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File 131899260021.jpg - (143.83KB , 752x449 , Discussion.jpg )
44426 No. 44426 ID: 4bc7e6

Here we are again... *Sigh* This is gonna be fun i can feel it.
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No. 55028 ID: 5c94e7

This is the Sixth and Final chapter of events in this world, and this character pops up out of the ocean without memory or worldly understanding.

I believe that each time a character dies in this world, they are either resurrected or reincarnated near instantaneously back at spawn.

Resurrection would mean same body as in her last life, but no recollection of her last life. Anyone who knew her before will recognize her physical form and will be prejudiced both positively and negatively.

Reincarnation would mean the same soul placed in a new body. This would mean that past lives can be recollected to an indefinite degree, and implies that anyone who understood this fact would attempt to figure out which 'person' they may have known now resides in this body.

In all above cases, it implies that the population and identity of the world is constant, which will result in complex politics following a mish-mash of realpolitik diplomacy and the honor system.

It is possible that as people die, new people appear, which would contradict the apparently high degree of continuity in this world.
No. 55030 ID: 5c94e7

To submit this one's perspective on the subject of anonymity with relation to your questing, I must agree with the others that the ID numbers are absolutely vital for your purposed plan to follow majority suggestions as well as identify spam. It was unfortunate that you were unaware of them and I sympathize, as I did not know of their existence or meaning until after a whole year of being here.

Concerning your personal discouragement or dissatisfaction with anonymous suggesters over named individuals I wish to submit a theory.

I theorize that you react negatively to anonymous participators, because you instinctively/habitually place great value the participation of other individuals in your personal life due to your brain identifying an upsetting imbalance to be caused by a distinct lack of emotionally personal human interaction, which you attempt to sastify through running these emotionally personal quests, so therefore your subconscious mind perceives anonymous suggesters interacting with your quest to be purposefully malicious individuals, as they appears to be choosing to actively deny satisfying your mind's basic human need for this emotionally personal interaction, so therefore a subconscious conclusion is made that those who posters who choose to be anonymous are purposefully inducing or exacerbating that pain of internal starvation you experience, which results in the twin emotional reactions of personal devaluation and bitterness, which can and often do chemically combine to create and fuel the numb emotional agony of depression.

On an entirely different note, posters who choose to be anonymous do so because of how personally liberating anonymity is, for all of the trained limitations of expressions of thought and behavior are removed when there is no longer an identity for those limitations to apply too, which permits the weak to grow strong, the cowardly to be brave, the arrogant to be humble, and the selfish to be helpful. There is also the negative behaviors and expressions of thought that may also be loosed by this anonymity, but that's normal.
No. 55031 ID: fa9f7e

I have to admit, that was touching. I couldn't agree more.

I'm just an anon because I'm too lazy to namefag

This is my secret shame

No. 55045 ID: 6bae95

You're most probably very right... I don't feel the anonymous posters are purposefully malicious individuals... Or at least I don't think I do. (As you said it way very well be subconscious) It feels more like a hollow, as if I was working with a whole lot of "Nobodys"

But I know that's not the case. I see from your words and 5029d1 as well, That I was acting out of line. thank you both for your kind words, And thank you for talking to me~ It's not everyday I get to talk on a board that isn't one of my quests and not feel like I'm bothering people...
No. 55046 ID: 67e689

I've been rolling with this name since the end of Platformasaur (I really hope I spelled that right.) Quest.

I use it for every other website that I am on, so why not here?
No. 55053 ID: 16c54e

flynn, If I could I would hug you
No. 55055 ID: 87d18a

I'm picturing this crowded office building, with ten or twenty people wearing outlandish costumes, then the other 90% of the building is faceless androgynous people in suits
Except all of them speak in funny voices
No. 55056 ID: bdb3f8

at least one of them is a dog in a suit.
No. 55066 ID: 132b99

so is this running on pure vanilla rules are are some mods in effect?
No. 55068 ID: fa9f7e

No. 55100 ID: 5c94e7

I also would like to know.
Hey Flynn, you should go to the minecraft SMP server of 2b2t.net for a few hours, and come back with a drawn representation of how it went. The IP is also 2b2t.net
No. 55104 ID: 132b99

that sound s little odd. what could POSSIBLY be there worth drawing, other then giant pixel arts.
No. 55121 ID: 6bae95

Thanks, I'd hug back~

Think of it as having SmartMovement on. I might put in MoCreatures and MoMonsters, but it's basic for now.

*Sigh* I don't own a legal copy of the game and can't connect to servers with out a Hamachi connection and I'd have to be on the white list.
No. 55127 ID: 5c94e7

Don't worry, 2b2t.net is pirate friendly.
No. 55129 ID: 5c94e7

What's that?
Wow. That's awesome.

Also, I feel I should warn you. There is no community on 2t2b.net, there is no whitelist, there are no mods or plugins, and when you log off for the night you really should delete it from your server list so you don't accidentally go back. It is not good or evil, only an experience to be lived once, just for the sake of visiting an 11 month old server that has never been shut down or reset, ever.
write /guide. trust no one.
No. 55131 ID: 132b99

laggiest server ever.
No. 55132 ID: 5c94e7

type in /lag, what does it say?
Mine is pretty good, about 19ticks[97%]
No. 55162 ID: fdad59

How close do you want to stick to the spirit of Minecraft in the mods? Think you'll include more mechanics expanding mods, like ThaumCraft, or BuildCraft? Or something more thematically fitting, like Better Than Wolves?
No. 55612 ID: 5c94e7
File 133854396542.jpg - (151.52KB , 800x600 , 133852472377[1].jpg )

This is the happiest fucking fap I have ever seen.
Thanks, FlynnMerk!
No. 55613 ID: a0a949


Considering the original was spoilered, and is about 3 clicks away anyway, why did you feel compelled to repost that here?
No. 55615 ID: 6bae95

Well she is masturbating twice at the same time. double the pleasure, figured she'd be double the happy~
No. 55806 ID: b85f8c

Err, wait, aren't bees only in Forestry? I thought this was just vanilla + that movement thing.
No. 55807 ID: 132b99

the fact they have eggs and reacted to a material. perhaps ghast tear. i think these are random bees.
No. 55818 ID: 6bae95

The "Desert Bee's egg" is not from a mod, it's just Hazel's a goof and makes up words (She has bad eye sight and can't read the thumbnails)

But since I'm mentioning this, I have installed mods into my minecraft quest, but I'm not telling you which ones~ you'll see em when you do.
pro tip: no of em have appeared yet.
No. 55828 ID: fdad59

Hey, I just noticed that the ender pearl wasn't in Finn's inventory here >>/quest/418840. Is that just an oversight?
No. 55842 ID: 6bae95

yeah I forgot to mention it. sorry
No. 55893 ID: 6bae95

Eum... Is LastStory~ still... Good?
No. 55894 ID: fdad59

Yeah, I'm still interested in the quest, so it's good by me. And if you think there's a shortage of suggestions or interest, I've noticed a general down-tick in posters for everyone recently. Or that just might be the quests I follow, I don't know.
No. 55897 ID: 132b99

everyone who has schooling would start getting finals around this time.
No. 55901 ID: 6bae95

I see... My school's on strike until hell freezes over.
No. 56021 ID: 6bae95

I was taking screen shots of the second house, I thought i saw something and when I turned back around the whole place was up in flames... So... Well don't expect so many screen shot pics of the second house...
No. 56022 ID: 132b99

yeah that's why some of us were saying to put it out and add more stone. was a very very dangerous fire.
No. 56026 ID: 6bae95

Fun fact: I build the house with all the mechanisms in working order... Then I blew it up and checked to see what still worked, table worked, lights were out and the watershaft opened but didn't close... And that's why it's like that~
No. 56249 ID: 771d02
File 134018767169.jpg - (133.46KB , 800x600 , Unbenannt.jpg )

see these lines? that's not a thing that happens. make it stop. they look like those gross silicone implants ugly pornstars had in the early 90's.

they also need to hang way lower, but that's okay because it isn't super disgusting.
No. 56267 ID: 6bae95

Sorry I kinda suck at drawing... I'll brush up on the basics.
No. 56268 ID: 6bae95

okay, I've taken a step back and realized what kind of shitter my artworks gone to... Not that it was much good to begin with.
I'm gonna slow down my post rate to at least twice a week and force feed my artistic needs. I've decided to concentrate three hours a day to working on improving my artwork from now on, starting tonight after work.
I'll be starting with the... what's it called eating ice cream... Then I'll move on to other works, feel free to leave comments and suggestions in my art box on the draw thread...
No. 56270 ID: bccf7b


Besides, wouldn't it be lower down and kind of shaded rather than a physical line?
No. 56471 ID: 84185f

I've gotta sway my mind away from laststory before I give it up... Or worst, chapter end it and never get back to it.

Chaser Game is gonna be short, I mean fuck it has a timer! I'll keep posting in laststory but less often, I'm gonna keep up my twice a week minimum rule.
No. 56491 ID: 5c94e7

where's the sternum?
No. 56619 ID: 84185f

So I was going to draw a sad picture of myself and explain to you guys why I'm a horrible quest artist and ask you guys for help... But then I was like: I didn't take my pills today lol! I'm gonna go do that and try to be productive today.
No. 56620 ID: fa9f7e

Er... behind the skin, between the tits?
No. 58364 ID: 6a1ec2


You... you can still draw a sad picture of yourself...
No. 58387 ID: 0521d2

Heh... I'm considering it...

I'm having a hard time feeling Rover's Christmas special. If I don't find new inspiration for it soon, I may leave it to rot in the graveyard.
No. 59039 ID: 0521d2

I'm not sure how much longer I'll doodle about withthat silly Christmas special. When I get tired of it I've got a few new ideas.

How about another vote, should I start a new one or get back to doing an old quest? I'm down for another chapter of Blakequest, or maybe Cunny or 111
No. 59040 ID: 0521d2
File 134559824980.jpg - (2.13MB , 3299x2550 , IMG.jpg )

aside from that I've got a quest idea entitled Autranium~love

(Not the cover page)
No. 59041 ID: 0521d2
File 134559831083.jpg - (1.78MB , 3299x2550 , IMG_0003.jpg )

The other is called King of hunters
No. 59042 ID: b85f8c

A TF2 quest and a MH quest?
No. 59044 ID: 0521d2

Spot on
No. 59047 ID: c31f72

Its might be the racial bias speaking, but I'd really like another chapter of |||.
No. 59072 ID: c9b053

I vote for Blake quest, but only if you continue with the horror/shujo scene. don't make another reboot
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