspiciously sudden breakout into the world of magecraft) may have been similar to what happened to preboot!Fen. I haven’t read that far into the original Fen Quest myself, though, so there might be disparate details I’m unaware of.
No. 126634 ID: e1d580

Essentially... Confirmed not happening from IRC discussions. To avoid spoilers for preboot Fen, the force that intervened for that version of Fen is not active in the current setting.
No. 126635 ID: eeb7d9

For what i can see, almost EVERYTHING has been changed with few exceptions. Even Fen's personality is different. Don't worry about the original story, they are two different things.
No. 126640 ID: 91ee5f

We’ve all been hearing about how some mutants win the “mutation lottery” and get a useful mutation.

I keep thinking that if Fen somehow got mutated, he’d not only win the lottery, he’d win the fucking mutation jackpot and get a really amazing mutation!

But that’s just me and wishful thinking. I’d rather avoid mutating because we honestly don’t need a mutation.
No. 126644 ID: eeb7d9

I am fairly sure that there must be more safer ways of "powering up" than that. Besides, it kinda feels like cheating a little. If Fen survives, if not, is suicide.
No. 126645 ID: b1b4f3

No guarantee Lily would still like a mutated Fen, either.
No. 126646 ID: bb78f2

Honestly, it sounds like to get the powerup we need to get anime as fuck, we need to like, perform a dragon break, Elder Scrolls style. Like some sort of CHIM bullshit.
No. 126651 ID: eeb7d9

On a serious tone, Cheese did make it sound like is more of a realisation of oneself. We have being doing the training alright and even harder than before. But we are still lacking that "Oh now i get it" moment. At least that is how she made it sound like when it happened to Zizi and Butterknife.
No. 126658 ID: 10c408

Problem is, we can't bother Cheese to give up the answer. Blood oath and all that.

We can and probably should try to get more information out of Zizi after the campaign is over with.
No. 126659 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah she already told us anything she could about that, but still, it was quite informative.

>Ask Zizi about it.
If we can get an proper answer out of him, that is. You know how bad at teaching stuff he is.
No. 126660 ID: 91ee5f

>safer ways of "powering up"
What are you talking about? I never said that Fen should mutate himself for a power up.

I just said that if he ends up getting mutated, he’d have to be pretty damn lucky to get a useful mutation and not end up like one of those mutants that’s stuck in one place and needs others to take care of him.
No. 126661 ID: 298905

Lily might not be into mutants, anyway.

I mean, you never know, but...
No. 126662 ID: eeb7d9

My bad, i misunderstood. I guess we will have to wait and see.
No. 126670 ID: bb78f2

Lagotrope, what are you doing!? You can't design a character that looks like THAT and make her a waitress that's probably going to only be around for two or three pages. You put together Krystal from Star Fox, Minerva Mink, Nala's Sex Face, and Jessica goddamn Rabbit and dunked them all in Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.

It goes against all sense of character design! She's in a robe with enchanting green eyes for christ sake, she's supposed to be a huge villain! What is she doing here?
No. 126671 ID: eeb7d9

I see i wasn't the only one stunned by this new character. The shenanigan possibilities are endless.
No. 126672 ID: 91ee5f

>she's supposed to be a huge villain!
Stereotyping someone based on what she looks like? Shame on you.
No. 126695 ID: deec6e

Good ending there. Looking forward to the next Fenthread!
No. 126696 ID: 8269f3

It might be some time till the next thread but I really enjoyed this one! Shame about the original sword though, hopefully someone finds it down in the Mausoleum
No. 126700 ID: eeb7d9

I had a nice time too. Let's hope we get more action next time around.
No. 126702 ID: 6243e7

This was a lot of fun.
No. 126707 ID: 864e49


I for one think Kylia is just fiiiiiine.
Hoping we see more of her in the future, maybe she'll end up on the Fen squad.
No. 126708 ID: 91ee5f

You know what I just realized? We used to also use a bow and arrows, but ever since we came out of the anomaly after running into Garlic Soup the first time, we stopped using them.

Does anyone think we should do some archery training or should we not worry about it?
No. 126709 ID: 298905

Well, the reasoning behind that is that arrows don't really do any damage to undead, and that we're running around underground in a tomb, so there usually isn't enough space for ranged attacks to be a huge advantage. That's been proven wrong to an extent, there have been big open spaces, but not a lot of them.

Nested realities is sort of a recurring theme in Lago quests, so while the old Fen Quest's reality-or-lack-thereof isn't exactly the case any more, I wonder if there's something going on that's somehow similar? Like, the spirit of the land is one giant sleeping/dreaming entity and magic and kobold souls are just its dreams and you have to realize that? Realize your individuality is an illusion and then try not to care? Something like that?
No. 126712 ID: 91ee5f

Well I just thought that arrows could be enchanted to actually do damage to the undead. Like, didn’t we have some arrows that could glow in the dark in a previous thread? I think they were used to light up areas around us.

Anyways, couldn’t we have something like enchanted arrows that explode when they hit something? Or maybe just set the undead on fire? Or, I don’t know, anti-undead arrows?
No. 126713 ID: 298905

Most undead are just cheap zombies, so most of the enemies you'll be fighting wouldn't be worth the expense of an arrow like that. Your wizards' time could be better spent. I'm not sure if there is specific anti-undead magic, in any case. When Fen was offered an enchant for his sword, it wasn't brought up as a possibility.
No. 126714 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, cheap zombies might not be worth it (unless they’re in a really big group), but those arrows could be useful against the bigger zombies, like the body Garlic Soup was using when we first met him.
No. 126716 ID: eeb7d9

We don't really have use for arrows now, but if we use poison and stuff it would come handy in the future, at least as a tool.

was thinking... Maybe it has something to do with the sacred beasts? They are not gods but they intervene directly in the kobold world after dying. Fen is a draconic kobold, so maybe he should go to the place of origin of his kind and somehow make a conection there. Maybe that is what happened to Zizi and other extraordinary characters.
In the old quest, Fen had the "favor" of the God of War, but gods don't exist in this world, so maybe there must be some other thing that gives power to the strongest.
No. 126728 ID: f46e5e

Is there a 'usual' wait time between threads and if so what is it. even just a months or weeks. I want to know when I can start hoping for the next thread
No. 126729 ID: 90f3c0

Nope. Lagotrope runs like half a dozen quest, and how he balances them tends to be... inconsistent. Sometimes the next thread starts without much delay, sometimes he focuses on other quests for a while.
No. 126731 ID: bfb318

It's true, and as much I'd like to be able to set specific dates and hold to them, I don't have a good record with sticking to rigid schedules.
No. 126734 ID: eeb7d9

Don't worry, it comes faster if you forget about it for a while, or just read some other quest he's doing. Eventually, you will be reading your favorite quest without realizing it.
No. 126739 ID: a9af05

We were told that the undead may have robbed some of the mythril nobles' tombs of their treasures and if we found any, we're supposed to return them for a reward.....or be killed if we attempted to keep them.

I'm kinda curious if some of the treasures are weapons. Because if they are, would we be allowed to borrow them for use against the undead or do we need to return them because someone will think that we're attempting to keep them for ourselves?
No. 126740 ID: f5c62a

Already seen, we bring them and receive a ticket for an equivalent weapon from the armory.
No. 126741 ID: a9af05

Where was that? I don't remember that happening.
No. 126744 ID: eeb7d9

I think it was when we pulled the cursed sword from the Ice worm It had an enchantment and we exchange it for another enchanted sword that we currently have.
No. 126746 ID: 91ee5f

Are you talking about the sword that a wizard discovered an enchantment on it that made whoever held it easier to be possessed? Which caused Zall to put Fen under quarantine out of concern that he might become possessed by the necromancers?

Because that didn’t seem like something that was stolen from a mythril noble’s tomb. Other than the “make you easier to be possessed” enchantment, the only significant thing about it was that it also had a lightweight enchantment.

I think that was just a normal sword that was enchanted for use by the necromancers’ undead soldiers and not something that was stolen from a mythril noble’s tomb.
No. 126747 ID: eeb7d9

If that is the case then i don't know about recompenses from stolen tomb items.
No. 126748 ID: 15a025

Little late to the party, but this was a pretty great thread.
No. 126797 ID: b1b4f3

I realized something about dragoncloth that may at least partially be why kobolds treasure and revere it.
It doesn't rot. It does the OPPOSITE of that, as it repairs itself over time. Nothing else does this. Dragoncloth doesn't give a shit about crossing borders!

Considering its name and the fact that the only Greater Beast we know anything about is called a dragon, I'm guessing it originates from the corpse of it somehow(I'm sure someone has already theorized this). If anyone were to find the bodies of the other Greater Beasts I'm guessing there would be other materials like dragoncloth.
No. 126799 ID: 91ee5f

I think one of the characters in the quest already told Fen that when he asked about what makes Dragoncloth so special. I just can’t remember which character told him that.
No. 126801 ID: eeb7d9

I think EVERYONE Fen encountered has told him told him about the dragoncloth's properties and why is so valuable.
No. 126806 ID: b1b4f3

I remember it being something vague like "it's a symbol of status, people revere it like a religion", nothing involving the reasons behind why they love it so much.
No. 126809 ID: daffb0

Stuff to keep in mind for next thread: Moss once commented on higher level knights needing to be proficient with things like debate and contests and duels, as well as kimankara, so Fen should try get some practice at those. If he's aiming to be a noble he should probably also try to get more politically aware and have at least a basic knowledge of how to employ spies and so on, and with this stuff Holly's doing now it's a good opportunity to get learning.
No. 126810 ID: eeb7d9

I agree, he needs to start learning this kind of stuff. He should also start lerning how to administrate... things, like a noble or whatever they do? What kind of noble will Fen be, has it been establish already? Can we take Wrix's spot or Lord Bardo? That would be cool. We basically get to be one step under Shup, that should be enough for Lily's father, right?
No. 126850 ID: 10c408

I think it's more important to learn how to fight better and stay alive long enough to finish the campaign against the necromancers before worrying about future plans that would be all for naught if we slack off and get ripped to shreds like Sir Hydril did by abominations, reanimated mythril noble corpses and god knows what other nightmare factory nonsense is waiting for us down below.
No. 126851 ID: 10c408

I think it's more important to learn how to fight better and stay alive long enough to finish the campaign against the necromancers before worrying about future plans that would be all for naught if we slack off and get ripped to shreds like Sir Hydril did by abominations, reanimated mythril noble corpses and god knows what other nightmare factory nonsense is waiting for us down below.
No. 127045 ID: 58c855

We need to get butterknife to teach us her combat secrets; I get the feeling that we're gonna be facing Dragon Knight level opponents at some point.
No. 127086 ID: b1b4f3

We were told directly by Cheese that Butterknife cannot teach it.
No. 127121 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, besides, we probably will have to kill her for all the shit she caused to us and her family, that is Cheese's.
No. 127122 ID: eeb7d9

I love to come back to this thread and see this. Every. Fucking. Time.
No. 128859 ID: a48264

What happened to Fen Quest?
No. 128860 ID: a48264

Nevermind, I'm mildly retarded and never realized the thread ended. Thanks for gifting us such a wonderful story so far!
No. 129809 ID: 3674e7

I wonder when fen quest will be back.
No. 129813 ID: 4f51b2

Hope is soon, alongside with story seeker they are my favorite quest. I realy miss both kobolds.
No. 129815 ID: eeb7d9

The wait will be worth it. I just know it.

Also, this never cease to amuse me.
No. 129816 ID: 4f51b2

I'm sure of it. I just wish we had at least a SS dis thread to properly dicuss it.
No. 129827 ID: 9aaeef

I have tried to discuss it in the kobold general at /trash/ but nobody replays most of the time.
No. 131450 ID: d3cb99

For some reason lately I can't help but think back at the whole trial arc of thread 3, and Cheese's incertitude on whether to frame just Cati, or both her and Bardo.

Now I think, if Lady Apanya wanted Lord Bardo to live, she could have easily saved him: A well-chosen question to Cheese would have directed her to reveal she planned to pay off Bardo with the proceeds from the sale, allowing him to pass off his bogus claim as a misunderstanding.
No. 131910 ID: ef2ac9

We are back in buisnes boys!
No. 131912 ID: 4f51b2

Glad is back, Fen and story seeker are not only my favorite quests from lago but my favorite quests in general.
No. 131914 ID: 9aaeef

Same, almost split my soda when I saw the new thread.
No. 131915 ID: b23117

Finally one of the best quests returns.
No. 131950 ID: 4f51b2

Sorry I don't understand pretty well how the 85 roll affect us. Can smebody explain it.
No. 131951 ID: 1d7c77

As I understand it... in order to make sure people don't think Fen has invulnerable plot armor, Lago decided to put his fate up to chance. We were told there was a 1 in 10 Fen would die. Lago decided to roll a d100, with higher numbers being better. If Fen got 10 or less, he dead. To make it more interesting, it's probably the case that there's a spectrum of success, too - something like if he got just barely above 10 he would survive but be crippled for a while and not get any benefit, and if he got above 90 or something he'd get well super fast and also figure out mana stealth instantly or something. Aira's fate might also have been included in that.

85 is pretty good, so things should be pretty good. But they might not have been! Remember this.
No. 131952 ID: baec18

Earlier in thread 7 it was mentioned that the chance of survival was roughly 10%, and in the post you're talking about it was mentioned higher was better. An 85% means we are very alive, and will probably recover faster, with fewer issues, or with a stronger positive impact on our mana stealth.

I'm honestly not a huge fan of busting out a roll for the survival of one of the sickest quest protagonists on the site, assuming he would have actually just mf'in died outright if we rolled bad, but on the other hand it was pretty fairly telegraphed so whatev.
No. 131954 ID: 4f51b2

That would be a horrible ending for Fen and the quest damn. Glad it didn't happend. Thank for the answers.
No. 131956 ID: 1d7c77

Well, he probably wouldn't have just died, but some horrible turn of events like his body stolen and being returned/trapped in an undead body, or another terrible no-good absolutely undesired turn of events, that would have allowed the quest to continue somehow.
No. 131957 ID: ddb4c1

I actually panic a little bit. I didn't expected a roll for Fen to not die, him of all people.
No. 131958 ID: 9aaeef

Yeah me too, maybe is Lago’s way to tell us to stop being so reckless?
No. 131959 ID: 10c408

It was a 1D200 roll, with a result of 85. That's 42.5% if the math checks out. I am legitimately concerned with the fallout out this roll in regards to not just Fen's health, but also Aira's.

That said, since the POV is currently on Moss... We should try and get cheese to pull some strings and make this Lady Apanya's problem.
No. 131961 ID: 1d7c77

No, check the actual dice roll code in the email field. The "Moss" above that post is a link, see? Hover over it and you'll see the dice command that was given. Lago just made a typo when he wrote what was being done, as he declared by putting in a spoilered correction just a couple of posts later.
No. 131964 ID: bb78f2

This die roll made me question if Lagotrope has a history DMing or not. I mean, this isn't far from DMing in and of itself, but still, I ponder.
No. 131966 ID: a0dfd2


Well, we WERE given a quote of a 1-in-10 chance of death.

So unless there was an arbitrarily chosen range (or sequence) of 20 values which result in our instant demise, I think it's safe to assume that ONLY a score less than or equal to 20 or greater than 180 would be bad.
No. 131968 ID: 1d7c77

Fen Quest related thoughts that I want to get down somewhere before I forget them: isn't it weird that the crows and frogs are so smart?

Like, with the crows it was easy to pass by, because real crows are pretty smart anyway and it would be a relatively minor change. But frogs? It's not like they have mutated bigger brains or anything, they look like normal frogs. But they also don't register as being especially magical, and the "zones" these types of creates come from are "non-magical", in the sense that they don't have mana kobolds can sense.

There must be some sort of magical effect that enhances their intelligence without creating an obvious mana concentration. And doesn't "enhanced abilities with no obvious mana concentration" sound familiar? Isn't that the same thing Fen got from Butterknife? Now, one would think that Butterknife (and Zizi's, and Dragon Knights'?) enhancement ability would have more of a physical aspect, but there would at least have to be some mental aspect (your brain would have to be able to keep up with your body) and, theoretically, something that can enhance what brain tissue can do should be able to enhance nerves and maybe muscles and so on as well. And it might not be physical, it could just be some brain/nervous system enhancement that gives them bullet time super planning and reflexes.

In short, maybe whatever enhances the crows, frogs and similar creatures to advanced intelligence can also enhance kobolds to super speed brain mode? Even if it's magical, nervous system enhancement could be subtle enough in terms of power consumption to not register, but I'm thinking it doesn't work on the same magic "system" that kobold wizards use. The precise mechanism, I don't know. Maybe, since the lands can remember, they can also "think", and a creature can offload part of their brain's processing load onto it?

Again, it's notable that the crows/frogs/etc come from "dead" zones. Maybe things are the other way around than we think, though - maybe instead of the dead zone creating the crows/frogs/etc, they created the dead zone? Maybe "sharing" their brains with the land gives it some more measure of awareness and "will" in that area, which it then uses to deny the mana there to kobolds?

It's a theory, anyway. I'm going to try remember to suggest it to Fen next time we're with him.
No. 131974 ID: ddb4c1

What's DMing?
No. 131975 ID: 91ee5f

It stands for Dungeon Mastering.

Basically it’s performing as a Dungeon Master, or running a tabletop role-playing game like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer 40k, etc.
No. 131976 ID: bb78f2

I actually meant DMing on twitter, I swear

OH I bet you Lagotropes a HUGE Tabletop Twitter I tell you what
No. 131977 ID: ddb4c1

Oooh, DM, got it. It wouldn't surprise me. He is good at making stories, so i don't see why not.
I am eager for the next update. I can't get enough of FenQuest.
No. 131982 ID: 465a14

DMing is a lot of effort on top of a lot of quests but I agree that Lago has the talent for it.
No. 132013 ID: 91ee5f

You know, I think it’d be a little funny if we find out that someone sent Sayanos to us and expected us to kill him right off the bat. And then we didn’t kill him and whoever sent him to us is thinking, “Oh great, now I’ve actually gotta make Sayanos useful to me!”
No. 132014 ID: 10c408

So, just to inform the newer people who haven't yet fully read fen's quest. Fen narrowly killed a gold noble in thread 2 by the name of Raysan over the theft of a particular item that happened to be in Fen's possession.

At the end of thread three, Fen is ordered by the court to make up for his cold blooded murder of Raysan with military service.

Unfortunately, this isn't enough for every individual that was a relative of or worked for Raysan. They put a fairly substantial bounty of Fen's head and have never stopped trying to get him killed since. The money might as well be immaterial to them, because they simply do not care how many corpses Fen makes. Only that he pays for Raysan's death with his own.
No. 132019 ID: a0dfd2


Please allow me to introduce you to the spoiler tag:

Like any other tag, you use the word 'spoiler' to hide things.

Since, you know, not everyone may have read the quest yet, and giving away the core plot of the first 3 chapters is a disservice to them.
No. 132020 ID: 10c408

I omitted almost all of the plot from threads 2 and 3 by simply not including them in my post. Yes, mentioning Raysan getting his throat ripped out by fen is a disservice but so is simply not reading the quest and making assumptions based off of the current thread and being unaware of just how little the people behind Fen's bounty care about the lives of their pawns.
No. 132026 ID: bb78f2

You know after seeing Sayanaros so soon, I kind of feel a little limp dicked about killing him.

I thought I'd have more time to hype me up about killing the sonuvabitch.
No. 132028 ID: 4bed1d

Maybe that is what Lago wants you to feel. Planting the seed of doubt. Should we kill him now? Or not? Choices choices!
No. 132033 ID: 10c408

Honestly, I find the occasions Lagos presents to us when we have a clear goal in mind (killing Sayanos) but everything else included raises significant amounts of doubt (Is Sayanos concealing a blade? Was it Gahn who stabbed the pillow? Is it even a good idea to kill Sayanos now?) to be probably the biggest attraction to his quests. For me at least, dunno about anyone else.
No. 132035 ID: 10c408

Fog of war in narrative format. The first Polo quest thread being the greatest example, with Fen quest thread seven being up there as well.
No. 132036 ID: 4bed1d

I agree. He gives off this sensation that our decisions have more repercussions that we think, or that we have even more options than we think. I like that.
No. 132076 ID: 15a025

I kind of liked the irony how Moss got paranoid about him having a spiked codpiece and then turns around to pretty much deliver that surprise on Sayanos instead.
No. 132478 ID: ff5854

So just to be sure I got it right, Sayanos was keen enough to use a body double, but Krix decided to "play dumb" and pronounce him dead anyway, triggering succession?
No. 132479 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe? Heck, maybe Sayanos knew he wasn't cut out for the job and faked his own death to escape.
No. 134032 ID: 4a7d07

Ok, so the crows stabbed us in the butt. And not only that, they still have the things that we got from Rasyan, which was a LOT of gold and some Mithril Coins. So they essentially also robbed us.
And to top it all up they could actually kill Moss And probably Chesse.

And i am like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89jQTcEMsxE
No. 134037 ID: 1a8428

It's been quite a while, though, like weeks at least? Cheese must have gotten at least some of that stuff back before now.
No. 134040 ID: b1b4f3

The mithril coins were recovered by order of the court, and used on the town or something. Presumably the rest of the coinage was recovered too but who knows where it went if so.
No. 134041 ID: 4a7d07

Still, the fact that the Crows are allied with the necromancers and just straight out are assassinating people of intrest made the war more complex and bigger in scale.
Fen already had to deal with assassins from the nobles, now he has to deal with the ones that the Crows send, probably.
No. 134060 ID: b1b4f3

If this gets out the Crows are just done. They're on thin ice with the nobles already.

If they really are trying to kill Cheese and Moss, we can expect their efforts to get increasingly desperate if they know we're getting close to escaping.
No. 134074 ID: bb78f2

Hey so fuck the Crows man. I thought they were underdogs, not backstabbers.
No. 134085 ID: b1b4f3

Well, I kindof understand why they're doing it. From their perspective, they're worse than underdogs, they are persecuted and mistreated. If the necromancer uprising is successful it creates a whole new society for them to live in, and the necromancers have likely promised them they will be treated well.
No. 134095 ID: 8fab7a

Judging by the latest accidental reveal, they might also be closer tied to necromancy than anyone originally thought.
No. 134104 ID: bb78f2

The crows are trading one abusive master for another. At least the empire doesn't have the tech to soul-chain them to an undead HUSK.
No. 134680 ID: f39ded

Man am i glad to see me boy up and about! It's time to kick some ass. But now i am really worried about my man Moss.

But MAN i am HYPED.
No. 134681 ID: f39ded

Also, serious question, did the maps had something in common between the two maps? Like overlapping? With the Mushroom farm and the mushroom checkpoint?
No. 134682 ID: 8fab7a

If you look at it, there's a "Mushroom Cap Farm" and "Roc Underpass" on Moss' map and a "Mushroom Checkpoint" and "Roc Checkpoint" on Zall's that seem to match up somewhat well. I think that's it as far as overlaps go.
No. 134683 ID: 9aaeef

Damn, it was way closer for Aura. I wonder what would happened if Fen had die. Moss would have been the new MC? We really should take less risks.
No. 134686 ID: a9af05

Now I'm wondering about something. If Fen is ordered to go over to Roc Underpass/Checkpoint, is there a possibility that he'll meet up with Cheese while she's there waiting for Moss?
No. 134688 ID: f39ded

I mean, that would be metagaming, so unless we somehow get information about his situation, then yeah, i guess we could intervene. It also depends on what and how Fens finds out. If they get the tip that there are necromancers inside the empire territory in some gold noble's mines, then yeah, they would probably do something about it, if they are close to the mausoleum. If not, i doubt that they would let Fen go there for no reason, even more so if he goes for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the campaign.
No. 134693 ID: a9af05

Right, that's what I meant. Fen coincidentally runs into Cheese there, she tells him about the mine with undead in it, and he reports to Zall. And if Zall thinks it's important enough, he'll send Fen and a few others to deal with it.
No. 134695 ID: f39ded

We can only hope then.
No. 134724 ID: 5e7072

Imagine if Fen had killed Cheese.
No. 134725 ID: 19b466

That would have been wack. Look at all the fun things Moss is doing because of Fen spearing her.
Besides, she is a great ally, when she doesn't get into deep shit... like she is right now.
No. 138291 ID: 597746

So uh, I hope I’m not being too selfish but I really needed to tell you something Lagotrope. Like, something personally important you did for me. After reading about all of Fen’s adventures and brushes with death (which I must admit you almost gave me a heart attack with worry over leaving our precious boy’s life to a dang dice roll!) It actually has given me a lot of confidence. Like, confidence that maybe with all the actual privelage and opportunity I have that maybe someone as stupid as me actually can survive without my parents. And I know that know because if Fen can do it with everything that’s going against him, what excuse do I have? I’m gonna take charge of my life, and actually learn to be a adult who can take care of themselves without there parents! I’m gonna learn and stop being so lazy! And it’s all thanks to you Lagotrope. Fen is very much a role model to me, as we basically think a lot alike. And I want him to do well, So I’ll do well to stay around and help him! So let’s all do our best to keep Fen safe, since he’s counting on us and I’m in a way counting on him. Hope I didn’t break any rules to say all this Lagotrope sir!
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