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File 137163010433.png - (503.79KB , 800x600 , disc.png )
72481 No. 72481 ID: 0eef61

Talk about your favorite killer cyberzombie here.

Or maybe he's not your favorite, but please don't hurt 73-6's feelings.

Thread here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/516189.html
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No. 94499 ID: bb78f2

Darn, thank you.
No. 94507 ID: 2a7417

Reminder to everyone that there are other agents still on base that could jeopardize any plans we come up with. 63 we can bribe with cookies. 90-2, I'm not so sure about. We could try asking nicely. Or, perhaps 90-3 will be more open-minded. If we do end up recruiting her, though, there's no room on the lifeboat for her.
No. 94510 ID: bb78f2

There's a high enough odds that there will be a complete purge of Jericho, human AND moldy. Abusing that fact, we can get a lot of people on our side from that alone.

The brainwashing stuff will probably be wrecked to shit, since I don't know what classifies as the Bureau for their brain programming, since they were all brainwashed. If Jericho succeeds from the Bureau proper, but still just calls themselves the New Bureau 2, will that really fuck with their heads? Is the programming actually to Sosa primarily? What IS the Bureau when it comes to their brainwashing programming, and how affective is it?

14-1 did something to Sev during his 3rd rez, I don't know what exacty he used or where he got it from, or if we'll EVER learn what it is, but it's weird. I wonder if we can fuck with the brainwashing machine to wash the minds of the other moldies without having to rez them?
No. 94512 ID: f5a4f7

Its DA. He said he gave us more than well know or something and that he can easily take it away. 14 also used "guy" referring to the person who gave him the melty stick, which isn't proof on its own but backed by what DA said that I cant dig up on mobile but was in our last interaction with him, its a solid chance.
No. 94619 ID: 489158

At risk of sounding like a dumbass...what upgrade shell technician? In which thread was she mentioned?
No. 94624 ID: 57dfcc

90-2. The moldie with the cyber eye.

She first shows up for escort duty, at the end of thread 2, when we brought Keesh and Sara back to base. >>/questarch/529792
Then in thread 5 she's in the background >>/questarch/585178 and gives us a shell upgrade >>/questarch/586057
In thread 6 she does Penny >>/questarch/614013

Honestly, I was expecting it to be a bigger problem we'd completely forgot about one of the base's reconstructed assets when planning our treason. I expected, say, 38-3 or Sosa or someone to wire ahead on a secure line so she'd be ready to shoot us in the back while we were watching for the external threat coming. Or just for her to notice something and not be cool with what we were doing.

Oh well. At least we didn't have to shoot her. Although we stuck her with an annoying idiot, which is maybe worse.
No. 94629 ID: 10abb2

thank you!
No. 94779 ID: e114bc

Brom how much of DA's backstory did you make up right on the spot? I need to know.
No. 94782 ID: bd0fbc

A round of applause, man. Marvellously done. Its rare to have an element like that done with taste and gravity such a subject deserves, and you have.
No. 94783 ID: 93390d

DA was actually planned to have this backstory from the moment he was introduced, if you'll believe it. Most of the shit i put into this quest has a gestation period of like an hour tops but I've been sitting on this reveal for years.
Thank you!
No. 94786 ID: a107fd

So DA teaches computer science the way "Heisenberg" teaches chemistry?
No. 94790 ID: 2a7417

So Dartline Alchemist's best skill is computer science too.
Tgchan *does* make good decisions.

I hope the Puppet Government's leader figure was a literal sock puppet.
No. 94792 ID: e114bc

No. 94827 ID: de848e

sev three dropped the ball and its fucking hilarious oh my god
No. 94854 ID: 4be41f

No. 97870 ID: 209a42


Should we be concerned?
No. 97872 ID: f56624

Nah, Brom's a mod and can just gank it from the ghost house's slavering maw at any point.
No. 97873 ID: 209a42

*r e l i e f*
No. 98741 ID: f56624
File 145932234926.gif - (9.14KB , 495x369 , neh.gif )

Brom posted a WIP shot of the update on irc
that was a mistake
No. 98742 ID: 2634c0

>2% MAD
No. 99360 ID: ec31f7

i keep listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY9eTihrKM0 and it reminds me of SotW for some reason and idk if its the Aesthetic of the video or what
(it starts strobe flashing red-white around the 3:00 mark jsyk)
double-o sev three's also gonna die
No. 108995 ID: f6ba27


More updates to this and maybe, god willing, a conclusion.
In the mean time I'm getting back in the swing of drawing these characters the best way I know how in my drawthread, which is Not Safe for Work: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/17869.html
No. 108997 ID: 8657f8

>a conclusion
One that doesn't involve our heroes getting blown to itty, bitty pieces, please.
No. 109003 ID: dd5b4d

Chunky pieces would be acceptable however.
No. 109007 ID: f6ba27

OK i got it out of my system http://imgur.com/a/XvxvS
Quest update either tonight or tomorrow
No. 109009 ID: f57935

No. 109012 ID: f6ba27

I wanted to match the number of pics Toxoglossa had drawn of the Sunfish characters doing it.

Then he told me exactly how many he had drawn, so that plan is out the window.
No. 109016 ID: 07e249

Toxoglossa is a dirty critter.
No. 109021 ID: 1226ae


I am somehow entirely unsurprised there's a cyberzombie porno site.
No. 109069 ID: f6ba27

i know i said i got it out of my system and then i made a miniature comedy porn odyssey


Update tonight I promise
No. 109070 ID: 6be18b

Clearly, Sevra was meant to be.
No. 109071 ID: f6ba27

Well I mean he CAN hack her nervous system
No. 109072 ID: 6be18b

Meant to be.
No. 112571 ID: be0718

If this thread were a reconstituted asset, it'd be a drone by now.

I hope anyone wanting to give 38-4 a "sweet, lovable personality" doesn't feel too bad when our bullet-taker takes too many bullets and we aren't left with enough of him to make a 38-5.
I'm mostly concerned for the OOC reason that this might encourage a hasty attempt to rescue 38-4 from a doomed situation, to the harm of someone else in our very large harem group.
No. 112604 ID: c88e6d

I am squealing happily at the sight of a new Static thread.

...Also, it's not like we haven't done infinitely more unethical things, but damn we're getting good at this resurrection thing. We are almost distressingly skilled at bringing people back as superintelligent cyberzombies.
No. 115920 ID: 99ddfc

I miss updates.
No. 122862 ID: 5d9895

Are you doing alright dude? I'm worried about you.
No. 122863 ID: d887c0

Brom goes walkabout every now and again. He could be busy with work or has to deal with other RL stuff. The best thing to do is keep his quests fed and watered until he gets back.
No. 128932 ID: f443e9

Seems to be quite the walkabout.
No. 128933 ID: b5fb67


Brom has a tiny version of himself that needs attention.
No. 128934 ID: 465a14

Brom's fine, just busy with life. Wife, new baby, playing D&D with work friends.
No. 128949 ID: 2202fb

So regardless of how he is doing, is this quest dead or on hiatus? Has he forgotten about it or does he still check in occasionally to say he still doesnt have time?
No. 128950 ID: b1b4f3

Taking care of a baby is a huge drain on your time and sanity. Wait like 5 more years and he might come back.
No. 135431 ID: a808d0

>looks at imgur link from 2017
>Makes me think of some of the greatest and creative writing projects I know of are on this board and how few people have actually experienced them.
I hope we see an end to 73 and everyone's story, but I regardless I know I am lucky to have experienced this wonderfulness at all. As with all the work of great QMs like Brom. I personally never even played many quests, I've only read.
No. 135432 ID: eb1fcc

Aye. It's a damn shame we never saw an end to this, but far as reasons to stop go "raising a kid" is pretty up there.
No. 135433 ID: 031458

Every time I think of this quest, I see a tiny glimmer of hope.
'Soon, Brom's kid will have school to go to, and he might finally have time to finish Static on the Line and Enemy Quest."

But then I remember it's been half a decade, and he's probably moved on with his life.
C'est la vie.
No. 135548 ID: 520602

this is one of the most depressing things you could have posted on this imageboard
No. 135549 ID: 520602

Also yes he said on the Discord in January that he has no interest in finishing EQ and that probably goes for SotW too. Gave his blessing for someone else to pick up the torch.
No. 135553 ID: e4a574

well i gave my blessing if someone beat my WPM on that typing test thing and nobody did

so for now no successor has revealed themself
No. 136283 ID: cdbcf8

So sense the torch that is the quest...who will take it up? The torch is still hot, so it wouldn't be easy at all to do. Maybe one would need to make a few small torches to start out with, so one could warm up the to the heat before trying to bear it. Or maybe one should instead start their own fire with torches own flame? So that they can make their own torch that can burn bright, if not brighter then the original? All I know for sure is, if we let this fire sit for long enough, it will go out...
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