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File 127537144510.jpg - (91.96KB , 900x638 , Keddic Harksburton.jpg )
186331 No. 186331 ID: d1210a

[ First Thread: http://www3.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/83524.html ]
[ Second Thread: http://www3.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/142119.html ]
[ Third Thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/156884.html ]
[ Fourth Thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/177882.html ]

[ Discussion Thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/316616.html ]



I hired some five wagons, each with a pair of horses to pull them, along with drivers for each. Miss Jezebel has been fiddling with some components in the wagon second from the back, and has thankfully kept her viperish tongue in check. Honestly, I sometimes find myself wondering why Mordre chose to hire her... and then I see a particularly brutal murder machine of her crafting, and recant my doubts. Lord Donwick Dregas, still contentedly sitting in the upturned hand of the clay golem Geodiaz, brings up the rear of our caravan, as I take point, leading us across the landscape. Despite our slow going, we make consistent progress... which is something of a problem right now. Our path originally brought us through the Cursed lands of the fallen Mosmordren Empire.... and our hired drivers seem more than slightly reluctant to press on.

"Look, we had no issue passing through on out way here, why would there be trouble now?"
>"This land is not only cursed in a definable manner, but was also the home of the Mosmordren Empire. No way am I going in there."
"But the curse was placed more than a decade ago, by now it's potency has faded greatly."
>"Doesn't matter, what you paid us isn't nearly enough for stuff like that."

I sigh at this comment, as the caravan already cost 120 marks to set up, leaving me with 353 marks of the 473 Mordre handed to me. I must admit, I was a bit surprised at how hard the bargaining was back in town... and now I find myself disappointed in the quality of the work I hired, and I begin to wonder if this reticence is genuine, or simply part of an attempt to squeeze more money out of us.

What should I say or do?
[ALSO: First three posters, ROLL A 1d20 IN YOUR POST. These first three rolls will be needed for the next update.]
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No. 186332 ID: 275a5d

rolled 4 = 4


Keddic? Die? Surely you jest.
No. 186333 ID: e31d52

rolled 5 = 5



No. 186340 ID: 1ac39d

rolled 20 = 20

No. 186343 ID: e31d52

No. 186344 ID: db42d1

Hell yeah, nat-twenty. That's good, right?
No. 186345 ID: 275a5d

On that note, I suggest saying:

"Well, if your going to be such fear-mongers, then let me put your fears at bay: IF we come under attack that genuinely threatens you, that is to say, that I or Geodiaz here cannot handle unarmed, we will pay you all an additional 25 marks.

If not, you accept that your panicking was unfounded, and settle on the agreed upon price."
No. 186347 ID: db42d1

Anyway, how long would it take us to go around and how long would it take us to go through?
No. 186349 ID: c00244

Damn, for 120 marks one would think that we'd have been able to buy ourselves five wagons and ten horses, not merely rent them and a pack of recalcitrant rampallians. Apparently Mordre isn't the only terrible bargainer around here.

Berate them into pressing forward. You've already paid an exorbitant sum for their services.
No. 186350 ID: db42d1

I must admit I love the '4, 5, NAT TWENTY' rolling. I hope we didn't break something before glueing it togeather witha wesome.
No. 186352 ID: e31d52

Remember: ixnay on the entiencesay, guys.
No. 186355 ID: d3dfb8

No. 186361 ID: d1210a
File 127537303019.jpg - (30.08KB , 960x768 , Random Encounter 12.jpg )

To go around would add at least another two days to our travel. Considering we would be lucky to make it back to the Arcanoworks in three more days, this kind of delay is rather outrageous.

"Well, if you're going to be such fear-mongers, then let me put your fears at bay: IF we come under attack that genuinely threatens you, that is to say, that I or Geodiaz there, under Dregas' command cannot handle unarmed, we will pay you all an additional 25 marks."
>"Yeah, that SOUNDS nice... but what if you run into something that gets you killed? What's your promise of money worth then?"
"What horn-swaggle! I find the very notion of us randomly running into such a thing to be preposterous!"
>"Yeah, then why does no one go into the Cursed ruins?"
"Bah, your assertions are inaccurate! I myself have traveled through the cursed lands unmolested several times! Now, do you accept that your panicking was unfounded?"
>"Well, I don't know...."
"Come now, what's the worst that could happen?"

[first two rolls: 4, 5 both rolls: <10, <7, <6]
Despite the time being early in the morning, with the sun still shining bright in the immediate aftermath of dawn.... the light all about us simply vanishes, the whole world seeming to plunge into perfect darkness.

[NATURAL 20, >10, >15, >18, =20]
But as the darkness settles, leading to shouts of alarm from drivers and screams of fear from the horses, I find myself insulated, my instinctual use of Will and Blood magic to initiate the Way of the Harksburton fighting style insulating me from the brunt of this attack... which I note to most certainly be magical in nature. With the vision that remains to me, I perceive a lone figure walking through the murky shadows now pervading the landscape, casually hefting a knife as he paces ever closer, a scant twenty feet away.....

What should I do?
No. 186364 ID: 1ac39d

obviously, we fight.
No. 186365 ID: a594b9

Act like you still can't see, and just when he's about to strike, THEN YOU PUNCH HIS FACE IN.
No. 186366 ID: b14128

Kill him, obviously.

Oh, yes, we need something more detailed than that. Hrmm... Perhaps pretend the magic has affected you as much as it has everyone else, lure it in, and then attack it, to take it by surprise?
No. 186368 ID: e31d52

hahahah this.
No. 186371 ID: d3dfb8

No. 186374 ID: 275a5d

No. 186396 ID: a594b9

Oh, we should probably make sure there isn't more than one of them. It would suck if we waited to make our move and it turned out a few more were stabbing our dudes.
No. 186399 ID: 427807

Dulu!? maybe? I doubt it...

this seems good enough. keep your sense open, though, to make sure no one is going to suddenly appear from behind
No. 186427 ID: 2aaaf1

"Ho-ho! This is a rarety, never before have I witnessed things being darkest AFTER dawn. Never fear my friends; for I, Sir Keddic Harksburton, happen to be a master of navigation! Even in the poorest of visibilities, my innate sense of direction never fails me! This trait has descended to me from a long line of ancestors in the Harksburton family, known and revered for their legendary tracking skills! Why, even th-[Death threat from Jezebel to shut our trap] uh, yes Miss Jezebel. I will... um try to tone down my voice to an appropriate level. Heh heh. *get stabbed by mysterious man* *under breath* Oh boy, you're kiiling me aleady... yep definitely- Oh. You're actually TRYING to kill me! Not the smartest course of action, traveller, but nonetheless a welcome change for once."
No. 186444 ID: 275a5d

>*get stabbed by mysterious man* *under breath* Oh boy, you're kiiling me aleady... yep definitely- Oh. You're actually TRYING to kill me! Not the smartest course of action, traveller, but nonetheless a welcome change for once."

This is the only problem I have with the above post.

Keddic wouldn't be able to know WHO was doing the stabbing, let alone that there was someone else present, and I'd prefer not to get stabbed at all. Who knows what could be on those knives.
No. 186539 ID: 26939f

I agree with this otherwise I like the Ham-ness in your original actions.
No. 186547 ID: 150a16

First make sure the caravan is all right. See if the golem Geodiaz can navigate this darkness and then confront this stranger. Radiate as much strength and confidence as possible! A Harksburton stands strong!

"Keep the horses under control, ladies and gentlemen. There's no need to panic. Dregas why don't you get Geodiaz ready to keep the caravan safe and sound?"

Look around briefly for other dangers or assailants and get ready to sucker punch this knife wielder before disarming him quickly. He is almost unmistakably part of this magic attack so Keddic can ask questions later.
No. 186548 ID: 32b103


Anyway, I agree with >>186444
No. 186551 ID: 32b103

Re-posting this here for ease and relevance. Hope yall don't mind

Sir Keddic Harksburton The 4th's Traits and Abilities:
--Heir to the 'Way of Harksburton':
Keddic is the fourth inheritor of the form of combat magic passed down from the founder of the Harksburton line, a magic that is a closely guarded family secret in terms of how it is achieved, fusing Will and Blood magic fuel sources to create a combat magic that has several Arcane traits. To date, no one outside the Harksburton line has learned the Way. Each heir to the style is expected to contribute some meaningful improvement to the style before they can continue the family line.
--Wanderlust Addict:
Keddic is obsessed with exploring and adventure, and goes out of his way to see strange and exotic sights. Has spent several years in the Land of Dragons, far to the south, and gained a basic understanding of their own form of combat magic, one that focuses around the concepts of manipulating mass and the perceived connections between all things.
--Student of The Lined One:
During his travels in the Land of Dragons, Keddic met a native combat magic practitioner who was willing to teach him the fundamentals of Mass Connection, the general name for the form of combat magic they practice. Keddic adapted several theories into the Way of Harksburton, but his training was incomplete: His instructor was a wanted man, and Keddic was forced to flee the Land of Dragons after being labeled an accomplice. He assures everyone it must be some misunderstanding.
--Fight-Addict With Gentlemanly Tendencies:
Keddic is obsessed with the struggle of battle, and actively seeks out areas of conflict in the hopes of finding good opponents to further hone the Way of Harksburton against, as well as finding simple joy in the course of a hotly contested fight. Outside of conflict, he carries himself with the confidence of one born to wealth and respect, and endeavors to stay a cordial individual.
--Harksburton Vendetta:
The Harksburton line has an oath of revenge that they are honor bound to pursue if given the chance, against a humanoid Life Golem by the name of Aurockoth, who not only has slain three scions of the Harksburton line, but more importantly has also stolen glory and accolades that rightfully belonged to the Harksburton line. The Life Golem's location is unknown, and descriptions vague, but the family nonetheless holds hope of one day paying back their grudge.
No. 186564 ID: d1210a
File 127541468532.jpg - (48.72KB , 501x798 , Harksburton Blade.jpg )

I decide to act the same as the others, and act as if I cannot perceive this shadowed threat that has stolen sight from the others with this oppressive cloud of shadow. I keep my eyes stretched wide as if sightless, waiting as the individual begins to close distance.

Just in case, I sweep my faux-blind gaze about our murky surroundings.... and find no less than a dozen individuals, all clad identically, clutching a knife in their right hand as they slowly march towards us. ..Strange, I could have sworn that when the darkness fell, the ONLY visible newcomer was the one directly before us barring our path. As I consider what this could mean, I note that the first of these strangers still marches largely towards me, while the rest of dozen still encircle our caravan, simply waiting. I hear the nervous cries of the drivers, and call out to them in an attempt to calm them, all while keeping my gaze sweeping back and forth across the dimly visible approaching stranger.

"Ho-ho! This is a rarity, to witness things being darkest AFTER dawn.
Never fear; for I, Sir Keddic Harksburton the 4th, happen to be a master of navigation!
Even in the poorest of visibilities, my innate sense of direction never fails me!
This trait has descended to me from a long line of ancestors in the Harksburton family,
Known and revered for their legendary tracking skills across the decades!
Why, even th-"
"Quite right miss Jezebel! ACTION is what is called for here!"

[+2 HAM points. Total HAM points: 038 Amount required for next reward: 050]

At this point I notice the stranger approaching me is now some twenty feet distant... and comes to a stop, hefting his foot-long blade as I feel magic gather about him. I ready myself to employ the Way of the Harksburton art, to protect my body with blood as strong as steel, while likewise preparing my fist for the upcoming smiting I wish to dispense. ...And I note the stranger and all eleven of his copycats simultaneously recoil as I begin pooling magic. ...What, they're ALL magic sensing types? Well isn't that just great. Still, they don't know I can see them yet, and even if there are several of them, at that distance their knives couldn't possibly-

The one standing before me flicks his knife, and the unnatural pall of darkness laying over the area seems to catch on his blade, a whip made of a shadowed void, an absence of light cracking forth, wire-thin, barely discernible in this darkness. I manage to sidestep it, unsure if I was able to pass my dodge off as me simply wandering about erratically-

-And here a cry behind me, whirling about to see the roof of the lead caravan sliced off as well as shaving some metal from several goods stored within the wagon, along with the driver's upper torso and the top of one horses' head, the severed pieces falling to the ground without a whisper. The surviving horse panics, but cannot pull the wagon it is still hitched to alone, and so it simply panics in place, rearing up and screaming.

I see the eleven other strangers likewise hefting their knives, as the one who attacked earlier mutters some new words, power gathering about himself once more as he readies his knife, still twenty feet distant. For my part, I am ready to go into full battle mode on a moment's notice, and I could likely charge swiftly enough to reach any one or two of these assailants.... but with all readying themselves to attack, I am not sure what to do. When I look to the rear of the caravan, I see Donwick, his eyes screwed shut, haltingly guiding Geodiaz, seeking targets in the darkness that robbed him of sight, some sixty feet back at the end of the caravan, while Jezebel, occupying one of the middle wagons, is only twenty five feet distant from me.

I consider my options:
-Once I fully activate the Way of the Harksburtons, I should be able to leap in excess of forty feet without issue, and my blood will transition from simply reducing damage done to me to actively ensnaring whatever comes into contact with it.
-To gather enough of the winding way (That which I learned from the Lined One in the Land Of Dragons) about myself to strike with the force to unmake life takes me at least half a second, and even somone without magic sensing abilities will be able to discern my location easily if I use it.
-I can gather energy of the winding way about my sword, for a decidedly different effect. The Harksburton Blade I carry, The Proud Lion can displace gathered energy into the environs, and I have learned that the winding way, when channeled through my sword as part of the Way of the Harksburtons, allows me to trade locations with any other living creature possessing a soul within thirty feet of me, at the cost of winding me moderately.
-If I am willing to expend energy at an exorbitant rate, I can actively use my blood as prehensile, fluid whips and tendrils, with a collective range of twenty feet (could be one twenty foot tendril, ten two foot tendrils, or anything in between). While they are still as hard as steel and acceptably sharp, I count the amount of time I can sustain this kind of attack in the seconds.

What should I do?
No. 186565 ID: a2b6ce


i cant quite recall but does Keddic have a pistol? one would be rather useful in yjis situation.
No. 186567 ID: d1210a

[Nope, You guys had Mordre hold onto them to bring back to the Arcanoworks faster.]
No. 186568 ID: 275a5d

Interesting. Gather yourself up, and pull an immediate turn towards the fellow who's actually ATTACKING. Leap.

If he attempts to swat at you with that shadowblade thing, try this particularly nasty trick: Swap places with him using your sword's ability. See how he likes his own little attack.
No. 186571 ID: 275a5d

ADDENDUM TO MY PREVIOUS POST: If you're truly worried about hte others attacking, do the plan, but first step so that the opposing group is directly behind you.

Though I suspect some illusory nonsense like that darkness is at play here, ESPECIALLY since you only mentioned sensing power gathering in the one individual, despite ALL of them looking like they're going to attack. Better safe then sorry, either way.
No. 186578 ID: 26939f

Fully activate the Way of the Harksburtons on them and go kung fu on these yahoos. Attack back and forth if possible. Like furthest and closest back and forth to keep them off guard and wondering where to go. I'm guessing they are not as powerful as you or they'd sense that you're the one powering up.
No. 186579 ID: 32b103

I have a feeling that those others are simply mirrors of the one you see before you. Beings made of magic, to emulate the actions of their creator, these would be most useful during ambushes or escapes...

In any case, I suggest that you activate the Way of the Harksburtons and turn your back to the one in front of you and dash towards one of the others whilst appearing to head for the caravan, then when you feel that the energy is about to be released, switch places with the one that was in front of you (now behind you) using the ability mentioned earlier then put all your strength into dashing from your new position to strike the that one in the back of the neck. Watch out for counters.
No. 186583 ID: 8d6929

Tell your party to take cover
No. 186584 ID: 150a16

Jump 30 feet up above the enemy, swap places in midair and hit them with a full power winding way rising uppercut as they fall down!

However we're best off savig this type of move until we've determined the abilities of our enemy. He seems to have some kind of delayed mirror clone thing going so close range quickly and try to keep him from throwing more knives at the caravan! If he throws at Keddic then just swap places at the last second.
No. 186605 ID: e30176

Actually, It occurs to me taht we might want top give up one element of surprise for another, considering that we have a bunch of helpless people with us.

"Hey you blokes over there, don't think that I cant see you. Your petty little tricks don't work on me! If its a fight your looking for, how about you come over here."
While saying this activate The Way of Harksburton and prepare to avoid all attacks. We can save the body switching ability for any opportune moment. Also if you decide to use the body switching move, use it on the first one, the one in front of you. As I said before, I assume those things are magical constructs and as such lack souls.
No. 186615 ID: 275a5d

Why give up surprise when we can leap 40 feet right now and surprise them?
No. 186616 ID: 26939f

Because if you notice that thing on the Harksburtons being gentlemanly and everything it does sound more like him to reveal that he knows who is what and that he's a better target than the others.
No. 186617 ID: 26939f

Yes this means I've changed my mind about what I said earlier. Keddic is a gentleman and would probably rather slap them/him in the face with a glove and let them/him know he's there rather than massacring them/him outright.
No. 186623 ID: a594b9

Jesus christ. ALERT EVERYONE TO THEIR LOCATIONS. In any way possible. Like, maybe they can see you so you can direct everyone via pointing or something. Or just say how far away they are from the caravan.
No. 186625 ID: 26939f

It seems to me they are in a trance and unable to move, therefore he's the only one who'll be able to act.
No. 186635 ID: d1210a

I think of many things, ways to covertly and efficiently take out our assailants, ways to minimize risk.... and I find it so boring. Where is the fire, where is the chivalry, WHERE IS THE PASSION!? I shan't stand for it. I round on the one that struck, and point an accusatory finger towards his form, peering straight through this supernatural darkness to affix my unwavering gaze on my foe.

""You sneaky vagabonds, you opportunistic scoundrels, what insanity is this!?!? You blokes over there, don't think that I can't see you! Your petty little tricks don't work on me!Now come then, all of you, let's have a proper go at it, unless your honor is complete twaddle, your parentage of questionable worth, and your very SOULS lack fire!! COME IF YOU DARE, AND FACE THE FOURTH HEIR OF THE HARKSBURTON LINE!!"

As I cry out my challenge, drawing the eyes of each of the identical assailants (possibly replicas or copies of the original, if my guess is correct), my Will surges through my body... and into my blood, the two fuels intertwining, harmonizing, and forming a greater whole than the sum of their parts. It is the secret of my family I wield, that which let combat magic practitioners stay potent even after the ban on Soul magic. My blood becomes as steel, sub-dermal armor preventing all but the most grievous of attacks from getting any deeper than a layer of skin, my nerves sing as the crackle with amplified potency, time slowing ever so slightly, as veins pulse, muscles heave, and hairs stand on end. As I flood my body with magic, I consider... that this is the only true way to feel alive.

While keeping wary of the new attention directed my way, and staying ready to react to any new threat, I call out to the rest of the caravan, informing them of our predicament, and the fact we are surrounded. I see blind eyes casting about, seeking the origin of my voice, and know myself to be the only one amongst our number capable of sight. Still, they heard my warning, and I see people scrabbling, hands glued to the wagons, to get under cover. Lord Dregas, for his part, responds somewhat differently.

"I can't see, but I can hear you! If you can see, direct me, swiftly!"

I note the lengthy reach Geodiaz has between arm and club, and note two of the total dozen assailants... are within it's immediate reach, the opposed end of the trap we are caught in. I consider trying to shout orders back to Donwick-

To find a full dozen places where the supernatural shadows gather, forming up on the blades of each attacker, before being flicked forth, the inky tendrils whipping forth to rend me asunder.

I direct my attention towards my sword, now likewise charge in both Blood and Will magic, the same as the rest of my form.... and direct the powers of the winding way, an aspect of Mass Connection magic I learned down south from the Lined One into my sword, while casting forth, and selecting the original assailant to likewise be ensnared. I trigger the intertwined magics connecting us to my sword, and the world explodes into chaos to my senses, as our two forms are transposed. I get the satisfaction of seeing the tendrils they sent to slay me fly straight at his form, too little time to avoi-

The wires of solid shadow simply merge with the assailant's form, and while he drops to a knee to steady himself, I neither see nor sense any genuine injury to his personage. Wonderful, these ruffians have some degree of competency with their craft, enough so that friendly fire is not such a threat. I feel I must upgrade our assailants into full-blown Mages... exciting!

The mages assailing us are still adapting to the abrupt switch I pulled, and so I have perhaps a half second before they respond to my trick, with the nearest of these mages some ten feet away, on my left and right both.

What should I say or do?
[Also, if you have back-story questions for Keddic, go for it, ask him questions in your posts and he'll mentally ruminate. Be forewarned that TOO many questions could distract him from the fight, so pace yourselves. Or don't.]
No. 186637 ID: e31d52

These foes are nothing compared to Aurockoth. Lose against them, and you will never find that golem. I know you don't want that, Keddic. Use the clay golem to destroy the other ghouls, and tell Jezebel to use her lightning gun, even if it's straight up. The bright flash might overpower the supernatural darkness!
No. 186638 ID: a594b9

Full-blown mages... did Mordre ever tell Keddick that he needed intact skins?

The sword is pretty long. Try hitting both dudes with it.
No. 186639 ID: e30176

They like whips eh? and that other one is just 20 feet away from you eh? How about a blood whip then, eh?
No. 186640 ID: 445c48

No, dad, no!
No. 186661 ID: d1210a

I heave the Proud Lion into motion, becoming a whirling dervish as I send my blade careening forth, seeking the flesh of the nearest mages. My breathing is somewhat erratic as my body is still stabilizing from having transposed itself with my foe's form, but the blade bights into flesh without issue, bisecting both of the nearby targets as I leap forth....

And their forms disintegrate into shadow, as the one that took my place rises, the dispersed shadows of those I struck down flowing into his form, massing about his form as if armoring him in the absence of light. I note the figure of their presumed leader grow more indistinct in my eyes, harder to track with the additional forces he has absorbed. Hm.

With the range still appropriate, I decide to kick the Way of the Harksburton into overdrive, and after swiftly drawing the Proud Lion across my palm, I thrust forth my now bleeding hand, magic surging as a tendril of blood leaps from my hand, seeking the heart of the main mage of this assault. As my own attack stretches forth, I see the remaining nine other mages once more readying their knives as shadow wells near their keen edges.... their attention returned to the caravans. Blast. Even worse, the one I strive to pierce with my impromptu blood-based attack flickers, and reappears several feet further away, my attack not able to reach him... as he too turns back to the caravan. With my blood extended like this, I cannot empower myself as ably as normal, I shall not be able to protect the others-

-And thoughts of Aurockoth fill my mind, the monster, the man turned into a living mass of blades that has haunted my family... and of how he would laugh, to see a scion of the Harksburton line falter in the face of such an attack. He would laugh at my predicament, he would mock me for being unable to protect these people..... he would view me as unworthy of cleansing my family name of the taint he bestowed.


The tendril of blood, still poised at the extent of it's range, straining to close the remaining distance to my relocated target, surges forth as I disregard the ramifications, pouring more and more of my blood out into the shadowed battleground, the lance formed of my blood leaping the remaining distance to the mage armored in solid shadow as I shout commands to Dregas.

"Dregas, on either side and in range, strike swiftly!"

Even as I see Donwick responding by sending Geodiaz into a vicious spin, the club simply smashing one of the mages into nothing while hurtling onwards towards the other, I cry out another command... to Jezebel.

"Miss Jezebel, if anything you have can make light, now would be the time!"

For once, I hear no biting retort, instead I see her running her hands over the contents of the wagon she sits on as Geodiaz smashes the second mage in range into paste, before Jezebel draws forth a staff with dozens of crimson charge packs installed along it's length, screws her eyes shut, and presses a button while thrusting the staff skyward. I have a brief instant before her invention triggers to note that the mages Geodiaz smashed did not release shadows on death, as the two I slew a moment ago did.

For a brief moment, the supernatural darkness is dispelled, as a light both pure and stark blankets everything as power surges through Jezebel's creation, the charge packs swiftly burning themselves out. In this moment of illumination, I note that none of the mages still surrounding our caravan cast shadows of their own, and all recoil from the intense light, the massed shadows about their blades nullified as their concentration slips.

I also manage to thrust my spear of blood through the shadow-armored mage's gut, lifting him from the ground with the force of my attack, his feet dangling as he hangs helpless from my spear forged of my own blood... though I see him reaching a hand towards a pocket-

-Even as the brief moment of illumination passes, the darkness returning as the last of the charge packs is burnt through.

....I also note that a rather large amount of my blood is outside of my body, and I am rather swiftly starting to feel rather off....

What should I do, and should I shout out any other orders to other members of the caravan?
No. 186663 ID: e31d52


Anything is nice. Torches, lanterns, anything, fire, don't care, LIGHT THAT SHIT UP

Also, tell Jezebel she has permission to use the TWINS OF GAVROCK should she find them and line up a shot. As for yourself, PULL THAT FUCKER CLOSE AND SEVER HIS ARM BEFORE HE GETS WHAT'S IN HIS POCKET.
No. 186667 ID: 2aaaf1

Use a little more blood to create barbs on the end of the spear, just enough to ensure he doesn't slide off. Immediately retract your spear and pull the shadow armored mage towards you. Tell Dregas to have Giodiaz strike where our voice is. Punch the mage to disorient him, then fling him at the oncoming club. Recollect all the blood we can into our body, rest for a moment. Move to engage the next closest attacker.
No. 186670 ID: 275a5d



No. 186673 ID: e31d52

Wait wait I can make it better

No. 186674 ID: 275a5d

Once he's dead, we must preserve our stamina...



Go for the multi-kill c-c-c-COMBO!
No. 186678 ID: 275a5d

Also, Suggesting we name the extended range blood lance:

No. 186684 ID: d1210a
File 127546033897.jpg - (232.62KB , 500x500 , Bloody Feast Of The Lion.jpg )

[Name appropriated, and now made canon.]

[...Which sadly does not make the Twins Of Gavrock magically jump from Mordre's possession to the caravan]

"Jezebel, any more light you can make would be appreciated! The rest of you, torches, candles, use whatever you can but make LIGHT, and do it swiftly!"

With my orders sinking in and everyone in sight aligned with me now scrabbling in search of sources of light, I turn my attention back to my impaled foe.

I sprout spikes from the end of my spear of blood, further embedding it in my foe... who oddly shows no pain as I drive my barbs ever deeper, preparing to forcefully reel him in. Instead, I see the shadow armor about his form sinking into his flesh as he starts to pull his hand free from his pocket.

Grinning wildly in the darkness at how hectic this fight has thus far been, I pull taut my cord of blood anchored to my foe, reeling him as I set my arms back, muscles straining as I hurl my sword forth, intent on decapitating my foe before they ever reach me. The sword, arcing through the air as it spins with vicious speed and lethality, slices through the mage's neck, parting their head from their body. For a brief moment, I see a smile spreading on their free-floating head as the mage's hand fully exits the pocket, clutching some fell device. Impalement and decapitation seem insufficient to end this foe.


But my attack is not done. As I reel my foe in closer, I whip his body about, sharpening the edges of my lance of blood as I use it to cleave through another mage, slicing him in twain at the hip. As more blood becomes available, I drive some of the spikes penetrating the mage's body father and farther through his form, until tendrils of my blood explode from the veins in the mage's neck, lashing out to adhere to the handle of Lion's Pride....

And swing the sword about, bisecting the approaching mage while flicking the sword past the separating halves of the mage's form, to slam back into my grip as the last of my blood slithers back into my body.... the mage's headless and now bisected form still flying at me. I almost laugh as I once more swing my sword, complementing my earlier vertical slash with a horizontal slice, and the quartered and headless body of the mage flies past me, limp hands falling away from whatever had been drawn from it's pocket.

....Now THIS is how you have a proper fight!

I see one of the remaining six mages still surrounding our group stagger, raising his hands to his head as the other five, recovered from the earlier surge of light, once more begin gathering shadows about their daggers as they turn to attack the caravan. As of yet, no one has managed to produce a lit torch or other source of light, and Dregas is once more calling out for orders. I note that only three of the remaining six mages are within forty feet of myself, while Dregas would need to move his golem forward at least another ten feet to be able to reach another foe. I also note I feel much better with my blood safely back within my veins... but between the transposition and this attack, I have been draining my own magic reserves rather quickly....

What should I say or do?
[And again, any questions for Keddic, now would be the time, as after this Keddic-oriented segment ends, it could be a long time until your next chance to pick his brain directly like this.]
No. 186687 ID: e31d52

I have but one question for you.


Rather, What Would Mordre Do?

ORDER THAT MINION! Direct him as best you can while you move to engage as best as possible!
No. 186692 ID: a594b9

That device could be dangerous. Better... uh... do something about it.

Leap at the three mages near you and give them a taste of your blade. That one that's clutching its head should be an easy target.
No. 186698 ID: 2aaaf1

Run directly into their line of fire, and place yourself where the five attacks would intersect. If you can your mass connection technique to switch places with the mage clutching his head, do so. If he's out of range, then just switch with the closest attacker.
No. 186700 ID: 427807

We should halt on using too much magic for the moment, as we are running low on reserves. Instead, let us do as Mordre does and begin with the slicing!
No. 186701 ID: 275a5d


I ask you, why would only ONE of the six remaining mages stagger in the face of his allies destruction?






Show him that a Harksburton is not to be ignored!
No. 186702 ID: 1ac39d

i agree. the staggered one must have something add effecting him.
No. 186704 ID: e31d52

Pfft. It's obvious. Would you create a construct that has your own frailties? Strike at that one, the one who reels. He commands these creatures, clearly.
No. 186805 ID: 9ce60c

Questions for Keddic:
What is your opinion of Mordre? Have you ever felt that there is something he's not telling you?

On Jezebel - You've hinted that she reminds you of your sister. Is that an endearing or annoying trait? Also is any of your family likely to show up? Do you miss them?
No. 186806 ID: e31d52

>What is your opinion of Mordre? Have you ever felt that there is something he's not telling you?
Shhhh! SHHHHH!
No. 186813 ID: b4c60d



What would Mordre do? Line up three, Anti-Golem Revolver and then AA the shadow hidden jerks.
No. 186814 ID: b4c60d

Why would we think he's hiding something. And why would we think on anything but our respect for that mage while we are engaging in such a noble brawl? Maybe how he would react, yes, or how that Jezebel woman reminds us of our sister and if that grating annoyance is endearing or not as she is actually lending a hand to such a fight, but let us not become distract, Keddic! REMEMBER! A Harksburton must be AWARE OF HIS SURROUNDINGS AND THE ACTIONS OF HIS OPPONENTS! NOT THE POINTLESS MUSINGS OF A PHILOSOPHER!
No. 186862 ID: 427807

theres a difference between combat magic and arcane magic. combat magic, which is what keddic uses, only affects himself and those things he touches. arcane magic effects only the surroundings. thus, throwing the sword while trying to keep a connection is beyond what keddic can currently do.

I really hope you are right on this. If not, we should continue to yell to jezebel to get some damned lights up. It seems like these mages (or this mage) gains power from darkness
No. 186890 ID: d1210a
File 12755109856.jpg - (149.58KB , 278x380 , Sanguine Maelstrom.jpg )

I have found Mordre to be a rather engaging individual to tag along with, he has a propensity to attract violence of delightful quality, and it seems very unlikely he will be seeing peace about the Azelhaedran State for quite some time, as the State still has misgivings about him, and the Mercenary force to the south, along with the mage to the north of his Arcanoworks, both in possession of multiple outposts, shall likely have issue with the removal of Lord Barcho, as it foretells threats coming against them. Then there is the issue of a Core Being to be dealt with, the fantastical creature, Moss, that Mordre found... for one fond of adventure and excitement, I could hardly ask for more. And certainly I feel there are things he is not telling me, what gentleman doesn't have a skeleton in the closet or two, things that do not make for proper conversation, and all that! Thoughts of the riveting nature of service alongside Mordre oddly bring me to think of my sister Kyalora, who never really approved of my 'gallivanting' as she called it, and would promptly... inform me of this every time I have returned home to the family estate in Castilathen. Honestly, I swear her impertinent and cutting tongue is why she is still unwed after all these years... which reminds me of my late wife....

I shake the thoughts from my head as I focus on the battle at hand.

There is no point where the attacks would all intersect, they appear to be aiming for maximal spread of damage rather than concentration. With their targets split so, I cannot employ the Winding Way of Mass Connection through the Proud Line to so easily circumvent their attack.

"Dregas, charge forward, either side in range! Wide swings!"

As I see Donwick, still blindly shouting orders to Geodiaz, nod as he beckons forth, I sweep my gaze across our camp, and give a final shout before leaping into action.


As I leap forth into battle, I thankfully note the drivers (minus the one slain earlier) have all managed to get out some lanterns and torches, and work to light them. Jezebel pulls forth a bulb of glass filled with wire, and jams a charge pack into the metal assembly beneath it, as light starts to spring up about the caravan, even as tendrils of darkness lance out. The harsh light of Jezebel's creation, already starting to dim but still the brightest light in sight, simply disintegrates the solid wires of shadow as they quest for her flesh, and her wagon escapes harm. The driver of one wagon managed to light a torch and a lantern, and though the tendrils quest close enough he flinches away, the to simply fade away before they can reach him.

The other wagons do not fare as well. Most only managed to get a single light lit, and in their sputtering light, the tendrils of solid shadow manage to snake about, and lash deep cuts into the drivers who cry out in pain at the onslaught.

The final driver did not manage to get a light up swiftly enough, and the unmolested tendril of shadow cleaves him in twain, the horses screaming as gore spills onto them, starting to bolt. Drat.

I belatedly realize I did not cry out the name of my prior attack, and make a mental note to amend such behavior, as I let blood flow from the gash in my hand to coat the Proud Lion in scarlet, a thick layer completely enveloping the whole of the blade.... even as I direct my Will, the power of my Blood, the drive of my soul to empowering the blade itself, imbuing it with the force of unmaking, the unraveling of life. I pour more and more power into my blade even as I intensify the bond with the blood on my blade, still connected to the gash in my hand and through it my beating heart, as I see the staggered mage, the one I leapt at, gather about himself armor made of shadow, the same as the one I struck down earlier. I smirk as I harden the blood about the edge of my Proud Lion while condensing the power in the weapon itself towards it's edge, shattering the roiling shield of shadow as if it were as intangible as it's mundane equivalent. I see the pinpoints of light I presume are the eyes of this darkness cloaked mage widen in surprise as I roar forth the name of my incoming attack, declaring my will to live and triumph over any challenge that comes my way.


As the blood coated sword slides into my foe, I trigger both sustained magics, the blade vibrating with unearthly speed and force to shake apart my foe, even while I guide my blood to ride the shock-waves.


The mage literally explodes, torn apart from the inside in the blink of an eye at the endlessly writhing and expanding spikes and blades of blood dancing about the blade, shredding his form so finely he outright disintegrates into a mist of dispersed blood and gore, swirling about the crimson blades of blood dancing about the length of the Proud Lion.

An excellent exchange.

As I finally land on the ground, feeling my leap was packed with far too many events I tracked to have lasted but a second, I withdraw my blood back into my body as swiftly as possible as I take a deep breath, whirling about as I hear another grunt. I see the nearest of the identical mages to the object the first had dropped from his pocket dropping to his knees as if in agony...

As his hand shoots out and grasps the ominous object on the ground, and cries out some Words.


The shadows, which had been wavering as the number of mages about us dropped, abruptly rebound, the range of each existing light source throughout the caravan dwindling as the darkness intensifies-

And the mages once more number twelve, the new members simply fading into existence, likewise identical to the others. Two of their forms dissolve and blur to the grounded mage, still clutching the object, and as they flow into him his own form distorts, blinking away to take up a distant position some hundred or so feet away, going cross-legged as he stops... and the shadows about him deepen further, as the nine other mages, (now eight, as Geodiaz's lumbering pace means it finally strikes down the nearest mage) once more begin gathering shadow about their blades. I note that the new arrivals have manifested once more surrounding the caravan, with about half of their number within forty feet of me, but spread out enough I am unlikely to catch multiple in a single swing of a sword. Ah, a CHALLENGE!!

What should I do?
[And further questions]
No. 186893 ID: 1ac39d

we need to get the item and, regrettably, cleave it in twain.
No. 186896 ID: 706990

I believe we have to destroy that damn object somehow, maybe it's the thing keeping them alive.

Keep Jezebel doing light flashes. Keep attentive which of the mages casts shadow, he could be the one controlling them all (or did we already kill someone like that?)

Dammit, we are swiftly losing caravan riders, now we'll never convince them to travel further (if any survive). We are at cursed lands, yes? I guess the Premen town should not be too far off. What would you think if, after the battle, we order the rest to make a camp in a safe place while Keddic turns up his speed to level 11, travels to Premen village for support? It would be hard to communicate though (maybe they also started to learn human speech, but I doubt that), we'd have to use sign language and make them sure that we are ally of Modre, then some of the shamans could soulspeak with Jojo to relay information better....

Anyway, Keddic, what have prompted you to leave your home land, family and relatives for the life of adventure? I can see that you had a wife, rest her soul in peace, did something tragic happen?

Also, tell us more about HARKSBURTONs and the land you come from. Do you guys govern your country ? Do you have any ongoing feuds or wars?
No. 186902 ID: b4c60d




No. 186904 ID: 32b103

Lets see how badass your reflexes are Keddic. Throw the sword at one so as to make him try to guard or avoid the attack, then switch places with him and grab your sword. Spin to increase force and then saw-blade throw it through the others, put a little curve in it so you can catch as much as possible.
No. 186905 ID: b4c60d

No. 186906 ID: 706990

Does Jezebel have any exploding weapons like grenades? Maybe she can make use of them if we direct her.
No. 186907 ID: b4c60d

No. 186910 ID: 275a5d


HE'S BODY JUMPING! The clever bastard is body jumping! Oh, what a crafty foe. That item is the key behind it, of that I have no doubts.


CALL OUT TO DREGAS: I NEED A LIFT! GET READY TO THROW ON MY MARK TO YOUR <insert direction of mage relative to Geodiaz>!



No. 186924 ID: a594b9

Destroy that device!
No. 186936 ID: 2aaaf1

Quickly, get onto one of the caravans. Make sure none of our allies are in the way while we attack. Gather your blood about the handle of the Proud Lion, use the sword to extend the reach of your blood tentacle and strike at each of the shadowy mages in turn. Rend the limbs from as many of them as you can manage. Remember Keddic, YOU are the ringleader here, and these fools will dance to your tune now!

No. 186943 ID: c00244

We could destroy it, but considering that it seems they have to touch it, it might be equally effective to simply seize the item. And then later possibly study it and make it our own.

Or not. Whichever, really.
No. 186944 ID: 275a5d

I'm just worried about further casualties. As it is, we could probably use Geodiaz to continue hauling, but if we suffer any more deaths, we're in a situation.

Personally, I'd rather not risk it.
No. 186951 ID: 32b103

Oh right. I forgot to mention this but your greatest asset now is Geodiaz. I have a feeling that his club has some serious runes of destruction on it in varying forms judging from how the shadow beings reacted when hit and from that guys soul being eradicated. If you can somehow get him to keep attacking then your golden.

Other than that, If you decide to get in the caravan to defend, ask Jez to give you a lightning gun (preferably a pistol type)and use that to attack the guy.
No. 186962 ID: d1210a

I left my homeland because of idleness and boredom. After Mosmordre fell and Castiliathen took position as the resident superpower nation, it became distressingly boring, no one willing to challenge us, and with that spark of vitality lost, my interest in Castiliathen and military service therein dwindled, and I decided to invoke the right of the Harksburton heir to seek out a new way to improve the Way of the Harksburton fighting style, and take my leave, seeking out challenges on my own. As a member of one of the Warrior Houses, those raised to nobility for their martial prowess and dedication to Castiliathen, entitling us to receive magical and alchemical augmentations to allow us to better serve, my request to seek a means to 'improve myself' was easily approved. Keddic the 3rd, my father, had little issue with my leave, as his own father,Keddic the 2nd, was constantly hounding him that ever since Soul magic became a crime, the Way of the Harksburton has grown weak. It was practically because of my grandfather that the rest of the family has had almost no issue with my infrequent visits, grandfather only concerned with seeing strength return to the family. With the tricks I picked up in the Land of Dragons, this use of the winding way, a subset of Mass Connection that allows me to swap position with anyone in range as well as connect the fierce vibrations I can incur within the Proud Lion to each and every fiber of a struck foe's body. This principle is actually what has allowed me to improve the unarmed offensive abilities of the Way of the Harksburton without the need to rely too heavily on our knowledge of Blood based combat magic. It is thanks to the winding way that I can cause those I strike when properly infused to crumble, as I invert the winding way (and through it, Mass Connection) to disconnect all about my foe upon impact, causing their body to simply fall apart. ....But still, this as well as the current Way of the Harksburton is still not enough, either to show I improved the art... or to let me reach Aurockoth. Even when Soul magic was part of our fighting style, before the ban, Aurockoth was a monster among monsters, having slain the founder of my family line, the original Keddic Harksburton, quite possibly the greatest combat magic practitioner and warrior to have ever fought for Castilathen. ....My wife had passed during the war, succumbing to a plague that spread briefly in Castilathen, when the war against the Mosmordren empire was still beginning. Now that the war is over, Castilathen is peaceful and bereft of disease.... and as it is bereft of both excitement and my departed wife, it no longer holds appeal.

[If I am reading what you post correctly, you want Keddic to try to manipulate the blood spilled about this battlefield. Seeing as Keddic is NOT an Arcane mage, just well-versed in Combat Magic, he can ONLY control his own body... and own blood. And if you are suggesting some sort of omnidirectional attack with Keddic's own blood.... you seem to have neglected taking into account how much blood Keddic has or needs in his body (There is a reason for the rough limit of twenty feet for extruding blood), which would also mean this could not work, unless your did individual attacks sequentially, which would be considerably more time consuming.]

I heave my sword into motion, flinging it towards one of the nearby mages, who turns to ward off the incoming attack as I link my mass and his, and distort space to transpose our forms, snapping my spinning sword out of the air the moment the chaotic jumble of data assaulting my senses during the transposition clears, turning that momentum into a vicious arc as I leap from my new position, crying out my attack as the blade sings through the air.


The blade needs no magic to empower it as it slices through the neck of a mage, his body dissolving into smoky shadow that quickly retreats towards the distant figure of the meditating mage. I don't let my momentum stop as I leap again, continuing my advance along the flank of the caravan as I move towards Dregas. I slash at a second mage as I near him, but now warned to my presence he flickers in the murky pall and is now standing just outside of my reach, his whole attention focused on me. As the driver-less wagon with two horses still to it's name starts to trundle away, building speed as the horses strain to flee, I regret not having realized that as the only person able to see through this murk without the aid of new light sources meant that no one else has noticed the fleeing wagon, and I curse myself for being so stupid, even as I regretfully note myself nearly as distant from the runaway wagon as I am from the meditating mage. Speaking of him...

I note the shadows released when I slew the other of his number merging with the growing well of penultimate darkness building about the figure, slowly obscuring the mage from even my own sight. Thankfully, I also note Dregas managing to smash another mage to paste with his wild swings, no shadows escaping his form to join the meditating mage....

...An idea presents itself.

"Dregas, slow your golem, drop your club, and be ready to throw what gets in that hand forward and to the left!"

As Dregas brings Geodiaz to a halt, complying with my commands, I spare a quick glance back across the caravan. With only six mages still proximal to the caravan, and two of their number to dazed or distracted to properly cast, only four tendrils of shadow lance out towards the caravan. Thankfully, those that survived the last assault have not been idle, and have been lighting any and everything they can in an attempt to ward away harm with light... and it works. Despite the intensified shadow (which I note to have diminished again each time one of the mages is struck down), the redoubled illumination manages to push back the tendrils, and only two people even suffer wounds, neither immediately life threatening... one of them being Jezebel, who's dimming bulb of glass sports a smoking charge pack. I hear her hiss in pain as she scrabbles for another charge pack while I leap into Geodiaz' hand.


The ten foot long golem arm heaves me skyward as I spring from the hand, hurtling across scores of yards at breakneck speed.... and badly aimed, listing heavily to the left of my target, the meditating mage shrouded in growing darkness. But how to-


I let my grip on the Proud Lion slacken as I pour blood from my hand, attaching a sanguine cord to the hilt of my blade, and hurl it downward, at two mages about the caravan I am currently passing over. With a crack and hiss, the blade-tipped whip lashes out at breakneck speed.

[For future reference, this can be used to add a twenty foot length of blood connecting the Proud Lion to Keddic, increasing it's total range to 30 feet, counting the blade and arm length]

Thanks to my manipulation of my own blood to tweak the path of my strike, I manage to part the heads of both mages from their bodies, their forms dissolving to shadow as I reel the blade back in, this action having had the added bonus of correcting my flight path. Only four yet remain about the caravan, but all are preparing to attack the caravan again. I briefly make not I shall have to thank Oggroth for this human cannonball idea on return, as I finally get my hands back on the hilt of the Proud Lion, bringing it down in a vicious vertical cleave as I reach the shadow-obscured meditating mage-

To belatedly realize that not only can I not sense him within the cloud of absolute darkness, in fact I cannot even see through it any more. Where is my target!? ...Think rationally, Keddic, odds are fairly good he is still in the cloud, and judging from it's size.....


Should I aim to slice down the middle of the area devoid of light where I previously saw the mage manipulating the object, or should I veer my blade of to the left or right (The shadow cloud is big enough you aren't guaranteed to hit a humanoid within it)?
...And after my strike, what actions should I take?
No. 186964 ID: c00244

Middle. He was meditating, not dodging, last you looked, and the darkness has been growing steadily deeper for some time- how would be know that his presumed goal of obscuring your sight has finally been achieved?

In the even that you strike and miss, try for an all-around attack using your blood to extend your reach. Your target will still likely be within twenty feet or so.

If that fails as well, go back to where Jezebel was with all speed. She has the brightest light source, and there's no sense flailing about in the dark.
No. 186965 ID: d3dfb8

rolled 3 = 3

1 for left 2 for middle 3 for right.
No. 186973 ID: 706990

Can't we attack horizontally from right to left?

Anyway, Keddic, who's this Aurockoth person? I think you have mentioned him before.
Also, why is soul magic banned? Was too powerful? Do you know if any writings or studies are left of it?
No. 186975 ID: 275a5d

You are closer to him, which means you need not expend as much blood on keeping the blade attached to your own form.

Coat your blade Strike at the middle, noble warrior. Let not one more of our charges come to harm while we draw breath.


No. 186977 ID: e31d52

No. 186980 ID: a594b9

Well, we can retrieve the wagon after the battle's over. No worries. It will just delay us a bit.

Go for the middle of the cloud. He was sitting, so he shouldn't be moving.
No. 186983 ID: e31d52

Wait, we have the blood on our blade, right?


No. 186988 ID: 2aaaf1

If our opponent wishes to hide, we'll smoke the rat out. First, slam your palm against the flat of the Proud Lion's blade and activate the magics within. Use the vibration from your sword in conjunction with the Mass Connection, to mess with the mage's concentration. This will fool the mage into thinking you know exactly where he is and prompt him to evade, then you will have him.


After he reveals himself, target the object he holds exclusively. IGNORE THE MAGE, we can deal with him after halting his shadow based shenanigans.
No. 186989 ID: e31d52

>target the object he holds exclusively

this a million goddramed times.
No. 186993 ID: 716eb0


After you swing your sword, continue to hold down the A button to charge your energy as you step into the cloud. Once you are within the cloud, release the A button to release the secret technique of our ancestors (which happens to be spinning your sword around in a circle.) Be sure to go "HYAAAA!" There may be cool particle effects, and the cloud of darkness will almost certainly be dissipated, in addition to dealing double damage to anything caught in the swing.
No. 187000 ID: 427807

yes, seriously thousand. daresay a million times
No. 187002 ID: 275a5d

Will it work, though? We can't sense him.


And this sounds so cool, too...
No. 187005 ID: b4c60d





No. 187009 ID: 2aaaf1

The point of tremorseeker isn't to SENSE your opponent, it is to fool your opponent into thinking you can. The magics inside the Proud Lion allow the blade to vibrate hard enough to make a man EXPLODE. The Mass Connection technique's primary function allows us to switch places with an opponent. However, the Mass Connection technique is being used to amplify the vibration from the sword and spread it through the cloud. While we cannot see him, the mage will definitely feel the vibration and be forced to act upon instinct. However, upon moving to evade our feint, he will come face to face with a VERY PISSED OFF KEDDIC. He might even fumble the object while he's busy shitting himself and trying to blink away, which would make our job much easier.
No. 187035 ID: d1210a

[Nope. Keddic is still descending from a midair transit method, with the sword already aligned to the middle, the most he can do is veer it one way or the other before landing, so a diagonal slash, which would require veering one way then veering twice as hard in the other is unfeasible.]

Aurockoth, the Soul Grave killer, responsible for three of the six Soul Graves that were destroyed, two of them he struck down without support... He was once a man, long ago, a warrior from a rival house of warriors in Castiliathen. But as the rest of the world came to grasp the terror these weapons could bring down upon the foes of the empire, the decision was made amongst the growing alliance to make a Life Golem specifically designed to fight and obliterate Soul Graves. Aurockoth, formerly of house Cazterria, was nominated for the operation, to serve as the base of the Life Golem. One hundred and ninety three times, they fused Aurockoth's body and soul with those of other beings, his soul and flesh both warring for dominance against the newcomers. And one hundred and ninety three times, Aurockoth was able to assume control of each new boon of power grafted to his existence. One hundred and ninety three times, his body, mind and soul were tempered, until the man that was Aurockoth was no more, and monster garbed in his warped skin was left, a quintessence of violence and lethality. Aurockoth, The God Of Blades, The Reaper Made Flesh, The Living Sword, The Soul Grave Slayer is even now touted as being a shining example of what can be accomplished when the nations work together. ....They neglect to mention that in his 'reforging' Aurockoth discarded such things as attachment to his family, or concern for his fellow soldiers, and vanished some time after the war ended. He has been sighted dozens of times, always seeking out battle, as if his own existence demands he fight forevermore. Despite my desire to see him dead, both for slaying members of my family as 'collateral damage' as well as having stolen glory that belonged to those of my family, I admit to having a profound respect for his strength.

Soul magic was banned partly for it's power, but mostly because the Mosmordren empire horrified the weaker-stomached participants in the war with what they could do with Soul magic, discarding morality in search of power. And so the fear-mongers claimed that if Soul magic was left about, others would walk the path of the Mosmordren Empire: The ban did not take long to pass. I know that the Mortal Coil retains several tomes on Soul magic, though as far as I know, only the seven Grand Elder Mages are allowed to study the field, let alone practice it. ...Though I have heard something about a roving library where one can learn about anything, though I know not if it is real. As I recall, it was called the Caemlo Repository


I flood my blood down the length of my blade, tying the empowered blood to the building power in my sword, as the Proud Lion is readied to once more vibrate sharply enough to unravel the making of whatever it strikes. As my blade cleaves into the cloud of shadow, I trigger the vibration while ensuring my blood rides the resultant shock-waves, the massive two handed sword becoming a mass of undulating and razor sharp spikes of blood.


The combination of vibrating blade, dancing blood and gusts of wind brought by my tumultuous path to reach my target, the cloud veritably explodes, unable to hold itself together, though whether it was from air pressure or the interference of my magic, I know not.

....I also note that there is no one inside the cloud, nor did I feel my blood make contact with anything while it quested for flesh. Where did my foe go!? ..My only consolation is that as I finish my leaping cleave, my blade slams into a discarded object on the ground, which I briefly note to be an obsidian statue before it shatters under my strike-

-And the world abruptly has light restored to it, and as I whip my head about I see the other mages likewise gone, the survivors peering about fearfully whilst still clutching every lit object they could find, as if doubting such an impromptu cessation of danger could be real. And yet....

I turn about in place, looking for tracks, clues, anything to tell me what just happened, but other than the damages done to the caravan and it's personnel, I see nothing, the fragments of the statue I smashed disintegrating under the glare of the morning sun.

...Is it over? ...No matter how engaging the fight, to end so anti-climatically as this... My soul cries out at the injustice! ....But still, who WAS that?


What should I say or do?
[And now is your chance to get Keddic speculating about who attacked the caravan, as well as ask other questions.]
No. 187037 ID: a594b9

Better get that runaway wagon back.

Examine the statue more closely.
No. 187038 ID: 706990


Argh, dammit! What did we do wrong?
Cry out for injustice, pledge to avenge the fallen!

Anyway, see how everyone is doing. track down the carriage. See if we have enough personnel to continue journey. If the riders object, remind them that now that others are gone the ones who will stay will get even more money as they will divide 120 marks between them. If the keep protesting offer those extra 35 marks.

So, Keddic, what do you know of this Caemlo Repository ?
No. 187040 ID: 706990

Oh, and prepare for further similar attack. Have Jez prepare more light based attacks or something like that, prepare torches and stuff
No. 187049 ID: b4c60d

No. 187054 ID: 45be60

trade places with one of the horses. That will stop the cart rather dramatically. :3
No. 187058 ID: a594b9

Wrong? Well, we could've destroyed the device the very first time we saw it.

We could have also told everyone to bring out light sources on the first round.
No. 187066 ID: 275a5d

Lets just work on figuring out who it is while we get our stuff and check on everyone, eh?

Lets see...I don't think they were after our equipment, as they were striking wantonly at the carriages, INSTEAD of focusing on Keddic, who was the real threat in that situation. That implies a certain degree of malice towards either A) The one who benefits from those goods, aka Mordre, or B) The creator of those goods, Jezebel, or C) Both.

I think Diomand tried to screw us over.
No. 187067 ID: e31d52

>I think Diomand tried to screw us over.

Ask Jezebel if this seemed like something he would do.
No. 187070 ID: 445c48

Or it could have been that other mage, what's his face, Weinsho? Never remember how to spell his bloody name.
No. 187072 ID: b4c60d

No. 187074 ID: 706990

Nah, we were right on the border, no? Arguing with riders that Cursed lands are, like, totally safe.
No. 187075 ID: d3dfb8

No. 187082 ID: b4c60d

As much as I would like to prattle on as the vocalization of the Line of Harksburtons - or at least the Great-Great-Great-Grandfather of the line - I really don't wanna confuse Keddic with all the voices in his head.
Anyway, I assume that even if those in the land are cursed, some can still crawl out. And what's keeping a maddened mage from living in the wilds and periodically venturing out for supplies or the base urge to kill?

No. 187097 ID: d1210a

[ONE MORE THING: range issue (horses and wagon are more than two hundred feet away, well in excess of this move's range)]

The Caemlo Repository is something of an urban myth as I understand it, a library that wanders about at the behest of those who staff it, apparently survivors of a kingdom destroyed in the war against the Mosmordren empire. Lore places the repository as still possessing books on all manner of magic, without concern for bans (a rather pertinent reason to be mobile, with trafficking tomes of Soul magic being a capital offense most everywhere), and that they allow people to access to their reserves only if you can both find them and bring them a new tome worthy of being added to their collection. While I have never seen this wandering library, I have heard several mages comment on the place as if it were real, so I assume there is more to these tales than simple gossip. As I understand it, the Caemlo Repository wanders about the warring states wherever the fighting is thickest, though how that is determined I do not know. Would they simply appear if a large enough war broke out? Too many questions and not enough answers.

[Statue disintegrated in light, nothing to examine]
As I see no one immediately at risk from their injuries amongst the survivors, I dash off to track down the errant horses before they manage to run off with our supplies. While they have reached a considerable distance and are moving quite alacritously, compared to the frenzied exertion of battle focusing my energies to make great bounding, ground eating strides as I move to intercept them is child's play, a reprieve from the tumult of combat. I close distance in less than thirty seconds, and leap into the driver's seat, pushing aside the remains of the bisected driver as I grasp the reins and start leading the wagon back. By the time I return, I find a scene unfolding before me, the surviving drivers nursing their wounds as they argue with Lord Dregas.

"It's not right, to lead us into such danger! Two drivers dead, the rest of us wounded, and we aren't even in the Cursed lands!"
>"You were paid an exorbitant rate precisely for this reason, or did you forget that you collectively accepted hazard pay in advance?"
"That doesn't mean we just keep going when stuff like this happens!"
>"Actually, if you had bothered to read the contract you all signed, you would know it does indeed mean exactly that. Why did you think we paid so much for simple transportation?"
"What do you mean-"
>"You informed us that several of your number could read, and that you had found the transportation contract satisfactory. Are you claiming that earlier remark to be a lie?"
"That doesn't mean you-"

Geodiaz's fist slams to the ground with a mighty thump at a muttered word from Dregas, who continues to speak in a calm voice to the team of drivers.

>"You are parroting your compatriots words to me. Let me make this clear: You signed a binding contract and accepted payment for a service you are now trying to not provide to us. That is theft by-"
"We ain't thieves!"
>"No? Then what do you call accepting a job, money for the job, and then refusing to do the job?"
"It's dangerous!"
>"No, it's robbery, making your actions criminal."
>"Do you think there is any justicar we could go to that wouldn't side with someone that paid more than a hundred marks for a job that was never completed?"
"It ain't fair!"
>"It is perfectly clear. There was no fine print on the contract, and we verbalized every facet of our agreement, which you collectively accepted. If you do not fulfill you end of this, you will not just have faced the loss we were met with here, you will also face rather serious criminal charges."

I leap off the wagon's seat, landing betwixt the bickering groups, and decide to add my own piece to the argument (while precise, I wonder if Dregas' mannerisms are appropriate for the situation).

"Right, so you're saying you don't want to travel with us? Well, I guess we could stop right here, right where we were just attacked, and offload tons of cargo, taking hours to do so in an exposed area, before you spend days traveling back home alone? And that is safer than traveling with the very people who fended off this recent attack? Would one of you fine gentlemen explain the reasoning behind that?"

Perhaps it is my blood and gore soaked visage, but none seem willing to argue with me, and make their way back to the wagons, leaving two wagons without a driver, one of them even missing a horse.

"Miss Jezebel?"
"Can you prepare more light producing devices, get every working one you have ready to be used and distributed amongst the wagons? Light seemed to negate the magic used by our assailant, so-"
>"Yes, yes. So, SIR Harksburton, what do you think about this attack?"
"It didn't quite seem to add up. Even when Dregas and I both proved ourselves credible threats, they prioritized attacking the caravan as a whole over removing the threats to their personage. Either injury and death held no meaning to them, allowing them to focus solely on preventing our escape, or the attacks focus was the caravan's contents from the beginning."
>"Before you even ask, no, I sincerely doubt this is the work of Diomand."
>"Oh please, every time I've mentioned him on this trip you've been sure he'd send someone after me, honestly I think you're letting your lust for fights cloud your reasoning.
"...Perhaps that is so. But what would you suggest this attack's purpose to have been, then? Some mage, addled by the aftereffects of the Curse, looking for targets of opportunity, a warped mind seeking only to gratify itself?"
>"Well when you phrase it like that of course blaming Diomand makes more sense. Honestly now, you have to know I despise the man, shouldn't that say something that even I am sure he wasn't responsible?
"...It could have been Weinsho, or someone associated with him..."
"Mage Weinsho. According to Mordre, a mage stirring up trouble and unrest about the Azelhaedran State, with plenty reasons to seek grievance against Mordre, not the least of which being thwarting several of his machinations."
>"Okay, see, THAT explanation makes sense, I don't know why you didn't lead with it."

I shrug as I glance about our group,watching Jezebel hand assorted contraptions out with brief, terse explanations of how to operate them, while taking the reins of one of the two wagons bereft of drivers, as I sidle back into the other, the same one I rode back to the caravan. Without further comment I snap the reins, and take the lead once more......

And wonder what I should do? With the remaining drivers suitably cowed, I may be able to swing through the Cursed lands as I planned, shaving a day or more off our travel... or I could take the slower but safer route and go around the Cursed lands....

What should I do, should I take the short and possibly dangerous path, or the longer and safer path?
[I need two things, posters: a 1d20 roll if you are one of the first three suggestions after this update, and a speech to convince the drivers to go through the cursed lands if you choose that path.]
No. 187098 ID: e31d52

rolled 15 = 15

Let's go the safer way!

While our group is quite powerful indeed, remember: We need to get ten tons of SENSITIVE equipment home!Mordre is, after all, counting on us.

Say, Keddic, you've met Arkus, haven't you? Ruminate on him for a bit.
No. 187099 ID: 2417b8

Stuff it, go around. A little extra time is no real loss.
No. 187100 ID: 2417b8

Oops. Rolling again.
No. 187101 ID: 2417b8

rolled 18 = 18

FFFF- I'll try that again.
No. 187103 ID: 2417b8

No. 187105 ID: e31d52

yes yes yes come on yessss
No. 187106 ID: a594b9

rolled 18 = 18

Eh, I think we should go straight through. If Weinsho is behind the attack then saving time will be more important than avoiding the Cursed Lands. In fact we might actually be SAFER in the Cursed Lands, as Weinsho's mercenaries might avoid going into it.
No. 187118 ID: d3dfb8

rolled 12 = 12

I say go around.
No. 187137 ID: b4c60d

No. 187146 ID: d3dfb8

all caps, loud, opinions, etc
No. 187167 ID: b4c60d

WHAT? Ah, yes, forgive me Young Keddic! The boiling blood still flows strong, haha! The exhilarating enjoyment of the battle has fueled my Harksburton Spirit! BUT STILL! The point stands, Keddic, the Warrior's Blade pierces the heart of the beast, not fillet the fat from the meat. Charge heartily through, You are not a coward like these weak and cowed men, ARE YOU? Forward! I can smell the changing of our fortune and the glorious battle that lay within that cursed land of the Greatest Foe we faced! Ah, To See Mosmordre Rise AGAIN! Such GLORY! Yes, strike deep and true, fast and swift. Charge as a Harksburton through this cursed land, bring these gifts to the Mage Mordre and regale him with the stories of our combat here today! And while we ride, have Brave Dregas tell us his stories of combat! And tell him of the Dragon Lands, so steeped in mystery! We shall befriend this man, so ready for war int he face of the utter blackness!
No. 187168 ID: d1210a
File 127558724024.jpg - (84.33KB , 452x640 , Magnum Bang Appears.jpg )

Arkus.... hm, I must admit curiosity about Mordre's protege... I suppose he's the mage's apprentice, but I'm not sure what to make of him. Every time I've spoken with him about Mordre, he gets nervous, but it's clear the lad doesn't have any genuine fear of him.... well, I suppose it could simply be due to his upbringing, as I understand it he was a penniless orphan for most of his formative years, and only after entering Mordre's service did he start to make his mark on the world.

[15 + 18 +18 = 51 >10, >20, >30, >35, >40, >45, >50]

I elect to go the long way around, unwilling to offer a reason to the already hesitant drivers as to why we should skirt through the Cursed lands. Still, as the new lead of this caravan, I set a brisk pace after transferring several of the goods from the wagon with only one horse throughout the rest of the wagons, and no more incident is had this day, our noon meal coming and going. When night begins to fall, the drivers become skittish, likely thinking back to our earlier assault, but as Jezebel shows them how to use several light producing contraptions, complementing the torches and lantern's already in their possession, they settle down and continue traveling until I call camp late at night. We set a perimeter about the caravan, ringing it in illumination, in case our assailant returns. I stand guard overnight, with nothing of note occurring, which I suppose is a good thing for the caravan, even if it does bore me to tears.

[DAY 93]

After a sparse breakfast, where bandaged drivers only mutter somewhat about the troubles of yesterday, we set off, still skirting about the Cursed lands. Shortly after a mid-day meal, however...

[rolls utilized]


Out of the Cursed forests, still visible to our north as we travel east, I see a writhing mass of mouths, limbs and teeth flailing as it soars through the air, slamming to the ground some several dozen feet before us with the wet sound of bone snapping. As this monster, easily the same scale as Mordre's golem, weakly tries to rise, I halt the caravan as I appraise this new threat, and-


A blur plummets out of the sky, a foot slamming into the struggling beast before us as the two forms collide. The creature reels as the earth beneath it cracks and quakes, blood and gore spilling from the gaping hole in it's back. Where did-

"MAGNUM.... PUNCH!!!!"

A flicker of light can be seen through the skin and muscle of the flailing beast for the briefest of moments before a channel is carved through it's flesh, taking it's head off in the process as the air shimmers and trembles, the beast going still in death.

And out of the still twitching pile of mutated flesh, strides a man wearing a blood stained scarf, which flutters dynamically behind him... despite there being no wind. As this newcomer spots us, he cracks a grin.


What should I say or do?
No. 187169 ID: 445c48

yeah ok he's pretty awesome
No. 187170 ID: b4c60d

No. 187171 ID: b4c60d

It's like I'm really in a hot-blooded anime! Quick, Keddic, find you a Simon and a Kamina!
No. 187172 ID: 275a5d
File 12755889234.png - (330.44KB , 503x672 , BangCSArt.png )


"HAHA, a most impressive takedown! Well met, Magnum Bang. Keddic Harksburton the Fourth, at your service.

If I might ask, what brings one such as yourself out here?"
No. 187173 ID: 706990

Give him a bro-fist!

[I don't recognize the picture, who is that supposed to be and from which show?]
No. 187174 ID: 275a5d

We don't have to be over the top ALL the time.

Just when we're fighting.
No. 187183 ID: 445c48

No. 187188 ID: 7f44e4

The picture's of Ryoma Nagare from Getter Robo Armageddon.
No. 187201 ID: d1210a
File 127559567335.jpg - (144.12KB , 400x300 , BROFIST.jpg )

I find myself liking this Magnum character, his entrance spoke of a fierce soul and hunger for battle, a kindred spirit questing for new trials to better himself through. ...And that scarf.... I must admit, I find it rather intriguing, not just for fluttering in a nonexistent wind, but also because it's dimensions seems to constantly shift, sometimes only a few feet of cloth fluttering about, at other times dozens of feet of canvas stretch out behind Magnum, with no discernible transition. ...I stop staring at his scarf as my eyes begin to go bleary from looking at something so mutable.

I leap down from the driver's seat of the lead wagon, and walk up to the new arrival, offering my own commentary on this turn of events.

"Hah, a most impressive take-down! Well met, Magnum Bang. Keddic Harksburton the 4th, at your service."
"As you say, o cracker of castles."
>"WA-HA-HAA, well met indeed! ....Ho-hooo, a big one, aren't you, and that is a mighty fine looking sword, made to really have IMPACT, rather than those tiny flimsy things, what are they calle-rapiers, that was it."
"While I will admit such a weapon can prove useful in the right hands, my own preference for overwhelming force would not allow me to use such a weapon."
>"EXACTLY!! I admit I have seen people use such weapons with competency, but still... it lacks that... what's the phrase.."
"The drive that leads one to surpass their own limits-"
>"YES! Exactly that! What point is there in combat if you calmly poke your foe to death, huh? A STRIKE WITH ONE'S SOUL CAN FELL ANYTHING WITH ENOUGH DETERMINATION! ...Besides, a fight like that is slow and boring."
"A maxim I myself am rather inclined to follow, thought it may have something to do with my build. I could scarce hold a rapier in these hands of mine!"
>"HAH, true enough, they look more like mallets than hands, the sign of a true brawler. SO, what leads a fine example of how a warrior should be this way? And at the front of a caravan no less, rather than seeking more challenges to better yourself?"

Before I can answer, Magnum Bang stares past me, and offers another bit of dialogue. As he speaks again, I note a tattoo on his tongue, a swirled mess of twists and angles... as well as what look to be runes carved into his teeth.

"Hoooooooo.. A clay golem? And not one of those crappy Bit a dozen ones, got runes, a weapon, and everything... ho-hoo, I bet that club has some real heft to it! What's this, do I smell the foreshadowing of war? Hm?"

Acting on impulse, I offer forth my closed fist to this wandering warrior, who does not even question the act, his own fist shooting forth to impact my own.


Despite being more than twice this man's size, I find my frame repelled by his fist-bump, my feet churning up dirt as I slide back a few feet from the impact, but my balance is sufficient to keep me from stumbling. ...While I am no magic sensor like some, I should have felt something if this man was using magic to get such force into his idle blow, and yet I feel nothing. Instead I quirk an eyebrow at Magnum, who only continues to laugh as he responds.

"HAH, good to see you aren't all talk! So, what does bring you out here? Any disasters, calamities, wars about, somewhere where I could cut loose and lay waste to any and everything to oppose me?"

What should I say or do?
No. 187205 ID: 706990

Hahaha, you went with my bro-fist idea!
I can only imagine what goes on in Jez's head right now.

Well, tell him of your jorney, destination, the recent events that happened with you and Modre (I believe MAGNUM BANG THE HUMAN DYNAMO, ANNIHILATOR OF ARMIES, SMASHER OF SIEGES, CRACKER OF CASTLES was looking for Modre, no?)

Tell him that you await some glorious battles if you stick with Soulgrave.

Ask MAGNUM BANG THE HUMAN DYNAMO, ANNIHILATOR OF ARMIES, SMASHER OF SIEGES, CRACKER OF CASTLES what he's doing in this place and ask him about his phenomenal strength.
No. 187227 ID: e31d52

Sounds like he's blasting about the Cursed Lands to simply kill monsters without holding back. I wonder...

It'd be a laugh if he could take down the Steam Golem, don't you think, Keddic?
No. 187228 ID: e30176

"HAH, well met again. If I wasn't currently engaged in another affair, you're JUST the type of man I would like to go a few rounds with. Ah, my blood is boiling now. Wars you say? I don't know about that, but I am currently following a certain individual named Mordre and I tell your its been never a dull moment since we met up. If it's excitement your looking for he would be the one to look for."
*Light up your pipe* (who cares if Jez will take offense, this is a mans conversation now)

Psst, Keddic doesn't know about that, it's probably just happening
No. 187229 ID: e30176

Ooooh, this too
No. 187248 ID: ab04d4

...I was under the impression he was a human, not a golem of any form. Hence his name?
No. 187258 ID: 74aced

This is closest to how I feel. This is a man we need with us, and to make him one of us would be awesome indeed. To do it the way Keddic does it would be quite best as the two men seem to be from the same sides of the same coin.
No. 187277 ID: 275a5d

I'm going to concur with this line.
No. 187338 ID: d1210a

"So, if you don't mind me asking, what brings you to the Cursed lands?"
>"Boredom. I'd gone to the west side of the Azelhaedran State, where there was supposed to be plenty of bandits to cut loose on, but I could barely find any, it was rather disappointing. Anyway I'm passing time while I consider where I should head next. Hmm... maybe the Land of Dragons to the south, I hear there are some great civil wars, disputes, contests, brawls, tournaments, you name it down there..."
"And what of your strength, I must admit it puzzles me. I am no magic sensor, but I didn't even get a hint of magic from you."
>"Hah, yeah, not the first to ask me that. I'll answer you the same as I've answered everyone else that asked that: The human body can do amazing things, if you can find the will and resources to make your body do what you need of it."

"Well, I know an old acquaintance of mine, Professor Toledo Gialgorra, off on Golgan Island west of here, he happens to have a golem, purely mechanical, of considerable capability. Even further, golem operators come to challenge him in search of the prize he offers the first who can prove their golem superior to his own. Perhaps an engaging struggle could be found in such an environment, even if you don't quite meet the criteria to challenge Gialgorra's golem in his little contest, there are other golem operators about, and their guards...."
>"Hoooooo... Interesting, I'll keep that in mind.

I pull Old Bessie from a pouch, and pack if full of herb as I snap my fingers, compressing the two digits against each other with such force the friction causes sparks when I snap, and I light the packed pipe. I could have lit it by channeling some Will through my form to create a minor burst of fire from my gullet, but after Magnum's display of strength, I feel inclined to keep the theme going. I puff away until the bowl is cherrying nicely, before I speak again.

"If I wasn't currently engaged in another affair-fulfilling promises made, I'm sure you understand-"
>"Of course, what worth does one have if their word is empty of value?"
"Right. Well, you're JUST the type of man I would like to go a few rounds with, if circumstances didn't prevent it."
>"A shame, as I feel you could make for good sport, a challenge to make the blood sing and the mind go blank, but if your word has been given.."
"Indeed. Ah, my blood is boiling now,and... Wars you say? I don't know about that beyond the still occupied outposts in the Azelhaedran State, but I am currently following a certain individual named Mordre and I tell your its been never a dull moment since we met up."
"Well, for starters, he has reclaimed two outposts in the state, has enemies with resources, and is practically a magnet for trouble. Why, he even found a Core Being trapped in a cellar! If it's excitement your looking for he would be the one to look for."

At this comment, Magnum Bang throws his face to the sky and laughs even as he responds.

>"..hahahahhahahHAHAH!! There's a Core Being around!? A destroyer of nations, an incarnation of rage and power, oh-hooo.... well, you have certainly gained my attention. The name was Mordre?"
"Yes, though you wouldn't meet him in person, he interacts with others through a Soul Grave he can control remotely."
>"He found a Core Being, AND has a Soul Grave, stacked on top of just my kind of luck? Well color me interested, You have my attention. Is that where you're heading?"
"Indeed, the golem operator and these caravan's contents are en route to one of the outposts Mordre expelled bandits from, where he currently has set up shop in the Azelhaedran State."
>"He controlling the outpost north of Shellik?"
"Yes, he does, have you been there?"
>"Briefly, but the guards said the people in charge were out."
"Well, I am rather confident Mordre has returned, and has resumed finding trouble wherever he goes."
>"...You know what, I think I'll tag along for now."

After some introductions are made, the caravan resumes it's travel, with Magnum Bang taking a seat atop the wagon I pilot, content to sit in silence for the moment. I wonder what else I could learn of this individual...

Should I speak to Magnum Bang, and if so, what should I say or ask?
[I need three 1d20 rolls, one per poster.]
No. 187343 ID: d3dfb8

rolled 2 = 2

War stories. Share them.
Lead with something a little tame, you don't want to spoil your best ones straight off.
No. 187345 ID: 275a5d

rolled 4 = 4

Talk of opponents bested, dangers braved...

and enemies still sought.
No. 187346 ID: 275a5d

Son of a bitch!
No. 187347 ID: e30176

rolled 1 = 1

Not only war stories, but stories of good small battles, the great opponents of your past, some of the epic things you have done, etc.
No. 187348 ID: 275a5d

We are telling some of the shittiest stories ever.
No. 187349 ID: a594b9

Oh god. What is going to happen now?
No. 187350 ID: e30176

wow, these dice hate us
No. 187351 ID: d3dfb8

No. 187352 ID: e30176

its final... never rolling again
No. 187354 ID: 716eb0

yaaaay! everybody dies!
extreme dice rolls produce the most interesting results.
No. 187356 ID: 1ac39d

rolled 17 = 17

am i too late?
No. 187357 ID: 903f16

Wow, just wow. I'm actually kind of excited because if we're rolling for a random encounter we may get to see Keddic and Magnum Bang fight some huge eldrich monstrosity together. On the other hand we may just have crippled our self in a fight against the shadow creatures again.
No. 187364 ID: e30176

psssht, don't worry man, we just shared a brofist that pushed us back, there is nothing epic enough that we cant handle.

suddenly Bob opens up the earth and teh Core Being eats us. Seriously wish that Keddic had one of those blood togas.
No. 187367 ID: 8a5369

Well, statistically, it had to happens sometime...now the only question is are we going to see Nintendo Hard DM or not.
No. 187373 ID: b4c60d

Can...we use all the pristine souls we have to, you know, not kill everyone in the caravan and loose all the swag we got? I wouldn't mind, you know, battle that might leave Keddic knocked out for a bit, Jezebel with some humility beaten into her, our golem with a ding, and MANGUM BANG definitely wanting to work for us, but...without -killing- anyone? please? Can we burn 'We got fanart' bonus, or something? Because you know...fuck.
No. 187379 ID: b4c60d

rolled 1 = 1

The fire has gone out of my belly, so screw it, I'm rolling too. I am not letting Keddic, Magnum Bang, Lord Dregas, our Stuff, or even Jezebel die such a deep-damned inglorious death!
No. 187380 ID: b4c60d

Ok, something is wrong with the dice, clearly.
No. 187381 ID: b4c60d

rolled 18 = 18

Roll properly, damn you!
No. 187398 ID: e30176

stop it! Stop adding to the painnnnnnn
No. 187415 ID: 8a5369


Too bad all the pristine souls are w/ modre...though if Bob will allow it, I think this might be a viable idea...
No. 187432 ID: e30176

It would be pretty dang funny. Mordre is just sitting down one day, feasting on his morning Bronze when suddenly POWERFUL SOULS fly out of his mouth and skim across the land, over a hill and out of sight.
*adjust skull*"That was odd"
No. 187450 ID: 275a5d
File 12756217454.jpg - (224.79KB , 1762x1438 , fuckingdice.jpg )


Paint is fun
No. 187451 ID: 1ac39d

oh my god, that is hilarious!
No. 187456 ID: b4c60d

Three pictures and pristine souls! And someone, for the love of god, figure out how we get pristine souls so we can just blow five on this?
No. 187468 ID: e30176

Lovin it
No. 187495 ID: 2aaaf1

So... Keddic tried his hand at the aristocrats joke and failed miserably. This is payback for the 20 we rolled at the beginning of the shadowmage fight, isn't it.
No. 187508 ID: b4c60d

This is possibly more horrific then anything else I can think of. Now I'm just imagining the loud, bosterious and awesome Keddic try to do that joke.

Anyway, lets not drive Keddic -too- crazy with our bitching and raging.
No. 187544 ID: d1210a
File 127563178311.jpg - (335.16KB , 2187x2097 , Well Shit Son Those Were Some Bad Rolls.jpg )

[Disaster lessened, in addition to other two pics. I wonder how this would go without any fanart to mitigate...]


[SOOORRY, but Pristine Souls are Mordre ONLY, as they reside within his own Soul Forge.]

[2 + 4 + 1 = 7, <30, >20, <15, <10, <9, <8 HAHA WOW]

"Did you participate in the war against the Mosmordren Empire?"
>"I was present during it, yes."
"I recall a time I was facing down some of those Morgren of theirs-"
>"Rather potent soldiers, those. I have to compliment the empire on their craft."
"Indeed, they were most worthy adversaries. Well, some Mosmordren Duke had managed to teleport some several hundred of them right into the heart of Castiliathen while I was on leave!"
>"HAH, I've always been a fan of deep-striking like that, if you can just take out the heart-"
"As you say. Well, I was on leave at home at the time, and ended up spearheading the defense of the district about my home... without a stitch on my body! The attack came while I was bathing!"

With the silence broken, we spend some time talking, and the day flies by, and we are stopping to set up camp before I even realize it.

[DAY 94]

The day begins like any other, all of us grabbing a quick meal before we resume our trek, finally passing into Duran territory, the Cursed lands fading behind us. The day passes without incident until our mid-day meal, and we continue our journey.

....In the late afternoon, five figures shimmer into view, blocking the road before us.

Three of them are mages garbed like our attacker earlier (One of them looks identical to him), two with hands already in their pockets. The other two who appear, though....

One is floating collection of bones and clothe, radiating a repulsive, sickening flood of magic that makes me think of corruption, it's eye sockets regarding us without comment.

The other is a figure forged of metal, a plethora of swords anchored to it's body. The metal man, who I must presume to be a Small Tomb, turns to regard the mage garbed in darkness that most resembles our earlier attacker.

"These are them?"

As the mage nods, the Small Tomb Festooned with several swords turns back to us, and ruminates aloud.

"Well, I hope this actually hurts that bastard Mordre... Alright, cloak the area, lets send our message."

As the Small Tomb hefts a massive cleaver in each hand, the floating sack of bone, cloth and wickedly runed blade beside it shivers, and the three mages each proffer forth an obsidian statuette. Darkness spreads from each, cloaking the area in a deeper night than the last assault-but thankfully, between Jezebel's inventions and the lanterns and torches the drivers light, a steady wall of light surrounds the caravan, granting limited sight and (hopefully) protection from shadow based attacks.

[17, >15]
Thankfully, I can still see through the gloom, even the combined might of three mages not able to circumvent the potent enchantments that enhance those of the Harksburton line. Even as the shadow settles over the previously well lit day, I still perceive each of our assailants.

[1, <5, <3, <2]
...This also means I see another mage step forth on either side of our caravan, armed the same as the other three, and likewise holding obsidian statuettes. That brings the total to five mages the same as the one that attacked us earlier, a monster of bone, cloth and steel, and a golem armed with a multitude of massive cleavers, each the same scale as my Proud Lion.

[18, >15]
At least Magnum Bang also seems to be able to see through the obscuring gloom, his eyes darting about as he appraises the scene with a wild grin festooning his face.

As the darkness settles, I see each of the five mages focus on their statuettes as the Small Tomb charges forth and the floating construct so like a reaper soars overhead towards the back of the convoy.

What should I say or do?
No. 187548 ID: 1ac39d

No. 187551 ID: 275a5d

No. 187552 ID: 45be60

[....Well shit. Alright, Posting ID: 45be60 now has a marker they can call in, either to force me to answer a single question about Golem Quest (even if related to the plot), or use as a pseudo-Pristine Soul to make an event work better than it normally could. For future reference, only the first person to point out any numerical inconsistency I make will get such a marker. When calling in such a marker, either identify yourself in IRC when I am on for a question, or put a notice in the Subject field that the marker is to be used in quest.]

Oh fine, you buncha whiners. I wanted to save this for protecting our secret identity or something, but there is sooo much crying, and I *do* like this batch of characters. Hey Bob, can we not kill everybody please?
No. 187555 ID: 1ac39d

[guys, on IRC bob has stated that there is something keddic can say that will result in victory without a fight. it is in character knowledge for him so anything we know him to have heard and seen would work]
No. 187559 ID: 903f16

I think you might want to hold off on calling that one in. It seems we have an out as this poster has shown.
It seems like this will require combing through all of Keddic's dialogue, but it'll be worth it to save that special bonus o has.
No. 187561 ID: 1ac39d

[a quote
>I can comment no further than to say it is something Keddic could conclude based on what he has seen, heard and been told. And with that, good night.]
No. 187563 ID: e31d52

No. 187565 ID: e31d52

((Hurr raed posts hurr))
No. 187577 ID: a594b9

"Who the hell is Mordre?!"

Quick, someone come up with a convincing lie as to what our destination is!
No. 187595 ID: a594b9

Ah, I know! We can tell them that we're on route to the Republic of Trepany.

I suspect that perhaps... These men were lied to by Weinsho? I mean, they could be allies or friends of one of the men that Mordre has killed. If we can determine their motives here we might be able to convince them that destroying the caravan is the wrong thing to do.
No. 187598 ID: 45be60

Wait... I'm confused. You want to talk your way out of a fight?

Who the hell do you think we am!?
No. 187605 ID: a594b9

Uh... We're outnumbered and Jezebel isn't really a fighter.

Although if Jezebel hands over the super rifle then Keddick should be able to eliminate the Small Tomb with it. Then Magnum Burn can keep the Reaper busy while Keddick and Lord Dregas deal with the Shadowmages.
No. 187614 ID: 2aaaf1

rolled 40 = 40

That's it, I've had enough of these bastards.

Keddic, hold the pommel of the Proud Lion up to your mouth and activate that magic. We're about to get fucking ILL.

WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON: Ritual.Verbal.Assault.

"Li-lion Style
Lion Style
Lion Style(Harksburtons ain't nothin ta fuck with)
Lion Style(Harksburtons ain't nothin ta fuck with)
Lion Style(Harksburtons ain't nothin ta fuck with)
Lion Style
Lion Style(Come on!)
Bang it! Huh! Come on!

There's no place to hide when I step in the room
Heir of doom, prepare for the boom
BAM! Aw,MAN I slam, jam, combat magic like ALAKAZAM!

I be bossin' enforcin' lion style is awesome
Harksburtons fight more feuds than the Mortal Coil's cream of the crop, son
And as the survey said, you're dead
SANGUINE MAELSTROM blows off your fuckin head
"Mister Keddic? Who is THAT?"
Eh yo, my crew is back
Makin my foes go BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, on this caravan
I fear no one, oh no, here come
Fourth Scion bloody son, killer of your eardrum (drum drum drm drum)

And if you want grief then just bring the ruckus
Harksburtons ain't nothing ta fuck wit
Straight from Castiliathen, Nobility busted
Harksburtons ain't nothing ta fuck wit
Step up, Son!"
No. 187677 ID: e30176

Fisrt thing that came to my mind when I heard we could talk our way out of this.

Just to double da vote. "Who the hell is Mordre?!"
No. 187685 ID: 706990

I really doubt they will fall to our ruse.

And second, do you want to bereft Keddic and Magnum of amazing challenge?

Of course I am worried about our companions too.

Also, more questions to Keddic. Tell us about you sister, you have mentioned her several times before.
No. 187696 ID: 03b4e6

check if they were sent by whienso(sp?) or one of his minions. i am pretty sure we have a few mages angry at us. they could be from those mercs whos golem morde trashed.
No. 187701 ID: 6834bc

"Hold! You said Mordre, did you not? What is your grievance with them? If we must fight, so be it, but I would prefer to at least know why we're being attacked."
This gives you the opportunity to fight with words, allows you to follow through with an "I don't know who this 'Mordre' person is" ruse (which would probably fail - if they know who Mordre is, they would likely know that you fought alongside him,) and could lead to some valuable information toward some of Mordre's enemies.

Of course, you'd be a fool not to be prepared for them completely ignoring your response and deciding to follow through with their attack; so prepare yourself accordingly and note the obsidian statuettes to be high-priority targets.
No. 187704 ID: 1ac39d

agree with this post.
No. 187729 ID: 275a5d

Theres no way "who is Mordre" is gonna work. We're kinda too closely tied with him.
No. 187730 ID: 275a5d

Also, agreed.
No. 187734 ID: 275a5d

To Bang:

"Well, I did tell you Mordre seems to attract absurd amounts of this sort of attention."
No. 187744 ID: b4c60d

Oh godohgodohgod I hope I'm right...


Also: Bring back the light in the name of the Lord!

If it's not Aurockoth, then just get us light! And another thought, one of these blokes could be Dulu...
No. 187747 ID: e31d52

>And another thought, one of these blokes could be Dulu...

Oh god.

Dulu (the GOLEM SLAYER) fucked up.

As punishment, he was put into a Small Tomb.

No. 187751 ID: b4c60d

I am guessing the big lad with all the blades is Aurockoth, personally, and that Dulu migth be one of them, but I don't know how this could make us end the fight quickly...
No. 187754 ID: e31d52

I'm pretty sure of the following:

a) Keddic knows what the asshole who killed the founder of his line looks like.

b) Keddic would fly into a nigh unstoppable yet still oddly gentlemanly rage upon seeing him, and

c) The bastard has a stable form, in which case see a and b.
No. 187757 ID: 275a5d

Aurockoth is a life golem, and I'm pretty sure Harksburton would recognize it.
No. 187762 ID: 427807

I wouldn't say fucked up, just needing a new body. Im sure weinsho wanted to make Dulu a bit more effective at what he's best at, and Im sure there's a bit of irony with Dulu being the golem slayer, now inside a golem.

I doubt Aurockoth is here because keddic would probably had recognized him, and placed a great deal of emphasis on his presence.

Definitely have Keddic call out to Dulu, something like: "Dulu, you son of a bitch! How's your old body doing? Decomposing in some pile of shit somewhere, im sure!" haha...
No. 187764 ID: 445c48

That's a bit vulgar for a gentleman like Keddic.
No. 187775 ID: d1210a

I make lightning connections, recalling Morde's tales of Dulu the Golemslayer, a man I had met briefly during the end of the war against Mosmordre, and the similarities between his voice and that of the apparent Small Tomb before me. I realize it is housing Dulu's soul, and combine that with Mordre's assumption Dulu now works for Weinsho. That would make this entire group likely under his command in some manner or other, so if I can unsettle him, recall how he behaved..... I could buy time, a precious commodity indeed. I speak with a clear voice, trying to manipulate what I now know about this scenario.

"Dulu, is that you? What has happened to you, and what grievance does Weinsho have against us?"

I watch the Small Tomb grinding to a halt, it's blades wavering. Even better, I see the five robed and darkness-swathed forms clutching obsidian statuettes hesitate, their posture displaying surprise at Weinsho's name. And there it is, a moment, time to act, to change the battlefield before engagement truly begins. I snap out a command to Magnum Bang behind me, hoping he is inclined to take orders when necessary.

"Bang, the black statuettes!"

I hear a growl of recognition, and-


The entire wagon I pilot, packed with two tons of Jezebel's more durable equipment, violently rocks to the side, tipping and smashing heavily to the ground as the horses scream and panic, adding further confusion to the situation. I manage to leap to balanced footing and ride the crashing wagon as I look for what hit us and-


I witness Magnum Bang on the left flank of the caravan smashing his fist into the black statuette a mage holds, while placing the other fist in the mage's face.

I would estimate his current velocity to be the equivalent of artillery fire.

As Bang literally smashes through the mage, crushing the statuette in the process, I hear Donwick muttering muted commands to Geodiaz, who has already begun lumbering off to the right flank, it's right arm, still clutching the club, snaps forth, and the club's head pastes another of these shadow mages several feet into the darkness-ah, Dregas recalled his position from before the darkness fell, and struck on that guidance, a wise move, likewise smashing the crystal the fool still clutched in hesitation. Five mages of shadow become three, before the battle is truly begun. I appraise the field in this radically different state than an instant ago, still riding the decelerating, crashing cart.

Dulu-odd to think of it, but how else could a Small Tomb be talking? ...But to who is practicing Soul magic, to make a new Small Tomb of this nature? ...Likely Weinsho.. I end my rumination swiftly so as not to lose the moment, and return to battle appraisal. Dulu is some twenty feet before me, an eight foot tall golem of some strange non-reflective light gray metal etched with several runes (and festooned with three sapphires that I can spot), still recovering from the wheels I started turning in his head with my words. The three mages remaining, all some fifty feet before me, all activate their statuettes, and three become thirty six, spread as a mass before us and completely blocking the trail, all drawing their knives as they move to encircle us. Some twenty five, thirty feet behind me, I see the shambling horror of aged and carved bone, cloth stitched with runic symbols, and likewise inscribed runic blades soaring ever closer to Dregas and Geodiaz-who do not seem to have spotted it. ....Is this creature invisible to the naked eye? We Harksburtons have fairly capable magic-piercing augmentations to our sight concerning invisibility (as the top ranks of Castiliathen thought, what use is a great sword if it can't see what to cut?), and it would explain his complete ignorance of it's presence, some ten feet from his from and closing fast. I see Bang, some hundred feet feet out into the well of shadow that our torches and lights do not pierce, smash through a tree, partially decelerating before he plants his feet on an old growth, tensing to leap back into the fray-I note blood coating his body, but no injuries are visible. Jezebel is loading the T.A.S.T.E. o' Doom with charges, canisters, and an electromagnet shell, a glint in her eye as she peers at Dulu's form, halfway through the field of light from the quenching lights of my wagon, as the next wagon in line brings it's own field closer. She seem to have come to conclusions of her own, but her weapon is not yet ready. The wagon drivers themselves are concerned with trying to maximize the cover of our light field by spreading out, the total field growing as it's intensity diminishes slowly.

A great deal of things are happening, and my moment to consider the field passes, and the time for action comes.

What should I say or do?
No. 187777 ID: e31d52

>(and festooned with three sapphires that I can spot)

>if mordre's eyes shatter, the energy would be released forcefully

>if these are shattered


Keddic, my good man.

No. 187778 ID: e31d52

>(lucky sevens bonus?)
No. 187784 ID: 706990

If Bob gave 666 bonus, I don't know why luvk 7777 wouldn't count.

We need to take out those mages. Priority targets: statues.
No. 187785 ID: e31d52

Bang can handle them, if his SPEEEEEEEEEEEED is any indication. And while Jez might be able to handle *inhale* DULUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, we might want to hedge our bets.
No. 187788 ID: c00244

If Dregas hasn't spotted the enemy coming for him, you must at least shout out a warning; otherwise he'll likely die.
No. 187792 ID: 2aaaf1

Quickly, use Scion's Reach and swing about in a full circle, lodge the teeth of the Proud Lion in Dulu's ankles, spin about once more and launch Dulu straight at the bone and cloth creature.

No. 187793 ID: 0a8e03


we need to do something about the undead thing before it ninjas someone
No. 187794 ID: 58d505

Datz a lot of sevens. In any case call out to Dregas and tell him to spin his club 360 and close to the ground as there is a cloaked target approaching him.

Dang, I thought of a bunch of stuff last night but I hardly remember any of it.

In any case, If you want a real fight, Dulu is the way to go. Launch yourself towards him, keeping low to the ground. When you get close break out the Proud Lion and 10, 2 foot blood tendrils. Just before getting there kick the ground to cause yourself to spin in the air and start lashing out with the tendrils in attack, stabbing more than cutting and parrying more than blocking I have a feeling that blocking against this new form is nigh useless in your current state. After you regain your footing you can add the Proud Lion to your assault. Spinning is good because you can maneuver the tendrils independently of your rotation, makes for a very disorienting rush.

Try to aim for the sapphires as much as possible.
No. 187802 ID: d1210a

[FYI, would not work, Dulu's metal form is too durable for the blade to catch without Keddic able to properly brace, which can be hard to do while in melee range.]

[The bone shambles is flying and descending on Dregas, not rising. A floor sweep would do nothing. Also Dulu melee will be shown to be a difficult subject in the following post.]

>>187777 [4x7: 7777 BONUS ....Dammit, you're starting to pull through...]

I choose to strike at the stones on Dulu's form, knowing gems to frequently be a vulnerability on enchanted objects. I leap forth as I gather power into the Proud Lion, ready to cleave this golem in twain. But blades whirl as two cleavers sweep up, knocking back my word with an odd crackling of energy on the sapphire studs about Dulu, as if energy is being discharged....

And I note the power I gathered into my sword is gone. Wonderful, some from of contact energy absorption and dispersal? Hmm, There's always some way to work around those-Dulu has a third arm unfold from his side, clutching another of the eight total identical giant cleavers he carries, slicing towards my gut as I try to recover my balance. I leap back to buy myself some time to consider a more complex manner of approaching this struggle, and-

I spare a glance back, and see the shamble of bone, cloth and wicked blades lunge forth, it's blades descending towards an unsuspecting Donwick some forty five feet behind my, it's blades mere feet from Dregas' neck. Ah.



Magnum Bang, once more traveling at a speed usually reserved for artillery grade projectiles, a massive shattered tree in the wake of his leap, dives straight towards the entity attacking Dregas. The monster of bone and blade reacts with unnatural speed, it's form writhing and contorting to bring dozens of blade to bear on the incoming human cannonball. The blades quickly begin tearing into Magnum Bang. Did he trade his life for Dregas'?

[7777 Bonus Activates]

The blades do not seem to bother the shouting Magnum Bang in the slightest, coming out streaked scarlet as the inexplicably whole warrior, his clothes in tatters, slams his foot into the skull that the shambles seems built around. Now that I am looking for it, I see his ankle and foot compressing in between instants to impossible levels as the skull refuses to budge, the entire kinetic force of a human body traveling at hundreds of miles and hour being focused into a space less than five square inches without shattering any of his bones. I see runes shining briefly on the skull, but ultimately the pressure proves simply too great, and-


The skull shatters, and the limbs of the monster go limp-

And I see drivers and Dregas alike spinning to gape at the falling form. It's invisibility has been dispelled. Has it been destroyed? ...And what did Magnum Bang just do? He lands on the ground without any apparent pain or impairment, his clothes soaked in blood and ripped to pieces, yet his scarf oddly untouched and still fluttering behind him as it's shape and size shifts. I shake my gaze about to note Jezebel finishing loading the TASTE o' Doom- and I see Dulu dashing forth to attack me, a forth arm now unfolding and likewise drawing a massive cleaver, four more still at his sides.... and I note his torso has been growing longer, his body now nine feet tall...

What should I say or do?
No. 187807 ID: b14128

Press the advantage your words are having on Dulu! Let's see if we can keep him off balance. "Who turned you into this monstrosity?! Who locked your soul into this metal prison, this golem?!"

Also, switch opponents with Magnum Bang. He doesn't use magic, so he'll have an easier time of defeating an enemy that can dispel magic.
No. 187808 ID: 706990

Fucking awesome! Damn good thing we ran into Magnum.

I propose we hold off Dulu without being too offensive but to keep him at bay while others deal with the 3 statues. After that we all concentrate on Dulu. But that might also mean that Dulu will escape again when he sees that he's vastly outnumbered.
No. 187809 ID: b14128

Actually, thinking about it, it might be best to keep up the pressure on Dulu. He's been getting taller, producing more arms, and wielding more cleavers. And he's got four more of those frickin' things. As such, I get the feeling that if we leave him be he's going to turn into something we can't handle.
No. 187819 ID: 2aaaf1

Make Dulu chase us as we make a beeline straight into Jezebel's firing range. Just before she fires at us, use the Mass Connection technique to switch places with Dulu. As we end up behind him, start swinging at his torso with as much magical and physical strength as you can summon up.

"Impressive changes, Dulu! I'll have to apologize to Mordre when we get back to the Azelhaedran State, he would've jumped at the chance to be here. Now I feel guilty, robbing Mordre of this chance to end you... But hey, you came back once, right? Don't dissapoint us next time, Dulu. See ya!"
No. 187820 ID: d3dfb8

"Dulu The Golemslayer turned to a golem? HA! Weinsho must be trying to turn you against him."
No. 187824 ID: 6834bc

"Dulu the Golemslayer, imprisoned within a golem! The very notion of it incites my rage! Weinsho did this to you, did he not? Trapping your soul, sullying your reputation, making you his pawn!
I can understand your hatred for Mordre, but think, Dulu! Did Mordre put you in this golem's body? Did Mordre use you as a pawn to murder innocent villagers? Is Mordre the one who has treated you as a commodity and a tool? No! It is Weinsho who has done all these things!

Weinsho has stolen away your humanity because it did not suit his plans! Weinsho has turned you into that which you hunt!"

Keep building power back up. Check Dulu's form - does it have any Black Steel on it, or is it perhaps made entirely of Black Steel? It may be that your magic was negated by the presence of it. If that's so, then you're going to have to get a bit creative with your aiming... of course, if the Small Tomb is made entirely of Black Steel, there's not much you can do.
No. 187827 ID: b4c60d

This while parrying and defending for >>187819 to get into Jezebel's range while still convincing him that it is not Mordre who is his Enemy - such a mortal foe is clearly one who you should respect the strength of and fight in pure battle, as man-to-man! - but Weinsho who turned him into a Golem.

Darn it, I wanted Mordre to take down Dulu, and DUUULLLLUUU to get one or two more recuring attacks agasint us...because I am getting a 'Viral' feel off this guy. I mean, how many cleavers and arms does he have now?
No. 187828 ID: 275a5d

The Taste O' Doom can arc somewhat to it's targets. Direct her to fire at the approximate location of one of the statue wielding mages.

Shout to Bang: "All the mages pose a threat, but only the ones with statues are truly real! Destroy the statue on the <Direction NOT near Jezebel's target>."

Prepare for Dulu's strike. Before his sword saps your energy again, teleport if you can, trading places with the Mage.

No. 187830 ID: e31d52

Put Dulu between yourself and Jezebel.

Yell at her to shoot at you.
No. 187832 ID: 275a5d

If he has some way to disperse energy, the question becomes: Is it magical energy only, or any type, a'la Silicanothos?
No. 187840 ID: 903f16

You know the sad part about this whole ordeal is that when we do destroy the small tomb housing Dulu, we won't have gotten rid of him. Mordre is off at the Arcanoworks so there will be no method available to absorb his soul, leaving it free to return to Weinsho yet again.
No. 187843 ID: 0a8e03

perhaps sugest that morde could free dulu?
No. 187844 ID: b14128

...Which is exactly why we're trying to convince him to quit the field.
No. 187845 ID: 706990

And how would Modre feel about it, huh?
If we persuade Dulu to turn sides (which I doubt will happen), Modre will not be able to harvest his souls anymore. And we know how he hungers for that delicious soul.
No. 187846 ID: b14128



I think Mordre would much rather have another ally rather than just another soul to add to his soul grave.
No. 187848 ID: 903f16

Except he thinks he'll win and he's probably right to think so. He has a new golem body that can presumably stretch upwards of ten feet, has eight arms each holding a large cleaver, is covered in runes, and is made of a currently unidentified alloy. Trying to convince him the cycle will repeat when he is now considerably more powerful will be hard. Doing so will probably require beating him to near submission beforehand in order to convince him this is not the proper course of action. As it stands he'll probably just mock us for being arrogant.
No. 187893 ID: d1210a

I dance backwards, continuing my retreat towards Jezebel, as I taunt the charging Small Tomb carrying Dulu's soul.

"The Golemslayer becomes a golem himself, eh? I'll have to apologize to Mordre for what I'm about to do!"

As I hear the hum of electricity behind me to note Jezebel's weapon is live, I link the mass of my own form and Dulu's Small Tomb through the Proud Lion, and leverage the power of the winding way to transpose our position as I slow. The world becomes a jumble of chaos for a moment, before my perceptions clear to show me Dulu struggling to regain his bearings from the impromptu teleportation, Jezebel's gun trained on his chest. I continue the vicious spin of my body and build of power in my sword, completing the swing I began before the transposition, speaking to Dulu as I slam the blade home into his side as I see Jezebel pulling a trigger and Magnum bang kicking the fallen shamble of bone and blade practically to pieces as he once more leaps with enough force to become a human cannonball, likewise hurtling at Dulu.

"You seem to bounce back from death fairly well: Don't disappoint me next time!"

Three things happen simultaneously.

The Proud Lion, awash with power and swung with every bit of force I could muster (if not as perfectly braced as it could have been) rebounds from Dulu's side, the light gray and non-reflective metal he is built of simply rejecting my attack to harm him, energy crackling about the few sapphires on his form as my sword is once more drained of it's magical potency.

One of Dulu's four proffered cleavers intercepts the coming electromagnetic shell from Jezebel's TASTE o' Doom, the hiss of electrified water springing from the blade as it's metal ripples for a moment while the electromagnet goes into overdrive.... and drops away, it's charge spent, the blade warped, but still functional, and the Small Tomb itself shows no damage, some few tendrils of charge still snaking across it's blade and form alike to no effect.

Magnum Bang's hurtling fist smashes into the Small Tomb's head.... and is met with almost no resistance as Dulu rocks backward with the blow, flexing his metal spine as a fifth arm unfolds, not to grasp a sword but to take hold of Magnum's leg, and fling him away, using his own momentum to throw the warrior deep into the woods hundreds of feet away, as if discarding unwanted detritus. His form still curled backwards, Dulu's upside-down gaze regards me as I feel a hand close about my leg, realizing a sixth arm has unfolded, and Dulu's torso has grown longer still. As my weight leaves the ground before I can act, I hear Dulu's response.

"I will not disappoint you now, Harksburton."

He flings me straight up, my body only beginning to descend after ascending to some fifty feet in height-

And I note Dulu's small tomb to now be 12 feet tall, it's torso maddeningly long, eight arms holding eight cleavers as he awaits my descent, ignoring Jezebel, who still seems shocked at how little impact her attack had.

Just what is Dulu's form made of, it's just as durable as the few times I had to face something made of Black Steel, but lacks every other feature of the metal. ...But with Dulu's preternatural Awareness that Mordre cautioned me of, that durability seems a potent thing indeed, considering how nimble the Small Tomb is proving....

As my descent to the coming blender of blades that Dulu seems intent on being, I note that the mages have been spreading out while I have focused on Dulu-and I can no longer tell which ones have statuettes, all too distant from me to switch places with to avoid what awaits my return to the earth. Hmm....

What should I do?
No. 187895 ID: 445c48

I don't suppose there's any way you could switch places with, say, a horse on your way down?
No. 187896 ID: d3dfb8

when you come in close switch places with Dulu, laugh in his face as he falls on his ass. Then retreat for a bit and see if magnum bang has any more tricks up his sleeve while you recover.
No. 187898 ID: b4c60d

...How about Dulu again? If you can swap while in the middle of the air, it might stun him again and drop him a fair distance?

No. 187899 ID: 445c48

> laugh in his face as he falls on us and crushes us
No. 187900 ID: a594b9

I support this amazingly clever idea. Dulu is likely to expect you to switch places with him, so this will surprise him.

"It's Mordre you're after? Well I respect your strength and offer a deal: Call off your shadow mages and stop this fight, and we'll ensure that you get a one-on-one fight with Mordre. With your new body you should have no problems defeating him, yes?"
No. 187903 ID: b4c60d

Yes, but then we:

No. 187905 ID: a594b9

The mages are too far away.
No. 187911 ID: a594b9

Wait a second... does Dulu even know what Weinsho is planning?

"Why do you work for Weinsho? Is it money? Maybe we can beat his price. Is it loyalty? What has he done for you?"
No. 187916 ID: 275a5d

Something like this, but lets not degrade Mordre, here.

"You wish to target Mordre? Odd, then, he'd informed me that you were an individual of some measure of honor. I see none of it here.

Instead you lay ambushes when you outnumber your opponents, and refuse to just go and face him yourself. Has the death of your body unnerved you so, coward?"



No. 187918 ID: 275a5d

Also, To Jezebel:

No. 187919 ID: d3dfb8


No. 187927 ID: 58d505

Ya ya, this. also use yo dang blood.
No. 187930 ID: b4c60d

It does feel like we're fleeing...and KEDDIC UPPERCUT FINISH feels so right for this.
No. 187933 ID: 275a5d

Except hes demonstrated he's stupidly flexible. Have you ever seen a cat twist midair to land on its feet?

Now imagine that cat has 8 arms with huge swords.

Thats Dulu if we try to blink-uppercut him, I imagine.

Its not running away, it's dodging a blow.
No. 187934 ID: 445c48

Would we be in range to switch with a mage if we switch with Dulu? The wording leads me to believe not, but it might mean that we can't do it in midair. If we can, then we should switch with Dulu and then immediately switch with a mage so Dulu crushes him.

Otherwise voting for switching for a Horse if we're close enough
No. 187938 ID: d3dfb8

Double switch would be really manly, if its possible to switch with one of our enemies do so, otherwise just >>187916
No. 187949 ID: 445c48

oh yeah I did not see this

voting this if we can't doubleswitch
No. 187950 ID: d1210a

I well blood from my side and send a sanguine lance hurtling to the ground as I speak to Dulu, my impeccably crisp speaking allowing me to communicate rather swiftly, a vital trait when plummeting to one's potential doom and trying to irk out a solid line or two.

"You wish to target Mordre? Odd, he'd mentioned you to have some measure of honor. I see none of it here."

Dulu;s lithe movements tremble, losing some of their fluid grace as my spear of blood strikes the ground, I drive forth anchoring spikes, and drag myself towards the earth.... toward the mages.

"Ambushes when you outnumber your opponents, refusing to just go and face him yourself. Has the death of your body unnerved you so, coward?"

Again I see Dulu's movements twitch, even as I close distance enough to transpose myself and a nearby mage (a copy or not, I do not know), before using my now freely mobile whip of blood to grasp the now midair mage, and fling his form towards Dulu's hesitant form, trying to make the most of what my words bought me. I find myself thrilled to be in battle against a foe I must even war against with my mind to have a hope of victory, waging psychological warfare. A most interesting zest to the totality of mortal combat!

I see Dulu almost absentmindedly spin and writhe as the mage draws close, and the form simply falls to pieces, shredded scores of times in an instant, the released shadows drawn into the blades and dispersed as crackling energy from the sapphires adorning Dulu's lengthy and damnably flexible form, his head cocked to the side as he considers my words. I hear a creak of wood and a heavy impact, and glance to see Magnum Bang crouched in a partly broken treetop, still swaying from his forceful arrival.

"Strong, durable, fast, flexible, aware, and deft with those blades. It's got reach, and way more directions it can attack from. Anything else? And ideas?"

I see Dregas guiding Geodiaz in a charge at Dulu, still some fifty feet away, the club held high, and the metal skeleton embedded in it;s head bearing blazing eyes sockets, a palpable potency about the thing. I see Donwick clutching a hand to his chest, while the many of the remaining mages lash out with a volley of solid shadow, only to fall short, our superior lighting allowing the caravan to avoid harm-for now. The electrically powered lights, the brightest, are steadily fading, and Jezebel had mentioned we are getting low on prepared charges.

The eleven or so mages nearest us whip out tendrils of shadow at Magnum Bang and myself, clearly bearing a grudge against us. ...Well, we have killed two of their number, and they came here to kill us anyway, so it would stand to reason. Magnum Bang does not seem to be paying any attention to the approaching wires, still awaiting a plan or further comments on Dulu's capabilities from me.

What should I say or do?
No. 187963 ID: a594b9

Warn Bang, dodge wires.

I hope Dregas isn't going to have his soul get burned away by the club...

Jezebel should start using some of her not-electrical weapons to do some damage to the shadow mages.

Bang and Keddick should similarly attack the mages. We are on a time limit here! If we don't reduce their number, the caravan is TOAST.

"To have put you in that golem means Weinsho is using Soul magic. A master of Soul magic, leading a campaign to overthrow the State? If Weinsho is allowed to continue, it'll be Mosmordre all over again. Mordre is acting against him. You could say he has more honor than YOU!"
No. 187980 ID: a594b9

Oh, if the electrical sources are fading, then the others should start lighting more shit on fire, and get all the light sources closer together to make a more intense shield over the caravan.
No. 187981 ID: 445c48

Tell Bang and Jez to go after the bloody mages.
No. 187982 ID: 427680

The small tomb is quite possibly using the gathered energy to reinforce its durability. This would explain why the armor seems similar to black steel as it is actively being infused with magic to make it stronger. Our winding way sword strikes rebounded so easily because Keddic's power was used against him. Countering it with another draining attack is worth a good try. Let's ask Dregas/Geodiaz to do a two handed all-out mace swing at Keddic and swap places with Dulu at the last second. This attack will be nearly unavoidable and I look forward to seeing the soul and magic draining mace meet the sapphires on Dulu's golem body. Soul tends to be the most powerful form of magic so it is likely to be a crippling blow!

we can also indirectly power the Proud Lion. If Keddic anchors some short blood tendrils to the ground and uses them to drive his weapon together with the Way of the Harksburtons then it might be possible to do some damage without directly touching Dulu with magic.

"Magnum Bang, keep up your good work on those mages. We'll take the measure of Dulu in the meantime! Dregas and Geodiaz: hit my Proud Lion with your entire spirit!"

Then hold the sword up as if to receive the blow from Geodiaz and do the swap with Dulu.
No. 187985 ID: 58d505

*Rub back of head* "Though I suppose it's useless to argue with a man who literally sold his soul. HA why go the normal route at all eh, when you can just run to daddy and tell him to kiss it and make it better. Quite an unfortunate turn of events. From what Mordre said, you would have been a good fight before,"*smirk*"or were you daddy's good little boy back then too"
Feel free to paraphrase or disregard.
No. 187986 ID: 2aaaf1

"The first and foremost problem we must attend to are those damnable Sapphires. Brute force won't work because they absorb energy from any source. I wonder, if I got you close enough, could you pluck them from Dulu's body? I think the caravan should be fine if we keep these shadowy fiends attacking us, though it is a bit unnerving that Dulu would slay his own men, regardless of those statues being able to make more. While his body is strong, his mind wavers easily, that we can use to our advantage."
No. 187988 ID: 275a5d

If we're going to make an opening for Dregas, we need to keep up the psychological warfare. Otherwise PRETERNATURE AWARENESS will fuck us.

"I heard from Mordre that twice he faced you in combat. The first, he withheld his own troops to face you one on one. You fled claiming respect for your foe. Where is that now, Golemslayer?

The second time, he came for you alone, did he not? Yet you refused to fight him, and instead protected a slayer of defenseless women, unsuspecting CHILDREN!

Where was the honor, the nobility, the drive to test yourself against your foe, in THAT, 'Golemslain?'"
No. 187989 ID: 275a5d

Obviously, you should be waging your own attack at the very limit of Dulu's reach as you say this. Preferably facing him away from Dregas.
No. 187991 ID: b4c60d

Is it the words that are making him hesitent, or is it attacking the ground? Just noticing he winces whenever we hit the ground with our blood spears...
No. 187994 ID: 275a5d

> Dulu's new form is made of Morphic Steel, and he would be interested greatly if you offered him his staff back. Mordre did comment about the thing to Keddic.

"Dulu, if there is any shred of Pride left in you, you'll call off this senseless attack on our charges and handle this the proper way.

I might even be able to convince Mordre to return that strange weapon of yours. Does still have it, as I recall."

If Dulu reacts, to this, signal Donwhick and Bang to cease their charge. If not, continue with previous plan.
No. 188004 ID: b4c60d

No. 188007 ID: 275a5d

No. 188061 ID: d1210a

"Bang, 'ware the dark wires!"
At my words, I see Magnum shrug as he leaps skyward, safely placing himself out of the reach of this barrage as the tree he stood on splinters earthward. I shout out my next command immediately on the tail of the last, looking to prolong our total group's survivability with more light: After all, only Bang and I can even see through this shadow besides our foes, and all the mages are shrouded there.

"Light everything you can spare! Jezebel, non-charge pack area of effect weapons would be rather helpful! Bang, the Statuettes, we must find them! And 'ware the Sapphires!"

I see people turning coats, hats and unneeded canvas to the fire, and the light spreads as the torches greatly re-surge in intensity, and Jezebel leaps to a different caravan, clearly thinking of something that might help. I see Bang's scarf spreading like twin capes or even wings behind him, and abruptly reverse his upward thrust, as his foot extends earthward, plummeting towards the mages, a gleeful shout heralding his terminal impact with a mage, foot to face.


Magnum cleaves the mages he hits in twain, and hits the ground running, converting as much of his momentum to his ground mobility as possible, his arms lashing out, five mages torn in half at the waist. I call out to Dulu even while I leap towards the nearest mage, conserving my magic for a future use as I simply keep my defenses up and strike at any of the twenty nine total mages I can reach.

"SO, I heard from Mordre that twice he faced you in combat. The first, he withheld his own troops to face you one on one. You fled claiming respect for your foe. Where is that now, Golemslayer?"

Again, Dulu halts in his motion, regarding me as he twists and stretches eight metal arms with freakish flexibility spinning swords about as his head, a series of eight horizontal bars, four jutting out, four sunk in, each with a pair of softly glowing eyes peering fourth, make the totality of his face.... how does he speak? I manage to strike down the shadow wires that come my way as I cleave a mage, and then finally another, my experience allowing me to circumvent their pesky teleportation with time... but they are already preparing a second volley. I call out again as I see a foot step forward, refusing to let this possible opportunity pass. Ah, the verbal dance in a deathly struggle, I personally find it quite mentally invigorating when in a fight of some note like this. In fact, I'd say I enjoy it nearly as much as the blood shed itself! My voice rings out clear stopping Dulu cold again.

"The second time, he came for you alone, did he not? Yet you refused to fight him, and instead protected a slayer of defenseless women, unsuspecting CHILDREN! Where was the honor, the nobility, the drive to test yourself against your foe, in THAT, 'Golemslain?'... and Golemhoused?"

I see Dulu hesitate again, as Geodiaz actually manages to get within twenty feet of the Small Tomb, practically exactly behind him, the club already starting to sail earthward. I leap forth, already spreading a net of blood about myself and preparing multiple lances with spikes to anchor myself as I swing back a non-magically-infused Proud Lion, driving my bracing and torso based accelerator deep into the ground for support as I swing at Dulu with dreadful speed. For a moment he looks as if he was to lazily deflect it and disembowel me with three or four other arms, but he realizes the speed change in time that he puts his full focus to defense. He is further surprised as the blade has roughly five times the force behind it as when I swing with normal bracing on foot alone. Dulu has to solidly plant his feet to block the blow, unable to simply parry it off as I smirk out another attack name. Must keep the theme going, and Magnum has been most consistent.


As Dulu focuses to block my blow, Donwick's heavy blow swings down towards his head, only feet away-

And Dulu writhes out of the way, wrapping himself about the clay golem's over-sized club before standing to regard Dregas and myself. I only barely manage to not stumble when Dulu stopped trying to block my blow, such swift movements.... It reminds me of that morphic fluid Mordre has at the Arcanoworks, and the morphic weapons... is it some sort of.. Morphic Steel? But damn, does it make for a fast and NIMBLE golem! And durable too, quite the high survivability combination! Dulu regards us both with swords spread wide as a strangely echoing voice pours forth, his eyes vibrating as he speaks through the Small Tomb. Bang continues to busy himself with the mages, their numbers now reduced to twenty six. The man is a master of one strike, one kill, it's rather enjoyable to view, as a fellow fan of overwhelming power to show the strength of one's passion and conviction, rather than simple skill.

"...Mordre would be willing to return my staff, even during hostilities? Is this true, Keddic?"


What should I say or do?
No. 188067 ID: 275a5d


"I cannot speak with surety beyond doubt, but should you cease these hostilities, I have the utmost confidence that an accord could be met.

Besides, I'd think he'd see the safety of his wares and people as a definite sign of good faith, and you'd have my vouching on the matter. But again, there is still the matter of the thirty or so shadowmages attacking our people!"
No. 188071 ID: 45be60

Did um... did we actually say that thing about returning his staff, or is he psychic?
No. 188074 ID: 275a5d

I think it's an accidental omission...probably?
No. 188076 ID: e31d52

"I cannot speak for Mordre, Dulu. But I am certain he holds more hatred towards Weinsho than he does towards you, and he would be happy to have another ally on his side. Let us cease this pointless fight, neither of us can truly wound the other."
No. 188084 ID: d1210a


[Yeah, pretend Keddic had directly suggested getting the Staff back]
No. 188140 ID: 706990

Okay, so Dulus new form absorbs all of the magic build up in Keddics sword and we strongly suspect that it gives him more and more power and he rapidly grows.

I think that when Dulu came back with the report, he told about the devastating AA attack that almost literally obliterated everything it touched. So Weishiro constructed a golem to use that power for his own.
If Modre ever faces new Dulu in one-on-one fight, under no circumstances should we use AA on him. It has build up ENORMOUS amounts of energy by now (running for two weeks, grand battle against bunch of golems). If this theory is correct we will OVERPOWER Dulu in one shot, he might spontaneously grow 100 feet and spring up thousand of arms or something.
No. 188145 ID: 1ac39d

everything has an upper limit. balloons get bigger the more you put in them but put too much and BANG!
No. 188155 ID: 706990

That, I considered too but who know maybe he can dump energy if it build up too much ?
No. 188159 ID: 58d505

Am I the only one getting a general Grevious+ feel to this guy?
No. 188164 ID: 706990

What do you mean?
No. 188176 ID: e31d52

Dulu is made of Morphic steel, which uses magical energy to alter is composition and fluidity. When magical energy is pumped into the crystals, it creates new limbs for him. There has to be an upper limit of usefulness, or else he'll just become Ball of Arms Golem.
No. 188177 ID: 1ac39d

just pump him up to max and then use the AA, that much magic at once would overload him and ether cause him to just pop or something really bad.
No. 188179 ID: 58d505

Just all the swords and arms and stuff. In the animated series he proved to be quite a badass for the few times I watched it and saw him.
No. 188180 ID: 58d505

I can't find the scene I'm recalling anywhere, but I remember him taking on around 3(?) Jedi by himself and he was winning (Or at the very least not losing). Unbelievable I know.
No. 188216 ID: d1210a

Hoh-hoo... I think I may have Dulu's new body pegged. If it is made of Morphic Steel, the solid state of the morphic fluid (rather uninspired names, but as I recall Mordre was operating off the terminology gained from the late Lord Barcho) back at the Arcanoworks. Since the material is highly reactive to magic, in terms of changing the materials state, it would be likely that for Dulu's body to grow, it needs a commensurate amount of magic. Considering each time an arm has unfolded or Dulu's form has shifted, it has come after Dulu was struck with a magically enforced blow, with those sapphires on his body already shown to absorb power on contact. Magic from an outside source may be needed to instigate his changes... though with all eight swords he carries in hand, I don't know how much use such information will have right now. Still, it bears noting as I ignore the mages about our group, only Bang still out in the dark field surrounding us, still busy tearing through mages who cannot get their shadowed attacks to pierce our curtain of light. Between Jezebel's inventions and the rekindled torches, our non-combatants seem relatively safe for now as I speak to Dulu, still perched on the motionless form of Geodiaz's arm with a sword feet away from Dregas's heart.

"I cannot speak with surety beyond doubt, but should you cease these hostilities, I have the utmost confidence that an accord could be met. Besides, I'd think he'd see the safety of his wares and people as a definite sign of good faith, and you'd have my vouching on the matter. But again, there is still the matter of the thirty or so shadowmages attacking our people!"

The four pairs of eyes stacked on Dulu's face shiver as a keening laugh comes from his metal form, his reply sounding hollow and scornful.

"You misunderstand. I have no interest in a cessation of hostilities, Mordre HAS claimed my life and bested me twice, I'm not about to simply let that go-and besides, you've killed several of Weinsho's little puppets here, I doubt they'd be inclined to stop just because you ask. No, we were talking about my staff, and the fact it could be returned to me."
>"Then how do you expect to get your staff back? I cannot speak for Mordre, Dulu. But I am certain he holds more hatred towards Weinsho than he does towards you, and he would be happy to have another ally on his side. Let us cease this pointless fight, neither of us can truly wound the other."

Without warning, Dulu's coiled form about Geodiaz's arm launches forth, a whirling blender of dancing blades catapulting through the air, soaring towards my form. I try to parry his storm of blows, but the multitude of blades is too much for me to completely avoid, and on the fifth strike Dulu throws my way, he slams his cleaver into my right should, and-

My blood, instead of stopping the attack cold, stretches, gives, and warps, the blade sinking in deep enough to strike and chip bone, a deep, incapacitating gash festooning my right shoulder as Dulu stops his attack, regarding me calmly as he holds blades poised all about my body, a hairsbreadth away from simply dicing me to pieces. He speaks as I continue to feel my command of my own blood weakening about the sword still lodged in my arm.

"You have been operating under mistaken assumptions. This is not a stalemate, or any sort of fair bargaining position. There is exactly one thing keeping you from being slain by my hand, Keddic, and that is my desire to have my staff returned to me."

Dulu bends his towering spine, peering at my face as he continues, Magnum Bang still shouting as he madly dashes about the darkness, seeking places to dispense his commonly terminal strikes to.

"Now, Mordre has my staff, and we come back to your comment he might be willing to return it before his and Weinsho's contest comes to an end. If you can provide me some proof that this is so, I may find myself so distracted I quit the battlefield, and leave you to deal with Weinsho's little pets unmolested. So what's your proof Mordre would be willing to return my weapon to me?"

Dulu's head sharply twists to the side, regarding my from a horizontal orientation as I see Jezebel finally wresting a large bag from the wagon she was searching through. Dulu's head clicks again, and spins about to twist the other way, once more regarding me sideways as I see Magnum Bang once more tear a fist through a shadow mage, bringing their total numbers to twenty three-and I see all twenty three reach their free hand into a pocket as Magnum continues his assault, his eyes still darting about in search of statuettes.

"Speak quickly, heir of Harksburton, or I shall grow bored... and you shall die."

....With how dead-to-rights he was able to place me in just a moment of being in melee range, I may just believe him. I had suspected he would grow more dangerous as he sprouted more arms, but that flexibility and speed makes fighting him now like fighting a writhing wall of blades, too many simultaneous attacks from multiple angles for any single swordsman to have a real chance. Hmm.....

What should I say or do?
No. 188226 ID: 275a5d


Don't back down for a second. Don't grunt in pain, don't even look worried.

"If you want any hope of your weapon being returned to you, remove your blade now.

Now then. As I was saying, Mordre seems to care more for his goods and his hires than I've seen him show towards your weapon. I expect he keeps it mostly as a reminder that you apparently escaped him.

In exchange for you're..."quitting of the battlefield", I think he'd see it as more than a fair trade. And besides, as I've heard, he's made fair and honorable agreements with those who have been hired to work against him before, when other options would have proved quicker and easier (referencing Askeladd and the Reavers here).

So whats your choice? Either as good a chance to get what you desire as you'll ever find, or forsake any hope of it.

Should you agree, we will talk on the manner of delivery once I've secured my companion's safety."
No. 188232 ID: 2aaaf1

"False assumptions indeed, Dulu. I'm not going to beg for you, because that would require me to be bested by an opponent with some fragment of dignity. Clearly I was mistaken; you seem to enjoy this abominable form, and I doubt you need a metal toothpick to complete that lovely visage you now bear. Forget it Dulu, I offered you the only chance you'll ever have of seeing the thing again. I'll tell Mordre you said hello."

Now Keddic, it's time we showed the golemslayer how a real man fights. Eject a sizeable amount of blood straight onto Dulu's torso, use the iron in your blood to erode the runes around the Sapphires, then crush them.

No. 188240 ID: d1210a

[...Dulu has been shown to absorb magic on contact, exactly how do you expect magically powered blood to be viable in a melee situation where contact with said magic absorbing golem is going to occur? Just an FYI that trying this would kill Keddic rather spectacularly, as >>187552 did use his marker for this fight.]
No. 188256 ID: 90afd8

Bob has repeatedly pointed out that Magnum does not seem to be magical to Keddic, if that's true of him not being magical, and he is as strong as it appears so there could be away to stop Dulu without being hurt too bad. We need to risk the clay golem even more. Rock slide to the back of Dulu and using a piece of earth as shield, make him take out his frustrustions on the regenerative golem. THEN as this is going on, having Magnum attack the gemstones, not directly but their fittings mind you. Not so much hitting them as trying to yank them out. After doing this and with it working, I believe he'll be either powerless or less powerful...
No. 188257 ID: 2aaaf1

Damn it, I don't suppose we could scratch off a tiny portion of the runes that power those Sapphires with the Proud Lion? And I can't speak for the rest of you guys, but I am pretty tired of Dulu crashing every party. And I REALLY don't feel like bending my knee for this fool. It's totally up to you guys, your concensus matters more than mine.
No. 188271 ID: 706990

That staff must hold some kind of sentimental value to him or something.

yeah don't do this.

Tell him that Modre holds you high regards and certainly listen to what you say. also >>188226
No. 188275 ID: b4c60d

As I see it we have a few options:
1)We can listen to him, return to Mordre and try to convince him to give us the Staff. Two things can come of this:
a) We return our Enemy, as Dulu has just proven himself without honor, a weapon he greatly treasures and possibly increase his power.
b) Or we can return it to him but spring a trap of our own. This is rather ungentlemanly and vile.
2) We fight him, which is honorable but may lead to our death.
3) We stall him and hope that ourselves, Jezebel, MANGUM BANG and Lord Dregas can work togeather to attack this Golemslain and defeat him, which might end in us dying as well.
No. 188276 ID: 706990

>b) Or we can return it to him but spring a trap of our own. This is rather ungentlemanly and vile.

How could you even propose this? Now way someone from HARKSBURTON line is going to do this!

Anyway, the safest is seems to be to give his damn staff.
Or We could have Magnum deal with him as he's not magically inclined. While we run around and destroy the last of the mages.
No. 188281 ID: b4c60d

Yes, but this Dulu is no gentleman, having sprunga trap of his own. It is still a vile act and deplorable, but I worry what would be gained from giving our Enemy such a weapon.
No. 188284 ID: 275a5d

Its cut a deal or die, I think. Before growing him 8 arms and weapons, we may have had a chance, but at the moment, we might be in trouble.

Thankfully, his growth is probably only temporary. Otherwise he would have just started this fight powered up beforehand.
No. 188288 ID: 706990

I thought that too. But I am afraid that he takes the staff eats it and get permanent boost.... though I think Mordre will be able to deal with him even in this form, you guys come up with great tacticool plans.
No. 188297 ID: 58d505

*sigh* I suggest that you either give in now or switch places with Dulu and hope that ol' Jez over there has his ticket. Second option likely to get you killed, even if it does work.
No. 188300 ID: d1210a

I ignore the pain and loss of feeling in my arm, withdrawing most of the magic surrounding the blade to minimize the amount of magic being drained out of my body. I have felt worse hundreds of times before, and with the mental warring being wages through our words still in full swing, I cannot afford to be distracted. I reply in a clam and reasonable tone, completely ignoring the struggle about us as I focus on Dulu.

"If you want any hope of your weapon being returned to you, remove your blade now."

Dulu's head spins back upright as the eight eyes festooning his face of horizontal bars flicker in contemplation, before Dulu finally draws his blade from my shoulder, taking care to not wrench further flesh out with a spiteful turn of the blade. He tilts his head again, prompting me to continue, even as I see Magnum Bang going into overdrive in his attempt to eradicate the shadowmages, their numbers dropping below twenty-only for a glow of shadow to be seen about three of the standing mages, and their numbers swell back up to thirty six. Dregas notes my speech with Dulu, and pantomimes to me a question of whether he should stay here to assist me against Dulu, or if he should do something else. I dare not try to reply now with Dulu still so focused on me (and more importantly, he still has me in melee range)

"Now then. As I was saying, Mordre seems to care more for his goods and his hires than about your weapon. I expect he keeps it mostly as a reminder that you apparently escaped him."
>"If you expect me to take a personality assessment of Mordre as 'proof'...."
"I do not, but you also cannot deny the staff hardly does him any good when he cannot attend to it in person."
>"...The point is conceded, that rationally a Soul Grave would have very limited means to manipulate or employ my staff."
"In exchange for you're..."quitting of the battlefield", I think he'd see it as more than a fair trade."
>"You 'think' he'd see it so? Again, I find myself unconvinced of the truthfulness of your offer, who would return a weapon to an established foe?"
"Well, as I've heard it, he's made fair and honorable agreements with those who have been hired to work against him before, when other options would have proved quicker and easier (referencing Askeladd and the Reavers here)."
>"So you quote pragmatism as a driving force for why he would accept this offer?"
"Pragmatism as a consistent behavioral trend, to be more specific, in addition to the aforementioned difficulty a Soul Grave has manipulating a normally scaled weapon."

Dulu has no words to offer at this, perfectly still as he regards me. I see Magnum shatter a rock during a kickoff, hurtling through the air at one of the three mages recently wreathed in shadows, only to have his foes fade out of existence, re-appearing outside of his line of attack, dodging a terminal condition of fist to face. ...I also note the torches starting to burn through their extra fuel, while Jezebel's lights hit an intensity only half as bright as the beginning of this struggle. The next volley of solidified shadow wires lashing towards the caravan and getting dangerously close before evaporating in the light. I note Jezebel yelling at several drivers as she hands them several flat disks, already flinging the devices out into the shadows surrounding the camp. I spare a glance back to Dregas, to see him slowly shift a hand towards his belt-

-and brush against Jezebel's lightning gun, and drawing my attention to the W.A.S.P. spear-head, a simple handle bolted to the blade, likewise within Donwick's reach. Both weapons look armed, and at this distance Dregas could likely toss either to me.... if Dulu was not still practically on top of me.... I continue speaking as Dulu continues to regard me silently, eight blades arrayed about my body and poised to dice me.

"So whats your choice? Either as good a chance to get what you desire as you'll ever find, or forsaking any hope of it being reclaimed."

Again, Dulu says nothing-

And steps back, pulling his blades farther from my personage as he finally speaks again.

>"....If I were to agree to your proposed exchange, how would I reclaim my staff?"
"Should you agree, we will talk on the manner of delivery once I've secured the safety of my companions."

Again, I have a tense moment of staring down a non-responsive Dulu, both of us motionless, weapons at the ready and barely ten feet apart, as I wonder if he'll bite. ...I also notice that Dregas would have a clear shot to toss me either of the two weapons he currently possesses, and Bang is having trouble with the mages, who seem to be acclimatizing to his brutal but ultimately straightforward fighting style, and are giving him some difficulty, the statuettes managing to avoid destruction, hidden in the pockets of only three of more than thirty identical mages, who periodically flicker in and out of existence. I am almost startled by Dulu finally speaking again as I finish pulling the last of my spilled blood staining my arm back into my body.

What should I say or do?
No. 188305 ID: d3dfb8

>I am almost startled by Dulu finally speaking again as I finish pulling the last of my spilled blood staining my arm back into my body.

... What did he say?
No. 188309 ID: 275a5d

Let him speak.

"Dregas, help Bang, lest he be overwhelmed while I attend to this matter.

Do you have a decision, Dulu?"
No. 188311 ID: d1210a

[He started to speak, got like half a syllable, and paused. (Think like someone having a 'searching for a word' moment. Keddic has no such moment, and could speak before Dulu works out how he wants to say whatever it is he was going to say. This may also influence WHAT that eventual thing Dulu says will be. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.]
No. 188316 ID: 706990

Didn't Jezbels lighting attack give him more power the previous time we employed it? Or did he just block it and the power dissipated?

Anyway, this fight is going worse and worse, I say we try to persuade Dulu into leaving and then holding our end of the bargain.
No. 188319 ID: 275a5d

He blocked the Taste O' Doom with little to no damage with his sword.
No. 188324 ID: b4c60d

And I really don't think the spear would do much more.
No. 188364 ID: 706990

As I said before, maybe it holds sentimental value to him or maybe he eats it and levels up so who knows?
No. 188378 ID: d1210a

I shout out a quick order to Dregas, giving Dulu time to complete his thought, the hesitant way he speaks now suggesting I may have reached him.

"Dregas, help Bang whilst I attend to this."

I see Donwick only take a moment to accept my command, Geodiaz's eye sockets glowing dimly as it marches towards the gloom, closing it's hand about Dregas' form protectively, it's finger's reshaped to seal about the carried operator. A wise choice on Dregas' part, and judging from the eyes and pair of rune I see lit up, he seems to have recognized and activated a useful trick: Seeing through a touched golem's gaze. Maybe he will be able to see in the shadow, after all, excellent.

"....Then, for the fair and safe return of the staff, come strike at my side. I shall feign injury, and act inoperable, giving you time to aid your allies against Weinsho's drones."


Dulu hold's his blades in a more aggressive stance, one that does make him more open to attack... and puts a great many blades about that opening.

....Should I do as Dulu says, or do I say/do something else?
No. 188415 ID: 706990

Do what he says, no treacherous shenanigans.
No. 188417 ID: c00244

Considering that he could have slaughtered you at almost any point during the negotiations thus far, you may as well gamble on his having enough honor to keep to his proposed agreement.
No. 188420 ID: b4c60d

>How could you even propose treachery? Now way someone from HARKSBURTON line is going to do that!

But yeah, strike at his side. Thank Dulu, there still may be an honored soul in there and, even if not, it may still cause confusion. And strike hard...although not as hard as to forsake your HARKSBURTON HONOR! Then...assist! And remember to bring this up with Mordre.
No. 188423 ID: a594b9

I wonder how the shadow drones would react to the lightning gun, hmm?

Strike at his side and use the force to propel yourself past him and towards the lightning gun, then zap ye some shadows.

Or maybe we should take the charge out and use it to light another bulb?
No. 188439 ID: 427807

I dont trust Dulu. Why would he need to pretend to be disabled to exit battle? He probably knows the shadow mages are going to die soon enough, so they wont have the chance to inform Weinsho of Dulu's deceit.
No. 188443 ID: d3dfb8

Yes, defiantly totally going to die. Because, you know, he didn't get away last time or anything.
No. 188472 ID: d1210a

...I decide to trust Dulu.

I charge forth, hefting my sword (doing my best to hide how impaired my arm became after that attack that ignored my blood-based armoring. Dulu for his part lumbers forth, blades dancing through the air, looking greatly deadly-but the opening remains static. I dart in, slamming a sword into Dulu's side, taking advantage of the gap in his defenses, and the Proud Lion, rather than rebounding from his form, sinks in deep, cutting as deep as a a person's spine might be found, as Dulu spasms. I leap past his falling form, pulling my sword free to note that on closer inspection his side has not been cut but reshaped, made to passively look as if cleaved half in twain. ...Just how flexible is that Morphic Steel? Before I can plunge into the darkness to join Bang and Dregas in fighting the mages, I here Jezebel urgently cry out for my attention.

"Keddic, get those two back to the caravans NOW!"

In Jezebel's hand I see a pocket watch, one of those marvels that they are wont to make on the islands, and the look on her face makes me wonder what those things she and the drivers were scattering about the shadows do. Nevertheless I decide not to question her, instead bounding forth as swiftly as I can, bellowing to Bang and Dregas.


Bang looks ready to question the command, but at Donwick's prompt acquiescence, immediately wheeling Geodiaz about to lumber back to camp, the scarlet scarf sporting super soldier springs forth, quickly surpassing Dregas. In seconds all of us are within the curtain of remaining (and dwindling) light, and I see Bang turning to ask me a question as Jezebel smiles while taking her eyes off the pocketwatch.


As Dulu continues to spasm on the ground, as if struggling with a damaged host golem, I see thunder and explosions rock about the landscape, the darkness surrounding the camp banished as we are surrounded by a cacophony of sound, heat and light, screams flying forth all about. The remaining darkness shivers, losing potency, as I see only a scant seven mages groggily beginning to stand amongst the smoke.... and I already see one moving his hand towards his pocket. Currently, all our forces are grouped about the caravans. At the head of the caravan, Dulu writhes on the ground as if wounded. To the left, three mages are rising to their feet, one of them the one already reaching towards his pocket, and on our right the other four mages, each individual trying to regain their footing far too widely spread for any but possibly bang being able to strike more than one in an appreciable amount of time. Each mage is approximately fifty feet away, dispersed about the shadows still surrounding our caravan.

What should I say or do? Do I have any orders for anyone?
No. 188474 ID: 0a8e03


weinsho is an evil wizard, do you really belive he does not have some sort of crystal ball or scrying thing?
No. 188477 ID: a594b9

Okay, Bang can kill one of the ones that's reaching into his pocket, and you can kill the other.

Either use one of your extended range abilities or just switch with the thing just before Dregan's golem smashes your original position.
No. 188478 ID: a594b9

Oh wait. 50 feet away? That's no good.

Hey, maybe Bang can brace against YOU to get his liftoff towards the group of four mages, and you can use that extra kinetic energy to leap to the group of three?
No. 188480 ID: 445c48

Point at the one reaching into his pocket as though your hand is a gun and then shout BANG and bring your thumb down. You know what I mean. I am poor at conveying my ideas.
No. 188481 ID: b4c60d

This could kill us. Bang does destroy cliffsides when he pushes off, remember? Time for another Oggroth special! Have Geodiaz throw you!
No. 188485 ID: b4c60d

HAHA! YES! And when he throws us, EXPLODE YOUNG KEDDIC! Spear each mage upon your bloody talons! Release that blood to strike at every foe! BECOME AS THE MAELSTROM YOURSELF! WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON: BLOODY ROAR! This would be best if you struck down those four mages yourself while MAGNUM BANG and Lord Dregas destroy the remaining three! Then ONWARD!

and I swear to god if the fucking dice hate us again, they die and we switch to coin tosses and reading entrails
No. 188587 ID: d1210a


I steady myself in a braced stance as Magnum's head whips about, and I see a feral grin on his face as he regards my proffered back, where I continue to reinforce and harden the blood in my veins, and suffuse myself with Will to improve the general durability of my body. Even if I cannot move all that swiftly at range, Magnum can, and as he leaps to my back, I know he grasped my plan. Bang tenses, and leaps.


my back is immediately transformed into a knot of pain as I am flung forth, only barely able to stabilize my hectic liftoff. I see a mage finally raising his head to appraise the area, and cleave him in half with a vicious spinning slash as I twist about to crash to the ground, already looking for other targets. I see Bang placing his fist through the midsection of the mage yet reaching for his pocket, the fist smashing the hidden hand and (presumably) the statue within as it tears a gory hole through the mage's side. Seven become five in the space of an instant, Dregas lumbering to support Bang in taking down the remaining two mages on the far side as I peer about. I spot one of the mages, a knee still planted on the earth in the wake of Jezebel's explosive attack, some forty feet away, and leap forth as I let blood flow and grasp the Proud Lion, whipping the sword back mid-leap to lash it forth, a blurred razor at the end of my prehensile sanguine cord, shredding the mage to pieces before I land, the blade and blood together like unto a massive and horrifically lethal lash at my command..


I start dashing towards the two remaining figures on my side of the caravan, seventy and ninety feet away respectively, both almost completely recovered. I see neither one reaching for their pockets, though both are peering about hurriedly, their eyes darting about the surrounding shadows. I note Magnum again miss one of the mages thank to their confounding propensity to teleport over short distances within the field of shadow, as Dregas joins Bang in engaging the remaining two mages on the far side of the caravan, one of whom is shoving a hand into his pocket. As I get within forty feet of the nearest mage, I see Dregas commanding Geodiaz to perform a vicious and far-reaching sweep, disrupting the concentration of the mage nearest him as Bang braces himself for another leap. Jezebel seems at something of a loss, as she cannot see the tumult hidden in the shadows about the caravan.

What should I say or do?
No. 188596 ID: a594b9


He will probably teleport, so get your swordwhip ready.
No. 188631 ID: 275a5d

NON-LETHAL TAKEDOWN! Mordre can certainly question one of these mages!

(Mage skins, mage skins, la la-la, mage skins)
No. 188636 ID: 275a5d

SCIONS REACH, only blunt the edges, go for a knockout to the head of any mage you can reach.

No. 188688 ID: e31d52






No. 188704 ID: 275a5d

He's punching them so hard they explode.

I don't think their skins are salvageable.
No. 188710 ID: e31d52

No. 188712 ID: d1210a

[Too bad that: 1: Bang punches so hard he tears holes through their bodies, shredding skin so much it doesn't matter what he does isn't considered cutting, as the skin ends up horrifically damaged anyway, and 2: The mages fade to shadow when destroyed, except for the rare occasions when the primary mage is hit.]

I leap forward, already whirling about the Proud Lion on a whip of blood, turning the blade about to strike with the blunt side as I anticipate the nearest mage blinking away through shadows. He does not disappoint, and I catch him some ten feet farther back with a crack of my sanguine lash, clubbing him so forcefully his body spins thrice before crashing to the ground, his legs twitching.


The moment my feet hit the ground I again leap forward, keeping the Proud Lion whirling as I approach the last mage on my side. A quick glance shows me Bang distracting another mage so that Dregas can squash him flat, before both turn on the last, who seems to be diving towards something on the ground-one of the statuettes, lovely. I can only hope they can handle the situation as I see the mage teleport just as I expected-

But rather than retreating, he advanced, stepping deep into my guard as he prepares to blink away again, his gaze locked on something: Has he spotted a statuette close at hand, amongst the debris from Jezebel's attack? ...I suppose it doesn't matter, as I flick my sword back towards myself dangerously, retracting my blood as I do so. I snatch the sword out of the air and flood it with magic of the winding way, and snatch the mobile mage's body before he can teleport again, transposing our forms as I regrip my sword. As the mage steadies himself from the chaotic jumble that is instant mass transposition, I leap forth and neatly knock him senseless, the flat of the blade catching his head-and his form dissolves into shadow, leaving only the one now motionless mage down on my side. Dregas and Bang advance on the final remaining mage, who manages to wreathe himself in darkness whilst his hand is stuck in his pocket, all of them some one hundred feet away on the far side of the caravan. Jezebel still peers about in confusion with all of us hidden by the shadows, but Bang and Dregas both are fully absorbed in keeping the last mage occupied, shooting out attack after attack which don't seem to connect, a succession of shadowy relocations allowing the final mage to evade all the harm coming his way, as I see Dulu slowing in his falsified writhing on the ground, his side reshaping as he settles. ...Is the time he can fake an injury starting to expire?

What should I say or do?
No. 188713 ID: a594b9

Ah, we can have Jezebel shoot the last one with her lightning gun! Just get some light over to the shadow mage so she can aim!
No. 188755 ID: 45be60

It would seem reasonable that since Dulu's form did not START with 8 arms, it requires energy to absorb at a steady rate, or it is forced to return to its basic form.
No. 188797 ID: 445c48

>Is the time he can fake an injury starting to expire?

Either that, which I really hope is not the case, or he sees the fight winding down and is prepping to get up and talk about the specifics on staff returning.
No. 189028 ID: d1210a

just one left, so close to ending this before those damnable statuettes can once more remove victory from our grasp. I contemplate the distance betwixt the last mage and myself, and realize I cannot close the distance swiftly enough to aid Bang and Dregas in person, more than a hundred feet separating us on opposed sides of the illuminated caravan. I recall Jezebel's lightning gun, and how swift it could be-

Before recalling the Dregas possesses the device.

And what's more, I dimly register a hand poking free from the protective shell Geodiaz's off hand forms about it's operator, pointing the lightning gun straight at the remaining mage, and pulling the trigger without hesitation.


As the last mage's attention is locked on the approaching Bang, the rippling cord of light has no issue slamming into his dagger, his body leaping and jerking as he falls to the ground, body twitching as muscles continue to spasm. The Statuette the mage had reclaimed tumbles to the ground, and as I see Bang pick of the dropped object to inspect it, I likewise glance about this side of the caravan, spotting a darkly glinting object some distance away from me. I replace my sword on my back as I heft the unconscious mage I brained with my weapon and plod over, plucking another Statuette from the ground before I make my way back to the caravan, where people are hesitantly dousing torches as the remaining darkness dissipates, the light above once more streaming down upon us this fine day. Bang hauls the still-twitching mage Dregas shocked towards the caravan, and after we spend a moment binding and gagging both after depriving them of their weapons and every other item we can find on them (38 Marks and a few unidentified keys), we turn from our work to see Dulu pushing the tipped wagon back upright at the front of our caravan, the gash in his side no longer visible. With a crackling of energy, Dulu sheathes his eight cleavers as his torso shrinks, leaving him with only a pair of arms once more as he keeps a firm hand on the reins of the horses, lest they bolt now that the wagon's wheels are once more on the ground.

"I would rather heavily suggest not allowing them to move their mouths: No feeding, speaking, or removing that gag for any reason, lest you want them to escape. In fact, do me the favor of giving them to Mordre, I am sure he will know how to keep them from returning to Weinsho. I would also rather strongly recommend destroying any recovered statues, Weinsho himself crafted them, and he has a rather vicious streak when it comes to laying traps. ..On that note, I must report to Weinsho on this rather dismal failure of an assault, when and where should I go for the return of my staff?"

..I wonder, was that dispersed energy because he no longer wished to have so many arms about, or was it an indication that he needs to periodically absorb more power to sustain such a form? A question that I believe would have critical bearing on any plan to best this individual.

Hm... our caravan is currently in Duran land, at our slowed rate of travel.... perhaps late tomorrow, maybe the day after we should reach the Arcanoworks, so any time after that should work for the exchange.

What should I say or do?
And should we do anything else before resuming our travels?
[Same deal as before, I need 3 1d20 rolls, one per poster, for travel events.]
No. 189033 ID: 1ac39d

rolled 20 = 20

oh god!
No. 189040 ID: 2aaaf1

rolled 10 = 10

No. 189042 ID: 706990

rolled 6 = 6

"HAHA, See, Magnum, this kind of trouble is what Modre attracts whenever he goes!!!"

Tell him that it will happen shortly after you arrive to the outpost, and he can come there to take it if he wishes
No. 189052 ID: b4c60d

rolled 4 = 4

I...I would agree with this, but I am unsure if Berluut is unoccupied at the moment. And I would not wish to anger Dulu...But yes, this seems reasonable. Perhaps closer to where Dulu died might work, as the state Outpost is there, but the indirect statement to his honor is...palatable.

But thank Dulu - make no statement to him reguarding the placement of the trade - and be off.

While off think on your time in the Dragon Lands. Maybe discuss how BANG fights, as it would be a great bonus to the WAY OF HARKSBURTON. You simply must thank Lord Dregas! Tell him what a fine and noble Warrior he is!
Wrap the statues in heavy cloth, and place them somewhere safe.
No. 189059 ID: a594b9

I think we should just smash the damn statues. Why would we keep them? There's no runes on them so Mordre can't really utilize their magic without serious research. It's not worth the risk.

I do think we should set up a place to give Dulu the staff. Some kind of neutral ground. Perhaps... the house where we found the creature had killed a bunch of dudes?

Make the time... three days from now at noon. That gives us a day of wiggle room.
No. 189066 ID: d3dfb8

Considering a max roll of 60 I think 36 is pretty good. Especially with the luck we have been having so far.
No. 189068 ID: 706990

I agree to destroying the statues, they were made by Weishiro and Dulu said that he's a man for traps.

Oh, and the mages, we should knock them out again as soon as they wake up or keep them uncontentious all the time (but still heavily tied and gagged of course). Maybe Jez has something for that matter? Like Ethanol (it was ethanol that knocks out people if you put it on a rag and put it over persons nose and mouth, right?)?
No. 189070 ID: b4c60d

You said three. This roll does not count.

Berluut is a location. It's the villiage Balboa The Butcher killed, the man who Dulu protected.
No. 189073 ID: 275a5d

Bind them, gag them, and Blindfold them. Undertake Dulu's precautions.

"Meet us outside of Shellik. I will deliver the item. Ha, Mordre himself may want to come. Worry not, you have my word as an heir to Harksburton family line, I'll keep my word."
No. 189076 ID: 706990

>I will deliver the item. Ha, Mordre himself may want to come

As he's not making any demands who brings them don't give him ideas. We'd want to be prepared for anything, of course Modre would give the staff and he would be accompanied by Keddic, Magnum and both of our Premen Heros. If a fight takes place (we never promised that there would not be and Dulu didn't demand for that either)we would want to be prepared. While I am certain that Modre would take on Dulu one on one fight, who says that Dulu will not have some friends of his own?
No. 189087 ID: 275a5d

Keddic and Mordre should be sufficient. Besides, if a fight breaks out, I would certainly hope it's man-to-man.

Mind you, I don't think we should start anything.
No. 189108 ID: 445c48

Or we don't even have to meet him in person. Drop the staff somewhere or with someone we've paid healthily and he comes by later in the day.
No. 189111 ID: 706990

We'd want Modre to evaluate him. And maybe modre can convince him to sway sides? He's a great speecher (as in, you guys come up with awesome speeches)
No. 189142 ID: 427807

We NEED to kill Dulu once we have the opportunity. First, that soul of his will greatly enhance mordre's functionality. Second, he's too big of a threat to be kept alive. I don't care what he says, I don't trust him because he has too much against Mordre.
Once Mordre meets Dulu at whatever meeting place, we need to ambush him before he (most likely) ambushes us.
No. 189164 ID: 275a5d

I loathe that kind of betrayal, personally. It destroys credibility. I'm against going against the bargain unless Dulu betrays it first.

Besides, if he's willing to uphold it thus far, then the only feasible opportunity to betray our agreement and still get what he wants is AFTER our supplies are safely in the Arcanoworks.

Also, I've been thinking. We should play it safe and keep their concentration broken, as well.

Do we have any kind of hallucinogen/narcotic/anasthetic, or something to put in their ears to make a horrible distracting noise?
No. 189171 ID: 903f16

Before we hand over the staff Arkus needs to at least jot down the runes engraved on it. If we can make the date of the exchange three or four days from now so he has time to study the whole thing.

The location shouldn't be too close to any of our holdings. I'll second Berluut, it'll give the process a bit more effect and if we're trying to sway Dulu it'll add to whatever speeches are made.
No. 189172 ID: b4c60d

Also, it is ungentlemanly and against the WAY OF HARKSBURTON! To even consider betrayal!
But yes, three...possibly even one week hence at Berluut seems to be a good plan.
I do perfer the cold honesty of >>189040, myself.
No. 189173 ID: 427807

Think about it. Dulu is a murderous bastard, now hell-bent on revenge against Mordre. Don't you think he's going to try to take advantage of every possible situation he can to get back at Mordre?
...on the other hand, it is also odd Dulu asked us for specifics on when to get his staff back, putting us in control of the (future) situation. I vote for setting the return point at the Arcanoworks, where we can make sure he doesn't deceive us, or defend ourselves more properly if he does.
No. 189174 ID: 706990

>Before we hand over the staff Arkus needs to at least jot down the runes engraved on it

No. 189184 ID: a9573c

Dulu could well be soul bound to Weinsho somehow. Who knows what kind of traps or self destructs he has placed in the Dulu golem body?

We might still be able to use him as a double agent if he harbors resentment for Weinsho. Ask Dulu why a honourable man like himself ended up working for a fiendish mage.
No. 189250 ID: d1210a
File 12758657644.jpg - (280.54KB , 550x621 , Life Golem Headhunter.jpg )

[Good thing Mordre already studied it like he did the runes on Wendelin's golem, and even further replicated them verbatim onto his chest (the anti-magnet rune is one of these runes)]

"Are you familiar with Shellik's location?"
>"If you refer to the town in the Azelhaedran State, then yes."
"Three days from now, at noon, your staff shall be returned at that location."
>"Anything else?"
"I would note there will likely be farmers about, and I'd rather not involve them in this, would you be able to avoid notice?"
>"...I can wear a large cloak, I'll only look tall to cursory inspections, and I shall wait in the woods about the field until your arrival to avoid interfering with civilians."
"That sounds more than acceptable."
>"Then I shall see you three days from now."

Before I can ask any of the further questions I can think of for Dulu, he steps back with a crackle of energy as he places his hands together in a strange symbol, the Small Tomb simply vanishing, leaving our caravan alone outside of our two captives. I take a moment to crush the statuette I hold, while Dang mimics me, the pieces of both dissolving into shadow as they crumble. I find myself trusting Dulu's earlier words of caution, and likewise decide that any time these mages wake they will be commensurately knocked out again. I grow tired of their perpetually cloaked appearance, and knock the hats off of both of them, dispelling the shadows that conceal their faces-

And realize that both mages are female, one with an ugly knot on her head from being knocked out, the other still evidencing minor tics on her face from her earlier shock treatment. Hm, interesting, but ultimately irrelevant at the moment, as I regain my seat in the lead wagon and our caravan once more sets off. With how leery the driver of the wagon the two captives are on looks, I doubt he will let them regain consciousness for long.

My time in the Land of Dragons was... interesting, to say the least. They practice Mass Connection as their form of Combat magic, and it doesn't seem to fit any form of Combat magic I know, somehow not drawing on Will, or Word, or anything of that nature, yet still drawing energy from somewhere. It's effects seem to be manifold, with the winding way, the aspect I gained some understanding of, being built around... coiling, maybe folding space to alter the positioning of objects, though that is not at all the extent of it. I heard that one of the Dragons (a title given to those who rule in the Land of Dragons) currently alive is the first and only individual in recorded history to master all aspects of Mass Connection, but as I was not able to meet with [/b]The Fierce Dragon Lubu The Unparalleled[/b], this is only based on hearsay, though my master, The Lined One, spoke of the man like a god. Sadly, after I found out he was wanted for several murder charges by The White Dragon Penna Guopan, I had to leave rather expeditiously with assassins on my trail simply for being his pupil. ...I wonder how The Lined One is doing now, and if those charges had validity to them. He certainly had the skill to partake in assassination, though he did not strike me as having the inclination. I ended up having to run from metal golems, disturbingly similar to Small Tombs and Soul Graves in my flight, so I had little time to ask about the validity of the accusations leveled against my master.

My next set of thoughts lead me to consider Magnum Bang's fighting style, and whether it could be integrated into the Way of the Harksburton. After all, what I learned in the Land of Dragons is largely incomplete, and I would not at all call the style genuinely improved by the knowledge... but what Bang does, that I could certainly see a use for. I decide to address the man, once more perched atop the wagon I drive, in the hopes of learning more of what he does.

"So, I have to ask, when you struck Dulu's form, did you feel energy being drained away?"
>"Yeah, actually. You did too, I take it?"
"Indeed... though he did not drain power from Jezebel's non-magical attack against him."
>"AL-right, you got me, I do use Combat Magic, sorta like you."
"I suspected as much. I admit to being curious about your fighting style, as it would seem like it could complement the Way Of The Harksburton that I practice."
>"Yeah, I saw that blood manipulation and the... body switching, I guess? Both of those looked right handy, especially for making attacks harder to predict."
"Indeed it does. In fact, I would be quite amenable to teaching you of the Winding Way, the method of Mass Connection that allows me to transpose myself with proximal foes."
>"Nice.... now what did you just say?"
"...That trick that let me switch positions with other people?"
"I'd be willing to teach you that, if you wouldn't mind sharing what you yourself do with Combat Magic."
>"Oh-ho, really? And what about the blood stuff, that looked more than a bit useful."
"On that facet of my fighting style, I am afraid I must stay silent. It is a family art forbidden to be shared with outsiders."
>"Ah, one of those? ...I don't suppose you have a sister?"
"...Are you suggesting you would marry into my family just to learn the style?"
>"No! ..Well, maybe? DO you have a sister who's unmarried? ...You know what, forget I asked. Back to possible style exchange.... well, what I do is rather hard to pick up, so I can't promise I'll teach you. Instead, I'll offer you a hint about how it works, and if you can start working out the basics yourself, I can help you refine it to more combat applicable levels."
"I'm not sure I understand."
>"Okay, well, what I do? It's still Combat Magic, I am directing magic into my own body like normal, but there are several key differences from normal Combat Magic. I'm not concerned with making the body capable of something supernatural, like your blood tricks and whatnot, but making existing mechanisms of the human body perform differently. Like.... okay, you know how if you have a firm enough command of your body, or enough stress to push you, you can achieve ridiculous levels of strength without magic to aid you? I think it was called muscle recruitment or something, anyway, when that happens normally, you push your body so hard you start breaking bones, snapping tendons, ripping muscle, all of that? Well, what I do is constantly repair the very first bit of damage from using so much strength, so that I never end up hurt.... I'm not sure if I'm explaining that correctly, but it's the best I can do."
"..I see. I shall reflect on your words, then. So what you do is more in tune with making the body do what it already can do, but differently, rather than adding an ability the body was never capable of to begin with?"
>"That is a much better explanation than mine. So, mind sharing a bit on how your Winging Way thing works, a taste to get my mind working on the subject?"
"..Well, Mass Connection is both an Arcane and Combat based magic, as odd as that may be. It both effects one's own form, and anything else you can anchor yourself to. When anchoring yourself to something with a Soul, you can use that connection to swap positions with a surge of magic."
>"..Hm. Something to think on. Also, gotta say, that Dulu guy? MAN do I want to fight him again, definitely not a slouch when it comes to swordplay. ...And WHY THE HELL IS A SMALL TOMB TALKING?"
"I do not know, though this would suggest the individual he follows, the Mage Weinsho, has talent with Soul magic. ..Ah, just a head's up, but Mordre himself captains a Soul Grave remotely, so you'll be running into ANOTHER talking golem when we reach the Arcanoworks."
>"Seriously, why have I not run into you guys before, Mordre has a whole mess of dangerous shits coming after him if this is any indication, this is practically a dream come true: Core Beings, Soul Mages, Sapient Small Tombs, Shadow Mages, Shambling Horrors... well, I am very intrigued in this Mordre guy you tag along with."
"I imagine he could provide a wealth of violence for you to partake of."
>"Now that's a sales pitch! Time's a wastin', let's get to this Mordre fellow!"

[20 + 10 + 6 = 36, >20, >30, >35]

The rest of the day passes without incident, and we reach the border of the Azelhaedran State just as night falls, and several hours later we set up camp.

[DAY 95]

We resume our journey early in the morning, striving to reach the Arcanoworks before the day is out, and after passing by a distant Trekel, I see two figure burst from some woods to our south, dashing as if their worst nightmare was chasing them. After a few seconds, a third form steps from the woods, a person with blue skin-and a coiled monster perched about his form, that soars through the air with a tremendous roar towards the fleeing figures. As it nears their position, it's ghastly maw gapes wide, and it vomits forth a blue figure-the same one that only moments ago was still at the edge of the forest, spitting his form right before the two fleeing figures. Before they can react, the warrior (Is this a mage, or maybe a life golem?) sweeps his sword about, snicker-snack, and lops off the heads of the two he chased, grabbing their tumbling heads from the air before turning about, and beginning to walk south again. As our caravan draws nearer to him, I note the strange shaping of his form, and assume this individual to be a Life Golem. He offers us no threat, but as we draw within sixty feet, he shouts out a simple message.

"My apologies that I let my prey get close to habitable areas, or if my actions offended you, good travelers, but as you no doubt no traitors cannot be suffered to live."

Well this is an interesting scene.

What should I say or do?
No. 189265 ID: 275a5d

"No apologies are necessary, my good...er, man. As to allowing traitors to live, well that is largely a matter of who or what they betrayed, eh? So then, what's your name, if I might be so bold?"
No. 189267 ID: e31d52

"Very well. You had claim to their person before we did."

There's little more to be said here. We could ask for his name and prices, but that's roughly the limit of it.

Unless Bang acts like a moron and attacks him, of course.

Also, the riddle on why your attacks were drained and not Jez's is simple enough: Gems cannot absorb mundane power.
No. 189270 ID: 2aaaf1

"No offense taken. So, uh.. Who were they? Oh, where are my manners; Harksburton, Keddic, at your service- and you are?"
No. 189271 ID: 275a5d

Wait a minute...

We're in the State...

Trepany was being investigated for Rebellion...

"If you'd be so kind as to indulge my curiosity, what were those men guilty of specifically? They didn't look particularly intimidating."
No. 189287 ID: 58d505

I'll let those more inclined to it handle this >.>

Bang's technique gave me an idea. When you punch as you are now, you are still using muscle strength, giving you a biological limiter. Because I'm not sure how to remove your body's natural limiters in this setting how about instead of using muscle strength, you move the blood in your arm using THE WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON. What I'm thinking of is that you flood your arm with blood, dedicating about 20% of the extra to creating a blood shell around your arm (like a gauntlet) and then throw the blood forward as fast as you can to impact your foe. This technique can also be augmented by causing the blood to spike out after impact or things like that. This will no doubt cause some of the parts of your body not accustomed to absorbing that much force to break/sprain/tear/become damaged. Thankfully as you have complete command of the blood in you body which you can use to repair any damaged area or at the very least accelerate healing.

This technique could theoretically be preformed using the blood when OUTSIDE of your body but that brings up the issue of it being a 'projected' attack and blood being outside in the first place.

To complete this technique you would likely have to learn more about the human body to help with your regenerative effects etc.

You could also combine the technique with the winding way- mass manipulation stuff to increase potency and/or lessen self damaging effects.

Work in progress.
No. 189309 ID: 706990

Well, if he's not hostile then no need for us to be hostile against him since we are in hurry to get to Kyorto Arcaneworks. Ask him who he is, and what his business is here.
No. 189329 ID: d1210a

....Hm. Bang's comments give me an idea of a rather unorthodox sort. While I certainly would not be able to replicate Bang's style without a great deal of time and diligence on my part, I could try to make my own style closer to his to begin with. While the Way of the Harksburton gives great defense, it's attacks are based on creating shocks in an opponent to break them apart, either by sword or by fist. ...But the kinetic impact of such a blow is still largely within the normal limits of my human body, augmentations aside. ...But maybe I could change that. After all, blood is a particularly easily controlled facet of my body thanks to the way of combat I practice, so perhaps I could use the blood in my arm to accelerate an attack, increase the brute kinetic impact along with the shock. ...No, that wouldn't work, not unless I circulated extra blood to the area, the Way of the Harksburton already uses present blood to amplify physical capabilities... though focusing blood there could easily work. It would likely make my arm even more durable in the process, and with all the capillaries in my hands it would be easy to swiftly rupture a few and form sanguine knuckles or such about my hand.... which I could then let ride the shock-waves of my strike to create the same kind of dancing blood blades that I attain with the Sanguine Maelstrom. ...Yes, this could rather greatly increase my capability in unarmed combat, I shall see what I can do about this.

[Way of the Harksburton: Unarmed Combat Augment: Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism (SKP) Style theorized, development in progress]

"No offense taken, though to traitors, I'd have to say it depends who they betray, as to whether they get to live. So.. Who were they? Ah, where are my manners; Keddic Harksburton the 4th, at your service- and you are?"
>"I am of The Blue Knight's forces. These ones here swore an oath to serve till their dying breath of their own free will, and only later decided they'd rather not honor their vows. As they could potentially sell information to the detriment of his forces, this is obviously unacceptable, beyond the breaking of such a heavy oath. ...And I suppose you're right, it does matter who someone betrays."
"Did you say the Blue Knight? I'm afraid I am not familiar with him."
>"The Blue Knight works to the south, doing what he can to restore order and productivity to this land, and I am one of his Hounds."
"Is that a title?"
>"It is a way of life. I am one of his bodyguards, both alchemically augmented and a life golem, the fangs of the Blue Knight. I live to serve him."
"Is that right? Would that mean you do not perform bounty-hunting services?"
>"Correct, I perform this task only because it came from my master the Blue Knight."
"I see. So you aren't worried about those two having sensitive documents on them or such?"
>"Their material belongings were irrelevant, they were not quite so cowardly as to rob the Blue Knight as they left, and they had earned all they bore, their armor, their gold, their swords. Why should they be deprived of that which is justly theirs, even in death?"
"But no burial?"
>"They are oath-breakers, just ones that retained some measure of honor. This is all I will afford them. If you wish to see them buried, I am afraid you may have to attend to it yourself. ...Good day."

Without further comment the self proclaimed 'Hound of the Blue Knight' marches off, the strange creature still undulating about it.

Well, that was.... odd.

...No matter. I shall not stoop to robbing a corpse (especially with the cargo so close to it's destination, I feel if I stopped some oppressive law concerning worst outcomes would come down upon me), so I set the caravan to moving again, and several more hours pass without much incident, as we pass by Hashbranch, still being built, and on into the northern forests. I spend most of my time focused on moving and pooling blood under my skin, trying to get a feel for this Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism I hypothesized earlier. There are incomplete roads throughout the forest, and the wagons make excellent time, reaching Shellik by nightfall. So close to the Arcanoworks, I suggest lighting torches as continuing onward with further lighting at the ready should Weinsho's goons return, and no one objects. We trundle onward, tense in the darkness, before-

ROLL 3 1d20.
[And if you roll really well, this could be your last chance to suggest more Way of the Harksburton tweaks to Keddic. ...It could also be your last chance if you roll badly enough, so... yeah]
No. 189337 ID: e31d52

rolled 18 = 18

Keddic, Bang's style is simple.

You see, the human body can do TERRIBLE and INCREDIBLE things! Ever seen what a mother can do to protect her kid? They can lift whole wagons, loaded ones, with ease. Now, this brings considerable damage to the human body, so... using magic to repair said damage as it happens is the basis of Bangs power. That, and the fact that speed increases effective mass a great deal.
No. 189340 ID: b4c60d

rolled 20 = 20

Mhm, yes, yes. Another process could be to focus the iron in the blood directly around the knuckle, or perhaps make the blood you about to punch with very iron rich, so each blow is like that of a mace, or a sword. And another method would be to focus on the use of your WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON - FIRST DRIVE - SPEAR OF RED FURY to become a Maelstrom yourself! To attack several positions at once by creating more tendrils of blood thinner, perhaps, as to not exert yourself over much, but deadly sharp and swift. Mhm...Pah! Such are the ruminations of a old man! I am sure you will help the WAY OF THE HARKSBURTON in time, young Keddic. And maybe introducing Kyalora to this, haha!, BANG would strength the WAY even further, huh?
No. 189348 ID: e31d52

>natural fucking twenty

No. 189353 ID: 208476

rolled 2 = 2

No. 189354 ID: b4c60d

How the hell did you know you were gonna roll that?
No. 189355 ID: 208476


Dammit, I am never touching dice again...
No. 189365 ID: e31d52

see >>187450
No. 189367 ID: b4c60d

Eh, dont' worry, I rolled a 1, an 18, a 4 and now a nat. If you roll shitty five times in a row, though, we're gonna have to cut off your hands.
No. 189369 ID: 2aaaf1

rolled 10 = 10

Most of Keddic's blood based assaults have been described as "riding a wave", so let's add to that notion: Before the blood even leaves your veins, try to accelerate it along it's natural path through your body coordinating with your actions in battle- For instance: You are ramming an enemy with your left shoulder, have your blood perform one full circulation through your body, and then gather within your arm. The momentum of your blood moving will amplify the force of the ram. However, this is a mildly risky move, because it devotes a large portion of your blood into momentum based offense, leaving your other limbs somewhat unprotected during the process. Food for thought, Keddic.
No. 189378 ID: 58d505

Join the club

NO! I must ask Keddic another question before theorizing again!!! How exactly does the non-soul linking version of the winding way work, as well as you can explain it.
No. 189404 ID: d1210a

It's hard to explain, as it doesn't fit any type of magic I know, not Word, World, Will, or Blood, but draws upon something that is present in every living person and the world itself.... I suppose it might be tangentially related to World magic, as it is built around using the... force, or so they term it, of the world to establish that connection between yourself and another individual, but the Lined One didn't really do much in the way of explanation... yeah, he was a fan of the school of hard knocks....

[18 + 20, 38/40 RADICAL]


I glance about, looking for the source of this voice as we ride out into the open field.


I frown, knowing the voice to not be Bang's, Dregas', Jezebel's or any of the drivers'.... so who is speaking? ...And why can't I tell where the voice is coming from.

Keeeeediiiiiic, dooooo yooouuu sssseeeaaak Aaaauuurrrooockooooothhh's liiiiiiiffffeeee?

WHAT!? I reel the horse up short for a moment, as I listen for the voice.....

[2 + 38 = 40/60 ....not so fast with that plot hook!]

...But no matter how I strain, I cannot hear the voice again. ...What was that?

...I get the caravan moving again shortly enough, now thinking about some sort of omnidirectional use of my blood whips more effectively for mass combat. ...Maybe I could make more whips if I made them thinner, flatter, less mass-intensive... I shall need to refine my focus and control, if I am to have any hope of this, but my rather dismal performance against Dulu provides a rather large desire to improve. I add this potential new move to my planned experimentation with Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism. ...And on that note, I could use the natural circulatory paths in my body more effectively, if my suspicion is correct. I could cycle my blood throughout my system to build speed, enhancing the eventual kinetic effect I derive from it. ...This will likely make Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism harder to develop, and this circulation could make maintaining normal blood-based defenses difficult, if not impossible, but... the possibilities.... I could use the circulation, once rapid enough, as an internal gyroscope, for masterful balance and aerial mobility, even heightened acceleration could be possible. As we continue across the open plains, the forest behind us, it slowly starts to drizzle, so our arrival at the Arcanoworks' front gate comes as a surprise, and we must wait in the downpour as the gates are opened after I identify myself. But within the walls I find Mordre waiting for us, welcoming our arrival.

"And so you arrive-there are bloodstains on that wagon... And others signs of attack are rather present. What troubles beset you on your journey?"

"Ahah, well, why don't we get Jezebel's goods inside first, and I can tell you-oh, and this here is Magnum Bang, who I think you will very much like to meet."

...................................[PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: MORDRE].......................................

"..and so, that is why... well, I'd like to ask for Dulu's staff, as I gave him my word as a gentleman, and he did hold up his end of the bargain..."

After finishing moving the wagons out of the rain and getting Wendelin's documents on runework, the three inventions Diomand traded to me and this Magnum Bang all out of the rain and either safely stored or given quarters for the night, Keddic took time to run me through the series of events that made his journey so hectic. I must commend him for navigating such issues, and this Blue Knight he met a 'Hound' of sounds more than passing intriguing.... but to give a weapon back to Dulu.....

For the Arcanowork's part, Arkus has been busy getting the initial setup for producing crude copies of the hand-cannons prepared, and shall be ready to start in the morning, when he and the rest of the workers awaken once more. Derkin has been leading the three hopeful leadership prospects, and after sitting in on several sessions, I find myself convinced they will indeed be quite useful to me in the future. Jojo commented that Ulzrick's training has had a minor breakthrough, Ulzrick now able to manifest in Jojo's dreams: He hopes to have him capable of monitoring other people's dreams soon, the first step to being a Souldreamer. Concerning the two representatives from Mordreden, I have spoken with Bokk, who is furiously devoted to catching up with the other Premen present in learning the common tongue so that she may question contemporary builders, while Krump has been educating Arkus and Jojo on the strides made in the magic formula based language, which has led to Jojo and Arkus speaking much more often, likewise improving both of their attempts to learn one another's native tongues. Lord Brigadier General Quinton has not paid me any visits since moving in, though he did send a runner yesterday to note that Trepany (apparently no longer titled as a republic) has been cleared of suspicion of treason, though they did mention they were looking for someone called Keddic... On that subject, I still have not given Keddic an answer...

What should I say or do?
No. 189410 ID: 58d505

DAMMIT! I was going to give Keddic the Idea to hit souls out of people...
No. 189415 ID: b4c60d

Erm, question: We didn't really get to know what advances Arkus made with the Bloody Togas and Cloaks, the runed swords and lightening engarved Cleaver and just what was in Balboa backpack. Please check those out.

Next, look through the stuff that came off the caravan. There were the Gialgorra inventions we never saw, and I want to know what Relic of Gavrock we got.

As for DULU! Lets, well, bring him his staff. We could talk to him, or, at the very least, fight him. He doesnt' sound so tough, not with all we have with us now.

And as a suggestion, is it possible to add the Skyfall Cannon runes to the Anti-Golem revolver?
No. 189421 ID: 58d505

That was suggested, but doing that would cause it to become un-affected by our magnetomancy.

[Now I have to try and get back into character...]
Mordre, didn't the militia tell you about this man when you came back? You should ask him why he came. Also tell Arkus to pour his heart and soul into learning about these runes, you should also put some study time into that. When you are both done with it, you should eat it.
No. 189430 ID: b4c60d

Was it? IRC again, because I can't seem to find it on the last thread or the discussion.

Anyway, inact plan: BIRTHDAY BASH! As described here: >>/questarch/185745
No. 189446 ID: e31d52

>Anyway, inact plan: BIRTHDAY BASH! As described here: >>/questarch/185745

This. Gwet Arkus alone, bring the bag, and change the dialouge as thus needed.

I think the little mage would appreciate the gesture.
No. 189457 ID: 58d505

I remember reading this somewhere... >.> in any case, Bob can clarify if I was just hallucinating
No. 189458 ID: 903f16

Make sure everything gets loaded into the tower properly. Miss Jezebel and Lord Dregas will probably require a tour and space to set up their belongings. Have Derkin take care of those tasks as we seem to have a line of people to talk to.

I agree we should go with operation: birthday, but it might be a touch offensive not to greet our new guest. Hail Magnum Bang and offer him the opportunity to work with us. If he agrees direct him towards Derkin to get set up around the place. We'll have a discussion about what's going on with him when things are less hectic.

I almost forgot about those items. It's odd we didn't think to try and use any of them in the fight with Dulu, granted we don't really know what they do, but that hasn't stopped us from trying risky things before.
No. 189470 ID: b4c60d

Well yes we introduce ourselve,s we just hide the books on our person and inact OPERATION: BIRTHDAY when everythign has quired down.
No. 189471 ID: d1210a

[You're going to have to explain how you figure he could do that. Post in discussion?]

[Was suggested, and it does have the effect of removing the ability to magnetically affect the round.]

[Early in thread 4 (Post 178129) you opened Balboa's backpack, to find thirteen short wands the same as the one he used in combat, all topped with sapphires, a large wooden box with nineteen healing potions, and a smaller box that you have not tried to open again after determining it was somehow stuck fast. And since then, Arkus has had other stuff to work on that was given higher priority, so he has investigated none of it, busy with the Skyfall cannon work, then getting set up to make hand-cannons. He is one dude with a three-month crash course on magic, be realistic about time constraints, or get more mages to do research for you.]

Arkus has learned some of the working of these sanguine vestments. The togas seem to require blood fresh from the vein to charge properly, but the cloak operates under no such restriction. Beyond that, nothing is required to activate the robes beyond simply wearing them while they are bearing blood. As to how to replicate them, he has yet to find answers, largely devoted to my other tasks. And now that I have the documentation on runework from Wendelin, he could likely enchant higher quality replica hand-cannons.... but only after even more time spent researching and studying. As to what the three trinkets that came our way are, thought, I present the following items:

-The Chains Of Gavrock: Apparently made of Blue Steel, these chains are designed to allow the Twins of Gavrock to reclaim any shot ammunition, as they endlessly give and lengthen, only retracting once the shot finally is brought to a halt by outside forces. This effectively allows the Twins of Gavrock to endlessly fire the same round.

-Gialgorra's Water Purifier" This device apparently can screen any form of toxin, poison or contaminant from any water that runs through it, ensuring a clean water source no matter where you go.

-Gialgorra's Farming Proliferator: This device, vaguely resembling a chess-set atop a metal spike, has miniature models of a wealth of plants atop it's peak, and when the spike is fed into a given patch of soil sufficiently (the note with the device observes you should poke the stake in as many bits of dirt as possible for best accuracy) the models move to show the optimal arrangement of plant life on the given soil for maximal harvest. Pieces can be switched in and out depending on what kind of plants you have on hand, a bag filled with hundreds of other models likewise coming with the device.

"Very well, the situation was most irregular, But if an agreement was made, and Dulu abides it, Then we shall have to return Dulu's Morphic staff. Now go get some rest, I'm certain you need it."

As Keddic makes his way over to one of the buildings, seeking a bed to hunker down in for the night, I pick up Wendelin's pack, and march upstairs, seeking Arkus at his unofficial office on the second floor of the Arcanoworks. I find him asleep at his desk, dozens of papers arrayed about him, and gently shake him awake with a prodding finger as deep night becomes day and Arkus blearily blinks at the bag in my hand.

[DAY 96]

"Arkus, it has been a long time since we have met. In that time you have served me admirably. As I understand it, it is customary to exchange gifts on the date of one's birth. Now, I do not know your birth-date, and you spoke if not being certain yourself, But I daresay you have been born anew as a result of our time together. With that in mind... I have a gift for you. Within this pack are a collection of arcane books, documents, And lesson plans for learning runework from someone I helped save, A mage of the Mortal Coil. They are yours now, Arkus."

I pause almost awkwardly, uncertain of what is the appropriate thing to say as I watch the grogginess of sleep slowly transition to a goggle-eyed, slack-jawed stare as he hesitantly takes the pack off of my proffered hand.

"...Happy birthday, my servant."


I walk back down the stares before Arkus can find his tongue, and set myself to moving Jezebel's goods to the fifth floor floor, taking advantage of the fact a basic workshop already exists alongside the Word and World magic books, and it only takes till dawn to get her gear properly moved into place, the three fireplaces jutting from the walls commandeered by several of her devices. As light begins to filter in through the windows, the curtains drawn back, I note Jezebel to have fallen asleep at her freshly placed desk, visibly pleased to once more be in a workshop. I make my way back downstairs as she sleeps.

I find Arkus busily reading through books and documents from Wendelin's pack, dark circles showing he slept none since I woke him, but he smiles at me cheerfully as I pass by.

"Ah, so..... do you want me to put the hand-cannon production on hold for a bit while I work out some more effective rune combinations for them? Would give the blacksmiths more time to get used to casting the things too.... ah, we'll also need more steel, a lot more, if you want some long term production, we only have enough to make... I guess about one hundred hand-cannons at best right now? So... yeah, how do you want me to approach that?"

What should I say or do? And after answering Arkus, should I go to greet Dregas or Bang first, or should I do something else?
No. 189486 ID: b4c60d

"Yes, Arkus. Study! Learn as much as you can. You came with me to learn, not simply disasemble every little trinket I bring back, and here you are. Learn. It is...well, your birthday, isn't it? But when is your birthday, Arkus...unless I guessed correctly and it is today, I wish to be correct next time."

Well, let us go meet MANGUM BANG and see if this man will follow us. Dottering Old Mage Face, everyone.

And what would we need for steel? It sounds like we need to go out and resource gather Either find an iron vein, or trade for steel.

Welp, use the Farming Proliferator after talking to our farmers. This is good! And does the Water Purifier work from the water - if a distance, we should attach it to ourselves, If not find out where the well is and set it up there.

And I have a conclusion to leap to, but inside that unopenable box we might just find the key to the top floor.

And as a question: The Skyfall rune is etched onto the cannon and onto the shells themselves to work. The rune on the cannon wouldn't disrupt our magnetomancy, but the rune on the shell turning it to lighting would, correct? Would it be possible to craft the rune ourselves? Say have three rounds chambered that aren't runed and three that are, or etch the rune onto the shell before we fire?
No. 189493 ID: e31d52

>Say have three rounds chambered that aren't runed and three that are, or etch the rune onto the shell before we fire?

Good idea is good.
No. 189501 ID: a594b9

Endlessly firing the same round? My god. We would only need to forge two Morphic Steel bullets. ...heaven help our enemies if we find any workable Lortoxite.

I wonder, should we get a new disc of bronze for travel rations or can we just keep eating metal from out of the ground?
No. 189595 ID: 779896

uuum, should we question those captured mages?
No. 189596 ID: e31d52

They ded
No. 189610 ID: a594b9

Oh! We should not question the captured mages.

No. 189617 ID: 275a5d

"By all means, learn. But get some sleep. You'll have plenty of time to read through your material."

Greet Dregas, as you are familiar with him. Inform him of the basics, his duties. Also ask about how he came to be fighting in Gialgorra's tournament. Secure the piece of Silicanthos, afterwards.

Afterwards, meet Bang. Learn what you can about him, and be welcoming. Harksburton seems to have taken quite a liking to him, so he can't be that bad.

Additionally, have you sent a team to recover our rubies? We're going to need funds to begin production. You should send with them a set of 10 of our current hand-cannons, so Lorgk and the Drazken can begin getting used to the devices.

Once all's said and done, you need to check out those two mages Keddic apprehended. Out of curiosity, can you set Immortal Genocide to 'pulse' at fixed intervals, to provide a constant field of anti-magical degradation? Otherwise, we have no way to prevent them from potentially employing magic when unbound.

Afterwards...we'll see. I don't think the outlook is good for those two.

Also, how is Moss doing? We should really look into him, when we get a chance. Test his strength/speed/reaction/other capabilities.
No. 189623 ID: e31d52

No. 189624 ID: d1210a

No. 189626 ID: e31d52


but but



No. 189728 ID: 706990

We should put those two mages into "stasis" crystals like we did with that dead metalomancer-whatshisface. I don't think anything good will happen if we try to question them, lets heed Dulus caution. Also, Bob, wouldn't giving Kyorto 2 "full" (as in, alive) mages be much better than skins? Maybe these two will suffice for her new body?
If we /really/ want to question them, we can ask Kyorto to do it, she's much, much more powerful mage and after questioning (or probing their mind) she will put their body to good use.

Also, now that this is Golem Quest again, I had some suggestions I wanted to be heard.

Remind me again, the Soul Nexus on our left hand, we got it by inscribing (unknown by then) runes from that other Soul Grave, no? And one of the secondary function of it is that it can drastically increase our magical potency, yes? So, I ask, what is stopping us from inscribing our other limbs (arm, legs) and torso (back) with the same rune? If we do that we can increase our magic power maybe by tenfold.... If Bob allows this, of course.

Speaking of arms, we don't have a hand on our right arm, no? Just the blacksteel floppy sabers? Can't we make a hand there and use sabers a la Wolverine style? What is stopping us? Having extra hand will surely help us, no? Especially now that we have bitching sword.

Also, on the subject of AA. Can we have Arkus research on it to modify (or make additional runes) so that we don't have to use our dynamic force to power them? Now that this weapon is so powerful it takes forever to charge it. Can't we make it magic powered, say, shoot lvl 1 and lvl 2 beams. While lvl 3 still requires dynamic force? Or, if this is impossible, use a pristine soul for that matter (of course on consensus) - using the pristine soul not to make it even more powerful (soon Death-star level if we keep up with it) but rather have it be magic powered? Would greatly benefit us imo, its like the most powerful weapon we have even at the 1st level.

Also, another thing I am quite amazed no one had come up with (now it might be late as our back is occupied but nonetheless). Why haven't anyone suggested a simple way for additional ammo on our body? It would have been so simple. Just strap on our back like, 9, additional cannon-shells. Nothing fancy, just claw-like strappings holding them on our back when we need them, they release the shell and we use metalomancy to load them. And as for blades, we could just devise a simple strap on our hip area to house, like 6 or 12, blades (bat-man style). Now that our back is occupied and our cannon device is altered the earlier idea is scrapped, but we could make additional loaded barrel of cannon-shells and carry it around like we did with the bronze disk. In desperate situations (if we can't find metal in the ground) we can consume it as food.

The other thing (also has to do with runes): now that Arkus has super-books on rune magic, we should ask him to research on powerful /speed/ runes. Assuming Bob deems 4 additional Soul Nexuses to be game breaking, we could have Arkus inscribe those runes on our legs or, if this proves more powerful, use rubies. But the rubies should not be on the outside of our leg but rather, have Modre carve out a small hollow compartment at the backside of our legs, put rubies in them and then close them (this will be a failsafe if the rubies somehow could be loosened and fall off). We might increase our speed by 10mph if not more when we do that.
The same goes for our elite Premen strike force. Each of them is outfitted in masterwork armor. Have Arkus inscribe powerful speed runes on everyones leggings (starting with the leaders of course). Have them made so that they don't increase stamina drain or, if that proves impossible, inscribe additional stamina runes on the torsos. If all works, we'll have super-fast, super-strong, elite force capable of quick strikes and traveling the continent in few days on foot alone!

Okay, I think this is all. Any comments on this? Feedback? Better ideas for improvement?

[I apologize if anything I said had been proposed before and refuted. I am late comer.]
No. 189735 ID: 275a5d

>Remind me again, the Soul Nexus on our left hand, we got it by inscribing (unknown by then) runes from that other Soul Grave, no? And one of the secondary function of it is that it can drastically increase our magical potency, yes? So, I ask, what is stopping us from inscribing our other limbs (arm, legs) and torso (back) with the same rune? If we do that we can increase our magic power maybe by tenfold.... If Bob allows this, of course.

Naw, the Soul nexus as I understand it, just gives us another point to cast from. Helps in maintaining multiple castings. None of the runes as far as I recall boost our magic at all.

And creating new soul nexi can only be done by the acquisition of Heroic Souls of like disposition, I.E. Thomro and Fangtaker moved to our siege arm and formed a soul nexus there.

>Speaking of arms, we don't have a hand on our right arm, no? Just the blacksteel floppy sabers? Can't we make a hand there and use sabers a la Wolverine style? What is stopping us? Having extra hand will surely help us, no? Especially now that we have bitching sword.

I think the reason no ones bothered with this is that the Sable Executioner is capable of functioning like a more flexible hand. I thought we were using our Siege fist to hold the sword (I may be missing something, here).
No. 189750 ID: ce2673

Damn...these togas/cloak sound cool. I forgot what exactly they did...but we should definitely give one to keddic...with his blood based style...it feels like it would fit in really well...
No. 189758 ID: 2ed6f8

No. 189777 ID: b4c60d

Personally I think we should question the mages. Maybe not removing the gags, but yes-or-no questions, or making them write the answers. Talk to Arkus about how the magic might work and wrap our big fist around them and ask questions. When done, crush bodies, eat souls, send back skin. Aquire rubies, offer guns.
No. 189778 ID: 1ac39d

naw, people are a lot more likely to tell the truth if they think it would get them out alive. if their options are 'don't tell and die' or 'tell and die' they are gonna take don't tell.
No. 189779 ID: b4c60d

Hey, Falcon, go explain how to punch the souls outta people in Discussion.
No. 189780 ID: b4c60d

Well, we don't tell them they're going to die. We just kill them.
No. 189783 ID: 1ac39d

i said 'if they THINK they are going to live'. also, how do we know that shadow power was world magic?
No. 189784 ID: d1210a

[Not how Soul Nexus work. They are formed exclusively by getting enough Heroic Souls in the same area of the body that they merge together, it is not based on runework in any way, it is the IG that was gained by eating the Steel Fist Soul Grave's arm and having Lenryt 'expedite' the process. Further, the Sable Executioner, in it's current, three-tentacle state, is fully prehensile, and able to grab and hold things, in addition to being able to be shaped into a drill-lance, and the only functioning hand design Mordre knows is for a siege fist, which is much too large to try to combine with the Sable Executioner, what with the tentacles starting at the elbow, replacing a conventional forearm and hand. Also, The AA is currently far superior in rune quality to anything Arkus can currently do, it would take him months, possibly years, of diligent and focused runework study to be able to replicate or manipulate what his original creation has become (the addition of two Pristine Souls made it MUCH more advanced, and Arkus was already working with barely understood partial knowledge to make them). Right now Pristine Souls are the only way to improve AA further, the same as IG.]

"By all means, learn. But get some sleep. You'll have plenty of time to read through your material."

"Ah... yeah, yeah, okay. I'm aaaaah... gonna take a nap then."

As I watch Arkus clear some space on his desk to rest his head without fear of mussing papers, I make my way down to the first floor, and go outside in search of my new guests. Finding Dregas proves rather easy, as the clay golem is hard to miss. I see Dregas pulling on his boots through a window, and he nods to me as he sees me, walking outside after betting properly equipped with footwear. I greet Dregas, and after exchanging brief pleasantries I inform him of the basics, his duties. As a Lord himself, I expect him to assist in running the Arcanoworks, especially whenever duties pull me elsewhere, and to assist in sparring practice, to get all those here ever more familiar with fighting golems. As he nods to my requests, seeming to accept them as a matter of course, I move on to ask about how he came to be fighting in Gialgorra's tournament.

"...Well, I was fighting in the tournament for the prize offered, more than the prestige. The Dregas family... well, poor fiscal choices were made by prior heads of household, loans given to those with no intention to repay... one thing led to another, and all our family had left was Silicanthos and our title. ...I have to admit, I was more than a bit worried when I ended up losing Silicanthos too, but it seems to be working out all right."

"On that note, may I please see the remains? The granite adorned with diamond, garnet and crystal?"

"Ah, yes.... here you are. ...So, do you really think Silicanthos could be brought back?"

"I cannot say for certain, but the principles involved make me believe so. I promise I shall do what I can to bring your own golem back to you, But I ask that you be patient on that front."

As Dregas sagely nods, trotting off to start meeting other people laboring hear at the Arcanoworks, I set out again, inspecting the melon-sized lump of mineral in my hand, wondering why it did not crumble away with the rest of Silicanthos' remains, as well as how to restore it. Dregas had mentioned Silicanthos was crafted atop a leyline geyser, perhaps the feat must be replicated? I shake the thoughts from my head as I spot Magnum Bang, his distinctive red scarf making him easy to note, a lazy grin adorning his face as he watches scores of Arcanoworks personnel doing their morning calisthenics and sparring, while Derkin leads Ellorika, Vespinto and Ulzrick in more advanced individual lessons off to the side. At my approach, Bang leaps to his feet (In the process gaining some ten, twelve feet of vertical clearance before landing), and touches his forehead in acknowledgment at my approach.

"So, you're that Mordre fellow, then? The name's Magnum Bang The Human Dynamo, Annihilator of Armies, Smasher of Sieges, Cracker of Castles, and I must say, I really like the enemies I've seen so far, good choice in nemesis."


"I mean, between that... Weinsho, right? Anyway, between him rather clearly being a Soul mage, that Core Being down south-that is still a standing issue, right?"

"That is so, though the State has decided to deal with the issue themselves, Unwilling to let independent parties interact with it currently."

"Meh. The damned thing will break out eventually, and when it does, I got dibs on trying to sucker-punch it first, okay?"

"...Should that occur, I have no issue with your claim: By all means, you shall have the first strike."

"Well alright then. I do hope you're ready to have me hanging about, I eat a crap-ton, kinda comes with the territory."

"I am certain we can accommodate."

"Alright then. Oh yeah, about that Dulu guy, sounds like you've got a history with him, yeah?"

"I have faced him twice before, once forcing him to flee, The other time claiming his life, though his very soul escaped."

"Damn. Isn't that just incredibly frustrating, to kill someone and still be bothered by them?"

"...Yes... yes it is."

"..Ah-huh. Well, rather clear you got dibs on Dulu, so that clears that up. Hey, do you mind if I do a bit of mentoring for these ones here? I mean, yeah they know a bit about fighting, but they know jack-all about Combat magic, and if I'm going to be waiting for a Core Being manifestation, might as well do something that lets me sharpen my skills in the process like good old teaching, yeah?"

"By all means, feel free. I would recommend speaking to Derkin, As so far he has been running training, as well as Keddic, As with his return I would like to see him return to mentoring others."

"Sure, I've got stuff to talk about with that guy anyway."

And without any further comment, Bang leaps over to Derkin's side, and begins speaking with him while ignoring the fact he is interrupting some training. ...Still, the benefits of two Combat Magic Practitioners, both of whom seem quite competent, guiding the training for my new personnel far eclipses what I may lose. I find myself again wishing I could grin as I once more start marching to my next objective on this busy day.

I stop in the first floor of the Arcanoworks again, motioning to one of the workers I recall as now working for Arkus, and give him the Twins of Gavrock, the ammo mold, and the Chains of Gavrock, explaining my desire for for a pair of Morphic Steel shots to maximize the damage one can squeeze out of these weapons. After asking me to wait a moment while he grabbed some papers to verify something, the worker tells me he should be able to do it himself no issue, since he has a mold to make the shots, as well as thorough instructions on how to treat something with morphic fluid to create a Morphic object. Pleased with this new project set into motion, I tell the worker to verify his project with Arkus before finalizing it, and once more move on.

...As I march, I consider my Anti-Golem Revolver Cannon, and my Anti-Vanguard Blade Launcher, both capable of firing six projectiles when fully loaded.... and recall how useful pre-prepared ammunition was when I fought Diozagrath, the previous owner of the massive, temporally static sword on my back. I consider the positioning of my sword, the shaping of both types of ammunition.... and hit upon a simple idea. I begin forming simple claws and hooks about my lower back, away from Diozagrath's cleaver, with the dimensions of my Anti-Golem Cannon ammunition in mind. A total of six spaces are planned, and begin forming, my earlier success with self-guided alterations allowing this very minor modification to proceed without issue. While I make this modification, I likewise make a heavy hook with a firm metal clasp to seal it shut on either side of my waist, with the intent of hanging multiple spare blades for my Blade launcher from them.

I decide to grab one of the Blood Togas in storage within the Arcanoworks, and bring it to Keddic, briefly explaining it's function as he does some morning stretches, thankful along with the rest of the residents of the Arcanoworks that the rain from last night let up before morning. He seems to greatly appreciate my gift, and when I mention that Bang was interested in joint training sessions, the two of them instructing the personnel here, he finds no issue with the idea, and sets off to meet with Bang, still speaking with Derkin. ...And I note that I have already finished the minor modifications to my form I planned, now possessing room for six spare shells on my lower back and ten blades about my waist. All I need to do now is fill these spaces with spare ammunition....

Moss buts against my leg, startling me out of my rumination, end extends a playful tongue towards my hand, still clutching Silicanthos' remains. Tendrils of light sprout from Moss' tongue, and ghost over the stone, before his stomach starts gurgling. He looks at me plaintively, his meaning clear. With my standing promise to Dregas on my mind, I elect to gently nudge Moss aside, noting the creature to be the size of a pony now, as I make my way towards the last of what I consider to be truly pressing concerns at the moment: The two captured mages.

In short order I stand before them, noting the fear in both their eyes as they ineffectually try to speak about the gags in their mouths and struggle against their bindings to no avail. They have been deprived of every possession they have, now garbed in only their shifts, to ensure that they secreted no magical object about their personage. Hm... removing the gags could be quite dangerous, what with Word magic being available to them, but I suppose I could ask them yes or no questions. And beyond that, I consider whether a live, captured mage could be more useful to Kyorto than simply their skin: Perhaps if I were to pass on consuming the souls of these two, I could expedite Kyorto's eventual escape from confinement. A thought to consider.


What yes or no questions should I ask the captured mages?
And once done, should I consume their souls and send their skins to Kyorto, or send them alive and whole, possibly entombed in preserving crystal, in the hopes the extra resources will mean an early end to Kyorto's need for skins?
No. 189785 ID: a594b9

Bang seemed to be 'covered with blood' half the time as well. He might be able to use a toga.

The cloak is basically a toga that doesn't require fresh blood. We can give that to ANYONE.
No. 189796 ID: d3dfb8

Just to get you guys thinking, when we meet up with Dulu it may be our only change to send Weinsho a message.
No. 189798 ID: a594b9

Suck one's soul to see what happens. Then we'll interrogate the other one.

I can't actually think of any questions to ask.
No. 189799 ID: d3dfb8

Personally, I'm against sucking their souls for the moment. Hopefully someone will come along with some decent questions before bob updates again.
No. 189801 ID: b4c60d

Kyorto Never asked for souls. She asked for skins. We may even retart the process if we don't kill and soulfeast.
No. 189805 ID: f4c793

Use Jojo on them to get their info out. Aftewards hang them, suck their souls, and skin them. Simple as that.
No. 189809 ID: dfcecd

A SPLENDID IDEA!!! Knock em the &(*% out and have Jojo dream em out.

Go back to that place you found moss to check on the tree, see if the accelerated growth happens or if that was actually 1 REALLY OLD tree. In any case, my idea is to put that part of Silicanthos in the ground near the assumed world geyser and use a pristine soul to get the magic started up again in him. On second thought you might wanna read up on those runes first, you might find something interesting/useful.
No. 189812 ID: ba87ce

Separate them and just use the Sable Executioner to restrain their magic. Be ready to choke or stun their vocal cords if word magic somehow works despite the black steel influence.

Take one mage aside, wrap her in some cloth or leather and then Mordre's magic disrupting black steel tentacles (make sure to use the blunt sides so she doesn't cut her skin and subsequently die a slow, horrible death from the poisonous metal)Then interrogate her like you would a criminal for a few hours to get more information on your enemy Weinsho, where he is, what his plans are and why she follows him. Then come back and interrogate the second one carefully to verify what the first one said.

Remember your interrogation basics. Start off with nonsense questions like name, age, how she's been, what she thinks about the situation and pretend to care a little. See if you can get her memories going and if you can learn to see when she's trying to remember things and when she's trying to think by giving her little challenges or something. This will be good for separating lies from the truth. If she's thinking then she's most likely trying to come up with lies or false stories.

Then start the confrontation, make up some themes like "Then Weinsho called you up didn't he? he had a task for you. Some travellers that you were to wipe out". Try to stop her from denying anything and try to turn her excuses and objections around to further assumptions and questions. Once she starts to lose resolve then press her, make her look you in the eye, stress her out and make her want to escape her situation by telling you everything you want to know. Don't let her disassociate from the situation. Once she starts talking try to figure out her motives by offering her alternatives like "You work for Weinsho because you wanted more power." when/if she denies it follow up with the alternative and more acceptable choice "Well you didn't have much of a choice did you? Weinsho could have killed you too." to try to make her surrender and confess everything she knows about Weinsho and herself.

If they prove troublesome then you could also start to threaten them a bit to intrude on them and make them extremely nervous. "Be careful now, you're wrapped in several metres of black steel and I'm sure you have some idea of what will happen if you get cut. Why I've tested it on rats. The wounds cannot heal so I had to put down the poor animal after a few days as I couldn't get any sleep anymore thinking of the cute little creature festering... rotting away..."

If they REALLY start messing you about then coat the Sable Executioner in pigs blood and gore and appear before one of the mages telling her that you'd had enough of her colleague's constant lies and denials.

If this doesn't work, pull out Jojo and see what he can do.

Once we have what we want then take their souls and keep the skins I guess.
No. 189834 ID: 275a5d

You are my hero.
No. 189842 ID: b4c60d

Lets be sure to crush them at the first signs of magic use. They are not getting away. I'd even suggest crushing their arms, but that gets in the way of good interogation.
No. 189862 ID: 716eb0

I am wary of trying to squeeze more benefit out of this boon of intact and restrained mages, lest we lose what we already have by needing to destroy them quickly. They are unlikely to know anything of any great use, and still less likely to tell it. Simply harvest their skins and snatch what information you can from their souls as you consume them.
No. 189866 ID: ce2673

Negative on the crushing...I think that might violate the "whole skin" rule we've been working under...
No. 189871 ID: ce2673


I just looked at the archive...it seems that these cloaks/togas reflect back the physical damage done to the wearer. That's awesome...by reflecting attacks, it's offense and defense all in one...We should definitely loan one to Magnum Bang...
No. 189885 ID: 706990

Meh, I still kind of think that sending her full bodies would be better. But majority seems for sucking them dry.

Maybe we could ask Kyorto later (whenever we send her only skins or alive ones).
No. 189886 ID: 275a5d

If we do kill them, we need to be extremely wary about their souls. They are likely warded in the same way Dulu's was, and if we are not careful, they may escape.
No. 189893 ID: b4c60d

As I see it, crushing damage would break the bones under the skin. Not the skin itself, which is what we're after. If anything, we can just have Derkin asphyxiate them or JoJo does his best Freddie Kruger impersonation.
No. 189894 ID: d1210a

I decide to get somewhat creative. I separate the two mages, and have each bound in a hide of leather. I wrap one in the blades of my Sable Executioner, careful to avoid touching skin, and take her away from her accomplice before I finally take her gag off, and begin questioning her. I start simple, questions she has no reason to lie about, to get a sense of how she behaves. Her name is Lina. She is twenty five years old, and is terrified, and likely concussed. My questions start simple, some measure of interest in my responses, and she seems to lose a touch of the fear she had before as her tongue loosens. Then I begin pumping her for information, demanding that she confirm she works for Weinsho, and was ordered to attack my caravan. At first she resists, but as I tighten the blades of the Sable Executioner and bring her a foot away from my Skull visage to glare balefully at her, she starts to answer some questions, though she will not yet tell me everything I desire.

-Weinsho has hundreds of apprentices just like her and the others, all at his beck and call.
-Weinsho likewise has scores of 'Feral Reapers', the type of creature that attacked alongside Dulu and these shadowmages.
-Weinsho has Small Tombs at his command as well, dozens by her count.
-She also claims Weinsho to have a standing army numbering in the thousands.

But as she does not seem willing to say where Weinsho might be, or what his intentions are, no matter how I press, I elect to have her re-gagged, and have Lina watched as I take the other captive away for questioning. It starts simply enough, following the same guidelines as before: Inversia, age nineteen, still suffering from minor burns from an earlier electrification, is made very much aware of the nature of my Sable Executioner, putting fear in her belly as I let the poisonous metal drift close to her whenever she is hesitant with a response. She parrots the same information about Weinsho back to me as the other, so either they had a previously established set of information to give us before they even attacked the caravan for the event of capture, or they are telling the truth. When Inversia also goes close-mouthed on the subject of Weinsho's location or goals, I tighten the Sable Executioner about her till she groans and bones creak, before having her re-gagged and held while I return to Lina. I again run her through an interrogation session, and she remains close-mouthed, only offering that she would rather die than betray Weinsho. Interesting, I wonder if I can test that claim....

I make a brief trip to the storehouse before I return to question Inversia, and get one of the unofficial quartermasters to spill pig's blood on the Sable Executioner, and make it replete with sticky gore. In short order I return to Inversia, and I note the palpable terror on her face as I stand over her, slowly reaching down with my left hand.

"I have grown tired of the deceit your accomplice has provided me with: I grow weary of this interrogation, so unless you have something new to offer, I shall quit this whole affair through your demise."

And Inversia, for her part, faints in stark terror.

...But that can be to my advantage. I have her and Lina both watched in their respective rooms as I seek out Jojo, and explain my desire for him to peer into their dreams for the answers I seek. When I mention one of them is already unconscious, he floats along beside me to see her for himself. Upon observing her, Jojo simply settles to the floor, and says nothing more. I exit the room under the glare of the afternoon sun, and spend some time watching Bang, Keddic and Derkin doing what they can to lead a collective after-noon sparring session, though they still do not seem at all coordinated for co-instruction. Nevertheless, no one offers complaints as they are put through their paces, occupying my attention for several more hours before Jojo floats to my side and sits down.

"Weinsho to the north, has outposts, at least three that one knew of, a week's travel from here. Knew nothing of Weinsho's plans, not shared with apprentices. The dreams of the other were the same, when I rode the path between the two."

It matters not: I know where Weinsho is based now, and that is a choice piece of information, as well as some general assessments of his forces... though the extent of them worry me. I thank Jojo for his efforts as I enter the central tower seeking Arkus in the failing light, finding him once more awake and reading from Wendelin's tomes. I explain, after noting no one to be within earshot, that I have finished gleaning what I can from our captives, and that I need his assistance to 'prepare them for transport'. I pointedly eye his staff and axe alike, and Arkus grasps my meaning swiftly, and in short order I am breathing out flames that Arkus converts to crystalline filaments that wrap about our captives, freezing them in time and space alike.


[-3 Souls. Souls remaining: 546 Minimum: 12]

After assuring myself the crystallization took and that both mage's skins are unbroken, I note the looks of horror frozen on their faces, and wonder if my hypothesis that having the whole mage to work with will make them more viable ingredients for Weinsho to work with. Well, after Dulu's post-mortem flight, I am leery of simply killing them, on the off chance they are likewise warded by Weinsho. As night falls, I pick eight Premen, four from Ugrokk and Oggroth's parties alike, to transport the two crystal-encased forms to Kyorto. Then they shall move on to Mordreden to the north, to bring them ten of the Hand-Cannons from the Arcanoworks as samples, and to claim the rubies due to me since my last visit. Judging from how long the trip took them last time, I'd estimate them to return in ten days to two weeks, and as such send them with plenty of provisions after the sun has set. As the Arcanoworks begins to settle down, the watchtowers well-lit and fully staffed, I decide to check on something myself, keeping Silicanthos' remains in my hand (and Moss doggedly following me) as I trek back to near Shellik, where I discovered Moss along with the other rather irregular examples of plant life. We run freely, both indefatigable, our paces unflagging despite the poor visibility. I only stop when I detect some nickel near to the surface, and wrest free from the earth several dozen pounds of the metal. I tear off several pounds to sustain myself as I continue our trek.

[DAY 97]

Some time before dawn it begins raining again, though this does not seem to bother Moss in the slightest, tendrils erupting from it's body as if to play and dance in the rain while it runs. But Moss grinds to a halt as we reach the location where I found him, and I cannot fault the abrupt trepidation that assails my tiny companion.

The tree Moss was found on has rotted completely away, a putrid pool of goo coating the forest bed where once a partly anthropomorphic tree stood and tended to a spiral of roots. ....Well, this is strange.

As I direct my magnetomancy earthward, as well as seeking out any leylines, I find what I suspect when I first arrived: There is nothing here. No metal to be found, nor blood-like currents underground, or any hint of a leyline. ....So then what was it that led all that I found before to even exist here... just what is going on?

Finding no answers, I follow Moss back to the Arcanoworks, and arrive shortly after dawn, Keddic and Bang both guiding the general sparring sessions as Derkin works with the three handpicked hopefuls. At my return, I see several eyes turn to me, wondering what our next project shall be.

What should I say or do?
No. 189896 ID: b4c60d

Does anyone wanna write up a nice interogation we can run on the pair of them? Not sure which direction to take it. We should probably say in Mage Mordre Mode so if they do escape, they deliver false information.
No. 189900 ID: f4c793

Looks like Bob answered it for us already. I think our next goal is try to send recon on the outposts Weinsho is not at. We must also ask Arkus if he knows runes for communication yet so we can send them off with a way to communicate back to us without having to send a runner.
No. 189908 ID: e31d52

We should also ask Jojo if his dream thingamabob could be used to send messages and bring back reports. Furthermore, if the above works, if he could use it to commune with a ghost, like Kyorto.

Also, a shitload of small tombs? I SMELL HERO SOULS~
No. 189912 ID: b4c60d

Erm, can we retroactively make sure the better hand cannons go to the Premen and the Premen runners we sent have expressed orders to find out if Kyorto needs living bodies rather then dead ones - and if there is a way to return the souls if she doesn't need them. I still wish we could have crushed ones windpipe and eaten her and sent the other one alive, but oh well. We'll test this one in two weeks.

As for our next projects:

Welp, use the Farming Proliferator after talking to our farmers. This is good! How does the Water Purifier work? Set it up so the water stays pure and unposionable, but lets try to figure it out as in 'What is the range' and everything. Farming is important and so is fresh water, so make sure these pieces of technology are working properly.

Ask around if any iron mines are open around here. Also ask if there are any steel traders we can go do. Either way, find out about possible sources of iron and steel and lets go hunting for some veins of irons and the locations we've asked about to try and get some trading going on, we need to keep this Outpost running at peak power.

And I have a conclusion to leap to, but inside that unopened box we might just find the key to the top floor. We need to work on getting it opened without breaking it. Lock-picking, magic, whatever. I want in that box.

And as a question: The Skyfall rune is etched onto the cannon and onto the shells themselves to work. The rune on the cannon wouldn't disrupt our magnetomancy, but the rune on the shell turning it to lighting would, correct? Would it be possible to craft the rune ourselves? Say have three rounds chambered that aren't runed and three that are, or etch the rune onto the shell before we fire? I want to try and test this idea, if Arkus feels up to it. However, ask Arkus if he feels he could do a better job after studying for longer.

Also, check up on the lad. See how he's going, ask him what new rune's he's learned, and what information he's learning from this. Show some respect for the boy, he's doing wonders.

I really do not believe we are anywhere near ready to go up against such a large army and I wouldn't want to have Ugrokk be attacked again for scouting. He does have the invisibility power-item, I will admit, so we could just send him, but make it very clear that should Ugrokk feel threated or some magical power is capable of seeing him that he just comes back here.

And we should look into the Premen. How are they doing. Spend some time with them, checking up on our troops and answering questions. We've been gone for a while and focused on everyone else that we've been kind of ignoring these guys, which is a horrible thing.

And we must tell Keddic that the Lord Brigadier General has been looking for him. How did the message sound from the runner?
No. 189915 ID: 706990

How about asking Arkus about my earlier idea of speed tunes? Ask him if it's feasible for him, how long would it take if he made them for us and/or for premen, how much faster would we be.

Speaking of runes. Ask him what he has learned so far from the books.

Lets see how Jezbel is doing. Ask her if everything is to her likeness. Have her research on new weapons or make weapons for our troops. Let her research Twins of Gevelock, she said she would like to have a look at those if I remember correctly. Maybe we will have all of our premen equipped with similar wepons in the future? Imagine a volley from 20 Premen, guns each hand load morphic bullets, against a fortress.... there wouldn't be left anything adter that ))
Or have her work on radio-watches.

Also, ask Arkus for information on Caemlo Repository. All the information he knows of it. Also, see if you have any worthy tomes that you could give them to gain access should you meet it in future. If there are any, ask Arkus or his subordinates to copy one.

Ah, I forgot to add something to >>189728
- Remember when we fought the bloodsoaked toga dudes and cloak commando we use one shot kill techniques of blood dust? It reminded me of nano-swarm utterly destroying the enemy.
Well, I had an idea. What if we made a small ball or several smaller balls ( lets say 10-25 pounds) of blood iron and carried it around us. During a fight we could through them at our enemies, convert them to dust and attack the same way we did we toga-guys. Also, I think, it would be possible to kill people without doing any visible damage: we could have the blood iron stream into the nose, mouth and ears then utterly fuck up the brain and voila! dead mage with intact skin :D
No. 189919 ID: dfcecd

Jojo already uses his stuff for that. That is why he was sent with us, to dram-report back to Lorgk what the heck we were doing.
No. 189928 ID: e31d52

>Well, I had an idea. What if we made a small ball or several smaller balls ( lets say 10-25 pounds) of blood iron and carried it around us. During a fight we could through them at our enemies, convert them to dust and attack the same way we did we toga-guys. Also, I think, it would be possible to kill people without doing any visible damage: we could have the blood iron stream into the nose, mouth and ears then utterly fuck up the brain and voila! dead mage with intact skin :D

Blood Iron Shotputs? :3
No. 189937 ID: ba87ce

Oh don't tell Jezebel what to do. She hates getting told what to do. I say we talk with her and manipulate her creativity to work in the right direction. I think Mordre should suggest to her the notion of mass production if such a thing isn't already common. Machines that can be used to quickly create lesser items that can be sold for incredible profits while benefiting the world at large, doesn't that sound nice?
No. 189944 ID: b4c60d

Wouldn't it be possible to just use the blood in the battle rather then waste some blood iron? I mean, there's a battle going on, we just use the blood on the ground.
No. 189949 ID: 706990

[I don't even know what shotputs are... google image tiem..]
Oh yes, something like that.

But I assume we can always retrieve the blood iron we used.

Speaking of manipulating blood. Remember we found documents in the house with dead apprentices of Weishiro. Back then we couldn't manipulate blood and ended up messing up one of the pages.... But now that we are much better at metalomancy and have gained blood magic, can't we try again and succeed ?
No. 189951 ID: b4c60d

We...kinda blew up the paper, as I remember. But what I meant is if we use Blood Iron for a weapon rather then converting our body we have 10 to 25 pounds of used metal. Instead we could use the blood iron found at the battle to make that into a warm of metal filings and then eat them once the battle is over. Of course, I don't know why we need to do blood iron. We could just attempt to strip mettle down to filings and use those next time.
No. 189954 ID: 706990

Well, I though having additional weapon always at hand would be good. What if we want to start our battle with using blood-dust? There wouldn't be any blood yet. Also, close proximity will give us better control.
But I see what you mean. We could make one ball of 5 pounds as experimental weapon and see how effective it is.

>I don't know why we need to do blood iron
If I am not mistaken, we have much better control of blood iron. It uses both of our disciplines: Blood Magic and Metalomancy. And I think defending against it is harder than defending against ordinary iron (but I am not sure of that)
No. 189958 ID: dfcecd

No. 189984 ID: b4c60d

Yes and no. Watch the sparing - it's good to know some actual fighting techniques, and who knows we might be able to engage in a little learning Combat magic if we watch and learn from both of them, but we should later go up and have Arkus teach -us-. Possibly late at night when no one else is around so we don't break character.
No. 189990 ID: dfcecd

No no. Don' have Arkus teach you, just read the book. If he can do it, so can we, especially since we don't get tired or bored (hopefully... need to deal with that mental influence by souls stuff). doing it ourselves eliminates the chance of someone catching on to our ruse. Also make sure you tell Arkus not to let anyone else see it. You kind of forgot about that with all the sappy stuff floating around.
No. 189991 ID: b4c60d

Yes, do remind him to hide it. But I was thinking Arkus to teach us because he has the basics. We just devour souls and get some magic juice from it but we don't know the theory behind it. Arkus does. And it'll mean more bonding time, which we need.
No. 190022 ID: d1210a

[On the subject of Blood Iron Shotputs: To be a shotput, it would have to be compressed into a single piece of metal, making pulling it apart into iron sand-like particulates pretty much impossible. If you had some sort of container that you kept a bunch of Blood Iron, still in tiny particulate form in, then this would be viable for the metal sandstorm. Basically, a jug of sand, only it's Blood Iron.]

[Could you please clarify what you mean by 'recon on the outposts Weinsho is not at'? I am not sure what you are suggesting here, all you know thus far about outposts to Weinsho's name is that there are at least three of them, all to the north.]

[Don't need to ask, you already know since Jojo has told you about it. He can teleport through the dreams of someone he knows (that was how he reached you in the Duran forest), and he can enter the dreams of others, the act of which can make the dream lucid. He has been giving regular reports to the Drazken shamans and Lorgk alike since he arrived, and has made no secret of this (he flat out told you so in the Duran forest). So Mordre already knows Jojo can communicate through dreams to others.]

[Correct, there are no surviving documents after the few not totally ruined were detroyed in your attempts to recover them.]

[Do you want Mordre to be reading the book instead of Arkus?]

[There are no 'bad' hand-cannons yet, the only ones in existence are the 168 you began with (60 of which were partially constructed but now fully built), so nothing needs to be done on that front. The questions for Kyorto would be somewhat hard to ask because LANGUAGE BARRIOR, Kyorto not even speaking common.]

Once inside the Arcanoworks again, my first order of business is getting the Farming Proliferator put into use. I gather up several of the personnel I have noted to spend more time than usual about the growing crops, and explain to them the workings of the proliferator. They seem highly intrigued by it's soil-reading properties, and set to assessing our crops with gusto, as I work with some other workers to get the Water Purifier set up: Since it needs to have water filter through it to function and is not by conventional terms mobile (I am capable of carrying it, but I doubt less than five people would be required to move it), we decide to attach it to the well, so that any water drawn can be purified. After testing the setup to insure it works, and finding the water filtering to completely crystal clear transparency and purity, I ponder what to attend to next as I glance about, noting Moss, some seeds poking out of it's mouth, digging at the corners of each of the fields of crops, avoiding the actual edibles and their roots in it's antics.

I decide that procuring a supply of steel would be incredibly useful, and set to asking about to see if anyone knows of vendors or mines or something of that nature nearby. I am met mostly with scratched heads and puzzled looks, but several people comment that they have heard of several iron mines to the south, a few pretty close to Trekel, and that some people have mentioned traders hailing from the south to have carried steel goods fairly often, even before the troubles befell the State. Well, I have a direction then, south for Steel.... and south for the Blue Knight that Keddic mentioned...

I make my way to the second floor, finding Arkus already at work, nose buried in the books from Wendelin, and ask about the runes on the Skyfall Cannon: Surely they could be adapted to my own cannon? Arkus' response is, as always, cautiously phrased to avoid overpromising.

"Weelll... I could probably copy the ignimancy based runes from the cannons onto your own cannon, but that wouldn't make it work, in and of itself: The ammunition itself needs a matching rune to work, and I really can't picture there being a way to inscribe them as you make them.... although, if you made shells and gave them to me, I could put the rune on each shell individually, so you could have some prepared shots... yeah, that should work, and again I cannot stress enough that this is just a hypothesis, I cannot promise viability. Also, since the runes trigger on impact, you won't get as much systemic penetration power-ah, that is, if you are trying to blow a hole through a bunch of people lined up, the shell will liquefy on hitting the first obstacle: Great if the first thing you hit is what you want to hurt, not so much if you hit a shield instead. And there is the whole 'these runes preclude outside magical interference of all but the most overwhelming sort' that is worked into the magic, so no Magnetomancy.... anyway, yeah, I could do it, but with the aforementioned fine print. Why, do you want it?"

As a response, I break open my revolver cannon, and eject the six Anti-Golem shells already housed within the cylinder, before snapping the top-break revolver cannon back into place. I float the shells down onto Arkus' desk with Magnetomancy as I make my way back outside, tossing an order over my back.

"That sounds acceptable. Try imbuing these shells with the rune, To get a sense of any differences of note, Between them and the normal Skyfall ammunition. I should be back later to get the rune for the cannon, Perhaps you can reference those documents there, To see if there are any ways you could improve it?"

"Ah, yeah, sure, I'll see what I can do."

I march back outside, and seek out the Premen still in the Arcanoworks, and hit upon a simple idea of how to reconnect with them: I propose a minor tournament, with the winner having a match against me, exclusively for the Premen. At this I see Oggroth's eyes light up as Ugrokk nods, already deep in thought, before the two get to organizing the event, under my watchful eye. I give praise as it is due, noting the improvements the Premen have made, in general evidencing cleaner, smoother movements, the scouts lighter on their feet and the warriors getting better at maintain a stable and balanced brace for vicious attacks. It comes as no surprise that the tournament comes down to Oggroth and Ugrokk squaring off, both bereft of arms and armor as they clash. Ugrokk is a whirlwind of shifting limbs and indirect attacks, his deft and swift attacks raining down on Oggroth.... who simply shrugs it off. But rather than simply bull rushing Ugrokk, I note him patiently defending, blocking or deflecting a few blows now and then, until finally Ugrokk strikes more deeply, trying to drop the durable foe before him-and Oggroth strikes, a single, massive fist planted in Ugrokk's face the moment he stops darting about. It takes some time to rouse Ugrokk, a concerned Oggroth, peering at his fallen form, but once his safety is assured the Premen turns to me, and bows, asking if he could abstain from facing me, until he could improve himself further. Feeling magnanimous, I accept Oggroth the Mountain's request, and complement him on his more tactical approach to combat, the massive Premen positively glowing under the praise. I leave them to their devices, suggesting that they focus more heavily on learning the common tongue so that they may learn from Keddic and Bang, to which the fervently promise to do what they can. Apparently I did not need to worry about the Premen, left to their own devices they spend most of their time fighting, their excessively competitive nature meaning the are almost always sparring in some form or other.

I make my way over to Keddic, currently speaking to Bang (who is tearing through food at a speed I thought only Oggroth could reach), and inform him that Lord Brigadier General Quinton was looking for him, likely concerning Trepany. He accepts my words soberly and thanks me for the information, before turning back to his meal. As I move to depart, Bang, through a mouth stuffed with food, asks if he can take part in the next tournament I hold, no matter how minor. It would seem he was very much so aware of my little bout with the Premen, and wants in. I tell him he shall get his chance the next time I hold such an event, and Bang complacently goes back to inhaling food.

I take the six blades housed in my right shoulder and hang them, three to a side on the hooks I recently shaped at my waist, while I consume all of the remaining nickel I harvest and several pounds beyond of tin, insuring the simultaneous regeneration of twelve pieces of ammunition does not overly drain me. I make my way back into the central tower, nodding to the worker I assigned to work on the Twins of Gavrock, who I see has already gotten the Chains securely anchored to the twin pistols, and is now carefully shaping the two rounds that will receive a morphic treatment. I make my way up the stares, to note Arkus already done with one of the six pieces of ammunition, looking up at my return. I make mention that runes oriented about augmenting speed and mobility would be of great interest to me, and he notes down that preference for his continued studies. I make my way up to the fifth floor, and find Jezebel already at work, tinkering with a device festooned with dozens of charge packs. At my arrival, she looks up, but says nothing.

"I was curious, what do you know about mass production?"

"Do you feel like being more specific?"

"Certainly. I am speaking of the aspects concerning weapons manufacture, To make the individual components in great batches from specialized machines, To allow faster overall production. Could you do something like that?"

"...Hm. So you want that to be a priority over getting multiple WASP spears, or extra TASTE o' Dooms, or ODIN mines?"

"Could you not work to mass produce those?"

"What do think I've been doing since getting my equipment squared away? By the way, I could use some really conductive metals or materials..... so, yeah, superconductors? I need those."

"I shall see what I can do."

Jezebel does not even bother responding verbally, merely grimacing as she turns her attention back to her labors. I make my way back down from the fifth floor, and note Arkus to now have a second shot halfway inscribed (just as I notice my ammunition to have regenerated), and ask him to put aside that work and inscribe the paired rune onto my revolver cannon. The remaining light of the day fades to shadow as Arkus labors, and I pass the time by asking him about the Caemlo Repository.

"The Repository? Place is like a dream come true for unaffiliated mages, if you can find it. I actually saw it once... hm, can't remember if it was in the Golden League or in the lands of the Disciples of Domintus, but as near as I could tell.... it's a Soul Grave, or was one, that got worked into a library, which is how it can move, as well as why it can survive in war zones with all that wealth of knowledge. Beyond that... I don't really know anything, the one time I saw it I was.... somewhere in the single digits range for age. ...You know, they'd probably place a great deal of value in the salvaged Mosmordren documents we have, as well as Wendelin's documents. Not saying we SHOULD, but putting the idea out there.... and, DONE."

Arkus steps back from my kneeling form, nodding at my left shoulder and the cannon on it, before he gets back to his desk and resumes inscribing the shells before him.

"Ah... I should have all six ready by the morning."

"Excellent. Oh, and a word of caution: Let NO ONE see those books from Wendelin."

"..Ah, yeah, okay."

I make my way back downstairs, arriving in time to see the worker laboring over Gavrock implements taking the freshly cast shells, and coating them in morphic fluid with a strange looking brush. Eventually he finishes, references a note, and touches a finger to one of the shells: It abruptly blossoms in size, becoming a large cannonball, before shifting back to it's smaller form moments later. Next, the worker places his hands on one of the pistols, and again is rewarded by a shot that explodes in mass and volume a hundredfold under his will. Nodding his head contentedly, the worker fastidiously packs the Chained Wrecking Twins Of Gavrock into the box they came with, replacing the mold as well, before turning about and nearly dropping the goods at the sight of me. I realize that no one else is still working on the first floor, and thank the man for his labors while claiming the box. As I step outside, I realize just how late it is.

[DAY 98]

It is incredibly early in the morning, hours before dawn. I have modified my cannon to bear the Skyfall runes, and Arkus is laboring to turn six shells into active Skyfall rounds for use in my cannon, hoping to be done by dawn. Jezebel is working to build more of her established weapons, with an expressed desire for superconductors. I look about the pre-dawn Arcanoworks, and wonder.....

What should I do?
No. 190025 ID: f4c793

We need to locate them first, second we need to learn their numbers, third we need to know what their weaknesses are.
No. 190055 ID: b4c60d

Idle-note: If it was not for the suggestion would decimate the food supplies, the next tournament must be a eating contest between Bang and Oggroth.

Anyway, glad to know there were only good Hand Cannons to use. Is it possible to retroactively write a note in Mornostric to Kyorto? But if not, oh well.

Well, as for what to do talk to Keddic about this request. We're going with him, so we'd just like to know when he's going.
After that to the south sounds like a good idea. Ask around before we leave abotu this 'Blue Knight' and if anyone in town knows any rumors about the Relics of Gavrock. And more generally, is there anything interesting to the south before we go. So we can try and do a few things at once when we go 'shopping'.

And do we even know what superconductors are? I mean, I don't know if Mordre would know even if we do.

What are the names of people in this outpost town? Not Everyone, but ones we interact with. The blacksmith, at least.

I know you mentioned Lord Quest name-bonus, so...Would the Caemlo Repository be our Olmec what with the California reference to Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo?
No. 190062 ID: b4c60d

As a question, which direction is the Golden League? Berserker-Zealots just sounds annoying right now and I think we can stay on the good side of the law and avoid the 30ft Soul Grave if we wanna go lookign for Olmec Caemlo.
No. 190083 ID: a594b9

Ugh, you stupids we forgot to go with Keddick when he returned the staff! We could've fought Dulu right there.
No. 190087 ID: b4c60d

What? This is the third day. Keddic hasn't gone out yet, at least I don't think he has.
No. 190094 ID: 445c48

Why would we fight him, anyways? We have to keep our word, after all.

Also he could probably kick our ass.
No. 190101 ID: b4c60d

I'm personally thinking we could try to convince him to join our side, after what Keddic said. That or just try to fight him - we do have a few upgrades now. And if nothing else, we could just arm up and ride the army out there.
No. 190114 ID: dfcecd

My plan too, but it would no doubt take some SERIOUS sooth-saying to get Dulu to join forces with the 'man' who killed him.
No. 190138 ID: d1210a

[Keddic already went, the meeting was yesterday, the 97th. And since Mordre knows the word 'conductor' relative to electricity, it is assumed the concept of a 'super' conductor is comprehensible.]

[Golden League is directly east past the Azelhaedran State, the land governed by the Disciples Of Domintus south of the Golden League.]

[NOOOOPE. Dulu said 'three days from now at noon' for the meet at Shellik on day 94. 94+ 3 = 97, which was YESTERDAY. So yeah, completely missed the chance to go with Keddic to the meet, for fighting, recruiting, whatever.]

I contemplate sending scouts out to assess Weinsho's presumed assets to the north, and ruminate until dawn about how many scouts I could send, what orders to give them, and the other multitude of facets governing a comprehensive scouting mission to a dangerous location. I recall that Lord Brigadier General Quinton to the southeast has considerable forces at his disposal, and as he already knows of the Core Being, I may be able to get him to get scouting done for me, should I enlighten him as to the source of the Core Being (true, the documents I found suggested the summoners stole the notes, but I do not need to mention that). The sun rises on my still form as I consider the merits of mass scouts versus sending a few elites, and the costs and gains associated with each. 'Tis a complex question, and I feel I shall need to iron out several details, such as total number of scouts, who shall be scouting (Premen/Human/[Named Individuals]), and what specific orders to give them. Hrm....

....And I snap out of my reverie as I realize yesterday was the agreed date for returning Dulu's staff.... and that he was to wait near Shellik. I seek out Keddic in the early morning, finding him stretching alongside Bang as they get ready to lead another round of sparring practice, and I inquire as to how the meet went.

"Well, actually it went great. Dulu didn't try to kill me, or threaten anyone, or anything like that. ...He did seem a bit put off that you weren't there though, but when I explained that you were busy running the Arcanoworks and that I was bringing the staff in your place he didn't object. ...Anyway, yeah, he actually thanked me for returning the staff, if you can believe it. I almost wish we had held onto it, it was clear he really, REALLY wanted it back."
>"Huh, that Small Tomb guy we ran into didn't pull anything?"
"Nope, 'twas about as smooth as a meeting between foes can go, I'd expect."

"...I see."

...Well, there it is, I missed my chance to meet with Dulu on neutral ground, either to talk, to fight, or whatever, but the event seemed to progress well enough without me. ...Still, I feel rather irritated that I neglected to keep track of when the meeting was, as I fully intended to attend. ...Well, what's done is done.

"Oh yeah, hey, question: Of the... how many people work here?"
>"As far as I know, three hundred and... forty, I think? Not counting those giant-size warriors."
"Right, so, about the three hundred forty or so people you have working here that do the daily sparring with Keddic and I.... how 'thorough' should we be about instruction? I mean, if we're all nice and whatnot to them, sure they'll like us, survive fine, blah blah blah, but they won't improve that fast. Adversity, trials and tribulations, that's how you really get someone to improve!"
>"What I believe Bang is trying to imply is that we want to know how hard you want us to push in training? After all, Combat magic is not an easy thing to learn, so the easier we are on them, the longer it will take."


What should I say or do?
No. 190146 ID: c00244

We don't have enough healers to spend their time healing injuries received in training on a regular basis. Also, morale and loyalty must be maintained, and the bulk of them should remain able to come to the defense of the complex at any time or march on short notice. Aside from those restrictions, we trust in the judgment of our trainers.
No. 190149 ID: d3dfb8

:( a reminder would have been nice bob.
Push them, but make sure it's for their own good/survival.
No. 190179 ID: b4c60d

What? It...oh darn it. Oh well. I really thought Keddic was going to say he wave leaving, and that never came up. Well, thank Keddic but lement that you didn't go.

"Wait, but...Oh degeration and spit, blast it all. I wanted Dulu!" heavy thumps as if an old man is jumping up and down. Heavy stuttering and angry but wordless sounds. "SIR, Would you calm down!" "Damn damn d...ah...sorry Illia, I just. I seem to be too caught up in my work, yet again. That man," Sigh deeply. "He protected a man that slaughtered an entire villiage, Illia and...well, I suppose I could have given him a sound thrashing and a talking to. The man seemed almost noble prior, even if a condfounding foe but...to protect a man that would kill women and children. It breaks my heart...I..." "I know, sir, I know. I shall go perpare you some hot chocolate, how does that sound? And you can give us the evening off to go down and...well...talk to our families, how does that sound sir?" "Oh...Illia, I'm sorry, he just reminds me of how...the device seems to be on." "Absentmindedness will be the death of you, sir. I'll get your Hot Chocolate." "Erm...thank you, Illia. Erm, yes. Oh...blast that man. Blast and deepdamn him! Oh I...oh, never mind Sir Keddic, it's alright...A reminder for an old man next time, perhaph? What exactly did Dulu say to you?"

Sigh and slump heavily between the two warriors. "Ah yes, the duties of an father. Or employer, eh?" Sigh. "Do not push them too hard. I believe my warriors could survive a stronger push, however, but with the common militia I would suggest care," Pause, clench our steel fist. "But tell them that if they wish to learn more, to speak with you. Those oness you should push,t o be strong and to protect this place as strongly as you bouth fight."
No. 190244 ID: f4c793

This. Also then you need to get them to working them out the way they see best. If someone doesn't survive, take their soul as a way of continuing their legacy, give them a proper burial and go for their blood iron that night.
No. 190248 ID: b4c60d

I will admit, I thought we were gonna get a reminder - and I did think that the 'Meet Dulu' was today. Does this mean we're gonna have to make sure we remember timed events for now?
No. 190278 ID: d1210a

[Well Geez, I figured something from 8 posts prior, from the previous day[realtime], would be recollected. And further, you aren't voices in Mordre's head, you are Mordre: Why wouldn't you need to keep track of deadlines you intend to take action on? I mean, for BIG things, like multi-week or multi-thread stuff, sure I'll give you a heads up when something is looming, but immediate stuff like this? Your responsibility, though as you saw capable subordinates can cover for your lapses.]

"We don't have enough healers to warrant excessive injury, But so long as the main body of the personnel stays mobile, Push them as you see fit, They will need to know their limits."

"Yeah, helps to know where your limits are: Makes it easier to break them!"
>"Jolly good then old chap: Well Bang, shall we see to today's training? I feel it shall be rather memorable!"
>Heh-heh-heeh... yeah, probably will be. And don't worry Mordre, minimal injuries!"


"Keddic, did you say Dulu.... missed my presence?"

"Yes, or something quite like it, I didn't pry, and he left in a hurry."

"Wait, but...Oh Core Beings and spit, blast it all. I wanted Dulu!"

I create the sounds of heavy thumps as if an old man is jumping up and down. Heavy stuttering and angry but wordless sounds practically bubble forth, muted as if said from a distance, with the swish of a skirt and rattle of a tea tray to signify the arrival of one of my fictitious maids, Illia.
"SIR, Would you calm down!" "Damndamnd...ah...sorry Illia, I just. I seem to be too caught up in my work, yet again. That man...."

I create the sound of a person sighing deeply, nearly letting my own shoulders heave with the act, the affectations I must adopt for my persona nearly bleeding through. I continue to speak, addressing a maid that exists only in my imagination.

"He protected a man that slaughtered an entire village, and...well, I suppose I don't know if I wanted to fight him or.. scold him. You know, the man seemed almost.. noble prior, Even if a most confounding foe to face, but... to protect a man that would kill women and children. It breaks my heart...I..." "I know, sir, I know. I shall go prepare you some tea, Now how does that sound?" "Oh...Illia, I'm sorry, he just reminds me of how...the device seems to be on." "Absentmindedness will be the death of you, sir. I'll get your tea." "Erm...thank you, Illia. Erm, yes. Oh...blast that man. Blast and ...oh, never mind Sir Keddic, it's alright... A reminder for an old man next time, perhaps? I'd rather not miss such a meeting again! So, ah, what exactly did Dulu say to you?"

"Didn't say much, just the bare essentials for the hand-off, asked where you where.... actually, he did say one thing, and only one thing, that wasn't either of those: He said to watch out if the trees have been lively, though I'm not sure what that means. Well then!"

With that, Keddic takes an inhuman leap to casually catch up to Bang, resuming his chat about the coming sparring. ....'Watch out if the trees have been lively?' An odd thing to say. ...Well, Keddic and Bang should have the sparring squared away, I may want to check in later in the day to see how it is going, but for now, it is still dawn, and....

What should I do?
No. 190279 ID: e31d52

>He said to watch out if the trees have been lively,



That's incredibly odd... was he referring to Moss or to what Moss ate?

Or are the assholes going to pull a Scottish Play on us and use the whole damn forest to mask them surrounding the Arcanoworks?
No. 190280 ID: d1210a

No. 190290 ID: 275a5d


Lively trees, huh? God, I don't like what that implies.

I think we should do a recon of the forest ourselves. If we find nothing, then when we return, I want to test Moss's capabilities. Find out how strong he is, etc.

I don't suppose we can expect a statcard for him anytime soon? To much mystery behind his nature for that?
No. 190461 ID: b4c60d

Ah, oh well. Just a major flub that didn't cause any major damage and that reminds us to cover our own asses. Suggested actions: Go to the forest around Berluut and Shellik, before coming back and heading south for metal. Ask Jezebel just where we could find super-eletric metal.
No. 190462 ID: b4c60d

Oh, and is it possible for us to carve runes onto our shells as we make them? Rather like...create the Anit-Golem shell, but leave a patch undone in the shape of the rune?
No. 190468 ID: 2aaaf1

How much edible metal do we have on hand? Let's try another upgrade for the anti golem cannon: an extending and retracting telescope barrel. If we're going to make the bullet innacurate yet devastating to a single target, then we should have as much control over it's flight path as possible before it even leaves our body. The skyfall rune is indeed helpful, but it should only be applied to artillery with the least amount of precision. We should consider removing it after we do battle with the core being, as the skyfall rune will be less efficient against heavily armored and extremely durable targets like Dulu. And YES, we are marching out to fight the core being in about two weeks when those eight premen return. Unless Lord-Brigadier General Quinton can oneshot Mordre without us having failed a d20 roll, I seriously doubt he's gonna have much luck against a Core Being. And unless the top goddamn brass are marching out to handle this thing, we're the ones that are going to deal with it anyways. Might as well boost our ability to kill as much as we can while we can.
Also, we should think about seeking out that Blue Knight fella, more allies is always a welcome thing.
No. 190469 ID: b4c60d

We don't have to. Remember, because of the Butcher, "The cannon's maximum range is now only limited by what Mordre can perceive and direct it to target", to quote Bob. Adding a extending and retracting telescope barrel just seems superfluous. Either way, we are not marching onto the Core Being. We can go and look, yes, but by thunder I am not having our Outpost taken away because someone wanted to play hero. We have absolutely no idea what powers the State can bring to bear and we are on their good side now. This is the long game. We are not screwing this up for some deluded white knight notions of 'helping' when we don't even know if we would do any good.
We can go and look, yes, but we are not interfering. Not yet.
And to be the villian, if the state doesn't do it's job properly and the Core Being is released, all the more reason for the citizens of the State to love us, and hate the State. This land will bow to us, one way or the other.

And, as a side note, ask Keddic when he wants to go and meet with the Lord-Brigadier General.
No. 190485 ID: 2aaaf1

IF the state fails to do it's job and the core being is released, we still have to deal with it. A single Core Being is a threat to EVERYTHING on the same landmass as it. Regardless of whether Weinsho had a hand in it's summoning or not, it was HIS research that made the summoning possible even if incomplete. Weinsho is the leading expert on Core Beings at this point that Mordre knows of and it would not be completely exceeding the realm of possiblity to say that he COULD control one or at least direct the brunt of it's rage towards us or our weaker allies before fleeing to a secure location. Add to the fact that he controls 3+ outposts in the Azelhaedran State and predicted our caravan of supplies, it's safe to say that he has a pretty damn good idea of where we are and probably has a way to monitor our movements unless Dulu has had a change of heart and is leading Weinsho astray. If the state can handle this, FANTASTIC, one less problem on our hands. I still vote for showing up when they try to kill it, I'd rather risk insubordination than TPK.
No. 190501 ID: d1210a

[Unless Mordre gains some form of tiny and highly precise internal mechanism to inscribe runes inside the cylinder as well as experience and knowledge of runecrafting (which has never even been attempted by a golem before), the only way to get Skyfall runes put on ammunition is to remove them from Mordre's form and have Arkus [or any mage] inscribe them properly.]

[>>190469 is correct, currently Mordre's only range limits for the Anti-Golem Skyfall Revolver Cannon is whether a given target can be perceived by Mordre. If it can be seen and there is a clear path to the target, Mordre can put a shell in it, provided it doesn't move in the interim.]

''Watch out if the trees have been lively?' I cannot think of any way to interpret this but as a warning: But it still bothers me that this information came from Dulu, an individual with very little reason to aid me... still, the costs if his warning is true and I ignore it seem too great, and so I decide to leave the Arcanoworks... after making my way to the second floor of Kyogrock Arcanoworks, and claiming the six shells I left with Arkus, each stamped with the ignimantic runes of the Skyfall cannon, and slot them into assembly at my lower back. I now carry an extra load of ammunition for each of my weapons, and depart without waking the still sleeping Arkus. I make my way out of the gates with Moss at my side, and wander out into the forests, first heading to inspect the woods about Shellik and Berluut, I march with the same inward focus of Magnetomancy I always use when traveling swiftly, meandering through the woods as I seek out anything suspicious, but nothing of note appears before me, and I arrive at Shellik without incident. I turn to move on, but several villagers spotted me, and so I spend some time speaking with them, querying them if they have noticed anything odd about the forest. By and large no one can recall anything irregular, but one child, a girl of ten at the most, steps forth and haltingly shares her own bit of information.

"The plants around Berluut are growing really tall, but momma said not to go there.."
"Oh hush child, don't go bothering the mage with that."

"Actually, I'd like to hear more: What do you mean, the plants are tall?"

"I'unno, they're just... tall."
"Ah, I think she's talking about how the trees Berluut is built into look a mite taller than they used to... you know, before... well that one you chased showed up. I'm sure it's nothing, even old growths can have a growth spurt under the right conditions."

"I see. Anything else odd about Berluut, In addition to the trees being overly tall?"

"Not that I know of, though other than Hannah here, no one's gone all that near the place... bad memories, you understand."

"Of course. Well, thank you for the feedback, And I bid you a good day, I have matters to attend to."

"Ah... if you don't mind me asking, are we safe?"

"I am likely jumping at shadows, But if there is a threat to be found, I shall excise it, never fear."

I am once more given a fond farewell as I march off, now heading to Berluut. Lively trees... could that mean ones that grow fast? It seems a bit of a stretch, but I could easily see it being the case. I trudge through the forest to the ghost town of Berluut.... and find a rather strange sight.

The soil has turned a strange rusty color, a dark and rich burgundy, and the trees the village was built into are closing up about the houses within them, reclaiming the hollowed spaces within with masses of constricting roots, many of which then pour forth to plunge into the ground... and the trees are at least ten feet taller than the last time I saw them, an impossible growth spurt for the time frame. I also note that every place where blood was spilled in Balboa's massacre now sports a growth of wild scarlet moss, looking as if it has had months to grow. I cast out with my Magnetomantic senses, and feel nothing out of the ordinary... yet the soil and moss alike remind me of blood. ....What does this mean? I stand in the middle of the ghost town, considering my next action. ...I also note Moss, who had left the Arcanoworks with me, is nowhere to be seen, having vanished some time after departing from Shellik- and I spot the creature watching me from a distance, unwilling to enter the desolate husk of a village, strongly shadowed despite the noon sun overhead.

What should I do, should I head back to the Arcanoworks, or should I head south in search of metal or the Blue Knight? Or should I do something else?
No. 190507 ID: 0a8e03


spend some more time investagating, if we still fail to find anything burn it to the ground
No. 190513 ID: a594b9

This place has been affected by the same type of magic that cursed Mosmordre! I'm sure of it! The World leylines have been disrupted! Moss wants nothing to do with this, and for good reason.
No. 190517 ID: ba87ce

I'm thinking this could be like a mini-Mosmordrean curse caused by someone messing with leylines, but if trees are actually growing faster then that might not be the case.

There's some bad world magic afoot, but we don't really know much about it. Bring some blood moss back to the Arcanoworks as YET another specimen for study, but put it far down the priority list.

As for longer term goals we should send some human scouts north as the premen would draw too much attention. Try having one of our elite special ops members coordinate the effort. 4 teams of 2 people each would probably be enough. Also see if anyone is interested in travelling towards the centre of the Azelhaedran State to pick up some news and bring them back. We don't really know what's going on in the world. This could be another job for one of our spec ops specialists.

Then take the majority of the premen and Magnum Bang with you and head south in search of adventure and metal!
No. 190520 ID: a1fc1e

I think this is probably the most likely way to action. The idea of two man squads of spec ops quality make extremely good sense especially if they'll fit in elsewhere.
No. 190521 ID: b14128

I believe we should also deliver a sample to Lord Quinton of the State and inform him of this. I'm certain he'd like to know there's something afoot, and he -is- technically our superior.

As for what it is... I wonder if this may perhaps have something to do with how much death and bloodshed there was in such a short time in this village. Like if it may be haunted somehow.
No. 190522 ID: b14128

Oh, yes. Let us also check the place we buried the bodies, see if there's anything strange there.
No. 190530 ID: a1fc1e

I like both of your ideas as well. We probably should check the graves while we're there.
No. 190534 ID: 706990

We could ask Arkus to see what is wrong with this place.
No. 190554 ID: d1210a

I wander about the area more, checking on where the bodies of the Berluut residents are buried, and-

I could not see it through the prolific tangle of roots and wild growth, but the mound that serves as a mass burial... it is completely devoid of live, a veritable paradox in this rampantly overgrown ghost town. The soil, instead of being dark and stained red, is.... gray, as if the normal brown of the dirt has been leeched away... and the air above the patch of ground shimmers, no souls present or detectable, but the shimmer in the air reminds me of nothing more than souls, though when I experimentally try to consume the shimmer in the air, it does not respond at all.... is it not soul-related then? Strange, I could have sworn....

I spend another half hour thoroughly inspecting the area, but besides the growth, the soil change, and the patch of.... whatever it is over the mass burial mound, nothing else seems of note, no masses of metal to be found....

As I take a few samples of the scarlet moss, I consider what to do about Berluut... the situation here reminds me of nothing good, and I wonder if it might be best to simply burn the whole place to ashes.... with the recent rains, it would be easy to insure the fire did not get out of control... hmm.

I make my way back to Kyogrock Arcanoworks, Moss rejoining me as I leave the place behind, abstaining from burning it until I understand more of what is going on here. Upon my return, I send a runner with one of the red moss samples to Lord Brigadier General Quinton, with a brief description of what I found in Berluut. I bring the other sample to Arkus, and tell him to inspect it when he gets the chance, though when I ask about what I found he has no insight to offer me, likewise disturbed by what I found.

I exit the central tower again, and motion to Derkin, explaining my desire to send scouts to the north in search of Weinsho, with the special ops group likewise attending. Derkin mulls over my idea, before suggesting three groups of seven, with three pairs of scouts under the head of Ulzrick, Ellorika and Vespinto alike, with Derkin himself taking another ten soldiers and hanging back, in case anything goes wrong. I accept his plan and send him off, before rounding up the remaining twelve Premen besides Oggroth and Ugrokk, along with Bang, to make a trip to the south, both for metal, and to find out more about this Blue Knight. But as I exit the Arcanoworks at the head of this group of sixteen individuals (... seventeen, since Moss does not seem inclined to wait), I realize... I don't really have a specific destination in mind, since no one at the Arcanoworks knew anything about the current state of the southlands. So...

What should I do? Should I just march south in the hopes of finding something before our supplies run out (we have enough for three week's rations with us), or should I visit some settlement to the south in the hopes they could point me in the right direction (and if so, which place should I go to for information?
No. 190565 ID: 445c48

Well, whatever you do, if you think you'll be away for a while, be sure to send a runner to Quinton
No. 190568 ID: b4c60d

I have a bad feeling about this. Sending off the team and not Ugrokk who, you know, should still be able to turn invisable and is our best scout, and then leaving.

And we really should have talked to this person in shadows at Berluut.

This is nothing I can change, however, so let us journy to the various villiages we've assisted and ask questions reguarding Iron mines, Steel mines - possible, but unlikely - and Steel traders, as well as be on the look out for this 'Blue Knight'.
No. 190570 ID: 716eb0

Or rather, since you just SENT a runner to Quinton, include the fact that you will be out south, securing a supply of metal and ore in his message. Send another runner to chase him down with this information if necessary, he can't have that much of a head start.

Man, it sure would be nice if we could stay in communication with the Arcanoworks on long journeys like this. We have been gone longer than we have been present recently. When we return, we should consult with Arkus on the matter.

Anyway, stop at Trekel on your way south, see what they know about mineral rescources nearby.
No. 190571 ID: 716eb0

>steel mines

grrk grrk gurgle steel is not a naturally occuring material. Its presence in a minable state would be a mystery on the level of the impossible bronze mine the Premen have. If we hear of such a thing, we must investigate.
No. 190572 ID: ba87ce

How high would we be able to lift one of the premen with magnetomancy? If we could hold one of them up high in the air then we would be able to scope out the terrain quite well while travelling.
No. 190573 ID: b4c60d

I direct you to this post: >>/questdis/326395

We could happen on a Soul Grave, or Small Tomb, vein, but it's unlikely. Intresting but unlikely.
No. 190581 ID: 716eb0

Yes, that post is the main reason I didn't just say "thats unpossible!"
No. 190598 ID: b4c60d

Ok, see, I thought the gurgling was the brain shutting down to stupid. My bad. Anyway, we do have a reasonable reason to look for alloy mines. They might be rare, but would be very useful.
No. 190698 ID: d1210a

[Show me where any mention of a person in shadow or the implication of a person in shadow was made in Berluut. It was just Mordre, with Moss on the outskirts of the ghost-town, I don't even know how you got the idea there was a person, shadow or otherwise. Seriously, show me what led you to believe that there was a person in shadows at Berluut, if I'm not using clear phrasing, I'd like to know so I can correct it in the future.]

As in our march south we intercept my runner, the incredible stamina of the Premen allowing us to maintain a far faster pace than normal (apparently Oggroth had ordered them to strap rocks to their armor for marching in my absence, and lacking them they find their armor much lighter. ...Though I note Oggroth himself still rides his mount, the massive beast Verther the Duran bandit king once rode, which has filled out rather considerably, suggesting Verther was practically starving the beast.). At our approach the runner bearing the sample of bloodstain fueled moss halts, and I briefly detail that he should also add the detail that I shall quite possibly be away from the Arcanoworks for a time, and suggest he phrase it so it appears related to my find in Berluut, The runner nods and accepts my alteration to his missive without complaint, and our two parties continue our separate but similar ways, slowly veering off from each-other. As we left the Arcanoworks in the afternoon, we only make it partway through the forest before night falls, though the Premen have excellent night vision, and Bang likewise does not complain of visibility issues, so we press on into the night, arriving at Shellik late at night, though I see at least two houses with light still flickering within. At our approach the village elder and several others who had likewise been awake come out to greet me, the sight of my Soul Grave significantly more familiar to them. When I explain I seek news on iron mines, steel tradors and/or the Blue Knight, they regretfully shake their heads, and say they have heard little-though they do thank me for the recently completed road to the Arcanoworks, the straight path to what they call 'safety' apparently brings them peace of mind. I think them for their information anyway, maintaining my guise as a kindly mage controlling a golem, as I let our troops sleep, on the outskirts of Shellik. As we make camp, Bang becomes quite enthused when he learns the Premen are learning the common tongue, and sets off an impromptu study session on the subject that lasts even later into the night.

I hit upon the idea of levitating a Premen in armor above me for scouting, but while their night vision may be excellent, the long range vision of the Premen is not nearly as capable, so they would not be as much help as I could hope. Perhaps I could try this with a human, or someone with augmented vision garbed in metal? A thought to consider, and one that occupies me throughout the night.

[DAY 99]

I rouse our group before dawn, pleased to see the relative lack of fatigue in the Premen from the prior day's marching or late night, and set off on the path south from Shellik, running out of cleared road before noon arrives, passing a few people working to extend the road as we continue onward. The sky darkens with heavy clouds, but as the day passes the sky only threatens, never delivering rain unto us. We continue to set a brisk pace through the forest, Oggroth's mount unimpeded despite all our supplies being strapped to it's body: With the added bulk, it has found even more strength, it seems. As night falls with the clouds still present, we are forced to call it a night, the darkness too great even for the Premen's superior night vision, and once more Bang keeps the group up for hours (this time, I participate rather than simply marching about the camp endlessly, constantly improving the charge of the Amaranthine Annihilator) with further drills and lessons on linguistics, the Premen getting closer to a crude yet comprehensive understanding of the basics of the common tongue. I would hardly call them bilingual, but with patience simple concepts can be conveyed in common to them, if the words are kept simple (or the speaker pantomimes with their words).

[DAY 100]

Once more we start before dawn, strapping our supplies back to Oggroth's mount/party pack animal, and set off, exiting the forests hour or so after dawn. We find a road in the works, and pass by workers from Trepany and Glenston alike as we move south, briefly stopping to ask if they know more of any of the things we seek (they don't) before continuing on at a greater rate on the flat surface of the road, and we reach Trepany by the afternoon. Our arrival is greeted with some fanfare, those who worked alongside me at the Arcanoworks pouring out to give thanks for being allowed to return to their families, as well as bombarding me with well wishes. It would seem I am something of a hero in Trepany at this point, interesting. After dealing with the societal obligations my persona of Mage Mordre would deal with, I get to asking about iron mines, steel traders, and information on the Blue Knight. Unlike Shellik, the citizens of Trepany have information to offer.

"Well, there's... what was his name? Crazy Hashin, Hasseen.."
"Crazy Hassan."
"Right, that was it. Anyway, he mostly sells these strange spitting creatures-"
"At rather low prices!"
"Yeah, but who needs something that stupid looking?"
"AS I WAS SAYING, he sells animals mostly, but he deals in most everything, he's got a decent size caravan, and I could swear he mentioned having steel, right?"
"Yeah, but his caravan was what, eight wagons? I mean sure he could have a fair bit, but odds are good it's mostly other stuff, and he wouldn't have THAT much steel."
"True, true....."
"Ah, as to Iron mines, I could have sworn someone from Trekel mentioned one south of their village, I bet they'd know more about that."
"Yeah, but with the State back in that outpost northeast of here, I bet they could supply you, I mean they've got supply caravans that come in pretty regular, and they wear plenty of metal."
"I'm not sure I like that Quinton fellow, he-"
"Quiet with that!"
"You say the Blue Knight? Do his followers wear blue?"
"Well he has to be called the Blue Knight for a reason, yeah?"
"...Yes, well, I did see some woman in plate with blue heraldry down south a ways, maybe she was with the Blue Knight?"
"Or maybe she was the Blue Knight!"
"Shut up Stant, that's stupid, if she was the Blue Knight, you'd think her armor would be blue, not just her cloths!"

As the citizens quickly devolve to their personal bits of bickering, I thank them for their information, and resume our trek, heading south. As Trepany fades behind us, I-

Mordre, I see you have been busy altering yourself, that is good.

-Thoughts force themselves into my head, just barely discernible from ones I may have concocted myself-but what's worse, I recognize this sensation, my own mind being played with by an outside force...

Correct, Sapient Soul Grave, I am Lenryt.

The air before our group does not shimmer, or crackle, or tremble: one moment there is nothing, the next a little girl is floating before us, wearing slightly too-long ornate robes, the symbol of infinity worked into the material. Her expressionless face tilts to the side as she regards me, and I hold up a hand to halt those following me. I see several of the Premen recognize the floating figure of Lenryt, and after sharing words with their comrades I see all of them adopt a cautious stance: For his part, Bang reads the atmosphere rather well, deciding to simply cross his arms and stare at Lenryt, his brilliant red scarf as always dynamically floating behind him.

I doubt you are aware as you have been attending to more local matters, but far to the south, in the Land of Dragons, the Fierce Dragon Lubu the Unparalleled has led his armies in an attempt to usurp the current emperor, Jade Dragon Luoga Shangod the Implacable. Lubu has considerable skill, and he is nearing victory as we speak: In desperation, someone amongst the Jade Dragon's forces has done something rather foolish, and attempted to summon a Core Being into the body of one of their apprentices.... and it worked. Right now, this abomination is rampaging about, and with the two armies engaged with each-other, insufficient forces are present to deal with the threat before the Core Being can completely fuse with it's host. This is where you come in.

Lenryt blinks forward, wafting in the air mere feet in front of my face, still regarding me with a blank, emotionless (and motionless) face.

In short, I have a job for you. If you accept, I shall teleport you and only you [The method I shall use can pierce any form of shielding, but is fatal to organic components, your comrades would perish] to the Land of Dragons into the midst of the siege, where you shall seek out the Core Being Host, and slay it before it can finalize it's fusion and gain access to it's full power. As a Soul Grave, you shall be able to sense the presence of the Core Being Host without issue. Upon completion of the deed, I shall transport you back to a place of your choosing. If you accept, you may ask of me any boon you desire, but you must make your decision NOW on whether you shall take the job, the harmonization process proceeds even now.

So choose.

What should I say or do?
No. 190700 ID: b4c60d

[Yeah, sorry, misreading. Read Hannah as being someone that lived in the villiage and misread Moss as a shadow. Please forgive me, jumping at shadows and all.]
No. 190703 ID: e67080

Accept! Its a great opportunity to learn about combating a core being, and get a boon. We've loved Magnetomancy as is.
No. 190707 ID: e31d52

Accept, on the condition that our men know that we'll be fine. Hate for their to be a panic, you know.
No. 190708 ID: 6834bc

Accept, but ask for a couple minutes to tell your followers what's going on, give them something to do in your absence, and etc.

Also, in case Lenryt doesn't know, tell her of the Core Being that was partially-summoned and is near Trekel - the State's trying to deal with it, but you don't really have a whole lot of faith in their success.
No. 190709 ID: b4c60d

Bob. You are amazing. I slow clap you sir. We must find Crazy Hassan and haggle with him, then hire him, and aquire CAMELS AT REASONABLE PRICE, YES?

And Lu Bu? Bob, I love this quest.

Ok, hopeless fawning aside...I say 'yes'. Ask her if she can impart any help now, prior to defeting this beast, as it would help. Ask her if she can warn our people about what is happening, espeically Keddic. Ask her how long she thinks it will take us.

And tell her about the Local Core being and if it is in good hands as well.
No. 190711 ID: c00244

Accept. Ask for any advice that she's willing to provide about winning this fight, since Core Beings are quite powerful.
No. 190716 ID: b4c60d

To clarify 'help' I mean 'can she please give us the boon first' Because we're killing this thing for you.
No. 190717 ID: 2aaaf1

"Very well. Oggroth, Bang- seek out this Crazy Hassan and his wares. Tell him I wish to trade with him soon, ask him how long he will stay in the Azelhaedran State. I do not expect this to take long, but some plans do not play out in the quickest and most efficient manner. Furthermore, if you should happen to cross paths with another servant of the blue knight; express my desire of an alliance between us, from liberator to liberator. But above all, keep watch for Weinsho's trickery. We will meet again soon."
No. 190718 ID: 6dfcf4

Pshht, its been awhile since we had a good bout. I would say this is a fine opportunity to get back in gear HA HA! [sorry, some of Keddic rubbin off on me there].

If you are going, tell everyone that you will be back in awhile and that they should return to the Arkanoworks, sorry about that.
No. 190720 ID: b4c60d

"When looking for Crazy Hassan look for the CRAAAAAAAAAZY camel sign. If you dont' know what camels are, just look for the very crazy man with the turban, you won't be able to miss him."
No. 190725 ID: 6dfcf4

Oh right forgot about this Kudos on the Hassan ref
No. 190726 ID: 2aaaf1

Also: "Tell me Lenryt, would it be possible to set my destination as say... An abandoned building within the struggle? I like to make an entrance."
No. 190728 ID: b4c60d

Oh, yes, are there any good Lu Bu reference we can make? I don't know much about the Three Kingdoms, sadly.
No. 190741 ID: d6cb21

Did someone just mention needing a camel? I sell you golem camel, only slightly used, better than new!
No. 190762 ID: d6cb21

In fact, I sell you THREE golem camels for price of one! Buy and get bag of free metal ingots for each camel! Buy now, valued customer!

And remember, if you need camel look for CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY Hassan!
No. 190768 ID: b4c60d

I have been quite literally wracking my brains to think of something witty and funny to say, or some proper way to respond to Hassan and I think I now own two camels and a bag of dates.
No. 190771 ID: 275a5d

Accept. This will give us ample opportunity to gauge the threat a core being could potentially demonstrate, and it will allow us to extend our influence even into the land of Dragons.

Once done, we should also inform Lenryt of the threat posed.

Here goes, gentlemen. Lets see if we're up to this challenge.
No. 190772 ID: d1210a
File 127606292346.jpg - (405.21KB , 1100x530 , Land Of Dragons Gates To Capital.jpg )

"May I have a moment to tell my followers-"

They have been made aware, and shall continue their search for iron, steel, and the Blue Knight.

Indeed, I see the Premen and Bang both clutching their heads in shock... clearly Lenryt placed knowledge in their minds the same as she has done to me-she can do it to multiple people at once? Disturbing... but I press on as I see her body finally moving, her arms slowly lifting to point at me.

"Could you place me in an abandoned shed-"

I am placing you randomly within two miles of your target, that is the extent of what I can offer, the one called Lubu.... his soul makes precise teleportation difficult, skewing the ability to accurately perceive what is where, so you must make do with wherever you land. Now, since you have accepted, I can feel your desire to get my boon now, but I will not reward a job not yet done: You may ask whatever you will of me when you succeed, and not before. Now....


The world simply jumps, as if a static bolt warped everything about me. Where once I stood at the front of a group of sixteen in the Azelhaedran State, plodding along a peaceful trail to the south, now I am surrounded with the cacophony of battle and the screams of the dying, magic laying heavy in the air, and the masses of the same weight and potency I felt about Luo flashing all about me, masses of metal present everywhere I cast my senses. I realize I now stand before a massive gate, a wall hundreds of feet high now before me, thousands of bolts of fire and ripples in the wind flying forth to assail it, though I see no appreciable damage to the structure, so vast and resilient. I glance about to realize soldiers war all about me, siege weapons behind me assaulting the walls along with the hundreds of mages I see, even metal golems of a sort I don't recognize fighting on both sides, wading through the ranks dispensing death as they seek out captains and would-be-heroes. Atop the gate, beside massive hooked blades that scythe through the air at gargantuan winged lizards bearing riders (perhaps the 'Dragons' this name is named after?), there are a pair of constructs, snakes scores of feet thick and forged of a dark green metal spit blue fire at all who approach the main gates beneath them, this whole battlefield flooded with death, desperation, and strife.

But two things distract me from all of that.

-To my right and somewhat behind me, I feel a soul that sings to me, it's weight, it's presence making me want to weep, it's sheer existence so forceful I can scarcely ignore it. As near as I can tell, the soul is just shy of a thousand feet away..
-On the other side of the massive gates before me, I feel a mass of ominous, nefarious force, a soul forged without rhyme or reason... a Core Being, somewhere beyond these massive gates. It feels to be just over a mile away, the gates themselves two thousand feet before me.

As the soldiers around me turn to respond to my presence, I realize the forces are split in two, one garbed in shades of green, the other in gold and red. Several of those nearest me charge with swords or spears, members from both sides ready to strike.

What should I do?
No. 190773 ID: 275a5d

No. 190778 ID: d3dfb8

Meander your way over to the gates collecting souls and blood iron. Kill anyone and everything that gets in your way. It is not often we are placed in the middle of a war with no consequences for our actions, lets get us some serious blood irons.
No. 190780 ID: e31d52



No. 190781 ID: b4c60d

Can we? If not, just...magic the door off it's hinges and fling it inward and charge! Cry out for LU BU to join us in badass combat!
No. 190782 ID: 275a5d

This is our element. This is our ground. This was what we were made for, before our maturity.

We've been playing the diplomat for so long.

But we must never forget: There will always be a place in whatever passes for our heart for this.

A battlefield. Not some pathetic excuse for a skirmish like what went on against Verther. A real, genuine warzone. It is like a homecoming, is it not?

In a way...beautiful.

The forces in front of the gates are the defenders. We have a goal, a target: The Core Being, beyond the great gates.

Magnetomance a path through those before us to the gate. If the snakes turn to strike at you, deliver a shell to their skulls, an enhanced skyfall shot, directly into their gaping maws.

Prepare your Immortal Genocide. Our siege fist will live up to it's name. We will need a strong charge.

Let us show them why we were, are, and will always be...

The greatest weapon of war.
No. 190783 ID: 6834bc

Bellow out loud enough for both sides to hear you over the sounds of battle.
"Ye fools, who come running to your death! Open your ears and listen!
Which of you follow Jade Dragon Luoga Shangod the Implacable? Which of you are allied with the fool who summoned a Core Being and implanted it in their apprentice? I will tolerate no falsehoods.

You will make yourselves known to me now, you will stay out of my way, and you will be grateful that I had mercy on you! I warn you, the consequences for lying or trying to impede me in any way will be most dire."

Add some intimidation to your demands by coiling Sable Executioner as if it were a large drill, and spinning it appropriately.
No. 190785 ID: d1210a

[To clarify, door is two thousand feet away, about one hundred feet tall, and estimated in the hundreds, possibly thousands of tons of layered metal. The sheer amount of mass involved means you cannot simply pull them open conventionally or via Magnetomancy, or burst through them. FYI.]
No. 190786 ID: 275a5d

I doubt armies will be intimidated by our flexing.

ACTION is what is needed.
No. 190787 ID: 275a5d

Specifically, talking will get us overrun. We make it clear through action what our target is, and the appropriate forces will move to enhance the hole in enemy formations we make.
No. 190788 ID: 6834bc

You're acting like we can't demand to know who our enemies are while fucking shit up. Hint: we can.
No. 190789 ID: b14128

Not -everything-. Make some effort to distinguish between the differing armies. We should be invincible to their puny spears and swords, so we can take the few moments needed to do so without much risk. There's no point in harming the attacking force, so we should fighting -alongside- them. Well, as long as they don't put too much resistance in our path.

Of course, we could also try approaching the singing, likely legendary soul, whom is likely Lu Bo, and ask him or his tacticians where we are most needed to break though the wall, get formally organized with their forces. We'd probably have trouble with that, however, considering his forces currently think we are a threat. Try killing a few of the defenders to show them we arn't planning on attacking them.
No. 190790 ID: b4c60d

OOooh, yeah! SING THE SONG OF OUR PEOPLE! And when breaking down the door: "KNOCK, KNOCK, LUOGA SHANGOD! You should not play in the domain of GODS and MAGES! YOU WILL BE JUDGED FOR YOUR CRIMES!"
And start using the blood iron like that cloud of deadly dust we used previously! And Soul Soldiers to keep anyone behind us off our ass.

But yes, soul suck on always.
No. 190791 ID: c00244

First things first: You're on a massive battlefield. That means massive quantities of soul and blood iron. Whenever you can spare the time and attention, make them yours. There must be tens of thousands of souls here, hundreds of whom are mages... even if you fail, if a fraction of that bounty is made yours it will be like a victory.

The gate is way too big to just "magic open". The wall as well. I suspect that we'll need to either climb it or take advantage of the functioning siege weapons' work. Surely one or more of them is damaging the wall in such a fashion that we'll be able to get through it even now.

Anyway, we won't be managing victory on our own. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that we speak the language these people use. This is a problem.
No. 190792 ID: 275a5d

No, I'm acting like no one will care in a warzone dominated by golems, screams of the dead and dying, explosions, crashing steel, screaming beasts, and the warcrys of two separate armies already beginning a charge when we shout out to for people to listen. Nor do I think that the defenders will believe our claims and turn against their emperor.
No. 190795 ID: a594b9

The SHINING SOUL is of course Lubu. REQUEST TO SPEAK WITH HIM! We must find a way past the gate, and we cannot do it on our own!


Begin manipulating blades to spin around you via magnetomancy, in preparation to assist you in cleaving through the opposing army. Spin them at a height above the humans until you know who we are going to be killing.

I'm willing to bet that those garbed in green are our enemies, though.
No. 190796 ID: b4c60d

Ah, blast. Well, lets try to Immortal Genocide the door first while playing our Dirge and killing anyone attacking us. Lets make it very plain that our goal is Luoga Shangod and anyone attacking us will die. If we can't Immortal Genocide the door open, we'll roar in defience and then turn around and march to Lu Bu.
No. 190797 ID: e31d52

No. 190798 ID: 275a5d

No. 190799 ID: 6834bc

We are a motherfucking talking golem. It won't stop the battle outright, but unless talking golems are extremely commonplace here, it will cause some of them to shit themselves and listen.

We clearly state which side we have a beef with, which can help cut down on people attacking us, and we warn those who are allied with the Emperor that they're going to fucking die. We can then kill them with impunity if they attack, and our actions will be justified because we warned them beforehand.
No. 190803 ID: e31d52


No. 190804 ID: c00244

Is there any chance that we'd be able to just climb the wall? Say, by bashing a series of massive holes into it and using them as handholds?

We cannot lift ourself with Magnetomancy due to lack of brute strength, I assume, even with an army's weight to push against. If this is incorrect having it corrected would be nice. Nor will a dragon be able to lift our massive bulk. Pity; it would be awesome.

Are there siege towers deployed which we might be able to use? Holes which have been knocked in the wall, or other existing breaches? The attacking army must have some sort of plan for getting through here- perhaps we'll be able to make use of it.
No. 190806 ID: b14128

We should be sure to use Lu Bo's full title, as well. I'm absolutely certain that level is respect is completely deserved. Anyway, while I'm absolutely certain there isn't one, try looking for a way to sneak around the battle, and just generally try getting a sense of the current situation. Look closer at the serpents and gates and walls and giant blades and stuff, too, let's see what we're up against.
No. 190820 ID: 45be60

Begin moving toward the door. Swat all those who stand in your way aside. Defend yourself from attacks, but move with purpose. You have a siege fist for a reason.
No. 190822 ID: b4c60d

And as a wise man once said: If the door is too strong, destroy the walls.
No. 190825 ID: 2aaaf1

Draw the cleaver from it's resting place on our back, activate the Spectral Gorging Anima and let it's fangs dance upon the timeless blade. Flex the Sable Executioner somewhat absentmindedly before coiling it into the drill-lance.
No. 190834 ID: c00244

>Draw the cleaver
Hmm. Do you think that could be used to hack a hole in the gate? It's supposed to be fairly incredible for the whole slicing and dicing bit, and we are ungodly strong. Could be the easy way through the wall.

On the other hand, the giant snakes breathing fire could be a problem.
No. 190838 ID: 275a5d

That is an interesting idea.
No. 190852 ID: 8123aa

And only now do I realise why Luo wanted to attack Keddic. God damn, I'm stupid :|
No. 190871 ID: d1210a
File 127607265824.jpg - (310.66KB , 1280x1024 , Fierce Dragon Lubu The Unparalleled.jpg )

I start up my Dirge, the howling, wailing sound of wind and pain I crafted in the northern mountains, a psychological weapon I have not used in quite some time. It feels... right to use this again. As I start the Dirge, I direct my focus to seeking any corpse about, drawing forth any and all Blood Iron I can sense, drawing it to my gaping wide maw, constantly supplying me with the Blood Iron of the fallen about this war-zone I see those nearest me flinch away, some recoiling at the oppressive, incessant sound of the Dirge, some from watching the corpses about me rip open as I draw a gray mist from their blood to feast upon. In this moment when those brave enough to attack me falter, I strike.

....It has been far too long since last I was on a battlefield, unfettered by my need to confine my acts within that which would be appropriate to my cover, to be in a place where I am a weapon of war, doing what I was forged to do, no more, no less. It is... cathartic, I think, to be here, a thought that brings me great satisfaction as I spin open the Sable Executioner and draw Diozagrath's cleaver, noting the walls to bear the same shades of green for coloration as one of the groups of troops: So those wearing green are the defenders, then. I cleave into them without hesitation, the absurd amount of reach advantage I have on those poor fools nearest me allowing me to tear through them with impunity. I ignore the warriors in gold and red who still choose to attack me, and shortly I see them beginning to hesitate as I exclusively target the defenders, leaving those I assume to be Lubu's forces alone. As I kill the last of the defenders in reach, the attackers under Lubu now seeming to grasp my exclusive targeting, do not offer me violence, even if they view me with deep suspicion. I waste no time attempting to talk to them as I maintain my Dirge and feast on Blood Iron, now taking the momentary lull in battle about me as a chance to draw in every ambient soul near me, hoping that the language barrier I have detected can be circumvented with some effort on my part.

[+21 Souls. Souls remaining: 567 Minimum: 12]

...And the previously incomprehensible words flying about become clear to me, understanding of the Tongue of Dragons drifting into my mind. The few who had seemed ready to face me in spite of my evidenced lethality shy away at the sight of me feasting on the souls of the fallen, and I take advantage of this prolonged moment of peace I endure to quickly glance about the battlefield. All over I see individual duels, both of what I presume to be Combat Magic Practitioners fighting with gusto and trading blows, and Arcane mages, some flying about as they exchange fire. Within two hundred feet of me, at least twelve souls that are either Mage or Hero material are visible, pitting their own strength against one another in concordance with their allegiance. Atop the walls I see hundreds of mages casting down spells or guiding monstrous figures in assailing the attacking force with constant bombardment. About the gates themselves, a small knot of eight golems and one mage repel all attempts to breach the doors, while the siege weapons and attacks against the walls themselves leave pitiful amounts of damage.

But all of that fades as I turn my gaze on Lubu.

I see the man wearing armor of gold and scarlet, riding a horse died bloody crimson and bearing a pristine halberd that positively radiates power, but I am nearly blinded by the sense of how... profound his soul is, like a massive rock in a stream that impacts the flow of everything about it by it's sheer mass. I see this warrior sweeping his halberd about, claiming heads and lives without difficulty as his gaze turns towards me, almost absentmindedly continuing his slaughter as he appraises me. I decide that taking the time for words could be counter productive now, as the more time I spend explaining, the longer the Core Being Host has to harmonize, and the harder this mission becomes. I simply incline my head towards the gates before me as I begin my charge, avoiding Lubu's warriors in red and gold as best I can while unmercifully carving through every green-wearing defender in my way, tearing a whole straight through this quagmire of a war. For a moment my actions pass without overt notice, but soon enough the more enterprising of Lubu's soldiers, headed by a warrior all in red, charge after me, slaughtering any defender to near the breach, widening it further in my wake. As I progress, Lubu's soldiers, having spotted my approach and how others reacted, stop attempting to attack me, leaving me to carving a path forward, ever feasting, ever reaping. I cut a path of blood and pain, a road of death and slaughter through the defenders a thousand feet long, and I find it to be good.

[+11 pounds of Blood Iron: Total Blood Iron Saturation: 00,086/30,000]
[+56 Souls. Souls remaining: 623 Minimum: 12]

As I advance, I see and hear defenders atop the wall spotting me, and shouting out orders. Some of the bombardment now turns to focus on me, though the gouts of fire they seem so fond of hurling do naught to my metal form. But then one of the massive snakes coiled atop the gate turns to bring it's massive maw to bear on me, and the fiendish periwinkle flames pour forth towards me, the incredible sense of weight about them making me wary... though watching a dragon rider that passes to close to the gout of flame simply incinerate in the blink of an eye, armor and all, suggests that even I could be damaged by this.... and the flame has already spread to be a mass some several hundred feet wide, there's no way I can dodge it-

"You reap death and destruction most admirably- and you reap it amongst my foes. For that, I feel inclined to assist you."

I barely have time to register that Lubu is now riding his brilliant ruby horse beside me, scorched hoof-marks leading back along a trampled path to his prior position nearly half a mile back, a distance traversed in an instant, only to see the rider swing his halberd forth to meet the onrushing wall of flame-and a gathering of weight, potency and lethality welling in his spear of such force I momentarily lose track of the Core Being Host's presence, as the Fierce Dragon Lubu The Unparalleled shouts.


A mass of light and chaotic distortion surges forth from his spear, extinguishing the oncoming flames in a brilliant explosion, the writhing mass of distorted space and flickering light piercing through, rippling up the uncoiled snake atop the walls, and ripping it apart, the construct dozens of times my size ripping apart, massive chunks of metal breaking free to rain down upon the nearby defenders, the screams the fill the air bringing a chuckle to the Fierce Dragon.... who now seems to be addressing me, matching his horse's pace to my own advance, nonchalantly cutting down any that come in reach of his spear while he watches my own blood advance.

"Normally, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I can feel this whole battlefield, and I couldn't sense your presence until you were already within three hundred meters of me.... that, and the combination of feasting on souls and blood alike make you seem more a demon than a weapon.... I don't suppose my gift horse can talk?"

As I continue my advance, now some eight hundred feet from the gates, I see four warriors some hundred feet before me garbed in simple green robes stepping forth to oppose my advance, tattoos covering their bodies glowing with an emerald light as I feel power gather about them. Lubu himself seems to be paying them no attention, even as his horse brings him ever closer to them. I also note the other snake turning to face us, likewise gaping it's mouth wide even as the now shattered twin is drawn back onto the top of the wall, the blades on either side still scything through the air at the mass of dragon riders trying to surpass the massive wall.

What should I say or do?
No. 190877 ID: e31d52


Fire the AG directly into the snake's maw. Use the sawblade launcher and magnetomancy to aid Lubu's forces.
No. 190878 ID: 45be60

speak simply. state your orders. Seem capable of speech, but not necessarily intelligent. If it truly becomes necessary, we can go through the whole cover story later. Ideally, we will not be here long.

This looks like a fine time for soul soldiers. Draw some up from the souls of the fallen and use them to add weight to your charge.
No. 190881 ID: 275a5d

Bring your Anti-Golem cannon to bear on the snake and while sweeping a shot at a random group of soldiers, in the proximity of the mages but not directly at them. When it's out of their view, magnetomantically sweep it back through their ranks.

As the snake prepares to spew fire, pump 2 shots in quick succession into it's head, with the skyfall rounds if you have them readied. Hopefully, the shot, lightning strike, maximized impact velocity, and followup Ozmand Hammerblows will have an effect.

"Indeed it can, fierce one.

I am here on behalf of a VERY mighty being. The Emperor has committed folly and summoned a Core Being into a host body. It is now rampaging beyond these walls.

I'm here to kill it before it grows any stronger."
No. 190882 ID: 275a5d

Also, fuck yeah we are awesome.
No. 190884 ID: a594b9

The AGC should be able to take out the other firebreathing construct. The vacuum surrounding it will shield it from the flame, I bet.

The runed warriors are likely shielded from Lubu's senses somehow. Use magnetomancy to launch discarded equipment at them.
No. 190885 ID: 275a5d

Additionally, heroic souls persist longer than normal ones, no? If there are any slain nearby, grab them when the immediate threats are dealt with.

Heehee, the best part about using the AG on the snakes? Even if they do get a small gout of fire off, the fact that theres a vacuum-tunnel between the gun and the snakes maw implies the flames'll chock.
No. 190886 ID: a594b9

Oooh, that gives me an idea. Send an INFERNO GOLEM into the mouth of the fire-breathing construct!
No. 190887 ID: 6834bc

"Not a demon; a Soul Grave. One of Jade Dragon Luoga's number summoned a Core Being and trapped it within a warrior, simply to fight you. A Core Being summoning is unacceptable, and must be dealt with swiftly.

I must get through these gates. I assume our immediate goals are the same."

Is your grasp of magnetomancy strong enough to affect the dark green snake constructs? Do they even have magnetic fields? How about the scything blades, can you do anything to them?

If you can, use magnetomancy to twist and warp these things as much as you can, slow them down or stop them altogether, prevent them from being at all useful to the defending forces.

Especially so if you can screw with the snake constructs; if you can repel or redirect their aim to hit the mages on the wall or the four warriors trying to block your path, try to do that.

If you can't fuck with the snake-things, aim some Anti-Vanguard blades at the mages on top of the wall or the warriors on the ground. Of course, be sure you soul-suck any heroes or mages that happen to die (if you're close enough.)
No. 190888 ID: 2aaaf1

"I seek the monster behind those gates, I seek to end the foolishness that only greed could bring to bear. Suffice to say that you have friends in high places that have a vested interest in your success here. Because of this, I have been chosen to aid you in this time of war. Forgive my lack of formal introductions, but I am no gift horse. I am the SWORD, the SHIELD, THE SPEAR OF THE BLACK EMPIRE. I AM MORDRE, AND THIS DEMON- THIS ENGINE OF DESTRUCTION THAT I CONTROL, IS YOURS TO COMMAND. LET US BRING DEATH TO THE DOORSTEP OF THE FALSE EMPEROR!"
No. 190889 ID: b4bc43

Y'know Bob, if there's one thing I love about your quests, its the feeling of real growth and accomplishment. Anyone remember when our flashy trump move was Soulfire and we had trouble fighting maybe 50 yetis? Now Soulfire is probably our weakest ability and we decimate battlefields without much trouble.
No. 190890 ID: a594b9

Oh, and we should, probably tell Dulu about the emerald-runed troops so that they can't surprise attack him... just in case we don't kill them immediately.
No. 190892 ID: 903f16

"Your gift horse does indeed speak Lubu. My orders are to assist you, and in the process destroy a foul creature summoned into the body of a man. You see Luoga's mages are creating an abomination, a core being within a warrior's flesh. I am to kill it before it grows too strong and unleashes itself on these lands. You must take me behind those gates where it lurks now."

Then fire the AGC at the serpent heads on the walls. Consider loading one of the skyfall rounds into the AGC to deal with the tattooed fighters. They are the perfect targets to test these on, they lack anything to block the blast and are extremely difficult to effect magically and so barring any surprising effects of their runes should destroy them.
No. 190909 ID: b14128

As awesome as this would be to say, I unfortunately think this may be unwise to reveal ourselves so.

Thank Lu Bo for the save, and inform him that a mage successfully summoned a Core Being into one of their apprentices, and that we have been sent to slay the abomination before it can can finalize its fusion and access its full power, the creature laying beyond the wall.

Use your AG cannon, destroy the serpent, and then kill the mages with your blade launcher. Perhaps we should also attempt to destroy the massive blades on the wall with our cannon, as well?
No. 190910 ID: a408ef

>-To my right and somewhat behind me, I feel a soul that sings to me, it's weight, it's presence making me want to weep, it's sheer existence so forceful I can scarcely ignore it. As near as I can tell, the soul is just shy of a thousand feet away..

No one paid attention to this? I dare say that it might have been a legendary soul hanging about. We should have feasted on it asap before it dispersed. The same about the bunch of hero and mage souls.
No. 190911 ID: 903f16

It's not hanging about man, that's Lubu's soul.
No. 190912 ID: a594b9

hmm, something to keep in mind- if Lubu falls in battle we can take his soul. Can you IMAGINE the power boost from that?

Granted we should not attempt to attack him or betray him; he would most likely blow us to smithereens.
No. 190915 ID: 903f16

I think he's more valuable to us alive actually. Right now we're helping him in siege and cleaving through his enemies on the way to destroy the biggest threat to his success in this war. If we pull this off we could potentially have him as an ally. Let me reiterate that, we could potentially have the new emperor of The Land of Dragons as an ally.
No. 190921 ID: a594b9

That is a good point.
No. 190926 ID: b4c60d

I'm gonna second using the Anti-Golem Revolver Cannon on the people stupid enough to be guarding the gate. Fast upon their souls and then spawn one group of Soul Soldiers to assist Lu Bu.
No. 190927 ID: d3dfb8

He may be extremely valuable to us alive, but if he just so happens to die then FUCK YEAH are we feasting on his soul. And besides, if we feast on the soul of the core being who knows how powerful we might become, we might be able to take on Lubu. I doubt it though.
Start up the IG so as we draw near these green robes. Cut off their magic and it should be an easy fight.
No. 190928 ID: d3dfb8

Don't waste soul soldiers like that, Lubu can take care of himself. Besides we stand to gain if he happens to die. Not that we would actively seek his death or anything, just don't assist in keeping him alive.
No. 190932 ID: c00244

"A Core Being has been summoned beyond the gates, Fierce Dragon. It must be destroyed, before its power has a chance to peak!"

I don't really want to get into more details than that. It's all that is important, and bringing up our cover story or whatever is superfluous.
No. 190933 ID: 0f500f

We should try and suck souls from the defenders (not Lubu) followers only. If we are going to try and curry favor with Lubu...I think he would appreciate us not desecrating the souls of his followers...etc.
No. 190934 ID: d3dfb8

Meh, I say consume everyone and everything. For once we aren't here to make friends, we are here to kill something. We can worry about politics if we come back later.
No. 190935 ID: b4c60d

And what we gain if he lives is the Emperor of all The Lands of the Dragon, a superium trainer to Keddic to enhanced the Mass Connection as this man is a god in that form of combat. And I would rather have an ally and a man to train our warrior rather then a snack.

And if we send out one collection of soul soldiers, then we have a group to watch our back and kill any mages we meet.
No. 190937 ID: b4c60d

Thinking on it, we shoudl mention that one of our warriors, Keddic, has spoken highly of Lu Bu and that his old master reguarded him as a god.
No. 190938 ID: c00244

If we end up randomly conversing with Lubu somehow and we reveal that we have an army at our disposal, maybe. But otherwise let's keep our eye on the task, here.
No. 190954 ID: 8c06b9

Unfortunately, politics is eternal and omniscient, and we -are- in front of who is likely to be the next Emperor of the Land of Dragons. So let's not do anything to offend him. We already have enemies, souls, and blood enough to sate our hunger, let's not get greedy.

I'd almost suggest using the AA... But this -isn't- the true battle, so we'll need to be careful to conserve our resources for the true fight; The Core Being Host.

"Indeed it can, but there is little time for it to do so. A Core Being was summoned into the body of a man inside these walls, and its power grows even as we speak, its fusion with its host growing more complete. I was sent here, teleported into this battle, carrying the mission to destroy this abomination before it can access its true potential."
No. 190955 ID: 0f500f


"An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"

I still feel that there is no significant reason to antagonize Lubu. There are hundreds of dead souls here just from the enemy alone. Therefore, the situation becomes...

Losing out on a few souls vs. Losing favor with a potential dragon-king

Now is it worth losing those souls to try and curry favor? Depends on your point of view, but it's easier to keep favor than it is to earn it back after losing it.
No. 190956 ID: 275a5d

Goddamn it I shouldn't post when I'm tired.

SPecifically, I mean fire a shot from the Vanguard Blade launcher at the soldiers/mages. THe golem cannon was for the snake.
No. 190957 ID: 1ac39d

i agree, enemy souls only if it can be done.
No. 190979 ID: a408ef

I kind of doubt Lubu gives a shit if we eat souls and blood of his army.
No. 190981 ID: 275a5d

We've been eating everyones soul and blood without distinction thus far. If he asks us to spare his fallen, then we should, but not before.

Besides, we're going to need every inch of power we can muster to beat this core being.
No. 190989 ID: e539ac

Woah, almost missed this. Lets power through, tactics come later. Fire off all the AVB at the guys and one AG revolver round at each, use a skyfall rounds where you can. Fire the AA cannons into the mouth of the Giant beast and Create a Inferno Golem. Rolling for IG use. (1d20 right?).
No. 190992 ID: e539ac

rolled 4 = 4

sorry, messed up the roll.
No. 190994 ID: d1210a
File 127611440118.jpg - (98.91KB , 700x895 , Warrior Opposing Mordre.jpg )

[FYI, you came into this battle with the Anti-Golem Revolver Cannon fully loaded with conventional shots, with six Skyfall shots attached to your lower back. As they are magnetically null to your senses, you must manually load them in by hand to fire them, which requires a free hand, and at least three seconds. Also, to clarify, the snake constructs guarding the gate have a jaw thirty feet wide, and at least two hundred feet of coiling body. They dwarf Mordre by a considerable amount.]

I hit upon the idea of speaking, but leaving it unclear whether I am sapient, or simply a construct here on a command from a master. Even better, if I phrase it correctly, I can imply such without running the risk of being caught in a lie. With how brilliantly Lubu's soul shines to my senses, I would rather not have to worry about my own destruction for being Anathema. I speak even as I fire four blades, one for each of the foes rising to stop us.

"Statement: This golem is capable of basic communication. Notification: Core Being detected on far side of walls, threat imminent and growing. Explanation: Designated duty is to seek out and destroy Core Being. Query: Can Fierce Dragon Lubu The Unparalleled assist in breaching gates?"

As I watch the four blades I launched whirl towards their targets, the warriors gather power about themselves as they are wreathed in glowing emerald light so reminiscent of Soulfire, and the blades simply melt to nothing before ever reaching them. Ah. I turn my gaze again to spy upon Lubu on my flank, to see him nodding thoughtfully to himself as he continues to slay anyone in green that dares get within range of his halberd, armor, shields and magic alike all shattering before his blind yet uncannily accurate attacks as we continue to approach the warriors before us, now focusing their power about their arms...

"Well then it would seem the goals you espouse could mesh rather well with my own. So, you wish to reach the other side of the gate? So be it."

Still without turning his head to face them, Lubu sweeps his ornate poleaxe out, feeling so imbued with supernatural mass that I once more find my sense of souls momentarily blinded as he strikes.


Three of the four warriors before me try to block Lubu's assault, and their bodies come apart as a whip of rippling, writhing warped space slices through them and scores of soldiers behind them-while sparing any wearing Lubu's heraldry, even when it passes through their forms. ....His mass attacks can be selectively targeted? ...I also note that throughout this attack, Lubu still never turned to look at those before us, still idly inspecting me even as he rains death upon all opposing him.

I snap out of my considerations as the fourth of those opposing us, wise enough to dodge Lubu's attack, leaps towards me with a speed comparable to Keddic's, the emerald glow enveloping his body condensing about his arms into claws, one already balling into a fist as the warrior slams into me and-


Despite his pitiful momentum compared to my own, the moment the fist of emerald energy that hums with intensity makes contact with me, I find my momentum reversed as my whole form rings like a bell, a four foot wide and foot deep quivering crater on my chest accompanying my body crashing to the ground and Diozagrath's cleaver flying from my hand (at least it crushes several other defenders as it slams to the ground, so there is that), tearing up great furrows in the earth as I decelerate. ....This much damage and impact, from a single strike? I see Lubu riding past, abstaining from cutting down the one to survive his attack as he looks appreciatively at the warrior now standing before my prone form, awaiting my response.

I launch the Anti-Golem Revolver Cannon twice in rapid succession (As I am prone, I am rather well braced for using the cannon, even if I am not particularly mobile) at the remaining massive snake construct atop the walls, even as I redirect my magnetomancy from absorbing Blood Iron from the dead to wrenching the weapons of the fallen free and sending them hurtling towards my foe in the dozens. The tattooed warrior before me becomes a whirling dervish, feet, fists, elbows and knees, all wreathed in emerald light, dart forth to intercept every weapon that approaches him (even the ones approaching from his blind spots, I note with some trepidation), atomizing them with a touch, and managing to snap an ethereal hand out to block one of my two shells- and the shot simply vanishes, not even dust left in it's wake the moment it is enveloped by that eldritch green glow. ....All four of those warriors could do this?

But my second shot seemed to surprise him, a rapid-fire artillery implement clearly a new concept to my foe, and the shot, encased in a vacuum field courtesy of Balboa's soul, screams towards the snake even as I see the periwinkle light of conflagrations building in it's gaping maw. The shell flies true, getting within the thing's mouth and within feet of actual impact before the flames spew forth-and I become more fully aware of the difference in scale. My Anti-Golem shell, some thirty pounds of metal, is like an ant trying to slay a snake, the shell's vacuum field insufficient to choke out the overwhelming flames (and the immense heat they bring)-or indeed, to even ward the shell from harm, it's Wootz Steel form simply burned away by the fires the snake emits. ... I may have underestimated the scale and power of that which I face, as I likewise note the scything blades to be hundreds of feet long, every implement directly interfaced with the wall looking to have a mass at least a hundred times my own-even if I was already within Magnetomantic range to attempt direct manipulation, I doubt I could move such massive constructs. ...It is strange, to find so many things about this battlefield that dwarf me so. ...I find myself even more impressed by Lubu's earlier act, as with a single strike he dispelled the flame of one of the serpents and shattered hundreds of tons of metal, all from a thousand feet away.

As the wall of fire bears down on me, I resume sucking any and all Blood Iron I can from corpses while pulling souls near to me, starting to rise as the warrior before me continues to watch me with a wary eye and ready stance, ignoring the veritable storm of sapphire flames hurtling towards us both.

[+8 pounds of Blood Iron: Total Blood Iron Saturation: 00,094/30,000]
[+32 Souls. Souls remaining: 655 Minimum: 12]

Resources of the kind I deal with are abundant on this field, and as I become more aware of how much potency is flying about, I decide I should have more forces with me. I switch from sucking in souls to claiming them with the Immortal Genocide, pumping souls from my own body into binding the soul amalgamations I construct, spitting forth ten Soul Soldiers from my hand, even as I bring it up to my face to breathe Soulfire upon it and summon forth an Inferno Golem.

[-(10+40) souls. Souls remaining: 605 Minimum: 12]
As the spectral forms of phantom warriors appear about me, I direct the Inferno Golem, brilliantly illuminating and scorching everything near it, to stop the approaching wall of flames, to ward me from potential harm: The construct flies off without hesitation, a blazing comet streaking towards the wall of blue fire, and-


I feel the bindings about the Inferno Golem shatter, it's existence exploding as it reaches the encroaching wall of fire, and the flames of scarlet and periwinkle intertwine, whirling cyclones of flame rippling in the air before snuffing each other out- to reveal the snake construct to be turning to fend off more of the dragon riders darting about the wall, and the eyes of thousands across the battlefield drawn by the tempestuous tumult of my magic clashing against that of the Jade Dragons' forces. I also note the warrior before me once more condensing his power about his arms, and placing himself on the balls of his feat, some thirty feet before me-and the three souls of his slain compatriots manifesting some thirty more feet beyond him, the walls some several hundred feet beyond that, Lubu already some distance away, still carving a path forward.

....Well, it cost me 40 souls and a fresh Inferno Golem just to negate on of the gouts of flame those serpents can emit. Wonderful.

What should I do (and what priorities/orders should I give my ten Soul Soldiers?)?
No. 190995 ID: e539ac

rolled 20 = 20

lets try that again
No. 190996 ID: 716eb0

okay kids. Lu Bu is not going to just randomly die in this part of the encounter, whether we assist him or not. The power of narrative demands it. So don't start drooling over his soul yet. But since these forces have been fighting to a standstill, whatever we can do tip the scales will get us closer to our goal here. The soul soldiers are one of our most potent abilities against massed infantry, especially in a charge like the one building now. They are the only part of our next move I am sure of.

And most of these conversational options should really not be done in the middle of combat rounds. Save them for later if you really want to talk to him. For now, he only needs to know that we are here to put down the danger growing behind the wall.

If we appear and disappear without warning from the field of battle, with little to no explanation, it will do more to enhance our legend in this land than any amount of conversation we could have. If an opportunity comes to leave some sort of marker or impression of your silver skulled face during the fight, take it. Make them remember the silver skull and ruby eyes of Mordre.
No. 191005 ID: 275a5d

rolled 14 + 4 = 18

Pulse the Immortal Genocide. If his magic is so potent, then deny it to him.

Absorb the 3 souls as you do this.
No. 191006 ID: e539ac

rolled 6 = 6

Dang it, I missed out(mostly)....well it might be for the better considering the first roll.

Tell your soul soldiers to take out this guy in front of you first. Send a few to try and intercept him mid-strike and weaken and/or kill him. If that doesn't work, make the remaining five do a Verther on him as soon as the strike is complete.

Make a new inferno Golem, you know what, make 2. you are gonna need em.

Oh yea, reload the AGRC (AG revolver cannon) and retrieve your blade.
No. 191008 ID: 1ac39d

just turn it on. it drains energy and what is fire but heat energy?
No. 191010 ID: c00244

I'm with you on this one. There's a lot of magic being thrown around this field, and getting rid of it would be greatly to your benefit; you're still a thirty-thousand-pound golem without magic in play, while others are less formidable.

Extend your grasping tendrils and recover your sword, since you'll be moving quickly in short order and it would be best to avoid losing it. Use magnetomancy to boost your speed while moving.

Continue absorbing souls and blood as rapidly as possible. Getting those hero/mage souls from the three recently killed by Lubu is very important- if they're this powerful, their possession could mean the difference between victory and defeat here.
No. 191016 ID: 275a5d

rolled 18 = 18

Oh, and concurrent with activating the Immortal Genocide:

"The Fierce Dragon may want a small amount of distance from this."
No. 191019 ID: b14128

Hrmm... I am very, very tempted to simply throw all the soul soldiers a this one guy so we can -kill him-. Let's try to not fall behind Lubu and grab those hero souls, eh mates? For other ideas, I'd say we simply have the soldiers strike out at the mudane warriors around us (Meh), or help out with the hero/mage duels going on around us.
No. 191020 ID: fbea04

Reload the empty AG chambers with Skyfall shells so you've got some variety to work with, top off your blade launcher, and don't forget to grab Diozagrath's cleaver back up. And I concur with giving Immortal Genocide a try.
No. 191022 ID: 275a5d

Regarding reloading:

Wasn't Sable Executioner fully prehensile? What stops us from using any one of the three 25 foot ribbons to reload?
No. 191025 ID: a408ef

>three souls of his slain compatriots

We simply MUST have these. I hope they don't fly away before we get them, how long do souls linger after death?

Also, remind me, wasn't our cleaver made of a special metal that can negate magic or something?
No. 191026 ID: 275a5d

No, its just magically inactive.

Sable Executioner can negate non-blood/soul magic in a sphere around it proportional to the amount of black steel it has.

Immortal Genocide dispels ALL forms of active magic in an spherical/circular area around it whose size is proportional to the amount of charge it builds up
No. 191035 ID: 5ccee4

We definitely need those souls. If we can, we might have the knowledge to dispell this darn Core Being.
No. 191055 ID: 445c48

Blood Iron Scouring time maybe