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File 131899260021.jpg - (143.83KB , 752x449 , Discussion.jpg )
44426 No. 44426 ID: 4bc7e6

Here we are again... *Sigh* This is gonna be fun i can feel it.
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No. 44427 ID: 4bc7e6

spoiler: It is the continuation of BlakeQ.2
No. 44436 ID: 73eb25

No. 44441 ID: 78b9fc

If you don't mind, what about the previous quest got to you so much? Was it going too slowly for you? Did you reveal too much and not have any secrets to reveal? Was it having to characterize the main character as a hemophile in denial? The violence on kobolds? Were you having trouble with Blake and Rover's homosexual relationship that didn't go too well?

We would like to avoid whatever the problem is in the future.
No. 44445 ID: 4bc7e6

Mostly I felt like a failure. I don't know why I just did...
I guess it was going to slow, but I suppose rushing things isn't really good either.
Blake X Rover was fine. The important thing is that the audience enjoys the show.
and I still have nearly a thousand thrilling tricks up my sleeves... (BlkQ. Is one of my "What a twist!" campaigns...)
All in all I blame myself for its failure. I hope I'm better an artist now that I've ran a few other quests... (Yeah... Ran em right into the ground I did...)
No. 44448 ID: a6ab09

but... I liked the ear sex... with silly exclamations. How could anyone ever forget YAMATO CANNON FIRE!!! after all?
No. 44463 ID: 04254c

>inconsistent art style
>horrible use of dialog
>awful character/quester interaction

It's still the same old shit.
No. 44464 ID: 35e1a0

>complaining on the interent
No. 44480 ID: cfa804

>complaining on the internet
>with un-backed-up insults
>without constructive criticism
Good show old chap, it's people like you that keep people from improving or seeking advancement.
No. 44481 ID: b86601


>complaining about somebody not offering 'constructive' criticism
>flynnmerk thread

Flynn has ASKED for criticism/advice before, and immediately proceeded to disregard all of it with mopey bullshit. If you want to blame someone for not inspiring flynnmerk to improve, whine at flynnmerk.
No. 44482 ID: 4bc7e6

I agree with this statement.
instead of learning I hid and cried. Since that time I've improved and changed
(Or at least I like telling myself I did)
a mistake of my past is that I didn't take criticism well. I hope to have changed that since. That being said, there is no need for non constructive criticism, but there is no need to read them either.
No. 44486 ID: 1854db

The art shifts tend to fit the mood. I don't think that's a bad thing.

The other two complaints, well, I can agree there's a little bit of that going on but not to a degree that bothers me personally.
No. 44489 ID: f80f15

I miss when Blake Quest looked like a topdown 16-bit game.
No. 44491 ID: a2fa74

1: The art style changes for effect, not because he's incapable of drawing in one style.
This is very common even among popular works, and thus your statement is opinion.

2: Yes, there are flaws with the dialog. However, I am fairly certain FlynnMerk is aware of this. I believe his problem is that he lacks the skill to identify and/or correct the flaws, which would make your statement far too general to be of any practical use.

3: This is rather vague.
Are you complaining about how the suggesters are behaving? Then you are clearly misassigning blame.
Are you complaining about how the protagonist is responding to the suggesters? What specific complaints do you have about how this is being handled? In what ways is it different than Tozol Quest, for example, that makes it problematic here?

As best as I can tell, your complaints are a mix of too general, too vague, and opinion presented as fact.
As such I have to ask: Are you simply unskilled at criticism, or are you trolling?

Flynn: A lot of people dislike you, but they're jerks so fuck 'em.
Remember, most of what people complain about in Blake happened only because the suggesters pushed for it. The rest was because FF8 was crap.
No. 44492 ID: f80f15

Just don't forget that quite a lot of people hate Seven too.
No. 44496 ID: 8bbc1e
File 131908363908.jpg - (4.58KB , 236x214 , like_train.jpg )

stop hating or i'll make him say the 3 words and we will all be crush under a train
No. 44497 ID: b57910

>2: Yes, there are flaws with the dialog. However, I am fairly certain FlynnMerk is aware of this. I believe his problem is that he lacks the skill to identify and/or correct the flaws, which would make your statement far too general to be of any practical use.

Editor. Many of us suggested this and a few even stepped up. Clearly, he ignored them.

>Remember, most of what people complain about in Blake happened only because the suggesters pushed for it.

A common flaw in reasoning is that the quest author is at the whims of the players. You yourself seem to believe this as a suggester, which is a huge part of why people dislike you, Seven.
Put simply, it's untrue. Quest Authors are RULE 0. What they say, goes. If in the next update Flynn said everyone was human and they all wore pants but no shirts, he might lose readers, but it's something he can do. Likewise, if he doesn't like where something is going, he can just as easily say no. Or skip it. Or fade to black.
No. 44500 ID: 78b9fc
File 131908855853.png - (13.12KB , 325x325 , zeekybombqk7.png )


No. 44501 ID: 8bbc1e

warned you >>354300
No. 44514 ID: b92e18


>talk in irc about how happy you are that Blake quest is back so that you can troll it into being as awful as possible>accuse other people of trolling for mentioning that this Shit is awful
>claim that those people are jerks and flynn shouldn't listen to them while actively trolling the quest

How's about we skip this whole game, you two-faced piece of Shit?
No. 44515 ID: a4cab9

That post didn't say to get an editor to help, it was just bitching.

FM was new and trusting people here to not fuck things up. Entrapment, motherfuckers.
No. 44516 ID: b57910

>That post

Uh, there was a whole thread before.
No. 44520 ID: 4bc7e6

eum... Could we stop bickering?
No. 44521 ID: bccf7b

I have no idea what all the hate is about, but this made my day marginally more awesome.
No. 44523 ID: 78b9fc
File 131913986048.png - (90.00KB , 772x835 , whywubwoo.png )

No. 44529 ID: 35e1a0

it means are having fun. don't take it personally.
No. 44530 ID: 4bc7e6

Yeah I figured... Well so long as no one gets hurt.
It's all fun and games till someone losses an eye
No. 44532 ID: 04254c

Learn simple story telling. Then we'll see where it goes from there.
No. 44534 ID: 8bbc1e

and to that I remind you of >>/quest/346090
from the looks of it it's good story telling in my opinion, and all those who posted in that quest will probably agree whit me
No. 44842 ID: 4bc7e6
File 131967563892.jpg - (501.14KB , 1200x878 , Ophelia.jpg )

Have some vaguely pornographic artwork

I love how fluffy and soft Ophelia looks~♥
No. 45092 ID: 73eb25

No. 45154 ID: 6a52df

I have the weirdest boner right now.
No. 45182 ID: 84b916

FlynnMerk, I like you, and I find your art appealing and your quests enjoyable.
However something about your art style makes me feel like a pedophile when I look at it.
Otherwise, it's all good.
No. 45189 ID: 0448b9

Ah whatever It's cute anywho.
No. 45190 ID: 0d7a83

This gets funnier every time I read it. Seriously I can't breath.
No. 45200 ID: f80f15

I agree with the second-to-last statement here.
No. 45266 ID: 4bc7e6

I'm really worried about blakequest

I had planned from square 1 that blakequest3 would be a Halloween themed horror flick. But I feel I took to long to execute and we had a good romance thing going on and now that it's changed I feel like I've disappointed everyone and I'm reminded of my many changes in Blake quest 1and 2 that kinda ruined it for every one and well that's what's worrying me...
No. 45267 ID: 797925

Aw, dude... Why do you feel like you've disappointed everyone? I think the only people who would be seriously dissatisfied are the usual malcontents.

Would it be worse to stick to your plans (the halloween horror) and risk putting off a few people or to change those plans (the rover romance) and be forced abandon your ideas? Or to ask the same question in a more positive light, IF it so happened the two were mutually exclusive, would you enjoy it more to tell the story you had planned intact or would you rather please your audience?

In any case, I wouldn't be disappointed whichever way you go.
No. 45276 ID: 73eb25

Do whatever you want to do. Plenty of people like your stuff. Don't worry about it.
No. 45279 ID: c9b053

you're damn right you messed up. shouldnt of given us fifty posts before turning the whole thing around and junking the story. yah dun goofed You've gotta go with the flow and dont follow your paths to tight now its a horror thing (wirk on the scary btw, cause its not verry thrilling as it stands) ill watch it for now and hope it meets the first halves expectations.
No. 45280 ID: 35e1a0

you can't have a romance story on this site. especially if the other side wants us. otherwise it will just be "blah blah blah AND THEN THEY FUCKED, the end" no drama no suspense no nothing. would be super boring.
No. 45295 ID: 78b9fc


A Halloween horror flick? How disappointing!

No just kidding. I suggest you kill off Rover first for dramatic tension.
No. 45307 ID: 4bc7e6

Big assed four day weekend coming up. I'll be gone till Monday.

No. 45492 ID: 4bc7e6

I'm curious.
How do we post images with those "spoiler" thumbnails?
It's been trotting in my mind of late... Makes me want to give off some spoilers myself...
No. 45493 ID: 953355

I'll.. umm.. finish spoilers tomorrow.
No. 45495 ID: 4bc7e6

No. 45499 ID: a3e2a0

That's the guy who's actually putting spoilers in. I think.

Either way, spoilers are kind-of-implemented in that images can be spoilered (see >>354695), but not (yet?) by the actual person posting.

I dunno really, I haven't been keeping track.
No. 45500 ID: 4bc7e6

I see... Well that makes sense. I guess that's why my fan art was removed.
Ahahee... I suppose I was being offensive. Sorry...
No. 45509 ID: a3e2a0

Oh, I missed that. I guess you could always put whatever it was on the same place you mirrored your ass day and qwern quest pictures.
No. 45513 ID: 4bc7e6

thanks didn't think of it... Done
No. 45533 ID: 4bc7e6

*Sigh* I know what you mean... This quest just isn't as I had hoped... I don't "feel" anything from it. I've seen what's to come of it and in hindsight I'm more or less disinterested... If people like the story I guess I could keep going. But otherwise I'll probably just let it sink.

The horror thing just doesn't fancy me, plus it's kinda over due. I think simple dialog with interesting characters suits me better. Like a shujo.
Seeing how well BlakeQuest went up until it stopped being a shujo.
No. 45534 ID: 453e62

that person is mad because they couldn't prevent something bad from happening to a character.
seriously, if someone goes out of their way to tell you something like that its because they want to piss you off or make you react. they could of easily shut up and ignored the quest, but they didn't they TOLD you they didn't like it. that's just being an asshole. and it would be completely fair if you asked for that post to be deledted for being mean.
No. 45535 ID: 4bc7e6

Probably, but I still don't know about Blake quest. It seems like the only part I liked about it was drawing Rover and Blake together... It almost makes me want to say it was all a dream...

Which gives me an idea... *kufufu* Don't worry I'll keep running BlakeQ.3 for the time being.

And no I won't delete it. even if it may be the right thing to do. I understand the sting of having your voice censored out. Where I live, we have freedom of speech, that means I must listen if I want to be heard.
No. 45536 ID: 453e62

fluffy happy relationships do not good quests make. it would just be us going. "okay yes and? keep doing that"
No. 45537 ID: b6edd6

You can have an interesting quest with a happy relationship as long as you have another source of drama. See: Quests by Brom.
No. 45538 ID: 453e62

yes that is what i ment, quests ABOUT good relationships are bad. but a quest that just HAS a relationship is different.
No. 45539 ID: fa59a2

Flynn, I think you could successfully remove the horror tone (not in BQ3, but I mean in theory) and still have an interesting quest. There was a lot happening in the first two threads that weren't horror or relationship stuff. You could put a focus on the mystery aspects of it.

I mean, I've always liked some of the elements of the quest:
>guy can't remember shit, slowly going crazy with random traumatizing memories surfacing
>has voices in his head as part of some kind of military experiment, if i remember right?
>attempting to live a 'normal' life despite being a ridiculously far from normal guy

Whether it was given a 'horror' tone or a 'romance' tone or whatever, it's always stricken me as being a fun idea. Its nature lends itself to having a lot of lore that could be explored. There are a lot of plot points that could crop up under the overarching plot of "regain memories". And the ending's up in the air – he achieves a normal life? Goes crazy? Maybe he was always meant to go crazy, and our purpose as Eden was to achieve that? The possibilities go on.

Wow that was a completely unprompted tangent. I tend to think a lot when I'm reading quests about what I would do if they were my stories. Sorry, I guess I'm weird like that.
No. 45577 ID: 4bc7e6

Okay! I've only just now figured out how to wright in colors and post icons... only just recently noticed that FAQ section.

Since including either of these methods doesn't bother me, I'll let You The readers decide what text style we use, to more clearly identify who is speaking, based on how comfortable you feel with them...

That being said we could use colored scripts, icons, both or just fonts and stylings...
No. 45598 ID: fa59a2

Up to you. Though, given you're a little inconsistent with the ways you represent who's talking sometimes, it might be better with icons.
No. 45605 ID: d60dbf

I say use some colours (But mostly to be thematic) like red or black.
But yeah icons would do nicely
No. 45606 ID: d60dbf

I say use some colours (But mostly to be thematic) like red or black.
But yeah icons would do nicely
No. 45864 ID: c9b053

just what are telfarens? All we know is that they're manny and they fought orcs. Give us one of your wall of texte lecture about them!
No. 46438 ID: 54fd27
File 132241607207.jpg - (798.75KB , 1200x928 , Telfaren.jpg )

The Telfaren

Frolic and curious are words most commonly used to describe the timid Telfaren, Often seen as a "savage" race, they only just recently joined the world of the civilized in 1455. How ever Savage is far from descriptive. Boasting long ears and fluffy tails, they appear as if a cross between a small woman and a fox. Their hair is generally red or brown, their eyes... purple.

The language of the Telfaren consists of chirping, chitterlings and subtle movements of the tail and ears. Their packs or families are very closely knit, but are not territorial, packs often coexist and merge. The Telfaren's diet consists of fish, bugs and berries, anything needing hunting is not worth killing. Telfaren nest in underground dens reaching 30feet in depth. The eyes of the Telfar, can see almost perfectly in the dark, how ever color is not seen in such light.(They don't picks berries at night)

The average Telfaren measures 3feet in height, 6" including ears. both male and female have hairy hands and feet and small stubby noses. A most interesting feature of the Telfar, is their ears... Their long fluff filled ears posses a special sixth sense that literally detects "Danger" In the waves of time. In simple terms: They have spidey sense. Because of this Telfaren are rarely caught in traps, ambushes or hunted. The Telfaren brain does not feel pain or fear, it does not understand wrong doing or criminals. The Telfaren are often seen as the image of innocence and kindness.

Their reproduction is one most odd... All Telfar are born Male, at the age of 10~12 the young males are ready to breed, something they will do allot, since at the age of 15 they undergo a very uncomfortable transformation lasting a little over two weeks. during which time the male reproductive organs corrode and fall off leaving a scabbing gash in its place, near the end of the two week process the gash will have fully healed and a new set of female organs are left where the male ones once were. The female Telfar lay around 5~10 eggs (fertile or not) every other week. They require one month of soft warmth to hatch, which is often offered by soft cloths and wools. The eggs are very hard shelled and lined with a sturdy internal webbing. The eggs of the Telfaren are so sturdy that the newborn are unable to hatch on their own and require the mothers help, this is believed to be a core reason for their sense of family and community.
Most Telfaren live to the old age of 32.

It's common knowledge that the first humans came from the ocean in 1 and are born with a strong affinity for time. Quite the contrary, the Telfaren fell from the sky, riding a mountain as if a massive ship. They two have a natural born talent, that is weaving. Telfaren silk and cloths are of the highest quality, it is said that Telfaren burlap is almost as soft and smooth as royal wool.

In 817 the dark lord Akuma Raged war on the civilized world, a threat the Telfaren saw years in advance. seeing no way to avoid the fires of war, the Telfaren dived into it. This was a first for the Telfaren and had forever tainted they nature. Gathering numbers they breeded for the fight. Pressing toward the dreaded Orcs, the Telfaren's army was absurd to say the least. seen from above as a colossal wave of brown fur and pointed ears that "tore" at the enemy army piece by piece.
The red eyed warchildren had changed in nature. Grown savage and blood thirsty they bread manically seeking to increase their power. Seen as a scurge the orcs, elves, humans and dwarfs banded together to form the empire, later gathering the Drow, goblins, terrakin, gnome, midget, giants, trolls and woolain into the empire.
The Empire fought the bloodthirsty Telfaren to the norther point of Pointnulpart. where they perished to the forces of nature. Years later the Remaining Telfaren regained their passive lifestyle.
No. 46483 ID: 2f56b8

On the memory fragments unlocked in the nightmare world, I have some translations.
#1:Lamb of God, to the Donor
#2:Wicked Wicked Children
#3:First Blood

The second one was a bit tricky, because nequam has several adjectives that it could mean, such as vile, worthless, and bad. Any of those could be substituted for nequam.

And yes, I speak latin. Yays!~
No. 46495 ID: 1854db

...soooo, it's a species that is required to /ss/ in order to reproduce?

Or is 10-12 the age when they're fully grown? I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, considering 30 is really old.
No. 46498 ID: 54fd27

kinda both actually. they're "Fully grown and mature" at 12. But they don't get much older than human kids physically.
No. 46562 ID: 874bd8

The world needs more fennec based creatures~
No. 46867 ID: 25d645

There's one problem I have with your quests that's just been nagging me for ages. It's the way you write dialogue and stuff. It's really not clear who's saying what or thinking something. It should be separated clearly.
Instead of just bold or something use

Black: "Hi, I'm saying something."

Rover: "I'm saying something else."

Or at least quotation marks when they're talking. That'll be enough.

Or keep it so the main character

"Talks like this"

While a said character

>Side Character: "Talks like this."

>Side Character 2: "That way multiple characters can say things and it won't be confusing."

That's about it.
No. 46882 ID: 827297

I agree that it can be difficult to tell who's speaking at times. That's why I think icons would be a good idea, as was suggested earlier.
No. 46887 ID: 1854db

I thought you were going to talk about how it switches from 1st to 2nd person seemingly randomly?
No. 46894 ID: a4a7f4

Well that to. It slipped my mind while I was writing it it seems..

Yeah stick to one perspective.
No. 46919 ID: 54fd27

Yeah I agree with you guys. I though I was having that problem a while ago, but no one seemed to voice it.

I used to wright the names, but folks complained about it, so I stopped. I'll work on some icons over the week end. They should help with emotions two.

As for the shift from first to second person. I actually have a explanation for that. It's meant to be a deep, fourth wall kind of thing. You see It's in the second person when it's a physical interaction or feeling. where as an emotive kind of thing is described by Blake. since Eden shares Blake's body, it's pointed at that they feel what happens to their body, so it's described as though You were doing something or feeling something...

But I guess it was kinda hard to guess and I should of made it less complicated for nothing...

So yeah Icons. Color or quest art style?
No. 46928 ID: a4a7f4

Quest style would be best I think
No. 46960 ID: cdb8cb
File 132355549055.png - (1.08MB , 1653x645 , biting social commentary.png )

I just wanted to say this most interesting quest has brought to light some intriguingly contradictory aspects of certain popular societies. Not debating whether or not it should be spoilered, just imagining the implications in that it must be spoilered.

Image spoilered because half of it contains love
No. 47122 ID: 54fd27

Ill get to work on the icos. tomorow
No. 47181 ID: 54fd27
File 132392133021.jpg - (324.38KB , 800x800 , Eden.jpg )

Well I'm starting the Icons, and I figured Eden needed one to.
So, I'm gonna let you guys decide what your own eyes look like.

Here's the template. Post your name so I recognize you when the time comes along, and if you want colored text, post the color code. If you cant color, You can just ask and ill do my best for you.

Well have fun Eden.
No. 47190 ID: cdb8cb
File 132392908740.jpg - (257.35KB , 800x800 , steve eye.jpg )

No. 47218 ID: 73eb25

Contest over. We have a winnner.
No. 47226 ID: 54fd27
File 132396725738.jpg - (329.00KB , 800x800 , Steve.jpg )

ahhh you beat me to it... I was gonna have a friend post this today... Oh well, you didn't give yourself a name. If someone want to pick this one up just say so. Ill put it under your name.

It was a contest?
No. 47240 ID: cdb8cb
File 132398498548.jpg - (1.47MB , 800x800 , no picture available_zip.jpg )


I don't use a name anymore. Feel free to use >>357026 if GREEN ever suggests, especially without his permission.
No. 47251 ID: 2f56b8
File 132399340721.jpg - (116.57KB , 800x800 , Eden Eye.jpg )

Color on the outside of the eye, instead of the iris/pupil. Also, is the eye color change visible to others besides ourself?
No. 47252 ID: 54fd27

Yes others (Rover, Kevin, stranger...) Can see Edens eyes... To them it seems Blake's eyes are fliquering random colors...
No. 47256 ID: 453e62

look at the ID, to the right of the post number. it stays relatively consistent so just use that to note who is who.
No. 47259 ID: 9c7c3b

...I'm petty sure he already knows that.
No. 47291 ID: 597dc4
File 132402747094.jpg - (48.75KB , 800x800 , eye.jpg )

if and when i make a post in this quest, make sure that i'm all cute eyes and stuff
No. 51346 ID: 61e7f9

Dangit Flynn, get on IRC and don't let people run you off.
No. 51371 ID: 14a1d0

Dangit Flynn, stay off IRC and don't let people talk you into coming back.
No. 51372 ID: 70591e


harsh, dude.
No. 51390 ID: 0d7a83

He's normally a little fuzzy ball of dandelions and baby smiles :V
No. 51435 ID: 12c19f

But I want more creepy and vaguely pedophilic smut quests.
No. 51442 ID: 4d6045

Wait what are people saying about me on IRC?
Sorry I've been away from my computer for while...
No. 51446 ID: f01213

Nobody ever talks about you in IRC
take it how you will
No. 52130 ID: 3ce5b2

In the interest of full disclosure we did discuss you briefly in IRC just now.

'gratz on your /quest/ first, I guess.

<Sketchy> big shit goes down in space just had one of the characters have sex with...the suggesters?
<Sketchy> wat.
<Cruxador> Welcome to the wonderful world of FlynnMerk
<MrQ> i think this literally might have been the first time the suggestion device has been fucked in a quest.
<Blaank> I'm pretty sure it is.
<Blaank> This will be forever recorded in history.
No. 52145 ID: 8aa1e4

Teehee~ thanks
No. 52148 ID: 58a693

No, this is not the first time the suggestion device was fucked in quest. That "honor" goes to Aon or whatever his name was.
No. 52161 ID: 61e7f9

Well damn.
No. 52208 ID: a2853b

Flynn, do you enjoy this smut, or are you just drawing and writing as your imagination and audience demand you draw/write?

No accusation or judgement intended.
Will you draw kobolds or cutebolds?
No. 52215 ID: 8aa1e4

That's what I like about it, I like drawing porn and writing smut, and I just follow the characters and Tg. I often feel like I'm not even writing the story, like the story wrights it's self and Tg guides it, so It's kinda justified. Not that it matter's since I like drawing~

I like both kobolds and cutebold. They both have their place and quirks.
Thanks for asking~♥
No. 52460 ID: 8aa1e4

God damn... Just finished Dm'ing my Pathfinder campaign for 24 hours strait... *Ppfff..!* Well I'll be back in action tomorrow.
No. 52463 ID: b9d767

>Blake Quest coming back
No. 52517 ID: 8aa1e4

Big shit goes down in space 20XX Is at chapter end. Time to vote for next quest

a) Another chapter
b) A new quest [2 ideas]
d) An old quest

here are the Titles for the upcoming stories as well as a brief demo. I'll also be posting the betas of their cover pages.

so it's a new chapter of BSGDinspace20XX
Another Chapter of BlakeQuest
or one of two ideas I have for new quests. (I'll post those covers first)
No. 52525 ID: 8aa1e4
File 133662305801.jpg - (144.85KB , 1000x750 , LastStory~.jpg )

Last story~

Twisted fate, murder, lost souls, love, hatred, fear and more dirt you can shake a shovel at! All in six stories... Witness the last one.
No. 52528 ID: 8aa1e4
File 133662566930.jpg - (225.15KB , 1000x750 , SantaDestroy DemonDays.jpg )

SantaDestroy DemonDays

Clad in mystery and soaked in blood Billy F. Orison, fights to protect his wife's Hikikomori life style. Can he make it in the city of death?
No. 52529 ID: 8aa1e4

I'm gonna post the last two, but you all know em, you can go ahead and start voting if you like.

•Blake quest
•Big shit goes down in space 20XX
•SantaDestroy DemonDays
•Last Story~
No. 52531 ID: b9e291

1) Blake Quest
2) Big Shit in Space
3) Cave StoryLast Story
4) DemonDays
No. 52532 ID: b9e291

if it wasn't clear, this is now an Australia election
No. 52535 ID: 5029d1

last story
No. 52546 ID: b9d767

I vote for Blake Quest.
No. 52556 ID: cf49fc

Last Story, I suppose.
No. 52558 ID: 369d34

1)Big Shit Goes Down in Space 20XX
2)Blake Quest
3)Last Story~
4)SantaDestroy DemonDays
No. 52588 ID: 5c94e7

Please explain to an American how an Australian election works.
Over here the popular vote is used to elect delegates into filling a chair in that state's Electoral College, and then those delegates vote for the President. They can only be overruled by the popular vote if the popular vote gets an Overwhelming Majority of 65-75% in favor of the other guy. In case of a tie in the Elctoral College, vote tallies are reviewed for glitches, and then the vote goes to the House of Representatives for another 50/50 vote, and in case of a tie there the Speaker of the House gets to pick, which hasn't happened in history, IIRC. Popular vote is otherwise worthless on Election Day, it only means anything during the State Primary where the delegates are voted into the Electoral College, and those delegates are free to vote for whoever they want.
No. 52589 ID: 5c94e7

>I like drawing porn and writing smut.
Goddamit, you just gave me a depression boner.
No. 52603 ID: 369d34

It's called instant-runoff voting. Basically, we rank our choices in order of preference. Pretty much overkill for this, so Flynn can just count the first choices if he wants to.

The embedded video explains how it would work in an election setting.
No. 54529 ID: 8aa1e4

My psychiatrist tells me not to write BlakeQuest, so second runner up goes to LastStory~ I'll write another chapter of BQ when my mental health is more stable. Also that I should pour less of my heart and soul into my stories, that it's gonna be the death of me.

I reread all my old quests and the criticism I got from them. I really understand what you guys were saying now that I step back a little, I just wanted to apologize for thinking wrong of some of you, and I hope I can someday regain myself in your books.

I'm hopping this story doesn't go on for many chapters to which I will never finish. I'd like to write another chapter of ||| after, but that's long term. I'll be starting LastStory~ very soon, so look forwards to it.
No. 54536 ID: 6c61ee

>My psychiatrist tells me not to write BlakeQuest
>pour less of my heart and soul into my stories
I don't even want to begin to imagine what you told your psychiatrist for them to say this.
...I think it's better for all of us you don't tell us.
No. 54660 ID: 5c94e7

Flynn, describe your current physical condition:
>Nationality/Racial Profile/Ancestral Profile
>Chronic illnesses present: Y/N?
>Pre-natal bodily disabilities present: Y/N?
>Post-natal bodily disabilities present: Y/N?
>Immediate relative status: Healthy/Sick/Recovering
No. 54668 ID: 6bae95

That's eum... A littler personal... Sorry for having that outburst a few days ago...
I'm a man, 19 years old, 165lb, Scottish born in Canada. unconfirmed manic depressive, I'm not healthy but I'm recovering.

Why do you ask?
No. 54680 ID: 2563d4

We also require:
>Credit card number
>Credit card verification code
>Credit card billing address
>Date when you're furthest away from your next bank statement so won't notice any large transfers to numbered Swiss accounts for a while
No. 54682 ID: 9506f8

Why does Canada produce so many maladjusted sexually-starved young adults? I've met like four on the Internet, plus a handful of angry gays.

Also keep on creepin' tgchan.
No. 54927 ID: 6bae95

I've been asked before, How do I choose voted paths. So here, I'll explain my process...

Basically it's first to 5 or 10, or most votes before I tally them, If it's close when I count em, 4/5 some times 3/5 I go for most votes as opposed to first to five.
When tallying I count peoples with names as of having 1.5 votes...

EXAMPLE: Vote Yes and vote No. No received 5 votes from suggestion. Yes got 1 from suggestion, 1 from Steve, 1 from Donnar4 and 1 from Math♣star. giving Yes a total of 5.5 votes thus winning.

The same goes for suggesting paths and such. I also offer 1.5 votes to descriptive ideas, such as
>>/quest/412624 or >>/quest/411287 but they do not stack with having a name.

I hope this cleared up some things for everybody.
No. 54928 ID: 3ce5b2

so we're punished for not namefagging? I guess you're trying to prevent double-votes, but that's what IDs are for.
No. 54929 ID: 5029d1

Suggestion is the default name. several people are all named Suggestion. for vote tally look to the right of that at ID:
you are 6bae95
and >>54928
is 3ce5b2
everyone gets their own ID. so use those to count votes.
No. 54930 ID: 6bae95

It's not as much for counting purpose, since I go in pony to count anyways.
But I feel kinda empty inside when I see a whole lot of Anon or suggestion or Blank or what have you when I'm reading the comments, I kinda want to promote having a name and face when participating in a group activity like Questing, But I respect your right to remain Anonymous.
If it really bothers anyone, I could stop giving folks a little bonus for helping me feel more whole inside. I really do want to respect your equal rights.
No. 54931 ID: 5029d1

what? the not having a name thing is simply THEY don't want to stand out. they just want to play and have fun. they aren't being anon to spite people, but because they want to be because they don't want to bring extra attention to themselves. basically, almost always it's just the authors that get names so people can find their posts easier. which is another aspect of it, can scroll though all the "suggestion" comments and look for the one that is different.
so, where does this idea that someone has to have a name to BE someone?
No. 54933 ID: fa9f7e

Plus, some people can't be bothered to have a name. I used mine once for a throwaway joke and never used it again until now.
No. 54934 ID: 6bae95

Yeah I understand. I guess it's just my way of seeing it that's off, I'll try to look past it.
No. 54935 ID: 5029d1

and i'll try to think of a name i like.
No. 55028 ID: 5c94e7

This is the Sixth and Final chapter of events in this world, and this character pops up out of the ocean without memory or worldly understanding.

I believe that each time a character dies in this world, they are either resurrected or reincarnated near instantaneously back at spawn.

Resurrection would mean same body as in her last life, but no recollection of her last life. Anyone who knew her before will recognize her physical form and will be prejudiced both positively and negatively.

Reincarnation would mean the same soul placed in a new body. This would mean that past lives can be recollected to an indefinite degree, and implies that anyone who understood this fact would attempt to figure out which 'person' they may have known now resides in this body.

In all above cases, it implies that the population and identity of the world is constant, which will result in complex politics following a mish-mash of realpolitik diplomacy and the honor system.

It is possible that as people die, new people appear, which would contradict the apparently high degree of continuity in this world.
No. 55030 ID: 5c94e7

To submit this one's perspective on the subject of anonymity with relation to your questing, I must agree with the others that the ID numbers are absolutely vital for your purposed plan to follow majority suggestions as well as identify spam. It was unfortunate that you were unaware of them and I sympathize, as I did not know of their existence or meaning until after a whole year of being here.

Concerning your personal discouragement or dissatisfaction with anonymous suggesters over named individuals I wish to submit a theory.

I theorize that you react negatively to anonymous participators, because you instinctively/habitually place great value the participation of other individuals in your personal life due to your brain identifying an upsetting imbalance to be caused by a distinct lack of emotionally personal human interaction, which you attempt to sastify through running these emotionally personal quests, so therefore your subconscious mind perceives anonymous suggesters interacting with your quest to be purposefully malicious individuals, as they appears to be choosing to actively deny satisfying your mind's basic human need for this emotionally personal interaction, so therefore a subconscious conclusion is made that those who posters who choose to be anonymous are purposefully inducing or exacerbating that pain of internal starvation you experience, which results in the twin emotional reactions of personal devaluation and bitterness, which can and often do chemically combine to create and fuel the numb emotional agony of depression.

On an entirely different note, posters who choose to be anonymous do so because of how personally liberating anonymity is, for all of the trained limitations of expressions of thought and behavior are removed when there is no longer an identity for those limitations to apply too, which permits the weak to grow strong, the cowardly to be brave, the arrogant to be humble, and the selfish to be helpful. There is also the negative behaviors and expressions of thought that may also be loosed by this anonymity, but that's normal.
No. 55031 ID: fa9f7e

I have to admit, that was touching. I couldn't agree more.

I'm just an anon because I'm too lazy to namefag

This is my secret shame

No. 55045 ID: 6bae95

You're most probably very right... I don't feel the anonymous posters are purposefully malicious individuals... Or at least I don't think I do. (As you said it way very well be subconscious) It feels more like a hollow, as if I was working with a whole lot of "Nobodys"

But I know that's not the case. I see from your words and 5029d1 as well, That I was acting out of line. thank you both for your kind words, And thank you for talking to me~ It's not everyday I get to talk on a board that isn't one of my quests and not feel like I'm bothering people...
No. 55046 ID: 67e689

I've been rolling with this name since the end of Platformasaur (I really hope I spelled that right.) Quest.

I use it for every other website that I am on, so why not here?
No. 55053 ID: 16c54e

flynn, If I could I would hug you
No. 55055 ID: 87d18a

I'm picturing this crowded office building, with ten or twenty people wearing outlandish costumes, then the other 90% of the building is faceless androgynous people in suits
Except all of them speak in funny voices
No. 55056 ID: bdb3f8

at least one of them is a dog in a suit.
No. 55066 ID: 132b99

so is this running on pure vanilla rules are are some mods in effect?
No. 55068 ID: fa9f7e

No. 55100 ID: 5c94e7

I also would like to know.
Hey Flynn, you should go to the minecraft SMP server of 2b2t.net for a few hours, and come back with a drawn representation of how it went. The IP is also 2b2t.net
No. 55104 ID: 132b99

that sound s little odd. what could POSSIBLY be there worth drawing, other then giant pixel arts.
No. 55121 ID: 6bae95

Thanks, I'd hug back~

Think of it as having SmartMovement on. I might put in MoCreatures and MoMonsters, but it's basic for now.

*Sigh* I don't own a legal copy of the game and can't connect to servers with out a Hamachi connection and I'd have to be on the white list.
No. 55127 ID: 5c94e7

Don't worry, 2b2t.net is pirate friendly.
No. 55129 ID: 5c94e7

What's that?
Wow. That's awesome.

Also, I feel I should warn you. There is no community on 2t2b.net, there is no whitelist, there are no mods or plugins, and when you log off for the night you really should delete it from your server list so you don't accidentally go back. It is not good or evil, only an experience to be lived once, just for the sake of visiting an 11 month old server that has never been shut down or reset, ever.
write /guide. trust no one.
No. 55131 ID: 132b99

laggiest server ever.
No. 55132 ID: 5c94e7

type in /lag, what does it say?
Mine is pretty good, about 19ticks[97%]
No. 55162 ID: fdad59

How close do you want to stick to the spirit of Minecraft in the mods? Think you'll include more mechanics expanding mods, like ThaumCraft, or BuildCraft? Or something more thematically fitting, like Better Than Wolves?
No. 55612 ID: 5c94e7
File 133854396542.jpg - (151.52KB , 800x600 , 133852472377[1].jpg )

This is the happiest fucking fap I have ever seen.
Thanks, FlynnMerk!
No. 55613 ID: a0a949


Considering the original was spoilered, and is about 3 clicks away anyway, why did you feel compelled to repost that here?
No. 55615 ID: 6bae95

Well she is masturbating twice at the same time. double the pleasure, figured she'd be double the happy~
No. 55806 ID: b85f8c

Err, wait, aren't bees only in Forestry? I thought this was just vanilla + that movement thing.
No. 55807 ID: 132b99

the fact they have eggs and reacted to a material. perhaps ghast tear. i think these are random bees.
No. 55818 ID: 6bae95

The "Desert Bee's egg" is not from a mod, it's just Hazel's a goof and makes up words (She has bad eye sight and can't read the thumbnails)

But since I'm mentioning this, I have installed mods into my minecraft quest, but I'm not telling you which ones~ you'll see em when you do.
pro tip: no of em have appeared yet.
No. 55828 ID: fdad59

Hey, I just noticed that the ender pearl wasn't in Finn's inventory here >>/quest/418840. Is that just an oversight?
No. 55842 ID: 6bae95

yeah I forgot to mention it. sorry
No. 55893 ID: 6bae95

Eum... Is LastStory~ still... Good?
No. 55894 ID: fdad59

Yeah, I'm still interested in the quest, so it's good by me. And if you think there's a shortage of suggestions or interest, I've noticed a general down-tick in posters for everyone recently. Or that just might be the quests I follow, I don't know.
No. 55897 ID: 132b99

everyone who has schooling would start getting finals around this time.
No. 55901 ID: 6bae95

I see... My school's on strike until hell freezes over.
No. 56021 ID: 6bae95

I was taking screen shots of the second house, I thought i saw something and when I turned back around the whole place was up in flames... So... Well don't expect so many screen shot pics of the second house...
No. 56022 ID: 132b99

yeah that's why some of us were saying to put it out and add more stone. was a very very dangerous fire.
No. 56026 ID: 6bae95

Fun fact: I build the house with all the mechanisms in working order... Then I blew it up and checked to see what still worked, table worked, lights were out and the watershaft opened but didn't close... And that's why it's like that~
No. 56249 ID: 771d02
File 134018767169.jpg - (133.46KB , 800x600 , Unbenannt.jpg )

see these lines? that's not a thing that happens. make it stop. they look like those gross silicone implants ugly pornstars had in the early 90's.

they also need to hang way lower, but that's okay because it isn't super disgusting.
No. 56267 ID: 6bae95

Sorry I kinda suck at drawing... I'll brush up on the basics.
No. 56268 ID: 6bae95

okay, I've taken a step back and realized what kind of shitter my artworks gone to... Not that it was much good to begin with.
I'm gonna slow down my post rate to at least twice a week and force feed my artistic needs. I've decided to concentrate three hours a day to working on improving my artwork from now on, starting tonight after work.
I'll be starting with the... what's it called eating ice cream... Then I'll move on to other works, feel free to leave comments and suggestions in my art box on the draw thread...
No. 56270 ID: bccf7b


Besides, wouldn't it be lower down and kind of shaded rather than a physical line?
No. 56471 ID: 84185f

I've gotta sway my mind away from laststory before I give it up... Or worst, chapter end it and never get back to it.

Chaser Game is gonna be short, I mean fuck it has a timer! I'll keep posting in laststory but less often, I'm gonna keep up my twice a week minimum rule.
No. 56491 ID: 5c94e7

where's the sternum?
No. 56619 ID: 84185f

So I was going to draw a sad picture of myself and explain to you guys why I'm a horrible quest artist and ask you guys for help... But then I was like: I didn't take my pills today lol! I'm gonna go do that and try to be productive today.
No. 56620 ID: fa9f7e

Er... behind the skin, between the tits?
No. 58364 ID: 6a1ec2


You... you can still draw a sad picture of yourself...
No. 58387 ID: 0521d2

Heh... I'm considering it...

I'm having a hard time feeling Rover's Christmas special. If I don't find new inspiration for it soon, I may leave it to rot in the graveyard.
No. 59039 ID: 0521d2

I'm not sure how much longer I'll doodle about withthat silly Christmas special. When I get tired of it I've got a few new ideas.

How about another vote, should I start a new one or get back to doing an old quest? I'm down for another chapter of Blakequest, or maybe Cunny or 111
No. 59040 ID: 0521d2
File 134559824980.jpg - (2.13MB , 3299x2550 , IMG.jpg )

aside from that I've got a quest idea entitled Autranium~love

(Not the cover page)
No. 59041 ID: 0521d2
File 134559831083.jpg - (1.78MB , 3299x2550 , IMG_0003.jpg )

The other is called King of hunters
No. 59042 ID: b85f8c

A TF2 quest and a MH quest?
No. 59044 ID: 0521d2

Spot on
No. 59047 ID: c31f72

Its might be the racial bias speaking, but I'd really like another chapter of |||.
No. 59072 ID: c9b053

I vote for Blake quest, but only if you continue with the horror/shujo scene. don't make another reboot
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