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File 125961247482.jpg - (212.13KB , 1024x1380 , Elemental Golem.jpg )
6816 No. 6816 ID: d1210a

So, this is a discussion thread for Golem Quest.

Any questions about the setting (like what different metals there are, how magic is understood to work, etc) can be asked here, and I will answer what I can.
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No. 6846 ID: d1210a

Okay, so, metals work pretty much like normal, with a couple exceptions.

Steel is referred to as Base Steel.

Blue Steel: forged with inbuilt Regenerative magicks infused into the metal as it is shaped. More durable than normal steel, keeps sharp longer than normal, and cannot rust. Makes excellent long term armor for any terrain.

Red Steel: forged with inbuilt Destructive magicks that let ever cut it makes be magically widened, such that even a small cut could end up a grievous injury. Causes sharp, vibrating tremors when forged into blunt weaponry. Can destroy Blue Steel with relative ease, but when faced against other Red Steel, will start to warp and wear so long as it is forced to clash against something of it's own nature. Can make armor that magically rusts Blue Steel or below quality metals upon contact. Starts to deteriorate if attacked with Red Steel (said weapons will suffer likewise). Prohibitively expensive, not seen in any mass production form.

Rune Steel:
Blue Steel with Runes inscribed into them during a second forging: The effects vary from rune to rune, so while some examples of Rune Steel may be nearly indiscernible from Blue Steel, some examples will have powerful magical enhancements. Price of manufacture varies in proportion with the quality of the rune used. Red Steel cannot be inscribed with runes.

Black Steel: Invention of the now fallen Mosmordren Empire, Steel with augmentive magicks forcibly infused into it by spilling the blood of those actively harvested for Soul Grave fuel onto the Base Steel while it is forged atop enchanted anvils, the souls of thousands ground to dust during their forging to give them a strong connection with death. Now the metal is poison, causing wounds inflicted to rot, and being impossible to wield for long without starting to decay. Only Soul Graves, the golems the metal was forged for, are safe to possess it without harm, as the blood in the metal forms a symbiotic connection with the souls and dark magicks that animate a Soul Grave. The metal is conventionally unbreakable, and causes non-soul/blood fueled magicks cast in the immediate vicinity to be weakened, sometimes outright negated, depending on proximity, the strength of the mage, and the amount of Black Steel present.
No. 6854 ID: d1210a

Ok, so, Magic:

Magic is a relatively rare, costly and difficult to master line of talent within the setting.

Magic needs a feul source, and a type.

The Fuel Sources are, in order of relative average power:

The types of magic are:

The types are straightforward: Destructive is causing damage/decay to something or otherwise causing something to wear down more quickly than it would naturally, Regenerative is repairing or reinforcing existing things, and Augmentive is adding new traits to something that already exists.

The sources are a little more involved.

Soul, be it the caster's own or those of the dead, is the most powerful magic fuel type, and it alongside Blood Magic were the mainstays of the Mosmordren empire, and were the source of much of their power. After their fall, Soul magic became a capital crime under any circumstance to practice.

Blood is less potent than Soul, but still a far cry above what one can usually expect out of Will. Blood requires a much larger amount of fuel for the same purpose as Soul does, and as such there are no blood mages who use their own blood exclusively (or at least they have very brief careers). Blood magic requires a special permit to be practice without being arrested and potentially executed. The permits can be notoriously difficult to obtain.

Will is the act of forcing magic to occur through the order and strength of one's thoughts. Will mages tire much more quickly than any other mage, and are more prone to burn out than most thanks to how easy it is for them to exceed their safe limits. Mages that become adept at Will magic can expect to be held in high demand and esteem for their prowess.

World is drawing power from the world around the caster, be it from a forest, an ancient mountain, a desert oasis or one of the planet's leylines, there are few accomplished mages that practice World alone, as there are many dead zones around the world where there are no ready sources. Knowledge of World magic usually indicates a laymen learner of magic has started to gain some decent knowledge of the mechanics of magic itself, and may be hired as an adviser or their word given more weight than a simple amateur.

Word is the known tonal combinations that can cause minor magics to occur, such as sparking a fire, snuffing a candle or moving a couple pounds of material about. Most anyone can attempt to learn these, and learning these spells are the firsts steps any would-be mage takes in most cases.

Learning any new magic both requires some source of knowledge from which to learn the spell in question, and the requisite amount of time for the individual to grasp the spell or magical theory in question through practice and study, varying in length by learner. The more advanced magics are harder to learn, and very few have the dedication and the means to become Grand Mages, those recognized in all lands as having master of magic, and because of this, it is no wonder there are less than 100 Grand Mages or better (Such as the Grand Elder Mages, those who command the greatest of power, influence and knowledge)

Hm. There any specific questions, about the setting or anything?
No. 6871 ID: 697b23

I have question. There's been extremely little information provided about the shoulder-mortars. All we know is that they are "powerful" and "mid-range", and are loaded with one shot for immediate firing.

That leaves a lot unknown. What kind of ammunition do they fire? Is it designed for anti-personnel use (fragmentation rounds) or anti-fortification purposes (high explosive) or other (some sort of magical round)?

How does the mortar fire? Magnetic propulsion, black powder, magical means or something else?

What does 'mid-range' mean?

How are the mortars targeted? Line of sight, or is indirect fire possible? And for that matter, how accurate are they? Does accuracy decrease with range?

Do we have more ammo? Do we need to find ammo or are the rounds magically generated/created from consumed metal? If not, what is the likeliness of finding more? If so, can we customize the type of rounds we create? How long does ammo creation take/how much metal does it consume? Can we magically charge rounds by infusing them with souls?

If you can't answer any of these questions because we wouldn't know the answers in game, that's fine. Just whatever info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
No. 6874 ID: d1210a

The mortars are 'mid-range' in that they can fire their charge at any range from thirty to two hundred feet with significant accuracy.

They fire slugs formed within the barrels when empty as you feed, that are designed with special stress points so that on impact they break in hundreds of metal slivers that radiate outward at high speed. The ball is approximately the size of a honeydew, for size reference. Spread of slivers is some fifty foot radius, but they stop hitting much once they have spread past thirty feet. Anything within twenty feet without HEAVY armor will be severely injured if not outright killed. Your load-out is specialized in anti-infantry, although it could be changed if you learned of alternate settings.

The Mortars fire by pressurizing a bit of ambient Soulfire that gathers around you by means of your method of function, along with a magically derived magnetic burst that throws and primes the projectile.

Mortars can be fired wherever Mordre desires, he simply has to choose a location to propel them towards. Part of the magicks that make Soul Grave's such potent weapons of war are several algebraic and geometric spell equations in-built to their function.

Rounds are regenerated in about two hours with enough food. Each round requires 5 pounds of metal.

further questions?
No. 6877 ID: 697b23

Excellent, thanks. One last mortar-specific question and then I'll think of others later: Can rounds be generated in advance and stored somewhere, like if we created some sort of storage compartment?

I can't see why not, but figure it's better to make sure in advance in case it ever comes up.
No. 6879 ID: d1210a

No. They stay anchored to your body within the mortar cannons until used, as their form needs to be properly secured so that each missile able to split completely into shards on impact.

If other rounds that did not require such bracing were learned of, they might be able to be prepared in advance.
No. 6882 ID: 697b23

Ah, alright thanks. That's good to know.

I'll probably have more questions later.
No. 6894 ID: 6faa8c

Hurm. Why am I thinking of merging the two cannons into a single high-caliber super-mortar, with a huge revolver chamber so as to properly brace them and prepare multiple in advance? Like, his waist and some of his chest, as well as that area of the back, becoming a huge spinning storage compartment that braces the 'bullets', with a central shaft for it to rotate on...
No. 6895 ID: 6faa8c
File 125965723557.png - (12.38KB , 640x480 , revolvergolemidea.png )

pic related for clarification.The spinner area should lock while the golem is moving, and while firing. Furthermore, specific special mortars may be loaded in each canister, allowing for, say, if discovered, a fireball shell, a 'slug' cannonball, and four normal shots to be loaded, and switched between at a moment's notice.
No. 6896 ID: 6faa8c

>not loaded, grown
No. 6920 ID: b12bc5

I have a feeling there's probably something important in the part you want to put mechanisms and stuff in. Even if not, such a design will greatly decrease maneuverability, and long-range capability is hardly our top priority.
No. 6931 ID: d1210a

You would need to understand the mechanics behind revolvers or otherwise repeating weapons first. Only the desert kingdoms to the south and a few of the island nations that trade with them hold such things.

And mounting it on the back like that would greatly increase range, but push the minimum range that it can be fired WAY out.

But pretty much, anything you find and consume can be used to try and reshape yourself.
No. 6940 ID: 8a8213

I think the idea was that he would get on his hands and knees to fire, thus making it direct fire rather than arcing.
No. 6948 ID: d1210a

Hmm. That could work, I guess.
No. 6971 ID: 6faa8c

That's the general idea, yes. Or we could do a miniature roundabout for each shoulder, maybe for two each. The idea is to maximize how many we can launch, and versatility of our cannons.

Who says this is what WE will use? Certainly we will liberate our colleagues.
Not to mention keeping several designs in mind for several occasions.

I've got several other ideas. This one, for instance, is a gate defender sort of dealie, who spins his entire upper body at high speed. Once doing so, some of the weight from the heavily armored and armed upper body is negated due to the weight not pulling down but out. Once spinning, he becomes more manueverable.

Assuming we can get our huge hands on such things, could Mordre intuitively understand them?
No. 6972 ID: 6faa8c
File 125973190416.png - (9.79KB , 640x480 , Spincrushidea.png )

No. 6975 ID: 8a8213

>Certainly we will liberate our colleagues.
That seems to me like a rather bad idea. We were not subjugated by magic. Who's to say that other golems would not be the same?

Also, your grasp on how spinning works is flawed. He would become less maneuverable, not more. He would still have downward force to contend with, he would merely have even stronger centrifugal force to deal with as well.

Potential use for that design is next to none.
No. 6976 ID: 6faa8c

Bah. Not everything is a winner.
No. 6977 ID: d1210a

The first type of golem ever made, a basic form has been perfected in efficiency of craft that nearly every town has, a seven foot tall, seven hundred pound vague, rotund humanoid shape. Other designs are seen as well, but none are nearly as easy to make, and are thus rarer. Clay golems are made with clay from dead volcanoes and crystals from live volcanoes, upon which control runes are inscribed. The runes for the default clay golem are readily known, though access to the materials needed is not.

Vary in size, shaping and purpose greatly, as they are crafted almost exclusively with World magic, by drawing on the power of mountains or rock quarries (preferably over leylines for best results) to imbue stone with life. Not frequently used in warfare, as the time and energy required to craft even relatively simple ones is not worth the relative ease most common stone golems can be shattered with.

-WOOD: crafted with World magic in ancient forests (also benefiting from from being over leylines), wood golems can be made relatively easily out of any tree and at great speed if necessary, but different trees make different golems, and the time spent shaping the golem impacts the quality. They cannot have runes inscribed on them, and can be burned fairly easily.

Life Golems are made with Blood Magic, and are the grafting of traits onto a base living form to create a new species that can be controlled as a sapient slave. Morgrens are examples of this. Approval from the local government is required to make life golems, and learning Blood Magic is rare on it's own, so very few Life Golems have been made since the fall of the Mosmordren Empire.

The only golems forged of metal, Soul Graves were the invention of the Mosmordren Empire, and their greatest military strength. Can only be forged with Soul and Blood Magic, and the souls of many fresh dead are needed to power the golems. Nonetheless, their power is considered vastly superior to most other mid-to-large production model golem.
No. 6978 ID: d1210a

Morgren are a Life Golem species crafted by the Mosmordren Empire as shock troops, and they were bred and molded to be violent and powerful, vicious fighters. Made from a base Premen (The great, hairy and freakishly strong barbarians to the north. They have little civilization.) augmented with Gorilla, Tiger and Rhinoceros, they are eight to ten feet tall, have some seven hundred to twelve hundred pounds of slabs of ropey muscle, have patches of thick, pelt-like hair on their shoulders, forearms and pelvis, and have rough, pebbly skin, their hide tougher than good leather armor. Their jaws are massive and ludicrously overdeveloped, with viscous fangs and a horn protruding from their forehead, their necks and spines heavily reinforced.

They have formed a strange, perpetually warring set of Clans since the fall of the empire of their masters, and now fight both each other and everyone they find, pillaging and raiding as they go, only submitting to those they deem stronger.
No. 6980 ID: d1210a

Above the variants of magically infused steel, there are two metals rarer than all others that are seen on occasion.

Called 'Death Metal' or 'The Reaper's Steel', Necronostrium was invented and crafted in small amounts by the Mosmordren empire during the height of it's power. A collection of powerful magics allowed the metal to make edge implements of unparalleled viciousness, even the smallest wound made with such a materiel magically being enhanced until even a shallow cut could be a dire injury. Further, wounds will fester, rot and reject the power of leylines flowing in the area, causing agony and some mutation to those struck. The wounds are unable to be treated, magically or otherwise, until the wounded has been exposed to the light of dawn. This metal can claim dominion over all earthly materials, able to cleave a path through any conventional defense. It's forging process was lost with the fall of Mosmordre.

A.K.A. Starmetal, A.K.A. The Blessings of Lortox, the patron deity of the asteroid ring around the planet Zakrath. Lortoxite (conventionally, a predominantly Tungsten-Carbide alloy) falls from the asteroid ring as blazing meteors. If the fallen metal is sufficiently heated and infused with enough magic, it can be forged into unbreakable equipment, making particularly effective instruments of combat, as the power of the reforged meteors gives otherworldly impact to blows. Conversely, armor made out of Lortoxite has the capacity to absorb and nullify tremendous impacts delivered to the wearer, in correlation with the amount of Lortoxite-forged armor they were and what hit them. The drawback is that any piece of Lortoxite can only be forged ONCE, and once shaped into a knife, hammer or helmet, it will forever hold that form. Some astronomers make significant wealth, predicting the fall of new pieces of Lortoxite.
No. 7009 ID: 6faa8c

So do the Soul Graves work more like Sheild Gaurdians, then?
No. 7010 ID: 6faa8c

In terms of ownership, I mean.
No. 7011 ID: d1210a

They are designed to be....

Think of them like computers. Given a problem, they can solve it. But they need to be given direction on what to do.

So, once an owner dies, if there is no one else listed as next in line to be master (such as in a military setting), the golem goes inactive. It must then be awoken to bind it to a new owner. In theory anyone could do this, but the tools needed to activate golems are rare and expensive, especially for Soul Graves.

That does not stop people from selling dubious knock-offs and fakes to unwitting and desperate individuals, though....
No. 7037 ID: 632862

Wait, then how is Mordre active?

Something odd is going on...
No. 7038 ID: 43d730

I'm guessing an overly powerful soul has taken the helm somehow, or possibly several, to represent the many voices of /tg/.
No. 7351 ID: 7139d7

Questions: Do we know the various metals do when we consume them? Can we consume blue steel, or red steel, or Necronostrium? How does one golem consume another?
No. 7383 ID: d1210a

Soul Graves innately can identify most metals when they come into contact with them. As to the enchanted metals, if a Soul Grave had a big block of Red Steel, or Necronostrium, they could consume it (even if they were made of bronze, the enchantments in Soul Graves let them eat any metal) and convert themselves into the material, without issue.

However, to be able to eat another Soul Grave, a Soul Grave must either have an overwhelmingly larger amount of souls in their possession, or render the other Soul Grave inoperative before attempting to consume it.

Hope that cleared that up.
No. 7384 ID: 4d96ca

we must collect tens of thousands of souls
No. 7392 ID: 6faa8c
File 126046647932.jpg - (180.25KB , 754x1100 , berserk_v07_199.jpg )

So if we were to face a heavily armored but slow enemy... eating their armor off of them would be a viable tactic?
No. 7393 ID: 23bee4

Repeating the question here, because I can't remember if it was mentioned, but is Arkus male or female?
No. 7395 ID: d1210a

Yes, so long as they are not a Soul Grave, in which case, the consumer must either have a much larger reservoir of souls, or have rendered their meal to be inactive.

Arkus is male.
No. 7408 ID: 23bee4

Thank you. Arkus is rather ambigious, and I want to visualize just what little fleshling we're carrying with us.

And, from this, I know that Black Steel we could use to upgrade ourselves. How would using divine metals effect upgrades?
No. 7409 ID: 23bee4

And, actually, more important question: Will the metal we consume override upgrades? Say we only consume bronze, despite our iron body and black steel fist: Will our fists go back to bronze?
No. 7567 ID: 6164e0

The type of metal a given body part of a Soul Grave is made out of will not effect the runes already inscribed, with one exception: Any body part molded into Lortoxite by consuming asteroids and forging them while channeling the metal to a given body part, will not be able to be inscribed with new runes thereafter (unbreakable, can't be changed, etc.) Otherwise, ust eat a sufficient amount of metal and have enough time, and BAM, you altered Mordre's composition.
Metal consumed for sustenance normally hasno effect on one's composition, with the exception of metals eaten to aid recovery from having lost large chunks of metal (like an arm or leg) will be the basis of the newly crafted limb.

So say Mordre is made entirely out of Black Steel, someone manages to de-arm him, and he eats a bunch of bronze. He will reform the arm, but it will be bronze, and any enchantments exclusive to the lost arm are gone.

Granted, if you can reclaim lost limbs, you can graft them back into place, and everything will be like normal.

I hope that answers your questions. Any other questions?
No. 7572 ID: 7139d7

Ok, so if we never loose a limb or such, and keep eating bronze, it won't change our compision? Awesome.

Ok two questions: Can we eat Lortoxite that has already been formed into another obeject? And the Preman hero is Zodd. Are we gonna have Griff pop up any time soon? EvilQuest or actual Berzerk, just wondering how worried we should be.
No. 7573 ID: 6faa8c

He's probably just using Zodd's picture. Real Zodd doesn't fight like he did.
No. 7611 ID: 23bee4

What can a prestine soul be used for? And, if that's too vague, what would happen if we spent a pristine soul on say, jump or fighting or eating metal,or using our soulfire?
No. 7622 ID: 6164e0

Any Lortoxite that has been forged and shaped into something, be it sword, shield, etc, will be unconsumable. Only fresh Lortoxite chunks can be eaten under most circumstances. This would mean a Soul Grave made entirely out of Lortoxite would be conventionally invulnerable, except to magics designed to effect is Soulfires that sustain it, or otherwise bypass it's form's durability.
Shot is correct, I used Zodd's pictures as reference. Lorgk is not Zodd.
Any action Mordre takes can have a Pristine soul used on it, and here are some examples.

If used on a breath of Soulfire:
Would greatly increase size and spread of flames, and cause the flames to burn hotly enough that Soul Graves could start to melt and soften within the inferno produced.

If used in fighting, it could be used to drastically boost general performance for a few seconds, or could be applied to a singular attack to radically multiply it's potency.

If a Pristine Soul were used when eating metal, Mordre would be able to consume worked Lortoxite for a short time (only long enough to eat a couple hundred pounds at most per Pristine Soul used) Similarly, it could be used to allow a consumed metal to permeate your body much more thoroughly than normal (eat a siege fist sized chunk of Blue Steel, whole body could be converted).

Pristine Souls are highly situational, but always beneficial when used.

Any more questions?
No. 7623 ID: 6faa8c

What if we use one while 'coming up with a plan'?
No. 7627 ID: 6164e0

Depends on the complexity of the plan. Figuring out how to get past another Soul Grave's defenses, fine.

Plotting the assassination of a king, not so much, unless the plan was for you yourself to do the act.

Hope that clears that up.
No. 7650 ID: 534df4

How about we use one in the "Getting-Arkus-Kill-Yeti-happily-ever-after" plan.
No. 7651 ID: 6495a3

We can come up with something on our own, dude. Lets save our Pristine soul in case we need it later. Who knows when we'll get another?
No. 7656 ID: 534df4

We'll get another one the next time I go Conan. lol.

In any case your right, we should'nt use it unless the situation is truly desperate.
No. 7662 ID: ab04d4

So, let me see if I'm getting this right. Pristine Souls are Deus Ex Machina in a jar. That is, we can use them to pretty do our work for us; Mordre will come up with the plan that the OP wanted us to come up with on his own, or he will succeed at a task normally impossible.

So, portable Railroad/Deus Ex Machina. Just add water. Right?
No. 7664 ID: 7ea1ff

I have a feeling this Pristine Soul will be used to make Arkus not dead. Which would mean we have to use it before his death is confirmed, presumably.
No. 7665 ID: 6164e0

Not.... really. It just means you perform better at a given task.

A sufficiently daunting challenge will still be challenging, just not as challenging. More like an 'EASY MODE' button that applies to only one thing per use, and can't stay active for long, if you want to put in in general terms. But applying EASY MODE to a nigh-impossible task will not, by any means, guarantee success, only improved odds from before.

And as to being used for plans, the Pristine Soul will only effect how well Mordre can plan his own part in a given event. It will not give him insight on what others will do/outside forces that will impact the plan, unless he already knows them.

Not really sure if that clarifies anything, but that is how Pristine Souls are supposed to work.
No. 7667 ID: 6164e0

Can't... really be done. You have no means to make someone resurrect or anything related to that, and so you have nothing to apply a Pristine Soul to for the purposes of resurrection.
No. 7670 ID: 6faa8c


We need to use the soul to SAVE ARKUS. Before he dies.
No. 7671 ID: ab04d4

Just a thought. When we rescue Arkus, it's entirely possible that he'll no longer fear us due to how much we apparently risked to save him. Building on this fact we might be able to convert him into someone of a fanatic to your cause, or a friend. Whichever TG wishes. The former if we go for a more militaristic roleplay, the latter if we go "Hug Arkus Read Runes" style.
No. 7683 ID: 534df4

The way we were going, I think he's pretty much used to us.
No. 7689 ID: ab04d4

I'm going more for a fanatic cause. Right now, he's still kinda in a subservient tone. A bit more of what we did back when Arkus was working on that deathmask's runes, encouragement and all that, may cause him to see us as more of a friend. Alternatively we can try to inspire militaristic loyalty to him. Either way, we need to make him feel like an equal without actually making him one.
No. 7926 ID: f3db7b

OK I need some clarification. Is the world magic spirit going to help us in any way, or is it just going to observe and take over if it deems us useless?
No. 8024 ID: 6164e0

It could address you if it chose to, or you could address it and attempt to cause a conversation.

Whether the spirit responds, let alone helps you, is based entirely on the individual event.
No. 8392 ID: 597b9b

I have one more question regarding Pristine souls:

You've described mainly how they can be used to boost performance and attacks and skills.

What about defenses? Could we use a pristine soul to, say, help resist a Soul magic spell thats about to drain us dry? Or soak a hit from a soul grave anti-golem cannon?
No. 8400 ID: 6164e0

Depends. If you have anything that can resist magic on you (as in part of your form, like the Black Steel claws), then the Pristine Soul can be applied to that to amplify it's effects.

Granted, Black Steel does not disrupt Soul or Blood based magic, so it would still be ineffective against such magic.

Further, if Mordre is bombarded with artillery fire or something of that nature, the Pristine Soul could be channeled into his body to reinforce it for a short period. However, this would be much less effective than applying the Pristine Soul to some form of defensive enchantment to boost it's performance for the same time period.
No. 11047 ID: d1210a

So yeah, if anyone wants to create specific spells that can be used in the setting (preferably with a specification of what kinds of magic fuel is used, and what other conditions are necessary, if any)

Or, if you have any specific questions about how the setting works, shoot them out, I'll answer them as best I can.
No. 11180 ID: e04c9b

1. What powers do we, Mordre, have on hand? I sometimes get confused as to what powers we have and what they do. If they could be collated down to a stat sheet, that would be helpful.

2. How could we make spells? I mean, in-game. We're a bit punch happy and I can't remember you saying anything about Mordre being able to cast spells.

3. I know you've done this before, but what is the make up of the various nations? Power structures, social political makeup, economics, anything intresting about the various nations we are going to tromp over and conqure. I mean I'd like to know they look like before we go and turn them into a batter collection of city states and then absorbe them into our vast empire.


1. Can we make a 'Find Arkus' spell?

2. Can we make a bog standard 'Fireball' spell?

3. Can we make a lower level 'distant lighter' spell? A spell that makes a small flame at a distance - possibly within visable range.

4. Can we make a 'Kill God Damn Zombie' or a 'Turn God Damn Zombie Back Into Useful Person' spell?


1. Seriously, Arkus better not be dead. I will be very upset if they're not.
No. 11181 ID: e04c9b


2. *cough* They are. Not 'they're not'.
No. 11198 ID: d1210a

As of this Moment, Mordre has the following abilities/powers:

At the cost of three souls, creates a penultimate fire, able to burn stone, water, metal, anything but a Soul Grave can be reduced to ash by this conflagration. However, there is a limit to how long the flames will persist, and as the souls used to fuel them are used up, the flames will dissipate. Approx. lifespan of flames: 30 seconds

Soul Nexus, Left Hand:
-ACCELLERATOR: When activated, anything that comes into contact with Mordre's hand will, upon losing contact, have it's velocity greatly amplified. This can lead to thrown objects achieving incredible speeds, as well as other potential applications.
-FANG TAKER: When activated, a ghostly skull of gigantic proportions will manifest through Mordre's hand, and phases through inorganic matter while rending living tissue with spectral fangs. Can venture up to three feet from Mordre's hand.

Amaranthine Annihilator:
Passively builds a charge by drawing power from Mordre's body movement. All collected charge is then stored, until such point the Amaranthine Annihilator is activated. At this juncture, all charge is expended, creating a beam with strength in proportion to the amount of charge gathered. The beam rapidly pushes huge amounts of heat out of whatever it impacts, with such force and speed that sufficient power can cause those nearby to be burned or even outright incinerated. Conversely, the target becomes frozen so swiftly it explodes, showering the nearby vicinity in razor sharp shards. A charge of one day spent traveling or otherwise engaging in significant action will provide a sufficient charge to be lethal to all but the largest (or sufficiently magically warded) targets.

-Steel Fist: Left hand of prodigious size, designed to smash through walls and doors, three feet across at the knuckles.
-Sable Executioner: Customized claw on right arm, made of Black Steel, wounds caused by it have a high chance of infection, are prone to higher amounts of bleeding, and heal more slowly. The claws are able to saw through hardened targets with sufficient force.
-(Right Shoulder Mount) Anti-Vanguard Blade Launcher: Carries up to six large, fanged circular blades that can be launched individually. Each blade is capable of cleaving through armor far more effectively than the standard Anti-Infantry rounds. Each blade takes 1 hour to regenerate. Range 10-250 ft
-(Left Shoulder Mount) Anti-Golem Cannon: An enlarged and elongated cannon with heavy rifling, that fires a massive, spiral etched spike, designed to punch through even large masses of metal. The round is larger and more complex than normal, and takes three hours rather than one to regenerate. Further, the cannon itself takes up extra room, the massive cylinder of the cannon protruding both to the front and rear of the golem’s shoulder. Range 30-1,250 ft

More stuff coming in near future
No. 11214 ID: f52552
File 126721054975.jpg - (69.49KB , 316x320 , R_O_B_brawl.jpg )

>Amaranthine Annihilator
No. 11946 ID: 2aaaf1
File 126773839471.jpg - (40.26KB , 600x600 , dr_morDRE.jpg )

So just chill... Til tha next episode.

Na-na-na-na-na, it's the mothafuckin D-R-E.
No. 12050 ID: 903f16

Hey Bob, Kyorto requested five unbroken skins of mages that practice world magic. What exactly are the restrictions this implies? I mean obviously we can't go hacking on them with the Sable Executioner, but is say death by blunt force workable or will we just end up ruining the skin if we do that? If we can't kill them in those ways then are we supposed to use a more sneaky method to terminate the mages, such as with the use of poision or suffocation?
No. 12111 ID: d1210a

This is a question of magical significanse in the metaphysical 'wholeness' of the skin.

Even if the skin gets damaged from beating, as long as it does not outright tear open it should be perfectly viable. It is the act and concept of cutting and parting that disrupts the energies Kyorto needs.

And if someone wants to make up some sort of spell to liquefy internals to harvest skin easily, go for it. If you go for an entry level power source like World, let alone Word, come up with some fort of requirement to implement it, be it contact, some command line, or a specific set of circumstances ala Stands. The more confining the restriction, the more potent a spell can be, given it's power source. One of the core rules of magic in this setting.
No. 12112 ID: 601a90

so grabbing them in our steel fist and squeezing them just hard enough to keep their lungs from expanding would be perfect, like a constrictor snake. too hard could cause a bone to pierce the skin.
No. 12113 ID: d1210a

Yes, that could work.
No. 12147 ID: 903f16

About how many Premen tribes are under the control of Goran? Goran seems to control the majority of the local Premen population, but I don't think we've been a rough estimate or anything like that.
No. 12151 ID: d1210a


Goran controls eleven clans besides his own Gorkin Clan, all subservient to the Gorkin Clan.

Goran and the Gorkin Clan he founded and commands are the big players in the mountains anywhere near the Drazken Clan. Goran commands several tribes, and controls them with the strength of the Gorkin Clan, which under his leadership has grown to hold more than five thousand warriors, all who follow Goran's will without question. However, fully half of his clan is devoted to policing and taxing the clans he has conquered, forcing them to labor for him and his clan so that they as warriors one and all need not.

Be aware, the mountain range is somewhere on the range of four thousand miles long, and more than a thousand miles deep. There are is a LOT of space up there, and in any habitable regions, expect Premens and/or Yetis to be somewhere.

That answer your question? And does anyone have any other questions?
No. 12155 ID: 601a90

can we restart a soul-grave's fire if it has gone out by regurgitating souls into them?
No. 12156 ID: d1210a

That depends what you mean by 'fire going out'

If you mean one running out of fuel, as in it is still intact but has consumed every last dreg of soul it had, then yes, yes you can.

But if you mean one that was damaged to the point it no longer functions, then no, it's spell matrices have collapsed, and you pretty much have nothing more than an empty husk, the spells would need to be remade before anything could be done.

Any other questions?
No. 12157 ID: 601a90

if a grave is restarted in such a way would it's system reset or would it still be under it's last master's control?
i ask because we could conceivably win a fight with another grave with attrition. it is told to destroy us and we just stay away from it but close enough to have it follow us. only thing we have to worry about would be morter shots but if it is able to not get any metal to eat it would not get any more ammo. we just dance around it until it powers down.
No. 12163 ID: e04c9b

We got a list of awesome Traits And Talents And Powers that Ugrokk, the Tall, had. Would it be possible to get the same list for Oggroth, the Mountain, and Arkus, the Bad Ass Mage?

And will any of the 20 Premen in our squad be able to develop awesome personalities yet, or will we have to wait?
No. 12168 ID: d1210a

A restarted golem would be capable of being commanded by the next person who had the inclination to do so. Re-powering one is the equivalent of having the user preferences reset, with all locks and such open until a user is registered.

However, a Soul Grave only loses one soul a month, and 3 souls per use of Soulfire. Further, a Soul Grave needs at least twelve souls to function, so unless specific order countermanding it are given, a Soul Grave will avoid using Soulfire when too close to it's minimum fuel requisite. But yes, if you dropped a golem to below twelve souls (or more, if the Soul Grave has been changed enough since creation to require more passive power) then the remaining souls would immediately disperse, and the now immobile form could be manipulated however desired.


Reposting Ugrokk, then going from there.

Ugrokk's Traits And Talents:
--Blood Of The Long-Bones:
Ugrokk's blood is thick with the blood of the Cromagg, an ancient rival of the Premen. This makes Ugrokk far taller than his contemporaries, and gives him a reach advantage when using any of his limbs.
--Adaptive Joints:
Born more flexible than most, Ugrokk's joints allow a wider range of motion, allowing for more unconventional movements. Further, this flexibility means Ugrokk is exceedingly difficult to grapple, and is adept at escaping holds.
Ugrokk is faster and lighter on his feet than most of his size range could claim.
--The Axeman:
Ugrokk is most familiar and competent with axes, which he combines with his reach and irregular movements for deceptive, whipping hacks and chops, preferring to distract and hinder foes with rapid attacks before finding a chance to land a deeply biting strike.
--The Open Hand:
Ugrokk's unarmed combat style is oriented around redirection of force, rather than blunt trauma, to rely on the leverage his height provides. Ugrokk can flip, throw, or cause to stumble almost any foe he can get his hands on. As far as direct strikes go, he prefers to chop and stab with a stiffened hand, rather than with a closed fist.

Oggroth The Mountain's Traits And Talents:
--Heir To Parran Thropus Clan:
Oggroth The Mountain's ancestry were long members of the Parran Thropus Clan, broken and scattered shortly after Oggroth's birth by Goran and the Gorkin Clan. The blood he carries comes from the Parran Thropus's Clan's distinct lineage, separate from most Premen, and makes him larger, hardier, and more primal. Oggroth's size, strength and durability all are greatly amplified by this Trait.
--Known No Pain:
Oggroth The Mountain is titled such for his phenomenal ability to ignore pain. He is able to ignore his flesh being sliced or flayed, not flinch when he is set aflame, and laugh at an attempt to beat him to death. Oggroth will continue to act with full control of his body until it literally starts to fall apart.
--The Way Of The Doban
Oggroth's signature weapon when he does not just use his bare hands, a massive sphere of iron some four feet in diameter, is a fighting style he claims to have picked up from an old, leathery-skinned Premen with shockingly white hair, who nonetheless was able to resoundingly trounce a younger, more arrogant Oggroth who was incredulous at the old one's claims. Now, Oggroth can apply devastating force to opponents up to thirty feet away, either by hurling the sphere at them, swinging it about in a circle with a shortened chain before extending it, or outright bringing it down with both hands upon an opponent like a hammer from the sky. While the speed his fighting style holds isn't much, it's destructive force and potential range are both exceptional.
--The Clenched Fist
Oggroth fights by balling his fists and using his overwhelming strength and weight to literally beat his foes to a pulp, preferring to stand and trade blows with a foe rather than try to fight evasively. Oggroth fights to dish out as potent of a blow as he can, every time he strikes.

--Adaptable Analytical Psyche:
As a result of having grown up under rather dismal conditions, with poverty, famine, death, plague, and all manner of traumatizing events all bombarding him. Yet instead of retreating from the harshness of reality, or being warped by it, Arkus became obsessed with understanding the world around him. As he matured, this tendency likewise evolved, leading to Arkus being able to restore himself to a rational state of mind much more quickly than would normally be possible by all but the most grizzled veterans, all of whom would have far worse mental scars than Arkus.
--World Mage:
Arkus has successfully learned at least one spell that taps world magic, and how to reliably correctly cast it. He now qualifies as an entry level mage by the Mortal Coil's standards.
Arkus has traveled widely throughout the warring lands south of Castiliathen, and knows the area well. Whenever Arkus is asked a question concerning anything within the demesne of that knowledge, he will have current information as of his last visit to any major city, given at least three days to check known places to pick up gossip and news.

Anything else someone wants to ask? Maybe someone wants to give a shot at outline a type of spell they would like to see?
No. 12169 ID: d1210a

Oh, and traits/talents are only listed when they are noteworthy enough in terms of setting a character apart from others. Thus far, none of the other Premen have demonstrated anything out of the ordinary, though this could change over time as they are exposed to more things.

And again, open to any and all questions.
No. 12179 ID: e04c9b

Ok, I would like to get a universal translator spell going - but I have no idea how to write it here. Could you maybe show us an example, and I'll try after that?
No. 12184 ID: d1210a

Well, it could be:

Word based, activated by both parties desiring translation to 'sync up' by saying the spell Words at the same time. Unwieldy, and only one-to-one, but it works on simple magic.

Then there could be Will based, where the mage uses a spell to directly interpret the intended meaning of verbalized thoughts by directly probing the mind and then converting words heard to match what was heard with what was being communicated. Universally translates when active, rather than crossing a single language.

Basically, pick some method of using whatever fuel choice you end up with that more ore less matches it's theme, and that the more flexible a spell is, the more power it needs, the less flexible, the more potent for the same amount of effort.
No. 12191 ID: 45be60

Could the word magic spell could be taught to basic premen warriors? How much magical ability is really required to be part of the casting of such a spell?
No. 12210 ID: 903f16

What about a spell for communications over long distances. I can see managing our empire will become increasingly difficult as the distance between our captured cities and peoples grows. Even now it'd be useful to communicate with Modreden from the road. We could have it be powered by Word and have it be focused by having to envision the targets name and leave a message.
No. 12211 ID: 601a90

maybe a simulacrum of your head at each town you control, with but a thought you can switch to it's viewpoint and talk through it.
No. 12228 ID: d1210a

Very easy to do, so basic even Arkus could guide you through it, given the following:

Crafting replicas of your head with similar material composition (don't need to be identical, but still need some form of ruby eyes, a silver skull mask, iron base, etc.), and placing them everywhere you want to be able to see.

Tying the power of whatever leylines are nearest to said false heads, so that all are connected to what can be considered the magical equivalent of the internet (in SOME ways, not all), would then create a network, where as long as Mordre accessed it, he could use any of the heads to see and speak out of. This part can be hard, as directly interfacing with leylines is a learned skill with a steep learning curve.

The final requirement would be for Mordre to become a mage, which still has not happened, as insufficient numbers of magic users have been feasted on.

But yes, this could work exceptionally well for letting Mordre keep a close eye on distant parts of his empire, as it grows.

Go ahead and come up with a name for this spell (preferably alliterative), this is a solid concept.

The word magic spell could be taught to them, but would first need to be learned. But yes, this spell will now exist in the setting, and all it is waiting on is for the group to find someone or something they can learn it from. Given how widely used Word magic is, this shouldn't be hard.

If you have any idea what you would want this basic translation spell called, shoot it out.

Long range communication like that takes a good bit of juice, and unless the trigger mechanisms for the spell are incredibly specific, Word would not be able to provide enough power for such a spell. Maybe a more potent source of magic could be used.

Any other questions?
No. 12232 ID: 42500c

Welll, the talking-head thing is easy enough to name, considering Mordre will be building his own empire. The "Eye of the Emperor" is upon you. Look busy.
No. 12264 ID: 903f16

Can a Soul Grave grow in size if given a large enough supply of metal, or are they locked into the measurements that they were originally manufactured in? Could a pristine soul be used to cause this process if it is not normally possible? I read all the questions and skimmed through the first thread again, but I don't think this has been brought up.
No. 12268 ID: 903f16

I have an addendum to this actually, looking again I see the mention of a Soul Grave called the Grey Destroyer in possesion of the Golden League which has been modified to become thirty feet tall and several thousand pounds. I assume then that is possible through some means, although requiring an exorbitant amount of metals. Still, input would be appreciated as to the general process.
No. 12275 ID: d1210a

You need the following:

Enough of a given type of metal that it's total mass equals that of the larger body sought. MUST be all the same type of metal.

Either a salvaged blueprint or a newly derived one from old texts, but a schematic of the desired form complete with diagrams on how the Soul Grave's spell matrices need to be molded.

Five mages capable of World, Will, and Blood magic, to guide the evolution of the spell matrices within as the form shifts.

Technically, Mordre could try to reshape himself without a given schematic or mages to guide his spell matrices, if there is enough confidence that his sapience will be able to guide his own reforging. I'm not saying it won't work.... but I'm not saying it would, either. There would be a do-or-die roll where if it was too low, Mordre would accidentally detach the magicks that animate it from it's physical form, if Mordre did not properly keep them attuned to the shifts in the golem's form. If this happens, Mordre is gone. Poof. No more Mordre. So bear that in mind. Though the more Mordre knows about the specifics of what a desired form should be, and it isn't too different, the chance it would end in worst case scenario would be very low.

Any more questions?
No. 12276 ID: 61d96f

so if he ate a bunch of Golden League mages and gained their knowledge of golem craft it would make the risk drop by a ton? sweet.
No. 12300 ID: 076099

One thing have been bugging me : a bronze *mine*?
Last time I checked, bronze is an alloy that doesn't exist in natural state.
Any plans on expanding on that or is it a case of "writer didn't research"?
No. 12301 ID: 1ac39d

No. 12303 ID: d1210a

Clearly a case of writer didn't do research, unless there is some crazy, convoluted reason for it farther down the mine tunnels, the tunnels which never got explored farther than several hundred feet, and have no known end.....
No. 12304 ID: 1ac39d

..... are you suggesting we dig too deep and fight some demons?
No. 12305 ID: ab04d4

You have struck Bronze! Praise the Miners!
No. 12353 ID: 076099

I suppose stright answer would be too much to ask for.
Well, from the description of mines, they are almost certainly not natural. Lets mark it for the future exploration after we get Small Tomb.

Another question: So far, all 'Graves we had seen are anthropomorphic - two arms, two legs, head and vertical torso. Is there any other variants? Humanoids don't scale up very well. Quad or hexapod are almost mandatory if we grow too big, unless there are some magical ways to negate weight - but this will certainly increase soul consumption.
No. 12362 ID: d1210a

Yes, most of the larger ones stop resembling the traditional humanoid biped form. The Iron Shell's Soul Grave has six legs to brace it's much larger form, and Castiliathen's Soul Grave is likewise not modelled as a biped due to it's size.

And yes, there are magical ways to decrease weight, but not only does this carry an increased cost in souls to power the golem, but the reduction in weight will mean they are easier to knock over. Spells to passively reduce weight are relatively rare, so a large city inclined towards magic might be the only place to find such spells.
No. 12400 ID: a6ca77

Is there a rough map of the world available or did I miss it in the thread? It's a little difficult figuring out roughly where things are.
No. 12455 ID: 7857d9

What kind of Steel is Mordre currently composed of? The answer to this question will help me to determine if we are made up of magnetic form of steel or not, and whether or not we can just tell Verther to screw himself.
No. 12462 ID: d1210a

Mordre is currently (excluding his full steel left fest and Black Steel claw, both of which have enough magic/properties about them that they cannot directly be magically magnetized except by a very powerful force) almost all iron, with limited carbon in him.

So, Carbon steel, of a low Carbon content for the type of steel.... I guess in the sub-1% range, in terms of amount of carbon. So still magnetically active, so a Megnetomancer CAN play around with the rest of your body.
No. 12464 ID: 7857d9

Curse you and your ferromagnetic composition! CURSE YOU, I SAY!
No. 12475 ID: 716eb0

Damnit, I studdied metallurgy in college. I cannot let this stand.

Low carbon steel has carbon content in the one-tenth of a percent range. 1% carbon is the border between high carbon and VERY high carbon steel.

That said, you have to do a LOT to a steel to make it not magnetic. We are talking 20% other metals before we are even ready to start talking about noticable effects.

(Of course anything is magnetic if you have a strong enough field to play with. They have been levitating live frogs with magnets for years.)
No. 12609 ID: 445c48

They did it with a mouse a while ago, I think.
No. 12618 ID: 445c48

>Further, your magical stamina will recover much, much faster than a human's would, as a result of having many more souls to provide ambient recharging to your magical reserves.

Also, this means the more souls we have the faster our magic regenerates, right? So if we spam soulfire, our magic will get a bit sluggish, and if we eat a city, we'll be able to cast nonstop?
No. 12625 ID: d1210a

While the exact accuracy of each of your postulations could be questioned, the general theories behind them are sound.

So pretty much yeah.
No. 12699 ID: e04c9b

It looks like we're going to need an upgrade of this shortly. And, if you're updating this, could we get Mordre's Traits And Talents, too?

Also: I seem to remember it being possible for us to change the type of mortar we were using. Is it still possible to do that?
No. 12740 ID: a6ca77

I'm assuming that the rate of recovery has diminishing returns after a certain number of souls...b/c if it is linear, we would be able to spam magic constantly after a certain point.

If this diminishing returns theory is true, do we have a rough idea of when it "levels out" ?
No. 13100 ID: e04c9b

So, what do we get Ham Points for, exactly? I mean, we should kinda get points for >>/quest/143657 because that is about has hammy as BRIAN BLESSED and BRIAN BLESSED always gets ham points, for awesome.

Also, could I get an answer on this?
No. 13116 ID: 6164e0

It is still possible to change mortar loadout, but altering the mortars takes significant time and metal resources, usually in the range of six hours/100 pounds of metal, varying depending on what mortar is converted to what.

The mortar types you have yet discovered (and can thus shift to) are as follows:

0:Default Mortar: Fires a single shot designed to fragment and bombard the area with shards of metal, designed for use against infantry with up to medium armor. The less armored the foes, the greater the lethal range of any shot becomes. Range: 20-150 ft

1: Anti-Vanguard Blade Launcher: Carries up to six large, fanged circular blades that can be launched individually. Each blade is capable of cleaving through armor far more effectively than the standard Anti-Infantry rounds. Each blade takes 1 hour to regenerate. Range 10-250 ft

2: Anti-Infantry Cluster Shot: Fires a dozen miniaturized standard fragmentation round simultaneously, reducing it’s ability to pierce armor to both increase the area covered when a shot impact, and raising the mortality rate for unarmored targets in the area dramatically. Range 20-150 ft

3: Anti-Golem Cannon: An enlarged and elongated cannon with heavy rifling, that fires a massive, spiral etched spike, designed to punch through even large masses of metal. The round is larger and more complex than normal, and takes three hours rather than one to regenerate. Further, the cannon itself takes up extra room, the massive cylinder of the cannon protruding both to the front and rear of the golem’s shoulder. Range 30-1,250 ft

4. General Purpose Manipulator: A fold-up arm with a full reach of ten feet, the arm comes with an inset blade so that it may act as a spear, but otherwise has no direct means of causing harm. Is equipped with a fully functional hand.

A new list for Mordre concerning abilities/traits/etc. will be made once the Primary function of the Immortal Genocide has been discovered.

The seven points were given for all collective HAM prior to the bestowal of points: The actual bit of hamming performed immediately before the notification of HAM points only qualified for three points, the other four had been earned previously.

HAM points are achieved when Mordre, while attempting to deceive others with a falsified persona, acts both in alignment with that false persona, AND does so in a humorous manner.

The 'level off' point does not actually have any relevance, as by the time you reach it, magic will regenerate nearly instantaneously. What is critical to note is that, while gaining more souls increases magic stamina regen, it does NOT increase total magic stamina. So, while enough souls could mean you could spam spells, more mage souls must be consumed to increase the actual amount of power available for any given spell.

I hope that clears up those questions.

Any other queries?
No. 13118 ID: 1ac39d

ok so total soul count = regen: while total mage soul count = max MP. seems simple enough.
No. 13248 ID: d1210a

To clarify, the function discovered in Immortal Genocide for creating Soul Soldiers by drawing errant souls into it, breaking them down, and rebuilding them with some of your own souls is the TERTIARY function of the Immortal Genocide.

Out of three abilities for the Immortal Genocide, both it's Secondary and Tertiary functions are now known, with only the Primary still eluding Mordre's understanding.

I thought I should clarify that.

Any questions?
No. 13249 ID: 1ac39d

oh, damn. that thing keeps getting better, so glad we got it.
No. 13254 ID: e04c9b

Question: Is there any power we don't know all the functions for, other then the Immortal Genocide?
No. 13257 ID: 739c7e

Other than runes on our chest, everything else have been created by us or Arkus from scratch. Well, there are Soul Nexus.

I give up. Perhaps Kyorto can tell us what's it's primary function is. As a wild guess, perhaps it is some type of soul/soulfire-powered energy discharge similar to Amaranthine Annihilator?
No. 13263 ID: 2aaaf1

I have a question about hero souls. Say if our siege fist got torn off, or we removed our mortar for any reason; would we lose the soulnexus/hero soul(s) residing in that part of the body? On one hand, as long as we play our cards right, we can avoid large amounts of crippling damage, so that wouldn't affect us too much. But if we flip things around, won't it make upgrading REALLY FRIGGIN HARD, unless we can tell the hero soul to go chill in another part of our body until upgrades/repairs are complete.
No. 13311 ID: d1210a

Other than the runes on your chest replicated from those on Dulu's shifting staff and the Primary function of Immortal Genocide, all of Mordre's current abilities are fully understood.

I shall answer this with a few examples:

If Mordre's arm had simply come off at the elbow, since the Soul Nexus in the hand would still be properly encased in metal, the Soul Nexus and the runes of Immortal Genocide both would suffer no immediate issues from being separated from the body. However, if the arm was not reclaimed swiftly, the Soul Nexus would start to decay from being cut off from you own enchantments. Give or take, after twenty four hours, it would wither to such point it would cease to ever function. Any runes will continue to hold magic bound within them so long as they are not damaged.

If Verther had speared Mordre's hand clean through, and in the process broken up the runes on his hand, then Immortal Genocide would have a cascade failure, and end up being inactive, potentially after a rather violent energy discharge (dependent on situation and status of damaged runes at time of damage). The soul Nexus would be temporarily disabled, but so long as it maintains a direct connection to your own form, it is next to impossible to permanently destroy.

If you chose to reshape the mortar in your shoulder that now has Ozmand's soul in it, his soul's presence would mean that the process of changing mortar configuration would take significantly longer, but would otherwise suffer no ill effects from the reshaping.

If you tried to change your left hand, the siege fist, into a radical new form (say, from siege fist to a claw like Sable Executioner, or some sort of cannon, etc.), then there is a chance (not a guarantee) that the Soul Nexus would be damaged from the change if it is drastic enough.

If you tried to 'grow' new attachments to a body part with a Soul Nexus, rather than changing the core shape of the part, then there is almost no chance of damages occurring to a Soul Nexus. An example of this would be, say Mordre has found schematics for mortars that can be mounted on a Soul Grave's arms, then those could be added without issue.

I hope that answers your questions.

Any more questions?
No. 13312 ID: 1ac39d

could we modify the anti-golem cannon so it is a breach-loader? with a small clip like thing on it so we have 4 shots grown at a time?
No. 13317 ID: d1210a

Schematics for such a modification do exist for Soul Graves, you could find one and implement it. But finding such a schematic, considering the rarity involved, would not be an easy thing.

Alternatively, you could try to have Mordre self-guide the reshaping of the cannon, though doing this is a gamble, as there is no guarantee it would work, and a big enough failure could end with Ozmand's soul irreparably damaged.
No. 13327 ID: ec353b

Could we elongate the chain binging the ghost maw to us. If we know that its possible then ill keep it in mind.
No. 13328 ID: d1210a

if by ghost maw you mean the Spectral Gorging Anima, part of the Soul Nexus in Mordre's left hand, then yes, it's range can be extended, and the ability otherwise improved, just as Accelerator can, by virtue of being part of a Soul Nexus. To grow stronger, more souls must merge with the Soul Nexus, adding new abilities and/or improving the power of existing abilities. Beyond that, If you can learn or gain access to soul based magic or Runework, then they could be manipulated and augmented much more specifically, but the knowledge and/or skill needed for such is exceedingly rare. So Hero Souls are your most common source.
No. 13358 ID: 9462ad

Kool. Looks like Kyorto is gonna have a lot of teaching to do.
No. 13477 ID: 445c48

Question. Could we break down some of our souls to make soul soldiers? Or do we need to break down free-floating souls?
No. 13480 ID: d1210a

There need to be 'free' souls (souls unbound to their native form or otherwise caged) in the area to use this ability, as your own souls are only used as bindings to control the Soul Soldiers made from the ambient souls.

Any other questions?
No. 13675 ID: 23bee4

Question: How do our ham points add up and when do we get a total?
No. 13762 ID: 97fa59

Correction: How do the ham points add up - i.e., are we adding them up without it being listed, or have we not been hammy enough? Second question, if we have been getting Ham Points: When will the next time we get a total be?
No. 13764 ID: d1210a

Ham points get distributed every time a particularly HAMMY event happens [WARNING: UNLESS SPECIFIC DIALOGUE FROM POSTERS IS INCLUDED, IT CANNOT EARN HAM POINTS], with allowances for incidences of HAM that were not sufficiently large since the last point gain. This does mean that if there are no shining moments of high-quality HAM, then it can be a long time till the next set of points are gained.

The next reward is at 25 HAM points, and as of the last sufficiently HAM event, you had 12 HAM points.

Any other questions?
No. 13813 ID: bf4d72

Yes - just how hammy do we have to be? I've been trying to be in character and hammy, but I'm not sure if I'm ham enough.

Basically, how much ham are you looking for to qualify?
No. 13817 ID: d1210a

It's can't just be HAMMY, it must also be FUNNY if it is to trigger the accrual of HAM points. Like the actions involving the fake spirits in the woods, complete with treebeard, or 'Mage Mordre' having to deal with something himself, rather than the golem he controls, like the purring cat or issues with forest spirits controlling his armor.
No. 13818 ID: bf4d72

Wow, I don't read...you already answer this and I start harping on it again. Goodness. Well, thank you...Now I just have to try and find a time to be funny as well as hammy. This is gonna be hard.

After asking a brick-stupid question that has already been answered, could you be nice enough to give us a Traits And Talents And Powers List for Derkin?

Again, sorry.
No. 13819 ID: d1210a

Derkin the Machete's Traits and Abilities:
--Dead-Steady Hands:
Derkin has very nimble and precise control of his hands and digits, and is deft at sleight of hand, pickpocketing, and knife throwing as a result.
--Subtle Sabers:
Derkin is competent at using machetes as throwing knives, and beyond this, is practiced at secreting such blades about his personage in great number. Part of why he prefers plate, mail and scale coats is to have extra space to hang machetes on the extra material, though his current salvaged mail coat has seen better days.
--Back Alley Whispers:
Derkin is a practiced thief, rogue, pickpocket and bandit, and can glean knowledge from local criminal populations very easily. Further, he knows of several fences and black market locations throughout the war-torn collection of nations and empires south of Castiliathen.
--Belligerent Bullrush:
Derkin does not like to leave questions unanswered, and when assigned to a task, will continue to attempt to succeed even in face of normally daunting circumstances or frustrating lack of results, with the exception of anything that offers significant chances of personal death. He does like being alive, after all.

Any more questions?
No. 13820 ID: bf4d72

Jojo's and Sir Keddic Harksburton the 4th's list?

Also, how would you rank your appreciation of the players, anyway?
No. 13821 ID: bf4d72

And could we get the Traits And Talents And Powers List for the soul's we've eaten? I really do want to see what the Bandit King had, myself, and I like reading these stat card thingies.
No. 13946 ID: 23bee4

Question: Would we get the whole chaos-hand thing again if we ate rune-inscribed guns Cannons?
No. 13964 ID: d1210a

Not the same process. That worked because they were runes on a Soul Grave arm, and Mordre could make them migrate to it's own arm, different as it may be. You have no analog to the miniaturized cannon, it is different from all mortar configurations you have found in that it seems to be a self-contained system, which is completely at odds with how Mordre's own cannons work, part of the total magics within a Soul Grave work.
No. 13967 ID: 88ddbb

Does that mean we couldn't eat the guns?
No. 13970 ID: d1210a

Mordre could always eat them, it just means it could not simply force the runes to migrate in a manner similar to what was done with the Steel Fists' Soul Grave and it's arm. So they would only be worth the metal they are made of, in this case.
No. 13971 ID: 88ddbb

Ah-ha! Ok. And, can we get any more Traits, Talents And Powers Lists? I just like reading them, honestly.
No. 14675 ID: 445c48

Sorry, I must have missed/forgotten it, but what's up with the Mortal Coil? What are they, some sort of international Wizard Society?

Also, can anyone become a mage with enough effort/learning/teachers, or is it something that has to be born into you? Just want to make sure.
No. 14710 ID: d1210a

I probably should explain these guys.

Jojo the Stand's Traits and Abilities:
Jojo practices an obscure subdivision of magic called Souldreaming, which allows him to use his own soul to power magic within his own dreams, and possess significant power while in tranced states. This power comes at a price, as all those 'blessed' with this ability have bodies crippled from birth, and any considerable use of power requires a deep enough trance that Jojo is left defenseless. Limited in application outside of actual dreamscapes (Jojo is more adept at his craft when asleep).
--Truth to dreams:
Jojo is capable of negating recent injuries or changes on any being capable of dreaming, but most go in to a trance to do so. He essentially converts the memories of the injury into memories of a dream, using his Souldreaming to tie the actual wounds to the now falsely imagined dream, forcing the body to revert to it's earlier, undamaged status. This process takes time and energy, and is ill-suited to the midst of battle.
--The Dream Path:
Jojo, while asleep and dreaming, can 'ride' the dreams of anyone he has met to their location, and will awaken at their location. This process is near instantaneous, but Jojo is left prone after the jaunt while his soul and body reconnect.
--Nightmare of the Soul:
Jojo, while asleep and in contact with the dreams of someone he has met, can use his own soul to trigger potentially fatal dreams, applying the reverse of his Truth to Dreams ability and making the dangers in the dream tangible to the victim, while spurring it on towards nightmares and personal fears of the individual. A draining task, and a warded mind could proved dangerous to assault.
--The Path Of Suffering:
Jojo was cast out of his own village at a young age for his frailties, before his powers manifested. He survived on his own determination, resolve and wits, and has a deep abiding respect for those who walk alone, and any showing the determination to do what they must to live and thrive. Pity is anathema to him, as all he has gained has been through effort and pain, earned rather than received as a gift.

Sir Keddic Harksburton The 4th's Traits and Abilities:
--Heir to the 'Way of Harksburton':
Keddic is the fourth inheritor of the form of combat magic passed down from the founder of the Harksburton line, a magic that is a closely guarded family secret in terms of how it is achieved, fusing Will and Blood magic fuel sources to create a combat magic that has several Arcane traits. To date, no one outside the Harksburton line has learned the Way. Each heir to the style is expected to contribute some meaningful improvement to the style before they can continue the family line.
--Wanderlust Addict:
Keddic is obsessed with exploring and adventure, and goes out of his way to see strange and exotic sights. Has spent several years in the Land of Dragons, far to the south, and gained a basic understanding of their own form of combat magic, one that focuses around the concepts of manipulating mass and the perceived connections between all things.
--Student of The Lined One:
During his travels in the Land of Dragons, Keddic met a native combat magic practitioner who was willing to teach him the fundamentals of Mass Connection, the general name for the form of combat magic they practice. Keddic adapted several theories into the Way of Harksburton, but his training was incomplete: His instructor was a wanted man, and Keddic was forced to flee the Land of Dragons after being labeled an accomplice. He assures everyone it must be some misunderstanding.
--Fight-Addict With Gentlemanly Tendencies:
Keddic is obsessed with the struggle of battle, and actively seeks out areas of conflict in the hopes of finding good opponents to further hone the Way of Harksburton against, as well as finding simple joy in the course of a hotly contested fight. Outside of conflict, he carries himself with the confidence of one born to wealth and respect, and endeavors to stay a cordial individual.
--Harksburton Vendetta:
The Harksburton line has an oath of revenge that they are honor bound to pursue if given the chance, against a humanoid Life Golem by the name of Aurockoth, who not only has slain three scions of the Harksburton line, but more importantly has also stolen glory and accolades that rightfully belonged to the Harksburton line. The Life Golem's location is unknown, and descriptions vague, but the family nonetheless holds hope of one day paying back their grudge.

Anyone can become a mage, with people varying in their innate magical inclination (basically how fast they can translate concepts into actual actions), with as much variation as you can see amongst people for most traits. Some people are better with certain magic sources than others, like a singer that is talented at Word magic, and this can be either genetic or due to life circumstances.

The most important factor for learning magic is having access to already established knowledge, most of which is tightly controlled. Unless one has a source to learn from, they are forced to resort to blindly stumbling about on their own, an inefficient and dangerous manner of learning. So, in the case of having access to sufficient documentation and instruction on existing methods of using magic, anyone could become a competent mage.

The Mortal Coil actually exists for this very reason, many mages over the ages have wished to pool their knowledge for greater understanding, and the Mortal Coil was born to document findings of members. As those who joined became increasingly talented thanks to the data at their disposal, the Mortal Coil grew, spreading across the land. The Mosmordren Empire had several colleges on it's land, as do nearly every nation worthy of the name. Entrance is difficult, with most applicants being turned away. Sufficient existing talent, an appropriately wealthy sponsor and/or friends amongst the Mortal Coil's number are necessary to even be considered.

So, an international Wizard society that hoards knowledge like mad, and out of necessity grew to become a chain of exclusive magic colleges to continue funding the research of graduates. Ruling body are the seven Grand Elder Mages, A position with no term limit, with new members selected wither by political maneuvering, or by demonstrating enough skill to best an existing Grand Elder mage in combat. Lenryt is the only person to become a Grand Elder mage by this method in the last seventy years.

Any more questions?
No. 14718 ID: 12b099

Thank you!
No. 14741 ID: 7524b0

How clever do we really need to be to get a Pristine Soul?
No. 14746 ID: 12b099

I did think it was a little cleaver that I knew that it was going to be Dulu making trouble for everyone, the jerk.
No. 14763 ID: b08d07

So we could technically make supermages by taking children from birth and teaching them magical concepts? Awesome.

And I must thank you far all the hard work your putting into this. Lots of typing and time, I'm sure that last huge post took some imagination to get done.

I think that we are going to have to visit the land of the Dragons next. It seems very... interesting
No. 14779 ID: 12b099

That 'next' should most likely be 'after we consolidate in The Azelhaedran State'. And if it's terribly far, we should really try to find a way to have instantaneous communication and transport with the various towns in our empire - marching off into the east is awesome, but if someone kicks us in the teeth when we're not here, we would never know about.
No. 14780 ID: 12b099

...Suggestion, can we look into a Word or World magic to instantly talk with people in our empire or teleport or move at several times our normal speed?
No. 14792 ID: d1210a

To earn a Pristine Soul, you can't just connect data and draw accurate conclusions, you also have to predict a future event (The Yeti turning on you, Finding the Premen replenishing food at the stream) while lacking enough data to be sure of your guess. They are purposefully designed to be hard to earn, exactly for how effective they are.

So, an example of how to earn one:
If you had inferred Dulu's presence from the comment as already done, and then built on that by correctly predicting what Dulu is doing/will be doing (Beyond just 'investigating Mordre').
EXAMPLE: Predict Dulu is going to join insurgents, prediction ends up valid, PRISTINE SOUL

Standing offer of 5 Pristine Souls if anyone can guess WHY Mordre can use Pristine Souls/why they happen before it gets discovered in the quest. If too many people guess incorrectly, offer comes off table, so be aware of that.

You could likely achieve a much higher average competency level by starting tutelage early in the formative years, yes.

Given sufficient time to study and orders to research it, Arkus can devise a means of long distance observation and communication, based around making replicas of Mordre's head, that Mordre can then gaze and speak through with magic. Basically, MORDREPHONE. If you want something else, be specific describing it, and I'll see what could work in the system's mechanics.

Teleportation magic is currently out of reach, as no texts on it are currently available to you. This could change either through interactions with the Mortal Coil, or by being fortuitous when claiming other research outposts.

Any other questions?
Also, feel free to wildly speculate in the hopes of earning Pristine Souls, this IS the discussion section.
No. 14797 ID: 12b099

Well, on Dulu, I will give the suggestion he is here to challenge us to mortal combat - one on one fight, again.

As for those five souls, is it the change that wracked Mosmordren Empire that has granted our souls sentience and when we use our vast intellect do those souls gain their own sentience and they become 'pristine', in a way, purified?

Or is it when the GM decides we've done good thinking that he give us players a few fate points to burn for usefulness?
No. 14798 ID: 12b099

Another spell request: A Word or World spell that would allow us to speak at great distances.

And, as a request, how many languages do we know and just how far can we throw our voice?
No. 14799 ID: 12b099

erm, as correction, I meant 'talk at a great distance to individuals. Being able to talk directly to Arkus while he researches, our generals as we lead a great army to war, to a scout, or to Derkin when he sneaks.
No. 14810 ID: 427807

A guess: We can use pristine souls because of the fact that we have self-cognizance. The pristine souls exist with our stored total of unused souls, and we draw souls which hold value of great value, but which also possess enough...power, i guess...to allow them to greatly boost whatever we want them to boost, but only once, as the soul is then free from the our grave. Does this make sense?
No. 14813 ID: b08d07

Oh? I just thought that the souls and the guess we mad were some how connected (Like it knew this stuff from latent memories or something) and because we are effed up from all the Cursing and stuff I just supposed that it(the soul) was sufficiently relived enough to release its power to us, you know no regrets left behind, blah blah.
If we found out by other means then it wouldn't have been like the soul was trying to tell us something and got through, so no soul no power. Circular thought, all that jazz.
No. 14815 ID: 12b099

Maybe pristine souls are souls of those that come to us fully and of their own free will, not damaged but whole?

Oh, yeah. You will tell us if any of these ideas are close, right?
No. 14823 ID: 445c48

I predict Dulu is going to die.


Because of us.
No. 14827 ID: d1210a

If someone gets it right, I shall say so, assuming it isn't guess #193 or some crazy shit like that, you don't get to guess for forever, and all.

Any form of 'mental walkie-talkie' magic is going to be Will based or above, unless both parties are standing on leylines.

Possibly a shrunken down totem of Mordre, crafted out of his own metals, could be used as a portable version of the replica head idea mentioned earlier, but if anyone got ahold of these, they could do you some harm.


If anyone wants to come up with design motiffs for Small Tombs and/or some unique Soul Graves, they could get used in the quest, so if you want to build a golem, human or siege time, go for it. If you have any questions on what is and isn't feasible in the setting, or whether a specific technology is around, throw those out too, I'm happy to answer them.
No. 14828 ID: e31d52

>size of a normal person
>put all the mage souls into it

Doable, bob?
No. 14860 ID: 12b099

Let's try for a mental walkie-talkie for now. What would we have to do to do that. And not via a totem, just a straight mind-to-mind thingy.

Also, what do you mean by building a golem? What are the ground rules?
No. 14862 ID: d1210a

What you suggest, from the perspective of the setting, is intriguing. At face value, I assumed you meant restructuring Mordre's form to be smaller, which would severely reduce many of his offensive abilities (smaller munitions, less weight behind attacks, etc), but allow him access to anywhere a human can go. The shrunken form WOULD have greater magical capacity, insofar as it's magics would no longer need so much power to continue operating, with a smaller, leaner form to support.

So unless you want to lose a great deal of Mordre's combat abilities in becoming more humanoid in size and shape, this would need to be a second body. In essence, your suggestion would have you constructing a Small Tomb, with the only apparent difference being the number of hero souls, and that they are mage souls, specifically, to differentiate this from any other Small Tomb. Which would mean this is possible from a quest standpoint, you just need to learn how a Small Tomb is made.

But that would not mean you could control it, as it would be a seperate construct from your own form.... or so it would be, if this was being approached conventionally. But as you suggest taking souls from an existing, functioning Soul Grave and migrating them to a new body, that restriction does not apply, because the mage souls in question are already bound to your consciousness, all you are doing is changing the specific location said bound souls occupy.

So.... yes, even though I originally was going to say no, that is not possible without sacrificing much of Mordre's might, it turns out that upon reflection, this can be done BOTH by converting Mordre's form into the new, smaller one, AND by creating a Small Tomb and infusing with souls directly from Mordre.

Keep in mind the second option would be something unattempted in Zakrath's recorded history, so the specifics of how it would work cannot be discerned without attempting it.

I mean there are 22 other Soul Graves already built out there, and if you guys want to take a crack at coming up with some concepts/details for some of those other Soul Graves, go for it. And since Soul Graves can be remodelled, you have a good bit of leeway in what you can do.

Hope that answered those questions. Any others?
And any Small Tomb or Soul Grave ideas?
No. 14863 ID: 12b099

As awesome as having a mini-me would be, lets save that for some higher end stuff - I love the comedy of having a humongous war machine acting like it's a mage and I do not want to sacrifice any of our combat power to make us small, and the idea of making another Soul Grave our slaves by overriding them just seems...abhorrent.

As for ideas...How about a Soul Grave Parliament-General. A Soul Grave designed to harbor only the souls of heroes - possibly the ones that the ruling body deems worthy. These generals and heroes of war are the leaders of the army and hold the ear of the [King/Emperor/Tyrant] in the manner of all things martial, as the souls have a collective wisdom of centuries of warfare - that is if this Soul Grave has not already become the ruler of a nation. Built like a Quint from Transformers - rotating parts that display the dominate hero soul -, or maybe a great block of metal covered in masks or even a figure made of a great many tentacles-faces, each 'arm' ending in a skull of the head of the soul it represents.
No. 14864 ID: d1210a

Keep in mind that all other Soul Graves lack sapience, as any inorganic construct displaying this is deemed anathema and eradicated, so the golems are still humanoid tools, controlled by a master.
No. 14865 ID: b08d07

What about Olmezca?I thought that he was sapient as well.
No. 14866 ID: 1ac39d

any other SOUL-GRAVE is not sapient. other golem classes may be thinking.
No. 14867 ID: d1210a

This is true, but ANY self-willed Golem, be it a Soul Grave, a clay golem, or anything else, is still something that pretty much everyone will try to kill. This is largely thanks to TERRIBLE problems with self-willed semi-immortal war creatures getting bored while sapient.
No. 14877 ID: 6834bc

>Standing offer of 5 Pristine Souls if anyone can guess WHY Mordre can use Pristine Souls/why they happen before it gets discovered in the quest.
Suppose I'll take a stab at this.

So, before the fall of the Mosmordren empire, Soul Magic wasn't illegal. We might infer from this that other nations had their own Soul Magic specialists, though perhaps nowhere near the number of the empire.

It's possible, then, that enemy Soul Mages were on the battlefield during the war... and perhaps Mordre consumed a particularly brilliant one (a Hero Soul Mage.)

So, maybe the then-autopiloting Mordre immediately and instinctively used the Hero Soul to improve its 'well' or 'stores' or whatever - the means of holding and using souls - and that had a drastic effect on Mordre himself. Those assigned to look after Mordre had him recalled, believing that he needed to be 'fixed' out of fear of having to deal with a self-aware Soul Grave while in the middle of a big-ass war, and sent him into hibernation until the war was 'over'.

Of course, then the other nations pulled the coward move and cut off the leylines to Mosmordre - the sudden cutoff might have had an impact on the hibernating Mordre, pushing the knowledge gained from the Hero Soul deep enough that he could no longer simply grab it and use it (rather than corrupting the knowledge entirely; it is a Hero soul after all.)

...So, when we get a Pristine Soul, it's a moment of exceptional clarity as the deeply-embedded knowledge of this Hero Mage resonates within Mordre... and, compelled to act, purifies a soul of all impurities; making it much more potent than it normally would be.

tl;dr: Mordre ate a Soul Mage Hero in his last fight pre-fall and gained the knowledge of strengthening and purifying a soul, but can't access the knowledge except in special situations as a side-effect of the Leyline Curse inflicted on the entire empire while he slept.
No. 14878 ID: 12b099

True. Lets say that they just use the Soul Grave as a final resting place for generals and heroes, believing a Soul Grave to not destroy heroes. It is a collection of knowledge and nothing more. The fact it might be bored, maybe has gotten really damn good at >implying, and has the ear of most of the army and nobles - because enough of thsoe useless souls it's digesting were warriors or nobles - isn't well known?
No. 14880 ID: 12b099

Huh, here's an idea: Maybe the curse bound the great Soul Mages who were working on us to us in some way? That a prestine soul is their working without us knowing it as their intellegence is used to levels they're used to?
No. 14884 ID: 7524b0

Perhaps a Pristine Soul is created from when Mordre actually develops a soul of his own.

They are essentially HIS soul.
No. 14886 ID: 1ac39d

oh, and if it is some overly convoluted reason that we have no hope of ever figuring out then this is an unfair deal.
No. 14897 ID: 23bee4

Bob, don't listen to these doubting thomases, ok? I like the offer of bonuses for neat things and the fact we're giving you ideas of what it could be is nice - a standard RPG fact.
No. 14901 ID: 23bee4

The Automatic Golem: A golem that had been redesigned to allow access to blueprints of various transports and weapons. Due to it's advance construction, fluid-like materials, and many upgrades it's tinker-owner has given it, this Golem is capable of transforming into anything it's owner, the tinker-mage Spike Sparkslotson.
No. 14930 ID: b08d07

Character Idea:
A brilliant mage has discovered the secret to immortality, in a sense. He has created a life golem using a combination of blood and soul magic. The golem was created using the blood and souls of others as a base and his own as a control. This allowed him to transfer himself (blood and mind/soul)to the body.
He has to add new souls and blood occasionally to keep the connection strong, so he lives as a sort of Vampire, preying on anyone that suits his fancy to keep himself going. As a result he cannot stay in one place too long for fear of being hunted and arrested/executed.
No. 14963 ID: e31d52

Bob, what I'm thinking is that if we make a mini-mage mordre, we could have it BE the so-called Mordre we are pretending to be: A magical mishap made us INTO a psuedo-soul grave, so now we have to be around in person, and so on.
No. 14964 ID: d1210a

Well, you could also graft a set of mage skin onto it, if it conforms to human body conventions well enough, and bind it to the magics within said golem. Sure, the skin could be blasted off, but it could pass for human pretty easy, barring a thorough magical inspection.

A key factor here is that, should you do this, separate your mage souls from Mordre's main body, and put them in an auxiliary one, Magnetomancy would be less effective on Mordre's main body, as the magic would no longer originate from it. This would also mean that the mage form must be proximal to attempt to control Mordre's munitions mid flight. In all other matters, the magic-specialized body would probably outperform Mordre's current configuration in terms of magic.

More questions?
No. 14965 ID: e31d52

An immortal mage-king that is actually a golem in disguise with a bodygaurd of its old body.

I like it.
No. 14966 ID: 12b099

Have any of the ideas about Pristine souls been anywhere near the mark? Any of these golems interesting enough to use?
No. 14968 ID: d1210a

Thus far:

was close, in that it is a viable method of creating a spaience like Mordre, and is somewhat related to the actual event.

And as to Golem ideas, I will only post responses to Golem suggestions when I want to clarify something, otherwise I will try to find a place to use them in the setting, so go ahead and keep throwing out ideas, there are scores of Small Tombs about, as well as the Soul Graves.
No. 14987 ID: 7524b0

Hey. Mordre had a master before, right? What if he fused his soul with his golem while afflicted with the Curse as a last ditch effort to save his own life?

When we get these bursts of inspiration, Mordre's master's soul is awakened for a brief moment. He was an old Soul Mage, and thus this is both why Mordre can use these Pristine Souls and why they wink into existence.
No. 14991 ID: 7524b0

...I swear I hadn't read this post before writing that theory out:
No. 15020 ID: e31d52
File 127261955670.jpg - (33.96KB , 480x360 , olmec.jpg )

>Golem ideas


No, I'm serious. He's a stone golem who's only purpose is to store historical information.

Most people underrate that sort of job, but if Olmec was installed, say, before even the founding of Mosmordre and fed info as news occured, that'd be a damn fine use for a golem, in my honest opinion. Not a thing of battle, mind you, and he might have to be planted on a leyline or something to be able to hold so much knowledge.

Or guve him a HUGE face and teeny legs and arms.
No. 15022 ID: 1ac39d

i rather like that. he would just be a giant animate library. actually, put him in the library and he would not only know everything but would be the card catalog and the door watcher. have the library divided into authorized sections, the public has full access to section 1, apprentice mages have access to section 1 and 2. and full mages have access to all three.
No. 15035 ID: 23bee4

...How is that rating broken down? Crossing a moat? Mental challenges? Physical games that only the fastest and the strongest would be glorified in? A run through a deep, haunted temple ruin's to find an artifact?

Anyway, I would think not entirely library. A collection of artifacts would be awesome - a warehouse of items, like warehouse 23, or SCP Foundation, but not quite. Maybe the artifacts of ancient heroes.
No. 15037 ID: 1ac39d

it's broken down by olmec is attached to the doors so he has to buzz you in.
No. 15038 ID: 12b099

...You see, my request was it to be broken down like Legends of the Hidden Temple games. The Moat, then the Steps of Knowledge, then the games, and then running for your life to get the artifact.

But now that I had to explain that joke, it just died. I still suggest Olmec guarding artifacts is both hilarious and makes more sense then books.
No. 15041 ID: e31d52

Nother idea: Olmec is mostly broken, but intact from the waist up. He's pretty huge, so they install him as a door, using his arms to block a set of passages.
No. 15109 ID: e31d52
File 127294185414.jpg - (57.95KB , 424x617 , vampiredimension.jpg )

Mordre needs to be more like Dr. Atomic Robo Tesla.
No. 15143 ID: e31d52



What if we made a suit of armor out of this morphic stuff?
No. 15144 ID: e31d52
File 127303927164.png - (23.43KB , 1000x1000 , Arkus Armor.png )

Basically, it's been stated we can make psuedo-golems using the morphic metal we have access to. With this in mind, I made this: The Ark-Pangolin, a suit of armor that will allow Arkus to fight alongside us. The entire suit is made from the stuff of the guns and morphic weaponry, possibly entirely morphic steel if we find out how to make more. It can roll into a sealing ball to protect itself and Arkus, as well as move faster if need be. Furthermore, should we opt to, we can use the guns we have found to add hand cannons (in this design there are 8 in a circle on the 'cannon' arm) or as turrets that pop up from under the scales as turrets. Feedback?
No. 15145 ID: e31d52

Bob's basically told me this is nearly the bare minimum of what is truly possible if we want to burn up our resources. There's a lot more we can do!
No. 15146 ID: 275a5d

I Have a proposition that we may wish to attempt with Mordre:

Immortal Genocide can manifest stored souls as Spirit Soldiers, yes? Well, if we manifest a soldier (thereby losing a soul), can we consume it again before it dissipates (thereby regaining the soul)?

And if so, what if we used one of our heroic souls to manifest? Would it manifest a Spirit Soldier as that heroic Figure? Would it last longer? Could we recover it and reimplement it into it's given soul nexus?

Just a few things I thought of while pondering Mordre's arsenal. If it's already been addressed in this thread, forgive me, I must have missed it.
No. 15148 ID: 2aaaf1

That's fine and dandy and all but.... Arkus doesn't want to kill anyone. He'll fight for the sake of self-preservation, sure. But he already made it explicitly clear that he's not gonna take any lives himself.
No. 15149 ID: 9e335f

Well it always takes more souls to make soldiers than we have soldiers afterward, so doing this would still be using a lot of souls, though we may recover one to stem the loss I guess..
No. 15154 ID: 09eb68


That's an interesting concept. I don't think it will work that way but your train of thought is a good one.

For some time now, I've been wondering if we can upgrade/improve the soul soldiers so that they take less souls to use or we can manufacture many more of them at a time...

If we could manage to do this, we would be a much more self sufficient force. As of now, we need to ally up with other forces if we want to win any significant battles. If we could say produce 50 soul soldiers it would be less of a problem...
No. 15161 ID: d1210a

It isn't that Arkus dislikes killing to any particularly abnormal level or anything, he just doesn't like fighting, because to him it is evidence that a mistake was made prior to the fight that led to the violence. This does not mean that he WON'T fight, it just means he prefers not to if there is something else he could do, hopefully to prevent the fight.

Kind of like the Teddy maxim 'speak softly, but carry a big stick.' Basically, when Arkus has to resort to violence, it would be his preference to end the fighting as efficiently as possible, with minimal risk to himself and those aligned with him. So he would not object to a weapon like this, and would likely prefer to use it in any instance where fighting occurs due to his behavior patterns.

And on the subject of Shot's proposed design, a couple things that could be done with existing materials to tweak it:

-In the center of each armor plate that will be exposed when the pseudo-golem rolls up, place a small resevoir for metal to be kept fluid. Then, when curled up into a ball for maximum defense, the reservoirs can be used like flexible spikes to guide the path of the curled construct, as well as gathering perceptual data fro the pilot while they are enveloped by the metal. Could also mean that when rolling, things in your way will not be hit by a giant ball, but by a giant SPIKED ball.

-The claws could be arranged around the barrels inset into the arms, so that each arm could have BOTH morphic claws and Soul-Grave grade artillery in them. Or instead of big guns, lots of hand cannons, if preferred.

-placing enough (36 or more) hand cannons inside the pseudo-golem would free up extra morphic metal to be used elsewhere, allowing each hand to sport TWO Soul-Grave scale cannons and claws, as well as giving access to omnidirectional fire with most scales acting as pop-up turrets.

If you want to suggest more tweaks to this design, go for it, and if you have your own design or further questions, that works too.

This is possible, but only with sufficient Soul magic knowledge having been acquired.

Any other questions? Or golem ideas? Thoughts on the quest?
No. 15171 ID: 45bd47
File 127311963144.jpg - (119.01KB , 1119x1183 , Mordre mods.jpg )

I've sketched up some quick mods that we can make to Mordre to make up for our current weaknesses.

We can add more legs for maneuverability and support when firing the AG cannon. It will also make it harder for us to be immobilized as we were in the spar. Each leg should have about the same amount of material as out current legs but be more dense so its harder to break. Also completely round,to make shots glance off.

The only other mod is a reinforced area around the Torso filled with the liquid metal. It will allow the top half of the body to spin independently of the lower half and if necessary, the liquid can be hardened to eliminate the weakness it provides.
No. 15177 ID: 8efb7b

I don't like this, particularly. It's too inhuman, and would make people like us even less than normal.

This sounds magnificent!
No. 15213 ID: e31d52


The more 'human' Mordre looks, the easier it will be to talk to people, up to and including my earlier minimordre idea (which remains to be the best option once we get a stable government under our fist).

Since we can improve others that are worse off, we'll get more mileage out of the morphics by making psuedo-golem armor.
No. 15224 ID: 275a5d

I think the giant skull knight thing look we got going is pretty awesome.
No. 15225 ID: e31d52

It's awesome, yes. However, we must consider: Can he lead a nation like that? Can he speak to diplomats, trade unions, like that?

Like he is now... can he be a king?

Thinking on it, yes, yes he could. He'd be even better than Leonidas in being an Awesome King. He doesn't need a well.
If someone threatens his people with slavery and death, LASER.
No. 15232 ID: 8276a0

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. We are the Skull Knight King. Mordre, the Skull Knight King, Mage-Supreme.
No. 15446 ID: e31d52

Since Dulu is obviously gonna bite it, can we get his infocard?
No. 15453 ID: 8276a0

I wanna see Mordre's but, we still haven't found the main power of the Immortal Genocide...which we need to do. And we need to figure out what these Pristine Souls are! I want those five souls!

Erm...Pristine Souls are a representation of our rage and the rage of all Mosmordren, because we are the last Golem of Mosmordren and, during the curse, we absorbed all the souls nearby into our body while the souls we previous owned we expelled and mutated.

Or our pristine souls are the first souls we had when we awoken, mutated slowly by the curse into something thinking, feeling, and hateful?
No. 15458 ID: e31d52

Pristine Souls are, well, US. To be imprecise. To be closer to the mark, they are directly related to the following:

1: the Curse. It mutates everything, perverts magic and souls, and is the reason for our sentience. There's no reason it's not tied to this ability.

2: Mordre's age and original inventory of souls. These few left in the golem were changed irrevocably by Mordre gaining sentience, and are likely slightly sentient themselves, or are at least aware: Mordre always describes the use of one as the soul burning and clawing and wanting something. Thus, the same perversion of magic that changed mordre, and mosmordre, also changed the fuel in Mordre, making it FAR more potent, and giving IT sentience of a sort.

3: Mordre's will. To wit, point 1 and 2 make it possible for Mordre, through a powerful and intense realization or accomplishment, forge souls into Pristine ones, lending them clarity just long enough for them to help him.

No. 15477 ID: 72d238

Seriously, I'm thinking of using that last Pristine soul to discover the IG's true functions. This is getting our of hand.
No. 15486 ID: 8276a0

Nah, we need to save it for the next time we wanna upgrade our eyes. Let's not break up a winning team. And, anyway, it seems foolish to burn a Pristine Soul on something so...mundane. Something we can work out, or fiddle with to find out. Heck, after we consolidate our power and bitch-slap those opposing us, if we still haven't found the power, we just go to Arkus and Kyorto and ask 'What the heck does this do, god damn it!'
No. 15531 ID: 18abb2

Q: How long does an average Soul Soldier last?
No. 15535 ID: 903f16

Assuming this isn't asking anything that will spoil the plot in the future, what would have happened if you had rolled a 7 or 13 for Dulu? I'm guessing 13 would have meant he would have popped from behind the shield and did something spectacularly annoying to us instead of keeling over.
No. 15540 ID: d1210a

About five minutes max, or until it is used in an attempt to directly kill against something with a much more potent soul (like when the mobbed Verther and left him intact but dead)

For future reference, the 1d13 is something that I will now crack out periodically, and it works something like follows:

Roll 1d13 when someone is dead/dying
IF ROLL=7, Miraculous recovery derived from some source (extra potions, benefactor, prepared item, whatever)
IF ROLL=13, ......Well, we'll get to it when I end up rolling it, won't we?
[Yes, this one is PLOT]
ELSE: FUCKALL happens.

Hope that answered you questions.

Any other questions? Or theories you want to wildly speculate on?
No. 15541 ID: e31d52

>(like when the mobbed Verther and left him intact but dead)

oh, hey, an easy eay to be certain to get skins.
No. 15551 ID: 8276a0

We've had a few more soul ideas: Any of them right? Also, I thought -someone- suggested that Dulu and Rocky were working together - no pristine soul?

Also, Considering the name 'Balboa', you gonna do a Lord-Quest like bonus?
No. 15553 ID: 275a5d

Why would you use a Pristine soul on that? We only have one left.

Besides, doesn't someone have a marker they can call in for something like that:

No. 15555 ID: 05b238

Good observation. Who the heck is tha/tg/uy?
No. 15557 ID: 8276a0

...Quick! Someone pour over the old numerical errors of Golem quest!
No. 15576 ID: a594b9

Hey guys wouldn't it be WILD if Mordre wasn't really making this persona up?

What if he really WAS being remote controlled before Mosmordre got destroyed? What if, through that remote control magic, the golem 'learned' what it was like to think for itself? Or alternatively, the remote control magic was done by the caster splitting part of his soul off into the golem so that they were basically in two places at once. So now, when we get HAM points, it's from when Mordre acts like his existence was in the past. It's more of a 'memory' than truly creative deception.

So then, when Arkus began to read that golem control spell, the remote control enchantment on Mordre reacted and infused us with either the remnants of that enchantment, or the soul that was split off from our former master.

In essence, we ARE our former master. Either in mind, soul, or both.

As for the Pristine Souls, I'm going to guess that our former master was a Soul Mage, and specialized in using his power to enhance golems.
No. 15583 ID: 8276a0

Suggestion! Because of >>176631, I want a 'I Hate Dulu' picture with Mordre as Ricky and Dulu as Lucy. Mordre speaking in fast Mornostric and hammy acting while Dulu whines for Mordre to let him kill something.

Now, who will be their Fred and Ethel?
No. 15584 ID: 8276a0

Sorry, meant >>/quest/176631
No. 15641 ID: 8276a0

As we killed two more heroes, can we get two more hero stat-cards?And I don't know if we got our crazy-warrior stat card or not.

And, I wonder, is it possible for these traits to incrase in any way? If so, have any of our men inceased in any noticable way yet?
No. 15648 ID: d1210a

Yes, the stat cards can change, but usually it will be in the aftermath of having one of those 'THE FRUITS OF MY LABOR ARE TO BE HAD' type moments, where one is made aware how different they are than before. As of yet, no one's card has changed notable, other than Mordre (Still need to figure out that.... Eh, fuck it. Just do try to discover that primary function, will you? You have already narrowed down what it is at least somewhat in quest, in terms of what kind of conditions it needs to have met. ANYWAY

NOTE: Mordre, as a Soul Grave, is blessed with the combined magical stamina of every soul in his furnace (which discounts hero and mage souls). This means that Mordre is able to recover expended energy much faster than all but the most powerful of magic users. This is true for all Soul Graves, with the rate of their magical energy recover being proportionate to how many souls they possess.
-BLOOD (Daobo The Bloody): Mordre has a heightened affinity with blood of all kinds. This provides a bonus to manipulating Blood Iron (that being the iron in blood cells), but otherwise does not yet have direct uses.
-WILL: Magnetomancy (gift of Lenryt, Verther's soul):[The magic of creating attraction and repulsion between magnetic fields, able to move metal nearly anywhere at any speed with sufficient strength and a servicable anchoring magnetic field, the bigger the better. Mordre is universally capable at any form of Magnetomancy, and is limited only by the magical potency he possesses, which only increases with the consumption of further mages. Currently the equivalent of an experienced and competent Magnetomancer.
-WORLD (minor mages): Comprehension of how to tap Leylines for World magic, but otherwise no capability to draw ambient World magic.

At the cost of three souls, creates a penultimate fire, able to burn stone, water, metal, anything but a Soul Grave can be reduced to ash by this conflagration. However, there is a limit to how long the flames will persist, and as the souls used to fuel them are used up, the flames will dissipate. Approx. lifespan of flames: 30 seconds

Immortal Genocide:
-Default Function: Upon activation, draws ambient heat, ambient magic and assorted other forms of energy. Requires a 1d20+3 roll, with a 10 required to successfully start or stop the absorption process. Modifiers can be applied due to damage or amount of energy absorbed.
-Primary Function: ?????????????
-Secondary Function: When energy has been successfully collected from the environment via the default function and the absorption process halted, the stored energy can be used to power a burst of magical annulment, rendering spell-casters caught in it's grasp unable to cast temporarily and ending any active magics it touches. The size of the burst is proportional to the amount of energy absorbed during use of the default function. No roll is needed.
-Tertiary Function: The default function can be re-purposed to absorb unbound souls, and start fusing them together into chimeric masses. Each mass usually requires ten ambient souls to be fully formed, and each mass will require a soul from Mordre's personal reserves to properly bind them. At this point, however many masses are created and bound can then manifest as Soul Soldiers, spectral warriors bound to Mordre's will. They require general orders on what to do, but otherwise can handle the specifics of general orders themselves (order them to attack enemies, they won't need to be told how to attack them.). No roll needed. Soul Soldiers vanish after approximately ten minutes.

COMBINED ABILITY: Immortal Genocide Tertiary Function + Soulfire:
Inferno Golem: At the cost of 40 souls from Mordre's reserves, a short lived construct of Soulfire can be created. Capable of flight, blinding to the naked eye and able to incinerate or melt conventional materials with relative ease, the Inferno Golem is a modified Soul Soldier. Among the key differences besides power, Inferno Golem must consume themselves to provide themselves power, and constantly diminish in potency as they take actions (and even by existing). Depending on the amount of activity they endure, they can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Inferno Golems must also be more intensively controlled to be effective, so the more simultaneously active, the less precise each will be under Mordre's handling.

Soul Nexus, Left Hand:
-ACCELERATOR: When activated, anything that comes into contact with Mordre's hand will, upon losing contact, have it's velocity greatly amplified. This can lead to thrown objects achieving incredible speeds, as well as other potential applications.
-FANG TAKER: When activated, a ghostly skull of gigantic proportions will manifest through Mordre's hand, and phases through inorganic matter while rending living tissue with spectral fangs. Can venture up to three feet from Mordre's hand.

Amaranthine Annihilator (w/ 2 Pristine Souls):
Passively builds a charge by drawing power from Mordre's body movement. All collected charge is then stored, until such point the Amaranthine Annihilator is activated. At this juncture, all charge is expended, creating a beam with strength in proportion to the amount of charge gathered. After sufficient charge has built (the equivalent of three days nonstop marching), the resultant laser will slowly acquire a duration increase, becoming a sustained beam that follows Mordre's line of sight for as long as it last. The beam rapidly pushes massive amounts of heat out of whatever it impacts, with such force and speed that sufficient power can cause those nearby to be burned or even outright incinerated. Conversely, the target becomes frozen so swiftly it explodes, showering the nearby vicinity in razor sharp shards. A charge of four hours spent traveling or otherwise engaging in significant action will provide a sufficient charge to be lethal to all but the largest (or sufficiently magically warded) targets at up to 500 meters. Beyond that, the beam's intensity will slowly degrade with distance, and lethality cannot be assured.

-Steel Fist: Left hand of prodigious size, designed to smash through walls and doors, three feet across at the knuckles. The Immortal Genocide is set in this fist.
-Sable Executioner (HS: Luo of the Winding Path): Three Black Steel ribbons, each some twenty feet long, that take the place of Mordre's right forearm and hand. The ribbons are lined with fine saw teeth, and are subtly edged, with great cutting power. Each individual ribbon can be manipulated independently, and all three ribbons can be wrapped about to form a saw-toothed lance of coiled Black Steel ribbon some seven feet long (with upper arm included, total reach in this state is 13 feet, and uncoiled each ribbon has a range of 25 feet). When so wound, if the point of this coiled lance is placed against an object and forcefully unwound, it can act as a drill until such time it finishes uncoiling (3 seconds maximum, with shorter duration uncoiling having more intense drilling take place). Wounds caused by it have a high chance of infection, are prone to higher amounts of bleeding, and heal more slowly. The Black Steel ribbons are able to saw through hardened targets with sufficient force.
-(Right Shoulder Mount) Anti-Vanguard Blade Launcher (HS: Balboa The Butcher): Carries up to six large, fanged circular blades that can be launched individually. Each blade is capable of cleaving through armor far more effectively than the standard Anti-Infantry rounds. Further, Magnetomancy can be used to control their flight path. Blades create a vacuum field around themselves, and suffer no loss of speed to air friction. Each blade takes 1 hour to regenerate, with multiple able to regenerate simultaneously (10 minutes to regenerate with Magnetomancy fully focused on the act). Range 600 ft (Control via Magnetomancy), 2500 ft (no control)
-(Left Shoulder Mount) Anti-Golem Cannon (HS: Ozmand The Hammer, Balboa The Butcher): An enlarged and elongated cannon with heavy rifling, that fires a massive, spiral etched spike, designed to punch through even large masses of metal. Each shot has incredible piercing power, and anything the shell punches through will be struck by a ghostly hammerblow, able to crush stone and break bones. Further, the shell creates a potent vacuum about itself, and is able to maintain maximum velocity until impact. The round is larger and more complex than normal, and takes three hours rather than one to regenerate (30 minutes with dedicated Magnetomancy use). Further, the cannon itself takes up extra room, the massive cylinder of the cannon protruding both to the front and rear of the golem’s shoulder. Range 30ft+ (The cannon's maximum range is now only limited by what Mordre can perceive and direct it to target.)

Crazy warrior, as you call Ulzrick, will have a stat card in the near future, along with Ellorika and Vespinto.

Any other questions? Thoughts or comments on the quest?
No. 15650 ID: 8276a0

Well, I'd love to see the stat-block for DAOBO THE BLOODY, BALBOA THE BUTCHER, and FANG-TAKER, meself...did we miss any souls of heros we've eaten or people we've metand know enough about?
No. 15652 ID: c27a15

Is there any way to use the liquid metal research to make that fist bigger and smaller at will?
No. 15653 ID: c27a15

Specifically I meant the Steel Fist.
No. 15659 ID: d1210a

...I am not making post-mortem stat blocks for consumed souls, I am making them only for living/existing individuals that have been encountered and either become an ally.... or an enemy.


Dulu The Golemslayer And Golemslain Traits and Abilities:
--Premen Blooded: Dulu is half Premen, his father having been captured by a roving Premen raiding party, and claimed by one as a prize. After Dulu was born, he grew to hate his puny father, so weak and subservient, and strived to emulate his warrior mother. He eventually become regarded as the roaming band of plunderers' communal son, finding a replacement father in all the male warriors of the group. Eventually though, his mother fell in battle against another Premen war-party, one vastly their superior in size, and as the rest of his makeshift family was butchered he fled, down south into the human lands. Since then he made a name for himself as a capable mercenary, with a natural strength that no full-blooded human can match.
--Heroic Awareness: Dulu has focused most of his pursuit of magic into improving his perceptions, deducing that as a Golemslayer, avoiding an attack requires perceiving it. He has since pushed his talents in the realm of augmented perception into the pre-cognitive realm, achieving a form of 'danger-sense' that gives him limited forewarning about attacks before he even becomes conscious of having percieved the threat. This allows him to be highly evasive and exceptionally difficult to hit unless he is attack with sufficient speed or numbers that awareness cannot help him.
--Extensive Golem Experience: Dulu has been hunting golems of all sorts for a decade, and has destroyed or rendered inoperable more than four hundred golems of all sorts. As such, he is much less likely to lose his focus, become hesitant or be surprised by the capabilities of any relatively normal clay, wood or stone golem. Soul Graves are too rare for him to be overly familiar with them, and Life golems too varied for any universal rules, but his other experience bleeds through, making him dangerous even against golems he has not seen before.

Yes, that is very possible, but two things to consider:
-This would require a substantial amount of morphic fluid, and would put a significant dent in your reserves, which you still know of no way to restore.
-This would only increase the size and mass of the fist, it would not make Mordre stronger.

Otherwise yes, this can be made to happen... whenever, you already have the data on how to give morphic fluid treatments to metal objects for the purposes of creating a larger alternate form.

Anyone else have some questions or comments?
No. 15660 ID: 8276a0

Aww. I would loveto see those stat-blocks, because I really like the way you do them. Very...intresting.

Also, I like to see what parts in our battle we -missed-, sadly.
No. 15661 ID: 6d4f74

The funny thing is, that as soon as I got the drill idea, I see it here.

Here's a nice thought. We lead an army to conquer something and they all get slain!. Oh no! Then we eat half of them and use those souls to make the other half soul soilders that just run through the walls and execute all our enemies in the ten minutes that they are alive! If we ever get better at soul magic, I'm sure we can extend the effect exponentially. OUR SOLDIERS SHALL SERVE US FOREVER!!!!

One thing I want to know Bob, can we eat the soul soldiers and regain souls?
No. 15664 ID: d1210a

Nope, Soul Soldiers and Inferno Golems are one-way investment of souls, they cannot be reclaimed.
No. 15667 ID: 275a5d

Also, I would just like to say: The "Point of View of the Enemy" Perspective shift teaser at the beginning of this thread?


Too bad we can't use it, but eh...such is the price of good dramatic tension.

I do have a question: Barboa's Soul effect is a vacuum field around the path of our shots, right?

Does it also render them near silent when fired?
No. 15668 ID: e31d52

>-ACCELERATOR: When activated, anything that comes into contact with Mordre's hand will, upon losing contact, have it's velocity greatly amplified.

No. 15669 ID: d1210a

For the blade launcher, yes, completely silent. But the Anti-Golem cannon uses soulfire based explosive propulsion in addition to magnetic acceleration, and as such would still make noise. The sound is much more muffled than before as the vacuum blocks noise from exiting until the shell has fully cleared the barrel.
No. 15673 ID: 275a5d


Also, regarding Immortal Genocide's function: I'm pretty sure the reason no one's figure out the primary function is because no one has bothered to try, given that hte secondary and tertiary functions are so goddamn useful. But I'm pretty sure the primary function is just activated the energy suck, storing the energy, and then striking something.

I'll post the suggestion in-quest.
No. 15702 ID: a594b9

We already tried that.
No. 15705 ID: 275a5d

No, we tried that WITHOUT any charge in Immortal Genocide. The reaction was faint, but there was an activation on impact.
No. 15708 ID: 1ac39d

agree, absorb then punch.. sounds like it would focus all the energy into a single point instead of a field.
No. 15728 ID: 716eb0

I thought the "meanwhile, at the villian's lair" was nice too, at firt.

But then after I read
I was all "Noooo! I know exactly where Dulu is going to go next, and I have some idea of the problems he will cause there, but have not even the faintest clue in character! Curse you Bob!" Then I fell to my knees, raised my fists to the heavens, and yelled DUUULUUUU!

Dulu totally thinks Mordre's tower is somewhere in the Premen's mountains, and it won't take him much poking around to hear about our pet tribe.
No. 15736 ID: 6d4f74

This idea came to me a few minutes ago. The curse has augmented Mordre in such a way that his soul furnace does not completely destroy the souls of those devoured. When we have a moment of inspiration, it equates to weak clairvoyance and the magic gathered and released by the act is imbued in a soul giving it a boost in power, creating a Pristine soul.
The fist part of this theory wold explain why Mordre is showing a wider range of emotions and feelings now. The fragments of souls that he has consumed are influencing his mental structure.
No. 15756 ID: d1210a

This possesses at least one completely true portion concerning Mordre's ability to use Pristine Souls. I cannot say more than that, lest I invalidate the competition.
No. 15761 ID: 2aaaf1

I am in dispair as well my friend, for if Dulu travels to the frostbacks, the Drazken will promptly kick his ass and rob us of our trophy once more. I like Lorgk as much as the next guy, but I just don't think I could forgive him if he was the one to end Dulu once and for all. I mean Weinsho could revive him once more if he lost, but I highly doubt he would if Dulu lost to someone that isn't us. And yes, I have full confidence that Lorgk alone could wipe the floor with Dulu.
No. 15763 ID: 80541b

No. 15786 ID: a594b9

I bet it's the part where Mordre's soul furnace doesn't destroy souls utterly. It burns away the IMPURITIES to give him power. Thus, every soul 'consumed' becomes Pristine. However, we cannot USE that soul until...

What are impurities in a soul? Perhaps... personality? The mind? When Mordre's soul furnace burns souls, that impurity is soaked into his form. He gains a mind of his own. THUS, when he uses that mind to its fullest, a Pristine Soul is attracted to that 'missing piece' and comes clawing up. It wants to be with the mind it has lost.

Arkus used the command scroll, and 'restarted' the Golem, but the minds of those Pristine Souls were already ingrained into Mordre and thus Arkus could not control us.

I wonder if the Creature we've met fed off of Mordre's Pristine Soul supply when he was immobile?
No. 15930 ID: 7c1d29
File 12744089793.jpg - (132.22KB , 670x900 , srtog-alteisen.jpg )

Modre, 20 years in the future.
No. 15944 ID: 5e0979

mmmhm. It lacks shoulder canon. Also, razor hand.
No. 15960 ID: 0cbef2

Backstory (of teh future Mordre): After the fight with that super mage (soon to me named),Mordre was only able to recover one claw from the Sable Executioner, the heavy one. He then modified his arm with the revolver specs he got so long ago so that it could still be effective against large opponents. Now having a lack of infantry weapons, Mordre used the designs recovered from his fallen foe to modify his mortars and AG cannon to hold more shots at a time. The result is what you see before you.
Except the heat horn, replace that with the AA. >.> (And do you not see the massive shoulders on that thing? All the extra armaments are stored in there because as a king it didn't look good having 30 drills sticking out over of his shoulder when he took a walk among the populace)
No. 16004 ID: 5e0979

Question: What does the Swift and the Strong souls do for us again? And are these souls increasing in power as we use blood magic?
No. 16005 ID: 1ac39d

that's probably how blood iron is making us faster, as we get more it makes the swift guy more powerful.
No. 16006 ID: 5e0979

I know, but if that's true, we should be getting more power from our other souls, too...which is what I'm wondering about - how do the souls seem to be affected and such.
No. 16007 ID: d1210a

Merrack The Swift: passively increases the speed at which Mordre can move (Mordre would not be as fast with or without Magnetomancy without this soul.

Fragment of Thomro The Strong: Part of the Soul Nexus in Mordre's left fist, governs the Accelerator power, after Fang-Taker's soul harmonized with the ghostly knuckles it previously would cause to manifest, creating the Spectral Gorging Anima.

And no, using blood magic as you know it is not empowering these souls... though SOMETHING happens when you consume Blood metal, maybe if you consumed more, or took the time to study some Blood Iron, you could figure out what is going on.

The extent of what Mordre has percieved, concerning links between Blood Iron/Blood magic and the souls Mordre carries, is as follows: Whenever Mordre has added more Blood Iron to his form, he has felt some sort of reaction that made him think of restlessness, vigor and life in general from the Hero souls the golem has.

Does that answer your question?
[And no, I can't outright tell you what is going on, as that is something that Mordre needs to figure out in-quest]

Any other questions?
No. 16008 ID: 1ac39d

would getting the other part of Thomro from that small tomb change our soul nexus or just make Thomro's part, the Accelerator, more powerful?
No. 16028 ID: d1210a

Both, though the change would mostly be based around Thomro's soul. As is, it is in charge of Accelerator, but prior to consuming Fang Taker, it guided those ghost knuckles, now the Spectral Gorging Anima. Feasting on the rest of Thomro's soul would empower said soul, and likely make it's facet of the Soul Nexus much more capable.
No. 16033 ID: 5e0979

Alright, I was wondering if it was something we knew but because we haven't been using any hero souls it wasn't apparent - i.e. the Spectral Gorging Anima being twice as big now, or that being what has made our magic power greater.

So we now have some magic to study when we get back home. Nice!
No. 16035 ID: 5e0979

Who is Gavrock?
No. 16036 ID: 275a5d

Seems like a in/famous weaponsmith, based on the weapons we got with his name and Jezebel's musings.
No. 16042 ID: 5e0979

Well, I more meant 'do we know who this is so we sound reasonably intelligent next time or not' And, if we did, any interesting tidbits like-say the Twins were just part of a whole set that will turn the wielder into pure badassery.
No. 16058 ID: 88e2b7

Ok, I was going to save this for the battle, but just in case I forget.
If you find yourself in super close combat, activate the ACCELERATOR and poke the steam golem. That's right, poke it, or flick it in the forehead if you so desire.
No. 16060 ID: 903f16

So, can/will we get a stat block on Gialgorra's steam golem? Also, how would using our pristine soul on our magnetomancy effect us? Would it increase the power of the action for several seconds or would it somehow give us a permanent bonus in proficiency?
No. 16061 ID: 5e0979

Yeah, I -do- wanna grab and just start tossing assholes. We need to try this next time, and doing it to the Golem would be fun. Hey, new sunroof.
No. 16065 ID: 5e0979

After we beat it, not before, remember?
No. 16068 ID: 45be60

I sort of want to use a pristine soul on Immortal genocide to make its activation and use less of a liability.
No. 16070 ID: 903f16

Meh, fine. Second question still stands.
No. 16075 ID: d1210a

A mage-inventor who worked on Golgan island several years ago, and vanished just shy of a decade ago. His works are well respected, and yes, the Twins Of Gavrock are part of a set of magitech items. And no, I will not tell you what those other items are here, you have to find them in the quest.

A viable tactic, but against hardened targets of sufficient mass, it will just disbalance them, rather than, say sending them flying, for shoving a piece of them out of their body, or some such. If you gained the rest of Thomro's soul/otherwise enhanced the Soul Nexus, then this would change.

Statblock on the Steam Golem ONLY in the case you EITHER beat it, or find some way to recruit Gialgorra (and with him, the Steam Golem)

Using a Pristine Soul on Magnetmancy would give it EITHER a temporary but drastic boost, OR a permanent, passive enhancement of a lesser size. Would be determined randomly with a d2 roll (I will do this roll if we come to this), 1 being drastic but temporary, 2 being minor/moderate but sustained.

This is viable, but the pristine soul will EITHER make the Immortal Genocide default function easier (will take 2 Pristine souls to completely do away with the need for rolling) by granting a larger bonus to the D20 roll. Say, from D20+3 to D20+6, with the DC (10) remaining the same.

Any other questions or comments?
No. 16076 ID: 5e0979

Would Mordre know where to start a search for the Relics of Gavrock or should he start asking around?
No. 16078 ID: d1210a

Asking and footwork, currently no idea where they could be, in quest, other than that you found the Twins on Golgan island, and that at least two people knew the name there.
No. 16080 ID: 445c48

>EITHER make the Immortal Genocide default function easier, by granting a bigger bonus etc

Or what?
No. 16084 ID: 903f16

Tactics discussion for the upcoming battle anyone? It would behoove us to at least come up with a general strategy before fighting the thing. We can update it as we watch the upcoming fights as well.

First thing we should cover is that getting into a close quarters fight with it would not be a good idea. It's got a potent melee tool that can cut through our armor, and it's probably faster than we are. We should keep that accelerator flick idea in our back pocket in case it gets into range with us, a quick tap should let us get away or give us a chance to strike it with our siege fist.

It's steam won't bother us too much, perhaps obscuring our vision some, but we can play into that. Throw our voice in different directions if we can. Use our magnetomacy to sense it in the smoke and make it's own defense work against itself.

At long range all it seems to have is a weapon with retrievable ammo, perhaps a harpoon. It'd be simple enough to alter it's course with our magic or even grapple onto it and try to sever it's connection with the Sable Executioner.

The things I really want to try though are hitting it's brain case with a well placed shot, perhaps burning a pristine soul. Alternatively we can try and close off it's exhaust pipes. Alternatively we could close off it's exhaust pipes using our magnetomancy and let it warm up until it's piping hot, then freeze it rapidly with our Amaranthine Annihilator it should stress the things metal quite a bit.
No. 16086 ID: 5e0979

Again, do we -want- to take out the CANTI or make friends with DR STEEL? Because, honestly, I wanna make friends with Dr. Steel. I -really- think we should come to some agreement beforehand. I mean, this is like...Destroying the David.
No. 16087 ID: e31d52

Steam is all about PRESSURE. what we should do is find the safety valves, and destroy them or block them, as well as exhaust. Once the pressure builds too far...

Well, I'm sure a few of you have seen the Water Heater Rocket episode of Mythbusters. :3
No. 16088 ID: e31d52

>implying that he doesn't have the plans made up

He can build another, one that would be even better.
No. 16090 ID: 5e0979

Mhm. Maybe. I'd still like to put forward the idea 'lets beat it until it can't move anymore' because we're nice...and it's -amazing-.
No. 16091 ID: 275a5d

The thing I'm worried about is the Electric charge attack. If it's anything like Jezebels weapon, then it'll fuck with our reactions and speed unless we can come up with a countermeasure.

Perhaps the Rune would help. If it's effect on us is based on our conductive composition, perhaps changing our makeup via the Rune would help us resist it's effects.

Otherwise, we'll need to rely on our magnetomancy and hope it can be used to direct electrical current within our own body.
No. 16092 ID: 275a5d

Going easy on it is going to get us killed, if its even half as good as we've been lead to believe.

Gialgorra wouldn't have put it at risk of destruction if he wasn't capable of reconstructing it. And if he IS doing that, then he's a dangerous incompetent. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt, here.
No. 16093 ID: 1ac39d

true, full force it is.
No. 16094 ID: e31d52

By the way: Bob mentioned that the level of lethality here is supposed to be similar to the fight with The Metal, if you remember that from Ant Quest.
No. 16095 ID: 275a5d

I am not familiar with Ant quest. How lethal is that?
No. 16096 ID: 903f16

Well, we've now that we've just learned it has a drill canon mode I can say I'm actually quite fearful for Mordre.

If this is anything like the metal than we're looking at a serious boss fight here. I doubt this guy has the Metal's endurance, but he makes up for it in sheer attack power.

Also, would it be possible to absorb the soul from the heroic soul of the soon to be fallen small tomb that is going to attend the contest?
No. 16097 ID: 1ac39d

maybe if we go up to the owner look at him, look at his golem and say "dibs"
No. 16098 ID: 903f16


In addition to these have another question, though not related. How do the Premen view the Morgren, considering the Premen were used as a base in the creation the Morgren? Does the Premen's reverence for strength cause them to view the creatures as avatars of war, almost like an ideal Premen or do they view them as freakishly grotesque perversions of their people and ideals?
No. 16099 ID: e31d52

In Ant Quest, The Metal was a powerful wasp with a nearly iron carapace: hence the name. He stayed in the Arena and challenged enemies of his Empire, crippling them and rendering them into a life of sad worthlessness.

We only managed to kill him by firing shards of his own steel carapace into him, and even then, just barely. Scars then was about as strong as Mordre is now, just with different tricks.

If we pay close attention to these fights ahead, we'll be armed with very good knowledge, especially if we tell Mordre specifically how the golem transforms so he can lock it up with the Sable ribbons. Furthermore, middle range is Mordre's specialty, with close a very near second. We want to close the distance while blowing him away. The AA should be charged now, we have AG shells, we have our discs and plenty of souls.

We even have a pristine soul!
No. 16100 ID: 275a5d

2, actually.
No. 16102 ID: f95872

>Scars then was about as strong as Mordre is now
>an ant was as strong as a soul-eating golem
No. 16103 ID: e31d52


Scars was literally a walking airjet with hammers for feet and a fucking SUN GUN for jaws, and he could briefly make himself into a spear.

If Scars was made into a scaled up Soul Forge, it'd be a scary as fuck fight.
No. 16105 ID: e4835c

Wow, I kind of always thought of Scars as weak, waiting for his big break, that jazz. If Mordre is comparable to him at that time I think that we are in trouble.

We probably can't use the Inferno Golem during the match either. The match is Golem vs Golem not Golem vs Golem and Golem and Golem......
No. 16107 ID: 1ac39d

sure we can, creating inferno golems is a power of mordre so it is perfectly legal.
No. 16112 ID: 7737f4

I thought about that and it still does not seem fair, its like fighting against a combat capable Von Newman machine.
No. 16113 ID: d3dfb8

So far We've gotten a decent look at the steam golem's close combat abilities. I wouldn't particularly want to fight him in close combat with Mordre other than to hit him with our siege fist.
Speaking of the our siege fist, we might be able to discover the IGs primary function.

Before we fire the AA or the Anti-Golem cannon we should lower the steam golem's maneuverability, I don't want to waste any of resources, it may be a long drawn out battle. To lower his maneuverability we could have the inferno golem attack his legs as a last resort sort of thing. We should keep the Inferno golem as a secret weapon for later in the fight, it's overpowered but we can't rely on it for everything. I'm thinking we could hold the vanguard blades hovering around him, partially to direct his movements, partly to take swipes at his legs with them, partly to keep him back while we attack with the Sable Executioner, and partly to deflect the drill when he fires it at us.

During the fight with poor little Silicanthos Mordre better be testing the steam golem's reactions to magnetomancy, possibly slowing CANTI a bit so Silicanthos can get in an extra hit or two.
No. 16115 ID: 3afd1f

Cheating will get us FUCKED UP. Better not.
No. 16118 ID: d3dfb8

How exactly will they know? They can't sense us using magnetomancy. CANTI's claw just might cut through Silicanthos a little more slowly than before. You never know.
No. 16134 ID: 8dc333

NO, I'm sure he has a way to figure these things out and even if he doesn't, why risk it?
No. 16137 ID: 5e0979

We -are- a combat capable Von Newmann.
No. 16138 ID: 1ac39d

besides, this is a FIGHT, being fair doesn't enter the equation.
No. 16140 ID: 8dc333

It's not just a fight, its a challenge. Beating him doesn't mean squat if you do it outside the parameters of the challenge.
No. 16142 ID: 8dc333

Ok so this is my guess as to the functions of the steam Golem

It has two modes: Primary/Default and Cannon mode

Primary: Good armor and mobility, a general mode so as to deal with all contingencies.

Cannon:Excellent armor , little or no mobility. Made to deal grievous damage to enemies at mid to mid-far range.

Lox-Drill - Made for close range heavy damage but range can be increased when in cannon mode. It can also be used in conjunction with the Various electrical features to increase destructive power.

Claw arm - Made to deal with caw stuff and grab stuff, likely to hold the foe in place for the drill to take out. Can be transformed to act as a giant buzz-saw to deal heavy damage to foes. Can be used to cut enemies off if locked in a dangerous grapple.

Steam cloud: Can be used to obscure location from an opponent but is mostly a waste product from operational stuff. Can be used n creative ways to assist the next feature.

Various electric aspects - Electricity can be run along the Golems 'skin' to damage various opponents and can be used in conjunction with the stem cloud to extend range and amplify damage.

Third Generator - The fact that this third generator is singled out implies that two are needed for proper operational procedure. This third generator, allows the Lox-Drill to accelerate to great speeds to maximize its damage potential. This drill likely also allows the golem to have a function like that of the Amarinthene Annihilator to charge its Voltron Beam.

Voltron Beam - Speaks for itself but feh. Lance of Lightning that kills anything.

There is likely more but I forgot it while writing this.
No. 16149 ID: 5e0979

The challange is beating it, not beating it within parameters. If we shut down the steam engine with magic, we still would win. Same as telling it to stop in his voice.
No. 16150 ID: 5e0979

And we seriously need to put forward the suggest that, as two men of Golem creation and control, our battle should be one to something not as brutal as termination.
No. 16168 ID: 5e0979

Bob, just a side question because AntQuest came up...did you run the one on /tg/, or was it just freak chance that tgchan and /tg/ both had quests with the same name running around the same time?
No. 16173 ID: d1210a

The other Ant Quest was actually what instigated me DOING Ant Quest, though I know nothing of who wrote it.
No. 16174 ID: 0c2d00

Regarding battle strategies for fighting the steam golem - I think it would be best to open up by using accelerator and the vanguard blades (go for the back!), then move in close to try the coil-drill mode of Sable Executioner. If the steam golem auto-repair functions start activating then hit it with plenty of soulfire to see if we can damage them.

If Gialgorra tries the steam trick then it might be possible to blow/burn it away with soulfire. For electrical attacks and defenses it might be possible to use magnetomancy to pull every available metal object within range towards Mordre and the steam golem to try to ground the electrical blasts or interfere with the generators. Last option is to activate Immortal Genocide to see if it does indeed absorb every type of energy...

The Anti-Golem cannon would be best saved to counter the cannon mode when our foe is more or less immobile. Another thing to try if it goes into cannon mode is use magnetomancy + accelerator to do a massive leap, then magnet attract the airborne Mordre towards the other golem to stomp it flat. The cannon might not have the same amount of vertical traverse as horizontal. If the Lox drill is fired and doesn't cause critical damage then it could also be a good idea to pick it up and throw it right back with accelerator!

The AA is best saved to counter the Voltron Beam or as a last-ditch weapon. A pristine soul would probably give good results with Sable Executioner (ultimate melee power) or soulfire (ability to melt even other soul graves)
No. 16176 ID: 5e0979

Note: The AA is a freezing weapon, burning things next to it and punching the heat out of things it hits. This is a STEAM golem, powered most likely by STEAM. Freeze the steam, freeze the water, crack the golem. Hopefully.

And now, damn it, I gotta thank him for one awesome quest, inspiring a second awesome quest, and getting you started so you could write this FUCKYEAHWIN awesome quest.
No. 16188 ID: 445c48

What happens if a fully charged AA hits directly head on with a fully charged Voltron beam?
No. 16189 ID: 1ac39d

it's like casting ice 9 and fire 9 at the same time.
No. 16197 ID: 5e0979

You ever seen Iron Man 2? Yeah.
No. 16198 ID: 5e0979

Note: We need to get fanart really bad.
No. 16199 ID: d1210a

IMMORTAL GENOCIDE PRIMARY FUNCTION: When a charge has successfully been stored in the IG, any melee attack will, assuming the target survives the brunt kinetic trauma the blow conventionally brings, have part of it's own energy (soul, heat, life, etc) be converted by the stored energy into the magical equivalent of explosives. SO basically you use absorbed power to punch something into internally exploding, with the amount charged contingent on the size of charge stored on the IG
No. 16200 ID: d1210a

last part should read the amount of charge impact the amount of energy converted into internal explosive force.
No. 16250 ID: 712a7c

Is Antoledo's Free-knowledge paradice beneath the sea?
No. 16265 ID: bf4d72

Part of this is right. So, lets start trying to get some ideas behind it. I'm gonna say our weak clairvoyance was...a high powered mage who was bound to us and is using souls to help his 'body' create new ideas?
No. 16272 ID: a594b9


Mordre eats metal... and uses it to replace metal in his body, in an organic manner. This implies that all Soul Graves are in some way, alive. However, the consumed metal used as food is not destroyed utterly like a soul in the furnace. It is merely sent back down into the earth. THIS IS WORLD MAGIC.

The Curse that affected Mosmordre was also World Magic, as it severed the leylines of natural energy. By definition, World Magic has to do with these leylines. I think that Mordre was standing on top of a Leyline Geyser when the Curse hit, and that affected him drastically. It made his Soul Furnace act in the same way that eating metal does. The Souls are consumed in a manner that releases them.

I think that Mordre had consumed a Heroic Soul at one point that had a kind of clairvoyance ability similar to Dulu's. That, or he was BUILT, like a Small Tomb, with a Heroic Soul already inside. The Creature that we met before STOLE most of that soul, so we cannot willingly use its ability. Yet when we do, a Pristine Soul appears... because we steal it from the Creature via that burst of magic ability. Both the Creature and Mordre are tied to World Magic so we can yank souls from it.

Mordre is sentient... simply because of how the World Magic affected him. In the same way that Forest Spirits are made. Heck we even have the same attitude.
No. 16273 ID: a594b9

Oh, additionally, as Mordre consumes souls the Creature receives them through the World Magic connection. It's a symbiotic relationship.
No. 16274 ID: 83e18c

You guys are focusing on the wrong thing. The part on the mental pathways is the part that's right, I'm almost sure. The soul once consumed is split into splices like neurons in a human brain and when he gets a pristine soul is when those neurons of the same soul reconnect completely with each other. IT's just a idea but it's how I see it.
No. 16283 ID: db42d1

Question: As we converted our whole body to Damascus Steel, did we loose the benefits of our Black Steel Sable Executioner?
No. 16284 ID: d1210a

No, the Sable Executioner three-part blade tentacle is still wholly Black Steel, you converted everything but that arm and the silver fist to it thought.
No. 16286 ID: db42d1

Rocksome. And, as a request/question: We're slowly getting powerful metal in our bodies. Before we feed, is it possible for you to give us a brief run down of what kind of metal we're eating? So we can balance the idea of eating five suits of armor of Red Steel or Blue Steel golem. Because it's kinda hard to know what-trumps-what and what compares-to-what when we're eating almost anything we can fit down our throat.
No. 16287 ID: d1210a

There is a metal tier listing broken into two parts, in ascending order of potency, listing all currently established non-real-life metals. Wootz Steel would come in above Steel (base steel) and below Blue Steel, but not by much. Could dramatically change by achieving full Blood Iron saturation (not possible with established magical alloys, they stay as is).

I'd like to get a sense of what is working, what is not, things that worked well, or confused you, whatever really.
No. 16289 ID: 83e18c

Was I completely wrong on this idea of how pristine souls work?
No. 16294 ID: db42d1

Ah, ok. Now, request. Running a brief description of the metal we are currently made of and any special metals we can eat would be nice. Just a 'You [BLANK] is made out of [BLANK] and does [BLANK]. You can eat [BLANK] that does [BLANK]. Are you going to eat?' to help us decide what composition we should have.

Anyway, I am liking it so far. Family Gialgorra is awesome and I wish they become recurring characters, as I hope this island gets revisited a few more times. I loved Dimmond business airs, the whole feel of the place.

I like the 'Secret Bonus' we get but...I wish we could know how to get some before hand. It almost feels arbitrary when we get them - like the GM liked what we did and threw us a bone, but we don't know how or when we're getting bones. And...do you have preset way to unlock the Secret Bonus, or is it just arbitrary?

And, I don't know if you did it on purpose or not, but the way you made people divided on Jez is very nice. If I can ask you, she does feel like...a character you put in to make people happy. If that's not me reading too much into the way you wrote the character or anything.
No. 16300 ID: 44939e


-Ham Points - Draws readers in and encourages more participation.
-Updates speed- The fact that you update regularly is a major plus
-Characters- We've met some really interesting people so far
-Upgrade/Heroic soul system - It's just cool.

-Overall direction- Overall, we seem to be just wandering around with little overarching direction. Not that thats terrible...an open world is fun to explore after all, but it all feels a little disconnected.
No. 16304 ID: db42d1

Personally, I don't see it being aimless. Our goal is simple: Build an Empire. We have faced several problems that we deal with as we build our empire. Our current jot off to the islands were mostly about getting a revolver - be cause continued firing seems to deal with the World Nightmares, and makes us more deadly.
No. 16306 ID: 2aaaf1

So, full blood iron saturation wouldn't provide any benefits to Sable Executioner (or any black steel consumed in general) in the slightest? One of the key ingredients of black steel is BLOOD from your description in >>316646. Granted the blood is added during the forging process, and in massive amounts... But surely some kind of synergy couldn't be reached upon gaining full saturation? Not anything BIG like: "Oh shit Mordre, all that blood iron reacted with your Sable Executioner and now you've got to roll 1D20 every five steps to keep yourself from killing your fleshy allies." More like: "Oh hey, full blood iron saturation made your body more compatable to changes, you can do some cool shit now- [At the cost of weakening your frame, you can siphon metal from various parts of your body into Sable Executioner to extend it's range and durability] [You can attempt to manually change or move existing mortars with less chance of failure] etc, etc..." I dunno, just something to think about when we get closer to our composition upgrade.
No. 16307 ID: a594b9

Hey guys, Bob revealed this but I don't think everyone found out:

HAM points has a counterpart. SOAP points. We can get stuff for DRAMA.
No. 16310 ID: db42d1

Revealed on the IRC channel? Mhm...Darn, because SOAP is less fun - and less one-man controllable - then HAM...
No. 16313 ID: 1ac39d

okay, so what are things that can create a dramatic setting?
No. 16323 ID: db42d1

See, this is why I wanna know what kinda Drama we're talking about. Because I really can't think of a kind of Drama that isn't a two-or-more man game. Because melodrama needs someone to gasp and go 'no!' when you bring up your shocking reveal.
Genre drama needs to have a character who has internal conflicts and issues with themselves...which Mordre really kinda lacks.
Internet drama is just pissing folks off and having them gossip and complain about you.

So I don't really know which one we can do... -maybe- talk more about or dead wife? But that seems very out of character for 'Mage Mordre'

Speaking of that, we -really- need to come up with a list of 'Characters' we play and their personalities.

And it wouldn't hurt to see our new ally's stat card...because, really? I love these cards. Put that down as another positive for this quest: Awesome stat description of allies.
No. 16338 ID: d1210a

Your postulation did contain a grain of truth, though it might not be the facet of your argument you think it is.

Other than the aforementioned types of magic steel and the two heavenly metals (described early on in this discussion thread), Mordre does not know of any other supernatural metals at this point. Currently, Mordre's fight hand and forearm are Black Steel, the dexterous tentacles of the Sable Executioner, and Mordre's head has a few pounds of silver worked into a skull motif. The entirety of the rest of his body is currently Wootz Steel, with slight Blood Iron saturation within the iron component of the alloy. Mordre can eat any kind of metal (barring Lortoxite that has already been forged into something), so really you could make Mordre out of anything.

Secret Bonuses are not arbitrary, I have at least two ready for any given engagement, with at least one related to furthering an overarching plot (like the bonus for Dulu's escape after his death), as well as at least one dealing with absurdity (I was prepared for a limb loss bonus going into the Small Tomb fight, tweaked it into the disarmament bonus as events progressed). But as they are secret you only find out about them when you earn them, so if you see no mention of them throughout a whole fight, it means that you missed whatever secret bonuses were viable for that fight. Also, I will not be posting missed bonuses here, as some are re-usable/can be earned at multiple different junctures. In general, being thorough and creative in battle will usually increase the chances you will trigger a secret bonus.

As to Jezebel, I cannot answer any questions concerning her (outside of whatever you may discern through actions taken in the quest itself) until the current situation on Golgan Island is resolved, insofar as Mordre and co departing back to the mainland.

Yeah, I can understand that concern. I do what I can to make quests as devoid of railroading as possible, and in this case it means that the posters get to choose Mordre's goals. A while back, the long-term goals got set as being roughly the following:
--Build an empire
--Get revenge on those who orchestrated 'The Curse' that ended Mosmordre
--Prevent own destruction for being a sapient golem with free will

Any and all of Mordre's goals or objectives can be changed with a majority consensus.

All the pre-existing magic metals are un-alterable without disrupting the magics that empower them, so it is nearly impossible to improve upon an existing magical metal. Further, Black Steel already has Blood Iron as a component, so even if you could affect it in terms of it's composition, it is already saturated. This is part of where is corruptive and dispelling powers come from.

The reason to want saturation of the Wootz steel is because it would effectively give you 'blank slate' alloy, with plenty of ambient magical energy, that you could start making into your own type of magical alloy. Unlike pre-existing magical metals, of which you know none of their forging processes, you would have flexibility with your own, self-made alloy.

tl;dr Blue/Red/Black/Rune Steel, Necronostrium and Lortoxite are metals that are varying degrees of potent, but cannot have their composition altered. Any magical metal Mordre itself makes within itself (such as Blood Iron + Wootz Steel = Blootz Steel) can have it's magical potential directed in a multitude of ways, but will require significant amounts of Blood Iron for appreciable changes that aren't minor in effect.

-Claim Mauser died, lament loss of cat (Potential SOAP POINTS)
-talk about professed dead/departed wife [mentioned to Keddic all of once during HAM] (potential SOAP POINTS)
-Dramatic speech of vengeance over lost ally (potential SOAP points)

I'll allow leeway on SOAP points, but in general, HAM is funny overacting, SOAP is serious overacting, if that makes sense.

HAM and SOAP are interrelated, in that earning one can make earning the other easier, but both are independent point scales (meaning SOAP has it's own list of rewards depending on total points)

New stat cards will come for any new recruits once they are successfully brought back to Mordre's base of operations (Mordreden and Kyogrock Arcanoworks both work for this).
No. 16343 ID: db42d1

First, funny: Do we get soap points for quoting famous movies in context? (Lord of the Rings, 300, Gladiator, et al?)

Second: I know you don't like making stat-cards for 'unimportant' heroes, but would it be possible to at least post the title of missed achievements? A sort of 'fail to unlock' listing of battles and events? Because I -love- this quest and it actually feels really 'gamey' too...like once we beat it/finish, I wanna start a new game plus. Not that, you know, you'd be -up- for that. Hehe.

As to Jezebel...I just wondered if you put her in in the same way that, after being pestered for three sessions, I would give a player what they wanted. She just felt that 'fine, you want a girl, here, take one' introductions.

And one question: Are you having any Lord Quest inspired name-bonuses?

And...how much is too much correcting to try and get some bonuses?
No. 16344 ID: 97ca2c

O.o, I wonder if this New Game+ would be Chrono Trigger's, where the first thing you fight is the previous last boss >.>
No. 16348 ID: db42d1

I'd just love to play it again to see what changes we can make or do. This is a very interesting world.
No. 16349 ID: db42d1

As you scanned >>326074 already, could you give us a 'nothing' or 'something on >>326065, >>326072, >>326073 too?
No. 16383 ID: 490804

Just to reaffirm this idea, but when Mordre swallows the souls of people we gain their abilities or skills right? Or is it just that we gain bonuses from those abilities and skills?
No. 16393 ID: c00244
File 127509919069.png - (49.71KB , 529x494 , temp.png )

Okay, so this is a ridiculously terrible concept sketch that I hacked together in an unholy mixture of Inkscape and Paint, but it should display what I believe is a viable sheath pattern for the sword we're currently toting around. Basically we just grow some holding stuff on our back and live with the fact that the sword will stick out a little by our left fist and above our right shoulder. The proportions of the sword, Mordre, and Mordre's shoulders should be correct- the sword is 50px wide and 260px long, Mordre 300px tall, and Mordre's shoulders 160px wide.

The strength of this design is that it frees up our hands, keeps the sword with very easy access, and could probably be grown by Mordre in all of fifteen minutes. Also the sword will function as additional back armor, since it's basically unbreakable.

The weakness of this design is that Mordre will get even wider than he currently is, and depending upon his exact limb dimensions and joint locations might be made slightly more awkward in movement than he already is; the design is made with the assumption that a metallic golem torso is not going to twist during movement the way a human torso would. If Mordre's standard movement involves a great deal of shifting his back the design might need to incorporate springs or be scrapped entirely. Also, the design doesn't actually hold the sword into the catches because, again, I wasn't sure how flexible Mordre is; a paired set of catches could be added on the top (sharp) edge of the blade if he's able to stretch like that.
No. 16394 ID: db42d1

Damnit, I thought we could get actually fanart outta this.Not that this isn't nice, ehehe, just...damn it, I want Mordre pictures!
No. 16395 ID: c00244

I'm afraid you'll have to get your fanart from someone who can actually draw. To-scale diagrams, I can give you; art that is not exceptionally hideous, not so much.
No. 16396 ID: db42d1

Oh damn it all.

Anyway, is the sword designed to drawn by the left and and take into account the left side has our humongous cannon? As I just noted that, damn it, that kinda sucks.
No. 16400 ID: c00244

I'm not really very clear on how large our various attachments are, or if they'd be in the way of anything. The design can easily be reversed if that would solve any problems, obviously. If that's not the case, I suppose the design could be modified a bit... a more horizontal design would be even wider and impede movement more, but wouldn't have shoulder problems and could probably be drawn around the arm. A more vertical design isn't terribly feasible since our legs would run into it while running.
No. 16446 ID: db42d1

I thought the cannon was really kinda extra big, but I can't quite remember.

Anyway, I have one question: How many different sort of 'points' can we get? There's HAM and SOAP, but will we get anything else? Mostly because I'm thinking of 'SONG' points for when we sing something self-written, or 'RAP' when we engage in a lyrical throw down with any mage hard enough to step up.

Look, blame /tg/ for having another Rap battle thread, ok?
No. 16454 ID: 903f16

What do you guys think of trying to attach Jezebel's Taste O' Doom onto us later? When she works out the kinks with the weapon I think we could have a nice little addition to our mid-long range arsenal. We'd need to find a place for it on us and a way to grow the ammo required for it from ourselves. In the end I think it'd be worth it though, it'd be a fantastic way to fight enemy golems or artillery.
No. 16456 ID: 907fe6

Suddenly I see an image of Mordre becoming his own boombox and breakdancing against other Soul Graves.
No. 16457 ID: 1ac39d

man, mordre would be capable of laying down some MAD beats.
No. 16461 ID: 2aaaf1

Not to mention we could take our rivalry with M.C. Antoledo to new hights.
No. 16463 ID: 2aaaf1

No. 16524 ID: e31d52

For normal mage skins: 20 rubies.

For Weinsho's skin: 50 rubies, 500 marks, blood toga, and a single morphic steel weapon of her choice.

For Dulu alive: A single favor of her choosing.
No. 16525 ID: d3dfb8

Sexual favor.
No. 16526 ID: e31d52



If she wants, I guess.

But anyway, Bob says I need to specify carat value for these rubies, and I'm no good at that.

So someone help me out with that?
No. 16527 ID: d3dfb8

Sorry, haven't the faintest idea what a carat of Ruby is worth.
or how big a carat is :\
No. 16528 ID: 24f7a7

While I understand posioning would work wonders here isn't it better for us, what with soul-eating, to tackle this ourselves? Until we find a way to imprision souls without us being there we loose half of what we need.
No. 16529 ID: c00244

I don't, either... particularly considering that we're working in a fictional currency here. What kind of ruby:mark exchange rate is there? We have little basis for this.
No. 16530 ID: 6164e0

Rubies have equivalent value to our world, and a mark is worth one head of cattle in an almost completely pre-industrial time period.
No. 16531 ID: d3dfb8

Only problem is possible soul magic. Also I doubt we could take on an Archmage. Not until we have a hell of a lot more blood iron, mage souls, or runic enchantments.
No. 16534 ID: d8f0c6

No offense but that seems rather outrageous for a single currency. Cattle are expensive objects, even now costing hundreds of dollars per head. Is there a smaller denomination if that's the case?
No. 16535 ID: 1ac39d

yes, it has been said in quest that smaller value coins exist.
No. 16537 ID: c00244

Okay, still very vague, but I'll try and work with it.

A quick search online (reliability questionable, obviously) shows that ruby prices range as follows. Note that they all start at $1 for uncertified rubies from unknown mines, but the minimum price moves up when working from reliable suppliers- to around $1000 for a 5ct.
0.5ct: $1-600
1ct: $1-10,000
5ct: $1-225,000

Cattle prices seem to float around $80-$150, but again, that's a random online search.

We conclude from this that ruby prices are virtually impossible to determine, that the mark is not a particularly set-value form of currency, and that attempting to convert between the two of them is virtually impossible and we're going to accomplish fuck-all attempting it.
No. 16538 ID: 24f7a7

Yes, but you don't go charging after a boss battle when you're just level one. We build up, let the mage come to us first of all, or just scout him out. There's no need to charge in and get our assassin killed, or whatever.

However, you are right. We can have our assassin/scout check for soul magic, and -then- go munch-and-crunch when we want to.
No. 16539 ID: 6164e0

Fair enough.

Then how about this, official currency and big name gem exchange rate, with the currency originally built around the mark consistently staying worth one healthy head of cattle:

Diamonds (by the carat) are worth 110 Marks.
Emeralds (by the carat) are worth 80 Marks.
Rubies (by the carat) are worth 50 Marks.
Sapphires (by the carat) are worth 30 Marks.
1 Mark (gold coin) is worth 100 Rounds (Silver coin)
1 Round is worth 100 Bits (Copper coin) (Smallest denomination)

There, that work?
No. 16540 ID: 24f7a7

Nice and simple. I was hoping for a little bit of wonkiness - base ten stuff feels a little...artifical, you know, but it's simple and it works with, you know, less work for the guy running the show.

Question, but are Marks, Rounds, and Bits global, or will it change? Regional currency, you know?

And I think we have alot of back log questions. Sorry Bob.
No. 16541 ID: d3dfb8

Base 10 is the best, easiest to comprehend without accidentally getting confused and making mistakes.
Excellent Bob, as usual. Thank you.
No. 16542 ID: 24f7a7

Yeah, I know. It's something as a player I go 'it makes the world feel organic and real' and as GM I go 'Just shut up, base ten, I am not converting gold to base eight, twelve and twenty-seven'. Just one of those things you want but know how fucking atrocious it can be.

Anyway, another question: When we eat enough metal to convert our body to it, what happens to the metal? is it possible to save it in some fashion? Like having enough metal of several sorts so we can change back and forth between different bodies depending on the upcoming battle or such.
No. 16543 ID: dcd7da

That would be incredible and by incredible, I mean an incredible waste.
No. 16544 ID: 24f7a7

Ok, having Red, Blue and Black steel on hand might be a bit foolhardy, and keeping some Necronostrium might be overkill but if we -do- eat another metal type other then our Blood Iron Damascus, we would have that Blood Iron and it could be used to be sold, or crafted into something else. You know, instead of just vanishing.
No. 16545 ID: 6164e0

This is a giant answer list so reference any quoted post to see what I am replying to.
I usually make paper notes when I am coming up with achievements for an upcoming scenario, but after passing it, it can be hard to find my records. Tell you what, I’ll try to post ones that you miss by either coming really close, OR by getting nowhere near it, so that you can see the names of ‘what could have been’.
Name bonuses do exist, will grant bonus knowledge or insight.
Too much correcting is spellchecking my posts, rather than finding consistency flaws.
New Game + will be MORDRE IN SPACE
Incorrect. Mordre just gains the soul itself from normal people’s souls. From Heroic Souls, it can acquire a defining trait exemplifying the soul he consumed, and from Mage Souls it can gain magical capabilities, but it does not gain a mage’s total proficiency, but instead whatever their best proficiency is, relative to giving Mordre a more universal knowledge of magic. And for Heroic soul, Mordre only gets the special trait derived from the soul, not the actual abilities. And yes, this means that Mordre basically has an automatic magic optimizer running as part of it’s existence. Man, it’s almost like every aspect of a Soul Grave is designed to consume as much as possible…
One thing is that Mordre’s head is actually lower than his shoulders (with the revolver now), and Mordre’s torso does have limited flexing, in that it has an upper chest and then a lower torso section of flexible plates for torsion. But this design could work in that setting too, go ahead and post it in the quest thread when next Mordre has some time.
Nothing something something, with first something being a bit more of a something. All the hint I will give.
I do not have sufficient lyrical prowess to sustain any form of RAP battle, as would be the only proper way to play this, but consider this: If you come up with a rap-verbal-attack (hereafter referred to as an RVA), roll a d100 when using it, looking for a high roll. With a sufficiently dope set of rhymes and a high enough roll, you could conceivably rap someone’s mind blank, similar to HARMONY HARMONY OH LOVE.
I confirm I have a four Tomb team of Small Tomb bards that try to bring metal to the world here and now. Actually able to socially perform because each one is slaved to the next bad member in a never-ending cycle of ownership, so… a hivemind Small Tomb metal quartet going around spreading metal…. But if you want them to have song lyrics, you’ll have to write them yourselves.
Nope. Any metal you stop being made of (like your original bronze form) is redirected into the planet itself through some innate mechanism of your function, however it is a one way process, you’d have to be some sort of awesome soul mage to mess with it, but I guess if you DID do that it might be possible to hook Mordre up to the entire planet’s supply of ores and such, and be able to reform itself into any conceivable alloy at will…

OKAY Any more questions
No. 16546 ID: d3dfb8

I love you Bob.
No. 16550 ID: e31d52

Are any of Mordre's body parts especially important?

Does he have critical areas?
No. 16554 ID: 6164e0

Eyes are gems, and as such can be shattered. Such would not blind Mordre, but it would simultaneously deprive the golem of AA, of the recently acquired soul of Zagrath the Unseen (dwells in the rubies now, along with the two pristine souls seeping into them and the runes alike).... oh, and it would forcibly release any stored AA energy....from Mordre's face. Would not be fun.

Other than that.... not really, Soul Graves were already designed to be pretty omnidurable, and with your work to shore up joint defense, you fixed most of the few problems left iwth the default design.

Just... have fun when you run into a specialist Soul Grave. Those usually have SOMETHING you could call a weakpoint, but... well, they are still around for a reason.
No. 16555 ID: e31d52

I personally can't wait for Scars of Yesterday the Soul Forge. But that's just me.
No. 16572 ID: 2aaaf1

YES, much more questions. Since we're currently back at the Arcanoworks, we need to get cracking on some projects for both ourselves and our allies. And toward that I end, I shall need to know the boundaries of Mordre's synthesizing spell matrices. On to the questions:

When we first gained the soul nexus from Fang-taker, the accelerator responded very strongly to Fang-taker's dead body and even launched it hard enough to go straight through the Yeti elder's snow shield. So, now that we have Balboa's soul... If we devised a way to wield the six morphic guns Balboa used, would we benefit from his experience of killing with it, as opposed to using any other of the 102 morphic guns in the Arcanoworks storage?

If we discovered the means behind replicating the morphic metal and had Mordre eat the "ingredients", would he be able to produce the finished product? Also, if we installed a container somewhere in Mordre's body, could we designate that as the collecting point for the morphic metal instead of having it go straight into our composition?

As I understand it, gems can act as a focus and are able to amplify the spellcasting abilities of a mage. Can mages differentiate between regular magic, and magic that is being empowered by a gem? Let's say the gem was hidden somwhere on a novice mage who happened to be pulling some high level shenanigans, could another more experienced mage call bullshit by sensing the gem? Would the reverse be possible? What about Jojo, even though he can't use gems, could he sense their useage?

From that little bit with Mordre making the revolver upgrade himself, would I be correct in assuming that even if no schematics were avaliable, Mordre would have better chances at modifying mortars or other parts of his body if he had a reference to work off of?

I think those are all the most pressing questions I have right now. I'm going to see if I can't make some half decent pictures of possible upgrades for Mordre and pals.
No. 16574 ID: a9e486

Is it possible that Mordre using his magnetomancy could produce weapon parts for assembly faster than making them from smelting and smithing? If so could it help setting up assembly lines for weapons or other inventions without having huge amount of educated workers?
No. 16575 ID: a9e486

Also do you guys remember how we had trouble timing our attack on the Arcanoworks with other units? I'm wondering if the first things we need to work on are watches of some sort that individuals can carry and synchronize for timed attacks from different positions.
No. 16577 ID: 24f7a7

>New Game + will be MORDRE IN SPACE
...Do want...

>I confirm I have a four Tomb team of Small Tomb bards that try to bring metal to the world here and now. Actually able to socially perform because each one is slaved to the next bad member in a never-ending cycle of ownership, so… a hivemind Small Tomb metal quartet going around spreading metal…. But if you want them to have song lyrics, you’ll have to write them yourselves.

Will do! And does this mean we could, conceivably, get our version of Soundwave? Because Trans-Mordres would be awesome as we are Semi-Good-Megatron.

>Nope. Any metal you stop being made of (like your original bronze form) is redirected into the planet itself through some innate mechanism of your function, however it is a one way process, you’d have to be some sort of awesome soul mage to mess with it, but I guess if you DID do that it might be possible to hook Mordre up to the entire planet’s supply of ores and such, and be able to reform itself into any conceivable alloy at will…

If this is the case...and something I -wanna- do...what would happen if we eat a heavenly metal or a self-made alloy? Would it suddenly end up as a vein of that metal underground somewhere?
No. 16583 ID: dcd7da

>oh, and it would forcibly release any stored AA energy....from Mordre's face. Would not be fun.

fist thing I thought of was this guy. http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080916142602/capcomdatabase/images/thumb/6/60/MMBN4DuoEXE.png/120px-MMBN4DuoEXE.png
No. 16584 ID: a9e486

Could someone who's good at this draw a map with where we've been and where everything is that we know of outside of the game? I think it'd give us a better idea of where to go and what to do or perhaps give us a glimmer of an specific strategy once we settle down and make ourselves an army.
No. 16594 ID: db42d1

Question: I think I asked this before, but can't quite remember but who are the gods of this world?
No. 16595 ID: d1210a

-No. Weapons or accoutrements of deceased Heroic souls do not derive a bonus in this fashion, HOWEVER, a Heroic Soul of sufficient qaulity and potency to be a Legendary Soul (Essentially top-tier souls) WILL give bonuses when interacting with anything heavily inclined towards any Legendary Souls you have feasted on, such as a favored sword or in solving a puzzle they designed.
-No, Mordre could not produce the morphic flued even if it's means of production were known UNLESS the magics that are part of Mordre (and all Soul Graves) were adapted to allow it to also imbue new forms of magic in metal. So this would also be something that only becomes possible with either an expert at Soul Grave engineering on hand, and/or a capable Soul Mage. Having both would pretty much guarantee you could make this happen.
-No. This is one of the reasons gems are valued so highly, and ties in with how expensive magical knowledge can be to acquire. This also means that pretty much anyone with enough money could appear to be a masterful mage with sufficient use of gems.... and with their wealth could afford excellent tutoring, and actually BE a great mage. Wealth and mages have a great deal of correlation in this setting because of how magic has been excluded from wide learning amongst the masses and instead restricted to the wealthy and privileged elite. But no, there is no detectable difference in amplified magic and normal magic, the only way to sense it would be to be a geomancer with sufficient knowledge in crystal structure to detect viable gems on the person casting magic.
-Yes, the more reference Mordre has to work off, the better. But be aware that lacking a full schematic, any attempt on his part would take a roll of a d20 to try, and bad rolls... would have crappy consequences. You have been warned.
Yes, if Mordre had sufficient metals to consume AND schematics for the parts, Mordre could forge them, but would be unable to perform other actions during such time. The schematics would need to be completely comprehensive in defining the parts for Mordre to successfully replicate them.
How the quartet of Small Tomb metal bards get along with Mordre is up to the players, and the deisgnation of any 'Soundwave' type is thus likewise up to the players. But given enough time and focus, options will appear.
Well, you CAN'T eat Lortoxite once it's been forged into something, it is at that point completely, utterly and incontrovertibly indestructible and unchangeable. BUT yes, your observation is correct, thanks to Soul Graves redirecting excess metal into the ground, there are alloys and such threaded into the ground, with more found in areas with higher World magic saturation. But considering Soul Graves have not been aroud for all that long, there is not much of this irregular metal in the ground.
There are none. There is some degree of planet worship of Zakrath itself, due to the existence of Leylines, Core Beings viewed as wrath of planet, and the abominations underground thought of as the monstrous guards of the planet diety, but otherwise, not much in the way of established religions, though there ARE schisms between groups with different interpretations of how magic functions.

Any MORE questions?
No. 16596 ID: db42d1

Ah, ok. So 'God' wouldn't be a proper cuss but Zakrath or 'Earth' would be?
No. 16597 ID: db42d1

Also: What would happen if a Soul Grave ate metal it had already used?
No. 16602 ID: ab04d4

>blah blah metal shifted into earth as veins
Wait, does this explain the impossible bronze mine? The bronze was from previous golems, where bronze normally could not be found?
No. 16605 ID: d1210a

Yeah, though not as common. Damnation is still a concept, thanks to the things deep underground, so damning someone literally means you want them to go find a cave somewhere, go underground, and get torn apart by faceless abominations. So yeah.
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIAL. Treated the same as any other consumed metal. Though if some OTHER Soul Grave ate metal that had belonged to ANOTHER Soul Grave... well, I wonder what that could do... [And no, I won't outright tell you, you'd have to learn it in quest, as currently no one has ever found out what that would do]
It COULD explain it, but the mountains in question are near to the northern sea border, relatively far from the center of land-mass, so it would be strange to find so much there. It would be much more likely for such metal to resurface closer to the center of the continent's land mass. There is an alternative explanation, that the Premen are somehow mining into an underground city or some such, but that seems to also have problems.

No. 16606 ID: db42d1

Instead of fumbling about, what are a list of some curses and oaths so we aren't using Jesus Christ as our go-to curse word?
No. 16607 ID: db42d1

This hsould read 'instead of 'me' fubling about' with less conotation that the GM is fumbling at all.
No. 16618 ID: d1210a


Fuck, Shit, Bastard, Bitch, Piss, Crap, Ass, Damn, Damnation, Blast and zounds (I LOVE ME SOME ZOUNDS).

Call someone's thoughts/words/views: Twaddle, poppycock, asinine, preposterous, etc.

Deep-dick/ass/shit: Labels someone similarly useful to society as a Core Being manifesting. Rather excessively insulting.
Magic-Scrub: Shitty at magic, no talent in it, and implications of lack of wealth or proper grooming, usually employed by the influential, means little to the common man.

Beyond that... insults are easy to get creative with. Example:

You deep-Shit bastard from the loins of a pox ridden whore, I'll flay the skin from you bones, I'll tear your organs out and feed them to pigs and laugh all the while as I do the world a service in excising a piece of filth like you!

There, see, easy!
No. 16623 ID: db42d1

Note to Self: Break out Shakespearian insult handbook.

Also: Calling someone 'deep' is now hilariously.

But thank you Bob!
No. 16628 ID: db42d1

Suggestion to everyone: Get SOAPier! Also, get back to coming up with Pristine Soul Reasons!

As for things we should do, can someone come up with a list of 'characters' Mordre has come up with? I don't really have any idea how many cats we have and it seems like we have two servents.

And as a list to get ready for Arc Five, just what items do we need to look over? I know we left a lot in Arkus' workign hands and we have quite a lot coming in from the island. Hopefully we can sort these out.

And we kinda need a goal now: I'm thinking we need to start on capita and then go looking for Dimmond the Major, Alexander Armstrong, Sam Vimes, and Magnum Bang.

And just a needling question, but were any of the Gialgorra Family names based of Rise of Legends characters?
No. 16632 ID: 903f16


Stuff we gave to Arkus:
-A warped Skyfall cannon with intact runes(Recently restored)
-Dulu's morphic staff
-15 Blood-Togas
-1 Blood-Cloak
-14 runed swords
-1 heavily runed cleaver with lightning engravings
-Balboa's backpack
-Six hand-cannons

Things we got from the Islands:
-Inventor and inventions/tools
-Runed clay golem and operator
-Giant magic small tomb's sword
-Mortal Coil magic tomes (For Arkus)
-Pistols of Gavrok

Bob probably has a better list, but that's what I came up with off the top of my head.
No. 16634 ID: 1ac39d

those mortal coil tomes will probably give arkus like 5 more lvls in rune magic such that he would be able to make post pristine AA quality runes if not better.
No. 16635 ID: d3dfb8

Oh god do I hope so.
No. 16647 ID: 26939f

Does Keddic have the tomes or did Mordre? I got confused on what he had and Keddic had. Also we got a list of the weapons that Jezebel had took with her? Or is that unknown until she reveals it?
No. 16650 ID: d1210a

Keddic and the caravan he leads has the collection of documents and lessons from Mage Wendelin.
No. 16653 ID: 26939f

Alright. I take it we don't get to know yet what Jezebel has or might have other than the big items we already had listed for us? 10 tons of items is a lot is why I ask.
Does she have any fighting skills yet? If so it could come in handy to find out or for her to use them.
No. 16761 ID: 275a5d
File 127551622771.jpg - (1.46MB , 2107x1698 , mordresketch.jpg )

Hai guiz, can I haz fanart?

Felt like a bit of doodling.
No. 16762 ID: d3dfb8

Haha, Bob finally got some fan-art. He's been trying so hard.
No. 16763 ID: b4c60d

Hold me. I mean...oh my -god- that's pretty and awesome and accurate. this is awesome time for Golem Quest...
No. 16764 ID: 90a787

Totally awesome dude. I'm sure Bob'll love it!
No. 16770 ID: 903f16

Man that's cool and it's got some nice details with all the runes in the right places.
No. 16779 ID: d1210a
File 127552133322.jpg - (26.18KB , 604x402 , AWESOME.jpg )

Well, I guess I know what will be the next opening image for a Golem Quest thread.

And damn, nice 'doodle'
No. 16782 ID: 275a5d

Bob, you said this would work, right?


Out of curiosity, how much greater would our magical might be.

I may have drawn an image of our small-scale mage construct body.
No. 16784 ID: b4c60d

Hells yes. And I hope this implies 'please finish doodle', because...I wanna see finished doodle too...

Anyway! Bob, when did you state the differance between Combat and Arcane magic? I really don't remember and I just thougth Combat Magic was just fireballs and distructive magic while Arcane was research and less 'exploding' magics.
No. 16785 ID: b4c60d

Ok, I wanna see the picture but I really don't like the idea of splitting Mordre.
No. 16786 ID: 275a5d

Well, the way I figure it, if we manage to do this at some point, having a smaller scale form that we can switch between for different (non-large scale battle) occasions might be nice. Also, the amplified magic might be useful.

Also, important question: Would our soul nexi transfer with us?
No. 16787 ID: b4c60d

I can't quite remember It sounds like a no, from scanning the backlog of Discussion.

But I still wanna see the picture.
No. 16788 ID: d1210a

Depending on the specific size of the mini-mage body (going for a thin look? Fat? tall? short?) Mordre's magic could be boosted anywhere from 40 to 90%, if Mordre is willing to move all of it's mage souls to the new body. That would mean the Soul Grave original form would be bereft of magic until it could be re-acquired, while the new mini-body handles all casting. For optimization values, a tiny, frail looking man, due to how little mass they would have, would be a rather ideal receptacle for maximizing magic.... at the expense of being about as fragile as such a construct can be (still more durable than a person). This also means that a large, rotund golem would have less magical capability, but greater direct durability. Basically, magical power scales to mass, in inverse proportion to the durability of the body. Fun thing, if the body is ever destroyed, the souls stored in it will be released, and if Mordre the original body is around, well, you could re-arm the main body with magic. Rambling a bit, but I hope that answered your question.

I don't remember either, though I know I have clarified the difference between the two (Combat=empower self, Arcane=empower environment) on IRC whenever I see someone discussing it.

[And yes, I would like to see finished doodle too.]

Any other questions?
No. 16790 ID: d1210a

Only if you transferred all the souls that are part of the Soul Nexus to the new body. Keep in mind that while the Soul Nexus will perform equivalently to the magical potential of the body it is in (meaning putting it in a tiny body makes for more potent casting for the Soul Nexus), the actually manifested ABILITIES of that Soul Nexus (Accelerator, Spectral Gorging Anime) will degrade, in another inverse proportion scenario.
No. 16791 ID: b4c60d

Question: Will Keddic remember the attacks used when he is helping us fight and will in invent his own when we're back with Mordre? Because hearing "WWAY OF THE HARKSBURTON:" in the middle of a battle would be awesome.

And while we ask questions, do we have any goals for Mordre himself so we can get some plans for when Keddic gets back?
No. 16792 ID: b4c60d

Oh, another question: Do we know if the plague was caused by Mosmordre, the Coil, or just the problems of wartime existance?
No. 16795 ID: 275a5d
File 127552955696.jpg - (1.13MB , 1700x2333 , mordremagebody.jpg )

I was thinking a kind of skeletal look. That way we leave the option of "Wearing a Skin" if we really wanted to. That, and we already have that whole "Skull" motif on our current body.

The floating tassels...were a kind of "Why the hell not" design thing. We're devoting a lot less energy to maintaining the mini body, we can afford to be ostentatious. Also make for handy magnetomantic projectiles.
No. 16796 ID: d1210a

Well, by going full skeletal for a body, you'd actually get even more bang for your buck, since my earlier estimations qwere based on the assumption that a humanoid (rather than skeletal) form would be made and have skin layered over it. Your form uses WAY less metal, so while it would still be more durable than a human... well, let's just say golem scale weapons will be rather immediately lethal upon direct hits.

On the other hand, you jack your magic up to more than double potency by shaving off more mass, and allow room to put in fake organs and whatnot so that with a skin, you not only LOOK human, you FEEL human, without the need for Illusion magic to fool the senses of others. At that point, your only concern would be paranoid people detecting you are not in fact a person, which will be hard to do.


No. 16797 ID: b4c60d

Picture awesome.
I still think we're putting a bit too much effort into it. It would require deciding which body gets what souls, it could be diffult to coorndinate the two and there are countless problems.
We could do this much later in the game when we need to infltrate the Coil, or we have enough high end magic that a second body would be useful. For now it seems wasteful to me, personally.

Still - Daaaammmn, that's an awesome body.
No. 16798 ID: b4c60d

Oh, idly questions: What are the names of the days and months?
No. 16799 ID: 275a5d

What about a complete transference? And its not just a matter of convenience, either. Dulu's escape got me thinking:

Once we've created this body or something similar, could we not have Kyorto (or ourselves, with sufficient soul magic knowledge) our Souls so that if one suffers destruction, the souls bound this way flee right back to one of our other forms? It's a backup system, as well!
No. 16800 ID: 275a5d

No. 16801 ID: 275a5d

Basically, we could use a system of this type of binding and these bodies to allow ourselves to range out without forcing our ACTUAL form into genuinely hazardous positions. And i'll be honest, DOUBLING our magical capabilites is a tempting idea.
No. 16804 ID: d1210a

That is viable with sufficient understanding of runework, golemcraft, and Soul Magic. Likewise, it is viable to learn how to simultaneously control multiple bodies, again with the right knowledge and resources.
No. 16807 ID: e31d52





No. 16844 ID: b4c60d

Bob...as much as I want the New Game + to be Mordre in Space...could it also be Keddic as Jojo?
No. 16858 ID: 903f16

I got a little bored so I made a list of our goals, side missions, and other things we've thought about doing. Hopefully it'll be helpful so we don't forget to do any of the neat little quests Bob's set up for us.

Build an empire

-Acquire the aid of the Yeti Tribe or Premen Clan (Complete)
-Deafeat Goran and the Gorkin Clan and free the Premen Tribes under his control
-Solve the mystery of the Drazken's bronze mine

-Ally with or gain control of the Azelhaedran State(X)
-Meet new units in the Azelhaedran state: Sam Vimes, State WarMage Alexander Armstrong
-Destroy the Core Being
-Run the Arcanoworks and free more research outposts from enemy control

-Acquire resources and allies from the Western Isles
-Acquire the relics of Gavrok
-Purchase Pistols of Gavrok(Complete)
-Liberate the Armor of Gavrok from the pirates around Golgan Island
-Defeat Professor Gialgorra's Steam Golem
-Find out the identity of the assassin

-Defeat Archmage Weinsho and his cohorts (X)
-Find the location of the Archmage and more information about him
-Destroy Dulu once and for all

Help our allies

-Keddic Harksburton
-Destroy Aurockoth, The God Of Blades, The Reaper Made Flesh, The Living Sword, The Soul Grave Slayer(X)

-Restore her by acquiring five (5) unbroken world magic mage skins (1/5)

-Turn him into a great mage
-Gift the Mortal Coil magic tomes to him
-Find the roving magic library called the Caemlo Repository

-Lord Dregas
-Restore Lord Dregas' golem Silicanthos

-Find out it's origins

Prevent own destruction for being a sapient golem with free will
-Keep up the disguise of Mage Mordre

(X)'s Denote tasks that will also help us complete our goal of getting revenge on those who destroyed the Mosmordre empire
No. 16863 ID: e30176

Thanks man, I completly forgot about the Premen thing.
No. 16880 ID: b4c60d

Also remember: Keddic has a master in the Dragon Lands and his name to clear.
No. 16881 ID: b4c60d

Oh, and we need to become allies with the Gialgorra Family.
No. 16930 ID: d1210a


Character Creation Stats/Rules

Stats Are: Body (brute), Body (control), Mind (adaptive), Mind (focus), and wealth.

Body (brute) is gross strength, general durability, endurance, the raw power and output of a body.
Body (control) is how finely the body can be controlled, precise movements, flexibility and the like fall under this category.
Mind (adaptive) is a combination of reflex speed and learning rate, how fast one reacts
Mind (focus) is being able to ingore distractions, stay calm in the face of taunts or stress, and in general is the degree of unflappableness one has.
Wealth is the amount of resources the character has to draw on, familial and monetary.

So, all stats (except wealth) start at 1, with six more points to invest. A score of one is shitty, 2 is below average, 3 is above average, 4 if pretty good, 5 is great, 6 (max) is stupendous. So, with this as a base, how would you divvy up points? And questions on what falls under what stat? (Leaving wealth as 0 sets the character to being a gutter-trash orphen with no money or social connections... but HEY, more points to put elsewhere)

No points spent:

Body (brute) []
Body (control) []
Mind (adaptive) []
Mind (focus) []

Extra points: [] [] [] [] [] []

Points spent:

Body (brute) [] [] []
Body (control) [] []
Mind (adaptive) [] []
Mind (focus) [] []
Wealth []

DUDEGUY MCDUDESON is above average in strength and durability (a bit bigger than the average person too), is not all that flexible or precise, is a bit slow on the uptake, and isn't all that hard to distract. Has a couple living family members, not much money at all.

Anyone care to try their hand/have questions on how this would work? [trying to work kinks out in advance, needed later]
No. 16933 ID: b4c60d

Just wondering what this is for? Upgrading characters or are you changing the way you give out stat-cards, because I did like the way you gave out stat cards before. Yeah, harping, sorry.

Anyway, noticed that there's no 'average' score and I'm not sure how to make someone who is above average without being terrible in something else. 'Shitty' would be weakest anemic nerd in the group, shakest gun in the east, buck stupid, or scared of their shadow, right?


Body (brute) [][][]
Body (control) []
Mind (adaptive) []
Mind (focus) []
Wealth [][][]

LORD BRUDIC is the power in the throne rather then behind it. Wealthy, but as smart as a brick and as tough as one. With no control, he resigns himself to brawling, with no learning, he listens to his cruel and cunning President of State for everything he must do and with his...problems, almost anything the President of State suggests is intresting, at least for a while.



Body (brute) [][]
Body (control) [][]
Mind (adaptive) [][]
Mind (focus) [][]
Wealth [][]

Eldest son of the MCDUDESON family is so utterly average it hurts. Not a weakling, but no stronger then anyone else, and just as slow, dismal and dull as the rest of the MCDUDESON family. Thankfully as eldest son he has a few more connections and first cut of wealth, but that's about it.



Body (brute) []
Body (control) [][][][][][]
Mind (adaptive) []
Mind (focus) []
Wealth []

IDLE-HANDS JACOB is the beginning - or end - of every great thief tale. A man who could steal the truncheon of a cop, the gold teeth out of an old man's mouth, and the sparkle from your eye. However, he is a weak, gaunt man who couldn't keep an idea in his head for two minutes much less learn from it. The scant few fences he does know have never dealt fairly with old IDLE-HANDs, but he doesn't care. He's in it for the stealing, after all.
No. 16934 ID: b4c60d

Sorry, fixing Brudic.


Body (brute) [][][][]
Body (control) []
Mind (adaptive) []
Mind (focus) []
Wealth [][][]

LORD BRUDIC is the power in the throne rather then behind it. Wealthy, but as smart as a brick and as tough as one. With no control, he resigns himself to brawling, with no learning, he listens to his cruel and cunning President of State for everything he must do and with his...problems, almost anything the President of State suggests is intresting, at least for a while.
No. 16935 ID: 706990

>-Solve the mystery of the Drazken's bronze mine
I must have missed something. Can someone elaborate? I don't even remember who Drazken is.
No. 16936 ID: b4c60d

Drazken Clan, owners of our first city, the Clan our premen were the suitors to? The first group of people we helped? The focuse of the The Mountain Bounty which was our first arch?
No. 16937 ID: 706990

Ah right. I am very bad with names and read the whole of golem quest a week ago in the span of 3-4 days, sometimes staying up to 6 am.

What kind of mystery was there?
No. 16938 ID: b4c60d

Ah! Well, it was a bronze mine. As bronze doesn't occur naturally, this mine is a mystery. We also never explored the mine fully, so we are rather unsure. And because Bob implied demons and ancient city, we're kinda worried.
No. 16945 ID: 1372a4

We seem to be split up now and not really working on new ideas so I thought I'd go back to the communication device. Your having Jezebel carry a pocket watch and just getting done on a phone call made me wonder if our "Text books" we've acquired had any materials on communication through runes? In specific, would it be possible using those runes on a object of the same size as a pocket watch to communicate between a pair of watches?
No. 16948 ID: 58d505

An interesting Idea came to me a few days ago Bob. Lets say we were to carve the runes for spatial distortion (the same ones on the sword) on a large plot of land which a city was built upon (or possibly building the cities so that the foundations made the rune), would everything in that city be instantly frozen in time or would it only be the land? (Or the entire earth o.O?)

P.S My guess is that the first part of my guess about Mordre (i.e Curse messed with soul forge and now it don't burn souls completely) is the part that is correct as there is actual evidence to support that. The clairvoyance part was just a shot in the dark really. So ya.

P.P.S Not important to anyone but me... I think I'm going to take a break from Keddic quest until I can afford to be not-short-on-sleep when posting. >.>
No. 16953 ID: 0cd9a3

Is there any chance that Mordre is the same as Dulu now is, ie. a soul, having lost its body, being placed into a golem by an exceptional soul mage?
No. 16978 ID: d1210a

This is possible with should Arkus get his hands on the documents from Wendelin and be given enough time and a request (which means time to focus primarily on that request rather than leaving him a bunch of jobs to work on), so yes, you could have magically synced pocket watches very soon, and use that as the starting point to start getting long range communication going.

Hah-hah, someone's thinking big. Should an entire town, city, nation be built in the shape of a rune or runes, it will be inactive unless you can do two things:

-While making it, work normal-sized versions of the rune you are making giant sized into the material that the giant rune is made of (make a city shaped like a time rune, put regular size time runes on buildings and whatnot that comprise the giant rune. Totally fine to lay illusions over them so they can't be seen)

-Link the giant rune to a sufficiently potent magic source to activate (pretty much has to be leyline level of potency for anything larger than a small village). Be forewarned the moment the rune activates, depending on it's scale, quality of construction, and potency of power source, you could create an effect that extends past the town comprising the giant rune (range could be miles, hundreds of miles if a capital was converted.

A kernel of truth to be found in this, but it is not directly accurate. Collectively, you guys are getting closer to determining what Mordre is.

Okay, looks like it works alright. The goal for this was to make a quick way to create 'balanced' normal people, and make their history easier to predict with the stats as reference. So, if you want to create NPC's for certain areas already visited or mentioned, feel free to put the ideas here, but otherwise, I'd like someone (or several someones) to post a character made with this setup that you wouldn't mind playing in the Golem Quest setting (for this character, KEEP IN MIND THEY WILL NOT BE A FULL ADULT. Thinking of a child either in Castiliathen, the Western Islands, or the southern Land Of Dragons for this, so please stipulate which place the character would come from of the three (in addition to age between 12-16, and gender).

Anyone want to take a crack at it/have more questions?
No. 16980 ID: b4c60d

>Hah-hah, someone's thinking big. Should an entire town, city, nation be built in the shape of a rune or runes.

Hey, ah, Bob. You ever go to RPG.net? Because that sounds an awful lot like Logos from a very nice Create-a-Setting game (Found here: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=374860 ) Which...I wouldn't mind finding out had influence on this setting at all, or that you suddenly steal some ideas from here.

Anyway, the 'child' thing makes a lotta sense with you set up the points, and makes it a lot easier. I'll come up with a few. But...'to play as'? What are you planning?

As for actual question, Is there anyway we could learn to 'combine' Soul Graves, or other golems? Mostly because I'm getting quite the 'Viral' feel from Dulu now, and the hot-blooded hero vibe from Professor Gialgorra made me just wanna know if it was possible or not.

And to everyone else: WE ARE SO CLOSE! IF NO ONE ELSE COLLECTS THE THEORY FOR WHY WE GOT PRISTINE SOULS SOON, I'LL DO IT MYSELF! GOGOGOGO! Ahem, yeah, lets get this finished, people, I want five pristine souls so hard I can taste it.
No. 16985 ID: d1210a

Didn't know about Logos, and I haven't been to RPG.net before, though they hardly invented the concept of city-scale runework, it is a rather stable theme throughout many magic-based settings. But hey, interesting to see there is something built around the concept.

Keddic quest seems to be going alright, there are times when the story may dictate you are not a giant mobile siege weapon fueled by souls. That is my answer.

Soul Magic allows a caster to do spatial and temporal warping, GATTAI is hardly out of the realm of possibility.

And remember that I did mention that if you just flood guesses for the five soul reward, I will eventually take it off the table, so try to be discerning with your theories, as quite a few have been posted already.
No. 16988 ID: b4c60d

Really? I've not actually heard about an entire city shaped as a rune before - although, I will admit that my level of knowledge isn't exactly where I'd like it, sadly. But either way, thread as a lot of nice stealables in it - Emperor Carved-in-Stone is personally awesome and someone who has turned their own fiefdom into a personal rune with everything strictly controlled would be an awesome villain. But yeah, just a helpful link to loot and plunder mercilessly from.

And I was mostly worried that 'Golem Quest' was ending soon and you wanted new characters. Playing a random kid sounds nice, as long as we can get back to world domination later.

And I know, I just like to remind people, and as long as we come up with a few reasonable theories and remind each other what are the best part of prior theories, we should be able to work out just what Mordre is and get Delicious Pristine Souls.
No. 16992 ID: 706990

>And remember that I did mention that if you just flood guesses for the five soul reward, I will eventually take it off the table, so try to be discerning with your theories, as quite a few have been posted already.

I am new to this quest. Can someone elaborate? And what theories have been already refuted?
No. 16995 ID: b4c60d

Willing to do this, don't worry, just need to reread all the old accurate suggestions and the old right suggestions. Was gonna make a list, actually.
No. 16998 ID: 706990

cool, thanks.
No. 17012 ID: b4c60d

A list of commented suggestions for how Mordre has been formed. Other suggestions have not received comments on and are most likely incorrect or don't have enough truth in them to be useful. I will link posts and then list Bobs comments for these theories.

- This possesses at least one completely true portion concerning Mordre's ability to use Pristine Souls. I cannot say more than that, lest I invalidate the competition.

- Bit more of a something

- Something

- Your postulation did contain a grain of truth, though it might not be the facet of your argument you think it is.

- A kernel of truth to be found in this, but it is not directly accurate. Collectively, you guys are getting closer to determining what Mordre is.

As I really don't know how to add to this without just throwing mud at the wall, I'm gonna stop suggesting until I can come up with something that seems senseable. For everyone else, use this to build a good idea.
No. 17017 ID: 275a5d

The spirit of the world called us "Well of Souls".

Wells do not consume that which they contain, as our furnace is supposed to.

When the Curse hit, the souls of the people around us were drawn to us as a focal point. Instead of being consumed, they merged with our spell matrices, forming a kind of networked sentience. Our capacity for free thought and will is a product of Mordre being a container for this network of souls.

As for why we can use Pristine souls, simple: Their acquisition requires focused, advanced thought and reasoning...abilities SPECIFICALLY granted by this newfound sentience. Its not so much that we get Pristine souls for guessing the future: We get Pristine Souls as a byproduct of employing our own sentient abilities in such a focused manner, reasoning to extremes and seeing through to the truth of the matter.

The pristine soul usage could potentially be some part of that network of souls that links itself with the course of action we use it on, something that it WANTS to have happen.

If this is true, I find it funny, as it means that we ARE Mosmordre.

Thats my theory, given the information.
No. 17019 ID: 275a5d

I should clarify, when I suggest the soul links itself with the action, I mean it burns itself to nothing to improve it.

It would also explain why our description sounded like soul magic to Arkus: Because it is, the consuming of a soul to provide power for a magical effect.

IT also means we have two Soul foci within us: OUr furnace, which fuels us, and our soul matrix, which gives us the capacity for thought.
No. 17025 ID: 706990

I had similar theory as your first part but was unwilling to say it as not to burn suggestions limit that Bob had set to us. Since they are kind of similar let me elaborate on mine.

I, too, thought that maybe we are collection of bitter souls of old Empire which were left wondering the cursed lands unable to move forth to the afterlife for any other reasons (the curse affected them, they are too angry to leave...), they could have been a collection of powerful souls that unlike others didn't diminish to the curse and were strong enough to resist it (but not enough to save their bodies).

These individuals are likely to be former soul grave operators as we frequently have memories of grandiose battles from the past, we remember some bits of history and we know how our body works and provided additional information on modification of Soul Graves we can easily digest it and use it, but if you remember how we started, our body was rather mediocre (seriously, bronze?) for a soul grave that has been in so many (successful) skirmishes.

This could also explain our profound sense of vengeance. If we really were a simple tool of war, why the hell would we have a need for revenge, let alone the rebuildment of an empire? A being with newfound sentience might go and contemplate on psychological matters of the universe or just go and try to enjoy itself, or terminate itself as seeing no sense in life (being alone and hated does not help). But since we are collected souls from former Mosmordrians we have great reason to be angry and vengeful.

With no place to go, they were slowly attracted to our body and partially merged with other in long years to create one sentient yet dormant mind, something was needed to awake it and Arkuses failed attempt might have been a jump-start for us.

Also, I think this is the reason why there is a hard limit of 12 souls, if we go below that number, the connection will break and we will lose our sentience and become ordinary souls grave, it would be like if a human opened up his skull and ate 1/12 of his brain at random (though I am probably wrong on this one, maybe all Soul Graves operate like that)
No. 17026 ID: 275a5d


The hard limit of twelve souls is just the basic fuel requisite in our furnace for a soul grave to function.
No. 17029 ID: b4c60d

Sadly, and somethign I think we've forgotton, is that:
>To earn a Pristine Soul, we can't just connect data and draw accurate conclusions, we also have to predict a future event (The Yeti turning on you, Finding the Premen replenishing food at the stream) while lacking enough data to be sure of your guess. They are purposefully designed to be hard to earn, exactly for how effective they are.

So, it isn't just 'putting it togeather', it is 'seeing into the future'.
No. 17030 ID: d1210a

I shall say this: IF you figure out the answer to the 5 Pristine Soul Question concerning Mordre, as a byproduct of piecing together the secret, you shall have ample ability to predict at least one future event to make it qualify.
No. 17031 ID: b4c60d

I have two theories. Please judge these separately:

1)We were a prototype. We had the soul of a clairvoyant or a preternatural installed first. Around this soul the soul engine was formed, burning away souls around a legendary or hero soul that would allow us to see into the future. When curse hit we were being repaired. Our engine was ‘turned off’ maybe, but twelve mages were working on us to get us ready for battle. When the curse hit, their souls entered our engine, but weren’t consumed. They became the beginnings of sentience in us and warped our engine. Our external souls became part of a nearby life-golem, or were given form totally as that of a feral beast.

2)We were the last-ditch effort of a group of mages that foresaw the Curse to save themselves. They took a Golem that was being worked on, bound it to themselves, and then started to force their souls into us in a Soul Magic spell. During this time the Curse hit, and warped the world magic of the golem, corrupting it. This locked the souls of the mages inside, but stopped them from beign consumed, the furnace being connected with part of our soul that was still outside at the time of the ritual. These mages were strong clairvoyants, able to see the Curse before it struck, but were not able to completely escape.
No. 17033 ID: a594b9

Huh? Do you mean that by figuring out what makes Mordre tick, we'd be able to predict an event in the future just from the implications of that explanation?
No. 17034 ID: d1210a

Yes, yes I do.
No. 17035 ID: b4c60d

Mhm. Possible 'predction' targets I can see are Dulu, our 'Beast' and Weinsho.

Anyway, can we get our new stat cards? I reaaaaalllly wanna see Bang's!
No. 17038 ID: dfcecd

ehhhh, I don't know why but the recent guesses seem off to me.... >.>

Anyway here is my next bid. The curse was sudden and unexpected. Mordre was a recently made golem with its magics still settling into routine, when it hit. The powerful surge of magical energy warped or outright destroyed many things, among them our unsettled furnace/matrices/other magic based stuff. The golem then pulled on all the souls around it. Souls of civilians, warriors returning from battle, the golem crafter who created us and mage who gave us life. All manner of souls that would have been in the surrounding area. A stroke of luck however came from the curse warping the furnace so that it did not fully destroy the souls that entered it, still the souls were bound to us. The spell that would give us life was interrupted and remained uncompleted until Arkus found us so much later. Several months passed after the curse struck and many souls were consumed as fuel, leaving us with the 16 Arkus found us with.

My theory is that WE are those souls, the remnants of the consciousnesses that were consumed(?). This would explain why Mordre had so much knowledge about Mosmordrean affairs though a soul grace was not meant to have a memory or a consciousness in the first place. It would also explain that which I mentioned earlier about Mordre showing a wider range of emotion etc. than at the beginning of this quest.

The reason as to why we can use pristine souls is on the tip of my tongue.. but I can't spit t out so im re-submitting the Clairvoyance idea I gave earlier.

Also I think that the beast that is following us used to be a Morgen before the curse hit and we contain the soul of the soul of the one it called master, which is why it was following us. It would also explain why we found it in the Premen mountains, after the curse royal screwed it up, it acted on strong (but likely torn(?)) memories and went 'home'. when it found us it started following us again... either that or we don't hold its master and its just submitting to as as a familiar figure of strength.
No. 17039 ID: dfcecd

Blah, left out some stuff(as usual), but im sure you can fill in the blanks.
No. 17040 ID: b4c60d

Hey. Punching out souls, lad. I wanna hear this idea, too, you know.
No. 17041 ID: b4c60d

Oh, question: Has Keddic Upgraded at all due to the focused mission, or not?
No. 17055 ID: dfcecd

Oh... right.... hehe. Well I sort of forgot about that.....
Maybe ill recall my train of thought after I read Keddic quest again. >.>
No. 17057 ID: dfcecd

OK Bob, a question. Is there any non-magic metal that we know of that can withstand soulfire without being incinerated?
No. 17059 ID: dfcecd

What I am really inquiring about is this. I want to make a new form of magic metal that is forged using constant soulfire instead of normal fire. Hopefully creating some kind of ghostly metal that is always on fire (or hot),perfect for making flambarges.
No. 17060 ID: dfcecd

And other flaming weapons.
No. 17061 ID: f4c793

I like this idea...but what about flame resistant shock troops instead? One of the old tactics during sieges was to hit them with boiling oil or burning pitch. This would be a way to work around that.
No. 17063 ID: d1210a

Hey, look at that, a grain of truth.

Indeed he did upgrade, the Sanguine Maelstrom and the theorized Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism are both things he did not previously know, so you helped him further merge the Winding Way with the Way of the Harksburton.

Nope, there is not.
No. 17065 ID: b4c60d

We are so close, aren't we? Gah, this is enjoyably frustrating.
No. 17066 ID: b4c60d

Well, anyway, grain of truth or grain of lies for >>326831?

And, when you do the new stat-cards, could we have ones for anyone who have been upgraded? Keddic would be nice, but I'd really like to have Ugrokk and Oggroth because of the armor upgrades.
No. 17068 ID: dfcecd

ARRRRGGGGG, frustration....
No. 17071 ID: d1210a


there are sixteen (16) months in a year, each month exactly 30 days long (making one year 480 days long, about a third longer than a normal year on earth). Rather than seven-day weeks, months are split into ten-day segments (three segments per month). SO:

I need:
16 titles for the different months
a title for the ten-day cycle equivalent of a week
and names for each of the ten days in said cycle, each ending in -day.

So, anyone who wants to try their hand at naming any of this, go for it.
No. 17072 ID: b4c60d

Well, seeing as I asked this, I'll give this my best shot. I'll do 'em all, but please other people try to do me better, as I know I'll suck:

Zakday, Twoday, Morday(now tryign to be convered to Athenday), Washday, Coreday, Lorday(Lorday and Coreday are sometimes swapped, depending on the region. Coreday is usually a bad luck day while Lorday is more good luck), Castiday, Endday, Rathday. One Zeweek or, to be less silly, one Cycle or a Round.

Months I'll try tomorrow.
No. 17079 ID: 6dfcf4

How big of a grain?

Imma sleep on the days thing.
No. 17095 ID: 275a5d


Gender: Female
Age: 15

Body (brute): []
Body (control): [][][]
Mind (adaptive): [][][]
Mind (focus): [][][]


ABELINE's is a pitiable biography. Rather quick to learn from error, and somewhat naturally apt at hiding, running, and squeezing into places most people just can't follow, ABELINE might have had a decent life ahead of her...had her family not run afoul of pirates dealing in slaves, leaving most dead and herself 'goods for trade'. Though the child eventually managed an escape, captivity was not kind to the poor girls body, and with what she has been able to steal or obtain through charity, recovery has been slow and halting. Still, theres something to be said for a child managing to come out of such a situation still (relatively) mentally balanced.

Thinking WESTERN ISLANDS due to the mention of piracy in the area.

(Left some stuff purposefully vague to allow room for it to be expanded upon)

So, something like that?
No. 17102 ID: d1210a

Yes, just like that is perfect. If possible, I'm looking to get at least one character per location (Western Islands, Castilathen, Land of Dragons).
No. 17115 ID: b4c60d

Just refluffing two that I idly came up with:


Age: 12

Gender: Male

Body (brute) []
Body (control) [][][][][][]
Mind (adaptive) [] []
Mind (focus) []

IDLE-HANDS JACOB is the beginning of every great thief tale. He is mere child who could steal the shoes off a flatfoot, the food out of a hawker’s hand, and the sparkle from your eye. However, he is still young and thus, weak, and the food stands of the Land of Dragon, while delicious, isn’t the best for a growing boy living on the street. He is unlearned, although he does have a level of ‘book learning’ so to speak: the boy found an old book of thief heroes from beyond the Land of the Dragons and took to it like a duck to water. One day he will steal the fire from the gods, but until then, he just enjoys taking as many jewels and gold from unsuspecting marks as he can.


Age: 15

Gender: Female

Body (brute) [][][][]
Body (control) []
Mind (adaptive) []
Mind (focus) []
Wealth [][][]

PRINCE(SS) BRUDIC is the bulling Great-Niece of one of the ruling families of Castilathen. One of many Great-Nieces, actually. She is wealthy, connected enough despite her brutal nature, but as smart as a brick and as tough as one and so it only her family’s protect that she hasn’t been in jail. With no control, she resigns himself to brawling amongst the younger nobles or, more readily, the hired help. She is a unrighteous terror and loves to beat down anyone within fist range. She may grow out of it, as her family and those she’s ‘dealt’ with dearly hope, but for now she is a bulling tomboy and a brutal one at that.
No. 17118 ID: 6dfcf4

Name: Fredrick the wild
Gender: male
Age: 15

Body (brute) [][][]
Body (control) []
Mind (adaptive) [][]
Mind (focus) [][][]

FREDRICK ALTEZAN also known as FREDRICK THE WILD is very strong for his age being able to best the average man in most anything. By profession he is a Gladiator, but not one by choice, he is a slave. FREDRICK is known in the ring for his use of brute force and ability to ignore a hit to complete his own, and also for his clumsiness. His hits rarely make contact, but when they do it is usually the end of the match. His winnings, though substantial for one his age, is nowhere near enough for him to free himself.
No. 17143 ID: 903f16

Lenryt is back and it seems like we'll be doing another job for her. Any idea what we should for as a boon once the job is completed?

I'm thinking a nice big chunk of lortoxite or even necronostrium if she access to that. We don't need huge amount just enough that we spend a pristine soul and get some serious upgrading done.

We could also ask for more complete knowledge on blood magic, if I recall we know just enough that it helps with out magnetomancy but nothing more. It could be just what we need to perfect the "pull the iron out of someone's blood" trick.
No. 17145 ID: b4c60d

Instant communication to anyone we want whenever we want? I really can't think of any other boons at the moment.

And as much as I would love to be made of Lortoxite or Reaper Steel, we are kind of working on Blootz Steel at the moment.

And something I just noticed. Dulu was a sentient golem. Even the other Small Graves weve met haven't been as talkitive. This Weinsho knows a way to make thinking, sentient Golems.
No. 17146 ID: 275a5d

Enough Blood Iron to completely convert the iron-component in our alloy into it.

I wish to evolve our form in a way only Mordre has ever attempted.
No. 17147 ID: 275a5d

Instant comm is apparently pretty easy. We're already capable of it if we bother to try to work out the means, if I'm understanding whats been said.
No. 17149 ID: b4c60d

But...we could get that with, you know, the war we're in. Anyway, Blood Iron is not something we lack in. If anything, we could just march into battle after battle and, even if we dont' attack, we can just burry bodies and suck blood out of the dirt.
No. 17150 ID: b4c60d

Yes, but witht he tright divices. I meant being able to talk to anyone anywhere anywhen, blockable and untraceable.
No. 17151 ID: b4c60d

Oh, how about mind control?
No. 17156 ID: 275a5d

Also, a little clarification:

DOES the IG primary function do anything to inanimate objects?
No. 17168 ID: 275a5d


EDITED: I swapped conversions, AND moved a decimal place in my last calculation. I fucking suck. Post deleted to cover my lack-of-sleep-induced retardation. Revised as follows:

about 30000lbs (12-15000kg) of Mordre's body is iron. For convenience, will say 13000 kg's, which is 13000000 grams

average person has 4 grams of iron in blood.

We'd need about 3.25 million peoples worth of blood iron to convert our body.

I maintain my suggestion.
No. 17173 ID: a594b9

There are merchants who sell blood iron, apparently. So we can just buy it from them once we get a stable cash flow.
No. 17184 ID: e539ac

I was thinking that we would ask her for competency in blood magic.
No. 17185 ID: 5ccee4

This sounds as good an idea as any. Unless you could request knowledge of all magic at a high level in addition to what you already know
No. 17194 ID: c00244

I would prefer to deepen our knowledge of Will magic, personally. We've got a massive advantage in mental reserves over any other practitioner of that art, and while blood and soul magic are more powerful they also burn a not terribly convenient form of fuel to function. If I recall correctly, our magical energies replenish at a rate proportional to the number of souls we currently have in store, meaning that our powers in that area shall wax as we gather ever more souls. As will magic consumes no permanent resources to achieve its effects, we can use it constantly.

Blood (or soul) magic would be highly useful to learn, though.
No. 17196 ID: 445c48

Maybe people have more iron in their blood in Golem Quest Universe
No. 17198 ID: 275a5d

I certainly hope so, cuz if they aren't, we'll either need to cash in a boon, or we have to depopulate a small country or two if we want a hope of achieving
No. 17201 ID: 5ccee4

That's an excellent point. We very well could be the most powerful will mage if we chose to have complete knowledge of will magic.
Another idea I just had...what if we requested to be able to gain the skills and knowledge of all future souls we take?
No. 17202 ID: 12dbc7

As for the boon a few things I imagine that we could possibly ask for are:
- Increased magic knowledge (this worked before)
- Greater knowledge of the world around us and where we can find allies and enemies
- Some means of long-distance communication
- Magical or legendary metals
- Magic artifacts that we can integrate (Speed bosters anyone?)
No. 17211 ID: 8123aa

What effect did the Jade-souled Monks have on our soul nexus?
No. 17213 ID: b4c60d

They empowered Fangtaker's Soul, and Thomro-The-Strong's Soul. Fang Taker powers the Spectral Gorging Anima and Thomro powers our Accelerator. Those have two Jade Soul Monks empowering both, so the Anima and Acceleator must have been upgraded somehow.
No. 17214 ID: cd8173

I like the idea, but I doubt we'd get it. Lenryt is granting a boon, not an open ended wish...
No. 17216 ID: e31d52

>- Increased magic knowledge (this worked before)

>- Greater knowledge of the world around us and where we can find allies and enemies
Eh. We can talk with others for this.

>- Some means of long-distance communication
We have Jojo.

>- Magical or legendary metals
Blood Iron would be nice. So would the colored steels.

>- Magic artifacts that we can integrate (Speed bosters anyone?)
Not sure where you're going with this or what you mean.
No. 17224 ID: dddf37

oooooH!!!! I just thought of something! GEOMANCY!!!!
No. 17239 ID: fbea04

Random pondering brought me to a potential alternative for the blade launcher if the design seems sound enough. With the new revolver upgrade to the anti-golem cannon, maybe the general framework could be scaled down to fire projectiles around the same size as hand cannon slugs. Fitting the barrel to fire from the bottom cylinder, installing the revolving chambers inside a thin casing and then leaving the outer sides of the cylinders open in more of a half-moon shape would allow an ammo hopper to be mounted on top (kind of like a paintball gun) to gravity-feed new slugs into the chambers (or force-fed with magnetomancy when not standing upright) for a constant reloading action and what should be a significant firing rate.

Not sure if something like this has been proposed before since there's kind of a lot of thread to read through in here now and CRTL-F can only find so much, but I thought I'd post the idea just in case.

tl;dr summary is this: Mordre with antipersonnel gatling cannon, Y/N?
No. 17246 ID: b4c60d

Not yet. Most of our foes have been armored and the Anti-Vanguard Blades are designed for just that. If the your Mini-Revolver would be able to slice as easily through Black Steel, Morphic Steel, and other magical alloys, maybe. However, if we did select the Anti-Personnel Gatling Cannon we would also loose the fine control that the blades give us - they are defensive weapons, offensive, and a very 'stealth' weapon. We can't, say, fire one bullet and then pull it back towards us to cut off an unsuspecting foes foot, can we?
No. 17248 ID: b4c60d

As Bob said this: From the cleaver's perspective, there is no such thing as time, so spells cannot effect it (unless one also was a Chronomancer).

I almost want to suggest Chronomancy, but I don't want to subject Bob to time-travel and time-shenanigans.

I almost want to suggest Chronomancy, but I don't want to subect Bob to time-travel and time-shannagins.
No. 17249 ID: b4c60d

Fucking time-shenanigans.
No. 17255 ID: 903f16
File 127615778857.jpg - (76.60KB , 549x650 , terminator.jpg )

Oh god, we could make so many Terminator references. Think about it, time traveling metal war machine with glowing red eyes.
No. 17263 ID: f8eb40

Good point. Guess part of my mind ran off without letting the rest of the old brain-meats catch up, hah. Oh well, can't have all my ideas be winners.
No. 17264 ID: dddf37

Brain meats always ruin everything.
No. 17265 ID: dddf37

Brain meats always ruin everything.
No. 17268 ID: b4c60d


Fucking time-shenanigans.
No. 17269 ID: dda57c

Time shenanigans can
No. 17270 ID: dda57c

screw everything up.
No. 17274 ID: cecf83

I don't know about getting soul magic... Actually using actual soul magic is a major crime. I think we can get away with it because we're an existing artifact golem. If we got it then we'd have to practice it in secret or become a member of the Mortal Coil.

Our current ace weapon is the AA, which is based on those gems we got from some yetis. If we ask Lenryt to install some even more powerful gems that can increase our speed and strength then we'll be able to leap around like Keddic and Magnum Bang. No more agile little pests running around us and hitting us because we're too slow moving to counter them!
No. 17275 ID: b4c60d


Fucking time-shen- Huh, I have this strange feeling of Deja...

Fucking time-shenanigans!

Anyway, now I'm envisioning Mordre as a character in Chrono Trigger.
No. 17276 ID: b4c60d

Gems wouldn't make us faster. Gems with runes just enhance the magic of the rune, as I best remember it. I will check that out again, however.

The other problem is we are 30,000 lbs. I somehow doubt just rune magic is going to make a big difference. The easiest way to get 'fast' would be to buff up our Mangnetomancy so we just force our metal to move faster.

Personally, I'm thinking getting the basics of Combat Magic would be a nice idea, but...after noticing how slow we eat...

>>326946 is right, despite how I argued with him, and every post there after is right. We're eating far to slowly to make a large difference. So much blood we drown in it would be a good boon.
No. 17280 ID: a594b9

I just had an awful thought. Is Mordre a CORE BEING trapped in the golem's body? That would predict that we might be able to actually fight the Core Being Host on equal grounds; or the Core Being that's growing under the mound.
No. 17281 ID: cecf83

Asking Lenryt for some soul grave enhancing rune designs and one or more gems to power them doesn't sound too far fetched.

I can also imagine a few other ways of increasing speed. One would be if Mordre got a passive ability that works a bit like Accelerator on himself that manipulates inertia, negating mass and multiplying movement.

Another way could be getting a "soul overdrive" ability where Mordre actively burns souls faster to speed up his golem metabolism. Like 1 every 10 minutes rather than 1 every month.

Using magnetomancy to increase speed is really just a stopgap measure. It is better used to manipulate the battlefield.
No. 17283 ID: 716eb0

I sort of want to include something in the boon that will support our cover story before we need it and don't have it. What that would be I haven't thought of yet, but just always saying MORE POWER RAR is not always the best choice.
No. 17284 ID: cecf83

Well we might as well hire some actor to play our fake identity character. Perhaps one or more flesh golems can be made if we improve our blood magic.

The real question is how long can we maintain our lies before people start noticing? At some point we might very well attain enough hero status and military might to have Mordre declare himself as sentient to the world at large.
No. 17286 ID: b4c60d

Very easily. We are a mage in a tower that moves around randomly and we're a recluse. We could be anywhere anywhen.

...Oh shit. Lenryt called us a sentient golem. I really don't know if Bang 'heard' that or not.

Gravity, inertia and mass powers would be fun, but most likely we would get less out of it then what we can do now with magnetomancy because Gravomancy is kinda a big deal, and I don't think we'd get such a powerful understanding over it as we have with Magnetomancy. With Magnetomancy, we could levitate, speed ourselves up, and generally be 'Magneto' with less 'Kill All Humans' and more 'Build Me My Empire'. I mean, with a high enough level of Magntomancy, we could kill people with EMPs.
No. 17290 ID: dddf37

She said it in our head. she only told teh others to continue what they were doing cause we would be gone for awhile.
No. 17291 ID: b4c60d

Ok, good. I like BANG. I wouldn't want to have to kill him.
No. 17292 ID: 716eb0

Yeah, we had similar concerns LAST time she came and spoke to us. She uses telepathy when she isn't speaking through her own golem.

After thinking about it for a few hours, I think I worked out my opinion for what boon to ask for. We can ask her to grant us the knowledge that we have been TELLING everyone we already have: an understanding of the inner workings of golems, and runic knowledge covering all the basics and a specialization in long distance manipulation. The useful and important stuff that would raise suspicion if we tried to learn any other way.
No. 17293 ID: dddf37

I like this. It is a very good Idea. I already have some Ideas on how we could do the long range command thing anyway. I am sure that there is magic for long range communication already, seeing as how we could do it if we just read up more, so if we want a simple explanation all we need to do is say that we are commanding the Golem that way and some dampening stuff stops other people from getting it, blah, blah, blah.
No. 17294 ID: b4c60d

THis...could be useful. Not just in bullshitting, but also in upgrading ourselves. I'm wary of the 'rune' part as we -got- a book on runes and how to use them.
No. 17295 ID: b4c60d

Oh, yes, should we wish for a Pony or not?
No. 17299 ID: dddf37

For us or for Arkus, cause if it is for us that is gonna be one big pony O.o
No. 17300 ID: f8eb40

Okay, I'm likin' this idea.
No. 17301 ID: dddf37

I was just joking about this last time, but I think we may have to incorporate the shoulder mounted stuff now that we have decided to use pre prepared rounds. Im working on a simple design to work with our stuff.
No. 17303 ID: b4c60d

A large, metal, pony. Harmony, Oh Love, jokes are not intended and are getting a little old, but are welcome.
No. 17304 ID: 445c48

Oh hell yes. We need a metal horse Golem. It would mesh well with the knight look we have.
No. 17306 ID: b4c60d

See, the more I think about it, the less useful it seems. It might loose our Five Souls we're gonna get, it kills off a nice quest we could do - Find the man that knows how Soul Graves were Created - and we can find this information. We just tell Arkus to find it out for us and then teach us. We dont' need to blow a boon from an implacable mage-child-unearthly-spirit thing on being able to have half an idea about how we remote control a golem from a distance.
No. 17307 ID: dddf37

I think the Aussenseiter would do nicely.
No. 17308 ID: b4c60d

...Ok, so my main choices are 30,00 lbs of blood, a large hike in our mangetomancy, or a pony. That we can GATTAI with.

I want a pony.
No. 17309 ID: dddf37
File 127622538746.jpg - (135.71KB , 800x642 , wallpaper-159790.jpg )

YO Bob, still want Golem Ideas? Lets just say that Gillagora aint the only one with Giant robots kickn ass.
No. 17310 ID: dddf37
File 127622565356.jpg - (630.22KB , 1920x1200 , wallpaper-116291.jpg )

Giant soul graves anybody?
No. 17311 ID: 1ac39d

man, wish we were that huge.
No. 17313 ID: 45be60
File 127622730730.jpg - (33.78KB , 560x493 , ultazord.jpg )

I see your giant metal horse and I raise you a giant metal brontosaurus.

What five souls are you talking about?
As for the other stuff, we can still go seeking people who know the finest details of golem creation, but we REALLY need to know the essentials of their operation and modification. We could maybe do without that bit, since we have a certain amount of self-knowledge to fall back on. Runes are the biggest thing though. Arkus has spent the better part of two months studying runes and is still a gifted novice. I don't see Mordre getting a few months of private quiet time to learn rune crafting the old fashioned way, so that leaves a boon, and eating many many souls who specialized in the skill. So far, I don't think we have found any.
No. 17314 ID: b4c60d

Standing offer of 5 Pristine Souls if anyone can guess WHY Mordre can use Pristine Souls/why they happen before it gets discovered in the quest. If too many people guess incorrectly, offer comes off table, so be aware of that.
No. 17322 ID: dddf37
File 12762315182.jpg - (11.08KB , 334x188 , tengen12.jpg )

Uhhh, I raise you Giant Necronostrium Shades?
No. 17331 ID: 275a5d

I would note that Mordre has near-perfect recall. He probably learns faster than humans by a good amount.
No. 17332 ID: 45be60

I would HOPE that sort of thing is not covered in general golemcraft knowledge. Otherwise it means we are nothing special.
No. 17350 ID: e31d52

*cracks knuckles*

Alrighty, then.

Mordre, is, as we know, an oddity in the world. Sentient Golems are very, very rare, of course.

Sentient Soul Graves, even moreso. Thus, it should be noted that the Pristine Souls are likely a combination of these two elements. The following theories are my extrapolations of this basic idea.

Theory One: The Curse.

Mordre was, as we know, discovered by Arkus, who woke him. Arkus did so with a magical item only mentioned a few times: A golem leash, something used to bind a golem to one's bidding. If one recalls, the binding of the clay golem was committed twice, without such an item present, thus the item is needed only either for Soul Graves or for those who have no magical skill in Golemcraft. At the time, we considered our sentience to be the fault of this faulty item, and this is what I put forth: Our sentience and our ability to use Pristine Souls is interlinked, the two being very unique to us as far as we know. Thus it is highly possible that the two abilities are linked by this single cause, a simple magical item warped by being carried in the Cursed Lands. If creatures and magic can be warped by it, it stands to reason that an item could as well.

Theory Two: Mage 'Mordre'
As has been mentioned in the past, Mordre had to have an owner in the past. For convenience sake, we will call this individual the Mage, capital M. Mordre, when he started out, seemed quite average to me, simple in design and function. Most of his abilities come from his own unique modifications, however, Most Soul Graves we have heard of or seen are wildly unique. Remember the golem we fought from the Steel Fists? His defining trait, the IG, has many, many tricks up its sleeve. Caemlo was fucking huge. And so on. What does Mordre have that sets him apart, what design feature innovates him above other golems?

Simple. The ability to use Pristine Souls. Think about it. A golem able to modify itself beyond what most mages could commit, beyond what Heroic Souls could achieve, in the blink of an eye?! It'd be incredible! Thus the Mage interwove within us some sort of function to cause souls to 'solidify', for lack of a better word, into Pristines. Thinking on this, he probably didn't refine the process enough before the war ended, resulting in the amount of effort it takes to activate this function.

Addendum to Theory Two: All Along
Mordre was meant to be sentient all along. Like the idea presented in the above idea, Mordre's defining trait is his sentience, and his loyalty to Mosmordre. I mean, think for a second. Even though Mosmordre is DEAD, GONE, and DESTROYED, what is our current over-arching objective?


Mordre was made to be an intelligent golem, capable of forming it's own goals, plans, and even think up modifications, but also designed to ultimately remain a servent of Mosmordre. Considering Mosmordre's desperation, philosiphy, and ability, I wouldn't put this past them. As a side effect of being sentient, Mordre's mind is essentially the souls that power him, and flashes of insight affect the souls, making them pristine. So Either the Pristine Souls are a side effect of sentience, or the other way around, according to this theory.
No. 17408 ID: 11c07d

I didn't want to cram up the main thread with another post...but I gotta say...AWESOME sidequest...being in the middle of an all-out war was cool.
No. 17410 ID: 893594

Too bad we put up such a miserable show against both Figment and the Core Being.

I'm thinking we should have thrown the cleaver/Oblivion Edge right at Figment's head after blinding him with skyfall shells. He wouldn't see it coming and he might not have been able to adapt to its timeless nature before it crushed his skull.
No. 17414 ID: b4c60d

Maybe. And the blade does work outside of magic, so it might have worked, but oh well.
No. 17427 ID: 65e716

Or figment could have made it so that the sword was never enchanted and poof.

It might have caught him off guard, but I want to replicate this weapon before risking it. On that note, we might want to make a giant metal shield with this on it. Or a fortress for our men with this on the inside and an illusion over it.
No. 17429 ID: b4c60d

Hey, if we keep overthinking everything, we'd never do anything.
No. 17431 ID: 275a5d

Figment seemed like a pretty cool guy, all things considered. He let us pass and showed respect for our efforts.

He's got a pretty crazy power.
No. 17433 ID: b4c60d

So he might end up on Lu Bu's side...or the Fanged Dragon, which I hope not.
No. 17444 ID: f8eb40

Okay, new idea for a potential future upgrade that popped into my head. Now the IG doesn't function if it's separated from Mordre, so I thought of a way to work around that. Incorporate elements of the basic anti-golem cannon into Mordre's forearm and add a multiple-chain winch. Seat the fist into the snubnosed cannon's barrel and bingo, Immortal Genocide RETRACTABLE ROCKET PUNCH.

...Granted I've been hitting a bottle of applejack a bit liberally so this may seem more interesting in my head than it actually could be to the rest of you lot, eheh. Ah well, can't tell if an idea's good until you put it out in the open.
No. 17445 ID: b4c60d

Look, you just have to say Immortal Genocide RETRACTABLE ROCKET PUNCH. Which is awesome, and would give us distance for the Anima nd the Accelerator...but I'm worried about the Chain, because, well, the Chain is the weakest point of one of our most important weapons.
No. 17447 ID: 38ed6f
File 127631504049.png - (7.02MB , 2184x1687 , forbob0001.png )

AAAAAgh that was an awesome fight.
i wish i wasn't so slow at drawing


would using one of the Gavrock chains work? It would mean only one of the guns would have the retractable ammo, but for a RETRACTABLE ROCKET PUNCH...
No. 17448 ID: b4c60d

...why did you not do this during the battle! We could have gotten mad bonuses! Oh well. Save it for a next time we fight a core being.
No. 17449 ID: b4c60d

Also: Gavrock chains...we -might- be able to reproduce them and use those...
No. 17450 ID: 620bfb

Holy fuck, I think I need to start reading this quest.
No. 17451 ID: 275a5d


I need to learn to do backgrounds like you. Teach me.
No. 17455 ID: 11c07d

It's been mentioned over in the main thread, but I figure I'd ask over here also...

What is a rageglut? It sounds like some kind of new species...
No. 17456 ID: b4c60d

Bob, I know this might be a little annoying - especially now that I've asked this a few times - but could we maybe get updates for everyone who's been updated and new stats for our new heroes/important people?
No. 17458 ID: f8eb40

That's why I stated multiple chains. The give of any single chain would likely bleed out enough power of anything strong enough to shear through it that at least a couple should survive a hit. Redundancy, gotta love it. Furthermore, the fist could be mag-locked into place when not being actively launched at things, which should still allow it to be used in a conventional sense if the chains WERE all broken. Magno-drag it back into place, lock it in, resume beatdown.

And now with Mordre's self-repair capability being upgraded from the massive boss fight reward, re-linking any broken chains shouldn't take terribly long. Or failing that, just tangling them up in a temporary knot.

And if you need more temptation, consider the potential of firing the arm cannon as a charged IG punch connects. IG primary plus golem-force impact plus extra shock from the cannon. I can only see this as resulting with something akin to the effect of...well, let me put it this way. BIG O! SHOWTIME!
No. 17459 ID: 903f16

Dude, you've got to draw a design for the golem pony we're going to get the next time we pick a boon.
No. 17461 ID: f472b8


im liking this idea more and more
No. 17506 ID: a594b9

Expanding on this, merging with my prior theory:
Mordre's Soul Furnace was damaged in combat, and the mages were fixing it when the Curse hit. The sudden isolation of leylines meant the power swirled around with nowhere to go, permeating the area. Mordre's Soul Furnace was affected... causing it to 'digest' souls like he does metal, dumping them into the earth. This still gives him energy, since... well, how would he be getting anything from eating metal if it just goes straight through him and deposits into the earth? Anyway... once the souls are sent into the leylines, they are purified and empowered. When Mordre has a Moment of Inspiration, he is drawing from the collective knowledge of the souls in the earth, and that 'links' one of them to his form for use later.
The Creature is one of the manifestations of those souls. I predict that if we were to kill it, it would contain delicious Pristine Souls. It is following Mordre because it sees Mordre the same way Moss saw that leyline stone thing we gave him. It wants to EAT Mordre.
No. 17508 ID: a594b9

Oh whoops I forgot to mention why that makes Mordre sentient.

You see when the leylines were cut, all that energy had to go somewhere. It manifested in various monsters with minds of their own, Mordre being similarly effected. That Core Being in the mound we found could speak, and even seemed to be vaguely intelligent? I think they are essentially the same type of sentient being as Mordre. Core Being + Souls = Mordre. Mordre is more souls than leyline energy though so he can 'think' better.
No. 17514 ID: a594b9

Apparently I am on the wrong track here.

Hmm. Will need research.
No. 17534 ID: 6ecb9c

OK Bob, just a few questions to get my mind in gear again.

1. If we apply the Spazial Dislocation (?) rune to a building, does everything in the building become coated in the effect or just the building. Will it freeze those inside it in time, or will it just apply the effect to them. Also how would this affect items that enter of exit the building after the rune has been applied and activated.

2. Are there any runes for simple things like 'move', 'push', 'lift', etc? If so, could they be applied to gloves or such to multiply their effect of the wearer? If not, how about a rune that gives strength?

3. Seeing as Mordre has no real issues with memory, could he just flip through a document and know exactly what is in there, or does he have to spend time processing the info he sees just as a human does? Could a PSoul be used to create this effect if he does have to spend time? (thinking about the giant book of runes here)
No. 17536 ID: d1210a

1: Runes would only apply to the structure itself: You would have an awesomely durable building, but that's it. If the GROUND inside the building was likewise inscribed with said runes, then anyone within the building and standing on the ground would likewise be subject to it's effect.

2:Yes, yes.

3: He could make a complete memory copy flipping through, but would need time at a later point to analyze what has been observed and mentally recorded. As in, flip through a book, you now have it in your head, but you still need to work out what the book is saying (but have as long as you want, as short of MELDOR THE MIND TAKER messing with you, it's not going anywhere.
No. 17542 ID: f472b8
File 127642020735.png - (4.21MB , 1660x2190 , mordresmagicalmount.png )

since this is a discussion thread, lets discuss this PONY idea thats been floating around.

Seems like the general consensus is on wanting a giant metal mount, specifically a PONY, for Mordre to ride around on. But since our situation in terms of uses for a mount are a bit different than of a human's, some thought should be put into it if we are to be serious with this idea. A PONY is great for speed, yes, but its legs are a major weak point, and with how large it would need to be to be Mordre's mount, this weakness becomes even greater. Sure, we could just reinforce the legs like Mordre did with his own, but with that specific form it may inhibit the speed and flexibility we want.But if strength, defense and speed were already all together in a form, there would be no need to modify, and therefore no risk of lessening its useful traits. Say we use a giant lion, like we saw in The Land of Dragons but bigger, as a mount, it is speedy and powerful, and can also fight along side us (when we aren't riding it) with greater use than a giant PONY. (although a PONY is fine, since its size would mean it could just trample normal human units) Just some ideas...

Also, since this mount will have to be a golem like Mordre just to be large enough, I was thinking we could give it a shiny skull mask like Mordre's, of some random skull shape for maximum GRR. Or just have its face be a skull. either or.
Picture related.

No. 17543 ID: 45be60

I, for one, was NOT serious about wanting a mount, pony, dinosaur, or otherwise.

...if we end up with a pony, we will end up putting an anti-golem cannon in the middle of its forehead and painting it rainbow colors. There is no force on earth which could stop this from happening. I am not making value judgments here, it is simply a statement of fact.
No. 17550 ID: b4c60d

Well, a Pony has the best effect for our knightly visages and a Pony has an easier time of GATTAI-ing. Lion Gattai is more power-armor style, Triceratops are normally defensive and Horsies are usually omni-use.

And as we're about what, 18 feet tall. The hose wouldn't just be able to trample Humans, it would most likely be able to trample small buildings too.
No. 17554 ID: 2aaaf1

Why are we going to waste a boon wishing for a pony/horse/mount? We can BUILD one when we have enough time. Besides, it'll mean more to us if we can make another sentient golem, more effort will be put into it's design and construction. Also, we could even use our newly transformed stalker as a mount, it's certainly big enough to hold us. All we'd have to do is dicover our real bond with it and convince it that we are no longer a threat.
No. 17557 ID: b4c60d

Because a little girl will give us a toy pony that we can combine with to turn into Super-Mega Mordre. Ok, that's why.
No. 17565 ID: 1ac39d

no wait! get all three and combine all together! horse forms the legs while lion and triceratops form arms with mordre as the head!
No. 17571 ID: 692347

I was also joking about the pony thing, but I cant help but like the idea because of this


Also Mordre needs to learn how to do this.
No. 17576 ID: 445c48

Because I have a feeling making a horse soulgrave is going to be a pain in the ass to learn, especially one we can combine with. And all the other boons, except for the battlefield spoils and probably the Core Being killing, we could do for ourselves too.
No. 17577 ID: 445c48

oh my god this would be amazing

we must become voltron
No. 17585 ID: b4c60d

See, I almost want to ask for just the power to Gattai with anything we want because...remember the 30ft or more one in the Golden League? Think of combining with that!

But if we do become Voltron, we must come up with a theme.
No. 17609 ID: f5dcf4

I have a candidate for Mordre's theme, but I'm gonna save it to bust out in the next tough battle.
No. 17613 ID: b4c60d

Oh, don't tease. It's not nice. And you could forget. Like, say, oh, punching the souls out of people?
No. 17621 ID: b4c60d

As a question to not-Bob, does anyone want to put together a list of important people we've met/heard about?

And we really to get on the SOAP ball. Be more dramatic and overacting, because I know I suck at it.
No. 17622 ID: a594b9

A question comes to mind.

It's been 5 years since the last Soul Grave was found, but... Mordre was just standing around. How did Arkus find him when nobody else could not?
No. 17623 ID: e31d52

No. 17624 ID: f5dcf4

CRAP! I completely forgot about that punching out souls thing. I should read over Keddic Quest and see if I can remember, Mordre might just be able to do it too.
No. 17627 ID: b4c60d

Yeah, I know. Seriously, just post the theme and then try to find out soul-punching. These are you goals! GO FORTH!
No. 17628 ID: f5dcf4
File 127649113875.png - (90.05KB , 480x225 , roar.png )

Man, really have to start writing this stuff down... or get more sleep.

Theme, for when you feel like annihilating something.
No. 17629 ID: f5dcf4

Truthfully, my moment of inspiration from the soul punching thing is gone, I was kinda riding on the development high that birthed the Blood Boxing move when it hit me.

IT was based on the same thing he used to do his soul transposition move though.

After reading it over I got another Idea, but I know that it is not the same one I had before...

From recent developments towards understanding what the Winding way is along with Keddic's rough explanation, I have surmised that TWW is a combination of Soul and World magic. Now for the Neo Soul-Destroying Punch(actually slash now that I read over the tech, but that can be remedied), Will magic would be introduced into the mix. The souls would be linked as normal using his technique and he would hit the enemy with the Proud Lion, and WILL the targets soul to be dispersed/removed from their body. It would end up being a contest of wills with the person with the strongest SOUL and WILL remaining alive/ with their soul in their body. All or nothing attack in its most basic form.
This of course presents the limiter of the target being in range for a slice. One could argue that if they are in that range, then just kill em naturally. This move would be most useful when facing Heavily armored opponents/small tombs/soul Graves.
I will expand on this if it proves to be a viable theory or if anyone simply wishes to hear more.
No. 17630 ID: f5dcf4

So many typing errors... screw it.
No. 17636 ID: 6164e0

Actually, that is entirely viable via Mass Connection, and The Winding Way subset of said style that Keddic has some knowledge in. But as you said, it would be an all or nothing attack. Said attack does not need to be restricted to the use of the Proud Lion, as The Winding Way by it's nature can interact with flsh, both that of the caster and the target, so it could be performed with a punch. So yes, you COULD try to punch someone's soul out, though as you observed, it would be a rather excessively risky move if one's Soul is not sufficiently focused/potent to exceed that of the target.

Keep in mind that the quality of a soul is based on the will and determination of the deceased upon death, so if you could somehow lower the will/determination of a foe, or otherwise disrupt their focus, this move would become easier to perform.

If you want to try and work out some more comprehensive way Keddic could use this concept, go ahead an post it, and it can get added to his training repetoire.
No. 17642 ID: 275a5d

Bob, a few questions:

When we first made the amaranthine annihilator, the plan was to COMBINE the Soulfire that issued from our eyes and the energy built up from our movements, by mixing them within the Ageless Eyes of Winter (our gem-eyes), and that would create the beam, right?

Which implies that the beam is, in part, fueled by souls, correct?

If the above are true, I have a suggestion to test.
No. 17644 ID: 6164e0

That is correct, thought the Soulfire in this instance acts largely as a means to convert the power (kinetic) into a thermal displacement beam (freeze laser), to keep said power channeled through the Ageless Eyes of Winter to ensure proper amplification of the magic involved, and to keep said beam contained for minimum diffusion over distances. But yes, any blast from the Amaranthine Annihilator will as a byproduct of it’s function have tangential Soul energy in it.
No. 17645 ID: 275a5d

I see, and does the IG need soul energy, or entire souls for its tertiary effect?
No. 17646 ID: 275a5d

Beyond the 40/whatever soul cost it takes to make it.
No. 17647 ID: a594b9

Oh god could we make LASER GOLEMS!?
No. 17648 ID: 275a5d

I was thinking it would probably be more in tune with the effect of the laser, I.E. energy dispersion (or energy absorbtion, with Bagata the Inverter's affect).
No. 17649 ID: 75a29c

Combining soulfire breath with the inverted AA heat absorbing beam is now our most damaging attack I think. What happens when all of that omni-melting fire is SUCKED INTO SOMEONES BODY?
No. 17650 ID: a594b9

We still have yet to try shooting an Inferno Golem with the AA.

No. 17707 ID: 6164e0

At least one whole soul must be absorbed from the environment (the more the better), so the AA, in and of itself, would not trigger it, unless you could somehow include whole souls with the beam, or have them be absorbed simultaneously to absorbing the AA.
No. 17708 ID: f5dcf4

Gives a whole new meaning to a Baleful Gaze.
No. 17713 ID: 6164e0

And this is why creative combinations of existing abilities can frequently be more potent than grinding your way to power by hunting souls. So, what would the Inverted Amaranthine Annihilator targeted at someone surrounded by Soulfire be called as a combination maneuver?
No. 17714 ID: e31d52

We'll call it Baleful Gaze of The Dead.

Thanks Falcon. :3
No. 17715 ID: 6164e0

What with how the trick would be pretty much completely thermally based (with a side of SOUL), I would hope for some reference to heat or fire. Also, since the Amaranthine Annihilator is alliterative, I think it would be cool to preserve the naming convention.
No. 17718 ID: e31d52

Blazing Baleful (uhh....)Gaze of the Bereaved?
No. 17719 ID: e31d52

No. 17721 ID: 2aaaf1
File 127658273821.jpg - (22.57KB , 226x214 , oldspice_odor_blocker.jpg )

Hmm, maybe I can add to this combo... Since we have time stealing powers now I think this'll work:
-Charge up IG
-Hit target with primary IG function
-Target is slowed and the energy charge is delayed ever so slightly
-Send out Inferno Golem with our stolen speed
-Target is bearhugged by Inferno Golem and is surrounded by SOULFIRE and has to endure the pain for what will seem like an eternity to the poor bastard
-All the heat from the Inferno Golem and the IG charge is amplified instantly

No. 17724 ID: f8eb40

Endothermic Eradicator?
No. 17726 ID: a594b9

Oh my god. Soulfire+Inferno Golem+heatsuck beam = RIDICULOUS
Inverse Nova sounds right.

I like this name for the reverse-AA. EE!
No. 17727 ID: 275a5d

Well thats easy. The Immortal Genocide is capable of passively absorbing souls from the battlefield, a'la Soul Soldier(Standard). Just trigger that at the same time you trigger the AA into it.

Alternatively, if that doesn't work, you could always breath soulfire at the same moment you feed the AA in to the IG.

As for a name: Lets roll with one of the themes, hmm...emerald-green soulfire sucked into direct contact with a persons body via the annihilator...

How about calling it the Emerald Embrace?
No. 17728 ID: 275a5d

Or, to combine two suggestions: Emerald Eradicator, to dovetail with it's parent ability, Amaranthine Annihilator.
No. 17729 ID: e31d52





No. 17732 ID: f5dcf4
File 12766087371.jpg - (136.60KB , 900x1273 , 127508124490ee.jpg )

No. 17733 ID: f5dcf4

You know, I just can't imagine a person SO BADASS that we need to use this. If we can't kill him with the AA alone, we are in some deep crap.
No. 17734 ID: 275a5d

Try thinking of a thing, not a person, then. Like the Grey Destroyer, the Rune Steel Golem of the Iron Shells. Or Castiliathen's Founders. Or the Steam Golem. Or consider: What if we need to use the AA without a full charge?

This kind of synergy could give the AA the same level of kick with a much lesser charge.
No. 17740 ID: b4c60d

Oh, yes. This brings up the fact that we need to use the AA soon. We haven't used with a low charge -ever-. We need to see just how powerful it is after a day's march.
No. 17742 ID: a594b9

Hey, I've been thinking we could modify the AA so that whenever we fire it it uses half the current stored charge. So it'd still be powerful, but we could use it more than once in a fight. Several times in fact, before it gets weak.
No. 17747 ID: b4c60d

You know, this makes me think. What other powers could we add together? Even if it's very unlikely.
No. 17757 ID: e771aa

Accelerator and spirit soldiers = Ghost Missile!
No. 17760 ID: 2aaaf1

What if we attached a really durable enemy to the palm of our siege fist via a replication of the chains of Gavrock, and proceeded to launch the foe forward with our accelerator power and then reeled him in and kept stealing speed from our opponent- would we be able to achive INFINITE SPEED? Well maybe not infinite, but maybe enough for us to cross short distances in milliseconds before the effect wore off?
No. 17765 ID: a594b9

We could toss AGC shells or razors with the accelerator... Would that wind up being faster than shooting them properly?
No. 17781 ID: e31d52

Consider: the Accelerator is a five-fingered hand.
Consider: Discs could be held between fingers
Query: if launched in this manner, would all the blades be affected, or just one?
No. 17789 ID: cfcb08

I had this Idea a while back but I keep forgetting to post it. We build a room a little ways away from the tower and do the full (on the walls and floor) inscription of the Spatial Distortion rune on it. It would be used as a training/sparring room. In there, people can fight for ages and not have to worry about destroying each other or anything else for that matter. Similar rooms could be built as storehouses to ensure food never spoils. Then we can put the illusionary runes that are on the tower on it to keep people guessing as to how we accomplished the effect.
Sorry if I seem to be abusing this rune, but its the only one I can remember that i know what it does.
On that note Bob (sorry for the work), I would like to request a list of all the runes we know and what we know about their abilities. At the very least the important ones. Seeing as we haven't read the book yet I don't expect to see the ones in there, but I'm gonna ask about that when we've read it.
No. 17790 ID: b4c60d

Ok, putting this on my list of things to do. I'm gonna reread the old threads and put together a major character list. I'll do this too, and a 'plot thread' list too.
No. 17791 ID: cfcb08

No. 17846 ID: 5c49ed

It sucks that we can't mover around so much anymore. We will need some skilled and trusted overseers for our holdings so that we may move about the world without worry for our belongings. I want Arkus to be our traveling partner, but we may just have to leave him and Derkin in charge of the outpost. Hmm, we need some other capable tacticians to be there in case Derkin has to leave. Good thing we have been training some.

So here is my suggestion. We stay in the Arcanoworks for a while and give out new orders, wait for Ulzrick to learn how to Dream-speak with JoJo and the like, then we return to Mordreden to show our face and see what is happening there , show off out military and such, leaving Arkus and Derkin in charge as Generals and Ulzrick, Ellorika and Vespinto as CO's.
In the event that Derkin has to leave, Ulzrick would take charge of tactics/strategy, Ellorika would be the 'on the field commander', and Vespinto would handle subterfuge/espionage in the field. I'll let Derkin handle the specifics, this ain't advance wars.

Arkus' order list would look something like:

- !!PRIORITY!! - Work on long range, hand held communication devices. At the very least he must have working devices that allow communication up to a mile away. If we get attacks when Derkin is not around to be main leader, our CO's need to be in constant communication.

-!Priority!- Find out how to produce more Morphic fluid.

-Create a new Giant sword for Mordre with the enchantments on the large sword we 'rescued' from the guy in the Blood cloak.

-Work on replicating the Blood Toga's and cloak(Priority in this case is the cloak).

-Have a few Skyfall Cannons created and set them up on the walls such that there are at least 2 at each entrance to the Arcanoworks, also have enough spare cannons that if half of the functioning ones were destroyed, they could be immediately replaced.

-Balance the time you spend reading the book of runes, we do not want you to burn out.

-See to it that the CO's are taught how to read.

-Stay alive.

-Get to know Jezebel, seriously do it.(I would put priority on this too but ill let him work his way in)

For Derkin: Stay cool man. "Keep the military sharp. I expect to see a marked improvement in them when I return"

Before you leave, send a runner to Del Roga to tell him that Uggroth's armour was damaged and that you will be by soon to see him. He is a busy man, but you got Marks and rubies. It's likely only gonna be 1 hours work judging by his speed last time.

I might be forgetting stuff... hope I remember before we leave, that is, if my suggestion is taken.
No. 17869 ID: 903f16

We need to create a list of preparations to make before entering the Aurockoth, The God Of Blades, The Reaper Made Flesh, The Living Sword, The Soul Grave Slayer mega boss fight.

I suggest we achieve full blood iron saturation and turn Wootz Steel into the Blootz Steel Alloy. As it stands we're at [Total Blood Iron Saturation: 28,882/30,00], we only require a mere 1,118 until full transformation. Wootz steel is effectively Blue Steel quality metal, hardy, but not exactly optimal. Blootz Steel is probably at least one grade higher, and we'll need as much protection as we can get in the fight.

We'll also need to consider bringing all our valuable equipment to use in this fight. Breaking out several of the blood-togas, hand-cannons, balboa's magical healing elixirs, Jezebels inventions, the skyfall cannon, and others would be a good start.

Then there's the question of where we could acquire more infantry. We always have our elite team of Premen, but that strikes me as quite a small force to send against a legend. We may want to petition the Blue Knight as ally, if we can word it correctly and make it clear we're bringing all our forces to bear then he may just join us. The militia protecting our keep may also be an avenue we'd need to explore, though I'd rather not, as it would be tantamount to sending pigs to a slaughter. The state is an option too, though very unlikely, we may need their help. The most unlikely option of all however, is Dulu. Dulu would likely be our greatest ally in this situation though, so we may just need him.
No. 17874 ID: b4c60d

I really hope we're not going to yet. If we do fight him we're going to loose men. There is no way we're gonna use infantry against this monster. Special Forces only - and even then it should be the people who might stand a chance - Dulu, BANG, Keddic, and us are the only ones I can think of. Maybe Lord Dregas. Anyone else would die, pitifully.

We can not just run up to Mordreden after sending two caravans so quickly together. We can not undermine Lorgk or Delro authority. Anyway, we have a builder and a shaman - who we really should be using, or at least teaching - who will be bringing ideas back to our glorious capital.

Anyway, we still have to many important things in the state to deal with: Dulu the Golemslayer, Golemslain and Golemformed; Aurockoth, The God Of Blades, The Reaper Made Flesh, The Living Sword, The Soul Grave Slayer;
Archmage Weinsho, Hero of the War, Soulmage Supreme, Golembuilder; becoming the Caeser of a State embroiled in civil war that we have sworn our services to, Finding Alexander Armstrong and Sam Vimes and trying to convert them to our cause and what, a thousand other things I can't think of?

Anyway, for a Arkus-to-do-list:

Arkus' order list would look something like:

> !!PRIORITY!! - Work on long range, hand held communication devices. At the very least he must have working devices that allow communication up to a mile away. If we get attacks when Derkin is not around to be main leader, our CO's need to be in constant communication.

This is important, but something I think we should get from

>!Priority!- Find out how to produce more Morphic fluid.

No, not yet. We aren't using much of it, and we have more important things to do.

-*NEW*!Priority! Find out what is in the box. This should not just be an Arkus project, but everyone should try - as long as the answer isn't 'break the box'.

>Create a new Giant sword for Mordre with the enchantments on the large sword we 'rescued' from the guy in the Blood cloak.

Why do we need a new giant sword? Arkus should just work on translating the Runes and finding out how they interact.

>Work on replicating the Blood Toga's and cloak(!Priority! in this case is the cloak).

Agreed, but I doubt Arkus can manage this. This is Blood Magic. Have Keddic attempt it.

>Have a few Skyfall Cannons created and set them up on the walls such that there are at least 2 at each entrance to the Arcanoworks, also have enough spare cannons that if half of the functioning ones were destroyed, they could be immediately replaced.

Agreed, but low priority. We don't have that much metal yet, lets not let our reach exceed our means. But, when we can produce more, we need to get several wrapped up for Mordreden and the Blue Knight

>Balance the time you spend reading the book of runes, we do not want you to burn out.

Oh, no. That's have of Arkus Charm. His driven determination! Burn yourself out, young Arkus! Burn that wisdom into your soul!

>See to it that the CO's are taught how to read.

Er, if they don't know already. And, along these lines, see if there's a way to test for magic potential - or at least get a few 'workmen' going for you, Arkus. People you can order around to work on item testing and crafting

>Stay alive.

Unless you've discovered Lichdom, golem-immortality, or general awesome-afterdeath-coolness

-Get to know Jezebel, seriously do it.(I would put priority on this too but ill let him work his way in)

-Begin training with any magical capable person in the outpost to increase your magical knowledge. Get Keddic, the Shaman, Jojo, and anyone else that has a inkling to start working not just on a unified magical language, but working past Combat/Arcane magic, and Soul/Blood/Will/World/Word divide. Just start pooling knowledge to start expanding in strange new directions.

-Train under any magically inclined person to get better at whatever you don't know. Jojo knows Will and souldreaming, Keddic knows combat magic, just learn everything you can.
No. 17875 ID: 5c49ed

Oh right, before I forget again, we should ask Arkus to etch the Lightning symbols from the sword on a few of our rounds. I envision SUPER VOLTAIC BEAM type rounds.... +hammer.

I don't really think we should even be considering facing Aurockoth at this point. If worst comes to worst,we run like bitches. We need a good amount of powerful forces before we think of backing up Keddic. For one, the descriptions were of impossibly huge swords made of blood, Keddic can only manage 20 feet and he is prety potent. It also says that an entire battalion of troops was destroyed before they left marching formation. Not even we could do that, even if we were cloaked until we struck... maybe with our new heat bomb, but that is a considerable expenditure of resources on our part, a once-per-week kind of thing, it seem that that kind of stuff is typical for Aurockoth. DEFINITELY need more magical skill, and the Premen power armour.
No. 17876 ID: 0a8e03

if we have to fight Aurockoth we should try to drag as many of our enemys into the cross fire as we can. so ethier the core being or wiensho's outposts.
No. 17884 ID: 5c49ed

Heeeeey, what wrong with him getting to know Jezebel, I think it would be a good experience for both of them. We don't want Jez to feel alone here and Arkus could benefit from her knowledge/insight.

And I'm pretty sure that the CO's cant read, else they would have been in Arkus' magic group rather than Derkin's fighting group.
No. 17887 ID: b4c60d

Welp, I don't like Jezebel terribly much - yeah, I should try and stop disliking her I just don't like her character myself. Anyway! Arkus shouldn't get to know Jezebel because 'get to know' means 'talk outside of work', which I don't know why they would. Hell, Keddic and Arkus should get to know each other first or the smartest 'worker' under Arkus.

Buuuut that's just me.
No. 17889 ID: 445c48

We should take a look at the runebooks we gave arkus, flip through them, hand them back, and go through it in our head at night.
No. 17911 ID: b4c60d

Actually, I think we should start studying under Arkus and Jojo. Start learning so when we, say, eat another mage, instead of starting from level one we get a boost to an already low level power.
No. 17915 ID: 5c49ed

Yep, that's the plan.
No. 17930 ID: 6164e0


--KNOW NO FEAR: No matter what situation or circumstances Bang is placed in, he will never be made to hesitate due to facing a more potent foe, or be subject to fear-based illusory or otherwise magical attacks. This also has the byproduct of making him reckless to the point of insanity when faced with excessively more potent foes, as nothing will make him feel cautious.
--BLOOD THAT BURNS FURIOUSLY: Bang will, in general, flourish when pushed, as his personality is conducive to maintaining focus (and thus control of magic) even as situations grow more hectic/he becomes more enthused with a fight. This has the side effect of making it increasingly difficult to convince him to withdraw from a fight as it progresses.
--Rapidfire Combat Magic: Bang, rather than working to put more any more power into any given ability, has specialized into placing energy as quickly and precisely as possible. This is what allows him to rapidly heal from wounds, by constantly repairing them even as they happen to minimize how much energy it takes to sustain himself, or otherwise undo damages to his body, as well as to constantly employ muscle recruitment (boosted moderately beyond human limits) without his body breaking: He repairs it as it breaks faster than it can degrade.
--Body Runes: Magnum bang’s body is covered in tattoos and ritualistic scarring, as well as carved into his bones (all of them, from teeth to femurs to his skull) with one single function: Enhancing the rate at which he regenerates magical stamina. Without this, he could measure the time he could fight at his normal pace in the seconds, rather than in minutes.
--MAGNUM SCARF: Bang bears only one magic item: A scarf that he can store potential magic in, under certain restrictions: He cannot store general magical energy, only magic already designated towards a specific focus (I.E. magic devoted to repairing broken bones, or re-knitting split flesh, etc.) The scarf, coupled with his body running, pushes his operating time at full throttle (assuming the scarf is fully charged) into the range of twenty minutes. To fully charge the scarf take approximately one day.


--War-born mind: Jezebel specializes in implements of war as her preferred medium for creating new inventions, leaving more peace-oriented, utilitarian devices to be crafted by others.
--Tongue of the Viper: Jezebel refuses to curtail her behavior to be courteous to someone unless she genuinely believes the individual is deserving of it (People on this list currently: Gavrock, Gialgorra). Likewise, she does not take well to orders, but this also means that she is highly resistant to interrogation (even if it means it results in her torture and eventual death).
--Thundering Water specialist: Jezebel’s specialization towards implements in war has coalesced into an affinity for inventions involving electricity and/or water, and she will be more capable at crafting devices oriented around this focus.
--Poor origins: Jezebel came from a family with little in the way of funds, and clawed her way up to becoming an inventor. As such, she is highly independent, but evidences a soft spot for the poor, especially children.


--Blue Knight’s Favored child: Valiria grew up wanting for nothing, her father (and eventually her little brother) all too happy to provide anything she wanted. She has grown averse to this treatment, but is not fully cognizant of how pervasively her own views on the world have been impacted by her pampered upbringing. She has difficulty relating to those who lacked similar resources growing up, but excels at navigating higher social circles.
--Wild Child: Valiria desires to prove herself capable of managing her own life, and eschews any further aid from her family. As this is a relatively recent decision, it is unclear how this will play out.
--Chained Sword: Valiria’s weapon has enchantments in it allowing anything she strikes with her sword to slowly become wreathed in chains with each blow, which she can anchor to anything she desires. This allows her to perform excellently in a support role, or to capture foes.
--Pampered life: Dame Valiria, while well-versed in tactics, leadership, and swordplay, has had little opportunity to push her limits, and currently reacts adversely to being forced to struggle.


--Money Magnate: Having grown up in a noble family with depleted funds thanks to poor choices by predecessors, Donwick demonstrates a keen eye towards business dealings, and can hold his own against most merchants.
--Seeking Silicanthos: Donwick has a great affinity for his destroyed family golem, Silicanthos, and would have unending gratitude should it be restored to him.
--Veteran Golem Operator: Donwick has decades of experience commanding golems and acting as a golem operator in multiple battles, and is quite adept at assessing golem’s capabilities, both those he uses and those he observes.
--Non-leader: As part of a minor and impoverished noble house, Dregas has almost no experience leading beyond advising, and does not do well when forced into a leadership position for anything requiring quick, decisive choices.

Keddic won’t get a new statblock until he can finish Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism (Mordre can suggest other new things to him if he so desires, though this would further delay his statblock, even if it could hve the end result of a more capable Keddic,), and Dulu’s statblock must be unlocked with FANART of Dulu the Small Tomb.

I think that’s everyone…
No. 17931 ID: b4c60d

Oh, thank you thank you thank you! Erm...what about our crazy warrior guy, and the two other leader units? And it might be easy/hard, but...what are the upgrades for Ugrokk and Oggroth because of their armor?
No. 17933 ID: 5c49ed
File 127689296260.jpg - (62.30KB , 306x406 , watch-shaman-king-episodes-online-english-sub-thum.jpg )

I just found out what Mordre needs to do. Picture this. Oversoul - OZMAND THE HAMMER!

Its a good thing I though of this too, I almost forgot some of last nights revelations. Seeing as we have two soul in our eyes now, shouldn't a soul Nexus form?
No. 17934 ID: 5c49ed

Thanks Bob.
No. 17935 ID: 6164e0


Others hopefully tomorrow, no promises.
No. 17936 ID: b4c60d

No, it's magic in the souls, not the souls themselves.
No. 17937 ID: b4c60d

Oh, don't worry about it. Just remind you, like the helpful player I am. Now, if I had -any- artskill, we would be locking Dulu right now...
No. 17938 ID: b4c60d

No, that wouldn't be our oversoul. Our Oversoul would be this freakish mutant of every hero soul we've eaten.
No. 17939 ID: 5c49ed

With a giant Hammer.
No. 17943 ID: b4c60d

when I have more time, I'll do a rundown of what it'll look like - figuring out how many souls we've eating is goanna be hard.

Oh, and Bob? Could we also get an upgraded Mordre stat-line? We got so much in the Land of the Dragon, I'm kinda confused now.
No. 17944 ID: 5c49ed

I have a few fanart ideas in my head, but Im not patient enough to take advantage of it.
No. 17945 ID: e01928

>Dulu’s statblock must be unlocked with FANART of Dulu the Small Tomb.

alright, i'll work on this, since i'm bad at coming up with ideas.
No. 17947 ID: b4c60d

I just remembered: We already had a Dulu Statblock when we killed him. He's gotten a new one? Awesome!
No. 17948 ID: d3dfb8

Maybe the fight between Dulu and Keddic?
No. 17975 ID: e01928
File 127693182067.png - (6.91MB , 1699x2204 , dulu.png )

alright here it is, hope it doesn't disappoint.

also, is it just me or is anyone else thinking it might be possible to get dulu to join us? or at the very least go against his master?
No. 17977 ID: f4e4f9
File 127693308434.jpg - (802.52KB , 2333x2594 , GolemforgedDuluConcept.jpg )

My attempt at a Dulu concept, Standard form.

I'll try another of his 8 armed formed in the near future.
No. 17978 ID: e31d52

>is it just me or is anyone else thinking it might be possible to get dulu to join us? or at the very least go against his master?

He was at one point, I think, stated to be some sort of for-hire, if not a merc. I suggested calling him in for Aurockth for his expertise, and possibly to kill him, but... A mutual truce might be a good idea. He doesn't seem like the sort that likes Weinsho's methods, preferring straight-forward combat like many Premen are wont to do.

To be blunt?

No. 17986 ID: f4e4f9


Several Characters have traits listed that would "cement their loyalty", so to speak. Does each character have soemthing like this, and could it, simply put, be considered a form of 'safe point' at which it is safe for them to find out Mordre's secret without them potentially turning on him?
No. 17987 ID: a594b9

Oh my god you guys, please change the image size before uploading!
No. 17990 ID: f4e4f9

No. 17997 ID: b4c60d

Double unlock? Lucky Seven? Bob...I think I'm going to be very happy when you reply.
No. 17999 ID: 6bf637


No. 18000 ID: 6bf637

I am jealous of your art skills. Very much so. I am going to go and struggle over muscular bodies in peace.
No. 18011 ID: 6164e0

>>327775 [777]
>>327777 [7777]

--Premen Priorities: As a half-Premen raised amongst a Premen warband, Dulu respects strength, those who eschew deceit, and forthright combat. Further, it is anathema to Dulu to break his word, and he can become enraged if someone breaks their word when it concerns him.
--Heroic Awareness: Dulu has focused most of his pursuit of magic into improving his perceptions, deducing that as a Golemslayer, avoiding an attack is the optimal method of response, and that to do so he must perceive the attack as swiftly as possible. Since his death and subsequent housing in a Small Tomb forged of Morphic Steel, he is able to take greater advantage of his pre-cognitive ability to detect threats to his person, and has expanded it to include reading future openings in a foe’s guard, allowing for both supernatural evasion and supernatural accuracy with blows, managing to slip into openings in one’s defenses the moment they appear. As his new form is much more flexible and durable alike, an exorbitant amount of powerful attacks would need to be directed his way at radical speeds to successfully deny him the ability to evade, and melee combat is advisable only for the most masterful of groups of fighters experienced at working in tandem to cover each others openings.
--Extensive Golem Experience: Dulu has been hunting golems of alls sorts for a decade, and has destroyed or rendered inoperable more than five hundred golems of all sorts. As such, he is much less likely to lose focus, become hesitant or be surprised by the capabilities of any (normal or otherwise) clay, wood or stone golem, and his new exitence as a Sapient Small Tomb has expanded that to include Small tombs as well. Only Soul Graves and Life golems can still surprise him, but between his personal experiences and Weinsho’s observations, The Soul Grave Mordre is largely understood by him, and would have considerable difficulty surprising Dulu with any ability ever before used in the warring states (which includes Duras and the Azelhaedran State.
--Magically Armed: Dulu is able to absorb any magic short of Soul magic upon contact with his form (or his cleavers/staff, should they be gripped) and using the power absorbed to fuel the proliferation of Morphic Steel in his form, fueling the creation of up to six new arms beyond his default pair: Any energy absorbed beyond the amount required to form and sustain a full eight total arms is converted into thermal energy, and will slowly render his form more and more flexible, with the side effects of making his able to melt most or ignite conventional materials on contact, as well as making him much more visible due to the heat released. This ability does have limits worked into it, such that a sufficiently massive amount of non-Soul magic could, after forming the additional limbs, eventually heat his form past the melting point for Morphic Steel, but the amounts required to do this would likely take hundreds of mages directing a concerted effort to do so.
--Weinsho’s Cold Right Hand: As Mordre has grown in importance in the eyes of Weinsho, Dulu’s employer and the one who housed his soul in this new from, Dulu has risen in importance to Weinsho, now effectively his lieutenant. However, Dulu’s preference for face-to-face confrontations, preferably on even ground, does not mesh with Weinsho’s preference to stack the odds in his favor: Dulu tires of serving Weinsho, but is unsure how he could ever escape such service, as Weinsho promised him that he could unmake Dulu as easily as he forged his new form.
--Directed Grudge: As the only golem Dulu has failed to destroy after accepting a contract, as well as the one to slay him, Dulu holds both hatred and respect for Mordre, and strongly desires a chance to once more face the Soul Grave squarely in single combat: Under Weinsho’s service, this is unlikely to occur.

Ellorika and Vespinto will have to wait. (No changes to the traits of Ugrokk and Oggroth (they were already competent fighters, only learning combat magic/training under someone more talented than they with a similar fighting style would yield direct physical changes), but their abilities have been expanded, as follows (as in adding to their existing statblocks):

Oggroth the Mountain:
--Implacable charge: While armored and riding his mount, Hairy Steaks, Oggroth can only be brought to a halt by bedrock or magical means against his will: Barred doors and gates, no matter how sturdy, will fall before him. Likewise, Oggroth’s mount is sufficiently large and durable that it can trample infantry and conventional cavalry alike.
--Doban Style Expanded: With the ownership of a new hammer, enchanted and chained to his massive wrecking ball, Oggroth can effectively function as the firing mechanism for a repeat cannon bombardment, but must be on foot and properly braced to do so. The kinetic force placed in his wrecking ball when struck by the hammer rather than thrown is sufficient to smash through walls and crumple metal.
--Durability expanded: With heavy plate to go along with his already hardy hide and durable form, Oggroth can withstand gunfire, non-magical cannon-fire and conventional weapons directed his way with little to no harm.

--Metal stealth: Thanks to the function of his enchanted armor, Ugrokk can become invisible when wearing his armor, at the cost of constantly lowering the tempurature of his armor while the ability is sustained. When deactivated, the armor releases all the light and heat it has been negating, and commensurately heats the armor. Currently, Ugrokk can maintain invisibility for an hour before the cold induces (and the heat that follows deactivation) becomes a health risk. The light, upon release, can be used to blind any near him, but will not impact Ugrokk’s vision.
--Gavrock’s Holdout: With one of the Chained Twins of Gavrock, complete with a morphic shell coupled to it’s chain, Ugrokk possesses a concealable, repeat use piece of artillery, capable of turning him into a mobile artillery platform.

--The voices, THE VOICES: As a functioning schizophrenic, Ulzrick hears voices that he does not perceive as originating from himself, but he maintains enough clarity of mind to not have the difficulty sorting external stimuli that frequently accompanies his condition. However, a byporduct is that he can, when under player control, directly hear the posts of players, and likewise perceives them as he does other ‘voices’ However, unlike voices he generates himself, posters CAN induce sensory overload with excessive divergent comments and suggestions.
--Souldreaming Apprentice: Ulzrick is learning Souldreaming from Jojo, and currently can jump into the dreams of those willing to let him in that he knows with some regularity, and can unmake wounds by making them figments of his imagination and drawing them out of reality. Thus far he has had no success at ‘riding’ dreams to move his body, and has not yet been shown how to do other acts with Souldreaming until he gains more competency in the two fields he has yet had success with.
--Will Magnet: As someone with an inherent disposition to Will magic, Ulzrick has begun to learn some rudimentary Magnetomancy from Mordre, and can move the pins in locks, turn doorknobs, or levitate a few pounds of metal with sufficient anchors. Anything more taxing than this drains him too quickly to currently be viable.
--Flexible in Body and Mind: As a result of his years wrestling and dealing with the voices he perceives, Ulzrick is both mentally and physically flexible, able to contort his body and dislocate joints with ease, and can adapt to changing situations more swiftly tha would normally be possible. A byproduct of his mental flexibility is difficulty maintaining long-term focus.
--To Find a True Home: Ulzrick has never felt at home anywhere since his brother Ozrick left some years ago to seek his fortune, and longs to find a place where he is accepted unconditionally, as all prior times he has admitted to hearing voices he has been ostracized by those he spoke to. Before Trepany, he lived in two separate villages to the East, and was forced to flee from the suspicious glares thrown his way.

Okay then.
No. 18020 ID: 45be60

I am getting tired of people fawning over the prospect of getting a mount. It was a silly, amusing idea to think about, but unlike most other "upgrade" ideas, I have no desire to see it happen ever.

There. I have vented.
No. 18022 ID: db9547

I kinda agree. Maybe at some point, but not a high priority at all.
No. 18023 ID: 6c9368

Especially if the mount is a pony. If I'm a death-dealing warmachine, I want to be riding, at the very least, a dragon or something equally awesome.
No. 18026 ID: b4c60d

>...something equally awesome.
Like a pony. With autoturrets in it's legs, and can transform into a rocket pack with hyper-punch modules.
No. 18044 ID: 1dc3a9


No. 18051 ID: 6164e0

Like a Metallic Rhino-Lion (Complete with a mane made of whips and a Lortoxite horn or something similar) amalgamation construct with giant cannons anchors to each flank that dwarf even the Anti-Golem Cannon and Black Steel fangs/claws for festering, decaying wounds, and maybe some sort of molten metal breath/projectile vomit attack fueled by consuming metal from the battlefield and superheating it for later expulsion, as well as a shit-ton of hand-cannons worked into it's sides around the two supercannons for broadside attacks like a ship to anything attempting to flank it, and some Sable Executioner-esque prehensile blade tail? Something like that?
No. 18052 ID: b4c60d

Yes, but as a pony.
No. 18054 ID: 0a8e03

>Ulzrick has never felt at home anywhere since his brother Ozrick left some years ago to seek his fortune.

Didnt we meet a Ozrick some time ago? i might be thinking of someone with a similar name.
No. 18055 ID: 6164e0

That is correct. Ozrick, current leader of the disciples of Ozmand (the soul now in the Anti-Golem Cannon) is Ulzrick's brother. He also parted ways with Mordre with a promise to one day repay Mordre for all the aid he gave them, especially in the wake of their prior leader's death.
No. 18058 ID: 6164e0

--Edge Attuned: Vespinto has prodigal talents at employing any edged weapon he can heft, and at worst is considered competent, at best masterful, with any bladed weapon (or improvised bladed weapon) he employs. He eschews the use of non-bladed weapons, largely due to the fact his affinity for bladed weapons is innate, and when using any non-bladed weapon, he has to manually think of how to employ it, drastically reducing his combat effectiveness. This ability has, under Derkin’s tutelage, grown to include comprehension of the weighting and balance of bladed weapons for the purposes of employing them as throwing weapons.
--Bloody Dedication: While Vespinto is able to keep a calm head at most times, any time he is rendered wounded when in combat and using a bladed weapon, he will feel it a personal challenge to his ability to fight, and become embroiled in whatever contest resulted in him being wounded. Without someone else present to moderate this behavior, he will continue to fight until either he or the one that wounded him is dead. This trait will not activate if he is not armed with a bladed weapon.
--Piercing gaze: Vespinto has tremendously capable short-range vision, and can register nearly anything that is conventionally visible (even if in his peripherals) so long as it is within ten feet of his personage. Beyond this range his vision functions as normal.
--Lust for prestige: Vespinto seeks to become a noble through military exploits, so that he can start his own noble house through the strength of his own accomplishments, and will pursue any path that he feels could better lead him to this goal.

--Iron Lungs: Ellorika can bellow orders with the best of them, and can maintain a measured respiration rate up until the point of collapse from exhaustion, thanks to overdeveloped lungs. This has a byporduct of giving her peak natural stamina at all times she is conscious, and allows her to hold her breath for prolonged periods, up to ten minutes if not exerting herself, and a full minute if engaging in exertion.
--Lead From the Front: Ellorika is more than passing headstrong and brave, and when in command of any force, prefers to lead from the front, both to lead by example, and to stay as up to date as possible about changing conditions on the battlefield.
--Frank Interactions: Ellorika is brusque and to the point, even when blunt words can land her in hot water.
--A Worthy Companion: Ellorika, nearly thirty years old, has rejected all previously suggested matches in Trepany, refusing to couple with anyone she deems a lesser to herself: With her considerable physical abilities, penchant to lead and excessively direct interaction methods, this excluded everyone willing to court her. She seeks someone she could genuinely call her better as the only type of person worthy of being her match.

I think that’s everyone except Mordre.
No. 18068 ID: d3dfb8

I love you Bob.
>She seeks someone she could genuinely call her better as the only type of person worthy of being her match.
>I think that’s everyone except Mordre.
Boum chica wow wow?
No. 18072 ID: b4c60d

And Keddic, and Bang, and...well, hopefully Arkus.
No. 18074 ID: b5d55f

Keddic/Ellorika OTP!

ok back to being serious, i had an idea for the waterlogged mine we wanted to claim in the future. If we made a disk of metal, put it over the entrance, then put a bunch of dirt/rocks over that, we could make people think it caved in after being filled with water, and people would think it too dangerous and leave it be for us to claim it whenever we got the chance/resources to.
No. 18076 ID: d3dfb8

>This ability does have limits worked into it, such that a sufficiently massive amount of non-Soul magic could, after forming the additional limbs, eventually heat his form past the melting point for Morphic Steel, but the amounts required to do this would likely take hundreds of mages directing a concerted effort to do so.
Well then it's a good thing we have the willpower of thousands on top of the soul nexus. I'd still like a more comprehensive knowledge of blood magic before we take on Dulu magically. If we head up to the premen mountains and feast on a few of their mages souls we should be able to use our blood iron as a potential power source for our spells.
No. 18084 ID: fcd1ff

Ok...I just read your response to the sentience/sapience debate...and I'm confused why you ever decided to bring it up.

Are you really going to bring in-game consequences against the PC for some poor word choice? If you aren't, why bring the distinction up? You knew what we meant. It's part of a DM's job to interpret what the PC's want if the point is of minor significance. Were you merely trying to educate us?

On the other hand, if you are going to provide in-game punishment for our precise word selection....All I will do is remind you that for many people the distinction between sapience/sentience/self-awareness is essentially zero...Are we really going to be punished for some anonymous person's diction?

Basically, I'm just confused at your actions. You have been a great DM so far, but I cannot comprehend why you have chosen to single out this issue with such vehemence...aside from the possibility of nerd-rage? If it merely was a teaching moment, why the all-caps?
No. 18085 ID: d3dfb8