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File 137395900912.png - (1.06MB , 800x600 , title.png )
524844 No. 524844 ID: 0eef61


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No. 524845 ID: 0eef61
File 137395907606.png - (7.25KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

The guitar case is as much a tradition as it is a useful hiding place.

The latches stick, a little.
No. 524846 ID: 0eef61
File 137395910178.png - (14.41KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Inside is his baby, in around a dozen pieces.
No. 524847 ID: 0eef61
File 137395914560.png - (6.18KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

It's been five years, but the assembly's still a silent little dream.

He's taken good care of her.
No. 524848 ID: 0eef61
File 137395921931.png - (8.73KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

The targeter winks on.

Hello, again, it seems to say.

"Hi," he says, gently.
No. 524849 ID: 0eef61
File 137395926758.png - (6.44KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

The harness is a little tighter than he remembered around the old midsection, but he clips it in and it feels very right.
No. 524850 ID: 0eef61
File 137395939776.png - (127.40KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

Agent 14-1 shoulders his sniper cannon, looks down at the besieged hab-block, and feels a distinct, sweet nostalgia.

"Good morning, Monica."

"Morning, 14-1."

"How about you call that friend of yours inside, and let him know his ticket out is boarding."
No. 524851 ID: 9ddf68

what do you see?
No. 524852 ID: f5680f

That gun looks awesome. How does it work? Can you move from cover to cover with something like that?
No. 524858 ID: 5869f6

No. 524875 ID: c95833

>binary string
Translates to "what future could you hope for?"

>sniper cannon
Cool, what kind of ordinance does that fire?

Have you been briefed on the situation, here? We got one moldy and probably one brancher on their way out. Plus two civies they've been crashing with it would be nice if we didn't get killed.
No. 524926 ID: 849089

...what're you shooting at?
No. 524953 ID: d184f2

Last report was that there were a bunch of snipers in the area and the primary extraction target was hiding in an apartment with civs.
Apparently the opposition was confused about who and what they found after taking prisoners (identities unconfirmed). Likely still active in the area because he has something they dearly want to recover.
Primary objective: Extract 73-6 (an experienced field agent) and his captured intelligence.
Secondary extraction target: Brancher agent, wounded leg.
Tertiary objective: Ensure survival with minimum material loss of collaborator ex-marine and civilian whose home they have hidden in.
No. 524961 ID: d184f2

Actually, that tertiary objective may need reworking, I should look up our established procedures for treatment of a civilian aid and a civilian aid that's ex-marine.
No. 525015 ID: 0eef61
File 137404684248.png - (5.82KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

"What have you brought us, Fourteen?" asks Monica.

"The H&K Strix Sniper Cannon, sweetheart. She fires eight 20x110 millimeter rounds a second. Punch clean through a main battle tank. I got AP, HE, and some incendiaries for flavor. These are for the fellas with cover outside the building and any vehicles they care to bring in to run counter-sniper. The shock coils and harness ensure zero recoil. So you know. It's for old fogies like me.

"For firing into the apartment building, I've brought canister dumdums, low-penetration to ensure minimal civilian casualties and maximal room-clearing goodness. Nice and subsonic. Punch a hole in you the size of a football."

"Jesus, 14-1."

"Not quite, sweetie. But close. The drawback is she's a bulky old dame, which reduces mobility in those untrained in her use. But I know her. And she knows me. We're a good team."
"You know your objectives?"
"I reviewed the file on the plane. That window I'm zeroing in on. Is that his room?"
"All right. Let's hitch this horse up and get it on the trail. Link me through to him. I wanna talk to this new wonder-agent you got yourself."
No. 525017 ID: 0eef61
File 137404692814.png - (12.90KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

It's around 10 in the morning.
Keisha Chalthoum is singing in the shower.
Sara Dalton is thawing some frozen waffles.

Operatives 73-6 and Penelope have spread their armory on the kitchen counter, and are taking stock.

"Okay, amigo." Penelope pops the magazine out of her pistol and slides it onto the table. "We got:

Your holdout snubnose, 20 rounds. That's yours.
A katana. Mine.
An electrified spike. Yours.
A shotgun turret.
One LMG, around 150 rounds."

"Maybe I'm just like my mothaaaaa," Keisha belts from the shower. Her voice is actually very nice. "She's never satisfiiiied! Why do we scream at each othaaa? This is what it sounds like... Unh! WHEN DOVES CRY. Doo doodoo doo; Doop dooo doo"

"That's making it hard to take this serious," says Penelope. "Where was I?"
"Right. That, and what else?
Two shotguns, one double-barrel sawed-off and one pump action. 20 shells for those two.
One submachine gun, and one 12-round semiauto. Those both take 9x19mm, and we got... sixty of those. How we divvying these up?"

73-6 ponders the situation. His snubnose and his spike he can carry easy. With his magnetic upgrade, he can comfortably carry three more weapons with ammo. The LMG would take up two of those slots because of its bulk. Penelope needs something to arm herself too. She insists her leg feels a lot better, but he still thinks she shouldn't go melee only.

He's in the middle of pondering when he hears a buzzing ring in his ear. Monica is calling.
No. 525018 ID: e213ca

The LMG proved to be ridiculously useful. The sawed-off will make godawful noise and isn't terribly helpful since there aren't any slugs to load it with and then launch into someone who's armored.

The silenced pump-action is a decent pick, all told.

Penelope should take the sub, the twelve semiauto, and all the ammo for both. Covers her issues.
No. 525021 ID: 47d311

Answer the call.

Take the silenced pump-action, The submac, and the semiauto.

Insist she take the LMG; a bum leg means shit when you can park yourself in a hallway and vomit death down it. Her armor also looks to be thicker than your jacket.

You on the other hand need to be mobile, and an LMG could weigh you down or be too much bulk to take in a tight space.
No. 525023 ID: 9ddf68

well your main thing is stealth so grab the silence shotgun and I'm having a hard time deciding weather or not we should take the LMG. I mean that thing is really good at making people stop living but at the same time we do prefer the stealth approach to most thing so I'm not sure if Penelope would be better at holding on to that little monster. So if no to the LMG I guess sub-machine gun and semi-auto just because we won't have to split ammo that way.
No. 525024 ID: 0eef61

>quick point of clarity:

No. 525026 ID: 9ddf68

still say he should grab that pump-action seeing as how he doesn't really have any real good close combat weapons other then the spike while useful is somewhat less effective if your enemy knows your coming at him... or is charging at you with some kind of melee weapon.
No. 525027 ID: 35edd4

What classes of firearm is Penelope proficient in? Prioritize according to ability to employ skillfully.
No. 525039 ID: c95833

>Penelope feels she should go melee only
Okay, I know you got that nice sword, and you get points for style, but we're outnumbered and surrounded. Practicality comes before style. You may need range at some point, and better to have it than not.

I guess we give Penelope the semiauto or the smg or a shotgun? Depends on what she's better with, and what's easier to carry or has a strap. She doesn't have magnitized skin, remember, and he suit is skintight. Limits how much she can carry easily.

What are we leaving the girls with? Are we taking the sentry turret? I might be useful, but it is currently covering their house. Although I don't know how much trouble that might get them in later, or if they can even safely take it down. And Keisha had one of the shotguns before.
No. 525049 ID: 60fee2

She said that she shouldN'T go melee only.
No. 525078 ID: 0eef61
File 137409050817.png - (11.85KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

73-6 takes the pump-action and the LMG.
"hey, monica." He clacks the mag in and locks it. "what's going down?"
"What's going down is we are getting you the fuck out of dodge," says Monica. "You heard of 14-1?"
"agent 14-1?"
"The same."
"all i know about him is that in our urban warfare training they kept using his sorties as examples."
"He's the only reconstituted asset to ever retire."
"moldies retire? there's a retirement package?"
"They don't and there isn't. But he did."
"You can ask him, if you want. I'm patching you through now."

A new voice. Gravelly and with a pronounced twang to it.
"Morning, Agent. You ready to go home?"
No. 525080 ID: c95833

Morning to you too, agent. Home would be nice. Certainly better than boxed in by hostiles.

I've got my stealth stuff, some looted guns, a hack on the building's security system, and a brancher unlucky enough to get stuck with me. What are you bringing to the party?

Retired, huh?

Make sure we've got those plans. And, if possible, that you've uploaded a copy to Monica.
No. 525084 ID: eaa372

Don't ask about retirement on this channel. You'll have to build your own retirement fund without the assistance of the agency. Ask what kind of equipment 14 is toting.
No. 525085 ID: 9ddf68

So you're my ticket out of here huh? So you got a plan or are we just going to wing this? Cause if we're making this up on the spot All I got to work with is an electric spike, stub noise revolver, an old pump action shotgun, and an LMG, Oh and a junky ninja stray I picked up along the way. Also an decent hacker but only if I have something to work with.
No. 525089 ID: a23afd

"Yes Sir."
Also, ask him how he retired.
No. 525091 ID: cf49fc

"You can RETIRE?"
No. 525093 ID: 0eef61
File 137409626899.png - (166.99KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

"yes, sir."
"No sirs, kiddo. I'm same rank as you. Call me 14."
"Or maybe Falcon. Still deciding if I want a code name for this one. Now I understand you got sharpshooters outside the building and multiple pockets of Fantomas on the inside. The snipers are no longer your problem, because you are no longer their problem. I am going to be their problem, because I am going to kill all of them over the next hour."

"thank you."

"My pleasure. Now while I am doing this, you have two issues to tackle. Monica tells me you have a Brancher in there with you who's more or less combat capable. I'd advise you to limit how much you trust her, but we can keep her useful.

"On the upper floors, we got radio chatter suggesting they are mobilizing a larger kill-team to sweep the building. This won't be a two-man patrol. It'll be something bigger. At least a half-dozen people Someone needs to run intercept and keep them away from those civilians you're safeguarding.

"The other thing I need is on floor 13. There's a Fantomas-operated apartment there, with a package inside that you will need. It's a brown leather briefcase just inside a vent in the living room. I need that taken up to the roof, all right? Keep it quiet, and keep it clean, and you'll be out of here before lunch. I'll run as much support as I can from outside the building, but I can only fire through windows with the rounds I have unless the target is heavy enough to stop my AP rounds. I understand there's only been one civilian casualty on our side so far. That's good for an op like this. That's very good. Let's keep that number low."

"so an intercept and a retrieval?" 73-6 nods a thank-you at Sara, who hands him a waffle.

"Yessir. That's what I need from you. You know your resources better than I do. I leave it to you to distribute them. I'd suggest splitting up."
No. 525099 ID: 7dbd6b

Penelope can handle the kill-squad; she's the one who has the combat drugs, in case things go south. 73 can do stealth, we know that, and if it's a safehouse there might be hacking we'd need done.
No. 525100 ID: 60ad76

i agree with that.
perhaps use the 'nade in a spot which won't hurt civilians to take care of the kill-team?
No. 525101 ID: c95833

Waffles. <3

Well, we can probably do stealth better than Penelope can. We got the spike and hacking. Although the LMG isn't exactly quiet.

Should fill her in though. We got a sniper backup, and an extraction plan. There's a package that needs grabbing a few floors down, and a 6-man kill team that needs killing a few floors up. She good with the kill team?
No. 525103 ID: a23afd

Intercept goes to Penelope, because the briefcase is important and we can't trust her THAT much. Oh, one point of concern- if we're gonna be shooting that LMG indoors we could punch through walls into the next apartments and catch civvies in the line of fire. So when firing the LMG, fire it towards the outside of the building. ...of note is that we won't need it against armored targets because we'll have AP round support. Maybe we should switch the LMG for the SMG.

How the hell did the briefcase get there, though? Do we have a man on the inside that stole it? Or were those the "plans" they were talking about and they wanted to kill 73 before trying to get them out of the building?
No. 525114 ID: 9ddf68

while we like stealth so lets go for the brief case. Also don't forget any other useful info you may have grabbed earlier as well. Might was well try and make this worth the resources put into this mission.
No. 525118 ID: 6651ed

"By the way, how did you retire?"
No. 525119 ID: 01531c

>"By the way, how did you convince the Bureau paperpushers to give you a retirement?"
No. 525125 ID: 888df6

If she's going to be delaying the kill squad, she should really get the heavier weapons. She should get either the LMG and sawn-off or the SMG and pump-action. The first would be smarter, they'll probably have body armor.
No. 525164 ID: 35edd4

Penelope's a close range specialist and she was originally sent here to hit an apartment. She might be better suited to the retrieval. Ask her how she'll be in hallways and such before we unilaterally send her off.

Also bear in mind our magnetism means we're especially well suited to carrying heavy weapons. The LMG might slow her down too much.
No. 525183 ID: 0eef61
File 137412322988.png - (12.29KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

73-6 explains the plan to Penelope.
"you think you can run intercept on those upper-floor guys? there could be some hallway fighting."
"I could do that," says Penelope. "Gimme the sawed-off and the sub. I'll find a good close-quarters spot to get em in."
"that means i'm on the retrieval." 73-6 grabs the pump-action to go along with the LMG and his snubnose.
"Look at us, all kitted out." Penelope grins as she pulls her helmet on. "We a couple badasses."
"i think that guy outside might be showing us up right now," says 73-6.
"Maybe showing you up. I got a ninja sword."

"Aww, you guys are leaving so soon?" asks Sara. "I'd say come visit some time, but I guess that's not a great idea, is it?"
"Don't get your asses killed out there." Keisha is out of the shower. "If they catch you and torture information bout us out of you I'm kicking your ass in the afterlife."
"Keeesh, jeez."
"Well, what, sugar? It could happen."
"I guess this is goodbye, then," says Sara. "Be safe, you guys."
No. 525184 ID: 35edd4

Penelope: Goodbye hugs! Drag 73-6 into them whether he wants to or not.
No. 525186 ID: c95833

Yeah, sorry. I don't get out much for unofficial visits, and an official visit would be a bad thing.

Thanks for everything. You two didn't have to help us professional murder types, but you really did.

So... wait, is the shotgun turret still on the counter? Did we leave that thing with a nice off switch? Otherwise it could be a problem for these two after the fighting is over. Also, we probably shouldn't leave the remaining semtex laying around, even if we spent the detonator already with our improvised grenade.
No. 525190 ID: 0eef61
File 137412591146.png - (10.97KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

"thanks for everything. you didn't have to help us but you certainly did. you still have the shotgun turret?"
"Yessir," says Sara. "We'll, uh, we'll throw a towel over it."
"it shouldn't be too hard to change the iff now that i've hacked it."
"You're taking the bomb thing, though, right?" asks Keisha
"yeaahh, figured i might take that off your hands."

"Ok, people, bring it in," says Penelope. "Group hug."
"Like hell," says Keisha. "Wait for me to put something on."
"No time," says Penelope, grabbing her and 73-6. "Hug it out."
"It was fun, Sev," Sara whispers in his ear. She sounds kind of sad. "Good luck out there, okay?"
No. 525192 ID: 35edd4

Snag Sara's email/IM/whatever address on the way out
No. 525194 ID: 60ad76

hell, exchange contact info with all three.
No. 525195 ID: a23afd

Hey, the Bureau doesn't happen to have an opening for a medic, does it? Just curious.
No. 525198 ID: 9ddf68

ok ok, you still have the bad ass agent image to hold on to so don't let the hug drag on for to long. You got people to kill.
No. 525202 ID: 60fee2

No. 525203 ID: d0a0a2


No. 525205 ID: 0eef61
File 137413343672.png - (158.93KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

73-6 has no civilian communication devices. He is disallowed their use in most cases.

He leaves the communicator program he set up on Keisha's computer there, as he goes.

It's not strictly allowed, and he's not sure why he did it. But he's kind of glad.

Outside, 14-1 sets his shoulders, locks in his target, and takes the first sniper's head neatly off.

The moment he fires his silent shot, he thumbs the detonator and a small flash charge pops off four stories above him and five hundred meters to the right.
That'll throw them off.
No. 525206 ID: 0eef61
File 137413344926.png - (8.04KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

"how'd you sleep, monica?"
"A lot better, knowing we got 14 on our side. I ran handler for him a couple times near the end of his career when I was still in college. How about you?"
"not bad."
"You got the hots for that robot?"
"focus on the mission."

"Ok," says Monica. "I've got good news and bad news."

"bad news first."

"Room's guarded from the outside."

"good news?"

"These are nice-ish apartments in a shitty neighborhood. Two-story on the inside, taller and narrower than the upper floors. Plus: the door's soundproofed. If you're all right with leaving a mess in the hallway, you can end that guy out front quick and go in through the main door."

"any other entrances?"

"Yyyep. Through the floor on the room above. I'm reading they needed to do maintenance on the dividing floor/ceiling between Apartment 13-C and 14-C. Break through the floor in 14 and you've got an entrance they'll never see coming."
"civilians in there?"
"I don't know. Probably. You know how civvies are. They're like cockroaches with more formal complaint processes. They get everywhere."
"antisocial of you."
"You're the one shooting dudes, dude. My bus just got stuck in some nasty traffic this morning."
No. 525207 ID: a23afd

If we used the LMG we'd put holes in the wall, right? THAT would reveal our presence. For a silent kill in that case we'd want to use either the shotgun or the snubnose. Is the snubnose accurate at this distance? We could just shoot him with that, if so. If not... would the shotgun be lethal at this distance? We could shoot him with that if so.

If neither of those are the case, then uh uhhh uhhhhhh try shooting him with the LMG. Maybe the oblique angle will keep it from penetrating the wall.
No. 525208 ID: 57a559

So, did Monica only take this job as something to pay for school that just ended up sticking? What was her degree?

Hmm, Sev, I'm thinking a classic loud knock knock on the wall to lure the guy over would be good. Civs freaking out will not be good at all, they could have a shotgun preparing to defend their homes from you or thought about the off chance Famatoma's decide they'll kill cooperating civilians anyway. They outnumber the Famatoma's by hundreds in this building. So chancing the above floor for a better entrance feels like it should be right out.

When you start thinking cockroaches are harmless little buggers just looking for home and food and underestimate them, that's when they sneak into your soup and you chock on that some'bitch.
No. 525209 ID: 9ddf68

see if you can't lure the guy over, failing that move up to the floor above and see if you can't get in that way.
No. 525210 ID: acb7da

Press yourself up against the wall and knock. A gigantic question mark should appear above the guard's head, and he'll walk over to investigate. That's when the pick comes in handy.
No. 525217 ID: a23afd

I... do not think knocking on the wall will work. He'll probably alert his buddies and we'll be dealing with more than one guard.
No. 525219 ID: e213ca

I know. I have a brilliant plan that cannot fail.

Roll up your trousers and show a sexy leg.
No. 525306 ID: 0eef61
File 137417961402.png - (4.93KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

"what'd you major in?"
"You're gonna laugh."
"i won't."
"Comparative and World Literature. With a minor in dance."
"not laughing."
"That's because you're sneaking around killing dudes."
"distract them for me with the dance of your people."
"Eat a dick."

Knocking on the wall is universal language for "come over here, so I can kill you."

73-6 coughs loudly, instead.
A cough and then a suspicious lack of any further sound is one of the most suspicious things you can hear.

The guard detaches himself from the wall and squints toward the doorway. "Hey. Hey, excuse me."

He walks about halfway down the hallway, then hesitates and stands where he is. "Come out of there. You shouldn't be here."
No. 525307 ID: a23afd

Close enough for shotgun range. Show him you should definitely be here.
No. 525315 ID: 9ddf68

what do you think would be better, the stub noise or the shotgun? take him out with the one you think would be best.
No. 525316 ID: 0eef61
File 137418112340.png - (5.66KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

73-6 turns the corner with the shotgun in hand.

"Hey-" says the guard, sounding more dully surprised than actively hostile.

73-6 plugs him full in the chest. He's dead.

With a chunky metallic clack 73-6 has racked another shell into the chamber before the body hits the ground.

"guard outside down."
"Good kill. Proceed, Sev."

"Floor 43. No sign of the patrol yet," reports Penelope. "Can you hear me, Sev?"
"yes ma'am."
"Bueno. So hey, now that we're out of there: you got your optics on Sara, don't you?"
"why does everyone keep asking me that?"
"I heard you two little birds chattering last night for like two hours, amigo."
"you were listening?"
"Claro que si. It kept me up. Thin walls, my friend. Y'know it's cute, in a weird posthuman way. You were mad crushing, though."
No. 525317 ID: c95833

>silent high caliber sniper rifle
>remote false muzzle flashes
Goddamn that's brilliant.

Dunno how it works for you ninja druggy types, but they don't really give us zombies time off for socialization. I'll take what I can get.
No. 525318 ID: a23afd

Sara was nice, sure, but oh my god, mission first please.

How is she tapping into our communications? Also, can Monica use the cameras to tell Penelope where the strike force is?
No. 525322 ID: 9ddf68

so we're currently on a mission to kill guys so we can all go home and you pick now of all times to bring this up? why you jealous or something? In reality though I really don't get to talk to people outside of work so it's nice to hear a fresh voice from time to time... and with a face like this it's hard to talk to anybody without them trying to put a bullet in me but then again over half the time I am trying to kill them.
No. 525329 ID: 0eef61
File 137418317396.png - (6.27KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

"i don't know how the druggy ninjas do it but you don't get a lot of opportunities to socialize in the bureau. i take what i can get. now we gotta focus up."
"Yeah, but the robot, though?"
"why? jealous?"
Penelope laughs. "You can have her. I'll take the roomie. Did you see the ass on Keisha Chalthoum?"
"you were looking?"
"Why? Jealous? You might want to thump your gaydar a couple times, hombre. Did the crew cut and the gun fetish not give it away?"

73-6 listens at the door to 13-C. No audible voices, but he can hear a low buzz from the other side, punctuated by a regular click.
No. 525330 ID: 76b151

my guess is another turret. think you can hack through a closed door?
No. 525332 ID: 9ddf68

thought the haircut was for keeping the hair out of your eyes when you're cutting people up truth be told.

Either you have some guys on the other side of the door readying there weapons or another turret so unless you can find some way to hack it we may need to find another way in.
No. 525335 ID: c95833

Bureau forgot to fix that, I guess. And I'm hardly an expert on hair. And I kind of expect everyone in this business to have a gun fetish.

>regular buzz and click
...like an oscillating fan? (Or could be an oscillating turret, I guess).
No. 525338 ID: 57a559

Wait, I thought a gun fetish would indicate a chick is into dudes... there's a bidar going off but well, you know personal is personal. Besides, you have more of a sword fetish than a gun fetish, which I suppose is interchangeable. And the haircut is tactically sound, can't imagine how hot that helmet would be with long flowing hair.

I think that door's trapped with explosives for some reason.
No. 525339 ID: 60ad76

admit it and ask for advice.

don't forget to loot the body!
No. 525344 ID: 0eef61
File 137418558486.png - (7.71KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

"i figured it was to keep the hair out of your eyes."
"Well, yeah. It does that too. But I've gotten it from both ends of the equation, and chicas do it better. No offense."

The door guard had a semiautomatic rifle loaded with 20 rounds. If 73-6 wants it he'll have to either drop a weapon or take it along and risk clanking and decreased mobility.

In one of his pockets, there's a little black fob thing. An orange light on it winks on and off.
No. 525345 ID: a23afd

Describe it to monica, see if she knows what it is. Maybe it's something he'd use to get through the door unharmed? Is there a button on it or something?
No. 525346 ID: 9ddf68

think you could ask Monica what it is cause the only thing popping to mind is a key for the door.
No. 525353 ID: c95833

Forget the rifle.

...can we hack the fiddly thing?
No. 525367 ID: 0eef61
File 137418938758.png - (7.29KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

73-6 holds the fob up to his eye.

"monica, what can you tell me about this thing?"

"It's emitting some kind of signal into the room. Through the door, so it's not a key, or anything. I don't know. It could be for IFF purposes if there's any automated defenses inside."
No. 525372 ID: a23afd

Probably IFF then. Press it down and get that door open. You'll have to switch to a one-handed weapon though. Depending on how far away the people in the next room are, that'll either be the spike or the snubnose. So have both ready to access quickly.
No. 525374 ID: 735f4f

Either a Iff or a remote of some sort. If you do click it make sure to stand off to one side a bit when you open the door. Just in case.
No. 525379 ID: 57a559

I suggest using the body as a shield as a form of life insurance in case we're wrong about this little thing.
No. 525380 ID: 66e540

maybe a tracking device so they can keep track of each other? it would be moderately clever of them. in any case don't press the button, whatever it doses will probably draw attention.
No. 525382 ID: 9ddf68

pick up dead body and use it as a shield for when you open the door to try and fool the turret, then if you can get close to it and change it's IFF.
No. 525385 ID: c95833

Can't we... hack it? Won't that tell us what it does? Or what it's connected to?
No. 525402 ID: 0eef61
File 137419510556.png - (6.10KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

73-6 cracks the fob open and has a look.

Looks like this creates a signal to enter the holder into a dead zone that will ensure an automated turret in the apartment won't open fire on them. Anyone who holds it won't get shot.

With his advanced hacking skills, 73-6 can:
+boost the signal to cover the entire apartment, rendering the turret basically inert
+signal the turret to start firing and dump all of its ammo into the air at nothing
+swap the signal so the turret fires only on people who ARE holding the fob, rather than people who aren't
+deactivate and preserve the turret, offering potential redeployment (depending on how the turret is set up)

73-6 remembers that 14-1 has requested this mission stay stealthy and he not be discovered by anyone.
No. 525403 ID: 76b151

+swap the signal so the turret fires only on people who ARE holding the fob, rather than people who aren't
Clear the room before we enter? Yes please.
No. 525406 ID: c95833

If we want this to be clean and stealthy, we can't have the turret start firing right now. It will kill some people, but not all, and the survivors could hear the gunfire. Which means the alarm may be sounded.

Just hold on to the fob right now, so the turret doesn't shoot you. We can do something else with it later.

For now, sneak into the room.
No. 525409 ID: a23afd

Hmm... yeah, I'll agree. Even deactivating the turret could cause suspicion.
No. 525411 ID: 9ddf68

leave it alone for now and lets just enter the room since the turret won't fire on us anyways now... anywhere you can hide the body by the way?
No. 525413 ID: a27643

make the turret inert. they may notice if the turret suddenly stops moving and spoil the element of surprise.
No. 525446 ID: ec3d24


Option #1 is convenient to say in the least, but baddies in different floors might find it suspicious when their turrets refuse to shoot on civilians. And when baddie buddies would call in to report building-wide inert turrets, everyone would become suspicious and a command would be given to track the source to our fob. Unless we left the fob Better idea*

Option #2 is both confusing and dangerous to anyone inside; depending on where the turret is pointing, it could hit guards and civilians alike. Any Fantomas that lives, will shortly alert higher-ups, something we definitely do not want.

Finally, for Option #3, it's entirely possible that there are others inside that room that are holding similar fobs. Option #3 only works if the turret is built to swing all the way around. I'm thinking that if the turret has a limited vision range, most of it is pointed at the door.

Option #4 works best because we get

*This could actually work. Imagine how many bad guys they would send to the fob's location, only to be shot down by everyone's favorite moldy. This could also provide a great distraction to divert a lot of Fantomas soldiers away from the rest of the building.

New possible plan: We use Option #1, then go inside and kill everyone, save civies. Then, we place the hacked fob and turret together, and make sure the turret is set up to shoot any Fantomas who try to enter. When the investigation team doesn't report in, more baddies will be sent down, providing us the perfect chance to shoot them as they come down or to get away.
No. 525481 ID: 0eef61
File 137421956937.png - (18.75KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

73-6 decides to take it easy, for now, and deactivates the turret inside the apartment. As long as he has the fob on him he can cause any of the other effects.

The front room looks for all the world like a civilian apartment but for the stubby sponson turret sitting on a high shelf, its barrel taking in the room on an orbit.

There's a sleek table monitor with the computer it's hooked up to squatting in a corner.

"i'm in the front room. possible exits, monica?"

"The door in front of you is the kitchen. Far right says 'Offices' on the blueprint. No idea what the Fantomas are using it for. Near right door is Balcony Access and storage. The stairs up are the sleeping quarters."

"14-1, where would this case be?"

"Couldn't tell you for sure, Sev-Three, but it's going to be hidden in a room where the head-honcho has residence and quick access to it. Could be offices, could be the bedroom. Could be you just find him and get its location out of him at gunpoint, or some other way.
No. 525483 ID: 35edd4

Check the bedrooms first. If it's there you might be able to grab it and go without any further engagement.
No. 525484 ID: a23afd

Hack into that monitor and find out. Should be easy to just comb their communications to get an idea of where the head honcho's room is.
No. 525485 ID: 9ddf68

bedroom seems isolated and if things go bad you could always turn the turret back on to gun people down in this room so why not start there?
No. 525486 ID: 0eef61
File 137422111561.png - (12.26KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

There's no hack required on the table monitor. Someone's still logged in. It's a touch interface, nice tech. There's probably a good reason the guys calling the revolution shots down here really needed it and the enforcers further upstairs didn't.

73-6 does a quick search for "room" "my room" "my door", et cetera.

He finds a chat log from admin:TonyBlankenship to a BeachLvr0451, two weeks ago.

>i had a rly fun time 2day ;)
Me too
You wanna drop by later? aptmnt 13-C
>umm maybe
Too many sweaty military men in theer?
>lol yeah kinda
just say you're meeting w/ the boss, they'll leave you alone. i'll be in the office or my rm, 3rd door on left upstairs

Tony Blankenship: a man brought down by his own booty call.
No. 525487 ID: 60ad76

see what else you can find. make a copy for the guys at HQ maybe?
No. 525492 ID: 9ddf68

see if there is anything of value on that thing real quick then start with the bedroom and then check the office if the item you need isn't in the bedroom
No. 525499 ID: a23afd

Let's not waste any time here, we could get walked in on. To the bedrooms!
No. 525505 ID: c95833

Don't we kind of have to search the whole apartment anyways? Even if we find the briefcase immediately, we have to make sure we kill everyone in here to prevent the alarm being raised, don't we?
No. 525605 ID: 01531c

Avoiding Alarm (causing panic) is a secondary objective.
Evading Detection (being spotted) is a primary objective.
No. 525713 ID: 0eef61
File 137430765212.png - (218.25KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

14-1 readjusts position, locks the fourth sniper into his optics and flicks the gyros on, putting the cannon into a hands-free aimlock. He checks the wind readings, does a gentle readjust, and pulls the trigger.
The barrel snapslides back on its piston with a mechanical sigh like a stapler depressing and his target's chest implodes. 14-1's hand shoots out and bats the ejected shell up into an end-over-end tailspin to cool it down to manageable temperatures, then catches it before it hits the ground. Not even the tinkle of brass gives his position away.

He allows professional pride to stretch a smile across his face.
No. 525714 ID: 0eef61
File 137430765784.png - (7.37KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

"73-6, I'm in position to provide sniper support." 14-1's voice crackles into 73-6's ear as he pads up the stairs to the bedrooms. "Get them outside a window, and I'll bring them down quick and quiet."

"acknowledged, fourteen. thanks."

73-6 hides at the doorway to the bedroom hall. Two targets up here. One's leaning in the doorway of his room, talking to a bald guy in the hallway.

73-6's target room is at the end of the hall.
No. 525715 ID: 60ad76

listen in
No. 525716 ID: a23afd

Wait for the conversation to end and the door to close, then see if 14-1 can eliminate the one remaining in the hallway.
No. 525717 ID: 0eef61
File 137430865674.png - (7.09KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

"got a shot for you to take. upper floor. on my mark."
"Upper floor? I see him. After their conversation?"
"Rrroger dodger. Be there to catch."

"I don't know," says the balding one. "Some contractor. He works for guys like the Fantomas on the reg, dealing weapons and blowing shit up. I hear he's a real gearhead."
"Oh, yeah? Scavving rich bitches' dumpsters?"
"Yeah, he's big into the Black Stall thing. A major player in their VR servers."
"Well, good thing we can afford him."
"No doubt. I'm too old to figure that sort of shit out. You going anywhere to eat?"
"I'm probably just gonna nuke something. I've got groups to coordinate here. Dinner, maybe."
"All right. Take care."

The door closes.
A split second after 14-1 says it the man's face evaporates. No sound but a wet, sucking thunk.
73-6 darts from cover and catches the swaying body before it drops, guiding it to a silent heap on the floor.
No. 525718 ID: 60ad76

hide the body. maybe throw it out the window? would someone notice that?
No. 525719 ID: a23afd

Check him for anything immediately useful. Then it's to the next room. It looks like it's open a crack, so be careful on the approach. Listen to see if anyone's in there, then slowly open the door with your gun ready.
No. 525720 ID: 9ddf68

if you don't think anyone would notice hurl that guy out the window there, then I guess check the room closest to the window... can you open this doors just a pinch so you can try and spy inside a bit before you go in?
No. 525726 ID: c95833

Back up, stow the body in the turret room.
No. 525783 ID: 0eef61
File 137434585225.png - (9.79KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

73-6 stows the body downstairs, then returns to the hallway and cracks open the third door on the left.

The guy inside is stripping down a big, shiny handgun. The kind Monica calls "Raging Compensators". She's not talking about the muzzle brake.
No. 525784 ID: 35edd4

He should be focused on the work. Slip up and spike him.
No. 525785 ID: 9ddf68

wait for him to finish taking the gun apart and then rush into the room and take him out with the spike or if you can finish opening the door without making noise you could just sneak up behind him. Also there's a door behind the dresser in the room.
No. 525797 ID: c95833

Sneaky sneaky stabby stabby.

If you get him dead before he shouts or drops the gun or something, no one will notice. And with his gun in pieces, he's basically disarmed, unless he tries to hit you with it, I guess.
No. 525801 ID: 8ffedb

Something black and circular on the shelf, not sure if it's a turret or not. Ask 14 where he got his rifle, and if it was love at first sights (dohoho).
No. 525804 ID: 2f4b71

14-1 has AP rounds, right? We really need to get some sort of targeting datalink to let him accurately punch right through to the building core. Yeah, there may be some collateral from anything in between him and the target, but being able to call in sniper support on someone hiding behind several walls? Priceless.
No. 525838 ID: 0eef61
File 137435363522.png - (9.50KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

When he dies he goes "Wark".

It's not a shout or anything. It's just sort of a little breathed exclamation.
Wark. Like a chicken. 73-6 bets he'd be glad no one saw him go.

The black thing on the cabinet is a console of some kind hooked up to the TV.
That thing behind it isn't a door, but a low metal vent.

73-6 can request an AP shot at any time, but 14-1 could miss, and even if he doesn't the bullet could easily go through the whole building and grease some random civilian in their sleep. 73-6 has seen an AP round for a strix. Those things are as big as friggin' daggers.
No. 525839 ID: a23afd

Close door, open vent, retrieve package.
No. 525840 ID: 76b151

call it in and investigate the vent. Might be where that briefcase is.
No. 525847 ID: 0eef61
File 137435463038.png - (4.63KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

"another corpse."
"Noted, Sev-Three."

73-6 checks the vent. Nothing there.

He looks down at the guy he just stabbed to death.
No way he's getting its location out of him.
No. 525850 ID: a23afd


Welp. Check the cabinet under the TV. Then search the dude for notes or whatever. Then check the paper on the side of the TV. Then check under his table. Then check behind the TV.
No. 525854 ID: c95833

After checking things, peek out into the hallway. Anyone there, or it clear?
No. 525875 ID: 0eef61
File 137435973735.png - (9.22KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

73-6 pats down the dead Fantoma. Nothing on him.
The thing under the TV is another one of those cramped hab-block beds. Nothing under his table.

The thing on the side of the cabinet proves to be a shopping list.

"where is this thing?"
"Well there were never any guarantees it was gonna be in the stiff's bedroom, 73-6," says 14-1, evenly. "Anywhere else he could have put it?"

"Hold on. I can help," says Monica. "There's more vents the case could be at in, uh, the kitchen and the office."
No. 525876 ID: 6ecdc4

Office first then the kitchen
No. 525878 ID: 76b151

Office next I think. Think you can cause the door to lock after you leave? Don't wanna give anyone easy access to your kills since we are doing this stealth-wise.
No. 525882 ID: 0eef61
File 137436118757.png - (16.23KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

73-6 locks the door behind him and heads back downstairs to get to the

awwww who are these two jokers?

They're sitting in the front room, chatting about something around the table.

Hopefully they won't have the urge to lift it up or anything, because there's a guy with his face blown off in the hollow underneath.
No. 525893 ID: 76b151

no way are we going to get by them without killing them. Make the turret kill them.
No. 525896 ID: 76b151

no way are we going to get by them without killing them. Make the turret kill them.
No. 525900 ID: c95833

...yeah, I don't see another alternative here. We don't have a silenced weapon, and we can't stab two people that quickly or before anyone gets a shout off. We'll have to risk the gunshots being heard.
No. 525902 ID: d0864b

That might draw the attention of other people in the apartment. It could still be the best way to kill them, just be aware of the downsides.

Also, what’s that white thing under the table? And didn’t you stash a dead body here?
No. 525905 ID: cf49fc

That's a corpse. Just switch on the gunturret. Our cover is so blown it's funny.

Well, there is one alternative. You could do the old "Look over there" routine by hacking the A/C to blow out a vent on the other side of the room, and then when they're looking stab both in the throat with the electro-spike.

But I like the gun turret plan better.
No. 525924 ID: 064534

I like the vent plan, if we can keep our cover just a bit longer the rest of the mission will be much easier.
No. 525928 ID: 57d4f5

Make the turret kill them, then switch it back, loot their identity fobs and put them on the table. With a little luck whoever comes investigate will think they were just really stupid. (Note: we have to kill them anyway; this provides a _chance_ of not blowing our cover)
No. 525930 ID: 35edd4

If this is feasible, it's worth a try.
No. 525948 ID: a23afd

Turning the gun on will definitely alert the entire apartment, and we know there is at least one other person here. So don't do it.

Turn it OFF. They will notice, and go look at it. Then you spike one, and jam your snubnose in the other one's face. That's when you ask nicely where the case is.
No. 525976 ID: 0eef61
File 137438849706.png - (14.16KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

73-6 turns the turret off.

"What was that?"
"Turret just shut down."
"Oh, did it? Hold on. Sometimes it gets stuck, you just need to-"

The one sitting down stands and crosses to the turret, and the moment he comes close enough 73-6 springs round the corner and jams the spike into his ear, through his skull, and out the other side.

He levels his pistol between the eyes of the other one.
"move and you die."
"talk and you die."
"Is he dead?"
"he's dead. talk and you die."
73-6 pulls the spike bodily out of the Fantomas' skull. "case. where's the case?"
"briefcase. it's in a vent."
"The, uh. The bugout bag?"
"the what?"

"That's what we're looking for," says 14-1. "Ask him where."

"i mean yes. bugout bag. where is it?"
"The, um, the, uh,"
"you're stalling. you die in three, two..."
"Office. It's in Tony's office. Fuck, man. Don't."
No. 525977 ID: a23afd

Ask him which office is Tony's. Then tell him alright, he cooperated, so he should turn around so you can tie him up and gag him. Then walk up and spike him. Fantomas don't get to live.
No. 525979 ID: cf49fc

Da Tovarische. Allow him the luxury of thinking he's going to live. Then kill him. He's a liability.
No. 525987 ID: 9ddf68

this works well, don't forget to hide the bodies.
No. 525990 ID: ea4b0b

what this guy said, let him go out thinking he won.
No. 526025 ID: 0eef61
File 137443025745.png - (8.35KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

"which office?"
"Closest to the right. His name's on the door. Please, man, I-"
"thank you for cooperating. turn around and put your hands behind your back."
"Are you gonna handcuff me or something?"
No. 526026 ID: 0eef61
File 137443026327.png - (7.48KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

"or something," says 73-6, as he wipes the spike clean.

73-6 isn't sure where he could hide these guys. The table is already occupied.
No. 526030 ID: 35edd4

The locked room upstairs? If we can get (hack?) back into it anyway. Alternatively, clear out another room upstairs and use it.
No. 526040 ID: a23afd

Yeah, we could put them in the bedroom we cleared, or we could just turn the turret back on with reversed IFF (making sure to not be in the room before when we do so, so that we can ditch the fob safely) to take out anyone else that shows up. Can't be many more fantomas in here, there are only three bedrooms and the one we were in had only one bed. If the other two have bunkbeds then there's 5 beds. We've seen 6 people here already counting the guard. There can't be many more here. Maybe we should ask the next guy how many people are in here, if there is a next guy.

Oh right, call the two corpses in.
No. 526045 ID: cf49fc

When in doubt, cram it in a vent.
No. 526046 ID: c95833

Bad place to hide bodies. Someone could smell it.
No. 526062 ID: 4a20fa

Dump them in the locked closet with chickenman, then go to the office.
No. 526080 ID: a23afd

Okay let me clarify my position- dragging the corpses up the stairs is going to make noise and/or take fooooreeeever. I don't want to do it.
No. 526095 ID: 0eef61
File 137443892154.png - (11.30KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

"two more enemies down."
"You're really chewing them up in there."
"they could make it harder."

73-6 switches the turret back on, and (once he is safe inside the office hall) keys it to attack anyone with a fob on them.

Tony's office is just where whatsisface said it was. 73-6 makes sure there's no occupant then lets himself in.
No. 526097 ID: a23afd

Remember to ditch the fob.

Make sure the vent isn't boobytrapped then open it up. What the heck is that thing on the other door? Is that a computer on the desk? We could hack it a little if it won't take much time...
No. 526098 ID: 60ad76

nonono, if it fires you'll be found out.
can you set it to let you know if any fobs come into range instead?
No. 526102 ID: a23afd

Considering if there is anyone to fire upon, the bodies will have been discovered, I think that's a fine tradeoff.
No. 526104 ID: 278c37

wont it already let him know when the turret starts firing tho?
No. 526198 ID: 0eef61
File 137445393656.png - (8.53KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

There's a computer on the desk and a locked safe on the wall.

73-6 gingerly checks the vent for booby traps and finds nothing. He unscrews it, reaches inside, and pulls out a stippled, aluminum suitcase.
No. 526200 ID: 76b151

Mission accomplished. Time to leave.
No. 526201 ID: f0357f

call it in.

check for more loot.
No. 526202 ID: f0357f

have you been remembering to rob the bodies?

The Bureu might appreciate having their credit/checking account or other info to drain them to recuperate expenses, if that's how things are done.
No. 526205 ID: c95833

Right. Got the bugout bag.

...we have to finish the sweep of the apartment though, right? If we leave anyone alive, they'll find the bodies, call it in, and this opp will be discovered prematurely.

Anything useful we can hack out of that computer?
No. 526207 ID: f0357f

Yes, 73-6 should pull the hard drive from the computer after hacking for networked data.
No. 526209 ID: cf49fc

In the name of you, leave none alive.

Also, is there any wire or something? You can suspend them from the ceiling if their is. It's a fatal flaw in human perception: They don't look UP.
No. 526210 ID: a23afd

Look in it! Also hack into the safe and open it, acquire contents.
No. 526211 ID: cf49fc

I just messed up there and their. I deserve no mercy.
No. 526234 ID: 78d039

Careful with the safe, could have a gun rigged to shoot in it or worse.
No. 526235 ID: 9ddf68

we could just arm the turret to gun down everyone and anyone after we leave. that should buy us time... also how's the junky ninja doing on her end?
No. 526236 ID: 735f4f

Make sure it has what we need inside it. Nothing like showing up at base with a empty case.
No. 526251 ID: 2f4b71

This. We don't want to extract someone's change of clothes and toothbrush from a besieged building.
No. 526253 ID: c95833

...that would require us asking what's supposed to be inside, first. We haven't been told.
No. 526258 ID: 60ad76

start with the computer, maybe the idiot saved the password to the safe in there. also look up plans, weapons, explosives, operatives, and just download the whole thing for hq while you mess with the safe.
No. 526272 ID: 0eef61
File 137447667911.png - (12.91KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

The safe is shut with a solid, analog lock. 73-6's hacking won't help him open it. His AP-loaded rifle might blow a hole through, but that would make a good amount of noise.

The computer is hackable, but it'll take a couple of minutes to hack, and there's three corpses in the next room over. Should 73-6 attempt it anyway?

The turret is currently armed.
73-6 hasn't heard from Penelope since their conversation in the hallway, around 5 minutes ago.

He flips open the metal lid on the case. Its contents are a handgun, 3 flares, a candy bar, and several fat rolls of cash.
"i've got the mission objective here. what exactly was i looking for?"
"What you are looking for is signal flares," says 14-1. "Rendezvous with your friend the ninja, take em up to the roof, plant two, and wait for the Fantomas to hand-deliver your ride out of here. Everything else in that case doesn't matter."
"Unless there's money," says Monica. "Bureau needs to take and recirculate that."
"Probably just flares and weapons in there," says 14-1. "Nothing the bureau needs." He lowers his voice. "Am I right, 73-6?"
No. 526276 ID: 7dbd6b

Looks like it.
No. 526277 ID: bf54a8

14 got a retirement from a normally impossible to retire from thing, i think if he is sure about something it is a good idea to agree with him.
No. 526278 ID: 735f4f

Just looks like the flares you wanted and a candy bar. Also a handgun.
No. 526279 ID: 47d311

He's either testing you or covering for you. Until you know for sure which it is, answer in a way that does not confirm or deny the contents of the case.

Something like "Flares, got 'em." or "I'll know when I get to the roof; not gonna stick around to rummage through this junk here." or "Three bodies outside and nowhere to hide 'em, not the time."
No. 526281 ID: a23afd

Well there's no cash in here, but there is a candy bar. Ask monica if she wants you to save it for her.

It sounds like them sounding the alarm at all would screw up our ride out of here. We may need to clear the whole apartment if we want to prevent that... except we don't really have time for that, as Penelope might get her ass killed before we're done.

Hmph. Drag the corpses into this office then turn the turret back to normal (putting the fob back in your pocket of course)

Then we jet.
No. 526288 ID: 60ad76

hide the bodies and come back for the computer.
also, 14 knows best.
No. 526304 ID: beeca1

This, but do mention the candy bar and suggest that it will surely be vital to the Bureau.

Hold it ransom and threaten to eat it unless your demands are met.
No. 526334 ID: 0eef61
File 137452798123.png - (6.93KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

"yep. flares accounted for." 73-6 palms the cash and slips it into his trenchcoat. "also a candy bar. you want me to save that for you, monica?"
"Is it Coda Crunch?"
"no, it's a mr. mord's."
"You can have it. I don't like dark chocolate."
No. 526335 ID: 0eef61
File 137452799180.png - (15.43KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

73-6 drags the corpses into the office.

He's not sure what to do about those stains, but the turret's covering him, just in case.
No. 526336 ID: 0eef61
File 137452802788.png - (9.07KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

And the computer is more than worth it.

73-6 logs on and an alert pops up immediately. Squad under attack. One assailant: Tribranch.

Tony's desktop is keyed into the entire building's communications network. This is going to be fun.

With his hacking ability, 73-6 can:
+broadcast a message to every Fantomas unit in the building
+crash the entire communications network
+send debilitating feedback into the earpieces of every Fantomas officer in the building
+leave the network untouched, but tap into all incoming and outgoing Fantomas communications
+update Tony's status

No. 526337 ID: 3e4b6e

Update status: My fellow Fantomas, it's time I came out of the closet.
No. 526338 ID: 76b151

+leave the network untouched, but tap into all incoming and outgoing Fantomas communications
this is probably the best idea to help us advoid or ambush any patrols they'll setup.
No. 526341 ID: c95833

Oh, I see now. If anyone discovers the bug out bag was jacked, the heli won't come. Or it'll come guns-a-blazing.

Could we use communication gear to check locations of Fantomas? Get the system to make sure there's no one else in this apartment for us to kill.

Can we send debilitating feedback just to the squad fighting Penelope? That would allow her to finish them quickly.

Otherwise, this sounds good.

Yeah... let's not disagree with the super-sniper who's done the impossible. That's not healthy. That said, we'll try and get the money back to the Bureau later.
No. 526343 ID: 9ddf68

the best of both worlds, we can add insult to injury and stay one step ahead of our enemies.
No. 526344 ID: 60ad76

ask penelope how she's doing. if she needs help right now do the feedback thing.
ask 14 what's the next step, you can send everyone away using a clever message, but we'd need to know away from what to think of something.
otherwise, tap into the network for now.
No. 526345 ID: a23afd

Personally I prefer just "Status update: Wark."

If we crash the communications, our escape route is completely assured no matter what. I think that's the best thing to do here, since we already have other feeds for the bureau to keep tabs on this place with, and someone is going to notice those stains (and get shot by the turret). But be sure to do the feedback thing first to help out Penelope.
No. 526347 ID: 35edd4

Don't risk the update, it might prompt someone to come investigate or at least ask him wtf. Do tap the network. Don't do anything else. Stealth op, remember.
No. 526352 ID: d5ca0c

No humorous status updates. Childish pranks don't get you to retirement. Maaaybe an update that just says 'out'. Might help keep people from being suspcious of the bugout bag, providing nobody reports a body.
No. 526399 ID: 0eef61
File 137454625589.png - (17.55KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

73-6 taps into comms and sends a handy blast of feedback the way of the patrol defending against Penelope.

One quick status update later he's at the door, ready to leave the apartment, barring any unfinished business.

Penelope is still not responding. 73-6 can meet her face to face on the way up.
No. 526400 ID: a23afd

...I hope she's not dead. Ask Monica if there's anything showing up on the feeds.
No. 526404 ID: 0eef61
File 137454790991.png - (14.68KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

"monica, you getting anything on the feeds for penelope? is she okay?"

"Define 'okay'. Because physically she's just fine, but I don't know if anyone who could do what she is doing to other people is strictly 'okay'."

"she stimmed?"

"I believe she is. Uhh, I got sound. listen in."

"The meat supercomputer is draining," sings Penelope. Something wet tears. "Organic grape nut diodes dropping off the vine to infinite, razor space. Come here, hombre. Don't run. Hey. HEY. GET THE FUCK OVER HERE."

Someone is screaming. Penelope is laughing. "We're networked! Can you feel it? Gristle cable jacks! Skinputty semiconductors! Electric wifi up your spine! I'm boosting your signal! I'M LETTING IT OUT!"

"Sssso that's Penelope," says Monica.
No. 526407 ID: a23afd

Deep, man.

Let's uh, head up, but maybe wait for her to cool down before meeting up with her?
No. 526409 ID: 312791


we may wanna hold off on meeting up with her for a bit
No. 526411 ID: c95833

Lock the door behind you, to stop any civies from walking in, and to keep unauthorized Fantomas from checking on that apartment. Any authorized ones will have key, and a fob, and get pasted.

She gets poetic when she's high, huh.

Lemme know when she starts to come down. I'll start my way up, but I don't think I want to stick my head out when she's completely nuts.
No. 526412 ID: bc8d67

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're not done here yet. You've gotta hide that you were here as good as you can. It'd going to be a long, long climb up to the roof from the 13th floor, and that's ample time for some random Fantomas to come through here and see the tell-tale signs of your handiwork. You've got some cleanup to do before leaving.

First thing, drag that guard's corpse in from the hall and stick it in the office. Grab the rug from the office to drag it on if it would otherwise leave a bloody trail.

Second, empty the contents of the bugout case into your pockets and put the case back exactly where you found it. This way a cursory check if it's there won't give away that you took it. You're done in the office, so set the door lock and close it.

Third, head into the kitchen or a bathroom and grab a couple towels or some clothes. Wet one down and fold it over in quarters two or three times, keeping the others dry. Head into the living room, move the chair over so it covers most of the blood next to it, then wipe what's exposed up with the wet cloth. Flip it over when it's bloody, then fold it over when it's bloody again, and keep doing that until you're done. Do the same for what's visible in front of the office door. Wipe the damp spots up with the dry cloth. Stuff all of the bloodied cloths under the holo-table when you're finished.

Set the apartment door lock as you leave, and the turret back to normal operation.
No. 526413 ID: a23afd

I don't think we need to move the corpse from out in the hall. The simple fact that the guard isn't there will tip someone off if they go outside. Putting the case back but keeping the contents is a good idea though.

One of the blood stains looks like it could be hidden under a chair, won't even need to clean it. If we're that interested in keeping our presence under wraps we could... kill everyone here?
No. 526414 ID: 0eef61
File 137455040203.png - (11.64KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

"i'll just, uh, just clean up a little here while i wait for her to come down a little."

"That might be a good idea."

73-6 pockets the flares and the gun, then replaces the case. He pulls the guard outside into the door and sticks him in the office. Then he retrieves some towels from the kitchen and gets to work on the bloodstains.

He's really putting his back into when the turret chatters percussively behind him.
It plugs the descending Fantoma twice in the chest. He stumbles backward, hits the wall, and slides down it.

Oh, riiiight. That guy was there.
No. 526415 ID: 47d311

Make a joke about how people usually get pretty irate when their Wi-Fi is down or has a shitty signal, because you know it is entirely 100% true.

She's just venting.
No. 526416 ID: c95833

Goddamn it guys, I knew we should have swept the whole apartment. If there's anyone else still alive in here, they heard those shots and they're going to call them in.

...could we hack all comm gear in the apartment dead real fast? Then double check there are no more survivors.
No. 526417 ID: a23afd

Yes. That guy was there. Which is why I didn't want to spend a huge amount of time cleaning up, and wanted to shut down all communications so it wouldn't MATTER if someone happened upon the bloodstains and bodies.

I hope that was the last guy here. If not we may have to rush around and make sure the apartment is empty now. Upstairs first, because someone coming down those stairs will see the corpse before getting shot, but the turret has a clean view of the other doors so anyone opening them will get blasted.
No. 526430 ID: 9ddf68

alright quick sweep of apartment to make sure no one else is here then throw dead guy into some room and lock the door, use the towel to stop him from bleeding out even more then just through a blanket on the blood smear on the floor and lets get out of here.
No. 526431 ID: 044830

we've tapped there comms, we will know if anyone heard that.
No. 526435 ID: 60ad76

sweep the place. be aware that someone might have heard the shots.
No. 526444 ID: 0eef61
File 137455905075.png - (5.59KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

The only thing on the comms right now is some controller somewhere repeatedly trying to raise the upper level kill-team.
"Guys? Guys? Come on. Call in. Danson?"

73-6 checks the rest of the apartment. Looks like it's been cleared out.

He spends a round on the safe, and finds a modular silencer in it. These little beauties screw on, resize, and fit anything .45 or under. It'd fit on his snubnose or his MG, being obviously more effective at repressing sound on the former.

Last one alive, shut the lights and lock the door.
No. 526445 ID: 0eef61
File 137455907528.png - (32.36KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

He finds Penelope on the fourty-fifth floor, in a hallway that's been turned impromptu slaughterhouse.
Dead Fantomas and parts of dead Fantomas everywhere.

She's curled up in a crouch on the other end of the hallway, rocking back and forth, leaning on her sword to steady the trembling. "Yeah," she says, waving twitchily at 73-6. "Yeah. Yes. Yeah, we are. We are. We are. Pardon the, hmmmmmmmm! The carpet. The mess. Is it taste like pop rocks in here or is that just my tongue, hombre? Have you ever had pop rocks? Haaahhh. Do you have a tongue, even? We are. We are." The stims should be washing out any second now. She's riding out the comedown.
No. 526446 ID: a23afd

Well while we're waiting there are all these bodies to search.

Oh, call in that last corpse that got made by the turret and put the silencer on the snubnose. That shit's gonna be niiiiice.
No. 526447 ID: 57a559

Back off slowly, just back off slowly. Just get out of site, just nearby so you can hear the comedown.
No. 526448 ID: 9ddf68

I don't think any movement is a good idea right now. Just stand there and wait for her to calm down, then loot the bodies and head on up to the roof.

Also ask 14 how he's doing with the snipers around here, don't want to get to the roof only to have that one stray sniper take your head off now do we?

As for the silencer, put it on the stub-nose.
No. 526452 ID: 0eef61
File 137456374137.png - (9.23KB , 800x600 , 46.png )

73-6 backs away and waits. He nervously screws the silencer onto his snubnose.

Eventually Penelope straightens up and stretches out her spine. She reaches down and picks up her helmet, discarded beside her.

"No puedo respirar con mi cabeza en este puto casco." She turns around. Her eyes have normalized. "Sorry about that. I, uh." She waves her sword at the carnage. "Got that kill-team for ya."
No. 526453 ID: 76b151

Couldn't have done it better myself.
No. 526454 ID: a23afd

Good job. We've got our exit strategy secured.

See if these guys have anything interesting on them. Any new types of guns? Or silenced weapons?
No. 526456 ID: 57a559

Great, tell us how exactly to you know, avoid getting friendly killed by you if you have to drug up in our vicinity?

Also, where'd you get the drugs, didn't you run out back in the apartment yesterday, which is why our help was useful? Or does your suit-helmet thing automatically restock overtime?
No. 526458 ID: 9ddf68

ask what kind of 'meds' she has because holy shit.

also say you found a way out of here and then check with 14-1 to see if he's done sniper hunting.

And as always check bodies for anything good.
No. 526463 ID: e1609c

Never change, pen.
No. 526466 ID: 57a559

You know what I realize? Maybe we should wear disguises for when we do the whole "tricking Famatoma's into giving us a ride on their own helicopter."

There's plenty of spare helmets and uniforms. I mean, honestly, the only thing that makes a person a Famatoma is skin and stylish orange napkins or a orange glass helmets. Maybe there are no lady Famatoma's since I have no idea about their recruiting policies but whatever. She's got a crew cut and if she wears bulky clothes over her leotard no one can tell the difference.

Just tell 14 what you look like so he doesn't snipe you, maybe paint stylish indicators on your headgear like an Ace of Spades.
No. 526470 ID: 60ad76

they might know eachother or have code words.
No. 526481 ID: c95833

Nice work. Lost your helmet, though.

We got an exit plan. Gonna call down the Fantomas' own get out dodge helicopter and hijack it.
No. 526519 ID: 7dbd6b

If they need code words, they need to be close enough to get them. If they're close enough to get code words, they're close enough to shoot.
No. 526633 ID: 0eef61
File 137462369620.png - (12.42KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

"couldn't have done it better myself." 73-6 picks his way over the bodies to Penelope. "i got us our ticket out. flares to signal a fantomas transport."

"That's clever," says Penelope. "Uhh, what are you doing?"

73-6 is pulling the robe of a Fantomas footsoldier on. "i figured we could use disguises." He pokes his head out the top. "why? you think we should have some way to warn 14-1?"

"No, I think he'll be fine." Penelope picks out her own robe and slips into it. "He can just not shoot at the ones who aren't covered in blood."

"oh. right." 73-6 looks around. He doesn't see any robes that are free of gore. And on white clothes, the blood stands out a little stark.

"I like how they fit, though," says Penelope, consolingly. "Got any bleach?"
No. 526641 ID: a23afd

Sigh. I guess we can just go up there, set off the flares, then get out of sight and hope they land anyway?
No. 526643 ID: bf54a8

we are horribly wounded, is why we need the evac. duh.
No. 526647 ID: d78743

The Kill Squad probably has different evac protocol then the guys who were living here given that they don't have flares. The guys living here weren't wearing uniforms. Ergo, using kill squad uniforms with evac protocol for the guys living here may seem suspicious.
No. 526650 ID: c95833

Actually, what's the plan in the air? Can either of you fly a heli? Or are we just holding the pilot at gunpoint and hoping they're not willing to die for the cause?
No. 526684 ID: 9ddf68

just say we where wounded and needed evac, if we don't look high enough up to call for evac just tell whoever is picking us up that we put on some grunt cloths so we wouldn't have a giant sign screaming "I'm important, please kill me"

That is only if they bring it up, and since we're still tapped into the enemy comms we should get a heads up if things start going pear shaped.
No. 526758 ID: 0eef61
File 137464324087.png - (54.93KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

"14-1, we're coming out on the roof in fantomas gear. it's bloodstained."
73-6 opens the door and steps out onto the roof. The wind whips at the tails on his trenchcoat.

It's a long way down.

"I see you. Wave for me, please."
73-6 puts up a hand. Looking up at it helps to tame his churning sense of vertigo. Penelope walks past him. "Is it safe for us to be up here with all the snipers?"
"how many snipers are left, 14-1?"

"Goose-egg." 73-6 hears the satisfied sound of metal being slid back. "Last one bade farewell to his sternum fifteen seconds ago. The skies are ours. Now the ground is another story, kiddo, so let's see about getting you in the saddle of a gunship. You go ahead and plant that flare anywhere, but be ready. There'll be a team on that transport coming in to help the evacuees on. I pop the driver, then you two and I clear the roof. How's that sound?"
No. 526759 ID: 76b151

Sounds good.

Lets plant that flare.
No. 526760 ID: a23afd

Sounds simple.

...where the hell's it gonna land? There's no room here. If it doesn't land then killing the driver is gonna crash it.
No. 526761 ID: bf54a8

above the door :V
No. 526763 ID: 9ddf68

shoot flare and get ready to leave this joint. We do know how to drive this thing right? If not lets hope we can hack it or just learn as we go I guess.
No. 526764 ID: c95833

> I pop the driver
...wait, then who's flying this thing out of here?

Does Sev or Penelope know how to fly a copter? Seems like an important thing to consider.
No. 526769 ID: 0eef61
File 137464609543.png - (75.18KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

"can you fly these things?" 73-6 asks Penelope.
"Yeah. Can you?"
"of course. they programmed that into my brain when i rolled off the assembly line."

73-6 strikes the flare and tosses it onto the ledge above. It hisses and lets off a bright orange light and a good amount of smoke.

"That'll do it," says 14-1. "Now you best prepare to grease some Fantomas. You tuned into the comms?"
"Have a listen. See what their gameplan is now."

73-6 tunes into the communications network he piggybacked.
"Tactical, eyes on a rooftop flare. Is the procedure as normal during a lockdown?"
"Roger, Spotter. We had a squad, ran into an agent on an upper floor. That could be the wounded requesting an airlift. You have permission to dispatch Siren."
"Copy, Tactical."

"they're on the way." 73-6 slots his ammo and looks back at Penelope.
She's leaning on an AC unit. "Then we gotta get ready to ice some thugs. What's the call for prep, coach?"
No. 526771 ID: 76b151

Nothing that could damage the copter. SO lighter slugs and close range weapons only.
No. 526773 ID: 9ddf68

put up the act of wounded solders trying to get a pickup right up until 14-1 blows the pilot's brain out, then wast them a quick as you two can and then ride that bird to freedom.
No. 526799 ID: 170557

Dispatching 'Siren'..

That doesn't sound good.

Could be something super-badass intended to back-up the Fantoma squad (in which case, why didn't they send it in first?) Or it could be something intended to 'leave no witnesses', including friendlies.

Any way to get more info on this 'Siren' or the Fantoma's 'Lockdown Protocols'?
No. 526801 ID: 35edd4

It's the helicopter's callsign. They're coming to provide medevac. Pay attention.
No. 526804 ID: 360a3c

What I want to know is what the hell kind of resources ceiling and C&C the Fantoma whatever has.

My understanding of asymmetrical warfare suggests that your guerrilla warfare is primarily a socio-economic thing: Your force engages in low-intensity action to slowly weaken the authority's command over an area, bankrupt them on over-spending for security and trick them into alienating themselves against the populace through collateral damage and efforts to find your guerrillas. Above all else they should be HIDING.
These people are acting as though they have territorial control over the area like they are the government! Guerrillas would not have centralized communications and C&C, and would think twice about sacrificing this number of people to ineffectively chase a couple field-grunts, surely their ranks aren't in the six digits or more are they? I would expect the only sort of medical air evac they could get would be civilian airlift-ambulances staffed by sympathizers, but so much of what we've seen here suggests that this organization has graduated from guerrilla organization to effective shadow-government that displaces (or substitutes for) the real government in a surprisingly large territory.
No. 526806 ID: a23afd

This seems about right. Keep up the act, get the enemies out in the open, then take them all out before they can react. We can use the LMG safely if we get a good firing angle. Like, if the copter lands on that upper platform, the enemy team will have to come over to the ledge to "help" us up. Then we can fire the LMG and the firing angle will go above the copter, not hit it.
No. 526807 ID: 170557


Woops. ^.^
No. 526823 ID: 36b330

yet the locals don't consider them a government. its likely that they are allowed to operate fairly openly in the slums, so when push comes to shove the government knows where they are. or this is a large gorilla force, that is for some reason willing to spend allot of resources on something in that building.
No. 526828 ID: 170557

When whats-his-face rolled up in Kiesha's apartment he seemed to be operating as if he assumed he was in authority, like he was some sort of super neighborhood watchmen or something (The Fantomas may actually believe themselves to be something like this), Kiesha actually mentioned Warrants at one point.
No. 526931 ID: 885ee8

It seems more like the gangs are the de facto government around here, and the agencies like 73-6's and Penelope's are more like the guerrillas. Except, instead of a few soldiers who are hiding and sneaking, you have one or two soldiers who are extremely effective but very expensive. 73-6 is essentially an assassin invading a police station, except that, probably because of overcrowding issues, they're sharing the building with a bunch of residences. Everything we've seen so far has been inside of one building. With people packed so tight in there, it's possible the population here is in the thousands. You even have a wealthy district, a middle-class district, and slums--it's like each hab-block is a city unto itself.
No. 527205 ID: 0eef61
File 137473031381.png - (116.05KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

It's two minutes before 73-6 hears the chopping wail of the flyer coming in. He flattens himself against the wall beneath the landing pad and waves Penelope down beneath the A/C.

He checks his weapons. His rifle is Armor-Penetrating, but his shotgun and snubnose won't pierce the gunship's armor.
No. 527206 ID: 0eef61
File 137473032126.png - (56.30KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

With a hydraulic hiss the flyer touches down on the landing pad. Two men leap from the hatch and run across the roof.

"Flare?" The one in front yells to be heard over the flanged roar of the skyfoils. "Who popped the flare? Are you wounded? Is anyone down there?"
He hasn't seen the agents yet.

"I have the shot on the pilot," says 14-1. "Say when, brother."
No. 527207 ID: 735f4f

At the moment we really only have sight on one of them. So if we just open fire we will only get the guy leaning out. Unless the angle is better from behind the AC. Not sure from up here.

If our voice does not give us away we could call out and say we have two wounded to pickup and that we ran into a agent in one of the upper halls.

Say we got him but are bleeding pretty badly and are not sure if we can get up the ledge without help. Then once we have both of them in our sights we blow them away while 14 hits the pilot.
No. 527209 ID: 9ddf68


as soon as they turn to see what happened wast them with your new silencer (don't want to risk destroying your ride now) and once these 2 clowns are down lets ride our little horse into the sunset.
No. 527212 ID: a01b62

Penelope, stand up and shoot the guy behind him. 73-6, turn around, aim upward, and waste the guy above you before he can get a bead on Penelope.
No. 527218 ID: a23afd

Let's see... if we shoot up at a sharp angle through that little lip, the LMG should kill the guy without damaging the copter.
No. 527238 ID: 0eef61
File 137473747771.png - (76.12KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

"down here," says 73-6.

The Fantoma at the guard rail pokes his head over. 73-6 takes a step back and promptly blows his brains into the air.


The window to the flyer shudders and criss-cross fractures as 14-1's Strix fires a round from somewhere in the surrounding buildings and ends the pilot's life.

Penelope sweeps up from the A/C on full auto. The soldier behind 73-6's target hits the deck.

From the darkness of the gunship's open deployment door, someone screams. A burst of MG fire erupts from the doorway, shattering the guardrail's frosted glass.

None of it hits either agent.
No. 527240 ID: a23afd

Circle around to the left, try to pop up and finish Pen's target. Penelope should see if she can provide covering fire, by shooting back at the guy that's left in the chopper.

Ask 14 if he can see how many are left in the chopper. Just one? Does he have a firing angle?
No. 527266 ID: 9ddf68

have Penelope take her helmet off and put it on the end of her gun and then wave it around near the ledge on the right. Then when the guy start shooting at it pop up from the left and end him.
No. 527313 ID: f3bef6

Ask 14 if he has a shot at the door-gunner, and if so if he would kindly dispatch same.
No. 527364 ID: 399612

It sounds to me like the gunner has lost it and is flailing around shooting everything. 14 may not have a clear shot on him, so it's probably best to just pop him a couple times yourself when he's flailing away from you.
No. 527381 ID: 360a3c

I can't tell if this is a military vehicle or an ambulance, because the tactics used to take out the guy spraying from the vehicle changes depending on whether that's a mounted .50 cal with a chain or an assault rifle with a clip that's already half-empty.
However, this is close combat, and standard infantry doctrine when in this situation is, "When in doubt grenade it out." Since we don't dare to use one we get to change position now to avoid the grenade that's about to sail in our direction: Go left towards the rail and pop up with a cross-shot?

I need a damn threat assessment.
No. 527512 ID: 4652c9
File 137480719999.png - (84.63KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

73-6 circles round to the other end of the roof to see if he can get a shot off, but the balcony blocks his way.

Penelope pulls her helmet off and shakes the sweat from her eyes. She tucks it under one arm. "Distraction?"
"you got a grenade?"
"No. You?"
73-6 shakes his head.

"14-1, you have a shot?"
"He's too far inside the vehicle. I can shoot for the muzzle flash, if you're willing to risk a hole knocked in your ride."
"would it damage anything?"
"There's a lower stabilizer could get taken out."
"is this an emplacement? can you see?"
"Yessir. Looks like a door gun on a swivel. And- hold on. I think there's a fourth person moving in there."
No. 527517 ID: a23afd

Pop up with the shotgun and just fire a snap shot. We just need to stop the guy from firing, and once that happens Penelope can pop up for some better shots with the rifle. Err, don't forget about that guy Penelope shot that might not be dead.

Oh, and when popping up to shoot, both agents should be sure to do so when the gun isn't firing in their direction.
No. 527543 ID: 4652c9
File 137481053236.png - (12.29KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

Penelope puts her finger to her lips and her helmet on her rifle. She brings it up on the other side of the ledge.

As the door gunner lets fly at the movement 73-6 leaps onto the left generator's ledge.
The guy Penelope shot earlier points an autopistol at him, but 73-6 is ready, and 73-6 is quick.

The shotgun shell punches straight through the wounded man's helmet, carrying his mind out the other side with it.

Before the door gunner can turn around, 73-6 has racked the next round and triggered it into his chest. He staggers backward and slumps against the carrier's back wall. The other Fantoma in the doorway dives behind cover.
No. 527551 ID: a23afd

He can't stay behind cover from both angles. It's Penelope's turn to get a kill, I expect.
No. 527568 ID: 360a3c

This situation calls for suppressive fire while our ally closes to a better angle in conventional tactics, dangit. Can we do that credibly with either the shotgun or the snubnose? I'd imagine their rates of fire are a bit too low, and with the silencer the snubnose might not make enough noise either (unless you can get those bullets close enough that the impacts are making good sound).
A flashbang would be pretty good too, even better if you could place it right but never count on being that lucky (unless it's skill instead of luck).
No. 527569 ID: 9ddf68

lay down some cover fire for Penelope and have her flank the guy... or just sword him if she thinks she could do that without getting shot.
No. 527577 ID: 360a3c

Hey wait, better idea than failing to scare him with inadequate cover fire maybe:
What does it take for you to hack the helicopter? If that's a no-go can you maybe circle to the hole in the windshield and get a better angle to shoot with your pistol?
No. 527583 ID: 4652c9
File 137481416528.png - (112.17KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

73-6 fires the shotgun until it's dry and then swaps to the snubnose to cover Penelope's approach.

The moment his snub goes click, the Fantoma rolls from cover directly into a cone of buckshot from Penelope's sawed-off.
His midsection bursts and Penelope leaps into the doorway, sword and remaining barrel at the ready.

"Clear," she calls. "I think we clear, Sev."
No. 527585 ID: a23afd

Drop the shotgun, then get up there and get a new gun from the fallen. Do not be unarmed around Penelope.

Oh, and reload the snubnose.
No. 527588 ID: 9ddf68

double check with 14 to make sure he has no movement on his end either. also keep your weapons ready, you're not safe till you're back home.
No. 527589 ID: 76b151

Right, do a quick sweep of the chopper... then lets get outta here.
No. 527594 ID: 885ee8

You don't know you're clear yet. Reload, sweep the chopper. If your comms let you talk to 14-1 without Penelope hearing, tell him to keep his gun on her just in case.
No. 527597 ID: 735f4f

Carefully sweep the chopper and make sure none of the ones you downed will be getting up. Then lets get the fuck out of here.
No. 527600 ID: c95833

Check if 14 sees any movement, and then you move forward for the final sweep while penny covers you.
No. 527606 ID: 4652c9
File 137481738611.png - (12.15KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

"any movement, 14-1?"
"Negatory from here, brother. Ride that chariot on home."

73-6 drops the shotgun, picks up a rifle, and refills his snubnose.

He and Penelope comb the flyer. It's been parked long enough that the engines have switched to low-take. It's eerily quiet after the explosive gunfight. Nothing but the keyed-down thrum of the airfoils and the tinny echo of the two agents' feet.

They reach the cockpit.

The remains of the pilot are in the remains of the seat.

"Your eye in the sky don't fuck around," says Penelope.
No. 527607 ID: 5869f6

Hot damn, were can I get one?
No. 527608 ID: a23afd

He certainly does not. Shove that body out of the way and call in all your kills, then ask where we're flying this.
No. 527610 ID: 9ddf68

well push him off the seat and lets fly this baby home.

thank 14 for his help and tell him to enjoy retirement and as for Penelope, where does she want us to drop her off.
No. 527612 ID: c95833

Nope. He don't.

Push the body to the side, and start doing pre-flight checks. Make sure we're not picking up anything on those tapped communications, and that 14 doesn't see anything, and then we can get out of here.

Is 14 getting out another way, or are we picking him up on the way out? And where are we flying this bird? We'll part ways with Penny at some point too, not sure where she gets off.
No. 527625 ID: 57a559

Um, ask 14 if if he would like to meet up. You know, for that "candy bar". And where Penelope where she would like to be dropped off.
Seriously don't mention even the candy bar lie on the radio, he should know what we're talking about. I'm guessing we're supposed to give it to him from what he subtly implied on the radio.

Wait, what's stopping Famatoma's from RPGing us down or at least following us if we don't respond properly? We're a big damn helicopter in the sky! We can't hide that easily! Famatoma's aren't dogs, they can look up! And so can dogs!
No. 527631 ID: a23afd

Ooh ooh maybe we can ask 14 how he retired, now!
No. 527632 ID: 60ad76

throw him out, let penelope pilot. mainly so you can make a pilot pen joke.
change cloths back while mid air and discuss your next stop with people. don't forget to thank 14 and ask if he wants a ride.
No. 527635 ID: 4652c9
File 137482226632.png - (8.80KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

"he most certainly do not."
73-6 pushes the body to the floor and takes a seat.
"we're ready to fly. where do i drop you off, amigo?"
No. 527636 ID: 35edd4

Yes, let's do that.

Moving aircraft are really hard to hit with unguided munitions, and I'm sure we have countermeasures for guided ones.
No. 527637 ID: 4652c9
File 137482229011.png - (8.94KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

"Put your hands on your head and turn around very slowly," says Penelope.


"I'm sorry, Sev-three." Penelope's voice is strained. "Mierda. I'm really sorry. You're a hell of an operative and you coulda killed me a hundred times over. I don't wanna do this."
"i can't say i'd like that either."
"It ain't me. It's executive shit. I just got orders two minutes ago, amigo. From the top. TriBranch doesn't want you getting out of this one."

"I have the shot, 73-6." 14-1's voice is deadbolt calm. "She's overestimated the armor on that thing. She moves at all back I've lost it, but I have the shot."
No. 527640 ID: 35edd4

Could/would the bureau take her in? If no, kill her.
No. 527641 ID: e1609c

You know I am kinda getting a bit sick of the corporation's shit. You sure you are gonna go through with killing a friend, pen?
No. 527642 ID: 312791

Is it possible for her to move into a position where she's got a shot on us but 14 doesn't have a shot on her? Because if it isn't we can use the threat of 14 to force her leave peacefully.

Actually, even if she could take us out, is it possible for her to take off or leave the helicopter without 14 having a shot on her? That threat may also work.
No. 527643 ID: 9ddf68

huh, truth be told I thought she would have waited until we where in the air or alternatively this would have gone down on a future mission when our paths crossed again.

ask her a question, what did you do that made it so Penelope's bosses saw fit for her to blow your brains out. Then ask her if she's going to go through with it. If she says she is going to go through with it... well, then I guess we ask 14 for one more favor.
No. 527644 ID: c95833

Don't move. You have one shot at this.

Seriously? Your guys didn't even have a way to get you out, and you're gonna off me for them?

How about you just fail? You're injured, I'm not, I get the jump on you and don't finish you off because I'm a sentimental idiot who didn't kill you in the first place. You probably still get in trouble, but you get plausible deniability.

...if she doesn't go for it, 14's gonna have to shoot her.
No. 527645 ID: e1609c

Actually, modify it for this
I am pretty sure the corporation we work for would be esctatic to be able to study a few of the performance enhancers tribranch cooked up, maybe even enough to sway pen's opinion a bit on this.
No. 527646 ID: 5a5dd4

Well shit.

Shoot her.

We pulled shit for her against our best interests. If she turns around after all that and pulls this on us, she is no friend of ours.
No. 527647 ID: 60ad76

man, this is exactly why i wanted pen to pilot.

you know, this might be a good time for you to retire, yourself. you've got a chopper and some money. as long as 14 won't use that gun on both of you you can make an escape.
No. 527648 ID: 885ee8

We knew this was gonna happen from the beginning, right? The way I see it, we got off easy. I was worried she was gonna pull this shit in front of our new friends. And hey, guess what? No more bro-code keeping you off Keisha now!

No hesitation, Sev. Take the shot.
No. 527650 ID: c95833

The other bluff we could play, if sentimentality fails, is we could claim our eye in the sky is capable of taking down this bird in fight (High explosives, rocket launcher, whatever). We'll let her live if she surrenders now, but she kills us, this bird ain't making it out. And if she goes back down our sniper or the fantomas will get her eventually.

We don't nearly have enough information or resources to pull that off, and Sev's still pretty happy killing baddies. He's not ready to run off, and it's Penny's corp that's fucking us over, not the bureau anyways.
No. 527651 ID: 47d311

14-1 is a good enough shot.

Blow off her hand(s). Can't hold a gun or swing a sword without 'em. Then after she has been quite literally disarmed, we can work on bringing her over to our side or finding employment elsewhere. If it doesn't work out, we could use some of that cash we got and pay for her to get some robot hands assuming Penelope and 73-6 stay in touch after this mission ends.
No. 527652 ID: 57a559

Tell Penelope that if she wants to kill a moldie, she has to destroy the entire Bureau. We are barely people, Penelope. A weapon, you know that TriBranch basically just told you to take a hit on a fucking weapon? Not to mention a zombie, you know how pointless this is. You're basically just shooting a walking living gun-knife. Penelope is a person though, she may be a drug slave, but she probably chose to get addicted to those drugs, not to mention she probably gets some money.

But sure I guess 14 take the shot. He's the only moldie that could really die if you killed him. Because he's not a weapon anymore.
Liked ya Pen, but you were too dumb. It's why the person will die and the weapon will live.
No. 527654 ID: e1609c

Stop you idiots. If Pen really wanted us dead, would she actually give us any warning? Of course not, she is way smarter than that.
Play along, but make the offers anyhow. I am betting she's been bugged somehow, meaning that you guys gotta act natural.
Try to sneak in a line about "seeing who's going to kill you" so you can get a read on some visual cues.
No. 527655 ID: beeca1

This, but don't bother to talk. Just take the hit.
No. 527656 ID: c95833

Non-lethal isn't an option with 14-1's gun.

The only way she survives this is if we talk her down, or we disable her ourself.
No. 527659 ID: dcd676

Comply as far as your hands, but don't turn. Try and talk to her, she's been alright this whole time. We don't want to lose a potential ally if we can keep the both of us alive.
No. 527661 ID: beeca1

She has given us no evidence that she is particularly smart. She's a stim addict and we rescued her from a sticky situation.

Sure, there's a chance she won't go through. Is it worth the risk? I don't think so.
No. 527662 ID: a23afd

Don't move. Tell her that if she shoots you, your sniper will shoot the chopper out of the sky. Killing you is suicide.

Then say we can help her. Ask if Tribranch can hear you. If not, tell her you're going to turn around and shoot her in the shoulder. She can claim you disarmed her and chose not to finish her off. Also ask Monica if the Bureau would hire her, if so, present that option to her.
No. 527664 ID: 10ac57

Hard choices.

Shoot the shot.
No. 527665 ID: 885ee8

I'm gonna opt for a "They would have left you here, I want to get you out, but my man with the rocket launcher isn't gonna let that happen if you go through with this" approach. She seems like she won't go through with it without talking about it first, anyway. Be chomping at the bit with every word that comes out of her mouth. When you hear enough of a sentence that says she's not going to let you out of this, you do not let her finish that sentence.
No. 527666 ID: 4652c9
File 137482548344.png - (10.07KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

"i had a friend told me something about guns and conversation pieces."
"Rival agents make lousy friends."
"i'm finding that out. i spared you, penelope."
"You didn't have orders to kill me, did you? Because here they are, pulling you back out after you didn't. Tribranch says to ice you."
"can tribranch hear this?"
"so fail the mission."
"It ain't that easy, Sev."
"They got me on the needle, Sev. They poison you with it in training. They turn me out now I either die from withdrawal or starve on the street. Or they just put a bullet in my head for not doing the same to you."
"you shoot me now, it's suicide. 14-1 drops the bird in midair."
"I'm fast."
"not fast enough."
"Best chance I got."
"don't do this, penelope. we can-the bureau can protect you."
"What makes you think they'll do anything for a junkie-ass street samurai, 73?"
"you've got intel on tribranch they could use."
"So they torture it out of me and send what's left to Branch for a bullet in the head."
"we can protect you."
"You keep saying that."
"we can. you bring some of those stims and let the bureau see how they work, they could brew you more. we could wean you off."
"I got orders, man. That's what you and me do. We're not the trigger. We're just the bullet."
"bullets misfire."

Penelope stares across the sights of the shotgun.
"If this was switched, and you were on the other side of this pig iron," she says, quietly, "and that Mona chick told you to take me out, what would you do?"
No. 527667 ID: 5a5dd4

I'd take my chances defecting over my chances against my sniper buddy.

Seriously, you saw the pilot's head, right?
No. 527668 ID: 60ad76

i'd look for a way out.
No. 527669 ID: dcd676

You've been good, Penelope. Worked with me more than I expected you to. I'd have taken the chance to let you live.
No. 527672 ID: 10ac57

the instant it looks like she isn't going for it you take her out, because i am guessing you'd prefer to remain 73-6

73-7 doesn't have a very good ring to it
No. 527675 ID: a23afd

Her name's Monica, and you'd be doing the same thing she's doing now. Hesitating, trying to find a way not to, while still being able to survive.
No. 527677 ID: 9ddf68

I'd say I waited until we where in the air because you had a sniper watching over you. Then I'd say I took the shot but you jumped from the chopper and I couldn't see where you landed but most likely you didn't make it. If they ever figure out you 'survived' I'd just say it was because of luck and of no fault of my own. that's what I'd do.
No. 527678 ID: 885ee8

That Mona chick bit the bullet on sharing the kill earlier. That Mona chick got you AND Penelope a ride out of here. That Mona chick didn't ask you to kill Penelope after the job was over, because that Mona chick would not give that order. If that Mona chick DID give that order, you would be working for Tribranch, and if you were working for Tribranch, risking a move to the Bureau would sound a lot sweeter than getting shot out of the sky.
No. 527679 ID: c95833

...can Monica hear us? If she can, that makes this more awkward.

Even moldies can disobey. Goddamn 14-1 is retired. We don't get to do that. I'd don't know the whole story there, but I'm pretty sure he didn't do that on orders.

Me? I woulda looked for a way out. An excuse. Tried to find some way where, whoops, I just didn't get the chance. We get a little leeway. I try to keep civies from getting hurt, and I'd try to keep someone who helped me the same.

...it's what I'm doing right now. 14-1's got a shot. If I'd thought a word over this wire in my head instead of trying to talk you down, you'd already be dead and I'd be fine.
No. 527682 ID: 735f4f

I would have done my best to fake your death of course. You earned at least that much.

You don't meet many people you can trust in this business.
But sometimes you give someone a shot even though it might not work out.

Me I would take the chance the Bureau can help you over the certain chance of getting shot in the head.
No. 527716 ID: 6d7dea

this, and then if she says they would kill her for sure if she failed, point out >>527667. i kinda like penalope, lets see if we can find a way we can booth survive. we can always have 14-1 shoot her.
No. 527744 ID: 068b9b

If she really is serious about following orders she really doesn't want to follow, and she really really doesn't see an out...

....why is she still talking?
No. 527754 ID: 3e4b6e

What do you plan to do with your life?
Me, I plan to retire.
No. 527788 ID: 57a559

We'd say it'd be impractical and really wouldn't do it. You're too useful, and it's pointless killing bullets. I'd say send another moldy after you instead, that's at least quite a bit more professional and practical than sending two individuals who fought together to assist one another. Except it wouldn't be practical at all, because again, it's really pointless sending expensive assassins after bullets.

Plus, I know the Bureau wouldn't fire me. One act of dis-subordination isn't worth the fortune they put into me. Really, if TriBranch told you to kill me, that seriously makes them one of the more incompetent agencies out there. And the Bureau wouldn't ask us to kill you anyway, because they're not stupid enough to waste resources like that. Plus, Mona's smart too at least, she probably knows I wouldn't do it. So if the Bureau was dumb enough to put a hit out on you, she'd probably purposefully flub it up and ask me to kill a different chick called Penelope, or a different TriBranch assassin, or say she lost the order under some paperwork. And the Bureau wouldn't care because it would be a low priority kill.
No. 527805 ID: 4652c9
File 137486312728.png - (7.30KB , 800x600 , 60.png )

"i'd be desperately looking for a way out, because you're a good agent and you don't deserve it," says 73-6. "which is what you're doing."
"that's why you haven't pulled the trigger, right?"
"I don't see another way out of this."
"then why haven't you pulled the trigger?"
"I don't know."
"either you risk a move to the bureau and let me go, or you shoot me and risk 14-1's bullet."
"So either way I'm hosed."
"either way there's a chance you're hosed. i like the one where my innards stay in. and i'd risk leaving a chumped-up pharmaceutical company before i risked making a move with a strix trained on me."
"Jesus Cristo."
"pen, listen. i'd vouch for you. you make yourself helpful, you keep some things under your hat as insurance, i'm sure we could use someone who can clear a room like you."

There is a ten-second silence, broken by the quiet sound of the sawed-off's breach snapping open and two shells hitting the floor.

73-6 turns around. Penelope's lowered the gun.

"You get me one of those leather trenchcoats and it's a deal."
No. 527810 ID: 76b151


Glad neither of us got killed. Lets talk to Monica about this.
No. 527811 ID: 885ee8

Ask her what size.

And maaaybe ask Monica if anything you just said to Pen wasn't complete bullshit.
No. 527812 ID: a23afd

Ask Monica. If the answer's yes, just take the sawed off and ask her to take a seat, with her sword in plain view and not within immediate reach. If the answer's no, uhhhhhhhhh I guess force her out of the chopper at gunpoint.
No. 527814 ID: c95833

Deal. You can even have mine if they decide to be jerks about it.

Hey uh, Monica, we do take defectors, right? I'd kind of prefer everything I said not to be a total lie.

No shot, please, 14-1. She backed down. (Just in case he's thinking he can nail her now without risk to us now that her weapon is lowered).
No. 527824 ID: 9ddf68

call Monica and let her know your final kill count and and let her know your bring a new agent in. Almost wish we could see the look on her face when we tell her.
No. 527843 ID: cf49fc

Trenchcoats are pretty great. I think it's a deal.
No. 527844 ID: 4652c9
File 137487189185.png - (9.62KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

"Let's get the fuck outta here before I change my mind." Penelope slaps 73-6 in the back of the head.
"you change your mind i'mma decorate the windshield with it, sugartits."
"You no gotta di guts, boy."
"neither did you."
"Don't make me get all understreets patois on you, chico. If you was from? Where me was from?"
"i'm already dead."
"Oh, yeah. Well you'd have a tattoo. And you'd be a lot less happy about it."
"what was your bodycount?"
"Focus on the road, Rambo."
"clear skies, zula."
"from conan the destroyer? grace jones' character?"
"If we're talking classics I always saw myself as Trinity from Matrix. Andale, gringo! We out!"
No. 527846 ID: 4652c9
File 137487195401.png - (121.66KB , 800x600 , 62.png )

Penelope kisses her middle finger and displays it to the hab-block as the engines flare up.
"Good goddamn riddance!"

"operation over, monica. 7 kills."
"Fifteen for me," says 14-1.
"Good deal, you two," says Monica. "Don't sweat it, Sev. He's one of the best."
"One of?" asks 14-1. "Thought I raised you better."
"and none of them were agent penelope. there any room for her in the bureau?"
"Jesus, Sev, did you recruit her?"
"after a fashion. is that good jesus or bad jesus?"
"Both. She's a treasure trove crossed with a landmine. TriBranch finds out about this we're going to have a shitstorm in a teacup."
"We'll figure it out," says Monica. "Consider it payback for me accidentally trapping you in Gangster Paradise."
"Well we got him out now," says 14-1. "Ain't that a relief, Monica?

"monica? are you there?" asks 73-6.
"Not if this little Black Stall jammer I picked up did its job right," says 14-1. "And it sounds like it did. Looks like we've got ourselves a little breathing room for a conversation with no one listening in, brother."
No. 527847 ID: 885ee8

I take it this concerns the retirement package.
No. 527848 ID: c95833

>TriBranch finds out about this we're going to have a shitstorm in a teacup
Well, they did want her to kill me, so it's not as if we were on the best of terms before.

I guess the bureau could just act as if Sev killed her? I mean, if Penny failed to kill him, that's logically what he should have done. They'd probably find that easier to accept than a defection.

...what's on your mind you don't want them hearing 14? I've already had one ally go weird on me, here.

This about the money you were so insistent I didn't find in the bug-out bag?
No. 527852 ID: 735f4f

Whats up 14-1? Nice to have the opportunity for a private conversation.
No. 527855 ID: 9ddf68

well seeing how you did pull my ass out of the fire I think it would be rude to not lend you an ear, what's up?
No. 527856 ID: a23afd

Tribranch probably has a vitals monitoring system on her. They know she's alive.

Ask if this is about that candy bar.
No. 527858 ID: 885ee8

seven + eight

Eight kills in this thread, not seven. Unless you're saying the one from the turret you hacked doesn't count.
No. 527864 ID: 57a559

I suppose you want what I can guess what you wanted right? Give him the money. The say money aloud, I don't want to take chances. Especially with Penelope.
No. 527865 ID: beeca1

Sshhh. Let him talk first.

Besides, this is clearly about the candy bar, he's mad we didn't think to share.
No. 527898 ID: 6d7dea

I don't think he wants the money, I think hes going to tell us how he managed to retire.
No. 527922 ID: 01531c


He means it like "battle-brother" right?
No. 527952 ID: e3aff6

I think he means it more in the sense of being built by the same people/processes.
No. 527953 ID: a01b62

He probably just means it like 'bro.' Yo, yo, yo.
No. 528047 ID: 360a3c

"Well what can I do for you? Or is it you that's offering me something I'm sorely lacking instead? I can't help but notice you've managed a feat more legendary than your killcount: Managing to retire and surviving it."
No. 528085 ID: 4652c9
File 137489895815.png - (26.58KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

"is this about that, uh, candy bar i found?" asks 73-6. "did you want me to break you a square or two off?"

"You keep that," says 14-1. "And you keep that money, too, you understand?"
"i'm not sure i do. is this about the retirement package."
"There is no retirement package, 73-6. God love the Bureau, and God love what they do, and God love em for making you and me, but there is certainly no retirement package. I looked your file over when I was coming in. You're good. Very good. One of the better field agents the Bureau has ever had."
"thank you."
"But that's not going to stop them from congratulating you, appreciating you, slapping you on the back, and sending you right back in again, and again and again until you're dead. That's what they do, 73-6. That is their game plan."
"that's pretty much the way it works."
"But it doesn't have to be."
"are you proposing some kind of moldy revolution?"
14-1 laughs. "Please. Easiest way you can get yourself killed in this world we live in is by trying to change it. But the Bureau, well. They're looking out for the Bureau. If you don't look out for yourself from time to time, no one else is going to do it for you. How much grip was in that case?"
"seven thousand dollars."
"I am going to assume that is more money than you have ever held at once in your life, 73-6."
"you assume correctly."
"To the Bureau? Drop in the bucket. They don't know about it. They don't miss it. No harm, no foul. You see what I mean?"
No. 528086 ID: a23afd

Yes, but that still doesn't explain how he got out. Having some extra cash on the side won't change things for us, unless we had enough cash to bribe a bunch of important people. At that point, it's no longer a drop in the bucket, is it?
No. 528094 ID: 735f4f

Ok so watch out for opportunities when they present themselves.

Sounds simple enough.

What else should I be watching for?
No. 528097 ID: 9ddf68

yeah started getting an idea to start saving up for my own retirement plan once I heard you did it. So, how did you do it? off shore account, invested it in something under a false identity, hide it under your mattress, or what?
No. 528098 ID: bf54a8

not bribe, the Bureau is paid to do the jobs, he bought out his contract for life. he straight up paid them to stop sending him on missions.
No. 528099 ID: c95833

I see what you're saying. I'll consider it.

Is that what you did? Just saved up till you could step away, and they didn't dare touch you?

Won't be the wise to your tricks? It worked once, they'll be twice wary now.

>Penelope and Tribranch
Hey, you know the best way to deal with this? The Bureau sends them a nice gift basket with a card consoling them on the tragic loss of their agent killed in action during a joint mission with one of ours.

Which is cute agency politics for "your agent tried to kill ours, and we killed her instead, and now we're both going to pretend it didn't happen."

All of which is a bluff cover up the fact we got her to defect. :V
No. 528105 ID: 4652c9
File 137490208303.png - (6.79KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

"that doesn't explain how you got out."
"I was getting to that, kiddo. I was getting to that. You want to know how I did it."
"of course."
"Through no easily repeatable way, is the answer to that question. I can only give you advice."

"got any advice about this penelope situation?"
"The Penelope situation Monica can handle. Good kid. I don't think you have anything else to worry about there. You may want to keep a low profile for a while after making the eggs shift some papers."

"so what do i watch out for?"
"For now you keep doing what you're doing. Rise in their esteem. Jump through the hoops. Make yourself an asset. Then you slowly make yourself two things, at once, balanced out: irreplaceable, and dangerous. I have five dead man's triggers set up, 73-6. And while I was jacked into the Bureau network I extracted enough sensitive data to set me up number six. Very gradually you'll find what would once have earned you a bullet in the skull just gets you a slap on the wrist. There's nothing like looking into a suit's eyes and seeing that perfect mix of respect, fear, and hatred oozing on out."
"how'd you do it?"
"Long, convoluted story, my friend. Found some assets. Hid some suitcases fulla cash with some people I trusted. Made sure a few important people knew just who saved their lives. Dug up some dirt on some people. Hacking helped. Covering my tracks helped more. You can get bolder and bolder as you gain momentum, and if you're lucky by the time they figure it out, they're too late. Eventually they had to either let me go with a fortune in hush-money or shoot me in the head. And if they did the latter, the President of Belize would have ceased all trade with the nation. So I got out."

"that's not exactly something i can replicate."
"Maybe not exactly. But the method I now give you. Make yourself useful."
No. 528106 ID: 4652c9
File 137490209717.png - (8.70KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

"Make yourself irreplaceable."
No. 528107 ID: 4652c9
File 137490210262.png - (7.67KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

"Make yourself toxic."
No. 528108 ID: 4652c9
File 137490210642.png - (13.95KB , 800x600 , 67.png )

"And then, make yourself scarce."
No. 528110 ID: c95833

Hmm. Interesting strategy to set up.

Our weakness right now is we we're actually really exposed. We don't have failsafes- we have vulnerabilities. In addition to our own head, the Bureau could puts sights on Penny. Or Sara. Making friends they know about is dangerous. We're gonna have to be careful about that.
No. 528111 ID: a23afd

Right. This is definitely long-term planning. Anyway, considering Monica knows at least that 14-1 was suggesting that you take any money in the briefcase, EXPECT them to try to find money on you. Figure out a way to keep it to yourself.
No. 528114 ID: 76b151

Hand it off to Penny. She can say she always carries cash with her.
No. 528118 ID: 91c1b3

No need to worry.
No. 528127 ID: a01b62

Jammer? But we 'ardly know 'er!
No. 528128 ID: 9ddf68

I kinda figured it was make friends and stash some cash but I didn't realize 14 went that high. My plan was to skim some money here and there, buy a few safe houses off the books, make some friends that are really good at helping people disappear, and then just sit and wait until a big enough mission came around that our chances of survival were slim to none and then fake our death in said mission and just disappear.
No. 528129 ID: c95833

No, he's worried Monica will be wise from our prior conversation, here >>526272, where 14-1 lead our response.

Not sure what the right way to play this is. If we hide the money, what she heard, and the fact 14-1 jammed her, and her knowledge of what she did might be enough to make her suspicious we're starting down that road.

If we do hand over the money, it shows we lied before though, and it confirms what 14-1 was saying to us. They'll know we thought about it, or at least heard him out.

Kind of boned either way.
No. 528138 ID: 10ac57

I don't think, at this point, they're really gonna care if sev-three nabbed some cash, since he's not filled the 'dangerous' requirement yet.

On the other side of the coin, if they did decide to take offense to our money palming, we haven't filled out the 'valuable' requirement enough yet to not get shot.

In any case, it's probs a bit early to speculate.
No. 528259 ID: 4652c9
File 137495308086.png - (246.12KB , 800x600 , 68.png )

"penelope, i need you to hold something for me."

"What exactly- sheeit, Sev. Where did you get that?"

"bonus for doing the job right. if they ask you about it, tell them it's yours."

"How do you know I'm not just gonna make it mine?"

"i trusted you with my life. i can trust you with 7000 bucks."

"When we get the celebratory rounds they all on you, mi moldy amigo."

"do you think that'll do it, 14-1?


"Hah. Sorry about leaving you hanging there, kiddo. You gotta admit that would have been a beautiful line to hang up on, though. You ever need to get in touch with me, you just ask Monica. As long as it's an emergency."
"got it."
"I mean, serious emergency. No offense, but I got a lot of vacationing to do and you can't be seen talking to me all that much or it's gonna raise some serious red flags. But I think you can do it, kiddo. I got an eye for the little voices inside peoples' heads, and yours whisper fire. Direct that. You're more human than you think."
"thank you."
"Thank me when you're free on the other side. And until then, good hunting, brother. Fourteen-One signing off."

"-kind of static going on. Can you hear me?"
"yeah, monica. i can hear you."
"Some kind of interference. I don't know. Sometimes gunship radios can tangle with the signal. Is the ship working okay?"
"like a dream. get the balloons ready. we're coming home."
No. 528260 ID: 4652c9
File 137495308417.png - (5.97KB , 800x600 , 69.png )

"They're women."
No. 528261 ID: 4652c9
File 137495309157.png - (74.38KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

"You didn't say they were women," he says, powering the visor down and turning around. "Are these civilians?"

"What does that matter?" asks the Fantoma.

"You said we were juicing some moldy. Moldies these aren't."

"Plans change."

"When plans change, prices change. You're paying me double."

"What the fuck? You're getting your estimate and you're not getting any more."

"These are just two women. So I get double, or I'm packing up my toys, and I'm going home. When are you making the move?"


"Then you need me. And if you need me, you need to pay double."
No. 528263 ID: 4652c9
File 137495311887.png - (4.63KB , 800x600 , 71.png )

In the first bleary seconds of waking, Sara Dalton can't recognize what woke her up. Did something fall in the kitchen?

Then she realizes that it was the shotgun turret going off.

Someone is trying to get inside.
No. 528267 ID: 76b151

Right, grab a gun. I think you have unfriendly company coming. And with the happenings earlier I bet its Fantoma.
No. 528268 ID: 35edd4

Did the agents leave any weapons behind? Get them. Check them. Hide.
No. 528270 ID: 9ddf68

ah shit, it's never a good thing when people are trying to break into your home. You got a spare weapon around here and how good is you hand to hand skills, you were a solder after all.
No. 528274 ID: c95833

Oh, hey. Civilian challenge mode.

Up and at em, Sara. Parts attached, lights dimmed, turn your servos up as fast and as strong as they go while keeping quiet.

How resilient is that chassis of yours? How much punishment can it take if this comes to a fight?

Got any wireless capacity? Can you talk to the computer in the other room? Did 73-6 leave the spyware watching the baddies in place? Might come in handy.
No. 528283 ID: cf49fc

Attach your head, it'll make a good decoy if you do get shot at. Find a gun, and wake up yer roomie. Time to commit a few Legitimate-Defensive-Actions.
No. 528288 ID: c95833

Oh, also, for the moment a stealth face is preferable, but if you have a terrifying murder face we could throw up with your eye projectors if and when we need to look scary, that might be useful.
No. 528459 ID: 4652c9
File 137497574797.png - (8.32KB , 800x600 , 72.png )

Sara finds her head and puts it on.

She opens the cabinet beneath the bed, yanking a little to keep it from sticking (she made it herself, but she thinks she got some dimensions wrong). The 5.56mm is below some fleecy pajama bottoms with seahorses on them and a stack of pillowcases.

She's not a civilian. She's a veteran.
And the army didn't just give give her a robot body when she left.
She loads the rifle as quietly as possible.

She hears urgent whispers outside, and footsteps.

They're inside the apartment.
No. 528461 ID: 35edd4

Is your roommate accounted for? If so, you probably need to get to her to protect her, as she's probably not armed. If not, wait for them to come to you.
No. 528462 ID: e1609c

Remember your training, soldier, err on the side of caution. Try and listen for any clues about your attackers.
No. 528466 ID: bf54a8

you got some alternate vision modes on this ride? switch to thermal or something.
No. 528478 ID: c95833

Well, advantages. We know this apartment's layout. They don't. They don't know you're awake and armed.

Disadvantages- you're probably outnumbered and you've never killed anyone close quarters before. Can't let that trip you up.

I'm thinking we want to sneak out and ambush them. You can move fast and quiet in this thing, I hope.
No. 528510 ID: a23afd

Imagine the layout of the apartment and where the intruder(s) is/are. If we can relocate somewhere they don't expect, we can ambush them. Or, we could just hide somewhere in this room they won't immediately see you and get the first shot off on them.

Do you have some form of insurance that will let you get repairs if they injure you, without going bankrupt in the process?
No. 528552 ID: 4652c9
File 137498391827.png - (8.89KB , 800x600 , 73.png )

Sara creeps to the doorway of her room, which is cracked open. She gets a look into the hall.

If she had a pulse, it would have jumped.

A man with a gun is walking toward her door.

The door to Keisha's room is slightly ajar.
No. 528553 ID: a23afd

Shoot him as soon as you have the shot.
No. 528555 ID: bf54a8

his gun's down, he wont be able to raise it and shoot before you shoot him.
No. 528556 ID: 57a559

What if it's Keisha? Keisha doesn't own any clothes like that, right? We can't really see anything about this man. Can you really tell it's a man? What if it's Sev or Penelope, back for whatever reason? I mean, I really doubt it, but I want to avoid a tragic situation with such a clocked figure.

Go to the back of your room, lay down prone and confirm your target. If you determine it's hostile, kill it. I don't want friendlies shot here.
No. 528557 ID: c95833

...your weapon isn't silenced, and he likely isn't alone. As soon as you take that shot, they're going to know your position and close in.

Can you take him out quietly? Robo speed and strength? Smash him in the head with your rifle-butt?

...or yeah, if that isn't feasible, just put a bullet in his head. Normal people need their heads.
No. 528567 ID: 9ddf68

how strong is this body of yours? cause if it's stronger then your average Joe then wait till he gets close to your door then throw a quick sucker punch straight to his throat to keep him from making to much noise and then pull him into your room and disarm him and then knock his ass out by hitting him in the head with the butt of your gun. The key here is to be as silent as long as you can.

If you don't think you can overpower the guy then take the shot.
No. 528606 ID: 4652c9
File 137499150155.png - (7.81KB , 800x600 , 74.png )

Sara dials her servos into the red.
In Stress Mode she can no longer speak, move her mouth, or convert food to energy. all her processes are shut down except those essential to her brain surviving, and their power is rerouted directly to her limbs.

The man rounds the corner and slides her door open with the barrel of his gun. He sweeps the room.

She understands in a crystallizing moment that if she had still been in bed when he came in, he would have shot her to death.
No. 528607 ID: 4652c9
File 137499151543.png - (11.41KB , 800x600 , 75.png )

She comes up from the darkness in the corner with a haymaker to his windpipe.

In a blur of kinetic motion she is on top of him, pinning him to the floor and closing her hands around his neck.

His eyes bulge and his face reddens. His jaw tenses and works furiously. He doesn't understand what is happening.

She crushes and feels the sinews strain beneath her palms. Her eye hologram turns back on involuntarily from exertion, spraying orange light erratically across his desperate, puffy face. He tries to pull her off, but she's too strong.
No. 528608 ID: 4652c9
File 137499152011.png - (5.96KB , 800x600 , 76.png )

Even after his struggles have slowed and arms have gone limp she keeps pressing.

After a solid half-minute of stillness she drops and loosens her grip. Her eyes wink back off.
No. 528609 ID: 76b151

Kill him.
No. 528611 ID: 76b151

Oops, already done, alright lets go check on our friend. TIme to kill the other one. I think we can use our rifle without too much trouble.
No. 528613 ID: 8b9215

neck snap neck snap
No. 528614 ID: 399612

I'd advise against using your weapon unless completely necessary. It's night time so it's probably really quiet throughout the hab-block. And this was obviously a stealth mission for them so alerting them to her position is a big no-no.
No. 528615 ID: 76b151

... not with the gun he was carrying.
No. 528616 ID: a23afd

Now grab your gun and quietly move to Keisha's room. Turn off Stress Mode briefly to whisper to her, or just move your head to the crack in the door and light it up to let her know it's you. Then you bring her with you to take on the last guy.
No. 528617 ID: c95833

Right, he's dead. Look around- did another one show up during that? Did they hear that- you here them coming this way?

...part of me doesn't want to wake your roommate. She's no soldier, and she'll be another source of noise. But we don't know how many there are, and you can't exactly leave her behind and exposed.
No. 528618 ID: cf49fc

Acquire SMG. See if he's got a silencer. Otherwise get a pillow. Search him for anything else dangerous, and then go alert your roomie.
No. 528621 ID: bc8d67

Drag the body over to your bed, heave it up and cover it. Make sure to check it for anything that'll make noise before lifting it up.

Take and examine the dead guy's gun to see if it's silenced. If it is then take it with you. Remember to slide the door shut after you.
No. 528622 ID: 399612

Yeah, I guess you're right. Well, either way, they seem like easy targets for our nice combat-mode robot lady.
No. 528623 ID: 7dbd6b

He SHOULD have a silencer, if he was planning on shooting anyone.
The other one is probably the competent one, because that's usually how these things work out. And Keisha probably got out of her room when the turret went off, judging from the lack of gunshots from that area, so HE could be anywhere, but SHE could be anywhere but here and her room.
No. 528624 ID: 9ddf68

hide is body in your bed so if someone comes in here to ice you you'll get some fair warning when they shot this guy up. anyways peek into the hall to see if you can't find anyone else then move as quickly and quietly as you can with putting more focus on the latter of those 2. sweep your apartment to make share no more of this goons are around and to see if your roommate is safe.
No. 528627 ID: 870324

get the gun he had so you can arm kiesha, and check outside your room. if clear go over to her room to make sure she's ok. she'll probably try to jump you like you jumped the guy, so warn her it's you somehow.
No. 528628 ID: 4652c9
File 137499436914.png - (4.77KB , 800x600 , 77.png )

He had no silencer.

They probably wanted the neighbors to hear this.

Sara retrieves her rifle. Are her hands shaking?

No. Good. She needs the accuracy.
No. 528629 ID: 4652c9
File 137499439794.png - (13.59KB , 800x600 , 78.png )

Her body is only 90 pounds, and her legs are designed to minimize noise (she has developed a habit of politely coughing when she enters rooms to keep from freaking anyone inside out).

She pads down the hall, and stops at Keisha's room.

There's another one of them inside.
"If you come out now," he is saying, "we won't have to hurt you."
No. 528630 ID: 76b151

His back is to you. Kill him.
No. 528631 ID: 399612

What's he got in his left hand? Is it just another gun or something else?
No. 528632 ID: 76b151

These guns require two hands.
No. 528637 ID: c95833

...he's lying, obviously. Keesha's trapped in there. He's gotta die. At least if there's gunfire, they'll think it's him killing her.

Don't think he's close enough to the door to go for the stranglehold again. If you can, great. If not... shoot em.
No. 528639 ID: bf54a8

shoot him in the back o the skull
No. 528641 ID: a23afd

This one has a helmet, so you can't bring him down like the other one. Let's just shoot him in the back. Or you could sneak right up and shoot him in the back of the head.
No. 528645 ID: 9ddf68

hit him with the butt of your gun as hard as you can in the back of his head. if it doesn't knock him out right then and there it will at least buy you time to finish him off via strangulation or by clubbing his head in until it's nothing but paste.
No. 528649 ID: 4652c9
File 137499684696.png - (14.47KB , 800x600 , 79.png )

The gun's on a three-round burst. Sara shoots him in the back and lets the recoil climb up to get his skull. He falls soundlessly forward onto the floor.

A frizzy head pokes round the corner of the bed.
"Son of a bitch, Sara," whispers Keisha.
No. 528650 ID: 60ad76

arm her and sweep the apartment for any more intruders. also call the cops.
No. 528651 ID: a23afd

Alright, get in the room and listen for movement. Point her to the guy's gun.
No. 528652 ID: 735f4f

Yeah check that the guy is all the way dead and give his gun to Keisha.

Looks like they found out about you helping out 73-6 and are coming to send a message.

You might be able to reach him on your computer with the link he set up but not sure if he could help much right now.
No. 528655 ID: 9ddf68

there's only one way into this room right? if so cover the door while your friend arms herself, then get ready to sweep the rest of your apartment.
No. 528656 ID: 57a559

We have to move, there will be others.
No. 528668 ID: 4652c9
File 137499939786.png - (10.77KB , 800x600 , 80.png )

"There's gonna be more," whispers Sara. "Can you use that?"

"I know point, and I know shoot." Keisha picks up the gun, gingerly. "That enough?"


"I ain't gonna say I told you so to the woman who just gunned a motherfucker down right in front of me," says Keisha, "but this is what you get when you nice in this fucked-up world. I knew this shit was gonna go down."

"I thought you wouldn't say I told you so."

"Well I thought I wouldn't have to shoot anyone tonight. And here we are."

"We gotta call the cops."

"Cops ain't getting here in time, sugar. Everyone know they put the hab-block calls at the bottom of the stack."
No. 528670 ID: 60ad76

cops getting late is better than no cops at all.
call em and sweep the apartment.
No. 528671 ID: bf54a8

in time? no, we call them so that when they get here they can take away all the bodies.
No. 528672 ID: 9ddf68

ask if she has any idea on how many of this guys there are... and also what you 2 should do. I mean clean out the apartment for sure but after that do you 2 stay here or would it be better to leave?
No. 528673 ID: a23afd

Fine. You take point, you're quiet. She can follow behind and back you up. Tell her she should be as quiet as possible. If anyone else is here they probably think that guy just killed Keisha, so we should still be able to take them unawares.
No. 528733 ID: 5869f6

To help?
N- *snort*Naw, we just need em' to clean up.
Heh, 'help' *snicker*.
No. 528952 ID: 4652c9
File 137507374209.png - (9.80KB , 800x600 , 81.png )

"We're not calling them for help." Sara checks her ammo. "We're calling them to clean up."

"Girl, you sounding like a cheesy action movie right now."
"I thought it sounded cool."
"You get us out of here, it's ice, baby."
"Do you know where we could go?"
"I don't know." Keisha shrugs. "We gotta go somewhere. We can't stay here. What about the Bureau? This shit's all because of Sev. He owes us big time. Maybe we can sleep on his couch."
"I don't think the Bureau have futons."
"You come up with a better idea you tell me. Cops ain't gonna take us in with the full wrath of the Fantomas on our ass."

Sara looks down the hall into the front room.

A fantoma doorkicker is leaning against their couch, talking to another one in the kitchen. Sara can hear clanking noises coming from the counter.
No. 528954 ID: 5869f6

Sheeet girl, they raidin' yo pantry!
No. 528955 ID: a01b62

Are they eating your food? The gall! Work together to shoot them both at the same time.
No. 528958 ID: 9ddf68

ok you're the better shot here so you take the harder to hit target and have Keisha take aim at the easier target then fire one your mark. hopefully they only sent a small raiding party but you know what they say, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. don't be surprised if more guys come in after you waste these two.
No. 528959 ID: acb7da

The one in the kitchen is out of sight.

Sara, sneak up on couch guy, Keisha, keep your gun trained on him. Soon as kitchen guy is in Sara's sight, both of you shoot your targets simultaneously.
No. 528971 ID: a23afd

Clanking noises means they're messing with the turret. Can't hold a gun doing that.

Sneak up and shoot that guy with the gun, then the other unarmed one at the counter. Stay away from the window. Sneak over and drop the blinds on it if you can.
No. 528972 ID: 4652c9
File 137507703832.png - (22.08KB , 800x600 , 82.png )

Sara creeps from the hallway with her rifle up and ready.
By the time the Fantoma at the couch looks over, it's too late. He takes a step backward, raising his hand as if about to say something. Sara squeezes off another burst. One hits his head and he crumples like a puppet with its strings cut.

Keisha is a little less used to automatic weapons.
She wings her target, and he stumbles backward from the desk, but most of her burst goes wide.
No. 528974 ID: 9ddf68

quick before he recovers, finish him off. duck behind the couch if you have to Keisha looks like she'll have good cover behind that wall... also keep an eye on Keisha. There's something about her that is making me uneasy.
No. 528977 ID: c95833

>What about the Bureau?
...they might have expressed gratitude to civilians aiding one of their agents, but I dunno how they'd react to you basically seeking asylum. Oh well, we'll worry about that later. Won't matter if you're dead.

>what do
Deal with the winged guy before he gets a shot off, and keep them robo-senses peeled for anyone else coming.
No. 528980 ID: 4652c9
File 137507825935.png - (12.02KB , 800x600 , 83.png )

Sara sprints to the couch and snaps another burst off at the the wounded man.

He ducks down below the counter. Looks like it didn't work.

Keisha stays in the corner, trying to get a clear shot.
No. 528981 ID: 76b151

Hmm, how aobut using that corpse as a shield?
No. 528987 ID: 35edd4

Can you shoot through the counter?

Alternatively, gesture to Keisha to suppress while you flank.
No. 528989 ID: 9ddf68

can you remove your head and have it say "self-destruct in" and have it go on a timer and then lob it towards the guy. I don't want you to actually blow your own head up I just want you to freak the guy out so he'll abandon his cover so you can take him out.
No. 528990 ID: a23afd

Tell keisha to just keep shooting. You flank. This will help her get used to the gun, as a side effect.

If the gun the dead Fantomas was carrying has any AP functionality (or your rifle does), just shoot through the counter.
No. 528992 ID: 5a5dd4

The counter's not bullet proof, you have an automatic weapon, the dude has no other concealment to move to, and the apartment is basically a write off anyways.

Tell Keesh to empty her gun into the counter, sweeping from one end to the other. Take overwatch and shoot the guy if he moves out of cover.
No. 528995 ID: acb7da

This idea gets points for style, buuuut...

These are both smarter.
No. 528996 ID: 60ad76

ask him wtf do they even want.
also, if that counter is made of wood it won't stop a bullet. if that doesn't work.. any way to activate the turret remotely? what's that glowey thing to the left?
No. 529000 ID: 4652c9
File 137508296513.png - (41.34KB , 800x600 , 84.png )

Keisha buckles down and goes full-auto against the counter, keeping the Fantoma's head down.

Sara sees his hand dart out of cover with a stubby 9mm in it. She fires a burst toward the counter, then realizes that if a counter isn't going to absorb too many bullets, a couch is going to absorb less. She throws herself down onto the man she killed as his surviving comrade dumps the handgun's magazine into the futon.

She keeps firing, but there's metal reinforcers and drawers in the counter that keep her bullets from doing too much, and this cover is turning swiss cheese.
No. 529001 ID: 35edd4

Stop firing, gesture for Keisha to continue, and sneak around to your right quickly under the noise and distraction of Keisha's fire. He'll hopefully empty his gun into the couch, at which point you can turn the corner and empty yours into him.
No. 529002 ID: a23afd

9mm won't penetrate a corpse. Get behind the body.

...that shotgun turret. Shooting it won't do anything, will it?
No. 529003 ID: cf49fc

It expended its' ammo. Look, front's blown off. Pick up the corpse and throw it over the counter, then hop over and fill him with bullets while he's in pain from having two hundred pounds of dead guy land on his arm.
No. 529007 ID: a01b62

He's blind firing. Just have Keisha keep firing while you flank him.
No. 529038 ID: c95833

>throw the corpse
...she's a 90 pound bot, and not built to optimize strength. He's a heavy dead guy. Moving him isn't going to be fast, and we can't lob him over the counter like a pillow. Also, we're currently leaned over him, using him as cover.

>what do
>>529007 flanking might work. Not sure we have many other good options.
No. 529141 ID: 4652c9
File 137512398808.png - (67.04KB , 800x600 , 85.png )

Keisha dumps bullets into the cabinet until the magazine goes dry.

"Oh, shit" she says, then rolls back behind the corner just in time as the Fantoma comes up from behind the cabinet shooting.

He fires two bullets at Keisha's hiding place, then turns the barrel on Sara.

She can't throw the body, but in Stress Mode she has the strength to pull it up quickly and shield herself with it. She opens up with another burst, but she needs to shoot around a corpse-shield now, and misses.

He fires four times and none of the bullets get through his friend's body.

The hammer on his gun strikes the pin and goes click. He's out.
No. 529144 ID: c95833

Drop the body, line up the shot as fast as you can, and take that guy out.
No. 529150 ID: a23afd

RUSH HIM, before he reloads! Ice this guy, toss Keisha the gun from the couch guy, and find out how close you are to running out of ammo. If you're running low, we may want to switch with the gun from the first guy you killed.
No. 529161 ID: 735f4f

Those are some surprisingly robust cabinets.

He is going to get under cover and try to reload as fast as possible. If you can get a shot off before he goes down do it.

If not you might have to dive over the counter and hand to hand it.
No. 529162 ID: 4a20fa

Rush him with your CHOKING HANDS.
No. 529171 ID: 4652c9
File 137512661907.png - (10.27KB , 800x600 , 86.png )

The Fantoma ducks back down behind the counter to reload.

Sara throws her dead shield to the side and leaps onto the counter.

He looks up and says "Stah" and then she shoots him.
No. 529183 ID: a23afd

Keishah should grab the couch guy's gun. While she does that, keep watch.

What rooms have we not cleared?
No. 529203 ID: c95833

You okay, Keisha?

Loot weapons and ammo, and listen for more. You don't know if there are any.

What are you supposed to do even if you got them all? Is the building still surrounded?
No. 529211 ID: cf49fc

Time to sweep the rest of the apartment, then mount an assault on the Fantoma Apartment. If we maintain our position, they could just huck grenades in.
No. 529213 ID: 9ddf68

well if there are any more of this guys around here they're probably rushing here now after that little show you and the Fantomas just put on so be ready for more goons to show up. Also while it's quit reload your gun.
No. 529243 ID: 4652c9
File 137513241815.png - (9.49KB , 800x600 , 87.png )

"Grab a gun," says Sara. She checks how much ammo she has left. 12 rounds. "Are you okay?"

"As okay as I can fucking be, in the circumstances." Keisha picks up the gun the man on the couch dropped. "You?"
"I'm okay."
"Girl, you just killed two people."
"We can get psychoanalytical when we're out of here, Keesh. We gotta get out of the building."
"There's a fire escape across the hall in that room Sev cleared out," says Keisha. "We could climb out of there."
"The ground's probably crawling with these guys."
"Bitch I don't know," says Keisha. "Maybe we can jump across to a different building or something out there. I ain't never done anything like this. Have you?"
"I don't-"
No. 529244 ID: 4652c9
File 137513242356.png - (10.29KB , 800x600 , 88.png )

"Punch it. Come on. Punch it."

"Patience." The man with the visor takes a knee. "You don't say when."
"That's a gunfight going on in there," says the Fantoma. "They have guns."
"Bit off more than you can chew."
"That's what you're for."

"And I got this." The man raises his RPG. "Fire in the hole."
No. 529245 ID: 4652c9
File 137513242818.png - (5.48KB , 800x600 , 89.png )

The outside wall to the apartment explodes.

"JESUS H CHRIST," says Keisha.
No. 529246 ID: cf49fc

I'd say I told you so, but you really need to shoot that guy in the face before he reloads. Did any of the dead guys have grenades, smoke or fragmentation? Either would be really useful. Leaving the apartment at this point will result in getting pinned down and rocketed. Is there a fire escape?
No. 529248 ID: a23afd

MOVE MOVE MOVE. Get deeper in the building! Get that laptop if it's on the way! With it, we can send out a distress call.
No. 529249 ID: cf49fc

Wait, is the front wall the one on the outside of the building, or the one facing the corridor?
No. 529250 ID: 9ddf68

well that's a good sign to leave if I ever say one. I say move further back into the apartment complex if they have this much fire power it's probably better to put as much wall between you and them as possible.
No. 529253 ID: 735f4f

Unless he is lit up like a christmas tree we are not getting a clean shot at this range in the middle of the night.

So grab the laptop and get out into the hallway. With the wall gone you are far to exposed here.

Just make sure you are not going to get gunned down the second you enter the hallway. Throw the door open and if it gets shot a bunch we should probably find another way.
No. 529296 ID: 4652c9
File 137513713478.png - (8.15KB , 800x600 , 90.png )

"Get your computer! We gotta go now!" Sara backs up and fires out of the huge hole where her window used to be, up toward the scattering silhouettes of their attackers on a faroff rooftop.

"Computer? I ain't got no pants on!"
"Forget pants, Keesh! Run!"

Sara lunges behind the counter and lays down covering fire while Keisha sprints for her room.
No. 529297 ID: 4652c9
File 137513714321.png - (71.90KB , 800x600 , 91.png )

The men on the opposite rooftop duck back away from her.

One delays a little, slinging a rocket launcher across his back.

He stands up, and Sara sees a glowing visor strapped across his eyes.

She fires up at him, and he pulls back out of sight.
No. 529299 ID: a23afd

Stand guard here until Keisha gets back, then we evac.
No. 529300 ID: e1609c

Damn, looks like you have a heavy-hiter on yo ass.
Try to get to the ground level, dont know why but I feel as if trying to go for the roof isnt our best bet.
Do you know how to hotwire whatever passes for a car in your universe? If so, we are gonna need to do that.
No. 529316 ID: 9ddf68

head ground level seeing as how they got the rooftops covered. If you have to just run building to building trying to loose these guys, I mean these things have got to have back doors you can use to throw them off right?
No. 529321 ID: 735f4f

Any sort of maintenance tunnels between buildings? If the streets are full of thugs there is always time for a sewer level.
No. 529322 ID: 4652c9
File 137513968935.png - (8.01KB , 800x600 , 92.png )

Sara keeps firing at the rooftop until she's out of bullets.

"Keisha! My room there's a dead guy with a gun!"
"Shit. Shit!"
"Stay calm! Grab that and grab your computer and we evac!"

Sara drops her rifle, catches the gun Keisha lofts at her, and they dash out of the apartment.

Sara slams the door.

"Fuck," says Keisha. "Fuck, girl! Shit! Where do we go?"
"Where can we go? You said something about a, a fire escape?"
"In 301," says Keisha.
"Can we get a car or something?"
"Garage is at the end of the block, Sara. That means we'd have to get down 30 flights of stairs in a fantomas-ass apartment. Ain't they just surrounded this place?"
"So we get out and clamber around 30 stories up on a fire escape or get down to ground level and there's a bunch of dudes with guns." Sara leans against the door. "Cool. Great."
No. 529323 ID: 35edd4

Fire escape's awfully exposed when you know that there's people on the rooftops with some kind of imaging equipment.
No. 529324 ID: 78d039

Don't forget that one of the Daft Punk robots is hunting you. I would say go through the garage.
No. 529325 ID: 57a559

Hey, you know what I'm thinkin' again?
Also ground floor is our best plan when there is a sly motherfucker out there with a fucking rocket launcher. No matter how many dudes are down there, a sniper or RPG is much more deadly. You have much less control of the situation with those types of dudes.

Find some guys, minimize bloodloss when killing them, and get the fuck out of dodge. You chocked that one guy, so you have actually ONE clean disguise if you risk going back into the room.
No. 529326 ID: 885ee8

Still got that comm program Sev put on there? maybe you can contact him for help with the computer? I doubt he can drop in or anything personally, but he might be able to hack back into your building's security system and give you some valuable intel. Assuming your computer's wireless...

In the meantime, down doesn't sound so hot but it's your only way out short of an air evac. Unless you think you can pick a random apartment to hide in long enough for the cops to arrive.

Actually, maybe the elevator? Get in, climb up the emergency hatch on the top, and just chill up there quietly. I doubt anyone will look there.
No. 529328 ID: 9ddf68

at least you can see who is shooting at you on the ground. plus if we do go up we'll be exposed, under fire, and may or may not have anywhere else to run to. while on the ground we at least have the option to grab a set of wheels which would actually give us a chance to get the hell out of here.
No. 529330 ID: 735f4f

Ok to start we need to at least try to get a hold of 73-6. Maybe he cant make it here fast but we need to at least let him know whats happening.

Once you do that we need to keep on the move. If you try to hide somewhere make sure it has a back way out. Finding more guns and ammo would help.
No. 529334 ID: ba8629

Think the cops might care about someone shooting fucking rockets into an apartment building? Ain't exactly a kid with a pocket knife holding up a minimart.

Maybe, if you contact 73-6, he can have his handlers call in a tip about something the cops do care about, whatever that is.

Since you can't go outside or to the basement, sounds like you need to just go a few floors down and hide in a closet or something. Know any empty apartments you could bust into?
No. 529335 ID: c95833

Sev's hacking stuff. Is it still set up on there? Maybe we can use that. See where they are. Or how he got out. Or maybe we can tell him we're in trouble?
No. 529338 ID: 4652c9
File 137514149692.png - (57.26KB , 800x600 , 93.png )

Keisha's computer is a hologram tower, not a laptop. If they want to use it they need to plug it in.

The elevator only goes up to floor 25. If they want to get there, they'll need to move down 5 floors first.

Sara only knows of one vacant apartment they can hide in. She opens the door cautiously to 301.

They creep through the dead men's apartment. Sara peers out the fire escape window, on the other side of the building from the visored rocket man.

A thick copse of suspension cables snake their way to the building next door. That would be climbable. Terrifying but climbable.
No. 529342 ID: 735f4f

Well the cables at least widen our options. Get that computer plugged in fast and one of you check the dead guys for loot.
No. 529343 ID: a23afd

Hmm. Ask if Keisha thinks she could manage that. It looks like our best option.
No. 529347 ID: 9ddf68

well it's either that or risk the ground or roof so I think we just found our exit... unless you can find something better.

Also since this room is 'safe' for now plug the computer back in and see if you can't get some help. also lock the door if you haven't already and use whatever you can to barricade it a bit as well.
No. 529372 ID: c95833

I'm not sure I like the cables. You'd be climbing uphill? And wide open if anyone with a gun saw you. Not that your current situation is looking so great.
No. 529436 ID: 4652c9
File 137515720447.png - (10.39KB , 800x600 , 94.png )

The kitchen is a wreck. It looks like there was an explosion in here.

Sara sets the computer up on a countertop while Keisha locks the door.

That program 73-6 put on has to be here somewhere. Shit. How did he do it. Command prompt?
There it is.

"Sev? Sev? Can you hear me?"
"wurughg. huf. monica?"
"It's Sara."
"jesus. sara? do you know what time it is right now? how are you-"
"The thing you left on the computer. The comms thing. Sev, the Fantomas got into the apartment. They blew it up."
"holy shit."
"Me and Keisha are okay but they're trying to kill us."
"holy shit. this is my fault. fuck. hold on. hold on. i need to wake people up."

Sara drums her fingers against the keyboard.
All of a sudden her knees get a little weak and she has to hold onto the table. She shivers violently and straightens out.
She thinks about how the Fantomas' adam's apple felt against her thumb, and how it felt pushing it in.
"ok." Sev's voice yanks her back to the present. "i'm back. you guys need to get here, asap. can you guys get here? we can protect you but i can't get anyone out there this late. i'll keep trying."
No. 529437 ID: bf54a8

don't think about it for now, you need to get out, then you can cry about it when you aren't at risk f being dead.
No. 529439 ID: 76b151

Tell him you think you can use the cabels to get to the next building over. After that its just a matter of arranging a ride. The other routes (ground floor and roof) are bound to be full of Fantoma and you've been lucky so far but it can't hold up forever. But its dangerous and if you are spotted you'll be sitting ducks. Since you know there was a guy with a fucking rocket launcher.
No. 529443 ID: a23afd

What, are they just gonna give you the address? Get the address. Then I guess we'll have to sneak down and get a car somehow. Taxi, maybe?
No. 529444 ID: 9ddf68

ask him if he knows anything about some draft punk wannabe looking guy. tell sev what he looked like and that he blow a hole in your wall.

also sev is a decent hacker right? think he could be our eyes and getting into the building's cameras or at the very least tell us how to do it to get an idea on where and how many people are after use.
No. 529446 ID: ba8629

Can Sev trick the police into responding to this emergency?
No. 529449 ID: c95833

Where's here?

Trying to figure out how to get out of the building now. We're in the first place you hit, across the hall. Not sure if we can reach the ground floor, and the exits will probably be guarded. We might be able to climb over to the next building.

They got some guy with a purple visor and a rocket launcher.
No. 529452 ID: 4652c9
File 137516087702.png - (135.50KB , 800x600 , 95.png )

"630 piedmont is where you need to go," says 73-6. "i'll meet up with you there and take you the rest of the way, but you need to get to piedmont."
"That shit is like 5 blocks away," says Keisha.
"Then we better get going." Sara slings the Fantomas gun across her back. "Sev, there's some suspension cables linking across to the garage. We're gonna try to get across on those."
"Oh, no. Fuck that," says Keisha.

"Fuck this," says Keisha. "Fuck heights, fuck cables, fuck yo boyfriend, Sara, he couldn't call a taxi?"
"Not my boyfriend and keep your voice down," whispers Sara. "Don't think of the height. Just look up and forward, Keesh."
"So I can see the rocket before it blows me up?"
"Keeesh, we gotta mooove."
No. 529453 ID: 4652c9
File 137516095487.png - (45.19KB , 800x600 , 96.png )

The cables link to the roof of a dark concrete parking garage.

Keisha joins Sara at the door, shivering violently from the cold winds and the climb. "I am too hippy for this shit," she says.
"Not our best night."
"Girl, you a goddamn warrior. We'll get through this."
"Thanks, Keesh."
"We jacking a car?"
"Like, stealing."
"That's against the law."
"Well so's blowing yo goddamn apartment up, so I think we crossed an event horizon," says Keisha. "You interface with them, I can get us inside."
"You can?"
"Gangster ex, babydoll. Come on. I'm cold as shit, I got no pants on, my feet hurt, and I ain't even been useful yet."
"We can walk."
"We can get shot, girl."
"Won't they notice a car pulling out?"
"They'll notice two half-naked girls runnin down the road even more."
No. 529454 ID: a23afd

Maybe we can return the car later. Like, tell him the car will be back in the same garage in two days. Or somewhere nearby. I'm sure we can manage that somehow.

Regardless, yes. We need that car. Be careful though, there could be Fantomas around in here too.
No. 529456 ID: 735f4f

Worry about the ethics of stealing a car later. If we leave it out in the open in a non crime ridden area it will be recovered quickly enough.

Get off the roof as fast as you can and get out of sight. Who knows if rocket visor guy is watching.
No. 529457 ID: 9ddf68

We can just park the car somewhere and the police will find and return it and she has a point, the quicker we can leave the better chance we have of leaving alive so to steal a car we go.
No. 529458 ID: c95833

...you're right, we'll take a car.
No. 529460 ID: ba8629

You steal the fuck out of that car.

Drive it casual, like you don't care.
No. 529463 ID: 7dbd6b

Casual as Fuck.
Stone cold slow riding over here.
No. 529538 ID: 54af1f

Unless someone removed them shouldn't there be a bunch of dead people's cars in the parking structure for this place?
No. 529677 ID: 4652c9
File 137522332750.png - (24.50KB , 800x600 , 97.png )

They find the most bulletproof-looking vehicle in the garage. True to her word, Keisha is inside in no time.
Sara fretfully leaves a note.

Keisha exhales deeply as the stolen van bumps onto the street. She drums out a rat-tat-tatting pattern on the wheel.

"We got this. We staying cool. Tinted windows."
"Keesh, there's guys," says Sara. "Oh, no."

A Fantoma leaning against the building detaches himself from his group and approaches their car. He's beckoning them over.
Keisha leans forward in her seat. Her foot nervously taps the pedal. "What do we do?"
No. 529678 ID: 35edd4

You're facing the other way. If you just keep driving casually (don't floor it or anything, just gradually accelerate to the speed limit) he'll probably just assume you didn't see him. Which might mean taking further steps, but he doesn't look like he's about to shoot out your tires.
No. 529680 ID: cf49fc

Duck behind the dash and run em down. Turn a corner as fast as possible.
No. 529681 ID: 735f4f

Can you change your voice to something male sounding and put a crazy light show on your holo projector. Then crank up the stereo and have Keisha drive your window over to the guy.

Then pretend you are a robo pimp or something and are having your girl drive you somewhere safe because you heard a exposion.

Hopefully only a few of them up top got a glance at us.

Other options are to ignore him and drive by. Or stopping and acting normal but if they try anything gunning them down and flooring it.
No. 529691 ID: e1609c

Robopimp is best plan
No. 529696 ID: 9ddf68

jump in the back and tell Keisha to let her hair down and try and use it to cover her face. when the guy ask what she is doing tell her to tell him that her neighbor's kid won't stop crying and if she has to lesion to that brat for one more fucking second she's was going to kill something so she decided to take a quick drive to calm her nerves and hopefully when she comes back the kid would have finally shut the fuck up.

Hey it would explain why she's in her PJs.
No. 529704 ID: c95833

...I'm going to assume there aren't too many full body robot amputees around here. So any bluffing plan can't let them see Sara, even if she puts on a different face and voice.
No. 529706 ID: a23afd

They might not know she's a robot, though. I mean, consider the confusion of that first guy, and the fact that they didn't consider her a threat.
No. 529709 ID: a01b62

How about instead of that we just wait for him to come over, roll down the windows, blast him in the face, and fucking pump that shit, then gun it to the designated location
No. 529711 ID: a23afd

I say we just keep driving, ignore him completely. The windows are tinted so it's reasonable that someone driving the van wouldn't notice the guy behind them waving.
No. 529713 ID: 4652c9
File 137523170945.png - (11.09KB , 800x600 , 98.png )

The Fantoma knocks on the window.

Keisha rolls it down.

"You can't-" says the Fantoma.

"Can't what, cracker-ass, country-listening ass, baseball cap wearin-ass, dumbass? Can't sleep, is what I can't. Yo gotdamn gorillas trompin up and down the gotdamn hallway with yo bigass boots, thinking you own the fuckin place, knockin on doors and swaggin in like you think yo shit ain't stank, and I'm tryna sleep, and I got me a third floor apartment all to myself and yo ass is hosed cuz I got people and yo ass is hosed-er if you tryna stop me from leavin, boy."

The Fantoma opens up his mouth.

"Oh don't you try and tell me bout no gotdamn operational security. I am a five foot two black girl with insomnia, nigga. There a gotdamn baby cryin next door I aint trying to have shit from, there's yo fascist ass walkin round like 'Waka Waka May We Come In And Threaten You', you went and woke my cat up, gotdamn. My boyfriend a motherfucking magistrate, I'm stayin over at his place, and maybe if you let me go right now I can talk him outta raisin high-ass hell on yo ratchet-ass little circlejerk down here but I ain't havin it from you. DIG?"

"I, uhm. You." He swallows. "Okay, just go on and don't, uh. Make any trouble. Okay?"
No. 529714 ID: a01b62

Okay, that worked too. Drive on, it don't mean nothin', your children love you but they don't understand.
No. 529715 ID: e1609c

Puttin' on some extra swag, eh keisha? Well, lets skedaddle then
one easy drive to safety, coming up!
No. 529716 ID: a23afd

Yeah, fine, whatever.
No. 529717 ID: c95833

Just give him a condescending look and then drive out of there.
No. 529735 ID: 9ddf68

ok that work now lets get the hell out of here.
No. 529764 ID: 4652c9
File 137524458108.png - (35.07KB , 800x600 , 99.png )

"Yeah." Keisha steps on it. "Whatever."

As they pull away and onto Treetop, Keisha's hair is already poofing back into its customary wildness. Sara clambers out the back and sits next to Keisha. She turns around and lowers her shades, smiling an incredibly rare smile.

"You can't leash the motherfucking Keesh," she says.
No. 529767 ID: 735f4f

Nice job Keisha. Get to the safehouse quickly but avoid speeding on the way there. Last thing we need is to get pulled over in a stolen van.

Sara you keep a eye out the back if you can for anything odd. While you probably are ok for now that rocket guy was not your everyday thug.
No. 529768 ID: a23afd

Awesome job, Keesh! We're not out of here yet, though. Keep an eye out.
No. 529770 ID: c95833

Right, Keisha keeps driving and pay attention to that. Don't go too fast or do anything attention grabbing- they probably still have people on the roofs somewhere and we don't want to draw their attention.

Sara, you keep watch as best you can. If say, purple asshole aims another rocket at the car, it would be good if you saw it in time for Keesh to swerve.
No. 529791 ID: 4652c9
File 137524767193.png - (6.25KB , 800x600 , 100.png )

"Where we meeting your boyfriend again? Piedmont?"
"Yes. 630 Piedmont. And I'm not rising to that one, Keesh."
"Getting rises out of you is 50% of my recreation time, babychild. Probably 100, now that all our shit got blown up."
"Jeez, Keesh! What're we gonna do now?"
"I got a list of priorities. Buyin pants is up there. You okay? You shakin."
"That was rough."
Keisha sucks in air through her teeth. "Rough shit. I'd be dead as fuck without you, though, girl. I'm glad you was there." Sara nods. Keisha looks over. "You ain't done nothing wrong."
"Watch the road, Keesh."
"I'm watchin, I'm watchin."
No. 529792 ID: 4652c9
File 137524773898.png - (12.26KB , 800x600 , 101.png )

73-6 is waiting at Piedmont, in front of a gunmetal-grey office block.

There are 2 other reconstituted assets with him. The big one knocks on the window and Keisha rolls it down.

"hey, you guys," says 73-6. He holds up two blindfolds. "you kind of need to put these on."
"My eyes are down there." Sara taps her chest.
"oh, right," 73-6 looks at the blindfolds. "shoot. i don't know the regulation for that."
"Knock her out," says the big guy.
"Lid on it, 88," says the woman with the gun.
No. 529794 ID: 76b151

this probably works.
No. 529795 ID: a23afd

You could... wear a coat over your chest? Or a thick shirt?
No. 529796 ID: c95833

No need to knock her out! You just hack her eyes off for a bit. You accessed her voice thing before, you should be able to do that.

Kind of hard to knock a robot out, anyways. I mean, you could turn off the chassis, maybe. If that doesn't kill the life support.
No. 529798 ID: e1609c

Cant really knock out a robot, hon. And disabling anything might cause a catastrophic failure somewhere along the line. Just wrap something thick like one of your coats around my torso, should fix things.
No. 529799 ID: 9ddf68

ask if they got any turtle neck sweaters with them... or a scarf.
No. 529803 ID: 735f4f

See if you can borrow a jacket.
No. 529804 ID: 1f8505

Keisha: Find pants.
No. 529805 ID: ba8629

>"oh, right," 73-6 looks at the blindfolds. "shoot. i don't know the regulation for that."

Well you've got internet access, don't you?

What is this, the bronze age?
No. 529807 ID: bf54a8

put a jacket on backwards.
No. 529810 ID: e1609c
File 137525003699.gif - (475.99KB , 500x377 , tumblr_mh4qhmMbJ21r54hmso1_500.gif )

>Telling keisha to put on pants
>(Reported for flagrant abuse of the suggestion system)
No. 529816 ID: 7dbd6b

73: Change clothes with Robot.
No. 529818 ID: 4652c9
File 137525213758.png - (12.90KB , 800x600 , 102.png )

"We coulda knocked her out," says 88.
"One, 88, don't act sad because you always look for an excuse to show your muscles off," says the female moldy. "and two, 88, you can't knock a robot out. I don't think."
"Yeah," says Sara.

"This ain't the first time a man's blindfold me while I didn't have any pants on," says Keisha, "and usually I expect to be having a better time by now. My feet are on fire and it's cold as fuck. Where even are we?"

"going down," says 73-6. "what happened, guys?"
No. 529819 ID: a23afd

Tell him in as much detail as you can muster, sara. It'll be therapeutic.
No. 529822 ID: ba8629

Basically exactly what Keisha warned. The Fantomas brought down the hammer. Including some kinda Agent with a purple visor.
No. 529824 ID: 1f8505


Someone give Keisha some pants.
No. 529827 ID: 13d429

>Annoying image + wanting to get jollies off pantless Keishas
>Reported for flagrant abuse of the report + image posting system

More serious suggestion: Give a quick accounting. Fantomas decided to kill your asses for helping 73-6. You shot a few, got a hole blown in your apartment by this guy with a glowing purple faceshield, climbed up cables over to the next building, hijacked a car and talked your way out of the blockade, and drove over here. Speaking of which, that car needs to get returned to its owner.
No. 529828 ID: 13d429

And, yeah.
Keisha: demand pants.
No. 529837 ID: 4652c9
File 137525432468.png - (12.73KB , 800x600 , 102a.png )

"They brought the hammer down. A bunch of Fantomas tried to kill us for helping. They blew up the apartment. This guy with a glowy purple visor did. We woke up, there were guys in our apartment, we fought our way out, we jacked a car, I, uh, we had to..." Sara's voice breaks.
"are you okay?"
"Yes. I'm sorry. Sorry. It's been a hard night."
"And someone needs to get me some motherfucking pants," says Keisha.
"well, you guys are safe now," says 73-6, putting his hand on Sara's shoulder. For an unscrewable zombie killer's hand, it feels strangely comforting. "you don't need me to tell you you did good, but, uh, you did."
"Thanks," says Sara, quietly.
"you need to eat something and unwind a little. if you gotta get something off your chest i know all about what it's like to kill people. oh, and, uh, keisha, i'm sure we can find some pants inside. check it out."

He pulls the trenchcoat off Sara's optics. She gasps.
No. 529838 ID: 4652c9
File 137525433628.png - (12.68KB , 800x600 , 103.png )

They're in a huge subterranean cavern. On a high ledge, across a walkway, is a high, dark building, its surface snaking with cables and wires spiderwebbing into the darkness and up to the surface. In the distant shadows a constellation of glowing terminals and databases wink on and off. The entire cavern reverberates with the constant, bass-heavy thrum of machinery.

"welcome to my house," says 73-6. "outpost jericho."
No. 529839 ID: 76b151

I might not like your bosses much but you gotta admit they have style.
No. 529840 ID: 9ddf68

hate to be the guy that has to pay the electric bill. Nice place all in all.
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