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File 140659584625.png - (817.44KB , 960x540 , 73a.png )
586467 No. 586467 ID: 186341


01010111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110111 01101001 01101100 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110010 01101001 01110011 01101011 00111111
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No. 586468 ID: 186341
File 140659586919.png - (152.30KB , 960x540 , 73.png )

The Bureau hovercraft screams across the prairie.
No. 586469 ID: 186341
File 140659590574.png - (12.47KB , 960x540 , 74.png )

Operative 73-6 is inside. He has about an hour left before he hits Tennessee.

He's going there to kill a man called Lockjaw.

He checks his incoming connections. He has Response requests from Monica, his handler, 38-3, his partner on this mission, and Sara, the robot girl he has an unrequited (or at least unacknowledged) crush on.
No. 586471 ID: 2fd516

Hmmmmmmm... I'm gonna go with Sara, Monica, 38-3.
No. 586474 ID: 89b2a2

We can always finish up with Sara later. Focus on Monica and 38-3. Ideally a group call so you can all get on the same page.
No. 586475 ID: 186341
File 140660102962.png - (11.75KB , 960x540 , 76.png )

73-6 takes Sara's call first.

"sara. heyyy."
"73-6! Hi, dude! How's Middle America?"
"empty and dusty."
"That makes sense. Did you know I'm actually from Michigan?"
"Yeah ya betcha! Why d'you think I joined the army? I had to get the heck out of there. I was a bovid farm girl for years."
"those things weird me out."
"They're weirder up close. My dad was around when they still had cows, with like, legs and stuff. He was always talking about shanks."
"is that how you killed them?"
"Cow shanks! It was a leg meat thing. Anyway Monica wants me to be quick so I will be: She wants me flying shotgun in the situation room on this one."
"Yeah! She's trying to get me a job as a handler-slash-logistics agent! Which is maybe not what I thought I'd be doing a couple years ago but it's better than being unemployed and lending out bandwith. She thought it might be cool if I started with your Lockjaw job and her shadowing. I take you personally and she coordinates more like the operation as a whole. Is that cool with you? Oh, hmm. She's giving me a look like maybe she wanted to be the one to ask you."
No. 586484 ID: 2fd516

That'd be super great.
No. 586495 ID: 53548a

Sounds awesome. Handling is a pretty cushy job, no offense Monica.
No. 586502 ID: 186341
File 140660496449.png - (12.76KB , 960x540 , 75.png )

"sounds super great. handling is a pretty cushy job. don't tell monica."
"Monica heard. Oops."
"She wants to talk to you Sev but listen! I'll see you out in the field! Well, hear you. Because I can't see you unless you turn your optics on. But still!"

"I am the one who wanted to ask you," Monica says. "Whatever. Listen. Sev-Three. About this 38-3 guy."
"what about him?"
"I did some research on him. He's fucking Sosa's right hand man, Sev-three."
"I was wondering why they were willing to get you a guy all the way from DC. This guy is Sosa's eyes and ears. If he's here, then either Sosa is suspicious of you for something, or he's looking to promote you. Or probably both."
"hmmm. i don't know if i want either of those things."
"So just be careful, Sev. OK? Our little weird Outpost Jericho dynamic is weird but..." Monica hesitates. "I think it works and I don't think I want it to have to change. You know?"
"So just... keep your professionalism around 38-3. Keep an eye on him. He's keeping one on you."
"got it."
"He wants to talk to you one-on-one. I'll patch you through. When you two are done loop me and Sara in."
"Good luck, Sev-Three."
No. 586503 ID: 186341
File 140660510488.png - (12.42KB , 960x540 , 77.png )

"Operative Seventy Three Six."

A modulated sound like a pack of locusts with a voicebox buzzes into 73-6's ear.
"Heard a lot about you."
No. 586504 ID: 2fd516

"I didn't know there was that much to tell."
No. 586505 ID: dc4b80

I could say something trite like "I hope its all good" or something but honestly my work speaks for itself.

Do not consider myself a master at my job but I have done ok thus far.
No. 586506 ID: bb78f2

"Saying it Seventy-Three Six makes it sound like a mother scolding it's child for something dumb it did. You know, with adding the middle name and last?"
No. 586513 ID: 1f2a28

"that's usually a bad thing for a stealth operative"
No. 586548 ID: 53548a

Just call me Sev.
No. 586559 ID: f839a9

"What are you willing to risk?"

>Sara on logistics / handling
That's certainly a better use for bandwith than renting it out.

>"Heard a lot about you."
Not usually a lot of word of mouth in this business.
No. 586568 ID: 874468

"I haven't heard a lot about you yet. We talking planning or what? I get that the sharp and pointy end is more your specialty than mine but I like to think I make pretty effective support for it."
No. 586575 ID: 879a42

'' Good. Can't say the same except that I heard you were a stealth specialist. Should we talk buisiness and put together an entry plan?'' Let's not get too close eh guys? Keep it polite and buisinessy. Also let's not let him run this op you know?
No. 586576 ID: eb959a

Please tell me you at least modifyed the whip with the shock spike.
No. 586716 ID: 187d9a

whatever else we say, lead with this.
No. 586736 ID: 186341
File 140668166119.png - (8.54KB , 960x540 , 78.png )

"that's usually a bad thing for a stealth operative."
"For a stealth operative you're making a name for yourself. You're watercooler talk in DC. The agent who braved the deepnet and blew the fantomas wide open. Pretty good, 73-6."
"can't say the same about you yet. we don't get word of mouth much at jericho."
"Me you'll find out about."
"let's talk business about the entry plan."
"Wiz. Tell me one where you plan to park. There are places you can hide your ride within the patrols but it's not foolproof they won't see you coming or find your craft. It might be safer to start on foot further off, but then exfiltration will be that much harder, and if they're shooting we're running across open field."
"Two tell me how you're getting in. Your handler told me about the hill. Are you planning on ziplining or jumpjetting from there, or do you want me to open the front door for you?"
"you can do that?"
"I can do that. It'll be closer to the target and an easier breach but we're going to have to improvise to get you through the guarded door and you're going to have to trust me."
"what exactly would i need to do?"
"I told you. You'd have to improvise and trust me," 38-3 says. "The hill might be the better option. It's what you planned. I already have my way in. This is your call."
No. 586738 ID: e31ca1

What are you willing to risk?
No. 586751 ID: bb78f2

He plays Shadowrun on his offtime, don't ask how I know. Why someone would play shadowrun or cyberpunk in today's pretty cyberpunky world, I dunno.

I like ziplining in to be honest, how that's possible is another thing I dunno.
No. 586804 ID: f839a9

It would be a lot easier to plan tactics if I had some idea of my partner's capabilities. I assume through word of mouth you know mine. You care to elaborate on yourself beyond the vague label of stealth?
No. 586811 ID: 186341
File 140669792011.png - (14.51KB , 960x540 , 79a.png )

"it would be easier to plan if i knew just what it was you do," 73-6 says. "right now i only have 'stealth' to go on."

"You don't know?" 38-3 says. "I guess you haven't heard of me. Hold on."

38-3 disconnects for a second and turns his attention to the weeping Fantoma with the knife at his throat.

"If you want to live, repeat after me."
"Oh god," says the Fantoma.
"Abacus." 38-3's knife moves closer to his throat.
"Hello. My name is Mud."
"Hello. My name is Mud."

No. 586812 ID: 186341
File 140669794190.png - (65.70KB , 960x540 , 79.png )

"Sorry about that."
73-6 starts. An entirely new voice is talking to him over the wire. The locusts are gone.
"I don't want to spoil the surprise too much, agent, but trust me. Do things my way--"
No. 586813 ID: 186341
File 140669794959.png - (47.53KB , 960x540 , 79b.png )

"--and we'll be walking right through the front door."
No. 586815 ID: 2fd516

...now that's a specialist.

Alright, let's do the front door trick. I doubt we'll be able to kill EVERYONE in there so they probably will be shooting at us as we leave. So let's park inside their patrols.
No. 586816 ID: f839a9

Ah, he's a boogeyman. He steals faces.

Infiltration, impersonation. Okay, we can use that. We'll do it your way then, boogeyman.
No. 586824 ID: bb78f2

He... can use that transform ability to get laid then, can't he?
Goddammit Sev we took the wrong upgrade path! Man, we coulda had a face like classic Micheal Jackson, from when he was doing Thriller.
No. 586847 ID: 879a42

If he has a good visual wait for his OK to park your vehicle in close-ish range for a good getaway but it won't be very likely they can see you. Also when he tells you what the plan he has in mind is, say something like ''Well I don't see the problem with taking a better option, so let's go in the front.'' We want to appear professional and adaptable. Also let's try to impress his ass inside huh guys?
No. 586848 ID: 879a42

Also inform Sara or Monica of the change of plans if we end up going in front. Gotta keep HQ posted.
No. 587117 ID: 502058

nah, this is his shtick, i say stick to yours. go by zipline, no point in trusting him any more than we have to.
No. 587123 ID: 879a42

Can we even do both? I mean I really don't know. Maybe when wire advances the plot he will tell us before making the players decide. Also we want to keep him in our sights just as much as he wants to keep us in his. Since we have lvl three hacking let's just go our way and let him take the front, we will watch him from monitors. Also we might find secrets and goodies on our own. I change my vote to this.
No. 587202 ID: 186341
File 140684145311.png - (94.12KB , 960x540 , 80.png )

"we'll see," 73-6 says. "i'm parking close. i'll see you."
"I'll see you first, 73-6."

73-6 within a few miles of the fortress and powers the hovercraft down. It lands with a hydraulic hiss.

He steps outside and waits.
He doesn't wait long before a slender, pale man with no shirt on wades through the grass to meet him.

"Agent 73-6, I presume."
"38-3." 73-6 squints. "you don't look like how i expected you."
No. 587203 ID: 186341
File 140684146981.png - (38.65KB , 960x540 , 81.png )

"You didn't give me much time to put my face on this morning," 38-3 says.
"That's a joke, because I stole this Fantoma's face."
"oh." 73-6 is going to keep his professionalism. "what about the uniform?"
38-3 taps one of the metal discs soldered onto his body. "That I can fake. Hologram. As long as they don't touch me, I'll be all right. I'm getting in by strolling through. You can't do what I can. So here is what I propose:

"Patrols come out far in groups of four. When they get closer that number drops to two. If we jump one of those groups with helmets you can get inside as long as you let me do the talking. There's no real place to hide the bodies, so we do that we're on a time crunch even tighter than we already are. If they find the bodies they're going to go on full alert and make getting to Lockjaw a lot harder.

"There's a motor pool inside the place. Trucks and shit. If I can get one of those out here and load you inside you can slip through that way. But for that we're going to have to probably come up with some excuse as to why I need a vehicle, and while I can drive you a lot closer than a zipline will get you you're still going in with no disguise.

"What do you think?"
No. 587206 ID: 2fd516

I think all these complications make me wish we just ziplined in.

...would "Beer run" work as an excuse to borrow a truck? Or some other reason to go to a convenience store? If the Fantomas he stole that face from was a smoker you could say you're gonna go buy some smokes.
No. 587207 ID: 4a20fa

I can't see how you're going to explain needing a truck to pick something up right outside then return with it.

Let's go with the helmets.
No. 587212 ID: 186341
File 140684906870.png - (112.83KB , 960x540 , 82.png )

"all these complications are making me think i should have just ziplined," 73-6 says.
"You don't want my help, you say so," 38-3 says, testily. "I'd hate to get in your way."
"no. it's ok. it'll work, but i don't see how we can take a truck unless these guys really like beer runs. let's get some helmets."
"Okay." 38-3 pulls a machine pistol from a thigh holster. "Follow me."

He leads 73-6 through the grass, moving near-silent. 73-6 feels a little self-conscious about how much noise his boots are making. He tries to keep quiet. 38-3 keeps looking back and jerking his head forward, though. 73-6 feels like he's being babysat.

"Down." 38-3 grabs 73-6 and pulls them both low under the grass' sightline.
OK, 73-6 is really not into how handsy this guy is.

One of the patrols 38 was talking about is up ahead, walking at about a 75 degree angle in their direction. They'd normally be out of pistol range but 73-6 has some new, pinpoint-accurate shell targeting systems from the other day. As he watches them an aim interface unfolds across his vision, giving him wind speed, lead indicators, and even a little readout on the Coriolis effect. This is fantastic. He could probably shoot for their fucking trigger fingers.

He's brought along his Flechette pistol, his silenced snubnose, his filament whip, an electified spike, and not one but two Bureau grenades. It all fits thanks to his inventory magnets.
38-3 seems to be trying to get him to move up to melee range.
No. 587214 ID: 40935b

Shooting them would get blood on your new clothes. Silently ask him is the stun setting on those grenades would be a good idea. If not, keep the spike in one hand and the snub-nose at the ready in case things go to shit. The whip and the flechettes will result in too much damage and blood splatter.
No. 587216 ID: 89b2a2

May as well save the ammo for later. Besides, they won't be expecting it, and there might also be another patrol in LoS right now.

Besides, you have to get their clothes off anyway, and ruining those would be a bad idea. Ideally you kill them without damaging anything.
No. 587217 ID: 2a1897

Well yeah, the disguise ain't gonna be very convincing if it has bullet holes or blood on it, jeez.

38-3 doesn't need a helmet because he has the face and he doesn't need the outfit because he has holograms or something, and we got two guys here in front of us, so. I guess the safest thing to do if we're bein' loud with our boots would be to just hang back and let 38-3 go in silently for a clean neck snap on one guy and cap the other fantoma from afar with whichever one of our guns will get us a quieter kill.

And, obviously, explain this plan to 38-3, if possible, so he knows to keep his kill clean. And I guess it would be a good idea to ask if he wants a helmet, even if he doesn't really need it.
No. 587218 ID: 2fd516

We've got a wire. Communicate with him over that, tell him you can hit them from here with your pistol. Obviously we need to avoid headshots though. Aim for the heart or something.
No. 587220 ID: 187d9a

I just realized that we could hide the bodies inside our hover car, that way there would only be one thing for them to find rather than 2
No. 587223 ID: 186341
File 140685201375.png - (56.30KB , 960x540 , 83.png )

"you need a helmet?" 73-6 asks over the wire.
"Be more convincing if I'm not wearing one," 38-3 responds.
"i can't get any closer but i can hit them from here."
"Go for it."
"too messy."
"Good point." 38-3 shifts. "Tell you what. We only need one helmet and uniform. I'll take one bloodless and when I move you pop the other."
"sounds good."

"My teeth are fucked up, man," says one Fantoma.
"Yeah, man. When I like chew it really hurts. Do you think I have a cavity? I have a cavity I think."
"When was the last time you went to the dentist?"
"Dentist? We don't get dental, man."
"We don't?"
"Yeah, when did you join? What you gonna think a paramilitary guerilla group has dental for?"
"They got the money to get the captain a fucking robosuit and not to fix my teeth?"
"Look, Gary can take a look when we get back. He-"
No. 587224 ID: 186341
File 140685201672.png - (68.75KB , 960x540 , 84.png )

Neither of them will ever have to worry about that guy's teeth again, 73-6 thinks, and this is in its own way a kind of mercy.

"Get changed," 38-3 says.
"we should move the bodies," 73-6 says.
"Take too much time, make too much noise," 38-3 says. "There's a guy with no head further out anyway. Come on, agent. We're on a tight schedule now. Suit up."
73-6 doesn't think he likes this guy.
No. 587225 ID: 2fd516

Oh well. No helping it, and besides, he's right. At least we can just not work with him in the future.

Get your shit on, get moving.
No. 587226 ID: 40935b

Just roll 'em into the lowest ground or thickest foliage in spitting distance once you're done, we've got places to be.
No. 587238 ID: bb78f2

Give agent 38-3 some advice that whenever he manages to get a shell upgrade that lets him hide or get rid of bodies instantly he should totally take it.
Hopefully one that's a transport beacon and it just poofs the bodies to the nearest friendly vehicle. Get more new agents that way, you know? Also it could confirm kills unlike a body disintegration upgrade.

Well I guess suit up, oh and take the weapons to blend in better. Does 38 have a weapon hologram thing or will the real weapon actually phase through parts of the hologram and make it look fake?

And don't be that way Sev, buy him a beer later and figure out what he's like buzzed.
No. 587243 ID: 2a1897

Wait, shit, I hope we didn't get any blood on that guy's rifle, because it's gonna look really awkward if we're both dressed up as fantomas but one of you is missing a rifle.

Speaking of, make sure you take the rifles and stuff. The disguise ain't complete without the accessories.

... and why didn't 38-3 just grab the rifle off the first guy he killed? Unless his holograms are incredibly fancy, he needs one to complete his own disguise.
No. 587257 ID: 707a11

Why didn't we combine the plans, steal a car, hide the bodies in that, then return on foot?
No. 587260 ID: 707a11

Actually, it's totally not too late for that. Tell 38 to get a car, with the excuse that he needs it to go pick up a dumbass wounded Fantoma who shot himself in the foot. That's you, sev. Shoot a bullet hole in the foot of the costume you're taking, then put it on. 38 gets the car, drives it back. You put the bodies in that, drive it out to the hovercraft, stash the bodies there, drive the Fantoma truck back to base, get yourself dropped off in the medbay. Boom.
No. 587262 ID: 707a11

Be sure to shoot the boot before you take the Fantoma's foot out of it, so there's blood and stuff. You can fake a limp until you don't need to. Maybe bring along a spare boot so you can become anonymous after you've infiltrated.
No. 587288 ID: 187d9a


not a bad plan, though we will need to bluff our way out of med bay somehow, oh i know! we shoot a hole in the boot without blood, and then we make it look like we shot our shoe, missed our foot and then freaked out. its embarrassing enough that they will probably be too busy mocking us to look too closely.

make sure the ballistics on the shot boot matches up with missing our foot.
No. 587311 ID: f839a9

...hey, how come your wire doesn't stick out of the flesh-mask?

Well we know there's a robosuit, at least.
No. 587334 ID: 879a42

If we do the whole ''I shot my foot'' thing, we will be taken to some makeshift medbay. Unless the medbay is right next to where lockjaw is that's pointless. If we do this let's put a small amount of blood and say it grazed us, and only limp slightly. This way we shouldn't be interrupted. If we have to speak, disguise our voice a bit and keep respondes brief.
No. 587530 ID: 106bb7

Remember that we now can disappear. As in, stand 5 seconds and nobody notices you active camo.
What if we do the shoot-foot strategy, then slink off into the rubble when unnoticed? So far we've operated in an urban environment, but this training site's more open, I guess. Expect more rubble and unexpected dead ends.

But first things first: after getting out of the med bay, try and detect which one of them is Lockjaw.
No. 587593 ID: 256d52

You're on a tight deadline now and they're used to groups of two. Don't bother with anything that'll cause delays or draw any extra attention to yourselves, just suit up and head back in like a regular returning patrol.
No. 587824 ID: 186341
File 140710380772.png - (131.21KB , 960x540 , 85.png )

"wait," 73-6 says, midway through pulling his disguise on. "i have an idea."
"What idea?"
"i know how you can get a truck. your patrol partner accidentally shot himself in the foot and you need a truck to get him back to base." 73-6 picks up a discarded rifle and aims it at the closest corpse's boot. "i fire this, you hustle back and grab a truck, we load the bodies in, and even have the time to go back and grab the one whose head you took off. then i have a free ticket into the medical bay and we're both inside."

38-3 narrows his eyes. A smile creases along his fake face. "I like this." He kicks the corpse. "OK, 73-6. There are a bunch of potential holes in it but we'll plug them as we go. And it's a good start."
"when i fire this you need to come back with a truck quick or another patrol might get here first. can you do that?"
He nods.

73-6 fires and blows a hole in the boot.
No. 587825 ID: 186341
File 140710381109.png - (118.85KB , 960x540 , 86.png )

"go," he says, and 38-3 heads back toward the base, a Fantoma Vengadores robe knitting itself out of light around him.
"Be right back."

73-6 puts the clean helmet on. His wire chirrups at him; It's Sara.

"what's up?"
"The mic just picked up your plan, Sev-Three."
"what do you think?"
"Monica says it's good but she's also biting her nails like they're corn on the cob," Sara says. "She says it's time for my very first BDD field report! Woooo! So how's it going on the ground? You making a new friend?"
No. 587826 ID: 2fd516

Meh. It's a working relationship.
No. 587828 ID: f839a9

Monica would feel better if that was chocolate she was eating, rather than nails.

...not sure friend is the right word. Terrifying face-stealing boogeyman murder associate. I'm making one of those, sure.
No. 587846 ID: dc4b80

Am not ready to let him date my daughter but he might grow on me.
No. 587875 ID: 40935b

He's got surprisingly spotty people skills for an infiltrator, but I guess I haven't really seen him in action yet. I've got one kill, 38 should have two.
No. 587890 ID: 187d9a

"38-3 seems professional enough, though working with someone who literally steals and wears other peoples faces is exactly as creepy as it sounds"
No. 588003 ID: 874468

"I think his main thing is respect for competence and prowess, and when he'd first heard about the CEO's new interest in me he'd thought that I must've been more lucky than good. That may be fair, but he's starting to see I'm not entirely clueless or inept at this business either."
No. 588134 ID: 186341
File 140720148575.png - (174.65KB , 960x540 , 87.png )

"i'm not going to let him take my daughter to prom but he seems professional enough. he respects talent. i guess he thought i was more lucky than good."
"What a jerkwad."
"i think he's starting to come around to me."
"Oooh. Are we going to meet him?"
"i don't know if you want to. he wears faces."
"Ah." Sara says. "Yuck. I guess you do what you gotta do. I mean you're dedicated to the Bureau 100% too, right?"
"um, right." 73-6 shifts into a convincing lying down position. "100%. one kill from me, by the way. 38-3 has two."
"Gotcha. How do I note that... oh. Ok I enter it into this little box. Good job, Sev-Three! Nail one in the face for me."
"apparently these guys don't get good dental."
"Do you?"
"my teeth were all replaced with plastic."
"That's ok. Mine too."

73-6 hears the rumble of an engine.
A truck is tearing across the plain toward him.
No. 588137 ID: 186341
File 140720163166.png - (10.75KB , 960x540 , 88.png )

It parks nearby. 38-3 comes out with a bald Fantoma.

"I had to come see this," Baldy says. "Oh my God, Saul. You shot yourself?"
No. 588138 ID: bb78f2

Give him the middle finger.
No. 588140 ID: 2fd516

Glare sideways and show him the boot.
No. 588142 ID: 40935b

Make sure you look convincingly injured. Is there a way to nonverbally convey 'yeah, and you're about to be next'?
No. 588145 ID: 879a42

Let's NOT middle finger, but I must ask, are we killing him and driving back, or just getting in the truck? I say we kill him, so ask him to take a look, and when he comes in close why not gank him huh? We should be able to put our shock spike into his face before he notices, be subtle about grabbing the spike so when he is bent over the foot and just starts to notice how your wound doesn't seem to be there, the spike is already in his head.
No. 588172 ID: f839a9

Make grumpy, painful mumbling sounds, and give him the finger.
No. 588190 ID: 2d5819

No. 588197 ID: e607cd

Is there still a dead body here you should be worrying about him seeing? Being cute with a middle finger is great as long as he is not about to look over to the left and get upset.
No. 588198 ID: 2fd516

I dunno, CAN sev make noises without it obviously sounding wrong?
No. 588258 ID: 187d9a

this sounds about what a pissed off grunt would do. or close enough to not raise alarm bells.
No. 588278 ID: 2a1897

A dead body in full gear with a bullet in his head and a stripped dead body who's stuff we're wearing. This is not an ideal situation.

Welp, 38-3 hasn't killed the dude yet despite having ample opportunity to, so, while he probably doesn't really have a plan here, I'd guess he's expecting us to play along. And worst comes to worst, baldy can be quickly dispatched if he does spot something out of the ordinary.

A pained grunt and flipping the dude off is probably our best option here.
No. 588314 ID: 53548a

Yeah, flip him off.
No. 602000 ID: e30e12
File 141586610008.png - (9.81KB , 900x540 , 88a.png )

73-6 flips them off.

"OK, Saul." Baldy laughs. "Let's get him in the truck."
No. 602001 ID: e30e12
File 141586611329.png - (34.66KB , 900x540 , 88b.png )

They're gone before the flies come for the corpses, hastily butchered and rolled into a ditch.

73-6 knows how to operate.
No. 602002 ID: e30e12
File 141586611838.png - (11.65KB , 960x540 , 89.png )

At the checkpoint, Baldy gets out of the cab and exchanges pleasantries with the white-clad guards in front.

He knocks twice on the front gate, and presses his face against a panel which slides open in response.

Behind him, 38-3 pulls the skin around his eye down and leers at 73-6.
They're inside.

"We'll get him to medical," Baldy says. "Could you check in with sections?"
"Gladly," 38-3 says. "Later, Saul."
No. 602003 ID: e30e12
File 141586612631.png - (5.94KB , 900x540 , 90a.png )

73-6 simulates a limp as Baldy drags him into an ugly stucco building and drops him on a gelpad bed.

"Sit tight and take your helmet off," Baldy says. "I'll go tell the doctor to bring a bonesaw."

He closes the door behind him.
No. 602006 ID: e30e12
File 141586615513.png - (13.41KB , 960x540 , 90.png )

73-6 sits up.

It's time to get back to work.

The black column thing is a server. 73-6 isn't sure if he has time to get a hack going before the doctor comes in or not since there's no obvious interface. There's an electronically locked medicinal cabinet across from him.

The dead Fantoma's gun is propped up on the bed next to him. His loadout is ready and lethal under his stolen uniform.
No. 602007 ID: 07a835

Sounds like you can hack the cabinet before the doctor arrives. Do that. Close it after looting it, then stab the doctor once he comes in. Stuff the doctor's body in the cabinet, then start work on the server.
No. 602008 ID: 534cc4

Well how fast can you hack it? If its under a minute (estimated) go for it. Otherwise just MAKE SURze this room has no sensors or cameras hidden, we don't need one to pick up us shanking the doctor. We need to wait until he enters the room and shuts the door before killing him, then we can loot any access cards or decent loot off his body before leaving the room.
No. 602010 ID: e30e12
File 141586711482.png - (10.97KB , 900x540 , 91.png )

The lock is kiddy stuff.
Here's what 73-6 finds in the cabinet (which is just large enough to hold one corpse with some creative contortion):

+A lockbox, closed.
+A PDA, turned off.
+A bootstrap shell upgrade. Score!
+A syrette applicator and several needles. 73-6 could probably find some tranquilizers or something if he was some kind of pussy who doesn't kill people.
+Some gauze and various other things that have no use for a cyberzombie with necrotic regenerational abilities.

73-6 hears footsteps outside in the hallway. Sounds like Mr. Bonesaw is incoming.
No. 602012 ID: 07a835

Pocket the upgrade, go sit back down and wait for the doctor to come in. He'll at most express annoyance that your helmet is still on, at which point you spike him.
No. 602013 ID: 534cc4

Grab the shell, shut it and sit back down, then ambush the guy and bone saw him once the door is shut. Then hide his corpse.
No. 602014 ID: 07a835

Oh and take the PDA and lockbox too if you can. At least, take them out. Hack the PDA later, pick open the lockbox later too if possible.
No. 602015 ID: 2a1897

Yep, pocket the upgrade, shut and lock the cabinet, and get back to your seat.

We're almost certainly gonna have to off the doc, but it still seems safer to play this by ear than to try to ambush them at the door or whatever.

Also aren't we totally still in contact with 38-3 via wire? We could be keeping each other informed while we're split up instead of standing around with potentially unidentified incoming footsteps.
No. 602016 ID: e30e12
File 141586876266.png - (8.74KB , 900x540 , 92.png )

73-6 props himself up in bed.

"Okey dokey," the doctor says, closing the door behind him. "I hear somebody had a little oopsie-doo with their firearm? Yes? Needing a little trigger discipline? Let's take a loo--

"Why are you still wearing your helmet?"

73-6 hasn't killed anyone with his bare hands in far too long so give him a second.
No. 602017 ID: e30e12
File 141586876804.png - (14.13KB , 960x540 , 93.png )

There we go.

"first one down inside the compound, sara."
"Gotcha, Sev-Three! The button for a kill report has a little skull on it."
"i didn't know that."
"It makes a very satisfying clicky noise when you push it. So is the game afoot?"
"the game is afoot. 38-3, do you copy?"

"Maybe he's in the middle of something," Sara says.
"maybe." 73-6 scoops the doctor's hand inside the cabinet.
What now?
No. 602018 ID: 256d52

Pop the shell upgrade, pry open the lock box.
No. 602019 ID: 07a835

I think we should focus on mission-critical objectives first. Down the upgrade, then hack the server.
No. 602020 ID: 534cc4

Upgrade time! Then we hack in.
No. 602058 ID: 7c58ae

>The button for a kill report has a little skull on it.
...is there a different button if I find someone to kill who doesn't have a skull?

It's possible he's in a situation he can't answer, although since you guys have wires in your head to talk through, it's not like using your coms compromises stealth.

...unless his wire doesn't work right when it's folded under a flesh-mask? Seems a glaring flaw, and one that would have been fixed by the zombie engineers.

Still, best bet is to hack in. If he ran into trouble, I'm sure you can find evidence of it faster on their network than searching this place manually.
No. 602223 ID: e30e12
File 141594668255.png - (11.39KB , 960x540 , 94.png )

73-6 drinks the upgrade.

He thinks he's getting used to this no wai+++++t +++++fuck+++ Th++ere +++it is+++++ oww++w+www

Choose your upgrade path:

Wetwork: +Rhino Skin+ 73-6 can harden his skin, making it bullet-and-bladeproof. What he hardens he can't move, but his reflexes are good enough that if he sees the shot being aimed he has a good chance of blocking it. Anything over .45 or so may still get through. If he hardens his entire body he gains limited resistance to explosions.

Stealth: +Heel Face Turn+ 73-6 can project a hardlight mask across his face that lets him pass as a normal human, hiding his obvious Bureau appearance. It comes with a modulator to fix his buzzsaw voice. It doesn't let him change his appearance to whatever he wants; it just lets him look and sound normal again. 73-6 doesn't know if it's going to be as useful in the field as the others, but he feels a twinge of longing thinking about it.

Hacking: +Master Hacking+ 73-6 gains access to the final tier of hacking skill available and no longer needs a user interface or direct connection to the hacking target.

No. 602226 ID: a19cd5

Heel face turn. Lotta fun we could have spookin' people on halloween with that
Clear answer is more hacking
No. 602227 ID: a7efea

Honestly, the stealth option won't matter int he field. Good security systems will pick on holograms, and intruder humans are still intruders.

But it would let you sneak around in public, which is kind of crucial if we're eventually planning to escape the bureau, and have to work around them for a while.

And then you and Sarah would both have holo faces to play with.

Go for the face. We're already level 98 in hacking, we can get level 99 later.
No. 602228 ID: 408e5c

>>602227 makes a pretty good point. We can hold off on that last hack boost when the hardlight face could potentially help us with this mission (If for example you can mess with the facial settings to disguise in the doctor's face and clothing), or even further down the line.
No. 602230 ID: 212dec

No. 602233 ID: 534cc4

Actually the face is my new vote.

It comes with a VOICE. This could be so useful, and we KNOW we can get hacking later.
No. 602243 ID: e30e12
File 141594929841.png - (257.19KB , 960x540 , 95.png )

73-6 runs his new Heel Face Turn's algorithm. His wire buzzes and lies flat against his scalp.
His face feels tingly.

He can't find a mirror anywhere in here.
"A little light went off!" Sara says. "Oooh. Shell Upgrade. What did you get?"
No. 602245 ID: a7efea

>Oooh. Shell Upgrade. What did you get?
A stealth helping thingy. I'll show you later.

>He can't find a mirror anywhere in here.
Hold up the doctor's saw, and use that.
No. 602246 ID: 408e5c

When you speak, those listening will know about the modulator being fixed already, so that's something to share, and it'll demonstrate good mission planning with the idea of using a normal human voice to lure guards and such. Not so sure we should share the face thing yet though, as it could be an asset to keep under wraps the way >>602227 said.
No. 602253 ID: 534cc4

Say that you think you just got a bit more handsome ;) Then explain what it is and stuff.

(I'm very happy with the look, I bet it is how he looked before his first bodies car accident.)
No. 602259 ID: 256d52

Just tell her you learned how to make a handsome face.

Better hack that server.
No. 602273 ID: e30e12
File 141596764617.png - (9.52KB , 960x540 , 96.png )

"a stealth thing. i'll show you later." 73-6 notes that although his physical voice is modulated, his wire broadcasts keep his traditional dying vacuum cleaner dialectic.

He's about to cross to the computer when he hears movement again. He grabs the rifle and flattens himself against the wall, listening. Someone's coming to check on the doctor.
No. 602274 ID: bb78f2

Careful, that guy might be your partner. And he doesn't know about your upgrade.
No. 602432 ID: 534cc4

Attempt to contact 38-3 over the wire for his location, hopefully he responds this time. If 38 responds with an an answer of "outside the medbay" then that's him, otherwise kill the fantoma. If there is no answer, go ahead and ambush him as he enters the room, use a silenced weapon of some kind (your pick) and leave the body in medbay, and lastly hack the terminal. (Revising my old answer.)
No. 602499 ID: 534cc4

*Slaps face* Wait just a damn minute, we can go invisible now! Try and ambush as said, but if he doesn't open the door in five seconds go invisible for double surprise ganking.
No. 602556 ID: 07a835

Of course. Hell, if you go invisible, he'll just see an empty room. Unless he checks the safe, anyway, in which case make with the stabbing.
No. 602676 ID: e30e12
File 141611453097.png - (15.75KB , 960x540 , 97.png )

Oh, right! Hell yes!

With a near-silent whine 73-6 starts up the stealth protocol, and in five seconds, he is invisible. The hardlight mask fizzes out, dancing little sparks across his face. Goodbye again, humanity.

The guy who enters is a little different from standard Fantoma fare. He has a shoulder-mounted receiver of some kind and a rifle with an impractically large scope on it; it must be an old lens-based model.

"Saul," he says.





He looks carefully around the room, then turns to leave.
No. 602677 ID: 07a835

I say let him walk out. Keep suspicion low. I expect if you kill him they'll know there's an agent inside in short order.

After he's gone, hack the server.
No. 602693 ID: 2a1897

Welp. We don't have another convenient place to hide the body and we don't know what 38-3 is up to.

We're still working on a time limit here; there are bodies lying out in the field and the patrols we killed will fail to radio in or whatever eventually, so we can't just dick around forever, but it seems unwise to start the murdertrain pre-emptively.

So for now just let the dude leave, hack that shit, and keep trying to get a hold of 38-3 via wire.
No. 602729 ID: a7efea

Yup. Goodbye confused grunt, hello hacking time.
No. 602801 ID: 534cc4

After he leaves Hack in, and when you leave put on your mask again.
No. 603139 ID: e30e12
File 141620500379.png - (8.75KB , 900x540 , 98.png )

The door closes and 73-6 fades back in.
"38-3. are you there? 38-3. copy."
"I'm here. Quiet. I'm here." 38-3 sounds testy. "In a conversation. Keep radio silence unless absolutely necessary, 73-6. You're making it hard to focus. Make your way to the command building. I have confirmation Lockjaw is here."
"where are you?"
"Outside the command building. On guard. I talked my way out of debrief. My name, it seems, is Markos."
No. 603140 ID: e30e12
File 141620501995.png - (28.66KB , 960x540 , 99.png )

73-6 finds a loose panel on the server and jimmies it open. There's no interface to speak of but he hashes together a limited connection to his internals so he can get something done.

It looks like this is a hub in an extensive wireless network spread all around the compound. 73-6 isn't sure if it's the only network they have but it sure looks widespread and sure has a lot of connections. The boundary is marked off by receivers 73-6 can only assume belong to automated sentries or sensors along the walls. 73-6 isolates his own connection and gets his bearings as to where he is. That bundle of connections and servers in the center corresponds to where the blueprints say the command building is.

Found you, Lockjaw.

Without a good UI, 73-6 has only a kludgy and inexpert connection. He has no real fine manipulation of the network.
What he does have is the opportunity for a lot of brute force.
With his hacking abilities, 73-6 can:
+Jam communications across the camp
+Isolate the sentries in the network and command them to start firing in whatever direction they're pointing
+Isolate the computers in the network and command them to crash
+Isolate the electronic locks in the network and command them to unlock (can be done quietly but anyone who tries to unlock something will notice
+Isolate the infantry equipment and personal devices in the network and command them to crash
+Remotely shut down and hard-lock every single electronic device in the network

No. 603141 ID: 1e7844

Perhaps crashing all desktops and the like would work, however this is a stealth mission so maybe stirring up people isn't the best idea.
No. 603142 ID: a7efea

Can we do any of that on a timer? Or could we set it up for remote activation?

Like, computers crashing and all the badie's sentry guns going off at them is cool and all, but we don't want to tip Lockjaw off early.

Instead of jamming all the locks open, could you just set up a master key? Program any door scanner to unlock with a pattern you can display with your new holographic upgrade.
No. 603147 ID: e30e12
File 141620631078.png - (10.42KB , 900x540 , 100.png )

No way to set them on a timer. 73-6 can save the gate he just made, though, so he can easily access these options quickly again at any terminal.

>Master Key!
Excellent idea, but 73-6's projectors are only on his head, and only have the one image they can project.

You don't need a hologram to display a pattern, though. 73-6 takes about five minutes and codes himself a quick backdoor keypattern into the system and gives it a visual unlock.

He tries it out on the cabinet lock he jammed Gary into.

His middle finger (and his alone) is now a skeleton key for the entire facility.
No. 603148 ID: a7efea

>His middle finger (and his alone) is now a skeleton key for the entire facility.

Okay, helmet back on and begin sneaking, I think. We need to find a way to the command building.
No. 603151 ID: 07a835

Get the lockbox and PDA. Use the PDA for a UI so you can hack the server better.
No. 603162 ID: e30e12
File 141621225029.png - (16.58KB , 900x540 , 101.png )

Helmet on and lockbox secured.
The lockbox has a nonmechanical lock on it. 73-6 can bash it open but that's going to make sound and he's already pushing his luck in this building. He'll need a key or a quiet place. A patdown of the corpse yields no key.

The PDA isn't part of the network, unfortunately.
Looks like it's just Gary's private device.

Also looks like Gary's wishing he had time to delete his browsing history in the afterlife.
73-6 isn't sure what "Watashino Oneesan No Egao Ga Watashi Private Doki Doki Precure~!" is but he's not about to open it and check.
"38-3, are you free?"
"i'm getting ready to move. what's the path from medical to the center look like?"
"Crowded. And there's a checkpoint. Guards all around the place. There's a courtyard they're stopping people at the entrances to and talking to them for a while before letting them in. What's your name, what's your business, what's blah blah blah. My shift moves me to a blind spot in about five minutes. You can hop the wall then and nobody else would see it but me. Then you're in."

As far as breaking in, 73-6 sees two options:
A) He could make a beeline right for the command center, but then he's going through the most populous part of the camp and he's going to have to bullshit his way through. His brand new face and voice could help.
B) He hugs the wall, avoids the crowd, and sneaks in with 38-3's help, but takes longer and leaves more of a chance for discovery.
No. 603164 ID: 256d52

Go with the sneaking. It's your forte.
No. 603165 ID: 07a835

The only viable story is that you're a new recruit, and they're likely to check even that. Your face and voice will help just as much if you get caught hugging the wall, so I like that plan the best.

I feel like you could lock all the doors so that only you could move freely throughout the base... You may as well mention that you have a crummy hack-in point and that you have some options for messing with their electronics but they're rather overt.
No. 603166 ID: e30e12
File 141621380345.png - (49.30KB , 960x540 , 102.png )

Sneak time.
73-6 prepares to

oh oops his shoe.
No. 603167 ID: 07a835

Steal the doc's shoes.
No. 603168 ID: 2a1897

We've done what we can to stay quiet and let 38-3 do his thing so far, and I see no reason to ruin his work.

That said, we'll have five minutes before our chance at that wall, and just standing around here would not only be unproductive, but it's also probably the worst possible place to wait considering that the good doctor is "missing".

So. Your disguise is still all fucked up as if you shot yourself in the foot. Clean the blood off your coat and stuff as fast as you can and, if you didn't chop up the doc's boots, grab one of those to replace the one with the hole in it. Or grab both so you have a matching pair.

Then I guess head out into the building. Keep your hardlight mask up under your helmet so you'll sound human if you need to talk. And then, yeah, look for an actual terminal to hack to see if we can get anything done with a softer touch, any other targets of opportunity, and a place to mill about for a few minutes.

Maybe a bathroom.

Nobody's gonna question somebody being in a bathroom for a few minutes.
No. 603169 ID: e30e12
File 141621527634.png - (8.41KB , 960x540 , 103.png )

73-6 cleans up as best he can and grabs a spare boot from the doc.

That was almost a dumb mistake!
No. 603170 ID: e30e12
File 141621527933.png - (7.75KB , 960x540 , 104.png )

He pads carefully out of the room and out into camp. The way he takes is far enough from most buildings that there are few people and no real targets of opportunity.

Nobody looks at him until he's about halfway to the command building.
Two of them, coming the other way along the wall.

"Trooper," one of them calls out. "Where's your partner?"
"Say again?" 73-6 stops. His new voice is slightly more treble than he thought it would be, a little younger sounding, but kind of nice.
"Where's your patrol buddy, trooper?"
No. 603171 ID: a7efea

>"Where's your patrol buddy, trooper?"
He's on the can.
No. 603174 ID: 2a1897

I was gonna say "we're going to the can", but seeing as we don't actually know where a bathroom is:

This is better.

I would assume that splitting up and breaking patrol to use the can is probably not allowed; if/when they question it, claim your buddy caught some kinda stomach bug and tell them to take it up with the doc.
No. 603175 ID: 534cc4

If for some reason there is multiple bathrooms and someone really wanted to be invasive or something he might ask which one. Hopefully that isn't the case.

If anyone takes your helmet off or ask you to fire up that mask obviously, its the only way to keep low profile. (Also remember that lockjaw got a robosuit, you heard it from the guards you killed earlier.)
No. 603229 ID: 07a835

Tell them you were gonna have Saul as your patrol partner but the fool shot his damn foot.
No. 603240 ID: 6e79d4

Oh, Saul shot himself in the foot. Markos and I got separated dragging him to medical.

If they laugh, say yeah, it was hilarious. If they chide you for leaving your battle buddy, say Saul was bleeding pretty good, you had to do something.
No. 609008 ID: e30e12
File 141776222323.png - (9.91KB , 960x540 , 105.png )

"Saul was going to be it but he shot himself in the foot," 73-6 says.
"Seriously?" asks turtleneck.
"Oh my God," says the guy without a helmet. "Fucking Saul."
"Is he ok?" Turtleneck asks.
"Markos took him to the infirmary."
"2 weeks and already this." Turtleneck's friend is laughing. "What a chucklefuck."
"It's not funny, douchebag," Turtleneck says. "I'm friends with his big brother. He's gonna freak out. He already chewed him out when he signed up in the first place."
"It's funny as hell."
"Man shut the fuck up. Uhh, carry on, trooper."

"Thank you," says 73-6. He leaves as Turtleneck cuffs his buddy upside the head.
No. 609009 ID: e30e12
File 141776229887.png - (142.30KB , 960x540 , 106.png )

73-6 finds 38-3 leaning against the HQ wall, scanning the area for unwelcome eyes.
"Agent," he says. "It took you long enough."
No. 609011 ID: 687279

Yeah you had to convince a patrol you were legit. Tell him you have an awesome plan. You can hack the place to make everyone go into a panic and the lead guy will want to evac, then you two can volunteer to drive him out. How awesome would it be to drive away with the target, then assassinate him in his own car?
No. 609013 ID: 4c5cf2

>"Agent," he says. "It took you long enough"
Had to pretend to care about poor Saul getting shot in the foot while his friends blabbed.

And you had to hack your way into their network. You can now walk passed locked doors, and if we need to, you can plug in somewhere and cause a distraction real easy.

Possible crazy plan: we spook the target, only we're the guards he rabbits with. Easiest damn way to exfiltrate, and we can do whatever the hell we want with him after. Use his paranoia against him.
No. 609015 ID: 6b7ea4

well, better it taking a while due to caution than never happening due to recklessness.

i like the idea of isolating the target under the pretense of guarding him, but if he's being careful in the middle of an obvious intruder scenario won't it be difficult to convince him to go with new faces, even in the middle of chaos? i mean, the simplest solution is to create such an extreme panic that he won't have time to worry about that, but it's something to think about.
No. 609027 ID: e30e12
File 141776503907.png - (11.76KB , 960x540 , 107.png )

"Better lose time to caution than life to error," 73-6 says. "I had to talk my way out of some things and hack their network. I have a plan."
"What's that?" asks 38-3.
"There's a backdoor I've set up into their systems that I can seriously fuck with them through. We shut down their electronics, they think they're under attack, Lockjaw goes down the rabbit hole like he always does. Only we're the guards he rabbits with."
38-3's eyes narrow. His lips purse.
"Maybe it's crazy," 73-6 says.

"It's crazy," affirms 38-3. "It's also devious enough it's making me hard just thinking about it. I'm going to make it happen."

"Will he be willing to go with new faces, though? Even in an attack situation?"

"Of course not," 38-3 says. "He's not an idiot. That is why we're going to lure away somebody he trusts first, and then murder them and steal their face. One friend and one mook in a helmet? We'll be fine. That needs to happen, and what else? Hmm. We can't risk anyone following us, of course. That means when evacuation happens, the only vehicle that can make it out is ours. The motorpool is going to have to be sabotaged. While I was there I got the lay of the land. Most of it is just trucks like the one I got you in, good for equipment and personnel transport but bad for protecting a VIP. There were three heavily armored things. APC types. Those would be the ones Lockjaw will move in so we leave them operable. We're still working on time and I like to work alone, so we split up. God, my nipples could cut glass right now."

"This guy is skeeving me out," Sara whispers into 73-6's wire.

"This was your idea so you can pick," 38-3 says. "Either you find the bodyguard, kill the bodyguard, and stash the corpse where I can find it, or you infiltrate the motor pool and disable those vehicles. Then we have our legit ride and we have our legit guard and we have our boy where we want him."
No. 609030 ID: 4c5cf2

Well, I got the hacking, you got the face stealing. It makes sense for you to gank your own guard while I do the vehicles instead of having to trade a body off.
No. 609039 ID: 2a1897

73-6 is better at handling machines, 38-3 is better at handling people, and this'll be easier without a corpse handoff, so.


This is kind of a no-brainer.
No. 609050 ID: 687279

Infiltrating the motor pool... we may be able to do that with some help from our magic finger, and maybe some invisibility too. What's the security like there?
No. 609051 ID: 4a20fa

No. 609053 ID: e30e12
File 141776888848.png - (17.71KB , 960x540 , 108.png )

"You handle people and I handle machines," 73-6 says. "It's a no-brainer."
"Well goddamn, Alan Turing," 38-3 says. "Just giving you the opportunity to do the fun job."

73-6 splits up from 38-3, going for the motor pool.
"what kind of security am i looking at?" he asks, circling the building.
"Armed guards inside, open space outside," 38-3 says. "I didn't see any cameras in the exterior. The garage floor where they keep the trucks is locked tight and can only be unlocked at the front desk, but if you're the kind of wizard you say you are you can get around that. The only unlocked and inconspicuous entrance is on the opposite side of the garage floor. They will ask who you are and what you're doing there and if you're not high up enough they need proof of orders and identification. My boy Markos' name should be enough to get you inside, but if the guy behind the desk is too curious or knows him too well you're in trouble."

73-6 scans the building. There's a door on the rooftop he has access to, he can probably reach the windows with a bit of a climb, and the garage doors themselves will open for him if he flips them off.
No. 609055 ID: 687279

We need to see where the guards are before you can just open a garage door. Also I suspect they'll be really loud when opening. The finger would probably be best used on the roof access door. Then if you can get down into the garage area without anyone noticing, nobody will care that you are there. I mean they'll expect anyone walking around to already have gone through security so as long as you don't do anything weird they'll ignore you. Act like you're inspecting the vehicles maybe?

Oooor you could just try to get in saying you're here to clean up the cars a bit.

Before you do anything, get up to the roof and peer through a window.
No. 609074 ID: 75520b

>Oooor you could just try to get in saying you're here to clean up the cars a bit.
Better idea: it's a punishment because you made a mistake. Like forgetting to use the safeties on your rifle.
No. 609093 ID: 534cc4

That's dependant on word not yet having passed around about Saul being in the infirmary. Although I suppose we could just say the doc fixed us up really quick.
No. 609099 ID: 534cc4

Since its daytime and the area is patrolled by guards I'm gonna say let's talk our way in and keep this clean. One person sees us climb up or drop in the whole op is at risk. Let's get our charm on I suppose and take the door.
No. 609111 ID: 8f01e8

Talk your way in. Story is, Markos assigned you to see if you can fix a glitchy radio on one of the APCs because you can't go back on patrol with no partner, and he heard you've got a knack for that kind of thing. This gives you an excuse to meddle with the onboard electronics, and possibly a further delay in suspicion when the APC goes incommunicado.
No. 609244 ID: e30e12
File 141783550969.png - (8.30KB , 960x540 , 109.png )

"Um, sorry to bother you, but um, Markos said I should go here?" 73-6 pokes his head into the front room. "I'm supposed to clean the trucks."

The guy at the desk, whose hair seems to have migrated off his scalp and onto his neck, raises an eyebrow. "Markos said you should go here."

"Um, yeah," says 73-6. "I kind of shot my toe off today. Gary fixed it but um Markos says that I need to learn my lessons about trigger discipline. So I'm supposed to clean the trucks."
"You shot your toe off?"

"Bioscaffold gel is not cheap, soldier," says Neckbeard. "Be careful with your digits. I need your name and proof of order. If Markos wants to use my trucks for punishment detail he should have called ahead."
No. 609245 ID: d90668

Saul sir.

Hmm what is a proof of order I wonder. Might be some form of indentification they use. Or some paperwork you were supposed to bring.

Either way reach into a pocket and grasp at nothing. Then look really nervous and say that Markos is going to kill you and you left it in the docs office.
No. 609316 ID: e30e12
File 141784019625.png - (8.07KB , 960x540 , 110.png )

"It's Saul, sir," 73-6 says. "Proof of order. Right. He gave me a thing. It's, um." He fake-rummages around his pocket. "I can't, um-"

"Saul What?" Neckbeard says.
"Do you have a last name, Saul?"
No. 609320 ID: a19cd5

"Just saul, sir. Street urchin, never got a last name. I guess put Goodman there if you need filler."
No. 609321 ID: 687279

Ask him if he's having trouble finding you. You only signed up two weeks ago so you might not be in the system yet.
No. 609322 ID: 687279

If that doesn't work, try a last name that's really hard to figure out how to spell. While he's struggling with it tell him you gotta go get the proof of order. Then leave and never come back, go in a different way.
No. 609327 ID: 89b2a2

Pull out the "work order."

Then kill him with the mono weapon.
No. 609328 ID: 687279

Oh, you could try asking your comrade if he's got any info on Saul?
No. 609329 ID: 2a1897

Saul Abraham Cobbledick.

We're pretty much fucked here, so I figure the best option is to just have such a hilariously unfortunate name that the dude feels bad for you.
No. 609355 ID: e30e12
File 141784599526.png - (8.58KB , 960x540 , 111.png )

"Um are you looking in the system?" asks 73-6. "I'm pretty new, so--"

"Saul Batista," Sara says in 73-6's wire. "Tell him Saul Batista."
"I'm brute-forcing a search through Dartline Alchemist's roster files for a Saul and this guy joined less than a month ago. Saul Batista of the old Hartford Sprawl. Aaron Batista is his brother and he's been a Fantoma for over a year. I just checked. Saul Batista."
No. 609356 ID: 687279

Bless you, DA and Sara. "It's Batista."
No. 609361 ID: 2a1897

Huzzah for the save from Sara!

Give him the name. Maybe tell him that you've only been here for like two weeks and your brother is gonna kill you.
No. 609364 ID: 4c5cf2

Text Sara an adorable moldie-smiley over your comms, and give the man your name.

Also, kick yourself for not thinking to check personnel files when you were hacking before. If you're going to pretend to be somebody, you should damn well look up their name.
No. 609398 ID: e607cd

"...So I don't know if... um.. I guess it would have to.. It's Batista. My last name. Uh, sir." Fidget.

You have this being awkward vibe going, better not stop now or it's gonna look suspicious. And if possible, don't mention having a brother unless he does, or he might offer to get your brother OVER here and that will not go well.
No. 609423 ID: 2f4b71

Or add a "please don't tell my brother" onto that. Covers why we'd be cagey on giving out a last name if we wanted to avoid word getting to him.
No. 609966 ID: e30e12
File 141802523852.png - (9.10KB , 960x540 , 112.png )

"I don't know if, um, I guess it would have to, uh," 73-6 says. "Batista? Saul Batista. Aaron's brother."
Neckbeard squints.
73-6 holds his breath.
"Aaron's brother. Yes." Neckbeard sits back. "Young Saul. Soldier number?"
"Soldier number?" 73-6 says.
"671034," Sara says.
"671034," 73-6 says.
"And how is Aaron?" asks Neckbeard.
"Lactose intolerant," Sara says.
"Uh, he ate too much cheese this morning but otherwise," 73-6 shrugs. "You know. Pretty good."
"I see," Neckbeard says. "Well perhaps he will learn the values of temperance as you learn the values of trigger discipline. The janitorial supplies are in the closet to your far right when you enter the garage. Hop to it, young Batista."

"Boom." All the professional tension in Sara's voice is instantly gone. "You can hold your applause until the proper tactical juncture."
No. 609967 ID: e30e12
File 141802524383.png - (442.35KB , 960x540 , 113.png )

There's a dozen trucks in the motor pool garage that 73-6 can effortlessly sabotage. He finds the more interesting targets 38-3 mentioned at the far end. A row of four APCs parked in a pretty little row.
No. 609968 ID: 4c5cf2

Thanks for the save, Sara. I feel like an idiot for not looking up this guy's personnel file when I was hacked into their network, earlier.

>what do
Get hacking. We want backdoors already set up in the APCs when we get back here, and we have vehicles we need disabled.

We're probably going to have to sneak out the roof or something, since this guy won't expect you to be done your punishment quick and you have other things to do.
No. 609974 ID: f461c5

Remember to actually get the cleaning stuff out and get some windows sudsy so that when people walk in they see you actually doing what you said you would.
No. 609976 ID: 687279

Alright, splash some water on those APCs while you hack them. Just halfassedly clean them and leave out the roof access or heck even a garage door. Worst case scenario they just think you half-assed your punishment duty and snuck out.
No. 609979 ID: 534cc4

When you go to leave after hacking and sabotaging, just hurriedly excuse yourself to the bathroom while apologizing, he probably won't question it or think its worth his time.
No. 609980 ID: e30e12
File 141803346205.png - (263.73KB , 960x540 , 114.png )

73-6 goes around, splashes some water on everything, and also takes the opportunity to hack the entire fleet of vehicles. They can now be disabled singly.
Or exploded, 73-6 is pleased to observe.
No. 609981 ID: e30e12
File 141803346452.png - (9.08KB , 960x540 , 115.png )

"I have to take a piss," he tells Neckbeard.
"Very well, young Batista," says Neckbeard.

What now?
No. 610005 ID: 534cc4

At this point we need 38-3 to finish but I say leave and meander slowly towards the bathrooms for one minute before seeing if he is ready, give him time to finish and all, or ,maybe if he gives you the go-ahead you can start the next phase of the plan.
No. 610006 ID: 534cc4

Oh, and now would be a great time for an inventory check.
No. 610007 ID: 4c5cf2

Time to head for the rendezvous. Too early too start exploding car.
No. 610026 ID: 687279

Leave and radio 38-3 with a "Done."
No. 610144 ID: d88e0c

wait, guys I just realized a problem, we know lockjaw has a "robosuit" right? that's probably some flavor of powered armor. neither us or 38-3 has any heavy anti armor weapons, so even if our plan works lockjaw might be able to take both of us in a fight. we need to arrange some form of off site back up, or pick up a can opener before we bug out with lockjaw.
No. 610153 ID: 534cc4

By can opener you mean a man portable anti-tank gun right?
No. 610154 ID: 687279

I'm pretty sure we'll be able to just shank him with the monowhip. It's been shown to cut through metal.
No. 610176 ID: e30e12
File 141810681133.png - (11.77KB , 960x540 , 116.png )

73-6 has his standard kit: Flechette Pistol, Filament Whip, Snubnose, and Bureau Grenade.
He also has:
Gary the Doctor's PDA
Saul Batista's rifle
An uplink full of hacks pointed right at the heart of the Fantoma base

"38-3. I'm done."
"As am I." 38-3's voice is completely different again. It's lower and rougher. "Lockjaw is three feet away from me. Position yourself and give me go."
No. 610190 ID: 687279

Head over to the central complex so you two can meet up during the evac, then cry havok and let slip the hax of war.
No. 610206 ID: e30e12
File 141811294232.png - (6.34KB , 960x540 , 117.png )

Right. To the command building.
73-6 walks past a locked door and takes a second to try out that middle finger thing because he hasn't gotten to yet.

It unlocks.
No. 610207 ID: e30e12
File 141811296557.png - (132.93KB , 960x540 , 117a.png )

Looks like the blind spot 38-3 was patrolling earlier at the command building perimeter has rotated; there's a new guard there.

"Howdy!" he says.
"Afternoon," 73-6 says.
Either he just needs to wait out here and trust 38-3 to bring Lockjaw out, or he pops this guy then starts the alarm real quick so that everyone's too distracted to notice an out-of-the-way corpse.
No. 610208 ID: 2ec61a

if he said he's gonna do it then trust he's gonna do it. being coy may be a infiltrator thing but outright lying? probably not.
No. 610213 ID: c1be20

38 said that there were 3 APCs right? Then why were there 4 when we're at the mo'pool? Also, did we rig ALL the APCs, or did we rig all but one of them? If the latter, did we mark which one? We need to make sure that we don't get in the one that goes kaboom when we ride it.
Alternatively, when we blow the place sky-high, don't blow every APC. Leave two, inform 38 which of the two is the one we rigged, and then when Lockjaw rides with us- we just bail the APC and remote-detonate it. How's that sound?
No. 610217 ID: 687279

I got an idea. Is there a turret nearby? You could set off the turrets as part of the hacking barrage, and time it so that the turret is pointing at this guy when you do it.
No. 610226 ID: e30e12
File 141812615566.png - (5.65KB , 960x540 , 117b.png )

He did say three. Hmm.
All of them are infected with the potential to be blown up. Don't worry; 73-6 knows which is which.

Unfortunately the only turrets 73-6 can control aren't on any kind of swivel. They're just sort of facing out across the plain.
No. 610227 ID: e30e12
File 141812617198.png - (104.41KB , 960x540 , 118.png )

Aaaah, the heck with it.

"we're moving," 73-6 tells 38-3 "how long do you need to get the vip out of there before i come in and help?"
"Start the event. I'll grab him and be out in fifteen seconds flat," 38-3 says. "Can you see the front HQ checkpoint from there?"
"I'll be there."
"i'm going to trust you on that," 73-6 says, flicking his pupils down a little to pull up the slapdash UI he's made and hitting "actuate".

In the same millisecond:
Communication devices and computers are shut down across the facility;
Every door unlocks itself;
And every automated turret unloads its ammo wildly across the plains until their barrels' thermal alarms scream them silent again.

That oughta get their attention.
No. 610228 ID: e30e12
File 141812617716.png - (131.06KB , 960x540 , 119.png )

"Hhholy shit!" screams the guard. "Holy- uhm- Command!
HQ! Aaron? Can you read me? Does anybody read me?"
He's wavering, unsure what to do. 73-6 looks around. Fifteen seconds pass; no sign of 38-3 or Lockjaw.
No. 610230 ID: 534cc4

If he knew the supplies the fantomas had before coming here he might have assumed the number there would be thesame for apc's. This means he might be a double agent for the fantomas because he would jhave no other way to know because the camp details were not in the briefing.
No. 610232 ID: 534cc4

Change of plans 73-6, gotta improvise and go after them, new objective: kill 38-3. Secondary objective: interrogate a disarmed 38-3 only if the situation is optimal.

Get Monica on and talk to her. Dig up if 38 had prior missions against the fantomas where he could have cut a deal.
No. 610233 ID: 534cc4

Oh, take of your helmet and use your new face, and cap that guard. You need to run fake info to 38 about whereabouts and since he doesn't know about your holo face you could surprise him if he really is a traitor he won't shoot you.
No. 610234 ID: 534cc4

Actually no need to cap the guard. Proceed as otherwise planned.
No. 610235 ID: bb78f2

Enjoy his panic.
It's funny.
No. 610238 ID: 6b7ea4

i think it might be a little hasty to assume so far into the 38-3 Is A Spy possibility that we change our goal to killing him. it absolutely IS a possibility and we should keep it in mind, and we should do that background check, but let's not dive into anything without more information. something could have gone wrong in there - there are a lot of reasons he could be late.

also, we can wire him, so why don't we just ask him where he is first?
No. 610241 ID: 534cc4

Fine, but yeah it is still possible, or maybe something really crazy happened like lockjaw killed 38 and is somehow using his wire. Unlikely though.
No. 610243 ID: 4c5cf2

>He did say three. Hmm.
Could be bad intel? He just talked to people, he didn't actually get in there.

>what do
Either pretend to be freaking out yourself and use the cover to kill this guard, or shout something about splitting up to figure out what the hell is going on.

Then start heading in 38-3's direction. Either he's been delayed or something has gone wrong.
No. 610261 ID: 2a9886

Even experts make mistakes. Just because he is late doesnt mean he is against us, and its perfectly reasonable to go after him to see whats up.

Tell the soldier to go find out things over there, you will find out things over here. You dont want him pulled along with you when you evacuate lockjaw.
No. 610267 ID: e30e12
File 141815370855.png - (11.79KB , 960x540 , 120.png )

"38-3, what's the problem?"
"They're waffling on extraction," 38-3 says. "I need you to escalate more. I'm on the 6th floor. Shoot the window out."
"i'm in the open."
"Well do something," hisses 38-3.
No. 610269 ID: 6b7ea4

scream to the panicking guard that you see something in the sixth floor window. maybe HE will shoot it out for you
No. 610270 ID: 6e79d4

See if you can't detonate something on the far side of the base, or one of the vehicles.

Alternatively, tell the panicky guard to engage an imaginary tango on the horizon.
No. 610271 ID: 687279

Fuck it. Shank the guard, shoot the window, then book it.
No. 610277 ID: e30e12
File 141815561524.png - (10.52KB , 960x540 , 121.png )

"SIXTH FLOOR," 73-6 screams. "SHOOT SHOOT"

"AAAH," goes the guard, and rakes the window with rifle fire as 73-6 turns smartly away and heads for the front.
No. 610278 ID: e30e12
File 141815563290.png - (14.72KB , 960x540 , 122.png )

The camp is chaos. Tents are being pulled down and men with guns are fanning out all over the place. Someone up on the walls screams in frustration as he tries to get the turrets to respond.

There's an oasis in the sea of confusion around a short Fantoma barking orders over the din.
"Load up the trucks," he calls. "Stay calm. Keep your distance from any malfunctioning equipment, people. Leave them. Leave them."

73-6 recognizes the Fantoma sniper from medical keeping pace with who he can only assume to be Lockjaw.
The sniper turns and looks right at him, and nods.
No. 610286 ID: 687279

Wow, good thing you didn't kill him, huh?

Wait a minute that's Saul's brother isn't it. He came to medical to check up on Saul, and we know he's been in fantomas a while. Radio 38-3 to confirm this, then go up and say hi to your "brother".
No. 610295 ID: 6e79d4

Confirm over the wire that he's your brother, then ask him to single you out to fetch the APC.
No. 610329 ID: 534cc4

One of these days my para oia will be spot on and I'll feel vindicated. Until then fuck me.

Yeah say hi to your bro I guess, although i have no idea how we would do that without him recognizing immediately that we aren't Saul.
No. 610394 ID: c61882

OK you'll need to tell him the truth: Saul snuck out to go drinking to get his mind off the pain in his foot. Since you owed him a favour you dressed up as him so he wouldn't get in trouble for it. Aaaaaaaaaaa.
No. 610397 ID: 687279

I don't think that'll work. Medical tech seems to be very advanced here, Neckbeard said something about Bioscaffold gel...
No. 610417 ID: e30e12
File 141819895847.png - (453.85KB , 960x540 , 123.png )

"you're the sniper, right?" wires 73-6.
"That's right."
"is his name aaron?"
"Aaron Batista. Yeah."
"we're brothers. i'm saul. get me over there to fetch the apc."

"Saul," 38-3 calls. "We're pulling out. Come on. Warm up Mr. Zarek's APC."

"Cyberattack," Zarek née Lockjaw says, as 73-6 clambers up to the APC hatch. "Three fucking guesses who is fucking behind it, Batista."
"Who, sir?" asks 38-3.
"Dartline Fucking Alchemist," Zarek says. "I told them: this is why you don't hire independent contractors. And why you don't surround yourself with fucking wireless tech, when you're fighting asymmetrically as the insurgent. Fuck-christ."
"Fuck-christ," says 38-3.
"This is it," Zarek says. "My advice isn't going through the Che's skull. AND they still have that fuckspine Foley in charge of basic, which means when they get to me half their brain is coded onto some fucking action movie fuckoff shit. This is it, Batista. We relocate, I get my shit squared away, and then I'm handing over the reigns."
"To whom, sir?"
"I don't give a shit. To anyone. And then maybe I find a paramilitary group that acts like a paramilitary group.. As soon as we grew we got stupid. We're overextending ourselves. Did you hear about what happened in Copley Sprawl? Hab-block sieges? To get one fuckin moldie? This fucking influx of eager beaver brokebrains new flesh is sinking the ship and I'm the first rat off, my friend. If you're wise you and your brother up there will join me. What's your name? Saul?"
73-6 nods.
"Welcome to the Fantomas Vengadores, Saul Batista. Take it from your superior officer. Run while you can. If you're half as good as your older brother I'd have you in my next force. Whatever that ends up being. I need alternate employment."
No. 610418 ID: e30e12
File 141819900054.png - (12.27KB , 960x540 , 124a.png )

"I mean fuck me," Zarek continues, as the APC pulls out of the motor pool with 73-6 behind the helm. "These people-- what the fuck are they putting out on the internet? I haven't seen a single fucking sheet of paper in weeks. Paper: like the thing ratfucks like Dartline Alchemist can't steal and screw you. Zambia understood this shit. That's why they're an independent state now. I could help Zambia. But stateside you tell the young fucking guerilla he needs to throw out his fucking ipad if he wants to pick up a rifle and he gets right back in the fucking kool-aid line."

"should we be saying something?" wires 73-6.
"From what I saw Zarek rants and Aaron listens," responds 38-3.
No. 610419 ID: e30e12
File 141819900450.png - (32.55KB , 960x540 , 124.png )

73-6 checks his external cameras. There's one APC in front he's following, one flanking theirs, and one behind.

About a half dozen trucks are a couple hundred feet back from them. The rest 73-6 assumes are back at base, loading up the slower-to-move gear.
No. 610422 ID: 4a20fa

Wire Sara and see if there's any benefit to taking a now ex-Fantomas Lockjaw alive, since that seems emently possible.

Otherwise wait for him to stop spilling info then one of you give him a good stabbing. Blow up everything else, just because.
No. 610427 ID: 2a1897


We could blow up everything but us, murderize Zarek, and drive off into the sunset, right now, EZPZ.

...ooorrr we have a few options.

One is to take Lockjaw alive for interrogation. Risky, obviously, but we already have him alone in an APC, so. It seems like he might know some stuff that Dartline might not have had eyes on, and even if he doesn't, he's another decent body for moldie-izing.

Two is to murderize Lockjaw but have 38-3 take his face for shenanigans. I have no idea where we're going, but we have a convoy full of idiots that we could potentially be in charge of.

Three is to just chillax for a bit and see where the convoy is headed. At this point Lockjaw knows they've been compromised by Dartline (sort of), so presumably they'd be heading to a location that'd be secure regardless. Waiting it out a bit (or even just bugging HQ to see if they have any idea where you're headed) might yield some good intel.

And lastly, whatever happens, we need to remember that Lockjaw has a "robosuit", whatever that is. It'll probably make it a bit more challenging to kill or detain him. Hard Mode: do whatever without breaking the suit; shit's valuable and we might get to keep it.

Personally, I'm votin' for taking him alive for interrogation. The hard part'll be getting 38-3 to go along with it, I think. In any event, discuss options with 38-3 over wire; see what he thinks.
No. 610428 ID: 89b2a2

I dunno, he sounds pretty upset. You could try to.

I don't know.

Make him a job offer?
No. 610429 ID: e30e12
File 141820282876.png - (11.91KB , 960x540 , 125.png )

"38-3. what do you think of keeping him alive for interrogation?"
"No," 38-3 responds. "We have to kill him fast. We have the drop on him because he doesn't know about what I can do but this man is not like the knuckle-draggers you've been killing. He will find a way to slip out of whatever vise we put him in. One bullet now can finish him."
"if he's bad enough to fall for this, he's bad enough to let us use him more."
"He's not bad. I'm just good. We're not taking this chance."
"if we let the convoy go further we can find their next hq."
"This mission isn't for their next HQ, 73-6. It's for Lockjaw. Remember your objective and don't overestimate yourself."

"Both of you clear comms, now," Monica says.
73-6 and 38-3 silence their signals.
"If I may interrupt this fascinating bitchfight," Monica says. "38-3: The reason you have Lockjaw in your net is because of 73-6. Don't underestimate him. And 73-6: We're the Bureau. We don't need someone alive for them to be of use. A brainstrip isn't exactly as good as a torture session but it's surprisingly better for PR and 38-3 is right. This guy is a wildcard.
"That's also why I've been told there is interest in turning him into a reconstituted asset. If you kill him, keep him as intact as possible. Who knows, Sev-Three? You may be looking at a future coworker."
No. 610431 ID: 89b2a2

On that statement by Monica. Shoot, stab, or try to finagle a quick poisoning?

Shoot seems simplest. Unless... actually. He seems like smart guy, robo suit; I'm betting his face is actually a hologram of some sort. Putting a bullet into his head may be harder than it sounds.

Wait. What if we crank the paranoia even FURTHER. What if this fucker is just a metal skeleton or something that's remote-controlled from a guy in the fourth APC?
No. 610433 ID: 2a1897

Fair enough.

Let's play it safe and keep it clean. We kill Lockjaw, we keep the brain and corpse (and robosuit) as intact as possible, and we get the hell home.

I'm not sure exactly what kinda collateral damage the exploding APCs are gonna do, so we might want to disable the one flanking us for a moment before we set them all off.

It's probably best to kill Lockjaw and then set off the APCs and trucks afterwards: If we fuck up killing Lockjaw and he radios out an alert we can blow everything the moment he does and be no worse off. If a car blows early and we alert Lockjaw, we potentially have a very nasty fight on our hands.
No. 610436 ID: e30e12
File 141820517045.png - (17.12KB , 960x540 , 126.png )

38-3 shoots Zarek in the heart.

He gasps and dies.
No. 610437 ID: e30e12
File 141820517451.png - (165.06KB , 960x540 , 127.png )

Then all the other vehicles explode.

"Cool," says 73-6, as his ears stop ringing.
"Very nice," 38-3 says.
No. 610439 ID: 2a1897

Right, so, as awesome as it would be to just drive off into the sunset, we should probably swing back and grab 73-6's hovercraft.

It's maybe also a good idea to swap Lockjaw to the hovercraft, assuming that that's the faster vehicle? Presumably the bureau will be able to get more out of a fresher corpse, so.

And I guess 38-3 might have had another hovercraft or something for insertion? If that's the case, we might have to ditch the APC entirely; ask HQ if we should park it somewhere for another team to pick up or if we should just blow it up.
No. 610443 ID: e30e12
File 141820760994.png - (36.18KB , 960x540 , 128.png )

They double back and find 73-6's hovercraft.
73-6 hops out and 38-3 walks out behind him. "I'll bring the APC and the corpse inside it to processing," he says. "You report back to base in that thing."
"understood," 73-6 says.
38-3 offers a hand. "Good operation, agent."
73-6 goes for it. "thank you."
No. 610444 ID: e30e12
File 141820776905.png - (7.68KB , 960x540 , 129.png )

38-3 catches 73-6's hand in a vise-grip.

"Listen to me," he says.
"You are a weapon. Do you understand?"
"I know what you're doing. I've seen it before. The new face. The new voice. The buddy-buddy act back at base. You're trying to be people." 38-3's face is peeling off. "You're not people. You are a weapon. You shouldn't be alive; the only reason you are is to kill the people you are told to kill. This is not me, 38-3, speaking. This is Bureau doctrine. This is a reminder of what you are supposed to be."
No. 610445 ID: e30e12
File 141820777172.png - (12.62KB , 960x540 , 130.png )

"I know you wanted to be useful, but a moldie who questions a kill order is not useful. That moldie is a malfunctioning weapon and they are easily replaced and you will be replaced, 73-6. It has happened before and it will happen again. I am telling you this because I respect you and your talents. You will not make it trying to be human. Your handler may accept it; the Bureau proper will not. I will give Sosa an admirable report; I will praise you. I won't bring this up to him, this time. But only this time, and we will be watching. You need to act like the machine you are."
His voice is churning down into a buzzy rasp as his clothes unstitch themselves back into light and then blink out of existence.
"It is not your place to feel or question. The only reason you were given cognizance is to kill. If you could take a life as easily without a human brain you would be an automaton. You are not a human. You are a weapon. You are a weapon. Your thoughts and emotions are unfortunate side effects. They are glitches in the system. They are static on the wire. Do you understand that?"
No. 610446 ID: 534cc4

Look him straight in the (where his eyes should be?) And say absolutely.
No. 610447 ID: a2f9bc

Understood. The mission has been a learning experience.
No. 610448 ID: d1eb46

I understand.
Time to stop worrying about the future of those you target, Six!
No. 610450 ID: bb78f2

Do not mention this Sev, but, well, he gets hard nipple's when it comes to devious stuff, so that's his static.
No. 610453 ID: fc8bfc

I understand. What's your advice for me, other than the one you just told me?
No. 610475 ID: 4c5cf2

>A brainstrip isn't exactly as good as a torture session
If she's saying we have the tech to mindrip his corpse before trying to make him a moldie, then yeah, we don't need him alive. If you can literally shoot and ask questions later, that's way better than having to trust a dangerous wildcard.

>I know you wanted to be useful, but a moldie who questions a kill order is not useful
Pure stupidity. Obedience and following orders is well and good. But a subordinate smart enough to come up with ideas and raise concerns with command is better. So long as you still follow orders, at the end of the day. Soldiers are more dangerous than automatons.

>what say
I understand.

...what you expect, and what face I have to present.
No. 610476 ID: 687279

"Are you speaking from experience?"
No. 610483 ID: 6e79d4

Say yes, and make a mental note to practice making people think what you say was their idea.
No. 610521 ID: e30e12
File 141825316025.png - (28.30KB , 960x540 , 131.png )

"i do," says 73-6. He returns the grip just as hard. "this mission has been a learning experience."

38-3 looks at 73-6's face for a long time. Maybe. It's hard to tell.

"Glad to hear it," he says. He turns and heads back for the APC.
73-6 pulls off the Fantoma robe and gets into his hovercraft.
No. 610522 ID: e30e12
File 141825316476.png - (201.75KB , 960x540 , 132.png )

"73-6?" Sara asks, quietly, after a half hour or so of driving. "Um. I don't think you're a weapon."
"thank you."
"The drill instructors tried to pull the same thing on us in the corps. Um. But I've always thought that the act of, of taking a life for a good cause is maybe the most human thing anyone could do. You know? With the right intention behind it. And I think that you can be good at killing people and also find it, um, satisfying, and that doesn't mean you aren't a person. You're too smart. And nice. You're nice to me. And everyone. So. I don't think you're a weapon."
"thanks, sara."
"Are you OK, Sev?"
No. 610526 ID: 687279

Tell her no, you're a walking corpse. But you'll be fine. ...how the hell does 38-3 even breathe?
No. 610527 ID: bb78f2

Sara, don't risk your job by saying things like that on the air. Any Bureau men listening in might not like it too much. We'd like you to keep your job because you're a good handler.
The sentiment is appreciated, but don't throw your boat under the bus for us. If being a weapon is necessary for our survival, we will be a weapon. If the static is necessary for us to survive, we will also use the static.
No. 610530 ID: e30e12
File 141825505031.png - (14.01KB , 960x540 , 133.png )

"not really," 73-6 says. "i'm a walking corpse. that's not really ok."
"Oh. Ok."
"but i'll be fine. don't worry about me. and don't risk your job by saying this stuff where anyone could hear it. you were a great handler today."
"Thanks, 73-6. If there's-- thanks."

73-6 pulls up his return route on GPS.
No. 610531 ID: e30e12
File 141825505574.png - (12.52KB , 960x540 , 134.png )

Something catches his eye: A navigation point he doesn't remember setting.

Then he remembers. It's Dartline Alchemist's dead drop he promised.

Is it worth the risk?
No. 610532 ID: 4a20fa

Sure, why not.
No. 610535 ID: 6e79d4

Is there anyone who can hold you accountable for stopping? Don't stop for more a second longer than you have to, just haul the entire thing on board if it will be faster.
No. 610536 ID: 534cc4

Hell you might even fork over "the cash" as in some or most of the cash and keep the rest. You know the beurau is watching so take measures unless you would rather keep up a good boy persona and just lie through your teeth to them and give them part of the dead drop to satisfy them. Probably safest to play good boy unless you can hack your way through them knowing where your car went, make it look like it stayed on course. Do this unless out know of or have suspicions they have other means of keeping tabs, most notably someone might be directly following you.

With all that in mind, try for it and be careful.
No. 610537 ID: 89b2a2

38-3 said this is Bureau doctrine and not him talking; but Sara is getting a good report. So who is this "we?" Are we being monitored right now?

Was that a threat or simply a warning to watch your back? Well, depends on the level of deviousness involved.

It'd be ideal if you could pack it into something else. Like a snack time or a break. A justified reason to commit an action even if it is not the real one.
No. 610538 ID: e607cd

There are two paths before you. One path leads back to base, back to the weapon locker, to the life that 38-3 recommends. A life that, while ostensibly safer, could result in you dying tomorrow. Or you survive long enough to become 88-11 and long for death.

The other path dives off into the uncharted wilderness. It is dangerous, walks a knife edge, and you could still die tomorrow. But while you are on it, you get to try being alive.

Really doesn't seem like much of a choice to me. Maybe the drop point is a trap, and maybe you get caught going off script. But it is this, or back to the weapon locker. Just be careful.
No. 610539 ID: ea0c0d

Of course, but for formalities sake, let's call into base.

"My return route appears to go near a Fantoma cache located during my mission, requesting permission to investigate."

At least this way they'll know why you are heading there, and being refused permission means you won't really lose anything.
No. 610544 ID: e30e12
File 141825798246.png - (5.22KB , 960x540 , 135.png )

It's close enough that this will escape notice.

There it is.
No. 610545 ID: e30e12
File 141825799289.png - (82.70KB , 960x540 , 136.png )

Inside is:
+A compact grey handgun, no bigger than 73-6's snubnose. It has a stubby little scope along the top. He doesn't recognize the model and there's no manufacturer written on it.
+Thirty thousand credits. 73-6 is richer than he's ever been in his unlife.
+A shell upgrade. A little scrap of paper taped to it reads "DA: Delicious Alms"
+A note.

It reads:

I think we're alike.
Are you trying to get out?
I am.
You've got it harder than me. These things will help. Don't try to track me down, moldie.
Your name before was Kashif Gottlieb. Pakistani mother who is dead. German american father alive at Winchester Hospital. You can see him there though you may want to hurry before he kicks it.


No. 610549 ID: a19cd5

You aren't going to be able to see your dad, and in any case you aren't Kashif. Kashif's dead, you're 73-6 now.
Showing up wearing a dead man's face to their father is just gonna cause pain.

I do reccomend looking into who you used to be, however. Could be useful info.
No. 610550 ID: 534cc4

Don't pop the shell, 38 knew about your face and Sara did too. Keep it on you for later when you have the I found it in the field excuse.
No. 610552 ID: 687279

That's the name of the man who died and gave his corpse to the Bureau. You are not that man. That man is dead 5 times over. Visiting Kashif's father will only cause him pain. Also it'll get you in deep shit. Like hell are you going to be able to go there without it being noticed.

That handgun may be more valuable than you think. It is likely untraceable. Keep it hidden somewhere and you'll be able to use it if you have to go AWOL, since it's off-record. ...it might also be made of non-ferrous materials. Try your magnet ability on it. If it's nonmagnetic you can sneak it past a metal detector.

You should probably move the case of stuff to a new secure location. Not sure where exactly, yet.
No. 610556 ID: 88960e

Cool. We've chosen a side, here.

I wouldn't apply the upgrade right now. Sara could tell last time, and if they notice you getting one now, this detour will be noticed.

We'll have to talk to her, later. Off the wire.

People are talking all pragmatic about zero's Dad. But how does it make you feel?
No. 610557 ID: 534cc4

I'm neutral about seeing daddy. At best they get some closure and your father sets up a secret bank acount with a couple hundred thousand or more of life savings to help his son and we don't get caught. At worst its fruitless and we get caught, although I honestly have hope the former would be more likely.
No. 610558 ID: 687279

You can just say you found the shell upgrade in the APC. It's fine, either use it now or back at base. Take the label off of course.
No. 610559 ID: 6e79d4

I don't even think we'll be able to find an excuse to go to this Winchester hospital, unless it falls right into our lap.

Either take the shell now or tear off that paper, take everything else.
No. 610560 ID: 687279

...ah, I just thought of an interesting angle. If we talk to the father and he likes sev, we could get some contacts outside the Bureau. Also, we might be able to reassure him that his son's body is being used to fight the good fight?
No. 610564 ID: ea0c0d

Well, we have a couple of names that we could research at least, I doubt that visiting him until absolutely necessary is going to end well for us though. This does bring up the question of why certain people may be selected over others for Reconstitution, aside from freshness criteria.

And test out the scope of the gun, knowing technology it could be anything but certain design principle tend to conserved for some purposes.
No. 610565 ID: 83e885

You should make sure you arn't bugged.
No. 610566 ID: bb78f2

I think we should see the Dad more for the Dad's sake than our sake.
I wonder if we could research our identity and copy our old face? It's got to be around the web somewhere if Da got it.
I know we're not him anymore. But I'm tempted to play the part.
It's a huge risk with the Bureau, and yet I want to see it all play out. Few moldies GET this opportunity.
No. 610567 ID: 534cc4

(Pretty sure our current face is our old face if you know what I mean. That's what I thought when I first saw the holo face the first time, but yeah we could confirm it I suppose.)
No. 610574 ID: 2a1897

Kashif died a long time ago, and any connections he may have had died with him.

The man who fathered your body presumably already knows his son is dead; he certainly doesn't need to see his son's corpse walking around. Let the man die in peace.

...though, if we're feeling particularly sentimental about it, there is always the option to visit him in disguise and not mention the whole "reanimated son" thing.

For now, quickly check the stuff for bugs, save the shell for later, get your ass moving.
No. 610582 ID: e607cd

try that gun out try that gun out try that gun out try that gun out try that gun out try that gun out try that gun out there gotta be rocks or something around here to aim at, right?
No. 610712 ID: 8f01e8

Save the toys for after you're off-mission.
No. 610725 ID: fe4bfc

Memorize and then destroy the note first. Then hide the rest of the stuff on your person.

That way if you get found out you can claim its just loot from a case you grabbed as you left.

As for the shell upgrade keep that until you are out in the field next time. Can claim you found it there and use it then without suspicion.
No. 610727 ID: 687279

The Bureau will just take all the money if they know Sev has it.
No. 610757 ID: e30e12
File 141834083788.png - (26.91KB , 960x540 , 137.png )

73-6 pops the shell and gets ready for the pain

which never comes.
Instead it just feels kind of fuzzy and poppy, and then a chipper voice fizzes into his brain:

"Welcome to the DELICIOUS ALMS Superserum 3.0!! For Rebellious Moldies!!! Like you!!!! Full of 11 Essential Cracks and Bypasses for the discerning undead Black Ops agent looking to get his Reconstituted Ass out of dodge!!!!!"

Choose your upgrade path. Hacking has been automatically boosted to Master. This Shell Upgrade is nondetectable by BDD tracers.

Wetwork: +Combat Hacking+ 73-6 gains a suite of combat-oriented hacking subroutines, making hacking in the middle of a firefight viable. Hacking is now instant, wireless, and requires no interfacing software, allowing 73-6 to use it in combat scenarios to jam electronic weaponry, haywire systems, and cause various other forms of havoc.

Stealth: +Silent Running+ 73-6's hacking no longer leaves any identifiable trace of his tampering. He also gains the ability to hack his own security subroutines and any Bureau equipment. He can jam, confuse, or disable any trackers or oversight on himself, install illegal Black Stall shell enhancements, set up untraceable communications with anyone, silently transfer credits, and hack entirely in his strictly illegal and undetectable new internal parser, allowing him to hack any device while not appearing to be doing anything more than lightly touching it.
No. 610758 ID: 687279

+Silent Running+ for sure.
No. 610759 ID: d90668

Go for stealth. Will keep your new powers under wraps long enough for you to enjoy them.
No. 610764 ID: bb78f2

So I'm fucking terrified, but whatever.
No. 610765 ID: 1f2a28

No. 610767 ID: 88960e

>don't use that, it could be dected
>lol no it's undetectable
You are either one lucky moldie or you could somehow tell it was safe

Go stealth. You'll need that to break free.

Remember, when hacking baddies for the bureau, hold back. Don't use stealth. You want there to be the expected traces of your work if they check up on you. This stays a secret, unknown, capability.

If you can hack yourself, you want control of your holo-face. So you can look like whoever or whatever you need to.
No. 610780 ID: 1faa57

Silent Running all the way.
Remember, untraceable and unidentifiable things in cyber-space can still be tracked in meat-space, as well as by other unconventional means that DA may not have considered when designing the upgrade.
The data has to go somewhere for surveillance backdoors of any sort too.
No. 610797 ID: 534cc4

Oh dear Christ we need more of these.

So. Many. More.

Get stealth, I mean its the only way to screw the bureau over without flags being raised. As cool as combat is its not even a choice in comparison.
No. 610801 ID: 534cc4

(Food for thought, if this type of shell is a thing which it appears to be, then that means there is a market for rebel moldies. Perhaps our good friend 14 was the only moldie to break free publicly? Oh I'm so glad about this little turn of events.)
No. 610804 ID: d88e0c

I think this might be something dart-line whipped up for us rather than something that we can buy more of.
No. 610810 ID: 01745f

I get the impression that DA wants something from us at some point, though I am not sure how we would find out what.
No. 610818 ID: 6e79d4


Let's look under the hood, shall we?
No. 610852 ID: e607cd

Dartline Alchemist, ne Delicious Alms cooked this up special for us. That is why this one is purple and kind of terrifying to some of us. I don't know how big the "market" for these things is.
No. 610876 ID: 4a20fa

Kind of redundant by this point, but Stealth.
No. 610883 ID: 3d60ec

>set up untraceable communications with anyone
omg we can talk with contacts! we can MAKE contacts!
take stealth
No. 610892 ID: 6b7ea4

ttthhhhis kind of seems....too good to be true. i guess there's nothing we can do but pick one at this point but MAN this makes me nervous. if DA can make stuff that GIVES these abilities away then....hmM. HMMM. i don't like it
No. 610896 ID: f70457

Silent Running should be interesting. Let's see what kind of dirt we can dig up on the Bureau with it.
No. 610899 ID: 534cc4

We never need another one of his upgrades, since we can pop the black shells now which are likely untraceable and probably offer some neat powers. Even if the black shells act like normal shells as long as they can't be traced I think we will be just fine.

Even if DA has some residual code (we had no way of knowing before popping.) Left inside, we could eventually hack ourselves and get rid of it and if not, then we do a buisiness deal and we get even.

I think our plan of action should be to get pen some more shells at this point, since she is kinds new to this and only has a couple upgrades, and maybe we can readjust her settings to give her black shells in the future. It would be best to break out of all this with a partner than by yourself.

I think its time. to book it to HQ sev.
No. 610927 ID: 788456

go with silent running.

I can still imagine that there are ways to detect undetectable hacking, but they're probably horribly rare, time/resource intensive, and difficult.

Alternatively there's also cause and effect. If Sev changes himself so he can break rules he didn't realize he was operating under, and someone notices, its going to raise alarms.
No. 611350 ID: e30e12
File 141852583886.png - (7.48KB , 960x540 , 138.png )

Silent Running it very obviously is.
In each of 73-6's fingers there is now a tiny little uplink. He may have just gotten the You're A Moldie Not A Person talk, but he's never been this free to fuck with
just about anything.
No. 611351 ID: e30e12
File 141852584231.png - (6.14KB , 960x540 , 139.png )

The pistol is weird. It's light as a feather. When he cocks it, two long plastic rails shunt out of the front of it.
He checks a little slide on the side for what ammo it takes and a nail rolls out into his palm.

This is a Sintek railgun. Like the one Roland J Diggs used to kill Minister Spalding in '78. Obviously nobody could ever prove he was a Sintek stooge but everyone with even a slight connection to any black ops agency knows it.

These things make no noise through a metal detector, are tiny as hell, and insanely powerful. They rip through armor like it was tin foil.

They are also unbelievably illegal. The blackest of Black Stalls carry them sometimes but they're very rare. What is Dartline Alchemist doing with all of this Sintek contraband, anyway?
No. 611352 ID: 3d60ec

dumping it on you, it seems. we're gonna have to stash that gun for a rainy day.
No. 611353 ID: 687279

>Sintex, DA
I think DA used to work for them, then ran off with a bunch of their gear. That's the blackmail material Fantomas had on him- they were threatening to sell him out to Sintex, who would obviously kill him.

Ah well, water under the bridge. Figure out a safe place to stash this shit on the way back, do so, and report in.
No. 611355 ID: c9f2af

Start scanning yourself. What things are available to hack? Not that we want to make changes, yet, but knowing your options for planning is good.

Obvious things to look at: your own control codes, any alarms, trackers, or backdoors the bureau may have on you. Restrictions on your capabilities. Your holo-face (Can we make it so you can set the face to different things for stealth?).

>What is Dartline Alchemist doing with all of this Sintek contraband, anyway?
Maybe he worked for them. Or he does work for them. Or worked against them and stole some of their shit. ...or hell, maybe he can just afford it. Not enough information.

If I were the bureau, and I knew black market moldie upgrades existed, I'd have bought them and tested them. They may know what this stuff looks like when it's used. Which means you need to be very careful about when and how you use this stuff.

>what do
We need a safe place to stash shit. You can't keep the money and gun hidden on you- the bureau will find it. We need a safe place to hide shit for the day we need it, or we try something.

Also, remember we can't stay here very long, or this detour will be noticed.
No. 611358 ID: 6e79d4

I'm guessing he got out. The note said as much. You'd better keep that gun under wraps unless you want people to ask questions.

Get moving before someone takes notice.
No. 611359 ID: e30e12
File 141852796544.png - (5.94KB , 960x540 , 139.png )

That's a good idea and everything but, um, where?

73-6 doesn't know anyone non-Bureau except for Sara and Keisha, and their apartment got blown up.
He could maybe see if any of his Black Stall connections could take care of it (if they don't just take the thing and sell it), or maybe put it back here for later, but it's not like he can just dig a hole in his backyard or anything.
No. 611365 ID: 6e79d4

Your black stalls buddy Juler might hold onto it if you give him some hush money and permission to use it when you aren't, but we really should work on making dead drops of our own.
No. 611367 ID: 687279

You know your "father".
No. 611368 ID: d90668

Ok think things over.

What usually happens when you come back from a mission? Do you get searched? Where do you report back to? Do you have to go directly back to base or can you make some stops beforehand? Can you rent a storage container online and drop stuff off there? Will anyone notice you making detours?

Honestly this money might be best used to start up your first safe house. Some little but secure apt somewhere you can use to store stuff like this.
No. 611372 ID: c9f2af

When will you be able to next take a trip to the stalls, and would it look weird if you went now?

The problem is we're stuck either leaving the stuff stashed out here in the middle of nowhere (memorize the coordinate?), or taking it with us and trying to hide it on debrief.
No. 611377 ID: bb78f2

Haha, yes, I knew there'd be a reason to visit your father and research your old face to use it.

To get an inheritance. The Bureau would never expect YOU to get an inheritance. You're have your very own Moldie hideout. The Mold Cave.
No. 611426 ID: 89b2a2

Hide it in a body cavity. No, not there unless you ABSOLUTELY have to. There are plates and metal and bits and pieces which I doubt have any actual interaction with your real function. It'd feel funny but I bet you could slip a weapon in there... with some work.

Also, better hustle back into the hovercraft. If you spend too long here they may become suspicious.

Another alternative is to disassemble some item you have on you, discard the bits, then insert it into the casing.

Third option is to stash it in the vehicle and snatch it back later before it gets stripped down for routine cleaning. Plenty of places to hide it in a busy vehicle.
No. 611441 ID: 8f01e8

It's super hard to detect? For the time being, just hide it under your trenchcoat.
No. 611531 ID: 534cc4

I have an idea about where you got that gun.

Jules (just say a stalls vendor for privacy and respect for jules.) sold it to you. Just have the thing on you since the guards don't remove weapons from buyers they just tell them not to brandish a weapon. Once you come out of the stalls who would care that you have it, and with a decent excuse all suspicion is dropped.

Something to think about.
No. 611653 ID: 3d60ec

we need a safe spot. the place where you'll go to regroup after escaping. not your ultimate destination, just a safe spot for laying low for a few hours in case you get there injured.
i suggest that on the way back (after making sure you're not being tracked) you find a tiny apartment or warehouse and either rent or buy it with your newfound cash, using your almost human face.
make sure it's got a bed and maybe running water and that it's far enough away from the bureau that you can lose any pursuit enroute but still close enough that you can get there before getting caught.
also make sure it's a place that won't get robbed, searched or rented to someone else because you're not there.

hide the gun there.
No. 611671 ID: 534cc4

This is a great idea, and then just hack the car so it seems like it never strayed of course, just traveled a tiny bit slower to explain the slight delay.
No. 611677 ID: 3d60ec

another option, if that's not possible or for short term storing, is to do the old hollow church leg trick. store it in a public spot that no one will ever check.
under a phonebooth, inside heavy furniture, that sort of thing.
No. 611706 ID: e30e12
File 141859574718.png - (14.20KB , 960x540 , 140.png )

Sounds good. 73-6 needs to start making plans for getting away from this chickenshit outfit. He stows the note, the piece and the credits and climbs back into his hovercraft. A room in the hab-blocks will be cheap as dirt with 30,000 credits in his pocket and the little detour he's planning will be easily erased from the record using his new skills.
He pushes the throttle up and blasts out across the plains.


"WOO" goes Monica as the APCs explode. "That was bad ass!"
She wheels around in her chair. "Showing DC how we do up in Outpost Jericho! Sara, the table is yours. I gotta go. Give 73-6 a big sloppy kiss from me when he gets back."
"What?" Sara turns from across the room and looks back, alarmed.
"I'm messing with you," calls Monica from the doorway.
No. 611707 ID: e30e12
File 141859575256.png - (9.28KB , 960x540 , 141.png )

"This is gon sound America as fuck," Keisha says, rubbing Penelope's ankle, "But I don't get it."
"What's to get?" Penelope asks, as De Santos slide tackles Aguilar. "They run fast and do cool shit and then the guy goes GOOL GOL GOL GOL"
"In Football they move the fuckin chains, though," Keisha says. "Bitches get hurt."
"Bitches get hurt in soccer," Penelope says.
"Every time someone has an injury in this shit I feel like I'm watching a telenovela," Keisha says.
"Don't act like you ever seen a telenovela," Penelope says. "Or Imma make you watch Juana la Virgen next. Keep massaging." She wiggles her toes.

There's a couple knocks at the door and then Monica cracks it open. "Peeeen?"
"Siiiii?" says Penelope.
"What is this music?" Monica asks.
"Laserlux," Keisha says. "It bangs."
"It bangs," affirms Penelope.

"There's a backlog of newbie-friendly jobs that have been piling up while we're dealing with the Fantomas," Monica says. "Jericho is in jurisdiction for a few of them. It's time to cut your one-man Bureau mission teeth."
"What kind of job?" Penelope shifts her foot and Keisha tickles it a little. She gives her a light kick.
Monica shrugs. "A few of them, actually. A couple building clears, one or two assassinations."

"Is the Bureau always this casual?" Penelope asks.

"Why not?" says Monica. "There's no need for combat drills or an atmosphere of authority. Bureau agents are hardwired for military discipline and abeyance on ops and they all know that if they don't do what you say you just kill them and get a new one. It's in their programming. Not yours, obviously, but as long as my agents do their jobs I don't really give a shit. Um." She raises an eyebrow as Keisha switches feet. "Maybe it's a little extra lax in Jericho but you and Sev have proven yourselves I think."
"No problemo. So mission. Do you want a sneakier one or a stabbier one?"
No. 611711 ID: 687279

Pen's skills lean more towards the stabby stuff right now so let's go for that.
No. 611712 ID: 6e79d4

Why do you have to give me hard decisions like that.

uhhhh stabby. Wait, does that mean clearing a building or an assassination?
No. 611725 ID: 8f01e8

Yeah, but she's been trying to kick the murder-drugs habit. I vote sneakier, but preferably something where stabbing is a fallback option (not that it ever really isn't).
No. 611732 ID: a19cd5

Sneaky! I want some stealth segments, darnit!
No. 611734 ID: 687279

We just DID a stealth mission!
No. 611735 ID: c9f2af

>He stows the note
No, no. Memorize the information and destroy the note. No need to leave evidence that ties it to you if anyone else finds it.

>stealth or stabby?
If it's the 'never know I was there' kind of stealth, I'm probably better at stabby. If the stealth is just 'quiet-er stabby' I can do that.
No. 611779 ID: e607cd

An agent who has put this much effort into deflecting bullets should maybe find a mission where people shooting at her is a likely eventuality. Clear a building.
No. 611876 ID: ecd0ab

Penelope can deflect bullets with her sword.

Deflect bullets with the sword. Stabby.
No. 611927 ID: e30e12
File 141862761381.png - (8.92KB , 960x540 , 142.png )

"I'm good at stabbing," Penelope says. "Let's not jinx it."
"Roger dodger." Monica taps the doorframe. "I'll be on your shoulder. Suit up and I'll GPS you the coordinates."
"Who am I killing?"
"I'll ask for the clearance to tell you."
"How do I get there?"
Monica shrugs. "Subway. Who's gonna fuck with you?"
"Truth." Penelope opens Keisha's bed pod up a little and fishes her trenchcoat out of it. Monica raises her eyebrows and leaves for the control room.

"You out?" Keisha asks.
"Yeah," Penelope says. "Just gotta dice up some gangbangers or something."
"Don't die," Keisha says.
Penelope laughs.
Keisha shakes her head. "I mean it. Don't die."
"I won't, mi chiquita," Penelope says. "You met me?"
"Ok." Keisha stands up. "Cause I just found you and I ain't done with you. Ok?"
"Make the lil' ice queen cum a couple times and she gets muy cursi." Penelope shoulders her sword on. "But ok. Besito?"
Keisha gives her a kiss and squeezes her ass. "Knock 'em dead, boo."
No. 611928 ID: e30e12
File 141862763361.png - (31.46KB , 960x540 , 142a.png )

Penelope takes the subway.

She has on her:
+Some gum. One piece in the mouth. She likes to keep her teeth busy on mission; now that she doesn't stim they grind.
+A Bureau sidearm. Dinky plastic handgun. Not a sword.
+Her sword. Tribranch expy just like her. Love the sword.
+One Bureau grenade. Stun or frag settings. Not a sword.
+An electric spike. Not a sword.

Hey, it's not too crowded today!
No. 611929 ID: e30e12
File 141862763935.png - (35.81KB , 960x540 , 143.png )

She gets off a couple blocks from the killhouse and follows a little GPS thing on her hud to the destination.

"Can you tell me who I'm cutting yet, amiga?"
"Dealers, it looks like. One of them killed a fed so word from the top is it's time to bring the hammer down and make a scary example. They're associated with the Diesel Angels club. Heard of them?"
"Yeah. Think I bought from them once or twice back in the strung out days, actually."
"Well if you see anyone you recognize reconnect before you kill them. Orders are nobody in that house lives or leaves. Any civilians see you there's no need to liquidate them. We are here to send a message."
"Ustedes son miedos." Penelope snaps her gum. "OK. Gangbanger sushi, coming up."

She scans the building. One floor, crappy prefab suburb special. There's millions of them nearly identical all over the sprawl.

There's a front door. She could just knock. That generator on top handles the power, though she'd have to tread lightly; the roofs on these things are held together with tar and prayer.

There's a vent in the ceiling she could take apart but that would take time. The bureau grenade would let her breach it quick, but then she's down a grenade.

Her gangbanger friends left a window open in the bathroom. Gross.
No. 611937 ID: c9f2af

>Subway. Who's gonna fuck with you?
Fatomas, your former employers, every boy who's hopes you dashed with Keisha?

>the roofs on these things are held together with tar and prayer
So, um. Does that mean we can do a slice down through the roof and drop into the middle of room with the trench-coat flying thing? You know it would be wicked cool.

>shit ass generator
We don't need no fancy hacking. You could, yanno, just shoot it on your way in.

>An electric spike. Not a sword
What's the advantage, there. I suppose it might be useful in really tight quarters when you can't use even a sword. And they can't yell while you're zapping them?
No. 611939 ID: 534cc4

Go for the window. Catch them with their pants down.
No. 611940 ID: 687279

Knock and they could recognize the uniform and shoot you through the door. Blow up the roof and they'll hear you coming. It's flashy sure but you should try to get a little bit of element of surprise here.

I'm thinking go through the window. I'm not sure why you'd cut the power, it's not like you can see in the dark and they shouldn't have any turrets or anything. I wish you could block the door somehow to keep everyone inside. Speaking of which do we know how many are in there? Then we could know when we're done and nobody has escaped.
No. 611951 ID: e30e12
File 141863361693.png - (13.31KB , 960x540 , 144.png )

Gotcha. Thru the window.

This bathroom smells like insane feces. Whenever Penelope doubts herself about the benefits of queerness she just looks at a straight dude's bathroom and thinks again.

From the other side of the door she hears two men's voices, one closer to her than the other. One of them says something in some language Penelope doesn't know, and the other one laughs.

"How many of them, Monica? Do we know?"
"Regulars there's six of," Monica says. "We don't know if they're all there, if they have friends, or what. Keep your head on straight."
"Roger," Penelope says. "You know what language that one just spoke in?"
"Hungarian," Monica says. "A lot of blow comes out of there ever since the Bratva took over."
No. 611953 ID: 687279

Peek out the door.
No. 611956 ID: f70457

Very carefully check if anyone's in the window. Power through the smell. If anyone's there, just breach the vent with a grenade and go in that way. If no one is currently on the shitter, enter in that way. We should then begin by circling through the house picking off isolated targets in CQC before engaging on the largest group with a frag.
No. 611957 ID: 687279

...we're already in the bathroom, are you suggesting for the previous update?
No. 611958 ID: 534cc4

Anything in the cabinet under the sink?

Then peek through the door, if someone notices rush out.
No. 611960 ID: 8f01e8

Stand on whichever side of the door is going to take longer to notice, wait for someone to come use the bathroom. After they close the door, put sword under their chin and out the other side, while flushing toilet to cover the noise.

Then, kick the bathroom door off it's flimsy hinges and charge through the resulting hole to deal with the rest.
No. 611961 ID: f70457

lol yup. I am apparently slower than molasses when it comes to posting.
No. 611981 ID: e607cd

Oh, see I was going to suggest blocking the exit that you don't use before going in. So you don't end up with a runner dashing out the back. Ah well, just don't let them run.

That said, the Knock-on-the-door-and-pretend-to-be-here-to-buy-drugs idea would have been fun if you had a history here.
No. 611986 ID: 788456

Give the can a wide berth. If it has one of those motion sensitive auto flushers someone may notice.
No. 612104 ID: e30e12
File 141868586246.png - (15.33KB , 960x540 , 145.png )

Nothing in the cabinet but toilet paper and a nasty-ass looking brush.

Penelope cracks the bathroom door.

On the other side two men are laughing thick and husky at a joke one of them just told. They are unarmed save for the cans of lager in their hands.
Shorty in the trenchcoat must have heard the handle turning and the door opening, because he starts to turn around, mid-anecdote.
No. 612106 ID: f70457

Oh shit. Run shorty through with your blade, while pulling your pistol out with your other hand in the same motion and cap that other bitch in the face.
No. 612115 ID: 687279

Yeah. Time to get started with the killing.
No. 612143 ID: 6e79d4

Unless you have reason to believe that they're civilians, rush 'em.
No. 612161 ID: a19cd5

>Throw spike into bartender, slice bandanna-man
No. 612204 ID: e607cd

I dunno, I am sort of inclined to let him get closer to investigate, thereby denying him the seconds of reaction time required to shout a warning.
No. 612304 ID: 534cc4

The only chance I can see of penned getting hurt is a shotgun blast (she wouldn't be able to block it all.) Or explosives, and these dopes have neither.

Gut the first one, then off the second one, get ready for more to start coming.
No. 612319 ID: e30e12
File 141872034483.png - (32.23KB , 960x540 , 146.png )

Penelope sweeps through the door and cuts down through Trenchcoat's shoulder, removing his arm and burying itself halfway into his torso.
No. 612320 ID: e30e12
File 141872034620.png - (16.93KB , 960x540 , 147.png )

Before Beard can react he takes a bullet to the chest. He slumps as Penelope plants a boot on Trenchcoat's back and pulls her sword out of him.
Then she puts a bullet through Beard's forehead.
No. 612323 ID: 687279

Keep moving, step through the door and be ready to block gunfire.
No. 612324 ID: 534cc4

Peek in fridge for shell upgrade?

(No do that as soon as the goons are done for, keep sweeping the rooms give them no time to arm themselves beyond what they have on them.)
No. 612330 ID: e30e12
File 141872175670.png - (32.61KB , 960x540 , 148.png )

Penelope runs through the door to her left, sword at the ready

which was a good idea, because right away some dead asshole on the other side of it tries to shoot her in the face. "MOTHERFUCKER," he yells.
With a whiplash twirl of her sword Penelope sends the bullet pinging into the opposite wall.
"Hola," Penelope says.

The guy with the pistol stands dumbfounded. There's a man with a shotgun mid-pump near the TV and in the corner a dude with an aluminum baseball bat.
There's also a woman with no visible armaments screaming and trying to run out the door.
No. 612331 ID: f70457

This is a good idea. Let's remember to do this after clearing the place.
No. 612332 ID: 256d52

Kick that little table into the bat guy and introduce Mr Shotgun to your sword - the pistol's going to be easier to keep deflecting.
No. 612334 ID: f70457

There's what looks like a civ here, and you are in no position to fight. Toss a stun grenade into the crowd of gangers, hide back in the other room (near the doorway) and after it goes off go all Seven Samurai on them and FAST. Start with the one with the bat, working your way up counter-clockwise, ending with orange hoodie behind the couch. Don't know how long it'll take them to get back into a fighting position. Make sure the civilian woman remains unharmed, but she might just be pulling an act, so use caution.
No. 612335 ID: 687279

Shoot the shotgun guy because you can't deflect that shit. If you can't shoot him because you're too busy reflecting bullets, stun grenade the room.
No. 612338 ID: 0ab5c5

Either gut or shoot the shotgun dude FIRST while possibly deflecting pistol fire. Afterwards pirouette your way to pistol dude, and lop off his head - then finish the batman using whatever's good at the moment.
No. 612339 ID: 534cc4

Pump the pump action guy full of lead, and back out of the room and pop the stun grenade and throw it back in.

(There is still one more target unaccpunted for, he might get behind you so watch out.)
No. 612375 ID: c9f2af

Kick little table into the bat guy, continue using the sword to block the pistol, and kill the shotgun guy quick. Depending on what kind of ammo he's got, you can't count on being able to block it.

Our orders are nobody in this house lives or leaves. The screaming girl isn't currently a threat, but we're not supposed to let her live, either.

...which means, technically, if that's the front door, we shouldn't even let her get through it. Problematic, as stopping to shoot the unarmed runner leaves us exposed to actual threats.
No. 612411 ID: 6e79d4

Does that girl count as 'civilian, no need to liquidate' or does she fall under the order 'nobody lives or leaves'?

Shoot the fleeing person if you're supposed to, toss in the grenade, then shoot either pistol or shotgun depending on how far back into the kitchen you've gotten before the grenade explodes.
No. 612428 ID: 534cc4

Depending on what ammo we might not block it?

Shotguns spread comes from one shot, there is no delay of any kind as all parts of the spread will hit us at once, we could block one part of the spread, and the rest is gonna nail us, so that's why we need to prioritize him not whether his shotty has AP slugs or not.

Also prioritize blocking and retreating for the grenade over shooting the guy with the shotgun, if you can't to both at once.
No. 612431 ID: f70457

Slugs exist. There is a possibility that he would have chambered slugs into his shotgun, especially considering that a slug is generally more lethal than buckshot, and at a longer range. Now, whether we can block something with as much momentum as a slug or not remains a question.
No. 612442 ID: 534cc4

Fair point although up to now all shotguns have been spread guns, no slug spitting shotguns as of yet unless this is the first so I can only assume it will be a spread.
No. 612560 ID: 8f01e8

Shoot the runner in the leg. Gotta leave somebody alive long enough to hear you say "I came here to kick ass and chew gum, and I can multitask."
No. 612798 ID: e30e12
File 141886284719.png - (20.13KB , 960x540 , 149.png )

Penelope kicks the stereo into Tracksuit and whirls past him in a neat pirouette that ends with her katana stuck through Shotgun's chest, who screams and dies.
She pulls it from between his shoulderblades just in time to deflect yet another bullet from Hoodie, who's howling in terror and frustration.
The woman is almost out the door.
No. 612800 ID: 687279

I think you might have to bust a cap in that woman. The mission clearly states that everyone inside the building must die. Do so while using shotgun guy as a human shield.
No. 612801 ID: b95e16

>"Any civilians see you there's no need to liquidate them"
no, you're just being dumb.
No. 612804 ID: bb78f2

I think you should cap her leg in CASE she is a gang member. Then we'll investigate.

Supposed to be one more. She might be that one. It looks like she's wearing their colors.
No. 612807 ID: 88960e

>Orders are nobody in that house lives or leaves
Pretty sure the bit about civillians only applied to those outside the house. Sev wasn't allowed to let anyone see him at one point- we snuck through a civy appartment in the hab block, and we'd have had to kill anyone inside we got spotted by. Penny's not opperating on those orders this time through- the bureau wants witnesses for fear tactics.

Whether we want to follow orders is a different call, though. We can always say we were too busy killing the people attacking us to hit the runner.
No. 612813 ID: 6e79d4

impale the guy to the wall and take his gun Hotline Miami style.
No. 612855 ID: 8f01e8

Let's not put ourselves in a position of having to plead incompetence on the newbie-friendly mission.

Shoot the runner in the leg, or maybe pursue and tackle if you think you can keep deflect-tanking Hoodie while doing that.
No. 612858 ID: e607cd

>It looks like she's wearing their colors.
It uh.. looks like everyone is wearing everyone's colors all the time around here. That's not really a thing to go by...
No. 612876 ID: 3bb464

Penelope can deflect full automatic weapons fire, the pistol guy isn't a threat at all. Slice open the back of the runner's calf, kill the other two mooks at your leisure, then finish off the runner. We're just about done here.
No. 612886 ID: b95e16

dude what? no, don't kill that runner.
i'm pretty sure she's a civilian and doesn't need killing, but if in doubt just ask monica! don't do something stupid and irreversible.
No. 612896 ID: ecd0ab

I don't know about 'not a threat' since we can only deflect fully automatic fire from one direction. Don't get too cocky. Still need to take out people with guns.
No. 613546 ID: 337362
File 141911529483.png - (45.58KB , 960x540 , 150.png )

Penelope grabs Shotgun guy and wrenches him around to put his corpse between her and that handgun. She wings the runner in the leg as she's almost out the door. She stumbles out onto the sidewalk.

Then the asshole with the bat brings it hard down onto Penelope's right shoulder. Her arm goes numb all the way down. The only reason she doesn't drop her sword is the adrenaline.
No. 613547 ID: 724518

Kill batboy, kill gunman, kill runner.
No. 613548 ID: bb78f2

If you can't manage the strength to attack, try and do anything that will grab that fucking bat or toss it out of his hands. He has a blunt object. It's power comes from his ability to swing. Make it hard for him to swing it.

Or just continue with your butchering if you can continue.
No. 613549 ID: bb78f2

Wait, no fuck there's still the gunner. Pirouette and use batman as shield. I hope you can manage that. I imagine your ability to block shots is hindered at the moment.
No. 613551 ID: 1ae57f

Okay, we can ignore the runner, for the moment.

Big problem is bat-boy can leave you wide open to be shot by the other guy. And you're facing the wrong way, with one arm holding the corpse and the other numb.

Bat boy needs to die, now. If you can't sword him, we could try kicking him in the nuts. Or somehow bringing the pistol or spike to bear with your off hand, but that's holding up your meat-shield.
No. 613552 ID: 6e79d4

Are you still wearing combat heels? Kick tracksuit, preferably in the unmentionables, then use the shotgun to kill pistol guy, or at least get him to duck.
No. 613553 ID: 1071f4

can we get confirmation that the runner is to be killed?
No. 613555 ID: 1ae57f

Talking is for when people aren't trying to kill us.

We'll decide what to do with her, and if we should ask for clarification, after we deal with these two.
No. 613566 ID: 337362
File 141912197671.png - (19.10KB , 960x540 , 151.png )

Penelope drops her sword and pulls the spike from her belt. She sinks it into Tracksuit's thigh and punches the electricity.

He screams and drops the bat as it jolts through him. Around the puncture the tracksuit bubbles and smokes. It smells like burning tires. And pork. Gross.

Penelope's not sure if he's still up but he's sure as shit not going to be swinging anything for a few seconds.

Another bullet slams into her meatshield and spatters blood across her trenchcoat.
No. 613568 ID: a863b2

Leave the spike in there. Grab the guy's shotgun and fire at the gunman, while keeping your meat shield up. Then turn and shoot at the batter who may still be stunned.
No. 613572 ID: 1ae57f

Use pistol to shoot gunman.
No. 613577 ID: 534cc4

Pistol shoot the guy behind you and then get the gunner with your pistol, you can't pick up a heavy shotgun with a bum arm.
No. 613585 ID: 6e79d4

Shoot at pistol guy, if you miss and he ducks for cover, finish off tracksuit for good before going after the last guy.
No. 613668 ID: 337362
File 141914627049.png - (9.72KB , 960x540 , 152.png )

Penelope levels her pistol at Hoodie who drops behind the couch.

Then Penelope shoots him twice through the couch because it's just a fucking couch, which goes to show you gangbangers play too many video games.
No. 613670 ID: bb78f2

Identify runner, but look into next room for potential assailants before getting a good look at her face. The dealers aren't your only threats, the civilian tweekers are just as likely to attract you with dumb things to get out alive.
No. 613672 ID: 1ae57f

Look around, make sure there are no threats left. Double check your arm, pick up dropped sword and spike.

Then go see if the runner has bleed out or got away or what.
No. 613679 ID: 337362
File 141914826409.png - (7.64KB , 960x540 , 153.png )

"Hijo de puta," Penelope says, sinking a couple of insurance bullets into the twitching Tracksuit. She has to hold her arm to keep it from bucking from the recoil. "That's for my fucking arm."
No. 613680 ID: 337362
File 141914828214.png - (12.31KB , 960x540 , 154.png )

Then she picks up her gear and checks around the building for anyone else.

Nope. Last one alive, get the lights.
No. 613681 ID: 337362
File 141914828451.png - (8.44KB , 960x540 , 155.png )

She catches up with the runner, who is trying to crawl away, and flips her to her back with her boot.

Looks like she busted her lip in the fall. Penelope just winged her; she won't bleed out.

"Ay," Penelope says.

"Please miss I don't know nothin about nothin in there I don't know them I just was over I won't tell nobody nothin," the runner babbles, weeping.
No. 613683 ID: 2a1897

>Orders are nobody in that house lives or leaves.
We wouldn't want to fuck up our first solo job.
No. 613685 ID: 1ae57f

Kick her the rest of the way out the door, and call it in on the wire.

"Five dead bangers. One civy outside managed to catch a bullet. Nobody else here."
No. 613686 ID: a2f9bc

If she's a civilian, we don't gotta kill her. Monica can do face recognition Big Brother criminal history check mojo, yeah? Or we could look at her ID or something I guess. Anyway, if she's clean then letting her go with an ominous warning to remember what she saw here best fits the stated mission goals.
No. 613696 ID: 534cc4

Ask for her name. Have Monica run said name, and if there is no gang affiliation let her leave, otherwise kill her.
No. 613698 ID: 1ae57f

Guys, I think you misunderstand our orders. Civilians in the house aren't safe. Running her name won't matter- she'll just tell us to kill her. We're just excused from the semi-standard "you have to kill a civilian if they see you" bureau stealth orders, since this isn't a stealth mission.

You ask, she dies. She only doesn't die if we let her go and cover it up.
No. 613702 ID: a2f9bc

In that case I'm cool if she dies. I don't care if she dies if those are actually our orders. I don't think they are, but am open to being proven wrong.

I even don't care if we don't have to kill her based on our orders and we do anyway, since I doubt the bureau will care.
No. 613704 ID: 89b2a2

Phone it in. Make it quick if you've gotta.
No. 613723 ID: 1071f4

civilians get to live to spread the word. leave a threatening message about messing with the bureau.
No. 613732 ID: 5cd061

Not that! We're sent because these guys messed with the Feds, so we gotta tell her that these guys messed with the wrong authority. So spread the word.
No. 613736 ID: 91cfcf

Idiot patrol aside, the civvy's inside. Finish the job.
No. 613742 ID: f70457

Pen, the only reason you're alive is because someone gave you a chance and took mercy on you. Don't be a villain, let her live.
No. 613747 ID: 337362
File 141918469940.png - (20.99KB , 960x540 , 156.png )

"What's your name?" Penelope says.
"Anja Babicz."
"Ay Monica?" Penelope wires. "Can you run me the name Anja Babicz?"
"Ummmm," Monica says. "Spell it."
"Spell it," Penelope says.
"B A B I C Z."
"B A B I C Z," Penelope wires. "You got ID, Anja Babicz?"
"No," Anja says. "It's at home I can go get it I'm sorry"

"Anja Babicz," Monica says. "No hits. Who is she?"
"She was in the killhouse," Penelope says. "I'm trying to figure out if she's a civvie."
"Well you said nobody lives or leaves but also no need to liquidate civilians. So I dunno."
"You get five in the house?"
"Si. What if the data was wrong, or one of them was a civvie and she's a gangbanger, though?"
"Well," Monica says. "Use your best judgment."
"That ain't helpful."
"Sorry! It's the stock phrase we're supposed to use. If you want my real advice it's it pays to be thorough and nobody important is going to miss a slummer system ghost regardless."
No. 613749 ID: 1071f4

ooh i know!
tell her to tell you something useful and you'll let her live. if she gives info that only a gangbanger would know, kill her. if not, let her go with a last warning.
No. 613750 ID: bb78f2

Monica, you're an handler.
We are a weapon at your disposal. You want her dead, you say kill. Alive, you say alive. The fact that nobody will miss her is irrelevant.
You are the brain, we are the weapon. We do not judge.
No. 613754 ID: 89b2a2

Decapitation time
No. 613755 ID: 00fd2f

Our goal is to send a message. If she's a civilian, killing her wouldn't serve any purpose. If she's on the list, leaving her alive would help spread the news but the gangbangers will also be able to recognize you later.

No ID is suspicious though, and we sure as hell ain't following her home to verify it. I'm afraid she's too much of a liability. Just make it quick.
No. 613759 ID: 1ae57f

>No ID is suspicious though
Not really, actually. I get the impression there are a lot of people on the edge in this society, who aren't recognized by or included in by the system. That it's easy to slip through the cracks.

Remember the civy who caught a bullet on Sev's first mission? The only ID he had left was a library card. And the implication was that it was unusual for someone living where he was to even have that much.

>Use your best judgment
If she's not a ganger, there are only a few reasons she would be there. Like, paying protection money. Or she was there to fuck them. Or she's a user, there to buy. (See any needle marks? No reason to kill a junkie).

Still, my judgement says if we want to send a message, you leave witnesses. And fuck, if she is a ganger, I prefer the type that run and beg to the kind that fight back. Let's do some natural selection, here.
No. 613762 ID: 742b4a

She acted like a civvie. She got an address, check that.
No. 613768 ID: 534cc4

Do you have those handcuffs still pen?

If so I say put her in the cuffs and walk away, can't really trust her but I feel like she is just a civ.

(And she could be lying about her name too.)
No. 613778 ID: fb017e

What would be the point of the thread if it all went like that.
You are given an objective.
How you handle it has zero importance.
No. 613869 ID: 337362
File 141923620117.png - (5.92KB , 960x540 , 157.png )

"Sorry, chica," Penelope says, cocking her pistol. "My buddy says I gotta send a message."

She fires.
No. 613870 ID: 337362
File 141923620852.png - (9.36KB , 960x540 , 158.png )

Anka must have felt the heat from that one. It's an inch from her face.

"The message is don't fuck with Gangbangers, boo," Penelope says, and walks away from the killhouse.

Monica is laughing in her ear. "You and Sev-three are saturday morning cartoons, Penelope."
"Saturday mornings are getting fucked up," Penelope observes.
"Good job, Pen. I won't mention Anka Whatever it is if you don't."
"Lips sealed, Mamacita."
"OK. Get back to base."
No. 613907 ID: 6aacb0

Raid the fridge on the way out. Killing is thirsty work.
No. 613920 ID: fb017e

Maybe check under and above the fridge too.
No. 613927 ID: 534cc4

Maybe.... instead of going back to the kill house can we just say we peeked in on the way out? And if so was there a pretty little shell upgrade?
No. 613931 ID: 1071f4

did you just suggest that we check the fridge retroactively?
No. 613939 ID: 724518

Wait, we were supposed to check the fridge! Go back!
No. 613940 ID: 89b2a2

Are you guys seriously suggesting we turn her into a murder hobo.
No. 613960 ID: 742b4a

Sounds like we're not getting the opportunity to loot the place. It'd look pretty lame to start walking away only to turn around and walk back in.
No. 613990 ID: ecd0ab

Make a note to loot better in the future. Someone else is just going to loot the place later anyways, that's how it works when you shoot a bunch of gangbangers, so the loot might as well go to you.
No. 613993 ID: 6e79d4

Well 73-6 took his own little detour, and walking out the front door could be a bad idea anyway.
No. 614013 ID: 337362
File 141928286848.png - (13.32KB , 960x540 , 159.png )

It's a crackhouse fridge. It probably had some moldy leftovers and a Tombstone pizza in it.

And anyway Monica slaps a permit for a shell upgrade into Penelope's hand as soon as she walks in the door.

"This will pinch," the technician tells her.

"Ok," Penelope says. "Just say whenaaaaAaaaa bruja fuck you"

Choose your upgrade path:

HUNTER: +True Ambidexterity+ Penelope becomes able to dual wield two weapons at once with expertise. Two handguns, two swords, or any combination. She can aim and fire each hand at separate targets with preternatural ability.

SHINOBI: +Striding and Springing+ Penelope now has a top speed of 40 miles per hour on foot and an 8 foot standing vertical jump.

HACKING: +Beginning Hacking+ We all know you're not picking this one.

No. 614015 ID: 2ec61a

hunter. let you deflect a bullet and return the favor
No. 614017 ID: 4a20fa

>8 foot standing vertical jump
No. 614028 ID: 2086b6

Holy fuck, Shinobi. Who needs anything but a sword if you can always close.
No. 614038 ID: d90668

Voting for Shinobi. Will help with the main weakness of using a melee weapon.
No. 614039 ID: 0ee153

Beginning Hacking.
No. 614044 ID: 00fd2f

Shinobi is very tempting, but I'll vote for future gun kata. Hunter.
No. 614045 ID: ecd0ab

uh running at 40 miles per hour and jumping eight feet into the air obviously
No. 614068 ID: 6afac3

Shinobi of course.
With 63km/h running who needs a car to get to work?
No. 614080 ID: 216d55

Hunter! Gun in one hand shooting folks at a distance while we stab motherfuckers up close! This entire operation could have been over in five seconds if we'd had it before! :v Though spite voting hacking was tempting heh.
No. 614085 ID: 89b2a2

Hacking: Beginning Hacking
No. 614094 ID: 742b4a

Hunter. Wield two swords, deflect automatic fire from two directions.
No. 614117 ID: 534cc4

Hunter, then get anotha mutha fuckin sword.
No. 614125 ID: 534cc4

Oh is the offer of sev being able to link to us from a relatively close distance still open if we take hacking?
No. 614126 ID: a69cef

Shinobi. Two swords is rad but we'll pick that up next. 40MPH sprinting is fucking nuts.
No. 614130 ID: cfe8e5

Gonna have to go with two swords. Stab two guys at once, stab one guy twice, stab one guy while shooting another, the possibilities are endless.
No. 614157 ID: 534cc4

Shank two fantomas once, shank one fantoma twice.
Got that two sword style.
No. 614161 ID: 517df6

No. 614184 ID: 0f3813

No. 614259 ID: 337362
File 141932365778.png - (9.23KB , 960x540 , 160.png )

Penelope goes Shinobi. This is fuckin badass. She almost wants to go out and kill people again to try it out.


There's a certain cutie with a booty she's inclined to stay in for.

When she gets back to Keisha there's some kind of celebration or riot going down on the field.

"Ay," Keisha says.
"Ay," Penelope says.
"I think I'm starting to get this futbol bullshit," Keisha says.
No. 614261 ID: a19cd5

Test your new shinobi speed out by carrying Keisha on your shoulders while you jump across buildings
No. 614292 ID: f461c5

Test your new shinobi speed out by twerking for her at seizure-inducing speed.

Then go roof jumping, yeah.
No. 614355 ID: 534cc4

Cool, shinobi. Seriously hope we can find ambidexterity later, because that's gonna be vital for Penelope.

Anyway, sure maybe show off your stuff, just don't jump into the ceiling.
No. 614394 ID: 742b4a

Tell her you can now run faster than anyone she's watching right now.
No. 614577 ID: ecd0ab

And deflect fully automatic gunfire with a FUCKING SWORD. And jump 8 feet straight into the air.
No. 614695 ID: 337362
File 141939306267.png - (10.15KB , 960x560 , 161a.png )

"Futbol esta bien," Penelope says, taking off her trench. "But I have a cooler thing we can do."

"You wanna have sex?" Keisha asks.
"Absolutely I would love to have sex with you again, Keisha Chalthoum," Penelope says. "But there's something else I wanna show you first."

"You getting that look in your eye I don't like, Penelope."
No. 614696 ID: 337362
File 141939306658.png - (95.58KB , 960x560 , 161.png )

"WOOOOOOOOOOO" says Penelope.

"DON'T DROP ME DON'T DROP ME" says Keisha.
No. 614697 ID: 337362
File 141939307632.png - (13.48KB , 960x560 , 162.png )

As soon as 73-6 is back at base they put him on guard duty to watch the corpse of Lockjaw as it makes its Bureau debut. It's gonna take a couple hours and there needs to be someone watching it at all times to make sure nothing goes wrong. They've got some big drone in here right now. They're the mindless automatons you turn into when you die too much.

"i'm taking over for you," 73-6 says.
"ACKNOWLEDGED," goes the drone.
No. 614698 ID: 337362
File 141939308128.png - (11.25KB , 960x560 , 163.png )

Hi, Lockjaw.

Sorry about your crapass future, buddy.

73-6 glances at the analytics, where the technicians program all of the sociopathy and shit in and watch the progress bar go up. It's at 48%.


73-6 realizes he could totally hack that thing now.
No. 614699 ID: 2ec61a

crank the sociopathy from 11 to 10.
No. 614701 ID: 276ab8

Don't mess with Bureau property with DA's hacker powers. That will tip our hand, and we're nowhere near ready to try and 'retire' from this business yet.
No. 614704 ID: 742b4a

Hack that shit. Let's see what you can change. It'll be undetectable and we don't actually have to change anything.
No. 614711 ID: 6e79d4

You'd better be DAMN sure you'll be untraceable. If there are actual flash-and-blood technicians working and watching right now, you're treading on thin ice.
No. 614713 ID: ecd0ab

Be very very careful, and don't change anything unless you're absolutely certain you won't get caught, but take a look?
No. 614714 ID: 337362
File 141939530736.png - (7.12KB , 960x560 , 164.png )

73-6 takes a look around. He's alone. No cameras.
He backs up into the console and rests his palm against it.

Let's see.

With his Master Hacking, 73-6 can:
+Sabotage the process and fry Lockjaw's brain
+Overwrite the loyalty profile, diverting Lockjaw from compulsory obedience to the Bureau to compulsory obedience to anything else he can think of, or delete it entirely
+Halt the memory wipe
+Implant false memories
+Remove the emotional inhibtors
(Huh, 73-6 didn't know he had that)
+Boost Lockjaw with a Shell Upgrade
No. 614716 ID: ecd0ab

Hmmm. I'm not sure if any of this is something we WANT to do. Like, maybe we would want to tweak the loyalty profile, or delete it, but I'm not sure. A lot of that seems like it might be too risky.
No. 614721 ID: 742b4a

Shit, Bureau's gonna notice most of that, unless we're clever.

Clever like so: Change the compulsory loyalty from the Bureau to specifically this part of the Bureau. If we can take over this building he'll be loyal to us.

I'm tempted to implant a false memory of a mysterious unidentifiable person telling him of his unique loyalty program but wouldn't the Bureau be able to just scan his brain and find it?
No. 614722 ID: ecd0ab

Actually, if we have some of this kind of programming on ourselves, we might need to find a way to hack some of this equipment while they are scanning our brain. Would we need to create a physical device as like a backdoor to accomplish that? Would we be able to manage that ourselves, or would it require a visit to the Stalls to make some purchases?
No. 614723 ID: 6e79d4

Can you put in a backdoor or something to activate any of these at a later date? You could turn him into a moldie dead man's trigger, so he could remember everything and loose his loyalties at the snap of a finger.

Or flip of the bird, for old time's sake.
No. 614724 ID: 2a1897

Well, even if our hacking is totally untraceable, we're still one of the only people with access to the console, so if anything goes noticeably wrong, we'll almost certainly be under suspicion.

...and most of the options we have here would be fairly noticeable.

So, hrmn. If we're gonna do something, it's gotta be something subtle. Something that'll look like the process went correctly to anyone that inspects him.

First option would be to alter the loyalty profile a bit so that he's more likely to be friendly/loyal towards 73-6 and friends, but is otherwise still loyal to the bureau.

The second option is a bit more insidious. We make him 100% loyal to 73-6, and then implant memories of 73-6 instructing him to act loyal to the bureau until we order otherwise. That'd hopefully look normal from the outside, but he'd still be ours.

...I kinda like option two.
No. 614725 ID: 742b4a

Yeah I was gonna go for option 2 until I realized the bureau might be able to read the memory and find out something's fucked.
No. 614730 ID: 337362
File 141939717175.png - (11.72KB , 960x560 , 165.png )

73-6 changes the loyalty profile to make Lockjaw loyal to the Bureau, but ONLY to the Bureau members of Outpost Jericho, and while he's at it makes it so that Lockjaw will have a compulsion to befriend them.

He plants a message in Lockjaw's brain instructing him to keep this a secret.

He is about to apply it when the door slides open.

"Hi!" Sara says. "Monica told me I'd find you here."

"what's up, sara?" 73-6 asks, turning his body so she can't see his hand on the computer.

She shrugs. "Nothin'. Keesh and Penelope are out and you're the only other friend I have here."
She considers that statement. "Or kind of only other friend full stop. Um so can I hang out in here?"
No. 614731 ID: 2ec61a

"sure" tap accept "nothing much here but watching lockjaw cook"
No. 614732 ID: 742b4a

Of course.
(apply the hack. Actually I don't agree with the friendship compulsion myself, but...)
No. 614733 ID: 534cc4

I'm pretty cool with hacking the loyalties as suggested above, but the trigger should be sev 3's middle finger flipping him off, putting his finger down, and then putting his middle finger back up. Specific but unnoticable.

Also we can just alter it so anyone who checks things it reads as normal, that's kinda what our hacking implies.
No. 614734 ID: 742b4a

Oh oh oh! Show her your "face". But you know, tell her it's just for the job.
No. 614736 ID: 534cc4

Do this.

Also the trigger is so if we do it to lockjaw he will be subconsciously compelled to do as we ask.
No. 614738 ID: 6e79d4

I dunno, it could be a security thing.

nah just messin' with ya, hey, ever wonder how moldies are made?
No. 614750 ID: 89b2a2

compliment her on the dress
No. 614756 ID: 5f402f

>They've got some big drone in here right now
...that wasn't 88, was it?

>Halt the memory wipe
Wait, the memory whip is optional?! It was presented before as an inherent part of the moldy process. That means the bureau has the tech to actually bring people back from the dead.

...the entire ruling circle of the bureau
is an undead collection of super-zombies, isn't it. Why wouldn't top brass make themselves immortal if death is optional.

>show her your face
...remember how I said I got something I wanted to show you later?
No. 614782 ID: 337362
File 141940501456.png - (9.72KB , 960x560 , 166.png )

If memory wipe really means that, and it's not just clearing up the last lingering junk data of memory, that is a very disturbing implication.
73-6 unwrinkles his brow and surreptitiously applies the hack, then turns to Sara.

"i dunno, do you have clearance?"
"Oh, sorr-"
"just messing with you. get in here."

"OK!" Sara slides the door closed behind her and walks up to the window. "Ooo. Moldie factory."

"how the sausage gets made," 73-6 says. His Master Hacking shell upgrade tells him Sara is extremely hackable now. This makes him feel weird and he tries to ignore it.
"Monica was freaking out after you got that guy," Sara says. "I don't think she heard that little conversation you and 38-3 had after."
"good. that was an uncomfortable conversation to have."
"I know! Gosh!" Sara shudders. "Sometimes I forget how creepy reconstituted assets can be."
"we're pretty spooky."
"No, not you!" Sara says. "I mean you are spooky, but you're spooky like how Batman is kind of spooky. Not like 38-3. I saw him when they were dropping this guy off. Eughhh. What a face."
"hey. speaking of faces, check this out."
He brings up his new disguise.
"Ta-dah," he says.
"Whoa," Sara says. "Is this the stealth thing?"
"Yes it is," 73-6 says.
"Oooh your voice is so nice," Sara says. "For um infiltration. That's so cool!"
"Yeah the other options were like rhino skin and hacking," 73-6 says. "But I missed having a face."

"Well dang!" Sara says. "That's a really nice upgrade!"
"Thanks," 73-6 says. Then before the rest of his brain catches up to him he says, "That's a really nice dress."

"Um," Sara says. She blushes. "Thanks!"
No. 614784 ID: 5f402f

>His Master Hacking shell upgrade tells him Sara is extremely hackable now. This makes him feel weird and he tries to ignore it.
Maybe we could add some security? Or a watchdog that would tell us if anyone else tried to hack her. Just in case.

...although the idea of hacking her, even if it's for her interest, is unsettling, yeah.

>"Um," Sara says. She blushes. "Thanks!"
Give her a winning smile. Because, now, you can.

Bonus points if Sev messes it up due to terrible lack of practice.

>emotional inhibitors
Possibly a part of yourself to examine later. Just to see what they do! Not sure we want to mess with them now. I mean, you still seem to care about certain things now. If you change the part of you that influences your feelings on a fundamental way, would you still be you?

>loyalty profile
Actually, if you had that installed at creation, why are you able to consider subversion and maybe escaping someday, and hacking this stuff at all? Is yours malfunctioning? Did you just evolve around it? That's also something you might want to study, later.
No. 614796 ID: 534cc4

Yeah, maybe the loyalty thing in our case is special.

14-1 said he has a good sense for the little voices inside peoples heads, and ours spoke fire. Maybe there was more to that comment than we thought.

But here is something really wild, what if 14-1 hacked us while we were being rebuilt so we could think for ourselves. If that's the case did he do it for us or him? Just a theory.
No. 614797 ID: 89b2a2

You know how that dress would look great? On the floor

Hey maybe you can hack her some boobs. or give her a boosted patch.

Actually... tell her that her hardware is extremely open with limited firewalls, and offer to fix that for her. In this business having a body that's easy to fuck with isn't a good idea also it'll let you be touchy without being creepy
No. 614805 ID: a2f9bc

Another thing to consider is she rents out her excess processing and bandwidth and junk. I'm sure only to reputable, official, sources, but those are the kinds of sources your big bossman is in the position to have sway with. If he wanted to keep an eye on you, she's an obvious choice.

I'm not saying do or don't do anything except keep things in mind.
No. 614811 ID: 337362
File 141941013708.png - (7.46KB , 960x560 , 167a.png )

73-6 tries for a winning smile.

"...Um what are you doing?" Sara asks.

"I am trying for a winning smile," 73-6 says. She laughs and then he does too.
No. 614812 ID: 337362
File 141941014357.png - (8.37KB , 960x560 , 167.png )

"Um but also Sara. I've been meaning to talk to you about your firewalls? My UI is giving me the heads-up that you're vulnerable to hacking and such. I think it's too open."
"Oh my gosh!"
"Um, but I could fix that. If you, uh, if you're ok with letting me."
"You want to hack me?" Sara asks.
"No. I mean not hack you, but- Sorry."
"It's okay," Sara says.
"It is?"
"It is." She smiles. "Better you than someone else, right?"
"Are you sure?"
"Sure I'm sure. I trust you, Sev-Three."

She glances back toward the door. "Uh, but my interface is on my back. So." She clears her throat. "I need to take this off, right?" She pulls down the strap on her dress.
"Oh, no, I-" starts 73-6.
"It's ok," Sara says. "I've got shorts on and stuff. It's nothing you haven't seen."

She doesn't know about his other new augmentation.
No. 614814 ID: 6aacb0

You undress that lady. You undress her right now.
No. 614815 ID: a2f9bc

Honestly, she might be more comfortable taking off her dress and letting you work on her behind than knowing you can compromise her system with a tap of your finger. Interface-dependent system intrusion means she has at least some ability to respond before it's possible. Knowing there's people who don't even need that much would be kind of creepy, don't you think?

Plus, secrets.
No. 614816 ID: 5f402f

>She doesn't know about his other new augmentation.
Technically, that's a secret. Since you got it from an illegal, unauthorized upgrade. You can't tell her, since you don't want the bureau finding out you can do that.
No. 614821 ID: 534cc4

Yeah just get in her back and do it from there like normal, and leave traces on her on purpose.

When it comes to actually doing the hacking, be gentle and the less invasive you are the better.
No. 614826 ID: 00fd2f

Yes, the special, magic-at-the-tip-of-the-fingers hacking should be reserved for emergencies or situations when we are completely unobserved. Plus, don't make her fear you.

Also, I think the Bureau will find out about our slicing the first time moldie!Lockjaw ventures on a mission with anyone from outside. They're not idiots, they know we can hack. Just put two and two together.

Thus, we need to somehow ensure that our latest addition will not be assigned to another outpost. Without raising any flags.
No. 614843 ID: 4a20fa

Oi, lovebirds. At least one person is supposed to be watching Lockjaw at all times. Focus.
No. 614956 ID: 89b2a2

you SUPPOSE it's okay.

Hack her with the d
No. 614957 ID: 337362
File 141944787933.png - (8.81KB , 960x560 , 168.png )

"Um- Go for it," 73-6 says.
"Yes!" Sara says. "Goin' for it! Woo!" She steps out of her dress. Underneath she's wearing her customary bike shorts.

She plops down on the floor and pushes her hair out of the way. "Ready when you are."
No. 614958 ID: 337362
File 141944788778.png - (9.48KB , 960x560 , 169.png )

"Is it in yet?" Sara asks.
"Don't make this weird," 73-6 says.
"Be gentle, Sev-chan," Sara says. "I-It's my first time."
"Oh my god," 73-6 says.
"My hips are moving on their own," Sara says.
"Trying to focus."
"I'm serious," Sara says. "There's like a tic you just switched."
"Oops," 73-6 says, and switches it off.

With his Master Hacking, 73-6 can:
+Override Sara's holographic display (which he does for a bit for fun)
+Clear a bunch of junky data that doesn't strictly need to be there, making Sara's body and internet connection run a lot better
+Mess with all kinds of hormone levels and brain stimulants to influence Sara's thoughts
+Take off the factory inhibitors on Sara's motor functions, doubling her strength
+Kill Sara instantly
+Give Sara an earthshattering orgasm
+Remove or jam the Bureau tracking software he realizes has been uploaded into her
+Remove or jam this tracking software it appears Dartline Alchemist uploaded into her during their cyberspace escapade
+Download all the data from the Handler console Sara interfaced with to comb through later for stuff to use
+Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice that not even he can get back into it
+Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice that nobody but him can get back into it

No. 614959 ID: 1071f4

do the decent thing and list those options to her, let her choose.
though you might want to not list that "Kill Sara instantly" and "Mess with all kinds of hormone levels" ones though. just leave them alone and don't accidentally do them.
No. 614960 ID: a2f9bc

+Jam the Bureau tracking software he realizes has been uploaded into her in a way that isn't obvious.
+Remove this tracking software it appears Dartline Alchemist uploaded into her during their cyberspace escapade because this wont result in reprisal. Dude has to know it was gonna happen.
+Download all the data from the Handler console Sara interfaced with to comb through later for stuff to use this is a bit exploitative, but probably too good an opportunity to pass up.
+Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice that nobody but him can get back into it it'd suck if there was some unlikely robot emergency we couldn't help her with later.

Don't clear up her junk data without asking, maybe she likes some of that junk? Likewise, don't give her the strength boost without asking. Being strong is cool but it is also probably hell on maintenance and she has enough problems with that already.
No. 614962 ID: 5f402f

Okay. You just hacked your handler. Forgot the implications of that. Yeah, bureau won't be too happy about that.

>Clear a bunch of junky data that doesn't strictly need to be there, making Sara's body and internet connection run a lot better

>Mess with all kinds of hormone levels and brain stimulants to influence Sara's thoughts
>Kill Sara instantly
Hell nope.

>Take off the factory inhibitors on Sara's motor functions, doubling her strength
Is there a good reason those inhibitors are there? Like, the body can be run that hard, but there's a significant risk of damaging components if used?

You'd have to tell her that you did that, so she doesn't accidentally hurt herself, or break anything. Or more logically, give it a toggle so she can turn on super-strength only when she needs it.

>Give Sara an earthshattering orgasm
...maybe later. Nice to know cybersex is an option, though.

>Remove or jam the Bureau tracking software he realizes has been uploaded into her
The bureau is liable to notice if she suddenly disappears. That would be a problem. And if she's ever targeted by the bureau's enemies, we might want to be able to find her in a hurry.

Can we upload an untriggered protocol to deal with the tracking protocol? So we could deactivate it later, if we gave her the right codeword or password to run it.

>Remove or jam this tracking software it appears Dartline Alchemist uploaded into her during their cyberspace escapade
Haha! Didn't expect that. Remember to check yourself to see if he got a tracker on you, later.

Can we piggyback a message on the signal? Thank him for the stuff, before we jam it? And maybe copy the tracker code for our own use- if we ever want DA to contact us, or know where we are, we could run it ourself.

>Download all the data from the Handler console Sara interfaced with to comb through later for stuff to use
That's uh, tempting. Yes. Very tempting.

>Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice...
The important thing here is that the ice doesn't look any better than you could do without your last hacking upgrade, if the bureau thinks to check your work.

I'm mostly comfortable with making her hack proof even to us. That's temptation you don't need, and she could always choose to let us in if we needed to do something (or enact cybersex). Only real drawback would be if we neeeded to hack her in the event she's badly damaged and can't let us in.

Tell her what you're doing. Well, some of it. Explain the junk data cleanup, the optional super-strength, and that you're giving her ice.
No. 614963 ID: 534cc4

Do this, and ask about clearing junk and strength boost.
No. 614965 ID: 3a9b59

Tell her you can:
Clear junky data to make things run faster
Disable the factory limiters to approximately double her strength.
Muck around with her hormone levels and turn her on.
Give her an earth-shattering orgasm.
Remove or jam the Bureau tracking software that has been uploaded into her.
Seal her chassis with enough security ice that nobody will be able to get back into it, with the option to leave yourself a back door, if some of those previous options sound fun later.

Just remove DA's stuff as part of the inevitable "clean up junk data" process.
No. 614967 ID: 3a9b59

>Then go "huh, what's this button do" crank down her volume and cause her to orgasm.
No. 614969 ID: 89b2a2

Clear the junky data "you really need to defrag more often," and set it up to do that automatically while she sleeps. Unless the junky data turns out to be the bandwidth she's selling at which point DON'T JUST UP AND ERASE IT YET.

If you can pull it off, but a backdoor and a spoof inside the Bureau tracking data. Otherwise, leave it alone. I'm actually on the wall about Dartline. He put this in, and his employers might be able to use... but on the other hand he did help us quite a bit. It might be useful to extract it and try to use it as a covert contact/messaging service.

Edit the factory inhibitors to have an on/off switch. Seal her chassis with security ICE. Pros/cons of backdoor.

Then go "huh, what's this button do" crank down her volume and cause her to orgasm.

deleted it because I wanted to add some stuff, sorry. Like "don't mess with her hormone levels."
No. 614970 ID: 8e294c

Alright. This is a bit sensitive, so here's what you should do.

Stop messing with her display, you jerk. Well, okay, just a little more, then stop.

Clear the junk data, but only if you double check that it's really junk data first. Maybe back it up somewhere first.

Put in a toggle to take off the factory inhibitors and jam the Bureau tracking software, with a codephrase or something. Er, two toggles, I mean, no sense in keeping those things connected. If you can, drop a message into her brain about what the codewords are and to keep these a super backup emergency secret for now (or if you can't, just make a note to tell her them later when you can securely).

Actually, if you could hack a secure line into her now just for communication, that'd be good.

Nuke the fuck out of Dartline Alchemist's tracking software.

Download the fuck out of the Handler console data.

Leave the rest of that stuff alone because she's a goddamn person, and seal it up so nobody can touch her brain without permission, not even you.

'Cause you're a gentleman.
No. 614971 ID: 2f4b71

Don't wipe the 'junky data' without asking. Sara rents here spare CPU cycles to pay for her chassis, that 'junk' data is her cash crop.
No. 614972 ID: 5f402f

Actually, wait, she made a living renting out processor space, didn't she?

Would clearing out the junk data be effectively shredding shredding all her work and getting her in trouble? Would the ice block people she'd been selling space to access?

...not that I'm so sure the 'renting out your own processors' plan is the best one, but it would be a bad idea to inadvertently trash how she makes a living.

Can you ID what space is being rented out? (And by who?). We have to be careful how we handle that. (Ideally, she should be able to let people through her ice if she wants, but we have to be careful in how that's implemented).
No. 614974 ID: 5762bc

Honestly just tell her all the options and let her decide. Am sure she will have no problems with optimizing her data and securing those backdoors but just ask first.
No. 614975 ID: 6e79d4

Tell her about the junk data, security ice, factory inhibitors and DA tracking software. Don't mess with that instantly, Dartline may have it booby trapped. Leave everything else for now.
No. 614978 ID: 742b4a

First, do +Seal Sara's chassis with enough security ice that nobody but him can get back into it
because that's what you were intending to do.

Then mention all these options to her:

+Clear a bunch of junky data that doesn't strictly need to be there, making Sara's body and internet connection run a lot better
+Take off the factory inhibitors on Sara's motor functions, doubling her strength
+Give Sara an earthshattering orgasm
+Remove or jam this tracking software it appears Dartline Alchemist uploaded into her during their cyberspace escapade

Tell her she's got Bureau tracking software in her just so she knows. That's gonna have to stay.

Also do this without telling her:
+Download all the data from the Handler console Sara interfaced with to comb through later for stuff to use
No. 614990 ID: 337362
File 141945321406.png - (9.54KB , 960x560 , 170.png )

"So here's the things I can do," 73-6 says, while discreetly downloading Sara's handler info. Let's see... take off these Bureau trackers, get rid of your motor inhibitors, give you an orgasm, clear up this junk data--"

"You can what?" interrupts Sara.
"You got a lot of junk data on here," 73-6 says.
"Oh! Umm don't delete that," Sara says. "That's paying to be there. I get money by farming out space to corps."
"Which ones?" 73-6 asks.
"I think there's some stuff from Educate Connekt, some Pharmgro..." Sara says. "They're all federal and on the level."
"I don't want to mess with like the Chinese Bitcoin farms and stuff," Sara says. "But what did--"
"What about the motor stuff?" 73-6 asks. "Do you want to be stronger?"
"Would that mess with maintenance?" Sara says.
"Maybe," 73-6 says. "I don't know your specs for sure."
"Give me the option to, JIC," Sara says. "But you said--"
"There are these trackers on you," 73-6 says. "One's from the Bureau and it's going to probably have to stay around, but there's this other one from Dartline Alchemist I think he put on you in cyberspace. That's definitely gotta--"
"73-6, did you say something about giving me an orgasm?"
No. 614991 ID: 1071f4

a quote earthshattering unquote, one.
No. 614992 ID: a2f9bc

That was kinda a joke but you can also kinda actually do it. So.
No. 614994 ID: 2a1897

Hesitate for a moment and check on Lockjaw, as much as you can from where you are. We are here to make sure nothing goes wrong, after all.

And then say yes.
No. 614995 ID: 5f402f

>I don't know your specs for sure.
Can we look up her hardware specs? Is there a manual in her local memory, or online? That is a publicly avialable chassis, right?

>what else do
I still say try to cram a data burst through dartline's tracker before you kill it. (Hi, and thanks for the stuff!). And save a local (inert) copy in case you ever need to get his attention. A new tracker he didn't place appearing on his network would get attention.

>One's from the Bureau and it's going to probably have to stay around
Upload an inert program capable of disabling the bureau tracking, if you send a codeword or signal. Just in case.

And don't forget this!

>73-6, did you say something about giving me an orgasm?
Uh. Sorry, I was just reading from a list of options without thinking. Um. Hardeware access and all.

...maybe we should turn off the poop hack now. Or change it to 'dicks'. ...oh man we can draw a dick on her face and she isn't even passed out drunk.

Suddenly discover how embarrassed your holo face lets you appear.
No. 614996 ID: 8e294c

For the love of god, sev-three, if you're gonna have this conversation, stop screwing with her display.
No. 614997 ID: 89b2a2

change it to say butts next!

Try to see if you can streamline the programming in the junk data.

"oh yeah there's this button here i could probably crank the gain to let it go for like an hour, but i think something would melt first"
No. 614998 ID: bb78f2

Wait, those last two options, can Sara still use her Chassis options? Like, what are we talking here? What possible negatives would it be to lock it out for everyone? I mean, if you can't, that means Sara can't either, right?
No. 615006 ID: bb78f2

>"73-6, did you say something about giving me an orgasm?"
Anyone with sufficient hacking prowess can give you an orgasm. I don't even understand HOW that's a function your manufacturer thought to put in. I don't know why it's listed. But yeah, literally any hacker worth his salt can hack you into an orgasm. It's right there.

Just be a bit clinical about it. Not too clinical or robotic about it though, as long as you don't sound too perverted about it either.
No. 615009 ID: 5f402f

It's her ice, presumably she's have the option to authorize and allow access when people attempt it, if she wants.

Only drawback to making her unhackable to everyone, including us, is if that blocks legit reasons when an authorized connection would be needed. Like, say, an emergency medical situation. She is a brain on life support, and damage or malfunction to her chassis would be bad.
No. 615011 ID: 742b4a

Ask her if that makes this weird.
No. 615012 ID: 337362
File 141945478457.png - (7.36KB , 960x560 , 171.png )

"Um I was just kidding," 73-6 says. "Well I could. But it was a joke."

He goes about finding ways to streamline all this farmed data.

"Sev?" Sara says, quietly.
"Um. Can you hold on a second? Like stop what you're doing?"
"OK." Sev disconnects and sits back. Sara doesn't turn around. She plays with her hair, nervously.
"Um," she says. "So listen."
"I um." She glances at him. "Sorry."
"It's OK."
"I like you. A lot. I do. I'm sorry."
"I like you."
"No, like, I like like you. Sev."
"Oh." Sev doesn't know what to say. "Cool."
"Sorry," she says again. "I wanted to tell you when you got back that I didn't care what, you know, how you looked, and obviously now you look great, so."
"Thank you."
"I like you so much. You're so good. And funny, and nice, and so cool, but, um. We both heard 38-3."
73-6 swallows. "Yeah?"
"And I'm probably going to be your handler, and Penelope's doing it too, obviously, but he said he was going to watch you, and I'm scared. It's scary. I don't want you to get in trouble." She twirls a bit of her hair around her finger.
"So we shouldn't. Right?"
No. 615016 ID: 742b4a

Yes, we shouldn't. That doesn't mean we won't.
No. 615020 ID: 1071f4

orrr you can control what 38-3 can see.
letting him- letting THEM watch you two is creepy and should be controlled anyhow.
so tell her you can take care of yourself.
and more importantly, tell her you like her too you goof.
No. 615029 ID: 5f402f

>So we shouldn't. Right?
Um. Probably shouldn't. Yeah. They wouldn't like it much, would they.
No. 615031 ID: 8e294c

Well, no. You shouldn't. But also, you shouldn't be a person, and you shouldn't have your own thoughts about things, and you probably shouldn't be hacking your handler to begin with. You shouldn't care about things, or want things, and you definitely shouldn't think that 38-3 is a load of assbutt who will probably be annoying later but can go shove it for all you care.

But you do, so screw it. Unless you're going to go lobotomize yourself, trouble's gonna happen one way or another.

Also, yes, tell her you like her too. Or like-like her, if you're going to be all high school about it.
No. 615032 ID: 67686d

Perfect. Yes, this. Say this.
No. 615037 ID: 54a13a

Be paranoid about surveillance in a room with at least two potential eavesdroppers when you tell her this.

It would be a phenominally bad idea, but 38-3 be damned, you are interested in living, not being a tool. And you will have to be careful about how it looks to the monitors, but you rather like her as well.
No. 615039 ID: 6e79d4

Well definitely not now, we're on company time and I'm supposed to be watching assets reconstitute. But we won't be under this kind of scrutiny forever.

Y'know we really should plan for ways to protect our friends if we're planning on getting out. Will they catch backlash? Will we be able to stay in contact?
No. 615043 ID: 89b2a2

"they shouldn't give me a functioning dong if they didn't want me using it."

"more seriously, you're sweet, you're nice, and it's not as though being attached to my handler is something that will inspire LESS loyalty"
No. 615048 ID: 337362
File 141945793240.png - (9.00KB , 960x560 , 172.png )

"We shouldn't," 73-6 says. "But I like you too. And I shouldn't be doing this either or like a lot of things I'm doing. But maybe, um, when we're under less scrutiny?"
"Will we ever be?" asks Sara.
"I don't know," says 73-6. "But I don't want to just be a tool forever. I want to be a living person. With you."
"I want that too," Sara says. "So much. I was going to tell you when you got back, but then... and I wish so bad it was different and better and you weren't an asset and I wasn't a robot. But, um. I'm sorry. We can't."
"I could take care of myself."
"No," Sara says, forcefully. "I mean, I'm sorry, Sev-Three." she her head. "We can't. It's got to be against regulations. Oh god. I sound like Monica. I'm being dumb. But I'm so scared for you, and for Monica and Keesh and Penelope, and me... we can't. I'm sorry."

"That's ok," 73-6 says.

"So can you do the stuff with the firewall and then I need to get dressed again and find Monica," Sara says. "I should find out what my next assignment is."
No. 615052 ID: 742b4a

No. 615053 ID: 1071f4

tell her you can cut the bureau tracking software, after you pause it ofcourse so they don't know.
No. 615054 ID: 5f402f

...well. You have a good reason now. You don't want her to have to be afraid.

Right. Finish the hack job. Streamline her work data storage, and make sure it can get in and out of the icewall when it's supposed to be. (But make sure it can't be used as a backdoor). Make the optional strength toggle. Ping DA, then copy and purge his tracker. Put in something to covertly take her Bureau tacker offline, if you remotely trigger it via keyword. And ice her up good, but leave a way for you to still get in in emergencies.

Leave a logfile of your legit changes. (Leave out what you copied, or tha you pinged DA, or the killswitch on the bureau tracker, or that you left a backdoor for yourself).

>what say
Okay, you're all good. And um, don't be afraid, okay? I'm not gonna do anything that should make you afraid for me, or you, or anything, okay?

(...because I already did).
No. 615057 ID: 5f402f

It's not the tracker that's a problem, so much. It's that there's the risk they'd find out, and that it would be very much frowned upon.
No. 615059 ID: 67686d

It's nice to know that we live in a world where love can bloom between a reanimated corpse an a human brain sealed inside a robotic shell. It warms the heart (:
No. 615060 ID: bb78f2

Well, to be fair, we should look under regulations to see how they feel about that.

You know about that time Monica showed you her tits at that Christmas party? Or was it a regular party, whatever. Why do they invite moldies to the parties when they're supposed to be objects? Why does Sosa treat you like hard worker movin' on up and showing competence when his second hand moldie does that dumb weapon speech?

The Bureau is a backwards, ass, mixed-messaging son of a bitch corporation. At least with the other's like Tribranch they actually don't send them a mixed message, they are your friend until you get addicted, and then you're a nobody doing jobs for drugs. It's a good manipulation tactic. There's no point to be making things so confusing for your fellow moldies.
No. 615062 ID: 89b2a2

What this guy said. Altering her hormonal levels or something is now... very tempting, but it might be better to insert a covert way for her to communicate with us later. If that's possible.
No. 615069 ID: 8e294c

Don't promise you're not going to do anything to put yourself in danger. Retirement package, remember? You're just getting started.

Actually, is it against regulations? For something as weird as you two, it seems like there might be an Air Bud-style loophole.
No. 615071 ID: 337362
File 141945948538.png - (6.54KB , 960x560 , 173.png )

That was a jericho party.

This place is different from most of the Bureau. 73-6 forgot about that.

73-6 finishes up, pings DA (which goes to a tin can with some circuits in it in Taiwan, but that's not surprising), scrubs his trackers, and makes sure everything on the firewall side is ship shape. He sets up the strength toggle and then disconnects.

"You're good, Sara," he says. "All fixed up."

"Thanks, 73-6." Sara stands up. "Really. Thank you. Um."

They look at each other. Sara bites her lip.
"Bye," she says.

"See ya later," says 73-6.

Sara leaves.
No. 615072 ID: 337362
File 141945951349.png - (6.30KB , 960x560 , 174.png )

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